Armstrong Atlantic State University - Geechee Yearbook (Savannah, GA)

 - Class of 1937

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I . A . n f' T? v --. -'-.-.- gxzfjvy - gf sfhfxgnr-pjmwy-L? ..l.f'.?9r . R2449 5 0111 ' is-,v ' ,.-'..x"f "vi ,- .gf Ai A QL f . lv-lr, ' '- ,' ' ' N. ,v-.1,I.f-4',-- Aff-t pl A , U: .bf Ii u b 1 ,'..,.,.' ' . pf' ' . - '. Q 'A J- U1 1 " ,' A aa. - , , V ' 1 v .h -N.- 4, - ..-QL s-. 3 , sl, - 'lvi R 'Q Hhl lllll Ill! Kill lilo UIUC -1, 's N. 1 -J! 1 -Q 1 u no ' 35-' . ' Q I . 9 ,, may "1-.44 ' -a"' . vt... , Y Q' - 1 '-4'Q4 ' . rl ',.'I Q 'U ,,4' '. N 1 'L , I. 1'l "ea gs a lg A ' .. I x. Ax. X. .W X, ygia, .. 1 Qffbql ifxyzd vin f , N-, lr. , QA , fggn' -.',, 4 . ,ig , f-xx". ., 3 4'-f.'. vs I 4 I w x ' V A 1 ' 1- 1 .' J- A' ' .X .r-, y Q 'I-"-f .!l A uV!I"l rv... .Q no aol .a.Jin.b'-.u . W.. ,...x,gX, -. , , f gg, K 2 '44, ' I I t q,. 1- ,Q ' 5 -'YWFW 'W' 1 owgwmw .M I ' .I , . ,- . , W' D 1 J f fi I MIN. .Q l 1 NZ' :Ds .I N r I ,Nga WL ' 1 .5 w .I J 'k' ' 4 I It s ' 1+ I - "pi f i d Q A 'FF M Q F1 N. 1 M 1 u . A " 'A , I 0 - Jxxnfv . :- x A" V"- fx' .L , s V' 'l ' 1 Ps . YQ' In' x I S '1 V 'w I .O .- r y, . v 'Ffh' 1 qv' .911 Q . Q 'Pi .x 4 'M E 1. , n- 4' -41 Ls 4 I. 5 4 ' A. I Y 1-I Q . n N Y' 5' QP' otxwf . '-. l . . ' P U! " I . ' .0 A' . Q' K - " My ! ' "lt , .V :VL I V 'H I. 4 . " 9 . . J ' '07 ' K vt ' N .A A ' Y. nl .h H ' . v ' mf, . M '-,.i io A u l . Pi! 1 . x' Al 'Y' 'H . I ' V 6.1-L 'lr Oiuluw " 11' F -5. .E Y - ,,. lxq x u . A.-7'-. I ' .45 'I - l P-"1-iw? f . '4 XO 4 - .H s ' 1 1 I , l I 2. '-.-... - y.. qv ,1P:'1'T?f- 1' s , ' s , g I . r -'f , 1' 1 3' 1. no ' . 'I ' If F 1. 'st H 4 , ' ha ' -1' Za .'.-4,7-P' '- 4-7'... 'r 4 n- , - -, - 4 .. ,, A g . : H , ---' . as - .- - , f - ,vig ' 45-e-N, Sq, , I 5. 5' 5. it . I .Ig 'ya' . Q... X!!-' SJ' 'rv-15. ' i 'c' Y 'N In i . . . . I ' ' . fl 4-ff! 'ff f- . - , , s. , A . 'q!'. 14: iff? 9' I ' . n , . "S ,116 rn' I, . lr . Ir. lf' ' JY. . 'Q.L - '1 5 A5".,r. ' I. . 'yt T. - q', lu." .I i 'bf ell ,: D - . -. . - - V .six .ja ' Q i., rf F' ,551 4 . ., H. Q- -f i"'-- - . . N - . 'JI :Q , .1 I A 'aw v' . fe. I .fl ll" . - '. "x L fl' 5'1" . M I ' ,.f 'J a, ' 3 1' 'l I r. -. . 4 . S - :iii ' fl Q rl., ' I .- . ' Q' - r . v "' .V ' -ap-, ..40" ' . , . , ,. A I ,-,+- . Qyo- or - . tual?" - - th, .,,- pi. I, uv .'p gg., .4 wi- , 6 -- ' 31 V "" .av I Ao ..,, It ' hi I i f Q- . .Aa-Q.-41' 1 .. am nn lf, ga. Zi arm ffrong jlln lor college Ziff Cffcffff 195' 7 year ooofq volume one TI-IE ARMSTRONG BUILDING 'I' .E 'Y' . , X I ' x X. n Q . 1- :5 ' 4 - ' lu Q . . . 1 fi I Q .", S, .x.- 1, ,gal .', w . F. -- LOOKING DOWN AT GASTON STREET 155, 'Q gf Xl'x"4 X LOCKING DOWN AT BULL STREET - - ' ' L xl... 51. . . 1: , NL .LI E' hz" 5 X TI-IE LANE BUILDING IBELOWI Q.- THE AUDITORIUM IBELOWI I J AIRVIEW LOOKING NORTH AIRVIEW OF SAVANNAH LOOKING EASTWARD , , II BULL STREET LOOKING SOUTH SHIP DOCKINO SAVANNAH COTTON EXCHANGE WWIW' H' CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SOPI-IOIVIORE CLASS FRESI-IMAN CLASS STUDENT ACTIVITIES SPORTS CLUBS ADVERTISEMENTS To the Founders of Armstrong junior College: This yearbook is inscribed by the Class of l937 to all who have helped to establish Armstrong junior College. Therefore, to the Citizens of Savannah, whose college it is, and to such constructors as former Mayor Thomas Camble, Mr. A. Pratt Adams, Mr. l-l. Lee Fulton, Mayor Robert M. l-litch, Mr. Lowry Axley, Mr. Frank Spencer, Mr. Herschel V. jenkins, Mrs. Virginia l-leard, Mrs. Lucy Moltz, Mr. Phillip H. Weltner, Mr. Mills B. Lane, Mrs. Lucy A. johnson, and to many others friendly to the college. Most of all, thanks must be given for the untiring work of President Earnest A. Lowe, his faculty, and the College Commission, who have worked together so well. If the story of founding Armstrong junior College could be told, what a tale it would be when in critical times it could have been killed or delayed by key men if they had lacked vision! How many ideas, how much work, what long conferences there must have been. There is need for people friendly to truth, and the hope we all have for Armstrong as a place for the sincere inquiry after truth must rest with the high purpose and courage of these people. Virtue must have the twin allies of wisdom and strength. This yearbook is an attempt to present some aspects of our stay in Armstrong. Where we have failed to be clear, or where we have been stodgy instead of gay, we must leave next year to improve. The Sophomore Class of l937, the first to graduate, thanks all the founders of Armstrong junior College, and hoping for sound growth, turns its eyes confidently to the future. MAYOR ROBERT M HITCH FORMER MAYOR THOMM A. CAMBLE v E. l . V1 , ll I EARNEST A. LOWE, President Armstrong junior College ORIGINAL COMMISSION-I935-I936 MAYOR THOMAS CAMBLE, ORMOND B. STRONG Vice-Chairman MISS OLA M, XNYETH ALDERMAN H. L. FULTON HERSCHEL V, IENKINS ALDERMAN HERBERT F. CIBBONS IUDCE A. B. LOVETT PRESIDENT HENRY BLUN A, PRATT ADAMS HENRY M, CARWES Chairman of Commission HERBERT Li KAYTON MRS. MILLS B. LANE FRANK W. SPENCER MRS. LUCY B. TROSDAL NEW COLLEGE COMMISSION THOMAS CAMBLE, Chairman FRED C. DOYLE H, V, JENKINS, Vice-Chairman MAYOR ROBERT M, HITCH MRS. LUCY TROSDAL MAJOR HENRY BLUN MRS MILLS B, LANE ISAIAH A. SOLOMONS ll mr.-1 S fiom ' FACULTY iq up j THOMAS ASKEW, Dean Ph B, Puedmorwtg MMA., Umversrty of Ceorgiag Graduate Study Umverslfv of Chicago. P S, UM'-f':f'1'j,' 'rf FW f- " +1 W A, frviff, Um- I 1 'Q N D - If , .L A 3 AF-iT! iUR M CICNILLIAT A Fi .Jud M A, Ur"1vQr',lYy of Georgia IOHN P. DYER B A , Bryson College, B S M A , Peabody Ph D , Vanderbilt UmvCrSrTy STACY KEACH MARGARET FORTSCN B s and M A, Northwest LLB' and MA? Q ern University, Evanston, University Of Georgia, HI Certificat, La Sorbonne, Paris. FRANCES ENNIS ' BSHE., Georgia State College for Womeng AM. in Household Arts Educa- tion, Columbia University, 'v N v I fi, 34-5,AiY32L.. - :,,'sg1t'i:t-' . .b'i I Nag!! t PQQ i A A gif-if 4-r . A , F Ru FOREMAN M. HAWES REUBEN Wi HOLLAND AB., Mercer Universityg A.Bg and MA., Emory MS., Emory University, University. ,HN NJ! MCNEILL OTWNO Unixersityi iff' State ARTHUR T KOLCAKL I S W B Si, Georgia Techg M BA, Harvard Craduate School of Business Admin- istration. MARGARET SPENCER B Mus , Converse Collegeg A B, University of Geor- giag M A, Columbia Uni- versity. "OHM H Mll l ER IVEY M. SHIVER A E3 r , Oglig-thorpo Univyr- B S C, University of Geor- ,ityl BS in Lilirory SCI- gig, Crtffg Ernory UFTIVCVSITY l Ili ARS. MILLER AND LITTLE TABASCO IN THE BAC , in .L.K.,,, , ,, DR. DYER ALWAYS SUPPORTS THE SCHOOL IT WOULDN'T FIT THE OTHER WAY "L-Y 'gn I' MR. C POSES FOR US MR SHIVER. POLITICIAN-ASTAYS ON THE FENCE 4,1 4 .- .Lrg -'. 4755-nn.'4 . if-v-me Q31-+L 5 18:4 .JK ' , f -.H-Q 4 55:3 gp .. VM' ,ru QF f-iw ' I -I , I . ls! . . A Q L KT. s., A 5 5 . ' J '- 1 'rv Ewff 'V 3vxxQ-if ., ,,.'k,: 4 , L. ' 5+ nm v '."'!'!Q'i 1:5 I ,T I , 'M I ff -1 -1 233905. ' A . , L BRAIN TIHJRUST D'YER WANNA MAKE SUMP'N OF IT? D' W -,' 0-. M' JV.. .223 II,4 ,mug 7'- ff: H E DER T UN AROUND HANG NO USE TO HDNITI SIH SEIIEIEIVD ANNIT9 -wqggmz IN THAT BAG CI-IANDELIER-THAT MISTLETOES N355 HNOO ONISOW CINVWTOI-I HW S Vd JO .LEI SIH L"1-V' """ff ' if T . -.pp-mQv'l , . i . ,q T ' W- .1 -1 .WJ Q --' HEAD OVER MRS MILLER .SERIOUS WALKING 1, M ,GSI f I WII All!! nf' I ' ' A . J .f , I I-. A Rx. . v- . 4 ' - A - ' -- . : ' f - ,- .', .,-' 1 . I .,...,-f ,..n 1 1 ' ' A -E' ., " Af-ax 2. ., I -. : 1:f- , ' 'la . ST , xifv., -. 5' - w e wr-If . L E' L- 1' I Ian: IEW' 'Tig' , f . , , . - . , . .. . I ., .--::,.uM u. . .. '.'- 3:-A .. Yzll l.,,':' 2-A: '. 21" 5 Mfg, 1 .QQ 4 '-'Qi' . .h ' 1 .gif I-ffm '12 L' ,L fe-A : ,f f q 2 , I 1 - A ff' 3 I :F v - if , 4, I 'O ' I E V -yan r ' . K w ,K 1 , . V :I - " ,Il I . -Q -X I I . 'K 1' I 1 V M .- - - .lr ,..V -' ,l 5531" . z"-pf.-'1 '- I--g I" 4 v' 'Q ' ' " - G 4.5 V if Q . ,.. Ang? . , x 11, . N F A. loan Dodd Gilbert Ogg Leon Ashley V ' U 5 Q ' NX 49 Sonnamonez sophomores Ra gf: -1 ff Q w SOPHOMORES MARTHA NELTA EDITH BARBARA BECKETT BEERY Savannah Savannah Tvnnls. Q99 Club. 09355 Clrls' Basketball Team, Delta Lust, Dramatuc Club Chl, Dean's Lust, FRANCES BLOMQU IST Savannah Tennis, Vice-President Soph- omore Class, Secretary Phi Delta Mu, lnkwell, Oeechee, Dean's List. GRACE BOUNDS Savannah Clee Club. Dean's List. H, LUKIE BOWYER VIRCIINIA q Savaflflah , RANDOLPH BRYAN RW-rtlrttlng TG6l'TT, TGFIDIS, Savannah RRXIRFI Rldmg, Dramatlc Club cxfm xajc - 1:1-v 373 Preside p Beta, Swimming Team. JKJYHLIIVILIIKCJ PAULINE CARCILL THOMAS CARR Savannah Savannah Girls' Basketball Team '36, Ciolf Team '36, '37g Baske ' ' nt AI ha Tau ball, Swimming Team LELA AGNES SIN FAH CHAN N 5 it can Qfce CIub?vE?rinSeror's New ciee Club, Delta chi Pledge C-OWS' Deaf' S Us-fa EDNA URSULA FRANCES COATS CLARK Savannah Savannah Aipha Tau Beta, lnkwell, Tennis Home Economics ge? OLE? Hgme ET-O"am'CS S F ' u , eec ee, ul eran qs ajc SOPHOMORES ELIZABETH COBB Savannah Secretary Dramatlc Club, Secretary Sophomore Class, Clee Club, Lutheran Club, Reading Club, BERTRAM CLEVELAND COOPER Savannah Male Quartet, Glee Club, Three Cornered Moon, Em- nerofs New Clothes, Theatre Board HL STOCKTON DREESE, JR. Savannah Football, Tennrs, Basketball. EDYTHE CAROLYN COLLINS Mett0r,Ca Home Econormcs Club, Tenms DOLORES COWART Savannah Prcsrlent Delta Chl, OrcheS- tra, Clee Club Accornpanrst Secretary Student Councll '36, Dean's Last, RUTH SIBLEY DURANT Savannah Clee Club, Home Ecnnqm cs Club, HJC SOPHOMORES MARGARET ECLOFF WALTON AMANDA S h Vice-Presidivnapniklpha Tau Beta, President Home Eco- Delta Chl. Gee Club nomics Club. LOUISE CATCH ANQSBEEDKART 39 5: Savannah Home Economucs Club. Clee Savannah Club Phi Delta Mu, Dramatrc 'il Club lnkwell Ceechee f Dean"s List. ' I fi ' ELIZABETH LOUSlia?nl!gEN5 HLLBRATH GNANN Clee C'ub, Male Quartet, Savannah ' - Clee Club, Dean's List, Presi- Dean S List' dent Lutheran Club, Readlng Club, Dramatic Club. L-.4 Q ajc SOPHOMORES , MARY ELEANOR 4,5 5 Sp' My "Nad Ca Savannah CVE? Club, Reading Club, Dnamahc L. C JD fa T3 3 'nc WENDELL R RT L HER: T 6 HARDWICK OBE Savaanah 0 Savannah Staff Photographer, Cecchee. iv Fnorbail, Softball, E!ectnc an ' , il.. Vheatre Produchon HELENE HERNDON IACQUELINE DE Savannah ALVA HODCES Ph. Qolfa Mu, Lutcrary SO- Savannah OHV 59 Clog Club, DOIYB Ch: Pledge, Currulatnon Manager, Cec- Chee Hjff G SOPHOMORES ARTHUR I IEFFORDS, IR, Savannah Dean's List, Clce Club, Golf Team '36, '37, lxflanagor Basketball Team '36, '37, Inkwell, Dramatic Club, Lnerary Soclerv, Football, Male- Quartet, '36 MARK WILLIAM NATHAN KARNIBAD IOHNSON Savannah Savannah Basketball Team '36, '37g Presldenf Sophomore C s Soffball- RACHEL KEEVER REUBEN Savannah KRGNSTADT Rldlng Tennis Savannah Basketball Team '37, Soft- ball, Dean's List. HC O 0 0 SOPHOMORES ROBERT LANIER Savannah i'a'l.c'ba" Team Cap- vam FnfLetba'l Team '37 Tenn 5 Team, Boxtng Q MARTHA ELIZABETH LEE Savannah D'-Ira Chr Home Economics Onh Gee Chxb Ctrls' Base kerball Team '36, '37 NELLE LAUOHLIN Savannah Vtce-Prestdent Home Eco- nomtcs Club, Olee Club. Deans Ltst GEORGE LEON, IR. Savannah Basketball Team '36, '37L Swtmmrng Team ELIZABETH LEONE LEVY Savannah Rtcfnng, C.CCChCG ALVA BURLY LINES Savannah Student Councul '36, Chair- man Publtcations Board, Busi- ness Manager Inkwell '36 Theatre Board, Busuness Man- ager Oeechee, Dean's List ajc SOPHOMORES MARILOUISE IOSEPHINE LOGAN LOCKWOOD Savannah Savannah Rldlng,Tenn1s Phi Delta Mu, Dramatic Club, Inkwell, Dean's List WILLIAM CAROL MAYHEW STILLWELL MANN Savannah Savannah Basketball Team '36, Dean's Businees Manager lnkwell Lat lntfamura' Ath'etic Council, Student Council, Football. l L0ulsE MAYHEW IAMES WENDKELL ' Savannah MCCREER t Basketball '36, Dean's List, Savannah Clee Club, Dramatic Club, Theatre Board, Swimming Team. ' 1 3jC 'l X X 3 5' hw SOPHOMORES ROBERT MCCUEN Satannah Savannah Tenms Team '36, Basketball Team '36, Prestdent Phu NELL MCINTIRE 'farraper Basketball Team 34, Three Cornered Moon, Theatre Board, Deans Lust, Delta Mu Edrtor Inkwell '36, Oeechee, Publrcatrons Board, Student Cuunctl, Ltterary Soctely '36 MARY CAROLYN MEADOWS Savannah Screven, Ca Capratn Basketball Team '37, Delta Chr, Home Economrcs C ub COLEMAN MOPPER Boxtng Team, Basketball Team '36, '37g Dean's Lust. EDWARD MORGAN CALLIE MORRIS Cuvton Savannah Tonrws Team, Basketball lnkwell, Swtrnmtng Team, Team Clee Club. . ajc 9545. be 'lv X ,--aw'-ln' 'Q 'J J? 56 log' O I o Q, SOPHOMORES MARCUERITE ELEANOR MURPHY Savannah Savannah Student Council, Clee Club, Delta Chi, Dean's List, Ink- Clee Club, Manager Bas- wen 37. Ceecheen ketball Team '36, Vice-Pres- ident Delta Chi, Dean's List. HINCKLY FANNIE OAST 'Q AUGUSTUS Savannah MURpHY Riding, Dean's List. Savannah Editor Geechee, Inkwell '36, '37, Orchestra '37, Dean's, List, Carden Club. AUGUSTA D- CAROLINE OLIVER OEl-SCH IG Savannah Savannah Tennis Team '36, '37, Phi Cilee Club, Delta Chi, Dra- Delta Mu. matic Club, Dean's List, Cheer Leader. GX'X:H "- ID SOPHOMORES A G CAROLYN OLIVER LOUISE OPPER Savannah Savannah kv, Theatre Boardg Boy Chtllun'g lmawell, Clee Club, Oeeqhee - Three Corneredg Emperofs New Clothes Mgr Basket- ball Team lGurlsl. GEORGIA ROSE IOAN PADCETT Tennis Savannah Olee Club, Delta Chu, Tennis Team '36, OPHELIA MARY MILDRED PITTMAN PARKS Savannah Savannah Gee Club, Basketball. Olee Club. Orchestra, Phi Delta Mu, Basketball ajc SOPHOMORES iosepnins ODESSA POYTHRESS Savannah Delta Chi, Clee Club, Dra- matic Club. Dean's List. VIRGINIA WALTON PURSE Savannah Phi Delta Mu, Clee Club, Assistant Riding Instructor, Basketball Team '36, '37, Tennis Team '36, 373 Gee- chee, lnkwell. ELECTA F. ROBERTSON Savannah Tennis Team '36 '37, Bas- ketball Team '36, '37, Presi- dent Student Council '37, Phi Delta Mu, Dean's List, IAN IS PRI DCEN Savannah WILLIAM vERoERY ROBERTS, IR. Savannah Softball, Tennis, Boxing Theatre Board. DAVID ROBINSON Savannah Orchestra, '36, '37, lnkwell Oeechee, Dean's List, ajc --of-2 I I SOPHOMORES 1oHN NAIRN Ross JANET RUSHING Savannah Savannah Intramural Counctl, Student Basketball Team '36, '37g Counc-I, Tennis Deans Lust, Clee Club, Tennis Team '37, Eleqtrlclanl Productlon Staff Dean's Lust. SELMA SAMINSKY MARIAN SANDERS Savannah Savannah Tennts Team '36, Home Economics Club. ,1 u an mms Holmes MARY ADELE X ' T SCARBOROUCH SCARBOROUCH L g Savannah Savannah Ozchestra 37. Literary So- Tennas. Dean's List. '5-v-" muy, Softball, Deans Lust. GYM 'Xajc - - J-v ' AQ 'T 95 MARGARET MAE SOPHOMORES WILLIAM B. SCGTT A SCHUIVIAN Savannah E 'J' , Savannah Football, Softball sv P ' Clee Club, Tennis, Ceechee. MARY de SALES HENRY CARL SMITH SHEEHAN Savanna A, , Q Savannah Softball, Tennis. I Basketball, Typist for Ink- , 51" J well. ' Q X 5- I JAMES FRED LEWIS SIMPSON Clee Club, Fencing, Peso- ciate Editor Ceechee, Stu- dent Council, Literary So- ciety, Football. SIDNEY SMITH Savannah Swimming Team, Associate Editor Inkwell, Dean's List, Vice-Pres Literary Society, M r B T rn anage oxing ea , Ceechee, Football, Softball 4 gs. QQ! X MP' , Quant 'c.. 1 Fi- Z!! la ,V Nw' ajc SOPHOMORES CELIA B STEVENS GEORGE W Sa Dego Calf STRAIGHT Ti ee Co e d Moon m Savannah L S N3 COMES Dean BO E Team Siudent Coun LS'C'eeCUb amual Arhlet nc THOMAS ABBOTT HAROLD SUTKER STOKES Savannah Savannah Dearfs Lust, Ceechee. Tenms Team '36, '37g Box- mg '37 SOLOMON SUTKER HUGH TAYLOR Savannah Llroram Som-r,, Dearfs Lust, Prcssdent C!ee Club, Ma!e Clpuhee Quartet, Three Cornered Mcon ajc SOPHOMORES IVIARY LEEK THOMAS HERBERT S. TRAUB, 6 Savannah IR. Q Q - TCVWII5- Savannah -. Tennis, Dean's List, Adver- IIQJ, rising Manager Cfeechee, I nkwell. HARRY LEBEY IEANNE CLAIRE TRUCI-IELET VICTOR Savannah Savannah Orchestra, Glee Club, Dean's Clee Club, Riding, Reading List, Softball. Club, lnkwell, Cleechee. OLADYS VON I-IOYT NICHOLAS OI-ISEN WARE Augusta Pooler, Ca., U. S. A. Delta Chi Pledge, Olee Club. Inkwell Editor '37, Literary Soeiety, Tennis, Associate Editor Ceechee, Audubon Society. ajc A A A SOPHOMORES ANNA WEEKS LAURA wrLSoN Savannah Savannah wha Tau Beta, Sw mmung Secretary Home Economics e 'TI' I mg Club '36, CIBC Club, M 6 W QD Savannah " ' gavgamah Dean's List, Secretary Delf- Tennus, Home ECONOMICS Cm- Tenms' HJC MARGARET E. MARGARET WRICH1 ' BACK TQ NATURE? I CAPTAIN 7 EDITORS BUSINESS OR PLEASURE? LITTLE MANN WHAT NOW? MR GIVENS EXPLAI NS I SMILE I FROWN I AM INDIFFERENT 1- 1 I 'A ' Aeovs-A cw WITH A SWEET Toow I . .4 -Vi V -tg Sd03 SINN3l SEIEIAJ.-l:I3'I RIGHT-SHE I' WOULD LIKE I TO CET THIS . ONE BACK I snow-covso ABOVE-SHE'S GOT SH I NGLES BELOW- THEY TAKE A FIELD TRIP AND FIND A BEER GARDEN ABOVE-LOOK WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO A CAT ABOVE-TH I STLE I ul 1 1 V . -u - 5 I 7- - lg I 3 'F ,J . . ' '1' . .if Y' I Nr--'. V " s '- . . rf il ' I -L.. Ill IU! lllllhbl BELOW-TO THE REND ZV O THE TEMPTERS - T27 HE COULDN'T TAKE IT ' "'i7!'i1"'79'R-,. T sl- .. Fnzaumsm CHATZD freshmen O O FRESHMEN CHARLES D, ADAMS ELBERT v, AMOS Bloomingdale Townsend. Ca. in-f FRANK BARRACAN EARL C. BIDEZ Savannah Savannah HELEN ELIZABETH BOYD WOODROW BRELAND Savannah Savannah HELEN INEZ BRENNAN IANE CHAPMAN Savannah Savannah HJC FRESHMEN ERNESTINE OCTAVIA LILLIAN COOPER COLE Savannah Savannah IVIARIETA SI-IEILA COOK EEEIE WOODROW CONE Savannah Stilson, Ca. ARTHUR I-I. CRANIVIAN CHRISTINE CRAWFORD Savannah Savannah EDDIE DAVIS WESLEY DE VALINCER Fountam City, Tenn Savannah 1, AA 6s.'5 L A 1 .0'cX 55 Hjf Iwi QU! JEWELL DIXON B'aCkshear,Ca FLORENCE DOTSON G S Savannah 'ur L 4 IOHN DU PONT Savannah 4 1 . SAMUEL FREEMAN FRESHMEN PATRICIA DODD Savannah EDWARD DU FOUR Savannah ALMA WOOD DU PUIS Hardecv.He,S C FRANK GARDNER lgqkgnnvnllel Fla Nx'xX3jC - - J-v MARY CARRARD Savannah SOL CONCHAR Savannah JEAN GREGORY Savannah ADELINE GUMBLE MORTON HAAS Hamdey,Pa. Savannah v I I A v 'mafia I 1 .-r 5569 ,,r P? A rv N. HJC Q 3 CARRARD HAINES Savannah ,,. 01' . li 1 1 MARTHA ANNE HAUSMANN Savannah 3 GEORGIA ANNA HILL Savannah -l R U BY H OLL I S Savannah FRESHMEN DORA LEE HARMON Savannah SARA HENDERSON Savannah jEANNE H IPSON Boston, Mass EDNA HOLLER Charlotte, N C, - - ,fa F RESHMEN ANN HOLLOWAY Savannah NEDRA HOUSEHOLDER .- Savannah WILLIAM CODFREY HYRNE Savannah ALICE EVERETT IAMIESON Savannah JAMES RICHARD HORSWELL Savannah CLAUDINE CLARK HUTCHINS Savannah PAUL INNECKEN Savannah CERE JENKWS Savannah 3 xt, 7' . 3 s L 3 , 1 ,Y I. ai'-P pf I ,S Hjff Savannah Savannah lim-.n- A ,kg -3 Q y HERBERT D, LEICH, JR, LETTYE LEON .1 I Q A " Savannah Savannah FRESHMEN DQRQTHY IOHNSON FLORENCE KOLMAN Savannah ROSALYND RRAVITCH 'RENE LA MOTTE I BETTY l-YNES JGHN N, MCLAUCHLIN Savannah +40-.QP HJC 6 FRESHMEN R 3? ISABEL MARY MCLEOD IEANETIE LOUISE Savannah MCLEOD Savannah 1' Ii 'Q' RITA IVICRAE IAMES IVIAYBERRY N Savannah Columbus, Ca. 1 IANE ELIZABETH MILLER ROBERT E. LEE MILLER a Savannah Savannah 4, .lin sv., EARL MOAK CERALDINE MONSEES ""1 I Savannah Savannah ajc jk P' JANET MONTEITH - , Savannah 'E 3 15 I- 4 'af 'I' S'?li.3.RR Q, E 4 - A GEORGE PATRICK Savannah dr 07' ELIZABETH PIERCE Savannah CTI' FRESHMEN DOROTHY BONNELL NELSON Savannah AMAND ELIZABETH PALMER Savannah ARTHUR PHILLIPS Savannah SHEILA PIERCE Savannah ajc FRESH M EN ELEANOR POWERS Savannah ' a 'W MARGARET ELEANOR RAWL I NGS Savannah DOUGLASS RICHARD Savannah SAUL RUBI N Savannah VIRGINIA SWING QUINAN Savannah WILLIAM B. RICE Savannah IULIA ROBERTS Savannah FRANK SANDERS Washington, D. C. 35' W? . I 'BJ' 'Rm ajc 'fir N. FRESHMEN IACK SCHLEY REGINA IEANETTE Savannah SECALL Savannah It-:X E-" IACK SEIGLER JULIUS SHARPE 9 Savannah Savannah J EDWARD AUGUSTUS SIEC SELMA LOUISE SOLMS Savannah Savannah 3 Q go. 1 "73- GEORGE STANLEY WALTER SWEATT Savannah Savannah sum - ajcllfo FRESHMEN MIRIAM LUCILLE JOSEPHINE HEYMAN THOMAS TRAUB Savannah Savannah CECILIA DARRACOTT IOHN TYRE TRAVIS Savannah Savannah NELSON WAITE JOHN FRANKLIN WADE Savannah Savannah ARDELLE WALDHOUR Savannah WALL Marlowe, Ca. CECILIA ZITVRAUER A 173-- '21 S L L' gg new 6x'M'XajC - - JD ,u Y 3 9' , ELIZABETH WALLACE ' k' Greenwood. S C. I af HN VIRGINIA WHITE Savannah FRESHMEN ISABEL MCLERAN WARNER Savannah ANDREW WILSON Savannah E-6? BETTE WILLIAMS Savannah EVELYN NATHAN Savannah HIC 'Is ' 9 ' s 5 Sf-e ,. PLC? ""'- 'T ' 4 I 5' . , . xp ,vi A Y . if? We PRE- PARINC- A CAT FOR Dl- SECTION - l Tied. X? Cloroform ' ' applied. A Cloroform confined. a infected. ti-1 in Skinning. I Di i- r Skinned. W- FY I , I-"' n Muscles ,- uncovered. nl How many f cats in l . N1-7-1 - s the picture? ' 4 ll 6 just rail! 9. What's the use to go to all that trouble says Wendel - Here'S how l skin 'em. . Q NI : I Wag, -X I BELOW-left: One way to .4 5 ' - cover the subject. r L 'I BELOW-right: You guessed it V ' --book worms. RIGHT-One of the reasons why all of the boys had a hard time passing. After seeing this picture anybody should be able to stand Pat. 1-.-....... xi if '1 Q V 23 E3 5' ,. ,,A,,,4....-.4.. .. . Y -,-- ,Y '-1i"--un-' 1935-1936 THE FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL 1936-1937 SECOND YEAR -'Q l Q 2 i 5 tg. 4 b 1 A ACTIVITIEZ o , activities ii Q r 1935-1936 B.Hy Mann, Ophelra Parks, Narrn Ross, Mark johnson, Frank Henry, Alva Lrnes, Kathryn Flowers, Howard Paddrson 4 ob wc X529 STUDENT COUNCIL 1936-1937 .0 X Electa Robertson Presrdent Fred VICC-Pres C77 Elrlabdh PICMG lFreshrnanl Bully Mann Ceorge Strarght lack Schley KFreshmanJ 5 Q, . 5f6,g,-'Or A4 Ufphy COO fF,e' W 8, Shih Gfgnd 61-,J 1 4 x ,, R ll6 Class President JOHNSON Vice-Pres. BOUNDS Secretary CCDBB SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, 1936-1937 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS, 1936-1937 3-6 President BARRAC-AN Vice-Pres. HILL Secretary HOLL'S sal P YXXQVC' CIC-NILIATU "ss gfw Q37 Editor Business Manager HINCKLY MURPHY ALVA LINES hs, THE 'CEECHEE 1937 STAFF. N01 Pkg 'Y Q83 ei 'qs 057 . 4410 Big QBQYX Sofia SQ VD Q,0OxO?: 'G 6-OWorN Ho 65 ae? 'iss yr w V55 ao O04 Af? We NN ' NX are ffbkof QOQSY' A 'qfxffy G09 wxof ARTHUR M Am, C165 N Administratuon Advisor fro' t '.k' 1937 'GEECHEE ANNUAL STAFF FT ,- ,pasz-, -vw- 42- wr ln BOUNDS coATS iviccueiv CARR CRANTHAM ' . . X -3! ff 2 5? -79 0' x t G 39 'T .V Q 3- 6 mf "" H., - N ' 'ff' 1' C-ARRARD HARMON HILL HODCES LEVY Q li m 5 OPPER ROBINSON SMITH SUTKER VICTOR AN N UAL STAFF The Editors of the 'C-eechee thank those who have worked to produce the Annual. Mr. Cignilliat, and other members of the faculty gave many valuable suggestionsg Alva Lines, Herbert Traub and their solicitors worked like Trojans and turned in a vast quantity of advertisementsg Fred Simpson willingly worked out many details, as did Walton Purse in the Athletic section. The printers gave helpful advice, and a few others worked. The Editors suggest that the next 'Ceechee staff begin early and feed ice-cream and peanuts to the staff. HEADLINES FROM THE INKWELL g0mP?henTVeRV'eY',0f Basket Season Opens Tonightg asf ear 5 emllllscent ISamsons Versus Teachers -M. - C fllemember The Dedication, ,, 'L 'M 'i'i""' ' Ilunror College I gh- PII-ys,TTI: guarding, Three-Cornered Moon' Well Done omances, es , amos, -Q 0 Created Through I And Then The Ffoohmoo? COUQQQ Tl"SPi'nSlmPfvSBril- -1 leant Audience in First Pla ' Afmstfong PIGYGTS . . Y' Zeal and Energy BQQISBJTBALL BEGINS fab-I-wand 'lgaziing Roflooolwarl Produce I A V N OR COLLEG e In . I W'lthln Less Than Four Months of nr La N G 0 fE ay e omg? FW' PIBYS I Authorization Armstrong Was 'ge um el' urn! ut 01' PARK IN SPRING I li I . F' P t' L "1 'L'fi"""' , -L' "' mf- I ADZZEESSSIATHP Bexino Practice I - FIRST GIRLS' CLUB ---i- will Begin 0CoIIege Housed I-:Lscrs OFFICERS Night School ' A ' ' ' H E - Cl bl Cl , A Boxing Practice In og ome cl-Qrrzirizc? u ' QIiBeesFulle Gets Under Way trr Ing eauty C , 'C I L. Girls To l-lave 4C0IIEgC Day" PI'0gl'am Be , . axe AdII::,bIQiI::1o::::-rgiidzgr':.ol:::mn- Baslcet Team BEIIDOIII Cage lriidingsls I of Youth CANN Home GIVEIIIL M I i I ---395 .I-A o oo on F03 FINANCE AND IHINCKLY MURPHY GI Cl b W-H l JUNIOR COLLEGE GIFT commence COLLEGE' T0 'gE:gggQ0QN2,FUAL Pr::ent iiooof OF MRS. LUCY MOLTZ '11 -2 I -I-I, S - lo ' 0 - - Hxmfs lacclitngf Alva Lines is Chosen aa n ' prm.....g IIUNIQR Colrrl-EIEE IIETTING lx I ET, H,-M-M Business Manager Thompson May . H15 -QE C S JUNIOR COLLEGE soFT BALL TEAM Coach Boxing IAmong Historic Spots In Loigssglyigg-INERH HI FORMED AT SCHOOL 2 .L . - IU Georgia ' ls DofooI2oI'5f.3o In An Teamilifi Bfeen Xery Active' ph. Delta Mu DITORIUM T0 BE - n 1 In aymx ames Elects Mclnt r BUILT Fon COLLEGE 0v'e't"f'e Gm' I - Y e , , - - 'I CLOSING EXERCISES 'I' " H'- Addmon Cost 560,000 and FENCING TEAM WILL BE HELD AT my Lettermen Return Seats 500 People IS LAWTON MEMORIAL., Basketball T'ams EDDIE 'C H ,PoIoI' , dR D.R.R.P W'llb II MAZ0 To BE ' enry Fo Csairdh an on r PrincipaatlySpeiakerg t e M' BASKETBALL COACH A----:ln W Students Not In Favo ' ARMSTRONG COLLEGE ' - . . Wrllolflaaralirzzimeaoegilarge :.N-I-ES-I-AlNi SIENITRS lggrlel gggsliayns OF Fraternrtres Pirgdrvgeirg or ceoncrz ' It 've' Sousirot me Joou MoLoooIIIao ls Assistanlprosh Defeat SOPH ONG I5 GIVEN I Both I-lave Fine Recorcln Claggig B ffl BY Mas. LUCY MOLTZ DRAMATIC CLUB , Among City-S Bm Bum 5 9 Ceremony Will Occur in I PRESENTS PLAYI ears? staffed ln O efwr - . P Early Jlnllafy I rvroo Mucgmerv 'i'- "' lnternatlonal Relatlon 'LOCKE E ' -----Y-I Presented lkmprgvements Planned Club I5 Forming R5 AND 'hw' ' I' or ampus '-3"- sHowI-:Rs TO BE CLEE CLUB TO GIVE I . . . Nga, Plgdge ' INSTALLED AN ALL-STAR SHOW Fl"Q:'wCgn2'f1":l":f:x'gti': Alpha Too aol. Other Changes To Be Made Entire Studezgs Body To Room Will Be Made , A Pm-ficipage - A Armstrong Circle BOOKS POUR INTO I C' New Sororities Wom""5 Missimfv Sods COLLEGE LIBRARY KHXIISRIL Are Formed IIS Fofmed Bookroom Filled With Val l W '- Co C . ,I-A ---L- - -H C - - wart, argrll I-lead. Delta Chl ' I Ilafhglellbolumes 'fo,.mt:3E:,n CcE::::r'l::::gln and Alpha Tau Betag Rules B'Pl99Y Goes COLLEGE ACCREDITED school For Membership Outlined :'lI9I: l-lat b I T -I I -1 n ew a TH E F I RST STAFF-1935-1936 ,Aw 1 . L MCCUEN LINES BECKETT BOUNDS COATS DAVIS GRANTHAM itor-in-Chief 1 Manager .J - :W i , L .- it 1'r wif ,A Q A I V 4 l lf 1 'f Q U f v ' S I I B574-' bl 'H Q it fi.. A.. I s MclNTYRE MURPHY OPPER Piziocm swiitn TRAUB waizg THE INKWELL Official Student Publication The "lnkwell" grew from the efforts of interested students. Robert McCuen, Alva Lines, and Nelta Beckett organized, with McCuen as editor, and Lines as business manager, Volume One will be of importance as history of the school. The magazine featured news and subjects of topical interest, with articles and editorials by prominent people. In l937, the policy of the paper was altered slightly by Editor Ware and Business Manager Mann. Fiction, playlets, and feature articles were offered, as a necessary compromise to the infrequent issu- ance of the magazine, which made the news old be fore it could be printed. Many students contributed to its columns, and a new format was used, featuring slighter type and flush-left headlines. lDue to difficulty in obtaining pictures, loe Rivers, Austin Summey, joe Battle, Sin Fah Chan, loan Dodd, and Associate Editor, Arthur leffords have been omittedl L f Right- e l-- Top rowi Top row: W are S 'th Mm! Murphy ann leffords 2nd row: P 2nd row' r e U S Morris Gibson lst row: lst row: VA ictor Lockwood HH Bounds I Coats ROBERT HERIOT, 'Ceechee Staff Photographer Who fhelrove at or no1J snapped thus well-Composed picture of hrmsclf and produced many other fame photographs for the Ceechee, heaudof, domg the candnd Camera pages and offermg many valuable ZUQQCSYIOUS, ." 5 i f at i 9 il 2. gui! I .ii s ' - .1 ., . 1.1, ' F. 17.52 I. 32,3 I L K, if wt n Fred Simpson, Hoyt Ware, Hinckly Murphy Arthur jeffords, Burnett Truchelet, Thomas Austin Summey Gregory Wilson, Sidney Smith, Howard Paddison, Robert McCuen LITERARY SOCIETY-1935-1936 This club was formed in the first year of Arm strong to give opportunity forrexpression in speaking and debate. After electing Howard Paddison president and Sidney Smith vice-president, the club presented a parliamentary debate, a humorous debate, and a mock trial written by a member, Hinckly Murphy, and performed by the club and several non members. It is hoped that the club has begun a tradition for this form of expression, which can be of great potential value in ordering thought in the student. Half an hour 'till Curtain! SAVANNAH PLAYHOUSE THEATRE BOARD Q58 of Y --f ERNESTINE COLE BERTRAM COOPER IAMES MCCREERY ROBERT MCCUEN r l'x f 1 f .., ROBERT HULL ALVA LINESS VERDERY ROBERTS HUGH TAYLOR 7 PRODUCTION STAFF-Callie Morris, Louise Opper, Gene Borroughs, Wendell Hardwick, janet Rushing. A SCENE FROM "THREE CORNERED MOON" Q01 COWFE THEORY AND PRACTICE , 1. , Q-1, .I Tir X f , 'bf' f I - 1 .V . . Nw, r I 1. , Q K . 1 , ,',.'j lg: 5 I 1 5 A -I V F ,' .N It -.X I' 4 ,- I A "' ' ' I 4 L I I :A-N,--iff I, 'pi 2 17 I ' . N I, ' ,f 1" f 1 '- TA - WX4, '--f HULL AND HARDWICK C-ET THE LIMELICHT IS IT MURDER-OR WORK? 'DAYS OF WORK MUST OO BEFORE A NEW PERFORMANCE VIEW BAC KSTACJE,on,t-lauzmann, Exley, Lockwood, Laughlrn, Crnann, ft row l-r Coats, E Cnann, Cobb, Vlctor, SDGUCGV 'r Vxfrlgl1T,LC9,lVlOr1l6'l1l'1, Brennan, Blornourst,Truchelet, Haas, Shuman, Von Ohsen ldlr l, Cowart, Deegan, Murphy, Beckett. ' rrt row I-r Von Ohsen, DeValrngQr, Smith, McCreery, Srmpson, Taylor, Crvens, Stanley, Truchelet, Haas, Schuman. ,rd row l-r Lockwood, Laughlrn, M Crnann, Wrlght, Lee, Monterth, Brennan, Blomourst, Hrpson, Hausrnann, Exley. THE GLEE CLUB Tlwrr, organrzatron, y.hrch was begun by Margaret Spencer tn l93S, has grven many splendrd performances in student assemblies for con r.r rwrlqrw, Ctvrvf clubs, and cc-rcmonres The Male Quartet was formed rn 1935 and has presented many beautiful selections Hugh Tarlor was elected presrdent of the Cleo Club The The Count ani the Co-ed " rt as hoped that rt wrll Orchestra was begun an IQ37, and although It was able to grve but one performance grow and become a regular actrvrty of the college. MALE QUARTET llrrturfrs m.3',rr1p1l Harry TruCl1ClCf, lim fl 6' I ' 3 lu- ' .A 4 v , rj y X L 4 T Cowart Murphy Taylor, Moak, Stanley, Crvens, ORCHESTRA es Scarborough, Robbie Thompson, Mrs Norton, Marietta Cook. 6 Q -gg - ', Q 'J J '-- " '. Ogg- -3 5 'f j 1 Q Spencer Phillips Robinson lMuslC DITCCTOfl wee -5-A owne Phillips, Bond, Cowart Bring Forth Sweet Sounds CLIZCSQ, Which were given sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes at night were a very popular feature of Armstrong social Iifeg here you see some getting in their toot- work. V fo a fady S hearp Delicate Scene No. l ! Coming from the dance! Kev 1501 . X ca Koo ov Cavoxrlahleta. Blond Me tie avzxxfx Ca nate Q,e0a C30 Boy, if she looked at me that way! EDITH BEERY GRACE BOUNDS sczufisa VIRGINIA BRYAN saufiza ELIZABETH PIERCE ELECTA ROBERTSON BETTE WILLIAMS 5- RIDING CLUB Purse, Victor, Pierce, Keevcr, Solms, Blackwell. White. levy, Kravitch, McRae, Williams, Hill, Egloff. pf.. J Mfg Compton, Instructor And Riding is a popular pastime with some Armstrong students who have formed a group which regularly rides. Mrs. Compton instructs them. llvlany students were missing when the photograph was takenl v .V--tn .X2. 05- Hi. Boy-o-boy, whcids that riding club at? Walton Purse, Assistant Instructor Ars-u.r-:rica athletics OLLY. GL M195-W HONG JUNKOF C CW SAV ANNAH 6i,ORCrXA kprll lb, l9'b'1 Wg deer Hr. iurpngz- Tpe etnletlc pollcv of Armstrong Bunlor College ls to provlde for end encourage pertlclpetlon in some iors of supervlsed etnletlce for all students. is empneslze tnose sports fnlcxu can 'oe pursued ln future gears fnen school dave ere over. Reellzlng the natural nesltencv of e person to pertlclpete ln env ectlvltv ln inlcn the lndlvlduel lecve e Mnovledge of tne fundamentals and evlll, se Lrg to glve beak: lnstructlon and to develop efilclencv. Tbls course nes been iolloied es fer es fecllltles ueve eerrented ltg these ie neturellj expect to lnprove end perfect. 'Wine scpool nopes to take lte place ln inter-collegiate SH competltlon ln ell seasonal sports. The iootbell schedule for lv next fell is not psrtlellv illled and illl be completed durlng the suu er months. We ere preparing tnls schedple oxen tne ldee of glvlng our students and tne people of Sevsnndn the best end tue nost colorful competltlon ln our cless. Besvetbell, voting, baseball, tennls, and golf vlll pe featured ln the competltlve fleld. The ilrst gredustlng class of hrnstrong should be SBBYX1 proud oi lte pert tn estebllsblog e trsdltlon for clean, vnole-hearted, bettllng competltlon. lt ls lndeed e rlch nerltege to mend doin to toe clesses tbbt are to iolloi. Jofdlelli id? 7. f' ' I , X. Y, fGnlcK' 5UlV8Y, Ukrector oi .mxletlc5. U. Blnclllv iurpnv, ?,6ltor, 'The 'Geecnee' , l W slr G TH KDMPSON "-2' 'ii DYER HOLL AND MCN ARTHUR CRANMAN BILLY MANN ROBERT MILLER MA NAI RN ROSS GEORGE STRAIGHT INTRAMURAL ATHLETIC COUNCIL ASSISTANTS TO COACH SHIVER I3Qi?'?:'i-5 f:.I IOHN TYRE EVELYN NATHAN IOHN MCLAUGHLIN 1936 Mr Lowe, Mr Malo, Taylor, Page, Lamef. Cohen, leffords, MC- Cuen. Front row: Leon, Battle, Moppef, Karnlbad, HOHIVYES worrh. 1936-BASKETBALL-1937 1937 Mopper, Dreese, Du- pont, Carr, Morgan DuFour, McLaughlin Muller, leffords. Front row: ' Kronstadt, Leon, Kar- nrbad, Cranman, Bre- land, Lanier, Richards. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Rfb First ROW: Rushing, 'BEery,' Leon, Meadows, Lee, Cargill. Second Row: Oliver, Wallace, Cone, Morris, Robertson, Purse, Pierce ii iiiii : r A., .I . . . '-' , ' ' '.'s"r4- ' vf-- 93f'1!f"'-.'-A n , "N -r 7 u" , .-'-5 mf. ', . 1T'vA'i4Q ' ,-v, A V3 N, .-.-in , A .'. '..,.a.0 '2.5irLL."-2.1.-. ., '. '1-, :Vx-" A-14 . gd, . Morgan, Cranman, Dupont, Haines, Lanier, Tyre, MEN'S TENNIS TEAM TENNIS TEAM Stokes, Miller. -1937 I in LANIER TYRE DU PONT A MORGAN CRANMAN fy I HAINES ff-I QF "' .za .i LAN I ER DUPONT MORGAN DAVIS I " -Q-DY' 1 n -- -f 4'- Q.. +- .- - 4. ff" .4141 xl: 'x -A is Back Row. Coach Thompson, Phillips, Dreese, Roberts, johnson, Stokes, McLaughlin, Schley, Carr, Stanley, Straight, Smith lManagerl. Front Rowg Norton, Bowyer, lnnecken, Mrller, Ross, Leigh, McCreery. BOXING TEAM-1937 McLaughlin Cfanrnan Breland, McLaughlln, Cranman, john Tyre Lanier George Straight Miller Mopper Muller l .f FENCING 1937 l li l Mx Fencers Haas and MCCuen show how you fenceiBreland, how you umpire- It McCreery and Rice Scaramouching. Q-'mtl FENCERS . . . Top Row: Morton Haas, Herbert Traub, james McCreery. Bottom Row: Fred Simpson, William Rice, Samuel Freeman, Bob McCuen 'Q W George as the tee, and Carr knocking his block off. g Barragan, jeffords, Carr, Sanders GOLF-1937 ' 8 06 -! Cofr hits the high spots fa .I-M' .fe-.9 3' Leon, Schley, DuFour, Bowyer, McLaughlin, Smith, McCreery, Carr, Cranman. X V ,, mal, SWIMMING 1937 Bashful Bowyer? I ir ,GIQW 'T - ' ".x,1J' . f17 """ 1 W F- 3' I U ,- --,jf -4 : Y jr., ,uw ,, 1' A fs- .5 - H K R ill.. s swf hh 1: f . ' A s ,"- 9-- ff 'fl-. ' ,F t f , 1' I . 4" ' MM Z Y: I., Z -q, -Ky, f ' . wiv' -- " v ' ' 1, K 'HJ bil ,1': V' Lukie hits the water R in F All , Cone, Weeks, Cargill, Collms, Lalvlclre McLeod, Monsoes, Lee, Hausmann, McLeod, Plqrce, Wllllamgl Plerce, Wallace Not ln plclure HIDSOIWV Moms, GIRLS SWIMMING 5 ' I OLIVER K UHDIKII l5Px..l.l TEEN .gt .- H, s . f . 'x ' x I. .I .r ' 1 o any U A .QQX "Tm: 'aw ' Q-av Q f ' f 'fr' 4 ? 1 a 7 ,P X 'Z ' f Qs A 4 H... - .- Iyffffiif Q 1 1 A 1 ., , . I ' ' H'-- l--- f- AT- -- -f .- - -A .. xv BDXIM' Term In A xsuu . 3 3 Q 3 ,A x .ash IQ U saw: ,T Xs 11- - ' ' K ' ,Tn V ' f g1.,ffJi31'K-Y ' va 2 Q-'3"J"" ' L - ' ' 'fx an " lx Q , ' - f -,, J.. T J - 1 K- i M -Q K X Q x, fy! ' , n -NA, xx- . 3 ,- if I ' .' -"'fl"'- Q A "" 'ay--'H-4. ' 1 wx jx-A N 5 - ,K A -, u,., Ji L v- 7 , A A " E S ingygqvo-9-T4 'hii0!..4 xx f I ff' .. - 7,1 . ' hh f ' XX JN ' f ', Cvzkf' YC l " Q, 3 - x A , 1 x -W ,,, Q ,ina-A vsvu nav.-,-Q . Q A. o - 0 94 A --"4""'jf'f "f' Q ' X R n N " 17 ', ' ., ' If X Y W 1 " av x ,I ' ' -li' I -t "1 3 Q , 1 I i f A -'rl' an Ag K-Ts-ak, twig 'V' ...,., ' 3- , . gx u-- .' Q tk fx'-X nf? f"'Nff-X ' I 1 . K X 6 '- J i "2 f x , xt K !x,,5f1:Kk," ,U . , -- fa? V3 . J U.Q? ' .ai Ne w q" 'AX Gum.: Aaxir BALL een -iv-.RON . .iigb f31 Q wl'aDOM . 3 QQ zu: 3. 'M' ,--P rx iv W ' Au, GUN., ls' vt wean:-1 - . - - - P .r "' ' ' 5 D T FQ , ' T T ' s . K 5 0 7- 5 S Q Q l 1 s s mf 'I' , 41' 'T X f a , T 3 n f 'ff xt - "D V A ' A Y -ii.. , 1 -r ' - ' ' -f mag - I ' if 1 I 'fttf :iii '--iff 1 1 N 'A F Q i I A. in .i , ll W -I 1 Some of our faculty caught in an informal moment during their past education. In the graphic picture above, you see how they looked when they were earnestly working toward becoming young train robbers and lion tamerst At least that is what their Prof, Heriot thought at the time, Teacher had just spanked Mr, Reuben, and gave I. Thomas a whack with his pointer, but you see what little good it did when this picture was madeg they are all at it again. The only good pupil is Mr. McNeill, who is perfecting his acro- batic swing on the chandelier. "Chick" is slipping l. Thomas a fast one, and Miss Ennis is tired out from passing notes to Mrs, lvliller. When this picture was taken, some of those later guiding spirits of Armstrong were playing hookey. Miss Fortson was home making fudge, Mr Cignilliat had gone fishing with lvlr, Lowe, and lvlr. Boyd was making a toy sail boat and getting ground itch from walking in puddles. As you can see, teachers are made, not born, Wild-cat Keach is cutting up as usual walking on his hands and thus annoying the teacher, Dr, Dyer is resorting to direct methods in getting a zero on his next report card for conduct Prof, l-leriot's patience is being tried to the utmost and he is considering retiring from teaching and going into the cup and saucer business. Bless their little hearts, they learned so much guile while they were playing hookey, throwing spitball and passing notes, that they can now detect the slightest skullduggery in the cleverest freshman, so what's the use? You might as well sit still and larn, so's you won't have trouble at home. sw L X , I C5991 96,5 0 O xo 0 0-QQ O 0 GE. 0 0 o 0 i :Mt X Q vw QUMH QD X A LX w 4 S0965 FRCSYHX o O O O 'D on a li 7 G ' ,Fi - TOKE IN x 1,4 O 0 o Q C, G 4125 b 0 0 wo W- J X 0 0 0 0 ooo V TENNIS X l X ff ' X17 Q x K I S U9 os "5 C6 4:9 Q. Frances Coats, Vrrgrma Whrte, Elrzabeth Wallace. Amand Palmer, Elrzabeth Prerce, Bette Wrllrams, Vrrgrnra Qurnan, Ruta McRae, Sara Henderson, Paulrne Cargrll, presrdent, Margaret Eglolf, Selma Solms, Anna Weeks ALPHA TAU BETA The purpose of thrg orgamzatrorw rg to promote socral and mtellectual rrtterests, and to encourage high moral tarwdards among gtodents at Armstrong lumor College The club has been recogrrrzed offrcially by the College rJdFTlIFlISlf3lIOf'l. os 05 if D6 aiu- QQ 9? O1 Lela Cason, Cfadyg von Ohsen, De Alva Hodges, Em1Iy Gould, Evelyn Hope Groot, Lillian Cooper, jane Chapman, Martha Lee. Christine Crawford, Georgia Anna Hill, Georgia Rose Otto Mary lane Gnann, Odessa Poythress, Augusta Oelschig, Edith Beery, Mary Carolyn Meadows, Gere jenkins, Eleanor Murphy, Margaret Wright, Dolores Cowart, president, Mar- guerite Morrow, Walton Exley. DELTA CHI This club was organized in l937 to encourage friendship among members ot the Delta Chi Sorority, and among all students ot Armstrong junior College. The sorority is recognized by the college. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-I937 Lourse Catch, Cone, Wrlson, Murphy, Laughlin, Isabel McLeod, Caro- lyn Meadows, Ursula Clark, Martha Lee, Rrta McRae, President Margaret Eglott, Frances Coats, Treasurer Elizabeth Pierce, Secretary Elrzabeth Wallace, Bette Wrllrams, Vlrgrnra Quinan. H T E HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-I937 Irs actrvrtres center around the work of the Home Economrcs De- partment whrch rs under the drrec- tron of Frances Ennrs. The Oueen rs rn the Krtchen. Eallfttl bread and honey Front row, fdytht? COIIm',, Nell laugh- l.n, Kathryn Flowers, Laura Wrrnrxrr, Mary Carolyn Mea- fI'JWS THE FIRST HOME ECONOMICS-I936 Second row: Dorrs Ceswcnder, Marran Saunders, Alice Futrelle Martha Lee, Ursula Clark, Marpgucrrtc Morrow, LUTHERAN CLUB-1937 Elizabeth Cnann, Georgia Anna Hill, Elizabeth Cobb, Ardelle Waldhour, Geraldine lvlonsees, Mary lane Cnann, Frances Coats. This club plans to encourage attendance at the Lutheran church, and encourage friendship among the Lutheran girls at Armstrong College. 'W C wdmxgi Rgcf eo N206 K esxdem 6'cfe,aWUfV05 PHI DELTA MU Phu Delta Mu was founded to YN 61 ow N9 C, Datuk r eaguf ex PY 'L encourage emulation of loan Dodd, a charter memberg and to do works of chanty and en- courage socual life. x xox UBSOV xuijf'LTOtA r. HELENE HERNDON ELECTA ROBERTSON AA. 74 ,Q YCAR IQARD Q CEC1 LM TRA VIS EA 1.1062 14' Anvanrlsaznsura Gr ' - T A 7- 1 JOI A - A IV7- 1 advertisements The 'Geechee thanks its many advertisers for their cooperation. They have proven themselves loyal and progressive in supporting Savannah? firstfellege GREETINGS to ARMSTRONG JUNIOR CGLLEGE SAVANNAI-VS PRIDE AND HOPE Om TI-IE MAYCDR and ALDERMEN TI-IE CITY GF SAVANNAH VDVIEXVIIE SAVANNAH SUGAR REFINING CCRPORATION B WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS SAVANNAH DAILY TIMES WE EXTEND to the members of the Graduating Class our sincere wish for their success in all of the cir- cumstances of life. UNION BAG '25 PAPER CGRP GENERAL OFFICES-WOOLWORTH BUILDING-NEW YORK Mills and Factories SAVANNAH, GEORGIA HUDSON FALLS, NEW YORK . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS KAUKAUNA, WISCONSIN BOGALUSA, LOUISIANA VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON STANLEY AND COMPANY 21 BROUGHTON STREET, EAST JEWELERS - SILVERSMITHS Congratulations To the students of Armstrong Iunior College on the successful publication of so fine a year book as the 'GEECHEE in the second year of the institution's existence. We are proud of you. and of Armstrong Iunior College. NEW LUSTER DRY CLEANING NEW WAY LAUNDRY We Make Your Photograph as INDIVIDUAL as your Fingerprints- IF You Aim To Please Remember that A Photo by Rich Is Your Finest Year-Around GIFT R I C H ' S Photo Studio 26M E. Broughton St. Telephone 4412 Compliments of THE STEEL PRODUCTS COMPANY MANU1-'AQTURERS OF MGREAT-DANE" TRAILERS MWELD-BILT" TANKS F ABRICATED STEELWORK Congratulations and . Best Wishes to Armstrong's X FIRST Graduating Class. XNURIC 'KN - Mlnll -ll ANNN "' - U ,Q Strive to be FIRST m Everything Most of You Have Used Savannah's FIRST Milk Since Childhood. ANNETTE'S 9 PASTEURIZED - IRRADIATED - VITAMIN. D For Better Light - Better Sight Use One of the New LES. Study Lamps Prevents eye strain. It is the newest light offering of Science for all eyes of all ages. You will find the New I.E.S. Lamps on display at our Show Rooms or any Lamp Dealer. Look for the I.E.S. tag. S A V A N N A H Electric 81 Power Co. BEST WISHES FROM HOWDEN COAL AND OIL COMPANY BARTS BAKERY SCI-IAFER BAKERY DERST BAKERY NUGENTS BAKERY SAVANNAH BAKER'S COUNCIL SAVANNAH AUTOMOBILE COMPANY G. M. C. BUICK PONTIAC 7 WEST BRDAD STREET SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS SAVANNAH EVENING PRESS 24 Hour Service to Readers and Advertisers Circulation Considered, the Advertising Rates of the Morning News and Evening Press are as Low or Lower Than Those of Any Newspapers in Cities of Similar Size. Telephone 8151 fAdvertising Departmentj for Particulars Leopold Adler P' SAVANNAI-I'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE . . . outfirters to students of today, yesterday, and to students in the bygone 58 years ...... VAUGHAN MOTORS. INC. 220 Broughton Street. East PLYMOUTH - DODGE DODGE TRUCKS COMPLIMENTS OF THE ARTLEY COMPANY Distinctive Furniture for the Smart and Thrifty Ll NDSEY and MORGAN CO. 9 York Street, West YOUNG FASHIONS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE At Savannah! Fashion Corner B. H. LEVY G BRO. CO . 'run srons DEPENDABLE . W'1shinq Annstronq Continued Success COLUMBIA DRUG CO. Compliments of the SAVANNAH ICE DELIVERY CO. ICE and COAL DIAL - 8I58 GREETINGS From AMERICA'S OLDEST CHARTERED LIFE INSURANCE CO. NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL Incorporated-A.D. I835 HARVEY H. WILSON GENERAL AGENT SAVANNAH GEORGIA .-' Call For - Castleberry's ye! I . ' A :AAU E ,'-4423-'ra r . f 1 "" S 3. 3 , . Sgggl Ay :-' . x in- S, 1.21. .0 " .1 O . J CASTLEBERRY'S FOOD CO., INC. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA HENDERSON BROTHERS Established 1841 220 Drayton Street - Phone 8I39 Ei 12 ,J 'Gn- r -Q. :Q Q t- k P- Z Q I ' -I--9 one w num Hauer-1121 THE GEORGIAN TEA ROOM 23 Abercorn Street LUNCHEON - I2 to 3 PRIVATE ROOM FOR BANQUETS Phone 4286 Alida Harpe mllll"""llI1m 1 ' Ice Cream WALTHOUR '55 LYNES REALTORS Liberty Natl. Bank Bldg. BUYING -- SELLING LOANS - F.H.A. LOANS HOME BUILDING U DESIGNING PROPERTY MANAGEMENT RANCH RIDING SCHOOL WINTER QUARTERS: SAVANNAH RIDING and DRIVING CLUB SUMMER QUARTERS: BIDWING ROCK, NORTH CAROLINA Wilmingt Phone: Lonz Distance I8 S hPh ne: Dil4240 CARL W. SEILER LIFE INSURANCE - ANNUITIES REPRESENTING THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY 808-810 Liberty Bank Building Phone 8786 "Goodbye Anxiety" PROFESSIONAL TRAINING for BUSINESS CAREERS PROGRBSIVE GROUPIN G PLAN DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE "A National Institution" O. I.. ASHCRAIT. M.A.. President "There's none better than Pl.EE'ZING QUALITY PRODUCTS SOLD IN BETTER FOOD STORES EVERYWIIERE WACHTEL'S PRESCRIP'l'IONS AND 1887 - 50th Year - 1937 SICK 48 Abercom Dial 2-loss savannah' 408-410 BULL STREET - PHONE 8145 I Drink TENNIS - BASEBALL - GOLF EQUIPMENT USED BY MW ARMSTRONG FURNISHED BY IN BOTTLES SAVANNAH STUBBS HARDWARE CO COCA-COLA BOTTLING 121-123 w. congress sm: CO. WE DELIVER Best Wishes from G 8 SON CLARKE and CLARKE 355,123 G CONTRACTORS A Realty Building RYAN'S BUSINESS COLLEGE clmez .Sho ciiillineng INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Sexnnnahfid- EXCIUUIW Nilenls Three Perm Street. Des! DIINLAP HATS Cfelophoue 4390 EYES EXAMINED COMPUMENTS FRAMES FITTED OF FOR THE LATEST AND BET IN THE OPTICAL LINE I. S. PINKUSSOHN SEE S C H W A B CIGAR CO. 'ro sm wsu. 118 BULL STREET OPTICIAN OPTOHEFRIST When You Think of Shoes Think of THE GLOBE SHOE CO. Where Quality Footwear Can Be Found for the Entire Family. SIPPLE BROTHERS MORTICIANS "No One Ever Regretted Buying Globe Quality Footwear" BULL AND IONES STREETS GLOBE SHOE CO. Phone 4146 I7 E. Broughton Street COMPLIMENTS SERVING or THE CAUSE OF EDUCATION THE THE SOUTH ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP LINE SAVANNAH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MOYLE TRUNK 8 BAG CO. LASTING LUGGAGE GIFTS FOR GRADUATES REPAIRING Our New Address- Broughton at Whitaker Street 4 :Q V I Q A L FLORISTS BULL and OGLETHORPE AVENUE Phone 5191 C l. t SAVANNAH'S OLDEST omp lmen S MERCANTILE FIRM of SOLOMON'S COMPANY HOTEL WHITNEY nkucs, TOILET ARTICLES, SODA, are - Since 1845 - A, SHULHAFER 6, CQ, CLIMATICALLY CORRECT INC. PAINTS M3llllf3CfUl'ed by Realty Building EAST COAST PAINT CO. DRAYTON and ST. IULIAN STS. Phone 8919 Savannah. Ga. Phone 7346 THE PRINT-CRAFT PRESS "lt's Smart To Be Thrifty" That's Why Millions of American Students Look to IOB PRINTING THAT penneys WILL PLEASE 110 IEFFERSON STREET1' I. C. PENNEY CO., INC. Nearly 1,500 Stores Serving Nearly 30,000,000 Customers THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR COLLEGE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN THE SCHWOB COMPANY zs w. BROUGHTON sr. 1 iv' I' T. I X I L I 4. It in nn LU "MADE IN SAVANNAH" A FRIEND WISHES YOU MUCH FUTURE SUCCESS A. S. BACON 5 SONS RIIIKOIPOIIIICS, ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER SASII, DOORS, BLINDS AND MOULDING MILL WORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION LOANS ON AUTOMOBILES GEORGIA INVESTMENT CO. 311 SAVANNAH BANK BUILDING Phone 4184 "Food for Thought" COLLEGIONETTE ACROSS FROM COLLEGE THE TAVERN Hotel DeSoto DANCING EVERY EVENING IExcept Sunday1 FREE BROS. Individual LAUNDRY AND CLEANING SERVICE 404-412 East Broughton Street . . . Phone 2-3125 THE HUB HOME OF HART SCHAFFNER AND MARX CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS DOBB Cr MALLORY HATS Compliments of B. KARPF, INC. 107 BROUGHTON, WEST Savannah's Most Popular "Woman's Shop" IZIIEC EI? FORWARD, ARMSTRONG KEARNEY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE PIERPONT rum 5614 MANUFACTURING CO. mo BULL sr. SAVANNAH, GA Thomas West 25 Co. is STATE STREET, WEST HOTEL SAVANNAH BARBER SHOP AIR-CONDITIONED SANITARY SURROUNDINGS A. G. PARIS, Proprietor Rubber Stamps, Stencils, Seals and Supplies THE STAMP '25 STENCIL CO. Bay 8 Montgomery Sts., Dial 2-1006 2-0197 - Phone - 2-0198 LOUIS RAYOLA FISH DEALER We Deliver BULL and 42nd STREETS DeSoto Beauty Shoppe HOTEL DE SOTO Compliments of John Wesley Hotel Compliments of SLOTIN and CO. 101 West Broad Street P A U L ' S QUALITY ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN DRINKS TOASTED SANDWICI-IES Phone 9354 2410 Bull St. WE DELIVER Greetings From Savannah Tobacco Co. "CLEAN with SNOW" Compliments of PALMER and CAY INSURANCE 122 Bay Street, East SMITH BROTHERS MEATS - GROCERIES VANITIE BEAUTY M, 0, SEC IN SHOPPE K GER Haircuttinzpliliaziiillljixgigciaiilill Children PLUMBING and HEATING Dial 2-1088 1816 Waters Avenue Phone 3-3735 412 Whitaker St. MORRIS SHOE REPAIR JOHN WQLP, Florist SHOP Dial 2-0883 16 Broughton St., West PHONES 5188-5189 Ott and Anderson Streets - Savannah, Georgia FOR BETTER LAUNDRY SERVICE" THE STAR LAUNDRY NU SHEEN DRY CLEANING PHONES sir:-stu ' 'U - YQ.- -.. Q, - C ,f "Guaranteed Not to Rub OI!" 49th STREET PHARMACY Prescriptions. Sodas, Candies and Magazines Fast and Courteous Delivery 49th at Waters Avenue - Phone 2-0155 TRIPLE THIRST STATION VICTORY DRIVE OPPOSI'I'E MUNICIPAL STADIUM Compliments COLONIAL KNITTING SHOP IOSEPI-I GRIFFIN DISIHPUIO' 4as DRAYTON smmrr soon GULF Pnonucrs Dm gm SUCCESS SODA Best for all Uses MOREHOUSE MANUFACTURING THE LITTLE HOUSE BOOKS - GIFIS COMPANY Compliments O, ADVANCED REFRIGERATION and SPECIALTY co. LEQpQLD BRQTHER5 sv wmiaker si. Dial 3-1430 SAVANNAH, GEORGIA HOBBS RADIO SERVICE Dim. 8942 WE REPAIR ANY MAKE All Work Uncondliionally Guaranteed NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS - Get Hiqh Grade Protection and Beauty for Your Home By Painting it with MONAD LONG-LIFE PAINT, the Paint that Gives you 10096 Service. I. I.. HIGHSMITH G CO. 135-137 Whitaker si. Phone atm Compliments of ESPY PAVING CO. Visit CHEESEMAN'S New and En- larqed ICE CREAM SHOP Where Ouality Always Prevails 117-119 BARNARD STREET SAVANNAH TIRE AND RUBBER CO. 825-631 Went Broad Street SUPER TREAD RETREADS Compliments of ARTS and CRAFTS STUDIO GIFT NOVELTIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Compliments of Savannah Pilots' Association BENTON BROTHERS BOB'S GARAGE LONG DISTANCE MOVING 24 HOUR mm AND WRECKING 410 w. Jorms Pnorms 41114112 SERVICE :Ste in,--- Prmtlng Company l6l LUCKI STREET 4N.W. AT LANTA,GEORGlA Lithographed by AUTOGRAPHS 4 ,,:'-, I'- r -er :' f-" s A k x i .s.- .N i 8476 rfv1" , 3 l 4 ' ' ,..a. -,x ,x .r - .,l. ...- --, .- ' A ,,.. X -H' ' ' - 1 iii,-:wif -'vi :A '- it ,,,4-:-'-'1-.:- -v ' .,f 'f5"".N W' pn' ki , ,- ,---M ' 15" J'-'Q' ,"a,,' 1 df If-lu- s. 'v-L-rf. 1 ,I .Pratt i ix ,,: , r mi I n 'T' J . vi v 4 f .z-1' "JI .vw mmm . . , 'J' -L, s J'l.' 4 , ,949 I tg' .T 1 . I .., I' 4-.L .L - ' -I wg I5 ' Qr X Wgfw. ff . If MQ 5 JM. .I ' 202.4 K. x., xQ V u ., , . 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Q ' Q vi h ,J-gill ! 41461, Jr I 'L T-'I ,n V ,WAY Q 3 ,.i' p ' ' 1 657 'N QA .- "'. : ---- -3- '. - , 4 if I.. .-J .!..L -4 , -,zijn -Q 1 W K -13. 2 if - i Q lift' ' , gr ,1 Q I ,.lMm. A I., ,As I , 92.1 - V -if Q., V I U A' , Q I' 1 4 If REQ, Navi. f Q f i H I- . .I ' ' 1 Rugs.. ex' 'iff - 1 ' ' . ' .X sh" f L' ' - 1 Wa," ' I. 1- 42 f' 4 'vj 'ii-li' PIA.: : I " ', ' . l X, l , 5.5 JR A . , . X, N VM , I AFV. :lu , J .- I ' , l ij. nz' 1.74-41 8 L. .Q :nfl xx , ' Q A , ,' .. yj?,Q,'A"f4 , QA--rx, - z 4 - :Lg ' Q - ' f " .. 54, - '- f. is I xg I YQ-1 'wifi' . 14-UH, , I -A A . ' I L 4, ,fx - ,- wp- . f ev x' W -P! . -Xvnti-P1 . M. , 1 .L .

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