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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive in 2012 witii funding from LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation http: details geechee1942arms ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE Savannah, Georgia Presents THE GEECHEE ' 42 Volume VI DEDICATION CTi he 1942 ' Geechee is dedi- cated to Mrs. Lucy B. Trosdal, an enthusiastic patron of education in Savannah, and more particularly the friend of Armstrong Junior College. None have contributed more to our development; few have contributed as much. f ' y: n l Mrs. Lucv B. Trosdal Table of Contents Administration Sophomores Freshmen Activities Personalities Athletics Features Advertisements THE ' GEECHEE It is the sincere hope of the entire staff that the 1942 ' Geechee may be worthy of the beloved and honored name with which we thus associate it, Armstrong Junior College, for it embodies all of the cherished memories and soul-stirring affec- tions of the students who have passed within these halls. Our days here at college have been serene and happy ones. Regardless of the turmoil and strife into which the world has been plunged, each student has attained happiness and success emanating from a spirit of fair-play, devotion to duty, and a sense of fellowship, imparted to us by a faculty whose sole thoughts have been the dissemination of their knowledge. May each of us, as we go forth from these stately halls, pause often and reflect upon the splendid opportunities afforded us here and in all sincerity be proud to say: " Armstrong gave to me that inherent desire to go forward and to her I am truly indebted. " Herbert Griffin, Editor 1942 CAMPUS Armstrong Building Herschel V. Jenkins Hall 1942 CAMPUS Lane Building W ' Thomas Gamble Hall ■ ' ' dlflhtt i . Santa, 3lr. 1 ' Artl)ur iauis IBunny iluUtgan Jin iMrmortam 3s nnt to hit. ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE OF SAVANNAH GEORGIA OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT March 24, 1942 To the Students of Armstrong Jiinior College: It has been our fortune to be thrown together here at the Junior College during one of the momentous years of world history. I feel that your conduct has been exemplary as you have neither been guilty of hysteria nor apathy. Most of you are taking your work more seriously, and that is one of the finest contribu- tions you can possibly make to the war effort. A hasty check reveals that approximately eighty former students are participating in the war through the military services of the United States, A large n mber of this group have received their commissions, or are studying for their commissions. Specialists as well as soldiers are needed, and here again Armstrong is doing its part by training students in basic college work. Many more of us will be called to serve our country in the months to come — women as well as men. I feel certain that the Armstrong crowd will serve their co mtry just a little better than they would have if they had never known Armstrong. Cordiallv.yours, y ii H... C fizJ n J, Thomas Askew, President. jta b ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE COMMISSION Herschel V. Jenkins Chairman Sutlive Tiosdal Murphey Gamble Kayton Egan Russell 14 FACULTY J. Thomas Askew, Ph. P.., M.A. President Reuben W. Holland, A.B., M.A. Registrar and Treasurer 15 FACULTY BETTY B. BAIN B.S. H.E.Ed., University of Maryland M.S.. Cornell University Professor of Home Economics WILLIAM M. DABNEY A.B., University of Virginia M.A.. University of Virginia Professor of Social Sciences NELTA BECKETT Assoc, in Lib. Arts — Armstrong: Jr. College S.T.C.. Gregg College Instructor of Shorthand and Typing 1 : DR. KENNETH J. DUFFY Ed.B., Duquesne University Litt. M., University of Pittsburgh Ph.D.. University of Pittsburgh Professor of Spanish and History MERLE M. BRUCE B.S.. Birmingham Southern College Secretary and Assistant Treasurer FOREMAN M. HAWES A.B., Mercer University M.S.. Emory University Professor of Chemistry — 16 FACULTY CHARLES B. KESTLER A.B. and M.A., Univeisity of North Caiolina Professor of English SANFORD REECE A.B. and M.A., University of North Carolina Professor of English - £ MARY ELIZABETH MAYO B.S.Ed., University of Virginia B.S., Library Science, Columbia University Librarian ROBERT M. STRAHL B.S.C. and M.A.. Ohio State University Professor of Finance and Commerce m j» ▼ DR. BEN T. PAINTER B.S., College of William and Mary M.A. and Ph.D., Harvard University Professor of Biology CHARLES W. WILLIAMS A.B., Harvard University M.A., University of Maryland Professor of Mathematics 1 ' K r " v SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS Ciider West Newton Robertson President ------- Fretwell Crider Vice-President ------- Maud West Treasurer ------- Audrey Newton Secretary Alberta Robertson 20 SOPHOMORES Billie Ruth Anchors Permanent Dean ' s List Institute of Citizenship- News Editor Inkwell Geechee Staff Clee Club — 1941 -1941 Linda Bryan, " Pokie " Alpha Tau Beta _ Ann Rose Barbee Home Economies Club — 194 1 4-H Club--lil41 Betty Edythe Collins Permanent Dean ' s List Member Institute of Citizenship — •42 Homecoming Committee — 194 ' 2 Senior Board Savannah Playhouse Home Economics Club Music Club Art Editor of (leechee Inkwell Staff Edward Bercegeay Debs Bernstein Dean ' s List — Fall 1941 Home Economics Club Geechee Staff Music Club — 1941 BowlinK Team Cirl ' s Basketball Team Walter Coolidge Fretwell Crider Permanent Dean ' s List Homecoming: Committee — ' 42 Institute of Citizenship President of Sophomore Class Student Senate Flying Club Bowling Team Council on Foreign Relations Inkwell Committee on Junior President ' s Ball 21 SOPHOMORES Jean DeLoach Home Economics Club Basketball Marie Lucretia Edwards Outstanding Sophomore Homecoming Committee — ' 41 Job Club— ' 41 Basketball Team — ' 4(1. ' 41, ' 42 Bowling Team — ' 40, ' 41 Associate Editor of Inkwell Club Editor of Ceechee Music Club— ' 42 Lucy McDuffie Dodd Dean ' s List — 1941 Glee Club — 1941 Josephine Elliott, " Jo " Armstrong Leadership Society Permanent Dean ' s List Winner Competitive Scholar- ship — ' 41 and ' 42 Institute of Citizenship — ' 40, ' 41 Homecoming Committee — ' 41, ' 42 Home Economics Club — ' 41 and ' 42 Geechee — ' 41 and ' 42 Inkwell — ' 41 and ' 42 Acted in Our Toicri Alpha Tau Beta Glee Club — ' 40 and ' 41 ■»- Margaret Dooley Homecoming Committee — 1942 Business Staff of Inkwell — 1942 Business Staff of Geechee — 1942 Riding Club — ' 41 and ' 42 Bowling Team — 1941 Horace Andrew Ernst, Jr. Geechee Staff Siianish Club Katharine Burden Homecoming Committee — 1942 Council of Foreign Relations — ' 41 and ' 42 Job Club — 1941 Geechee Staff — 1941 Music Club — 1942 Inkwell Staff — 1942 Horseback Riding — 1942 Agnes Feuger Competitive Scholarship Winner ' 411 Homecoming Committee ' 41 and ' 42 Feature Editor of Inkwell ' 42 Business Manager of Geechee ' 42 Alpha Tau Beta Rifie Team ' 41 Music Club ' 42 M ■ ' Va l H •-•«! M k " J — 22 SOPHOMORES Dorothy Finch Delta Chi Math Club, Vice-President Home Economies Club Music Club (Jeechee Staff Inkwell Staff Queen of AimstronK Thomas W. Fly ■the Foreiun Relations Council, Sect, and Tieas. Inkwell Geechee Job Club Rifle Team •41 Math Club Eug-ene Wilson Griner Student Senate HomecominK Committee Football — ' 4(1 Basketball - ' 41 and ' 42 BowlinK Monogram Club — Pres. Inkwell Murray Grossman Permanent Dean ' s List Foreign Relations Council — V.-Pres. Music Club Math Club Inkwell Winifred Fulghum Institute of Citizenship Home Economics Club Inkwell Geechee Delta Chi Herbert Griffin OutstandinK Sophomore — ' 42 Student Senate Homecoming: Committee Geechee — Ed. -in-Chief MonoKram Club — Sect. — ' 4» and ' 42 Council on Foreign Relations Basketball — ' 40 and ' 42 Lucille Guorard Kathryn Hardwick — 23 SOPHOMORES i Anne Harms Inkwell Geechee Home Economics Club Music Club Basketball Team — ' 42 Riding Club Delta Chi Tennis — ' 42 Bertha Holt Glee Club — ' 41 Inkwell — ' 42 Home Economics Club Delta Chi L_ ► " " C Kathleen Harms Institute of Citizenship- Homecoming Committee- Delta Chi Basketball — ' 41 and ' 42 Tennis — Cap ' t. — ' 4 1 Geechee Sports Ed. Home Economics Club Music Club •42 -•42 Gilbert M. Helmken Outstanding Sophomore Institute of Citizenship Homecoming — " 42 Senior Theater Board Football — ' 40 Monogram Club — V.-Pres. Inkwell, Mgr. Editor Geechee Sports Editor Acted in The Male Animal King of Armstrong «dk k ' — ' p., Mary Ann Hood - Institute of Citizenship — ' 42 Homecoming Committee — ' 41 Student Senate _ Senior Board of Savannah Playhouse 1 r f Music Club 1 r -f r r - Basketball Team f. ji .- .. ., y. , Jo Beth Huff Permanent Dean ' s List Institute of Citizenship — ' 41 and Geechee Inkwell Glee Club — ' 40 and ' 41 Riding Club — ' 42 Ethel Hill Institute of Citizenship — ' 41 Homecoming Sponsor Home Economics Club — ' 4(1 and ' 41 Inkwell Statf Geechee Spanish Club — Sec.-Treas. Margaret McLeod Hughes Permanent Dean ' s List Geechee Inkwell Glee Club — ' 41 Home Economics Club 24 SOPHOMORES Richard Jackson Helen Kibler Permanent Dean ' s List Institute of Citizenship — ' 41 and ' 42 Homecoming Committee — ' 41 and ' 42 Senior Board of Savannah Playhouse President of Music Club — ' 42 Glee Club — ' 41 Acted in Our Town Edward Javetz Senior Board of Savannah Playhouse — Sect. Acted in Our Toirn Glee Club — ' 41 Inkwell Staff — ' 41 Selma Jaworek Institute of Citizenship — ' 41 HomecominK Committee — ' 4 1 and ' 42 Senior Board Playhouse Rifle Team Cheer Leader Homer Laughlin Basketball - ' 41 and ' 42 Monosrram Club — ' 41 and ' 4 2 Joseph Livingston Institute of Citizenship Student Senate Mananinii Editor and Assistant Bus. Manager Inkwell Flying Club — V.-Pres. Foreign Relations Council Cheer Leader Intramural Football Chairman Fieshman Rule Committee V.-Pres. Georgia Inter-collegiate Press Association — ' 41- ' 42 Wittiest Boy — ' 41 Rachel Augusta Jones Permanent Dean ' s List Homecoming Committee — ' 42 Student Senate Senior Board Savannah Playhouse Asst. Art Ed. of the Geechee Home Economics Club Music Club Inkwell Staff — ' 42 Marjorie McFarland Home Economics Club- Glee Club — ' 41 •41 and ' 42 25 SOPHOMORES »i Madalyne Manson Permanent Dean ' s List Institute of Citizenship Committee Home Economics Club- ' 42 Katherine Drane Morrell Institute of Citizenship — ' 41 and ' 42 Alpha Tau Beta- Pies. — ' 41 and ' 4 2 Frances Mayhew Home Economics Club Rifle Team Jeanette Edna Mosley Home Economics Club Music Club Aug ' usta Montague Homecominf; Committee — ' 41 Student Senate Senior Board of Savannah Playhouse Home Economics Club Music Club Bettye Morgan Institute of Citizenship Home Economics Club Associate Editor of Inkwell — ' 41 Bus. Manager of Inkwell — ' 41 and Geechee Staff — ' 41 and ' 42 Delta Chi Ollireid New Home Economics Club- Rifle Team -Sect. Audrey Newton Dean ' s List — Fall ' 41 Homecoming Committee — ' 41 Institute of Citizenship-— ' 42 Class Editor of Geechee Treasurer of Sophomore Class Delta Chi — V.-Pres. — 20 — SOPHOMORES Dot Newton Permanent Dean ' s List Chairman Homecoming Committee — ' 41 Homecoming Committee — ' 40 President of Home Economics Club Alpha Tau Beta — V.-Pres. Job Club — ' 41 John F. Martin Ranitz, Jr. Institute of Citizenship — ' 42 Homecoming Committee — ' 4 Jane O ' Connor Home Economics Club Math Club Alberta Robertson Permanent Dean ' s List Winner Competitive Scholarship — ' 40 Homecoming Committee Institute of Citizenship — ' 41 and ' 4 2 Assembly Committee Job Club Bowling Team Alpha Tau Beta Secretary of Sophomoie Class Editor of Inkwell Billy Parr Outstanding Sophomore Institute of Citizenship — ' 42 Homecoming Committee — ' 41 and ' 42 Student Senate President of Freshman Class Inkwell Staff Jean Saunders Dean ' s List Mardy Purdum Business Staff of Geechee Business Staff of Inkwell Delta Chi — ' 41- ' 42 Home Economics Club — ' 41, " 42, ' 40 Rifle Team Riding Club Ruth Schur Business Staff of Geechee Inkwell Basketball Music Club — 27 — SOPHOMORES Annie Laurie Seig ' ler Carolyn Smith Foreign Relations Council Aluha Tail Beta Inl well Home Economies Clul) William Sharpe Irving ' Sklansky Permanent Dean ' s List Winner of Competitive Scholarship — ' 4 Student Senate Job Club Associate Editor of Inkwell Mana inK Editor of (Jeechee FoieiKn Relations Council President of Math Club Betty Eulalia Street Institute of Citizenship (;iee Club Home Economics Club Music Club (Jeechee Inkwell John Sullivan Monogram Club Basketball Carlyle Smith Basketball William F. Sunnnerell FlyinK Club — ' 411 and ' 41 Rifle Team — ' 40 and ' 41 Co-chairman Freshman Rules Committee Basketball Team - ' 41 and " 42 — 28 — SOPHOMORES Charles Usher Jr., " Hijo ' Rifle Team Acted in Our Toirti Aeronautical Class Austin S. Wade, Jr. Monogram Club Football Team — ' 41 Pat Watson Monosriam Club Tennis Team Earl Weatherly Senior Board, Savannah Playhouse Rebecca Webster Home Economics Club — ' 41 Inkwell Staff — ' 41 Clee Club ' 40 Music Club- — ' 41 Maud West OutstandinK Sophomoe Permanent Dean ' s List Institute of Citizenship — ' 42 Student Senate V.-Pres. of Sophomoi-e Class V.-Pres. of Freshman Class Sect, of Leadership Society Senior Board of Savannah Playhouse Ceechee Staff Music Club Assembly Committee Acted in Playhouse Productions Carolyn Williams Dean ' s List Homecoming Committee — ' 42 Senior Theater Board of Savannah Playhouse Inkwell — ' 42 Job Club — ' 41 Home Economics Club — ' 41 and ' 42 Associate Business Manager of the Ceechee r Martha Williams Geechee Staff — ' 41 and ' 42 Inkwell Stair — ' 41 and ' 42 29 — SOPHOMORES Benjamin Charles Wills Institute of Citizenship Committee Basketball Monogiam Club Foieign Relations Council Music Club Heiuietta Dola Wolfe Home Economics Club Alice Zerman Dean ' s List Institute of Citizenship Committee Music Club 30 — CAMERA-SHY SOPHOMORES Peggy Haile Carol Minis Julia Storer Marguerite Warner 31 — 32 r. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Duke Norris Marshall Turner President ------- Dan Duke Vice-President ----- Celeste Norris Secretary ----- Caroline Marshall Treasurer ------ Mary Turner 34 FRESHMEN Louise Alexander Dorothy Bennett Milton Bradlev Jewel Brewer Perry Collins Marvin Cooper Virginia Cornell Ida Cottina-ham Winifred Brown Bryan Davis Martha Davis Rosetta Davis Wayne Dillon Oscar Crosby ■ : i Bleckley Dixon Allen Douglas Dan Duke Jean Dukes Virginia Edel Mary Lou Elliott — 35 FRESHMEN Eleanor Ferguson Barbara Hamilton William Jordan Theodore Fitzsimons Mary Ford Ezekiel Gaines %i£Sk Howard Hansen Orville Heckman Willetta Helmly Lorraine Kahn Gloria Kicklighter Aneta Laskv Thomas McGinn Betty Mallory Caroline Marshall H. Gordon Meisner Michael Gannam Martha Sue Johnston Margaret McDermott Helen Miller 3fi FRESHMEN Celeste Norris Noreen O ' Brien W w, Mary Oppenheimer Dan Patterson Samuel Reed Jack Rhodes Geoi ' ge Rice Bobbie Stephenson Mary Ann Suddath Sara Sullivan Delphina Roberts Sue Tatum Wesleigh Perkins Mary Seabrook Alvie Smith Carolyn Smith Elsie Smith Rosa Smith y% M 4 . A r A 1 " jk Lawrence Steinheimer Fred Thigpen FRESHMEN athleen Barbara Mary Marv Ann Grace Thorpe Traub Turner Wakeman Walton Rosalyn Weiser Elizabeth Weitz Glover Wells Mary Wheeler Mary Margaret Wilson Harriet Yager 38 — THE FOLLOWING FRESHMEN DID NOT HAVE THEIFv PICTURES TAKEN Thomas Aimar Harry Anestos Edward Bleakley Dorothy Bobh sky Thomas Cone Henry Drew John Gnann William Graham Selma Greenberg Richard Hardy Mae Heyman Joseph Hunt Howard Jewett Anne Kirkland Darriel Kitchens Miriam Lasky Robert Lewis Marie Pearson Roy Rabb Wilkie Rabey Robert Redmond John Reiser Willman Ricks Semon Saul Melvin Siegel Harry Weeks Francis Wolfe Robert Worsnop 39 40 — THE Seated left to right: Criffin. O ' Biien. Finch StandiiiK: Edel. Harms. Alexander, Edwards, Huff, Anchors, Williams. Elliott, Collins, Montasrue, Hill, West, Jones. Newton, Helmken Back row: Sklansky, Wolfe, Douglas, Heckman, Ernst, Flythe. Editor-iu-Chief Associate Editor Managing Editors Herbert Griffin Maud West Irving Sklansky Betty Collins Rachel Jones { Virginia Edel Artists .------ Milton Bradley ( Bryan Davis Class Editor ..-.--. Audrey Newton Club Editor ...-.-. Lucretia Edwards Photographij Editor - ... - Emmett Heckman Business Mayiager ...... Agnes Feuger Associate Business Manager ... Carolyn Williams 42 ' GEECHEE Seated: Feutrer, Williams- -Standing: Hill. Street, Fulghum. Edel, Oppenheimer. Williams, Harms, Purdum, Smith, Dooley, Morgan Back row: Smith. Heckman. Only through the untiring efforts of our managing editors and staff were we able to present you with the 1942 ' Geechee. It is our sincere wish that you will appreciate the effort which has been shown, and that you will always view with pride the memories of your days here at Armstrong. — 43 THE Of± it 1st low. left to ii«ht; Dot Finch. Rebecca Webster. Rosa Smith. Jo Elliott. Martha Sue Johnston, Winnie Fulghum. Martha Williams, Ethel Hill, Ann Harms. Bobbie Stephenson, Caroline Marshall 2nd row: Jean Dukes. Ajines Feujier. Mary Lou Elliott, Betty Collins, Rachel Jones. Betty Street, Lucretia Edwards, Carolyn Williams, Kitty Harms, Carolyn Smith 3rd low: Gilly Helmken. Gene C.riner, Alvie Smith, Ruth Schur, Grace Walton, Billie Ruth Anchors. Jo Beth Huff, Julia Storer, Irvins Sklansky. Fretwell Crider, Alberta Robertson. The Inkwell, Armstrong ' s newspaper, is published monthlj- during the school year. This year, for the first time, a six page issue was published. It was a success, therefore since the first issue, every second edition contains six pages. It has been the opinion of a number of the faculty membeis that the Inkwell this year has been one of the best in the school history. Alberta Robertson is the Editor-in-Chief and Irving Sklansky is the Managing Editor. 44 INKWELL 1st row, left to rijjht: Thomas Flythe. Bettye Morgan, Rosa Smith, Winnie Fulshum, Allen Douglas 2nd row: Alberta Robertson, Lorraine Kahn, Bertha Holt, Mardy Purdum 3rd row: Agnes Feuger, Orville Heckman, Margaret Dooley. P ' or the first time the Inkwell sponsored the selection of King and Queen of Armstrong. Gilbert Helmken and Dorothy Finch were chosen and were crowned at the in- vitation dance given by the Inkwell for this purpose. The election and dance is to be an annual affair at the college. 45 — THE SENATE Seated, left to right: Maud West, Rachel Jones. Fietwell Crider, Louise Alexander, Alberta Robertson, Caroline Marshall, Mary Ann Hood Standing: Mr. Hawes, Augusta Montague, Herbie Griftin. Cene Griner, Dan Duke. Allen Douglas, IrvinK Sklansky. The Senate, being- an agency of student government, is a body representing every student organization. All matters concerning the complete student body must be ratified by the Senate ' s vote. Since student government is a quality of Armstrong ' s scheme of faculty-student relations, the Student Senate is an important organ. The 1942 session has considered its share of business. The most important accomplishment is a revision of the qualities required for membership in the Leader- ship Society. Those rules, now in effect, are a culmination of a student body working- harmoniously. 46 THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 1st row. left to liKht: Debs Bernstein. Rosetta Davis. Mary Ann Suddath. Bobbie Stephenson. Dot Newton. Betty Collins. Rachel Jones. Ollireid New. Frances Mayhew. Henrietta Wolfe. Jo Elliott. Pengy McDermott. Mary Oppenheimer, Carolyn Smith 2nd row: Dot Finch, Rosa Smith. Bertha Holt. Kitty Harms. Rebecca Webster. Gloria Kicl lighter, Miss Bain. Elizabeth Weitz. Carolyn Williams. Martha Sue Johnston, Mary Lou Elliott. AuKusta Montague. Caroline Marshall. Anne Barbee. Noreen O ' Brien, Jeanette Mosley, Madalyne Manson. Betty Street. Ann Harms. Jane O ' Connor Members not in picture: Dot Bennett, Dot Boblasky. Jean DeLoach. Winnie Fuljihum. Mary Ann Hood, Marjorie McFarland, Margaret McLeod Hughes, Jean Saunders, Helen Nealon, Grace Walton. OFFICERS President ..--.-. Dorothy Newton Vice-President ------ Bobbie Stephenson Secretary -------- Ollireid New Treasurer -------- Betty Collins Senate Representative ----__ Rachel Jones The purpose of the Home Economics Club is both social and educational. The club assists in the various entertainments of the school and derives practical knowledge from such experience. An outside project for this year consisted in redecorating a room at the Children ' s Home. Delegates were sent to the Home Economics Convention at Statesboro. Also, several socials within the club were given during the year. 47 THE MUSIC CLUB 1st row, left to right: Betty Collins, Virginia Edel, Rebecca Webster, Rachel Jones, Debs Bernstein, Helen Kibler, Betty Str-eet, Lucretia Edwards, Augusta Montague 2nd row: Mary Ann Hood and Carolyn Williams 3rd row: Murray Grossman, Lawrence Steinheimer, Dot Finch, Kitty Harms, Rosalyn Weiser, Miss Mayo, Alice Zerman, Lorraine Kahn, Elsie Smith, Ann Harms, Ruth Schur Members not in picture: Mary Ann Wakeman, Dot Bennett, Milton Bradley, Marvin Cooper, Agnes Feuger, Peggy Haile, Jeanette Mosley, Grace Walton, Benny Wills and Maud West. OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer Senate Representative Helen Kibler Betty Collins Augusta Montague Armstrong ' s music-minded students meet twice each month at the college for the purpose of enjoying recordings of good music. For the benefit of the student body the club, through its dues, has accumulated a small circulating library of recordings which it hopes to supplement in the coming year. Augusta Montague and Benny Wills entertained the club at their homes several times in the fall quarter, and Benny lent most of the lecords played through the year. Among outstanding selections heard this year were: Beethoven ' s Fifth Symphoni , Tschaikovsky ' s Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor for Piano and Orchestra, Rimsky-Korsakov ' s Schelierazade Suite, and Brahm ' s Syyyiphoni No. 1. The club doubled its membership this year, and received encouragement from its sponsor. Miss Mary Elizabeth Mayo, and from Mr. Williams, Mr. Dabney, and Dr. DuflFv who attended meetings often. 48 THE MATH CLUB Seated, left to right; Caroline Marshall, Mr. Williams, Dot Finch, Rosa Smith l.• t iu ; June O ' Connor, Anne Barbee, Jean Dukes, Aneta, Irving Sklansky, Maud West, Lawrence Steinheimer, Elsie Smith 2nd row: Murray Grossman, Dan Patterson, Glover Wells, Howard Hansen. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Senate Representative Irving Sklansky Dot Finch Elsie Smith Caroline Marshall The Math Club was organized in 1939 under the direction of Mr. Charles W. Williams. Its aim is to further an interest in mathematics among the students at Armstrong as well as to give them an opportunity for genuine pleasure in this field. This organization requires no dues ; its only requirement for membership is the delivery of a talk on a mathematical topic at one of the meetings. Some of the programs dui-ing the year have included a discussion of the perpetual calendar by Lawrence Steinheimer, a history of numbers and of methods of calcula- tion by Glover Wells, the mathematics of metaphysics by Murray Grossman, and types of number systems by Aneta Lasky. 49 SAVANNAH 1st row, left to riyht: Edward Javetz, Wiay Potter. Gene Burroughs, Julia Storer, Sanford Reece, Mary Ann Hood 2nd row: Betty Collins, Rachel Jones. Edith Mustin, Helen Kibler 3rd row: Selma Jaworek. Jerry Tilson, Hendree Groover. Claire Stillwell 4th row: Peggy Haile. Kitty Goette, Carl Robeson. Charlotte Moore 5th row: Betty Michels. Earl Weatherly, Mary Eyler, Dick Potter. Augusta Montague Members not in picture: Ernestine Cole, (iilly Helmken, Maud West, Mary Ann Suddath. OFFICERS President .......-- Wray Potter Vice-President -------- Julia Storer Secretary --------- Edward Javetz Financial Secretary - - Gene Burroughs Senate Representative ------ Mary Ann Hood The Savannah Playhouse, a college-community theatre which has grown into a non-professional theatre group of national reputation and importance, has enjoyed this year another season of splendid produc- tion, and enthusiastic audience and press reaction. 50 — PLAYHOUSE 1st row, left to right: Bobbie Stephenson, Rosetta Davis, Arthur Salkin, Carolyn Williams 2nd row: Elizabeth Weitz. Carolyn Oliver, Miss Mayo, Jo Hirsch 3rd row: Bill Berry, Marvin Cooper, CJladys DuBois. Henry DuBois 4th row: Dan Patterson, Gloria Kicklighter, Malcolm Young. Under the direction of Sanford Reece the Playhouse presented as the first production of the 1941-42 season, the popular comedy of college life, The Male Anivial. A new high in entertainment was achieved in the second production of the season, Sutton Vane ' s ever popular Outward Bound. Production plans for the remainder of the season include the Cradle Song, and under consideration for the last big show of the year is some kind of musical play, which will give the musical artists of Armstrong and Savannah an opportunity to appear on our Auditorium Stage, along with the veteran actors of numerous playhouse successes. Being a college-community cooperative theatre, the Playhouse functions with two advisorv boards — a Senior and Junior Board. 51 — THE MONOGRAM CLUB Left to ritrht: Cilly Helmken. John Sullivan. Austin Waile. Cene (.liner, Carol Minis, Hei ' bei t (.iiilm. Homer LauKhlin. OFFICERS President -------- Gene Griner Vice-Preside7it ------ Gilbert Helmken Secretary -------- Herbert Griffin Treasurer -------- Allen Laird The MonojiTaiTi Club this year was not quite as larfj-e as in the past years due to the discontinuance of football. A boy has to earn a major letter in sports before he can become a member. The club gave a dance during the fall quarter which was quite a hit with the .students. 52 COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS Seated, left to lijjht: living Sklansky, ViiKinia Edel. Katharine Duiden, Mr. Dabney, Loiiaine Kahn — Standing: Herbie (irirtin. Rosalyn Weisei ' , Benny Wills. Fretwell Crider. Thoma.s Flythe. Murray (;ros.sman, Carolyn Smith. Milton Bradley. OFP ICERS President ------- Katharine Burden Vice-President ------ Murray Grossman Secretary-Tredsurer ------ Thomas Flythe ScHdte RepreHeiitatice ----- Irving Sklansky AsKcmbly Repre. eutative ----- Benny Wills The Council on Foreign Relations was organized under the co-leadership of Mr. Askew and Dr. J. P. Dyer. The aim of the council has been to further oui ' under- .standing- of world affaii ' s through informal, open discussion among its members and speakers at the various meetings. Throughout the year there have been several very interesting and enlightening speakers appearing on the programs. 53 — DELTA CHI SORORITY : ««KM%rK:«9E ' s%« 4£» . i Seated, left to right: Mary Ann Suddath. Kitty Harms, Bertha Holt, Mardy Purdum, Audrey Newton. Ann H:llm , Winifred Fulghum Kneeling: Jean Dukes, Mary Oi penheimer, Dot Finch, Noreen O ' Brien Standing: Martha Sue Johnston, Mary Wheeler, Gloria Kicklighter, Bettye Morgan, Rosa Smith, Margaret Dooley, Peggy MeDermott. OFFICERS President -------- Mardy Purdum Vice-President ------- Audrey Newton Secretary -------- Bertha Holt Sponsor ------- Mrs. Sanford Reece To create friendship among members of the sorority and the students of Arm- strong- is the purpose of Delta Chi Sorority. Activities of the sorority for the year have consisted of: " Rush " tea for the freshman girls, annual Christmas dance in honor of the new pledges, a tea-dance sponsored by the soi ' ority, several house-parties for members and pledges given in the Spring, and the annual banquet and dance given at the end of the school year. Also along with the defense measures taken by the school, the girls enlisted in a canteen course and gave a donation to the Red Cross. 54 — ALPHA TAU BETA SORORITY 1st row. left to liKht: Aluuila UubuiU-uu, K;iiheiine Mori ' ell, Lucille Gueiard - 2nci low: Celeste Noiiis, Mary Turner. Dot Newton. Carolyn Smith 3rd row: Linda Bryan. Agnes Feutier. Nancy Nichols. Sara Sullivan, Caroline Marshall, Jo Elliott. OFFICERS President ---.... Katherine Morrell Vice-President - - - - - - - Dot Newton Secretary --.-... Alberta Robertson Treasurer - Lucille Guerard This .sorority has as its goal several worth-while aims : the promotion of social and intellectual interests among the students of Armstrong, the maintenance of a high moral and spiritual standard among the students, definite welfare work, and the perpetuating of the memory of Joan Dodd. In the fall quarter the sorority ' s first activities were a tea for freshman girls, and a card party. In the winter and spring quarters attention was devoted largely to Red Cross work. The social calendar was brought to a close with the annual banquet which was held in the Spring. — 55 — THE SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was formed in order to arouse interest in and to learn about the language, customs, and habits of the Spanish speaking- people. It was started by the advanced Spanish class during the winter quarter. At the meetings, which are held on the first and third Tuesdays at 3:30, topics of current interest concerning Latin America are discussed. Talks and discussions are given in Spanish, thus affording the members an opportunity to use and hear the language they are studying. There are no dues attached to membership. The only requirement is a background of two quarters work in Spanish in college or two yeai ' s work in high school Spanish. At their election the following officers were named : President ------- Jean Dukes Vice-President ----- Rosetta Davis Secretary-Treasurer . - . . - Ethel Hill Senate Representative . . - - Andrew Ernst Dr. Kenneth J. Duffy is the sponsoi ' and faculty advisor of the club. 56 PERSONALITIES 1. Where love and gossip meet. 2. Griff takes a shot. J. Doc and the gals. 4. That darn " banana! ' 5. Going steady. 6. Posing ! 7. Sunshine and Spring — 57 — PERSONALITIES 1. Summerell shoivs how it ' s done. 2. Here ' s what makes little girls grow fat. 3. What ' s the joke, Sanford? 4. Katherine previews her ' GEECHEE. 5. Seeing double? ti. Three " rats " take life easy. 7. We hope everything comes out all right! 8. The front door is wider than we thouglit. 59 ATHLETICS BOYS ' BASKETBALL MINIS 5UMMERELL RABB The " ' Geechees, " although seriously handicapped by both the lack of reserves and the graduation of several key men from last year, held their own against Conference and independent opposition. Led by Capt. John Sullivan, the boys displayed remark- able spirit and aggressiveness all season. MSDONOUG » CONE — 62 — GIRLS ' BASKETBALL CAROLYN SMITH RUTH SCHUR WESLEIGH , X PERKINS KITTY HARMS DEBS BERNSTEIN MARY ANNE WAKEMAN JEAN OE LOACH ANNE HARMS JULIA STORER CELESTE NORRIS 63 — RIDING CLUB Left to rifrht: Maiy E. Mayo. Maiy Ann Wakeman, Kitty Harms. Katharine Durden. Wesleifrh Perkins, Margaret Dooley. Dr. Painter, Ann Harms. Jo Beth Huff, Peggy McDermott. OFFICERS President Vice-President Margaret Dooley Jo Beth Huff Members: Jo Beth Huff, Mary Ann Wakeman, Noreen O ' Brien, Peggy McDermott, Kitty Harms, Anne Harms, Katharine Durden, Wesleigh Perkins, Carolyn Smith, Mickey Dooley, Mary Elizabeth Mayo, Dr. Painter. The Riding- Club was formed to promote a feeling of friendship among the students and to provide a form of physical education. The club rides every Saturday morning at 12 o ' clock at the Ranch Riding Club. — 64 c A- O FEATURES FRESHMAN DANCE At a very impressive and colorful ceremony Miss Rosa Smith was selected " Queen " of the Freshman Class. The ballroom was gayly decorated and the dance was attended by many of the college and school set. The candidates were : Celeste Norris Patty Johnson Mary Ann Wakeman Grace Walton Rosa Smith 66- PLAYHOUSE Play Production Class The Male Animal Outward Bound Outward Bound — 67 — INSTITUTE OF The fourth annual session of the Armstrong College Institute of Citizenship was held Febi-uary 5th and 6th, 1942 at the college auditorium with the general theme being the United States at War. Dr. Merritt B. Pound spoke on " Government in War Time " ; Mr. D. B. Lasseter on " Can Japan Win the Battle of the Pacific? " ; and Mr. W. H. Ward on " The College and the War. " STUDENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE Louise Alexander, Billie Ruth Anchors. Betty Collins, Thomas Cone. Fietwell Crider. Bryan Davis. Rosetta Davis, Alien Dousrlas, John DuBois. Jean Dukes, Virjrinia Edel. Winifred Fulsrhum, Kathleen Harms, Cilbert Helml en. Mary Ann Hood. Jo Beth Hutf, Helen Kibler, (Uoria Kickli ;hter, Caroline Marshall. Bettye Morgan, Audrey Newton. Celeste Norris, William Parr, Dan Patterson. John Ranitz. Alberta Robertson, Alvie Smith. Carolyn Smith, Rosa Smith, Lawrence Steinheimer. Jr., Betty Street, John Sullivan, Mary Turnei-, Pat Watson, Glover Well.s. Maud West. Benjamin Wills, Alice Zerman. — 68 CITIZENSHIP — 69 — FACULTY THE SWELLEST BUNCH OF MENTORS SOUTH OF THE MASON-DIXON LINE! Seated — (left to right) " Foreman " " Nelta " " Prexy " " Betty B. " " Mary Liz " t dfu Standing — (left to right) " Charlie " " Doc " " Reuben " " Wild Bill " " Ken " " Mr. Chips " " Bob " " Sunshine " — 70 CORONATION BALL King- and Queen ARMSTRONG ' S KING AND QUEEN On February 20, 1942 the annual Coronation of the King- and Queen of Armstrong took place amid gala surroundings. The contestants who ran were : Mo nog ram Clu h : Gene Griner Mardy Purdum Music Club: John Sullivan Lucretia Edwards Alpha Tan Beta: Zeke Gaines Katherine Morrell Math Club: Dan Patterson Caroline Marshall ' Geechee : John Ranitz Audrey Newton Delta Chi: Allen Laird Mary Wheeler Council on Foreig-n Relations: Herbert Griffin Katharine Durden Home Economics Club: Gilbert Helmken Dorothy Finch Dorothy Finch and Gilbert Helmken w ' ere crowned King- and Queen in an impressive ceremony. — 71 — TEA DANCE . . . WHO ' S WHO ; W H O ' S W PI O Gene Griner Best Looking Gilly Helmken Pei sonality John Ranitz Cutest Dot Newton . Selma Jawoi ' ek Audrey Newton Gene Griner Gilly Helmken John Sullivan Gilly Helmken Walter Coolidge.. Irving Sklansky... .Best Dressed Dot Newton All Round Selma Jaworek .Most Athletic Kitty Harms Most Popular Mardy Purdum Wittiest Maud West Most Learned Alberta Robertson — 72 — POETRY IN PICTURES A — Betty Collins featured on poich of Colonial Dames. C — Dot Finch and Cilly Helnnken walking down Bull Street. B — WesleiKh Perkins on the steps of the old Minis House. D — Dot Finch and WesleiRh Peikins on steps of Meldrim House. — 73 OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORES AS POPULARLY ELECTED Maud West Herbert Griffin Lucretia Edwards Billy Parr Alberta Robertson Gilbert Helmken — 74 — r ettuqe to Armstrong Junior College " A Savannah Institution " FOUNDED AND CONDUCTED FOR THE HIGHER EDUCATION OF THE YOUTH OF OUR CITY. The Mayor and Aldermen of The City of Savannah 76 — The Well Dressed Men Wear LSWmtllL IIII 1 y C LOTH ES " y ' itfevsp TOffM COLLEGE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN The Schwob Company 26 WEST BROUGHTON STREET SAVE 25% ON YOUR INSURANCE FIRE — AUTOMOBILE — WINDSTORM — PLATE GLASS ATLANTIC MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF SAVANNAH " A SOUTHERN COMPANY DOING A NATIONAL BUSINESS " ASSETS OVER $1,250,000 19 BAY STREET, EAST DIAL 2-2113 B est W islies TO THE biiuLcleiits of Armsirong NEW WAY LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS — 77 — We extend to the members of Uhe our sincere wish for their success in all of the Circumstances of Life cA Friend — 78 COMPLIMENTS OF FIRESTONE AUTO SUPPLY SERVICE STORES 63 WEST BROAD STREET PHONE 3-2131 • • • COLUMBIA DRUG COMPANY Wholesale Druggists • • • PHONE 3-6601 MULLININX AMUSEMENT CO. COIN OPERATED AUTOMATIC PHONOGRAPHS AMUSEMENT MACHINES USED RECORDS FOR SALE 1514-16 BULL STREET SAVANNAH, GA. COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend Th( Morris Plan Company OF SAVANNAH AT DRAYTON AND BRYAN STREETS ' The Institution for the Individual " STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS — 79 Pest pit5l|cs to tl|c %vnhixnU THE SAVANNAH A DINKLER HOTEL HOMER SPIVA, Manager K eep Informed! ON EVENTS OF THE WORLD TODAY. BE A REGULAR SUBSCRIBER TO THE SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS ! SAVANNAH EVENING PRESS FOLTZ STUDIO 10 WEST BROUGHTON STREET S • • • OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE ARMSTRONG ANNUAL 9 STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 80 STANLEY JEWELERS • • • Jewelers . . . . . . Silversmiths • • • 21 BROUGHTON STREET, EAST Savannah ' s Leading Department Store B. H. LEVY BRO. CO, " THE STORE DEPENDABLE " SAVE MONEY — ON — ROOFING Steel Roofing — Asphalt Roofing and Paints • • • SOUTHERN STATES IRON ROOFING COMPANY STILES AVENUE AND LOUISVILLE ROAD TELEPHONE 2-0117 Pacemakers for Smart America Varsity -Town and Under -Grad CLOTHES exclusive at TIh©J©ee§C(D. Qualitv) Clothinq for Men and Bo s lei, ell 1 liiliil — Carl J. Kiafl 18 East Broughton Street, Savannah, Ga. STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS !1 — HOWDEN COAL OIL COMPANY Coal FOR EVERY HEATING PURPOSE Wood Fuel Oil A. C. L. DOCKS Telephone 2-4148 GEORGIA STATE SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 2% ON TIME CERTIFICATES START NOW 11 2% ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS AND BECOME INDEPENDENT BY DEPOSITING A SPECIFIED AMOUNT REGULARLY EACH MONTH DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $5,000.00 BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION " IT ALL DEPENDS ON ME. " This is an English slogan born with the needs of war. It has helped the English people to keep up their courage by making the individual feel a personal responsibility for some part in winning the war. It applies equally in America. Whether your future lies in Civilian, Government or Military duty, this is a slogan which you may take for yourself with lasting benefits. Savannah Electric and Power Co, STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS — 82 When you think of SHOES think of The Globe Shoe Co. WHERE QUALITY FOOTWEAR CAN BE FOUND FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY No one ever regretted buying Globe ' s Quality Footwear GLOBE SHOE CO. 17 East Broughton Street Daniel Hogan, Inc. DRY GOODS DRAPERIES AND RUGS 125 BROUGHTON STREET, WEST SAVANNAH, GA. " Quality Our Standard Since 1868 " ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE REMEMBER YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Maier Berkele INC. STEINWAY PIANOS KIMBALL PIANOS Alnutt Music Company 216 Broughton Street, West Savannah, Ga. VICTOR RECORDS ELECTRIC ORGANS SHEET MUSIC RUBBER STAMPS " rop " " WP Bay at Montgomery The Stamp Stencil Co. Phone 3-4193 Dr. F . B . Ra yburn OPTOMETRIST • 129 East BroL ighton St. Savannah, Ga. • • BIG STAR FOOD STORES 116 BARNARD STREET BULL and HENRY STREETS • • COMPLIMENTS Hotel DeSoto The Tavern General Oglethorpe Hotel (Wilmington Island) DeSoto Beach Hotel (Savannah Beach) J. B. Pound. Pies. Chas. G. Day, V. P. Mgr. STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUK ADVERTISERS 83 1888 to 1942 54 Years of Continuous Optical Service This gives you confidence of thorough examination of your eyes and the right glasses that assure you protection of your sight for years to come. That, combined with becoming and comfort- able frames Assures You Satisfaction. Dr. M. Schwab ' s Son EYESIGHT SPECIALISTS 118 BULL STREET SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Leopold Adler Co. SAVANNAH ' S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE • • • . . . outfitters to students of today, yesterday, and to students in tlie by- gone 64 years . . . THE REVIEW CO. OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES PRI NTING LITHOGRAPHING • 2-6 WEST BAY STREET PHONE 5159 SAVANNAH, GA. pOYAL£ROyyH CDLA NEHI BOTTLING CO STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 84 — Juniors ! Our Famous Don ' s Dodson " Originals " Were created especially for YOU . . . and you ' ll find them in Savannah , . . exclusively at . . . -f ' i SECOND FLOOR THOMAS WEST CO. 18 WEST STATE STREET PHONE 8463 THE GEORGIAN TEA ROOM IN THE OLD PINK HOUSE 23 Abercorn Street Luncheon 12 to 3 PRIVATE ROOMS FOR BANQUETS Phone 2-4286 Alida Harper S. W. RAINEY S. S. HELMKEN RANCH RIDING SCHOOL SAVANNAH, GEORGIA BEE ROAD Cheeseman ' s Ice Cream Shop o SANDWICHES OF DIFFERENT TYPES " Where Quality Always Prevails " 117-119 BARNARD STREET 2428 WATERS AVENUE " IT ' S SMART TO BE THRIFTY " THAT ' S WHY MILLIONS OF AMERICAN STUDENTS LOOK TO PENNEY ' S J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. • • NEARLY 1,51)0 STORES SERVINC NEARLY 30.000,000 CUSTOMERS LAMAS BROS. Try Our Cash and Carry Service DRY CLEANERS AND HATTERS ONE DAY SERVICE 44 BULL STREET PHONE 8900 PRINTING 9 SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS % COMMERCIAL WORK 9 SOCIAL STATIONERY CHATHAM PRINTING CO. 108 WEST PRESIDENT STREET STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS — 85 — MORRIS SHOE REPAIR GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP Called for and Delivered 16 West Broughton St. Telephone 2-0883 W. T. GRANT COMPANY THE STORE OF BETTER VALUES 5-7-9 West Broughton Street COMPLIMENTS OF SILVERS 5c 10c STORE BROUGHTON AND BARNARD STREETS S. H. KRESS CO. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Savannah Ship Chandlery Supply Co. SHIP SUPPLIES — MILL SUPPLIES 117 West Bay Street Savannah, Ga. JOE GARDNER FABRICS 110 East Broughton Street Dial 2-0225 Savannah, Ga. SULLIVAN ' S RECREATION HALL 17 West Congress Street Phone 6923 STUBBS HARDWARE CO. SPORTING GOODS GOLF — TENNIS — BASEBALL FISHING TACKLE JOHNSON MOTORS AND BOATS 121-123 Congress Street, West SOLOMONS PRESCRIPTIONS TOILET ARTICLES, SODA, ETC. Solomons Pharmacy, Inc. RASKIN ' S 21 West Broughton St. Phone 2-1687 THE HOME OF BETTER SHOES AND HOSIERY COMPLIMENTS OF SAVANNAH MAYTAG CO. 134 BARNARD STREET THE PRINTCRAFT PRESS JOB PRINTING THAT WILL PLEASE 110 JEFFERSON STREET MOYLE TRUNK AND BAG CO. LASTING LUGGAGE GIFTS 32 Broughton Street, West DRAUGHON ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE 48 ABERCORN STREET Savannah, Georgia FRANK C. MATHEWS o SEAFOOD o City Market Telephone 5195 A. F. KING SON REALTORS RENTING — BUYING — SELLING — LOANS INSURANCE 37 Bull Street Telephones 6292 5371 STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 86 — Good Luck To The Graduates and Students GETSINGER-McTEER CO. MANGEL ' S Feminine CApparel 15 BROUGHTON STREET, EAST SAVANNAH, GA. PEEPLES HARDWARE CO. 125-127 CONGRESS STREET, WEST SAVANNAH, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF H. MINKOVITZ AND SON 425 WEST BROUGHTON STREET DESBOUILLONS JEWELERS ENGAGEMENT RINGS 126 BROUGHTON STREET. EAST COMPLIMENTS OF FREE BROTHERS COMPLIMENTS OF ALEXANDER GROCERY CO. " See " BRADLEY The Man who has been giving " keys " a " fit " since 1892 26 STATE STREET, EAST DIAL 2-2148 COMP LIMENTS OF A FRIEND SMITH BROS. Meats — Groceries 2-4181 — PHONES — 2-4182 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN D. ROBINSON SHOP AND SAVE AT KARPF ' S 107 BROUGHTON STREET, WEST SAVANNAH ' S MOST POPULAR " WOMAN ' S SHOP " MORRISON-SULLIVAN 26 WEST BROUGHTON STREET ALBERT GOETTE Undertaker COMPLIMENTS OF The GROCERTERIA COMPLIMENTS OF LEOPOLD BROTHERS STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR .A.DVERTISERS — 87 — o.y- r , -f- Aut() i)(iphs o . y t - . . I • ' • V jk "

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