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 - Class of 1960

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FOR REFFPFNCE Do N LIBRARY Wm Y' v 'o JI- .1- Lv, tif' 'F' 'wff la ' 'lf' ' I 0 ' 0' .. V rr! - 'N lx' I I N ,fri ' , , 1-. 7, I . M' -' N V , , I I l . , r Li' xl 4 ,' 'F' f 1 ' 'l 1 Q Jr ', I U , . . 3 , ,. A- f ' " ' C . Y - ' :'-vi ' ' "v I IP d we l V . ! .. . ' . ' ' 1 oily' .' . ' f 'lu -s , K 4 I' 7 OA ', , "'U'. Q g A ' r it 1, I. Ili' 6 I i ' A 1 'll' 0 I ilk: 'A' ' P 93' ' ' 1 ,LUV v 'hr V' rfx ," - 5, . bl' 1,I:' - V , ' -Us-'e' "K 'E-' 1 ,.,-'rj X ',k'.:.x , lla' . W . , , ein A W X . ,fr I ik' a '-'Y o.4." ' ' ' lqd , - 1'-' f I' 'I , JA Al "ff" . 'VT '- ,. ,Q-me-M . K SNL' :I 1' 1 . L-4, ,lf A INR ek r v'4 x' '41 u H , ' I '., LAMP- Lil" ,1 ' ' ai W. Q A ' .- 'A .- . 1 I 'of zsaxkx f' 1, I - L ' '-"2 "3 x f ,, ' 'Ext r Y Y ,lp fa ' lij,I"l V ' If A 1 x , ' AJ W' I ,'Y ' N, nn 3,1 -' 4' 'K ' x- 2 f '-f -' N 1 lp 3 if , X 97 ', . A 1 al 4 Y. Q 7,Lr , . 'V' J' ' ' 1 OJ" s . f gre., 0 l ' If Q- ' s 14' -."'p ' Y 'Jn .I f ' .i'L.V..,: 1 . F if-.f f' . ' ' 'qs J V' v 1 Y A-K4 AT! v y ln' ffl , , lik! , l .' J' " " ll, L . 'H H14-,, 9 m'hQ n ,. w N - ,gg WL:-Qfl L ' lf - -1 N' A 'x I fa, ,.f,..1f '. . . , , ni, , ,,n? A i M3i'5v,' m" ' I jg Y, I REJQX lttrrgv ft LD. M, dl Jxvislalkydv X" s I .i"'N'Ls , , 5 n u ' s -1" 1 .dwbg 'Am L'-ibm '11 L.: A su' Lnuuu Q..,,W f s ' 0 I The 'Geechee 1960 TABLE OF CONTENTS Adminisfrafion . . . 8 Feafures . . 20 Beaufies . . 32 Organizafions . . 42 Spor+s . . 70 Classes . . 80 Adverfisers . . . I07 The 960 Geechee ,gm a , ,A X5',AEfA.Q41 r , Wg, 1 wa. ,, .MU Q1 ,'alQij 1 SAVANNAH OF E G LLE Q59 M -M 2 M' J ,PW L-lg' A ,iff V, 1 ,mv W , fl, ' wif? "" A M,.,5Q"q,w:fQf 'ff :zz MQWQ w ,fy-fl, Mf,.fA4f-w ' . ' 6 'WfQ59?2ff53W 'f .4 , "uf . 5 ' ,'77l"1fl-fab ' 'iss 'H' uf J W M:9QQixi?Q, E-"f in Hi: , Z' ' x ,gvxxf 4' 1 MQAQQ 4fw,,.,,A " X iw I ' I Aww-w 'www W. fi? X , I 5 -132 ' A U Y , ,, , .mp 41,1 I, -7 ,f v -'P L45 3 ' WE i' -bt r - 5 'W ' U. ww .W 1,22 xii, ...Q A M 'W W '41 , fr, yt ,'j!z ',!.4 -X-Mfqgifj, ,Y -fm- ,L KJ QA X 'M ul! !,?Li::7v,irV , ,M wiv., . r T 1 ' .14 . J I u. O U7 I- Z u.l D D I- U7 Ll.I I s- P- co O u.: . IE N494-fa 3 If BL PU ,,, X N E XXX 'x xv . ' - ., . Q -.N i2 ' i A ' N :W 355662 25th Anniversary Edition Historical "Two hundred and two years after lfllghlighfs the day of its origin, Savannah, Gdoigigacqtlired an institution of higher learn- lin5TgQQn5st1'o11g junior College." Thus states the,gi1aaugiu1'zal issue of the Armstrong College Inlzlzheil November 15, 1935. It was then in the brief span of a few months that a college was important and far-reaching event for Savannah. No mention of such a fact woi gte without afin tribute t i--thoseii Twine , , P l g -f?eSss..'F,s1.,g..f,- and initiativegffniadefcsucch ggig an event possible: Mayor 'Ill1OIl121Sl'G21fIlbl6, the primeimovercinvthe establishment of the collegeg the-Honorable A. Pratt Adams, first ghaifman ofth? collegecom- rnissiong Ernest lowib, Vf-irstg,QresQltteQfei5rm- ME and lXIrs? LucyTTlTTC. Moltg, widow of George Armstrong, whQLplovicledJ.m.pe1:z.xslfor a College by donatingithe opment ArmsTfong build- ing to the city for the purpose of estiniishing an educational instiL1LiQIL,--,. g g gb .Dm-is-,5men+ Theil work. .Qi-PLf?iiTE.nt..T1-f21N,Qf-E- . B ----and Armstrong's first faculty +feru1rd'lYuition in those-early yearssafmopqajio-af'f and development as the college established for itselfapeLm t niche in the community. Cur- ricula were developed to serve the needs of stu- dentswwith Jing 5 r ' proguigofi-student activities grew from the mt of an exuberant sfflidesnfbgdy. A ffhe early years saw the constru 'on of the auditorium, the present Je ' s Hall, the dongg tion of the Lane lj ' ing by Mills- B. Lane for the establisbfnfehi of a school of finance Qdf commerceg in l94l Gamble Hall, thymi-nee building, was begun, and the firstfsummer ses- sions were introduced at Armstrong. A continual stream of innovations andy improvements came during these yearsfoffmaturation. Activities such as aviation classes, basketball, footba.U,,and even fencingcame into existence. The usual questionsff concerning existing "school spirit" were raised and no more successfully resolved then than at present. In spite of the omnipresent threat and effect of war on the student body and facultyjhge college carried on. The ensuing years have proved that momen- If tum of growth and improvement to be vital to the essence of Armstrong. Armsi'rong's Three men have served Arm- Presiclenis strong as president during her twenty-five-year history. Ernest A. Lowe, a native of Houston County, Georgia and a graduate of the University of Georgia, became the first dean of the college in june of 1935, and was shortly thereafter elevated to president of the institution. Mr. Lowe showed intense interest in the college, and nurtured it through its birth and formative years. He supervised the conver- sion of the Armstrong mansion into a college building, aided in selecting a faculty, witnessed the construction of jenkins Hall, the initiation of the program of student activities and generally promoted the idea oi the place Armstrong should hold in the community life of the city. In 1935. Mr. Lowe was selected to receive the coveted Lucas trophy for his outstanding achievements in building and developing Armstrong to a po- sition recognized throughout the country. On graduation day of 1941, after six years of leader- ship, Mr. Lowe resigned. The Second Armstrong's beginning year be- Presideni' held a promising faculty mem- ber in J. Thomas Askew, instructor of Political Science, who held a Ph.B. degree from Piedmont College and an M.A. from the University of Georgia. Mr. Askew, who had been instructor of political science at the University for six years prior to coming to Armstrong, became Dean at the college in 1937, and after the resignation of Mr. Lowe was named president. He served his period during the crucial early years of the war when the college saw a twenty percent drop in enrollment. But in spite of this deterrent, Mr. Askew continued to give guidance and initiative to the school enabling it to maintain a meri- torious level of activity during this period. He left Armstrong in 1943 to serve his country at war. Presicieni' But the inaugural year of 1935 F. M. Hawes showed more than one promis- ing faculty member. In December of that year the college commission announced the acquisi- tion of new chemistry instructor, Mr. Foreman M. Hawes, with a B.S. degree from Mercer and M.. W Z' I Ziff?- N 2 . 1 .wi i , ips A I ' yy T' ERN EST A. LOWE 052.-SA .1 .Xi e ix, I , I ii f X X If fr-4592: 'tr J. THOMAS ASKEW W 5 'live l K lX'S,ibT'v FOREMAN M. HAWES fha 452 Q lil 2 1 1 favs fi, x J' Y l an NLS. from Emory University. Mr. Hawes had been head of the science department of the old Locust Grove Institute and had served as an in- structor of chemistry at Georgia Tech. Upon his arrival at Armstrong to teach chemistry and physical science, he was, in the words of the Ink- wcll, "thirty-Five and single." By 1942, Mr. Hawes had become advisor for student activities and Dean of Students, and in 1943, was chosen to fill the vacant office of president. Since then his achievements have been numerous and varied. He created the student center, "the Dump," obtained the use of the Georgia Historical Society's Hodgson Hall as the school library, supervised the valuable addition to Gamble Hall and presided over the transfer of the college to the University System of Georgia. Mr. Hawes' achievements, his dignity and in- tegrity have made him symbolic of all that marks Armstrong as an outstanding educational insti- tution throughout its history. 1935- Arms+rong From the 160-member student Today body of city-operated Armstrong Junior College, 1935, has developed Armstrong College of Savannah, 1960, a member of the University System of Georgia and an educa- tional institution with more than eleven hun- dred students. Twenty-five years have elapsed since the vision of a college became a reality, twenty-Five years of astounding growth, maturity and influence in the field of education. lVith an expanded pro- gram of day and evening classes the college has adapted itself to the demands of an expanding community and an ever-growing Savannah be- comes increasingly aware of the important role Armstrong has played in its progress. Alumni of Armstrong have moved on to become outstand- ing citizens of the community and numerous others have contributed to progress by taking advantage of the range of educational oppor- tunity the college offers. Diversified Today the college curriculum Plans oi Sludy provides fully rounded and diversified plans of study ranging from liberal an -169 , 'Vs ,,,..-- 1 ,jf- -1966 arts to electronics in terminal and senior college preparatory programs. The Technical Institute program offers technical training to students in cooperation with local industry. Evening classes permit anyone with the energy and ambition to work for an associate degree in the held of his choice or simply to improve himself or his job- standing by study in appropriate areas. Sludenl' Acfivify An elaborate program of student activity is part of day school campus life as may be seen from the pages of this annual report. Dramatics, music, home economics, bridge, publications, and many others fill the bill of "S-Lb' W' 3' -V-Qlll I I III I I Ill1llIlIIl.! f. x offerings . . . the choice rests with the student. The present Armstrong scene is one of con- stant activity keeping pace with the world yet maintaining its own speed and direction as well. Activities, social life, academic endeavor, new faces and old ones, meetings, partings, classes, exams ,... always an echo of the past and oc- casionally an overtone or two of the future. This is Armstrong College today. ADMINISTRA IQN S ADMMINHSTF WDM THE 'GEECHEE, 194 'J ki 445. S- A-. 4.- ik,- :vu uf THE ARMSTRONG COLLEGE COMMISSION Seafed: Dr. Irving Victor, Choirmon, Mayor W. lee Mingledorf, Jr., Dr. H. Y. Chorbonnier, Judge Vicfor B. Jenkins, Edward J. BarIIeH. Sfcnd ing: Jule C. Rossifer, Secretory, Foreman M. Howes, Grady L. Dickey, Lowfon Calhoun, D. Leon McCormoc. OTHER MEMBERS-Herschel V, Jenkins, Honorary Choirmonp Joseph H. Horrison, H. Lee Fulton, Jr., Arthur I. Jeffords. 10 - , FOREMAN M. HAWES Presidenf L Q'3-my JACK H. PADGETT Regisfrar 'U' juv- 'QUA MARY H. STRONG Direcfor of the Evening College -X 'Q-,x JULE C. ROSSITER Compfroller 12 ,., I 3 V11 ,, f' 425 ' N f I iiifiiu' Dil? I LL .5 I ,Q-Ff.f'-.Q, - ,A FACULTY ,, .S fi I Qi ' Sf. ppm .. I ,L L. fm I iii ,rf " aft: , A W ix 5 , ,425 K .f xy 'NX E 5 1 09" BIOI-OGY2 I-ESIIG P- DCVGHPOVI, Head: Frank P- Sivik CHEMISTRY: Aleen Williams, Francis G. Metro, Head BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Essie D. Jenkins, Carol D. Tapp, Lamar W, Dcvis, Head 13 1 'JV 4' "Y?1i:2gfQ? T f nn!!! pi I 1 is ASQ -4 45 . 1-, HUMANITIES: Seofed: Anthony M, Warren, Morgcuref Lubs, Head. Slanding: J. Harry Persse, Rossifer C. Durfee, Ransom Bradford, Alberf Gordon, Jock B. Fowler. 14 J c p-1 .qv I , , .-1-5 ,tiff ' -I '-'- .. -M' MATHEMATICS: Lutrecia Hunter, Acting Head, William S. Winn, Hartley Eckerson, Daniel J. Hook HOME ECONOMICS: Josephine S. Denmark, Head . tg "9- x i I N44-ff ikffifi I PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Roy J. Sims, Head, Kate Dean, Lawrence M. Tapp ,J' R 2 Al PHYSICS: John L. M. Des Isleis, Heodg Robert Rockwell L. ZG uw' 'mv SOCIAL SCIENCES: Roy Remley, Dorothy Thompson, Ted L. Hunter, Orson W. Beecher, Heodg John H. McTeer, William E. Coyle 16 LIBRARY: Ella Clancy, Assistant, Ruth Smith, librarian 7 AN J 'Ts' 1 fix -Axw ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS: Nellie Schmid? v B3 ptr: f -M TECHNICAL INSTITUTE: Strafos'G. Dukakis, William G. Travis, Head I' Q MARJORIE MOSLEY, Secrefcry fo fhe Presidenf HELEN MEIGHEN, Evening College Secrefary STAFF ELIZABETH HOWARD Clerical Assisfcnf ELIZABETH HITT Assisfanf fo fhe Regisfrar 373 4 J i ..." I K' ' 2 I BERTIS JONES, Secrefary fo fhe Regisfrcrr MINNIE CAMPBELL, VelefUf'5 Affairs Omcef 18 55- 5351 117' s ' 1 ,L 1:-ff L ' : .....-- . 'I ... . L f R, xi NORMA CALLAWAY, Clerical Assisfanf, Business Office Secretory fo Sfudenf Personnel Services X.. X I X -c A 655' Bait-'ff' ' .......4n ANGELA MCBRIDE SARA BETH TUTEN Swlfchboard Operafors FEATURES fcfsggwxi QWMN , ,img 5 x Wu M Om cumin 5 Q 2 ' .gif xi' J , 1' ,, 'yy 'I X Xin, A, ' 7' nv: f- X if 5 I v is ff' ' -1Qf"'f xx Q X X .X . af-' Qs. ,K X. 1 ffifrf, f 6 f"Xf V f 717' Y ' ff I I , I X , 1 J V ' - ' 76 ' -2' s-,, .', , . . f x il: 1 .x ' . llybll JK 'La ' tf.l:L,:-"Q 1,1 x, A X, . . X 9 1 'Q .V . , ..J3J"" MN ,if g..,. ,- ...una- me-....... ,fs , ,I 351,315-.2 f 1 ' "" ..1.f-wif" .,.-4,.,qwv.- ,fum-, . .. ur , .v ., .L :un . rw --nafpsuuf I . -,...,.,,,,,,., 1, 'N ,1,1Mwf-Qr-rs-'m:'r:Tv'farr'M W-.Q . M - 44' 4'-1 U O C. 'ififa Q o 1 i , .1 RIPJG, ,. X THE 'GEECHEE, 1954 1 -. A x , IL .JA 'ff-g , S College life is a simple yet complicated thing. A student is eternally confronted with multiple choices of time consuming enterprises. He can also write term papers, copy someone's notes or do whatever he thinks necessary to con the instructor into the grade he believes he deserves. In his saner moments, or spare time, he can always find time to attend classes or even study. 'bfka .W ,' x . YI l In R l U"l'lYl'l'l 'Ig bs. Some students prefer to minor in studies and major in activities bridge in particular, or the Masquers. 5' U' L.. It is a rare day that the "Dump" is not over- up H populated with enthusiastic students fof bridge ' of coursej buried in their honor counts with ' little thought for their honor points. 4-unnuuf"""""" ' l' t A few of the less enthusiastic bridge maniacs take new positions on surround- ing park benches fin mixed pairs, of coursej . . . -B , 4 ' 4 5 The year wends its way along. Harbin- gers of spring appear. I . 3 i 1 ffm .,- 1,1 9. in I . . . and the athletically inclined take to that local olympic sport, half-rubber, in the lane. .NI "+'. :El w 1 Q f 1.-1--2 FW -."'iLg,-r ' x N9-'Y Rx - 5 ff .Vlj 'V 4. , g L . x. ii' x Q . 4 5 A young man's fancy may even return him to books for a last Hing at speculative inquiry. v f n'.',1 In the spring some students return to classes Some even arrive at that moment of truth when they begin to burn their bridge behind them. ":.'!"3M. "W , Aiqma Alpha Tau Belo float HOMECOMING FRESHMAN SPONSORS FOR HOMECOMING-Glenda Perry, Carolyn Jenkins, Linda Kaminsky, Sylvia Leonard, Kay Stafford, Gail Anderson, Catherine Embry, Janice Bacon, Naorah Van Puffelen, Jude Phillips. gjij' 35 ,if ky, u J. Phi Delta Gcmma's prize-winning Hoof .N xbatcf GMP JARADE 67' , Q , T, I gd . V., Vs: Q.. xx' , Q M iQ? F QM Lux 51 X i 8409505 HOMECOMING MJ' ,1 1- 2 - 1 F ,411-h ,,, ,W DANCE 1959 Nonie Ringwald and Jimmy Collins crown Glenda Perry and Nelson Padgeit, Freshman King and Queen of Homecoming, YZ :mill HOMECOMING COURT: John Winders, Naarah Von Puffelen, John Hester, Lindo Kaminsky, Nelson Padgeft, King, Glenda Queen, Don Hartley, Catherine Embry, Charles Phillips, Gail Anderson. if ' i. 'X , gi ,, 5 QV Ji C-" Sleek fi Perry E THE 'GEECHEE n 4 i k X ll BEAUTY REVIEW f. ., .VZ-.iw -Q11 "new" V ' ' J-V1 ,, 1, ' gy, ' ,' 'L 4 .Z9,f:1!'5r"V.b-41161, A ' f 11 M v 3,1 -, 4, 5 Q 5, E4 Backstage wcif sf' 0 1. . r X, l Last minute check Sponsors for the Beauty Review VALENTINE DANCE 4: ," 'fl K! 2' 1960 'GEECHEE QUEEN AND COURT Sharon Thigpen, Kay Stafford, Cafherine Embry, Dole Suhon, DoHi Porter, Queen 31 L'.j.L.A I :lv.:. fh. A lpn. i' Geechee Queen Dohi Porter BEAUTIES . - .f """'!:" il-q-Q-Hr-'-p f THE 'GEECHEE, 1953 ! EGU .1 r f ft I 1 'fif 4 ' , :fic .F di.: J - v- V- f f., I 4 L' - " 'Qi 'A ' ' we f"' 'P . " -.- ,X ", ' 0 , if 1: ' L 'V ' x f ' ' fy' QI' . r 1' ff -an 11 . . . ' u H Y '1 1, "4 A al ml., Z rf-ZF" - V 1 ?,-"5'v,bA . 41. ' . '-5'-'-'-wg'T- Q, 'g if . . 4 - U A " nf , 1 :Q L xl F n 4 f ' ,?, 4. 5:55 V- ."4 -' Y M . A' ' 6 I ., .A . VV t Q,-fgjgi. ' u '. 1 ' K .,- ' fl' l'fJ" l", . -1 ,I t ' P2 :L X ' 'x ,C '1 1? ,Ea M 'Qs I, 5 i:...1:-V ' -'51 , s'i'4.'1 Ylffl'-1 wif S C W . ...- , U A ff, 4 V I My I -ff 'Q3ff32':'.5:f5..,-wil 5 , 1 i s :QQ4 XA if? : .' I., - 1 ,' :-.N f' J", A , f ' ' 'f-'T' . 1 f . 1, . 1 5' .-,,,-5+ Ya! .""'!w 0 .av ' 6 gf' -' " A gg 1 1' Ig , , f fp V, xq 4 . h I ,E 14' L,--gu x. 13' 33 , ,Xu X N 'A I THE 'GEECHEE, 1954 eec ee owen MISS DOTTI PORTER QF Y V' -www E? my Zak .guffon SPONSOR FOR FRATERNITY "X" L55 Aaron SPONSOR FOR THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ,Zigpen ik' ,C-y. W: lm, mi -.. qu" 'H-Q ...Q v 1 , vi . 4 J 4' 1 , uf .,,,, 1 Q Dm 'Q 'S 14, 5wgWf SPONSOR FOR DELTA CHI SORORITY mmf Cjalzerine gmgry SPONSOR FOR THE CANTERBURY CLUB QW. ay.gfu..v I 'z ,Q o"'X ml in L x W--1 iv 118 X I , , s f , Janice Bacon, Mary Ann Feus, Angela McDonough, Carolyn Martin 2 ,Q0lfLj0l"j Esferine Dawson, Berh Mock -10 . P vrws .. .f,w:'- -f- ,N 4' C7 5, 5.13. 2 Barbara Preston, Nonie Ringwald, Martha Faye Webb, Cherrie Currie, Naarah Van Puffelen, Pat Crumpler 41 QI ? ,. Q masilbf 5. .Lk i I X ,f.,......,-u-uv-'Q' Edlflffy ,SEOOVMOPJ no- CJRGANIZATICDNS X 452, QM., J .Qc if .'.l'gSOXN, , O ' Q4 LHR' Z 44 Q. A XX - f X-J I 42 ! HH AC WW E S THE GEECHEE 1940 43 THE STUDENT SENATE First row: Dale Sutton, Billy Deal, Margie Lynn, Jimmy Collins, Charles Ray, Barbara Preston. Second row: Penn Myrick, Margaret Schuman Carolyn Martin, Martin Fleischaker, Ann Spencer. Third row: Gayle Pay ne, Jon Monson, Joe Marcus, John Winders. 44 L in . 1 ., qw X195 ' if ' ' 1 QA 3 ' if ' VX: '33 gig, .3 gf 1- 031: Riagg i , . X. A , ,243 ,., X 2. Xifcfx ' 5 .U mf 4 V V 2 I 1 ,KIT Az 1 'H If 5 ai! 1 ' 4 I it 'QK R A xr ll .W , U. Q ii fi! K 0 I ' o 'V C 'Pk- -'fr f'f 1 5 fr v', N " ' 1 THE GEECHEE 1495 .f DALE SUTTON, Edifor-in-Chief .u"'x f Q SYM' X KATHERIN E WELLBROCK Business Manager JUDY Zl PPERER Beaufies Editor SALLY ANDERSON Class Edifor S I Wwwss W L - ' 3.1! 4 pk, ,X 5 46 I 1 . .sy ,TJ A. C'- 2 I md LWi'7.r's., GERTRUDE JOHNSON and KIPPY ELKINS, Sfaf? Members A 1 0' 'Nr C2 6 qv- .gb .af Kf x I . Q- 1,-N R A 4 X , ' .- X. x fr- 'xv ! , If X Sx,,,X, xii f' 'Rv .Nfg ' r l ul CORNELIA VAN DIVIERE, Feafures Edifor CATHERINE VAN DIVIERE, Organizcfions Edifor DONALD DAVIS, Sporfs Ediior PENN MYRICK, Associofe Edifor 47 3 -' BILLY DEAL, Editor THE INKWELL 1 -nav-f f NONIE RINGWALD and MARGIE LYNN, Reporfers f"", f-'X L fi .fy , I . 5:1 ,V if , x R ya- if ?,' 'll , f ,a JUDY GRAVES, Associafe Edifor . H A ..... Jw 5 13 29 24 wmv-W-w"" Q A x.. -x.,X JERRY TUTTLE, Sporfs Edifor ' JAN GIDDINGS, Re-porier .' ' I'-g 1 Ah. fn. ' " J Q , x Edifor DEAL and Sfof? Members DONALD DAVIS, NONIE RINGWALD, PENN MYRICK ond BETTY JOHNSON 49 Z' .li Jane Batayias, Senator, Ann Spencer, Senator, Barbara Preston, 2nd Vice President, Dotti Porter, Secretary, Naarah Van Puffelen, Treasurer, Benton Freedman, lst Vice President, Donald Davis, President. THE MASQUERS 'Z First row: Angela Whittington, Emory Wells, David Kirschner, Hardy Warmack, Charles White, Billy Deal, Angela McDonough, Nonie Ringwald, Ethel Kelly. Second row: Kay Banks, Cornelia Van Diviere, Catherine Van Diviere, Gertrude Johnson, Sandra Smith, Janice Bacon, Hannah Reid. Third row: Alan Atkinson, Walter Strickland, Don Hartley, Sally Anderson, Penn Myrick, Linda Crawford, Carol Carson. 50 Q.L,v V . - 'A .Q f 1 ,E E Ei gi? Q u N 'K N"..,gA 1. , 'X 15 , F x A AK 'd,4f' ' Ni.---" 1 1 BEHIND THE , E? r' mV x X' A . 51 SCENES - 'UI-HQ W 'E X I Xl' , X Benton Freedman as the overbearing chairman of the board and Judy McDowell as his eftusive wife. X 'Wal 3 1 . bu "Reporter" Alan Atkinson makes playful advances on spinster faculty member Harriett Owens, as Nonie Ringwald and Marsha Torrance look on. FALL QUARTER PRODUCTIQN iiGood-by My Fancy" l in z' , ff? . N W Center of attraction, Agatha Reid, played by Liz Hitt, looks on as "President" Ranny Bradford comforts his daughter, Angela Whittington. Marsha Torrance as the cynical secretary, confronts distressed Tony Warren, overburdened by his new inexperience with the opposite sex. 52 Ethel Kelly in her pathetic portrayal of "Willie" in Tennessee Wil- ' liams' "This Property ls Condemned." Hardy Warmack as "Tom," laolcs on. .yr X ,S ,if lx N 1? 51 is 1. 6 1 I . I a 1 1 if-' 'ti' ,Ei if Nonie Ringwald, Tony Warren and Alan- Atkinson in the hilarious production of Chekov's "The Marriage Proposal." WINTER QUARTER PRODUCTION , 1 ., 1 If SJ? I l 1 X Linda Boyd, Alan Atkinson and Marion Cheney in Tennessee Williams' somber miniature of the real and unreal, "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion." 53 'YUUY Rev. Bray, Ann Farren Program Chanrman Harriett Owens Senator Esterme Dawson President, Sharon Thlgpen Secretary Vnrgmna Morgan Vlce Presndent iw-44 g.......s :'---' ri--v-Il -qw.. ?""5.. ifil 1 4-Q.:--. ffl... 4-...Q r P- pm-1 i Q . W 41 ,qi 'T if --a I3 '45 -4-1 Srl A1 -v-4 -4 -4-l +4 -4 E3 Q Frrst row: Harriett Owens Dana Hurst Karen Alexander Sharon Thlgpen Kay Banks Judy Graves Betty Johnson Ellzabeth Hutt Second row Sharon Clark, Jimmy Collins, Carol Carson Margie Lynn Rev Bray Third row Cherrle Currle Ernest Lowden Jenlne Smnth Martha Faye Webb Ann Farren Gwen Waters, Esterine Dawson Fourth row Bully Deal Tony Masters Davud Hodges Sue Walker James Abernathy Vlrgxnna Morgan CANTERBURY CLUB ,- ...Zl- Mr. Tony Warren, Advisor, Kenny Medernach, President, Jack Osteen, Vice President Catherine Embry, Treasurer, Jon Monson, Senator, Gail Anderson, Secretary. +SK, f' sd PK ' If labs, V. N f-lf I First row: .lack Osteen, Catherine Embry, Catherine Van Diviere, Gail Anderson, Cornelia Van Diviere, Kenny Medernach, Anthony Warren, Advisor. Second row: Jimmy Cargill, Stratton Ingram, Lucy Ann Holt, Jon Monson. Third row: Alan Atkinson, Kurt Anderson, Howard Arata. 55 -.1 HV -n-egg W- ,-.V 1-1.-.,....,,,, r-,r 7 if 'YE' NEWMAN CLUB vs qu s .X ' Firsf row: Frank Rossiter, President, Beth Mock, Treasurer, Penn Myriclc, Social Choir- mon. Second row: Joe Berger, Vice-President, Angelo McDonough, Secreiaryg Foiher Teoli, Moderator. ug V 31 'Ulf is , 1-I X1 Firsf row: Father Teolil, Moderator, Mory Ann Feus, Puffy Demos, Soundro Burke, Eileen Ehmonn. Second row: Beth Mock, Maurice McFarland, Michel Kovcnough, Judy Hobos, Jude Phillips, Marie Green, Third row: Frank Rossiter, Angela McDonough, Gwen Gurwes, Mary Sue Sweeny, Norma Gan nom, Honnoh Reid. Fourth row: Joe Berger, Bob Fennell, Danny NeSmith, Penn Myrick, Sally Anderson, Joe Mchony. 56 WESLEY FGUNDATION "' fi 6 H ' Pat Crumpler, Secretary, Angela Whittington, Treasurer, Hazel Key, President, Jerry Tuttle, Program Chairman, Jeannine Girarcl, Publicity. fb ,l'l ,K'l.' 1 , W l 5 E H .,-,A L- 'YI First row: Jerry Tuttle, Angela Whittington, Hazel Key, Pat Crumpler. Second row: Joe Johnson, Hugh Allen, Barbara Carroll, Gayle Bonnell. Third row: Jeannine Girard. 57 . 4 i 2' iii' 'Q 5. .il 5, ll ll I Fail' l 1 ,x 9 T V 3 'SQ , A A gg-,M 54:-Q , ar-- , 1, First row: Asnn Stellies, Carolyn Jenkins, Gayle Payne, Dotty Porter, Kay Stafford, Grey Embry. Second row: Gail Bonnell, Bar- bara Preston, Dorothy Clark, Sue Dodge, Glenda Littlefield, Gail Barton. vu... 3 ,J 5 l E Seated: Nonie Ringwald, Jon Monson, Chairman, Kippy Elkins. Standing: Penn Myrick, Sally Anderson, Carolyn Martin, Jimmy Collins, Dale Sutton, Jude Phillips, Herbie Davis, Angela McDonough. COMMITTEE 58 N'-n 'WW if 5 X DEBATE FORUM .. v w 4 X a Cornelia Von Diviere, Cafherine Van Diviere, Jay stein, John Winders. Cook, Albert Rabin, Mr. Orson Beecher, Advisory Arthur Gold 59 First row Laura Kelly Pat Crumpler Hornet Owens Judy Graves Karen Alexander Second row Katherme Wellbrock Sharon Clark Betty Johnson Margle Lynn Glenda erry ngea I I go Pukues Fourfh row Jerome Rountree James Rhoden Joe Berger ,1- , lt lf, Efll. If r . we 1 1 . NYT f'5'. MATH AND SCIENCE CLUB ,A 2.54 if gf? H5 ew 1 Q Firsf row: John Godfrey, Andrew Fountain, Mcrfin Fleischoker. Second row: Howard Arctc, Les Eclrgle, Jon Monson, CliHord Johnson, Travis Sirchcn. 61 f-ti Y , . mzzmq 3 Q" WWE T7 SECRETARY , I -ETTES Seafed: Angela McDonough, President, Mrs. Jenkins, Co-Advisor. Sfanding: Mrs. Carol Tapp, Advisor, Joyce Buffingion, Secretary, Esterine Dawson, Historian, Mary Sue Sweeny, Vice President, Miriam Rushing, Treasurer. -nn-nn I -sv- . , M 4 ii lil' ...v- .41 5 C-SY X.U 1:7 'wr V7 ,-1 Y at ' 4 5 4 S Seofed: Linda Boyd, Bernice Warr, Virginia Sianley, Stephanie Bowers, Daphne Lee. First row: Brenda Newsome, Eileen Ehmonn, Joyce Buffingion, Mary Sue Sweeny, Miriam Rushing, Linda Harville, Mary Ann Feus. Second row: Angela McDonough, Carolyn Martin, Kay Banks, Janice Bacon, Faye New, Esterine Dawson. 62 I Y U D E R T S Jon Monson, Ben Freeman, Jimmy Collins, President, Donald Crafts, Ann Spencer, Secretary, Joe Johnston, Joe Marcus, Vice President, Dickie Knight. s. , 'Ga if -at.. 2 I-1.101 'K u-an-at ff' RADIO WORKSHOP in f T ""' 'T 4QQ....I01Q l -GNN Charles White, Dave Kirschner, Emory Wells, Tommy Klinger, Barbara Preston, Penn Myrick and Donald Davis, Director. G3 O N G M O C A Vice Presidenf GWEN GARWES Treasurer LANE BIGGS 1 1 4 .'f U51 2' BARBARA CARROLL 'Q Advisor KATE DEAN Presidenf ESTER I N E DAWSON I I ? I Q Advisor ALEEN WILLIAMS Alpha Tau 'Beta I Pledgemasfer NONIE RINGWALD I 4 1 ff" x , Rush Chairman SHARON THIGPEN Q' i 1 is Secrefary SANDRA SMITH t I5 Chaplain BETTY JOH NSON 6+ 1? I CAROL CARSON JUDY GRAVES 64 M PATTY HAGAR A Es DAPHNE LEE GLENDA PERRY BERNICE WARR 'W' DANA HURST MARGIE LYNN J JENINE SMITH MARTHA FAYE WEBB 65 SYLVIA LEONARD VIRGINIA MORGAN MARY SUE SWEENY ANGELA X WHITTINGTON Vice Presidenf BETH MOCK JANICE BACON CAROL COTTEN 3 Q MARY ANN FEUS Ny' ' Q.: W President Secrefcry SUE DODGE MICHEL KAVANAUGH Treasurer SALLY ANDERSON MARGARET SCHUMAN Q s 5 R DSLUCL C HL BETH BASS KATE EHLERS KIPPY ELKINS KATHERINE EMBRY ' ff ik -2-Q - , . 5 ' - 1, -3 'Q 1 . , X META GIGNILLIAT JUDY HABA5 LUCY ANN HOU 66 x . SANDRA MOCK NINA RAVENSCROFT MARCIA SUMMERLIN N 1 BECKY KILEY GAYLE PAYNE bi 'ef FAYE SMITH -A X DALE SUTTON I ANGELA McDONOUGH :FI y L JUDE PHILLIPS ROSEMARY SMITH Pnl- Q. . I 0 I ! sl NAARAH VAN PUFFELEN 67 CAROLYN MARTIN DOTTI PORTER KAY STAF FORD JUDY ZIPPERER FRATERNITY ii " f X-4 I - S Li- H, 0, 555 Q ,, t . 11- gene First row: George Leon, President, Bobby Miley, Vice President, Charles Exley, Sergeant-at-Arms. Second row: Jon Monson, Second Vice President, Jimmy Collins, Treasurer, Randy Sims, Treasurer, Marvin Everette, Rush Chairman. Third row: Bill Ottinger, Secretary. l ' i i Q lik , X I X z t i 2 Y 1 x 6 A 1 ...J C1 7? s . f 4 ' f ' ..,. - 411 ., 3 . Q ' Dale Sutton, Sponsor, George Leon, Jon Monson, Nelson Padgett, Charles Exley. Second row: Bobby Gunter, Joe Smith, Donald Crafts, Skip Hartnett, Kneeling: Franklin Huclgins, Robert Fishback, Marvin Everette, Robert Daniels. First row: Bill Ottinger, Danny NeSmith, Jimmy Collins, Randall Sims Billy Saunders, Sonny Colley, Steve Strickland. GS PHI DELTA GAMMA Jay Cook, Outgoing President, Tom Reagan, President 4-X W R 'vlv 'fm-i,, 0 .Q ATC ' 1 id--if-xiT71-':,-...L A" ,......... ' " ""' - 4--A 5 'T' if? A ' Tri ,x I X . V 'LQ 'Q ff' f li' ' -1 . . -' re '- -.xv " " 7 'F' , rl' , ,ll QL f"1-4"0 15" AA. , ,..., f 1 F iw '5 'Q . iff' '- . -. A -A , -. A . ' , . 41, - - . . V A , WTF" ' ' -1 ffm. . , p f. - -- ' , , .. I .L M' V. ,K R. , A , s . 1 X 1,-'.' . ', . 1- .4 ,"5. -lx. .-,Q ,. , .. - . '. 1 1, ' hz.. ' V M -, , ,A 1 f . . 1 :f. :f . 4' --" - . , " ' -A . 'Q 'J' ' - . 1 ' N A f . Kneeling: Charles Ray, Jim Griliin, George Outlaw, Cleo Jenkins, John Hester, Gerald Missroon. Firsf row: Frank P. Sivik, Advisor, John Winders, Tim fox, Glenda Perry, Sponsor, Tom Reagan, Richard Landsburg, Jay Cook, Joe Johnson, Ben Friedman. Second row: Richard Beiser, Arnold Bazemore, Bob Seedlock, Bill McVeigh, Arnie Seyden. 69 SPGRT 41921 63,5 X X it ll- ' uf' .1 1 P. Q 4 5 THE 'GEECHEE, 1940 J ..i Q Vx v I V 1. 7 1960 'GEECHEES J x if COACH ROY SIMS Q.- 4 Q 0 I JK 'Qffl' flfyw by J ' P K V E . X Xf XA , , tv ..-gr-, ,'Kfj'Z','f, I ' .Ig-" "L 001, xBff iff, l y:"r',y l 5 ll 6 V Lf' nf' 2 SVI' SUM l- ' Wln 1 Nj , L1 .K f llx, 1 N ,.. fi-1. , Eflfp'-'V X ' n M C - ' 1U , J , . .J I , H A42 ll xx XS-1,-, Kneeling: Danny Stewart, Jim Padgett, Joe Kaminsky, Robin Christy, Dave Thomas. Standing: Coach Sims, Robert Bogo, Keevil Helmly, Jimmy George John Dalzell, Buddy Mallard, Arnold Bazemore, Coach Tapp. 72 X . Q4 imyw' 'W 1 -it f .5 MALLARD SPARKS GEECHEES T0 WINNING SEASON The 1960 Geechees proved to be the best edition of an Armstrong team in recent years. Early in the season, without the services of injured Buddy Mallard, the Geechees managed an average record but maintained an undefeated status on the home court. XVith the return of Mallard and the addition of Jimtny George, Harry Shore, and Keevil Helmly to the lineup after Christmas, the team took on new life and sparked by Mallard's leadership, ran up a string of six consecutive victories. Highlights of the season were the team's upset of the Brewton Parker Blue Barons before an overflow crowd at the Hellenic Center and the 101 to 69 romp over C.NI.C. At Statesboro, in the State Junior College Tourney, the Geecchees rolled past Norman Col- lege in the first round but stumbled in the second in spite of outstanding effort against Brewton Parker. 73 51" ,Nr - .f, .N fb J': ,, 1 , ,, f , f . B r , " 'fl' ll rl r' ff ,fy funk! N r . . . Z 'QA 'PJWW' vm. 4 A Q,w44,piffj W4 ,Q . . v5 4' '33, I Faq 1 Mt V :W 5 Q1 ,. i 1 - 1 ' '31'-rv Q ' ,fi 4 . , i ht Y X' 0- , -Y 5 eu '. iv f ,, . ,v Q.. 'W KS I 1? n l s I ' Q It , Q ' 5 Q nl v 1 S Catherine Embry, Gayle Payne, Margaret Schuman, Dole Suiton, Coptoing Angela McDonough, Dofli Porter, Jude Phillips l l I THE CHEERLEADERS School spirit is an integral part of the I college, and the students responsible for l maintaining and stimulating this spirit at Armstrong are the cheerleaders. Sparking all the basketball games with l their yells, the cheerleaders' contagious en- I thusiasm echoes throughout the stands and provides spark for the players' morale dur- ing the season. l g l fm 4' 'S I' Firsf row: Ted Owens, Pczf Barry, Bobby Miley. Second row: Freddy McPipkin, Donald Davis, Steve Krissman. THE BGWLING TEAM K W ' hh. v. .Q-..: A ,. 4 - - .A WE- . vu...-3, Couriney Brooks and Don Davis in action. V V . yi , , 6 Q-a v...N - Q, f, CLASSES 80 THE 'GEECHEE, 1953 Q 49??i'f4 'Ng3. P ff 4 , Y xxkff fjfym' x X QQEV V .V C' 'a xg A R Q-il , ,I XA, X . ,991 - l ' L 'X 1 W ff? 1 4 1 id U24 JVM ' . Q91 Q MV W ' X X L ,Y,, , :if - X A ,YA x Z ,,..-44 S FH M HES S1 THE 'GEECHEE, 1940 OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORES Mosf Oufsfanding: JAMES T. COLLINS X941 .1 L af m J' Z1-'-'ity' 9 5 jf' SHARON THIGPEN, MARGIE LYNN, BILLY DEAL sh., 937 mg, " z o z E 2 z cv E 2 U Q 3 Q. IP Z cv T JP Z 0 U o Z o C o I o C -I Cf! -I JP Z S2 Z Q LD 0 'U I 0 Z Z o T E2 JJ' . J ' ,.- Vu Q 'K a lv K 'W sux 1 -, yy. xml nf. ESTER I NE DAWSON mm. .aw A ...V mum .M M W-.M aw... DOTTI PORTER YJ JAY COOK ,QQQ5 6 Q C 9 0 Q QQO QQ M., IMILE G. ABBOTT li!-'71 B. ,N LAVRA GAIL BARTON LJ 4'-us. -0-nl CLASS OF 1960 .qv- 'NJ x Q- v 'si' MARJOR112 BARNES xx gi :Fx if q 95:5 525' CARL BBRGER GAIL BONNELL ROBIN AI. CHRISTY I , Nh-fl x X Q, . J 3 F. , ,.'Ar3. x' 'Qs 1 1 'A .I X X ' 1 Q31 v 4 fi 1 Q JAY C0014 X Jurys T. COLLINS jf 'f 1 :Ai I W"f"-6 NJ 72 SIDNEY T. COX PATRICIA CRLTMPLER wx X.: ,Q-. CIILRRII: CVRRY fi: fl '4' alta. .u--f' ESTIIRINIQ DAWSON IOHNNY IDALZIILI, BILLY DEAL .T M ARY K. ELKINS SL E Doom: FAYE FETZER GWEN GARXVES 1 'IN' . CHARLICS EXLIQY 41 - ff? 'I il' HELEN GARFIELD BARRY S. GOODBIAN ails. A, W i n , S ARTHVR CLOLDSTEIN 9 ,df , ,gu - L-1" 1 ,X - 'Y i , A Q , DAVID HODGES ER Q 'S Nl "1'I".? 1 -f E', .. - f-. xg, Q 5 .1 .. .,.f. PATTY HAGAR ,f 'f-'9 . . -i'3'1', "5 ""lv-4' "1' sf f' , X I if 2 I Li A--"'-Zta JOE L. JOHNSON LAURA KELLY DAVID T. KIRSCHN ER 'VN 'B' uw 17 l HAZEL KEY DAPHNE LEE AIARC-IE LYNN ,.-ff J' i' - X 'fi ?4uf I wi' 35 jx OSEPH A. RIASTERS 'JK flLENIJA LI'l'TI.lTIfIIiLID P - CAROLYN NIARTIN Wifi , 1 '-KQINV 1 , 5 p 'R v., Vifj. ,--'-vs. Q NIAINIES T. NICCANE ANGELA AICDONOUGH f BILL MCVEIGH w W5 M v'g,. ROBERT MILEY BARBARA PREs'roN M I I p 9 M -9 1 1 -AX -. ' ef!-.WWN T. 5--1' ELIZABETH MOCK CHARLES NIILLER 'Kr' We-I , JON KIONSON VIRGINIA BIORGAN or-f""" PENN E. KIYRICK ff' M' - I -ding Q f ',' A.: R 1 5 5 1 GIM SHICK Nc PAUL POPPELL DOROTHY PORTER 1-4' E R 4 3 'THOBIAS I. REAGAN 'S FRANK P. ROSSITER IXIIRIABI RUSHING BILLY C. SANDERS Q w 40" " AIARGARET RINGXN'ALIJ ,wa .wr i 'ff I R117 216 l 'Yuri' WAYNE SEAY YMAYNE R. SIMPSON QIOIQ B. SNIITH ANN SPENCER 4'-r""" SANDRA SMITH XVILLIAM C. STROZIER ZR' S 'U 'EY JOHN H. SULLIVAN DALE SUTTON BIA-RY SUE SWEENY 10' Z' 'uk L Y v , 1 I f A: J.. I , .f ,412 , M ,I I E Q ' rfffi VIRGINIA STANLEY i ERRY L. TUTTLE KT' 615 BERNICE WARR A-xx' EUGENE H. TAYLOR cw- 'J' A: SHARON THIGPEN VVILLIAM J. WALSH HAL WILLET CHARLES S. XVILLYARD 93 luv- N 'Lf G. -v""" S., SN ,V v 4 -cf A James Abernathy Diane Adams 8.2" 'SA ff ,TK i"4 .J X lg J Q.. -an + . -f 'sus as Q 'fx 1 1? fn-1, Henry Alban Karen Alexander George Askew Alan Atkinson Jane Barayias Arnold Bazemore Janice Bacon Kay Banks Lynda Beach Joan Beasley Barbara Barlow Glenn Barnard Richard Beiser Calvin Benneit 95 Q' ni' ' A Y Y S? Gail Anderson Kirk Anderson sb' ,gn-P' in 7 B, uv' A. -A 1? A, ti-5 ff, Q, X k Sally Anderson Howard Arata wa X . Y V ti-Q .4-4" SFU? ur rl , -rr!! "' f l dui, I .3 48. Y. li If f ,XT M Y I 'R X r' l 1 l 5, l .ll 3, l l 4 ii ll E E a l I i l " .Sqn 4 ,5, 3 M Qrvr 4-I , Ney 'YWCT' Willis Blackburn Roberf Bogo, Jr. if Z," Nbr Q'N YY" M . f as 'Tak :P ' w w Q' L Nuff' T X, Tommy Boone Stephanie Bowers Q- f-4 ff' Q-7' Why -s.. yrs has -Z X A R AST, w Q!"? Ralph Bowyer Ernie Boykin Linda Boyd Charles Brinson John Brinson John Browning Suzanne Carter Belly Chapman all 'NN W i 4-if ,sv 'Chi' Saundra Burke James Cargill Sharon Clark Dorothy Clarke an. I . xl -ni Barbara Carroll Carol Carson Gerald Claxton John Cliffon 96 t 1 av l j, 5 , .gg 3. i , R: lg 5' ' K ai D I 1 tr' , f 'HX-4 C H l ff S hi 536 lffti f "'.., ' X ! K 13 iv ?'k i QL Dick Cope Henry Coftle S' Vx I 9,53- Q--4 n f . i 'txii tl xg 'Sal 0' x'- Q . YM x4vx-. 0'. -K . Xxx Carol Coffon Arthur Coward Judy Davis Robert DeLoach Martha Jean Dorough Rachel Douglas Steve DeLoach Pafiy Demas David Druggan C. Les Eargle Billy DeZoort Tracy Dixon Jimmy Edenfield Kate Ehlers 97 .iam f K I bv' .gr Donald Crafts Marcus Croslyn I , Q" li 41-C ' 'ig Sara Cubbedge Robert Daniels ,J can ' L W 4 X Ng! K X lx . V V, 'X-I Sr-gf 4 V , V I TZ' D, "C l 3 'V 77 1 ' X7 1, 1' it ' A ff f' f 'I l ' X 4 4- - . . 1 5 . ,i I - . , U Xi.-3 'B' 5.14 'Nqr L -':' ? 4'0" 'Cv' Eileen Ehmann Cafherine Embry Fred Elmgren Joe Essary V at :' ':-:r -f' l i 99 Q? A 1:1 -w 13, John Exley Robert Falligant Carl Fleischaker Martin Fleischaker Norma Gannam Harry Garven Raymond Floyd Andrew Fountain Willye Geisinger Me1a Gignilliaf Camilla Ann Franklin Donald Gale Jeannine Girard Howard Glassman U8 f..,v Ann Farren Mary Ann Feus qw. ' fi A -FF T 'SQ 'ii 1 ,fe 1-J eq so 7 'Ev' ..,! I ,ff Z' '16 Mary Ellen Gleason George Godfrey ,.., A an , 1' ff' f- A f Q- John Godfrey Roselle Gon Jerald Hadaway .lanell Hadsock Lee Haicher Tommy Hahriclc John Hall Richard Harms Gail Haupt Hayden Gibson Donald Hartley Linda Harville Emory Heidi Missy Heriof 99 A cu., "2T"'r' Q , Q H I-V' fl: ' V , f 3" i':l.?Q . T n , . ' , I' X Judy Graves James Griffin Marie Green Judy Habas ri -an ,K 'li I -A xv- J if i X-gal cy. 4 WAI ,X ,J ,J K v 1 0 gg: ...- .l l if , . 1 X 'N 'T .xqffk-rw, I ' - sw 1 ,qt Q vi? x xg pr' a., -V.-V If ." .Y , --,Juv y. ,.f':Q9T,,f, 1- g -f?1?f'7ff5 f.: P , ,f .s'f l'f"-1-wi W A ,. 'mf' . IM. A iff k .gf ,XMLJ V John Hester Leona Hinely Herbert Hodges Judy Hodges 'S A2 1 'WG X ei f f ' wx lm "lu Y xi if JT 1 ,.,.. "TJ , gil i . C 2' f f , x gklvilzyf "ig ' 3-5 , " "' Serene ,. li, l nf' , 4-H" 72 X59 'hi Anna Holmes Lucy Ann Holt Johnny Humphreys Dana Hurst Cleo Jenkins Betty Johnson Stratton Ingram George Jackson Bobbie Kay Johnson Clifford Johnson Diane Jarriel Carolyn Jenkins Paul Johnson Monty Jones 100 A9 , X Sondra Hosti Linda Hubert lr. ln an 9 1' i Aiwa g, ini' 3 4.1 '5 'GN Q 'si 1-p X g., Win 4' 'X if 'ij' 2 A Y vy'X ?""d 'Ffh Linda Kaminsky Simone Kandel Michel Kavanaug Wendell Kicklighfer Becky Kiley Mills B. Lane Ronald Lanier Charles Kleinpefer Richard Knighl Ki U fur- 1 Carl Lelfow Sylvia Leonard Willliam Knight - Judy Lone ff' N -Aw Louis Karacoslas Lynn Kendrick h Marion Kennickell H' x -:lui "ir""" A-39" 'sf .,x"'f'li'f .fs WHS 4 'W . , -v, 2-M I in John Kerr Mary Kicklighler 0-54: 1' Wg 415 'A Jig fu- X Q' l in 4 M Deanne Levi e X , Gerald Lohg -is 1 ' X YJ ' l .1 M lr, X fx, I f ,' X3 8 I 14. f' I 101 res 3 'Y N 17' K-Q bv' HQ' -1? Nhf Ernest Lowden Bonnie Lubman fl T,.r"T7 is 'Q . 'Y Is' 35. William Mallard Joe Marcus .4-so i' a -we .J 3 QT? If '2 NJ '--, 'X 'Vx T47 .R s ,' V l 'i-Q 1 -v 5. X54-4"., x , J." Maurice McFarland Peggy McLeod Nelson Messinger Randall Miller Lamar Morris John Muller Gerald Missroom linda Gail Mock Margaret Nease Howard Neiman Sandra Mock Jeanne Moody Danny NeSmith Brenda Newsome 102 Al an: l W 'ICQ -3 , V' '11 .:-26,1 4 F' D-.2 5 Kenny Medernach Edward Melroy Y 6: J' 1 5 N: 1 N- vu E all k ful J I In If , 5' f' ug ., I I V B. 1 ,K -31X v Q - '7I'. ' W X :I F 153 A gn.. use fo- -Y 6 . " f " 1 A. .fc .N 7 E' f 2 . 555, ,e 9 A r l Nancy Newfon George Norrell Thomas Nolan Beatrice Norris 5 GQ Q Hu T' 45 1 pm 20 'sf gr' 'ii Qu- M. 'iq James Padgeh Nelson Paclgeh Susan Poole Richard Powell Gayle Payne Glenda Perry Anne Quarles Alex Quaderman Jude Phillips Charles Phillips 1' f XSS' -,flu-qv William O'Leary Harriet Owens George Outlaw Marion Pacetti f Y.. 3'-'Y u ,,- 3 'Q mn . X , 9 if 1 Q2 N-exp 1 Alfred Quinn Sfeve Reeves 103 Sv :J l Joyce Rammage Nina Ravenscroff 1 A4-,UQ 'J -sq, 'pig 4 R54 ix. s.,Q- my f' x X c x EL Q l xmllfgv R- .A fs ll J -43- 'S' fplx "', ,.' 45-fl Charles Ray Hannah Reid 'Q' fl 'sv .,-1 V i x 5 ' xx X Xi x .Y 'W' 'CPN ,,....:y ,,. '1 Mary Ann Riner James Rhoden John Salter Mary Santos Bobby Seedlock John Seyle Jerry Schoelkopf William Schneider Behy Sharpe Thomas Sheffield John Schwanebeck Joyce Scoh Moreen Silver Randall Sims 104 Jerome Rounlree James Royal 'GI 'E s ,Ar Q i U. 2 " org? 1- ' 1: X Lf ' 1' E J , 0 ff' P 1' fy 4 4 . was A ' - 'I t-, ny: 'A ,gif 'xv 1.95 ella!! 'IK n'1.u'r 3 V ,N lv Af 5 ,gan ,Y st. he-ur nib' Q--M if er"""' Ng! ' John Reckling Jenine Smith NMA 'QQ 1 4 Q .Est 5' ff T? .Y NQ.r' S25 70.3 AQ 1 Civ- 'X .rf-r f 3 1 'Y -A-ag, Joseph Smith Harold Smith Ann Stellies Carl Stephens Thomas Tatum Bobby Towson Danny Stewart Travis Strahan Tommy Tucker Catherine Van Diviere Marcia Summerlin Martha Jo Sweat Cornelrlia Van Diviere Naarah Van Puffelen 105 K' , ups ov' VTQ Barrie Snyder Margie Sutherland YJ' nl' A ' 'J 'TZ' 'vw 3 gb- . ix Q11- K 'Lf W VQ. f 'J' 5 ii' f 4 xl, Kay Stattord Gary Stallcup T,-an J hw, rw , Jug' Q5 R ,-.-fr' X it A5 I 'A -M, 4" '. o 4 fo:o.o',' 1' o o'.s Q. 4 , -M3 , 9 - M.- , ,.,.,.tn Hn . .. , ,.-Q 4 v-l-'.'. Y v ,-N 'C7 , ,fx x "x I E 1 r 0 6'- Qg, JC. A A ff y K Q I, A Q' ' gy 'Z f I. H L, 4 , .,.ff- 4' - -rg - I xg y f, i f i Q I W f Q l l l . ig . . ,. y 1 X Q '43 . 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Suggestions in the Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) collection:

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