Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA)

 - Class of 1951

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Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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X ifffgq S52 wx f f M Aff' My ff fwfb M gjfM!i YL wM3E+W uf MM? WW my QWMKW www? MW M FW ,ffwifv of M W , Xff3fw fW WW QW 36iz.,WA ',6 W W J 865' rn i, I P f .J 9 y X pvff '4 H 'pany 1 A lx ,D JF " HN' 0ffuff17..ffQl0"l'f2f,-4 V VC' L V b W Wnfakfp 4r4f-fw2g VF',v,, m . 5,4 fs.-MQW' X uw 'M ka im ,W gm- W W vw t My ' X ipwsvw vumsxv- X . A I ,bv - JL fr -ggw OA ' ' LVM v , Uv 0' xp 'U' A KP u of Arc K L Lx 6 5 af ' 0, W I , . 17 W! A , fx .f I . N Q . ff ' , , ll 6 . J ,f A ff 0 X A 1 ,f ' J I l ox ' ETH 'QD Qfjwyagnig 55? M Kfgflf' wif' IM' 'Cy j fy Ylf 71 ww J N 'pg A f J ji W ,Y J ww Wd J K 5 X bf AOMPZ-ffwx? pgillnfql Af Z1 , M My Www VM Eiglifwkyf fwfr, g 1 ,, W0 ffff ff dm 12: yfgff Q ff !CW+Wwv ifwirff 'F W7. -J: 9 HJQLLQK poo ffv SSX Q60 N px , . A J P ,fp 'P Jn-ff L If M-,X Tj I tr' 1 E f . if ' f "fill "va 4 My! x . 1 " ' S I 'v I X V 1 IV 7 4 ' ' u f ' M 'fm J. . '. if :A Q ,g rn A lfl' J Lf :W . '1,W if , .Q 9' I f 'if ,JN 1 A QF ' 'V f A gf xv if way f ,N I v 4 , f,l+ 'Q,f 1 ,L A H M Q Q 'ff lin 3 .4 JU IM Kqmhljr f f , , WK f'f- -WH' 0 , li 'ff ,4,- I . 0 fV,,'f,v 1 ! 'HJ I fr lL f ' J. , ' f r ljwff f 3fI7'V!J '64 ,W'l!- X -' . 'l QL -J Inf! 'TLV' ff JW NJQUNA If I Milf jjxxx I ' A I I I Wfib f '5w wx 4 ' fd N it-X . ,U V! 'X A ' , , SL if L " V 'W QM cf" K7 2 IA f f, T12 fb' U xi- ' Q Vw ,- V VV f 1 ghvff 2 XO. 3 , f'1frfz.A-wr' 4 mx - 5 f Q5 KJ L' "fi ef K7 N ll! 'Q' K-ew 'K vi 5 y J V2 Q L, v 3 f' X I an ? f 5 W X ' X J , f FP XJ xy RL N Y N if x JJ f all QL5 . 54 ! NW 5 ff' Q3 ' 9' S 'U 1 3.5 Y, O Q 5 J 1 5 A 2 - 55 - .J , - U 1 C5 N 7 x N ' .5 ff' yi 2? Q O 5 S in buf L L, , N , 5 44 -1 I I in I , vL K E R Q of k Y, , Jn mv. . A A x 'LL N If XX .5 M X ' QW I x j,.,u,7ff.+7 ,.,,,,h,, ii' ' MN X M:5Z4?7jZfZjLa Fix ,N gfpiii if my 5,6 AQ? Wy c ,bp if M Cr r . , x .3 X X .M 1 X 0 ,, J ' W M W 3 2973" bi , 21. A, Y Nik! C, 'H , g? ,b.,,,, fx, X 1, CO x . 5 MEM N my QQ if - . ' W! ' kv JW IU W h z ef' 44- ' ih f, 4 Wy M ' N ff . . R JOE ROSS BOB SCIACQUA Ii, Q Design cz Wisycfa Published by the Sewer Class QI ARMIJO UNION HIGH SCHOOL EAIREIELD, CALIFORNIA VOI. 54 Ediior Assisi. Edifors Business Managers Jr. Business Manager Girls Sporfs Boys Sporis Ac+ivi+ies PI1oI'o Con+es+ Typis+s Layou+ Design PAT CEREDA BOB SCIACOUA JOE ROSS DALE HARPER JOYCE PENDELTON LAURA HARPER BESSIE HALL BARBARA BOONE GARY ENOELI CHARLES KOLBERT CAROL PIERCE BARBARA BRVPIXJ ROSELLA LENTZ LEEROY BRA JDPICK BILL DQTAR HELEN BARTLE' DOROTHY LARSON JERDA ELEDSCE MRA EONC: TMJ' EACULTY ADVISORS Direc+or English -A ,gsfv if-' . f-s Lf. ,L C J , v - Business-EO ' O A E f- R Bill Freilasz Known for his cheerfulness and po- lile manners. Bill's absence from Armijo's halls is mourned by all of us. BILL FREITAS ln refrospecl' you will remember l95I as a period of world- wlde crlses. I+s umpac+ was feli by everyone, brmgmg fo us an awareness of fhe need for nahonal and world secunfy. Farsi And courses and afomlc aHaclc drllls were maugura+ed. As cm- zens of fomorrow we summoned our courage and resource- s. Above all, came The realnzahon rhar educahon musi nfs purpose-lo equip us for our role In life. Oufwardly. school life was much 'the same. we sfudued-had expernencecl sad momen+s of irnal and error. School -bonds vo+ed for new shops, gymnasium and swnmmung pool. Ro blossomed forth an corrndors. af games and dances, vouc- hoarse from Pep Club roohng and smgmg en roufe There were brnef momen+s of glory for some of us and dramahc produchons. All shared fhe hopeless exammahons and deadlmes, +he mevvfable noon hour cafeierna crush. These come fo mnnd. lf IS hoped fhai' scenes and faces lam? B -ssrfzzx, I up , 7257 OLD BUILDING Sep+ember I894 galil lllll I..a..L.1...! 1 ?cwaZtq cwvlcdc :- JAMES Social Science GENEVIEVE CARLSON Language MARY JEAN DAVIS English AUGUST DAY Arf, Drama+ics IRENE DELONG English, Ma'll1 BOYD DRAPER Business HARRY D. WISER Principal My 5ll Owing +o The unliring efforfs of our facully, +he sludenf body challenged anofher year of sfudy. Wifhoul 'rhese hard-working, energefic people, lhe youlh of foday could no+ meef fhe demands of an ever changing world. Our laculfy will long be remembered for 'their superb performances in lhe La Mezcla floorshow. Mr. Draper rose 'ro fhe occasion and won for himself greaf honor as a direc- for. No maffer whaf is wriffen abou? 'rhem on +his paper, our facuhly wins on all quali- ficarions. 5' Tons NQ Business 7 MARGARET GORDON EDWARD l-lOPKlNS Alhlelics DONNA McCARTY Arhlefics WESLEY PANGBURN Machine Shop NORMAN PATCHIN Social Science GEORGE OUETIN 1.5- 'Q' Counsellor, Malh AN Xfxi. EMILY REESE English, Journalism JAMES SCHWARTZ Music OSCAR SPOH N Science, Mall' OSCAR SUMNER Acjrfcufure HEQEN UNDERWOOD Sifcc Nufie SALLY XWARNER Home Eccrcmfs BQARD OE CONTROL Frovf fsw, leg' +C Hgh" Bryan, D. Erdfez, B, Ha! Perdxebv R. Leniz Bcfre. Seccna row: Smf+H J. VVC'Lj, L. Kem K. Haven E. Cham , De!! C. Koibev. Thkd D. Hifvef, 1 P ' Earl, B, OT?ve'. indent' wee FIRST SEMESTER GARY ENGELL Presidenf BESSIE HALL Vice Presidem' JOYCE PEN DELTON Secrehary SECOND SEMESTER 6501265 EARLL Presiderw LELAND O'DEl.L Vice Presidem ROSELLA LENTZ Secrehary SENIOR OFFICERS cuz-xRLEs KOLBERT Presudenf DON LYNN Vuce Presudenf PAT CEREDA Secrefary We 'ze We fhe Senuors of 5l un deparfung wush fo bequeafh fo fhose we leave behund a record of our achuevemenfs fhe luffle fhungs fhaf made our sfay af Armulo fhe mosf freasured years of our luves Our debuf un hugh school was unauspucuous green ganglung lcuds nauve yef hopeful of The opporfunufy fo prove ourselves ln Socual Scuence I we were prumed for fhe Frosh Recepfuon sfudued efuqueffe foo soon forgoffen by some as fhey grew older learned fo dance la chore for fhe bashful boys Green capped for our bug momenf we held our breafh fhe gurls hopeful of dancung wufh upperclassmen fhe boys lurlcung luke frughfened Cluaul un fhe shadows fo be flushed ouf by our advusors Wufh George Earll Bessue Hall and Ruby Lea Huclc as our class offucers we gauned courage and became beffer lcnown personalufues began fo emerge Our fursf annual marlcs fhe closung of every school year Our second mule wufh Gene Chamberlaun Clyde Loney and Jeaneffe Meehan af fhe helm was heughfened by our Sophomore Hop a gala affaur wufh a valenfune Theme We danced abouf a valenfune 'free fo fhe musuc of Bull Holland s orchesfra Don Lynn and Bessue Hall were our long and queen on fhus occasuon Rollung unfo our fhurd Year we found ourselves surprusungly changed we were now upper classmen' Class rungs were chosen new offucers elecfed Gary Engell Helen Barfley and Joyce Pendelfon Heady wufh power our hearfs were Turned fowards beung Senuors' We asserfed ourselves un a mad froluc af our Sprung Carnuval Phul Kung s orchesfra provuded fhe musuc for fhe affaur lvlafurufy af lasf' As full fledged Senuors we found ourselves face fo face wufh realufy and we fell' fhe gravufy of fhe sufuafuon Charles Kolberl Don Lynn and Paf Cereda raced us fhrough fhe Senuor year Our Senuor Ball lhe Banguef and graduafuon flashed by all foo quuclcly We emerged unfo a froubled world fhe cufuzens of fomorrow and we wenf forfh wufh fond memorues of happy years well spenf af Armuuo spring plcnic af fhe Vacaville Pool was our infroducflon fo a fradifionl-a highlighf fhaf 6 . SAMMY AOUINO CATHERINE AVGERINOS HELEN BARTLEY JOHN BAYONA BARBARA BECK Q af VERDA BLEDSOE ia, I if I l R I BARBARA BOONE BARBARA BRYAN ' DAVID BURRELL LA VERNE BOYD LEEROY BRAUDRICK PATRICIA CEREDA 'A .ha F . I EDWARD CHAN .Q ' ' ' tg: '32 :fi ELTON CONLEY NEIL CRAWFORD RANGE DAVIS WLLLIAM DE TAR Louls DLAZ l?5l 7064 Om THOMAS DOWNER GEORGE EARLL GARY ENGELL MARY ESCANO NIRA FONO JOHN FOON ED GANN HENRY Guloom BEsslE HALL DALE HARPER DON HARPER RUBY HUCK RUTH KITE CHARLES KOLBERT DOROTHY LARSON ROSELLA LENTZ EvA KRAUSS LLOHYFOOT CLYDE LONEY 'br' BLOSSOM Low DON LYNN ROSE MATHAHS LAWRENCE MAUSER NORDELLA MAXAM MARY MCCORD JAMES NEWCOMB RALPH NUNES LELAND OVDELL MARY JOYCE PENDLETON AVLEEN PIERCE CAROL PsERCE SABRA PRYOR LOREN RWCE ROBERT RORLNSON VIRGINIA RUSSELL LAWRENCE SCRIVNER RONALD SMITH ffm! Sa We Depcmz' IALDR ENE WTTHEPS FN FILBERT ZUNWANO C SIQTL RES "xf,A:Q GERALDINE STANLEY LOUIS TIM MARGARET TRISLER CATHERINE CORTIJO TURNER THOMAS WALSH WAYNARD WAGNER GLORIA WHITE BETTY WILSON FRANKLIN WINK JUNIOR OFFICERS BOB OLIVER Presldem GLORIA ENGELL Vice Presidem ROBERTA TIM Secre-Iary SOPI-IOMORE OFFICERS LEROY KEMPER Presidem' EDWARD SERPAS Wce Pre-sIden+ COLLEEN ANDERSON SSCIGIGVY FRESI-IMEN OFFICERS KENNETH I-IAYES Pfeioerv QOBERTA DODDS Wie R'e:'3ef' BARBARA MACKNIOHT Setfe-'ary fzmdja .fecwlew ? K-sg S Firsl' row, lei? +0 righl: A Smi+h, R. Sabino, J. Tornay V. Cravea, R. Avila, C Bransford. Second row: B Sciacqua, M. Wilson, V Swearengin, R. Shadriclc, B Sfubbs. Third row: D. Knapp L. Welsh, I. Norfhrup, G Kolberf. Firsl row, lell' fo rlghlz E. Gonzales, E. Lozano, L. Harper, J. Marshall, F. Griqsloy, A. Marlin, D. Frei- las. Second row: L. Jewef+, J. Marlin, F. Marianno, J. l-lafoer C. Maclcnighl, G. Enqell D. Davis J. De Gra- cia 74 Uma f 'v-Q-an-gg, Firsf row, lef+ fo right D. Sorenson, M. Todd, V. Rode gers, J. Oliver, M. Wink, J. Mulanax, N. Tucker. Second row: A. Marquez, E. Maf- suno, D. Marianno, J. Noo- nan, C. Green, R. Naslwland. Third row: B. Lodcefeer, A. Nugent B. Oliver. Fira? row, Teff To rigrfz S. Rnose, G. Saucier, L. Cne- vez, M. Baracosa, R.T1m, D. An+una, J. Cl'wan'1bTin. Sec- ond row: J. Cardozo, J. Ross, P. Burband, R. Nasnfand, W. Brooks, G. Cravea. Tlnlrd row: F, Brlgrow, M. Young, R. Bafclneider, T, Bed. L. Cul, lurn, D. Cain. Firsf row, ieff To righfz D. Brooks, P. Leicke, J, Mulanax, B. Perry, J. Maqneffi, J. Mashburn. Second row: J. Norfon, R. Lum, F. Rice, T. Rushing. Third row: R. Niies, J. Lifghf, J. Neison, R, Parkinson, F. Gwens. Firsi row, ieii +o righf: E. Yee, B, Venning, V. Shanec, J. Vest E. Serpas. Second row: H. Triviri, N, Wiser, A. Vest R. Tracy, E. Reef. Third row: B. McCord J, Wong, S. S+fiCiii3V"'J L. Wiisoh, G. Tnnneforn V Mx. 705 Kmm 70446 705 ,af Firsl row, lell 'ro righlz N. Barlley, C. Anderson, P. Buckingham, M. Conley, B. Fong, L. Reguera. Second row: E. Danielson, L. Cliff, D. Kilpalriclc, M. Flores, M. Ellioll, N. Boone. Third row: V. Cruz, M. Diaz, B. Ealon, J. Frazier, J. Bennell, B. Funez, 6. Blazedale, R. Da Boice. Fifi' FOW, lei? +9 riglwfg li La.-fley, D. Gilmore M. l-lar rf, S. Hall G. Larson, M Smlllw. Second row: R. Pan Q bun, C. lvefz, D. Lavar, W l-lo and J. Jenlfi'-i, l. Lewiz Tlffa row: VJ, Green A Pangbun, l'l. Keeler, I. Kemper, lvl, Marquez F3 Mafwelk Firsf row, leff To righfz C. Smnh, B. WIH, E. Lorrence, W. Vanslyke, P. Trisler, J. Same, N. Waldron. Second row: J. SmI+h, K. Van Bur- num, A. Simpson, M. Sierra, A, Varqes, C. Sorensen, S. Scrivner, B. Swearenqin, L. Waifon. Third row: S. Un- phress, C. Swenney, V. Tin- gle, M. Todd, W. Sheldon, P Wihianws G Whea+le T. . . . y. Srnnh. Frrsf 'ow 'eff 'C fwghf: J. Cuop, E. Brook E. Coriiss. P. Benne++, C. Bayron, A. Bodheine, B, Boone. Second rowi W, Afonzo R. Caren- der, D. Cuilum, J. Bennerh J. Cauqhfar, G. Cardoza. Third row: F. Corfho S. Ce'ncbeT' A. Calf- R, Downey. E, Barre? U, Pc- sew J. Boyd 705 'zz pdfll' .11 ff? fmafitcm Firsf row, lef+ fo riqh+: R McAIis+er, M. O'Neil, S Ovalles, J. Prifchard, M Rasmussen, D. Robinson, B Morrison, R. Meadiey. Sec- ond row: D. Lynch, M. Posey M. Passiy, E. Reeves, F. Le- desma, B. Mackniqhr, S. Ros si, B. Pendie+on, C, Maupin M. Oliver. Third row: J. Kin delf, F. Ma+hias. R. Robin son, N. Panqburn, J. Osfran der, C. Ross, P. Roberfs, B Marianno. Firs+ row, leif fo righf: L Carrion, R. Kemper, B Gann, H, Low, P. lnnman, D Fronaff, A. lsberg, B. Lee J. Kendeir. Second row: V Ei++reim, E. Ya+es, V. Louis G. Darnboise, E. Diaz, J Lambrechf, T. Loney, M Herrman, A, Dodds, K Hayes. Third row: L. Har+ M. Ivers. L. Lynn, L. Gordon D. Jackson, K. Green, D Sayior, J. Erberich, R Handrock, M. Harper. H. uippsfreu. czlevwleiz U! SCHOOL CALENDAR Se-pf. 5. l95O Sepf. IS, I95O Sept 22, 1950 Clct 20, l95O CDc+.27, I95O Nov.3,l95O Nov.ll,l95O Nov.l7,l95O Nov 2O,l95O Nov 2l,l95O Nov 29,I95O Dec.l,l95O Dec.7,I95O Dec.8-9,l95O Dec.I9,I95O Dec.2O4I95O School opens Freshman Receplion A Foolball Slarled Vacaville Game Rio Visfa Game . ., Benicia Game Sadie Hawkins Day Sonoma Game Armislice Day J.R.C. Variely Slwow Block "A" Banquel F.F.A. Dance Baskefball Slarled La Mezcla Dance Faculfy Floor Slnow Home Ec. Open I-louse Vallejo Tournamenl Clmrislmas Pageanl Clmrislmas Vacalion Hamm SCHOOL CALENDAR Dec. 20, I95O CHrEg+mes Danze Jef. N2 N953 Q5 Vim Game Jan, 19 WSI Vacffwi e Gare Jfm, 26, V951 BGPV-5 Gunne- Jem. 3I, I95I G.A.S. Banquef Feb. 2, I95i VacavlVe Game Feb. 9 l95I Rb Vida Game Feb. N5 I95' Beffa Game Feb. 2' WS! Siskrfwe Hcp Mafzh N5 WEP D'ama"Qi Ways AUM 6, !95l Juni' Pryn May I8, WS? Seniof Way May 59, l954 Wim'erg Ycwh Day May 3l, F95l Sefcr Bzrque' Jfe 4 V951 Serif BN Jae 8 N51 CCM"-efCeMe" W .Za WZ 4 Staff .- Firsr row, lei? TO righfz C Pierce, B. Bryan, L. Harper, D. Larson, B. l-lall, V. Bled soe. R. Leniz. Second row P. Cereda, N. Fong, R. Tim M. Pendlelon H. Barrley, B Boone, Mr. Draper, Mr. Day. Thifd row: B. Sciacqua, J Ross D. l-laroer, G. Engel' L. 6'Dell. Fri' ro-ff lei' lo fighl: J Marshall D. Sorensen. Sec- , . ono row: L. ooroon M. Conley, A, Marfir D. Ar- lwa, Mr. Draoer, J. Torrey Mit Mccarly M. BdVBCCi3 S. Hall E. Wilson, V, Bled soe. Th fo row: C. Anderifon. A, Veal J. Veal, Green. J. Mulrax, N. Wiser, J. Melanax, P. l.iel4i, R. Shao rim C. Bransiord, A. Nis- genlh whose unifed efforfs have made This issue wha+ if is. They have had 'rhe lasl-1 of collecfing and organizing malerial, The hardesl assignmenf--ge++ing enough pholographs for our phofo-pages. 3 Z " an organized rooling seclion, whose eflorr lo slimulale cooperalion among roofers has led lo 'rhe developmenf of an increasing amounr of enlhusiasm among lhe sluclenls al' rallies and games. I I Ava' ' the firsr slaff +o produce a commercially prinfed newspaper for S' 'J C Turner oyd M M B Low on rd H+ O f rn B W a TN Ja C P fa DY B83 Armijo. Professional s+andards and demands serve as an irnperus for a bel+er paper and a qrealer underslandinq of journalislic principles. E S I4 ' offers unlumnred opporfunuly +o exhubll prolecls nn slocls shows and faurs The bug momenr of fhe year playing hos+ a+ fhemr annual facully paren+ dun ner feafurrng home grown produce Firs+ row, iell fo rfglili S. Slriclc- land P. N'ei, J. 'Nlasliburr-. Sei- ond row: S. Lenn F. Pazclca, C. lvers J. Norlor' B. Fong, M. Rassrnusar, E. Wilson, N. Wiser, J. Magnewfe, E. Yee, C, Brans- lord J. Clnamblin. Tliird row: E. Corliss, B. Lee, M. Pruirl, D. So' rerscn, J, Oliver, J. Marslnail F. Gregsby, B. Delar, l-l. lrrivelr, B. Bergman, B. Earcn, J. Degracia. Fcww ref.: C. Macnglnr, P. Larrt E. Danielson J. Noonan, L. Jeweve, G. Blaizdale, R. Parkin- son FQ. Pangburn. l3i's' row elf lo figlwl: J. Torrey J. Marsra l. J. Oller. R. Kire, G Sra"e', A. Pierze. C. Pierce, B Bman, R, lm, P Gfeqsby. Q Sabnfw. Second raw: M. Baracosa G,-. Ecqel, N. Maxam, V. Swerir' G qi' C. Mclfnigr' P. Barbanlc Wr5'e, D. Sorenson, J. Ross, D Freiras. A. Marlan. llnird row: M You-tg, R. Srnim E. Marsunc E C"i" Q. Engel' B. Oliver, D Knaoo, B. De-la' L. Bacdriclc J Fei' N. Crawiyd, . 6 ' I 6 ' aclivily-corresponding willw foreign sludenls, goes lar loward crealing a grealer un- derslanding of world problems. composed of lirsf and second year language sludenls. Hs major ' composed of biology, clwemislry. and physics sludenfs who meel monllnly lo deliver oral reporls on scienlilic fopics. l'ligl1ligl'il' ol 'llne Year, 'flue annual picnic and swim parly. get 9 6 nnspnres creahve wrmng and an nnferesf In llferalure Thenr pro Flrsf row lef? lo rnqlwl E W: son Carman R Kemper P me G Sfanley C Pierce A Puerce R Tum N Fong Second row J mo S Pryor A W1 ers B r anlr R Mallwalws B Fong S H J Magnerh C lvers Tlwrrd row W Alonzo C Greene J Prllclward Fwrs' row, 'ef' 'Q rlqnr: S. Ross. E. Yee, B. Feng. S. Hall, D. Anmra, B. Bryan, R. Tim B. Low. Second row: L. T7m V. Swear-er-gif D, Cullam F. Pazcla. J. Maqne-Hi, J. Jenlmlns, J. Ross. Tlnlrd row: E. Ma'sL,no B, Delaf M. D7az J, Fear. led of lhe year +l'1e annual sfudenf produced publucaruon Armugo In Prose and Poefry aww Arrnvlos scholars whose grade pornr average ns laken IH sfrude fernper rlwelr mfelleclual pursun+s wufh achve parhcnpaflon In socual and sporr achvlfnes 4 Firsr row. lell lo righl: A. Wirhers. C. Branslord. Sec- ond row: lvl, Escano, B. Bry- an, C. Pierce. R. Lenlz, V. Bledsoe. Third row: B, Blede soe, J. Oliver, E. Lozano, J. Marshall. Fourfh row: L. Welch, B. Sciaqua, J. Ross, J. Noonan, Fillh row: L. Cul' lurn, F. Wink, C. Kolberl, D. lvlarianno, A. Pangburn, L. Braudriclc, J. De Graccia. mem Zed : hirsl row, lelr lo righl: B. Bryan, L. Denning. Second row: B. Sciaqua, R. Shad- riclc R, Lenrz, B. Boone, S. l-lall, C. Pierce, A. Pierce. E. Reel, B. Slubbs, N. Barl- ley, V. Griswold. B, Bledsoe. N. Crawford, J. Ross. I I D ' a busy season: playing 'ro a full house in a brillianf performance of The Chrislmas Pageant 'rhe "Three Kingslf planning a series of one acl plays and fhe final produclion, lhe Senior play. an organizalion known for i+s service, has gained a prom- inenl place in our memories by Hs laugh-provoking variery show which was wrirfen and performed by our mosl +alen+ed sfudenls. 23046 " ".- '0 r Pan U Won :- ri VV k l-lg D W M a 0 han E Malsunw Mar Marquez D az V a B rn d Se a e Te 5 u bs D n ann on ar' C Kel T Kawarnolo M ne a a Fowl unes vl T GVW7 Pryor y ne Harper Q r rv' R Flllh row G Tonneson U e m r B Loc G e O ny r H rw' r a Gu dolll w Q 4 B Br Ma anger Cv gel' Mana er rel re r Bu Ma a Dsl e en' e Ma u Ma a Mu are Ma een Q V B O V W E J W1 so VW Th w F e ' Tu es J Charwbl S r' wee R Malnah rn M Cor-ley S ld U5 man F r w lr rg l J O lver 5 Harper A N qenl a Wh e D Soren V' Armilo Heroes lcnown for lheir prowess as sporlsman, They have earned fheir bloclcs by parllcipeling in foolball, baslcelball, baseball, lreclc and lennis. no V' 9 Armuloelles whose acllve parhcupahon an curls sporls has gauned fhem mernbershnp The annual banquef hay rude and Sadue Hawluns dance are fhelr chnel achvrhes Flfs' row ef? lqhl. R. 1 qr b r' J. q, L. Jewil S 'ff' Sore-han' N. Cr Nvrd C. Leroy. T L P n D. r N. Sefnrd r . P. Niles L. 7lsfw- F. erl rn ' E. C . . M. 1 V Q ' ' 3492 R. De Bzyie, A. ., L. -I . . Cn.: B. Stl q a. J. NL: b. Tl-if l-qw: E. rp 5. B. D f, B. Ealc' D. D vig B. , S' lb . Ly ' C. Pl, len, D. ' M64 3, N ,P - berl. A I , y R. ' l L . h K ' ' ' 'owi R. 'Nl , H, Trl All, . Beck, E. C5 , L. O'Dell F. , H. . v SUI 5 r D. . . Ea ll, L .1 , J U Cul u .Days J. De Gracie. J T V' Beycna, f : . l V ' 4' , T. D Hur, L. Ke pe. . .lce 1 X. A fer , Eng ll. B. l' e, . Kee fer, R, S fh. S. Sf lclcl nd. H l . f Prof' row le'. o Hgh : , yan. 'f ' , E' - Q : M, P V' Se: la y' P. rbenlz, fie p'e:'de"' N. 1 r" Pr, '- Gen' H. Bane, P' Qld ' R. Lenz Vie Dr :ld-en' P, Cereda Se2'e'e',' B. Hall . Hager' B Bei fage' Sererd row: J Teva. M. B 'aitza S. Low R Lu' J. 1 N. Banle, J g-ew S, Hall N. ef- . R Sl' d if M. J nes. Thlrd o . V. Bledsoe . Doble son, . Veslh P. Lelilfe L. Cr' E. 'l n B. Ve"nlng C. Plerce. S. L. A. S "h , . Fox' ro :A. Maul' D. r las N. cle' M. 5 'J' . lr D. Lar o R. l-Milf V. S , rengfn t ' 5, A. Ve ' N. Wlaer A. Plerie V, Sfswc G. H 5 . df' C 2 M. WI' J, Md 'dl . l' l M. Esc no L. . - . , C. Br nslord. G. 5' . - - l so. L. Boyd E, Lczano D. Kil- panty. Du!! mm' Lelf lj rfqP'I J. lgrnay NA. Baraccea, B. Earn, D. Cul lum, C. Sweewy, E. Barrell W. Hollarvd. N. Wiser, V. Simmons, P. Leiclce, G, l-lull man R. Me-adly E. Corllss and S. l-lall. Croix Bar: G. Darrwboise and V. C5flHNOld. DRILL LEADERS-M. Con we -md J Perfcllelorw no ore enl Wiaycvzettee NAAJQRETTES l. + ne C amp v W1 Bn ' preilszon drillworlcx Qrlricfale lorrmaficrf WWW r3Ol l'9Tl 'QU' worlvllwe 41Qc.ompll,Hmenl, ol Armiloa mosl vlvacious girls. lvllse Micanyi cure-fwl rlrll leam mmlr, lops ln aclalevemerwl. Ivlnvviui-"- adepl al lwnrlmq flue bafon wlule performing qymna lug leafs or leadmq drrll Formaflorws Their performance af games rallues and n parades lS a spec farle lo behold rw' -...ns-Q..-a.n...l.. f'l7W"'U'1 ui 'ww ..J., ' y, .. . l I ' C" 5 Q 1 I I , . . . . F . D 5 -Era 'q??Q f' W li . 7 9 5 r ln . '.'lA 5. 'lqlf f Jain' Mag Hi Juv V lv ll, a. Barbara , .ave W ' Q A " ,,, 14... ,N ,,.. W -- 4 I v- A Am .ju WM., 7, M. N j -' ' f Y v A , 4 - v-. . , f NH ' . . ' ' V ' 0' L.....,. .... ' , - ' I - K a v- ' 'Tu lv'-.1 Q - a Q1 " . ., I l V' 1 -- , -.5f.,?- h 4 1 jf. L 'S' 5" Y N ' '- 1 k -cl ' ' 'Yr V. 'A L li ffl . X- , V 'Q .fit w- - L,-- L 4 :wwf I 'W " in " Q 4 Q , ,Q , 1 - ,..4 ,Nc Mu Q, 'Q , .- ,. an , B 18 ' i A15 4632! M L45 v Q24 - wi Q VP' l ffg 1""4 'HS' G, an Y .ff Y - .44 Q.. fi!-r 1 X. N 4 . 0- I A at ' ' ' nt 11 1' M 'HW W, 51? .gg v fl 33:4 Qs, 442+ 449 I 191, .3 .KE t gy 5995 QQ! '24 - 1 an its-IH.. mfg .p Lelr lo riqhrz Jane Marshall, Jeanelre Tornay and Diana Sorensen. 24154 r - - . rirsl row, lew +0 riqhr: J Marghak K, Channor. M Prdl' B. Snobs, D. Soren- sen Secoro row: C. Brans- A. Pierce. C. Pierce, B. Bryl lord. A. Nugenl, A. Smilh an, M Barazzia, L. Chevez V. Bleoeoe, J. Cliver, D. Ani lima. Thiro rowg E. Malsuno, R. Nashland B. Bledsoe. J Mu anax. J. Qharnblin, B. Ol- ver V. Griswold, P. Bur oarilc, J. Noonan, D. Marian- no, l.. Welch. lhree oeppy gals whose luncliorw 'f fa lo fncile lhe cheer- ing fhronqs ol Armiio roolers on fo a louder frenzy-The beffer fo mainfain 'rhe morale of our learn. ' Zee : riofous slcils depicfing Jrhe invincible 'llndian' lriumphanl over lhe 'enemyfi enlerlains Arrniio lang af prelgame rallies by presenling Semo, The Indian has become an Armiio lradirion fhrough lhe ellorls ol Neil Crawford and Aileen Pierce. +. 4- 47 - X H35 fm ? 3 Q7 W ., i ,ff-x r E 1 I y 'uk 1 '12 ww U A 4A l . ,WF Bergman cnet!! Cullum ar Scruvner Chamblm Loney .4 T 74415416 Henry Guidoffi Bob Harold Charles Jim Ken Oliver Triviff Kolberlr Harper Hayes League-Play sfarfed for Armiio on Oclober 20, when fhe Vacaville Bulldogs were defeafecl fo lhe fune of I3 fo 0. In Iheir league compefifion fhe Indians were upser 7 fo 6 on a very muddy field by a delermined Rio Visfa eleven. The final league en- counfer found Bernicia, lhe league champions defeafing fhe Indians I8 To I2. Armislice day fhe Indians defeafed Sonoma I8 lo I4, bringing 'rhe season fo a close. The Seniors in Ihe sfarfing eleven were as follows: Clyde Loney and Louie Diaz, 'rwo fasf versalile ends on bofh offense and defenseg fullback, Herb Scrivner, a powerful ground-gainer in The Indian baclcfieldg George Earll, valued sfalwarf cenler and linebacker fhroughouf fhe season: righl guard, Charles Kolberf, a rugged indi- vidual in 'the line. The Juniors were as follows: Lefl' halfbaclc, Lyle Cullum. a fine breakaway runner and a sure faclcling safelyman: Bob Bergman, a heads-up runner al righ+ halfbaclcp big, 64fool-2-inch, 234 pound Bob Oliver, a sfone wall af righl 'raclcleg Dave Marianno, gaining invaluable experience in his firsf year af foofball, played fine ball af Ieff guard. The Sophomores were Milne Diaz, quarferbaclc. adepf al handling fhe ball, and Harold Trivilf, one of fhe mosf rugged players in Ihe forward wall. Mr. Don Alldredge showed fo greaf advanfage in his firsl' year as assisfanf coach. Coach Hoplcins appreciafed fhe efforls of Ernie Moreffi, Armiio alumnus who helped puf fhe Ieam fhrough ils paces. SCORES Varsify Foofball Arrniio 8 Calisfoga Armiio M 26 SI. Vincenls Armiio ,. . . I9 Sf. Helena Armiio .. .26 Livermore 'Armiio , I3 'Vacaville 'Armiio . ,. .. ...,, 6 'Rio Visfa 'Armiio I2 'Benicia Armijo. .... . .s.. I8 Sanoma . Tofal , .. . I28 To+aI ,, . 'LEAGUE GAMES 'v Gary Tonneson Q ,lig??u'- S - 1' - A. S1 ED HOPKINS DON ALLDREDGE Coaches Wafwdtq ?a4z'ZaZ! Kg' I LOCkef9V MGVIGVWO Gam Morris Smith Wilisom Armiio Armiio Armiio Armiio Tofal "7 Firsf row, left fo righf: A. Vargas, E. Reeves, G. Cordoza, J. Cupp, M. l-larper, A. lsberq, S. Scrivner. Second row: J. Nelson, B. Eafon, R. Robinsen. J. Boyd. B. Bledsoe. J. Wong, E. Brooks. Third row: B. Morse, T, Smith, J. Torrence, E. Serpas, D. Davis, W. Sheldon, R. Minalcala, E. Webb. Coach Pangburns "B" Team had a successful season: lhe boys played well and gained invaluable experience in fhe sporf. Since fhe "B" squad was formed, foolball has become a more inreresling and safer game for rhe alhlefes parlicipafing. The ream is composed primarily of Freshmen and Sophomores. SCORES 26 Vacaville O O Rio Visla O 8 Benicia 7 6 Vallejo Jr. High 20 40 Tofal 27 COACH PANGBURN Wcvwdzfq I ' W' N. ,X ' lfH ": 35 ? --44 15- 22 K O n Lg. ' -Q I V MZ - 0 R,,:,.A x N , v' Q 5 A - - . J . , , k -1 . 5 k ":-W -Irwi- Q , ff ,Q E' 4 arf' 1 5 48,2 A g -- -6 O u Ov-1 x A I ff Zcwbetdail Fire? row, lefr fo riqhfz B. Bledsoe, T, Kawarnofo, N. Crawford, H. Keeier, A, Marquez, B. S+ubbs, D. Lynn, H, Lippshqu, Second row: R. Robinson, V. Cruz, E. Mafsuno, M, Marquez, R. Nunes, D, Davis, J. Poileffe R, Nasnlund. The Arrniio B re-am rurned in a repear performance of lasr year's winning squad as ihey swepr six league games 'ro re- fain fhe championship crown here af Armiio, SCORES Armiio 39 Rio Visfa 3I Armijo 48 Vacaville Arrniio 51 Benicia Armiio 46 Vacaville Armiio 43 Rio Visfa Arrniio 43 Benicia "ZW 'D' 7 For flwe fourlh year in succession lhe Armiio "D" 'ream has been undefeafed in league play, The "C" feam was noi as iorfunaie +lwis season, winning only 2 ou+ of 6 league encoun+ers. C BASKETBALL Eirsi row. lei? lo rigiwl: E, Broolrs, J. Cupp. Hayes, S. Sorensen, J. Wong, Second row: Williams. G. Blaisdelll R. Eunez. J. Maslwbur Armiio Armiio Armiio Armiio Armiio Armiio Eirs' row E. Diaz Second SCORES 28 Vacaville 29 23 Rio 23 Benicia 28 I5 Rio 25 28 Benicia 4l 27 Vacaville 28 D BASKETBALL eff lo rignfz C. Bayron, S, Sci-iyne E. Reeve N. Waldron, B, Swearengi row: A, lsberg. D. Eivrurn, D. Lync M, O Nei R. Parkinson. Armiio Armiio Armiic Arrniio Armiio Pxrmiio SCORES 37 Vacaville I2 22 Rio I3 28 Benicia 26 32 Rio 34 Benicia 27 35 Vacaviille IB Fl 2? Y Armiio basebali prospecfs should be brighfer +his spring due +o +he rehirn of num- erous lefferrnen from lasf season. The I95O squad finished second in +he S.C.A.L. race. VARSITY BASEBALL Firgf 'iw lei' 'i riqhv F. Mariaffo. E. Naiswc, G. Enqeii E. Serpaz. Sciond fow: D. Mfrianno, K. Chambiiry R Smi4h E. Coniey. A B A BASEBALL Firs? row, ieif 'o riqhf: H. Smifh B. Bledsoe, R. Sciac- qua, K. Hayes, E. Diaz E. Beef A. Varques. Second ww: J. Newcornb, M. Mar- quez,G.Cardoza,T.Smi1h, H. TriviH, J. Wong, B Eaion, R. DeBoyce. Third fowg T. Kawarnoio H Llppsweu, L. Wi'scn L. O'De!l, B. Oliver G. Ton- 'esoh J. Boyd C. Puiien. TRACK Firsf row, leff lo righf: E. Conley, B. Ealon, G. Carcloza, K. Hayes, S. Scrivner, R. De Boyce. Second row: B. De Tar, L. Wilson, D. Cain, R. Sciacqua, E. Chan, J. Wong, Third row: B, Bledsoe, l.. Kemper, B. Sfubbs, J, Harper. B. Oliver, W. Sheldon, R. Robinson, J. Newcomb. pu. The relurn of many of las? seasons success- ful cindermen lo +he oval promised a mosf successful frack campaign. Indian fraclcsfers should climb 'ro new heighls under Coach Alldredge. Candid shof: showing fhe con+or+ed face of a viclorious fraclcsfer. emzdc BOYS' TENNIS Front row, ieff 'O rigid: R. Sciacqua, E. Chan, J. Foon, L. Tim, Back row: T. Beck, D, Burreil, G. Engelii J. Fraiser, B. De Tar, Having proven Hneir skili by winning las? year's League Tournament our boys are now primed ro repear Hue performance again Huis year. sl . I ..4r' W' ' WYE' ' '54 n C .' ' .' v fi J 3 E Ji dl.. , 'Qvq X UPPER CLASSMEN Firsr row, ieff +0 riqhf: D. Freiias, C. Bransford, J. M'ulanax, J. Tor- nay, M, Baracosa, B. Boone H. Bar'rley, R. Lenfz, R. Ma+hai'1s, M. McCord. Second row: A. Smiflw, J. Chamblin, A. Marrin, B. Bryan, D. Anfuna, R. Siiadrick, J. Oliver, L. Harper, E. Lozano. M. Trisler, B. Beck. Third row: C. Mackniqht, V, Swearengin, N. Tucker, M. Wink, R. Kife, A. Nuqenf, P. Bur- bank. M. Pruiff, D. Sorenson, G. Whi+e, LOWER CLASSMEN Firs? row, lei? ro riqhfz R. Mead- F ley, D. Robinson, S. Lum. Brooks, D. Frona++, A. Dodds. L Carrion, M, Sierra, P. Trisler. B WEH. Second row: F. Paczka, S Rossi, P. Benne++, B. Pendlefon, J Samo, G. Larson, M. Jones, 5 Low. B, Fong, E, Barreff, G. Darn- boise. V. Lewis. Third row: B Gann G. Huffman, D. Gilmore M. Conley, E. Wilson, S. Heli, Wiser, J, Vest J. Maqneifi, N C Anderson, J. Mulanax, P. Leicke D. Culiom, R. Lum, W. Holiand Fourfii row: V, Simmons, E. Tor- rence L. Cliif, D. Kilpafrick F Rice. E. Danieison, L. Gordon M Harris, M. Flores. D. Lavar P Buckingham, N. Boone J. Jenkins S. Hiiden, B. Venninq, S, Urne plwress. Wmutq Waiiecy 3466 Honorary group of Junior and Senior Top Team piayers, hand picked by GAS. Council. Volleybai! manager. Gloria Enqeii, reporfed Seniors as Top Team being ure defeared in borh infra and inferschool fournamenfs, . in . o A '9 ,..,., if ,fi Le Leif fo riqhf: V. Swearinqen, R nfz, G. Enqeii, J. Charnbiiri, Boone, R, Kife, B. Bryan, R. Shad ricic, P. Cereda, C. Pierce, B. Ha ' fa Wcvzadtq Walfedy gal! Secondary Honorary group including Freshmen fhrough Seniors, hand picked by G.A.S. Council, Sophomore +eam came in second in infra and En+er-school +ournamen+s. Leif 'Q r'qhYi E, Dar'ie-'Son A Vesf P Leicie R. Lwn, C. Ffa ser- P, Ma'hah: B Fccr- PWC: ey S Ha' S. Low N Ba"'ev 9 7466 2 Mc 9 frffy gurls under fhe dlrechon of 'rhelr manager Helen Barlley, srayed affer school and learned square dances and Folk dances from every country. Firsf row, lef? To righf: S. Rossi, B. Macknighl, W. Holland, C. Branslord, J. Chamblln. H. Bad- ley, R. Lum, S. Low R. Malhahs, M. Conley, D.An1una. Second row: B. Pinkerlon, M. Bar- acosa, J. Tornay, E, Lozano, L. Harper, J. Oliver, R, Kife, M. Wink, N. Boone, L. Carrion, D. Fronaff, Third row: D, Roblnson P. Leicke, J. Mulanax, A. SrnI+h, J. Mulanax, J. Vesl, N. Wiser, E. Dania-'son, J. Maqnelfi, E. Tor- rence, B. Fong, P. Benneff. Fourfh row: S. Hilden. L. Cliff, E, Wilson, F. Paczka. M. Flores, S. Umphress. D. Kilpafrick, B. Beck, 6, Dam- boise, J, Sarno, A. Dodds, Fillh row: J. Jenkins, P, Buckingham, L. Gordon, V. Swearenqin, A. Nu- genf, M. Pruirf, D. Sorenson, B. Pendlefon, J. Benneff, M. Sierra. I l gurls who were chosen +0 manage 'rhe varuous spor+s lhroughour Lef+ lo rlghfz M. Pruilr, P. Bur- bank, N. Maxam, H. Barkley, R. Lenfz, B. Bryan, B. Boone, R. Shad- rick, B. Beck, B. Hall. o f 0 edited " sevenly girls signed up lor fennisg lorry received 50 poin+s in G.A.S. from 'rheir manager, Bessie Hall. for praclicing afler school one day a weelc For five weeks. Firsl' row, leff ol' riqhlz B. Fong. R. Lum, B. Lee, P. Bennef+, B. Hall, Manager, B. Bryan, V. Bledsoe. H. Barlley, E. Lozano. Second row: A. Simpson. F. Paczlra, J. Benneff, R. Kemper, J. Samo, N. Barlley, L. Clifl, J. Mulanax, J. Vesf, MQDQnald. Third row: B. Wifi, A. Smifh, L. Gordon, M. Pruill, A. Nugenf, N. Wiser, A. Vesl, B. Pendlelon, S. Rossi, S. Lum. Fourlfh row: S. Hall, C. Anderson, P. Leiclre, A. Dodds. M. Conley, B. Boone, J. Mulanax. J. Marshall, N. Boone, M. Flores, J. Burnham. I 60064 0' lhe six girls chosen lo represenl Armiio in the league fennis lournamenl, compefed unsuccessfully wilh Valleio. The experience gained lhis season will improve fhe fechnique of fhe remaining foursome. Left ro righr: S. Low, R, Lum. B. Hall, J. Marshall, D. Sorenson BY JUDY BURNI-IAM PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS CAROL PIERCE BY RAY ROBINSON . f 5? JNFX R 1 4 .I 's I 4 1 , .YQQJJ Ani. .-3 .rc ,, "'.. A 'V ff 5 5 .gp , , U, , I O 4- . "Q Q ' -lfl.-' .34-K f,,,,,, ,Q . 5 me 1. , . Q- is J -, -.yn ,U 41" A 6 , if' aj if , 'fir M ix Q Q -ur 5' 'L Q 3? . .2 j Wi 1 'Ja 'K in f an J 1 4 V x Y , S' 1 va A -a ,M in 3' '34 XX -g, v fx ob nw ,ary 5- -Biff' ,A 'Q "LM 1 fw , ' 'F by-44 Vx N . , 5 if . . XR Q 1' f ' 'Q 8 A" '54, P, H... .W . .V X I J 'I-If? " lift' P V ,f . I' Vg' f 53. Q1-vw .wal Q 1 If as K3 -Afsil'-'I A4 I :L ,, Xbmvli 0, Q 1 KY 'xg-av ?va,6r7'viXXuUl XY gawk 1' f ,as - .gg 23 93 x A 'H wggf 4,4 U 'V W Y n b A Q .X X.,g ., L . , 3' ' -1 ' ' ' f-'F 33 Q 'U V W " --.4 6 '?'4'nr gm ,. ,, ...-- L .V , , V- i v PZ... 'F - u Ig 9 ., f' :L 1:-J K "SEEK: N51 I sf f' -F 1.4.x , V, .,,, 0 .5 ,,. vt 5,1- '31- 'll 'Wi' k 'Q' 555 I 2 4' ..-1 ,..--" I pf K I f g M ma-15 N . 5' ' m. Qr. 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Suggestions in the Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) collection:

Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 52

1951, pg 52

Armijo High School - La Mezcla Yearbook (Fairfield, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 6

1951, pg 6

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