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I U r 1 I I r f I P 5 E E D F k p. I k I-- ---- . ... . . , , ,- - 'Ju' M A LMMYAV- This has been an eventful year for Arlington State College. We have seen this institution bring forth many noteworthy events - new buildings have been and are being built, our ex- cellent faculty has continued to grow and extend their knowledge to us, the students. All our hearts were saddened by the death of our beloved Dean Emeri- tus li. lil. Davis, the man who brought our school from the depth of insignifi- eanee to the position of honor and re- speet it now holds. Words cannot ex- press the gratitude and love we hold for this courageous man. We shall remember the yell prac- tiees, the football games, the dances, the eoronation, and all of the happy erqmerienees we felt while going to school this year. In later years we shall turn back through the pages of this book and re- live the events that occurred in this eventful year. . . l Pachl Hall THE 1951 REVEILLE Student publication of Arlington State College. Jarrett Huclnall, Editor-in-Chief, Charles Sorrels, Business Manager, Don Opperman, Associate Editor, James Blackwell, Photograjaher, D. Bryant, Sponsor. a. Southwestern Engraving Company, Fort Worth, Marvin D. Evans Com- pany, Fort Worth, American Beauty Cover Company, Dallas, Wallace Studios, San Angelo. IN Mfmonmm Dean Emeritus E. E. Davis On December 13 1950, at the age of 59, Edward Everett Davis, Dean-Emeritus of Arlington State College, and until his retirement in 1945 administrative head of this institution for twenty years, died quietly in his sleep in a Fort Worth hospital. He had come a long way, this great-grandson of Daniel Boone. From a pioneer ranch in W'est Texas in the l88O's, with scarcely enough boys in the county to have a baseball team, he had risen in forty years to be one of the outstanding junior college educators in the nation. In simple justice the story of his achievement at this college should not be soon forgotten. Essentially it is this: he took a small, unknown institution, and in two decades, on the basis of sound scholar- ship and careful scholastic experiment, made it into one of the largest and most modern junior colleges in the nation. The function of educa- tion, he thought, is to fit youth to be intelligent and honorable citi- zens in the modern world. Whatever the past had to teach conducive to this, the dean sought eagerly. Wfhat was mere tradition, superstition, or ignorance he firmly rejected. 'fLook ahead, young man. The great days are yet to be," he said repeatedly. ' It was not his fate to find here many easy, settled years. Depres- sion and war stalked through his decades, but he beat them down, outlasted them and nursed the college through its perilous infancy. Yes, he was a tough and grim old fighter when he had to be, one unafraid of the devil himself. But when you knew him, you found that he was strangely soft if his friends were in trouble, fond and even in- dulgent of the young, and when the storm clouds were down, gay and generous, liking nothing better than to be laughing and joking with his friends. The long-faced and over-solemn he could not abide. When he retired, he thought at last to indulge his whim to grow roses, to fish in many a far-off stream, and to discuss the ideas of men and government with his friends. Unarmed and a little tired, he was surprised by death soon after he finished hoeing his winter garden. The thousands of young men and women nearby who could not have been educated except for presence of this college owe him a salute and a prayer to God in thankfulness of his accomplishments. O I CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ATHLETICS CAMPUS ACTIVITIES AND PERSONALITIES FAVORITES . MILITARY CLASSES STUDENT LIFE ORGANIZATIONS Preston Hall Administration Building Science Hall Mechanical Arts CATICDN It is with great pride that this is- sue of the Reveille is dedicated to that charming and gracious lady, Mrs. Ione Vickery. Mrs. Vickery has been secretary to the comrnandants of this college since 1924. The friend of every student and ex-student Mrs. Vick- ery has won the admiration and re- spect of all who have ever come in contact with her. MRS. IONE VICKERY Editor's Foreword It is with many fond memories that this 1951 issue of the REVEILLE is brought to you, the students of Arlington State Col- lege. We have had many experiences of which it is worthy to take note and remember the rest of our days. Wfith the ever prevalent threat of war this yearls school work was not to be taken as lightly as it may have been in the past. We missed those classmates who left us for the armed forces, and wished them good luck wherever they were. To those who made this book possible, students and faculty alike, I wish to thank you and express, on behalf of the staff, the sincere appreciation felt from all those who have been connected with this book. Jarrett Hudnall Editor-in-Chief Engineering Building 'i Library 'Q-L Davis Hall w w , r Q- EE' s 5, wp, Y sy' I A wi' it I, A if www' 4 4 ,-11554 QV ldv ., ig fy H .Q ,,. :,,, f 4 aww NM 1 A ,mn . ww L -SUM 1' fi .::5:5:5:.,.- -.aa . Q , President E. H. Hereford 1 wish to compliment the editor and stall of the REVEILLE for so accurately portraying the spirit of Arlington State College in this publication. With the threat of war, this has been a difficult year but the students and staff have done an excellent job and this out- standing publication has measured up to expectations. The splendid prospects for the future and the forward look have been excellently portrayed. My congratulations to each of you. CI-IANCELLOR GTBB GILCHRIST The year by year advancement and growth of Arlington State College, as reflected in each succeeding issue of the REVEILLE, is a source of pride and gratilication to us all. Some reshaping of the organization of the College during the past year by President Hereford and his staff, together with the construction of some needed new buildings, have brought us nearer our goal and paved the way for still other improvements in the future. My congratulations to Arlington State College, to its faculty and students, and particu- larly to the staff of the REVEILLE, for the fine job you are doing in your respective Helds. Together you are making progress. All of us in the Texas A. and M. System are proud to be associated with you. GIBB GILCHRIST Chancellor DEAN J. S. HOPPER DEAN EMERITUS E. E. DAVIS BARNEY C. BARNES Registrar wg-huh W O. E. PAXTON Commandant JOE BAILEY Business Manager MELBA HAMMACK Dean of Women - I Armstrong, A. B. Social Science Head of Dept. Brewster, Weld Biology Celcy, B. Military Dunsworth, H. A. D. Mathematics Head of Dept. OH Armstrong, Billy J. Engineering Brown, Donald Engineering Cook, Grady Engineering Forbes, B. M. Social Science Babin, Andrew Military Brown, Lilla Jean Music Copeland, Art Ford, Robert Business Administration Helen Ball, John R. Engineering Bryant, J. D. Business Administration Head of Dept. Crow, Herman History Floyd, Frances Mathematics Barnes Barne C. , , Y Registrar Burdett, Roy W. Engineering Culbertson, Warren Physics Freeland, Arthur Modern Languages Bell, Jillian Engineering Burkholder, Music Cupp, A. E. Engineering Goodspeed, Music Dan Clara Berryhill, E. P. Mathematics Burman, H. G. Chemistry Davidson, W. W. Engineering Goodwin, John Engineering Betts, Dexter L Visual Aids Cameron, Margaret Speech Duke, Mary F. English Green, Margaret Art tiki af 3. ,MTE W 5-. 7? E ,.,.5 asf? . ":, I " .E it Hamrnack, Mclba Dean of Women Hu mph reys, Librarian Lacy, Roy English MacDonald, john, Maj. Military Opal Hancock, Lt-ra D. Harrington, Home Economics Alberta Head of Dept. Irons, Earl Music Head of Dept. Landua, Marie English Marquis, Jack Physics Head of Dept. English Jasper, Thurman Mathematics Lanharn, Samuel Engineering McCombs, Chester A. Mathematics Henry, Archie Holmes, J. G. Home Economics Athletics Joy, Merrill Engineering Lassen, Lloyd Mathematics McDonald, Charles B. Chemistry Head of Dept. Joyner, Howard Art Head of Dept. Lawley, lNilliam Mathematics McGhee, Willie English Howard, Clyde M. Mathematics Keltner, E. H., Col. Military Head of Dept.. Layne, Kenneth Chemistry McGiffin, Norton History Howell, Joseph Engineering Kiber, Dan Agriculture Head of Dept. Lebo, M. B. Agriculture McGinnis, Helen English Hughes, W. L. Biology Head of Dept. Koehli, Fred, Capt. Military McAfee, H. D. Chemistry McNulty, C. L Geology L Meacham, William Biology Piner, Ouilda English Rockwell, Kenneth English Slaughter, Richard Speech Head of Dept. Mullins, Lula Murchison ohn , , J Chemistry Ncaly, Harvey O'Neal, Cothburn Owens, J. L. English Mathematics English Agriculture Head of Dept. Pope, H. D. Price, Emmit Ramsey, Zelda Ransom, W. A. Reese, Roy Chemistry Military Business English Biology Administration Head of Dept. Samuel, L. I. Sanders, Paul Scheble, Nita Scrivner Scottino, Paschal Agriculture Mathematics Speech Perry D. Engineering Education Head of Dept. Smith, George E. Smith, Spiegelmire, Stiles, Aubrey Taylor, Lucille Engineering G. McCarthy Louise Engineering Business Head of Dept. Engineering Music Administration Wyatt, James L. Velesky, Stanley Walters, Wesson, Billy West, James Modern Military Thurmond, Military Music Languages Lt. Col. Military Qu? llffmzs Paxton, O. E. Coinmarxdant Richards, C. D. Government, History Scruggs, Addie Physical Education Tinker, T. Physical Education Windham, Charles Military 9""'s? Peterson, William M. Engineering Robinson, Duncan English Shupec, George W. Engineering Van Keurcn Robert Military -IV' E 'lb--A J OTHER EMPLOYEES Branom, Arnold, Jonnie Cartwright, Cowan, Margaret Crider, Louise Geraldine Business Office Helen Registrar's Office Business Office Library Agriculture Office Lawing, Gay Lyon, Ottie Niles, Rachel Scott, JoAnn Sheltoi, Virginia Rcgistrar's Office Registrafs Office Library Dean's Office Registrarls Office Swisher, Mary Vickery, Ione Villa, Magdalena Wade, Pearl White, Library Commandanfs English Office Library Leonard R. Office Armory Denton, Dorothy Rcgistrafs Office Sitton, R. L. Buildings and Grounds Worley, Menzie L Armory THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET The Arlington State College Little Theatre under the direction of R. L. Slaughter presented the Barrctts of Wimpole Street in December. Everyone who saw the show was highly pleased with the performance and complimented both the directors and the actors for their good work. A dressing room .vliot five minutes before curtain time. Lucille Love puts the finislzing touches on foe Buckmanls' makeup for the opening night of productiori. David Healy, Tom Stevenson, fo Reagan, and Bon- nie Crawford are found in a very touching scene. v w w And we find the whole family congregated around the brave Elizabeth. Doctor Chambers ,............. Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett ......,..,..., Wilson ....,,.,, ,.4.......,.........,.. Henrietta Moulton-Barrett ,,., Arabel Moulton-Barrett .,.,. Octavius Moulton-Barrett. Septimus Moulton-Barrett .,..... Alfred Moulton-Barrett ,... Charles Moulton-Barrett, .....,. 4 The cast takes a moment to have a little drexsing room fun. CAST ..Howard Bilbrey ., .......,......,..... ...Bonnie Crawford Enez Ransom Jo Reagan .....,.,Lucille Love ,,........Fred Hight .Joseph Buckman . ..,..... John Barta .,........Charles Tabor Henry Moulton-Barrett .. George Moulton-Barrett Edward Moulton-Barrett ...,..,... Bella Hedley ..,.........,.......,. Henry Bevan ....,......., Robert Browning .......... Dr. Ford-Waterlow ..4.. ,.... Captain Surtees Cook ........ B. Berly Richard McCarthy David Healy ,.......4LaVona Cone .......Louis Neuman ...4....Caswe1l Ellis Ben Smith , . .Tom Stevenson A happy scene from the Wimjzole Street .rl ory. M S Y w , s iss Cameron puts the make-up on Howard Bilbrcy. THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET Lucille puts on her finishing touches. The Cast makes it's curtain call. Arnold, Frank Arnold, Theresa Blair, Alta Block, Barbara Brandt, Jo Ann Capart, Kenneth Cavanaugh, Eugene Chapman, William Clark, Bruce Clark, David Collins, Harold Connell, Michael Cooper, William Cruse, Bo Curtis, Robert Downing, Loretta Duncan, William Dwinnell, Pat Evans, Bobby Filgo, Donald Garrett, Dannie Gathings, Gloria Gautier, Sam Grisham, Billy Grusendorf, William Hamilton, Robert Harris, Gay Hart, John R. Hayth, Mary Headstream, David Herndon, Jerry Hollis, Hugh Horne, D. Huth, Walter Iden, Gloria Inman, Norman Jennings, Margaret Kennedy, John Leach, Beverly Lee, Kitty Ruth Lively, Robert Luton, Joan Madden, Virginia Manning, Stafford THE CHOIR CHOIR ROSTER Massey, Hershal Moore, Betty Moore, Pat Moore, Ray Ed Moss, Herman Muse, Beverly McBride, Peggy McCrarey, Tom McKissick, Carol Neumann, Louis Newby, Charles Oswald, Martha Parkhill, David Patrick, Le Moin Patterson, Joy Pollard, Shirley Powers, Billy Ray Pratt, Billy Joe Purcell, Glenda Regan, Jo Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Marjorie Robins, Rosemary Rumph, Charles Rudd, Mary Ann Schultz, Charles Shores, Mary Elizabeth Simpson, Jean Smith, Joyce Sorrels, Charles Stinson, Robert Stork, Philip Taylor, Philip Taylor, Mildred Sue Thompson, Theodore Thornton, Dorothy Vaughn, Jimmy White, Frances White, John White, Gwendolyn Williams, Russell Wilson, John Wood, Harva Womack, James The ASC choir under the direction of Dan Burkholder continued to make an impressive record over the whole state. Several trips were made to Fort Worth and Dallas, and to other places in a large area of the state. The girls quartet composed of Beverly M11sc:, Kitty Ruth Lee, Mary Ann Rudd, and Maisy Hayth sang with the choir dur- ing its various appearances in the past vvar. - vi? A ." .3 3, atise i c if I I f M DAN C. BURKHOLDER Director -and The Collegians featuring their br asses and vocalists are found playing at the Military Ball. THE COLLEGIANS The ' E photographer during a rehearsal. Collegians were caught by the REVEILL THE BARBER POLE CATS The male quartet comprised of Bruce Clark, j. D. Horne, Staf- ford Manning, and Harold Collins are found rehearsing during choir rcl1,earsal. The Collegians are found intent on making sweet music forthe troops. The Vocalists are singing some sweet dreamy xtuff. A The Vocalists xeem to be in a good mood. lggqz, The Barber Pole Cats singing sweet harmony. 'x Q ,, A 1. 47 .nt 9-, fl-f 'Ab lv 13' 5 a nv, .. 9 I X'-x - SSS -New i TI-ILIETICS ysswn'5s.10msw7,a.x s':K': Lstumww-5, 1.x,m1Mwc THE COACHING STAFF J. G. CKleptoj HOLMES Athletic Director Basketball, track and assistant football coach, T. J. Tinker received his experience as a player with TSC, or JTAC's teams, where he made a com- mendable record. After grad- uation from A. 8: M. in 1940, he came to ASC to coach. He served here three years and the Navy three years, returning in 1945. Line coach, Burley Bearden, came to ASC in 1946. IA star at Trinity University, Coach Bearden coached at Grand Prairie before he entered the Army, and compiled an en- viable record there. '-mmm, -. W 4, Head football coach, and athletic director, G. Holmes, graduated from Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio in 1921, and the next year entered ASC, then NTAC. Here he was a football, basketball and baseball star until his graduation in 1924-. He then went to Texas A. Sc M. and was graduated from there in 1927 when he was an All Southwest Conference guard. During his Career Klepto has coached at several high schools and was line coach at A. 8: M. for four years before he came here in 1935. WM EW .. .ri A iii? L., .itz A9 T. TINKER, Assistant Coach, B. L. BEARDEN, Line Coach - ...S In.. J-as I 1 TRI-CAPTAINS OF THE 1951 BLUE RIDERS DERALD KELLETT, Back ALBERT BYRNES, Back ALFRED SELMAN, End ALL CONFERENCE .BILLY PRATT, Tackle TOM WRIGHT, Back ALFRED SELMAN, End THE 1951 BLUE RIDERS ,swf Front Row: Hancock, Powell, D. Smith, Byrnes, Selman, Kellett, Wfatson, Morris, Herndon, Shrader. Second Row: Simons, Dierke, Wallace, Daves, Gammill, Simpson, Dokey, Ellis, White. Third Row: Tirey, Klemm, Stanley, Lakey, Rettman, Brown, Pendergrass, Farrell Wright. Fourth Row: Pratt, Hill, Cochran, Lundy, Sargent, Tye, Stamps, Johnson, Dowd. Fifth Row: Self, Mitchell, Gaines, Shively, Gipson, Langham, Droshin. Sixth Row: Coaches, Holmes, Tinker, Bearden. A FOOTBALL SQUAD MALCOLM WALLACE HERBERT DOKEY BOB LUNDY Guard Guard Tlwkle Twenty-six Riders won letters in the 1950 season by virtue of playing long enough and hard enough in a majority of the games scheduled. They were honored by a banquet on December 7, in the college din- ing-hall. Individual pictures of the letter- men begin on the preceeding page and are scattered throughout the following pages. Closing in for the kill Sl LRLING HILL Tackle Was lt blocked? 1 X BILLY PRATT Tackle Kellett goes for ten A BLUE RIDERS BATTLE FAVORED TCU WOGS TO 6-6 DEADLOCK Uncovering a dazzling aerial attack mixed with fleet-looted line slashes, Coach Holmes' Blue Rider eleven battled the top-favored TCU Freshmen squad to a C-6 tie on the Wogs gridiron in Fort Worth. Riding on the strong arms of quarterbacks Joe Simpson and Bill Hancock, the Rider team completed 14 out of 32 forwards for a total of 161 yards gained passing. One of the outstanding factors in the game, was the line play on both sides. The heavier TCU line gave up 102 yards to the Rider attack and the Rider line yielded 106 to the TCU backs. Many of the Wogs gains were called back because of penalties. ALFRED SELMAN End Pug gets a tackle. ALBERT BYRNES Back X . 5? DoN SMITH JOHN WHITE DERALD KELLETT Center EMI Back PLOWBOYS TAKE 31-7 VICTORY OVER RIDERS The Tarleton State Plowboys came from behind in the second quarter to over- come a seven point deficit and score two quick touchdowns to defeat the Arl- ington crew on Thzinksgiving Day, 31-7. Tarlcton won the Silver Bugle for the second straight year and increased their series league in the twenty-four year rivalry, eleven victories to nine. Co-captains Kellett and Selman had the un- pleasant duty of presenting the Silver Bugle to the Plowboys in a brief cere- mony following the tilt. Outstanding players for the Riders were Kellett, Han- cock, Simons, Selruzm, Pratt, Wallace, and Smith. TOM WRIGHT Back Byrnes gives a good block for Tom. l DRENNON DAVES Back BILLY HANCOCK CONNIE DIERKE MARVIN SARGENT Back Back Back HUGH MORRIS Back ,Xe 5 , gl , s ml I CASWELL ELLIS Back W ,-,ga - T 131 I , BILL COCI-IRAN Tackle -M K ,M M. yi, . , AUDIE JOHNSON Back That Colt won't go far. MOUNTAINEERS TRIM BLUE RIDERS, 20-6 The Arlington State Blue Riders lost a 20-6 decision to the Schrein- er Mountaineers October 27, in Kerrville. ASC rolled up 12 first downs to the Nlountaincers' 8. However, the Schreiner backs un- dercovered a potent running at- tack that netted 209 yards. Derald Kellctt led the Rider backs in yards gained running. On the re- ccivng end of the Rider aerials were Wright, Selrnan, and John- son. Iron men in the line, Billy Pratt and Sterling Hill, led in the defensive work. -i EUGENE POWELL JERRY BROWN TOM HERNDON Back Tackle Guard - L. .,. -. .E "' A-11.1 .5123 "',g1"lQf'?3 , Trying to get through Zl holc MILAM SIMONS Back f R . P ' ,411 , ' IFR 'FTW 'QL QQQQQ 55.1 x f -H V, Q A Ax I, N - uv-R . -'-mf ,My x , 1 . bt I 'I A W , ' it . 4" 5 f gs . . . - l . L -A ,. 55? Rm '.1g.s5fe ,jr . ., f, - M 4... -,-:, , .,,. , , .V .Ft scrilifl' fffff 1 M ,. Y 17: fir, , , - ' Y - 1 31, "ff 1 f' fr f , , 4 . , , .f '-1.3.1 f':.:?.! ." . 'E' . . ' . an " 1. V. -12 fZ11't1,-o ' .A f , " 'lm - -5.11, v,n.,... ,ac - :XA ,A . I L .V A A A 'ig -k- ,. -A. Ai V .'n,'y , ' , , Ag' Q W WC. x EMYEJL ,.- 7- U .:' ' 4' : ' vw :Wy is -' ,L ""AiWf,. f.wfEw2 - fm' , f , .- 'V - eg--7' -. A 'gefff-:WH .zi"FT -sas. V , X1-ffm, ' ' ' .:- ' 1' ' 'X W fl 5 1.155 IL- 12 SW? if I WE? . ,Wi H VA - Y, Yr. : V . , . ,gg5Qw:Sg3',g 4.33.-::s1QA4. PWM, 53,33,ffg,,,,. uyyw 5 ,j- 3 , I - -, S . ' if X, . 252 .Lf y5W,j's!.i7j iff., svxwfkftiii' ' PWWMHMW , ..i:sf-' " W. : 553555:,5.:,:5gz'5:g:':.g ' ff R. A-fu ' Ti-'Jw' ffm ' ' 1 f ,J " ff - - , 'A N , -5. '5 V ' , 2 'H 1' 11 - V f 7 ' N 4' .5 1,-2211 5: P' fj'jfIa'-,' -. 5:5-gf.. ' 1.. 'L-V--'4 -' V ,. fl . . " ,, - .,.. .1 DICK CURRIN End NEIL TUCKER JOE SIMPSON Guard Back aY2'i:L:i . .3a r I I I I I A vp llll 'iff E:-iiif ' S Q pi I - its E sus Milli 5 l A 5. tIW,IIII pi.. -iiI IIN... 1 DONALD LACKEY The Riders got this Colt End M Y ..I. K 9 4 :I. ..I. 1 ' ' I.. I-- . "' 5 ,slew 7 ff.. L .. III 'Irma I'.I 'e- - . IIII It ggmwg A f 'I I.,., if' 7 :L--i'fif' ,,,-: :f I.A,- ::::'.... X llllli I I I I I I- Q R I, 455 I liiiiife 'M ':"5 ew, .IIIAV -IIII w IIIII ,la IIII- 1 .i.52lztfta 'I'II" - - fl 1'-2 he , wt-V in eg- 2,fj"'B -.- , IIII ight fn M1 f,f. wi .,,.I. TANNER PENDERGRASS Center I,.,. f gi :I fa . .IIII.II..I... II- III.. I-I - I I IIIIII t - I I E me I ':': I H is: :':' 'll Jiill li :.:. :'-- ' I If' ffl :I.: :-: QW, "'- 2 "-f we I:If ":: -IIII E y M we I i Viesagf lte-at Bizgigif e l if li - I In x figs ---.z I. "' III'III JACK STAMPS Back RIDERS DEFEATED BY SMU COLTS, 41-0 The unbeaten, untied, and unscored on SMU Colts ran and- passed their way over ASC's Riders to the tune of six touchdowns. However, the Riders came closer to doing what the Texas University or the Rice Owlets failed to do-score on the Colts. Outstanding players for the Riders were Tom Wright, Bob Lundy, Derald Kellett, Joe Simpson, and Billy Hancock. Watch out for those cleats CHEER LEADERS Mary Ann South, Chuck Newby, Mozelle Bean, Ed DeMoss, Gwynn Sims, Billy Powers Mary Arm, Mozelle, and Gwynn keeping time with the band BASKETBALL BASKETBALL . 5 4, 5 . 5 E 3 Q First Row: Klemm, Ooten, Lacey. . Second Row: Harvell, Brown, Simpson, Hickey. Third Row: Coach Tinker, White, Durham, Lynch, Spence. SQUAD T. TINKER Coach TARLETON BEATS RIDERS TWICE TO i CLOSE THE SEASON Going into a two-game series with the Tarleton Plowboys, the Arling- ton State Blue Riders were leading the league, The Plowboys won both games and brought the ASC quintet's season record to eight wins against eleven de- feats. In Pioneer Conference play, Coach Tinker's five won six games against the same number of setbacks. Three of these defeats were to the Plowboys. Outstanding players for the Riders were Joe Simpson, Charlie Lynch, Richard Harvell, and Elbert Spence. ff. Iq,..' 'M' JOHN HICKEY Coach Tinker and the three returning lettermcn, Lynch, White, and Simpson. JOE SIMPSON ELBERT SPENCE PHILIP OOTEN STANFORD WHITE GEORGE LACEY Ooten plowing with a Plowboy. QUINT BOWS TO SMU FRESHMEN SMU's freshmen cagers chalked up a 60-41-1 win over the Arlington State Eve in a non-conference tilt February 15, in Joe Perkins Gym. The Colts, aided by a decided advantage in height and speed, found the range of the Rider's net early in the second period and got off to a 31-13 halftime lead. The Riders man- aged to narrow the gap several times in the last half, but were never close enough to pose a serious threat. Joe Brown topped the Riders scoring with 13 points. 1'Bean" Durham looped eight tallies for ASC. Close behind were joe Simpson and Richard Harvell with seven points each. DUANE DURHAM 1 C CHARLIE LYNCH JOE BROWN RICHARD HARVELL Simpson was fourth with 568. 1 SIMPSON TOPS RIDERS CAGERS TO TAKE 1951 SCORING CROWN WITH 217 POINTS Final results tabulated on the basketball squad show that Joe Simpson, A1'l111Q'tOI'1,S all-conference guard, walked away with the individual scoring crown for the 1951 basketball season. A stout defensive player with a deadly eye for the basket, Joe was top scorer throughout the season. Charles Lynch, forward, finished in second place with a total of 164 points and George Harvell ran third in the scoring column with 123 points. Percentages in the free throw department were very high this year with Lynch topping the list with a 631 average and Harvell was second with 623. Duane Durham was third with a 599 and INDIVIDUAL RECORDS FOR THE 1951 SEASON Player- FG FT FTA FLS PTS Simpson ....,,, ...... 8 0 60 107 46 217 Lynch ...... ....., 6 4 39 '62 43 164 Lacey ........ . 25 3 13 21 49 f Durham ..,. .,.,, 3 7 26 44 60 96 Brown .,.... ,,.,. 3 3 26 55 64 86 A Svrumblc for the ball. Harvell .... ..... 4 5 37 61 41 123 Hickey ....,, ..... 1 1 3 8 14 25 Spence .,,.. 8 13 29 27 28 Ooten .....,.. ...., 2 0 5 18 27 45 White .,..,,.. ..... 3 5 13 19 11 Owens ..,... ..... 0 0 1 0 0 Smethers .. .,.., 1 0 0 1 1 Knowles ,.,. ,.... 1 0 0 3 1 Totals .,..... . .....,, 328 222 411 366 853 Joe ready for a pass. Up gOCS BCHIHC- B . A S K E T B A L L 7 ii l, IL 'W ,L Up goes White for two. Joe can really play that backboard Mary Ann South and her dancing class Whcrc do I sign up for dancing? ASC's Fcnccrs. Put your little foot. The coaches talking it over. The fooiball boys going to an out-of-town QZUTIC. Trying to buck that line Get that man. v 4 x - . .W , Q . ' , W' - V X , .N 7, A , I ' I Ji A ' ' 7 ' ,. .., -,,. .N l ,,. , .' vw ' 'uv :' .f ff uw' V ' ' - ' - . , .-- 1 1, ' . 3, I . ., K.. ' V, 4. ' V - N K g.,i- I. - W ,- . . 1 ,,, ,. , ,. ,,. , I r - " 1 1 , n u, ' . - .1 1 1 ,, L, ' ' 1 JU ' I 'X 1 1 1 . I ,, - g 1 ' . J. 1 my ,. w - ,.. .A H X - 14 ., H-, - ,. X 'v -.1 '-'. A , " r" 1 . X 1 2' A I 1 , H ll 4, ' ', XJ fw - v., , 1 ., ,h :', . . .1.',1: - :,---. ' , ' ' , 1 X x . .M K, I.7..A ww -If ,xy-4 , , ,-v , . X 1 l ,..4, 4.- , 1 V . ,, . ., .l Y I . ,, Jr., I 4, K i 'JY-' V' -V 1 u f I .-. , , ,.-'p' .. 'X Av . , . , . r I . . 'L ".. ' I . w,y,,4 H- 1 'vll . V I A ',,, . "1 . .-- ',' ' 1 4--1. .M-v :.1- .1 nl. Ar -- V eg ' 'I 1 .V ,-I , ..11 :- -- V , '-,L2'f:. ' v , -' frjl ,e '.. V :.- . ,v' X -. , -. ' ..'vIy.,' 3. , ' 1 , - Q 1 1 , -,- - V. 1 1. . -.' "" V "4., Q I . , , ' v ' ' X V 'L .R , , My 1,4 1 -. . - , 5 , . v, " xl -ly' 1 "Q I! , . , . X 41 . -1, , - , ., - f,,: ,N .- 1 , .I 7,1 V zz' Nm M 4 'AH' ,.Y.X Y V ,. , ,I -'bak-.. En' ,N 1- :-xl, 3'--ff ,-', 5, I ,' ' if A 1-'j .V ,f 3 :'.",' 1.6. .,.,:,- luv,-f' . 5, 7 .1 ,ui 1 f.!.f4- , M. '- - 3 ,. ,jf A f 1 f ' V r'.'.4... ,z .',Q',:,1'-, uf: -,iq-j n . 4 w ., ' X' ', . Y' '11 v.,,g A, - 1, ,. ,,-' 1.4-3 rj. - . W Y 'vw ' I h 4,1 A k g-1,1 , "X jim j cg... - --' E-.V-, . , ,, .M H - -,qv ,f-. ' -R .4.- -- f M. ,., , ' . '..,f A M -.I ,Y 1- 3-' 3- ...:,,w ' ' .: ' 'fv-1' ' . . '. .-fx ': '-:L 1 -'- ' 'Tiff - . ' ' 1 " "n+':'- , -, - . 3 1 ', . ,pw .. - V ,- V ,. ' . 14 ,, V ,Q . -. ,. , X I E Q 1 1 t , .. 1'..,.- hp , V I , ,. K A .-,fx , .A . H ff-A. f' f W 4 w 1 H -'Z L, .. --.twf ' ' , . V , ,'. A712115 ,. 11' -, ' ' Q 31 , 5 , , A .. , , 1 " , .1 , V ' ' 'A -. + I , A , Yr ,, 4,--A - V V 'A I , , V n X , . , . 1 K ' k A ,- I 1 ' - l'- 4 , I V v' ' I , X o N V - ' y , X , -H , k 'A 3 w2Q.f14x,,:fii 4 wwfwf X555 x W " ., ,X M - ' W' Af-ffamia.. 9 sw ,W .hsimw W n Y 1 . igmkl .....L .Qt5bQf'N'i""Y"" 1 A Jwlif ,, ii . A .' ' I x 'F " fi? ' f' ' WW' ' 1, ig K. W , 1555 1 5 . sifez-:. ME:- - - , . . "-'5 f , ,Mg-QW .' V 1 , i ,, . ,, Aqzw'Q,,M V X V if , .1 5. x y , g , 7' ' 1 se, K gr iii ,M fn : , ,vk 55, gym? 1, ., .a:jW:1. . 1-, - 2 ,,., ZX Y. w N. Q ...-. .. 4. A V . Y - .- , 4 ,2-zz' ' Q sg 124 W Q' iii ' :g:,. ' .::E:f:f:f'fQe,.5.? -22:5 1 .... : ' 2:'i"":":I X 51 A .4555 ff - K .q,.,ghf.'.. ' V-2:1-I-fix. ,ww,gM2 , , .4 L Q - A 4 f :ff 3 "" " , 1 ' Q Q .g,t5,M ga 235.5 ECWQQEE igQ,XEW,Z,ii, fi'F1-'37 x 2 1. if . "2fg 'f5 ' 'fx' A , Ev , ...... , iw lgig gi w I 3 Z? . g it 1 .xii x - ,: iw: S215 n,.i . 7' Q 3? , jggdg-. V 'Lb ,g. -' I-V4-::::::5i,:g:5,,mx 0 'fan 11-- . 35:-51gsisis-:gag3gzg'geg::-'Q'.-'Q X ef 'Vg' 5"-:usa-sSwf ,2s? 4 f v QN Q' '-!' . 1-5' in Y' vw 4 f lf' 1 f x v 4, .wif EQ H1545 Y sf -- W iw - f Ks .... f wi -.,"?:5-2-:g.,':,:', 33, 1-.N .- , -- .rv wg. ,.::.:::a-.- f. 4 -:,-w.:::::.'1--1 f .-Jq. . 4? 2 m 3 A T. ' ,V at Yg fgh fx ig.-1415.55-a:g:5:2r:g,w i' 2, ..., ggsigii -L ' 22 Q ,X n. :3 h :,5:5,:, ff ,4 K ,gg ,gs " fyfj , M 9 Z L if u ' 355' vi Q1 vm I 1 -'-' mg ' , if 1 f fifi, x A , ,wwgif ,ggi-,:.2,. ,,.,: ....: .:,,, ,:,:,g:,.gy . ,:,,,,... Sw ,.,. :E :U 1, ,, ,, ,Egg ' M ,M f .,.., r fn" ' ' iii I Q, xg-Z-1 ' :sw l3i555,,3g E? 5525, -, ., , Q- ggi Q.. ' fi- ' vfikkilii WEN' A' - M .,...: - k Q,-13: ,wx 3 ,fl ,T ,, -.3-,fm-:: ,W EE, 2,5 , X, 44 . 11- gr iiwxgls-,1'j:.5j:?EZ: .,.,.,. -2452, Bill: al," z f M WA? K. 5 ' "" A L L .. ,,.,: M ,.., . K 1 ? -4 1-I-f-15-'K' "A "" : g QM, I , .n..a....fu41x. fi ' ' ' THE CORONATION This year, as in the past, the Coronation has been the most important event on the social calendar. The King and Queen, and their court, are elected by popular vote of the Arlington State College student body, and they represent the leading all-around students of the school. Visiting royalty from the surrounding colleges and high schools are presented during the coronation. Representatives of all clubs, departmental VVho's Who, and their dates or escorts are also summoned to the court. Following the Coronation, a ball is given for the Royalty, with the King and Queen having the first dance. This event has been proved the most popular occasion of the school year. THE CORONATIO fm +3 'W 'ws 'Q N2 . Y jf, 'Z 1 ' A -xii ' Wg? Q R .zrf w sw , -WF' 'W 'f , N' gg - , - , ...,,f,5,, , W i ' X " 2' . f . 'QL . 1 :Qi K , , f ,mf ,. ..,.....,. ., ,K K v . . , 4. lm ! S 5 4 x Tv f Mia K 1 N G 1 0 E of the house of Simpson x X L3 X , , 2 4 , 1 5 l,H , X H , H X H W , it W l Ji. . Y LV , f I 1 . 1 W, 5? , , 5 X . A vi 1 1 , X , A H , F. I U A ' wx ,. W- S552 , X 1 -1? U F E fm K Saw. H H Z ggi'- .WPQSALZ f -..Q,g-.Hr -Wi Hi X 'F ,f ' .L F K SEMA Q MM .9" X ,, . 5, 2? ig' K - 5 'X ,y , , , f E QUEE GWYX- of the house of Sims W .1 . ,. f 5 nik" -1 1 32 .,.. 4 Jil' 11- V1 ,,...,,,11 Mg. S w:1'11,, ,156 ga X 2 1 1 1 ,, I U, 1 1 112' K K' . , 1 , 111 ,1:Gf! 515, ,,.., MU. -W MV -wx 2 1 Uwe ' W 11, 1 1 a' N x 1 1 8 G I 1., ,ww , ':! 4. 1 :EW ,. 'nv' .px- 0 A 161 3 , wg W X as 1 'Q W X Awww ami xv, X 1 -A N - x sv, ,RS uw V, u, YF :Es - - -- ...M , Q A , I' M1 O Q O wewh-Lw'W"W' M M ww W, Q52 wig Club Representatives and Who,s Who Administration Heads and Guests The Queen and Her Court .Mayall The Queen enters The King and Queen begin the dance Jesse and Sally View the program The King and Queen leave the throne T TT Q riiihf ,QT its 1,VA: E., President Hereford chats with the girls arg V+ . in M' KH 'I , Oliver H. Newton Military Jack Gray Biology S' Calvin Barker Professional Engineering WHO'S WHO Jane Gentry 1 Pre-Medical R. B. Lomerson Geology AT ASC John W. Anthony Chemistry Harold Hollingsworth Social Science Jerry Hosek Agriculture 'd 2 ' ' 14 -if 1 LV' -1.24-4--" 3 Joe Simpson Frances White Physical Education Home Economics WHO'S WHO Floyd Mason Freda Harbert Charles Tombs Mathematics Education Business Administration WW Earl Holcombe Harva Wood Physics Music AT ASC Mary Lee Shores Melvin Alsbury Mrs. Dorothy A. Newton Modern Languages Semi-Professional Engineering Art Eddie Forbis Louis Neumann English Pre-Law WHO,S HO James Callan David Healy journalism SIPWCI1 'fb REVEILLE Jarrett Hudnall Editor-in-Chief Charley Sorrels Business Manager Jim Blackwell Photographer PSHORTHCR 5 YW :vi was -.-, as ig., M, M zu,.,': .., . v 1 f-Lugz? it . 3' I A James Callan Princc, Clark, Pollard, Ollar Editor SHORTHORN STAFF JAMES CALLAN ......... ................................................... ,.,....,....,.,.,...,.... E d itor DAVID R. CLARK ......... .,,.....,...............,...,..........,.... ......,... M a naging Editor VELMA PRINCE ,....r....... .,.... .,,......,,.... A s sociate Editor CARL OLLAR .......,...,.,....... ........,.............................,.. S ports Editor SHIRLEY POLLARD ......... ..............,.......,..................,. S ociety Editor BILL REDDING ........ TOMMY TUCKERH, HAROLD WATKINS JUNE FENN ......r......l.. CAROL McKISSICK ..... Business Manager and Cartoonist Associate Business Manager ..............,......................Pl'L0t0gI'dfJhCI' , ......,., Clerical Assistant ,.,.i.....Cle1'ical Assistant DUNCAN ROBINSON .,..,..,....,......,. ..... .... .....,.,.........,..,.. S j J onsor Staff and Reporters STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE Seated: Shirley Pollard, Miss Lucy Taylor CSponsorj, Mozelle Bean. Standing: Eddie Forbes, John Spicer, Thomas Manion, Derald Kellett, Dr. Cothburn O'Neal fSponsor Mr Norton McG1ffin fSponsorj, Don Brown. The Student Faculty Committee is composed of two girls and five boys, elected by the students in the Hrst election of each school year. These students must have high scholastic averages and they must maintain them throughout the school year. The purpose of this committee is to settle differences between students and faculty members and to make teacher-student relations better. They also work with the- Student Election Committee in counting votes during various elections. STUDENT ELECTION COMMITTEE Front Row: Ed DeMoss, Shirley Pollard, Jo Ellen Crouch, Mozelle Bean, Mary Hayth, LaRue Batson, Pat Daniel, Wayne Eades. Back Row: Eddie F orbes, John Spicer, Derald Kellett, Thomas Manion, R. Henry, Bliss Lucy Taylor QSponsorQ, Jerry Hosek, Don Brown, Mr. Norton McGiHin QSponsorj, Charley Sorrels, Dr. Cothburn O'Neal fSponsorj. The Student Election Committee is composed of six girls and ten boys, ap- pointed by the Dean of Women and the Commandant and approved by the Presi- dent of the College. The basic requirement is to be on the honor roll for the spring semester for the preceding school year. The function of this committee is to meet before every election, discuss the rules and regulations and set the date and place for all elections. It is the duty of the members of this organization to maintain the polls and count votes after each election. 6 9 K 1 w , N I w A m K a HF. iff PE .H sw I if These Were Our Favorites 2 1- .. " , 4- ,. 3 Juqilrhii Ei A'.,ml.i.l, Vg ' . K fm 5. 1 'vw , ' A-,-Jr' 5195- 1.-v':mgaaR!'3?P . 1 .,5 ,f!!S5:E'P' '31 :- .. , :H-: ,. - :E::,:, :Zig :Y -5, f 1 gm.-gf Q , i ,LA ,. .., W: 1 Wm m I- -wx xg lg, 1 ,. fi ' ' ' mf '3 - - W, 4B'QEMgz+aQ2 if +2-'agiief-'gf' ' P ?'HL'f's"5i':af.? -VI! gf:-s,.SHHEE!:11 v W tins ' - ' 41 .xlibs saga qua' 1 5 ws. il EYHSLISIIJA mb w vm . ,,, h A I 5 144E:?Hf5'? ll .Vi . .3310 my We 'W' J,-wssw Rf sri? law R W 1, VR 55' 2iAf,5L Wim WM., A, u W we W W fa b, Kg my 4 331 ydkyxg A ,, bm nm I' f 1 2 YQ ' lv rn ,32112'w fm. C '- A L. .. .31 4 f f, . jr. 'uw w U-"-, M ,., ww.. 4.4 .. ,. -, N .:,,.x, Ll gtg-:-:1 L . H "ff-if' Af V V vw' V ., .. ,, 4: -. a .. ' ,U . . , . 'rg' - X M- ,' .' .. ix M . , 'Fi . 'ff' .L -. , . w' Jn, 1 .Jag V ,." 5 -1 w M- , .rf 1, A1 fin, -Q ,, nf' sul Q' J ,. .. ,Mx ' , .-mf. , ..-, I 5 , l- ' 'M A . - 'wif'-:1.'.-' ff '.,.-, ' HQ--W ' . i- '. . . ' r,,, . . . , . , , V- L. .55 1,-., . 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L ,N i r I M X' 'H ' l 'Wi gif aiPzs2kQfQa X - ,RE ix ff- Q- X we x' :L Wx. 5. ix '?f5."51g3 TW!! 1-U if-ziwfi ,X,. 4-,Wea SEM :" w1,,!L U X, .-,Nmfgfgijl V -4 - - r iff --f- 2 .1-i WT is 'nf JI' S 1 5 N Mai n Q N , as 53 my Q L jd wW'i'M 43 f mg 'mx gg. 'fi 5 I E sin gs Q Z :lf Q mm K W, s R, , E..' A v W , .' "Q" Q. ,. ,, N - 45, I 1 -1 . if Q - 25 5-Ei ga , tw 1 :-- . 1.1-m .Em ff g . ff. , ' I' . N 4, ...., :. W1 ,ba E .,,...... EAU, . " ,EQ ,, X s 'Vw .5 I Ml.: .- X Q V V i . 1 gil, U 'f Q PHA vi 1, - -- H -A 134 1 Q , MSW QW' I 4 F. Q , 'ggi . ' -:-:a: xg ,, zip ' , ' 525 ' E grfifii E w , 1 ' f' 1, 271 was " Mar Ann Rudd A-:r:.':g!ia. -.:e.n,32"M:-235, " -"1u1gTg:h, - X W, 1- - ,' - -vw ff.. L , i 3. if 4 ' , .V J-11-. 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Carol McKissick SWEETHEARTS Joan Luton Dorothy Inman Shrrlcy Brown Mary Ann South 1 x A , 42 .x ,I. - . . W ,.,.x, iaith. 4,1 X, ,Av-il? 'n li H ,, fiks? i4'1f!'f ' 4 mv? n , If ,,r. F -'nt'-F ""V '-.. 52. 1 , . , . . .u ..- ...vw ""' - gf S' ' .'f'1 1511. ' A. LE Q If ,M l EEEEEE fi ji ,, , .,: ' i , 'Slip '5'- XUH gr ' L- f--. :1 -. '-'.-'Pr -if Tf':f1,f.'. ," "W if IA-lwwlrn.-ly! , w I, , 4 K ,.l A I-L, -3 .1 ' y "' T1 .Exp ,I-Via l - 1 , IJ: , Q, jimi? v hid 'Q I . , 'rv1i'Llg'nl. Mu 5 .f 'f 'sl' f lg 9 K U' ' 1 Tre" ,E r f., .. UZ-1 1' . , ,Wg , . if 3 wif "wifi K, ,..., M. .' , y V 1' .. .na . 'L QL Q '. ': v - - ', x -if Wig: 5 -5 'QS ALWTIL' : , 5 A, K., .3 M, L ':!"s' 1- " Hr' :.1W".,1 1 " 3,,E.y:. a , - neue: '. mag' u, L v ' : Nj A .,'. ,..:5:5:,!g QEWQQ ., , ,, ,1, Mgiysg- X:-Q .ag 1 .'. ' 1 F11 .'g.V?" 13 aim AQ , A . .:..,... ,I 55316 M E ' ....... 9 SQ Y- mQgg king 9fff'fi1Q ' Wifi' gr, lLL.:5":1, , 595W ' my Q ,wif 1: , , Y- ,Y W .mu-,A - git Y s z' sis! ' 'th' gf wwf I gi ' X 1, , N,-J? ,jmiiw N M, , ,252 5, 85, 21 3 ,, . if A , ,.... 32: X I-F154 ,, S.,,,W,v,,5,A . 4 1 . f:5gj3:g.21 A L :f"Ws2'f3f - ZX 'vw wi ki QA, . .CQ Q ,.,:s,. , ,, ,-:.:.E.E. ,.,5, .,f wwf' ..:.:sasasasasasasasaa, we 535 ' Q. Q-,E g, gm., , ,B-if Q ,. if .,...... , , Wk tv 1 is 4 0' M U, U -V, , gr .L QQ?-2 .uv .vifh ' f mf Q iz Q, f '?.4', 1R31 N fd: A M19 X 42 M xzx .,1 THE PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS COLONEL EDGAR H. KELTNER Colonel Keltner's proved ability as a capable leader has, as in the past made the Arlington State College Cadet Corps one of thc outstanding ROTC units in the nation. Colonel Keltner has rc- ceived many of the Army's awards, including the Dis- tinguished Service Cross, and the Legion of Merit. The, Colonel's personality and ability to lead have made him one of the best liked and respected men at this college. 1- 5 f ati, MAJOR JOHN N. M,-,cDONALIQf LT. COL. THURMOND WALTERS CAPT. FRED KOCHLI Capt. Kochli, Col. Walters, Col. Keltner, Major MacDonald, M!Sgt. Celey, M!Sgt. Babin, M!Sgt. Van Keuren, MfSgt. Wesson, M!Sgt Price, M!Sgt. Windham, MfSgt. Vclesky. REGIMENTAL COMMANDER CADET COLONEL O. H. NEWTON Showing outstanding leadership in the Cadet Corps and on the campus, O. H. Newton was pro- moted to the position of Cadet Colonel for the fall semester of 1950-1951. Mi'. Newton was very active in campus activities and commanded the honor and respect owed a man in his position. REGIMENTAL STAFF Cadet MfSgt. Hannah, Cadet Lt. Col. Lyon, Cadet Col. Newton, Cadet Lt. Col. Steven- son, Cadet MfSgt. Beadle. :JM FIRST BATTALION ig H.. CADET LT. CULTON, Battalion Executive Officer CADET LT. COL. BARKER, Battalion Commander. CADET LT. BRADLEY, Battalion Adjutant. 0l'l'll0CLl'lg CADET CAPT. ED DCMOSS CADET ISTXSGT. DAVID CLARK Company Commander Company Sergeant V H m 1 3-L0 FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Newby, Cook, Hr-xnpel, Crockett, Neal, Newsome, Gaines, Lawrence, Star- key, Bowncls, Childress Wnsaff, Simpson. Second Squad Bryan, Martin, Spicer, Buchanan, Herod, Ap- pling, Smith, Cramer, Calvert. Third Squad Fullen, Gurney, Curry, A 1 ex n n d e r, Drosihn Rommcr, Nolen, Stanley, Stevens. THIRD PLATOON First Squad Lt. Lee, Goodman, Mil elicll, E V an n s -L 0 in lm e Whitc, Hart, Sargent, Da vis, Tidwcu, O'Nc-ul, Lt. Bradley. Second Squad L i c ln, Sessions, lNillis York, H owcll, Cheves Trawick, Haley. Third Squad Adams, Hawrylak, Meier, Horne, McGee, Bullard, Holmes, Hight, White. COMPANY A SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt. Kellett, Holcomb, Crick Campbell, Gratke, Mash- burn, Wilson, Tucker Stark, Engle, Pratt. Second Squad Massey, Fernandez Jinks, Falkner, Young- blood, Stewart, Stamps Gilbert. Third Squad Boehle, Hakes, Ware Mee, Campbell, Goggans Smith, MeKelvey. CADET CAPT. GEORGE HARWELL CADET ISTXSGT. JAMES CRIBBS 0I'l'L,06ll'lg JM 4 m hh in E Company Commander Company Sergeant W gg. , V. if gd: , u , . W H , , ,. ,.,.,.,.,., ,. . , E P T ....,. W , ' L "Yip: F' , 5 Fifi , xii A :.oo W 2 Wm , , - A , , .,.,.,.,.,.,.,. 4 . :::::o:::: in 1 o 'ws , Q n n A .,. . :::-:-: ::: E X M i.. , .gig nuii, Xi: r 2 A H B Q Wsln iiiin ,,flgk.gyfQwif H 5 B5 M 5 -2, -C :':::: " e'f1,'1f V M Q C .K - E :.: 1g,.rsP? ii, ,-. . .... .,.,.:. 1 ' 3: ax!" ' , ag -. i'Ti .. 2 .. W MXQ5 -En Z 5 V ki M W W K E H wwr My 355 .g m1nw m1 a.m,.mala-rm.L.Q 4 1, ...1-J. he -- .-.-. . 4..-u.,l W H - s 3 Lt FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Waggoner, Ferreira Mollenhaucr, Hollis, An- derson, Crouch, Handcr- son, Hcnshaw, 1-lincs, Ves- tal, Harrison, Hicks, Mc- Bride. Second Squad Hollingsworth, T o d d , Holman, Hickey, Wcst, Quinn, McClain, Moore Third Squad Womack, Keen, Hamil- ton, Collins, Bell, john- son, Watson, Crofts, Go- forth. COMPANY B THIRD PLATOON First Squad SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt Lut7 Brummel Stew- ar Buchqnan Butts Williams, Morris, Willis, Hunt, Cozart, Cribbs. Second Squad Hinds, Evans, Dean, Al- ford, Curtis, Ivy, Moore, Dickerson, Drake. Third Squad Willoughby, ,I e f f e r s , K o e p p , Schniederjan, Metcalf, Jenkins, Smith, Larsen, Sears. . Watts, Cater, White, Sawyer, Stanford, Royzill, Taylor, Dollar, Stendinan, Tittsworth, Vance. Second Squad Galloway, Hilburn, Cole, Findlay, Wallace, Baker, Mayfield, Richardson. Third squad Evans-liombv, Moye, Hiles, Downing, Edwards, Long, Rcttman, Shipmzm. 0I'l'll06ll'Lg CADET CAPT. WILLIAM JACOB Company Commander O CADET 1STfSGT. ROBERT LINDSAY Company Sergeant FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Norman, Arnold, Elam Adams, Stubbeman, Dur- ham, Wheeler, Wofford, Crow, Loughry. Second Squad Housman, Binford, Wil- liams, Wilson, Gardner Hanson, Spencer, Car- penter, Lawson. Third Squad Womack, Myers, White, Ibbotson, Beard, Norman Davies, Jones. THIRD PLATOON First Squad Lt. Bell, Williams, Seaborn, Burks, Romiek, Rhine- fort, O cl o m, Johnson, Daves. Second Squad Worehan, Davault, Smith, Warren, Bowman, Hollo- way, Clanton. Third Squad Kemper, Dunn, Smith, Matson, Lundy, Shoe- maker, Mintcr. 9 COMPANY C SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt. Brown, Bellows, Beas- ley, Burnett, Woodruff, Reid, Donaldson, Hart- man, Horton. Second Squad Scott, Baker, Rozellc, Z i h l m a n , Anoston, Weems, Williams, Clan- ton, Brooks. Third Squad H a y s , Simmons, Me- Kamy, Purcell, Hancocks, Meek, Blackburn, lNal- voord. CADET LT. COL. DAVID HEALY Second Battalion Commander I 1 SECOND BATTALION K l Second Battalion CADET LT. COL HEALY Battalion Commander CADET MAJOR BRUCE Battalion Executive 0l'l'll0al'I, CADET CAPT. KIM BECKLER CADET 1STfSGT. PETE NICOLETT Company Commander Company Sergeant gm. QL-f , xv,'Z ,Q ,. ., gf- ,lilsw 1 .gy-A :agp . 1zn.zvgv. - FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Eades, Pennal, Sorrcls, Jordan, Duke, Ankele Knight, Stanley, Haw kins, Coleman, Glenn Sryley. Scconcl Squad Smith, Klenn, Wisdom Hester, McMinn, Bell Noe, Lucas, Parker. Third Squad Smith, Morris, Kline Hill, Cause, Fitch, Mc- Cnglircn, Waddell. THIRD PLATOON First Squad Lt, Hudnall, Scllman, Hav- crstick, I-Ioupt, Nelson, McClintock, P a l m c r , Rumbo, Truver, Stroup, Bietendorf. Second Squad Oakes, O'Dcll, Harton, Masters, Swindlu, Rcnvcs, Milam, Cain. Third Squad Block, Recd, Barnes, Yor- clanoll, Carr, Bartzx, Ren- froe, Duncan. COMPANY SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt. Sheeler, Wren, Buie, Bodeford, Binion, Renfro, Currin, Lewis, Brown, Vlalter, Stepp. Second Squad Buckhan, Goge, Alder- man, Warren, McDonald, Gregory, Hurst, Holt. Third Squad Malone, Roberts, Powell, Parker, Hadra, Kemp, lVells. CADET CAPT. JERRY I-IOSEK CADET ISTXSGT. ROBERT COATS Company Commander Company Sergeant omlaany U 7 K5 , ' , .W J.'54'9. -5 ' ' m,m2::s,e -'QM FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Musso, Dowcl, Beer- nmn, Forbis, Dunn, Cru- mcr, Norton, Woodard, Cooner, Burnett. Second Squad Lzmghorn, Bean, C uder, Green, Tucker. Third Squad Roach, Kimball, Dick, Tienmnn, Phillips. COMPANY F THIRD PLATOON First Squad Lt. Brown, Kondcrla, Mc- Grew, Rnynolds, Cownnd, Cunningham, S n i p c s , Spencer, I-lurtung. Second Squad Zetzschc, Roy, Mc'Cullcy, Wilson, Richmond, Wof- ford, Hemmlc. Third Squad Johnson, Fagan, Rodri- guez, Stokes, L za cr e y , Wiseman, SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt. Pratt, Isham, Tabor Capehort, Curtis, Wright Morris, Roffino, George Second Squad Carneiro, johnson, Car- ter, Edmonds, Simpson Brewer. Third squad Peres, Campbell, Bell Corder, Austin, Dwinnfrll Atta-berry, St. Louis. J 0l'l'll0Cl,l'l y CADET CAPT. JAMES CRENSHAW CADET ISTXSGT, JACK Company Commander Company Sergeant FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Dansby, Ashworth, Hop- kins, Matkin, S t u r c li, Manning, Cantrell, Cnr- tcr, Clark, Wrinkle, Burk- ard, Holcombe. Second Squad Boaz, Butcher, Ballew, McGlamery, Sponsler, Austin, Harwell, Hood. Third Squad Godwin, Herndon, Arn- old, Edington, Hyde, Simpson, Moore, Minis, COMPANY SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt Molex' Wilson Mings Arnold Wilhite Donald son Second Squad G o 1 rn a n Law 'xnaugh Doak Hogan Ard Shook Pearce Crumblc Conarty Third Squad Lawrence Skinner Fm cy, Dickey Huckeba Cox Allen De la Vega THIRD PLATOON I' lrst Squ1d Lt. Jayncs, Albright, S mons Harrzrove Wise Fowler, Stiff, Franks, Ma son, Horn Wise. Second Squad Fellbaurn, Gast, Elclrcdgc, Hcjny, Harrison, Eclclle- man, Harris. Third Squad Flowc, Hobgoocl, Hughes, Jennings, Harvell, Hicks, Williams. Third Battalion Commander CADET LT. COL. JESSE DE LA TORRE THIRD BATTALION , was W, b H V THIRD BATTALION STAFF X-Qs NC CADET LT. COL. JESSE DE LA TORRE CADET CAPT. SAM GRIGGS 0l'l'Ll00,l'Lg CADET CAPT. CADET ISTXSGT. THERON HIGGINBOTHAM JAMES HOLLINGSWOR -x-..., FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Riddle, Lively, McCord, Cordova, Joyner, Brit- tain, Schunder, Eckert, Mason, Schwartz, Burforcl. Second Squad Kelly, Owens, Spence J Jipp, Dickey, Kurzban, Smith, Ray. Third Squad King, Brendle, Thompson, Price, Valek, Jutton, Per- kins, Hickey. COMPANY I SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt. Patrick, Hart, Wilson Karrasch, Ramsey, Opitz 7 Breckenridge, Dodge, Mc- Alister, Black. Second Squad Beakey, Stiles, Ulmer Lewis, McElheny, Elliott, Bowen. Third Squad Hensley, MeCarver, Mc- Connell, Turner, Miller Boss, Halton, Vinson. THIRD Pl ATOON First Squad Sgt. Berry, Key, Clary, Mc Con ncll, D icrke, Boening, Spross, Hamm, Owens, McRz1ney, Kennedy. Second Squad Crawford, Mason, Mc- Cauley, McCrary, Greaves, Bleimcycr, Ma- lone, Boyles. Third Squad Smith, Maeyers, Mikulcn- ka, Thomas, Broclrick, Reed, Blakelock, 0I'l'll06U'lg CADET CAPTAIN CADE11 1S'1 fSG'1 IACK ROBERT WILKINSON Commny Sergeant Company Commwndcr FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Cassell, Prewitt, Wat- kins, Leach, Stinson Moss, Thomason, Mabry Harrison, Farrell, Gautier. Second Squad Rogers, Inxnan, Betzel Cobler, Incc, Buharin Harlond. Third Squad West, Gilliland, Goad Franks, Hamilton, Col man, Sonner. COMPANY K ry ,n THIRD PLATOON First Squad Lt. Hamilton, Olinger, Mc Kay, Morrison, I-Ierndon I-Ianlilton, llelt, Smith Heaclen, Miller, Cromer Second Squad Callan, Ro,ark, McEach- ern, Fowler, Richardson Burnett, Morris, Moffitt McAnclly. Third Squad Grace, Langlotz, Sher man, Wendt, Adams Bartsch, Stork, Knieff, Hungerford. SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt. Buckman, Morrison, Lord, McFarling, San- tarre, Priclgeon, Thruston, Levy, Phillips. Second Squad Wenger, Hand, Minton, Lykins, Rogers, Lovell, Swain. Third Squad Gammill, Hendrickson, Kennedy, Lowe, Stone- ham, Grafa, Johnson, Martin. 0l'l'll0dl'ly T -og - CADET CAPTAIN WALTER HUTH CADET SGT. RUFUS Company Commander Company Sergeant FIRST PLATOON First Squad Lt. Byrnes, Parkhill, Pow- crs,, Sutherland, Gipson, Harris, Maahs, Self, Far- ish, Pendcrgrass, Min- shew. Second Squad Morris, Williams, Green- way, Marlin, Scolla rn P Kemps, Pipes, MCLLI ugh- lin. Third Squad Tanner, Hoote, I-Iargis, Gunn, McDonald, Lom- erson, Paige. THIRD PLATOON First Squad Lt. Hopper, Proctor, Nobles ! B e h r e n s , McGlamery, Powell, Mc:Lamorc, Do- key. Second Squad Ditto, Pearce, Minton Ooten, Ugartc, Walker. Third Squad Smith, Hcdrivk, Risen- hoovcr, Golden, Terry. COMPANY L -,..,.,v,. - ,JJ wa., - ' , , SECOND PLATOON First Squad Lt. Matthews, Headstream Heard, Park, Morrison George, Prochaska, Ca son, Murff, Burleson, Lt Culton. Second Squad Hadley, Ollar, McCoy, Somers, Talkington, Kirk- ham. Third Squad J o h n s o n , Opperman Woodall, Osborn, DeAr- kos, Recd, Jordan. CADET LT. COL. ROBERT CURTIS CADET CAPTAIN BILLIE BARRETT Band Commander Company Commander CADET LT. WM. POSTLETHWAITE Executive Officer BAND COMPANY SAM HOUSTON RIFLES The Sam Houston Rifles under the direction of Capt. Fred Koehli, have done lllllflll to give Arlington State College thc good name it now has. In addition to numerous parades in, nearby cities, the "Jodies" have taken several long trips, such as to San Antonio for the annual Battle of Flowers. The first semester captain of the Rilles was Theron Higgin- bothani, the second semester captain was Jesse De La Torre. CAPTAIN FRED KOCHLI Sam Houston Sponsor CADET MAJOR TI-IERON I-IIGGINBOTHAM Rifles Captain FIRST SQUAD: Bruce, Newton, Burleson, Scars, Jaynes, Watkins, Goodman, Eades, Cantrell, De La Torre, Crenshaw. SECOND SQUAD: Capt. I-Iigginbothaun, Womack, Wilson, Cassell, Albright, Moler, Hight, Williams, Griggs, VVeatherall. THIRD SQUAD: Lee, Riddle, Meliridc, Lutz, Watts, Carneiro, Smith, Pearce, Beadle. FOURTH SQUAD: Powers, McCord, Leach, Harwell, White, O'Neal, Newby, White, Huth. THE RIFLE TEAM W ,ts t f -f: vu FIRST: M!Sgt. Robert Van Keuren, coach, Hamilton, Buckman, Hight, Mims. SECOND: Burford, Howard, Lyon, Stevenson, Bruce, Hicks, Arnold. The rifle team, under the direction of M!Sgt. Robert Van Keuren, continued its winning ways in shoulder to shoulder and postal matches with other teams all over the nation. Sergeant Van Keuren was high in praise of the members for their conscientious work and their excellent spirits. Mainstays of the 1'iHe team for 1950-51 were Tom Stevenson, Charles Ham- ilton, Ross Bruce and Ray Lyon. SECOND SEMESTER RECIMENTAL COMMANDER CADET COLONEL THOMAS A. STEVENSON SECOND SEMESTER REGIMENTAL STAFF Cadet Col. Stevenson, Cadet Lt. Col. Dc La Torre, Cadet Major Crenshaw, Cadet Capt Culton, Caclct MfSgt. Hartung. SECOND SEMESTER BATTALION COMMANDERS CADET MAJOR RICHARD MCOARTHY First Battalion Commander A .. X. -Q., CADET MAJOR CHARLES HAMILTON Second Battalion Commander OADET MAJOR WAYNE EADES Third Battalion Commander 5 SECOND SEMESTER CAPTAINS Culton, Pearce, Brown, Jacobs Patrick, Kellett. SECOND SEMESTER FIRST LIEUTENANTS FIRST: Clark, Buckman, Wil son, Postlethwaitc, Watkins Sheclcr. S E C O N D: Burleson, Riddle, lice, Burnett, McFarland, Sor rcls. SECOND SEMESTER SECOND LIEUTENANTS FIRST: Stepp, Smith, Weather- all, Fellbauln, Bryan, Coats, Leach, Peres. SECOND: Hollingsworth, Lynch, Padgett, Clark, Burford, Gray. The jodies at the State Fair On our own parade grounds. The best in the West. The band gives an assembly. A . 4" ,. W 3 K , N 1 ' ' I 1 0 Y 2 I . w v f w 1 , I w 4 V 1 w W . , 1 W , l .'j' '3xf.QA,., Y ... Y . fnfx ' . RA A Iris, . K5 1 ' 1 is ' ,Kx'a'5' nfs- -'aim 55" r -1 if 4' 4 .' K' -, uv H' 1 1. F K, u1'V si, if 4. ' K, , -n 1 A, 5 .. i w- T , li . , 9- V V 4- 'M .jf 153 A Wx, Ely , ,, . ,s 5, -' - ,ft . 'J -'mf f- 'A an K Y, -' X sf SOPHOMGRE CLASS OFFICERS THERON HIGGINBOTHAM, President DERALD KELLETT, Vice-President JUNE FENN, Secretary CLASS OF '51 . Adams, Gilbreth Engineering Stoneburg Ard, T. J. Business Administration Fort Worth Barta., John Radio Production Dallas 1 Bcerman, Kenneth Geology McAllen Adamson, Ted Business Administration Dallas Arnold, Frank Engineering Dallas Batson, LaRue Business Administration Austin Bell, Charles Pre-Med Dallas Albright, Tommy Alford, Engineering' Fort Worth Arnold, Theresa Business Administration Dallas Beadle, Allen Aeronautics Pleasanton Bell, Franklin Geology Rochester Donald Joe Business Administration Avinger Ashworth, Jack Mathematics Dallas Beakey, Allen Business Administration Dallas Bellows, David Accounting Richardson E' alll ,. n. Allen, John Engineering Weatherford Baker, Eugene General Terminal Rotan Bean, Mozelle Arts and Sciences Grand Prairie Berkenbile, Charles Pre-Vet Hennessey, Oklahoma Allnoch, Fred Agriculture Corfmus Christi Barker, Calvin Engineering Dallas Beasley, Sidney Engineering Cleburne Berry, Albert Agriculture Hamilton Alsbury, M. J. Engineering Dallas Barnes, Beth Business Administration Cleburne Beckham, George Agriculture Dallas Berry, Bobby Aeronautics Dallas Anderhub, Sam Business Administration Dallas Barrett, Billie Engineering Fort Worth Beckler, Kim Business Administration Dallas Berry, W. B. Radio Production Sweetwater Ada-Ber l it CLASS OF '51 . Bietendorf, Dale Pre Law Dallas Block, Robert Engineering Arlington Brown, Herman Agriculture Whitesboro Burleson, Rufus Agriculture Dallas Bilbrey, Howard Radio Production Fort Worth Boaz, Don Dairy Manufacture Fort Worth Bruce, Ross Business Administration Dallas Burnett, Jerrold Engineering Dallas Binford, Bill Engineering Dallas Bolger, Meredith Merchandising Waco Brummel, Billy Wildlife Management Fort Worth Butts, John Engineering San Augustine Binford, Pat Black, David General Terminal Pre-Med Dallas Dallas Bradley, Sterling Brandt, Jo Anne Engineering General Terminal Fort Worth Arlington Bryan, J. C. Buckman, Joseph Agriculture Grand Prairie Byrnes, Albert Engineering San Antonio Radio Production Fort Worth Cain, Harold Architecture Fort Worth Black, Frank Pre-Vet Dallas Brinkley, Ann Commercial A Sherman Buie, Jeff Engineering Waco Calvert, Roy Pre-Vet Azle iiruirggi ""' -A A Black, George Agriculture Trinidad Bromagem, Charlotte Education Fort Worth Bullard, James General Termi Blackwell, Jim Electrical Engineering Arlington Brown, Don Geology Cleburne Burford, Charles Engineering Madisonville Fort Worth Campbell,Edward Cantrell, Edwin Engineering Radio Production Duncanville Dallas 'Nt "ii" V-1 "" r?""""l"' Ziff' im," ' f .,,y .'1 A safe 4 7 1 A 55551329 .1 X :gf , 'F YA-tv' I- 'F .Q ., s . me J, -fn 'wr y. ,gg y Bic-Can CLASS OF ,5l . Carneiro, Robert Business Administration San Antonio Chcves, Rontlal Agriculture Bridgeport Clary, John Education Dallas Cordova, Jesse Advertising Dallas Carpenter, John Architecture Dallas Childress, James Geology Dallas Clark, William Music Garland Cowan, Marvin Engineering Fort Worth Carr, Tom Art Dallas Chisum, William Pre-Vet Fort Worth Coats, Bobby Engineering Dallas Coyle, James Business Administration Dallas Carter, Dwayne Pre-Med Fort Worth Clanton, Marvin Engineering Dallas Cochran, Bill Agriculture Ozona Cramer, George Engineering Dallas Cason, Charles Engineering - Dallas Clanton, Ucl Geology Fort Worth Coleman, Leon Baking Fort Worth Crawford, Bonnie Radio Production Dallas Cassell, Dwight Geology Dallas Clark, Bruce General Terminal Abilene Collins, H. C. Business Administration Fort Worth Crawford, Paul Agriculture Rockwall Carter, Otis Engineering Dallas Clark, Dave History Fort Worth Cook, Charles Chemistry Spur Crenshaw, James Aeronautics Dallas D Cavender, Jimmy Engineering Fort Worth Clark, Jack Engineering Fort Worth Corder, Gene Engineering Fort Worth Cribbs, James Pre-Law Arlington Car-Crl CLASS OF '51 . Crick, Bin Architecture Arlington Currin, Dick Business Administration Dallas De Arkos, Pablo Engineering Laredo Dowd, William Physical Education Dallas Crockett, Bob Engineering Irving Curtis, Burt Business Administration Dallas De La Torre, Jesse Baking Galveston Downing, Loretta Secretarial Dallas Cromer, Joe Aeronautics Fort Worth Curtis, Robert Music Fort Worth DeMoss, Ed Engineering Dallas Dreckshage, Dorothy General Termi Grand Prairie nal Crouch, Charles Agriculture Grand Prairie Daniel, Pat Business Administration Grand Prairie Dierke, Connie Physical Education Kingsville Dunn, J. L. Architecture Fort Worth C rouch, Jo Ellen Secretarial Fort Worth Dansby, Walter Engineering Fort Worth Ditto, James Engineering Arlington Dunn, Wayne Architecture Fort Worth Crow, Edd Business Administration Dallas Davidson, Barbara Art Fort Worth Dokey, Herbert Physical Education Mineola Dwinnell, Patricia Art Dallas Culton, Elvis Engineering Fort Worth Davis, I. B. Engineering Greenville Dollar, Cecil Business Administration Fort Worth Eades, Wayne Chemistry Fort Worth 4 Cupp, Norvil Engineering Celina Davis, Waymon Agriculture Valley View Donaldson, Van Engineering Dallas Eckert, Charles Education lfVichita Falls . 4, 4 . . 4 . '-ek. 1 r. i'i l - I X , iljl w ' 2 Cri-Eck v fx Y ' t 19 CLASS GF '51 . Edington, Betty Physical Education Grand Prairie Farish, Lee Engineering Irving Florentin, Patricia Art Grand Prairie Gathings, Gloria Art Fort Worth Edwards, James Engineering Terrell Fellbaum, Harry Modern Languages Comfort Flowe, Billy Agriculture Mount Vernon Gentry, Jane Medical Technology Dallas Eiland, Jann Franks, Robert Pre-Vet Agriculture Irving Gatesvillc Fenn, June Ferreira, Federico General Terminal Agriculture Temple Asuncion, Paraguay Forbis, Eddie Fowler, Joel Pre-Law Art Fort Worth Fort Worth George, David Gilmer, Betty Ann Engine-erin General Terminal J V- g Irving Fort Worth Elam, Frank Engineering Dallas Filgo, Donald Music Waco Fullen, Lou Art Fort Worth Gilmore, Ben Engineering Houston Elliott, Elaine Music Dallas Finley, John Engineering Fort Worth Gale, Eddie Radio Production Arlington Gipson, Don Business Administration Mineola Elliott, James Baking Lubbock Fisher, Barbara Pre-Vet Dallas Galloway, James Technician Dallas Godwin, Harold Education Rylie Ellis, William Agriculture Dallas Fisher, Nancy General Terminal Fort Worth Gartman, Clydene Art Grand Prairie Golden, John Business Administration Fort Worth Edi-Gol CLASS OF ,51 . Golman, Alber Baking t Dallas Gual, Jimmy Business Administration Dallas Harrison, Wanda Music Fort Worth Healy, David Radio Production Dallas Goodman, Glen Engineering Kansas City, Missouri Hadley, Robert Engineering Streator, Illinois Hartung, Robert Engineering Fort Worth Heard, Bobby Agriculture Crockett Grace, Bill Business Administration Fort Worth Hamilton, Charles Television Production Fort Worth Harwell, George Engineering Dallas Hedrick, Charles Engineering Arlington Grant, Kathryn Art Dallas Hannah, David Geology Dallas Hausman, William Business Administration Dallas Helm, Denis Geology Fort Worth Gray, Jack Pre-Med Arlington Harbert, Freda General Terminal Dallas Haynes, Arlen Engineering Grand Prairie Hemmle, Richard Pre-Med Arlington Greaves, Kenneth Greenway, Frank Engineering Dallas Harris, Al Agriculture Fort Worth I-lays, Jess Business Administration Dallas Hempel, Verno Aeronautics Galveston l'l Agriculture Wolfe City Harris, Bobby Electricity Irving Hayth, Mary Business Administration Fort Worth Hendrick, William Engineering Dallas fu- 49--N A-1 .W " .w 7- Wu 5-, liar if Griggs, Sam Pre-Med Dallas Harris, Charles Physic' al Eduration Palaeios Head, Benjamin Engineering Fort Worth Henshaw, Virgil Engineering Pampa 'bv ibn Gol-Hen 1 " , ,Q ' fl G A 1 l g ' '17 jp Q - 1 A-.,. 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Hicks, Harvey Higginbotham, Range Theron Management Engineering Dallas Abilene Holcomb, Myron Holcombe, Engineering William Crane Pre-Med Dallas Howell, Joe Holt, Don Engineering Art Red Oak Paris Hughes, Bert Huth, Walter Engineering Agriculture Fort Worth Kenedy Hiles, Curtis Agriculture Dallas Hollingsworth, Harold Social Science Dallas Hopkins, Dona Pre-Med Fort Worth Isham, Robert Business Administration Fort Worth ld i it is B is av Hill, Sterling Business Administration Dallas Hollingsworth, James Pre-Law Fort Worth Hopper, Bob Business Administration Dallas Jacob, Bill Engineering Dallas Hines, Richard Hinkle, Jimmie Engineering Engineering Fort Worth Venus Hollis, Hugh Houpt, Maurice Architecture Engineering Dallas Nocona Horn, Robert Hosek, Jerry Geology Pre-Med Fort Worth Grapevine Jacobs, Allene Jasper, Barbara General Terminal Home Economics Fort Worth Dallas Hinton, Naomi Business Administration Fort Worth Howard, Richard Pre-Vet Irving Huckeba, Hollis Range and Forestry Dallas Jaynes, Don Geology Dallas Hobgood, Gordon Business Administration Dallas Howell, Emory Aeronautics Richland Springs Hudnall, Jarrett Business Administration Fort Worth Jeffers, Phillip Agriculture Ferris Hic-Jef CLASS OF 351 . . Jenkins, Bi. J. Engineering 'Dallas Kelley, Milton Radio Production Arlington Kummero, Virgil Agriculture Fort Worth Lehde, Preston Music Dallas Jinks, Wiley Geology Dallas Kennedy, John Pre-Med Fort Worth Kurzban, Milton Business Administration Dallas Lieb, Henry Engineering Fort Worth Jipp, Jean Paul Geology Fort Worth Key, Thomas Engineering Fort Worth Lambert, Martha Business Administration Atlanta Lindloff, Harold Business Administration Waco johnson, William Engineering Caddo Mills King, Charles Engineering Irving Langham, Bill Pre Law Arlington Lindsay, Robert Agriculture New York, N. Y. Jordan, Donald Joyner, Hagan Education 4 Engineering Fort Worth Dallas Kinsolving, Jocele Kirkham, Gilbert Business Commercial Art Administration Wichita Falls Dallas Lawrence, Claude Lawrence, Baking Richard Harlingen Engineering Irving Lively, Robert Lomcrson, Bob Chemistry Geology Mineral Wells Red Bank, New Jersey Karrasch, Donald Business Administration Dallas Knight, Edna Lois Pre-Med Grand Prairie Leach, Robert Engineering Arlington Lord, Rollin Architecture Fort Worth Kellett, Derald Pre Med Grand Prairie Konderla, . Edward Engineering Rylic Lee, Louis Engineering Dallas Love, Lucille Dramatic Production Fort Worth ku.. ,- Ml: S-62 lit' Jen-Lov Si ls Ji? ,BW n T .4 T' Nm fl' f . E, 'Fifi iv CLASS OF '51 . Luton, Joan Fashion Art Fort lNorth Mason, Floyd Math Fort Worth McBride, Peggy General Termina Fort Worth McGee, Glenn Engineering Dallas l Lutz, John E. Engineering Fort Worth Mason, George Fred Engineering Fort Worth McCarthy, Richard Joseph Pre-Law West Haven, Connecticut McKay, Robert Engineering McAllen 'rl' Lyneh, Charles Pre-Law Slidell Massey, Hershal Agriculture Education Grand Prairie McCauley, Donald Engineering Fort Vlorth McLamore, Vernon R. Geology Fort VVorth Lyon, Ray L. Aeronautics Dallas Matkin, R. Dan Business Administration Irving McConnell, Ronald Baking Fort Worth McMillan, Bettye Home Eronomics Fort Worth -fm L ., neg . 1,2 Mas. it 51,- F ' E A . A 2 ., ,. - 31" ,.,.1 L K Q . i , . ..,.,. , .1 hm' iw, if f a s A' I 4: 'fs i x .,.. :AM se- fffff f - .w.,m:,. , 'T192u? ketjgz, E 'inn L! --,- ......, : i , ,Zv- sx i..'3:f TSE -fear: ggi: . k 'S ,lf r A , fs ? 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Newton, 1Dorothy, Mrs. Art Grand Prairie term Moler, William Engineering Dallas Morris, Laura Music Gisco Muse, Beverly General Termin Arlington Newton, Ernest Farm Management Grand Prairie al Mollenhauer, Fred Arts and Science Dallas lllorris, Marion Engineering Fort Worth Musso, Anthony .Aeronautics Dallas Newton, O. H. Engineering Bear Creek E Moore, Betty Social Science Dallas Morrison, Billy Aeronautics Elgin Myers, John Aeronautics Honey Grove Nicholson, Jerome Pre-Vet Fort Worth .S M Moore, Donald Engineering Fort Worth Morrison, Dick Agriculture Fort Worth Nelson, Louis Business Administration Dallas Nieolett, Peter M. .Architecture Graham Moore, Pat Home Economies Dallas Morriss, James Agriculture Van Alstyne Nesorn, Eve Architecture Dallas Noe, Edwin Pre-Law Fort Worth Moore, Ralph Plant and Soil Science Fort Worth Moss Herman Engineering Fort Worth Neumann, Louis Pre-Law Hearne Norman, Charles Business Administration Fort Worth 31" g A ., 'L , X , ,E 'f W. 1 tt , 2. if 1 X .1 g 5 , , .' Ann 54, one iraa ,tdn M y M t -il 51.3. I V 3 'Sv PM X5 E' New 'Q '11 ':'7 CLASS OF '51 . Norman, Patsy Laboratory Technician Dallas Ollar, Carl Pre-Journalism Dallas Patrick, LeMoin Architecture Borger Phillips, Kenneth Education Arlington Norman, Peggy Art Arlington O,Ncal, Byron Pre-Med Dallas Patterson, Joy General Terminal Turnersville Pins, Gonstanre Home Economics Dallas Norton, James General Terminal Arlington Oppernian, Donald E. Engineering Fort Worth Patterson, Peggy Business Administration Arlington Pipes, Jack Agriculture Blum Norwood, Guy Engineering Dallas Osborn, Robert Geology Fort Worth Pattison, Marcella Education Fort Worth Pollard, Shirley Pre-journalism Dallas Oakes, Rama Engineering Fort Worth Oswald, Martha General Terminal McGregor Pea ree, J ack Agriculture Detroit Porter, William Geology Rochester O'Dcll, Charles Business I Administration Daingerfield Owens, Kenneth Geology Fort Worth Pennal, Eddie Pre-Law Denison Postlethwaite, William Music Texarkana Odom, Travis Agriculture Fort Worth Pafford, Frank Engineering Celina Peters, Victor Pre-Med Fort Worth Powers, Billy Pre-Law Dallas Ohlen, G. M. Engineering Fort Worth Paige, Robert Engineering Dallas Peterson, Seln Art Canadian Pratt, John D. Engineering Fort Worth 'lla Nor-Pra CLASS OF ,5l . . Pridgeon, Tommy Engineering Fort Worth Reed, Robert Business Administration Graford Roberts, J oe Physical Education Fort Worth Rutland, Stanley General Terminal D nllas Prewitt, Billy Aeronautics Dallas Reed, Sherman Pre-Med Dallas Robertson, Joyce General Terminal Malakoff Sabo, Jo Ann General Terminal Dallas Prince, Velma Journalism Fort Worth Reid, Robert Art Garland Robins, Rosemary General Terminal Fort Worth Sanders, Jean Ann Business Administration Arlington Proctor, jerry Animal Husbandry Dallas Rhinefort, Ben Engineering Fort Worth Robison, Mary Secretarial Fort Worth Sanderson, Ida Mae Social Science Fort Worth Purcell, Glenda Pre-Law Dallas Richardson, James Education Mesquite Rodgers, Bob Accounting Dallas Scallorn, Billy Engineering Cleburne Ransom, Enez Speech Fort Worth Richardson, Joy Laboratory Technician Fort Worth Rogers, Malcolm Merchandising Dallas Schniederjan, Herman Agriculture Gainesville Rawlins, Jack Pre-Law Denison Riddle, Lawrence Pre-Med Fort lNorth Rogers, Robert Engineering Fort Worth Schultz, Charles Radio Production Fort Worth Recd, Don Art Dallas Roark, Jeff Engineering Arlington Rumph, Charles Music Education Houston Schwartz, Irving Business Administration Dallas ASR Pri-Sch Q A 1 s, -5 17. i I CLASS OF '51 . Scott, Jere Business Administration Dallas Shores, Mary Lee General Terminal Dallas Smith, P. D. Aeronautics Midland Spencer, Dan Business Administration Grand Prairie Scott, Russell Engineering Bowie Silvestri, Dclio Business Administration Fort Worth Smith, Withers Business Administration Dallas Spicer, John Agriculture Josh ua 1-get ' Scott, Ted Geology Dallas Simons, Milam Agriculture Port Lavaca Snipes, Fred Pre-Med Decatur Srygley, Gilbert Agriculture Memphis Seaborn, George Sears, Bobby Engineering Agriculture Grand Prairie Rockwall Simpson, Joe Sims, Gwynn Education Arts and Sciences Spur Grand Prairie Somers, Ray Sonner, Frank Agriculture Arts and Sciences Huffman Dallas Stanford, Paul Stephens, Dorothy Pre-Med Home Economics Canton Arlington Selman, Alfred Engineering Irving Smith, Don Engineering Dallas Sorrels, Charley Business Administration Dallas Stephens, Joe B. General Terminal Dallas Sheeler, Don Architecture Dallas Smith, Ed Engineering Dallas South, Mary Ann General Terminal Fort Worth Stephens, Marlene Education Dallas tix F -1- 1' Q2rE-.m - 552 3 : - V. Shiller, William Pre-Dental Fort Worth Smith, jo Ann Home Economics Arlington Spaulding, William Pre-Vet Dallas Stephens, Olin Engineering Arlington Sco-Ste CLASS OF '51 . Stepp, Rufus Engineering Dallas Stevenson, Thomas Radio Production Fort Worth Sturch, George Sutherland, Dan General Terminal Engineering Dallas Red Oak Tittsworth, W. A. Tombs, Charles Architecture Business Dallas Administration Arlington 51: Villa, Bertha Waggoner, Languages Tommy Fort Hancock Engineering Fort Worth Stewart, Willard Stinson, Clarence Stork, Phillip Strickland, Billy Engineering Accounting General Terminal Engineering Fort Worth Fort Worth Arlington Waxahachic Sutton, Kenneth Swain, Richard Terry, Kell Thomas, Philip Business Business Engineering Physical Administration Administration lNeatherford Education Dallas Fort Worth Joshua Tombs, Trawick, Billy Tresp, Nancy Valek, Edward Marguerite Agriculture General Terminal Pre-Law Secretarial Zavalla Dallas Dallas Arlington Walden, James lNalker, Norman lValling, Martha VVammack, Helen Architecture Chemistry Education General Terminal Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth Ferris Stroup, Bill Engineering Blue Ridge Thompson, Theodore Business Administration Dallas Vance, Dwain Agriculture Dallas Wfarrcn, I, W. Engineering Dallas Stubblefielcl Geology Dallas Thornton, Dorothy Languages Arlington Vaughan, J Geology Bowie Watkins, Ec Engineering Dallas '1 Ste-Wat 'ee CLASS OF Watkins Robert I Engineering Grand Prairie West, Samuel Business Administration Joshua Wilbur, I-larry Business Administration Dallas Wilshire, VVilliam Engineering Crowley 3 51 . Watson, Clinton Business 1 Administration Ferris Westlake, Richard Physicahl Education Dallas Wiles, Gloria Music Fort Worth Vllilson, ,Iohnie Engineering Gainesville Watts, John Engineering Dallas White, Charles Engineering Dallas Wilhite, W. D. Business Administration Dallas Wilson, Virgil Art Roscoe Weatherall, Marc Wlendt, Thomas Business Administration Odessa White, Clark Geology Dallas Williams, Jim Engineering Fort Worth Wisdom, Paul Pre-Law Dallas Engineering Dallas White, Frances Home Economies Dallas Williams, Robert Geology Jefferson Wise, Gerald Business Administration Dallas Wenger, John Engineering Dallas White, James Pre-Law Dallas Wfilliams, Ross Agriculture W axahachie VVolff, Helmut Arts and Sciences Dallas Werchan, Wilmer Aeronautics Taylor White, Stanfor Physical Education Bowie Willis, Charles Pre-Vet Sanger d Womack, Jimmie Geology Jefferson West, Robert, Agriculture " Fort Worth Whiteside, Charles Agriculture Grapevine Willoughby, Donald Business Administration Jourdanton Vlomack, John Agriculture Quanah Wat-Wom Ill? '1 L ' by CLASS OF '51 . Woo-Zet Wood, Hzlrva Woodall, james Wren, Wallace Wrinkle, Winston Yates, john Zetzsehe, Robert Music Education Engineering Engineering Agriculture Business Agriculture Dallas Italy Dallas Springtown Administration Bowie Dallas THE GIRLS HAVE FUN 'Pat Moore inspects her gingerbread with an eager eye. For some reason they seem surjn'isea', C771flj'lJC? there are some men in the dormj. Gwynn imj1e1'so1zating a suc- cessful fTAC "graduate," of those Great and always prevalent bull sessions. b -ees They always wondered what those bannisters were for. F RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS RALPH LAWSON, President ELBERT SPENCE, Vice-President DIXIE LINDSAY, Secrktary .ASS 0F'5Q - - - 11: Faculty rnrfmbvm' talk about the incoming freshman ss. ttom: The judge and some of his .ftooges watch the ball me. ,rman, Alta Lorcne rnold, Bob .rnolcl, Brooks tteberry, Virgil ustin, Boyd .ustin, Wayne aker, Charlie allew, Horace arnes, Bonita arnes, Richard artsch, Robert oss, Billie Rip ayless, Dave eard, Ronald A. casley, Joyce ehrens, Edward ell, Barbara ell, Robert Adams, George Adams, John D. Alderman, Jim Alexander, Jim Alexander, John Paul Allen, Bennie Allen, Harland L. Alonzo, Felix Alston, Thomas Anderson, Edgar Anderson, Patricia Lee Andrew, Sue Ankele, Richard Appling, Jr., Harry Archer, Phillip M. elt, Bobby Ray ennett, Kenneth erry, Greta Ada-Ber CLASS OF '52 ' ar- Mx 0 1 i. if o Milk Q '- I in 5 : 'B I N 5 Q, ,A -- fag,-'S V. ,, if 3 ' f 32 , :,E :wi-s if ,V ,ME E il' v' X is ii A fa t rnvfili' 'Wim V Y A , Y 'WX - fi 4 V ' ,fy , .....,., s5::'.:sagagf i W I-'g ...... , . jj? .TV " Betzel, Charles Bice, John Binion, Barry Black, Paul Blackburn, Dan Blair, Alta Blakelock, Charles Jr. Bleimeyer, Herman Block, Barbara is K A , A' Bodiford, Warren zv- Boehle, William Top: Pat Ganaway exlzibits her skill at making waffles , the Reveille photog. ' I 'P Bookout, William Bottom: Lucy signs two more up for hm' flCL'0'l,l7Lfi7l,Q. x ' W7 Bowen, Gerald .1 Bowman, Robert L. q , ,f o n A, , ,,,, ,,,, F ,V , 4 V ,,,,, fff s ' l ' Bownds, Fletcher ' I fi ' ' 5 2, BoyleS, Reginald :II ::. .M fi L, Q K' 'V A , V AS' Breckenridge, Billy fl E: ,V,. d o ,vi il cl r ':" up 4 Brenclle, Billy I :IL , ' ' ,E gf sm: gd- Brewer, Dorsey 0 '::, a i ':"..., ,A E 'I ' ..... V is v"' "- Brittzxin, James :"" . o i ' :--o K 1 ' 'ilr 1 Bfodfick, Jimmy 'LL Wifi 'K IJ I 3' V s X 1 ' B I ,iii -' f 5 Brooks, Reuben M. b 5, ..,, A Q . i :" ' 3 ,, ,-,,- 1 X Brown, Barbara , ,V.: , yi lx. I ,. ? 4444 1 3, in V 1 1 W I A,, . 1 ,W , , b 2 , Brown, Donald K. 'L 2 ooe zeseo 1 of 'W Brown, .. I. if 'Me + C k'W - ' 4. Brown Joe Bryant l ' . "2: i 1' M L Brown: Shirley ., A " Q . "" B' ' X ' Bruce, Robert L. .uc ,,. i " ,I Mm Mia - .ln ' S- Am- , ll 1 ' 1 A 3, 1 K 1 4 is Bruton, Raymond i 'ii 1 Buchanan, Bill ,. ffl ii lv 5 f- f as Buchanan' ROY ,' , ff , A " V " Bucher, Charles L 9, li .ein P. Vzzuzlulu i- W' Burkard, Danny - ' L Burks R A ., ,.e3:Z,'...:.f: ,,:, ' " ', ' ' ' iv 7, i Mu ,:.: ,JH o 5 . ig, Bet-Bur ASS OF '52 Capehart, j1: The first day of school finds the bewildered look on Burnett, Robert Butler, Patsy Campbell, Benard -gi, -'-' Q M X vkvk ,:.W,y.e3gg:,, H ,.,. ,K , ,Ely ff W .. ., ,,,zi'i' . - WM: - 1.2. za.. - ,,,, , 5 5 :fs Campbell, Philip In .--- - J Vl, b I , - .11-"w: ."- , '-", 2 .zai Q, - rf Cantrell, Richard ui lfw: :,Zii"53.i . .S aw .Eise- Cantrell, Robert Z Kenneth Carey, Karl Carter, jesse W. Carter, Paul Casey, Joe Cassell, Robert W' w ESX gi -- f W , 1 2 W 4 if ri , f - , W, ,gn A 2:5-' pn 2 he gl X? 5 AS if 1 5 g l ' R es? S s ,, ll , AC , if A mac rshmen. Dicky Harold Dennis Lavona Michael Dale Morgan Keith P. Don Danny Roger Dean J im Ed George Ilrofts, A. E. Jr. Irow, Jimmy Zrumbic, Robert '1 Iurl, Clarence L. Surry, Gene Zurtis, L. R. Junningham, James E. YQ!! 1. , L . .Q - 'Qi , un l ' o 'V N a 'Z '1 r' X X 1- I ttom: An off period bull smriovz in szmzmei' school. Chapman, William John III Clark, Raymond Clemens, Wayne Qs- it 'vw . ' F1 .,A1- 3 9' ' - F, xx , .A Bur-Cur CLASS OF '52 sw W --:--in E, ,ef ' x ,ms R J lim fm Q M 1355 I. QR E gl ff K 2 sf 2 1 R ilb H gi 4, , A fn? wiv -4 ,fe AA:, ,,,A,., i ,v.:v..: .:..: :., 5 " :" ' y f - ::::-, l fl 'f Dau-Eva :fr Daugherty, ,Ioeann Daugherty, Minettc Davault, Ronald C. Davcs, Drennon Davies, Donald Davis, Billy Davis, Randolph Dean, J. Lawrence de La Vega, Richard S. Deveny, Leon Dick, Ronald Dickey, Billy Bob Dickerson, Dick Dickey, Jack A Doak, Carl Top: The gathering together of the flock before school start. Bottom: And we found the clubs greeting jirosfmctive me bers as they entered. l Donaldson, Sam Downing, Harvey D Q5 Drake, Edwin Ray f zuzuzlzuzuz Duncan, Wlilliam Ri hi Duke, I-louis Duke, James Duke, Ruth Dunlop, Noble Durham, Duane Dwinnell, Bill Bdclleman, Robert Edington, Bobby J. Edmunds, Charles Eldrvdge, Jerry G. -. E K Q: ' 4 QQ? Elgin, Tormnic 313, Engle, Hiram I gli English, Geraldine Ethriclge, Margie Evans, Bobby Evans-Lombe, Arthur Evans-Lornbe, Richa ASS OF '52 lf , cards. w affney, Michael age, Larry aincs, E. O. allahuc, Raymond l.. fammill, Ronald lanaway, Pat Gardner, Lloyd larner, Arthur Lee Earrctt, Dannie Jarrison, Ann Gust, Robert E. Iausc, Jim autier, Sam corgc, Ross l Gicrc, Philip G. Iilbcrt, Newman liilchrist, Marne Iillilzmd, Weldon Glenn, jerry Don load, Franklin Hoforth, Ramon il el , E in E S Q .3 I 'Q E11-P , , -' v il Q. Pj - 55. . -1. F' A I is i ,A 9 ' gl Q" it - ,. . , E., , , ,W I .1 . -W.. Y '.L" 5- Y ' rid - 4 k . The art dzrparlvmfnt .vhowx ,rome of its faxlzion worlf. The openivzg day rush for inforrnalion and matricu- , p L' y ' 1 I 552552, 'T-il ' . ' ' f 4 I 1 -0-. A F Q- Jw, ,.q1f:- 1 . ,i I ' ll' ,". ' . ' ' 15? , ' 1 ' . 5. ' .,, 'lzr iz tl, , '-1'-C " il- . I A - --my'- 4 l , l .-.-.-.-.-. H I ' .-:-ElElElEl"' . ' l . 1 'U K ' ' ' A PWA XC ' X 2, ff' ,f 'xsgfllqv I , fl I it 'ra 5 v :K ,, . 3 i ffl. 1 Zfiiw 11 3' 1 N ..' fy U 1 r H 2 xp WW Fagan, Arthur Falkner, Kenneth Farrell, Hugh John Fernandez, Henry - Findley, Jack Fitch, John Flynt, William E. Forkner, Robert E. Fowler, Tommy Francis, Philip Franks, Ross Hopson Frese, Jane Fry, J. W. Frye, Donald Frye, Pat ,, .,,. ., lg J '11 if I l 4 , in F ,o,. ,ui -Q an E " fy Maru! 'if 5 l1,,I1- if .. ,s H l - .J - l 5 J1 , . 'F , ' - l fl lv. ., l 1, 'H-ff , 2, l uh., inn CLASS OF '52 . . . A 2, sf af, 1 vi ,,,4l'a 'YI iii Gog-I-Iav Goggans, Wilffrt Graf, Jean Grafa, John David Grammer, Ralph Gratke, Phillip Green, Joe Gregory, Jack Gregory, ,Iuanda Grisham, Billy Grist, Patricia Gunn, Eugene Haclra, Jim Hagenbaumer, Glenn Hague, joe Thomas Hakes, Alan Top: What about Bo? Bottom: The new woodshop. Haley, George K. Hamilton, Harrell Hamilton, Robert A. Hamm, Clyde E. Hancock, Billie Gene Hancock, Margaret Hand, Eddie Hand, William Hansen, David Hargis, Melvin Hargrove, Bill Harris, Gay Harrison, Maron James Harrison, Wcnclel Harrison, William Wyli Hart, John R. Hart, Phil Hartman, Roger K. Haryell, Richard Haverstick, William ' Havrda, Babs B. F. OF '52 f. ,,, ,. 9: 3-it-1 .,a,:4., ,M Top: Choir ri.vm'.v are .mt up for military pictures. Eugene R. Billy , John Iohn Fred , Charles Morris VVilliam R. Jimmy Harold Charles Dorothy Maurice Robert W. Jerry Glenn Kcnncth R. jack j. D. Carl 'l l fe-sfalwwm Some summer .vchool physics students' work on a if so l - ----....:.. ' Harwell, James FQ Hawkins, Felix 'zllu Hawrylak, Robert 4 A Q --.. ' Hay, Norman Hay, Rose L 'wus'-w l 1 New SY X ei Q 4? f A! 5 Qs' as it M Hffaden, J0hH N- . R R' ,.,.. ,iffy-Tf' f"" 1' L -W .. .,. 1 .. Hejny, Jerry y I vu . , 3 ... L. A f51'5"!?'Q 11, 2 Henderson, Melvin Q I-Iendrlckson, M. Myron " - 4444 'ZTZQSE Q R ,, :- , YSZZVE ' 1, - ..,. 1 jg. mi: ' Nah ll - w. vu: ' Ijfi-iifffl sii1?f?71 . ,. f . h 'f A ', W 11135 . :z ., llgwi ,, x . . M' ,, Y ,... .gf ' ' l. - , Henry, Roland C. ' 1 '5,.fi l Hcnshaw, Carolyn ' Hensley, James N. y, .. 1 V . , .K ...... - 4:.:.:.:- . -. We .,........ .,,, . '.E..v. ,F . If' , X 5, -H.: ,- X ' 4 Herndon, Jerry R. Herndon, Tom Herod, Floyd VV. Ee 'L lf ls "' N ix 5 Z U .,: E gl .. ' ll 5? . 71,5 W we YE .rs 5 Y W y Q E XR s 'S 4 si , .- 7'--V , - " Til! . x A-W-,f'7?, l A l ewrll ---- -V R' ' l - , fill ee W Q " .f H ' W?-fl . - wif? 1 R ' ll 3 V V -A I A : . , i s K A wx . k . i f .N X' gf" ,, U 4' 'Ally ,Q 121,115 :ki - , ill - ff l gig : ' XR ' lf? A ' ' ' 421' ' ' ' ff .,.,l ' ll ' R V JPN: .,..,. 1-. f f M, H M tm A il l YN . ff " l L I R , il Mm Mwsei J- ' Q, fimyw "" 'H 'fWsff1'4'1'? .lf-gas M 1 nigger - -----' - 33 b . ...,. , , , ,531 P A, ,.,. . Q, W 3 2, .iv , g , A X . ' sf ' :fr ' ' 'lr .. ' . :A : " is -- .l, . " " A My Alfll fw or 1 I I- r 'Tig lf , ,,, ll:j.Ef 'P - 2' . ' 4"'fl' rl'W- Q W a ' 1, .-.- : ra.. ::::: . 5:-:.f-22' ' H 'I ffl-L lf .J Y .,-:+ '--- -- .ff - -- fl ff -lil -. . Q " . R' f 'V " ' W - 2-. - .- L M , fm , , ,.,. M 4 - X A V 'NL mu: X E y ,. ll' 'J ff Ms.: " - ' J? TXQZ Q. ,nftffg " 'ESE 1 ik' ' ,.,.. . r , N, 'Elf in 'Ill 1 , Lf, f i W1 ' ,V -7 :EI .1 N Q fs' . I et. 4 4 ., l -. v ' il . 'iffy' ying - . 'll f , Har-Hor CLASS OF '52 Horton Vayden H Horton, Wesley Houpt, Carroll Howard, Jay Bennett Hunt, Edwin Vance Hurst, Louis Hurt Joan Hyde James Ibbotson David Hor-Kem Idcn, Glor1a Ince, Roy Inman, Dorothy Ivy, William Thomas Jackson, Penrre Jasper, Lorraine Top. Some faculty membms waztmg fm the ojmmng Bottom:B. A. xtudcnts get cz workout in Lucgfs lab. su Jeffreys, Cainer Jennings, Bill Jennings, Margaret Jennings, Noel Johnson, Audie Johnson, Harold Johnson, Jimmy F. Johnson, Raymond Jones, Bruce Jones, Glennns Jones, John P. Jones, Otha L. Jones, Wayne Hoyt Jordan, Knox Kuvanaugh, Herbert Keas, Rose Marie Keaton, Robert Charles Keen, Wayman Kelley, William H. Kenipe, Gerald Kemper, Tommy OF '52 fn 11' v.. . 1 :' ., ,..:. 4 y. . Kennedy, Charlie Kimball, Jack Klemm, Ronnie llll V tr.: E, . 2 'f 9 X, , . , , ' un. ! fi 4 r ggi X , Kline, William R. Jr. Knieff, Pat Lloyd Knight Robert Dale Koepp, Billy J. Lacey, George Lackey, James, jr. .eonurd, Arthur Ned .ester, Mildred .cvy, Gerald B., jr. .ewis, Jerry .indsey, Dixie iivingston, Martha .ocke, Cecilia long, Clarence .oughry, Arthur .ovell, Raymond ,owe, Carol fowe, Joe Ernest Lowrey, Jan .oyd, Marion iueus, Dennis R. .undy, Robert Jykins, Forrest ffaahs, Thomas fiabry, Edwin rfaeyers, Dan flalone, Jack Langlotz, Wilburn Larsen, Charles Lawson, Ralph The Exchange store, QIOOW jnofztj .welll some mom z New vtuzlzntr make ou! Ilzrzr vchzdulfx 171 the Rfffzs O 6. Ledbetter, James A. 77: I U ,W I I ,Vx I, , 151, Leach,Beverly 5 ffic " +0140 ' Lee, Kitty Ruth Ea K 552 'rr S Q Q. 'CT Qyunw ' ...., -.-rr --:.: .V KU' 1' ' E y . J. ,K 4 bb, M f fs 'li M Ken-Mal CLASS OF '52 . wigs? - -Q ii Man-MCM 65 . ,- Manmng, H. Stafford Marino, Allene Martm Ch'1rl CS Mirtln Gay Martm Iac c e MWIIIH Pau Q awww? W Wmvwbx Mason, Charley Ma Ck Masters, Ivan T. Matson, Jerry Mwtthcws oe A lNf"lYflClCl Carlin L 1 Mayo, John 'Q- McAlistcr, Hcrshel McCaghrc1x, Jam RIS McCarver, J. L. Top: Aflrs. Pzckzary gzvzfs a matrzculatzon mrd to an mn ing freshman. Bottom: Hump il! and yell for the big team. McClain, Edgar McClinton, Norman McCoy, Marvin McCrz1ry, Tommy McCully, Wayne L. . O 5 L McDonald, Charles B. McDonald, Douglas Mc'Eacthern, Ray N. Mclilhvny, Dick Mclfarling, Jack McGee, Phil McGlz1mcry, David McGlamcry, John McIntosh, Barbara McKamy, Luwrcmzc Mcliclvcy, john McKissick, Carol Mclsarty, Margaret Ml'Ml1SlCY, jucquita McMinn, Louise lVIcMinn, Martha Jenn ,ASS OF ,52 . . - l McMinn, F. Talmadge McRancy, May McRcynolds, Carl Meaclor, Margie Meek, Jasper Mee, Claude Meier, Ken Metcalfe, Charles Metcalfe, Jimmie Mikulenka, Gilbert Milam, Carl Miller, Clarence K. Top: The Parix z:hwfrl1'ad1f1'.v on a goodwill tour. Bottom: The new frexlznzmz girls are welcomed. Miller, Earlene Miller, Edward Miller, Joanne " ' . , . dw. 6 . ,J-.Mg ' f 'EIGL 4iH1S,PI0W21fd J J lsiisesar flinshew, Dalton J ,ii , A bz. N 1 -f men, Joe e..,,. ,,,A. Q ,, Iinton, George ' ' J " ' V + A ' - T I, I e X ,:-:-- f A ffitchell, John U ' A P ' f, fiobley, Melton ' - H if . , N ' . ,,., , loffm, Joe 1 ' ' ""'L f 4 , 555' " X. as K.. ...R la. gf J llll o flfontgomery, Mondn ,, loorc, Harry Don W1 Hjf ' i floore, loc T- J . rfoore, Ray E. 6' JF- , ' it V ' A ,U ' :'. :":i "1: : ' I WT I 1 fIorr1s, Ben W. Tj." 1 'ij' f , ,f . ,. i' 'L 'K ff 2 1 ' Q ,g 6 f' Y 5. ' ffoorc, Tommy G. fiorris, Johnnie i' 'Z .,.. Q3 K A ,A,,,:: V l l fforrison, Lloyd Kem I '-I ' I Ioye, David 1 1 Iurray, Wilma 3 1 Q Iycns, James S, ' f Af 5 lcal, Allan A 1 lcwsone, Ted 'X' 'A -" Mil' -4 lewton, James L. - 1 .,:: ,. 'K s Q X -N R of M EH I ,f 1 .1 . , x....ll A 5.-:5E5s5s3:5::a::w- -- 5 r 4 , 5 ,Q it W 1 'E QW J 2 3 XE l 8. f N,,,,N,,, fly., 1 'lg ,. Ks ,iz Q 55. 7 if , -7 A V ug ef ' . . A Y .,.i -V Q ,.. A "" 3 :,., I P. :-- 5 ,:.,," V 4 .,.. Q .,,, - W i f if or h all ,::: E 5 cz ,ai W L-1 S5 Q -sf 'i , W BU fi? W . ali v ggi ' gag? , 6 me ai F gy f ,, Ag' Q if Tas AW 4 , -. . 3 Wa. .Q A. ,. 2 . . MCM-New Owens, Dorman CLASS OF , Y E A-51: M W, ,,A.. 2 1. ' '- 2 if :g:a:::s's::r:LQj" . . ,., - . .,.. , ,P ,X , -4' - iii, 5? up if isis: W. 31? . :' 5iz,::. , of . -f-: :: s .fs , ,, ' -:iga.:.:,. : A 'ii i 'i .z?l?5l M ,.,. , -v ' il' , , -it ...... .:a-1 3 Nobles, Collier I Nolen, john Norman, Yancey Norton, Felix Nunn, Laura Olinger, Guy J, 9' - . ,.::. t . . Q. , ,lit V, 'w Olson, Ann O'Malley, Ethel Ooten, Philip .3 ' V Owens, Betty Owens, Clarence Owen, Donald 4 . . 2 fe 4 Top: The girls get acquainted. Bottom: Cajun and his Clld7'l!?.Sf07l,' Ann seems en Y , L 3. , , QW e .Ri p as-.3 al '1 an s 4 W 1, 5 11 " l 1 is 1 E, Nob-Pry s Owens, james Owens, J err Owens, Tom Padgett, Dan Padgett, Duane Palmer.Eugenc Pantaz, Alex Park, Sam Parker, John Parker, Peggy Parkhill, David Parks, Peggy Patten, Margie Pearce, James Pearce, Ken Pcnclley, Bobbie Perkins, Bob Phillips, Robert Porter, Johnnie Powell, Dan Powell, Eugene Proehuska, Robut Pryor, Carlene OF '52 Bobby L. Elizabeth Marjorie Joseph B. Charles Sanclcr amos Norma Jean Eugcnc Jackie Benton Grady udd, Mary Ann umbo, Ralph C. Landers, LaVcrna lantcrre, Roy argent, Marvin lavage, Billy lawyer, Paul lchundcr, Robert Lcruton, Sally iegroves, Margaret pn Our new ,vtadium at the beginning of comtructio Bottom: The gzvrctivig line for new girlx. .F 1 :S i ' Jn -gre, ', 'll 'Sm ldv?-ti. 1' ' Lag.: 1 15' ' Q., lj rv 'I 1 .i , f In 4 wow' fi?" " ""' 's Purcell, John Quinn, Jimmie Ramsey, Taber Ratliff, R. L. Ray, James Reaves, Travis Reed, Albert Renfro, W. Renfroc, Francis Rettman, Robert Reynolds, Ben L. Richardson, Ben 7l. Richardson, Bill Richmond, Eldon L. Riddell, Ann Elizabeth ,, . . . .- . -. ,f.,. ll Y 2 I u 'li .I M I Q5- Pur-Seg CLASS OF '52 . Self, Dick Sentcr, Robert Sessions, Roger Shepherd, Sandra Sherman, Ronnie Shipman, Harry Shively, Harvey Shoemaker, Leroy Shook, Robert Simmons, Bennie Simpson, Arthur Simpson, Floyd Simpson, Jean Skinner, Howard Smith, Alfred Top: And those orientation exams are a pain. Bottom: Giw: zz big wildcat for the team. Smith, Bill Smith, Charles Smith, Darrell Smith, George Smith, Gilmore Smith, Gordon Smith, Jeanelle Smith, Joyce Smith, Juanita Smith, Latriece Smith, Richard Snoderass, Jim Solomon, Daniel Solomon, Lawrence Solomon, Mary Helen Sossamon, Gene Spence, Elbert Spencer, James Sposler, Stanton Spross, Bobby Stamps, Jack Q - 1 51 V o.., Q g J A is 5 Ya F , Q Sel-Sta OFX52... 'Ov Wi it Stanley Benny M Starkey, Dunne Benton Stcndman, Richard A . l Ny' if ' "" l' ' ' 1 .- 42-"WI : ' 'c '." :, :elif iff' Q." 1-alfa , ' V,-T-fi " A4 l ' 5 ".., V' if gi All V - ihirk' fl-l I r 1 i ' A ' 5 'A ' i . 1 w t' li. . .. l I , L ig .. ..,. ' '1j:,1.?1.Z'J1 Top: Pug and Clwetah at the fizxvl of school. Bottom: The girls nriifrzo old acquai1zmnce.v. aliaferro, F. Landon alkington, Leslie Otis, Jr. I anner, Joycc- aylor, Phillip aylor, Sue Nancy Stanley E Qv if Wallace Bryan Ronald Glenn Dewey 'iemzmn, Erwin F. Firey, David odd, Betty odd, Garson 'ucker, Jack J. ucker, Neil 'urner, Lewis Igarte, Felix Ilmer, W. B. faughan, Jimmy festal, James Gordon 1 as it 'if' L1 Q. .ng " V rx A 1 it 33 1-A -an ip I. it 'STI' . v- ngy J ,,,..,.,.. .,........ 'H 5 g"'V EEE E5.5 .-,.- I J E- . . W .i . ii i .43 g Q' I lh f fwnfifgffttus . J l E: ii ..... .,.,,. . gg: Stephens, B. M. Stephens, Gay Stevenson, Robert Stewart, Billy Roscoe Stiff, Billy Stiles, Weindcll St. Louis, James Stokes, Lawrence L. Stoneham, Walter Stubbeman, Alfred Swindle, Kenneth D. Tabor. H. C. fs, J ki 4. 3 . z -: mnilli . ,ik 9 H r ig , it ' ini.-vllevi it I Hifi if if i g ' U . :x- .avi -, 0 X 'E ....... . J tu" 2f'ii'tY2ss'2 Sta-Ves CLASS OF '52 Wa Wa Wa lNa Vinson, Jim Vinson, Pat Waddell, Bob lter, Virgil Wallace, Malcolm Walvoord, Chris re, Ted Warren, Billy Warren, Fay rren, Ringo Wasaff, Charles Watson, Nana tkins, Harold Weatherall, Grace Weems, Robert Top: Slcinnev' White checks another uniform out wait in liner. Botlom: The long line for physicals. f Williams Wilson, Wilson, Wisdom, Wisdom, Vin-Wof while Wheeler, Bo White, Harlan White, John , Barbara Williams, Dennis Williams, Joanne Williams, Robert Williams, Sydney Williams, Walter A Willis, Randall - , Willis, Bill V f Wilson, Bin f ',4" Wilson, Hobert Wilson, John Kenneth Marvin Paul Wendell . Wise, Clyde Witherspoon, Wayne Wofford, Johnny OF '52 Top: Camera Shy. Bottom: Tex Healy and A.s'sociate.f. Norma tries her skill in Home Ec. Woodard, Jim Woodruff, Don Wortham, Norma Wright, Tom Yordanoff, Theo York, Warren Youngblood, James Youngblood, Patricia Zihlmnn Wilfred It won't hurt - did it? sl PERFORMANCES . . . Counter' 1 2 3 4 5 The band at the State Fair. Exhibition of the Sam Houston Rifles. Mr. Gibb Gilchrist speaks for the A 81 M System Wanda and Preston high-stepping. Up go thc cheerleaders. ELECTRIC SHOP I Iuckzuff I 2 Wallace Wren and Ross Franks rcwinding an arrnaturc. Checking T.V. alignment. 3 4 5 Bob Hamilton checking the windings of a stator. Connecting three-phase machines. Running a magnitization curve on a D.C. machine. Cashier, Virgil Wilson Inspecting the Various Paintings Art Exhibit Posing for Young Rembrandfs J-TAC Boys Losing Their Golden Locks Builders of thc Bonfire TROMBONE QUAR'l"E'I' Q TRUMPET TRIO Bo Crews, Otha Jones, Duane Padgett, Bill Barrett Phil Francis, Harold Lindloff, Bill Grusendorf THE BAND In the years past ASC has turned out one of the linest bands in the Southwest. This year the Arlington State Band has done exceedingly well in their performances. In addition to concerts and parades performed on the A campus, they have made numerous trips throughout Texas. We are indeed proud of our line band. Cadet Ll. Win. F. Postlethwailc Drum Illajm' BRASS SEXTET XVOODVVIND QUINTET Charles Rumpli, Bo Crews, Bill Smith, Don Filgo, Wiri. Clark, Robert Curtis, Laura Morris, Charles Rurnph, Pat Grist, Bill Grusendorf Wanda Harrison Counter clockwise: 1 2 3 4. 5 Enjoying the game. The Dc:1n's Secretary - busy at work. The Prcsidcrxtfs Secretary - hardly working Mrs. Porter, Tina and Jenny. Lunch time at the B SL B. - I C'loc!czUisff.' Two-gun Marshall Capt. Kochli and Majol Model Pat Danicl and an art class. Bill Jacob and johnic Wilson in machine shop Isn't love grand? Up go the Coronation posters. Campaigning in a convertible. 4 , M1HiiaQn,fQii', V A ...- Dottie Thornton - Editor's F avoritc. Here is a real convertible. 42 V gl U Z K rf' 1 pf-s:f,.,v' gr , -. . .7 Y Ib,-iilu..i Qiifff Late Registration. New Freshmen about to take physicals. -, Gosh - how books cost! Nlaking schedule changes. F rcshrnen Orientation. Receiving instructions before another quiz. The faculty at a local square dance. N. ,I ,e , In , , , ,H . ,1 ,5 4 'A H A new freshman taking his physical. A perfect fit - says Honest John. Rufus gives out orientation exams. The incoming tea for new freshmen girls sw' ,I 'E' This is the Militar Dc 9t.? Barbara ours unch at the Twir Ho . Y I P P P P Praying for rain. , I 1 Sweetheart Mary Hayth and the Third Deck at their Ross Bruce presents Mr. and Mrs. Betts with their Christmas party. Christmas present. r S ou- AXW , if R5 4 It S 5 1, X 1,1 Q v wx K ' I Y . l - as D. Y Y . -HJ' I 'I ,-f,-fm X 'Tig 3' . i ,,y - fr, . M 3 1, - , ax- , i7?lzxLQ2 ws ,e.ftf,:-- . -x W MU, N ... f,..,, ,. ,I ?--.Q ff, 1 V f v' elf? Y ' ,f gsfmii ZW? j Q 1212555 ,fiiflf 4 . U MOTHER,S DAY Passing in Review. A Salute to Our Mothers. These Cadets Received Special Recognition. A Heart Made of Roses. The Corps Stand at Attention. W . s gy I ld ' A' ,iiif " ii" 'fi' U3 A cs. ' z '- .F AJ' ,,,, ' we K mx , ,f:"" X PARADE . . .1950 President Hereford Presents the Retreat. Marksmanship Plaque to Tom Stevenson. President Hereford makes the Dedication to the Mothers of ASC. l l is ,1 Malcolm Bullock receives the cup for the best Sound OIT. drilled Company. Mr. Betts o eratinsf a movie ro'ecto1'. Gosh Pm getting hungr . P tv P J 7 . . Y The first dance of the year - the Freshmen Nlixer. Mrs. Edwards demonstrates to Sid and Don the Mr. Barnes and the Judge in ZL proper way to cut a pie. bull session. QGAINIIZATICDNS CADET OFFICERS' CLUB I The Cadet Officers Club, under the direction of Colonel Walters, and the leadership of Tex Healy, was very prominent in the year 1950-51. Other officers were O. H. Newton, vice-president, and Theron Higginbotham, Treasurer, The annual mili- tary ball was again sponsored by the club, and it was proclaimed a success by all who attended. Members for the year were: O. H. Newton, Ray Lyon, Tom Stevenson, Calvin Barker, David Healy, Jesse De La Torre, Ross Bruce, Sam Griggs, Ed DeMoss, Charles Newby, Sterling Bradley, Derald Kellett, David Clark, George Harwell, John Watts, Tommy Waggener, John Lutz, Herbert Lee, William Jacob, Charles , l DAVID ,Ten HEALY Norman, Oran Brown, Charles Bell, Kim Beckler, Wayne Eades, Don Sheeler, President Jarrett Hudnall, jerry Hosek, Anthony Musso, Herman Brown, Walter Dansby, James Crenshaw, William Moler, Don Jaynes, Theron Higginbotham, Lawrence Riddle, LeMoin Patrick, Richard McCarthy, Robert Wilkinson, Charles Hamilton, Dwight Cassell, Joseph Buckman, Walter Huth, Elvis Culton, Albert Byrnes, Philip Matthews, Bobby Hopper, Robert Curtis, Billie Barrett, Johnie Wilson, Charles Rumph, Meredith Bolger, William Postlethwaite, Charles Sorrels, Bobby Sears, Burnett, Rufus Burleson, James Hol- lingsworth, P. D. Smith, Melvyn McFarland, W'illiam Watkins, Jack Pearce, and Billie Pratt. yiliif ..,.. . ,.,.,.. . ,, f iirl .. K " iiij 21:2 2 l" f? . H, W , H, ,., , . I .-.-.-.... . .. 6-I, K . If . I A ,. ew, , ig, A K 'Ng' f W' W M' in 'ri will l' E Hifi 5 f We it N l legs? E r ll , ft 65 + ' 1 1 3 ,. ' 5 isgggl .. Q li - fl iraq., . .. ..,,, Q ,K , 6 5 -if 1 Qing, S, ,, Q N i x- Q N 4 it 'Q 5 , 'av - gg, A sign . I X tr o X at " if q ' i 'X i. ri : is ' f' .e." .,,. ,- :K , if lg! 'fi gg 4 m l? gi Hr z- 5 S is V 1 2' ri 5 su Qi I ' ffiilllll is s .ra f, 'sae Q I MV' i "1 V M E A, ,QISM 4 . , -e K - i im. -5 51 l i?'S:.' E A - C s iifizl - 'li s-'1 4'-,U , Q iz- f , 1 .If Y + l' ,I r Q i t- 5 if , it FIRST: Barker, Barrett, Beckler, Bell, Bolger, Bradley, Brown, Bruce, Buckman, SECOND: Burleson, Burnett, Cassell, Crenshaw, Culton, Curtis, Dansby, De La Torre, DeMoss, Eadesg THIRD: Griggs, Hamilton, Harwell, Hollingsworth, Higgmbotham, Hopper, Ho- sek, Hudnall, Jaynes, Kellettg FOURTH: Lee, Lyon, Matthews, McCarthy, Moler, Musso, Newby, Newton, Patrick, Postlcthwalteg FIFTH: Riddle, Rumph, Sheeler, Smith, Sorrels, Stevenson, Waggener, Watkins, Watts, Wilson. PHI KAPPA THETA Phi Kappa Theta is A. S. C.'s honor society. It was organized in 1926 by George L. Dickey for the purpose of placing emphasis on scholarship. To become eligible for membership, a student must maintain an average of 89 for at least one semester and be taking a minimum of fifteen hours. John McCord served as President, Betty Moore, Vice-President, Eddie Eades, Treasurer, and Selma Peterson, Secretary. Members included John. Anthony, Calvin Barker, Charles Bell, Edd Crow, Robert Curtis, Pat Daniel, Eddie Eades, Pat Florentin, Eddie Forbis, Louis Fullen, Jane Gentry, Charles Hamilton, Freda Harbert, Wanda Harrison, Neil Haynes, Gloria Wiles, Naomi Hinton, Harold Hollingsworth, Jerry Hosek, Bob Lomerson, Thomas Manion, Robert E. Moore, Marcella Pattison, Selma Peterson, Shirley Pollard, Charles F. Reichenstein, Charles Rumph, William R. Shiller, Fred Snipes, John D. Spicer, Charles A. Tombs, John Whiteside, Harva Wood and Winston Wrinkle. JOHN s. Mcconn President . if P149 A Q 24 'K' Q ei' rr .... . ,, gg - .... as it Q , r We if A as , . ' .. rr e V V Z' Vlvll ,. . Y . , :fag 1 -,,'f't 'T' ".. . N , . 1 .,... .,.,. q up Top: Barker, Crow, Daniel, Eades, Florentin, Forbis, Fullen. Second: Gentry, Harbert, Harrison, Haynes, Wiles, Hinton, Hollingsworth. Third: Hosck, Moore, Pattison, Peterson, Pollard, Rumph, Shiller, Fourth: Snipes, Spicer, Tombs, Wood, Wrinkle. O. H. NEWTON President ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity composed of male students who wish to have a part in helping the school in various ways. This is the first fraternity on the ASC campus, and they have worked very hard to make the organization a success. Officers of the club were O. H. Newton, President, Dan Matkin, Vice-President, and Bob Hopper, Secretary. Mr. Kenneth Layne was club sponsor. , Members included Bob Berry, Rufus Burleson, John Carpenter, Mack Godwin, Billy Hickey, Bob Hopper, Hugh Hollis, Milton Kurzban, Dan Matkin, O. H. Newton, Le Moin Patrick, Withers Smith, Paul Stanford, Rufus Stepp, Ted Thompson, Norman Walker, and Tommy Fowler. Top: Berry, Burleson, Carpenter, Fowler, Hickey. S econd : Hollis, Hopper, Kurzban, Matkin, Patrick. Third: Smith, Stanford, Stepp, Thompson, Walker. P1-MU i The Pi-Mu, made up of Pre-Medical students, is one of the oldest clubs on the campus, having been organized in 1927 by Charles McDonald. Talks by physicians, and other informed lecturers, and many movies along medical themes, have helped to make their meet- ings a supplement to class work. Jack Gray served as President, with Derald Kellett as Vice- Presidentg Jane Gentry, Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Redding, Reporter, and Jack Sturch, member-at-large on the Executive Council. Mr. JACK GRAY Weldon Brewster served as sponsor. ' Pfeszdent V f-.A- 7,--. fu- ,ik , Y ,,. me-me . -.N .,... .sis i-4 I ' --" W' " 't i v M . rg J.. .'1:s:'4-aff-is ae titxi .::sasasasa:a:asa:::5:5 ---- ' P ' f .' L A H- ,, gm, ""g ' - 7 . qv , " " 5? gs' . I, .. ' "" je fyljf , --eg -. i 5 ,fp f- ix' 455 J -N . . . . , Q ,nga ifg-is E-si' 1 "" ' -,-37' 14 il Y 65534 i V Ae Na Wav iw W Qi' S 3 5 5, . 1 . ma i: A .. , ,W .., 2 me ii, i, :Q ,wie kg is HIV i 1 rg 44 sw 1 Q Q! Y A gl 356' W ' ri W " . E' ' - ,.,. . V , ' 'wi , f ,s lf, 4 , , , 4, 1- F i - 5,1 5, 5 .. ,Z f' j-If -2 s if' 2 w , iff iii Q 1 W 5 W, Q -gs A i 'W 1 T . Y , , , . , .....-.-. ...., Q in ...,,.:,E,:, 4 , , ,W , V' . ... -5--. A Wi: Ski'-ist ., . . V IZ,-'QI . I ll G l. li i 3 'Q . I :ri 'fig ' . Qui ,..,g ni' A 5.1 . "An 1 , Top: Allen, Atteberry, Carter, Cox, Daugherty, Fowler, Eddleman, Gentry, Graf. Second : Griggs, Hakes, Hernmle, Herndon, Hill, Holcombe, Hopkins, Kellett, Kennedy. Third: Kennedy, Knight, Lowe, Malone, Matson, McBride, McClain, McDonald, McElheny. Fourth: McMinn, Mee, Miller, Murray, Norman, Parkhill, Pearce, Renfroe. Fifth: Riddle, Shillcr, Smith, Snipes, St. Louis, Stanford, Todd, Wfoodruff. JIM HINKLE President The Engineering Society is one of the largest clubs on the campus with membership open to any student taking an engineering course. The club's purpose is to create more interest in all phases of engineering. Oflicers of the club were Jim Hinkle, President 5 Lee F arish, Vice- President, Bobby Harris, Secretary, Robert Paige, Reporter, and Paschal Scottino, Sponsor. Presidents of the clubs within the Society were James T. Allen, Electric, Charles Newby, Mechanical, LeMoin Patrick, Architecture, Leon Coleman, Baking, Maurice Houpt, Civil, and O. H. Newton, Professional. ENGINEERING aw:,,..x--- N: M ff1fQ 't'z,f,i s , , so t M. ,,,, . T , , y ,. -mf f- '- is -1 , ,V A li? it ,.,,....... ff.- as 'Q .. b f WLT LEE FARISH BOBBY HARRIS RGBERT PAIGE PASCHAL SCOTTINO Vice-President Secretary Rcjmrter Sponsor SOCIETY - - , - v I l,, 4 . ' , n .- ' - " . .., an--, ' J-1 Q5 :PVD 'ag - gf, 1.-3-iff f ". -' :ff-'-' 'av'-mv-'E g'Kf, i'iE1.u'G LOU FULLEN President ART CLUB One of the most active clubs on the campus, the Art Club has I grown steadily since its organization in 1937 as the Art Guild. Its present name and constitution were adopted in 1941. The Art Club was organized to promote interest and friendship among the art stu- dents on the campus. RODEO CLUB The Rodeo Club is a member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association which was formed in April, 1948. This is one of the newest clubs on the campus, and its membership is increasing rapidly regardless of the skill and ruggedness required in the sport. Officers of the club included Hook Chisum, President, Floyd Morris, Vice-President, Bill Spaulding, Secretary-Treasurer, and Margie Patten, Publicity Director. Mr. Dexter Betts served as the club's sponsor. Chisum, Morris, Spaulding, Patten. Front: Walker, F. M. Morris, Patten, E. A. Morris, King, D. L. Betts fsponsorj. Back: Jenkins, Clhisum, Spaulding, Mc-Iunkin, Brummel. 4'-W 'X BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Center is basl Aunon active participation . of students in church life. In addition to Bib' classes for the students, the center also served as a meeting place for the BSU, and a place where activities are centered. A noon devotional service is held at the Center each weekday. The students also participate in off-campus work such as mission projects. JOE SIMPSON Pmident I Informal recreation at the Center includes ping pong, volley ball, checkers, chess, croquet and horseshoes. The Center has a piano that may be used at any time for recreational purposes. THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front: Gay Stephens, Barbara Gunn, Freda Harbert, Allene Jacobs, Joyce Robertson, Betty Ann Gilmer, Marlene Stephens. Second: Fred Mollenhouer, Bobby Spross, Eugene Baker, Joe Simpson fPresidentJ, George Threlkeld QCenter Directorj , Harold Hollingsworth, Harvey Shively, George Sturch, Gordon Vestal. 4, y METHODIST STUDENT CENTER The pu. pose of the 'ethodist Student Center is to provide oppor- tunities for both spiritual and social development. Regular Bible courses, daily noon devotional services, and various forms of enter- tainment are only a few of the activities offered by the Methodist Stu- dent Center. The Student Center contains a Coke machine, radio, television set, ping pong tables, game rooms and various other recreational facilities. XVAYNE HEDDIEU EADES President Ollieers of the Center were Eddie Eades, President, Pat Daniel, Vice-President, Naomi Hinton, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Clydene Gartman, Publicity, Betty Edington, Social Chairman, Rush Hart, Song Lead- er, and Pat Florentin and Billy Langam, Organists. The Methodist Student Center Council was composed of the oflicers of the Center and Bob Cantrell, Hugh Hollis, Jerry Holmes, Nana Watson, and Frances White. T ...Ti . rira. 'i 3 i ' ' A .pg Y , ,rwfwe-w"4"" . . tif - 3- .3 Q' ' ii' T""r' ,2'7c. i' . 'St 't W ' I r M ll ' i ' ' 'A li .4 4 rj , . , f ' K nl' ,if ,A W .IH S9 M , f ' N Q 1'-f in is i 5 pl arg ,I .il Front: Bryan, Gartman, Hinton, Edington, Daniel, Florentin, lvlontgomery, Smith. Second: Hart, Gray, Lee, Litchfield, Cole Smith fDirectorQ, Cantrell, Musso, Stepp, Grisham. AERONAUTICS SCCIETY The Aeronautics Society was organized in 1949 for students taking aeronautics subjects. The purpose of the society is to bring the students and men of the aviation Held closer together. JOHNNY PERES President President of the club was Johnny Peres, Wilmer Wereham served as Vice-President, and Billie Barrett Secretary-Treasurer. Members included James Alderman, Allen Beadle, Barry Binion, John Bently, James Crenshaw, James Cunningham, Joe Cromer, Bobby Berry, Bobby Dixon, Bobby Friedel, John Headen, Harold Johnson, Robert Keaton, Raymond Lovell, Carol Lowe, Anthony Musso, Edwin Mabry, William McAlister, Edward Miles, Joe Moffett, John Parker, Johnny Peres, Robert Phillips, Billy Prewitt, Charles Roflino, Jim Woodard, Wilmer Wercham, Billy Barrett, Emory Howell, Donald Kelly, John Myers, and Rob- ert Wilkerson. . QW 3 .,.. f ll' ,...,. r I Top: Alderman, Barrett, Beadle, Berry, Binion, Crenshaw, Cromer. Second : Cunningham, Headen, Johnson, Keaton, Lovell, Lowe, Mabry. Third: McAlister, Moliitt, Musso, Myers, Parker, Phillips, Kelly, Roffino. l I I PHI SIGMA GAMMA The Phi Sigma Gamma is Greek terminology for French, German and Spanish, and is a club on the campus open to all students taking languages. The objective of the club is to arouse interest in foreign countries, their ways of life and behavior. In general, the club is for all students interested in foreign countries. Officers of the club were Jim St. Louis, President 5 Dorothy Holle- man, Vice-President, Mary Lee Shores, Secretary-Treasurer, Harvey Shively, Social Chairman, Joanne Daugherty, Publicity Manager. JIM ST. LOUIS Professors Charles Haydon, James Wyatt and Arthur Freeland served President HS SPO1'1SOI'S. Active members of the club were Duncan Adams, Howard Bilbrey, Jerry Brown, Jean Grafe, Mar- garet Hancock, Tom Herdon, Walter Huth, Glennas Jones, Robert Lively, Lucille Love, Billy Mapes, Peggy McBride, Louis Neumann, Margie Patten, Wfilliam MeCluskey, Pat Reagon, Jim Spencer, Jack Stamps, William Shiller, Felix Ugarte, Sydney Williams and Don Willoughby. , ii .,. i ,. I ' lil ' ' .V I I , , , .. ,, ' ., 3-43 3, I 4, .J i-' V lx-1, - 1 QS 'F- 2 5 5 First: Adams, Bilbrey, Brown, Grafe, Hancock, Herdon, I-Iuth. Second : Jones, Lively, Love, Mapes, McBride, Neumann, Patten. Third: Spencer, Stamps, Ugarte, Williams, lvilloughby. THE KAMPUS The KKK was organized to induce a general feeling of under- standing, to improve character, and develop a closer relationship among cadets. It promotes and centralizes activities approved by Arl- GEORGE HARWELL ington State College. Its members include all cadets living on the President campus. George Harwell served as President, Melvin McFarland, Vice-President, Walter Huth, Secretary- Treasurerg Sergeant at Arms, O. H. Newton, Kenneth Beerman, Marc Weatherwall and Albert Burns. The social committee was composed of Theron Higginbotham, Jesse De La Torre, Kenneth Beerman and Albert Burns. The clubls sponsor was Captain Fred Kochli. Louise McMinn was elected club sweetheart. ,Q . ' if I K K si,S'H,Qig V ' I ' ' r T , I i I -M Y ' , EH A rfriggi , A F. .1 'N' ' H ' "ja L ww ff Q - l - 4 ,, -3 as . .T.'.f, . ".fk"41:w2.: I r' ' 1 ,D gy Q3 .-9, .1 f ... f 1. " , ..-'V - fb ' - .4 ff .. ' .. ' ' 'K " RA Q Y 1 1 5 , LM -R , . .A J., . J. . in - 1 . Y --.. -- 4. A W L, .- . . r . 4 -, 1 v-- - 1 --f A ' 3" 1. V , NL 1,-T ..r'-M -' - ' -. . w, ' f 'fn , i 'gl '1.'.4 1 '-.' 5-nxzvdl. V ,V ' ,- Nj-j' 'I . 11 N. ..:g,.9' ' 2. 'rl 5-"A, Z.. 4 ',x ',. ' ' n!l"V .al ' 591, , fr? f' '- ' f '- Y' v ji .-' 42- we ,, ' ' - ' ' ' 45 V" 955 ww, f I 'xi' ' A ,,1J:,,,.,.j-ibih, ' ' f - ' K ' N -fow.,,J- LOUIS LEE President GEOLOGY CLUB The Geology Club was first organized in September of 1946. The purpose of this organization is to extend the geological knowledge of the individual members by means of lectures, discussions, movies and Held trips. Oilicers of the club were Louis Lee, President, Reid McLamore, Vice-President, and Robert Williams, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. D. Boon served as the club's sponsor. Membership included Onroe Bell, Oran D. Brown, Bill Buchanan, Bill Cotner, Donald C. Davies, Arlen N. Haynes, David Headstream, Wiley L. Jinks, Charles Larsen, Robert Lomerson, William C. Porter, Hal Stubblefield, Joe Vaughan, Edward Watkins and Jimmie Wom- mack. Top: Brown, Buchanan, Davies, Haynes. Second: Jinks, Lomerson, McLamore, Porter. Third: Stubblelield, Vaughan, Williams, Womack. l w AVOLONTE Avolonte, taking its name from a French idiom meaning "pleasure with direction,', is one of the oldest of the social clubs on the campus. It is made up of co-operative and friendly girls, who have carried out their motto, "Happiness for All." Avolonte officers for the year were Jean Ann Sanders, President, Mary Hayth, Vice-President, Dorothy Thornton, Secretary, Beverly Muse, Treasurer, and Gwynn Sims, Reporter. Sponsors were Miss Addie Scruggs and Miss Helen Copeland. Membership included Mozelle Bean, Jo Ann Brandt, Charlotte Bromagen, Barbara Brown, Jane Frese, Mary Hayth, Rose Marie Keas, Kitty Lee, Dixie Lindsey, Allene Marino, Gay Martin, Peggy McBride, Carol McKissick, ,Iaquita McMasters, Beverly Muse, Arm Olsen, Betty Ann Owens, Elizabeth Roberts, Marjorie Roberts, Mary Ann Rudd, Jean Ann Sanders, La Verne Sanders, Jean Simpson, Gwynn Sims, Jeanelle Smith, and Dorothy Thornton. JEAN ANN SANDERS President Qi' 1 ::-:E :Es s s 4 if' .XV V , ' 4 A Top: Bean, Brandt, Bromagcn, Brown, Frese, Hayth, Keas. Second: Lee, Lindsay, Marino, Martin, McBride, McKissick, McMasters. Third: Muse, Olsen, Owens, E. Roberts, M. Roberts, Rudd, Sanders. Fourth: Simpson, Sims, Smith, Thornton. all is S. O. S. Although it is the youngest social club on the campus, the Secret Order of Smiles, better known around the campus as the "SOS,,' has developed into an organization of high ideals since it was established in 1939. The aim of this group of girls is to bc truly friendly and their motto is ufriendlinessf' Virginia Madden served as President, with Jo Ann Miller as Vice- VIRGINIA MADDEN U President President, and Betty Moore as Treasurer. The club's sponsors were Mrs. Helen McGinnis and Miss Lilla Jean Brown. Membership included Greta Berry, Lavona Cone, Bonnie Crawford, Tommie Elgin, Pat Frye, Juanda Gregory, Dorothy Holleman, Margaret Jennings, Jocele Kinsolving, Joan Luton, Margaret McLarty, Jo Ann Miller, Betty Moore, Laura Beth Nunn, Peggy Parker, Rosemary Robbins, Margaret Segroves, Joyce Smith, Gene Sossaman, Sue Taylor, Nancy Thatcher, Helen Wommack and Carolyn Watson. First: Berry, Cone, Crawford, Elgin, Frye, Gregory, Holleman. Second: Jennings, Kinsolving, Luton, McLarty, Miller, Moore, Nunn, Parker. Third: Robbins, Scgroves, Smith, Sossaman, Taylor, Thatcher, Wlomrnaek, Watson. PRE-LAW CLUB The Pre-Law club is an outgrowth of the old Aggie Bar. Two socials are held each year under the supervision of sponsor C. D. Richards. Members for the past year included: Dale Bietendorf, James Brittain, Jerry Brown, Edwin Cantrell, Harold Collins, Wilson Crain, Minnette Daugherty, Billy Dickey, James Forbis, William Hand, Billy Hickey, Donald Jordan, Arthur Kemp, Bill Langham, Forrest Lykins, Jack Matthews, John McCord, Richard McCarthy, Barbara McIntosh, Margaret McLarty, Edward Miller, Robert Moore, Robert Morris, William Morris, James Myers, Louis Neumann, Edwin Noe, Edward Pennal, Billy Powers, Glenda Purcell, William Rawlins, Jack Rawlins, Buck Risenhoover, EDWARD MILLER James Hollingsworth, Charles Lynch, Dal Garretson, Eugene Tullis, Robert VVaf- President ford, Edward Valek, James White, Paul Wisdom, and Thomas VVright. . ' l 1 ' 'A 154. ', . 1 .. +x Qffsil- -j lf, . -if "2'r:"- ... . li FIRST: Bictcndorf, Brittain, Collins, Brown, Cantrell, Daugherty, Dickey, Forbisg SECOND: Hand, Hollingsworth, Jordan, Langham, Lykins, Lynch, McCarthy, McCord, THIRD: McIntosh, McClarty, Myers, Neumann, Noe, Pennal, Powers, Purcell, FOURTH: Rawlins Valek, White, Wisdom, Wright. EDWARD DeMOSS President CADET COMMUTERS ASSOCIATION The Cadet Comrnuters Association was sponsored this year by C. D. Richards, the president was Ed DeM0ss, the Vice-President was Ed Watkins, and the secretary was Robert Curtis. Members included: Robert Lively, Kim Becklcr, Robert Curtis, Ben Reynolds, Ed Watkins, Robert Crenshaw, Floyd Mason, Dorsey Brewer, Jerry Burnett, Charles Hamilton, Floyd Herod, D. Owens, jimmy Brodrick, Ed De- Moss, Bill Buchanan, Claude Mee, Hagon Joyner, Charles Whiteside, Charles Keaton, Robert Bartsch, Joe Cromer, Tip Smith, John Lutz, Jackie Royall, Darrell Smith, Ronald Tidball, Malcolm Rogers, John Wilson, Ken Capehart, Bobby Belt, and David Parkhill. FIRST: Belt, Bartsch, Brewer, Brodrick, Buchanan, Burnett, Capehartg SECOND: Crenshaw, Cromer, Curtis, Hamiltonkjoyner, Herod Keaton, THIRD: Lively, Lutz, Mason, Mee, Nobles, Owens, Parl-:hillg FOURTH: Reynolds, Rogers, Royall, Smith, Tidball, Watkins Whiteside, Wilson. NEVVMAN CLUB The Newman Club was reorganized in 1950 to provide social and spiritual development for the Catholic students on the campus. It is open to all students of the Catholic faith. The club holds meetings once every month in the Projection Room of the Mechanical Arts Building and all students are invited to attend. James Callan served as President. Other officers were Fred All- JAMES CALLAN noch, Vice-President, Bob Leach, Treasurer, and Kathryn Grant, President Secretary. Paschal Scottino was the sponsor and Rev. Silk the Chaplain. Membership included Theresa Arnold, Fred Allnoeh, Bob Burnett, Tom Carr, Jesse Cordova, Henry Fernandez, Sam Gautier, Kathryn Grant, Babs Havrda, David Healy, Raymond Johnson, Rose Marie Keas, Beverly Leach, Bob Leach, Allene Marino, Carol McKissick, Frank Sonner, Nancy Tresp, Joyce Tanner, Faylee Warren, Pat Youngblood. A il it Q M Eai .ia, a y ,f , Q' E fs. X is : Al- .gms A x LLVL4 was nli- 1 .Q f Q1 , p a a a -. -ng 1 r . .., ..., . xxx Q Wm, , A 63 ' : , , ,, :sbggmy 'Jw ww , H wa "trr Top: Allnoeh, Arnold, Burnett, Carr, Cardova, Fernandez, Gautier. Second: Grant, Havrda, Johnson, Keas, Beverly Leach, Bob Leach, Marino. Third: McKissick, Sonner, Tresp, Tanner, Warren, Youngblood. TAU ETA MU Tau Eta Mu, which means "Tomorrow's Hoincmakersfl carries out its motto, "Work So That Each Tomorrow Finds You Further Than Today." The purpose of the club is to aid thc members in solving problems and to acquaint them with some of the problems they will meet in homemaking. Officers of the club were Pat Moore, President, Betty Ann Owens, PAT MOORE Vice-President, Jacquita McMasters, Secretary, Marjorie Roberts, P 'd t . . mi en Treasurer, Sue Andrew, Reporter. Sponsors were Miss Archie Henry and Mrs. Lera Hancock. Membership included Sue Andrew, Barbara Bell, Barbara Brown, Patsy Butler, Joyce Dougharty, Ruth Duke, Kitty Lee, Mildred Lester, Cecilia Locke, ,Iacquita McMasters, Pat Moore, Marjorie Rob- erts, Norma Jean Roper, Sally Scruton, Sandra Shepherd, Joann Smith, Gay Stephens, Nancy Thatcher, Norma Wortham, Frances Wfhite and Gwen White. P To p: Andrew, Bell, Brown, Butler, Duke, Lee, Lester. Second: Locke, McMasters, Roberts, Roper, Scruton, Shepherd, Smith. Third: Stephens, Thatcher, Wortham, White. I LA DOGENA The La Doeena, meaning "thc dozen," has grown much in size . . . . . ll and fame since the original twelve members founded lt in 1927. :EJ-gc MARTHA LAMBERT by being friendly to everyone. Their goal is to have fun and make Pfwidenf The La Dals carry out their motto of "Gordiality on the Campus" friends. The officers were Martha Lambert, President, Lucille Love, Vice-President, Glydene Gartman, Sec- retary, Frances White, Treasurer, Jo Ann Smith, Reporter, Pat Daniel, Parliamentarian, and Pat Floren- tin, Secretary of Correspondence. Miss Archie Henry and Miss Mary Swisher were their sponsors. Membership included Theresa Arnold, Dorothy Gullens, Pat Daniel, Betty Edington, Jann Eiland, Pat Florentin, Glydene Gartman, Pat Grist, Rose Hay, Martha Lambert, Beverly Leach, Lucille Love, Monda Montgomery, Laura Lou Morris, Peggy Norman, Jo Ann Smith, fuanita Smith, Berta Villa, Gwen White and Frances White. A Top: Arnold, Daniel, Edington, Eiland, F lorentin, Gartman, Grist. Second : Hay, Leach, Love, Montgomery, Morris, Norman, Smith. Third: Smith, Villa, White. LA RUE BATSON President ZANGOLA The Zangolas help ASG carry out its tradition of friendliness and good will by living up to their club name, which is a gypsy word mean- ing "light of heartf, Founded in 1933, the purpose of the club is to be friendly to all and create good will on the campus. La Rue Batson served as President, Joy Patterson, Viee-President, Kathryn Grant, Secretary, Selma Peterson, Treasurer, and Ann Brinkley, Reporter. Miss Marie Landua and Miss Alberta Harrington were the sponsors. Membership included Beth Barnes, La Rue Batson, Pat Binford, Ann Brinkley, Loretta Downing, Pat Dwinnell, Elaine Elliott, Margie Etheridge, Pat Ganaway, Jane Gentry, Betty Ann Gilmer, Kathryn Grant, Gay Harris, Barbara Jasper, Lorraine Jasper, Barbara Me- Intosh, Eve Nesom, Ethel jean O'Malley, Martha Oswald, Joy Patter- son, Selma Peterson, Garlene Pryor, Mary Lee Shores, Joyce Tanner, Nancy Tresp, Faylee Warren and Pat Youngblood. Top: Barnes, Binforel, Brinkley, Downing, Dwinnell, Elliott, Etheridge. Second: Ganaway, Gentry, Gilmer, Grant, B. Jasper, L. Jasper, Melntosh. Third: Nesom, O'Malley, Oswald, Patterson, Peterson, Pryor, Shores. Fourth: Tanner, Tresp, Warren, Youngblood. SANS SOUCI Sans Souci, coming from the French idiom meaning "Without a Care,', is one of the oldest clubs on the campus. Usually in the fore- most activities, the purpose of the Souci's is to promote friendship among its members and on the campus, and .they have succeeded in carrying out their aim this semester. Mary Ann South served as President, with Gloria Gathings, Vice- . 1 MARY ANN SOUTH President 5 June Penn, Secretary, Jo Ellen Crouch, Treasurer, and Pat President Moore, Reporter. Miss Suzie Green was the club's sponsor. Membership included Sue Andrew, Joyce Beasley, Shirley Brown, Jo Ellen Crouch, June Fenn, Nancy Fisher, Gloria Gathings, Margaret Hancock, VVanda Harrison, Carolyn Henshaw, Dorothy Inman, Preston Lehde, Jan Lowery, Pat Moore, Peggy Parks, Shirley Pollard, Glenda Purcell, Jo Reagan, Sally Scruton, Mary Ann South, Pat Vinson, Grace Weatherall and Norma Wortham. if "f f ' QF y f is First: Andrew, Beasley, Brown, Crouch, Fenn, Fisher, Gathings. Second: Hancock, Harrison, Henshaw, Inman, Lehde, Lowery, Moore. Third: Parks, Pollard, Purcell, Scruton, Vinson, Weatherall, Wortham. KITTY RUTH LEE Collecting Autograjfhs? Choir Soloist 'isa-F 4.1-. 'asm -.., Signing up for BA I'll take this book, please. SCENES FROM "HARVEY" S CAST Elwood P. Dowd .,....,... ..,.....,,,. ..... E c l Cantrell Veta Louise Simmons ...,.... .........,. L ucille Love Myrtle Mae Simmons .,...... ..,... B onnic Crawford Wilson .........,..,....AA..,..... .,........... B urt Curtis judge Omar Gaffney l..,... ..... C harles Hamilton Dr. Chunzloy .r.r.,.....,,. .,.. J ohn McCord Mrs. Churnloy .,.....,....,... ......l. G ay Martin Dr. Lyrnan Sanderson ,.... ....., T om Stevenson Nurse Ruth Kelly ,.,.... r..r..,.. P at Youngblood Taxi Driver ......,.,.....,,..,.,.. ....... R ichard McCarthy Mr's. Ethel Chaucurnet ..,... ..,.s,,....,.,,... E nez Ransom judge Gajney and Myrtle Mag . talk about Elwood and Harvey. Miss johnson ., .... .,.,..... ....., E t hel Jean O'Mallery Elwood axjilains to Dr. Sandrrson Airs. Chumley listfns about Veta Louise is not about the 6-fool white rablzit. the strange pooka. the crazy one. skfa l Qi Ame- iff'-.U---SS li -av: 'GM VANDE TRTS VGDRTS X I1 S SURE GDDD l Z -i- i " ,, I '. Q Z 5 ,f f-f MUTJmA6XIi:T1VUmiX, il vAunEnvaDm's hm MVQQ fum THANKS We of the Wallace Studios wish to thank each and every student, faculty members and the entire stall of the Arlington State College 1951 Yearbook for the wholehearted co-operation given us in the making of the photographs for this book. It has indeed been a pleasure to serve you and we hope that we may have the same pleasure in the future. -nr WALLACE STUDICS "Makers of Fine Portraitsj' 811 Throckmorton General Office and Laboratory 1607-A Elm St. Phone FA-2000 606 South Oakes Phone C-2726 Fort Worth, Texas San Angelo, Texas Dallas, Texas Other branch studios located in Abilene, San Angelo, Odessa, Palestine, Tyler, Greenville, Paris, Houston, Texarkana and Port Arthur, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Wichita, Kansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Omaha, Nebraska, Louisville, Kentucky, Jackson, Mississippi, Texarkana, Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana. HUMBLE OIL 81 REFINING COMPANY he-arfy congrafulahons and besf wishes To THE CLASS OF 1951 I mayevery dy OU F ? 5 1 g-numb X -fu 1 , if K W ' W MF V COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ,,.- 'Aj . in Q.. I I I 4 .3 X141 p N Tj l L gf! r ' ,J L f .I F I a . is r'f2?lxSa 'T WANNA L 1 A at A 4 -my I ll , 'ff-I THE GREAT AMERICAN WMM-' Flipping switches is The Great American Habit. Even children have it. And it's a habit that has given America the wor1d's highest standard of living. In the home, electricity is just about the smallest item in the budget, but what else makes life so easy, so healthy so comfortable? In industry, electricity lends the employee the strength of giants. Electric motors multiply his muscular strength by dozens or even by thousands- making it possible for him to produce more, better, faster - to earn more. There areostill broad fields of electric living yet to be tapped. Business men can do the job better than bureaucrats. That's always been the secret of America's progress. Q aaaa. a. aaaa - DINE AND DANCE A Pair To Be Proud of . . . Your Genuine 555533 usrln 53455 Boots at ..,.. 4 p . . . Standard of l x f the West ' vs "'iv.. N QQ- me since 1879 the ' AT YOUR DEALER s Made Only By H. J. Jusrm a. sous, ln.. - roar worm-l MIDWAY INN TERRY BROS. DRUGS Student Headquarters in Town PHONE AR4-8131 ASC'S FAVORITE I Compliments of THE SUNSET ELORIST 2210 West Clarendon Wlnfield 0359 DALLAS THE HIGHWAY Phone AR5-2232 B XL B Cafe ASC'S Downtown Headquarters Featuring :we Cofige .giaeciafv :je Ed .goocl mia .Sale o!.l1leauen v Margie Mac BETWEEN CLASSES AND OFF PERIODS BUY A COLD DRINK FROM OUR MODERN SELF-SERVICE MACHINES . 5 KWIK KAFE VENDING SERVICE, INC. VENDING MACHINES, COFFEE, COLD DRINKS, CIGARETTES, CANDY 4-207 Maple DALLAS Logan-5271 IN OUR NEW LOCATION BOB COOKE INC.-FORD DEALER Sales - Service "FASH1 01V CAR 017' THE' YEAR " GENUINE FORD PARTS Made Right - Fit Right - Last Longer 201 E. Division ARLINGTON AR5-2751 f o "3f53, -, o urs or " --in 5152:-'R3" 'iffifiiif ' " 4' .F 4 -iv Q WE' . f- :aff Ep' J'f.!'ff .A - lf' Q T,-rf? I ' ' 'f if ,. I " I. -- .we s ,,.. ,sl y I' - -' ff S K1 L f 00 ea . . .. M lf . A.., -, , , i s giiiofg I' ' fs., 3 J 'I' P P is ' , mf' 4, I . K Q --Q- Fresh Frulls and Vegelables are necessary , O C, lo a well-balanced cliel. Include lhem in lf' Ck fl : ' ! your meals . . . every clay . . . for belrer Q7 .1 ,.f-3, sy heallh. They are your grealesl nalural "C ' v " source of essenlial vilamins and minerals. I - Q . . 'xx I And for The hrghesl qualuly . . . lhe grealesr lasle- , af appeal . . . be sure The Fresh Fruils and Vegelables - l , served al our 'fable are alwa s . . . I . il Y Y Fresh-from llexihs A.: Y R-vi or Z zvrxf Km u ur so Ev .K P 3 ' lr Iargfxtybixtribaxorx of FrubuodFronn COMPANY I Frau: and Vegetable: in Ibn Soulbwut Q Hx ' llll wr.. .. l,'ll lrlll lr 2'1l1wrn1lm "1' :mu lrllmwm rlrllr rrl.v'lv I r I 'll1lll'l,l www llll ww 'lw' nnwwumi ll.v uwulllwlllnlH'HlIII1ll1wwwlllvIlI1:."u 'l'rl"w Hl,nlrmvux'?w-1:,wiwmplll rrrr 'vuuxs - ron' wonm 2 w1clmA rum ' Lunocx ' :mu-rm: ' Loncvmw HAMILTON - BAILEY Motor Company CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH 325 W. Division Phone AR5-2183 Exclusive at This Store NUNN-BUSH SHOES . . . ARROW SHIRTS STETSON HATS RAY MCKNIGHT MEN'S WEAR BIRD - ELDER CO. Insvwcmce cmd Real Estate 105 W. Main Phone AR5-2181 Arlington, Texas CAMPUS CLEANERS and R. 0. T. C. if R.O.T.CI. Ofhcer Uniforms and Accessories A' R.O.T.C. Shoes I A' Western Clothing for Men and Women if Cowboy Boots for Men and Women THE ARMY STORE LAI 12th and Houston Fort Worth Across from Gym FOrtune-7119 E. A. ROBERSON and E. ROBERSON 510 W. Third St. AR5-2220 11 WHEN YOU GO T0 DALLAS ORE FORT WORTH Remember TEXAS MOTOR COACHES Charter a Private Bus for Special Occasions CONTINUOUS SERVICE DAILY TEXAS MOTCR COACHES Refresh . . .Add Zest To The Hour E Travel Re freshed l tollun unnu Aumonvv or ln! :OCA con Counuv lv OF FORT WORTH Phone FAnnin-8187 DICK JONES MOTOR CO. HI: '-:'1-, , :,:f:'- . . ,.5,,.W, .. A, ,544 5.-,gg .,,g.,- :.: ,, I .. Q'ff55a5' f551 ig-if ,,,,A,,,AA O,O. 0 :1:,i::1,:::i ,O:-.lf. 5 -..:1 if :::.A. 11. 5 :11 1 4..:1::A1 IOI f EII EI. ,zii E25 1Q., :1 . ilfreti """ "" Ia2222f3xf5.ff1i25:51:ss, "" A ""'A "'A"'A"" 1 1 f'1, lif -:-- sfiefzfi -1-1: s-aA1-5-55l1155355iff5E555E5255if525iff2s2E:E222fiiii252525-isisaagigisfagz :1: 2 11fz -s -::', 2 .:::::f 300 E. Division Phone AR5-2831 JIM CANNON Floral 81 Nursery Co. Quality at a Saving G L D S M G K Y 2nd and Pecan AR5-2101 LEE VESTAL SHOE SHOP Says Headquarters for All Shoe Needs ALL KINDS OF POLISH AND SHOE SUPPLIES LEE VESTAL- Proprietor Meet at the LEE'S FOOD STORE The Home of Good Things to Eat L G G C A B I N We Deliver 207 N. Center AR5-2713 HOME-COOKED FOOD LA TAPATIA On the Campus GENUINE MEXICAN FOOD l VANDERGRIFF Solicits and Appreciates Your Business ARLINGTON TEXAS Phone AR5-2741 IST cautfr 91021 Ph 3206 A,s,s,s,s E ,,,, s,s, I SCHOOL SUPPLIES and MILITARY UNIFORM ACCESSORIES vi? MASTERPIECE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES ARLINGTON STATE BANK I n Arlington O Solicits and Appreciates Your Banking Business O MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MAGNOLIA PETRGLEUM COMPANY Your Friendly Dealer Wholesale Distributor J. C. DUNCAN A' 331:- ioun FRIENDLY Tel. No. AR5-2111 Res. Tel. No. AR4-7172 1 I . WORKMAN'S DRUGS MODERN FOUNTAIN SERVICE MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE Arlington Phone AR5-2195 LUKE PONTIAC CO. QONTMP SIXES N' jg EIGHTS SALES AND SERVICE 119 E. ABRAM ARLINGTON 30 Days Credit at '1 U ' ' ti ' 0 ern Alzztlzio ' mms LAUNDRY ""' - I COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE W A O . . , wner 2070 Discount for Cash 8L Carry Arllngton' Texas We C an I Q- Save You Money On BATTERIES 1 SPORTING GOODS PHONIL AR5'2173 FISHING TACKLE AUTO PARTS For Pick Up and Delivery BICYCLES RADIOS TIRES TUBES 'C' Complete Line of 205 E. Main Arlington, Texas AUTO PARTS and ACCESSORIES H. E. CANNON I Nursery and Floral Co. if Corsages 'F Floral DI'.YlQ7Z.T i' Cul Flozcers 'A' Nu1'sc'ry Stock PHONE AR5-2731 ARLINGTON On. the Highway I LUTTRELL BROTHERS GROCERY and MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fine Dairy Products, Inspected Meats A Complete Line of Frosted Foods TELEPHONE AR5-2166 ARLINGTON'S MOST POPULAR INDEPENDENT GROCER We Deliver EXCHANGE CONFECTIONERY "Student Hangoutv 'k Candy 'k Cold Drinks 'A' Ice Cream 'Ir Cigarettes We Specialize In DOUBLE THICK MALTS HI-WAY DRUG Phone AR4-6291 230 N. Center ARLINGTON, TEXAS Compliments of CAROLYN SHOPPE THE ARLINGTON CITIZEN Publishing - job Printing - Ollice Supplies Boosting ASC and Arlington 117 East Main ROSE-YATES INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE All Classes of Insurance ARLINGTON, TEXAS Serving Arlington Since 1910 HUGH H. MOORE Sc SONS Funeral Home Com pl i ments Of MATLOCK PHARMACY Arlington, Texas Phone AR4-6131 I. R. Klapper Service Station ON THE HIGHWAY Arlington, Texas Phone AR4-9561 Compliments Of FRANCINE SHOPPE FRANCES BARNES, P,-011. Comjiliments Uf CATON'S 5C to 551.00 STORE Arlington, Texas ' Erman Lesters GULF SERVICE STATION Ford Building Phone AR4-7801 A T R I A N G L E I N N SPECIALIZING in . . . PIT BARBECUE and CHOICE STEAKS TQMMY POTTS Telephone AR4-9541 Owner and Manager THE IHARANCWTY INUT Across From thc Gym al' Cmmf In and Snr' U.v-Harman C3 Jllinnif lang FURNITURE CCMPANY Nationally Famous Lines of FURNITURE, CARPETS 8: APPLIANCES OSCAR S. LONG 132 IC. Main St. Norwood 2-1539 GRAND PRAIRIE BONDURAN T BROS. INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS C REAL ESTATE Phone AR5-214-6 Arlington Blue Ribbon Sandwiches Fi z'5' t in Quality Szrrvice Picnics and Parties Our Specialty Phone JUstin 9950 2412 McKinney DALLAS, TEXAS EDDIE WILLIAMS KELLEY-ROPER-SAW Y ER i afld Gr0cCrieS,McatS..Vcgetables -k MALLORY HATS -A' MEL ROSE SLAOKS N Aggie Headquarters for Fine Clothes Phone AR5-2188 Arlington N 6661 cl Hvlirvui? Martin Wolfe Motor Company G0 to the DODGE-PLYMONTI-I C A M P U S B A R B E R S H 0 P Dodge 'job Rated" Trucks Across From the Gym Ns, Between Classes 01' OH Pffriods 333 E. Division "on the Highway" REX LITTLEPAGE Arlington, Texas AR5-2185 A Eat I n B Comfort at thc S Completely Air-Conditioned ARLINGTON BODY SHCP "Catering to Those Who Carey ARLINGTON, TEXAS P. O. Box 422 Phone AR5-2222 Night Phone AR4-6449 f0M Pl IM FN T S QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT 5 DALLAS-HOUSTON-SAN ANTONIO ARLINGTON COFFEE SHOP WHEN PLANNING A PARTY SEE US Welcome Students to Our "Student Service" Room fLocatccl in Back of Shopj Special Prices fm' Students oo-9 118 West Main Street Phone AR4-9621 Arlington, Texas KNO Since I9l2 Soufhwesfern Engraving Co. of For+ Worfh. has been acquiring Jrhe neces- sary KNOW HOW 'ro produce oufsfanding yearbooks. Tha+'s why ciiscriminafing sfaicis +urn 'ro . . . A Abbott, Tommy Foy, Smithfield Adams, George Anderson, Ferris Adams, Gilbreth Denton, Amarillo Adams, John Duncan, Dallas Adamson, Ted Lowell, Dallas Albright, Thomas Edward, Fort Worth Alderman, James Ellsworth, Dallas Alexander, James Darwin, Dallas Alexander, John Paul, Fort Worth Alford, Donald Joe, Avinger Allen, Bennie Robert, Rotan Allen, Harland Lloyd, Midland Allen, John Paul, Dallas Allen, J ohn Truett, Weatherford Allnoch, Fred James, Corpus Christi Herman D., Wfhitesboro Alonzo, Felix Contreras, Rockdale Alsbury, Melvin Jesse, Dallas Alston, Thomas Pearson, Fort l'Vorth Anaston, Charles James, Dallas Anastopulos, Frances, Dallas Anderhub, Sam Leon, Dallas Anderson, Don Ray, Fort Worth Anderson, Edgar Carl, Fort Worth Anderson, Patricia Lee, Seagoville Andrew, Laura Suzanne, Dallas Ankele, Richard Dan, Dallas Anthony, John William, Dallas Anton, Harvey, Fort Worth Appleby, Paul E., Dallas Appling, Harry Elbert, Seagoville Archer, Phillip M., Dallas Archie, Harvie Odis, Fort Worth Ard, Thomas Jack, Fort Worth Argo, Floyd Eldon Jr., Dallas Arman Alta Lorene, Fort Worth Arnold, Bob Lowell, Arlington Arnold Elmer Brooks Jr., Fort Worth Arnold, Frank Ernest, Dallas Arnold, Theresa Ann, Dallas Arzola, Frank, Fort Worth Barber, Ashworth, Jack Wesley, Dallas Atteberry, Virgil Thomas, Fort Worth Austin, Boyd Lee, Fort Worth Austin, iNayne Nelson, Fort VVorth B Baker, Bobby Ray, Rotan Baker, Charles Everett, Sand Springs, Okla. Baker, Thomas Eugene, Rotan Ballew, Horace, Grand Prairie Marilyn, Arlington Bookout, William Raye, Dallas Barker, Calvin LaRue, Dallas Barnes, Billie Beth, Cleburne Barnes, Bonita Jean, Fort Worth Barnes Champ Clark, Arlington Barnesi Richard Thomas, Dallas Barrett, Billie Darrell, Burleson Barta, John James, Dallas Bartsch, Robert Richard, Fort Worth Basden, Jack Walter, Dallas S TUDENT DIRECTORY Batson, Ethel LaRue, Austin Baumgardner, Billy Earlyne, Arlington Bayless, David Doyle, Fort Worth Beadle, Allen Clinton, Pleasanton Beakey, Allen Lawrence, Dallas Bean, Luther Richard, Dallas Bean, Myrtle Mozelle, Grand Prairie Beard, Ronald Alan, Parnpa Beasley, Joyce Madeline, Odessa Beasley, Sidney Norwood, Cleburne Becker, Adolph Christopher, Dallas Beckham, George Thomas, Dallas Beckler, Oakley K., Dallas Beerman, Kenneth VVilson, McAllen Behrens, Edward Alfred, Fort Worth Beidler, Jessie Carva, Arlington Bell, Barbara Joe, Fort Worth Bell, Charles Douglas, Dallas Bell, Franklin Onroe, Rochester Bell, James Robert, Fort W'orth Bell, Robert Austin, Dallas Bellows, David Monroe, Richardson Belt, Bobby Ray, Chester Belzner, T., Hillsboro Bennett, Harold lflleiser Jr., Alvarado Bennett, Marion Kenneth, Tyler Bentley, John Earle, Dallas Berkenbile, Charles Vernon, Dallas Bermudez, Angel, Dallas Berry, Albert Ray, Arlington Berry, Bobby Joe, Dallas Berry, Greta Faye, Grand Prairie Berry, W. B., Sweetwater Betzel, Charles Arthur, Arlington Bice, John Lee, Fort Worth Bietendorf, Dale, Dallas Bilbrey, Howard Reese, Fort Worth Binford, Patsy Ann, Dallas Binford, William Rowe, Dallas Binion, Barry Malcolm, Dallas Bird, Jimmy Charles, Fort Worth Black, David Gerald, Garland Black, Frank Norman, Garland Black, George Lawrence, Trinidad Black, Paul Edwin, Garland Blackburn, Horace Daniel, Dallas Blackwell, James Monroe, Fort Worth Blair, Alta Faye, Arlington Blakelock, Charles Gilbert, Fort Vforth Bleimeyer, Herman Ray, Cleburne Block, Barbara Dorothy, Arlington Block, Robert Victor, Arlington Boaz, Robert Don, Fort Worth Bodiford, VVarren Earl, Fort Worth Boehle, Wfilliam Fred, Dallas Boening, Louis F., Dallas Bohannon, Elizabeth Anne, Arlington Bolger, Meredith Alan, Waco Bombardier, Charles E., Fort Worth Booth, Wanda Lee, Arlington Boss, Willie Roy, Snyder Bowden, Roy Louis, Fort lNorth Bowen, Gerald Paul, Ferris Bowman, Robert Lee, Dallas Bownds, Fletcher Paul, Memphis Boyd, Clarence, Dallas Boyd, James W., Dallas Boyles, Allen Egerton, Dallas Boyles, Charles Reginald, Dallas Bradley, Sterling, Fort Worth Brandt, Jo Anne, Arlington Bratcher, Gayle Frances, Arlington Bratcher, Joan Sylvia, Arlington Breckenridge, lNilliam G., Fort VVorth Brem, Dexter Jane, Arlington Brendle, William Earl, Arlington Brewer, Charles Dorsey, Grand Prairie Bridges, Jim Lee, Abilene Brinkley, Elizabeth Ann, Sherman Brisbon, Ray, Smithfield Brittain, Bill, Fort VVorth Brittain, James Roy, San Augustine Brodrick, James Alonzo, Fort Worth Brornagen, Charlotte, Fort Worth Brooks, Brown Reuben Monroe, Sadler Barbara Grace, Arlington Brown, Donald Kent, Graham Brown Brown, , Francis J., Fort lrVorth Brown, Jerry, Bowie Brown, Bryant, Dallas Brown, Oran Donald, Joshua Brown, Shirley Annette, Dallas Bruce, Leonard Ross, Dallas Bruce, Robert L., Fort Wforth Brurnmel, William Davis, Fort VVorth Bruton, Raymond G., Dallas Bryan, C., Grand Prairie Bryant, Carrell Richard, Caldwell, N. J Buchanan, Roy Milton, Dallas Buchanan, Tom Estes, Dallas Buchanan, William Thomas, Fort VVorth Bucher, Charles Edgar, Arlington Buckman, Joseph C., Fort Wforth Bucharin, George Paul, Dallas Buie, Jeff C., Waco Bullard, James R., Madisonville Bunn, Charles E., Dallas Burlord, Charles L., Fort lNorth Burford, Richard W., Fort Worth Burkard, Danny Joseph, Rowlett Burks, Paul Mack, Quitman Burks, R. A., Rockwall Burleson, Rufus C., Dallas Burman, Jean Helen, Arlington Burnett, Jerrold, Dallas Burnett, Robert Louis, Dallas Butler, Patsy Anne, Dallas Butts, John Harvey, San Augustine Byrnes, Albert L., Houston Byrom, Sandra, Arlington C Cain, Harold, Fort Wlorth Callan, James R., Dallas Calvert, Joe, Mt. Pleasant Calvert, Roy G., Azle Campbell, Benard Davis, Dallas Campbell, Edward Cesinger, Cedar Hill Campbell, Philip V., Alto Cantrell, Edwin B., Dallas Cantrell, Richard Joe, Dallas Cantrell, Robert Eldon, Arlington Capehart, Kenneth O., Irving Carey, Karl F., Dallas Carlson, Burton Robert, Arlington Carlson, Howard Russell, Dallas Carneiro, Robert Hart, San Antonio Carpenter, Jasper Newton, Duncanville Carpenter, Jerry Wayne, Dallas Carpenter, John Calvin, Dallas Carr, Thomas Emmanuel, Dallas Carrell, Lester Glen, Overton Carter, Cecil Dwayne, Fort Worth Carter, Glenn VValter, Dallas Carter , Jerrell Fay, Arlington Carter, Jesse William, Fort VVorth Carter Casey, Cason, , Paul Henry, Arlington Joe Alton, Dallas Charles Ward, Dallas Cassell, Dwight Eugene, Dallas Cassell, Robert Edward, Fort Worth Castellaw, James Marion, Fort Worth Cater, Otis Earl, Dallas Cates, Norman Sidney, Dallas Cavanaugh, Marion Eugene, Dallas Cavender, James Edwin, Fort VVorth Cayce, William Cameron, Dallas Chapman, William John III, San Antonio Cheves, Rondal Lee, Bridgeport Childress, James Arthur, Dallas Chisum, VVilliam Dowell, Fort Wlorth Clanton, Marvin James, Dallas Clanton, Uel S., Fort VVorth Clark, Bruce Edward, Abilene Clark, David Ransdell, Fort Wlorth Clark, Clark Herbert Dwight IH, Fort Worth Jack Palmer, Fort lvorth Clark? Raymond Earl, Fort Worth Clark, William Leon, Garland Clary, John Francis, Dallas Clemens, Raymond Wayne, Dallas Cline, Raymond Roland, Dallas Clower, George McCarley, Fort Worth Coats, Robert Patton, Dallas Cobler, Joe B., Denton Cochran, Billy Joe, Dallas Cole, Dickey Alan, Fairfield Cole, Stanley Forrest, Arlington Coleman, Leon Meador, Fort Worth Collier, Billy Ray, Arlington Collins, I-I. C., Fort VVorth Collins, Harold lVayne, Fort Worth Comer, Robert Charles, Wolfe City STUDENT DIRECTORY Conarty, Dennis VValter, Fort VVorth Cone, Lavona Lee, Dallas Connell, Billy, Temple Connell, Michael Andrew, Dallas Conner, Floyd Dale, Dallas Cook, Charles Foster, Spur Conner, Frederick Morgan, Fort Wforth Cooper, Linda Sue, Arlington Cooper, William Samuell, Arlington Corder, Ronald Gene, Fort Worth Cordova, Jesse, Dallas Corthron, Vittie Omer, Denison Cotner, Billy Clayton, Dallas Courtemanche, Joseph Alfred, Dallas Cowan, Marvin Floyd, Fort Worth Cowand, Keith Parker, Fort VVorth Cox, Don Earl, Ennis Coyle, James Edward, Dallas Cozart, Danny Boyer, Fort Worth Cozort, Charles Roger, Fort Worth Crain, William Wilson, Fort Worth Cramer, Dean Edward, Grand Prairie Cramer, George Theodore, Dallas Crawford, Bonnie Jo, Dallas Crawford, Dwight Robert, Arlington Crawford, John Howard, Dallas Crawford, Paul David, Rockwall Crenshaw, James Robert, Dallas Crews, James Edward, Waco Cribbs, James Arthur, Arlington Crick, William Fredick, Arlington Crider, George Francis, Arlington Crockett, Bobby Carrol, Irving Crofts, Alfred Edgar, Dallas Cromer, Joe Earl, Fort Worth Crouch, Charles Lue, Grand Prairie Crouch, Jo Ellen, Fort VVorth Crow, Edd Watkins, Dallas Crow, Jimmy Pat, Fort l'Vorth Crumbie, Robert Major, Mineral Wfells Cullins, Dorothy Clementine, Arlington Culton, Elvis Calvert, Fort Worth Cunningham, James Edward, Denton Cupp, Norvil Ray, Celina Curl, Clarence Lee, Dallas . Curran, Patrick Page, Fort Worth Currin, Richard Neal, Dallas Curry, Gene Watson, Dallas Curtis, Burt, Dallas Curtis, Louis Reginald, Dallas Curtis, Robert Perzy, Fort Worth D Dailey, Patrick Daugherty, Arlington Daniel, Patsianne, Grand Prairie Dansby, Walter Wade, Fort Worth Darlington, Horace Leslie, Dallas Daugherty, Joeann, Dallas Daugherty, Minnette Estell, Dallas Davault, Ronald Cloud, Arlington Daves, Ruby Drennon, Mine1'al lfVells Davidson, Barbara, Fort Worth Davidson, Dalton Leon, Dallas Davies, Donald Carroll, Dallas Davis J Billy Frank, Dallas Davis, Gerald Andrew, Dallas Davis Irian Banks, Caddo Davis, Joe lN'ayne, Point Davis, Randolph Moughon, Dallas Davis, Dean, VVaymon Dalton, Valley View James Lawrence, Fort Worth DeArkos, Pablo Humberto, Laredo De La Torre, Jesse, Galveston de la Vega, Ricardo Sarnperio, Cuilapa, Guatemala DeMoss, Edward Eugene, Dallas Denton, Robert Jackson, Dallas Deveny, Leon Richard, Waco Dick, Ronald Keith, Fort Worth Dickerson, Richard Gordon, Lufkin Dickey, Billy Bob, Tyler Dickey, Diana, Arlington Dickey, Fred B., Arlington Dickey, Jack Allen, Tyler Dickey, Margaret Frances, Arlington Dickey, Sandra Fay, Arlington Diedrick, Robert Eugene, Honey Grove Dierke, Connie Williams, Kingsville DiMinno, Edward Joseph, Arlington DiMinno, Patricia Ann, Arlington Dittemore, William Hoyt, Dallas Ditto, James Charles, Arlington Dixon, Bobby Gerald, Dallas Doak, Carl Alvis, Dallas Dodge, Fred Knowlton, Liberty Dokey, Herbert Doyle, Mineola Dollar, Cecil, Fort Worth Donaldson, Allan Van, Dallas Donaldson, Sam Rayburn, Dallas Donovan, Cathy Jean, Arlington Dossey, Ray, San Antonio Dougherty, Joyce, Liberty Dowd, VVilliam Kenneth, Dallas Downing, Harvey Dean, Fort VVorth Downing, Loretta Marie, Dallas Doyle, Michael Patrick, Dallas Drake, Edwin Ray, Dallas Dreckshage, Dorothy Faye, Grand Prairie Drosihn, Joseph Frank, Dallas Duke, Hollis D., Grand Prairie Duke, James Roger, Fort Worth Duke, Roger Carter, McKinney Duke, Ruth Catherine, Mrs., Grand Prairie Duke, Russell 'Wesley, Dallas Dula, Rita Velleen, Dallas Duncan, Teddy Gene, Dallas Duncan, VVilliam Riley, Houston Dunlop, Noble Green, Grand Prairie Dunn, John LeRoy, Fort Worth Dunn, VVayne Frederick, Fort Worth Dunnegan, James Richard, Fort Worth Dunsworth, Nancy, Arlington Durham, Denzil Duane, Spur Dwinnell, Patricia Ann, Dallas Dwinnell, lNilliam Fredric, Dallas E Eades, Wayne Edison, Fort Worth Eaheart, John Burt, Dallas Easley, Cecil Robert, Dallas Eckert, Charles Edward, Wichita Falls Eddleman, Bill Warren, Arlington Eddleman, Robert Wesley, Arlington Edington, Betty Joy, Grand Prairie Edington, Bobby Jack, Grand Prairie Edmands, Charles Arthur, Dallas Edwards, James Frank, Terrell Edwards, Kenneth Albert, Roby Egger, Jack Curtis, Dallas Eiland, Jann, Irving Elam, Frank McGhee, Dallas Eldredge, Jerry Greever, Sadler Elgin, Tommie Lynn, Grand Prairie Elliott, Cora Elizabeth Elaine, Dallas Elliott, B. Lubbock Ellis, Thomas Caswell, Carthage Ellis, William Robert, Dallas Ellison, Leslie Eugene, Arlington Elson, Andrew Theodore, Dallas Engle, Hiram Edward, Dallas English, Geraldine, Grand Prairie Ethridge, Margie Faye, Fort Worth Evans, Arthur Parker, Dallas Evans, Bobby Ray, Plainview Evans, Walter Edward, Dallas Evans-Lombe, Arthur Glenn, Fort Worth E' Evans-Lombe, Walter Richard, Fort Worth . F Fagan, Arthur Wfayne, Dallas Falkner, Kenneth Erwin, Dallas Farish, Marvin Lee, Irving Farrar, Frank Ford, Waxahachie Farrell, Hugh John, Dallas Faulkenberry, Bobby Harold, Beaumont Fellbaum, Harry Paul, Comfort Fenn, June Gay, Temple Ferguson, Ernest Fred, Dallas Ferguson, Waylan Harvey, Fort Worth Fernandez, Enrique, Retalhuleu, Guatemala Ferreira, Fredrico A., Asuncion, Paraguay F ilgo, Donald Mayne, Waco Findley, Jack Stacy, Dallas Finley, John Mallory, Fort Worth Fisher, Barbara Ann, Dallas Fisher, Nancy Jean, Fort Worth Fitch, John Frederick, Grapevine Florentin, Leota Patricia, Grand Prairie F lowe, Billy Jack, Mt. Vernon Flynt, William Edward, Fort Worth Forbis, James Edwin, Fort Worth Forgey, David Anthony, Dallas F orkner, Robert Eugene, Arlington Fowler, Joel Preston, Fort Worth Fowler, Thomas Worley, Dallas STUDENT DIRECTORY Francis, Philip Bernard, Waco Franks, Robert Jean, Gatesville Franks, Ross Hopson, Gatesville Frese, Jane Ann, Fort Hood Friedel, Bobby Ray, Fort Worth Fry, John W., Bowie Frye, Donald William, Alvarado Frye, Patricia Anne, Irving Fulgham, Vern E., Fort Worth Fullen, William Louis, Fort Worth G Gaffney, Michael O'Riley, Electra Gage, James Larry, Dallas Gaines, E. O., Rockwall Gale, James Edward, Arlington Gallahue, Raymond L., Haltom City Gallegos, Alex S., Fort Worth Galloway, James Edward, Dallas Galloway, Thomas Landon, Mansfield Gammill, Ronald K., New Orleans, La Ganaway, Patricia, Midlothian Gardner, Lloyd Allen, Riviera Garner, Arthur Lee, Celina Garretson, Dal Laird, Dallas Garrett, Dannie Belle, Fort Worth Garrett, Jack Monroe, Shawnee, Okla. Garrison, Marcelia Ann, Fort Worth Gartman, Clydene, Grand Prairie Garvin, John F., Dallas Gast, Robert E., Dallas Gathinvs, Gloria Sue, Fort Worth Gause,JJim Babe, Fort Worth Gautier, Samuel Peter, Memphis, Tenn. Geer, Charlotte, Arlington Geisert, Betty Lou, Fort Worth Gentry, Jane Lyle, Dallas George, Ross Bryan, Dallas George, William David, Irving Charis, Charles M. T., Dallas Giere, Philip George, Fort Worth Gilbert, Newman Ray, Scroggins Gilchrist, Marae, Dallas Gilliam, Neil Eldon, Fort Worth Gilliland, Weldon Wayne, Fort Worth Gilmer, Betty Ann, Fort Worth Gilmore, Ben William, Arlington Gipson, Don Paul, Dallas Glenn, Jerry Don, Dallas Goad, Franklin O'Neil, Alvarado Godwin, Harold J., Seagoville Godwin, James M., Dallas Goforth, Ramon Earl, Lancaster Goggans, Wilfert Leon, Dallas Golden, John M., Fort Worth Golman, Albert Z., Dallas Golman, Stanley, Dallas Gonzales, Manuel B., Dallas Goodlett, Delbert T., Fort Worth Goodman, Glen F., Kansas City, Mo. Gorman, Edward Newton, Dallas Gouge, Leslie L. R., Garland Grace, William Edward, Fort Worth Graf, Velma Jean, Dallas Grafa, John David, Fort Worth Graham, Betty Leah, Euless Grammer, Herman, Fort Worth Grammer, Ralph F., Dallas Grant, Kathryn Ann, Dallas Gratke, Phillip Eugene, Irving Gray, Bette Thompson, Mrs., Dallas Gray, Jack Allan, Arlington Greaves, Kenneth W., Dallas Green, Forrest W., Dallas Green, Wister Joe, Ferris Greenway, Frank Ray, Wolfe City Gregory, Jack Lee, Smithfield Gregory, Juanda Rae, Dallas Griggs, Charles N., Dallas Griggs, Sam Daniel, Dallas Grimes, Eddie Ellis, Dallas Grimes, Frank, Hebron Grisham, Billy E., Grand Prairie Grist, Patricia, Cisco Grossman, Lawrence G., Dallas Grusendorf, William C., Waco Gual, Jimmy Ray, Dallas Gunn, Alice, Dallas Gunn, Barbara Jean, Azle Gunn, Ernest E., Fort Worth Gurney, Richard Marion, Fort Worth Guthrie, Meredith Elmo, Fort Worth H Hadley, Robert Palmer, Streator, Ill. Hadra, Jimmy Minton, Fort Worth Hagenbaumer, Elmer Glenn, Dallas Hague, Joe Thomas, Fort Worth Hakes, Alan Phillips, Fort Worth Haley, George Kirby, Grand Prairie Hall, Ruth, Dallas Hamilton, Charles A., Fort VVorth Hamilton, Harrell Leslie, Fort Worth Hamilton, James Richard, Fort Worth Hamilton, John Emmet, Dallas Hamilton, Robert Andrew, Dallas Hamm, Clyde Edwin, Dallas Hamrick, Benjamin, Fort Worth Hancock, Billie Gene, Easterly Hancock, Minnie Margaret, Dallas Hand, Carl Edward, Seagoville Hand, William J., Dallas Hannah, David Hardgrave, Dallas Hansen, David Maurice, Clifton Harbert, Freda Delle, Dallas Hardin, Samuel Milton, Dallas Hargis, John M., Fort Worth Hargrave, Phyllis Gwynne, Arlington Hargrove, William Maxey, Liberty Harris, Albert Marion, Fort Worth Harris, Bobby Allen, Irving Harris, Charles Jackson, Palacios Harris, Gay, Dallas Harris, Holly Joyce, Arlington Harrison, Henry Lee, Sherman Harrison, Maron James, Dallas Harrison, VVanda Lee, Fort Worth Harrison, Wendel Carl, Fort Worth Harrison, William Wylie, Dallas Hart, John Russell, Arlington Hart, Marion Phillip, Fort Worth Hartman, Roger Keith, Dallas Hartshorn, Shirley Jo, Dalhart Hartung, Robert Leonard, Fort Worth Harvell, Richard Leroy, Dallas Harvey, Henry Grady, Dallas Harwell, George Mathis, Dallas Harwell, James Shelby, Fort Worth Hausman, William Frederick, Dallas Haverstick, William Henry, Baltimore, Md. Havrda, Bertha B. Frances, Arlington Hawkins, Felix Sanford, Dallas Hawkins, Glen Thomas, Fort Worth Hawrylak, Robert Lee, Fort Worth Hay, Norman Lorraine, Waco Hay, Rose, Smithfield Hayes, Robert, Dallas Haynes, Arlen Neil, Grand Prairie Haynes, Richard Fredric, Richardson Hays, Jess L., Dallas Hayth, Mary Viola, Fort Worth Head, Benjamin Wesley, Grapevine Headen, John Nelson, Dallas Headstream, David Lynn, Snyder Healy, David Francis, Dallas Heard, Bobby Jule, Crockett Hedrick, Charles Aston, Arlington Hejny, Jerry Frank, Dorchester Helm, Elbert Denis, Fort Worth Hemmle, Richard Price, Arlington Hempel, Vernon Willard, Galveston Henderson, Hubert Melvin, Fort Worth Hendrick, William Howard, Dallas Hendrickson, Myron Monte, Dallas Henry, John Bernard, Dallas Henry, Roland Carlee, Fort Worth Henshaw, Carolyn, Haskell Henshaw, Virgil Dellmer, Pampa Hensley, James Nelson, Dallas Hernandez, Antonio Molina, Dallas Herndon, Jerry Ross, McKinney Herndon, Thomas Taylor, Arlington Herod, Floyd Wilton, Dallas Herr, John Thomas, Arlington Hester, Eugene Ray, Fort Worth Hickey, Billy Scott, Dallas Hickey, John Paul, Crane Hicks, Herbert Harvey, Dallas Hicks, John Henry, VVaco Higginbotham, Theron Dale, Graham Hight, Fred Nowell, Dallas Hilburn, Charles William, Fort Worth Hiles, Curtis Clark, Dallas Hill, Cecil Clyde, Fort Vlorth Hill, Morris Reagan, Fort Worth Hill, Sterling Manson Jr., Lambert STUDENT DIRECTORY Hill, William Ray, Fort Worth Himcs, Elmer Mitchell, Fort Worth Hinds, Jimmy Ray, Fort VVorth Hines, Richard Lee, Fort Worth Hinkle, Jimmie Jean, Dallas Hinton, Naomi Ruth, Fort Worth Hobgood, William Gordon, Dallas Hodges, Edna E., Dallas Hoffman, William Stanley, Arlington Hogan, B. J., Fort Worth Hogan, Harold Dennis, Fort Worth Holbrook, Clarence Charles, Dallas Holcomb, James Myron, Crane Holcombe, William Earl, Dallas Hollabaugh, Charles Alvin, Arlington Holleman, Dorothy Fay, Dallas Hollingsworth, Harold Marvin, Dallas Hollingsworth, James Louis, Fort VVorth Hollis, Hugh Denise, Dallas Holloway, Maurice E., Sherman Holman, Robert Dayton, Fort Worth Holmes, Harold Lee, Fort Worth Holmes, Walton Jerry, Fort Worth Holt, Joe Edward, Fort Worth Holt, William Don, Deport Holton, Juston Glenn, Grand Prairie Hood, Kenneth Rhea, Dallas Hoote, Jimmy Jack, Fort Worth Hopkins, Donald Harry, Fort Worth Hopper, Bobby Ray, Dallas Hopper, Sue, Arlington Horn, Robert Maurice, Fort W'orth Horne, J. D., Fort Worth Horton, Carl Brittain, Euless Horton, Vayden Henley, Merkel Horton, Wesley Newton, VVichita Falls Hosek, Jerry James, Grapevine I-Ioupt, Carroll Cash, Nocona Houpt, Maurice Ray, Nocona Howard, Jay Bennett, Fort 'Worth Howard, Richard Gaither, Irving Howell, Emory Ray, Richland Springs Howell, Joe VVinifred, Red Oak Howell, Joseph Sharber Jr., Grand Prairie Huckeba, Hollis Varnell, Dallas Hudnall, Jarrett, Fort Worth Hufendick, Ann, Arlington Hufendick, Jane Kendall, Arlington Hughes, Bert Ray, Fort Wlorth Hughes, Billy Gene, Richardson Hughes, Helen, Arlington Hughes, Martha Woodson, Arlington Hungerford, Eugene William, VVaco Hunt, Edwin Vance, Arlington Hurst, Louis McKinley, Dallas Hurt, Joan Lynette, Dallas Hutcheson, Elizabeth Beal, Arlington Huth, Walter Harvey, Karnes City Hyde, James Fred, Dallas I Ibbotson, David Mills, Fort Worth Iden, Gloria Allana, Dallas Ince, Roy Lee, Fort Worth Inman, Dorothy Louise, Dallas Inman, Norman Hull, Snyder Irons, David Vernon, Arlington Irons, Vernamae S., Mrs., Arlington Isham, Robert Owen, Fort Worth Iverson, Charles Edmund, Belton Ivy, William Thomas, Dallas J Jackson, Pearre, Fort Worth Jackson, Sandra Lee, Arlington Jacob, William Chalmer, Dallas Jacobs, Edna Allene, Fort Worth Jasper, Alice Lorraine, Dallas Jasper, Barbara Ann, Dallas Jasper, John Walter, Dallas Jaynes , Don Doyale, Dallas Jeanes, Kay, Arlington Jeffers, Phillip Neal, Ferris Jeffreys, Gainer Allen, Fort Worth Jenkins, B. J., Dallas Jennings, Billy Brown, Fort Worth Jennings, Margaret Joe, Irving Jennings, Noel, Denison Jinks, Wiley Leonard, Dallas Jipp, Jean Paul, Fort Worth Johns, Nancy Cleon, Arlington Johnson, Arthur Ludwick, Fort Wortl1 Johnson, Audie Lee, Addison Johnson, Harold Gene, Brownwood Johnson, Jimmy Frank, Fort Wforth Johnson, Raymond Leslie, San Antonio Johnson, Robert Arthur, Dallas Johnson, William Daniel, Caddo Mills Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Barbara Helen, Arlington Bruce Don, Jonesboro Glennas Elizabeth, Arlington John Paul, Fort Worth Otha Lowell, Waco Jones, Wallace Thurman, Grand Prairie Jones, Wayne Hoyt, Waco Jones, William Carol, Arlington Jordan, Konald Ray, Fort Worth Jordan, Knox Jackson, Winnsboro Joyner, Hagan Darwin, Dallas K Karrasch, Donald Roger, Dallas Kavanaugh, Herbert Charles, Fort Worth Keas, Rose Marie, Grand Prairie Keaton, Robert Charles, Peabody Ken, Wlayman, Fort Worth Kellett, Derald Gene, Grand Prairie Kelley, Marvin Lee, Arlington Kelley, Milton Ray, Arlington McDonald Kelley, William Harris, Gastonia, N. C. Kelly, Donald George, Dallas Kemp, Arthur Jeff, Houston Kempe, Gerald Arthur, Dallas Kemper, Thomas B., Fort Worth Kennedy, Charlie Thomas, Fort Worth Kennedy, James Edward, Dallas Kennedy, John R., Fort Worth Key, Thomas Calvin, F ort Worth Killian, Jane Ellie, Arlington Killman, Gordon Lee, Fort Worth Kimball, Jack Clinton, Dallas King, Charles Ray, Irving King, Travis Lynn, Fort Wlorth King, Troy Glynn, Fort VVorth Kinsolving, Jocele, Dallas Kirkham, Gilbert Leon, VVichita Falls Klemm, Ronald Henry, McKinney Kliever, Lonnie Dean, Fort Worth. Kline, Wlilliam Rayford, Dallas Knieff, Pat Loyd, Daingerfield Knight, Edna Lois, Grand Prairie Knight, Robert Dale, Comanche Koepp, Billy Julius, Fort Mlorth Konderla, Edward Anton, Seagoville Korn, IfVilliam Thomas, Port Huron, Michigan Kummero, Virgil Ernest, Fort Worth Kunkel, Raymond Lee, Fort Worth Kurzban, Milton, Dallas L Lacey, George Ronald, Dallas Lackey, James Edward Jr., Grand Prairie Lakey, Donald Leroy, Arlington Lam, Gene Allan, Arlington Lambert, Martha Louise, Fort Worth Langham, William Preston, Arlington Langlotz, Wilburn Barry, Fayetteville Lanham, Samuel Tucker, Fort Worth Larsen, Charles Victor, Dallas Lawrence, Claude Edward, Dallas Lawrence, Richard Bailey, Irving Lawson, Ralph Jennings, Waco Layne, Norman Lawrence, Arlington Leach, Beverly Ann, Arlington Leach, Robert Alan, Arlington Ledbetter, James Almus, Dallas Lee, Herbert Louis, Dallas Lee, Kitty Ruth, Arlington Lee, Thomas O., Fort Worth Lehde, Rose Preston, Navasota Lemmons, Johnny Frank, Dallas Lemons, Curtis H., Dallas Leonard, Arthur Ned, Fort VVorth Lester, Mildred Irene, Arlington Levy, Gerald Bariy Jr., Arlington Lewelling, Glenn Wyan, Grand Prairie Lewis, Floris David, Fort Worth Lewis, Jerry Lee, Fort VVorth Lewis, Ralph Rosborough, Dallas Lieb, Henry Paul, F ort Worth Lindloff, Harold VVilliarn, 'Waco STUDENT DIRECTORY Lindsay, Robert Owen, New York City Lindsey, Dixie June, Grand Prairie Litchfield, Wilburn VValdon, Dallas Lively, Robert Dexter, Mineral Wells Livingston, Martha Anne, Grand Prairie Locke, Margaret Cecilia, Fort Worth Lomerson, Robert Bogarous, Red Bank, N. Long, Clarence Beverly, Sterling Long, Frank Oscar Jr., Dallas Long, L. V., Fort Worth Lord, Rollin J., Fort Worth. Loughry, Arthur Stanley, Fort Worth Love, Mary Lucille, Fort Worth Lovell, Raymond Franklin, Dallas Lovell, Tommy Mayhew, Farmersville Lowe, Carol Cecil, Olney Lowe, Joe Ernest, Dallas Lowrey, Janice Marie, Lancaster Loyd, Frank Marion, Mansfield Lucus, Dennis Ray, Cleburne Lundy, Robert Henry, Dallas Luton, Betty Joan, Fort Worth Luttrell, Will Ann, Arlington Lutz, John Edward, Fort lNorth Lykins, Forrest Joe, Fort Worth Lynch, Charles Edgar, Krum Lyon, Ray Loran, Dallas M Maahs, Thomas Carl, Irving Mabry, Edwin Meade, Alvarado Mack, Harold Edward, Arlington Madden, Virginia Anne, Fort 'Worth Maeyers, Dan Barker, Rhoxne Magee, Patsy Ann, Arlington Mahan, Ronald Tisdale, Fort Worth Malone, Jack Blandon, Fort Worth Malone, John Hugh, Dallas Malone, Rita Kay, Grand Prairie Malone, VVillic Dowe Jr., McKinney Manion, Thomas Joseph, Dallas Manning, Harold Stafford, Fort Worth Mapes, Billy Wayne, Dallas Maples, Merrell, Arlington Marino, Allene Many, Dallas Marton, Charles Richard, Fort Worth Martin, Charles Richard, Fort Worth Martin, Gay, Irving Martin, Jackie, Arlington Martin, James Mac, Arlington Martin, Paul Deane, Fort Worth Mashburn, Thomas Corbin, Dallas Mason, Charley Mack, Denton Mason, Floyd David, Fort Worth Mason, George Fred, Fort lN'orth Massey, Henry Hershel, Grand Prairie Masters, Ivan Thomas, Arlington Matkin, Robert Dan, Irving Matlock, John VVilliam, Dalhart Matson, Jerry Wlayne, Dallas Matthews, Angus Bryan, Fort 'Worth Matthews, C, Jack, Dallas Matthews, Joe Alvin, Dallas Matthews, Philip D., Dallas Mayfield, Carileta, Mansfield Mayfield, Mike Arnold, Rhome Mayo, John Edwin, Dallas Mayo, Louis Carl, Denison McAfee, Don M., Arlington McAlister, William Hershel, Dallas McAnelly, William Charles, Dallas McBride, John Edward, Fort Worth McBride, Peggy Ann, Fort Worth McCaghren, James Bryan, Dallas McCarrell, Jonnie Delouris, Arlington McCarthy, Richard Jos,, West Haven, Conn. McCarver, L., Gatesville McCauley, Donald Wayne, Fort VVorth McClain, Edgar Allen Jr., Lufkin McClintock, Norman Gerald, Fort Worth McCluskey, VVilliams, Dallas McConnaughey, James Ross, Grand Prairie McConnell, Richard Craig, Fort Worth McConnell, Ronald Douglas, Fort Worth McCord, John Sanford, Fort Worth McCormick, Elizabeth Ward, Grapevine McCoy, Marvin Cranston, Dallas McCrary, Tommy Olin, Fort Worth McCully, Wayne Leon, Fort Worth MCCLIFIY, John Addison, Garland McDaniel, McDonald Cecil B., Fort VVorth Charles Berning, Arlington McDonald, Douglas Weldon, Fort Worth McDonald, Henry James, Arlington INilliam Mullins, Fort Worth McEachern, Ray Neal, San Augustine McElheny, Richard Pittman, Fort Worth McFarland, Melvyn Ernest, Port Arthur McFarling, Jack, Dallas McFerren, George Matheny, Dallas McGee, Donald Elliott, Dallas McGee, Glenn Williams, Dallas McGee, James Phillip, Fort Worth MCGlH,U'1CI'y', David Parke, Dallas McGlarnery, John Clark, Dallas McGrew, Richard Henry, Dallas Mclntosh, Barbara Elaine, Arlington McIntosh, Betty Ellen, Arlington Mclntosh, Marian Frances, Arlington McKamy, Lawrence Raymond, Dallas McKay, Robert Eugene, McAllen McKelvey, John Ward, Dallas McKissick, Carol Jean, Dallas McLamore, Vernon Reid, Fort Wlorth McLarty, Margaret Cecile, Dallas McLaughlin, William Smith Jr., Dallas McMaster, Jacquita LaFae, Arlington McMillan, Bettye Ruth, Fort Worth McMillan, James Elton, Dallas McMinn, Eflie Louise, Dallas McMinn, Fred Talmadge, Dallas McMinn, Martha Jean, Fort Worth McRaney, Max, Fort NVorth McReynolds, John Carl, Fort Worth Meador, Margie Marie, Crowley Meek, Tom Calvin, Dallas Mee, Claude Rupert, Irving Meek, VVilliam Jasper, Dallas Meier, Kennety Fredrick, Fort Wlorth Meserve, Joseph Mueller, Grand Prairie Metcalfe, Charles Pharr, Garland Metcalfe, Jimmie Juan, Dallas Metreyeon, James Russell, Fort Worth Meuth, Hugo Gerald, Dallas Mikulenka, Gilbert Joseph, Dallas Milam, Carl E., Dallas Miles, Edward Lynn, Dallas Miller, Barbara, Dallas Miller, Clarence Kenneth, Fort VVorth Miller, Danny Lee, Dallas. Miller, Edward F., Garland Miller, Edward T., Dallas Miller, Joanne, Dallas Miller, Norman Bruce, Mt. Carmel, Ill. Mills, Billy Dee, Fort Worth STUDENT DIRECTORY Morris, VVilliam F., Dallas Morrison, Billy Charles, Elgin Morrison, Lloyd K., Chillicothe Morrison, Richard E., Fort 'Worth Morriss, James Leo, Van Alstyne Morton, Carl Bennett, Fort Wlorth Moseley, Norman, Fort Worth Mosley, Barney B., Waco Moss, Herman D., Fort Worth Moye, David S., Dallas M'Quinn, Marshall D., Grand Prairie Murlif, John S., Dallas Murphey, Homer Leon, Springfield, Colo. Murray, Kenneth, VVortham Murray, Wfilma Louise, Fort VVorth Muse, Beverly Jayne, Arlington Musso, Anthony V., Dallas Myers, James Shirley, Dallas Myers, John R., Honey Grove N Nave, Richard Alan, Fort Worth Neal, Allan Brooks, Dallas Nelson, Louis J., Dallas Nesom, Eve, Dallas Neumann, Louis, Hearne Newby, Charles H., Dallas Newsome, YVinfred, Mt. Vernon Mills, Daniel, Arlington Mims, Howard Dallas Mings, Joe D., Dallas Minshew, Dalton L., Dallas Minter, Joe Pat, Dallas Minton, George W., Joshua Minton, James N., Dallas Mitchell, John H., Gladewater Mobley, Sheridan M., Grand Prairie Moffitt, Joe K., Dallas Moler, William H., Dallas Mollenhauer, Frederick, Dallas Newton, Dorothy, Grand Prairie Newton, Ernest, Grand Prairie Newton, James L., Grand Prairie Newton, O. H., Grand Prairie Nichols, James L., Dallas Montgomery, Monda, Arlington Moore Alexander Kent, Wlortham Moore Betty Maurine, Dallas Moore, Donald Fort Worth Moore Moore Harry D., Dallas Moore, ,James G., Dallas ,Joe Phillip, Waco Moore, Patsy Sue, Dallas Moore, Moore 7 Ralph Fort Vforth Ray E., Dallas Moore, Robert Ed, Dallas Moore 7 Tommy Gene, Dallas Morgan, Robert, Dallas Morris, Morris, Morris, Ben Warren, Garland Betty Jean, Fort Wlorth Hugh Lee, Abilene Morris, Johnnie, Fort Worth Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Joseph E., Fort VVorth Laura Lou, Cisco Marion, Fort Worth Robert E., Dallas Nicholson, Jerome J., Fort Wlorth Nicolett, Peter, Graham Noah, Sandra Deanne, Arlington Nobles, John C., Dallas Noe, Edwin D., Fort Worth Nolen, John Robert, Dallas Noonkester, Daniel L., Fort Worth Norman, Charles B., Fort VVorth Norman, Leo, Fort VVorth Norman, Patsy Jean, Dallas Norman, Peggy Lee, Arlington Norman, Yancey W., Fort VVorth Norton, Adelaide Marie, Arlington Norton, Felix L., Dallas Norton, James, Arlington Norwood, Alvin Guy, Dallas Nunn, Laura Beth, Jacksonville, Ga. O Oakes, Rama Gene, Fort Worth O'Dell, Charles R., Daingerlield Odom, Travis E., Fort Worth Ogg, Norman, Fort VVorth Ohlen, Gilbert M., Fort Wforth Olinger, Guy R., Dallas Oliver, Martin T., Dallas Ollar, Carl, Dallas Oller, Billy F., Arlington Olson, Ann., Fort Worth O'Malley, Ethel Gene, Fort VVorth O'Neal, Mason B., Dallas Ooten, Philip E., Denton Opitz, Donald P., Fort WVorth Opperman, Don, Fort Worth Osborn, Robert G., Fort Vilorth Oswald, Martha, McGregor Owen, Donald R., Arlington Owens, Betty Ann, Arlington Owens, Clarence, Fort Wlorth Owens, Dorman, Joshua Owens, James C., Dallas Owens, Jerry, Dallas Owens, Kenneth, Fort Worth Owens, Tom, Arlington P Padgett, Duand, Waco Padgett, James, Grand Prairie Palford, Frank, Celina Paige, Robert, Dallas Palmer, Eugene, Irving Park, Samuel, VViekett Parker, John R., Dallas Parker, Mell, Pilot Point Parker, Peggy Sue, Grand Prairie Parker, Walton, Dallas Parkhill, David, Fort Worth Parks, Peggy, Dallas Parr, George, Arlington Patch, Zelma, Arlington Patrick, Lernoin, Borger Patten, Margie, Merit Patterson, Joy, Valley Mills Patterson, Peggy, Arlington Pattillos, Reginald, Arlington Pattison, Marcella, Fort Worth Patton, Jerry, Arlington Paxton, Cecil, Duncanville Payne, Robert, Dallas Pearce, Jack, Detroit Pearce, James, Whitesboro Pearce, Kenneth, lNaeo Pendergrass, Vernon, Lufkin Pendley, Bob, Dallas Pennal, Edward, Denison Peres, Johnny, Fort Worth Perez, Manuel, Fort Worth Perkins, Bobby, Fort Worth Perrett, Roy, Arlington Peters, Victor, Dallas Peterson, Selma, Canadian Pettit, Oliver, Grand Prairie Phillips, Kenneth, Arlington Phillips, Robert, Dallas Phillips, Thomas, Fort Worth Pias, Constance, Dallas Pipes, Jack, Blum Place, Harold, Fort VVorth Pollard, Shirley, Dallas Porter, Johnnie, Dallas Freddy Lee, Decatur Porter, Martha, Mrs. Arlington Porter, Wm. Chamberlain, Rochester Postlethwaite, VVilliam, Texarkana Powell, Don, Arlington Powell, Nolvie Eugene, Longview Powell, Raleigh, Dallas Powers, Billy Ray, Dallas Pratt, Billie Joe, Kingsville Pratt, John David, Fort Worth Prewitt, Billy, Dallas Price, Raymon, Irving Pridgeon, Tommy, Fort Worth Prince, Velma, Fort Worth Prochaska, Robert, Fort Worth Proctor, Jerry, Dallas Pryor, Carlene, Dallas Purcell, Glenda, Dallas Purcell, John, Ennis Q Quinn, James, Fort Worth R Rainwater, Jimmy, Broken Bow, Okla. Ramsey, Frank, Garland Ransom, Doris, Fort Worth Ratlilf, Robert, Dallas Rawlins, Jack, Denison Rawlins, William, Dallas Ray, James, Dallas Read, Nat E., Ozona Reagan, Jo Anne, Fort Worth Reagan, Pat, Dallas Reaves, Scottie, Arlington Reaves, Travis, Fort Worth Redding, William, Dallas Reed, Albert, Grand Prairie Reed, Donald, Dallas Reed, Robert, Grand Prairie Reed, Sherman, Dallas Reeves, Archie, Fort Worth Reichenstein, Charles, Fort VVorth Reid, Robert, Garland Renfro, W., Fort Worth Renfroe, Francis E., Dallas Rettman, Robert, Irving Reynolds, Ben, Grand Prairie Reynolds, Jane, Arlington Rhinefort, Benjamin, Arlington Rice, Judith, Arlington Richardson, Ben, Snyder Richardson, Earl, Dallas Richardson, James, Dallas Richardson, Joe Francine, Fort Worth Richerson, Billy, Fort Worth Richmond, Eldon, Irving Riddell, Ann, Dallas Riddle, Lawrence, Fort Worth Riddle, Thomas, Pilot Point Riggs, Jack, Dallas STUDENT DIRECTORY Risenhoover, Jess, Childress Roach, Bobby, Houston Roark, John, Arlington Roberts, Elizabeth, Arlington Roberts, James, Dallas Roberts, Joe, Fort Worth Roberts, Marjorie, Arlington Robertson, Barbara, Malakofl' Robins, Rosemary, Fort Worth Robison, Mary, Fort Worth Rodgers, Bobby, Dallas Rodriquez, Joseph, Dallas Rofiino, Charles, Dallas Rogers, Johnny, Dallas Rogers, Robert, Fort Worth Romick, Sander, Dallas Rommer, Theodore, Fort Worth Roper, Norma, Arlington Rose, Arthur, Dallas Ross, Roland, Arlington Ross, Virginia, Arlington Roy, Eugene, Dallas Royall, Jackie, Fort Worth Rozelle, Grady, Fort Worth Rucker, Carl, Fort Worth Rudd, Mary Ann, Grand Prairie Rumbo, Ralph, Ennis Rumph, Charles, Houston Rutland, Gerald, Dallas S Sabo, JoAnn, Dallas St. Louis, James, Fort Worth Sanderlin, James, Arlington Sanders, Albert, Grand Prairie Sanders, Jean Ann, Arlington Sanders, LaVerna Lee, Arlington Sanderson, Ida Mae, Fort Worth Sandler, Joe, Fort Worth Santerre, Nelabeth, Mrs., Grand Prairie Santerre, Roy, Grand Prairie Sargent, Marvin, Irving Savage, Billy, Fort Worth Sawyer, Paul, Gatesville Scallorn, Billy, Cleburne Schniederjan, Louis, Gainesville Schroeder, Catherine, Fort Worth Schultz, Charles, Fort Worth Schunder, Robert, Fort Worth Schwartz, Irving, Dallas Scott, Jere, Dallas Scott, Russell, Bowie Scott, Ted, Dallas Scottino, Paschal, Dallas Scruton, Sarah, Arlington Seaborn, George, Grand Prairie Sears, Bobby, Rockwall Sears, Ralph, Arlington Segroves, Margaret, Dallas Self, Richard, Dallas Selman, Alfred, Irving Senter, Robert, Teague Sessions, Roger, Wells Sewell, Doris, Arlington Shackelford, Alphonso, Dallas Sharpe, Richard, Dallas Sheeler, Don, Dallas Sheffield, Edward, Dallas Shepherd, Sandra, Fort Worth Sheppard, Melvin, Dallas Sherman, Ronald, Dallas Shiller, William, Fort Worth Shipman, Harry, Mesquite Shively, Harvey, Dallas Shoemaker, Leroy, Houston Shook, Robert, Dallas Shores, Mary, Dallas Short, Sharon, Arlington Shrader, Robert, Dallas Silvestri, Delio, Fort Worth Simmons, Bennie Frank, Dallas Simons, Milam Gayle, Port Lavaca Simpson, Edna Jean, Cleburne I Simpson, Ferris Arthur, Dallas Simpson, Floyd Lee, Dallas Simpson, Joe Randell, Spur Sims, Nelda Gwynn, Grand Prairie Skinner, Howard Waymon Srnethers, Jack Henderson, Arlington Smith, Alfred Eugene, Fort Worth Smith, Smith, Alma Joyce, Irving Anthony Benjamin, Dallas Smith, Bill Duncan, Waco Smith, Charles Carl, Fort Worth Smith, Darrell Dean, Fort Worth Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Donald Emmett, Galveston Don Wesley, Dallas Dorothy Jeanelle, Fort Worth Edward Vincent, Fort Worth George Tipton, Beaumont Gilmore, Dallas Gordon Emory, Dallas Jeanine, Arlington Jo Ann Ethlyn, Arlington Juanita, Arlington Smith, Mary Latriecc, Dallas Smith, Paul Dale, Nlidland Smith, Richard Henry, Denison Smith, Roger Elton, Arlington Smith, Russell Edgar, Dallas Smith, Withers Lee, Dallas Snipes, Snodgrass, Jimmie Kurn, Fort Worth Soll, Andrew Metro, Dallas -Solomon, Daniel Leon, Bertha Solomon, Lawrence Lee, Dallas Solomon, Mary Helen, Fort Worth Somers, Henry Ray, Huffman Sonner, Frank Jule, Dallas Sorrels, Charles Vernon, Dallas Sossamon, Erma Gene, Fort Worth South, Mary Ann, Fort Worth Spaulding, William Powell, Dallas Spence, Elbert Riddick, Dallas Spencer, Dan Frank, Grand Prairie Spencer, James Harry, Hurst Spencer, Louie Post, Dallas Spicer, John Dee, Joshua Sponsler, Henry Stanton, Houston Springer, Thomas Weldon, Dallas Spross, Bobby Earl, Dallas Spruance, Annette, Arlington Spruance, Patricia, Arlington Srygley, Gilbert Dawson, Memphis Stallings, James Donald, Dallas Stamps, William Jack, Seymour Stanford, Paul H., Canton Stanley, Benny Merriott, Midland Stanley, Charles, Dallas Stark, Louis Carol, Irving Starkey, Duane Benton, Dallas Steadman, Richard Marcus, Dallas Stephens Stephens, Stephens, Stephens Stephens Stephens 2 , Barry Marvin, Dallas Dorothy Sue, Grand Prairie Jessie Gay, Arlington Joe Ben, Dallas Marlene Lavalle Dallas Z Olin Ray, Arlington Stepp, Rufus Lee, Dallas Stevenson, James Robert, Arlington Stevenson, Thomas Allen, Fort Worth Stewart, Billy Roscoe, Dalhart Stewart, Marion Willard, Fort Worth Stewart, Martha Elizabeth, Arlington Stiff, Billy June, Dallas Stiles, Weindell F., Maypearl Stinson, Clarence Joseph, Fort Worth Stinson, Robert A., Dallas Stokes, Lawrence Lee, Fort Worth Stoneham, James Walter, Dallas Stork, Phillip Herman, Arlington Strickland, Billy Ray, Wfaxahachic Strickland, Bob Lee, Fort VVorth Stroud, Gerald Jack, Mineola Stroup, Billy Glen, Blue Ridge Stubbeman, Alfred VVilliam Jr., Fort Worth Stubblelield, Hal Stein, Dallas Sturch, George Thomas, Dallas Sturch, Jack Edward, Dallas Sullivan, Clifton Barger, Dallas Summer, Thomas Barry, Fort Worth Sutherland, Dan, Red Oak Sutton, Kenneth Ray, Dallas Swain, Richard Charles, Fort Worth Swindle, Kenneth Douglas, Dallas T Tabor, Horace Charles, Chillicothe Taliaferro, Frank Landon, Dallas Talkington, Leslie Otis Jr., Dallas Tanner, Joyce Francis, Fort Worth Tanner, Sidney Albert, Wolfe City Tarver, Paul Murphy, Dallas Taylor, Aldah Josephine, Arlington Taylor, Mildred Sue, Irving Taylor, Phillip Lyle, Plainview STUDENT DIRECTORY Taylor, Rodney Paul, Arlington Terry, Kell Clifton, Wfeatherford Thatcher, Nancy Dee, Dallas Thomas, Philip Ross, Joshua Thomason, Carl Ronald, Fort Worth Thompson, Olin Davis, Fort Worth Thompson, Robert Stanley, Arlington Thompson, Theodore Joseph, Dallas Thornton, Billie Joyce, Dallas Thornton, Dorothy Louise, Arlington Thruston, Wallace Bryan, Dallas Tidball, Ronald Glenn, Fort Worth Tidwell, Dewey Hobson Jr., Fort VV or Tiemann, Erwin Fritz, Dallas Tirey, David Melvin, Dallas Tittsworth, William Alvin, Dallas Todd, Arnold Carson, Dallas Todd, Betty Jean, Dallas Tombs, Charles Anson, Arlington Tombs, Marguerite Paulanna, Arlington Tompkins, Jimmy Lee, Arlington Towson, Glendon Duane, Mabank Trawick, Billy Orlan, Zavalla Trenlield, Jim Ray, Higgins Tresp, Nancy Helen, Dallas Truver, Charles Arthur, Mansfield Tucker, Aubrey Lee Jr., Waco Tucker, Cooper Neil, Arlington Tucker, Jack Jerome, Fort Worth Tullis, Eugene Layne, Dallas Turck, Wanda Vienna, Arlington Turner, Lewis Albert, Dallas Tye, Jack Wiley, Dallas U Ugarte, Felix Carlos, Asuncion, Paraguay Ulmer, W. B. Jr., Dallas V . Vacula, Edward Charles, Fort Worth Valek, Edward Frank, Dallas Vance, Benjamin Dwain, Dallas Vaughan, Jimmy Lee, Bowie Vaughan, Joe Earl, Bowie Vestal, James Gordon, Dallas Villa, Bert Rosario, Fort Hancock Villa, M. Magdalena, Arlington Vinson, Jim Tom, Benbrook Vinson, Patsy Jo Ann, Lancaster Voss, Dickey Alfred, Dallas W Waddell, Robert Sylvester, Houston Waddle, Danny Thad, Dallas W afford, Robert Lee, Dallas Waggener, Tommy Ben, Fort Worth Walden, James Cecil, Fort Wlorth Walker, Jean Ann, Fort Worth th Walker, Norman Oliver, Dallas Wallace, Malcolm Bennett, Greenville Walling, Martha Lee, Fort Worth VV alter, Virgil John, Muenster Walvoord, Walter Christian, Richardson Wammack, Helen Faye, Ferris Ware, Ted Richard, Grapevine Warren, Bill Eugene, Fort Worth Warren, Billy Charles, Overton Warren, Faylee Augusta, Dallas Warren, Joseph Wilburn, Dallas Warren, Neva Patricia, Mrs., Fort Worth Wasaff, Charles Donald, Dallas Watkins, Harold Carlisle, Fort Worth Watkins, Robert Wesley, Grand Prairie Watkins, William Edward, Dallas Watson, Carolyn Ann, Fort Worth Watson, Clinton Lee, Ferris Watts, Donald Albert, Irving Watts, John Charles, Dallas Weatherall, Grace Leah, Odessa Weatherall, Marcus Lesly, Odessa Webb, Frances Ann, Arlington Weems, Robert James, Grand Prairie Wells, Walter Alexander Jr., Snyder Wendt, Thomas Herbert, Dallas Wenger, John William, Dallas Werchan, Wilmer Alvin, Grand Prairie West ,Nancy Deane, Arlington West, Robert Long, Keller l'Vest, Samuel Abe, Joshua Westlake, Richard Leroy, Dallas Wheeler, Dudley Bailey, Fort Worth Whilden, Tom Cameron, Dallas Wfhite, Charles Stanley, Dallas White, Clark Gilliam, Dallas White, Frances Elizabeth, Dallas White, Gwendolyn, Dallas White, Harlan Hardy, Fort Worth White, James Edward, Dallas White, John Davis, McKinney White, Stanford Allen, Bowie lNhitehead, Leon Gavin, Dallas Whiteside, Charles Hugh, Grapevine Whiteside, John Ronald, Fort Worth Whitley, James Atwell, Fort Worth Wilbur, Harry Rufus, Dallas Wilburn, Donald Keith, Denison Wiles, Gloria Dean, Fort Worth Wilhite, William D., Dallas Wilkinson, Robert Irwin, Tyler Williams, Barbara Lee, Fort Worth Williams, Dennis Eldon, Fort Worth Williams, Jimmy Ralph, Fort Worth Williams, Jo Anne, Fort Worth Williams, Robert Rogers, Jefferson Williams, Robert Thomas, Gatesville Williams, Ross Shirley, Waxahachie Williams, Russell Robert, Dallas Williams, Sydney, Temple Williams, Virgil Albert, Los Angeles, Cal. Williams, Walter Dennis, Dallas Willis, Billy Paul, Arlington VVillis, Charles Edwin, Sanger l'Villis, Clarence Edward, Fort Worth Willis, Randall, Ennis Willoughby, Donald Eugene, Jourdanton - Vllilshire, William Raymond, Crowley Wilson, I-Iobert Hugh, Talihina, Okla. Wilson, James Virgil, Roscoe Wilson, Johnie Weldon, Gainesville Wlilson, John Samson III, Irving Wilson, Kenneth Mitchell, Everman VVilson, Marvin James, Arlington Wilson, William Harris, Kermit Wfisdom, David Wendell, Canton STUDENT DIRECTORY VVisdoIn, Paul VVilliam, Dallas Wlise, Clyde, Fort Worth Wfise, Gerald Harmon, Dallas VViseman, Thomas Gerald, Garland l'Vitherspoon, Clifford l'Vayne, Ferris Vllofford, John Dalton, Lubbock VVolH', Helmut Oscar, Dallas VVomack, Jimmie Frank, Jefferson Womack, John Lee, Quanah VVood, Harva Lynette, Dallas Woodall, James Kenneth, Italy Wloodard, Jim F loyd, Fort VVorth W oodruff, Don E., Santa Anna l'Vortham, Norma Sue, Dallas Wfren, Ben Wallace, Dallas VV right, Arthur Lewis, Haddon Heights, N. Mlright, James Daniel, Fort Worth lfVright, Thomas Easterwood, Arlington Wrinkle, Winston Burran, Springtown Wyche, Charles David, Dallas Y Yager, Roy Wesley, Fort Worth Yates, John Edward, Dallas Yordanolf, Theo Jr., Fort Worth York, Warren Alan, Dallas Young, David Arnold, Dallas Young, James Campbell, Arlington Youngblood, James Wilford, Cleburne Youngblood, Patricia Gay, Dallas Z Zetzsche, Robert Glenn, Bowie Zihlman, Wilfred A., Dallas V X 1 4 - 'ic " W v E.. 4 "H .,, . A. la

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