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i CP( y 0(ptC , 1970 GEECHEE Armstrong State College Saoannan eor ia [Biff J razief [Business JKana er ■r " t- r ' ' I ST " - a. ill Hi CONTENTS Page OPENING 3 BEAUTY 17 CAMPUS LIFE. 29 ORGANIZATION 45 SPORTS. 55 GREEKS 69 LEADERSHIP. 85 CLASSES 97 ADMINISTRA TION 145 AD VER TISEMENT 169 ' ■ ' ' ue Seen ooina a fon iime now afong i£e wau S7 ' ' ue fearnecf some min s. ' . X x i le - . I ■• J ' " ' ■you naue o moAe ne qooo h ' mes uourse f UaAe ine fiiife h ' mes ancf maAe mem I ' n o oia lines. " ' ' ' ' ancf saue me I ' mes ma are an riani for me ones ma aren so aooo. you (von i Sefieue Ai ' s u S7 n aoina oJT io war. Anow Aa iPs Aarcf o unc ers ancf Jo hinA o me Anee-(feep in mucf lOJhen S7 so foue i£e sancC ' ■ ' •Unere are oo cfen apples io 6e picAeo ancf areen nif s io c imo ancf meacfows Io run wnen uou re uoun . nere are roar in a ri ' uers o oe crossecf ano oriooes io oui cf ana w ' o oa s o sow as uou a row. uou a ■)• fO t Bf " iit JkJf M Jl l li V ■ ■MHii B r SS I nK II ' ■ ' ■(bomeiimes S7 ni ' nA people were mean io be sirangers. 12 ' ■■■ OCoi io aei o £now one ano ner, OCo io qei close enough io cfamaae ine neari JKacfe ofcfer Su eacn new encounier. [3ui inen someone comes aJon ancf cnanaes an inai for acuni e or awniie anuwa it wat . •)•) 13 ' ' Unose of us who waJA in nan musi nefp ine ones in oarAness up. 14 or inaf is wnai h e is a I aooui ancf loue is an inere is o Ji e. " onny aAes an ou s re cnecf nana. " 15 (.(. loJe come I ' n o me wor d a one e qo awau ihe same ' )e re mean o spend i£e S7n erAioe in closeness Or so eve ie I ourselues CBui iPs a Jong wag rom i£e morn in (7 o me evening Kml Mi-kiifn. " Somfnnr ' i Shadfn ( ' o|ivri|:ht l " 1%9. Mi nl aliii rmdiirliMd- KaiMlnni H..iis . N.Y. i:o l McKittn. Listen tu the It nrm C •| ichl ( 1967. Kanilom Hnu«l. N.Y- KoH MrKucn. t-onrxumr Citiex C | yri;:lil U( 1968, Ksndoiii Housr, N.Y. Rott MiKui-n. Slanyan Street and Other Sorrnit 0 )iyrit:)il ( ' f 1966. Chrval- lanyao, Hollywooil. Califoraia Kr| riii(rit by pcrnii»9ii n ot Rnil MtKinii 6 Beauty vHe ' .? Our Miss Geechee Pageant continues to grow each year with the winner participating in the Miss Georgia Pageant. This year there were 15 girls competing in swimsuit, evening gown, talent and interviews. HHUi •1 • • m m.mj ' ' 1 Mb ■ ■r " 7l . . La u H Hfe OjTf w % TaT EpHn -i Ikt Bv - JVI r i rt H .. V %. Sfl ' IHfl m 1 1 •. i 1 •r J 1 7 fiifc ' i. 4i ' Qy ra jam Tlncfrea Od ' e u6oajicz O ane riner T)e66ie J ierce JlCaureen JKosefu Cai U utfanrf J am HCefler Sincfa GuBSecf e CBeiiu . 3Aornion Ik w ikl i i iJ ' li : :?;;■ . ■ ' . .■• • :•:•:■: C " . " .,;. ' .: f»::::: ' .■• • ' •%•;•■•■• " . • SKcS ' •■• ' S-y: t . Wl f iurntun Jt in s -i. . ' « ;«i X " - ' rw ' :? ' ' Sf?. I E fl Bin S r T Ti ' ss eecAee 1970 9Kaureen JlToselij Miss Geechee for 1970 is Mamocn Kllen Mosoly. a freshnian art student. Maiiiccii won tlu ' swinisiiit competition in tlie Miss Geechee l aj;eanl and a scholaisliin from tlie Miss Georjiia Foundation for lieinj; a pieliniinaiy winner. Maureen will vie for the title of Miss Geor ;ia this summer. Memhers of her court iiulude Dehiiie Pierce. F.inda Cuhliedge, l.inda Walker and Terri Harlev. J)eooie J ierce )ponsoreo ou ororih 11 JICi ' ss loincfa Guooeoae s. f6L sponsored bu S uc en uena e 23 JKiss oincfa Wa ?er S, cfSu ponsoreo ou Japh ' si JKiss s, JBu Sponsored bu J i 3Cappa iPni T ' iolograpAu £u: Jnornlon tiffins 25 Jfc omecomm 9 ueen JICi ISS e en Jxamaoe J ] k ' lH !• R 1 1 - 1 ' - I HH ■ I J 1 «-jK " - ' f i H ■ » . m " 3 « ■■ .. WP iA m fe. wi . .;..•- ' Yio fjura j iu oty )f}h At c tre 26 oinecomina Cjour IM ss Jiec i See JKj ' ss Deboi ' e T ' lerce y T ss C mma i i(jrn%n, Miss rS„ 1 )ft,le inf Miiss C)usan Snarpe Ipna iPni Omeqa JKiss CBeciy See [Pni yiappa Jnela JKiss dffen J ama e GA, TA, c5 w e e a jlCiss T)e6Sie Tierce ' JKiss ,y 2 7e riner Cjirc e yC JKiss Jran JKacJKi ian 28 Campus Life " Behold this dreamer comet h. " Genesis 37:19 30 31 r . --im 32 33 GEORGIA STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION MEETS IN SAVANNAH FOR THE FIRST TIME It. n 34 President of National Cheerleading As- sociation holds clinic at ASC annually. LECTURE CONCERT SERIES Dr. Albert Gibbs from the Mars Shot Program. 35 MUSIC AND RHYTHM FIND THEIR WA Y INTO THE SECRET PLACES OF THE SOUL JOSH WHITE e THE IMPACT OF BRASS What happened to the Strawberry Alarm Clock? 37 38 WE ALL ARE VERY REAL, INVOLVED IN OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL " THING, " i AS ONE IN A COMMON GOAL, AWARE, AND YET OBLIVIOUS LEND A HELPING HAND BE A VOLUNTEER IN YOUR COMMUNITY Children, Aged, Handicapped Blind, Poor, and Others - Need Your Services NOW. TO THE UNIVERSALITY OP HUMAN EMOTIONS CONTACT: Chatham County Dept. Of Family And Chlldrens ' Service) PC Box. 8246, Savannah, Georgia, Phone 233-300 43 m m mm iMaanatj vuna Mi «» 44 Organizations AN EDITORIAL— Glenda Anderson Club Life Were the club life at Armstrong cinematized perhaps a fitting title for the production would be The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Such a title would encompass the varying attitudes of students toward the oncampus organizations attitudes which range from extreme dislike to extreme fondness toward and which include scores of lukewarm feelings. There are probably exceptions to this opinion, but a composite statement about Armstrong ' s clubs, true at least for some of the organizations some of the time, is that they exist in a carefree and almost disorgan- ized state. , ., L .L . ■ J Regardless of their state of being, however, clubs contribute much that is good to the college. Along with the Creeks they nurture a sparky intramural program and lend their support to campus drives, and social events that need the active participation of every- student. Clubs related to professional fields offer seminars on the sidelights and highlights of their members ' future careers. Through service club, that have parent affiliates Armstrong students cooperate with civic-minded adults in community projects and by such cooperation take steps toward dissipat- ing the disreputable image of college students which many adults have because of their evening news reports. Armstrong ' s fledgling actors and musicians, through several annual performances, gain experience in the arts while producing quality entertainment, and interest organizations introduce people with similar hobbies and mavbe produce playing partners for leisure time fun. The picture, however, is not all rosy. There is bad along with the good. Some clubs who list service as one of their mottos find it easier to tell prospective members the names of their officers than the particulars of their most recent service project. Some clubs are stigmatized social cliques. Several clubs are plagued by spasmodic attendance at meetings, poor planning by officers, and indifference of members toward long-range goals. An u»lv error made by many students is attributing these and other problems entirely to that six-letter catch-all, apathy, when there are probably other causes also. Armstrong being basically a commuter school gives birth to many problems People living within the city or in surrounding counties find it mconvenient to return to the campus after their normal school day or on weekends for club meetings, and many of them while on campus use class breaks for lab or l.b ary work Many students, because they are employed or manage homes, don t lind time for all the activities they would like to enjoy on campus since they may already belong to organizaticns affiliated with civic, religious, business, or leisure interests in their communities. The twelve groups pictured in this section are overcoming problems and func- tioning, keeping students involved in doing something toward the betterment o Armstrong and providing them with some of those activities and friendships that conTprL ' he gre ' at and enjoyable college life. Though they have problems these clubs project an image of activity to the community and to present and prospective students. ' • .V I ' i . V . . y ' v_ n i .•rr-.- " -rrr. :-:- ;i - J -,V:?Jr David Gould, President W. H. Hopper, st Vice-President Alpha Phi Omega Ronald Bragg, 2nd Vice-President Ronnie Kessler, Secretary % Gene Waters, Treasurer George S tallings, Historian Jerry Riley, Chaplain Don Gruver, Publicity Chairman George Merritt Charles Whitfield Susan Sharpe, Sweetheart Faculty Advisors: Dr. Paul Robbins Dr. Fretwell Crider " Dr. Jimmie Gross Mr. Thomas Neese ALPHA PHI OMEGA BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Jerry Riley, President Glenda Anderson, Vice-President Rebecca Barnes Wilson Blake i Sarah Rimes, Secretary Committee Chairman Larry Bazemore, Summer Missions Wanda Davis Wade Gastin Janell Gay Debbie Gernatt w Connie Bush, Linda Gillis V SBk Program Elaine Googe Communications Cindy Lynch, Devotions Jimmy Gulver W. H. Hopper Ronnie Kessler Carla Lord f David Seyle, Baptist Center Shelby Stokes, Social Becky Williams, Music Eddie Williby, Intramural Dr. Paul Robbins, Faculty Advisor Rev. Felix Turner, Karen Means Paula Pearson Ann Porter Susan Rahal Sandy Sapp Susan Sharpe Shelby Stokes Martha Ti on Anna Yarborough Pastor Advisor Al Rahn, Director 47 CHESS CLUB David DeLoach, President Dan Baisden, Secretary- Treasurer Dr. Hugh Pendexter, HI, Faculty Advisor Karl Brimmer Dan Butler We9 Coonce Emily DeLoach 1 1 mi ■r . » «s« ' i r.jL P k p i I jtWHljmiy| H| Hi. i CHORUS Martha Bovea Audrey Campbell David Christopher Holly Leo Nancy Morgan Kathy Oliver Pam Poston Jocelyn Reiter Linda Roberts Larry Roberts Phyllis Skeffington Ivan Smith Jacquie Stephens Linda Walker Dr. James Harry Pers Director CIRCLE K Jiiliii r.iliiin. l ' Ti iitint Dan W.tll. IS ill ' l ri-sfu Hii nnlin Sii riliiry i ' liTTi ' siinmliiiii Srrrrtnry K iTiil Smith. Triiisiirir Suiilhiiirls: .l.uii- I(ii »n .In mi. l.r Dr. I ' r.iiii i rimrnr, Fill III I tilii ' iir ( liris i.ii|iir Mik " Dillinll D.IM- ll.lllll.ll V.iuUxkr ,„.,, ' ilniiSi;) !l =i:fc i? ' ii ■M rf:; ' V " ' • ' m DENTAL HYGIENE ASSOCIATION Donna Douglas, President Janis Ki ' tler, Vice-President Linda Givcns, Secretary Janis Javelz, Treasurer Penny Nichols, Parliamentarian Libby Loncon, Historian Miss Sally Blitch, Advisor Peggy Bray Barbara Butler May Carroll Janice Clark Madgo Harper Linda Hurd Lynn Maclntyre Dclores O ' Hara Brenda Polk Mary Pructt Kay Rutland Sulci Whit.! FUTURE SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION " •WS ? Miss Armstrong Future Secretary, Shelby Stokes Snsan Moses, President Shelby Stokes, Secretary-Treasurer Alberta Robinson, Historian Yvonne Mincey, Program Director Esther Harvey Teresa Holloway Freddine Johnson Karen Means Patty Patterson Carolyn Perkins Emily Riley Peggy Smoak Candy Weaver Mr. Glenn Pearce, Faculty Advisor Mrs. Gypsy Carter, National Secretaries Association Sponsor. 51 Martha Aiken Don Aliffi Elouise Arvilla Susan Black Jackie Cain Ara Clark Gertrude Demopoulos Edith Fountain Louise Galetta Jane Griner Trisha Hohnerlein Mary Holhouser Ann Jarvis Cathy Jones Shirley Keith Judy Lee Joan Lippett Lynn Littmann Veronica Love Nellie McGowan Anna Mulligan Mary Ellen Olson Nancy Olson Jacqueline Parker Debbie Pierce LaRose Rhodes Lou Roberson Carolyn Shuman Sard Stinnett Hilda Turner Mrs. Bales, Advisor STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION Charlotte Sanders, President Tommy Nichols, Vice President Marie Rahn, Secretary- Treasurer Audrey Campbell Linda Carter Courtney Gaines Nathan Godley Diane Harper Roger Housey Edward Lehane Kathy Oliver David Seyle Donald Sparks George Stallings Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Doris Bates Dr. Paul Ward Rev. Donald Sparks, Pastor Advisor WESLEY FOUNDATION . . 52 V J STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Rtttina Pearce, President Mario Ralin, 1st I ' ice-President Charlotte Sanders, 2nd Vice-President Ellen Salter, Recordinn Secretary Cathy Ciillum, Corresponding Serreliiry Re (rly Thompson, Treasurer Jewel Hill, Pnrliiimentarian Marion Bantzlcr, Historian Christie Anderson Linda An=ley Pat Howler Laura Coolidfie Cathy Cuhl ed i( Linda Cuhbedjje Sarah Davis Joan Epstein Franris Harper Linda Jones Betty Jo Kraft Jinimie MeGraw Judy NeNoM Andrea Nieluhnwicz Anne Marie Patten Linda Roberts Glenvs Rountree Ivan Smith Gayla Weeks Becky Williams Jo Ann Wilson Anna Yarborough YOUNG DEMOCRATS Bill Button, President Fletcher Burchett Cathy Hagan Kathleen Hasten Joe Kelley Richard Mangan Allan Petricio Frances Wilson Mickey Youmans Danny Adkms Suzanne Auffray Clorisa Blackmore Dan Browning Ronnie Fordham Wade Gastin Sandy Goldstein Rick Parker Debbie Pyles Leonard Small Claudia Wagner Mr. Suchower, Director PRODUCTIONS: Amphitryon 38 Hotel Universe The Medium 54 sports X ' J I Basketball BASKETBALL TEAM — Left to Right: Lance Green, Jimmy Tucker, Danny Slell, Brad Becker, David Rich, Charlie Qarke, DeiuiU Pruitt, Larry Burke, Robert Bradley, Stan Sammons, BUI Eswine. The Pirate basketball team finished the 1969-70 season with a 12-18 record despite playing against three s ?hools that were ranked in the top twenty in the nation by the Associated Press. Four losses by a total of five points kept ASC from recording its first winning season. The Pirates opened the year against the tall Augusta College Jaguars in the Augusta Invitational Tournament and lost in the final seconds of the game, 72-71. Augusta finished the year by winning the NAIA District 26 championship and representing the district in the national tournament. They were ranked 14th in the Associated Press poll of small colleges. The following night, .ASC lost again, this time by two points in overtime, 78-76, to Georgia Southwestern. The Pirates then returned home to beat Florida Tech, 87-80. Before the Christmas break, however, the Pirates dropped three more contests, including conference games to Valdosta State and LaGrange. The Bucs opened the new year with two new faces in the lineup against Stetson University. Stetson was ranked 12th in the nation at one point in the season, and completed the year by competing in the NCAA national playoffs. The Hatters dealt the Bucs their worst defeat of the season, 114-80. The Pirates second win was a record-setting performance against Florida Southern. ASC held Southern to only 50 points and won easily, 66-50. The 50 points repre- sented a new team record for defense. After bowing to Georgia Southern, the Pirates were 2-8 on the year. From that point on, the Pirates played 500 ball, recorded a four-game winning streak and won six of seven during the latter part of January. The only loss during the period came at the hands of Shorter, 63-57, at ASC ' s homecoming. The next highlight of the season found the Pirates going against Savan- nah State and suffering a 89-66 defeat, evening the record between the two Savannah Colleges at two wins each. In the final week of the season, ASC participated in the first annual Ki- wanis " Basket Bowl " and lost to Piedmont College, 95-87. The Pirates ended the season on a winning note, however, defeating Lander College, 89-84. 55 56 57 mP S8 Junior David Rich established himself as one of the ' finest free throw shooters in the nation in 1969-70 by putting together a school and conference record 45 con- secutive conversions. The total was three short of the national NAIA record. Throughout the season, despite a low percentage at the first of the year, Rich finished third in the nation with a 91 percent completion average. Rich toed the line a total of 144 times and missed only 13 shots. Rich ' s performance at the free throw line earned him the Ashley Bearing award and led the team to a third place finish among the NAIA ' s 545 member institutions. Rich ' s feat is even more remarkable when you consider his percentage was third out of approximately 6,000 col- lege basketball players in the NAIA. Danny Stell closed out his college basketball career with a 25 point effort against Lander College in the Pirate ' s final game of the 1969-70 season. The junior college transfer set 19 individual offensive records and one defensive mark while wearing the Pirate colors, was twice selected to the All-Conference team and was the conference ' s MVP in his senior season. He is the only player ever to score 1,000 points in four-year competition and he did it with two 500 plus seasons, 588 and 504. He averaged 19.4 points per game during his two years at ASC and made 49.0 per- cent of his field goals and 81.0 percent of his free throws. He was co-captain during both of his seasons and be- came the first basketball player to be named to the All- Conference team twice. He was selected to the first team during his junior year and was a unanimous choice for the team in his senior year. The balloting for the team was done by the players in the conference and Danny received all 81 votes. He was named MVP because he received more votes than any other player. 59 • ' :v ' - Mfe!:v Intramurals W J e ' JaN ' A.7.«4iia; INTRAMURAL SPORTS Intramural sports at Armstrong have been numerous and enthusiastic this year and the interest and participation have been very outstanding in all activities. The Student Intramural Council has sponsored flag football leagues for men and women, a badminton tournament, basketball leagues, a bowling tour- nament, gymnastic club and a swimming club through the Winter Quarter. In the Spring Quarter, competition was held in the Armstrong " 500 " bicycle race for women, tennis, golf. Softball, swimming, volleyball, track, and table tennis. Total participation in the program exceeds 700 students. 62 • •« 4 «l 63 f 64 ! i« ' «: »s£.iis;iSi!3iia£aE;ir ' L.sts iSSfSji iSlxms siaB Jii ' K ' ti ' iM 65 Baseball 1st Row: Lance Green, Larry Crawford, Mike Evans, David Smith, Albert Lodge. 2nd Row: John Beebe, Steve LaRose, Jeff Aycock, Greg Sharpe, Tommy Swinford, Bob Houchins. 3rd Roiv: Barry Bargainnier, Dennis Pruitt, Mark Mamalakis, Mike Dillon, Hank King, Bud- dy Hardy, Coach Bob Backus. Armstrong ' s baseball Pirates opened the season on March 20, against one of the top teams in the nation, Pembroke State. With 35 games on the schedule, 25 at home, the Pirates were building a team around a strong pitching staff and a " hopefully " good fieldins team. The pitchers were more abundant than during any season in the past, and their potential as a group ap- peared to be greater than any previous staff. Led by sophomores Dennis Pruitt and Tommy Swinford, All- Conference two years ago, the staff included newcomers Hank King, Bob Derfus and Frank York. With seniors Lee Rabon. David Smith, Jeff Aycock and Albert Lodge the leading contenders for starting positions, the Pirates were hoping to combine their ex- perience with the natural abilities of numerous freshmen to improve on the team ' s 12-17 record of 1969. Rabon was moved from shortstop to catcher by Coach Bob Backus during the pre-season workouts and was expected to have a good year at the new position. Smith returned for his third season in right field and Lodge was being counted on for his third campaign in the out- field or at third base. Aycock and Hardy were completing their second campaigns. Aycock was figured to be used alternately at second base and behind the plate. At the beginning of the season, hitting — or the lack of it — was considered the team ' s greatest weakness. The 1970 season saw the first use of the new dugouts, bleachers and fence on the Pirates ' diamond. 66 n iSg f:if»»Hl mi VI K - t csfcu«a2«M i BiiMfr ■» fii r 67 Jim liinihcrton Golf Robert Bradle y KaM- »i opVCii L ■ - - -• g M j ' ' M Phil Gri-y Bob Ferrelle Jack Linds ay Mike Cohen Greeks p ' ' ) The Inter-Sorority Council func- tioned as an integral part of the sorority system this year. Through its efforts, rush parties, invitations, and l)ids were coordinated. Now that all of our campus sororities are af- filiated with national organizations, the Inter-Sorority Council will soon become part of the National Panhel- lenic Council. PHI MU — Marilynn Hood, Dehhie Pierce. SIGMA KAPPA — Joan Home, Jan Nease. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA — Frances Berry. Mary Ford. ' ' ; 69 pna ainma Delia Oiavisor Jltrs. jfo Ji ' Jee s Ui ' ce J resiaent JJi ' cAi 2). Jierrin ion treasurer J). Lrranc ne JSJimoisn J leaae Director J ame a J osion J resicfeni Frances erru (i ecre aru Jxeoecca ,J. I ee J usn Director Jitarsna C ce J ariiamen tartan Virginia CPo oc enlevement: JJice-J resicfent Stucfent Government CTlssociation Secretary C tuaent Government Association o Jsr Senators Cjoitor of Geecnee Geecnee Staff ' t£ree section editors J hi iKappa J net a Sweetneart 1st J unner-up y omecomina Jfonor Cjounci Ci ass Officer $200.00 Sc io ars iip 70 i P 7iJp ia amma z)efia — " Const( er T our- _ . se f a{ Jfome " Jfol- aoas, pizzas, ao-nuts, " UAen J (fol in. " Z J- ! yini worcf? JlCiss 3win£fe . . . JKiss Jj ans . . . LJnu arouse? Dia uou see a wabbii? J o juwoqs? . . . ive em l ie ofcf ' raz- z e aazzJe ' . . . Directions to the oeacn partu — m iicn wau? Jne ' roacn " qoi ner! Garwas i — Mnoiner — rinq! Jltarcn for us ouce . . . Jrancine ao uour tvajR? JlCemories — 32 uear ofa naoit is nara io oreaR; . . . yl pna Jau Jjeta we if rememoerl !! 71 ' j- ' hi yjTu J resiaeni Susan J. Crson CRecorcfjna Secre ary Jinn C. 7Ku%an treasurer Janet D. Do y JKemSers iip Director DeSoraA J. T ierce rlauisor JKrs. JKarifun i73ucA U ce J resjoent 7)onna TIT. J.)i Iiams yjorresponaina Secretaru Omma C . Zf iomson J anne fenic De eaate Catherine Gnestnut J eaae Director Joan lo. Jjrinson ciL JS . yiJams J ame a s, ac Su DeSora i 7 ran n en " " G. -L oaisa Jirowne Joan pr j ' ins on Jta merine Gnestnut at i een Jjruwn banara 71. JKary 7 . 7ree ' janet D. Doty Garnf 3. Jiorsi rson TIT art Jc nert f A. !7d eman [Patricia O. Ceivis J Taureen C. jllos eu Sunn Ic. jCowelf Deoorah J. J7erce Jeresa ut. rinyer eri CJ son JKarc ret ty Jen . J ' amacje Stef es Oinc a j(. i )af£er idinaa A. Spier Jjrenc a c3. (Jaters tj n na 7A. Unomson fjeooran {Jest Donna IK. ( )iffiams Mrs. JKarufin Jjucj Tlcnieuements: Sweethearts: J i JCappa CP ii., G ii 7P£i, and Girc e Jt ZJnree ' ■ ' ■ Sittfe Sisters " of CPi Jiappa J- ' Ai Uwo Senators [Jour G ass Offic ricers 72 Jliiss eecnee Jwo JSeauties Jiomecomina ny ueen Crasnion Snow — [Benefit S.S. Jiope jKarcn of Dimes time for si fence, hearina fooisieps far in en near, a lime oj- fove, a iime for tears. Sefs 6uu a " castfe " wfiofesafe! t ' f o pfau, too! " f es T)onna! 12-IS 32 sfiufffe —scramSfe —£i£e? IsJAo irippe fme in the naff? Ufie mi fiiu " foursome " Someooay qet a cofe! 2.0, now ao uou speff it? Game Decemoer — " sisternooa. " JICarcAinq across tne " CJySee 7ron ier " . J-hace —across tne aance ffoor! speaA- out — at uour own risf! Ji ' ) jo cficf tnis reat scrapoooji! 73 (L)i(72na .JCappa ' Mavisor UTrs. I e u Strong U ce CPresic en [Joan mT yforne ecre aru ' Deooran LPowers J le aae- J usn Direcior Jlcfe e C Gafiero Seraean at arms iPa r cia jlicGarinu iPresicfenf SinJa D. o()eris treasurer CBoniia o. Ciawuer Gorresponaina C ecre ary (busan C. Jj acA C) jap ain Jjaroara C. C ross J aruainen iarian [Janei£ 0. OCease MUf. hna JK. ' J iz. .e Susan C: JjJacA C JJen J?. CJie jB £7 arofun Q rcmam Maroara juj Gross [Joan Mtari ' e Jiorne J a r cia K ' l ' oshi Sanara Jj. zJo eo [jani. ' tn O. ' A ease CTlnna jlT. ' ' (jo e Jrijaers Jionita Sm jbaiL » Kadnuri J aui Cinda 7). J ! joer s Ic i ei em en s: TlTarc i of O ' mes Gampa n: $22. ' ). 00 Spring G eanincf 1969.- Jlmarcfecf $ 1000.00 nts ierecf for i ie j ' amous l - s s Series J onor ( ' oiinvil J ee ( ' u6 74 Goodies, Do-nuh; JKore HSr c e ? CPop-up ' Pira es JlCrs. " Jayqari - D ayou m ss your pfane ? ! 5 a oos i . . . uA-Au£ . . . Site uour tonque! I sparayus s un o p ay wi ' A . . . See CBoufeuarcf. . . Ouhfancfinq . . . yes, we ' re out stancfin in i e rain . . . ffusJi! 7) ' P ii 01 Santa Gfaus is rea jy " IRichard J eity in cfis uise . . . liJe oue Ae uqfiesi man on cam- pus — liroiAer oAn . . . WAa ' s a patron, Dr. Qross ? 77, 7S, 79 cars washed. . . waiting, waiting, offy-yee! T) ' J- ' Iii QA is SiqmaJCappa. IsJe Jove uou, Ciiama Jlappa. - sms ... 75 G£i CP£i Lewis Burroughs, Donald Grevenberg, Rogert Bradley, Skip Spence, Larry Sims, James Dis Mukes (Gamma), Steve Kelleher, Ellen Ramage (Sweetheart!. Robert McLaughlin (Alpha), Charles Ellington (Beta), Ron Galbreath. Dick Kelly (Delta), Steve LeRose, Mike Evans, Jimmy Cobb, Albert Lodge, David Fritts, Hank King, Charles Wilson, Charles Watson, Lance Green. Not Shown: Tyrone Bowers, Donald Durant, Eddie Mizzell. Paul Hargrett, Steve MacCaulay, Ronnie Smith, Britt Griffin. 76 G£i CP£rs on G am pas ipi T 1 3Cappa J ni Earl Cox, Carl Kincey, Gil Grey, David Coleman, Jack O ' Quinn, John Greenwaide, Thorn Gillins, Philip West, Greg Sharp, Robert Smith, David Home. Bruce King, Eddie Watts, Wayne Billingsley, Frank Harris, Gary Mitchell, and Andra Salter. Not Shown — Dennis King, John Shealy, John Eure, Jack King, Tommy Swinford, Gails Waters, Dick Baker, Paul Kaluzne, Chip Humphrey. Calvin Hancock, Sweetheart Debbie Pierce. HK 78 Debbie Pierce iPJii TCappa U£eia Pres. — Larry Thompson V.P.- — Pat Lengenfelser Treas. — Spencer Hoynes Sec. — Robbie Anderson Sweetheart — Becky Lee, Larry Thompson, Chris Troedson, Bob Donahue, Roan Garcia, Whitley Reynolds, Tim Herbison, Randy Smith, Scott Kilbourne, Robbie Anderson, Mike Floyd, David Howell, Pat Lengenfelser, Marion Dantzler, Spencer Hoynes. Not Shown — Paul Ganem, Jim- my Collins, Marvin Collins, Calvin Bailey, Terry Dockery, Jimmy Rahn, Steve Morgen, Bill Kline, Howard Smith. Faculty Advisor Comasky James Gannam, Pat Brady, Jack Dressel, Skip Sheffield, David Becton. " e 14 80 ancf yCeopnuies Socialites K? ' A WKk X 81 (L)ia na L tappa Cjni Dennis Meeks, Bill Quartermann. Larry Hearn, Wayne Williams, Mike Plummer, Chuck Weaver, Larry Crawford, James Rody, Jim Brotherton. Elliot Butler, Jack Hudson, Billy Butler, Bill Downs. Not Pictured — Phil Emory. Don Driggers. Mike Newsome, Bill Kline, Steve Yarborough, Randy Crowder, Don Consos, Ralph Maggoni, Jack Lytchen. Richard Sullivan. Bobbie Johnson, Cary Monroe, Sam Pilgrim. 2KX 11 WAV ■ B ATTC I B -. HHm H fill Sweetheart — Fran McMillian. 82 OFFICERS — Randy Crowder, Jim Brotherton, Larry Crawford, Jack Hudson. 83 CPJii T)efia Samma Steve Layden, George Doolittle, Ronnie Robinson, Steve Ellis, Jim Anderson, Jimmy Deason (Secretary-Treasurer), Frank Ouzts, Mike de Vegter (President), David Brunson. Not Shown — Dewey Morgan, Randy Blackstone, David Layden, Mike Dwyer, Philip McCorkle, Andy Edwards, Donnie Golden, Woody Waldour, George Carellas. Ar 84 Leadership V cheerleaders Seven girls help provide Armstrong with rousing school spirit. They were present at basketball games to assist the student body in cheering participation. Members, Left to Right: Melinda Page, Joann Lee, Delores Gilpin, Captain Pam Keller, Mau- reen Mosley, Jan Brucker, and Debbie Thacker. 85 SGA To express the student body ' s will Armstrong provides the Student Govern- ment Association. The Association is comprised of student body officers, the Student Senate, the Student Court, and Honor Council representatives. Officers, Left to Right: Don Gruver, treasurer; John Eure, president; Francine Wimbish, secretary; Francis Berry, vice-president. Cabinet Cabinet members are appointed by the president of the Student Government to facilitate proper functioning and ad- ministration of Student Government. Members, Left to Right: President John Eure, John Leffler, Francine Wimbish, Danny Wahers, Marion Dantzier, Francis Berry, Joe Kelley, and Bill Dutton. Class Officers 88 Each of the four classes elect three of their members to represent them in the Student Government. Officers, Left to Right: Senior Class — Secretary Pat Lingenfelser, President Mike Joyner, and Vice-Pres- ident Lennie Olson; Sophomore Class — President Stan Sammons, Secretary Judy Lee, and Vice-President Jane Griner; Junior Class — Vice-President Ralph Finnegan, Secretary Fawnie Stelljes, and Pres- ident Carl Kincey; Freshman — Vice-President Kathy Brown, Pres- ident Marc Slotin, Secretary Pam Clark. ' ■N ' H l i Mw nn iii j n 1 111 4 , 89 :v i W3SH « Z3 V_.. t— aass I H H r 1 " P 2. ' ' 1 c m II 1 1 v l» ■k -UM wM BS SENATE Five members of each class are elected for the Senate. The Senate acts upon stu- dent petitions, and enacts laws and statutes governing the student body. President — Francis Berry Pro-tern — John Tatum Parliamentarian — Dave Randall FRESHMAN Debbie Gernatt Chip Humphries Carol Martin Marc Slotin Pam Watkins SOPHOMORE Linda Cubbedge Kay Hardy Vicki Herrington John Leffler Dave Randall JUNIOR Susan Erson Jan Jankowski Becky Lee Fawnie Stelljes Gene Waters SENIOR Ginger Cupp Andrea Nielubowicz Glenys Rountree John Tatum Larry Thompson 90 Honor Council Armstrong ' s Honor Council hears cases involving the Honor Code and conducts an extensive orientation program at the begin- ning of each quarter for newly entering students to explain the Honor System. Members, Left to Right: Linda Wise, Diane Meehan, Advisor Mr. Clark, Senior Justice Gene Waters, President Nathan Godley, Josephine Lanier, Kay Hardy, Gigi Graham, and Jan Jan- owsld. 91 Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Left to Ripht: Bobbie Fargason and Pat Brady; Jim- my Parker and John Eure; Bill Braziel and John Tatum; Bill Dulton; Joe Kelley, Nathan Godley, and Richard Mangan : Don Gruver and Francis Berry. Not pictured, Marilyn Hood. 93 Geechee 94 Published annually, the Geechee is Armstrong ' s year- book. Work on the Geechee begins in the fall quarter and continues through the winter quarter. Editor Francine Wimbish Business Manager Bill Braziel Advisor Mr. Joe Buck Organizations Editor Glenda Anderson Administration Editor Sandra Brady Sorority Editor Louisa Browne Sports Editors Jim Burch and Jim Majors, copy Beauty Editor Louise Galleta Fraternity Editor Jim Gannam Campus Life Editor Gail Gilpin Classes Editor Vickie Herrington Leadership Editor Sandra Rabey Staff Sandra Alloway, Becky Anstine, Nancy Breland, Frances Harper, Susan Kennedy, Becky Lee, Mary Ellen Seyle, Gina Simmons, Shelby Stokes, Joyce Van Dora Photography Ron HoUoman, Robert Ritchie Contributing Photography . . Dick Baker, Thorn Gillins 95 Inkwell Armstrong state colleob SAVANNAH XV. I , Sumbi ' i 4 founded- 193S Armalrong .Slats Csllan . Savannah, (iavr la CIttCIA I. M Impact of Brass Plays t Audience of 175 at AS » » l »llifrli — " iithl fi.r ihi- Ann- ■ - . It WM ih ntfhf iti r « •• ■Mi-!» nl « n«» ..«nH vi»r mr.- ' »■ " -« ' nj«iul Hrnur TImi Senate to Schcduli nt t n (jnatp on Ihp cotli ' ;;i ' r.jrt.uit t iit A fcroiip nhirh ilrifiRfHJ tu climb thf iiffiup »« iiti «xir ni( [ «)rnfod HToufi of If-n vi»unv m Crisis CMrtw J«Rt Up-tiglts u( (lui nm ax. ' " •i « otir d ' n.«» A • ' • tuhtKi will prohltina Ihan inn i cial «nlg- «uth jfs financf?. lai «nd | hv ic4l|. )iNpropor- a!ivi» newLtrtiii r the counaelnr I prffton o pu ' ihr alu « 1u a .,itlfl7i]r- hpr t» a (Ifffinttr •uth a p«rfKin on camputM. tince lh» drop-out rata •• grrwing by laaiM and iHHinda. Sonir alu- rf-n« find 1! dirncult to m- flt Iht («,.i ihul thi-v ,ii. ' fntnt, lr.«in l .n ih,- iMxncamii J tabuiinti In y . nut and •»a«» Ibi- wat 111 malrrlalinm Student Ejection Results Ifi i-Tns% IiulyLc laTiaoa Sirfiir rrlwl ty.tin. ii tha rtm- xuni pns iiirrli oprlnt liy Ibc pr ii:ru i.f bacominn » iluctor. .1 iHWvfr, n t a • .inillv liirli . maker AmnnitinR llaa bad Ihr (ota- •tlilii la add lu tit itaff of rdiitaliTS, a ctiunwlor. Mwj Lynn Beaaon. Mi» BrnMHi iiradualed from thi dnivn-iilT ■ if t;«.ir)|ia with a BA in piv- rholoity. .inrl a ma«(pr m Kduciilion ABn. in coiuisirlmii. •She »»rkrd at a paychomr- insi. and latar. as a toun- selr.r, at Maron |uniur Col- it-S " . whrrr aha alao taught Inlinductury Paychntoiiy The otM c iuns«tjnji nervica I ' mphaiuri rduraiiotial. voca- tional, ant! perKiinal counjM ting It It a prORram da ignrd lo help the aiudanf on an indivi- dual and rnnfidenttal Ijaii t Th counaalor pruvidn a •ynpalhelic ear for the tttidant fateil with a peraunal dilim- ni.i. Shi- run ala aid th.- •ludanl whs (ma ehotan a ca- reer la fimtiiM • poaiiinn thai will ollai bu«K paraonal talit- lacUan «ad a chmc lor ad- The Left to Brady, l i i» Cton Inkwell is Armstrong ' s official student newspaper. Published bi-weekly, the newspaper is financed by student activities fees. Members, Right: Editor Joe Kelley, Gail Gilpin, Sports Editor Jim Burch, Organizations Editor Martha Tyson, Cathy Roachford, Copy Editor Pat Peyton Towns, Dan Browning, and Advisor Frank Terrell. 96 classes L Graduates J 970 Anderson, James A. Ansley, Linda Bacon, Luther Bankston, Jennifer Barfield, William Bell, Madeline 97 Berry, Frances Blackmore, Clarissa Blackston, Randy Blount, Sharon Bohler, Pat Brabham, Grace M. Brady, Pat Brantley, Rickey Brothers, Susan -rr ,.» Arc k« t»«e« «» -— :• .■. ,.„ r.r " — . .« «„ -wM-f - r " I ' M Til ■ -r S»-TT -■ . .«v »!., »,». ' .:- r ' ' . " " n .TC J " -- .,-_ ., .„.„.«™.. awHa-am .r .? g— Vj..?, 98 Brown, Danny William Bush, Connie Butler, Dan S. Cannady, William Carter, Linda H. Carter, L. S. Chavers, Jim Clay, Edward Colson, Marsha ■ -. ' t?.- .r ? VT " -- . Si ■.-AVitiiT. ' dlHiMn-nFSKUXl 99 Conner, Don Cottle, Bob Cubbedge, Linda Daughtry, Ernest Davis, Sarah Dismukes, James Downing, Mary Edwards, Richard Epstein, Joan Erb, Robert J. Fillmore, Dennis Finnegan, Rosalyn 100 Frank, William Gallaher, Arthur Godley, Nathan Golden. Don Gonnsen, Paul C. Gottlieb, Mark Gravenstein, Edwin Greene, David Grey, Gil 101 Gruver, Don Hagan, William Hall, Georgia Hancock, B. Hardy, Rufus L. Harper, Diane Hill, Barbara Hill, Jewel 102 Holt, Billie P. Hoynes, Spencer Hunsberger, Daniel Jackson, Steve Jones, George B. Ill Joyner, Michael Jue, Barbara Kelly, John L. 103 Kelly, Richard Kilpatrick, Julian King, Richard B. Krombholz, Mickey Lancaster, Stanley Lanier, Jo Latimer, Henry Lawler, Christine Lennox, John C. J. -1 , J 104 Lightsey, James Lingenfelser, John Lodge, Albert H. Mangan, Richard McClanahan, Billie McLaughlin, Robert McWhirter, Dewey Young Meddin, Mona Miley, Marian 105 Milligan, Barbara Mopper, Richard Morgan, Nancy Morris, Sandy Myrick, Paul Nielubowicz, Andrea Oliver, Kathleen Olson, Lenny Plotkin, Barry 106 w Poppell, Connie Powers, Debbie Rahn, Marie Riggs, Pamela Sue Riley, Jerry Rimes, Sarah Roberson, Cecil Roberts, Harriet Roberts, Lawrence Rochefort, Kathryn Rountree, Glenys Rowland, J. W. 107 Russell, Joseph Sanders, Charlotte Schmitt, Herbert Smith, Ann Stein, Cheryl Strong, Kay Swindell, Rebecca Tatum, John T. Tatum, John 108 nn ' .a , ' J J ■i! . mp Thomas, Robert Thompson, Larry Towns, Peyton Trudell, Mercedes Tucker, Jimmy Tuten, Herbert Tuttle, Gregory Waldhour, Elton W. Weeks, Gayla 109 Wells, Joseph White, Susan Williams, Michael Wilson, J. A. Wilson, Leonard Winders, Ronald E. Womack, Latona Warrell, L. Young, Kenneth 110 Undergraduates Adams, Gail Aenchbacher, Eddie Aiken, Martha Alexander, Georgia Anderson, Charles Anderson, Glenda Anderson, Marcia Anderson, Nadine III Anderson, Robert Aspinwall, Emory Avila, Bud Baisden, Daniel Baker, Richard F. Barton, Nonie Beall, Allen Beasley, Larry 112 Beaty, Stephen Becton, David Beecher, Laurel Billingsley, Richard Blackburn, Pamela Blackston, Tim Blakely, Raymond Blount, Barbara Bolander, Franldyn Boram, Verlin S. i ' ' 113 Bowers, Giles Boyette, Linda Brabham, Geri Brady, Sandy Bragg, Ronald Brannon, Deborah Bray, Peggy Breland, Nancy Brennan, James Brinson, Joan Brooks, Fred Brotherton, Jim Brown, John Brown, Jane Brown, Mary Bryles, Harold Brubaker, Donna Brucker, Janice Ann Brueck, Elsa Bryan, Kenneth ri4 i n Budd, Gary Birch, Jim Burke, Grace Burke, Pamela Burroughs, Marie Butler, Barbara Butler, Lawrence Byrnes, Helen Cafiero, Adele Cain, Jackie Calhoun, Christopher Cameron, Carolyn 115 Campbell, Audrey Carter, Cliff Cawley, Ed Cayce, Len Chapman, Charles Chavers, Sandy Chesnut, Kathy Chiboucas, Alexis Clark, Ara Mae Clark, Elsie Clark, Pamela Clark, Ronald Clayton, Betty Cliett, Ellen Cole, Jacquelyn Collins, Jimmy Conner, Charlotte Consos, Don Coolidge, Fred Coolidge, Laura 116 Cooper, Chris Cox. Earl Cox, Sherry Cramer, Barbara Crawford, Claudia Crawford. Larry Crews, Cathy Croom. William Crosby, Patti Cross, Barbara Cummins, James Cypher, Greg Cyr, Alfred Gerald Dantzler, Marion Daughtry, Robert Davis, Evelyn 117 Davis, Raymond Davis, Sharon Davis, Wanda DeLoach, Marion Denmark, Thomas DeWitt, James Dillon, Theresa Dinerman, Craig 118 Donaldson, James Drayton, Juanita Durden, William East, Wendy Edwards, John Elkins, Sandra Ellis, Stephen Erson, Susan 119 Evans, Marjorie Evans, Michael Fay, Mary Ferrelle, Robert Fillingim, Jim Finnegan, Ralph Fling, Gerald G. Ford, Mary Fordham, Donnie Fordham. Rhonnie 120 m • ■ " HH awHiii III " w.iT»— -v- " Fountain, David Fountain. Marv Ann Freeman, Mitchell Free), Mary Fritts. David Galbreath. Ronald Galletta, Louise Gannam, Jim Gay. Janell Gernatt, Deborah 121 Gerson, Betsy Gillins, Thornton Gillis, Linda Gilpin, Delores Googe, Glenda Graham , Carolyn " Gigi ' ' Gray, Martha Gray, Philip Grayson. James Green. William 122 Grevemberg, Donald Grimier, Merle Griner, Martha Griner, Jane Gross, Michael Hagins, Dianne Hales, Linda Hall, Gary Hall, Cheryl Hall, Michael Hansell, William Harden, Richard 123 Hardy. Kay Harper, Madge Harris, Frank B. Harris, Margaret Harrison, Martha Hathaway, Johnny Hayes, Carol Ann Hays. Jerry 124 Hendrix. Charles Herrington, Vicki Hiers, Carlisle Hiers, Etta Hilderbrandt. James Hill, John Hinely, Philip Hines, Kathy Marie ' 1 nil ll.iiK H.iiiii: irntK-li Hit V.Ikjii 125 Hinson, Al Hodges, Beth Hodges, Robert Hogan, Michael Hohnerlein, Glenn Picture Hohnerlein, Patricia Holloway, Teresa Not Available Hook, Brenda Hopkins, Jane Hopper, William Horst, Carol Houghton, Robert Howell. David Hudson, Charles Hudson. Jack Humphrey, Chip Hunter, Janet Hurd, Linda lannini, Elianna Ingman, Mirian 126 Jackson, Larry Jacobs, Gerald James, Susan Jankowski, Jan Javo, Nicholas Jeffords, Arthur Jennings, Richard Jodoin, Judy Jodoin, Patricia Johnson, Freddine Johnson, Teddy Johnson, William Joiner, Benny Jones, Glenn Jones, Keith Jordan, Martha Jue, Marsha Kaluzne, Paul Kaluzne, Paulette Kearns, James 127 Keller, Pamela Kelly, Baron Kelly, Fran Kennedy, Susan Kersey, Eloise Kessler, Ronald Kincey, Carl King, Bruce Kinstler, Beth Kistler, Janis Klein, Bill Kline, Bill Knight, Delores Lamb, Del Lancaster, Judy Lane, Janice Lang, Barbara Larisey, Larry Latham, Benjamin Leaich, Marilyn 128 Leaich, Michelle Lee, Jo Ann Lee, Rebecca Leffler, John Jr. Lent, Sarah Leonard, John Lindsay, Jack Logan, Nancy Loncon, Libby Lord, Caria Lord, Donna Lota, Alexander 129 Love, Veronica Lowe, Harry Lynch, Cynthia Lynn. Don Lytjen. John MacMillan, Fran Maggioni, Ralph Mamalakis, Mark Mantiply, Tommy Marburger, Michael Marburger, Nancy Martin, Carolyn • ■«©«» ' " Ji 130 Martin, William Mattingly, John McAlpine, Lucie McCranie, Larry McDonald, Lehman McDonough, Kathleen McGraw, Jimmie McHenry, Jeanette Mclntyre, Beth McKenzie, Jean McLendon, Julian McPhail, Sharon Meehan, Diana Mettlach, Fred Miles, Mike Milev, Rufus Miller, Andrea Miller, Jim Minkovitz, Hugh Mixon, Alethia 131 Moon, Marlene Moore, Anne Moore, Norris Mosely, Maureen Muller, George Muller, Mary Ann Mulligan, Ann Myers, Jacquelynn Nease, Janeth Olivia Nelson, Bobby 132 Nelson, Judy IVesmith. Jov Newby. Richard Norton. Barbara Nowell. Lynn Olson. Marv Ellen O ' Quinn. Jack Osborne, Kay O ' Steen, Betty Osteen, Thomas 133 Owens, Carol Pagliarullo, Donna Paige. Melinda Parcell, Linda Parham, Carol Anne Parker, Charles Parker, Jacqueline Patterson, Herman Paul. Angela Pearce, Bettina Pearson, Paula Petouvis, George Pierce, Debbie Pittmen, Bernice Plummer, Mike Polk, Brenda 134 Pollock. Bunny Poslon. Pam Price, Patricia Pyles, Debbie E. Quarterman. Rill Rabev. Sandra J. Rachael. Michael Rahal, Susan Rahn, Bobby Rahn, James Ramage, Ellen Randall, Dave Ray, Betty S. Reese, Evone Reis, Cherrie Reynolds, Whitley 135 Rickert, Merrilyn Ritchie, Robert Roach, Cherolyn Roberts, Linda Robertson, Cornelia Robertson, Nancy Robinson. Alberta Rody, James 136 Rogers, John Rosenberg, Barry Rosenberg, Naomi Rousseau, Patti Royer, Teresa Rushing, Sandra Russell, Kathy Rutland, Kay 137 Sapp, Alma Sapp, Cassandra Saunders, Cathy Sawyer, Bonita Schmitt, Margaret Schoch, G. Schuller, Richard Sellers, Rita Seyle, Mary Ellen Sharpe, Susan Shuman, Grant Jr. Sigmon, Kandy Sims, Catherine Skordal, Lynn Slotin, Marc Small, Shirley Smith, Brenda Smith, Delma Smith, Howard Smith, Ivan 13a Smith, June Smith, Randy Smith, Robert Smith, Rosie Smoak, Peggy Southwell, Libby Sowers, Mary Ellen Spence, Barry Stafford, Donald Stallings, George Stalnaker, Patricia Stein, Ruth f 139 Stelljes, Fawnie Stewart, Cynthia Stokes, Shelby Stover, Dorsey Strickland, MaryBelle Stultz, Pamela Suddath, Ray Sullivan, Carol Ann Swinford, Thomas Taylor, Sharon 140 Thigpen, Brenda Thomas, Brad Thomson, Emma Tiedemann, Ernest Tison, Macie Tison, Martha Tomaeno, P. Anthony Traylor, Glynean Tucker, Clyde Tunmer, Fred Turner, Audrey Turner, David 141 Turner, Hilda Tuten, Bertha Ulsh, Judie Usher, Alan Vainas, Paula VanDora, Joyce VanDyke, Julian Veasey, Joy 142 Veasey, Judy Wade, John Walker, Linda Wall, Muriel Watson, Charlie Watts, Carson Weaver, Chuck Weeks, David West, Debbie Whaley, Kathy White, Martha Whitt, Freddy Wilder, Gwendolyn Williams, Becky Williams, Kenneth 143 Williams, Wayne Williamson, Richard Williamson, Rita Williby, Ed Wimbish, Francine Wittfield, Judy Yarborough, Anna 144 Administration Faculty » ' si; .«CJI 145 DR. HENRY L. ASHMORE President, Armstrong State College DR. AND MRS. ASHMORE, DAUGHTER, JERRI Not Pictured, Randan Ashmore 146 I M. P TO.MM« f 147 DR. H. DEAN PROPST Dean of the College 148 DR. JAMES T. ROGERS Dean of Student Affairs MM 1 149 MR. JOSEPH A. BUCK, Director of Student Activities MR. WILLIAM F. TYRELL, JR., Director of Public Information MRS. JULE STANFIELD, Comptroller ISO MISS NORMA LYNN BENSON, Counsellor { DR. DONALD ANDERSON Associate Dean for Community Service MR. GEORGE S. HUNNICUTT Registrar MRS. JO WEEKS Campus Nurse MR. JACK PADGETT Director of Campus Services 151 Allied Health MRS. DOROTHY BELL MISS ROSE MARIE BLASE MISS SALLY BLITCH MRS. BETTY C. DALLAS MRS. NANCY DUFFY MRS. CHRISTINE HAMILTON MISS ANNE F. MAYER MRS. CAROL SUTTON DR. ROBERT I. PHILLIPS MRS. DORIS BATES Head of Department 152 IP 1 fHI ffl£ N ' ! " f " ' f Si m Biology DR. ALEX D. BELTZ MRS. MOONYEAN BROWER MR. ALLEN L. PINGEL MR. JOHN ROBERTS DR. FRANCIS THORNE DR. LESLIE B. DAVENPORT, JR. Head of Department 153 Business Administration DR. SORVAN K. BHATIA MR. LAMAR W. DAVIS MR. WILLIAM R. De CASTRO MR. MAX T. JOHNS MR. MICHAEL A. LaBURTIS MR. ROBERT E. L. MORGAN MR. GLENN PEARCE MR. HARRY H. SQUIRES . DR. ORANGE W. HALL Head of Department 154 Chemistry and Physics DR. JOHN G. BREWER DR. HENRY E. HARRIS COLONEL RAYMOND HILL DR. PAUL E. ROBBINS DR. CEDRIC STRATTON DR. F. G. CRIDER Head of Department 155 ) J t. OFFICES ! J Education DR. LLOYD NEWBERRY. JR. DR. SOL RUNDBAKEN DR. PAUL E. WARD DR. WILLIAM STOKES Head of Department 156 English MISS LORRAINE ANCHORS MR. HUGH BROWN MR. MARVIN JENKINS MR. JAMES LAND JONES MRS. VIRGINIA RAMSEY DR. L. L. SEALE DR. ROBERT STROZIER MR. JOHN SUCHOWER MR. JOHN A. WELSH, III MR. CHARLES C. WHITE, JR. DR. JOSEPH I. KILLORIN DR. HUGH PENDEXTER, III Head oj Department 157 Fine Arts DR. JAMES H. PERSSE. Head MR. KENNETH P. McKINNELL; Art 158 Foreign Language MRS. MARGARET S. LUBS MR. DAVID NOBLE A A DR. W. L. EASTERLING Head of Department 159 History MR. ORSON BEECHER MRS. MADELINE P. BONEY MR. ROSS L. CLARKE, JR. MR. BERNARD J. COMASKEY DR. WILLIAM E. COYLE MR. JOHN D. DUNCAN MR. JIMMIE F. GROSS DR. RICHARD H. HAUNTON DR. OSMOS LANIER. JH. DR. JOHN McCarthy DR. JOHN F. NEWMAN MR. ROBERT L. PATTERSON DR. K. C. WU DR. EVANS JOHNSON Head of Department 160 Math MR. WAY LAND BROWN MISS MARIANNA ELDREDGE MR. JOHN FINDEIS MR. JOHN R. HANSEN MR. JOHN L. SAUNDERS CAPT. JAMES L. SEMMES MR. JOE C. SHEFFIELD MR. WILLIAM S. WINN DR. JOHN S. HINKEL Head of Department 161 Physical Education COACH BILL E. ALEXANDER COACH ROBERT L. BACKUS COACH GEORGE H. BEDWELL MISS SYLVIA A. SANDERS 4 1T9, h COACH ROY J. SIMS Head of Department 162 CAPT. LAWRENCE E. MAHANEY Head of Deparlmenl Police Administration ANDREW]. RYAN, III 163 " im Psychology and Sociology MR. FRANK COYLE MRS. MARY RALSTON MR. NEIL B. SATTERFIELD DR. CHARLES SNELLGROVE MISS DOROTHY THOMPSON mi DR. C. STEWART WORTHINGTON Head of Department 164 i MRS. REGINA M. YOAST Head Librarian Library MRS. ARDELLA P. BALL MRS. SUSIE A. CHIRBAS MRS. EUGENIA EDWARDS MRS. ALPHIA HUGHES MRS. BETTY JOHNSON MRS. MAE RUSHING MRS. ELEANOR M. SALTER MRS. KAREN A. SMITH MRS. RUTH SWINSON MRS. HAZEL P. THOMPSON 165 Book Store and Cafeteria MISS ELIZABETH POUND (Manager of Book Store) MRS. EDNA WINDERS Assistant J MR. TOMMY NEASE (Manager of Student Center) 166 Maintenance RICHARD BAKER Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings STAFF: 0. B. HADDEN (Night Foreman) WALTER B. IVEY (Guard) ERNEST KARDYS (Carpenter) SAMKOTARA (Guard) IRA J. RYAN (Asst. Supt.) KELLY SALTER (Guard) AUGUSTUS STALNAKER (Supt. of Mail and Printing Dept.) LAWRENCE LUMBERG (Guard) 167 168 Advertisements m Why on earth would they use paper to help launch a moon shot? The paper is used in this 327-foot Apollo service tower. As honeycomb panel cores. Laminated to aluminum " skins " . The panels form the enclosing wall of the 120-foot-wide tower base. And the huge hinged gates which open and envelop the rocket dur- ing servicing. Why paper honeycomb? Because it ' s incred- ibly strong. And incredibly light. The giant gates swing easy. And precious pounds are saved in the 32-story structure whose weight can flatten the railroad wheels below when they are not in motion. Union Camp honeycomb has hundreds of other uses — in both commercial and residen- tial construction. Everything from floors to walls and to roofs. Even the sky isn ' t the limit. The paper for Union Camp ' s Honeycomb is manufactured at the huge Savannah Complex, the world ' s largest pulp-to-container plant. jH 169 More Power to you Knowledge is power— to understand, to grow in awareness, to avoid mistakes, tor greater actiievement. Electricity is also power— to serve you and make your future brigtiter. SAVANNAH ELECTRIC and POWER CO. CABLEVISION CABLEVISIDN DF SAVANNAH SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 314D5 POST OFFICE BOX 6642 TELEPHONE 912 354-7531 170 WINDSOR PHARMACY 12419 White Bluff Road at Windsor Road A Community Pharmacy Windsor Forrest • Wllshire Estates Paradise Park • Wellwood White Bluff • Idlewood and Surrounding Areas J. D. BOATRISHT, Pharmacist Dial 354-0218 For Emergency 354-8457 FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Complete Line of Revlon Drugs — Sundries — Cosmetics Baby Needs MONTHLY ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE Compliments of T. H. GUERRY LUMBER CO. Everything to Build Anything Phone 232-3128 45th and Barnard 171 TELEPHONE »3J-J757 Herb Traub ' s Nationally Famous ouse zo EAST BROAD ST. TRUSTEES ' GARDEN Savannah, Georgia 31401 • Reitanrtnt • Lounge • Gift Shop NICK MAMALAKIS • WM. N. JONES HUGH M. RIMES • JERRY M. BEETS MARTIN M. FELSER GO, PIRATES! MERCe INSURANCE AGENCV.Inc ( jEAJi na S ' -sA cc All Forms of Insurance for AUTO— HOMES— BUSINESS PLUS LIFE— INCOME— GROUPS Phone AD 2-5105 7 E. Bay Street Savannah, Ga. Connpliments of BURROUGHS TILE COMPANY 172 Happy Shopping Store ef Oglethorpe Mall Crossroads Shopping Center I 16 Broughton Street, East Savannah, Georgia for College or Career We ' ll help you grow SAVANNAH BANK a TRUST COMPANY MAIN OFFICE- BULL and BRYAN • BULL and DUFFY • W. BROAD and HARRIS TRAFFIC CIRCLE • CROSSROADS SHOPPING CENTER • MEDICAL ARTS SHOPPING CENTER ABERCORN and BRYAN • ABERCORN and STEPHENSON MEMBER FDIC 173 V. JT BREMER uMCipOKited Est. 1914 IXED CONCRETE FACE BRICK A SPECIALTY • BUILDER ' S SUPPLIES 753 Wheaton Street • P.O. Box 1605 • Phone 232-6154 Savannah, Georgia 31402 STARLAND Your Hometown Dairy BOB-ETTE ' S FLOWERS Flowers For All Occasions City-Wide Delivery PHONE 355-5232 NIGHT 355-7871 Varsity Shopping Center 11426 Abercorn St. Savannah, Ga. 31406 Owners: BOBBY and ANNETTE OVERSTREET 174 t% MEN ' S QUALITY SHOP 2430 Brough+on St., East Oglethorpe Mall n ' PBim Bank with the People who like People! LIBBRIiY nabionaL DO I I IV MEMBER FDIC J 175 things go Coi« JVmd PJt XU. vou CAN-TOO Carylon l_. Willi FORD • TOUOM PEGGY S. BALDWIN FLOWEIS PHONE 355-5374 OR 355-2993 Boutique — DeSoto Hilton Arcade — Savannah, Ga. V Hard eeb, Charco-Broiled Branded For Flavor 176 I Compliments of JORDAN AND MAMALAKIS SERVICE STATION Henry at Drayton St. 233-4459 CRUMBLEY ' S PHARMACY 2 Stores to Serve You Abercorn and Largo 355-5315 31st and Waters Ave. 233-0202 Prescription Piclc-Up and Delivery SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS Li 11 lA h " 24 iNt lOA i o) J ' i[ k Full Service Bank — and growing like ' 70 — Personalized Service Expertise Member FDIC 177 As the Editor of the Geechee for 1970. I have learned that every effort takes cooperation, mu- tual understanding, and a lot of hard work. As the year has progressed, much of this effort has been done by only a handful of staff mem- bers, but these have put much energy and time into it. We all have become aware of what goes into putting out a yearbook which speaks for our college and its students. Thank vou to tlie entire staff, especially the section editors — and Bob and Ron. who came in when we needed you so badly. And Bill, who went out and sold all the ads himself, thank you for your time. We hope that in this yearbook you can find some of your life in Armstrong. A special tlianks to the faithful four who stayed up with me the last night before deadlines. Thank you all. Franciiie Editor Wimbish TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The Worlds Best Yearbooks Are Taylof-made " »y3 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made "

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