Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA)

 - Class of 1966

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Text from Pages 1 - 148 of the 1966 volume:

I College • • • 3 A Place . . Where People Meet . . . Talk . . . ,4«d Walk Hear . . . and . . . are heard Act . . . and . . . react Are aware . . of things . . . and part of them ■ 1 H i 1 ■ " .l - ■ i __ :- ., -- ' GEECHEE 1966 ARMSTRONG STATE COLLEGE SAVANNAH, GEORGIA EDITOR STAFF . Harold Waters Elyse Geller Joy Gugel Adel Oppenheim Judith Traft m -. • 40MNV ifff — as , FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 11 Henry L. Ashmore, President 12 Joseph I. Killorin, Academic Dean PRESIDENT ASHMORE DEAN KILLORIN The fortunes of Armstrong State College in these years of its evolution into a senior college of the University System of Georgia rest primarily in the hands of Dr. Henry L. Ashmore, its able and dynamic chief adminis- trator. To Dr. Ashmore is entrusted the responsibility of recognizing the unique needs of the college in these critical years and of making recommendations concerning those to the Board of Regents, the governing body for the uni- versity system. The development of the curriculum for the four-year program and the acquisition of an outstanding faculty for it are the responsibility of Academic Dean Joseph I. Killorin. With the beginning of the junior year scheduled for the fall of 1966 tremendous strides towards this goal have already been made under his supervision. A long- time member of the college staff, he represents, in this period of dynamic change, the continuity with the high ideals that have characterized its programs in the past. 13 Miss Jule Rossiter, the college comptroller, holds the distinction of being the only member of her sex in such a position in the University System. As comptroller she has charge over all business affairs of the college as well as supervising the maintenance of the physical plant. ' it. Jule C. Rossiter, Comptroller To the Dean of Student Affairs, James T. Rogers, falls the responsibility for all non- academic matters pertaining to students. Into this broad category falls the office of admissions, the registrar, the counselors, the alumni office, student activities and student aid. James T. Rogers, Dean of Student Affairs 14 Dr. Donald Anderson Assistant Dean Mrs. Martha DeWitt Director of Student Aid yp Mr. Jack H. Padgett Registrar and Admissions Officer Mr. Dale Price Director of Student Activities 15 Staff Virginia Arey Assistant to the Registrar Minnie Campbell Secretary to the Registrar Marjorie Mosley Secretary to the President Bertis Jones IBM Operator Virginia Nail Secretary to Student Personnel Peggy Strong Secretary to the Faculty Joyce Weldy Secretary to the Registrar 16 • % t% A i Josephine Davidson Catalog Librarian Library Marion Trentham Assistant Cataloger Regina Yoast Librarian Elizabeth LeGette Catalog Assistant Josephine Edwards Catalog Assistant Eugenia Edwards Circulation Assistant 17 Eleanor Salter Secretary and Assistant to the Librarian I pr Roy Carroll Head, Department of History Political Science Ruth Arger Assistant Professor of Psychology 1 V Faculty M. Lorraine Anchors Professor of English Betty Jean Ashbrook Assistant Professor of Biology ' W. Orson Beecher Professor of History Frank A. Brimelow Assistant Professor of Chemistry Fretwell Crider Head. Department of Chemistry Physics Virginia Can- Instructor of English Faculty • Leslie B. Davenport, Jr. Head, Department of Biology Mary Dan Coleman Assistant Professor of Education J. Kenneth Davidson Assistant Professor of Sociology Lamar W. Davis Professor of Business Administration John L. M. des Islets Professor of Physics John D. Duncan Assistant Professor of History 19 Orange W. Hall Head, Department of Business Administration Faculty Raymond R. Hall Assistant Professor of Mathematics Walter B. Laffer Associate Professor of Mathematics John J. Hutton Assistant Professor of English Osmos Lanier, Jr. Associate Professor of History Margaret S. Lubs Professor of English French John C. McCarthy Assistant Professor of Business Administration Faculty 17 h Alvin W. Neely Instructor of English John F. Newman Associate Professor of History Political Science F. Lane Hardy Head, Department of Mathematics James L. Peyton Instructor of Chemistry Physical Science Hugh Pendexter Head, Department of Humanities Lea L. Seale Professor of English German James L. Semmes Assistant Professor of Mathematics J. Harry Persse Head, Department of Fine Arts William H. Stephens Instructor of Mathematics Faculty I Marcia Smith Instructor of Physical Education William M. Starrs Assistant Professor of English Cedric Stratton Associate Professor of Chemistry Robert I. Strozier Associate Professor of English Roy J. Sims Head, Department of Physical Education Robert T. Stubbs Professor of Mathematics Faculty Lawrence M. Tapp Assistant Professor of Physical Education v k ■ 1 4 7 af ;,: w Hfc L Dorothy M. Thompson Head, Department of Psychology and Sociology Francis M. Thome Associate Professor of Biology Jean W. Vining Instructor of Typing Shorthand William S. Winn Professor of Mathematics K. C. Wu Professor of History Political Science CLASSES i 24 « ' ' ••«» • 25 Front row: Cynthia Hilliard, Treasurer; Yvonne Tenney, Secretary; Back row: Dick Sanders, President; Linda Lee, V. President Freshman Class Officers 26 Edward L. Adams Floyd Adams, Jr. George W. Adams, Jr. Michael D. Adams Veyonne V. Adams Margaret D. Akins Hugh C. Alban T. Marie Albritton Lee M. Alderman, Jr. Cheryl M. Alkazin Charles C. Alton Franklin L. Ambrose Benny F. Ammons Maris A. Anderson Shirley J. Ansley Timothy F. Ansley Martha F. Arnold William Ashby Emory Aspinwall William M. Austin Thomas J. Babin Ester D. Bacon Sandra E. Bacon John H. Badenhoop Julia A. Bahr I 27 -■ w I?) I t te Harold E. Bailey Joseph L. Baker, III Roy S. Banks, Jr. John I. Bargeron Larry E. Bargeron Eileen F. Barmen Leette J. Barnett Barbara A. Barnwell Norris S. Bazemore John W. Beam Mary A. Beardslee Jean C. Beardslee Gary J. Beasley Leonard C. Beasley Mary M. Beasley Raymond D. Beasley Ruth Beberman Richard M. Becker Sue Ann Bennett John R. Benton, Jr. Julius L. Benton Evlyn G. Best Nelda K. Bevill Jack O. Bevill Susan M. Biemans L. Raf Biezenbos Joan Billings William E. Binder John A. Binkley Robert J. Bish 2S iJ b o John A. Black, Jr. Frances L. Blakely Dexter T. Bland Wayne R. Bland S. O. Blankership, Jr. John A. Blase Constance R. Blinov Harold D. Bloom Ronald D. Boatright Clyde H. Boheler, Jr. George L. Bonner Douglas W. Boulware Martha D. Bouton Mark G. Bowers Grace A. Braham Andrew L. Brannen Frank H. Brannen William A. Brannen, m Charles R. Brantley Jerrold Breazeale Neal Bridges Storm R. Bridges Jo E. Bridwell Nancy M. Bright Christina Brooks James S. Brooks Patricia R. Brooks Georgia D. Broome Linda C. Broome Thomas W. Broome 29 Linda G. Brost Judith Brotherton Alvin W. Brown Daniel A. Brown Mildred L. Brown Pamela A. Brown Richard E. Brown Richard L. Brown Robert W. Brown Sage Brown W. Raymond Brown, Jr. John M. Browne Sandra G. Bruner Maxine S. Bryan Janice Bryant Madelaine Buckalew Arthur G. Buckner Dorothy P. Burch John J. Burns E. James Burnsed William J. Burpitt, Jr. David R. Butler Robert L. Butler Linda G. Byers Charles M. Cabaniss Nancy E. Cabaniss Eileen A. Calder George A. Calhoun Domingo F. Camacho William H. Cannady ■ 30 m A Robert A. Cannon Thomas A. Cannon Michael N. Carraher Sharon Carter John A. Cason, Jr. Judith A. Casteher Edward L. Cawley Henry H. Cawley, III John A. Chattin Robert T. Cheely J. Ken Chestnut Irene Christopher Eileen G. Clair Allen Clark Cheryl E. Clark Hilda J. Clark Millard E. Clark Raymond W. Clawson Bobby L. Claxton James W. Clayton William H. Cleland Thomas L. Clements Partica Clements Martha A. Cochran Mary C. Coffey Irene Cohen Robert N. Colbert William O. Colcock David A. Coleman Richard E. Collier P 0 »• « " V. + M 31 A Jilt ' Helen E. Conaway James R. Conner, Jr. Peter M. Cooley, Jr. Christopher Cooper Daniel L. Corcoran Joseph P. Counihan Lynda M. Coursey Anthony R. Couse Miriam L. Cowan Allen W. Coward Charles E. Cowart William R. Cowart Linda M. Cox James M. Cox Harriet E. Cranman Paul J. Cranman Andrea M. Crawford Peggy B. Crawford Ivey C. Crawley Reed G. Creaser Sandra J. Croley Evelyn L. Crosby Thomas E. Cubbedge Brenda S. Cullen Patricia Culpepper Edward P. Daly, Jr. Mary M. Dalzell Dorothy A. Daniels R. Lamar Daniels, Jr. Brenda N. Dasher I 4;M+ 32 Alan G. Davies Carolyn M. Davis Doris D. Davis Etolia B. Davis Howard W. Davis, Jr. Jane E. Davis Myrtle L. Davis Nancy J. Davis Susan J. Dayton Nancy L. Deberry Kathy A. Debruhl Jean G. Deloach Edwin S. Dempsey Rebecca L. Dennis Maxine Dermer Mary A. Desposito Judy A. Dickerson Michael A. Difiore Pamela M. Dillon Brenda J. Dlugozima Ernest G. Dodd Gary Dorminey Williard M. Dorsey William H. Dotson Robert A. Douberly Elizabeth Douville William A. Dowell Carolyn L. Downs Betty J. Drake Arlene J. Dressel ft «£ 33 H I 8Si S? t Jerry L. Duke Donald A. Dukes Deborah A. Dunaway Joan H. Dunn John C. Dunn Jan Durden Willey C. Durden, Jr. Samuel A. Eady Mable A. Edwards John W. Ehlers, Jr. Claire Eicholz Hedy Eicholz Regina M. Elmore Carey C. Engle Edwin L. Ennis Barney Epstein Frances M. Eudaly Susan J. Eure Nancy L. Exley Linda J. Faircloth Patricia L. Fennell Ellen B. Field Wayne E. Fillmore Lloyd J. Finch Sandra L. Flake Janet M. Fogarty Gloria A. Fordham Jerry E. Fordham Ernest P. Fortson Marshall S. Fox « AM 34 Edwin C. Freeman Marilyn Freeman Paul Friedemann Stephen T. Fritton, Jr. Carleen D. Fuhrman Lavonne Fulghum George D. Gaddis James L. Gaddy Maury C. Gallaher Margaret R. Ganem Y. R. Garciaquintana Philip W. Gearhart William F. George Betty Gibbs Christian E. Gibson Ann M. Geraty John M. Gignilliat William F. Godbold Sandra S. Godfrey Donald T. Golden IW? ftp {:- 1 l§ i Vi MKm Arnold S. Goldstein IP " " " John W. Goodrich f 9 David A. Gornto Mark M. Gottlieb John J. Grady I A ' ■- Mary A. Gray William E. Gray, Jr. §« Frederick A. Green Willis B. Green, Jr. Margaret A. Greene 1 • ' I fa i . me 35 9 Martha J. Haynes James M. Heidt, Jr. Norman L. Heidt James R. Helmly Priscilla Helverson Mary C. Henderson Peter W. Hendry Hue Henry James B. Henson, III Terrence Herbison Robert J. Hester Richard M. Hicks Carlisle H. Hiers Glorian P. Hiers Louis C. Higgins Mary L. Hill Cynthia G. Hilliard Delores A. Hinely Doris L. Hiott Pamela G. Hodges Electra R. Hoffman Jennie C. Hogan Wayne C. Holland Stephen T. Holloway Carl C. Holt, Jr. Helen M. Honnold Mary A. Hopkins Marcia Hopkinson William H. Hopkinson Heyward Horton. Jr. 36 Mary A. Greenwood John C. Griffin, Jr. Ronald F. Griffin Susan M. Griffin William D. Griffin Janelle A. Griner Richard D. Griner Jeffry L. Grinter Sewell H. Grissett Gloria A. Groover Donald L. Gruver Jeanne S. Gunter David M. Hagins Cheryl Hall LaGail Hall Renee Hall Michael R. Halligan Edwin P. Hamilton Stuart L. Hamilton Edward N. Harms Linda L. Harn Rufus A. Harris William C. Harris, Jr. Robert E. Harrison James C. Harritos James P. Harte, Jr. Walter C. Hartley Vonnie H. Hathcock Danny A. Hattrich John D. Haupt 7 i k ! IlV 37 Robert Houghton David Howard John Howard David Howington Spencer Hoynes Dianne S. Hudgins Donna L. Hug Barbara Huger Theresa Huges Gloria A. Hughes George W. Humphries, II Albert D. Humphrey John H. Hunter, Jr. Carlton Hutchinson Linda F. Hyers William C. Inglesby Edwin R. Irwin Linda Jackson Maria T. Jackson Stephen A. Jackson Mickael Jandrlich William S. Jarrell Daniel B. Jenkins Carolina Johnson George W. Johnson Jerome Johnson Phyllis Johnson William Johnson, III Brenda Joiner George A. Jokela 38 s+% »f V M+t Billy E. Jones Thomas L. Jones Henry L. Jorden, III Harry J. Jue Roberta A. Kamine Everette Karwoski Eileen M. Kearns Margaret M. Kearns Ernest W. Keich, Jr. Richard W. Kelleher Deborah Kellerman Muriel A. Kelly Patrick C. Kelly W. Earl Kelly Bridget A. Kennedy Virginia K. Kerr David Kessler Carole J. King Patrick J. King Christine M. Kramer F. Ed Kroboth, II Michael Krombholz Mark Lambertson F. Melissa Lane Dorothy F. Langford Robert W. Lanier Ralph E. Lapp, Jr. Arthur L. Lassiter Edward D. Layden Stephen T. Layden tit 39 v B% ) Margaret M. Ledlie Herman R. Lee Kathleen F. Lee Linda Lee Linda J. Lee Roy Lee William T. Lee David G. Lemley Mary J. Lindgren Ronald F. Lingle Joan C. Litchfield Patricia M. Little William M. Lloyd, Jr. Robert E. Long Veroncia V. Lotson S. Laurie Lowenthal Warren C. Louder M. Harriet Lucas Brenda G. Luce William Lucken Robert W. Lynch Fae O. Lynes Orville D. Lysaught Cheryl E. Malone Tassie Mamalakis Don E. Maner Robert R. Maner George S. Maroska Murray S. Marshall Sally A. Marston 40 £§. m - c F % m H Sm in fejftir 1.4 ? Cecil M. Martin, Jr. Eunice A. Martin Kathryn C. Martin John D. Martin, Jr. Julie L. B. Martin Rudolph J. Martin William B. Martin Fiances E. Mason William W. Mataxas Charles P. Mavrikis Cameron A. Maxey Michael T. Mayes William H. Mayo W. Howell McAfee Roy E. McCabe, Jr. C. James McCallar, Jr. W. R. McCollough, Jr. Robert M. McCord, Jr. Robert L. McCorkle Margaret C. McCorkle Mary E. McCoy William J. McDonough Darryl R. McElveen William H. McGinley Mary J. McGill James W. Mclntire John H. McKee Helen C. McKenzie Mary E. McKenzie Chrystal McKinney 41 1 Ef ' ...... 6235 ■ »■ tJ SBBUTi Jewell C. McLain Bfc, Amanda McLaughlin Linda L. Medlock ! Ben E. Mercer • Eric C. Meyer Asd muniffll Teena L. Meyer Mary A. Miley Jr Gloria A. Miller H» »1 Mary E. Miller • »P Margorie Millikan 1 Stephen L. Mills Irene C. Miltiades Joan Minkovitz Lewis E. Mitchell Diane Mitchell Robin J, Mitchell Rodney Mitchell James E. Mock Mary Moran Michele Morgan Rich P. Morgan, Jr. Shelmagene Morris Henry C. Muller Thomas M. Muller, Sr. George E. Murphy i« A v Sean H. Murphy Jacquelynn L. Myers Barbara M. Nafis Gary W. Nasworthy Mark J. Nathan 42 John C. Nation Robert E. Neal Stuart M. Neiman Sandra D. Nelson Carolyn R. Newsome Theresa B. Newsome Chuck A. Nicholson Charles W. Noonam Ann G. Norris Eddie B. Odum, Jr. " V Augustus Oemler, Jr. Richard C. O ' Hara Harriet F. Oliver Marsha O ' Millian Mary L. Orsini Oft s 1 1 Sandra D. Orvin W. Roy Overstreet Herbert D. Owens John R. Owens Jimmy W. Page Jean F. Palmer Joseph M. Pappas Betty R. Parker Henry R. Parker Judith E. Parker Michael N. Parker Geraldine Parrish Charles M. Patrick John Patrick Mary E. Patterson 43 W. Fred Paulk Carolyn A. Peebles Nancy R. Peel Regina A. Pelli Patricia L. Pengue John T. Peyton Madalyne Phillips Joseph C. Piazza Anita L. Pierce James A. Pinard Jerry E. Pinckney, Jr. Gloria L. Pitts Barry J. Plotkin George M. Plummer Carol L. Pointer Brenda H. Popham Patricia A. Poppell Ueane M. Porter Dorothy W. Potter Claude F. Potts, Jr. ■ - ( 1H Barbara Powell Roderick L. Powell Rodney M. Powell Susan G. Powell Frances K. Powers Michael T. Powers Gerald E. Preacher Michael E. Prevatt William B. Price Susan J. Punzel v 44 c David B. Purcell Anthony B. Purdy, Jr. Marsha J. Quinn Robert T. Ragan Edmond E. Rahal Meredith J. Rahn Ralph E. Randall Lynn C. Randolph Suzanne M. Ravita Harry E. Ray Samera Razick Leon V. Ream John J. Reckling Lawrence R. Reddick Larry D. Reid Mary J. Reiley Charles J. Reis Joanne H. Revell Carroll V. Reynolds Susan J. Rice Linda L. Rich Malcolm L. Rich Judy M. Ricks Sandra J. Rieck Roberta Riedelbach Pamela S. Riggs Michael H. Roach Howard G. Robbins James E. Robbins Anita L. Roberts Cl. I— 45 x " v B 4 — ' S 4iA f. 1 ? m $V John R. Roberts, Jr. Susan R. Roberts Edith S. Robertson Karen E. Robertson Joann Robinson Sharon M. Robinson Terry C. Roney Dennis B. Rooks Dale P. Rosenstein Arthur M. Rosenthal William O. Ross, Jr. Edward G. Rountree J. W. Rowland, Jr. Pamela J. Ryals Anthony T. Ryan Joseph A. Ryan Mary B. Ryder Sherrie A. Safer Linda K. Sanchez Richard D. Sanders, Jr. Sharon L. Sanders Prentice L. Sapp Anne M. Sauls Janice B. Sauls Harriet R. Schantz Susan L. Schmidt Herbert Schmitt Mark N. Schneider Jane M. Scholl Frances B. Schwalbe E V 46 us IfWW it .; - f i J0% n vJ " ♦ - J ' ' , ' " £ Robert W. Scott, Jr. David C. Sears Cathy A. Sebastiano Barbara A. Seeman William E. Sharpe Earl W. Shearouse John C. Shearouse Joyce A. Shearouse Barry C. Shedrow Harriet Sheffield Alma L. Shell Carl C. Sheppard, Jr. Joseph W. Sheppard Mary L. Shimkus George Shinholster Robert L. Shippen Ronald G. Shoultz Peggy C. Shuler Sherylan A. Shure Florinda R. Sicay Loran L. Siegrist Patrick W. Sills John Simons Harold C. Sims Sheryle D. Sims Diane E. Sinclair Fred R. Sisson, Jr. Cecile Skeffington Ernest C. Slater Claudia W. Smith «•% I £ a r 47 1 Cecile Smith Delbert A. Smith Johnnie N. Smith Juan B. Smith Loren D. Smith, Jr. Martha A. Smith Patricia A. Smith Sharon A. Smith Stephen J. Smith Eugene V. Smith, Jr. Walton A. Smith Fred P. South Ronald N. Speir Johnnie C. Spence Waldo E. Spence, Jr. William J. Squire, III Mary J. Stadelman Rosemary Stapleton James N. Staubes Evelyn L. Steadwill Mary F. Steedley Frank W. Stetson Susan L. Stevens William G. Stevens Nathan J. Stewart, Sr. Richard L. Stewart Sandralyn Stone James L. Story James R. Strickland Elizabeth A. Strobert 1 I ' SH f£ ' r 48 Catherine D. Strong William H. Strong Donald R. Stuber Linda A. Sullivan George H. Summerell Elaine D. Sutker Robert E. Sutton Robert W. Swanbeck Lavonne S. Swank Sandra S. Swank Gregory A. Sweatt Eva C. Swindelle Carol A. Talley Mary H. Tasy James M. Taylor Ranzo J. Taylor, Jr. Cary M. Teller Yvonne M. Tenney Danny F. Terry Nell Thaggard S. Bryan Thames Georgia A. Thigpin Elizabeth Thompson George M. Thompson Larry W. Thompson V v t 49 Ronnie W. Thompson Carol B. Thomson Harold W. Thornton Warren C. Thorpe, Jr. Paul A. Tilton Lawrence E. Tinker Renee Tjoumas Earl W. Tomlinson Judith M. Traft Sherry G. Tross Mercedes A. Trudell Edward C. Truitt Katrina D. Turnmire Betty M. Tyre Gail M. Unger Alan D. Usher Mary J. Valenti Louis E. Van Dyke J. A. Van Dyke, Jr. Renee I. Venin Beverly K. Vernon Henry N. Wainright Thomas C. Waldrop William A. Waldrop Mary S. Walker O M yt ? Vw Q £ tv 50 » J %. » ' Terry K. Walker John T. Walsh George C. Ward, Jr. Lynne L. Warren Sherry C. Warren George H. Waters, Jr. Janie E. Waters Johna H. Waters David S. Watson Guy C. Wearier Diana L. Webb Paul J. Weber, III James M. Weeks Jean Weiner Rosalyn A. Weiner Sylvia E. Welch Joseph D. Wells Katherine M. Wells Virginia Westcott D. V. Whitaker, Jr. Judith A. Wilcox Cynthia L. Wiley Florence Williams Judy O. Williams Walter L. Williams 51 Elaine R. Wilson Martha A. Wilson Michael H. Wilson Ronald E. Winders Susanne Winn Gary G. Wise f l AXM Zellie S. Wise Jesse L. Wixon Jackie A. Womack James M. Womack Nancy E. Woo 5 i Eva E. Woods Marvye N. Woods Erwin Woodward, III Jane A. Wright George C. Wy •-» " " Mildred Yarborough Larry M. Yawn Kenneth B. Youmans, Jr. Richard H. Zettler Leon R. Zipperer, Jr. R. M. Zittrou 52 y Martha Lanier. Secretary: Sandy George, Fiee President: Richard Shoemaker, President: Connie O ' Niel, Treasurer Sophomore Class Officers 53 William J. Alpert Juan C. Ayala Jack M. Ayoub, Jr. Sherran V. Bailey Julie A. Balderson James E. Barton, Jr. Faye T. Batayias Jeffry R. Beasley i 4 A i G Charles Bell Stephanie K. Bell | | ' Ross H. Bell Charles W. Bevill Karen E. Birge Jacquelyn Blatner Jerry Blackburn Daniel W. Blitch Sandra C. Beasley James R. Beck 54 David A. Blitch William R. Bonner William A. Blun, Jr. Anne L. Booker Randall S. Booker F. Jeanette Boylston Barbara A. Bordeaux William E. Bradley Andrea J. Bright Paul D. Brooks Eric O. Brown Lenecia L. Bruce James A. Buchner Annie J. Buckley Julius S. Burns Richard V. Byrd Linda L. Carmichael Cheryl C. Carn 55 Timmi m ' %s Charles H. Carroll, Jr. Joseph R. Carroll Perry L. Carter, Jr. Alice V. Case Vernon W. Cawthon Bess T. Chappas Agnes A. Clark Cecil I. Clements Jill W. Clements Hugh D. Cobb Charlton L. Cohen Henry B. Cottle, Jr. K. Leslie Crosby Robert P. Darsey Marion C. Cooper Donna M. Cox Jimmy C. Culver Charles L. Davis 56 Miriam A. Davis Carol L. Devlin Sherill L. Davis Melvin S. Dilliard, Jr. Kathleen A. Dillon Susan L. Dixon Byron G. Dixon Barbara Dlugozima Coleman A. Driggers Glenn E. Drinnon Connie H. Dufour Diane E. Duvall I Gerald Eason Pamela Eckhoflf Allen L. Edgerly Maria A. Edmondson Josephine Edwards Susan F. Ellis 57 David Z. Eunice Robert H. Everette Jerry C. Faglie Thomas H. Farlow David E. Flack Freida M. Ford Douglas W. Foster William B. Futrell, III Arthur Gallaher Jennis J. Garrason Elyse F. Geller Sharon L. Glendye Robert D. Goggans James Gordon Sandra L. George William C. Godfrey Bonnie W. Goldstein James G. Graves 5S Linda C. Griffin Cecile S. Griffith W. Alan Guild John M. Haar, III Wood W. Griffin, Jr. Joy M. Gugel Richard H. Guy Harry A. Hamm William F. Harkins Joseph J. Harper Charles C. Harrison Roy U. Hinely James W. Holland Lake B. Holt Harlan H. Hostetter Cheryl E. Hunter Henry C. Jackson Ellery M. Javo 59 Joseph L. Johnson Linda A. Johnson Pamela T. Johnson Sandra J. Jones Jerry Kaminsky Linda A. Kanagy Carlos M. Kellet Tommy E. Kelly John L. Kelly Thomas O. Kelly Edward A. Kenreich Frances K. Kersey James M. King Raymond E. Knight Nancy S. Kenreich Henry H. King Janet M. Klyne Kay A. Kolgakis 60 Stanley N. Kroboth Martha L. Lanier Madelyn C. Lariscy Shirley A. Ledford Cary D. Langston Zell M. Lanier Laurie L. Leaich James L. Lee ,J ? ] Melanie A. Lee Michael W. Lee Albert Liabastre Albert S. Lodge Teri M. Lukin Diane G. Lynch 4jto ( Cecelia K. Lynn Danny C. MacMillan Elaine P. Mamalakis William O. Mangan k 11 1. 7 61 Charles R. Martin Verna C. Mathews J. C. McClanahan, Jr. Lehman L. McDonald Jeffrey D. Meddin Gary A. Meeks Nancy B. Miller Norris C. Montague Patrick J. McGarl Linda F. McGreevy Donald H. Moore Ronni E. Moore James Mitchell Julius K. Moody Lee M. Moore Sandra J. Moore Cheryl P. McKenzie Tony L. McNorrill 62 WmF " r Valerie J. Mopper Barbara J. Muller Carol A. Mordecai Patricia A. Murphy Edward L. Murray W. Cambridge Murray Marie C. Nation Margaret A. Neal ' Miriam E. Neisler Ralph Z. Nelson, Jr. Carole E. Newsome Thomas W. Nolan Elaine T. Norwood Carolyn W. Nowell David M. O ' Brien Judy R. Oglesby George T. Olmstead Connie A. O ' Neil { m n ' M S. A i 63 Adel J. Oppenheim Elizabeth A. Orton ) Almon B. Pace, Jr. John R. Peavy John W. Pitts Charles G. Poplin Leo R. Portney Charles E. Powell James E. Preacher Patricia A. Prine Joseph C. Provence Betsy A. Punzel Larry C. Purvis John B. Rabun, Jr. Rosemary J. Pullen Joe H. Purvis, Jr. Janet F. Quick Bobby M. Rahn 64 Larry G. Sammons Harriet D. Sanders Linious M. Sauls ,- V Patricia Saunders + - )k Belle H. Ralston Marion H. Rauers Don F. Reed Susan E. Rimes Anthony J. Scarwid John E. Roach Rosalyn L. Roesel Elliot S. Schantz James C. Rossiter, Jr. Lenoir S. Roux Joseph P. Schou Ernest Schuster Robert M. Segall Mary Sellars 65 Daniel E. Sewell, Jr. Judith Sheffield Gerald M. Shensky Brenda J. Sheppard V. Carlene Sheppard R. Charles Shoemaker Leiston Shuman Robert A. Shuman Nancy E. Sills Daniel R. Sims Josephine P. Sims Henry L. Spann Judith L. Slotin Virginia R. Speer Michael S. Staubes R. R. Stephenson, Jr. Nathan J. Stewart, Jr. Peggy B. Strong 66 Sue E. Sullivan John T. Tatum Samuel N. Sutker Jackie M. Thompson James R. Thompson Harold E. Tillman Margaret Thompson Gloria H. Tootle Kay T. Tullis Myra E. Turner W. Frank Tyrell J. Loy Veal Margaret A. Wagner Paula C. Wagner George B. Waite, Jr. Harold M. Waters Diane M. Watson Walter H. Way, III 67 Elizabeth Weitz Viola R. Williamson Doris E. West James E. Willett Gary E. West Albert L. Wilson Samuel Whiteside Kirby J. Winters Susan K. Worrell John W. Yarborough Stephanie B. Yopp Brenda J. Youmans William H. Whitten Carole M. Woodcock Sandra L. Zipperer Special and Non-Credit Students , V ' • F. Ralph Auston Leonard M. Barnes Brit A. Brandeland Betty Jo Bunger Carl L. Canacatti Robert G. Cook T. B. Dillingham, Jr. Curtis V. Cooper Thomas D. Gibbons William G. Coyne Harry P. Hicks, Jr. Charles M. Cross Rose M. Hicks Joe H. Lang Larry M. Porter John C. Lennox, Jr. Mary W. Rentz Sarah J. Leonard Michael J. Robinson Winona H. McCoy Barbara A. Roeser % % Mallie A. Denmark Pauline C. Karp Fred L. Miller Robert A. Smith, Jr. Chauncey J. Stickle Timothy R. Swann Cornelia E. Van Diviere Catherine M. Van Diviere Paul E. Waters, Jr. Sally Hill, President; Jack Coburn, Vice President Junior-Senior Class Officers 70 Bernicia F. Kelly Kaye R. Kole C. E. Leutzinger Betty R. Levy D. Carlton Mackey Pat G. Mahany H. E. Matthews James D. McDaniel Patrick H. Merritt William M. Mordecai, Jr. Philip S. Murphy Charles G. Opper C. G. Pacetti, Jr. Donald L. Padgett R. J. Riley, Jr. Warren C. Rogers John B. Rourke Alex R. Salvatore Paul R. Saunders James Scarborough t k i .. I tm m " ▲WU - fe«?::: 71 Jacquelyn Ahern Virginia D. Barry J. Parker Bell Dena Y. Bodziner Robert P. Cassidy Jack B. Coburn, Jr. Martha C. Cohen J. W. Cooper, Jr. Mark T. Couch E. H. Cowart, Jr. Sarah J. Duffill D. Ferrebee Edwards Mary A. Fulcher S. R. Goldstein Sara L. Heyman Sally R. Hill O. G. Hohnerlein John R. Hopkins Barbara A. Jacobson George H. Jenkins, Jr. 72 piMiMa ' Esther G. Sceals Wyndell Standard Annie L. Seigler Anne K. Stewart H. Sandra Sievers E. C. Thomson James C. Smith Verna L. Tootle Austin S. Wade, Jr. John L. Whitfield Renee S. Wagner J. M. Wilson, Jr. Robert S. Waters Richard Wong Ellemena L. Watts James R. Yglesias ■rffrf vy o- f f»J 1 73 m t m m m ■ 74 ORGANIZATIONS JS M - .- " - - : 75 ' :. Student Government Officers: Lake Holt, Donna Cox, Jim Squire, Elaine Mamalakis, Pat King, Diane Lynch. Senate Officers: Seated: Connie Dufour, Elaine Mamalakis. Sally Hill. Standing: John Patrick, Kay Kolgaklis. 76 STUDENT SENATE Ill ' IWi Senate: Seated: Bill Harris, Joy Gugel, Paul Weber. Standing: Darryl McElveen, Jimmy McCallar, David O ' Brien, Hugh Cobb. 77 Judith Traft, Class Editor Add Oppenheim, Features Editor Harold Waters, Editor GEECHEE STAFF Elyse Geller, Faculty Editor 78 Joy Gugel. Beauty Editor ;; nffii W 4 Jim Taylor, Artist; Dick Sanders, Business Manager Jim Squire, Editor Hugh Cobb, Feature Editor INKWELL STAFF Staff: Cheryl Hunter, Mary McCoy, Suzanne Robertson, Cheryl McKenzie, Alan Smith, Brooks Youmans, Nita Pierce, Evlyn Best. Sandy Beasley, Yvonne Tenney, Michele Morgan, Florence Williams. Sue Jaye Punzel, News Editor Billy Whitten, Managing Editor Carole Newsome, Copy Editor BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First row: Leette Barnett, Linda Lee, Jan Durden, Carol Devlin, Cecille Mathews, Martha Lanier. Second row: Norris Basemore. Shirley Ledford, Florence Williams, Cheryl Malone, Sandra Bacon, Judy Newsome, Laurie Leaich, Madelaine Buckalew. Third row: John Beam, David Watson, Martha Wilson, Rodney Thomas, Dell Bouton, Kay Tullis, Shirley Ainsley, Linda Carmichael, Richard Morgan. SO CANTERBURY CLUB Pat Kelly, Treas., Nancy Miller, Sec, John Kelly, Pres., Susan Schmidt, V.P. - r ' ' S a m Kneeling: Bill Strong, Pat Kelly. Middle Row: Sally Hill, Arlene Dressel, Jane Wright, Carol Mordecai, Nancy Miller, Susan Schmidt, Stevie Bell. Ceil Henderson. Back Row: Mrs. Peggy Strong, Mr. Alvin Neely, Billy Johnson, John Kelly, Hal Sims. B ' NAI B ' RITH YOUNG ADULTS E no S D L ut m rudifh a ?ra?t° ttlieb ' Cla ' ' re EiChh ° ,Z - " " 2nd ™ TeH ™» E Marshall Fox. Hedy 82 WESLEY FOUNDATION Back row: Paul Weber, Bob Borom. John Peyton, Dick Sanders. Middle row: Tanya Blinov, Cheryl Hunter, Ileane Porter, Sandy Moore. Front row: Madelyn Lariscy, Donna Cox, Yvonne Tenney, Sharon Glendye, Mary Hill. 83 THE DEBATE TEAM Mark Gottlieb, Mary McCoy, Mr. Orson Beecher, Al Jokela, Sue Punzel, David McCoy. 84 MASQUERS 1st row (seated): Chrystal McKinney, Cheryl McKenzie, Yvonne Tenny, Florence Williams, Evelyn Best, Judith Traft, Martha Arnold, Sue Punzel, Ueane Porter, Joan Dunn, Sandy George, Teri Lukin, Tanya Blinov, Linda Moore, Mary McCoy, Jeanne Gunther. 2nd row: Jerry McDonough, Patricia Prine, Katee Wells, Betsy Punzel, Shelmagene Morris, Tina Brooks, Neylda Ferguson. 3rd row: Spencer Hoynes, Dick Sanders, Alan Smith, David Stelts, No Montague, Paul Friedemann, Al Jokela. 85 Mrs. Vining, Linda Sanchez, Historian; Connie O ' Neil, Pres.; Connie Dufour, Sec.; Susan Griffin, Treas.; Mary Tasy, V.P. FUTURE SECRETARIES Michele Morgan, Dolores Hinely, Leslie Crosby, Patty Pengue, Roberta Kamine, Ileane Porter. Charlene Swindelle. 86 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 1st row: John Shearouse, Roy Hinley, Tayna Blinov, Phil Murphy, James Taylor, Charles Houston. 2nd row: Eugene Smith, Dr. Fretwell Crider, Julius Moody, Danny Cochran, Alan Smith, David McCoy. 3rd row: Robert Peavy, Eddie Murry, Robert McCorkle, Julius L. Benton, Floyd Adams, Jr. 87 ss SPORTS : ' ANA Jfe v 89 " m " J ' " F m Row: Mike Halligan, Danny Sims, Bill McAfee, Danny Hattrich, Mike Kellett, Larry Thompson. Second Row: Tom- my Cannon, Bobby Cannon, Jimmy Heidt, Malcom Rich, Richie Kelleher. Third Row: Robert Shuman, Coach Tapp, Alvin Brown. 66 ' GEECHEE CAGERS The ' 66 Geechee cagers ended an outstanding season with eighteen victories against ten defeats, and suffered not a single loss on the home court. After opening the season at the Hellenic Center, the Geechees moved to the new gym and continued their winning ways before packed houses. They also won the Hunter Air Force Base Christ- mas Invitational Tournament, and in the last two weeks of the season managed victories over the first, third, and fourth ranked teams in the conference. This fine Geechee team was led by Malcom Rich, winner of the T.E.P. Trophy as the most valuable player and also named to All-Conference and All-Regional Teams, and Danny Sims who was named to the Georgia Junior College Tournament honorary team. 90 Coach Larry Tapp 91 92 93 , • — i ISA " SCALPfD BARON Happiness If the boys can ' t make it, the girls will. First Row: Elaine Manialakis, Sally Ann Marston, Susan Stevens. Second Row: Martha Haynes Mavette Dalzell, Pam Dillon, Dusty Sims, Dorothy Potter, Linda Sanchez, Pat Smith. Y 94 Left to Right: Coach Tapp, Eddie Freeman, Stuart Neiman, John Kelly, Toby Browne, Jim Pinard, Toby Purdy. GOLF Golfers Have A Busy Season Under the guidance of Coach Tapp, the 1966 Geechee golf team, with a 5-2 record and runner-up in the Georgia State Junior College Tournament of 1965, is again a solid favorite to win the 1966 state championship. Kelly and Browne, returning players, led the team to a glorious victory as the Geechees captured the runner-up spot in the Middle Georgia In vitational. Browne, low scorer and recipient of medal- ist honors, was assisted by able players Pinard, Freeman, Neiman, and Purdy. 95 First Row: Danny Sims, David Hagins, Larry Thompson, Henry Muller. Second Row: Coach Sims, Tommy Babin, Bobby Stephenson, Barney Epstein, Stanley Kroboth.. Third Row: Tommy Cannon, Jim Harte, John Patrick, Malcom Rich, Bobby Cannon. The 1966 Geechee Baseball Team The ' 66 Geechee baseball team, playing its home games at Daffin Park, opened in fine style and moved toward a winning season by compiling an early 11-7 record. It was primarily a team of first-year men since there were only three holdovers from last year. Though plagued by nu- merous playing errors throughout the season, the team managed to stay alive in game after game to come out on top. There were many outstanding plays and players, but it was largely a team effort that made the season a suc- cessful one. Coach Roy Sims 96 Danny Sims strides towards a South Georgia pitch. The throw is high but the runner ' s out. Bench jockies observe the action. South Georgia batsman connects with a Cannon fastball. Barney Epstein attacks South Georgia hurler ' s delivery. 1 l : ;t 1 T 1 If BEAUTIES 99 100 amanda Mclaughlin 101 MARY MORGAN JOAN MINKOVITZ : ' 9: 4 ' ? ■ 103 104 4 % I II ri MAYETTE DALZELL MARTHA HAYNES 105 106 csmSD FEATURES 7 P i 107 f t W ' roaJ S s IS 3 4 19m WW i ? BKii jfl |KK HH r . i !Sp r Beauty Review 108 109 Pioneer Days ' 66 ' 2JZL f -, T Dances 112 7 113 Registration 115 Mk0 : ' P - ' i " ' ••«« T8 ills f 3f MJ ■ , eS • . ' 118 ADVERTISEMENTS 119 voHx yt«ALFlRE c a SAVANNAH Ae One and. Only ' ' B ARG A i n COMER NOW-BIGGER BETTER ABERCORN at 42nd STREET Stages }joppe UttJ. MEDICAL ARTS SAVANNAH. GA. J. E. " Butch " Miltiades Class of ' 62 Low Prices Top Quality INNECKEN ' S FLORAL CENTER 1500 WHEATON ST. We Cater to Students Qpne Where Fashions Make Their Debut Downtown AD 6-1521 Compliments of STUBBS SPORTING GOODS " SPECIALISTS IN SPORTS ' ' 125 West Congress Street EMPLOYMENT SERVICE MRS. MABLE CLARK and MRS BARBARA DONNELLY Specializing in SCREENED and TESTED OFFICE and SALES PERSONNEL Male an d Female PERMANENT and TEMPORARY OFFICE HELP ( DIAL ' 3£5 233-5747 705 Industrial Bldg. W ± 35 Bull St. fcjt EMPLOYMENT % M ... . on _ r _._ service © Dial 233-5747 ■fl V V youY JUst ot e ELECTRIC LIVING SAVANNAH ELECTRIC and POWER CO. 121 1 8f ' «w; -13 Your Headquarters for: " College or Career " Petite Juniors: 3-11 1 16 East Broughton Street MORRISON ' S CAFETERIA MAJOR LEAGUE LANES 2055 East Victory Drive Phone EL 4-2432 Special Rates for Students " Any Book You Want, We Can Get " BOOK Sl Untomdted , ACROSS FROM SEARS Hours: 9:00-6:00 Monday-Saturday Friday 9:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M. 1207 BULL STREET Phone 232-8616 The LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK TRUST COMPANY Savannah s USEFUL COMMUNITY Bank • BULL AND BROUGHTON • HABERSHAM AND 34TH • DERENNE AT PAULSEN • HUNTER AIR FORCE BASE MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 7 FULL P ANDERSON ' S FLORIST 213 East Hall Street Students Always Welcome TOMMY ANDERSON Owner AD 6-0369 things go better,! Coke TRADE-MARK® COMPLIMENTS of Q R 041 H S t . 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