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A if . . . - , 4 Jil ' i'.J'G4i'f,1.f" My M1 ,if L " ,.- , .,f.,, .,, ' 5, -'nh ,. V-,M .,. . ' I + Q . .-P ,. - . ,. 1. l .:,gj', . A ge r.,,,1,Q,,, Q ,'1:n.,4 ,,k,,. J V,,.f,gI' f 1+- E "TF ': V' ',fgg N ,. ,f lf.f?' if ," . 915.4 H I .. P T, . 'A . i"fV2f. ' . inf, 1 ,- Lic' .Qsf 4' ,lf f . . .Jw . -1 ,., 15- ,r 4 v -,Am--2--'M fiuiuivl ,..- ' nf- ' :mr J.-.., . Q N521 ' ' - yn-:.,fgg.P V HI .Q-i' ' . ,W . 4 Y :MA ,. .414f,', . x LIP -Q, .-:'f' .. , .L.w. .f"ff'f afar' , f . gag?" ggi mg fs V , 'vfvflir . 4 .-ilk' vi A M ,iv , - M F ,L .H .,1N. FOREWORD BUILDING FOR THE FUTIYRE is the theme lor La Mefcla this year. just as workmen, architects, and engineers plan and construct new buildings lor luture gen- erations ol' .'xl'lIll,i0 students, so freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors and seniors dig lor facts, lollow counselors' blueprints, and erect their own frame- work ol' skills and understandings, of mental, so- cial, and physical development which will prepare them to meet the problems ol' tomorrow. I,a Nlezcla-a Spanish word meaning the mix- ture-was a name chosen many years ago. In this volume the stall' has brought together a mixture ol' miscellaneous happenings in l956-l957 to pro- vide you with fond memories and the mortar to tie together this year in which we have built for the future. and then the two dropped to the cove and watched the great sea fall, wave after wave, each niightier than the last . . . 0 DEDICATIO To Mrs. Irene De Long, we the class of 1957 dedicate this La Mezcla. For many years this lady has been framing the future for Arinijo students. Sir Launcelot, Guinevere, King Arthur, Roderick Dhu, Portia, and Shylock have lived with us in her classrooms and like the mottoes which daily speak from her blackboard will go with us as we leave to take our next steps. To Mrs. De Long-thank you and good-bye-and good luck in the rest of your years at Armijo. 2 BUARD OF TRUSTEES Mrs. HARRIS y Working behind the scenes at Armijo, setting overall policy, approving the use of local school funds, making the decisions which say "go ahead" to the building program, is a group of public- minded citizens known as the Board of Trustees. These are busy men and women, chosen by the community, to serve the community and its future citizens. For the unselfish donation of their time, energy, and thoughtfulness the class of 1957 says, "Thank you." Mr. HALE Dr. OLSON Mr. GRIMM Mr. SHELDON 3 5 , Mr. LUCAS Principal Mr. SMITH PRIN CIP L'S MESSAGE The theme, "Building for the Future," is certainly a timely one today at Armijo for the administration and the Board of Trustees. NVe are busily engaged in all the planning and detail necessary for the construction of a new Armijo High School plant. It will be complete with science laboratories, shops, library, and all the other facilities to make education more effective. This fine new plant will be ready in 1959 to meet the needs of the increasing number of students of tomorrow. But in a larger sense, Armijo does not consist of buildings, halls, or classrooms: these are but temporary structures. The REAL ARMIJO lies in the traditions, the spirit, the enthusiasms, the ideals, the industry, the co-operation, and the achievements of all the students and teachers, past and present, who have come this way. This is the REAL ARMIAIOg and although it defies defini- tion, analysis, or measurement, it is more real and enduring than any building or structure. I am highly honored at having the opportunity of being a small part of this GREATER ARMIJO. An Armijo which de- velops in its students a real sense of the democratic responsibilities well as rights and privileges: an Armijo whose students have a true sense of appreciation for the ideals of human dignity and individual worthg an Armijo whose staff and youth work together, in understanding and harmony, in the never ending search for truth, beauty, and knowledge. This is the REAL ARMIJO that I have found here and which we today are continuing to build. This is the Armijo which, in co-operation with all other like institutions in our nation and democratic world, is building in the youth of today, that character, self-reliance, industry, tolerance, patience, and understanding necessary for the solution of the unforeseen problems of that world of tomorrow. I commend you for your past work and have every confidence in your future. 5 Vice-Principal 5 PRESIDENT J' --at . , y 1 if . V , 1 ,fi-j...'ifjx r X,,A-, I - , i 1 . - gs V. MQ. as as VICE-PRESIDENT Se SECRETARY SE IOR As we mounted the granite steps, passed through the swinging doors, and entered into the halls of Armijo for the first time, we also entered into a new way of life. XVe were young men and women, and we were treated as such. It was hard to accept at first, but gradually we began to see a little more clearly. We chose Keith Hayes to lead our freshman class as president, with Mel Mula- nax, vice-president, and Marieta Johnson, secre- tary. A year passed and we were no longer frivolous freshmen but sophomores. Bob Lozano was elected to direct our activities as president, Jack Tsuji as vice-president, and Mona Anderson, secretary. A Moonlight and Roses theme was carried out at our Sophomore Hop with Alan Rossi and Anna Royston as Sophomore King and Queen. The next year found us upper classmen-jun- iors. Alan Rossi, Larry Stanley, and Sharon Van Scyoc proved to be most worthy for officer posi- tions in the eyes of their classmates. Once again it was an eventful, fun-Filled year. An Underwater theme was chosen for the Junior Prom and the year ended with the election of john Anabo, as president of the Student Body, with Jack Tsuji, vice-president, and Mona Anderson, secretary. All too quickly our last year was upon us and we put Larry Stanley in charge of our class as president, .lim Alexander as vice-president, and -Io Ann Simmons as secretary. For nine memorable months we enjoyed our senior activities to the fullest and finally we graduated. All our four years of work was presented to us that night in the form of a diploma. We looked around, saw the faces of those who had helped mold our future and we were grateful. Slowly the realization spread over us that they would no longer be able to help us, that we now held our future in our own hands and would, for the rest of our lives. But those whom we looked upon had provided us with a firm foundation for that future. 6 'L '- ,..,,,Z in ,,,. -GUM W M- if jui- 'K' 'xr' Sym N-Q Q A X Q. E rm., Qui 31 '43 'S ,ff f ANDERSON, R ANIONA lilI.IilCN-CAS I. 2, 3, 43 IV Vol- leyball 2, 43 Varsity' Volleyball III .IV Basketball 33 FHA I, 2, 3, 43 Soph. Sec.3 Board of Control 43 Yell Leader 43 Student Body Sec, 43 Volleyball Manager gl Photo Club 4. AIIIXANIJICR, KIAMICS VANCI-1. ALLIQN, ROBFIRTA- CAS I, 2. 3. 43 CAS Sec. 33 -IV Volleyball 3,41kIV Basketball 33 Photo Club 43 Science Club 4: FHA I, 2, 3. 43 Pep Girl 3. 4. ANABO, QIOHN-Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3. 43 Track 2. 3, 43 Baseball 23 Block A 2, 3. 43 Rally Club 2. 3. 43 Board of Control 2. 3, 43 Student Body President 43 Block A Vice President 33 Chorus 23 Cabinet 4. ALAMEDA, HAZICL-FHA I, 2, 3. 43 CAS I, 2, 3. 43 Drama Club 33 Chorus 2. ANIDRONIS, PI-ZTIQR FRANK-Football I, 2. 3, 43 Basketball I. 23 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball I3 Literary Club 3, 43 CSF 23 Language Club 2: Science Club 3, 43 Math Club 43 Block A 3. 43 Little Chiefs I, 23 Camera Club 43 Rally Club 4. AVCICRINOS. MARTHA MARIE. BAIITISTA, RMIL IiS'l'RAllA-Football l.2, 3, 43 Basketball I, 2. 33 Block A 3. 4: Little Chiefs I, 23 Track I, 2. 3, 43 Baseball 2, BROOKS. NIARQIORIIC OLIVIC--IV Volleyball 2, 33 Varsity' Volleyball 43 -IV Basketball 33 Varsity Field Hockey 43 Field Hockey Manager 43 Tennis Team 2. 3, 43 CAS I. 2, 3. 43 FHA I, 2, 3. 43 Science Club 4. BROWNINC, VERN HENRY-Football I, 2. 3, 43 Basketball I, 2. 3, 43 Baseball 2. 43 Track I, 2: Photo Club 43 Block A 2.3.43 Little Chiefs I3 Literary Club I, 23 Chorus 33 Armijo Scout 4. BUMP, SHIRLEY ANN- CAS I. 2, 3. -I. CHAN, RICHARDYl.anguage Club 2, 33 Cadet Corps 43 Track 4. BURNHANI, TONYA -IRAN-CSF I, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 2, Vice President 33 CAS I, 2. 3, 43 Badminton Manager 32 language Club I, 2. 3, 43 FHA I. 2. 3, 43 FHA Sec. 43 Board of Control 3. DIC VERA, IQIJAVARII ROBERT-Little Chiefs I, 2, 3: Literary Club l. 23 Rally Club I3 Football I, 2, 43 Track I, 43 Block A 43 Baseball I3 Chorus 23 Band I3 Cadet Corps 4. BIICKINCHAIAI, Sllli-CAS 2, 8,43 Var- sity Volleyball -I. IIULLOFF, AIICHAICL BRUCE-.IV Foot- ball I, 2, 33 Varsity Football 4: C Basketball l, 23 B Basket- ball 3.43 B Baseball I, 23 C Track I. 23 B Track 3, 43 Little Chiefs I, 2, 33 Little Chiefs Presiclent 23 Language Club l,2. 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, -I3 Chorus 2. CARPICNTFR, ARLIS- Transferrecl from Lodi 4. FISTI-IR, DAVID. CAAII'Bl'1l.L, ROYCIQ ICLAINIC-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2. 3. 43 IIl'lIIll Alaiorette -I: Board of Control 43 Arnti-Io Scout 33 Ir. Red Cross 33 l.iterary Club 33 Variety Show 2, 43 Varsity' Volleyball 43 Alusic Clinic 2, 3, 4. FUNFZ. ROY -IOHN-Tennis I. 2: Track 2. 3, 4: FFA I. 2, 3, 43 Little Chiefs 3, 43 Language Club I3 FFA Treasurer 2, President 4. CH XVICRS, MAY. I3l'NC.-AN, IIOHN PAl'L- Basketball I. 2, 3. 43 Football I3 Baseball I. CRISPIN, lAlARClli-- FHA I. 2. 3, 4: FHA Songleader 2, 3, 43 CAS I. 2, 3, 43 Photo Club -I3 Drill l'ean1 I3 Chorus 2. 3, 4. IDRIIMMONII. CARY 'I'lilI-Football I. 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Track l,2,43 Block A 3. -I3 Science Club 33 Literary Club 2, 3: Rally Club 2. 33 Board of Control 43 Camera Club l'resident 43 Language Club 2. 33 I.ittle Chiefs I, 23 Senior Central Committee 43 Art Club 33 l.a Melcla Sr. liditor 4: Homecoming Cont- mittee1. HAYES, PATRICIA J.-FHA l, 2, 3, 43 GAS 2, 3, 43 Lan- guage Club 2, Vice Pres.3 Board of Control l, 23 Sec. Fresh- man Class3 Jr. Varsity Volleyball 3. FOUX, JAMES. DE FREECE. MARILYN JO ANN-Transferred from Napa 13 Choir l, 23 Rally Club 23 Science Club 3. GEREVAS, RON- NIE ERROL-Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Track 13 Varsity Tennis l, 2, 3, 43 Language Club 23 Board of Control 43 Jr. Band 13 Block A 1, 2, 3, 4, Math Club 4, Art Club 3, variety show 23 Photo Club 43 Baseball l. DELLA SANTA, DOROTHEA ANN-GAS l, 2, 3, 4, Folkdancing Manager3 FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 23 Language Club l, 2, 33 CSF l, 33 Board of Con- trol l. GREEN, MICHAEL WILLOCK-JV Football l, 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 C Basketball l3 B Track 23 Varsity Track 3, 43 Golf I, 23 Little Chiefs 2, 3, Pres. 33 Block A 3, 43 Sec. Block A 43 Literary Club 2, 33 Language Club 2, 33 Choir 23 Rally Club 23 Science Club 33 Photo Club 43 Senior Central COITIIIIIIICCQ Homecoming 4. DELLA SANTA, VICTORIA LOUISE-GAS l, 2, 3, 4, l'f6SidCllI 43 CSF 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 33 Language Club l, 2, 3, 43 Art Club 2, 33 Vice Pres. Art Club 23 Tennis Team 2, 3, 41 Jr. Editor Yearbook 3, Sr. Editor 43 Board of Control 43 Teachers of Tomorrow 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross Council 33 JV Volleyball 33 Basketball 33 Varsity Volleyball 4. HART- ZELL, JAMES A.-Science Club 3, 43 Math Club 3. DAM- BOISE, DONNA PAT-GAS l, 2, 3, 43 Photo Club 43 FHA l, 2, 3, 43 Rally Club 2, 3. HAYES, KEITH FRANKLIN-Pres. Freshman Class3 Jr. Varsity l, 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 Baseball, Jr. Varsity 13 Track B I3 Little Chiefs 1,22 Block A 3, 43 Language Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Board of Control l, 3. DOWNEY, PA- TRICIA-Rally Club 2, 33 GAS 3, 43 Varsity Volleyball 43 Varsity Field Hockey 43 Science Club 33 Photo Club 43 Sen- ior Choir 23 Literary Club l, 23 Senior Business Problems 4. HOUCHTON, DONALD RICHARD-Jr. Varsity Football 33 Varsity Football 4. FOON, NANCY-CSF l, 2, 3, 43 CSF President 43 FHA l, 2, 3, 43 FHA Treasurer 3, President 43 GAS 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball Manager 33 Tennis Manager 43 Tennis Team 3, 43 Language Club l, 2, 3, 43 Language Club Vice Pres- ident 3, Sec. 43 Teachers of Tomorrow Sec. 43 Board of Control 3, 43 Student Social Committee 3, 43 Varsity Volley- ball 3, 4. LEE, BOB. CROUT, SHIRLEY-FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President Jr. Red Cross 3. LITTLE, GRADY. GRANT, ELEANOR-Transferred from Rochester High, Minnesota3 FHA 3, 4. LOZANO, JOHN DAVID FRANK, JR.-Fo0t- ball l, 2. 33 Track l, 2. 3, 43 Little Chiefs l, 2, 3, 4. GRIMM, SANDRA KAYE-CSF 1.2, 3,43 CSF Sec. 43 FHA l, 2, 3. 4g FHA President 23 GAS 2, 3, 43 GAS Sec. 33 Olhcials Manager 33 Badminton Manager 43 JV Basketball 33 JV Volleyball 43 Teachers of Tomorrow 3, 43 TOT President 43 Junior Red Cross 33 Jr. Red Cross President 33 Board of Control 2, 33 Student Social Committee Recorder 4. LO- ZANO, BOB-Block A l, 2, 3, 43 Block A President 43 Var- sity Football 2, 3, 43 Track l, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Baseball l, 23 Sophomore Class President 23 Board of Control l, 2, 3, 43 CSF 2, 3, 43 Language Club 2, 33 Language Club President 33 Photo Club 43 Homecoming Committee 43 Math Club 43 Jr. Editor Yearbook 3. HANSELMAN, JOAN ELLEN- CSF 33 Language Club 23 GAS 1, 2, 3, 43 Teachers of To- morrow 3. 43 Science Club 43 Tennis Team 3, 4. MASON, CARY-Football l, 23 Baseball l, 2, 3. HASKEY, ELIZA- BETH-Trausferred from Bushy Park, England 43 Hockey Varsity 4. MENDOZA, ALBERT-Block l, 2. 3, 43 Track 'DZ' , ,..., 3 fe fi Gb ,- 1-Q. 1-S 96. ,E - ga in . fn. J A 1 ,jig Rf 'ill""h- A Q Iu- MSL QWPX huns...--f 5 we :Www ' Bas. O S G- 'W STX 'ind' m fm RE as 'W--A 1:Q1vf,xw,w5ffg-7153.1-,f1i,,,- . . , J QE S' 'HW Mn 's. f' I COLFMAN, SllSAN-Transferred from AVestwood 4: FHA 4. MOORIQHICAD, RICHARD-Track 2, 43 Senior Choir 3, 4: Senior Central Committee. HITNTFR. ANN. MVLA- N.-AX, MICLVIN-Vice Pres. Freshman Class: Football l: Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Little Chiefs 4: Drama Club 3: Band l, 2. j0HNSON. MA RIETA-GAS 2. 3, 4: Tennis Mgr. 4: FHA l, 2, 3. 4, Vice Pres. 4, Treas. 2: Freshman Class Sec.: Board of Control 2, 4: Photo Club 4. MUNOZ. IACK-FFA I, 2. 3, 43 Baseball l: Little Chiefs 2.3, Sec. Treas. 3: Track 2: Football 2. 3. 4: Block .A 3, 4: Camera Club 4. LOUIS, -IOYCIC YVONlNlf-CAS l. 2.3, 41 Drill Team l, 23 FHA l, 2: Basketball l, 2. 3. 4: Volleyball l, 2. 3, 4: Bad- minton l. 2, 3. 4: Hockey 4: ,IV Volleyball 4. NLSBAUM. LARRY JOE-FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Football l, 2. 33 Bas- ketball l.2. 3, 4: Track l: Baseball l. 2, LOZANO, Ill.-ANNE ROSE-FHA l, 2, 3, 4. NLSBAUM, JERRY FRANKLIN- Flf.-A l, 2. 3, 4: Little Chief I. 2, 3. 4, Vice Pres. 3: Football l. 2. 3: Basketball l.2. 3, 4: Track l, 23 Baseball l, 2: Camera Club 4. Ll'l"l'Ll'I, DLANIC lVf.ARVliI.-FHA l. 2. 3, 4: CSF l. 2, 3, 43 CAS 2.3. 4. 0LIV1iR,RlCHARD LYNN-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Block A 2, 3, 4: Track 4: FFA 3, 4: Lion's Club Speech Contest 2, 3, 4: Chess Club, Pres. 4: ASAU HS Social Connnittee 43 Choir 43 Photo Club 4. McClili, MARY LOU. OVICRTURF. RICHARD-Varsity Football 3. 43 Block A 3, 4: Senior Central Committee: Var- sity Baseball 3: Math Club 3. 4. MORILLA, JULIE AN- TOINI-1'l"l'li-Sr. Choir l, 2. 3, 4: Language Club l, 23 Music Clinic 3: Photo Club 43 Future Teachers 3. 43 Liter- ary Club 3. PETERS, PETER NICHOLAUS-Art Club l, 2, 3, 4. Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 43 Board of Control l, 2, 3: Lit- erary Club l. 2: Language Club 2: Jr. Red Cross Cottncil 3: Sr. Choir l, 2. 3. 4: Music Clinic l, 2. 3, 4: Variety Show Director 3, 43 Science Club 3: Sports Mgr. l: Homecoming Rally 43 Scholastic Art Awards 2, 3: CSF l, 2, 4: Futttre Teachers 3: Yearbook jr. Art liditor 2, 3, Sr. Art Editor 4. MASHBLRN, AUDRIQY FAYIC-Literary Club 2: Rally Club l, 2. 4: Photo Club 43 jr. Choir l: Sr. Choir 2, 33 Drill Team l: CAS I. 2. 3. 4: Basketball l, 2. 3. 4: Folk Dancing l. 2. 3, 4: Varsity Volleyball 4: Tennis l, 2, 3. 4: Berkeley Badminton Tournament 3, 4: Yearbook Sales Staff 3: Stu- dent Body Treas. 4: Board of Control 4: Student Cabinet 43 Homecoming Queen 4: Pep Girl 43 CSF 4. PONDER, BERNHARD. MONEZ, -I0 ANN D.-Photo Club 43 Variety Show 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Drill Team l. 2. POTTS, JAMES NED. MARCH liAA'SK.A. CAROLE-Sr. Choir 32 FHA 33 Majorette 4: Language Club Pres. 4. RODRIGUES. LOUIS, JR.-Sr. Band l, 2. 3. 4: Music Clinic l. 2, 3. 4: Variety Show 2, 3. 4: Science Club 3, 4: Board of Control 4: Language Club Vice Pres. 4. NELSON, DONA MAY-Transferred from Mar- shall High. Minneapolis, Minn. ROUNDTREE, J.-AMES PRICSTON. NIIHN, Rl'BY MARIE-Drama ClllD 43 Literary Club 23 Rally Club 23 Language Club 23 GAS 2, 3, 43 Senior Central Connnittee. RELLES, NICHOLAS-Little Chiefs 2. OBER- TI, MARLENE FRANCES-FHF I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 33 Photo Club 4. ROSARIO, JOHN RUDY-Sr. Choir 4. PACE, LEILA MAE. ROSSI, ALAN HARTZELL-CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Football I, 2. 3, 43 Basketball I, 3, 43 Golf 23 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Block A Pres. 33 Language Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 3, 43 Math Club 3, 43 Little Chiefs l3 Home- coming Celebration 43 Jr. Class Pres3 Photo Club 4. PURCELL, NANJEAN-FHA I3 Band 23 Sr. Choir 3. SAMO, ROBERT JAMES-Winner l954 Bay Area Science Fairg Drama Club 2, 33 Math Club 3, 43 Block A 3, 43 Rally Club 33 Science Club Pres. 43 Sgt. I'raHic Control. ROBIN- SON, LEATRICE DODDI-FHA 2, 3, 43 CAS 3, 43 Rally Committee 43 Pep Girl 3, 43 Photo Club 43 Board of Control 4. SIEBE, JAMES PETER-Baseball I3 Basketball 23 Track 33 Language Club 23 Science Club 43 Math Club 33 Board of Control 43 Little Chiefs 23 CSF 4. ROBINSON, EILEEN RU'I'H4GAS 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Badminton 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 43 Folk Dancing 3, 43 Photo Club 43 Jr. Choir I3 Sr. Choir 2, 33 Drill Team I3 Literary Club 2, 33 Rally Club l. SIMNING, EARL IV. Jr.- Block A 3, 43 Football 2, 3. SALES, SHIRLEY ANN-GAS 2, 3, 43 Language Club 13 Choir I, 23 Folk Dancing Mgr., Volleyball Capt., Basketball Capt. 33 Jr. Red Cross Council 3. SIMONDS, RAYMOND JOHN-FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Secretary 3, Vice Pres. 43 Block A l, 2, 33 Football I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 Track I3 Science Club 33 Senior Central Committee. SIM- MONS, JO ANN-GAS l, 2, 3, 43 Drill Team lg Jr. Varsity Basketball 33 Varsity Volleyball 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 43 Badminton l, 3, 4g Folk Dancing I, 3, 43 Volleyball Mgr. 33 Basketball Mgr. 43 Rally Club 2, 43 Cheer- leader 43 Photo Club 43 Board of Control 43 Senior Class Sec. STANLEY, LARRY LEE-Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 1,23 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Block A 2, 3, 43 Little Chiefs 13 Language Club 1,23 Block A 2, 3, 43 Vice Pres. Junior Class3 Senior Class Presidentg Board of Control 4. STARMER, MARGARET ELLEN-GAS l, 2, 3, 43 GAS Manager 3, 43 GAS Volleyball Capt. l, 2, 33 Varsity Tennis l, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 4. SIVEARENGIN, JERRY DEAN-Baskeb ball 1,33 Track l, 43 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. SWEARENGIN, JOYCE-Drill Team I3 FHA 3, 4. SWEEZER, JAMES-fVarsity Football 43 Basketball 43 Track 4. ROYSTON, ANNA MARIE-GAS 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 2, 3, Baseball Mgr. 33 CSF 33 Rally Club 3, 43 Pep Girl 3, 43 Photo Club Sec. 43 Sophomore Queen3 Board of Control 33 Home- coming Attendant 4. THACKER, GENE B.-Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball IJ Track l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball I3 Language Club 33 Science Club 33 Photo Club 4. REIMAL, LUADA. TILLOTSON. CLIFFORD ELVIN-Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 Track l, 2, 3, 43 Little Chiefs lg Board of Control 3, 43 Block A 2, 3, 43 Student Social Com- mittee 3, 43 Traffic Control 43 President's Cabinet 43 Chess Club 3, 43 Choir 2, 3. 1 eu., hr :- slr' -Ai? 4, 'fi 'I' X .v 'bv -JUQ K' Xp 0-bf-' 'Cr' 49' Jin-N sim vw., fi- 'P "" X my .40l"""' TRAMMELL, JOYCE ANN-Transferred from Benicia 4: GAS 4: JV Volleyball 4: FHA 4: Photo Club 4. TSUJI, JACK ISAU-Student Body Vice President 4: Sophomore Class Vice President: Block A 8, 4: Little Chiefs I, 2: Basket- ball l, 2, 8, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3: Science Club 3, 4: Math Club 3: CSF I, 2, 3, 4. WHALEN, HELEN JUNE-GAS 2: FHA I, 2, 5, 4. VAN ORDER, WAYNE ERNEST-Language Club 2: Math Club 3: Science Club 3, 4: Chess Club 8, 4: Tennis 8. VAN SCYOC, SHARON LOUISE-Chorus 1: Language Club l, 2: CSF l, 2, 5, 4: GAS 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3: Photo Club 4: Girl's State Representative 09565: Jr. Class Secre- tary: Student Social Committee 8, 4: Yell Leader 4: Rally Committee Chairman 4: CSF Treasurer 4: JV Volleyball 4. VALENCIO. TONY EWING--Basketball I: FFA l, 2, 3: Track l. WHITING, PATRICIA ELIZABETI-I-Trans ferred from Anacostia, Washington. D. C.: Language Club 4. INALKER, MARVIN DUKE. WILSON, ELZIE LENORD. WILLIAMS, JOHN MORRIS -Football 8, 4: Block A 3, 4: Science Club 8. WRIGHT, JAMES TIMOTHY-Transferred from Acalanes High, Lafayette. YOUNG, BILL DEVERE. HASBROUCK, BARBARA ANN--GAS 2, 3. 4: Homecom- ing Queen Attendant 4. CAMERA SHY BREWER, DENNIS ALLAN STARKES SHIRLEY I1-XNNA DUTCHER, ROBERT WATSON BARBARA MAXEY, JERRY BROUSSARD JOEANN SWENDSON, MARIETTA JEAN SHEEHAN JANET PRICE . ,Q-. "M"'. 2- ,,.f' SENIOR TOTEM POLE BEST DRESSED: Audrey Mashburn, Mike Green MOST ATHLETIC: Margaret Starmer, Larry Stanley MOST POPULAR: Anna Royston, John Anabo MOST ATTRACTIVE: Sharon Van Scyoc, Jack Munoz MOST INTELLIGENT: Nancy Foon, Jack Tsuji f"'ls 'Sf if 'H F' z . KJ 1 I 14 145.1 fn S VICRN BRI JW 'N INK U, SHIKI. f R "A l"uIur4 rs lllllllllll SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS 20 g6l,Clfikg xx 0' TOP ROW, Left to Right Mr. KERATZIDES - Mathematics. Mrs. SCARDIGLI -- Commercial, English, jour- nalism. Mr. GROSS - English. Miss PEDRI - Arts and Crafts. Mr. TRACAS - Coun- seling, Social Science. Mr. SUMNER - Agriculture. ROW TWO, Left to Right Mrs. CRYSTAL - Counseling, Mathemat- ics. Mr. MUENTZ - English. Miss MEL- TON - Counseling, Social Science. Mr. BROWN - Shop. Mr. NORRIS - Lan- guage, Social Science. M 1. COLLINS - Drama, English. FACULTY ROW THREE, Left to Right Mis: ASHBY - English. Mr. COLLIER - Social Science, Cadet Corps. Mr. NEWELL -- Commercial. Mrs. DeLONG - English, Language. Mr. PANGBURN - Auto Shop, Driver Training. Mr. ANDERSON - Sci- ence. Mis: HOPPER -- Physical Education. ROW FOUR, Left to Right Mr. HUNT - English, Commercial, Math- ematics. Mr. ALDRIDGE -- Social Science. Miss CARLSON - Language. Miss GOR- DON - Commercial. Mr. deGUZMAN - Social Science, English. Mr. JORRITSMA - Commercial, Driver Education. ROW FIVE, Left to Right Mr. BRYLD - Counseling and Social Sci- ence. Mr. BABCOCK - Science, Mathema- tics. Mr. BRIGGS - Music. Mr. IVERSON - Physical Education, Social Science. Miss PLOCHER - Homemaking. Miss DILLER - Homemaking. Mr. SCHROEDER - Mechanical Drawing, Shop. Miss CHASE - Physical Education. Mr. VOORHEES - Mathematics. Mr. LIN- STRUM - Science. Mr. WATERS - Com- mercial. Mr. HOPKINS - Physical Educa- tion. 22 'Ill J E ,fx xt!,'5O'7555 J SN., X ll Peggy Davis Ruby Maxwell Secretary School Clerk Barbara Mattson School Secretary Pat Perez Joyce Evajane School Miller Battelle Clerk Secretary Bookkeeper to Mr. Lucas AROU THE CAMPUS 1... Custodians Mr. Fritch Mr. Coleman I LEFT TO RIGHT-Mrs. Credleg Chief Wolfeg Mr Gay LEFT T0 RIGHT'C3fetef1a' lorg Mr. Fritchg Mr. Woodruffg Mr. Hall. Mrs. Suellaug Mrs. Keeneng Mrs. Stobaugh. A J ' L N , W H -:.. 1. ' M , :" t ' ' S f yy e S kk Q. tK.. ..,x K A A E School Nurse A- b Mr. Vecchione V '-'l S ft ' ' llzy 1 Student Counsellor 24 E l......... dddezi Q. 5 -,B . zgss lg.. Q Q. K . ,x Q P ..r re P PRESIDENT 9' f'V.kX', ri'-,,.f1. '- e QW" 4' ,se - 5" -- Q se L Sty Y 2 ask Q x T . . A W Q J 2' VICE-PRESIDENT o 0771, SECRETARY FRONT ROW-Left to Right: V. Ryan, B. Relzer, D. Nunes, M. Nichols. SECOND ROW-C Nutt, j. Eddy, J. Rodgers, L. Riggan, L. Nashlund, S. Rothrock, C. O'Hara, A. Peschel, P. Prelel T. Rush. BACK ROW--D. Reguera, T. Oakes, G. Perdigo, M. Regan, J. Polk, P. Pangburn, D Owen, L. Pierce, B. Ramirez, T. Reguera, J. Howerlon, N. Norris, G. Rudd, D. Huffman. 26 r Q vel 3'-3 s V af l1lf'f7N'l' ICUU' lmft In lx'i.ql1l.' P. llvnson. II. Hzlllvtl. Eddy, S. Ililllllllllll, C, IIl'Ill'ikSC'Il. SI:f,'1J,N'IJ lfflllf' S, Ikvlsmxn. l"um'z. S, fL.lll0XV1ly, N. I"l01'nm'. B. Gilmvr, Dunfxln. 'lf liilvrtwrl, IJ. Hillre-im. S. lJ.u'is. TIIIICD ROIV: G. Ghiorzo, D. f:I'2lYl'S, Bvmlvlt, . M'1-s, Cf. HHHXW. lilliutt. l5.flilwr11,,'X. l"lure-s. U. lixlzxli. ee- I"IHIN'l' HHH' Imjl In lhglll: I'. Hunter, Il. Hurst. P, Hulfmzm, CI. Mills. SECOND ROW-j. I-'z-rgllsun. I,. Mnctkiv, R. l,11lI'm1l. li. KiI'l'llllCl'. li, Munson, lxll'f:0l'lIliCk, D. Martin, h1C:xl'lhlllA, P. Iamrmm, R. llzlslnuluk, W, Xlillllklllll. D. Hllihnzlxm. TIIIRIJ ROW-R. lilliolt, R. Kern, C. Lung, R. IAIIIISI, M. Alvnkins. R, Kvcsis. KI, Nlznnclu-slcr, R. lmckwoml, G, Mcndcnllall, Huwcrton, W.M:1uldin. .,7 -GY FIRST ROW, Left to Right: B, Stratton: E. Vallcro: J. Stephens: Stuart: SECOND ROW: B, xylll11'I'OW'I G. Stolmugh: -I, Torres: G. Smith: G. Swnsey1 H. Wlelehg C, Shelton: C. Svrpns: B. YYalker. THIRD ROW: C. Tiaro: C. XN'illizuus: C. Siuming: L. Spenvcrg E. W'nlclron1 P, Wallace: N. Wise: R. Vargas: A. Stanley: B. Snmaellu. 299, . KNEELINCQ--M. Coulter: K. Downey, FIRST ROW4Left to Right: T. Bautista: Cox: Danielson: M. Binger: Coleman: Coleman: W. Durham: G. Dubbeldeg M. Coleman: E. Bias. SECOND ROW: J. Cates: T. Braeking A. Blaekshear: M. Barrogag R. Alameda: Allen: R. Clift: D. Anderson: J. Bartmessg G. Burch: L. Baucom. 28 D. PRESIDENT A2524 ' OPI-IO ORES VICE-PRESIDENT .R " r SECRETARY FIRST ROW--Left to Right: G. Slater: R. Green: C. Cox: K. Sheldon: R. Hansen: J. Golden: J. Ellington: B. Gibson. SECOND ROW-D. Dennis: B. Downey: J. De Vera: D. Flint: Durham: D, Fancher: V. Hawley: Dacy: K. Graves D. Davis. THIRD ROW: S. Fife: N. Gregg: C. Emmington: E. Henderson: N. Elliot: S. Greer: A. Graves: M. Henderson: C. Elliott: R. De La Rosa. FOURTH ROW: D. Hague: C. Shelton: E. Drumheller: R. Ford: G. Daniels: B. Dempsey: L. Downer: B. Gibson: D. Corliss. 29 Sturkes, M. Typton. SECOND ROW: E. Yarnell, P, Trisler, C. Scaggs, P. Zenonc, M. Tiger G. Vaughn, E. Zanders, F. Nietzel, J. Revcra, Frctias, B. Uchishiba, C. Wagoner. BACK ROW: P. Torrence, J. Young, S, Ruins, B. Smith, D. VVilson, B. White, C. Thomas, D Clayton. Swearengin, D. Trumlnel, R. Toney, L. Staple, Van Order. FIRST ROII'-Left io Right: B. Ncsler, P. Neslei Nelson. M. Plourcl, P. Redman, KI. Quinn, DI. Ryan Reimal, D. Newcomb, l'. Polk, II. Reeves. E. Szulsman J. Rohzird. j. Nichols, G. Merlo, B. Lovkefc-er. '30 l'. Pendleton, L, Newcomb, L. PlllIlllCC, D . L. Prelel, C. Rahzlnan. SECOND ROVV-l' I. Sfhlufly, D. Rflllllllfb, R. Sfhmicll, F. Oliver llls' '9-ag .S"I' IHH1!-I.rfl In Riglllf I. Nialdnnzuln, l'. Mnm'vl1czul. D. UIZICUWVQIY, M. johnson, S.McnclC1l4 h Ill, S. Nlunc-s, ll. xIK'Xl'l, fl. Millcr, K. Ikhlllilll, S. A12ll'9h1lH, M. xilllllllllll, M. Marlin. SECOND ICU I Mc-rlu, li. xl1lI'llllt'l, li, I.m'k4-fvvr. ll' I.., ll. I.ippm'vn, 'lj Mvnwin, A. YXl:n1c'l1csIc1', C. Lou, IX. Murizmno, WV. Mashburn, x 7 '1' , 1 lIl1'.S"l' Ifflli'---IMI In Righlz B. l-Illini. S. Hnlwcy, l'. JOIIIISOII, D. I,cc, S. Lune. C. johnson, E. lillitl, M. Latin. XV. fmylcr, K. King, IJ, Hinds, K. Kuszlkzl, B. llnboclen. SECOND ROW- R john, ll. lu-rw, C. Ajolmnsmm, P. Klll'lIt'l', R. Hillnmn, -I, Klclnin, R.Herrmz1n, A. Hinfhce, C. I lXlll'. R. l.2lWll'Q'. llulwy. ID. H0l'Ili'. 31 ,ggkm FIRST ROW-Left to Right: C. Brown: P. Bayonag S. Bubak: W. Brock: B. Crews L. Burleson: G. Banda: R. Boardman: S. Corso. SECOND ROW: W. Bomarg E. Bell B. Bowen: C. Berger: D. Benefier: L. Blanken: D. Bailey: U, Bottoms: B. Avery. FIRST ROWfLeft to Right: D. Corliss S. Bedore: Carnpi: D. Cates: D. Chapman: B. Blackshearg L. Bryant: Brown: P. Anderson: T. Doniho: SECOND ROW.' C. Bautista: G. Bautista: B, Blaisdale: R, Appel: K. Bradshaw: B. Brown: S. Corzine: M. Appel: J. Colvin. 32 ,Q President li 15 ls . FRESH Vicc-President . 5 355 y A V Secretary r-ni 9,353 FIRST ROW: B. Leitzcll, R. Griffin, A. Hutchinson, C. Gross, Rodriques, A. Finken- binder, B. Smith, C. Stow, S. Grccng SECOND ROW: M. German, S. Swindell, E. Gibson B. Green, G. Glasmeyer, R. Harris, M. Harden. 33 4551 42 I INST ROII'--Imfl lo Right: IJ. Simning. H, Rose, C. Rogers. I'.Scarl1orough, l'.Rose,j.Rupnow IS Sichc, KI. Ruhurrzrl. G. Shcphcrrl, P. Rirwarson. SliCO.X'D ROW-B. Rogers, C. Shephard, K ulmlin, W, Rolhrmk, K. Risso. K. Scrivncr. S. Skaggs. QI. Rccf, R. Rivers. IIR I Kay. Hlltchc-on, IC. lmhodcn, Hurst, R. Ingram, XV. Looney, T. Laird, SECOND ROIVA S Huyscr. -I. Konlur, S, l.ym'Ir. Y, jones. S. Hester, -I. Lzlmhrcclrt. bl. Huyok, l'. junrcl. M. Long I Kincaid, P. Kingsbury, K, Kur:1icizl.0. Hulfrnzm. C. Lono. S. Kincaid, XV. Huff. 34 ST RUN'-1.f'fi lo Highl: R. lgurgc. I.. Lcwrs. F. l.z1ndcn. IJ. Lzrmlon. H. Lockwood, R. Indricrc FIRST ROW: M. Duncan, E. Buchwald, R. Elliot, J. Dickinson, B. Carender, F. Fowler R. Fcrnclcl, R. Fcranfhck, D. Elliot, B. Bush, Eugenis, R. Fogleman, Duncan, H Fassctt, M. Dunihog SECOND ROW: M. De Vera, B. Fortney, B. Eyman, D. David Dubblcdc, B. Delcrew, D. Bump, M. Fry, P. Erwin, De La Rosa, C. De Vaughn, F Downey, J. Dc Freece. mb. FIRST ROW: S. Miklosc, S. McGee, J. Morrehead, J. Martin, L. Moore, E. McCants, C Madsen. J. MacLean, M. Muse, P. Marino, A. Mashburn, C. Matting SECOND ROW R. Moonan, J. Mr'Bridc, J. Caine, J. Norris, T. Caughman, G. Marids, A. Moore, May ecla, J. McBride, E. Mashburn, B. Morrisey, B.- McCants. 35 ,Ji FIRST ROW: Left to Right, T. Girard, M. Hermann, R. Gcoghegan, D. Gordon, A. Hayamc, L. Grimm, E. Galloway. SECOND ROW: T. Garcia, B. Hall, M. Hannley, Hartzcll, Graves, Hale, D. Hopkins, C. Garcia. FIRST ROW: Left to Right, R. Corzine, S. Cole, L. Creager, J. Cooney, A. Cronc, M Crawley, J. Cox. SECOND ROW: S. Crain, B. Copeland, P. Cornell, S. Cutshall, L Claus, C. Crcager, P. Coulter. 36 d FIRST ICUHT Left lo Right, D. Sousscns, B. Slonv. R. Smith. M. Smith. C. Smith, J Stnlhokis, M. SlIA1l.l1SlN'I11, NI. Stark, B. Smith, 'l't'yc111z1. SECOND ROIV: C. Pxtvv. R Stuart, 'l'. Suullzlu, C. Swvc-ncy. K. Sim-vvns, G. Smith. D. 'l'illmgm, G. 'l'iIlllJl'l'lill'il', K. Tigvr K7 NJ 3? IVIRST RUH'.' Imft to Night, M. Smith. L. W'ilso11, M. v'UCllI'CViCll, T, Zivlinski, L. W'0lff IJ. Zumw.1lt, M. Wlnllzlr. Ii. Wzxllzxrv. M. 'l'wt'c'clit'. Slil,'UND lfflllf' D. Yzllinv. C. YW liums, Wgxllivk. K. 'l'ripl4'tt, D. W'hitv. '1iUlIl2lSiIli, W'clsh, Ll. W'hitv, B. Tratylor, J Zwicky. 37 sy,.! . 4 FIRST ROW: M. Bias, M. Bryant, C. Amburgey, J. Brennan, W. Bradshaw, Breedlove, E. Alameda, C. Binstock, R. Aninson, B. Boyd, Bowser, D. Allen. SECOND ROW: N. And- erson, M. Brandon, C. Bailey, C. Birch, S. Brewer, M. Browderick, F. Baldwin, I. Brackin, B. Beaulieu, B. Brown, V. Bird, N. Bartlett, D. Berlinquet, M. Briles. FIRST ROW: P. Passey, M. Oaks, B. Prazak, L. Puragette, C. Oliver, C. Peck, L. Parker J. Norris, S. Phillips, L. Nicholson, G. Parkison, C. Potts, N. Palmer. SECOND ROW D. Prineeburg, H. O'Chee, J, Oliver, V. Newell, L. Pitts, R. Nicholson, R. Pemintel, P. Orvalis, B. Pendleton, D. Nelson. 38 5 F' rganizafiond 3 A 6 '5'sb J ,Z xv x fix: ywx. -- N , I 31-1 BOARD CO TROL FALL OFFICERS President ............ John Anabo Vice-president ......... Jack Tsuji Secretary ......... Mona Anderson mae.. lg W . 8 A. Rossi, R. Gerevas, N. Peters, B. Samo, J. Eddy, S. Van Scyoc, D. Little, N. Foon, R Campbell, L. Rodrigues, L. Robinson, J. Sim- mons, G. Perdiago, V. Della Santa, R. Simonds M. Johnson, C. Tillotson, G. Drummond, J Anabo, Tsuji, M. Anderson, A. Mashburn, L. Stanley, T. Bautista, J. Freitas, J. MacLean, J. Alexander, M. Graves, G. Falati, K. Sullivan, L. Staple, J. Burch, C. Creager, J. Van Order, G. Merlo, L. Grimm, Sells, A. Royston, D. Overturf, C. DeVaughn. TREASURER Audrey Mashburn A hard working, representative body of students, the Board of Control directs raising and spending money, approves student activities, establishes policy for student government. +0 SPRING OFFICERS President ......... Larry Nusbaum Vice-president ..... Cliff Tillotson Secretary ....... Sharon Van Scyoc --.- S The executive committee of the Board of Control, the Presi- u ' 11 1 dent's Cabinet, is called on to reach immediate decisions for the student body when it is not possible to convene the entire Board. "EJ 4 ph J'-UQ, MEMBERS: Anabo, Tsuji, M. Anderson, A. Mashburn, S. Van Syoc, A. Rossi., C. Tillotson, N. Foon, L, Stanley, T. Bautista, J. Freitas, J. MacC.lean, Advisor-Mr. Vecchione. PRESIDE T'S CABI ET 41 New students coming into Armijo are led through the campus maze and intro- duced to teachers, classmates, and customs by the members of the Social Committee. Offenders of campus safety and social rules are brought before this body after a second warning. Associated students of armijo union high school STUDE SUCIAL C0 ITTEE MEMBERS: S. Van Scyocg N. Foong C. Tillotsong J. Tsujig R. Oliverg J. Stephens C O'Hara, R. Hasbrouck, P. Jaarsma, Advi5or+Mr. Vecchione. 42 3? .N .- .,.. -f ,M 1 i- 225 w-.wp I W 1-11 "1":s'N'-aww ffm' 'rMewmQ, - W-......,,,M ui., STAFF Editor- -B. Hasbrouck, Sport.: Editor----M. Walker, Feature writers and reporters-K. Kusaka, M. McGee, D. Hurst, G. Banda, H, Hallett, C. Mauldin, J. Trammcl, V. Browning, Danielson, J. Broussard, Advisor--Virginia Scardigli. ARMIJO SCO Minus the leathers and tomahawks, the Armijo Scouts track down campus news for the paper and learn the meanings of dead- lines, proofing, and head-counts. 43 THE BIG CHIEFS Originators of the First annual homecoming festival which cli- maxed the football season last fall, the Block A worked hardon Queen contest, open house, and half time activities. A gala New Year's Eve dance, sponsored by Block A, brought holiday festivi- ties to a close. The association of Armijo's recognized athletic stal- warts holds its initiation during the spring term and closes the year with a party. B ii' e BLOCK ,N QL I ii! or 1 fr Y ,I N ,ii fi. . 0? 1 R 4 -A MEMBERS: D. Alexander, J. Alexander, J. Anabo, P. Andronis, E. Bautista, V. Browning, G, Bruch, D. Cates, G. Drummond, R. Gervas, M. Green, K. Hayes, B. Lozano, J. Munoz, D. Overturf, A. Rossi, B. Samo, R., Simonds, E. Simning, L. Stanley, G. Thacker, C. Til- lotson, J. Williams, R. Oliver, M. Dolloff, R. Kern, G. Vaughn, G. Falati, Sweezer E. Zander, L. Baucom, E. DeVera, R. Keesis, B. Lee, Advisor-Mr. Hopkins. 44 3 LITTLE CHIEFS MEMBERS: P. Anderson, D. Anderson, T. Bautista, R. Clift, Danielson, B. Dempsey, E. De Vera, L, Downer, G, Fziluti, Freitzxs, D. Graves, R. Hasbrouck, P. Juarsma, Lozano, W. Minakata, Nusbuurn, L. Nusbaum, G. Perdiago, L. Pierce, M. Regan, D. Reguerzn, T. Rush, G. Stobaugh, K. Sheldon, N. Rcllis, A. Manchester, E. Marquez, Tucker, ll. Weleh, E.. Zander, D. Cztrbone, E, Drumheller, R. Ford, Dunean, L. Baueom, B. Dollotf, G. Vaughn, D. Chapman. P. Polk, B. Lorkefeer, R. Herrmann, F. Oliver, A. Hinchec, D. Lippstreau, B. Uchishiba, P. Zenone, R. Lawley, C. Sraggs, T. Brackin, J. Campi, D. Reeves, J. Ford, D. Cox, J, Hulsey, Advisor--Mr. Iverson. t , f -X . to if L e x 1 if, , X 'L .. ' 2 1' . . . . . . ' . I . Lighter in weight and shorter 1n vertical inches -A - l I i than their Block A brothers, the Little Chiefs are " -if S not short on skill or spirit. An annual bean feed , I is part of the initiation of new members who have I ' : 'b 4.4 . X f- lmeen uwztrdecl Block B's for participation in Class ' ,N-rj I, E x H QZIIIIPS. 1 Ng., f X J 5 ffl? Q A ., , W?-i AM"' 45 ., v 14 Vice-President-A. Royston Vice-President-J. Simmons . . .jab 15 . . , ,. s Badminton Managers S, Grimm. C. Mauldin President-S. Van Scyoc Sggfgmfy FALL OFFICERS Preiident-V. Della Santa Secretaryf B. Santaella SPRING OFFICERS . , A . a ". ,kg ' ' 1-if A is Ojicial J. Stephens -C. Hoover G. A. S. MEMBERS: H. Alameda, M. Andf R. Allen, C. Bennett, M. Brooks, S. B1 T, Burnham, D. Damboise. D. Della S V. Della Santa. K. Downey, Eddy Foon. Frawley, M. Graves. S. Grimn Hallett, Hanselman, B. Hasbrouck Hawley, P. Hayes, P, Henson, C. Ho M. Johnson, D. Lee, Louis, A, L burn. R. Nuhn, L, Nashluncl, C. O'l B. Retzer. L. Riggan, E. Robinson Robinson, A, Royston, S. Sales, B. S ella, J. Scrivner. Simmons. M. Sta A. Stanley, Stephens. S. Van Scyoi Boardman. S. Buckingham, M. Coulte Dennis. B. Downey, P. Downey, ham, De Vera. D. Durham, D. Flyr Hoover, C, Johnson, M. Martin, Nichols, C. Mauldin, G. Miller, L. M L, Newcomb, Quinn, P. Redmar Salie, L. Staple. K. Sullivan, R. Tone' Willock. J. Young, S. La Lone, R. C bell, S. Rothrock, L. Spencer, C. Tirai Bird, M. De Vera, C. Scholl, Hall Lane, P. Coulter, A. Finkenbindcr, S. Gee, C. De Vaughn, Van Order Jacoway, K. King, N. Gregg, P. Erwil Bartlett, L. Wilson, B, Brown, C. Cre C. Bautista, M. Long, Norris, I. D Rosa, L. Wolfe. D, Hopkins. D. Hin Hockey Manager Basketball Managers M. Brooks S. Van Scyoc, J. Simmons 6 A mmf-9005 . 3 R f K X . 4 -X, I Managers Folkdancing Manager M. Johnson H. Hallett .l ' H 5: 6 fnvnb 3 Volleyball Man g J, Eddy, M. sr TEACHERS OF TOMORROW Like to teach? These do! They've even tried it! Wfhere P In the Fairfield Elementary Schools and they were ordered to come back. RALLY CLUB Last minute plans? Rush! Rush! Rush! Thatls the Rally Club. But some of that last min- ute planning was worth it. The finished product produced a lot of spirit-Go, team! MEMBERS: Anabo, R. Campbell, V. Della Santa, N. Foon, S. Grimm, D. L J. Hanselman, Morilla, D. Durham, Frawley, C. Berger, R. Boardman, V. l ley, D. Lee, S. Lane, S. Marshall, G. Miller. yn, MEMBERS: S. Van Scyoc, A. Royston, A. Mashburn, D. Flynt, L. Ronbinsc Simmons, M. Anderson, Stephens, R. Boardman, J. Anabo, J. Tsuji. 48 L All5MBIiRS.' R. Boardman, B. Bowen, B. lloyd, L. Bryant, R. Campbell, D. Cox, B Dolloff, Ellington, A. Finkenbincler. Frawley, J. Freitas, B. Geoghegan, V. Hawley, R Herrmann, A. Manrhester, P. Marino, 'l'. Merwin, G. Miller, R. Oliver, P. Passey, S. Phillips L. Rodrigues, K. Sheldon, G. Slater, G. Smith, M. Smith, K. Stevens, T. Suellau, C Sweeney, J. Umphress, M. Vueurenvich, C, Williams. MAIORETTES: C. Marchewska, W Huff. W'ith a toot, and a whistle, and a plunk, and boom, Armijo hand makes music inside and out. Their purple and gold parade dress is changed to beanies and white shirts for the Pep Band. NAI! Hailfv "Ur1dz'r Tha' Tlzundvrfn 49 DIRECTOR M. . W.. X X ws-........W -. -abuse Mr. Briggs ..-W...-up-fu...--w 'funn-h-0 ,,, .. .,.. W.--in W 4.. ws .........,,.,. R . 'v . x . .X ,.. . . A-CAPPELLA D B ewer G Swasey L. Bryant, E. Sim- MEMBERS: N. Peters, . r , . , ning, D. Moorehcad, R. Oliver, M. Ethridge, B. Watson, L. Couche P. Redman, A. Carpenter, J. Morilla, M. Nichols, N. Fleenor, D. Nunes, J. Van Order, B. Starkes, M. Fcvurly, P. Autrand, M. G. Bo- Plourde. B. Medley, P. Dixon, B. Santaella, S. Galloway, claine. L. Moore, L. Riggan, D. Meyers, S. Davis, Coleman, R. Campbell. GIRLS LANGUAGE CLUB .-fx Ml'fA1lilCli'.S'.' R. Allvn, M. .'Xvg1'rinos, C. Bvrgvr, R. Bozxrthnzxn, B. Bowen K,, l,. Burlsrm, 'l'. Burnham, R. Chzipinxm. R. Clift, B. Crews M. Dc- l"rt'i-tv, Y. Dvllzi Szmtzx, B. Dc-rnpsvy, B. Doiloff, L. Downvr, R Durhznm, lillingtrm. D, l"zm1'hi'r. N. Foon, D. Flynt, Frvitas, K fimxvs, R. tirvvri, R. Hzinsvn, V. llziwlvy, R. Ilvrmamn, C. johnson, C. mlohnscm, S. Lai Lfmv, S. 11111112 C. Lziynv, D. Luv, S. Low, C. Marcfhcwska IJ, Martin. IC. Mi'Arthur', Ci. Mrrlo, 'lf Mvrwin, G. Millc'r, L. Mocwrc, L. Vcniv Vidi, Viciv 011 imlilv francais Minru.m, P. Nvitvi-l, ll. Nvlscm, G. Pc-rdingo. M. Plourdc, L. Rodrigues, pOl'I1Z1ClZl! A. Rumi, B. Szmtqu-lla, E. Szilsmzm, Scll, G. Slutcr, G. Smith, L. Slgiplif, M. Tipttm. R. Tom-y, B. Uvhishilm, E.. Vaughn, C. Wagoner, Suldcnts of Latin, French, and R. Whitt-, P. Whiting, D. Willurk, L. Grimm, Hutchr-on, E. Imbodcri CI. Miulsvn, ll, Klux, K. St:-vc-ns, P. Built-y, Dc Vera, A. Hinchcc, D liippxtrw-u, M. lmmq, B. Nvslvr, Dunrzin. Halo, R, Lange, J. Toma-i vnccs 1011- Llllilsnmls P1U'lYfmdl1J0lm sini, Mrtluriiiivk, R. ch' 141 Rosa, S. Grvvr, Advisor-Mr. Norris. SC'iilIlg0fSCl100lDl1I'1IlK'1'S. LEE LUB Ml'fMl3lfIf.S'.' M. NN'aillc'r. B. Fortnvy, WV. Brovk, C. Rzihzlnal. D, Hopkins, Iwi. Martin. Durham, P. Ile-nson. D. Durham, I.. Mvrrvll, C. Dv Yaiuglin. P, Mi'Muh:m, C. Olivvr, B. Gilmvr, Dunrnn. Swvairingin. B. Downvy, I. Brilrkvn. D. Scholl, C. Potts. L. Orr, M. Bntnmlvn, CI. Smith. P. Pcnclls-tim, S. Curso. S. Bump, R. Appel, D. Dennis, B. Smith, C. Mzzdsvn, A11'1'i.i'ur Mr, Briggs. ' Spanish clisfzird their linguistic' ditticr- POM POM GIRLS-A, Mashburn: L. Robinson: A. Royston: D. Flynt. Ix'l"Vf,' 'f'I'O7I1 fzrmijo Flllljlflljf 114' jn'0zufe'I'. rnrft lzwzr zu HOZLI7 zu1"H yvff I1 fifth' Ioz4111'1'.' H'w'rwF1'fmz Afnzijo fjfklllffllqf 131' P?'t7Ilfl1'7', C1111 'I Ilwar' IK .Ycazu IIT!! Ywll A Lifflf' Lozlderf Il '1:"Rl:' FROJI ARJIUO C,'OI'LD.Y"l' Blu' PROl,'D1iR. Cf.-1X'7' 111:21 R IIS' NOI17? Il'li'I.l. YIJLL A LITTLE LOUDER! CHEER LEADERS-S, Van Scyoc: J. Stephens: M. Anderson: KI. Simmons CHEER LEADERS D P0 POM GIRLS 52 DRILL TEAM MlfMliliIf.S'.' ll. Bautista, C. Bvnnc-tt, M. Coulter, De Vern, B. Downey, Durham j. Eddy, B. llinds, Cl, llcmr-ver, K. Kusnku, S. Lane, M. Martin, L, Nashland, L. Newronib M. Nichols, L, Pluinlvv, j. Quinn, L. Riggan, B. Szintaclla, A. Stanley, J Stephens, K Sullivan. Precision! Swing! Lt-ft, l0ft...and thc crowds whistle and flu-vi' lm' ilu- Drill 'lkutiii wliicli sparks the halftime spectacle and lmratlv. 513 CADET CORPS COMPANY "A:" A. Bell, W. Bomar, D. Brewer, L. Bryant, G. Burch, R. Chan, M. Coleman, D. Cox, G. Daniels, Danielson, Ferguson, E. De Vera, R. Dut- cher, Howerton, D. Huffman, J. Hulsey, B. Im- boden, E. Kaplitz, R. Knetzer, L. Lansdowne, R. Lawley, D. Ledford, G. Little, C. Lotz, R. Mackie, R. Oliver, T. Pace, P. Pangburn, J. Rivera, G. Shelton, J. Siebe, E. Simming, M. Tiger, W. Van Order, D. Wil- son, C. Young, E. Zander, P. Zenone. COIWPANY "BU: R, .'Xnclcrson, L. BQIUCOIII. S. Bn-flora-. B Bowen. Burke, D. Carbonu. C. Cox. E. Drllmhdlff WV. Durham. D. llnguc. llzirtzcll, D. llornv. A. Logan T. Mervin, J. Munoz, F, Ncitzcl, Nichols, C, Nichol son. ll. O'Uhi-0. B. Sumo, G. Smith, C. Tillotson, VV ,Il1'Q'l2,'lP, 'lVlLlC'lif'I'. ll. VVL-lvh, 'lf Young, L. lfVilS0n, E Ynrncll. CAPTAIN COLLIER New on the Armijo campus this year is the Cadet Corps, a body of about seventy sophomore, junior, and senior boys, whose smart uniforms have given both students and school a "new look." The cadets, who train daily on the field or in class-room skull sessions under Captain Ivan Collier, have stood up under the rig- ors of ofiicial review by various inspecting parties during the year. The reviewers have included Brig. Gen .Alfred F. Kalberer, commanding general of the 14-th Air Division at Travis and Col. Carter Speed and Lt. Col. F. H. Forbes of the State Department of Cadet Corps, Captain E. Tyrell, regular Army advisor, 636 Field Artillery Battalion, Sacramento, inspecting parties from Mare Island Naval Base, and local Army N.I.K.E. Defense Base. A final review was held at Travis Air Force Base. The Cadet Corps Color Guard presents the colors for P.T.A. and other meetings. On duty for games, dances, and other functions is the M.P. unit of the Cadet Corps which serves to maintain order. 55 MEMBERS: R. Boardman, W. Bowen, T. Burnham, D. Della Santa, V. Della Santa, N. Foon, S. Grimm, R. Han- sen. P. Jzutrsma, C. Johnson, D. Lee, D. Little, S. Low, R. Lozano, G. Miller, N. Peters, J. Polk, A. Rossi, E. Salsrnan, J. Siebe, J. Stephens, M. Tipton, Tsuji, S. Van Srryoe, G. Vaughn. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATIO California Scholarship Federation, a nation- wide club, encourages students to get better grades. Armijo members enjoy a visit and dinner at a college of their choice, this year C.O.P. SW4 7!l x 56 few' wigs lm: --., .-A '1""w-fu. 'Rs f4zf 'ffl' Q., HSTSEU xv..W.+l . 25321-. .,.......--5... ,nv- ... ...At qf' x 'Q R .mff F ,133 if -4 ,J K I . I! .AE Reformoh N vw-W ai' Ty' MEMBERS: C. Bcnnctt, G. Burch, J. Burch, T. Burnham, L, Claus, B. Hasbrouck, D. Huffman, M. Johnson, Munoz, M. Muse, L. Pitts, R. Oliver, L. Riggan, S. Rothrocl-c, P. Juarez, D. Little, P Passy, G. Williams, S. Grimm. MEMBERS: C. Tillotson, J. Colm-niun, J. Coleman, R, Oliver, C. Swuscy, J. Rivera, D. Newcomb, J. Ellington. , ., s Sheldon, G. Bur ch Q . Iv- .:-' W .El 5 w . ,gnu ,, 5' 2 4 2 4 'O Class representatives for school-wide Jr. Red Cross plan and direct students' concern and action toward relief in hospitals and other needy areas. CHESS CLUB Their Queens lead a checkered life, they push their horses around, their specialty is patience, pat- tience - CHECKMATE. From India to Armijo, the royal game of chess still fas- cinates. MEMBERS: P. Anderson, Cox, L. Creager, E. Drumheller, G. Dubbelde, G. Falati, R. Funez, R. Gibson, D. Gordon, R. Hasbrouck, J. Howerton, Hulsey, B. Imboden, R. Lanza, C. Lotz, E. Mashburn, Maxey, J. McBride, J. McBride, B. MeCants, P. McKee, J. Munoz, Nusbaum, L. Nusbaum, F. Oliver, L, Pierce, T. Pace ,R. Ramirez, B, Rogers, T. Rush, G. Rudd, C. Shelton, R. Simonds. B. Smith, M. Stritenberg, B. Sumner, Torres, B. Traylor, W. Treigle, lin fri, I I N, ' "N an G T10 -1 AJAFA' 5 X rt-.1 1 v X ""SL"'gg,1 s T. Valencia. B. Unkenholz, B. Walker. P. Zenone. F. F. A. Part of a national organization. the Future Farmers of America unit at Armijo, encourages in- dividual elfort through planned projects in live- stock raising and agriculture, and also strengthens the ties between school and community through local, regional, state, and national competitions. State Fair last fall and sent prize winners Jack Munoz and Larry Nusbauin into state competi- tion. FFA sponsored the school Christmas dance. . 6, ' 112' X i'U.n ' KN P- . 4. 9 F Q 0, ,' '.f T' C N 'fl . r . g '-5' 9 FFA,s won the sweepstakes on beef cattle at the 36 1-ae' - T-Q rl A C' L g ,J ' ' 58 MlfMHIiRS.' Il. Alamccla. R. Allcn. N. Anderson, P. Bailey, N. Bartlett, C. Bautista, C Bautista, C. lit-nn:-tt, V. Bird, M. Braudcrick, S, Brower, M, Briles, W. Brock, M, Brooks ll, Brown, lluckiugliani, D, Burlinquct, T. Burnham, S. Crain, S, Coleman, B. Copeland P. Corn:-ll. Corso, M. Crisping, D. David, I. De La Rosa, B. Delecrew, D. Della Santa D. lJt'IllllS, Dv Vcra, M. Dc Vcra, B. Downey, D. Fanchcr, D. Flynt, N. Foon, M. Fry Gravcs, M, Gravcs, D. Griffith. S. Grimm, S. Grout, I. lflurtens, E. Henderson, C lloovcr, Il. Huvck, M. johnson, Y. jones, P. Juarez, K. King. P. Kingsbury, S. Lane, S Lt-1-wright, B. Lcitzell, D. Little, M. Long, D. Lozano, D. Lynch, S. Marshall, J. Martin A, Mashliurn. Mztyctdan, B. McArthur. Moorehcad, M. Oberti, C. Oliver, L. Parazctti, L Parkcr, G. Parkinson, C. Pt-ck. B. Rctzcr, L. Robinson, C. Rogers, J. Rodriquez, S. Rothrock II. Ryan, P. Scarborough, B. Sit-hc, B. Smith, C. Smith, M. Smith, M. Smith, D. Souscns B. Wallace, ll. Whalcn, E. Wlildcr, L. Wilson, L. Wolff, T. Zielinski, D. Zumwalt, K Kusaka, Eddy. F. H. A. . . . . . . . 9 i Q1 l hcy haw' lun and they re getting in trim, these 'fx I ly Futura: lloincinalavrs of America! The ycar's acti- CZ' A fx 4, vitics havc incluclccl a cakc contest, caroling at S, K, fl T1 . . . . I - Cliristmas, making favors for the hospital, a swim- E !nV f, ming IJL11-Ly, Statc- Convg-ntion, educational meet- A 5 li ' Y 5 J- ings and an initiation banquet. fb! A A5 .7 V to wo' NEW H' 59 1' P. Anderson, A. Carpenter. Coleman, D. Davis, B. Downey, E. Drumheller, E Galloway, G. Gellett, M. Green, Hale, R. Hansen, G, Henrickson, B. Ivers, M Johnson, K. King, K. Kuraica, J. MacLean, S. Manes, S. Mendenhall, L, New- comb, P. Pendleton, Peters. E. Salsnian, A. Stanley, L. Stanley, S. Swindelle, S Thacker. C, Tillotson, M. Dolloff, E. De Vera, T. Mendenhall, B. Samo, D. Carbone, D. Anderson. ART CL B The sale of porn pons helped take the Art Club to San Francisco to see their own pictures exhibited at the Northwestern Regional Exhibit of Scholastic Art Awards. TRAFFIC PATROL Crganized under the di- rection of Fairfield Police Chief, Rex Clift, the Stu- dent Trafhc Patrol handles the difficult problems of four-wheeled vehicle versus student trying to beat the bell back to class. I AIIflHlllt'li'.S" l'. .Xmlmuis. 'lf liuulislu, R. lil1lt'liSllI'ilI', N. Foou, R. Cvrvvils, B. lluslmuuk, I'. JJLIINIIIJI. R. Rc-1-sis. S. lui lmiiv. R. Lozzmo, E. Mzu'kir', E. MC- Artliur, ll. Ux'vrlurf, ll. l,ll'I'l'l', llulk. hi. Rvgun. R. Sumo, l", Wlllitv, W, Wlillivr- UW. AIIi.'lIlil2'Ii'.S': M. .Xurlw-rsrui, Y. llruwuiuu. ilolc-iuun, llolvulzm. M. Crispin. l' Iluwm-y, IQ. llruuuumul, lfrxuwlm-y, Y. lluwlvy, R. llzlslmruilvli, R. llvuclvrsou, l'. Ile-uwu, K. lluyvs. .X lluutm-r, l'. ll.l.ll'SlIl.l. ll. lluliusou. hi. llulinsou. S, Ln Lum' S. l,:nm-, ll. I.:-1-, li. l.e-ilu-ll, li. lmmiio. Cl. lNl1uu'l1vsti'r, 'lf lxIOIlCll'Hll1lll, l". M0- rillu, Murillzl, RIUIICI, hi. Ulwrti. ll. Uifllivv, R. Oliver, D. Uwcn, L, l'g1c'v, I.. l':u'lu-r, l,. Ruhiumu. .X. Ruymtuu. KI. Siiuiuuns, Swwzirviigiri, G. 'llll21C'kCI', C. 'l'illnlm:u, M. Wnllu-r, li. Wilhrow. 5. Yam Sryuv. Gromit, .-X. hIliSlllll1I'I1, E. Kap lilz, A, Roln-its, li. NIISIHIIIIII. M. liptuu. licltly. B. llzislmrourk, M. cil'l'l'Il, P. AIlKll'flIllS, Nllhlhllllll, M. Mulanuux. lllI'.lIIlIIll'l. K. Shclclon, H. llvnclvrson. I MATH CLUB Math Cluh members llavv wvatliwccl at lvnst two years of high school math- vmatifs and urn' hoping to zisccncl to highvr plnuvs. CAMERA CLUB Sl1l1llt'l'-l421IlS :mtl clark- room clvnixc-11s rapidly Hllvd thc ranks of Aru1ijo's uvw Caiuvra Club this your. Equipuivnt has hcvn 11C- quircd through purcliasv and gvnvrous donations. Study of both indoor :incl outdoor pliotogrzlpliy as well as tht' tricks of clvwl- oping and printing providc' interest for thc mviubcrs. ,. v. MEMBERS: G. Anderson, A. Blacksheare, D. Boehme, B. Boyd, Brennan, M. Brooks, J. Cain, S. Chadbourne, R. Chan, M. Chavers, S. Cole, B. Crews, E. Drumheller, J. Duncan, J. Eddy, Frawley, G. Glassmeyer, H. Hallett, J. Hanselman, J. Hartzell, V. Hawley, E. Henderson, Hutcheon, E. Imboden, K. King, R. Knetzer, K, Kusaka, R. Lawley, G. Long, C. Manchester, C. Martin, S. McGee, S. Michaels, R. Montama, R. Moonan, G. Mor- ris, B. Morrisey, T. Mott, M. Muse, F. Neitzel, D. Owens, J. Polk, P. Redman, D. Reeves, M. Regan, L. Rodrigues, J. Schlafly, K. Sheldon, J. Siebe, B. Samo, M. Starmer, G. Swasey, J. Tsuji, W. Van Order, D. White, P. Whiting, C. Williams. SCIE CE CLUB One of the most active clubs in the school, the Science Club, traveled to San Francisco for the Cinerama production 'gSeven Wonders of the Worldw and off to snow country for winter sports. The experiment shown was supposed to put Judy Eddy's hair on end but the gadgets blew a fuse just before the picture was taken. 69 SALES MlfMlilili'.S'.' M. Andvrson, P. Down:-y, S. S1111-s, A. lluntvr, l'urc'vll. Simmons, Swc-air:-ngin, M. johnson, IJ, llzuulxuisz-, ll. WVhz1lm-n, M. Mulgxnzxx, V. Browning, A. Royston, Cl. Tillvtson, G. Slulmnuuli. S. Bump. NI. lN11'r'Gr-0, B. Pondvr, R. lfunvx, D. Grzivcs, Mom-z, B. Lvv, S. Folsom, A, Mcnclom, E. Kirchner, B. Owens, L. Parc. Mr, VVz1tvrs. K You l'l'lIlQ'IlllJl'l' XVll0Il you wvrc asked, "Got your yvzirlmook yn?" 'l'l1v Sales Stall IHLIIIZIQUS thc busi- ums 1-ml nl' ilu- yi-zxrlmok sa-lling ads, arranging ilu' piclurm-s in Ilia' pzigs-s wliicli follow, billing and c'olln-cling sc-lling llic' yczirbook to you. VVitli0ut llll'Ill, llwrm- would llc no ycarbook for you to buy. And 4m'n'l you glad you did? 63 GOT YOUR YEARBOOK YET ? YOUR STAFF '51, CREDITS Senior Editor Vicky Della Santa Art Editor Nick Peters junior Editor Judy Eddy Stag Pete Jaarsma Cfa Gary Drummond Jerry Nusbaum Business Manager Robert Waters , 45m f 6 Y x 3- 3 V2 ?N ,4fA Law Q K X x 25, f 11 1 QW' . n ff I 1 ,h,,. ,. ACTION SHOTS ON FIELI 1 . D COURT 'n from znulvl, rr tlzr' tlz1nzrl1'r, flux upon Ihr fzrlrl of play, nfl Almul, lu'y'llf1r1M' no rluulll urn hrnrlx flu' millz Ihrm all ther ZUIIJH rr yirlrl zluzrn un Nu' lwlrl, I,f1n l'fl'ffIVJ'fllll1fIlVlH'., Fill!!! fllljllf fffllllf m'.1'r'jl Ihr' flflll l'lI'lIIl 1' IIIVIII hum tu play tlzz' IQIIIIIF. "sv CDL.: , xx ,nn 1 , is ,, Wk., fanqmxx A wi J S .ml 67 X l 9' . . V ' l ' Q K T 'Q' "' in 'fs ilf 117 1 . R H' a R A 5 Q V 5 2 'L f' 5 Vw W Y 'f A Q ' -WYXI Y G. Thacker R. Simonds L. Stanley E. B31-1ti5t3 R. Hasbrouck J- Polk B. LCC E. Simning VARSITY 1 Varsity squad A. Rossi Q. 1, , I C. Serpas D. Overturf K: 11 XEKQ-f Graduating seniors s-all if M. Green D. Cates R. Lozano E. Alameda E. De Vera J, Alexander - A- 'Q' 95 2 , Y da V t , - 2 . qi J . .2 it 5 4 M, g .S .. 1 .3 K1 Q 3 K 1. 1 -, , r nf' V t A- v N . ,,,. v- A X W I 0 C+ H K , ,U 'M ' l E S X ' ' , Q -. 't li, yy ,f 1 5 A ' A! T L? ' f A -I, Williams IS, Dollofl' Anabo C. Tillotson V. Browning E. Zandvrs FOOTBALL YVith the passing of John Anabo and the running of Mike llollofl, Mike Green, Bob Loxano and Cliff Tillot- son, the Indians boasted a swift baekfield inthe 1956 team. The line was supported by big men such as Larry Stanley, Rick and Jim Alexander, Bob Lee, Jim Polk, Chuck Serpas and many others. All League games were won up to the last one. The Varsity beat Rio Vista 9-0, Vacaville 22-7, St. Vinecnt's I3-0, and lost to Benicia 6- 19. , 'fs NW! L, Pierre JYQ t. 1 A X .Q Y, X- .W -.-.X in tt, it D. Alexander ' cv VN N N 3 3 G. Burch Manager 04' Y sf, us ' L "'d"'Q.'A' L ' y L ' . P S. Bedore Manager G. Drummond R. Loekwood R. Clift L. Baueoin Munoz D. Tillman P. Andronis rf- L 7 f 1- ' I s ff . 1' 'H' 1 - Y - S X " "? X . ra A Aw 4 . X .L 1 his -' -+1 V.,"a.-,txt II. Lockwood G. Falati C. Johnson T. Feranchck L. Grimm M. C Perdiiqo Zenone B Dempsey R Rixers Freitas T. Rush V. Newell K. Svrivner R. Kecses G. Stohaugh T. Bautista M. Crowley With the defeat of Benicia in their Hnal game of the 1956 season, the fabulous Junior Varsity team took a mythical S.C.A.L. pennant and credit for 14 straight wins under Coach Iverson. 70 1. -In Y R. Herrmann Mug J' V' W., ,f B. Sumner 1 vw E. Drumhvllvr Serpas, C., 5-9, guard, Jr.: Gerevas, R., 5-11, forward, Sr., Tillman, D., 6-0, forward, Fr., Mendenhall, T., 6-1, center, Jr., Rossi, A., 6-1, center, Sr., Anabo, J., 6-2, forward, Sr., Simonds, R., 6-0 forward and center, Sr., Zander, E., 5-11, center, Soph.g Kern, R., 5-11, forward. Jr., Browning, V., 5-9, guard, Sr., Tillotson, C., 5-10, guard, Sr., Coach Ed Hopkins. NOT PICTURED: Tsuji, J., 5-5, guard, Sr. 72 ARSITY BASKETBALL S. C. A. L. CHAMPS In a thrilling 56-53 game with St. Vincent's the Armijo Indians ended their last game in the S.C.A.L. with first place honors. Led by Captain John Anabo, the Indians defeated all of their League opponents with the exception of the first Benicia game. The second Armijo Invitational Basketball Tournament and the Gridley Tourna- ment completed the season for Coach Hopkins' Varsity squad. 1957 S.C.A.L. Scores Rio Vista . . . .... 63-30 Rio Vista . Benicia . . . . . . . .42-53 Benicia . . . Vacaville ......... 86-56 Vacaville . St. Vincent . . . . . . .52-47 St. Vincent 73 62-52 49-41 84-70 56-53 B BASKETBALL LEFT to RIGHT: Bush, R., guard, Jr., Bautista, T., guard, Jr., Bryant, L., forward, Soph.g Stobaugh, G., guard, Jr., Blaken, L., guard, Soph.g Nusbaum, J., guard, Sr., Hin- chee, A., forward, Soph.g Vaughn, G., center, Soph.g Chadbourne, S., center, Fr., Bruch, J., guard, Fr., Nusbaum, L., guard, Sr., Drumheller, E., guard, Soph., Lane, C., guard, Soph., Pitts, L., guard, Soph.g Falati, G., guard, Jr., Dolloff, M., guard, Sr., Coach Iver- son. Armijo's B Squad provided fans with exciting games during the 1956-57 sea- son. Some particularly brilliant play by Gary Falati and Gary Vaughn earned these two berths on the Varsity for the Invitational Tournament. The B's took second place in the S.C.A.L. only after three minutes of overtime play to break a first place tie with St. Vincent's. 74 D. Lippstreu, Soph.g R. Hansen, Soph.g K. Triplett, Fr.g J. Reef, Fr.g R. Uchishiba, Soph Coach R. Jorritsma. BASKETB LL BACK ROW: D. Primesberger, Fr.g A. Hayame, Fr.g R. Fogleman, Fr.g C. Pace, Fr.5 N. Duniho, Fr.g FRONT ROW: D. Valine, Fr.g R. Rivers, Fr.g B. Boyd, Fr. 75 ARMIJO TRACKME CLASS A. . Jessewarrick, L. Stanley, B. Dempsey, R. Lozano, D. Boehma, E. Bautista, D. Owens, G. Man- chester, R. Oliver, R. Kern, Coach Iverson, G. Thacker, D. Moorehead, M. Regan, G. Drummond, A. Rossi, R Keeses, R. Funez, R. Hillman, Sweezer, D. Tillman, J Polk. CLASS B. . Bryant, W. Minakata, R. Herrmann L. Creager, Reef, Welsh, T. Bautista, Tomasini I. Fowler, T. Rush, A. Manchester, D. Hague, Burch E. Gibson. CLASS C. . .L. Grimm, B. Boyd, R. Stuart, Oliver D. Preimesberger, A. Hayame, M. German. 76 7 3 Cllaxss B 'l'l10 lfl57 'l'rz1r'k 'l'v:1m was just ln-ginning zlclivilivs :ls lla M1'7c'lz1 wvnt to prvss. 'I'lN'I'0 arf' lligll lmpvs for :mollwr vllzxrnpiormslmip tc-am u n Ll 1' r Clcmclm Ive-rson. 'l'wc'my-om' rc'- turning lr-lt:-rmr-n inclicalz- som? rvrorcls will lx- lmrokvn in thc- springtirm- sport. IU 09 KLM, , 'E -,. .,, , 'lifl' w 1 S 1 Q -H v-1 ,M a A 4 d N l HM , , 'l V K 5 Fx, hiv ,X QHQ X f-M, wg, Class C A TEAM...FRONT ROW: D. Overturf, E. Drumheller, G. Perdigao, P. Jaarsma, Gampi, S. Scaggs, J. Alexander, G. Falati. BACK ROW.' S. Chadbourne, T. Brackin, A. Blackshear, T. Mendenhall, M. Walker, E, Alameda, E. Zanders, C. Serpas, D. Anderson, Coach Hunt. by Y inf B TEAM...FRONT ROW: D. Romano, T. Gerard. S. Miklose, B. Rogers, M. Crowley, D. Chapman. BACK ROW: H. Cavender, I. McBride, R, Fernald, B. Pendleton, T. Mer- win, G. Smith, Coach Muentz. 78 TENNIS FRONT ROW: R. Fogleman, K. Sullivan, M. Johnson, M .Brooks, J. Hutcheon, V. Della Santa. BACK ROW: E. Imboden, R. Lange, B. Imboden, L. Blanken. J. Sell, J. Duncan, J. Tsuji. NOT PICTURED: M. Starmer ,R. Gerevas, J. Hanselman, ff' 5 A f,:,'5 ,w's 2 'I f nf' 5 r 48 13:.". Q', '47 A . i"'-:':- . fs ig 1 . K , ' 1'-N2-R ri-if . f "T--f , - J. Q x-.X .3-at ,- I. ,-- . -, - ,W 4' A , . A' . 7:9 my ti I . , ., I.: V I M 1 ,Ll-il -. X, ,- ,E1 V ' ' -, ' ' 'H , H- V ,. fm ,hr Coach Linstrum Long-time S.C.A.L. champions the Armijo tennis team lost to Benicia in a disappointing final game last year. The spirit and developing skill shown as the year- book went to press promises some exciting games for the team's last year of S.C.A.L. play. 79 l?lVl"1CIAI,S.' K. Downvy. lfrglwlvy. 'lf Burnham. G, Mil- lvr. Stvphcm. B. Sanuu-lla. VAICSITY: V. Dcllu Santa, M. Brooks. N, Foon. A, Mash- lmuru. Simmons. S. L21 Lone. R. Czunpbr-ll, P. Downey. A. Royston. R. Allen, M, Star- mer. IFNIOR VARSITY: J. Tram 11101. D. DllIIlbOlSC, S. Grimm, C. Mauldin. Eddy. C. Hoov cr. S. Van Scyoc, M. Anderson ARSIT YA JU IOR ARSITY OLLEYBALL 80 .-.....- i ARSIT Y A D JR. ARSIT Y BASKETBALL Ulfl"If.'I.-11.A': I"1'.lVVll'j'. S. 1111 Lorw, P, Redman. Jil VARSITY: A, Mzxshburn V. Hnwlvy. N. Foon. J Simmons. S. Vzm Sfyor, P Downvy, M. Brooks, R Allvn. A. Royston. M. An- dm-rson. jI'NlOR VARSITY: C lloovcr. D. Dxuuluoisv, J VIYFZIHIIHCI, Eddy. L Maulclin, Slvphvns. I Nm-wcomlv. A. Stzmlvy. Crucial moment GIRLS I ACTIO I Winning team Jump ball Fast action Is it a bird, is it a plane. . .P .....-- I ,eff ,ml Hzxncl off .Nrrlm ym1rl1.x1'k lI1'rA"S how U This is Ihr way Drvssing lwform' thc' gznm' Rvarh for it! Interpretation, e x p r e s s i 0 n , rhythm, movementfwith music, with drums, or with just the beat and music inside each person, a new activity has been added to the gir1's gym classes under the direction of Miss Chase. MODER DANCE 4 ,, w .fgcfiuified A Q. v my w-M1 N 4. i , HOMECOMING Q EE PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY CONWAY STUDIOS No SN? gui 1.1 IQIQSIHII Bz11'l1.n'41 lhslwml EEN 9 S li nl1.11'41 llimls Rm' .Xmw 'l'om'y ,.ar:w F9' Student Committee Credit for Armijols First Annual Homecoming Celebration, a three-day affair last October, goes to both student body and townls people who cooperated under the joint chairmanship of Alan Rossi and Armijo Booster, Dick Rowe. Following a Wednesday old-timers' luncheon at the school, a colorful parade did credit to the work of Police Chief Rex Clift and Donna Damboise and many of Fairlieldls new car dealers. The cavalcade led to a pre-game rally organized by Sharon Van Scyoc and Fred Hanneman with talent provided by Nick Peters. The 13 Queen contenders were auctioned at a penny a vote-hrst-dance to the Hnal bidder. Mike Green and Gary Drummond did a top job of advertising and promotion in co- oporation with Cliff Toney and Bob Retzer for the Armijo Boosters. Joint spon- sors, the Block A society and The Armijo Boosters look forward to another Homecoming Celebration due to the great success of this initial venture. Chairman Alan Rossi crowns Queen Audrey Mashburn, and congratulates attendants Anna Royston, Rae Ann Toney, Barbara Hasbrouck and Barbara Hinds. 88 J KJ f 91 S? f - E rw Q a. , -nn, , K. .QR QQ X I Q4 -'il' 'V' x K N , L X wfisi ri x ag iv - 1 M' gg' ,wif 1 I Hugh Snvi:-Iv. Q. Iix IHYILIIIIIIN. 15. Clrmnlin. Nl. Not loo short. 5. .'Xin'l sho swvvtl' 1: Ilmw- ni' sn kiml. 74 lfmmlinu Alflbllllil. 8. Outdoor boy. 9. Grvvn 'I'humb. IU. Ladics Inst Il. llupial. IQ. .Xllnsf lfi. lI.1lm'ndz1r Girl. I-1. Oh, Vs-my! 15. Is it good? 16, THHIQ .xftvrx lf. X1-lm. .xI'IlIllH! H9 Can Charles Nicholson, Laverta Nicholson, Ernie Alameda, Katherine Story. Coleman, Nick Peters, Judy Coleman "ANYTHING GOES" Lights! Action! Color! 'aanything goesw. . .Student body talent went all o t - u in the Spring variety show on March 8th. Directed by Nick Peters with advisor, Mr. Briggs, the 25 acts featuring singing, pantomime, solo and square dancing, piano, e b d f ' p p an , and a grand finale by members of the Drill Team. 4:4 'T QMS? r Y L T yi - it 1 gf 5 . , :-15. X. Judy Eddy A1211 Sharon Van Scyoc Manchester, Kirk Sheldon, Kirby 90 Stevens, Tom Suellau, Richard Oliver, Jan Frawley. 1. . Jim Wright, Joan i Hanselman, Jim - M c B r i d e, Pat Cfsx r"xi T Whiting. f Q. . 7 W 4 tx' in .3 gi 'W . 4 Advisor Mr. Briggs, Director Nick Peters Judy Van Order MUSICAL VARIETY SHOW id? ki 5 S RN, ,mf 3 -' A 'Q Q Q is MQ X ri ,S ..:,1,. , . 3 Dona Hurst, Bar 5 X x... Ns is f barn Gilmer Loretta Plumlee 1 Q "-Qff 9451 , sf I gk ,Mai I i, div ' 5 iff' S lu, r...,X V!! t L ,si 1? 1 ' I K V A 1 I, Pu ' .:- K VV , N ik x 3. I ,t if' fm L J lv FW Q 1 F ' J. vas .fryl gf Lin? n f l -A Q.. S ss s is J Q mfg il l 4' , I, , Linda Couch, Mary Smith 91 Accompaniest Royce Campbell . .. .fs .Q 1:34 V, l 2 Q. , livin L. Z? . fs: is 5 . ,bm if J' 1' 1 i Q "' ..1f..g ,Q . K L t , N' + S if 'WHEN' fi ii Us mf . . ... Q -.1 41x ,Viv f K , A in TVEQ 1 T' 'W . ',L,' . ia Q? , 3 VW ' ,..- 5 ' I. 3 . 35... A .lu S A 5 f Q A tiff? .S . qt. 43 I 'Pi . 1. Pretty bracelet, isn't it? 2. What time is it? 3. Teenage Rebels. 4. Scroungy crew, 5. Down by the Seaside? 6. The wild ones. 7. We use Colgatels. 8. Live bear rug. 9. Tennis, anyone? 10. Dog paddle. ll. Hi! 12. "dreamy eyesl' 13. Surprise! Bobbsey twins? 15. Remnants of the past. 16. Adate? 14. 'Jmw 4' 41 .,fflQ'Vfwf,,1. , A , g-4 fin ., ,gf ' ' 54' 1 J, b , -dl, f ,A SPI W 4, mf, -.M - - W 3 af an 'Q VW, hh'-EY wf a gk. 411111, the NllSIT2lllIll boys. 2, s' 1 ll s culcl UIIISICIKI 5. Ditto!! 6. Stlr in c p md , I s 1 png: fm luck new 9. You umm' it' Ill Mxrlmnc Monrof' Who riot their llnlll on Cuurmlr llulm lllllx 12. Cro-Magnon L 1Na1nclu1hxl I know IK ww gg, i Q .QE sf! is sm .' .4 !H'Y ?r iw, Q S 1 ,H si Q? V5 1. Sad Sacks. 2. Let's play! 3. Stack 'cm. 4. Censored! 5. Grease monkey. 6. Long, Tall, Sandra. 7. Snake churmcr, 8 The culprit! 9. And they cam cook, too! 10. Thais my girl? 11. Look Mu, six hands! 91 .gk .5 my msmww. fn 4 if , M .sm Q .. 11. ! F -5 -::-, . . . . Tm H H ir, ,,,,.,U,s-W-v A A !'Wf7'V I2 should 4 f f--5.. "' 4 4: .ff ,Ti ' Xx x., K . ',,Q,, . I i ... K ' mnurmuo fwfw-" ff? L .fdoluerfiding X , J Z . Q kf . ' ...M5 . L g X x k -X Y l ff. 2 K .ww 41 Q p acknowledgments The La Mezcla staff wishes to thank the advertisers who appear in the following pages for their support. Special thanks are also due to The Solano Republican for the use of pictures taken by their staff and to Mr. Waters who has gen- erously given his time on many occasions to help put a picture-full La Mezcla between covers. SNO-WHITE 530 Union Street Harrison 5-2718 JAY VEE'S 832 Texas Street Harrison 5-6679 wi ,Y . wqn, ,V A K , F. A 'fyiifg "' T4 .J " Qi v- sf' l'e 1 .Q FAIRFIELD GRCCERY 1319 Texas Street Harrison 5-4683 RAGLE'S PHARMACY 928 Texas Street Harrison 5-2154- Complete Cosmetics Selections i FAIRFIELD AUTO MART 431 Texas Street Harrison 5-6200 N DICK'S FINE FOOD Router l, Box 6 Harrison 5-5285 THE HYDE CO. Deparlrnc-ni store for women and Children 821 Toxas Slrbvt Harrison 5-5138 GARDEN THIESSEN'S FEED AND GARDEN SUPPLY MART 525 Union Avenue Fairfield Harrison 5-5881 THE DIAMOND MATCH CO. 937 Texas Street Harrison 5-5623 "Lumber and Building Materialsu MAULDINS' SHELL SERVICE 945 Texas Street Harrison 5-9950 DIGERUD AUTO PARTS 1200 Texas Harrison 54-629 FOOD FAIR T35 Tvxas Strvvl, Fairiivld Harrison 5-2780 , WITT'S BARBER SHOP 835 Tc-xus Slrve-t Harrison 5-3294 "The plum' to go-two doors from the Showw THE CANDY BOX 704- Jackson Street, Fairfield Harrison 5-5419 "Handpacked Chocolatesv STATE FARM INSURANCE i'Auto, Life, Fire, State Farm is Bestw 526 Empire Street Harrison 5-574-6 FAIRFIELD SPORT SHOP 714- Jackson Street Fairfield, Calif. Harrison 5-4590 BARBOZA MOBILGAS STATION Texas and Madison Streets Harrison 5-9921 FREITAS TOGGERY 836 Texas Street Harrison 5-5818 Sportswear for man and young men' BILL'S BARBER SHCP 706 Jackson Street Harrison 5-3520 'We need your head in our business EASTERN CAFE Chinese Foods North Texas Street Harrison 5-9998 EB RUST REAL ESTATE 629 Webster Street Harrison 5-6753 Fairfield, Calif. Har TRAVIS SUPER MARKET 1435 North Texas Street H 5 2678 AMERICAN PAD AND TEXTILE C0. A "TAPATCO,' rison 5-2906 THE HOUSE OF DRAPERIES 1121 Texas Street Harrison 5-34-05 i LORDS AND LADS Country Corner Shopping Center 1813 Texas Street Harrison 5-5584 WOODARD CHEVROLET COMPANY Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Cadillac 729 Texas Street Harrison 5-2967 GENERAL GARAGE 326 Texas Street Harrison 5-5678 e'We service all makes and models of carsl' h"' SHOPPING BAG 910 Texas Street Harrison 5-5771 ,. , X... vb vs + + . ,r - 3', Y 'i' 5 s f 4, A ,A Z 'Liam K N M b . A L 1 Q A -. W V s - t N Q. ?'J5'if'E5's3M CHRIS' SHOE STORE 902 Texas Street Harrison 5-4-079 GARBEN INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 720 Webster Street Harrison 5-2881 LOREN'S FOUNTAIN 801 Texas Street Harrison 5-3149 "Where Armijo meets t t YOUNG'S INSURANCE AGENCY 754 Texas Street Harrison 5-4611 THE FABRIC SHOP 714 Webster Street Harrison 5-4493 SUISUN COTTAGE COURT Furnished Apartments 601 Florida Street. Suisun Harrison 5-4246 GEORGE Sromuun, Proprietor JOE DAMBOISE TEXACO SERVICE Highway 40 at Travis Blvd. Harrison -54-75 HI-FI DRIVE-IN Texas Street Harrison 5-2248 CHEVRON GAS STATIONS Ellis Godfrey, 401 and 1401 Texas Street Harrison 5-4455 THE SOLANO REPUBLICAN 811 Texas Street Harrison 5-4646 J. C. PENNEY CQ. 814 Texas Street Harrison 5-4-702 'Y-3 J SOLANO COUNTY TITLE COMPANY CALL HALL 710 Madison Street Harrison 5-5055 Vallejo Office 2-1111 Typewriters, Adding Machines MAXINES BEAUTY SALON 1213 Texas Street Harrison 5-6250 MAULDIN'S MOTORS 134-8 Texas Street Harrison 5-424-4- C 0 MAULDIN'S TEXACO SERVICE 1348 Texas Street Harrison 5-4-24-4 The best friend your car ever had 5 4 .4 WHEATLEY'S SERVICE AMERICAN AUTO STORES STATION 1007 Texas Struct 447 Texas Street Harrison 5-4746 Harrison 5-2214 4353 SIMONDS, APPLIANCE 7 FAIRFIELD SHEET METAL 81 PLUMBING 708 Jackson Street 644 Delaware Street Harrison 5-3625 Harrison 5-2702 FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP AIRLINE CAFE R' T' ROWE Texas Street-Fairfield Corner of ,Iackson and Missouri Streets Faifneld "Where Armijo Meets to Eatn Good Luck to the Class of "57" pw I vw' HUNTERS' REXALL FAIRFIELD LAUNDRAMAT 625 .Iackson Street 804 Texas Street Harrison 5-5455 HH"'4-'fm 55847 "Same Day Shirt Service LEONARD'S TOT SHOP 1316 Wrist Texas Street Harrison 5-4323 MORRIS FURNITURE STORE 411 Main S1!'COIfSl1lSLlIl Harrison 5-2132 JACK KEELER INSURANCE 712 Texas Street Harrison 5-2909 "Real Iistaten WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 809 Texas Street Harrison 5-4491 "The Family Store" JOE AND BABE PALLOTTA MUSIC CENTER 714 Madismi Strvvt, I"airIif'I4I Harrison 5-4408 ARNOLD'S FOOD Ilighmiy 40111 Trzixis BIHI. Harrison 5-3321 SORENSEN'S ELECTRIC COMPANY 715 Main Str:-cl. Suisun Harrison 5-3401 "ICIectri1'aI contractor and df-alvru SHELDON OIL CO. PU. Box 215. Snisnn Harrison 5-2951 C. AND K. DRIVE-IN Union Ave., Highway 12 Harrison 5-2188 Where Fairfield and Suisun Meet Open 24 hours MONEZ FORD SALES 739 Texas Street Harrison 5-4616 CORNER VARIETY 846 Texas Street Harrison 5-2298 We handle all school supplies BAIRD'S SHOE STORE 756 Texas Street Harrison 5-4512 Shoes for the teens DR. RAYMOND S. BERGMAN OPTOMETRIST 731 Texas Street, Fairneld, Calif. Harrison 5-5641 Better Vision Means Better Living EVANS AND PYLE HARDWARE 814 Texas Street Harrison 5-3227 Y NOAH ADAMS LUMBER COMPANY 339 Union Avenue Harrison 5-5515 Buiiding Materials of All Kinds HANNIGAN'S 700 Texas Street Harrison 5-3580 if-if-f 54 A 'HXACO MARQUEZ TEXACO SERVICE STATION 522 Main Street, Suisun Harrison 5-6466 Washing-Lubrication-Waxing-Tune-up-Minor Repairs Batteries-Firestone Tires-Recaps Full Guarantee gf? r f.f ,. -. .-z w yy.: :- W .s. , , ,,,A.. ,, p. I -H 4. W VA-. ' L an V 1 F . : - .-wg - .Y .rg fm,--Y wiki, ' ' -fi' Aflp ', .H ...-Q ,. f5f? ggi"5y - .ff ' -f Q f V . 4 L -ff 1 ' ' T ' ', ', 3 1.-, N N X- in-ifh-. , M. J'-'1".'I"" , ,f"15.:X . 'X .. 3, 4 ,. .' vjwg,a,,j - - X w. my 'fed ' ',9.rfQ i- ' A x ,. ,W V ,, . 2 ..,.,1fm, 3' Y .51 'ffafz'-+'2'fiI NAA- I .NWA -- 355-1 'Q 35,1 X ,' .'-'L' M ef 'Vim E WJ"'5'x ' ' 2' -,173-7 ., , .Q fflw fr' - L. 4, ,, , .5 uf-frf 'J , ,xii fp, . A.-. r . g:q- fr" ' nf V. 'M W" 1 .rw -0 -v '14 :V s ' 1 wh.: 1' ' wi 2' ,:,. . 2, f - .iw 3 Q, if 1' 4 1' vm. 7 g .- , 5" "Ai ' f Aw.. 1" L33 ,,-2'Qf,f.A .. MZ' '5'Jif'f2'Y . V, ' ff -A .b-fl' M- ,f x 0, , ,, -"Y .V " 11 V1 fswfff-.,,bp - 'X ,.. ,, .:,gg,g, ' Tsw. ""L.g.f Ugg: 1.1, V 1 1 'sQ.--,+t'?f4f. iw X.-.-. f' f 1 li - 1 . v ' "4 , g . , . X. JQQF. fe: S, -,A Ar .,. ' 1 Salka.-in im.. in ' v,-1 .f '-LM .5 'Q 4, 1w,,,,f.w,1,,'. wi-f?f:1'- ,A,?.f,,., -.. Q., 5, . , K, ' . .,.... my nf ,f .. ,, .14 f "1

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