Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA)

 - Class of 1949

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Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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' W-wr' vqu- ivvv I . , 0 4 ' I Alwlnn. D -I Q1 1 - 4 f 1 3 4 'I 4 -1 1 . 1 .f X .1 . Q5 NL? x,5ZXf0'sZL 'Q' . ffmv, 'ri -.f'fY.-fit -.2 .wr ,N vymgiws . P 'iw , Q :litany 1. fxirif 1 bn Lo ,415 'F it Q, .N x n . A, VKX ' I '. --V 1 '.4Q.." -Q Q", . -L, - in .. - V , A. 1 --nv f-' LYS 5 ,l V , .. ,. ,I . ..fp...f91gn, X""N hff u4,,f-urn . 'N-uf .1994-Q ,.. --.-v-0 .-w-ww ' :ann-mf' E - sig 1 4 f r , ix , 1 , - - 4 4 - ,f. 1 1 ' 11 " lj., , 'fm -s eww -,mt if ,Z if 8 "'S'f'1.w ,ans xv: . , YY up--1-.-I 5, f ' vi, 'Q . r V ' is 2- ,T 4 Q, ' . L, 0 i 4 fZ??g"':iz -.E EPM N H 1. -il' J' BC' P912 'do UNI P' , v. . ,N - . - as . I ' 1 , , Q 1 A mn., -Nfl! .W iii Fl' 121 .A - .,-'QPR JD"-'51, up H.,-5,-, .. ff-.43 : --vw ff., v-:....h.w'fff 4,5 ,, -. . r 1 M hx -az fi-1-Ogqj A.-ln'-Q 11,1 ikbk"- '. :yfg,g:f,gw,,Lf, ff fA:'!f3'2 -2 .,,,u,,,A,:gg.7,, ,iw-f .' ' ' L ,ac-'fy :!wf.,. ' .,a -, A' ,R , " , i' f . bf Af!!-ff-5'1su',.', "..s vnu- 4'7"-1 - ,?'......x 'LN , , f, an 'nlfx N Q- IIA, f 4- vggip--, W v-.,.. 'u Jlf ' ' . "T is ?fiQ'f'Y- 'A' .1 uf- " . 'rx 1' Q -1 .- ,9 5 . 5 -4:41-.. xl' , .1511 ., rg 4' , , ,Xb , , 'Hg 32- 4 Y. "' gt." l en v Y Q' Sk. ,gr , 'f - Xfl 19. I Hour Plea' a e , .Q , ' ' f' A' .. .- 1 A, . .- 4 x , , a f "- N . , ffl w. f. .wr-2 N sk Q4 , , ' -. ' ' ,gx '11 kr Q .. Qv -D ,A , Ka. v 1 ' : 1 , 4 J t 15 4 1, , F , . ., 2' - x ' a Hour Cla Ae Q. . 'g 'l s I 1 , M, S: E 4 .jf ii- ' 'r ,as ls-5 ii 1?- 'ff fffj LH' . 'f. .ELK 535 'Q 9, 1 ix! fvag ,.,. 3-. 1?-. 44 A is .z 1 .-:mai , x , . '-5. i ' :dylql 'ggi H we re ue P I r . r ' ' " 2i2:"":'ii-' Jr- g 'N' 4 A .-Ugify , .' iwrj -. i . V I - .1.2,,g, is ft -': A . j '.- Q jig .I f 2 ,- 2:4 -I I i 1- ity , igg. Gamble Hall ,J , ' 221-1. gl c 1 Hunt Buildi if lx Jenkins Hull Q-x.., jsy H-4 .. ,, Lane Building Y X al 'I 'F X 'Y H 2 LC IW S I 1 1, V, : Q15 4 I I X ig! 131 X1 X ,Qu R 's Si ggi. b' ' . ' Q fgfirf-' L' 5512: v ' V533 'X ffm Q29 YQ 3-Se 54' gt . 11 I ' eeclae 6 F' I mmm. .RX , ...u 1 ' .. -' ,Li H ,.,..-......, - , V M. v V , V N ..... ,, r """ Y A. , -'n ' K, 4. . EI F . gf , i fig 5. I-I yr Eff. si pi? . .- .V1 2- Ev, 0, ,, ,S , , 1 g,,.1 ,, . R 3 Q' an , at f-4 Lal 3 gp., Q. , V' 'Y ix' iw' ,H , ? s . iq... is-ln, 53: .5 ., v - K3 1 age 1355 4-A '1 I ARMSTRONG BUILDING pf ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE R Savannah Georgia F f-M R 9 16 E35 gl ,ii Ei 3 if Q Q3 ,J x . 9: I 1 'iz' he ge 5 '35 Shel? .5 w 5 Q .Bt iff? ' is W, .z vv new 'Q r 1 ,-ww 52, Eagir W! s 'ff rx.. fi. 1 ,Q X, in 4 ' r it . .Q Y. if ye zifliii lf, . A 4,2 5' . A V 2! 'Y L 5 'r 5 C2 Q. W I . io. 231 , rr i ii if' 2. V- Xu S x Q, fi, ' 1 ,U , Q., nr 2. , ,fs 4 '2 We 1 x . , 1, 4 5 5 'w 5 '55 Q55 I 'f ' . film g, .E ., sa fl? if if Eg U '4 5 R M A W1 N v , 1, ' 11' 4, 2 bww? Q e is Sv: 'V 2 ' 2 . 3 :W ,I1 , , . ' 1 i. Cf ' f r A' K we :- , 5 ' -'Z 1 - f . , A , , A ., 1 1, we 'z 40 .,, C'? 'E 9 'G ,ig M is 4 wt.. in 1 A if ,,,. , W ,v Hesse ,A . N- 'Q of-1 ras rv 71,2 .r , W HA, mt at if 'ills 'r"+aEeQi'wrd4act9mre aw. W 4 ww 3-X 'gffwgggx-we 'W' fwf'-ffwwswf wk L' :J all if M fr! fnjfv,-t,g,f .4 www 5 .4 t.. et- me nismgrgane 0 . .f , . 1 Wiidye' ,-4,4 YM J: A, I ..8',-.1.3.ff6.r,5q1.uf4nv :mugs onyx., ge- ,fQ,!V.11'e .v tv. -, -Me ,810-f.,,, , ' ' .3" fl' 5 A- T, are Q2 .Nw ,.r.?m,,,Aw .Mu ' :TW N':"'WV 9 4 l ' . if Af f' ''qE"Fwq5ll A - mifvxw-il he-ei at gy-4 Nm , Z ,, ,. . N h , Q -'Y-S"i.', . Ka' or r'W?'i2?H1wmu 4, -mmswwav:-W I me Wig: invasive rrfiawgtffi ag, S'-.zrpfgxegg it - , e,'wW.:., A ,V 'l7" ':saufvnunszf,wfaenrwg,q53, fw ,pwwmw f -'.5e,t Q Q A 1 H Q wwe 5 1 .re Wm"'f"" f ,4+ff:r.t.swfa?h ' Ear.-1...5.fg...-SWL-.i2,2,-,-..-,m.-feww iii- 'E' 9 5' .3.!!'b5z2'e1w+-fm ww ,vatogsykwl--Lit NQWQ 33,,.5r.mwaw-'msresawmewxwmwqrsw 'X xfwwfwgn-up it "-llezfhlgiwvwlif-W35f3 !UQ . . L M Wim! Q e 1 A . V ' ,""- W , 'f-ii, ,Nd X.. Q 1 'Q-V-W""f4r1f'ig"""'l'2f3V5"5Q" MX- , ' N 'irwulhcamm-fun-69: k.: ,W 3 rw y , ,rm-.N-1-wvmwm 9.47 ,,5m.'...,.s.n ,Q -'fj rvmvnndkllr-sfknu-www .rtgqezessr-vrsff fr 1 t Qqnwgvwnwuuaawmrszuinns - " v,: pgg,g, ,1-xx i:,g3g-w QE we Z "Q, ' S .-aialllwj ,fats vzvszv if Miva L Q. rd'-Qsargif W faerfi -'QQQQIQSQQKSGQH ' -lf' E fish? 5F'W'fg'..'lQKflxf'a 4.2 egg? warm, t msmxesgws . Q 4 uv fgyx-n. f, 5 U1 ' ' , EP: - ' w "Mfffi 'frwifrnteaut iigilgingg, in X.. ,ie 4,.,x,, , , ,,g,.,,x Q , .rf h'4",S'- VH Hifi '5gu.,r-g,Qfw:5,,x4ia,.'xhi A -xr:sf,,f40'.,ggi:fYt3ag'fr.'e-,- V-rysrisfzzxfwxaasivagi-vs. N ff i X4 i Ai 'I-We AY:2'i"t'?5i".?l'gE'f'Sf2!,w4ff 1- new ,--L ,'fw,j,fg'j.. Q M of ',J:5,':1!f?t?fs :' I M R , --t m:4..f,5,. q.1vx..v-hw til -A if fi il 14 ' - 1, X . ,5 Q ,L :A , Andfclelendij Boldeh name. ' ' To eaehj heart Qoble -story Andlthyfcalrh and gtately grace Herald thing 'immortal glory. Armstrong, fhail, all hail to thee! Alma.Mater, those before us Left thine, honor great and strongg We wllalfollossretake their banner, Raise ittwith a fighting song. Congecratecl' is .thy teaehing, Sacred is thyfniiirlale height, Gloriousl thy Spirit reaching D ubworrl ' fp. vii I 'T' H A , i eg rg as on 3 vt ,G 'S ,ft J A N at , A R 2 . , , Q X,'E3A' it -1 J' l v iii V ,M 5 M. 1' 'ie x 2 . f 'ze AM, A l L' 'Pi if F52 1.3 Y 2' f 4 vw ' 15111 W if ,. Ni 'eu .1-.uv it K ? - ,, -5. ' -, ff Q.:-r" , he 'f ,, 3- 'Z' 15:35, ,A 1 t Q g A Z, , ,v 5 .Na g , V fe '1 - A, ,qw A , 1 , -, f -1, A V f 4. , Q . 1 ' '25 ie 35" - A, f gf '-'- f if if : 4. we? 5 l g 5555 ee i'f1v''w,f ravi , in fn 1Af,A,'w.r ff fy ' - ,ne,5,, Q ik 3 W . .f At 4 ,W Q. -. 3 ,A H .f 1 rf -" ff , r ' V " ' gl: 2 Q ' -e !,. 'A L?'.3 5:,i2 , 2 M 7. A, 5: Q X f' 3 1- P f 'f .5 Y'-' !, MY 3.1, , . ' ,V Q i 'o '. , , E,3Efi"fi??i.Z.. 4,,1i'5t-:wfe 4, "i:lg3' 4. . ' " ' ' + f af rf , -. A ' ' , -, f.,Ae5a' ii. ,Z S5 we ff gan. , 'I 1 f 'Ml Q12 2 if , Q A, 1 2 ' il if ff-inf X - f W, V" ' , N , 1' W lt. T' ' Y ' 541 1 , V W3 'rw l . f f?fffm'e'ff,tfW1wifi wfflill-xififeifi fwzzv E e ' 'W -A V, 1' J - . ,A , V , 1 - , - ,. ,. . 1- t .wgrf3,f35,-fMg,fE :Magi fig- 35535, Q 1 Sgt : Q .' . - , A Q ',1.- C 4 3 v, Q f n 9 e , ' Y A - M . 'F 'V 1 gf 4 ff?-ieff "Q S fa ga ,J g B at Q 5' is L! ffl A' 1 1 74' Az: r if ll 'FP Arthur I ' Gignilliat bedicativn THE 1949 'GEECHEE IS GRATEFULLY DEDICATED IN BEHALF OF THE ARMSTRONG STUDENTS TO ARTHUR M. GIGNILLIAT, REGISTRAR, COUNSELOR, TEACHER AND FRIEND. HIS QUIET HUMOR, HIS UNFAILING PATIENCE, HIS LONG SERVICE TO THE COLLEGE, WHICH HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED SINCE 1935 ONLY BY HIS SERVICE TO HIS COUNTRY-ALL MARK HIM AS A MAN OF WHOM ARMSTRONG IS PROUD. 9 ARMS'l'Rf NG College C OMMI SSI ON Mr. Herschel V. jenkins Mr William Murphey Cb"i""""' Vice Chairman 252, ,s 1- 'D' 'I' -"Hug 1 .x .- fl" 40' 1. Mr. Fred Shearouse Morris Bernstein R K- ,alia if ---q.qn Fred Wessels Mrs. W. F. Robertson Mr G Philip Morgan "F" . . ,J s ' A gsnqg.. - 533, .xx W . Mayor Olin F. Fulmer judge J. P. Houlihan Mr. Ormonde B. Strong Mr. Jack J. Cook Mr W L Mmgledorff Ex-Offirio Ex-Officio Ex-Officio Ex-Offirio Ex Offzczo 10 The I' l',L FOREMAN M. HAWES A.B., Mercer University M.S., Emory University President ARTHUR M. GIGNILLIAT A.B., M.A., University of Georgia Registrar W. ORSON BEECHER A.B., M.A., Emory University M.A., University ,of Georgia Dean of Students ,gp-J' .- 1 ,f iffy' ima 1 Q A . 'K' J HAWES ADMINlS'Rf'l'IfN v,,4r GIGNILLIAT BEECHER X..- N ' . passer 1 1 4. .- Berg Campbell JOSLPH xv. BERG- B.S. Unirersily of Georgia Instructor in Mathematics LAURA BLAKELEY- B.S. Peabody College, M.A. Peabody College Instructor in Mathematics FRANCIS BRANNEN- B.S. Chemical Engineering, Georgia School of Tech- nology Business Manager ,W ,fy lil. ul Blakeley Casper J 'lx Brannen CLIFTON CAMPBELL- A.B., M.A. Emory University Instructor in Political Science ARTHUR W. CASPER- A.B. Beloif College, Grarluafc Wfisconsin Instructor in Engineering ANNA CONE- A.B. Unizersity of Georgia Secretary to the Dean " A .. U - ' Cone Sfzldy, Unirersitg N Q 3 2? E ,Q an-1 'QQ -yi Crolly H. Davis I.. Davis Douglas Fay Goodwin ANNE CROLLY- LILLIAN DOUGLAS- A.B. Ursuline College B.S. Birmingham Southern College, M.S. Emory Uni Assistant Registrar versity Instructor in Chemistry HARRIET DAVIS- DR. MARTHA FAY- A.B. Unirersity of North Carolina B.S. Rockford College, M.S., Ph.D., University of Publicity-Instructor in Journalism Illinois Instructor in Biology LAMAR DAVIS- NOMA LEE GOODWIN- B.S. University of South Carolina A.B., M.A. Duke University Instructor in Commerce Instructor in English I' " Y 44 .. I .. I' I I' JOSEPH I. KILLORIN- A.B. St. Iobn's College Instructor in History MARGARET S. LUBS- B.Mus. Converse College, A.B. M.A. Columbia University Instructor in French DOROTHY MORRIS- B.S. University of Tennessee , I Q MARJORIE MOSLEY- ' W Associate in Finance and Commmrc Armstrong junior College Secretary U ' ' I-IINCKLEY A. MURPHY- Umverslty of Georgia' A.B. Vanderbilt University, graduate study Colum bia University Instructor in English MRS. JOSIE NELSON- Banks Secretarial Srbool Instructor of Physical Education Secretary Killorin Lubs Morris Mosley Murphy Nelson if Pollirzer Stephens Thomas Thompson Torrie Wolfe WILLIAM S. POLLITZER- A.B., M.A. Emory University Instructor in Biology MRS. MARGARET F. STEPHENS- A.B., M.A., LLB. University of Georgia, Certificate from the Sorbonne in Paris Instructor in English CARLSON R. THOMAS- A.B., University of Richmond, M.A. University of North Carolina Director of Savannah Playhouse " I- s U DOROTHY THOMPSON- A.B. Monmouth College, M.A. Northwestern Univer- sity, Social Work at Milwaukee School of Social Work, Certificate of Psychiatric Social Work, Western Re- serve University Instructor in Psychology CARMEN TORRIE- B.S. in Physical Education, Concord College, M.S. University of Tennessee Instructor in Physical Education HELEN WOLFE- B.S. Columbia University, Graduate Study, Teachers College, Columbia University Instructor in Home Economics ' Y -un .QQ .A-. f"A Fei" 1 Q -3' , , ,A, -1. . :Q- lid ' Howard Zahn Zilch I' , I ' N I' wa -5 CHARLES B. HOWARD- B.S: Troy State Teachers College, M.A. George Pea- body College for Teachers Instructor in English MRS. GLADYS ZILCH- Special Courses in Typeu.'riting and Sbortbarzrl at University of Michigan and University of Florirla, LOUIS J. ZAHN- Diploma from Gregg College fN01'ItIlll Seboolj Instructor in Commerce A.B. Emory Unizfrsity, M.A. Emory University, Cer- tifieate from the University of Mexico Instructor in Spanish and German 1 '? .. gf - Q, l I.. ROSS CUMMINS W . f Q' Dzrertor A B.S. Yale Universityg Graduate Study, University "eq-2' Community of Connecticut GUID,-NCB CENTS! MRS. MARTHA D. GREGSON SL'l'7'L'flll'3' and MRS. DIXIE MARKS DICKEY PSJ'!'lJOI7lCf1'il' Clerk Sefrelary MRS. FRANCES S. O'TUEL Vocational Counselor A.B. University of Georgia N , I 18 HENRIETTA KICKLIGHTER Psychological Examiner B.S. University of Georgia -J 'S ' ' lx . -41 The SOP?-IOMORES I9 MARK STEADMAN MARY CONWAY President Vice-President P' I' I I' I' I' P I' I' P' ofHrlOMOsn FTFICSKO PEGGY WORRELL JOHN ALLRED Secretary Treasurer -1-v -,.-4..-QWT T""04vuu JTM' DAVID BERGRIN MARY CONWAY Most Outstanding 4 Sopb 2 -JF", pf ' we ,Av 41' A , Au? f' f - ns aff' ' - X'-Y 1 X, .I .175 . ,k 7, 4 ff ' 'Z "' CATHERINE LANKENAU Most OflfSftlII!117lQ MARK STEADMAN Sopb gf: YI 1 J - ' it 43 J, Qld' an J f t L.-.V V--v , ,. A Alberino Allen Allred Aycock Baker JOSEPH ALBERINO RUTH ALLEN Liberal Arts -- Beta Lambda, Student Senate, Dance Committee, Interim Committee '48, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Co-eds, Mercury Staff. JOHN ALLRED Engineering - Treas- urer of Sophomore Class, American Business Club scholarship, Armstrong Engineering Society. WILLIAM L. AYCOCK cpl: emo DAN BARBOT GEORGE WESLEY Engineering - Arm- BARTHELMESS strong Engineering Soci- Liberal Arts - Eager ety, Loafers. Beavers, Fraternity X. ROBERT BARKER Liberal Arts. JOE BADAL Barbot Barker Barthelmess JAMES BAKER Liberal Arts - Terra- pin Club. ROBERT BENET Liberal Arts. Badal Benet qv F ,pk -. , X ' ga i an -R .Z K f f K, 9. 'X s, 1, vi: -X rs f i ,. 'f,j,,-,. -4 1 J '.-. ,F-551, 'I uaifl W ' ' r 3 1-'lbw ,",Z-FIG 2,4- Benton Bergrin Berry Bisset Blanton DANIEL BENTON NINETEEN WALTER BLATNER Engineering - Presi dent of Armstrong Engi neering Society '48-'49 Permanent Dean's List, Loafers. DAVID BERGRIN Liberal Arts-Student Senate, Terrapin Club, 'GEECHEE Photography editor, "Hits and Fits,' Dance Committee, Riding Club, Alpha Lambda Sig- ma, Inkwell staff, 'GEE- CHEE Photography Editor. JOHN BERRY i-IUNDI ED SIDNEY BOONE THOMAS BOSWELL Science. Blatner Boone Boswell Y M2 'Rf CHARLES BISSET CLARK BLANTON Liberal Arts-Terrapin Club, "Hits and Fits," Freshman king '48, Stu- dent Senate, Interim chair- man, Inkwell business manager '48, Dance Com- '49 NICK BREWER Liberal Arts. mittee. A ND EMMET BRIDGES Brewer Bridges 4 f"e ef: Q!! Blur I ri 'T Brower Browne MADISON BROXVER Liberal Arts-President of Drama Club, Savannah Playhouse Planning Com- mittee, Music Club. LESLIE BROWNE Liberal Arts. SAM CHANCE Liberal Arts. PAUL CHIVINGTON Liberal Arts. Chance Chivington uf, RQ ' 'I ' ..v f an we g g t' EN, vN xx 2 C ' QL W 1 - 5 '1 I . I J . X A- . i . :- se... Y. Campbell WALTER CAMPBELL Commerce - Varsity Basketball Team '48-'49, Terrapin Club. DONALD CAPHTON 0 lwmo RICHARD CLARKE NICK CLARKE Engineering. R. Clarke Caphton Chambers LUCY CHAMBERS Liberal Arts - Alpha Tau Beta. CLIFFORD CLARKE Liberal Arts-President of Freshman Class '48, Student Forum, Debating Team, Homecoming Com- mittee, Vice-President of Student Senate, Secretary of Student Senate, Dance Committee, Dean's List, Music Club, Armstrong Veterans' Social Club '48, Alpha Lambda Sigma. N. Clarke C. Clarke Coffer Colcock Colley Collins Cone HENRY COFFER Liberal Arts. NINEIEEN MARY CONWAY Liberal Arts - Vice- President of Sophomore Class, Student Senate, Beta Lambda, Women's Athletic Association, Manager of Co-eds, President of Dance Committee, French Club, Glee Club, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Mercury Staff, 'GEECHEE Staff, Perma- nent Dean's List, Out- standing Sophomore. WILLIAM COLCOCK Liberal Arts. BILL COLLEY Liberal Arts-Terrapin Club, "Hits and Fits." i-IUNDI ED WILLIAM COPELAND Liberal Arts. JERRY CORDELL Science. Conway Copeland Cordell A ND CHARLES COLLINS JAMES CONE YI CHARLES CURRY DeVAUGHN DAVIS Science-Armstrong En- gineering Society, Scholars Curry Dav s fans,- .r5"4Ti-IQ!! .V lf - nv" 4 V . ' -1,-..-:V 'if' 2 r If S .ff W 4 A ,1-v', r , 1 Aifzdl ' i' an 'K Q 'Q I V? 9 , Dinerman A. Dugger W. Dugger Eitel Epting WILLIAM DUGGER Engineering. JACK DINERMAN Science. ARTHUR DUGGER CHARLES EITEL Engineering--Treasurer of Terrapin Club '48, Dance Committee, Varsity Basketball Team '48-'49. Soplwmo MARTHA NORMAN FAWCETT-Home Eco- nomics-'GEECHEE Staff, Rebels '47, Treasurer of Alpha Tau Beta '47, Beta Lambda, Dance Commit- tee, Woman's Athletic As- sociation, Student Senate, Slick Chicks '48, Perma- nent Dean's List, Commis- sion Scholarship. Fawcett Foran JUANITA FORAN SARAH FORD Science - Dance Com- mittee, Co-eds '48. Ford EUGENE EPTING Liberal Arts. ALTON FOREHAND Liberal Arts. JANE FORTSON Forehand Fortson fi? -rf" 3 'ad' Ti wr' ,gen -...ff 'N K,i'qygiU"f12" V it li.,-456' 'ud- Fountain Gay Gibbons Glasscock Green DAVID GAY Engineering - E a g e r EDWIN FOUNTAIN Liberal Arts - Drama Club, Savannah Playhouse, Student Senate, Student Forum, French Club. N!NE'l'1-EEF BUDDY GREENWAIDE Greenwaide Griffith Beavers, Dance Committee, Armstrong Engineering So- ciety. NORMA GIBBONS Liberal Arts - Dance Committee, Co-eds '47, Slick Chicks ,48-'49, ,GEE- CHEE Staff, Alpha Tau Beta, Permanent Dean's List, Woman's Athletic As- sociation, Student Senate. I i-IUNDI ED HUNDLEY GRIFFITH Liberal Arts - Eager Beavers, Fraternity X. CAROLYN GROSS Liberal Arts - Vice- President of Delta Chi '48, Glamazons '47, S l ic k Chicks '48-'49, Riding Club, 'GEECI-IEE Staff. Gross ,fa x -1359 'auf T' A ND ROBERT GLASSCOCK JAMES GREEN '49 DOUGLAS GUILD Liberal Arts. JEAN HANCOCK Liberal Arts-Assistant Editor of Inkwell, Dance Committee, Riding Club, Delta Chi, Permanent Dean's List, Beta Lambda, Spinners '47, Glamazons '48-'49, Science Club, Out- standing Sophomore. Guild Hancock K 'Q '39 no ,K NJ -I 19, gg..-eg , ' '.. - . --.f -' 1, 1 , ! ,J it 'J ' .17 ,X ,war '3- ww. Harman Harrison Harte Healy H, Heckeg- MARY Jo HARTE Liberal Arts - Beta Lambda. CARL HARMAN CARTER HARRISON Liberal Arts - Eager Beavers, Permanent Dean's List. JOAN HEALY Liberal Arts - Alpha Tau Beta fTreasurer '47, President '48J, Art Editor of 'GEECHEE '48, Rebels '47, Slick Chicks '48-'49, Beta Lambda, Dance Com- mittee, Women's Athletic Association, Open House '48, Permanent Dean's List. Sepia mv BETTY HECKER Liberal Arts - Dance Coxnmittee, Glamazons '47, Slick Chicks '48-49, Cheer- leader, 'GEECHEE Staff, Varsity Basketball Team, Secretary of Delta Chi, Riding Club, Women's Athletic Association, In- tramural Board. B Hecker Hester WENDELL HESTER DONALD HILTZ Science. Hiltz li . ,fx . 43 HAROLD HECKER Engineering - Terra pin Club. JOHN HOLEC WILLIAM JACKSON Holec .2 Jackson Johnson B. Jones EMMA LOU JOHNSON Science-Beta Lambda. BERT JONES Science - President of Freshman Class '48-49, President of Scholars '48- '49, Vice-President of Stu- dent Senate '48-'49, Var- sity Basketball Team '49, Freshman King. NINHZEEN LILLIS KELLY Commerce - Varsity Basketball Team, Delta Chi, Manager of Glama- zons, Intramural Board. FLOSSIE KERVES Applied Arts - Alpha Lambda Sigma, 'GEECHEE Staff, Glamazons, Student Forum, Homecoming Com- mittee, Permanent Dean's List. KQHY Kerves fu, - LM, .X , u M 'T- JK S. Jones W. Jones Keller SHIRLEY JONES Liberal Arts-Secretary of Freshman Class, Secre- tary of Alpha Tau Beta, Dance Committee, Interim Committee, 'GEECHEE Staff, Glamazons '47, Slick Chicks '48-'49, Permanent Dean's List, Alpha Lamb- da Sigma, Lucas Scholar- ship, Outstanding Sopho- more. i-IUNDI .ED A ND ANNE KIMBERLY Applied Arts - Alpha Lambda Sigma, Student Forum QSecretary '47J, 'GEECHEE Business Staff, Homecoming Committee, Glamazons, Permanent Dean's List. GENE KELLER Engineering - Terrapin Club, Varsity Basketball Team. WILLIAM JONES EARL KIRKLEY RITA LANG Liberal Arts - French Club, Drama Club, Alpha Lambda Sigma. Kimberly Kirkley R, Lang .Q-, -, , -7, Miz 'K I 'W' B Lang Lanier I-ankenau Larzak Logan BILLY LANG Science. ELLISON LANIER Science. CATHERINE LANKE- NAU - Liberal Arts - Editor of 'GEECHEE '49, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Beta Lambda fVice-President '48, President '49J, Co- eds '48, Slick Chicks '49, Delta Chi, Women's Ath- letic Association, Secretary of Student Senate, Dance Committee, Riding Club, Permanent Dean's List, Outstanding Sophomore. Sv homo MAURICE MAGEE Engineering-Permanent Dean's List, Alpha Lamb- da Sigma, Terrapin Club, Music Club, Dance Com- mittee, Varsity Basketball Team, Homecoming Com- mittee. ROY MARTIN Liberal Arts - Perma- nent Dean's List. BAXTER McCREERY Engineering - Arm- strong Engineering Socie- ty, Mercury Staff, Glee Club, Debating Team. RICHARD MCDONALD Liberal Arts-Manager of Eager Beavers, Arm- strong Veterans' Social Club, Intramural Board '48-'49. THOMAS LATZAK Engineering. JACK LOGAN MARY MCGRATH Liberal Arts -- Dance Committee, Glamazons '47, Slick Chicks '48-'49, Pres- ident of Delta Chi '48, Rid ing Club, Inkwell Staff, Varsity Basketball Team. Magee Martin McCreery McDonald McGrath FX' - .S ' 'f 'Wx - fl 315' ...K 1 McGraw ROBERT MCGRAW MILLICENT MELAVER Liberal Arts-Editor of Mercury '49, Inkwell Staff, French Club, Per- manent Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Student Senate, Co-eds. NlNE'l'EEN LARRY MORRIS NEAL MORRIS L. Morris Melaver Mitchell WINIFRED MITCHELL Home Economics-Beta Lambda, Co-eds. i-IUNDI ED RICHARD MULLININX Liberal Arts. GEORGE NICHOLS Liberal Arts. N. Morris Mullininx ,Hi 'K' Mixon Morgan RAY MIXON Science. JIMMY MORGAN Science-Riding Club. 1 F ND SARAH NICHOLS Liberal Arts - Treas- urer of Alpha Tau Beta '48, Glee Club, Riding Club, Co-eds '47, Glama- zons '48-'49. G. Nichols S. Nichols 'W 'S . .- 1-iv? "S is - ,J A ' ,X 5 'X 'ga- X. 9 f g. W' 'vi 1 if 'H A A 7, lvjjx 4 ph- X Y ,Q Q -f 1 silk 'Ziff' GLEQ Oetgen Oglesbee JOSEPH OETGEN Engineering -- 'Gators, Armstrong Engineering Society. JACK OGLESBEE s i ,' Oglesby Olso O Tuel JOHN OGLESBY Liberal Arts JOHN OLSON cpl: emo GLORIA PERKINS Home Economics--Al- pha Tau Beta, Secretary of Beta Lambda, Dance Committee, Slick Chicks, Co-chairman of Homecom- ing '48, Pe kins Petouris GEORGE PETOURIS Commerce E 21 g e f GERALD PITTMAN Pittman M if N-fr' Reid Register Rich ROBERT REGISTER Science. JEANNE REID ELEANOR RICH Liberal Arts. NINETEEN HARRY ROBBINS Commerce' DAVIS ROGERS Liberal Arts-News Ed- BARBARA RQBINSQN itor of Inkwell, Terrapin Home Economics-Beta Club- L a m b d a, Homecoming Committee. Robbins Robinson Rogers I W, L,mf. -'-Z4 Richter Ridgway CARL RICHTER TOMMY RIDGWAY Liberal Arts - Varsity Basketball Team. I i-IUNDI ED A ND LOIS ROSENTHAL Liberal Arts - Perma- nent Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Inkwell Staff, Delta Chi, Student Senate, Glamazons. LORENZO RUSSELL Liberal Arts. Rosenthal Russell 4 -an if ..- A -.,., 'if J-zz v g -4' "Jw" QR' V ff.. Seigler T. Shakespeare K. Shakespeare Shaw JEANNE SEIGLER Liberal Arts - Science Club, Co-eds, Beta Lamb- da. THOMAS SHAKES- PEARE-Liberal Arts. KATHRYN SHAKES- PEARE-Liberal Arts. RICHARD SHAW Sepia vmv EDWARD SIEG Sickel MARILYN SICKEL Science - 'GEECHEE Staff, Dance Committee, Science Club, French Club, Riding Club. Liberal Arts - Swan' MURRAY SILVER CATHERINE SKEADAS nah P1aYh0u5e- Liberal Arts-Student Liberal Arts ... Beta F01'11m, Debating Team, Lambda, Slick Chicks, JERRY SIEG gfufflenf Senate, 525323, Dance Committee, Co-eds , usiness anagero - 747. Lggrag igts 'IT 'EEE' CHEE, Manager of Student CH ta ' res man Elections, Outstanding Queen '47, Gl2lI'l'l8.ZOI'lS, Sophomore. Homecoming Committee '47, E. Sieg J. Sieg Silver Skeadas Smith af ,-,na 53' -L9 5 Nd' ,f--' 1 'vt Sojoul-ner Solana Sowell Spillane Starl LOLLY SOLANA Liberal Arts - Cheer- JULIA SOJOURNER Home Economics-Beta Lambda, Science Club. NlNE'l'EEF NIARK STEADMAN Liberal Arts - Feature Editor of Inkwell '48, Mer- cury Staff, Science Club, President of Sophomore Class '48, President of Stu- dent Senate, Outstanding Sophomore. leader, Alpha Tau Beta QVice President '48, Pres- ident '49J, Slick Chicks '48, Women's Athletic As- sociation. 101-IN SOWELL I I-IUNDI ED DOT STEGIN Commerce-Alpha Tau Beta, Glamazons, Cheer- leader, 'GEECHEE Beauty Queen '49. ROSS STEMER Science--Editor of Ink- well '48-'49, 'GEECHEE Staff, Mercury Staff, Eag- er Beavers, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Outstanding Soph- omore. Steadman Stegin Stemer all-'wi -qv 8 -E9 TOMMY SPILLANE HAROLD STARLING 1 A ND GEORGE STEVENSON Liberal Arts-Terrapin Club, "Hits and Fits." BOBBY STROZIER Liberal Arts-Mercury Staff, Eager Beavers, Sci- ence Club. Stevenso Stroz er -'QW' Sullivan Thomas Tootle CAROLYN TOOTLE Science - Dance Com- MARY SULLIVAN mittee, Delta Chi, Science Club, Riding Club, Slick HARRY THOMAS Liberal Arts-President of Loafers, Intramural Board. Chicks '48. DUNWOODY TUNNO Liberal Arts. Svplwmv JOE WARD Engineering -- Terrapin JIMMY TURNER Club, Treasurer of Dance Committee, Armstrong Veterans' Social Club. BERNARD WALKER Liberal Arts. MARY JANE WARREN Tunno Jane Turner JANE TURNER Science-Co-eds. ARTHUR WHITFIELD Liberal Arts-President of Terrapin Club '49, Sports Editor of Inkwell, Student Senate. Jimmy Turne Walker Ward Warren Whitfield ,-I " , . 'T ,gal 'Sl R.. 1-dw f""Q ad? B. Wilson H, Wilson Wood Woods Wor ll CYRUS WOOD PEGGY WORRELL Liberal Arts -- Frater- Liberal Arts -- Alpha BILLY WILSON nity X, Savannah Play- Tau Beta, Vice-President NlN1E'l'EEN RAYMOND WORRILL house. BILLY WOODS Liberal Arts - Loafers, Fraternity X, Dance Com- mittee, 'GEECHEE Staff. i-IUNDI ED STANLEY YARBER Worrill Yarber of Freshman Class, Secre- tary of Sophomore Class, Dance Committee, Glama- zons '48, Vice-President of Slick Chicks '49, Riding Club, Interim Committee '48, Outstanding Soph- A ND OIHOITC. YI BERNIE KRAMER Liberal Arts - Basket- ball Team '48-'49, Captain '49, Terrapin Club, A Club, Armstrong Veterans Social Club '48, Kramer Y X A Q '25 - 'ga' ,.-- -. f fl 7 41 I Q 'M sf.--'A-A-pq 4" .--6 .ug F YY 'V' N J-.Mg S VY' P' L., vx'fQP'qiqii . -, 7M 'ESPUAEN 'K Q s fb '11 re Inman IING AND FUEEN When the smoke from the annual Freshman King and Queen election cleared, there emerged from the student body as handsome a King and Queen as we have ever seen. Bert Jones donned the crown of King and started his reign with Queen Ann Brown. Royalties in the court were Harriet Parker, Claire Zipplies, Miriam Kessler, Beverly Moore, Tony Heffernan, Tommy Dillon, Jimmy McGrath, Charlie Guyer. X Q fm J 2 ,, 4 if-A P08 . 1 ,.-.b 1 '41 ,rf Lf .. . Uv RUN ','!Gy3 f """ BERT JONES TOMMY DILLON President Vice-Presia'e11t I' I P P' ll X I' I P P I I' I' 0 rKr.orlVr.F 'rr Canis ANN BROWN BOB HORNSTEIN Sefrefrz rj' Treasu rcr ADAMS, LUTRECIA ALEXANDER, BARBARA ALL, NAN LOU ANDERSON, MARYSE ARNSDOREE, JACK BAILEY, MARY BARBOT, EMMA Jo BARBOT, Lois JEAN BARNHARDT, MARY JANE BELL, CHARLES BERRY, CLIFFORD BLOCKER, MARGARET BOBLASKY, MARIANNE BOLIN, EDGAR BOONE, MARY BREWTON, GENE BRIGHT, RUTH BROWN, ANN lumen e lumen BRUNSKILL, ELIZABETH BUTLER, ELIZABETH CHENEY, MIGNONNE COATSWORTH, MARTHA COCKE, ANDREW COLLINS, CECELIA CONE, DORIS CONNER, JOAN COOLIDGE, BILL CORDRAY, MARY CRONIN, AMELIA DENNY, LEON DE WITT, EVELYN DILLON, THOMAS DU BOIS, BARBARA DURRENCE, MERRILL EITEL, ANN ELLIOTT, BETTY ANN pg cs: I L 'Jus 129' ' 1, ta- 1 i vin ,:u 4:1 ' ,I , v' , 7?'f? I , ff. ' Ti' I I I ' 11121. -sf V, '37 I. i. 'C .2 Dam ,. Rf,- X 17' '5. aff? ffl' Q NJ" ,ar- f 2 eq, I O I l"a kk if -Q-f sf 5' e lumen JOHNSON, GENE JOHNSTON, ED KESSLER, MIRIAM KNOX, THOMAS KRAFT, WILLIAM KROBALASKI, HARRIET LANG, BILLY LASKY, WILLIAM LAWSON, SARA LIMEHOUSE, EDWARD LOMEL, MARY ANN LOUKS, LUCILLE MARTIN, CLEMENTINE MASON, BETTY ROSE MCCALLISTER, HELEN MCCREERY, CATHERINE MCGRATH, JAMES MCKENZIE, BILL J. E I 'S I 5 15: TE If 'F 3' 'Z -Qi wx ,, ml? an 1-f y abr, -inf, , . Q, I f 1 E Y I 3 'ur' 11 X I A 4 of MCMILLAN, NANCY MEYER, BERT MORGAN, ANN MOORE, BEVERLY MORRISON, ARTHUR NEASE, EDWARD NOBLE, NOVELLA OGLESBEE, MIRIAM OGLESBY, ROBERT O'HAYER, WILLIAM O'NEAL, JAMES PARKER, HARRIET PERKINS, ESTON PIERCE, BERNARD PIKE, BENJAMIN PLATOCK, GERALD PLUMB, ANNE E. POLLACK, GERALD airmen 711: lumen POWELL, JULIA POWELL, OLIVER RABHAN, RIETTE RAEINOWITZ, HERMAN RAY, JAMES, JR. REISMAN, HANNAH RICHARDSON, WILLIAM RICKS, EDWARD RIZZA, ROBERT ROBINSON, SARA ROGERS, LEE ROY, JR. SCHLEUNING, HARRIET sci-1wARz, EVA SHAW, ADA SINEATH, FRED, JR. SLUDER, LOUIS SMITH, SUE ELIZABETH STAPLETON, FRANK STEARMAN, MARGARET STRONG, EVE SULLIVAN, JOSEPH TAYLOR, GLENDA THAGGARD, JIMMIE THIEN, BERNARD THOMAS, FAYES THOMPSON, CLYDE ULIVO, MONICA VANN, SARA WALSH, BETTY WHELAN, GORDON WOODWARD, PRISCILLA WOOTTON, JANE YOUNGBLOOD, RALPH ZERMAN, JOSEPH ZIPPLIES, CLAIRE e lnmen L. K ! X 6 I? . si .su , :ty TTV! J ul: .3 - 1 ga' Y 'U' or I v 4 ,go if ng-,M ff ,, ,XM 1 W ij i E 1 i CIMA 0 '49 F N " I Y' 'FF' Q' J f MN' ' ,iff V , .zu , , 1 L ' uh' 9 X 'IO' 1: " fF ,E ,P 5 , Ti 4 . ...E Jean Cheek Faye Collins Gracie Counts Myrtle Dickey Barbara Earley Lucille Freeman Mary Heelnery Shirley Owens Ora Belle Padgett Joyce Waters Betty Whitehead Ann Wilkenson r' Z 00 ta 'T' vw" 'K 1-I 5 Delores Banks Harriet Cronin Martha Kennedy Louise Parker Ruby Wilson Nona Chancey Doris Dickey Nona Jean King Lavina Patten Betty Wolson hhfii Qavcgu gglan afar fhospnfal 85563003 Qfblursing 4 , r X X G 1-yu Q- , N35 ,+V Q 9 XJ N W MISS LOUISE LENHARDT Director CANDLER NURSES 'x S Miss ELIZABETH JARRETT Ad viso f' f ---+ Z 1 n H x i t ..i1.1..-.-.--.-0 , Q l QI Q r l Gia Pictured above, left to right: Lillis Kelly, Girls' Intramural Board, Tony Heffernan, Glee Club, jack Schaaf, Armstrong Engineering Society: Bill O'Hayer, Freshman Class, Bert Meyer, Boys' Intramural Board, Lois Rosen- thal, Glamazonsg Murray Silver, Scholarsg Ross Stemer, Inlzwellg Arthur Whitfield, Terrapins, Dean Beecher, Fac- ulty Advisor, Mark Steadman, President Sophomore Classglid Johnston, Armstrong Engineering Societyg Clark Blan- ton, Dance Committee, Dick McDonald, Eager Beavers, Ed Fountain, Drama Clubg Harriet Schleuning, Freshman Classy Norma Gibbons, Slick Chicks, Bert Jones, President Freshman Classg Catherine Lankenau, 'Geechee. Not in picture: Nan All, French Clnbg Joan Conner, Music Cluhg Millicent Melaver, Mercury. STUDENT SENf'E The most important and powerful organization in the College is the governing body known as the Student Senate. Its membership consists of representatives from all recognized Clubs in the School, the Presidents of the two Classes, two representatives from each of the Classes, and the Editors of the three college publicaions. The President of the Sophomore Class holds the important position of President of the Senate, and the President of the Freshman Class serves as Vice-President. All other officers of the Senate are elected from the members of the group. The powers of this governing body were extended this year to include the establishment of an Honor Court, and control of the new Student Activity Fund. Present officers of the Senate are: President . . Mark Steadman Vice-President . . . Bert Jones Secretary . . Catherine Lankenau Treasurer . . Tony Heffernan 52 6 XCT IVITI -sn CATHERINE LANKENAU Editor-in-Chief MURRAY SILVER Business Manager DAVID BERGRIN Photography Editor X af MARY CONWAY Literary Editor Fl' IPI' F' Pl' G1-.cCrlr.n Q Arr It is the task of the 'GEECHEE Staff to publish an annual that will give the student a lasting reminder of the years spent at Armstrong. The Staff sincerely hopes that it has achieved its aim in trying to present this accurate and realistic memory of the never-to-be- forgotten days at A.J.C. The Editor of THE 'GEECHEE, the Business Manager, and the Managing Editor are elected by popular vote, and all other officers of the Staff are appointed by the Editor. 54- 4-8 fd 'X 'GEECHEE Staff-Seated, left to right: Betty Hecker, Catherine Lankenau, David Bergrin. Standing, left to rigbt: Madison Brower, Carolyn Gross, Nick Clark, Murray Silver, Mary Con- way, Bill O'Hayer. ,ff i . Cnllnf MISS HARRIET DAVIS Faculty Advisor 55 WM! H-an E N ,P 5 ,Nil-. , 4+ 1.1 1 S, f, 'I W X xi ' , . -'lla Q A Y S ' ' any 'M' ss' 'G ROSS STEMER JEAN HANCOCK Editor Assistant Editor LA n nn ybk-ypk guzzz "iii- if'-. Qf P P ' T' " P P I N K IV I- I o A r r 1 1 Q The weekly publication sponsored by the College is called the Inkwell. It contains current news around the school, special feature articles, jokes, sports news, and gossip. The Ink well keeps the Staff officers are elected by popular vote, and are as follows: Editor-in-Chief . . Ross Stemer Assistant Editor . . Jean Hancock Business Manager . . Clark Blanton News Editor . . . Dave Rogers Feature Editor . Arthur Wfhitfield Pirtnred below, left to rigbt: First rou'-Ross Stemer, Jean Hancock, Harriet Krobalski. Second ron'--Clark Blanton, David Bergrin, Eston Perkins, Bill O'Hayer, Miriam Oglesbee, Marianne Bob- lasky, Betty Ann Elliott, Mary McGrath, Lois Rosenthal, and Millicent Melaver. students informed on events of major importance at Armstrong. vi V JA, T? -v--.., .-af! I, if nm., rf! f v' V L 1 coll. 'Q' 1 .14 q ' 5:3 jj! 4 ? s - , - ' ,sc .I MILLICENT MELAVER FLOSSIE KERVES TONY HEFFERNAN Editor Assistant Editor Managing Editor r r r x r- ' , r r- I I' n n Q r r Q Q r The newest college publication is The MOI'CIlI',1', a quarterly magazine containing short stories, poems, and original articles contributed by students and faculty members. The magazine began the school year under the editorship of Eleanor Rich, who was succeeded by Millicent Melaver. Pirtnred belou' ore: Seated, left to right-Tony Heffernan, Millicent Melaver, Flossie Kerves. Standing, left to right-Ruth Allen, Eston Perkins, Bobby Strozier, Miss Harriet Davis, advisor. 'mi 57 Ii, 1 1 1 i I nv row-Miss Noma Lee Goodwin, Joe Ward, Treasurer, Miss Morris, Mary President, Norma Gibbons, Catherine Skeadas, jean Hancock, Catherine Lankenau, Glenda Taylor, Peggy Worrell, Jeanne Seigler, Clark Blanton, Senate Representative. Second row-Miriam Oglesbee, Sarah Ford, Emma Lou Johnson, Gloria Perkins, Joan Healy, Marilyn Sickel, Lillis Kelly, Ruth Allen, Maurice Magee, David Bergrin, and Billy Woods. Pictured above, left Io right: Fi1 sf McGrath, Serretaryg Mary Conway, DA NCL: CfMMI'I'l'EE The Dances which are given each year by the College are planned and presented by the Dance Committee of Armstrong. Each Club in the College is represented by one member in the Dance Committee, in addition to any other students interested in planning and dec- orating for dances. During the past year, under the direction of faculty advisors Miss Noma Lee Goodwin, Miss Dorothy Morris, and Mr. William Pollitzer, ' the Dance Committee has met with great success in all its dances. Its well rounded program of social entertainment included the Freshman-Sophomore Dance, the Halloween Dance, the Homecoming Dance, the Valentine Dance, and the May Dance. 58 1 l Y l X W :i lr is V F The Riding Club is one of the newest organizations at Armstrong. It was organized this year to provide fun and relaxation for students who like to ride. Members meet every Saturday morning for Weekly rides at the Sa-Hi Riding Academy, and once every month a Moonlight Ride or a Breakfast Ride is given. WQL Officers of the Club for this year are: Q,g5g President . . Sarah Nichols Secretary Marilyn Sickel Treasurer . . Jean Hancock IIDING CLUB Pictured, left to right: First ron'-Barbara DuBois, Carolyn Gross, Betty Hcckcr. Second row-Sarah Nichols, Jean Hancock, David Bergrin, Mary Ann Lomel, Lucy Chambers, Mary Mc- Grath, Miss Dorothy Morris-advisor, and Catherine Lankenau. I The aim of the Music Club is to develop a greater appreciation of line music, and to provide the Club members with weekly evenings of pleasant enjoyment. These informal Club meetings are held at the homes of the various members. Officers of the Club are: President . . . . Betty Plumb Vice-President . Tony Heffernan Secretary . . Jeanne Gerken Treasurer Joan Conner MUSI- CLUB Pirturerl, left to right: First row--Jeanne Gerken, Hannah Reisman, Betty Plumb. Second ron'-Betty jane Pye, Betty Walsh, Tony Heffernan, Clifford Clarke, and Mr. Campbell, advisor Not Present-Joan Conner, Claire Zipplies, Ray Mixon, Chuck Curry, and Mr. Pollitzer. C0117 cull! 40 5' S. si, 'W 3 . ' The dual purposes of the Glee Club are the fulfillment of the desires of those students who enjoy singing choral arrangements, and the furnishings of superior vocal music for the College. G ig his lk f 4,1 xc' Armstrong is proud of these fine voices and is grateful for the H YQ 5 wonderful programs produced during this school year under the OJ x O, 5 0 .F 4'..' - sf: Q W direction of R. Clifton Campbell. 1 o , I I 'QM 5' ' lp 'Ui' X ,L 0 . , , J . . 2 - ,- X f-S Y-"o' 'f . -1 ."":5 , I, C is-1' 'fs ,j'Z' Q9 ' GLEE CLUB Pictured below. left to right: First row-Elizabeth Butler, Catherine McCreery, Betty Rose Mason, Jinx Mc- Clurkin, Mary Jane Barnhardt, Lois Barbot, Mary Warren, Mary Keating, Teeny Martin, Mildred Hindrix. Second rou'-Elizabeth Ehlers, Ruth Bright, Joan Conner, Barbara Alexander, Beverly Moore, Jeanne Gerken, Monica Ulivo, Miriam Kessler, Betty Plumb, Glenda Taylor, Margaret Stearman. Third row-Fayes Thomas, Tony Heffernan, Edward Ricks, Edward Sieg, Harty Keating, Fred Sineath, Eston Perkins, R. Clifton Campbell, Charles Guyer, Sam Chance, Baxter McCreery, Bernard Walker. 'fffffaff ,....n-A K'-f N-I w 1 6 ,QW f N .A k.X 1 l 2 2 E 1-,gm LP Pirturcd ubozv, left to right: First rou'-julia Powell, Ed Fountain, Harriet Schleuning, Clifford Clarke, Cath- i erine McCreery, Murray Silver. 1 5 Second ron'-Baxter McCrcery, Dean Orson Beecher, Tony Heffernan, Harold Starling, Ralph Wilson. f Those who were not present when picture was made were: Joan Conner and Claire Zipplies. f STUDENT 'VRUIX l Y v The Student Forum is composed of students who are interested in World affairs, and who are gifted with "debating" abilities. At various times, students from the Forum form a team and engage fellow-debators from other Colleges in scheduled contests. This Club provides excellent opportunities for students to improve their oratorical abilities, and to express their opinions openly. Officers of the Club are: President . . . Clifford Clarke Vice-Presia'enf . Murray Silver Secretarj' Harriet Schleuning Treasurer . . Ed Fountain 62 Beta Lambda is the Home Economics Club for girls majoring in Home Economics and for those interested in homemaking. This Club maintains several lounges in the Hunt Building, promotes in- terest through candy sales and parties, and takes charge of the Homecoming Reception by preparing and serving for this annual event. Officers of the Club are: President . . . Catherine Lankenau Vice-President . jean Hester Secretary . Gloria Perkins Treasurer . . . . Mary Boone Senate Representative Martha Fawcett Faculty Advisor . Miss Helen Wolfe FE A -AME-SDP Pictured below, left to right: First row-Miss Helen Wolfe, Mary Boone, Catherine Lankenau, Gloria Perkins Jean Hester. Second row-Doris Cone, Lula Givens, Ann Morgan, Catherine Skeadas, Ruth Allen, Catherine McCreery. Tbird row-Julia Sojourner, Jeanne Seigler, Jean Hancock, Lois Barbot, Barbara Robinson, Mary Sullivan, Emma Jo Barbot. V ' e e - -P e ': X, ii? fl 1 I r I -4 1.a.maanll.ail' N... . ,vh I nf f oi ...U N X Pictured above, left to right: First ron'-Billy Woods, Rita Lang, Mrs. Lubs, advisor, Bernard Dismukes, Glenda Taylor, Harriet Krobalski. Second rou'-Millicent Melaver, Celia Collins, Julia Powell, Ruth Allen, Miriam Oglesbee, Lutrecia Adams, Ruthie Bright, Nan All, Marilyn Sickel, Mary Conway, Marianne Boblasky. Third rou'-Albert Dismer, Johnny Polychronides, james Ryan, Ed Killorin, Bobby Hornstein, Jimmy Head, Robert Rizza, Clyde Thompson, Ed Fountain. i ?IENCi-I CLUB The French Club is an organization which is interested in further i 0 u u n u ' ing relations with European nations, as well as offering conversa tional opportunities to the student. Their meetings are called bf E the President monthly. Q This Club attempts to aid the European situation by means 0 food and clothing drives, along with its other activities. V Officers of the French Club are: E President ..... . Bernard Dismukes ' i Vice-President . Rita Lang C,.ll6 Secretary . . Glenda Taylor Treasurer . . Harriet Krobalski Senate Representatizfaf Nan All 61 Jack Schaaf and Bill Dugger. M27 The Armstrong Engineering Society, composed of students inter- ested in engineering, gives the member a closer contact with the practical field of engineering through lectures given by prominent practicing engineers, by field trips to various industries and engi- neering projects, and through movies on subjects pertaining to engi- neering. Meetings are held twice monthly, and officers are elected at the first meeting in September. For the current year, officers are: President ........ Walter Blatner Vice-President . Charles McKenzie Secretary . . Robert Ware Treasurer ........ George Donnelly The two Senate Representatives for the Club of 40 members are C ARlVlS'I'Rf NG ENGINEEIING SOCIETY Pictured below, left to right: First row-Ed Parker, Jimmy Owens, Bill Dugger, Dan Barbot, Dalles McClellan, J. C. Thurmond, Charles McKenzie, Nick Clarke. Second row-George Donnelly, Harold Hecker, Sonny East, Duke McGraw, Charlie Bell, Bo Ware. Third row---George Petouris, Jack Schaaf, Ed Johnston, Dale Adams, Don James. Fourth ron'-Walter Blatner, Maurice Magee, Oliver Powell, Forney Nelson, Gene Johnson, Harty Keating, John Allred, Frank Stapleton, Bill Smith. grfm 35 s ,F -:fe- W2 55" nl". I L , FL A 1 G5 Isl Q 131 C .. f . s The Science Club is not only a Club for students who are majoring in some field of science, but for all students who are interested in new developments in the various fields. Its activities range from educational talks by prominent teachers and leaders to motion pic- tures and scientific expeditions. Under the leadership of Dr. Fay and Mr. Pollitzer, the Science Club is endeavoring to better the health f P conditions of Savannah. "I E Officers of the Club are: ,J President . . . Carolyn Tootle g Vice-President Marilyn Sickel f M59 . Secretary . Jeanne Seigler F J Treasurer Robert Rizza NJ wi Q wb Q wa is J 1 1'irture41 below, left to right: First row-Dr. Martha Fay, Ed Johnston, Carolyn Tootle, Marilyn Sickel, Jeanne i Seigler, Mr. Xwilliam Pollitzer. Serond ron'-Donald James, Eddie Limehouse, Emma Lou Johnson, Billean Evans e Third ron'-Hugo Richter, Robert Rizza, Joseph Zerman. l Fourth ron'-Fred Sineath, Joseph Alberino, Berko Edelbaum, Ray Mixson. , Jean Hancock. ll Pl N K I 1 ' i . v -' 1 l FQ'-7Y' if v D , .3-7 :Na l ,J -S! A I r,',7g:,'- lA'f 1 li li! ' J 1' wi :SA Y,-" -,.-fi JL-QQ T ex '- , I The Drama Club is organized for the purpose of promoting nterest in the Savannah Playhouse. This Club helps develop theatri- :al ability through the reading and actual performance of plays. kll members of the Drama Club assist in Playhouse productions, und thus add greatly to their experience. r Under the direction of Mr. Carlson Thomas, faculty advisor, the I -X , Zlub has done much to make the Student body feel that it has a very fx 'eal part in the Savannah Playhouse. L rf' X X 4 K Officers of the Club are: ...Q President . . . . Madison Brower Vice-President . . Kathryn Blocker Secretary-Treasurer . .... Harriet Schleuning These officers are members of the Playhouse Planning Committee vhich assists the Director in planning for the presentation of the vlays. DIANA CLUB Pictured below, left to right: First row-Barbara Alexander, Mildred Hendrix, Hannah Reisman, Rita Lang, Marian Dunsmuir, Elizabeth Butler, Kathryn Blocker. Second row-Bill Richardson, Ed Fountain, Harriet Schleuning, Madison Brower, Mr. Carlson Thomas. 51:0 is lqyhouse ff- Father and the maids for whom he made life miserable. Life With Father. Sf VA NN! i-I CARLSON THOMAS, Director The Savannah Playhouse of Armstrong Junior College had a successful year, presenting four full- length plays during the season, and inaugurating the p0St-Season Savannah Drama Festival. First play of the season was Life With Father, one of the first non-professional performances in the na- tion of the popular comedy. Life With Father scor- ed a hit and set the season off to a flying start. Green Grow the Lilacs, the second production, was a western musical, the original version of the recent Broadway hit, Oklahoma. It was more of a success than anyone had dared to hope. "Standing room onlyn signs were posted on the last two nights of its week-run. Green Grow the Lilacs, with an all- student cast, had to be reopened for two extra per- formances by popular demand. Curly and Laurey reunited in the final scene of Green Grow the Lilars. PLA Yi-If USE The third play, Angel Sfreef, a Victorian thriller about a homicidal maniac, was something new for Playhouse audiences. And they liked its spine- tingling drama. Adding even more variety to the dramatic menu, The Taming of the Shrew, completed the season. The Shakespearean comedy required a cast of twenty-four. Early in the spring Playhouse director Carlson Thomas conceived the idea of Savannah's first drama festival. Mayor Olin Fulmer approved the idea and appointed a citizens' committee to form plans for it. It was decided to present the last three plays of the season in repertory during the week of the festival, which was scheduled for May 16 through 21. SCHEDULE 'Life With Father" November 1-6 'Green Grow the Lilacs" January 24-29 and February 15, 16 "Angel Street" March 21-26 "The Taming of the Shrew" May 2-7 SAVANNAH DRAMA FESTIVAL SCHEDULE fMay 16-219 May 16 8:40 "Green Grow the Lilacs" May 17 2:40 "The Taming of the Shrew May 17 8:40 "Angel Street" May 18 8:40 "The Taming of the Shrew" May 19 2:40 "Green Grow the Lilacs" May 19 8:40 "Angel Street" May 20 8:40 "The Taming of thc Shrew" May 21 2:40 "Angel Street" May 21 8:40 "Green Grow the Lilacs" ,ewes M1411 W gall sfiwfiv f W' Q55 Us 'tea r- f Young Clarence Day is the victim of a tongue-lashing as members of his family look on. Life Wfilb Father. T017--The innocent-looking man is a killer, but his wife Cl0CS!1yl know it-yet. Angel Sfreef. Boffom-Old Man Peck sings a "sad song" at his play-party. Green Grow the Lilurs. f' 1 ski. DELT' ei- Sorority ll Mary jane Barnhardt Mary Frances Boone Cecilia Collins Barbara DuBois Anne Eitel Carolyn Gross Betty Ruth Hecker Joanne Kandel Lillis Kelly Miriam Kessler Catherine Lankenau Margaret Stearmax Glenda Taylor Carolyn Tootle Monica Ulivo Lois Rosenthal P lk a 1? Q fir !t.r X . K -44' A 1 fix' k Q A lzpfe 95 Q I 0 Q u,1 Y J A S2 i A I .73 . Q ' .ga n 5? ' :L - fiibigw f x.,,.Q!?-.Q 2 W ,ffl 'fM'.A Q "Au fy ' 5,57 - ,.,, 'Jn' 1 1 5 , ,i dbzarr r4:',w Arg is 'W E '?'?'9'5?7 'x f?w'.x 'fn .0 1 1 an NR, H. ,,. A-W9 fr 5 Q.Q ! ' LPi-If ' ' U BE' ' P ' Q i 1 E Sore ity 1 Mary E. Bailey Lucy Chambers Amelia Cronin Shirley Jones Norma Gibbons Mary Ann Lomcl Sarah Nichols Harriet Parker Gloria Perkins Lolly Solana l ----ix-.m:....... 1 1 i x . 4 T2 ll '1 BREEZY TYBEE Q 'eh V, if , R ' f , : J 'E il 1 , N W ,ht Fl "Ny th, Qu Q vm. O., is N.. X . . AND SANTA L., 'L MS-Q an we o. TOO , , YA R . Wu... ' 5 X-f x,Mw.,, s' X' X r r 5 xvlf- SMX 'mfgxka' lnY4,. x 51599555 3, 00255 TOTEM POLE w-fiw CARLOAD OF BEAUTIES 2"""-x k V m5r far' ' ex' "1 , Q'-, IFRS' I ll.-l...'l..."!.l.."'l ' ,A .Six 4' N . Nr, 9 -ffm U4 A Gi " 4 an VA" X, . A ..-.-.vnnn rf I' 4,-V. 'TIL - ,f - ., .,....,,, ,-.., . -..,,,. ,--- -'---...W -.4 f-Y N .., 1 .--5 ,,.-...M .,,. N'N""S-sm, W N 'S-4..,g,-iv 'Ik t"""-si, A i"g's-1-N '--Q ---...,... .- -V. W- ss V --.--i,....,,,,.,.... Wee "'-"""' 1. -f"'X.- ' f QQ i:,'w.5. K -Q" I' ' Q QP Q Q 75 V f Bernie Kramer Captain Charlie Eitel Bernie Kramer Pete Palefsky Billy Wilson Danny Hudson C. M. Adams Tommy Riclgway 3 P I' I I P F P' BASKETBALL SCORES Opponent Orlando Abraham Baldwin Gardner Webb Brewton Parker Middle Georgia G. M. C. West Georgia jacksonville South Georgia Abraham Baldwin Brewton Parker Middle Georgia Jacksonville G. M. C. Spartanburg West Georgia Orlando South Georgia Middle Georgia Georgia Southwestern Brewton Parker West Georgia -u r' 5 5 D. - l The Armstrong 'Geechees had a very suc- ,sful year with 16 wins against only 6 losses. the state tournament the 'Geechees returned th the third place trophy, and Capain Bernie amer won for himself a place on the All ate Team. Coach Torrie and the boys have ,rked hard and played hard and the school is Jud of them. N f'o 44 avi,-" 4 K ,Z ' J Mfwf' 'll be 'I I -Ji fi 4 5. I J 2 r I , ' Q., ' ' xx Q 'l . A 'fig . -X QNX Pictured, left to right- Bert Meyer Intramural Manager fseatedj Bobby Hornstein Manager of Scholars jimmy Owens Manager of Gators Dick McDonald Manager of Eager Beavers Harry Thomas Xe, Manager of Loafers ...Q Bob McDuffie Manager of Terrapins INT!! MU!! - BJARDS MEN'S INTRAMURAL BOARD The Men's Intramural Board, with the aid of Mr. Carmen Torrie, Athletic Director, plans the sports program for the men in the College. This board is composed of one member from each of the five boys' teams which are: the Scholars, the Gators, the Terrapins, the Eager Beavers, and the Loafers. The three most outstanding sports in the athletic program this year were two-handed touch football, basketball, and softball. It is the aim of the Board to encour- age greater participation in sports at A.J.C. WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL BOARD The Women's Intramural Board seeks to en- list all girls in the athletic program of the College. It is organized similarly to the Men's Board, and is composed of the team captains from each of the four teams: the Co-eds, the Glamazons, the Sassy-Strutters, and the Slick Chicks. These teams compete in ping-pong, basketball, softball, swimming, tennis, and other intramural sports during the year. Pictured, left to right- Miss Morris Advisor Lillis Kelly 'K' Intramural Manager Tenny Martin Manager of Sassy-Strutters Mary Conway Manager of Co-eds Betty Hecker Manager of Slick Chicks Not Pictured- Joanne Kandel Manager of Glamazons , fager Kea el-A Pictured, left to right: First row-Costa Alferis, Hoyt Powell, Charlie Guyer, Tom- my Ridgway, Dick McDon- ald, manager. Second row-Donald james, Ed- die Johnston, Forney Nelson, William Coolidge. Tbird row-Bobby Strozier, Es- ton Perkins, Cyrus Wood, Dunwoody Tunno, Billy Col- cock. f Mx 04 fW x K+, N4 v.'- A g, lim: S" Qi X. If -. . 5 "ll MIT 4Q! V p 1949 INTRAMURAL CHAMPS ., ff 04 1, 3441 , -X :ffl ,, 9-ff gg 'v X , I 1 'T ' ' .P v 19 I ls.. I. N' if fb in if , Zlwfffjl fb! WEP., Ne. ell 'gate Pictured, left to rigbt: First row-Ellison Lanier, Eddie Parker, Charles Rockwell, Bill Henry, Howard H a r v e y, Clyde Thompson, Jimmie Owens. Standing-Jinxmy McGrath, Billy Copeland, Billy Smith, Em- mett Bridges, james Dew- bcrry, Fred Sineath, Nick Clarke. Scholar Pirfured, left to right: First ron'-Bert Jones, johnny McCracken. Second rou'-DeVaughn Davis, Donald Hilrz, Jack Schaaf. Third row--Bert Meyer, Bobby Hornstein, manager, Bo Ware, Eddie Limehouse, Dale Adams. Fourth row - Douglas Guild, Gordon Whelan, Fayes Thom- as, Bernard Dismukes, Gene Brewton. Fifth T0lL'TWilli8m Girardeau, Harry Wilson, Herbie John- son, Jimmy Head, Ed Killorin. Sixth row-Murray Silver, Bill O'Hayer, Jug Ryan, Tommy Dillon, Bob Henderson. ,YI . 75. 1 ,, I 4 , 'al ', 4 li" ,A 4 Va .JI L. 'Q Q 9. . I QQ o 1' f-9 Yr' IFS C D W-A ,N a F .723-7 4 , r 1 . ' f J . , J "1 . k, 5 -, Zoaf I- Pictured, left to right: First row-B. L. Tillman, Harry Thomas, manager, Robert Oglesby, Edward Nease. Second row, standing-Dan Bar- bot, Walter Blatner, Wendell Hester, Frank Eitel. Third row-Billy Woods, Jim- my Horning, Joe Koubleur. z-, , 4 V +-,ze qggvi- i we " .-.....t...4- .-.A Collenx " " C7116 ii-lured, left to right: irst row - Walt Campbell, Tommy Ridgeway, Danny Hudson, Cy Adams, Gene Keller, johnny Peters, Bo Ware. 'cond row-Tony Fogarty, Bill Wilson, Bernie Kramer, Char- lie Eitel, Larry "Chief" Mor- ris, Bobby Hornstein, Bert Jones. -1 1 4' of '37 'H l 1 e "I i 1-mpim Pia'fnri'1f, It-ft In riylil: First ron' - Frank Willis, joe Sullivan, Bill Collcv, Gus Godbold, Arthur Whitfield, Clark Blanton, jack Hud- son, Walt Campbell, joe Mn- gee. Svvoml ron'-jnnies Baker, Ed Ricks, Hunter Leaf, Harty Keating, Buddy Sluder, David Bergrin, Vincent Billingsley, Bobby Pierce. Third ron'-Mr. Hinckley Mur- phy, advisor, jimmy Green, Harold Heclcer, Bob McDuHie, George Stevenson, Joe Ward, Charles Eitel, Jack Logan, Dick Cofheld, Henry Tuten, Gene Keller, Bernie Kramer. Noi I'irfurtvl-Cy Adams and jim Holland. :fs , 'Qin vfo' sei "Zv'IQ:'2 'ttgc - ' 5' Q EC' ' x , . vi ul I O 0 A 9 'QGG .J S e-W7 aw D Slick Chick Pictured, left to right: First row, seated-Marilyn Sick- el, Gloria Perkins, Betty Hecker, Mary McGrath, Peggy Worrell, Dorothy Stegin, Car- olyn Tootle. Serond row - Monica Ulivo, Beverly Moore, Barbara Alex- ander, Norma Gibbons, Cath- erine Skeadas. Third row-Carolyn Gross, Mar- tha Fawcett, Joan Healy, julia Powell, Lolly Solana, Cath- erine Lankenau, Shirley Jones, Mary Jo Harte. Co-fd Front row, left to right Kathryn Blocker Marian Dunsmuir Mary Conway Sarah Nell Robinson Joyce Remion Sarah Ford Second row- jane Fortson Nan All Lutrecia Adams Emma Lou johnson Jeanne Seigler jane Turner Ruth Allen Novella Noble fi' ' az 0- iv ef s f1Til "-1-.7 Q L '5 Cdl'-1 ll, fl ma om Pictured, left to right: First row, seated -- Jean Han- cock, Barbara DuBois, Har- riet Krobalski, Elizabeth But- ler, Mildred Hendrix, Mari- anne Boblasky. Serond row-Sarah Nichols, Lor- raine Bonelle, Ellen de Beruff, Lois Rosenthal, Celia Collins, Jane Wooten, Jo Ann Kandel, Harriet Parker, Martha Boone. L Sa 9 Strutte A Pictured, left to right: First row, seated-Miriam Kess- ler, Lois Barbot, Tenny Mar- tin, Catherine McCreery, Ann Morgan. Second row-Eve Strong, Jean Hester, Evelyn D e W i t t, Miriam Oglesbee, Mary Boone, Emma jo Barbot, Mary Jane Barnhardt. Third ron'-Joan Conner, Ame- lia Cronin, Mary Ann Lomel, Elizabeth Ehlers, R u t h i e Bright, Betty Walsh, Marga- ret Stearman, Glenda Taylor. - ' ' .w-'-', ., nqlh "" . . 3 'iii'-1.g.. ,,,,c-,44-o-v .,, yy, .- X W N 49 , 48' is . , .I "95- HE AV 7' Y HKTTER ,ff BATTER UP SHIPS OUT Z SUSPENSE SPECTATORS If '1 he BEA UTIE3 85 'U!"" eeclaee f EA uw fl 86 VJ 11 I r L . ' -iihf' 55 'itygg 1. A 1' Q ,,fE,.W . X y' cz ,ww 'F 11, 1 ' lgczgi, ' W , -f 'Y ' r- .--Hi-b mv? "1 3 ' -, 'f 1.. A 1 ., f 1,,,. . , 1 X - ' "' ,i3.f:g gfzq wr-' fmt' Q 3' ' - JPXW, . , ,gh H -' 'if'-13. mi :Zz ' T E GIN EN ONNIE AR ' affw 'Ci .cw nr-N-agp B EA UTIES 'MHP' in wif" B R O W N 4 4 if W SHIRLEY JONES F1-EAU' ES YLEEHUNNICUT ww -'gg MARY MCGRAT I' F 'X s '-A ,NWS E In W 2 if -1-.AU IES 'vw 491 J CATHERINE SKEADAS 53 Y r if 1 L 'YK LN ,W 'Sq Q , W4 5.7, U- .A ' r 3 Q ,d:y 6 'X A i 3 4, fs x x ' Q AQ Flax . " 'ny fi e"5,' "' 'f 'WO fN 1? 5 s -v-I i.: ,S 2 4 nf ,nl f, , 'i tx' ""'fyi,"" - fd. 5942512 1 I! N.. -.,. - ..y U nfs" 1 E ,, v J! 1 1-Q--f-N-...V.... , E T P511 All B I' I' I, X . 1 L J ! 5 l 2 fi BASKETBALL EXHIBIT I - CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENT T PSYCHOLOGY T 4 1 T 1 E I I 1 f A 31 ' 1 ffl 1 51 nag .i U95 PHYSICAL EDUCATION I PHYSICS LECTURE BIOLOGY 'Q 4 fl? 'N-"'lllLlA,l K? A 1' P I A' MC I L 'an T" LL- . df-im. P M' '-'--.....,.,,mwQ,,, 'Q .,, .1-.,,,,wm A M' """"f'--W.-w,,.,.,... i LPA. -4- 6 E' K!! I C' DQ Greetings and Best Wishes to AHMSTHU li .IUNIUH IIULLEGE Savannah's Own Institution of Higher Learning Savannah Is Proud of Your 'Contribution to the Community The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah 96 A MESSAGE TO THE STUDENTS OF ARMSTRONG Life's most effectual partnership is that between edu- cated people and daily newspapers. By seeking higher education, young men and women arrive at a station called success. On the way, you have made history which we chronicle, and our pages help you to appraise world happenings and chart your proper course. As your co-workers in progress, we extend cordial greet- ings and good wishes. cwcmna orning ews SAVANNAH EVENING PHESS Compliments of SOUTHERN STATES IRON ROOFING CO 'Trademark applied for GENERAL OFFICES SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 97 K .... l l l l l I l l ' Dine -- Dance -- Romance ' THE SAPPHIRE ROOM Hotel De Soto 5, l Other J. B. Pound Hotels: , General Oglethorpe, Savannah l Hotel Seminole, Jacksonville ll De Soto Beach Hotel, Savannah Beach l Hotel Patten, Chattanooga ll l ll n i ll ll 1 , 1 H a r r I s -- 1 Compliments ' j I I in 'E ' . F h l r : Fl 'rg Q all lflf- l r Q Q 4' ll 1 3 Style Center for Men In , 4 , Where Fashions 1: Savannah Make Their Debut ' t 4 :I 4: SINCE l896 l t ll lp awe ul L 98 ' 0 009400: 0 0.0 -::::::::::::::::0 P 'r 'r tv 4+ 4a 4 oo:-4--roar-poroaaa of-000004 The Style Shop Distinctive Women's Wear 23 E. Broughton Street SAVANNAH GEORGIA Q-::::::::::::::: :::,,-,.,,--., 1 GOOD LUCK! HAPPY SAILING! Ourtl' use LITE ferr Al ' 1' ...NK AA A A ,AAWA i MUIHHMII VNV' In-' " 4: 11.1 thu'-sg-xgs ..r-A , .,.. .. , - QtWusa taaatamun1'1 iiQ Sum V v v ' L-- v... vv..v.................... - - F 5 l l l l l S 5 S S S S S S S S S l S l :::QQ::::::::4-::::::: EAT - DRINKS - SMOKES Bo Peeps "The Finest ln the South" I9 East Cong ress 2-3400 9500 9533 Lr0::::::::: ::::v ::::- A: Q-4-4--0-pooeao-ao:-0o.'e'e-ps.:-0,0417 -a.'.p-ev'-'04,-a-000001 fu'-4-4-4-.r .4-0.e0.a4'0444-44444-fe, Frank C. Mathews ll6 West Congress Street Phone 5l95 What PAUL'S Says, ls So MEN'S AND BOY'S SHOP Clothing and Furnishings 246 Broughton Street, West Phone 8395 Savannah, Georgia o::::- Shop and Save at KARPF'S Savannah's Most Popular "Women's Shop" Hartmann Luggage Leather Goods - Perfumes Ladies Handbags - Toys Costume Jewelry - Gifts Joe Price, Inc. Two Stores Congress St., W. 252 Bull St 3-9612 3-8045 Compliments The Knitting Nook BULL STREET Compliments of SILVER'S 5 and l0c Store 201 WEST BROUGHTON Compliments of Schulte United, In C C P l i r r l r I l I l l L- 0 .00 fx xwfx- - v - '- - - ---- H ---- "" ' "Nav 2 1 1 g Compliments G A Y - N E L L 5, 1I I of 1 3 SHOP FOR WOMEN .g I 1 I 'I 2 Globe Shoe CO. 248 sun street g I 'I 1 'I 'I , "Shoes for the Whole Family" SPORTSWEAR- BEACHWEAR Q: I Lax ,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v -xxxx A xxx 3 'T Z 1, ll , I 1 . I I I AIHUH MUSE co. M A N G E L s I 1, I 1 'I 5, HNF NMOS FEMININE APPAREL 1, 'I 1, 1I fl 240 Broughton Street, W. l5 Broughton Street' E' 1: 1, 'I If SAVANNAH GEORGIA SAVANNAH GEORGIA If 1, 1, It M 1 L, ::::::::: :::::::- -::: ':::::::::: ::::::' ' :iwl r v - :::::::::- - ------ 11 1 Typically TQWN Jane Engel SERVING SAVANNAH ' and l Telephone SINCE 1868 ll 3-3214 1 it 'I :I BULL and PERRY STS. :g 13 SAVANNAH GEORGIA 3 'T' ' 'TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTxx:' 9 It L .... ..L........ ..LL..L. I 1 1 1, 1I I It It S P E N N E Y ' S ff It It 1: 1 5, STYLE and VALUE CENTER :I Broughton and Barnard Streets I : OF THE COASTAL EMPIRE I I 1I , 1 I: If 1 1 L J ::::.a-.Q--r:::: ::::0:::v Armstrong students, on recent visit to Union Bag 81 Paper Corporation, pause to watch high-speed bag making machine. From left to right: William Girardeau, Catherine Skeadas, David Bergrin, Claire Zipplies, Murray Silver, Connie Argust. A Busy Year Running continuously twenty-four hours a day, the massive, high-speed machines in the "World's Largest Integrated Kraft Container Plant" last year produced 383,000 tons of paper and paperboard, 9 billion paper bags and 37,000 tons of corrugated sheets and boxes. The 4,700 employees responsible for this record breaking produc- tion received total annual wages of more than I3 million dollars. UNION BAG 81 PAPER CORPORATION SAVANNAH GEORGIA 102 ----,,.,.---,,,, Compliments of S. H Kress 81 Co. 5-I0-25c VARIETY STORE ik'-.f0.'-.ff-.0-Q4-4-.'.'v,0,-.f.f.f.f.,,,","',.'f0 Q , SAVANNAH'S FINEST The Weis Theatre "Showplace of the South" Albert Weis, Executive Mgr. -vv--vvv ---o--- -- -:::- J 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + I J :Q Compliments of DESBOUILLONS JEWELERS I26 Broughton St., East SAVANNAH GEORGIA Agents for GORHAM 81 TOWLE SILVER Compliments of le Co! ege 74004 1 4+ + 4+ 4+ + I I 'I + I I 4 4 4 4 + + 4+ + ::,g :Q Compliments of Savannah Tobacco Company Distributors of Hav-A-Tampa cigars I8 Barnard Street Phone 3-3083 Triple XXX Thirst Station EAST VICTORY DRIVE Delicious Drinks Curb Service Wholesome Food SAVANNAH GEORGIA 1 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 4+ + + 4 4 4+ + + + + 4+ 4+ 4 4 4 + 4 4 4+ + + 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + + + 4+ + + 4+ 4 4 4 J Stubbs Hardware Company 121-123 Congress Street "Sporting Goods Headquarters for the Coastal Empire" Athletic Equipment for Every Sport Johnson Motors and Boats Dick Piazza's SHOE SERVICE STORE A Sole of Honor 2504 Abercorn St. Telephone 3-2639 SAVANNAH GEORGIA fx fi' 1 N .f 3' ,fy ,f nw 7L?GJmzakJ A CZ "- 1 East Victory Drive Phone 3-1024 Mark the Occasion with a Photo Reflex Portrait Let our unique Mirror Camera be your expert recorder of all memorable occasions! IN SAVANNAH urs ABERCORN 'BRWGHTON Live Electrically and Enjoy the Difference 2224 Savannah Electric and Power Co. Compliments of SOUTHERN DAIRIES 221 4- 22 Quahty carnes on" IOYILID UND!! AUYNOIIIV Ol IN! COCA-COLA COMPANY ll COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. BEST WISHES his say! SAVANNAH'S FINEST STORE FOR MEN AND SHOP FOR WOMEN The House of Fashion 105 B C 1 vi OO Q lQ'0D 'R .qu-Q 49 5-.X pa.- 'NA Q, 15 , 1 . I an ..,.1 rumlf-vii .. A , Q l L f , L, in 2-Q f if 4 'W' 'fr ff' -. -ff M 9, ,. v ' .YVQM ik? 1 'Q' if iii 2, a. K , if 4 ff' 'E 45' -5' Q 'airy' 4-" f Qfex'e..1g, ' ,.. 4' , Q if in A, 3 4 Fri wi? I' , , I Z0 QS? 5. WH-1 2 gf 5 ANNUALS 0f nls'rlNc'rlow mfew, agony? Zy'Xoun5, Jn V-li

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