Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA)

 - Class of 1940

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y . ,'i!'Vvwvn,v-sv"THvf 'F' 'g"Q,l' 'yb 9 4 1 ' .Dlx - Q .N- U 1 o ' , 9 8 s 5 o 4 5 0 . x A 9 0 0 I 4 4 n 5 O 9 . J No O l , TP' : ' f' :xl 4 . ' 'Q ' C 0 . 9 'J . . t I 5 , A , f 'n is! I .. - I - 'v ' , 'fl- o A ' - ,f"'4:1 r 'ffk Nfl, ' Ar if 'F f -1 1 ' !Le2A.1'ffr1f.Is 9 I 1' - u "Q, vi 9 QQ. "ix .,g1"' L .. ., . g s a , 4 I 0 g 0, "ha 2 7 Q , , r ' a g. ...- Q . 9 1 C 1 f . -U .4 .1 ' ,S ,ri '. 'ft F"-. 4 ,AL is 0 -6 ' AZ y ' 5. - lk 1 -, Q D - f . " .v ' 'W o l 'Q 9 'I ' V l rv' " '- V ttf a H? 'b. '5 . ,. U' l KH. 0 -' Q A11 I-Q' 5.7 1 - 1 Q 5 A . :A - , . Qi?"-S-1. . ' . r ' I 1.0 . . 1, -A ,V ,HL ' S-5 , N, ,' - .' 0 . 4 ' rf a ' Q " 1 ' . I I A - , Y . Y A I - , ,a . ' I 'u I.. ' I Q' 7 1 ,MH tizinlq ' fn TQI5 A Q qmlo' ,fb . Y ' . " , . . 'lp a O O 1 J . - J . .x , A , - I '- l , . , N X C?N rn I . .N 9. ' g Q O. ' , n v 9 l Q-r,- 3.1.41-,'2:Q lv 1 I 1 I.. D ' u C 'Q ! .-li.-m 4 KJ o ' ' -GK. ' J 1 f Q V Q 4 I A Q . p 4 vi- 5 .9 I xi' I s,-, 1 ' Has O I ' 'x 'J A --o IL. . I I -, 1 ' B .a .- ,.. J':':. 9 'P' I ' I 'QW 4 O I i K K t 1 . 4 k a 9 I- s"L o , J .- I . ' sn ' H gr ' 7 5 0 W Y 4 a " 11 4 . ' L l 245 ,Pig U . 0 1 5.11.5 u . U' 4, 'JQ wt V w 3, 1 1 .,is'f.f tg 's 'lm Il a-',, 1 . I Q1 Pm, ,.x A ' ' v C-'11 F 5 A "oi T. 1 ' , ' r I an l 1 J 4 4 4 1 , 4 1 4 X ,1 R 4 N 1 1 A 1 I I 1 1 1 A fCq571e 1 940 Geechee Of ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE -- presents -- pictorial scenario of student life at C?4rmstron.r5 Volume IV ARMSTRONG BUILDING ' PUQOI' A ,gi ' ll x 0' ' . y as-Jf. f ' imigf' This, the 1940 "Geecl1ee" is respectfully dedicated to HERSCHEL V. JENKINS Beneflcent, diligent, and indispensable, he has gained the admiration of the faculty members and student body. His tireless efforts and whole- hearted support have been instrumental in the successful growth of Armsfrong. C41 HERSCHEL V. J 451 ENKINS Contents Administration Sophoinores Freshmen Athletics Activities Advertisements C67 "Ge0fhl00" Mascot if ' 5 V . HFREDDIE III" Claus Frederick Lubs, "Geechee" Staff Mascot, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lubs, Jr. Mrs. Lubs was, .until last Year, an in- F- dd. ,, M n KC . 1 - structor of French and asslstaut e 19 and l Othel treasurer of the college. 4 7 l 'k IIIII IHIIIIIIIIIHHIIIHH NHIIIIIKHIIIIIPIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIII2'IlllIII!IIIIIIIII1lTliIIllII.,I HH I HHIIII HHIIIII Illlillikil IIHIIIIKI 'k i Kill IIIIIllllIIIlllllllllllliillllllll HlllIIIHIIIlIIIlPHIIIIIllllllIIIllllllllIIIllIIIiIIIIHIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIlllllllllllillllllli IIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllI ik 'k 'k II IIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIINIIIIIIlllllIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 0 I1IIIIHtlIIIIIIHN1IIIIIIlllIIIIIIHI!IIIIIIII4IIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIII!III!llllllIllllIIIIIl!l IIIHIIIIIIIIII llIIilllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllll Illllllllllll I This yearbook is an attempt on the part of the graduates of 19.40 to preserve cherished memories of Armstrong. Mag it be a lasting source of pleasure to them and a guiding light to the future students of our college. IlllllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIlllllllllIllllllllllllllllli I I I i' if i' llIIIIIlllllIIIlllllllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIMI!!!IIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIlllllllllIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'A' 'A' llIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIII llllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIII!3!!IIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH III llIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'k C31 ADMNUSWWQN Collogo Commission ROBERT M. HITCH, Clnzirlmru MICHAEL J. EGAN THOMAS GAMBLE HERMAN W. HESSE HERSCHEL V. JENKINS MRS. MILLS B. LANE MRS. CHARLES ll. RUSSELL I. A. SOLOMONS, .I1'. RUBERT M. HITCH THOMAS GAMBLE Clnzirnzun IIIIIIHOI' of Snvrmyznli 11113 A N O J. THOMAS ASKEVV, Pl1.B., M. A. Dean ERNEST A. Lows, B. S. C. I,l'i'NilIf'llt I 1l an I A Jllf' - - -'7W'- - - FOREMAN M. HAWES FRANCES ENNIS ROBERT B. PLATT .-LB.. Mercer University B. S. H. E., Georgia State College for A.B., Emory and Henry College M. S., Emory Ilnirersity W0mfl'1 M. A., Peabody College .-1. M. in Houselzolrl Arts Education, Colzmzbin University 2 r J -J 'Qu Qu-9 E N ' Z K CQQNQ4 Z jgwsmf - CHARLES W. W1L1,1AMS EBBA OLESEN THOMSON Ivl-:Y M. SHIVER, JR. .-1. B., Hrzrwzrfl Ilnzrersity Instructor of Drmcing B. S. C., Ll7lil'f'TSlt1l Of Gewgia M. A., University of M'ru'yl11mI 1 12 D 'iv ,lf l J CF pzdffw. mi' ' REUBEN W. HOLLAND LULIE HENDERSON ARTHUR M. G1GN1L1.1AT B. and Ill. A.. Emory l7Ilil'C rsify fl. B. in Erlucrztion, lf71il'l'l'Siffl of f:l'Ol'f1flI .-1. B. llllfi M. .-1., U11i1'z'rsify of Gvorgirz .f1.B. in L. S., Emory Ur11'1'vrs1'ty iii! -4-P' A91 Qarw MM? Wyman. QM... J qaffczfg ROBERT M. STRAHL MERLE M. BRICK ARTHUR T. KO1GAKL1s .-LB., Muslfingzmz Collvge B. S., Birminglmnz Soutlurn Collvgv B. S., Gv01'gz'u Troll M. B. A., Ohio Stutr' L77I'i1.'f"l'Sff.Il M. B. .-1., Hrzrzwlrrl fffllflllllft' School of Q13 Businwss .flllllllnlll'Nfl'Ilfl'UII A: J- w, Vwzffdmiaf- 51440, STACY Kmcu NELTA BECKETT JOHN P. DYER and M. .-1., NOI'f1lZl'f'.Qf4'l'Il l'niz'vVs1'ty Svcrvtrzry B. A., Bryson College Vanishing Veterans B. S., M. A., Peabody College Plz.D., Vmulcrbilt University 'PQ X f fi L1 MRS. MR. MRS. MR. FRED Lvss ANDREW Ixcuzs HUGH STI-IPIII-INS Joux W. MCNEILL C141 S FH M HES Sophomorvs SUPIIUJIIDIIE l'l..lSS 0l"I"ll'EllS I If :fluff - SIG ROBERTSON Im 1'ws1'flwft FRANK MANER fflrgf - WILLIAM CONE 71 nw ll'l SAM BAILEY llijj i Xmxxvw- 1? .,M xNw N XxXXxxNxxx RXXv -- '---N xx +'X KW f . . , NN 'Mff 4 ' ' xv! f Xx,NX,x'x lim.. addy!!! - fm,umm,n"f5ifW1!lwn,- ..... MWMI1 w,,,.,4 ,,,,,,,W,yf1fffff''ffffffyfhf' A ' , x fxbp N ,,,, sk HW 485 if ii.-4 . f I l If f f" f rdf wxxQ'S- W. WW"""Lv- 1ff ff fffff f f-fff f wwf f,,. ,,,,,WWw1ff I C179 W f - X eq in I-"dv if H I 4 f ,I III I ' ' III. I If I II, I I Il, IN I, I II is II ll It II. If IIE If IPR i I Isl I I ROBERT W. AIIAMS, JR. Dean's List, '38, '39, '40, Armstrong Chapter of A.A.C.H. IAmerican As- sociation Collegate Hitch- hikersb, Scholarship Win- ner of College Competitive Examination, 1938. RLITII ALEXANDER Gc'r'c11c'e', '39-'40, Picture Editor, Foreign Relations Council, '39-'40, Irzkzvcll. '39-'40, Music Club, '39-'40, Citizenship Institute, 110. FRANCES LOuIsE ANDERSON Delta Chi. IMOGENE ARANDA Orchestra, Rifle Team. VIRGINIA ARDEN Alpha Tau Beta, "Family Upstairs," "Theatre of the W,.,WSoul," "Stage Door," "You Can't Take It With You," Junior Theatre Board, '38- - N NSRmxxxxwwwwkxxmmmxyxmxmwm 1I1llrlf1f! y w 1 ff! I 1 I ROBERT EDWIN BAGGS A I Radio Club, '39-'40, Senate NNW I Representative, '40, Foreign ,lx Relations Council, '39-'40, Pro- i I gram Committee: Head Cheer I Leader. '40: "Paths of Glory," '40, 1nl:u'cll Editorial Staff, '40, I Homecoming: Committee. '39- i l '40, Chairman Homecoming Parade. '40, Dean's List. "Union Baggs" . SAMUEL H. BAILEY Homecoming Committee, '39, 4-H Club, President, I '38-'39, Music Club, For- I eign Relations Club, Trea ,I II 5 I II I surer of Sophomore Class, JJ! I '40, Inkwellg Art Club, K 4 Bowling, Softball, Rifle. ,N I I I 1 BETTY BAINBRIDGE lg' . Delta Chi, Home Eco- I nomics Club, Tennis . Team, '38, Basketball, '39, '40, Dean's List. II X . II . I ELINOR STROBHART BAKER It Glee Club, Home Ec. Club. "Lynn" ld, 1 III' I lil I I I I I CAROLYN BALL President Alpha Tau Beta, Co-chairman Tea Dance Committee, Leap Year Dance Committee. If '39, Armstrong on the ff' Air, '38-'39, I7Ilf1l'l'Hj Glee ' I' Club. I Z r X X ' 5 X I MwilwllllllllllllllllllIwi IIII I IIII N -W H , X X X., N xxxxx N N tl fffff f ff H 2 ff ffff f I', .- - xx.- IIIIII IpI mkmxxxxkll XX H I" y uf 1' NX XXOANWXXXXX H, hx g.4Ii.II , 4 'I 3 ,T-.I iYf',f' I Q "1 rx J X, I Q 1 ffffffilfyw , I I ,W I 'I., . ..--' II I IIII II .llll .II IIIIIIWI III ' ""f I I 4I2W!ACWffffffw'f fi I. - I I I I 1 II I - I I IIIIIII H . , , VI N l LEE BENNETT WIIIII JANE XXIINTLR BYRD II 'Ill Dean's Listg Foreign Re- U Foreign Relations Councllg W", III' lations Councilg Citizen- Dean? Llstv Home EC- I I Ship Institute, '40. I Clubg Geac-live Staffg Glee I II III Clubg Music Clubg Rifleg I rl. to II "Good News." -QQ-V , , "' III "Jug Bird" I I I 'I If ,II I IZ., I " I XI II' IIIIII I ARTHUR BYRYEQ Ik LILLIE MAE BLANTI 'II ' ' I' Delta Chig Basketball, T385 I I' ogglglpetl-E3?tl,33f glllilglrlgiclli . 'tr . I I ' 4 Tea Dance Comnw ee Il, mural Footballg Indoorg I "Strau-berry Bowlingg Rifleg "Good, II News." ,JI WI I ulleftyn I .M I, YI I II ,I l,IiII I I II I I II ELEANOR BOYD III i JOSEPH G. CHRISTIAN TIWI l 77 ' I ' Ill Home Ec. Clubg Dean's "Chalk DUSt 9 Rlfle' III III Lisrg Glee Club, '39g ..J0f,. I III- Rifle, '39. I I III ' -.sf II, II I I . I ' I I CAROLINE BUMANN RUTH CHRISTIANSEN I I 'I I A Alpha Tau Beta, XYice 'lie-an's List:' Senate: Senior :XIX Presidentg Leap Year CH'e'lf'e Bffml' I 'W D Committee ommittee. 374, frflfhf-4, .. yls., M, I. ance ' Art Club: lnl.'u'vII, 2 yrs.: ,I IIN Tennis Team, 2 yrs.: Fencing. 'M I '4Ilg Rifle. '39: "Night Must WI I F Il." "Ch'lk D sz," "Th rv II mv gf the Sodulf' 'lllood Nexiifle 'III I ' "Stage Door." "You Can't Take I It With You." "Personal I Appearance." Il I II III Il III I BETSY BYINGTON A. J. CoHEN, JR. Vxsmilgzsxzzt5.1::.z':f:.?1?:fI Hilfe. I . . . . , .ommittee First Annual I II' ehalrman Tea Dance Commlt' Homecoming: Music Club: For- I tee? Omcel' of Alllha Tau Beta? eiyrn Relations Council, '39: M l ' ' Citizenship Institute: Chairman I-'em-ing, '39-'4IIg Outstanding I, of Leap Year Dance: Foreign Sophomore. . . 1 . V I Y V Mr, V HPOIIVH I M Z "Good News." JI' "Miss Betsy" X X l X ' X X W X I KK WhlhlwllxllllwwxyIxumu-Is -VI N l X WXXxXXNXW lmlI X I I .I N fffffff' ,,,,,fffM ! X fy Ns f I 19 , e 'IMIQFF ' NXIWwwmmmxxxxmxxmxxxmxmliimli. Illi...X 9 'U ffl I XE A n .",,nIII ned 5-UI? llllllflfjyy I ,f 1111 I 'll . "ll II I 'wif Wffwfffffffwf f ' ' ' ' W N I , W X I NANCY LOVETT COLE ELIZABETH M. CRUMBLEY III Home Ec. Clubg Fencingg Alpha Tau Betag Rifle, 'film' ' Irzkwellg Geechee, Business '39g Fencingg Foreign Re- ,II N Staffg Foreign Relations lations Councilg Glee Clubg , I' Councilg Alpha Tau Beta. Music Clubg Leap Year Must Fall." I HBetty7Y I' I I II III, J I WILLIAM H. CONE HASSELTINE DAVIS I It Secretary Freshman and Delta Chi. Freshman II I Sophomore Classes: President Student Colihcil' Basket- I Foreign Relations Council. '39- b H ,39 ,110 I '40: Associate Editor, Gvcch1'e'. a ' - I '39-'40g Senate Representative: UI-lash" f . III Mufic Club: Citizenship Insti- Jil II tute: Homecoming Committee: 'K I Glee Club: Dean's List: Fenc- I ing, '38-'39. I I I I I I , I K ELLEN CORY ROBERT DELOACH I I I Home Ec. Clubg Glee Clubg Fgotball, '37, '38, '393 I In 4-H Club? B0WI1Ug- President 3rd Year Classg I' Moron Clubg Monogram I Clubg senaneg Softball, ,f Ir '37, '88. Y J II i ' I I I" A GEORGE CRONEMILLER lIlAE DRIGGERS I III Glee Club Accompanistg Glee Clubg Armstrong I' Music Clubg Dean's List. 5 Sextetg Home Ec. Clubg S wr r. 3 Ld 'ISunslzine" "X I I .Q I+ I I III fi I In I JAYNE ELIZABETH CROSBY HELEN Rim-TE EDEL Rifieg Inkwellg Alpha Tau 'I Beta: Dearfs List: ,Leap ,Q Aciiigcliigiiligsfeivgmnilzir II' Year Dance Committee- -'O lations Councilg Music 1ITT""IT""" Club. If 'S If X . WIIIIIIIIXXNXNXIIWIIIII I..I I II.. 1 NI . X X Nxxxxxx X m 'N f'f" ' " C 20 D ffffw Dance Committeeg "Night I xxxxxxxxWWXKNXXXYNXNNXWXXXWXWXK .U N f Milli f xm xxxx N, F N I I q.,1I"" A l N W ffff!yf QW R W , , 5 T "" , fflm 'Q' A1 aY1"' "mf" ,ll l X f x ll M Wwlwwfwfffwffffff """" N T ' 3 rw! I ' A L W 1 DAVID R. ELMORE WM' Jour: C, GARDNER N Dlll. Intramural Football and lm Treasurer 3rd Year Mull Softballg Homecoming l Commerce Class. W W Committee. 1' T HA' ill r alt, P All , W v l 1 lj E , lm r l ZA I l 1 lll, A lb' DOROTHY FAWCETT 'M' , SAM GARDNER A Alpha Tau Beta? Jl1U.i0I' 'l ' Glee Clubg Foreign Re- f Thea-tl? 3021115 MUSIC H W lations Councilg Rifleg l Club? C1'C1Z9HShip II'lSti- l Citizenship Institute. ll mute, '39g Radio Board, '39 T g,, URufuS,, ,, M uDOtvy I X V l I i 1 Al fl + A x A i It " K A l W l l ANITA RHAE FENNELL XVILLIAIVI A GLASS JR ll' A . , . .Q 'Q E3l'lIlllgef5f,"2f2'Q'S1wf"faalfuilfis Football, '37, '38, '392 ' l' President. Delta Chi: Busines. Pfesldenta Monogram E Manager. Savannah Playhouse Clubg Senateg Moron 1 Senior Member Theatre Board Club? "Paths Of Glgryf' ' ' Freshman Student Council: , Senate: Secretary. Assembly "Bill" C 'rt :C". sh'vC - W mi?5::llLZjp X:e:1?nDanIce Cbnm- f mittee: mae Club: Music Club B. S. U. Cguncg Mhember: Out- 'll stan ing op omore. ly' "Totsie" I 1 'lm Lg3N FORDHAB1 FRANCES HOWVARD GNANN 'lx fl Freshman Queen, '38g NX W Alpha Tau Betag Rifleg ,Ml f Leap Year Dance ,N l Committee. Q Www ' H" L I 'll r W KATE HELEN FREEMAN IDAULINE GOOCH X l Dean's Listg Foreign Re- Th B - F ' l. lations Councilg Clee Club igggiliogsrgguncgilgn -mmm,--Instltllliiitlzfigg Staff! Treasurer, Inkwell, '39. X? VI "Katie" Al' ff V X X X X f f X K Nxwmxxxmxbxxlllwlxlllllmmx -W N XXXXXX l -E 421, Xa ,, W WllllllXXlXXXXXXxxxxxxx xxxxxx xXwm R,RRXwxmwxwxmxxmxxxxmmmxm N wffff0 ,WW W l 1 MARY HoLBRooK X Home Ec. Club, Basket- dmnxk ball, '40, Glee Club, For- eign Relations Council. X UM. Holbrook" X fl y MAY DU BIGNON HOWARD jj Transfer from G.S.W.C. f Secretary of Alpha Tau Beta. fl I Y Rl in ml RICHARD SIDNEY IHLEY th Football, '38, '39, Manager Basketball Team, '39, '40g i Softball, '39, Treasurer X Monogram Club, "Good ,ff News." KlF7,og!! 1 ELEANOR IRBY Basketball, '39, Glee Club, M '38, '39, President Delta: f Chi, '39g Homecoming "' , Committee, '39, Vice President 3rd Year Class, Citizenship Institute, '40, "Good News." V W I Business StaH', Geecheeg 1 g f FRANCES EUGENIA J AMES Delta Chig Home Ec. Clubg Foreign Relations Council, 1 st Homecomin Committee. Y' I niwannyyr 4lJameSrs If? M f l I E it , I 1 . .- ,itwxXNxxxwrQQmxmxxtt N m xXwXvm,NW X N Ml Ju!! -If-,.,f x QBN, xxxxx N X X XlXXXXNNmNbXXtWxNx ff ll ',,, X iv '. I' X , ft r ' ,C ?'1'gTI' m ll ,. X A st it I I' M it i l 1 Y X t, ui--fb, I 4 ,,f-, wwf ,,.-,fW,y,f I ,iyyry V, I ,W X WWI' wMWaLWWfWf!M!,,,,,WN 1 il -e ,,..m I l tllllllu . I 1 t lllttll ll l l N N M N Y bt l 'ii V l ll, FRANCES Louisa KING Will, ll RIGHT Ulf? Treasurer, Home EC, Club, l I I Intramural Football and ml '39, '40, ' Softball. 7 'iFl'Hll7llC',' i X l' ln l i. ' l un Ji ii alll' . 1 I lt NW if NN RUTH ELIZABETH KLINGON 'I' ' Enwix S. Li-:NNox ' tt Alpha :fall Beta? Rifle! llean's Listg Senate, For- H Leap Xear Dance Com- eign Relations Councilg l mittee? Homecymllie i President, Music Clubg 9' Q COIUIIIIUGQ, 39- Assembly Committeeg f , ' Citizenship Instituteg -"X . Fencing, '38, '39. 1 I W lt .' I i l I' , it X, AARON LANG Lsox LONGWATER M ll' UGIGC Clllbin Tennis Team, '39, Radio 'xi EV91'YmaH- Programg Member Stu- dent-Faculty Radio Com- t 5 mitteeg Monogram Club. 'C' 1-JVM tl! ,fi l 1 , I ei. 4 I. ff . li Jost-:PH H. LAUGHLIN, JR. FRANK V, MANER Qt in Orchestrag Intramural Ring, ':4X..'3w: Glee Club.. '3s. lf- Football and Softball' 39: Chairrnan Hiomecominir m. , Committee. 39: Senate: Vice ,,:' if 7, President Sophomore Class, N' l' ' 'KEN Student Council, '3S: Vice ll N t A - President, Armstrong Flying: xl . llttmn Club: "Good News," "You wi, Wy Can't Take It With You," 'ill ll' "Paths of Glory." N l i, M lu l , ALEX LANGSTOTN ,I JOHN C. MCCAULEY t Dean s List Radio Club h Glee Club Senate For i l'lT"""""' l lf X C K Wwllbttlixttieiii tt., ,.,.. l . X by t X M ,,,,,, , .. eign Relations Council Intramural Football and Softball Bottling Good News WNW l X 'll X X X X X Xxxxx YNXXmmX iRX N VX. ff xmxmww A, .lt-l.,, ilalllujl KNNNWWXQNWWWXyXyXXXXXXmNmWllIlh . lz..,x 3 'ff ul I 'sl -L-Lkglll If . ' 3 ?' : 1' H 'C Xfz.-I mr flu I flnfffffyfg ,f ffff I -gxi n vf K X :,,,,l, 'I If Wwffwfffwff f l .lp--I N iv ' "R " IIIIIIIIIII I I V II ,A ' ELIZABETH A. MCCREERX' WIWII AGNES E. MEISNER ll .. Nl III" Foifffld?Sl'afi,O,fffecgSQ.tflinliH Gewleef Business Staff? H I W Club: Music Club: Citizerlshil , Forelgllilolliilaisionglggunclli N I s ' , ZZ Y 'sg H ' ' 34 - - I tzsigliia, 2'::,s2:1:. II HA . ,. I I Leap Year Dance Committee, X ggze ill I llealfs List: Tea Dance Com- Ill ,l mittee: Glee Club. E wi., L I UNH nn V I ! it I I hx W ll II'I 7 I , I I , " Nt BEVERLY MCFARLABD III ELIZABETH K. MYERS I Delta Chig fi676'C'lI6'6', Busi- M' Senior Member Theatre I I ness Staffg Basketball. Boards f4Night Must Fallyw I II "Chalk Dust," "Theatre o IU 'Il' the Soul," "Good News,' Jjf 1 I 'Stage Door," "You Can't l I Take It With You." I ri ugetsyu li . , I I.. 'I IVIX. I ll I Nl IIXI ROBERT C. MCLALTGHLIN BYRON NEWTON It It Football. '3N, 'liflz Alt. Captain "Fig" ' I '39: Basketball. '39-'4Ilg Ii f:f'1'f'h!'l', '39: Sports Editor, '-1II I Sports Editor. Illlrllwlll Out- If ll standing Freshman Athlete: ' l Secretary, Morlolzram Club: Homecoming Committee, '3N: I Softball. Il "Bob" I I I I . fl MARY NICPETERS EVELYN PERFECT - Il I llalta Chig Basketball, Home Ee. Club: Dealfs , Captain, 39. L1St- MA' I II. II I I I ADELE MEDDIN I VINCENT PINCKNEY I Editorial Staff, 1a1.-tt'tf11,- ' Football, '38-'39s Captain ll Business Staff, Gctfclltlcg ,N A of F00Ilb2-11, '39,3 All-State WWW. Music Club. an Gltillgdl H39- I! ug I , X X lWllllllllllllNXXXXXlxllx xllllll-lll- -ly l xNNWW It M ffff f ff C 24, ' 'TQ N If f WXXXXXNN X N'KNxxNwSx.I .1 I. I-1, Jill.. X Af .,' ' Xxxwxxxxwxx 'Iu,.,,x I "ff ' mi 5 1 7 ""' ' A 1 "' ."'l l WWWW . , "-. m ' f "eff A, WffWW!!l!wffw f ' I FT" V ' I EUGENE CARLETON POWELL jill' Inkwell, Foreign Relations Council, Citizenship Institute. Y W., X, MARIE CONDON POWERS . Home Ec. Club, Basket- hx ball, '39, Fencing, '40. in ul ii 1. u THOMAS M. PRICE, JR. ii, Basketball, '38, Glee Club, lt '38, Bowtie Club, Intra- mural Football, Softball. ', "Collinsville" ' r l '. I CAROLINE RABB V. i Dean's List, Home Ec. Club, Foreign Relations gf Council, Citizenship Institute. I 'l I CATHERINE RANITZ l Foreign Relations Council, 1- Music Club, Home Ec. 'mmm-Club, Citizenship Insti- tute, Fencing. l il lf K X Wwllwlllitlxxxxxxm .li... t R... W 'll I X xWxxx WWNXNN Il YJILLIAM FRANCIS REAGA N il Glee Club, 2 yrs., Theatre My Board, "Paths Of Glory," t'PersOnal Appearance," X flf'l'C'llf'C Staff. A '-Billy" 'li fl jl y JAMES M. REED, JR. Radio Board, Rifle, f President, Glee Club. .1 qv M in xl FLORENCE RUBIN Theatre Board, Foreign ', Relations Council, X Gccclzce, Business Staff, 4 Glee Club, Dean'S List. " "FIossif"' .ffl I MARION JENNINGS RICE Deanls List, Citizenship Institute, Foreign Re- ,M lations Council, Business M Manager, Inkwell, '39, '40, ll l Gcechec Staff, "Paths 1 of Glory." NATIIAN A. ROANE Basketball, '39, Tennis. "Nat" ! X . l I, -f M ,,,,,, , ffff ffff f X X, 'X Xllnu' i ' RxxxxXXXKWKXNWXWXXXXXXXXmxwmwxXXNX . lilliux N' "M I 1 W ' S .fi 0 C Qi -LXMRQL -. 1- ': A " QQ... ,., 4, ,I K ,f fffff , l l "1 ""-" f' X nwff!0 .,,, x Wffwffffffwff 1 I 'penn fly is li nu' IW! 1 ill l "P 4 X llllnlly ' L SIEGVART J- ROBERTSON Wfllflil ' EUNICE SEAWRIGHT l Pr s'd F' sh Cl' ss! ll ,, . illlll P1'eEsiileiiitSol1?ho22i?e Cilass: ll lim' Home EC' Club' 'MK President Aviation Club: Chair- H 'l fl man of Senate: Dean's List: ll1 w N jf Homecoming Committee: Insti- 1 l 1, l tute Committee: "Paths of YH l Glory 3" Outstanding ll, 'N if Sophomore. XXL, ,I masigvn EVW I 1 l ll 1 L W ,, ,ly limit I NX BARNEY SADLER l'h',,X KATHRYN SMALLBONES ll Glee Club- T Delta Chi, Business Staff I 'X of Geecheeg Bowling. l JT T -'cllickew' I A lll' x I Vi l X l 1 , w , f. lp X X X, ALFRED SCHWANEBECK CONSTANCIA SMITH Xl IX IDean's List, Bowling Geec1,eeX ,403 Fencing? 'Xl IX Team. Art Club, Homecoming "Une" "Esquiirz"' Commlttee- X lp "Micky" ,ll I ,li ff f FRANCES CAROL SCHWEIZER MARGARET SMITH ' ffl Secretary Home Ec. Club, Home,-ville, Georgia 'X 1' Glee Club. H H A Y iff ll' li lllmvk l I lg' l X l l lXll ff 'l ALICE JANE ScoT'r BETH SOLANA i I Glee Club, '39, Fencing, Alpha 'Tau Beta? Rifle '39, Rifle, '39, Music Club, " '39, '40g Home Ec. Club, mrwwfilpha Tau Beta, Foreign Relations Council, Leap Year Ball Committee, 40. '4Scotty" ff 1 X WlllNllWXXXXxxxw lll.ll.,llll ., 'K N x X X Team, Leap Year Dance l Committee. ttttttt wwW "" " 1263 X WkwNxxw.,. Ar' MII." 'JWIIIUA .,,, gs YXX F In Ynlndllv I qt , I Wwwwffwfffffw' f"" N I ' SARAH FRANCES STREET Glee Club, Home Ec. Clubg I Foreign Relations Councilg I I A Inkwellg Gevclzee. II' "Pflq1li" 'I V I I I ,II I IN GERALDINE TILSON II President, Delta Chi, I 'X Theatre Board. p ".lvrry" I. I III ,II I I. I In II FRANCES R. VANNERSON I Dean's List, Glee Club, II, '39g Theatre Board, I "Stage Door," Citizenship I, Institute. llF'I'Il1l7IIf',, I, I I 4, HOWELL T. VVALKER I Rifleg Secretary, Arm- ,I strong Flying Club. If "Hal" 1 I " I Hun: I I . fit: A I yn fr" .f . ..v H. I WWIIIIwxmixxxxxmxxIIIIIIIIIIIIIWWNN S' XIII !ffVf I I Iwi-J ,f ,U WI-. II. nu 'I MII. III II III II' ,'II I , I II, I I I I if JOE W IIITTLI-1 Citizenship Institute Wm, Comlnittee. III I I III I II II I SARAH E. VVILKERSON "The Family Upstairs," I "Chalk Dust," "Good News," "You Can't Take It with You," "Personal X Appearance," Theatre 'I 'II' Board, Inlfwellg Senateg Art Club, IJean's List. I I III JACK WILLIAMS my I WI W III I CLAUDE MARION IVILSON I Senior Theatre Board, Publicity Manager, Savan- nah Playhouse, "Chalk ff! Dust," "You cam Take It IX' With You," Homecoming III Committee, Founder-direc- III -III tor Armstrong Radio Pro- I gramg Composer, "On- , ward Old Armstrong," "Most Likely to Succeed," VI I Freshman Class, '38, WI I JULAINE WALKER JOIIN SAXTON VVOAJFE, JR. I F ' 5 R' . I Foreign Relations Councilg encmg I e II Tennis Team, '39, I IT' I Z rdf, II' I II W K WIWNWIIIIIIIIXXXXXIIIIIIInw- .W X XXN XmN ,I I ,,,,, , , 1 27 y ffff K W :ix V ' NKWNNXNXXNXXXXYMWWNNKN 1 W ', Q3 . X ix' ...,,,,,, , ,,,,,M . WWWWWff1m1W,,,,, 1 I . .... ' ll X f ' W I I I N 1 111113 ' 5 1 .1 ELISE ANN XVHRTSMAN Wim JANE WR1GH'r A Wy, Freshman Associate Ed 'N' Home EC- Glee "NW I:1l.'11'1II' "Ch' lk Ilu: " I QNX AK I N " S ur ' l h 'e W Bo ed Edt 91 15 II I an 111 Ng 1 L C h 1 ez 1 tY D C i .N 1 11 V' ' WL! H 1' W1 1 1 1 1 H, I SN fl D11 H NHT! " Ji, ' li W I 1' 1 iq , X 1 "1 'u Ll 11 ,, 1 iw 'M I In Nlvmorium 1 . 111 11, 1 1 11 11 W' ' 11' 1 1 1 I ik X7 11 1 'mWrU""" 1 ,1 ROBERT MILLER X 1 X 1 WWNNWNXXXNXxxxxxx 111.x1.11111.1 N XXXXXXXX w WW ffff - 428, f ffff f i 1 X f . -' WESM M EMR 'iv iibifdxxjf ,W E V if 1 , ,ff fc! tg , .iva- XX rn! q v ' V K X Ju, wa, A, ,, n Q.. ' 4 ' R , ,fix X, rv, 'T 1 r E 'V-j -4 if If wx! , WX 1 fa J -' + 1 V M A K I 1, 2 M N 129i Frvshmvn ,gan FlIESHJl,l,' Prvsirlwzt ,. If zcc I'rv.s Svcre fa ry T 7't'flNlI re' r vnf Y fl ISS 25. 0l"l"ll'ERS JAMES BENTLEY BETTY MCMILLAN DOROTHY FINCH HUGH MILLER X X XXxxxxX A Wifwwmfffll ERNEST BABANATS Savannah, Georgia DAVID BARNETT Savannah, Georgia YVILLIAM E. BEHNKEN Savannah, Georgia DORIS BENTLEY Savannah, Georgia J AMES BENTLEY Savannah, Georgia E. H. BLAIR Savannah, Georgia 1 ' NELL BLANTON Savannah, Georgia ...Ill x X I 1 , 'Mew xxNNXWXKNNNXXNXXNXXXXWNNWXXXNN Xxx XF' uni, fl 06 nmglll 5 i 1, I Wx, l x I 'inf In I ' "--. .. --" l ' 4 In gullnm f ' Mmm HERBERT BLUMENTHAL Savan nah, Georgia LUCY BOWYER Savannah, Georgia MARGARET BOYD Savannah, Georgia JEAN BREWER Savannah, Georgia MARJORIE BUNTYN Savannah, Georgia FRANCES BURTON Savannah, Georgia. . COURTENAY BYTIIEw00D Q Q Z Savannah, Georgia W WNNNNNXXNXNXxxmxx ,IY.xI.I,,,Y. N , x XXXXXXX M "f" ' ' , 31 , """ ' T, A jjlv. I X XW,NWN Jl,,,..- M ww Amxxxxxxxxxmmmmm rw 4- 1, an YY ' .. J 0 Mo! M A HHMX 6 "I ' fxb 1 xg:." mr :ll ' fwlflflnufffay , Wwffilfffffffwffffff W1 fn I , 1 mmf RUTH CARa,1LL HARRIET DAVIS ! .,f f ' Savammlz, Gvofflia ' W1 A Chicago, Illinois ,xx Q -.. T N fi 429- Tv' ' 1 iv , A Y H iq I '.1 K 1 I , . ' T lp- , I T lf' 4 Tl ff'k- ' If Tx EMMA CLEMENS ,Y ' MARGARET DOUGLAS I, J N X. Srwruzzzrzlz, Georgia A Q 5' MU! BI00mi7?!lf170l0, Georgia 7 If , .-L Y 1 YQ. 'B A A 1 T 1 I fl ' I wx by ,Tl N, N - N W' I 1 Jil mr I JJ' lx ANN CIJINTON JOSEPH DUBOIS K 6 SILUIIJZIIIIII, Gvorgirl S""am'ahv Georgia on A T ' V . ' ln, K ... I' 1' 'I J A m' W I 'W lx Nxt MARGIE COFFEE FRANCES ELLIS Y Fort Pic,,.m,v Florida Sfzvmmah, Georgza M W' A A - TM I Nl iw' XVILLIAM COYLE MIRIAM ELMORE ! V SflUfl7l?lfl1I, Georgia SfLvf1'mf1h-, Georgia J! fl M N A 'H Y ,fff v r xv' f A H r' JOE CRAIG BERNYCE ENGEL 'Ni SfIl'flIlll!1I1, Georgia Sflvflfmflll, Georgia 1 W ni 'li T 1 H w" TfT""'ff""" JAMES DAVENPORT MARGARET FARRELL ,l I Snvllrlnrllz, Georgia r Q Sfl'l'fWUlflhy G90"'9iU IL, -1 I ' jo x X ' R WWNNNNNXXXXNXxxxxxx TTT.TTTTT.TT R X 'N X xv W fffff f 1 ff"'Tf -- 1325 "" ' ' f"' I W WW!!! -R, . . , II ll :S .A .fr wmwxw+. X.N.x K b KV I IMI -P xxkwwx A I w Q "maj f' 4 L fh . flfiffffafffffffff DIARY FEIIGER Savaznzalz, Georgia IPOROTIIY FINCII Sa1'am1alI, Georgia THOMAS FLYTIIE Sylvania, Georgia HERSCHEL FUTRAL Sazxannah, Georgia JOE GI-:NONE Macon, Georgia ARTHUR GNANN Savamialz, Georgia LEJNELLA GRAHAM Savarnzalz, Georgia NKWXXXWXXWNXNXXXXXxxxxxxxmu mx x .xxxx ' 4 l I .A ..,: A 'ESV A fi' HENNIE GRAYSON Sizramzala, Georgia HERBERT GRIFFIN Saramzrzlz, Georgia SARAH GRIFFIN Sll1'll717lll1I, Georgia MARTHA HAHN SflI'Il7IllllIl, Georgia PEGGY HAILE Savannalz, Georgia ROSE ANN HAMILTON Savarzmzlz, Georgia HOWELL HANSON Sa I'amIal1, Georgia fffffM! W Z 2, . X Jil , xg r f iii if Fixx xx I x ,f fd!! X . X X Xxxx wv xx ,,,,, , ,Q ffixf - IA, f'ff W .P I I QM ...., 6 -WM, QJJIIIFQ ' xvXxxxXWWW NXXXXWmYNmWXmmnx l5...X 9 "0 fl I I I I LI , QIQLIRQIL I ID 1' : I' ' ,QQM mr '50 " I ull 1 I I gn ...luv N, 1 1ffff I' yfyfflffffffff I I I E-5y,...:!' I I I "" I W I 'Im l I IIII I I Nh BOBBY HESTER I ARTHUR JOSEPH KLINGON ,,,,,,I I I ' Samrznalz, Georgia 'II I ,, 5 1 I Savarmah, Georgia II ' '4 5 I , XIII 'III ' ' 9 I I III 3' l I I' I III-Ir, , I N I I 1 I I I I ii MARX' HINELY f IW A, ANNETTE LASKY II! I IXIX Savannah, Georgia "' I II IIII I , - Sfwmmalz, Georgia Q II IIIIII G III I I I . , J I I I 1 W W if II I I" I Jil , ' MARY HOGEBOOM STERLY LEBEY III Il Savamzalz, Georgia I Savamzalz, Georgia It I I' II It V YI I 'I I I II. ELIZABETH HOYNES HELEN LEVINGTON X IIN Sfl'Ufl7l71flh, Georgia 4 Savannah, Georgia ,V II .aw I A I I III , I II ,III ETHEL KARSNER JANIE BELLE LEWIS l Im Savannah, Georgia SIll'1lll7IILl1, Georgia I IIII II I III CLYDE KICRLIOHTER JOE LIVINGSTON Iwi Sa Ullllllllll, Georgia LP -,'?N,. Srzvanrzalz, Georgia I II 'Aff 1' E j I I' I CARL KLEEMAN WALTER LOWE If , I Sa vannalz, Georgia Sa vamzalz, Georgia f If ' I N WIWXXXIWIWIIXNXNXXxxxIIwx ITIYII. -W ,I , X X xxxx X NX I q.s4I P ll' ,. N A .x .Q Nw..:1:.fANYxNNxXXXXxyMXX L T K mNAXxXxxxx xxxx i:l.qu l -'J xxxmw "'E"' X' .G ,M lfm ,ffffgku I 1 LX'..,,if'.f' I Y . I ., ,,,,. vu , V WWIWJQW ffffff ' x '---...av l NW " ywffwffffffwf 1 A ,Q W Www ,,,,,, T JW A I X Il A. R. MARINES .. fwfr CATHERINE MOORE A Sflvamzalz, Georgia t jf Nw 5115? T Srzvarzruzlz, Georgia f 'gt' ,,, N - if "' . Af it X 1 V ! I VN IULIA ANN MARSHALL WW - ERNI-ISTINE MURRAY H SIIVYIIHIIIII, Georgia P N Sarmznalz, Georgia W H wx If I LAMAR MCCLESKY ELLA NUGENT V Gllllfvflv Georgia I Savamzalz, Georgia I T I , Ag lk N' JU' T ,N N I JOSEPH MCMANLTS t SARA QWENS 4 Slll'fl7171flh, G4'07'.9if' in , ' 3 6 Sflfl'flll7Il1llf, Georgia iff!! 'l"'El . 4 - W BETTY MCMILLAN ELOISE PARKER i Slll'!l7l7lllll, Georgia Savarzrzalz, Georgia Y Mx Tk' ,MN 15 My 'UI JOE MENDES JAMES PATTERSON G Savannah, Georgia Sfll'fl717lf1,l, Georgia 4 4 ,W XV? ff U RAYMOND MONSALVATGE JEANNE PATTERSON f Sarnnmzlz, Georgia Sa:-mmnlz, Georgia My 1 ,A Lfn X A RL NW WXXxXNXXXWNNNXxXNmumu1 . V X N XN xwNmN VN M X fWffffff" "" ' "'W ' I W W 4 35, x ' . f RXS3N'fNNN'wS 6 'WN' -:JI-"'Q - xIxxxxxxxxxNNXXWWNWNKWYYWWxXmmxIIWXYM , n..,x e "4 4' I ff 'AIT Z I , A QI '5 g mf Qxihniql Ill! ff, flllllfllf I -"l . n "' If ! WI" I X w !fMwmf I in N I ' ,I I ' I X' II I In RICHARD PEVELER ik NIARGARET REYNOLDS ,LI Sm"mm'l" Gf'0"!l1'fl I X I' Sfll'Cl71.7?lll1, Georgia "H " ' I I' I A JI I ' A A 1 X I, ' I g I VIRGINIA PRESCOTT I III I PERRY REYNOLDS , M Savannah, Georgia 19 MI Sfll'fl7Z7IfllZ, Georgia y I A 5 WIA II I I l . MM' f 4- I H Em- 'I 1 I I Jil I LILLIAN QUATTLERAUM . VASC0 RIi0DEN ' I I SIIUIIIHIIIII, GCOVQIIL is Sf1UQ7171f1l1, Georgia I of I va ,l Y W I1 W I III I ADALINE RALSTON ZAIDA ROBERTS I V Savannah, Georgia 3 Sfwmmqlz, Georgia If I I I III IQ HENRY RAY CON ROBINSON, JR. l ly! Savannalz, Georgia Savannah, Georgia Xl .5 l X I I I ,ffx VI' MI H I I If I FREDERICK REISER VERA ROGERS I LN: Sazwnnalz, Georgia Savannah, Georgia I I I I 4 'U R' I' II' BETTY RENTZ JEAN SAUSSY If X Varnville, South Carolinrz ii Savannah, G90"'9ifl ML, 6 I- ' If y ' I I I , I , . WmmxxxxxmxxxxxwwxINNummm -Nu I .X X xXXxxXx b m ,Ry M ,, A fffff ffff ""' f ff ff! I 36 , r . K, ' f 4' 6 f ig 4 x f - f'A' A Z 5 3 Z X -.?! -xi A r F -- - N m - S Z :fp va P1 5' SQ -lr'-.jx 3 F' -- f 3 Z2 ri A : Q if 2 A Cn Q P If E' 2 ' 5: '1 :E 'N pq ' 2 ga 1' -- f - ' N -- : r' S m : 'F 5 52 5 " Kx CG 7 cn Q A 2 U N .-. - Q Q .4 -4' 2 l " Q .A 'G " 1, x F A Q O 7 9' ' ' ' '1 71 . F' 2 if 'N 5 - 1, 7 I' "Ivo E 'U R' 5 ' 1 ' : Q Z QV' N 5 m .I -' 1.-,fsfiy K 2 , 2. Q my- A S U: 5: r- : .., A4 ,gi imgl N31 2 F1 nt C F -if 'xnxx X I 2' 5: O S 5 Q ? ' Q E 2 E U2 - 2? SN X. -1' ,Ag A N U1 T U3 2 -v AY 3' X 2 E ., 5 ' 1 Q' ' 4 4 4' 3' ' - E .5 LL E ii .. : -4 3 -1 fi N .A .4 A - 4' '- i 3? f - - ' '4 Ati? 2 3 - - Q' 53354 E' P 'M 'x:"'- ,. .W - F ,N ,gr va '4 2 ff- " . H . f , - - W :-. A f . M. . F: F: Z .V r Q g E 3 Z . ,P 'fit'-fy S m A Z 1 -h A ,Q ' 5 - g ' ' ' V 2 E Q 2 v 5 . : 4 F5 uv 7' S . :J : m CD S Z : .- c A Z , 1 '-3 2- 2 T Q Z ' 53 Q f 1 2 5 P 5 1 : :S U7 E ' .Z 'U r 7 1- fi 'S' f 'V xfl L-4 j M 2 :A if I 3, " 1: 2 5 5 5 : 5 7 E 5 S P g P N'. '-0 v-A T Z Q q I x x U Q , ' C N' "' Tl , I -1 wg C' gi F 1 2 Q 2 1 -X' E 'J P1 X U3 L4 2' 4 E F 'x P4 ' U-1 I lf- N 'W 4 L' '44 he it :j f O E If 3 " Z i Q E- , 22 Lv 7 3, 2 K2 Q 5 a 5 2 21- f g in AA 1: f-A iQ, V " F 5: 5 A f E: 2 , 3 5 Li Z Q. fl -if-' X V Z Z 5 N'N g W 1 Z I T Y f x 1 X x X x xxxxxxsxxwin x'xx X X Q WW 4 NV ,. Vx!! X 1, ZW ! .373 CJ XI xx, MR V 3:21, U 1 I X W 4 X A: W M I ' WKNNWxXWNWXXNWXX XXwnM 'iualx A "U, or Sti r NX Wy ?Wf!Wlfff1ffffff ' '! - -" N Y W1 R 1 Jossru WATERS EARL WOLFE ,,,,,,f ff" Savannah, Georgikl K Savannah, Georgia M M r wil K lm I V ! u if EARL WVEATHERLY . RICHARD YOUNG y M Savannah, Georgia WU, , . , Savannah, Georgia X W ' ' ' 'ff N A .ae if 57 . N - ' Rli I , W' S W' iff . , ANN WILSON i I W dz' Savannah, Georgia i ki El 4. it" ,Kun Nl! Wi i fl. xxx ,V M 1 :ff N JM MM R uw Wm +1 , if I Iii W 'Mr y nk. W if j 'G Q1 X X X XkwXWWXWNXXXXXXXxxxxx sxxx xy wN X .x W,, ffffw 4383 rf- fs? 9' .J , I L I I I ' 1 , J L I ' f i 1 LNCS 6399 Armstrong Geechees in their of inter-collegiate football ha hard-fighting team. VVith but a few veterans around which to build his team, Coach Shiver, as- sisted by George Van Giesen and Walter Gilbert, produced a X fighting com- bination that Physical Education third season d a colorful, 11 f 2 m a d e e V e ry game a thriller. "Pug" Pinckney, guard and captain of the Geechees, was honored by being chosen on the All-State Eleven. From the first game of the season when the Geechees tumbled to hands of Gordon Military Co u il ' 'Q'- QXUJQZM ,Qwfffye 65555 X lgcgfigy ftjjldf 62 GZQJJ fafag ffm ffiflcgjl fea Y , ,wg f wwfwefd XXI ,f,,,,., W I QWZL !"C06f65.5'j67' cz izyd 12225 a fall at the llege's State 1403 tg, WZ? adhffe by yawn S X For Nlen L-3,4 Ig Champions until the final contest in which "Lady Luck" Mx Eafi presented the Profs of Georgia Teachers College with a victory. the Geechees failed to win :L game, despite their harcl-iight' ing and brillianf playing. ln the annual " Homecom- ing Classicn QQ-c-G D-as fffffl fglfcfc 7 if ya My iz Mizz?- 7T7 ff fx ' , y -MQW C' UUCic?t,t15 Cizzferyz 14-25 afafens l I .gg ZW, -. W7 Zaagifzkz cafcfzes Q palm Jffeffia fe Jbphzv b X Defoafi Apfzhaffdefffcfgkzff f fence the Marooi and Golrl again were defeatefl j the powerful eleven from Belmont Abbey. This exciting game was one of the best exhibitions of football seen on the local g'1'lCll1'OI1 in many a clay. 1411 Basketball f4---l- S I Q3 is fi! 'DG L.- Ba rn F21 65730276 .ff 5 I fffvaf !'7CLc 7 607'l?!07Z 'Q' -sa.. 3 2 Crazy H Sofia QJL lzfz f 9 After suffering thirteen straight defeats the Geechee cagers with but two veterans, Captain Bob Gordon and Alternate Captain Bob McLaughlin, came to life and in addition to advancing to the quarter finals of the State Junior College Basketball Tournament Won three out of the last six contests. Next year it is expected that the Geechees will return to their proper place as one of the foremost powers in junior college basketball in Georgia. Witli all but two of this year's squad returning for further competition and with some new material to fill in the empty places, Arm- strong should produce serious competition for the State Championship. 1423 Tvnnis 'PIR K 36 -r. W uc- .Q A N? --"S, -u..... X ,f OPLINGER, HARNETT, RDANE, REYNOLDS 0 R 1 f I 0 MANER, BRUSHVVOOD, REED, XVALKER, SIMON, BAKER, GARDNER 143i Physical Eduvution Dancing Ballet dancing is taught under the instruction of Eloba Thomson, outstanding dancing teacher in Savannah. The classes are divided into two groups, upper and lower. Basic and fundamental ballet steps are a part of the regular routine. One lesson a month is set aside for the study of the more famous ballets. In this way the pupils get a hetter idea of both the story and the music, and can appreciate the ine art of dancing. ln March the Ballet Busse de Monte Carlo gave three hallets: "La Boutique Fantasquef' "Gaite Parisienne" Cchoregraphies by Leonide Massine, who was director of all three halletsl, and "Carnaval,' Cchoregraphy by world-famous Michel Fokine, under whom our instructor once studiedb. The performances were given at the Municipal Auditorium and most of the dancing classes attended. JIEJIIIEIKS 01" lIA.Yl'l.Y6J G'l..QSSES ANIII:RsoN ENGIZL HINELY MURRAY HAKI:R FARREI,I, Hoossoom RALSTON EBBA OIJCSII-ZX THOMSON, I1mf1'nl't0V BALL IJEIYNELL LASKY RUBIN BIYNTYN FINCII LEBEY SMITH CARGILL GR.aYsoN LEvINGToN VANIIIVIJRE CI.I:M1-:Ns GRIFFIN LI-:WIS VANNI-3Rs0N Correa HAIIN M,xRsIIALI, XYILKERSON CRI'IIBI,I:Y HVILSON fppvr floss 4445 For Girls '.0lI'l'l' floss w Nl' . V' , x 'Sp -,4,f Riding Ulass rg? 3 w A-f gifwj 5 r i QA iii I 1-JEAN SAVSSY 2-MRS. RAINEY, Imtf-fu-for SI-B1-ITSY BYINGTUN 4-BARBARA STVLTS 31B1ARY TAYLOR 6-I-'LURA Evra 7-HELEN SCH R452 Basketball MOORE, OWENS, QUATTLEBAUM, VANDIVERE, BATCHELOR, Instructor, BOYD, HOLBROOK, BAINBRIDGE, MCPETERS Tennis The girls tennis team has not yet been fully organized, Coach Shiver says, but we can be sure that there will be some new material to go out for this sport in the spring. Ruth Christiansen is first in line to be number one player. Julaine Walker follows a close second. The rest of the team will be chosen from the tennis classes or from the newcomers of the Spring Quarter. Our camerman could not get a picture of the entire prospective team, but he did get a candid of the number one player, Auth Christiansen. As usual, there will be several local matches played and possibly a few out of town ones. 146, Fvna-ing F1-mn Ruff-: R.xx1Tz. Cow, SMITH. WURTSMAA. POWERS, Cumzx, Conf-If Bm-If Roux- HAILE. Cuxwox. P1sRmmMu, CRUMBLPH' Rifle Knw!iny.- McMxLLAN, SULANA, BOYD, PARKER, GNANN Sm,ffli,fg.- I-'r:1'Gr:R, Ql'ATT1,r:Biu'M, KLINGUN, ARAxnA, BVRTUN, Huvxrzs 1471 D, x 'gs 3 'U'-Q fi -, f -X Q' .- Q . A x , ' 2' , " ,- If .-6 -"ABQ --4' A .' - i f1"n-'F' 4, - . ' ,j'f'W .X ihvvx, ,Y My , X X 'Y 'T ,- 3' "Y A' ' . I i 'l,l'5. ,, 'f.'J. M X -' ' .QS D' Q . 'Q 1 x ' . 1 , ., M- :- 99X , L f v K 3 I S y u A F Q .V ffl A-Q J' 1 x MQ I nf X. if '-fJ- ,Q ..?,, 31n 1 -J . mx N I , w ,. J' 6. .-ga.. 1 1 . vm , ,, If 5 4 in 9 A ACM E 4 J E ANITA FENNELI, ANITA FENNELL ' ' ' ' ' Editor-in-C11 icf EDITUIKIAL STAFF - Erlitor-in-Chief RUTII ALEXANDER - XVILLIAM CONE - IRVING VICTOR - - RUTH CHRISTIANSEN BETSY BYINGTON 1 Picture Editor Sophomore Editor Fl't'S1Z77lfl71 Editor - Staff Plzotograplzer Assistant Plzotogmplzers DAVID BARNETT N ROBERT MCLAUGIILIN INIARION RICE - CONSTANCIA SMITH ARTIIIYR M. GIGNILLIAT - - Sports Editor - Typist - - Artist Faculty Arlrisor E 2 , I 2 I 3 1 The R- :sf-ex-2+-M-pre-We-a+:.w' ' --M - 'Q-. Smith, Alexander, Christiansen, Cone, Byington, Fennlell, Victor Not in picture: Rice, Barnett, and MCL3Ughl1H f5UJ Geccllvv A. HE J. COHEN. JR. LEN EDEL - NANCY COLE CATHERINE MOORE DOROTHY FINCH NELL BLANTON FRANCES BURTON STHRLY LEBEY JANE BYRD AGNES MEISNER S0 I. - - Businvss Mumzyw' .'iSSfSffl7lt Business Manager IFITIIIKSS ELSA SCHWEIZER FRANCES JAMES KATHRYN SMALLBONES ELOISE PARKER JANIE BELLE LEWIS FRANCES STREET BEVERLY MCFARLANO FLORENCE RUBIN ADELE MEODIN A. J. COHEN. JR. Bnsinwss MllIIlIfjl'l Seated: Cohen, Finch, Lebey, Edel, Burton, Blanton, Moore, Byrd, Street Standing: Meisner, Lewis, Schweizer, James, Smallbones, McFarland, Cole, and Parker Not in pictu-re: Rubin and Meddin Q 51 J November l IIE KWELL with the the Smmh Play- ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE, SAVANNAH, GA., FRIDAY, Duc. 15, was Number 3 vom.. v house presentation of "Stage on November 1-4. Armstrong Junior College entered upon n vvry active month. Before tho final perfornmnce of the play, David Barnett, Bill Pen- ny. and Irving: Victor left for Ath- ens lu attend an lnstitutv fm' Junior College cdxtors at the Uni- versity. Named on Nfl'-'crnlwx' .Z, ilu- llomecoming F-rnnutts-Q nu-1 two days later to vlu-gt Frank Nlzmor uhznrmnn and to lay lllillli fm' the -eeumi lllllllllll 1-dn-bzatiun at the college, November G saw Dr. John P. Dyer returned from Lexington, Ky.. and I1 meming' uf' the Southern llxs' toricnl Society where he was select- ed chairman of the program com- mittee for next yP:1r's meeting. Armistice Day was celebrated with Dean Askew delivering an ad- dress bo the student body on No- vember 9. On the some day, Tile?- mn Bryce, Shakespearean actor, gave a dramatic recital before the Englislrclass. November 10 brought forth the announcement that Julius Lands- ' COMING EVENTS Final E ll Quarter Freshman U. S. and War - Fa Quarter Class:-Q Be N Institute of New Workers X Hlflcn F Qavistam lfieecheo. . 1 FH' 'have M-rn t ,U I' staff, as business mu: ncll. pdibol, ,Q At registx quanm, - -Pietan by .lan Plnldhs ' avian-sa than hear .lullna Laadakq, .1-gg ,ggi gg. Alexander eiblall the vnu-lauv anna at untill la and aa: in rltht. an Sli Doberman. Nathan Banca. all .huh takm mia Youna'andAr1-larbavlaazeiatbaeabil: undecided ass Begins Actual 3121, the Q, Winter Quarter surf has its 5 Ahead of Nifwlrs 2 wt BUSINESS MANAGER AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF gge3inStg1g 1-ina' an Pndafkk labor. Bovdl. Walkar. haul ld ifezgtlgd 33 Pfinwd in m the winter quarter should find Armstrong'a 0. . g' ' . O , aviation class oegmning actual flying at Strachan Skyways, aviation course, whxch began No' K hf P rf . . . vember 134 fQCy CGC S 2 OTITIGRCC according to Julius Landsberguground school .mstructorz v The D. ,. . .. .Me ,. I I' -I I- .I . 7 hi, I, , M- A D..- J.--4:-.. Already ahead of many sxmxlar classes ln the state ln athletic rd ab' member l1'fl'lft7l'-llhfvllllVIA Elite XYOLISFIHIII I-Ifrlzunyf 1-jf1if,,,- - - Sarah wYllk9l'S0Y'l ey will dent, I - . . . A V. '- Smugm Illarlagmg Iwlatm Ilfllld Bfunett 1ff'l'01'fl'1'N - - Nancy Cole. Betty McMillan. FS- Ml'- Laughli H'fN"'f'NS MflHf1!Jf'I' - M2ll'i0I1 Rice Frances Street, Harriet Davis, Jeanne Patterson, A".R?' Ihley. t ,lssisfanl Ihmimws .lluuagf r Sara Owens William Coyle, Betsy Myers, Emil Blair, Adele wtigrsi .-lr1z'rrtixing .llllllllfll 1' - - Miriam Elmore Meddin, Joe Livingston. Claude VVilson. Ruth ' coming. Sports Editorx - - BDI, Gordon' Bob McLaughlin Christiansen, Edwin Lennox, Ella Nugent. Sam ndsberg Feeling Tvrllnir-al .lsxistunf - - Ruth Alexander Halley' Y much :Siem Cnlunuzistx - Jayne Crosby- Ed Bznrlls Ah1,.,,,A,jsf,lg S0lif'if0I'N ' - ' David Barnett' :gd abogia Bill Penney, Peggy Hziile Irving: Victor, Catherine Moore ,Qnodel - - I Sgful BS ll!ed Gd 8 H218 Pflmde- in Wl1iCh Alpha The romamic angle' was taken' Hugh Taylor, in the Part of Mr, axrport SHWFGHY Y-F101-' 008211 U10 xox' demonstration xn class work". Tau Beta won the prize for the fam uf by Humlpy gqbmvgson and Kirby, proved that he is both ver- study of Plane Construclion. and Ho added that the boys will be best deco,-ated from and Janie Bene, I KH... and His wife Mrs. latex' on wxll take up meteorology, civilian fliers when fhgy Complete Lewis for the best individual fm., A Q the course,and in no way connected Rain fell ,on enthusiastic rootcx-54 - A with the arnlye at the Armstrong-Belmont gzameugi f V TVOPNY that afternoon. Fumvitics endvd'l0f K ' J -1 For members of the aviation , , 4 1 - - Q with n dance Saturday nxght, ' " class to compete for, Joseph Pcrel- Mid-term examinations loomed larze November 21, just be-fore students were granted n four-day holiday for Thanksgiving, Initial appearance of the Glee Flub took place at assembly, November 30, just as the month of activities closed. lm 1 , B - stine. prominent Savannah business Shim Opinion L.l.....1..-- Open Squares Savannalfs beautiiled squares should not be opened for traile- so think a cross-section of students at Armstrong Junior College. Expressing the general opinion that other streets could be im- proved for straight tralfnc so that the squares which are "part of Sa- vannah" could be left intact, stu- dents approached on the subject uttered the following thoughts: Ed Biggs, sophomore: V"I!'s a nuisance, Lo go around the squares, fi. man, has given the college a hand- F some trophy which may now br , found in the college library. In ff EV addition to having his name en- Yw st graved on this trophy, the ouatand- lzk 0- ing hier will receive a small re- bg -fl. ward. of P" u. 11- Glee Club To Sing u Before Rotary Club nd Armstrong! Glee Club will sing da before the Rotary Club on Toa- I but it would spoil them L0 pavel xt through the centers: I think ' would be better to pave Drayton, Whitaker, and Haber-sham to make them decent enough to travel on." Sarah Owens, freshman: "l really 'don't think they should go to all that trouble to beautify the gquares :md ilwn want to open 1 day, December 19, according to Robert M. Strahl, director. Submitting a "report" on its progress, the Glee Club made its tix-st appearance before the student body in Chapel on November 80, when forty membera sang 'Going Home", from the New World Sym- phony by Anton Dvorak and Arm- stronfa "Alma Mater." An "A" and a "B" group com- pose the Glee Club as organized this quarter by Mr. Strahl. The "A" group, being the actual Glee Club, is the group which appears in pub- lic and is the only one for which credit is given. T 5: BI tl lr: sq . l- - . H --..- S I INKWELL STAFF 4 C H l The"'B" group is the training t, group, and here Mr. Strahl endeav- 1 - or-s to teach the fundamental opr gDl'lA:l'lll.t'U ny ,mas l.u1xe ncnuer- vwn--vu, rwww-1 xwvw- er, rresluenl, Lowe nas announced. eralicns which are necetsiry fm' 'son, librarian: 'J ihing it-A quite February 13-17 are the dates They will be part of a general pro- iall might-Ai' they keep rho sides scheduled for the third Playhouse gram which includa the taking of - - - .Q . .. l . .. .. . -l.-a.- .... L- I-.. ALA f1---L-.. smooth controlled tones. Promo- tions to the "A" group are awards IF..-ch.--rl A- 1.-Q. clung-5 Mavjesties H S f' FRESHMAN QUEEN, MARGARET BOYD R 0 y a l t y I . K' .fag N: PINCKNEY BOYD C 53 5 ID R A 'R' Sarannah The 1939-40 season of the Savannah Playhouse has been outstanding in more ways than one. Its director, Stacy Keach, has rapidly gained recognition throughout the South for his suc- L""f"'f"" H"f" Hf""'0" cessful productions during the past four years. Mary Peckham Keach has also proved herself an asset to the Playhouse as a director. l A new interest in the theatre nas been aroused among students and , STACY REACH audiences. Savannah people demanded professional performances and the casts had to see that they maintained these standards. First of the plays was "Stage Door." This was a good curtain-raiser for the season. Director Keach gave an outstanding performance in the second production "You Can't Take It With Youf' Several new faces also appeared on the stage in the cast of this show. VVhat followed gave the cast and the technical backstagers an idea of real work. Mr. l Keach threw restraint to the wind and produced the powerful anti-war play, "Paths Of Glory." In spite of criticisms that might have been made of the show, it showed definitely that the Playhouse is alive to current situations. As the "Geechee" goes to press, the fourth play is being cast. "Personal Appearance" is the climax of an eventful year in the history of the Savannah Playhouse. Good luck in the future! Tllfflfflt Bonn! Hgfflflf' DOWN 1. if li C549 DLX Playhousv 0l"l"ll'ERS I'vlI11H1lll.Yl' On f'IINf XII I I' 1'1' sirlwft ----- MARY EYLEIZ SI'm'r1111'gf - - ELISE WORTSMAN DIARY KI-JACII I"I.IlllIlt'I.1l1SCi'l'f'f1lI'jl - ERNESTINE COLE Svmztv R1'1II'f'.Wl'IlffIff1'!' RUTH CHRISTIANSEN llirvrftor - - - - STACY KEACH Sonior Board Junior Board GENE BURROUGHS REID CIIASTAIN RUTH CI-IRISTIANSEN EMILY CLARKE ERNESTIBE COLE MARY EYLER ANITA FENNELL AIIELE IQETCHUM CIIARLOTTE IWIOURI-I HETSY MYERS XYRAY POTTER FLORENCE RUBIN NTARY TAYLOR GERALOINE TILSON CLAUDE WILSON ELISE XVORTSMAN DOROTHY FAWCI-ITT TEMPLE FRIERSON CATHERINE GOI-LTTE PALLINE GIJHCII ELOISE GRAHAM Sc :TT GRAVEE SARAH GRIFFIN HENIJREI-I GROOVER BETTY MICHELS EIIITH MI'sT1N J EAN N E PATTERSI I N DICK POTTER BILLY REAGAN LEWIS ROBERTS HELEN SCIIIIICY CLAIRE STILLWI-1I,I FRAN CES YA N N HRSU SARAH WILIIERSON "You Can't Tulsa If With You" "Paths Of lfllllflfu C557 . ,M x . Social so f4'illll!il l .M ' ifltltffi ,lgj i :vm-4 . 7 l l Delta C h i With the motto, "Amitie du coeur et de l'esprit" as its goal, Delta Chi Sorority makes social life at Armstrong enjoyable for both sorority members and student body. The sorority shares its pleasures with the student body by giving an All-Armstrong Tea Dance every year. Another of its aims is "Congeniality" This is shown among the Delta Chi's in every Way, and at all times. The members show their love and loyalty to Armstrong by participating in as many ac- tivities as possible. Every girl can say that she is on the roll of some club or organization. Advised by Mrs. Stacy Keach and Mrs. John P. Dyer, the sorority had many social events during the year. Some of these included: Tea for Freshman girls, a Christmas banquet and dance, Spring housepaigty at Tybee, All-Armstrong Tea Dance, and a closing formal ban- quet and dance. in PI't'Sl'fIt'Ilf - l'2'c'c Prvsirlvnt Svcrvfflry and FRANCES ANDERSON LILLIE MAE BLAND BETTY RAINBRIIJGE HASSELTINE IJAv1S .ANITA FENNELL DOROTHY FINCII ELEANOR IRBY - A if - D D RALI FINE T 1 LSON .t j - - X gtgh. ANITA FENNELL LILLIE MAE BLAND X xtte SX. MEMIIE R 1 1567 FRANCES JAMES BEVERLY MCFARLAND MARY MCPETERS -ll S KATIIRYN SMALLBONES ELSA SCHWEIZER GERALDINE TILSON , CLEVE TURNER Sororities Alpha Tau Rota Alpha Tau Beta was organized in 1938 by CO11llJl11ll1g'AlIJll21 Tau Beta and Phi Delta Mu Sororities. The purpose of Alpha Tau Beta is to further social and intellectual interests among the students at Armstrong, to do welfare work, and to perpetuate the memory Of Joan Dodd. The social life Of Alpha Tau Beta began thi year with a tea in honor of the freshman girls. The other socials have been a steak fry, a lun' 1 .On in honor Of the new Oflicers, and the annual A banquet and dance held in the late spring. X X2 GTF F E Isl Svmostor 1 X 2nd Svnumlvr CAROLYN BALL ---- I,7'PSl'f1f'Nt BETH SOLANA ---- CAROLINE BUMANN - Vice President " AFBETSY, BYINGTON Vim' ' 1 . X BETSY BYINGTON -, Secwftary MQAX HGAXVARIJ - - BETH SOLANA - Towisurcr CATEQLINEABUMANN VIRGINIA ' FRANCBB GNANN CAROLYN BP-Lffwxx B , 4 ALICE LOUISE HAMLET LUCY BOWYER A BETTY lVIClVIII.I.AN CAROLINE BUMANN 'R 4 g g , ' MARTA PEROOMO BETSY BYINGTON A AM B E R 5 A NANCY COLE JAYNE CROSBY BETTY CRUMBLEY DOROTHY FAVVCETT TX HELEN SCHLI-:Y JANE SCOTT BI-ETH SOLANA MARY TAYLOR P n 1: E s A JEAN SAUssY ELIZABETH HOYNES Rulm KLINGON i579 1'r4-s1'1lrnt I,l'C8f1It'llf Svclwffz I'-If Trvuxu I'l'l' Counfil on Foreign Relations The Council oII Foreign Relations was organized under the leadership of DeanJ Thomas Askew and Dr. John P. Dyer. The Council endeavors to engender a spirit of tolerance and understanding of contemporary political, social, and economic trends through open discussion of current events. WILLIAM CONE 0FFll'ERS Pfresifie nt A U GU ST Vice P resid 0 71 t MARION' - 'QXQTLXX Sammi-y PAULINE I- i'qSie,, X- - T'reasm'er EDVV:fiNi CX Gig - Serinte15Repr'eSe1ztative lx E? 12 ff' ' M ll EJKLQSA A xx , , . 1 . Q 1 J. THoMAs ASKEWYX ,rl N JOHN P. DYER, Faculty RUTH ALEXANDER En BAGGS ELINOR BAKER SAM BAILEY LEE BENNETT MAR.IoRIE BUNTYN RETSY BYINGTON JANE BYRII ARTHUR BYRNES NANCY COLE X X Y Ax XI YVILLIAME CoNE X XNVIILJQTAM1 COYLE GEORGE CRONYEMILLER x s 3 H BETTY CRU BBBX1 . X'N+.'N HELEN EDEL N X Rf fix f'J'MARI0N RICE MIRIAM ELMORE T'--A-W WE' HELEN FREEMAN SAM GARDNER PAULINE GooCH FRANCES JAMES EIQWIN LENNOX ELIZABETH MCCREERY AGNES MEISNER CARLETON POWELL CAROLINE RABB CATHERINE RANITZ AUGUSTUS RIEDEL FLORENCE RUBIN JANE SCOTT FRANCES STREET IRVING VICTOR JULAINE WALKER C585 .VIEMBEIKS UI" SENATE Studvnt Svnatv Organized during the spring quarter of 1939, the Student Senate functioned for the first time this year. A coordinating body designed to regulate student activities, the Senate is headed by the president of the sophomore class, with the president of the third year class as vice president and the president of the freshman class as secretary. Members include the sophomore vice president, editors of the two student publications, and a representative elected from each of the recognized organizations on the campus. The formation of an honor society for the college has furnished the Senate's first major undertaking. Next on its schedule is the drafting of a Constitution for itself. Supervising the work of the Senate is the faculty committee on student activities, com- posed of Foreman M. Hawes, Reuben Holland, Ivey M. Shiver, Stacy Keach, and Robert M. Strahl. SIG ROBERTSON - FRANK MANER ANITA FENNELL ELISE WORTSMAN - MADELEINE HARMS RUTH CHRISTIANSEN SARAH WILKERSON EDWIN LENNOX - WILLIAM CONE - JAMES BENTLEY - ELIZABETH MCCREERY ROBERT DELOACH - BILL GLASS - - JOHN MCCAULEY l 5 View Rcprvscf I'rcsz'rlf'uf Svcoml Year Class I'resifl4-ut Sccorul Year Class - Erlifol' of "Gc'c'Cl1e'4"' - - Editor of "Iulfu'cll" Rcprcsffuliug Hona' EC. Club - R1'1Il'i'Hf'I1fI'7lgl PIfl.lf1lO1l.9t' - Rt'1Il'f'.SQ'lIf1illfj Art Club utiug I"orcigu Relations Clulf - Rl'1ll'l'SQ7llfl'II!j lllusic Clul: Pl'l'.9l!ll'Ilf First Year Class - Rcprcscntiuyl 4-H Club IJI'f'S1.!f13Ht Third Ycar Class Rcprcsvuting Monogram Club - Ihprvsvrzfizlg Glu! Cluli Joseph Perelstine gave the college a trophy which will be won each year by the outstanding Wings XXX Q 533 ' 775501. Y f :it-mi n' - , An aviation class began at Armstrong in the winter quarter, and since then a great deal of progress has been the result of hard study. Julius Landsberg, ground school instructor, is extremely pleased with the success of the student fliers. This is evidenced by the fact that most of the students have made solo flights already. There are many subjects that a student tiier must pursue, some of which are history of aviation, aero-dynamics, plane construction, meteorology, aero-navigation, and aeroplane engines and radio. ln March the class applied for membership to the National Aeronautics Association. Im- mediately they received a charter, granting them the right to organize a chapter. A formal banquet was then given to celebrate the formation of the Armstrong Flying Club. flier of that year's class. I'rrsif1e'11f Vim' I'res1'fIf Src1'ct111'y Trfjrls Il rc I' NORMAN BARTON ARTHUR Imvis DICK HART FRANK MANER 0l"l"ll'EIKS JIEJIBEIIS 4509 SIG ROBERTSON FRANK MANER HOWELL WALKER - DICK HART 'W FRANK MCINTIRE FREDERICK REISER SIG ROBERTSON HOVVELL XVALKER DICK YOUNG Monogrllm Club r bonsai- The Monogram Club, counselled by Coach "Chick" Shiver, was newly oiganizecl 11 Septembei It was formed to give some recognition to those me11 who were outstanding 111 some majoi sport. This meant, of course, that eligibility was given automaticallx to those who had 1GC91VGd letters in football, basketball, or t6l1lliS. As a pait of their program, the club gave several entertainments, one of which in as a Ship xxieck Ball This was to be a costume dance given the last week of March. ihe club also spent a week at Tybee during the spring holidays. 0l"Fll'ElKS Im-sirlvrzt - - - BILLY GLASS View President OWEN STOUGHTON Servetrzry - BOB MCLAUGHLIN Trwlsurei' RICHARD IHLEY .W E M ll E R S R1:N'rL1:x' HYRN1-: Pixckxm' DELOACH IHLEY RAY GLASS MCCALL S'roL'GHToN GoRooN MCLAUGHLIN TYR1: HART OPLINGER W11,L1AMs 4013 Home Economics Club Following the theme of "Personality and Its Development," the Home Economics Club brings to a close, with "Personality Week," another successful year of work and fun Under the guidance of Miss Ennis and the leadership of Miss McCreery and Miss Pattei son, the club has enjoyed many interesting talks by both members of the faculty and CIVIC leaders. Several outdoor socials as Well as the regular house party in the early spring Weie en joyed by the club. 1Il'l'Sif1f'llt - Vice Pros 0l"FIl'EllS ELIZABETH MCCREERY iflwzt JEANNE PATTERSON Sa'c'1'vfa1'y - Trcasu rc r Reporter - BETTY BAINBRIDGE ELINOR BAKER ELEANOR BOYD MARGARET BOYD J ANE BYRD RUTH CARGILI. NANCY COLE ELLEN CORY CAROL SCHWEIZER - FRANCES KING - - NANCY COLE MEMBEIKS Miss FRANCES ENNIS, WTAE DRIGGERS DOROTHY FINCH LOUISE HADSELL PJADELEINE HARMS MARY HOLBROOK FRANCES JAMES FRANCES KING JANIE BELLE LEWIS Faculty ELIZABETH MCCREERX' AGNES MEISNER CATHERINE MOORE ELOISE PARKER JEANNE PATTERSON EVELYN PERFECT MARIE POWERS LILLIAN QUATTLEBAUM CAROLINE RABB CATHERINE RANITZ ESTELLE ROLLISON CAROL SCHVVEIZER ELSA SCHWEIZER JANE SCOTT EUNICE SEAWRIGIIT FRANCES STREET JANE XVRIGHT I Personalities 'av 1 Bcliwc It or .Yoif 43-Iir. Ilyvr and frirn Ollll' Erlifofs Joyf 7-Tin' '4R!lill7I1fllm't r" NON' flu' cigfzr 8-l'rincv "Pug" Br' Careful-T. N. T. 9--"I,c'ffy" "F1'z'is" Gnmzn 1 413 I li' 1234" ffmlfs IfUIl'Il on U14 3' Film: 171171 ml 011 Ilfrrf Fff "VM Uvfnlf I .Ur auf" lug IVVIIS1HZHIVKJ-flflffjh ffm' Elin i la 51 Just line Thing After Another! 0 1 First flrzgf of scllool IBM smile! 7 l,ilf1'11r'1f I.wc'onrl rlrly-yoofl strrrtlj Srzrzrnnfllz I'lll.lfll0llSl' opvns with ll lmyv s1lc'1'4'ss Htqfllfll' Ilom"' Hmmc'0n1iny 1 I'ra'xirlcnt I,0u'r l'Ct't'll'l'N Lucas Trophy -.'1l'lflfl0ll class starts at Armstfrong-Rolwrtsmz nzulfcs fret solo flight Svcoml C1'ti:e'nslz2'p Institutv Spring-fuzrl out-floor Poetry Class Finals! ll'ampus Fouplvs 'hw' 1-H11ssclti11v Davis 111111 Bill Glass 2-T07ll'7lI,!f I ASL '1'ic'1' 111111 Mlll'jl Mcl'1'1111's 3--.-1l1f.r LIl7lflSl0lZ 111111 J1111i1' B1111' L1'11'1s 4lM1'. 111111 M1's. F1111 C,10llC'1l 5-Clflllflt' H'11s011 111111 F'1'1111c1's 1111111111 q, , 1 6-.-l1't11111' By1'111's 111111 .'1gIl1'S Mt'l'Slll'1' 7'C0llI'll'lI1Ijl By1111'11'oo11 llllll Fl'1lIlCl,S I'1lPI7lCI'SOI1 11351 I MSB lf 1-"Nut" -4 fcll 4-Bull Session 2-I'lI'l'Sll7lZll7I Prifsifle'nt Bentley 5-Php - - - N,-j I1-.1. J. C. has Cupirl up II fren' 6-Nfmylffu B011 7-'Selwrz come' clclwn' E r 5 I A 4 E 9 Q- -el- lfmfrzfci auf 25065 cause we'n 1 7' ' 447' wig A deer - 239' 'I X I fl 5 l F1 if "" 'J as Arm - .sfrofjy O77 - Ward ' 'X 1 -A -z 141522, 07' Z055' ypgg 8 . 8-Thr Uf11'f'C'1ICf'n Sffllff, in hchulf of this frzcnlty unrl stfulcnt horlg,gi1'cs recognition to Clmulc Wilson, outstanding sfnilwnf of., Clruulc has cornposcrl and flcrlicatcrl his pcp song "Onu'11rrl Armstrong" to the College, which will lac uscrl in thc fntnrc yours as ri school song. This is an r1cl1icz'cnzw1t seflflom uccmnplisherl hy ll student. 4 my p ' X in af 7 rr AQ Qirwetinga T0 Ammstrwng Juhniccmr' Qjcamcc-Bgccfz S S4EI1WdLII11IUlQElll119S prada and Hope FROM The Mayor and Alderman OF The City of Savannah Steinway Pianos Kimball Piano Alnutt Music Company 216 Broughton Street, West Savannah, Ga. ' Cheeseman's Ice Cream Shop SANDWICHES OF DIFFERENT TYPE "Where Quality Always PrevaiIs" l A 117-119 BARNARD STREET Hammond O1'g'ans Sheet Music 2428 WATERS AVENUE T H E H U B RUBBER STAMPS, STENCILS SEALS AND SUPPLIES LESTER HARRIS STAMP AND STENCIL CO. Savannah Bay and Montgomery Sts. Dial 2-1006 I 4-7 , , -.-W- . ,W ,LY I A ,LLL , LY, W L, SAVE 25070 ON YOUR INSURANCE FIRE AUTOMOBILE WINDSTORM PLATE GLASS ATLANTIC MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. "A Southern Company Doing A National Business" Assets Over 81,250,000 19 BAY STREET, EAST DIAL 2-21 l 4 DRAUGHON'S 5- H- KRE-SS CO- BUSINESS COLLEGE savannah' Georgia I 48 Abercorn Street I Savannah, Georgia -Aga Y . gag eAag M+a AHAAQAA ggv LLL L A Compliments GOLD STAR RANCH PARK of CASINO AND WAGON WHEEL B U C H S B A U M 7 S A Place of Entertainment Savannah, Georgia You Always Enjoy Yourself K Q I .-1 mf- ffff-, ,WALL H ,. 'TUI ENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR AIVERTI ERS 169 We extend to the members of The G'rc1ci'nciting Class our sincere wish for their snccess in cz!! ofthe Circumstances 0fLife QA FRIEND I J ROY the kid . 6' UUE MOST A R S1NCERE 1, ix-1 Av - G 0 0 D w1SH ES j Sgg . F o R Y 0 U R S U C C E S S AWS? A AND HAPPINESS if , PASTEURIZED - IRRADIATED - VITAMIN D ,, I , , N Inn-orllorated H ! 121 BROUGHTON ST., EAST ' ZW' HATS - HOSIERY - UNDERWEAR FLOFUSTS A AAA I YA X M in Sx "?"uu-L N th t d A ? The Maestro on Top Peace! Its Wonderful Climatically Correct GOOD LUCK TO P ' t THE GRADUATES gun S Manufactured by East Coast Paint Co C06 I Drayton and St. Julian Streets PHONE 7346 I A A A -AA AAA AE l AAA A - STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONUE oUR ADVERTINERN K T1 5 YOL' ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO I a DO YOUR SHOPPING AT I M A N G E L S f-- Z - V2 A --7 , I T-Aw Af-A -.... ,ff ,,, ,,,, ,Y , , ,, Ei I FEMININE APPAREL B. KARPF, Inc. I 107 Broughton Street, West R 1 15 Broughton Street, East Savannah's Most Popular "WOMAN'S SHOP" I Savannah, Ga- -Ae, A AAA A AA A-- I I R I I s Savannah l C om plime nt A Shlp Chandlery 8z Supply Co. I I of SHIP SUPPLIES 1 MILL SUPPLIES I R I R A F R I E N D 117 West Bay Street Savannah, Ga. R Ego EEIRREREEER E I I I I , I I Compliments of I I s IvI I T H B R 0 s . Coney Island and Roxy Restaurant I MEATS-GROCERIES LUNCHES 25C ancl 351: R A I 41 Whitaker Street l Phones 4181 -4182 Coluplilngnts I of R STUDENT INSTRUCTION I AIRPLANE SALES WHITE HARDWARE Co. CHARTER TRIRS I I I A HAAAA +A - I AA A He A AAAHHAAAAA-1 -.n. f , Fresh - Men-n- Don't Let It He-leads - Two - Love I Get You Down , , I -- , ,,., , 1, if 'I 'k 'A' i' "The , , NIULLINAX Thmkmg Fellow AMUSEMENT COMPANY 41 Habersham Street Savannah, Ga. calls a R AUTOMATIC PHONOGRAPHS ' Yell0W,, AMUSEMENT MACHINES Phone 6161 RRRRR I AHAAAA A EAA PM AAHE E .IIE A A EE STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS I T2 J ,045 as umw, Ice Cream 'AWWA I . . 6 K 1, , SouthernDa1r1es , Q 2 0, ,ml Mmm mmm .PHC f FP Will you dance with me Claire, Iylil jzzsi like Fred Astaire, Illfl so light on my feet," said the lad. ff Yclz, and liglit in your head," The young lady said. "Why aren't you nearing 2 .::. 4 a new Under-Grad?" fs :Ile Z.-' flu? X'- 813 I 1:5 V + :, 5 1 2 . fx 1 , f 511 J ' 55552. far-A .F -,.,iV.'I: . I gi?-ia 6 ggi. he Jones CCo. Quality Clothing for Men und Bogs Iwelfll I lhlvn fill!! J. Krafl 18 East Brougton Street 5 fvzipe 'A 1 5 A Study in Briar In Quest of Vitamin D 7 Box Office Attraction ATTENTION Real Estate Owners Honor and Fair Dealing are above MONEY with us. Forty years in business. Give us a TRIAL ii Ae e r COMPLIMENTS OF Savannah The experience ooffagsuagd the "hustling" I C e D e I i V e r y C O Mercer Realty Co. .MAL8158 W 9 East York Street Phone 2-2127 E N 1 ' if - lAif--www' - a a aabva-an STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Leopold Adler . Savannah's Largest -' 511.1 Department Store -,Z 5',vi!4" 4.3 ...,. " , f 5, ' ,.:giwf,257:T:l'R:s1 f 'FHM .- .S Q -if N A,:l,A. -1 1l , I fllg. . 3 12. jillii Mlllfll " H-I, M ,A ff f f f f flfaf wfp mimq U u. 1 , ,kill 11 , et WW Il1"i""1" 1. 'ea , 1 .1 aL-,.1 :f. fa 131: hH?f?1km1 mf1wmMMwmmWMMNUIUUnhu !W4UiEEf5EmWT4-lg? H5111 111 1 .'!!1?:"e1i . . . outfitters to students -jigpg zw '-.1-11B 1'- ' of todav vesterda ' and IT V ' -Ig . , . ' 5, 1! LE E51 lla it i to students 111 the by- gone 61 years . . . as -ee vefe .1 f ee eeeeeee e N e 1 What PAUL'S says, is so p THE GEORGIAN TEA ROOM ln The Old Pmk House CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 23 Abercorn Street Luncheon 12 to 3 246 Broughton Street, West Private Rooms for Banquets Phone 8395 Savannah, Ga. Phone 4286 Alida Harper as new-eeeee ez. I aee a -we e lntelligencia! Who Wouldn't Come Home! Says E. to M. Accounting Class Serve'em p ,,,,, Y W I 7 - 1 lnclustrial H O W d e n Savings 8: Loan Co. p Coal and Oil 1 3070 4070 1 1 C o m p a n y SAVINGS TIME t 1 5 West Congress Street 1 PHONE 4148 STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1 74 I Congratulations... To the Students of Armstrong Junior College on the successful publication of the Fourth Year Book LAUNDEBEHS VIIHY CLEANEBSJ X P l wi 'x C.'s Best Beer. Act Your Age! Gomg Some Place 7 F esh F h re h FOLTZ STUDIO if Official Photographers for the Armstrong Annual STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIIE OUR ADVERTISERS C 75 J l I SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS SAVANNAH EVENING PRESS Ninety Years of Service to the Coastal Empire i l i I Remember, wherever else you advertise, you are only , l 1 , reaching people who have read a newspaper today, l I and will do so again tomorrow. LAMAS BROS. 5ULL1VAN'5 Try Our Cash and Carry Service , DRY CLEANERS AND HATTERS One Day Service , 17 West Congress Street 44 Bull street Phone S900 l Phone 6923 71, , , ,.,-, 777 W- .L 7,, , L ,.,-- .7 7. War .77 LL.. Four Juliets on Balcony Fixing to Get Burnt The Stag Line - CIENCE brings LIGHT --- FOR reading, Studies, and other work which calls for artificial light-science has designed the I. E. S. Ap- proved Type Lamps to give your eyesight full protection. These Floor and Table Lamps fill every lighting need-they come in a wide variety of styles to Suit every taste. Visit any Electrical Dealer who sells good lamps -insist on the I. E. S. Tag when you buy. SAVANNAH lf:LEfTnui AND Powm: Co. STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1 76 I , ,WLS L g f- 5 . i I I I L I TTHOMAS WEST8z CO. COMPLIMENTS I ' OF 18 West State Street Phone 8463 ' I I 1-.. L ,, , , , I T H E ' ' A R T L E Y 49th STREET PHARMACY "Your Neighborhood Drug' Store" C 0 M P A N Y 3301 Waters Avenue Savannah, Ga. PHONE 2-0155 i I Soda Fountain Candies Magazines Q ave eeee ae ee as I fa, M. O. SECKINGER 1' 'A i PLUMBING - HEATING CONTRACTOR i I GILBARCO o1L BURNER 4 Phone 3-3735 412 Whitaker St. ' I Savannah, Georgia I I li ,,, , ,,, Y i Y ,,,, , NYYTL JL, YY, , H L Y, , 5- Ray Shows Her How Armstrong's Male Chorus Good Morning! New England Mutual Ame1'ica's Oldest Chartered Life Insurance Company HARVEY H. WILSON General Agent if W I SPEND A PLEASANT EVENING I AT THE DRUM ROOM STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1773 Shop at F I N E ' S For Women's and Chilclren's Wear 15 WEST BROUGHTON STREET S "Where Fashions Make Their Debut" -i no 5 L 1 FINE'S n Ve T- -, to AIR CONDITIONED WHOLESOME FOOD S. 8: S. CAFETERIA C. E. ADDIS, Manager 14 East Broughton Street Savannah, Ga. W 1 When you think of Shoes think of The Globe Shoe Co. Where Quality Footwear can be found for the Entire Family No one ever regretted buying Globe's Quality Footwear GLOBE SHOE CO. 17 East Broughton Street Leaning on the Old Top Rail Defending the Honnah! Eight o'Clock Smile COMPLIMENTS OF i Firestone Auto Supply 8: Service Stores X 63 West Broad Street Phone 3-2131 E S5011 1 i I 'gf V4 n lnrgiowd riftiil i i H 77 Made in Savannah STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS , i LI' "" X C f STANLEY AND COMPANY 020 Jewelers--- ---Silversmiths I 7 T W SOLOMONS T PRESCHIPTIONS T TOILET ARTICLES T SODA, ETC. T P l Solomons Pharmacy, Inc. T A f THE WHATNOT A Winthrop Baxley'sA Sho A 020 .P . of attractive Glftsn n 249 Bull Street 21 BROUGHTC-N STREET, EAST A Savannah, Gemgia I A A - u - A A - Morning Shadows Before or After ? Dave Supports the Fence " WACI-lTEL'S , 4 STANDARD FINANCE , , 1 T Pl'6SC1'1pt101'1S Q LOAN COMPANY and GROUND FLooR REALTY BLDG. T Sidi ROOH1 SUPPHGS 00 A I 407-410 Bull Street Phone 8145 A 1 AA-AEAAAAJf. 1 A A A A A IUI ENT PLEA E PATRONIZE OUR AI VERII ER 1791 I Glendale Hat Shop I .Nl The I Morris Plan Company ' OF SAVANNAH I HTHE LATEST STYLES IN At Drayton and Bryan Streets LADIES HATS" p , -Ov I 25 East Broughton Street "The Institution for the Individual" , ry A A AAA AAA A A AMAA A- Ar l l MARNEZ SHOP I I COMPLIMENTS I MILLINERY I I Savannah, Ga. OF SAVANNAH MAYTAG CO. Exclusive Agents Three Perry Street, W. I I Dunlap Hats Telephone 4396 C l 134 Barnard Street R J O S E P H ' S MORRIS SHOE REPAIR WOMENS APPAREL "Latest in Styles" p I Phone 3-4087 25 West Brougton Street Y GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP Called for and Delivered I 16 West Broughton St. Telephone 2-0883 Here, Kitty Prexy and The Girls NEAL-BLUN COMPANY Established 19497 BUILDERS SUPPLIES COLONIAL CHEVROLET CO. 43 West Broad Street SAVANNAH ,,,,, . Y,, Affw- AAA - -7- A AA I 'WY TIT TTT TT VT VT - I MEN'S QUALITY SHOP r F R E D A- -I 0 N E 5 Agent Joe Lesser UNDERWOOD ELLIOT FISHER PRODUCTS 24 East Broughton Street 42 Abercorn Street Savannah, Ga. I AAA- AA W?AAAA-iAAA- 1 ra A STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS l8lJj I- A A em. I Compliments of l . . . . SWIFT at COMPANY l FIRST Eff' NEWEST Zifli. FASHIONS For All The Family B. H. LEVY BRO. 8x CO. "THE STORE DEPENDABLE" FERTILIZER WORKS A Division of Swift 82 Company Savannah, Ga. J. M. Breckenridge 8a Son F L O R I S T S 508 East 33rd Street Savannah, Ga DIAL 6141 THE PRINTCRAFT PRESS JOB PRINTING THAT WILL PLEASE 1 10 Jefferson Street YOU CAN GET IT AT BERNSTEINS 21 West Congress Street Pho., on an Candid camme.. wastinf Time A-Dow.. by II.. old Du... . I - - A I Lynes Realty Company Congratulations REALTORS to the o LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO GOOD OLD MOTHER EARTH "THAT'S OUR BUSINESS" Graduates The Water Front I l I J I STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 8 THE GEORGIA STATE SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 21!20f0 START NOW 2070 CHSEIPIQEES And become independent by depositing Ofcigggfris a specified amount regularly each month Deposits Insured up to 35,000.00 By the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation rf 'f 'E of I f efe - Y were A I RASKlN'S I KESSEL'S BAKERY 21 West Broughton Street Phone 2-1687 331 Whitaker Street TO: 1 The Home of Better Shoes and Hosiery PHONE 247623 Compliments Compliments of l of i u 77 I T H E DU M P 4 y l F. J. LaROCHE, Prop. U eve A eeeeee A e -A-f eeee. I ee as ees ees-A "Every Body Got Sex ?" "Wash Dem Marble Steps" "De Pinhan Takes 6 Stand E . E- A A --A A yi 1- -- 'E A ee I Compliments i O f l ToBAcco l SCHULTE UNITED, inc. y A CCNQQANY ,w,e I E. E . EW ,Vi i E E so .EEE y Compliments i i f 223-225 West Broad Street 1 l O WHERE THRIFTY FAMILIES ALWAYS l l SH-VER5 5C 3C 100 STORE SHOP AND SAVE l l Brougton and Barnard Streets ,, , E, ,,,,+,,.-.-1 I - f - STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR AIVI:.R'1ISERS l 32 J NEHI BOTTLING CO. f l I A EIJLA + FOR CHILDREN'S Al'l'ARl'lL SHOP AT A CHILDRENS STORE 4 T Barnettps Children's Shop Carry Garments from Infancy to 16 Years ' Also Junior Dresses-Sizes El to IT E Remember BARNETT'S I 117 Broughton Street, East A l I- 1 3 id- I CAF I F I Fi I I I I Phone 21462 50Qa?a::ah,"haf"g I p SELLING LOANS RENTINF JONES and MONROE p SWEAT8LBROWN GENERAL AGENTS l l REALTORS Southern Life Insurance Co. of Georgia I 14 Bryan Street East Savannah Ga Frank B. Jones Thos. B. Monroe p ' i FORD MERCURY I LINCOLN ZEPHYR T J. C. LEWIS MOTOR co. l Barnard and Oglethorpe Avenue Compliments of Tripple "XXX" Thrist Station Home of Good Eats and Drinks Victory Drive opposite Municipal Stadium A bird in the hand is worth Sitting on the Lid of Them Again ? Ah! Me! Two in the Fountain "The Teapot" eases Ae A TI -' as Ae Ae-.AAAS I CO-ED FOOTWEAR l l FOR A PLEASANT EVENING MARILYN SLIPPER SHOP 112 West Broughton Street i Next door Kress VISIT THE TAVERN and HOTEL DE SOTO W. T. GRANT COMPANY The Store of Better Values MORRISON SULLIVAN CO. 23 West Broughton Street Phones 3-1042 - 3-2209 "Always the Latest in Dress Fabrics' 1 A .A ,WW ff inf-, S? G -GL STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE 4 S-3 J OUR ADVERTISERS M AAA- A-14,1 l "It's Smart to be Thrifty" l That's why millions of American Students i look to PENNEY'S E J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. I Nearly 1,500 Stores Serving Nearly 30,000,000 Customers I Compliments A of l PIERPONT MFG. COMPANY ' ' ' l RAYOLA CANDY CO. l Wholesale Distributors of i "YOUR FAVORITE CANDIES" 1 ARMSTRONG JUNIOR COLLEGE REMEMBER YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Maier 8z Berkele Inc. SLOTIN and COMPANY 101 West Broad Street Compliments of ALEXANDER GROCERY CO. ...L Merrily we - - - And Stay Away from COPS Go straight to the Dean's Office! COMPLIMENTS i OF I AFRIEND l EAT DOE-DOE l SANDWICI-IES i MADE IN SAVANNAH l l I - 1 A. SHULHAFER 8: CO., Inc. INSURANCE Phone 8919 Savannah, Ga. J STUBBS OHNSON SEA HORSE MOTORS-BOATS FISHING TACKLE-SPORTING GOODS Stubbs Harwware Company STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Q R Une: :': A ,J wi ge ' " "ff:. xQfS3?iL' , , 52112, -, 19L??i ' 'L ' id grae V ,- , ,ii-Q, ke? 7 , X -J 1888 to 1940 52 Years of Continuous Optical Service This gives you confidence of thorough examination of your eyes and the right glasses that assure you protection of your sight for years to come. That, combined with becoming and comfort- able frames Assures You Satisfaction. Dr. Nl. Schwab's Son EYESlGHT SPECIALISTS 118 Bull Street Savannah, Georgia I I I I I I YOU CAN SAVE AT MAXWELL BROS. and ASBILL Everything for the Home 302-308 Broughton Street, West Phone 2-0619 Easy Terms REAL ESTATE Is the Best and Most Outstanding Connnodity in the Wo1'ld+Dictators Want It All! See Us for Yours GREENO REALTY COMPANY 112 East Congress Street 5Review fprinring Co. PRINTING OFFICE EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES 204 East Bay St. Savannah, Ga. Telephone 51 59 Sounds Like Bull- I I Back Again! After the Class is Over COMPLIMENTS OF C4 Savannah Coca-Cola Bottling Co. I " I I I I I I I I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES from IZIIEC 917 STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1 8 Richards Educational Refinery Free Bros. Dry Cleaning Co. Good Since 1882 Individual 1 Richards Students Preferred by Business. LAUNDRY AND CLEANING SERVICE Owns and Occupies Richards College on Forsyth Park, opposite Armstrong 404-412 East Broughton St. Savannah, Ga. SAY IT WITH FLOWERS J O E G A R D N E R RICHARDSON FABNCS 110 East Broughton Street THE FLORIST Dial 2-0225 Savannah, Ga. W. L. BOURNE LUMBER CO. F. R. BOURNE, Prop. Mfg'r and Dealers in Southern Pine Lumber Rough and Dressed Gwinnett St. Sz Stiles Ave. Phone 2-1652 FOR MEN 91" 55'-'VNS C0mPliments Compliments of of A F R I E N D BELFORD 8: COMPANY Compliments of I'I. IVIINKOVITZ AND SON 425 West Broughton Street Compliments of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Distributors Telephone 6877 PRINTING O School Publications O Commercial Work O Social Stationery CI'IATl'IAlVI PRINTING CO. 108 West President Street i .. .. Established 1911 Savannah Iron 8z Wire Works ORNAMENTAL IRON WIRE AND BRASS WORK 234-36-38 East Broad St. Phone 3-3228 Savannah, Ga. 1 , The We!!Dressea' Men Wear l l I COLLEGE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN i Y , ,, ,,,,, ,E The Schwab Company 26 WEST BROUGHTON ST. STUDENTS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS i I Adams, Robert ............... 1016 E. Park Ave., Savannah Alexander, Ruth ...........,.,..., 111 E. 31st Anderson, Frances...123 W. Charlton Aranda, Imogene ,...,,............ 505 E. 34th Arden, Virginia ..,....,i......,...,. 137 E. 49th Arnau, Maudine i...,...,...,,,.., 221 E. 49th Baggs, Ed ,,,,,,,,,,.A,,,,,,....,,,........ 530 E. 41st Bailey, Sam ,........,....,...... 2420 Abercorn Bainbridge, Betty 336 E. 50th Baker, Elinor ,.,.,....... 1121 E. Anderson Ball, Carolyn ....,,.........,....,,,..,. 710 E. 41st Barton, Norman... ......,...,..,. 411 W. 41st Bennett, Lee .,,,..,....,......,., 38 Habersham Bland, Lillie Mae...1125 E. Anderson Boyd, Eleanor ..............,,..,,,... 116 E. 52nd Brushwood, Chester ,........ 411 W. 60th Burnann, Caroline ............ 1120 E. 50th Byington, Betsy ..................... 15 E. 49th Byrd, Jane ,,..,....,,..,,.rrr.. 222 E. Charlton Byrnes, Arthur .,...,.....,... 435 Habersham Christian, Joseph ..,.....,,........,.. 22 E. 44th Christiansen, Ruth ............ 1202 E. 40th Student Enrollment-1939-1940 SIIPHIIMIDRES St., Savannah St ., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St St St St St St St St St St St 7 ., Savannah, ., Savannah, ., Savannah, ., Savannah ., Savannah ., Savannah ., Savannah 7 ., Savannah, ., Savannah, ., Savannah 7 ., Savannah, 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Clinton, Ann ...........,..,.., 301 E. Charlton St., Savannah, Cohen, A, J., Jr ....,,......r.,.r.. 325 E. 44th St., S3.VaIlT13l1, Cole, Nancy ....,,,,................ 211 Forsyth Apts., Silvanllah, Cone, William ,,..,,,,...,,......,,...... 329 E. 45th St., Savannah, Cory, Ellen ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R. F. D. NO. 3, SaV3.Ilf12il'1, Cronemiller, George ...... 517 W. 38th St., Savannah, Crosby, Jayne .......,...,.....,...... 727 E. 44th St., Savannah, Crumbley, Betty .......,,....,..., 743 E. 40th St., Savannah, Davis, Arthur ...................,,... 1105 E. 33rd Davis, Hasseltine...1117 E. Anderson Davis, Robert ......,... DeLoach, Robert ..,.. ,,......644 E. Liberty ...644 E. Liberty St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah St., Savannah Driggers, Mae ,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,.,,,,.,,.,..,,.,,.,,. A vondale, Savannah Edel, Helen .............. 545 E. 49th St., Savannah Elmore, David ,,..,,,,,,..,.,,..... 1316 E. 48th St., Savannah Farrell, Margaret ,................. 830 E. 34th St., Savannah Fawcett, Dorothy ,.,..,,...., 734 E. Henry St., Savannah Fennell, Anita ...................,.... 522 E. 35th St., Savannah Fordham, Leon ............ 123 W. Charlton St., Savannah Freeman, Helen ..,,.... Gardner, Sam .............. ..-2118 Abercorn St., Savannah Gardner, John ....,..,.......,,..,, 1229 E. 42nd St., Savannah .54th at Hopkins St., Savannah Glass, William ........,.....................,..... Y. M. C. A., Savannah Gooch, Pauline . .,.....,. . F. D. No. 1, Brunswick Gnann, Frances ..................... 308 E. 34th St., Savannah .......111 E. Henry St., Savannah 1 7 7 7 Lang, Aaron ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,..,,.,,, 5 13 W. 37th St., Savannah Langston, Alex ...........,....,. 758 E. Duffy St Laughlin, Heath ,,,,,,.....,......... 32 E. 44th St Lee, Wright ......,,.......,.. 321 E. Gwinnett St Longwater, Leon .....,,,, ., Savannah ., Savannah ., Savannah Lennox, Edwin ,........,..,,,,.. 1122 E. 31st St., Savannah 1.1.1104 E. 35th St., Savannah ......,..212 E. Jones St., Savannah McCreery, Elizabeth ............ R. F. D. No. 3 .........211 E. 38th St., Savannah McLaughlin, Robert ..,......... 11 W. 31st St., Savannah McPeters, Mary .........,..,.. 701 Whitaker St., Savannah McCauley, John ..,.... McFarland, Beverly Maner, Frank ....... Meddin, Adele ....... Mosley, Marjorie ......,..,..... 805 Seiler Ave , Savannah W. Taylor St., Savannah 305 E. 46th St., Savannah Meisner, Agnes ...................., 415 E. 49th St., Savannah ., Savannah Murray, Ernestine ....,, 1009 E. Henry St., Savannah Myers, Betsy ...,,........., 310 E. Gwinnett St Newton, Byron ................. 1104 E. 31st St Odrezin, David ..........,.,.. 1202 E. Duffy St Perdomo, Marta ............ 1012 E. Henry St ., Savannah ., Savannah ., Savannah ., Savannah Perfect, Evelyn ....,. 201 W. Waldburg St., Savannah Pinckney, Vincent ...... 414 E. Macon St ., Savannah Powell, Carleton ............... 21 E. Gordon St., Savannah Powers, Marie ......,...........,.. 1109 E. 49th St Price, Thomas .................. 920 E. Park Ave Rabb, Caroline ...........,... Ranitz, Catherine ......,,..., Reagan, William .....,... Reed, James ........,............ Reid, William ............... Rice, Marion .,...,.,. 418 Riedel, Augustus ...,..... Robertson Sie 'vart ........, 123 E. 46th St I , s .....,323 W. 39th St ., Savannah ., Savannah ., Savannah 1021 E. 39th St., Savannah 1.1520 W. 35th St., Savannah ......134 W. 50th St., Savannah 1014 E. Park Ave., Savannah E. Huntingdon St., Savannah ...2503 Barnard St., Savannah Roane, Nathan ,...............,.... 510 E. 48th St., Savannah ., Savannah Rollson, Estelle ..................... 607 E. 40th St., Savannah Rubin, Florence ............ 115 E. Liberty St ., Savannah Sadler, Barney ........ ............ 3 23 W. 39th St., Savannah Schweizer, Carol ....,,....., 1608 Moore Ave., Savannah Scott, Jane ........,..,,........... 1122 E. Park Ave., Savannah Seawright, Eunice .,...,...... 12 Gordon Ave., Savannah Simmons, Mary ......................................,......,..... Bloomingdale Simpson, Fred .................. 711 Whitaker Smallbones, Kathryn ..,... 516 E. 34th St., Savannah St., Savannah Smith, Margaret ..,.....,.......,. 2 E. Taylor St., Savannah Solana, Elizabeth .......,.,..,.. 123 E. 56th St., Savannah Stoughton, Owen ......,.,,.. 1702 Barnard St., Savannah Street, Frances ..............,... 625 W. 38th St., Savannah Tilson, Geraldine .....,.....,... 320 E. 49th ., Savannah Tyre, Donell .............. Vannerson, Frances St ....,.....415 E. Duffy St., Savannah .........504 W. 37th St., Savannah Walker, Howell ..............,.,, 309 E. 32nd St., Savannah Walker, Julaine .,.......... 1820 Abercorn St., Savannah Whittle, Joe ,,.,,,...... ..............,........... Y . M. C. A., Savannah ,,...,...,.,...Box 374, Brunswick Wilkerson, Sarah ........ ...40 E. 45th St., Savannah 7 Gordon, Robert ..................... 309 E. 34th St., Savannah Griflin, George H .,.........., 1722 Barnard St., Savannah Hadsell, Louise ................,.... 818 E. 40th St., Savannah Harms, Madeleine 224 W. Duffy St., Savannah Hart, Gordon ............,....,.................. Y. M. C A., Savannah, Hesse, Jean .............................. 906 Lincoln St., Savannah, Holbrook, Mary ......... 2014 Habersham St., Savannah, Howard, May D .........,,..,........ 625 E. 44th St., Savannah, Hutto, Monroe ..................... 523 E. 39th St., Savannah, Ga .......,..................................,Livingston, S. C Hyrne, Jonathan ...................., Beaulieu Ave., Savannah Ga Ihley, Richard .,,.........,,.,.............. 2317 Bull St., Savannah, Ga. ........,..............,,,....,...,.........Sandersville 7 Irby, Eleanor ......... 118 W. Waldburg St., Savannah Ga. James, Frances , ..,....,......,.,... 518 E. 36th St., Savannah King, Frances ....... ..,.,,,, 1 8 Kinzie Ave., Klingon, Ruth ......,.. ..,........ 3 04 E. 52nd St., Savannah 7 Savannah, Williams, Jack ,..,..,......... Wilson, Claude ..................... 431 E. 52nd St. Wolfe, Saxton .....,..... Wright, Jane .....,... ...,,....306 E. 34th St. H621 Maupas Ave., Savannah , Savannah , Savannah , Savannah Wortsman, Elise ,,...,......,,....... 20 E. 37th St. ..........,.,..Avondale, Savannah 7 7 7 7 Barnett, David Y....v ,,...... 311 E. Gaston St., Addy, Bernard .... .,.,. . Arkin, Marvin r,rrA.,rrr,,Ar,A, Baban ats, Ernest Bailey, O'Bannon r.r. ,.... Baker, Dorothy ,.....B.,r.rr,,rorrrr Baker, Kenneth ..,...,..,,....,.. FRESHMEN .1201 E. 51st St., Savannah H827 E. 41st St., Savannah .....,,,.1802 Waters Ave., Savannah 2420 Abercorn St., Savannah 645 E. 39th St., Savannah 422 W. 42nd St., ! Savannah, Savannah Behnken, William .1407-A Waldburg St., Savannah Bentley, Doris ........,,, ....,,,,, 7 01 E. 40th St., Savannah Bentley, James ...... ....,.. ,r,. 2 1 18 W. 36th St., Savannah Bidez, Miriam ,,,a..,,,...,..,ii,,,,,. 602 E. 50th St., Savannah Blair, Emil .,.e,,,, ....,,.......,,,,, 2 208 Barnard St., Savannah Blanton, Nell ,,..,.......,,,,,...,,,, 1017 Seiler Ave., Savannah Savannah I Savannah, Blumenthal, Herbert .,.,,. 321 W. 35th St., Bowyer, Lucy ,,,........................ 17 E. 34th St., Savannah Savannah Boyd, Margaret ......,...,.......... 26 W. 51st St., Bra ' ' Vernon ,..... .............. 7 21 E. 35th St., 22, Brewer, Jean ...........,..,,,..,,.., 413 W. 39th St., Savannah Buntyn, Marjorie .............,. 805 E. 39th St., Parker, Eloise ...,..............,.. 610 W. 38th St., Savannah, Burton, Frances ....., .,..,,,. 1 201 Seiler Ave., Bythewood, Courtenay ...... 12 E. 40th St., Cargill, Ruth .,,..........,...,.,..,. 2305 Lincoln St., Clemens, Emma ............... 1201 E. 48th St., Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Levington, Helen .......,,.,,,,. 415 E, 53rd St, Lewis, Janie Belle .........,..... 715 E. 49th St. , Savannah, , Savannah, Livingston, Joseph ,........ 1326 E. 50th St., Savannah, Lowe, Walter ...,..... 631 W. Victory Drive, Savannah, McCall, George ...,,,,,......, 902 E. Park Ave., Savannah, McClesky, Lamar .,,...,.,..,,.,.,....,,, Y. M. C. A., Savannah, Mclntire, Francis ............... 122 E. 31st St., Savannah McManus, Joseph ...... 24 E. Victory Drive, Savannah 7 ! McMillan, Betty ...... 306 E. Victory Drive, Savannah, Marines, A. Robert .......,. 1306 E. 50th St., Savannah Marshall, Julia Ann ............ 228 E. 51st St., Savannah 7 9 Mendes, Joseph ...,.. 212 W. Gwinnett St., Savannah, Middleton, David ...,,.......... 607 E. 44th St., Savannah Monsalvatge, Raymond ...,.....,,......,...,...., 401 E. 48th St 1 Savannah MO0re, Catherine ............... 405 E. Hall Stil Savannah: Nugent, Ella .............,............. 207 E. 54th St., Savannah, Owens, Sara ........, ,....... . .527 E. 39th St., Savannah, Coffee, Marjorie ,,............, 739 Maupas Ave., Savannah Pierce, Fla Co le William 1230 E 50th St Savannah Ga y , ........,,.,...... . ., Craig, Joseph ..,,,,,,,..,...,,. 1808 Abercorn St., Savannah Crawford, Robert .........,., 205 W. 33rd St., Savannah Davenport, James .,.... 1010 E. Henry St., Savannah Davis, Harriet ..................... .................................. ............... P 0 Oler DeLoache, George ...,..... 506 E. Duffy St., Savannah Dinerman, Sam .................. ,.,... 220 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Douglas, Margaret Dubois, Joseph ..... Savannah Bloomingdale 1126 E. 41st St., Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Ellis, Frances .....,.. ......... 1 134 E. 33rd St., Elmore, Miriam ........,......... 1316 E. 48th St., Engel, Bernyce ,,......,...... 736 Maupas Ave., Eve, Flora L ............ ............... 2 511 Price St., Feagin, Gladys ,...,...........,,...,............., Avondale, Feuger, Mary ...............,.. 410 E. Gaston St., Finch, Dorothy ..................... 633 E. 48th St., Flythe, Thomas ......,., Forehand, Jack ......,..... 21152 W. Henry St 1005 Maupas Ave., -r Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Futral, Herschel ..,....,...... 332 E. 49th St., Savannah Savannah St., Macon Gabriel, Rex ...,...... ,........,.. S ugar Refinery, Genone, Joseph ......... ................. Y . M. C. A., Mulberry Gnann, Arthur ........ ............ 1 23 E. 55th St., Graham, Leonella ......... 110 E. Gaston St., Graham, Paul ....,. 1112 E. Victory Drive, Grayson, Hennie .. ..,.......,. 320 W. 41st St., Grifhn, Sarah ...,...............,.. L318 E. Jones St., Hahn, Martha ...... 18 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Haile, Margaret ..,............,.. 415 E. 44th St., Savannah Hamilton, Rose Ann ....,.,.. 814 Drayton St., Savannah Hanson, Howell .,.... 302 E. Victory Drive, Savannah Hardy, Jack .....,.,,.................. 202 E. 55th St., Savannah Hester, Bobby ..............,.,.....,, 120 W. 41st St., Savannah Hinely, Mary .....,...,.......,.., 1314 E. 32nd St., Savannah Hoffman, Frank ..........,....... 602 E. 40th St., Savannah Hogeboom, Mary .,...,............ 2511 Price St., Savannah Hoynes, Elizabeth ......,........ 127 E. 44th St., Jaudon Jack 411 A E Waldbur ' St Savannah Savannah 1 -"--- ' - g 'J Jenkins, Joseph .,........,.......... 651 E. 36th St., Savannah Karsner, Ethel .,,.,.... ...,.,. 114 E. Jones St., Kicklighter, Clyde ............... 909 E. 40th St., Kleeman, Carl ....................,... 735 E. 48th St., Klingon, Arthur Joseph .....,...,,.,,,...,..... 304 E. 52nd St. Lasky, Annette .......,....,,, 216 W. Park Ave., Lebey, Sterly ..,...,......,,...... 714 Maupas Ave., Savannah Savannah Savannah , Savannah Savannah ! Savannah, Patterson, James .........,,. 702 Maupas Ave., Savannah, Patterson, Jeanne ............ 101 W. 41st St., Savannah Penney, William .,,,.,.,...,...... 213 E. 38th st., savannah: Peveler, Richard ............... 1203 E. 38th St., Savannah, Picard, Harry ............... 31 De Renne Apts Prescott, Virginia .............,, Quattlebaum, Lillian Ray, Henry ...,..,,.,......... Reiser, Frederick ,,..... Savannah, 109 E. 37th St: Savannah, ......635 W. 37th St., Savannah, Ralston, Adaline .................. 323 E. 50th St., Savannah, ........521 E. Duffy St., Savannah, ........1308 E. 31st St., Savannah, Rentz, Margaret ............... 110 E. Duffy St., Savannah, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Varnville, S. C Reynolds, Margaret ............ 636 E. 41st St., Savannah, Ga Reynolds, Perry ........,...... 1604 Barnard St., Savannah, Rhoden, Vasco ..................... Louisville Road, Savannah, Roberts, Zaida ..................... 1207 E. 50th St., Savannah, Robinson, Con ,................. 1120 E. 42nd St., Savannah, Rodgers, Miller ......,., 2112 Burroughs St., Savannah, Rogers, Vera ...... ........................... 8 E. 34th St., Savannah, Rutledge, Eleanor ..............,... Graham Apts., Savannah, Saussy, Jean ,......,,..,....,.......,.. 335 E. 44th St., Savannah, Schley, Helen .,..,,...............,.. 412 E. 46th St., Savannah, Schwanebeck, Alfred ...............,........,.. Schweizer, Elsa ......,....... Shepherd, Edwin ......,.......... Simon, Charles ...... Simon, Dyna ..................... .. Slawson, Ward C .......,,. Smith, Constancia Speir, Valmore .... Stults, Barbara ,...,,.......,....... Sweatt, William .............. Taylor, Mary ......... Thomas, Dorothy 771 E. Park Ave., Savannah .1608 Moore Ave., Savannahz .406 E. 48th St., Savannah, 115 Abercorn St., Savannah, 510 Barnard St., Savannah, 124 E. Gordon St., Savannah, Wilmington Island, Savannah, 305 W. York St., Savannah, 721 E. 41st St., Savannah .418 W. Jones St., 601 Whitaker St., Savannah, 1115 E. 50th St., Savannah, Thompson, Lynette .............,.........,,..... Industrial City Gardens, Savannah, Turner, Cleve .......... ........ 1 02 E. Taylor St., Savannah, Tyson, Jack ............... ,,.,.. 2 118 Abercorn St., Savannah, Vandivere, Mary ........,.,,...,,. 412 E. Hall St., Savannah, Victor, Irving ..,,., 1240 E. Victory Drive, Savannah, Wallace, James .................. 1309 E. 51st St., Savannah, Wallace, Margaret .....,...... 205 E. York St., Savannah, Waters, Joseph ........,...... 513 E. Park Ave., Savannah, Weatherly, Earl ............... 215 E. Jones St., Savannah, Weil, Marx ......,...,,......,...,,,.............. 247 Bull St., Savannah, White, Margaret .................. 221 E. 45th St., Savannah, Williams, Charles .1113 E. Waldburg St., Savannah, Wilson, Anne .....................,., 408 E. 53rd St., Savannah, Wolfe, Earl A ................... 119 W. Park Ave., Savannah, Young, Richard ,,..... ..,...... 5 26 Seiler Ave., Savannah, Y Savannah, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga 0 1 . Q APPRECIA TION 35? I wish fo e.z'7n'ess my sincere appreeiolion lo those 'who have contributed fheifr services in publishing this yecu'bool:. Without the help of Arthur M. Gignillfiat, Bill Bond lFoltz Slzzdioj, Ruth Ale.rcLnder, William Cone, Ruth Chfristzfczfnfsefn, A. J. Cohen, Jr., Albert Sehleuning lDi:1:le E7l,g7'fl,'l7i71,g Co.j, J. V. Helfsley lRevien' P'l'1"Hll'Hg Co.j and many others, this annual would noi have materialized. Best of luck. ANITA FENNELL, Edlfoll QSOJ AuTocR Xi5Hs AUTOGRAPHS vw A O A Q -,,. 1-1 'br Ib' ,,. 0 4? ' 1. J Q i ' s . ' 'vu'-' . . 'CF .J 'na ' ' o.'p' -.E' u ,' nf-- w 4'a Q4 wmv! -V. , 5 E, . -xr? v ff If H- . ' ,- 'W W - 'l I. 'P .,.a ' ,. 's Y' ' 1 f S 5' , h v I - ' ff' : V . ., ! f' 9' -so . Ji' Ylnqgfi X ,f ' , ZX. n P' L A. -. .JNx1:s'-g, , 'J-,M . i '-mln Y Y: V , g' V i . , Q l J . r. '79 'K 1 " gf" .. 5 7 1"' .tx . 4 ' ' I ' I - . . 0 ' v. U '-pl, "u'lL'. n'.4.:l .I,.'f,1 I ,N x X - 'vrl 4 '-i ,' 2' . . . o,.' . . 4 . 'Q A .7 , fr:-W' - ..""."' V' Alu' -L - :fr ' -1- - ' 'a - 'H 'Q' Y.. B" .Fr ""T5 ' '... . n,6 I 1 s K. Y. . ,' . IT- .4 '.S I' - Q I ', I .'.' A A 1' 11'-ymap ..,f-.f- f 'T v v. . J A , . , r N 1 '.,1..1.I I g1',s,,-IL. .54 'FJ-S 'Q .Ty 'f f t.lC 54 - . -L. Q .35 ru. up-. .sk Pl , 0 Y lhll'- l 2 .. 1, A 4' 1 itgfl- '1 V I x ' 'O v! .f 1 9 1 Q "Iwo r ,JU L IF' A 87 .' Ao 'f n N , cg ' A 1 Y :.. go 1 -. Av HL, I o V ' f 's 4.8 ' . 0 9 A14 f I I K n 4 s 3 0 I I O , . n 'vivf' K ,J 1 . 1 Q . "' 5 0 Lfx. J

Suggestions in the Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) collection:

Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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