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 - Class of 1965

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vvr !P i -i»N.i,: J.I ■ ■Vl " f rW b ;: K •V ,t i Um : siifeKSSiii. [■{ftjft ' i liniililli ' r ' i II •«»■ • " ' t " : iUUUiU .•iaaasiHasasH .lUIMP ' - ;i f I ' .i ' W M m W ' H T i H Uaale of Contents 3 eaicalion 4 9acuU 6 Sarbara Suther, Section CAitor Claaei 24 c4tlctie J i ck, ■Section tailor Organization 8o Sertka Qolcman, Section Cditor Sporti 106 2)atiJ Cunice, Section tailor Seautie 118 Marriet Sckantz, Section tJitor Jeaturei 126 Carolyn ijarhrougft, Seclion tailor cp4lma .Haler f33 cAavertiiementi 134 f965 ARMl TRQINl QF eAVANl[NlAIMl SQLU ] ■ " f rv 4 eech r eecnee -■ c rmHronff, College Of Savannah (Barbara acob on LdUor-3n-Cniei Jerrebee Ha war a A cAiiociate Laitor d y.nn (Eernitein JSuHneM yeorg.e Calnoun cd HAtant J uHneM Aianag-er jfe yfieaain Cnlef Pltoto rapner Lllene wllhinAon, Pant J eaniona, ana J oie Aiarie c4ll p LaltorA Suiie Scnntiat c4rt J a out Laitor j( ee Jb. cAavhor 3n iH mnrtam MR. LEE B. SAYRE " From the many who loved him, We are very, very sorry this had to be. ' Him who trembles before the flame and the flood, And the winds that blow through the starry ways, Let the starry winds and the flame and the flood Cover over and hide, for he has no part With the lonely, majestic multitude. Joseph I. Killorin Medication Any school in itself is only a mass of buildings and classrooms. It takes people — people involved in its very existence — to give it life and vitality. The daily flux and bustle of human activity is the living pulse of any college. The length of time and degree of involvment each person experien- ces with a school is relative. For some, it is a time of growing and expanding their vistas of life; their brief time passes and they move on. For others, their tenure and purpose are quite different: it is the growth and expansion of others that concerns them. They give their time, their energy, their resources — themselves — to the well-being and growth of a college. In dedicating this year ' s annual, the staff of the GEECHEE is proud to bring recognition to just such a person. He has devoted thirteen years of his life to the enrichment and development of Arm- strong College. It is particularly fitting that in the first year of our new senior college status the GEECHEE be dedicated to someone who has striven and worked so hard to help us reach our college adulthood. We are proud to dedicate the 1965 GEECHEE to Joseph I. Killo- rin, Dean of the College. 1950 1955 mki i 1956 1961 1955 1958 9. acu Armstrong College Commission naKCBWHNrt mw w yt- v a i ii I i | iii y iiii j MHI iii Dr. Irving Victor, Chairman Mr. Frank Barragan, Jr. Mr. Edward Barlett Judge Robert F. Lovett Mayor Malclom Maclean Dr. Thord Marshall Mr. William Schandolph Mr. Anton F. Solms Mr. David Fritts Dr. Henry L. Ashmore Miss Jule C. Rossiter Mr. John Raintz Mr. Grady Dickey Mr. Frank HiU DR. HENRY L. ASHMORE, President cAdmlnUtration kVwi . _J i IF " " " • . :-—:- T ' " - " 4 v V A m Joseph I. Killorin, Dean of College James T. Rogers, Dean of Students 10 IMissROSStTERl Jule C. Rossiter, Comptroller Nellie H. Schmidt, Admissions Officer and Assist- ant Registrar i ■ m Jack H. Padgett, Registrar J. Manning Hicrs, Director of Student Personnel Services 11 Mary Strong, Director of Community Services and Alumni Regina Yoast, Librarian Elizabeth Pound, Manager of Student Center Ira Ryan, Superintendent of Building and Grounds Marjorie Mosley, Administrative Assistant and Secretary to the President 12 N ' irginia Arey, Assistant to the Registrar Sara Tuten, Assistant to the Admissions Officer W 0 t 1 n gBs- Elizabeth Howard, Secretary to the Dean of the College Helen Meighem, Secretary to Community Services and Alumni Gaylc Oglcsby, Secretary to Student Personnel Services Corinne McGee, Bookkeeper 13 Minnie Campbell, Veterans ' Affairs Office Bertis Jones, Secretary to the Registrar Norma Calloway, Secretary to the Comptroller 14 Eleanor Salter, Librarian Josephine Davidson, Librarian Elizabeth LeGette, Librarian Frank Ouarlcs, Assistant to the Suiwriniendent oj Grounds 15 T)ke JacuUy. Sioli OW Dr. Leslie B. Davenport, Jr., Chairman of Biology, Projessor of Biology Hannah Holleman, Assistant Professor of Bot- any and Biology Harry Powe, Associate Professor of Biology 16 CltemUtry. and Ph Hc Col. John Desllets, (Ret.), Chairman, Professor of Physics Aleen Williams, Associate Profes- sor of Chemistry Frank Brimelow, Assistant Pro- fessor of Chemistry Fretwell Crider, Chairman of Chemistry Physics, Professor of Chemistry Col. Robert Rockwell (Ret.), Instructor in Physical Science 17 Humanities Margaret Lubs, Chairman, Professor of English and French 1 1 1 ' l 1 ■ PIIPH H ■l 1 a P W ■f ' 7: H lalta fll 1 Charles White, Assistant Professor of English Wilham Starrs, Director of the " Masquers " , Assistant Professor of English Virginia Carr, Instructor in English 18 Lee B. Sayre, Assistant Professor of English Joseph Green, Associate Professor of English Lorraine Anchors, Professor of English Alvin Necley, Jr., Instructor in English Ronald Stoffel, Assistant Professor of Humanities 19 a thenta tic Robert Stubbs, Chairman, Professor of Mathematics. William Winn, Professor of Mathematics Raymond Hall, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ihomas Bickerstaff, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Capt. James Semmes (Ret.), Assistant Professor of Mathematics 20 P cnolog.y and Socioiog.y Dorothy Thompson, Chairman, Professor of Psychology ami So- ciology, Counsellor of Student Personnel Service Manning Hiers, Assistant Professor of Psychology Virginia Arger, Assistant Professor of Psychology J. Kenneth Davidson, Assistant Professor of Sociology 21 J4Utor and Political Science Orson Beecher, Chairman, Professor of History Picture not available Robert Mueller, Assistant Professor of History William Coyle, Associate Professor of History and Political Science ' . Hf li Richard Haunton, Associate Professor of History and Political Science VS. j uHne cAdiftlni tratlon and Pn Hcal education Lamar Davis. Chairman. Professor of Business Administration Marcia Smith, Instructor of Phy- sical Education 1 3i«i ' ' ' ' f Larry Tapp, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Basketball Coach Joan Vining, Instructor in Short- hand, Comptometer and Typing Mason Richaril on. .-1 wisiant Pro- fessor of Business A dministration Roy Sims, Chairman, Professor of Physical Education. Baxehall Coach 23 1 • , V:- tlBf. fi f949 1937 J. ♦ a a e 25 SOPHOMORE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Lynn WiWey, Senator; James Davis, President: Carolyn Yarbrough, Senator. Standing, left to right: Barbara i Jacobson, Vice President; Angela Hebert, Secretary; and Lynn Bernstein, Treasurer. 26 s u V p s J4 ZJ cA Ji M 3 J c M s G Lynn Willey — Most Outstanding Sophomore Wesley Foundation Secretary, 1964; President of Wesley Foundation 1965; Sopho- more Class Senator; Masquers; Glee Club; Miss Geechee Court; Homecoming Court; Dean ' s List. Barbara Jacobson Geechee Editor; Inkwell Business Manager; Senator; Sophomore Class Vice President; Publication Award; B.B.Y.A.; English Club Young Democrats. 27 James Davis Freshman Class President; President of the Sopho- more class; B.S.U. Vice-President; Baseball; Bas- ketball; President of the Student Senate Angela Hebert i Freshman Class Secretary; Secretary of the Sopho- more class; Vice-President of the Secretary-Ettes; Newman Club; Senate; Chairman of Homecoming Dance Committee; Permanent Dean ' s List. Brenda Plyler Captain of the Cheerleaders; 1963 Homecoming Queen; Miss Geechee Sponsor; Pep Squad; Wes- ley Foundation. PrisciOa Harms Canterbury Club Secretary; Wesley Foundation Miss Geechee Sponsor. 28 Anne Powers iy ' Editor of the Inkwell; Glee Club; Newman Club; Senate; Permanent Dean ' s List. Charles Claxton Inkwell Staff; Inkwell Award for Outstanding Work; Debate Team; Honor Council; Permanent Dean ' s List. Bertha Golcman BBYA President; Senate; Geechec StafT; Pep, Squad; Cheerleader; Miss Geechee sponsor. Lynn Bernstein Treasurer of the Freshmen Class; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Geechec Business Manager. 29 Joe Agnew Jack Ayoub Gail Alpem Leroy Babin Harry Badenhoop 30 Latrelle Banks Parker Bell Larry Battu Pam Bell Lynn Bernstein 31 V Helen Blackwood Edward Bland Charles Blissett Madeline Brewer 32 Fred Brown Eric Brown DuPree Buffington James Buckner Ed Burns 33 Ralph Bums Polly Canant Van Byrd Lois Carrie Cynthia Carson 34 Lester Carter J?i Charles Claxton David Clark Dick Collier Liz Conner 35 1 Mary Cook Elton Cowart l Marion Cooper James Creech i Melvin Culler 36 Richard Cutts . J i Janet Davis James Davis Liz Dcmpsey Barbara Dlugozima 37 Martha Drake Henri Dunaway y Thomas Drew Margaret Edenfield Ferrebee Edwards 38 Thomas Farlow David Eunice i ' ' Wayne Folds Anne Fell Earle Fuller Ronald Ginsberg Gary Garner Bertha Golcman f - James Gordon 40 Otis Gray { Louis Harkins Kippy Grevenberg William Harkins f ' riscilla Harms l 41 Angela Hebert [ Roy Hinely Neal Helmly William Hinely James Holland 42 Carolyn Huey Jim Jones i ' Barbara Jacobson Charles Jurgensen Linda Kanagy | Katherine Kersey Harvey Kanter Else Landmark Everett Langford 44 Thomas Lewis Jack Lightfoot Addie Lynch Wyleen Long Myma Marcus m Sally Marston Susan Magee Richard Martin Jerry Maxner 43 David McCoy Carol McCray Patsy McGinnis Julian McLendon Donald Mclntyre 47 Young McWhirter Irving Metz, III Donald Melroy Joyce Mulling Philip Murphy, III 48 Patricia Murphy Pam Pedicini ' ' m •»- Susan Pacetti Dan Miller Jack Newton 49 P ikv Lewis Petrea Brenda Plyler Lynn Pinnell Anne Powers John Rabun, Jr. 50 Edward Ravenscroft Ellene Wilkinson Charles Powell Judy Ramage c,- ' ' 51 Pam Redmond Margaret Robertson John Roach Warren Rogers Daniel Ross 52 Margie Scheider Carolyn Sowell 1 Charles Seyle Anthony Scarwid Peter Schrcck, Jr. 53 ..-.m!: William Smith Courtenay Stelljes Emanuel Stamatakis Roger Straight Barbara Sutker Linda Thomason Richard Tindol 55 Lanell Tretiak Frank Tyrrell Linda Ulsh Jimmy Vamedoe y Beverly Waddell 56 Kathy Wagner Lorraine Weeks Sandra Walea Anna Weigel Sam Whiteside 57 Lynn Willey Patsy Williams { James Wilson Carolyn Yarbrough James Yglesias Brenda Youmans 58 Freshman Class CLASS OFFICERS Sealed, left to right: Lake Holt, President; Fayc Batayias, Vice President. Standing, left to right: Pat King, Senator; Stevic Bell, Treasurer; Elaine Mamalakis. Senator; and Kathy Powell. Secretary. 59 George Adams, Jr Frankie Ambrose Joseph Anderson Carol Arsenault Thomas Babin Stephen Bacon Mary Bakstran Roy Banks Faye Batayias Norris Bazemore, Jr. 60 Leonard Beasley Karen Birge John Benton. Jr. Evlvn Best Charles Bevill. Jr. Wayne Bland Barbara Bordeaux Jacky Blatner Ronald Boalright Sally Blitch 61 Bonnie Boykin Margaret Brunson Neal Bridgers Alvin Brown » a if - , •ft , Gail Brower Latrell Brown William Brunson Loretta Burnett Michael Carraher Jean Cenac David Buller Linda Carmichael Raymond Carroll Millard Clark Edgar Corn ' full I . : I John Chattin r Christy Carn 63 Bobby Claxlon Verlyn Claxton James Clayton Janet Clement Hugh Cobb Irene Cohen Joseph Connilan Robert Colbert y William Cowart Drake Collins f - ,.Wt. ;;, Donna Cox Leslie Crosby 64 Neil Crossley Judy Culbertsan ly Anne Davis Sharon Davis ?? ' 4?- Jimmy Culver Gerald Cyr, Jr. Dwight Davis Sherill Davis Fran Denisen Spencer Dempsey 65 Maxine Dermer Carol Devlin Patricia Diamond Spencer Dillard, Jr. Pam DiUion Susan Dixon Arlene Dressel 1 j t- V Jp Elaine Donkar y ' Jan Durden Betty Drake Connie Dufour Frank Dunn 66 Janie Durham Diane Duvall Susan Ellis Jerry Faglie Bonnie Fendley Jerry Fordham l i;U Hv-Ai Doug Foster i, 67 Julia Frankli n Eddie Freeman 1 g k f J ) ■r |r P Elyse Geller James Graves Richard Garland Edward Garvin Sandra George Sidney Greenholtz Frank Gatti David Gornto Susan Griffin 1 1 4.- 4 ' .- Woodrow Griffin, Jr. Janelle Griner Jeffrey Grinter Gloria Groover Russell Groover Kathryn Groves Harry Hamm John Haar, III Arthur Harris Philip Hamilton Aaron Hathaway Danny Hattrick Diane Hawkins Martha Haynes Priscilla Helverson Cile Henderson Hue Henry Terry Herbison mr Delores Hinely Hugh Howell, HI ( Lloyd Hodges Carolyn Hillock Angela Hobbs Clayton Hodges, Jr. 70 Lake Holt, III Heyward Horton. Jr. Lee Javetz Pamela Johnson Cheryl Hunter Hcnr Jackson Ellery Javo Len Jordan, III Linda Jackson Michael Jiran Woody Johnson iiiiiiiiii k Mary Jones 71 Michael Karpf John Kelh Pat King Christine Kramer Pat KeUy Joseph Kessler Janet Klyne ) ' Carole Lamb James King Kay Kolgakis L Stanley Kroboth Louis Lamar V 72 Jane Lamb r P j Dottie Langford Leslie Langford Martha Lanier Madelyn Lariscy Gene Larsen Arthur Lassiter Shirley Lcdford Roddy Ledlic 73 Iris Leitman Joan Litchfield Bernard Martin Cecilia Mathews Stacy Mattox Edward McCabe ' ' 1 ' - . Cheryl McKenzie Craig Meyer Lawrence McCray Chry lal McKinney Nancy Miller Jeff Meddin William Mills 75 JiKlnh Mitchell Carole Newsome Lucia Nicolax Judy Newsome Barr Nobles 76 David O ' Brien Amy Odess Eddie Odum Connie O ' NeQ Carol Oscar Valentine Orr Jimmy Page Mary Orsini Henry Parker Geraldine Parrish L- 77 Michael Patrick Jane Patton •.t. . Dorothy Potter Gerald Preacher Judy Peacock Robert Peavy Kathleen Powell James Preacher Rodney Powell pP i p% w M Patricia Prine Rosemary PuUen 78 Betty Punzel! Quick Patrick Roney Dale Rosenstein Dor.i Ruhin 79 Palli Samson Patty Saunders Harriet Schantz Susie Schmidt Jane Scholl Ernest Schuster John Shearouse Yvonne Shannon Barry Shedrow Ann Shea Jerry Shensky Brenda Sheppard 80 Carlene Sheppard 1 1 i L 1 r ■ » ry? " " C a: Sheryla V -y n Shure Danny Sims mm mm m bP Hb9 F : B I S fi : , ktfl v VP Richard Shoemaker Peggy Shuler Harold Sims Fred Sisson iT J Nancv Sills i X Patricia Sims Arthur Smith 81 Loran Smith ' Martha Smith Jim Squire pl » m k ' w [ Steve Smith Virgil Smith Johnny Stewart Anne Smith Randolph Stephenson Sarah Stein 82 James Strickland George Waters Hardy Warmack Katrina Turnmire Gay Turner Kay Tullis Mary Tasy Larry Tinker Linka Swindle Arnall Thomas James Taggart Carol Talton 83 Harold Waters Archie Wear James Womack Dianne Watson Julian Weitz Walter Way Doris West Edward Woolbright Susan Worrell 84 Gerald Williams Chester Wilucki Viola Williamson Pat Yeargin Elaine Wilson Larry Yawn Albert Wilson Carolyn Yates Stephanie Yopp Brooks Youmans 85 Marjorie Dung z . I i !• f r A 1 1962 1963 1940 raanization Student Senate Officers — Lake Holt, Vice-President; Mr. William Cuyle, Advisor; James Davis, President Seated left to right — Elaine Mamalakis, Lake Holt, Wank Davis, Jane Hancock, Bertha Golcman, Margaret Robinson, Carolyn Yarbrough, Susan Pacetti. Standing — Pat King, Barbara Sutker, Linda Thomason, Mr. Coyle, Lynn Pinnell, Barbara Jacobson, Lynn Willey. Left to right — Faye Batayias, Billy Whitten, Linda Thomason, Chuck Claxton. J , onor Committee Advisors — Mr. Lee Sayre, Chairman; Mr. William Coyle, Mr. J. Manning Hiers. Qeecnee Mr. Lee Sayre, Advisor Susie Schmidt, Art and Layout Edi- tor; Rose Marie All, Copy Editor Lynn Berstein, Business Man- ager; George Calhoune, Assist- ant Business Manager Pam Redmond, Copy Editor; EUene Wilkinson, Copy Editor Barbara Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief Ferrebee Edwards, Associate Editor u • ?« ' « - ' %S0 -i- • " :---;l Jitf ' m ma L . . , . . -. . ! - Jeffrey D. Meddin, Photographer 90 Harriet Schantz, Beauty Editor; Addie Lyncli, Class Editor; Bert Golcman, Organizations Editor; Barbara Sutker, Faculty Editor; Carolyn Yarbrough, Feature Editor; Not pictured: David Eunice, Sports Editor Staff, 1st row — Elyse Geller, Alice Case, Donna Cox. 2nd row — Vicki Brooks, Joyce Echcnrolii, Jay Mcddin, John Ra- bun. Not pictured: Irene Cohen. 91 Mr. Joseph Green, Advisor; Anne Powers, Editor. 3nkweU I ' i ) | i wa ' n m ' M Barbara Jacobson; Jim Squire, Business Man- agers Staff Members, First row — Barbara Ann Purdy; Addie Lynch. Second row — Chuck Claxton. Billy Whitten, Feature Editor; Neal Crossley, Jimmy Clayton, Sports Editors; Not pictured — Jeff Meddin photographer. 92 Sealed — Margaret Robertson, President. Standing — Carolyn Huey, Treasurer; Jane Hancock, Senator. yfia {fuer Bill Starrs, Advisor; Jane Hancock, Senator. First row — Jane Hancock; Lynn Willcy; Margaret Robertson; Pat King; Faye Young; Arcliic Wcu S, , , k row — Margaruitia Lopez; Jack Martin; Don Wheeler; Faye Batayias; Barbara Sutkcr; Helen Blackwood; Sandra Swank; Carolyn Huey. 98 Lynn Bernstein, vice-president; Lee Jav- etz. Senator; Teri Lukin, Secretary-Treas- urer; not pictured, Bertha Golcman, Presi- dent. Jj nal Jj ritk J4lllel Lucy Gotdieb, Advisor Front Row, Left to Right — Elyse Geller, Adel Oppenheim, Harriet Schantz, Teri Lukin, Gail Alpern, Jeff Meddin. Back row — Amy Odess, Janet Rubin, Bernard Martin, Barbara Jacobson, Bertha Golcman, Vicki Brooks. 94 First row — Addie Lynch, Susan Pacetti, Laurie Leaich. Second row — Judy Newsom, Latrelle Brown, Patsy Williams. Third row — Mary Jones, Cheryl Malone, Martha Joyner, Loriane Weeks. Fourth row — Frankie Harkins, Norris Bazemore, James Davis. (BaptUt Student Union Officers — Susan Pacetti, Senator and Program Chairman; Latrell Brown, Music Chairman; James Davis, Vice-President; Mr. Padgett, Advisor; Louis Harkins, Publicity Chairman; Patsy Wil- liams, President; Addie Lynch, Secretary. First row — Clayton Hodges, Archie Wear, Jimmy Clayton. Second row — John Rabun, Louis Harkins. Third row — Chrystal McKinney, Linda Thomason, Lynn Pinnell. Mary Tasy, Linda Carmichael, Andrea Bright. Susan Rimes. Mr. Alvin Neele , Advisor T)ke Cant era ur First Row: Priscilla Harms, Secretary-Treasurer; Elton Cowart, Senator. Second Row: Jack New- ton, Vice-President; Kenneth Young, President. Club Left to Right, First Row: Pat King; Priscilla Harms, Elton Cowart, Helen Blackwood, Jane Hancock. Second Row: Jack New- ton, Chuck Seyle, Kenneth Young, Nancy Miller, Susan Schmidt. 96 Front Row: Richard Shoemaker, Chuck Powell, Father Lawrence Lucree, Pat Roney. Secorui Row: John Haar, Francine Tuten, Sally Blitch, Pam Dillon, Susan Griffin, Pat King. Third Row: Timmy Regan, Pam Pedicini, Patsy McGinnis, Diane Sinclair, Johnny Burns. Fourth Row: David O ' Brian, Angela Herbert, Tommy Babin. Fifth Row: Hugh Henry, Anne Powers, Diane Wat- son, Phil Murphy, Myron Magnon. Sixth Row: Barbara Ann Prudy, Judy Jurgensen, Richard Strickland. Seventh Row: Billy Adams, Dennie Signon, Joe Counihan. ZJke J ewman Club Officers; Chuck Powell, President; Father Lawrence Lu- cree, Advisor; Pat Roncy, Secretary; Richard Shoemaker, Vice-President. 97 m Ci First row — Alice Case, Secretary; Lynn Willey, Presi- dent. Second row — The Reverend Robert W. Borom, Advisor; Kathy Cox, Senator. .m First row — Kathy Cox, Pamela Redmond, Elaine Donker, Donna Cox, Joyce Mullings, Joyce Echenroth. Second row — Lynn Willey, Alice Case, Madeline Lariscy, Sandy Moore, Jackie Blatner, Carolyn Yarborough. Tliird row — James Wil- bur, Ellene Wilkinson, Leiston Schuman, Brenda Plyler. Fourth row — Linda Kanagy, Margaret Edenfield, Carol McCray, Margaret Neal. 98 yioung. 2)emocrat First row — Gail Alpern, Vicki Brooks, Janet Elliot, Barbara Jacobson, Miss Smith, Advisor. Second row — Mr. Haunton, Advisor; Bertha Golcman, Barbara Sutker, President; Spenser Dillard, Secretary-Treasurer; Billy Whitten, Vice-President- Senator; Hugh Henry. Third row — Myron Magnon, Lynn Pinnell, Stephen Smith, Ronnie Ginsberg, Pat Roney, Jack Co- burn. yi oung. J epubUcan First row — Susan Pacctti, Carolyn Huey, Addic Lynch. Second row — Mr. William Winn, Advisor; Ed Ravanscroft, Chair- man. Third row — Pamela Redmond. First row — Sandy Moore, President; Pam Dillon, Vice Presi- dent; Miss Smith, Advisor. Second row — Pat Roney, Senator; Mr. Hall, Advisor. pep Stfuaa First row — Jane Lamb; Martha Haynes, Sandy Moore; Alice Case, Lynn Willey. Second Row — Cecile Matthews, Sally Blitch, Joyce Echenroth, Donna Cox. Third row — Mary Orsini, Ellery Javo, Pam Dillon, Dottie Potter, Elaine Mamalakis, Hugh Howard, Wendy Jacobs, Pat King. Fourth row — Margaret Edenfield, Pat Roney. 100 Seated, from right to left — Jackie Blatner, Madeline Larisey, Joy Gugal, Margaret Neal, Carolyn Huey, Faye Young, Margaret Robertson, Elaine Donkar, Madeline Brewer, Joyce Mulling, Ragnild Speer. Standing, from right to left — Helen Blackwood, Chrystal McKinney, Richard Strickland, Cecile Martin, Jim Creech, Pat King, Bugsy Graves, Hugh Henry, Peggy Schuler. 3)ance Committee ;i Faye Young, Chairman; Carolyn Huey, Co-Chair- man; Margaret Robertson, Senator. Not pictured Mr. Hiers, Advisor. 101 future Secretary cy4 ocia tlon ooooooooooe ooooooooo @ Mrs. Jean Vining, Advisor; Margaret Edenfield, Treasurer; Libby Davis, Historian; Wyleen Long, President; Angela Hebert, Senator; Anne Fell, Vice President; Suz- anne Rouke, Secretary. First row — Connie O ' Neil, Suzanne Rouke, Libby Davis. Second row — Kathryn Groves, Anne Smith, Linda Street. Third row — Lucia Nicolas, Leslie Crosby, Angela Hebert. Fourth row — Nancy Sills, Mary Tasy, Wyleen Long. Fifth row — Courtenay Stelljes, Anne Fell, Margaret Edenfield. 102 f ft M MjK iS ' iMi F; 5 roH ' — Addie Lynch, Teri Lukin. Second row — Lorraine Weeks, Hugh Cobb, Susan Pacetti, Lynn Pinnell, Vicki Brooks. Third row — Cheryl Hunter, Sarah Stein, Linda Thomason. Fourth row — Barbara Jacobson, Jay Meddin, Stephen Smith, Mr. Green, Advisor; Jerry MacDonough. Club First row — Sarah Stein, Vice-President; Addic Lynch, Secretary. Second row — Lynn Pinnell, President; Linda Thomason, Senator. 103 Skiidi y aiver Isi rtnv — Alex Mails, Priscilla Harms, Jimmy Ygleasis. 2nd row — Elton Cowart, Jim Creech, Tom Boon, Eddie Bums. Not Pictured: Vicki Brooks, Pat Roney. yriodern Mance Club 1st row — Linda Moore, Vicki Brooks, Christine Kramer, Carole Newsome, Teri Lukin, Miss Marcia Smith, Dance In- structor. 2nd row — Margaret Neal, President; Maxine Dermer, Vice President; Cecil Matthews, Stevie Bell, Diane Sin- clair, Gloria Groover, Pat Brooks. 104 ebate Ueam 1st row — Jane Hancock, Lynn Pinnell, David McCoy. 2nd row — Faye Batayias, Mr. Orson Ikccher, advisor; Linda Thomason. 3rd row — Chuck Powell, Chuck Claxton. cAlpha Phi Omeg.a 1st row — Billy MiUUn. l.ddiv Mi.iic.;,, Mclvin Dillard, Ed Woolbright, David McCoy, Mr. Ralph Hall, Advisor. 2nd row — Chuck Powell, Myron Magnon, Harold Waters, Don Wheeler, Jack Colburn, Philip Murphy. 1st row — Eddie Murray, Neil Crosslcy, Bob Cullicri. 2nd row — Henry Jackson, Ernest Schuster. 105 vc:-: wa N ■ I r% r-— A -y k I i952 1953 1937 1956 t hiii r 1939 106 1960 1937 1944 1943 Sports 107 4® to 1 r fv 1 « ■ t fl- (ji m%i .38 BTJII Sf. F jr row, left to right — Wank Davis, Neal Helmly, Drake Collins, Danny Sims, Bill Hall, David Clarke, and Steve Weeks. Second row — Jim Tippett, Danny Hattrich, David Layden, Rusty Cowart, Malcolm Rich, and Neil Crossley. Jja ketball Coach Tapp shows Neal and David how to score that winning basket. Coach Larry Tapp and Alvin Brown, manager. Beverly Waddell, co-captain; Brenda Plyler, Captain; and Bertha Golcman, co-captain. Cheerleader Alternates Elaine Mamalakis and Dotti Porter kneeling; standing Wendy Jacobs and Sally Blitch. First row — Martha Haynes, Beverly Waddell, Bertha Golcman, and Kathy Cox. Second row — Margaret Edenfield, Brenda Ply- ler, and Sally Marston. 109 no ui I 112 ' ■ S ' l HH Lxl ■ ' . ' ■ ' y ?i 1 Vi-UfffFf .i. ifi •J A .¥ SL w x|P r 1 ' % 115 ' i ii m . - f M ' -: S I B §t mi yfj t t t B P - ' K ' «p v 1 i V £L_ ' 1 ' ' - i l 1 nOfe,- Qoil John Kelly, John Haupt, Toby Brown, Artie Gallaher, Terry Herbison, Bobby Wamock. JiaAeball i; i ' , ( ' ; ( 7A ' ) .- Leslie Langford, bum Krobrolli, Hilly Ad.inis. S .ink Djms. loiiimy H.ihin. Irving Metz, HI. Standing, left to right: Coach Roy Sims, Rodney Powell, Larry Sammons. Lcroy Babin, Myron Magnon, Mike Jiran, Bobby Stephenson. m m ' 1 .. ' ? ' T ? 1 I. 1949 t " 1963 1957 1956 1958 1959 JSeautle M.U Qeecnee -1965 ' MISS ELAINE MAMALAKIS Miss Elaine Mamalakis, the reigning Miss GEECHEE for 1965, is a Fresh- man who hopes to teach high school. She is an alternate Cheerleader, Fresh- man Class Senator, and a member of the Pep Club. She likes to bowl, play basketball, enjoys doing club work, and of course, cheerleading the Gee- chees on to victory. MISS ELAINE MAMALAKIS 121 MISS BERTHA GOLCMAN, Member of the Court 122 MISS MARTHA HAYNES, Member of the Court 123 MISS LYNN PINNELL, Member of the Court 124 MISS CATHY POWELL, Member uj ilic Loun 125 f ■ ( J 1938 1956 1941 1963 126 1956 1950 1954 1938 3eature m f{3J i 9 " ( A J :. W " fl LjS K " |5 i ■ i] IB L C H HV i r i lta CHIjt 132 c4lnta M.ater Words by Margaret S. Liibbs Doris Falk, Class 1939 Alma Mater through the ages Singing thy undying fame, Will thy sons and daughters cherish And defend thy golden name. To each heart thy noble story And thy calm and stately grace Herald thine immortal glory. Armstrong, hail, all hail to thee! Alma Mater, those before us Left thine honor great and strong We who follow take their banner. Raise it with a fighting song! Consecrated is thy teaching. Sacred is thy marble height. Glorious thy spirit reaching Ever upward to the Light. 133 1961 1 [ ; JTrrrr, 1956 1944 134 e-:M 195t 1952 1941 c4dvertUeinen t . . . Visualize a train stretching from Savannah to New York City. Or from Savannah to Gary, Ind. Or to St. Louis, Mo. Any idea how many freight cars in such a train? Almost 100,000! Every year Union-Camp in Savannah loads such a train with products ranging from raw materials inbound to finished paper products and allied forest products outbound to supply the ever-growing paper needs of America . . . Our freight bill annually ex- ceeds $15,000,000. This points up the importance of ade- quate transportation facilities to the operations of Union- Camp ' s Savannah plant, the largest single pulp-to-contain- er mill in the world. In 25 years on the Savannah scene, Union-Camp has grown ten-fold. Today, over 5300 Savannahians and resi- dents of nearby communities are employed in the plant, earning approximately $33 million annually in wages. An added 20-odd million dollars is paid for pulpwood to forest land owners in the greater Savannah area. Progress in people, payrolls and production has been the Union-Camp story. The future promises even more ex- citing possibilities for both Union-Camp and the Savannah Area. UNION-CAMP SAVANNAH PLANT Union Bag-Camp Paper Corporation 136 Compliments of 107 BROUGHTON ST., W. Pl|t i lta O amma m The LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK Trust company Sovonnah ' s USEFUL COA JMUNITY Bank • BULL AND BROUGHTON • HABERSHAM AND 34TH • DERENNE AT PAULSEN • HUNTER AIR FORCE BASE MEMBED FEDERAL BESEIiVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FROM FRIEND Compliments of SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 137 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1965 INDUSTRIAL BANK of SAVANNAH Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (iplm Where Fashions Make Their Debut in Savannah COIN OPERATED MAYTAG WASHERS AND DRYERS WASHED FLUFF DRIED AND FOLDED 8c PER POUND FORTIETH STREET WASHETERIA 322 EAST 40th STREET SUBSTATION FOR ROGERS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING CO. Owned and Operated By Sara P. Browne FOR WONDERFUL FOOD . It ' s Savannah ' s Nationally Famous PIRATES ' HOUSE In Trustees ' Garden things go better,! Coke TRADE-MARK® 138 at 3iall t Second Floor MENS QUALITY SHOP 24-30 BiousUtou Street, East THE SUGAR SHACK Savannah Beach, Ga. THE CITIZENS SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK Six Offices in Savannah We Bank the Customer ' s Way For convenience in paying bills . . . Open your checking account with us! Member FDIC NEWSPAPERS HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY Sports for the sportsman . , . financial news for the businessman . . . women ' s interest pages . . . comics . . . news of people, places, events . . . Interpreta- tion and opinion . . . advertising service. There ' s something for everbody in the newspaper It ' s remarkable thot It can serve so many masters. Both of your Savannah newspapers give you this every day with speed and authority in per- manent, visible form. Serving the Residents Of Savonnoh And The Coostai Hmplre SAVANNAH EVENING PRESS A III West Boy Street AD £-9511 Compliments of A rmstrong Cheerleaders V Siz«-S-13 Your Headquarters for: " College or Career " 139 Sizes: 5-13 Peti te Juniors: 3-1 1 1 16 East Broughton Street MEWBORN JEWELRY CO. REGISTERED JEWELERS AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 32 Bull St., Manger Hotel Bldg. AD 4-5585 — Savannah, Ga. School Charms and Jewelry TANNERS 21 E. Broughton St. fruit drinks sandwiches Anderson ' s Florist DeSoto Hotel Students Always Welcome TOMMY ANDERSON Owner AD 6-0369 ANTON ' S ONE OF AMERICA ' S BETTER RESTAURANTS Serving Fine Food and Pastries 12 West Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia It ' s always there ! Instant electricity makes life happier and easier for you and yours. It ' s always there, at the flip of a switch or the turn of a dial— you never have to think about it! Our people are always on the job to provide this instant, dependable service for all your household and business needs. Not only that. We and the more than 300 other investor- owned electric light and power companies across the country are planning and building ahead to make sure that electricity always remains plentiful in supply and low in price. a,XKd POWER, CO. 140 Sealed: Ellene Wilkinson, Patsy McGinnis, Pam Pedicini, Pam Redmond, Linda Street. Standing: Margie Scheider, Lanelle Tretiak, Paulette Lowe, Anna Weigle, Linda Kanagy, Carolyn Wilson, Courtenay Stelljes, Julie Hooper. Phi Alpha Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi International Charge C S Account Service Big or Small We Fix ' em All JOSEY ' S AUTO REPAIR BRAKE SAFETY SERVICE SPECIALTY BEAR ALIGNMENT 341 Jefferson Street Phone: Adams 4-0649 Remember, When Your Camera Clicks, Think PHOTOCRAFT 12 W. State Street SAVANNAH, GEORGIA SAVANNAH ' S LEADING FABRIC CENTER 38 BARNARD STREET SAVANNAH, GA. Specializing in DRESS FABRICS DRAPERY AND SLIP COVER MATERIALS UPHOLSTERY FABRICS AND DRAPERY HARDWARE PHONE ADAMS 4-2428 141 Low Prices Top Quality INNECKEN ' S FLORAL CENTER 1500 WHEATON ST. We Cater to Students MAJOR LEAGUE LANES 2055 East Victory Drive Phone EL 4-2432 Special Rates for Students 8AV NNAH You too can afford a TOWN AND COUNTRY LABEL TOWN AND COUNTRY 234 BULL STREET Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation 5 West Congress Street SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Bernard L, Rushing, Jr. MANAGER 142 HOME OF THE ATIONALLH FAMOOi BIG BOY 1701 EAST VlCTOR-y DRiVf 143 Walter Mercer • Nick Mamalakis ' Wm. N. Jones " Hugh M. Rimes Y V ndepen YOUR K ndepen dent Insurance m AGENT " Iltvii Tog »ii Go, Geechees! INSURANCE AGENCV.lNc. WBA ofva SeAv-LC All forms of Insurance for Auto - Homes - Business Phone AD 2-5105 7 East Bay Street Savannah, Ga. Hi Neighbor! JUST TURN THE DIAL — THERE WE ARE! W E A S " The Mighty Ninety " NONE MORE POWERFUL IN THE COASTAL EMPIRE For Flowers — Be Sure in Savannah USE AN ALLIED FLORIST Barkley ' s Florist Oelschig Floral Shop, Inc. John Wolf, Inc Breckenridge and Son Jay ' s Florist Rhine ' s Florist John Hall Florist Pittman ' s Flowers Stewart ' s Floris PORTRAITS COPIES WEDDINGS Official Photographer for " Geechee " Annual TOOLEY-MYRON STUDIOS Established 1933 Foremost Photographers in the South Phone AD 3-4438 42 Abercorn Street SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 144 tvJj) r ck ' M AJl. ' :- si ' ' rt m SBimW Rfflp illi P •fell: H aa; C- ' - : BtiifB TS il mi " • " • ; . IK3 ■: ' % l» ' j " 1 WV-- •- I •»,, ii99. liiiiiiir] : ' i li ¥ :-05 ' - - - • •I -r ' y i ■ 1 :.v,- ' T : . ' : ' . ' iii " ; « ' r :.V •J ' ■ --«wJ , ' ' ■nfe ' S " ■ ' ' T UMmMiHA ' S: ' - m,

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