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--46-.w...., -:A-ff -mf- FOREWOED Captured within this volume of the 1969-'70 La Mezcla is an angle. Though often small in size, this angle extends into enormous depth. This is the angle of vision. The angle of vision reflects the past memories and the future plans of each student at Armijo. The vision of opportunity is forever reflec- ting upon students and increasing its angle by both past memories of the school year and future opportunities. Each phase of high school life contributes to the total angle. The angle of vision, social life, athletic ability, scholastic standing, guidance, and an alert community, combine to a full circle of the school. As you turn the pages of this, your 1969-'70 La Mezcla, may you increase your angle of vision and view a new and broadening future. 2 ' .x"K'1 -es-.-Q ' 4' L 4 -f '14 ,.,..a--,.o-.--- 'q-q-- Q---' 7' - ' 4-J - J.. - sd' v L ' . -A A ,. bl ,N 44 ,' 'TY' . ' " , . . -'K' 144 . 4.....-. ...4.43l A 4 'AN x . g n Q64-I ,O XR 5 9 ,Q nflfh a 1' ' f JM' ff,,Yx, 'vs wr VXBLE OF CONTENTS Foreword. . . . . . Table of Contents Reflections . . . . Alma Mater . . . . Special Activities Sports........ Honors 8: Classes . Music 85 Drama . Organizations . . . Administration . . Supporters . . . Ending . . . IZEFLEGTI O A. 51 "f'Mx'f'."v ,. " " X . Vx V". ,, -. f,-P X ., ,. Ur" ,M-,T , X K n 1. .J I , M ,Q ,M . .. , , Q- ', 1 ' v vs.-v..,,' W , x fx, ,,,, xg, ,y-Hgqr., f , - f,,g'gv,v ggf 1.5, 5 ' ., I f f Kg.. X-gl. .5 -M','N 1 wif " ,' xfw-X57""L 'R ,1"'- ,V , -1 '1 W, . ,X ,, . - , . w . ,, I- ,L 41, 4, q,,.,.,,, W. 1,2115 , ,, vw, ,-nh . ,,4.-1-M . . -4 f. Q., ,,g,1,.,, , , WM, K..,A -, v .M . .fy ,ALA 'W .7 J, ,fp kmfyffff' ' ,"' . ' '. , - 1-Q ' A. life ,sv 'TA' 73- g3n','+Y"' ' ' 6 AMEX. , 1-win , + -M, , iff? 2 The timeless in you is aware of1ife's timelessness, And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is roday's dream. Kahlil Gibran ur--'A 1 is fnn Ss .BL M 54 3-5555. A 52 7 ? is Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights, But your ears thirst for the sound of your hearts knowledge. Kahlil Gibran W ALMA F21 ,KX L di -e j4 :Musa ARAMJ0 't if f b fi' The Indian is the school mascot: the laurel wreath is the ancient award for the victory the "A " is for Armijo, and it encioses a gavel, representing student governmentg the book of knowledge and the torch of intellect, representing ed- ucation, and the geometric figure representing "the first. " The bows and arrows are symbols of competitiong the ribbon shows Armijo's year of establishment, 1891. y i QP ECJIAL A XX K.g,'N W kr V Q . I x iv 4 Q I QQ-14 EQ Nw 1, f I, 1, Wx '-'Inu-.-, in-...- W in-fwfmm QL?-Q-X - 931' am Av WD , Ju we W, , v Xa .I 4, gd fx. . 4 i V : N' ' h W W?-'ff '. aff. , ft . . V. , ,.,,,. , tw .-v- ifYi w- ,Q "EK V' RQ.-S,- z p Q y L' Y ' A , ' 0 . nil X . , , , x ,ng , H . I -an - ,st 1, , , . ...J Q' u W1 ., , , . if 1' 425 fm, u I 1 x - f,:,.,, 'V' . I 1 'wr xxx MUD...MO NING... AND PJVALPX Every year our Freshmen and Sophomores get together for a battle against the classes. Tug-of-war, sack races and egg rolling are just a few of their tasks. This year our Freshmen defeated the Sophomores. Pl- 4 . me u . N ,V 135 6 ..' ,'. Jin" of rfziftd 1. I thought you hatched them from the other end. You're right, they're not done yet. 2, Here 's mud in your eye - whoops, it isn't mud! 3. Together we stand, divided we fall. 4. You're pulling my leg! 5. The Freshmen can't beat us. They just can 't. 6. Hey Barb, where you going with that bat in your hand? 7. Weight of life, x " 1 Q- 'S'-. R+ VOICES OF- QPIPII' It is the voices ofspirit that frees us and joins us with the wind in a perpet- ual search for victory. 14 rain- if At our rallies everyone yells the cheers as our pepsquad performs their routines. Every voice combined together forms Armi jo's voices of spirit. X1 'U-.,"' a., .-J vp Q5 5 we '5' L ww rf I e Q, .ip A TIME F0121 EVERY PURPOSE Varsity Cheerleaders. . . Rhonda Holt, Tena Graham, Marsha Craig, and Barbara Manifold ARMIJO 1-uc:-4 J J J f Freshman Cheerleaders. . . Debbie Jameson, Sue Valeriote, and Joyce Jackson JL, I 969 -'70 PEP L. - . xi if. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. . . Freida Silva, Darlene and Pam Peterson . .L -L :I s Si s CI-IOOL QQU D Mascots. . . Genna-Gae Bartenbach and Alice Jackson 1- Pom-Pom Girls. . . Pam Dickson, Susan Tagudin, Charlene Boyce, Doreen Fraticelli, Marsha Hart, and Debbie Brannan. W v xx QMIJ- W? "f ,.,, 55 we sf-W elf .W , 5 x, , 3 4 HA 21' K e 7 3' " 4 x .Hiya f ,N-a-' is .A l 'li ef' lfil Wh' FOOTBA I-ICMECOMING I 969 EQ -1 'fn Homecoming week, 1969-70, included Peanuts Day, Color Day, Costume Day, Mourning Day and Clash Day. Homecoming Float Theme was "Happiness Is. . . " Silent concentration on victory was enforced before the rally. The offenders led by Norman Selle were duly acknowledged as "big mouths". Friday was election day for the queen and her court. After school the parade bore the winnfng Senior Class Float, 2nd place Junior Class Float, and lst place club float by FFA past the judges. The football game that night saw a IV victory over Galt and a not so triumphant varsity game. During half-time, Barbara Manifold was crowned as Homecoming Queen. She welcomed attendants Marie Campanale, Pam Peterson, Gail Brown, and Ginny Yarborough to her Court. Afterwards, the dance was well-attended with music by Natural Soul. 21 HAPPINESS IQ 22 I-IOMECOMING WEEK: Homecoming Queen: Senior Attendant: Barbara Manifold Ginny Yarborough I-IOMECOMING '69 1 , . 1 f Junior Attendant: Sophomore Attendant: Freshman Attendant Gail Brown Pam Peterson Marie Campanale BAS J , Prather J UNIOR: S EN I OR: K. Lim, HOMECOMING CANDIDATES FRESHMAN: B. Bur- rell, D. Jamison, C. McClelland SOPHOMORE: L. G01 I linger, M. Hart, O. Co urtney White Harris, Kansaku, R. Holt, G. Harper, T. Graham HOMEOOMING- J ,r , 'SM ,ir BQ ,. W K Y.- R Q 6, 3? ia.. K Nw x "197O" ii...-gf Karen Lim wins the final decision, diff? 5. x nr I WN L." , " Q -, ,hiv 1' aj' ' 4. 35' 12' ? ' '9 5' Z fir' , sf 9' ,. zz . fd 0 ,f ?f 1m.f, . 1 4 Q , f 0 4 I ,Q , 4 , Q , 1 ,PW ,,. '- 1 H Qian. 'hiuu I f . . R " , n Q . A X 4' Q V, M' r. " Li K , S f . I A is Q Q . X .5 xt - .1 A . , x K N .gf A f t - 4 r ng.. "K , e ,QQ4 i 1 fs 1 Q ,- N, Q k viii, '?. Avg V: ' ,Rf Ie K W Awe Senior Attendant: Ginger Harper BAQICEYE LL QUEE ATTEND Freshman Attendant: Kathy McClelland T' D 1 VAPSUY vrcrorzv The Varsity scored a victory over the Faculty by a one point leadg 62-63. The Faculty was behind by four points going into the fourth quarter, scoring only three more points than the varsity in the final period, giving the varsity its win. The final shot for the varsity was made by Bob Tharp. J Qt? Y 2 2 P w 3 I QADIE Prize was awarded for most unique outfit. . . Sharon Shorter, Missy Oliver, and Mike Loebs. 4 WKJN , X It gg v ' 1 'a I if U--es A 'hu-5 o November 21, marked the first day of the Armijo mating season. The L'1 Abners were captured by Daisy Maes in the hitchin booths with Marryin Sam. After gettin' hitched, the guys and gals danced by the light of the moon to the vibrating voices of the Krystal Fliers. Mammy Yokem's cookies and kickaboo joy juice were served as a reviving refreshment. 'hw , it 7' 'ICMA sz, xg X C -Aiwa.. had r rye 2 , 1 I .L Q " 173' ' Q ' I 0 , 5 s ' Sie' N Best dressed Dogpatch couple. . . Susan Staats and Mike Keen. s0U-fs. xt 'L vi K gif. uk gn it af my f E af Exo mx 5' x ii Nh 'X 'I Y ,3 ,. ew-. f 7 I xx ,L , 'f ff' ,Rf ,fix fp if? ii. LQ ik, 'f"11,v 0' " F 1 -'4 'Z , lx -HQ Q x 'N x S' f " z Q "4 uv' i .W W1 N, xi V,h .f C be 2 ,fi 55 1 M, , WC :NVE :X if L . 4-fb 1 N E, . 1 ,- Vx 4. N-dll, 75,1 A -All .'4+ gi 5 ,,., ,Q ,, Q5 3 1 ,f Q 5 y x I ?"Q W V! JW in pa, A 5' 'A Q 'wX N gg 'S .- . .. xx 5 X 'Q'-M, lay., W. .T,.....,-.-.- 38 M' fig f 436 .JJ 1 ,L A 'IQ S 2 t X, ,, Q .k ctx I Us., an A 4 'HS . If - .. S' QPOEJ ' "' " 'L :,'mt!1r', 1' M 1 ',.w'r::f1,1,1 ,umm .xiii-if AFZMUO WING 4xw1W1i4WIbi-fir' f Quarterback Bob Osborne fades back a long pass. Joe Page and Dave Ladd make a crushing tackle with Ed Urbanik and Gale Francis moving in. 3 ,, wi' 'f I ,r Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo 40 ,V C! mx .1 QCCREQ 6 vs Kennedy Jesuit 8 vs 14 vs Wash. 14 vs Marshal 14 vs Vanden 14 vs Davis 16 vs Vaca. 8 vs Galt 20 vs Fairfield 8 14 6 26 6 26 21 20 O H its Armijo's Prayer Before Game Jerry Hatcher assistant coach, Bill Fuller head coach, Bob Miller assistant coach. f? XXV 'Q 5 1 424 . . ,nr 'U 'P 1st Row, Left to Right, H, Vargus, E. Gomez, C. Morris, A. Holt, D. Hom, I. Grayer, J. I-Iolquin, W. Yarborough, D. Ladd, R. Brewer, 2nd Row, L. Calbert, B. Osborne, A. Grant, E. Urbanik, F. Bryson, R. Tharp, K. Kreuter, W. Tharp, I. Page, R. O'Quinn, Back row, D. Garcia, B. Terry, M. Abney, S. Stellina, M. Bechtal, G. Francis, L. Glashoff, J. Nutting G. Grant, G. Martin. Not pictured Dan Stemmler. Managers: Brent Wilson and Scott Gregorson Four Armijo football players were selected by Delta League coaches as members of the 1969 all-league team. The men honored were Allan Grant, George Martin, Joe Page, and Woody Yarborough. Grant headed the Indian list of distinguished players. Allan, who finished as the league's leading ground gainer with 1091 yards fhe was also 12th in Northern California totalsj, joined the all-league backfield. Martin, a junior, was selected as an end on the offensive unit. Page gained his berth as defensive tackle, while Yarborough was honored as an all-star linebacker for the second straight year. Two more players were in addition selected as honorable mention. They were Fred Bryson as a defensive back and Gary Grant at end. ALL -CIT Y PICKS Nine Indians landed on the mythical all-city football squad, four on offense, five on defense. ln the backfield, Al Grant represented Armijo, with line duty carried out efficiently by Indians Ioe Page and Gary Grant at tackle and Mike Abney at guard. Defensively, Armijo had two linemen, in tackle Gale Francis and end George Martin. Linebackers Woody Yar- borough anf' Eric Gomez plugged the hole, with Fred Bryson playing a back. PAGE HONORED AT BANQUET Joe Page, a 5-11, 185 pound lineman, who came on strong in the second half of the season was named Armijo's outstanding football player at the annual Fall Sports Banquet. Page played at both offensive and defensive tackle positions most of the year, but was particularly strong on defense in the last five games when the Indians posted two of their seasonal victories. Six other men were awarded honors for their play on the varsity team by coaches Bill Fuller, Bob Miller, and Jerry Hatcher. Bob Tharp was named the top defensive backg Woody Yarborough was selected the outstanding linemang Allen Grant, the phenomenal junior tailback garnered the outstanding offensive linemang Eric Gomez won a plaque as the top player in Armijo's 20-0 blank of Fairfield, and Don Hom was given the Ed Hopkins Scholastic Award for his 3. 83 grade point average, LEADERS IN SEASON QIZXTUQTICQ . F 4 diva' W- ,if A K RUSHING ATTS. Grant 201 1091 Bryson 64 215 Urbanik 28 129 Osbourne 36 39 Gomez 3 61 PASSING ATTS. CQI-vb Osbourne 89 30 RECEIVING gg 'QQ-fi Martin 18 266 Urbanik 3 107 Grant 4 49 PUNTING Q 1-Q Martin 22 643 KICKOFFS QQ Ig.. Tharp 16 674 Grant 11 460 RETURNS M34 LE Grant 8 127 Tharp 6 85 Holt 2 46 TACKLES 1 5 Yarborough 77 80 Gomez 61 58 Martin 50 48 Francis 40 48 Page 42 44 Glashoff 42 41 SCORING Q 341 Grant 7 2 Martin 2 3 Urbanik 2 1 Osbourne 2 1 Yarborough 1 0 42 9 1 1 AVG, AVG. AVG. 2 'X X221 fix., sf . . V N 5 .gugjg 5 5.4 3. 3 4. 6 1. 1 20. 3 2.1251 531 QL 14. 8 39. o 12. 3 29. 2 42. 2 41. 8 15. 9 14. 2 23. o IQL 157 119 98 Q5 X3 as 86 as EL 46 .. gf X: 412, .. I' 14 14 6 lst Row L. to R. E G. Grant T M Bechtel G M Abney C B. Terry G K. Kreuter T I. Page E G. Martin 2nd Row L. to R. HB E. Urbanili QB B. Osbourne FB F. Bryson TB A. Grant lst Row L. to R. E G. Martin T I. Page G D. Garcia T G. Francis E L. Glashoff 2nd Row L. to R. DHB E. Urbanik RLB E. Gomez MLB W. Yarborough DHB B. Tharp S F. Bryson 43 Jesuit ball carrier tackled by Steve Berger and Kim Steve Berger goes for 10 yards against Kennedy. McGee while Bill Simpson comes for an assist. BBN If r ""! N lY'1'- S f-N grit, Nl 4 44 Warm-ups before second half. Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo SCORES vs Kennedy vs I esuit vs Wash. vs Marshall vs Vanden vs Davis vs Vaca. vs Galt vs Fairfld. 1stRowg L. to R.: P. Iacobo, P. Dominguez, G. Walker, C. Vig, R. Henderson, J. Aveytia, R. Fancher, D. Seale, C Andrews, K. McGee. 2nd Row: Coach Bingamon, M. Dillman, P. Hudson, P. Lippolis, D. Empting, F. Cereda, E. Asker neese, D. Mattos, M. Cordy, L. Schulz, R. Smith, Coach Healy. 3rd Row: A. Thompson, W. Williams, B. Simpson M Mason, R. Graham, S. Cunningham, S. Wilson, R. Kimball, R. Lei, S. Berger. KIM McGEE . . . MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. Armijo's frosh-soph team ended its 1969 season with a final 3-5-1 win- loss record, which included three impressive victories and several very close scores. The jayvees battled to a scoreless tie in their first outing, against a tough Kennedy Club, then opened the Delta League season with a 16-O blank over Marshall. The junior Indians dropped the next contest narrowly, but came back with a 22-0 shutout of the Vanden Vikings. The next win was a lop- sided 44-l2 whitewashing of the Galt Warriors, followed by a near win a- gainst the undefeated Fairfield Falcons, ending the year, Freshman Mike Cordy led the Redskins with his play at quarterback, Cordy a fine passer, scrambled successfully often and was the team's punter. An- other freshman, Kim McGee, helped the squad greatlyg as the leading rusher and defensive linebacker, Elihu Askerneese, Dennis Mattos and Steve Berger were three more ground gainers, and Pete Dominguez provided a capable foot for kickoffs. Richard Fancher, Frank Cereda and often, McGee, caught the majority of Cordy's passes. Outstanding defensive players included Shayne "Earthquake" Cunningham, Pablo Iacobo, a standout last year on the Frosh team, and Jose Aveytia. WINNING SEASON 1 fn 7 1,1 FPJOQH H VE The freshman team had a winning season, coming out with a better win-loss record than any other fall sport: a 4-3 mark. The Papooses won their first two games, against Marshall and Galt, but dropped a close contest to Fairfield, 6-0. They clobbered Washington in their next match, 39-6, and finished the season with a 22-6 thrashing of the Vanden Vikings. Sam Garrett was the leading rusher, with 340 yards and 29 points, and was the offensive back of the year. Quarterback Dean Henry passed for 104 yards, and Chris Wakefield, in his role near the end of the season, threw for 110 yards. Wakefield also rushed 193 yards, scored 27 points and made 35 tackles, giving him the title of outstanding defensive linebacker. Ken Templin received the most valuable offensive lineman, and also played defense, getting 37 tackles. Larry Haynes, outstanding defensive lineman, with 37 tack- les, was also the team's kickoff specialist. Steve Piontek won an outstanding back award with 200 yards rushing and 65 yards in caught passes. Ed Davis was the defense's leading tackler, with 40, and received passes for 50 yards. Pete Staple and Joe Caruso were the other leading pass receivers, with 128 yards between them. Steve Ramirez and Phil Darnell shared the punting duties, but Ramirez kicked 159 yards to Darnell's 81. Other defensive standouts include Ed Kirshenman, Henry Castillo, Bill Allen and Eric Nelson. FINAL STATISTICAL LEADERS RUSHING ATTS YDS. AVG. Garrett 79 340 4. 3 Piontek 3 7 200 5. 4 PASSING Arrs coM YDS. M 9 Wakefield 23 5 110 Henry 10 3 104 RECEIVING NO. YDS TD Staple 2 69 l Piontek 2 65 1 TACKLES Q 5 T-CE Davis 26 14 40 Haynes 24 13 3 7 Templin 21 16 37 VALU BLE PLAYER, S LARRY I-IAYNEQ-F-PJOQH MOST lst row, left to right, Haynes, Garrett, Morris, Jason, Piontek, Ramirez, Allen, Staple, 2nd row, Coach Keeter, Richardson, Davis Derrick, Castillo, Caruso, Wakefield, Templin, Cordova CMGRJ, 3rd row, Denison, Nelson, Flynn, Williamson, Brooks, Kirschen mann, Lippolis, Bohr, Grasse, Machado, Sockwell, Darnell, Pena, Coach Petty, Not pictured Cruddup and Henry. ' Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo Armijo SCORES vs Marshall 7 vs Galt 0 vs Fairfield 39 vs Wash. 6 vs Davis 6 vs Vaca. 22 vs Vanden fforftj 6 6 6 28 15 6 47 NG K Scott Ledford wins again. Delta League Second Place Champs ,-...y WRESTLERS HAVE SUCCESSFUL SEASON 1969-'70 was a year of firsts for Armijo wrestling. Led by captain John Silva, the team finished third in the strong Delta League. The ll win, 10 loss record marked a new high for our wrestling teams. John Silva, 123 pounder became the first Armijo League hampion. He also captured titles at the Esparto, Solano, ind Del Campo tourneys, and placed second at the Fairfield and Sac-Joaquin Sub-Sections. John was fourth in the Sec- tions and became the first Indian to travel to the Nor- Cal tournament. Indian Will Benda and Joe Honey won second place honors in leagueg John Cameron, with a season record of 20-8, and Chris Husted, 22-3, both captured titles at the Esparto Tourney, and each was third in the league compe- tition. Senior Joe Holquin was honored as "Most Inspirational Wrestler", while John Silva was "Most Valuable" and Joe Honey was "Most lmproved" Kneeling fL-RJ: George Honey, John Cameron, James Brooks, Pedro Owens, John Silva, Joe Honey, Will Benda Chris Wakefield. Standing CL-RJ: Coach Cortese, Mike Donahue, Rufus O'Quin, Hector Vargas, Larry Haynes, Scott Ledford, Joe Holquin, Chris Husted, Shayne Cunningham. 49 Coach Cortese looks on with unrestrained apathy Rod Mineer puts his move on an opponent. mkih Get off my back! 50 V7 ff A handshake instead of a kiss? JUNIOR VARSITY FINISI-IES IN FINE FASHION The junior varsity compiled a great record of 11 wins against only four losses. Led by "Most Valuable Wrestler", Charles Andrews, and "Most Improved' Chris Wakefield, this team promises to make next year's wrestling team even more exciting and successful. Andrews finished with a respectable 10-6 record, and Wakefield was 9-7. Other top wrestlers were Greg Day, 5-8, Mike Garrison, 6-4, and Ed Mc- Gilvray, 7-12, I? . N, , -up Kneeling fL-RJ: Phil Bock, Charles Harper, Greg Day, Charles Andrews, Lance Stephens, Mark Jason. Standing fL-RJ: Sam Pethers, Rod Mineer, Ed McGi1vray, Harold Tracy, Mike Dillman, and Mike GHITISOII. 51 f. 435.1 gt yi! 52 M-W, v 4 if 4 'H 50 vs 51 vs vs Galt 51 vs W 60 vs V 53 Vs Ammo Armijo 75 7 : : A1-m13o 67 HW IWW' "" ?5'1 ff ", 52 'V ' , 'WWW ' - ' iif F Q ' ' ' 5, lst Row: CL-R5 B. Tharp, A. Holt, T. White, Coach Hopkins, D. Aitken, S. Baracosa Back Row: fL-Ry J. Graf, R. Duffy, G. Brant, R. Skinner, G. Martin, F. Vaughn, R, Ham, G. Williams Armijo's basketball team this year was led to its 9-17 record by junior forward George Martin, Martin scored 477 points during the season, bringing his career total to 909 points. George also led in rebounds, but in both categories was followed by Gary Grant. Grant, 6'7" junior center, garnered 306 points, and played second only to Martin in rebounds, The Indians took consolation prize in two tournaments this yearg the Ander- son and Benicia Invitationals. Armijo beat crosstown rivals, the Vanden Vikings twice, once during coach Hopkins' 500th Armijo game. Fairfield High, Delta Champs, beat Armijo twice, but not without a truly spirited fight. OO CH HOPKINS WINS sootlv GAME Ed Hopkins, "Mr, Basketball", has earned that title over a period of thirty years of coaching that sport at Armijo. This year, a significant event took place against one of the Indians' newest and most despised enemiesg Vanden High. Coach Hopkin's 500th game at Armijo. The game was a victory for the Indians, as they clobbered the Vikes, 68-56. Mr. Hop- kins has compiled a 293-222 record over the course of 25 years of coaching fthree in the serviceb. Only once since he first started have the Indians finished under .500. l 5 4 Varsity Basketball Statistics: FG Martin 1 87 Grant 1 01 Tharp 1 O8 Vaughn 43 Aitken 38 Ham 35 FT 103 104 28 16 11 17 PTS 477 306 244 l O2 87 87 Martin sets up play which tallies two more for Armijo. Aitkin lays one in against Fairfield , P X Grant gets behind Davis defenders for two points. Duffy shoots for two 56 Tharp drives around Fairfield player. , . .-- -1- 1 l lgf. ew , k 'lil U -11 y EE si . -zi - ' Q f i 21 Q W Y A 3 WS. wi' X Q E QS! b X Q 4' SS if , X KS S L w H in 'WS ' f X V, nd" f L K . x sg, X .si 'sf K -. lik 6 X dv" ' ' ' S F92 I X W Q X 5 K W f F R mf Q X X R Q X X Oi? Q fi "' vi 1 V vi V in 31.1, Q XB! Md ' A 45' uve va: Q... ,Q ggaaa- . .JS 33 59 :SE 'E w Ron Lei adds two more. Coach Vaughn gives between- quarter talk. 58 f 1 f .-K vg- 'W'-A Mike Hrabovsky drives in for a layup. Front QL-RJ: Mike Hrabovsky, Tony Vadayog mgr., Mike Dickson, Back CL-RJ: Coach Vaughn, Fred Hearn, Kerry Kreuter, Ron Lei, Lonnie Spencer, Chris Tatham, Ron Lourant, Brad Baker, Larry Day, Gary Chandlery mgr . The papooses finished their season with a 5-9 record. Paced by Clarence Smithey, with 148 total points, Armijo came out on top of Fairfield and Vanden. Smithey played with the junior varsity, as did Lonnie Spencer. Mike Perez was the team's next high scorer. The squad shows a great potential for next year's junior varsity team. Front fL-RJ: Jeff Hopkins, Scott Sagert, Phil Darnell Mike Perez, James Brook, Bob Morris. Back fL-RJ: Pete Staple, Steve Ra- mirez, Steve Lambrecht, Lonnie Spencer, Coach Perez, Clarence Smithey, Joe Caruso, Mike Cordy. 59 This year's cross country team, coached for the second year by Ernie Drake, strived for "individuality", and it got it. Two runners, John Silva, and Will Benda, wound up with the highest honors for the season. They both went on to sub-sections and qualified to go on to the Sac-Joaquin meet, where they did very well. Terry Brenna, a sophomore, ran very well as a varsity harrier. Steve Swener- ton and Warren Smith were the only returning lettermen from last year's team. Jim Vaughn and Steve Kightlinger rounded out the varsity runners, while Nelson Howard, Dave Wolfe, Charles Harper, and Jeff Hopkins 1nade up the junior varsity contingency . I ' A W I I 4-VI . or va. -1,65 - rr Q5 . 4 . A 1 ixffailg R' Ram'-rm ,-,.- z 7 . we ,ai R .If C 4, 0 J - 3-. 15? ., or K S55 'MUN' . .C - 9 Q4 as Q 9 1 5 X S , ir r S . , , 3 at 4? Q' ' rn jggp Q shed 5 1 , 1 g -W A if Z? s,ss. ,,,..,a7 5 V 'fm' 7 ' 4 if ,fffjai . L 7 A . V- L ir J' -L 4 Left to right: Steve Kightlinger, Jeff H0PkiHS, John Silva, Will Benda, Charles Harper, Dave Wolfe, Steve Swenerton Terry Brennan, Warren Smith, Jim Vaughn, Nelson Howard, and Coach Drake. 60 MOST IMPROVED RUNNER. . WILL BENDA John Silva fleftj and Will Benda Crightj took top honors in this year's cross country team. Silva, a senior, has participated in cross country for four years, and has collected 11 letters through- out his high school career for his work in track and wrestling. John holds many records and titles in each sprot. lndian Will Benda, a junior, promises to add spark to next year's team. Will also participates in wrestling and track. S ,, my-'. .oxrxv di- ff-i:....'C'i ,gifs '3.'ff,4,"'1T..,.r,' '.,,gg' ' ' 'i N fi. ,.. K. ,A y . a K ",1'L:?s-ex, 4 I as ' sg., fav' M' 'far 'fir ,isle 421 k K 'V M5 i 0 t 4,-,, - 'K I , ,, 'e-'Aff , il-- M.. t g"'g:f"fr V A -V . I ,sw V u ' ua. L ""- M' . ' ' . st..-V G'-' 'J V.,-.'1'.'a' 4. V.. ,W ""' ,. .- ..,,r"'w-if" f "' ' ' 'f U ' -B 'A "" :Away Ov- Q - , -1 N .tb . Q - no ' ,I a ' -as . Q- aa- ' fi w att X- "Tm ,QR--fe' V '-w . A . - ',t.W7 A W' " i f . ,,, , , .bib-'Q JM Q, A Qs., Mw.,g'lt ,., V..4s,...,, , ,Qi d,,,,fa,,.f- ' RSE .. rwerw- as l l Ats, 4 .sa 'SS f..""' ssss 3, ' . .s-Wllvhlindsf, i no F, .5 as .. ,., .ir .. .... -gif fs ,gt VN. :fra f,,,..1 . . 9 --Q1 .-,', 5- 51554 I , N T' V, L g A 'Eff ' , l lg gg 1?Q,Qil5l4 ' "' Q s , A if ..ndl0""' ,,. . A x ' vw--Q V Q Af . . N4 5? :AF if ,st F Q h .Qu . Sr . iv! If .. Q -i Q e 'Q mm .wg m A k ...Q -JN. -N-nm.-..,.,,,,, ZA M , A , 'VT , if K 21 - fx , f ,f 1 I., "The thrill of victory and agony of defeat" x 1 gm. V f'Y' 5 g .,,. , Q. U " W-1 ' " , - ' ,,, "5-M1 is - M" ,NIJ . L1 1 WWI V W M"-al 'FQ " f Q ,z-fix, "5'W5MffifiL "TLD ' ' 'mf M A .- gui f' K Q yi. w ,W N . ,,,, ,,,. ,. LEZQZE, ,L,,.x. .... f 'WW ,. ,. f,ii5f'gf1:.'.1Q',QQiiN '75 fb' ,, ,M 63 warg.: - -r 7' I KKLA ., 1 w"""" 'ins i 64 TTZACKMEN GO HEAD ON Bill Allen, Elihu Askerneese, Fred Benda, Will Benda, Terry Brennan, Fred Bryson, Joe Caruso, Ed Davis, Greg Day, Larry Day, manager Gordon Dickson, Richard Fancher, Richard Graham, Ron Holland, Dennis Hume Kerry Kreuter, Bill Lang, Ed McWhorter, coach Frank Perez, John Silva, Jim Smithey, Leon Spencer, Lonnie Spencer, Ed Urbanik, Jim Vaughn, and Chris Wakefield. ma ,J -. ,O 5.19. x W ff' ll 6 , Y A J' 1 , , f ' L, , A I wx fx f' X, ..,.,... .,,,. N W .V 7 x s , 5 ' ,' e ' H W 1 51. f 1 1 X f ' , ,,,,, ., , 7 , , va . ,,,f ,V ,W W - V ,f ,. H' , 3 I ' I . I y - 1 ' K f ,mn 35,5 PM '--- ., .f 1 f -MWmvMm,,L.,. v gn, K -1 -w f, ,a 'ijz 1 ,ggrf . - . Wm Mg M ,Q L 13, fx , .'.' L ' 'jg ,I , ' - f-L.' - - 1' 'I V M g ' A 4 Q 6 K K ' 5 T V 64 4- 2,11 42:1 fx E' 6 X H X X - '. 'in fd if ,I ,, l Q., ' i 4' A "W -, I L f ,, i ., . , N ' F- ,. z ws , H ,. M ' W wwf, N V3 9 X 2 ? ef 'M 7 f My 1 F Q w 3 . 1 V34 A 0 cw- ft Ha L' , , 'V a, ,, A N V' , '6ify,w , . 5 V .1 'M gypfs-:way ., ,. f VARGUY BAQEBA 66 Team Members Coach: Bill M111er Frank Rudd Woody Yarborough Dan Stemmler Eric Peterson Dave Ladd Jim Graft Frank Ellis Chuck Morris Dan Cordova George Saiz Joe Grayer Joe Page Eric Gomez Jv BAQEB LL f gi, V .w 1,,., ff' 5 Igg- 68 Team Coach: Ron Cortese Aveytia, Jose Baker, Brad Brooks, James Burt, Mike Castro, Tom Chandler, Gary Cordy, Mike Dickson, Mike Dominguez, Peter Fickess, Tim Gilley, Dan Hrabovsky, Mike Iacobo, Pablo Kidd, Bubba Mason, Bill McGee, Kim Norton, Guy Perez, Mike Schultz, Lance vig, Curt Scorekeeper: Kathy Oberg FPDS!-I BASEBALL John Brennan, Henry Castillo, Jimmy Collins, Phil Darnell, Mike Flynn Dick Hoff Larry Haynes Mark Jason Jason Lewis, Bob Morris, Eric Nelson, John Pena, Steve Palfey, Mark Patterson Dennis Richardson Scott Sagert Coach Scott. TENNI MEANS AGVION Team Members John Sadler, Andy Paine, Dennis Mattos, Steve Swenerton, Harold Tracy, Jerry McGee, Henry Yee, Hubert Methner, Bill Toranto, Nelson Howard, Jim Hines, Kevin Cole, and David Wolfe ,I f w.. T ":' W 'f , P4 32 W-mmmmw, 1 v -mf .4 1 ru! mx nvnav 5 QR .-in X I Q 'YM U ' ig: ,og 1 Q L K K ' X I 4 2 6, r- g l ff an ' :5 ! S ,.,,,, a 1 ff .R m Q if. Q 'K,. -,,, W ' Qrwft' 71'i-My W I QM A . fp ' ,gf 1, I 4 5' f A + 4 1534 H , ,A I ll , , pP,4,. N, - ., ., H , x4 J x 1 Q ,ff QW 4 f ' wffxfnq B 47 , Q . H L, , ., ' :ff . -- W .Ffw X'1,1,f ,Life-,f ii f eww' '?fff.zL,-Q, ,A GOLF ARMUQ QUVINGE-RS Coach: Bill Fuller Steve Wilson Jim DeCoster Fred Hearn Steve Stellina Bob Strahan M M sw , A f I 1 U7 CLASSES I think of morning class and of my chair always waiting for me even when I didn't show up. I don't know why I didn't go except that the day was more beautiful. Some classes were better. In history every word stood out to me, black on white. My mind was elated by images and experiences. I think of it still more. Noons were darkened by the cool dimness of the den. I listened to the beat awhile and to a friend, but again I listened to the "sounds of silence" and found myself alone and crowded. EXCHANGE STUDENTS Edna Manteca Elias comes to Armijo from a school in Mexico called Escuela Secundarea Federal "Martires de 1906 She lived in Cananea, Sanora, Mexico. In Mexico she was one of a family of tell. Edna came to the United States to learn English and stayed with her aunt and uncle until they went to Spain, Now she is staying with Mrs. Christenberry. Fairfield, as a town, and Armijo, as a school, are both good places to Edna and she is glad to be here. In the future Edna plans to be an English and Spanish teacher in Mexico, but right now she enjoys sewing, cooking, dancing, and horsesg but in her words: "l think l like to do everything! " Edna says that the teenagers here have more freedom than in Mexico and she also says that she will always remember the people here at Armijo whom she found friendly and helpful. 76 Carlos Monteiro is a Brazilian from the school called Colegio Diocesano Santo Antonio. He plans to be an agrono mist and came to Armijo to study American Agriculture and join our FFA, besides learning better English. Carlos speaks Portuguese. Carlos thinks Armijo is a good school. He finds the Agriculture classes interesting and the teachers pleasant. The Agriculture classes, he feels, will be very helpful to his future as an agronomist in Brazil. At home Carlos is kept busy working with his horses and sheep, and raising crops for himself. The teenagers in America are similar to those in Brazil, according to Carlos, and when he goes home he will remem- ber the ice cream, the hamburgers, Armijo, and the Hervey family, whom he is living with. Hubert Methner is an exchange student from Germany who came here to broaden his experiences. He come to Armijo from the German school called Niedersachsische Heimschule Wolfenbuttel. He thinks that German and American students are similar. Hubert's interests include photography, tennis, traveling, soccer, and art. He is the youngest in a family of three boys He is now staying with the Sumner family and when he goes back to Germany he will always remember the first day he spent here. 77 HONORS AND AW EDS ,LJ VI: it ,:'if.. n '-lg' 4 x ,W if X y ? .5 ,a ' il WW fille- Xkg -" a ""F' .xx W Steve Swenerton Bank of America Award - Don Hom Science and Math. Bank of America Fairfield- Suisun Award - Liberal Arts. Award - Boy of the Year. Claudine Lemoal Bank of America Award - Vocational Arts. 78 John Lang Bank of America Award Foreign Language. bn . Rf -in Ron Duffey Bank of America Award - Social Science. Kevin Jones Bank of America Award - Music. Gary Grant Boys State Representative Kay Brown Bank of America Award - Mathematics. Ruby Tom Girls State Representative. STUDENT AWARDS Wm-I NO PICIUPE BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS BOY AND GIRL OF THE YEAR AWARD Bernard Scholl - Trade and Industrial Arts Presented By Larry Benedict - Drama FAIRFIELD- SUISUN EXCHANGE CLUB Jennifer Paine - English Steve Swenerton Denise McGraw - Business Kathy Harris MEMOPJAM Il? I , 1 l 5 u fb in ' 55 7.4 - ' . NANO! BRJELING 626 I I XY N V,-v., X wx f W.. E ...Q ' s H. 4- 'fs J 4 57' I' Y uv' ' ' " -' 0- 5'A E54 X fa ',.j?iUmmTgZ.gnu 5 N QMIJ0 .Jr w f f 0UAF?TEjf frm: , .4 ji V,,8m.-Q'?.,,1xA-9,,.',,7,,. K X' A xi 5' .2 2? "-.ra LLM,-2' hii'TL ...., A V r ! 'I 44. "'k MICHAEL ABNEY Football 3 yrs. Future plans - Physical Therapist, HELEN ADAMS GAS 1 yr. Future plans - Private Secre- tary. ALEXIUS AIU, JR. General activities. WILLIAM BOCK Football 2 yrs. , Baseball 1 yr. Wrestling' 2 yrs. , Block A 1 yr., Art Club 2 yrs. Future plans - teacher. KYLE BOURNE FFA 2 yrs. Future plans - Law Enforce- ment. MARTHA BOWLIN Formerly attended Vanden High School, Fairfield, Ca. Future plans - college. LARRY BENEDICT CSF 1 yr. , Science 84 Math Club 1 yr. Drama Club 4 yrs. , Campus Life Club 1 yr., Central Comm, 1 yr. Future plans - work with diesels . SHARON BERG Band 3 yrs. Future plans - Psychologist. JANET BLACKWOOD Basketball Homecoming Queen Attendant - Freshman Year. pi GENNA-GAE BARTENBACH Hockey, Softball, Badminton 3 yrs. Spirit Club 4 yrs., Deca Club 1 yr. Cen- tral Comm. 2 yrs. , Freshman Cheer- leader, Pom Pon Girl 1 yr. Mascot 1 yr. Sign Carrier 1 yr. Football Homecoming Queen Attendant - Junior Year. BETTY BELFIORE Spirit Club 3 yrs., "S" Club 2 yrs. Cam- pus Life Club 2 yrs, , Science SL Math Club 1 yr, , CSF 4 yrs, , Spanish Club 2 yrs, , Deca Club 1 yr. - state pres. , Central Comm. 3 yrs. , Pom-Pon Girl 1 yr. FFA Sweetheart-Junior yr. Home- coming Attendant- Soph. yr. DAVID BELL Future plans - Photography. MARY BELL General Activities. PAUL BLAICH Football 1 yr. , Wrestling 1 yr. Block A 1 yr. Future plans - Law. RODNEY BLALOCK Formerly attended Redwood High School, Visalia, Ca. Future plans - Pharmacist. THERESA BLANKENSHIP Spirit Club 3 yrs., Campus Life Club 1 yr. , Deca Club 1 yr.-state officer. French Club, Central Comm. 2 yrs. Future plans - Business Administration. VICTOR BARACOSA N Future plans - Engineering or Medicine. 4 IORJANNE BARNES Spirit Club 3 yrs, , Spanish Club 2 yrs. , International Club 1 yr. Formerly at- tended American Academy, Halandri, Athens, Greece. Future plans - Regis- tered Nurse. Nr' . IA 5 sl x 0 3 PRESTON BOYD General Activities DEBRA BRANNON Spirit Club 2 yrs., Pom Pon Girl 1 yr. Sign Carrier 1 yr. Future plans - Nurse SHARLENE BRAY Spirit Club 3 yrs. , GAS 1 yr, , Flag Twirler 1 yr. Future plans - Fashion Merchandiser. DWIGHT BREWER Football 1 yr, DOREEN BRILTZ Spirit Club 2 yrs. , French Club l yr. Future plans - Private Secretary, AMX ELAINE CARRIER General Activities . ROBERT CASH General Activities. CHRISTINE CAULFIELD GAS 1 yr. , Deca Club 1 yr. Future plans - Dental Assistant. ORVILLE BROWN Football 1 yr, , FFA 4 yrs, Future plans Motorcycle Racer, Welder. THERESA BURDEN General activities. LARRY CALBERT Football l yr. , Baseball l yr. Band 3 yrs. , Block A 1 yr. Future plans - Data Processing, 'SM' arf .ew-4' KAY BROWN "S" Club 2 yrs. , Science 8a Math Club 1 yr. , CSF 1 yr. Future plans - teacher. ., A ,Q sd Q R dv 4" P. gc CATHY BURT General Activities. BARBARA BYBEE GAS 1 yr, Future plans - Art. DEBORAH CALBERT Track, Volleyball 1 yr. , Spirit Club 1 yr., Home Ec. Club l yr. , GAS l yr, , Future plans - Beautician. WILLIAM CHURCHILL Future plans - Aircraft Maintenance. GEORGE COLE Football 3 yrs. , Baseball 2 yrs. , Cross- country 1 yr, , Spanish Club 2 yrs, , Ski Club 3 yrs. JOHN COLLA General Activities. SANDRA COLLINS Future plans - Telephone Operator. LINDA CONNOR General Activities. DAVID CORDODOR Future plans - Forestry or Oceanography. CI-IERYL DA VIS Formerly attended Fairfield High School, Fairfield, Calif. f 71. I JAMES DECOSTER Golf l yr, BRIAN DICKERSON International Club l yr.-president. Future plans - Law or the Arts. DEBORAH DICKSON Hockey, Softball, Volleyball 2 yrs. , Spirit Club 2 yrs. , GAS 3 yrs, , Spanish Club I yr. , Sign Carrier l yr. Future plans - homemaking. LINDA MARSHALL DOUTI-IIT Home Ec Club 2 yrs. MARY DOWLING Hockey l yr. , Spirit Club 3 yrs, "S" Club 2 yrs, , GAS 4 yrs. , Alpha Iota 1 yr. , International Club 1 yr., Soph. Senator, Central Comm, 3 yrs., Sign Carrier 1 yr, , Flag Twirler 1 yr, Future plans - Women's Fashions. THOMAS DOWNS Future plans - Computer Operator, WAYNE CRAFT gr. 5 I ' Q ' g , Wrestling 1 yr., Golf 1 yr. Future plans - 4 yn Forestry. ERNEST CROSSON ' Nr! Football 1 yr, , German Club 2 yrs. td RICHARD DAVIS Cross-country 4 yrs., Track 2 yrs. GINGER DECOSTER General Activities, GARY DEGRACIA Football 2 yrs. , Golf 1 yr. , FFA 2 yrs. JOHN DERRENBERGER Formerly attended Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, Florida. Future plans - Drafting. RONALD DUFFEY Football, Track, Tennis 1 yr., Basket- ball 2 yrs., Block A 2 yrs. , Frosh Senator, Junior Class officer, Central Comm. 1 yr. Future plans - Law. DEBORAH EASTERWOOD A Cappella Club 2 yrs, , Future plans - Professional Singer. MARY EMPTING Hockey, Swimming 1 yr. , Spirit Club 1 yr. , GAS 1 yr., Head of Flag Twirlers 1 yr. Future plans - Dental Assistant. VICKIE FORGAYS Future plans - nurse, homemaker. MARY ENGLISH General Activities. LINDA FOWLER Spirit Club, GAS 1 yr, Future plans - Clerk-Typist. RICHARD FRANCIS Football 4 yrs. , Basketball 1 yr., Base ball 2 yrs. , Block A 2 yrs, Frosh Sen- ator, JAMES FRASER FFA 2 yrs. Missionary N A Drama Club 2 yrs Future plans s Nr! PAMELA EHRMAN . N UL . . . . ' JIM FROST FFA 3 yrs. , Future plans - Agriculture. BILL GAITHER Drama Club 4 yrs. , A Cappella Club 3 yrs. Future plans - Navy. CLAIRE GARCIA International Club 1 yr, Future plans - Secretary. GEORGE ETTER Track 1 yr. Future plans - Air Force. JUDITH FITZHUGH Science and Math Club 2 yrs. , Science and Math Honor Society 2 yrs. , French Club 1 yr. , CSF 3 yrs. Future plans - Biology Teacher. PAUL FLANNERY Basketball 1 yr. Future plans - College SHARON GARDINER Hockey 2 yrs., Spirit Club 3 yrs., Home Ec Club l yr, , "S" Club l yr., GAS 2 yrs. PATRICK CELLETT General Activities. DONNA GLASGOW Drama Club 4 yrs., Campus Life Club 3 yrs. Future plans - NUrse's Aide. lx s F , W 4 xx l - GEORGE HALEY Football 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Baseball l yr. RICHARD HA M Basketball 2 yrs. , Golf l yr., Block A l yr. Formerly attended Hogan High School, Vallejo, Calif. SHARON HAM Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, GAS 2 yrs. Formerly attended Hogan High School, Vallejo, Calif. Future plans - Secretary RAY GRANTHAM Future plans - Aeronautical Engineer or Airline Pilot. JOE GRAYER Football 2 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Base ball 3 yrs. Future plans - Professional Athletics. CHRISTINE GREEN Formerly attended E, W. Clark High School, Las Vegas, Nevada. Future plans - Modeling. FLORENTINO GONZALEZ FFA 1 yr., Spanish Club 1 yr. Future plans - Agricultural Engineering. JACQUES GRABER Science 84 Math Club 1 yr., Astronomy Club 1 yr. Future plans - Paleontology. CAROLYN GRABLE Drama Club 1 yr., Junior Senator. Future plans - Counseling. TENA GRAHAM Spirit Club 4 yrs., Latin Club 2 yrs., FFA Sweetheart-Senior Yr. Central Comm. 2 yrs., Cheerleader 3 yrs., Pom Pon Girl 1 yr. , Basketball Homecoming Queen Attendant - Junior Yr. Future plans - Physical Ed. Teacher, SALLY GRIBLE Volleyball 1 yr., Drama Club 1 yr., Spirit Club 1 yr. , Home Ec. Club 2 yrs. , GAS 2 yrs. , Campus Life Club 4 yrs. Future plans - nurse's aide. DEBRA GROUT Hockey 1 yr. , Spirit Club 3 yrs. , "S" Club 2 yrs., GAS 3 yrs. , Science 84 Math Club 3 yrs., CSF 3 yrs., Spanish Club 2 yrs. , Alpha Iota 2 yrs. Future plans - Elementary teacher. JOYCE GULLEY General Activities . LARRY GLAsnorF Football 4 yrs., Track 1 yr., FFA 2 yrs., 5' Block A 2 yrs. Senior Senator. Future R -' ' plans - Agriculture. ' K' l ' Di ERIC Gomtz I J V ' ' , I Football 4 yrs, , Baseball 2 yrs., Wres- ' A .,' I sf tling 2 yrs., Block A 2 yrs. A , 5 V . I GINGER HARPER 5 Spirit Club 1 yr., Deca Club 1 yr., Deca Queen. Future plans - Secretary KATHRYN HARRIS Hockey 3 yrs., Volleyball 3 yrs., Basket- ball 2 yrs. , Softball 1 yr., GAS 3 yrs., Spirit Club 2 yrs., CSF 4 yrs., Science 84 Math Club 1 yr., Central Comm. 1 yr. Future plans - Physical Ed. Teacher. TERI HARRIS FBLA 1 yr., Deca Queen. Future plans - Airlines. L I JOE HART Spanish Club 1 yr. Future plans - Com- puter Programming . ROXANNE HENDERSON Future plans - IBM Data Processing. Cl-IERYL HORTON Spanish Club 2 yrs. Future plans - Social Work. LYNDA HORTON Volleyball, Badminton 2 yrs. , Hockey 1 yr., Drama Club, Spirit Club, Science 86 Math Club, Stylus-Literary Club. Future plans - Teacher. DONALD HERVEY Track 1 yr. , Band 3 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., Chess Club 1 yr. Future plans - Agricul- ture, Veterinarian, or Air Force. SUSAN HILLMAN Hockey 3 yrs., Softball 2 yrs. , Track 2 yrs. , Basketball 1 yr. , GAS 3 yrs. , Spirit Club 2 yrs, , Art Club 2 yrs, , Sophomore cabinet officer, Central Comm. 3 yrs, Future plans - Veterinarian. JOHN HORNBACK Cross-country 1 yr. , Band Manager 1 yr. Future plans - Mechanical Engineer. General Act1v1t1es N xv! -'51 .4 K JOE HOLGUIN Football 3 yrs. , Track 1 yr, , Wrestling3 yrs. , Block A 2 yrs., FBLA 1 yr. RHONDA HOLT Spirit Club 4 yrs. , Varsity Cheerleader 1 yr., Basketball Homecoming Queen At- tendant-Soph. Yr, Future plans - Secre- tary. DONALD HOM Football 2 yrs. , Key Club 2 yrs, , CSF 3 yrs. , Spanish Club, Science SL Math Club 1 yr. , German Club, Math 84 Sci- ence Honor Society, Sophomore Senator, Junior 84 Senior Class President, Central Comm. 1 yr. Future plans - Accountant DEBBIE HUCKSTEP General Activities. BRENDA HUFFMAN Home Ec Club 3 yrs. Future plans - teacher, homemaker. DENNIS HUMMA International Club 1 yr. Future plans - Business. ALICE JACKSON Track, Softball, Volleyball, Hockey 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., GAS 4 yrs., Spirit Club 4 yrs., "S" Club 1 yr., Alpha Iota 1 yr., A Cappella Club 4 yrs. , Madrigals 2 yrs., Central Comm, 3 yrs, , Mascot 1 yr. Future plans - Music Teacher or Entertainer. HERMAN JACKSON Football 2 yrs., Wrestling 1 yr. Formerly attended Grant High School, Portland, Ore, Future plans - College. CA THI JONES Spirit Club 1 yr. , Art Club 2 yrs, Future plans - Fashion Designer. CAROL JORDAN Hockey 1 yr, , GAS 3 yrs., Spirit Club 2 yrs. , Central Comm, 1 yr, Future plans - Physical Ed. Teacher. DA VID KELLY General Activities. GERALDINE KEMPER Future plans - Homemaker. STEVEN KIGHTLINGER Cross-country 1 yr, Future plans puter Technology. JOHN KING Spanish Club 1 yr. Future plans - Drafts- man. IANE KYLE Spirit Club 2 yrs. , GAS 2 yrs. , Madrigals 2 yrs., Freshman Class Secretary, Central Comm. 1 yr. Future plans - Teacher. DAVID LADD Football 3 yrs., Basketball 1 yr. , Base- ball 4 yrs. Future plans - Business. CHARMAINE IESSIE Volleyball 86 Softball 2 yrs.f Badminton 4 yrs, , Basketball, GAS 2 yrs. , Home Ec Club 1 yr., Drama Club 2 yrs. Future plans - Theology. DARLENE JOHNSON Deca Club. Formerly attended Mills High School 84 South Sumter High School in Florida. Future plans - Singer, Entertainer KEVIN JONES Band 2 yrs. Formerly attended Dover Air Force Base High School, Dover, Del. Future plans - Music Teacher PATRICIA JONES Softball 1 yr. , Home Ec Club 2 yrs. Future plans - Homemaker. KEITH JULIAN Formerly attended Porterville Union High School, Porterville, Calif. Future plans - Law Enforcement, APRIL KANSAKU Volleyball 2 yrs. , Hockey 81 Track 1 yr. . Band 4 yrs., "S" Club 2 yrs. , GAS 4 yrs. , CSF 1 yr. , Central Comm. 2 yrs. Future plans - Physical Ed. Teacher. Nr! N 'lfrv RICK LANDSMAN General Activities . JEFFORY LANG Baseball 1 yr., FFA 2 yrs. . Key Club 3 yrs. Future plans - Wildlife Conservation. ROY LA NHA lvl Wrestling 2 yrs. , Block A 3 yrs. , Spanish Club 1 yr. , Art Club 2 yrs. Future plans - Electrician. SCOTT LEDFORD Football 1 yr , Track 4 yrs. , Wrestling 2 yrs. , Block A 2 yrs, , Science SL Math Club 2 yrs. Future plans - Pollution Con- trol Engineer . CLAUDINE LEMOAL as TERRY LA Nl IA M Wrestling 2 yrs, , Block A 2 yrs. Art Club 3 yrs. , Central Comm, 2 yrs, Future plans - Connnercial Artist or Art Teacher. Drama Club, Spirit Club, GAS, Science 8 Math Club, Spanish Club 1 yr., "S" Club 2 yrs. Future plans - Stewardess. DENISE LINNARTZ Spirit Club 2 yrs. , Central Comm, 4 yrs. Future plans - Mortician. JONA THA N LA NG General Activities. MIKE LOEBS Band 3 yrs, , Drum Major, Key Club 3 yrs.-Secretary, CSF 1 yr. President, Freshman 85 Sophomore Senator, Junior Class cabinet member, ASB Vice- President, Central Comm. 1 yr. Future plans - Architect or Teacher. RAMONA LOPEZ General Activities. .b A ,an N! JIM LARCADE General Activities . MARIAN LAURENT General Activities . JENNIFER LAWLEY Hockey 2 yrs., GAS 4 yrs., Spirit Club 3 yrs. , "S" Club 2 yrs. , Spanish Club 1 yr. , International Club. Future plans - Peace Corp. PATTIE LOVARDI Drama Club I yr. MICHAEL LOVE General Activities . GRETCHEN LOVEIOY General Activities. Eff? .W SUSAN MATTOS Future plans - Secretary. BARBARA MCBRIDE Drama Club 3 yrs. Future plans - Nurse's Aide. ROBERTA MCCOLLOUGH General Activities. EDNA MANTECA Spanish Club I yr., International Club. Exchange student from Mexico. Future plans - Teacher. BRENDA MARKER GAS I yr., Home Ec Club I yr. Future plans - Beautician. NARCISA MARQUEZ GAS 3 yrs. , Science 85 Math Club, CSF Spanish Club 2 yrs. , International Club 1 yr, Future plans - Nurse. tl! KARLA MAGNESS Hockey 1 yr, , Softball 1 yr. , Basketball 1 yr., GAS 2 yrs, , Spirit Club 1 yr. Future plans - Nursing. STEPHEN MALLORY General Activities. BARBARA MANIFOLD Spirit Club 4 yrs., "S" Club 1 yr., CSF 2 yrs. , Russian Club 2 yrs., 1969 Football Homecoming Queen, Football Homecom- ing Queen Attendant-Freshman yr. , Cen- tral Comm. 2 yrs., lunior Varsity 8s Var- sity Cheerleader, Pom Pon Girl 1 yr. Future plans - Physical Ed. Teacher. CORNELI US MA NIX General Activities. BRENDA MARTIN General Activities . JANE MASON Hockey 2 yrs. , Softball 1 yr., GAS 2 yrs. , Spirit Club 2 yrs. , Campus Life Club 1 yr. , Science 86 Math Club 1 yr. Future plans - Nurse. TOM MATHIS Future plans - Navy or Law Enforcement. BARBARA LUCE GAS 1 yr. Formerly attended Napa High N 1 N-4. School, Napa, Calif. Future plans - X I D Special Ed. Teacher. MARK MAGEE Future plans - Electrical Engineer. K Q-Ty '-dk, MARC MCGEE Baseball 1 yr, , Cross-country 2 yrs. . Band 2 yrs., Key Club 3 yrs. , Sopho- more 81 Junior Class Vice-President. WILLIAM MCMILLAN Baseball 2 yrs., Campus Life Club 1 yr, Future plans - Mechanic. PATRICIA MEINTS Hockey 2 yrs., Track 1 yr., Home Ec Club 1 yr. , Deca Club 1 yr. Future plans - Business. RICHARD MENDEZ Football 1 yr. , Track 1 yr., Deca Club, Future plans - Machinist. HUBERT METHNER FFA 1 yr. Formerly attended school in Wolfenbuttel, Germany . CLAIRE NORDEEN Hockey 1 yr. , Spirit Club 3 yrs. , FFA 1 yr. Future plans - Dental Lab Technician. LAUREN NORDEEN Volleyball, Spirit Club 2 yrs. Future Plans - Interior Decorator. 102 EVA MOORE General Activities. CHARLES MORRIS Football 3 yrs., Baseball 3 yrs, , Block A 2 yrs. Future plans - Chef or baseball player. RANDY NEWCOMB General Activities. A N' :Fr 5 3 .Wliw SCOTT MILLER Future plans - Wildlife Conservation. s A ge. MICHAEL MROTEK Photography Club 1 yr, , Industrial Arts Club 1 yr. -president. Future plans - Underwater Research Photographer. CYNTHIA MUELLER Band 3 yrs., Drama Club 8 yrs., Spirit Club I yr, , Alpha Iota l yr. . Majorette 2 yrs. ED MURCIIIE Deca Club. Future plans - Mechanic. CARMEN NORTON Formerly attended Dan McCarty lligh School, Fort Pierce, Florida. Future plans - Secretary, Homemaker. JOHN NUTTING Football 2 yrs., Wrestling 3 yrs. , Band 2 yrs, , Block A 2 yrs. Future plans - Engineering. RICIIARD O'CONNOR Football 1 yr., Art Club I yr., Inter- national Club l yr. Future plans - Marine Biology, 103 MELISSE OLIVER Spirit Club 2 yrs. , "S" Club 3 yrs. , GAS 1 yr. , CSF 2 yrs., Science 86 Math Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club 1 yr. , FBLA, Inter- national Club, Senior Class Secretary, Central Comm. 2 yrs. Future plans - Writer. ROBERT OSBORNE Football 4 yrs. , Basketball 3 yrs. , Block A 2 yrs. , Key Club 2 yrs. , Central Comm. 1 yr., ASB President. If JENNIFER PAINE Hockey 1 yr. , Volleyball 2 yrs., Softball 3 yrs., Band 4 yrs. , "S" Club 3 yrs.- secretary, GAS 4 Club 1 yr., CSF 4 yrs. -secretary, Cen- tral Comm. 1 yr. , Junior Senator, ASB Secretary . JOHN PEREZ Basketball 2 yrs. , Tennis 1 yr. , Block A 1 yr., Deca Club 1 yr. Future plans - Business . yrs. , Science gc Math ,.,t. F , ELIZABETH RADESKY Spirit Club 4 yrs. , Spanish Club 1 yr, , International Club. Future plans - Public Relations. DAVID RASMUSSEN FFA 4 yrs. WILLIAM REDMAN Future plans - Armed Services. ROBERT REDMAN FFA 2 yrs. Future plans - Airman. KAREN RODRIGUES Drama Club 1 yr., Spirit Club 2 yrs, , Spanish Club 1 yr, , International Club 1 yr. Future plans - secretary. SANTOS RODRIGUEZ Future plans - Draftsman. CAROL OZBUN General Activities. 5 A A y- JOSEPH PAGE Football 4 yrs. , Baseball 1 yr., Band 3 yrs., Block A 2 yrs. , Freshman Class President, Central Comm. 1 yr. SCOTT PARSONS FFA 3 yrs., Spanish Club 1 yr. Future plans - Radio Broadcaster. NATHALEAN PATTERSON Formerly attended Amarillo High School, Amarillo, Texas. Future plans - Stenog- rapher. CLARENCE PESKA Campus Life Club 1 yr. Future plans - Teacher. CHARLOTTE PETERS GAS 1 yr. RUTH PREIMESBERGER Hockey, GAS 1 yr, , Spirit Club 1 yr. Future plans - Clerk-Typist. JOHN ROLL Cross-country 3 yrs., Track 2 yrs, , Block A 1 yr. SANDRA ROOKER Future plans - Secretary. ml HAROLD SALAS Football 3 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Track 2 yrs., Deca Club, Central Comm, 1 yr. Future plans - Engineering. 4 0 I L. BERNARD SCllOLL Football 3 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Base- ball, Golf, Tennis 1 yr., Block A 2 yrs, , Key Club l yr., Central Comm. 1 yr. Future plans - Architect. x JOAN SHELLEY Hockey 2 yrs. , Volleyball 2 yrs., Basket- ball 1 yr., Softball 1 yr., GAS 4 yrs., Spirit Club 3 yrs. , Art Club, Central Comm. 1 yr. Future plans - Art Teacher, SHARON SHORTER "S" Club l yr., Sophomore Class Secre- tary, Central Comm. 3 yrs. Future plans - Teacher, MICIIELE SILVA General Activities. FRED SIMONSON Future plans - U.S. Fish 82 Game Dept, 4 yrs Band 4 yrs Future plans Music J N Football 1 yr Basketball 1 yr Block A F Nr' IOHNSADLER C ., ., 'Q ERIC SKINNER Football 1 yr., Basketball 4 yrs. , Cross- country 1 yr. , Track 2 yrs. , Tennis 1 yr, Block A 2 yrs. , Spanish Club 1 yr. Future - plans - History Professor. jf DIANE SMITH Band 4 yrs, , Spirit Club 1 yr. SHERRY SMITH General Activities . THOMAS SCOTT Football 2 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs, , Block A 1 yr. Future plans - Press Operator. JAMES SEARCY Football 4 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs. Future plans - Navy, Machinist's Mate. BONNIE SELLARS Hockey 2 yrs., Softball 1 yr. , Basketball 1 yr., GAS 4 yrs., Spirit Club 3 yrs., Home Ec Club 1 yr., Spanish Club 1 yr., International Club, Alpha Iota. Future plans - Interpreter, A.. JAMES SMITHEY Track 3 yrs., Block A 2 yrs, , Central Comm. Vice-President. SANDRA SPELTS Spirit Club 2 yrs, Future plans - Data Processing. STEPHANIE SPENCER Spirit Club 1 yr. Future plans - Court Reporter. SOLUS TERRY Football 4 yrs. , Track 1 yr. , Wrestling 1 yr., Block A 3 yrs., Key Club 3 yrs., Future plans - Aeronautical Engineering. BOB THARP Football 4 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs. , Block A 2 yrs., Key Club 2 yrs. Future plans - Landscape Designer. WILLIAM THARP Football 4 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs. , Block 108 A 2 yrs. Future plans - Craftsman. PETER STRYBOS General Activities . MARY STUART Latin Club. Future plans - Computer Programmer. DAVID SUMNER Football 1 yr. , Cross-country 1 yr, , FFA 4 yrs. , Key Club 3 yrs. , Junior Senator. SUSAN STARR GAS 1 yr., Home Ec Club 1 yr. , Spanish Club 1 yr. Future plans - Social Work. MIKE STELLINA General Activities. DANIEL STEMMLER Football 3 yrs. , Baseball 4 yrs. , Block A 3 yrs., Key Club 2 yrs, , Sophomore Class Vice-President, Central Comm, 2 yrs, Future plans - Stock Broker. GEORGE STEVENS Football 2 yrs, Future plans - Draftsman. JERRY SUTTON General Activities. STEVE SWENERTON Cross-country 2 yrs. , Tennis 2 yrs, , CSF 4 yrs, , Science 84 Math Club 4 yrs., Chess Club 2 yrs. , International Club 1 yr, Future plans - Scientific Research. MICHAEL TAGUDIN General Activities. WANDA SPENCER N stone High School, Limestone, Maine Future plans - nursing ENNIFER STAGNER Future plans - college N.-I N . 4' . 1 "S" Club 1 yr. Formerly attended Lime- yi - x - . I J f""a'7' W DONNA THOMPSON Volleyball 1 yr., Basketball 1 yr. , GAS 1 yr, , Home Ec Club 2 yrs. , FBLA 2 yrs Central Comm, 4 yrs, KAREN THURN Hockey 1 yr. , Track 1 yr. , GAS 3 yrs., Band 4 yrs. , "S" Club 2 yrs. , Central Comm, 2 yrs. Future plans - Physical Therapist. BECKY TINSLEY Future plans - Office Clerk. EVELYN TIPTON Band 4 yrs, , Spirit Club l yr., Inter- national Club l yr., Honor Band 4 yrs, Future plans - Chemist, MA RY TRUIILLO General Activitics . IA MES TURNBO Drama Club 4 yrs., Deca Club l yr., Art Club l yr. Future plans - English Teacher . N X x KEVIN VALCOUR ' FFA I yr., Central Comm, l yr. Future plans - Ornamental Horticulturist. IERALD VELEZ Future plans - Theology. GAYLE WEA VER General Activities. CARLA WHITE Home Ec Club l yr., Central Comm, 1 yr. Future plans - Nurse. DEBORAH WILEY Spirit Club 3 yrs, , Photography Club I yr., Central Comm. 3 yrs. , Fall Cabinet representative, Yearbook Editor, Pom Pon Girl 1 yr., Sign Carrier 1 yr. 'Future plans - College. LONDA WILRIDGE General Activities. I JERRY TURNER EDWARD URBANIK matic Arts, FRANK VAUGHAN Cross-country 2 yrs REGINA WHITE Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Gym- nastics, GAS 1 yr., Drama Club 2 yrs. , Spirit Club 4 yrs. , "S" Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club 3 yrs., International Club 1 yr., Deca Club Queen, Central Comm, 1 yr, , Junior Class Vice-President. Fu- ture plans - Social Worker. THOMAS WHITE Football 1 yr., Basketball 4 yrs., Base- ball 2 yrs. , Track 2 yrS. , GO1f 1 yr., Block A 2 yrs., Key Club 2 yrs, Future plans - Statistician. Wrestling 3 yrs., Industrial Am Club 1 yr. Future plans - Naval Officer. Football 4 yrs., Track 3 yrs, , Sophomore 84 Senior Senator, Freshman Class Vice- President, Central Comm, 3 yrs, TERRY VASCONCELLES Drama Club 3 yrs. Future plans - Dra- 1 mi Wrestling 1 yr. MICHIEL WAGNER Football 1 yr. , Basketball 3 yrs., Deca Club 1 yr. Future plans - Armed Services, MARGARET WAGONER General Activities. FAYE WATFORD Spirit Club 2 yrs. , Home Ec Club 1 yr., Human Relations Comm. Future plans - Computer Programming. VIRGINIA YARBOROUGH Hockey 3 yrs. , Volleyball 2 yrs., Basket- ball 1 yr., Softball 1 yr, , GAS 3 yrs., Spirit Club 2 yrs., Central Comm, 1 yr. , Mascot 1 yr., Sign Carrier 1 yr. , Foot- ball Homecoming Queen Attendant- Senior Yr. Future plans - Teacher. WOODROW YARBOROUGH Football 4 yrs. , Basketball 1 yr, , Base- ball 2 yrs,, Block A 2 yrs, , Key Club 2 yrs., Senior Senator, Sophomore Class President, Central Comm. 1 yr. 25 ,1 , rv, ' 1 will ,, N 'm:?'3rv" 'U xo' . il' 1 Y .- U , A 'MAI X 3-"' , " , vl- Sega . Pi, h IW Q :Q El ' U00 O an 5 QL ,pa Bresnahan, Arthur Brewer, Brooks, Brouse, Brown, Brown, Brown, Randall lnetta Robin Gail Michiko Sharon Browning, Deborah Buringrud, Wendy Cacioppo, Christina Cagle, Cagle, Deborah Nathon Camara, Jeffery Cameron, John Carlson, Michael Carpenter, Gail Catabay, Dominic Cavins, Lonnie Cereda, Billie Chaney, Jerry Chase, Vernon Chever, Carlton Chilson, Thomas Christensen, Jane Beyer, Arthur Biggs, Dorothy Blackburn, Linda Blaich, Linda Bock, Phil Boehme, Dennis Q s g' I if - R 5 S J i Bohn, Helen Boutin, Jacqueline Boyce, Charlene Brady, Gail Breen, Sharon Breiling, Cheryl Abara, Andy Ackley, Russell Adams, John Aitken, David Anderson, Sandra Angoco, Ann Angoco, Marilynn Athey, Charles Austin, Laurel Avants, David Baracosa, Steve Bechtel, Michael Bell, Gloria Benda, William Bennett, Nelia U'UN:r:0RS I . A ll Christian, Paul Cleveland, M. Cobb, Andrea Cochrane, John Cohen, Jacques Cole, William Collins, Jackie Conley, Julia Conley, Robert Cook, Candace Copeland, Danny Cordova, Daniel Corpstein, Roy Corrales, Sandra Coughlin, Kathleen Courtney, Deborah Craig, Marsha Crain, Jack Crosson, Marcia Crumley, Joannie Cullum, Rodney Cuthbert, Lance Davidson, Pamela Davis, Bobby Davis, Iacquelyn Dickson, Pamela Dizon, Alejandro Donahue, Mike Donaldson, Leonard Dowling, Gary Dulatre, Fred Dunlap, Charles Dyer, Susan Elliot, Michael Ellis, Cathy Ellsworth, Elizabeth Emerich, Judy Ervin, Douglas Evans, Robert Farmer, Tim Ferro, Mark Franks, Steven n Nxt , H it Q Jones, Vicky Kanouff, Bonte Kanouff, David Kelly, Timothy Kerswill, Sharon Kilgore, Daralynn Kimball, Carl Kirschenman, Bruce xx Gullick, Michael Gunter, Lana Guthrie, Lee Halstead, Susan Harker, David Harless, George Hazelton, Theodore Healis, William Hecks, Judy Henson, John Hernandez, Debra Hillard, Steve Knoppel, Fred Komnick, Petra Krone, Peter Landsman, Donald Lanham, Kerry LaPlante, Michael Larcade, Judy Larsen, Martha Lei, Linda Leibowitz, Stephanie Lewis, Terry Lim, Karen Lint. Victoria Y 1 Q Holliday, Betty Honey, George Honey, Joseph Hopkins, Cindy Hornback, Catherine House, Dan Hoxsie, Lori Husted, Christopher Inlow, Theresa Jackson, Linda Jackson, J. D. Jenkins, Edward Fraticelli, Doreen Gabel, E. Garcia, David Gatrost, Kenneth Gilbreath, Margaret Ginther, Wendy Goering, Rodney Graf, James Grant, Allen Grant, Gary Gregerson, Scott Gregor, Mike TUNIORS Q, M r , Q iff L 117 ,g,,,,,,,. ir-J ' ,ig-fe qv '4 if .W 1,55 A i , s. x X X A se ar , Z 'XX K J T ,1 Riley, William Robbins, Robin Robinson, Alpha Rudd, Franklin Rudulph, Marvin Russell, Richard Russell, Toni Saiz, George Sallee, Maudie Sanders, John Sanderson, S. Sandoval, Cynthia In ' qi 1' er as w rf sn.- ' Q 'I rr.. 1 5 . R ' ' ' 6 f ,., ...r, -r A 3, A l H if 'K gifvfk Q 35 z , xr 1 X '-if K. Miller, Linda Moehring, James Mollica, Carol Monroe, Gloria Morgan, Debra Muller, Ann Murphy, Janet Nash, Darlene Neese, Lana Oetjen, T. Oquin, Rufus Ortega, Lorraine Ortiz, Julia Owens, Shelby Padilla, Lioba Paska, M, Palmer, Tommy Parker, P. as- ir ..' .N ,X X if N E g i. K v A: g v Pehan, Jeff Pendar, Mike Pendleton, Charles Peterson, Annina Peterson, Eric Pollock, Susan Pruett, Steven Pugh, Pamela Pugh, Shirleen Pugh, Shirley Ramirez, Helen Ramirez, Patricia Reagle, Kenneth Redman, Barbara Regnier, Daniel Richardson, Brady Richardson, David Riley, E. Little, Russell Lockwood, Danny Loll, Judith Lopez, Sylvia Maiberger, Constance Mark, Elizabeth Martin, George Mayhew, Mark McClelland, Mark McConnell, Daniel McCoy, Gary McDaniel, Cathleen McGi1vray, Joanne McNamee, Robert McWhorter, Karen TUNIORS I ,.l lt, Schmidt, Mark Schroeder, Glenn Scudder, Clifton Selle, Philip Sepulveda, Patricia Silva, Marlene Simpson, Carolyn Slack, Robert Smith, Leah Smith, Richard Smith, Warren Sparks, Robin E 'X Vargas, Carolina Vaughn, James Voy, Connie Wagoner, Edward Walsh, John Ward, Gary Ward, Paula Weddle, John Westford, Laura White, Charles White, Debra White, Diana White, Sherril Williams, Garlon Williams, Randy Wilson, Brent Wilton, Paul Winslow, Leslie Wiseman, Deborah Wohlwend, Cynthia Wolfe, Daniel Wolff, Leitha Wood, Richard Woods, Gail 'lx T' ,C i ,s,:,, ,Q an . M Timberman, Ronald Tokuda, Guy Tom, Douglas Tom, Ruby Tracas, Bettyann Tracy, Harold Turnbo, Charles Urbanik, Frank Vallero, Julia Vallero, Shirley Valtierra, Ray Vanguardia, Roberto f1S ff Z, ZWSSQ: T f i?lfv'l1'i Pfilifv , kL,,, 6 fvllyuml 'N 3 'x Od' Spelts, Elaine Staats, Susan Stebleton, Gordon Stellina, Steve Stewart, Nancee Stone, Nancy Strahan, B. Strybos, Maria Stuart, Mary Sullivan, Barbara Sydow, Monika Taylor, Gary Taylor, Jacqueline Thoming, J. Tigner, Kathy TUNIORS gn- wav' aff if av U , f , - M QQ ij ., ' ' ay, .A f 5 f 1fr Wright, Timothy Yee, Iadelle Young, Edward Zak, Cynthia Zak, Sue Zbyczik, Mike 'N-.. uv" 4- J .QQ L " ' gm' 5 y gh. 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Jonathan Derrenberger, Regina Dickson, Mike Dillman, Mike Dominquez, Peter Donaldson, Carol Duffield, Michelle Dull, Gary Dunbar, Denise Ebanez, Blanche Elkins, Nora Elliott, Kevin Ellis, Patti Elton, Candy Empting, David Estey, Sherri Fancher, Richard Farris, MaryLou Flannery, Donna Fletcher, Carol Fletcher, Daryl Flores, Edna Hopkins, Cagle Hopkins, Joan Howard, Lila Howard, Nelson Hrabovsky, Michael Hudson, Peter Hull, Douglas Humma, Barbara Humma, Edwin Isykowski, Kenneth Jacobo, Pablo Johnson, Penni Jolliff, Deborah Jones, James Joraskie, Michele Jorgensen, Lillian Juarez, Delores Keller, Sammy Kelly, Kathleen Kemper, Diana Ketring, Deborah ,nf Gollinger, Linda Gomes, Robert Gomez, Debbie Goss, Diane Gould, Nona Grable, Paul Grant, Theresa Groseclose, Ricky Gunter, Lynn Haas, Donald Hall, Tom Hamby, Mike Hansen, Debrah Hanvelt, Curt Harada, Robert Han, Marcia Harvey, Mark Hearn, Fred Hendrix, Sharon Henson, Gerald Hernandez, Joann Hindman, Mona Hoffman, Elaine Hokanson, Dalene i i i, iiii G a ii 'ef-if N ii fl +R as .,, , . V' . ,Fx Q f Fox, Patricia Frost, Mike Fukuda, Randal Garcia, Rozanne Gardiner, Gardiner, Gardiner, Gaughan, James Jane June Robert Gavin, Deborah Gellett, Lucy Glansbeek, Barbara SOPHOIVXORE 5 ""f""' occjr if , were f,,,g Xa -X wi x ,. fx, Myers, Pamela Nava, Leticia Neidlinger, Patricia Nenio, Charmaine Newell, Charles Noble, Jerry Nocchi, Ronald Norcross, Gene Norris, David Norris, Michael Oberg, Katherine Olshefski, Patricia Lightfoot, Steven Lindsey, Kandace Lippolis, Paul Lopez, Debra Jean Lopez, Estella Lourant, Ronald Lovejoy, Susan Lowe, Pamela Loyd, Lucy Loyd, Maria Mack, Earl Mack, Susan Magee, Gerald Mahoney, Steve Mall, Robert Mallory, Marlys Marker, Carol Mason, Omer Mason, William Mattos, Dennis McCabe, Doughas McCune, Michael McGi1vray, Edgar McNamee, Lynne McPherson, Kathleen McWhorter, Iohn Merritt, Randall Metcalfe, Timothy Meyers, Karen Michael, Kenneth Miller, Jennifer Moatz, Rosalyn Moore, Chuck Morgan, Dennis Murchie, Roland Myers, Dan Viv Kidd, Barry Kimball, Raymond Kimsey, Douglas Knauer, Sharon Kreuter, Kerry LaCroix, Ronald Lambrecht. David Landreth, Carla Lang, Calvin Lang, Vicki Laurent, Laura Lei, Ronald Lentz, Peter Lezallo, G. Leschke, Nancy Permenter, Jack Peterson, Pamela Phillips, Roy Polanshek, Robert Pounds, Debera Prather, Olinda Price, Gwendolyn Pryde, Darrell Puerto, Randy Ramirez, John Rapoza, Kathleen Reed, Robert Reed, Shirley Remington, Sylvia Rendon, Luis Rennie, Kathleen Rinearson, Roger Roberson, Nancy Robicheau, Michele Robinson, Brenda Robinson, Leo Romans, Terry Rooker, David Rose, Laurel Stinson, Wyatt Stone, Michael Strader, David Stump, Dale Szmurlo, Donna Tagudin, Susan Tan, David Tatham, Chris Thompson, Alan Thrasher. Janet Tinsley, Joyce Tooby, Mary Torento, William Trammell, Shirlyn Vanbuskirk, Chris Vandiemen, Francisca Vandiemen, Joyce Vanguardia, Pauline Vanwiern, Donna, Vaughan, Carol Vaughn, Jean l g. Simmons, William Slater, Sulema Smith, Acie Smith, Dennis Smith, Ronnie Sockwell, Linda YR i Southward, Michele Spencer, Leon Spencer, Rosette Stagner, Zachary Staple, Dana Stevens, Jacklyn ix fi 4' of '45 if S X ,ti 5,1 fa,-if gt af? 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Boyce, Renee Brandon, John Brewer, Clara Brewer, Elaine Brock, Betty Brown, Cheryl Brown, Janet Brown, Russell Buchanan, Ethel Bullard, Bruce Burgher, Wendell Burnett, Janice Burrell, Barbara Burt, Nancy Burton, Alice Barnes, Patrick Barron, Ronald Baugus, Patricia Bautista, Morgarita Bechtel, William Bedell, Christina iff Qs wr. Abara, lndrikita Abenis, Ruby Abney, Debbie Agers, Alison Allen, Joanne Allen, Thomas Allen, William Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Beth Angoco, Bertha Arnold, Mary Austin, Emily Banks, Chyrl Bannerman, Veronica Barnes, Bobby i ., X , I N t X X Campanale, Marie Campos. Jesus Cannaday, John Carpenter, Wendy Carrera, Bernardo Carrier, Sheila Caruso, Joseph Castillo, Henry Chamberlin, Patricia Chaney, Gail Christiansen, Richard Clark, Irene Clark, Phyllis Coca, Tony Coffin, Diane Collins, Jimmy Conley, Patricia Coons, E. Cordova, Sally Cordova, Steven Cordy, Michael Corpstein, Cathy Cox, Mark Craven, Diann Crawford, Susan Crosson, Brenda Crudup, Edward Cullum, Daniel Cunningham, Sherry Darnell, Phillip Davis, Earl Davis, Vallarie Degracia, Steve Denison, Sidney Denton, Richard Detrick, Robert Dickson, Gordon Dillon, Susan Dizon, Bernadette Downs, Mike Dunbar, Dean Dyer, Sheila Green, Anthony Grey, Douglas, Griffin, Daniel Gullick, Bruce Hale, Joseph Hall, Cheryl Hall, Greg Hammond, Judy Hanvelt, Irma Hargrove, Maxine Harper, Charles Harris, Kenneth Hart, Olivia Haynes, Larry Hazelton, John Heinsch, Barbara Hendricks, James Henning, Donna Henry, Denise Henson, Susan Hernandez, Denise Flores, Marcos Flynn, Michael Flynt, Susan Foster, Onita Fratcelli, Diona Frederick, Carolyn Freeman, Rhandal French, Elizabeth Frye, John Fukuda, Kurt Euston, Barbara Gardiner, Kenneth I o 'af diss ,M sis, 47 L51 .s--QR! en. .: ,,i1: Q r E 'Q : if lv 4 .siwiig E ' l 1 ,fiQ ,ti 4 G EM' -X. . an s XR Garrett, Sammie Gentry, Patricia Gibson, Douglas Glansbeek, Bernard Gleason, Susan Glover, Carl Gloden, Jerry Gore, Mike Grable, Guy Graham, Chantal Grant, Sheila Grasse, Chris M A 4. ,sv Ebanez, Rodney Ebanez, Ruby Elder, Debra Else, Devonna Epps, Gayle Erickson, Carl Ervin, Wendy Fetrerley, Michael Fischer, Everett Fisher, James Fitzhugh, Donna Fleckenstein, Petra e 7 "" . A. A x r s ,G E E ,r fr a t W- , of i . X W X , x r E G x fr f- C G " , 2 2- f , ' 1-V ri, ' at is s .N , , . ,A - g , ir: J H J f E 5 r jf s-45, S yy VX Ez ,,- , - Ev-.z , .. ., .. ice' 139 Lockert, Audrey Lopez, David Lopez, Gerhard Lorenz, Ingrid Lourant, Evetta Low, Cynthia Low, Leslie Lowe, Robin Lozano, Mike Lyons, H. Luna, Victor Machado, Rodrigo Kinnaman, Cheryl Kovalchik, Paul Kuropatkin, Jeannine Ladill, Paulette Lambrecht, Steve Landsman, Joan Lanham, Karen LaPlante, Mollie Leano, Irma Lebeck, Michelle Ledesma, Anna Ledford, Lynn Leese, Son Lei, Nancy Lewis, Jason Lindsey, Arthur Linville, L. Lippolis, Mike Hicks, Scarlett Hill, Dennis Hillman, Nancy Hilton, Joyce Hines, Desiree Hoff, Dick Holland, Rebecca Holliday, Charles Hopkins, Jeff Horton, Deborah House, Deborah Huffman, Harold Huffman, Stephanie Huguenin, Thomas Hume, Lorne Mackie, Bill Magistro, Connie Magness, Karen Maiberger, John Manuel, Michele Marianno, Diane Martatos, Anita Martin, Helen Mathias, Mark Matthews, Donna McCabe, Blane McClelland, Cathy McCune William McFadden Barbara McFadden Parrick McGee Clyde McGraw Monica McLaren James McNamee Jeanine McNaughton Michele McQu1ston Nancy Meints Robert Meyer Kenneth Miller Elyse Mineer Rodne Minor Kurt Moak Cheri Moatz Barbara Moehring June Monroe Sylvester Mopas, Edwin Mopas, Pietra Morley, Elizabeth Morris, Bob Myers, Karen Myrick, Patricia Paoli, Claudio Parrott, Altalee Pascoe, Linda Patterson, Michael Patton, Karen Pena, John Perkins, Debbie Perlmutter, Mark Permenter, Ricky Perrin, Nancy Perry, Pamela Peschel, Kenneth Peters, Sam Piontek, Stephen Pitt, Mike Potts. Deborah Powell, Darrel Ragle, Loann Ramirez, Claudette .f Otte, Nancy Lee Otto, Ann Marie Owens, Richard Ozbun, Dana Padilla, Lydia Padilla, Yolanda L 'cz' ss.. 'lf' T' Nason, James Neese, Carol Neese, Donna Nelson, Chris Nelson, Eric Nenio, Zandra Nesler, Carroll Newcomb, Debbie Newell, Steve Nicholson, Teresa Nielsen, Michele Nipps, Manuel Noble, Kenny Oetjen, R. Ortega, Paul Ortiz, Connie ' - , ' ' ., . ,..s. s Q"-as 1. .si .Q 7 5 fi , :' i . -HK '. Page. LCS AHH6 Q i f . W f t e . gif , - 'i ifffil ssi ills Q M s 6 ' 1 '- Paine, Andrew K ,fy 5 . QA s z M , ' '- Y, 5, Pamey. steve N 1 ' - -s . s . N-. ' : -..' , .. ,fi '-:' ,L 1 , WVVL ff - L... .. frail ' Palmer, Karen ' ,, , , A L . r A, if ,LQ 4. L ww, Q5 R, 1' ,. ,s Palomo, Gerardo Q ' 'aff r - 7. X I N V !Zgf ' ,N xi :V-.g f El i B YU' . Ln K V , N f e c N.. Q , ff fly a:j,?Q'iiff".,i,'f, M 'Hs-in ,,-k 5 ' 2" " ' , -.em.r..x.f,:.,...,,.,,-ke.,-,,,,s15.,HE,g.,svsg-, x-3rw,gg1y,g:,4,5,,3ggfggggs .r,,- .5t,f112e1fewfssfw.. K ,, N se, N ,, ,,, i :'1 i',e is as . 'I43 Rapoza, Carl Reagle, Joseph Rebich, Matt Reese, Denise Regan, Kathleen Requera, David Rexroad , Terry Richardson , Dennis Rios, Edward Roberts, Terril Royce, Charles Rumi, Beverly Rumi, Louie Russell, Jill Ruth, Kenneth Sanders, Iettie Savage, Irene Schaefer, Karen SWR 4 Traylor, Trotter, Tumbo, Vallero Thomas Robbie Mary Sharon Valeriote, Susan Van Buskirk, Glenda Vandieman, Nick Vassolo, Donald Vergara, Dolores Voy, Rodney Wagner, Dean Wakefield, Christopher Walker, Ramona Watson, Janet Whedbee, Bob Whedbee, Buddy White, Donna White, Keri 34: Smithey, Clarence Sockwell, Clinton Sparks, Melody Spencer, Lonnie Spradling, Linda Staats, Nancy Staple, Peter Stebleton, Patricia Steele, James Stephens, Lance Stevenson, Janice Stevenson, Terry f WP- New. Stewart, Kenneth Stinson, Susan Sullivan, Elizabeth Sutton, Rickie Tablet, Robert Taitano, Joseph Tate, Bonnie Templin, Kenneth Tigner, Guy Tillman, Anthony Tiscornia, Linda Tornay, Stephen Schaefer, Patricia Scobee, Deborah Scott, Barbara Seifert, Diana Seifert, Linda Self, Lois Shockcor, Joni Shogren, Debra Silvernail, Jean Skalski, Richard Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Smith, Cleova Clint Janette Pamela Mike - W, Y' K f Woodruff, David Wright, JoAnn Wright, Kathy Wright, Teresa Yee, Henry Zamoyta, Joann X? 3 wifgfff White, Susan Wilkerson, Evert Williams, Theodore Williams, Verna Williamson, John Wilson, Richard wilson, Steve 145 91. W MY NAME IQ T O I I I I 2 fffsf "" -T' MUSIC AND DRAMA I think of light shows, of laughter and one- room tripsg their popularity grows. Of ballets, concerts and dramas, all com- pleting the sensual communication. And I was entertained . v?i- if-W - H , I? A? Front Row: CL-R5 Beth Anderson, Lana Neese, Mitzi Joraskie, Marlis Mallory, Diane Marriano, Lucy Gellet, Debbie Davis, 2nd Row: QL-RJ Jan Sanderson, Carolyn Simpson, Karen Lim, Betty Ellsworth, Jane Mopas, Paul Grable, Allan Shoupman, Karen Thurn, Carolyn Lovardi, Debbie Wiseman, Jenny Paine, Evelyn Tipton, Mark Harvey, Bob Slackg 3rd Row: fL-RJ Jadelle Yee, Margaret Gilbreath, Toni DeCoster, Georgette Garret, Nancy Roberson, Diane Smith, Debbie Joraskie, Kita Abara, Lillian Jorgenson, Jim Hendrix, Doug McCabe, Tim Wright, Molly LaPlante, Don Hervey, Sharon Berg, Linda Berg, Andy Paine, Ron Lacroix, John Sadlerg 4th Row: CL-RJ Anita Velez, Debbie Courtney, Steve Hilliard, Eddie Cross, Paul Ortega, John Kessel, Gary McCoy, Ron Holland, Back Row: CL-RJ Barry Kidd, Jim Bennett, Rick Denton, Kevin Jones, Mike Loebs, and,Director-Mr. Ray Lindsay 150 CONCEPT BAND MARJCHING- BAND PLACES IN LCDNG BEACH Band Aid, John Hornback, makes a last minute touch- up on Nancy Roberson's hat. Director, Ray Lindsay, explains the parade route to the band's drum major, Mike Loebs. 152 I w Long Beach is the biggest parade in all of California for band competition. A total of seventy-four bands attended the review this year. Armijo is especially proud since its band traveled the farthest distance to attend the Review. There were five divisions and five trophies for each division. Armijo's band placed fourth in its division which is very fantastic be- cause this puts us about the 15th best band in all of California. We also did better than the band in 1966, placing fourth. Our band def- initely showed the most spirit and displayed the most bright and color- ful banner in the entire Review. Only the best bands are invited to Long Beach. Armijo's band was very proud to display her banner and school name because it is and always will be the PRIDE OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. r . -au:-'-if- , fx fe' lffsgwf,- V , Q g .gr , q., , , 4, 7 , , ' 1 5 3 'f f Ma- . . , I' ' 'A . 4' 4- Q X -' ' Qu 2' vm 'Q W K " XML.. Q A p --' -' 1 lg, 4 V2 2 , 4' inf-'if ' .f ' - QQ? N ja I iq 11. .1 'Wa' s A '-' X M il .fn .L A G A I It . . 5.2 li . ' kj- x 3 ' - , 'G A 3' : V V. AW 21 5' ' 3' RM fi' fl' ' A 9 A if f - ' 'm+Q.l .. ,A Q ll l 4' A 5 . ' . x t . : EN, 4- 4. - A A Y , . 31 1 XX nf B 5 4 AW E XV Q, V, X ,A , '5 N X 5 H , W - J K. 4 4 L A K 1 5 i Y 'ffl PM ,".X. 0 lin QW. W' X 1 if wx v!5?Hm"'i, ' 'rg L , x 6 ,. if T Q ,W 2 7" , , NL a ,, ,294 R J 0 J' 5,1 ,. .7 K .. . MA. f , v- ,z -. . m , fp., ' A 1 r 4 pf' 'N gf Q f M m m Q I, 1 , K A ' ,A Y N J ww' - IM' WA V 1, 4 FQ 1 AI. 3 , A 'L ,, , ,. f J x JI H' ., ' j 8 5 L x ki ,i Lia i Q 1? MW 1 F A - ..,.,,. i A , gui V' XT 1' 1 ' ' s a LJ iff, 1 Q Q K Q53 1 Armijo Band patiently waits for the final results at the Long Beach Arena. Armijo tied for fourth place with "Das Palos" in Long Beach. Both drum majors are awaiting the decision of the toss to see which band gets to take the trophy home. 154 qw J Sea .S X NMR gr x,- f 1,1 - war .ww 3.4 'Y M. ma- . . . 3585 , Q f ' 1' 1 sri """""""wv - 1,1 -..,,,,: .. W .L WSF A CAPPELLA SAYS IT Wm-I MUSIC In December the A Cappella, under the direction of Miss Delany, presented a very successful Christ- mas program. The remainder of the year, the A Cappella practiced and enjoyed participating in the activities which followed. Front Row: CL-RJ Kathy Berg, Nona Gould, Donna Glasgow, 2nd Row: QL-Ry Becky Tinsley, Lori Hoxi, Jane Kyle, Cathy Hornback, Paula Ward, Robin Brouseg 3rd Row: CL-RJ Alice Jackson, Beth Anderson, Debbie Easterwood, Sharon Ham, Kathy Dowlingg 4th Row: CL- Ry Nathan Cagle, Bruce Croft, Bill Gaither Steve Salamon, Gary Bailey Majorettes: Cindy Mueller fleftj and Gin- ger Decoster frightj The Flag Twirlers were one of the highlights of Armijo's annual Homecoming Parade. AND Tl-IE BEN GOES O Marching proudly in front of the band, the Majorettes and the Flag Twirlers did an outstanding job this year. All of the girls worked hard in preparing themselves for the halftime performances, the Long Beach Band Festival, and for many local parades. COMEDY PE-VUE 158 On November 1, 1969 the Armijo Drama Club proudly presented the COMEDY REVUE. The first part of the show was the work of the students. They thought up the pantomimes and the improvisations on their own. The director, Mr, Siegfried, acted only as a guide. The second half of the show was a production of part of Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream". It was about the misadventures of a group of brmgling players who try to do a play for the Duke. Once again Shakespeare proved to be the greatest. 'WX '1 --all f W K Ak, , A .WM . 'M r O 'x 1 i' 'TM N f 1 1 1 I C Y 4 4 1 f 4 45? wffrfi f X VZAITONQ For me there was a special kind of Loving: Going from day to day, moving always upward, fighting challenges, defeating tasks, some defeating me. Always I came. lt was for me, a special kind of Loving: LIVING A26-C' I I2 4 X 4011 gg STUDENT GOVERNMENT This year's student government has done quite a bit in the way of student relations. Several programs were initi- ated to liven spirit around Armijo, The first major one 'was the Senate's request for a girls' "Pants Day", and the District approved a new dress code which allowed not only pants for girls every day, but loosened restrictions on boys' styles. The Senate established a trash can painting contest to color up the school, and also took over the after-game dance to add more revenue to the treasury. The Student Body President, Bob Osborne, was re-elected to a second term. Bob enjoys a position as High School advisor to the District Board of Supervisors: a new office created this year. Mike Loebs, Vice-President, was also re-elected to his post as president of the Senate. Jenny Paine, who served as Secretary the first semester, was suc- ceeded by Karen Thurn. The senate had only three members which have not served in the Senate before. Then the mid-semester elec- tions were held, a first for the Senate, brought about a bill passed in the first term, Only one new Senator was elected, Jenny Paine. She replaced Woody Yarborough, who resigned. Jenny, who served as a Senator her junior year. The other veterans were: Ed Urbanik, another senior, who was a Senator his sophomore year, Warren Smith, a junior with three years' experience, and Jadelle Yee, a junior who served two years. Warren was the President Pro-Tempore and Jadelle was Parliamentarian. The other senior Senator was Larry Glashoff, Robin sparks was the remaining junior. The sophomores were: Shane Cunningham, Paul Grable, and Ed Cross. Henry Yee, Andy Paine, and Susan Flynt were Freshman representa- tives. Ivan Collier, a history teacher, was a new addition to the Senate this year. He served as advisor, not related to the Administration, but acting as a liaison. This system worked out fine and is planned to be continued next year. Sophomores: Standing-S . Cunningham Sitting-P, Grable id' I N 3' ' V' 1 A 2' Juniors: J. Yee, W, Smith, and R. Sparks QM OFFICERS 0.-Ry: Karen Thurn Secretary - Spring Mike Loebs Vice-President - Fall and Spring Jenny Paine Secretary and Senator - Fall and Spring Bob Osborne President - Fall and Spring Senior Senators missing is W, Yarborough. V' .J ,N ,ef-. ya- is ft' Freshman Senators QL-RJ A, Paine, S. Flynt, and H, Yee. 163 Below: fL-RJ E. Urbanik and L. Glashoffg Ei-v1",, Semors. D Hom Pres - M. Olrver, Sec.: J Srmthey, Vrce Pres as areal X P Sophomores: M. Hindman, Pres.: D. Dunbar, Sec.: O. Prather, Vice Pres. C1-ASQ OF-F-ICEIZQ 0. 5 ,df Freshmen. .T Hendrlx Pres N- L Ledford, V1ce Pres G Epps Sec H' tg Juniors: G, Grant, Pres.g S. Staats, Sec.: S Gregerson, Vice Pres. 4, . J , -' ' I ' A f',- in 1 . ,L 'P - ., , , ,,, L . fx J' 'i' I I , 4 V ,, ,L , V ,, i is 'Vw 5 , ,,,,,,, ' Y., 1 A X ,f f I , Q C . .f 1' S , VLIV h I I A I , if MEMBERS: CL-RQ K. Brown, R. White, M, Gilbreath 2nd row I. Yee, S. Kerswell, D. Grout, K, Lim, J. Law- ley, S. Pugh, K. Thurn, A. Kansaku, J. Paine, O. Prather 3rd row Mrs. Valladao, M. Hind- man, T. DeCoster, C. Simpson, B. Tracas, M. Oliver, A. Jackson, Miss Kendall, Mrs. Bur- chell "S" Club, made up totally of girls is affiliated with the Fairfield-Suisun Soroptomist Club. The "S" Club planned Christmas parties for the aged, helped the handicapped, mental retarded, aided the school, and strengthened the bond of friendship between each of the members. These projects and many others have been accomplished through the qualities of service, leadership, and friendship which are the established goals of the club. CLUB Ps an KHI S s Members: D. Stemmler-Pres.g B, Osborne-Vice Pres.: M. Loebs-Sec.g D. Sumner-Treas., B. Terry, J. Silva, G. Grant, B. Scholl, W. Smith, W. Benda, D, Garcia, S. Cunningham, Mr. J. Tomasini and Mr, Raynard CKiwanis Coordinator and Advisory The Key Club develops initiative and leadership, provides experience in working together, serves the school and community in many ways, and prepares its members for useful citizenship. .lf 5 Mr. Raynard-Advisor KEY INTEIZNATFONA CLUB Members: B Humma, E. Flores, C. Samo, D. Vanwieren, F. VanDiemen I. VanDienem, F. Gonzalez, B. Heinsch, V. Lang, B. Anderson, D. White, R. Nocchi, H LeMol, B. Dickerson, Prather, C. Bush, M, . Spencer, C. D. Humma, O. Hrabousky, A. Bishop, L. Griffin, V. Bannerman, G. Garrett, D. Iesch, G. Perlmutter , J . Russell, M. Bautista, L. Lowe , M. Lopez, C. Lang. Advisors: Mrs. Christenberry Vanbuskirk, M. G. Williams, Mills and Mrs. Y 'i1?,,,,,'!' .. 1 1 S A4 Coop Quiz Winners: lst place - D. Sumner Cfar lefty 2nd place - J. Frost fmiddlej Advisor - Mr. Jim Ignatieff I ,,..,.,-..,. 'r F FW! !". A HIDOOR PLANTS sf eg., fp. fi he FARMERS OF AMEPJCA Float Construction FFA Chapter Sweethearts Tina Graham Sr. Stephanie Liebowitz Jr. x FFA MEMBERS: Front Row: fL-RJ D. Sumner, P. Shigocirg 2nd Row: fL-RJ Mr. Tyler, D. Elsie, D, Hervey, D. Boehme, D. Stumpg 3rd Row: fL-RJ Mr. Ignatieff, H. Williamson, K. Jansen, C. Banks, M Biddle, T. Graham, S. Liebowitzg 4th Row: CL-R7 C. Monterios, I. Walsh, R. Kimball, L. Shultz, D Rassmusgen, S. Brown, Back Row: fL-RJ M. Lozano, S, Hendrix. FFA Initiation. ,psf 'Yau' MEMBERS: M. Harvey, B. Torento, R. Nocci, I. Conway, D, Wolfe, O, Prather, F. S11va F Benda M Hindrnan, N. Howard, Advisor Mr OFFICERS: CL-RJ Sec. M. Hindman Vice-Pres, O, Prather Pres. M. Harvey Reporter J, Conway 170 Blackwell MEMBERS: fL-RJ Front: B. Blackley, W. McMillan, S. Gribble, L. Biggs, R. Corpstien, back J. Crain, L. Cuthbert, Mr. Biggs-Advisor, D. Biggs, C, Salinas A group of students was motivated to do something positive toward encouraging ethical and spiritual values at school. Four years ago they formed a club for the pur- pose of encouraging this in some practical way, some living way, on the campus- the "Campus Life Club". How does the club get practical about this? It has invited many speakers from dif- ferent walks of life who could be counted upon to encourage proper values to come to Armijo and contact students through meetings and discussions. It has encouraged stu- dents to demonstrate these values in school life, and, in its first year of existence, its members caught a vision of actively helping others in a finanacial way too. This vision became reality last school year when the little boy from Vietnam pic- tured on this page became the recipient of monthly support of 5510. O0 from the Campus Life Club. This takes care of his needs. Your need may be to join this positive think- ing group. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it' ll Proverbs 22:6 CAMPUS LIFE 171 YFYKI' Q xr xfvf. X Km ci' vs fl 1' 7' f"u ve' lv T A A, A' 'ffm sw 44 'SWT I QPHZJT CLUB MEMBERS: lst row: D. Jolliff, R. Moatz, R. White, A. Jackson, S Pugh 2nd row R Holt M Hart B Hollrday C Sandoval, G. Brady, F. Silva, P. Vanguardis, D, Bradley I Jackson 3rd row S Valeriote M Craig D Fraticelli, M. Bautista, S. Vallero, L. Gollinger, B Cordodor S Howard R Garcia 4th row B Manifold P, Tagudin, T. Grant, G. Woods, G. Vidal, K, Rennie S Boehme I Miller J Gardiner C Cook 5th row: L. Gutherie, L. Ledford, S. Kuropatkin, R. Boyce D Jemison R Sparks, G Brown, M Aitken J Gardiner. 6th row: C. Boyce, S. Flynt, K. Magness T Tiscornia J Smith M Farris C Graham R Davis D. White. 7th row: C. Low, M. Sparks, I. Zamoyta M Robbins L Spradling N Lei D Goss P Olshef ski, A. Parrott. ADVISOR: Miss Meek f + 'Umar N I' ' ,,,, .- f.- X -t. - "-4.5:-iq. .4 A , , V az. - farms L ra,g at ,X Q: of -saw- ,aiw 552' Q-war-'w"1'1""1 356 -We 1' tai. W: if B U s K I NWN ar e as W " 'C " 5 'S . .. M . . , W1 , . R K " A I. I ' I r :tt - . 9 i 4 -if f - ' , S 4 .Hs Quan- if K , - ur S -. ,. -, G. , - K 1.4 14 iw'-- ,Lg 1. K g -A -1 - -. Q J il - , W 'Qs G to 1 ' 'g' f'1'I I 5' 1 13 l' ' V s. 579- -"N"bXfff"":a'lai9i 1. - ' 't -" A A -F ?' fall 5 W H vssm ew 31,2 .. .',,,,: Srssffffj q, .1-., gf ' .ag 1 . -54.22 fwx f . -' - V - .wa t M--K f t t. , 1. , - -nw, f-M aw , ff mf G. A , rr a-M-a,.,y'.--. fa-i,-.-av' Q." 4. as e.-Yu-rr ,-"-12551, Y me - f W -- E. 9- ,gay J- ,, .-save: - , -ls, , , gsafm v ' - gg, f - - - '1f'1"M M qui-Qwgf, .: 'Y' " R' .La 'r?'T',v:ti .. if- .- , jr- " whrlffgzg,-,qivsg 1- g-... .V JT,--k ,Mm .L V " - f- 8 r ,f ..,.f' L .1 sunny, 'Q' -1 ...f.t ss., f - BLOCK: Q! ll .ff ., . , f ,ii W Q The Letterman's Association consists of boys who have earned their Varsity letter in sports. On November 26, the Block "A" sponsored a Pizza Party at the Straw Hat, in which all the guys could bring their favorite girl for fun and food. The big event came January 30th in the Armijo gymnasium when Joan Shelly was crowned the first Block "A" Sweet- heart. Other candidates were: Shirleen Pugh escorted by Joe Holquin and Barbara Manifold escorted by Jim Smithey. Joan Shelly and her escort, Dan Stemmler. Ioan was crowned the first Block "A" Sweet- heart. Block "A" Members: CL-RJ S, Baracoso, T. Brennon, J. H01 quin, D. Garcia, L. Glashoff, G Grant, B. Osborne, Ron Cortese- Advisor, D. Stemmler, K. Kreu- ter, J. Smithey, E. Skinner, R. Evans, R. Lanham, C. Morris, Middle W, Benda, E. Gomez, B Terry Y x X Debi Wiley Liz Radesky Helen Bohn Woody Yarborough Kerry Lanham Rhonda Holt Teri Burden -.0 'if Advisor: Mr. Day SPECIAL THANKS TO Gena Bartenback Bonnie Sellers Warren Smith Carolyn Grable Mike Loebs Patty Lovarde Sharon Shorter Terry Lanham Mr, Brook Mr. Nenni SCIENCE AND Float Construction AQTIZONOMY CLUB "ski-,I Astronomy Members: fL-RJ T. Brennan, J, Graber, R. Slalski, M, McGee, H. Yee The Science and Math Club is an organization that promotes activities such as: individual research, science projects, and field trips to help the member find a better understanding in the fields of science and mathematics. The highlights this year were: 15 The elections in September for club officers and the bi-monthly meetings. 25 ln September an astronomy-interested group formed the Astronomy Club and elected officers in October. 35 The club entered a float in the homecoming parade titled "COMPUTER V1CTORY". 45 A field trip to the Bay Area Science Fair in San Francisco and to the planetarium in the Golden Gate Park was taken on April llth. 55 Another field trip to Dillon Beach and to the Audubon Ranch occurred in May. 5? Students assisted the Science Curriculum Coordinator with the Science Demonstration at the elementary schools 75 A Biology Club was organized at the beginning of the second semester. OFFICERS AND ADVIS ORS: Back: S. Ledford, Vice-Pres.g Mr. Browng S. Swenerton, Treas.g Mrs. Potosnak. Front ftop5 M. Baptista, Sec.g W. Benda , Pres. Science and Math Club Members: him :J fL-R5 T. Brennean, I. Gra- ber, H. Yee, W, Benda, S, Swenerton, F. Benda, S, Ledford, R. Nocchi, R. Skal ski, N. Perrin, M, Bautista . E. CLA. Members: Betty Belfiore, Teri Blankenship, John Angoco, Gerna Gae Bartenbach, Chris Caulfield, Linda Conner, Darryl Edwards, Ginger Harper, Teri Harris, Darlene Johnson, Michael Love, Eddie Murchie, John Perez, Harold Salas, Peter Strybos, James Turnbo, Michael Wagner, Regina White, Debra Grout, Kyle Bourne, Dan Lane. ,ga ' me 'ix . ff fr iq kiwi-!1,J..: . Y" -yur it 6. N 1. D,E,C.A. Sweethearts fL-R5 Teri Harris, Harper State Representatives fRightj State Pres.-B. Belfiore State Sec.-T. Blankenship"5,fLp Regina White-Queen, Ginger x D.E.C.A Officers: CL-RJ Back: L. Connor-Sec.: B. Belfoire-Vice-Pres.: H. Salas-Sargeant at Arms Front: T. Blankenship- Pres.: D. Edwards-Treas.: G, Harper-Reporter if ref Juniors in G.A.S. C, Zak, N. Peterson, K. Coughlin, B. Tracas, J. Jones, C. Vargas, M, Silva, L. Jackson, D.S, Williams, D: Fraticell, L. Lei GIRLS' NHLEUC QOCIEIY Sophomores in G.A.S, F. Silva O. Prather M. Hart V. Lang I. Hernandez J. Vaughn P. Tagudin Seniors in G.A,S. '7-J. Shelly, J. Paine, A. Jack- son, G. Yarborough, A. Kansaku K. Harris. O-S. Ham, K. Mag- ness, J. Lawley, C.Jesse, S. Gardiner, K. Thurn 184 G.A,S. Members CL-Ry Front: D. Craven, S. Valeriote, 2nd row C. Jesse, N. Bennett, F, Silva, D. Scott, J. Jackson, J. Kuropatkin, 3rd row M. Bautista, D. Joraskie, L. Led ford, V. Bannerman, J. Vaughn, 4th row C. Vargas, Jackson, L. Jackson, S. Ham, K, Coughlin, V. Jones A 5th row J. Lawley, S. Gardiner, N. Peterson, A. Kan- saku, 6th row M. Turnbo, J. Paine, K. Harris, G. Yarborough, K. Magness, 7th row K. Ward, M, Hart, D. Fraticelli, C. Zak, L. Lei, S. Zak Q:-RT Ag .TV-Volleyb an D,s. Williams .JJ L. Ledford P, Tagudin J. Kuropatkin I. Paine V. Bannerman J. Shelly 'Q ALL Ai. Hockey fBackJ: J. Vaughn, C. Vargas, J. Shelly, 2nd row L. Lei, A Jackson, N. Peterson, K. Magness, I. Lawley, K. Thurn, C. Zak, S. Gardiner, V. Lang, G. Yarborough, K. Harris, A. Kansaku, I. Paine IV-Varsity Basketball fRightb: Managers N. Peterson, I, Paine, K. Magness 6th row I. Vaughn, G. Yarborough, D. Fraticelli, 5th row J. Jackson, S., Ham, 4th row D.S. Williams, D, Ioras- kie, V. Bannerrnan 3rd row N. Bennett, A. Kansaku, L. Led- ford 2nd row F. Silva, K. Harris, I. Ktuopatkin lst row K. Coughlin 'Q Varsity Volleyball fL-RJ L. Jackson, A. Kansak A. Jackson, D. Fraticelli, L. Lei, Manager N. Peterson, V Jones, K. Coughlin, I. Jack- son, S. Ham, K. Harris, G. Yarborough ff N X..-1 185 Badminton fBackj D,S. Williams, J. Jackson, 5th S. Ham, V. Jones, K. Coughlin, 4th S. Zak, L. Lei, C. Zak, 3rd M. Bautista, L. Jackson, K. Harris 2nd G. Yarborough, D, Jorskie, C. Jessie, lst D. Fraticelli, M. Hart, S, Valeroite, D. Craven, F. Silva 186 Baseball fBackJ M. Turnbo, C, Zak, D. Frati- celli, L. Lei, J. Paine, C. Jesse, N. Peterson 3rd A, Jackson, L. Jackson S. Ham 2nd D, Ioraskie, G. Yar- borough, N. Bennett, L. Ledford, V. Bannerman lst K. Coughlin, J. Vaughn, F. Silva, J. Jackson, D.S. Williams, I. Kuropatkin, K. Magness 1 U 2 Chain Chain Chain QOUL RALLY The Soul Rally held in Armijo's gym February 13th marked the climax of "Black History Week." The former Natural Soul, not the Black Heat played many features such as: "Chain Chain Chain", "Funky Mule", and "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself". Along with the Black Heat, a group which has since broke-up and joined the Black Heat, played between dance routines and cheers put on by the Black Students of Armijo. The Master of Ceremonies was the talented LD. Jackson. We hope this event continues through the years making Armijo proud of the Black talent it holds. ADM! N I O W-, 4, N, ,, .Q NWA I . M My ' -' Q vm L ls V MN. ef 'H A TT? an A. , "H- 'vnf 332 '11, s 'L K, kt 9 'i5, ,5"5"' JL V' A .Lf- , "'f2Q'PVX w 4 x , . W , 4 I 3m f-0 v gy AN V . M M . H fn, ,, , Lmiw. xmwmw 'W 1.'wrg4ug5 '11 -.v wp, as 4 QV'-a2,,w HQ, K. N. . yds 188 -we-q, 'i,"' Working on the basis that a student can be taught nothing, but must learn anything he hopes to master, instructors nevertheless fulfilled an essential and demanding role as they directed daily class sessions. Young minds needed intelligent guidance, a dis- cerning comprehension that emphasized important ideas and brought about understand- ing. A teacher's work was never done, menial tasks outside the classroom were part of his responsibilities. Still, time was reserved for students' problems, for lighthearted s ,,s, N A! 11 if ff-A159 laughter, for the further enrichment of his own mind. ,,.. A nm' ---rrr - , 5. ,iii EQIZXBLIQHMENI' Mr. Ranes camping 1 Mr. Raynard Assistant Principalg married and four childreng University of California - Berkeleyg degrees - A.B. and M,A.g hobby - jogging 190 Assistant Principal and Director of Activitiesg married and two childreng San Francisco State Collegeg degrees - B.A. and M.A.g hobby - as-Us .,,. :.asf:-1fwsaea:- -1' .N -. Mr. Diuman ' Principalg married and three childreng Southwestern Col- lege and San Francisco State College: degrees - B.A. and M.A.g hobby - hunting Board of Supervisors L-R: Mr. Fogleman, Mr. Wood, Mr. Simond, Mr. Am- brose, Mt. Grace, Mr. Nelson, and Mr, Scally Mr. LaPlante Librarian: married and five childreng San Jose State College and University of Oregong degrees - B.S, and M,S,g hobby - fishing I . QPEOIAL QYZXFF Mrs, Burchell Counselorg married and two childreng University of California - Berkeley and San Francisco State Collegeg degrees - B,A, and M.A.g hobbies - golf, swim- ming, and camping S Mrs. Arvin School nurseg marriedg Sacramento State Collegeg degrees - R.N., P.H.N. and B,S,g hobby - fishing .fl Mrs, Kim Library Clerk Typistg married and four childreng Solano Junior College Mr. Walser Counselorg married and two childreng State College of Iowa and Fresno State Collegeg de- grees - B.A, and M,A.g hobbies - sports, hunting, and fishing, f 191 Q K C 5 t .,, , , , if iff 'Tbf'kL'f" ,Zi 13' W , 3 V Q, .. is r , ' I1 .',-,. 1 ,Ja 'M If ' ,U-al .::3'f,, Qu! u r. -2 gl ' ' Miss Jones Registrarg three children: hobbies - bowling and sewing Miss Sharp Counseling Secretaryg four childreng hobbies - bowling and the outdoors 'WY Mrs, Moretti Assistant Principa1's Secretaryg married and two childreng hobbies - sewing and reading 192 X ,X ti' 1' wry! 'vpn ,. Mrs. Francis Receptionist and Switchboard Operator for the Dis- trictg married and two childreng hobbies - hunting fishing, and hiking ,.4uG'U" '-1. Mrs . Mclntosh Treasurerg married OFFICE PERSONNEL Mrs . Powers Principal's Secretaryg married and one childg Pratt Busi- ness Collegeg degrees - cert. Secretarialg hobbies - sew- ing, reading history, and gourmet cooking Mrs . Wilson Attendance Clerkg two childreng Armijo Adult School - Businessg hobbies - bowling and sewing X N If .V xx X li ,N I 93 Mr. Lindsey Band Directorg singleg University of Montana: degrees - B.M. and M.M.g hobbies - sports and cars 'S Mr. Keeter Art - Mathg singleg Montana State Collegeg degrees - B.A. in Art and P,E.: hobbies - sports, painting, drawing, and hunting 194 FINE A1213 Miss Pedri Art - Chairmang singleg San Jose State Collegeg degrees - A.B. and M.A.g hobbies - painting, read- ing, traveling, and hiking Miss Hart Design Crafts: singleg University of Southern Californiag degree - B.A.: hobby - everything nw K . ,H Miss Delany Choral Musicg singleg Whitewater Universityg degree - B.E.g hobbies sports and music Mr, Day Industrial Arts - Mechanical Drawing - Yearbookg married and two chil- dreng Utah State University and Indiana State Universityg degrees - B.S. and M.S.g hobbies - photog- raphy, gardening, and camping M Mr. Brown Industrial Arts and Dept. Headg married and four children University of Oregong degrees - B A and Master of Ed hobby - farming Mr. Brook English and Writingg rnarriedg Wheaton College and University of Chicagog degrees - B.A. and Masters D.g hobbies - free-lance writing and photography EN GLIQH 196 Mr . Scherr Englishg married and two children Central State College degree - B.A.g hobby gardemng Mr. Seigfried Drama and English married and two children Arizona State Umversrty degree B A hobby Cinematography Mr. Kenny Englishg singleg Tuscu- lum College and E. Tennessee State Univer- sityg degrees - B.A. and M.A.g hobbies - music and traveling 3MB iv, :HH Q. . Mr. McConnell l ' vm M-M., M 1, C ', 4' f -4 'Q Eg sf ' r mi L ss r Miss McEady Englishg single: Tuskegee lnstituteg de- gree - B.A.g hobbies - reading and traveling Mr. Grasse Englishg married and three children: San Francisco State Col- legeg degree - A.B.g hobbies - cycling, drawing, reading, running, traveling, and eating -. N Englishg married and two childreng Seattle Universityg degree - B.A.g hobby - sailing Mr. Powell Englishg married and two childreng University of California - Berkeleyg degree - B.A.p hobby - flying 28. 197 ENGLISH Mr . A nderson English - Chairmang married and six children: University of Nebraska hobbies - painting and traveling in Miss Kendall Englishg singleg University of California - Davisg de- gree - A.B.g hobbies - guitar, singing, sewing, and menfolks Mr. Gross Englishg married and one childg University of Cal- ifornia - Berkeleyg degree - B,A.g hobby - word g31'I'16S 2 s l 198 ia FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mr. Meiners Spanishg married and three childreng San Jose State College and Arizona State Uni- versityg degrees - B.A. and M.A.g hobby - fishing 3 fy Miss Christenberry Spanish II, Ill, IV, and District Foreign Language Coordinatorg ,qt Oregon State University and V NDEA Instituteg degrees - B.A and Credentials 4 5 f ,Q ' ' ",L.,,M, ,, Mr. Bourdon French and Latin - Dept. Headg mar- ried and four childreng University of California - Berkeleyg degrees - A.B. and M,A.g hobbies - music and photography X X, e Mrs. Mills German and Spanishg marriedg University of California - Davisg degree - B.A.: hobby - sports , is 199 Mr. Jensen EUS! NESS Graphic Arts - General Math: married and four childreng Chico State Collegeg degree - A.B. - Industrial Artsg hobbies - hand crafts and photography Mr. Lytton Disuibutive Education - Coordinatorg married and one childg Chapman Collegeg degrees - A.A. , B.A. and M.A.g hobbies - D.E.C,A. Club work, bridge, reading, football and boxing M iss Monroe Business Educationg singleg Southeastern State College - Oklahornag degree - B.A.g hobbies - bridge, skiing, and reading Mr. Cymanski Business Education - Chairman: married and two childreng Colorado State Collegeg degree - B.A,g hobby - snow skiing 200 Miss Brady playing Mrs. Jordan Business Educationg marriedg Uni- versity of California - Berkeley and Stanford 8: Armstrong College: de- gree - A.B.g hobbies - knitting and gardening AGIZJOULTUIZE Business Educationg singleg College of the Pacific: degrees - B.M. and B.A.g hobby - symphonic orchestra I r ,Y r X , H f Mr. Ingatieff Agriculturep married and one childg California State Polytechnic College degrees - A.A., B,S. , and M.S.g hobby - waterskiing Mr. Tyler Agricultureg married and one child: Fresno State Collegeg degree - B.S, QV SCIENCE ': LA 1 .f-f1, t Mr, Brown Physics - Chemistry - Chairmang married and two childreng Pasa- dena Collegeg degree - A.B, Mr, Booher Biologyg married and two childreng Moorhead State Minnesota, University of Iowa, Air University Alabamag degrees - B. E. and M,A hobbies - sports, hunting, and fishing Mr, Sumner Scienceg married and five childreng University of California - Davisg degree - B.S.g hobby - farm- ing 202 Mrs, Potosnak Chemistryg marriedg University of Nebraskag degrees - B,S, and M.S, ii- Mr. Blackwell Biologyg married and five childreng Ore- gon State Collegeg degrees - B,S,, M,S,, and M,A,g hobbies - fishing, traveling, and beach combing Mr. Drake Physical Science, General Math, and Cross Country Coachg married and three childreng Pacific Universityg degree - B.S.g hobby - sports g ,cc Mr, Bingamon and music Math, Business Education, Coachg married and three chil- dreng East Central Oklahoma State Collegeg degrees - B,S. and M.T.g hobbies - tennis Mr, Bauer Mathg married and seven childreng University of Portlandg degrees - B,S, and M.S,g hobby - fishing a nd ' O Mr. Maben Math - Agricultural lnstructorg married and three children: University of California - Davisg degree - B,S.g hobbies hunting, boating, and sports 204 , Q A Mr. Reigel Mathg married and three childreng Carleton College: degrees - B.A. and M.A.g hobby - prayer meetings Mr. Shephard Mathg married and three children: University of California - Berkeley degrees - B.S. and M.A.T.g hobbies - fishing and photography Mrs. Farrell Homemakingg marriedg California - Davisg deg HOME EO. University of rees - B.S. and Secondary Credentialg hobbies - sewing, Mrs, Sattler Home Economicsg marriedg California State College - Long Beachg degree - B.A,g hob- bies - sewing, antique collecting, furniture refinishing, reading, and sports ,,:, cooking , and aquariums M iss Crowley Home Economicsg singleg degree A.B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Miller Physical Education and State Requirementsg married and two childreng California State Polytechnic Collegeg degree - B.S.g hobbies - sports and girls Mr. Hopkins Physical Education and Coachg married and four childreng University of California - Berkeleyg d gree - A,B,g hobby - sports 2 iilia-...... Miss Meek Physical Educationg singleg Sacra- Mr. Fuller Physical Education and Coachg marriedg Sacramento State Collegeg degree - B.A.g hobbies - hunting and fishing 206 mento State Collegeg degree - A.B. Liifllfk Miss Worthington Physical Educationg engagedg Oregon College of Educationg degree - B.S.g hobbies - swim- ming and reading . iifi Mr. Cortese Physical Education and Coachg married and two childreng Linfield Col- lege - Oregon: degrees - B.S, and M.E.g hob- bies - hunting, fishing, and Coins A ,. . '1 5' f"' f. A. . ,Q , K . . . , Miss Lurn Physical Education and Mathg single San Francisco State Collegeg degree - B,A.g hobbies - skiing, water ski- ing , and fishing Mr. Healy Physical Education and Mathg marriedg San Francisco State Collegeg degrees - A.B. and M.A.: hobbies - hunting, sports, wrestling, and swimming Q0 CIAL QC! EN CES Mr . Crow Historyg married and four children: University of California - Berkeleyg degrees - A.B. and M,A,g hobbies - photography, gardening, hiking, and badminton 208 Mr. Pickard Historyg married and three children University of California - Berkeleyg degree - A.B.g hobbies - fishing, art sculpture, and painting Mr. Aldridge Historyg married and five childreng University of California - Berkeleyg degrees - A.A., A.B., and M.A,g hobbies - bridge and autograph col- lection I . Mr. Biggs Historyg married and seven childreng University of Redlandsg degree - B.A.g hobby - helping others Assign Mr. Pangburn State Requirementsg married and two children: Chico State Collegeg de- gree - A.B.g hobby - fishing QOCIAL SCIENCES Mr. Perez Historyg married and five children, Sacramento State College: degree - A.B.g hobbies - golf and team sports ki vy 210 Mr, Vaughn Governmentg marriedg University of the Pacific: degree - B,A. - Political Scienceg hobby - sports Mr. Hathcher Historyg married and two children: Sacramento State Collegeg degrees - B.A. and General Secondaryg hobbies - hunting and fishing Mr, Collier Psychologyg married and three chil dreng Chico State College: degrees - A.B. and General Secondaryg hob bies - hunting and fishing Mr. Root Government and Historyg married and two childreng Sacramento State Col- legeg degree - B.A.g hobbies - golf and being a grandpa QPECIAL EDUCATION Ng-Q. g ,Q,. LVL, , I , . s w , , Mr. Beggs Special Education and Coachg singleg degrees - B.S. and General Second- aryg hobby - sports 212 Miss Rachton Special Educationg singleg University of California - Berkeley and Under- graduate-Graduate work at Krakow, Poland, Krakow Universityg degrees - Masters in History and Slavic Lan- guagesg hobbies - music, hiking, and cooking AN Mrs. Nolan Nurse Aide Instructorg married and two chil- clreng John Peter Smith School of Nursingg de- gree - R.N. 1 , S ? '91 ,Elin Mrs. Wilson Nurse Aide Instructorg married and four childreng University of Oregon, degrees - R.N, and B,S, Cafeteria Workers Back Row L-R4 Mrs. Bristow, Mrs. Cannon, and Mrs. Shoulders Front Row L-K Mrs. Fritts, Mrs. Hayes, and Mrs. Terry XX mr Janitors Back Row L-R: Mr. Browning, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Rivera, Mr, Martin, Mr. Rubio, and Mrs. Downey L-R: Mr. E. Sorlano, Mr, D. Sorlano, Mr. Stathoff, Mr. Vose and Mr, Munoz 213 '1 f ,M Z "Our Thanks" The Ariniju Yearbook Staff would like to ex- press their appreciation for the help received from unrninunity businesses in their support tinwiiimi the 1970 La Mezclzi. Wfitlmiit their willingness and ensoperzition, the expense of luiihlishing emild have never heen met. Thank you! E i i 5 --L min 1 .N ? . ,hm-W A--an-......,,, fi "HW-',.Q,,W,wm1 3 W 3197 HWY Agggpgz-y55?3E z fgg A 'iq gf. qilgthe :Lug 6 , , , ,L l. ,, as Sulsun 8. Food Farr Markets , , .fshn Wesner's Aldredge Jewelers 0 Texas 425 2128 f , .0 ' 4 mo., 0 ow? N .. 366 We-7 5' lg I7 Lane's Buick-Pontiac Hwy. 40 84 Travis 425-9564 A mx!3x'XiA1i A-wvmwx W,,, V In '? .bv 699' Q 2 'J Q K 'L :UQ us P41 L44 Q ff? Q X . x , ,, f 'Af www, I axe!! 3 ' 'f,aH7.l V ,Ia wi f Q Qs .' ' A' Wlfmm' Q2 --.5 ,, G.- ,K r i V .f ,f ' f 1 'ff .f f ' ,h T 2 I 2 I ' -I 'E S 1 'ff H QQ, ll 5 n if 'li g. 'WWQ Eff?g?'5'f9'f9' X? 9 fiytigykiy . F1 sr 4' ,,26 .A ' '52 ww! - if ihllii' Kkea' K .l G16 QQQQP if 3 ,,,'2W-Yin .. . N -b Q1 xxfix L, yi f Sw Qmig D Xi fist -F' W i' as Beauty Salon 5 , ' 4gsfQ2f9 bmw' K+' 1 I 3' I M. ,Q 4 . V A 'I 5? S ' ' if ' ' .ft 5 i, - 5 Hydes i 821' Texas 422-1133 2 .AWK J 76" ,Q ik Sir5John's Barber Shop ' . ..,,,, . ,A S 2 2 2 I +2 35 North ,,4, 2 2 422-7095 www... I .. M igi Q - ' - Q g 153":i-1.1 2 . 2 ,,,2 1 N b 1 ,--. ' Ai, ., T f Prescrlpllan: -F V Vg . A 11-ill! 2. L Q-Q " " ' P' D . 5 ww 4' QR .v ,rural , 2 sf:kg,,, "f HQgf...-z,,, ,L Y 251 x gf-nfwffljwhji. , 2' E Q Kp . A W1 iw.. F" Mg: .. L g.' . 5 W- -v .. , 2. 5' rw " 2, 2222 3 is .af 2- w g og , 2 f 3 I 5 - 9A , . f , s 5' .Lf A fi , 5. Q ! E 4 uq5:FZ'7 ' z ' 3, .fi ! f ,RY ' J , , 4- Q' ,.f 5 , .i!f ,f ,gil f , ' 1 fig 1 'V' K f. .E' K ,ax J ' - x W ,M. .,. :CL ,M , .. ww " .W ". fw.f-f-'-"'lQQR,,... ,,,,.,.w X K . ,,...+---"-' ,W .K.ff-Wm' f ...-. k M' -Q W W aw- k VJ... xx -4 Q, 4 V .Mr X ,fi fbx Q , ffxif, x Q -X 6 5 kv 2, xanf . N E 'A' V 5. S RQ ,f 5 X q Rwji ?""S X x- , 'RQ fx S g In L s . N . x.f.Uvy..,-L , sf SS .N f"kf',MNf" . ,vw SQQa wvF? --. -X S1M,..1f ,Q awww' f-..:wHA. w K .Umv. ,.nw W q,, HN . --5, -rr' ,.,....... . t ... s,,.i nv 'Ay , g.vw QQYSK. 'Q:imff1Wik ' .,,..fQ V W 1 .Nz-ff'-' fvggglfw. , J. - .M , in.. - 422' g k I -fu . l 1-.Q We Nlqghvvqq 'Vs ET Hun, B 5 J mn I .L gf 4 5.1, x V E E . . I . "fE?Y3-?5!vlW5.,f If . :iw ,.5fQuV M ..A, Texas f. ,. V-Wm . fi AM'- f,M A ffwwiwwdhfwwy. rlvfxf-. Fairfiel W J W 5552 55-5757 I 55 .3 if is gg ,.. ' 1 f 5 I .5 Q ax N, g- if 5 X., .N X UW R V. ' R, 1 E I i . ,. 'V 'gr k ' V im? 1, , w ff' , , i .?uv5'3S"? G 4 I MESA al Paul s Barber Shop 1017 Texas 425-6153 Ski Haus 1025 Texas 425 3669 Dorff Cook Tonight Call Chicken Delight 110 Fast Tabor 425-9534 1601 ,Tejiasf 1 5 " .auh....,Lf -.....W, K I 1 'M Q ki 1-'iiwf-Lf-al ...few-H--'A MG! Q ,mga ' :ii .1 w . is N , us.: 21, D ,ff-5 . X XX ,. 5137, mama 4-M.: 41,1 if .5314-va 'fk, W 'www 'w,' i 3 X gr? .. . 3 I fy fy, NXXVQ A . " jfgk ' 2 -mi? ' f1"'f2-I ..m"?'2 LOL 4151, M of -A11 Texas Q 422-3150 ' if 1. HH W 'a Q' w 5 Texas 3, , W A '11 AW" SUPREME Arrington's Chevron Station 2026 North Texas 425-1862 if' l , 44' , nf A ' Qjg ,1 ,, I V tv 86844: Rockville Gardens Florist 1313 Texas -625-4654 ac - no weve we 'flf-'SW X APPLIANCE SALES 51 ' Fmsuomac : f senvncea ,jZ,i:Z,,,fW'f MW l92'l N.TEsK S E.. gn V i :lf-li v f we ry W 5 X Waters Appllcmces XXXX- Dairy Queen 3- ,X L K , Y I Wonder World 3 T 425-1535 1833 North Texas 425-0 , 'M I V Q 1 5 if fm an '3 A-L fx T Q 31,2 A 52 -2 X The Knitting Needle 105 Oak 425-8252 ,M 1 AW!! Fairfield Florist 1813 North Texas 425-9593 The Dolly Republic 1250 Texas 425-4646 44' ,ff Woodard Chevrolet Interstate 80 S Air Base Pkwy. 425-0271 Nxt. 'xx 5 N Q W y,rxQu'y ,A so X r wx t'w?feGEt 'X :SX X Xu X ix xx V xy I :'v,Y Aw If XXX .L A ii? X xx f Vit NX NXQ 1 t N X ' t 1 ',, Yi! 2 l X X xt .. ' 1 lit A A N t SX W X9 X X . 1 ' 2 b X KX 'A af Wx f 3 ' " ' ,ir , , . ,, , !X.,.X X . , 1 K I - I , I ' 'KS 5 -1 if 1 Foo! 9' 41. if ' 0774 'I W' Central California Federal Savings 1545 North Texas 422-7600 I li ,314 li Nea Hi-Fi Drive In 1513 Texas 425-2248 FS I8 5 Squaw block A .,-l-- mQ AND LAUNDRY 9 - ' 'iiiag-Ii 'EV AEEXSSE l Fairfield Cleaners 'Q 625 Jackson 422-1588 CUSTOM SENIOR GRADUATION PORTRAITS IN NATURAL COLOR 5-r21':sfii'. - A ft-Q Dear Senior: We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on having reached one of the most important events in your life . . . graduation from High School. Your friends and relatives should all be remembered with your photo- graph at this time. We are most anxious to make this the finest portrait you have ever had. Ample time is taken to assure a fine selection of poses of each individual photo- graphed. The materials used in making these portraits are the very finest. All our work is done by skilled craftsmen to insure complete satisfaction at all times, and it is un- conditionally guaranteed. We will answer any questions you might have to assist you in every way possible. .1 -O 'N-,O all j Photography by NENNI Your Official School 8. Yearbook Photographer 3755 Alhambra Ave., Martinez, Calif., Telephone 228-1909 233 4 Patron Page Babcock's Shell Station Hwy. 80 Iiastside Bernie's Barber Shop 1367 North Texas Straw Hat Pizza 1803 North Texas American Auto Stores 1732 North Texas AI's Art Service 1125 North Texas Kinney's Shoes 740 Travis Diamond National 340 Travis Busy Bee Transmission Air Base Parkway Witt's Barber Shop 835 Texas Tic-Tockery 704 Jackson Doug's Barber Shop 1468 North Texas "Our Best Wislues To The Class Of '70" This page is for senior signatures, compliments of Photography By NENNI 81 Co P, Bullington R, Bullington G. Garrett R. Golden D. Herrmann I. Hopkins I. Jackson P, Komnick C. LoVardi K, McEwen H. Methner C, Monteiro G. Norton R. R-HSCO M, Rios D, Scott S, Sagert M. Sellers S. Thomas D,White M. Zamora BETTEIZ Tl-IAN NEVEPJ 236 xxxxXXHIlI"" -fx 3 W 'M' A " fi 3835" H M. ' P' A ., ,I ' rj . if-. n 'A F -W' N ax, 1, we N f K 'K ,. . 1 1 . X XF . glib. V, if F' ' ., ' 4 , s .. . S A P, ,Z ix Q, af ' , Q, QR f Ar, ,, sfffii - . -'J i f 1' In s ii If up , I p ,A Q X of f X gif s ' H if .x"' ie. 'sh 4 5 i J in l W , Hill Years are fragn1entary things seen unsteadily and H far from whole. . . This was ho exception-, a year of responsible acts and irresponsible thoughts ' ' Questions which dissect and metaphors which unite Take it or leave itg it was the year. . . Wheaton College Tower 1966 23 9 f-ff" "sf 1 Ze- it X11 V if M X ij .

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