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A? " . .iv .I J.-1: V 5, 1 , - .., , -vygv ' V I 1 3 .,J,. -W ,ff-' 1 , -,.--Zi U , V . . rf M ""' '- ' S .Q-j. ' -X IV ,,.,f,A . . Y, . r Y - - V .1 sg. , . ,. V . ' -r. '- M S AN W Y ,Q K H :VN X 4 , . Wi., 1-L L. " -. . vw-- .-. .E ,V .. ..- . ' , , ' 4 . ' .gee " ..- 1 5 X F51 - . .,V...- v I. , A . ,WV 1- " .,v- vs . . ., :V , M . w ..' ' , H -- .1 LV . ,f' ' ' 1 ' 'f.3"-ii". f... , . . - -. . f --,qw .- ., ,.... V M--1 V V. 1' V . -. V' .-. .. ' s . -- -- - 'Aw Af, 1- V. '-' V I VV.. 1 A-' ,Y 1 K V ' - -' c- , IJ. . . . 7 , I f- ., ,- . .f V , " 1' . f ' w ,f ,-' "' ., , f 3 2, 4' H, if ' , .' x .- f -, , - - ,.V .- V f --Aw . ' . ' ,f f ' -Q , - "' 'X , , z - ' ' f J 'I' V J ' . ' X ,' '. f' sl.- V X , , . M V 4 ., . '.,,. VJ' Y ,. -' J - M -- - - A.. - . ' " -1, ,. Q- F5 , '. "4 N, MV Q s' V -,Q ,f I -3 . ,' V! ' ' rx n 1 -, - - , .,' . - - - . , f ,, 1 , 4 5 ,. x. -. 4 , ,I f , , . J -A 1 , N V V , F- . K f J V -, f, .f . ,. V . . -, "'- 'W' ' A J. . ' J f ,gif --.-V - V. u,-" - ' -...f ,W V r . . t- ,fy - ,. 1 1 . - '-- , , . , . - . W M V .' -S- " ' "" A ,Vw ,- ..-. . - M. Y, . - .-1 ' . . V T Y . 'f' 'Til lf 4 Q . 1 V F .V ' :' -1' ' C " V . ' 2 ' ' V ' 122' , I. . , F -? - '.- - - ' ' ' 1 - H A .- ' V .f V. , " ,. ' V, -. V ' ' Q ..f-- I ' , 1 ' , : 5 4 ' . '- ' I " ' -' '........ ' ' . N f W -1, . - . g ,' V. ' - . ' , 1 W 'V V s 5 V "f , V ' .3 if V J V- V- :- ' X - Y - . ' . f , ' - ' K' 1 - f, .1 . - . -V. L - . vu , X f - N'-7.712--P ' .V 1 , - , , ' , .. , ' .,,1 , , - ,fi f.. --5 f ' X- VV:-'-P . X 1 . U- f . ' , - 1, ' . , -Q , -, -' -, 1-.Af -, " Y in -X 2 . ': -. -V -.. V, , M V. , ,V -. ff:- - .3 , , V-'J ' ' VL' 'F "' ' - ' - ..z1-fumgxls rv- 4-e4..... :.if..+q..--.....,4rw.r".n,:su2Z'n5 .1 - ' 3'-fl-1-4-'M ' - -1- " ' -' - - - J' , -,.-V.,.,.-V.. N.-,.,,,.,V. - A Y V , , ,.., ,.,- -- 3 .- V ,W 4 g,,,,f-wvyl-1---1-lr-,VV V,,,......., V 41111 1 qv yup -... 5 .4 ii: 21+ 5. .H it I v AO.. .? , 1 XKQQ ,V4:, ,.-,.M..,...-,.-.-- . .. Wd, N , M.. -..W f A - , V 1 , ,XF A' ' M H I ' .055 A. V15 252 1 .u - , ANY LS,lI'1l.L'NRl1'-Y 110 94 -g ,S -- A . Pinson! uwmn- 'OR 0+ N gi- , i - ' , . orneawme ss znnnewuv ,r A z g! JA . ,QQW-is fmrermonnc. . N 4. ' V . ' E r 'Q it, wi A ary- M' Taq nagagensulxt' 4 , G- ,in M B . ' dw? ij 5-5 I iq . 9, ' . I A. I , YEVGOMA as qi? ,KAW ' sk R " +C" ' 1 Z 1 1.3 X ' 1 , U. I , -' l fn .. e'J-igyf' f 13 . X izglglilf 4-I . . ni nf bm ,Eff '-l f. N-5 s. "W"-' I ff"-"' "X mb re , 2-' 4 . . .9 ,Rf Co I, 'fm ' Q f""- gh o" "J A FU!-CHINA 1-2? cw 1 13 " "f wie rf .X ,R Exe., J 6.55 I I Isa- oneness. . . ' M A - I ATS I .. I L P M , 1 ' ' at 5 Illllllll' 5? 3 -7 7- "' tl pf 5.1 2. . ml """' '- In 14 -- f fHea'aii2 -' f' f T if g .L ' "' QB 1 : ' . , f ' IM, .qi 1 353.2 'A' ' s X I N "' N J M xv Q. war nn A an , W' 3 ,A ' Rig" 1 'D MN-il E 'nm no 9:2099 L MQ aA,5""?eb '. " "' KHERE COM! .' Q54 1 . . 2 "'A ' ' : ' ge X 4 I.: MM' NM--" A b la . Um W If If 1 'xc sf' rea :lm my If ' ' X nesngrwfis .. . ' V ' S91 -p Fon Avuwscki'-Pg QAM 'A i A -- ' REPUTFITIONS E9 of new , fx ' IX ' N' '53 m 'NHS V'C"x"WY Q55 OF at THE lr . ,C - ' T G ' qgxvifq ., c pong: 1 ,lxm F' PM ' FEED -mc' '-"5 "- bww Q'g""M5-4 fi Q -iii? gill ::.:::::.aL. ,A- """--. . ' .0051 f nm N- ia m R' if gE!lI!li Q ' - ' ,AL "suis: , ' ? ' "W" 4-gg: mc wwf " . 5 ! ' f , A .. -". 'f' 553 .K ,g,,,,.f ".:4g..gnA.- ' Y ,VII wx ,A X I A M -.' f . .... 1- 2.5 i..::...L.,gi?.L,..4 f44,i'T??e? .iii 17. 3,21 T ,. , , .4 ' 1..'g.' 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V- v,-Fi ,:,A,v'f'1b fig Vaal LY' 7-. "rf r ' --.-4-:':L'..' -x ' ' , H Av AA h " 4 C . yf E W . any HRMSTRON6 '6'f6'C'flEE 1947 Honoring the Sophomores of '41, Who, in a few Weeks, will go through this door to take their places in the World. Armstrong Jn foliage GHS book is dedicated to an ideal ---- to a hope of happiness and continued learning for all persons represented here. 714315 01" C'0N7.EN75' FORENVORD Chapter I. ENVIRONMENT Chapter II. LEADERSHIP Chapter III. ADVANCED STUDENTS Chapter IV. FRESHMEN Chapter V. CO-OPERATION Chapter VI. COMPETITION ADVERTISEMENTS U35 FOREWURD The yearbook We are beginning with these pages is an attempt to present a story in an unusual Way. It was our belief that a very formal sort of book could not tell the true story of life at Armstrong for a year, and so it was decided to picture us college students just as we are-active, alert, fun-loving, and interesting! To get the desired effect, We needed the cooperation of a great many people. We obtained it. First of all, we want to express our sincere thanks to Mr. James H. Cobb, Jr., who is responsible for the beautiful photography in this book. Willing to help at all times, he often Went far out of his way to achieve a desired effect or to get a particular picture. Helpful, patient, a true friend, absolutely invaluable was Mr. Cobb. We are appreciative to the students of Armstrong themselves, for being so sporting as to give the idea of a new type of individual picture a chance to Work. We Want to thank, in addition, Carl Robeson, for his splendid pictures of Savannah Playhouse productions, Bill Behnken, Joe Livingston, Emil Blair, and Utevia Parish, who contributed snap- shots to staff members, and members of the Business Staff of the " 'Geechee" Who generously gave of their time to help with the taking of individual pictures. We are thankful to Mr. Charles Kestler, our faculty adviser, whose sensible advice was very Welcome at all times. The 1941 "'Geechee" Editorial Stag 1 7 J .L 'Y fl 'ro THE NU ARGHWA CHAPTER I ENWR0lVMfN7 R-r-rring! sounded the first bell at 10:00 O'clock Thursday morning, September 12, and- the sixth scholas- tic year of Armstrong Junior Col- lege was under Way. Timid Fresh- men gathered in the auditorium to receive a sort of vocal orientation to 9 college life, and to learn that the seasoned and sophisticated sopho mores would appear on Friday the 13th, intending to make that day un- lucky for any of them who were not Wearing the traditional red and yellow college cap! f N. zu ! I W ,. , 1,4 I X S35 sin hr ggha 4 -. N x x I X' m m K' I Aki w f .JN ff l .52 - -, 5 .v4,:w,iv1Q:'ge fi 5 -gt:-al. Q V ' . 1,3 ig N, H S, Q Sims w 9 K. , A 'If ,1 if 55 , rg Vw'w' I , , i 3? ., tif?-V f . ' 'ffiiifi 'V ., "',f? 4 iz ' ' - .. my ,-.Al Af 15 -' ff 6, , , wie, 55 V if W b?1W5?ff M ' , ., fsifgfif -1 if . - 'I' N1 1 5- ia Q Ml .,.W., 1 ,, W, . , - I w E , , Q mam .F 7 s Vw ' "Sai V, , Q- jjgjgif' f- " J ,Y . ., ,, M , -' ' f- ,-sy-,ws Q W ,N ' ' .Jfif 1 W f Eff lf' mf. 1 UH " E ,V -wg f 'xx ff f1yf5f9Q.- W . E X. , jf, - W' - W egg A wg .---' F- f' , M' f f mi, '4 lg I lxi , li 'Q ' , 'f ml Q ' gk if -.4 ng, A:aSf'5,kgQf3ii u, -f . I I 'N I ' ' E. - M T' I f S 1 ' f fm-AJ' .,. , Jigs! 'bf 23.52 -1 'lk-'H' v '1 ' K Y ' ' 1- Q Eff' A " ' Sb :"-, W ' "'a3H'5'2:fi - wil V Q ' ' N Fi ' W1 - f 2 ' 1 . 5 iii 'i' ffQ?5fm- H 2 Vx' 1: I ' if W' fs 1 ,, ,Q - ' J I- , ! -I K' " ' wgs vif--ai' ififrfmvww-',,f511-ffgifx' ff jj ,,.y"f, " r' , 'w 1 A A ag.-W' ,N ff - V.-N w x QV' 2: - 5 W-.1-iw A, f 71. IM, - fl 7 - Q A , s, V, lui Z , V!! I 4 1: ' : - Qs ' 4- f L A . ' x . AM ,Q-'ff .. f J . . . M M, M 4 . 5 Q . , Q, ,. ,, k . .. ,LL,, 1-ng, ' ,,, f -5,2 1 , A 'Q A , is V H A - jk- - K L ay , Q , an in i A ff S, M r J 1' i l 5 1 5 1-Sz. , -1 5 ' L i V .J . 4 X , - a W 1 1' .4 Q A 1 ig' . , . , , . f . A , .i , -fa f S1"'Q.5Q' Q, 1' fr ' Q m ,4 :Lrg ' Ng? t E i an ,-f' N' , . , ,, , . ,K . Z 1 , , 45,4 - - 1 " - V .-w , .51 A ' .-.igggisx me? f w g . . if 1 .'f. Ag A, . ami -: KX "L J., -- L V I S-Q3 ?f"" my ef ,'i"' AWFIIP' ,B A H54 Q f QM JL 5,4 iz , . M f , A 1 1' Li, squirrels and pigeons in the park. VVhen the azaleas are in bloom, oftentimes the squirrels and pigeons Wonder why the students strolling around forgot to bring any peanuts! The Georgia Historical Society library, to which the students have ARM STRONG BUILDING access, also faces the park, from Whitaker Street, just a few steps from Armstrong. Hopes are running high, as we think of the new science building which will be built just around the corner on Taylor and Bull Streets 1113 l is LANE BUILDING ,Q!z1.2"5.r-rc artofu facing the Pulaski Monument. The building is to house the science class rooms and laboratories. We must not forget to mention the College "Nut," a particularly popular building on the campus at 1:30 o'clock every day. This is the college book store and tea room Where students can stand by a large fireplace in Winter, or have a cooling drink on the balcony in summerg play the radio, or use the telephoneg buy anything from a textbook to a dish of ice cream Ctopped with chocolate syrup IJ. Incidentally, the tea room got its name, according to one story, from a large pecan tree growing by the balcony. 1122 The college library and reading rooms are located on the third floor of the Armstrong building. It can adequately seat one-fourth oi' the student body. The rooms are light and quite conducive to "friend- ly study." Many Savannahians have contributed collections of books from their private libraries and some two thousand volumes were delivered to the school by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Our environment? Why, it's the best! Our buildings are beautiful, matching the grounds! Our students and faculty are congenial! Our equipment is excellent! AUDITORIUM BUILDING a Xvw. MF' X' . ' Qi' mm , l v' m '-'v Q 1 X i ' ,SY 5 Hx: 5 E y new .. M 1 ,, 'H' a E- ,mf N , . ? A mm' dw ,w-v.,,.,. , 1 1 5? M., T 293 nm 7, WH r -pm 1 X NT fix f L wx nw-swab by W w is 3' QI 'H v T! 11 5 5 E-N! M ii ml 2 ii'- CHAPTER Il lfv4DfR.5'fllP At this point, We should like to introduce to you, one by one, the members of the faculty, our friends, who have been generous with their time and untiring in their eiforts to diffuse better their knowledge among us. Faculty member No. 1 is, of course, Mr. Lowe, Whose disarming, friendly smile has been a particularly pleasing sight at assemblies. Our attention is next brought to Dean Askew, who has always had an announcement to deliver at those assemblies! Can We ever forget Mr. Hawes and his jokes? Dr. Dyer's story of the two Kilkenny cats? Dr. Painter's pipe? Miss Henderson's contagious music appreciation? Mr. Willian1's rapid calculations? Mr. Keach's plays? Mr. Strahl's Glee Club Programs? Mr. Kolgaklis' 8 :OO o'clock classes? Mrs. Bruce's perpetual good humor? Mr. Holland's C143 s S FOREMAN M. HAWES, Instructor in Chemistry A.B., Mercer University M.S., Emory University For knowledge and understanding We go to him, because These elements are mixed in him. Of course-it's Mr. Hawes! IVEY M. SHIVER, JR. Director of Athletics and Physical Education B.S.C., University of Georgia "Chick" is the coach of Armstrong, The trainer of our boys. In football, basketball, and more He develops in them. poise. ROBERT M. STRAHL Instructor in Finance and Commerce B.S.C. and M.A., Ohio State University Music is his hobby He's pretty good, we guess: He plays a bitAdirects a bit- This guy's a real success. LULIE HENDERSON Librarian A.B. in Education. University of Georgia A,B. in Library Science, Emory University Books and music all around We find in her domain In true enjoyment of these Her interest ne'er will wane. C169 JOHN P. DYER Instructor in Social Sciences and Director of Guidance B.A., Bryson College M.A., Peabody College Ph.D., Vanderbilt University If you want Dr. Dyer's descrilition You will have to askQ Four lines are simply not enough To complete this large task! ARTHUR T. KOLGAKLIS Instructor in Commerce , B.S.C.. Georgia School of Technology M.B.A., Harvard University Commerce is his subject Or, "How to Handle Dough" Now, could he solve the great problem A trickle income-Hood outgo? "Nc I 5. W in p .M ERNEST A. LOWE, B.S.C. ' President We know it's "Rastus" that he's calledx- , By buddies down the line: , This is the prexy of the school. And he does the job up fi ne. J. THOMAS ASKEW, Pl-x.B., M.A Dean He1'e's the Dean of our school Before whom students quake- He'1l help you any time he cang No doubting here-he takes the cake' French phonograph records ? Mr. Kestler's Wit? Miss Beckett, Whom We could always seem to forgive, in spite of her sending the little reminders C?J printed on pink paper? Miss Bain and her perfectly swell receptions? Frank Maner and his aeronautics problems? "Chick" and his P. E. classes? PLEASANT MEM- ORIES, EVERY ONE! 6159 4,, llllllllltl JF -vs. A -51 Armsiflw -lf lllhllw' onwl ,,,..- REUBEN W. HOLLAND Instructor in Romance Languages and Treasurer A.B. and M.A., Emory University Languages are his business The "how" of verbal communications He knows his "stullf and onions" In the tongues of many nations. STACY KEACH Instructor in English B,S. and M.A., Northwestern University Play-producing is an art: Few can master it. But this fellow has ability To make each play a hit. Q Urxe ioler V ssns 'XJ ' gg. .6Zuo.',.2Z A ,fi CHARLES KESTLER Instructor in English A.B. and M.A., University of North Carolina In addition to his teaching He saw the forming of this book: He is adviser to the staff And passes on the stuff we cook. BETTY BAIN Instructor in Home Economics B.S., University of Maryland M.S., Cornell University We look at the teacher of Home Ee. Every student thinks she's swellg She teaches all our southern girls CHARLES W. WILLIAMS Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Harvard University M.A., University of Maryland The students should call him 'doctor The reason is, because It takes a lot of "patients" To teach mathematics laws. BEN T. PAINTER Instructor in Biology B.S., College of William and Mary M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University Every kind of bug Has come beneath his knife- Except the kind you read about How to do their "home work" well. That gets a man a wife! C179 WM ff MERLE M. BRUCE Secretary and Assistant Treasurer l B.S., Birminfzham-Southern Cullege She keeps all the records straight And they are kept so fine This fact's a record in itself, We're handing you no line! FRANK MANER Part-time Instructor in Aeronautics Associate in Liberal Arts. Armstrong Junior Collefrie Here's an alumnus of the school With fine qualities, none deny: How could we make him happy? Give him a plane to fly! 1183 NELTA BECKETT Secretary and Instructor in Typewriting and Shorthand Associate in Liberal Arts, Armstrong Junior College If you want something done And done correctly, do Go to see Miss Beckett-n You'll find she's O.K., too! CHAPTER III v4DV4NC'fD 5'7'0DfN7.5' It is entirely correct that we should begin this chapter by showing those who have engineered the activities of the Sophomore Class in 1941. In the picture above we have, left to right, Irving Victor, presi- dent of the class, Cleve Turner, vice presidentg Dorothy Finch, secre- tary, and Jack Tyson, treasurer. Toward the end of the Winter Quarter, a Wl1o's Who Poll was conducted among the Sophomores by the Inkwell, college newspaper, with the following results: Best Looking--Alfred Schwanebeck and Barbara Stultsg Best Personality-Jack Tyson and Helen Schleyg Wittiest-Joe Livingston and Mary Hinelyg Most Learned-David C193 - -f' X A ff ejfffi 27 will L uf' 'KW rv AV" six Outstanding Sophomores, and We here present their pictures. Reading from top to bottom are Jeanne Pattersong Raymond Mon- salvatge, chosen "Most Outstanding Sophomore" g Elsa Schweizerg Irving Victorg Julia Ann Marshallg and Jack Tyson. Now, let's have a look at the in- dividual advanced students: Middleton and Julia Ann Marshallg Most Popular-Irving Victor and Betty McMillang Best Dressed- James Davenport and Emma Clem- ensg Most Athletic-Joe Genone and Sara Owensg and Best All- Round-Rayrnond Monsalvatge and Cleve Turner. About the same time there oc- curred an election to determine the Jimi ' 20 1 J 1 J y cl ' GLADYS FEAGIN This little lub assistant Is fine as she can be: She's a perfect reason For boys to study chemistry! President Math Club, Tennis Team '40, Permanent Dean's List. X I DAVID MIDDLETON David has a problem It's pretty tough, we guess: It might help to tell us, Dave And get it off your "chess"! Permanent Dean's List, Armstrong Leadership Society. Citizenship Insti- tute Committee '40-'41, Glee Club '40- '41, Winner Competitive Scholarship, Actevl in "Paths of Glory," "Stage Door," and "Our Town," Foreign Re- lations Council, Music Club, in WI-IO'S WHO: Most Learried Boy. CONSTANCIA OEMLER SMITH "The pen is mightier than the sword" And if well used, will often win. Constancia found to her surprise, ., "The brush is mightier than the pen. Associate Editor "'Geechee" '40-'41, Girls' Fencing Team '39, Homecoming Committee '40-'41, Art Club, Senior Member Theatre Board, Assembly Committee. IAMILQCQCV' iii F, WILLIAM EDWARD COYLE It's time to give applause To the Inkwell's "Editor Coyle" He gives the paper all he has And doesn't mind the toil. Editor-in-Chief of Inkwell, Secretary Flying Club, Foreign Relations Coun- cil, Homecoming Committee, Perman- ent Dean's List, Citizenship Institute Committee, Music Club, Winner of Competitive Scholarship, Armstrong Leadership Society. LUCY BOWYER Lucy has to watch her heart To stay quite calm and mild: If you meet her you will find She's a "personality child." Alpha Tau Beta, Inkwell reporter. I 21 7 BERNARD 0. MULLIGAN Presenting Mr. Mulligan- To get his description right We say. if you don't find him smiling You've seen an unusual sight! Homecoming Committee '4 1. RICHARD PEVELER He's conscientious in his work And, here's a truth we'll cite If he's going to do the job- It must be done just right. Reporter Inkwell '41, Flying Club. MARY HINELY If Mary had a bulletin Of good things she has done, It would stretch from he1'e to the moon And maybe to the sun. Junior Theatre Board, Inkwell Staff, " 'Geechee" Staff '41, Music Club. Homecoming Committee '40-'41, Secre- SIEGVART ROGERTSON "Sig" has climbed the ladder To get himself so high- One secret of his success Is the book on "How to Fly." Dean's List, President Freshman Class '39, President Sophomore Class '40, President Fly Club '40, President of tary Institute of Citizenship '41, Senate '40, Homecoming Committee Q, Student Reporter for Savannah Even- '39, Chairman Homecoming Committee 'X my mg Press, Dean's List, Crew Work in '41, Citizenship Institute Committee, W "Our Town," "Personal Appearance," acted in "Paths of Glory," Outstand- - K acted in "Paths of Glory" and "Ladies ing Sophomore '40, President Job Club JAAN in. Retirement," in WHO'S WHO: '41, Armstrong Leadership Society, W tiniest Girl. ' Rifle Team '39. fa Q15 ,Le-aw f -Y - - 194 l QUAA M . fl-gl' S4 I- X ,Af UL - Zee, fave- ,f0,!,,.f. -. ,, U7 NELL BLANTON An active. pleasing, girl Of whom We like to tell Is "tops" in everything she does: Here, we've characterized Nell. Glee Club '40-'41, Inkwell Business Staff, "'Geechee" Business Staff '40- '41, Homecoming Committee, Home Economics Club, Dean's List. dm 1 'QM if ,cafe - fljof MARX WEII.. Marx will meet success And catch it by the handy He'1l build his castles in the air And pull them down to land. Glee Club '40-'41, Flying Club. K 22 l DORIS BENTLEY Here is a co-ed lass Silhouetted by the sun: In June she'll get her papers- Tlxis for a job well done. Home Economics. Dean's List, Crew work in "Stage Door," Glee Club. I , uJx.kAJf-244 l x2 SARAH GRIFFIN Sarah lends her talents To many fields in school: Diversified interests in her hands Are a very powerful tool. Permanent Dean's List, Secretary of Theatre Board, Foreiyrn Relations Council. Inkwell Stall. Music Club. Student Senate, Citizenship Institute WILLIAM BEH NKEN When Bill has a problem You can bet he'll master it: He may ponder for a whileg But he'll never quit. Job Club. Foreign Relations Council. ADALINE. RALSTON She shall have music Wherever she goes: She makes it herself As everyone knows. Permanent Dean's List. Armstrong Leadership Society, Radio Staff, Glee Club '40-'41, Crew work in "Paths of Glory," President Music Club. Committee, Homecoming Committee, Winner of Competitive Scholarship. Armstrong Leadership Society. JOHN ROBERT HESTER Bobby is on the Rifle Team- The target's small and thin: But in real life his target's great And so he's bound to win. Rifle Team '40-'41, Math Club. P L1 ' ' JACK WILLIAMS Jack is just the type To become a great success: He has an eye for business, Unless we miss our guess. President Third Year Class, Citizen- Eliiq, Institute Committee '41, Job u . 623i JOSEPH LIVINGSTON ri If, l, 1. L L-- . 1 ll lf! ' N fi J My .J lf" 1 'lf l f The professors in our school Just can't protect themselves When wordage is the weapon: Tha,t's where Joe excells. BETTY McMILLAN Her eyes would make good students The pupils are quite bright: And you can think of Betty In that same comparative light. Repozter Inkwell '40-'41, .nt Freshman Cless '40, Committee '40-'41, Glee sident Alpha Tau IO: Most Popular JOSEPH MENDES To really "rest upon your laurels" Can be done by just a few: Joe is one of the lads Who is a. member of this crew. Crew work in "Stage Door," Acted in "Paths of Glory," "You Can't Take it with You," "Our Town.,7' Homecoming Committee, Foreign Jvlations Council. Mettler' 3 , r GSQ11lgWr2,YU10"' J ' AX .sr- EMMA CLEMENS The camera does many tricks That real life cannot show, we say: Here it shows Emma stopped Upon her upward way! Acted in "Stage Door," "Our Town," Crew work in "Paths of Glory," Music Club, Home Economics Club, Vice- President Foreign Relations Council, Inkwell Staff, Permanent Dean's List, Citizenship Institute Committee. Arm- strong Leadership Society, in WI-IO'S WHO: Best Dressed Girl. MARCELLE PIERCE She's earned her place in the sun But there she will not stop: She stands beside a pedestal But should he on the top. Job Club, " 'Qeecheen Business Staff. 1247 X. MARTHA HAHN FRANK MclNTIRE Now, we find a. student A truly Southern belle: She always holds up her part Of activities quite well. Delta Chi Sorority, Glee Club Home Economics Club. Team, Monogra Clu Frank, you won the flying trophy And we are sure of this: You are best by rank and deed- It was not hit or miss. '40-'41, Precision Flying Trop Football FRANCES BURTON Can we go by a picture Or should we know it all? Frances is not one to retreat- Yet her back is to the wall. Glee Club, Rifle Team. " 'Geechee" Business Stall, Associate Business Manager Inkwell, Home Economics Club. ,. f,.'.iLlL,fJ , A f ,Jil f ,K , . 1 ,f,, .. ,, .e B I, V i'-va :I '- . If .1 aww , fi-' lx ,l, , 1 4'-v' hw- DAVID BARNETT xlq,.N David made some pictures U Of certain folk herein. QI? B Opportunity may knock but once jr But David snapped at them. Permanent Dean's List, Managing , 'D Editor Inkwell '40, Basketball Team ,FN ,gf '40-'41, Tennis Team '40-'41, Citizen- ! - N ship Institute Committee '40-'41, Radio Staff '40, Homecoming Commit- tee '41, " 'Geechee" Statlf '40-'41, Secretary Foreign Relations Council '41, Monogram Club '40-'41, Inkwell solicitor, Armstrong Leadership So- ciety. 1257 'lx i JOSEPH JENKINS You can bet your bottom dollar That Joe will surely smile: Just keep your eye upon him And wait a little while. Flying Club. Job Club, Homecoming Committee, Citizenship Institute Com- mittee, Glee Club. Q 0 11:46 af s Z 71 I7 A065 Aa' Wwe - "" 5097 gnnbyf -balm U I QOJJ L 0 aff BERNARD ADDY We make here a statement That really is no lie: lily heads the class- You can see one reason why! l who ......,, - .. Ll...-.. ROSE ANN HAMILTON Presenting one of the finest girls That anybody knows: Please pause here and note her name: She's mighty like a "rose," Permanent Dean's List, Senate Repre- sentative Math Club, Armstrong Leadership Society, Tennis Team '40- '41, President 4-H Club '41, Treasig if 4-H Club '40. V , - -Yf f CHARLES SIMON He'll make his mark in the sands Of perfectiorfs narrow beach: He smiles as if he knows this goal Is one few mortals reach. Permanent Dean's List, Rifle Team '40, Instructor Rifle Team '41, Mono- gram Club '4l. fzffflsigf A LMP' Qt 'J' 'Q Ii H rl?- lllJ7g9l'. Q i I Alfjmlfjj cyl, f' 1 v ll "Nd RUTHIE CARGILL Ruthie is a writer And a "swellelegant" dancer, too In fact., to name all her good traits Is an impossible thing to do. Home Economics Club, Inkwell Staif, Homecoming Committee '41, Music Club. DOROTHY FINCH Dot's as likeable a girl As ever we did seeg If you knew her you would know She's fine as fine can be. President Delta Chi. Secretary of Freshman and Sophomore Classes '40- '41, Glee Club '40-'41, Home Eco- nomics Club '40-'41, Cheer Leader, Solicitor " 'Geechee" '40, Associate Business Manager " 'Geechee" '41, Math Club, Sponsor for Homecoming '40, Dean's List, Crew work in "Hay Fever." Armstrong Leadership Society. 4263 LEONELLA GRAHAM "Climb upward-always climb" Her bywords seem to be- That's the way toward success Her motto, she takes literally. Glee Club, Crew work "Hay Fever." "Our Town." B L,L," iiqyf .Lil h 'Jul 5 'o-e-L ,1 ..- ,m. ,X , RAYMOND MONSALVATGE Some say writing and magic don't mix But Raymond seems to know all the tricks For out of the air and you know it's true- He edits an annual that has some- thing new. Permanent Dean's List, Editor-in- ALFRED SCHWANEBECK Alfred's often taking note Of goings-on around the school: Others with his "looks" would swell But he is always calm and cool. Citizenship Institute Committee, Dean's List, in WHO'S WHO: Best Looking Boy. 16 of jj r J. I, JEANNE PATTERSON She's a whiz in Home Ec. Or maybe you have heard: And she's a darn good "mixer" In every sense of the word. Permanent Dean's List, Senior Member Theatre Board, Associate Editor Ink- Well, Vice-President 4-H Club '41, Vice-President Home Economics Club '40, Secretary Home Economics Club '41, Homecoming Committee '40, Win- ner Competitive Scholraship, Glee Club, Citizenship Institute Committee '41, Armstrong Leadership Society, Armstrong Contact Person for Geor- gia Rural Youth Council, Flying Club, Student Senate, Outstanding Sopho- more, Student Reporter for Savannah Morning News. urns m 353:-,f . JOSEPH GENONE Joe has won a "monogram" And this's no easy featg He won it with his skill, we know He's a genuine athlete. President Monogram Club '40, Captain Football Team '40-'41, Basketball Team '40-'41, in WHO'S WHO: Most Athletic Boy. Chief "'Geechee," Acted in "Stage Door," Freshman Senate Representa- tive '40, Math Club '40-'41, Vice- President Job Club, Citizenship In- stitute Committee, Armstrong Leader- ship Society, Most Outstanding Sophomore, in WHO'S WHO: Best All-Round Boy. 1275 JAMES WALLACE This fellow has been nicknamed "Snake" Just why we do not know: But, he's a conscientious guy And just as swell as they go. Homecoming Committee '41, Reporter Inkwell '41, Treasurer Job Club, Fly- ing Club, Bowling Team '40-'41, Rifle Team '40-'41. MIRIAM BIDEZ . Is you find in Miriam, that "'All that glitters is not gold": Some of the glitter must be pure charm Or, are we being bold? Tennis Team,'Homecoming Committee, Rifle Team. 15 ' HERSCHEL FUTRAL "Huddy" must be planning To date a pretty co-ed for the ball- We might understand his smile much more If this were a television call. Permanent Dean's List, Basketball Team '40-'41, Homecoming Committee '40-'41, Monogram Club, Job Club. Intramural Football '40-'41, Arm- strong Leadership Society. -5 ,1- ELSA SCHWEIZER She takes an active interest In affairs about the school "She profits most who serves the best" Seems to be her rule. Permanent Dean's List, Business Man- ager " 'Geechee" '41, Armstrong Leadership Society, "'Geechee" Busi- ness Staff '40, Citizens Institute Com- mittee '40-'41, Homecoming Commit- tee '40, Home Economics Club '40-'41, Student Senate, Math Club, President Glee Club '41, Vice-President Delta Chi '41. 1285 JULIA ANN MARSHALL J.A.M. is our knowledge queen, Her praises we always like to sing: It's wonderful to see her Make A's a common sort of thing. Permanent Dean's List, Citizenship Institute Committee. Homecoming Committee, Music Club, Math Club, Foreign Relations Council. Outstand- ing Sophomore. in WHO'S WHO: Most Learned Girl. X f I . . Q-Q f. 1 I 1 k l K Ji MARY FEUGER JAC YSON f "'!,. CLEVE TURNER Mary pursues her learning a ' s K ' - 4 J ' ony had Cleohatra But not as others do:' Q g, .'2 e "-- dam had his Eve- She does not have to dm as deep An e Job that was 1- them, Napoleon had his Josephine, To make it all soak through. '- d s it up ri iz ell. V And Armstrong boys, their "C1eve"! Rifle Team. Homecoming Committee. r 1 en' D a 's f r . ov , e Club '40-'41, Vice-President . J . z C , g l- - i - -I - T . ' y, e. ',1 0- o re Class '41, Homecoming Apr, more Class ' , Asso F' -Qi' to t '41, Music Club, Home Ag, 5 " 'Gee ee" ' . , Fore' n R 10 Economi s, Club '41, Secretary Delta. ',4, ' 5 Counc' , Secre I Job CIL , Fiz Chi, Student Senate. in WHO'S WHO: qw!! ' -lx shipd ' Isgtute '01 -1 'tte '4 ut- Best A3l1'iRound Girl. ,w 3 A J, stan -1 0 - ,o 0 - n 'I ' -,I ,JL V pl, 'Boy ' h d'- Q y. ' J? l Z!!! W ff 5 s-4 ', if - ...iz-N 51591-9.115 TERRELL TUTEN 'Ferrell is a well-dressed lad Who has come to find That Armstrong: is just the place To come to "clothe" the mind. 4299 13 JACK JAUDON We're proud to know A man like Jack: Take it from us Friends he'll not lack. Foreign Relations Council, Job Club. - I EMIL BLAIR Emil is tall and Emil sings: He'1l be remembered by many good things, But, when from Armstrong he is gone It's the sight of his satchel that'll live on and on. Glee Club '40-'41, Music Club, Student Senate, Editorial Stafl' Inkwell, Citizenship Institute Committee, For- eign Relations Council, Job Club, Dean's List, Armstrong Leadership Society, Homecoming Committee, MARJORIE BUNTYN Marjorie is a girl On whom all honors fall: She has earned each one of them. It was not luck at all. Homecoming Committee '40, Institute of Citizenship Committee '40-'41, Permanent Dean's List, Armstrong Leadership Society. EARL WEATHERLY This space is here devoted To one who does not shirk: And four lines are insufficient To list his playhouse work. Playhouse Crew "Hay Fever," "Our Town," Senior Theatre Board. Acted in "Stage Door." ,Al dm-C fv-145 M22 Qiiia ELOISE PARKER We show this smiling girl Who has come to know That she understands the words "You shall reap as you sew." Solicitor " 'Geechee" '40, President Home Economics Club, Glee Club, Homecoming Committee '41, 4-H Club, Rifie Team '40, Playhouse Crew. MARJORIE MOSLEY UD the stairs of learning She climbs toward a goal. To great success, it is our guess Let'5 watch her life unfold! Crew work in "Hay Fever." l 30 J ANNETTE LASKY For downright pleasantness We think first of her, She'll never want for friendships None will be happier. Glee Club. IRVING VICTOR Irving mowed down his opponents Like a grass-cutter clips grass In the contest for a jam-up leader He was the "Victor" in his class! Permanent Dean's List, President Sophomore Clss '41. Armstrong Leadership Society, Solicitor Inkwell. "'Geechee" Staff '40-'41, Citizenship Institute Committee '40-'41, Home- coming Committee '40-'41, President Foreign Relations Council, Freshman Senate Representative '40, Music Club. Math Club, Monogram Club. Tennis Team '40, President Student Senate '41, in WHO'S WHO: Most Popular Boy. ALICE LOUISE HAMLET We've enjoyed knowing Alice And her many charming traits: On the scoreboard of our pleasures This lass surely "1'ates"l X af ,I ,WW . ful f FREDERICK WALTER REISER HENRY PIKE He drives an old wreck That he insists is a car. But his dying' in an airplane Is a better risk by far. Glee Club '40-'41, Associate Editor " 'Geechee", Flying Club. C315 When humor leaves 2. group Most folks soon admit That they need this boy's presence- Quick Henry, the wit! JOSEPH CRAIG Joe is a very fine lad Who gets along with all: He is probably talking to a friend For there's no one else to calll Football Team '40, Basketball, Flying glug. Treasurer Monogram Club, Job u . WWW STERLY LEBEY If "genuineness" was :L Hag She would have one unfurling, You see her name is Sterly- But we think it should be "Sterling"l Permanent Dean's List, Crew work in "Stage Door", "'Geechee" Staff '40- '41, Glee Club, Home Economics Club '41, Foreign Relations Council, Ink- well Stalf '41, Armstrong Leader- WALTER LOWE. You've heard a lot lately About fifth columns around town, Don't confuse "Pedro's" with these, His gives the athletic "Lowe-Down." Sports Editor Inkwell, Basketball Team '40-'41, Monogram Club, Foot- ball Team, Senate Representative Monogram Club, Armstrong Leader- ship Society. Q4 ii ship Society, Music Club. 1 l LILLIAN QUATTLEBAUM Lillian is an earnest girl That you should really meet: We simply had to have her To make this book complete. Home Economics Club '40-'41, Glee Club, Crew work in "Stage Door", Basketball, Associate Editor " 'Gee- chee" '41, i325 'll , A SARA owsNs C" my Q ' W "Hitch your wagon to sr. star" Is a very inspiring line-- Here's a girl that did just that And concludes it works just line. Business Stall "'Geechee" '41, Busi- ness Manager Inkwell '41, Armstrong Leadership Society, Glee Club, Basket.- ball Team '40-'41, Treasurer Home Economics Club '41, Delta Chi, in WHO'S WHO: Most Athletic Girl. Jiffy' 5 I f7'C X' fl 2 M' CLYDE KICKLIGHTER We'll bet that in Armstrong: He's become proud of many things. But proudest accomplishment of all, WHS The winning of his silver wings. Flying Club, " 'Geechee" Stafl' '4l. IW 1 lit' epfljpf. G ERNEST BA BANATS If you need a special word That just won't come to you Ernest will have the word you need. And gladly use it, too! Homecoming Committee, Radio Stall. Theatre work in "Stage Door." "You Can't Take it with You." "Hay Fever." "Our Town," Glee Club '40- '41, Cheer Leader '40-'41, Council on Foreign Relations, Job Club, Citizen- ship Institute Committee. Bowling Team. ' A . Hr if MARY TAYLOR could see how hard she works would have no kick For just as our picture shows: She If you You makes each job "click." Senior "Stage Door," " You Can't Take lft with You," Senate Representative" Playhouse '41, Secretary Alpha Tafu' Theatre Board, Crew work in fly ' fi Beta. " 'Geechee" Eiolijgltib,-fre: I 4. ff .N Q-Q"'i' Y. N A rj ,Jw ll ,N Us l I 44 ilvixf ' , -J-fm" , ,ta-V ef, efflwf rg 'rf fwffl' 0 A ' Xe' Y M" I, we Perry would be To anybocly's And any honors PERRY REYNOLDS KENNETH BAKER an advantage A scholar and a sportsman group- Is the next fellow we present: abounding there, As bowler, riileman, and student, one fell swoop. His rank is "excellent" He'd take in Permanent Dean' '40, Monogram lations Council. well '41, Flying s List, Tennis Team Rifle Team, Bowling Team, Perman- Club, Foreign Re- ent Dean's List. Sports Editor Ink- Club. 1335 The following advanced students did not have their pictures taken: 7 - 1 D' k 541,425 ,f , if 414'-'fdw ' dl d JULIE BECKETT f fi' ' 6 K VERNON BRAGG RICHARD BRAITHWAITE LINDA BRYAN ROBERT CRAWFORD JAMES DAVENPORT ROBERT F. FINCH THOMAS FLYTHE FRANK HOFFMAN I RICHARD JACHENS M n , CARLETON POWELL , Y xl,-ta Q fb' L ' , W. H. RENTZ maj ! MARGARET REYNOLDS ' HELEN SCHLEY ,. K7 ff ' EDWIN SHEPHERD Malia!" A sAM sucEs . , Q! fl BARBARA sTu1..Ts M J W JOSEPH WATERS if f ANN wHEAToN MARGARET wHlTE 1343 aWZ'WM? I? W Maw .7 1 CHAPTER IV fRf.S'flMUV Pictured on the lawn in front of the Armstrong Building are the officers of the Freshman Class, 1941. At top left is Billy Parr, President, and top right, Robert Hagan, Treasurer. Bottom row: Maud West, Vice-President, and Annette Hinely, Secretary. It is interesting to note that two Freshman girls were awarded honors during the year. For the annual Freshman Dance in the Fall, Annette Hinely was chosen "Freshman Queen," while, during the Spring Quarter, Dorothy Newton was chosen Princess of Chatham County for the 1941 Coastal Empire Paper Festival. You may see Annette in the picture above, and Dot in the upper left corner of page 71. ' C357 r ETF' ' ' I 1 Top Row- QW f FRANCIS :Ie COURT DOROTHY NEWTON EAMEROIV MIXON KATHRYN HRRICKS ' chop, I. Y' ,405 X 7 Center Row- Q61 I .IO BETH HUFF JAMES MCKILLIPS A GARET TUCKE' f ANNE HARMS WW f Bottom Row-- X - WILLIAM SUMMERELL LUCRETIA DWARDS JACK RHODES DORIS WISE RY I ' mf Q 1369 MW Vi? bk. 1,-, ,. , ,uL,c.,g,.,-"fi V1.- Top Row- 1 2,-!,f"'1,1,l,. .LIP ' fn V4 4 , u rv 5""-"fl :WW U ix-1A.f JANE O'C'-.JNNOR ISXH JSEPHFBERS H' ROSE BARNES l I J f X DAL, 6 reg Lf. Center Row- ALBZRTA ROBERTSON ORGE LOE5 BERTHA HOL ELIZABETH LEE W jwff. 2 ' Bottom Row-- AM ! . RUBY FRIPP BENJAMIN WILLS ALLGUSTA MONTAGUE X 1 7 QL ,O W, ,A !'f'4.1f4-IQ, Qfiisglli J!! Z' x .X nfl" :Q-Jfiif-'ix' I rf , ,. , ffaf E' ' f C373 yuh, Dm XYSL:-g., HW 1 Cix 13 K I? .fn Q --Gf 55,5 ' . . ' 34 5, Zfi f' :'- 'NI J 'j if If if fin . U R ij! I Q C' . , f Top Row- QZXCQCPS-'Sf E,f ANDREW ERNST BETT COLLINS MURRAY GROSSMAN KATHARINE DURDEN ff , ,Qudu 6 JU ' Center Row- Q I ' ' " 5 W J 2 VIRGINIA HOLLIS JOSEPH GOLDBE G BETTY STREET I BILLY PARR MW 49.041, Bottom Row- I WILLIAM SHIPLEY ETHEL HILL LUCY DODD I 4331 11- f , .Kwai M'- f Toll' Row- 2 I ANN B Q21 ' WILLIAM SHARPE REGINA ALTICK OLLIREID NEW Center Row- - K ' EDWARD .IAVETZ AH SCHUR MARJORIE MCFARLAND MAURICE SMITHBERG Bottom Row- ' ' J5:juJ'ful MARGARET DOOLEY MORRIS BERNSTEIN CAROLYN WILLIAMS C393 fix ,f Qs 15' x U M? W y-1.z..,1 , ,gff J , , 1, ,Ay U, - ,- .K , . -L .,. L, A I L. . H I T i' Y' THEODORE KOLGAKLIS HENRIETTA WOLFE BILLY SI-IEAROU MARTHA WILLIAMS 54,46 1 fggjyy L .J Center Row- ' 'Q 1 FRANCES MAYHEW EUGENE GRINER KATHLEEN HARMS FRETWELL CRIDER Bottom Row- BETTYE MORGAN SAMUEL CATHERWOOD MARGARET MacLEOD 1407 1 r K f RM 0 l D L-4-AJ, -L , f il ,fh mx, 2' W f' Row ., A' ' fi' - ,N f - P 'LL J .' - . AIM IRVING SKLANSKY AN JORDAN ROBERT HAGAN RACHEL JONES gmc! KIMMZ' f ' - yi 1 C t R w- ' ,' Sy- ener 07 A,'A,!,'k!?L.5fJ, 'VCASETK , FRED LIGHTSEY JOSEPHINE ELLIOTT GEORGE! WYNN ,uf Y M. Z,,.,gf,Q1f1,vs.f Bottom Row- ANNIE LAURIE MOUZON RICHARD JACKSON BILLIE ANCHOR5 fm C413 5 2-1 IQ.- .1 f W f 1 Jqgplxllxry i 1 QJLAJgu3J21JhbU'l'Q!JJJgf A To Qpvr' 'JMX G ' "1 vb A I, N :fl .ffl-U I X 0,51 AGNES FE I VVRA Z AUDREY NEWTON ALICE ZERMAN Bottom Row- REBECCA WEBSTER LOUIS ALEXANIWER MADALYNE MANSON HELEN KIBLER s if ,X ' 'Q' . v .-' L, ofa--if . 1 f r 1 ', 'li' 'x ' ffl ' A l' A 'v t .BIN 5 vn ,- 4, L2 ' If AL VKLVJ4, fm ,Jiggu5's 1 Q' . ,JU I 339'-"' ' 1,. - N nl 1 , ..' - " ' Q x Q' 4 1 h 1 ls- . ,EJ 4. g .199-han, 1 ,I ' qu- 'L 1 511 A 1. Qbsk, .N -. - 1 , ,f'I"1fli.l L 1, Mg ' :Fri ll, Fr W K I X wx ,- AI 4 ! - I, h S- f R1 - x ' ' . X , Q , Nay ,t N - . A ' ' ., - X L- . ffpaa' 574' 1 do m:-:Bs BERNSTEIN K 42 J WT Freshmen who did not have their pictures taken: 623 374,551 07-Meir' ww ff SOPHIA ALLRED NICHOLAS ATHANAS EDWARD BENNETT EDDIE BERCEGEAY DEBS BERNSTEIN ROBERT E. BLAKE MILTON BRADLEY FRANCES BRUCE JANE BULCKEN DAVID COLLINS WALTER COOLIDCE WATSON CORDES OSCAR CROSBY THEODORE DEFFNER JEAN DeLOACH ROSANNE DISMUKES HARRY EUBANKS HARBEY FERRELLE, JACK FOY f' ,AA A .?' n I ix M-HL Xsw WINIFRED FULGHUM JEAN GILCHRIST HARBEY GORDON CHARLES GROOVER LUCILLE GUERARD I., BARBARA HANSON ORVILLE HECKMAN GILBERT HELMKEN ANNETTE HINELY MARY ANN HOOD ROBERT HORN HOWARD HUGHES MILTON HYMES, JR. PAMELA HYRNE SELMA JAWOREK ETHEL JONES WILLIAM JORDAN JR. J W ' I' 1 J SHIRLEY KAPLAN T. L. KOHN, JR. BERNICE KRAVITCH ALLAN LAIRD HOMER LAUGHLIN voN LeVAN 1Rv1Nc LEv1N , SAMUEL MARSHALL ' -14-A ANN MARTIN J fy 4 0 V ROBERT MILLER M' 1 4, . S-iygpf CAROL MINIS HARLEY M1zELL KATHERINE MORRELL JEANETTE MosLEY NANCY NICHOLS AM ' G4,a.4A' HENRY OSBORNE HARVARD PITTS ROBERT PORTER MARGARET PURDUM N . K 2p BETTY JANE RABELER AJ. J 1,11 L, EDGAR RABEY 'I MANNIE LAURIE sE1cLER JULIUS SHOOB CARLYLE SMITH CAROLYN sM1TH JULIA sToRER JOHN SULLIVAN CHARLES USHER MARY .ro von WALDNER AUSTIN WADE JOSEPH WALL MARGUERITE WARNER Z7 fb'-fW1'f"" PAT WATSON MAUD wEsT MARY WHEELER Nb LbYMn.1-9-1'-'KD BOBBIE WILLIAMS W Ojai, JN., -EJJRQ ' NK - FTS - n qi-r'DLvS,,,.-,Q SJ W , .E if . Mime .I V , MW' 9' ' :W nw 'LW 551555 55532: , 1 v was 1 s QA 5 'v 5 My ! Ex ' A -. fi L wk 'E 2,1 7 vw 1:1 fi 'Q K :Mug wg Y 1' 'cc V gg, ..n,,i5f- ' 3 W5 -5. 'Rell :ggip SN. 474' v, , ,pw , Q ' 5 is-5feA:'Q9'f'E I V x . . 9 .. 4 - . A 5 I " Q Q Bw Q K , V25 1 ,V ,EHSH . I A ,... , . I il 'li-5 df 51:95 Q A' W fi A1 -1 ,Aw W1 I fam ir A n v Lia X ' ,I VA! 'W X CHAPTER V 60.-0PER147'l0N Armstrong students work together, are active socially, and We can present no better proof than the pictures of organizations on the follow- ing pages. Here leadership is developed and personalities are enriched, and a good time is had by all. Above you see a view of our boys as they appeared in the Mummer's Parade, the highlight of the Coastal Empire Paper Festival, April 16, 1941. Armstrong boys were the "keepers" of this tremendous pig- shaped balloon and an odd-appearing cat during the parade, While other boys and girls appeared dressed in ante-bellum style, transported in horse-drawn carriages. Tea Dances held Weekly have been a great factor in our social life, with genuine "jook box jive" providing the necessary rhythm. These pleasant affairs have all been under the supervision of Mr. F. M. Hawes. For more activities, turn the pages. C 45 J QQQm1Q Tflf 1941 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Members of the Editorial Staff: Raymond Monsalvatge ---- Editor-in-Chief Jack Tyson - - - - - Associate Editor Constancia Smith - - Art Work, Page Make-up David Barnett - - - - Photography Fred Reiser - - - - - Sophomores Lillian Quattlebaum - - Continuity Mary Hinely - - - - - Writer Sterly Lebey - - - - - Writer George Carlock - Snapshots, Typing Jo Beth Hull' - - - - Snapshots Katherine Durden - - - Freshmen Debs Bernstein ------- Freshmen Clyde Kicklighter -------- Sports Irving Victor, Jo Elliott, Jean Jordan, Ann Harms CONSTANCIA SMITH '6'EfC'fiEE STAFF JAMES COBB, JR. BUSINESS MANAGER Members of the Business Staff: Elsa Schweizer ----- Business Manager Dorothy Finch - - - Assistant Business Manager And the following solicitors: Nell Blanton Carolyn Williams Frances Burton Ruby Fripp Sara Owens Bettye Morgan Marcella Pierce Mary Taylor STUDENT .S'fNv47f F. M. HAWES, Faculty Advisor Jeanne Patterson - Billy Parr - - Pat Watsoii - - Jimmy McKi1lips - Cleve Turner - - Raymond Monsalvatge William Coyle - - Sarah Griffin - Joe Livingston - Emil Blair - Carleton Powell - Jack Williams - Mary Taylor - - Rose Ann Hamilton Elsa Schweizer - Irving Victor - 1485 4-H Club - Freshman President - Freshman Representative - Freshman Representative Vice-President Sophomores - - 'Geechee Editor - Inkwell Editor - - - - Music Club Council on Foreign Relations - - - - Glee Club - - - Job Club - 3rd Year President - - Playhouse - - Math Club - Home Economics Club - Sophomore President lNKWflZ The INKWELL, Armstrong's newspaper, a member of the Georgia Collegiate Press Association, is published monthly during the school year. Issues of the Inkwell are eagerly awaited by students. Williain Coyle is Editor-in-Chief. Joe Livingston is Managing Editor. The following are members of the Editorial Staff:--Jeanlle Patterson, Associate Editorg Emil Blair, Make-up Editor 3 Dick Peveler, Exchange Editor, Perry Reynolds and Walter Lowe, Sports Editors, Betty McMillan, Columnist, and the following Reporters: Sarah Grifiin, Mary Hinely, Alex Langston, Edward J avetz, Ruth Warshaw, Bettye Morgan, Ruby Fripp, Jean Jordan, Debs Bernstein, Winifred Fulghum, Jo Elliott, Billy Parr, Ruthie Cargill, Lucy Bowyer, Emma Clemens, Sterly Lebey, Jimmy Wallace, and Julia Ann Marshall. Below is pictured the Business Staff: Reading from left to right are: Virginia Hollis, Solicitor, Sara Owens, Business Manager, Francis Burton, Advertising Manager, and Nell Blanton, Solicitor. Joe Livingston, Assistant Business Manager, is not in the picture. Faculty adviser is Mr. Charles Kestler. C499 SENIOR BOARD H A banner Fifth Anniversary Season was the gift to the City of Savannah of our college community theatre as it presented "Hay Fever," "Our Town," "Ladies in Retirement," and "Accent on Youth" starring Gloria Stuart, of stage and screen. The affairs of the Savannah Playhouse are governed by a Junior and a Senior Board, with Stacy Keach as Director. It is interesting to note that four weeks are required to produce a show. The cast is completed in one week, the stage set, completely constructed by playhouse crews, is completed in two to three weeks. So realistic are these sets that invariably audiences applaud on seeing them upon the first parting of the red velvet curtains. Pl A JUNIOR BOrkRD "Hay Fever" Was a delightful comedy, "Our Town" presented a highly successful experiment with "sceneryless" sets, and "Ladies in Retirement" Was a spine-chilling thriller. "Accent on Youth" promised to be particularly outstanding for its introduction of Miss Stuart to Savannah Playhouse audiences. Almost 3,000 season tickets were sold this season. Members of the Senior Board are:-Ruth ChI'iSti8I1S0l'1, Wray Potter, Jerry Tilson, Ernestine Cole, Mary Taylor, Julia Storer, Earl Weatherly, Emily Clarke, Maud West, Constancia Smith, Gene Bur- roughs, Sara Griffin, and Mary Eyler. They are pictured with Mr. Keach. Members of the Junior Board are:--Peggy Halle, Caroline Williams, Carl Robeson, Scott Graves, Catherine Goette, Billy Reagin, Juanita Graham, Betty Michels, Carolyn Oliver, Dick Potter, Eloise Swainbright, and Mary Hinely. 1517 - . , w ' ' A H FL .. fl . ,.,., , ug, ,aiil 5:Z,F: , f1,,V W W W WW ' 'fm ' 'WW' ' Q' -b M1 . Q Y., I lx, - Ln. W, JV 1 1- 1 A mir. r ff 1 l dlazfzf ffaffffkf B 6155 U03 The GLEE CLUB has Won a reputation for itself as a colorful and outstanding musical group. It has taken part in the Savannah Play- house's production of "Our Town" and has entertained during several assembly programs throughout the year. Director of the group is Mr. R. M. Strahl. The following are Glee Club Members:-Joe Berg, Emil Blair, Senate Representative, Oscar Crosby, Theodore Kolgaklis, Edward Javetz, David Middleton, Frederick Reiser, Billie Ruth Anchors, Nell Blanton, Dorothy Finch, Bertha Holt, Margaret MacLeod, Betty Jane Rabler, Elsa Schweizer, President, Cleve Turner, Helen Kibler, Katheryn Hendricks, Josephine Elliott, Jo Beth Huff, Marjorie McFarland, Betty Street, Annie Laurie Mouzon, Annie Laurie Scarborough. C525 w' ., ,F-3,5 i Q ' fuk 'Q' ,J f M4719 HUB To give all students interested in mathematics an opportunity for genuine pleasure in this Held is the purpose of the MATH CLUB. This organization requires no dues, but does insist on: an interest in math- ematics on the part of the prospective member, and presentation of a paper on a mathematical topic at one of the meetings. Some of the programs during the year have included a discussion of permutations, combinations, and probability by Julia Ann Marshall, derivation of the equation for the parabolic path of a projectile, illu- strated by Gladys Feagin and Rose Ann Hamilton, "Mathemagic" by Elsa Schweizer and Raymond Monsalvatge, and Cardan's formulas for the solution of a cubic equation by Irving Victor and Irving Sklansky. In our picture, from left to right, are:-Mr. C. W. Williams, Faculty Adviserg Dorothy Finch, Bill Behnken, Elsa Schweizer, Bobby Hester, Irving Sklansky, Dick Peveler, Emil Blair, Gladys Feagin, President, Rose Ann Hamilton, Representative to the Student Senateg Julia Ann Marshall, and Raymond Monsalvatge. C 530 FLYING CLUB Due to the enthusiasm shown by members of the first civilian pilot training class sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, the ARMSTRONG FLYING CLUB was founded. It is a chapter of the National Intercollegiate Flying Club. Frank Mclntire is President. Joe Livingston is Vice-President. William Coyle is Secretary. Jimmy Wallace is Treasurer. Our picture was made at the Savannah Airport where all boys who are pilots gained their flight instruction. From left to right are, bottom row:-William Coyle, Frank Mclntire, Joe Livingston, and Jimmy Wallace. Top row:-Joe Jenkins, Fretwell Crider, Fred Reiser, Earl Weatherly, Dick Peveler, Jeanne Patterson, Frank Maner, Richard Braithwaite, and Georgia Wynn. 1547 05 aK9.5fo.I4f9 ll'l0N06Rv4M C103 A letter in a major sport is a requisite for membership in the MONOGRAM CLUB. President of the club is Joe Genone, While the vice-president's chair is occupied by Hugh Miller. Joe Craig is Secre- tary and James Bentley is Treasurer. The club presents dances and other social activities throughout the school year. Walter Lowe, Herschel Futral, Roy Hitt, Bobby Blake, Cameron Mixon, Howard Hughes, Frank Mclntire, Al Conway, John Sullivan, Bill Sweatt, Billy Shearouse, Fred Lightsey, Austin Wade, Allen Laird, Gene Griner, "Gi1ly" Helmken, Ralph Snipes, Fred Cutten, David Barnett, Irving Victor, Charles Simon, and Perry Reynolds are members of this organization. C553 fy O DEZTA CHI 5'0RORl7Y "Amiti6 du Coeur et de l'esp1'it" To create friendship among members of the sorority and the students of Armstrong is the purpose of DELTA CHI. President of the group is Dorothy Finch. Elsa Schweizer is Vice-President, and Cleve Turner is Secretary and Treasurer. Activities of Delta Chi have included a Christmas dance, in honor of new pledges, their annual house party at Tybee during the Spring Holidays, an all-Armstrong Tea Dance, and a banquet and dance in May. Members:-Sara Owens, Maud West, Annette Hinely, Martha Hahn, Miriam Bidez, Sophia Allred, Audrey Newton, Ethel Jones, Bertha Holt. Pledges:-Doris Wise, Mardy Purdum. C561 f itwGff ff j 7fC7!lv1v uf.. P Azfffa nw arm 35'?t"'3" This sorority has as its goal several worthwhile aims: the promotion of social and intellectual interests among the students of Armstrong, the maintainance of a high moral and spiritual standard among the students,Ade1inite welfare work, and the perpetuating of the memory of Joan Dodd. During the year, this group has made donations to one of the charitable institutions of the city and has assisted in the sale of seals for special charities. It has presented a tea in honor of Freshman girls, two card parties, a house party at the beach, and a Spring banquet and dance. First Semester Officers Second Semester Officers Betty McMillan - - President Betty McMillan - - President Helen Schley - - Vice-President Helen Schley - - Vice-President Mary Taylor - - - Secretary Dorothy Newton - - Secretary Alice Louise Hamlet - Treasurer Alice Louise Hamlet - Treasurer Members:-Lucy Bowyer, Josephine Elliott, Agnes Feuger, Louise Gibson, Lucille Guerard, Alice Louise Hamlet, Julia Ann Marshall, Betty McMillan, Katherine Morrell, Dorothy Newton, Alberta Robert- son, Helen Schley, Constancia Smith, Carolyn Smith, Mary Taylor. Pledges:-Frances Bruce. C 57 J , l A Q JL -U0-Ln. rung CL.. Li-OL.1- Eh.- Q-'Lug QD-LL vm, new - if-we .gud Ng GL.Q,,,,0 rgsiu,-5 sting Jfelsslsl M0516 C103 At 705 Wliitaker Street at 8:00 o'clock Sunday nights are held meetings of the MUSIC CLUB. The purpose of the Music Club is to familiarize its members With the World's best music by the use of phonograph records and to learn to enjoy it through listening. Some of the outstanding compositions heard this year Were: Brahms' First and Second Symphonies, TschaikoWsky's Fifth Symphony, Handel's "Water Music," Beethoven's Sixth Symphony and his "Emperor Con- certo," the first act of Wag11er's "Die Walkui'e," and the "Nutcracker Suite" of Tschaikowsky. Members of the club are pictured in Miss Lulie Henderson's apart- ment after an evening of music appreciation. Officers:-President, Adaline Ralston 5 Treasurer, Emil Blair 5 Senate Representative, Sarah Griflin. Student members include:-David Middleton, Emma, Clemens, Julia Ann Marshall, Cleve Turner, Anne Harms, Helen Kibler, Mary Hinely, Augusta Montague, Morris Bernstein, Ruthie Cargill, Sterly Lebey. C587 , J 2 H iill,.rg,l3siftf53gff:,ewi wif. .... it NIE JOB C103 The JOB CLUB was formed primarily to help Armstrong students obtain part-time or full-time employment and to acquaint its members with the possibilities of employment in Savannah, with pertinent in- formation as to salary, opportunities, and qualifications. Dr. Dyer presents aptitude tests so that the abilities of students can be measured. The Club has been successful in bringing about a closer relationship between the college and business leaders of our community, and in enabling members to meet personally these outstanding business men. Originally under the excellent leadership of Sig Robertson, and now headed by Richard Braithwaite, the club has enjoyed much popularity. Other Officers include:-Raymond Monsalvatge, Vice-Presidentg Jack Tyson, Secretary, James Wallace, Treasurer, and Carleton Powell, Representative to the Student Senate. Faculty advisers are Mr. F. M. Hawes, Mr. Robert M. Strahl, and Dr. John P. Dyer. Members include:-Ernest Babanats, Bill Behnken, Emil Blair, Oscar Crosby, Joseph Craig, Katherine Durden, Lucretia Edwards, Herschel Futral, Jack Jaudon, Joe Jenkins, Betty McMillan, Marcelle Pierce, Sammy Sikes, Irving Sklansky, Jack Williams, Robert Williams, and Dorothy Newton. C597 H0445 .EC'0NOMlL'5' C103 The ARMSTRONG HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Officiates at re- ceptions throughout the year, conducts an annual personality clinic, and fashion show. Members also enjoy a yearly house party. Eloise Parker is President of the club, Jeanne Patterson, Secretary, Sara Owens, Treasurer, Lillian Quattlebaum, Reporter, and Elsa Schweizer is Senate Representative. Members of the Club include:-Debs Bernstein, Nell Blanton, Frances Burton, Martha Hahn, Marjorie McFarland, Annie Laurie Mouzon, Sara Owens, Jeanne Patterson, Lillian Quattlebaum, Eloise Parker, Elsa Schweizer, Betty Street, Margaret Tucker, Virginia Hollis, Emma Clemens, Sterly Lebey, Doris Bently, Jane O'Connor, Kathryn Hen- dricks, Augusta Montague, Dorothy Finch, Margaret MacLeod, Henrietta Wolfe, Dorothy Newton, Ollireid New, Winifred Fulghum, Mardy Purdum, Carolyn Willianis, Frances Mayhew, Rachel Jones, Betty Collins, Ruby Fripp, Bettye Morgan, Cleve Turner, Anne Harms, Carolyn Garrick, Bertha Holt, Ruthie Cargill. Miss Betty Bain is faculty adviser. 1607 L 'lj .l.ll'... x. . C'00NC'lZ 0N f0Rfl6lV REl!l7l0N.S' The aim of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS is a further understanding of World affairs by discussion among its members. Irving Victor is President of the council, Emma Clemens is Vice- President, David Barnett is Secretary, Sarah Griffin is Corresponding Secretary, Emil Blair is Treasurer, and Joe Livingston is representative to the Student Senate. Members of the Council are:-William Coyle, Carleton Powell, Richard Braithwaite, Perry Reynolds, Jack Tyson, Jack Jaudon, Katherine Durden, Carolyn Smith, J ulia Ann Marshall, Sterly Lebey, William Behnken, David Middleton, Ernest Babanats, and Morris Bernstein. 6613 '-'Iv ,R Wx, Qs A ,-., - I aj' Ji si Q ga fr 7 L yu J ' -1-3 5 -f ' ii! f Md 'fy K vez 11 , I fa .J 1 wt. ig: 4 L1 ,' T a , v :.::gE:E,5 Y X1 5' 2 T6 A .Q ' r '- rw-.fa-.-3 . . . , u " .ig4y'9mm , pf 1 A .2 2225: 3"'L3-:xx ve' , . V L, , SQL TEM vxwyyYu..- My 1 'Q ' 5 ' if 1 . V u QB:-Q k 1 if 9 al' Ee :- Q IFA! J, X 1' , V A 'diff fs. " L 5 .v pg.. h X g ,V V a r Q ,- 1 A :fm wx F' V5 mV .SEI 'V H ,ggmw ,,, , , 3 4 ...JA . -.. 1 Q n ,s L . X W, X L. I .ff L, N .... 1 ,la .,.. H' ' , if "' 5 ' 1 X. hi' n X F ff? 5 E Q fb A TQ' , . wh- wnslswsfbfg f s 'QRLXXXX ,fs 2 ., 'P , mm, X M x S1 -If u ,, .L mg E "Hs: 41.-fl Q32 .qv-, - 52? Wm 3, ti my -N' , X ,X gvixix Au- ' iivfm F Ng , .JQE U: ' w w N --fm XXQXX H HA. Q1 1 Ft M ,.., ., X, A 4 , 5, ss, E an , Z? W via Qg 41185 ilu: EQ as ei CHAPTER VI 60MPf7l7'l0lV Under the leadership of "Chick" Shiver, above, physical education at Armstrong has been most successful. In both inter-scholastic and intramural sports, our program has been strong. In chronological order, We shall present the story of our sports, and of the men and Women who took part in them. A feature of the Fall Quarter was the Annual Touch Football Game between the Freshmen and Sophomore boys. In the Georgia Junor College League was entered the 'Geechee football team, Which played a steady schedule of games finally climaxed C643 QQ -in v-f with a giant Homecoming celebration. CPictures of the Homecoming parade were shown on page 62.2 The following men were members of the team:-Captain Joe Genone, Alternate Captain Hugh Miller, James Bentley, Gene Griner, Austin Wade, John Sullivan, Allen Laird, Cameron Mixon, Walter Lowe, Bobby Blake, Joe Craig, "Gilly" Helmken, Frank Mclntire, Al Conway, Ralph Snipes, Fred Lightsey, Howard Hughes, Dick Jackson, Robert Hagan, Billy Shearouse, Roy Hitt, Fred Cutten and Frank McTeer. Managers were Harley Mizell and Harry Eubanks. 665D A I, e a ,Q 1 .G .B0,V'.S' B145'Kf7BAll " I Members of the team:-Joe Genone, Captaing Bobby Blake, Bill Sweatt, Harry Eubanks, Walter Lowe, Harley Mizell, Homer Laughlin, David Barnett, Gene Griner, John Sullivan, Harschel Futral, Harvey Gordon, Bob Horn, and, Howard Hughes, manager. Sixteen games were played before the State tournament in Tifton, Ga., Where Armstrong Won fourth place. Eubanks and Blake were named on the All-Tournament squad at the end of the meet. C667 K QW' GQOA Xmdf: 310 OAR QAJQAX Eyqgkqlhqxx Qlaaqr I QQ U09 CQYL1 Gfkl 5' Bv45KffBv4llb:QgGi5-wsmm Team Members:-Julia Storer, Managerg Lucretia Edwardsgara Owens, wif Regina Altick, Mary Ann Hood, Kitty Harms, Debs Bernstein, RA, Rose Ann Dismukes, Jean Jordan. Activities of the team included a trip to Augusta for a tilt With the girls of Augusta Junior College. Other games were played on the V Y.W.C.A. gym lioor with Edwards and Storer sharing high scoring A honors. 4671 B0,V'5' BOWlllV6' Armstrong Boys have walked away with bowling honors in Savan- nah. Sweeping the Commercial League with 41 wins and 31 losses, our boys took first place. With a 523 total for a five man team in one game, they set a record. With a 1,518 total, these men took the three- game total record. Members of the Commercial League Team:-Robert Crawford, Ernest Babanats, Sam Catherwood, Francis DeCourt, Fretwell Crider, Perry Reynolds, and William Sharpe. First place in the Scholastic League was taken with a five man team winning 23 games against 13 losses. This team was composed of James Wallace, Sam Catherwood, Robert Crawford, Perry Reynolds, Ernest Babanats, and Kenneth Baker. As we go to press, T. L. Kohn, Ernest Babanats, Robert Craw- ford, Sam Catherwood, and Kenneth Baker are leaving for Atlanta to enter their live man team in the Intercollegiate Meet. In our picture above, we show left to right :-Wallace, Crawford, Crider on the top row, and DeCourt, Catherwood, and Reynolds on the bottom row. 4633 EIR! 'S' BOWllN6 Shown above are Georgia Wyiin, Rose Barnes, Doris Wise, Alberta Robertson, Margaret Dooley, and Lucretia Edwards, members of the team. The group Was entered in the Girl's Scholastic League, and tied with Pape School for third place. The high point individual three-game title belongs to Lucretia Edwards. Averages: Lucretia Edwards in twelve games averaged 88. Margaret Dooley in sixty-six games averaged 83. Alberta Robertson in twenty-seven games averaged 79. Rose Barnes in twenty-four games averaged 76. Doris Wise in forty-two games averaged 75. Georgia Wynn in forty-two games averaged 74. 1693 B075 AND GIRZS' Rlflf TEAMS' Miriam Bidez Frances Bruce Agnes Feuger Shirley Kaplan Margaret Tucker Lucy Bowyer Lucille Guerard Constancia Smith Frances Mayhew Sophia Allred Mardy Purdum Carolyn Garrick Francis Burton W Annie Laurie Siegler Carolyn Williaiiis Selma Jaworek Ollireid New Ethel Jones Ethel Hill Anne Harms William Summerell William Shipley Fred Lightsey James Wallace Kenneth Baker Morris Bernstein Bobby Hester Charles Usher Francis de Court Joe Goldberg Charles Simon 4703 'ga' ,I wks ' 4 f fa' Si- ' " 7 4-' FJKZEZ, 1 fi.: lui! W., JA, . 4. -, 1 . i. -eff., if .-4.-n-"' . .L lfg ' '1 , 7: zune:uz1.,...,m...i A My 3 ,V , Q 4 fx :gf f x 5 W -wig 5 74- ,, if ' fy? E, , I, 1 Q 1 was ' Wikia, ' ,, , , .. H Q :.,,:ff:-v 'Q Mme: ,. ' X X '- ' WT? . .214 -, 5 Y 1 : f , ,i-I vig-..-4 55' ' , lifflmanamfi, 7 In t ,m M, Wm GREETINGS 10 .ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE SADANNAHS PIUDE AND HOPE from THE MAUOR and ALDERMEN of CTHE CITU OF SAUANNAH 5Best Wishes TO THE Students of C34rmstrfon.f5 NEW WAY LAUNDERERS 1 DRY CLEANERS SAVE 25020 ON YOUR INSURANCE FIRE - AUTOMOBILE - WINDSTORM - PLATE GLASS ATLANTIC MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO4 OF SAVANNAH "A Southern Company Doing A National Business" Assets Over 31,250,000 19 BAY STREET, EAsT DIAL 2-2114 STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE oUR ADVERTISERS f 73 J NW6 extend 1:0 tfzllme mmenmumcers of The Graduating Glass our sinfccerfe wish for lfllufeinn STUIHCCCKSSS im mm of H116 Qircumstances of Lfiifce 04 FRIEND K I The Well Dressed Men Wear I COLLEGE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN The Schwob Company 26 WEST BROUGHTON STREET The Georgia State Savings Association 2070 START NOW 2070 ON TIME ON SAVINGS CERTIFICATES ACCOUNTS AND BECOME INDEPENDENT BY DEPOSITING A SPECIFIED AMOUNT REGULARLY EACH MONTH DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO 55,000.00 BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS C 75 I TO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Remember that BETTER LIGHT : BETTER SIGHT Savannah Electric and Power Co. 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Outfitters to students of today' Yestefdayr and M W' V. to students in the by- ,. 1 QT wi- ,, ,fi gone 63 Years . . . ?i-if"'f-fffvdf-77liff'Q t t't E Ml li x fi Yi, SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS SAVANNAH EVENING PRESS Ninety Years of Service to the Coastal Empire Remember, wherever else you advertise, you are only reaching people who have read a newspaper today, and will do so again tomorrow. STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS C '77 J l X n all lhtgsf ", W , '3 gnowdrill Q? lla M ix! , "Made in Savannah" COMPLIMENTS OF The Artley Company RUBBER STAMPS Stencils K Seals .25 I Badges A X l Metal 'Qfek o m Qhecks lhyiiwl 0 .. Dzal 'WNV 2-1006 ll. Airglgf-sn 'sikxl Bay at Montgomery The Stamp 8. Stentil Co. ' THE? EHUB ESTER HARRIS Estates Managed Rents Collected Loans Negotiated A. F. KING Kr SON J. M. Breckenridge 8: Son R t' B::'ihnggSelling REALTORS F L O R I S T S L Inoszrince 508 East 33rd Street Savannah, Ga. 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We should be delighted to re-- ceive letters of application from any Armstrong graduates who are ready for a permanent job and who were graduated in the upper one-third of their class. -...Ol in 4' 2-5' Ice Cream W A , . we u uumm,, . Sourhemvairies AWN l 2 S 404111 unnum Wwe SOUTHERN STATES l 1RoN RooF1NC. COMPANY 'M' STILES AVENUE AND LOUISVILLE ROAD SAVANNAH, GEORGIA New England Mutual AIR CONDITIONED ' ' ' An1erica's Oldest Chartered - - - WHOLESOME FOOD -0... Life Insurance Company S. 8: S. CAFETERIA HARVEY H- WILSON 14 EAST BROUGHTON STREET General Agent SAVANNAH, GA. STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1335 Cheeseman's Ice Cream Shop SANDWICHES OF DIFFERENT TYPES "Where Quality Always Prevails" 117-119 BARNARD STREET 2428 WATERS AVENUE Daniel Hogan, lnc. DRY GOODS DRAPERIES AND RUGS 125 BROUGHTON STREET, WEST SAVANNAH, GA. "Quality Our Standard Since 1868" "The CONGRATULATIONS Thinking Fellow AND BEST WISHES calls a gg? Yellowv Phone 6161 Sears Roebuck and Co. BEST WISHES RANCH RIDING SCHOOL FROM sAvANNA1Y'giJi15GQE,f21R1Bi11i5f1Nc CLUB SUMMER QUARTERS T H E S T Y L E S H O P BLow1Nc Rocxc, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 4240 MOYLE TRUNK AND BAG CO. BRoUcHToN AND WHITAKER C L A R K E A N D C L A R K E Phone 4094 "The Home Builders" LASTING LUGGAGE smca sso STUDEN'1S PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS C845 STUBBS JOHNSON SEA HORSE MOTORS-BOATS FISHING TACKLE-SPORTING GOODS Stubbs Hardware Company Compliments of SWIFT 8: COMPANY FERTILIZER WORKS A Division of Swift 8z Company Savannah, Ga. Compliments of ALEXANDER GROCERY CO. DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 48 ABERCORN STREET Savannah, Georgia FRED A. JONES YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO DO YOUR SHOPPING AT Agent UNDERWOOD ELLIOT FISHER PRODUCTS B ' K A R P F 2 I n C ' 107 BROUGHTON STREET, WEST 42 Abercofn street 1 Savannah, Ga- Savannalfs Most Popular "WOMAN'S SHOP" CO-ED FOOTWEAR MARILYN SLIPPER SALON 112 WEST BROUGHTON STREET Next door Kress L A M A S B R O S . Try Our Cash and Carry Service DRY CLEANERS AND I-IATTERS One Day Service 44 Bull Street Phone 8900 NK' .I M A N G E L ' S S' H' CO' FEMININE APPAREL SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 15 Broughton Street, East Savannah, Ga. SULLIVAN1S THE k'ILIEA ROOM I1 O ID Ouse 23 Abercorn Street Luncheon 12 to 3 Private Rooms for Banquets 17 West Congress Street Phone 6923 Phone 4286 Alida Harper STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS C355 CBest Wishes to the Graduates Tl-IE SAVANNAH A DINKLER HOTEL .Y ,J - I . HOMER SPIVA, Manager JOSEPI-I'S WOMENS APPAREL "Latest in Styles" Phone 3-4087 25 West Broughton Street YOU CAN SAVE AT MAXWELL BROS. and ASBILL Everything for the Home 302-308 Broughton Street, West Phone 2-0619 Easy Terms MEN'S QUALITY SHOP Joe Lesser 24 EAST BROUGHTON STREET THE PRINTCRAFT PRESS JOB PRINTING THAT WILL PLEASE 110 Jefferson Street W. T. GRANT COMPANY A. SHULHAFER :YL CO., Inc. The Store of Better Values INSURANCE 5-7-9 WEST BROUGHTON STREET Phone 8919 Savannah, Ga. C O M P L I M E N T S SELLING LOANS RENTING OF SWEAT .91 BROWN SAVANNAH MAYTAG CO. REALTORS 134 Barnard Street 14 Bryan Street, East Savannah, Ga. Savannah RASKIN'S Ship Chandlery 8z Supply Co. Z1 West Broughton Street Phone 2-1687 SHIP SUPPLIES - MILL SUPPLIES io., 117 west Bay street Savannah, Ga. The Home of Better Shoes and Hosiery Compliments THOMAS WEST 8: CO. of 18 Wm State Street-Phone 8463 SILVERS 5c 8: 10c STORE Broughton and Barnard Streets STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS C863 III I II I I II III I IHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIII I III llllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIII'IIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ll II I lIIll IIII 7,,,,,6 A, ,W WMM Er We wggffgmlh I, AuaaQ4 "gQL awww! Ag LL.. , wx EW? IQMLNI CJ msc 1 ww- QQ-fikwv 5-Q Scif? 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Suggestions in the Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) collection:

Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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