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w ,-A .I p 'l 'A 11 ' ' 9.3 '4 .f in 'lu . U ' R' L I r I'-mf 4 .I L 1.9 V v ,F' 1 , , I v Q ,I .45 ' "'A"-ir? f' 1,5 .Q 5, Wa' ,o?J 4 Yr, H T' WY, A is .. L,-,, N A . . V. ' "J 'L 41, - 4 ,. ,. 4 ' 1 .H -, . -,M , - fy- J f 1 A v ly.. x R -f ? .N J : H4 4 :g...x U . wi QW: "r P1 I "" , 'I 1 . H I, , . , U vf. gg rl I Y, N 1 .,e, I O ' ' .7 aw 'H' JA 0 .y :NO 'U V ' ' ' Q w .fb .X '1 vr.,.. ,v-I J v.1..,, , ,fu il- " U ' .VI '.,,,1Qcv a 'Quai I YC 4- .ra - . ,,- . 1 -' J -f. . , 1, A ." ' , 'Q . Ni. - A HH ' , 1 I'- I x A .':4, we r -.4 r r U", fr. 1 'gl' ' 1 J, .f Ln, , ,s X, ! 1 Q K 1 c 2:- ' '. 'll JS' 'V 'N In A' 'CF' Q 1 'Nb 2 E1-f S1 N -r - win: ' ' I'-1.3. ',,.,s- ' M1 -lv: ,. A . ,, 4 gg 0 .,n on' ,'.Q1.."4, ' ', IE..-,frf , 1 lj ',a,m...g !5- ,.-" .X wwf u Q evellle 1965 The Rebels' spirited entry onto the Abilene field. Arlington State College Arlington, Texas Volume 48 The year 1964-1965 was marked, as usual. by continual expansion in physical pltmt. enrollment. faculty and student achieixements. But by far the most memorable event of the school pear :cas the birth of an element heretofore only faintly ziisible in a student body of only 1.000 on- campus residents and some 10,000 commuting students-school spirit. In December of 1964, Arlington State College zcas accredited by the Southern .-lsociation of Colleges and Schools. This longeawaited recognition climaxed a period of phenomenal growth and progress which began in 1959, when ASC became a senior college. Also in December, students learned of a proposed more by T eras .-18:11 fniiersitp' to incor- porate all four schools in the A4511 System irzto one closely knit "super uniz'ersity." The proposal included changing the name of ASC to Texas .4811 at Arlington. Opposition to the plan was the year's most important single factor in unity ing the student body. Even though such events as a reneu-al of football riralry between ASC and Southern .Uethc-dist University in Dallas after a 20-year lapse had fanned spirit to a pitch higher than it had reached in ASC's senior college days. the name-change proposal brought the student body into an emotional camaraderie r10t felt since .-ISC :con the Junior Rose Botcl game at Pasadena. California, in 1957. 4.1. -ska --K,-. fp. G-. ip' -.1 'H Viv- .iw " . - I E ' v ., Y ,... , Q -Q :- :fvj I V. 1 YQUEE rg it Z , .g5n -1. mu.1..-exf:4--- - ---- p.6 Campus Life, p. T2 The Students, p. 54 if, " F' "4 'Q 6 ft The Personalities, p. T74 The Athletes, p. 272 The Leadership, p. 256 8 a 1 I I I I I i fix, x 4 K ' ' s 4 W 'U-1 Atl. X mga:-, i , A-A bfi V . fam Y- . - "s.1,3j4 . 'Sf "' 1 , 1 ' lin. ww' . ' 'ruff ','T"'rf",. 1' 1 v .M-I ,English Professor, Publications Advisor A Tribute fo Paul Blokney Students come into contact with many professors in the course of a college career. Most are forgotten, some are re- membered as an unpleasant part of the student's life, others acquire a real identity and later hold a warm spot in the memory of the student as he leaves the college community. Among the qualities which make a single professor memorable are his knowledge of his subject matter, his concern for his students as individuals, his willingness to help pupils academically and personally, and, most im- portantly, his ability to relate on a personal level to his students. Working closely with students as Shorthorn advisor, as Press Club sponsor, and as a teacher of both English and journalism, Mr. Paul S. Blakney has exhibited these qualities which cause a professor to be remembered as both educator and friend. For these reasons, the 1965 Reveille staff pays tribute to him. He especially understands the plight of the working stu- dent with a family as he did not begin his own college career until after his family was started. While earning both Bachelors and Masters of Arts degrees from North Texas State University, Mr. Blakney worked on the Denton- Record Chronicle. After coming to Arlington State College in 1954, Mr. Blakney served as director of public informa- tion for seven years, 1954-1961. At the same time, he also taught. When Arlington State began increasing the number of its non-teaching administrators in 1961, he chose to re- main in the classroom rather than continue as information director. He has maintained membership in the College Classroom Teachers of English, the South-Central Modern Language Association, the honorary English fraternity Sigma Tau Delta, and the professional joumalism fraternity Sigma Delta Chi. ... f' ,PX U Liltmfl lu III ll! V P I.,- ff 'H- I pn ,. ..,.,-- - wr- . Ja:--i.:.X43jjq 1 , L4 qt ws 131: r',L1,:ff'fH'f L1 . . . . Yqo. v H' I , in if wig , ff' ,!,g,H3'g?3,'hj v PEL lag 1,,,43a+:tmW an V-f'.-,Um z , My Qg5f1:cwg4,,w1f4f,fi5 ,, ,-,, , -A.. t, . J 1 A :Y 1 3 1 it N. 's I- II Top right: Bonnie Edmundson, student assistant, records the num- ber of students who come into the library. Lower right: A lounge area is set aside for smoking and perusing of periodicals. Four-Floor Addition Set for New Library Building CHECK All Navi wtf CASES OVEN ,og msvscnowa BOOKS HERE! After four moxes in about 50 yt-ar-. the library ha- tiniliy I-fun-i i g.-'r:..s:.-et built expressly for it. Since the spring of 1904. the library ha- iw'-rt iwu--fi ir. 4 location on Yates Street behind Preston Hall. ln November the ASM Board of Reg'-nts .tppr--wfl a 52.1 ntiili'-ti i addition to be added beginning this year in order to tue'-t the d'-:n.ind- -r' , enrollments. In addition to air conditioning, more floor space, and more r- 1-rn for 1 library is now able to offer new, improved serxice-. Among these services is the coin-operated Xerox machine in the i-4-1-ni'-nf. Pr five cents a page, the copier can reproduce almost any printed nut-,-tial in J rrzsttr-r of seconds. Also located in the basement is the audio-xisual aids department. Here -tum-nu can listen to language, music, poetry. drama. shorthand. and hist--ri-iii tapes. Smoking areas and lounges in which to read current peril-di-ral-. new-pap--'ra ,xii browsing books are other innovations to be found in the library. A relatively new offering of the library is goxernment documents. situated -n Zh-3 first floor. Because ASC was named a depository for the dtcum-ni-. the iirrai- receives a majority of items published by the federal got-ernment. Because of the large number of technical b-5-flks. the library now holds and anticipates adding in the iuture. a new, more expandable classification system has been adopted. All new books are being classified by the Library of Congress letter method. As time all-Jws. -'-lder books will be changed to fit in with the new designa- tions. bse of the library facilities has increased. perhaps as a result of the more and the additional serviws as well as of the development of .1 more studious carnpm. Circulation has doubled. and .1 count shows that about 3.000 persons use the library on a weekday and about 300 on the weekend. Q -in .4SC's completed auditorium will seat 2,800 persons and will be used for large stage productions and intercollegiate basketball games. Construction Costs Exceed S3 Million if f,..n.grufArjon began in mid-July. 1964. on the largest expansion program in torium, a health center, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a theater, an thi- hi-t--ry of Arlington State College. Contracts totaling S3,007,068.40 were addition to the student center, and a Utilities System extension. Also, more .ipprow-d by the Texas A851 Board of Directors. parking area was provided, increasing the car capacity to 3,200. l,f'flP'ls infludr-rl in the expansion program were u multi-purpose audi- Tlte 'lllfllfflflilllll uill he .lrlingmnfs mllest building the equivalent ol seven stories. 5 get r 11 " :www The theater will seat 500 in air-conditioned comfort. Features of the new theater include a 46-by-88-foot stage and orchestra pit. . 0 t 5 . S '1 Ag E sf t 6, Q KFC. ' ! s if ' 14 .xg iii-Q The E. H. Hvre-foul Sludenl Center, Constructed in 1952, is expanding for the fourth lime. Inc-lmlcd in the Sub addition are a book store, a supply store, a ballroom, and a snack bar. rg L l Wi6+1g,izff?,i'+ez4:a1. 7 The most expensive project is the auditorium, with a construction cost of 31,528,646 and equipment cost of 3B158,100. Other building costs are the student center addition, 35594,- 615g the theater, 3507,0'l1g the swimming pool, S133,084g five parking lot projects, S167,520g utilities system extension, 8103,- 176g and the health center, S410,808. The buildings as well as the swimming pool are scheduled for completion by September. The parking facilities were finished and put into use during the 1964-65 school year. The proposed health center will contain 30 lufrls. The health center is located at Second and West Streets, behind Daz is Dorm Campus life became increasingly important this year because of a greater number of students partiripating in aetiiities. Although the problem of too many commuters still existed, the number of dorm residents inrreased. as did the number of students living in the mushrooming colony of nearby apartments. Homeeoming and Old South, highlights of the fall and spring semesters, respectively, included more artit ities than ez er before. Also, concerts of such diverse types as the Vienna Choir Boys, the Lettermen, and Lionel Hampton and his orchestra, and free showings of movies such as "Two Women," "Winter Lights," "Atlzrise and Consent," and "To Kill a Mockingbird" sparked the in- terest and attendance of infreasing numbers of students. .Yew eientseefestiial Italiano and Peace Corps Week-drew considerable interest during the .spring semester. Festiral Italiano featured a semi-formal dinner-dance and showings of "La Dolce Vita," which dren overlllou' rrourls. Peace Corps Week featured daily talks or panel discussions by four Peace Corpsrnen. recently returned from assignments in India, Liberia, Honduras, and Co- lombth. The full calendar oi rn flirt, arlrled measurably to Arlington Stttte's school spirit. I4 The Men's Hall A Homecoming float Campu Life ? Y' H. C' sf ,il Enrollment Fifth in State For the second year, Arlington State College has been ranked fifth in enrollment among state-supported schools. Ahead of Arlington still loom the University of Texas, the University of Houston, Texas Tech- nological College, and North Texas State University. ASC, however, is only three hundred students short of fourth place. Students got a taste of how massive 11,513 students could be as they waited in endless lines. Coeds were pleasantly surprised as they discovered that the ratio of boys to girls was still four to one. Upperclassmen dis- played their authority by introducing freshmen to the famous, or infamous, "beanie," Social clubs could be found giving students infomiation about their organizations. To most people, however, confusing crowds, long waits, and empty pockets were typical of registration. nf" 1 ua 65 oo' nov un 30.0.0 neo ." Q Q 0o'1. U o so o sou c'o UC 'Ol l,9.l O ...QQ M 0.1. 0. ' s K Q U o 0 Q 0 o o s U o 9 o n. oo toe: ee, .o.o.oo, s tilts' ' soQoa.,' cocoa Q Glo, '40 XNSHTUTE Page 16, top: Callousecl fingers are only a part of the staff's aches and pains. Bottom, left: Officers of the IEEE :lub discuss the benefits of joining with a prospective member. Middle: "Small fry" inspects mom's bills. Right: Registrants make .sure that classes are still open. C""'P'efe A11 FONTIS In I nk Pages I6 and 17, cross section: Filling out pages and pages of forms are necessary. Page 17, top left: Throngs of students "inch" forward through the endless registration lines. Middle: Official ASC hostesses Candy Menger and Janie Bishop sell "beanies" to freshmen. Right: President Woolf rides in the Student Activities Board "Sub Cab" as its leaders distribute information. Bottom: Professors help under- graduates who need aid in selecting proper courses. iwss- Q Bonfire lgnifing Begins Homecoming Activities Homecoming activities were initiated with the lighting of the bonfire the night of Thursday, November 5. After the bonfire, a "monkey line" of students paraded through downtown Arlington and returned to the student center where an- other dance was held. Lumber for the fire was collected from contributions from towns- people. -I 4 Q 'B Page 18, top: First wood is collected. llialdle: Then it is stacked to form the bonfire. Bottom: Coeds from Lips- comb Hall work on the dorm's float. Page 19. top: The cannorfs roar elicits the same response from ererjvone nearby. Middle: A Ione coed uatcbes the bonfire. Left: Rebel Band majorettes. Karen Garner and Terrina Rush. perform during the bonfire program. Judy Holland Reigns as Miss Dixie Belle The selection of junior Judy Holland as Miss Dixie Belle was announced at the Home- coming ganie. She was presented during halftime ceremonies with the three runners-up- Marcia Diem, Margie Robinson, and Suzanne Witter. Judy. an English major from Arlington, adds the title of Miss Dixie Belle, won by popular vote of the students, to a list of many other honors, including the presidency of Sans Souci social club and Student Council membership. Margie Robinson in 12,27 Suzanne Witter Far right: Judy Holland and team cap- tain Ed Noble. 20 Marcia Diem h Miss Dixie Belle 'i 'Shakespeare's Shenanigans' Parade Theme v ' it J . I If li- .40 ' " 5 ffm Q P Left: Thus Bimam Wood advances on the Thane of Trinity-on the Alfasig float. Above: ASC Vaqueros add a Western flavor to the Homecoming parade. Below left: An Avolonte page announces that "All the World's a Football Field." Below: Men from Davis Hall re-enact a scene from Hamlet. se- 1,, , li' ,. f 'A-413 ', V . 'v ' I X' ff-.Indg .,',' -1 ' 1 1 v 22 Q u Q u P frrflvc 5 ,.,-- a""5 szfmiw YW5 W Top' TriKi advocates the "Taming of the Tigffu, 5 ' Midtfler Great Crzesafs Chostf 1t's the .Yeu'man Ctutf. Bottom: Channe Guinn rides atop the tiger on the Art Club float. 23 'A -3, 5-xv-' 4' bf cr' 'A' ev sl Q- ,, 'vm ,,,.g.,. 1.5, -ni H-It Q: FH- 'bi -i r - ' --L.. .fw2Z44ffQ'ii?fw f - .. qv Af, . .',- 4 '- f , ,-' . fffigiwf Zfff 'w. 'frgzx ' ' ' 'Q '--' -..' P ".,1,1,1: . i, f 'f'-If-1.5 A cf' I ...JT ., 2 QQ , "9 .IQ-. :ilk 'PQ-. '., '. , r- , . ,ffl-'l---'-fak,'-F44 c-,i ,-- , fe if A si. ' rj-. . fl: 1-A ' 1 '- - 91' ,iv , '. f .fi-', Q' F, 'h' ' 9 1 lc,-. Pi Sigma Epsilon won first prize in the 1964 Homecoming parade. The Citus Falco entry brought to mind days of long'ag0. JZ S .f-" S u mm ..4' I :5 - 2 ,,v-:S e--1 :S Q 5:5-' r"""'e 2 4 ...ff-1 rr-'S E Z .-1. R E , 5 v-': ...--v -- i .b f-- I- ,,f- ,, bf 7 ,...BUker pm-QCRIPTIO ,A , sz, ' ., - sg 'Q"-'-- 4 S x llllllfllllll "1-Q 'JITI S ALCO Professional If-.1 ,i 6 2 if? fe.. Q - i Pi Sigma Epsilon captured first place honors in the float competition with the theme "liebe 'fake a Pound of Tiger Flesh." In keeping with the parade th'-me of "ShalceHpf:arf:'n Shenanigans," the next two honore were given Alfaeig for "Ambush the Tigers" and l'af:hl Hall for "Sl'iakeepearf:'e Prophecy." A total of 19 floats vied for honors, Judging the oontest were Mrs. Harold Watson, president of the Arlington Women's flluhg Dr. llorafge I". Cilleepie, Dean of Meng Tommy Vandergriff, maiyor of Arlington: Dan Could, vice-president of the Arlington Chamber of Commerceg and Kenneth Lelilane, chairman of the special events committee. The traveling trophy for dorm decoration went to Davie Hall which took advantage of its balconies to display scenes from "Romeo and Juliet." Lee House and Lipscomb Hall also entered the decorating contest. Dr. Clayton Eichelberger, professor of Englishg H. A. D. Dunsworth, head of the mathematics departmentg and Steph- en Rascoe, instructor of art, judged the contest. Pi Sigma Epsilon Wins Float Competition Les Cholszes entered thezr mstant float ' in the competition. fs X.-. -- t..:p,, iwrfafiiiss H 970 Students Live in Dorms Residents of the five dormitories on the ASC campus enjoy many conveniences. The dorms are well-equipped and comfortable, and they provide adequate study and entertainment facilities. Lipscomb Hall is the only women's dorm at ASC. There are three men's dorms, Men's Hall A, Pachl Hall, and Davis Hall, which is the military dorm. Lee House is a privately owned coed dorm on the campus. A spirit of cooperation among the students is the main factor in dorm life. Top: Boy meets girl in the friendly atmosphere at Lipscomb. Middle: Dixie Dunbar relaxes in her room. Bottom: Randy Wills and Garth Hodge find that dorm life involves sharing one's possessions. Above: Beverly Law awaits a ride home. Top: Residents of Lee House. primtely- owned coed dorm, enjoy the late. late show. Left: Jan Tillford, Edie Bruse- u'itz. Connie Knight. and Peg Sellme-ver enjoy a game of cards. Right: Mrs. Wehring sees that Terri Eschmnn and Jlaria Ball sign in correctly. Fali Activities Accommodate Wide Range of interests A xiricty of interests were included in the fall calendar of .wt-nts. Annudl actixities, such as the Howdy Dance. Thursday night danct-s, pep rallies. Homecoming. and the concert series, continued. The schedule of movies for the fall included award- winning filtns. such as "To Kill a Mockingbird" and 6'Two Wt-nienf' The ldeus .ind Issues Committees of Student Government pre- sented hook reviews and forums for the more serious-minded students. Fashion-conscious girls attended a charm school and .1 fashion show. offered by the Fine Arts Committee. Hr. und fllrs. Dennis Smith enjoy one of a series of married couples game nights, planned by the Student Government recrea- tion f,ornmt'tlPe. 9 .n I APA' 1' 81 , . t van, , NWI Ltlld UNH! fx it A ,, '35 Reveille juwrites, .Hits llfnf' Belle, anrl wA..,qgg4ff.j,t Wf,ffiQ,W,3,!QQ"fj2gg? it 5' 4 , ,r i iv .ff'i7, ,, ' f' 799' xiii' ,,,., ' gv.f-.gf4:, 1 ., fn A- A freshman Class OffLCfff.S were vlvclffrf fn' ll f' ' - " fx' ' ' . . ' , ,rf ridge' , ,f'f'1""f, ff A2 1,5 jfffs gl x 'N , f ' r ' ', D J record number nj 1501375 1n Ormfmr, alffiaeikfnmi i-.fff,.-3541-Ariyip..v2,J4. i.h4fwf.u WZ -, f 28 I sites 'W fr, -'Zin 1 - Misses Donna England and Kaye Christie, models from the l'atrir:ia Stevens College, were guests of the Fine Arla Committee at the charm school. kfw . . . movies, dances, forums, pep rallies, concerts, . . Myra Welch, Sharon Terrill, and Mary Ann Hall were three of eleven models selected for the fashion show. Sub ls Center for Campus Activities The E. H. Hereford Student Center is a gathering place for ASC students. It provides a large area in which students may play cards, talk, eat, or-even sometimes-study. Television and "study" lounges are located on the second floor. Bowling classes are held each day in the basement, and pool tables are available for those who wish to use them. For many students, however, the most important areas are the snack bar and the cafeteria. The new addition to the Sub will offer a textbook store and a school supplies store. A new snack bar will be located on the second floor, and a much larger ballroom will be added. This expansion program will make it possible for the student center to serve many more students. v v A, ..-0' Q- if k ..v4" f f Z' ,ug Top left: A bowling student awaits a spare. Bottom left: Card games are a daily activity in the Sub. Above: The cafeteria offers quick, convenient service to students. Above: A Rebel student makes use of one of the pool tables in the basement recreation area. Top right: Faculty members luwe lunch in the second floor faculty dining room. Bottom right: Peggy Sellmeyer looks at one of the many arts and crafts displays in the lobby. P' L Tap: jackie Moe, Jerry Bates, Janet Crane, and Ken Le- Blanc decorate the Sub tree. Left: A student pays a fine in the .Security Office for parking in the wrong lot. Right: An ASC student uses the facilities of the Exchange Store. Various Offices Located in Sub The Student Activities Board, Student Government, Campus Se- curity, SHORTHORN, and REVEILLE offices are all in the Sub. Also rooms are available for meetings and banquets held by campus organizations. The Exchange Store supplies many of the essential needs of the studentsg it attracts long lines of eager customers at the beginning of each semester when Rebels must have new supplies of textbooks. cv --..ff J ,P . 'jj I V..---1 ll lima, fi U Top left: An art student completes some of her :fork in the Sub. Left Al Ellis leaves the Sub in a happy mood. Top right: The cafeteria table are often used for studying as well as eating. .-ibore: James lfoods r':gl:es a stop by the cigarette machine after buying his lunch. Above left: Carmelee Schug and William Jay, her cooperating teach- er, conler on a problem. Above right: Barbara Isert prepares some equipment for a biology experi- ment. Right: Marvin Wrinkle points out the area about which he is lecturing to his history class. 27 Enroll in First Teaching Program Six hours of student teaching rounds out the requircntcnts in ordt-r for a -tudf-nt to rf-H-iw a Secondary Teaching Ccrtificatc in thc state of Texas. During the spring sf-must'-r, 2T senior- -1-rwd as the first group of student teachers in tht- ASC program. The studt-nts spend half a day at onl- of the junior or senior high schools in the Arlington area. Thr-y work closely with tht-ir 4- fffi pcmt- ing teacher at the public school and with their supervising teacher in tht- cdur.-ation df-partnuht ul the college. ln order to be eligible for tlte student teaching program, students must be approved -pfzcifif-ally and individually by the education department. To qualify for the statc cf-rtifir-att-, -tudrnts must take 18 hours of education courses, including the 6 hours of student teaching. They must also have completed 24 hours in their primary teaching field and 24 hours in a second field. Th'-5 must also have a 1.5 grade point ratio in both teaching fields, in education and English cour-ff-. and overall. Required education courses include Educational Psychology, Adolescent Behaxior. and Sec- ondary School Teaching Methods. The Educational Psychology course provides for one hour of observation per week in a public school classroom. Students must also take one of the following: History and Philosophy of Education, Measurements and Evaluation in the Secondary School. or Curriculum Development in the Secondary School. Student teaching completes the program. Taking the National Teachers Examination is a local requirement for recommendation for the secondary certificate. Students may be certified by Arlington State to teach in any two of several selected fields. These are biology, chemistry, English, foreign languages, history, mathematics, and physics. it i .lfembers of the edu- cation faculty Dr. .Yorrnan .lI0f1'2. DV. lr- J, Karraker, and Dr. .-1. J. Herndon consid- er a suggestion made by Mrs. Kathryn Hop- kins about the reaffi- er training program. Students Practice Varied Teaching Jobs In addition to attending classes at ASC, student teachers spend at least three hours a day at a puhlic school. After a period of oh- serving their cooperating teacher at work, the student teachers take over the instruction. Most teach a whole unit or more completely by themselves. Besides the actual classroom instruction, students must mal-ze lesson plans, grade, consult with their cooperating teach- er. do research for the unit, prepare and evaluate tests, attend faculty and PTA meetings, and confer with their supervisor at periodic seminars. Supervising teachers visit the classes of the student teachers from time to time to observe the students' teaching methods and classroom manner. As part of the evaluation of his qualification as a teacher, each student completes a self evaluating sheet concerning his atti- tudes and practices. Supervising professors are Dr. Allen J. Hemdon, Dr. W. J. Karraker, Dr. Norman C. Mohn, and Mrs. Kathryn Hopkins. Above: Adaire Halwes finds that grading papers takes a large part of the student teacher's day. Right: Lynn Sutton fright! and, her cooperating teacher Mrs. Sharon Little fleftj eat in the cafeteria at Nichols lunzbr High School. 'X N"-sa., Ab0L6 Iett Carolxn Pzlcher lzle rrff' of the other student teachers rznd thf she must lteep up uzth other it dzes zrz addztzon to teachmv -'bore nah Judy St Peter 10015 through the text booh collectzon zn the Izbrarm for p plemenzarw materzalb Lett J -Iran Uewer erplazns Qome math probferre to a class ot ezffhth grader f 'Y 1' The annual Old South Days at ASC began March 18, with the casino, '6Bourbon Street East," held in the student center. Girls from various social clubs act- ed as hostesses or casino girls. Each entering student received S100 in fake money to use in playing cards or roulette. Alfasig men's social fluh won the contest to collect the most mon- ey. The Special Events Committee of Student Ac- tixities Board planned the casino. Left and below: Saloon girls Becky Cowley lleftj and Carolyn Critz lbelowj entertain gamblers while Melinda Motes watches. Bot- tom: Cart Whitesel competes with ,lon Early, who has the able assistance of Melanie Wood. Opposite page: Top Left: Several ASC gamblers engage in a serious game of poker. Top Right: A men's social club pledge lies defeated after the shaving cream fight. Bottom left: ferry Arnold supports a tired but happy casino girl, Kathleen Kane. Bottom Right: Dr. Bob Dollar seems to appreciate the attention of casino girl Becky Cowley. ijt!! ww, vx Y f""'. Bourbon Street East' Opens Old South Days planned. and presented skits for the Old South Casin--. The skits followed the Old South Week :Ptune -it New Orleans. Mrs. Jane Smith. director student aetiiities. and Prof. B. T. Williams of the hi-It-ry department judged the skits on the basis Souci Pledges Present Winning Skif Pledges from six of the girls' social clubs wrote, originality and adherence to theme. Sans flfutl pledges won first place with their skit. "Cinderebel at the Mardi Gras Ball." "Robin Ho-id in New Orleans." presented by Avolonte pletlge-. w-in sec' nd place. En Amis "Battle of New Orlingtonu won third place. Other skits pre- t -'nod were "Duel at Dawn" by Karuso Pteros, Z'ng-il.i's "Battle of New Orleans." and "Silvertoe" hy Les Lhoisies. Jerry Holder was master of cere- Htohlf- for the program. lop: Kay Burris, Dian Meneke, Susan Fowler, Cheryl Stewart, Sharon Terrill, and Carolyn Whitesel perform in San Souci's winning skit. Above: Friar Tuck, Colleen Wad- dell, .speaks uilh Robin Hood, Donnrwea Owens, and the rest of His Merry Men, Valerie Briggs, Susan Andries, Myriarn Hubbard, Ingrid Breazeale, Ann Lamkin, Terrina Rush, and Barbara Warren. Right: En Amils Pat Royrnan and Jana Hamlett fight the "Battle of .Vew Orlinglonf' 40 fcbffe cf auchalofvlu. f ,f Ei Nd 16 46 5 Top: Preparing for a "Duel at Dawn" are Karuso Pteros pledges Carol Thomson, Nancy Collins- worth, Sharon Pace, Jerri Camp- bell, Donna Rowan, Sally Lee, and Evelyn Hodges. Above: Appear- ing in Les Choisies' "Silvertoe,' were Mary Heubnerg Donna Kra- mer, alias Kitty Muchog Bobbi Ragatz, who played ,lane Bond 5 Judy Lockleer, who was B. Hindg and Lynn Easter. Above right: Jerry Holder performs his duties as master of ceremonies for the program. Right: Zongola pledges Barbara Wheeler, Paula Acuff, and Jill Jamieson march to the "Battle of New Orleans." Morafh Enferfains at Old South Ball "New Orleans" was the theme for the Old South Ball which ended the Old South festivities. Two bands supplied music for the ball. Jack Cannon's band played slow music in the student center ball- room while Pete Robinson's band played fast music downstairs in the cafeteria area. Max Morath, rag- time pianist, provided two 45-minute floor shows, one upstairs and one downstairs. Decorations were provided by the Levee Committee of the Student Activities Board. Top left: Ann music of Jack Karen Garner Pete Robinson, Right: While Sylvia Sumner g. Avolonfe, Cifus Falco Win as Rebels Go Western Citus Falco, men's social club, and Avolonte, girls' social club, were first place winners in the Western Day activities sponsored by the ASC Vaqueros. Taking second place in the girls' events was Les Choisies. Karuso Pteros and En Ami tied for third place. Tri-Ki was second in men's clubs and Alfasig placed third. Boots, spurs, hats, holsters and guns were worn by bo-th male and female students. Betty Wyatt, a junior business administration major from Arlington, was queen of the Western Day. Judges for the events were Bobby Lewis, Vernon Wrinkle, Kay Neal, and Kay Andrews, Vaqueros officers. K k N K R . , f - 5 U- 4' R, ' - ' ' 'i i ' f i 'F Q xxx W ' 45" Vg' , 4 is ' . 'Ty ' I , I ' X . A 'f ,' I f W . f X - '55 ts f 1 A W' exp 'tv..,1e5,gw::fmf't,: -W' -fg A e A ff - x, ' N 'J' Pe.,g:,j,'-V , 1,12 , ,, Q ' , ' ' t ..s., ' , I 5 'r ' ' " ' - . . 'Q 1' . xiifsxf'-if il if f - A Qessi ffs ' 'A ' .,,,....--1 , t T ' iff . "' 1- L .. " .wet . ff -'f-we it . 7- n , , ,.: . , . . A .- ..s,.,', gk- ,X xx N .,,?..f, f5.,""-4,x'fA, 4'-'W 'fx 'sc g s Q' . X , mu-A-A ,..-- 'V' . ,,. fi' ffntdifffg ix. 1 , . ' A V Q , xlxi , , 1F,,h -1 'A -. X gi ,.J' - 3,1 2 ' t if X 11 M K . L 'i 1 i ' ' ' V 4' ' . A ,Q ,T ,nz Y, Top left: John llcKin.slry, Daze Freeman, and Richard Matsler jump the gun on the Lfirfs' snrl: race. Top right: And so ends the egg toss contest. Above: Lee Holmrlz frff: his luflf nl barrel-roping for Alfusig. Right: Lynn Little of Aegeidae prepares fo ffllfh fl wry fragile egg, 44 f . ff A -.-,...--' S--, . . I. .'n x , ,Hx J' C ,vv 4- r4 ,N-'1" .-, - . 4 mf -HKS.-5.1wr I ' ' KL: Top left: Nancy foblin almost has her hands an Ike Les CE: es egg if :Fe egg toss. Top right: Jan Brown of Karuso Pteros takes air: :E :Ee I'.If':'.-"'jj'Tg gf- test. Left: Patricia Il'-Y of Les Choisies puffs array iv: :Ee cigar J . . .g Above: Tri-Ki. .41-fasig. and Jegeidae battle it o:.r :": the rzsfs so 45 . Western Day Activities Include Games, Rodeo Eu-nts taking place during Western Day were the tricycle race and cigar smoking contest for girls only, and the tobacco-spitting and fast drtrw contest for men only. Both men and women com- peted in the lmarrel-roping contest, the sack race, the egg-toss con- test. the tug-of-war. and the whip-popping contest. Western Day ended Friday night, March 26, with an all-college rodeo in Kow Bell Arena at Mansfield. Women's social clubs com- peted in the calf scramble event, and men's clubs vied in the steer leading contest. LL' 'ihmffg llgmrz H-,flllE'f.S rmrhes for the Aegeidae fs! hill rlfiflsier .s!r1'l.'e.S. Top rfrhl: Robert Tho- rnfrs r.'1'splffj.s his unusual lfllfrif in lhf' IULIICCO- spiflinz fonlffsl. Right: Zrmgolfl mffmhfr Hurhfzru Whfrfffr ffffrnfjp puffs ri fifffr in Ihr' rigor srrzolq- ing forzlesl. Fur Right Ima Chffieiffs fiyhz ll los- ing hflltfv in the lug-of turf. i 46 s, I S 5 E 1 F E P I KY., x , , I I I 1 . S mb f f , I u --Q A '. '.i,,, I ,r , e-.., -' , ,W .M f . . J' 9.1 H, .u I-44. 7-v , , 9 -f v , . , 'f nj4'3,:'4 ,,-"4',' 2. ,- , 4 ,AME . -, . jo ,". 1 - -4 f ' 'A-"' ' vs .-,,. ' in ii: -7:.r2'iL-' 'g O f" ...J A-+Mw.u..wT.w...M , Q S ,. Y-I IPFT -xi swf TW' raw fi Q 1. N. IV N 1 fy Top right: .4 fool: of re- lief appears on Iiif 'aff of an egg catcher after one more safe uz:f7:. Top left: CIDIUS Fsf-Jo 'mhz- ber frees! Brfstfr is Utlllghl ir: ftftiun fi 5716 fast-dmu contfsf. niboze: Dale Frafrvzav, lTf'5f6": Day cfcxm, rides :Ee bz1fl'ir:g Zmrrref. Far ffff: -41jasz'g fzeazes in :If tug-of-:mr cctresl. Leif: Suzafzftf Br-mv: of .iza- lonfe pec'dff5 doxrw Sf:- una' Sires! iw Hrs tffcj- relaum race. 47 Hall Named for Former Bandmasfer Irons l'E1r LIC. lirrl ll. lrons Hvln'.xrs.1l H.1ll in l ,l:'Qc' nie xlt'xllm'.ill'Ll xlllffll ill .az Q-1: n--nsc ln-.rx ln ilu- new music L1- llf. lrons. former .KSC lv.nuln1.1stcr who r: tzrr xl in W53. sms present .it Illc cere- rzm- nies, .rs uf-rc nmny of luis former stu- G' rzis. lin uoxxumt luml plsycd scxerul I-"I'II1"X' lv.a1nl1n.1stcr's coxnpositiuns for tziv anrsis. ,KSC Prcsirlvnz ,lack H. Woolf made the rirriir-.ati-,-rm Jrlrlrcss. .ind llr. Cotlllwum O' pr-rfcssnr of English and Ll former stuff ' vf Col. lrnns. also .nldressed ilxe grrzzp. P' 1 i Top: Col. Irons conducts the concert band. Above left: Arlington Mayor Tom Vandergriff, President Jack Woolf, and Director of Finance B. C. Barnes converse at the open house. Above right: Col. Irons talks with visitors after the dedication ceremonies. Left: Betsy Burleson serves refreshments to Dean of Women Lera D. Hancock. Concert, Pop Artist Series Present ,j1kf1..7f-'F' Pa U-'g?2Y I. x ' . , , . ,' ..'Q,jx Varied Musical Performances ' w- 5 The Concert Series, a program jointly sponsored by the Arlington Community. Concerts and ASC, and the Popular Artists Series, sponsored hy the l'intf:rtainrm-nt Committee of the Student Activities Board, presented various musical programs for tho enjoyment of ASC students. ' The popular recording trio, The Lettermen, headlined the Pop Artist Sr-ri:-s in .Nlarvh and folk singer Leon Bibb appeared in September. Ragtime pianist Max Morath png. sented a floor show at the April Old South Ball. I The Concert Series schedule included opera star Eleanor Stebcr, Octobcrg jazz U artist Lionel Hampton, Novemberg a Scot singing-dancing group, Caledonia, and Ihr- X Vienna Choir Boys, Februaryg guitarist Andres Segovia, Marchg and the Paris Chamber Orchestra, April. '-1 0' " Leon Bibb The Lettermen Students Attend Folk, Jazz. Classical, Pop Concerts Andres Segovia Eleanor Steber V W- -Mm- Lionel Hampton h V f 5 E 5 ? 1 . 1 f Q X Q X M11 ' e ' ' The Vienna Choir Boys :gg P Q 6 l tr V 4 , od .1 A XY, l The increase in size of each of the four classes was, as in the years since 1959, the most outstanding aspect of the 1964-65 ASC year. ln the September enrollment, the seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and a few graduates who returned to obtain teaching certification com- bined for a record total of 1l,513. Of the total, 9,063 were males and 2,450 were females. One-third of the total were night students. The spring total of 10,142 represented a 14 per cent increase over the January, 1964, enroll- ment. Although a larger number of students than ever before now live on campus, the majority still commute to Arlington from Dallas, Fort Worth, and other nearby cities. sr i ----1-"' ---'- r 1, - '.,..r ft ,.'u.m4.:. I, , The students, assembled in front of the student center, protest the proposal to change the name of ASC to Texas A6'cM at Arlington. 'f ' U 'K K 1 hui! Q g, ., , v o , ,s X .V ' lr,- ,llllznnnnnnannnnf-:a,nf'1f' EHHE' l5ll"lK'l1Iof4:vf:,,,,., 1 S , 5 llI C . N '3 Q I O X 1-L The Student 'f "n, Seniors PETE ADAME l7.:.'.'t:s laanguage EYALYN ADCOCK lx., : p,.:,.-. ' L. n.. ...i.C 7. . . lsytliology PAMELA AIJDISON FU? Uiiclrfif Englisli J A M ES A LFORD LcI'lL'1ISfc'f Electrical Engineering JOHN R. ALLEN Ptrrrs Mecli.iriit'.1l Engineering JIMMY ALLISON lr:',Ill?c'.'li0f'tI' Electrical Engineerin HOLSHANC AMINI Tehran. lran Lveology G RANT ANDERSON .4 rlington Electrical Engineering ROBERT ANDERSON Fort Worth Chemistry JERRY ARNOLD Fort Worth Business Administration RONALD ARNOLD Fort Worth Industrial Engineering WALTER ARRINGTON San Angelo Mechanical Engineering ERED ASHABRANNER Fort Worth .Accounting MICHAEL ATCHISON Fort Worth English JOHN AYERS Dallas History ODELL BAILEY Fort Worth Electrical Engineering LARRY BALLEW' Dallas Business ,Administration JERRY BARNES Craperlrie PijYf'l10l0g'Y ROBERT BARNETT Fort Worth .Af-counting DWYANE BASHAM Big Lake History WAYNE BATTLES Fart Worth Business Administration CARSON BAYS Grand Prairie Economics BOB BEASLEY .Nocona .Accounting DAVY BENESH Hurst Hifilflgy gr 'CT 175 b Wx A' 'rw' in-' 15' Assocthte Reveille editor Faith lieloislqjr is an int subject for the plzotogmphffr. gfwk X z in f-C' 5-' N T . I Q--f' 'Eff' is-x Qin, S FRED BENNETT Dallas Business Aflrninistratinrt REED BENNETT .'lfll.fI.f.'l0!l Mathf-matifs DAVID BERCMAN fort lforth .'Af'I""IlQ1Ullf3l Engineering PENNY BERRY Fort lfartlt French J. M. BEWLEY Fort Worth Business Administration GLENN W. BEYER Dallas Industrial Engineering DAVID BLACK Fort Worth Electrical Engineering KEITH BLACKETER Dallas English LARRY BLASINGAME Dallas Mechanical Technology LAWRENCE BLEND Dallas History DELLBERT BLYTON Grand Prairie Electrical Technology RALPH BOEHM Fort Worth Industrial Engineering TIM BOND lrrirzg Mathematics RICHARD BOWERS 17'L ll .E --vw - Physics MITCHELL BOWLE5 Hurst Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT BOWLING .4 rlin gran .Accounting Class of 1965 MICHAEL BRADY Arlington Chemistry WILLIAM BRANDT Dallas History CHARLOTTE BRATCHER lfaxaliachie English RICHARD BRAUN Waco Business .Administration BRYAN BRICE Grand Prarie Mechanical Engineering ALDEN BRIGGS Arlington Civil Engineering ERNEST BRISTER Fort Worth Business .Administration WENDELL BRITAIN Dallas Mathematics C XR I, BRUCKWAY llallfxs Iiu-iness Administration WILLIAM BROWN lvlollas .Aff'f:UI'llIIlg WELIJUN BRYANT fort llworllz PTI'-NIf'fllf'E1l KEN IJ XI,L IiIfLI.ER lhfllrfs ,Af'I"'I13IJlIf'2Jl Technology .IERRY BIQLLUCK Denison Pre-Medical MYLES BLRCHAM Dallas Economics CHARLES BLRCESS Irving Mechanical Engineering CATHIE BURKE Arlington Mathematics WARREN l5IlIiKE'l"l' lllurn Mcfaiiunirzal Tfzrzlinology GENE BURKS Kaufrnrm Mofzhunifzul Engineering JAMES BURKS Dallas Medical Technology SUSAN BURNETT Grand Prairie Business Administration At heart. 4-fdv . ,Q-F 6' Qt' 'QB- thr: .llililury Brlllf--Culfe Logan. Slflllf :lure IKEY BLRRESS Arlington Pre--Law ROBERT BL'RTON .llesquile Business Administration ABE BLSH Arlington History STANLEY BUSH Arlington Pre-Law DAVID BLSSE Arlington History ROBERT BKSSEY .-irllngton Chemistry BRIAN BYNLKI Dallas Electrical Engineering BETH BYRNE Dallas Business Administration JOHN CABEEN Irring English LARRY CALANIE lrz ing Business .-Xdministrati-an JOHN CALLAYVAY San --1T1f0T1f0 Nlathenutics DAIL CALLICOTT FOVI lr0fIlZ Heclianical Engineering DAN CAREY Dallas lleelunical Engineering KAYE CARLIN Ddlldi History CHARLES CARLISLE Dallas Mechanical Engineering PENNY CARLISLE - A . CWI 'vw -r Aeronautical Engineering DON CARLTON llc"I!UV! Alex-lmxiiccil Engineering CAROL CARPENTER ll:rrz':o Springs Accounting EUGENE CARRTCO .-lrlingion Industrial Engineering ROGER CARROLL DGUHS History TROY CARTER .4l1z'!en c Aeronautical Engineering CHARLES CASHION D11 T125 Electrical Engineering TOM CASTLEBIAN Cedar Hill Education ARTCRO CERVERA Havana. Cuba Mechanical Engineering L. K. CHAMBERS Fort Iforth History RICHARD CHANDLER .-irlington History STEPHEN CHANEY For! Worth Pre-Law NICKIE CHATFIELD Crowell Mechanical Engineerin DAN CHEATUH Dallas Business Administration ROBERT A. CHENAULT Bedford Electrical Technology DANNY CHOATE Avalon Economics TED CHERCH Dallas Electrical Engineering Seniors PHILLIP CLARK Decatur Mechanical Engineering DORIS CLAYBROOK Fort Worth Foreign Language FRED CLOSE Dallas Accounting JAMES CLYMER Dallas Mechanical Technology Kr -J IfJH'-- UUHH llfllffli 'vi-f i.1r..f :L f.rAg.r.'-I-ring If f,f'.Ulff,I'. .Hill flrlfnglon H'-1 Yrif :ii P.r.gim:f:r.f,g ROY f,UHf.f'. l'0ll Wflflll, H'l'.f:"-1 Affff-,Yi.1'f':lA',f. IilfSSPQl,I, fflifi Wi KN fort lforlli l'iij. -if 2 NIIKH KH, f.UIiPQN fill!! Wvlllh iii'li'11!1v KXIHEICINEf.0I.P1NI.'1.N Cram! Prairif: English KEIXIUN f.ONNf'QH Arlzinglon i'rf'-igiw MARILYN COOPER ,larlrson Uifh. History PHILUP COPELAND Fort Worth Mathematics DANIEL CORDRAY Dallas Men-hanic-al Engineering DON CORNETT Dallas Business .Administration DON COYYAN Arlington Business .Administration RAYMOND COWAN Fort Worth Mathematics ROSEMARY CPLABTREE Arlington English RONALD CRADDOCK Forreston Business Administration ROBERT CRAIG Irving Chemistry Mathematics T e Rebels u ere ibilene Clmktim College oppi at the -ICC Hon eioming. GOES THE , 9 IU' JOAX DOLESHAL Dfzllfzs Business Adminislratxon RODNEY DOSTER Cfzrlfmd Phvsirs RONALD DOVER lfmrahachie Mathematics RICHARD DOWD Plano Elfffvtrival Enginef-rmg JERRY DOWELL Dqllrli Bugines Administratlon PAIfL DRAKE Arlington Rulinf,-SQ Adminiitratlon ARTHUR DIfNCAN Hurst I'Ii1tmry EDDY DVNHANI For! Worth Ii'ilII'If'Ci Aflministratlon WILLIA NI IJKNLAP Crum! Prfzirie Rusinfrla .AVITVXIYIIC FRED IJIQRIJNC lmmif, Mich NIathematif:'s WILLIAM DIQRR Vpwuitff English CLAYTON DYE Arlington B1f,1f,gy En Ami members struggle in the Winter Olympics tug-0-war. T' I A 1-9. inns 6- K5 tag sf x eggs 1' f -"' Y ' Q . wr--f 'F""' NON' 'S' 'Qw- X. 'UM I rw 153' fLAS'I UN Ii '-.I1l,Y llalfltf-l Nl' th'-H -Yif s , fl U... , TIIUXIAS I'. EA ION IH. .flrllrigfaft I'-1.1 li':i'fJQ .IIMXIIIQ PQ XV If Aliaraflo Clif-rriistrj-' IJAVIIJ f,lfY El.KlN' Far! Worth liti-itz'-A .xflffilfll 'UH I AL IV. ELLIS Dallas History RICHARD ELLISON Denison Elffctronifi Tcchnolctgj-' ERED EXCELHARDT Dallas Business Administration NEAL ESTES Commerce Business Administration BRET E. EVANS Dallas Mathematics CHARLES IV. EVANS Fort Worth Pre-Law OZETA EVAXS Dallas Sociology EMILE I.. EACIANE Dallas Industrial Engineering CARL F. FAIRCHILD Dallas History MICHAEL J. 1-'ARNELL Dallas Psycliologjf JOE B. EARR Grand Prairie Electrical Engineering WILLIAM FISHER FUN' If-Off!! Biology' JAMES B. EITZPATRICK Fort If-Nfl? History PHIL FORD FL"Vf U-Ol'f.'Z Busines Administration THOMAS E. EORSYTHE D tl .lf C S Business .Administration STEVE EOWLER -ffl'-7' cf -iv- . ..-:.L I Business Adxziinisttt-ation EIWXYQXRIW FRY l7.:.'.'1:5 Electrical Engineering RICHARD GANIBLE .l'.:'tgf0n Business Administration NICK CANAWAY Alrlfngtorz Industrial Engineering STEVE GANN FOV! U-Oflll Engineering STANLEY GARY Dallas History ANGELA CASTON .4 rlington French. Spanish WILLIANI GVATTIS Llorzs. N. .II. Mathematics RICHARD CEIST Dallas Business Administration KENNETH CIBBONS Dallas .Accounting CARY GILES Fort Worth Electrical Engineering ROBERT CILLIAM Teague Electrical Engineering PHIL CIST Pampa Psychology RICHARD C-LEATON Brarly Electrical Enginering JOHN COGGANS Arlington Business .Administration MIKE GOLDBERG Dallas Business .Administration GEORGE COLDNIAN Dallas Mechanical Engineering ANTONIO GONZALES Dallas Cox ernment JON CORDON W'fl.7fll7UCllZ.f3 Efonomios YICKI CORNIAN Arlington Art RRITQE CRAHANI fort Worth Nif-fhrinic-al Engineering ROBERT gnpgpgx Dallas Electrical Engineering .IACK CREENWADE Houston Elef-trifral Engineering .IOHN GREY Dailas Biology ROBERT CRIFEITII Dallas Nlefhanical Enginefgfir J 1? 'EMF silk Dr. Charles Bruce of the English department co School Seminar, held in the fall. if QQ fl gl , N- 6-'N Q"'T"41 unsels students at the Graduate DARRYL KENT CRIQSENDORE Waco Businffs Administration KENNETH HAAS Azle Business .Administration LAWRENCE HAIRSTON Roclsuqall Mechanical Engineering DONALD HALPENNTY Fort Worth Electrical Engineering TERRY HALWES Arlington Psychology JERRY HANDLLN Irrfng Business .Administration WILLIAM HANNA Fort Worth Physics BENNY HARDIN .llesquite Business Administration CHARLES HARLAND Texarkana Electrical Engineering DONALD HAROZ Dallas Industrial Engineering HERKIAN HARRISON Dallas Physics JANIS HARRISON Fort Worth Business Adrninistrsti n JOE HART Fort lTort7: Biology TOM I-L-XRTIN Dir: .as Biology RICHARD HATCHER DLI...'L.: Electrical Engineering BRYAN HAWKTNS 4 r'-"- -' fn . ...AL.L.- Physics BARRY HENDRICKS Szreetzrater Mechanical Engineering DWIGHT HENDRICKS Dallas Business Administration JAMES HENSON Dallas Electrical Engineering LYNN HERSLEY Hereford Business Administration HAROLD HICKMAN Fort Worth Mathematics T. .l. HIGGINS Clarlzsiille Electrical Engineerin EDD HILL Fort Worth Accounting JOHN HILL Dallas Business Administration THONTAS HILOSKI Dallas Mechanical Engineering BILLY HITT Cmpezine Accounting DALTON HOFFMAN JR. Fort Worth Business Administration ROBERT HOOTBIAN lr: ina Mathematics CHA RLOTTE HOPSON llarehffll History JAMES HOUSTON Dallas Ph,-its DANIEL HOWARD Leziiszille Electrical Engineering JOHN HOWELL Kilgore Geology egg? SUbAN HAWKINS I Arlington English RONEY HAZLEWOOD Arlington Pre-Medical BILLY HENDERSON Fort Worth Q Business Administration is VINCE HENDRICK Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Alan Steinecke, of the foreign lan- the English departmentg and Ken Whitt, public information director, were judges at the informal Reveille beauty judging. A Q! ,ws Wan 3553, if guage alepartmentg Tom Fisher of im ' 6 W . .-f. 1-'lf Class of 1965 HOWARD IIOYLE Fort Worth Business Administration GEORGE HUFF Grapevine Econornics HARLAN HUFFMAN Lorena Industrial Engineering MURRAY HUFFMAN Euless Civil Engineering NL' qua-0 inf 'ff l 4 f N... f""'N V' BILLY HUNT Dallas Electrical Engineering RONALD IRBY Fort Worth Mathematics BARBARA ISERT Fort Worth Biology PATRICIA IVY lrzing History LARRY JAMES Dallas Accounting JIM JEFFREY Austin .Aeronautical Engineering JERRY JENKINS Irring Biology DALE JENSEN Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering JOE J ESSING Dallas Mechanical Enpneering RAY J ETER Dallas Electrical Engineering ANN J OBE .4 rlington Government VAUGHN JOHNS Fort Worth Electrical Engineering ALVIN JOHNSON Grand Prairie Busines Administration MALYIN JOHNSON Grand Prairie Electrical Engineering DENNIS JOHNSTON .-1 rlirzgron Mathematics JESSE JONES .4 rffngicn Economics VANCE JONES JR. III: lsr' I'z'f.'t15c English WARREN JONES JR. lltzfftzs Business Administration MILTON .IOPLIN For: Worth Electrical Teclinolog' RAY KAENINIERLING Sari .-Intnnio Ilfc'-NICtIIC3I WILLIAM KANE F071 Ircirlll History BASIL KEATHLEY Danranrille Electrical Engineering BIARLIN KEENER Graham Business Administration RICHARD KELSEY Fort Worth Cixil Engineering ROBERT KELLER Dallas Marketing .IOEL KELLEY Dallas Spanish RODGER KENNEDY lrting Business Administration CHESLEY KETCHERSID Dallas Biology E. DOKE KIBLINGER IR. Covington Accounting Jonx KILPATRICK Arlington Civil Engineering PENNY KILPATRICK Arlington Mathematics BILLY KING Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Seniors tk., Ninn... i JR YI" 6. ft, , . 16' N YN ww- 'S ROBERT KING Fort Worth Economics RONN IE KLAS Garland Electrical Engineering JUDY KNOTTS Arlington History DALTON KRODER Fort Worth Mathematics Q'-' - 'VW "Vu "'lZ"" 48 l"'f'yq 'Ui Qx 'IIINI Klfflf, l"1ll Wlflllfl ."lf'ff,r.r1+m' al l',!.gir."1-. V.'H.l.l X51 KItllH,lf.l1 ffrlfnglon Q NIf'fi,.,mf:1l Lay.: f,.'ll1'l' KLHN fort Worth V Mffliariifal l.!.:ir .l. lf. Kl,,'NKl'.l. lump l'l1'--i'- l.l'QONf'llilJ l,,V-,Xfl'. xffu. Urlfanz, ffl. ,Nifff liririiwl l'.fiZif1'7"Flfllg I1P.kI.,'lIH."lNI .ffrlanylon lll-lflffv' FR.-XNCIS LUX EON R? Dallas f,rAr,lr,g:, KENNET H l.ElJl5E'I'IER joshua Afgfqounlingg fi AL.-XX LEE .ffrllnglon Bueinels Aflrninistration BILLY LEMONS 'YK Keene iqzfvf Mechanical Technology ' lx JAMES LEWIS Rankin Civil Engineering THOMAS LEWIS Dallas Economics in w"'f7"'l' 6. for iv" BURTON LOVE Dallas Biology NANCEY G. LOVE Lallarque Psychology NANCY ROSE LOVE Arlington Foreign Language BILL LOVELACE Fort Worth Electrical Engineerin LYNN LITTLE Dallas Pre-Medical W.-'IYMON LITTLE Waco L Business Administration ' X LARRY LOOPER if Irving AI. LOSTETTER lrzing Pre-Medical Rebel gridder Phil Ford in acfion. Mechanical Engineering 'Qs YU' S' A JACK MARKS Fort Worth Busines ,Administration CLRTIS MARTIN ,lustfn Cixil Engineering DON MARTIN Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering DAN RAY MAYO Grand Prairie Ciwil Engineerin CAHLE MAYS Fort Worth English IOE Mr-ANALLY flallfls Mathematics JOHNNY Nlr:l5EE llullfn Radio and TV HOWARD Mr-CALLA l,fll'lfU,SlPf M'-fhanifal Engineering NORMAN Mf'fAl,l,lfM Hacl:er1sacl.'..'V. J. Elf-rtrifal Technology DON MCCHESNEY Auburn, Wash. Cixil Engineering Cl'lARI.E5 McCONNELl. Fort Worth Biology .l A MES Mr-COLLLM ljallrm Husinfss Administration Y Class of 1965 WILLIAM LOWE Fort Worth Electrical Engineering KENNETH LUCAS Fort Worth Mathematics CAROLYN LUMMUS Bedford Psychology MARK MACK JR. Dallas Electrical Technology THOMAS MACKEY Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering DONNA IVIADDOX Arlington English JOHN MACNESS Dallas English NICK MALLOUF Dallas Business Administration fv- Cf, sg:-mf Sv 40'-v 1' Ilunflnfrls of .slurlf'nl,s rally in uppnsilirm to the name change pmpusr-rl liy 7'f'xu.s A 62 ll. 4e!"f" fs gg. 111' :Fm 'IIIOYI X' Ylf,f.OY .fllllnfzlfm l'hy-if - l5Oli Mff,l, I l' EI. full lrflflll .Nlutlnvrrizitif--Ilngmf rin DANNY MIKAY for! Worth Ili-tory DEAN Mr-KAY Dallas .XIdIllf'HIdIlf- DOIQCLAS Mi,-KEMIE Dallas HIHIUD' ROY MCKENZIE flllarado Electrical Engineering CHARLES MCMILLEN Dallas Business Administration BRENT MCQEIRK Afll-flglO71 Business Administration HOLLY Mc-QLITIY For! Worth Biology HOWARD MERRIELL Dallas Pre-Law DONNA MEYER For! TOTID Mathematics .IIM MEYER fort lforllz Mechanical Engineeiing STANLEY MEYER Hondo Mechanical Te-flint:-lf-gy DAN MILLER Fort Worzh Biijlffgf' CRAIG MILLER Dallas Physics BARBARA MILLS Fort II-Offll English RICHARD MILLS Dagaa Aeronautical Engineelin PAEL Moyijris ' r :vv"'a' dCt'.L.L L .cs Electrical Technology' JERRY MOONEY ,llt'Ki': 'ray ECOHCIHILS PATRICIA MOORE Fort up-OTIII English RONNYA MOORE lt:..ri Il:.l5 Aeruit.iutit'.tl Engine: rin Rliilill MOHAN Fur: Uufrlz English CAROLY N MORGAN FOV! HON!! English LZERAI D MORRIS .'lf..'..!0'1 Elevtritxil Engineering LEON MORRIS Fur! Worth llsyclinlugy BILL MLRCHISON .-I rlinglori W ' , b1"l'f'S? CARY MLRPH FOV! Worth Business Administration LEONARD MERPHEY Fort Worth Business Administration RONNIE MERRAY Fort Worth Electrical Engineerin DONALD MYERS Dallas Business Administration MARY MYNATT Dallas English BETTY' ADAMS NEAL Dallas Bicilfngfy DANIEL NICHOLS Fort Worth Mathematics LARRY NICHOLSON Plano Accounting NANCY NICKEL Dallas English P. S. NICKEL San Angelo .Accounting ED NOBLE Carrollton Industrial Engineering DAYIb NOELL Carmlllon Mechanical Engineering MAHf,ARE'I NOLEN flranrl Prairie Hi-tory LH XRLEN NURRELL Dallas Physif- .IUHN NURX'PQI.I, xlrlfnfglfm Afrwrmutifal Engineering ROBERT ULX ,4rl1n,LfIfm Pl'lj-sif'- .JIMMY fJLII'lIANT Fort Worth Electrifal Enginfrerin MIKE UNEILL .flrlrnglon ,NI8.lll"fTt3llfLE Seniors 'A5' The Dazis Dorm entry in the Hunzwnoming parade was '4Alu.s Poor Yoriclc, lKneu.' Him Well." Q. we-7V 1' 'VN Gs' .IEHHY U'HE.Xf'l .TIUIIS-lliflll History MICHAEL U'HOIfRKE Fort lforzh Business .Xdniinistrdn n NOLAN ORR lrzlng Econuniics EDDIE OSBERN Fort Worth History KATHLEEN OTT Keller Hallie-niatifts NTILLTANI PARKER lficliita Falls Civil Engineering SCOTT PARNELI. For! lfortli History BENNETT PEABODY .-I rlington Nlathemltics FLOYD PEATON Fort lforlh Business Adminisn DON PEDERSON .4 rlington Physics JOHN PEDIGO Dz1.llzZS Biology JDINIY PEELEH Dallas Accounting JOHN PETERSON RLWL' I-I Ifdlql Pre-Medical CAREY PHARR Plilffid Busines Adminisir mn ROGER PIERSON Havzilmn Busines Achninistr ni n CAROETN PILCHER .4 rzzngrwr English The Xerox Copier is a valuable addition to the ASC library. DON PONDER Richardson lndustrial Engineering R. SIDNEY POWELL Granbury Mechanical Engineering DALE PRESNELL .-lrlirrglon Electrical Engineering VERNON PROCTOR lrzing Civil Engineering MIKELL PRLITT l'-or! Worth English TOBY PIQGH Carrollton Mechanical Engineering CARY RAINS Fort Worth Economics RICHARD RAMSER Richardson lnrlustrial Engineering THOMAS RANDOLPH'z'lle, Pa. Physics HAROLD REASONER ,flzle Electrical Engineering CHARLES REESE Dallas l'eyf:hfll0Q' WAYNE REICH CTHILIY-Offl Matin-matics THOMAS RElD Dallas Emil F.Vl1!lTlff'ZI'lHg JAMES RENFRO San Antonio Mechanical 'liefghrmlogy HARVEY RIBBLE Dallas .Accounting ROGER RICH Dallas Electrical Engineerin 72 D AX ID PITTb F or! Worth Electrical En me-erm ROX PLHAIx For! Worth Bu me 5 Admmibtration PAUL PLOTT Duncanville Electrical En BOBBY POE Arlington Mathematics ineering Class of 1965 IIICNRY RlfiIlARDSON Furl Worth I'hysir:s DON RICIIICY Fort Worth MUllllZlllUIlfZ9 DANNY ROBERSON Fort Worth History LARRY ROBERTS Colorado City Biology lf' CONNEE ROBERTSON Dallas English CARY ROBINSON Fort Worth Biology LESLIE ROBINSON Fort Worth Go-femment FENTON ROBNETT Dallas History JOSEPH ROGERS Cedar Hill Electrical Engineering TED ROTH .-lrlington Mathematics ROBERT ROWAN Dawson Pre-Law .IEANNE ROWE Dallas Business Adniinistrati-in DAVID ROWNTREE Grand Prairie llathematics JOHN RTQDD Fort Worth Busines Aclministrarion CHARLES RENNELLS ,IR 1'-Off lrrflflll Business .-Xdnuinistrafo I U STEPHEN RLNYON Euless Busines Aclzuinistrati-in DL'RwSLu3nRLsTLEDcE Big bping Pre-Law PETER SIKOIESKI JR. Cf 'ami P'.::'::' Physics W AND SAKOW SKI .1'.:istfi French 1151 s.x pLINc DJ. . as Civil Engirtnwrirtg Econoztucs ALAN SALTER l7tzf.'t:s Industrial Engineering ANTONIO SANTAMARIA f!r'Dl1l'Itr' Pre-Law EDITH SCAI-il: Naples Englisli .ION SCARROROLCH Furr Worth Electrical Engineering WILLIAM SCHOOLINC Furl Worth Bleclianical Engineering CHARLEY SCOTT Cain est ille Electrical Engineering CARNIELEE SCHLYC .-lrlinglon English CLS SCHLXIANN Vernon Nlathematics WILLIAM SELLNIEYER Dallas Aeronautical Engineerin JOHNNY SESSIONS .-lrlinglon Physics ROBERT SEYIER For! lrorllt Electrical Technology ERED SHANIBLIN Fort Worth Electrical Engineering STAN SHAW Kilgore Electrical Engineering DOUGLAS SHOUSE Cleburne English JOHN SIMMONS Dallas Business .Administration ROBERT SKINNER Grand Prairie Physics Seniors 5' LINDA SLOVAK Dallas Accounting RAY SMALLEY Dallas Electrical Engineering ALFORD SMITH Dallas History ALVIN SMITH Claflewaler Mathematics GARY STEVENS Fort Worth Electrical Engineering .Q g KARL STEWART F ort Worth Government ROBERT STEWART Euless Biology MARY STODDARD Fort Worth History The Student Center lawn became a burial ground during football sea- 5071. ' r V-., Nil: A Nll'l ll ffrzhuu xl'1fii1't!mYi" I,MHtYSN1I'IH fort Worth liuiinf-H .A'lH,i!..-! NIlf,H"lP.I,SX1l'IH flullqg Hu-inf--1Aflmini-'t 1 .XiIl,l5ljI1N.SNII'IH fort Worth f.l'vll lmgnnf-I-tit' Rflfrlili .S NHT ll .S h ermu rt Affruriautifal lirtuir ir HUNNPQY SNIITH frttrzg Cixi! Erig:irif:f:riri,. WAl,'l'lfli SNll'l H fort Worth Sfzfgrvftarial Aflrnini-Trati W'ESl-EY 5Nll'l'li Dallas Elfzctrinal Enginf nr W'AI.l.ACE SNODCHASS Fort Worth Hiilfnfy' ALFRED SPRINGER Gilmer Mathematics DOUGLAS SPRLTLL lrz ing Gixil Engineerinfl JACKIE STAGGS Coleman Mathematics JAMES STANLEY Fort Worth Accounting GARY STARNES Fort Worth History FRED STELZER Dallas Civil Engineering GEORGE STEPTER JR. Dallas Psychology fff ALDREY SWISHER Seabrook Business Administration WILLIAM TATEM Denison Electrical Engineering FRANCES TAEB Grand Prairie History DAVID TAYLOR Dallas Accounting DAYID TEACIQE Dallas Nlathf-matics BILL THA RP For! Worth Af-mnautical Engineering ROBERT THOMAS Dallas Electrical Engineering .IANIES THOMPSON .flrlinalon Electrical Engineering LAR R W THOANIPSON .flrlinarorz Elef trif al Engineerin TERR Y 'I HORSEN ,4rlr'n,gron Biology CAROL TICERT Dallas Psychology LA RR Y TIGER T Dallas Electrical Engine'-rin E 4.'...."'l Class of 1965 RICKARD STONE Ranger Mathematics WILLIAM STOREY Dallas Mechanical Engineerin JAMES STORY Trinidad History FRED STOVALL Irving History JUDY ST. PETER Arlington History JAMES STRACENER Dallas Civil Engineering MALCOLM STRANGE Dallas Electrical Engineering TOM STROTHER F ort Worth History TERM Y J. 'IINNEY Dallas Iiueinffes Aflminiftration EMDR Y 'I RE XIJA WA Y llullua I3usinf--- Aflrnini-tration RICHARD TRIBISLE Dallas Electrical Engineering JUDY TRlfIiENIiAfQH .lfurrnsler English JERRY TECKER Arlington Electrifzil Engine'-rin ROY TYLER Crnnfl Prairie Mathematics ROBERT VAN DePITTE Garland .Accounting W'ILLIAM VAN WINKLE Dallas Mechanical Engineering CARY YOLLINTINE For! lforlh Accounting KENNETH WACES Arlington Mathematics ROBERT WALES .-Irlington Electrical Engineering ROBERT WALKER Dallas Business Administration TEXAS MARVIN WARD .-Irlingion Physis NATHAN WARREN For! Worth Mechanical Engineerin REED WASHMON Far! lforth Physics PAT WEAVER Dallas English BRENDA WEBB .ulrfzngfurz Secretarial Adniinistrati n MARION DAVID WEDIN Dafltu Physits WAYNE WETH For: Werrl: Electrical Engineering FRED WEYAND Dallas Industrial Engineering 'L-Q: ',,,.-9- .4 nice dav finds many students studying, uniting for sorneone, or just daydreaming in tront of the library. LYLE WILSON Farmers Branch Business Administration DAVID WILLIAMS Fort Worth Business Administration RONALD WILLIAMS Dallas Physics DON WILLXIAN Dallas Business Administration SLZANNE WITTER Ballinger En2lisl1 RICH-XRD WOLF Euless Pre-Dr-ntal CLYDE WTJXIACK Fort Worth Afrommting CHEQTER WOOD Crfmrl Prairie Business Administration 78 ROBERT WHITE Fort Worth Foreign Language WILLIAM WHITE Arlington Electrical Engineering .IOHN WHITTINGTON Fort Worth Business Administration WALTER WILBUR IR. Arlington Industrial Engineering Yr:--V Seniors DON WOOD Dallas Business Administration WINSTON WOOLVERTON Fort Worth History FREDDIE WRIGHT Coppell Biology MARVIN WRINKLE Duncanville History .lOl-LY YANTIS Dallas Mechanical Engineerin ANDRES YBARRA For! lforlh Mechanical Engineering MARY ANN YOUNCBLOOD Grand Prairie English ALAN YIQRMAN Kearny, ,Y. I. History JEAXNETTE ZERLO Arlington Psychology Post-Graduates JAN CASEY .llarsliall History-English HARLEY FISHER .-lmlrezrs History CARI. LEDEORD Dallas Electrical Teclmology Juniors ,Laine .Xlrsllirm Fur: lforth Bolt .'Xd.1z1zs. l7tz.'.'4z5 Rflwrt Jxnidilli. 17111115 Bal-by Adkins. ,4r.':4':gtorz Gwrg:-.ummm Mbrcclxt. Fort Worth Cu-rgv .Xlcx.mdvr. Dallas H-'ppic .Xlc'X.lIldCI'. Tplar Betty Suv Allvn. Fort Worth Clcrlda Xllvn. ,llcritlian Flmrrru .Xllvnl1.1ugll. .-lrlingtorl Ji-rry .fXlliswn. Arlington Boyd .Xntiresa Fort Worth ,lxnnis Anton. Dallas Lewis Ard. Cflclntrne Li'-bert Armour. Fort Worth Richard Arnmslrung. Fort Worth Jimmy Axhworlh. .'fflI'H,gf07l Donald Athey, Fort Worth Sondra Atkinson. Odessa I.aYaughn Avery. Fort Worth Hester .-Xwfritt. Dallas .Kntlmny Azcua Jr., Dallas Ray Azcue. Dallas ,Ioan Bacsik. Grand Prairie John Baaaik Jr.. Grand Prairie luhn Hailey. Dallas Stow' Halflwin. foslzua David fiarl-cf-r. ,firlington riliifftffl Hg1rf4Q.l'nfos .If'ri- Hatw, ,f1rlin,Qton .ICQ-U: Battaff, Cfflflfl Prairie Eliwbfftlw HH 1-cham, Fart Worth Kr-nnpth Bfffnf-. Cleburne Carl Flfhr-If-r. Dallas .larry B911-cnap. Smrthmayde 80 47 ,,.f-f' 3: 1' 5 L N ,,.-, .lim "fr Q' M. 'F tifffz M ""'I"'-'iv Endless bills were typical of enrollment. Michael Bell, Irving William Bennett, Dallas . v.. Eldean lienwn. C, llfllll' Bent-'-n. .-I A X Laddie Birge. H NW' Janie Biili-wp. ff, IT Neil Bisln-p. F13 U Jim Black. Dc," ,X Ah Slew lfir. ez," nr? lwlec . . everly Bliunt, ind.1 B-Wentlcer. Mille l-win. ,-1 .. Robert Bovli ' ' Belli Bvfxst. FF: lr Elmer Braly, Dallas Billy Brandon. Farmersrille Karron Braswell. Arlingion B1-Ilan Bray, .-frlinglon Calxin Brice. Grand Prairie Marian Brittan, .ffrlinglon Larry Brown. Grapezine Mary Sue Browning, Arlington Suzanne- Bryan. lrring Jerry Bryant, Fort Worth Curtis Buchanan. Arlington Don Bumpai. Dallas Norman Burkett, Blum David Burnett, lrring Gloria Jean Burns. Arlington if tri. Burn-. llrrllas I+ iii-' Burr:-iflf-. Plano fr- Y im! lin-iwf-, Fnrl Worllr ff- rf fi linfriw-in. Furl Wrfrllr if i Y, if 2-iz. llflllrls Yiiilliixrfl IIIJNMVTI. llflllfli .i"rr1- BP Vlljm. l"f1lff' rfnff B1-'. frriy Hi. rd, For! Iffrrllr W',iii3fz'm Byrd. ,flrlingflnrf .If fdrnp. ,flrlrnglffrf 82 Class of 1966 TW 9' ls' wr'-1 ft? vt' 'T M, Q. i...,4 Q ,nr 15" llium- f.:nnpln-ll. flunfnnrfll llf-rm.m fmnpu-, llullu. .l"--1' fxiinpu-. .Sun rlnlnnm Hurry f,:mfly. Sun ,f1n1f,f1ff, Charlv- ffannun. ff:-fri. sllfl. David flunnun. Uullus Thomu- Cannon. Uullm Wfrrfd Cunlrf-ll. Irlingg Phillip Carter, Dallas Abdalla Caram. For! W-Oflll Gaylord Carlovk. Joshua Doug Carter. Fort Worth ,PGN 'if 'fx an Q Q--A' K ' T kv L ,f enneth Cgriwriglit. D Mary Case. Dzmccfz 5 erryCaQl1i-in. C Charles Castellanva .4 .lolin R. Caudry. Fw: IT John Cerumies. Dinar Gloria Cliaiiiiwers. Fr" IT ommie Cliambers. F Pierce Chandler Jr.. ll! ind.1 Cllolte. I-c"':'.'.' 'L Guy Christopher. Fw fxx .ru Clements. f1'ff':g. ,limmy Clifton. H:.'5.' H B .xrolcl Clowers, ruff .Arles L.1.1wson. .4 '.: ibn' lwllin-, For! Uvorlll I1-K 4-"un-ll fwfr Hvorlh Un-nign-f fr1'IllIr'I'Ji. Duffug R' T v rt lf---vp: r. V1ItK1-IIN?-B' Yi' 1--r lQf'rr'A.1. Dallas Ef,Hi'f ff-Npfyr. .'1bI'l!:'7Z6' I1' '.'rly ffwurh. IJIINUS Kwnt ff-X, .'1ffI.I7,IIl0l1 Wiflikfxn ffmin. Dallas 'I-"fllTIl:i Vrawn-. f,ors1'fanu Hifimrfi fA1.1v-f-ml, .-irlinglorz .I.1'!1"N .lr.. llrzllus IM'-i'i furry, f,rf,nf' fI"'-'-:fd If-Iivfff, F011 Hvllflh H I! I r ffl ff H'1f.:1'f Hfrr. for! Wvfiflll fm", l!,'r11'?, ffrffllglrm HMA--rf llmiv-rt. For! Worth ff! ' - lla'-i-. flrdnff l'fflfll-I' fhnf- IJ--fn. For! Ifnrrh P' yffl- U' Vlrflffrff. ,'1lllvI7Qf0If HE- Huff lJ"I,ar1gff-. Furl lfwfh f J"'1:H DVTIVUVI. fmupfl v flx ..:.- ' Y. , , .. "'! -: -2511 ' 1' hzffng .af . " . . uri Jffiffl f,rn-.fnrrfq FUN Ifgrlh Juniors ir? 1 it fflufgff llull, lfllllffl 1 houses the oj'j1'ff', of dfpurlnzcnl. Lynflu llickrgrlx- plrlinglon H. fi. Dollar. for! lforlh Honnic Donald, llafffls George: Donovan, Crlmrl Prair Karon Doolittle-. For! lfhrflr xg .lumm-- Doxwll. Hun! ,ILIITIPQ Dozirr. Fornm ,limmiv Dofivr, Fmnm Linda Dubucli. Ellis. Kansas Camille Duggan. San .-lngefo Patricia Dunkin. Fort Uvurtfz Judi Dunnilioo. .lrlinglon l:'Fl'N Q, I .. Iinlu lf X Dun F Hihlwy F ' Go' - Lizuia h T :f,. H... .L ll J 5. 5- Il E 4 . 'XTR lklx E f L..LYx ltr-prim, W1:N1g:.J!e Ll: rig rltrs. l7,"1:s lb-rgv Farm. Fw! lT1111'r QZU1' Fxglv. !":":g!1": Wriliv Nl.x1- l'fx.1nN. H1111 UAH Euing, 1,11':1'1:x!1'r ,l.11'Li11 I-Hmming. lff1'f:glur Nlikv l".1rl1.1f. '1,'.'!-'IQHVYI ,lim F.1rm1'r. Fw! Upurlh Hdlldln' F.arr.1r. 171111115 ,I1-lm F1-rgu-1-n. F1111 IVUIIII I.--i4 l"1rr1'H, YJKIJVIIX lllmrlw lfixllcr. For! Ifortll IT-111.1111 Vin: l?11!l11s ,I--Im Pltfgvrdld, H0015 Tmn Floyd. League City Harwld Flusche, ,lluensler Dink Ford, Hllf1.Sl'l'lI6 Unug Ford. Fort Worlh Edward Fore Jr., White Seltlemen Bvlly Forf-nuln. Fort Worlh jimmif' F044-r. For! Worth Robert Foster Jr., Garland ,Iurnf-s Fmvlvr, IJIIHIIS 'X Rohr-rt I"11wl1'r, Sun Antonio Don Fox, Cmnrl l'm1'rir' Class of 1966 l nf vu- Kenneth Cmllrcy. For! lforlli Ranley Cudfrr-y. Jrlinglon David Goldstein. Dallas ,luan Gomez. Dallas Frank Gooch, Fort llvortl: Phillip Cunflv. Dfzfliis Curry Gomlcn. Furl Iforzli James Comliimn. Dizlhis Roger Coolrlmy. Fort lfurlli John Cordon. Trinidad Diumll Cotilur Hlrlin Ion lfl7verlc'i1zle'r flllff-Sl Spnin lets 0 1 jubilant yell for flu' Rvlvcls. yl.,, s 1 ll-'V' 1 I li f ll Xl 3 1' 4 l X in f lf f, .i,, 1 1 Ifil.:, f l fl IJi I I lfnm- f ll lirvnfli f l lir'-ri' f f Wflflw f f Il Yfrx 1lf.l1i.ifY', 1'.-3.15.1 H -xfgrui llmmk, l31:'.f.f XI.a'.:riw llrvi-. 1'fg..'rss lk.l'T Ufcnlifirixi. F07 HOV!!! Fr' Griffin. I71:,','aS 11,21 Li Hritvmm, l7f1,'!'11s 1 :yarxzu lluinn, Yffffnglolz ,lu-iw llmnn. Fw! lforllz .l.1::-1 - H.z-.u. lhfffzx 1 Mi- H.14g.mi. lrzffzg 1 Egfrlv - HJ!-vy. llaffm I- H. Hump!-In. Drlffrlx 1-- mf-i H.mlv'y. llflflus V. fx:-kk H.m-fn. Dallas ITU-H15 H.1r,xlwn. Hurst Ilimnf Harrmav. For! Worlh XiAiHi.lIN Harp, ljllllllk 1 ,'-' -rg-- Hdrri-. Dallas llxmn H.zrri-Hn. lI'111'f1hf1Chir' W. ,l. Harri-Hn, flrzflas T' rr'-H Hdrri-un H. lfllbfli' I,"Fl'Jl1l Hart, Fur! lforllz Ig- nr: Hn'-ill. llrzflus l"'Vlf" Hia-kf-w, ffnslfn NI fr: nf! Hlmwr. Airlinglon Il'-'igj1,1- H131-. Lllllllflfl. Vnrif Lg H41-.kirl-. Tvrrffll lwflifin H'-aff, lflzflrwlfrflff 'fl lrfvn Hfaff. ffrffnglon l'f":l3ffH'1'rv.fur! Ifurlll f.-lffrl H1-Iron. fluffna Hxrlmra Hf'rr1rl1". full H'0If,l Iliff Hf'mmin:. A1rlf'n,L'lfm F"-ff Hf-rlfhflifffp 'irlinglon IJ wifi H'-nflrix. frffrfzflrm 88 'iii' wi' "TW r M.- 92219 11" 1' TX Qi f-'rv 4:7 s,5 SEQ llill The four Miss Dixie Belle finalisls were Marcia Diem, Margie Robinson, Suzanne Witter, and Judy Hollnnzl, Juniors Bob Henning, Dallas V " W Richard Henniger, Hillsboro JMU' Nl' vw-wx lloyd Henry. lleKa.'f Larry Henry. DeKn!l, .l.1me+ HQ-nslry. For! ITM Margarita Herndndez. F-1 Pdul Hesse. llzifnirff Stew Hetlierington. flfzf: .lumes Hicks. Dlzffizs 0.11-y Hilliard. Pans Richard Hineman. Fw: Z7 .lerry Hodges. lrziig l Hosan Hoifpauir. .lffftgr .lames Hoflnann. For: IT: ,larry Holder, .irffwgtur .ludy Holland. .ulrffngrwt Paulette Holland. .-1 f.'f'tg. William Hollingsworth. Corsicana Cerald Hook. .irlingfon Robert Hook. Dallas John Horton. Fort Worth Gene Hoakins, Irving Xhry H4-ugh, Luflxin U-'-uglas Hume, Dallas Fhvrry Hr-wnd. For! lforllz Willidnm Hughes. Fort Worllr la'-k Hunnicutt. For! Worth r.llZil'l"- Hulr-hilon, Dallas Williqnm Irxingz. Dallas Kflrfn Ixy. .4rlingt0n Bill .lor-kmn. San Antonio flarfrld jufkwn, .4lbuq11Prquc', YU. ll""'f"j' ,lm IK-fvll. F-llfV77f'fSI illp Ndflfj- If-ffrf-y, Arlington Harry All-nkin+, San Antonia .lffhnny .lf-tton. 1ICKI'HH9j' fhffrfrf' .lfrhna Dallas Benny johrrlfrn, Hurst fharlm Jflllfllfffl, Dallas filifffrrrl ,lahnlnrr Far! Worlh Donna Johnion. Dallas ,lfarlf-ttf' Jfrhnlfrrl. Far! Iyffllll 90 Rvlzel vheerlvarlers and masvots Il'l1l't' Io the Honzeroming parade Crozfrls. ,LA Y 1X fo. 'A- 'Busy- bf' itz' "YH" Class of 1966 'Rl-0940 Larry llvun Iolrrl-urn, Wum Nlux ,Iolrn-fm, l"rrr1 Wrrrllr Nona Jonv-H, l"rrrl Wnrlh Kfrnulfl ,Ifmf--. llrrllus Ronnie: jones, Dallas Margaret Kantz, For! Worth Ken Kautz, Arlington Bill E. Keeth, Arlington Dun KPllllf'j, fffC!lIlJllI'.l Karlann Ke-ith. Far! lfurllz Kaye Keller. Beaumonl Bob Kelley. Dallas Patrick Kennard. Daflrs Steve Kennedy. Dallas Marv Lou Ketclrersid. D Cari' Key, lfleblrrnff Deanna King. Fort IT.: vtx Kenneth Klatt. Drxffzs Rielmrd Kleinmann. If: Way ne Lafm J, Ezfes llarily n Lamlw. l7t:f.l:5 Mark Lamkin, ,-l 7.-f.'Tgf Cary Kel manslwerge r. S: Donnell Kms. I-lzllldi Larry lx-wuns. For! for Kenny Kretzsclrmar. iff Rielmrd Krodle. Gffenzx ll rt I .!Y1gT."Ysi, UV' "':'f:g1mz W Wi' l.az1gridgf'. l,t1'.f1l,i W. X. Lumxing, -Irffrzgrori 4 karl-X l.1Lz-if-r1i.1lr. 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Dallas Gilbert Mayfield. Anson Larry Mayo. Sherman .lean lIcAlpine. Richardson Robert Mcffallister. Fort Worth 31.10 Fur: lTc':E David McCarty. B5tf'c't:' David Hclfoy. Fur: lfarfh Ray McCoy. Fw: 17025 James McDowell. llcffgzs Robe-rt McGill. l7.:f.I:5 Q Ronald McGregor. Grand P la 'N r- Tllomas McKee. far: Tor: R -.-,-v Edward McKinley. Fw: IT Johnny Mcliinnon, ,4 rfiwgt ,lzzrty Nlffxr-5, 4".':g.'r": Lrttf- Nlrl auglzlin. lfahl 1 hlivi Nlulrrui--rm. -!rf":g.'u': UAH Nlvxlullvn. Twfn XY ,ax rv Xl: Jrilin, lfux' If .w R-Eur! Nlrrirgrx--. ll'1fU.'x umm' X. Xl:-irr, l"wf lfr hamix Xl:-rrgrr. lr:':g.'u': FI'.!I1l'4 Xlvffifl, llrl -UN Hrfwlvy Xliklllriiilx. lfrrrfa. Llmrlw Nlillvr. Hara! IMT" Xlillvr. Rnrgfr Larry Nlillf-r. For! Worllz Phil Hill-r. llfsqzrilv Rfiwrr Xlillvr. Fur! fforrl ft. rr -- x FK 215 .d9""" Qs .v""l A. V , M 'I-111111134 E. Milyfl. Dallas Paul Blix, Farnzerslzranflr Clldflv- Xlrunrfw. FOV! W'0TIl1 Be-rnarrl Nluntgorwmvry. Fort lfortlz Jana- Nlrmdy. Fort lforllr Hun Nlurmrv. Dallas Sharon Nlfmrfa .'1fll'l1,2l0Il ,-Xnmniw Nlurulvx. Fort Worlh Hrurw- Nlorf-land, Cranrl Prairie Dull- Muff:-Id, For! Worllr jar- Nlorgzun, ffrffsson 41' if f 5f'!Z-'W' M' The ubroonz brigarlvn marrlws flown Srfond qu--up 3. Janice Nnrrell. Dallas Class of 1966 Hwnrnf' Ylurr Clnarlr- .Nafu Cffrmunl. Ronald Neely. lrzing Charles George Nemee III. Daffui David Newell. Fort llnorfh .l. Ylaylfln Nifllflli. lllvfllflflff Faye NlCl1fllS0l'I. For! lforlh Scotty Nicholann. Plano William Niekerwn. Pillcllnrg Terry Nixon. Fort lforlh Carlyle A. Nolen, Cmnfl Prairie George Norman, Houston lim'-' KMIUY ,' 7 I living." 'flaw l I livin Nlufrxe 1 'l"Yfl, Xlurr. I If l',1Hx' V Nlfnr. f U H'lllln:v f1"!:" I Sunril. Nliilm Karyn Nlwlnr f ,lulan ll, Wag f U ,lnlin llnlu-f' Nl r f I! Xlilif' xlllffll- ll Ernf:-t Xljwr- lr IJ '1 f,arnl1r1f'l.'--- N f lufgf' Nxi-vm, fvllfe :.'u:.1. F'.'r.f Sitrl-x Xx-tr-uv. 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Q , , odl""" J w rg -x .rw P' v 'PQ 1.- 5-.. 'ie-W' 'CN L N libs.-f '67 ' Q' X' "Ei ii v dwl. in ar 'mf' Juniors Rex Prater. Balch Springs Dale Prather. Dallas S. H. Prather, .-irlinglon Olga Mae Rabi:-n. Dajfas Cordon Rainey. lfaxahachie Guillerma Ramirez. Fort forth James Ramsey. For: lfufth Kenneth Reddy. Banff Jimmy Reed. Dalfas John Reinecke. L05 Angefes. Caff- Morris Reneau. .-lffinglon Diana Rhinehirt. Grand Pfdffff Dee Rice. .-irfingmw David Richeson. Fort V-ortft Evelyn Richie. Fort Worth 97 Randy Riciimund. Granbury Norma Ricker. lrzing James Rierson. Waco Roger Risinger, Dallas Larry Roberts. Paris Lee Roberts. .'1fll.7'lgIOfl James Robertson. Dallas David Robinson. Indianapolis, Ind. Margie Robinson. Dallas Rex Rc-iwinson. Hamilton Rf-bert Robinson. Weatherford lfiiin Rfvgf,-rs. For! Worth Ufga Rogers. Dallas Patrida Rogers, Dallag Shirley Rogers. Fort Worth Dan Roles. Hollis, UI.-la. .IGTTWQ Hfflff. Clplfurnfi Nifrlo Ann Roton, Cfdar Hill Nancy Clarke Runnfrlls, Fort Worth Pa! Rufrif-rffrrfi. Fort Worlh Jerk Rux. For! Worth Donald Ryan, Fort Worth Xlifhawl Sal-mv.-Aki. Arlington Jf,r1r.r.j- 9113-r. lfafo Betty Sampson. Arlington 98 Sturlenls playing cards found ez erywhere, even time. may be at exam , as-W Wk L 'zn- -nny...-wr 6 'GL' Class of 1966 Wayne Surnpwn, Dallas Harry Scott, Cuinestillrf l.lf0f'llflUi Scott, Arlington Uliwfr Scott, Dallas Kelly Semler, Dallas Ronald Shaw, Royse City Sandi Shear, Fort Worth Jerry Shelby, Dallas John Shipley, Fort Worth Larry Shoemaker, Whilesboro Pam Shorb, Irfing Esta Skinner, Farmersrille Kenneth Smart. Dallas Carole Lee Smith. Daiiaj Donna Smith. .-lrlington Douglas Smith. For! l7'or1h Fitzhugh Smith. Arlington Gaylon Smith. Dallas George Allen Smith. Toro Glen Smith. Dallas .lames Larry Smith. Rffha.'a'.5o': .lohn Henry Smith. Segaiw Obrey B. Smith Jr.. Fort lforth Samuel A. Smith. Fw! Terri: Vernon Edward Smith. For! lforth Ronald Slomon. Doffus John J. Soules. Dtifcs 99 l'.1trici.1 Spann. .-lrlingtun Nliclxacl Spiro, fhiczigu. Ill. Lvn Fpmgins. .trfingron llm Srmiclfz. Grand Prairie ll--nald Shmelx. C-arrollton llnid Ftannard. Dallas Cc-frge Xl. Steele ,lr., Grand Prairie W'illi.1:n A. Slexens. .llcflregor Anth-iny Stewart. Grand Prairie Bernie Stewart. Fort Worth Charles Storer. Fort Worth lt-rug Strickland. Fort Worth Jimmy Ftuard. .-laslin Gerald Sturgeon. lffuahachie Cyril Sulak. wlrlington fLJry Sullixan. llontgomery, Ala. Fylxia Sumnf-r. Grand Prairie H+-za Taflayon. Yazfl. Iran Paul Tallaa Fort Worth Ronald Talley. Fort Worth Hnlwrt Tannfhill, Alwxandria, La. 'lom 'ldnnf-r. Dallas john Tawil. Jfrasalfm, Palestine ,lfflm Kpnnf-th 'lorry Jr., Dallas .fxrlf-nf' 'llwrna-, fort Worth ljffra Tlwrnak. Arlington .larnf-Q 'llzornaa fort Worth lff' Tlwffrnal. Carthage Rftltltj. 'lhornaa fort Worth Holi Tlmrnpmn. Castinf: IOO Juniors 'Q' ,N 31" ?-ww Y T .M-I' The camera catches a typical bowling pose backview. Gracy Thompson, Weatherford Judy Thompson, San Antonio Charles Threadgill, Leuqisiille Carolyn Tinker, Arlington Michael Tooman, Carnegie, Okla. Cora Torres, For: Worth Dwight Totten, Richardson Ronald Tribble, Cleburne Patrick Trinkle. Richardson David Trotter, For! Worth Daniel Tsao. Hong Kong Charles Tucker, Dallas James Tuohy, For! lfgrzh Ellis Turnham. lrz ing Charles Tusa. Waco Sylvia Twerdahl. .4 f.'fRgIO'Z Gerald Tyner. Corsioana Luellen ffheil. Daffas Richard lisry. Dallas Carole Yadner. Fort lrorzh John C. Yalcik. Deairzir Kenneth Vaughn. Grapezine Nancy Vincent, Dallas Daxid Vines, Dallas ,lt-hn Vinson. Dallas Thomas Vordvrl-Lunz, Waco J. D. Wade .lr.. .-lrlington Floyd Walker. Arlington ,lim Wallis, .-lrlinglon ,lohn Walls Ill. Dallas Pirlaie Wialton. Texarlfana Michael Ward. Fort lforlh Vinnon Ward Jr., Melbourne, .-luslralla Linda Warner. Dallas Fleming Waters, lrring Don Watson. Cleburne John Watson, .-lrlington Larry Webb, Dallas Gerald Webster, Texarkana Harvey Wehman, San Antonio Norris Weir, La Porte .lames Wells, Houston James Wheat, Dallas Scott Wheeler, Fort Worth Eugene White, Bonham jackie Whitley, Fort Worth "N Cindy Wilkerson, Arlington Carroll Witkoswki, Arlington Class of '66 .1 ye 79' Er' I F 7' 1 i 'Viv t..,,K r-.ii it .vp- Vw' QQM-v' Stanley Woolever, Snyder Harvey Word, Dallas Betty Wlyatt, Dallas 3, 1 " Louise Yates, Houston Q Lucille Yates. Houston V q-P7-T-we David Xosten. .lluensler iii. 1 , 5 . 1 Q '::::,, 5 x .LTV Ronald Young Dallas William Zxcrancf Fort Worth Reveille editor Keith Blaclfeter pre- sents contestant Sherry Hovend to the Reveille beauty judges. ui!!-ll" ur alll-, ,'1ll'fu"1'1 l.1n'l4 Vfil-t.1f'-. ltiflltflltfffj llHh "vlr1l-'fh.f"1ll glffllls lifvxrna VU,-ur., uiarfrltflflrff llfnm- ll ll' fffi' Hfnlru-1. Vi il-un, fllltftglfzft Snorrg. uvlffnlnplll-. fort Iforzlt - . 1 lrnoyf-ru' ll nnglmm. fort War -It-fr hh im:-f. full Hlblllt lflui- Witllcfmf-r.lJf1lff1: Larry Wittmunn. Hurst uvhfffuffl. fiflfl Vufiflh Jimmy Wonmfgk. Pfam Robert Wood, lrzzng Larry Wooflruff. for! Worth Winston Worthen, Grand Prairie Bill Yurborough Fort Worth Sophomores '23- uv, .... 46" KV' G. T' Paula Acuif, Fort Worth Horace Adams, Galena Park Jerry Adams, Grand Prairie Ollie Adams, Arlington William Adams, Arlington Michael Addison, Fort Worth A campus visitor ponders whether to fight or to switch. 'Q .- : I f T v 1 K 104 l Q Gb" Iran Henry Adkins, Terrell Hossein Agha-Babakhani, Tehran, Charles Alexander, Fort Worth Robert Alexander, F ort Worth James Alford, Arlington William Alford, Garland Jackie Allen, Arlington Mike Allison, W axahachie Michael Allums, Dallas John Amsler, Dallas P. B. Anderson, Dallas Ren Anderson III, Hurst Bobby Andres, Dallas Kay Andrews, Fort Worth Edwin Archie, Fort Worth Phil Ariola, Dallas Reg Arnold, A utlers, Okla. .leff Ashlock, Fort Worth Gerald Attaway, Texarkana, Ark. Russell Atwood, Tuscola Clint Austin, Dallas Maria Ball, Dallas Richard Baggett, F art Worth Benjamin Bailey, McKinney Emma Bailey, Arlington Cary Balthrop, Fort Worth Mike Bandera, Arlington George Barbee, Dallas Roland Barber, Fort Worth Larry Barnes, F ort Worth Mike Barnes, Denison Sandy Barnes, F ort Worth Stanley Barnes, Dallas Linda Barr, Fort Worth Linda Barr, Arlington Walter Barrett, Arlington Wayne Barry, Dallas David Bartlett, Irving Cary Basham, Dallas John Battle, Terrell Clarence Bayer, Muenster Dorothy Bayer, Muenster 7"' Barry Bearden, Arlington Joseph Beck, Fort Worth Randall Beeman, Fort Worth Jimmy Bell, Fort Worth Tommy Bell, Dallas Faith Belovsky, Arlington .lerry Bennett, Graham Malisa Benningfield, Goldthwaite j sf 157 Jimmy Benton, Irving Michael Berger, Dallas Ken Bernstein, Lubbock Bruce Betzner, Itasca Ellis Bewley, Mansfield .ludy Bice, Fort Worth .5 3 Class if i .Q-N 5. of 1967 Jeanette Bickley, Fort Worth Charlyn Bilbray. Houston Richard Blake, Grand Prairie Robert Blessing, Gainesville Herbert Blevins, Fort Worth Linda Bodiford, Fort Worth G:-He fi' 'sn' 'W x. A young rooter takes in the excitement of a Rebel home game. Linda Bolden, Fort Worth Ronald Bolton, Fort Worth Betsy Boockoff, Dallas Danny Bourland, Dallas Harold Bourne, Houston Walter Bowen, Fort Worth Donald Bowlin, Hurst Kaye Bowman, Euless Bill Boyd, Fort Worth Kenneth Boyd Jr., Fort Worth Robert Boyd, Dallas Clayton Bratcher, Fort Worth - hi Dave Brazier, F ort Worth W Gerald Brett, Arlington Dick Bridges, Dallas W " .lim Britton, Fort Worth Dwight Brock, Dallas Phil Brookshire, Arlington Dave Brown, Fort Worth ,lan Brown, Birome ,an- .loyce Brown, Arlington fr Raymon Brown, Dallas Thomas Bryant, Terrell .lames Buck, Arlington .lanet Buckner, Dallas James Buis, Fort Worth Janice Burgoon, Dallas Dennis Burkley, Irving Ann Burleson, Dallas Betsy Burleson, Arlington Larry Burns, Dallas David Burrus, Valparaiso, Ind. Bettye Burton, Arlington John Burton, Jacksboro Joe Butts, F ort fW orth Scott Byers, Dallas Xavier Cabello, Ciudad del Mex. Robert Cagley, Terrell Blaine Calloway, Grapevine Richard Calvert, Dallas yi Cl 'nv 'ST f Oro, Genie Campbell, Dallas Jerri Campbell, Midland Alfred Campos, Dallas Odis Cannon, Irving Alfred Caram F ort Wort Addison Carley, Hurst William Carr, Dallas .lohn Carrabba, Dallas Donald Carter, Dallas Doris Carter, Fort Worth h G ' ffwlwlfdllllllliisfl lil . iv -"S Z? 5 Jia Bobby Case, Arlington Sam Castillo, Fort Worth Rondal Castleberry, Dalhart Mary Celli. Fort Worth Paul Cliattey. Greenville Clara Cheatham. Fort Worth if i L -:' Lliprifta Lil1CI1.1llll. Fort Worth Ronald Chilton. llrcatnr Hubert Claznpilt. .-irlirzgton Alicia Clark. fort Worth Bobby Clark. Dtrffrzs ,lclmn Clark. Da.'lt:5 l'.iL1f kllaiek. llfffsftoro Ruger Cl.lIil'i. FN"'Ic4ll l ,lanes Clazxe. for! Worth , , i . lwxcrly L lt-mens. Dallas Liliarlts Cluinems, Fort Worth .l-'lin Llovl-4. Grand Prairie George Clough. Fort Worth ,lclin Cochran. Fort Worth Claude Cockrell. Dallas Gene Coffey. Red Oak Curtis Cofield. Dallas Laverne Coggins, Amarillo .lam-fre Cohen. Fort Worth 2 fv- . '5- 'cr-A y it 194 ' 1 l Wi gi is V'-e-r if, leave alms Holly Wallace, one of ASC,s "little Rebels spreads cheer during a game. r Ronald Coker, Arlington Judy Collins, W hitesboro Kathy Collins, Waco Danny Collinsworth, Dallas Mike Colvin, Eoerman Dianne Conaway, Fort Worth Bill Condon, Dallas Bob Conner, Dallas Terry Conner, Cleburne David Cook, Irving William Cook, Dallas Gary Cooper, Fort Worth bm Tommy Cushman, Fort Worth Corbitt Dalrymple, Arlington Howard Daniels, Waco Paul Darden, Irving Rechey Davidson, Dallas Charles Davis, Dallas David Davis, Dallas ,I oe Davis, Dallas Paul Davis, Fort Worth Phyllis Davis, Fort Worth Robert Davis, Irving Charles Dawson, Fort Worth 4 Waitfr fnmpffr, llrrrzhall Siwrg-I f.',0rpf'rifff-r. f.orttf1,iIfu, .lfcralrl f.op1:, Arlington William f.op1:, llrrllrr: Cary fmpiin, fort Worth l'atri'.ifi f.urru'H. f.l1:l,urrtf: filiifltf fm-.f1'TTf-, lfllftg llclairif: f,fr.ingtnn. fort Worth ,larnfre f,fr.irigtori. Clkhurne lif:lu:cfga fQov.Iffy, Irting larry Covrufr, Dalfaa Phillip Craflrlofqlf, Arlington Patricia Crenshaw, Fort Worth Cyril Cross, Cropetine Henry Crouch, Bridgeport, Conn Carol Crowder. Collejrrille Gary Cummings. Fort Worth Sarah Cunningham. Fort Worth Xancy Curtis. lfaco QP. Y F.: Q, I Q li li U' The sad profile of Johnny Reb rereals a losing it re for .-ISC. J-Q-e Denison. Dallas Roberta Dennis. Arlington Charles Dent. Fort Worth Kav Derrv. Clereland. Okla. Dee DeYaney'. Dallas, Joe Dickerson. Fort Worth Donald Dickson. Creenzille Marcia Diem. Arlington Glen Dillehay. .llansfield Donald Dinger. Arlington lames Doolin. ISOVOVI Beach, Donald Douglas. Dallas Rink Douglas. Fort Worth Jerry Drago, Garland Nancy Drake. Fort Worth Da'-id Draper. ,llrflregor Fl ll. Lynda Drennan, Arlington Anthony Duarte, Dallas Linda Duckett, Arlington John Duke, Fort Worth Dixie Dunhar, Harlingen Diana Durling. Caineszfille Bonny Edmundson, Lytle Sandra Edwards, Dallas David Ellis, Crandall Fred Ellie, Dallas Jimmy Dawson, Fort Worth .lerry Dearing, Fort Worth Karen Debenport, Arlington James Deen, Dallas Perry Demerson, Fort Worth Rene DeMott, Arlington ?"x AU Ii K I? L7 , no ' 'P an-.....f Wt if X I2 Sophomores Carole Elmore, Arlington R. Truman lllrorl, Cleburne Sharon Elrocl, Fort Worth Rupert Emison, Irving Ronald Endres, Muenster Erna English, Dallas QQWA sys Sandra Folse. Hurst Terri Eschman. Wichita Falls Charles Estes, Pasadena Antonio Estrada, Littlefield Pete Estrada, Littlefield V- Tommy Etheridge. .llesquite I9 V-. . Q. ,,--1 Celestine Evans. Fort Worth Emilie Evans. Duncanrille Ray Evarts. fort Worth .lames Lee Falvo. Arlington Judy Fancher. Irring Phil Farley. Fort Worth Reba Felts. Houston David Field. .lrlington Dennis Filson. Houston Helen Fine. Fort Worth Anita Fisher. Fort Worth Thomas Fleet. Fort Worth Michael Fletcher. Dallas Sam Flores. .llitllancl James Flowers. Fort Worth Charles Flynt. llitznzi. Fla. Eddie Ford. Waxahachie Ferrell Forehand. Fort Worth Kitty Forman. Arlington Class of 1967 ,f l 0- 'vi 1' .EQ William Forsythe, Smithfield J im Foster, Richardson Richard Foster, Euless Travis Fralicks lr., Cedar Hill Jerry Francis, Hurst Emma Franklin, Dallas 127 C' 58' .lerry Franklin, Dallas David Freeman, Boyd William Freeman Ill, Dallas Edward Fritcher, Fort Worth Ginger Fulenwider, Dallas Gary Fuller, Grapevine Gary Gabbert, Bedford Sherman Gainer, Dallas Y' -YL' L. . Yr-' A 4-UI T-' Charles Gaines, El Paso Sharon Gardner, Arlington David Garrett, Richardson Robert Garrett, Coleman Max Gathings, Fort Worth Stephen Gay, Dallas Marsha Gentle, Dallas Thomas Gentry, Dallas Robert Gharis, Dallas Herschel Gibbs Ill, Arlington Harold Gibson J r., Waco John Gibson, Dallas Larry Giesen, Cleburne Jimmy Gillard, Houston Paul Gillaspia, Bowie Janie Gilmore, Dallas Timothy Gleason, Farmers Branch David Glenn, Azle .limmy Glenn, Pratt, Kan. Nolan Glover, Fort Worth Marvin Godfrey, Grand Prairie Ronnie Golden, Fort Worth John Gonzales, Dallas Ivis Good, Arlington Roger Goode, Hurst Robert Goodrich, Troup Perry Goodson, Dallas Robert Goodspeed, Fort Worth James Gordon, Garland Jeffrey Gosdin, Arlington Pamela Gotcher, Houston Lloyd Googe Jr., Garland Janice Grady, Fort Worth Scott Graham, Fort Worth Q-"7 s . Stephen Graham, Mesquite Walter Grantham, Irving Jesse Graves, Dallas William Graves, Garland Everette Gray, Dallas Linda Green, Euless Carolyn Greenwood, Temple Austin Greer, Fort Worth Terry Greer, Sweetwater Barbara Grewe, Fort Worth Allen Griffith, Fort Worth Michael Grimes, Fort Wortn back into action. Sam Grubbs LaMarque vs Manfred Gu1nn Grand Prazrze Robert Gu1nn Denton Johnny Stanton warts to be called Sophomores L7 7' 9 Q' it ?"' Yr' 'R Larry Cumpert, Arlington Larry Gustafson. Fort Worth Joseph Guthrie, Waco Bobby Hackler, Mansfield Robert Hafele, Fort Worth Howard Hale, Fort Worth Musicians find a rare quiet place on campus. fv- Tr Mary Hale, Duncanville Robert Hale, Lubbock ,lim Hall, Lometa .l oe Hall, Arlington Roy Hall, Bedford Suzanne Hall, Waco Trudi Hallaran, Fort Worth Dennis Halwes, Arlington Farrell Hamilton, Arlington Edward Hamilton, Arlington Brian Haney, Abilene Terry Haney, Fort Worth Diana Hardin, Fort Worth Alan Hardy, Dallas Valerie Harkinson, Dallas Ken Harp, Euless .lack Harper, Mesquite Merrill Harper, F ort.W orth Sherry Harper, F art Worth Sue Harper, Mansfield Linda Harris, Duncanville T. Charles Harris Jr., Dallas Tommy Harris, Arlington Earl Harriss, Brownwood J ack Lee Harter J r., Fort Worth Mary Beth Hauhert. F orl Worth John David Haun, Dallas Joe Hawpe, Dallas Roger Hayes, Dallas Donald Haynes, Dallas Sidney Hays, Dallas Thomas Hays, Waxahachie James Head, Cleburne Susan Heard, Arlington Janice Heath, Dallas Nancy Heath, Arlington Leslie Heinitz, Dallas Katy Heisserer, Arlington Rebecca Henley, Fort Worth George Hennig, Dallas Cheryl Henson, Arlington Albert Hernandez, Robstown Joann Herring, Dallas Douglas Hewett, Fort Worth Bill Hickman, Mineral Wells James Hicks, Waco Marion Hicks, Arlington Alan Hill, Kopperl Gay Hill, Irving Lewis Hill Jr., Arlington fi Don Hoaldridge, Fort Worth Bill Hoffman, Fort Worth Beverly Holley, Irving Willene Holt, Fort Worth Kerry Honeycutt, Dallas Carl Hoover J r., Dallas -Q.-4 Robert Hopkins. Fur! Worth Hubert Hcrak. l7.2..iI5 Bill Horslcy. l!r:':s':'f'.'i!' Ruth Hosey. .-!r.':'ngton Billy House, Lhfesst: .Xritiy Howard. Cf.:',i:r:ii l I I' 9 it ll Eddie lhloward. Cnzpvrinv Wilfiaru Howard. For! Worth t Mollie H swell. Fort Worth Q ., l blown Huhcr. 171241415 i Cary l'lut'f:n.iu. Fglcss 1532" , Carole Hughes. Ilaffas Dulce Hughes. Harana, Cuba Eduardo Hughes. Havana, Cuba 19" Jolm Hughes. Waco Miguel Hughes. Dallas ,- I -qf r Terri Hughey. Piedmont, S. C. Johnnie Hunt. Fort Worth "1 1 Y 'iff -.., :M ww? . A W . .. .7 J Sam Hunt. Fort Worth William Hunt, Farmers Branch ...M The camera records the excited football crowd at the ASC-SMU game. Michael Hunter, Grapevine I Clayton Huntington, Jefferson 1' Linda Hutchens, Fort Worth Al Hydak, Fort Worth Rachel Isaacs, Fort Worth Clifford Jackson, Grand Prairie Lawrence Jackson, Dallas John Jacobie, Dallas 4' Troy J acohs, Euless Walter Jacobs, Euless Lynn James, Fort Worth Warren Jann, Fort Worth qs.. ai 3' Karl Karbach, Arlington Sue Kassinger, Sherman John Kearley, San A ntonio Margaret Keaton, Dallas Ray Keel, Fort Worth .loan Keen, Winnsboro, La. Bob Keener, Lubbock Edwin Keilberg Ste henville 1 P .lanet Kelly, Fort Worth Nancy Kelly, Fort Worth Ralph Kenyon, Arlington 4 'C' '4' 66' ,xi 1 Sophomores Jim Wesley Kersey, Austin ww f James Barry Kevil, Arlington J ack Kilpatric, Kerens Charles Kimbrell, Fort Worth Roberta L. Kincaid, Arlington Barbara King, Fort Worth Gary King, Arlington Mary King, Fort Worth Calvin Kirk, Keller Lance Kirkham, Dallas Jack Kirkpatrick, Marlin David R. Kizer, Dallas Sue Knight, Sulphur, Olcla. Stanley Koonsen, Holland Gwendolyn Kraatz, Dallas Pat Kropp, Arlington Ray Krottinger, Fort Worth John Blesi Kumpf, Arlington Gayle Lakes, Irving Judy Lamb, Fort Worth Gary Lancaster, Arlington Judy Marie Land, Dallas Wayne Land, Fort Worth Michael Langdon, Fort Worth Odean Larson, Fort Worth Rosetta Lawson, Fort Worth Susan Gay Lawson, Cleburne Sandra V. Leach, Fort Worth Edwin A. Leavenworth, Dallas Connie Lee, Abilene Gwendolyn Lee, Dallas Jody Sweetheart Kaye Carlin poses with Com- manders Doug Welch and Al Ellis Dennis Little, Ennis Dennis Littwin, Mesquite Thomas Livesay, Fort Worth Larry Locke, Dallas Miles Locke, Waco Anthony Long, Dallas Candy Loomis, Amarillo Rodney Lord, Irving Jan Loven, Fort Worth John Lowe, Dallas Thomas E. Loyd, Dallas George Lumley, Mesquite Haywood W. Lusk III, Dallas Stephen Lutz, Benbrook Reginald Lyle, Arlington Laurie Lynch, Dallas Carl Lynn, Fort Worth Martha Maben, Fort Worth Douglas Mabry, Dallas Woody Mabry, Mesquite Godfrey Macias, Longview .loe Macias, Longview Cecil Mackey, F ort Worth Kenneth Maddox, Dallas James Mahanay, Alvarado Carroll Lemons, Arlington Kenneth LePoris, Fort Worth John Levens, Fort Worth William B. Lewis Jr., Fort Worth James B. Lilly, Arlington Loyall Lindman, Irving Class of 1967 Donald Majka, Arlington Jay Makela, San Diego, Cal. Anthony Malish, Taylor Shorthorn editor Vance Jones gives the ASC paper his suave, debonair touch. Kathryne Malone, F ort Worth Robert Mardis, Fort Worth Becky Martin, Arlington Cynthia Martin, Fort Worth John Martin, Dallas Michael Martin, Saginaw Olin Martin, Justin Travis Martin Jr., San Antonio Billy Martinez, F ort Worth Richard Matsler, Arlington Sharon Matthews, Dallas Eric Mayberry, Dallas Susan Burton Mays, Fort Worth Susan Mays, DeSoto Karin McAlister, Arlington Steve McAlister, Arlington James McAnally, Dallas 0- Valerie McBride, Arlington Connie McBroom, Arlington Mark McCarty, Fort Worth Melita McCauley, Fort Worth Roy McCharen, Abilene Eddie McClendon, Fort Worth 'S James McClure, Pittsburgh, Pa. Betty McC0nahey, Dallas Rick McConathy, Dallas Terry McCreary, Arlington Bruce McDonald, F ort Worth David McDonald, Weatherford Kathryn McGee, Fort Worth Roger McKinnon, Arlington John McKinstry, Denison Johnny McKnight, Arlington Buddy McMahon, Fort Worth David McNeely, Dallas Ellwood Meade, Ponca City, Okla. Betty Meadows, Wellington Don Mebus, Arlington Betty Melugin, Dallas Dian Mencke, Fort Worth Danna Miller, Richardson Harry Miller, F ort Worth Larry Miller, Fort Worth Tanya Lantz Miller, Arlington John Mills, Lufkin Jeanne Monroe, F ort Worth Bobby Montgomery, Colorado City H. Feland Montgomery J r., Dallas Thomas Montgomery, Fort Worth Wanda Montgomery, Loraine Brenda Moore, F ort Worth Ouidga Moore, Arlington Sarah Moore, Grand Prairie Ismael Morales, Dallas Dianne Morris, Fort Worth Linda Morrow, Fort Worth Betty Morse, Dallas I Sophomores Curtis Mosley, Arlington Claudie Moss Jr., Fort Worth 1 George Mount, Dallas Pat Murphy, Fort Worth Ronald Murray, Fort Worth Cary Nation, Irving ? an Mischievous Reveille photographer Jim Clements takes a breather from darkroom work. Michael Nau, Dallas Theodore Naumann, Pearsall Woody Nay, Brownwood Michele Nead, Arlington Evelyn Kay Neal, Fort Worth Tom Neighbors, Irving Robert Netherton, Itasca Jeanette Newell, Arlington Jerry Newman, Big Spring Roy Newman, Arlington William Thomas Newsom, Fort Worth Richard Nichol, Dallas Dickie Nichols, Clarksville Winston Nickel, Fort Worth Sharon Noah, Arlington Daniel Norris, Fort Worth Marilyn Norris, Dallas Mark Norris, Fort Worth William Northen, Temple Richard Norwood, Forney Nelda Nowlin, San Angelo Mona Nunes, Fort Worth Bruce Nutt, Dallas Joyce O'Byrne, Fort Worth Pat O'Connor, F ort Worth Montie Odom, Dallas Ronald Odom, Fort Worth Frank Oliver, Fort Worth Luther Oliver, Denison Anna Orrell, Mansfield Ken Otto, M uenster Gary Page, Arlington .lohn Parker, Trussville, Ala. Linda Parker, Fort Worth Sylvia Parker, Rosenburg Todd Parker, Dallas James Parsons, Fort Worth John Patton, Fort Worth Don Peacock, Dallas Frederick Pebworth, Dallas Walter Pemberton, Dallas David Pendleton, Stephenville Albert Perez, F ort Worth Joe Perez, Fort Worth Rudolph Perry, Dallas Allan Pettigrew, Dallas .lim Pfaff, Irving Peter Phillips, Dallas David Pickett, Dallas Julius Pierce, Garland 'Z' Lewis Pierce, Kreole, Miss. Janice Pirkle, Arlington Stanley Pittman, Fort Worth Carroll Plunk, Dallas K- Q5 ,linunie Poe. .4rlingron Alllll l'l00lC, Fort lrllflll ldlrvlxl P00lc'. Dc1ll4l5 Donna Pope. Dallas xlullly' Potexrt, FO!! lrvfill P.unel.1 Pounds. Gonzales Cathey Powell. lrring Richard Powell. Cranbury Suzanne Prather, Dallas John Puente. Dallas Phyllis Quesinberry. Fort Worth Charles Quick. Butler, 110. Jesse Rangel. Dallas Morad Rashti. Tehran, Iran Jerrold Raskin, Dallas lean Ratcliff. lrring .loan Ratcliff, Irving Phil Ratcliffe, Fort Worth Harkins Rea, Hurst io ' r f is - g.. NN Sl 'F' f Q 9. vs., M Nl S L. , Vx try , t, '-5 P IR Us in re., Q f 4. ...- 1-. '9- ,avi 2,24 X4 ii. D -L .,.. ! 'cf 4 5 in I ' 1 L- 1' 1, W',,'a. , fmt' 325. erixfq Wa' 1 s J we ., t "nl 1 l t . Arlington State Rebel Bandsmen cast long shadows dur ing night-time half-time shows. David Joe Redd, Cedar Hill James Reed, Arlington William Reese, Dallas Richard Reid, Fort Worth Kenneth Remeur, Bedford Vollie Rhoades, Fort Worth James Rhodes, Cleburne Sue Richards, Weatherford Kenneth Richardson, Dallas -f Madelda Richardson, Fort Worth Bettye Richmond, Waco David Richter, Dallas tw' ,..,, ."N'Lg'MN1'4 .sei vi1.'vtr'A ' -max. r Albert Sabater, Fort Worth Bill Sailers, Dallas Jimmy Sain, Fort Worth Michael Salas, Dallas John Saldana, Dallas Lucy Saldana, Fort Worth Emily Sampson, Arlington Pam Sanguinet, Burleson Kenneth Sargent, Hurst Boyd Sarratt, Grand Prairie Lynnette Saunders, Grand Prairie .lerald Saxton, Dallas pls' li1'l'.l'1f' ll 'Ull- l'.!,' lfhlr I'-, fl.1,fof1r lr"'1lfmr,r!.-ff. lr lm fL l1.fh'wil1f.:,ir, ','. l' f if lffllfilnf lihfr.-',!. flfi '12 llfrhxlfl lffr' 1' ", ffl'-' 'l'lI'1!H51- lim' ri' ", Cru' ff Nlfiflflirn- lin' ---.1 '!, lor' ,' Xliifllfl lfmgfr- lf . fm! Xlllvf V1 LH-' ff!! llflll , . lr.'. 1 I Jfifnv- lil,--, Tl1l'll!ll', Kun lifrffrf lfffff' Pam lin'-'-l-fhfl. ffl!! V C' ' 1 v lxfllwfl lllJ'r1"f. xlfl Ulf' Sharon Ruffle'-r. for! We Surnrnj-' Hllflvl. liars hu Q Karen Rulh. .4rfin,. Rusty Russell. .4rAf'n Lance Rutan. Fort WU: r- Rebel band tzcirlers Terrina Rush and Karen Garner practice for a performance. Louie Schultz. Fort Worth Holly Schwartz. Fort Worth Marion Scott, Fort Worth Waldo Searcy. Kilgore Judy Sellers. Grand Prairie Don Settlemyer, Arlington Dan Sexton. Fort Worth Larry Seymour, Grand Prairie Daxid Shaffer, Carrollton Scotty Shallcross, Arlington Bill Shaw. Haslet Ronnie Sheckels. Fort Worth Guy Sheppard, Fort Worth James Sheridan. Leonard Bc-ttyf: Slmwera, Dallas Thomaa Sifford. Hurst Eddie Simmons, Keller James Simmons, Euless L. L. Simmons, Dallas Jerry Simpson, Dallas James Sims, Fort Worth Richard Sisk, Royse City ' 106 Skelton, Arlington Tony Skeryanc, Fort Worth i Bill Sladovnik, Fort Worth I26 W. G. Scaff, Naples J al Scarborough, Rosenberg Leo Schindler Jr., Dallas Gary Schluter, Ponder Dian Schneider, Grand Prairie Charles Schuerenberg, Mesquite ! Sophomores ,larry Small, Fart Worth .lurnvs lfrlflifc Srnallwoofl, Decatur Alvie Doug Smith, Dallas Carolyn Smith, Dallas Cecil Smith, Mount Calm David Smith Jr., Grand Prairie 2 V' Donald Sowell. Fort Worth ,loan Sparger. Bedford Tricia Speakes. For! Worth ,1 as-Q George Sparling. Grand Prairie Donald Smith, Fort Worth Douglas Smith. Hlifil Douglas S. Smith. Dallas Glenn Smith. .'l7llfiEI072 Gregory Smith. Dallas ,lames M. Smith. For! Tor Ken Smith. Grand Prairie Loren Smith. Dallas Marilyn Smith. .-lrlingron Marvin Smith. Garfand Michael E. Smith. Daffas Morris Wayne Smith. Dafa. Philip Smith. Fort lrirrli L Robert David Smith. Carla " Robert I.. Smith. Dallas Ronald Smith. Dtzfftrs William Smith. Fort Worth Peter Sorensen III. .lI'nfral Wells Secundino Sosa. Dallas Hugh Southall. Fort lfortli Mike Soward. .-lrlingfon TT? .l ' v I ,s Us K- - fy. .. Ygw alle Class of 1967 .lames Spellings. Fort Worth Robert Spitzer, Clifton Hersllall Spradley, Fort Worth ,lean Springer, Arlington William T. Springer, Dallas .lames Stamp, Fort Worth Terry Stanford, Seymour Johnny Stanton, Corpus Christi Carolyn Starnes, Fort Worth Danny Stayton, Grand Prairie 1 'C' p- ' l28 1 'fb Ronald L. Sternfels, Euless Bradley Stephens, Palm City, Fla. Helen Stephenson, Fort Worth Ivan Wayne Stewart, Fort Worth i Floyd B. Stober, St. Louis, Mo. Bill T. Stokes, Fort Worth Sara Stokes, Fort Worth Steven Straus, Dallas Pamela Stribling, Arlington Donald Strickert, Grand Prairie Robert H. Strickland, Dallas ,lay D. Stroh, Midland James Stroud, .lflaypearl Ruth Sullivan. Dallas Wilma Summers, Irving Barbara Sury, Arlington Dale Swasick, Dallas Dee Swope, Arlington Molly Switzer, Cranrl Prairie William li. Talbott, Big Spring Sheila Tullon, Arlington Bill Taylor, Fort Worth George W. Taylor Jr., Fort Worth Glen Taylor, Arlington Margaret Taylor, Arlington Vivian Taylor, Texarkana Woody Taylor, Dallas Alan Teal, Fort Worth 1 Brigadier General Dunn speaks to the ROTC cadets. Seated are Col, C. C. Johnson, of the Military Depart- ment, and Father George Luck, Chaplain of Canterbury house. QT' of N Xe 'D fp' Linda Teal, Fort Worth .lohn L. Telford, Arlington Wilbert L. Templeton, Laydonia 1 Cary Thomas, Arlington .lim Thomas, Fort Worth John A. Thomas, Arlington Kathleen Thomas, Fort Worth Linda C. Thomas, Carthage Sandra Thomas, Grand Prairie Shirley Thomas, Dallas Benny C. Thompson, Fort Worth Essie Morrie Thompson. Dallas Frances Thompson. slrlirrgton 9-. E C A ? U x' 'Q' L Q 'QQ at - , ... .., Kiln 'E l30 Sophomores .lohn A. Thompson. Dallas LeRoy Thompson. Fort Worth Paul Thompson, Fort Worth Carol Thomson, Fort Worth James Thornton, Garland .loe Thornton, Hurst Gene Thrasher, Fort Worth Richard Thurmon, Mineral Wells ,lan Tilford, Fort Worth David Timmons, Van 1' T David Titsworth, Dallas g. Robert Trachta, Fort Worth rf f J. Lawrence Tracy, Dallas a S yiytgv- 4 ,Uh David M. Trammell, Grand Prairie Gilbert Trevino, Dallas Walter Trewin, Dallas Tom Trostel, Arlington Thomas Troup, Warren, Ohio Robert Tubbs, Dallas Judi Turnbow, Fort Worth Victoria Turpin, Hickory, N. C. Margaret Upton, Irving Henry O. Urquhart, Dallas Anthony G. Vallot, Grand Prairie Travis L. Van Hoose, Bridgeport James Van Hooser, Sherman Stephen Van Horn, Morganton, N. C. Barbara Van Wye, Dallas Mark Vela, Houston .limmy Vest, Grand Prairie .lo Ann Victry, Dallas fr Corliss Ann Vileta, Logansport, il. , ' Ind. i AM, .lohn H. Vincent, Dallas 9' . Kenneth Ray Vines, Mineral Wells - ,Q James H. Voss, Arlington Colleen Waddell, Hurst William W. Wade ll, Richardson , -1 9 if The modern foreign language labs feature helpful tape recordings. Laura Wages, Arlington ,lack C. Walden, Dallas .limmy Walker, Longview Steven H. Walker, Fort Worth Glen H. Wall, Irving Ella Mae Wallace, F ort Worth .lerry Wallace, Fort Worth Edwin Waller, Colleyville Lela Mae Warren, Fort Worth Mike Warren. Wilmer Patricia Ann Warren, Irving 'C 45 X 4. Carol Waters. Pooliille La Class of 1967 :Wx Carolyn Waters. Fort Worth Ronald Waters. Dallas , at a Milton Watkin, Dallas L' Damon Watkins, Early Finn Watkins, Fort Worth 'L' X Kenneth Watkins, Arlington 1:-7? 'EF X T57 9'-1 ., H" fl Q iN -Us "Did I really look that bad?" asks Linda Garonzik of husband-Bunky Garonzik, Reveille photogra Linda Watson, Grand Prairie William Watson, Arlington Gregory Waugh, Richardson Morris Waxler, Johnson City Wayne Weaver, Grand Prairie Lee Webster, Austin Robert Wells, Dallas Rod Wells, Fort Worth Charles Wemer, Irving William Wernley, Dallas Ann West, Dallas Carol West, Fort Worth Rebecca West, Fort Worth James Westbrook, Nederland Charles Whisenand, Fort Worth Winnora Whitaker, Irving .lean White, Dallas Kermit White, Mansfield Sheila Whites, Cleburne Joyce Whiteside, Fairfield Keith Whitsel, Galveston James Wicker, Dallas Dwight Wilkins, Aledo Bart Williams, Dallas Dolores Williams, Dallas Henry Williams, Fort Worth Larry Williams, Mesquite Linda Williams, Fort Worth Myra Williams, Dallas Philip Williams, Dallas Sharon Williams, Grapevine Steve Willits, Dallas Bruce Wilson, Fort Worth George Wilson, Fort Worth Judy Wilson, Bedford Richard Wilson, Atlanta, Ga. Sandra Wilson, Dallas Floyd Wine, Arlington Stanley Winterbauer, Garland Ellyne Wisenbaker, Garland Michael Wood, Tolar Tommie Wood, Marshall Gary Woolf, Bowie Jeanne Woolverton, Fort Worth Nan Worden, Fort Worth John Worthington, Fort Worth Garza Wooton, Euless James Wray, Grand Prairie John Wright, Childress Vernon Wrinkle, Dancanville Larry Wygant, Grand Prairie Paul Wynne, Arlington Marvin Yeakle, Dallas Raymond Yoakum, Fort Worth Charles York, Arlington Connie York, Fort Worth Edward Young, Richardson George Young, Fort Worth T yi "nr" 6.1 'U Larry Young, Fort Worth Raven Young Fort Worth Ronald Young. Dallas Jack Zaetler. Fort Worth Mary Zamora. Fort Worth Carl Zemewiek. Grand Prairie wig .A 1" , 1--H -g- - A " "a n ' lr - -1,' . jj '-t,,,...l..-.-Q' . .- E -, . v - 3 h, ....,,,.t,,. 3, --' V ,, . ,Q ' - L? --Og-""""' in J .Y v ,f .x,,,,,.....- Aeronautical technology student Bill Huse works in the welding shop. Karl Andrews, Arlington Mary Andrews, lrring Susan Andries. Fort Worth Maximo Angeles, Fort Worth Jimmie Ansley, Fort Worth Mary Ansley, Fort Worth James Anthony, Dallas Phyllis Anthony, Arlington John Archley, Grand Prairie Claude Armstrong. Irving Tommy Adams, Dallas George Ahrens J r., Fort Worth James Alexander, Dallas Ann Allen, Cedar Hill .lan Allen, Euless Karen Allen, Hurst Robert Allen, Arlington Khojasteh Amini, Tehran, Iran Monty Anderson, Fort Worth Orville Anderson J r., Hurst Robert Anderson, Fort Worth Lewie Anderton, Dallas K '!"' tg in Ni' 5 1 A itll , .rf ce 64' J J fbi' Danny Armstrong, Arlington Harold Armstrong, Fort Worth Dana Ascue, Arlington Elrey Ash ll, Odessa Sarah Ashcraft, Arlington Wayne Ashlnek, Ewrman Helen Ashmore, Dallas Martha Ateitty, Shiproclf, New .llexico liill Athf-rton. fort Worth Nlarti Arla-r-ori. Arlington iherian Atkins, llollfis Cori. Autry. Dallas 'Q . flfirf-ruff' lialwr-. fort Worth Uororhj. liafnik. Cranrl Prairie I34 Z, 6.7. ,V 'N'-7 Z7 1 Ed Bagot, Amarillo .l. B. Bailey .lr., Arlington Carl Baker, Fort Worth Gerald Baker, Arlington jerry Baker, Fort Worth Lloyd Baker, Fort Worth """" ,Q i I Nancy Baker, Fort Worth Charlotte Baldridge, Dallas R. Baldwin, Fort Worth Clifford Ballard, Houston Steven Banister, Dallas Laura Banks, Dallas Sheridan Barber, Fort Worth Neal Barkhurst, Irving Maurice Barksdale, Fort Worth Donna Barnard, Fort Worth Kenneth Barnes, Fort Worth Robert Barnes, Roclcwall Tye Barnett Jr., Arlington William Barnett, Fort Worth Barbara Barry, Irving Barbara Bartlett, Fort Worth Cherie Barton, Grand Prairie Sharon Barton, Dallas William Bartsch, Dallas .lean Basham, Arlington Pat Bass, Arlington Edwin Bateman, Dallas .lan Baucum, Midlothian Darline Baugh, Hurst Howard Baugh, New Orleans, La. Marieluise Baur, Augsburg, Germany Larry Baxley, Dallas Martha Bayah, Dallas .lames Bayless, Euless Larry Beam, Mason Tommy Beaman, Fort Worth Dayton Beasley, Mansfield. Claudia Beavers, Fort Worth David Beck, Corsicana Dewey Beck, Arlington Dwayne Beck, Mesquite Vernon Bedair, Arp K 4 --Pl ,ff X. in io 14 Q'- ss x Q' si ""' X X rr Q . in-X , X. s Q X C ,v ix T F-1 2. Y' - Y' - X a Mary Bedell, Dallas Donna Beene, Fort Worth .lames Beene, Boerne Buddy Behne, El Paso Bill Behrhorst, Fort Worth Barbara Bell, Fort Worth Betty Bell, Euless Billy Bell, Dallas Lorraine Bell, Dallas Sheila Bell, Bedford Stephen Bell, Dallas Teri Bell, Arlington Philip Benedict, Euless Rose Benham, Fort Worth Michael Bentley, Dallas Donald Benton, Arlington Linda Benton, Lancaster Mary Benton, Arlington Barbara Berg, Dallas John Bernard, Dallas Linda Berry, Arlington Richard Berry, Fort Worth Tommy Berry, Dallas Allen Beseda, Dallas Larry Beshires, Mesquite Bill Bethune Jr., Dallas Mary Beverly, W axahachie Gene Bibb, Graham Rayburn Bielss, F ort Worth Ronald Bigelow, Dallas Brenda Bishop, El Paso Diane Bishop, Arlington Lynne Bishop, Fort Worth Barry Blackburn, Mineral Wells Nancy Blackford, Abilene Fred Blair, Farmers Branch Randy Blake, Fort Worth .loy Blanchard, Ireland 'Iom Blankenship, Sherman Carol Blanton, Dallas The new library features modern study booths. BeLh Bond, Arlington Daniel Boone, Odessa Ronald Booth, Irving Pamela Borah, Irving Arthur Bome, Fort Worth Lynette Boroff, Grand Prairie Sharon Bosak, Arlington Marvin Bouldin, Dallas Ralph Bowden, Paris Wayne Bowen, Fort Worth Bonita Bower, Dallas Marilyn Bowie, Dallas Lory Bowles, Hurst James Bowling, Irving Brenda Bowman, Abilene Melany Box, F ort Worth Eddie Boyce, Irving Bariy Boydston, Decatur Sammie Boydston, Fort Worth Robert Boykin, Richardson John Braboy, Amarillo .limmie Brady, Dallas Mary Ann Braggs, Mexia Reid Brandon, Dallas Cary Brashear, F ort Worth Billy Brassell, Mineral Wells Dwight Braswell, Rockwall Donna Braunt, Fort Worth Lucille Bread, Phoenix, Ariz Ingrid Breazeale, Arlington Ronald R. Brewer, Cleburne Barbara Bridges, Dallas Sue Bridges, Irving Valerie Briggs, Dallas Larry Brooks, Dallas Lon Brooks, Weatherford Johnny Brotherton, Hurst Judy Brougham, Arlington Bettye Ruth Brown, Grand Prairie Bivins G. Brown, Dallas Colin Brown, Bedford David Brown, Fort Worth Harold Brown, Ennis James R. Brown, Irving Kathy Brown, Fort Worth Kenneth Brown, Dallas Mary Lee Brown, Arlington Mary T. Brown, Fort Worth Neal Brown, Wichita Falls Ray J. Brown, Tulsa, Okla. Steve P. Brown, Fort Worth Thelia Brown, Dallas Vivian Brown, Dallas Edythe E. Brusewitz, Dallas Charles Bruton, Fort Worth Richard Bryan, Cleburne Gail Bryant, Dallas Mary L. Bryant, Terrell .lim Buhenik, Duncanville Grady Buck Jr., Fort Worth Michael Buck, Arlington Karen Buckingham, F ort Worth Nolan Buie, Dallas Robert C. Bullard, Mesquite Michael Bullock, Farmers Branch Roger W. Bumpass, Arlington Gary W. Bunt, Euless Gwendolyn Brown, Wills Point Ronnie Burnett Arlington Kay Lynn Burns F ort Worth Darlene Burrow Grand Prairie Tommy Burseen Grana' Prairie Larry Cam Grapevine , James Caldwell Grand Prairie Jeffery Caldwell F or: Worth l Bettie Burson, Fort Worth Diana Burson, Haskell John Burt, Fort Worth Douglas Busby, Dallas Royce Bush, Arlington Larry Buss, Dallas Charles Bussey, Fort Worth Donald Butler, Ladonia Suzie Byers, Dallas Terry Byers, Dallas Fred Byther, Fort Worth Charles Caffey, Irving Freshmen Rebecca Canterbury, Fort Worth Sharon Cantrell, Arlington Sue Cantrell, Fort Worth Patricia Caraway, Strawn Adrian Carbonell, Camaguey, Cuba Richard Carboni, Grand Prairie John Carden Jr., Fort Worth Susan Carley, Hurst Robert Carpenter, Duncanville The Rebel Band plays Dixie as students relax zn the Sub Marisela Carrasco, Corpus Christi .lames Carson, Arlington Mickey Carson, Chicago, Ill. Candy Carter, Dallas Glenn Carter, Dallas James Carter, Grand Prairie Lou Carter, Fort Worth Steve Carter, Hutchins William Carter, Euless Don Casey, Arlington Mike Cash, Irving Brian Cassady, Fort Worth Harry Cassell Ir., Euless Sidney Castleberry, Grand Prairie Walter Castleherry, Fort Worth Clara Cato, Mansfield Paul Caton, Hurst Richard Cavender, Arlington Andrew Celovsky, Abilene Blanche Cervantes, Fluvanna Johnny Chaloupka, Fort Worth Radford Chambers, Dallas Tom Chamblee, Dallas Phillip Charles, Hurst .lay Chatham, Fort Worth Herman Chenevert, Fort Worth Lanelle Cheslock, Fort Worth Helen Chessmore, Grand Prairie A K. .nd John Clark, Fort Worth Mary Clark, Arlington Odis Clark, Quitman Marty Clarkson, Grand Prairie Eddie Claunch, Fort Worth Richard Clements, Sapulpa, Okla. William Clemons, Fort Worth W. Roy Climer, Dallas Carol Clinton, Fort Worth Bill Cloer, Fort Worth Sue Clower, Bedford Dennis Cochran, Hot Springs, Ark. Nancy Coffee, Arlington Janice Coffey, Fort Worth Don Coker, Arlington Linda Collier, Dallas Fred Collins, Fort Worth Cary Collins, Dallas Larry Collins, Arlington Nancy Collinsworth, Dallas .lackie Combs, Fort Worth Mike Connally, Fort Worth Pete Connally, Paris Betty Connatser, Fort Worth Suzanne Cook, San Antonio Lillian Cooke, Chinle, Ariz. Jack Cooper, Anson Kenneth Cooper, F ort Worth Warren Cooper, Fort Worth Jeri Copeland, Fort Worth Pat Childress, New London Fayc Christopherson, Fort Worth John Cinotto, Grand Prairie Carol Clark, Fort Worth Eliza Clark, Quitman Cary Clark, Arlington Gifty Clark, Dallas Robert Cisneros, Fort Worth Larry Clanton, Fort Worth Ann Clark, Arlington fn K' if any Q- CX Q' 'lb X T' G :ur 'T 'Q 5. O 1 Q 5,- ,r,.. f 4.-X 121' -1. l . Q TWA Class of 1968 Dennis Cordes. Arlington Don Cornelius, Fort Worth Albert Cornell, Arlington John Cornett Jr., Cleburne Danny Corrigan, Dallas Everett Costa, Garland Penny Cotton, Dallas Bobby Couch, Irving Pat Coughlin Jr., Dallas Q77 Linda Covey, Dallas Volleyball is a popular activity at the Methodist Student Center Robert Covington, Grand Prairie Dolly Cowsar, Fort Worth Charles Cox, Dallas Charlotte Cox, Mesquite Cary Cox, Dallas Tad Cox, Fort Worth Wardell Cox, Dallas William Coxson, Dallas .lacqulyn Crabtree, Fort Worth QL G9 Diane Crader, Fort Worth Mary Crenshaw, Fort Worth Jerry Crim, Dallas Jean Crist, Cleburne Carolyn Critz, Sweetwater Don Crowe, Dallas Bucky Crowley, Houston Katherine Cuff, Arlington Cheryl Culp, Bedford Don Cummins, Sherman Carol Cupit, Wichita Falls Karen Cuzrin, Fort Worth Jessie Curry, Fort Worth John Curry, Crane Larry Curry, Mansfield Mona Curtis, Fort Worth Arthur Dabney, Dallas Diane Dagg, F ort Worth Sid Davidson, Irving Begigno Davila, Fort Worth Danny Davis, Duncanville Diana Davis, Webb City, Mo. Emogene Davis, Gunter Eugene Davis, Arlington Frank Davis Jr., Fort Worth Judy Davis, Fort Worth Laddie Davis, Waxahachie Lawrence Davis, Irving Obie Davis, Dallas Robert Davis, Garland Tommy Davis, Fort Worth John Dawson, Grand Prairie Thomas Dawson, Dallas Carl Day, Dallas O. D. Day, DeSoto Joe Dearing, Fort Worth Sue DeArmord, Fort Worth Alfred DeLaPaz, Fort Worth Dale DeLarm, Dallas Bill Denig, Dallas Dave Denney, Fort Worth Daryl DeVault, Dallas Hank Dews, Fort Worth Eddie DeYoung, Arlington Lewis Dickerson, Celina David Dickson, Dallas R. B. Dill Jr., Mineral Wells Don Dixon, Fort Worth Floyd Dale, Arlington D'unna Dana, Fort Worth Fielrlona Dana, Fort Worth Joe Dane, Fort Worth Linda Darnell, Grand Saline John Daugirda, Arlington Joyce Daugirda, Arlington David Davenport, Waxahachie Robert Davenport, W axahachie Robert Davey, Irving , .- Q Q ' V- , 'A as ,r - sn . f , x 4, ,.,,. , , Ma 4 s E K ey!! , x no Hulwrt llrone, lfhivago, lll. Stan Dugan. Blooming Grove Eddie Duliamel. Fort Worth Don Dulir, Fort Wortl- Don Dulamey, Dallas Nnm- llunt'.1n.Dalla5 Ftanlr X llunvan. Sejwnour Har- u- llunn, Hottie Hari-ly llunn. Hurst ll'llgl.14 lluwnlierry. Dallas ala-'qu' line llwracek. West ,fi Fred Dydek, Fort Worth Clarence Ealy. Dallas ,lon Early, Fort Worth Lynne Easter, Waco Michael Eden, Tulsa, Olfla. Rolf'-rt Edmondion, Dallas flharlr-Q Eclwarrle. nlrliagton fihf-lly Edward1.Dalla5 Frank Edhdffli. Sr. Louis, Jlo. Kathy Efl'v4'3l'fli. Fort Worth Nlifliar-l Eflhllfdi. Dallas Don Ellis, .llansfield Mikf- Ellis. Dallas Sandra Ellimn, Fort Worth Clinton Elsner, Arlington Patricia Ely, Fort Worth Tornrnjv Ernrnonl. Dallas E-l-:anflar Enayati. Tehran, Iran Qallif- Engrli-li, Fart Worth 5' Yiflci Enlof-. ,flrlinatorz Brent Erickson, Dallas '-' fir-ralfl Erifl-caan 4lr,, Colleyville john Erick-on, fort Worth Batty Erxin, Fort Worth Cary Eilfffe, Fort Worth Calsin E'-'ana Fort Worth Earl Exana, Dallas iv' E. 1 v QQ 'F-Brew---""lluspg, A - .4 K . -' - - .- ,--,,- .. - fr -... :f -r-1 ---.,..,. Donal Murphy, mechanical technology student, works at the engine lathe in the machine shop. .lane Ferguson, Fort Worth Alberto Fernandez, Havana, Cuba Teobaldo Fernandez, Dallas L. C. Ficklin, Wichita Falls Mark Fields, Fort Worth .loseph Fields, Dallas Nelson Files, Arlington Stephen Findley, Arlington Kenneth Fischer, Dallas Janet Fisher, Dallas " Thomas Fisher, F ort Worth Caylene Flanary, Mineral Wells Freshmen .lanice Evans, Fort Worth Randall Evans, Arlington Mary Fagan, Arlington Jerry Fairchild, Whitesboro Billy Farmer, Irving Donna Farmer, Grand Prairie Ted Farmer, Duncanville Donald Farquhar, Azle Cari Faucher, Bedford Robert Fauvelle, Corsicana David F elderman, Maquolfeto, Iowa Thomas Fenimore, Hurst gy K, f is 4' Ja. - o 4 f 1. 1 ld: I Q t S 8 X . ,i:1.:.s:7s" F K fs :J ,P "sw X ra. .Hs ., Y , ,AL k Q S li. Roger Fitzpatrick, Fort Worth .lack Fletcher, Brownfield Charles Flores, San Antonio William Flowers, Waco .lim Floyd, Dallas Wayne Fluke, Dallas Linda Forbes, Dallas .lerry Ford, Irving Lloyd Ford, Grand Prairie Michael Foreman, Dallas Susan Fowler, Arlington Thomas Fowler, Crandall G be TT ii 'S' fo 49 vis.- tr Class of 1968 G-,W ir- , KSN? 'iw 'Q' C' are U' s 1 v .f Terry Frank, Fort Worth Judy Franklin, Dallas Mike Franks, Fort Worth Forrest Frantz, Garland Elizabeth Fraser, Moses Lake Wash. David Freeman, Hurst Nancy Friedman, Fort Worth Richard Fritz, Fort Worth Don Frost, Arlington .lerry Fuller, F ort Worth William Furlong, F ort Worth Malcolm Furlow, Dallas Donna Fyffe, Ranger Dennis Cade, Sidney, Neb. David Gaines, Fort Worth Gay Gaines, Jacksboro Mary Galloway, Dallas Jerry Gardner, Fort Worth 4--as T' f-'B-Ls. rf R f ,I ,?s John Gardner, Grand Prairie Larry Gardner, Wichita Falls Betty Garis, Dallas J immye Garner, Dallas Karen Garner, Waco Jimmie Garrett, Fort Worth Joe Garvin, Arlington Carmen Garza, Dallas Roel Garza, Fort Worth Cynthia Gaskamp, Waco ge ,y W- L R ,tat U C' I T' tn'-M Rh 11 K' W fi ff-t t all I -1 K saws. r .t W Linda Gayda, Arlington Betty Geron, Paradise Sheldon Gerron, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Eugene Gharis, Dallas Andrew Gibson, Dallas Ronald Gibson, Waco Martin Giesen, Cleburne Danny Gibbert, Hurst Ted Giles, Fort Worth Raymond Gill, Irving Terry Gillentine, Fort Worth Thornas Gillespie lll, Nashville Tenn. Alfred Gipson, Dallas ll ls Wendy Glasgow, F ort Worth Connie Glover, Arlington l E , l l 4 ily rw mwww wk XX Carol Godfrey, Fort Worth ib's,,x L i 'X Bobby Goin, Arlington 4. X ' Z i Q S if Miss ASC, Judy Guynn, welcomes students to Arlington. Ana Gomez, Dallas Sabino Gomez, Fort Worth Harry Gooch, Dallas Eugene Gorham, Fort Worth Tony Gorman, Mansfield Mary Gostomski, Arlington Richard Goumas, Fort Worth .lanet Gourle Arlin ton yo g .lohn Graifemherg, Richardson Beverly Gray, F ort Worth Michael Gray, Irving Sallie Gray, Mansfield Dorothy Green, Marshall Chester Greenberg, Atlanta, Ga. Mike Greene, Saginaw Tommy Greene, Mineral Wells Pamela Greener, Fort Worth Glenda Greenwell, F ort Worth Bobby Greer, Hurst Patti Grenier, Arlington Don Griffin, Lancaster Helen Griffin, Dallas Michael Griffin, Arlington Maria Gomez, Sonora Q Q' asv--r Sue Griffin, Fort Worth Cecilia Crimes, Irving Kenneth Crimes, Fort Worth Aaron Guillory, Fort Worth Ana Maria Gutierrez, Dallas Charlotte Habel, Dallas Tony Haddock, Dallas Shay Hadley, Arlington Tommie Hadley, Fort Worth Richard Hagler, Fort Worth Betty Hailey, Fort Worth Larry Hailey, Grapevine Mike Hailey, Fort Worth Guy M. Hale, Clarksville Mary Ann Hall, Fort Worth Cary Halm, Fort Worth J ana Kay Hamlett, Dallas Pene Hammon, Fort Worth 1 W' Shirley Hanak, Arlington , 1- f ' Jerry Hanby, Grand Prairie 1 ,Mfg Sharon Hankins, Fort Worth , Sandy Hardage, Glen Rose Ralph Harju Jr., Fort Worth mt Q' iw' X Bonnie Harman, Fort Worth Lonnie Harmon, Dallas Carol Harrell, Grand Prairie Art L. Harris, Seymour Beverly Harris, Hutchins Harold J. Harris, Dallas Jack W. Harris, Fort Worth Leonard L. Harris, Dallas Olaf Harris, Grand Prairie Verna Lou Harris, Arlington ,lon Lester Harrison, Irving Millard Lee Harrison, Minooka, Ill. Patricia Harrison, Fort Worth Antoinette Hart, Cedar Hill .lames Hart, Fort Worth .lan Hart, Breckenridge Kay Hart, Fort Worth Robert Hart, Fort Worth Mike Hartwell, Fort Worth Richard Harvey, Irving Harold A. Harwell Jr., Kertdalia Stephen T. Hammock, Fort Worth William Harris, Clovis, N. M. Larry Hassenpflug, Fort Jerry Hatfield, Sherman Gary Hailey, Dallas Ozie Hatton, Dallas Leslie Haugh, Arlington Bernard McGuire and George Wilson, aeronautical technology students check results of the wind tun- Steve Henderson, Dallas Barry Hendricks, Fort Worth Dorothy Myers Hendricks, F ort W orzh Charles Hendrickson, Duncanville Don Hendrix, Arlington Kenneth Henry, Fort Worth Barbara Henson, Arlington Ron Henson, Farwell Margie Hepscher, Fort Worth Linda Hawes, Hurst Curtis Hawkins, Dallas Rosalind Hawkins, Irving Tom Hayes Jr., Dallas Freshmen Carol Ann Headrick, Fort Worth Sharon Hebbard, Arlington Michael Hedlund, Arlington Max Heidenreich, Dallas Bill Heim, Longview Lynn Heitman, Cedar Hill Steven Helton, Dallas Vickii Henchcliffe, Arlington Alray Henderson, Terrell Doyle Henderson, Fort Worth Jacqueline Henderson, Dallas Martha Henderson, Port Arthur Chfickie Hightower. Keller Currie Hill. Fort Worth Don Hill. Weatherford Dwight Hill. lriing Kay Hill. ,-irlington Samitli Calvin Hill, Fort Worth John Hilly. Grand Prairie Cf-ne Hinlon. Dallas William Hodge, Ennis Rifliarrl Hoff-kendorf. lrting Judith Hoiseth, Fort Worth Rolwrl Holcomb. Fort Worth Cf-ne Holdridge, Fort Worth Sam Holla. W'flf0 lf-re H'-llinesl. Dallas Pam Hollinger. Arlington Rf-lu-rt Holloway. Dallas X-lflfif Holly. Fort Worth Thomaa Hollyv.-owl, Dallas Con Ltancf: Holmes, lac l:.son Lille, Fla. Dv-nnii Hool-cl. Fort Worth Mary Hopkins, Arlington Roger Hoppe. 'Ven' Yorl: Louie Hombucklfi, Bedford Nell Homeby, llesquite James Milton Horton, Dallas William Hose, Valone John Hoskins, Fort Worth Grady Housewright, Hurst Billy Houston, Azle Class of 1968 John Hergenroetlier, Dallas Wayne Hemdon, Fort Worth Donna Herron, Hurst John Hess. Bedford Randy Hicks, Fort Worth Bob Higginbotham, Mesquite Jill Higgins, Grand Prairie 'WP'- "L Qi at - ,A A I , M' 7' Tommy Connors in.struct.s Ron- nie Burnett in the use of the p0wffr lmclc-saw. "9v."' Nlary llouston, Fort Worth David llowurd, Vernon Jeff Howard, llullas Roger Howard, llallus Aubrf: llowv-ll, Arlington James Howell. Fort Worth Sharon Howell. Arlfrufton Albert Hromada, Dallas Jerry Hubbard, Arlington Myriam Hubbard, Fort Worth Lidwina Hubenak. Irving Marilyn Huchton, .4 bilene Wlesley Huckabay. Arlington Harold Huddleston, Fort Worth Wfilliam Hudgens. Fort Worth James Hudson, Fort Worth Wesley' Hudson. Loclrliart - if Mary Huebner. Arlington , Judith Huffaker. Phoenix. .-fri: gf-' Charles Huggins. Fort Worth Hunter Hughes. Arlington Larrie Hughes, Fort lforth Carl Huguley. Dallas Guy Hull. Garland Gary Hulsey. Lampasos Robert Hunt. lrzing Carolyn Hunter. Fort lfortlz Larry Hutchens. Fort Worth Richard Hutchinson. Eterman Shirley Hyman. Commerce Gary Ingle. Grand: ian' Glenn lnsall. Fort U-ortlt Michael Invin. .-1 rfington Antonio Jackson. Fort Worth J udp' J aekson. Dafltu Ronnie Jackson. Fort lrortlt Stella Jackwn. Fort Worth Frank Jacob. Denison Freddie Jameson. Fort Worth Maureen Humphreys. Fort Worth SA: Jill Jamieson, Arlington J erm J ansky. Fort Worth Bobby J urrell, Fort Worth Bill Jeanes, Fort Worth Donna J eanes, Fort Worth Jack Jenkins, Fort Worth Teddy Jernigan, Dallas Marion Jett, Seagoville Martha Jett, Dallas E' l Students line up for a meal at the Methodist Student Center. Bobby Johns, Greenville Anne Johnson, Fort Worth Charles E. Johnson, Fort Worth Dennis Johnson, McPherson, Kan. Jacqueline Johnson, Fort Worth Jimmy Johnson, Henrietta Karen Johnson, Fort Worth Larry B. Johnson, Hurst Leslie Johnson, Irving Lonnie H. Johnson Jr., Arlington Mary Johnson, Fort Worth Patricia Johnson, Arlington Ronnie Johnson, Dallas Ruth Johnson, Arlington Myra Johnston, Euless Karla Jokisch, Arlington Johnny Jolly, Dallas Clevis O. Jones Jr., Fort Worth Howard Jones, F ort Worth Howard Jones, San Saba John Jones, Duncanville Judy Jones, Fort Worth ., X Larry Jones, Cleburne Nickey Jones, Grand Prairie Richard Jones, Dallas Rickey Jones, Grand Prairie Lewis Jordan, Fort Worth Sylvia Jordan, F ort Worth Q Suzanne Kelly, Fort Worth .lack Kennell, Marengo Michael Kenneth, .Ioshua Madalyne Kennett, Arlington Dianne Key, Arlington Clifford Kilpatrick, Dallas Ronald Kimhell, Fort Worth Carla King, Bedford Donald King, Rochester, N. Y. Sherry King, Arlington Dana Kingston, Fort Worth Roberta Kipkin, Irving Willie Kipkin, Irving Butch Kirby, Arlington Steve Kirk, Dallas Danny Kite, Hurst Ronnie Kite, Hurst Cary Kizer, Mansfield Priscilla Klatt, Hamilton Mary Ann Klotzbach, Keokuk, Iowa Thomas Knickerbocker, DePew, New York Connie Knight, Italy Carl Knott, Lancaster Sandra Koerth, Grand Prairie Douglas Kofbernick, Fort Worth Elizabeth Kolanko, Arlington Margaret Kolanko, Arlington Thomas Koops, Fort Worth Lawrence Korenman, Fort Worth Paul Kramer, Dallas N , ft ,. ,, w s Q I Freshmen Catherine lunge, Fort Worth Carl Wayne Justice, Mansfield Kathleen Kane, Fort Worth Lawrence Kane, Fort Worth Terry Keck, Arlington Larry Keilberg, Vernon Tani Keith Fort Worth Carl Kelly, Bedford ' - Karen Kelly, Fort Worth U' I if r , M , Y Gary Neil Keller, Fort Worth 7: , X L ts 1 ,J WV? Ng i in 2, ,- , as 1:- 5 -5 f ' 'if AA gf. ? in av- if f G- , we if QW Q ---tlf'f" ,A ,gi ' ' 'WS' f'g,' , . 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Albert Little, Dallas David Lobb, Plano Roy Lobb, Fort Worth gp., Class of 1968 Linda Kreisel, Dallas Edwin Kresge, Arlington Laurance Kriegel, Bovina Emma Kropp, Arlington Bud Kuykendall, Fort Worth Ronnie Lackey, Irving Lonnie Ladd, Dallas Fred Lahmer, Fort Worth Donald Lambert, Fort Worth Glenda Lambert, Arlington .lerry Lambert, Fort Worth Laluana Lamkin, Arlington rv- .lane Loiry, Fort Worth Linda Long, Arlington Mary Longacre, Tyler Shelia Lonzie, Dallas Terry Lopez, Evanston, Ill. Donna Lovelace, Dallas Johnny Loughridge, Arlington Lloyd Loving, Dallas Frances Lowry, Euless Betty Lummus, Bedford jimmy Lumpkin, Fort Worth .4 Larry Luper, Dallas Elouise Luster, Southfield Norman Lutz, Fort Worth Eleanor Lyle, Lubbock Jo Ann Lyle, Fort Worth .lack Lynch, Dallas Ronald Lyons, Dallas Nolan Mackey, Cleburne Richard Mackey, Garland Phyllis MacKinnon, Arlington Dwight Madden, Raytown, Mo. Kenneth Madden, Dallas Nancy Maddox, Fort Worth Roy Madearis, Fort Worth Janet Mahaffy, Arlington Janice Mahaney, Fort Worth Eileen Mahoney, F ort Worth Robert Maier, Azle Judy Malone, Fort Worth Pat Malone, Dallas Douglas Mann, Fort Worth David Mansfield, Galveston Roy Markham, Keller Lloyd Marlowe Jr., Dallas Gustav Marquardt, Comfort Linda Marsh, Burleson Billy Marshall, Dallas James Marshall, Dallas 'fa v" rig 5- Vw 45 Q-' Allen Martin, Fort Worth Gayle Martin, Justin Judy Martin, Dallas Ralph Martin, Fort Worth Rupert Martin, Arlington by x X , 2' 'rf ,Q F35 3? si- t F' wc- Freshmen st if Patsy McCleskey, Henderson Eileen McCluskey, Dallas Hoyt McConnell, F ort Worth J an McCormick, Grand Prairie Monte McCormick, Dallas Tom McCormick, Shamrock .lim McCoy, Lancaster Terry McCoy, Fort Worth Larry McCumber, Siloam Springs, Ark. Gregory McDaniel, Mesquite Larry McDonald, Dallas Marsha McDonald, Hurst Thomas Martin, Dallas Chloe Martine, Dallas Danny Martinez, Fort Worth Marion Mase, Second, Mesa, A nz Herman Mason, F ort Worth Winifred Masten, Fort Worth Dean Masters, Dallas Pamela Mathes, Terrell Sammy Mathieu, Irving Sally Matthis, Dallas J oe Maxwell, Dallas Sandra May, Dallas Philip Mayben, Hurst .lennifer Mayfield, Fort Worth Ann Mays, Mt. Vernon Gayle Mays, Azle Lawrence Mazo, Arlington Ronald McAfee, Fort Worth Mike McAlister, Fort Worth .lanice McAuley, Fort Worth David McBee, Fort Worth David McBride, Fort Worth Libby McBride, Dallas James McBrown, F ort Worth Don McCale, Houston Paul McCalib, Dallas Leslie McClain, South Bend Jimmie McClellan, Dallas Reyeille beauty Connie Knight appears before the judges. Michael McGuire, F ort Worth James McKeever, Dallas Barry McKenna, Fort Worth Forrest McKenzie, Sedalia, Mo. Bryan McKinney, Arlington Steve McKay, Arlington John Mclaemore, Fort Worth Virginia McLeod, Grand Prairi Tom McMahan, Irving Randall McManis, Fort Worth Donna McManus, Arlington Robert McMurtre, Euless Robert McNutt, Irving Ted McPherson, Grapevine John McRoberts, Arlington Lowell Meadows, Dallas Jeanie Mee, Irving Martha Meek, Freeport Jerry Meeks, .Mansfield .lohn Meletio, Dallas Donald Merkley, F ort Worth Roy Messick, Fort Worth 8 IP Carl Nlcllouglff, Witltita falls lluvifl Nlfflluw, Wll1fllllll,,IIff 5'r J Ronald McDowell, Fort Worth Arthur Mclluffic, Dallas Sharon McElroy, Grand Prairie Gerald McFadden, Lampasas Charlotte McFarlin, Dallas " Robert McClothlin, Grand Prairie -- 8 Y-5, AS. , if fx. 14. ini! .N "' 'il '23- 5X wrv' I57 Carol Meyer, Fort Worth Patty Meyers, Arlington Lillian Middick, Hurst Kenneth Middleton, Arlington Bruce Miller, Irving David Miller, Fort Worth Jeff Miller, Arlington John Miller, Greenfield, Ohio Marti Miller, Grand Prairie Patsy Miller, Colleyville Steve Miller, F ort Worth Walter Miller, Fort Worth Wanda Miller, Dallas Larry Milligan, Decatur Bruce Milliken, Fort Worth .lames Mills, Mineral Wells Jerry Mills, Mansfield Paul Mills, San Augustine Tom Milson, Fort Worth Gloria Miramontes, Dallas Dan Mitchell, Dallas James Mobley, Cedar Hill- Kay Mohundro, Ferris James Moody, Emory Ann Moore, Hurst Carol Moore, Dallas Cheryl Moore, F ort Worth Delaine Moore, Arlington Elaine Moore, F ort Worth .lackquline Moore, Mansfield Kerry Lamar Moore, Dallas Michael Moore, Dallas Mildred Moore, Fort Worth Randy Moore, Dallas Roger Moore, Dallas Susan Moore, Grand Prairie Thomas Moore, Gladewater Connie Morgan, Dallas Harriet Morgan, Arlington Larry Morgan, Dallas Walter Morosky, Dallas Billy Morris, Mesquite Duane Morris, Keene Cary Morris, Grand Prairie Frank Messinger, Bastrop, La. Tommy Montgomery, Fort Worth John Morris Duncanville .ludy Moms Fort Worth Sheilea Morris Fort Worth William Morris Arlington The Alfaszg float passes zn renew at Homecoming. George Neal Fort Worth Kathy Nelms F ort Worth Charles Nelson Irtzng Harold Nesbitt For: Worth Darrell Morrison, Arlington William Dean Morrison, Fort Worth Wayne Morrow, Arlington L- 5 Shirley Mosley, Fort Worth 'C' t Franklin Moss, Fort Worth Linda Moss, Dallas Melinda Mates, Larnbertville, Mich Kathy Mozjesik, F ort Worth Lawrence Mraz, Fort Worth .limmy Mulholland, Fort Worth Anita Murdock, Grand Prairie Cynthia Murphy, Fort Worth Thomas Murrell, Fort Worth Charles Musick, Waco Chapple Musslewhite, Dallas Linda Myers, Fort Worth R Charlotte Nanny, Arlington D "il f 5 ' Morris Narunsky, Dallas Alan Neace, Fort Worth Charles Neal, Irving if 'V' Du lb. 5- 'V' 5'- 3 I 4 Q' N Y' I. L 0' ' 4 4- Pi " JP 5 li 'H ,...- Kay Nesmitlr, Fort Worth Alan Neuschwander, Hurst Nzuicy Newell. Arlington Rebecca Newland, Fort Worth Cary Lynn Newsom, Irving Robert Newton, Grand Prairie J. Wade Newton, Fort Worth Edgerton Nez, Window Rock, Ariz. Carl James Nichols, Dallas xg , jf-avg If ,ef I. 5 'N 1 ff 3 5 5 Q ' - W 5 L , L. X I sit Q Q QW ' Q is fill? ,tially xx f f f x '57 9 lv inn Q"'f"' ,L i Earnest Nichols, White Settlement Victor Nichols, Dallas Carol Nicholson, Arlington Billy E. Nickell, Fort Worth Buddy Ray Nighswonger, Fort Worth Sylvia Nix, Tolar Ronal J. Nolan, Dallas Gilbert Nombrana, Fort Worth .lim Norgart, Arlington Peggy Norman, Euless .ying : if S 'f -'7f'.l"'3'-.""fIi P' . H gf, -Y in -. gf, it-,Q 6 rw 235 gin. if r 3 I - I VA fm .,""'r ,I Richard Norman, Dallas Kathy Norvell, Arlington Marjorie Norvell, Arlington Sandra Nowell, Grand Prairie Wilma Oakes, Fort Worth Deborah Odle, Grand Prairie Billy O,Dowd, Goclley Carole Ogawa, Dallas Carol O'Kelly, Grand Prairie Larry Oliver, Arlington Sandra E. Olson, F ort Worth Kamran Ommidvarpour, Tehra Iran Terry Oneal, Fort Worth Wayne Ooten, Sherman Ronnie Orlando, Fort Worth Bob Orr, Joshua Laura Osburn, Fort W orlh Normajo Perry, Fort Worth Tl as 'as ' l is H .p- ,--mwgqn fi In . . ,.v. ,tux ft Judy Holland poses for her Miss Dixie Belle portrait. Thomas Pahl, Luckenbach Lynne Paire, Fort Worth Betty Lou Parker, Fort Worth Charlene Parker, Dallas Dean Parker, Denison Homer Parker, Dallas .lon Parker, Dallas Cherie Partain, Grand Prairie Dennis Partain, Fort Worth David G. Parton, Galveston Paul Patak, Dallas Cheryl Pate, Fort Worth Robert M. Patrick, Grand Prairie Bill Patterson, Mansfield Chuck Patterson, Fort Worth Tommy Patterson, Dallas Alan Paul, Fort Worth James Paullus, Dallas Arla ,lo Payne, Colorado City Donna Payne, Arlington Larry Payne, Arlington Raymond S. Payne, Fort Worth Ronald D. Peaden, Mineral Wells Patrick Pease, Bedford Donna Peebles, Dallas .lohn Frank Pena, Fort Worth Ruth Pendergrass, Port Isabel Jackie Pendleton, Dallas Mamie B. Penuel, Fort Worth Emmett W. Perkins ll, Fort Worth .loel Ottis, Grand Prairie Linda Ovrick, Fort Worth Fred E. Owen, Fort Worth Gerald L. Owen, De Soto Chester L. Owens, Dallas Donnave Owens, Hurst 'Rr Gerald Robert Owens, Fort Worth Rosetta Owens, Fort Worth Sharon Pace, Fort Worth George V. Padilla, Dallas 3310+ ff .FL lg., Q1 Ar Sr- 1-ww. -wp vu ,t " - gf ,, X Q ' 9' N X X ,I E' ' jr N "2 ..,,, L , Y Ss if Q- . Mike Persky. Arlington Q- Curtis Person, Dallas 'Q Donald Peters, Fort Worth fa.-ri , s K---fa. , , 1 -4- I 5 James E. Peters, Waco Robert Peters, F ort Worth g... Cynthia Peterson, Arlington ' if Qt" V+- ' Q C' 4 ' .J ' 1 fi .- m L- rv? ' Os r,v an A 'uf Larry Petr, Dallas .3 s , Mt, , - iw p--5 '-- - Wx 'Vx X in A M- -V Dean Dollar considers one of his many daily prob lems. Lynn Petrelli, Fort Worth George Pettit, Fort Worth Linda Peyton, Grand Prairie Dennis Phelps, Gainesville Mary Elizabeth Phelps, Fort Worth David Phillips, Dallas Cary Phillips, Dallas Janice Phill-ips, Grand Prairie Marsha Phillips, Irving Mary Phillips, Fort Worth .loe Pickle, Garland Jacqueline Pickrell, Dallas Gerald Pierce, Dallas Pamela Pierson, Fort Worth Kemil Elmer Pilotte, Fort Worth Berniece Platero, Shiproclc N. M. Catherine Podsednik, Fort Worth William Podsednik, Fort Worth Sharon Poe, Arlington Brenda Cheryl Pointer, Arlington Barbara Poirrier, Dallas Joe Pollard, Wichita Falls A , Penne Pollard, Fort Worth Q' 1 i" ' .,.,1 2 -.r -exif WC ' 'i r ' Sandra Polovkas, Grapevine Cary Ponder, Fort Worth ,fl f Q, 7 a 4 - I f ff A ,f 'K Gu "" .l A - - ,, ' fum 4 . W, ig, in f - I Randall Posey, Dallas Terry Potter, Grand Prairie Ray Pottkotter, Dallas Frances Pounders, Dallas William Pounders, Diana . -x V ,-'K ,W m iii to T it if G br 162 Janice Powell, Arlington Class of 1968 . in Raymond Harlan Pringle, Dallas James Pritchett, Dallas Roger Proza, Dallas Anita Pulis, Dallas Mary Quevedo, Dallas Robert Rabroker, Dallas Bobbi Ragatz, Arlington Therese Rappich, Fort Worth ,lacob Rashti, Persia Duane Ratliff, Irving .lohn B. Rawlings, Dallas Russell T. Rayboum Jr., Dallas Ann Reagan, Cleburne Tammy Reagan, Longview Ronnie R. Reber, Schuykill Haven, Pa. Maureen Redd, Fort Worth Charles Reddick, Grand Prairie David Reed, Arlington Robert D. Reed, Boerne Charles E. Reese, Dallas Marilyn Reese, Fort Worth Sheny Reese, Dallas Ed Reeves, Bonham Philip Reeves, Dallas Polly Reeves, Perryton Ronald Reid, Milwaukee, Wis. John Revord, Eau Claire, W is. Kenneth Reynolds, Arlington Robert Rhodes, Dallas Ronnie Rhodes, Dallas gba' ,V x N Q X Ronald Powers, Dallas Mary Pratt, Mineral Wells Rick Pratt, Fort Worth Charles Precopia Jr., Grand Prairie Richard Prescott, Hurst Karen Price, Arlington Kenneth Price, Temple Lynda Price, Seagoville y 5' .lerry Wayne Pricer, Fort Worth 5 Virginia Prince, Dallas ,MK si' sys: fs, ,x 111. l 1'6- Iun fl' Q Q 'Q "- up-X 4-' ' 5 'bg TI' ff' 1.9, 37" A. Qvf :QV 4 A ' if :Q is ww-ravi A t 5 in sf' ov' in I sr ,I . t R ,sf Q , ,, A Q, :MFA ,. 4' . 4 .,-h lf' 'P I, ng, .- A 3 4 X s ,. . 'Q 4 ' 'W 'il' -12f ' 1 s Y A K L il Q all . . 1' 9 ? S J x L. ,.. L. ug' I '3- 2 ' rg 4 4: - . L 1, 9? 4 Q , 1' 3 5- it Q' qw ,- UN L r lpn ,Vorgan rccriws prospective En Ami hers at Ihr informal tea. Freshmen Terry Riley, Canton James Rinewalt, Waco Mary Risinger, Dallas ,lane Ritchey, Colorado City Theresa Rivera. Dallas Ruby Rivers, Dallas Joe Roark, tllexia Allen Robbins, Fort Worth Lucinda Robbins, Baltimore, Md. ,Fi Cindy Roberts, Fort Worth Cynthia Roberts, Cuatamala, Cuatarrzala Delta Roberts, Fort Worth Diann Roberts, Fort Worth Linda Roberts, .lacksboro Lee Robertson, Fort Worth Cheryl Robinson, Arlington James Robinson, Dallas Lynne Robinson, Arlington Patty Robinson, Cranfl Prairie Donald Robson, Burleson Donald Rocksted, Richardson George Rodriguez, Haiana, Cuba Gilbert Rodriguez, Irving Juanita Rodriguez, Dallas .EN Jonathan Riba, Stonewall Diana Ribble, Dallas Francine Rice, Dallas Linda Richard, Dallas Gene Richards, San Antonio Wardell Richards, Dallas Linda Richardson, Grand Prairie William Richardson, Fort Worth Leo Rickmers, Arlington Wayne Riddle, F ort Worth Gary Riester, Huntingburg, Ind Tonda Riggs, Arlington ge-up ,N i , 0.4 if ri it 1 , Rosemary Rodriguez, Fort Worth Alan Rogers, F ort Worth Thomas Rogers, Cedar Hill Dennis Rollans, Little Rock, Ark Donna Rollins, Irving Don Rose, Irving J im Rose, Dallas Marjorie Rose Memphis Tenn Bert Roseland Houston .lim Rosenberg Dallas Bill Rosenberry Arlington Walter Rosenquist, Mesquite Pat Ross, Haltom City John Roth, New Orleans, La. Mary Roulain, Irving Larry Rouse, Dallas Donna Rowan, Dawson Brenda Rowe, Fort Worth Paul Rowntree Grand Prairie Patricia Royman Garland Robert Rudd, Dallas Ruth Rudduck Smithfield Terrina Rush, Fort Worth Ronald Rutledge, Dallas Karen Ryan, Grand Prairie Paul Sakowski, Arlington Sammy Salmeron, Fort Worth .lack Salmon, Dallas Mike Salter, Mt Pleasant Sherry Sams, San Antonio Gloria Sandefur Arlington Robert Sanderford Hutchins Cary Sanders, Tyler Kelly Sandford, Arlington Joseph Sandifer, Dallas Joyce Sargent, Hurst Robert Saunders, Cleburne Lynda Saxton, Arlington Sue Scanlan, Arlington Clark Scarborough Denzson Pat Schaeffer, Irving William Schenck Dallas Philip Schenk Grand Prairie Wayle Scheppler Grand Prazrze A me:-' I.. 6 ,rib fi .Es 6 ,I-' Stuart Schiavo, Dallas Brenda Schmitt, Fort Worth James Schoeneman, Dallas Serge Schragin, Dallas Alice Schwalbe, Ennis Elinor Schweig, Dallas Marge Scott, Los Angeles, Cal Edward Scruggs, Fort Worth Thomas Seay, Gorman Evelyn Seibert, Dallas Gayle Self, Arlington David Sellers, Hurst Peggy Sellmeyer, Dallas William Sells Mansfield Beth Senter, Burleson Barbara Shaw, Dallas Steven Shaw, Dallas Eugene Sheehan, Burleson Charles Sheffield, Terrell .-. Don Shelton, Fort Worth W 45" qw s," 3.4 Lx - . 'i Milton Shelton, Grapevine 2 gk. I Joseph Shepard, Killeen 'W' Quin Shepperd, Grand Prairie bf- 49-'xl I . Peggy Sheridan, Arlington Joyce Shobert, Fort Worth , Janice Shocklee, Fort Worth ' John Shultz, Sherman Robert Sikes, Waco Warren Simi, Bedford Bobby Simmons, Dallas Ralph Simon, Grand Prairie Bobby Simpson, Arlington Jim Simpson, Waco Larry Sinnott, Elberton, Ga. Weldon Sisson, Grand Prairie Sherri Sittler, Arlington Wilford Skinner Grand Saline David Skipper, Hurst Ronald Skipworth, Dallas Claude Sides, Dallas Mrs. Pauline Holmes, secretary, answers one of the many calls the Dean of Women's office receives. Class of 1968 Donald Smith, Andrews Donna Smith, Grand Prairie Jerry Smith, Mesquite .ludy Smith, Fort Worth Lois Smith, Fort Worth Lynn Smith, Fort Worth Michael Smith, Arlington Pat Smith, Dallas Ruby Smith, Fort Worth Sharon Smith, Hurst 1 rl' Sherry Smith, Fort Worih She Smith, Fort Worth Sue Smith, Arlington as William Smith, Fort Worth S' Charles Smithson, Grand Pr 'r' V fin'-' lloliliy Slater, l"ort Worth Home .Vlury Slams, llouston Sherri Sledge, Fort Worth Eddie Smart, Haskell :YL Becky Smith, Mineral Wells l ' , Carolyn Smith, Irving tl' P ' ' Charles Smith, Yazoo City, Miss. - " Christia Smith, Fort Worth ' - - aw 3, ,Q- YTSX A AA M 1 nh DA , W my , 1 I L I 0 Barbara Smyth, Arlington al Le A i it 1? JS Y A f, XT Q Bruce Snegon, Grand Prairie lii S i Michael Snively. Grand Prairie lg. gp S 'gb i Marsha Snow, Dallas v A K , , Sally Soldo, Dallas 3 ,,,,, X 1,5 Eden Soliz, Garland ' is , ' ' .t Michael Sorenson, Fort Worth f A I67 Y" si, A R, N A- -.N . rw. , A I 1' Chris South, Fort Worth Dale Sparks, Hamilton Terry Spear, De Soto John Speir, Euless Glenn Spinella, Euless Gary Spinks, Grand Prairie Hagan Spooner, Fort Worth Thelma Spracklen, Fort Worth Gary Spraggins, Sherman Donald Springer, Kleburg Raymond Springer, F ort Worth William Springer, Mesquite Edwin Spurlin, Cleburne Ann Stacy, F ort Worth Bill Stahnke, Grand Prairie Penny Stallings, Dallas Connie Stanfield, Fort Worth Billye Stanley, Fort Worth Wilma Stark, Grand Prairie James Starnes, Smithfield Duane Stearman, Euless Judy Stephens, Arlington Scott Stephens, Dallas Len Stephenson, Fort Worth Paul Sterling, Grand Prairie Linda Sterner, Dallas Ronnie Stevens, Snyder Larry Stevenson, Dallas Billy Stewart, Arlington Emil Stewart, Cedar Hill Jerri Stewart, Haltom City Sheryl Stewart, Arlington David Stinson, Arlington Kyra Stinson, Dallas Larry Stoffregen, W axahachie Earnest Stone, Mesquite Jimmy Stone, Graham Tommy Stone, Mansfield Patricia Storm, Fort Worth Curtis Strittmauer, Fort Worth David Sturm, Hurst Cynthia Sudduth, Lott Jimmy Sullivan, Sherman .limmy Summers, Waco William Summers, Burleson Cynthia Suo, Fort Worth Ken Sutherland, Waco Ralph Swanson, Fort Worth Bob Sweeney, San Antonio .lohn Taber, Sarasota, Fla. Ivanka Taborsky, Arlington Janie Tangney, Fort Worth Nancy Tanner, Fort Worth Phil Tanner, Fort Worth Mark Tarletz, Dallas Halloween dancers crowded the student center ballroom. Sandra Teague, Dallas Michael Terrell, Fort Worth Jimmy Terrill, Dallas Sharon Terrill, Arlington Maco Te Dallas WY, 1 Janie Thannisch, Fort Worth Carol Tharp, Fort Worth .lerry Thigpen, Grand Prairie Bill Thomas, Dallas 12-"" Jackie Tarrant, Centerville Katherine Tarrant, Dallas Candace Taylor, Grand Prairie Harold Taylor, Irving Homer Taylor, Charleston, W. Va Jerome Taylor, Wichita Falls Joseph Taylor, Greenville Lloyd Taylor, Fort Worth Michael Taylor, San Diego, Cal. Richard Taylor, Sherman Thelma Taylor, F or! Worth Wesley Taylor, F orf Worth James Thomas, Little Rock, .f'. 4 In Patricia Thomas. Hurst Robert Thomas, Dallas Ronald Thomas, Fort Worth Archie Thompson, Carrollton Cecilia Thompson, Fort Worth David Thompson, Arlington Frances Thompson, Centerville Mildred Thompson, Dallas J ii- 1' , SQA v x, V,.:bI X ' The Rebel Band, with majorettes Karen Garner and Ter rina Rush, performs during the ASC SMU football game Ronny Thompson, Corsicana Tommy Thompson, Fort Worth Carl Thorell, Fort Worth Elaine Thornton, Arlington Katie Tidwell, Euless Tommy Timmons, F ort Worth Steve Tipps, Mineral Wells Thurman Ray Toller, Dallas Carlos Tomas La Habana, Cuba Tommy Tompkins, Dallas Roger Townsend, Denison John Travis, Fort Worth Jack Tredemeyer, Grand Prairie Dan Trent, Grand Prairie Michael Troxell, Ada, Okla. Judy Tucker, Garland Terry Tyler, Arlington Rodney Uherman, Dallas Ronald Umphress, Dallas Jeanne Upchurch. San lose, Cal. Lynne Upton, Arlington Patrick Vader, Arlington Manuel Valdez, Fort Worth Nelson Vansise, Terrell Gloria Vargas, Fort Worth Charles Varnon, Dallas Frank Vasquez, Fort Worth James Vaughn, Tucson, Ariz. Tommy Vaughn, Euless Gary Vaught, Waxahachie linger V1-nnhlc, Irving Michael Vick, Fort Worth Timothy Vineyard, Grand Prairie Billy Vinson, Dallas Gloom and rlesolation-exam time! .ludi Walden, Dallas Calvin Lewis Walker, Corpus Christi Charles Walker, Dallas Donny Walker, Fort Worth Luther Walker, Houston Sidney Walker, Dallas Marty Waller, Arlington .ludy Wallis, Arlington Michael Joe Walston, Jacksonville, Ark. Bennie Walters, Fort Worth Myron Walters, Hurst George Ward, Arlington James Ward, Fort Worth Janet Ann Ward, Fort Worth .lulia Marie Ward, Grand Prairie Marilyn Ward, Irving Richard Ward, Dallas Michael Warford, Fort Worth Barbara Warren, Fort Worth Elaine Warren, Fort Worth Rutha Waters, Waxahachie Amelia Watkin, Dallas .lohnny Watson, Grand Prairie Susan Watson, Fort Worth William Watson, Dallas Theresa Wattner, Dallas Carolyn Watts, Ada, Okla. Kenneth Watts, Fort Worth Anita Weaver, Dallas Lloy Weaver, Dallas aww" K I John Vorderkunz, Waco as W Terly Ann Voss, Arlington V ' Milton Vrla, Dallas John Wacker, Dallas fa - z' 'YN .4 r 'F' -84' Q . .245 ' g. f '43 as 'X l X l g.- .4"' I, ,v- ' D 1 4' ? d.,- xx, - 1 fi '4- . . 1 Q' U ,,. 5, ., , 3 - CT I7I 4? X 'J J. . v c- 'xx W ,P 2, L ill K, T"7 -sa L 5 I ls gf 1 t s, 3 is Bob Webb, Dallas Michael Webb, F ort Worth Roger C. Webb, Fort Worth Dianita Welch, Fort Worth Edwin Welch, F ort Worth Al Wesolowsky, Irving .lames Halbert Wesson, Dallas David West, Fort Worth .limmy West, Centerville Jan Westmoreland, Fort Wo Mort Wetterlmg, Omaha, N eb Dennis E. Whatley, Azle Barbara Wheeler, Arlington Charles L. Wheeler, Dallas Paul Whipple, Arlington Kenny White Jr., Greenville Kimball P. White, Dallas William Vance White, Dallas Curt Whitesel, Arlington Janet Whitley, Dallas Carolyn Whitsel, F ort Worth J im Whorley, Mineral Wells Patricia Will, Houston Andy Williams, Fort Worth Arthur L. Williams, Dallas Barbara ,lean Williams, Carla Carolyn Williams, Houston Charles Williams, Fort Worth Charles G. Williams ll, Fort Worth Connie Williams, Fort Worth Dale Williams, Irving Dale Williams, Dallas Fred Williams, Dallas Jo Anne Williams, Irving Joey Williams, Hurst M. Earnest Williams, Dallas Larry Williams, Fort Worth Roger Williams, Garland Ronnie Williams, Dallas Steve Williams, Euless Kath Williamson, Irving Y Barry Willmington, F ort Worth Ralph Willoughby, Texas City Ronald Willoughby. Duncanvzlle Don Wilson, Fort Worth Edna Wilson, Terrell nd The Howdy Dance, held at the be- ginning of the semester, has become an ASC tradition. Sue Wiman, Snyder Christine Winans Dallas Cathie Wincovltch Arlington Tommy Windham Dallas Joe Wingate, Dallas Rita Wirtz, Fort Worth Donald Wirz, Kopperl Ronald Wirz, Kopperl Robert Wisdom, Kaufman Linda Wise, Euless Pat Wittkower, Dallas Phil Woehleke, Dallas John Wofford, Dallas Jack Wolfe, Jacksboro Larry Wolfe, Arlington Martha Wolfskill, Arlington Jimmy Wood, Garland Larry Woodard, Irving Adrian Woodfork, F airfield, Cal. Darlene Woodruff, Dallas Jackie Woodruff, Dallas Jane Woods, Arlington Rosie Ima Woody, T eec Nos Pos, Ariz. Roy Wools-ey, Fort Worth Jimmy Worley, Dallas Homer Worrell, Fort Worth Brenda Worsham, Dallas Paula Wozniak, Arlington James Wrenn, Dallas loella Wright, Dallas Lonnie Wright, Fort Worth Herman Lee Young, Grandview Martha Young, Fort Worth Russell Young, Dallas Garland Youngblood, Fort Worth Pat Yung, Fort Worth Richard Zavala Jr., Fort Worth .lane Ann Zigrang, Fort Worth Dianne Zimmerman, Fort Worth Gene Zimmerman, Hurst Janice Kay Zinn, Dallas The outstanding personalities of .Arlington State play a vital role in contributing to school spirit. Miss ASC, official representative of the college, and Johnny Reb, symbol of the fighting rebel spirit, strive to present the most favorable image possible for ASC. The twelve fav- orites embody the best qualities of typical Arlington State students, The eight cheerleaders promote visible enthusiasm at athletic events and rallies. All of those mentioned above are elected by popular vote of the students. Beauties and the Hfrst-Uresserl Coed, selected in Reteille-sponsored f-ontests, are publicized throughout the area as assets to the campus. High scholarship at .Xrlington State is evident in the Who! Who nominees. sf-lf-f'tf:d by their respective de- partments. I74 Var .ta et 2, ,,t. -e eerie .wr 4 'ig S '..-X l X3 .1 W, 5:09-L... .DMR hu Nmnw Ann Jobe, Reveille Best-Dressed Coed. W ,.., : . 2 E N 4 Nw my wi? It ,LV I I L s t I i 1 X lk . x N - -. V Q- W ' 1- ' ' . .M-f f A , ' 'K'D"'-1 1 4- V . , , A K A Y , I - K f -is ' . Q - ., f-.N A - ' , .M ,-,, .W W' M . . fx' 1' A 7 If 't. -.-F The Personalities T is-1 fu, ," 'f I' I e ,psi f' ,Q ..f' , ,vim wa-...V ,.f""W i Miss ASC ASC Elects Judy Guynn .ludy Guynn, junior from Fort Worth, was elect- ed in the spring of 1964. As Miss ASC, she is the official hostess for on-campus events and represents Arlington State on other campuses. A member of Avolonte social club, Judy has a double major in elementary education and advertising design and plans to teach after graduation. A former participant in roller skating competitions, she en- joys painting during her free time. Left: A stop at the campus post of- fice is part of the day for busy Judy. Above: Miss ASC prepares a display for a bulletin board in the Sub. Top: Judy examines the novelty shelves in the Exchange Store. l , fffigf' ,gil .-,apt Tf'f' V' cl ,vu-3' Little Serves as Johnny Reb Lynn Little, Johnny Reb, was elected last spring to serve for the 1964-65 school year. Johnny Reb is a symbol of the student body and ASC school spirit. He repre- sents the school at various functions, especially during Old South Week and at football games. Lynn is president of Student Government, a 1965 Reveille favorite, and Karuso Pteros beau. Vice-president of Aegeidae social club, he served as a member of the Save Our School committee. He was one of four students who journeyed to Austin to discuss students' desires to have ASC divorced from the A81M System with Cov- emor John Connally. Lynn is a senior pre-medical major from Dallas. I Above: Lynn Little confers with Richard Calfee, former Student Government parlia- mentarian. Top right: Lynn presides at a Student Government meeting. Right: As a pre-medical major, Lynn must become famillkzr with many kinds of equipment. 3 . . - 1 ' ', -'..- - .-VI" Top left: ASC's best- dressed coed, Ann lobe. Top right and bottom: Finalists Jackie Moe, Barbara Grewe, and Sher- ry Hovend in party dress- es. Opposite page, top: Finalists Dixie Dunbar and ,Ioan Brady in on- campus wear. Bottom: Finalists Leslie Heinitz, Terrina Rush, and Penny Stallings in off-campus daytime wear. Y ,dn ef ff? J 3'f"f"'r-ww mf, '1' ' , W" ' ,ty 1: fl egffv ' ' ff , dvi 1 Mx! f "TW -fs W . , 'f fn 4 ,uni p 12 xii, ,L gi .,, 5 1 A 1, 1 xff,,f,:f,' il 5 XM .11 as wejwff, ,MW4 :A it Q gin' if if YQ' AW ll 3 M 5 'ef W 1 Whig 97 f f Y wt! 'Ziff 'f X?"W'f2f W flgg if M, f:2,QQ" ', -LL-'54 , ei 1 ,v fi fl' ' at 521 Q W IV ALf,,,kf?:N., gtygslacsf' ' V ,fig f 1, ' K, I W' ist 'f 2.1 .,yfiQ,1zZf M f " , 1' .fl ?'sCf-'LV f "7 ,: .f .17-em ,7 1, .x Wy, Z.. ,Vg ,459 L1 1 f -1 sg .4 if f of 7,-1, Q, an f A ,QS .Win ,:,,g2z.,?i sm: VA 'wif i i ff :ff R 5 '5 1 -35 ' , iEi"7"l 'fwfli A ifliw A, vftf sf ee -f ff K ' 1vJ 1 J -if "X Y fc! ,I Xi ang Q fviwwffs 'W A M' - sf is f ' el ,Q I f Q Ann .lobe ls Reveille Entry in Best-Dressed Coed Contest X s xv-s X if of N' Y 'K fx' ZX 39 2 Y A 'JR " --slifttqgt Q 1 2 .Q V " 4 ' zrfksjiz 1'-5 f. " cw' " 1-tw vf lt ,misss . ' :mm s -. W. V--. ,I kv . .U 4 sf? 'N , . t ' 'fffidfi - Y?'5F'.,r, ' ' - sip rf? 932' Q - .1-' ' '-. sys A - R95 so 'f . X' - ffinfikiele 2. -' -,kg?,',.,,9 as to K . Si'-'eggs' av ' e . f J xl ,f s Y .. . Q3 'Z ' ' smart.. - ps, , . - ja e?"35g.'eN'1 V . - H- . as , In February, the Reveille sponsored the Best Dressed Coed contest in conjunction with Glamour magazine. Ann jobe, senior govern- ment major from Arlington, was chosen from nine finalists to represent ASC in the Glamour judging to select the ten best-dressed coeds in the nation. Each of the finalists appeared before a judging panel in three different outfits-om campus wear, off-campus daytime wear, and a party dress. Judges were Cathie Burke, president of the Student Education Associationg Steve Harte, president of the Council of Mens Social Or- ganizationsg Vance Jones, Shorlhom editor: Ann Watson, chairman of the Ideas and Issues committeeg and John Yantis, president of Alpha Phi Omega. ,s.' XA . --..,.. ,, 6 15.4. r. .Wu , 7 yu ,, , , . 3 il --vi - Departments Name 32 Who's Who Top lejl: Danny Choate, economics. Top righl: Bruce McDonald and Bel- sy Burleson, music. Above: Cuthie Burke, education. Left: Linda Warner, .SOff0l0lQ'. Right: Joel Kelley, Span- ish: Karen ,1IcAli.s!er, Germany and Druid Barlrrfr, French. Q W , 4? Thirty-two students were named Who's Who by members of each department. Each student exhibits outstanding ability in his field. Contributions to the departments as well as grades and character were determining factors in the selections. A tie vote in the music section resulted in two nominees from that area. Top: Terry Halzres, psp rhology. Left: Jerry Daniels. biology. Right: Car- melee Schug, English, and Vance Jones. journalism. Beloit' left: Dee Swope, architecture. ana' Roger Smith. aeronautical engineering. Belou' right: Ann lobe. gorernment. Z 49 V S-1 -4 Top row: Phillip Clark, mechanical engineeringg David Draper, aeronautical technologyg Robert Hootman, mathematics. Mid- dle' nm-: Smnlev Mever. mechanical technologyg Clayton Bratcher, civil tcchnol0gYQ Grant Anderson, electrical engineering Bottom row: Ed Nohle. industrial engineeringg Thomas Crouch, accountingg Thomas Reid, civil engineering. 4-A g.....,..- Zu.--f' 'ff' K f Wl1o's Who FUI ikft .' Caro! f1ll'f,Vifz. 'ff rffia 'fa ,V CC ' tration: ffm: l,a1h 1. rn, rr. 1 f f Left: Charles Taclsf-r, artg lil 1 U I f r physics. Bfffou: lfrrori Paffwzo' r Yr ffl Bottom left: Robert ljaef, : nr. tj' Hardin! ffusinfas afZrr,inf1trc-to ' f' cis Lawson, geology. Bottom rig'.:: D I h icserson, electrical loc nology, fi-9 ,- s rl 9 ,k , r LT r' xx. fin 'OFIYGS . K' . 4 A N A ,. I tv- .Lg 'xv . 1 9 ag! 42' x 'wjgg-11, mi Eg, Q ,1 3, LNILUOQ GIY' cz g mfr Q 1 1 ,M A T, x Q . ., we , Q Q 2 xi M . gg... -mfr mmm rr: ' . W- sw ai 211.5 ' garb' fi'-ff ynn 51YfQ . .yu ,r '- , 5 v, , ,' .. 7 - V 1 "", . 'onli ' x EAQUQ jfzfcfens QUIZ yGlTS' 7009 Qfuyg v xl.. AP . :g,L L " f ,uf W3 ,, , ' I.S.,, ,.. .YFGFIQH 50026 gdb 50.7012 'U'-Us gee geogerfs ,724 sewn xZ1W7C3QfZI52Qy6I' 9782100622 cslranye l I X ! A 1 I I 1 W ,. 5 - mas!-gf dxf 'yg grgf' eryf Qgpazh X .- 1 N ,. A-.. H , M 4 :, :gf :- ,f :.,' i V -Q 4-Q -K5 ff. YI? -v' e Y'-7' ! .- ,fr fs 1 "1f:b"',z,Q' ,213 Q13 l'w,'zfK4., 1. Q QQ , I, 'Q' 4-...Q Xw! x...' Ii is V'- f 3 aff' F. ,, - u '4. y,g . . -'." f, .-fa,f1A'5 -,Z-.I . 1, .,9- ,f,' K,-1n4f"" 5,-1 , A , 1,f-,,- . N., rf? .H-5 3 W? 7- ,- ,. nf,-, -A fa '., r' . ,ar-4, .9g'1i,f?,,. ,571 ,,, ,,, f-'-.v?.Jm,- , -'H ,K-'I1:":',.. 'fer e' V 'TSS -V'-P7 , 72' 619. 41 4- ,3-'kifz . 7:4351 1 ' -f,- 1-,-,v2:,z .. if - 192 J Top: Reveille beauties, front row: Betsy Phipps, Dixie Dunbar, Gale Lo- gan, Connie Knight. Sec- ond row: Jackie Moe, Marilyn Lamb, Marcia Diem, and Sherry Ho- vend. Left: Runners-up are Judy Wilson, Norma Ricker, Linda Hutchens, and Terrina Rush. Fifty-Nine Coeds Vie for Reveille Beauty Title The annual campus beauty contest, sponsored by the Reveille, resulted in the selection of eight coeds as 1965 Reveille beauties. Fifty-nine coeds were entered in the October contest either by a campus organization or by a petition of students. Entrants were judged on facial features, figure, carriage, posture, clothing, hair style, use of make-up, and personality. From the 59 coeds, 26 were selected as semi-finalists by judges Tom Fisher, instructor of English, Ken Whitt, director of public information, and Alan Steinecke, assistant professor of foreign language. The fol- lowing week, eight beauties and four runners-up were selected in the Magnolia Room. Judges for the final contest were Dan Barnett, Fort Worth photographer, Misses Kaye Christie and Donna England from Patricia Stevens Modeling College, Bob Trimble, Fort Worth Press television editor, and Winstead Laymance, Dallas-Fort Worth director of Cittings Studio. L... Top: Editor Keith Blaclceler zritlz .Df6lll'?l'Z!lfv ,:.c'gff Ts'-: F:'f5f'. lift 1T5'::. Alan Steineclre. llitlzlle: S0772I.-.lI'72tllI.Sl5g.ll!.fgzifcif K.'ti:. ,l:..:"- .Lflf--I'ff'. K.-1' Keller, Sherry Horenrl. Jzulr Lamb. ,ludi ll'f:.'df':. Cf:':'::'-' Kifgsf. Fix"-' 'rl-. Linda Barr, Betsy Phipps. .lluril-wi Lfzrrzlv. L:":f:'fz H:..'55f"t.f. 5.32 H. ' K York, Judy Wilson. .lualy Sellers. 5:.s4:.1 B:.":s:f. G Ligst, 3.'.' 'A Jackie .lI0e. .Yot p1'C!11re1l.' .loam Bfzlcl-W. Kufffr G.":5'. Yi':f':' "?'ts5i, , Pinclfurtl, .Yorma Riclfer. :xml Terrim RL55. l'l5.'.':"i: I-.'t:' "fits, Laynmnce, D071 Barnett. aml Bob Tririzlvfe. 3 5 2 10" 'iw' J .9 I O 1, R I 1 -, - vw., J 'w I I 4' -A V! I 4 . Q- 1 lfllifg' w.,,.,CftAfl x HY mx A , X i QI " X' Ii , , 4 1 A. X T1 w ai 5 ' 5 SL .4 " 5 2? ' ' 17 r L af' I f w 'Liv' .A Q51 Q 4' J 1 V X . 1 fix-U84- r sg.,-l- 19,401 .- :Wg f f-.U ,F Warczd 91.9122 593 01191223 J' I9 9131? Zan 6014 X912 0Qpe120f212f ""x ,c 'K IJ .. ' A, .5506-. wg? 'to tax ,.-.4 -an-if 6 ff , 'sb ,f Nw e - r gf 3 rf .IN Ms -.. 4 xa- ' 'A I , J ,-1.-f--.. - 1 yawn : . is I Q .Ax R -A F' 9 inf' !, a I, n 1" i . M. 1 ' 1 's Qu?" , '. v .xg . ' g ' L 5. M A-rf h .PQ 5 1 g , 4 'E ' 9 f I new I I 'J -we r -51 wwf ', X .- X S3 fvli,w:'fQ Q 9 :' 5 sg ' Q ' X pf 'Q xx 5 M M A Y Q X XINSHX 'H f NX v xXx Ss X 4 X SQ, aggf Q an 4- X 4 S fm M R5 R Q F fi wr Q. wx Q K' ' ,N2,Efr'.. ff, 7 2f31?"1'2 ,: . 1,,tj,r Q Y .. CSMP, Jfmmgf f7f147G' 's.,u . 'J 0121215 jguyff .g120Qpe120f212f umm., .nv fbmll n- p....., N '5 ,d Q r""A va- .- !', v -.wfl A f 1 x 3 v Q1 . 1-1 1. 1 'I' I tg .M K. 5 I' 1 X fr I .' .- gf' f kt I fl K." vi' X X, me Q! J' ,., , 1-. ,A ,,,,,.,,W.-Q-,-wwf . , ,, .f,..,Xw ,qty - WCP' x ,qt nu 5 v S .gf V4 I xv I p 4 f V ,X 5 Y' f 5 K l vi X JY!! 1 if K if , L as ' i X ,S ' A as ids:'Ay f. r- X' ,, ,- x 'M - '- MW-M .A-gm , .K X 5 W Q 2 Y X 2 W, 'Z 1 F 1 f f Nnnlaw' ' Q j Q S as L ff? ar I L. ...ali ' I..,.Q.. A 529340-miie A ""'x IQ .x, 'N ,-3 xx Ir 'Y ,x, I i .711 yn- ' fn ' ' " . flgf".4V!5 Ajrigff. 1'hi-Mx K jf?" I ' ff.. sv!! ' . sQ ,ft N., if ., fi ' L4 A55 'Z ! ,a , 5, J. M V. F, I v if , . all .99 mflgn 501226 Tre-Haw G65 gak EOWIQ 595 650119195 .I C 7,1 f Q , :JK LJ, rx s 'v ,I F .-N , f ,f an wx ,f ,S "twin .Q.,m..,,., 'N Hx X S 1 wr 7 'iv as Nu ag f , 3 :F 5 N' 4 'Wh 4. 'ff"":sm- N "K Wm ' ' 2-fu Wx Ax v A 'f f E 5 1 Q a X4 gk 3. 1 5 , 1 S 5 4 I i 0 JU Q ky 1 4 J. .-.-u -an-owe .... n .-mix. ,gm Q K ,fa .JA-- -f I' At . M .1 E .asf-fx If if Q 1 x X A 5 1 A, , J 9- 1 rv ' ,J I "' 2 I E. A' GCA? 1 oe gjress Gm f J .kai , O8 ff I, "5"k- -.-. MW.. """'f1v ,Mf- f ' XX Zefsy jj 40,05 gn0Qpen0Qnf J! I .A- ' 2 'K N V'-.An 1. 1 .-- in ww v DN NSN. 3 vf' Q Sl?" N ,K ,, . M Q ' NW, sf ,J h,dR?Mv5 ' I H- ax' Ya if s F V 5 ' m W,,,.-.- , ,.........,. l --4 'BY- Rebel Cheerleaders Yell Leaders Promote Enthusiasm, Spirif Iilf'lAll'fl in the spring of 1964, the '64-'65 cheering team lf-d yells at athletic events and pep rallies, encouraging sup- port from all Rf'lJffl5. lluring thf' Nuinmcr, they attended a cheerleading school at QNILA. ln competition with other southwestern college squads, .KSC rfhffffrleuflf-rs won one first-place award, one second- pluff- award, and two honorable mentions. A ifflppy Cheryl Spain indicates "V for Victory." Cheryl Spain and ,Img Dallfgy Margin Hobinefm :md Toby Vugh L v3t,.,Y -.v lr r - I . Anita Fisher and Don Myers Barbara Van Wye and Tom Trostel The highlight of ASCE 1964-1965 sports season was renewal of the ASC-SMU football rivalry in the Cotton Boul. Students, faculty and ralministration, ex-students, parents, friends, and citizens of Arlington saarmwl to Dallas to watch the Rebs make a valiant effort against the Mustangs. The floseness of the game. a I4-0 victory for SVU, surprised sportswriters and delighted ASC's largest game crourl. A significant contribution to .school spirit was the intrarnurals program. Religious centers, merfs .sofial clubs. dormitories, and other organizations competed in the program, which involved more participation than eier before. 212 The coin toss at AbiIene's Homecoming y 4 Qi I L 5 ug' I A 01' -' Y A AA a r . ,' 41 . ,K Q 1 J 1 . I 4 A 0 - Q U ' Q V ' O' s d 5 l n " . , A 4 ' , ' I r ' ' F .1 ' 0 a . ' ' ' . 9 . ' I O I g I yv. ' of "W 9' . ' , - . g' . f ' sb' ' ' In f 5 ' I .L . , , H , A G , 0 ' ' ' v . . 'L . . . r ' . . .I ' . A . ' . 1 ' 0 ' ' f Q . N . Q - . . . ni' ' 4 . f ' ' S v I r ' I ...J . fa nqf Q . - FW! N O o , H ' ' , M,-1 ,fl-is . l' M I .1 'Jr r X V " ' I 1 ' I .4 J d . 'A I ' 9 ' T nf ' - 'PV ' ' a . 0 .' ,Q R1 ,, , " .' ' ' ' 4 ' ' -'C ,l ,UWM ' f Q. - J 'VW Q Q' - - ,, If 'T I 'f. -x 0' Q ' ' 5- 'I ' 1'.iX'.Q13 . C ' . . f f f 1 . .f - ' ' " '- 4r"' 6 'fii " f 1' : ' ' N K' 'fw -SW? PM ' in' , 1 1 I ' , 1: In .' 'LG X 2 I , 'wgfw - ., X I I I I 3 xi ' V Q if ffg-fvfh " f' . 1 1 1 A X 1 .5 U -Tl . 0 . I ,,. WM K if I L4 1 ,I , I, '11 .4 mf -, K 5 ' N 'tg .- 9 x If In nw ,w A fn?--4' .Q ' V- N 297 ' - 5 J-Q FV: 1 5 4 5 I f J -4 A J J ff: ' N ' , W -v -rw-ff' 5 1 1 iffy -, , N : l 3 - Q , . y 1 ' -Q, A ' ' , 5 "J Y, 2 -Q ails, , 'U A ' H ' .I ,. if . A 1 Q 1 I 4 . - , V I. ! rw, T' -wk--u Q-Q AL. . Q 1 .,.i. . JL, . Q x f., . ,V -Y-.'- , W I ug: L :fx - NA W ' K vs, 'M s ' - Q '- ' " 'v ' ' 1 . '-a - -.- . - 5 , 1- A ' gff2"': ',,?.1-.,,- ' i f x,! x .ai A . . I r"Av 'TL 1: -15 Y, I Z K li V hxvscwhv 41 4. . Q. Q." 'X v I -' 'A 4,1 ' k ' H- 4' ' nfJ1'! Q' If 5- -L '14 -fm' i yn . 4, - , '. ,,x. ' UQ, -Is!! Aft' f:r:T 1 1 I' A ., 'J "' -E1 ' " ,' 4' . y' "5"-'fx .,.1'i J' -- 313. 4. 1 ,y,'. p ., . ,' - 1- 74 ' ' .- -, ,zyg ,1 03. - ' . - 1' v.' A Q ',iTi.,TAA" xi- i:fiQ'f:" -A vs? , 1' - 4 ,ggi U l ' 1' I: M Y -A' K.. 1 1 ' 4 wh. - .--" ur v . 4: -Q :M - " I Z v fun- f'7-"vx.':'4sN'.'1' U.x....,' ' 4.1-:1 Q' gk!-A lf . 6' -. ..?,-"Q, gm,-9. . -kts' y-.Yi .A'k. .fb .5-:,, ' we W .IQ H X tx 3.43,-wx . ... , 'ug A, Q mf. 2 g 7 1 -f'. . .. . ' -A Y W , ' ' ., 1 . ' ' - - ' P '2v-- 'H' 0' iff"-fag --.. .- .'- - L 51 I b Y. . '47, 1.4, , 1 .A V ,A , 'i '4-4P',f" N. . ,J 3-M-,.5R,,,, ' ,MII my "ffl "'- 9?"'- 'A' flii' ' mf e-JA FS' - , - J x,: la- - .sms , . ' ,,.2.,... 'NX' MT Hi '-'wif 1' v'1J7"'K '- "" '-" '?'l x gfgfgg 'f xwx L " ' ,J - 4 'Q,i1..v,-r?y4-fa,-5:,,1,..'S. nv. a . x- ,-S D x, Y -. I-T3 1 ' C 'QQ 'Wm' 'T4'Q.'ir'. 3 ' ' L ' qu: JE! x' s -S: v , Q Q ,-1 ia IQ. , 1-50.5 ,yu-L ' x. 5- 'xii ,A rr , K .- ft Rx : Q: -w-'Q-h 'L'-,' - s- ' .-if ft., 4 ' vx' is wif? ' , N A 'QT:..:'35C??'j",:Yx .. Exilim w - 'Q' .72 'Z 'E--f x X -, 2 -- s., . XA A. " ,7.- .-A , 'Q' , , I -1 MW lx-gg-1, 4. N,M.!ls fixxvtx. xl.: ,W Q... wx ' x .KK ' ' 1 A ' ' -l Q., L Va -Yi lf . xt K: ...wx - X .- . Q , ' f V3.5 T' ' ' x Q .. . , ff w .L " '3' K FMP' - ' .- . ' -Y . ' As . i Wi Q "N" f 4, . LAN" ' .x 5 ' 1 1 ai -. '.. , , , ,,,, . fi ' 'go .1-im 'H- f 1 Q 0' 1 . ,Q Margie Robinson and AI Smith celebrate after a squeaker 10-9 victory over the Arizona State Lumberjacks in Flagstaff. Confederafes Earn 3-6-1 Season Record The 1964 Rebel Eleven amassed a season record of 3-6-1 overall and 0-3-1 for Southland Conference competition. Although Arlington fielded a bigger, better, and more experienced squad than it did last year, it played a schedule including four strong conference teams and three major colleges. ASC's first game was a heartbreaking loss to New Mexico State, 3-0, at Las Cruces, N.M. Standout of the Confederates was senior halfback Al Smith, who averaged 43.1 yards on six punts. Arlington's next encounter was a 10-9 squeaker over Arizona State College climaxed by a 45-yard field goal in the last minute of the game by Al Smith. The Rebel's touchdown was accounted for by a 23-yard run by Buddie Langford and the point after by Faust Parker. Dub Galbraith moves in to help Bernie Stewart trap an SMU Mustang ASC's Ed Noble eyes the extra foot needed for a first down against SMU. Eel I P 1 215 , Q 0 . . , 4 End Phil Ford competes with two .llustangs for control of the air. Rebels Journey to Cotton Bowl For the first time since 1944 Arlington journeyed to the Cotton Bowl for a meeting with SMU-a meeting marred with miscues. The Mustangs capitalized on a punt return and an intercepted pass for their 14-0 victory over the Confederates. Arlington's opener in the Southland Conference was against the Arkansas State Indians. The Rebels won everywhere except on the scoreboard, where 7-7 was the final verdict. Fullback Ken Bowman and winghack Ken Vaughn led the Rebels on offense. Al Smith set a new school record for punting in one game with a 49-yard average on five kicks. Louisiana Tech teamed offensive ball control with a stone wall defense to defeat ASC 19-7 in Ruston, La. The Rebels' only score was the result of an 80-yard pass-and-run play from Jimmy Brooks to Jackie Miller. The score-producing play established a new school record, while Al Smith broke his own punting record with a 66-yard boot. Rebel quarterback Ed Noble breaks through the line for a gain in the SMU clash. . ,. as . Y we-.v , -Q y 5 .h , 9 f ' ' f f" , ,Y gf ,f 5, ? REQ-,111 Johnny Stanton "fights" for yardage against the Arkansas Slate Indians. Enthusiastic Rebels fill the bleachers to support their gridders in the Cotton Bozrl. 1 2. ll Rebel Bubba Garner, along with the referee, watches the Confederates close in on McMurry. ,f.,..vW -' ,A BV t. 0-, X ' ,QW V W Weave R M -M, W7 , r ' Kenneth Bowman, Ed Noble, and Bill Jackson converge on an ACC Wildcat ABILIENE CITY LIMIT POP 001649 Wildcat territory. ACC Rouls Arlington, 37-I4 A511 ll'UlllIJf'4l mf-1 Nlvxlurrj. lfT fm ll- llrfv 5, V ., , f 'H 5 5 . Slilfllfll ilu: lil-lwl -curing: vwilln ,I li'-lfl ggml, 'lln-rl lf.-1 ::.,. lifffw- - g,: -'L '. ll-- Un 21 luke li:-lvl goal ull'-mp! lor ilu- ll'-lr'-l-' in-P 'ul .:. li--' li- 3, left guard from the l-yurrl lim- for flu- -f-f owl I f,f.f lnifff l,amur 'll-cl: mzulf- Ilu- mu-I of u -llhlljl 'l"l"lI-1' fm! ,r. cmne-from-lu-lniml I7-7 xif-tory mf-r ilu- fnnlf-fl--rl '---. X-fl : Laludir-1: pnunccfl on u lldfllllliil lumlflv-. Hu- ploy- in-r. Xr,.r,, 1 Kc-n Bowman vllurgu-rl nw-r Ilu- goal, llm-.f--.1-r, rlu- l1--1ll,1rf1- v. 1 they combined two touchdown- unfl u fir-lvl goal for Ill'-ir lf f,'1lY.'- The Rebels than journf-yr-fl to .Xlrilfznf for Ulf- llurz.---f,::.Qr.g, Vf. 1 .' . 37-14' in u game which -uw om- ,KFC and iw, KU. Tw-J' P1111 v.r -1 .. r. 1 fe-- period. ASCE second score: funn- with fil -f-f-wrul- rf-:mining in rr J- l'f-'-- ln- carricd over from Ihr- 1-yard line-. ASC Rebels encountered a Wildcat Homecoming in Abilene. Jimmy Brooks controls the pigslfin for Arlinglon against ACC. Confeflerales Buflflie Langford and ,lolznnjf S:-:wifi ' X from a sideline play in Illefr 5cf7.'p:":g of :Ee 3115! Inclians. Qu The Vaqueros supply ASC with a cannon team, while Citus Falco takes a victory flag to all Rebel football games. jimmy Brooks is headed towards ACC's goal line. Rebel rusher Melvin Witt pursues a Trinity Tiger. Homecoming was gay before the Trinity game began. ASC Drops Homecoming, 23-7 For Hn1m'f'urning, .f'x5f, pi:.1j.f'f1 hu-' rf, Yi.-' 'Ir.r..'- nlfmiu. 'lhf- 'Iiu1'r- 'j'!51lY ilu' H1-bf-if a bm:-i..g . L rlirugmrfe lunv- -mfr fumf- in tha fir-r fg-mr'f-r 4- F""f P burst ovrr right lufpklf- for .H yard- and C pam'-, f'a.- F' 1 supplivd Ihr' vxtra point. hu! from rim-n ur. KV, 'v-In " out of Ihr: gurnv- uf Trinity dizrif-d lbw' ffabf-If w-PP. pa--Q Bubba Garner steals a pass from a Trinity end. Ken Vaughn is brought down from befzimf ar ASCE HP: game. Mike Farhat, Ken Vaughn, and Bill Jackson encircle a West Tex- as Buffalo. ohrznj. Stanton anrl Ken Vaughn more in on a Buddie Langford is erzsnared by Bl1l,"f'l0 hall fffrfief. a group of West Texas opponents. pull 'N- in 222 '-U-an.. ul' f-- - W 2 K -0 ,lack Hall stands up against charging Trinity Tigers. Rebs Win Final Game, 20-16 The ASC Rebels ended their season by downing the West Texas State 15081 illltmpt, Noble passed to .lafkiff Nlillfr Buffaloes, 20-16. Quarterback Ed Noble contributed to all three ASC fourth-down sprint by Noble -upplif-fl Ihf- r ir touchdowns by passing for two and running for one. Noble combined with happy ending for the six dfrprirring tbfl -fr Pete Estrada for a 78-yard pass-run touchdown. Then on a fake field Langford, Al Smith, .lair-k Hull, Phil Ford, :ini f r P Ed Noble carries for the Rebels against West Texas as Pete Estrada supplies blocking. Ken Vaughn, Cary Robinson, Ken Ozce, Bill Jackson, and .lack Hall engulf a Buffalo. .9 ' -moufma' --Q. xxx, - JX4, 'S ' f f N fd- It 5X JH' Q X 5 K H Right-: Coach Burley Bearden adrnonishes Melvin Witt and Phil Ford during halftime at the SMU game. Below: This was ASC's first ren- ture in the Cotton Bowl since 1944. Bottom: ASCE rampaging Rebels work out at practice. A.. M.. t l ASC's All-Southland Conference tackle, Jack Ha 5 x I up ll!! br' I Jack Hall Wins Conference Honor -m X A F C . x u 'Q A .X . as 1 N 5,5 4 -x Q !,56 Q41-x ' ,f,",'e,14,. i ,K txio, ,M 1 Q , Q-:sf ,g QQQ, Q? I i Top: Kenneth Laludice, guard. Above: Kenneth Bowman, fullback. Right: Bill .!f1'frson, renter. 226 W. sf l" X Mmm X , ffPbXX5fiE3X ms fe Q, A I f 4 ' Q b jo X QW? X W f X S SX X X WW yf ff .4 . VX 1"-Ir? ' , ,, -Q X N X X M Xiu - .- vu, 11,5-Qf Z .-any A 34 Receive Football Leffers i - wg,-55,1 'Wie 1 1 Top: Allen Barber, guardg Mike Barnes, end. Jliddle: Jimmie Brooks quarterbackg jess Carpenter, guard. Bottom Pete Es- zrada, tailbackg Mike Farhat, tackleg Bubba Garner, uzingback. 15" f 3 . A' -Mw- ' W9 Top: Stere Jackson, end: Tony Jcvffqf halfback. Middle: Buddie Langford, tL::'.'5:: Rick ,UcCona1hy, haljbacls. Boftorw: J Miller, zvingback: Ed Noble, quawfric John Osborne. end. QQ Football Leffermen Top: Kenneth Ozee, tackle. Middle: Gary Page, tailbackg Faust Parker, tackle. Bot- lom: Roy Patridge, guardg Gary Robinson, endg Al Smith, tailback. 5 .. 6, Top: Johnny Stanton, fullback: Bernie Steu art, center. Middle: Jerry Stephens. guard Kenneth Terry, guard. Bottom: Bobby ft Iey, centerg Melvin Witt, tackle: Row:- Young, end. l Cogers Finish Fourth in Southland Competition Bruce TIIIIIQIS and Stew Hulnze fight for n rebound in the Rebels, loss to Texas AXCM as Dink Ford watches from behind. High point of the basketball season came during the Christmas holidays. In the Dallas Cotton Bowl Tournament, the Rebs dropped their first game to' Midwestern, the eventual tourney winner, then came back for a third place finish. ,lust before classes resumed, the Rebels defeated TWC by a 115-110 margin. This 115 points was the most ever scored by an ASC basketball club. It was in this game also that Dink Ford notched his big 4-4 points. The Arlington State junior varsity performed well in com- piling a season record of 5 wins and 9 losses. Several fresh- men playing with the J.V. also saw considerable service on the varsity squad, another reason that hope runs high for the Rebels' fortunes next year. Besides players who lettered, Dennis Bevins, Richard Ham- mond, ,lames Pressley, Roger Nikirk, Art Harris, James McCoy, Ronnie Wirz, and Ricky Stewart saw considerable action for the team. Some of these also saw action with the varsity squad. Rebels Win 10, Lose 24p Tibbefs Scores 499 Points Arlington's 1964-65 basketball team managed only 10 wins to Zi defeat behind a promise for next year. Only one of the varsity play'-r-. lir.i'- 'l. not he with Coach Tom Tinker's liunr-h next pf-ar. The Rebels finished fourth in the Southland Ufril-arf-riff-. ' record, behind Abilene Christian College and llrl-iarisas Ftstf- fg 't..f -' first place, and Lamar Tech, who the Hells knof-kefl out of .i ilr-1 season's finale for both teams. Trinity again wound up iz- -V cellar. Bruce Tibbets, a 6'6" All-Conference senior. lecl all sr-orers '.-.iti. 271 't Q: record. Tibbets averaged 21.7 points per game and was also tlm- for the Rebels. Junior Dink Ford averaged 16.3 points per game. and set an Aff, fm- mark when he scratched 44 against Texas Wesleyan Lollege. Hr also if percentage, hitting a fine .8l8. ,lohn Reglin, Norris Weir, and David Duke provided the other tliree-:zz starting line-up. All are juniors in eligibility, and will be back next year. .Xl for the Rebels were junior ,lim Oldham. sophomore Mike NBII. and fr'-sf' Hulme, Eddie Miller, and ,lack Lynch. Ford and Reglin were named to the alternate All-Conferente squad. .,. FELL 55 Z.-. J .4SS. D. Ili' 7' . l c TU.. ,IL R een... i L if .XL-.4 .L Ten Letter in Baskefball Top: Uinlp Fowl, guard. Abozvf: ljrnzirl Duke, forward. Right: Steve ffnfnm. jjllflfll. ASC 85 110 80 71 68 92 54 82 104 76 85 OPPONENT Baylor Texas Wesleyan Texas A81lVl TCU Austin College East Texas East Texas lVlclVlurry Texas Wesleyan Midwestern Austin College ASC UI'l'fJNl'lN"I' 91 Trinity 78 Lamar 'I' fef: h 66 ACC 99 Arkansas State 70 lVllflVVfiS1f5I'Il 90 Trinity 103 Lamar Tech 7l IHS 79 100 I 02 89 92 1 15 67 55 65 80 52 Texas Wesleyan Austin College ACC Arkansas State lVlclVlurry Midwestern Above: Eddie Miller, forward. Left: Jack Lvnch ward ASC 79 70 69 65 50 78 80 59 OPPONENT Texas Wesleyan Weatherford JC Austin College East Texas East Texas lVlclVlurry Texas Wesleyan Austin College t: lim 102 57 77 67 67 64 Decatur Baptist lVlcMurry Midwestern Weatherford JC Decatur Baptist Midwestern Baskefball Le-Hermen N xx f 22 1 W . .Qi ,ff ' -S xl. " A .4 5' x gwpw-1 , . ,hi SNP' , M ,K 5 Q: T . ml A y,,...q. 1,2 I A -N -0- ,.- Q ' ' 'iM -'A -A ' x QA 15" Qi ' A Dm Top: John Reglin. forzrard. ,-1b0z'e: Bruce T:'55ffs. ff", If J: Norris Weir, guard. Top: Don Harrlaway, flis- New Track Qpens With Invitational Meet The track team found a new home waiting for it this year in an eight-lane cinder track built at a cost of over 330000. The new track was unveiled in February with an invitational meet which pitted the Confederates against East Texas State, Southem Methodist University, and Texas Christian Uni- versity. In this meet the Rebs placed second behind East Texas. The tracksters competed in the Lub- bock Indoor meet, the Southwestern Recreation meet, the West Texas Re- lays, the Texas Relays, and the South- land Conference meet. In a March duel with Texas Tech and McMurry in Lubbock, the Rebels snatched a team first place finish and captured five first places in individual events in doing so. From a roster of 20, only two, Ron- nie Plyler and Don Hardaway, leave the track team via completion of eligi- bility this year. cus. Right: Ken Walters, L . flurdfesbg Bob .l'lcClolh- -G i lin, hurdles, 440. ,, lf- v A. Left: ASC's outstanding 220, 440, and rcluys man Blcndcn Johnson. lliglrl: Hula: Drffnnun, 880, Hjillj. gwf,.,,,ilf-, lhflf,y,, jmnz n,u,g Nqffi Weir, Greg Horsley, Landa Henderson, jackie Miller, Cliff Bullard, Ronnie Plylazr, David Montgorncry, Stan Dugan. Sfiflllll mu: Hob Hon gomery, Mark Matzner, Blenden Johnson, Ken Walters, Bob McGlothlin, lion Christy, Skip liwrmm. Third row: flozuph Hobby Ifmf-, larry Jones, Dick Walters, Dale Drennun, Don Hardaway, Luther Walker, Ca-urge Cotter. Y ,hi-: I q,,,. ' Q . . 5 lx ,s. 9' D01 ,-WT? 'f ,f My wang 3 w sb 'sixty in wifi " v ff My I gg Y' f ,yy i Afigq ,M 1 ' ', r-AQNKJ-3,Q,1H1 JM V. , -sg., vii? 0 fam-'rf wi f1H"'?vQ J , -m..,,+Y,Mm 7"i-:wh 'JJYWM if'x+.I'Q14 fin! ' 4 Y Giraffe A MQ i, wo " xv we ,, 4 40 mu 'u ' 'ivy-lY"'A iq . uf X ... M "'x':'y-in 4, ww A 1.5m .yn 'WV , .. , VM, '43 QQ--,-Alt'-Y 1.4 g ' X 'sv . -. .- rf ,,,, A-.v. 1 . ik .ii - -,,Q., s. 0 I K Og " 5 , 'Q -uv.: Above: Bill Friedman. Right: Tommy Crouch. Neffers Meet Tough Cpposifion The ASC tennis team faced a tough schedule which in- cluded TCU, SMU, Kansas University, North Texas, and West Texas State. In addition, they competed against the recog- nized leader in collegiate tennis, Trinity, in the Southland Con- ference meet at Jonesboro, Ark. Coached hy Bill Roark, the tennis team fielded four letter- men from last yearis team-Laddie Birge, Tommy Crouch, Al Fiol, and Bill Friedman. Jerry McCain and Lynn Jones com- pleted the team. Crouch and Jones are the only seniors on the team. Birge is a junior who collected his third letter this year, and the other three are sophomores. 3 A ll llll E.. llg:g...llll L 'K e 3 !unn-2!lllnn!n-! QE' Above: A1 Fiol. Below, kneeling: Jerry McClain, A1 Fiol. Standing: Lynn Jones, Tom my Crouch, Bill Roark, Bill Friedman. Right: Lynn Jones. t 1 .-ibore right: Dennis Wilson prepares to start a race. Mid- dle right: .llax Heinalenreich lakes a flying start. Below riglzl: Luther Wilson comes off the starting stand first. lf 5 if Q Swim Team Completes First Full Season The ASC swimming team reached the break-even point, compiling a 6-6 rec- ord over the season, in its first full- fledged competitive swimming year. The team scored a first in Texas swimming by entering in competition the first woman to swim against males in this state. Dashell Maines was the woman, and she proved her ability by being among twelve to earn let- ters with the tank team. The other 11 lettermen were Tom Fisher, Ed Bagot, Dan Boone, Fred Pittillo, Luther Walker, Bruce Wilson, Dewey Lewis, Elrey Ash, Max Hien- denreich, Roger Glass, and Dennis Wil- son. All are either freshmen or sopho- mores, and coach Don Eastcrling will have his complete team returning next year. The only thing different will be their new home, an Olympic standard 50-meter pool now under construction. 1 4 .-lbore Left: Ed Bagot swims in to the finish line. Above right: Dan Boone lfacing cameral after a race. Beloit' left. front rout El- rey Ash. Bruce Wilson. Dashelle Haines. Dennis Wilson. Ed Bagot. coach Don Easterling. Sefona' rozr: Dewey Lewis. Dan Boone. Fred Pittillo. Luther Welker. Roger Glass. Tom Fisher. Xot showm is Mau Heidenreich. Riglzl: Bruce Wilson executes a flawless dive. Below: Wilson with a back dive. Below right: Wilson prepares for a back dive. iv' ASC Tank Team Feafures Female Top: Dewey Lewis comes down. Left: Dashelle Maines relaxes after a race. Above: Dewey Lewis rests between dives. Golfers Compete in Eight Dual Meefs rf .f T fi- WTLQ ,, N 'K an nv ' -1 221452-'Q 1.-f .4 i E V 1 I, :.,., Mfg . A A x e ' . Y , all A A X fi Below: Harvey Wehman. Bottom left: Tom Burseen. Bottom right: Ed Hamilton. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: Tom Burseen, John Allen, Ed Hamilton, Harvey Wellman, Terry Morris. Left: John Allen. Right: Terry Morris. '33 Three Leffermen Return Coach Charlie Key had three returners from last year! golf team-John Allen, Albert Salinas, and Harvey Wehman. Ed Hamilton, Terry Morris, and Tommy Burseen provided the balance of the links team. The home matches for the Rebels were played on the rugged, water hamrd-lac-ed Shady Valley Country Club course. Dual meets, eight in number, were the main-stay of the schedule. The golfers competed in three tourneys. Dual meets were scheduled with North Texas State, East Texas State. Texas Wesleyan College, Abilene Christian College, Midwest- ern University, Hardin-Simmons, McMurry, and the Sheppard Air Force Base team. The tournaments which the Rebs entered were the Abilene Intercollegiate, Southwestern Recref ational meet, and the Southland Conference tourney. Practically the entire team will be returning next year. since Allen, Morris, and Wehman are juniors, Hamilton is a sopho- more, and Burseen is a freshman. Only one of the six. Salinas. is a senior. x XX 4 Nine Coaches Direct Athletics Right: End coach and basketball coach, Tom Tinker. Below: Backfield coach, Judd Ramsey. Below right: End coach and junior varsity basketball coach, lim Garrett. .--xiiifff' , .-""i:33I. . ..1:4ci1i:'t??r::: . '-vii 'K-" - 'H'-:lf-112212 . '.-1.4. -z 3 .-,.1z5g.2- . f 5--.., 4. 4 ,M Left: Head football coach and alhletif rlireczor. Claude R "Chena,' Cllstrap. Below: Football junior morally and femur' coach, Bill Roark. Below loft: Line couch, Burley Befrdf: ""Eii"'F?'55-, y . X Coaches Top right: Swimming coach, Don Easterling. Above: Golf coach, Charlie Key. Right: Track coach, Bobby Lane. Below left: Football trainer, Abe Bush. Below middle: Basketball manager, Terry Nixon. Below right: Football manager, Leonard Murphey. by lnframural Program Expands The ASC intramural program got underway with touch football play. The Methodist Student Center copped the crown by winning the organizations bracket, then defeat- ing the Lee House squad, which triumphed in the dormitory bracket. Dr. Horace F. Gillespie, dean of men, as director of the intramural program, oversaw the organization of teams and leagues as well as the scheduling of games. The program included such sports as bowling, volleyball, swim- ming, and football for men, and bowling, volleyball, swim- ming, and basketball for women. P. E. majors won the basketball championship in the girls' league by beating Sans Sourri. The Methodist Stu- dent Center defeated Tri-Ki and Alfasig in playoff garnes in the organizations loop in men's basketball, then cap- tured the title by beating the Pachl Hall smzond-floor team. Pacbl Hall had won the dormitory division in a one-game play-off with Men's Hall A first-floor west. Intramurals have received a hearty welcome at ASC, and the program is expected to bc expanded next year. V f -Q fa 1 ,1' ". -Q Q' if it ,s 'Q t? args MM, as . .Q 5 1 ififil Q. a 2' E I 1: F33 Socials, Religious Centers, Dormifories Compete Top right: Tri-Ki's Bennie Smith shoots for a basket. Above: Alfasig .Wills Boon jumps a shot directly under the basket. Right: Referee Phil Ford watches as opponents struggle for control of the ball. Typical of the action- packed basketball intra- murals is the tilt be- tween social clubs Al- fasig fshirtlessj and Tri- Ki, the two leaders in the social club division. Above: Tri-Ki John Bow- en tries to block Mills Boon from shooting for a basket. Right: Alfasig and T ri-Ki members scramble for the ball. PE Classes . . . Top: Linda Marsh, a bad- minton student, stands ready for u return. Above: Sherry Kelly completes a stroke and stands ready for another. Right: Student assistant in- structor Sarah Cunningham gives pointers to one of the students. PE Classes Offer Varied Exercises 'l'lu: pllysirrul 1-durzution rlf'p:irtrnf'nt ollf-rf rlll'l"lllw :i wid'- vurifety of ufztivililcs lo olioo-v from in fulfilling Iliff fl'-gr'-P rcquircnurnls of four wzrrwetf-r hours of l'.l'.. lor wonw-n. lllosf: uftlivitiafs inrrludff folk rlunrinu, Ivnni-, lfllfllly, rnoflf-rn dum-v, physical fronditioningz, liudininton, und lm-lcrftlnill. Mun may pick from gymnusiurn, tvnni-, va'-ight lifting. and senior lift: saving when ea-lm-tina Ll roursr-. Men und women urs: sr:lu:dul1:d lULlf'lllf'l' in -ufli flu--f-- as swimming, diving, water polo, und in a four-1: flf'Ll1!lH'fl to turn out watt-r safety instructors. All tlu'-sv an- one-hour courses. For P.E. majors, foundations of lu-ulth, 1-If-nu-ntary nutrition. and foundations of health are among the thru--hour four-1-f offered. Top: Students in a men's gymnasium class enjoy a fast game of basketball. Above: P.E. students fight it out for a rebound. Left: Sarah Cunningham reaches for the bird. in... Music instructor Anita Carlton with llif- :on-rant program ol fulxpanaion at Arlington Stan- College may liring further speeialiwlion if a proposal piano student Bruce McDonald, approx'-fl lfy the Texas fmvrnnilgion on Higher Eduralion. The proposal will provide for the School Of Arts who,s who in music. 6 Nfienfvff to ln- divided into the Swhools of Art, Sf-if-nw, and Business. 'llrhougli XWQ li a 1-ollegzv will: a predominantly new faculty, college employees with long periods Of Service V f""'!V1lf"'l Vflfll' for llwir ronlriliurions lo rarnpua life. Twenty-one faculty members were honored at the friryliw- Year llanfpif-I, held l'f-liruary l2. li. C. llarnf-Q, director of finance, received a 35-year award. Mar- ,ffvv f jfyit-ffvfl. all-ofiato profelsor of Lp'-ooh, Lloyd Lassen, professor of mathematics, and R. J. Marquis, pro- f -or and ln-ad of rhf- flffparrmrnl of llllf-'lfx rf-of-iwfl 25-year awards. Three 20-year awards, five 15-year awards, nfl ninf- l0-j.f4:ir av.ardL sw-rf: also prow-ntfgfl. I IXXXC le The Leadership Research Left: John Hudson, library, and Dr. George Wolfskill, history. Below left: Dr. Egal Feldman, history. Below right: Dr. Ted H. McDonald, history. A Q 14, , i' I AIM! . slr,-v. ' ,-415 . -. 5 A V if K .34 , 5 'W -5 W , H 5 , I , . g. 4 f, I Q . f ,U I 5 P 4- .W - -.Q s , , -...M 1 Professors Engage in Research Projects Librarian JOHN HUDSON and history professor GEORGE WOLFSKILL are collaborating on a book, All But the People, which is concerned with the New Deal, 1932-39. The book is a study of the criticism and critics of the New Deal. The authors have ascertained who these critics were, what they criticized, why, how, and with what effects. They also evaluated the altematives these critics proposed. Dr. Wolf- skill previously published The Revolt of the Conservatives on the period. DR. ROY N. LOKKEN, assistant professor of history, is writing a biography of James Logan, an important figure in the political, economic, and cultural history of Pennsylvania in the early part of the eighteenth century. Working with a small grant from the state of Texas, Dr. Lokken is researching original documents, especially the Logan papers. He has written an es- say on "The Social Ideas of James Logan," which is scheduled for publication in a forthcoming volume of essays on colonial American histo-ry. Dr Roy N Lokken history. Canoeing over the same path followed by Sir Alexander Niac- Kenzie in 1789 is part of the roslcarrgh to bl: undertakfzn by DH.. T. H. MCDONAIJJ, assistant professor of history, this summer. Dr. McDonald compared the 1739 joumal of Nfaf,K1rnzie, first white man to cross America north of Merino, with ar 1801 publication under NlacKenzie's name. Dr. Niafbonald and his family are preparing for the trip by swimming and canoeing in Lake Arlington in all kinds of wf-.atl'ier. The expedition will cover a route of 3,400 milfz, 400-500 of it in the Arctic. The purpose is to verify some of the disorepancies revealed by the study. This research, sponsored in part by ASC, will probably result in a book. "Anti-Nativism in American Life" is the study being non- ducted by DR. EGAL FELDNIAN, assistant professor of history. He makes the point that the strength of America lies in the pluralistic nature of its society, rather than in its homogeneity. The research involves the study of the lives of leading intellectuals in Progressive America, 18901911 Dr Feldman has previously published one book and a number of articles in this area. DR. .l. D. STANLEY, professor of business and economics. is researching the area of organizational theory for his study, "Some Aspects of Organizational Change." He is primarily working on organizational dysfunction by analyzing primary and secondary data and doing some controlled experimentation. The research has been sponsored by the lfnivefrsity of Roches- IST. DR. CHARLES H. GREEN, professor of English, co-authored a freshman workbook, The Writing Laboratory, with Dean Don- ner of Purdue University and Burnham Carter lr. of Briar Cliff College. The book is intended to supplement regular English textbooks, with special emphasis on grammar. punc' tuat-ion, and spelling. The book was published in November by Scott Foresman and Co. D. - A 1.a......,- 259 DR. MARY LEE ALFORD. assistant professor of art, is doing research in the area of visual fartisticl creativity. One part concerns teacher judgment of creativity in studentsg the other is concerned with tests of visual creativity. Her work on teaclier judgment has been distributed to leading educators and psycliologists throughout the country by the California Test Bureau. Dr. Alford used a test by the Bureau and also created some of her own for research purposes. Students from the art department served as some of the subjects for the research. The art department staff also asisted. Assistant Professor WILLIAM E. TURNER, Instructor STEPHEN RASCOE. and Instructor CALVIN CRICG are doing creative production in painting. DR. IRA BERNSTEIN, assistant professor of psychology, is interested in the experimental study of personality. At the present he is studying the relation between thinking and overt behavior. In one experiment, he has subjects respond to lights which appear on a special apparatus. Dr. Bernstein has recently received a National Institute of Mental Health grant for the support of his further research in problems of human attention and decision making. Seniors Charles Reese and Don Scliurman are assisting with the research. DR. JAMES PHILLIPS, assistant professor of psychology, is continuing his work in the area of physiological psychology. He has recently received a S4200 grant from the National Institute of Mental Health for a study of the positive rein- forcement frewardl effects of low level electric shock. This is unusual because shock is generally thought of in terms of negative reinforcement fpunishmentl. Dr. Phillips designed a specially constructed apparatus which is electronically con- trolled to enable the experiment to be run automatically. DR. PHILLIPS is also engaged in a cooperative study with RICHARD HURLOCK, instructor. Their research is an in- vestigation of the biochemical bases of leaming and memory, using- the newly developed technique of direct chemical stimu- lation of the brains of living animals. Small tubes, permanently implanted in a rat's brain, terminate in an area containing cells which control a particular learned response. Various drugs and chemicals are injected into this area through the tubes. The rat is then tested in the learning situation to determine how the chemicals influence leaming. One possible result of this experiment might be the development of injections which people could take to facilitate leaming and memory. DR. A. A. BAYLOR, associate professor of business and economics, is doing research in the area of economic theory. His study is entitled "Concentrated Trends in U.S. Manufac- turing Industries since 1950." This research could possibly be used for anti-trust policy and maintenance of competition by'laws. This project has been supported by the University of California, and now being supported by ASC. Assistant Professor of business and economics WALTER G. AUSTIN .I R. is researching the current literature and prac- tices of commercial banks in regard to their generally ac- cepted accounting principles for his study entitled "Financial Accounting and Reporting by Commercial Banks." DR. ERWIN SEGAL, assistant professor of psychology, l Dr. Mary Lee Alford has devised a string test to help test creative ability is doing research in the area of psycholinguistics-the study of language behavior. He has developed a theory in which classes of words and the relationships between them are viewed as important determiners of the structure of speech. He is doing several experiments related to this theory. Many stu- dents in introductory psychology courses have served as sub- jects. This research is supported by a 34200 grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. Shirley Garrett, Terry Halwes, and Suzanne Prather are Dr. Sega1's student research assistants. Students Aid Faculty Workers Right: Dr. Erwin M. Segal, psychology. Below: Dr. Walter G. Austin Jr., business and economics. Bottom left: Dr. Ira Bernstein, psychology. Bottom right: Willliam E. Turner, art. . 'Q ' ', 1.3 ws ' X 'To 'm .TV'f' 'f S L Left: Dr. C. C. Hall, biology. Below: A research assistant of Dr. J. Dan Powell, geology. Bottom left: Kent L. Law- rence, engineering mechanics. Bottom right: Dr. G. L. John- son, chemistry. Q. Q,,,,,,..MQm-M ' a. ...ff YJ DR. .JOHN T. MURCHISON, chemistry department head, is doing research in the field of organic synthesis. His two studies are KD Synthesis of halogenated thiophene derivatives and f2J Synthesis of silicones. Students Larry G. Bamett, senior, and Cary L. Smith, junior, are assisting in the research. Dr. Billy J. Marshall, physics. DR. C. L. JOHNSON, assistant professor of chemistry, is studying the effects of dissolved oxygen on corrosion in solutions. If variations in the amount of oxygen in a solution are found to be correlated highly enough with corrosion, it may be possible to determine the corrosion severity in any water system by merely measuring the dissolved oxygen. This research is sponsored by ASC. Senior chemistry major T. W. Freudiger is Dr. Johnson's research assistant. DR. RAYFORD L. HOYLE, associate professor of chemistry, is continuing his research project on "A Kinetic Study of the Chemical Vapor Deposition Process" with an extension of S7800 bv the American Electroplatfzrs Societgr for anoti.f:r 3-fzr. Dr. Hoyle has held a similar grant for thru: ymre. The pro- ject involves chemical vapor deposition processm, important in space re-entry problems. Dr. Hoyle will present his paper on the subject at a symposium in August at Penneylviana State l,'ni'--frr- sity. KENT L. LAWRENCE, assistant professor of engineering mechanics, is studying short time transient vibrations in uniform and non-uniform beams subject to load or displacement cxitation at one end. He is working on a numfzriral method for fil- culating the transient response which, when dewfloped. will be suitable for execution on digital computers. .KSC is spon' soring the project. Clastic sedimentation is the area being inveetigatfai by geology professor CHARLES F. DODGE. The title of his study is "Petrogenesis of the Channel Sandstones of the Wood. bine Formation, Tarrant County, Texas." Problems being attacked by Dodge are the genesis of the sand bodies, all statistical sedimentary parameters, directional propertiff of the deposits, and microstratigraphy. This research is sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the ASC geology department. DR. C. L. MCNULTY, professor of geology, is continuing study in the area of foraminiferal and ichyological paleontology of Texas and cretaceous rocks. He is working on several projects simultaneously. One study is on the stratigraphy of the Upper Eagle Ford formation of Northeast Texas. Others are concerned with fish fossils of various cretaceous formations of Texas. Dr. MCNUTYY has published several papers on his work in these areas. DR. BILLY J. MARSHALL, assistant professor of physics, has received a grant of 520,000 per year for the next three years from the Robert A. Welch Foundation for the Advance- ment of Basic Research in Chemistry. The grant given Dr. Marshall will be used to finance work done on the project of "The Effect of Energetic Radiation on the Properties of Solids." Dr. Marshall will serve as research director for the project, aided in lab work by selected students. DR. J. DAN POWELL, assistant professor of geology. is studying the stratigraphy and areal geography of North Texas cretaceous rocks, specifically the Eagle Ford formation in North- east Texas. Dr. Powell is studying the stratigraphic relation- ships of the Eagle Ford formation, especially concerning the evolution of the ammonite fauna. Senior geology major Mike Reilly assists in field investigations. Researchers Anticipate Published Results 264 Administration lf" Dr. Woolf welcomes Yves Rodrigues, consul general of France for Texas and Oklahoma, to the campus. Dr. Jock R. Woolf President of the College The President of Arlington State College, Dr. .lack R. Woolf, has general responsibility for the operations and activities of the college. He is responsible for determining policy within the college and for the formulation of the college budget. The president is chairman of both the Academic Council and the College Executive Committee, and he is the official representative of the College. In 1957, Dr. Woolf came to ASC as Dean of the College. He was named to the presidency in 1959. He is a Regis- tered Professional Engineer and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Dr. Wendell H. Nedderman Dean of Engineering The Dean of Engineering, Dr. Wendell H. Nedder- man, has college-wide responsibility for coordinating research. He serves as administrative officer for the School of Engineering and the Technical Institute Division and is responsible for their personnel, budget, curricula, equipment, and attendance regulations. , 'WE 1 'u 2, g. 15, WISE gk .. ft i Q 'M Q 1 .ma ae, .-:RSX s I ' X - 1 fm . , 5. ' -miNQNl' ' - '- Q' 3 Dr. S. T. Keim Jr. Dean of Arts and Sciences The Dean of Arts and Sciences. Dr. S. T. Keim Jr., is responsible for the development. implementation. and operational supervision of the academic program of the School of Arts and Sciences. His specific func- tions include evaluating the performance and pro' gress of all students registered in the school and planning and supersising faculty development. The dean recommends faculty promotions and appoint- ments with approval of the president. Dr. Bob Dollar Dean of Students The Dean of Students, Dr. Bob Dollar, has general responsibility for all offices and activities concerned with student personnel. This includes general ad- ministration authority for student discipline, traffic and parking, student government, and student publica- tions. , 3' fi i ' Ji I ir ' "1 1 -.......,..-. B. C. Barnes Director of Finance The Director of Business and Finance, B.C. Barnes, is responsible for the operation of the business office, data processing, the student center, the physical plant, and the dormitories. He functions as college finance officer and personnel officer. He also acts as land agent for the college and is responsible for all land purchases. Weldon Brewsfer Director of Academic Services The Director of Academic Services, Weldon Brews- ter, is responsible for the regulation and supervision of student registration, and for the compiling of in- formation concerning college facilities and personnel for reports to other administrative officers needing such information. K Q U l Joe Bailey Business Manager The Business Manager, Joe Bailey. is chief officer in the college business office. He controls all fiscal transactions, including purchases and requisitions. Elwood J. Preiss Regisirar The Registrar and Director of Admissions, Elwood Preiss, has the responsibility of developing and maintaining the academic records of the College. He prepares the annual catalog and is responsible for admissions and the filing of arademir- records of individual students. John A. Hudson Librarian The College Librarian, John Hudson, is the chief ad- ministrative officer of the library, responsible for the development of the library and the utilization of resources available to it for the effective support of the college's scholarly program. I lawn.. 'lr--..,,t- W"i'u-.,,, rbfrl Ben Cook Assistant to the President The Assistant to the President of the College, Ben Cook, acts as administrative assistant, coordinating incoming data from all campus offices and receiving official visitors on cam- pus. He supervises general college publications and public information, and is in charge of overall college commmunity relations. Dr. W. J. Karraker Director of Counseling The Director of Testing and ljouns--ling. ltr, XY, ,l Karraker, is responsible for administt-ring the tt-stir.: program required of entering freshmen. His ftffifff prw.i-if-- orientation counseling to prospective students IltF"ljgi!i t:,' Freshman Guidance Clinic. -at , J., ., .- 9. fr . , V, .WV 't-ft' , :fp .Q ,, e 'lp ,J -. RA 'T jikvl v--Aw--..-...,-...,.,. 1 A wang Wesm ,. Wi "'vf Z X1 Charles H. Connaily Assistant to Dean of Engineering is ,.. :ITA - . G. E. Smith Assistant Dean of Engineering The Assistant to the Dean of Engineering. Charles H. f responsible for student records, absences. and other :Latter student conduct. The Assistant Dean of Engineering, C. E. Smith. is Curriculum Committee of the School of Engineering and is for space assignments, teaching and room schedules. and it gl A ii N .,..V. . if . W . -3 QNWOQ. J. D. Bryant Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences Wesley Mead Assistant to Dean of Arts and Sciences activities. Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences J. D. Bryant, is prima sible for student relations. He does scholastic counseling and e' the students' scholastic progress. Wesley E. Mead, Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciev students with academic problems. He also has charge of r students on academic suspension, problems of excessiv preparation of the honor roll. fx- 'YN fin. Y M-X'-v fe- E- 7,91 4f'1...,.,.. Pat Fowler V! Director of Housing and Student Center Facilities s--.Q It v- in--..,-.4 y L Tiife Dire-ftor of Student Activities, ,lane Centry Smith, has general responsibility for thf- prf.rr.o'ifr. of cultural and recreational activities among students. She serves as aduisor to fhfe student Council and to thc Student Activities Board. She promotes and directs the f,ori'.f,,fa'i'-ri Series and the Forum Series. The Dirffnfor fri Public Information and Publications, Ken Whitt, gathers and releases news concerning 51fll2iliffQ. All news or publicity relwses by college personnel affect- ing the College . nf- flcared through him. The Director of ll' ng a nd Student Center Facilities, Pat Fowler is responsible for the 7 operation of the studf r. f :rf-r and the bowling alley, the business management of all college- ow-,ned student housing, iidinz room reservations and rent collection for college dormi- ififlel. The Director of Placement and Ifinfirifial Aid, Dexter Betts, counsels graduating seniors and pronides liaison between them and pro-pfrriuc crnployers. ln addition, he assists students in obtaining part-time employment and Lt'lfItiVIlETf3l'S the scholarship program. 272 Mrs. Jane Gentry Smith Director of Student Activities Ken Whitt Director of Public Information sf' Dexter Betts Director of Placement Richard Robl ' ' Director of Student Residence Affairs 1" William Simmons Associate Registrar sf tit? .,--M""""d-fd' John H. Brown Assistant Registrar M-'ff' f 54,-vM,,a, W--651329 A I ,., . - ' o ' ' , ...,..ef,.z'3rgA! Zack Prince Assistant Registrar X f ,ff .. ff ,.- " sl A x 4' 'X , is .1 3 t x x 9 The main job of Richard Robl, Director of Residence Affairs. is to provide service to all residence students. This job includes reorganizing student government in the dormitories and training dormitory matrons and student assistants. Associate Registrar William Simmons. acts in the capacity' of registrar whenever Mr. Elwood Preiss is out of the office. He also has charge of coordinating busines be- tween the registrar's office and other college departments. the student hodv. and the public. Assistant registrar John H. Brown supervises such matters as the handling of tran- scripts, grade changes, schedule changes. problems involving foreign studenm and inquiries from new and former students. Assistant registrar Zack Prince is in charge of admissions for all students-freshmen. transfers, and former students. 273 R1 f S111- Jack Utterback Chief Accountant Kfif YA 1 ' .AIRS Q" A Jonnie Arnold Purchasing Agent Spencer Lewis Norman Volksdorf Assistant to the Registrar Academic Counselor Carroll Sheffield Payroll, Staff Services Officer NSN. .1 V' Louise Crider Bursar 8.5 Donald Linebarger Dafa Processing Programmer KX . t Gerald Wimpee Dafa Processing Programmer William A. Brown lieearne sports information director for ASC in the tall of 1964. Mr. llrown holds a degree from North Texas State lfniver- sity and has been associated with various newspapers, including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. A new program instituted hy the date processing service during the year included furnishing Texas high schools with grade reports on their former students' at ASC, in order that they may evaluate their instruc- tional programs in the light of their students' later perforrnannes. The service also began a central filing system, which, when completed, will eliminate duplication of records now kept in many campus offices. During the summer, the service will put into operation a system for completely registering the some 2,000 incoming freshmen who attend the summer counselling program, eliminating any need for them to go through registration during September. B. l. Smith Data Processing Supervisor William A. Brown information Representative Marvin Sanders Dafa Processing Production Supervisor Martha Wade Nurse larry D. Manor Retail Store Manager Everette Strahan Superintendent of Physical Plant Fred Hunstable Assistant Housing Director Dr. Frank Wallace Physician QV" HL " 'V f' f . i ,ive . I-I .Q xi! . Chancellor M. T. Harrington 48-Year Control by Texas A8rM End Un April 23, Arlington Flute lnfllryf' ffmlt-fi year xi-soeizilion with tlif- 'livin th Xl I r,Q.- r-if. ., when ASC, hy acl of the 'l'1-x:i- ln-Qi-lu'1irf', a part of the llriiwr-ily of 'l--74a- S.-tfrn, V.l.'-r. iff, lthv-n known a- flrulih- Yof-:rtif-nil f.fflQ"z--1 :furry- a stale supported -chool in l'JlT, it '.'.fi- plwffl 'gf ' llle 'il1fN'l'VlklUl'l of tht- .Xlixl llozirvl of lJir"f'firf. During that nearly lralf-wr-nlurj. of :r--of1':'Q' ri, school has lu-ld three rrarnc- flrulilt- Yofritil rn. f,-'-.Q-fa '1 H917-l92Iit, North lexa- .-Xgrirulturzrl fn-ll'-gc 'l'1Z,- 19fl9J, and Arlington Flatt: flollfuf' 'l'1l9 oft l' 1959, the state legislature rai-ffl Ihr- -fhofil fro. I rj- r College to senior college' rank. l"ronr .1 Z-1.-lr . school-junior college, specializing prirnarilj. in tgrif if'i and home economies, tht- school ha- ltr-rftzzw i f accredited senior college, offering num'-rous fl'-:rf-fs i the arts, sciences, husine-s, and fs-nginf-1-ring. Nw.-. r stands on the threshold of initiating graduate flf-:rf in engineering, mathematics, and the -uit-not-. From an enrollment of 66 with a faculty of l3 ir: 1917, the school has mu-hroorned to an enrollmf-nt of over 11,000 with some 350 faculty memlitfr- in i961-CS. Size and value of physical plant has also ri-en spcc- tacularly: from three academic huildings xaluetl in the thousands of dollars in 1917 to ow,-r a doz--rt buildings-many multi-storied, recently ftf'flSII'UC'lf",l- valued at nearly S20 million. with structures M1lU'2fl at an additional 33.5 million now heing readied for fall use. At the time of the ASCE transfer to the Univ,-rsity' of Texas System, President J. R. Woolf paid trihute to ASM for its direction over the years. . . ll'-was A84Ml administrators and hoard mernlters hate 'le-wt-itil time and talent to the development of Arlington State College and its role in higher education in Texas." UWC now express our appreciation for the interest and assistance of those people . . Board of Directors Left to right, front row: S. B. Whittenburg, Amarillo, John Newton, Beaumont, Sterling Evans, Houstong H. C. Heldenfels. Corpus Christi. Seca Wells, Cranburyg Clyde Thompson, Dibollg L. F. Peterson, Fort Worth, A. P. Beutel, Freeportg Gardiner Symonds. Houston. Arts and Sciences Biology I BIOLOGY: Ron' I. William R. Meacham, head. Louis H. Bragg, Paul C. Desha, Bernard Lee Frye. Rou' 2: Frank Clad- 58' den. C. C. Hall. Thomas R. Hellier, Jr Rau' 3: William L. Hughes, William B 5lcCrady. B. L. Pilcher. Students may receive a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Arlington State upon the completion of a four-year course of study. Students majoring in pre-medical, pre-dental, or medical technology may he granted a hi- ology degree after completing the prescribed ASC program and the first year at a medical, dental, or medical technology school. In addition. a two-year program is available for pre-pharmacy majors. Two new faculty mem- bers were added to the biology staff for the school year. A Bachelor of Science degree is granted in chemistry. Extensive laboratory work in chem- istry, as well as basic courses in biology and and physics, are required. Six new members were added to the faculty of the department, bringing the total to 17. Chemistry e CHEMISTRY: Row 1: John T Murchison. head, H. W. Adickes Ann Benham, Fred R. Boshers Harold C. Burman. Row 2: Thom- af D- Gafldlft Jr., Alva E. Garrett Raiford L. Hoyle, Clovis Huddles- ton, C. L. Johnwn. Row 3: Jack Matthews. Hugh D. McAfee, Carl W. Scharf, Harold W. Temple, Margaret C. Willoughby. iii.. 278 U Arfs and Sciences Add 54 The English department, which added eight new members in the fall, grants a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. It also ofiers two-year programs in journalism and speech, transfer- able to journalism and speech degree-grant- ing institutions. As an aid to students with weak or deficient backgrounds in English, the department held non-credit classes designed to augment programmed learning textbooks. 4'3- qr A . WS.. - - -, - a'.,.v-gf? ,"' "' . , -. ,' 4, fn ew- ' ' gifts -i fy., J - ' '- X X' . A , ., - ,ya X . . ,X , A . rw,.ff'ft , 5 f V f . ,Qui 1131 Xp., Nifty, -31 W4 K W W fl? ' i""1- 1-' .W- -ifi .5754 R 515:54 ,,,..,v,A, iii, wmv, . . ., git y, , A... .A A l . , . J , , , . i 'J . . 1 f . .ci 1-ni. .il 1 , I .Q-" 3.,, w , ,,,.,. 5.3,-" : it 5tL,h,.,.yg3,'. ...ig-5 qs- 1 A I- -, ,- 1.1 -'.,"'.'laS ' 7, " - at :tl f' " , " '-efgfffrgfxfl, ..-1. ' Q, an-,.,.f'i"Q , WW- ' 3, L-' -K e s- v' sf, ,qs '- , - - - ,A .1 fr! f- - 4 7. .,.w.,,,l7,w.f.x,,g, , .. , lung Q' fgvvwfr . ,ilggfjt Vi ,- ff 'f'y.i'..g,:'. 'g4'i1fi f' .. Q' , .f Y' 4 .r ,....f.Lk,, H fi " ,,-QQWKQ ,-v. 2, +3 'fa qw. ',f,,,6v Q' ' ' ,j ,g, - . - .nt V 1' ' f ,v.w,gV.t ,.,, . W' L. i if :':'il4:.' rfqr' X r f. wane? , r I f' 12' 2. fi A Q ENGLISH: Row 1: Duncan Robinson, head, Mary Dot Adams, Paul S. Blakney, Charles Bruce. Row 2: Mar- garet Cameron, Donna Chris- topher, .loyce Cochran, Nita Cox. Row 3: Clayton L. Eich- elberger, Emory Estes, Patsy K. Faught, Tom Fisher. Row 4: Neita J. Flenniken, Ailsey Forester, A. V. Coyne, David Croner. English l Int- Qu-we L- C' e GUI' , N M5 gilt, . .fx 5 English ix X E ... x, s f 4 L. Q-uw Z, ENGLISH: Row 1: Melba Hammack, Harry S. Hanks. Row 2: Alberta Harrington, Bette Kleinmann, Rosemary H. Owens. Row 3: Cothburn M. 0'Neal, Paxton Moore, Ouilda Piner, Richard Slaughter. Row 4: Frank L. Stallings, Jr., Don R. Swadley, Steven Turner, Margaret Lee Wiley. ART: Row 5: Howard W. Joyner, head, Mary Alford. Row 6: Roberta Betts, Calvin Grigg, Orton HambY, .loseph D. Hopkins. Row 7: Stephen Rascoe, Charles Spore, William Stegall, William E. Turner. uffi' , 47- Fine Arfs - Arf FINE Alt'l'S-- MUSIC: Row l.' .lack ll. Nlahan, f,h:iirm:iri, A, Keith .xUl1l'J'l. lfou, .4 lo Host' right, Daniel liurkholder, Anita Carlton, ltow 3: Wesley l'linn, I-im: K--an. lrirzws 'vli:.or.f:y Row fl: William l". l'ostl1:thwait4:, l.loyd fi. 'laliafr:rro, fiirolyn llioma-. The art section offers a two-year program in the uriou- flfeffls . , including painting, fashion illustration, advertising design, forma'-rflzf rt. interior design, art history, teclinical illustration. industrial df:-izr.. and medical illustration. The program consists of theory, prantiffv. and olisf-rwatior. hy means of lecture, research, lah work, and field trips. Music theory, literature, and methods and applied music courses are all ' ed in the music Section. Applied music courses are availalilf: to all str who desire to practice or acquire musical skills throughout their ffonfg. careers. No degree is offered in music. hut all courses are trarisferablff. The department faculty presents varied musical programs throughout the year. Bachelor of Arts degrees in French, German, and Spanish are auilalile to ASC students. In addition, the Foreign Language department offers courses in Russian. Two linguistics courses were introduced this year. Students prafti' ff language skills in modern laboratories which feature extf,-nsiwe tape renorflirgs. Fine Arts - Music FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Rott' I: James I.. Wyatt. head. Duane A. Adams. William Anderson. Doyle L Clinton. Row 2: Edward A. Cowan. Gilberto HlD'Jltf'S3. Alsin Jett Georges H. F. Longree. Bruce A. Black. Ron 3: Janie-S D. Wilnieth. 'Q 3 Foreign Language 3 s.f Virffil L. Poulter. Alan Steinecke. Frederick Nina. History, Government, Sociology Supplementing lectures and regular laboratory as- signments. students of geology take field trips to various places in the immediate area. A Bachelor of Science degree is offered by the geology department. One assistant professor was added to the geology faculty in the fall. Bar-helor of Arts degrees were granted in govern- ment for the first time this spring. The department of history, government, and sociology also gives a degree in history. Pre-law students may be granted a "Hit tg. GEOLOGY: Row 1: John D. Boon, Chairman. Row 2: Charles F. Dodge. Row 3: C. L. McNulty, J. Dan Powell. HISTORY, GOVERN- MENT, SOCIOLOGY: Row 4: E. C. Barksdale, head, Robert W. Amsler, Frank Baird. Row 5: Carter E. Boren, Robert D. Boyle, Clarence P. Denman, William G. Elliott. Row 6: Egal Feldman, B. M. Forbes, Luther G. Hagard Jr., Sam Hamlett. Row 7: Harold M. Hollingsworth, William F: Holmes, Homer Kerr, Wendell Knox. Geology bachelor of arts degree upon completion of four years at ASC or three years here and one year in an approved law school. A minor in sociology is given. hut nr, degree is granted. Philosophy is taught as an elective subject only. The department sponsors the annual Government Emphasis Week, which fea- tures distinguished guest speakers from the political world. 282 'Qt AW .-L. 455' HISTORY GOVERNMENT SOCIOLOGY Row 1: Howard Lackman, Roy N. Lokken, Hubert L C Matthias David McCormick T H McDonald. Row 2: Luther Wayne Odom, C D Richards Glen M Rodgers Edmund Rudowski, Jerome Shindleman. Row 3: Ivan Taborsky Arthur W Tucker Jr Blame T Williams Sr., Robert L. Williamson, George Wolfskill MATHEMATICS Row 4 H A D Dunsworth, head. Row 5: W. E. Beeman, E P Berryhill James Bolen Row 6 Dorothy Lynn Chesnut, M. R. Childers. Robert E. Coke Row 7 Euda E Dean Danny Dyer Robert Foster. Mathematics Mathematics majors may eam either a Bache- lor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. The department is offering high school deficit courses. A mathematics clinic is available to all students needing special assistance. Three new faculty members were added to the department this year. ' History Government, Sociology Mathematics MATHEMATICS: Row 1: .lohn A. Gardner, Joe Gilbreath, Alan Gillespie. Rau' 2: H. R. Green, W. Wingo Hamilton, Bill Hoit. Row 3: L. R. Holland, Thurman M. Jasper, Cy W. Jordan. Row 4: Emest C. Kennedy, Liston D. Lands. William Lawley. Row 5: Robert Leopold, William O. Miller, Roger W. Mitchell. James C. Nicholson. Row 6: Robert Nolen, Marian Paysinger, John K. Perryman, J. I.. Shawn, Lee Gordon Shilling. Row 7: Douglas R. Stocks. lr.. William D. Turner, G. B. Turney, Eddie N. Warren, .Kirby D. Watkins. Q 1 . uw 5 . . . X . f Kip. Q 1 1 'Z . Y . fx icy., 55.22 nr-4" 19 V - any 4 4,-f" we-'N ,,. f 284 PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Row 1: Mary Lou Devenport, William D. Easterling. Row 2: Jim- my W. Garrett, Charlie Key. Row 3: Lois Patton, Jane Perry, Judson M. Ramsey, T. J. Tinker. Physical Education i' 7 ff I .- . . -.'iiZ' +4 z -, 1 4ii-i1ii-Ia:..i- ., 52' .412 P c5I'I-?ffi:E'::.1T ' M-1 753 .Laz- .-V H, .45 4:92 Physics PHYSICS: Row 1: R. I. Marquis, head, Monroe G. Cheney. Row 2: Erwin Doughty, J. E. Dowdey, Jason Ellis. Row 3: Ulrich O. Herrmann, Nolen C. Massey, B. J. Marshall. Row 4: ,lesse T. Matthews, William B. Self, K. W. Tompkins. E The Physical Education Department does not offer a degree, but a large variety of courses are available. Four semesters of physical education activities are required for graduation. Among the activity classes available are bowling. swim- ming, golf, tennis, badminton, and modern dance. A Bachelor of Science degree is offered in physics, and seminar and special problems courses are available. Advanced courses required of Q physics majors include Optics, Nuclear Physics. Heat and Thermodynamics, and Advanced Elec- tricity and Magnetism. Selected seniors in the Psychology Department were invited to write honors theses during the spring semes- ter. The results are to he of a type and level which would be publishable in a professional journal. Dr. Garvin McCain is head of the psychology department. Psychology Business and Economics Gives Bachelors, ssociafe Degrees The Cl1N1,1OH of Bu me s and Economics offers sev- eral degrees. Among them are a Bachelor of Arts de- gree in economics, a Bachelor of Business Administra- tion degree. and degrees in accounting and pre-law. An Associate in Science degree is awarded upon completion of a two-year secretarial administration program. In addition, courses are offered in finance, management. and marketing. Arlington State has been authorized to offer a program of instruction in education suitable to qualify its graduates in certain majors to teach in the second- ary schools of Texas. For the first time this spring, students did student teaching in Arlington, Grand Prairie. and Hurst public schools. Dr. Allen J. Hern- don is department head. 286 '95 .fix -K' PSYCHOLOGY: Row 1: Ira H. Bernstein, Rich- ard E. Hurlock. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS: Row 2: Wallace Nelson, head, Walter G. Austin, Jr. Row 3: Ronald Browning, Donald W. Can- twell, Salvatore Comitini, Thomas C. Committee. Row 4: J. F. Cook, Barbara M. Getts, Richard A. Hancock, Allan Hill. Row 5: James E. Parker, John E. Perkins, Frank Rey, Billy W. Turner. Row 6: Annell L. White, Theodore L. Whitesel, E. Elizabeth Winzer, Charles E. Yeager. 'PF'-DI tk 49' Row 1: Kathryn Hopkins, W. .I. Karraker, Norman C. Mohn. Q Educahon Dean Nedderman Head ASC Engineering School 'llhrz School ol l'.nginr:r:ring ollrfra liarhrrlor ol Sfir-nw: dr-grr-rw in arro- nuutirrzil, Civil, rrlrzrglrirul, industrial, and mr:rh.fmir.:il rrnginrffrring. 'l'hr: arzrormutirrzrl :ind mr:r,h:mir::il friginrzrrring rlr-p':r!:r.r-mf are rie- eignerl lo give il hrorid :ind lllfHliHH"llli1l lifulcgrounrl in rin' hevir. and rrnginerering er:ir:nr:r:e. Thr: arzronaulirzil rlrrpurimr-nr oll--rf roururf in aero- dynumirze, slrurplurrfe, propuleion, ronlrol.-, fmd '-r-hirlr' pr':fr.rrrr:r.'rg :ff design. 'l'hr: mrzrzhanirzal rlr-parlmrznt r,o'.r:re Ihr: j.Q'1h"ffJl 5:l'ZiJ': of m:1ri.if.r: design, lhrrrmodynumirpe, :ind power. The elr:r:lrir:al rznginerfring rgurrirpulum if hu-rzrl on lriinrizlinri ruirfv-s followed by eourerfe in elrzrzlrornagrirftirg lirrlda and linrnr and rior.-l.r.r-ar circuit unalyeie. Through Ihr: er-Irrrgtion ol tr-r.hnir,:il r-lrzrti--r--. the 4. . -ft may speeiulizr: in erzrluin fields ol r:lr:rgtrir,:il origin r-r- ring eu P. 7.11 gf.-arf. r:leelronir:s, and servrmirgrglnunism. The broad field of rgivil ljIIIQlI'lff"fll'lg inrpludrza -Illlflljffll r-r.gQr.r:r:r.'.g. water supply and sanitation rrnginrrrfring, and -r:-.eral othr-r dr-grirtrr.-:r.!e, Students may specialize in any of theer: lirrlde by proper -r-lf:r.lif.n r, !r:f nical elective courses. 3234 if K' Aeronautical, Mechanical A Clvll AERONAUTICAL, MECHANICAL: Rau 1: Carl W. Files, head, Paul Buettiker, C. L. R. Barker, Jack E. . Fairchild. Row 2: CIVIL: John J. Haynes. head, Gro'-er C. Grubb, Bill Hendricks. Row 3: Albert S. King. Robert 5 A. Patterson, George W. Shupee. Richard Tucker. ELECTRICAL: Row 4: A. E. Salis. head, Floyd L. 'Gs- Cash, Mo Shing Chen, Stephen 17. Crumb. John BI. Goodwin. Row 5: H. Thurman Henderwn. C W. Jiles, T. Spradlin. Lewis Jones, ,Iohn W. NICCOIIDCU. .loe D. 1 Electrical 287 JA lx Industrial Engineering Mechanics Ag The course in industrial engineering is intended to prepare the student to enter the professional activity of analyzing, designing, improving and controlling production systems. This department offers a Bachelor of Science degree. One new instructor was added to the department faculty. The Department of Engineering Mechanics teaches a group of fundamental service courses which are common to all of the engineering curricula. All the structural courses for the engineering school are taught in engineering mechanics. Diplomas and the title of associate in science are presented in the fields of aeronautical technology, civil technology, electrical tech- nology, and mechanical technology by the Technical Institute Di- vision. The two-year programs are designed to qualify students for immediate employment in industry as technicians. The library staff is divided into several departments. Reference librarians help students and faculty members in research. They also are in charge of the vast documents section. Magazines, journals, and newspapers are under the care of the serials department. The audio- visual aids section is in charge of all the films, records, and tapes the library has. Circulation staff members maintain the various circulation records and fines. The acquisitions department is respon- sible for final selection and acquisition of books for the library. The cataloging staff must put every book through many processes before it ever reaches the shelves. Students assistants aid in every function carried out by the library staff. Technical lnsfifufe lYDlfSTRlAl,: Row 1: Scott T. Poage, head, Melvin Pierce. ENGINEERING MECHANICS: Row 2: Joseph W. Dailey, head. Row 3: Noel J. Everard, Tseng Huang, Kent L. Lawrence, Carl Wiseman. TECHNICAL INSTCITIQTE: Row 4: Edmond H. Ford, head, Roy Avant, Matthew S. Blanton, Edward L. Boat. Row 5: Charles R. Clay, Curtis E. Clegg, Charles M. Coulter, Clifton W. frenshaw. Row 6: .larnf-2 Duff, Charles M. Eller. Q 5 el. Technical lnsfifufe V--.,,, TECHNICAL lNS'l'I'l'U'l'E: Row I: Grady U. Haywood, R. li. Lunrlay. Row 2: Clarence li. Rcddcn, Isaac J. Russum, Samuel E. West, 0. S. Wright. 512: ,319-. 11' iz'-' Q.,-.N rug-.ff-rw , X If 1 JY ? X Library Changes L Catalogue System LIBRARY: Row I: Melva Lynn Baker. Row 2: Dorothy Ballard, Barbara Carol, Cecil Redding Couch Georgia Ellison. Row 3: Norweita Graham, Donald Lanier, Francine Morris, Lois Pool. Rou' -1: Henry ette Robinson, Dorothy Liddell Sanders, Shirley Sheets, Mary Swisher. Ron' 5: Margery Westfall. -rd -, W ! wg, The Crganizafion 'WTB -qi - At Homecoming-Sherry Hovend, sweetheart of ASCE newest social club, Taudelt, followed by Tall-delt members. Although the overall spirit of- ASC was built upon the enthusiasm of individual students, the various campus organizations unified the enthusiasm through programs of activity. Men's social clubs, in their second year on campus, increased their participation in activities, as did Alpha Phi Omega, the newest service organization. Under new organization, the Student Government expanded its committee program. enabling participation by more students in planning campus events. Opposing a closer union between ASC and Texas A8zM, the Save-Our-School Committee organized student rallies and pub- licized student protests. Its efforts promoted a determination on campus and in the area which led to the school's separation from Texas A8zM and inclusion in the University of Texas system. Numerous campus organizations enhance the school's reputation by their participation in off- campus competitions. Among them are AIAA, IEEE, the Art Club, the band and the chorus,'t.he Shorthom, the Reveille, the Sam Houston Rifles, and the Debate squad. Publication ni Top: Paul Blakney, publications supervisor and Shorthorn adviser. Abote: Pat Faught, Reveille adviser. Right: Coth- hurn UlNf'Z1l and Alberta Harrington, Arlington Review ad- Vl3F'l'2. Student Journalists Edit Three ASC Publications Practical journalism is used by student publication workers to contribute a weekly newspaper, a twice-yearly literary magazine, and a yearbook to the campus scene. The Arlington Review, ASC's literary magazine, was established in 1962 to present creditable work of worthy students, provide articles of current scholastic interest, and represent ASC in libraries and literary contests. The Review is published once each semester. The campus newspaper, The Shorthorn, informs students, faculty, and staff of all items of interest to the campus. A sophomore reporting class aids the staff in gathering the news. The Shorthorn, alternately four and six pages in size, won the second-place overall award at the Texas Inter- collegiate Press Association in the spring of 1964. Entered for the first time in several years in the Associated Collegiate Press rating service, the fall Shorthorn won a first class honor rating. The Reveille, ASC yearbook, serves as a reference for students and faculty for future years. The 1965 publication is sixteen pages larger than the previous Reveille and features extensive use of color and "new-style" layouts. The 1964 Reveille received an honor rating from the Associated Collegiate Press. Editor Keith Blacketer attended the ACP convention held in Chicago in October, 1964. if TM, xi 0 a V.- all X. X s Q . 01 sv' of N f M RCW mw- www x sw- J N. The Arlington Review Scholarly, Literary, Artistic Works Appear in Bi-annual Magazine Top left: Robert Stewart. editor. Jliddle left: Kathy Bower, art editor. Above: Leslie Zima. as- sociate editor. Left: A display of issues of the Review. 293 YF gi: N11 n c e jones. editor. cdiii r. Botfom: Judi Dunrlihoo, zssfvciate editorg Reg Ar- ni Qi. ifusinfi-ss manage-rg Jerry H '-"1 1. J'-"13i"' editfir. The Shorfhorri Campus Newspaper Wins Ten TIPA Awards U5 : Pat Dunkin. associate -iii-ir: Paul R-mmm. associate At the Texas Intercollegiate Press Associa- tion convention held in Kingsville April 30- May 1, the Shorthorn won a total of 10 awards, including thc second-place award in the newspaper division. Editor Vance Jones was named first-place winner for his general column, 4'Dingbat's Beatf' Second-place winners were Ann Wat- son, news storyg Waymon Little, picture storyg .lack Rux, sports column, Larry Hewitt, sports feature, Cary Thomas, editorial car- toong and Charles Tucker, critical review. Winning third-place awards were Paul Ro- wan, feature storyg and Waymon Little, news feature photograph. In addition to the newspaper awards, editor Vance Jones won the first prize in the short story division. Top: Larry Hewitt. assistant. Middle: W a y m o n Little. photographer-business mana- ger ffallt: Ann Watson. as- sociate editor. Below: James Moody. assistant: Jack Rm, associate editor lfalliz David Richter. photographer. The Reveille ASC Yearbook Receives Top TIPA Honor .iq Q I Stdhflii , Top: Keith Hlacketer, editor. Above left: Faith Belovsky, associate editorg Right: Donna Rowan associate editor. Below left: Olga Rabon, assistant editor and Shorthorn staff aide. Middle. Adaire Halwes. associate editorg Right: Miles Locke, Associate editor. ',..,. --, The 1964 Reveille won the first-place award in the yearbook division of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition, topping the second-place Peda- gog of Southwest Texas State and Le Mirage, third- place winner from West Texas State. The total honors won by the ASC student publica- tions enabled Arlington State to receive the TIPA des- ignation of top Texas school of the year. Top: Allan Garonzik, photographer. Middle left: Jim Clements. photographer: Right: Cath Westmoreland, secretary. Below left: Jerry Cope, photographer: Middle: Helen Griffin. secretary Right: Mike Tooman, photographer. 5. 'tx 37255 . 6-if: 14. Staffs Toll Day and Night Top left: Jerry Reed. .Shorthorn sports editor, gives instructions to Bobby Blakney, son of Shorthorn Ald- viser Paul S., Blakney. Top right: Shorthorn staffers Pat Dunkin and Reg Arnold confer on a story for the paper. ,Viridle left: Editor Keith Blacketer ponders over a Reveille layout. Middle right: Reveille photog- rapher, Jim Clements, checks a negative before he prints it. Bottom: Mr. Blakney checks Shorthorn copy hefore it goes to the printer. 298 1. -in. S U - A... --pu --mw- W-Q... 1- Nillff rfzligiuui f,rg:ir.imt.f, ff: 1 thf: .KSC f:irriI,iis. 'lin--1: .!.f. lil- iirg. f Catholics, Chriatifin ififrrfi-'. N-if-tr.f,f1Qfi. fy. of Christ. Christian, l'rf:si,y'f::l:r.. rirxi l'.gr.- Six of these 'irg:iriL1,ii2f,ne im:-v 'rf ings nrzar thf: uirnprif. Urn: rfvlig mlihv: Cow," furriiiirif-s lin- f.:.rQ 'L i':-A-- byterian rfzligioris. Uthfzr iiiiQ.fiir.z ..-1 Niklllfiflisl Student tim: f.?.,. Crt. Bible Chair, the Baptist 'tufifznt ff-:if Anselm! Cariterliury Hou-1-. 'lr.f- r'-'r groups-Hillel, Newrnun Club. and tif- f,:.rQ Scicntistsfnicf.-t in various rn- - ff - Center. Organization far.-ilities pro'-ide plrii' Zi ship, study, and socialize. The Hap-:lst 4:3 . ' Center, Canterbury House. the Methifi.-t Stud-f Center and the Church of Christ Bihle Cixi. offer credit courses in religion. Campus Cenfers Fill Spiritual Needs i . ner. James Carter. and Diane Bishop relax in study room. Top right: The Church of Ciiist Bibi the BSC lonnge. Top left: Baptist students Linda Benton. Bobby Ski:- E Chair provides za library for students. .-15::e: Fc:- uierly known as the United Campus Ckstisn Pele'-2 ship house. the Cove is 3 center for members of Christian and Presbyterian churches. .iffjgfe liff. Fred Miller plays ping pong at the Baptist Student Center. Left: Linda Benton and Dan Bcoher e:f:v 299 Pete Henchcliflc. Alan Steinecke Jr., George Fortenherry, Victor Holly, Pat Brown, Pat Emmons, Jimmy Porter, L. C, Ficklin. and Father George Luck, director. Lintcrliuri llousc. the Episcopal stu- ticn: center. has liven established at XM sint Q' l000. Father George Luck i"er.i:uc director in l'-762. t'h.ipcl worship. s p c c i L1 l speakers. study gr-c-ups. counseling. accredited courses in the religion curriculum. social and athletic activities are avail- .zlfle .it luiiterliury House. , .T . .,,-gs Facilities .ire St. Anselnfs Chapel, V time study room. kitchen. library. tele- xisi--n and ping pong room. St. .Xnsclm of Canterbury House is Q,-stalilislietl as a center of Christian worsliip. instruction. and witness. -1 S 5 2 3 larli'-r l.lllf'l'iffl'l. director, Nancy Vincent, treasurer, Jeanette Zurlo, secretary, and George Patrick, president. C!- 300 'N-I we 4' 0' i 15.5, Newman Club Arlington State College Catholic students have available to them a reorganized New- man Club to assist them spiritually, cul- turally, and socially. Chaplain is Father Robert T. Litteken. Nine hundred Newman Clubs are located in the United States. The Newman Club was started in 1898 by five medical students at the University of Pennsylvania. Soon, the clubs multiplied and Cardinal Newman was chosen as patron, hence the name New- man Club. Activities include a weekly Mass and Com- munion Breakfast, religious retreats, talks and discussion groups, and planned socials. Hillel Hillel, the foundation program at ASC for Jewish students, is divided into six categories: cultural, re- ligious, fellowship, community service, personal guid- ance, and inter-faith activities. Cultural activities include Hillel Chairs of Judaic studies, as well as individual courses in modern Hebrew, Jewish history, and literature. Weekly worship services and High Holy Day observances are Hillel religious highlights. Social activities are intertwined with holidays and their celebration. Meetings are open to all students. Special teas and lectures are given for students of other faiths who wish to know more about Hillel. Through panel dis- cussions and debates, students are made better ac- quainted with Judaism. Today Hillel has seventy-two foundations on cam- puses in the United States and Canada. 'p Front row: Dr. Egal Feldman, director: Bucky Crowley, president: Suzanne Pr Stanley Crossman, vice-president, Fran Lebediker, Dr. Ira Bernstein. direftf Kleinman, Leonard Ferstenfeld, Mark A. Cramowitz, treasurer: Michael Cohen J Jarross, David Bergman, Jim Rosenbery, and Jerry Raskin. Christian Science Student Organization i An active group on the Front row: Virginia Jett, Sheryl Coorpender, Martha Jett. and Dian Mencke. Second row: Dr. R. D. Boyle, director, Terry McCrea1y, Cary Staples, Ronnie Darr, Wesley Flinn, director. in the student center lobby. Christian Science Student Organiz 1 are welcome to attend the weekly r' a.m. in the Bluebonnet Room ot the e This group participates in informatise o ti. a wide variety. Special study e in 'ie -t provide members with a broad ewpan e o p 'r One of the Christian Scientist priiet on and distribute Christian Scientist literature J International Christian Scientfs ilu' L an bers are responsible for placemen t e Baptist Student Union .-XSC's Baptist Student bnion provides students with .gany exciting actixities during the year. It further acts as .1 "link" with area as well as the students' lv-me Baptist churches. Tizt 2:-nzxte of the BSL.. -1-l4 S. West. is being tom down ti :rake r--om for a new center. now under construction. ll-x-.ti-Inals. luncheons and a 'gsingspirationq are held weekly during the day. Yespers each Iliglli, Monday ifzr-,Iugli Thursday. cap off weekly meetings. Highlights of BSL' activities include fall and mid- winter retreats. In October, fifty-seven students rep- resented ASC at the State BSU Convention in Waco. In November. the annual Dixie Revue was presented students following the Homecoming game. Further activities include money-making projects to reach a S750 goal toward a summer missions dona- tion. Bob Dooley and Gracie Thompson were nominated for summer missionary work from ASC. All activities at the BSU are planned by the eleven-member Executive Council. rf!-4 ,- a., .4 :VK Q' EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Front row: Judi Turnbow, Pat Rutherford, Sharon Noah, Pat Moore. Second row: Bobby Skinner, Joe Foltz, Dan Booher, president. Third row: Dan Boling, director, Franklin Wilber, Ronnie Murrell, Liebert Armour. Below: Baptist students enjoy lectures and discussions by leading speakers during their weekly luncheons. ,.,..,- --' ...-0-l . .4- n-3:- 302 Methodist Student Center ASC's Methodist Center is a fully accredited Wesley Foundation and a locally directed corporation. Tuesday night dinners and Friday noon luncheons, with food pro- vided by members by the Woman's Society of Christian Service, include versatile programs. Study groups feature S'Bible History" and "Contemporary Religious Thought." The "Big Brother Program" high- lights special projects, including the Christmas, Valentine, and Easter parties. An eight-member steering committee constitutes the MSC ruling body. Directors are Kenneth Blackford and Bill Pattison. H-w,,,-ns Top right: The MSC kitchen is a popular place for lively discussions by Methodist students. Right: Volleyball facili- ties provide a favorite activity for members. Above: .ludy Land and Ouidja Moore enjoy a musical practice session on the MSC piano. . f I an as u A I I 1 g ,,' . I Hue!-1' I-an 4 1 sf 84712 " ' I F22 I 11 rr 1 x. as as ,-1 .7 . -1 . -v .. l 1,0 IQPX ' sf IMS -nv .9'?"' '-P v..wj'5g,y Q' ' 1 , . r zess.-.-s-Ffh. ated.- csfx. X 1- mx' W 'X x " 'W I! I 1 g I -, Band Band Enferfains Af Games, Concerfs The .Xrlington State Rebel Band. under the direction of Jack H. Mahan, ii:.zir:zz.m of the music section. performs at all home football and basketball gazzzes. In addition. the band goes on the school trip and plays at pep rallies. LU-nferts are held all during the year, and during the spring semester the hand get-s on a three-day tour. William F. Postlethwaite is assistant director. Daniel C. Burkholder directs the Lab Band. which specializes in dance zmusi.-. The group not only plays for dances on campus but also gives concerts tizr-'uglwut the sch e-1- l year. Relish and Kappa Kappa Psi are the wo1nen's and men's band service or- ganization respet-tively. The twirlers. Karen Garner and Terrina Rush, add color to the halftime ceremonies. ASC Rebel Band Professor Jack H. Mahan Kappa Kappa Ps: Front row: Steve Chaney, Steve Lewis, Don Pope, Cecil Darby, John Ferguson. Sec- ond row: Sponsor Jack Mahan, Alan Stovall, Ken Hicks, Jerry Bames, ,lim Benton, Bill Shaw, Sponsor Wm. F. Postlethwaite. Third row: Kenneth Vines, John Watson, Boyd Sarrat, Nick Mallouf, Billy Hitt, Jim Clifton. Rebso Suzanne Witter, Jerri Campbell, Karen Sue Harper, Kathleen Forman, Martha Maben. Drum Maior Don Pope X! lm' xktmf-mx S1 AXTF fOl 1 fm, Karen Garner and Terrina Rush, Maioreffes Brass Front rozr: Steve Chaney, Martha Jett, Ann Clark, Alan Stovall, Kathleen Forman. Doug Smith, Mary Ann Burleson, Kenneth Cf-dfrey. Don Benton. Second row: Wayne Meadlin, Don Pope, Randall Farrar, Cary Lancaster, John Watson, Bill Adams, Rob- ert Newton. Jerry Barnes, Steve Lewis, Ken Hicks, Cecil Darby, Robert Davis, Carrington Dixon, John Levins. Third row: Jim Straw-rther. Dennis Whatley, William Shaw, Jim Greer, Jim Clifton, Dennis Ward. Billy Hitt, John Ferguson, Mike McCarty, Robert Wi-dom. l L - ' ' Percussion Allen Renfro, Martha Maben, Arla .lo Payne, Jerry Bacon, Jim Worley, Richard Iwan, Jerry Gardner. Woodwinds Front row: Jerri Campbell, Jean Crist, Terrina Rush, Karen Garner, Suz- anne Witter, Becky Terry, Charles Benat, James Hill. Second row: Boyd Serratt, Phil Schenk, Don Dixon, Larry Williams, Eugene McKenzie, Bobby Bates, James Benton. Third row: Kenneth Vines, Stan Gatchel, Benjamin Cristy, Karen Sue Harper, James Kilpatrick. Front row: Curt Cofield, Jan Loven, Tommy Milyo, Cary Smith, Hank Adkins, Director Daniel C. Burkholder. Second row: Al Fiol, Steve Chaney, Mike Norton, John Westfall, Tony Vallot, Dennis Johnston. Third row: Richard Ellison, John Brimer, Ken Hicks, Billy Martinez, Frank Sandoval, James Brown. Lab Band Band Officers Front row: Steve Lewis, Suzanne Witter, Jim Benton, Don Dixon. Second row: Robert Newton, Steve Chaney, Don Pope, Boyd Sarratt, Cecil Darby. A W. F. Posfelfhwaife -1. i-L .-fbmf: Pianist Betsy Bur- lfmn accompanies the rlmir uhife Wesley Flinn f17.fPflS. Top right: ASUS Lfih Hfinfi proz'ifiP.s music' .inf the Choir. Right: The fhoir appears in their f0S1l1fT1f?i for the spring ffflvlfll. OP P O S I T E l'.4CE: Top: Lab Blind rnfnahfrs fonfpntrrlfe On lhfir rnusif. Bottom lfgfl: lion Eliflg proiirles the lun! for the l,f1h Banff. Hffttom right: Choir mem- lmrs rvhmrse for their mneiffif presentation. 308 Flinn Completes Fourth Year o Director fm ef f . ' 2 7 " ."1',::..K,',5-,we ,gm -if-ftggyrpt , - , ,351 w- if -.1355'wig'-L,f'tf' WM , 3: 5 3 , :Q 'gg ' . I , V, . 1 I: Us ,gg Q. .a,,5,. ,. L ,L ZfHi5,:iuQWn J V f . it af as t . f f 1 fa fi we -.1 Choir Presents Spring Recital The Arlington State College Choir presented a musical show on May 4. The music included light pftpu- lar songs as well as serious musir: done by sftl-wists. ensembles, instrumentalists. the entire chftir. and th'- Chorale. Special costumes, white suits and blue scar-ef for the women and white pants and blue hlazers fi-r the men, were used for the recital. The program was under the direftifin of Nlr. Wesley Flinn. The Lab Band. directed hy Nlr. Daniel C. Burk- holder. accompanied the choir. l 309 Front row: Betsy Burleson, Pam Borah, Ingrid Breazeale, Sally Soldo, Cathey Powell, Barbara Warren, Judy Sellers, Evelyn Seibert, Phyllis Davis, Sylvia Mosig. Bruce McDonald. Second row: Cracey Thompson, Kelly Sandford, Mary Lee Brown, Judi Turnbow, Rebecca West, Erin Hawkes, Katie Tidwell, Margie Scott, Rutha Waters, Lynda Powell, Kaye Bowman. Third V row: Glenda Lambert, Ivis Good, Connie Glover, Eddie Hurst, Carter Phillips, Don Mebus, Jackie Moore. Stella Jackson, Ieilani Johnson. Fourth row: Mike Cortez, Doug Smith, Randy Moore, Tommy Adams, Don McCale, Randy Posey, Larry Mosjg, Mac Martin, Rick McConathy. Fifth row: Joel Otts, Dan Booher, .loe Foltz, Bob Cagley, Bobby Ashworth, Ron Young, Bmce Peterson, Dennis Ward, Chuck LoPresti. Harold Stieber. Choir Cffers Various Programs 'lhe Arlington State Choir presents various musical programs on campus. In addition to a spring musical, there are several concerts during the school year. The choir also makes a tour of other campuses. The choir, under the direction of Wesley Flinn, meets for practice in College Hall. Director Wesley Flmn v 5 , I Q Choir Officers Rebecca West, Erin Hawkes, Bob Cagley, Mac Martin, Don Mebus, Joel Otts. 3l0 Above: The Lab Band rehearses under the direction of A. Keith Amstutz. Below: Judy Fancher practices piano in one of the rehearsal rooms. Be- low right: .lack R. Mahan assigns a number, "With Bugle, Fife and Drum," to one of his students, Steve Chaney. Musicians Practice in Rehearsal Hall Courses in music theory, music literature, music methods. and applied music are offered by the music section. The courses in methods and appfied rryssic require each student to spend time practicing in the rehearsal hall each week. The building is open for practice each weekday night and all during the day. Students taking courses in applied voice, piano, strings, or hand and orchestra instruments are given individual instruction in the rehearsal roorns. ,Egg i 3II Aboze: John .lIcBee and Curt Whitesel discuss the problem of how to control the rhinoceros. Right: The rhinoceros causes much confusion in the homes of the people. Little Theater S ' 1 Presents Rhmoceros "Rhinoceros," a comedy by Eugene Ionesco, was pre- sented by ASC's Little Theater during the fall semester. The cast included Holly Schwartz, waitressg Margaret Short, grocer's wifeg Kay Neal, housewifeg John McBee, Berengerg Tom Mahen, Heang John Shipley, old gentle- man, Tom Mokry, logiciang Gary Gaines, cafe proprie- tor, Connie Robertson, Daisy, Curt Whitesel, Dudardg Dennis Burkley, Botardg David Knott, Papilong Kathleen Ott, Mrs. Bouefg and Clarence Moore, grocer. Y J ,lc .F -- .I x, , X J . Top left: Richard L. Slaughter. director. Above: Kay Neal, the housewife. cries iw fear that .she has lost her hzgsbsnd ro the rhinoceros. Left: The cast units ex- pectanlly for the appearance of :he rhinoceros. Abore: fllrs. Alving, Myra Welfh, consults with Pastor Jlanders, played by Eric Jlanor. Top right: Mrs. Alving .speaks ufith Uswald in his flying moments. Right: 05- zculd, played by Paul Dralfeg Urs. Alving, and Regina, played by Sharon Williams, holrl a .serious discussion. Drama Students Perform Before Capacity Audiences The ASC Little Theatre presented one three-act play each semester. "Ghosts," a tragedy by Henrik lbsen. was presented during the spring semester to capacity crowds. Six performances were given of the play directed by Richard L. Slaughter, associate professor of speech. Members of the cast were Sharon Williams as Regina: Joseph Cecewitcz as Jacob Ergstrand, her fatherg Eric Manor as Pastor Manders: Myra Welch as Mrs. Al- vingg and Paul Drake as Oswald Alving. Left: The emfre C" his L "Ghosts" cppecw C' s t a g e. Befcfu' ll-. r Ifelch and Eff 31:25 rehearse befcfe duczfon of the -:eh- f'.c ff' Avolonfe M--li-nie girl's social club tied for first plaee in the .Xlfasig Winter Olympics. Spring pledges won second plat-e in the Uld South skits. .Xml-ng .Xwlonte members are Judy Guynn, Miss ASC: ll.-:sy Burleson. Who's Who in musie: and Margie Robin- s--n and Barluira Yan Wye. Rebel cheerleaders. .Xu-l-:lite spring pledges are Susan Andries. Dana Ascue, Nlartha Bayah, Brenda Bowman, Valerie Briggs. Kathy Col- lins. ,lat-kie Crabtree. Karen Garner. Myriam Hubbard. Kathleen Kane. ,lan McCormick. Melinda Motes, Carol WK1-lly. llonnavea Owens. Terrina Rush, Colleen Waddell, Barlvara Warren. Ingrid Brazeale. Ann Lamkin, and Peggy Sellmeyer. Avolonte sponsors are Miss Betty Maples of the English department and Miss ,lane Perry of the physical education department. .JQVII It .1 W -. l flmlonlf' rnffmfwrs zwlromr' rzzslimls lo their lable at the fall 'fppfrl llrfrffr. Patricia Spann Barbara Van Wye Judy Kao Wilson Connie York Sharon Gardner .ludy Guynn Donna Pope Mikell Pruitt Margie Robinson .ludy Sellers ix Suzanne Bryan, president Larry Smith, beau Susan Burnett Janet Crane Betsy Burleson unix :LA 'IM 7 P Bob MCC u H1-11, lmcuu utricia Rvid, president Leshe b111dhl111W j' 'D Peony CfdWNf01d Linda Davis pf-N if- 'if 551 QQ? Ivis Good 1 DaNe11 Haile Judith Huffaker 1. Carolyn Mo1'g1111 Karyn Mullings Ann Watson Brenda YYQI111 Je1111ctte Zurlo im. Lynette 5111111111615 En Am: f'.n XVIII f1111.1l 'lui' pl11ly- f.1 fllfl 'mulls -Ml-. Hn- puny 5-,11lg1 f li:1rl1.1r.1 lifrg. l'.l1f.sl11-H1 I r1 1r. 1.1.1 H ' 1' Knllnj. H1-i--1111-1. ,lllfif N-11Kf1,. l'1' I1 I Williznlvz-. Mm Wal-1111, Yiliiillllll. 11 vr- 11:1 . I 4 mi!! 1-4' uf Ihr- Nlnflv-nr X131 H 1-', lif, r lin Krni. 'II11' rlulf- -IJ'1Il-'f1- 11:1 Nlr- I Xl. llll' fi-1'.1l uffiw- 111111 NIL- M1111 f. r .nllnnirni-lmli11r1rlixi-inn. En :fini 77187716675 Pat Rein' mmf l51:fu".' U their 011111 116011. H011 .U1'G1.f'1'1'. 1:'31 Iwr I0 llzvfr informnf 11111. ,lan Brown Jerri Campbell linda Edwards Ex ely n Hodges Susan Hofmann Syluia Lawton Nlarli Nlalwn Pat Nr-fzly ,lunc Hliffllfff' Pat Huthcrforfl Barbara Sury .Xrlf-nc Thomas fzirffl 'll't'1VD1'JH Linda Watsfm Cinfll. Will-gf-rsffn K aruso Pferos Karuso Pteros social club won third place in the .Xllasig Winter Olympics. The Club participated in the girls' intramural liaskethall tournament. Spring pledges are Nancy Collinsworth, Helen Fine, Kay Hart, Sally Ann Lee. Sharon Lee Pace, Sherri Sit- tler. and Donna Rowan. Pledges presented a skit during Old South week. .Xniong nienilrers of Karuso Pteros are Kaye Keller, Rexeille heauty finalist. and Sylvia Lawton, chairman of the Recreation Committee of the Student activities Board. Mrs. Mary Price of the library staff and Miss Donna Christopher of the English department are club sponsors. 3 46 X 'S f 1'-' qw, 4' if .W uf , '-6 'S V kg- , X. . -1 'N- 'USL 4. 11" -so ""v N X 'L P3 Sans Souci Sans Souci plmlgcs won first place in thc Ulfl .Smith -lei!-. 'l'he cluh won secrvnfl place in tha- Alfasig Wim'-r Ulympiw-, Among Sans Snuci rnazrnlu-re are ,Iufly llullanrl, Nlif- llixif' licllcg Sandi Shear, Aegeiflaf' svwrcllufartg ffarrn1'lv'f: Sfillllil, Whrfs Who in Englishg Ann ,lolu-, Who! Who in guwrrrrrurrit and Best-Dressed Coedg Anita Fisher, Rebel checrlcarlerg and ,ludi Davies, military company Hwlfflllffdfl.. Spring pledges, for Sans Souci are Sandra Bamcs, Mary Brown, Kay Burris, Carolyn Critz, Susan l'nwI:-r, .lilfilillt N101-, Peggy Sheridan, Barbara Sivcr, Sheryl Stewart, Sharun Ter- rill, Carolyn Whitsel, Brenda Worsham, Rchccca Cowley, Sue De Armand, Patricia Yung, Betty Bell, and Dian Menckc. Faculty sponsors are Mrs. Paul Simms and Mrs. Simone Turbeville of the English Department. Judy HollandQ president Steve Harte, beau fix LD 19'- rl 1 Q' l . A lg- r Q' Ln luli liar i"- Anita Fi-lift' Htlllfi Ffnnjl Shawn l7rf'-i' Ann J-c-be Margaret Kantz Judy Lnmh Barlura Mills .lame Rowe Wanda Sakowgki Carmelee Schug Sandi Shear Bexfrly Stanford Carolyn Tinker Carole Ygdner Lintla Yliillignxs Ellyne W'iserrlulcs Les Choisies Les Choisies tied for first place in the Alfasig Winter Olympics. Among Les Choisies members are Dixie Dunbar, Marcia Diem, Marilyn Lamb, and Gale Logan, Reveille beautiesg and Cheryl Spain, Rebel cheerleader. 5 vw 7 Q----A vin Les Choisies spring pledges are Barbara Bartlett, Mary Heuh- ner, Nancy Joblin, Donna Kramer, Judith Locklier, Linda Parker, Bobbi Ragatz, Mary Rice, Sherri Slede, Susan Watson, .lere Winter, Linda Long, and Pamela Pierson. Faculty sponsor is Mrs. Jeanne Ford of the English Department. i ' . '. 1: X l in in. prcsidrnt Maud ball l t lu s..n. lwau ini. litxiu llctty limslci Sara Cumiingltam hl.irt'i.1 Diem llixii- llunlwar lliliivla Elliott Sanflra holst- Xlartlia Fry Janifgt- Grady Harriett Hamilton Linda Hutvliens Palrifia lxy Niflei ,linllfleflll Xlarilyn Lamb f,alf'l.og1an ll:-'sky Xlarlin lfmiff: lilflnll' l,I!'1Ilf1 X'f1l'lldT1 flu-rj.l Spain elif-il-i lfillwn lfvlflflf' XR 'Hulk VI lull sq' we lu. Linda Barr Q Q""'r' xl 'A Lx 'QV-fa N a f- E i J , A...... X . use iw" fm ' , HQ! 5 4'---,5 new-f ,L v. xi' 'hw Q. Officers of Zongolu ure liosun lloffpuuir, pri-sidvnlg l.indu liurr, vice-presidvntg lViad1-ldu Richardson, st-r'r1-Iuryg und Shirley Ny- strom, treasurer. Among Zongola members is Candy Mr-nger, Student Government secretary. The cluh, which sponsored a party for mentally retarded children, is sponsored hy Mrs. Neita Flenniken of the English department. Ro a Hoffpauir President ex 'vs S n ' Milam V.- , -.. x. IA? g 1 Z ...Q ASC,s Johnny Reb, otherwise known as Lynn Little, is Zongola's special guest at the fall Apple Mixer. Sharon Allenbaugh Linda Barr Elizabeth Borst Karron Braswell Candy Menger Shirley Nystrom Rita Pinckard Madelda Richardson Madeline Hoessler Marilyn Smith .d ltu ing 10014101-5. the second year for IIICIIQS social 1 en tpzxnpus. the organizations were important in x s ,KSU .ietixitit-s. Members of the clubs partici- MalcohnStranfre, President u in the intr.1nnir.1ls program. entered floats in the ' ' ' , ll earning e-ixnpetition. guarded the bonfire, and 1 H :ted Hel-el sports event X tnenilvers include Lynn Little, ASC's, John- nx Heh. Ln.-rite Xlaleohn Strange. and cheerleader l tn l ro-tel. lln --luh. sponsored hy W. R. Shuttee. of the Busi- .tnd Economies department. had thirteen mem- znd twelxe pledges during the fall semester. Dale Prather Donald Stanek Thomas Trostel Edwin Wf:lf:l1 Qandi Qhedr Sweetheart Dennis Ballinger Richard Calfee Tommy Crider Andy Howard Larry Hutchens Ralph Kenyon Lynn Little Danny McKay Robert Phillips Q 'Ts x 'I 6 " U' "Fa- Ronnir: Czimplnzll, l'r1:sirlr:nt Marcia llicm, Swr:r:tl14:art '49 'fi'- .TQ y Alfasig .-'llfzi-ig, -pun-nr f tlw :fr '-l 'J' U . .i.4., Qflf-ft'-fl ffr'1,ff1Hn luziiutjr .Nlrirnia lfifff. 'llw fluli, wlnifln In-fl for rug, lfrfn r -Uf'Iijl fllllle lfl ffifnlrill IHl1'P1Hi'JY71l'. f 1 I wry nm-j. uutury lull I ll, luufn, Infffn r 1- -pun-ur of 'Nlfu-ng. wlwh liul ZS rr I pl'-rlgy-N in Ilnf' fall ,limrny Ashworth Ralph Bofghni Mills Boon Dean Byler Richard Carendar Charles Clawson Kent Cox Tommy Davis VN or 'WX James Falvo Carry C0'f'Cl'?D Don Halpennj-' David Hendrix Buddy Lear Robert Malone Ronald 31.15311 Lee Roberts Bill Sladcvxiik Phil :uni Cyril Suiak Lance litter: Don Wiidrcp ,lerljv Wisl: Bob Wad C ifus Falco The m.nnmoth Rebel flag, prominently displayed .il hoinv football games. is the valued property of Citus l-Iileo. Nleinhers of the organization are easily recog- nized hy their bright red hlazers. D. L. Clinton, foreign languages instructor. sponsors Citus Falco, which had sixteen members and three pledges in the fall. Steve Fowler, President Carolyn Lummus, Sweetheart Ernest Brister Ed Cosgrove Ben Day George Donovan Weldon Ceron Mike Goldberg Lloyd Lee William Lowe Mac Martin .loe McAnally Raymond McCoy Donald Mebus Allan Pettigrew K -in 4 , a ae- g '- f ip-git? J E X lg 'X if . ' , Sis. T H. X Scott Wheeler Dan Wilson Larry Young William Zigrang Jack llummond, President .lunic Bishop, Sweetheart Robert Anderson John Grey Carroll Hughes Thomas Kennedy Gary King Cordon Peadon John Raulston Marlin Rogers Ronald Solomon plvflue- 'luring vhf- fall. Pijflllll- -par.-nr . K -De fph: K-ll'-llplli, Vblflflff of tlu- V101 UH rnutl I ,l for lu-st lufoth, -pon-on IJ lcnfhflynng f, 'lt 'xdifkfff of ilu' fllwrni-lry fl'-p.1r'm-Am I Llfflflll. 'llll' 'lub hurl f-lffwn rrw-1ni,-'r- I ilhl Kenneth Lajurlioe David Muir Emest Myers .lim Oldham .lohn Reinicke Sammy Rudel Kenneth Terry Jr Cary Valant Paul Wolfson Alan Yunnan Stanley Woolever, President Sherry Hovend, Sweetheart Tauclelf Taudelt, organized in the fall of 1964, is the newest of the fifteen social clubs on campus. Reveille beauty Sherry Hovend is Taudelt sweetheart. The club had 22 actives and 17 pledges during the fall semester. Taudelt officers are Stan Woolever, presidentg Ken Bem- stein, vice-presidentg Gordon Harrell, secre- taryg Gary Valant, treasurerg and Emest Myers, parliamentarian. William Bosworth Charles Castellanos Russ Fields David Goldstein Robert Hale Cordon Harrell 'ii' Tri-Ki f . . .. . IHAKI Imam-d 11 1-I rffurd in lr.:- inlrumurulf, to tif: for fir-l pl-if 1' rr 1 r 'f " -- ' Inulurlf-d in lin- 'lri-Ki zrwrnlwr-hip 1- famri' Li.. f., . In-KI, ipfm-Im-fi by ffl'-n lfmlgfr- -' if H mf-nl, had IH IlIf'HIi1"f- and 'il p ffrziy-un ,Kndf-r-un fir-ruld link'-r fi - llwyum- lin-ham vw in :Xrlhur Hu-wr-ll M Nffal Hmv-.n . 17' 5 ,f Jerry Bryant 1- . james Iiuis David Cannon Buddy Cliburn Dale Doak 9 4-mx , - 'V'. Q, 'hu A . - 'Z' A f .F :elif - L l 23- ,Iohn Donaghy Jams French David Garrett Howard Hale William Harp Slewf: Harte Lynn Jamff Barry Jenkins Charles ,lc-hnfc-n Skipper Johns-1-n Butch Kirby Thomas K-'-:-ps Michael Langdf-n Dennis Littif' Dakid NIC,-Ulster Dawid XLQC-Ay Larry NIcPh3i2 lark Niwffer Jerry Oats-s Jiffy' ijVR'.iT Barrf Pani- Rfger Pfifif R61-' Pihsk Kenneth Pfg: 2 James R-'Better Alan Rgfrs M-frris R-5-igers Juan R.-:n William: Shad Charley Soc II Bill Seiiiteyfr Robert Sewier Bemie Smiih Earl Wiiilif Cm-: Whizesel 327 Sakkara Sakkara, which won first in intramural hilliards. also placed third in intramural foot- ball. Proceeds from their annual pledge party are donated to the l'nited Fund. The Club had lo rnenihers an d 21 pledges in the fall. sponsor is .-X. W. Tucker Jr. of the History department. Carl Day Richard Dixon Sammy Farina Mickey Griffin Vince Hendrick Richard Hoeekendorf Pat Howe Lawrence Kane Jerry McGill Buddy McMahon Hollis Moore Don Peacock John Rawlings Vaughn Ray R0lJF:l'I Rudd lim Sanders Andy Stewart Dennis W'ehher Harvey Wehman Joe W'ethf-rhef: Anthony Bastone Buddy Behne Tommy D'Andriole Howard Daniels 54- I f 9' 1 gd A, Q, 1 313' Arthur Griffin, President Arlene Johnson, Sweetheart 'eva ig' 'mf 'E' uf42f"" 709 'NC J' I I -D ,'6A,.A ,f l I I S p Sfx RQ, i I I , -J", I Q! , Q- A 1 lil V r f 1 sm ,Wff f A, -2 s l xx 1 A A LN, . ffl 'F P 'if' If 5 f 31 1 . O e My Q 'I CA no kv f . tug - u 41,. 'WW PO 'Y l Left panel: From the point of view of those who rode in the shaving cream joust event, merriment and shaving cream can only mean retreat. Top right: Alfasig pledges Paul Wynne and Bill Marks sig- nal official start of the Winter Olympics. Bottom right: Only those who were brave cared to "stick it out" until the end. F-1i.,e 'M hire 'Q favs' ' Avos, Laceys Tie for First ' Alfasigs were asked to keep the first place Winter Olym- pics trophy that Avolonte and Les Choisies won in a tie. The 4-2-point tie was announced at the Friday night dance following the afternoon athletic events. Sans Souci and Karuso Pteros ran a close third and fourth with 33 and 32 points. Next Zongola tallied 25 points, En Ami 24, and Koshari 20. Points were awarded for each of the 12 events that were conducted in front of the Hereford Student Center at 1 p.m. Events caused coeds to be covered simultaneously with flour, whipped cream, and lard. club. Right: Coeds with a sense of humor were outstanding in the Wm ter Olympics. Left Most ominous character of the day was the star of the pig "catch and squeeze" contest Bot tom right: Modeling togas are representa tives from each social Q Military BATTALION STAFFS: Left V 2 iaronzik, Henderson, Myers Right: Nlurfthisfin. Eisley, King. 332 BRIGADE STAFF: Left to right: Lowe, Woolverton, Ellis, McAnally, McConnel, McKinley ROTC Adds New Program Enactment of the ROTC Vitalization Act of 1964 makes possible a new program in Military Science, to become effective in September, 1965. The new program, to be added to the existing four-year plan, enables the qualified student to be commissioned as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army after only two years of participation. The two-year plan begins with cadets participating in a six-week summer camp after the sophomore year, followed by their enrollment and completion of advanced junior and senior courses. To qualify for the program, a student must pass an ROTC qualifying test, a medical examination, and an officer potential screening interview. Leji to right: Gray, Lamkin, Moore, Stephenson, Johnson Leji to right: Kennedy. Harrison. Rudd. Chambers. Hawkins. Company if 77 Company if 77 Company if 77 Company V 1 Lep to right: Kane. Jollisant, Latham, Phillips, Brice. Lap to right: Whitf-night, Dobson, Coggans, Moreficld, Thompson -I -c' Leji to right: Lyons, Irish, Hunn, Osburn, Craddock. Q Lek to right: Johnston. Fite, Brown. Busdosh. Roberts. If 77 Company if 77 Company 335 Bobbi Ragafz "D" Company Sandy Barnes "E " Company Juli Davies "F" Company 336 Gale Logan Staff Terrina Rush "A" Company Dixie Dunbar "B" Company Val Harkinson "C" Company i. --, 0 F l kv. . 1 we The sweethearts of the Arlington State College Military Department are elected by the members of the individual units of the corps, with the exception of the Corps Sweet- heart, who is chosen by the entire cadet corps. Sweethearts are active in campus ac- tivities and represent the corps at drills and all formal military functions. 337 Martha Jo Fry Rifle Team Kaye Carlin Sam Houston Rifles Karen Garner ROTC Band Carolyn Lummus Pistol Team SlL'6E!h6CfZ5 U5 5130715075 spectire xr: 8 Ni ,r mms Ja,-,y "fe Pistol Team SFC Ray Calvert, coach, David Ki- zer, Dasid Wood, Dale Morfield, Don Mebus, sweetheart Carolyn Lummus. 338 V H? 0 Rifle Team Front row: James Wells, Don Myers, Richard Armstrong, Ronnie Prachyl. Second row: James Krog, James Stepp, sweetheart Martha Jo Fry. Captain Chetwin Hurd, sponsor. U' Military Sweefhearf - Kaye Carlin Federal lnspecfion Culminafes Weekly Drills and lnspecfions Each spring the Military Corps of Arlington State College meets federal inspection. On this day the Corps is graded on its military bearing and performance. For weeks prior to the inspection the Corps drills, reviews, and practices. The inspection marks the culmination of the year's weekly drills and rifle inspections. Top: ASCE Military Color Guard participates in all reviews. Bot- tom: Inspection means long waits at Hpqrade', ,fc ss, 6 Left: The rifle inspection is a basic part of any review. Be.oxr: Participation in weekly drills is required of all m'.'z'!arp students. 9 QW 34I Left: Proper handling and scare of the rifle constitutes an important part of military training. Below: Marching is stressed heavily during drills. Three Cadets Named Distinguished Military Students tfucii your wzniur fufiote 1:1 f-f- Ying ff-rt:.r. r--I designated Uistinguielifzfi Niilitztrj- Stiififrrm. 'i:,-- f '- rx.- dcmunslratf: superior lfzufif-reiiip fdftfxitiiifif i.rQr.z inf- HUT' summer camp program. ue wr-ll ue rmlntzir. .1 i.Lz'. gr - 5,-gr. avffrzigc in overall rzftllvgu Flllfiil'-. 'Iiw ID-in 1'-tr' '- fx- stcp for u cadet toward his pr,-siitfe grgfisntl 1 IJ.- tinguishcd Military flrafiuate. This IJNIC flue-lt the cadet for an 0ffifArfr's C'fJIIlHli1Fi'rU in the regal-nr f same basis as if he were u West Point zrafiuatf-. Left: SFC. Ray Calvert helps in preparing cadets for federal inspection during a drill period. Eelou: Colonel Charles C. Johnson, head of the rnzl'irar5.r science department informs Al Ellis, Rex Latham. and John Henderson of their selection as Di.stingui5hed Military Students for 1964-65. lain. r v 8 A 343 Jodies Win Laredo Compefifion ,X5t"s ian: Houston liiflrs is .1 crack drill team com- p 'sed of txavlcts in the inilitary department who prac- tice precision drill sequences on their own time as an r'Yf!'.E-t'L1TI'lCl1l.1I' .ictiwit y. At the George Wlishington liiriitdgy Drill Competition in Laredo. the ,lodies ,gr-:girl ti first place for thc sixth consecutive it-ar. uinning over eight other college teams. The ,llltiltsi also participated in competition in Baton Rouge. San Antonio. Corpus Christi. and Ualwstori. Right: Mark Lamkin, guideg Kaye Carlin, sweetheartg Al Ellis, team commanderg George Garrett, first sergeant. Below. front row: Car- rett. Ellis. Lamkin. Second Row: Campos, Leavell, Reams, Thomp- SOF1. sweetheart Kaye Carlin, Za- vala, Kennedy, Carson, Campos. Third row: W'ine, McNutt, Spules, Chestnut, Garonzik, Besio, McBee. 344 Top: Constmtr, a':'f:'gff:: p'.:,'Q'-5 -3315:-5 l fodies an uzgtsfxrmffvg .:"1'.'.' :53":. Cuts' Indies are inrirfa' ro rrzcrcfz it T'Z.gI."T'Y p-:miss throughouz the year. Botfcffz: ladies 61.553 proficiency in the mmde af t7:e diff cr:- petition in Laredo. 345 Student Government Top: OFFICERS: ,ludy Holland. cor- responding secretary: Steve Evans. vice- president: Sharon Evans. recording sec- retary: Lynn Little. president: Larry Johnson. parliamentarian: Don Long, treasurer: Middle: .loe Sanifer. Phy- liss Isaacs. Bettye Showers. Linda Barr, Sylvia Lawton. Sylvia Sumner. Gaye lrlannery, Ann lobe. .ludy Sellers. Bot- tom: ,lim Justice. Ralph Kenyon. Bill Goodnight. Harold Prather. David Tim- mons. David Harrell. John Wall, Bob Green. Sheryl Coorpender. Everette Gray. Richard Fine. Su... Little Head SG The main organization of Arlington State Student Government is a council composed of both elected and appointed members. Council meetings are open to all students, minutes are posted, and news of council action is reported in the Shorthorn. The Student Government includes the follow- ing committees: the Student Activity Boardg Research, Evaluation, and Developmentg Campusg Student Affairs, Communicationsg and Rules and Finance. Each committee chairman is a member of the council. In February, the council approved a con- stitutional amendment providing for all-school election of the Student Government president. Previously, Student Government members had chosen the president. rf? g. is gs 33 , L - fl xv E ielifkp ir' X III.I:'1i1 L If-rr II I " Top: I'.XI'.f, Chfffifzfz, isbn. I"trl. Arte f.f,!!.!f.QZ I L NIM: pf,-fa fi I play 'luring I I 801101141 TIII IJ xv HU.-Xlill I'f:'f I' I l'lf1ldf:r. K1:r.r Kfltvil. I."" I 1 I li son. Iafl-:ie N11 lv .s,r 5"I"lf1I1f I I bv L fwrrm n. Smith. Lf, 1 W7 5 1- SAB Membership Exceeds 100 The Student Activity Board is the largest division of Student Government. The Board is composed of an executive board and chairmen of seven sub-com- mittees, which have a combined membership of over 100. The sub-committees are the following: Levee, which sponsors dances and decorationsg Ideas and Issues, which sponsors forums, speakers, and discussion groups, Special Events, which plans Homecoming and Old South Weekg Recreation, which sponsors bridge lessons, game nights for married couples. and games at Old South, Entertainment, which brings the Pop Artist Series and Concert Series to the campus: Fine Arts, which sponsored "Festival Italiano" and the week-long charm school, and Hospitality, which spon- sors all receptions and is host for all on-campus visitors. Bill Murchison is president of the board. Jane Smith, director of student activities, is sponsor. i I ei 'ii Student Government Sponsors Varied The Student Government and its branches sponsor many varied activities on the campus. Among these are speakers. trips to other campuses, and Old South Week. During the spring semester the Ideas and Issues Committee of the Student Activities Board sponsored a guwt appearance of Thubten ,ligme Norbu, brother of Tibet's Dalai Lama. Norbu lectured to students on the culture and customs of Tibet. Members of Student Government attended a "Challenge Colloquiuml' at the University of Texas. Old South Week activities were planned by various committees of the Student Activities Board. which is a branch of Student Government. 348 Ach vltles Above: Mac Martin and Don Mebus, ASC students, offer entertainment at the Olfl South casino. Left: Thubten Jigme Norbu. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top left: Sharon Freeman, Don Long, and Phyllis Isaacs at "Challenge Colloquium." Top right: .lack Cannon's band at the Old South Ball. Bottom: An unusual campus guest publicizes the visit of Thubten .ligme Norbu. 'J 349 lCC, CCJMSO Regulate . ,1 Social Club Activities i Two representatives from each of the seven women's social clubs compose the Inter-Club Council. The council establishes general policies concerning all social club activities. All club constitutions must conform to the standards set up by the council. Inter-Club Council sponsors the annual Apple Mixer. Sponsor for the council is Dean Lera Hancock. The Council of lIen's Social Organizations serves the same basic purposes for the men's clubs as does Inter-Club Council for the women's organizations. Sponsor is Dean Horace Gillespie. For the first time this year, only the freshman class exists as an organiza- tion. Officers elected early in the fall semester administrate the business and social activities of the class. In the spring of 1964, the sophomore, junior, and senior class organizations were abolished by student government because of the lack of need. .5 3 'Pe v as I I Top: Inter-Club Council designates the time for all social club rush teas. Bottom: ICC members, front row: Pat Reid, Suzanne Bryan, Judy Sellers, Barbara Sury, Vicki Gorman, Ginger Fulenwider, Linda Barr. Second row: Peggy Crawford, Cindy Wilkerson, Janice Pirkle, Barbara Crewe, Karron Braewell, .ludy Holland, Juli Davies. Freshmen Elect Officers Left: Freshman clu-S uffiwrr-: 'llrrimi Hu-P., IJ yn Pr' f.: Wl1ilSL'l, Rick Cuvcnflfgr. lfollnm: UJXIN0. front ren.: ' Fowler, Dean Hfemu,-1: Cille-xpif-. Nw" Hn:-A. UQ' . 'i'r:,, ,It'l'lkif1S.SC'COI'lflf0lL'.' Juffk fimnulffrwl. I.g.m1 I,lii.'-. IL 1. ff I Boon, James French, John Rmslinge. NIL ,wg flrifflri. Six Councils Supervise Dormitory Functions Top: Lipscomb Council, front row: Linda Teal, Vickie Robinson, Callie Nagel. Second row: Bettye Showers, Carolyn Critz, Connie Lee. Middle: Pachl Council, front row: Kenneth Mclntosh, Jerri Stewart fsweet- heartl, Mrs. Ozell Wright, Paul An- derson. Second row: Joe Wilmeth, Larry Reed, Matt McBride, Paul Mix, William Springer, Ronnie Ste- vens, Earnest Stone, Eddie Small- wood, Barty Boydston, Terry Little, Tommy Townley. Bottom: Men's Hall A Council, front row: Barry Jenkins, Tyce McLarty,,Durwood, Rutledge, Tom Davis, Al Hydak. Second row: Paul Kramer, Roger Class, Pat Squires, Pat Hamilton, George Clough, Carl Huguley. . r, 1 1 'J ,easter s 'X ' fi fs ,ff sh is M ,, ,. M, . . , lk, " 'Qi 'd,,MXef'! Hifi ' safe' -fi A , Q , W. - HW? K ,t , We 'f ,WE XX. . I, , 5a.jf'gf3t 5 V4 I ml ,gf Z , , , A,,V,,3 f o,,g,.,fW -3 A A, 4 A N - ft Q A, ,t - ft,-fa Z? f...,. , 0, K m..t.2:M ,Q:th:,,,.ts,, QL, ti if fdfvyis, lfii' , 5 ,W ., , , , 1 l'1'f :Y I.c"" I" '-. , I 1 f qw- - L House fffi'-17 Tony 53:23:13 preeideitz A : Hi-ware. '-:ie-gr-3 dent: Mgr? H ' 'gg Secre.. Y. - . .. .nu KQQ CD11 . . .....,, .U1H:. .YTg:-. . - D F v f-.-.i r--,... -. .4,fL'.f - -. . .-... .. V B' E COUYTCMI -' 1' Be-15 ' 1 A. E . .. Larry' Milistt. B Garrett. Billy' H1 shall. Stepifi Fi: Iey. Stepieri L? Y'-f- . J... ...... .....,. 9..- .,..,..: .-...- --.. kk -AAQK... . . 4 Petreifi. C37 R-Dlxifiiqf. K .2131 C-Sfiirts, B I I 5' Sits'-vers. Niicjr C-5 . w ... .,,.,, ....- Ixus-LW.. -v-..v-s-..- ---- Et..-.L'.-pbx -.. D: . . . '0:..' Puri-'ati ML lsr. BCE Garret Barry Iettkits. Tffi Saxtixiarig. I 5 2: 5i:1:1::s. T :Z it Towxley. Giff' Kei Carl Hxseiv. P3 N:-.w-,gl - ....--. I11OH'k"' l"" Peace Corps Volunteers Evoke Student Interest Top: Committee chairman Ann Watson. Right: Linda Garonzik talks with corps volunteers Roger Banks and Janet Reed. Below: Roger Banks speaks on the subject, "The Red Tiger at India's Door." Bottom: Janet Reed, who served two years in Liberia, talks with faculty members and stu- dents interested in the Peace Corps. iw . M, .M A' V b , KY 69 r r w bi ' Ag, . . Committee Hosts Distinguished Guests The Ideas and Issues Committee, a sub-committee of the Student Activity Board, brought various guest speakers to the campus throughout the year. During a week of campus emphasis on the Peace Corps, representatives who served in Colombia, Liberia, India, and Honduras visited Arlington State. They distributed pamphlets and applications, gave speeches, and participated in a panel discussion on the question, "Is the Peace Corps F1ffeetive?' In addition, aptitude tests for the corps were administered to students desirous of applying. Peace Corps representatives were Ned Chaulker, Colombiag Robert Moffet, Hondurasg Roger Banks Indiag and ,lanet Reed, Liberia. The Ideas and Issues Committee, headed by Ann Watson, also sponsored a film lecture, "Inside Castro's Cuba," featuring Robert Cohen, former news cameraman for NATO and television director for the U.S. Army. Filmed and produced by Cohen, the documentary is the only full length one in color made since Castro came to power. Top: Robert Cohen tells of his 'ex- periences in Cuba. Left: Peace Corps representatives Roger Banks, .lanet Reed, Ned Chaulkner, and Ideas and Issues Committee member Sam Mid- dlebrook participate in panel dis- cussion. Bottom: Dr. Howard Lack- man of the history department, Dr. Frank Cheavens of the psychology department, and representative Robert Moffett chat during the get-acquainted coffee ,given by Peace Corps for faculty. Rebels Enjoy Italian Festivities The week of February I5-I9 was declared "Festival ltalianuu on the campus by the Fine Arts Committee of the Student Activities Board. Italian articles, mainly brass and glassware. were shown in the Stonewall jackson room. Two movies. "Italian Straw Hat" and "La Dolce Vita." were showng and Robert Lanshurgh of Select Imports, Inc., discussed Italian furnishings. Italian olympics, including a spaghetti eating contest and a "Chug-a-Lug" cbntest, were staged. with winners receiving plaques. The festival week finale was a dinner-dance, with Ray Wray and the band supplying music. Jackie Moe is chairman of the committeee. iw A i 1 ..fu M .e jlj, D - bw' . t 1 e I i t - J H g ' f, fi N95 J 521.1 AV' ig ' -- f -. Vg. 5 - 4 ' I it L Y fi, if' i iff' f ' ff - . , -45 i . I '- - 'I ' - 'ff " ' ' . ,, "' V V " Vg' si. .. fiiifa i' - QQQQCQ, Q R 356 W Top: Tom Jackson tried his skill in the spaghetti eating contest. Middle left: An art display was featured in the Stonewall Jackson Room. Middle right: Jerry Daniel presented the first place award in the Chug-a-Lug contest, to David White. Bottom: David Robbins was the first place winner in the spaghetti eating contest. g"U'h FW' zil , X. v- Nftlxdg F' U, , Q s 'UOY KINMAN f55"f" U' 0 wk ,g ,A t 9 VTR 1, ,fs f , Q - ,. , L Xt ' v Q' , , ,A b ,gr i A 4 Top: Robert Anderson tried to win in the spaghetti-eating contest. Middle left: .lackie Moe was chairman of the Fine Arts Committee, which sponsored "Festival Italiano," Jliddle right: George Donovan tried for a first-place in the Chag- a-Lug contest. Bottom: Kathy Apple was the only female entry in the Chug-a-Lug contest. iii gg Phi Kappa Theta Phi Kappa Theta is Arlington State's national honor society. To be eligible for membership a student must have a 2.5 grade average with a course load of 15 hours. and must then maintain a 2.0 to remain a member of the club. At the beginning of each semester new eligibility lists are announced. Speakers and programs are presented at the monthly meetings. Left: OFFICERS: David Barker, president, Carolyn Conrad, vice- president, Angela Gaston, treas- urer: Ann Whaling, sponsor, E. C. Barksdale, sponsor. Below, front rou: Pat Weaver, Mary Mynalt, Robby Thomas, David Barker, An- gela Gaston, Frances Thompson, Second row: E. C. Barksdale, Anne Whaling, Sheryl Coorpender, Alice Andrea Grimmer, Carolyn Conrad, Rupert Emison. Third row: Gary Stames, Billy McCormick, Roger L. Smith, Robert Wales, Robert Wetherton. 358 Sigma The national honor Sfyfllffly To bccomc a national memhfzr in English, and a 2.0 overall become an associate member banquet. Faculty members as speak at the meetings. ii I! v Tau Delta for lingli-ll :majors 1 QQ, .- 'lg l u stuflvnt mu-t wwf- rr 2.0 Zfllf' grade zr'.f:ra5gf'. Any The 'lull holds rr well as people from , Top: OFFICERS: Margaret Le sponsor: Rosemary Crabtree. pr Mary Hynatt. marshal: lglvj-'-i secretary. Left. 'rovf 1 YLI 1 Conrad. Sherry Mclferrin. Marg Wiley. Rosemary Crabtree. ll natt. Second rozf: Tontmy' L32 F Walker, Charles Nafus. Top: OFFICERS: front row: Dee Swope, president, Hank Hamilton. lst vice-presidentg Glen Taylor, 2nd vice-presidentg Dixie Thompson, treasurer. Second row: Danny Collinsworth, historian, George Shupee, sponsorg Bill Hendricks, spon- sor. Right, front row: Ronnie Orlando, Don Hoaldridge, Richard Bryan, Barbara Berg, Dale Williams, Richard Taylor. Roger Howard,.Floyd Robertson. Second row: John Hess. Tommy Davis. Dennis Cordes, Freddie Jameson, Randall Brooks, Louie Hornbuckle, Gary Spraggins, Rich- ard Meadows. Third row: William Richardson, Tim Dal- ryple. J. B. Bailey, Gerald Erickson, L'Roy Anderson, Gary Phillips. Tex Celovsky. Bill Bethune. Below, front row: Ron Plyler. Wayne Hill, Jesse Lawgel, Dixie Thompson, Kenneth Stephens Robert Alexander, Dennis Felson. Second row: Ray White, Hank Hamilton, Clint Austin, John Levens. George Lumley, David Burrus, John Patton, Her- bert Blevins. Third row: Danny Collinsworth, Cecil Mackey, Joegl?-utlts, Jerry Francis, Glen Taylor, Dee Swope, Thomas l.. roo s. wnfim F gg A X! ' - 4 Architecture Club The Architecture Club meets twice a month for program and business meetings. Speakers and films are provided to help architecture majors. Faculty sponsors are George Shupee and Bill Hendricks of the architecture department. i . A 4 - u. -L ,. 1.-F 7' 360 Civil Engineering Club Tin: Civil l'lrigim:ering f,luli'e purpf education. During the year it spun- r l , 1 conjunction with the Amfzrirzuri Sonic! f fx 1' l' r 1 weekly nicctings, various sprzsikvzrs tallf n i Faculty sponsor is Dr. .l. J. llltyfllfi, C363 Top: OFFICERS: C. F. Stelzer, treasur- erg Jim Estill, secretary, James Lewis. vice-presidentg Kenneth Kilpatrick. presi- dent. Center, front row: Curtis Martin, Bobby Edwards, Jim Estill. C. F. Stelzer, Kenneth Kilpatrick, Dr. John J. Haynes. Second row: Alden Briggs, David Barber. Milburn Smith, Morris Shashouazaden. Cary Teague. Michael Lee. Ronney Smith. Richard Kelsey. Third rozc: Thomas Cravens, Jerry Duggan. Cary Hilliard. Jimmy Franklin, Daniel Cajdica. Stanley Koonsen. B. K. Dodd. Robert Williams. Robert Wortham. Kelly Senter. Fourth row: Howard Richardson. G. D. Blay- field. Vernon Proctor. Dee Rice. Thomas Reid, Bill McGee. Bud Smith. William Parker. Doug Spruill. Dan Ray Mayo. Pat Poskey. Left: ADVISORY BOARD. from row: C. F. Stelzer. Jim Estill James Lewis. Kenneth Kilpatrick. Second rout: Daniel Cajdica, Dee Rice. Thomas Reid. Robert Williams. Dr. John Haynes. lnstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers The purpose of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is to advance the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering and its related arts and sciences and to help its members maintain a high scholastic rating. The club meets once a month and guest speakers present programs. The club sponsored a student paper contest during the spring semester. Faculty sponsor is H. Thurman Henderson. Left, front row: FACULTY: J. D. Spradlin, S. F, Crumb, M. S. Chen, A. E. Salis, T. Lewis Jones, F. L. Cash, H. T, Henderson, John M. Goodwin. Second row: OFFICERS: Robert Wales, treasurer, Charles Harland, vice-chairman, Robert Shower. secretaryg George Coble, chairman. Below, front row: Roger Risinger, R. L. Darr, David Pitts, David Black, Gerald Morris, Gary Giles, Jimmy Oliphant, Gaylord Car- lock, James Alford, Odell Bailey. Second row: Nor- man Hyde, Wesley Smith, Jack Greenwade, Frank Tatum, Stan Shaw, Steve Baldwin, Gary Stevens, Basil Keathley, William Dallin,,John Fagan. Third row: Lee Fry, James Thompson, Fred Shamblin, Ray Jeter, James Thomas, Wayne Weth, Bill Lovelace, Chuck Cashion, Robert Green, William Evans. IEEE Below, front row: Alan Salter, Lynn Harvill, Ed Noble, Walter Wilbur. Second row: Harlan Huffman, Phillip Ash, Leo Faciane, Glenn Beyer. Third row: Dick Ramser, Don Haroz, Don Ponder, Bill Thompson, Fred Weyand. The American Institute of Industrial Engineering is a technical institute for the encouragement of industrial engineering on the ASC campus. Guest speakers from engineering-field are present for the club's monthly meetings. Prof. J. L. Purswell of the engineering department is faculty sponsor of the group. Left, front row: jerry Clark. Larrj- Thmrnp-fir.. Dar Howard, Larry Tigert, Larry Murrell, Curtis Cleat .Iim Cole. Second row: Harold Reasonffr. Kffnrf Beene, Dan Sramek, Jimmy Allison. Tn-rr. Hur: Anthony Malish, Robert Ragsdale. Third ron: IJ Nussman, T. I. Higgins, .Iames Morris. James Hens George Goble, Robert Thomas. Charles Haria Robert Wales. American Institute of Industrial Engineering Epsilon Nu Gamma Trip: lQlFFIljI-f.RS: Cary fi'-if-ii-. si-ifrftary: Halxin ,lihn-on. president: Mo- Shing Chen. sponsor: Cory Giles. rice-presidentg William Tatum. catalog- uer. Right, front row: XI-i-Shing Chen. Bill l.fifw.-lace. Vaughn Johns, T'-by Pugh. Jimmy Oli- phgtnt. David Pitts. Rob- '-rt Roles. Druid Noell, Phillip W. Clark. Sec- ond Hott: Grunt finder- 1--n. T h o m a Reid, Trunk Tutum.Cui1' Giles, Hairy Stevens. Robert Thomas.. Nlalvin John- son. Thin! mic: C. F. fir-lzffr. xldlffrlftl Strange, Rffltf-rt Crffen. Phillip Rfinflf-lph. Phillip Ash, E. f.. furrif-o. Joe Farr. 364 Epsilon Nu Gamma, ASC's honorary engineering society, exists in order to improve the scholastic rating of its mem- bers. Members must be four-year engineering majors and be in the upper one-fifth of the senior class, or the upper one-eighth of the junior class. Faculty sponsors are Dr. W. H. Nedderman, Dr. C. L. Barker, G. E. Smith, and J. A. Lock. f' W Ji at 4 sf f T' RWTYSSWT5 sgwiynvirvilma S -4 Zyr- Qr . A . f .., 5, ,Q..,r5,p QA ?J,iQ,5.wg 5, ,fff ,ff,,, V ,fl .lg-, ,fx Yi i it Q, N 'Rs yang: P.,,-'?gX'e' NVQ f ff Z 1 f"' ., A-M ,,,,.iw,. wwf,-' ,fs ma" fm - i NX. ' -viffwiw -' ,fwfr 'if' 'iz Q m .- fwf. ,ef ,A 'mf 44 .fa , L, vu' . . 4 ' -J " WL' '1Q3'fgNZ2fl'?25f'f I Tj' "fl '13-gl? ,g-,, 1 5 f ' 1, -Q ' wi, f.,.m':zfw,,,. wwfg, 'wfwvt-Q sf W n, 'Jw 1- 1,-we M, MSN-'fs.. ti As x gfM,,f Us wt -,tt iz -ies' 'muff f' V wits' wszxw st. . gwif. ,QM Q 5. 'wil az- 'X .2 Sim- if rf 'X RtM,9i'r'l' 33"-4,3 li " , is is , pf f iff ,C ' ' fri' f""7'l' fri' 27- 4' ff? 1'-so " W" - ' 'fls' "Cebu, ,:, Lnsr. The Press Club, an organization for students who are inter- ested in journalism hears talks by professional journalists, and tours, area communications facilities at monthly, meetings. All members of the club work in the student publications de- partment. Officers are Vance Jones president, Paul Rowan, vice-presidentg Judi Dunnihoo, secretary, Pat Dunkin, treasur- er. Faculty sponsors are Paul S Blakney and Patsy K. Faught, publications advisers. Right, front row: Vance Jones, Judi Dunnihoo, Pat Dunkin, Paul Rowan. Second row: Patsy K. Faught, Kenneth LeBlanc, Jerry Reed, Reg Arnold, David Richter, Olga Mae Rabon, Cathe Westmoreland. Press Club The Society of Enj- neering Teclini-fiazs con- ducts monthly meetings with a speaker fir eat.. field of i6ChY1'Q'i'3gf'. Offi- cers are Claj-'tvn Bratii-er. president: Da'-e Tritter. secretary: D-on Criff treasurer: Roy .Mant 1 faculty sponsor. Front row: Robert Sevier. Warren Burkett. R-Q-Eff: Woodhead. S t a n l e 5' Meyer. L L. S 'f'I1S. Harold Ciba-n. Stepben YanHorn. Horace Adzns. Norman Burkett. Second roxr: John Deets. Rennie Gibson. Bill Taylor, Clayton Bratcher. Bill Brandon. Doug 5:12. Bill Oxley. Dawe Trezter. George Allen Sitiih. Jesse Graves. Tizfnz' rczr: Be:- nard McGuire. ,lixtray Sain. Patrick Squires. Mikiel Ransom. Da'-sid Draper. John Vincent. Werner Liggett. Don Gif- fin. Roy Avant. Society of Engineering Technicians 365 ffbote: OFFICERS: Ter- ry Ti n n e y . presidentg David Williams, secre- tarv: D e n n i s Easley, treasurer. Right, front row: W a v n e Weaver, Larry Calame. Cary Vol- lintine. Linda Stovak, Robert. Allen. William Brown. Larry James. Sec- ond row: Fred Close, Larry Ballew. Dennis Easley. Fred Engelhardt. Robert Keller. D a v i d Williams. Jim McCollum. Thirrl row: Dol: Adams, Peter Nvlierg. Richard Geist. Bud Treadaway, David Burnett. T e r r y Tinney. Winston Wor- then. 366 Pi Sigma Epsilon Pi Sigma Epsilon, the national sales and marketing fraternity. meets twice monthly. Speakers from off campus are present for one meeting a month. The club's purpose is to help those who are interested in marketing careers. It is sponsored by the Fort Worth Sales and Marketing Executive Club. H. R. Dodge of the husiness division is faculty sponsor. Business and Economics Club The Business and Economics Llub is an reani zation for students who arf- planning a rar'-er in the fields of business and econornics. 'Ilie flulfs main purpose this year has been to obtain rffmgni- tion by a national fraternity. The club has a dinner- speaker meeting once a month and goes on field trips several times during the semester. l. lf. Cook is faculty sponsor. Left: OFFICERS: ,lohn Simmons, president, David Frank Williams, vice-presidentg Linda Williams, secretary, Robert L. Smith, treasurer. Below: DIRECTORS OF CLUB: Peter Nyberg. Raymond Little, Brenda Webb, David Frank Wil- liams, Curtis Mosley. Second row: Linda Williams, Fred Wynn, Susan Lawson, Alice Grimmer, Gene Collins. Third row: Robert Smith, John Simmons. Ray McCoy, Carson Bays, James McDowell. Vaqueros 331 WUI M I at , m X I t lv, 1 . I SIFEETHEART Mi' .4,YDREW'S Q i s Abore right: OFFICERS, front row: Freddie Johnson. president, Betty Wy- att. secretary: Beverly Haus, treasurerg Frank Pace. vice-president. Second row: George Whitenight, sergeant-at-arms, lan Brown. publicity directorg Kay Neal. directorg Paul Davis, director. Right, front row: Freddie Johnson, Cracy Thompson, Peggy Sellmeyer, Carr-lvn Whitsel. Kay Neal, Susan Dean, Pat Keely, Sharon Pace, Kay Andrews, ,If-rrv Hatfield. Second row: Jimmy Greer. Jerry Whitaker, Betty Wyatt, Beverly Klaus. Jan Brown. Paul Davis, Ray McCoy, George Whitenight. Third The Vaqueros, ASC's riding club, meets twice a month, with members being signaled to the meeting by a saddle hanging from the tree in front of the student center. The club rides in various parades during the year, including the Homecoming parade, the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show, and other horse shows. It participates in match rodeos, and sponsors Fun Days during the year. Faculty sponsor is William D. Turner of the math department. rout Frank Pace. lim Jones, A. C. Sandifur. Don Coker, Thomas Wilson, David Freeman. 368 Alpha Phi Ome TOP LEFT: OFFICERS AND SPON- SORS, firsl row: John Yantis. presi- dent: Ken Sargent, vice-president: ,lirzz Clifton. second vice-president: Michael Tooman, executive secretary: Ken Coi- frey. treasurer. Second rczt: ECWT-Ti Preiss, Ren Pilcher. and Floyd Cash. sponsors. ABOVE RIGHT: 'lite APO Ride Board proves very helpful to :i:j-' ASC students LEFT: Front ren.: E1- wood Preise, Ken Codfrey. ,lc-hr: bers. Michael Toonzan. Wesley Hzzisf-2. Larry Hampton. larnes Tufiliy. B-in Sef- ville, Ken LeBlanc. Cltarles HBTTEZ. lj Clifton. Sefond rozr: Floyd Cash. Biif Rosenberry Glen Taylor. Bruce Hiller. Dudley Haralson. Ronny Russel. Wil- liam lrving. lim Hofmann. ,lfhn Txifs. .lim Bubenik. Tftffd ferr: Ben Pilfie Cary Haas. ,lim Ward. Ken Sirg Bruce Graham. ,lolzn Xl-inte. DQ-Iii. Hajka. Randall Evans. Rfger Hfppe. Roger Townsend. Donald Reniizi. 369 Non-Coms Left: ROTC cadets drill every Thursday aftfzrrtoort. Beau.. 'ff,',: rcu. Thomas Rocher, George Lord, W. fx. John-on. F. K. ll.r.'. f.. '-l. Kr J. K. Clements, C. Nomhrana, l. fkihson. W. f.. .x'i'.1fY.. :ffff,'.f.i' ff,u.: l-fr: Smith, Edward Lunt, Joe L. Thornton, Robert li. How-ard. lQ::.r:.Q. il...--5' rf: J. C. Moore, M. P. Locke, R. G. Claes, J. .-X. 'lhorna-. IJ. f,. l'l+r.':r.'::- Third row: F. E. Owen, Richard W. McCue, Artthoril. eL:f' l.. Nl Warren, George Whitenight, Charle Cannon. David Raines. .larxee P Warren, R. C. Murrell, D. L. Day, Bruce McDonald. Ul'PO5l'lE PACE Officers, front row: Richard F. Jones, president: Pat I.j.or.s. treanrer Vinnon Ward, secretary, Edward H. McKinley. sergeant at arrrf. Sefcnff row: Dennis A. Johnston, congressman, Steve R. Kenrffij-'. fwngrff--::,:r. Below, front row: Dewey Beck, Cary Valant, ,David Wood. Michael Eff: monde, Charles Lauderdale, .lohn Levens, Carrington Dixon, William William Alford. Second row: .limmie R. McClellan, Charles Ni. Cfezznally Stephen Lutz, Danny J. Martinez, Robert C. McGill, Roger Risinger. Dc McCale, C. J. Brett, Robert Newton. Third rou.': Roger Brackett, I. Alle Graham, Kenneth Sutherland, Kenneth Sargent, J. Wade Newton. liichaf Bowles, John Cochran, Ronney Prachyl, Charles Marietta, Daryl Devauf 37l vt-3 Top, front mu: liill Yarbrough, Mani Atkerson, William K. Hanna, Sam DOWHCY, Pam Hollinger. .lufli Wald'-n. Seconfl row: Jimmy Stamp, Doug Liles, .lan Tilford, Sylvia Mosig, Sandi Polmkae. Ann West, Daw Brown. Thirrl row: William E. Turner, sponsor, Bill lfrrgkhart, Robert Stoflgsflill, Cary Haas, Carol Hitter, Charles Tucker. Bottom: OFFICERS: Lharles Tucker, president: .l5IVfl'!e Stamp, vice-prf-sidentg Doug Liles, treasurerg and William E. Turner, sponsor. Ari Club Gaining recognition for the ASC art department with hopes of acquiring a four-year art program is one of the main goals of the Art Club. The group meets bi-weekly and is open to any art student. The group sponsors seminars, featuring speakers from all facets of the art profession who lecture and answer students' questions concerning the speakers' fields. Area high school students are invited to the seminars. In cooperation with the Architecture Club, the Art Club sponsors a contest with prizes being given for best entries in any of the art media. Assistant professor William E. Turner is club sponsor. sc -f- Circle K Circle K is the college affiliate of the na- tional affiliate of the national service organ- ization, Kiwanis. Circle K members help in registration and direct the campus Ugly Man contest. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, the club distributes 3,525 food certificates to needy families. Faculty sponsor is Isaac Russum, assistant professor in the Technical Institute division. Top: Circle K, front row: Doug House, presidentg Don Pope, treasurer, Rex Latham, secretaryg Terry McCreary. Second row: Doke Kiblinger, Dalton Hoffman, Robert Adams. Larry Oliver. Third row: .lohn H. Watson, and Nick Mallouf. Right: Amateur Radio Club: Front row: Jerry Clark, Harold Reasoner, Kenneth Beene, Jim Cole, and Alfred Springer. Second row: .loc D. Spradlin, sponsor, Darwin Geiselbrecht, Ed Fore, Tom Bullington, Henry Lipstraw. Third row: Donald Douglas, James Henson, Bill Atherton, Robert Rags- dale, Pat Malone. Amateur Radio Club The Amateur Radio Club sponsors classes for any interested in obtaining an amateur radio ffperst license. The club meets in the art building .ETA equipped with Apache and Mohawk comhinstii. high frequency transmitter. and a nearly cc six-meter station. The club, which meets weekly. is planning a carnyus radio station which can be picked up on any rsdifv Faculty advisor is-.loe D. Spradlin. assistant pri-fes of electrical engineering. 373 Top: Officers, front row: Robert Skinner, public re- lations: ,lohnny Sessions, '.iff:-president: .l. H. Kun- kel. pre-id-entg Donald Pederson. treasurerg K. W. Tompkins, sponsor. Right, iron! rout Rod- ney Lord. lffff Howard, Peter Salfiowsllii lr., Rola- ert Ula. Johnny, Sessions, Texas Ward. Ronald Wil- liams. Sefond mu, .jeff Kunkel, Ben L. H1-wif-l, .lohn H. llcxeely, Dauirl Weflin, Cregory Nlnllan- iel, William Hanna, Hob- ert Skinner. Third mu.: K. XY. Tompkins, john Lee, N. Craig Miller, Nlarion Smit, Donald Pederson, Garfield King, Hi cha rd Bowers, Herman Harrison. 374 American lnsfifufe of Physics Arlington State's Physics Club this year became a member of the American Institute of Physics. The club, which is open to any inter- ested student, holds monthly meet- ings which are technical in nature. Outside speakers, faculty members, and students give the programs. Keith W. Tompkins, assistant pro- fessor, is the sponsor of the club. Hicers Club Cade: ntfgff-. .: . ROTC f.ur:.yff1' 'te Uf:'.- fpffr- Club. 'll'.f- :rt . etri'-'rf to prarrn if: 21'-'. 1 - f.. re.a:if,r.f :wt-f.f+r. f.:7.' and other rr.f:rr.Ef:r- ff iff: corps. Pollng ::.ff:tQr.,gf are mnductfvi wfeizlj- V after drill. Each fall. the club pre- sents a forrnal rr.iQita:- ball. at which the cirpe p sweetheart is announced. Sponsor of the club is J Capt. J. W. Joyce. Front row: Oliver King, Herman Harrison, Connor Dotson, Kaye Carlin, Terrina Rush, Dixie Dunbar, Valerie Harkinson, Bobbi Ragatz, Sandy Barnes, Juli Davies, Carolyn Lummus, Martha Fry, Karen Garner, Oscar Chambers, John Watson, James Hendew. Second row: William Lowe, Gary'Lancaster, Dale Morfield, Joe McAnally, Charles Johnson, George Garrett, John Rudd, Dennis Easley, Donald Stevenson, Don Myers, Gerald Busdosh, Eddie Osburn, William Brown, Bryan Brice. Third row: Al Ellis, Bunky Garonzik, Kenneth Vines, John Moore, Robert Irish, Billy Phillips, Raymond Jolissant, Lee Roberts, Donald Fite, John Goggans, William Thompson, Charles McConnell, Bryan Hawkins, Ronald Craddock. Society of Automotive Engineers The Society of Automotive En- gineers has monthly meetings of a technical nature. Speakers for the meetings are usually local engi- neers. The club members also take tours of automobile plants in the area. Dr. C. W. Files, professor and head of the aeronautical and me- chanical engineering department, is the faculty sponsor. Y' Wk R5 E lggmffss , e w- , "" sw sz fs 'sei nv. . ,. .- gf- es - '- an f L , 3 ,igj A, ,pgzfv if ' fff ' we 1 trois we fa: eg Us Q - X1 Q X-yzsfzsyffag A . Q W . ' 5 f M S f s V if aw-.,s5sw .1 xg fy , - gong GS, fs Q ,r Qt ax, Xen. e, +2 - as We .. muse wwf 2 safes-cfs Q n 'Tam Mfysxfg writ 'wg We 2:tr:,Ks" 'st i Jef' ,I M. Fx 1 N ' Front row: Curtis Martin, Richard Duval, Dan Mayo, Phillip Clark, Gary Kuhn, Steve Hetherington, Gene Burks, Malvin Johnson. Sec- ond row: R. S. Powell, L. Lacaze, H. N. McCalla, William Frank Tatum, John Cobb, Nathan Warren, Robert Griffith. 375 Offieers: fron! row: Cathie- Burke. president: Judy Truben- har-lc, hoard member. Second rout: Carl Greenfield, hoard memher: Merle Ann Roten, treasurer: Dian Mencke, vice- president: Dr. W. J. Karraker, sponsor. Right, front row: Judy Ft. Peter. Nlary Terry, Pam Creeper, J u d y Trubenhack, Merle Ann Roten. Cracey Thompson. James Hudson. Sec- onfl mu: Carolyn Conrad, Cath- ie Burke. Olga Rogers, Mary .-Xnn Younghlood. Sharon Heh- hard. Sherri Sittler, Mickey Fniwely. Thirrl row: Rex Prater, Charles Harrell, Wayne Rob- nf-tt. .lim Hofmann. Roy Tyler, liar-id McCarty. Student Educahon Association Student Education Association worked to "Achieve 21," a program of accomplishments set up by the Texas Student Education Association. The local group received.honorable mention at the TSEA convention in February for being one of the outstanding senior college chapters in the state. Sophomore Dian Mencke was elected vice-president of the state group. During the fall semester, SEA sold student directories. The club meets monthly and has programs about various aspects of the teach- ing profession. Any student interested in edu- cation may join he club. Sponsors are Mrs. Kathryn Hopkins, assistant professor, and Dr. W. J. Karraker, associate professor. ft .. Right: Officers: Donald Cantwell, sponsor, William C. Schaad, presi- dentg Sylvia Sumner, sweetheart, Marilyn Lamb, sweetheartg Kenneth Pounds, vice-president, C. D. Rich- ards, sponsor. Below, front row: Sylvia Sumner, C. D. Richards, Donald Cantwell, Ted Bearden, Gary Starnes, Ray He Lal. Second row: Robert A. Allen, Marcus Dunn, Philip Crubbs, Robert Tan- nehill, Roy John Plhak, Kenneth Pounds, Joe Monte-mayor, Gary Cabbert, William Schaad. Third row: Richard Garland Lowe, Rob- by Thomas, Mark Vela, Dan Nor- ris, William Hays, .lohn Weekly, Jerry Attaway. Pre-Law Club 'llle l're-l,aw Club plan- to mrilm- tl-e preffr mock-trial, lnelfl for the fir-I time this l.f-ty. r .. event. Members of the organization ilfffllillfll tltf-rn-A - v.t':. law sc-lmols tltrougrll Iwu fit-lfl trip- 'luring t f.f, 1. ir. Ili.- year, the group went to law -ell ffff l- at l1.,1.It,f . tj -' University of Texas. Monthly luncheons feature guest speakers, -uflt as l're-l- dent Wfifllf anfl judge lluvall, l"ort Worth fli-trift judge. Professor C. D. Richards, of the history rlepartmf-nt. and Donald Cantwell, instruetor in lnusines-, are fm ultx -pon-or-, me We l E 1 l l FW W' 1"'v " r 'FRY 7 L Gov. .lohn Connally signs into law the bill separating ASC from the Ad'cM University System and joining the college to the University of Texas System. Watching are Tarrant County legislators, left to right, Representatives W . C. Iliad! Sherman, Tommy Shannon, Senator Don Kennard, Representatives George fSkeetl Richardson, Jack McLaughlin, Joe Shannon. ASC Joins University of Texas System Arlington State College's efforts to separate itself from the Texas A8zM University system, which began in December, reached a successful conclusion Friday, April 23, when Governor John Connally signed the bill transferring ASC from the A8zM system to the University of Texas system. Between ll and 12 a.m., students waited outside the student center to hear a telephoned description of the actual signing taking place in the capitol. Dean of Students Bob Dollar and history professor C. D. Richards addressed the crowd as they waited. Student body president Lynn Little manned the tele- phone hookup from the govemor's office. As the governor entered the room and then signed the bill, Little described the events to the waiting ASC crowd. College President Jack R. Woolf and Govemor John Connally also spoke to the assembled students via the telephone. Amid the roar of voices and the "hook 'em horns" sign, came the blast from the Vaqueros cannon and the ringing of the Alfasig victory bell. Students then moved to the student center to cele- brate at a "Tea Party." Attending the signing were five ASC students-.lim Jeffery, Don Long, Ken Kenyon, Martha Bayah, and Lynn Little. Besides Dr. Woolf, administrators B. C. Barnes, S. T. Keim, Wendell Nedderman, and John Hudson were present. Several faculty members, Ar- lington mayor Tom Vandergriff, other city officials, and most of the Tarrant County legislators were also at the ceremony. One of the nine pens used for the signing was brought back to Arlington and put on display in the library. lu Students Form SOS to Fight A8.M lhfr. 15: l,or:al papers informed tht: wtudffnt, body and tho publio of a proposal to uliangt: tho nanu- of ASL to 'l'1:xas ASM llnivt-rsity at Arlington and to fzonvf-rt this school into a branrh ol AZQNI. A rnwvtirig with rreprtrsoritativvs of tho ASM lioard of llirwtors, AFV administrators, faculty rrnzrnlu-rs, and students von- firmod the intentions. UFC. 16: Students, faculty rnf-mln-rs, and inany arf-a citixc-ns were in an uproar ov:-r tho situation. Signs began appearing, around campus. Some wore plafzf-d in or on buildings. Many, such as ul don't want to bf: an Aggie" and HASC Si, ASM No," were worn by students. Dec. 17: At a forum of Tarrant County legislators held in the Student Center during Cow-rnrncznt lfrnphasis Week, Representatives Howard Green and Joe Shan- non Jr. voiced opposition to the proposed change. xmdf' f afngb ZSUIA -. Clem 5 v Hgh. waits P eo Ig Ri . . .Y 3 i F:-bk X,f:::.5 2' Q . 4,11-, 3 f- ' 'Lv' 1 N , 1. l 1 .Us hd K ' r N- f' r YCj0nter win. cP,,,,h9 on' - Y H N fl. , i " , 5-.. A QR., . I W ,,:,,, L V V V , . tx w- , 'Sl' H i s' lrWsoxS4'1'tL' i iii ' SC Link NJ .Sai 13:01 rw ' R yt on Seve: A U f-. - EE-5-Yfjnf,,,,,mh I f " eslltieeung ' . , gin. Idenmv aww 1 mvmm ities .ftjV"QgliTi ' Af 'Z ' ' .M .W . . f , w ft if 'fri ' l 'S in 1 ff C 1 ' " , 5 .pf f ,Xt Net ww,-,zovga A538533 ll' ?iWqwwf?itf'?rn All ts ' ww mwmdf YHNN' QNNWQ wwef D -2,q aiflw ww???ft' p'nt 4 tmgtf llff. lit: 100 'uflfrf -'L . mont mf-1-ting in tlw F'.fn'r.' Uri rnorrtiny, thf: Slllflflrl f,'f.f'rr."f g. 'stating that rbfg., " pf-:king for Hxzlilml, larlzl '.f1I':g'friI.aliy fJl'l'fl'i.lJ The group approvufl thu 4--4,f- U,- 41 lnit,i:il rnfzmlif-re of rin: ,J ip wrt f ,lf-rry ltanif-lf, 4t1-'.f- I -- l- l.arry lt. ,lohneon. lfwrriwl 'vlffuf Illlflltlili. 'lille ,509 f,u'r.!w."f+ 1' f:o-ordinator for atuflf-nt-hi ff' agy, act as a medium for f off ,r..f '. f student body and ituflf-if fum ideas and irilorinatiori. and to '. mental action by ang. group. A'-.rm I I l and l.arry ,lohnfon v.f-rf- riff" t cornmittfzfz. .Miproxirnatfh Z3 - f the group. llfffx. I9-Jun, 15 'llw NO- fw: out lljllfl lf'ttf-r- to "1!f"I.' -' 1 "- write letters to lfgislator-. .XLNI lit li ltlljmllfffe, nf-v. -papfr-. and ff. if' ' 1 Studvnt- swrf: al-ft fr-iff 'o .4 anyone they km-'.-., Top: The ,JSC-.-Itizll at t'o:s'sj- ' Corercge in nm: fzerrspapsrs. LefI.' P11 F t a rnessage from Shtrfltorw tiff? . li.: ' urffftr' Student Go:'e":r:eY: ":ff:f'25. Candy .l1t'71gt'7'. Linn L:'f:.'e. Ssfztff SE R Cn!-tee f1'fte.f:. .4 buff: farrpw Huff' 1 7 L sit below a sign it-.77:'ul: rtzffs t:?t5"" OU 'l'IliS Controversy Widens . . . They were .tskcd not to criticize ASM or its student body. A list of officials with their addresses to whom letters should be written vas included. During the same period. the Ex-Students Association sent similar letters to former students. Articles, columns, editorials, and letters to the editor which were puhlishcd during this time were, for the most part. sympathetic to the ASC position and many called for .1 divorce of the tvso schools. The Education Committee of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce. however, stood with ASM in the controversy hecause it felt that ASC would have a graduate school sooner if it stayed with ASH. Jun. O: A rally vvas held in front of the Student Center to protest the proposed assimilation. Approximately 2,500 students attended. Dean of Students Boh Dollar praised the group for its tnature and orderly actions as did Tarrant County legislators George Richardson and .lack McLaughlin. Representatives Richardson and McLaughlin further ad- vocated separation of the two schools. Richardson stated his plans to introduce a hill in the House of Representatives for the divorce. Larry Johnson and .lim Jeffery. SOS co-chairmen, and Lynn Little, Student Government president. also spoke to the group. Irving Harrigan and Charlie Brown. disc jockeys from Dallas radio station KLIF, also attended the rally to lend their support to the students. Petitions were placed in the foyer of the Student Center for students to sign. Alfffnfu .Sflnfli Sftfwr, Slu- rfvnt Cmfrnnffnl sffre- tary, mails the SOS let- lers with the assistance Q! llflfflpffl Lyfmf' Jeffery, flflughlvr of Ur. ffm! UH. ,lim je,it'rfrj.' of flrlirzgwn. Right: Ann lobe, lim jrflfprl,-Z rmrf Larry john- son apply fl bumper szfflfer supplied by the SUS Comrftfllff. v in H' CQ. H -S-.g I? BWANIFF MRWIYS 'U Left: SOS co-chairmen Larry John- son, Ann lobe, and Jim Jeffery ancl Student Government president Lynn Little talk with television and news- paper men before their trip to Aus- tin. Below: The group boards a plane to fly to Austin to talk with Governor Connally about the school situation. Students Hold Anti-Aggie Rally Rfgltf 5 slr: 505- s:w:M-'e.i r a Il 1 0 .IWOIESI ills pru- gw 0 5 r J cl: 111:65 'fu:.glztf.500 Q!:..fvrIs f r 0 V71 classes Ian. H, Befou' left: Um:-. p r o t e sl signs new in ez :llerzfe al Ihe rfZll5.B6l01l' flghlf .-l 1' E I' -Y v':f7f:' m1'n0rz'l-v of llte 5Izm'en! l70fl-Y fftvw forlll to fgpporz Ilve pro- posals of the' .4811 board. 82 , Yzsg, 14 W N QM my aa WW ' 5 ,is 9,-, , a BN 4 , Nw in Q. . n 1 , 1 Gall Legislature Passes Separation Bill Jan. 26: Governor .lohn Connally, in a speech to a joint session ol the Texas Legislature, proposed a reorganization of state higher education systems. The new organization would include four college and university systems. In this program, ASC would be grouped with the University of Texas, North Texas State University, and Texas Woman's University. Feb. 12: The SOS co-chairmen, Jim Jeffery, Larry Johnson, and Ann lobe, and Student Government president Lynn Little flew to Austin for a private talk with Governor Connally. The students agreed to support firmly the governor's proposal. Feb. 13: The SUS committee dis-banded. The co-chaimten decided that their work was finished because, at the time, the proposed A8rM move was stopped. March 16: The Fort Worth Star-Tell-grarn annourtff-fl that 'i. ,. ll'f1l"l of DlrCCl0I'S Wllllflfilwfl lls request for ,3 gfallljgtlj ff.lt1,f,l at .X Nl, March 22: The Senate passed a hill to -1-paratv: fxrlirtgm .. N'-15' from A8rM. Don Kennard of Fort Worth introduced the hill. March 31: The House of Representatixes pas-ed the hill v-ith amendment which would prevent ASC from getting any mort the permanent endowment fund of the Lniver-itv of Tflxa W". lf':ff1 :T afternoon the Senate rejected the amendment at- a gesture of senatorial courtesy to William Moore of Bryan. The hill v.i'h amendment had been introduced before the House pa-sed was in print. gram' ?f'i ' ns ra, -4 bv, ,ms W0 16, :I .Q f 425 s fb 1:3 'i:'l?2' - L' " ""pEFY4,A 'S' "'e5', W if ef. .af L- in l . -c or ,p. .nv 4-- L., r 'C 'vm 'ft -- Q O 'si 3 -he ,MS fx X .. tt. lli".1-Ll"' -ob 5 I 'Q S 6 'J' it L .--. f- t-1-fr . ' - 'S C156 SOS rr' -F 384 exif the Aggies, enfer fhe Longhorns . . . Crm11n1l1'l1,'11fu1',w IVIIIIV4' fllllI'.S fun! f.Ill'llI4'l4'l' Srlzug lllllllllffj' 11111 llllflf'-lAIIH'Iy' 1Il'l'A' out IUIIIO ilzc fnlnr ...yung 5Associafes - Adaire Halwes as Donna Rowan T ' e l Miles Locke - Faifh Belovsky rA5S'Sfw?'f f- Q s r in s i0lga Rabon ? 5 l Paul Rowan Secretaries Cafhe Westmoreland Helen Griffin Classes Photographer Marcel 's Studio Special Porfraifs Park Plaza Studio Aegeidae 322 AIIE 363 Alfasig 323 Alpha Phi Omega 369 American Institute of Physics 374 Architecture Club 360 Arlington Review Staff 293 AV0l0I1I6 316 Baptist Student Union 302 and Economics Club Canterbury House 300 Cheerleaders 210 Christian Scientists Organization 301 Citus Falco 224 ,A- Adams. Duane A. p. 281 Adams. Mary Dot p. 279 Adickes, H. W. p.278 Alford, Mary L. p. 260, 280 Amsler. Robert W. p. 282 Amstutz, A. Keith p. 281, 311 Anderson, William p. 281 Arnold, Jonnie p. 274 Austin. Walter G. Jr. p. 261, B6 Avant. Roy p. 288 ..B.. Bailey, Joe p. 267 Baird, Frank p. 282 Baker, Melva Lynn p. 289 Ballard, Dorothy p. 289 Barker, C. L. R. p. 287 Barksdale, E. C. p. 282, 358 Barnes, B. C. p. 48, 266 Bearden, Burley p. 224, 249 Beeman, W. E. p. 283 Benham, Ann p. 278 Bemstein, Ira p. 261, 301, 286 Berryhill, E. P. p. 283 Betts, Dexter p. 272 Betts, Roberta p. 280 Blakney, Paul p. 6, 7, 279, 292, 298 Blanton, Matthew S. p. 288 Boatright, Jo p. 281 Bolen, James p. 283 Boling, Dan p. 302 Boon, John D. p. R2 Boren, Carter E. p. 282 Boshers, Fred R. p. 278 Bost, Edward L. p. 288 Boyle, Robert D. p. 22, 301 Bragg, Louis H. p. 278 Brewster, Weldon, p. 267 Brown, John H. p. 273 Browning, Ronald p. N6 Brown, William A. p. 275 Bruce, Charles p. 63, 279 Bryant, J. D. p. 271 Buettiker, Paul p. 287 Burkholder, Dan p. 281, 307 Bumxan, Harold G. p. 278 -C.. Calvert, Ray p. 338, 343 Cameron, Margaret p. 279 386 Organizations Civil Engineering Club 361 COMSO 351 Concert Choir 308 Davis Hall Council 353 En Ami 317 Epsilon Nu Gamma 364 Freshman Class Officers 351 Golf Team 241 Hillel 301 IEEE 362 Inter-Club Council 350 Inter-Dorm Council 353 Kappa Kappa Psi 305 Karuso Pteros 318 K-Deltphi 325 Lab Band 307 Lee House Council 353 Les Choisies 320 Lipscomb Hall Council 352 Men's Hall A Council 352 Methodist Student Center 303 NCO Club 370, 371 Officer's Club 375 Pachl Dorm Council 352 Phi Kappa Theta 358 Pi Sigma Epsilon 366 Pistol Team 338 Pre-Law Club 377 Press Club 365 Rebel Band 304-306 Rebso 305 Reveille Staff 296, 197 Rifle Team 338 Sakkara 328 Sam Houston Rifles 344 Sans Souci 319 Shorthorn Staff 294, 295 Administration, Faculty, Staff Cantwell, Donald p. 286, 377 Carlton, Anita p. 256, 281 Carol, Barbara p. 289 Cash, Floyd L. p. 287, 362, 369 Cheavens, Frank p. 355 Chen, Mo Shing p. 287, 362, 364 Cheney, Monrow G. p. 285 Chesnut, Dorothy p. 283 Childers, M. R. p. 283 Christopher, Donna p. 279 Clay, Charles R. p. 288 Clegg, Curtis E. p. 288 Clinton, Doyle L. p. 281 Cochran, Joyce p. 279 Coke, Robert E. p. 283 Comitini, Salvatore p. 286 Committe, Thomas C. p. 286 Connally, Charles H. p. 271 Cook, Ben p. 269 Cook,'J. F. p. 286 Couch, Cecil Redding p. 289 Coulter, Charles M. p. R8 Cowan, Edward A. p. 281 Cox, Nita p. 279 Crenshaw, Clifton W. p. 288 Crider, Louise p. 274 Crumb, Stephen p. 287, 362 -D.. Dalley, Joseph W. p. 288 Devenport, Mary Lou p. 285 Dean, Euda E. p. 283 Denman, Clarence P. p. 282 Desha, Paul G. p. 278 Dodge, Charles F. p. 282 Dollar, Robert J. p. 38, 162, 266 Doughty, Erwin p. 285 Dowdey, J. E. p. 285 Duff, James p. 288 Dunsworth, H. A. D. p. 283 Dyer, Danny p. R3 -E.. Easterling, William D. p. 243, 250, 285 Eichelberger, Clayton L. p. 279 Eller, Charles M. p. 288 Elliott, William G. p. 282 Ellis, Jason p. 285 Ellison, Georgia p. 289 Estes, Emory p. 279 Everard, Noel J. p. 288 -F- Fairchild, Jack E. p. 287 Faught, Patsy K. p. 279, 292, 365 Feldman, Egal p. 258, 282, 301 Files, Carl W. p. 287 Fisher, Tom p. 193, 279 Flenniken, Neita J. p. 279 310 Flinn, Wesley p. 281, 301, 308, Forbes, B. M. p. 282 Ford, Edmond H. p. 288 ' Forester, Ailsey p. 279 Foster, Robert p. 283 Fowler, Pat p. 272 Frye, Bernard Lee p. 278 -Q- Gandy, Thomas D. Jr. p. 278 Gardner, John A. p. 284 Garrett, Alva E. p. 278 Garrett, Jimmy W. p. 248, 285 Getts, Barbara M. p. 286 Gilbreath, Joe p. 284 Gillespie, Alan p. 284 Gillespie, Horace p. 270, 351 Gilstrap, Claude R. p. 249 Gladden, Frank p. 278 Goodwin, John M. p. 287, 362 Goyne, A. V. p. 279 Graham, Norweita p. 289 Green, H. R. p. 284- Grigg, Calvin p. 280 Groner, David p. 279 Grubb, Grover C. p. 287 .H- Hagard, Luther G. 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B. 104 Anderson, Ren 104 Anderson, Robert 54, 134, 325, 357 Anderton, Lewie 134 Andres, Bobby 104 Andress, Boyd 80 Andrews, Karl 134 Andrews, Kay 104, 368 Andrews, Mary 134 Andries, Susan 40, 134 Angeles, Maximo 134 Ansley, Jimmie 134- Ansley, Mary 134 Anthony, James 134 Anthony, Phyllis 134 Anton, James 80 Apple, Kathy 357 Archie, Edwin 104 Archley, John 134 Ard, Lewis 80 Ariola, Phil 104 Armstrong, Richard 80, 338 Arnold, Jerry 38, 54 Amold, Reg 43, 104, 294, 298, 365 Arnold, Ronald 54 Arrington, Walter 54 Ascue, Dana 134 Ash, Elrey ll 134, 2-13 Ash, Phillip 363, 364 Ashabranner, Fred 54 Ashcraft, Sarah 134 Ashlock, Jeff 104 Ashlock, Wayne 13-1 Ashmore, Helen 134 Ashworth, Bobby 310 Ashworth, Jimmy 80, 323 Atchison, Michael 5-1- Atcitty, Martha 134 Atherton, Bill 134, 373 Athey, Donald 80 Atkerson, Marti 134, 372 Atkins, Sherian 13-1 Atkinson, Sondra 80 Attaway, Gerald 104, 377 Atwood, Russell 104 Austin, Clint 104, 360 Autry, Gary 134 Avant, Roy 365 Avary, LaVaughn 80 Averitt, Hester 80 Ayers, John 54 Azcue, Anthony Jr. 80 IJIJYIHTI, william ll, p, 1121 'lurm-y, ff. ll, pi!!! I, 1.'ltf:rhaf.k, Jahlr p. .471 . -tp - Vina, Pr'-flfrriak p, 721 Volltulorl, Norrnan g.. 253 Wade, Nlarlha p. Aff, W'allaf.f:, lfrank p. 276 Warren, lillvlif: N. p. 231 Watkins, Kirhj-8 D. p. 221 Webring, fierlruflf: p. 27 West, Samuel E. p. E9 Westfall, Margery p, B9 Whaling, Ann p. fi! White, Annell L. p. WL Whiteeel, Theodore L p. 26 Whitt, Ken p. oi. 72. 193 Wiley, Margaret Ire p. BCI, 359 Yvilliams. lilaine 'l'. p. 233 W'llll8mS'Jn. Hfullkfl J... P. R-3 Willoughby, Margaret f.. p. 278 Wilmeth. James D. p. El Wimpee. Gerald p. 275 Winzer, Elizabeth p. 236 Wiseman. Carl p. Z?-3 Wwlf, Jack R. p. 148. 264 Wolfskill. George p. 258. E3 Wright, O. S. p. 29, 352 Wyatt. James l-. p. 1531 -Y- Yeager, Charles E. p. 286 Azcue, Ray 80 1B..-. Babers. Clarence 131 Bacon, Jerry 306 Bacsik. Dorothy 134 Bacsik, Joan 80 Bacsik. John 80 Baggett. Richard 104 Bagot. Ed 13-5. 243 Bailey Benjamin 104 Bailey, Emma 10-1 Bailey. J. B. 135. SCU Bailey. John 80 Bailey Odell 54. 362 Baker. Carl 135 Baker. Gerald 135. 32 Baker. Jerry 135 Baker. Lloyd 135 Baker. Nancy 135 Baldridge. Charlotte Baldwin, R. I.. 135 Baldwin. Steve 80. 36 Ball. Maria 27. 101. 320 Ballard, Clifford 135 Ballew. Larry 5-1. 366 Ballinger. Dennis 322 Balthrop. Gary 105 Bandera. Mike 105 Banister. Steven 135 Banks, Laura 135 Barbee. George 105 Barber, Allen 228 Barber. David 361 135 2 William 56, 366 larler hertdan loo Barker. David 80. 182 358 Barkhuht. Neal 135 barksdale. Maurice 135 Barnard. Donna 135 Barber. Roland 105 1 1 . 5 ' ' 3' 506 Barnes. Jerry 54, 305, " Barnes. Kenneth 135 Barnes. Larry 105 Barnes. Mike 105, 228 Barnes. Robert 135 Barnes. Sandy 105. 336 Barnes. Stanley 105 Barnett. Robert 54 Barnett. Tye. Jr. 135 Barnett. William 135 Barr. Linda 105. 186. 193. 321. 316. 350 Barrett. Walter 105 Barbara 135 Barry. Wayne 105 Bartlett. Barbara 135 Bartlett. Dayid 105 Barton. Cherie 135 Barton. Sharon 135 Bartsch. William 135 Basham. Dwyane 54, 327 Basham. Gary 105 Basham. Jean 135 Bass. Pat 135 Bastone. Anthony 328 Bateman, Edwin 135 Bates, Bobby 306 Bates. Clifford 80 Bates, J erry 32, 80, 347 Battee, Joyce 80 Battle, John 105 Battles, Wayne 54 Baucum, Jan 135 Baugh. Darlin 135 Baugh, Howard 135 Baur, Marieluise 135 Baxley, Larry 135 Bayah, Martha 135 Bayer, Clarence 105 Bayer, Dorothy 105 Bayless, James 135 Bays, Carson 54, 367 Beam, Larry 135 Beaman, Tommy 135 Bearden, Barry 105 Bearden, Ted 377 Beasley, Bob 54 Beasley, Dayton 135 Beavers, Claudia 135 Beck, David 135 Beck, Dewey 135, 371 Beck Dwayne 135 Beck, Joseph 105 Beckham, Elizabeth 80 Bedair, Vemon 135 Bedell, Mary 136 Beeman, Randall 105 Beene, Donna 136 Beene, James 136 Beene, Kenneth 80, 363, Beheler, Carl 80 Behne, Buddy 136, 328 Behrhorst, Bill 136 Belknap, Jerry 80 Bell, Barbara 136 Bell, Betty 136 Bell, Billy 136 Bell, Jimmy 105 Bell Lorraine 136 Bell, Michael 81 Bell, Sheila 136 Bell, Stephen 136 Bell, Teri 136 Bell Tommy 105 Belovsky, Faith 55, 105, 296 Benat, Charles 306 Benedict, Philip 136 Benesh, Davy 54 Benham, Rose 136 388 3 32 Bennett, Fred 55 Bennett, Jerry 105 Bennett, Reed 55 Bennett, William 81 Benningfield, Malisa 105 Benson, Eldean 81 Benson. Skip 239 Bentley, Michael 136 Benton, Donald 136, 306, 369 Beggon, Jimmy 105, 305, 306, Benton. Linda 136, 299 Benton, Mary 136 Benton, Victor 81 Berg, Barbara 136, 360 Berger, Michael 105 Bergman, David 55, 301 Bernard, John 136 Bernstein, Ken 105 Berry, Linda 136 Berry, Penny 55 Berry, Richard 136 Berry, Tommy 136 Beseda, Allen 136 Beshires, Larry 136 Besio, Chip 353 Bethune, Bill Jr. 136, 360 Betzner, Bruce 105 Beverly, Mary 136 Bewley, Ellis 105 Bewley, J. M. 55 Beyer, Glenn W. 55, 363 Boone, Daniel 137 Booth, Ronald 137 Borah, Pam 310 Borne, Arthur 137 Boroff, Lynette 137 Borsh, Pamela 137 Borst, Elizabeth 321 Bosak, Sharon 137 Boswell, Arthur 327 Bosworth, William 326 Bouldin, Marvin 137 Bourland, Danny 106 Bourne, Harold 106 Bowden, Ralph 137 Bowen, Walter 106 Bowen, Wayne 137 Bower, Bonita 137 Bower, Kathy 293 Bowers, Charlene 137 Bowers, Richard 55, 374 Bowie, Marilyn 137 Bowles, Betty 320 Bowles, Lory 137 Bowles, Mitchell 55, 371 Bowlin, Donald 106 Bowling, James 137 Bowling, Robert 55, 81 Bowman Bowman , Brenda 137 , Kaye 106, 310 Bowman, Kenneth 218, 226 Bowman, Reggie 56 Box, Don 56 Brooks, Lon 138 Brooks, Randall 360 Brookshire, Phil 106 Brotherton, Johnny 138 Brougham, Judy 138 Brown, Bettye Ruth 138 Brown, Bivins G. 138 Brown, Colin 138 Brown, David 106, 138, 372 Brown, Gwendelyn 138 Brown, Harold 138 Brown, James R. 138, 307 Brown, Jan 45, 106, 318, 368 Brown, Joyce 106 Brown, Kathy 138 Brown, Kenneth 138 Brown, Larry 82 Brown, Mary Lee 138, 310 Brown, Mary T. 138 Brown, Neal 138, 327 Brown, Pat 300 Brown, Ray J. 138 Brown, Raymon 106 Brown, Steve P. 138 Brown, Thelia 138 Brown, Vivian 138 Brown, Browning, Mary Sue 82 Brusewitz, Edythe E. 27, 138 Bruton, Charles 138 Bryan, Richard 138, 360 Bryan, Suzanne 47, 82, 316, 350 Bibb, Gene 136 Bice, Judy 105 Bickley, Jeanette 106 Bielss, Rayburn 136 Bigelow, Ronald 136 Bilbray, ' Carolyn 106 Bierge, Laddie 81 Bishop, Brenda 136 Bishop, Diane 136, 299 Bishop, Janie 17, 81, 325 Bishop, Lynne 136 Bishop, Neil 81 Black, David 55, 362 Black, Jim 81 Box, Melany 137 Boyce Eddie 137 Boyd, Bill 106 Boyd, Kenneth Jr. 106 Boyd, Robert 106 Boydston, Barty 137, 352 Boydston, Sammie 137 Boykin, Robert 137 Braboy, John 137 Brackett, Roger 371 Bradbury, John 81 Bradford, Jim 56 Bradshaw, Leslie 156, 317 Brady, Jimmie 137 Bryant, Gail 138 Bryant, Jerry 82, 327 Bryant, Mary L. 138 Bryant, Thomas 106 Bryant, Weldon 56 Bubenik, Jim 138, 369 Buchanan, Curtis 82 Buck, Grady Jr. 138 Buck, James 106 Buck, Michael 138 Bucker, Janet 106 Buckingham, Karen 138 Buie, Nolan 138 Blackburn, 2 Barry 136 Blacketer, Keith 6, 55, 103, 193, 296, 298 Blackford, Nancy 136 Blair, Fred 136 Blair, Steve 81 Blake, Randy 136 Blake, Richard 106 Blanchard, Joy 136 Blankenship, Tom 136 Blanton, Carol 136 Blanton, Carolyn 137 Blasingame, Larry 55 Blechl, Henry 81 Blend, Lawrence 55 Blessing, Robert 106 Blevins, Herbert 106, 360 Blevins, Sharon 137 Blomdahl Kelly 137 Blomquist, Charles 137 Blount, Beverly 81 Blum, Gary 34-7 Blyton, Dellbert 55 Bodiford, Linda 106 Boehm, Ralph 55, 323 Boemker, Linda 81 Bogard, Ronald 137 Bohannon, Pat 137 Bokst, Beth 81 Bolden, Linda 106 Boles, Joel 137 Bolton, Ronald 106 Bond, Beth 137 Bond, Tim 55 Bontke, Richard 81 Boockoff, Betsy 106 Booher, Dan 299, 302, 310 Bogmgii Mills 81, 252, 253, 323, Brady, Joan 181 Brady, Michael 56 Braggs, Mary Ann 138 Braly, Elmer 82 Brandon, Billy 82, 365 Brandon, Reid 138 Brandt, William 56 Brashear, Gary 138 Brassell, Billy 138 Braswell, Dwight 138 Braswell, Karron 82, 321, 350 Bratcher, Charlotte 56 Bratcher, Clayton 106, 183, 365 Braun, Richard 56 Braunt, Donna 138 Bray, Rollan 82 Brazier, Dave 106 Bread, Lucille 138 Breazeale, Ingrid 40, 138, 310 Brett, G. J. 106 Brett, Gerald 106 Brewer, Ronald R. 138 Brice, Bryan 56 Brice, Calvin 82 Bridges, Barbara 138 Bridges, Dick 106 Bridges, Sue 138 Briggs, Alden 56, 361 Briggs, Valerie 40, 138 Brimer, John 307 Brister, Ernest 47, 56, 324 Britain, Wendell 56 Brittan, Marian 82 Britton, Jim 106 Brock, Dwight 106 Brockway, Carl 56 Brooks, Brooks, Jimmy 219, 220, 228 Lany 138 Buis, James 107, 327 Bullard, Robert C. 138 Buller, Kendall 56 Bullington, Tom 373 Bullock, Jerry 56 Bullock, Michael 138 Bumpas, Don 82 Bumpass, Roger W. 138 Bunt, Gary W. 138 Burch, Donna 139 Burcham, Myles 56 Burdick, Don 139 Burgess, Charles 56 Burgoon, Janice 107 Burk, Thomas 139 Burke, Cathie 56, 182, 376 Burke, Edward 139 Burkett, Norman 82, 365 Burkett, Warren 57, 365 Burkley, Dennis 107 Burks, Gene 57, 375 Burks, James 57 Burleson, Betsy 48, 107, 182, 308, 310, 316 Burleson, Mary Ann 107, 306 Burnett, Carol 139 Burnett, David 82, 366 Burnett, Ronnie 139, 151 Burnett, Susan 57, 193, 316 Burns, Gloria Jean 82 Burns, Jen'y 82 Bums, Lan'y 107 Burnside, Jackie 82 Burress, Ikey 57 Burris, Kay Lynn 40, 139 Burrus, David 107, 360 Burrow, Darlene 139 Burseen, Tommy 139, 246, 247 Burson, Bettie 139 Burson, Diana 139 Burt, John 139 Burton, Bettye 107 Burton, John 107 Burton, Robert 57 Busbee, Gerald 82 Busby, Douglas 139 Bush, Abe 57, 250 Bush, John 82 Bush, Royce 139 Bush, Stanley 57 Bushdosh, Gerald 82 Buss, Larry 139 Busse, David 57 Bussey, Charles 139 Bussey, Robert 57, 183 Butler, Donald 139 Buttram, William 82 Butts, Joe 107, 360 Byers, Scott 107 Byers, Suzie 139 Byers, Terry 139 Byler, Dean 323 Bynum, Brian 57 Bynum, Jerry 82 Byrd, Beverly 82 Byrd, William 82 Byrne, Beth 57 Byther, Fred 139 -C- Cabeen, John 57 Cabello, Xavier 107 Caffey, Charles 139 Cagley, Robert 107, 310 Cain, Larry 139 Calame, Larry 57, 366 Caldwell, Carol 139 Caldwell, James 139 Caldwell, Jeffery 139 Caldwell, Kathleen 139 Calfee, Richard 179, 322, 379 Callaway, John 57 Callicott, Dail 57 Calloway, Blaine 107 Calvert, Richard 107 Cameron, Hugh 11 139 Camp, Eddie 139 Camp, Jeannie 82 Campbell, Diane 83 Campbell, Genie 107 Campbell, Jerri 41, 107, 306, 318 Campbell, Patil 139 Campbell, Rannie 323 Campos, Alfred 107 Campos, Herman 83 Campos, Jesse 83 Candy, Barry 83 Cannefax, Pam 139 Cannon, Charles 83 Cannon, David 83, 327 Cannon, Odis 107 Cannon, Thomas 83 Canterbury, Rebecca 140 Cantrell, Sharon 140 Cantrell, Sue 14-0 Cantrell, Wood 83 Caram, Abdalla 83 Caram, Alfred 107 Caraway, Patricia 140 Carbonell, Adrian 140 Carboni, Richard 140 Carden, John Jr. 140 Carey, Dan 57 Carley, Addison 107 Carley, Susan 140 Carlin, Kaye 57, 337, 339, 344 Carlisle, Charles, 57 Carlisle, Penny 57 Carlock, Gaylord 362 Carlton, Don 58 Carpenter, Carol 58 Carpenter, Jess 228 Carpenter, Robert 140 Carr, William 107 Carrabba, John 107 Carrasco, Marisela 140 Carrico, E. C. 364 Carrico, Eugene 58 Carroll, Roger 58 Carson, James 140 Carson, Mickey 33, 140 Carter, Candy 140 Carter, Donald 107 Carter, Doris 107 Carter, Doug 83 Carter, Glenn 140 Carter, James 140, 299 Carter, Lou 140 Carter, Phillips 83 Carter, Steve 14-0 Carter, Troy 58 Carter, William 140 Carlock, Gaylord 83 Cartwright, Kenneth 83 Case, Bobby 107 Case, Mary 83 Casey, Don 140 Casey, -lan 79 Cash, Mike 140 Cashion, Charles 58, 362 Cashion, Terry 83 Cassady, Brian 140 Cassell, Harry Jr. 140 Castellanos, Charles 83, 326 Castillo, Sam 107 Castleberry, Sidney 140 Castleberry, Rondal 107 Castleberry, Walter 140 Castleman, Tom 58 Cato, Clara 140 Caton, Paul 140 Caudry, John R. 83 Cavender, Richard 140, 323, 351 Celli, Mary 107 Celovsky, Andrew 140 Celovsky, Tex 360 Cervantes, Blanche 140 Cervantes, John 83 Cervera, Arture 58 Chaloupka, Johnny 140 Chambers, Gloria 83 Chambers, John 369 Chambers L. K. 58 Chambers, Radford 140 Chambers, Tommie 83 Chamblee, Tom 140 Chandler, Pierce 83 Chandler, Richard 58 Chaney, Steve 58, 305, 306, 311 ' Charles, Phillip 140 Chatfield, Nickie 58 Chatham, Jay 140 Chattey, Paul 107 Cheatham, Clara 107 Cheatum, Dan 58 Chenault, Christa 108 Chenault, Robert A. 58 Chenevert, Herman 140 Cheslock, Lanelle 140 Chessmore, Helen 140 Childress, Pat 141 Chilton, Ronald 108 Choate, Danny 58, 182 Choate, Linda 83 Christie, Kaye 29 Christopher, Gary 83 Christopherson, Faye 141 Christy, Benjamin 239, 306 Church, Ted 58 Cinotto, John 141 Cisneros, Robert 141 Clampitt, Robert 108 Clanton, Larry 141 Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clarke, Alicia IIB Ann 141, 306 Bobby 108 Carol 141 Elin 141 Cary 141 Cifty 141 .lorry 363, 373 .lohn 108, 141 Mary 141 Odis 141 Paul 108 Phillip 58, 364, 374, 375 Roger 108 James 108 Clarkson, Marty 141 Claunch, Eddie 141 Clawson, Charles 83, 320, 323 Claybrook, Doris 58 Clemens, Beverly 108 Clements, Charles 108 Clements, Jan 83 Clements, Jim 123, 297, 298, 371 Clements, Richard 141 Clemons, William 141 Clibum, Buddy 327 Clifton, Jimmy 83, 305, 306, 369 Climer, W. Roy 141 Clinton, Carol 141 Clock, John 108 Cloer, Bill 141 Close, Fred 58, 366 Clough, George 108, 352 Clower, Sue 141 Clowers, Harold 83 Clymer, James 58 Cobb, John 59, 375 Cobb, Leon 84 Coble, Coble, George 59, 362, 363 Roy 59 Cochran, Dennis 141 Cochran, John 108, 371 Cochran, Mike 84 Cockrell, Claude 108 Coffee, Coffey, Coffey, Nancy 141 Gene 108 Janice 141 Coffman, Russell 59 Cofield, Curtis 108, 307 Coggins, Laverne 108 Cohen, Cohen, Coker Coker, 9 James 108 Michael 59, 301 Don 141, 368 Ronald 108 Cole, Jim 84, 363, 373 Coleman, Craig 84 Coleman, Katherine 59 Collier, Linda 141 Collins, Bobbitt 84 Collins, Fred 141 Collins, Gary 141 Collins, Gene 84, 367 Collins, Judy 108 Collins, Kathy 108, 353 Collins, Larry 141 Collinsworth, Danny 108, 360 Collinsworth, Nancy 41, 141, 353 Colvin, Mike 108 Combs, Jackie 141 Coinpos, Ysidro U. 370 Conaway, Dianne 108 Condon, Bill 108 Connally, Charles M. 371 Connally, Mike 141 Connally, Pete 141 Connatser, Betty 141 Connell, Jack 84 Conner, Conner, Conner, Bob 108 Kelton 59 Terry 108 Connors, Tommy 151 Conrad, Carolyn 84, 358, 359, 376 Contreras, Benigno 84 Cook, David 108 Ofok, Suzanne 141 Cook, William lf!! Ofokr, Lillian 141 Drop'-r, Cary 1114 Ufopv-r, Jafk 141 Ofopvrr, Kvvnruzth 141 Cooper, Wlanlyn S9 Cooper, Rolnrn 84 Ufopv-r, Vlallvfr 109 Cooper, Warren 141 Loorporulv-r, Sh'-rj-'l 109, .UJl, if 18 .5 1, 1' Cope. Jerald 109, 2'ff Cope, William 109 Copeland. Jeri 141 Copeland, Phillip 59 Coplin, Cary 109 Cordfrs, Dennis 142 Corflray, Daniel 59 Comelius, Don 142 fgomfll. Alben. 142 Comett, Don 59 Comett, John Jr. 142 Cornell, Patricia 109 Correa, Virtor 84 Corrigan, Danny 142 Cortez., Mike 310 Cosgrove, Ed 324 Cosper, Eddie 84 Cossette, Sharie 109 Costa. Everett 142 Cotter, George 239 Cotton. Penny 142 Couch, Beverly' 84 Couch. Bfrlihjv' 142 Coughlin, Pat 142 Covey, Linda 142 Covington, Delaine 109 Covington. James 109 Covington, Robert 142 Cowan, Don 59 Cowan, Raymond 59 Cowley, Rebecca 38. 109 Cowsar, Dolly 142 Cowser, Larry 109 Cox, Charles 142 Cox Charlotte 142 Cox, Gary 142 Cox. Kent 84. 323 Cox, Tad 142 Cox, Wardell 142 Coxson, William 142 Crabtree, Jacqulyn 142 Crabtree, Rosemary 59, 359 Crader. Diane 142 Craddock, Phillip 109 Craddock. Ronald 59 Craig, Robert 59 Crain. William 84 Crane, Janet 32, 316 Cravens. Tommy 84. 361 Crawford. Judith 84 Crawford. Peggy 59. 317, 350 Crawford. Richard 84 Crenshaw. John 59 Crenshaw. Mary 142 Crenshaw. Patricia 109 Crider. Tommy 322 Crim. Jerry 142 Crist, Jean 142. 306 ct-ie. cami,-n sa 141 352. asa Cronkhite, Jim 59 Crow, Cyril 109 Crumman, Stanley 301 Crouch. Henry 109 Crouch. Thomas 59, 184, 240 241 Crowe. Don 142 Crowder. Carol 109 Crowley. Bucky 142. 301 Cuff, Katherine 142 Cullar, James Jr. 84 Culp, Cheryl 142 Cummings Gary 109 389 Cunnins. Don 142 Cunningham. Sarah 109. 254. 255. 3211 Llup it. Carol 142 Currin. Karen 142 Curry. Dave 84 Curry. Jesie 142 Curry. John 142 Curry. Larry 142 Curtis. Mona 142 Curtis. Nancy 109 Cush ma n. Tommy 109 -D- Daherry. Howard 84 Dabney. Arthur 142 Dagg, Diane 142 Dale. Floyd 143 Dalley. Joe 210, 211 Dalli n. William 362 Dalrymple. Corbitt 109 Dalryple. Tim 360 Danipier. Ronald 84 Dana. D'Anna 143 Dana. Fieldona 143 D'Andriole. Tommy 328 Dane. Joe 143 Debenport. Karen 110 Deen, James 110 Deets, John 365 DeLange, Richard 84 DeLaPaz. Alfred 143 DeLarrn, Dale 143 DeLira. Pete 60 Detnerson, Perry 110 Dehlott. Rene 110 Denig, Bill 143 Denison. Joe 110 Denney. Dave 143 Dennis. Roberta 110 Dent, Charles 110 Denton, Carolyn 84 Derry. Kay 110 DeVaney, Dee 110 DeVault, Daryl 143, 371 Dews, Hank 143 DeYoung, Eddie 143 Dickens, Lynda 85 Dickerson, Joe 110 Dickerson, Lewis 143 Dickerson, William 185 Dickson, Charles 60 Dickson, David 143 Dickson, Donald 110 Diem, Marcia 20, 89, 110, 192, Daniels. Howard 109, 328 Daniels. Jerry 43, 60, 183, 356 Darby. Cecil 305. 306, 307 193, 194, 195, 320, 323, 329 Dill, R.B. Jr. 143 Dillehay, Glen 110 Dinger, Donald 110 Darr. R. L. 362 Davis, Danny 143 Darden. Paul 109 Darnall. Thomas 60 Darnell. Linda 143 Darr. Ronald 81- Darr. Ronnie 301 Darr och. Carol 84 Daubert. Robert 84 Daugirda. John 143 Daugirda. Joyce 143 Davenport. David 143 Davenport. Robert 143 Davey, Robert 143 Davidson. Rechey 109 Davidson. Sid 143 Davies, Juli 319, 336, 350 Davile. Begigno 143 Davis, Carol 60 Davi s. Charles 109 Davis. David 109 Davis, Diana 143 Davis. Emogene 143 Davis. Eugene 143 Davis. Frank Jr. 143 Davis, George 60 Davis. James 84 Davis, Joe 109 Davis, Judy 143 Davis. Laddie 143 Davis. Lawrence 143 Davis. Linda 60. 317 Davis. Obie 143 Davis, Paul 109, 368 Davis, Phyllis 109, 310 Davis. Robert 109, 143, 306 Davis, Tommy 143, 323, 352, 360 Dawson. Charles 109 Dawson, Jimmy 110 Dawson, John 143 Dawson, Thomas 143 Day. Ben 324, 351 Day, Carl 143, 328 Day D. L. 371 Day, O. D. 143 Dean, Gene 84 Dean, Susan 368 Deardorff, Phyllis 84 Dearing, Jerry 110 Dearing, Joe 143 De.-Xrmond, 'Sue 143 390 Dixon, Carrington 306, 371 Dixon, Don 143, 306, 307 Dixon, Richard 328 Doak, Dale 327 Dodd, B. K. 361 Dodd, Bernie 60 Dodd, Lynn 144 Doester, Rodney 60 Dolce, Ricki 14-4 Doleshal, Joan 60 Dollar, H.G. 85 Donaghy, John 327 Donald, Ronnie 85 Donovan, George 85, 324, 357 Doolin, James 110 Doolittle, Karen 85 Douglas, Donald 110, 373 Douglas, Rick 110 Dover, Ronald 60 Dowd, Richard 60 Dunkin, Patricia 6, 85, 294, 298, 365 Dunn, Marcus 144, 377 Dunn, Randy 14-4 Dunnihoo, Judi 85, 154, 294, 365 Dunlap, William 60 Durling, Diana 110 Durling, Fred 60 Durr, William 60 Dusenberry, Douglas 144 Dushg Jerry 85 Duval, Richard 85, 375 Dvoracek, Jacqueline 144 Dydek, Fred 144 Dye, Clayton 60 -E- Eagan, Ray 85 Ealy, Clarence 144 Early, Gaston 61 Early, Jon 38, 144 Easley, Dennis 366 Easter, Lynne 41, 144 Eaton, Thomas P. Jr. 61 Eaves, Jimmie 61 Eckblad, Libby 85 Eden, Michael 144 Edmonds, Dan 85 Edmonds, Michael 371 Edmondson, Robert 144, 353 Edmundson, Bonny 9, 110, 353 Edwards, Bobby 85, 361 Edwards, Charles 144 Edwards, Cholly 144 Edwards, Frank 144 Evans, Calvin 14-4 Evans, Celestine 111 Evans, Charles W. 61 Evans, Earl 144 Evans, Emilie 111 Evans, George 86 Evans, Janice 145 Evans, Ozeta 61 Evans, Randall 145, 369 Evans, Sharon 346 Evans, Steve 86, 346 Evans, William 362 Evans, Willie Mae 86 Evarts, Ray 111 Ewing, Mary 86 ..F-. Faciane, Emile L. 61 Faciane, Leo 363 Fagan, Fagan, John 362 Mary 145 Fairchild, Carl F. 61 Fairchild, Jerry 145 Falvo, James Lee 111, 323 Fancher, Judy 111, 311 Fanning, Jackie 86 Farhat, Mike 86, 222, 228 Farina, Sammy 328 Farley, Phil 111 Farmer, Billy 145 Farmer, Donna 145 Farmer, Jim 86 Farmer, Ted 145 Farnell, Michael J.' 61 Edwards, Kathy 144 Edwards Linda 85, 318 Edwards, Michael 14-4 Edwards, Sandra 110 Eitouni, Wassim 320 Elick, Don 308 ' Elkins, David Guy 61 Elliott, Harold 85 Elliott, John 85 Elliott, Pamela 320 Ellis, Al 33, 61, 343, 344, 353 Ellis, David 110 Ellis, Don 144 Ellis, Fred 110 Ellis, Mike 144 Ellis,' Thomas 85 Dowell, James 85 Dowell, Jerry 60 Downey, Sam 372 Dozier, James 85 Dozier, Jimmy 85 Dozier, Thelma 144 Drago, Jerry 110 Drake, Dudley 144 Drake, Nancy 110 Drake, Paul 60, 314 Drane, Clifford 144 Draper, David 110, 184, Drennan, Dale 239 365 Drennan, Lynda 110 Driggers, Carolyn 144 Drone, Robert 144 Duarte, Anthony 110 Dubach, Linda 85 Duckett, Linda 110 Dugan, Stan 144, 239 Duggan, Camille 85 Duggan, Jerry 361 Duhamel, Eddie 144 Duhr, Don 144 Duke, David 234 Duke, John 110 Dulsney, Don 144 Dunbar, Dixie 26, 110, 181, 192, 193, 196, 197, 320, 336 Duncan, Anne 144 Duncan, Arthur 60 Duncan, Stanley 144 Dunham, Eddy 60 Ellison, Richard 61, 307 Ellison, Sandra 144 Elmore, Carole 111 Elrod, Sharon 111 Elrod, Truman 111 Eisner, Clinton 144 Ely, Patricia 144 Emison, Rupert 111, 358 Emmons, Pat 300 Emmons, Tommy 144 Enayati, Eskandar 144 Endres, Ronald 111 Engelhardt, Fred 61, 366 England, Donna 29 English, Erna 111 English, Sallie 144 Enloe, Vicki 144 Eppink, Gary 86 Erickson, Brent 144 Erickson, Gerald Jr. 144, 360 Erickson, John 144 Ervin, Betty 144 Eschman, Terri 27, 111 Estes, Charles 111 Estes, Gelia 86 Estes, Neal 61 Esters, Gary 144 Estill, Jim 361 Estrada, Antonio 111 Estrada, Pete 111, 223, 228 Etheridge, Tommy 111 Evans, Bri-t E. 61 Farquhar, Donald 145 Farr, Joe B. 61, 364 Farrar, Randle 86, 306 Faucher, Gari 145 Fauvelle, Robert 145 Felderman, David 145 Felson, Dennis 360 Felts, Reba 111 Fenimore, Thomas 145 Ferguson, Jane 145 Ferguson, John 86, 305, 306 Fernandez, Alberto 145 Fernandez, Teobaldo 145 Ferrell, Lois 86 Ferstenfeld, Leonard 301 Ficklin, L. C. 145, 300 Field, David 111 Fields, Joseph 145 Fields, Mark 145 Fields, Russ 326 Files, Nelson 145 Filson, Dennis 111 Findley, Stephen 145, 353 Fine, Helen 111 Fine, Richard 346 Fiol, Al 241, 307 Fischer, Kenneth 145 Fisher, Anita 111, 210, 211 Fisher, Charles 86 Fisher, Harley 79 Fisher, Janet 145 Fisher, Tom 145, 243 Fisher, William 61 Fite, Donald 86 Fitzgerald, John 86 Fitzpatrick, James B. 61 Fitzpatrick, Roger 145 Flanary, Gaylene 145, 346 Fleet, Thomas 111 Fletcher, Jack 145 Fletcher, Michael 111 Flores, Flores, Charles 145 Sam 11 Flowers, James 111 Flowers, William 145 Floyd, Jim 145 Floyd, Tom 86 Fluke, Wayne 145 Flusche, Harold 86 Flynt, Charles 111 A Folse, Sandra 111, 320 Foltz, Joe 302, 310 Forbes, Linda 145 Ford, Dink 86, 232, 234 Ford, Doug 86 Ford, Eddie 111 Ford Hetty 319 Ford Jerry 145 Ford Lloyd 145 Ford Phil 61 216 224 227 253 Fore: Ed ao, 273 ' ' Forehand, Ferrell 111 Foreman, Betty 86 Foreman, Michael 145 Forman, Kathleen 305, 306 Forman, Kitty 111 Forsythe, Thomas E. 61 Forsythe, William 112 Fortenberry, George 300 Foster, Jimmie 86, 112 Garner, Jimmye 146 Garner, Karen 170, 305, 306, .. Garonzik, Allan 87 Garonzik, Linda 354 Garrett Bob 353 Garrett, David 112, 327 Garrett, George 87, 344 Garrett .limmie 146 Garrett, Robert 112 Garvin, Joe 146 Gary, Stanley 62 19, 43, 126, 146, 117 Goode, lfoggffr 113 Gooden, Garry 87, 323 Goodlnan, Jam:-a 87 Goodnight, 11111 346 Gooflrifzll, liolnzrt 113 Coodson, Perry 113 Gootlspeefl, Robert 113 Goolsby, Roger 87 Gordon, Jarnefs 113 Cordon, john 87 Gordon, Jon 62 Gorham, Eugene 147 . ,HA 11.111-, Cary 711, 1.2 llaa-1, Kf:I1!1l:111 6.1 llalnzl, f,l1-xllulll' 113 11ar,1c1f:r, 15011113 111 llallfloflc, '1 ony 113 Hadlvry, Shay 143 llaflllty, Turmoil: 143 llafele, Roluzrt 114 Foster, Richard 112 Foster, Robert 86 Fowler, James 86 Fowler, Robert 86 Fowler, Steve 61, 324, 351 Fowler, Susan 40, 145 Fowler, Thomas 145 Fox, Don 86 Fralicks, Travis 112 Francis, Jerry 112, 360 Francis, Johnny 87 Frank, Terry 146 Franklin, Emma 112 Franklin, Jerry 112 Franklin, Jimmy 87, 361 Franklin, Judy 146 Franks, Mike 146 Frantz, Forrest 146 Fraser, Elizabeth 146 Garza, Carmen 146 Garza, Roel 146 Gaskamp, Cynthia 146 Gaston, Angela 62, 358 Gatchel, Stan 306 Gathings, Max 112 Gattis, William 62 Gay, Stephen 112 Gayda, Linda 146 Gayle, John 87 Geccwicz, James 87 Geiselbrecht, Darwin 373 Geist, Richard 62, 366 Genovesi, Dennis 87 Gentle, Marsha 112 Gentry, Brenda 87 Gentry, Thomas 112 Germany, Brent 87 Geron, Betty 146 Geron, Weldon 87, 324 Gerron, Sheldon 146 Gharis, Eugene 146 Gharis, Robert 112 Gibbert, Danny 146 Gibbons, Kenneth 62 Gibbs, Herschel IV 112 Gibson, Andrew 146 Gibson, Harold 112, 365 Gorman, Tony 147 Gorman, Vicki 62, 320, 347, 350 Gosdin, jeffrey 113 Gostomski, Mary 147 flfllffllllf, Darrell 87 Gotche1', Pamela 113 Gouge, Lloyd, .1r. 113 Goumas, Richard 147 Gourley. Janet 147 Grady, Janice 113, 320, 329 1lagar,,l:1mv-u K8 Haggard, Clyde 88 , . I llagler, 1 111121711 143 Halle, 1IaNf:l1 193, 317 llailey, lflrltji 143 llailv-y, larry 118 Hailey, llairsto - 1 511111: 114 fl.1QAYaf"1l'l' 65 llalfz. Guy 51. 113 llalfe, llowarfl 111. T127 Hale, Nlary 111 Graham, Allen 88, 371 Graham, Bruce 62, 369 Graham, Scott 113 Graham Stephen 113 Graifemberg, .lohn 147 Gramowitz, Mark A. 301 Granek, Rosyland 88 Grantham, Walter 113 Graves, Graves, Jesse 113, 365 William 113 Gray, Beverly 147 Gray, Everette 113, 346 Gray, Michael 147 Gray, Sallie 147 llulff, liulnffl 111. 326 Hall, .lack 222, 223, 225 llall, Jim 111 Hall, Joe 114 Hall, Nlary Ann 29, 142 Hall, Roy 114 Hall, Suzanne 114 Hallaran, Trudi 114 Halm, Gary 148 Halpenny, Donald 63, 323 Halsey, Charles 88 Halwes, Adaire 36, 296 Halv.-es, Dennis 114 Greb, Maurice 88 Green, Bob 62, 346, 362, 364 Green, Dorothy 147 Green, Linda 113 Halwes, Terry 63, 183 Hamilton, Edward 114, 246, 24 Hamilton, Farrell 114 Hamilton. Hank 360 Hamilton, Harriett 320 Gabbert, Gary 112, 377 , Grimes, Freeman, Dave 44, 47, 112, 146, 368 Freeman, Sharon 319, 349 Freeman, William 111 112 French, James 327, 351 Friedman, Nancy 146 Friedman, William 87, 240, 241 Fritcher, Edward 112 Fritz, Richard 146 Frost, Don 146, 351 Fry, Edward 62 Fry, Lee 362 Fry, Martha 87, 320, 329, 337, 338 Fulenwider, Ginger 112, 350 Fuller, Gary 112 Fuller, Jerry 146 Furlong, William 146 Furlow, Malcolm 146 Fyffe, Donna 146 -G- Gade, Dennis 146 Gainer, Sherman 112 Gaines, Charles 112 Gaines, David 146, 371 Gaines, Gay 146 Gajdica, Daniel 361 Galbraith, Dub 215 Gibson, J. 371 Gibson, John 112 Gibson, Ronald 146, 365 Giesen, Larry 112 Giesen, Martin 146 Giles, Gary 62, 362, 364 Giles, Ted 146 Greenberg. Cl1ester 147 Greene, Mike 147 Greene, Tommy 147 Greener, Pam 147, 376 Greenfield, Carl 88, 376 Greenwade, Jack 62, 362 Greenwell, Glenda 147 Gill, Raymond 146 Gillard, Jimmy 112 Gillaspia, Paul 112 Gillentine, Terry 146 Gillespie, Thomas III 147 Gilliam, Robert 62 Gilmore, Janie 112 Gipson, Alfred 147 Gist, Phil 62 Glasgow, Wendy 147 Glass, R. G. 243, 352, 371 Gleason, Timothy 112 Gleaton, Curtis 363 Gleaton, Richard 62 Glenn, David 113 Glenn, Jimmy 113 Glover, Connie 147, 310 Glover, Nolan 113 Godfrey, Carol 147 Greenwood, Carolyn 113 Greer, Austin 113 Greer, Bobby 147 Greer, Jim 306, 368 Greer, Terry 113 Grenier, Patti 147 Grewe, Barbara 113, 180 Grey, John 62, 325 Griffin, Arthur 328 Griffin, Carol 183 Griffin, Don 147, 365 Griffin, Fred 88 Griffin, Helen 6, 147, 297 Griffin, Michael 147 Griffin, Mickey 328, 351 Griffin, Sue 148 Griffith, Allen 113 Griffith, Robert 62, 375 Cecilia 148 , 3 Godfrey, Kenneth 87, 306, Godfrey, Marvin 113 Godfrey, Ranley 87 Goggans, John 62 Goin, Bobby 147 Goldberg, Mike 62, 324 Grimes, Kenneth 148 Grimes, Michael 113 Grimm, David 88 Grimmer, Alice 358. 367 Grubbs, Philip 377 50 Hamilton, Pat 352 Hamlett, Jana 40, 148 Hammock. Stephen T. 148 Hammon, Pene 148 Hammond. .lack 325. 351 Hampton, Larry 88, 369 Hanak, Shirley 148 Hanby, Jerry 148 Haney, Brian 114 Haney, Terry 114 Hankins. Sharon 148 Handlan. Jerry 63 Hanley, Gerald 88 Hanna, William 63. 372 Hansen. Ricky 88 Haralson. Dudley 88. 369 Hardage. Sandy 148 Hardaway. Don 239 Hardin. Benny 63 Hardin. Betty 183 Hardin, Diana 114 Hardy. Alan 114 Harju. Ralph 148 Harkinson. Valerie 114. 336 Harland. Charles 63. 362. 363 Harman. Bonnie 148 Harmon. Lonnie 148' Harnage. Dianne S8 Haroz. Don 363 Harp. Ken 114 Harp. William 88. 327 Charles 369. 376 Gallia, John 87 Galloway, Mary 146 Gamble, Michael 87 Gamble, Richard 62 Ganaway, Nick 62 Gann, Steve 62 Gomez, Gardner, Jerry 146, 306 Gardner, John 146 Gardner, Larry 146 Gardner, Sharon 112, 316 Garis, Betty 146 Garner, Bubba 218, 221, 228 Golden, Ronnie 113 Goldman, George 62 Goldstein, David 87, 326 Gomez, Ana 147 Gomez, .laun 87 Gomez, Maria 147 Grubbs, Sam 113 Grusendorf, Darryl Kent 63 Guillory, Aaron 148 Guinn, Channe 23, 88 Guinn, Manfred 113 Guinn, Robert 113 Harper .lack 114 Harper. Karen Sue 305. 306 Harper. Merrill 114 Harper. Sue 114 Harper Sherry 114 Harrell. Carol 148 Harrell. Sabino 147 Gonzales, Antonio 62 Gonzales, John 113 Gooch, Frank 87 Gooch, Harry 147 Good, Ivis 113, 308, 317 Goode, Phillip 87 Gumpert. Larry 114 Gustafson, Larry 11:5 Harrell. David 346 Guthrie. Joseph 114 Gutierrez, Ana Maria 148 Guynn, Judy 88. 147. 176, 177. 316 Harrell, Gordon 326 Harris. Art l.. 148 Harris. Beverly 148 Harris. Harris. Charles T. Jr. 14-4 George 83 391 Harris. Harris. Harris. Harold J. 148 Jack W. 148 Leonard L. 148 Harris. Linda 114 Harris. Olaf 148 Harris. Tommy 114 Harris. Harris. Verna Lou 148 William 148 Harrison. Dawn 88 Harriso n. Herman 63, 374 Harrison. Janis 63 Harrison. Jon Lester 148 Harriso n. 31.1. 88 Harrison. Millard Lee 148 Harrison. Patricia 148 Harriso Harriss n. Terrell 88 Earl 114 Hart. Antoinette 148 Hart. Donald 88 Hart. James 1-18 Hart. Jan 148 Hart. Joe 63 Hart. Kay 148 Hart. Robert 148 Harte. Steve 318. 351 Harter. Hartin. Jack Lee. Jr. 114 Tom 63 Harts. Steve 327 Hartwell. Mike 148 Harvey. Harvill. Richard 148 Lynn 88. 363 Harwell. Harold A. Jr. 148 Haskew, Lawrence 88 Hassenpflug. Larry 149 Hatcher. Richard 63 Hatfield. Jerry 149. 368 Hatley. Gary 149 Hallllvn. 0216 149 Haubert. Mary Beth 115 Haugh. Leslie 149 Haun. John David 115 Hauser. Margaret 88 Henderson, Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson Y Jacqueline 149 John 343 Landa 239 Martha 149, 376 Steve 149 Hendrick, Vince 64, 328 Hendricks, Barry 64, 149 Hendricks, Dorothy Myers 149 Hendricks, Dwight 64 Hendrickson, Charles 149 Hendrix, David 88, 323 Hendrix, Don 149 Henry. Kenneth 149 Henley, Rebecca 115 Hennig, George 115 Henniger, Richard 89 Henning, Bob 89 Henry, Boyd 89 Henry, Larry 89 Hensley, James 89 Henson, Barbara 149 Henson, Cheryl 115 Henson, James 64, 363, 373 Henson, Ron 149 Hepscber, Margie 149 Hergenroether, John 150 Hernandez, Albert 115 Hernandez, Margarita 89 Herndon, Wayne 150 Herron, Donna 150 Herring, Joann 115 Hersley, Lynn 64 Hess, John 150, 360 Hesse, Paul 89 Hetherington, Steve 89, 375 Heubner, Mary 41 Hewett, Douglas 115 Hewitt, Larry 295 Hickman, Bill 115 Hickman, Harold 64 Hicks, James 89, 115 Hicks, Ken 305, 306, 307 Holland, Paulette 89 Holle, Sam 150 Holley, Beverly 115 Holliness, Jere 150 Hollinger, Pam 150, 372 Hollingsworth, William 90 Holloway, Robert 150 Holly, Victor 150, 300 Hollywood, Thomas 150 Holmes, Constance 150 Holt, Willene 115 Honeycutt, Kerry 115 Hook, Gerald 90 Hook, Robert 90 Hooks, Dennis 150 Hootman, Robert 64, 183 Hoover, Carl 115 Hopkins, Mary 150 Hopkins, Robert 116 Hoppe, Roger 150, 369 Hopson, Charlotte 64 Horak, Robert 116 Hornbuckle, Louie 150, 360 Hornsby, Nell 150 Horsley, Bill 116 Horsley, Greg 239 Horton, James Milton 150 Horton, John 90 Hose, William 150 Hosey, Ruth 116 Hoskins, Gene 90 Hoskins, John 150 Hough, Mary 90, 352 House, Billy 116 House, Douglas 90, 373 Houston, Billy 150 Houston, James 64 Houston, Mary 151 Housewright, Grady 150 Hovend, Sherry 90, 103, 180, 192, 193, 198, 199, 290, 326, 329 Huguley, Carl 151, 353 Hull, Guy 151 Hulme, Steve 232, 234 Hulsey, Gary 151 Humphreys, Maureen 151 Hunnicautt, Jack 90 Hunt, Billy 65 Hunt, Jonnie 116 Hunt, Robert 151 Hunt, Sam 116, 371 Hunt, William 116 Hunter, Carolyn 151 Hunter, Michael 116 Huntington, Clayton 116 Hurst, Eddie 310 Huse, Bill 134 Hutchens, Larry 151, 322 Hutchens, Linda 116, 187, 193, 320 Hutchison, Charles 90 Hutchinson, Richard 151 Hydak, Al 116, 352 Hyde, Norman 362 Hyman, Shirley 151 -I.. lngle, Gary 151 Insall, Glenn 151 Irby, Ronald 65 Irving, William 90, 369 Irwin, Michael 1'51 Isaacs, Phyliss 346, 349 Isaacs, Rachel 116 Isert, Barbara 34, 65 Ivy, Karen 90 Ivy, Patricia 45, 65, 320 Iwan, Richard 306 Havis, Douglas 88 Hawes. Linda 149 Hawkes. Erin 310 Hawkins, Bryan 63 Hawkins. Curtis 149 Hawkins. Patricia 88 Hawkins, Rosalind 149 Hawkins. Susan 64 Hawoz, Donald 63 Hawpe, Joe 115 Hayes. Roger 115 Hayes, Tom Jr. 149 Haynes, Donald 115 Hays, Sidney 115 Hays. Thomas 115 Hays, William 377 Hazlewood. Roney 64 Head. James 115 Head, Judith 88 Head, Sharon 88 Headrirrk. Carol Ann 149 Heard, Susan 115 Hearne. Ronald 88 Heath, Janice 115 Heath. Nancy 115 Hebbard, Sharon 149, 376 Hedlund, Michael 149 Heidenreich, Max 149 Helm, Bill 149, 242 Heinit, Leslie 115, 181 Heisserer, Katy 115 Heitman, Lynn 149 He Lal, Ray 377 Helton, Carol 88 Helton, Steven 149 Hemme, Barbara 88 Hemming, Cliff 88 Henchcliffe, Pete 88, 300, 347 Henchcliffe, Vickii 149 Henderson, Alray 149 Henderson, Billy 64 Henderson, Doyle 149 392 Hicks, Marion 115 Hicks, Randy 150 Higginbotham, Bob 150 Higgins, Jill 150 Higgins, T. J. 64, 363 Hightower, Chockie 150 Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Allan 115 Curtis 150 Don 150 Dwight 150 Edd 64 Gay 115 James 306 John 64 Kay 150 Lewis 115 Samith Calvin 150 Wayne 360 Hilliard, Gary 89, 361 Hiloski, Thomas 64 Hilty, John 150 Hineman, Richard 89 Hinson, Gene 150 Hitt, Billy 64, 305, 306 Hitter, Carol 347, 372 Hoaldridge, Don 115, 360, 371 Hodge, Garth 26 Hodge, William 150 Hodges, Evelyn 41, 318 Hodges, Jerry 89 Hoeckendorf. Richard 150, 328 Hoffman, Bill 115 Hoffman, Dalton 64, 373 Hofmann, James 89, 369, 376 Hofmann, Susan 318 Hoffpauir, Rosan 89, 321 Hoiseth, Judith 150 Holcomb, Robert 150 Holder, Jerry 41, 89, 347, 379 Holdridge, Gene 150 Holland, Judy 20, 89, 161, 193, 319, 346, 350, 379 Andy 43, 116, 322, 353 Howard, Howard, Daniel 64, 363 Howard, David 151 Howard, Eddie 116 Howard, Jeff 151, 374 Howard, Robert E. 371 Howard, Roger 151, 360 Howard, William 116 Howe, Pat 328 Howell, Aubre 151 Howell, James 151 Howell, John 64 Howell, Millie 116 Howell, Sharon 1'51 Hoyle, H oward 65 Hromada, Albert 151 Hubbard, Jerry 151 Hubbard, Myriam 40, 151 Hubenak, Lidwina 151 Huber, S Huchton, teven 116 Marilyn 151 Hucksbay, Wesley 151 Huddleston, Harold 151 Hudgens, Hudson, Hudson, Huebner, Huff, Ge William 151 James 151, 376 Wesley 151, 369 Mary 151 orge 65 Huffaker, Judith 151, 317 Huffman, Gary 116 Huffman, Harlan 65, 363 Huffman, Murray 65 Huggins, Charles 151 Hughes, Carole 116 Hughes, Carroll 325 Hughes, Dulce 116 Hughes, Eduardo 116 Hughes, Hunter 151 Hughes, John 116 Hughes, Larrie 151 Hughes, Miguel 116 Hughes, William 90 Hughey, Terri 116 Jackson -J- , Antonio 151, 229 Jackson, Bill 90, 218, 222, 223, 226 Jackson, Carola 90 Jackson, Clifford 116 Jackson, Dewey 90 Jackson, Judy 151 Jackson, Lawrence 116 Jackson, Ronnie 151 Jackson, Stelle 151, 310 Jackson, Steve 229 Jackson, Tom 356 Jacob, Frank 151 Jackson, Steve 229 Jackson, Tom 356 Jacob, Frank 151 J acobie, John 116 Jacobs, Troy 116 Jacobs, Walter 116 James, Larry 65, 366 James, Lynn 116, 327 Jameson, Freddie 151, 360 Jamieson, Jill 41, 152 Jann, Warren 116 Jansky, Jean 152 Jarrell, Bobby 152 Jarross, Richard 301 Jeanes, Bill 152 Jeanes, Donna 152 Jeffery, Nancy 90 Jeffrey, Jim 65, 380, 381 Jenkins, Barry 90, 327, 351, 352 353 Jenkins, Jack 152 Jenkins, Jackie 117 Jenkins Jerry 65 Jensen,,Dale 65 Jernigan, Teddy 152 J essing, Joe 65 Jeter, Ray 65, 362 . Jett, Marion 152 Jett, Martha 152, 301, 306 Jett, Virginia 301 Jetton, Johnny 90 Jobe, Ann 65, 174, 180, 183, 319, 346, 380, 381 Joblin, Nancy 45 Johns, Bobby 152 Johns, George 90 Johns, Vaughn 65, 364 Johnson, Alvin 65 Johnson, Anne 152 Johnson, Arlene 328 Johnson, Blenden 239 Johnson, Benny 90 Johnson, Billy 117 Johnson, Calvin 364 Johnson, Charles 90, 152, 327 Johnson, Clifford 90 Johnson, David 117 Johnson, Dennis 117, 152 Johnson, Donna 90 Kane, Kathleen 38, 153 Kane, Lawrence 153, 328 Kane, William 66 Kantz, Margaret 91, 193, 319 Karbach, Armin 117 Karbach, Karl 117 Kassinger, Sue 117 Kautz, Ken 91 Kearley, John 117 Keathley, Basil 66, 362 Keaton, Margaret 117 Keck, Terry 153 Keel, Ray 117 Keely, Pat 368 Keen, Joan 117 Keener, Bob 117 Keener, Marlin 66 Keeth, Bill E. 91 Kehhey, Don 91 Keilberg, Edwin 117 Keilberg, Larry 153 Keith, Karlann 91 Johnson, Freddie 368 Johnson, George 117 Johnson, Jacqueline 152 Johnson, Janice 117 Johnson, Jeanette 90 Johnson, Jimmy 152 William 11. .lr. 119 Johnson, Johnson, Karen 152 Larraine 117 Keith, Tani 153 Keller, Gary Neil 153 Keller, Kaye 91, 193, 318 Keller, Robert 66, 366 Kelley, Bob 91 Kelley, Joel 66, 182 Kelly, Carl 153 Kelly, Janet 117 Kelly, Karen 153 Kelly, Nancy 117 Kelly, Suzanne 153 Kelly, Sherry 254 Kelsey, Richard 66, 361 Kennard, Patrick 91 Kennedy, Rodger 66 Kldrimnan, Ann 301 Kleinmann, Richard 91 Klotzhach, Mary Ann 153 Knickerhof:lu:r, Thomas 153 Knight, flonnit: 27, 42, 153 157, 192, 193, 200, ZH Knight, Sur: 118 Knott, Carl 153 Knotts, Judy 66 Koerth, Sandra 153 Koflu:rniek,1Joug1as 153 Kolanko, Elizabeth 153 Kolanko, Margaret 153 Kolmansherger, Cary 91 Koonsen, Stanley 118, 361 Koops, Thomas 153, 327 KO0S,l10nnl:ll 91 Korenman, Lawrence 153 Kouns, Larry 91 Kraatz, Gwendolyn 118 Kramer, Donna 41 Kramer, Paul 153, 352 Kreisel, Linda 154, 347 Kresge, Edwin 154 Kretzschmar, Kenney 91 Kriegel, Laurance 154 Kroder, Dalton 66 r -,- lfzvonlfll, Tumi!! 114, fi. linvton, Syl'-ia 'IZ 313. 75111, l,aym-, hir, 111 Layton, ,f'1mu:ttf: 191 1115.11 h, 54114174 hi, HH brat, 111111113 'fZ. 321 11'al1u-rift-in. 111.14111 'IZ lfsawfll. Hawllrri 1.11 lf-awriv-onli, Lflwin A. 113 lxluvvlilcer. Pranure 131, T411 1J7111Lifl', Ka-ri 'ZL 12. 72, 317 365, TV!! 1.111114-tl:-r, K1-nn--th 6. l,4:r1lord,f,ar1 79 1A:f1ni11ry.1' 131 l1:1:, Alan 67 . , . - 194351, fllflflllf 114. .112 Leo. f,wf:ru1olyn 113 l.'f'f. .lohn f.. 'IL 371 Lee, Lloyd 321 lure. Nliflia'-1 361 Lee, Sally -11, 1.91 Lf-erskos. Arthur 1.11 Lefqan. Melody 151 Lemon-. 111115 67 Lemons, Carroll 119 1..lfI'1L,1LIIIl'?F 92 Le1'oris. Kenneth 119 Johnson, Larry B. 152, 346 Johnson, Larry Dean 91, 380, 381, 383 Johnson, Leilani 308 Johnson, Leslie 152 Johnson, Lonnie H. Jr. 152 Johnson, Malvin 65, 364, 375 Johnson, Mary 152 Johnson, Max 91 Johnson, Michael 117 Johnson, Nicki 117, 320 Johnson, Patricia 152 Johnson, Ronnie 152 Johnson, Ruth 152 Johnson, Skipper 327 Johnson, W. A. 371 Johnston, Dennis 65, 307, 370 Johnston, Jan 117 Johnston, Myra 152 Joiner, Patricia 117 J okisch, Karla 152 Jolly, Johnny 152 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Clevis O. Jr. 152 Coy 117 Howard 152 Jesse 65 Jim 368 John 152 Judy 152 Larry 152, 239 Kennedy, Steve 91, 370 Kennedy, Thomas 325 Kennell, Jack 153 Kenneth, Michael 153 Kennett, Madalyne 153 Kenyon, Ralph 117, 322, 346 Kersey, Jim Wesley 118 Ketchersid, Chesley 66 Ketchersid, Mary Lou 91 Kevil, James Barry 118 Key, Dianne 153 Key, Gary 91, 353 Kier, C. M. 371 Kiblinger, E. Doke Jr. 66, 373 Kilpatric, Jack 118 Kilpatrick, Clifford 153 Kilpatrick, James 306 Kilpatrick, John 66 Kilpatrick, Kenneth 361 Kilpatrick, Penny 66 Kimbell, Ronald 153 Kimbrell, Charles 118 Krodle, Richard 91 Krog, James 338 Krog, Tim 67 Kropp, Emma 154 Kropp, Pat 118 Krottinger, Ray 118 Krueger, William 67 Kuhn, Gary 67, 375 Kumpf, John Blesi 118 Kunkel, J. R. 67, 374 Kuykendall, Bud 154 -L- LaCava, Wayne 91 Lacaze, Leonard 67, 375 Lackey, Ronnie 154 Ladd, Lonnie 154 Lahmer, Fred 154 le'-'el James 1.91 4--v Levens, John 119, 306, 360, 3 Lewis. Uevury 21-1. 2-13 Lewis, James 67, M1 Lewis. Larry 151 Lewis. Leslie 151 Lewis, Slew: 305. 306. 307 Lewis, Thomas 67 Lewis Liggett, Werner 365 Lightfoot, Danny 151 Liles, Doug 372 Liles, Ronald 92 Lillard, Lee 92. 347 Lilly. James B. 119 Lima, Judith Ann 92 Lindman. Loyall 119 Lipstraw. Henry 373 Little. Albert 15-1 LaJudice, Kenneth 226, 326 Lakes, Gayle 118 Lamb, Judy 118, 193, 319, 329 Lamb, Marilyn 91, 188, 192, 193, 202, 203, 320, 329, 377 Lambert, Donald 154 Lambert, Glenda 154, 310 Lambert, Jerry 154 Lamkin, Ann 40 Lamkin, LaJuana 15-1 Lamkin, Mark 91, 344 Lamping, Bruce 92 Lancaster, Gary 118, 306 Jones, Lynn 241 Jones, Nickey 152 Jones, Nona 91 Jones, Richard 117, 152, 370 Jones, Rickey 152 Jones, Ronald 91 Jones, Ronnie 91 Jones, Steve 117 Jones Thomas 117 Jonesl Vance Jr. 6, 66, 120, 183, 294 5 Kincaid, Roberta L. 118 King, Barbara 118 King, Billy 66 King, Carla 153 King, Deanna 91 King, Donald 153 King, Garfield 374 King, Gary 118, 325 King, Mary 118 King, Robert 66 King, Sherry 153 Land, Judy Marie 118, 303 Land, Wayne 118 Landis, Walter 154 Lane, Tommy 92, 359 Langdon, Michael 118. 327 Langford, Buddie 219, 222. 229 Langford, Carlton 15-1 Langford, Don 92 Langridge, Willie 92 Lansing, W. A. 92 Larned. Sammy 15-1- Little, Dennis 119. 327 Little. Lynn -1-1. 67. 178. 179. 186. 318, 321. 322. 316. 351. 379. 381 Little. Raymond 367 Little. Terry 352 Little. Waymon 67. 295 Littwin. Dennis 119 Live-say. Thomas 119 Lobb. Lobb. David 15-1 Roy 15-1 Locke. 119 Locke. Miles 119. 296. 371 Lockhart. Bill 372 Lockleer. Judy -11 Logan. Gale 57. 92. 189. 192. 193. 204. 205. 3N. 336 Loiry. Jane 155 Loiry. Margaret 92 Long. Anthony 119 Long. Don 92. 3-16. 3-19 Long. Linda 15 Long. Williani 92 Longacre. Mary 155 Lonlie. Shelia 155 Jones, Jones, 365 W. Aubrey 117 Warren Jr. 66 Joplin, Milton 66 Jordan, Don 117 Jordan, Lewis 152 Jordan, Sylvia 152 Joyce, Joe 117' Junge, Catherine 153 Justice, Carl Wayne 153 Justice, Jim 117, 346 ..K.. Kaemmerling, Ray 66 Kingston, Dana 153 Kipkin, Roberta 153 Kipkin, Willie 153 Kirby, Butch 153, 327 Kirk, Calvin 118 Kirk, Steve 153 Kirkham, Lance 118 Kirkpatrick, Jack 118 Kite, Danny 153 Kite, Ronnie 153 Kizer, David R. 118, 338 Kizer, Gary 153 Klas, Ronnie 66 Klatt, Kenneth 91 Klatt, Priscilla 153 Larson, Odean 118 Larson, Raymond 15-1 Latham, James 15-1- Latham. Rex 67. 183. 3-13. 375 Lattimore, Ronald 15-1- LaTurner, Allen 15-1 Lauderdale, Charles 92, 371 Laux. Fred 154 Law, Beverly 26, 154 Lawgel. JC-se 360 Lawrence. Jim D. 92 Lawson, Francis 67.'183 Lawson, Rosetta 118 Loomis. Candy 119 Lmper. Larry 07 Lopez. Terry 15 LoPresti. Charles 92. 310 Lord. George 371 Lord. John 92 Lord. Rodney 119. 37-1 Lostetter. A1 67 Loughridge. Johnny 155 Love. Burton 67 Love. Nancey G. 67 Love. Nancy Rose 67 Lovelace. Bill 67. 362. 361 393 LUX 61.1 ee. Donna 155 lt-ten. ,lan 119. 307 Loy ing. 1,105 tl 155 11-ne. ,lt-hn 119 1.0M U. Riehard Garland 37 1,1-ne. William 68. 32-1 Lowry. Frances 155 L1-xd. Thomas E. -119 Lucas. Kenneth 68 l..llIlllr'f. kzvufgt' 119. 300 Merritt, Lummus. Betty 155 Lummus. Carolyn 68. 324. 33 -ww of Lumpkin. Jimmy 155 Lunt. Edward 371 Luper. larry 155 Martinez. Billy 120, 307 310, 371 ' Miller Lusk. Hay..-.wa W. 111 119 Luster. Eh-uise 155 Lutz. Norman 155 Lutz. Stephen 119. 353. 371 Lyle. Eleanor 155 Lyle. J--,Xnn 155 Lyle. Reginald 119 Lyneh. Jack 155. 235 Lynch. Laurie 119 Lyneh. Nita 92 Ly nn. Carl 119 Lyons. Alex 92 Lyons. Patrick 92. 370 Lf 11715. R--nald 155 -3 1- Maben. Martha 119, 305, 306 318 Mabry. Douglas 119 Mabry M'oody 119 MacDf-nf-ugll. Betty 92 Mafia Macia Mack. Mack: 5. fitndfflffi s. Joe 119 Mark. Jr. 68 fy. Cecil 119. 360 Mackey. Nolan 155 N1d4"kt'Y.Rlf,'1lLl1'd 155 Mackey. Thomas 68 Mafikinnon. Phyllis 155 Martin. Martin, Allen 155 Becky 120, 320 Mart ine. Chloe 156 Martin. Curtis 68, 361, 375 Martin. Cynthia 120 Martin. Don 68 Martin. Gayle 155 Martin. John 120 Martin. Judy 155 Martin. Mae 93, 310, 324, 348 Marlin. Michael 93. 120 Martin, Olin 120 Martin. Ralph 155 Martin. Rosa Marie 93 Martin. Rupert 155 Martin. Terry 93 Martin, Martin. Tl1on1as 156 Travis Jr. 120 McConathy, Rick 120, 229, 310 McConnell, Charles 68 McConnell, Hoyt 156 McCollum, James 68 McCorn1ick, Billy 358 McCormick, Jan 156 MCCOTll11Ck, Monte 156 McCormick, Tom 156 McCoy, David 93, 327 McCoy, Jim 156 Y' .- Meadows, Richard 360 Mebus, Don 121, 310, 324, 338, 348 Medrano, Robert 94 Mee, Eugenie 157 Meek, Martha 157 Meeks, Jerry 157 Meier, Wayne A. 94 Meletio, John 157 Melugin, Betty 121 McCoy, McCoy, McCoy, McCrea McCum Ray 93, 324, 367, 368 Terry 156 Thomas 69 ry, Terry 120, 301, 373 ber, Larry 156 McDaniel, Gregory 156 Mencke, Dian 40, 121, 301, 376 Menger, Merbler Candy 17, 94, 321, 379 , Jack 327 Merkley, Donald 157 Merriell, Howard 69 Frank 94 Martinez, Danny J. 156, 371 Mase. Marion 156 Mason, Herman 156 Mason. Ronald 323 Masten, Winifred 156 Masters, Dean 156 Mathes, Pamela 156 Mathieu, Sammy 156 Matsler, Richard 44, 120 Matthis, Sally 156 Matthews, Sharon 120 Matzner, Mark 239 Maus, Beverly 93, 368 Maxwell, Joe 156 May, James L. 93 May, Sandra 156 Mayben, Philip 156 Mayberry, Eric 120 Mayes, Richard 93 Mayfield, Gilbert 93, 361 Mayfield, Jennifer 156 Mayo, Dan Ray 68, 361, 375 Mayo Larry 93 Mays, Ann 156 Mays, Gayle 68, 156 Mays, Susan Burton 120 McDay, Danny 69 McDonald, Bruce 120, 182. 256, McDonald, David 121 McDonald, Larry 156 McDonald, Marsha 156 McDougle, Carl 157 McDow, David 157 McDowell, James 93, 367 McDowell, Ronald 157 McDuffie, Arthur 157 McElroy, Sharon 157 McFadden, Gerald 157 McFarlin, Charlotte 157 McFerrin, Sherry 359 McGee, Bill 361 McGee, Kathryn 121 McGee, Richard W, 371 McGill, Jerry 328 McGill, Robert C. 93, 371 McGlothlin, Robert 157, 238, 239 McGregor, Ronald 93 McGuffee, ,Bob 69, 317 McGuire, Bernard, 149, 365 McGuire, Michael 157 Mclntosh, Kenneth 352 MCKBY, Danny 322 McKay, Dean 69 McKee, Thomas 93 McKeever, James 157 McKemie, Douglas 69 Messick, Roy 157 Messinger, Frank 158 Meyer, Carol 158 Meyer, Donna 69 Meyer, Jim 69 Meyer, Stanley 69, 183, 365 Meyers, Don 210, 211 Meyers, Patty 158 Middick, Lillian 158 Middleton, Kenneth 158 Middlebrook, Sam 355 Mikulastik, Bobby 94 Miller Bruce 369 Milleri Charles 94 Miller Craig 69, 374 Millerl Dale 94 Miller, Dan 69 Miller, Danna 121 Miller, David 158 Miller, Durward 353 Miller, Eddie 235 Miller, Fred 299 Miller, Harry 121 Miller, Jackie 229, 239 Miller, Jeff 158 Miller, John 158 Miller, Larry 121 Miller, Larry 94 Miller Phil 94 Miller: Robert 94 Tanya Lantz 121 Madden. Dwight 155 Madden. Kenneth 155 Maddox. Donna 68 Maddox. Kr-nncth 119 Maddox, Nancy 155 Mad'-aris. Roy 155 Madison. Donald 92 Magnf-ss. John 68 Mahaffy. Janet 155 Mahanay. Jam:-s 119 Mahaney, Janice 155 Maher. Thomas 92 Mahoney. Eilf,-f-n 155 Maier. Robert 155 Maines. Dash:-llv 243, 2:45 Majka, Donald 120, 369 Makela. Jay 120 Malish, Anthony 120, 363 Malloul. Nick 68, 305, 373 h1alr,nf5,Jufly 155 Malone. Kathrynf: 120 Malone, Pat 155, 373 xlillfmff, Rolls-rt 323 Mangum, Paul 92 Mann, Douglas 155 Manor, Eric 314, 315 Mansfield, Dayid 155 Manz, Alfred 92 Mardis, Robert 120 Marietta, Charles 93, 371 Markham, Roy 155 Marks, Bill 330 Marks, Jack 68 Marlowe, Lloyd Jr. 155 Marquardt, Gustav 155 Marsh, Linda 155, 254 Mazo, Lawrence 156 McAfee, Ronald 156 McAlister, David 327 McAlister , Karin 120, 182 McAlister, Mike 156 McAlister, Steve 120 McAlpine , Jean 93 McAnally, James 120 McAnally, Joe, 68, 324 McAuley, Janice 156 McBee, David 156 McBee, Johnny 68, 312 McBride, David 156 McBride, Libby 156 McBride, Matt McBride, Valerie 120 McBroom, Connie 120 McBrown , James 156 Mr:Cale, Don 156, 310, 371 McCalla, Howard 68, 375 McCallister, Robert 93 McCallum, Norman 68 McCarty, David 93, 376 McCart, Mac 93 McCarty, Mark 120 McCarty, Mike 306 McCauley, Melita 120 McCharen, Roy 120 McChesney, Don 68 McClain, Jerry 241 McClain, Leslie 156 Mrzfjalih, Paul 156 McClellan, Jimmie 156, 371 McClendon, Eddie 120 Mr-Cleskcy, Patsy 156 McClure, James 120 Mr:Cluskf:y, Eileen 156 McCollum, Jim 366 McKenna, Barry 157 McKenzie, Eugene 306 McKenzie, Forrest 157 McKenzie, Roy 69 McKinley, Edward 93, 370 McKinley, Bryan 157 lVlCKinIl0I1, Johnny 93 McKinnon, Roger 121 M9KinSr1v, John 44, 121 McKnight, Johnny 121 McKoy, Judy 94 McKoy, Steve 157 McLarty, Tyce 352 McLaughlin, James 94 McLemore, John 157 McLendon, Jim 94 McLeod, Virginia 157 McMahan, Tom 157 McMahon, Buddy 121, 328 McMillen, McManis, McManus, Charles 69 Randall 157 Donna 157 McMullen, Dale 94 McMurtre, Robert 157 McNcely, David 121 McNee1y, John R. 374 Milligan, Larry 158 Milliken, Bruce 158 Mills, Barbara 69, 319 Mills, James 158 Mills, Jerry 158 Mills, John 121 Mills, Paul 158 Mills, Richard 69 Millson,,Larry 353 Milson, Tom 158 Milyo, Thomas E. 94, 307 Miramontes, Gloria 158 Mitchell, Dan 158 Mix, Paul 94, 352 Mobley, James 158 Moe, Jackie 32, 121, 180, 192, 193, 206, 207, 347, 357 Mohr, Bill 121' Mohundro, Kay 158 Monroe, Charles 94 Monroe, Jeanne 121 Montemayer, Joe 377 Montes, ,Paul 69 Montgomery, Bernard 94 Montgomery, Bobby 121, 239 Montgomery, David 239 McNutt, Bill 33 McNutt, Robert 157 McPhail, Larry 327 McPherson, Ted 157 McQuirk, Brent 69 McQuitty, Holly 69 McRoberts, John 157 Meade, Ellwood 121 Meadlin, Wayne 94, 306 Meadows, Betty 121 Montgomery, Feland, Jr. 121 Montgomery, Thomas 121 Montgomery, Tommy- 158 Montgomery, Wanda 121 Moody, James 94, 158, 295 Moore, Ann 158 Moore, Brenda 121 Moore, Carol 158 Moore, Cheryl 158 Moore, Delaine 158 Marshall, Billy 155, 353 Marshall. James 155 394 Nlficonuhcy, liclly 120 Meadows, Lowell 157 Moore, Don 94 llll Moore, Elaine 158 Moore, Hollis 328 Moore, Jacqueline 158, 310 Moore, John 369 Moore, J. G. 371 Moore, Kerry 158 Moore, Michael 158 Moore, Mildred 158 Moore, Ouidaga 121, 303 Moore, Patricia 69, 302 Moore, Randy 158, 310 Moore, Roger 158 Moore, Ronny 70 Moore, Sarah 121 Moore, Sharon 94 Moore, Susan 158 Moore, Thomas 158 Mooney, Jerry 69 Morales, Antonio 94 Morales, Ismael 121 Moran, Ruth 70 Moreland, Bruce 94 Morfeld, Dale 94, 338 Morgan, Carolyn 70, 164, 317 Morgan, Connie 158 Morgan, Harriet 158 Morgan, Joe 94 Myers, Don 187 Myers, Donald 70, 338 Myers, Ernest 95, 326 Myers, Linda 159 Mynatt, Mary 70, 358, 359 -..N- Nafus, Charles 95, 359 Nagel, Callie 352 Nagel, Caroline Lee 95 Nanny, Charlotte 159 Narunsky, Morris 159 Nation, Gary 122 Nan, Michael 122, 233, 236 Naumann, Theodore 122 Nay, Woody 122 Neace, Alan 159 Nead, Michele 122 Neal, Betty Adams 70 Neal, Charles 159 Neal, Evelyn Kay 122 Neal, George 159 Neal, Kay 313, 368 Neal, Paul 159 Neely, Pat 318 Morgan, Larry 158 Morland, Bruce 95 Morris, Billy 158 Morris, Dianne 121 Morris, Duane 158 Morris, Gary 158 Morris, Gerald 70, 362 Morris, Jimmie 95, 363 Neely, Ronald 95 Neighbors, Tom 122 Nelms, Kathy 159 Nelson, Charles 159 Nemec, Charles George 95 Nesbitt, Harold 159 Nesmith, Kay 160 Netherton, Robert 122, 358 Newman, Roy 122 Morris, John 159 Morris, Judy 159 Morris, Leon 70 Morris, Linda 159 Morris, Rita 95 Morris, Sheilea 159 Morris, Ten'y 95, 246 Morris, William 159 Morrison, Darrell 159 Morrison, Patrick 95 Morrison, William Dean 159 Morosky, Walter 158 Morrow, Linda 121 Morrow, Wayne 159 Morse, Betty 121 Mosig, Larry 310 Mosig, Sylvia 310, 372 Mosley, Curtis 122, 367 Mosley, Robby Gene 95 Mosley, Shirley 159 Moss, Claudie Jr. 122 Moss, Franklin 159 Moss, Linda 159 Motes, Melinda 38, 159 Mount, George 122 Mozjesik, Kathy 159 Mraz, Lawrence 159 Muir, David 326 Mulholland, Jimmy 159 Mulholland, Sonny 95 Mullings, Karyn 95, 317 Murchison, Bill 70, 347 Murdock, Anita 159 Murph, Gary 70 Murphey, Leonard 70, 250 Murphy, Cynthia 159 Murphy, Donal 145 Murphy, John H. 95 Neuschwander, Alan 160 Newell, David 95 Newell, Jeanette 122 Newell, Nancy 160 Newman Rebecca 160 Newland, , Jerry 122 Newsom, Gary Lynn 160 Newsom, Newton, William Thomas 122 J. Wade 160, 371 Newton, Robert 160, 306, 307, 371 Nez, Edgerton 160 Nichol, Richard 122 Nichols, Carl James 160 Nichols, Daniel 70 Nichols, Earnest 160 Nichols, J. Waylon 95 Nichols, Richard 122 Nichols, Victor 160 Nicholson, Carol 160 Nicholson, Faye 95 Nicholson, 'Larry 70 Nicholson, Scotty 95 Nortlnen, William l2Z Norton, Miki: 307 Norwood, llichanl l22 Norvell, John 70 Norvell, Kathy 160 Norvell, Marjorie 160 Nosh, Sharon 122 Nowell, Sandra 160 Nowlin, Nelda 122 Nunes, Mona 122 Nussman, Dale 363 Nutt, Bruce 122 Nyberg, Peter 96, 366, 367 Nystrom, Shirley 96, 321 -0- Oakes, Jerry 96 Oakes, Wilma 160 Oates, Jerry 327 O'Byrne, Joyce 122 Obstler, Malcolm 96 O'Connor, Pat 122 Odle, Deborah 160 Odom, Montie 123 Odom, Ranald 123 O'Dowd, Billy 160 Ogawa, Carole 160 Ogawa, Richard 96 O'Grady, William 96 O'Hara, Stephen 96 O'Kelly, Carol 160 Ola, Robert 70, 374 Oldham, .lim 46, 236, 326 Oliphant, Jimmy 70, 362, 364 Oliver, Frank 123 Oliver, Jesse Dean 96 Oliver, Larry 160, 373 Oliver, Luther 123 Olson, Sandra E. 160 Ommidvarpour, Kamran 160 Oneal, Terry 160 O'Nei1l, Mike 70 Ooten, Wayne 160 O'Rear, Jerry 71, 327 Orlando, Ronnie 160, 360 O'Rourke, Michael 71 Orr, Bob 160 Orr, Nolan 71 Orrell, Anna 123 Osborne, John Allan 96, 229 Osburn, Eddie 71 Osburn, Laura 160 Ott, Kathleen 71 Otto, Ken 123 Otts, Joel 161, 310 Ovrick, Linda 161 Owen, Fred E. 161, 371 Parlrvf, llormrr l6l l'arlu-r, lolm 96 l'arlu-r, loin. 1.41 Parker, lon l6l l'arlu-r. l.mfl4 ll? Parlifrf, fjvlwiii 12,5 l'arkv-r, 'loflfl lL'i Parlcvvr, William Tl. 'Zi l'arlcin. liar. '11, 1''lCi, lffnlrffl. V1 Parrurll, 'Hitt .l Parrish, lion 96 Parea, llooelnrtg W Parsons, lamce 123 l'artain. f.ltf-fic l6l Parlain, llffflflif 161 Parton. lla-.ill f,. ICI Patalc, Paul 161 l'atf-. Un-r'-l l6l l'atrifk. in-ofgf' Tiff! l'atrifk.l1olu-rtNl. 161 Patrirlge. lioj- 230 Pall'-rson. liill l6l Patterson. f,hur,k 161 Pattf-r-on. Ulm-r lv-nn-ftr. 96 Patterson. 'liommy 161 Patteson. .-Xnn W Patton, John 123. 310 Paul. Alan 161 Paullus, James 161 Payne, Arla lo 161. 306 Payne, Charles 96 Payne. Donna 161 Payne Larry 161 Payne. Raymond 5. l6l Nickel, Nancy 70 Nickel, P. S. 70 Nickel, Winston 122 Nickell, Billy E. 160 Nickerson, William 95 Nighswonger, Buddy Ray 160 Nix, Sylvia 160 Nixon, Terry 95, 250 Noah, Sharon 302 Noble, Ed 70, 215, 216, 218, 223, 229, 363 Noell, Davis 70, 364 Nolan, Ronal J. 160 Nolen, Carlyle A. 95 Owen, Gerald L. 161 Owens, Chester L. 161 Owens, Donnavea 40, 161 Owens, Gerald Robert 161 Owens, Rosetta 161 Oxley, Bill 365 Peabody, Bennett 71 Peacock. Don 123. 323 Peaden. Ronald D. 161 Peadon. Gordon 325 Pease, Patrick 161 Peaton. Floyd 71 Pebworth. Frederick 123 Pederson. Don Tl. 374 Pedigo, John 71 Peebles, Donna 161 Peeler, Jimmy 71 Pemberton. Walter 12-3 Pena. John Frank 161 Pendergrass. Ruth 161 Pendleton. David 123 Pendleton. Jackie 161 Penker. Sharon 96 Penton. Ray 96 Penuel. Mamie B. 161 Perez. Albert 123 Perez. Joe 123 Perkins. Emmett W. I1 161 Perry. Normajo 160 Perry. Rudolph 123 Perslq. Mike 162 Person. Curtis 162 Peters. Donald 162 Peters. James E. 16- Peters. Robert 162 -7 Norman, George 95 Murphy, John Robert 95 Murphy, Mike 95 Murphy, Pat 122 Murray, Ronnie' 70 Murray, Ronald 122 Murrell, Lany 363 Murrell, Ronnie 95, 302, 371 Murrell, Thomas 159, 363 Musick, Charles 159 Musslewhite, Chapple 159 Myer, Jo Ann 37 Nolen, Margaret 70 Nombrana, Gilbert 160, 371 Norgart, Jim 160 Ozee, Ken 223, 230 ..p... Pace, Frank 96, 368 Pace, Sharon 41, 161, 368 Padilla. George V. 161 Page, Gary 123, 230 Page, Sandra 96 Pahany, Laszlo 96 Pahl, Thomas 161 Peterson. Bruce 308 Peterson. Cynthia 162 P6'l6l':0I1. ,lOl1I1 Petr. 162 Petrelli. Lynn 162. 55 Petrick. George 96 Pettigrew. Allan 123. 324 Pettirt. George 162 Norman, Peggy 160 Norman, Richard 160 Norrell, Charles 70 Norrell, Janice 95 Norris, Daniel 122, 377 Norris, Marilyn 122 Norris, Mark 122 Paire, Lynne 161 Palmer, Barry 327 Parizad, Paryiz 96 Parker, Betty Lou 161 Parker, Charlene 161 Parker, Dean 161 Parker. Faust 230 Peyton. Linda 162 Pfaff. Jim 123 Pharr. Carey fl Phleps. Dennis 162 Phelps. Mary lflizabet.. -- Phillips. Bill 96 Phillips. Carter 310 Phillips David 162 Phillips. Gary 162. 360 Phillips. Janice 162 Phillips. Marsha 162 L 16.-n 395 Thomas 165 Phillips. Mary 162 lhitlips. Peter 123 Phillips. Robert 96. Phipps. Betsy 139. 192. 193. 208. 209 Pick.-it.l1.uitl 123 Pickle. Joe 162 Piekrell. Jacqueline 162 Pierce. DeW.iyne 96 Pierre. Gerald 162 Pierce. Julius 123 Pierre. Lewis 123 Pierson. Pamela 162 Pierson. Roger 71. 327 Pike. Robert 96 Pilcher. Carolyn 37, 71 Pilotte. Kemil Elmer 162 Pinekard. Rita 96. 321 Pirkle. ,lattice 123. 320. 350 Pinillo. Fred 243 Pittman. Stanley 123 Pitts. David 72.. 362. 36-1- Pitz. Laird 96 Platero. Berniece 162 Plhak. Roy John Pliler. Otis 96 Plr-tt. Paul 72 72. 327. 377 Plunk. Carroll 123 Plyler. Ron 238. 239. 360 Podsednik. Catherine 162 Podsednik. William 162 Poe. Bobby' 72 Poe. Jimmie 124- Poe. Sharon 162 Ponter. Brenda Cheryl 162 Poirrierr. Barbara 162 Pollard. Joe 162 Pollard. Penner 162 Polovkas. Sandra 162, 372 Ponder. Don 72, 363 Ponder. Gary 162 Poole. Allan 124 Poole. Harold 124 Pope, Don 305, 306, 307, 373 Pope Donna 124, 316 Pope Frank 97 Pope. Larry 97 Porter, Jimmy' 300 Posey. Randall 162, 310 Poskey, Pat 361 Poteet, Molly 124 Potston, Virginia 96 Potter. Terry 162 Pottkotter, Ray 162 Pounders. Frances 162 Pounders, William 162 Pounds, Kenneth 327, 377 Pounds, Pamela 124 Powell. Cathey 121, 310 Powell, Janice 162 Powell, Lynda 308 Powell, Richard 124 Powell, R. Sidney 72, 375 Rocksted, Powers, Ronald 163 Prachyl, Ronney 338, 371 Prater, Rex 97, 376 Prather, Dale 97, 322, 346 Prather, S. H. 97 Prather, Suzanne 124 Pratt, Mary 163 Pratt, Rick 163 Precopia, Charles Jr. 163 Prescott, Richard 163 Presnell, Dale 72 Price, Karen 163 Price, Kenneth 163 Price, Lynda 163 Pricer, Jerry Wayne 163 Prince, Virginia 163 Pringle, Raymond Harlan Pritchett, James 163 Proctor, Vemon 72, 361 Proza, Roger 163 396 163 Pruitt, lilikell 72, 316 Puente. John 124 Pugh. Toby' 72. 188, 210, 211, 301. 364' ' Pulis. Anita 163 -0- Quesinberry, Phyllis 124 Quevedo. Mary 163 Quick. Charles 124 -R- Rabroker, Robert 163 Rabon, Olga Mae 97, 296, 365 Ragatz, Bobbi 41, 163, 336 Ragsdale, Robert 363, 373 Rainey, Gordon 97 Rains, Gary 72 Ramirez, Guillerma 97 Ramser, Richard 72, 363 Ramsey, James 97 Randolph, Phillip 364 Randolph, Thomas 72 Rangel, Jesse 124 Ranson, Mikiel 365 Rappich, Therese 163 Rashti, Jacob 163 Rashti, Morad 124 Raskin, Jerrold 124, 301 Ratliff, Duane 163 Ratcliff, Jean 124 Ratcliff, Joan 124 Ratcliffe, Phil 124 Raulston, John 325 Rawlings, John B. 163, 328, 351 Ray, Vaughn 328 Raybourn, Russell T. Jr. 163 Rea, Harkins 124 Reagan, Ann 163 Reagan, Tammy 163 Reasoner, Harold 72, 363, 373 Ribble, Diana 164 Ribble, Harvey 72 Roeber, Thomas 371 Roessler, Madeline 125 Rice, Dee 97, 361 Rice, Francine 164 Rich, Roger 72 Richard, Linda 164 Richards, Gene 164 Richards, Sue 124 Richards, Wardell 164 Richardson, Henry 73 Rogers, Alan 165, 327 Rogers John 98 Rogers, Joseph 73 Rogers, Marlin 124, 325 Rogers, Olga 98, 376 Rogers, Patricia 98 Rogers Shirley 98 Rogers, Richardson, Howard 361 Richardson Richardson , Kenneth 124- Linda 164 Richardson: Madelda 124, 321 329 Richardson, William 164, 360 Richeson, David 97 Richey, Don 73 Richie, Evelyn 97 Richmond, Bettye 124 Richmond, Randy 98 Richter, David 124, 295, 365 Ricker, Norma 98, 192 Rickmers, Leo 164 Ricks, Pat 125 Riddle, Wayne 164 Rierson, James 98 Riester, Gary 164 Riggs, Tonda 164 Riley, Terry 164 Rinewalt, James 164 Risinger, Mary 164 Risinger, Roger 98, 362, 371 Ritchey, Jane 164 Ritchey, June 318 Rivera, Theresa 164 Rivers, Ruby 164 Roark, Joe 164 Robbins, Allen 164 Robbins, David 356 Robbins, Lucinda 164 Roberson, Danny 73 Roberts, Cindy 164 Reber, Ronnie R. 163 Redd, David Joe 124 Redd, Maureen 163 Reddick, Charles 163 Reddy, Kenneth 97 Roberts, Cynthia 164 Roberts, Delta 164 Roberts, Diann 164 Roberts, Eric 125 Roberts, Larry 73 Reed, David 163 Reed, James 124 Reed, Jerry 294, 298, 365 Reed, Jimmy 97 Reed, Larry 3'52 Reed, Robert D. 163 Reese, Charles 72, 163 Reese, Marilyn 163 Reese, Sherry 163 Reese, William 124 Reid, Parricia 317 Roberts, Lan'y 98 Reid, Thomas 361 Roessler, Madeline 321 Reeves, Ed 163 Reeves, Philip 163 Reeves, Polly 163 Reglin, John 233, 237 Reich, Wayne 72 Reid, Pat 350 Reid, Richard 124 Reid, Ronald 163 Reid, Thomas 72, 364 Reinecke, John 97, 326 Remeur, Kenneth 124 Reneau, Morris 97' Renfro, Allen 306 Renfro, James 72 Reviel, Ben L. 374 Revord, John 163 Reynolds, Kenneth 163 Rhinehart, Diana 97 Rhoades, Vollie 124 Rhodes, James 124 Rhodes, Robert 163 Rhodes, Ronnie 163 Riba, Jonathan 164 Roberts, Lee 44, 98, 189, 323 Roberts, Linda 164 Robertson, Connee 73 Robertson, James 98, 327 Robertson, Lee 164 Robinson, Cheryl 164 Robinson, David 98 Robinson, Gary 223, 230 Robinson, Margie 210, 211, 214 Robertson, Floyd 360 Robinson, Fred 125 Robinson, Gary 73 Robinson, James 164 Robinson, Leslie 73 Robinson, Lynne 164 Robinson, Margie 20, 89, 98, 316 Robinson, Patty 164 Robinson, Rex 98 Robinson, Richard 125 Robinson, Robert 98 Robinson Vickie 353 Robison, Johnnie 125 Robnett, Fenton 73 Robnett, Wayne 376 Robson, Donald 164 Rockett, Donald 125 Rockett, Thomas 125 Donald 164 Rodgers, Ben 327 Rodgers, Morris 327 Rodriguez, George 164 Rodriguez, Gilbert 164 Rodriguez, Juanita 164 Rodriguez, Rosemary 165 Rokey, Mike 125 Roles, Dan 98 Rollans, Dennis 165 Rollins, Donna 165 Rose, Don 165 Rose, James 98 Rose, Jim 165 Rose, Marjorie 165 Roseland, Bert 165 Rosenberg, Jim 165 Rosenberry, Bill 165, 369 Rosenbery, Jim 301 Rosenquist, Walter 165 Ross, James 125 Ross, Pat 165 Roten, Kay 125 Roten, Merle Ann 98, 376 Roth, John 165, 327 Roth, Ted 73 Roulain, Mary 165 Rouse, Larry 165 Rowan, Donna 41, 165, 296 Rowan, Robert Paul 73, 294, 365, 379 Rowe, Brenda 165 Rowe, Jeanne 73, 319 Rowland, Pam 125 Rowntree, David 73 Rowntree, Paul 165 Royman, Patricia 40, 165 Rucker, Robert 125 Rucker, Sharon 125 Rudd, John 73 Rudd, Robert 165, 328 Rudduck, Ruth 165 Rudel, Sammy 125, 326 Runnells, Charles Jr. 73 Runnells, Nancy Clarke 98 Runyon, Stephen 73 Rush, Karen 125 Rush, Terrina 19, 40, 126, 165 170, 181, 192, 305, 306, 336, 351 Russell, Rusty 125 Russell, Ronny, 369 Rutan, Lance 125 Rutherord, Pat 98, 302, 318 Rutledge, Durward 73 Rutledge, Ronald 165 Rux, Jack 98, 295 Ryan, Donald 98 Ryan, Karen 165 -5- Sabater, Albert 125 Sailers, Bill 125 Sain, Jimmy 125, 365 Sakowski, Michael 98 Sakowski, Paul 165 Sakowski, Peter Jr. 73, 374 Sakowski, Wanda 73, 319 Salas, Michael 125 Saldana, John 125 Saldana, Lucy 125 Salling, Jim 73 Salmeron, Sammy 165 Salmon, Jack 165 Salter, Alan 74, 363 Salter, Johnny 98 Salter, Mike 165 Sampson, Betty 98 Sampson, Emily 125 Sampson, Wayne 99 Sams, Sherry 165 Sandefur, Gloria 165 Sanderford, Robert 65 Sanders, Gary 165 Sanders, 165 Sandford, Kelly 165, 310 Sandifer, Joseph 16-5, 346 Sandifur, A. G. 368 Sandoval, Frank 307 Sanguinet, Pam 125 Santamaria, Antonio 74, 353 Sargent, Joyce 165 Sargent, Kenneth 125, 369, 371 Sarratt, Boyd 125, 305, 306, 307 Saunders, Lynnette 125, 317 Saunders, Robert 165 Saxton, Jerald 125 Saxton, Lynda 165 Scaff, Edith 74 Scaff, W. G. 126 Scanlan, Linda 320 Scanlan, Sue 165 Scarborough, Clark 165 Scarborough, Jal 126 Scarborough, Jon 74 Schaad, William 327, 377 Schaeffer, Pat 165 Schenck, William 165 Schenck, Philip 165, 306 Scheppler, Wayle 165 Schiavo, Stuart 166 Schindler, Leo Jr. 126 Schmitt, Brenda 166 Schoeneman, James 166 Schooling, William 74 Schneider, Dian 126 Schragin, Serge 166 Schuerenberg, Charles 126 Schug, Carmelee 34, 74, 183, 319, 329 Schultz, Louis 126 Schuluter, Gary 126 Schumann, Gus 74 Schwalbe, Alice 166 Schwartz, Holly 126 Schweig, Elinor Shear, Sandi 99, 319, 322, 3 379, 380 Sheckels, Ronnie 126 Sheehan, Eugene 166 Sheffield, Charles 166 Shelby, Jerry 99 Shelton, Don 166 Shelton, Milton 166 Shepard, Joseph 166 Sheppard, Guy 126 Shepperd, Quin 166 Sheridan, Peggy 166 Sheriden, James 126 Shipley, John 99 Shobert, Joyce 166 Shocklee, Janice 166 Shoemaker, Lalry 99 Shorb, Pam 99 Shouse, Douglas 74 Shower, Robert 362 Showers, Bettye 126, 346, 352, 353 Shultz, John 166 Shupee, George 360 Sides, Claude 166 Sifford, Thomas 126 Sikes, Robert 166 Simi, Warren 166 29, Simmons, Bobby 166 Simmons, Eddie 126 Simmons, James 126 Simmons , John 74, 367, 353 Simmons,,L. L. 126, 365 Simon, Ralph 166 Simpson, Bobby 166 Simpson, Jerry 126 Simpson, Jim 166 Sims, James 126 Sinnott, Larry 166 Sisk, Richard 126 Sisson, Weldon 166 Sittler, Sherri 166, 376 Smith, Glenn 127 Smith, Gregory 127 Smith, James 75 Smith, James Larry 99 Smith, James M. 127 Smith, Jerry 167, 371 Smith, John llenry W Smith, Judy 167 Smith, Ken 127 Smith, Larry 75, 316 Smith, Linda 28 Smith,1.oiS 167 Smith, Loren 127 Smith, Lynn 167 Smith, Marilyn 127, 321 Smith, Marvin 127 Smith, Michael 75, 167 Smith, Nlifflluel E. 127 Smith, Milburn 75, 361 Smith, Morris Wayne 127 Smith, Obrey B. 99 Smith, Pat 167 Smith, Phil 323 Smith, Philip 127 Smith, Robert David 127 Smith, Robert L. 127, 367 Smith, Roger 75, 183 Smith, Roger L. 358 Smith, Ronald 127 Smith, Ronney 75, 361 Smith, Ruby 167 Smith, Samuel A. 99 Smith, Sharon 167 Smith, Sherry 167 Smith, Sue 167 Smith, Vernon Edward 99 Smith, Walter 75 Smith, Wesley 75, 362 Spurlm,1.'lw-in VZ Squires. l'.1!ru1c '352, 35.5. M5 SYIIHIVE. 1111: lffl. 'fit Stafpy, Ann 162 Stagg-. 151' lcif '16 Stalmkvv, liill 163 Stallingw. 1"-nn, lil. 181 Stamp. 1-im'-1 151. 'STZ Stanvrlc, llonalfl lfll, 322 Sldfllifflfl, f,onni': 163 Stanford. lilrwrlj- 319. '329 Stanford, 'ferry lzd Stanlfrj. lilly' 168 Stanley, James T3 Storm-irfl. llav all lffl Stanton, Johnny 113, 151, 217, 219. ZZZ. lil Staples, fiarj. 301 Stark, Wilma 168 Stames. Starnef. Starnus. Carolyn 1173 Gary- 73. 353. 371 James 168 Stayton. Danny 122 Stearman, Duane 168 Ste:-lf-. frffflfglf Nl. Jr. lf!! Steinffrgl-te. Alan Jr. ZJIJ Stfflmsr. Stephens, Stephens Stephen lfrfffl TS. TMI. 364 Bradley 128 ,. Jerry 231 Judy 168 Stephen Kenneth 360 Stephens, Scott 168 Stephenson. Helen lm Stephenson, Len 168 Stepp. James 338 Stepter, George T5 Sterling. Paul 168 Stemer, Linda 168 Stemfels, Ronald L. 128 Skelton, Joe 126 Skeryanc, Anthony 126, 371 166 Charley 74, 327 Scott, Scott, Harry 99 Scott, Leonidus 99 Scott, Marion 126, 374 Scott, Marjorie 166, 308 Scott Oliver 99 Scoville, Bob 369 Scruggs, Edward 166 Skinner, Bobby 299, 302, 374 Skinner, Esta 99 Skinner, Robert 74 Skinner, Wilford 166 Skipper, David 166 Skipworth, Ronald 166 Sladovnik, Bill 126, 323 Slater, Bobby 167 Slates, Rose Mary 167 Searcy, Waldo 126 Seay, Thomas 166 Seibert, Evelyn 166, 310 Self, Gayle 166 Sellers, David 166 Sellers, Judy 126, 190, 193, 310, 316, 346, 350 Sellmeyer, Peggy 27, 31, 166, 368 Sellmeyer, William 74,.190, 327 Sells, William 166 Semler, Kelley 99 Senter, Beth 166 Senter, Kelly 361 Sessions, Johnny 74, 374 Settlemyer, Don 126 Sevier, Robert 74, 327, 365 Sexton, Dan 126 Seymour, Larry 126 Shaffer, David 126 Shallcross, Scotty 126 Shamblin, Fred 74, 362 Shashouazadeh, Morris 361 Shaw, Barbara 166 Shaw, Bill 126, 305, 306 Shaw, Ronald 99 Shaw, Stan 74, 362 Shaw, Steven 166 Sledge, Sherri 167 Slovak, Linda 74- Small, Jerry 127 Smalley, Ray 74 Smallwood, Eddie 127, 352 Smith, William 167 Smith, William 127 Smithson, Charles 167 Smyth, Barbara 167 Snegon, Bruce 167 Snively, Mickey 376 Snively, Michael 167 Snodgrass, Wallace 75 Snow, Marsha 167 Soldo, Sally 167, 310 Soliz, Eden 167 Solomon, Ronald 99, 325 Sorenson, Michael 167 Sorenson, Peter 127 Soss, Secundino 127 Soules, John L. 99 South, Chris 168 Southall, Hugh 127 Soward, Mike 127 Sowell, Donald 127 Spain, Cheryl 87, 191, 210, 211, 320, 329 Spann, Patricia 100, 316 Sparger, Joan 127 Sparling, George 127 Sparks, Dale 168 Speakes, Tricia 127 Spear, Terry 168 Speir. John 168 Spellings, James 128 Spinella. Glenn 168 Spinks, Gary 168 Spiro. Michael 100 Sptizer, Robert 128 Spooner, Ragan 168 Spracklen, Thelma 168 Spradley. Hershall 128 Spraggins, Gary 168, 360 Spragins. Len 100 Stevens. Gary 75. 362 Stevens. Ronnie 168. 352 Stevens, William .-1. lm Stevenson. Larry 168 Stewart, Andy 32 Stewart. Anthony 100 Stewart, Bernie lm, 215, 2.31 Stewart. Billy 168 Stewart. Cheryl -1-0 Stewart. Emil 168 Stewart. Ivan Wayne 128 Stewart. Jerri 168. 352 Stewart. Karl 75 Stewart. Robert 75. 293 Stewart. Sheryl 16-8. 3-17 Stevens. Gary 36-1 Stieber. Harold 308 Stinson. David 168 Stinson. Kyra 168 Stober. Floyd B. 128 Stoddard. Mary 75 Stodgsdills. Robert 372 Stoffregen. 168 Stokes. Bill T. 128 Stokes. Sara 128 Stone, Earnest 168. 352 Stone. Jimmy 168 Stone, Rickard 76 Stone. Tommy 168 Storer. Charles 100 Stgrey, Wt-illllm T6 Storm. Patricia 168 Story. James 76 Stovak. Linda 366 Stovall. :Klan 305. 306 Stovall. Fred T6 St. Peter. Judy 37. 76. 376 Stracener. James 76 Strange. Malcolm 76. 1 91. 321 Spring er, Alfred TS, 373 Springer, Donald 168 Springer, Jean 128 Springer, Raymond 168 Springer, William 168, 352 Springer, Williani T. 128 .1 364 Straus. Steven 128 Strawther. Jim S06 Stribling. Pamela 128 Striekert, Donald 128 Shaw, William 371 Smart, Eddie 167 Smart, Kenneth 99 Smith, Alford 74, 214, 230 Smith, Alvie Doug 127 Smith, Alvin 74 Smith, Becky 167, 252 Smith, Bennie 327 Smith, Bud 361 Smith, Carole Lee 99 Smith, Carolyn 127 Smith, Cecil 127 Smith, Charles 167 Smith, Christia 167 Smith, David Jr. 127 Smith, Dennis 28 Smith, Donald 127, 167 Smith, Donna 99, 167 Smith, Doug 306, 310, 365 Smith, Douglas 99, 127 Smith, Douglas S. 127 Smith, Fitzhugh 99 Smith, Gary 307 Smith, Gaylon 99 Smith, George Allen 99, 365 Smith, Glen 99 Spruill, Douglas 75, 361 Strickland. Doug 100 397 Q Q Q strickland. Robert H. 128 - trittxuatter. Curtis 168 Terrell. Michael 169 Terrill, Jimmy 169 Terrill, Sharon 29, 4-0, 169 ulftlll. Jay D. 128 . trothcr. Tom 76 Stroud. James 128 Stuard. Jimmy 100 Sturgeon. Gerald 100 Sturm. David 168 Sudduth. Cynthia 168 Sulak. Cy ril 100. 323 Sullivan. Jimmy 168 Sulliyan. Gary 100 Sullivan. Ruth 128 Summers. Jimmy 168 Summers. William 168 Summers. Wilma 128 Sumner. Sylvia 43. 100. 346. Q .,-- Ji i Suo. Cynthia 168 Sury. Barbara 128. 318, 350 Sutherland, Kenneth 169, 371 Sutton. Lynn 36 Swanson. Ralph 169 Swasick. Dale 129 Sweeney. Bob 169 Swisher. Audrey 76 Swope. Dee 129. 183, 360 Switzer. Molly 129 -T- Terry, Becky 306 Terry. John Kenneth 100, 231. 326 Terry, Maco 169 Terry, Mary 376 Terry, Odell 351 Tannisch, Janie 169 Tharp, Bill 76 Tharp, Carol 169 Thigpen, Jerry 169 Taber, John 169 Taborsky. lvanka 169 Tadayon, Reza 100 Talbott, William B. 129 Thomas Arlene 100, 318 Thomas, Bill 169 Thomas, Dora 100 Thomas, Gary 129 376 Thomas, James 100, 362 Thomas, J. A. 371 Thomas, James 170 Thomas, Jim 129 Thompson, John A. 130 Thomas Joe 100 Thomas, Kathleen 129 Thomas, Linda C. 129 Thomas Patricia 170 Thomas, Robby 100, 358, 377 Thomas, Robert 46, 76, 170, 363, 364 Thomas, Ronald 170 Thomas, Sandra 129 Thomas, Shirley 129 Tallas, Paul 100 Talley. Ronald 100 Tallon, Sheila 129, 320 Tangney. Janie 169 Tannehill, Robert 100, 377 Tanner. Nancy 169 Tanner, Phil 169 Tanner, Tom 100 Tarletz, Mark 169 Tarrant, Jackie 169 Tarrant, Katherine 169 Tatum, William Frank 76, 362 364, 375 Taub, Frances 76 Tawil, John 100 Taylor, Bill 365 Taylor, Bill 129 Taylor, Candace 169 Taylor. David 76 Taylor, George W. Jr. 129 Taylor, Glen 129, 360, 369 Taylor, Harold 169 Taylor, Homer 169 Taylor, Jerome 169 Taylor, Joseph 169 Taylor. Lloyd 169 Taylor, Margaret 129 Taylor, Michael 169 Taylor, Richard 169, 360 Taylor, Thelma 169 Taylor, Vivian 129 Taylor, Wesley 169 Taylor, Woody . 129 Teague. David 76 Teague, Teague, Gary 361 Sandra 169 Teal, Alan 129 Teal, Linda 129 Telford, John L. 129 Templeton, Wilbert, L. 129 398 Thompson, Archie 170 Thompson, Benny C. 129 Thompson, Bill 363 Thompson, Bob 100 Thompson, Cecilia 170 Thompson, David 170 Thompson, Dixie 360 Thompson, Essie 129 Thompson, Frances 129, 170, 358 Thompson, Gracy 101, 308, 368, 376 Thompson, James 76, 362 Thompson, John A. 130 Thompson, Judy 101 Thompson,- Larry 76, 363 Thompson, LeRoy 130 Thompson, Mildred 170 Thompson, Paul 130 Thompson, Ronny 170 Thompson, Tommy 170 Thomson, Carol 41, 130, 318 Thorell, Carl 170 Thomton, Elaine 170 Thomton, James 130 Thomton, Joe 130, 371 Thorsen, Terry 76 Thrasher, Gene 130 Threadaway, Emory 77 Threadgill, Charles 101 Thurmon, Richard 130 Tibbets, Bruce 232, 237 Tidwell, Katie 170, 310 Tigert, Carol 76 Tigert, Larry 76, 363 Tillford, Jan 27, 130, 372 Timmons, David 130, 346 Timmons, Tommy 170 Tinker, Carolyn 101, 319 Tinney, Terry J. 77, 366 Tipps, Steve 170 Titsworth, David 130 Toller, Thurman Ray 170 Tomas, Carlos 170 Tompkins, Tommy 170 Tooman, Michael 101, 297, 369 Torres, Cora 101 Totten, Dwight 101 Townley, Tommy 352, 353 Townsend, Roger 170, 369 Trachta, Robert 130 Tracy, J. Lawrence 130. Trammell, David M. 130 Travis, John 170 - Treadaway, Bud 366 Tredemeyer, Jack 170 Trent, Dan 170 Trevino, Gilbert 130 Trewin, Walter 130 Tribble, Richard 77 Tribble,Ronald 101 Trinkle, Patrick 101 Trostel, Tom 130, 210, 211, 322 Trotter, David 101, 365 Troup, Thomas 130 Troxell, Michael 170 Trubenbach, Judy 77, 376 Tsao, Daniel 101 Tubbs, Robert 130 Tucker, Charles 101, 372 Tucker, Jeirry 77 Tucker, Judy 170 Tuohy, James 101, 369 Turnbow, Judi 130, 302, 310 Turnham, Ellis 101 Turpin, Victoria 130 Tusa, Charles 101 Twerdahl, Sylvia 101 Tyler, Roy 177, 376 Tyler, Terry 170 Tyner, Gerald 101 -U- Uberman, Rodney 170 Ufheil, Luellen 101 Umphress, Ronald 170 Upchurch, Jeanne 170 Upton, Lynne 170 Upton, Margaret 130 Urquhart, Henry O. 130 Usry, Richard 101 Utley, Bobby 231 Utterback, Lance 323 .V-. Vadner, Carole 101, 319 Vader, Patrick 170 Valant, Gary 326, 371 Valcik, John C. 101 Valdez, Manvel, 170 Vallotf Anthony G. 130, 307 VanDePitte, Robert 77 Van Hoose, Travis 1... 1.30 Van Hooser, James 131 Van Hom, Stephen 131, 355 Vansise, Nelson 170 Van Winkle, William 77 Van Wye, Barbara 131, 210, 211, 316 Vargas, Gloria 170 Varnon, Charles 170 Vasquez, Frank 170 Vaughn, James 170 Vaughn, Ken 101, 221, 222, 223, 227 Vaughn, Tommy 171 Vaught, Gary 171 Vela, Mark 131, 377 Venable, Roger .171 Vest, Jimmy 131 Vick, Michael 171 ViCt1v,Jo Ann 131 Vileta, Corliss Ann 131 Vincent, John H. 131, 365 Vincent, Nancy 102, 300 Vines, David 102 Vines, Kenneth 131, 305, 306 Vineyard, Timothy 171 Vinson, Billy 171 Vinson, John 102 Vollintine, Cary 77, 366 Vorderkunz, Jolm 171 Vorderkunz, Thomas 102 Voss, James H. 131 Voss, Ten'y Ann 171 Vrla, Milton 171 .W- Wacker, John 171 Waddell, Colleen 40, 131 Wade, J. D., Jr. 102 Wade, William W. II 131 Wages, Kenneth 77 Wages, Laura 131 Walden, Jack C. 131 Walden, Judi 193, 171, 372 Waldrop, Don 323 Wales, Robert 77, 358, 362, 363, 364 Walker, Calvin Lewis 171 Walker, Charles 171 Walker, Danny 171 Walker, Floyd 102, 359 Walker, Jimmy 131 Walker, Luther 171, 243, 239 Walker, Robert 77 Walker, Sidney 171 Walker, Steven H. 131 Wall., G-len H. 131 Wall, John 346 Wallace, Ella Mae 131 Wallace, Holly 108 Wallace, Jerry 131 Waller, Edwin 131 Waller, Marty 171 Wallis, Jim 102 Wallis, John 102 Wallis, Judy 171 Walsh, Jerry 323 Walston, Michael Joe 171 Walters, Bennie 171 Walters, Dick 239 Walters, Ken 238, 239 Walters, Myron 46, 171 Walton, Pirkie 102 Ward, Dennis 306, 310 Ward, George 171 Ward, James 171 Ward Janet Ann 171 Ward Jim 369 Ward, Julia. Marie 171 Ward, Marilyn 171 Ward, Michael 102 Ward, Richard 171 Ward, Texas Marvin 77, 374 Ward, Vinnon Jr. 102, 370 Warford, Michael 171 Warner, Linda 102, 182 Warren, Barbara 40, 171, 310 Warren, Elaine 171 Warren, James P. 371 Warren, L. M. 371 Warren, Lela Mae 131 Warren, Mike 131 Warren, Nathan 77, 375 Warren, Patricia Ann 131 Washmon, Reed 77 Water, Fleming 102 Waters, Waters, Carol 131 Carolyn 132 Wethcrhec, .loc 328 Wctterling, Mort 172 Weyand, Fred 77, 363 Whatley, Dennis E. 172, 306 Wheat, James 102 Willoughby, Ralph 172 Willoughby, Ronald 172 Wills, Randy 26 Wllrrllrlll, J01: 352 Wilshire, Linda 103 Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Whipple, Barbara 41,116,172 Charles 172 Scott 102, 325 Paul 172 Whisenand, Charles 132 Whitaker, Jerry 368 Whitaker, Winnora 132 White, David 356 Wrinkle, Vemon 133 Waters, Ronald 132 Waters, Rutha 171, 310 Watkins, Amelia 171 Watkin, Milton 132 Watkins, Damon 132 Watkins, Finn 132 Watkins, Kenneth 132 Watson, Ann 43, 132, 295, White, Eugne 102 White Jean 132 White, Kenny Jr. 172 White, Kermit 132 White, Kimball P. 172 White, Ray 360 White, Robert 78 White, William 78 White William Vance 172 Whites, Sheila 132 Watson, 317, 354 Watson, Don 102 Watson, John 102, 305, 306 Watson, Johnny 171 Watson, John H. 373 Watson, Linda 132, 318 Susan 171 ' Watson, William 132, 171 Wattner, Theresa 171 Watts, Carolyn 171 Watts, Kenneth 171 Waugh, Gregory 132 Waxler, Morris 132 Weaver, Anita 171 Weaver, Lloy 171 Weaver, Pat 77, 358 Weaver, Wayne 132, 366 Webb, Bob 172 Webb, Brenda 77, 317, 367 Webb, Larry 102 Whitenight, George 368, 371 Whitesel, Curt 38, 172, 312, 327 Whitley, Jackie 102 Whitley. Janet 172 Whiteside, Joyce 132 Whitsel, Carolyn 40, 172, 351, 368 Whitsel, Keith 132 Whittington, John 78 Whorley, Jim 172 Wicker, James 132 Wilber, Franklin 302 Wilbur, Walter Jr. 78, 363 Wilkerson, Cindy 102, 318, 350 Wilkins, Dwight 132 Willeford, Jimmy 371 Wilson, Bruce 133, 213, M4 Wilson, Dan 103, 325' Wilson, Don 172 Wilson, Deana 103 Wilson, Dennis 103, ?A2 Wilson, Edna 172, 213 Wilslrn, George 133, 149 Wilson, James 173 Wilson, James Harold 173 Wilson, Jan 173 Wilson, Judy 133, 192, 193, 31 Wilson, Lyle 78 Wilson, Luther 242 Wilson, Marilyn 173 Wilson, Richard 133 Wilson, Rodney 103 Wilson, Sandra 133 Wilson, Thomas 368 Wiman, Sue 173 Wimberly, Scotty 103 Winans, Christine 173 Wine, Floyd 133 Wingham, Imogene 103 Wincovitch, Cathie 173 Windham, Tommy 173 Wingate, Joe 173 Winter, Jere 103 lrvffffllh .llifrf 17.1 iliffoflf. lf' lf' Q ini Wool'-wr 't,r.l- ,- lffi 'ZZC Woolf. f,.r, 131 W'oole1j-, lfoy 173 W'ool'.1-Hot: lf'g1!.' 'fi 43.611 W fiff lu'-rtor. V- .f '- 1. 1 Wooton, ffum 133 Word. liar'---3 1113 Worrll-n, Niir. ITS W'orl"Q-, Jirnrny 173 fi. wlhflllfill, Winston 103, '71, W orthington, Joi.r. IT: Worsha rn. llrf-nflfi 113 W -. W W . orrf-l. llomf-r 1.1 orthrirn. Holi'-rt V11 oznmk. Paula 173 W'ray, James 133 Wrf-nn. James lT3 Wright, John 133 Wright. 1'-ffiflfllt' T9 Webb, Michael 172 Webb, Roger C. 172 Webber, Dennis 328 Webster, Gerald 102 Webster, Lee 132 Wedin, Marion David 77, 183 Weekly, John 377 Wehman, Harvey 102, 246, 247, 328 Weiher, Earl 327 Weir, Norris 102, 237, 239 Welch, Dianita 172 Welch, Edwin 172, 322 Welch Myra 29, 314, 315 Well, James 338 Wells, James 102 Wells, Robert 132 Wells, Rod 132 Werner, Charles 132 Wernley, William 132' Wesolowsky, Al 172 Wesson, James Halbert 172 West, Ann 132, 372 West, Carol 132 West, David 172 West, Jimmy 172 West, Rebecca 132, 310 Westbrook, James 132 Westfall, John 307 Westmoreland, Cathe 297, 365 Westmoreland, Jan 172 Weth, Wayne 77, 362 Will, Patricia 172 Williams, Andy 172 Williams, Authur 172 Williams, Barbara Jean 172 Williams, Bart 132 Williams, Carolyn 172 Williams, Charles 172 Williams, Charles G. 11 172 Winterbauer, Stanley 133 Wirtz, Rita 173 Wirz, Donald 173 Wirz, Ronald 173 Wisdom, Robert 173, 306 Wisenbaker, Ellyne 133, 319 Witkoswki, Carroll 102 Witt, Melvin 220, 224, 231 Witter, Suzanne 20, 78 Witter, Suzanne 89, 305, 306, 307 Wittkower, Louis 103 Wittmann, Larry 103 Wittkower, Pat 173 Wize, Linda 173 Woehleke, Phil 173 Wofford, John 173 Wofford, Virgil 103 Wolf, Richard 78 Wolfe, Jack 173 Wolfe, Larry 173 Wolfskill, Martha 173 Wolfson, Paul 326 Womack, Clyde 78 Womack, Jimmy 103 Wright. Jofrlla 173 Wright. Lonnie 173 Wrinklf-. Martin 31. T9 Wyatt, Betty 103. 362 Wygant. Larry 133 Wlynn, Fred 367 Wynne. Paul 133. .EQ -Y- Yantis. John 79. M9 Yarborough. Bill 103. 37.2 Yates. Louise 103 Yates. Lucille 103 Ybarra. Andres T9 Yeakle. Marvin 133 Yoakum. Raymond 133 York. Charles 133 York. Connie 133. 193. 316 Yosten, Daivd 103 Young. Edward 133 Young. George 133 Young. Herman Lee 17.-1 Young. Larry 133. 325 Young. Martha 173 Young Raven 13-3 Young. Ronald 103. 133. 231. 310 Young. Russell 173 Youngblood. Garland 173 Youngblood. Mary Ann 79. 376 Yung. Pat 173 Yurman. Alan 79. 32o Williams, Connie 172 Williams, Dale 172, 360 Williams, David 78, 366, 367 Williams, Dolores 132 Williams, Fred 172 Williams, Henry 132 Williams, Jo Anne 172 Williams, Joey 172 Williams, Larry 132, 172, 306 Williams. Linda 132, 319, 367 Williams, M. Earnest 172 Williams, Myra 133 Williams, Philip 133 Williams, Robert 361 Williams, Roger 172 Williams, Ronald 78 Williams, Ronnie 172 Wood, Wood, Bob 323 Chester 78 Wood. David 338. 371 Wood, Don 79 Wood. Jimmy 173 Wood. Melanie 38 Wood, Michael 133 Wood. Robert 103 Wood, Tommie 133 Williams, Sharon 133, 314 Williams, Steve 172 Williamson, Kathy 172 Willis, Wayne W. 103 Willits, Steve 133 Willman, Don 78 Willmington, Barry 172 Wfoodard. Larry 173 Woodfork. Adrian 173 Woodhead, Robert 365 Woodruff. Darlene 173 Woodruff. Jackie 173 Woodruff, Larry 103 Wloods. James 33 ,Z- Zadler. Jack M1 Zaetler. Jack 13-3 Zamoro. Mary 133 Zas-ala. Richard Jr. 1.3 Zemewick. Carl 133 -w Zigrang. Jane Ann 173 Zigrang. Yfilliani 103. 325 Zima. Leslie 293 Zimmerman. Diane 175 Zimmerman. Gene 175 Zinn. Janice Kay 173 Zurlo. Jeanette .0. Sul 31 399 PC TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" I w ,-A .I p 'l 'A 11 ' ' 9.3 '4 .f in 'lu . U ' R' L I r I'-mf 4 .I L 1.9 V v ,F' 1 , , I v Q ,I .45 ' "'A"-ir? f' 1,5

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