Arlington State College - Reveille Yearbook (Arlington, TX)

 - Class of 1950

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Text from Pages 1 - 248 of the 1950 volume:

v I 5 s I i K S 1 A m V 1 1 A I 1 W 2 Q v 1 i 1 igrwenfing WAX X61 3 4 4 , 7 U, .fa 9 F v W A , Af' . K -3 Q 1 , + -3--q V + M il, X. X d.. , ' I GAWKING TEACHING PLAYING LEARNING Q -a H 9 gh . 1 In bringing To you, The sTudenTs oT ArlingTon STaTe College, The TirsT issue oT The REVEILLE, we, The sTaTT, wish To give you a picTure oT sTudenT liTe To cherish Through The years. You are now wiTnessing a greaT period oT TransiTion Tor The college. New buildings are being erecTed each yearg as one is compleTed, The ToundaTion is laid To anoTher. Each year new members are added To our excellenT TaculTy, more sTudenTs enroll, and our college conTinues To provide The besT Two year educaTion oTTered in The SouThwesT. I wish To Take This opporTuniTy To Thank all The sTudenTs and TaculTy members who have so willingly devoTed Their Time and eTTorTs Toward making This l95O issue oT The REVEILLE a success. JARRETT l-TUDNALL EdiTor-in-chieT ADMINISTRATION STUDENT LIFE CLASSES MILITARY ATHLETICS DRAMATICS PERSONALITIES WHO'S WHO ORGANIZATIONS Wifh pleasure and pride, we dedicafe fhe REVEILLE of I95O fo fhaf officer and genfleman, Colonel Edgar l-l. Kelfner, Professor of lvlilifary Science and Tacfics. Colonel Kelfner, nafive Texan, is fhe highesf fype of cifizen-soldier. l-le leff fhe campus of fhe Universify of Texas for fhe Army in I9l7. l-le has been in fhe service ever since. Member of fhaf immorfal band which helped defend fhe Philippines againsf fhe Japanese in I942, forfunafe survivor of fhe Bafaan Deafh March, Colonel Kelfner is an inspirafion and a symbol fo every Arlingfon Sfafe College cadef and fo all ofher sfudenfs as well. iff ii if EDGAR I-I. KELTNER Coionel lmfarfrry, U. S. Army Professor of Milihary Science and Tacfics DAVIS HALL .Qs A':':"'2 ':" V. A l: -b 4 rg I In -b-1 '11" ' I bbbubu I I XXX ' ' ' I f ' zlu V I ,. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING G-IRL'S DORMITORY R PACI-IL HALL ENGINEERENG WMS, AIR BASE ICAL ARTS GYMNASIUM LIBRARY : .1 Q,-pw 1 ,,,f., ,N 1. 1 , 1:5 .Mc ,X -f1.,..wg,, 5. kg, -54, qw, , 1 1 L Lx fQMA-ev.pQ:::gi,f4,z21i?fgfeS,QQtewzi:?rvw4'AJ:-4 Q 1 , , ROUND HOUSE SCIENCE 'npffap ...Q PRESlDENT'S HOME FARM THIS IS 01111 .xdalminidfrafion CHANCELLOR GIBB GILCHRIST This year has seen The sTarT oT a million dollar building program which will improve The already excellenT TaciliTies oT ArlingTon STaTe College. Advances in The academic Tield have been greaT, parTicularly in The addiTion oT Terminal Training courses To meeT The needs oi The greaT indusTrial area This college serves. Working TogeTher, your adminisTraTion, TaculTy, and sTudenT body have made sTrides which noT only marlc This year wiTh progress, buT pave The way Tor sfill greaTer improvemenTs in The TuTure. CongraTulaTions To you all on a Tine year's world lvly besT wishes are wiTh you Tor an even beTTer TuTure. ' eiss eiLcHRisT Chancellor Congralulalions 'ro flue Annual Slall on llie presenlalion ol lliis issue ol REVEILLE. ll is in keeping willi Jrlie progress ol Arlinglon Slale College. The new lealures porlrayed are symbolic of llie progressive developmenl on every side. Our enlarged lacililies and expanded program will mean an improved service lo llwe young men and women ol Texas. Your excellenl porlrayal ol llwe lile al llmis inslilulion will provide fond memories lor our presenl sludenl body and an inspiralion for lhose lo follow. PRESIDENT E. H. HEREFORD M E. E. DAVIS Dean Emeri1'us 1 JOE BAILEY Business Manager RSEN E. PAXTON Commandanf MRS. MAXINE WEDGEWORTH Dean of Women B. C. BARN ES Regis+rar J. S. HOPPER Dean Allen, Paul Engineering Allen, J. Slewarf English Babbin, Andrew Mililary Barksdale, E. C. l-lislory Berr hill E P. Y ' ' Malhemalics BeH's, Dex+er Visual Aids Branom, Geraldine Libra ry Brewsler, Weldon Biology BurdeH, Roy Enginerinq l-lead of Dept Burkholder, D. C. Music Armslrong, A. B. Social Science Head of Depl. Armsfrong, B. J. Engineering Bearden, Burley Malhemalics Bell, Julian Engineering Boon, John D. Geology Head of Depl. Bourland, BeH'y Business Adminislralion Brown, Lilla Jean Music Bryanf, J. D. Business Adrninislralion Head of Dr-parlmenl Burman, H. G. Chemislry Cameron, Margarel' Speech S ' Rx .,.. k i . TQ 1. . . 'I . .E,:E,.. E ,,:, ..,,,,,.. . .. FACULTY ., 'Vim .-.-.. . -. igilfil 1- J. FACULTY Q ,af ' cj .,. 4. M Xi? f-si af .2.. 'Ji Compfon, W. D. Chemislry Cook, Grady Engineering Culber+son, W. A. Physics Dodge, Charles Geology Erler, Fred La ngua ges Forbes, B. M. Social Sciences Goodwin, John Engineering Green, Margaref Arl Harring+on, Alber+a English Haydon, Charles Languages Head ol Deparlmenl Crouch, R. Pai' Malhemalics Crow, Herman Social Sciences Dulce, Mary English Dunsworfh H. A. D. lvlaihemalics Head of Deparlmcnl Freeland, Arfhur La nguages Gambill, J. F. Milifary Hammack, Melba English Hancock, Lera Home Economcs Head of Deparlmenf Henry, Archie Home Economics Holmes, J. G. Physical Educalion Head of Deparfmenf Howard, C. M. Malhemalics Hughes, W. L. Biology Head ef Deparimenl Joy, M. W. Engineering Joyner, Howard Ari' Killian, O. L. Biology Kochli, Fred, L+. Mililary Lawley, William Malhemafics Lebo, M. B. Agricullure Marquis, R. J. Physics Head ofDepar1'menl McAfee, H. D. Chernislry Humphreys, Opal Librarian Jasper, Thurman Malhernalics Kelfner, E. H., Col. Miliiary Head of Deparlmenl Kiber, D. H. Agricullure Head of Deparlrneni Landua, Marie English Lanham, S. T. Engineering MacDonald, John, Capf. Mililary McCombs, C. A. Malhemaiics McDonald, C. B. Chemislry McDonald, Richard Engineering FACULTY 4+ Ei WHY ..a.asaeessase :,,, .f, 25:3 :f-:s5s2s 1 . Y ....... i . ..... . 29 i 1 gg X 5 I f. ,,...,,. e ..,.,.. .,.,., , ,, , fs' a 'frm . M? m A 3 ag! .ii iff ff gd . 5? -1 J , as -,,,,,. ,l ,W , il -'Ka Eff-fl W . 6 rf mi ,..w. .xx Z FACULTY .af I .fi 'lf' ..:aeas .s:e .3 eg. qzgq I 1 I .....,. l,, ,.,., 1 -E E' . .1 Q l it Q: :I:s:::Ze McGhee, Willie English McGinnis, Helen English Neely, Harvey Malhemalics O'Neal Cofhburn English Piner, Ouilda English Pope, H. D. Chemislry Ransom, W. A. English Head of Deparfmenl Reese, Roy Biology Samuel, L. l. Agriculiure Scheble, Niia Speech Mullins, Lula English Murchison, John Chemisfry Head of Deparimenl Owens, J. L. Agricullure Pelerson, W. M. Engineering Price, Emmii' Mililary Ramsey, Zelda Business Adminislralion Richards, C. D. Governmeni, Hislory Rockwell, Kennefh English ScoH'ino, Paschal Baking Scrivner, Perry D. Psychology Scruggs, Addie Physical Educafion Shupee, George Engineering S-miih, G. M. Engineering Spiegelmire, Louise Music Tinker, T. J. Physical Educaiion Van Keuren, Roberi' Mililary Waliers, Thurmond, L+. Col. Mililary Wesson, Billy H. Mililary Slaugh+er, R. L. Speech Head of Deparlrnenl Smi+h, G. E. Enqinooring Sfiles, Augrey Engineering Swisher, Mary Libra ry Velesky, Sfanley Mililary Wallace, Rober+a Arl Wesf, James Music Windham, Charles Mililary :s:-:Seafarers ,R . FACULTY 'E' r rnold, Jonnie siness Office enfon, Doroflmy -gisfrans Office iles, Rachael ora ry an Dam, Fay 'crefary FAC BriH', Agnes Nurse Heafh, Imogene Secrefa ry Oliner, A. J. Assisfanf Viclcery, lo-ne Secrofary 25 in 'Wy i "ac 1 Ig 1 fi i t ".'-s- -' g 3, QQ .:.,, Q ULTY AND OTHER EMPLOYEES Cowan, Margare+Cricler, Louise Reqisfrans Office Business Office Hogan, Bob Business Office Lacy, Ray C. English Wade, Pearl Library i Y .- 2:-:: ---- . , 1 X A .asf 3 W . ..... , r 'wigs y Hopson, Wanda Secrefary ScoH, Jo Ann Secrefa ry Whife, Leonard Curafor of Armory Cupp, Alberf Assisfanf Ingram, Frances Maflwemafics Shelfon, Virginia Secrefa ry Wilson, B. B. Supf. Bldqs. 8: Grounds Cavaness, .lean Secrefa ry Jasper, J. R. Business Office Sprouse, Nancy Secrefary Worley, M. L. Assf. Curafor of Armory xr' wi 2533? jfs si i i 24 W3 i gif? 3 .2--3 ' .za 'ii 'Y iirw K, Davis, Charlene Secrefary Lowry, Glen Bldg. X1 Grounds Thompson, Mrs. Earnesf Secrefa ry Wriglwf, Elberfa Secrefa ry A ....... ....: . f. fxf ....-iz-' ' in ....... ... 'H' 'E f vs- f I 'N i f , 5:43 .:ssw-:-s-:::- 11 if .i, fm ig . " S .,.. is ' in If Corn on +l1e cob! Tarlefon gues+s Fufure secrefaries I+ happens all +he Hmel Enfra nce exams Serious +hinkers There goes Tarle+on -hardly working s , :.:. VQ 'Q ' 1 , ,Y ' K .gi , 3 X .,:,.,.,. 1 jg ge , ie EEE.:-zzsegag. 4 W 1 ,gsm ' X '- --f-'f ' , z . rf Jgg "':s: . N ' ,, V.,V . - .... M, X N .-.. -or i If: A. t 1 ., -.5-f:':':"':':" " 5: 1:i::::fE55' -- J ' 'JN r if-IA Ngrfkww r fi K W A -:-::' I-135,-5.:ssf j?j:j:j:3j':'1. ,5-,:,,...,E ... y Agpw, ff Qfikw y N' - QV Q A, '-'-: 1 ,,,., 5 ,4:f:::::Q:Q: 'f':5':' '51 ..... .. 2 4536 X 1' LVM' x AT 'f ,.QZZf' 4 L, .Q 1 5 , -:- gi egg:,,w"fg:::a2a25,-.1-:fx - , A The boards of educalionl The Farm yells. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Buyin' books The band plays. X :E , Q2 W 55 .... : Q2 Serving fhe iea fhe musicians perform L I F E A T A S C Squad Members And 'Phe Tessies came l Music for ASC ln+eres+ing? LIFE AT ASC Off period lab Soaking up fhe sunshine www K i K R.. .. M W X x X The door's open Re+rea+ -now +l1e game "The square roof of 2? Waifin' on fhe feacher Officers fable Wake up! And anofher plafoon ge+s fool: Comracles Boy, you should have seen her- I. Xmas parfy 2. Chow fime 3. Children, children WE . Wha+ is i+ "X"? 5. No leH'er foday Dress righi' l+'s unbelievable C Ramp Xmas free Ancl ine engineers do work Good news V7 L' 1 g H ZW ,Nga W W, 1 , q., . E .aww WW WW.-gm N si i ,, Wi '- .. A eww m1..... ,V ::. -:gsaei "' ? ,SMH V' Y vi : . ..': ,, , P .':' ,fi g ' ff 3 N' .,.. , 'T AA22 , Z, if? f f 1 ,s A: A X 1 1, .7 , ' ' -552513 "" W 1 "" E lil:-IEIEISECYE.2-:fa-:f:1:f:l:7:l:l:l '44 ii iv 'O S 11 2 N if . ,alw f ' ., .... N J . W l ik . 1:-:. , "" 5 iiiiii ':': 5 i w WZ! QW? . -W fi: 1-- f X ' 1:1- ev :::: i, 1 ?r I Q ,,,,,. .,...., 2 3 i diii f 9' 1,4 N- ? 5 , , 2' 5 VW? Y'?"'f A ' W ' 7 'f ' z fi W f ff ss Ngo ' 'K , M ii M E ' vw in I. Regislralion 3. Second semesfer mixer 2. Finals 4. Marshall 5. So +l1a'r's wl1a+ il' looks like! K E ! E 2 5 i LIFE AT ASC I.DrilIday 2. The girls relax 4 GluH'ons 5 H' goes +hus way 3. Canasfa sharks 6 The fu+ure science bulldmg xiii! 3 V Wg I7 5 ' w, xv M ' 1 Q iggfw, X 'Q w Q vjv.-' "-" ,2.ig3,,',V H 1 1 : Wa 2 5 -. xi .Q ,V in 'S :I ,M ': 2. A - , v i i km A , 1 E V-9, ,wi v re 2:5 2.59" v' H ' ' . . fs, 1 C W .,.,. i s fi ' f N Q , X- Awww X .,.,.4.,.,.,.,. N, s.,. sss, , ss ,, ,, , ,, 5 8,5 ,, " Wkgw ' fwswgaff W Q ,.,,,,SmqwMwY QM sn mm wA,Mvxx,,7-PW fwmssar an sv 'X A Q-N s yg?m'fe,,,ewmsiQkffW,gs'm-fmx..KW 'Wi ' s , . 1 me ,A LPSVFA ,SQ w'x,Qxg'fmsQ?wb5fQfV,,,-v X 1 be W A s mf Q ANZ? MG .M ??1s,,f.1: g ,, Q X 'K s W K as ' N - , A AAIA ....... . A -.2123 -.,, , R M' R 9 M3 1 W, 4, emi. 3 M A I. Whaf makes ii run? 2. Boom Berfha Boom! Engine 3. The Junior Aggie is delivered 38 I. Does H' run? 2. Cu+e! 3. The '49 +ennis champs 39 4413 NLS Dorm life ls if good Jim? Junior birdmen He was +l'1e cu+es'r 'fhing Cheese GOING T0 Cfddrieci 0 OFFICERS James McGinn Presiclemk Marilyn Hamp+on Treasurer Jim Mafhis Vice-Presidenr RE 3: N an -, 3.5 4 ,Sei 3 is ar e X S jg, s X, Adams, Gilbrefh Engineering Newlon, Conn. Adcock, James Pre Dallas Anderson, Beverly Pliysical Educalion Fori Viforlli Armour, Max lnduslrial Engineering Dallas Boehme, Donald Aeronaulical Engineering Waco Ball, Robin Ari Forl Worlli Barrelf, Billy Aeronaulical Engineering Burleson Bafes, Harry Engineering Dallas Beclrler, Kim Business Adminislralion Dallas Beerman, Kennelln Geology McAllen Berry, Bill General Terminal Dallas Berry, W. B. Radio Producfion Sweelwaler Alexander, Duane Agricullure Educalicn Dallas Allman, Sigmund Pre Law Dallas Arlecona, G. L., Dr. Special Asuncion, Paraguay Awall, Marvelle Home Economics Dallas Ballweg, Palsy Home Economics Mansfield Barker, Calvin Engineering Dallas Bauman, Fred Pre Journalism London, England Beadle, Allen Aeronaulical Engineering Pleasanlon Bellows, Belly Arls 81 Sciences Arlinglon Bennison, Edward Arcliile clu re Eorl Worlln Belkin, James Music Educalion Dallas Blaclcerby, Billy Engineering Whilewriglnl l loves you . . . l'll wall: Blilch, George Roberf Engineering Tyler Boenig, Duane Agricullure Converse Boolroul, James R. General Terminal Dallas Boyle, John O. Business Adrninislrarion Dalias Braden, Melvin Business Adrninislrarion Dallas Bradford, Maurice Engineering Ferl Worllw Brandenburg, Mar+ha General Terminal Arlinglon Bray, Leonard Business Adrninislrafion Grand Prairie Brown, Herman Agricullural Eclucaiion Wlwilesboro Brown, J. S. Engineering Ferl Worlln Bruce, Leonard Ross Business Aclrninislralion Dallas Bruner, Gordon Pre Law Ferl Worlli Bolwannon, Beverly Home Economics Arlinglon Bolger, Meredifh Merchandising Waco Boyles, Allen Engineering Dallas Boyls. Caroline Arr Dallas Bradley, Sammie Business Adrninislralion Mansfield Bradley, S+erling Engineering ForlWorll1 Brewer, Claude A. Malliernalics Dallas Broward, Marfha Pre Med Ferl Worlli Brown, Pal Business Adrninisrralion l-lebbronville Broxson, John Business Adrninislrarion Grand Prairie Buck, Herberf Engineering Irving Buckley, Mrs. Zula Home Economics Grand Prairie '.Es,5E,:' iw 484' c N 4 . . . I bid fhree spades .. . Sleepy? ri- Q A ,sasf -" Q ig ff? 5 . Q 3 as E. 1 X r Q 5.3.1 wa: r . H s , ,5 4,53 'V A Y A Q A Y' 93 jf I ' lsgf 'fr . ras X ' 6 ,,, sf n- 3 Q' in ma., -. Sw, 1' :'-. 1 . ' , .,....- , :,, , 5 "'A' ' Q , ,-,Q 1.,, -... ..,.., Q S. zz, as 1: My rw, ie s fl '4 sa' .,.. y l E lx HW-K 45 Bull, Kennefh Engineering Bangs Bullock, Malcolm Business Adrninislralion Dallas Burklow, Billy Business Adminislralion Ferl Worfh Bufferworfh, Elberl' w Engineering For? Worlh Callaway, Billy Engineering Walnul Springs Campbell, Harry Pre Med Dallas Ca rfer, Weldon Pre Med Dallas Cash, Tracey Archileclure Dallas Childs, Cliffon Business Adminislralion Fairfield Choaf, Jack Engineering Dallas Clark, Richard H. Agricullural Educalion Forl Worlh Clerihew, Waller Agricullural Educalion Jacksboro Bunn, Charles General Terminal Dallas Burke'H', David Ari Forl Worth Byrnes, Alberi Engineering San Anlonio Calhoun, John Business Adrninislralion Dallas Carpenfer, Jerry Engineering Dallas Carroll, Roberf PaHon Geology Navasola Chapman, Henry Pre Law Auslin Childress, James Pre Journalism Dallas Chokas, Mifchell Engineering Forl Worlh Clark, Bruce General Terminal Abilene Colborn, Leon Business Adrninislralion Ferl Worlh Collins, Roberf Engineering Dallas . . . Jusf a fill . . . Make if big Collins, James A. Engineering Dickinson Collins, Neil A. Engineering Aleclo Cooksey, Allen D. Engineering Eori Worlli Cooles, Herberl Arclniiecfu re Eori Worlli Cozad, Helen Marie General Terminal Arlingfon CuH'on, Elvis Engineering Fori' Worilw Curiis, Harold F. Pre Law Greenville Curfis, Rober+ Music Educalion Eori Woriki Combesf, Dorman Engineering Dallas Conner, Charles Engineering Dallas Coofes, Lillie Radio Prcduciion Arlingion Cox, Virgil T. Business Adminisiraiion Dallas Curd, Marcus Arclniieclure EoriWorll1 Currie, Cleabern Pre Vei Ken na rd Davis, Berf B. lndusirial Baking El Paso Davis, Jean General Terminal Gilmer ' sm ek X ., 53 5 . -, QMS 1 ggi iw we . f A X' 'g S W x if we ai , i sis we E 5553255543 5 W-?E5E5E5E5I'g'if :ii ':5E35'3' 7' , , .,,,,. 11 Hz HE 6 as XE Y ef geese Davis, James D. De La Torre, Jesse Pre Ve? lnclusirial Baking Grand Saline Galvesion Q ii A iii: Davis, W. J. Debenporf, Bob c K Aqficuiwfe Engineers :JV , A Dallas Forl Worlh ::1... I' sh Dehnel, Roberf Dick, Harris i X Engineering Engineering ."," Eorl Worlli Dallas 'i 'i.:: 5 sir., 1 Dempsey, Hugh J. Dickson, Gwyn if i ii iiii 5: Auuguzzvzvqv 3 Pre Journalism Commercial Ari -"" .ulz 1, ",',, zlvn E viv' E ':': 5 Forl Worilw Grand Prairie Ibggb " """"' ' ',,. E ,s . . . The guesl book .. . Zangola hayride ,. Q2 1 .Es,:g'::g:sasi,:s:a::2,11:,". ,il 'i 46 1 5-it Ni 2 . 1 ve Gorn home? DiHo, Frances Home Economics Arlingion Diffo, James C. Engineering Arlingfon Dossey, Weldon Engineering For+Woril1 Dreckslwage, Dorihy Aris 81 Sciences Grand Prairie Duke, Roger C. General Terminal McKinney Dunn, Norma Commercial Ari Grand Prairie Edwards, Frank W. Engineering Dallas Eikenburg, Brian R. Engineering Ferl Worlh Epperson, Elizabefh General Terminal Cleburne Epley, Joe Business Adrninislraiion Dallas Faulli, Roberf C. Geology Dallas Faulkenberry, Bobby H. Geology Beaurnonl . . . Lolly Dodson, James O. Pre-Journalism Dallas Doggeil, James A. Pre-Med. Ferl Vlforlli Dudley, Bill Engineering For? WorTl1 Duckworlh, Roberf F. Speech Dallas Dunfon, George M. Commercial Ari Forr Worfli Dwinnell, Pairicia Fashion Aris Daiias Elmore, Beverly Business Adminislralion Dallas Elzworfh. Elden G. Prealvled. Ariingion Fanning, Jo Helen Radio Producrion Ariinglon Farrell, Eugene F. Business Adminisirafion Irving Ferguson, Margie Educalion Ariinglon Ferreira, Federico A. Agricullure Asuncion, Paraguay PUPS Ferrell, Belly Lynn Home Economics Dallas Flowers, Charles N. Archiiecfure Dallas Ford, Loyd Agricullure Corlon Planl, Arif. Gaddy, Dick Business Adrninislraiion Dallas Gorman, Jack S. Arfs X1 Science Snyder Grafe, Joan Business Adminislralion Ferl Worlh Graves, Wallace W. Engineering Mesguile Green, Orvice J. General Terminal Arlinglon Gunn, BeHy Pre-Journalism Armslrong Gwin, Jim Commercial Ari For? Worlh Hallmarlc, Phillip P. Engineering San Anionio Hamilfon, Duane Engineering Dallas . . . lnferesiing conversa Fosier, William A. General Terminal Forl VVorll'1 Foeh, Fred A. Music Talco Gillham, Coral E. Archifeciure Forl Worfh Gish Adolphus H. Arls 81 Science Dallas Grammer, Herman H. Engineering Forl Vilorlh Goodwin, John D. Business Adminislralion Dallas Grossman, Don T. Agricullure Dallas Groves, Kennelh C. Archireciu re Arlinglon Hagee, Bruce E. Range 81 Wildlife lvlng. Fredericksburg Hall, Alvin O. Pre Law Wichila Falls Hampfon, Marilyn Home Economics Dallas Hanegger, John Engineering FOFlWOFll1 lion 'X ,uh 1, ........ . The wedding i 48 ig Z A' Q ggi :E: :E it H fi' will 5233 " ,K I SX S ,,,, . Q ir g r-fir , .azl gi , -f'ii"Tsi W s , Happel, Phillip Pelroleum Engineering Forl Worlh Harrell, Carolyn Business Adminisiralion Forl Worlh Harvey, Eugene Arch iieclu re Dallas Harwell, George Pelroleum Engineering Dallas Healey, David Radio Produclion Dallas Hendrick, Howard Arrs 81 Sciences Dallas Henke, Agnes Business Adrninislalion Kerrville Herod, Gary Chemical Engineering Dallas Hieberf, Kalherine Fashion Ar? Dallas Higginbofham, Theron Mechanical Engineering Abilene Hilliard, J. Hilfon Pre Journalism Dallas Hinesley, Thomas iAgricullural Educalion lndian Creek Harris, Charles Agricullural Engineering Dallas Harlson, Bob Radio Produclion Dallas Hawley, Joy Business Admiriislralion Canfon Haynes, Frank E. Mechanical Engineering Arlinglon Heiberf, Les+er Archifeclu re Dallas Henderson, Bobby Business Adminislralion Grand Prairie Hickman, Pele Business Adrninislralion Dallas Hicks, William M. lncl, Baking Abilene Higgins, V.J. Commercial Arr Galveslon Higgs, Wayne Eleclrical Engineering Dallas Hi++, Danny L. Pre Law Dallas Hodges, Larry Physical Educalion Dallas Elecrion Encores Giving ihe boys a sendoff 3 gp Holder, Peggy Pliysical Educalion Forl' Worlli Holl, Billy J. ind. Elecl. Enai. ForlWorll1 Howard, Jesse Business Adrninislralion Forl Worilw Howard, Jimmy Ari Grand Prairie Howell, Joseph S. lndusirial Educalicn Grand Prairie Hudnall, JarreH Business Adminislralion For? Worllu Huffman, Glen Educalion Grapevine Hughes, Billy Pre Law Arlinqlon Hundf, Eldon Business Adrninislralion l:orlWorll1 Hurley, June Business Adrninisiralion Arlinglon lnce, Henry Pelroleurn Enqineerinq ForlWorll1 Ingram, Jack Pre Law Denison Horion, Glad.: Business Adrninislralion Arlinqlon Houslon, Ralph D. Cliemical Engineering Forl Wov'fli Howell, David Aqricullural Eco. Dallas Howell, Jerry Pre Law Coleman Hudson, Bob Enqineerinq Dallas HUff,cl18SlBF Business Adrninislralion Pampa Hummel,Gene Business Adrninislralion Conroe Hundley, Lee Pelroleum Engineering Dallas Hufh, Waller Aqricullure Karnes Cily Hufson, Marvel Radio Produclion Dallas Jackson, Bill Aqricullura Breclcenridqe Jackson,Jerry Jr. Pre Law Weallierlord W . 4, w Qlirn 5 e' 5 X , , rg 5 1 Ei X , if D' -32 .M , lei , . "5-7""g X. as 5, , M ,,,, Hi sg in 5 3, 2 ,nf . :IV ii if are H il Gel ll1a+ He in! Shady Characlers 'is 'Ph 'W ri, ff - , Ms i J 3 s-if Ss xr' , 1 .i' Q I F J 5 War .. A , 4R51-f if ::1: -F f1.:::s: 1 I X - .,,. .. M Jackson, Jerry J. Aqricullure Sl. Jo Jaclcson, Judy Easliion Arr EorlWorll1 Johns, Herman Business Acrninislralion Mission Johnson, Hilda Business fxdrninislralion Dallas Jones,Lynn Enqineerinq Eorl Worlll Joyce, R,E. Enqineerinq Dallas Keifh, Dan Archileclure Dallas Kellogg, Lorraine General Terminal Cedar Hill Knighf, James Pre Med EorlWorll1 Lawson, Palsy Home Economics Arlinqlon Laza, Edward Radio Procluclion Ennis La1novslcy,Al Radio Produclion Ennis Jacobson, Norrien Business Adrninislralion Adrian Jay, Bobby Pre Med EorlWor'fl1 Jones, Joe B. Enqineerinq Gralnarn Jones, Gordon Pre Med San Auqusline Keen, Michael lnduslrial Educalion Corsicana Kellell, Derald Plnysical Education Grand Prairie King, Perry Arcliileclure Arlinqlon Klemm, James Aqricullure McKinney Lawson, Wilfrid Educalion Dallas Layman, Elmer Enqineerinq EorlWor+l1 Lee, James Engineering Dallas Leefh, Allie Dee Arls 81 Sciences Dallas "Wilch" and his apron- Smile for 'lhe Birdie A Leonard, Waller Pre Journalism Dallas Lesfer, William A. Aeronaulical Enqineering Ferl Worlh Long, John D. Business Adrninislralion Porl Worlh Love, Dan Radio Produclion Dallas Maiors, Sam Arr Foil Worih Malanl, Nick Pre Law Dallas Manly, Wal+er Engineering Ferl Worlh Mansfield, Paul Radio Produclion Dallas Marlin, Joseph Pre Law Arlinqlon Marlin, L. C. Engineering Ferl Worlh Mafhis, James T. Chemislry Sprinqlown McAmis, Roberf Pre Med Arlinqlon Loflis, Lloyd Engineering Dallas Logan, Wayne Aqricullure Jaclrsborm Lyon, Ray L. Enqineerinq Dallas Maberry, James Pre Journalism Dallas Malloy, Sam Business Adminislralian Dallas Malone, Gary Archileclure Gra nd Prairie Mapes, Billy Business Adminisliahon Dallas Marchbanlrs, Jackie Modern La nquaqes Dallas Malloclr, Charles Enqineerinq Wiahila, Kansas Maffhews, Donald Enqineerinq Dallas McBride, Jack Pre Med For? Worlh McBride, Thomas Business Adminislralion Dallas HUMP IT! Jack 'n James sl fi , ,ax me , XR YS fi 'if il J A. W Q 4 1. 5' N gi? if wi' is 'iw sie ",,,:: . if :-:-P - -::. B W Q? 5 B fs ..,.: ...... 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Arlinglon McCormick, Elizabefh General Terminal Grapevine McDonald, William Engineering Forl Worlh McGinn, James Generallerrninal Dallas McKinney, Hulen Agricullure Big Spring McKnigh'l, Ann Business Adminislralion Arlinglon McLean, Ralph lnduslrial Engineering Forl Worih Mee, Kafhleen Arls 81 Sciences Dallas Michael, Den Geology Rochesler Miller, Jo Ann General 'lerminal Dallas Miller, Pal' Milson, Jacel i "'i' 'A Business Aclminisfralion Home Economics 5 1 I Dallas Dallas ii' :'l VIVVV j 4 Miner, Riley Mohler, Bobby i'i'i'i' Geology lnduslrial Engineering ., 4:. Dallas Brady The Souci Tea Charlene pours al Zangola Tea Moler, William Engineering Dallas Monroe, Don Engineering Garland Moore, James S. Foreign Trade Arlinglon Moore, Pefer Pre Med Dallas Muirhead, Alvin Business Adminisiralion Dallas Murff, Sam Engineering Grapevine Murphy, Bryan? Engineering Dallas Myers, Frances General Terminal Arlinglon Neace, Richard Business Adminislralion Eorl Worih Neal, J. M. Indusfrial Engineering Brownwood Nicholl, Eugene Engineering Dallas Nicoleii, Pe+e Arclnileclu re Moon, Billy lndusfrial Educalion Dallas Moore, Carol Business Adrninisrralion Arlingion Moorman, Doyle Business Aclrninislraficn Saginaw Mounce, Douglas Geology Dallas Murph, Dabney Aris 81 Sciences Arlingion Murphy, Allan Business Adminislraiion Dallas Myers, Rhea Arls 8: Sciences Dallas Nafion, David lnduslrial Engineering Arlingion Nelson, Emmiff Engineering Conroe Newby, Charles Engineering Dallas Norion, Lucille General Terminal Dallas Oman, Charles Agriculiure Educaiion 3 Q ' 'Xi Aiwa Z W f fi is W i uf ., c ha , rf? 4 was QV , ,,W.,,4 an ,-iss, 'Qs f f H - ss 9' S 'y gs s gim?'e:k 5 , S eg ' Graham Weiner? 'f-W, ye , E ef Wha+'s in fha? iug? Wlial' f19X'l? 3 I f v 1? , rs, X ii? f'3f"'g'r . 5 ar.. ,,,, ,- WWW feaisisia- H ii.. '- .ff -. gaze M5 ei is Q 1124 54 3' .S 'fe-e'3 ik 22115 ii if fs sr s 5 ,ga is :-:- ff . 1 :- f ig. s, s qi-f ., Q ..,.. , . O'Neal, Byron Pre Med Dallas Oiero, Hecior Agricullure Los Angeles, California Parlrer, Billy Pre Vei' Forl Wori'l1 Parr, George Geology Arlingion Pairiclc, LeMoin Arclwilecfure Borger Payne, Roberi Engineering Dallas Perkins, Thomas Pre Med Dallas Perry, Charles Agricullure Educalion ForfWori'l'1 Pipes, Jack Agriculfure Blum Piper, Clifford Engineering Dallas Posey, Keifh lnduslrial Engineering Dallas Powers, Billy Business Adminislralion Dallas OHinger, Gerald Engineering Dallas Palmer, Ann Commercial Ari Terrell Pascl'1e,Jol'1n Business Adminirlraiion Dallas Passmore, Shirley General Terminal Dallas Pearcy, Newman Merchandising Dallas Pennal, Eddie Business Adminisiralion Denison Phipps, W. H. Arclwifeciure Columbus, Georgia Pilson, Bob Business Adminisiralion Dallas Pliler, Randall Business Adminisiraiion Fori' Worlli Pollack, Adrian lndusirial Engineering Nocona Pra+l1er,S. T. Pre Law Si, Jo Pra'H',Jol1n Engineering Ferl Worilm Which IS mine? How do you work fhis one? Prewiif, Rober+ Business Adrninislralion Snyder PrickeH', Delores General Terminal Ferl Worlh Rafliff, Roberf Speech Dallas Ray, Newburn Engineering Nashville, Tenn. Reed, Sfanley Agriculfure Wills Poinf Reeves, Elmo lnduslrial Engineering Forl Worlh Reynolds, Jimmy Engineering Arlinglon Richey, Gene General Terminal Dallas Roach, Maureen General Terminal Eorl Worlh Roberson, Helen Business Adrninislralion Ferl Worlh Robinson, Carl Agricullure Wesllield, New Jersey Rogers, Allan Archiiecfure Rocnesler, New Hampshire Off for Schreiner Prince, James lncluslrial Engineering Dallas Ragsdale, C. E. Engineering Hawkins Reagan, Jo Radio Produciion Ferl Wcrih Reed, Peggy General Terminal San Anionio Reid, Roberf Commercial Ari Garland Renfro, Arfhur Ag ricullu re Riesel Richey, Wayne Business Adminisiralion Dallas Riley, W. H. Agricullure Grand Prairie Robinson, James Business Adrninislralion Dallas Roberfson, Carl Business Adminislralion Ennis Rogers, Tawana Music Ferl Worfh Ross, Bill Business Adrninislralion Housfon y if X R V ..,. ,ig-'I-".-,'i:5:i5' 'Q 4 as g i s- .... , .1n..,,, 3 .. ww 3 MES 3 ,, A , , .mix ,, ,yi 1, i 5 M . w E Q f .5 2 I X x 1? T 5 . 'z:5s:.. WW l+'s a dale. , w gi v K ME ? at I .A ,.,,,,,,, , Yi! 56 61' ,. -':, E "" 5 Q , """ :sg f :2-: . ::, ....: . ss X, '-1 ...::: 5 I X' ie if? la Q Sgglggifii a ir 1 fm ,gi X aa aa a a aa J , pg d is If Rowland, John Geology Forl Worlh Saldana, Arfhur Engineering Dallas Sandling, James Engineering Forl Worlh Sa nlerre, Ray Geology l-lousion Schroeder, O++o Agriculiure Educalion For? Worih Scoff, Billy Ag ricullu re Eddy Shamlaurger, Claire General Terminal Forf Worfh Sha nlcles, James Agricullure Sherma n Shelfon, Joe B. Pre Law Crosby Sheppard, Mrs. Mary Business Adrninisiralio Arlingion Simms, Nonah Speech Dallas Sinclair, Holloway Engineering Mineola I'1 Whaf is ii? Big Sanders, Paul Geology Dallas Sanderson, Roberf Engineering ForiWorll'1 Schafer, Roberi Baking For? Worlh Schell, James Business Adrninislralion Dallas ScoH, James R. Engineering Dallas Sell, M. R. Agricullure Sherman Shea. Donald Pre Med Dallas Sheeler, Don Archiieclu re Dallas Shipman, David Engineering Mesquile Simms, Bryan Geology Arlingion Skaggs, Grady Engineering Adrian Skipper, Charles Business Adminislralion Houslon business in 'fhe P.X. Slack, Jim M. Physical Educalion Joshua Slocum, Joanne Physical Educalion Dallas Smifh, Dale K. Social Sciences Dallas Smifh, Dorolhy Arls X1 Sciences Forl Worlh Smilh, James Geology Dallas Smilh, James G. Engineering Ferl Worlh Spears, Rulh Business Adminislralion Arlinglon Speed, Berl' L. Geology Adrian Srygley, Gilberl Engineering Memphis Slarling, James H. Archileclure Coppell Slillman, Rochelle General Terminal Dallas Sfribling, Jay W. Geology Alle Off we go Smill1,Billi Radio Produclion Ferl Worlh Smifh, Mrs. Billye l-lome Economics Mansfield Smifh, Evelyn Dramalic Produclion Mineral Wells Smilh, E. W. Agricullure Mansfield Smi+h. Marian Archileclu re Forl Worlh Smylh, Cecil Range Xe Wildlife Forl Worlh Spence, Richard Malhemalics Dallas Spencer, Roberl W. Pre Med Ferl Worlh Siem. T. F. Aeronaulical Engineering Slidell Slephens, Wendell Engineering Dallas Swaim, Peggy General Terminal Arlinglon Tabor, John Commercial Arl Ferl Worlh , ,,,,. . lullu ' its ? '19 f fi K S 1-.I7'E2E1fE .1i1' 1: ,.:::,g,g::.g,g:'v"' '.,- Q , .... .. N , . .. 'iiii . T Talk if up Jack l ,QE .:,.:,, .5 ,Z-V: ,zt P, , ,ea 5 is A 1 f M ei S 355 leg .,, 414 , fi.: 1551253 x V News sf -E A-A 1' i Tanner, James A. Engineering Wolfe Cily Tanner, Sidney A. Engineering Wolfe Cily Taylor, Norma Business Adrninisiralion Dallas Terrell, Jacli R. Business Adrninislralion Waco Thomason, Ann Business Adrninisiralion Eori Worlli Thompson, Ernesl F. Engineering Dallas Thompson, Jack F. Pre Law Grand Prairie Thompson, William E. Agricullure For? Worlh Tom, Charles A. Business Adminisfralion Midland Truelove, Hershal Engineering Dallas Turner, William D. Range 8: Foreslry Quilrnan Vaughan, Clifford D. Engineering Dallas Taylor, Bill Pefroleum Engineering Plainview Taylor, Earnesl E. Engineering Dallas Terry, Cafherine Business Aclrninislralion Eorl Worlh Terry, Kell C. Engineering Weaiherlord Thompson, Eugene Engineering Dallas Thompson, Evelyn General Terminal Grand Prairie Tirlr, Joe V. Pre Mecl Srnilhfielcl Tolpo, Arlene Business Adrninisiralion EorlWorl'l1 Truiif, Ken neih A. Engineering Daingeriield Turner, Billy B. Agricullure Whilesboro Villa, Ber+a Business Adminislralion For? Hancock Villalobos, Ralph Business Adminislralion Eorl Worlh Before Affer Wade, Lela Home Ecomomics Arlingion Wagner, Mariin L. Pre Veienarian Peru, Indiana Walling, Mariha Educalion Eori Worih Warlen, Wesley Business Adminisiraiion Dallas Waiis, Carolyn General Terminal Dallas WaHs, John C. Engineering Dallas Wessels, John G. Pre Med Dallas Wessels,Mary Fashion Ari Dallas While, Gene Aris and Sciences Dallas While, Sianford Physical Educalion Bowie Wilkerson, Roberf Engineering Eori Worih Williams, Chrisiine Business fxdminislralion Dallas Wakeland, Le Joyce General Terminal Waxahachie Wallace, Harry J. Engineering Omaha Waiers, Orion L. ES X1 S Fori Worih Waikins, Jack General Terminal Arlingion Welch, William T. Engineering Lake Jackson Wenig, Don General Ari Dallas Wesl, Samuel A. Business Adminislrai Joshua Wheeler, William T. Engineering Forl Worih Whifienburg, Owen Engineering McGregor Wilcox, Jack Business Adrninisiral Dallas Williams, James B. 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Worlh Yarbrough, Paul Engineering Arlinglon Yarbrough, Yvonne General Terminal Waxahachie Yorlx, Raymond Agricullure Arlinglon Young, Karl Engineering Dallas Zavalva, Joe Business Adminislralion Pre Vel Waxahachie Richardson Youngblood, Richard Zesl, Winslon Engineering Archileclure Dallas Wealherford Two Spades The bonfire dance OFFICERS Dick Gaddy Presidenlr Mary Ann Soufh Sec refa ry Charles Lynch Vice Presidenf C L A S S O F F F T Y O N E Don'i fall, Kelle+! gg , 44" Qs, f Q 4 my 2 , ,,FFFFFF,.,.. , 'Y 1, Y' iii' F 'IEIEIEIEEEIEIEIE l:I:' ,5': Im' .c HE W' 52 :.::: 5 . W file? is? gag if ,ZS bv f ii ,. :am 'im if 4 - 5 . ...... M Y Adams, James Adams, Ray Adamson, Ted Akin, Bernice Adalfwlle- Van Alsfyne Dallas Dallas Kenfucky Alexander, James Alford, Donald Allan, John P. Allen, Julia Naples Avinger Dallas Grand Prairie Allbrighf, Tommy Allbriffon, Allnoch, Fred Amis, Leon ForlWorll'1 Harold Corpus Chrisfi Faie For'rWor'rl1 Anderhub, Sam Anderson, Angel, Kenneih Angus, Don Dallas Herberl' Ferl Worilw Dallas Dallas Appleion, Ard, T. J. Arnold, Theresa ASi1bUff1. Lynne SammY ForlWoril1 Dallas Sherman Arlingion C L A S S O F F F T Y O N E Clean i+ good X E3 5 as ' -:Eij-' ' V E Ashley, Henri Dallas Bagby, Brel Ferl' Worlh Baker, E. R. Por'rAr'rl'1ur Barnes, Belh Cleburne Baison, La Rue Auslin ga f Y W , 2 , Aslon, Helen Forl Worlh Baggeii, John Dallas Balmer, Leslie Elclarado Barron, Ozeal Arlinqlon Bealxey, Allen Dallas Ausfin, Lynlon lrving Bailey, Geraldine Dallas Baldwin, Jimmy ForlWorll'1 Bar+a, John J. Dallas Beasley, Sid N. Cleburne F .,..,,,... .:i:i' J '-,,, ',,,,,,. is zz- -r :::-2-'- Q Avary, Nancy New Boslon Balmer, Allyn Brownsville Barbee, Jean Dallas Bass, Jeanne l-lulchins Becker, A. C. Dallas 64 su. 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Wcurlh 531' 'lac lil A Bellows, David Richardson Berry, George Grand Saline Black, George Tiiviflfirl Bodiiord, Warren foil W.'irlli Bradford, Virginia Sherman is N' " 'K-T9 I - 9, J' ff if Q' N if f Benavides, Richard Dallas Berry, Marvin Grand Saline Black, Jimmy lVlvil,i,'l Boehringer, Charles Lnnvnsler Brandf, Jo Ann Arlinqlon 65 C L A S S O F F I F T Y O N E Hang on, Beverly! - ix V.: my ' B . ' Bridge, George Magnolia, New Jersey Brife, Joe Forl Worlh Brown, Darlene ForlW0rll1 Brown, Jaclc Bridges, Jo Ann Dallas BriH, Frederick W. Dallas Brown, Donald Joshua Brown, Willis Brienl, Wm. J. Be ndera BriHain, Bill For+Worll1 Brown, Edward Arlinqlom Brummel, Billy Brinkley, Ann Sherman Bromagem, Charloffe ForlWorll1 Brown, F.J. Forl Worlli Bryan, J. C. Duncanville forlVVorll1 ForlWoril1 Grand Prairie Buckingham, Ray Buckman, Joe Buie, Jeff Buie, Tommy Fon Worfh Fori Worllw Waco Fori Worll1 66 z:-5... 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Dallas Campbell, Edward Cedar Hill Cason, Charles re i if.ii.if, Chambers, Freeman Forl Worlli Clarlc, David Cleburne Bushnell, Dowell Ferl Worlh Campbell, James, Jr. Anson Cassell, Dwighl ll ,ll is Champion, Harry lJ.ill.,iS Clarln, Diclc lrvinli Bulls, John San Auqusline Canlrell, Bill Dallas Cale, Tommy l l .ill-ii Chandler, Franl: l,lfi,l.i5 Clark, F4 Douglas Dallas J m -:,:g f rf Byrd, Cleo Mineola Capers, Bob Dallas Cavanaugh, Eugene llullas Chapman, Warren Arliniqlon Clarli, Gena Arlinqlon 67 La Docena Tea Clark, Jack Forl X'Vorll'1 Clary, John Dallas Coals, Bobby Dallas Coley, Charles Dallas Coolr, Fosler Spu r Clarlr, Jimmy Clarlr, Keilh Vfesia-Lo Bcaurnonl Cliflon, C. B. Cliffon, Doris Forl Worth For? Worlh Coffin, Philip, Jr. Cohen, Abraham San Anlrmio Ffv1'lW0rll1 Collins, Donald Collins, H. C. Grand Prairie Forl Worlh Corder, Gene Corley, Bob Ferl Worlh Forl Worlh Clark, Murphy League Cily Cline, Bobble Forl Worlh Coleman, Leon lififil Wfnrlli Conlin, Dean FcrlVVorll1 Corley, John Dallas 68 . Ezzilv 3 '22 if r.-an ..,,, 2 , ..,.,. gf "U ni J iorley, Pallha rlingfon rramer, Dean vrand roan, allas 'Umm lallas avis, oinl Prairie Mary Jo Coiner, Billy Dallas Cramer, George Dallas Croclrell, Bob lryinq ings, Harry Cunningham, Waller Bomarlon Joe Wayne Davis, Roberl' Forl Worlln M94 Cowan, J. E. ForlWorll1 Cramer,Joe lryinq Cromer, Joe Ferl Worlii Cupp, N.R. Celina Davis, Waymon Valley View Cowan, Marvin FoilWoril1 Crawford, Paul Roclcwall Crouch, Charles Grand Prairie Daggelf, David Dallas Davis, Wayne Eldorado Cox, Jack Dallas Crenshaw, Bill Forf Worih Crouch, Jo Ellen For? Worlh Dallar, Cecil, Jr. Forl Worih Deaver, Harry Bowie Coyle, Jimmy Crabb, Dallas Billy Joe Irving Crenshaw, J. R. Cribbs, James Dallas Arlingion Crouch, Tommy Cullins, Dorolhy Forl Worlh Forl Worlh Daniel, James Daniel, Pal l-louslon Grand Prairie De Moss, Ed Denlon, Roberl Dallas Dallas '15 5 'F Af li, f fa . E .1-:ee'c.:.:.: Craddock, Carolyn Forl Worfh Crick, Bill Arlinglon Cummings Eileen Dallas Davis, Berl B. El Paso Devaney, Carolyn For? Worlh 69 C L A S 5 -"' gk? ,,-: f ' O . F F I F T Y O N E E, ::-2 Eigiggzz l Dews, Jaclr Dickerson, Dierlre, Connie Diffemore, FcrlWorll1 Roberl Kinqsville Wm' J' Rockwell Dallas Dixon, Bobby Doierinq, Harold Dolcey, Herberf Dollcos, Rudy Dallas Dallas Mineola ForlWorll1 Dollarhide, W. P. Douglass, Evelyn Downing, Lorelfa Dubuis, Edward Forl Worlln ' Dallas Dallas For?Worll1 Duff, Belly Dulce, Russell Duncan, Roberf Dunnam, Alvarado McKinney Dallas RaYmond Vifeineri Dunlon, Joe Dunwoody, Jina Eades, Wayne Ealcma n, Paul Foil Wr:i'll1 Spur FKJl'lWOlill1 Bowie l l Fugilives From Fish Day 70 f is Q , 5 v ff ldins, Gary allas ioi. George W. irlWor1h fans, Waller alias frguson, Jaclr l9l' erning, Allen illas 5 Eclinglon, Belly Gra nd Prairie EllioH', James Lubbock Fairless, Lloyd Gainesville Feris, Richard Dallas Florenfine, Pal Grand Prairie vw H VIEZ Q E in J? 'Q as A li.: ..,. 'Ab :E- Fa .H sf Edwards, James Terrell Ellis, Carswell Ca rlhaqc Farish, Lee Gra nd Prairie Fisher, Barbara Dallas Flowe, Billy lvl l. Vernon Edwards, Marcyle Dallas Ellis, Wm. R. Dallas Farmer, Frances Furl Vvlorlh Fisher, John Dallas Forbes, Jane Arliriiglon ..... 1 .,.. 4 ' w K w 'YN Eiland, Jann lrving Eslcew, Bill Fort Worlh Farrow, Wm. B. Dallas Fisher, Nancy Furl Vforlh Forbes, Jeanne Arlinqron A T A T gi a he as ir: 58 Eisensfein, Nafhan Dallas Esfes, Claud Arlinglon Fellbaum, Harry Ccmlorl Fi+zgerald, Richard Dallas Ford, Jean Dallas Elam, Frank Dallas Evans, Lloyd Gra nd Prairie Fenley, Wm. Forl Worlh FlaH, Pai Forl Worlh Fowler, Joel Forl Vforlh Elliof, Claire Dallas Evans, R. C. Grand Prairie Fenn, June Temple Flecli, Doris Ferl Worlli Franklin, C. A Ferl Worlh l7I C L A S S 0 F rw , W ,,,., fg F I F T Y O N W E Freeman, Charles Dallas Franks, Gene Galesville Gardner, Hugh Dallas Galloway, James Dallas Garrell, William Dallas Garrefson, Dal Dallas Gallin, James Geniry, Jane lrvinq Dallas Gill, John Dallas Gilmer, Belly ForlWorll1 Gig 'em, Aggies! Fullen, William ForlWorll1 Gardner, Melvin ForlWor'rl1 Garima n, Clydene Dallas Genfry, K. T. Furl Worlh Gipson, Do Dallas n Gale, James Arlinglon Gardner, Willa Dallas Gafhings, Glor Forl Vxforllw George, David lrvinq Givens, Don Quo nol1 72 'X 2 ' D 0 we lil? , , IP ' 41' gm fx .aw in Q. 3 is ev W, 3 3 .3- -va.. M Q Q Bodwin, Harold ieagoville Braham, J. M. Dallas Bribble, Sianley mifhlield dale, Pai 'Ori Wcvrlh riamilion, John A. Dallas Godwin, Mack Dallas Grani, Kaihryn Dallas Griggs, Sam Dallas Hall, Herberi XNorllmm Hamilion, Virginia Foil Wcbrlh Golden, John Forl Vwforlh Gray, Jack Ariinglon Grimmeif, Ed Dallas Hall, R. E. linllfns Hamrick, Ben hr rl Vxfliilli 'AI' gy M.. ' .. -ws Goldman, Alberf Gomer, Sfanley Dallas ForlWOrll1 Green, Befiie Lou Green, George Arlirrglon Dallas Gross, Bernard Grossman, Carol Perf Mforvh Dallas Hall, Sue Halleck, Ann Furl Wf,,i llw Hancock, Jim Ai irwiliiri lln1'ic1S Hanes, Roberi ldallas Goodman, Glenn Ferl Worlh Greenway, Frank Wolfe Cily Hadley, Roberf Slrea'or, Ill. Hamilion, Alvin Dallas Hannah, David Dallas Gordon, Algerine Grace, Bill Arlinglon Greer, James Ferl Worlh Hagmann, Lee Dallas Hamilion, Charles Fur ' Wpwrlli Harberf, Freda lla Iln s Forl Worlli Gregory, Richard Dallas Hale, John Sfeafgovillc Hamilion, Chas. A. Fmrl VVM llw Hardesiy, Eddie Sviiillwlifflil 73 C L .,.,.,.,,E. W A S S ':::1 f 'A 'if 5 us: O F F I F T Y -G if i yr X 2 :S- el O N E Hardy, Dal Hargrove, Keilh Waco ForTWorll'1 Harris, Harold Harrison, Wanda Ferl Worlh l:orlWorll1 Hasfings, Carl Hausman, Duncanville W'll'am Dallas Headslream, Heard, Bobby Dawd Croclcell Snyder Hedrick, Charles Hefner, Glen Arlinqfon ForlWorll1 Por? Arms! Harris, Alberl ForlWorll1 Harlerrig, Roberf Forl Wo rllw Hawkins, Pauline Grand Prairie Heafherly, lnez Arlinqlon 5 Hempel, Vernon Galveslon 4 wi N. . 9 if Harris, Bob Irving Harlman, C. D ForlWorll1 Haylh, Mary Forl Worlh Healon, Jack Dallas Hendrix, M. J. Madisonville 74 12, , ,lliii z L b gill ' , V if ms vm' Wil . S enry, Frances :rl Worlh iles, Curlis 'allas obgood, Wm. allas oll, Carl url Worlh owell, Emory chland Sprinrxs Henry, John B. Dallas Hill, George Fcri Worlln Hodglcins, Roger Srfiilhlield Holi, Joe E. Forl Wr:i'lh Howell, J. W. Rfnil Oak .V ., 'H W5 , Q ,ff . N. ff., , P15 2 4 ,. 2 E... ..,. . F s. ':15s: :a:a .: ,V ff .M V- ik..-1 Henshaw, Virgil Pampa Hill, Howard Dauas Holcombe, Earl Dallas Hopkins, Don Forl Worlh Hoyler, Billy l,lfillu5 Hernandez, Anfonio Dallas Hill, Wm. F. Dal'as Holcombe, J. M. Crane Hopper, Bobby Dallas Huclieba, Hollis Dallas Herron, Wendell Dallas Hill, William Fort Worlh Holley, Barbara Grand Prairie Horn, G. W. ForlWorll1 Hull, William For' Wruvlh r 1 Hesfer, Wayne Tyler Hinds, Jimmy Fcrl VVorlh Hollingsworlh, Harold Dallas Horn, Roberf Forl WOl'll1 Hullell, Gaynell Fr:rilS an "'., sm., . X mf. Hicks, Herberl Dallas Hinkle, Jimmie Dallas Hollingsworlh, James Forl Worlh Hoselr, Jerry Grapevine Humphreys, L. l,'.i' . ::,,, 'I ,-1.L if . bk Qs wr 3, W Hicks, Sferling Medicine, Mound Hinlon, Naomi Forl Worlh Holloway, Jane Arlinglon Housman, Frani: Madisonville Husf, Carl ForlWf1rlli 75 C L A S S O F F I F T Y O N E Wl1dl'S+l19 sho+gun for "Rear?" The weddin'? 'Gif' 's if wif? K X ,.,,.,..,, , ' ' Hyer, Billy lnferranie, Franlc Iverson, Edmund Jacison, Jack l Dallas Dallas Bellon, Denlon Jacobs, Allene Jacob, Bill Jasper, Barbara Jaynes, Don ForlWorll1 Dallas Dallas Dallas Jeffery, Phillip Jeffrey, Ray Jenkins, B. J. Jenkins, Doyle Ferris Dallas Dallas Big Spring Jenkins, J. J. Jennings, Jipp, Jean Paul Jol1nson,Danie Kaulrnan Kennell' Ferl Worlli Caddo Mills Dallas Johnson. Neuman Johnsfon, Johnsion, Joe Jones, Johnny Woallierlord Charlene Dallas Forl Worllw Arlinqlon 76 x w li tml 'i Q Q 4 43,1 H 41 nes, Ray lcelon yres, Kaiye rf Worlh y, David llnm 'lnham, Gilberl lf,l1llnl"nllS ugford. Richard llas sr, 1 Jones, W. T. Snyder Kavanaugh, M lrvinq Key, T. C. Vi if Wiivlli Kirven, Ross llallns Langham, Bill Pxrlinqlon ary Jordan, Donald For? Wcrlh Kearley, John Dallas Killman, Gordon if rl Wi film Knighi, Edna Grand Prairie Lary, Belvin Ga iesville Joyner, Hagan Dallas Kelley, George Ca rrolion King, Charles living Konderla, Edward Sormrivillfe Laswell, Bobby For? Worlh Korn, Wm. T. Pod Huron, Mich. Kelly. Donald Dallas King, David Wi' him Pulls Kurzban, Milfon Arlinqlon Lawrence, Claude Harlingen Korn, Thomas Porl Huron, Mich. Kelly, Lora For? Worlh Kingston, Eric llfillns LaBarbera, Joe Dallas Lawrence, Richard lrvinq Korrasch, Don Dallas Kelley, Millon Arlinqlon Kinsey, Marvin Bffcllorcl Lamberf, Marfha Allanln Layne, Norman Arlinqlon Kosarelr, Frank Lnnis Kennedy, John R. For? Woriln Kinsolving,Jocele lkillas Lane, McCoy Forl Wrqr'll1 Leach, Roberl Arlingfon 77 C L A S S O F F I F T Y O N E Ou? of uniform-I0 rams!" 3 is f' W? iEgF::. ', f :ii 2 Efii f sb Lee, Herberf, Jr. Dallas Lewalien, Roberf Big Spring Lieb, Henry Furl Woi'll1 LiHig, Herman For? Worln Lomerson, Bob Shrewsbury, N. J. Lehde, Presfon N avasola Lewis, Ralph Dallas Lighfsey, Louis Moxia Lively, Roberf Mineral Wells Long, Clessie Dallas Lemons, Curfis Dallas Lee, George Ferl Worflw Lindsay, Roberf Brookside, N. J. Lobb, J. W. Forl Worlh Long, Leon Mineral Wells Lesfer, He Ennis TS Lee, Ray G. Gainseville Lin narfz, Norwin E. Boerne Logan, D. Jaclcsboro Lord, Rolli For? Wori chu S. n i1 73 I I J 4.,, EE. if 4 --11 E:"AQ -' 2::i 1 Q1f :-:fv ,M .,..:.. ,, to Y . lk' Xa.. ve, Lucille rf Worlh adden, Virginia rr Worlh ashlaurn, Thomas illas aflhews, Joe las :Connell, Ronald rr Worlh Loveclcy, Sfeve Dallas Malone, John Dallas Mason, Floyd lui" NViiill1 Mallhews, Phillip Diilrag McCord, John Fcrl Wnvrlh is i i i Lowe, Kennefh lylor Mankins, Joan Ferl Wnrlh Mason, Fred l' " Wiiiili May, Barbara Bl.7'35lQl7l McCormick, Roberl Dallas if an ai' i ,,.: E f vv kiwi' Luboiashy, Charlie Bellvile Manning, Wm. Dallas Mason, Ginny Lou Arlirizilfm Mayfield, Milne Rlirmff McCouley, Donald For' Worfh Lulon, Joan Ferl Worlh Marlowe, Bill Crane Mason, R. E. Miwmnl Wells Luiz, John For? Worlh Marsh, Roberf Dallas Massey, Hershal Grand Pmiie McBride, Peggy McCaig, Roberl For' Woillw Dallas Mccrackin, A, L. McDonald, Henry lrinidad Arlinqlcn Lynch, Donald Pallas Marlin, Bolo Dallas Mafhis, James F. Madiscnvill McCarfy, Henry Far' Worllw McDonald, John Gary, lndiana Lynch, Charles Slidell Marlin, Nancy Clclahoma Cily Malkin, Dan lrviiifi McClusl:ey, Wm Dallas McElhaney, Jim Corpus Chrisli 79 C L A S S O F F I F T Y O N E Here comes ihe band! F F ..:, a ::: .... 1 McElree, Bob McFarland, McGill, John McGrew,Ricl1q Galveslon Melvin Forl Worlh Dallas 3 Perl Arllwur l l McKay, Roberf McKeel'1an, McKeever, Reavis McKnigl'1i', , Mcfxuen Malcom Dallas Robeff l Cross Cul' Dallas McMillan, Beifye McMillan, Mefreyeon, Myers, Pafrici l Frir1Wrmrlli James E- James Fm! Worllx Dallas ForlWorll1 Miller, James D. Miller, Jame Miller, Margarei Miller, Palsy F0flWOfll1 Barslow F0rlWorll'1 Arlinqlon Mills, Billy Mills, David Milson, James Mings, Joe ForlWorll1 Dallas Dallas Dallas l 80 eh Q def' W . , . ,,,, QW don, James Mislrof, J. W. Monfague, Monlgomery, Monlgomery, Moody, Franlr Moore, Kenl las Dallas Lawrence J- C- Roberl Forl' Worlh Worlham Beaumonl Forl Worlh Fori Worlh ore, Donald Moore, Lloyd Moore, Roberl Morgan, Roberl Morris, Buddie Morris, Laura Lou Morris, Marion lWorll1 Forl Worlh Dallas Dallas La Marque Cisco Forl Worlh rrison, Dick Morriss, James Morrow, Gerald Moss, Herman Moulder, Mowrey, Charlie Mugge, Lee lWorlh Van Alslyne Arlinqlon Forl Worlh GaYla"'d Dallas Dallas Rio Vlsla rchison, Jerry Murphy, Homer Murray, David Muse, Beverly Musso, Anfhony Myers, Johnny Myriclr, R. W. squile Springfield. Arlington Arlinglon Dallas l-loneygrove Dallas Colorado yimann, Bill Neal, John Neffendorf, Roy Nelson, Louis Nesom, Eve Neumann, Louis Newlon, Dorolhy lWorll'u Dallas Kyle Dallas Dallas Hearne Dallas len Moore, Belly Dallas Morris, Winslon Dallas Munder, Charles Dallas Nance, James For? Worlh Newfon, Ernesl Grand Prairie sf V ' ,fag f if Q M 1 W Q gg Q x K g ff if A4 6 "" r , ff , gf ' 32? fi 3 ' ii S .va , as : . Nichols, Warren Weslaco Norman, Palsy Dallas Norlon, James Arlinqlon Oard, Eugene Dallas O'DeII, Charles Dainqerlield Nicholson, Jerry Nix, Edgar M. ForlWorll1 Fori Worih Norman, Peggy Norris, Earl Arlinqlon Nowell, Joan Dallas Ol:-erle, OHO Vail Worlli Odom, James Forl Worllm Nixon, Armo Fori Worlln Norfon, Adeli Arlinqlon Oakes, Rama Ferl Vlforllw O'Brien, Tom lfml Vvfvlilll Oehllce, Alvin Garland 82 wg GM e . 'Qt' Q 5 we I Iil E Xi . . ..... ..,.. ,.,. .... .H f - .-..........-.-. .-,. . ...........,.,. V am 'A Aa 'fx"i'i sf ,, .ir S .. 5- f s ,fh- a 6 Xa 3131. ':- 3 . 1 we l i? l s 2 H. 5 .mit wwf 'wftf' as . llar, Carl alias rlxer, David illas Hon, Viclor illas illips, Edwin rl Worlli ler, Randall rl Worlh Oller, Bill Arlinqlon Parlcer, Edward Dallas Payne, Howard Fail Worlll Phillips, Kennelh Arlinqlon Pohl, Jim Dallas Olsen, Richard Orr, Harry Tanawarida, N. Y, Forl Worlh Pafriclx, Gay llorl Won lh Pearce, Jack De-lroil Phillips, Tommy Poll VVorll1 Pollard, Shirley Dallas Pa Herson, Joy Valley Mills Peres, Johnny Palacios Pias, Conslance Dallas Porler, William Rochesler Oswald, Marlha Owens, Kennelh McGregor Pa++erson, Peggy Arlinqlon Perez, Manuel liorl Worlh Pike, Wendall Kaulman Posllelhwaiie, William Texa rlcana Forl Worlh Paflillos, R. A. Arlinglon Pelers, James Mineola Pingenol, Dorolhy Dallas Praler, Vinila Arlinqlon Pafford, Franlr Celina PaHon, Don Dallas Pelerson, Selma Ca na dia n Pinyan, Hollis Dallas Pralz, Richard Alice Paige, Roberl Dallas Paflcn, Jerry Arlinqlon Pelligrew, Bill Dallas Place, Harold Forl Worlh Prewill, Billy Dallas 83 C L A S S O F F I F T Y 0 N E Claire furnishes music rg, "' W5 an 4- ' Price, Bill Dallas Pridgeon, Tommy For? Worlh Purcell, Glenda Dallas Ranlrin, Jack Dallas Ray, Woodie Dallas Price, Emmil' Dallas Prince, Velma Farr Worlh Raclzley, John Dallas Ra per, Shirley Dallas Reed, Sherman Dallas Price, Gene Dallas Procfor, Jerry Dallas Ramsey, Morris Collinsville Ralcliff, Joan Forl Worfh Reese, Eugene Dallas Price, William Dallas Pulley, Sianley Forl Worlh Randol, Phil Dallas Ralferree, Dol Dallas Reeves, J. L. Dallas 84 S xy , I QV .. Q ,g , NW lilly, Nancy rl Worlh chardson, Joy rl' Worih arlr, Jeff linglon sser, Lauren linglon nders, Jean Ann lingfon mil 5 O I Renkel, Bill Forl Worlh Richardson, Jimmy Dallas Roberson, Wanda For? Worlh Rumph, Charles Waco Sa nders, Wesley Dallas Renshaw, Larry Rhome Riddle, Lawrence For? Worlh Roberlson, Joyce Ma lalcolf Ru ndell, Dan Forl Worlh Sanderson, Ida Mae Ferl Worlh Renshaw, L. W. Rhome Riddle, Thomas Pilol' Poinl' Robins, Rosemary Forl' Worlh Rufledge, Billie Forl Worlh Sansom, Neil Dallas Reynolds, Jack Forl Worlh Riley, Thomas Kingsville Robinson, Jimmie Dallas Sabo, Joann Dallas Scallorn, Billy Clebu rne Reynolds, Kennelh Forl Worlh Risenhoover, Buck Childress Robison, Mary Forl Worlh Salmon, Joe Dallas Schniederian, Louis Gainesville Rhineforf, Ben For? Worlh Rilchie, Ernesl Dallas Rogers, Malcolm Dallas Salmon, Raymond Nocona Schramm, Dorolhy Dallas Richard, Joe Dallas Roark, B. J. Grand Prairie Rogers, R. H. Forl Worih Sanders, Herberl Dallas Schuler, Ril T. Dallas 85 C L A S S O F F I F T Y O N E The Avolonles rush W5 . W rw- ::--,., Schullz, Charles Schwarlz, Charles Scolf, Jere ScoH, Ted Forl Worlh Dallas Dallas Dallas SCOH. William Sears, Bobby Seale, Russell Seely, Peggy Ardmore, Rockwell Ferl Worlh Rockwell Qlclahoma Sellers, Harry Sexlon, Darrell Sherman. Ronnie Shores. Mary LI Forl Worlh Arlinglon Dallas Dallas Silman, Alford Simmers. B. J. Simnilf. Max Simm0f1S. JOB Dallas Azle Garland Dallas Simons, Milam Simpson, Joe Sims, Gwyn Sillon, Charles Perl Ldvaua Spur Grand Prfsiric Forl Wol'll1 86 si aylon, Lloyd uri VVorlh nifh, Edward allas nilh, Roberl' L. oody huiherland, Naomi allas 'a nfield, Gwendol 'inidad ss x ,iii-.., .... , ..., : gg, x ... .,... , . as H Si is '5:,:w:1Ql1HM .2 .5I,:I::asaa:- " ' if ri Sledge, Bob Dallas Smiih, Ervin Dallas Smilh, Wiihers Dallas Spaulding, William Mansfield Sla nford, Paul Ca ii lon Smelley, Richard Forl Worlh Smilh, Jo Anne Arlinglon Snipes, Fred Decalu r Spencer, Dan Grand Prairie Sl. Clair, Roberl Ferl Worth Smilh, David Dallas Smifh, Joe E Dallas Somers, Ray Smilh, David Dallas Smilh, Lloyd Dallas Sonner, Fra nl: Huffman Dallas Spencer. Louie Spicer, John D. Dallas Joshua Slephens, Davie Sfephens, Dallas D0'0ll1Y Grand Prairie Smilh, Don Dallas Smilh, Marilyn Arlinqlon Sorrels, Charles Dallas Sfeadman, Norman Dallas giephens, Marlene Dallas ip. Qi Smilh, Don E. Galvesion Smifh, Paul D. Midland Soulh, Mary Ann Ferl Worlh Slafford, William Wills Poini Slephens, Olin Arlinqlori Smifh, Earl Los Angeles, California Smilh, Ray Dallas Soulherla nd, Don Forl Worlh Slanfield, Charles Grand Prairie Slepp, Rufus Dallas 87 C L A S S O F F I F T Y O N E Prelfy, ain'1' fhey? in is-1 s,?a0"""' Sievenson, Thomas A. Forl Worlh Sfillman, Shirley Dallas Slorlc, Phillip Arlinglon Slubblefield, Hal Dallas Swain, Richard Forl Worlh F Slevenson, Roberf Dallas Slinson, Clarence Forl Worlh Slreef, David Forl Worlh Slurch, George Dallas Swafford, Bill Arlinqlon Slewa rl, Willard Forl Worlh Slinson, James Dallas Sfreefman, Paul Dallas Sfurch, Jack Dallas Taliaferro, Landon Dallas Sfill, Pal Dallas Sfoneham, Waller Dallas Slroup, Billy Blue Ridge Sumner, Thomas Forf Worlh Tandy, Gordon For? Worlh 88 45,1 a Q law if 'X ew? Z 'gig I' we 2 . 5 Y E, 1 nner, Bobby Tawaler, Cleo Taylor, Alberi' Terrell, Jaclr Thomas, James Thomas, Phillip Thompson, 'and Prairie Fori Worfh Irving Waco Corpus Chrisli Joshua M'l'e R' Arlingfo 1 pmpson, Thornlcn, Tipps, James Toler, Neal Tomczalr, Tompkins, Jimmy Towson, G. D. heodore D0"oll'Y Mansfield Forl'Wor1h Kennell' Arlinglon Ma bank llas Arlingfon Dallas iylor, William Trimm, Glenn Trimmier, Roberi Tresp, Nancy Trui'H, Pai' Truver, Arihur Tryon, William ri Lavaca Dallas Arlingion Dallas Grand Prairie Mansfield Forl' Worfh gzker, Neal Turner, Lewis Turner, Ted Ulley, Mary Vacula, Edward Valelc, Edward Vance, Ben P. lingion Dallas For? Worlh Forl' Worih Fori' Worlh Dallas Dallas ughan, George Velasco, William Venfurine, Voyles, Jean Wade, John Walker, Don Wallrer, N. C. iga Dallas Warren Anlelope Grand Prairie Mounf Pleasanl Wheeler Arlingion Thompson, Roy Arlingion Tarwiclr, Billy Coleman Tuclcer, Don Dallas Vaughan, Joe Bowie Walker, Phelps Dallas 89 C L A S s r , , , , h h P :,ff': y 2 , ,, , , O 1 F ,A,:. I F fa I Q f F T Y O N E Ward, Lela Warren, J. W. Pampa Dallas Wallcins, Harold Walkins, Pai Forl Worlh Arlinglon Webb, Ray Webb, Roberf Goldlhwaile Forl Worlh Wencll, Thomas Wenger. John Dallas Dallas Wesf, William Wesllalce, Diclc The OD Dallas Washinglon, Sue Walkins, Edwar Forr Worlh Dallas Walkins, Roberi Wea+herall, Grand Prairie Mark Odessa Weddle, John Welch, Reber? Arlinglon Lake Jackson Werchan, Wilmer Wesl, Roberf Taylor Keller Wheelis, Wallcins Whilalxer, Franklin, Charles Louisiana Wcslon 90 is V W ,A w gk! 5, ". ,,::Q .... l 'hiie, Charles allas lhifley, James lrl Worih l 'illiams, Jimmy url Worlh 'ilson, Virgil :scoe lomacix, Jerry irl Wmrlli While, Clarlr Dallas Whiie, Francis Dallas Whiison, John. . Wigzell, Jimmy Forl Worih Denison Williams, Onena Williams ,Roberf Grand Prairie Wimberly, Robert Dallas Womack, John Quariah Jefferson Winclell, Oranci Memphis Womaclx, Richard l'orl Worlli H, I ,, While, Jamcs Dallas Wiles, Gloria Forl Worlh Williams, Virg Los Angeles, California Wisdom, Paul Dallas Wood, Harva Dallas While, John Dallas Wilbur, Harry Dallas il Willoughby, Don Jourdanlon Wise, Clyde Y Swag While, Warren Dallas Wilburn, Don Dennison Wilson, E. K. Dallas Wise, Gerald Forl Worlh Dallas Woociall, James Wooley, Robcri Ilaly lfirl Wqvlrlli Whiiehead, Gavin Dallas Wilhiie, W. D. Dallas Wilson, Johnie Gainesville Wolfenberger, Boone Wealhorlord Womaclc, Jimmy Jcllcrscin ,Qfsss . ,' :':'iii iii J gg Q l S l " iii Whileside, Hugh Grapevine Williams, Jerry Waco Wilson, Palsy Forl Worlh Womack, Helen For-riS Wrighi, Rolucri Axle 9 I Wrigl1+, William Wrinkle, Winsfon Yaies, John Young, David Young, Jackie Youngblood Joe Zefzsche Roberf Golden Sprinqlown Dalles Dallas For? Worllw lrvinq Bowie cg , P A4 QQ i Qs Q 4 GR .2 MAJOR A X , in X ll .7 l ' i ,- A -We sncmzemuc, ll 1 , El U llll fi ART MAJOR MAJQR 'ffl Q, Y -f 'I 1 il lla 5 1 ev I IT COLONEL EDGAR H. KELTNER Colonel KelTner's proved apiliTy as a capable leader has, as in The pasT made The ArlingTon STaTe College CadeT Corps one oT The ouTsTanding RCTC uniTs in The naTion. Colonel KelTner has received many oT The Army's awards. Two oT These are The DisTing- uished Service Cross and The Legion oT lVleriT. The Colonel's personaliTy and abiliTy have made him one oT The mosT respecTed and popular men on The campus. 94 CAPTAIN JOHN N. MMDONALD LT. COLONEL THURMOND WALTERS DEPARTMENT STAFF Kodwli, L+.Col.WaI1e-rs, Col. Kellner, Capf. MacDonald, Iv1fSqf.Gambii, MfSqf. Price, MfSq+. Wesson, MXSQL Babln, MfSq!.WindT1am T, Velesky, SFC Van Keuren 95 FirsT and Second BaTTalion commanders, Paul lvlansTield and Jerry Jackson, are Two oT The ouTsTanding CadeT oTTicers oT The year. Paul was elecTed a TavoriTe This year, and has been ouTsTanding in The worlc of The CCA and on The campus. Jerry hails Trorn WeaTherTord and is manager oT Davis Hall. Jerry was elecTed presi- de-nT oT The KKK and King lasT year. - - - w-Y REGIMENTAL COMMANDER CADET COLONEL DAN LOVE Showing ouTsTanding leader- ship in The CadeT Corps and on The campus, Dan Love was promoTed To The posiTion oT CadeT Colonel in SepTember l94-9. Dan came To ASC in l947 Trom Dallas, and has been acTive boTh in The CadeT Corps and in The Speech De- parTmenT. 4 M ' 3? ,WK XL Vigil ix - TE , ii? 4 .vfifzsu , . K T ,' V If E. . .Eg wx i. x gags ggi: Q3 , - Y FIRST BATTALIUN FIRST BATTALION COMMANDER CADET LT COL PAULJ MANSFIELD Yr Q0 1, 9 M 's I FIRST BATTALION STAFF CADET LT. COL. PAUL MANSFIELD Baffalion Commander CADET LT. JACK GORMAN Baffalion Adiufani SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS CADET MAJOR RAY LYON Baffalion Commander CADET MAJOR TOM STEVENSON Baffalion Execu+ive 9 COMPANY A CADET CAPT. BUDDY J. CHOAT Company Commander A 1 M U I WF 3 5 K, U C will! I u X JN CADET ISTISGT. CLARK G. WHITE Company Sergeanf FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Isl Sqd. Moon, lvloler, Newby, Hanes Blaclferby, Edwards, Yarborough Nelson, Housman, Coyle, Deaver Beadle, Nicalell, Joyce 2nd, Sqcl, Prall, Trueloye, Binlord La Barhera, Fairless, Womack, Keilh Tanner, Borhringer 3rd Sqcl. Shipman, Wise, Lewallen Filzqerald, Hollinqsworlh, Dollar Albrighl, Pully, Joyner, Sonner SECON D PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Sqd. Brown, Powers, Holl, Jipp Seard, lvlcKeehan, Salmon, Prince Campbell, Roarlc, Haqnlann Qncl. Sold. Riddle, Hollinqsworlh, Bel- lows, Freeman, Lowe, Eikenburq Grarnmer, Reenes 3rd, Sqcl . lvlallhews, McFarland Mashburn, Alford, Bell, Huclceba Srnilh, Sl. Clair TH I RD PLATOON ROSTER Isl Sod. Harris, Adams, Lawson Greenway, Hollis, Dunnam, Slanlield Nichols, Howard, Henderson, Bennell Holl, Still, Willoughby Znd. Sqd. Ollar, Clarlc, Coolcsey, Kon- derla, Jordan, McDonald, Sloneharn Allnoch, lvlills, Phillips 3rd. Sclcl. McBride, Owens, Place Scallorn, Daniel, McGill, Chrislianson Cramer, Cale COMPANY B CADET CAPTAIN RAY LYON Company Commander , W. tfgggffif M Lf, VQ gf Il I' CADET ISTISGT. BILLY HUGHES Company Sergeanf IOI ,, W., ang f 5 yf xgjf MRS 2 ff -V fm ', 5 -ikgjw ag 5 S at ' ,Q 2 it 65 S 'M wx ,4'w..mWs::wX3,,i,,.A Www wma COMPANY C XX CADET CAPTAIN MARVIN OTTINGER Company Commander WL J! xg!!! ffij' Zan CADET ISTfSGT. HAROLD F. CURTIS Company Sergeanf we Y, 4 1 x Q E161 Q, UV wr gfff?Y' "' l?'t?' ? , , 4 , 1 Q3 , , a ' 3 ' 2 ggSsm0EM?"'S1i if New 4 1 A 12525522 , W vhZ'lfX'7ffc:wQf ig, 4,32 Wfi SECOND BATTALIUN Z 1 SECOND BATTALION COMMANDER CADET LT. COL. JERRY J. JACKSON 1 1 if N I I ' J lb y Q Z, 74123 .N ,gif .EW 5 4? ig., ,. IO5 CADET CADET SECOND BATTALION STAFF LT. COL. JERRY JACKSON BaHalion Commander CAPTAIN JAMES MCGINN Baffalion Execufive SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS CADET MAJOR BASIL xERos BaHalion Commander CADET CAPT. ROSS BRUCE Baffalion Execufive r IO6 COMPANY E CADET CAPTAIN WAYNE HIGGS Company Commander 1- M 1 gf 1 Q . CADET ISTfSGT. ELVIS CULTON Company Sergeanf wg x, Q 1 w I , FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Sqd. Beckler, Marlin, Collins, Bowden, l-leadslrearn, Clillon, Harris, Taylor, Slreef, Hobqood, Dempsey, Berry, Mounce 2nd, Sqd. King, Blackslone, Slanlord, Chandler, Howell, Hicks, Brown, Vacula 3rd, Sqd, Lolob, Sarnmons, Tryon, Bagby, Clark, Jones, Sexfon, Caskey SECOND PLATOON ROSTER lsl Sod. Armour, Grimrnell, Graves, Mason, Cromer, Moody. Slurch, Collins, Hardisly, Dodson, l'lill, Simms, Walls 2nd, Sqd. Dudley, Cason, Perkins, Beerrnan, Price, Milson, Jones, Jeffers, Spenser 3rd, Sqd. l-larnillon, Cramer, Mislrol, Davis, Blounl, l-lill, Block, McCauley, Payne THIRD PLATOON ROSTER lsr. Sqd. Goodwin, Roberlson, Hen- drick, Mason, Gregory, Richards, Wenl, Ashworlh, Harris, Srni+h, Schulls, Laza, Conner 2nd, Sqd. Morris, Anderson, Welch McCluskey, Albrillon, Becker, Malll hews, Wilcox, Lord 3rd. Sqd. Jacob, Duke, Eskew, Schell Fuller, Jenkins, Sansom, Mowrey Carler COMPANY F CADET CAPTAIN DAVID HEALY Company Commander Xuvi I3 m L Q Q? S 8 . , 0 2. 0 ' I v A JP CADET ISTfSGT. ALVIN O. HALL Company Sergeanf FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Scid. Bruce, Laznoyslcy, Berry, Gwin, Harris, While, Werchan, Taylor, Thompson, Norfon, Vlfeddle, Bieendorl, Vfren, Robinson 2nd, Sqd. Pelers, Miller, Crawford, Wesl, Vance, Coals, Wallcins, Hinds 3rd. Sqd. Majors, Wayne, Fisher, Roqers, Sfeadrnan, Jeffrey, Valek, Srnilh,Yales SECOND PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Sold. Bliich, Buriord, Jaynes, Thomas, Boaz, Wallcer, Manly, Haynes, Cramer, Esles, Duncan, Tanner 2nd, Sqd. Musso, Nix, Rosser, Taler, McLean, Johnson, Childress, Kelleli 3rd, Sqd. Feris, Cowan, Slalon, Rhine- Torl, Humphreys, Claclc, Hiles TH I RD PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Soicl. Richey, While, Schwarz, Husl, Rankin, Corder, lnlerranie, Burlcell, Srnifh, Robinson, Hyer, How- ard 2nd, Sad, Bradley, Gardner, Jackson, Karrasch, Reynolds. Nance, Thompson, Parr 3rd. Sqd. Crenshaw, Lewis, Key, Mc- Cord, Buie, Gale, Kinsey, Holcombe, Blanlon IIO COMPANY G CADET CAPTAIN JAMES T. MATHIS Company Commander I, ll - .1 fa H w A E 1 F V4 fe 49 5 CADET ISTlSGT. DANNY HITT Company Sergean+ FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Sqd. Dossey, Keen, Burnell, While son, Price, Fellbaum, Kurzban, Moore Chambers, Paffillos, Kirven Qnd. Sqd. While, Miller, Anderson, Slurclw, Sullnerland, Goodman, Jenkins 3rd, Sod. Pearcy, Truyer, Sorrels, Bray, Croucln, Sullon, Snrader SECON D PLATOON ROSTER lsl. Sold. Neace, Moore, Taylor, Mc- Graw, Clack, Hadley, Carpenfer, Oakes, Slwuman, MCC-Euire, Hudson Qnd. Sqd. Hosek, Caraway, Long, Peres, Belknap, Proclor, Reid, Pearce, Calverl 3rd, Sad. Crenslnaw, Malkin, Hen- slnaw, Oard, Buckinqlnam, Oelnlke, Wriqlnf, Woodall TH I RD PLATOON ROSTER Isl Sqd, De La Torre, Bookoul, Smyllw Hudnall, Klernm, Jones, Flowe, Logan, Slwankles, Siem, Scofl, Wrinkle, Tabor Znd. Sqd. Slielfon, Lesler, Zefzsclwe, Hummel, Dubuis, Black, Slack, Simmiil, Sloan 3rd, Sad. Muril, Bulls, Wilson, Rid- dlo, Snipes, Morgan, Reed, Jackson, Logan Il2 THIRD BATTALIUN M4- THIRD BATTALION STAFF CADET IST LT. GEORGE ELLIOTT BaH'aIIon Adiufanf CADET LT. COL. ROBERT FAULK BaHaIIon Commander CADET MAJOR CORAL GILLHAM BaHaIion Execufive SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS CADET CAPTAIN GEORGE ELLIOTT Ba4H'aIIon Execufive CADET MAJOR JACK CHOAT Ba+'IaIion Commander I I COMPANY I CADET CAPTAIN BASIL XEROS Company Commander I oo f, I K o 0 'mu uflg' O 0 , IVE , ,. Ml, X I B if X I - u nl- W' 'Q' Jn 9 A 7? 'I CADET ISTXSGT. RALPH VILLALOBOS Company Sergeanf FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Isl Scld. Bruner, Pennal, Reed, Pilson, Croclcefl, l-lall, Boyles, Brillain, Gom- er, Laswell, Caddy, Turner, Smilh 2nd Sqd. Naumanm, Wilbur, Riley Sfroup, Sfinson, Dolkos, Slinson Bowles, Wlwileside 3rcl. Sqd. Cowan, Trirnmier, Wenger Warren, Murray, Taylor, Dierlce, Hodq- lcins, While SECOND PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Sqd. Nelson, Warlen, Tinlc, O'DelI McKay, Ealwearl, Crick, MacDonald Mings, Cox, Tiellolw, McCleese, Robin- SOVT 2nd, Sqd. Bell, Kelly, Hammrink Yeaqer, Heard, Hamillon, Moore Clary 3rd, Sqd. Cumminqs, Garrell, Swaien Wilson, Bodiford, Dolarbide, llamil lon, Corley, Moore. THIRD PLATOON ROSTER Isl. Sqd. Jay, Baines, Mcfxmis, Lane lvlallnis, Bridge, Conlin, Mc,Keever lvluirhead, Langford, Piper, Golden Turner 2nd, Sqd. lv1cCaig, Brummel, Summers Rogers, Payne, McKee, Leach, Chap man, Layne, Badge-H 3rd. Sqd. Pohl, Franlcs, Bealcey, Can? rell, O'Brien, Slreelman, Simpson Summer, Aufin COMPANY K CADET CAPTAIN HARRY BATES Company Commander CADET ISTISGT. BELLY PARKER Company Sergeanf FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Tsf. Sod. Griqos, Ehworfh, Nucldes We5?iake, Johns, Neffendorf, Ard Morris, Ramsey, Turner, Arqus, Fer- reira. Brown Qnd. Sqd. Byrnes, Rf1Uerre, Schroeder Rney, Lee, Carr, Shea, Toone 3rd, Sod. Reeves, Hempeh Kehey Renkeh Carrer, Davis, Lawrence WO51fhs2v'rrfT, Huh SECOND PLATOON ROSTER Tar. Sqd. Tern, Srepp, Pahrn, Ealrrnan Wesf, Wlsfz, Barra, Lend, Cavahauqh Sn1Trh,BeasTey Marninr' Young 2nd, Sqd. MCCQT41 Bvurnrnci Sum rners, Rogers, Payne McKee Leach Chapman, Layne, Bargqeir 3rd, Sod, Shader, Uiukerson, Howeh Riswnhnover, Mihor, MrCnr?y, Bryan Rwqers THIRD PLATOON ROSTER lsr. Sod. Harrscn, Hopper, Wlffer MacDonald, MacDonald, Corley Womack, Prewirf, Klrlfham, Wihiarns DeMo5s, Tudor Znd. Sqd. RICIQQHS, Faulcenbcrry, Smith Thompson, Renshaw, Berry, Wilhiic Paiqc Yrd. Sqd. Ch-mek, Cain, Lanqharn Parish, Benie, Brown, Bnbrey, Bush- neh, Amis COMPANY L oo T' P CHEM AB lun. W , QQ H ,ig Fr. s C- ,. 9 . Q 4 , 4' Wm fs Pig, j fl' JB " Q CADET ISTJLT. THOMAS A. STEVENSON CADET ISTJSGT. ALVIN H. SINCLAIR Company Sergeanf Company Commander ,N . A iw 5 v 1 ' 3 3 3 g- , Y . 5 1 3 z aw , Mm 70336 f.?48!5o??mAN5? ., :S W X2 Mzmw w 'W Sf' - J ' ' BAND COMPANY f 5 m CADET MAJOR FREDERICK FOEH RIFLE TEAM ROSTER lsl. Sqd. MfSqr. Van Keuren, Conlin, Dunlon, Reed, Hamilfon, Grammar Znd. Sqd. Kearley, Boyd, Jay, Diclc, Hill, Buclcman, Pallon 3rd. Sqd. Harris, Bruce, Lyon, Slavon- son, Naumann, Burlord, Crenshaw. Price The rifle leam coached by Sergeanl' Van Keuren has compe+ed and emerged viclorious in malches wifh leams from all over The riafiori. Serqoanl Van Keurenls compefilive leam consisls of Tom Slevenson, Bill Price, Charles Hamillon, Ray Lyon. Leonard Bruce, and Richard Harris. l22 Firsl Squad Xeros Hall Torn Jay Crenslwaw DeMoss Nelson Healy Jacob Harwell Smillw Jackson Mallnis SAM HOUSTON RIF ROSTER Second Squad Bruce Cooles Powers Mansfield Pilson I-lulli Ragsdale Beclcler Ellioll Ollinger Robinson Third Squad Ray Sinclair Hiqginbollwarn Turner Blilclw Wallcins While Grossman Ferreira Beadle LES Fourllw Squad Ricliey Faullq Cl1oal Sanders Young GOFTTIGU Brown Newby Q'Neal Kriiglnl Wlwile LIEUTENANT FRED KOCHLI Sam I-Iouslon Sponsor CADET CAPTAIN BASIL XEROS Rifles Caplain Tlwe Sam lrlouslon Rifles under llwe direclion ol Ll. Fred Koclwli have done rnuclw lo help give Arlinqlon Slale College Ilme good name il now l'ias. Tlwey are our goodwill ambassadors. Eacli spring llwe Rifles go lo San Anlonio for llie Ballle of Flowers. Ollier aclivilies for llwe year incuded a parade al llwe Rose Fesliyal in Tyler and numerous parades in nearby cilies. The Iirsl scrnesler naolain ol llwe Rilles was Basil Xeros, and Ilwe second senweslor caplain was Jack Gorman. I23 Cade Cade Cade Cade Cade Cad Mafor Mc L+. Col. Giilh Maier Cocles, Maier Higgs, Maior Offin Capfain Miller Gin SECOND SEMESTER REGIMENTAL COMMANDER CADET LT. COL. CORAL E. GILLHAM SECOND SEMESTER REGIMENTAL STAFF SECOND SEMESTER CAPTAINS Miller, Bruner, Ellioli, Moon, Healy. Barker, Brure, Bullock, Gorman, De La Torre SECOND SEMESTER SECOND LIEUTENANTS Barreil, Cullon, King, McCaiq, Hall, While, Smilh, Pasche, Huih, Hill, De Moss, Malloy, Roberson, Harwell, Brown,Willouqhl3y, Hall, Curlis, Brown, Hosek SECOND SEMESTER FIRST LIEUTENANTS Neace, Brown, Bull, Happel, Robin- son, Wilkinson, Hughes, Ray, Blilch, Richey, Robinson, Griqqs, Jay, Hig- qinbolham, Turner, Turner, Harris, Tom, Sinclair I25 A Square Deal and Honest John Jusi a fif! And now +he diriy work axWW""L 59' rg 1,1550 1 ' CQWQXV - 4,241 J 6 4 W 4 JH ATHLETI ww AssisTanT Coach Tinlcer, Head Coach, J. 6. "KlepTo" Holmes, and Line Coach Burley L. Bearden ASC AThleTic Direclors are J, G. "KlepTo" Holmes, T. J. Tinker, and B. L. Bearden Head TooTball coach, J. G. Holmes, graduaTed Trom Alamo HeighTs High School in San Anlonio in l92l and The nexT year enTered ASC, Then NTAC. Here he was a TooTball sTar unTil his graduaTion in I924. He Then wenT To Texas A 81 lvl and was graduaTed Trom There in l927. In i927 "KlepTo" was an All-Comierence guard. During his career Coach Holmes has coached aT several high schools and was line coach aT A 8: lvl Tor Tour years beTore he came here in l935, BaslceTloall, Traclc, and assisTanT TooTball coach, T. J. Tinlcer received his coaching abiliTy Trom experience wiTh one oT TSC or JTAC's Teams, where he made a good record. ATTer graduaTion from A 81 lvl in l94O, he came To ASC To coach. He served here Three years and The Navy Three years, reTurning here in l945. ln I946 Line Coach B. L. Bearden OT Grand Prairie came To ASC as assisTanT To Coach Holmes. "Burley" received his TooTball experience aT TriniTy UniversiTy in San AnTonio. Before enTering The Army Coach Bearden coached aT Grand Prairie where he made an ouTsTanding record. ALL CONFERENCE Charlie Qualls, Cenfer Hillsboro Charles Qualls, a I95 pound Ali Conference cenler from Hillslooro, has wade a good name for hirnsell al xSC. Charlie was The oulslanding cenler '1l'l'1G conference and his excellenl all- round play won him Jrhis honor. Charlie is now aliending NTSC al Jenlon. THE BLUE RIDERS OF I 29 A 3 Co-Capfain Charlie Qualls, cenfer Hillsboro CARSWELL AIR FIELD BOMBERS The Blue Riders won Their TirsT game oT The season, downing The Carswell Air Field Bombers, 20-I6, in a muddy baTTle on The Bombers home Tield. Carswell Toolc a 2-O lead in The TirsT Tive minuTes oT play on a saTeTy, buT The Riders came back in The second period and pushed over Two Touchdowns. A Bill Burklow To ErnesT Thompson pass puT The ball on The one yard line and righT halfback AlberT Byrnes bulled his way over Tor The TirsT Touchdown. Billy PrewiTT lciclced The exTra poinT. Byrnes scored again in The period on a I2-yard pass play To puT The ArlingTon STaTe eleven ahead I3-2 aT halTTime. Fullbaclc S. T. Bridges scored and PrewiTT converTed in The Third period puTTing The Riders ahead, 20-2. The Bombers came back in The TourTh quarTer wifh Two Touchdowns, buT when The Tinal gun sounded iT was a Rider vicTory, 20-lb. Tarlefon Receives The Silver Bugle Co-Capfain Frank Graves, Halfback, McKinney EAST TEXAS FRESHMEN The Blue Riders fool: a 7-I8 loss ai' +he hands of +he Easi' Texas Frosh in fheir second game of +he season. The Riders began fheir fouchdown drive on fheir own 28 and marched 78 yards in ien plays fo pay dir'I'. Frank Graves personally accounfed for 48 yards on fhe fouchdown drive. Alberi' Byrnes iurned in a 48 yard gallop and Charles Conners and Johnny Goodwin cleared a big hole for Graves io wade ihrough for a iouchdown. Billy PrewiH' splii' 'I'he uprighrs for fhe exira poinf. Derald Kelle'H, Halfbaclc, W. H. Riley, End, George SuHon, End Grand Prairie Grand Prairie Dallas Kilgore loses ihree Bill Burlclow, Quar+erback, Forl Worih Galvesfon Dallas V. J. Higgins, Guard, Johnny Goodwin, Tackle, HENDERSON CARDINALS The Henderson used lheir speedy "T" iornnaiion lo advanl- age To pound oui a well-earned I3-O win over lhe Blue Riders Alhens. Frank Graves and Alberi Byrnes, halibaclcs, accounied for mosl of ihe Riders yardage. Graves piclced up 3I yardsrunning and gained anoiher 65 receiving Bill Burlclow's passes. Byrnes gel I8 on lwo passes and picked up 50 on The ground, Burlclow accounied 'lor IO2 yards wiih his deadly passing. LAMAR CARDINALS The Riders look a lough deleal lrom lhe Lamar Cardinals, 50-6 in a royal mud-ballle al Beaumonl. The A r l i n g l o n Slale eleven couldn'l gel slarled in lhe almosl anlcle deep mud, which lhe Cards ran wild in, The lone Rider louchdown came aller Derald Kellell recovered a Lamar lumlole on lheir 35 and slarled lhe march. Graves and Byrnes allernaled hilling lor shorl chunks down lo lhe lhree. Graves slipped over cenler lo pay dirl. Charles Connors, Ernesl Thomp- son, V. J. Higgins, Charlie Qualls, and Gordon Jones played good delensive ball lor lhe Riders. Lloyd Evans Tackle Grand Pralrle Charles Conner, Tackle Dallas And anolher Ranger hil lhe dirl R E Mason Fullback Mineral Wells Ernesi' Thompson, End Dallas George Parr, Tackle Arlingion KILGORE The Blue Riders gave Jrhe de- fending champion Kilgore eleven a bilier baffle before bowing 33-7. The Riders balfered ihe Ranger eleven To a siandsfill lhe lirsi half, buf were unable To lceep up lheir pace againsl 'rhe powerful reserve sire-ngih of Kilgore 'fhe lasl half. The Riders scored iirsl, early in lhe lirsl quarler. Bill Burlclow sl'ar+- ed The drive from his own 28 yard line. He pirched 'rwo passes, one To Alberl Byrnes, and lhe oiher To Ernesl' Thompson on The I yard line. Frank Graves plowed over behind Charles Qualls and Charlie Conner for Jrhe score. Bill Prewili kicked The ex+ra poinl. Afier Ar- ling+on's score il' was Kilgore's game. Alberf Byrnes, Halfback Lon McDonald, Guard Dick Selman, End San Anfonio Merkel Irving SCHRHNER lvlalqinq numerous vain alfempls To come from behind in The lasl period ol play The Blue Riders were Torced To bow To The Schreiner Mounlaineers, 19-O, in a game play- ed in a cold misly rain in Kerrville. Allnerr Byrnes, Billy Hughes, and l.aVelle Thomas shined for The Riders on oiclense while Johnny Goodwin and Charlie Conner slood our on deliense in The line. TYLER The Riders losl a ol-O ballle fo The Tyler Apaches aTler a hard Touqhl' Tirsl hall. The Tyler eleven exploded in The lasl hall scoring 48 poinls. Responsible Tor holding Tyler in The Tirsl' hall were Charles Qualls, George Sullon, Johnny Goodwin, V. J. l-liqgins, Bill Cochran, and Derald Kellerr, who ollen was The only man belween Tyler and The goal line. Joe Simpson, Quarlerback, Q Spur T ' --' Q e ::: .-.. ' ,I F, 3 I s is . A Iiiiii ' "" fwg E H MWr i""" 'rrz aw :II , g agged 6 is ,dcwiip N Q . , c iv x MQW ..... x V :::: W, , KK a :---- i -:- X95 End of The Hne Ro ber+ Shrader, Cen+er DaHas Newman Pearcy, End, DaHas Connie Dierlce, Halfbaclc, Kingsville Sfop Thai pass! Herberi' Dokey, Guard, Mineola LaVeIIe Thomas, Halfbaclc, Fori' WorTh SAN ANGELO RAMS The Blue Riders wenT down in deTeaT aTTer a sTubborn IoaTTIe which saw The San Angelo Rams emerge wiTh a 28-7 vicTory. The Riders score came in The Third guarTer. Taking The ball on The I5 yard line, KeIIeTT and Graves aITernaTed in geTTing yard- age and TirsT downs. Bill Burlqlow Took To The air, hiTTing KeIIeTT wiTh a I3 yarder To San AngeIo's 25. Then George SuTTon hauled in anoTher Burlqlow pass To The IO. The pay OIT came a Tew plays IaTer wiTh Burlclow passing To SuTTon compIeTe in The end zone. BIII PrewiTT con- verTeCI. PARIS DRAGONS A hard rain The second quarTer spoiled a Tancy homecoming, an ArIingTon STaTe Corps Trip, and a TooTIoaII game Tor The Blue Riders. The Paris Dragons scored beTore The rain on a Tumble and ThaT was all oT The scoring. The resT oT The game was spenT wiTh each Iino bending back and TorTh. The block- ing on IooTh sides was vicious. BoTh were hiTTing hard, Iow, and Tor Iceeps. TARLETON S T A T E Gordon Jones, Halfback, TarleTon STaTe won iTs TirsT game since l94l Trom The TighTing Blue Riders, 26-O. IT was The second Time in nine years ThaT The Plow- boys have received The coveTed Silver Bugle. Frank Graves, Rider Co-CapTain, had The unpleasanT duTy of presenTinq The bugle To Plowboy co-capTain, Jim Grey, in a brieT ceremony Tollowing The end oT The game. The win puT The Plowboys ahead in The TwenTy-Three year old rivalry loeTween The Two schools, Ten vicTories To nine. San AugusTine WaTch him run Billy Hughes, Fullback Arlingfon Froni' Row: Sianley Pulley, Max Gorman, Bill Wiiler, Jimmy Broyles. Danny Deaver, Bob Marlin: Second Row: Charles Bunn, Pa? Carroll, Joe Simpson, Charles Lynch, Sianford While, Jim Richardson: Third Row: Coach Tinker, Jim Daniels, Russell ScoH', Eddy Gale, Ray Houpi, Jaclc Srniihers, Billy Rolaeris, Pop Mafiock. i950 SQUAD Leiiermen named for 'rhe I95O season were: Sianley Pulley, Max Gorman, Bill Wilier, Jimmy Broyles, Bob Mariin, Charles Bunn, Pai Carroll, Joe Simpson, Charles Lynch, Sianford While, and Jim Richardson. Bill Wifier was +he high poini scorer 'For Jrhe second siraiqhl season. - ' f Q Q i i O JP 62-- BASKETBALL Jimmy Broyles For? Worfh Pai' Carroll Navasofa Max Gorman Dallas And fwo more go 'Phrough 'l'l1e hoop S'I'anley Pulley For+ Worfh Bunn lays one up Bob Marfin Dallas Danny Deaver Bowie Simpson goes high WiHer makes fwo Joe Simpson Spur Sianforci Whi+e Bowie Bill Wiffer Missouri There if goes! Richardson lays one up Charles Bunn Dallas Charles Lynch Slidell BASKETBALL Coach linker was high ln pralse ol his l95O squad, comollmemllnq Them on lhelr lallhlul worlc and ex- Cellenl spirll, Prospecls for I95l are very brighl and a championship learn ls expeclecl. My 'f F I N E A lzalher Vinnie Clarence John Whilney, ,, Harlan , , Cora ,Y,,,,,, Mary ,,Y,,,,,, , , Rev. Dr. Lloyd Dr. Humphreys Dr. Somers ,, lvlargarel, Annie Y, Delia Y,,, Nora ,,,, Maggie ,, LIFE WITH FATHER BY Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse CAST Y, David Healy Charlene Pond John Barla , Eddie Bushnell ,Johnnie Boon ,, Jane Slaughler Jo Ann Miller Jo Helen Fanning , Howard Bilbrey Roberl Duclqworlh John Whilson L Bilii Smilh ,, ,,,, Jo Reagan Helen Aslon , , , Lillie Cooles Beverly Muse Fafher speaks Welcome Gues+s The Cas? Arlinglon Srale Colleges l-iHle Thealrre, under Jrhe direclion of R. L. Slaughler, has produced lhree loplllghl' plays in The pasr year. From Jrhis group some exceplional Jralenl has been broughl out David l-lealy, Charlene Pond, and Dan Love have all had parfs in various plays produced by Thealre 49 in Dallas. Mr. Slaughler has overcome some greal' obsfacles in presenl- ing Jrhese excellenl performances To our sludenf body and we are all gralelul Jro him for his excellenl work in fhis field. Tim nt' is The Sena+or speaks 3 I 5 "Command Decision" was brouglwl 'lorllw in a sparkling performance in February willw Dan Love, David l-lealy, Bob l-larlson, ancl George Ellioll lurning in slellar performances. ,J .. .. Sergeani' Evans Big Wheels Serious Conference COMMAND DECISION by William Wisfer Haines CAST Tech Sergeanl Harold Evans , ,, Y, War Correspondenl Elmer Broclchursr .. Brigadier General K. C. Dennis .. .. Colonel Ernesl Haley Guard ..,., . ,.,Y,Y,,,,,, Cajoiain Lucius Jenks .. .. Major General R. G. Kane .... .. James Mcllhaney James Maberry .Dan Love Dave Murray Eddie Gale Bobby .lay ............Dave Healy Brigadier General Cliflon Garne-H ...... ,,,,,,,,,, R oberi- I-Iarfgon Major l-lomer Prescoll . . ........ Colonel Edward Marlin .......... Lieulenani Jalce Goldberg . .,... , Major Desmond Lansing Major Belding Davis . .... . Major Rufus Dayhull . .. Mr. Arlhur Malcolm ..... ,,,,..,,, Mr. Oliver Slone . ,. ......Howard Bibrey ........George Ellio'r+ .......Donald Collins ......Jack I-layward ...............Jaclc Kenl I-lerberl Cooles Charles Hamillon ...............Caswell Ellis Capiain G. W. C. Lee . .....s... Charles Schulfz Phofograjoher .............. Eddie Bushnell l'm going Casey You can'i do 'lhis 'lo me Casey Maureen Roach Soloisl THE CHOIR Helen Billingsley Marlha Broward Gena Clark Jack Hayward Marvel Hulson Doyle Jenkins Wickie McAlee Bellye McMillan Jaclc Pearce Lou Ann Perry Shirley Pollard Wanda Roberson Charles Schullz Phillip Slorlc Ted Thompson Dorolhy Thornlon Jimmie Womaclc Dorolhy Thomason James Knighl Theresa Arnold Jo Anne Brandl David Clark Donald Collins Frances Dillo Lorella Downing Belly Dull June Hurley Mary Lucille Love Peggy McBride James McElhaney Leroy Mellon Hugh Morris Beverly Muse Louis Neuman Marlha Oswald Barbara Rolaerlson Rosemary Robins Peggy Seely Lloyd Smilh CHOIR ROSTER Charles Sorrels Jack Terrell Calherine Terry Palsy Wallcins Mary Jane Woolverlon Caroline Boyls Belly Gunn Roberl Curlis Roberl Hudson Jo Anne Reagan Joy Willen Ray Tullah Waller Hulh Max Simriill Wm. S. Cooper Sammy Applelon Don Baughman Pal Brown Bruce Clarlc James Dallon Elizabelh Epperson Peggy Holder Shirley Johnson Billy Powers Claire Shamburger Joanne Slocum Peggy Swaim Vililliam Don Turner Tommie Williams Caswell Ellis Maureen Roach James McGinn Jean Simpson Ann Palmer David Parlihill Billy Joe Prall Eugene Cavanaugh Arnold Franks Rulh Lee THE CHOIR The Arlinglon Slrale College Choir under Jrhe direclion of Dan Burlcholder has made several rrips Jrhrough Jrhe slale performing before various uni- versiries, colleges, and high schools. Fealured soloisls were: Maureen Roach, Coloralura Soprano, John NNhi+son, Barilone, Dabney Murph, Mezzo Soprano. Anna Waynelle Vandergrirl, ac- companisr, and Elizabelrh Epperson, associale accompanisl, furnished ac- cornpanimenl for The choir. Bill Davis, Calypso singer, and dancers, Frances Dillo, June l-lurley, and Tawana Rogers, furnished much enlerlainmenl for Jrhe audiences. l-l. Pal Brown was presidenl, and James Mcfvinn was Business Manager of lhe choir for l949-l95O. June and Frances Perform Dan C. Burkholder Direcfor Anna WayneHe Vandergriff Accompanisi' 1 THE CADETS The Cadels, a quarlel headed by Tenor Paul Mansfield, have won recognilion as an equal of The besl loarbershop quarlels in The counlry. Besides winning Jrhe grand cham- pionship ol a lalenl conlesl held in Arlinglon, The Cadels have Jroureol Dallas and Forl Worlh and adiaf Cenl Towns. econd Tenor, and Paul Mansfield, Firsf Tenor THE COLLEGIANS The Collegians, a seleci group of musicians under The direciion of Mr. Dan Burkholder, furnish The enferlainmenlr for all college dances. This is one of The besl dance loands in The siale and is known lo furnish a superior brand of enleriainmeni. Tommie Williams and Bill Cooper have been The vocalisis This year and have done an excellenl iob of furnishing vocals on 'rhe music played by +he Collegians. wg? The Collegians Play Tommie Sings The Dance PERSONALlTlES , ,YW This year, as in The pasT years, The CoronaTion is The rnosT imporTanT evenT oT The social calendar. The King and Queen and Their courT are elecTed by popular elecTion oT The ArlingTon STaTe College sTudenT body, and They represenT The leading all-around sTudenTs oT The school. VisiTing rovalTyTron'1 The surrounding colleges and high schools are pre- sen+ed during The coronaTion. Repre- senTaTives oT all clubs, DeparTrnenTal Who's Who. and Their daTes or es- corTs are also summoned To The courT. Following The coronaTion, a ball is given Tor The RoyalTy, wiTh The King and Queen having The TirsT dance. This evenT has been proved The mosT popular occasion oT The school sea- son. 'C7 THE Tl-l 154 IURUNATIUN PUEEN IS CROWN ED 155 'A Xw ,R if Fr ffg f 1 Q ,vim 7 xx? V 'I M322 . I if Q g , ff my 4, , , flg, 2 , . 35 , wif K? in .S 5 if gs , W 71 if ,mm -K MQ, A f X V f, Z . Wxwmw-FW UUEEN MARILYN of Hwe house of I-Iampfom ' an ge Joan Grafe and Beverly Elmore and Edward De Moss Billy Turner June Penn and Jo l-lelen Fanning and Jack Clwoal Jack Gorman I58 L Belly Dull and Jean Ann Sanders and Billy Hughes Wayne Higgs l Frances Dildo and Lucille Norlon and Ted Thompson Dale K. Smillw AN P H I N E E S S E 5 Club Represenhafives and VVho's Who h Admlnisfraion heads and quesfs The Queen and her cour+ The dance is siarfed by fhe King and Queen The Queen eniers The King and Queen leave iheir fh 5 5' 5 l M ua Q FA IIRITE The REVEILLE presenIs Ihe I95O Iavorhres of Arlihgfon SIaIe CoIIege .... BILLY B. TURNER PAUL MANSFIELD BILL BURKLOW AL LAZNOVSKY JACK CI-IOAT BILL DUDLEY GINNY LOU MASON DABNEY MURPH CAROLYN CRADDOCK FRANCES MYERS JOAN NOWELL BETTY DUFF Each year six boys and six girls are eIecIed by Ihe sIudenI body. These seIecIions are made on The basis of Iheir populariiy and acIive inferesis in sIueIenI acIivi+ies. 'Y 107D ff RMI u. K I CJ 0 ' 2 lip I ,L 77 ,452 f i Z BILLY B. TURNER UINNY LUU MASUN mae "S K I in f ,.,.,.,. M M M . . 5 """ 7135 --------' ' YW "" 1 X . Ni M ., V1.a.4,,. ...:... . My-A ..,...,,A. i " ' Q MW: M f 'iii X ' :as 'fm -- I 5 DX-XBNEY MUHPH BILL HUHHLUW AHULYN UH!-XUIIUII AL LAZNUVSHY .... f vu , .,.. , A JH F f :H 2 ' ' : , X. Q M A . ' A H "' A ' sk 1 '- ,... "" A ,Y ' .,., ' i 1' 35, J '-v' "-- I ', . ' 1 ,- ,,,., . z 1 1, -- ' " ' Q , I W" w A ..,, -' wr ' I ' . I ,.,. X Q 'H " A mx K 'AW W Sw 1 W ,.,., zizizx, gf 3,6 QS WN ,f 1 if 1 ' A Aix i , K 4 f 1 W x 51 ag 15' Y Sw wwf 5 , SE is , SE ig ' . , 1 X Q 2, ..... ::: s 5 i .:,, 3 X ' ,..::-': 'X we W iw R W? Q ' Nwwwgw S a W X f Q2 4YmW,, 3? e ,FH .Nb .xx M . Nrxeithw Q4wgs Q n :V if A 5 x ' www ' V x ,4 , W3 Q, Nec 9 Y 1 3 ASX, , , X R B as gk R i fs S N pw ,, W Q .,.:..:::::::::S::,, wk x :s5:::::..,.: 'W' ........ : 1:55 - .. ,iff V ::.:.:. . ::::::.:...,:: 5 :,: E -.QQ 9 N 1 , 0 W A hr W V 4 Q iwff- Q2 N15 WN W ' as v,gW3Q,QjjW Mx ,,'Nf.x.iAiRg,A2 X f ,A W N rf ww WW W ,wiv A A x , iffy P is 5 HQ 3 Ni alnphwff JUAN NUWELL L fUULEY 'QW' ,YQ Iiden BiHinqMey KVK SWEETHEAHT5. Juan Erafe Farm MHrHyn,Hampmn Second Deck Pachl PaHha Eudey Firsf Deck Packwl Liz Eppersnn Third Deck Pachl June Penn KKK Beverly Elmmre CCA 4 M R SWEETHEAHTS Kit Heihert FFA Be-Hy Duff A-Ramp Mary Ann Soufh Mary Hayfh B-Ramw C-Ramp Joan Newell D'Ramp W H U'5 W H U AS SELECTED BY HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS AND FACULTY AGRICULTURE SSSS SSESS . ..BiIIy B. Turner ART ESSSSSSSESS SSSS SSSSS . . A SSSS EESSS . Jimmy HowaroI BIOEOGY .. SESSSSSSS . SSSSS .. .. . SESS RoberT McAmis BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .. EESE James Robinson CHEMISTRY SESS, L EESS,S Thomas Perkins EDUCATION .. . ES,S ,SES . .. Margie Ferguson ENGLISH EsEss,ss . . Mary Lynn McDonaIcI GEOLOGY ssss sssosssssss ssssssosss . . Thomas A. STevenson HOME ECONOMICS sosss sssss . . sssssssssssss PaTsy Ballweg INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ssssssss A . ssssssss LP. R. Irwin JOURNALISM E A . sss,sssssE,ssEsEs,ss ,sos E red Bauman MATHEMATICS D . . .Richard I-IaroIoI Spence MILITARY .. ssss ssss,ss . . EES, .. s,ssssss Jerry Jackson MODERN LANGUAGES ssss Jackie Marchbanks MUSIC . ssss ss,s . . sssss RoI3erT CurTis PHYSICS . ssss . . Joseph M. Meserye PRE-LAW ...... . ...... ........ ....... ......... G o r oIon Bruner PRE-MEDICAL . .......... .. ..... ....... ....... G o rcIon Jones PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING . .... AIberT Schiavo PHYSICAL EDUCATION ........ . ......... E Joanne Slocum SOCIAL SCIENCE ....... ........ C harIes OqiIvie SPEECH ...... ......... ........ . . .Dan Love AGRICULTURE-Billy B. Turner Billy B. Turner, a sophomore AgriculTural EducaTion sTudenT Trom WhiTesboro, has been chosen as The ouTsTanding agriculTural sTudenT. Billy was presidenT oT his classes in high school Tor Tour years, as well as ValedicTorian, senior TavoriTe, besT all round boy, boy mosT likely To succeed, and presidenT oT The FFA club. AT ASC he is a member oT The sTudenT TaculTy commiTTee, Davis Dorm manager Tor The sec- ond semesTer, TavoriTe and prince, presidenT oT The oTTicer's club, member OT KKK, member OT The Sam l-lousTon RiTles, and lsT lieuTenanT in The Corp. Billy plans To conTinue his educa- Tion aT Agclvl and Then become a counTy agenT. HOME ECONOM ICS--PaTsy Ballweg PaTsy Ballweg is a graduaTe oT ArlingTon High School, buT her home Town is MansTield, Texas. During her Two years on This campus she has developed many inTeresTs, and in doing so has won many Triends and admirers. She has parTicipaTed in and conTribuTed To The success OT a number oT college acTiviTies ouT- side her maior Tield. This year she has been presidenT oT Tau ETa lvlu, a charTer member and secreTary oT The Newman Club, Treasurer oT The SOS club, and a member oT Phi Kappa TheTa. VVhen she goes on To NorTh Texas STaTe College in The Tall, To conTinue To prepare her- selT Tor a career as a proTessional home econ- omisT, she will leave a record OT high scholar- ship and ouTsTanding leadership aT ASC. ART-Jimmy Howard Jimmy l-loward, a T Grand Prairie "Day Dodger", was selecTed by his deparTmenT as The ouTsTanding arT sTudenT This year. Jimmy has shown much abiliTy in his Tield and greaT Things are expecTed OT him. Jimmy is arT ediTor oT The annual and has been raTed as one oT The Top arT sTudenTs in The sTaTe by several criTics. He has been acTive in all sTudenT acTiviTies and upon compleTion oT his work here plans To enTer The UniversiTy oT Texas. T79 PRE-MEDICAL-Gordon Jones Gordon, one oT The ouTsTanding Pre-Medical sTudenTs of The year, was selecTed To represenT The deparTmenT as Their Who's Who This year. Gordon hails Trom San AugusTine, is a TooTball leTTerman and one oT The mosT well liked and respecTed young men on The campus. Gordon resides aT The College Farm and plans To compleTe his medical sTudies aT The UniversiTy oT Texas. l-le is a member of The Pi Mu and KKK Clubs. MILITARY-Jerry Jackson Jerry, one oT The ouTsTanding cadeT oTTicers oT The year, was selecTed by The PMSXQT and his sTaTT as The Who's Who oT The CadeT Corps. Jerry's home Town is WeaTherTord. LasT year he was selecTed as King oT The sTudenT body Tor The CoronaTion. l-le is PresidenT oT The OTTicer's Club, execuTive oTficer oT The Sam l'lousTon RiTles, mem- ber oT The KKK, and commands The second baTTal- ion oT The RCTC RegimenT. ln addiTion he was Davis Dorm manager Tor The TirsT semesTer. Jerry expecTs To enTer A X4 lvl upon compleTion aT ASC and To compeTe Tor a commission in The regular army. PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Joanne Slocum The ouTsTanding sTudenT in physical educaTion This year is Joanne Slocum, beTTer lcnown on The campus as Jan. Jan hails Trom NorTh Dallas, where she was an acTive member in many organizaTions as she is aT ASC. She was a cheerleader This year and is a member oT The AvolonTe club. ln l947 she won 2nd place in The NaTional AAU Woman's Tumbling ConTesT, and in I946-I947 she held IsT place in The SouThwesTern AAU Tramboline con- TesTs. She also won 2nd place in The SouThwesTern AAU Tumbling conTesT in l947. The PE deparTmenT is very proud oT iTs represenTaTive. ENGLISH-Mary Lynn McDonald lvlary Lynn McDonald, nominaTed as This year's ouTsTanding sTudenT in The English deparTmenT, is an ArlingTon girl. She was ValedicTorian in l-ligh School and received an English award. AT ASC she is a member oT The Phi Kappa TheTa and SOS clubs. Mary Lynn is a Psychology maior and plans To enTer NTSC in The Tall To conTinue her educaTion. ff W ff , , ! X iZ,. W lm Q M.. ,MW M W, W , fn ,, W X 4 55 . ' A w Ywlm, MW ' , WW Arm- "mg MATHEMATICS-Richard Harold Spence NfVho's VVho in Malhemalics lor I949-l95O is Richard Harold Spence. He is 2l years old and served almosl lhree years in lhe IJ. S. Coasl Guard. Richard, who is married, hails lrom El Paso, bul allended high school in San Rafael, Caliiornia. He came lo Arlinglon Slale in lhe Tall of I948 lo maior in Malhemalics. Nexl Tall he plans lo allend Texas Tech al Lubboclr. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING-P. R. Irwin Chosen as lhe oulslanding lnduslrial Engineering sludenl' lhis year, R. R. Irwin, veleran from Albany has made a good record lor himself here. Rudy enlered ASC in l94B and has been an honor sludenl every semesler. lvlaioring in Induslrial Mechanical Engineering Rudy plans lo vvorlq in Alaslca upon his gradualion from ASC. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION-James Robinson Represenling lhe B A Deparlmenl is an oul- slanding sludenl, James Robinson. James was selecled nol only because ol his excellenl scholaslic record, bul also because ol his friendliness and parlicipalion in olher school aclivilies. He is a Firsl Lieulenanl in lhe Corps. He plans lo allend lhe Universily of Texas and gel his BBA degree. Upon his gradualion he plans lo become a Tax Accounlanl in Dallas. PHYSICS-Joseph M. Meserve Hailing from Greenville, Illinois, is Joseph lvl. Meserve, WhoIs Vlfho in Physics. Joseph now lives in Grand Prairie wilh his wife and lhree children. He is Warranl Ghficer in The Air Wealher Service al Hensley Field. He has been in lhe Air Force lor nine years. Joseph is maioring in Physics and minoring in Malhemalics. He plans lo allend lhe Massachusells lnslilule ol Technology lo gel a degree in lvlelerology, lhen go on lo a career in lhe Air Force. CHEMISTRY-Thomas Perkins Chosen as The ChemisTry Who's Who This year is Thomas Perlcins Trom Dallas. Thomas aTTended Sun- seT High School where he was graduaTed wiTh honors. He is maioring in Chemical Engineering aT ASC and has mainTained a high scholasTic average Tor The Two years he has aTTended. He is a member oT The Phi Kappa TheTa Club and Engineering So- cieTy. NexT year Thomas will conTinue his sTudies aT A 8: lvl. BIOLOGY- RoberT McAmis RoberT lv1cAmis Trom Handley was selecTed as NNho's Who Tor The Biology deparTmenT. He has mainTained a high average in This deparTmenT, having no grade lower Than "A" and is iTs mosT ouTsTanding sTudenT. RoberT was SaluTaTorian oT his senior class. When he leaves ASC, he plans To aTTend Baylor To conTinue his sTudies Tor surgery. MUSIC-RoberT P. CurTis From Poly High in ForT WorTh comes RoberT CurTis, a Sophomore Music maior. While in high school he was PresidenT oT The Texas FederaTion oT Junior Music Clubs, DisTricT lV in I946-47. He was also assisTanT conducTor oT The band and orchesTra. RoberT now plays wiTh The Collegians and The ForT WorTh Civic Opera AssociaTion OrchesTra. He plays solo clarineT wiTh The ASC band and is as- sisTanT conducTor oT The chorus. He plans To con- Tinue his musical sTudies aT The UniversiTy oT Colo- rado, Taking arranging and conducTing. Upon geT- Ting his musical degree he wanTs To Teach music in a high school and laTer in college. JOURNALISM-Fred Bauman Fred Bauman hails Trom London, England, where he was graduaTed Trom high school. ln I947 he came To The UniTed STaTes and worlced as a re- porTer-phoTographer Tor a Denison paper. He was business manager oT The ShorThorn lasT semesTer and is ediTor This semesTer. He is vice-presidenT oT Phi Kappa TheTa and a member oT The KVK. Fred plans To go To Texas UniversiTy To geT his Journal- ism degree, Then To worlc on a Dallas newspaper. GEOLOGY-T. A. Sfevenson T. A. Sfevenson has been chosen fhe ouf- sfanding sfudenf in fhe Geology Deparfmenf for fhe years I949-I95O. He has served as an assisfanf in fhe Geology Deparfmenf during fhe pasf year and is regarded as one of our besf prospecfive geologisfs. He has shown an inferesf and apfifude which will enable him fo grow in his field as he enfers a senior college. He plans fo confinue his worlc af T.C.U. nexf year. EDUCATION-Margis Ferguson Oufsfanding as an Educafion sfudenf and planning fo major in fhis field of worlc is Margis Ferguson. In high school she was a member of fhe Nafional Honor Sociefy and was grad- uafed wifh honors. Af ASC she is secrefary of fhe Phi Kappa Thefa Club and fhe Bapfisf Youfh Cenfer. Margis plans fo affend NTSC in Denfon nexf fall fo prepare herself fo feach in elernenfary schools. PRE-LAW- Gordon Bruner From Polyfechnic High School in Forf Worfh comes Gordon Bruner, chosen fhis year as Who's Who in Pre-Law. As Presidenf of fhe Pre-Law club, Gordon is very acfive in his chosen field as well as ofher acfivifies around fhe carnpus. He is an acfive member of fhe CCA and is a capfain in fhe Corps. The Pre- Law club is very proud of ifs represenfafive. I84 STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE The STuclenT FaculTy CornmiTTee is composed oT Two girls and Tive boys, elecTecl by The sTudenTs in The TirsT elecTion OT each school year. These sTudenTs musT have high scholasTic averages and They musT mainTain Them ThroughouT The school year. The purpose oT This con'1miTTee is To seTTle diTTerences beTween sTudenTs and TaculTy members and To malce Teacher-sTudenT relaTions beTTer. They also work wiTh The STuclenT ElecTion CommiTTee in counTing voTes during elecTions. 5TrsT Row: Bill SrniTh, Carolyn Boyls, Lucy Taylor, sponsor. iecond Row: NorTon McGiTTin, sponsor: Bob Blifch, Edward Buria, Clifford Piper, Jaclc Ingram, Don Monroe, Dr. CoThburn O'NeaI, sponsor. I85 STUDENT ELECTION COMMITTEE The STudenT ElecTion CommiTTee is composed oT Two girls and Tive boys, appoinTed by The Dean OT Women and The CommandanT and approved by The PresidenT oT The College. The TuncTion of This commiTTee is To meeT loeTore every elecTion, discuss The , l rules and regulaTions and seT The daTe and place Tor all elecTions. IT is The duTy of The members oT This organizaTion To mainTain The polls and counT voTes aTTer each elecTion. Firsf Row: Carol WiTherspoon, Billi SmiTh, Lucy Taylor ,sponsoit Second Row: NorTon McGiTTin, sponsor: Wayne Higgs, Edward Buria, Jack lngram, Harold CurTis, Jerry l-loselc, Dr. CoThburn O'Neal sponsor. 4 l l I86 wi . an 'Q 1' vw 1 aff -41 Na :S '9 0RGA IZATIO ORGANIZATIONS IT is The purpose oT The clubs aT ASC To give The sTudenTs The Teeling oT selT-governrnenT ThaT They will need upon leaving college. The clubs supply The sTudenTs wiTh social recreaTion and enTerTainrnenT as well as scholasTic Training. Some oT These clubs are sponsored by The diTTerenT deparTmenTs and help provide someThing a liTTle higher scholasTically as well as socially. The oTher clubs are purely social, Tor The purpose oT bringing The sTudenTs closer To- geTher and providing a common meeTing ground Tor sTudenTs who have The same inTeresTs. Through The clubs aT ASC, social and proTessional ac- guainTances are made which oTTen endure beyond college days. inTo The business and social world. The Tollowing pages give phases oT The college club liTe ThaT helped us enioy ASC so much. PHI KAPPA THETA Phi Kappa Thela is A.S.C.'s honor sociely. lr was organized in I926 by George L. Dickey for lhe purpose of placing emphasis on scholarship. To become eligible lor membership, a slrudenl musl mainlain an average of 89 lor al leasl one semesler and be Taking a minimum of lilleen hours. Among lheir aclivifies This year was a picnicedance held ar lhe college farm and a dinner dance al rhe Ar- lingron CoFlee Shop. Officers Presidenr , ,, , ,. ,.,. ,, ,, Beverly Elmore Vice Presidenl . . Fred Bauman Secrerary , ,,,,.,..,, , Margie Ferguson Treasurer ..,,., Berry Bellows Sponsor ,, Willie McGhee as 1 rlcer, Bauman, Bellows, Buria, Calhoun, Dwinneli, Flrnore: Second: Ferguson, Groves, Flamillon, l-losek, lnoram, Linnarlz, Mcllon l Third: Mrler, Derlfins, Reeves, Schramm, Sledge, Smilh, Terry, Wilherspoon, Officers Presicleni ,,,,,,, ,, ,, ,,,,, A Billy B. Turner Vice Presiclenl' ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, D avid I-lealy Secrelary-Treasurer ,. Basil Xeros Sponsor BAA., ,BY,B,BB,B Y ssl.ieu+. Col. Wal+ers CADET OFFICERS' CLUB Each caclei officer becomes a mem- ber of ihis organizalion upon accepi- ance of his commission. These siudenis are responsible for ihe mainfenance of ihe discipline, characier, and loyal- ly of The caolei corps. Their meeiinqs are planned so as io oiier opporiuniiy for seleciion of icleas io iuriher ihese aims. I+ is noi all business, however, as Jrhe officers enieriain each year wiih an excellenl dinner-dance. T w PRE LAW CLUB X The Pre-Law SocieTy is an ouTgrowTh oT The old Aggie Bar. lTs purpose is To Turnish inTormaTion and guidance Tor Those sTudenTs who plan To Tollow The sTudy OT law. Each spring The club holds an annual picnic To which all pre-law sTudenTs are inviTed wheTher They are members oT The club or noT. Officers PresidenT Gordon Bruner Vice PresidenT ,, Lewis Nelrns SecreTary , , Billy Hughes Sponsor Y Mr. C. D. Richard irsT: Adcock, Berry, Bruner, Cripps, l-Tall, HiTT, l-lollingsworThg Second: Hughes, lngram,Jacl1son, Langham, McCord, leunnan, STorlc, Valecl, Wesl. WhiTe, Womack. l9l Moore, Murray, Third: PI-MU The Pi-Mu, made up ol pre-medical s+uden+s, is one of lhe oldesi clubs on lhe campus, having been organized in I927 by Charles McDonald. Talks by physicians, and olher informed lecfrur- ers, and many movies along medical The-mes, have helped To make Jrheir meelings a supplemeni lo classwork. Presideni Y,,,, Vice Presidenl ,,,,, Secrelary ,, Sponsor ,,aaa,,,, Officers 4 Qi. ,Q ,, Each year The club holds a formal dinner here in Arlinglon. ,, Y,,,, Bobby Jay Gordon Jones Y, ,, ,,,,, Belly Ferrell ,, Weldon Brewsler i rr rr rrr rr C :": I ,Z :.', -v : ::. :fi .. ivi, K 7, Q Firsf: Ashburn, Bell, Broward, Carier, Campbell, Corley: Second: Ferrell, Genilry, l-lealherly, Jay, Jones, Marsh, Third: lvlcAmis, Shea, Spens Sfanford, Slurch, Tirln, Wofford. l92 A 'N ..,... , is if , ar ART CLUB One of The rnoslr aclive on 'rhe campus, ihe arf club has grown slead- ily since i+s organizarion in I937 as lhe Ari Guild. Hs presenl name and con- sfilulion were adopled in I94I. The Arr Club was organized lo promole inleresi and friendship among lhe arr sludenfs on lhe campus. Among lhe aclrivilies Jrhis year was a masquerade in fhe gym. Officers Pregidenf , , YY,,, ,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,s,.,, G e orge Dunfon Vice Presidenl' VV,VV..V-.. Roberf Reid Secrelary , s,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. P a'l'sy Dwinnell Treasurer ,,,,, ....,Y,,..VV Sam Majors Sponsor ,,,, ,u,,, R ober+ Wallace Officers Presideni , ,, , Jerry Carpenfer Vice Presideni , , , YVYVVVV, V N DOHGICT Kelly Secreiary , , ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ., Roberf VWHQGFSOD Sponsors , ,, ,,,Paul Allen, Richard McDonald AERONAUTICS SOCIETY The Aeronauiics Socieiy was organized iasjr year for siudehis Taking aeroriaufical subiecis. The purpose of The Socieiy is 'ro bring The sfudenis and men of The avia- iion field closer ioqeiher. This has been accomplished by speakers, Trips, a dance, and a banquei. TAU ETA MU Tau ETa lvlu, which means "Tomor- row's Home-Makers," carries ouT iTs moTTo, "Work so ThaT each Tomorrow Tinds you TurTher Than Today." The purpose oT The club is To aid The mem- bers in solving problems and To acguainT Them wiTh some oT The prob- lems They will meeT in homemalcing. The club also engages in social aTTairs. Among The social acTiviTies Tor This year have been an open house, Tea, and a picnic aT The College Officers Farm. PresidenT ,ss,,,,,, . ss,,,,,, . ,,,,, PaTsy Ballweg Vice Pre-sidenT ,,,s,,,, Mary HayTh SecreTary ,,ss,,,,, ,,,, P aTsy Lawson Treasurer ss,,,,, s,,,,.,,,,, L ela Wade Sponsor . .. .Lena Hancock T yyyss ususs T L i T! E 2 . gs, gulgg . A ,...: . .,., .::.:.:.., : - ,.,..,. is ' --:--1 Z.. "':-' . ,::...: .. , r 1 :.l- :vv ...,. .:,,. i R ..,.,:: ::: E AIII: E :::::::'- -::-: J . . illltl ::-:--l . qi? T ,:i..::: ,,' r'1'11 f L, lf , 'Ts uiys T T T T. T , .. is :T-9 A.. ..., A 5955552 i- :::':' T A Tii i' Q.. -ff' X iiii :'. nuvvznvt ' iii y x xi ::fff V vggvv l Z, iT"'i , ' K 1 T T srr T 4 .. K - k ---L w X E: - M S .,.1. -E :'-: ,Z yt A is ssssss as L . T's' i -lllsri T TTTT1 slsllsi l T' - . luulzuz g Q g 1 .- .. A .V-T P EHZV g r 1 V , 'T V T'--T T ,'..V., . A T iiiii . ' .,': ' H T ig TTT' f T. ' A i L .-:-: :iii T' f2T . T IAI' ' W --.. s S liiiii "" ii TT, I . JT: Ballweg, BinTord, Bohannon, Cummings, DiTTo, DuTT, Farmer: Second: FlaTT, l'larnpTon, HayTh, Holloway, l-lulleTT, Kelly, Lawson: Third: Knight Milson, Moore, Robins, SmiTh, SmiTh: FourTh: Thompson, Tresp, Wade. Womack, VVhiTe, Wilson, WaTTs, WoolverTon. I95 l l Officers Presideni . .. James D. Smiili Vice Presidenl .. George Carier Secreiary . Woodie Slribbing Sponsor J. D. Boon GEOLOGY The Geology Club was lirsi organ- ized in Seplemloer of l946. The pur- pose of lliis organizaiion is io exfend Jrlwe geological lcnowledge of Jrlwe in- dividual members by means of lec- fures, discussions, and movies. Aciiviiies of The year have consisl- ed ol several field Jrrips. Firs+: Alcin, Cassell, Clwoal. Coolcsey, Happel, Hundley7 Second: Jaynes, Jones, Owens, Perlcins, Slcagds, Smilh- Third: Sievens, Slevens Siribbinq, Swailord, Gwens, Wingale l96 F.F.A. The ASC chaplor ol lhe nalional organizalrion of Jrhe Fulure Farmers of America is composed of Jrhose agri- cullural sludenls who are firm believ- ers in 'rhe clulo's rnollo, "I believe in lhe lulure of farming, wilrh a failh born noi of words, buf of deeds." This club was organized on lhe college level for lhe purpose of frain- ing boys To become advisors in high school F.F.A. chapfers affer lheir colleqe worlc is complefed. Kir l-lieberl was selecred as F.F.A. Sweelheari for 1949- I 950. kg. . r .iii ' gg sq if' 9' ,.::,f' Y , R . 2 EQ 3 x , Q if s QS X .5 M Presidenr ,,,,,,, Vice Presidenl' Secrelary ,, Treasurer , Sponsor ,,,,,, Omcers M . 3 . an ., ,.,,, Billy B. Turner Winslon Wrinkle .,,,,..Don Grossman J. Jenkins a..,,,.,Dex+er Bells rl ss if E 5 aw wg,-vw E rsf Alexander, Boenig, Bryan, Brown, Burleson, Clerihew, Fellbaurn, Grossman: Second: Hinesley, Jenkins, Jaclcson, Klernrn, Logan, Logan ewlon, Olerop Third: Parker, Perry, Pipes, Renfro, Robinson, Scolf, Sears, Sell, Four+h: Shanlcles, Simons, Simmons, Traylor, Turner, Vaughn ' ' l che oo ey, Wrinkle, Ze s . I97 I .5 ,, 2 ENGINEERING Groves Murphy Moon Thompson Cofhron Picfrured above are Presidenfs of The Clubs wilrhin The Socie-Ty N l98 SOCIETY The Engineering Sociely is one of The largesl clubs on The campus wifh membership open To any sfuclenl' Jralc- ing an engineering course. During The pas? year lhe club has had many prac- Jricing engineers from incluslry To speak af Their meelings. The club's purpose is To creale more injreresl' in all phases of engineering. The social aclivifies This year in- cluded a picnic, formal dance, and a semi-formal loanquef. Preslclenl Y, s,,,,,,,,, H Vice Presidenl' ,,,, ,, Secrefary s,,,,s,.,,,. Treasurer Sponsor ., A Officers ,A... Elmo Reeves ,,,H,,,Orion Walers ,,,,,,,,,s,James Prince Marion Smilh Mr. B. J. Armsrrong I99 Officers Presidenl Y,,, ,,77 . ,,,, F ederico Ferreira Vice Presidenr ,Y,,, Charles Mundoh Secrefary ,.,. .,,,, , ,,,,, J an Eiland Treasurer ,,,,,,, Jerry Jackson Sponsors M. B. Lebo Dan Kiber Q Wfflffflf. E AGRICULTURAL C L U B Any sludenl who is en- rolled in any agricullural course al ASC may become a member of lhe Agriculfural Club. The purpose ol The club is To draw lhese siudenls closer logelher, Jro creaie more inleresi in agricullure, and lo build up The Agricul- lural Deparlmenl. In +he way of enferiain- ment lhe club gave a dance in fhe college gym. 200 PHI SIGMA GAMMA The Phi Sigma Gamma is Greelc lerminology lor French, German, and Spanish, and is a newly formed club on lhe campus open lo all sluolenls lalcing languages. The obieclive ol lhe club is lo arouse inleresl in foreign counlries, lheir ways ol life and behavior. ln general, lhe club is lor all sludenls inleresled in foreign counlries. During lhe pasl year There have been various lypes ol socials. They have had dances, picnics, and swimming parlies. u 'il' .,.. .... : -:-.2 as , ii ii iiii ,.. i:i:::'----. : ":::' Z iii :::" T rniii 'L my rr' ierr i:." --:-., - '2::,- . we 9.3M Q Q . . Presidenl Vice Presidenl Secrelary ,, Treasurer Sponsor OFFicers , Bob l-larlson H, Dal l-lardy Jaclcie Marchbanlcs , Pal' Daniels ,Charles l-laydon if Q Wi L M? A s 4 "'1 A U ':::- .,.,. 5 rii A L' 1'1"i A T friffgilsami we 5 ..:i:i i W irsl: Allen, Bell, Bennell, Casliey, Daniels, Eades, Edwards: Second: Evans, Faullr, Foeh, Galloway Gunn, Hardy Harlson' Third: Lehde, ighlsey, Lively, Love, Love, Marchbanlcs, Mcffluslceyg Fourlh: Moore, lvlounce, ipalferson, Pinyain, Womack, Wren, Shea: 20l Officers l Presideni ,, ,, ,, ,, Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,7, , ,Hook Chisum Vice Presideni , , , ,YY,,.,,, Jim Wealherby Secrelary-Treasurer ,Bill Spaulding Publicily Direcior 7,,7,,,,,7,,, l-larold Ray Reporier .,,,,,,,,,..,,,., .,,.,..,...,,,.. B ruce Hagee RODEO CLUB The Rodeo Club is a member of The Naiional Inrercollegiale Rodeo Asso- ciaiion which was formed in April I948 and already has 3I schools be- longing 'lo ils organizalion. This is one of The neweslr clubs on ihe campus, and ils membership is increasing rap- idly regardless oi The skill and rugged- ness required in ihe sporr. The c:lub's aciiviiies are pariicipai- ing in approved N.l.R.A. rodeos pro- duced by some eighl or len colleges in This region. Back row: Creek, Gribfin Eiland, l-lagee, Henry: Froni' row: Wealherby, Ray, Chisum, D. l.. Bells lSponsorl, Spaulding. 202 ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Alpha Phi Omeqa is a service 'Tralernily composed of men sludenls who wish io have a parl in helping The school in various ways. This is The Tirsl Tralernily on The ASC campus, and They have vvorlceol very hard This year lo make The-ir orqanizalion a success. The APO has periformedi various services Tor The school. They spone sored The Red Cross Drive on The campus, They Tingerprinled sludenls Tor +he F.B.l., They supplied Tree check rooms Tor The colleoe dances, and They sponsored Neal Cade? Week. I+ is nor all work and no play in The APO, however. They had a Chrislmas dance, a niqhr club parly, a Monle Carlo parly, a Svveefhearl banquet and a spring panquel and dance. Officers Presidenl , Y Jaclf Slurch Vice Presidenl , Ted Thompson Secrefary , Dale Smilrh WT 1 if 9' 5 sf Bennell, Blaclc, Bolqer, Burleson, Collins, Coolc, Jacobs, Greene: Seconcl: Kavanauqh, Hedwigk, Hinds' HL-,pperl Kurzbanl Neal' Mafkm lion O'Brien: Third: Richards, Rumph, Smilh, Slanlord, Slreefman, Slurch, Thompson, Walson, Wesf. Officers Presidenl ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,,, Paul Mansfield Vice Presidenl ,.,,,, , ,,,,,, Jack Clwoal Secreiary-Treasurer ,Y,,,,, , Sam Griggs Pro Counsel ,,,i,,,,i,,,i,,, Douglas Ivlounce Sponsor , Capiain John MacDonald C.C.A. The Cadel Connrnulers Associalion was organized in l947 as a social club lor all male commufing siudenls. Hs purpose is io bring llie commulinq sludenis closer logeilier in orcler llial fliey may have a belier uncler- slancling of ilwe sclwool problems ancl lo know eacli ollwer loeller. Beverly Elmore was elecied Sweelliearl for I949-50. 204 K V K The K.V.K. was organized in Jrhe fall of I945 in order +o form a closer friendship be-iween veierans, sfudenls, and iaculry members. The club also helps provide recrealion and enrerrainmeni for velerans. Helen Billingsley was elecred Sweerhearf for 1949-I95O. Officers Presidenr .. . ...lames lvlaberry Vice Presideni .. ,,,,, Lloyd Ford Secrefary .. Mrs. Dororhy Newron Sponsor s,,,,,,,,, Dr. Corhburn O'Neal sf: Huqhes, Maberry, Carler, Hill, Ford: Second: Wallcer, Sanderson, Hinesly, VVomack: Third: O'Neal, Wilson, Adams, Bushnel, Williams. 905 Officers Presidenl ,,Y,,,,.,,,.,,. ,,YY,,,,,. A , , Y, Lawrence Baines Vice Presidenr ,,,,,,,,.,, ,,Y,,,,,,, A l Laznovslcy Secrelary-Treasurer ,,YY,,,,, Don Grossman Sponsor ,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,7 ,r,,,,,,, ,,,,. ,,.,YY,,,,,,,,, L Jr . Fred Koclmli K K K The Kampus Kadei Klub was organized 'fo induce a general feeling of undersiand- ing, lo improve clwaracier and develop a closer relaiionslwip among cadels. ll pro- moles and cenlralizes aclivilies approved by Arlinglon Siale College. Hs members include all cadels living on 'rlwe campus. Hs aciivilies for The year included a dance al flue American Legion l-lall in Grand Prairie. June Penn was elecled sweellwearf for I949-50. 206 K A 2 M P 3 U E H 5 5 K K A D 5 2 3 E Z 2 E T A E K L U B K 1 207 K i Officers Pre-sidenf ,, ,,, .B ,. ,, 77. ,,,, Lucille Norfon Vice Presidenf ,,,,Y,,,,. ..., Y,Y,,,,, B e Hy Ferrell Secrefary ,,,e,7,e.,e,,,e,,,e,,,e, Carol Wifherspoon Treasurer ,,,. ,, Mary Jane Woolverfon Sponsors Y,,,, ,Y,,,,,,,, A lberfa l-larringfon ZANC-BOLA The Zangolas help ASC carry ouf ifs fradifion of friendliness and good will by living up fo fheir club name, which is a gypsy word meaning "lighf of hearf". Founded in l933, fhe purpose of fhe clulo is fo be friendly fo all and creafe good will on 'rhe campus. The girls in The maroon and whife sweafers are lcnown on fhe campus for fheir friendliness, love of fun, and parficipafion in school acfivifies. The acfivifies of fhe year included a formal inifiafion in Arlingfon, a semi-formal dance af Midway lnn, a Chrisfmas parfy, and a picnic-dance af Barnes Beach in Forf Worfh. Marie Lanclua fs- W if M milfs x iEf5,.::: ......,.. ,2- R 2, if ,runnin Q :F 4313131 S. T is X? 'Ti ' "':: 5 h"': 3 ..:. . W if S? , W r Firsf: Anderson, Ashburn, Asfon, Barnes, Bafson, Binford, Bridges, Brinkley, Second: Downing, Dwinnell, Dunwoody, Ferrell, Ford, Genfr Gilmer, Granfg Third: l-lalleclc, Henlce, Jasper, Nesom, Norfon, Oswald, Priclceff, Shamburqeri Fourfh: Shores, Washingfon, Waffs, Wessell Wiiherspoon, Woolverlon, Yarbcurough, Young. 208 If S. O. S. Alfhough ir is The youngesr social club on 'rhe campus, The Secrer Order of Smiles, berfer lcnown around The campus as The "SOS", has developed inro an organizarion of high ideals since if was eslablished in l939. The aim of rhis group of girls is To be Jrruly friendly and rheir molfo is "friendliness," A fypical SOS girl can be recognized anywhere for her winning smile and pleasing personalify. The social season began wifh a formal rea followed by The formal inirialion. Orher acliviries were a picnic-dance ar Jrhe Farm Recrealion Hall and an informal iniriarion. I is Officers Presidenl' ,,,.,,,, , ,,,,., Tommie Williams Vice Presidenl' ., .,,,, ..... , H Peggy Holder Secreiary ,.,,,,,,, , ,, ,, ,,..., Parsy Ballweg Treasurer . , , , , ,Frances Myers Sponsors ,,,,,, ,,,, M rs. Helen McGinnis rr J' Q W ..... - T Miss Lilla Jean Brown u p r r M rrsss in nrnrrr. OST. T A Y ia' 1 fy X K A is Ag X Agzgz . , ' , 1-: "' ':"'-1:- f :"':"' 'f' 3 . A Q '::: E ,,:, Q 21, ., 1-- 5, g .---: E: V R I, - 1 Q. .. ., f-fu i liilili 1' 55'I'I2:j.Q.: ,iQf,,fg.j .,..: V i ,Qi ii - I D . V ':'a"' iiii :IV T " . " 2:':' ' T w r . r a 1 iiii 'ii -'ii Q ., , V . ii Q M :-rrQQ , uw s 'T i gn, -E I--':': E ili .1 t ,R . ,, "',....... f ,W s , 255-Q 'ff ,,,,, i 1' :::' , i . V' iiiiiii " ii' A' " iiii 5 :"' 3 I ',-. 'iii "" , '- 'i in X ii., ' liil E f i':" ii iiii ....1 fi . , . :':': liiiii E x 'M gr :.-.-., '--,. , ' L: :,. "-- ::-' , if --- '-':,, 'i ,"' I, N "X -,,,, ,f :TT H T . We S ii .:. 1153 ,as --'i i .Nails ws, ii X s .. : Robins, Terry, Spears, Terry, Thomason, Womack, Williams: Second: Applelon, Ballweg, Bellows, Bohannon, Clark, Cozad, Coofsy Third: re, Fanning, Harrell, Holder, Hullell, Jacobs, Kavanaugh, Kinsolving: Fourfh: Lufon, McDonald, McMillian, Madden, Mason, Moore, Moore, FS. O9 L A D O C E N A The La Docena, meaning "+he dozen" has grown much in size and lame since lhe original lwelve members founded il in I927. The La Da's carry our Their mollo of Hcordialily on +he campus" by being friendly lo everyone. Their goal is To have lun and malce friends. Aclivilies of lhe year slarled wilh The annual rush lea, fol- lowed by lhe inilialion dinner-dance al La Tapalia and a dance al lhe Farm. Officers Presidenl , ,,,, ,, , Kil l-lieberl Vice Presidenl Y. Berla Villa Secrelary Barbara McClain Sponsor Archie Henry , ,i ii iiii T . ,..,V EE i sunk' '-'-- , ' w .. , ll A if s Vs fl' W xi W? 1'-Sir i. g Q V ....... , , ii"""': Q zzzi' H U Elz- W " . A- ws ,, -- -w- ' H .15 - X 7 . ,,1:.,ii,:i,, , , ,, ,Q . , R35 'E ,. H X X Q , as . gy, ,,.,,:,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,.. Q , 2 . , , .i, ,,i,.,,,, as X , aww' , , 'i" Q ,.., ., '- ,msn 'Q rzzzzzz Firsh Arnold, Barron, Cline, Cullins, Daniels, Douglas, Flall, Garlman: Second: l-leiberl, Holly, Kelly, Larnberf, Love, Marchbanlcs, McCl Norman: Third: Passmore, Smifh, Smilh, Soulherland, Tolpo, Villa. While, Willem. 2!l 25 gg: i I , -1.,.: ,,, f Xi., 1' ' 1 .E f': i - ,... fly 5 gh wx 2 i sie H2 if Y 4 A Y-1. gc 2 fs i Q new l X 5? . .,..,.,,,,, , . ,,... .. zgz I' e ry xl' xo? : : y AVOLONTE Avolonle, 'ralcinq ils name from a French idiom meaning "pleasure wilh direclionf' is one of lhe oldeslr of The social clubs on lhe campus. ll is made up of cooperalive and friendly girls, who have carried our lheir molro, "Happiness for All," during Jrhe year. The lypical 'lfxvolonle Alwaysl' is lcnown for her friendly personalify and good sense of humor. Among Jrhe socials Jrhis year was fhe annual fall rea, a Chrislmas parly, lwo formal iniliafions, and a picnic-dance al Bird-haven. Officers Presidenl A. Frances Dillo Vice Presidenl , , Caroline Boyls Secrelrary Elizabelh Epperson Treasurer , ,, Marlha Broward Sponsors Miss Melba l-lammaclc Mrs. Anna Waynelle Vanderqrifl S is Y iiiiiii Q V- ...,.,.,, A. ' 1 'r" H ---' 1 . ---- I - - f , . ' ..,,, " ----- 1 ,' , " ' " -:as:::s:e:2a2a2a2:e::., '- . "EW -:Rav W . . W .K V 9' -1 if . - ,.,::., 2 ? f :,, ,:,'-:: 5 ,IH 5 . ,, X ' Q , 'ss , .iz Walceland, Thornlon, Taylor. Slocum, Simms, Simms, Sanders: Second: Sabo, Roqers, O'Brien, Myers, Muse, Murph, Milson, Third: Bride, Hufson, Hay+h, I-lamplon, Hale, Gunn, Farmer: Four+h: Epperson, Dillo, Craddoclc, Corley, Broward, Brandl, Beclcer, Boyls, 21 l 4 i l PresidenT , Vice PresidenT SecreTary , Treasurer, Sponsor I Officers Billi SmiTh Ann Palmer ,, ,.,,7,,,,, ,, Joan Grale ,, Y, ,,,, Chris Williams , Mrs. lvlargareT Greene Iggy if Il SANSSOUCI Sans Souci, coming Trom The French idiom meaning "WiThouT a care." is one oi The oldesf clubs on The campus. Usually in The ToremosT acTiviTies, The purpose oi The Soucis is To promoTe Triendship among iTs members and on The campus, and They have succeeded in carrying ouT This aim This semesTer. The Typical "Souci Forever" is known Tor her Triendly person- aliTy, good sense oT humor, and all around good sporTsmanship. EnTerTainmenT This year included a Tea in The Tall, Two inTormal iniTiaTions, a ChrisTmas parTy, an ice slcaTing parTy, and a picnic. iti- J' is-9 Q TTT , W ix 'V il i :iid iiii T fzzr ,..:: A H uugu in g,g: .4 1 W TT ii:"" f, 1"1' 2-':" QE nf ,.:,.i1 , ,L 31 'lily , kj f D ' ff' 'T lllll' i ' L ,.,: . I , ., "'1: ,,,,, V iii: :VVI .1 .:,.,-.:.- ':,.' iiii -2 'r"' TT: iii:-:Q3L. FirsT: Ashley, AwalT, Bracllord, Crouch, Davis, Devaney, DuTT, Edwards, Second: Penn, Fisher, C5aThings, Graie, Hall, Harrison, Hurley, J song Third: Miller Noweli, Palmer, PingenoT, Pollard, Reagan, Roach. Roberson: FourTl1: Roberson, SmiTh, SouTh, Swain, Wade, WaT Williams. 2I2 , y , - .,, ,Q , Tia., 1 is u 3 .-....,..,....... X...,, BAPTIST STUDENT UNICN The Baplisl Sludenl Union endeavors lo enlisl sludenjrs in aclive parlicipalion in Chrislian aclivily. ll has been aclive on The Arlinglon Slalre Campus for many years, even previous lo The eslablishmenl of The Sludenl Cenler in I947. The Sludenl Cenler has a Bible classroom and assembly room, a lounge complele wilh Television and colce machine, a lcilrchen, ping pong room and prayer room. The program of lhe Baplisl Sludenl Union ilsell, includes recrealion, regularly scheduled discussion groups, and a noon devolional service, llpause lor Power." f Tllhigl f al i f ,E Hs . " I Q Officers Presidenl , , cc,, Holloway Sinclair Vice Presidenl ,,,,,., ,, ,, Belvin Lary Devolional Vice Presidenl Allene Jacobs Secrelary , , , Margie Ferguson Presideni 7Y,,, Vice Presiden+ Secreiary ,77,,, Treasurer ,,,,,,,,, Reporier ,Y,, Sponsor , Chaplain mf. Beri B. Davis James Callan Pai Ballweg Julia Allen Hugh Dempsey Paschal Scollino ,, Falfher Silk , gi Z FQ T .,i:i:a:,,, NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club was reorganized Jrhis year 'ro provide social and spiriiual developmenl Tor The Carholic sfudenis on Jrhe campus. I+ is open lo all sludenis of ihe Calholic lailh. The club holds meelings once every mon+h in Jrhe Proieciion Room ol Jrhe Mechanical Aris Building and all siudenis are inviied io ahlend. The Club also has many olher acliviiies such as parlies af 'rho home of The various members. kg im 3? . f 1 1 ' , S, ,k . ff, ff :..: , fi in T 5 s 3 fa 3 Q Q Firsh Allnoch, Barker, Cummings, Davis, Ferreira, Filzgerald, Foeh, Hawkins: Second: Hawley, Hernandez, Higgins, Luboiasky, Monraguc, Olero, Peres: Third: Sabo, Schniederian, Smilh, Tom, Villa, Walker, Wealherall, Wheelis. 2I4 METHODIST STUDENT UNION The purpose of ihe lvlelhodisr Sludenr Union is lo provide opporruniries for bofh spirilual and social development Regular Bible courses, daily noon devorional services, and various 'forms ol enlerlainmenl are only a few of rhe acriviries offered by Jrhe lvlerhodisl Sludenl Union. The Srudenr Cenler conlains coke machines, radios, Television, ping pong fables, game rooms, and various olher recrearional facililies. OFFicers Pre-sidenr ,, so , ,Doc Gisr Vice Presidenr , ,,,.,,,,,,, Dale Smilh Secrerary ,,,i,,,,, , ,, Jane Forbes Waller Leonard Ediior SHORTHORN The SHORTHORN, ASCE weekly newspaper, is ediied and published by sophomore and freshmen iournalism siudenis who have a weelqiy assignmenl of a news or Teaiure siory. The SHORTHORN Tries io cover impariially all campus aciiviiies including social evenis, eleciions, club meeiings, sporis affairs, and all oiher happenings oi general inieresi io The siudeni body. The siafi look lime off from work Jrhis year io have a banquei and dance. S1'a'FF , ,..,,,,,, Waller Leonard Edilor ,s,s,s,,,,,,,,s,,,,s, Managing Ediior ,,ss,,,..o, , ,,,,,,,,, Fred Bauman Sociefy Ediior ,. ,,,, ,...,,, T ommie Williams Hilion Hilliard Amusemenis Ediior s,,,,, ,,,u .l ames Maberry Business Manager s,,,, ,,,,,, , ,Wayne Higgs Circulaiion Ediior, ,.,, , ,s,, Hugh Dempsey Sporis Ediior ,,s,s,,,.,, ,,.,,, STAFF The Sl-TORTHORN sTaTT is under The experT guidance OT Mr. Duncan Robinson, who has had much experience as a newspaper- man, and is also ArlingTon STaTe's PubliciTy and Goodwill represenTaTive. Mr. Robinson is an old ASC graduaTe and has been The guiding hand in many acTiviTies which have Taken place in The pasT year. A Journalism Class Scans Their Worlc. Duncan Robinson Sponsor REVEILLE This boolc, Jrhe lirsf issue of lhe REVEILLE, is lhe finished ellorlfs of +he annual slahf +0 presenl To you, ihe sludenfs of Arlinglon Sfale College, a new and larger boolc which displays srudenl aclivify +o a grealer degree. Our worlc will have been compleled if Jrhis, lhe largesr annual ever published here, brings as much enioymenf lo you as ir has +0 we who have edired il for you. Lawrence Baines Eolifor Pollard, Bass, Cummings, Woolverfson, Walls, Broward, Palmer, Gunn, Boyls. ZI8 STAFF I wish Io Thank Ihe Iacully and adminislralion lor Jrheir encouragemenl and cooperalion, and especially do I exlend our Ihanlqs 'ro Mr. E. P. Berryhill, Sponsor, Mr. J. D. Bryanf, Facully Advisor, and Mr. Norfon IVlcGiI3Fin, who have guided our worlc 'rhis pasjr year. James Blackwell, pholographer, Jimmy I-Ioward, arlisl, Bob Berry, alhlelic edifor, David Willoughby, mililary edilor, and Darwin Yeary, assislranlr, also deserve Jrhanlcs for Iheir excellenl work. To Ivlr. A. O. Evans ancl Dorolhy Ivlanousos of Ihe Marvin D. Evans Company, The Wallace Sludios, Ivlr. Bill Ivlurphree and Jess Harwell of Jrhe Soufhweslern Engraving Company, who have so willingly ancl unsellishly assisled us in our worlf, I wish To express my sinceresf Jrhanlqs. Ii Wim, Z M I 'Z I l5"""i James Blackwell Phofographer Edilor and Associale al work. 2 I 9 -1 H4 4,2 TT' ESM .X WY? TWR z , 4 WY lk? my M, W1 2 nf M4 ff A 'Six -.wif Q ., V, ., 'qigfsqf ' .,. f 5 f ? f 1 2 f I0 I 1 2. 3. 4. The finale Fufure champs? Nancy. +he fennis sfar Touche! Avvmebmkm., Chow Down' ,ix n . .- The execuh es confer X Q M4 K Free kisses ' I ' Farm chow hall workers ' P E- fx ww. E J F1 5 is Q We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our advertisers for their patronage and Wish them the pest of luck in the coming year. 3' WZ QQ X 47' 517, l If i 224 Between Classes And Off Periods BUY A COLD DRINK From Our Modern Self Service Machines THE SIIPEHVEHD C0llP0llH'l'l0N DALLAS TEXAS B SB Cafe A 5 II ' 5 Ilnwntnwn Headquarters Featuring glue Cofdge .gpaeciafv 617412 Exif java! .7!ziA .gale o!.!wleauen v Margie MHC I :X EQ There's a ' you future! BGB CUUKE INC.-FORD DEALER Sales - Service GENUINE FORD PARTS MADE RIGHT-FIT RIGHT - LAST LONGER Arlington, Texas Phone AR5-2751 Long FURNITURE COMPANY Nationally Famous Lines of SHUBTHUBN corrnnsllor Where Fine Food and Friendship Await You ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE CAMPUS FURNITURE, CARPETS 8: APPLIANCES OSCAR S. LONG 132 E. Main St. Phone 7632 GRAND PRAIRIE l 1 l W J Q7 7 EXCHANGE CON FECTION ERY "Student Hangouf' f Candy 'k Cold Drinks f Ice Cream -A' Cigarettes We Specialize in DOUBLE THICK MALTS THE EXCHANGE STUBE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 211'1 MILITARY UNIFORM ACCESSORIES P9 MASTERPIECE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES X Ig? 4L Serving Arlington Since 1910 X, . A HUGH H. MooRE sc soNs Q N Il' Funeral Home Z .W X1 4 'XV Compliments cf if of g'I,,'fff MATLOCK'S PHARMACY WL y 'EX Arlington' Texas Phone AR4-6131 I I SP3 -f f J.R.Klpp S .St. ON Ti-IE IZIIGHSEYAY a WM I T A lington, Texas Phone AR4 95C I HA L , 1575 BIRD-ELDER Co. 67 T N05 Insmfance and Real Eslfale ARS 1 105 W. Main P one 218 WW W Arlington, Te CT - - 2 Refresh. . .Add h E Zest To The Hour Q Phone I I R .. I T -n Lunch Refreshed 2 I n Travel Refreshed 3 M W 3 O l 8 I I R I I 7 T H I l I A I I A I I B BONDURANT BROS. I S I ARLINGTON BCDY SHOP INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS I "Catering to Those Wfbu Care" REAL ESTATE ARLINGTON, TEXAS h P. O. Box 422 Phone AR4-8232 Phone AR5'-2146 Arlington h L I f nnnu: wn.1.lAMs IN I COMFORT AT THE COMPLETELY Mens Wear AIR-CONOITIONIQII h ELORSHEIM SHOES h if ARLINGTON OOEEEE SHOP if MALLORY HATS Wfbelz Plalzuizzg ll Party See Us if TIMELY CLOTHES 118 West Main St. Phone ARJ-9621 Aggie Headquarters for Fine Clothes Arlington, Texas 29 We of the Wallace Studios Wish to thank each and every student, faculty members and the entire staff of the Arlington College 1950 Yearbook for the Wholehearted cooperation given us in the making of the photographs for this book. lt has indeed been a pleasure to serve you and we hope that We may have the same pleasure in the future. " Makers of Fine Portraits" 811 Throckmorton General Office and Laboratory 1607-A Elm St. Phone 2-2000 606 South Oakes Phone C-2726 Fort Worth, Texas San Angelo, Texas Dallas, Texas Other branch studios located in Abilene, San Angelo, Odessa, Palestine, Tyler, Greenville, Paris, Houston, Texarkana and Port Arthur, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Wichita, Kansas, Tulsa, Oklahomag Omaha, Nebraska, Louisville, Kentucky, jackson, Mississippi, Texarkana, Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana. IM, ,M ,, ,M Y , , ,Yn, The hot dog is a familiar part of American life Most of us take for granted that when we want one we can get it almost anywhere We can depend on the availability of the American hot dog in this country it is part of the American scene and we like it Electric service too is a familiar part of the American pat tern Can you imagine your home-or your work without the convenience of electric service? Everyone takes the availability of electric service for granted And you can take its economy for granted too The savings of thousands of people are invested in the se- curities of Texas Electric Service Company. These savings bought power plants electric power lines and other equipment -equipment that is operated by the men and women of Texas Electric Service Company to provide you with dependable economical electric service. Money, materials and man-power are joined under our American free enterprise system to bring economical electric service to you. This system is just as much a part of the Ameri- can scene as the hot dog-it's the system which has given us 0 'Z 9 AS AMERICAN A A I-lor noe O " 7 O- ,Jn I Americans more of the many ine things which make us healthy, comfortable and strong-more than any other country in the world. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY A Business-Managed, Tax-Paying Private Enterprise, Chartered Under the Laws of the State of Texas f R.O.T.C. OFFICER UNIFORMS and ACCESSORIES R.0.'l'.C. Students Z -Af R.0.T.C. SHOES f WESTERN CLOTHING T B I A N' G L E I N N FOR MEN 8: WOMEN SPECIALIZING in . . if COWBOY BOOTS PIT BARBECUE FOR MEN 84 WOMEN and CHOICE STEAKS The Army Store Gi Rodeo Shop T 0 M M Y P 0 T T S 12th 8: Houston Fort Wcmrrh Telephone AR4-9541 Owner and Manager Z I Oo The Humble Company its 19,000 employees, and the 8,000 driveway salesmen who supply you with Humble products, extend to the ...Class of 1.950 their hearty congratulations and lwst wishes. Blue Ribbon Sandwiches First in Quality Service Picnics and Parties Our Specialty Phone Hunter 8-9254 2225 South Harwood Wnhm Auto V ' K' - All0C'lfO : W. A. WHITLEY, Owner Arlington, Texas DALLAS, TEXAS We can Save You Money On Hey Cadets and Co-Eds BATTERIES Meet Your Friends Here 5p0RT1NG GQQDS FISHING TACKLE HEAD BOWlANES AUTO PARTS Phone AR4-9623 113 W. Main BICYCLES RADIOS , TIRES S ' TUBES also .P 9 MAGS WAFFLE HOUSE Complete Line of Downtown Arlington Phone AR4-9501 AUTO PARTS and ACCESSORIES --F? fcrgsvnogsr S V , S Solicits and Apprcciates Your Business ARLINGTON, TEXAS Phone AR5-2741 Irving, Texas Phone 200 Carrollton, Texas Phone 206 Saludos Amigos Welcome Friends LA TAPATIA On The Pike-In Arlington SPECIALIZING IN MEXICAN FOODS AND STEAKS Phone AR4-9615 TERRY BROS. DRUGS Student Headqlmrtmfs in Town PHONE AR4-8l5l HAPPY RI Ifi REAL ESTATE INSURANEE 8 LUANS INSURANCE 84 LOANS Arlington, 7T e2cQi7 Phone ARS-2105 Need A Haircut? Go to the CAMPUS RARRER SHRP Across From The Gym Between Classes or Off Periods W. L. BIBLE 33 J' Enjoy the long-lasting good looks and easy-feeling comfort that only genuine JUSTINS can give! . UTI BLDT 30 Days Credit at MILLS LAUNDRY COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE 2054 Discount for Cash 8: Carry PHONE ARS-2175 For Pick Up G Delivery 205 E. Main Arlington, Texas C077If7lil726lIlS of D. S. 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CANNON THE HRLINGTUN CITIZEN Publishing - job Printing - Office Supplies -k Comzges Boosting ASC and Arlington R if Floral Desig 117 East Main C Fl I' S ,Z ROSE-YATES INSURANCE ' AND REAL ESTATE PHONE ARS-2731 ARLINGTON 85 REAL ESTATE on the Highway All Classes of Ifzsumnce i ARLINGTON, TEXAS 37 AHLI BTU STATE B!-I Ii I n Arlington O Solicits and Appreciates Your Banking Business O MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WOBKMHN'S DRUGS MODERN FOUNTAIN SERVICE MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE Arlington Phone AR5 2195 d LUTTRELL BROTHERS C0mi,,ime,,,, GROCERY and MARKET of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fine Dairy Products, Inspected Meats A Complete Line of Frosted Foods JQI-IN DEER PLQW TELEPHONE AR5-2166 CQMP ANY ARLINGTON'S MOST POPULAR INDEPENDENT GROCER We Deliver DALLAS, TEXAS SX 4 wm v Q H M ,LW 'OHSEQQ .f i i X g ix 1 u XX 5 um- on X X X 5 N V x 5 x Y i4Y -E,'L' u I v ,-1,5 usiwvll "5xi'0:0 V 5 Xu D 7 f f 7' 1 m PQ f f f ' 'X X --1 ' as-n on-1 f ' A N3 S :Emi W R H' Q XT 'E".'.'E.PY'EIF , X 'If' , E521 issd n ' Y on sumnsv. FT.WURTH.6X, ZQ vAunEnvaDnr's W And Q AT YOUR GROCER'S T - . M TN ff he V. H :-1+-f --V' X' LO N G H o R N B RA N D 51 'V ' l " -N" f Q2 'RES H F " U ' 'S MJ ':':A "f'i 5f : :f" t 'lglf .N rift P N yr NNN AN D VEG E TAB'-E5 NNNNN NN :ff ""V': ""f::.. S11"'A' i ""- "" N "'f"' -' -:. f ,,lr1 A' ..,., ,. NM . . . are gathered by the Ben F. Keith Company from the "Land of Everywherel' and identified under the LONGHORN BRAND for your protection. LONGHORN BRAND fresh fruits and vegetables found under the hlue and yellow ufresh-from Keirh's" markers in your favorite independent food store assure you of appetite appeal. 5,115 16774 l4rgfxt,Di:tr-ilrutorx of frub and Frozen 'X X COMPANY Frau: and Vegelablax nn the Sou!b1wxt - ' 5 frfmyg ,guy Q -ig 9, A fr - g Q5-. 2753 .1341-fivgg .. 5 .Q ..., ii illilll.. 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