Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA)

 - Class of 1958

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Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 138 of the 1958 volume:

a 5 1 . ARMSTRUNG nu UF SWW 'YATTT' Q ? -Tmi O f 'flunng 'I . ' 'sig vu.-n ' 'ff' 'rump . I ,ff . 2 ,L mx. f rx - X Ham, ss E ., . ii n lim 5 a ms BE Us nw SM mm bg. ws "----n l958 gee: PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF NAH ARMSTRONG COLLEGE O F SAVAN u A 'KES 1 H an - an H fn 'SEQ X sr E H 3 32 'B rel 'if .:. E F 1 - gun: E as E ang -5 iw 5 N W T E219 ' T X , TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FEATURES BEAUTIES CLASSES SPORTS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISERS sffnof-an-chief. . . Jovce KRENSON Business Mwmgcf . PATSY NIcHoLsoN Assofmvc mum . . . HARRIEU SAPP Asst. Business Mgr. . . ARLENE HOLLAND t, Y: ,V C, FR f '?,.gg-ww 2 ef . few. gym.. . 1. - MASQ pm'-' M 7 ses' Q 1 1 saiitsfg is rn A., if 1, tires" . of' 1- -l ift 2, ff: : h Aigsiswti swing.: A e:rg,g ,Qitsw ,arf-gi -wars' Ygggxgw A5331 Mega? gs f K HSE 5 .1 ver- i fgj sm'-j 7, . , vsitfsfllfsii utisxffff ' .4'I- ' . V s If 5 .-,.:-wiresfi,.,i:tE.'u'T?'vsh,. 1 i 4- new . r -. : . - get M.'w, i Hit as gs I ' ...K I 5 N ,jig -4 Lf! . 2.7 ' ',,i'f:'w:L.',,f . . J I fi? 46 H 'fig i,,'y't M 5 fi , . t t 4 i, .T 5 iyrl Y tiefcifg. M Mfg Mi X- ' s FM New T sifriss nemesis. iss-9g i mlm. Jygm, Lk , im:-me I. 2 . new H. A jfgiyj, realm' 4, V C..Nf '45 9. 'ith 'iv 4, 5a,"'zs' L 1 ,, , if f 4.2489 9 Q-'Nffgq 1 SPECIAL DEDICATION It is hiring that we, the Staff of the 1958 'Gecrbm should pay special tribute to Mr. Herschel V. Jenkins, Chairman of the Armstrong College Commission, in this year of his retirement as chief executive of the Savan- nah Morning News. Mr. jenkins has shown deep interest in the development and welfare of our community and has given unselfishly of his time to those organizations dedicated to its expansion. Among his outstanding contributions, and one close to the hearts of all interested in Armstrong College, is the beneficial influence ex- erted by him as Chairman of the College Commission. L-,..i ., 4-,,.,,-.UM 7, .. .ss Bdriwii Q' "4 , l: , 52 ' x I 'Y w Wa ,L 1" 'T ,.,...-3 JJ- N'-ff J..,'r'f-ZS' frsfvg 'M my-4, 1' SNOW SCENES E... 'Pk .f nh... P..-it -s...,gi 1. -Q N., 5' 'M '2,,.'.'1,x -m ' yff, X f --- , , . ,J U -so Q .5 'iw 1" ,-f . fig.. - ...BA--M 3 fx, wg I -1 . , . ... .- --- ".p., .O-"' ' -1.7. - . --f' . 7 .:!, ' -9- ' V. ,n":',,, 4' 1' Z 1'-,- Av '1A-'1 VN lx 1 W WY" s X: xx 1 n K 4 ss --, .Huw , M, m -K 'XA fu xxx .I .' S -, X, 5 fn. E M 11 Q4 k , 'K mm up ,,.....-f X .hx W --1 ',..... .Dwi K Tk 5. H . A J .W I . a .1b'r-4jg:S9.,1 5 ii 5 we ,I J? 15.3 ,441 ..-wmv-r ,Ju 4 rv '- 'tx fu fm' IT' A f 'gs 'I958 'GEECHEE DEDICATON X X X we .,. X, ,X X L, -, , V Xt! .i i ' 5 f is-L' f 2 X at I., W , 5 X XXXW XXX ,Z M YT TMSQM sv? H z ssl' X XX X , X , M, .5 , :ima , I s.,1ve.."'W",, TEAM. -liaise wp?-,r 1 X X'gJiaFX'2X:s-XXX.gX,Qai3, tgps' 2 X H ,2:XswXXLm,3, 6 -.,:X-X -' aifjmiwz' 'fb t 4 ' X Wat 'XX f XX Q s :W X 4 X ,.' - X X X . M K . 'R , .H ,wa 'swrffk far .AX s -Xsrxf HX,-5,34 8 QEXXXXE me-sX?,xX awww ? X -,Xa,..X., XX st -X X ara-X -XXXXsX,Xa,XXM,aWX.a,X,-Q-XX a XWSX X. i Tr f'95XTMA1g.p'Qi If fri 'Baa es, xg-sf X '?'wf'?" ' .Xa if?-'E X.:iC,?'EX" SX? A f,eE,XXXXsff,A -sw .- Q is XXXAXX fbsti X. X H X: all f: 1 X xmzsmiwngh MNXH M , .- Xa ,-W XX N 1 5 ,ew 'X H - X, XXMKXX XX Xa a i L .sbs -,wfaawhms XX.,gX2,. , M axx' XX: XX mm XX ,af X wa as- XXXX KXXMXYXXW sw Xt r X-.12 Y, X-fist figaifilea X 'li X, 5 LT T, fits r1L,,gQHe,.PfS25X.Xf M P was f W-.: X ra-sa ' :s -XXXX, XQX , X W 'rgafffgff X N' sl at .auf Y a -' .XX X "VX X X W' aff XX K A? rv XX XX, W f ,X XX W sa A5358 1 I AA mil .,X X 5 mea XX as , X, XX,X , .,5J', K M XM X Qu, X 358 X .Mr-X K X S 'Mgf , , Q ,,,,. A ? XXMXX X! XM K Kwai , X K Was, , X Xa ilu? S 3 at saga X ., Q 5 1 3 XE. f N gan M ,XM L ai ,.pX ,ff EM ,X Qffgegfi J 'H' X ' ,izrfasssi . X X,-mg , X -am -X - XE ,X M XF X W K' s 'j X2 fait JF 'S V2 -X5 X Mg X X - X LESS X' -- XWBXXEXX-"E , H: H . XX XX ,XX- fXX" XX XX 'ma' mis m aww The staff of the 1958 'Geecbee takes pleasure in paying tribute to an outstanding member of the college faculty, Ross C. Durfce. Mr. Durfee's dynamic personality, ready Wit, his display of school spirit, and the personal interest hc takes in students in his classes and in the Masquers has made him a favorite of all. Anyone who has worked with Mr. Durfee in the Masquers or, for that matter, has just heard him preside over an assembly, will readily agree with the suitability of our dedication. ADMINISTRATION gms.--.Q a . . E W .lf 1 WYE gxew saw ss nmw?EQi ws EW' J 1 ss -Banu M - 3'2" H ,H Vs" H Z5 . BMA A P , mi M .W Q WiQziE.n wwf? Tin W ww' HBE mms ,fi ,W -- im -mm may H ss ' 9 : WW .::: m ' :.: ':' ,x -:- 5 125' m :-: K 4- Q' .:. E . 1 a , I 1 5 ms Q rm aww I, vp a X ms 55 W H leg M W F mx 5 E w , mm FS: gs? ,K W H 88 1 Q 5 :.:::.:. .. 5 ss X E HSS Q sm I Em 1 Es W in Y H Q1-H111 wwf! a ,,,. was is ms as fmqmfgg is 5 MM sf ,mime Wqg-ws :XM ng-mmm siiwamwm WM ww .MM X : f . 1 9 ms an Ewa' -ss H -Q mn .fm va Mx i ,.2 .:., .:,.:. 3. .3 ss H -:I E5:' ss . EEE, Q B 5 I" m I I H I V1 E - .-,., H . H5 , MQW H809 r 1 s s Hz-- z :S - rs na I H ss ss : A .:. Wm It EQ Q, H 3 Q w H Q H z ' LT as mga' ..iw-awk- , ,N LH..- ,JL-f,. -Lg. E an E W ma sms , ss ms B 5 W Q M E E Ei 2 538 E. 5 Engng B was ms w G H my S :im E 4: ,X as x X 51 . - J., iid' is sf Miss Jule C. Rossifer, Secretory, Mr. Joseph Harrison, the Hon. Frank Cheulham, Jr., a guest al the meeting, President Hawes, Mr, H. V. Jenkins, Chairman, Dr. Helen Sharpley, Dr. H. Y. Charbonnier, Mr. Jack E. Cay, Jr., Mr. Herbert Kaylon. Oflher members of the Commission are the Hon. W. Lee Mingledor5, Jr., the Hon. H. Lee Fulton, fhe Hon. Victor B, Jenkins, Dr. Irving Viclor, Vice-Chairman, Mr. William Early, Mr. John Miller. THE CCLLEGE COMMISSIGN P 10 4 mv xxx sf sm a 'sm ms ms Q a x ss fs: ss mm ass Em sf ms was my x an K ww dw a .-1 E x. 'pm- fs A rx X a S, M wiv A R. Z . Hwggggg me F5125 .UK ' -N Tvs PRESIDENT FOREMAN HAWES s fm 5.5 .:. Sw 23s.:.fe.. 3 A . 1-X M a - ,, . X 5 2, N .,.,. 5' .- fa 'A Q w f, Wim L x I F, ' Q 5 :-: 4555:-: W sv h J' Yfgwws H.-as w ' s v f J' f . ff .. 'Q .ff ELIZABETH POUND HELEN MEIGHEN MARJORIE MOSLEY Manager of the Bookstore Secretary of the Ezfmzirzg College Secretary to the President is 'S f ll ,Ms A X me J '35 .X ,Q X s X A N- I Y. fx- 1E ,H K A ANGELA MCBRIDE AND RUTH BURNS Szuitrltlmurzl O llf'l'!1f07'S ELLA CLANCY Assistant to Nye Librarimz' QT? CS' ,a 419 fx 'fun J .I MINNIE CAMPBEI,I. ELIZABETH I-I1TT JULIA FRAKER, Secretary to the Registrar Veterans Afairs Offrrr Assistant to the Rrgistrar CAROL BOND, Clerical Assistant if V3 fg- H , fi , , K f -sam, Avxs G. BARNES I fisfmctor in 1Cbvmistry LORRAINE ANCHORS Instrucfor in English, Coordinator, Student Persoimcl Service . W. ORSON BEECHER 1,,,4,,,, -u.,. :,. T1:.4...... X QV STEPHEN P. BOND 'V' Insiruclor in Engineering Drawing iii gilnv WILLIAM E. COYLE JAMES CHARBONNIER . 14, I nstru-:for in History and lnstrurtor in French, German and Hzstory Polifiml SL-jgm-g pn. " '.. 'V- ,-.... .... 4 sl' Q.--f-' wg,--. ,' --.- ,v 1, ,,,,.1-11 I 1 111. fl- Xiu' iffvv wrnw , 1 ,rm v vi . 1-"1 ,El1'1.-1 1.0 r ,,1,11 ,.. pf., 1 .1 1 1 . .. Q-1' 1' wnzzw W, 'W . 1.,-'Q .br " ,mum 11- e, 1, ig, 191-131. . .- N, 1111 1' al I-4' A " 'H Q . . f1Y5wn:.v.1" ' ' TL .mm , '-:sw . Lanq-Lfn'g: -Mm... . 1 1 Mm '.a .11 1 v- " .11 vw'-.' .1 ,,,1 1 TNA ' 11 1 111111111111-11'-'f LAMAR W. DAVIS Instructor in Business Administration 1 1 mm " 11 N11 1 1 1 11 1 1 21111 1.4- 1 11mm qi , mmm -x 11 ww 1 el 1 11-111' +1 ' 1 v 1411, 14' "' 1113 1 mn '11 ' ,,. ,W W.. "I N-1+ Wm' 'rinzz bm.. ,. X . Nf' 11 1 1- , X 11:1 1- M2 30,1 V I e 5 H' 31.1111 W, ' 1g',,,1' -f ff 1 1 11 v 1113111 J 31 11 "1 wfmf' 111 11111'l1fv" M11 1','1 1111111111 11 4 1 if 4' 1 , 1 -5' R 1 2 ' W s . ff . -. . - , . . -1 g jj-1 N11 .,k. E I. ., I E .'-1,1L.'f53i1'EEEE5, ff -'Irv 111- 1 11:--. .g.--.'.-g:1-".13,1-..:-A -rf 1 --1:m:1:,..1.t-: 1,33 .fu 1 1 .gfiig ' -, A ..::I:- 'f Q1 'zpti 771115 'QS 7.KSN':il1521Sr:1w-Qs E fgffiq' -'zip 1 N ,,,,,, ,, if 15, ,, 1,.-1 , ,:A.-.- ..-.11 'IQ .5 .+L -131.-1-1 r' 111 :S-j-A .. ::z:t:.:i1. ,. , -Q1-Q-3.-ff. ::j:m1,b.,- .,,.1.1...- ' ..1- 1. . -Q 1,fq9, ., ...,...,..11 g::.1g.-15 ,121 t .14 ..g?'k?4f'..1 ...,.,1----v v - , - fn, 1. .1512 - .,..,.....,. ,,,1.,. 36- ,11 .1 ' 11.1, 11.1. gq ,- .......,1..,. - ,.w,. ,,.,..,11- .-,. JN., 1,,5g.,..f ......f.,- - ,,- 1 .4 1 1.:1- :ff.--:s--- .,: ,.....fg1-E.. -g 111 1 -g,1,,..-.11171 -1-., ,,v'.p.f.,. -15.815 1, .lfTE1ll1Q1Z1Z1'ZIi!f,. ': ' 1 1' '11 ,115 .42 ....1E:.,m..y,,u1. .1.1 an . ..Q,,:,.1,.1, .,,1Y:..,:..,.g ...j...,,n.,1,-1531.1 3'-' 11.11. 1.11-,.-1.55, g:gfg?,,.,f .1 1-1,,.11g .. , 1 .- 5: --. .,,.,..,1.11-.55,,..., 'Agn , 1.,-.V ,v1,,.,. ,h...,,..., ...,.,.,-y:z......:. ,,. I 111- ,,,-1,.1.7 1fl1Cll1Zll1.1""Z5T-M - "'3X'1'11,1lI11511 1 11,-". -1-iz"'fL' ,...,,1..-wgggi.-151: ,i1L1!1.". 1 31111111 -g3M,,.+ 1.:i1i1ZIl'lZI1I.1r1,.1:1 --2111-11. "hui, -A-45" --lawn... ,.,:....,1,.1..15g:.-g-.. ,1 1.1-31-1-2 ,..11x., ,11. 1 :---7:z-gggr:i:!1-:r- .L '::2.1111,.'1 1 1-wr-'1'f::f.'I,:'31:. 31113111-' '-3"-1-':1i1l135.L--' '-.'. 'E,:',t:Z.1L'iZi'1"iT1Y'2Z3.1.-11will zzzztrzz..-----5.1 1'.......1...1...11111-111:--wt! ,Q ,,...,....m35., 11. -. .,...,..1,11 M1111--5g,g,1f3......,..1gg,.,1,:. .:...3:.:...- . Mm,,....m. , , .:2:,.... 1.1 1-'L'1':'L ,am ' 1:1:1.3.13,- '11 - ,....XJ..112111111311m-,xg.,.-,y5g '1N'.n1'.'.'-4:1'-..- M.1....-'1-11,.w1.13-1- g '1?11fg",'15-1,.31, .Q .11.1..:'.'1Z1Z1 1 1" 1 11:0 ,..113'351i5q521..1.-Eg, ., -5151...11.11,..111.51g115fggf .I11frg','H5, :,.1sg.,..3, ,,, .1 ,A ..,..,. ,,. ,,., H ,,1l,3m,.iy... , -,..,..,.111 ...,g, In 1 11. vm .V ,V -4 .:.::.:::' 1 '- ':...1g:: - - 31. ' . . . 1 , . . . gg: .. 1 'r'-1 a z-. - 1 's ,.,:'41w111.-. 1 1 , .1 ":1Z.1:..1 .ek .311 ' - 112111.11 ' ' "', fqjffail 1- 11.f"1'f ., nf..-35373-A . !1111:.1Qu .1.1. 1,-,, ,... 1... ..1.,, 1 1 , Hr,-, 1 1 I sv 1 v 1 .1 G ...M 11111 .11 414 v-Y 1 of the Masqners A, :Lf ROSSITER C. DURFEE Instructor in English and Direrto W 75' rp 1 1 K1 Wah I fi ws.: 4' , JOSEPHINE S. DENMARK LET 5 ' Inxtrucfor in Home Economics Bi K i -1 mn was ,sw we 1 N . 15 1 1 L: ' " A X! p .gy HARTLEY ECKERSON .:f:-., . , .... Cbemzvtry Laboratory Instructor mms mn 320 .m, yr". ..,4 JOHN L. M. mis ISLETS Instructor in Pbyscis if R lf' RosA B. HOPSON Instructor in Frwzcb and English 1 11 1' J F' x--Si 1113 7 .1 Ha C Aa S5-.mfs P W. ., .. is-P 1' 'lug , , :.:.:.: . , I 5 ju s mr' zzz . xii IL LUTRECIA A. HUNTER Instructor in Matbcmatics 2 !r Tv TED L. HUNTER Instructor in Psychology and Sociology --D' -W ' 1 .. xi .. M ss EssIE D. JENKINS Instructor in Typing 5' ELMO M. MCCRAY Instructor in Biology I l F ' 4 r E' H ' . xg. if .f ' ,,.,. fl - f MUR1E1. B. MCCALL Instructor in En glisb anal Librarian ' 'f ,.Q. , Q - ,Ki 5 lg , W fairs A "X 09' ,-E5 MARGARET S. Luns Instructor in French and English ,,g".'E' .", '. , I Us WT 9 1 .Q-. W Q W JAMES HARRY PERSSE Instructor zn Music, Faculty Aclwsor or Student Publications , ,.,. , g,k,5 M ,, ' :,1l'fY ...- V I .WTR , x mmm' my LEWIS I-IAcoon OWEN Instructor in Chemistry W V H F 1-552 A , 1" .' mar' ROY J. SIMS Instructor in Physical Education and Basketball Coach FRANK P. SIVIK Instructor in Biology 'Sl' V MARY STRONG ROBERT I. STROZIER Coordinator for Technical I nstitutc Program 17 Instructor in English ai! is In -""'-' fir .I I A I QL, 'V-'AAAI-L I ,I h.H,u-D w A 1+ f-fy9?'?'2".7:'-' ' "TY I I I W ' 1 -'1'f"'ff'I":"l'i'ff 71. DOROTHY M. THOMPSON Instructor in Psychology and Sociology NANCY P. SUMMERS I nsfrncior in Commerce ve II 'Z' Si' 5 . fi I, Q IA iv UH W , I 5 I Ii- ' IIE , If I I ri-5 jan, if jk, bij I E I .Agni iss swg I Q., E M I 5 Wg, Q, . I Ii-R 311' F53 1 Iss si I: A 2 I If R Ian WW HMT' ,H if H HG I MI ,II I nsirucfor in Business Administration Bi . KZ W , RH s A MW w W: - N we I 1 I I-NI A WI favs E ,, gww MW- W " H13 E II ww EFI-I my as A manga QI WJ? IPI IQ, A I ,,.SV,ag?g , Axim I WMI. swim BQ?5s2'ig I IH H RI: RT sis ' ' wIf2ff? W-mm I I -,IEW I , A132155 A H 7 I ,VAN I II, is I W WN? mga I EI? A ,Xa 2 In A 55 WILLIAM L. TRAVIS I nsbruclor in Physical Sciffncc' and Engineering Drawing LOUIS A. THOMPSON W V 4 II BM- :xr A xxx A Q4 .I AA In I W Wsffms E W, DOROTHY MORRIS WADE WILLIAM S. WINN Instructor in Physical Eduicafion for Wmrzen 18 Instructor in Mathenmbics fr. . , ,hw - ,. 1 X x ,.-- ...- FEATURES ,,--,il V Ma.. Q gg!- .4 Au. nm mn U WY gn x is H f Q 5 E I :windham fgisaq 1 X W -4 Ms 5+ ag f-W an in-img, Q, W I f . 4 FL . J 0 Qi- ENV! x 1 GET-ACQUAINTED DANCE 2, x X, . 1 . 1 h-. 1, lkwN min. all -We ..... '35-w' J x f-. 5: gg: Q 5 nr M4 -ggi, Y, m 'SY' - W ,gat wtfgx Mx N, eff, . 5- . .0 ,.. "T 'TT"" 71 'NWT W 'S-2 5' "r ffl T "gif I QF ' x lvf 1 any in , -N, , j , 7' u o A . w VZ 1 - "!x4i' 1 pu. xn- u nw' 7131 QAWWA-fm N- lf ,Qi x A , N4 AEM N L, W , H lg, Q .Q Q CM, .,.,, 1 ,,,,., 1xAQ A,,x,J W AJW7 Rafi , mm 3 ngsfwv x. fab , 2 ff,. w. Vw ,Y :Qi 2. . - ..., y ..- L- Freshman King and Queen and members of the Home:oming Court: Ann Herrin, Neil Perkins, Susan Dolan, Billy Ray, Charlie Kilpatrick, Ann Burkhalter, Clavin Cross and Judy Glisson. HOMECOMING DANCE Tom Edenflelcl and Joan Coons reign as Freshman King and Queen of Homecoming. .575 ', if r w H4 ,lx :wa US f 'F Bubba Haupi and Beverly Hursey, last year's royalty crown fheir 1958 counter- parts. 1 aw Y. 2: A N, W Main, .' L 55204 M 5 envim w T . .:., il- Q 1 L, ask - s z, 5, '1 v f".- MMF- . A A qm- vi.-wgg w -4. H E G ,Q W I Enifsw, in V: 1 W 1, 1 ss .A.sssw' 'L an iw M., f-A Q.. vw ,Ji as Yi. HSM' my wsfga K .J MISCELLANY 11 A v ,N I l A4 .4Q, -a-1-- -- F fi 5 NC g iq, W I'D .ai-1' Q I is if 0 V' f i nf. 'lv , 1 I-sg" th. ,J ZW we 1 MN bgxwf Q- H' ww-, Qaimw M LMQHQQ 'wr ,Am M K TE..,f.,,ku5,,ffg-W.,-,?W k..M,,. Hai -X Tw if iv-ffm' mx Singh iimnaukm rw 'X N 1- f. Nfl an my Q H sem M M Q M AfA,. 2 SX M 5 AE . Q .. Q 'Ag'-'QEPQX--1f5f,,3g?.gSW E5E,,H2,g5F5H igglhgwfief ,NSW M wg :MJ--M ,. 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I Emmy :X A H, wx mf Q M 'GEECHEE DANCE li TW B MISS VICKI BEALL, LAST YEAR'S QUEEN, CROWNS ANN BURKHALTER BEAUTIES E QE wwf' Ja. H EQ mwmm mms ss was as ,na -yn ww few 1 X., ss ,. ,. is V9 Q O I awww Us QE 'EEE' 'fisfizxql K.: guns 'ZW X ,H vm, x 5 mlm 3 H 9 ESE? 5 ww Ewa? S F w mega Wgwmyzm-,N Www M M we " nga vv- am EEN Ag any Hg EM . H9155 swam x F X Mhmiei if Q sms? mam: mu was 335535 FEEL agus hmm gm 5:4 Wh .ggi we Y aff' xx : Ni, ...X Singny may. ,sms Qfgsm mm W5 may am: away hum! nf Ei if Q, E. in f:M,, . H E Mm v Q5 W 55533 E Z. 11- 2 n a xsngim min EE mn., F s-.www wqmgfggf msn? ma Bm sm n K W 1 QE Y H H mmm ' w . uw um ss a ms ss a a mn ms mf Kgs 1 E w M15 E mn ms an HF w Al' Q ss u W , Q 55 H km L. m f ss 2 3 ,.,. 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B B gs all hr an -'v' ..: n X F A ss uf- ,A u ss X, A ws - nm U ss -5 - mf Y s W ss n .9 is 1 A EYE' I H Nu-1--' '7- vm sm B Mm .,. . ..- 55 -.---ee-7-2 H ' ". i'3n"" B ma ' .l - qlatbivn .gv-A1 L f- - 5 ,Q E H 2 M I ,,,.. -4 H-,'t ,ms gf W- ' ' ,THQ -1 E E ,.'M'ng,'fQ' Y --U, , B HMM 'u-A1A,".f' 2 - Y .- U, '- -' " :J 2 se" H -X E ' .1 , ' h .Y A ew .. V.. , ' '1.- ml mn B' -"M ", --1. ,,m,w,m mwmw .f1Y'-- ,. ,-,m ss Q' In. , ' H ' B B' BPEBSSB K ' . , w B- ' - 1, n ss '9",?'w xv ,Q ,M my 1 E ss BK U1 0 1 'c I ' 1 2 'sw . , I I H w,-Fm , .V N I 5 4 L A - .w F 1 X , ' 5:2 H I 'I 9 " , e' V, Neil Perkins Leonard Herb Pete Anderson Gary Allen Jim Foughner , N .W Billy Knighf and Ed Burns CCo-Capfuinsj Bubba Huupi Gil Werntz Mike Burt Bill Knight Billy Roy NW 1... S..-f Coach Roy Sims 1958 'GEECHEES The 1958 'Geechees got of? to a time start winning six of the Hrst nine games. As the season progressed the going got rougher and the club ended with a ereditahle fifty-litry record before losing an additional game in the State Tourna- ment. All agree it was the serappiest and best all-round Arm- strong team in recent years. ARMs'r11oNcg OPvoN11N'rs X0 Ga. S,west:rn . . 69 49 South Georgia . . 61 90 S. Ga. Trade . . . 65 73 Baldwin .... 79 70 G. of Charleston . Sl 76 Norman Park . 68 230 Ga. S'western . . . 100 82 Norman Park . S4 66 S. Ga. Trade . . . 71 71 Baldwin. . . . 77 47 South Georgia . . SS 73 Middle Georgia S8 84 West Georgia. . . 81 79 Ga. Military . 81 63 Southern Tech . . S7 75 Ga. Military . 74 64 Soothe n Tech . . 55 57 Middle Georgia 64 STATE TOURNAMENT S0 ...... Middle Georgia . . 76 Action in the Georgia Southwestern game, ...R 1 I 7 xr QV .iv 'W if' n. 6 I 'ASS' r 'Ei X . , ,Y-K 5-6 JeJ,fi 'xx Q- F -, :ALM N ag as va 'H' Q A , e ,f . Q ,Y ,i i k f "M wh' W I Q H ff .. 1 I 4 I I 7 Wr- W E E 3, 'Q E as 5 . gi as mg' si A will -2 ,X .R 'If ' QE? .. X .1 ' U1 .H A, .1 - ,X S5111 - 1?fQmL.,,,g.,L I MM -M. mf. an ,EN ,Eg .:,,:::w if wk gr 52:51 , N51 ' 1 Wh? Q - k Ii: J' M! El 4... 5 ss za v f P -3 if it .....-n 11 kg, s 4 ' Al' if . Couch Roy Sims, Bubba Huupt, Gene Jones, Roy Sims, Russ Williamson, Colvin Cross. INTRAMURAL BOARDS U v -L Mrs. Wade, Harriett Sapp, Sue Rossiter, Frances McGrath, Rose Cordruy. 'Iii 'Sw 'z IH. I nv nb'- V ff' L1 'Jw ,'. '15 -2 .H 44g XB: 023: H n ss .x 5 ss Q. -Q ms 1' r fi tu J- I . ,V -at' A f ' H W K i a is l 2 5 K 1 -W i , , husk. K .ffl 'Qi 4 1 1 l' in M L A F E R S Charlie Wood, Jerry Smith, Gene Jones, Russ Williamson, Jcl:k Rollins, Roy Sims, Bill Swartz. ,,.....f -V-M,,,.,,,,,..,....V-W 71 Bubsy Ryan, Cal Cross, Chud Fields, Gene Jones, Lou Wcldhour, Lance Smith. 77 Wfmwaw, . -Am S C H L A R S Gil Werntz, Jim Foughner, Phil Kandel, Charlie Wood, Lance Smith, Steve Grady, Bubsy Ryan MY ,f V 1 '47, .-,1-4 Charlie Wood, Jerry Smith, Harold Veno, Bubba Haupt, Chud Field, Tom Edenfield, Lance Smi1h, Phil Kandel. l K Rose Cord ray, captain, ' - -45, 1, W, -- vW W 1 .. W .W WA l,:I:S::: 'f-:7':-: -:- ' :5- " 52 K Y , i:i.... we F ifi? W Q 'l eeway .1- E :.: W W W W WW W :W W mg WW WW W- W WWW W WW W i , emu ,Nga again msmsggxn 7 x wifi 22,W5,,WWgW1WW'1j'WW1' ,, ,W W, ,W , M W ., m vial 'M is r 1 as 5, ms li as n an m gifs WWWWW ww oungblood, Harriette Sulton, Anne Mills, Suzanne Malone, Lucy Trosdal, Patsy Nicholson, and Kay Thompson. WW mlm is 555 'nWW"i xS??Wg5W3P-fk'l'WWWWW2?WA 11 LMI an ms We WWWWW W :Wir W--:M r-W W is wez WWn1WWW :WWW W: i E me WEE WW E :fW SWK-3 W: We We is W r' v E W W WW W W WW W W VW W WWW 5 HW if H W wg?M:W,f1fWWWWWWWWW:WfWWfW M ms: msg mW ge W? g M'f1.,g WWUUW. ,r W WWW Www WWWW WNW K WWWWWQW,,Ww,-1W. Wa W W H WSW We Q Kg- WPmMW?3Wff'-WsiW'W1WK' W f W WW as Nags E Emma MN WNW, E EE MV- SS W V-ESS EH! H ws was n WE all we AW W WW S E WWW HWW-L, W I W WW BEAM HWWWWWE gqw WWW-H A EE f'Q.Sw .MLN Wgewlafgjf- W . W1 W .gg msmlgzggxszmxgsjiiesgzxzgimsgssbgfA5-x-21255 -.WWWWHWWQ W WW WW WYWW WWWM vW WW BW 'MWWQH EWW ws nu H asm? HV! if S , W 2 H ,J WW EVM: . ,MW www . -Wv. Y QQ: x W WWXWWQ ZQHWW W Zum E .QW L WW W WW , Wm ,Y Wm W W K HW URBWFF i Y W W WW W WW WW BK ms Diane Arnold, Joan Coons, and Sam Kelly. WWW x ip-wi e A hz L -W Bm , 1 M HH Sally Caire, Mickey Araia, .lo Helen Holman, Frances Wong, Joan Harrison, QWWWWWW ie gxggwmn 2435 wg E EX: vga ia W 1 5 W- 1 f Lafiggw 55 skies fx, ,ew xx , mamggm 5 a s E935 F WW SW f fi Q Wwi Min W mf WL -me -:milf -xyTfs5'?t.5,Ei iff?-Y? K W L L , W ti" ' EQQY 4 .WE 2 y W if , :REQ-F921 W. Ww 2 SFFQ ine X XXXXEX as E lx K X X Kg X X XT 1 sz msgs A, X H -Wi ii ' X :X-lm -in 2. mf M f swan! X X' 4 X 5 - X SI k' Y X .X SSB 'ISS B XXX Xa gs -- HBE an B988 XX XX E B XXX X X m Xa Y Xsmmxmnmsms -B XX XX X X X XX XX BXXX XX Harriett Sapp, caplaing Judy Glisson, Clelin Missroon, Mary Jon Slocomb, Sharon Peters, Ann Burkhalter, Marsha Torrance, Mary Ann Roberts, and Barbara Myers. XX.,XX X, X XXX XXXXXX mi XXXXXX XXXX XX .X XXXX E X MXXQW XXKXH LX X XX QXQE1 XXEH M aww X , i EXW X? :A 2 XX 5 X X. is M 1 XX X XX , . X XX MX, ll ,Xl 3 ws? W X X K XX .gm L XX All X Xs- XX X X X K :ga mb' H. , . V -new XS, XM- XQXM mn ummm fx XX - ' n E 'www' s p X. XX X , XX XX X -Hf?fXXXHvfgX ESX QXX XX XX - XX mmm . FX X if -B SS . X X X HEX X X rx XX K mf X XX X 1 n mn rances McGrafh, capfaing Irma Holland, Donna Waters, Arlene Holland, Carol Hinely, and Ann Beasley, SU X ss ms as XX 1 FW f INTRAMURAL ACTION ACTIVITIES 4 ss Q r. X 1 N A B xwu as ' "na sf w N m ss i is Y YYWEV sf H ' m W si s Q n mg A-1 Q a :- U41 H E B Bw N W-H -EH HMM .ww L H 1 ? mamma EEN KQEKB asm yum E5-,gal-I5 mmgmw E 5 E ' 5 fn ,mm m Mx' ss an ss. - E ,., w fa ' .. , E W .E , MW M, -may 5,5 U H 2 EK J UE .xl' 52.3',fw,: W . l ,Z M 4.1 :uf .MW X L W, Q., f . 5 ,Q ms - v zu ---W , 5 5 'K X E gs fn ss , gn, M .4 1M Fi W. wi was ,.M,,wl .VZ-lay ,M , 4 wa X Q' V. -ff " H , H . . iw N ww . Q sv: A Ag mwwaf MQ-1 rl aim M na Emma X ps - an xx--:ng -1 H ss Q 1 :B xl. ma - ss mf 8 aww I5 - 1 W H5 if 2-. -W., fl. my M Wing? Wg Hug MQWEK .Um H. K ws as N My was E,-,W , .P an Q ss ss l may ss " Q 5 E ' W if XM x-55125 S32 ,x 5.5: Eggs, x:,gmEmggx,fiE?L g3g.Qg,5:HmELf.'xaE4- V Z m Sw vi mm gm.: sa fzss sm m 1 -ss Aw A- sf ss 5 ms ss g H g Bmw S N E 'E Es L 55 B W 5? . 'IE 2 sz -mmmgmsfrxsx-xngmmgm ss'-vigmmajg 1 K 'H 'E Em an mxxx may .W an mm Y? sms Q S1 Kgs he W ,- sw : is gi 2 Q MQ 'Ekvs Wmam W WX 5Sf:aws2'- T Q W Hum ESE wg mf Wmnfw Q' fx M .nw .Q gs -Us N Nm M, gmgwgwy f RNA may Haig mggwmgffy Egwm. , E ms M gms Q58 ,W E gg X . ss W E as mx an 1 - , E .ss E ss Hmm EEE gm Q if W EX wg Wa sw -'QQ fm ss mam mwsglwwfeig ggfmgmfgn gg ,5,vHris'HJ-L 5' ww E :na n mg as E am E K ss an .4 Us nm- ma ms as E ,K M. A- - E EZ W5 W MwfffNw.,',,Qi'w A mfs W mia rieaw 5 uw w Bam Q Q a. x ss rs A S1 X1 H H sa E A E saw Q4 'min fl an sa- xx- 'SQ A, W V, MHA: m W -wg 'ss J' .4 H fmt N - ma ff? 2 N, iimmgk map W, me sf: w mu as mamma ay' m1-gig? . m-- ggi W is 1 ' - ' wg. H Q QE E W JgEia.A5EQEiwgiE f ' ,ni W My E' A sz-fm' E ..,., . Ig HEJQ WZ QW-vi: ww H H M' H A Hg . H-Q' ww: H E M r .,.,.,.. , . , 95 Wg M gym . MMA ss .,.51 EEf's.wg,,EE xx BB gm Missa?-gm? B 'fvnyhs Q Q w at as w ' ffjgw -'Z 54 E25 H Zh' Kim mx 1 m',"HpgW gx4m,pgw.BE:g1 EW AK if H . EE' 4 Z WE :Q H' fi 2: I' g 1 -'-a we M ' day wiggwwggv 25539 5 H G . Fm HX ,B Jw I, 3 m I , f Q , ' -'fee 4 ww- - A was mm-, Eng-Alrg ggj, --if . . Y... sm Ffrsf row: Tom Edenfield, Sue Rossiier, Judy Eure, Bubba Houpf. Second row: Anne Mills, Sharon Peters, Ann Youngblood, Joyce Krenson, Rose Cordray, Beverly Hersey, Patsy Nicholson. Lasf row: Bill Schwartz, STUDENT SENATE T . H' E -- N , ,fa . -Eau QsFmn""f-lf , ,J n Judge Victor Jenkins swears in Senate members. P' 1 x N - t s ..,,:"x OFFICERS OF THE STUDENT SENATE President ......... BUBBA HAUPT Secretary . . . . JUDY EURE Vice President . . TOM EDENFIELD Treasurer . . SUE Rossrrmz Sharon Peters, Chairman of the Interim Committee, turns over the gavel to Bubba Haupt, President of the- Student Senate. as si as :H Es? k K S 2 x M - 1 A H. 5 ml Q Em Si :Ai Bw 23 EAL, K fm .1523 HEI iw .T I .T ai. ligngmrgkfmkfw-KK-m'5 53588 H525 'Wang Q.Cw1iW 'Egg mi . im fgs HHN is 'mjgx Ulf! ' H vu H BB 85 ' H Q H H EE '-,SW SMH mfg' W H M A -f J 5? M191 Wim- H M-ggi , Ewa vm mm M 1 .QM M E E E- ,, wav, SEEK RK as X A M 53 M -Q sw ml W sig' -S mm sl -gi 5 M gm Wgm H-Q! -Q M 2 F s www :I La-H ,X W ff ss- -is: snag In ' yi H ,wise w .mm E'-'lf .P K 1 , JOYCE KRENSON Ediior-Fn'Chief as T - as ff HARRIETT SAPP ARLENE HOLLAND Associafe Edifor Assisfanf Business Manager 86 THE 'GEECHEE F? lidlaufl Z9 ,4- PATSY NICHOLSON Business Manager mv W w. ,4. ,pf K 1 U B53 -,. K-45.33 yn M A 2 , .sg G.: uf U was 'T W fm Qi., z ,af f VS-Q, gM2if, V' Y' uhS5S2n:R?if as ma mix 5 'X L R," , 4 nag xx E E mr E i :W Y I+- V .. 5 X ff nk 5 - ' i QE ., .EaE,,g:W"4..W. :yr , iv' , 'fa 1 Q ,uk wWT..f,M I L S - 2 Q xv QQQ AS m W fag' a ' Q " 5 N 2- "Eg: -S L 53912 H H M ' 'N . 1 E1mQX?..2r?s2,fi " 'Y f , Ns KWH k X H sf? fu , U-'xii m-.B QPR is Q ' J . .- F W ., 7- S3 .nk Q-nn gil, Q-5,5 as sf ss gm 1 if , 1 M31 , ji A hyat !! , M .A igs,:wi3? I W , A .E .... NA my -ff 'Mi' -1 ,I 5 ' F ' Ci E 1 W 1- w fm B H E ,..-J X SHARON PETERS LORNA LAPP Fgafures BBGUHBS 'Yi BOB FENNELL E Sporis xx N 3555: ROSE CORDRAY ANNE MILLS Classes Acfivifies SECTION EDITORS M H fmfw ,I ,max ,.s-EE Emi M an B S, my ms um x mms E. Q ss ss 4. Qld nm s. . E E 'Nj 3 :.: - ., ., H, H in ANN YOUNGBLOOD SUE ROSSITER 87 Adminisfrcfion BUSINESS STAFF '57 mf B , w- '-sw. .ci Leif fo righi: Ann Beasley, Arlene Holland, Potsy Nicholson, Carolyn Brinson, Freeda Stanford, and 5 5 . W l li H..-f.,.,o .. Alice Ann Duggar. if leff fo righf: Anne Mills, Sara Harrell, Marsha Torrance, Ann Burkhalfer, Barbara Harriet! Sapp, Rose Corclray, Lynne Hallman, Bob Fennell, Paisy Nicholson, Lorna 88 Mordecai, Ann Herrin, Sharon Peters, Freeda Stanford Lapp, Kay Thompson, Harriet Sutton, and Joyce Krenson THE INKWELL ax f - ,4 N X.-X gi WILLENE FISHER Business Manager L. E,.n"W1- CHUCK WHITEHURST Managing Editor I. HN HOPKINS Edifor fwi 4 .4 gs .. .gi ' x - , .. 55 ' JV. .., .E:vj3:j:3 QM. - ' -f'5QIff- :Li l 'X 8. L36-XHM 12 J Q a ss E lm 'E lmffisy B , LORNA LAPP Reporfer and Columnisf sm E 2 2 ' NABYV'-1 1 -- W B NL H Q ,md M Q xxw ,Lawn F wx H Q32 .x ..:' 1 ,.,.zE.:Vi .mg v B Jun: mtxfn hu. W ss m, I mai sham Y, ms, xkxz' may u LABXNWEXEP D 1 'uw ms SMF Members: Willene Fisher, .lack Rawlins, Ann Youngblood, Pa? Carter, Lorna Lcpp Mickey Aram I I .1 Mickey Arafa, Mrs. Denmark, I. E ' QI, :za N ' E I , w A Why I N E W :' 'kgrx nm H H Jyf' warms w N MMM ,ww N 2 -E W M H mmm HM W.-my HMM 5 Wm f SM sm: E M W - rw . W X E is ,E . QM K H N VM mm Hvjgw B Mfg W Hmmm swam H EW xl Mm E X , H, H . E H H H H , MM H H 1 Mm Q H H aggwm. mgmssmggs. 5-mu-Qu ml msgs na, amiga mx n SS' 'SSE Bm B B M W H -A M W E WW HM Sggggmw Hmmm, nm E mei fx H wow my N Q f E HE !:. Y . .E 3, Vi g 1:-.1 . .D .gm ,qs ss ' A ss 1- Nr. Q '1 MM . .L ' M11-4 ucy Trosdal, Linda Herrin, Ann Youngblood, Judy Eure, Donna Waters, Elizabevfh Reid, Suzanne Mdlone, Erma Holland. .iffy T, MRS. JOSEPHINE DENMARK Advisor ji ' Q ,, -," Elm? . -M JL, .. 91 1 I A ,, , msn mmsnfw W x . S, V K - K Q x S X v .. .1 J awmal X95 X is W BETA LAMBDA Bubba Huupf, Suzanne Malone, Bill Fox, Donna Waiers, Lorna Lupp, Ann Youngblood, Carolyn Brinson. Sue Rossiter, Sharon Peters, Beverly Hursey, Lucy Trosdal, Anne Mills. DANCE COMMITTEE ws ' Z! BEVERLY HURSEY, Chairman si s a my :sn n ms, nz! ' m v Willene Fisher, Esferine Dawson, Leonard Smith, Calvin Hodges, Brownell, John Hopkins, Calvin Cross, Lorna lapp, Rose Cordray, Torrance, Pat Carter, Suzanne Malone, Louise Cunningham, Joyce The Christmas Concert. Q3 A 6 ig sf, ll ,l J. Masquers: Bill Fox, Sharon Peters, Ann Youngblood, Louise Cunningham, Joyce Krenson, Judy Williams, Elizabedh Reid, Tay Harmon, Tiena Van Puffelen, lorna lapp, Nathan Coleman, Marsha Torrance, Anne Mills, Bill Fulghum, Jack Rawlins, lou Waldhour, Davy Williams, Lebby Colson, Cecil Pacehi, Harris Lewis, John Hopkins. THE MASQUERS r OFFICERS: Bill Fox, Vice President Sharon Peters, Secreiary-Treasurer, Ann Young- blood, President, Toy Harmon and Lorna Lapp, Senate Representatives, Louise Cun- ningham, Historian. MR' Ross DURFEE Direcfor of fha Masquers Tiana Van PufTelen and Sam Magee as mother and son in lbsen's somber tragedy. is FALL PRODUCTION lbSel1'S "GHOSTS" Tiena Van Puifclen . Mrs. Alving John Hopkins . . . Pastor Manders Sam Magee . . Oswald Alving Jackie Prow . . Regina Engstrand Bill Fox . . Jacob Engstrand I Mila: - 'Q ,pu ww- ix , r ' ,,T if 'dwxr' -- i Eve P i-K em' 1 , . 'Aw U1 WINTER PRODUCTION "STAGE DOOR" Harriet Sapp as Terry Randall Harris Lewis as Keith Burgess Louise Cunningham as Judith Canfield Fred Lubs as David Kingsley Rose Cordray as Kaye Hamilton Patty Williams as Helen Orcutt ii! new U ide WTI' mf i: X ,l s 2 M 4 if ' fzfwaffai LZ! 5. .-o I . - M... sw, ...- N .M Mm fx y A 132A .w X wx H.. ji M -Y " HHH Huy. iggi. Aww 0 'Y M?.,.N M Em, ,MEM WDM fl, Em vnxzynx-.T4 Q2 5 an ,mix Iii- Magid' init: WEN .H ., i Hd X x 'x ww wa 2 s x ' Y Me r,,v L 5535 3255 s 'sf D ' Y' 3' N., 21' ,N 5Fyf lcml, K' - i e C qv D E B A T E is Leff fo righf: Palsy Nicholson, Jackie Prow, Marsha Tarrence, Anne Spencer, Bill McCroy, Robert Porier and James Grenade. Mr. Beecher is the advisor. -is-L . , -gu- S C I E 1-. Left fo righf, firsf row: Mack Jones, president, Ward Lariscy, Barbara Mordecai, Rose Cordray. Second row: George Spirideif Chuck Ainsworth, Nicki Ganns, David Nichols, Donald Davis, Larry Schramm and Harald Willei, Mrs. Hunier is the advisor. C E , i C A il, 'B 11 C7 Q7 gf' of im ff A X Around: Clelio Missroon, Goil Lofiiife, Helen Schusfer, Ernestine Rizza, Faye Anderson, Anne Beasley, Michael McDowell, Rudy Anderson, Jane Rodgers, Harriet! Sapp and Joy Harrison. Mrs. Summers and Mrs. Jenkins are the advisors. E S C jur- s,.s - .5 M ,rsgggfii u 3:5 YE 4 ::.: .:. ' 1: S 'Vg E WSW R1 51 Around: Jane Righfon, Larry Schramm, Freedu Stanford, Patsy Nicholson, Bubba Haupt, Wilbur Dellinger, Eldred Riley, Anna Mills, and Roddy Guerry, presidem. Mr. McCroy is the advisor. W.. First row: Jock Rollins, Ann Spencer, Bill Fox. Second row: Mr. Bill Coyle, Willard Kirkland, Lance Smith, Andrew Ryan. Third row: Rudy Anderson, Aline Heitman, Judy Williams, Berry Hurst. Last row: Bill Deloach, Tom Edenvfield, Herberi Ellzey, Bill Ray, Susan Dolan, Charles Wood, Richard Field, and Frank Fennell. 1 ,ie xl 2- 1,-xr if' I' I YOUNG DEMOCRATS OFFICERS-Leff fo righf: Lance Smikh, ireasurerp Bill Fox, Senme represenlfafivep Mr Bill Coyle, faculty advisor, Ann Spencer, corresponding secretary: Jock Rollins, presi dent, Willard Kirkland, third vice presidenh Andrew Ryan, second vice president Nfl' ' H. ' .Val an , will .., . P H 1 I' vl ' -AN-nv-f.,,, , -sf -az Km. M-Y fn.-em .i,..,.,f . ,-4 L . 3. W. ,A E . Tiu.e.E:.e...1:sf5Jifl.,H First raw: Ann Youngblood, Beverly Hursey, Diana Arnold, Mickey Araia, Sharon Peters, Barbara Myers, Harrieff Sapa, andkC:rol Hinely. Second row: Bubba Haupf, Cecil Pacefti, Calvin Crass, Rose Cordray, Mr. Jack Padgett, Judy Gllsson, Charles Kllpafrl: , ere Anderson, Asa Tuten, Roy Sims, Russ Williamson and Mrs. Elizabeth Hitt. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Mrs. Elizabeth Hitt and Mr. Jack Padgett are The advisors. M R E m E na - . Q i' Y C NS.: fn "s. fbffl X ff .L V Bobby Mutlhews, freasurer, Frances Wong, secretary, Wendell Bradford, president, Faye Buck, program chairman, Jeannette Rohn, Donna Waters, Alfred Gnunn, Ward Lariscy, Joyce Cook, Julia Fraker, Laura Dasher, Jimmy McGinn, Amy Lee, Robert Horel, Bernie Brown, Ted Owens. v 1 'Q WESLEY FOUNDATION Nu MISS JULIA FRAKER, Advisor .1,--- J .-1,4 rw' ,,....1 1 -1:1 Q Jimmy Foughner, secretary, Sue Rossiter, presidenip Sally Caire, Mary Burke, Hubert Ellzey, James Zirrrauer, Tony Brown, Agnes Thomas, Chloe Pugh, Mary K. Willis, Bob Fennell, Billy Schwariz, Lance Smith, Gerald Smifh, Jimmy Collins, Billy Knight, Frank Fennell, Thomas Branch, Lou Waldhaur, Gary Allen, Mike Bari, Gilbert Wernlz, Barbara Cook, Regina Rocca, Andrew Ryan. 4 M, 2 M E W' X Zi SS'-A if M' rx We K A NUR fwvw H wg? v-1.551 HH! Am Ki W 1-in N' x ll Y I-H Emi' E E 1 1 'mn mi ,ln Kiasma E M -.W M W M ima i sa K 5 l mwsi me is K K K - W New giggle X E ami? ,K N E in bl as emma nm saga Emi NEWMAN CLUB ,l n Em: H. nies is n si I B. E5 E if lr Q E? is may FATHER WILLIAM CQLEMAN, Advisor 55, A E if n mm was 1 ,Ss . .. Hkgluxx ax H -A 2 Q .-1 A is if E YQ Q L, 2 S5555 . mai? H N H .wwf -sw ' Ia, E H25 1 gi " . .,.. W , V S :- V., if, R252 gn 5 B M ws ' f , in 7 K if ' ' iii.: 2152? if iiifiifi' gt, ..Q M 5 , 4:12. , . Q A . 2 . us, : ' - 7 , if , 1 Y B T mga,- gg s . ' WH Z ', f lifij fa 'S ' VA 'l N 5 ra . 1.,.fg ,. x ,. 4 Qs Tins, 1 , 3 : It -qu . A . E . mnvbf I -4 :ef I 1 . - E.: K L sis? in ., I 1.5 E, F Er I' ss js, ms aim Hjmssgs X WE H ss Q tw: we ms N an nm ga ix B Mm mga B a ss mmm xx is 133555 S 5 ss Q saws 1 1 na ss Jeanimehe Knox, ss mxmgux ss ami wa 5. .-.-- .lm ss Lorna Lapp, Anne Mills, Jaunice Romano, Donald Davis, Judy Williams, Jimmy Aldrich, Elizabeth Reid. 4 B is xx HH vial: gn mm Mm: 5153- -fs:-,ings nm E fm ms 'msn as MAB -sas a wma ms ms x ss fix zz We Lindy Hornslein, Calvin Cross, Jack Rollins, Frances McGrafh, Sponsor, Tom Edenfield, Buddy Veno, Robert Mullis, Charlie Kilpatrick, Neil Perkins, Jim Foughner, Jerry Smifh, Charles Wood, Roy Sims, Russ Williamson, Reginald Haupl, Billy Knight, Peie Anderson, Louis Waldhour. ss fm' N LUCY TROSDAL Presidenl Y Ln A!! n 4139- v ANNE MILLS MRS. JOSEPH! NE DENMARK Vice Presidenf Advf-HDV D E I. T A C H I NANCY BLITCH JAUNICE ROMANO ANN YOUNGBLOOD JUDY EURE Secrefary Treasurer ii- .-.o' Q. s f' " ' SUE ROSSITER TAY HARMON 105 HELEN SCHUSTER TIENA VAN PUFFELEN ERNESTINE RIZZA Vice Presidenf LORNA LAPP Presidenf MRS. DOROTHY WADE Advisor ALPHA TAU BETA QAEWSX as EIB' SHARON PETERS ANN FERREU. JOYCE KRENSON DIANE ARNOLD Secrefqfy Treasurer Chaplain HARRIETT SAPP MH 4. ls! ma.: 106 MICKEY ARATA JUDY G' LISSON ,Lissf ..-315+ C gt an LINDA HERRIN MIKE Mcpowfu SUZANNE MALONE BARBARA MORDECAI BARBARA MYERS SUZANNE OVERBY JACKIE PROW MARY ANN ROBERTS 107 MARY JON SLOCOMB SM www MARSHA TORRANCE ADVERTISERS nur: x ss -um 'y U Q ...- 38:3 H Q f S 3 nn. nl 1 ' N' l eg Q. A ,, ., .,.., lm MW I 'lk xl, ' K , I n w fx iaww. -. a win 1, .vw n H Q45 'UQ fl? X gr af 1 SOPHOMORE HISTQRIES JAMES C. ALDRIDGE Westminster Fellowship '58 Scholars '58 NANCY BLITCH Honors Seminar '58 Masquers '57-58 Glee Club '57'-'58 Newman Club, Treasurer '57-'58 Coeds '57-'5 8 Delta Chi '57-'58 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '5 8 PAUL A. BROWN Masquers '56-'58 Newman Club '56-'58 CAROLYN BRINSON Geechee Staff '57-'58 Masquers '57-'58 Dance Committee '56-'58 Beta Lambda '57-'58 Baptist Student Union '56-'58 Glamazons '56-'57 Glee Club '57-'58 Homecoming Committee '57-'58 DONALD BROWNELL Glee Club '57-'58 Newman Club '57-'58 FAYE BUCK Masquers '56-'58 Wesley Foundation, Secretary and Program Chairman '57-'5 8 PAT CARTER Inkwell Staff '57-'58 Dance Committee '57-'58 Beta Lambda '57-'58 Baptist Student Union '56-'58 Glee Club '57-'58 Glamazons '56-'58 ROSE CORDRAY Permanent Dean's List '57 Honors Seminar '58 Student Senate '57-'58 Geechee'Staff,'Class Editor '57-'58 Masquers '56-'58 Glee Club '56-'58 Math and Science Club '56-'58g Secretary '57-'58 Baptist Student Union '56-'58 Slick Chicks, Captain '57-'58 Intramural Board '57-'58 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '57 CALVIN E. CROSS Student Senate '57-'58 Radio Workshop '57-'58 Glee Club '56-'58 Dance Committee '56-'58 Baptist Student Union '56-'58, Treasurer '57-58, State Treas. '57-'58 LOUISE CUNNINGHAM Geechee Court '57 Honors Seminar '5 8 Inkwell Stai '58 Masquers '56-'58, Historian '56-'58 Glee Club '58 Sponsor, Geechce Beauty Review '57-'58 JUDY EURE Student Senate, Secretary '57-'58 Masquers '57-'58 Dance Committee '56-'57 Beta Lambda '56-'58g President '57-'58 Baptist Student Union '56 Glamazons '56-'57 Delta Chi 'ss-'58, Chaplain '57-'58 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '57 WILLIAM FRANK FENNELL Newman Club '56-'58 Terrapins '57-'58 Young Democrats Club '57-'58 WILLENE FISHER J Geechee Staff '57-'58 Inkwell, Business Manager '57-'58 Glee Club '57-'58 Dance Committee '57-'58 Baptist Student Union '57-'58 Coeds '57-'58 AMES WILLIAM FOUGHNER Inkwell, Sports Editor '57-'58 Newman Club '56-'58, Secretary '57-585 Chairman Planning Commission '57-'58 Basketball Team '56-'58 Fraternity X '57-'58 Gators '56-'58 WILLIAM F. FOX Student Senate '57-'58 Honors Seminar '58 Inkwell Staff '58 Masquers, Vice President '57-'58 Newman Club '56-'58 Terrapins '56-'57 Young Democrats Club '57-'58 RODERICK GUERRY Student Senate Vice President '56-'57 Freshman Class President '56-'57 Interim Committee '56-'57 Permanent Dean't List '57 Honors Seminar '58 Alpha Lambda Sigma '57 Masquers '56-'58 Aesculapians, President '57-'58 Canterbury Club '56-'57 Freshman Homecoming Court '56 REGINALD 'HAUPT Student Senate, President '57-'58 Sophomore Class President '57-'58 Freshman King '56 Homecoming Committee Chairman '57 Most Outstanding Sophomore '58 Inkwell Staff '57-'58 Masquers '57-'58 Aesculapians '57-'58 Dance Committee '57-'58 Baptist Student Union '56-'58 Cont'd on page 114 Shop and Sa-ve at KARPF'S SMART FASHION S FOR WOMEN SAVANNAH LARGEST FABRIC CENTER BA neg: N i.1, dress fabrics-drapery and slipcover materials- traverse rods and drapery hardware- upholstery fabrics PENNEY' THE STORE THAT THRIFI' IUIII "ALWAYS FIRST QUALlTY" STYLE AND VALUE CENTER OF THE COASTAL EMPIRE SECTION MORRIS LEVY'S Sa11an1mla'f Finest STORE FOR MEN AND SHOP FOR WOMEN Where 5,300 h . employees earn 327,000,000 yearly 'eefe converting pulpweed , 0 i , into paper bags and boxes for the nation. W UNION BAG ' CAMP W f?75?'?'??'f,, I GLOBE SHOE CO. 17 Broughton, East ' 9 FINEST FAMILY SHOE STORE Where Fashions Make Their Debut in IN THE SOUTHEAST Savannah I BORDEN 5 WACHTEI.'S PRESCRIPTIONS 8: SICK-ROOM SUPPLIES K ,RQ I 410 Bull Street ' ,'.-' . In SAVANNAH, GEORGIA MILK ICE CREAM PAUL H. EWALDSEN, Owner WALTER MERCER NICK MAMALAKIS Comflimemf WM. N. JONES vf ' . SMITH BROTHERS ,U , .tat t,-A.,,-. IIHSURANQE AGENCY-'NL 41st and Habersham If S I . n 7 E. Bay St. - Ph. AD. 2-5105 Your Independent Insurance Agency "Serve: You First" WEIS C omplimentr Of 81 SAVANNAH THEATRES WHERE movie: me always at their ben SOPHOMORE HISTORIES Cont'd from page 110 Terrapins '56-'58 Alpha Tau Beta '56-'58g President '57-'58 Basketball Team '56-'58 Fraternity X '56-'58 JAMES G. HILL Math 8C Science Club '56-'57 JOHN HOPKINS Student Senate '57-'58 Interim Committee '57 Outstanding Sophomore '57-'58 Honors Seminar '58 Permanent Dean's List '57 Freshman Most Likely to Succeed '57 Inkwell '56-'58g Assistant Editor '56-'57g Editor '57-'58 Masquers '56-'58 Glee Club '57-'58 Canterbury Club '56-'57g Chairman '57 BEVERLY HURSEY Student Senate '57-'58 Freshman Homecoming Queen '5 6 Outstanding Sophomore '5 8 Geechee Staff '57-'58 Glee Club '57-58 Masquers '57-'58 Dance Committee '56-'58g Chairman '57-'58 Beta Lambda '57-'58 Baptist Student Union '56-'58 Cheerleader '56-'58g Captain. '57-'58 Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman '57 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '5 8 WILLIAM R. KNIGHT Newman Club '5 5-'58 Gators '55-'58g Captain '57-'58 Basketball Team '55-'58g Co-Captain '57-'58 Fraternity X '5 5-'58 JOYCE KRENSON Student Senate '57-'58 Geechee '56-'58g Editor '57-'58 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '58 SUZANNE MALONE Student Senate '57-'58 Permanent Dean's List '57 Masquers '57-'58 Glee Club '56-'58g Treasurer '56-'57 President '57-'5 8 Freshman. Court '56 Geechee Court '5 7 Wesley Foundation '57-'58 Coeds '56-'58 Alpa Tau Beta '57-'58 Beta Lambda '57-'58 ANNE MILLS Student Senate '56-'58 Honors Seminar '58 Alpha Lambda Sigma Permanent Dean's List '57 Geechee Staff '56-'58g Art Editor '56-'57 Organizations -Editor '57-'58 Debate Forum '56-'58 Masquers '5 6-'58g Secretary-Treasurer '56-'57 Aesculapians '57-'5 8 Interim Committee '57 Dance Committee, CoChairman '56-'58 Westminster Fellowship '56-'58g Vice President '56-'57g President '57-'58 Delta Chi '56-'58g Vice President '57-'58 Coeds '57-'58 Homecoming Committee '56 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '5 7 PATRICIA NICHOLSON Student Senate '56-'58 Interim Committee '57 Alpha Lambda Sigma Honors Seminar '58 Outstanding Sophomore '58 Publications Ke '56-'57 Honors Seminar '58 Y , , Permanent Dean's List '57 Intramural Afvard 56' 5? Alpha Lambda Sigma Geechee Staff 56-'58g Business Manager '57-'58 Outstanding Sophomore 558 Inkwell Staff '56-'58g Business Manager '56-'57 Masquers '56-'58 Glee Club '57-'58 Dance Committee '56-'57 Alpha Tau Beta '56-'58g Treasurer '57-'58 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '5 8 LORNA L. LAPP Student Senate '56-'58 Homecoming Committee '57 Honors Seminar '58 Alpha Lambda Sigma Permanent Dean's List '57 Outstanding Sophomore '58 Masquers '56-'58 Inkwell Staff '56-'58 Geechee Staff, Beauty Editor '56-'58 Glee Club '57-'58 Westminster Fellowship, Secretary '5 7-'5 8 Dance Committee '56-'58 Acscupalians, Secretary-Treasurer '57-'58 Debate Forum '56-'58 Coeds '56-'58 Sponsor, Geechee Beauty Review '58 CECIL G. PACETTI Inkwell, Club News Editor '55-'56 Science Club '5 5-'56 Math Club '5 5-'56 Masquers '55-'5 8 Baptist Student Union '5 5-'58g Vice '5 5-'56 Radio Workshop '55-'58 SHARON PETERS Student Senate '56-'58 Homecoming Committee '57-'58 Honors Seminar '58 Chairman Interim Committee '57-'58 Outstanding Sophomore '57-'58 Presiden t SOI.0MON'S PHARMACY, INC. Profeuional Pharmacist For 100 Yea-rr Bull and Charlton Streets City Wide Delivery MORE THAN 2,000,000 PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. BROUGHTON AT. ABERCORN HABERSHAM SHOPPING CENTER VICTORY DR. SHOPPING CENTER Shop Woolworth Firrt for Everything CLARK'S AUTO PARTS CO. 1409 West Broad St. AD. 4-1641 SAVANNAH, GA. JIMMIE KAHRS THE SPORT SHOP GUNS-AMMUNITION-FISHING TAGKLE Golf C? All Typer Athletic Equipment 27 W. Congress St. Savannah, Ga. Phones: AD. 5-7420 - AD. 3-7215 All Make 84 Reliable Typewriter Company SMITH-CORONA CASH REGISTERS R. C. ALLEN ADDING MAcH1NEs OFFICE FILES - DESK SUPPLIES FRANK B. HARRIS, -Owner 215 Whitaker, Corner Hull UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT C O L L E G E N O O K Where Student: Congregaute Serving Savannah Since 1904 M. O. SECKINGER COMPANY PLUMBING, HEATING, MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS 412 Whitaker St. Phone AD. 3-3087 SAVANNAH, GA. MANGER HOTEL MEMBER Q, RETAQ X, w w ' fa 0 ' 4 0 -'SocuN A. B. C. Furniture Company Buck Furniture Company Century Furniture Company Chatham Furniture Company Deese-Whittle Home Equipment Co. Dixie Furniture Company Dream House Furniture Company Dubose 8: Davis Andrew Fountain's Fine Furnishings Fountain Furniture Company Gilbert Furniture Company Haverty Furniture Company I. C. Helmly Furniture Company Home Furnishing Company K1ug's L 8: M Furniture Company Liberty Furniture Company Lindsay 8: Morgan Furniture Company Lovett Furniture Company Maxwell Brothers B. J. Sheppard Furniture Company Shoob Furniture Company Solomon Furniture Company Taylor Furniture Company 116 VERY BEST WISI-IES E N3 an IIQIQ I3 WJ? Q eg FEL :Q-5 'ur' F2 2 TH is 2,51 u-4 3:91 .O FROM Home Federal Savings 84 Loan Association 57 Bull Street ANTICIPATED RATE SMW Savings Insured up to 310,000.00 by The Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. ik X l.. is X 6 1' sn' 'S 2 TFELWHU' 'Q' SW ., za j W'-ey X I R N 5, an N 1 -JJ 9:-'J M iiixi King Willing -' Regular Q-E, ' Savannah Coca-Cola Bottling Co a growing newfpaper in zz growing community -,Y-H Sahannab gililufning Hemi SAVANNAH EVENING ,PRESS 2 Light Of The Coastal Empire ,,...-,,jvQf.n6 - ,uw SAVANNAH3 ow lunar lldllf- :Rn-ren 1355 117 Visit the Home of the Southern "WHAM-BURGER" Treat your Sweetie-Pie to a PIZZA PIE mam roo31gV'gf'3Yof,.,,,5 ,om-1 We A f pe xtf' ' DRRQVQ 5 ,Q NN S1 56555 M. A-'RESTAURANT W TUBE ' Ng S Ei lf- A Q t r-F CQ--e.-iiffzy-XA 3 ' ' AD. 2-5149 MASON, INC. Compliment! 18 Bryan St., West f AD. 2-4192 0 SAVANNAH ICE COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLIES-PRINTING Dlvro AGENT mum. Fnuslws 3,91 XI? rj N00 QS 5 75? 'G ' ' W1 , a b, SAVANNAH 118 COASTAI. BUTANE GAS COMPANY COOKING - HEATING - REFRIGERATION Salex Inmzlhztion Service Bay Street Extension Cat Trafic Circlej SAVANNAH, GEORGIA C ompliments of SNOW LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO. REACH FOR- .zfj lg 'qu Q , nbefm SAVANNAH? FIRST CHOICE! Compliments Of PEPSI-COI.A BOTTLING CO. 4009 Montgomery sf. Bef! Witbex to the 1958 Gmduatifzg Clan RIDE A BUS- IT5 WORK TO 'DRIVE ' wuy vmvt to WORKS' SAVANNAH TRANSIT COMPANY Day Phones: u Q Night Phone AD 2-6400 AD 2-0186 AD 4-3837 'O , ,uzzczmzlg ROY R. SIMS SERVICE GARAGE BEAR WHEEL AuGN1Ncs Complete Automotive Service 409-I5 West Boy St. Savannah, Ga. HEADQUARTERS For Teens and Juniors 6:2 p 118 E. Broughton St. If-Lp .1-W. f QS MEET ME AT Z Q I N DONATED BY V 'TIIE nnsoro I 5, V4Qs,,...,1. -Af SAVANNAH AUTOMOBILE DEALER'S ASSOCIATION THE SAPPHIRE SUPPER CLUB 5' THE SAPPHIRE LOUNGE Wherever You Go . . . Wbatever You D0 . . SAVANNAH ELECTRIC 81 POWER CO. 121 W F R P 1230 on your dial THE PRINTCRAFT PRESS OFFICE FORMS - PUBLICATIONS BOOKLETS - TICKETS - LABELS ADVERTISING PROGRAMS 24 Yearx Continuour Service to Omr Customen 318 E. Bryan Street Phone ADams 2-796 Now . . . and in the fufure- natural gas service is the biggest bargain in the Home Snvnn nnugpeompnny S 19 Ffiendlielt PubliC S6 l P r D29 f Ham QYXQMXWQJJ Wfpiiffy M26 fwwmwm JP fL5Qy!75f fume, Q if Lffww Muna- Mfw' ,fha Jwgzif A rj 7 'Cffxi WELL? 'Q9L'fff5j7f1'pL5116 '54 L24 ' MQ N :wwf Z? 2 MM! f WW? f Mp ci4,pg'2Qf-5 1 ff- I "r W WW, agifgfffpjff MW M

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