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1 ,I we 7 tfxf' 'N-1 Q I - S fffijgo S Syl-, N E AGf"5?S Xx Q W -NY , - i XX 1 E sv Sv J.. .kb ME 3 5. .. AT S ig? sf S3 1 ZQ XI' 1 gf? X 7 1 ff' 1-,fx ,. 'K f-4" GEORGIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY M 501 Whitaker Street W SISAVANNAH, GEORGIA 31499 W V -QX NI W 'X I I f,3N I 4 E B I I 5 qu- I I IIII I o " M L 3 ' X :rr fXN 1 freaenfing . . . the i I ,I -3-4..1..l..l..l..1 3.- Y illiwI':'z1:n:f:gw:':f- ff:-142. 1 Efnfnwmeee:1e's'w'n-Q-1 W - -, ,-,,:.g.4.. .l'2L.....L.lll'!l.l-IP-4!...L-Y... , 1,,,, , ,-.. - -.:.-v-.- '11 . , --- M-- n I ' C :11'2-- iv F . vv"' "The Hrsf fhing you do is pay.. .+he lasffhing you do is pay" ai' ..:5s...... " EXEL4 . -. . , va, 'M ' L.. 2 Thaf old AfmS+fOng In fhe beginning 0 E THE GAT E WAY T0 KNOWLEDGE ' UNDERSTANDING ' TRUTH ' 0 through which we have found., each to his own ability, the measure and meaning of tl1e opportunity and challenge of college life, and thereby, the life that .surrounds us. .4 r 2 f tg -. gd! fa K ,... Q I QM I YL' i V N324 'F ii... ku js, T t Q, y 4. Kg ,...,,':, . f , I 1 A In , O 1 E ll eile F V E , ,E Q as f ef' ." f-- X-.- 'H f , 5, -E v- ,,, " nm ., :ff M .kg ITN? .,,J A - so - ....-. '-.,..: g Y gf The library: for sleeping, giggling, socializing, etc. There are two places on campus where everyone can sooner or later be seen: one is the auditorium on assembly days. and the other is the 6'Dump.', In between we can be found anywhere from the J. E. A. to Forsyth Park. and welre liable to be doing anything from building Geiger Counters to tap dancing. Most of us have set up residence in some corner, whether in the publications ofiice or Gamble Hall. And we like it. . .lectures and class discussions. bull sessions or just plain doing nothing. i l+'s one of the few things noi' required, but many enjoy the Glee Club The boH'om rung of 'the ladder called success iff H 'Br Q! 5 uw . v hi- M ,rl las 5. T in M3 -3 -nb f ' 5 .1 1 if I ,. H " and AWARENESS ALL BOOKS ASIDE... ' NEW FORMALS 0 WEEK-END GAIETY 0 ' HEARTS AND FLOWERS ' A.T.B.'s planning rai' couri' . . . can'+ you 'l'ell? "Ah-h-h girls . . . I+ wasn'+ +ha+ bad . . . " 6 Masquefs Q emma 'em' - - Wifi-, face We Cfmcs' ko Slow and hesffanf foo fs fe I is N p' 7-' al' U' gf' , As regular as Fall: Rush season. The all imP0"'l'anl' bull Session of me OPPORTUNITIES SURROUNDING Us .. BULL SESSIONS ' GOOD READING ' ' OUR CULTURAL LIFE 'P LASTING FRIENDSHIPS ' ' ANOTHER YEAR COMPLETE "Ye Olde Dump" af+er dark. 3 ld I I ,- I S 1 Y 1 R "-"'p-I ." k 1 i i -'w""l- vg-- lg - : U X fm i l 1-1 xt ,H 5 ,llsx .3-: f I .4 ixi'e"" f-o I' Af- f-- J.. , ' X W -mf -41 M - 1 X ' ,-x is-'S KVNQ' , N I, .I L- ax? Q +he work ,, . . . while ofhers played." ng.. Anybody recognize ihis guy? Opportunitiea ..... to learn from others fADMlNISTRATlONJ . to learn to earn fEVENlNG SCHOOLE . to know each other better fHOMECOMINCJ to develop sportsmanship fSPORTSJ to work on our own f0RGANIZATIONSJ . to recognize our best fBEAUTIESJ . to measure our growth fCLASSESJ . .lgiif-. M N 1:23 .gin ,l if J o + to patronize our sponsors QADVERTISERSD . 'wa 1 n Il 11,-,ff X V , We dedicate this, the 1955 Geeehee It's the little things that make the world go around'-and itis the little things she does for us that make Armstrong run smoother. For the stamps she always has. the scrapbook she keeps. the typing she does for us and the notices she sends around. the unending patience and cheerful smile. the million and one things no one else thinks of. Any time of the day she may he found in her ofhee willing to help those who ask. These are the reasons we, the stall. have chosen to offer our 1955 'CLICICCIHFPI in dedication to Miss Marjorie Mosely. F2 1 . l .llIl'lIIl'I'lLlIllS 11 91.5, 3 Wx Looks like a lwlslory class lo me Tx "And lhal' dress she has on . . ." Armstrong at a glance . . . "9?Fr 11' 7 Prize winners al' lhe Hallowe'en dance: Harmon Zeigler, Pal Duffy, Mary Maffhews, and Roland Seclrlnger Then +l1e lravellng salesman said "Look wl1al'+l1e cals drug Pin-pong during classes? inl" l Three "cal's" . . . and fwo kiffens -PA? i . 2 ni, " .'Q ' 'I , ,P 51. ,Q . 9 .f PQ 1 'ik A 4 SQ Q Q t ,I i sk A. A. F ' YC i A, .u sri 5 J F f N N ...un "' Z1 . 5 . w lvv' xl 1 -'14 i' 5 Y 5 i vfxalmqg-N HERSCHEL V. JENKINS Chairman WILLIANI lxlL'RPHY Vice Chairman THE ARMSTRONG COLLEGE COMMISSION The commission, the backbone of the college, is composed of outstanding citizens of the community, six members appointed by the Mayor and five ex-officio members. Policy setters. the members vote on all issues concerning financial problems and long-range plans for the future expansion of the school. 'U A . if ' X , 1 3 L It 'ti' 1 2? I " h , of L - , . ' 1 WILLIAM A. EARLY H. LEE FULTON, JR. JUDGE VICTOR B. JENKINS HERBERT L. KAYTON ,jk 3' dw- ' -il 'ts' -. f I r '3 " gi I e'fl,!f " V' ' 13.5, tr 'W ,X !fr 4 if is W. LEE lblINCLEDORFF Joi-IN F. Piocoftx DR. HELEN SHARPLEY HARRY T. SHORE FRED WESSELS' JR 14 his "'-L., , M in " a ,. Y Ms- X Skis--is Mi- XX N X X 44 v R PRESIDE . . . Climbing the academic ladder at Armstrong, FOHPIMAN Nl. HAWICS rose from chemistry instructor to Dean of Students. acting President. and then. following the resignation of Mr. J. Thomas Askew. became the third President of the college. Since- then, along the way. the graduate of Mercer University and lfmory University. has established an annual Open House. created a student center that we know as the LcDump." obtained the use of the Georgia Historical Societyfs Hodgson Hall as our school library. and has supervised many additions to our faculty and curriculum. But the job is far from completed. ln this. llis eighteenth year as President. he recognizes the need for continued growth, and is striving now for an extension to Gamble Hall to accommodate the overflow of students in both day and evening schools. 15 X, X X N ,,.,.--H The Georgia His+orical Socie1'y's HODGESON HALL which is also our library HELEN E. AIEIGHEN Taylors Business Sehool. Secretary of the Erening School. 'ffl' . ,- -4 iii AIARJORIE A. NIOSLEY A.F.C., Armstrong College, Secretary to the President. 19' ff ' -df if. I . M' f' :- Nliss GEORGE N. Nici-loLs ELIZABETH PoL'ND .4dm1'ni5trati1'e Asst. G. S. C. W.. State Teach- .'illf7Il'7ll'3U'llfil't' ers College. Manager of .4s5istanl. the bookstore. OUR ADMINISTRATION and. LORRAINE ANCHOR5 A.B., M.A., Baylor Uni- versity: Graduate study. Oxford University, Eng- land. Registrar. S-.5 45 JANE KEAN A.A., Armstrong College. Certificate in Secretarial Work. ARTHUR M. GIGNILLIAT A.B., M.A., University of Georgia: Ph.D., Univer- sity of Texas. Director of the Evening College. 1? gl CLAUDIA MCPIPKIN A.A., Armstrong College- Certifncate in Secretaria' Work. - a- JULE C. Ross1rER A.A., Armstrong College, Secretary and Treasurer. JOANNE RoUKos A.A., Armstrong College. Certificate in Secretarial Work. FACULTY ARTHUR W. CASPER "-.S., Beloit: MS., Univer- sity of Wisconsin: MS.. University of Georgia. In- tructor in Physics and Jcnhematics. 1 -.fs 3' -Y' ESSIE DUNCAN JENKINS LAMAR W. DAVIS B.S., MS.. University of South Carolina: Certihed Public Accountant. In- structor in Commerce. 6551, 'Q 4... .TOSEPH I.KILLoR1N If ' 7 J Q ' X 1 W. ORSON BEECI-! ER A.B., MA.. Emory Uni- versity: MA., University of Georgia: Graduate Work, Emory University. Instructor in History. 'uf 0143 WILLIAM L. BELL STEPHEN P. BOND BS., Georgia Teachers B.S., Georgia Institute of College: Graduate Study. Technology. Instructor in Peabody College. Instruc- Engineering. tor in Physical Education. 'lwensboro Business Col- A.B., St. Johnis College: age. Instructor in Com- M.A., Columbia Univer- I '1CfCC. sity. Instructor in History. JOSEPHINE S. DENMARK BS., Georgia Teachers College: MS., University of Georgia. Instructor in Home Economics. 6 Q- 95, sg Q PWR . '74 ,Q "Wir MARGARET SPENCER Luas B.M., Converse College: A.B., University of Geor- gia: M.A., Columbia Uni versity. Instructor in Eng- lish and French. 17 JOSEPH W. GREEN B.A., Birmingham - South- ern College: M.A., Grad- uate Work, Vanderbilt University. Instructor in English. R' 'ir 14 8 53 , f K VIRGINIA MATTsoN Dickinson College. Assist- ant to Librarian. -- .-I-.,,..1sn-' ,..,-...Y-tw hi .,n--a 5 ,. . if-' ' .gg-lllil.l!-F" The science and math building, more commonly ltnown as GAMBLE HALL YVeNm: Seen 'fhenl ELMO M. NICCRAY B.S., MS., University of Alabama. Instructor in Bi' ology. 3.4. JACK H. Pixncmr A.B., WoHord College: M.A., University of North Carolina. Instructor in Mathenzatics. Xt F 2 J. HARRY Psnsss B.F.A., University of Geor- gia: M.M.. Florida State University. Clee Club- Instructor in Music. -,--4 -nv' ,,w,4 JOHN Momus B.S., Princetong M.S., Georgia Institute of Tech- nology. Instructor in Chem istry. U1 lik. IW. A I JACK PORTER RAY ROWLAND A.B., Peabody College: A.B., Mercer University: M.A., University of North M. of Lihrarianship, Em- Carolina. Masquers - In- ory. Librarian. structor 'in English. 18 'W . . .The college personnel . . . hehincl the scenes seeing that eletails are eompleted . . . at a thousand ancl one eluh meetings. fielil trips. and eommanrl performances. sharing their xsisrlom anrl their humor. . . in r-lass or lah, giving us the faets and haekgrounil for finfling something deep-tr ourselves . . . in the Dump. surrounrleal hy stnflents an'l eups of 1-ofiiee. solemnly solving the proli- lems of the ages or swapping had poetry .. .at eyery assemhly attentive and solemn ...always hrowsing in the stacks at the lihrary. appreeiating the greatest that man has proclueefl. L.. "lie - ,. Front entrance io 'the HUNT BUILDING where "Ye Olde Dump" can be 'found on the ground floor 6 25 T' 'f s .IANETHUXTAS DOROTHY THUNIPSHN AB.. Bessie Tift College: NB.. Nlonmouth College' VNIA.. Emory fniyersity. KLA.. Northwestern: fier- lfnslruftor in Biology. tifieate in Psvehiatrie So- ! vial Work, Western Re- serve University. lnstrur- g for in PSl'!'hlIlUE5' mul Sn. rfnlogy. Donorm' NI. WVADH t.i..Anu Nu More Ln.: n l,0I'IS THoxiPsoN BS.. liniyersity of Tennes- see. Inslrurtor in PiI1'.iI.l'!lI Edu ration. Diploma. Gregg College tNormal Sf-hoolt: Speeial eourses. University of Flor- ida. University of Michi- gan. lnsirurtnr in Cum- nzerre. NI.B.A.. I,.I..B., l'niverS of Georgia. il Q, ft l 5 -u-1 The LANE BUILDING which houses many faculty offices and freshman and nighf school classes EVEN NG STUDE TS earn to - ENROLLMENT SOARS - CLOSED CLASSES - NEW COURSES ' NEW FACVLTY ' SECOND SESSION ADDED ' Dr. Arthur Gignillat, vice president, Director of the Evening Division D r awimq and 9 5 2 aR0Wlq ,z go' C uQ 'xng ka eds be W, bw Expansion has been the keynote of the evening division, both in attendance and courses. Student enrollment reached a record high--in excess of 675 -and the unprecedented total of 45 courses are now being taught after Sundown. The evening school is a pioneer in comparison to its Welder," the day school, for now one can complete three years of study in Business Admin- istration right here at Armstrong. This was made possible by the addition of many University of Georgia extension courses. Businessmen, house- wives, servicemen, laymen and many others gain an educational foundation in the evenings while daytime students are enjoying dates or preparing homework. uHelp and Servicefl the unofficial motto of Dr. Cignillat. vice president of the college and director of the evening school. has been fully realized. Not sweety. b ge A aa! ar: an Mu 'xfxnetf kopbev 2 M' XS A SWA llf m rogfess odern S ' af Ga Cfence fnbl 9 Hall S i ln evenif'9 as Well vi! The svhool is a cominunity College primarily mlvsignerl to meet the neefls of its neighlmoring Citizens. Degrees await those who complete all standard requirements liut many people pursue their interests and holiliies. or seek vocational training on u non-degree basis. . 15353 '-'.f if ' e ,,ev , -, E li, 'T lc ' iisifi 'ff ' 1 - - las 15 on C as daY clas'-95 emphasls S dl5CuSSl0n 5 5, 3 4- ? 4 f 1' ? 0 Z at g af Z' Q' 1 nf 4 n- f a- 2 5 f ' 4 "Ain'+ no bouggers ou+ fo- 'nighf . . . +he Wade's scared fhem away!" FAC LTY , A N00 X an ubXe. fox 'Doubxe' do K fn ,H M Uxg G: ' ma 'HW' Qnbui- .vu auf'-"-n "Wl'1ar's ma hoss7" I "3 bXe School spiri+s7 Suppressed desnre7 E? TV 'U' The coach cuffing class again And SHE ieaches sewing! 22 . Q ,fs Q x r f He's a ladies' man 4 4' 1! x Sf? 4' K, 1 . wifi' "N, 2 . 1 Y. I l as Ml- Qwl""' W. K I , . fl 1 W ry- r li X mag. ll we '52 Lk 1g't'1f! K 1 I H if! ,Q .". " 5512 1, A fffff 2' a 'J ' 'nf ff: -V ' f j,. lf i 1 il' L 4 I ,N K, I '?.tNLf" Sr" ., . 0 xg -. b x 1 X' V Q - s xxx ot X - eg' xv an -' . the reception SFGHSW were received by H Ii. A - inded alumS enloymg Glgnillatit Mr' Joh""Y Rariitmon Zeigler' KYler Cr The more serlouS-ff' Pres'd 6' Mrs- Robins Z' MUS Vicf ' even' Mrs ' ent' Hawes. M on' DV- David R ' one Jenkins, D an M, dwegl - Harry Anesfosi AND SPIRITS ' Keeping with the tradition that demands beauty as well as fan- ' fare, Jane Pinekney and Kyler Craven were Crowned reigning Sove-reigns at the dance in Jen- . kins Hall Monday night, The pairs identity was a closely guard- 7 ed secret until the Coronation. . Beautiful decorations, tux. and formals eomhined with the en- chanting rnusie to make a mem- THE BEST YET! ' orahle ending to a great Home- Coming. Outstanding alumnus being pre- sented golden "A's" tor their worlz in the association. -6-bfi, swf! VS- Anestog, d Obmson, Mrs, H r' Q ... 'ce' -..,.. -QC. 9.0, .--1 . 1 a Ol f ta. 1 ' 1 -p f' JUNE 'N vii. fl Q N ,F b .5 1 V. ? . if-:'wq'-7 3325? s N K ffl," 4515 v Y 5 X, x '42 . w ,f'. ' Y , Q 1 J 4 :s'fi. 'F ' . ' 5 , '- I p I ' is ,' .z ,xg -' -6- I B A . 'A .v ' ,-.1 'P o C -F1 T3- 1117" 1 King Kyler Craven and Queen Jane Pinclcney reigned over the celebrafion by lending a raclianf smile and sparkling charm fo fhe fes+ivi+ies. The courl, lefl lo righf: Tommy Scoff, Eleanor Guerry, Billy Chandler, Mary Fraps, King Kyler, Queen Jane, Joan Lucas, Tony Carano, Anne Hale, and Jack Lousa. 8 nd a 990 A mme "8 ' MEMORIES REVIVED ' MOUNTING TENSIONS ' ' THEBIES UNFOLD ' ' THE BIG NIGHT ARRIVES ' LdSi yea,-'S ro 61+ Y Y. L y zullenresnd Johnny New, crowning shad bY alll' l Ci! j f- '75 4., - im, A . HOMECOMING SCENES The Mysferious Penman wriling a l1o'r scoop7 A. T. B.'s prize-winning enfry in llie Homecoming parade 0.3- 'x Ilwell- 'lhe horns El anYW'3YH Nobody will sieal 'Huis show "Bul+l'1ey TOLD me ii was formal . . ." Wailing for 'lhe big momeni' ff' X' if ii 9 . .1 fin' i ,fb-NII, , 'Tl' - JIH1.l11- ,Wil 1 -- 75 0 -vm, 3 .ifalh :Ii-"qi, . .-Aa fx ' B ' X, I, ll , -v:H:X"" .'- V -W -,W 9 P , hi l IIB Q'-j'-9 Kill Team Capiains planning The year's schedule w'+h M . W cl I FS 6 G Men's Board meefing wiih Coach Bill Bell are: Sonny Bowen, are, leff fo right Mary Foughner, GlamdZ0nS: Jane Bland. Scholars: Don Fallin, Loafers: Tommy Long, Board Manager: Slick Cl'15CliSI MFS. Wade? Shirley COWBH- Sassy SNUHGFSI Coach Bellg Bill Smifh, Terrapinesg Danny Cronian, Gaiors. Jaclrie Kennedy, Co-eds. ATHLETE ALL ..SKILL AND ENTHUS I if my The ieaff"5 Hom hp" '50 O , A . ,IQ Dv' gcoi ' I - '4' -' d a live me Q .: I hnch 'nclude Q - IE-1, ecomlnq goal W Ai Im," ' IB: 4 . u-1 gi'fC""' ' ' ' A CHEERLEADERS I955 The big five, lefl' 'lo righf, are: Jane Pinclme 1 y, Jane Bland, Caplain Jayne Allen, Gail Founf d Carolyn Tindol IASM ' SPORTSNIANSHIP ' KEEN COMPETITION ' ' A-XCHING MUSCLES ' INTRAMKRAL FIN J dan and Cleon Lewls r Soullwern Techls lr? a foufnamenl game re rx NIH Lvl I 4 I my ,- .:f1'i"' ' M M .K X qi .' ' .1 z' 5, me 1 9 5 5 ,G E E C H E E S Nevi- ln es are Johnny E the '55 IGQBC 6 Shuolxer Trl'caplalnSCl?ris Russell and Tommy TROZIER, , TOP CORERS FOR Look, buf don'+ much!" snarls Aron Weiner +o Middle The eyes on fhe mark and flwe ball is abouf +0 be dunlr d e Georgia s fuhle clulchmg of 'rhe evasive ball +l1rougl'1 by a leading player 2 I955 CAGE TEAM. Fronl' Row: Buddy Mathews, Wally Beasley, Chris Russell, Johnny New, Tommy Sfrozier. Baclr Row: Bernie Hirsch, Manager: John Thompson, Francis Bignaulf, Aron Weiner, O'Neil Lee, Tommy Long, Galen Meyers. HUSTLI G 'GEECHE 'Teani perforrnance against sune tearns vvas beuer than average this year. Johnny New and Tommy Strozier pushed through over 300 points each to help win 14 of the 21 games played. Add these to those scored by the rest of the team for a total of 1.171 points for the season, or a 74.16 game average. The 'Geechees were hosts to the State Junior College Tournament played here at the Hellenic Center on February 15. Aspirations were high for the team but the first night only proved to us a third time that the Southern Tech hoopsters were best when a 51-62 score eliminated the 'Geechees. Armstrong Opponents 71 Ga. Southwestern 69 84 Ga. Southwestern 78 67 Alumni 54 78 Glynco 48 107 Glynco 53 69 G. M. C. 56 71 G. M. C. 57 63 North Georgia 71 64 North Georgia 54 65 Middle Georgia 55 75 Middle Georgia 72 77 Abraham Baldwin S9 84 Abraham Baldwin 90 69 South Georgia 64 89 South Georgia 88 63 Southern Tech 71 66 Southern Tech 76 68 Brewton Parker 8-1 72 Brewton Parker 93 65 Augusta 55 TOURNAMENT 51 Southern Tech 62 M ."""f1y bf - H'-' fo r h fi Chns Russell. rozier, Johnny GIRL I TRAMURAL TEAMS . . . i SASSY STRUTTERS Known as a feam of mighi, fhe girls are, Froni Row: Gail Wiffingfon, Rosancla Smiley, Pai' LoH', Eva Karaiassas. Baclr ' I 4 lx , "?'ff"ff"f?f,, - ,ff Row: Pal Duffy, Eleanor Rush- ing, Nancy Anderson, Rufh Hesse, Shirley Cowarl. CO-EDS They clidn'+ win anyihing spe- cial bui These few girls pu? up some real compeiifion in every game. Leff fo righiz Josie Roulce, Joan Lucas, Sally Floyd, Jaclrie Kennedy, Lois McKe+h- an, Gail Founiain. S. .1--:-dx - TEAM Q , , , STUDENT-FACULTX AND MORE FUN ' C? A i N--seed -5 www SLICK CHICKS l hu.A-...S , '75 is .,:.B. V .cv f -r..' K SPIRIT - M' GAME - FUN... GLAMAZONS TAKE VOLLEYBALL A feam wiilw plenfy on ihe ball, +l'1ese gals lied for +l1e baslcefl:-all crown. Fron+ Row: Ka Dunlap, Jane Bland. Second Row: Connie Owens, Angie Howard, Y Billie Procfor, Jane Pinclrney, Carolyn Siacy. Third Row: Carol-Allen, Ann Hale, Nancy Cordray, Ann Daniels, Jayne Allen. 35 GLAMAZONS Upsefiing pasf records wi'rl'1 a banq, fhese few girls came crashing flwrougli 'fo nab flue volleyball championship, and 'fied for baslrefball honors. Lefi lo righf: Barbara Jones, Delores Thee, Ruin Jacobs, Faye Clemenis, Pai Durclen, Mary Fougl-mer, Mary Cainer- ine Liu, Bernice Sfriclrlancl, Carolyn Tindol, Joan Sullivan E F S 3? ii ! Wilt' TERRAPINS Though s+ric'rly for men, fhis very socially acfive +eam has iwo female mascofs and a sponsor. Wiih +he girls fhey are, lef+ +o righf, fron? row: Joe Johnson, William Smiih, Tommy Scofr, Marshall England, Lloyd Adams, Jane Piclxney. Second row: Shorry Morgan, Will Ray Hinely, Kyler Craven, Marrha Kandel Jayne Allen Tommy Worrill Rowland Seclrin er Bruce Usher Third row' Michael Collins Joel V r Aff' I ' -YP I ' m.zz. . 1 1 . 1 9 - - - - Shaw, John Kerves, Boyd Deaux, Shelby Glisson, Charles Harfzog, Tommy Nelson, and Alfred Balmer. L LOAFERS True fo iheir name ihese boys didn? place in anyfhing This year. They are, lefl lo righi, on floor: Kennelh Cook, Roger Lucas, Bernie Hirsch, Harry Broadmann, Louis Porzio. Sec- ond row: Gilberl Aycoclx, Daniel Smifh, Bruce Friddle, Tommy Foughner, Don Fallin, Ned Winlers. Third row: Archie Chan, Bobby Burns, Ronnie Laslcy, Marshall Minchey. 36 2' - REAL GONE BRUISES AND CUTS ' CALL OF THE GREAT TO PRODUCE A BOYS ITRMRLTEAMS... SCHOLARS Quali+y no+ quanfify is fhe slogan of 'lhis feam. Bui "Never say die" is anofher for +hey coped 'rhe baslceiball championship. Seafed, Cleon Lewis. Olhersz Sonny Bowan, Norman Dolgoff, George Min- erf, Jimmy Burke. 'QQ' Q95 1, - . -, . ,xq 1, 1 , , . A J . v O GLADIATORS PATCHED PANTS OUTDOORS ' ALL COMBINE JAM UP YEAR ' GATORS The foofball champs of I955 are, leff fo righ+, firsi row: Harmon Zeigler, John Young, Dwighf Bliss, Tommy Sfrozier, Carl Nelson. Second row: Tony Carano, Danny Cronian Bobby Adams, Roy Thomas Aron Weiner. 5' 4. ffm, Gruesome ,CWOSOTUEX Z' ousins? Counkry c in f Ml N 'a 'Tx Q N4 OHGA IZ ia ,5 2 i 4 . 44 Q 5. .Las 4 ,.-- all 2 I E! f 15 Q vik , .H-fm, W..-nk f-vrjlf Z 5' ':'i!,f,'f9 1 1. iqglgix. xi.-gwli? F7- Q, W-,.1 :3n:1i'f a ka. ,6- s .- Qgka-sung - -1-'S .E I 1,-,.,..... l -A, i ........ "" eifiikmlf 1 1- First row, lett to right: Bill Smith, Jimmy Johnson, Nancy Cordray, Shirley Cowart, Will Ray Hinely, Harmon Zeigler, Eva Karatassas, Kyler Craven, Tommy Scott, Mary Foughner, Jane Bland, Lois McKethan, Bernice Stricltland. Second row: Marshall England, Levis Yawn, Tommy Foughner, R. E. Smith, Lloyd Adams, Rowland Secltinger, Don Fallin, Bobby Burns, Bernie Hirsch, Chris Russell, Danny Cronian. ge - it " ., ' i t '. i l - .pe at . au, ! i l Q , Q - Otticers ot the Senate, standing below, are llett to rightl: Kyler Craven, Vice President, Will Ray Hinely, Treasurer: Harmon Zeigler, President: Eva Karatassos, Secretary, and Lois McKethan, Chap- lain. eye rf - I I - 'H 'N Sl SENATE RULES SUCCESSFUL YEAR Lnder the leadership of Pres. Harmon Zeigler the Student Senate. governing: hody of .-Xrmstrong. completed a full and successful year. It was due to the efforts of this hody that Armstrong carried out one of the most success- ful Homecomings in its history. The Senate also put into effect L1 hudget which gave all organizations their share of school money to he spent. By taking into consideration the needs of the school and students. the Senate ruled this year for the students and hy the students, Bored Senator . . Members ot the Senate listen with close attention to matters vital to the student body. ,4g ll . in ...--,' ' ...S I .zi -f" 5 -+- i J 40 i Q l l GY The Beia Lambda tacky party is one of 'fhe funniegf events The Beta Lambda girls loolx lovely as they help malce Homecoming of the year, a success with their reception FLAT-FELD SEAMS AND FRENCH CUISINE Witll zeal that hem-omes all homemakers. the girls of this group of future homemakers made Beta Lambda one of the more active clubs of the year. Their year started off with a hang as they held a very successful tacky party for all female students at Armstrong. Next, at Homecoming time, they brought praise to themselves as they worked with the Clee Club and Nlasquers to produce the lloat which won first prize in the Homecoming Parade. Finished with that. they threw themselves into making the Homecoming Reception some- thing to he proud of. Even then they didn't rest for long hecause they were in charge of the Sports Banquet and helped in Open House. With all these activities and many more, these girls with their advisor, Mrs. Lloyd Denmark, spent a good deal of time in learning such useful arts as cooking and sewing. Their unequalled tasks proved that Beta Lambda girls will he among the foremost home- makers of the future. Officers of Beta Lambda are as follows, left to right Eva Karatassos, President: Joan Sullivan, Vice Presi- dent: Mrs. Denmark, Advisor: Mary Ann Rollinson Historian: Alice Williams, Treasurer: Faye Clements Entertainment Chairman, and Julia Brannen, Secretary Croup - seated, left to right: Carole Allen. Joan Sullivan, Eva Karatassos .-, " it Julia Brannen, Alice Will Iiams, Mary Ann Rollinson. Standing: Margaret Owens, Eugenia Combee, Bernice Strickland, Barbara Jones, Patricia Caldwell, Mary Katherine Liu. H00 11'-Q ,1- ,aff :M Lloyd Adams, Editor, checlrs into the flles for ideas to use in coming issues. Pal Lott, Associate Editor, malres sure that reporters are assigned articles and thai' +hey're in on lime. 4 1 1.x ,. 1, oi is l 4 E . . -. .-as ..-W-Q - i ,qu-.img ,- . .....,..1: l 'If' Z - 4 ACTIVE INKWELL STAFF BURNS MIDNIGHT OIL It was a struggle to get the paper out every two weeks. Sometimes it was late. and sometimes it wasn't perfect. but the press always managed to roll and THE INKWELL came out. usually with the latest seoop on everything. Often the staff worked past midnight to have the paper ready for delivery the next dayfhomework undone and Classes Cut. But the thrill that always Came afterward was worth it. The staff saw their hard work and long hours go into appreciative hands. eagerly asking when the next one would come out. Gail Whillingfon, Managing Editor, worlrs al the difficult task of putting lhe paper +oge+her. 42 l Sousa Mr. Harry Persse, Advisor, consulfs wi+h Club Edi- Sporfs minded Tommy Long and Bernice Slriclxland cover lhe +or, Marshall England, abou? 'l'ha+ par+ of THE alhlelic evenls of Armslrong' in each issue. INKWELL. X ' X T' "Y-Gyn ,ff --qw , "Selling inspiralion are Tim Filzsimmons, Various page edilors who did a splendid iob all year are, leff fo righfz Kyler carfoonisl, and Bill Smi+h, ar+is+, who fur- Craven, Will Ray Hinely, Eva Karalassos, Marshall England, Don Fallin, Bill Smith, nish laughs for every INKWELL. Bill Fuhrman, and Sonny Bowan. The fine slaff of reporlers are as follows: sealed, lefl lo righfz Pal Loff, Claire Kearney, Eva Karafassos, Mary Foughner, Nancy Anderson. Sland- ing: Bill Smifh, Marshall England, Tommy Long, Kyler Craven, Rowland Seclringer, Will Ray Hinely, Jayne Allen, Lois McKelhan, Berniece Sfriclr- land, Gail Whi++ing+on, Don Fallin, and Bill Fuhrman. The well oiled wheels of +he press af work. .MJ 'o , l .Q 1 , Q , -- 1' 1 -'L 1 - 111 T 1' 'QT T."'T' Q Lois McKethan, GEECHEE Editor, worked long and hard to keep her inexperienced staff working to meet the evasive dead-line. UNIQ E STAFF A green staff began work on the 1955 CEECHEE. Few of them were experienced at this job of getting the yearbook out. Obstacles heretofore unheard of mounted in the path of this group. soon known as 'tthat CEECHEE staff." The business section was late getting finished. ads didnit sell as fast as usual. the photo schedule was aggravated by many things. the photographer was running a month late develop- ing them. pictures disappeared, just to name a few. Harry Persse, Advisor, helped this staff with his advice and guidance. 4' 'Q Associate Editor Ann Hale, did numerous tasks that were all part ot the work in producing an annual. Making sure all the many freshmen were included was the rob of Mary Catherine Liu, Freshman Editor. 1" 1 -' 'Q Q - - 'C FII-'Walk ,.....-i- tiff . l EDITS YEARBOOK Pages had to be drawn, and pictures cut to size, and always in the background loomed a nearly exhaused budget. lt was a dilticult task for an inexperienced stall. but Lois proded them on until it was accom- plished. The 1955 CEECHEE came out into the welcoming hands of the students. and here it is. Not the best, not the worst. but its ours. done by us and about our school. JU' .li-1 Not an easy iob, tracking down the real sophomores, but capably handled by Joan Sullivan, Sophomore Editor. Carolyn Stacy, Faculty Editor, and Ann Daniels, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, did their share in helping meet the dead-line. The business end was in the hands ot Mary Foughner, Business Manager. Claire Kearney, Beauty Editor, and Pat Caldwell, Homecoming Editor, were in charge ot sections picturing two ot our biggest functions. Pat Lott, Organizations Editor, and Pat Durden, Sports, worlzed consistently at finishing their sections. fl! . ' .Kr N -" W- 1 X l Y AN, . A . W U it fl i f A . ' i f i ,..- ,W V44 Y .,.. , Q . --,,,"3i?-5' ' " In Lg i a I r ,fwfr M ks' 1 ,. - ' 1 9-"" A 9 ,Z-',,.,f . bv 1, V -r., ' f in ,V S1151 lun l ,l '1 l l I l l I GLEE CLUB PRESENTS TWO CONCERTS For those interested in the fine art of singing, Armstrong's Clee Club meets their need. Worked strictly on volunteer basis the participation in this group is excellent. Under the direction of Harry Persse the Clee Club serenades the student body with two concerts each year. One of these, at Christmas time, consists of special Christ- mas music at its best. The other, in the Spring, is made up of various selections of different types. This year they joined with the Masquers in producing Armstrongis first musical in several years. The combined efforts made it a show well worth seeing and hearing. First row: Betty Sahlie, Alice Williams, Eugenia Combee, Eva Karatassos, Mr. Harry Persse. Second row: Lorraine De Lettre, Mary Ann Rollinson, Nancy Corclray, Mary Foughner. Third row: Anne Hey- ward, Barbara Jones, Angie White. Fourth row: Joan Sullivan, Joyce Fore, Jane Bland, Pat Durden. Fifth row: Alterd Baker, Phyliss Walker, Raye Mur- rary, Katherine Walker. Sixth.row: Sonny Bowen, Bill Smith, Launey Hiers, Archie Chan, Shelby Glisson. CHRI TMAS AND SPRI G CONCERTS COMPRI E GLEE CL B YE R The oiilicers, Nancy Cordray, President. and Mary Foughner, Secretary, ioin Mr. Persse in getting the most out of music. l S Juv . ea-SQ asf 'ii The Glee Club meets three times a week to practice and sing until their heart's content-and Mr. Persse'e too. up-1---.,.. ...l ,.,,..,, .-. ,-, X1 Lefl' to righ+, front row: Ruth Hesse' Jane Pinchney, Eleanor Guerry, Kalrie Strong, Eleanor Rushing, Billie Proctor, Delores Thee, Connie Owens, Carolyn Stacy. Second row: Jimmy Johnson, Senate rep- resentative, Pat Loft, Chairman, Gail Whitlington, Nancy Anderson, Frances Dunaway. THREE FORMAL DANCES SPO ORED BY ACT I E DANCE COMMITTEE A dance doesnit just happen. Before every formal affair there has to be careful planning and much work. That was the objective of the Dance Committee. Once a quarter, the Committee sponsors a formal dance. In the Fall, the theme is Halloween, carried out this year by a Masquerade Ball. Witches, goblins, ghosts, and black cats decorated .the walls of Jenkins Hall. scene of these dances. February, middle of the Winter quarter, brought the Valentine Dance. A huge white heart was the main decoration, supported by little hearts, cupids, and streamers. Red and white was the color scheme. Spring brought the last Dance Committee formal. This dance, known simply as the Spring Dance, emphasized signs of Spring. Differ- ent local orchestras furnish music for these affairs. The Committee also co-sponsored some informal dances during the year. This group takes their job seriously, and therefore make the Armstrong year a better one. . Nm x T l . Work for the night is coming Ghosts and goblins malre good chaperons 47 af the Hallowe'en Dance. f'A'n.r1 xii SUSPENSE THRILLS LARGE CROWDS DEATH OF A SALESMA A once peaceful and now tenement section of Brooklyn was the setting for the Nlasquefs best pro- duction of the year. DEATH OF A SALESNIAN. Under the ahle direction of Jack Porter. Author Nlilleris play was given alile support hy all memhers of the cast and crew. Porter, himself, showed grand talent in portray- ing the diHicult part of Willie Loman. the dreaming salesman. Bill Smith vividly played the disillusioned lioy. Biff. spoiled hy over conhdence. His haphazard brother. Happy. was notalily acted hy Mickey Green- field. Mrs. Loman. Joyce Nlincey, was another excel- lent performer in this very wonderful play. Support- ing Cast included Bill lfuhrman ttlharliel, Lloyd Adams lfiernard I. Ronnie Cohen tBen t. Niary Mathews tNliss Forsythl. Kay Dunlap 4Lettat. Don Fallin 1Stanleyt. Ronald Lasky 4Howard t, and Pat l,ott tlenny l. 'Ref 0, Don Fallin, Mickey Greenfield, Bill Smith and Jack Porfer in a poignanf scene from 'rhe play. l+'s the wee hours of the morning when the lasf rehearsal is over and Mr. Porter gives fha? final briefing. The 3-D sfage setting for Arthur Miller's lense drama. sv' 1...- The Armsirong sfage as if appeared in 'rhe Spring of 1954 when fhe Masquers sfaged iheir very successful hi+, CLAUDIA. MASQ ER' STAGE AN ERSATILE PL YS 1Jlll'IlILl 1111' 1'11111151' 111 I111' V1-111' 1111- llllfffl 111 X1L1F1I11Kx1'5. A1'1115l1'1111u 5 111'1111111l11'1-11111 Ill'U any w1'511li11- 111815, Lll11t"l' 1111- 4111-91111111 111 .lllfik 1'111't111' 11115 g1'111111 111 l'1c11l1'11 111e111111- 51111xl'5 11111 1111111-5511111111 1ill11Lll'l1r 111 11 51111111111 111'1111111'l111115. 1111 411-gLi111Zl ' Q' F 1111111 11115 1-x'111'x' 51111111111 1111-UW111' l11111lx' 111 11111l11'11111l1a 1111 5la1u11 111111 1111 v - - Q1-. 111 I111- 1111115. 1111-513 I11-1'1111'11111111-1- 1111 2111111 111 l11e .1t'll1i1lls 111111 111111il111'111111 ,ff 11111 11111111111 111111 XXlH1ll'r 111 51111 1111-111 111111. 5'-H .psf i 9 "I, 111 l111- S111'111g 111 1091 l,1.Xl'1J1-X 11.15 I , . J1,"W H., 5l.1g1-11 111 1111- 1X1ilr1lllt'l's. 11,41 131A 111 1 i w 1 . 1 v , 1111111110115 111111 111111 Ll 11111x111111111 111 11111 xt' v,f, I .- , F, 4 ",1. 11. 1111111111-1111 ll 5111111 11111l 1111111 111 S- ' 57 11111311161 111111 1111111151 1'Nf'l'f 111111, 1.1115 If-2 .' V1 """ X11'1i1'11lLll1 111111 ,11111 A1111111X 11111 L1 1x11ll111'1' - 7 I . , . ' . . J 5 ' 3 1111 111111151.1111111111a111111111111 1111111- 1"1l 1' 1 11l1'1illr 11115 Xl'I'Y 1-11111 i111'i11g 115 1lt"l' 1114111111 'S - ff 'E' 1fxl1'1'1111-11' X11'11 111 511l111111'li11g 11111-5 111111- .d,h.1,1-,er as-,H-,f'f5:fk' -' ' ' Q . . . K . V 1 V A 1-AM, 1 ,1ll1lLlll 1'1'11-111111111 115 111. 51-1111111111 111111 " jf' A -sf fk , , . . ' 597'-'U'A -K' 'S' -'K - 11e1.1'11x' 115 1111111, ,1Lill1' 1x1'z111 L15 1JLlI'llX1i'1 ,.,,. David 1Jim Moody1 fries hard 'ro keep his child bride, Claudia 11.ois McKe+han1, and her bank book s+raigh+. 49 I 1 . V . 'lll1'1 1JI'11YK5 N111 11l'l'1il 111111 1"1'il7 1'1-1115 111111 11111 1'11111'1111111 115 9 u-1 iv 1 -3 I-I1 9 5 4 T if 5 2 'T' P 1:1 3 1-1 9 T L P . P C T 6 1 if T 1 A A vf 11 v , T ENCE I D AU Y B D E ENJOY IO TR gy -an ff, " 1 1 W.: '- ' 'if' ' g Y init: 44'1'.1,.. -..Jw 11 V ' new f tm. ,4 . ,A M ,gf A , . ' .va j .,- ,j I ,- Q, ' . 33 -, , ,432 1 in , 'F W, -1? ,Z 55 1' A: I yd s... gf .:9':W A t .w:Pg,J.:z- .4 . " f-1' Q :,...s.?w.' weaves. , ,,31yg,, ,." ' ' Q., 1- .faxaa-att-ww A . 1 - V g- W ,pm 42 M 3 ' .,- -FJ' . ""3JM1'2iw?- Tense moments tick away as Mrs. Stevenson lAnn Register, trantically tries to get help in SORRY WRONG NUMBER. Realism is the lreynote tor Ann Register and Jane TRIO The Masque-rs tried something a little out of the ordinary for them for their Fall 1954 produc- tion. Rather than stage one play. they did three one-act plays. The three plays which constituted TRIO. as the production was called. were A CUP OF TEA. SUNDAY COST FIVE PESOS. and SORRY WRONG NUMBER. The play. A CUP OF TEA. was a very hilarious one-act farce. The cast was as follows: Tommy Scott as ,Iohn Waring, the outraged husbandg Bar- hara ,lones as Azalea Vlvaring. his straying wifeg Joyce Mincey as ,lane Wvendall. the loyal. non- chalant wife of the mad poet. Wilford Wendall. played hy Lloyd Adams. SUNDAY COST FIVE PESOS was a very funny one-act play about Mexican village life. Liz Morris lBertal. Bill Fuhrman tFidell. ,lane Pinck- ney tSalomet, Eva Karatassos tTonia, and Ann Register tCelestinat. constituted the major portion of fun and frolic in this play. SORRY WRONG NUMBER told the story of an invalid woman. Mrs. Stevenson. played hy Ann Register. trying to get help after overhearing the plot to murder her. The supporting cast was made up of Liz Morris. Jane Pinckney, Angie Howard. Cail Whittington. Eva Karatassos. Pat Lott. Bill Smith. Bohhy Burns. Bill Fuhrman. Don Fallin. and Frank Rhoden. PlnClmeY during ihe rehearse' of SUNDAY COST Fidel lBiIl Fuhrmanl is caught in a battle between the FIVE PESOS- f V2 Celestine lAnn Registerl, and Tonia lEva Karatassos 'ff I.-' ' ' The climax in A CUP OF TEA arrives as a murder was prevenfed by cake and iea. FALL BRINGS THREE FOR THE O EY weaker sex as Salome fJane Pinckneyi, Berfa fLiz Morris, fake sides. Q K Ti1ere's no business like show business when fhe cas? and crew ge? fogefher back s+age. Baptist student Union members are seated front Lois McKethan Second Row: Jimmy Fields, Ann Daniels, Nancy Cordray, Mary Foughner Jayne Allen Standing Sara Louise Norris Rosanda Smiley, Pat Caldwell, Margaret Owens, Joyce Fore, Mary An'1 Rollmson Bill Smith Mr Jack Padgett Miss Jane Thomas Sonny Bowen, Raye Murray, Jane Bland, Lloyd Adams, Lorraine DeLeHre VIPHASIZE VOCATIONS ...AND YE SHALL just as our college government forms a basis for political interest and the athletic activities allou us to huild healthy hodies. a growth in our spiritual lives is stimulated hy the religious organizations vvith their activities found on our campus. The lundamental purpose of these organizations is to imhue in the minds of everv student spiritual richness through active program participation, and to lead every student to the understanding that iaith is the hasis ol living. The Protestant groups on our campus. the Baptist Student Union and the Wesley Foundation. try. through their hi-monthly meetings. to offer their memlners the greatest spiritual maturity IHl5Siilif'. Accompanied hy much puhlicitv, the Baptist Student Union has been verv active this year. Be- sides parties. projects. a hanquet. conventions and retreats. they sponsored a Vocational Emphasis Week in March. Morning seminars were held each day at which time consecrated lavmen, graduate students. and young ministers talked to the group ahout their vocational choices over coffee and doughnuts. ggggf uszszr- ' -. , li' ll lf ' iitnswtsm' X AL 2515505 " '- NEG ' ll' " I2 i 44, jf . , finyyirlrl, ' -rt, ,V L ,guy s. W, 1.1 U4 N X, , , an 2 -- , ww, 152- eff . , .1 - - ,K w 'Q-ffft525t'?'Qg,?n:'f-f1f1f,"t , is ,wwe V1 A - ' ,,xg,,' Q ,if ,4 ji-3 ma v .X'.. iv: ' .W a-I t t lf sa' ' V' -S m'Gl.ld?4-' X" 'ikwfsifi ' " if ' Seated: Pat Lott, Gail Whittington, Nancy Anderson, Eleanor Rushing, Carolyn Tindoi. Standing, First Row: Henry Bartlett, Carole Allen, Delores Thee, Annette Hunter, Mr. Joe Green, Miss Haviland Houston, Gwen Shell, Barbara llcmm, Bill Proctor, Ruth Hess. Second Row: Tommy Nelson, Skip Minchey, Will Ray Hinely, Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Strozier, Bill Odum, Levis Yawn. WESLEY FOUNDATICL L0 RISHE KNOW THE TRUTH .. The deadline hour approaches as Nancy Anderson, Stanley Harris and Eleanor Rushing work hard to get the tloat ready in time. lformerly called the Methodist Student Move- ment while heing organized. the Methodist student group this year, since having he-rome alliliatvd with the state Methodist Movement. lweeame the Wesley ' ,R , Foundation. Their enrollment nearly doubled itself 2 8' this year. The group participated in many state Q:?fs'-440' programs inelucling t-onferi-nces and retreats during at""""W'4 the year. sg I . 1 ,-C . X tai: A i get 'A Q, , .fi s fi- ff i' 2 W " iii . is M -r' Wesley Foundation and B. S. U. worked together and 'M wif. A 'A produced the float which won third prize in the Home- V ix coming parade. K - fn- i I ,. . -wx, ef' t ,, sr z , .V t . I lttdi 1,, 'HBH 4, t I . 1 41-A 'QQ i ,gba A ,fr ' 3-1? , IS ,, t ,. . ti' HEQIIU ll ll .IIHDII A -"9ES'?i is 1 Seated: Bill Fuhrman, Joan Sullivan. Standing, First Row: Marion Peterson, Ann Hale, Patsy Duffy, Miss Rossiter, Father Thomas Payne, Mr. Persse, Jane Pincltney, Claire Kearney, Josie Rourlce. Second Row: Don Fallin, Buddy Mathews, Tony Carano, Billy Chandler, Tommy Foughner, Mary Fraps, Louis Porzio, Mary Mathews. EWMA CL B HAS VARIED PROGR M Pecos Jack tries to secure the Newmanite Indians, Marion Peterson, Joanne Roulros, Mary Mathews and Joan Saseen for his TV show. wr E 1 I'-.,.'. . V 'lim f- N i ' ' S :QI ,, . 41' ' Founded nationally in 1906 by Pope Pius X, the Newman Club has long been one of the more active clubs at Armstrong. Directed by Father Thomas H. Payne with Miss Jule Rossiter faculty advisor. the Catholic students on the campus attend the bi-monthly meeting to enrich themselves spiritu- ally. intellectually. and socially, Among their outside activities this year were communion breakfasts. conventions. parties, and a prize-winning: float. all helping make the Newman Club year a well-rounded one. 'nc--,, Catholicism and Our Georgia Heritage is the theme the Newman Club Float used to win second prize at Homecoming. Fraternity "X" members, left 'ro right, First Row: Bill Chandler, Tommy Slrozier, Johnny New, Gilbert Aycoclr, Bobby Adams Second Row: Buddy Mathews, Chris Russell, Rowland Seclringer, Tony Carano. FRATER ITY " 7" EB TE FORUNJ .N1'111st1'011g1 living: only Ll sinall ,liinior college-. clues not With littlf- or 1111 4'YlIPI'lHIlt't' 1111- IIH'ltlltt'l'S nl' tl11 l1a1'e the popular natioinil l'1'ate1'11itiefs and SOI'0l'ilif'r tn otliefr llc-lmtv l"i1r11111. 4X1'111st1'1111g1R 50llllQlf'Ft Vlllli. 1-1111-11-il tlir the studeiits. In oralei' that tlwre lie soinv social 4-lull 1111 iiitei'-wnllvgziaitv tlvlititing IUlll'llilllttA1lI lui' tlii- si-1-mill timi- tliut order at Ariiistroiigr. Fl'illt'l'IllIy is i11 vxisteiiw-. Alrliniigli tln-y 1liil11't ttikf- tlii- prizes, they niiiile il gmnl r O ". This clulm 1-oiisists of ll ggronp uf linys iI1lt'l'CSlPll i11 ll muh Itl'llIllUtlllQl lun and uoml will 1111101151 its IllPll1lN"l'S. Nlvin- ililie- ll'illllN. llll't'f' ailliriiigitiw untl tlirw- iivglntiw. nerr lwrsliip. living liniitmi lay i111'it41tim1 only. iiuikes it 41 small '47 1itz1ll1 lIllt'l't'Slt'1l i11 tliv tupii-. lie-ulwtlz 'l'l1z1t tlie- lf. N group. l111t it tills thi- plum' ut .'xI'I1lrII'UI1g1 nf ll lra1te1'11ity lui' -liunlfl e-xt:-nil ilipluiiiutim' 1'r-1-ngiiitiuii tu rlie w11111111111irt boys. IIlt'l1l1lF4i 11itl1 lllf'I11 is their l-llll-l0YlllQI 11ml1'isnr. H13 gi11'e1'11111v11t uf He-fl lfliinn. tlint tl1f-5 p11t li1Il'lll their argu- ,loe fiI'f'PIl. invnts witli 4111 uiwlui' tliut lmtli 'lll'l1l'lNt'll 111111 uw:-il tlivii 1-lussiiiaiti-N. 'lilivii' 11-15' l'ilI'lll1lf' 1-11111-I1 is Xlr. Urwii live'-l1:'1' 2.1 1,14 'ii' 'E Around the fable, left fo right: Charlie Teeple, Miclcey Greenfield, Harmon Ziegler, Jimmy Johnson, Mr. Orson Beecher, Lloyd Adams, Bernice S+ricl1land, Will Ray Hinely, Kyler Craven, Bill Odum, Rowland Seclringer, Eva Kara+assos. 55 QP El Fronf Row: Roberf Burpi++, Eddie Grayson, Tommy Foughner, Roy Thomas, Buclcy Bliss. Second Row: Katherine Wallcer, Bones Smith, Jimmy Fields, Ronald Lasky, Louis Porzio, Sonny Bowen, Arnold Cohen, David Tyler. Back Row: Mr. Casper, Mr. Padge++, Mr. Morris. MATH CLIB SCIE CE CL B Smile-Iiliies uvtiu- timl smiivtiilivs nut so alvtiw. the Nluth .'xl'II1Sll'0lljl-S IIPWFPI lnuilfling, liiUIllllP Hall, houses the ffluli has ln-e-n in t'XlNlt'lll't' at 'XI'lllNIl'UllQ fm' il numlwr nl 5f'itJllf'f' lflulr. With Nliss .lane Tllolllus. iIlStl'uc't0r Of yr-air-, Xlr. ,lun-k Ihilge-It illltl Xlr. Artliur lluspeiy lmth liiulugry. und Nlr. john Nlurris. vlwrnistry teavlwr. the ti-alvlie-ix ul. the Xillllbllti llllllllx are lui-illty uilxisurs lm' this nwmlwrs nl the Svivnce liluh liavc' an npportllnity to pro- i-llll,, ,,y51,miZ.-il f-.pwiully lm' ftiulf-nt uith special lIllFI'FrI lnntv ge'lwrul inter:-st in all lmram'lws of St'lt4I1C'f?. The main in lIlillllt'lllillil'S. llli-y try to g1iH'tll:'sf' 5Ill1ll'l1lS ai i'l1um'v In vinplmsis is plucwl nn the Il1PIIllM"l'Si persmlal initiative ol' lilll'lllt'l' thvir llIl1lf'l'SlLHIlllllQl ul' thi- sulniwt ut the- lllPl"IlIlQl4. illqllirillglil1t0l'UIIlI1l0Il sf'if'llIili1' Illf'Ill04lS. In-Ill twin- ll mnntli. Tlv- Iiiggilst portion nl' thvsf- Illfliatlllglh is tgilwn up with the wlutimi ul lllllhllill math lDl'lllllf'IIIS This year, as Q-in-lm year. the Srienvv lfluln math- several wshivh tht- Illr'Illllt'l'F liring. tif-Id trips, uml t'IllQ"l't'Ll an float in the l'l0Illt'l'UIlllIlQl puracle. - 'H B 5 , t. 3,5 N-XL . EF? ..:r.' Left +o right, Firsl' Row: Sonny Bowen, Bones Smith, Miss Thomas, Mr. Morris. Second Row: Rowland Secltinger, Rolaerl Burpifl, Joe Bender, Tommy Foughner, Bill Smith. 56 nl sd Righf 'lo leffc Gail Wl1iHingfon, Bill Smilh, Ronald Laslzy, Bobby Burns, Mr. Porler, Bill Fuhrman, Bruce Fricldle, Don Fallin, Eva Karafassos. i l T E N N Cl U B RADIU ORKSHOP L J 'X l'lPLll' sollllnlillgl Nuivv uml il littlv lull of ltH'iIl1ll'ill B"Fl'lf'5 lwlllll fi V"'I'Ii""1l ""ll"N" ill lU"llNl""Ul- Wlllllx iiltvwst i- all that ig llPf'P5Sill'y to lwvniiw an ii1'IlXf'IIlPlllllt'l' llih llf'f'0IlW UHF 'fl Illf' l1lV'VlT" I'i1NUl'1"S 'll Illf' Plll'l"lll'- in thy HMM., XX',f,,-k,h0I,. BPIYIIISP nl this, u rlulr wax lnrlnwl lm' tlmw lliIl'll1'lIllll'lf .Xltvr llf'l'UIl1lIl,EI real-tixatwl in the Full. this group ul lnl'Jr'S5l'A'l In lelmls' pfnplv, ll'I1llf"l ,ldmlx lOllFlS4llIlJftl1lILI!'i0l1lt'll5fllly xxlllllfl Iyurmg the bmmg and xummll may Mm Vim uxmllh Fllllllltll' III Sll4'll'L'lll t'l'l'Pl'llYfJ Illi1Illl0'I'Illilt tlwumhvm-H lounml hml H mlmlwl. of xtmlpm, at IIN. 'l',.,miN 4'mH.tx twill! our lt liaml to lwlwxe that what tlwy xxflrf' looking at was and iIm,,.mVing thvil. ability in IIN. NIM,-th q.,,l,,.ll Bill B.lI- IIQIIIIUIIIIIIIF. and that the sound. ur you-es, new rwmwlml. Ulm tmmis in,t,.m.t,,,.. nmku ,.,.,-will may ,,H.,.y Nm,l,.m lm, This urgalllizutioh giws ilmtvwstwl stuslvnts il 1'llilll4'f' all at lrast a little- knmslvflge- ul it. :mil he- ult:-I1 iwilix I'1n t'XfH'liiIl1t'llii!1g1 with ruilio unml wunnl ffHif'l'lh. Nfllllt'lllS ut play. 'F S I a 9. -,.,.,,, -, K .. - ... 0 -VW fi 'ffff' ' 5 W '-fx N G, fl ya ,JM 7 -Ny' '- ' 'fx ., 'g,f"fyQ"" . '4 Y sf Q 'f , M. . 'wig 'ti' fi . F f ,f e , I l ' viii? ' A l S, K .TL . ., ,. R K 'S 4 -A , 'sf' , , V M - .Ah i l ,, 1. ' ' WE' I ' P -f' L7 W. 1 ',. L W vy - Sea+ed, Firsi Row: Shirley Cowar+. Second Row: Jane Bland. Pai' Lo++, Rosanda Smiley, Mary Fouqhner. ST 'oo '5 , If-w it -4-" 75" 'CT' Deltai Chi 4- 1' VT' ' w 8 'ur bw if 6- Presiclenfq Jane Bland, Julia Brannen, Caroline Edwards, Gail Founfain, Secrefaryp Slwelia Grady, Ann Hale, Angie Howard, Elizabefh Howard, Vice-Presiclenlg Claire Kearney, Mary Mafhews, Connie Owens, Marian Peferson, Josie Rourke, Treasurer: JoAnne Roukos, Joan Saseen, Carolyn Sfacy. FPS, a: , .cf -2 ip! i if ,fi V. 2 f 3 R' - is 5 "" e-fr 'sv in ff i V 'Q' W J , Qlpha Beta '-3 i V-, xx tg A - J N' 2 , wr Q M f. A 1 .. . 4 ,, X 5 Q,-if " 1 'Xb' 'f 9' be ' '23 IT Y Q' inf' 3 Jayne Allen, Nancy Anderson, Ann Daniels, Presidenfg Mary Fouglwner, Mary Fraps, Treasurer: Nancy Henderson, Jackie Kennedy, Mary Cafherine Liu, Pal LOH, Joan Lucas, Jamie Lumley, Lois McKe+l1an, Joyce Mincey, Vice-President Liz Morris, Jane Pinclrney, Mary Ann Rollinson, Eleanor Rushing, Joan Slwillingfon, Jenny ShiIling+on, Rosanda Smiley, Carolyn Tindol, Gail Whif+ing+on. 3 -, 5,5 of N U M Q 5 V Q r "" A r 'X ' 'k -t- . lk. , M . f ,N - x . A 4 1 y U " "ff 1 'lata 4,. ' i I A i 72 igtlf ,uw ,la . 'N5 V V Q .rm 'N' 2' tl-il M1 i'i U 15 3 , fr T 45 , J?f W 5iiigii 3 4'-Jgf, 4 . 1 ' ' E ' , I 4 A ' . tr, U, . o n is 5 . , . . i' I-E Q "f' " ' -' Ffa 'x OX. .A,, '5 L-'i"' -. 'ww-' of LH " 1 .64 ' ..J ' xv, , A 51" ' ' " X .. V ' 1 r: ' . A 5 ,, W 9 N a +I lr ' . - 3 ---r - x f , Q -' r Q- 1 -555,-if 1 n wi' H ' C9 v , ,f A LM , E - Q I , , ' , f"'l, I 5 . , tx 2 lx I . r ' A so 11' ' m fx L I . b - of -fa. Q - r f L. ,, i ' x gy' Y I I Q J 'U wx . , -1 ' Q 1 f A- .4 I 1 r- YI - ' 53 u 'Y Masquers parfying af Pinckneys. . J X 'J f r f f X' I ' Q1 V K r A. . 'f.4Cf:lAif,.,xgf , , bi 'fs Q: - ,R 4 ,QV f f ' in 0 , 4 5 I A nigh+ af fhe circus! 1 Q., If , A r5'H, iw' ff s - ,A ' 1 g E 8,4 - v Q Q 1 VV I f X . . and never forge? you are a lowly ref!" . I ,,j,' I Vim, . -' :Yrs The A T B s a+ fhenr +ea par+y s N, k PM 5 'Yg 'gi-3 qw 1 IX xr ., M! of "Cheez! The cops!" Buf Don fheres n Casbah Savannah' Ju 5 y f 4 I g, 'S' 0' 1.1, 0 - f 1 if v , Jil if , 5 1.5 9 , fi 43, U Q I 1 , V-2 fa ,J K.. Q P 1 stir V.: 'ff' , ' ' , , Y V!! ' . A, L, . 1, 1 '-,"x ' X' iv: ' fjgz, V I N V' .. I .- I , - V 4 o nn . , I - ' ' I' A A V A ' mi ' 2 ' f wa :- K 4 I 9' BEAUT .vw D on - Y :mw- M 4' A 1 Jef i . .Q,'Nb I 1. ' if 1 :I b r gm .1-in I Q., " '10 ,.+ E f i,Y,w ,W S MX. . m,,. " ' -.a'.. 1S, V ,nv , , Afylf. . - , J ' , - Y - . , 2 a-" .Sega Zaeea Qagae Wfckceq A cameo framed in pearls . . . dreams under lock and In . . . I' h ey moon Ig 1' sail on fhe Mississippi 'g r? V , s VX wg, ,.. X v Y. . 'Aa- M Q- ,wi - N, is N rg 1 aff Q. 'ev QW, is ' g 9 DQ QW N 4 S 'X r f Q f,' ,Q'7? ,K R , --.1 1 , w x la Last year's Queen Lucy Butler doing the honor """" Q- 1 'GEECHEE Q EE OF 1955 1- he The decision for the judges in the 1955 GIQECHEE QUEEN contest was a difficult one with so many facets of beauty represented among the 22 candidates. The coveted title was finally awarded to Miss Joyce Mincey. representing the Masquers. ,loyceis classic beauty, poise. and charm readily convince one of the wisdom of the choice. Of fair complexion. she has lilue eyes and blonde hair thatis always neatly tied in a "pony tail... Five-feet six and 18 years old. she's an Alpha Tau Beta. a freshman secretarial student. Having a hackground of piano. dancing. and dramatics. Joyce spends most of her spare time with the college Masquers and is interested enough in this to he the director's student assistant. She has already starred in two of their productions. Her interesting looks, fresh appeal. and charming manner mark her as the ideal co-ed to proudly wear the title of CFl'iCl-llflf QUEEN of 1955. X ,. 142' Z,-'y'. 'K' A F25 f . ,sa va, 'ag --ng, ,W K, 1 y G ---ev l .Q t A WJ f Z' 145, K .lim , 'Q A , V 6 is 9' i t i 'ff' .L ' 3- Lfag., A - 9' 9 et.: . t :AW 7' '- eff: ' V X 'I I ,UQ I 2, i A Q s., ' mee dnckaeg A clark sfream fleclzed by sunlighi' . . . carnival nigh+ in Venice . . . a pixie wifh bells on her foes. 11.6, ' X af 1 ,, f' T' f 1 g 2, as 1 Q , . ' ' " x-Q?-'I ' 2' 4 Af f R , ,- g pe ' - N , gf. , Q ' .f sale I in , , 5 .' 'f .rx ,lf A -A ,f ' f - X r , ,B W ,gi , f" 3 vf 'A Q -, -, ,, if , ,r 53 J V ,- 1 4 f1s,z:f:,,w ,V fsepf N i Q W '1 'T-1 J. in 770214 faqae fiflfea Spring's firsf robin . . . ambifion wifh ifs lighfer side . . . cherry blossoms and blue slry rhapsody of words. xy' 5 Wtdzailecmaz amy Magnolia unfolding in fhe moonlighf . . . a glidin in moder d' ' g swan on sfill wafer . . . a G I: n lsguuse. ff-1 . if , Qwi.. ree goddess ' f 776644 Wlriziam .fwzdecq ' A deep river flowing fowards fhe sea . . . soap and wafer siren . . . daffodils on ahillside if gi i 59153552 . , LOIS McKETHAN Bap+is+ S+uden+ Union J X . .wwe Wy, f b 5 efxff' .,:. Q UQ W - , ,Q ag fa ,"""wgi " ' , 3'4" ' QE! f fi! Y CONNIE OWENS Del+a Chi Sororify FROM THESE. A6 52551 ef? ix. A Y I' V , -.. i li. Q , if 5. in JULIA BRANNEN JANE BLAND B913 Lambda Cheerleaders ELEANOR RUSHING MARY MATHEWS Dance COMVTWIHGS Freshman Clegg 'Q fi lyx 4-gl'- PATSY DUFFY BARBARA JONES Fraferniiy X Glamazons lnframural Team w QI mix Xx xv 4 H ,'-- 731' .fa af - 1 v ". '- 1 fl gf EVA KARATASSOS Glee Club X4 X Q MARY FOUGHNER Sophomore Class 1 fs. USHY zz :ev ff 6 Qffw 'Y CAROLYN TINDOL Wesley Foundalion CAROLYN STACY SliclnCl1ic:ks Iniramural Team -wxf ANNE HALE Newman Club N X A Z ., , N :' 'V' l'l'V5Lfi? 'EEE 'Z Iliff ' . -, i V, ., Egfr' 'Ja ye if Q of 5 . 51 V "-, , E fb W' A Q 552 H. W? 'Y , e ' 3 V, '1 PATRICIA CALDWELL Radio Worlcslwop , V - V ,,,f A "pix " 'X' ' xv J 1 'W ' Lek' fa. l A A . .g - H' xg.J:- . 4 - . .' -51431 f ie? A Qllialff A .5 3 ,A :E 5-"1 1 NANCY ANDERSON ANNE DANIELS JOAN LUCAS Sassy S+ruHers ln+ramural Team G, C0.edg Intramural Team I f V -df YOU NAME IT DEPT. W- . 623314. - 5- ,rg W uf- NNWJ 5 Q ' 2' Y ' E S A A E n Qi 'PL Z-s sg-. J 70 1 s 0 ., 9 I 's g w' xl'- 1 f ,A-"N . r-S D lin in g.q:f,' 'S M . A ,g s 5x"'9 . ,, 31-. t , . L . 5 ' o . F x wa I - ' X .15 E vw k .- ,f '3'f'T':' V W fm .QW f 4 v -l' we F x S ' S, E , , 1 a . I f-ls: .Q X.: . Y.. ig , v my fl 542 Q3 8 1 -.QR Q ws Viz' Q V 'iv 3 " g. 4- K- ii THF GOOD OLD DAX? ' 10 XEARS FROM SHAKESPEARE ALMA DOFSN T MATER 0:02 oo oo oo oo PO! T 'F Q. I ,-ax V3 X 5 ,Q X,-1'5" 1 QE? I ' .Q i.-Q53 fa., - 5 -od L. uh' Q L' an rs it ' -.An fr' . x v' .X . Ns Ai' C Sl" .'!""",Z8L 3 Q. "' gk vw' A W .SF in Lmrn All.-X115 lukxsell Eflltfll' '5-l-'55: ll:-bale Forum, President '5-1555: Sopho- more Class, Yiee lJl't'billt'Ill '54- '55: Uutstaimling Sophomore: 'l'erra1l'ins. Yiee Presitlent '54- '55: B. S. lf.: Nlusquers: Fra- teruitv X: Student Senate: Sil- ver "An: luterim l,i0lIllllllIt't". Yin- lIbairman '5'1. JAM: BLANI1 Stutleut Senate: 'Ce-eelieez Clee fflub: Boots and Surlrlle: Tennis Club: B, S. lv.: lntrumural Board '54-'55: A X: Slivk tfbicks. liaptain '54-55: tllieer- leauler: Intramural A wartl, gg, pa' nigh: JAYNIL :XI.l,EN Cbeerlearler, Captain '54-'55: A. 'lf B.: ll:-ta l,ambr,la: Fresh- IHLIII lfourt: 'lleer'lIee, Fresliinan lftlitor '53-'54: Iukwell: Nlas- quers: Debate Forum. Seen-tary '54- 55: B. S. F.. l,l'0Qll'i1Ill Chair- man '53-'55: Open House lfom- mittee 54: Boots and Saflrlle: 'fleet-liee Beauty lfourt '54 8 '55: Slim-k llbieks: Silxer "Au: lJean's l,lsl. ,lI'l,lAN Bouex Sm-ienee lllub, President '54-155: Math lflub: lnkwell: B. S. lf.: Scholars: Illee Club: Intramural Boarfl '54--551 Deaifs List. ' , N: rt. Q I' 'rx ' " , f X L, .-..., 1. L7 4 I I ,,r J,- Q . fx F 'V QW I . - 1 - I Q.. I 1 -W.. - i l 5 .I They laughed when I sal' down 'ro play GILBERT Ax'cm':Ii Fraternity X, President '54-'55: Loalers. Senate Representative 53554: Intramural Board '53-'54, JAxILs BVRKE Scholars: Newman Club. HENRY BARTLETT Masquers, Publicity Chairman '53-'5-1: Freshman Class, Senate Representative '53-'54: Inkwell: Clee Club: Student Senate: Wes- ley Foundation. YVILLIABI OWLNS . Nw- 'Qur-"L, l . 'f QM f ' . F he mv.-r""'A V. F2345 4. "' 1 war ' Wll.1.1r: f:lll,IE'XlAN NANM' Cunnnu' 4r"""'N f1lf'f' fflulp. l'rf'si1le'nt '51-'55: ron- B. 5. L., Nlllsival l,il'P1'I0l' 5.5- 19" v , at -my 'Q Q., "NHL, is 4, , ,lfuuzs tlusw SHIRLEY Cmx'AR'r Sumldlv: llIfI'ilI1llll'21I Board '55, 145' MP9 , flew " -4, 39' ., ' '.. 'VZ' yn! A BILLY llruxlria SAM CROVATT -9 ' 5 -A v ,x 'QT' ' fi A f QV? '5-5: Slivk Chi:-ks: Stud:-nt Svn- Sr-hulars: Newman Club. A. T. B.. 5v1'r6!,u1'y .5"1'.551 Stu- nlvnl Svnute: Tennis Club: Safsy Strutte-rs, Captain '55: Boots and ,ff "Ziff: E Pluribus Unum AlARY Ilmum' Cvlamazons: Dean's Science Club. DoN FALi.1N Masquersg Inkwell: Loafers. President '54-'55: Newman Club: Student Senate: Radio Work- shop, Senate Representative '54- '55: Intramural Board '54-'55, WIILLIANI Fi'nRx1.AN Nlasquers, President '54-'55: Newman Club, Vice President '52-'53, President '5-1555: Ink- well. Associate Editor '52-'53: Mercury, Associate Editor '52- '53, Managing: Editor '53-'54: 'Geecheez Radio Workshop: Publications Keys '54: Silver 4.:x-si Mfxns HALL ENGLAND Nlasquers, Senate Representative '54-'55: Inkwell, Club Editor '54- '55: Terrapins, Secretary. '54-'55, NlARY FOUGH NER 'Ceechee, Business Manager '54- '55: A. T. B.. Vice President '54, President '553 B, S. U., Vice President '53-'55: Glamazons, Captain '54 - '55: Intramural Board '54-'55: Glee Club, Secre- tary '54-155: Tennis Club: Intra- mural Award: Student Senate: lnkwell. DORIS FVLCHER Student Senate: Boots and Sad- dle: Co-eds. ..' ' 4 , ,,,,,1E'x if in , ,if 3, 5, 5 1 .ny iiiiigfiu F W 2 we "wx ,. nf -' ,T i f 1 ' A lb Truth is beauty, beauty truth. PQ.. ig.. 'Y Eff 4 '?""f' fb uf NIICKI-LY Clu:r:Nru:l.n Ar unix HALL 5'1'.ui,r:i' Hmuus xi x Munn nterim Committee. Chairman U -1: Debate Forum. 5911819 Rep sentative '54-'55: S1-ience Club, rogram Chairman '5l: Home rming. General Chairman '54: asquers. JAMES Juuxsox I'1xA KARAIA5Nm Be-ta Lamluia. Trwasurvr '53-'5l. Pre-sisivrit '54-'SSL Stuiivnt Svn- ate. Srwlw-tziry .54'.55i lnkwe-Il: Ili-'ilkltf' Forum: xiilSIIllQ'l'51 Sassy Slruttc-rs: UI:-e Klub: Hulmwuli- ing, Hr-1-f-ptimi ifhairman '5l: Radio W'urkfhup: Uutstzuuling Sophurnorr. s 4 4 if i 'Z ,, 1 I 5 'Q4 1'3"-ur ...N 6 -E' If you want any more sing it yourself! wg.-N I I TTI? 4 .1 .1 r .EN-" T' ...ff 5.- ,H-'I ' 4 3 J I Q? A PQ 'l'imxiAs lamb, JH. Intraniural Board. Manager '54- '55: Freshman Class. Treasurer '53-'5-1: Sophomore Class. Treas- urer '54-'55: Basketball Team: lnlusell. Sports Editor .Fl-l--552 Scholars: lfreshman Court: Ten- nis Clult: Wesley Foundation: Uutstanslingr Sophomore. Loi is Nluiirus I-Ii.izAni1'iii Nlomns lfresliman Court: A. 'lf B.: Sassy Strutters, Captain '54: Student 'ienatm Tleechee. Sports Editor '33-'5'1: Tennis Clulmz Nlasquers. 'S ,.-- PAT Lori' illeecliee, Activity Editor '5-1355: Dance Committee. Chairman '54- '55: Inkwell, Associate Editor '54-'55: Mercury. Associate Ed- itor '53-'54: Sassy Strutters: Mas- quers: Wesley Foundation, Vice liresiilent '53-154. Program Chair- man '54-'55: Tennis Clulm: A. T. B.: Radio Workshop: Deans List. Lois hlCKI-ITHAN 'lleechee, Editor '54-'55: B.S.U.. Yice President '53-'54, President .54-.551 Sophomore Class. Secre- tary '54-155: Student Senate, Chaplain '54-'55g Inkwellg Beta l,aml1da: A. T. B.: Masquers: Co-eds: Homecoming Committee '54: Silver "Aug Outstanding Sophomore. TUBIXIY NELsoN 'lierrapinsg Wesley Foundation. :ii 5. lsn'+ 'rbe Charleston a little passe! JUHN NEW W1i.L1Ax1 Onmr lifnim Hrsaizu 'reshman King '53: Clubv: Newinan Club. Yive Prexidr-nt lasketball Team: Fraternity X. '54-'55: Gators: Basketball Teani. Koizumi Sun u latb Club, President '5-1555: 'cience Club. Senate Representa- ive '54-'55: Danee Committee: 'raternity X. F L X' vt 'Yrs' W11.1.1Ax1 Sxmn Terrapins. President, C10-Captain '54-55: B. S. U.: Science Club: Intramural Board '54-'552 Clee Club: Radio Viorkshopz lnkwell. Artist: Masquersz Student Sen- ate. 'f',.'!': "W '-quad' 'it 1 Il - ' l,f0-Captainf'54-'55: Student Sen- ate: Club: Dance Lfuininit- tee: Fraternity X. Jul STANLEY 'Ar W- urveyvf' HmAxn,x SilII.kQY Fre-hinan Court: .-X. T. B.: Ten- nis Klub: 13.5. L. Rumi' ig Slnnikiaxrm Beta Lanibda. Sevier-tary '53-54: Inkuell, Sports Editor .54-55: Intramural Board. Manager '5-1: Ilebate Forum: Student Senate: Glainazmis: Niafquers: Deank l.lst. Q, 'ak , 9 ailing, NEW 3 is 5. all Q, is '. C 4. .. ,I -1 . L- .J . in-at .0"f"'-' Tuoxus S1'RozlER Freshman fflass. Vice President '53-'S-lg Freshman Court: Ca- torsg "Ai, Clulm: Basketball Team. CARULYN TINDAL I A. 'l'. B.: Cheerleaders Wesley A Foundationg Glamazone. 5, 9 .,, al . - A 4,..,,,, all 'ew-....., 1 K 9, X, S4 L ft, V . Qtr? wnffr JoAN Si'i.1.1vAN CIIARLES TEE:-Li: Geeeliee. Sophomore Editor '5-i- Dellate l'10l'l1Ill. -552 Newman fflulr, Secretary- 'freasurer '54-55: Beta Lamlmda. Yice President '54-'55: Clama- zons: Homecoming Committee LENS YARN 'Sli Clee filula. Vllesley Foundation. Senate Rep- resentative '54-155: Terrapins: Blnwgn l,lSlll-LR Student Senate: lJean's List. 'if CAMERA SHY SOPHS Howum CONN-iN Nommm Dorcorr Q JA1-on Nl!-lARS I'm'i1a O'Nl1l.1.loN 5 .ft R 5 fi f. 15, ,Q ... N Joris Ruins Tuoxms Rl-1lQAN,,lR. KAIIHLRINI-I WALKI-:R Arif ig w'lll,l,IAXl5 HARBIUN Zrzlcuga Sophomore Class, President '54- '55: Delnate Forum, Vice Presi- dent '54-'55: Basketball Team: Dean's List: Homecoming, Pa- rade Chairman '54g Interim Committee. 4"""w ara- 'ud' 'fs ' Eiici:NE THOMPSON TOMMIE Hooics MOST OUTSTANDING OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORES ' Gl ARI-XNTICIED QI ALITY ' GREG-XXII OI" THIS CROP ' MOST LIKELY ' BY POPILAR DEMAND ' ' VENI. VIDI. VICI ' TRAIL BLAZERS ' GOING I P ' ' PARDON OIR DIST ' HARMON ZEIGLER LOIS McKETHAN TOMMY LONG ' 1 . '5 'Q LLOYD ADAMS EVA KARATASSOS l f1i F' 'x 1 R v Mix un, . X , 'Awe , 1. ' , ,Sl wk 56 4 'TWV Q I i 1' 4 1 .air wif"-v. tv!-'rw E1 4 ll , 5" Z ,Q E E ff SEQ.-?s,t'1f1w 4' A f 1 2 1 Y WWW I 'S , M- Q 1 Q 2 W 4 1 Q f P 1 fs HT, .v , fy C+ .4- Q-,J 'C 0 AXYED EYES ' EA-XGER BEAYERS ' ' WHY? ' 2 5, 5 v,xTR1oTs UF THE DL NIP - CONFLESION U 5' l J REIGNS - FLMIING YOLETH - M XYHERE DO NYE GO FROM HERE. . . ' Q ' REAL CRAZY MIXED-LEP KIDS ' THQ u+mo+ ina Eeal cool Bop-ca+s ,I L , E i, .. A Q5 Jww 5.21 ' A b wb '. . 1. ff "' xi' 4 , -f. ,4, :if 6 3 ,- .. . Cherchez Ia femme! Tired muscles and aching fee? . . . Try Done's Linimeni an Y mnqr-W rar'-'v-va-aw ..,....p--V V -1... -M.,-.mmf-A , , 4 um - 1" I . Vfiii, 'bn ' Ax: " A "1" -. ' 'Qi' ' , ff' ' ' , -f ' E 4 Q .iiifmif 4 'Q e - 4 2 5 ,Q ' HQ 1 if 5 1 ' I' Q Wi g if ,, -Q I I SWB' x 1? Nb' As fr 1 r 'M-gf Hola Burns llolmert Burpitt ,lolm Byrnes lj2lll'lI'lii llalrlwell Xntlrony lfnrnno 'Xlxin Carney Xrelrie I lrnn Bill illmnrller Faye lllenwnts Xfllulrl lnllell Xlirhael follinf Eugenia ilnrnlwe Charles Conxsay llronm- l.orlwtt Kyler fraxen fi' 1 lbs -1-fl' ,.r'4' , IC' A . mf .nv- Ol, 'EK Carole Allen Colon Anderson Nancy Anderson Alfred Baker, jr, Roberta Barlmee Wallace Beasley Joseph Bender Francis Bignault. ,lr Dwiglit Bliss. .lr. Julia Brannen Vernon Brannon Lee Brewton Harry Brodmann .losie Bullard Slrcllmy Clisson lisa r f,-1 Anil' 'ahh' 6- wr' 4?-5 Danny llruniun 'Xnnv Daniels Xlvrlivc Ur-an Bowl Dt'illlX l,Ul'l'lllIlH De-l,e-ltr: Williaun IMJIIIIIIIIK Pat Duffy Fraru'es l,llll1lXS ny Kay Dunlap .ILIIHFS Dunn Putriria Dllllltlll llaroline Eaiuallwlf Gurdon Ifxans Samuel Feinlmrgz janws Fields ,Pi 4, yxs EA -'s Q Q X , a af 1 QQ, U.-4' 4' fl' ' 'Q Q ' ' -- - I ,ff 19- -pq 1 in um. 'Fw G' A , Q Q. SE, K Q .- fb ,in 0? fir 9 Heyu P11 g ' I x " -C? , 6 1 1 ul Immtun W , g XII an ho 'Y F1141 fl k - , gf? ik N, A J I3 I ll , . 17 A lnltl Ru lvnl Q :Ei -Y' JP t 'ft " , 3 3 v 'I'-'i C' M . ' H' H ' .Xnne He-yward V ,f ,, " V 2 -R1 '. :iw U 0' 4 V t Luunvy Hters. III , W 0 . W x 2 Ann Hinely - ' .. ' :ff'f'f' -.- - -v , f 1 I . Q4 'Q ,I he I Harold Hlnely , ' - .4 C 21911 1 I. 5 I , Vknlharn Ray Lnwly r A2 N' .Xu kl'? . 'df Bernard Hll'bCll ' --f 9- , t , A ., 1' H . ,zz -1: ff: an ,Q Q gyrus' nne me owald i ' 5 Iilizalu-th Howard ' A gal 'ffv ""- ' ' , 'f',:2' Annette Hunter 4 V A ,N,,, aj , Hurry ltzkovitz li , 0 , xt Q 1 ...., Q- i I .1 g K fxilll Jackson .f . ' H1 th Jacobs 9: 'r - 0- gg: ,Y '7 1 ff ,, 'lf F., f-. I I 2 L x ' Charles Johnson I M ,. 1? ww, . I Y' , 3, E v M I N- ik ' 3' , ,Aj N' bllhvrt johnson 'kv 1,145 , V .f 4 ' , wifi t iv Barbara .lones A ,x ,Q , 1? t h X X .5 1 1 hnrlw N. .lurwr ' ' 1 hurl:-N Vs . .lmu-s. lr. l if 5 V 'T' 3 Q f 'I' 'as I TR it ig. Q- ' ' R L awk Alum-x , ,Rh -rg , ,,C . , - - - '--..,, .f - q Q-4' Jvklv lxvrlrwfly f rf 4 W1 - ,' ., . Y gb -'4!U'4.': luhn lx:-rw: X ' .ERN rp . f W 1 - 4 Q LX f 2 K2 I 6 HIINN l.nI3t1-tie I3 ll'Ilill'il I.LlllllJ 'nnvth Lillllll nulrl l.u-ky U Nr-ill Imo- W lf-on l,+-mx Harris IA-mx Nlury Kathryn Liu lurk I wrt Imx isun .ulllil "Qi ..a . 4-f' l' 'K nf -f 18 D-V' 5.17-4' X """ -Q 'Q-s .eff ga., li ' 1 4 .fwgpmlq 5 f kr! 7.93 4 I ff' 'C+' V 3 f '- ' r N 'ti J M, I 1 X6 ,y M., 'N A. lf. A' 'STK V vi' 'v' 4-Q 'D . N 'K V, Q' W' -F it 4,7 I1 ll 1 i x , 'K' ' 7 Pllllt Plmlul I Q Y ffl! '13 ,N I 7 AW" ' rl' X W 'K , ASX., A . It 3' x wr K ,HM 4,141 x 4 3' , 4 4 ' QL, I ,sig 15? ii I i f n, AV. sl' I Betty Sahlie Zachary Sandlin ,Ioan Saseen Rowland Seckingei Joel Shaw Jack Shearouse jenny Shillington Joan Shillington Crawford Shiver Catherine Simmons Michael Simmons Patsy Sims Mary Ben Smith Allen Speller Carolyn Stacy 4,11 1 ' 5- o giswef "2 , fa. as , L iifgipiziji. 7 .saw I - as zz ,Bi Alf' j 'E'-news Y 'W 1 Y 5 N ci wifi r 5 ,3 'R Q-. fi Q I P -,Q fp Q , ,V ,G n., Q X Vx 'AZ ,W J I V A , A! . in vw! N y i M,,fQi: S if S ' fr' , ' my ., , f' , Q ,', 1 A 6 . n- Q Q .312 I A 5 -at , 9 rw! WX , . sax! Ki S .fy y " F " A , X X K ' 1 Tgjif so ' y .f , .-a. g I l.'fi "'i iinlrerl Stahl:-y Lliarlca bIf'XN1ll'l rf ... , ' , A , 11' Y af 'aj-il M 3 ' ' illiarlvs Strivklanil " 7 " I Q ' df Y, ' -,, .4 I . ,, Iflroy Strivklanei "' ' S Kathvrinf' Strmigg 'iilimnaf Snail: Johnnie- 'iiaple-5 Xmire-w 'iiaylor iluiorvs lilf't' Hoy 'lihoinas 'lionnny Sm-nit .lov Travy ilavinl 'iiyle-1' .lames Lisiwi' W. ff. Yarieiixvr L 41,3 i A t 1.30 ff fi? Mali! -,A Amar' S E' . asia .,,., '1 Carole Vansickle Phyllis Walker Daniel Ward Roderick Watts Aaron Weiner Charles Wells Angie White Winfrey Whitlock Gail Whittington George Winders James Woolsey Tommy Worrill Frank Davis Thomas Foughner Daniel Smith AMER HY FRESHMAN Norwood Abbott, Jr. Robert Adams ,Iohn S. Allen David Barnhill Pete Bougas Robert W. Branch, Jr. William Carter James K. Cook Charles L. Davis, Jr. .loyce Davis Harvey D. Findlev William Fitzsimmons William S. Glisson James W. Goddard Everett Graham Franklin F. GriHin John Halligan Thomas F. Hennessy Ellis Hilliard, Jr. jackson I. Hurst, Jr. Donald Langford Ronald Langford .loyce Lanier Howard P. Marx Samuel A. Mason Charles Moody John Paul Moore Galen Myers Raymond E. 0'Brien Richard J. Poore William Rambo Thomas J. Reagan Lee Rivers, Jr. Ralph D. Roekell David Scharff Suzanne Schwalb Gwen Shell Anthony Simon 89 Carroll T. Smith Daniel Smith James L. Smith Jackie M. Sommers William Thee John E. Thompson Rudolph Thorpe, Jr. Tommy Tuten James H. Vaden Frank Wahlstrom, Jr. William Waite Mary Weldon Ned J. Winter .lohn A. Young SPECIAL STUDENTS Connie Blun Jeannette Glynn Dinko Smircic K' Kia. 9.0 E' ' ,4 1 iii lf' ,V . , , 'K fx sig "3"'x Q if A la , M gf 5 if as , wa. GAIL Axnaasox President Vice l'rc.wiflCI1t ,Qt - ffl 'M' Nilss JANE Bai-in rin Dfnwtor of .Yllr.w.s Warren A. Cfandler Svhool of Nursing: Jeanette .Xhl Nancy Austin Ellen Baron Dorothy llurnssell Joann lllalovlx Barhara lirazell 35 QQ. KA'inm'x Sigruzns Nl.xium'x 'l'nmn-sox ELAINE MIXON Treasurer Secretary FRESHMEN of CANDLER School of Nursing Student nurses from the Warren Candler Hospital School of Nursing take their freshman yearis work at Armstrong. it is during this year that the decisive faetor is discovered xxhelher or not tht- stoinavh can stand the sight of hlood. flUllC1'Illl'21llllfI in the courses at Armstrong: related to their chosen field in addition to practical hospital training leaves these future "ladies in white" little time for participation in organized svhool aelivities. lint sovial life is not entirely neglected and the nurses hold dances of their own in ,Ienkin Hall. and are welcomed at all school func-tions held at the college. The nurses aluays enter a sponsor in the 'Ceeehee Beauty Contest and are almost certain to claim a position high in the 1-ourt of reigning Beauties. fi Q Q ,i "Qs aa , - Q F .J Jimmy Nay ,IOIIIINIII 11111111111 King Xli1'ia111 I.Ell'isl,'? .Xlda l.i11to11 .lu xlt'KiIlllt'j Pat NI1'I.a11gl1li11 Joan Nlann Xlary NPIHOII Pat Pdlllltzl' Betty 'INIIOIIIIISOII 5111111-3' Thrift JO A1111 Vfilkim - IF 9x 53' N- I ,Q 'E' 'xr-ff? 'V'-vs S.,,,,.f N11 4,.11'-llxlv x"llX 4,11H1'1' 1 .l11111- 4,amz11't 1. , 11111111- .xllllr Ihuix I I 1 x K ' HiIl'll1Il'il Dyull Q 'W' 'K 5111111111 lla-M115 ,.. if ' Doris Ulissnll 1 ,.., 1 Hf:lv11 llrincr f' ,A I , - gg, ' A 4 A IUIIIII4' 5111- Hiiglilll I A .--v-. Jam 1 1 A ,K at , ' 'gc-f 'N pq 4- ,!1'L1ll HLll'IsflCl1l x , . Lilifp , ,, , , , llmlllfllilll' limlgv- Z, xii., Q , t 155 , ' hlrle-y Huflgge-5 . 1, A 1 , 171145 if N A 5 R fx, A in 4 'av K 1 v M 'Wk 1? YW :J VT Mk Q 4, 9. '--M' 2 n if 51. . ' . "3 ,L 11" nw-xx 'Ds 4-"N FUR N -1? , 1 3, ,xx W l 1 i 2 I ' I T 'Q i r' 'bf 9 ' iv. ' X - .., 'ii :- ,gg Rushing lo fhose P. E. classes? Jes' siffin: in 'I'l'1e Dump? ' V , l .M ,, g- aw , w- l It K' 4' . .4 '3 Q 5 51 I fb 'Q .5 ' M .I Niwr: ' ' ' 1 ..-- Y' " fe-I! N .+ I ff ,f 1. Fa Q1 ' 1 S- -Q 1' -V V E . --1 rf 1 ' f J L . 1xY' -'W' Q1 ,::i2' .I vn'! , ,s J, fm., g , A .1-fs? ', ga, f ,f w , x :A xl 51 , f f W ,fr Rehearsals? Loafiing beiween classes? Baslcefball games? Slaving for fhe Masquers? Cussing and discussing? Thai revolufionary Terrapin dance? Those housepariies? l ,f Q. ' ' f , .-2 Q P. 'F l f , ,Q MQ, ' , ,ff-:,g. -, a ff 'dr fl -4'4,, 'V fig-:sf ff cf, f f K ' ' ? cl ' . N is 4 g l A HV ,, Av I Y ' ' f N, H .s,' A V ' x I I Mn-is A sv Vs , -1' gf as A .lsffi l xxvilhlllll lll01n'ollIt'0f0lllA filly. the-rv xmulml lw no l,l'.l',l,Hl',F.. bo lralmnm- lllcw- ADV RTI I 44 414 - f , N V ,VK if ydefl' -,NM hs xv x M I In ' 'stu sis N fx 4! D Cn111pfi111c'11!.1 Of FRHIIK C. IIIHTHEUJS SEAFOOD "Everybody's goHa ge? info fhe ac?" 3.-r Lynes Realty Company N IC ALT! DHS Salas - IJNIIIS - RUIIHIIS - IIISIIFUIIC6' ' X . plltlllt' .1-H211 1211 Fart Sl. lllllillll SITFPI 1 Su' xxx 111 111301101 1 iQ .. - . I-1 Aw, come on man-gusf one more sup. As You 111111. 11011. Ol' Jlll'5llP . I I Yfllll' f'0lll'SP in liff-, EJOII-I furgzel lo drop in at THE BCOKWCRM I-HH Hull Stn-et J XN""f f,llQll IVITDIII ll! a.m. 'lil 10 p.111. ww 1llSllLlHYP "5-Bfff- 45? ., ' Q f 751' , Cramming for an exam, no doub+? Rm an ,I -:xx1-:TTR Cmwx Du1mT111' T11m11'soN 'Q . N t l , f ' f x 1 EWU P' 'Q If' H, V1 412' 4 . f , I I , - 'J tif' -' . . " if ', I wa X 1 - ,. ,tg-Mg? X Q. P - igggf, -It , 2. 2 3, Q 3 F ERN' QF M .UQN VERS xNC ENGRA ALS or 0151 NNU 09 A Southern Pho1'o Service. Inc. fjAWI,EY'S STUDIO Photo Finishing--1Iommercial Porlruitf Sllpplies 1209 Whitaker Strvel Phone o Xiglllsooiloliduys , , I-3-2230 Uffivial 'C4'f'1'l1f'1' l,lIllf0gf'flIJllPl' 1- I 19'-S Leff wai'ring ai fhe church door? H HA DQI QA RTERS l7o1"li0cnsa1nl junior ,150 P 118 E. Broughton St. v Q Bu., only God can make a free! ". . . and I say Mr. Beecher IS right 0 Q . Q 0 ATLANTIC RIUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CQUDIPANI' 17 McDonough Slrvet. Wvest 0 Q ' Q 0 97 Y- V- W- P A T R 0 N S Knoslows 11,1 Ifast Bryan Street JOE GARDNER I7 West Congress Street HODGE OPTICAL 151 Bull Street SAVANNAH CAMERA 3 West Liberty Street JAMES M. CARGILL CO. 8 East State Street 'Q 'K 'K SOLOMON'S PHARMACY, INC. 337 Hull Street FRIEDMAN'S ART STORE 110 Whitaker Street JOE PRICE, INC. H A R R I 5 I IHIVMIIC - IJQATI-II-IH GOODS - GIFTS 1 I THE HUB Featuring Luggage hy ln' BALTIMORE - SKYWAY - SAMSUNITI-2 FI-ne MPH-S Clothing Sinn? 1896 PI,-XRTKIAN 5 W' Congress Sl. 23 Broughton St.. West Savannah Nw t ' ' K Q 5 f uoroto nun eonunv M,- adl r"s I t I It gf , i' It ' , IIIVIIG OVII loo.o0o IAVAIIANIAIA -1 lp Q Q il it Y Tis a long way down, usnf if de-ah? f f f I.vllIIIIIll'IIIl'IlfS nj . . . and a stern voice said, "Come on in girls, the water's fine . Pamt Co. "Tl1w fznlslmr Sf1ll'!'M . 9 3151-INT NXl1ilul4--1-Sin-el jj U lufre' fvllSllI.llllS l.'ul.'v lfufir lieffnl In 1 1 1 ' .5III'llllIIllll ljlllillt? 2-121251 ANTON'S Um' of .-1111f'r1'c11's Hffllvr Rvslllllrzlllls I2 West Hl'HllQIhlUll SI. SLIXUIHILIII. Ca. l.'ur11pl1'111f'l1l.s nf Byck Worrell Construction Co., Inc. Foremost mjxlilul. c3oX'rHA41'l'm:s International Dairies, SLIYLIIIIIHII, Cu. A-Xtlanlu. Ca. Inc. HH l.'u111pl1'l111'11l.w Slmlr uml Suu- al H, K A R P F ' s If 'lwre' Desbouillons Jewelers Sffwfffflfflf Shnps llh lfaul llftlllglllllll Sl. U If ill: Sun xxx xH. C x. gj,,,,ffl1f,,,f.,, "Bul dear, bundling is an old New England cusfom!" Q3 Url fir L in... .. . .. . . . collechvely of course MORRIS LEVY'S W, 'V if V 'ff' , . ,. 'lb il, VHARDWARECOJ 'LQ5-Q, NIIIYIIIIIIIII .Q l'1111-sl 1' V,Y ,,A z,.,,,g..Mf5551.-M ,E-,Eze-?g.A,3f1eqN E s n 4K9 flV,xgSf.iiL,1p-If S mari um Klux xw Sum' Ifllli XX mn-:N lllll uf' llll' BUIHIEN CUMPANY Milk and Ice Cream lfasl Yi1'lnl'y Drikt' KEEP INFORMED! on e e I I Ile world today. Be a l6'gllILll flllnavrilnf-1' to the 3011311113111 flqlilgllillg ixfillfl SAVANNAH EVENING PRESS Our House :XXII fab Q -4 . -' 9. - i 1121125 011512 I-of TREASURE 'SLAND FAME" . zo EASI snow sr XXSISHES YOI GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY SAILING! 2 HAI if+le afmosphere iusf geis SOM V V.-----yzsxh 1 .f-vu-wg-, , - : 'J'-. ' 0 . fnce ffm awn 0 flue cenlfwc . . . e WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBQQKS so' 'W ye- 1 ei Q Z Q I :1 3 2 . FN D mc A L N - obunzaw' f FOQTE sl DAVIES, ING.' ATLANTA ' gs 'R Xfxxa 3 QR - x 7 If ,fo nxt' Q 1 - 5 X f N 'Q fi w g E 456-5 A s dx I, 8 V XX if? W ,H 1 'W I a I WORK Em? NU , Sf Wx si U QS 14" ffK CN 2 I ...t r-C'x N 1 so EN! n Q -2 Wu:-.3 KGT7 K o S ,f . ., : - I W gg I X 1? VN E 91755 IZJ 4 X Q I4 U A Q kfv 1 xX L' gr! km Q2 '1 -R i I-

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