Arlington State College - Reveille Yearbook (Arlington, TX)

 - Class of 1949

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Arlington State College - Reveille Yearbook (Arlington, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1949 volume:

lv WF- 4 W 5 '-L, 1 1 ,4ln1.u' gf .. 4 4 . 1 gift' , , 1 ,.v: lx r +651 , 42, if . 1 sn- JSM . A ,V fu sbfgzfv' W E 2 N E Q 0 X! if a , 'Z ff --f 'Q ,X- 4 ef ,K , If -G:.Q. fi 2 ini gf, I2 , 1 I . if Irs: Q- .:g'..:K:eTLQ."3. I , f, ,f,f s N-,-. '4 tis, vl.:" J - W i tt E WU." . rm . i t Q4 'NM I , ,, 5 JM" N11 Mm Q The 1949 JUNIUH AGGIE LAWRENCE BAIN ES Editor PAT BRAN DEN BURG Associate Editor DAVID WILLOUGHBY Business Manager j. D. BRYANT Faculty Advisor PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BQDY OE NORTH TEXAS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE Arlington, Texas F5 g 1 , 7, ff fx 1 'ff K fi f ZFX jf ,K gf' The tower reaches upward from f f i f QI f the ower lant. X ff 'J J J If is X1 YJ ff Lfx P P 'f U' XJ' A A Q,-' kj M X Y' ,ff , if X15 fs fx, ,f ' f , f ff ,ff 1 A D 4 if ' lx -I , ,f x, R2 FOREWGRD In presenting this yearbook of 1949, to you, the administration and student body, it is our hope that you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. The junior Aggie Staff has spent many hours in preparing this book for you. Take it and preserve it, as a reminder of the happiness you have found here. The college's qualified administration department, and its ever increasing stu- dent body, marks only the beginning of the position it will achieve among the outstanding college and universities of the nation. Next year will begin to show many additions to the college. A boy's dormitory and plans for other improvements, show but a few of the many changes that will take place. The staff and I ask only one thing of you, the student body. Keep up that ole AGGIE spirit and think of N. T. A. C. wherever you go. LAWRENCE BAINES, Editor-In-Chief CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES STUDENT LIFE MILITARY ATHLETICS PERSONALITIES WHO'S WHO ORGANIZATIONS DEDICATIGN We take great pleasure in dedicating the Junior Aggie of 1949 to B. C. Barnes, Registrar. "Barney" Barnes, star salesman of NTAC, has convinced hundreds of prospective freshmen that an education at this institution is something worth having. Progressive mayor of Arlington and efficient college admin- istrator, gentleman and veteran, he has a genial personality salted with hard common sense. Students of NTAC, valuing and enjoying that personality, express the hope that he will have long years of future usefulness to the college he has served so ably in the past. -3 ,Q XX x VY .1 33 tg . ef . h . Q'.?' ' il -mm ,ln-Ix 3 S X N ' S QQ., A x wX,3Q+'P1'Z4SN,-by-Zz 5 K l Q V.-.2w,f,E.Z.:Q,,:3:R Ja- , f fga--g:f.z:,.U . 1 Q! A V,,..,,,Z3.AZV w 9 ,Q 'S S ml, A ,. ,g'e:,Zz5 2 5-.g:f5,,,:5, 1,-W.. , Jegw ,X X '- 21" Exim If .,,, 'S N ' Sdsigxh- w-:.1::f3::w.:se . X gg-::.,j: "gf.:1Ci.'::E'.: 1 X ' '- ' V2'A:'EM-IIisrxiftig.,kr-:,E,:x:E5r5'fx''E" v . I., ..x:,. 7 . X !,.v: ' FL?S5i3Q"f1'i:::":' .. X X rx, 1 1 X7-QTTW,-xl,-.A ff'-c-FN 'T ' fx' TT T , V ,- My JL ,, ,H rf" fy 1 . -,J fg. Alu-. LAL Q xx wb ,. --..w...ff- ..,,,,H' I LIBRARY SCIENCE 5' ivm li , il..-nlmvf' .. K.. fiig wwwwms -iw-fwzem Sai . ll El!! Y- -f . -V T1 X w Llf.-1' - ,zy- X W X w x F . -we E' QKKM ax! -,xi DORIVMTQRY it -r-1-, 1 f1v xx'r'W '. f' 'W--5333 .AQQ-xl'-x 5, 5 wx. -I-1 -W-N , fm qv A ...J XJ. lf, lf, Lb, I 'KJ --'rw '-sx-N 'N- In :-,X .X Fx 22251 EW X-X may fm X -., ' rf mf X j Lfy. ,4 E if 'Q ig - 'Lx W 1 S "' ,a -'fi pw... PRESIDHENTES HUME GNRJUS JDOPJVMTHOIRX' V'-xikw Q 1 www: - X , rwx.-.ik-QNq.1QQSQ, . XX A Www X www N wx ,X N. W--3.-Q--,, -. - .1 ,,,,,.,?.,,,,x.r'X--myt-- . N ' x pg----w..N, N, W bf ' KV. ,ivy-5x -- .ax W..5h5-i-M X www. W, L ,Q N f-vm., .w..xq. H .. . 6.05 ww-X,wg-:e::r.,,v:.-x .-L., ' X X 'wx , ,. , --,w w Wawwai-QQX fx ' " ,Nxmgwmw-ax X x NX xv xbv SANS-wx llxxvww-K-'lN'N' X N ff-. vyqg , K f rf JM? . :W S655 'a an wi Xa x N x , I SN . A , Q V ak ' N .J Mi., ,,,,.-an 3' 1" Earl Av- ' ,AZ 1-fv' ,,, Af, gg: Six QB, s 2 f le , . Q ww 'wpwf A 5 it 5, 1 4 vw, ,, S , 7 .r CHANCELLOR GIBB GILCHRIST North Texas Agricultural College in the center of a vast metropolitan area has always done an outstanding job in education. Creation of our great system of colleges and services should enable this vital part of the System to go forward with seven-league boots. With an outstanding administrative setup, a faculty earnestly working toward our common ob- jectives, and a student body equally interested in seeing them attained, the future is indeed bright. I am proud to be a part of this great System and to have the more intimate rela- tionships with its operation which is provided by the present organization. Congratulations to you and to your co-editors on this year's work. My best wishes are with you all. GIBB GILCHRIST Chancellor I wish to congratulate the Annual Staff and the Student Body on the production of this year's JUNIOR AGGIE. The theme "Student Life" is at the very heart of the entire Institu- tion. Life habits formed in college are based on previous experience and are the patterns for adult living. Any college that fails to provide adequately for its student activities is not fulfilling its mission. North Texas Agricultural College has always been proud of its fine student body. This year has been one of the best, and I believe we are looking forward to a greater N. T. A. C. E. H. HEREFORD President J. S. HOPPER Dean B. C. BARNES Registrar JOE BAILEY Business Manager E. E. DAVIS Dean Emeritus 0. E. PAXTON Commandant MAXINE MITCHELL Dean of W0me11 X C f 5: ,lik 505 like ,f Q X ,V Q Q gi ,-A 'M ,J I E 'BANK .gf ALLEN. J, srnw -, av i 52, ...T fl 1 4:54 ,Q 5 X A , U s W "3 .-qi. . Q 1 5 if ' AX 5 ' 1 1 1 V X .X . f ' AAAA . . x " ,... , of . ...E .... Q .. .l X Q W 'MQ 1 . . V ,, . 2 xi., 6,7 ff ,, .si-Kiel 'V' 2 ., . ' 4 3 . mf . WA X 4 S A wwf: . W z ...vii f - . in ix O V' f- ! F 'vi' x ., .3 . I . .fi , . .' . "M T ' ART ARMSTRONG, M. L. English Engineering ALLEN, PAUL BARKSDALE, E. C. Engineering History ARMSTRONG, A. B. BEARDEN. BURLEY Social Sciences Marhenmrics Head of Dept. Mathemzxtics BETTS, DEXTER Visual Aids BOON, JOHN D. Geology ' -then there's the one about the salesman-" BERRYHILL, E. P. BOYETT, SUE Mathematics BRANONT. G. Librarian BRIEWSTER, W. Biology . X N i Q X .Q r QQ X Y ,rixf ST 4. 5 X XX N in X 5 4 xx 4? 5 ,pu 1, , A i 0 . 5 BROOKS, BETTY Business Adm. BRYANT. J. D. Business Adm, Head of Dept. BURDETT, ROY Engineering Head of Dept. l , Q T 1 BURKHOLDER. D Music BURMAN. H. G. Chemistry CAMERCN. MARGARET Speech Mr. Hughes "Bulging his Beamersn CAMPBELL, F. Physics COOK, G. M. Engineering CULBERTSON, Chemistry s .wr- .,,,, ,. , N X X QT' l WE 'U' i ts any 2 i P fi ' ' Agn Qs X 5 X X, W. A. DAVIDSON, NV. W. Engineering DAVIS, E. E. Dean Emeritus DECKER, J. L. Engineering .14 .am 'R 1 it 'Lf X , -2 g ' fr ,J A' sy W 'f A 0' if .L., M, DONNELL, A, FARRELL, M. GOODXVIN, M. HARRINGTON, Modern Language Agriculture Engineering ALBERTA English DUKE, MARY FORBES, B. M. HAMMACK, NIELBA HAYDON, C. E. English History English Language DUNSXVORTH, H. A. GAMBILL, J. F, HANCOCK, LERA D. HENRY, ARCHIE i Mathematics Military Home Economics Home Economics Fore!!! We just can't understand about Dewey 49 , N L :stif f - d,,..w Abi HOLDER, L. I. Mathematics HOLMES, J. G. Physical Iidtication HONWARD, C. M. Mathematics an -v HUGHES, L. Biiilogy Herd of Dept. HOXVELL, J. S. Ifngincering X ' ff' g, s I F - 5 . , 2 1,4 .Q . 4' ' Xy""W Q -H' 1 . .115 1 2 i . .L f .. " xr Qfw -I KJ: , fi X J F S 'N :fn S.. 5.'f'3'3'-' ,.-...Q iw. av, 9 ' ' in iw K 'QF x x . x X - X ' " .Sf .1...:.:,,, , N225- HUMPHREYS, OPAL Library Beef Banquet IRON5, E. R. Music Head of Dept. JASPER, J. R. Business Office JASPER. T. M. Mathematics . .i JOY, M. NV. lingineering KIOYNER, H. XV. Art KELTNER. If. H. Military Head of Dept. KIBIZR. D. H. Agriculture Head of Dept. KILLIAN, O. L. Biology LANDUA, MARIE English Prexy's right hand. 6 x 5 r i K 'ii L 0 I I AW LANHAM, S. T. Engiiiuuring LASSIQN, LLOYD Mitliumttics LIIBO, M. B. Agriculture f 1 1 ' WXWM 'ks ' i f 4 - QS. . ... A is :-:ass A ""'hk i ,wo f . ., . Ami 'f E We S , Si qwwsyfg My jc wf , ' .ste 5 ,"1 xi N A fer 1 S 'qz,,..f ,-we "f1 4 ' :.: 1 M 3, X 5 K S X ibffigfa! X . i ,, LENVIS, D. XV. MARQUIS, R. MCCOMBS, C. A. MCGHEE, WILLIE NICMAINS, D. M. MORSE, HARRY W. Speech Physics Mathematics English Military Military LOVEJOY, C. D. lNlASON, C. C. MCDONALD, C. B. MCGIEFIN, NORTON MCMURRY, W. G. MULLINS, LULA Military Psychology Chemistry History Engineering English LYON, OTTIE XMAFEE. H. D. MCDONALD, R. F. McGINNIS, HELEN MITCHELL, MERLE MURHCISON, JOHN Assis. Registrar Chemistry Engineering English Mathematics Chemistry Head of Dept. "There I was, completely surrounded . . .' Sergeants are the toughest people. 5 X xi v ,N 5 iQ , . . WWW ""--ms WM. 'E sl E .5 FE ,O was 'E .fiia f S A lf . 5 . . f'-wxztxw-P , .,,, .fg,iQ.fg- A ,,-av ,M Q Q Q42 ,ji QR? Q. ss- C2 Z rw 3' FT Z T1 :J W Z LT' f V, . xkkk 2 ff: ,Q ,L fx fvx X 1 OXVITNS. ,l. L, Agriculture PATTIZRSON, PAT Music Matliematice A Saturday af l l ll ll l l A ' l is Q .'N.,, Ag X . iz. 2 "" s::,..,:::::Siii' 1 X PALMER. LUCIAN Mathenmtic: PAXTON. O. F. CiOI'l1l'l1.1I1d.ll'lI PAYSINGFR, MARIAN Al.1ll'lCI'l1.'lIlCS A tt. Q - xx.. 'R .vw , , we ternoon of g fvjif' " 2 V 3 . xg ig:,,,,... , A gar f . ..., ,Q X 3 ' , ,. x . M ' M - 0 A . . V ,,. mg. ,x I ,QM , , E 'f " if f A 2 x Q xii, 2 ,.., X " i ' l ' v . , f f N ,M 5 : 2 f' ' N A . .,-.fx 4, H. W W 3 , X A , Q gg x ..,, - X 'Z ' t :xii :EQ F , ,,,,, , .X wg--. ., Y X ' ' f - N 46 X A ix ' .. ' .:.::re,g ,D V- PFTISRSO lingineering PINITR, OUILDA Ifnglisli POPE, H. D. Chemistry olf. ,Ag A i M ' Q 'I S Qin' S, X Xt 'S . . 5 - Q 4 , f JA X N AF . 2 5 S ' X X N f ,, N f Z X S f N. XV. M I ffgiiwy. Q A X x . ,.ss:ixg, , ve . h www' Q. A . ,wgik -. 2- jx .uf S -. ,M A PRICE, F. M. Military RAMSIZY, ZFLDA Bmincu Adm. RANSOM, NV. A. linglisli Head of Dept. REESE, ROY Biology RICHARDS, C. D. Government, History ROBINSON, DUNCAN English, Journalism ROCKXVELL, KENNETH lfnglisll RUSSELL. FLIZABETH Chemistry SAM UEL. L. I. Agriculture It is my pleasure at this time to present... v1-1.mwnu-unanil mu..n-urmnigx. wi. ff' X A 1 is 1 ze-Q . A wi 'W 3 'Q fr xgw is s ' I X ' I Q. is f I A5 -.wx A .I , M W Q I . Q, I f' 3? ,, .- . gy , . , fx .N f we-3. , Q ' ' i ff - Ei., ,, ,sg-,iff N' . N Xa fy- 5' i J I i :X Q fi? A ' l ,. 5 , Q12 I. I' . xo, , -:L I' 1 7 3 ...Q , . .. ffffgiizfzzk ' x 1 x 1? f R X W 4. -C E253 finsztgizjz. yy NY .V ,.1,.,... f izmazskya A 4' 4--f-"4 SCHEBLE, NITA SHUPEE, G. XV. SMITH, ANNA W. SPIEGELMIRE, TAYLOR, LUCILLE XVALLACE, Speech Engineering Music ' LOUISE Business Adm. ROBERTA Music Art SCOTTINO, P. L. SLAGLE, MARGARET SMITH, G, E, STILES, AUGREY TINKER. T. J. XVEST, J. W. Engineering Art Engineering Engineering Athletics Nlugic SCRUGGS, ADDIE SLAUGHTER, R, L. SMITH, G, M, SXVISHER, MARY VAN KEUREN, XVYATT, JAMES Physical Education Speech Engineering Library ROBERT Spanish Head of Dept. Military "May I have your attention . . ." Dean Hopper at inauguration. 145 NK 74 ' Cgjx . - . ,QQ . I ,, UQ in T: -- Q X . . W M f ff S X 'm . gg i V xx' X Q' y' A S Y ,N X 'ff,.i., . . qv' J , ie' ' .,,. ' N Nw f! I W i .A"'Rf , f .5 " f 4 I Km. I , 2 , .. 'ffl NS 95: 3 . Q X 3. i xy 1 Nj,- if K W X W ii. 4 . I. 2 ?'. ii! ' N , bfX5'H:.E:EE:E. :IEIEEEE-IW fx W X ,AAAA. , ...di W ,A .1 I a , ' ' . , 53 . - Li ggi.. X , Q VN V A n E V my - il , ,N A Nb ,g . . 4,1 .K I, is ..... X .59 . . ,. ' K 'W' ,AMEX . J .. , , K--Sf-an-ge 1-' . m A.. , X N gm. si' 7 I Y ' 1 "-' , ...X R . . . : " -1. '-X' " . fi X x, : .U -SN . ..,. . ..,:, or-ff 'Q sl ADDINGTON, BRITT. AGNES HUDSPATH, J. E. RANSOM, GENEVA SHELTON, VAN DAM, FAY GRANDIS Nurse Stockkccpcr Secretary VIRGINIA Stenogrupacr Registrar! OtIicc Secretary ARNOLD, JONNIE CRIDER, LOUISE KEITH, CHRISTINE ROGERS, .IANIE SPALDING, SARAH VICKERY, IONE Business Office Business Otficc Secretary Secretary Secretary Secretary BRANDENBURG, DENTON, NILES, RACHEL SCOTT, -IO ANN STEWART, WADE, PEARL NAN DOROTHY Library Secretary HENRIETTA Library Clerk Rcgistiun' Office Secretary Mrs. Vickery of Commandanfs office. Two and uw-3mm :nm M... nm-an v- m S -f li .Mg .ij U. Nl? H - wg.. .y gg M. wmv.-. fig: I I 2' Hi! .Lv .-...N-.... HW.. .Q .im- IWO 211' Xmuuuan-'mu ---'naw -unnawauisns m -1-.N --.... .--.-... - -v .... e four. XVI-IITE. LEONARD Curator of Armory WILSON, B. B. Supr. Bldg. SL Grounds XVORLEY. M. L. Assist. Ciirator of Armory i I 1 I INAUGRATION OE PRESIDENT HEREFORD The First President of N. T. A. C. The Speakers at the Coronation Dinner for faculty and guests. The Processional. ?'!M?Ig' .x,.'?i'l'4 W' 1552" 3Ni35x'UQWv?Bau iQY"mQ5?31Ait+ 7 'I EWR 7' fW"RQW" Q ,RX Y .Q X . N vl' "Nfl INAUGURATION Chancellor Gibb Gilchrist making c Salute by corps. 5 W MY. my ' ' W it 'wg fl 5 K' A V , Q ff i w zx S' ffisfnm Q i X t -gifs:-X Aw? W , A A " Q'-.L V. Qi, E , 5 5 S . Q K K NWN xc Q3 s t t 'ci' aff W I - X X I if X . N X ,. X X get X .tt onversa tion. Mr. Barnes' introduction The National Anthem. -w X 'ss 7 f ,fig-y! 2W,, , fwkf , wg f , mf I 'bx ' S President, M. D. JONES - Vice-President, ROBERT FAULK Secretary, YVONNE ARMOUR 1 K 1 3 ii L 1: N? e Ii I H i ? SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 3 2 1 I3 N X " fi Q ADAM, HASKELL, Dallas AKEY, CHARLES, Fort Nlforth ag-3 ,1 Industrial Electrical Engineering Petroleum Engineering ALLEN, HOLLIS G., Dallas Business Administration ANDERSON, ROBERT, XV., Bonham ARMOUR, YVONNE, Dallas General Terminal ARNOT, ROY, A., Breckenridge XVild Life Management BAINES, LAWRENCE, Pampa Pre-Law BALL, ROBIN, Fort XVorth Fashion Arts BARBOSA, RICHARD, Dallas Aeronautical Engineering BEAN, KITTY, Dallas Business Administration BELLOMY, CONRAD, R., Quitman Business Administration BENNETT, HAROLD NV., Dallas General Agriculture ALLEN, TRAVIS, Texarkana Business Administration Petroleum and Geological Engineering ARGENBRIGHT, KENNETH, Dallas Mechanical Engineering ARNOLD, DOTTIE, Dallas Business Administration ARTERBURN, HAROLD Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering BALE, RICHARD, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering BARBER, DELL, Dallas Merchandising BAUGH, HENRY, Houston Pre-Vetenerian BECK, PAULA, Fort Wortli Art BEMENT, JOHN, E., Grand Prairie Mechanical Engineering BENNETT, MARGIE, Arlington General Terminal Vi. fs.-'kg A 'J Q vvv, Q -.,f':,,:::, 4 .gif i -, 30 R .,h, , , ay. f ' 1 , . ,, L . '..E2s:s::. 9: ' f gg! Q ur' , a X 7 X M-'T cy f ng , ,. t . s Q A X Y .1 X, Q X X -. Jw., ' av I , :ii e E?- S f , S ,, ' M i lk at R' i wifi A - 2' t ,W vt W if ' 1 A s A A' l E ai -., ., A - . ,Q A 2 ig - , , if , , """ - , '. .. i-A X A X: V, '- .,: 3 I r 5 AV' " l , K , : "?""" 41. X ws RN .L WA BENNISON, EDWARD, M.. BENT, NORMAN, J., Grapevine A Fort XVorth Petroleum Engineering w A ,K Architecture 'iii Time for chow Upperclassrnen , at . A ,,,. 1- " " Rt, ff , K ,N 41 ff fbf, I, if I if I ,. yah 3: JREQ-Ss.: BENTLEY. DANIEL DU KE Arlington Agriculture BIVIN, RICHARD, Lufltin General Terminal BLAIR, LYLE A., Dallas Business Administration BLANKENSHIP, B. KI., Fort Worth Industrial Electrical Engineering BOATXVRIGHT. RICHARD, Irving Business Administration BOLING, NV. T., Fort XY'ortli Industrial Electrical Engineering BOTTOMS, MALCOLM B.. Quanali Range and W'ildlife BOXVEN, CLARENCE, Fort Xvortli Business Administration BRANDENBU RG, Pat, Duncanville Merchandising HREXVER, WIINDOLYN, Springtown Horticulture BROOKS, MARY LYNN, Fort Worth Physical Education BROXVN, JOE, Fort XYIOFIII Industrial Electrical Engineering BETZEL, XVILLIAM, A., ArlingtOn General Terminal BLACK, MELVIN, L., Kermit Merchandising BLAKEWAY, BILL, Fort Wfortli Aeronautical Engineering BLEDSOE, MARTHA, Fort NVIOFKII Radio Production BOGARD. BETTY, Grand Prairit Laboratory Technician BOTELER, JAMES L., Fort XY'ortli Architecture BOURLAND. W'ILLIAM, Dallas Geology BOYLE, ,IOHN O.. Dallas Electrical Engineering BRANTLEY, STANFORD S., Irving General Agriculture BRIDGES, BOBBIE, Dallas Music Education BROWN, HELEN, Arlington General Terminal BROXVN, LADENE, Fort XVOFKII General Terminal Wasn't the Assembly good? Get-together in the Exchange Mfr! ,fair 'I 1. I 1 I I I . I I I, I I I I I I I I I r ' 1 I . I 4 , .I Prairie General Terminal BRYAN, GORDON, E., Grandview Agriculture Worth General Art BUCHANAN, M. D., Waxahachie Mechanical Engineering ' TFP s , J kg y V - Q .... . f 2. E ! i A ' we BRUMLEY, NORMA LEE, Grand BRUMMELL, BASIL E., Fort ' 1 J Ae , 'H v X A YF' ' 3' 'LY BUCHANAN, RONALD, Grand Prairie Pre-Medical BUEORD, BOB A., Dallas Business Administration BUNDRICK, DAVID C., Dallas Geology BURK, JERRY, Hobbs, New Mexico BURROXVS, PAUL ROBERT, Dallas Industrial Electrical Engineering CALHOUN, THOMAS G., Dallas Chemical Engineering CALLAWAY, GRANVILLE, Petrolia Civil Engineering CAMPBELL, GENE W., Forney General Terminal CARRIGAN, ,IOHNNIE H., Fort Worth Industrial Electrical Engineering CASEY, JEWELL, Arlington BUCKMASTER, MARY, Fort Worth General Terminal BULLARD, JOHN, SENTELL, Fort XVorth Commercial Art BURGER, CHARLES Industrial Electrical Engineering BURKLOXV, BILLY, Fort Worth Business Administration BUSBEE, NORINIAN, Fort Wfortli Electrical Engineering CALLAWAY, BILLY, Walnut Springs Civil Engineering CAMERON, BONNIE E., Temple Radio Production CANTRELL, WILLIAM R., Arlington Industrial Electrical Engineering CARTER, MARVIN, Fort Worth General Terminal CASH, TRACEY, Dallas H TV , . ' se, 213512. - 'F ..,, ' X i it x 5: gg , N a 7 1 rg f s , -1555...-.:. ' ' ,. , .WM V Y ' SB, or ,, i ' X .. '- ' " A . ee 'F A X' i ff .-,. e r X, Q-Jlfgrgc 'V 4 i 'i - Hg E 1 " fi' A if?" 'X tv X , rise f .s 1 I Qi, . ,.t I ' . W ,ag .M 4, V ,, t 7 ' f A .we f 2 yr, ft f st ""' gm, f 'l 4 M :fb 1, 5 , i s sf .9 , X are N SS: E 9' ,Ln-'CI' t ,,,, - s . . , Q We W1 Pre-Medical Architecture I - in V K I Food and foolishness. Cheese and lindberger 7 ev-gs.. ,Hi,,.. , 0 ff" ALJ Utah fl'5 a 'MV sw! ii 22 Pf- 12 Q- 'V wir' X ' I i S'f""'.V qi , A. sh if -.1 I x f I Q L. Ir.-.1 . ' Zig Q- I I . S Q 1 A if Y , 521, ., Jr, , -. f Sq..-Q " f ' ei A f s I , 451.-gs,s. A ' si. . .x em L' Cf' , I .i ,,,, , . , is K 3 A f QS. e , X L CASSTEVENS, BILLY, INI.1nSfieICl, Industrial Mechanical Engineering CAVANESS, DANA JEAN, Arlington Business Administration CLAUDE, JAMES XV., Mt. Vernon General Agriculture CHAMBERS, JAMES, XV., Fort Wfortli Petroleum Engineering CIIAIXIPAN, CHARLIE. Lone Oak Agriculture Education CHRISTIAN, RICHARD, D., Fort W'orth Mechanical Engineering CLAYTON. JOHNNYE LOXV, Arlington Architecture CLEMENTS, MONTY, Fort wfurtla Mechanical Engineering COFFMAN. ROBERT, Fort XYIOFIII Geology COLE, BILLY, Arlington Music COLLINS. JAMES A., Dickinson Industrial Mechanical Engineering CONNIZR, JOYCE7, Dallas Physical Education CATER. SAM HOUSTON. Temple, Texas Agriculture CAVAZOS, DICK, Kingsville, Ptroleum Engineering CHAMBERLAIN, DAVID, R., Dallas Meclianical Engineering CHAMBER, BOB, XVaco, Texas Accounting CHILDERS, JAMES G., Fort Worth Business Administration CLAYTON, DUANE, Arlington Civil Engineering CLEM, CLARENCE T., Carrollton Industrial Electrical Engineering CLINKSCALES, EARLE S., Arlington Aeronautical Engineering COLBORN, LEON G.. Fort Worth Business Administration COLLINS, DONALD NV., Aledo, Cuniinercial Art CONNOR, JARIES I'I.. Daingerfield, Texas Business Aclministratiun COOK, JAKE C- Fort XVo1'tl1 Pre-Law There are always classes to go to. Make mine fl chocolate malted e. , ......,,.,..,,,,a...,..,,M,,,.?YnI .. ....,..c...a.L.lW . - ,,,,,,,,w, ....... :ll .. .... TW.. COOK, PHIL, Dallas Civil Engineering COOPER, JAMES NV., Rocky Mount, Virginia Industrial Electrical Engineering COOPER, XVILLIAM, SAINIUEL, Arlington Electrical Engineering CORLEY, EVANDER BENNETT, Stanford Chemistry CONKLIN. CLYDE K., Graham Industrial Mechanical Engineering COZAD, HELEN MARIE, Arlington General Terminal CRUCE, B. XV., Mesquite Pre-Law CURRIE, CLEABERN L., Kennard Poultry Husbandry DABNEY, BILL, Redlands, Calif. Music DANNELLY, EINIILY, Fort XVOrtli Art DAVIS, BAKER H., Crane Agriculture DAVIS, JEAN, Gilmer COOLES, HERBERT, Fort Worth Architecture Design COOPER, WILLIAM M., Carrollton Radio Production COPPS, DALE, Arlington Physical Education COUNTRYMAN, GLENN IW., Handley Industrial Electrical Engineering COX, LILBURN B., Dallas Business Administration CRAVER, LESTER, Alba Business Administration CUNNINGI-IAM, BUFORD LEON Fort Worth Industrial Electrical Engineering CURRIE. CLINTON R., Kennard Poultry Husbandry DALTON, BENJAMIN E., Arlington Commercial Art DAVID, ONA LEE, Arlington Elementary Education DAVIS, DONALD D., Fort xVOflh Industrial Electrical Engineering DAVIS, JOE B., Jacksonville -lx Q-Lael' V X gg! , 1 'I 4 'V+ ff X 4' I General Terminal Engineering Time out for a snack Must be interesting Y. ,W A 1 ' ., Q ' ' f ' tr "cc i ' 3 ' -' af -P ' if A S I 5 tg' iw..:4,f -f,, .,. A .. - -5 , ' V i A Vw iiiiwii iii fl , is M f . W fs .i "J P ' , A f 'A 2- tifwl r - 1 in .- l -f Y - Q YQ- - . N r 2 Am , .. R is , . 03-X, 1 'Ere' ' - w i f , i ---' 2 W- . A' -. - , is . ' 5'-iQ?' 1 M. ef? 'LM i i J ,X ' Sin! Vik i -- '31- , K X W! . 1 X X it K 4 NC, r ,-' A s N ,E t X A Xxx N its f W k. t..f 2' DAVIS, JOYCE, Fort Worth Business Administration DEBORDE, DONALD, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering DENTON, ERNEST E., Arlington Industrial Electrical Engineering DICK, DIANNE, Dallas General Terminal DODD, MARCELLA, Dallas General Terminal DONALDSON, BURNEY, Dallas Business Administration DORWARD, DON, Dallas Arts and Sciences DOUGLAS, C. J.. Merkel Business Administration DUBOSE, JOHN, Dallas Business Administration DURHAM, ZEOLEE, Richardson Dramatic Production DYE, TEDDY N., Dallas Pre-Law EDWARDS, JAMES XV., Aledo Agriculture Avolonte initiation The other half DAY, WILLIAM, Dallas Radio Production DEMASSES, TONY, Arlington Mechanical Engineering DEVERA, B. G., Dallas Industrial Electrical Engineering DIXON, BOBBY, Dallas Industrial Mechanical Engineering DOERING, Loyd A., Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering DORMAN, MACK, Dallas Pre-Law DOSSEY, WELDON, Eort Xvorth Industrial Electrical Engineering DRAKE, JOHN, Eort Xvorth Industrial Electrical Engineering DURHAM, ELOYED W., Weatherford Mechanical Engineering DUVALL, VICTOR MARTIN, Fort Worth Geological and Petroleum Engineering DYSART, NVILL H., Grand Prairie Agriculuture ELZWORTH, ELDER. Arlington Pre-Medical EVANS, JOHN NV.. Dallas Agriculture FARROW, GEORGE R.. Dallas Business Administration FAULK, GEORGE N., Fort XVorth Geology FERGUSON, CHARLIE A. Fort XVortl1 Industrial Electrical Engineering FISCHER, SHIRLEY ANN, Arlington Business Administration FITTE, DWAYNE, Marlin Pre-Veterinary FLETCHER, CALVIN, Sadler Geology FOSTER, JOE A., Dallas Business Administration FOUTS, THOMAS R., Fort Wlortlw Agricultural Engineering FRYDENBERG, RICHARD L., Abilene Business Administration GARDNER, LILLIAN A., Arlington Special Student GARZA, RAYMOND H.. Rio Grande City Modern Languages Time FARLEY, JERRY D., Cisco FAUCETT, GEORGE, Dallas EAULK, ROBERT, Dallas FINDLEY, GEORGE W.. Dallas FLARE, MILDRED ANNE, Dallas FOEH, FREDERICK A., FOSTER, ROBERT E., Dallas FRIZELL, DAVID PAUL, Stamford GALLAI-IER, ,IACK R., Et. XVorth GARRETT, KENNETH W., Dallas GEORGE, GLENN, McKinney Geology Pre-Law -N Geology Cl-iemical Engineering f I R FISHER, JAMES A., Dallas M- Pre-Medicine Home Economics Gladewater Music Industrial Electrical Engineering sa' Arts SL Sciences 4 Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering Engineering t0 80 t0 Ch01'U5 Voice lessons? sau .sim If .Qui N. . 463' cpw f .L I A we ,Q 4 iff- s 2? ' It I YR , f ' S N ,. ,X M ff ,est ,. m.L. J X fv e .... is if yWff , f N X , ,, Q gy :-' : "1 0 ?a' . A it ai.. .Q .. ., . ,,. ex, . , ix s Rs , - , .f 1. ' stu: ffva C.-:.a::E-'ffsigy ', W' E, ,,,,'f?' ,f'1T""1 --vffwf 3. at mt: M 'K f ' wi Q ,. , X X i .e xi f . , , , ,6,. H 5 f I get i 3 Q ' s gi 'GW N A .-3-1 " ilsz. .Aw env ,Q . W x,,, ,W ., A ' T ? A W X X W X , -A ww Q. 's -.t Sm My WSG M' Qt ' J is ktbtbb v as X 4, X e A ,t t. SVA ws E? gf M9 X V La. A QW . ' ' ,KX 5. Sie- N Q ' I SA , H . Q Nw I. - V - ye :A . .,,, ,wi .f ' "'I . In 'A -we e Q A . an Q, , l Q-1 g, . i GIBSON, GLORIA, Dallas General Terminal GIFFORD, FRED, Freeport Geology GILLHAM, CORAL If., Ft. Wforth Architecture GOFORTH. HAROLD REN- NETH, Blue Ridge Agricultural liducatiun GOODXVIN, JOHNNY D.. Dallas Arts X Sciences GORMAN, MAX, Dallas Pre-Law GRAINIINIER, HAROLD, Ft. WIONII General Agriculture GRIZIZNII, FLOYD, Emory Architecture GRIFFITH, H. HUNTER, Dallas Pre-Law GRONA. STANLEY HILMAN, Fredericksburg General Agriculture GROUNDS, EDGAR RAY, Cedar Hill Agricultural Education GXVIN, CHARLES, Fort wftlflll General Terminal zunIHMAJQIIHIQUBIPQQMUJIHQUHLWZQZZI GIBSON, JERRY, Dallas Business Administration GILBERT, JACK, DJIIQS Aeronautical Engineering GOBER, CLINTON IYI., Dallas Journalism GOLLIHAR, XVILLIAM P., Spur Civil Engineering GOODWYN, WAXINE. XVQCO Petroleum Engineering GRAHAM, JAMES WILLIAM, Charleston, S. C. GRAVES, FRANK D., IvlCKinney Geology GRIFFIN, CARL D., Dallas Pre-Veterinary CRIFFITH, THOMAS N., Duncanville Pre-Law GROSSMAN, DONALD, Dallas General Agriculture GUILLORY, ORAN E., Dallas Business Administration HA DLEY, BOY D, Con me Engineering Wfhat a campaign! Dining Hall at JTAC 4 4 Q 1 1 i Yflfii HAHN, O. G., Waco Business Administration HALE, RICHARD, Houston Aeronautical Engineering HALL, ROBERT, Dallas Industrial Mechanical Engineering HANCOCK, OMAR. Dallas Electrical Engineering PIARDEIXIAN, BILL, Eastland Mathematics HARRIS, WILLIAM H.. Dallas Business Administration HAUBOLD, CLEVE, Grand Prairie Radio Production HEIDEIVIAN, GILBERT. Kyle Agriculture HENDON, ARTHUR, xVJX3h3ChiC Arts K Sciences HENDRICKS, JAY, Dallas Business Administration HERRICK. RONALD, Houston Electrical Engineering HILL, WILLAM FLOYD, Dallas Business Administration HALE, JEAN, Scagovilie Elementary Education HALL, JOHN L., Dallas Mechanical Engineering HALLMARK. PHILIP P., San Antonio Aeronautics HANSSON, RICHARD L., Dallas General Art HARRELSON, ROBERT L., Dallas General Terminal HARRISON, BILLIE O., Dallas Electrical Engineering HAY, CORA JEAN, Fort Xvorth General Terminal HENDERSON, PAUL, Fort WVOFIII Arts K Sciences HENDRICKS, BURL, Eden Agriculture HEROD, GARY, Dallas Chemical Engineering HIGGS, WAYNE A., Dallas Electrical Engineering HILLIARD, HILTON, Dallas journalism The band plays... and the chorus sings aww .W ' 1 2. X e W E X X . e ,awe " ,P-1 , ff . 4 iv: XL if ' 4 I Y S ' .AL ' 39 N 4 ,N t , Q X 1 4:3 X Q e. 1' t Q S , tux . w .V r 7 - wg.: 'A' . x x . s Ns "ge ..4z-pta. I HOBBS, RAY, Throckmorton Business Administration HOGAN, BOB, Eort Vfortli Business Administration HOLLAND. MARVIN, Grand Pairic Electrical Engineering HOLT, OVERTON, Fort Worth Pre-Medicine HORNADAY, JACK, Arlington Pre-Law HOXVARD, JESSE R., Eur! Vforth Business Administration HONVELL, JAMES B., Fort Wforth Engineering HUDSON, C. T., Lancaster Civil Engineering HUEEHINES, DONALD E., Richardson Aeron.iutic.1l Engineering HUGHES, DAN A., Dallas Geology HUTCHISSON, W'ILI,IAM, Irving Business Administration JACKSON, BILLY J.. Fort NY'ortl1 Pre-Medicine 11- f U ,n-.umm-uuugu111u HODGE. IVIYRLE C,, Dallas Electrical Engineering HOLLAND. JOHN, iNlCAllen Petroleum Engineering HOLLOXVAY, MAMIE JEAN, Arlington Home Economics HOOD. GEORGE, Memphis, Tenn. Business Administration HOWARD, JACK R,, Dallas Business Administration I-IONYARD. THAD. San Antonio Pre-Veterinary HUDGINS, BOBBY, Dallas Business Administration HUEE, CHESTER. Pampa Business Administration HUEEMAINI, BILLY, Eort Nvorth Electrical Engineering HUNTER, THOMAS, Dorchester Agriculture JACKSON, ALFRED, Cleburne Pre-Liiw JACKSON, BILLY Al., Fort Xvorth Electrieal Engineering Coke between classes CNW, ., 1,5-N" X if ,.,, A 5 EK Break during drill ...wi HT 7 JACKSON, JERRY, Weatherford Pre-Law JACKSON. WALTER L., Ivlalaltoif Agriculture JAGODA, SAIW, Fort Worth Pre-Medicine JARNAGIN, BERT, Fort Wiurtli Journalism JENNINGS. KENNETH. Dallas Agriculture JOHNSON, CHARLES, Jacksonville Geology JOHNSON, JACK D., Fort XVorth Agricultural Education JOHNSON. NVANDA, Grand Prairie Business Administration JONES, BRINSON A., Cedar Hill Animal Husbandry JONES, JIMMY, Waco Business Administration JONES, R. D., Fort NVoi-th Business Administration JORDAN, JEROME M., San Antonio Animal Husbandry JACKSON, OTHA MARIE, Fort Xvorth Accounting Terminal JACKSON, WILLIAM. Hico Business Administration JAMES, ARCHIE, Ivanhoe Animal Husbandry JARNAGIN, RICHARD, Dallas Range BL Wildlife JOHNS, HERMAN, Mission Business Administration JOHNSON, ELIZABETH, Dallas Fashion Art JOHNSON. RONALD, Dallas Radio Production JOHNSON, NVILLIAIVI E., Petrolia Electrical Engineering JONES, CASEY, Fort XVorth Engineering JONES, MAURICE DENE, Wichita Fallns Pre-Dentistry JONES, ROBERT, Dallas Agriculture JOYCE, ROBERT E., Dallas Electrical Engineering Vis 'iZ"' 5 s , .' MQ- J, ' I he , '- ,,.,,,,, - N . ' tt . t ...., , . Mi, ., A F' q' ' g m' QL N- ,V . W1 A I m 1 , L 7 -,f ',i W' W ,, 'Z ., 1 A ' Q ' gg' sg: M: f ' w iz. ,,,, GX X EQ fx A KW' ff 1 1 -:QQ "s E s i X W I r 5 I xx af -5 - 'IF' t X Cox house Dorm dolls i ' ,lil I Q 0 Q ' ll swf 4 s I Y x JULIAN, JANE RUTH. Dallas Technician REEN, MICHAEL D., Corsicana Industrial Education KIZLLEY, JOHN L., Fort Xvurth Pre-Medicine KIHAT, FRED. Wactw Industrial Electrical Engineering RILLOUGH. NVAYNE H., Fort NYIOl'Il'l Commercial Art RIMBELL, JAMES, Groesbeck Industrial Electrical Engineering KIRK, QIOYE, Fort NVorth Chemistry KRAIWIER. CAROL RUTH, Dalla Business Administration LAMBETH, ROBERT DAVID, Dallas Commercial Art LANEY. JAMES C., -lean Business Administration LAUF, LAMONT, Fort Wfortll Petroleum Engineering LANVING. GAY, Arlington S lllllll KATZ, FENTON, El Paso Music KELLER, H. D., Waco Business Administration KELLY, Virginia, Fort XVorth Home Economics KIDD. HENRY CANDLE, Dallas Geology KILPATRICK, JAMES, Dallas Petroleum Engineering KIRCHHOF, GUS, Austin Agriculture KNAPP, ALFONS, Fort Xvorth Physical Education LAKE, THOMAS O., Dallas Architecture LANGE, ROBERT C., Dallas Mechanical Engineering LATHAM, NVILLARD, Linden Pre-Law LAXVING, ARTHUR C., Arlington Petroleum Engineering LAZNOVSKY, ALFRED, Ennis Radio Production Music I First, the "wheels", . . "Sky-Vu,' Q, E' 5 f . f, I 5 if we ZX .3 - M ' 'xi L mg i Q l. if LEDBETTER, SANFORD T., Dallas Business Administration LEEVES, WAYNE J., Naples Agriculture LITTLE. T. C., NVaco Aircraft Maintenance Engineering LOGAN, CHARLES W., Dallas Electrical Engineering LONG, EUGENE, Leonard Civil Engineering LONVRY, BRIAN P., Fort NVOIKII Mechanical SL Petroleum Engineering LYNCH, JOHN, Fort Wforth Electrical Engineering MALANT, NICK, Dallas Pre-Law MANNING, JAMES RODERICK. Dallas Mechanical Engineering MARTIN, JOHN, Alvarado Pre-Medical IXIASSEY, DELBERT G., Dallas Electrical Engineering MATTHEXVS, DOROTHY ANN. Dallas Business Administration LEE, NVILLIAM A., Fort Xvortll French SL History LEONARD, XVALTER, Dallas Journalism LITTLETON, R., Fort Wforth Electrical Engineering LOGAN, XVILLIS, Dallas Prc+Medic:il LOXVREY, BILLY T., Fort NVorth Chemical Engineering LOVE, DAN, Dallas Radio Production MABERRY, JAMES, Dallas Journalism MALLOY, SAN H., Dallas Merchandising MANSFIELD. PAUL JAIVIES, Dallas Radio Production MARTIN, JOSEPH XVALLER, Arlington Aeronautical Engineering MATHIS, JAMES T,, Springtown Chemistry INIAYO, BOB, Dallas Industrial Electrical Engineering Spring fever Rainy reflections -reef' Nff .. ,- , T831 ,- f awww ,,.,f N Vx . B ,ff 'll i. ig M 4? -wr.. i 4' s 2-fy V4 a f A ,W AA:.A.! X A I NUM my fu. MQCARTER, BLAIR, Houston Engineering MCCLESKEY, FRANCES ANN, Fort Worth Home Economics IXKGAUGHEY, ,IO ANN, Dallas Business Administration McGREGOR, DON, Dallas Pre-Medicine AICINTOSH, KENNETH E.. Fort Wforth Engineering MCKENZIE, CHARLES K.. Fort W'orth Chemical Engineering McLUCAS, EDNVARD, St. Augusts ine, Florida General Terminal MCNIEL, BURKS XVII.LIAM, Fort Wfnrtli Meclmnical Engineering MIIQRTSCHIN, RANDY E., Mesquite General Terminal MILLER, DANNY, Dallas Business Administration NIINAHAN, DAN, Cvnrland Industrial Mechanical Engineering MOORE, CHARL M., Dallas Arts Ei Sciences MCCARTY, JEAN, Wfeatherford Business Administration MCCLUSKEY, XVILLIAM, Dallas Arts 8: Sciences McGREGOR, BUSTER, Dallas Journalism MCGUIRE, BOB, Cleburne Business Administration MeKELVEY, WILTON C.. Sherman Animal Husbandry McLEOD, BILL B., Fort NVorth Petroleum Engineering IN'ICINfIAI'IEN, BILLY G., San Angelo Mechanical Engineering MELTON, LEROY C., Benjamin Geology MILLER. LYLE, Valley Falls, Kan. Industrial Electrical Engineering NIILSON. QIACEL, Dallas General Terminal MITCHELL. JAMES H., Childress Laboratory Technician MOORE, CHARLES E.. Arlington Civil Engineering Burning the midnight oil l Grin and bear it! l l il. ' is li ' -is it I 2 Q l. Q I RE I wifi ,, ,,... . I M ' ,ff -ll . X ,ii T iw fm l x MOORE, ROBERT ALFRED, Dallas Geology MOORMAN, DOYLE, Saginaw Business Administration MORLAND. CLIFFORD, Ft. Wrxrth Pre-Journalism MORRIS, DALE E., Dallas Aviation Maintenance Engineering MORRIS, JOSEPH, Fort Worth Engineering MORRISON. JIMMY, Dallas Journalism RIOTE, JARIES, DcCatur Agricultural Education MURPHY, MIKE P., Dallas Industrial Management MYERS, RI-IEA ARLENE, Dallas Business Administration NATION, JOE B., Arlington Electrical Engineering NEAL, JEWEL MONROE, Brownwood Industrial Electrical Engineering NELSON, CHARLES S., JR., Dallas Architecture MOORE, RODNEY, Dallas Pre-Medicine MORGAN. BILL, Dallas Business Administration INIORRIS, CLAUDE, Fort Yvortla Mechanical Engineering IVIORRIS, JAMES B., Wills Point Agriculture MORRIS, VVILLIAM L., Dallas Industrial Mechanical Engineering IVIORSE, RAYMOND E., Irving Industrial Electrical Engineering MUNCHRATH, MARVIN, Dallas Geology MURPHY, WILLIAM KYLE, Dallas Commercial Art NAIL. JAMES W., Dallas Aeronautics NATION, JOHN, Dallas Journalism NEEDHAM, JOHN B., Dallas Pre-Journalism NICHOLS, JOE E., Dallas Mathematics Then you take the square root Q , S ,- v rf ,,,y,. 1 l ix i "-' '..- 'tiny I - R 1 , J , n H N I I Q I , E gr QI ' Q X 1 3 -n f 4: 91 . ri fi' If 70 I . i ww' X I ,. s If I .4 'S '1 - ' -.--. , -Q: 1 ff 5 I I X we I 'R 4 . W pus as. i ,- we--f ,A W 5 . X I: X , ki Siwa-Sr' ii R 'Iii 1. .. , -, .sa -7. 5 A ' ..,... , .n " ' f , ,. ,aw In , -s. 4 . ,aw s. W S - ' 12' f 'E 1314 - ,,,,,,,,, , f 4. ..,. ff VN ,, - , , . ti' 'A if fi . ' 2 . iff!! ' V' X :Q 3 It S , -,,.,- :gs5s51:jg.,. 4 f 1 f Q., , ly 1 -we 1- ' r "' 1 1 4' V. W , K , ---- ' ' W 5 'T fm ' 5 ' TK - I I . I , , , ,J X, , - , , f is-14 o ,.. W K" ' . ,- 1 f Wrong again . . . it's a funny book! , I . f 1' Zfffs .X W J ..,., . W Q- X S PS V X XS ax i fm X an Q X N f X 'A A 5' I. ., ..,. . Q ...,, ,.,..x i ,ein er my . I I. -an Q 5. " 'ef ' nr .K ,uv tk! vw' X- "V ' ' ,.... I M ' X5 ,,,,. I JY' 'Q tsfwY, , " 'va waz' - ,,, I9 s I. Xt - .2 N Y J iffgi, Y. 'Q ,. gigs' A-FX,-3 ., N We , 0 Th if NOLAND, ROGER, Breckenridge Electrical Engineering NORRIS, JOE B., Graham Fish and Game ODOINI. MORRIS, Estelline General Agriculture OHIO. AMEL, Crane cliemifal Engineering OTTINGER, JERRY, Dallas Aeronautical Engineering PARIS. SAMUEL C., Dallas Pre-Journalism PARKER. EDDY. Grand Prairie General Terminal PATTON. JAMES D., Fort XYVUTIII Civil Engineering PENDERGRASS, J. Is,, JR., Dallas Engineering PERKINS, RAYMOND M.. Dallas Electrical Engineering NORMAN, BRUCE, Amarillo Aeronautical Engineering NORXVOOD, WANDA, Hobbs, N. M. Journalism OLSEN, BOBBIE, Fort XYVOTIIT Speech O'TOOLE, BUDDY. Fort WVOYLII Electrical Engineering PANTER, CARL, Mineola Pre-Medical PARK, JOE VV., Dallas Business Administration PASCHE, JOHN E., Dallas Business Administration PAYTON, JIMMY, Arlington Pre-Law PERCIVAL, SHIRLEY, Dallas Business Administration PETERSON, DONALD M., Lancaster Business Administration IAII f , ss, 'I -GW? 95' A PHILLIPS, REBECCA. Dallas PHILLIPS, XVARREN ROBERT ,A 'ly' ss. General Terminal Dallas wi ' 3, ' i Chemical Engineering x PHILPOTT. ,lor D., cisco, PHIPPS, NVILLIAM H., J Agricultural Engineering Columbus. Ga. Architecture e Judge and friends "For We Are Aggies" 1 I I a . ...U--. PIERSON. ROBERT L,, Marlin Civil Engineering POLLARD, RAY, Winnsboro Fisli and Game POND, CHARLYNE, Dallas Radio Production POPE, HENRY DAVID, Arlington Pre-Medicine POWELL, VIDA MAE, Arlington Business Administration PRAUSE, DANNY D., XVJCO Agriculture Economics PRITCHETT, VERNON M.. Dallas Commercial Art PURGASON, JUDY, Dallas Music QUINN, HAL M., Dallas Business Administration RAPP, G., Ranger journalism RAY, ROBERT H., Ector Civil Engineering RICHEY, GENE, Dallas Mathematics PIKE, JOYE, Kaufman Language POLTER, VIOLET K., Dallas Education POPE, DONALD, Crane Engineering POXVELL, NEXVMAN E., Noionn Cummerciail Art X X A POWER, PAUL D., Quitman if , , Business Administration ' PRESLEY, MACK, Naples E Agriculture Education YM N x ,,.. N " EE PRYQR, BENNY, Blue Ridge s E Agricultural Education s QUALLS, CHARLES M.,l1alltlmm Q ,fi Pre-M cdicine www RACHLEY, WAYNE, Dallas W lr Pre-Medical , ii X .,:,. X .al s. f' RAY, MARY, Dallas 1 ---' Raw ,. ,vi J '::g:: . Speech ' ' Aiii 1' REYNA, -IULIAN, JR., Dallas iw' Business Administration ROACH, MAUREEN, XVCLlCl1CffOfd Music Qx f P x . 'N fl ' " ' l , f . ' V is 25 .,.. , at A za- l ZR, ii ,, , . ff tm 'G X fe New S . ii 4, if 1 , W ' l W-03 .1 ' Q M f V 53,1 lv Avolonte Rush Tea The Souci's initiate new members nav" I hi? - i 'P 'Mi . gr-. X .N Q la A :,.,: , Q9'X X , A sc. f .. 3 all 9 N .. 3' . fm s N S S -.. x--. it .... N W ,V 1 N N ROBERTSON, BILL, Linden Business Administration ROGOISH, .IOSEPH F., New York, N. Y, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering RUENER, GENE T., Fort XVorth Electrical Engineering SADDLER, PAUL, Arlington Industrial Electrical Engineering SCHELL, MARION, Dallas Civil Engineering SCOTT, FRANK T., NY'ill5 Point Business Administration SICILHEIMER, PAUL HENRY, Dallas Technician SHAXV, XVILLIAM j., IR., Fort XVorth Industrial Mechanical Engineering SHIELS. JAMES H., Dallas Commercial Art SHILLING, DEWY, Fort Wforth Agriculture SIIOCKLEY, ELVIS D., Henrietta Industrial Electrical Engineering QINIRIONS, VIRGIL, Dallas Physics RODRIGUEZ, MARIE M., Fort XVorth Modern Language RUBENKOENIG, RALPH, Fort W'orth Industrial Mechanical Engineering RUMPH. H. I-I., Waco Petroleum Engineering SANTERRE, RAY, Houston Geology SCHLUTER, BOBBY, Rhome Aviation Maintenance SCOTT. .IIMIXIY E., Fort Wiorth Geology SHACKELFORD, CLAUDE XV., Arlington Industrial Electrical Engineering SHELTON, XVILLIAM I., Dallas Electrical Engineering SHIELET, TOM, Tioga Range 8: XVild Life Management SHIPLEY, CARL R.. Dallas Civil Engineering SILVESTRI. DELIO, Fort XVorth Architecture SIMPSON, BOB, Fort Nvorth Industrial Electrical Engineering Tarletonites visit N.T.A.C. The band performs ,Nia 2 SIMPSON, WILLIAM A., Mesquite General Art SKWARLO. WALTER J., Dallas Aero Sales Sl Management SLOCUM. RAYMOND O., Kountze Industrial Electrical Engineering SMITH, DOROTHY JO, Ft. Worth Biology SMITH, KENNETH, Dallas Geology SMITH, ROBERT S., Dallas Geology SORENSON, NEAL K., Hutto Civil Engineering SPALDINC1, HENRY R.. Arlingt0n Agricultural Education SQUYRES, J. A., Fort Worth Engineering STARKEY, BILLY E., Dallas Industrial Electrical Engineering STEEG, GALEN, Marshall Pre'Medical STEPHENS, JOY, Arlington Business Administration SKIPPER, CHARLES LEE, Houston Law SLEETH, JOHNNY, Dallas Business Administration SMITH, DONALD L., Grand Priric Geology SMITH, JEROME, Dallas Pre-Law SMITH, ROBERT L., Fort XVortli Civil Engineering SMITH, V. ROYCE, Dallas Commercial Art SOUDER, HAL, Santa Anna Business Administration SPEARS, GEORGE T., San Angelo Industrial Mechanical Engineering STANFORD, EDWIARD T., Linden Pre-Medical STARKEY, CLAUDE, New Baden Business Administration STEPHENS, JOHN L., JR., Dallas Aviation Sales and Management STEPHENS, MEFF W., Arlington Mechanical Engineering be x """Y.,a , 1210, ,' f"..'zs. :w t - 1 sr , I .... ,, , , ., Q ' , f , .1 WW' ' "" 2 I gSS7VT Ze n eff 3.3 x. W, .X ,,,:.,,f5,.. A 'I aekefi N711 IW 1 ff 'I 5' M s-.was I 2 ...W f I fb 1 X f f 1 ,Q ' -'-aft' A fl 4 4 - 45. wr it X M aff if Nt : 6 I ,W eww fel 5 , .ew'1 eg, s.s NTAC and JTAC make better relations W-i fi X iisfslifjiiiiif r-ii fi 'jwx wi. . .,.. 3 . A x 7 Y 4 S .A ,- f W- s... .f t 'Mt HH HR .---. -sa SUMNER, ROBERT H., Ft. Worth ns. 'Y' xx, , R s ,xsan e A 4. - ,,... R A if I 1 L, -if 'QNX i. 1 VN.. . S.. "" ,ah .... V ,-6 - Q ' -'-' ' EFT' " ' ,Z ,,... Sag in .. - A s w 'N . . , s . ,'w""f 4' K one 'si M ff Mx 5 , 5,- ,wfh We--x X .N ii 1- A' K I ,. . x s ,A ai, ,113 s r 'H , ,, M' if X 1. . me X - A ., " ss ., M, , , .gs-.A fxxli 4 4 4 Time out for refreshments x is A sTiawA1tT, JAMES C., JR., Dallas journalism STILLMAN, ROGHELLE. Dallas General Terminal STRONG, BILLY, Grand Prairie Music STRUBLE, MARY LOU, Dallas Business Administration STUDER, CARLTON, Canadian Industrial Illectrical Engineering Industrial Electrical Engineering SUTTON, GEORGE XY., Dallas Commercial Art TANNIZR, JIAMES A., Wolfe City Mechanical Engineering TAYLOR, JIMMY E., Dallas Mechanical Engineering THOMAS, DOYLIZ NV., Odessa Meclaanical Engineering TEAGUE, JOE F., Slaerman Aeronautical Engineering TINNEY, ROBERT, Alvurd Agricultuural Education STEXVART, XVILLIAM E., Claannelview Pre-Medical STOY, EDXVARD, Kaufman Business Administration STROUD, PATSY, Fort W'ortla Business Administration STUART, ALICE ANN, Dallas General Art SUMMER, BETH, Dallas General Terminal SUSMAN, BERIL, Dallas Business Administration TALIAEERRO, SUE, Dallas Business Administration TAXVATER, BOB STIMSON, Rocltwall Industrial Electrical Engineering THOMPSON, BOB, Arlington Business Administration TENNANT, FRANK, Dallas Radio Production THORNTON. NVILLIAM, Arlington Business Administration TRAVIS, LAVELL, Fort XVorth Architecture "Only five minutes more . . .' GREltTtl,xr,s X Q X f ISA' , Z : 1 -v--sh J 1 Q - s I 1, , ,.,,,. if . ........ I g J A egg as 5 S il 'I' 11 fs 23 R , .r ' rl-f . , s W. sir -tt' K y am" 5 TRAVIS, LEO E., Dallas Industrial Electrical Engineering TUCKER, JIMMY H., Arlington Radio Production TURNER, MYRA NELL, Arlington Radio Production VELASCO, ROBERT, Dallas Pre-Medical VRLA, Rose Ann, Dallas Business Administration XVADSWORTH, RAYMOND EARL, NVaxahachie Chemical Engineering WALLACE, JOE 1, Dallas Petroleum Engineering WASSON, HAROLD H., Crane Theology WATSON, DAN, Dallas Electrical Engineering XVEAVER, ROBERT W., Dallas Geological Engineering WESSELS, JOHN, Dallas Pre-Medical WI-IEELER, JOHN, Dallas Mechanical Engineering TUBRE, WILFRED EDDIE, Dallas Accounting TUNNELL, WILLIAM M., Dallas Business Administration VANDERGRIFF, VIRGINIA, Arlington General Art VILLALOBOS, JAMES, Fort Worth Pre-Medical NVADSWORTH, DICK, Irving Business Administration WALLACE, BETTY, Fort Worth Business Administration WASHINGTON, WALTER, Dallas Business Administration VVEATHERBY, JAMES, Waxahachie Animal Husbandry WEATI-IERFORD, GEORGE, Dallas Arts BL Sciences XVERRY, GERALD, Dallas Electrical Engineering XVHEELER, CHARLES, Et. Worth Petroleum-Mechanical Engineering WHITE, H. DEE, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering Friends Forever Marchmg to the Inaugurauon Nw 'Nye . if si, 'W .. , X, s sw W . Q' , s , iq, v . , SSS. M. .sv W 3 my , . ,Vx Y, 221212121 Q- A is-, sswq l N 355.1 A 'S . I ' " .ff I gig li I f .4 ,X c f 0 wr if 4 I Y X ,H-I a ' 7 .,.,. 1 .ASEE XVI-IITEHOUSE, BEN JR., Mechanical Engineering Fort XVorth VUHITFIELD, BILLY, Hillsboro Dairy Manufacturing XVIGPIT, ARTHUR. Odessa Range and Wildlife WILCOX, JACK, Dallas Business Administration XVII-KES, KENNETH, Fort Wortli Commercial Art NYIILLINGHAM, CARTER G., Fort Worth Industrial Electrical Engineering XVILLOUGHBY, CARL A., Dallas Agricultural Education XVILLOUGHBY. WILLIE B., Mesquite Journalism XVILSON, HAROLD KENNETH, Dallas Aeronautical Engineering WILSON, SAM W., Dallas Industrial Electrical Engineering IVITTEN, JOY, Arlington Music Education W'OODWARD, LENVIS, Arlington Music WHITENBURG, OXVEN, McGregor Industrial Electrical Engineering WIEDERHOLD, RAY, Dallas Geology XVILCOX, PAYE S., Dallas PreLaw WILKERSON, JOSEPH ALLEN, Azle Business Administration NVILLIAMS, CHARLES W,, Dallas Petroleum Engineering XVILLIS, JOHN M., Arlington Aeronautical Engineering XVILLOUGHBY, DAVID A., Jourdanton Business Administration XVILSON, EARNEST MQCLURE. Memphis Business Administration WILSON, JERRY xv., Bells Geology WINDHAM, CHARLES C.. San Antonio Business Administration XVITTER, ROBERT D., Ft. Wortll Electrical Engineering ' XVORKNIAN, XV. O., JR., Arlington Merchandising Leading a Dog's Life Oh boy, a check from home m it mmw,wmmm sxn Well, He's Good For Something! Hey Sam! The One On The Right Has More Flavor WRIGHT, ANN, Richardson, Business Administration WYATT, EVELYN, Dallas Radio Production NVYATT, MARY ANN, Arlington Fashion Art NVYNNE, ROBERT, Dallas Geology Avolonte officers and sponsors is ,QE .Eg 'Www 35521 iii Q3 X A .,., . E YAGER, ROY, NV., Fort Wortll Q Chemistry A 'W 'K K C' YOUNG, ROM JR., Lancaster, 5 X if Agriculture Education I ZANT, JOE C., Odessa Petroleum Engineering ZEROS, BASIL, Dallas lndustrial Education La Da officers and dates b ,,- u1111 President, WALTER I-IUTH Vice-President, JACK PHILLIPS Secretary, DOT DORSA FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS ABBOTT, TOMMY, Smithfield ADAMS, ALLEN, Palmer ADAMS. GILBRETH D., Bowie ADCOCK, JAMES, Dallas AKIN, BERNICE, Dallas ALEXANDER, DEAN D., Roscoe ALEXANDER, DUANE, Dallas ALTMAN, SIGMUND, Dallas ANDERSON, BEVERLY, Fort Worth ANDERSON, BILLY, Arlington ANDERSON, JAMES R., Euless ANDERSON, LEWIS, Weatherford ANDREWS, PAT, Dallas ANGELO, SAMMY, Dallas ANGUS, DON, Dallas APPLETON, SAMMY, Arlington ARBER, HARRY D., Manstield ARMOUR, MAX, Dallas AsHWoRTH, JACK, Dallas ASTON, HELEN, Ears Worth ATWELL, ERANX, For: Worth ATWOOD, KENNETH, Graham AUSTIN, HENRY, Dallas BAINS, JEAN, Fort Worth BAKER, IRA, Fort Worth BALDWIN, JIMMY, Cleburne BALL, ANNE, Fort Worth BALLWEG, PATRICIA, Mansfield I bid four spades gaasas , A as ir" , . V ' A .f , 2 l ia, .', - ""' , ,, r W fx, 'A Y ' ae- ' '7h1'iT7V2'7ff3' l, xi ' A . X ."T KQANN ' ,W Q ,.... . sa X, at .. , i'N 3'r- s gg s, E519 ' -a sr: a ' ajax X.: X ,.-3? s A : .H . 5 ' "'3's'f? as "5 ' " 'E 'ZAR ' A-s-5 W! ss 'W Q ,M -1 fr, Ri .. K ws. 1' Y W ..,. .,... . s , s. W 5 53. . as Vf - a s,,t A A 47755 , , fa ff .Q aa- s fy ,, 5 X R A f ,Q A Ta ' aw A s NW f N 1 Nef f, V S al ,,,,,, w " "e"1 YZ N 5 :s::.,,.- n o if X , 8, M I ls? ,X J x AL , .L . ..Xx. ,wee J A. S y sv ,. it XX V M I " A au. f , 'Q . ,e ef' N ,, ,ipqi , .KX M, P wi f f. f,aY!,. 1 R A S, - 'W ' 1 X, fm' -Q 1 ar How many rams did I get this week? BARKER, CALVIN L., Dallas BARR, JOHN, Farrell, Pennsylvania BARRETT, BILLIE, Burleson BATES, HARRY, Dallas BAUMAN, FRED, A., London, England BAXTER, CHARLES, F., Ferris BEADLE, ALLEN, Pleasanton BEAN, JIM, Dallas BEASLEY, SIDNEY, N., Cleburne BECKER, A. C., Dallas BECKLER, KIMBALL, Dallas BECKSTEAD, ROBERT F., Waco BEERMAN, KENNETH, McAllen BELKEN, JAMES. Dallas BELL, ROBERT, Fort Wortlm BELLOWS, BETTY, Arlington BERRY, BILLY, Dallas BERRY, W. B., Sweetwater BILLUPS, GRADY, Palmer BINGI-IAM, LEE, Odessa BLACK, GEROME C., Hamlin BLACK, LIIMMY, Merkel BLACKERBY, Merkel BLACKSTONE, BERT, Mount Pleasant BLACIQWELL, DONALD, Henderson BLACKWELL, JULIAN H., Houston BLEVINS, SHIRLEY, Grand Prairie BLITCH, BOB, Tyler i- -m-1: ,, 1 Y, v---1 BOEI-IME, DONALD, Waco BOENIG, DUANE. BOGGESS, BILL, M., McCamey BOHANNON, Converse BEVERLY, Arlington BOISSEAU, JACK, Dallas BOLGER, MEREDITH, Waco BOOKOUT, JAMES R., Dallas BOWDEN, ROY L., Fort Worth BOYD, CURTIS, Dallas BOYD PROCTOR, Dallas BOYKIN, EDNA, Dallas BOYLES, ALLEN E., Dallas BOYLS, CAROLINE, Dallas BRADBURY, BILL, Fort Worth BRADEN, MELVIN E., Dallas BRADFORD, MAURICE, Fort XVorth BRADLEY, SAMMIE, Mansheld BRADLEY, STERLING, Fort Worth BRANDENBURG, NANCY, Duncanville BRANSCOME, KENNETH, M., Dallas BREES, MIKE, For: Worth BREWER, CLAUDE, Dallas BREWER, ROBERT, Dallas BRITT, FREDERICK W., Dallas BRITTAIN, BILL, Fort Worth BROWARD, HARVEY, Fort Worth BROWARD, MARTHA, Fort Worth BROWDER, ALBERT, Fort Worth The Corp assembles? V I bv Y ...,, . .... .V fs X ,awwfss - V ' i , ,, ...,,., s . . . ' -, mr iz 6 W r if a fs , L: f Ni' U 2, Z' ,iwaftk ,A . an s is 'Q Q. L 3 if . A R f'f'4 :Q L I I X J .A A f I' ""' NWXQQ , s 'Q , .. 1- A Jw- ,E .- if ,S , X :I . fi. V ll wi! A ., ,,,. s I H A Ill' R, K Q sw 5 M RWE 2 all av' 1. ' 'S , A .W 54 I -' A 1 ,Ml ,,..,..,, 7, 2' K Q , q ' . K is , N , sf' I .N 5 V .. : :-:-. fl, ,. ,,,. 7,1 A at fg, xy 5 . -V ai - sr f x r :V 35, 9 , 4 bg,-2: fl , fm as - ' . if-Q, Af- I ' X ,HJ 3 X' ,,, L 2 1-' f ,,,f- x M 4- . , F. 'A , -+' ' -vs f 'x" , """ 'A as , W4 - , " 3 ss" a ' , 5 QQ-:Ls ' I ' . I -' ' XXX I as ' ' . xaxj s f , fr'-3 N if- is iw' - 7 , at 1? 44? A I U ,H 3 A .. aff' J. 1-'ws -ss, f-. , " ' A-' X al .1 C "l."' s 1 ,R-1. lm , ff f -f Ns , . ,, M ,7 f X fmw. l .as ss.: NX , gg 0 .u sa - . n A . . JN -ws .ai x 'rf-a ' .ai k' a "Hot Rod Happy" BROWDER, ELMER S., Fort Worth BROWN, CHARLES, Houston BROWN, EDWARD, C., Arlington BROWN, F. J., Fort Worth BROWN, HERMAN, Xvhitesboro BROWN, HOWARD, P., Hebbronville BROWN, JACK M., Duncanville BROWN, J. C., Fort Worth BRUCE, LEONARD, R., Dallas BRUCE, TED, Estelline BRUNER, GORDON, Fort Worth BRYANT, JOE, Fort Worth BUHMAN, MIRIAM, Dallas BULCER, MEREDITH, Waco BULLOCK, MALCOLM D., Dallas BUNN, CHARLES, Dallas BURKETT, DAVID E., Fort Worth BUTLER, GEORGE G., Fort Worth BUTTERWORTH, ELBERT R., Fort Worth BURNETT, JERROLD J., Dallas BYRNES, ALBERT, Houston CALHOUN, JOHN, Dallas CAMERON, GEORGE, Fort Worth CAMPBELL, HARRY L., Dallas CAMPBELL, TOMMY, Fort XVorth CANNON, BOB, Bedford CANTRELL, ROY L., Arlington CARMINATI, ANITA, Montague ma-,'f m' -uv.. sRx v Wa- CARMINATI, P. A., Montague CARNER, ANNA, Dallas CARPENTER, ARTHUR, Fort Worrli CARPENTER, JERRY, Dallas CARPENTER, JOHN, Dallas CARROLL, ROBERT, Navasota CARSON, JIMMY, Dallas CARTER, GEORGE W., Grand P CARTER, GLENN, Dallas CARTER, PEGGY, Grand Prairie CARTER, ROBERT, L., Dallas CARTER, WELDON H., Dallas CASTLEBERRY, JERRY, For: Worth CAVANAUGH, MARION E., Dallas CAVANESS, JAMES E., Arlington CAVE, DOUGLAS, Garrett CHADWICK, RAYMON, Dallas CHAMBLESS, LA VEDA, Em Worth CHANDLER, LEE, Fort Worth CHAPMAN, HENRY, Austin CHENAULT, KENNETH, Fort Worth CHILDRESS, JAMES A., Dallas CHILDS, CLIFTON, Fairfield CHOAT, JACK, Dallas CHOKAS, MITCHELL, For: Worth CLARK, BRUCE E., Abilene CLARK, RICHARD H., Burnet CLARKE, GEORGE, Dallas rairie v Eu Here comes the parade! l J l l l f R Q ,.,-- ,ga L ,Q , , -M, ss-- ER cs- si , ,..N , ...,...:,.,,,.,, ,,. - ' ---R A ' A fs: 'f 3 -- iv 5 gag, A 9, lx W. ' s X fx, X ., ' is ff .L A A .A LAQJ .Lf " sq , f"' ' . " :ggi ' 'Q Aga. M ,.,. A gg, wJ M: r -Y I - A 'R A K y u , ..... 15:51-. W Qu , . , . , as 0 ff My- ' A X' V, I' 1 fa? .A r R vs M' W er ' . ' . " ""' 5 -W WW ..,. K . ,.,. 1 . . C I M A, J -..- J . K I. r f - , f f f V ' 'W' if L E ' f , A A E SEL 'W x 27? .,,,., A f -N. I- fl ' amqqx 45. " ' ,Sis- 1 A 3 2 5 'I I :fi W 4 wr- f X N v- A, X" I . f . Q ,f , , ,V . ,,,,. fy - at ' as sm " . I 1-1 , , ,.- in N A , 2?-23: ss 4 Q I f , '--' W- W - , .. J NSN?-Je. v. , X , Fizz: 44 llL.ilLl:Q . . .4 ..., gg, ,,. , Q, 0 ,Il A -e RN' fs , I W W f .QS QS . SSX, x. xXx nn. , , ',.-. I A- 1 I .ff , +-A I A 5 :EV Z, , .,,,.. . . ,,A, , ZZV N. . ,,,,,, , ..,, t 7 2.2.2. 1 , . A ,, hwvgsf in My la ' :Q 'rw - T 1 'G AW : 5 . r 1 .. . , ' EL A2x,,,f,.' - .- V gf i 0 rf XX N M Xi s N 1 , A if " 4 f 1 M' A .l ,, Lx Young admirers ' 1lllllllll.IllIllIUlllIlI.IlllllllllllI1l lll9 CLARK. WILLIAM, Garland CLARKE, GEORGE, Dallas CLAY, ALBERT, Dallas CLERIHENV, XVALTER M., Jacksboro CLINTON, JAMES L., Panhandle CLONINGER, JOE, Fort Worth COBB, CARLENE, Dallas COLLINS, JO ANN, Arlington COLLINS, RICHARD, Abilene COLLINS, RICHARD B., Livingston COLLINS. ROBERT, Dallas CONNER, CHARLES, Dallas CONNER, DEE, Dallas COOKSEY, ALLEN, Fort Wforth COOPER, JOHN, Arlington COOTES, LILLIE, Arlington COX, J. D., Arlingwn COX, JACK D., Dallas COX, TUETT, Dallas COZART, LARRY, Fort Worth CRAIN, WILLIE, Fort Worth CRAXVEORD, BILL C,, Dallas CROAN, MARY JO, Dallas CROW, FRANK, Dallas CULLUM, MARVIN, Dallas CULTON, ELVIS C., Fort Wfortlx CUNNINGHAM, ELDON, Dallas CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE, Dallas iim1msQxwNmwm CURRIE, WENDY, Dallas CURTIS, HAROLD F., Greenville CURTIS, ROBERT P., Fort Worth DAHNKE, JOSEPH, Ferris Surrounded! ! E A a l N N J 1' ri f ' . Z S ma fl Ba. 2 .1 , 'Ext' ap J I :AA . - . illiv AAAA .A1Z1.A , a DANTZLER, MURRAY M.. Dallas S 1 E J a f.- - I ,. -' 1 .E DAVIS, ALBERT, P., Dallas .I KS N535 T R- - ' -, A DAVIS. CHARLENE, Arlington , Wi 'g 3,53 ' ' DAVIS, JACQUELYN, For: Worth " A , ,B -V 1 I I A , DEAN, HUBERT, Dallaa f af A ., I ' if X ::. if Q. - .'.,:,,l X N..:... ' S f fy DE CUIR, SHIRLEY, Dallas la , ff '211 1:A: , fa. 6 5 1- 5 -' 9. ' 2:1 . -...: fa -, , DE LA TORRE, JESSE, Galveston V -x . if r It DEMPSEY, HUGH, For: Wonh -gf 1"i 1 T' V Ei I Q -. H b I 'v K x -----E'-:ww V ' 5,33 K EEE' I,,, R, ,,,.,., fu- ---- - b W-----T-H-gi E' we E1E2'E , , f ' A ' .l.. . . DENTON, ROBERT, Dallas , - Q A X , DEWS IACK F "" Fm 'Sn :fee A. 3 , , , Ort XVOrth T. Y ag 4, 'K' f 5 A M t 3 DICK, HARRIS M., Dallas '-:1al,, A l - fi I ' Q' 5 DICKERSON, ARTHUR, For: xvaaala , ..,,,, .,,, xv! ,,. F W ,,,,, X Q A 1 ,S .a,. f x xl A ig .... .a-... ali. A .I aa . NM ..., fa. .,,, .21 -.-: 2 Q "W ' -Q DICKSON, GWYN, Grand Prairie , " qzuu a-.-a1 x . DILDAY, JOHN, D Il af -fi fa' B ::"' A ' 5' ' DITTO, FRANcE?5,aAflingma 9 a E 7 as A DITTO, JAMES, AI'llngt0n 'XSS ...W , Sw - ':': Q Q Q A M ' S 4 - .l,,, ' a. A , .al . DODSON, BOBBY, G., Earl Waaala V 'W lll- DODSON, JIM, Dallas , ,,. ,W ' I DODSON, THURMAN, V., Van I- ., jg' DONNELL, JAMES, Dallas 'Qi l 1 1. DORSA, DOT, Dallas , DOUOLASS, EVELYN, Dallas 111' .-. DOWD, PAT, Fort Worth DRINKARD, CHARLES, Fort Xvorth . 5 wa' R N Q A M S91 rt ,J i 'tfw , J gr , I ,rs ,, I S 9 'Q . .Y V ,, 5 . , I ,Qw .xg vw, , , W' . zum , 4 AV ,,,, SS f?L ip YXE -'igsfzb ,. -- . was M . t 'Y , ' ' L' 'v , lm i ,LSA ,I ,JS Parades are so much fun! Vs , in v fm gs 4' ,s ., ,f if ? W LSAISJ ' ll DUBUIS, EDWARD, Fort Worth DUDLEY, BILL, Fort Worth DUKE, BUDDY, McKinney DUNN, NORMA MARIE, Grand DUNTON, GEORGE, Fort Worth DUREE, SAM, Houston, Texas DWINNELL, PATSIE ANN, Dallas EAHEART, JOHN BURT, Dallas EAKMAN, PAUL, Bowie, EASTLAND, TOMIE, Nomahans ECKERD, PAT, XVC3ElICffOfd EDDINS, CHARLES, GARY, Dallas EDGAR, TED A., Conroe EDGEMON, MARGIE, Fort Worth EDWARDS, FRANK W., Dallas EIKENBURG, BRIAN, Fort XVorth ELLIOTT, GEORGE, Fort Worth ELLIOTT, ROBERT, Fort W'orth ELLIS, LYNN, Mansfield ELMORE, BEVERLY JEANNE, Dallas ENGLISH. IRENE, Arlington ENGLISH, LOUISE, Arlington EPLEY, BILLY, Dallas EPPERSON. ELIZABETH, Cleburne ESTES, PATSY,, Beaumont EVANS, WALTER EDXVARD, Dallas FANNING, JO HELEN, Arlington FARRONV, WILLIAM B.. Dallas ,www mt . fl FAULRENBERRY, BOBBY H., Weatherford FENDER, CHARLES C., Bonham FERGUSON, MARGIE, Arlington FERIS, RICHARD, Dallas FERREIRA, FEDERICO A., Asumcion, Paraguay FERRELL, BETTY LYNN, Dallas FINLEY, JOHN M., For: Worth FITZNVILLIAM, CLIFFORD, Dallas FLEMING, ALLEN, D:lll.1s FLOOK, BILL, Garland FLOWERS, CHARLES, Dallas FOLEY, FRED S., Dallas FORD, CARROLL, Odessa FORD, JEAN, Dallas FORD, LOYD W,, Brinkley, Arkansas FORMANN, ART, San Antonio FOSTER, TED, Ben Franklin FULTON, BILLY E., Grand Prairie GANDY, GENE, Talco GANN, TRAVIS, Pittsburg GANZE, THOMAS M., Dallas GARLAND, SUZANNE, Fort Worth GASKILL, MILLARD, Dallas GILMORE, CHARLES J., Dallas GIST, HENRY A., Dallas GLADDEN, IRA E., Fort Worth GODWIN, JAMES M., Dallas GOMER, STANLEY, Fort Worth Glad that class is over! V l -A ,aim a X, E AS'-. . f . ' 'B' ,- f "URS SA , Rf 1 ,, A er' MA... - . .,.,. fag ' I .!' I 'M .. , Q 1 ' ' ' a . s. a-+11-ff. A 2' -. - L . ' '-f fy- ""' .- " W' Q X " - ,. ,,,,. , Q fy' " -. 3 f' a., 2 . mf . 5 F, ,Q ,,., YI Q 4 , . , V, a.. g A T' ' . ' ' I .. 1 A' '. 5 I ,A s'-'L """ ' A . 'A . A1 ' . Mala 1. r wzgsg A was "fm ' , 'Niil " , ,gain ,- A . a--' . -.-a 1 35 is . f if -A .. f. 'L A' A 1 'Q - S X fa Q Y - ' Ma. ' may -A xx a -'17, 5 as ra ' A' ' 7 A. Q ' x ' if Z " 4' Sa ff' A Zeiss , a S9 3 7' V f I A g ' f' -- ss A., ' 3, RRR, gr A -, ' 3 X . . I P , ,ir ,A . I I-I I Xi' I L 5 ,. ' . R , f 4 - A A If 1 , A Irrss-my ' 1 'Si ' I I ' Ag s it . 4 s.. : Q, ,Y Q Q A : K ARK .-s. . N. I' 7 V' . I ' fs A 'SARA R X ' ,,,, ' .aff ' K k- f ' ' 'E .. .... aa a ff it Q N JY X W.. Sl, V, N L 4 Q N, A L, - ,.,. , ,ff ,V ' 1 , A AT' "" 'Q' AA,A, . . ' a ' :-wa1q..-as:s-':.a.1:s,- :a X ' 'R Xx vw R K' Niki. R ff if N I 4 ,. I A N I 3 . .A JVJV Q sv a W , 5 Q we , ' ',. . 5 1 'fag' ' ., , , . '- an 1, v - L Q.- W 41' xx f A . R ' ' ,f, ' A R J" my ' f A 1-4 ' " a Y M L. A ,. fl .1114 A i as : wg . A 3 L73 'N Q . ' . , A ,.,,.,, ,, aa. . l ly. W bi, V Ak 'gr E S- X X ..- ' -fa...-Q., L ff P .f"',,?f,- I ""'5 KW! ARM A 7 , :I .II ' , i xi , by A , 55? E 21 A FR. j9n5f-l- - ---- A-A-fm - fn A- -A-+----5w- V P V- -.Ml ' lllll llllllmullll 1 X ' 31 4.1, , ' 'N A '- GOODMAN, GLEN F., Fm Worth -3, 'T,'2- I I 2' GORMAN, JACK, Snyder Q41 f mx f WMA, M GRAFE, JGAN, For: Worth ,,-' ' J 5 """, "3 ,V GRAHAM, JOHN M., Dallas 7 Hi A X L ' I ' fi ' , , , A, , A R153 l, 1,,,., , ff, Y I i . GRAMER, JACK, Fort woiili . 1 f -if i QR , .. Wm ,K bw. 0 Q A , Am? W- n GRAMMER, HERMAN, For: Worth Ev SQ-119 , A 1 J l . GRAVES, WALLACE, Mesqniie W . X ,, GRAY, DWVAYNE, Fnir Worth A . A Vllvl '1'. . J f ,,,' ---- 1 ' 1 I ff ' 21' W' :N ' 1 " 'J QQUZ , V: 'E' l 5 1 ,Q I GRAY, ELDRED, Dallas ,,,, A F ' GREEN, JOE, Arlington 7 31 jf A gn- 'Y GREENWAY, FRANK, wolf City A A xg' A ,- ' GREER, MARGARET, Fo i Worth lf 'I K ,, :,, - V i n , GREAVES. KENNETH, Dallas f , "' x Q 'R GRIFFIN, JULES, P., Dallas ' ll A , GRIGGS, RANDY, Talco 21 ' -r ll A "Aff l- -R . , .- f , . -, 'E , ,,, ,JJ, ,, . . . S 'All" AAZA ll. l Af , T D, ' ' N "'l' I ' Q GRIMMETT, EDGAR, XV.1co WW f G , 3- 5 ,ki 3 ' - 'li-3 GRISSOM, CHARLES, Weatherford gy if 3. ,Q GROUNDS, JOHN S., vnn Alsiyne , fi ' ' ,,,,,, GROVES, KENNETH, C., Arlington , , 3, ' . 1, ., ' ,P pf' fg -, ' N ' 4- A Bi -' ,. ' 4' - :ii I if A A . Rm A h -I 'f 4. 1',i,i - ,lg , . , "" - "':" ,. ":"" I I , ,,,,,,,. ,, TSW? , GUINN, DONALD, Fort w'0fEll 3 iQjQ,,., 1 gn Q ,, GUNN, BETTY, Fm Worth 4, jg -A GWIN, JAMES, Fort Worth , HABERLE, GERALD, Jacksonville A I ..,,.. .qv Nj A - N 240-f - , . Q-Jjsi, .,.. - I M A xi ' HACKER, CLAUDE O., Hnniilinn, Ohio si ff M- N j , i ,'s:,.I1:": ' ' . j zbb wi , '1,,.,g W A 34 HALE, JOHN, sengnville C A , G... f 'Ly ', 6, J HALL, ALVIN, Wichita Fnlli. , J n M' HALL, REX E., Dallas I L W 5.555 I " . . ' i I HQ A A I Time to eat NA HAMILTON, DUANE, Dallas HAMILTON, JON, Dallas HAMILTON, ROBERT, Dallas HAMPTON, MARILYN, Dallas HANCOCK, BILLY, Wfaxahachie HANNAH, DAVID, Dallas HAPPEL, PHILIP E., Fort Worth I-IARGRAVE, JOHN A., Fort Wortll HARGROVE, EUGENE, Talco HARRIS, CHARLES, Dallas HARRIS. FRED, Fort Wyorth HARRIS, HAROLD R., Fort XVortl'1 HARRIS, JAMES A., Fort Worth HARRIS, JOHN B., Dallas HARTLEY, GAITHER, Arlington HARTMAND, DAVID, Fort Worth HARTSON, BOB, Dallas HARWELL, GEORGE M., Dallas 1-IARWELL, JAMES, Fort Worth HARVEY, EUGENE, Dallas HASKINS, DAVID, San Angelo HAWKINS, GLEN T., Fort Worth HAWLEY, JOY NELL, Canton HAYNES, FRANK E., Quitman HEALY, DAVID, Dallas HEARD, BROOKS, Dallas HENDERSON, BOBBY, Grand Prairie HENDRICK, C. L., Waco Admirers of the Cadet Corps 7? Q 'Q W 5 5? l " A -G, s , ' 4 0- ' 3' 5' I PM 3? .ESX 'W' fi?" I " '::s:5ss:e1 X' ' . 0' ""' 1 W , , -fl ,X l N. .Q P .f , X . , , ,... ,... W ,... ., 1 K Q l K sz. 6 sb' Xl 5 5,5 i, ag ' -'T' tw ,. .' lwhxxii , , ,,,.,,.g:A,,I , O K' A ., ..--' .Em - Q T ' f:--vf f "' I .. .fav . , ' ' T X l ' ' I ffl' , R N ,.1,::4' ' .. A , , . 5. at sk If X.. i MJ ,.t, , K YA ,Q S . "Q Q1 , sg X 1 ,. V . wp S W A .. w, f ' f .. 61- J ff l M., " ---- ig . . . ,,.,. Vbv, 3, ,i ,,,,,, 1. , N ,,, K . fm W- ' B,-7,1 G1 an l X " ,f ff ' . ' ' '- X 1' ,, . I Ms., :ffl . k .,,b AY' L in ,1 lf? A. f E V -. wsfafafafsl , .. J .L - f N ,E ,.,. Z X ., .. A T K Q ,QW I ' A qi - ,vw 'V A 'leaf " ' :Ag f f s Y it i 1 Q S 11- 'x 1 X xy ki A Q... t 6 L Q Q , ,t ' X l h1, L I , " ' i A RN' H' W 'ef 1 A sif '4 li iff R wx s . 'N i .. , Xxx.x 1 W - QNX, ,W Q . ' Q., in Q How many uniforms are there in this picture? HENDRICK, WILLIAM H., Dallas HENDRICKS, VANCE M., Fort Xvorth HENKE, AGNES, Kerrville HICKMAN, PETE, J., Dallas HIEBERT, KATHERINE, Dallas HIGGINBOTHAM, THORON D., Abilene HILL, HOWARD, Fort Worth HILL, WILLIAM G., Mexia HILLIARD, JESSE E., McKinney HILSHER, JOHN, Chicago, Illinois HINESLY, THOMAS, Arlington HITT, DANNY, Dallas HODGES, LARRY S., Dallas HOFFMAN, XVILLIAM, Azle HOLDER, MAX R., Mt. Vernon HOLDER, JESSIE, Fort Worth HOLLAND, NORMA, Henderson HOLLCROFT, JOE DON, Kermit HOLLIS, FRED, Dallas HOLLIS, HUGH, Dallas HOLLOWAY, JANELLA, Arlington HOLT, BILLY J., Fort Xvorth HOLT, JOE E., Fort Worth HORAN, JOHN, Ennis HORSCHLER, MARY ANN, Fort Worth HORTON, GLADA, Euless HORTON, VALLE BETH, Dallas HOSKINS, ALLEN, Fort Worth Pinball Fiend , i ,,,. X X HOUCK, VIVIAN, Dallas f ' " A . .ff 'A + -. A V,,, f, a s ,L ' HOWARD, JIMMY, Grand Prairie 1 'A l,1V Q, if X -rr X . . A r- I., 2 HOWELL, DAVID, Wills Point ft:-41 "" Q' ' fix - "'1" m ,, , f HOWELL, JOHN, Coleman A Y, 5 FE, Vxlll -,,, Alzl f ,. . I i 'V f ,sf-" f .-:::'f2:. -,.- f r HOY, JOHN, D., Farr Worth M Z 'Q A 5 HUDNALL, JARRETT, Rhome ' "' 'QQ zlz A-xi, HUDSON, B. E., Blue Ridge ffm ,fs l HUDSON, ROBERT, Dallas ,I hllvv A ,Q A 1A., X HUGHES, WILLIAM, Arlington I , tl, HULL, JIMMY, Dawson K HUMMEL, GENE, Conroe -1-A HUNDLEY, LEE, Dallas .K J, HUNDT, ELDON, Fort Worth HURST, FRANCIS Fort Worth HUTH, WALTER, H., Karnes City f i, .rg ww 'gl HUTSON, MARVEL, Dallas 2:"' -,ff M HUTSON, WILLIAM, Dallas INCE, HENRY, Farr Worth A Q INGRAM, JACK, Denison V 5, IVERSON, CHARLES, Belton A ' .. f ' ' " AALI A A JACKSON, JERRY, Berger A , ""'Al W ' JACKSON, KENNETH, Fort Worth -A .C fi f JACOBSON, NORRIEN, Adrian 93 JANUARY, DONALD R., Dallas 1 . -W i f 12 :frf ll-f Q JARRETT, TOM, Dallas JAY, BOBBY, Eorr Worth Lass, JENKINS, J. J., Kaufman asia, JESSUP, BILL E., Dallas lf' -4 -, W -,, Jia 2 ,J . at . ' -1 M N. "' ,V .-7. X y r 51 " XW"'Ns :ful -. 11. , jf AWAY s,r as XSS 'fi T, -za. X . r B 2 ' , - Nt , Mtg S N 'Z Y 1 . fy ,W . Q W ,fs ar ahv- W I . f M- Sgr: .na '.- l ,. 'MIND ' QQ' "E 0 A- S745 I'255553Q,,5Z",9.r"? 'Vw x A ,v,. X . A R , N .... 2 , . , 444 ' I A ',.L1111l:gs E . . TN 'MM ' . 4' -. -fied...-Q::fa:'ras A A Q - A vw A ' R Q '12 ,mmm a " -V l v- RQ N , V, 5 si! . uf , , zs' I . N .... A I '2 N .5 5 155. .... , R wax E ' Z7 , W' , 5, - L , 114, , i- A-E KN L. ' ..... " , "Wm 4 1 ,gf :..fZ 4g RY-W' If . .I 1" ,,,, E 'Z W 52 I' 5- F J' ' W - f Qfzm ' A A E km , 1 'R' gg., , 2' - M 5 M :Eg- f , Af E 5- vwli, a ,L gi ,N ,Q ' ' ' wr J, l E+". ..- S. 1 lk 5-" L , E .E ...., , l -fa ' ' vk V, 1, 49" I 4 D -Q -w 'RR YR NS? N ,,,, ' X ,ff " l I S E: "E-1: ' was Ea ,R I C, 5 I - ,R X M.. ' 1 A . pgs l R ' Ag A 1 , ? Aw- np N I 1. H t ' f' M' EX. A wi was? ,ak . f, KW' Y ,, 55 59+ Lagfi 'SNEEEE N L . . I Q J, :.:,::.:., ,A 3 - ,. N2 , W ..,lf lv - 3:1 as as Qin, -, "' 1, . WX , aw" I L wie? 4 V f' W "" E Q- fl-Q ---- - ' , -. s-1 4 J ,x fg E5 ' 'LF EE L A R Battle of the Balloons JOHNSON, ALGER, R., Dallas JOHNSON, BURT W., Dallas JOHNSON, CHARLES, San Antonio JOHNSON, CLAUDE N., Texarkana JOHNSON, WAYNE, S., Fort Worth JONES, GORDON, San Augustine JONES, H. T., Fort Wforth JONES, JACK, Stamford JONES, JIMMY, Dallas JONES, JULIA, Jacksboro JONES, LYNN D., Fort Worth JONES, SIMON HUGH, Houiton JORDAN, GERALD. Gilmer JOSEPH, PETER, Dallas KEATTS, ORTON, Dallas KEENOM, JAMES, Waxahachie KEITH, DON, Dallas KELLER, RICHARD, Fort Worth KELLETT, DERALD, Gran Prairie KELLY, DONALD, Dallas KENNEDY, JOHN, Fort Worth KERR, ADYTH, Fort Worth KIKER, GRACE, Arlington KING, GEORGE, Fort Worth KING, PERRY, Bedford KIRKPATRICK, JAMES, wfmlleffofd KIRVEN, ROSS, Dallas KLEMM, JAMES, E., Mcxlnncy ?!UM! l!!!QMW6!l . :Sf L .f y ,.,..: . 1 .Saga I ii Q Ni. - XXV 'MSW 'iv XX R I 'f 'L A Nwwgixxa -55? GSXR e IW YQ .- .Q ' ' ."h a X a N . . , 1 X 32 NQQ. ' N W I Q3 ja Q X KNIGHT, JAMES, Fort Worth KUBICO, ALOIS, Grand Prarie LAMBETH, ROD, Dallas LANE, MCKOY, Fort XVorth LARY, BELVIN, Gatesville LAWLER, ROGER, Dallas LAWSON, PATSY, Arlington LAWSON, WILFRID, Dallas LAYTON, ACE, Fort Worth LAYTON, ROBERT, Dallas LA BARBERA, LOUIS G., Dallas LAZA, EDXVARD C., Ennis LEACH, YVONNE, Dallas LEE, GEORGE H., Fort Worth LEETH, ALLIE DEE, Dallas LEETH, ILA DEE, Dallas LEMONS, JIM, Dallas LEWIS, GORDON, Dallas LINDSEY, ANNE, Fort Worth LOFTIS, LLOYD E., Dallas LOGAN, D. S., ,lacksboro LOGAN, WAYNE, -Iackshoro LONG, JOHN, Fort Worth LOWE, CHARLES, Fort Worth LUBBE, JOHN, A., Dallas LUNT, GORDON, Grand Prairie LUTHER, VIVIAN, Dallas LYON, RAY, Dallas Blow, Gabriel, Blow A ,.., 1 -' 14 zz, 1 -- - J ,,,, 1 """" , , ,Aa . ,g .. ll 4 O , .V lg' 1 50 S 'A ' -3? L will I .- '3 sa , Sja, WAX ll . L KJ, , , CTA? ga. A . .YQ f fffg M ,, .X -... . XV V., ' QQQQ . Q I J, 1 l"'l gh, ,J I: Il NEI I .. 'Y If ..i-:- Vw. W. f 2 A gb X :al Ta' , M X xg AWD 'L - A V N aaa..- - . -M . , 4 ' . . ,.,,,,' ,W ,.,, ,, ,,,. A 53 A K A, TY :ra sv, ' is iw wil I T st A ' a r 'MW' ls a , wa x ,,,,1, 'AQ 'gan S 'F vigii ,,I,'- :':'fI5'I' EI'gEr:rEr:rEgEg5EgE5Eg34, ' ,,,fg gi: .. M QS 5 , , ff? ' as 6 , 1' a. lf - an My ,, i . .,. L , 1111. - " Y - x.::W W.s. ' W W f---'-gm -----r- - - " -A A- ---in 1 gg I ,rin -SNA r- WW . , , . , ,. L I ' - , , QR ' x R 1 ' - A sg A ff- - I' Z "" gg' ' f-1, A. s ag. . . " I .... . . I. I 'il sf ,A af' - Aiiifyw .. V 5 - J .E "" 4 4" If 'Sl' 'gf' A V ' ' 8 - , 5. W f 1 . .EX '- ' pi , fi ,Srl " AB X' I M X - ,,,,, ' . , . , .. ,. I 7m",.LNX "'- ' ' -. X f ..., 1 I A -ff V 4 ,. f, Ifg,LQ..,:,..,.,.'1 , ., '4f"'14 I 1 my X N, v R : ' . v if ' 4 s Q B' 5 , , . A 'S ,' 'iigyxz I 5 V, - A -. sz- ,A ., , 1 , L. V 1 . ,. M X-A - :M my - - P 5 5,53 x 5 A 1 5 ' R L A-A - Q A 4 E lg H. wk af Q A A P ' Y xg. :ff -,,..s,,:,:,s. fr, ,.-4.1-., , X fr , , ,,,. ' . L- A QQ QQQ . I g S S . ls - . As ca. -A L . . 'gm ., ., I 3 I N ' I .11 ii A . L fav- Q.. .. Iwi, AV 1 X f , sw y r A r X , 1 .L f A ' . T369 ' 'E ' Y .. . M , .. ,ff , , f V. . Q . .S-5 " .s'1" ,X 2. at Y I ,Z i x X s sz ,S A NA W xg X SW I S' 1 is I ,sf QZN XX : ..,-S .. X N L . , A I . , .f Q I 5 , ' 9 N- , ff: I -v I Avolonte parade MADDEN, BILL, Dallas MAGUIRE, JAMES D., Malakuff MAJORS, SAMUEL, Fort XVorth MALONE, GARY, Grand Prairie MANLY, WALTER, Dallas MANNING. NVILLIAM, Dallas MARCHBANKS, JACKIE, Dallas MARSHALL, ROBERT, Dallas MARTIN, DOLL, Alvarado MARTIN, JAMES ALLEN, Weatherford NIARTIN, ROBERT, Dallas MASON, JOLENE, Arlington MATHEWS, BOBBY, Irving MATTHEWS, DON, Dallas MAURER, GERALD. McAllen MAXWELL, JOHN, XVaxahachie MCAMIS, ROBERT, Arlington MCBRIDE, DICK, Fort NVurtl1 MCBRIDE, JACK, Fort XVortl1 INICBRIDE, TI-IOINIAS, Dallas MQCAIG, BOB, Dallas MCCLAIN, BARBARA ROSE, Dallas MQCOLLUM, LONNIE, Arlington MCCOLLUM, MARION, Princeton MCCORD. BILLY M., Dallas MCCORMICK, BILLY, Fort XYIOYIII McCULLEY, BETTY ANN, Gladewatgr MCCALLUM, FLOYD, Fort NVur:h m:LL ALLsg-.,, :slu111q MCDONALD, MARY, Arlington MCDONALD, WILLIAM A., Merkel MCDONALD, WILLIAM M., Fort XVorth MCGRADY, ERNEST J., Grand Prairie MCGREW, THALIS, Arlington MCGUIRE, GLEN, Dallas MCKEE, BILLY R., Frankston MCKNIGHT, ANN, Arlington MCKNIGHT, CHARLES, G., Dallas MCPHERSON, MATTA LOU, Fort Worth MCREYNOLDS, MORGAN, Dallas MEE, KATHLEEN, Irving MEEK, PAUL, McAllen MELASKY, DONALD, Waco MERTINS, CLARENCE, Iowa Park MEZIERE, PARTICK, Fort Worth MICHAEL, DAN, Rochester MILLER, ESPEN, San Augustine MILLER, GLENN, Dallas MILLER, JO ANN, Dallas MILLER, PAT, CLEBURNE, Dallas MILLER, RILEY, Dallas MIMS, FRANCES, Fort Worth MOHLER, BOBBY, Brady MOLER, WILLIAM H., Dallas Cupids at work MOLLENHAUER, FRED E., Dallas 'f A, MONROE, DON RAY, Garland MOODY, FRANK C., Fort Worth " AJ' M' F s x , , ,,,,. 4 X A .. -- - 5' ,asf .,.:s.5g:::a:-.:s,, 14 3 ff -f fi 335 U X at I .5 V1 , ,I .11-fx.. my ' Q' 5 I , .:. Wm Z if , ee ' . f ' I X V 63 . E hy. gif ,X I ,A . ,.:,:. - 1 ,a I' A. , , 1-.Q f ""' ' " W. ..,, - . -I ' X 1 ,, 's I ' ' 'M' 9 Q, .rx ' , N' . 'R ar- . I A.. 'JJ of I - A X ,, w -:gf l ... ffft ' lv ' If 35" V I X I, of . 'Q' I. A- A Q Q Q . A it F3 ' I 'Y ' in A -4, .... , . - .,,.- XMAS. .,.. , . ' , .- af' :' ' I 1 I . XQ t ,. ,.., , A J 1 a N. I t A . . Q . , , ' A X" xio . X t X ,, n I 3 ' I' ,V gg Q Q . ,C .... ,-V ,, W ' ' ff , ,....,. . 4' I -,fx . -v'r . X' - A 3211? si' f f ri' . 3. 1 .,,, Q, ,M f , Y A . ' F f K4 Y x M - 5 , a. ,,... A f , ia 'H 3 .H V1 fin" f-Q' 'A- ' IX 'Q Q27 , Y ,I .. V --vv --" , A if , E .- ' 79. ' , ' I Q. 'N ,f X , H V. , Arv- ' 3 .I ' 1 A Qi HJ ff K ff A 48 J Ml . . ,: . I f ,, Q .If ,. Zu- , "M . , s TL N. - . rw . W. I , ' fr ,Q-..5..5.:.a-., :V .1 q I V t 'I I ,,,, 5 .. :::gE::::" 5 N 7 I - :,. ,.,,,,,. 51.11 ak I 1 ' - "" 'Q 35, V, is if - . , - . P' . .,,,. 4 QS W Q W Y . . . ,,,. ,iff L . I , 44 x . .,2.,,,,,,., , ,,..,., . , .,.,,,.. A A .sr sf Q ' ax E . X 1 I L ,gs-s,z.. f Rigs "HRA if - 1 , jiifii ,A.A1 - H ll sg, M w ,Ii V S as QM 4 A , 7 Q 'E s.. xv y 7,7 1 -ii ,, N .LL , ,, I l 1 gffjvlfm , Ji, . ,W,f., V at 3 I . - I "' 55- ' ' Y 'is f A V .3 . X . K.- ..,.,,, 5 ,H 'X 5, - -Q ' , , ,v -In r Ii is wie! M 'f' fs, f 2. sv' Good Will Tour 1 MOON, BILLY, Dallas MOORE, CAROL, Arlington MOORE, ELEANOR, Winthrop, Ark MOORE, CHARLES, Frost MOORE, GERALD, jacksboro MOORE, JAMES S., Arlington MOORE, LYNN, Fort Wforth MOORE, PETER, H., Dallas MORAN, SAM, Whitesboro MOUNCE, DOUGLAS, Dallas MOWLAM, WILLIAM, Corsicana MUCKLEROY, BOB, Dallas MUENCH, NANCY, Houston MUIRHEAD, DONALD E., Ennis MULLINS, J. NV., Fort Worth MULLINS, ROBERT R., Athens MUNDEN. THOMAS, Duncanville MUROCH, JIMMY, Dallas MURFF, SAM, Grapevine MURPHY, BRYAN, Dallas MURPH, DABNEY, Arlington MURRAY, DAVID, Arlington MUSSO, ANTHONY, Dallas MYERS, FRANCES, Tyler NANCE, BILLY, Dallas NATION, DAVID, Arlington NEACE, RICHARD, Fort Worth NEIDHOLT, JERRY, Fort Wortlm 311535 H... H-.. . ,m,x..,-.sf Wm,-ws-ww , . NELSON, EMMITT J., Conroe NETHERTON, CHARLES, Fort Worth NEWBY, CHARLES, H., Dallas NEWCOMB, KENNETH, Albany NEWNION, GENE, Abilene NEWTON, ERNEST J., Grand Prairie NICHOLL, EUGENE, Dallas NICHOLS, J. L., Fort Worth NICOLETT, PETER M., Graham NIX, E. MILTON, Fort Worth NOBLE, JACK, Hico NORMAN, CHARLES, I:Ort Worth NORTON. LUCILLE, Dallas NUCKEIS, HOWARD, Big spring ODOM, EDWIN, Dallas ODOM, JAMES, ROY, Big Spring OEILVIE, CHARLES, Dallas OLIVER, JIMMY, Waco OLSEN, RICHARD, Tonawanda, New York OMBERG, JACK, Frost O'NEAL, BYRON, Dallas OTERO, HECTOR, La Paz, Bolivia OVVEN, MAX, Arlington OXVENS, DON, Dallas OWENS, KENNETH, Fort Worth OZMENT, CHARLES, Fort Worth PALMER, ANN, Terrell PARKER, BILLY, Fort Worth We must make that class on time. . H "" Awww M :St .. ' 1 I f" f my if A ,Ella "" -:Q N 'I' 1 If A fI'ffil" . i " fri f "H mf' ' ' WW? "N" Im' ""' 1 ..t.. , ,,,, RX , . s , .. N, ,.,,.,. Qqhqq, ., ,. W .I , mf: QQ - ' ' -' , V... , ZW . 75 'X 'H wi N- 'ffm K-X U 'l .t ' ' V RVN' Via, :gf , W t 'N Q A " , 2, ,.,..,.., I ,. . ....,,, 2 , ,A M .WM ,.... . mi X or 1 f -E Z .. X l f A , ,+. fa, .bn I, '2-vi. C ,f' ,: ":::. 2' I DQ' .4 , ,,,,, ., ,, ....,. Q W 'W ' -1, 1, .- 'gi 1' ,,,. ' ' , 71:35. W' I l so ,. ' 'p si .' , - x, X ,J ,., P, M' my 'i i 1' ' , W' A ' 4, ,M i , 'W Q M -S me M N3 .KX ip, , MN 1 a 1 I ,fl ,A sh fc ' it l - xi IAQ ,.,. Q15 L- - 71-. f ffff an A , 'flu A E5'j'ff7W"RfMZ'Sf ww Rss . A 1 X an Q- ,,, S ,, sa X rv-. t is Q A J . NPO' .: :.:.:..:-,, ig ,,1, V W ' 2 -ov' X A ,ff xx 'uf Mr X X -Am LM X ' . .L In w 'lm V' rt Ri, f X 1 X X D, I N s xx 4- X X -fs ',. 4' sz Q' 1 A YQ . Q ' sw xcissgg , ,, are gg wr asv ,X f t Lil -Q . 3 ' ' .,A., , Y rf 'ie Q, 'L I , , AS.. - x 'Wm ., I ,W-.. - 4 I Here's to better relations PARKER, ROBERT BRUCE, Louisiana PARR, GEORGE, Arlington PASSMORE, SHIRLEY, ANN, Dallas PATRICK, GAY, Fort Worth PATTILLOS, REGINALD A., Arlington PATTON, JERRY, Arlington PAVLICEK, BEDRICK, Bomarton PAYNE, GEORGE, Dallas PAYNE, ROBERT, K., Dallas PEARCY, NEWMAN, Dallas PEAY, JOHN, Maryland PENN, HUBERT, Dallas PENNAL, EDDIE, Denison PERKINS, OSCIE, Fort Worth PERKINS, THOMAS, Dallas PERRY, CHARLES A., Fort Worth PETERS, JAMES, Mineola PETRI, JOHNNY, M., Jacksonville PHILLIPS, JACK, Ravanna PHILLIPS, TOMMY, Fort Wforth PHIPPS, JOHN L., Dallas PIKE, ELLIS WENDALL, Kaufman PILSON, ROBERT, Dallas PINNE, MAXINE, Dallas PIPER, CLIFFORD L,, Dallas PIPES, JACK, Rio Vista PITTMAN, WAYNE, Talco PLACE, HAROLD, Fort Worth PLACE, XVILLIAM, Fort Worth PLASTINO, VINCENT, Fort Worth PLILER, RANDALL, Fort Worth PLUNKETT, THOMAS, Henderson POINTER, BILL, Eldorado POLLOCK, ADRIAN, Nocona PONDER, REX, Fort Worth PONDER, WILLIAM, Midland PORTER, CARLTON, California POWERS, BILLY, Dallas PRATT, JOHN DAVID, Fort Worth PREUITT, ROBERT, Snyder PRICE, WILLIAM M., Dallas PRICKETT, DOLORES, Fort Worth PRINCE, JAMES, Dallas PRINCE, MALCOLM, Palmer PROCI-ISKA, ERNEST A., Fort Worth PRUETT, HAROLD, Fort XVOrtl'l PUGH, GEORGE, Sherman RAGSDALE, CORBETT, Hawkins RATTAN, BOB, Fort Worth RAY, BILLIE, Dallas RAY, LEE, Ferris RAY, NEWBERN, Memphis, Tennessee RAY, ROBERT, EDISON, Dallas RAYBON, EREDDY, Dallas RAYL, JOHN, Grand Prairie READ, NAT, Ozona Musical rendition ' ' 'ia Ts .M - 5 YS Q , A lf l SI vu. no A I , 3- ' ,,,. ive ' '- I A "' f , 1 , l My -. I X To a ..., f L U X - A: wg . ,,, , ,H ,T 5 , .T A-L! ' i -.12 XX A, le.. , A mmf ' MS , "Q E- 5 A f ,,..a, ..,,,,, i.:,.w, .,,, ,.,., ,.,.1,iM,v, , . , I N f - - ff- L 'V QL Var, fi' NV! paw.. ,M , ,,...-- -. .. " N ' Xl ,QQ . ' . A .W lf , W M W . 1 ' x X . ' I -1 '5 1- ..., ' .Q ff - I ,Nadi 1 -W bbbw I - .I VV V V J ,ix 1.5. ,a S' , , E ' .. "" ' 1 , Q , S- A X Q VV ,Q M V , yi A SV Wills " SKK , , . .,.A.,. . .. ,, ..+.f.:: ' ' " g. ' " S f I XV Q-I V . VFV V10 V .N . H I 'W 4 V -ez , , X f I A, qc A V .,-f. " A X 4 .. . .. i W, x VN 5.5 T V V :VV RSV S XM' i IE 1-0 xc? 4 , VHNV , ,Y , X 6 ff M 5 4 hw- i 'J' W R .QL Q5 "" ' ..:a:siSf-"EI ,yas 'Q X V Q., 5 ., WR. X 3 , . X ,f ea.. ...A ugly, - Q ,,, S , 5 , 'Q x, , , f Hmmm! Interesting? llllf REED. HERBERT, Dallas REED, JAMES, Dallas REED, PEGGY ANN, San Antonio REED, STANLEY MAX, NVills Poins REEVES, ELMO, JR., Fort NVortla RICHARDSON, EARLE C., Dallas REYNOLDS, JIMMY, Arlington REID, ROBERT, Greenville RITCHIE, ERNEST, Dallas RIDDLE, THOMAS, Pilot Point RICKETTS, BILL R., Dallas RITCHEY, NVAYNE, Dallas ROBBINS, RICHARD, Granger ROBERTS, NWILLIAINI H., Dallas ROBERTSON. JACKIE, Amarillo ROBERTSON, CARL R., Ennis ROBINSON, JAMES, Dallas ROBINSON, CARLTON, ALLYN, New Jersey ROGERS. ALAN, Dallas ROHDE, DONALD, Fort Wfortli ROMICK, SANDER, Dallas ROSSER, LAUREN J., Dallas ROXVLAND, JOHN, Fort XYf'nrtli ROXVZEE, BETTY, Dallas RUSHING, JACK, Fort Worth SALDANA, ARTHUR, Dallas SANDERS, XVESLEY S., Dallas SANDERSON, ROBERT xv. JR., rm xvmli SATTAXVHITE, NEAL, Fort Worrh SAMUELL, HOWARD, Dallas SCHAFER, CLARA, NELLE, For: Worth SCHAFFNIT, R. J., Dallas SCHELL. JAMES, Dallas SCHROEPER, OTTO E., Fort XVOIII1 SCOTT, TED, Dallas SEARS, BOBBY J., Rockwall SEETON, W. DENNIS, Mansfield SELL, M. R., Whitesboro SELLERS, ORA MAE Dallas SELMAN ALFRED D., Irving CHAMBURGER, CLARIE, Fort XVOIII1 SHANKLES, JAMES, Sherman SHAW, BOB, Gladewater SI-IEA, DONALD, Dallas SHELTON, JOE BRYANT, Pasadena SI-IEPERD, NEELY, Dallas SHEPPERD, LEWIS, Glaclewater SHIPMAN, DAVID, Pleasant Grove SHULER, RII., Dallas SIMMONS, VIRGINIA, Jefferson SIMMS, BRYAN, Arlington SIMMS, NONAH, Dallas SIMNITT, MAX, Garland SINCLAIR, HOLLOWAY, Mineola SINGLETON, HOWARD BEALE, Dallas SIVLEY, NADINE DEE, Grand Prairie Avolonte sophomores at rush tea I . axa- aa W f 'W ?,,?,g b V7 - ,.,.,,. ,, E .a Vt :. NL :fa 4: -1 A VA . t , ,, 5 no V' X an Q F f, . i aw- x A - -,Q . A .XJ .1 l fig . ""' - "" 2 ., .. . , - .... .16 x ' " 1: 4 mf W' Aff .A ' ta . R .,. a. Vik -f Hr ,, ,-9, .... ,...... S by . ,. Q X , A I. .5 ,f ag aa l Nr- ' sf QIRQ1 JE - MW A , , . .la ' iffy? fi' 125 - ff, 5 W a . av S 5- S D .8 xi? ALQ Q. ,Tag ,.,., . ,,,,,, V .2529 -va 1? ,Y 'ha M ir- Q x, xi X 3 ifiww I Q.-1 x wa-, ,fr JE N . is ' nf . ,,.,QQ. f --.:1 5. ,A" A 7" . .,,, ..,,.1 , , , xx 5 xv Z N We s Q S ,Q L J " N X X X5 I C, . , N, ..., y, Smile for the jr. Aggie photographer H ,, wwf I ,. R lIIl ll SKAGGS, GRADY, Adrian SLACK, JIM, Joshua SLOCUM, JOANNE, Dallas SMITH, BILLI, Fort Worth SMITH, EVELYN, Mineral Wells SMITH, DONALD, Galveston SMITH, DALE, Dallas SMITH, LONNIE C., Fort Worth SMITH, MARION, Fort Worth SMYTH, BROOKS, Mart SMYTH, CECIL B. JR., Fort XVorth SNARE, RAYMOND, El Paso SNODGRASS, GERALD, Petrulia SNOW, DAVID, Dallas SPAIN, GARY, Dallas SPEARS, RUTH, Arlington SPEED, BERT L., Adrian SPENCER, BOB, Fort Worth SPENCER, JAMES, Granger SPENCER, LOUIE P., Dallas SRYGLEY, GILBERT, D., Memphis STACKS, CLAYTON N., Palmer STALLINGS, JAMES, Pleasant Mound STANDLEY, LOINE, Arlington STANFIELD, CHARLES, F., Grand Prair STARK, DAN, Fort Worth STEIN, BILLY, Waco STEINFATI-I, ALBERT, Haskell Z STEM, TAYLOR F., Slidell STEPHENS, DAVIE, Dallas STEPHENS, OLIN R., Arlington STEPHENS, XVAYNE, O., Dallas STEPHENS, WENDELL, Dallas STEPHENSON, T. A., Fort Worth STILL, PAT, Dallas STILLNIAN, SHIRLEY ANN, Dallas STRAND, RICHARD, Utah STREET, DAVID P., rm Worth STRIBLING, J. W., Azle STURDIUANT, GORDON, Dallas SULLIVAN, CLEVE, Dallas SUMMERS, RALPH, Jacksonville SUMMERS, SAM, Henderson SWAIM, PEGGY, Arlington SWOFFORD, BILLY D., Arlington SWOPE, JAMES L., Alice TABOR, JOHN, Fort Worth TALIAFERRO, LANDON, Dallas TANNER, BOBBY, Grand Prairie TANNER, SIDNEY, Wolfe City TAYLOR, BILL, R., Plainview TAYLOR, BILLY E., Grand Prairie TAYLOR, ERNEST, E., Dallas TAYLOR, MARVIN, Center TAYLOR, WINSTON L. S., Ennis TEAGUE, JEAN, Dallas , ... .W -f .1 il Lose something? I l l I l I i .. A J T V ,, - 5 t . Q ,I tt A , R Q S' av ' A A a ,R A - f f. 'M wg, gr. so A J , , , jf " fi' ga1,.sf1 R SWL, A 'H"42I"lf fi? :'. : , ' -'I-521142111 an . ,f . A' , , V X 7 X I XS S ' G " , A , ,, ws. I Q- D.,. -, ,, , ,,,,,., W as ,,..,. , ,,.,. 1 4 - .... 'Sir is .- , X A S Q vs . QQ ff R Q T ,:,,.' V X I . -- si "" , f ,,, , am Mmm- ,,,,,, . WW . . . . .. fyf- ,B ' 'V' ff , I S 5 . f Q 9 . A A . A , . :iii , 1 2 '-15.1. - z Q ' 'V f fm-if 'IT ' 1. v ' . 5 xieqgw I l V, , ..... "1 1 , fag, W R K I K A4 , ' , Q 'L I W Wfe 'v'3 W 3 M ,QA -W J ri ., Il ., , X" ' 5, A T ,ii T Mil ' 55' S "' J' wmv -..,f' l 11: 3 " , A H V I' Yi .Iii V' Q' T 1 V . S "" I A' . " f I A " " ' TX "Zu I ,W W ,,,,,. , W ' 'WS X' '15 1+ I :ff - A , if . .V Q . . Y X , in .ge an ku jx . + . I .A.Rs,,, K. .Li MAS, -fax Sa fff' 'fk , 1, W ""' - I 5 A A - ,,,. - -. V' J' 1 N th' R is I., V I 3, ,- wh' 1 X 'K--- 1 12 " , Q ' DAQ. f - 1 . A' ,ka """ Y - 5 -t V. - ,. - . 1 -f ' fi, .....,. 1M""'i 3 gsy i, A f ,,.,. if: Q :il .M R y - - ff 1 1 3 I3-.,, AAP 71 A X . 45-S ......, W ' E UR: -V ' " '. V' ,.,.V:.-: , .. ,. ,f..:f- , 'as-s:sas.'.,2. J' - . , -. .. 1 . V JZ X . f 'r ' X R ' . 4, 'ry 9 w f . . .. , A YR , . f" IIIIIILIKI Il41H TEMPLE, CURTIS, Temple TERRY, CATHERINE, Fort XVOYII1 THOMAS, HILLARD T., Hutchins THOMAS, MELTON, Dallas I ff- S, r V!-3. V..--. - .,... V .....i7l..J ' X I S' ., . r . X. , .f 1 X v l Yu 'U Y Q I 1 X wr F J i , 'N N er ' N N R- X r X ,, uw Apr, R' H ga.. x 1 ' N ,K 5 A P IRQ .r r' X A v -. ,,, A, - I .,. . f. I , f U .X . x X X X 5 1 - r V .. x . fi A x A R V QM J . YZAV? I I 3 R x Y 5: .a - rt, fx . . 1, X N . . wx My " fr-, , , ' 'xi Y g TN - :Qs 1 Q- ,i - 1 . V 555 X' ' x ' . rr - RR Z 9 . N . 1' ,. - . v Lv' Rx- -' S 5 ll 5 ll Q .wr W Y ' , f ' I R Z- WR A R X as rw 4 Q I - . w .- ,,..R.- L ,,,,,, R f 'vw X Q be-A ,z If ,TC X x 3 X ,-NRE ., f W, g 2 r A V ,A A ny' THOMASON, ANN, Fort Wortlx THOMPSON. ERNEST P. JR., Dallas THOMPSON, EVELYN, Grand Prairie THOMPSON, JACK, Grand Prairie THOMPSON, MIKE, R., Arlington THONIPSON, THORNTON B., Arlington TIPPS. JAMES, Mansflelcl TIRK, JOE, Smirhneld TODD, FRED R., Fort Wortlm TOM, CHARLES, Midl.1nd gf TONNE. JOHN L., Canal zone 1 , u V3 TOWNSEND, ALLAN R. JR., Dallas A ":' "' Y , TOWSON, GLENDON D., Mabank an 4:V , C- ER' 'D R., ' Q it -Q ' 'R ' gr-1 - , X TRAMMELL, JACK, Dorchester "Q , 3 TRUELOVE, HERSHEL, Farmcrsvillc X J. TRUlTT, KENNETH A., Drlrrgerlielrl we X, ,,,,',,,, f I - if" , . RT , -:-- fs , N' . ' . NR' r 5 ...r H .r - V,:z :1: .... .. s- -.-. 2, ,.,f ' ' . ', , .: , f 1 . X , , .... A J I J H ' A v 5 "" 34 TUCKER, DON, Dallas Q A ' A ' 5f,,. l"m Q TUEL, RAYMOND, Dallas if - "11 s ' TULLOH, RAYMOND, Port Worrlr ,Y , , TURNILL, ALBERT M., Dallas , I ' ff ,.,.. . z L2" "'1 . A A , .,,, :g i 1, ,, . . VR X A A TURNER, BILLY DON, Quitman l Y' W fy ll! . rf- , f-Q " 1' YW 2.12 , 5, If A - TURNER, BILLIE B., wlrlrrrborrr l J' LV VANDERLINDEN, PAUL G., Dallas , .H 'J iiqg J f VANDEVPR. JACK, Dallas R Tilif . A ., ' . ' Y r A -ff M f "'f ' ' , , '1r'V 5 ' ' ' l Class Leaders L.. .ngswmw r. 1 - 1-'wfmmww Q r mN VAN NVAGONER, CHARLES XVILLIAM. Abllem VAUGHAN. CLIFFORD D., Dallas VEHON, WILLIAM, Dallas VELASCO, XVILLIAM, Dallas VILLAIOBOS, RALPH KI., Fort XVOfKll VON SEGGERN, EDXVARD, Colomdo VOSS. DICKEY, DcSota XVADE, LELA, Arlington XVAGNER, MARTIN, Indiana XVAKELAND, LA JOYCE, Yvaxalnchie NVALDREPH JERRY, Tyler XVALKER, R. LI., Menard XVALKER, ROBERT, For: XVorth XVALLACE, HARRY, Omaha WARE, EUGENE, Mercury VVARD, VERNON O., Grand Prairle XVARLEN, WESLEY, Dallas XVARREN, BETTIE JEAN, Grand Pralrle XVATERS, ORION L., Fort Worth XVATTS, CAROLYN, Dallas XVATTS, JOHN O, Dallas WEBB, JOHN L., Dallas NVELBORN, ROBERT, Talco WENIG, DON, Dallas WESSELS, MARY BERNICE, Dallas WEST, SAM, Joshua WESTBROOK, BOBBY, xvsxshsshle XVESTFALL, ELMER, Dallas Ii .XLS ' ' A r f 4" - ' .. fsffflfllkf. . 'I '7' . WHEELER BILL Fort Worth WHEELER, WILLIAM, Goose Creek w , 1 1, I 1 I "N fir' X E , 'Wu ,. . N Q V 'W QW " ' 'H ' Rf B v X X 1 A f '5 gk, I x X XX, X S x fan- A I f we 'Y Y rf- X 'fix . , , X is ' 1'- ., i W M x"' t 4,3 , sf, - A K I 8:-i ,Q f N , ' 6 .J , , Q M EN . W' V53 6, . K f 5 - " ' .. " , , , I I X- 0 " 1 ri 1- I ' , X - M 'F ,, ' ' In 5' H ' ' . ' 7 . 5:52 ... I - -1 , -sa, JVM' 4 J . ' f ' I f " Q' , . -- 5 -,j , xp 5 , T 3 I In i F 1, f ,.,., f ' - 5 fc il '-. Q. 'X W wx W " ' 2 K, 5 rf- mmm - X S " NT X X RW , 4' , ' Q 1 ,il 'SA 'er " M Q N! X if X X ax- x , X 43" W N? H, 'AX X sw X Q f f A A S Q I"" 1 . Q 1 ., X XX 1 Nw X f MQ S gh f f 46 9 f X f .- f Q Q M W w A X f X .gf if X 9 ' S X S , M X P X XX 1 f X , W. i , A 'E ' I ,.,, I .,,,.,, I XX" ' . ' ' 4 af 3 PM ,as 1 2 ' f " 1 1 . x 'S -145,54 4 ., , , . x a - A C ., . M K A 1 1 hw X arg,-., 5 ' I A Q A X,M.:,1, . I .X :. R RY Q k VW -. , . m 6 lg 5 gi-,X , , . aim , ,Smal N . W.. . . ' ' .l . f x-I 'Xe-15 9' .. N f 3 Y QI, I' , 'rw 'Nagy' X "" 1 . ,,,:. X, X'-xX' . . if Sa K ,- 'W' ' .' ' - A a 2 5. 2' XlX- " 1 , Q ' ,, M , Q 1 S y Jwayu- WS f . .,,.,,,,,-55.1. 9 sign. ,fyfgf .. 3 ' - , i N , Xvv , sas., ,Qs f A in -f I S ga Y f X.. ' ' 57 A I A Y Eg-Q , , - . .f:fX,,,ff .Y , ' - ki A If Making their grand entrance. WHITE, CLARK, G., Dallas WHITE, HUBERT, Dallas XVHITE, MARGARET, Grand Prairie WHITE, STANFORD, Bowie XVIER, JOHN P., Alice XVILBURN, DONALD, Denison XVILDER, THAD, Sylvester WILKINSON, ROBERT, Tyler WILLIAMS, CRIS, Dallas XVILLIAMS, JAMES B., Dallas WILLIAMS, JOHN H., Alabama WILLIAMS, PATRICIA, Dallas WILLIAMS, TOMMIE, Fort Worth WILLIAMS, XVALLACE, Dallas WILLIS, PAUL A., Dallas NVILSON, NANCY, Mansfield XVINKLER, SAMMY, Estelline NVINN, GEORGE K., Fort Worth XVINTER, TED, Graham WINTERBAUER, NORMAN E., Dallas WISE, MACK, Vyaxahachie XVITHERSPOON, CAROL ANN, Dallas WITTER, BILL, Missouri WOFFORD, BILL, Arlington NVOLFE, DENNIS, Dallas XVOLFENGERGER, BOONE F., Weatherford ,,,,,,..-- aXX1, ,,,,,, LLL, ,... 4-mvxaw--M ,,.,,.' .wma f xwi WOOD, DON, Montague XVOODALL, SARA JANE, Dallas NVOODRUFF, ALDEN W,, Dallas NVOOLEY, ROBERT M., Fort Wforth XVOOLVERTOINI, MARY JANE, Fort Xvorth WREN, B. NVALLACE, Dallas WRIGHT, ALFRED, Fort Wforth NVRIGHT, OLEN D., Fort w"0rIl'1 YARBROUGH, E. PAUL. Arlington YARBROUGH, YVONNE, XV:1xal'mCl1ie YATES, EDDIE XV., Fort Xvorth YEAGER, XVILLIAM, Dallas YEAKLE, PAUL. Dallas YORK, RAYNIOND, Arlington YOUNG, JACK, Fort Worth YOUNG, KARL, Dallas YOUNG, PEGGY, xW73XCll'lflCl1lC FOSTER, WILLIAM, Fort WOrtl1 FOXVLER, LEONARD, Eden FRANCIS, NANCY JEAN, W'ills Point FREEMAN, DORRELL, Conroe FRIEDERSDORFF, LOUIS C., Fort Worth FULKERSON, GLEN' D., For: Worth FULLER, JAMES, Euless The play must go on I0 Nz! 'KI is MX rw' -vp ,si-Q-ff' ' ""'x.Li"'.'if'U-LL Y 1 f f !'flll:1f"'fYfTl'1lHi ' ' - "I'?""UL, t LIFE GITS TEEJUS-D0 'T IT? Better hide those persuad- ers, boys Gravy on his Way to class. Coach Holmes on his Way home. I Wonder if that thing runs? Don't you hear that bell? XX My .Www-K x 'yZ6'1fsw"Q sf ,, K -s,-fr r , r N 4, . -m ' ww we ,xx WN 4. , 4, X 1 ou-A wx Q .13 'wwf Sw 5 S K J. 1: L ' ,, 124 N , s I 1 5 X ' lliIhLVLl'll!.hg A-,LJ V552 '!M92u".""'..'I "'l'H.WZv'.1u. , nzmmmxm.. ua-an-,4 nu w M i' X x 42 - -:fn - 'Huggy l,L111zl1'r,'g-,AW ff uf vwumu1'11wuyf1"1'rr X flgga' 7-gmv-. ev ,x-w'.'g1eu1L1111g-,.a.1c, BACK T0 SCHCCL 1. The proctor leads a dull life. 2. Parting is such sweet sorrow. 3. Editor and Business Manager before Work started. 4. How many hours does campusology get? Afs W4 N AND FUN BEGINS 1. Please fellows, one at a time! 2. Does this go on every night? 3. Cavazas! that's a freshman your pulling! Q 1, L, ' Am W if K w " A xi? Q X Qi AS X R NN 1. Didn't know so many 2.' Must be dead Week! could sleep in one bed E RISE A D SHI E 3. Could these be candidates? 4. After Walking four hours on the bull ring if .3605 F' I N 2 . 1 x Q ,,,,V, k . ,.,,,.,,,,,, -1 2 . no . . A.,-'ff no rf 5. V M 832 r 1 Lip, A AND FINALLY MAKE IT! 1. A fine example. 2. What do you mean having those peaks? 3. You can tell their age by their Wrinkles. 4. An every day occurance. -' 1 w,'.u:'1'w"' ' ' N Q X -ri Q.. Nw X TV V' . f 1 X 1. XVl'1o,s pulling Who? 2. e He Wants to see Where l'1e's been 1. Winter in full bloom, 2. Reckon it's the O. D.? K X XR WMS f Q . .. ts S S 5. lH.ll1lll1l!IllIl!1llWlIl!llHHll0lIlIlIlE'lH C O L O N E L E D G A R K E L T N E R Under the expert guidance of Colonel Edgar H. Keltner for the past three years, the cadet corps has been ranked among the superior R.O.T.C. units of the Nation. Colonel Keltner's wide experience both here and abroad has proven his ability to both the administration and student body as a capable leader. Colonel Keltner's military record is outstanding. He is one of the Army's most highly decorated personages. He has received thirteen awardsg two of which are the Distinguished Service Cross and Legion of Merit. With Colonel Keltner,s personality and ability, it is easy to understand Why he is so well liked and respected by all. YI? T , qs if 0 if M I L I T A R Y Major Charles B. Lovejoy Lt. ColoneQ D. M. McMains DEPARTMENT STAFF Col. Keltner, Lt. Col. McMains, Major Lovejoy, Capt. Morse, MfSgt. Gambill 1fSgt. Van Keuren, TfSgt. Windham, TfSgr. Price .uuflmumumnmuumumnm-mmm 9 S REGIMENTAL Cadet Lt. Colonel at Willard Latham ffl l, i il si Xl lee 5 X X N ,Q .::,: . N SW- 'fag MX S gt. Toni Demasses Cadet Captain Raymundo H. Garza OFFICERS ,,,,f,v: 1' i 2 f ffg wg Cadet Captain Jay Hendricks i Cadet MX Sgt. John M. Willis Cadet Lt. Colonel Dan Minihan I I ,4 W 7 Cadet lst Lt. John L. Kelley Cadet 2nd Lt. Richard Barbosa Cadet 2nd Lt. Malcolm B. Bottoms ' ,if X. , '-,,,.'w.w,,x: -on -N W ---N'-fe General Handy, speaker at President Hereford's inauguration At the inaguration of President E. H. Hereford, there were many celebrities present, both civilian and military. One of the outstanding guests was General Thomas Handy, head of the Fourth Army Area, Who spoke at the inaguration. This has been the second ceremony with such dignitaries pres- ent. The first occasion was When General Jonathan Wainwright came here to decorate Colonel Keltner. General Handley and Lt. Colonel D. M. McMains Colonel Keltner at inauguration greeting Captain Nation First Battalion Commander Cadet Major Brian P. Lowry Cadet Captain Gene T. Rufner Second Battalion Commander BATTALIGN OFFICERS Third Battalion Commander Cadet Lt. Colonel Donald M. Peterson Fourth Battalion Commander Cadet Major Marvin D. Love .- 1.-anis Cadet Captain Carl R. Shipley Company Commander mm wwnrw - , f .21 it ,i COMPANY A FIRST PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. Hansson Nance January Pike Nelson Boyles York Cavaness Fulton Kirven Graves 2nd Sq. Phipps Gann Witter Hamilton Faulkenberry Connor White Hancock Ditto 3rd Sq. Collins Cooksey Vander Bell Lewis Shepherd Reynolds McBride L SECOND PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. Harrison Hughes Tanner Hudson Ragsdale Gray Mullins McGrady McCollum Mollenhauer Weaver Znd Sq. Howard Stephens Bell Swofford McKnight Campbell Lane Moore Wier 3rd Sq. Collins Akin Nicolett Bundrick Lyon Curtis LaBarbera Carter Blackstone Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt Chester A Huff Company Commander Cadet Captain james E. Taylo 1. CCMPANY 12 FIRST PLATGON RUSTER lst Sq. Faulk Boatwriglit Gray George Welch Reid Cliokas Payne Griggs Clayton 2nd Sq. Shockley Bradley Jones Parker Byrnes Grissom Read 3rd Sq. Jagoda Murray Huffman Philporr McCarrer Hi g ginbotham Chenaulr McBride SECOND PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. Morris Morris Dorward Monroe Moore Greaves Thomas Hargrove Adams Dubuis Wolfenberger Piper 2nd Sq. Needham Preuitt Tucker Dunton Yates Jones Harris Simms Howard 3rd Sq. Hale Newmon Jackson Hudson Schaffnit Rosser Lary Ricketts McBride Davis Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Jimmy F. Scott Company Commander ' 'U fu'- COMPANY C Cadet lst Lt Virgil L. Simmons FIRST PLATOGN ROSTER lst Sq. Kilpatrick Elliott Buford Hutchisson Sattawhite Hartley Parr Pattillos Clarke Smith Street McKenzie Faucett 2nd Sq. Johnson Lawson Towson Buck Willoughby Clark Turner Patrick Jessup 5rd Sq. Munchrath Williams Whitfield Riley Anderson Meek Fuller Friedersdorff Watts Van Wagoner SECOND PLATOON lst Sq. Cooles Roberts Washington Taylor Young Finley Farley Ozment Shaw Susman Donaldson 2nd Sq. Moore Knapp Gilmore Powers Eaheart Temple Ware Brewer ROSTER 5rd Sq. Baughs Walker Murphy Cunningham Evans Carter Kubira Thomas Norman Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt JohnnyP Sleeth "' 'lfVlfW'!Ull Company Commander ' Y W 'ill l,1r'1',i.. " ' gi. , 451-'-T COMPANY Cadet lst Lt. William Maurice Tunnell FIRST PLATCON ROSTER lst Sq. Campbell Payton Boisseau Blankenship Cooper Reyna Haskins Carson Pennal Steeg Znd Sq. Gwin Presley Lowe Cannon Winkler Layton Ponder Jackson 5rd Sq. Pollard Betzel Prince Waters Hundley Colborn Smyth 4th Sq. Farrow Dempsey Dews Formann Brown Patton Brown Selman Hudgins SECOND PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. 2nd Sq. Fitzwilliams Johns Wynne Bingham Joseph Klemm Place Blackerby Rohde Jones Pipes Ellis Jennings Grossman Pritchett 3rd Sq. Blair Tanner Wallace Stark Sutton Pugh Werry Findley 4th. Sq. Moore McCleskey Hudley Bunn Odom Tuel Pollock Omo Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Thomas R. Fouts C :"W"' 'flllll ' -lmfwflllf CQMPANY E Company Commander Cadet Captain Richard E. Cavazos FIRST PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. Qttinger Foster Weatherford Joyce Wright Shipman Guinn Owen McGhee Park Akey Znd Sq. Moore Smith Stacks Shankles Castleberry Sell Wilburn Melton 3rd Sq. Silvestri Abbott Mounce Harris McDonald Keatts Kennedy Singleton Hunter SECOND PLATOON lst Sq. 2nd Sq. Lowrey Cullum Miuer Eikenburg Callaway Hughes Graves Foster Murff Hummel Harris Rattan Simnitt Black McCormick Jones Swope Lemons Cater Elzworth Hannah. ROSTER 5rd Sq. Lubbe Burnett Choat Wfofford Gross Denton Parker Brown Westbrook Company Sergeant Cadet lstfSgt. Maurice D. Jones ,, ,,,,, .W , rn-- ,-- l-...ll!,lUl'!Ll1!E Company Commander Cadet lst Lt. Richard C. Jarnagin CCJMPANY F FIRST PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. Chamberlain Grona Arterburn Harwell JOY Iverson Lof tis Henderson Still Layne Thornton 2nd Sq. Mowlam Beerman Howard Tirk Moody Srygley Odom Tanner 5rd Sq. King Miller Stephens Carroll Hall Hendrick Snow Scott SECOND PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. Morgan Knight Michael O'Neal Burkett Soldona Harris Phillips Ferreira McGregor 2nd Sq. Moon Faulk Sanders Arber Boyless Keller Greenway Gifford Cooper 5rd Sq. Davis Speed Bruce Black Stevenson Hendrick Adams Romick Feris Company Sergeant Cadet Sgt. lst Class Gary L Herod Company Commander Cadet lst Lt. Hal M. Quinn COMPANY G FIRST PLATOON RGSTER lst Sq. Wheeler Skipper Mitchell Wise Velasco Atwood Chapman Brown Waldrep Hopper Beadle Rackley 2nd Sq. McLeod Ruberkoenig Green Perkins Bradbury Boenig Stephens Robertson Logan 3rd Sq. Love Robbins Cave Vandever Duke Holland Wenig Gramur Huth SECOND PLATCON ROSTER 1st Sq. Pope Hill Clem Gorman White Gallaher Stewart Nuckels Haynes Logan Bent 2nd Sq. Cole Shaggs Ince Fulkerson Cox Grounds Baker Bean 5rd Sq. Jones Lunt Omberd Sinclar Norman Yeakle Bentley Hamilton Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Conrad Bellomy P1!W!!4'l'9!!.".W lHlWlUMU -I Company Commander CGMPANY Cadet Captain Alfred Jackson FIRST PLATOON ROSTER lst Sq. 2nd Sq. McLucas Healey Cook Foster Cunningham Logan Ferguson Harvey Otero Wlieelei' Phillips McKee Mohler Haberle Maurer McCord Carter Griffkith 5rd Sq. Moore McNiel West Browder Hawkins Stephens Hollis 4th Sq. White Schell Grimmett McCollum Madden Holt Gaskill Neace 2nd PLATOON ROSTER lst Squad Pope Gorman Armour jackson Martin Davis Carpenter Stallings Johnson Frizell 2nd Squad Whitehouse White Warlen Riddle Vehon Jones Carminati 3rd Squad Richey Harris Jones O'Toole Mullins Kirkpatrick Workman 4th Squad Lee Moore Dudley Cavanau gh Braden Company Seroeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Wayne A Higgs Bmw-'11 vmnzuwi:uuu 1ll7l1flllllIulJ!lm1iImIf!lllP LummzfuSfmmgf 1 1'-'l"""":ll-1xiii?" CQMPANY I Company Commander Cadet Captain Paul Mansfield lst PLATOON ROSTER lst Squad Jackson Wfebb Hartson Tennant Villalobos Willianis Wheeler Hardeman Taylor Peters Rushing Nail 2nd Squad 5rd Squad Leeves Grivvin Bruce Pearcy Brewer Panter Donnell Truelove 1 Ledbetter Billups Bowden Browder Groves McCleese Culton McDonald Hilslier 4th Squad Pilson Place Long Truitt Harris Thompson DeBorde Ingram Reed 4 sf 1st Squad Xeros Bement Boyd Witter Shelton Fitte Gomer King Brittain 2nd PLATOON ROSTER 2nd Squad 3rd Squad 4th Squad Dick Bale Noble Edgar Brown Cantrell McCrai g Spencer Noland Owens Prince Tabor Carter Snare Cooper Smith Haubold Hoffman Taylor Turner Bookout Hudson Foster Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Tracy L. Cash lllllllllillllf HHH .sffxd COMPANY K fi Company Commander ll Cadet Captain Charles Douglas lst PLATOON ROSTER lst Squad 2nd Squad 3rd Squad 4th Squad Mathis Shiflet Davis Anderson Keene Stem Slark Brantley Tinney Johnston Hudnall Wolfe Phillips Griggs Hargrove Martin Pittman Smith Hitt Munden Alexander Caudle Taylor Jarrett Smyth Snodgrass De La Torre Jones Wfelborn Currie Johnson McGuire Durham Ivy Morris 2nd PLATOON ROSTER 1st Squad Gillham Gruce Christian Ashworth Schroeder Dixon Ray 2nd Squad Nation Oliver Burford Moler Mathews Robinson 3rd Squad Boyle Eastland Beckler Hendricks Moorman Nation Kerr 4th Squad Harwell Santerre Branscome Malant Rogers Belkon Lam Hartman Newby Oxley Hallmark Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Ronald G. Herrick pu-nunmulnnwuumfmuvmm Ml! 'I Yi' l'l1qf,,,1f1 y COMPANY L Company Commander Cadet Captain James G. Childers lst lst Squad Dossey Robinson Malone Spain Bingham Dodson Newton Ray Gwin Drake Becker Cook PLATOON ROSTER 2nd Squad Thornton Kellett Martin Travis Kelly Pratt Crow Majors 5rd Squad Miertschin Layton Jones Corley Stoy Eakman Smith Copps Reeves 4th Squad Miller Stephens Neldholt Wight Sears Marshall Hull Wood 2nd PLATCON ROSTER lst Squad 2nd Squad 3rd Squad 4th Squad Beasley Berry Moore Wren Clark Jackson Royl Jones Bates Angelo Casstevens Musso Grammer Shepperd McCullough Hall Burk Hughes Keith Holt Manly Campbell Heager Crist Shuler Odom Robertson Berry I-Ieffines Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Clifford D. Watson I, ,All 5' wzfwffvf ff 1 v COMPANY M Companv Commander Cadet lst Lt Clarence D. Bowen lst PLATOON ROSTER lst Squad Wfilson Hoskins Tucker Lynch Taylor Cherihew Todd Clay Chandler 2nd Squad Pendergrass Jordan Flowers McGuire Blackwell Angus Perkins Collins 5rd Squad McIntosh Reed Ritshie Nix Smith Flook Owens Prochaska 2nd PLATOON ROSTER 1st Squad 2nd Squad 5rd Squad 4th Squad Nichols Shea Winterbauer McAmis Bushanan Howell Thompson Jenkins Gollihar Carpenter Price Ganze Ford Wilkinson Grounds Summers Bridges Spencer Rogers Hundt Winter Brown Tipps Collins Bruner Conant Smith Smith Goodwin Company Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. JimmyaF. Scott NEYIIIIW. Ei.'Hf!'!!?'5iflzuif!l"f",'."i':1:A,paxil' ' """" ' BAND COMPANY Band Commander Cadet Captain Bob S. Tawatcr li: z, QQ , Saw Nxfgf' ' X t ..x-ew . x . t , ivy t xx.x W Nw Max Madrid leads the band as they march in review Band First Sergeant Cadet 1stfSgt. Clinton Gober t Sam Houston Sponsor Captain Harry W. Morse F ' .' 1, J- .' 'll ll CW !'.f?'.. '. Ulf .lI.'l4H','l1',L""-4 1" H xii" lst Squad Mansfield Golligar Drake Ottinger Steeg Pope Harwell Wfinterbauer Beadle Minahan RUSTER 2nd Squad 5rd Squad Latham Nelson Jarna gin Sleeth Garza Collins Thornton Elliott Jackson Young Choat Cavazos Healy Guillory Pollard Grossman Hansson Jay Johnson King Jackson Love Baugh Davis Morris Nichols Xeros Baines SAM HGUSTON RIFLES 4th Squad Rufner Bruce Bates Sanders Gillham Boatwright Faulk Richey Mathis Cooles Tunnell Lowry M ABOVE: RIFLE TEAM IN ACTION lst Sq. 1stfSgt. Van Keuren, Griggs, Barker, Brammer, Neace, Dick, Body, Thornton JOY- Znd Sq. Kelly, Lowry, Morris, Bunn, Stevenson, Lubbe, Lyon, Rufner, Bruce, I-Iarris. RIFLE TEAM UilWWHllMH MM Cadet MfSgt. Sam Jagoda Cadet Lt. Colonel Brian Lowry Regimental Commander REGIMENTAL STAFF Cadet M! Sgt. Richard Boatwright Aff'-J' 'M-K Q X ,W X ivy! yoga " ,js . ,C Cadet Lt. CoQonel Dan Love Cadet Lt. Colonel Hal Quinn SECOND SE E TER GFFICERS Cadet Major Gene Rufner Cadet Major Bob Tawater Cadet Major Paul Mansfield 'U i lmflllllllllllllilll Cadet Lt. Colonel Hal Quinn Battalion Commander Cadet Major Dan Love Battalion Commander First Lt. W. M. Tunnell Battalion Adjutant FIRST BATTALION STAFF SECOND BATTALION STAFF W WQXQQ X S X Q 2 -was ., , s im '1'.,,::-.X ' :M lulmtwwaxitX'-'Ai' - K., fi.. ,T -W THIRD BATTALION STAFF Cadet Major Paul J. Mansfield Battalion Commander Cadet Znd Lt. Johnny P. Sleerh Battalion Adjutant SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Cadet Capt. Carl Shipley Cadet Capt. Richard Jarnagin Cadet Capt. B. Pendergrass le EE Fil N5 X ii TE r 2 - I yi i l Z fi Zi 2 5. nr S F1RsT LIEUTENANTS Donald Pope, Frederick Foeh, Henry Pope, Richard Hansson, Jerry Jackson, Charles Wheeler Billy Lowry, Billy Harrison, Basil Xeros. SECQND LIEUTENANTS Walter Jackson, William Thornton, Ronald Herrick Thomas Fouts, Wfilliam Gollihar Johnny Sleeth, Ronald Wilkins, Chester Huff, Ishmael Callaway. Ei 531 ffl r fi inwmnsm,mnxsfvv.mmnmmn..mmm- ,mw ummm: f s 1 Nmrsws 'mm' sr- sum. imwwmv THE SAM HOUSTON RIFLES, a select group of cadets passing certain quali- fications, has represented N. T. A. C. at several occasions. Here they are parading at the Tyler Rose Festival Parade. THE CADET CORPS OF N. T. A. C. As it appears in the picture at the left, only one of the many parades it has participated in. The corps has been rat- ed one of the outstanding units in the Fourth Army Area. THE RIFLE TEAM, another select group, has competed with junior and senior colleges throughout the Nation and has emerged victorious. ...--- ,,vn uyununuuuiusuumunnuirllluununzwllmlxw 7. --if---- --T --ff---A----4 .gl..m.uwm,uuu, , li l it E E 3 4 E i c 5 fl ls fi fl Z 5 l J ii is Q 3 A, '4 El il l i E, ,-I I gl' l s ATHLETICS Although the Aggie football and basketball teams did not have victorious seasons they were teams that played every game to win and gave every game their very best. They were real Aggie teams, with real Aggie spirit and sportsmanship. They were teams that we could truly be proud of even in the face of defeat. The football team finished its season by defeating the JTAC Plowboys at Stephenville and the basketball team likewise finished its season by defeating the Plowboys. This was the perfect finish for their seasons. Une picture is worth a thousand words, so in these few pages we bring you a pictorial review of the NTAC teams for the 1948-49 SCZISOHS. XVANDA NORWGOD Editor .wb .am .-my 1 A Nwgzu , ff 4 .,., ,,. XE? . f my ' ATHLETICS " WY- - '-""W"""Il1' 'IM' llrlllllllllullllllllllllllllllllllllw Assistant Coach Tinker, Head Coach C. "Klepto" Holmes, and Line Coach Burley Bearden. NTAC Athletic Directors are G. "Klepto" Holmes, T. Tinker, and B. L. "Burley" Bearden. Head football coach G. Holmes, graduated from Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio in 1921 and the next year entered NTAC. Here he was a football star until 1924. From NTAC he went to Texas A 86 M and graduated from there in 1927. In 1927 Coach Holmes was an All-Conference guard for A 86 M. During his career Coach Holmes has coached at several high schools and was line coach at A 85 M for four years. He came to NTAC in 1935. NTAC,s basketball, track, and assistant football coach, T. Tinker received his coach- ing ability from experience with one of JTAC's teams, where he made a good record as a star, and at Texas A 86 M. Following his graduation from A 86 M in 1940, he came to NTAC to coach. He served here three years and then entered the Navy for three years. He re- sumed his duties at NTAC following his discharge from the Navy in 1945. In the fall of 1946 Line Coach B. L. Bearden of Grand Prairie came to NTAC as assist- ant to Coach Holmes, after receiving his experience in football at Trinity University in San Antonio. Coach Bearden came to NTAC following his discharge from the Army. Before entering the Army he coached at Grand Prairie. NTAC 12 NTAC 0 NTAC 22 NTAC 0 NTAC 20 NTAC 0 NTAC 0 NTAC 8 Ntac 6 1948 SEASON SOUTHWEST JUNICR COLLEGE North Texas Freshman 6 CONFERENCE Tyler 7 STANDINGS Lafflaf 0 Kilgore Kilgore 22 Tyler Schreiner 7 San Angelo Northeast Junior College 14 San Angelo 14 Paris 14 John Tarleton 0 FIGHTING AGGIES OF 1948 Paris NTAC Lamar JTAG Schreiner I , , 1 W1 - A A.. EQQQWQ ----- my--an guynuu nunun:uluuIn1nna1nrm'u1nlarl 1 ALL CONFERENCE Hal Quinn, Tackle Dallas. Texas .N ,,, Mm-vw , 3 Ni Hal Quinn a 250 lb. All Conference tackle from North Dallas has made a good name for himself at N.T.A.C. Hal was not only the outstanding tackle in the conference, but he also broke the conference shot put record in track. During his two years at N.T.A.C. he served as Lieutenant Colonel of the Cadet Corps and B Ramp Manager. He plans to attend S.M.U. next fall. The Aggies on their way to the stadium to defend the blue and white. 1 ' X . we-X:-xuwum f se .sw ...-sstxmmmme.:nw1-:rug as-mmm.. mumm- ir. sw , Y a '.::. , X, 3 My f.,.sssxs.-..gmW,:s MM.- ......,, . TQ- ' , W. E. Beloate, End Fort Worth NORTH TEXAS FRESHMEN The Aggies won a 12-6 victory over the North Texas Frosh in their 1948 curtain raiser. The first touchdown of the game came on a pass play from Peterson to Walker in the early part of the second quarter. Peterson also accounted for the second score as he carried the ball through right guard for the Touchdown. Bill Bell, Tackle Bill Burklow Orange Quarterback Fort Wox ch TYLER Tyler's aerials proved the undoing of the Aggies in the Rose Festival game in Tyler as the Apaches won 7-0 over the fighting Blue and Wfhite team. The lone touchdown of the game came late in the first quarter when the Aggies fumbled on their own 21 yard line, the Apaches recovered and a few plays later scored on a pass play. The Plowboys swarm Peterson .f i EE IZIE 1 .Alas .J- 4.15 ' :Sap ,K as WZ!! S X 1 .V N Cavazos and Hill get that Plowboy LAMAR The Aggies hit their stride in the Lamar game and outfought the Lamar eleven to Win their hrst conference game Z2-0. y rAll three Aggie touchdowns were scored on pass plays. A pass from Peterson to Hogan accounted for the first score. The second cme on a pass from Peterson to lhlo, and the last from Peterson to Graves. The Aggies chalked up a safety and Chapman put one through the cross bars for the extra point. Johnny Goodwin, Tackle Dallas ggi Frank Graves, Halfback McKinney Stanley Green, Guard 1 ,H if za, Dallas XP TN Elin , . .1 'I ' -.1-,, eg A 552 - Qs W if 1: l' Ex lf l F - x., fx , ,Q MSX Q 4 -1-semis if aata X X at XL X f on . ' L f x f,1, N, was f,,, , , X., I , ,E I , ..... .A L 3 E , 4 S W, X2 'L 'XXX Q ,gk XY, tl X , , hw N , f 'amy X , .X Wy, tty, f Q is ww, A X ' X 'W 1. f if X W?5rn,,fg:,taar '-- N new - '- , M. as A ,, . x, 4 X R an 3:1 x N1 x , Z' X. . X 4 " -Y N ,QV ' 2 r , il g f' i - Q45 , P58 SL, SX XP A . A S 1 , 05' at H .. , A . ,,,.- it mi ss X -. s 4' wk ,. 4 X ' X ,. .. r""9"- .' , fn..a.,, .. . X. , . Albert Byrnes, Halfback San Antonio KILGORE Dick Cavazos, Guard Kingsville Fighting their hearts out beneath a dripping East Texas sky, a battered Aggie eleven lost to Kilgore 22-0. Nay 4 ig ,lnl ' f We fi ,iUm'QUxw-vf4gff,.,4g,,mwK V Charles Conner, Tackle Dallas The Aggie defense was weakened when Cavazos, Ihlo, and Quails all lost because of injuries received in the game. The Rangers scored in the first, second, and fourth quarters. The Aggies made their only threat in the third quarter. Hagman grabs himself an Apache. A 'L nl 25- gi Y ,X it iv, Q . .th :N sg,2ii,,j"n A Q 34 .. L 1 W li A X 6 Trix ig., 3 .A 'v q ' v :ll 125, arf' ss. ixdmgv VM X X LQ' QP "is 'i A it 1 A- 5" i 1 R Q T 4 Q irffi' 6 K' A' ' ' ,X n V If V .tl 4 ' , V i 5 , z , r K 1 X N I "fixes .f .t,?Qf'T" Q. P "' if Y ik 2'3" g iixsi"'fa3 3 'rl X Q "fm,-a i A ii . W' ' 0' ' N Q ifixif ' L gif ' 'ivffl 'Une' "' sf 4 "fig mf NB x art! Q95 P H , X Qi' se. ,, 4 NW, 9. f 4... My Aw! 3' We , n , Q 1 X 'Q Q fre 7' M, ' Q... if' X . fa 5 X ,. L is TW Q' . ,, 41 ' 1.3: ,1.fg',,,, Lf '-QL' i g ' -an 'N . -Qi -4 Ifffjs , A t WIX M , , ,- ,,- -V.. ,Aa .1 " -W H1 . "1.F'rm-2: L i X Q ' 'vlfwffs 1 sf 1 an vi vi a' Nil 'QW 3 Ami -:Juuuu uw mummu u.u.u.uu.uuL mumngwlnwqzwlzslmmluul z 2 Q .fe K pw ids? 1 X qv 7 5 " , X X X 'I-2? Aj' 1 T X li .M Must be a good oit XX oirh x ' ,Z 1:51 .,.,, A if A ,,,, ,, . . x, ,, , his 94355.-A L .En g,Zg,e,,,, ssxgmgxssssf V QQ . Carl Haginan, Guard If , '7 . ' if F' lvi ,V. -,. , - . "" ' ' I 1 .a -::-:sf ,.,,,, , kr gy , . .25 Xa NX RW X K , Q I X S yy K l Ov is Sq? X . J ' ' M 3, if an , X as S 1 afiwgn. 3 - YH 2. WZ i game. Q 4, I sys ' ' as "Klepro" talks it over with the boys SCHREINER The second conference Victory of the season came when the Aggies defeated the Schreiner Mountaineers 20-7. The initial NTAC score came early in the hrst quarter of play on a sustained drive of 74 yards in S plays. Rusk carried the ball over. A pass from Peterson to Graves chalked up the second score. Burklow hit Rusk with a pass and Rusk slammed over for the third TD. Champan converted twice. Howard Hill, Center Bob Hogan, I-Ialfback Fort Worth Fort Xvorth :pu K4 A SQ, . is p, , x X ,sfilif 1 if . 'C aff' QS 1 ' "JP ig.,.f:g::.f,:sEIfI:'If'XXV Q '- :Q-wa , .T R' f',, s -s...?1'ew.-kwa S . Winning touchdown of JTAC game. NGRTHEASTERN The Aggies fell before the Northeastern Indians by a score of 14-0 in a game in which the Aggies outplayed the Indians in almost every department but scoring. Despite NTAC's failure to score, Rusk and Peterson put up one of the best shows of the season. Graves executed a pass play that brought the applause of the 3,000 fans in the Indian Stadium. Steady men of the game were Bill Bell and Howard Hill. Petri breaks away from the plowboys. Bill Ihlo, End M. D. Jones, Center Derald Kellett, Halfback Center Wichita Falls Grand Prairie v I iiiiti'a ' e or l"' i I ' 1 t't" at 4, ". Q. f ff sag .,,.,,..:,: i ai, I I ., I '- '-fjifzii ' ,aj ' :ai 2 ,I ...- ' .a,. :,. zl- M , Q1 fa A jx , ' I ,I f V, . - If I . . yt YM , ,g,w,5,,j,.a.:.-i-- f f , ,. A W S V X .,Qt, i'a' X Q ' .- Q X . - X.: . ,, S V ' sf-sr sts: , t , ..,.. "" ' ' -es ,Q .e::-N:-A-f.-2 1'-4, , A sw Rss yr QX fix f S , xg Q 1 K M at W ll Sutton snagged that pass and is off. SAN ANGELO The San Angelo Rams pushed through a 14-O victory over the North Texas Aggies in San Angelo in a game where the defensive work was out- standing and the blocking and tackling was vicious. Both San Angelo touchdowns came in the final period of play. The Aggies played airtight ball the first half and with but two exceptions, the Rams were bottled up in their own territory. Donald Peterson, Q J uarterback ohnny Petri, I-Ialfback Charles Qualls, Center Lancaster Jacksonville Hillsboro wk 1' 1 xl use XS D ' K "' , ,,,. wt, ' 5 W v I- .,,, t,.,.,. N was 2 , NR -L Q iff W mm r- ! I -fb ,.... tt K rf i f Q, c -A a A A .N f -H K . X ,- aaaaat. at x ' . 41' '- f Q t A A3 tg , :gg f :fr w i . ,,. A -..-:F-11 , i A ,, ' ' s W ' '-fs1:fs:e,,:,:rg': ""' 5 ' so-'H-us-t ., A i -i s " 3 N ggi , 9-' RQ' Q36 'ffl 1 l Q , .NW Ng 4K1 areas Q, W ,Zvi Q ZQf',,f w Hal Quinn, Tackle Bill Hill, End Eddie Rusk, Fullback Dallas Mexia Arlington PARIS The Paris Dragons handed the Aggies their Hrst home defeat by a score of 14-8. A slippery turf and a heavy fog slowed the game consider- ably. The Ags, posted their lone touchdown in the second quarter when Burklow circled right end for the score. Burklow does some fancy running with That's Rusk loping down the field against Tyler. the ball. ,Kc iii. xi iv? A 's5Q.1'f.f,,n-if U' '15, Q Q xmas' ei? wi Mb 3 K' ' 5".r'f 'ffl 'ffl . v a-3 'M r'.if"" s ,Mgt wa' ' - y 0 , S l lit N it il.. . . fan- S r-,if wi A V Aw! ,X Q5 ni: rim I., if z fl A -3 r s 1 ai 4 1 1. Ii E 2 iii if x,,, , " 3 " ' - 'ii 2 l ,1 : QLQ ., fii 1'L N :,., zzb P A I b,,, 4 K ,bbb 'V , E., p ...,:: b,,. f t 1 Q QQQQ -::x ::,,' mi . ..,: 1 y .. ,,,, L,5,, . , IZAZAA :Z: . X . Q ig. 'B A A .,., ,. ., is "' is 271 ' Xi. pf" f fa r r George Sutton, End Ernest Thompson, End Charles Williams, Tackle Dallas Dallas Dallas JTAC Playing before a capacity crowd in Stephenville the North Texas Aggies won a 6-0 victory over John Tarleton for the Hfth straight year and gained possession of the Silver Bugle for another year. The Blue and White team iced the the game in the first minutes of the fourth quarter when Peterson hit Thompson with a pass in the end zone. The Aggie line played a staunch game holding the Plowboys to 66 yards rushing. l tg THE CHEERLEADERS EoR gli A THE YEAR 1948-49 have been P36 , Us . . . 53 S-ea the mainstay in promoting the N Q N spirit that has prevailed through- N2 out the year. They have worked hard at every game throughout the year and should be given a vote of appreciation for their Whole heart- ed support. CHEERLEADERS Dan Love, Yvonne Armour, Don Pope, Norma Lee Brumley, and Paul Mansfield. ..-.-H., --------H -...- u.nm-.u--uma--nnurnlunfnzn-Z-narf -- ' :- .Q--. 1 D THE SEASON CLQSES wwfww if F ur .Af ' 1-' n 'f' M -+6 -rw 4. W wg Af Jim ,QW- - ,1 mf Q ...,. . .......... gg,-........,,,- . .Y,-P-..?,,,,, 1....,,.....1-H... '.fff.1.u,. swf' SQUAD PICTURE Front Row: Donald Peterson, Bob Martin, Don Doods, L. C. Freidersdorff. Second Row: Conrad "Rags" Bellomy, Jimmy "Moen Jones, Jimmy Collins, James Adcock, Max Gormon. Third Row: Art Formann, Charles Bunn, Stanford White, Coach Tinker, Pat Carroll, Paul Powers. Lettermen named for the 1949 season were: Paul Power, Conrad "Rags,' Bellomy, Jimmy "Moe" jones, jimmy Broyles, Charlie Bunn, Pat Carroll, Max Gorman, Bob Martin, Tom Munden, Stanford XVhite, and Bill Witter. Bill W'itter was the high point scorer of the season. I f X . 1 l Y W I, ,-. - 1 Q vb , ,R ,7 RN it X ' ' X 5 R Charlie Bunn Conrad 'tRags" Bellomy Paul Power Dallas, Texas Quitman, Texas Quitman, Texas White takes a shot. Did you make it, Bunn? White tries for the re Stanford Wlmite Bowie, Texas 'Y' A ' , hound. Bunn gets high! Jimmy "Moe" Jones NY'.1co, Texas Pat Carroll Navasota, Texas Qi -Y 'S X 3 ig I , 'A -::' f--f was Bob Martin Max Gorman James Adcock Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas They've got Bunn surrounded. White leaps for him a man. i . ones played by hnmself Bunn does some fancy shootmg Tommy Munden Duncnnville, Texas y ' .. N. , A a . :: Q-.9 Q' W, 2, wx M4 fm fy 212 x ' M ' f 5 f i: H y M tA s I I gjww.-WT Q N . X' if ,x.. ,, , . HX . , xy l W, K - 3519.3 -N ' X ,zz 1 'F NN :ae gn f W NNN K-M X .Q X f k,,,, I If , X E . g 1 X 44 Q! -ns ,vm .wx -fh- Q? 95 Aw , WQQV, W f S X M S SBC QS N A if is ,, S PERSONALITIES 5 ,l .15 '53 li? s 5211! 3 li z it T 5 .55 Ei r xr l 5 32 ai? E, 1-Z ig r l 3: fx s if il gi :I il I l l ll 1 in E 3 l li 1 ei r 4-M-:::-f-- 1 .4 --------www.---M-mmnun:-gyfmurnrurnlummrumlmm f , in -, .-----vmmwxs y 1, PERSO ALITIES This year, as in the past years, the Coronation is the most important event of the social calendar. The King and Queen, and their courts are elected by popular election of the North Texas Agricultural College student body, and they represent the leading all-round students of the school. Visiting royalty from the surrounding colleges and high schools are presented during the coronation. Representatives of all clubs, Who's Who and their dates and escorts are also summoned to the court. Fol- lowing the Coronation, a ball is given for the Royalty, with the King and Queen having the first dance. This event has ben proved the most popular occasion of the school season. Favorites, who are also elected by the student body, this year consist of six boys and six girls. This is the first time there has been an election of this kindg it has been very successful. Sweethearts are chosen b ythe club or organization which they rep- resent. The girls selected for this honor are good examples of the many beauties at N.T.A.C. Who's Who representatives are chosen by the departments in which they have attained the highest average. THE CORQNATION ,,,,.l...........,...........-,,.. .l....V. x 'gf ,fr J UUEEN NUHMA LEE PRQM THE HOUSE OF BRUMLEY :E ln '5 1 34 E 1 Ei 1 all ii i I X, ?l Pf' U llllllUl HH lllil i lll'IIllll1lllllll1lHl-ll.llUllUl'u1 l 3 i ill' 1 2 'ii ii if 1 .E .1 gi 5 Yvonne Armour 86 Lawrence Baines Sam Jagoda il 1 wg - 4 if ik 4 EE rg : 5 l I r , 32. ax- x, X Waiida Johnson and Myra Nell Turner and Marilyn Hampton an Wayne Higgs David Howell 5534 .50 E' 'v MQW' Y' iwifw 4 ,S Vx L 'Jn 1 Kel o Ann Miller and Jo Helen Fanning and Wanda Norwood and Al Laznovsky Billy Burklow Gene Rulfner AND P R I N C E S S E S Charlyne Pond and Paul Mansfield 'SJW Hill "'s-'-we NNMW' W Tim-Lf1L...w.... J Club Representatives Whos Who The Princesses and Escorts it 5x59 , q, 9 5 1 'lww Q ',f'X A ' inns N , A' 5' V ,ESQ lan: ni, " . Wif- Lk ,Wx .Wx " I .hw . -Q it ! T x. D ' CORONATION , Q + SNAPSI-IOTS Q -4 E , I X A, rg 2? X T M. f W T Y ymxx fx X S .tt T , f sfrvx 4 get ik R, X . .1 gg i ,. - v N K EAL 5 trlx, L, . The Queen and King on the Throne Que-en's Entertainment The Queen's Subjects Z SN f Q sg .Mx xv V Z - ., gr ' A ' ,. I Y A f ' 'une "..,,,d Mlwaumy :sm ,K ,ri wwf ,.-,af las-NW 1 ff " ...ass M, 'f'S"'e 'J' 4 QQ ' T , , afflgfmvv- is X . X . tn N ' -: 1 G, , " ' x. I fi, t Q A' S 5 nik The dance o lowing the Coronation .. 'L 'z L ,,. . ,, 2 ? 24 1 gi E i in 4 . ,, g n,- N? , 2 The dance is started by the king and queen Administration heads and their wives present at the Coronation , 1 A Q 'lv FAVGRITES Six girls an six boys were chosen this year by the students of NTAC as favorites. This was the first time that boy favorites were elected. The students were voted upon by secret ballot. The girls elected were Marilyn Hampton, Rhea Myers, Mikey Turner, Charlyne Pond, Maureen Roach, and Norma Lee Brumley. The boys were Conrad Bellomy, Lawrence Baines, Gene Rufner, Sam jagoda, Bill Burklow, and john Nation. Y KRW g EM M . , x L QW' LAWRENCE BAINES NORMA LEE BRUMLEY S wx 4 1 5 1 CONRAD BELLOMY QQ w -f gmmwga ,,ny - am mf RynQwqH.b Q . Q21 Q '52 x 2:2241 -'Kari 4: I Y' vkmfu ,mgE.5,i - - ---:,5::g:1.a3a::e2s85:53:25 -1.5--fi f " ' 'I " , 3 4- ---- Q -'-- ' . w 5 w? hi? fyaow x g4 INR 5 J waf w Q X RHEA MYERS 2 MS' . i . . . S SAM JAGODA ' CHARLYNE POND 6 x I 1 JCHN NATION MAUREEN ROACH .2 We GENE RUFNER G xx X fimww, ,mvuunvulw NPAQYXIA .v4'9:,,,.,.,.,.,.,, ww-f .:. - nf ,J E1 ,V I E 2 E il S Q I E 4 :ii Ev W' V 2 VE E5 if ia? 1 33 i, .z f! , , L 1 'f 1 i as 221 ra 3 i P f 'az 2 i i if Q M, N it , 31 15 EEL EEE f Et , Q X . 'L ll'- til -:Q :I tl 1,1 I ' RAMP SWEETHEARTS Brumley Matthews a R A RAMP B RAMP C RAMP D RAMP Ball ' fa ' Norma Lee Brumley at Marilyn Hampton t Ann Matthews to Robin Ball X Q . ' "Pfi- izd ,,,, i . to P 1 3f5r?v"' N Hampton x hmm ,.,l ' SWEETHEARTS KKK Maureen Roach 3 f F! JLAMW ' 4 f 4 CCA Joyce Conner PRE-LAW KVK FARN1 Frances Ditto Wanda Johnson Dabney Murph Wifi' lhx in-ill W gi 1 'V ,, ' "I . f X ., fi- 'iduv-, ,M -..'+a..',,,, -1 W5-nga Q-W ' -' , '- Q, . 'WM ' " A M -- . , . wx e,.,, 1 u 'fe fin .esmeklwf A scene from the play, "Julius Ceaserf' The Geology Club on a field trip. Let's see, what will I Wear today? Rehearsing for the "All College Review." 1... HN N S: v ix, X S iii Ng. , 1 S xii: AZJS ifv f Y K ""'iXfw Nix' W? s , an mx M Q :f wx S X y . X s X Q WHO'S WHOI AS SELECTED BY DEPARTMENT HEADS AND FACULTY AGRICULTURE Thomas Neal Shiflet JOURNALISM DDDDDD DD,ADD J elm Natign ART AAAA A AAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAA N G wma Powell MATHEMATICS .. T.TTT.TTTTTTT John D. Lynch BIOLOGY AAAAAAA- We HAf-----f I f-AA--AAH--f- David POPS MILITARY .,,.. . II.,IIIIIIIII.IIII,,I, Brian Lowry BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . MODERN LANGUAGES ,.,...,.II Ed Kelley James Childers CHEMISTRY ,.e, . .eeeeeeee Galen Steeg MUSIC e-f----eeeeee I ee-eeeeee ee f-ee--eee Fenton Km EDUCATIQN yyeyyy Ayyyyy Q na Lee David PHYSICS Laaa. .- L ..., Billie Harrison ENGLISH Ieaaaeea .. ....,aa Beverly Elmore PRE-LAW .LLLLLLLL . ,LLL,.,,.,II.IaI Alfred Jackson GEOLOGY Laaa.aa.LaaLaLaa Robert Anderson HOME ECONOMICS -. Frances McCleskey INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Joseph F. Roguish SPEECH ..,,, .. Charlyne Pond DERALD KELLET, Physical Education Derald Kellet, freshman from Grand Prairie is .1 Physical Edu- cation major, He likes all sports, but is especially interested in football. He has been and will be next year an asset to the Aggie eleven. He plans to go to N. T. S. C. when he Finishes here. Kellet is well known on the campus for his grand personal- ity and friendliness. FENTON KATZ, Music From El Paso, comes Feton Katz, a sophomore music major. Feton has been playing the trumpet for six years, and is studying to be a band director. He plays in the Collegians, the school band and is a member of the chorus. After completing his course here, he plans to go to Texas Tech to continue his Studies. PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING Robert Smith PHYSICAL EDUCATION Derald Kellet SOCIAL SCIENCE a.... .....,. B etty Leach BRIAN LOWRY, Military Brian is one of the outstanding Cadet Officers of the year. He was selected at the Who's Who of the Cadet Corps by the PMS- SCT and represented the Corps in the Coronation. Brian hails from Fort Worth and is a grad- uate of Arlington Heights High School. He is an active member of the Officers Club, Kampus Kadets Klub, and NTAC ROTC Rifle Team. In addition, he is the manager of Davis Dorm. Brian expects to enter Texas ASLM upon competion at NTAC. . h f 5 ., N K Ar' .V K .. . si. Q S xx' R 1 -A Q 4, Q RSM ,SQ-' f 55, A 5 H SN A T.- .lti jf ROBERT ANDERSON, Geology "Andy" who hails from Bonham, Texas, has shown in his two years in the Geology Department evidence of becom- ing a successful geologist. He is vice-president of the Kampus Kadet Klub, member of the Geology Club, Y. M. C. A., and also served on the Student Election and Student Faculty Committees. Next year Robert plans to attend A. SI. M. CHARLYNE POND, Speech Chrlyne, a Radio Production major from Dallas, has not only been outstanding in her major, but has also taken an active part in other activities. She is President of the Zangola Club, a member of Phi Kappa Theta, and was selected by the students as a favorite. Besides this, she had leads in plays produced by the Little Theater, and has her own radio program on a local station. JOSEPH F. ROGUISH, Industrial Engineering The outstanding Industrial Engineering W'ho's Wllo this year is joseph F. Roguish, veteran from Brooklyn, New York. Joseph served in the U. S. Marine Corps during the war, and after being discharged entered N. T. A. C. He is a member of the Aeronautical Society here, and he plays the piano and accordian, and also 'is an amateur photographer. E5 Q it .ij 213 H 5: it .I s ., 3 5 xgg 7 haf : rs i . 1 l i W i. -4 Xu . Q1 5 if F If E . E 1 E i f .Q IL i 1 .Sf 1 Eif: fr ,z 5 F ji: s sg 5 "I ,lil ,ffl l 49 lil 1 Us JOHN D. LYNCH, Mathematics Chosen as the Mathematics Who's Who this year is a Fort Worth "day-dodgerf' John Lynch. John attended Arlington Heights High School. He is now a sophomore Electrical Engineering stu- dent. He plans to attend the Univers- ity of Texas in the fall. THOMAS NEAL SHIFLET, Agriculture Cadet Thomas Shiflet, is majoring in Range and Wild Life Management. He entered NTAC last year on a Vale- dictorian Scholarship. He is a sergeant in the cadet corps, student assistant in the green house, and is a member of Phi Kappa Theta. A resident of Tioga, Shillet graduated from Pilot Point High School. where he was an active member in the FFA. GALEN STEEG, Chemistry The Chemistry representative this year is Galen Steeg, from Marshall, Texas. Galen is a Pre-Med major and is now President of the Pi Mu Club. Besides his outstanding work in the Chemistry department, Galen participates in other activities such as the Sam Houston Rifles. BILLIE O. HARRISON, Physics Outstanding as a physics ma- jor is Billie Harrison from Dallas, Texas. Billie is major- ing in Electrical Engineering. Wliile maintaining a high scholastic record, Bill is a member of the Officers Club, Cadets Commuters Associa- tion and Engineering Society. He has served On the Student Faculty Committee, and is also a member of Phi Kappa Theta, honor society. if DAVID POPE, JR., Biology Henry David Pope, Jr. is a sophomore Pre-Medical major from Arlington, Texas. Because of varying interests, he maintains membership in Pi Mu, Phi Kappa Theta, and the Officers' Club. Dave plans to attend Tulane University in continuing his studies to be a surgeon. ALFRED JACKSON, Pre-Law Chosen as the Pre-Law Who's Who this year is "Stonewall" Jackson from Cleburne, Texas. Study- ing to be a lawyer, Alfred has been outstanding in his work and is president of the Pre-Law Club. He belongs to the Officers' Club, is a member of the Sam Houston Rifles and a member of the Kampus Kadet Klub. wr Lax o fifw fuk ED KELLEY, Modern Language Ed Kelley, a veteran from Dallas was selected as Who's W'ho for the Modern Language department. He has maintained a high average in this depart- ment, and is its most outstanding student. He speaks fluently Spanish, French, and German. Be- sides his studies, he is busy with other activities. ,lv-' ONA LEE DAVID, Education Wfinning honors has become a habit of Ona Lee's. An Arling- ton girl, Ona Lee graduated from high school with already many achievements. Since entering N. T. A. C. she has made the Oc- tette Chorus, Honor Roll and xWho's Wfho. She should be a grand success in her chosen pro- fession, teaching boys and girls in the elementary school. ROBERT LEE SMITH, JR., Professional Engineering Robert Smith, a sophomore Civil Engineering student from Fort XVorth, has been chosen the XVho,s XVho of the engineering department. Robert, U. S. Navy veteran, not only has shown proficiency in his chosen field of engineering, but also in the related subjects that are of a necessity as Ll part of his curricula. He is an active member of the En- gineering Society and Phi Kappa Theta. Robert plans to enter Texas A 8: M after leaving N. T. A. C. .Q-ef" BEVERLY ELMORE, English Beverly Elmore, nominated as this year's outstanding student in the English Department is a Dallas girl. Beverly enter- ed N. T. A. C. this past fali and has received quite ar honor having been choser XVho's Who in her freshmar year. Besides being a pleasant conscientious student, Beverly has L1 line personality. She is - always cheerful and she get: .things done. S .ff-'V Jil! NEWMAN POWELL, Art Newman Powell, a veteran from Nocona, Texas, has been chosen as the outstanding student of the Art Department. Newman was enrolled in baking school when, afterltaking an aptitude test, decided to come to N. T. A. C. to enroll in the art classes. He has proved to be one of the very best students in the art department. .. ff X F 5 S 5 R Ns J FRANCES ANN MCCLESKEY Frances Ann McCleskey came to N. T. A. C. from Handley High School. During her first year here she was a General Terminal major lectin courses in Home Economics. In this C g way she discovered Home Economics to be her choice and made it her major. In recog- 't'on of her scholastic and leadership abili- ni 1 . ties, she was elected president of Tau Eta Mu, ' h Home Economics Club. She represented t e local chapter at the State Meeting of Col- lege Home Economics Clubs. She is a mem- ber of the Zangola Club. JOHN NATION journalism ohn Nation from Dallas served in the armed forces during the war ohn is now Editor of the Shorthorn, and one of the h ser had Besides beinff an exceptionally good edi- best vse ave e g torial Writer ohn is also active in the Kampus Veterans Klub, of which he was secretary He graduates this spring and expects t h urnal sm studies at N. T. S. C. JAMES G. CHILDERS, Business Administration Representing the Business Adminis- tration Department is an outstand- in student, James Childers. James g was selected not only because of his excellent scholastic record, but also because of his friendliness and par- ticipation in other activities. The second semester James finished here and is now Working in Fort Worth. He is a member of the Officers Club and the C. C. A. BETTY LEACH, Social Science Coming from Paschal High School in Fort Woi'tl1 is Betty Leach, se- lected as the outstanding student in Social Sciences. She is majoring in History and expects to attend,Texas University to complete her studies. Betty is well-liked by her classmates for her sweet personality and friend- l' . She is a student grader for iness this department and does a good job. -V-f.-----1----i STUDENT ELECTION COMMITTEE Standing: Sponsors, Norton McGiffin, C. C. Mason Sitting: Robert Anderson, Joyce Davis, Sponsor Lucy Taylor, Nancy Muench. STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE Standing: Norton McGifIin, Sponsor, William Gollihar Sitting:Mary Lou Struble, Joyce Davis, Lucy Taylor, and C. C. Mason, sponsors l A " sf. i Y 'Y -R o . v 4 .. H 'Q 5, . V , 1 ' ,Q ' "' 21 wf 1'f4-vff , wi 'FKQE3-if R, sqft H 3 X 1 1-4, M53-vrA v-f7r4,,3'1119N-f!K'X:tnff.Rt, A .:.. . , nw ' Y Y 2 Tk if Q N ff: ,..g:a- . . A , ,Q 'fig ' 1 tx. m 5,...x N , 3 J i ff W" ,,c:,,,, "" 2 ' A ' gg, , ilk K t v Q , 4,,V Jus ii ff- 745' '3 1 11 X A f, , ,W N ,fm , -Z' f . ,Y S ,N fy, 3 N ' ghxvx wx . H4 N. . 'N f"' S ,L ,,,,. u NS 'f ,x, v- ,I ,.- ,,f , 5 NWKNNRQK Yi 'l'4'hf.'l'4T!fa, :egg Q .gn , . . . ya Q . ' , ,Q , Mk ,V X , x W -V.. ab, .1 Q, , . Wu Q 5 , ' u .' 9 Q K -' , 1 M. . .V Q gg, y I b - , I5 si ,I if . 1 - ' W", ' ' ' ' - 2 .." - ' .. ' .. .V "W ' '-- ' ' . . CDRGANIZATIONS It is the purpose of the clubs at N.T.A.C. to give the students the feeling of self-government which they will need upon leaving college. The clubs supply the students with social recreation and entertainment as well as scholastic training. Some of these clubs are sponsored by the different depart- ments and help provide something a little higher scholastically as well as socially. The other clubs are purely social, for the purpose of bringing the students closer together and providing a common meeting ground for students who have the same in- terests. Through the clubs at N.T.A.C., social and professional acquaintances are made which often extend beyond college days, into the business and social world. The following pages give phases of the college club life that helped us enjoy N.T.A.C. so much. RHEA MYERS, Organizations Editor PRE LAW CLUB R Q A K fit :M . "...iMiwlf,L el f 1 GAITHER HARTLEY ALFRED JACKSON HUNTER GRIFFITH C. D. RICHARDS Secretary Vice President President Sponsor The Pre-Law Society is an outgrowth of the old aggie bar. Its purpose is to furnish information and guidance for those students who plan to follow the study of law. Each spring the club holds an annual picnic, to which all pre-law students are invited whether members of the club or not. Frances Ditto was elected Sweetheart for 1948-49. FIRST ROW: Lee, Haskins, Jackson, Pugh. SECOND ROXV: Griffith. Odom, Miller, Frizzle. Cruce PI- l l l l L I l i l l FIRST ROW: Bogard, Buchannon. Casey, Elsworth, Fisher, Jackson, Jagocla, Jones. X SECOND ROW: Kelley, Logan Martin, McGregor. Mitchell, Moore, Panter, Pope. THIRD ROW: Qualls, Rackley, Seilheimer, Stanford, Steeg. Velasco, Villalobos, Wessels. Jagoda, Julian, Steeg l President ,,,,. ,, , Galen Steeg Vice President ,,,, ,,,, . Sam Jagoda Secretary ,,,,, ,,,,,, , ,,,,, ,,,, , , , , ,,,,, Jane Julian Pi-Mu is n club of all pre-medical students on the campus. . This club boasts .is being one of the oldest on the campus, 3 . . . . . Q being organized in 1927 by Charles McDonald. Physicians and 1 other informed lecturers make their meetings .1 supplement to classwork. Among their socials this year have been at formal dinner at lp the Arlington Coffee Shop and n picnic. l I i r l l l li ' I ENGINEERING SGCIETY Carrigan, Shelton, Tawater, Denton President ,,...,,.E Vice President ....,,, Sec.-Treasurer .....,, Reporter ....,.,,, Sponsor ..,, , OFFICERS The Engineering Society is one of the largest clubs on the campus, with mem- bership open to any student taking an engineering course. During the past year the club has had many practicing en- gineers from industry to speak at their meetings. The Club's purpose is to create more interest in all phases of engineering. The social activities this year included I1 picnic, dance and a formal banquet. Ernest Denton --.Bob Tawater ..-.-..,..Bil1 Shelton John Carrigan M. W. Joy PI-II K PP THETA QOX i ' ef' sv' i gl . A YK snmftx . x ' fuk FIRST ROXV: Bridges. Evans, jaulk, Gollihar, Hahn. Haubold. SECOND ROW: Lathem, Matthews, Pond, Pope, Smith, Steeg. THIRD ROW: Struble, Taliaferro, Villalabos, Vrla. President ,,., ,,,,., Vice President ,, Secretary , ,. , Treasurer .,,. , Sponsor . , 7, Pope Vrla, Struble, Taliaferro OFFICERS I ,,., Sue Taliaferro ,. ,,7,7 David Pope Mary Lou Struble , .t ,ii,, ,Rosie Vrla ,. XVillie McGhee Phi Kappa Theta is NTAC,s honor so- ciety. It was orginized in 1926 by George L. Dickey for the purpose of placing em- phasis on scholarship. To become elegible for membership, a student must maintain an average of S9 for at least one semester and be taking a minimum of fifteen hours. Among their activities this year was a picnic-dance held at the college farm. I I ART CLUB One of the most active on the campus, the art club has grown steadily since its organization in 1937 as the Art Guild. Its present name and constitution were adopted in 1941. The Art Club was or- ganized to promote interest and friend- ship among the art students on the campus, President ,,,,,t,,.,,, Vice President t,,,,,t, Secretary ,,,,,,,,, Treasurer ,,,.. Sponsor ,,,,. OFFICERS Dalton, Dannely, Simpson, Norris ,,,,,,,,,,Ben Dalton ,,Charles Norris Emily Dnnnely ,.,,,, Bill Simpson Roberta XVallace i- ----- -- ------ ---1 AERONAUTICS SOCIETY ,Mihai CVYOFEN N E OR SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS GRAND PRAIRIE AIRPORT OFFICERS President ..,.7. , ,,..,7.,,,..777.,7,,.,,,,...,7, , MANN-.L N -NWiNsNW"" ' ,.. , N t Walter Skwarlo Vice President 7.,, . 7.,, ,,,,, H arry Hill Sec.-Treasurer W ,,Richnrd Barbosa Program Chairman ,,,.,,,,,,, Winfred Shipp Reporter , , . , ,,,, , ,,,, . Hill, Shipp, Skwarlo, Hendricks, Barbosa , ss., , .Eddie Hendricks The Aeronautics Society was organized this year for the boys taking aeronautical subjects. The purpose of the Society is to bring the students and men of the aviation field closer together. This has been accom- l' h cl b k ' ' d d pls e y spea ers, trips, .1 ance an a banquet. EG CADET OFFICERS CLUB One of the foremost clubs on the campus, the members of the Cadet Officers Club are the leaders of the Cadet Corp, and responsible for the maintanence of che discipline, character, and loyalty of the members of the Cadet Corps of N.T.A.C. They represent the standards upon which the Cadet Corps is based. Each cadet officer becomes a member of the organization ' upon acceptance of his commission. Their meetings are plan- ned so as to offer opportunity for selection of ideas to further their aim. All is not business, however, and this year the club enter- tained with a dinner dance at the Casino in Fort Worth, was in charge of the Military Ball and also had a spring social. 1 5 E President .,...,, . ...... Don Peterson i Vice President .,,,.. ...... D an Minahan 5 Sec.-Treasurer ...., ,..... B rian P. Lowry ' 5 ,..,,. , '.-- r Sponsor .....,ii.. ...... H arry Morse S -N- 11: 'g Minahan, Peterson, Lowry FIRST ROW: Bowen, Cooles, Pope, Thornton, Mansfield, Jackson, Love. SECOND ROW: Simmons, Kelly, Jackson, Lowry, Gillham, Nichols, Higgs, Jones, Herrick, Morris, Gollihar 9 Young, Xeros, Quinn. THIRD ROW: Huff, Wheeler, Faulk, Bellomy, Lowry, Tunnell, Bates, Wilkins, Rufner. C.C.A. FIRST ROW: Butterworth. Duvall, Miller, Susman, Truelove, Farris, Ottinger, Smith, Watkins, Joyce, Cassel. SECOND ROW: jay, Barbosa, Choate, Cooles. Beckler, Buford, Carter, Davis, Hancock, Curtis, Hundlay, Xeros. THIRD.ROVif: DeMoss, Rufner, Parr, Mounce, Griffin, Burnett, Boatwright, Bookout, Belken, Higgs, Faulk, Jarna gin, A tman. OFFICERS President ,,7,,, ...,7.. Robert Faulk Vice President ,,,. ,, ..,.,.., Victor Duvall Secremry-Treasurer c,,, ,,,,,,, R ichard Jnrnagin Duvall, Buford, jarnagin, Faulk Pro Counsel ""nn" f ' "--n-"n" Bob Buford The Cadet Commuters Association was or- ganized in 1947 as ii social club for all male commuting students. Its purpose is to bring the commuting students closer together in or- der that they may have L1 better understanding of the school problems and to know each other I better. The club activities included Ll picnic and hay ride at the Double Y Ranch in Arlington. -1-N--rj-"" Joyce Conner was elected Sweetheart for 19-IS-49. The Kampus Kadets Klub was organized to induce a general feeling of understanding, to improve character and develop a closer relation- ship among cadets. It promotes and centralizes activities approved by the North Texas Agricul- tural College. Its members include the dormitory cadets, farm cadets, and all other cadets living on the campus. President ,,,,.,,,, Vice President Secretary .,,. Treasurer ,,,,,,, Sponsor ..,,77 Jerry Jackson M. D. Jones J. Douglas Al Lavnosky ...,,,..,Orson E. Paxton .un .. - al,a X K. V. K. -we f NY- -Yin FIRST ROXV: Hillard, Smith, Baldwin, Curd, Collins. SECOND ROW: Brown, Carter, White, Brummel, Peay, Callaway. THIRD ROW: Hinsley. Bennett, Knight, Lowler, Wade, Mayberry, Keller. OFFICERS President ,,,t ,,,, ,t,t B u ddy Bennett Vice President ,.t.,,,,,tt,..,. Rick Richardson Secretary ...O ,tt., tt,,..t,V,tt, B i ll Curd The K. V. K. was organized in the fall of 1945, in order to form 11 closer friend- ship between veterans, students, and fac- ulty members. The club also helps pro- vide recreation :md entertainment for veterans. Among their activities this year were .1 dance and a picnic. Wfnnda Johnson was chosen Sweetheart for 1948-49. Richardson, Bennett, Curd TAU ETA MU gig: is 4 ' if-af 410 X" ,gy ng: Ballweg, Ditto, McCleskey, Holland OFFICERS Tau Eta Mu, which means "Tomor- row's Home-Makers," carries out its mot- to "Work so that each tomorrow finds you further than today." The purpose of the club is to aid the members in solv- ing problems and to acquaint them with some of the problems they will meet in homemaking. This club also engages in social affairs. Among the social activities for this year have been an open house, tea, and a Christ- mas party. President ,,.,,,,,,,,, Frances Ann McCleskey Vice-President s.,.............,,.. Frances Ditto Secretary ,.,..., l.,,, N orma Holland Treasurer ....... ,,,,,.... P atsy Ballweg Sponsor ,,,,... . ..,.i,, Lera D. Hancock FIRST ROW: Ballweg, Bohannon, Buckmaster, Bennet, Croan, DeCuir. SECOND ROW: Ditto, Hampton, Holland, Holloway, Lawson, McCleskey. THIRD ROW: Norton, Sivley, Teague, Wade. We--.t -nt.. ff' ,UV Q-ef' xigfxxpc ef 5 X.. wif" was GEOLOGY CLUB W., 14 ar ?-A MT. bi .st 'S l 2 , ' 'I 'wwe my fm 'W ' S Qt 3 X' vt . ,, Q .X.k fx Y f . fs me X. Q MEMBERS: Ray Santerre. LeRoy Melton. Ray Wiederhold. Robert S. Smith. Donald L. Smith, Thomas H Boruff Dudley Hughes, Dean White, Dan Hughes, Danny Hitt. Bert Speed, Richard Burford, Bryan Simms Marvin Munchrath, Robert Anderson, George Parr, Billy Anderson, Marvin Cullum. Don Guinn. President , Vice-President Sponsors ,, The Geology Club was first organized in September of 1946. The purpose of this organization is to extend the geological knowledge of the individual members by means of lectu1'es and discussions. Activities of the year have consisted of several field trips. OFFICERS A , Henry Kidd , , Arthur Hendon D. Boon C. F. Dodge Hendon, Kidd, Boon W The "Y" is the newest organization on the campus. It was organized late last spring with a square dance and a box supper to get it underway. Its purpose is to help develop charac- ter and furnish recreation of a whole- some, enjoyable, type. The meeting, like the idea behind the organization, tends to foster unity on our campus and over the universe. The main activities this year were a ItIalloWe'en Party, a hay ride, and an informal dance at the College Farm. YM-YWCA Goodwin Davis Ray OFFICERS President ............ ....... J ohnny Goodwin 'Vice President ,,,,,, ,,,,,,.. A nn Matthews Secretary ,........... ,..,..... . . Mary Ray Treasurer ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, Joyce Davis Sponsors . ..,., Melba Hammock Frainces Campbell FIRST ROW. Ball, Beadle, Berry, Bradenburg, Brown, Davis, Dorsa, Flake. SECOND ROW: Formann, Goodwin, Haskins, Huth, Jackson. johnson, McCuIly, Miller. THIRD ROW: Muench, Pennal, Pollard, Purgason, Ray, Shelton, Stuart, Whitfield. 1 1 S l . 'L' AVOLO TE G'-"Wy Avolonte, taking its name from a French idiom meaning "pleasure with direction," is the oldest of the social clubs on the campus. It is made up of cooperative and friendly girls, who have carried out their motto, "Happiness for All," during the year. The typical "Avalonte Always" is known for her friendly personality and good sense of humor. """W'N+-a, ,,,, Conner, Milson, Myers, Davis President , Vice President Secretary , Treasurer ,, Sponsor ,,,. . Among the socials this year was the annual fall tea, a Christmas party, two formal initiations, and a picnic and swimming party. OFFICERS ,, ., ,,,, 7, Rhea Myers ,,,,, Joyce Conner Joyce Davis Jacel Milson Melba Hammack FIRST ROW: Armour, Boyles, Broward, Cobb, Conner, Conner, Davis. SECOND ROXV: Ditto, Dorsa, Epperson, Gunn, Hampton, Holland, johnson. THIRD ROW: Leach, Lindsey, McCully, Milson, Murph, Myers, Simms. FOURTH ROW: Slocum, Stuart. Vandergriff, Wakeland, Xvarren, Wyatt. NN, :xii .sux X .mf l LA DOCENA Us-I N, ,X Y Hx ,g eg 1 s V ,fg r ,X , T ik 5 I Q C was X, ag N sk ., "rf fix: X Y S I 'fi' A ' T uf 4" 5, N :T I . N ,. , . A . NSN--. i ' Q 7' N X X A at cf 1 . g N I . . i ' I is 55, , ,J '. 6 - Eg, "" X' Sw FIRST ROW: Andrew, Dannely, DeCuir, Dodd, Croan, Hawley. SECOND ROW: Hiebert, Jackson, Kelly, Luther, McClain, McGhauhy. THIRD ROW: Passmore, Purgason, Smith, Strnble, Witten. OFFICERS President ,.,.,,,7.7,, ...,,,.,7,, J udy Purgason Vice President ,7,,,,, ,,,,7, M ary Lou Struble Secretary ,,,.,.,,, Treasurer ,,,... Sponsor ,,,,,, The La Docena, meaning "the dozen" has grown much in size and fame since the original twelve members founded it in 1927. The La Da's carry out their motto of ucordiality on the campus" by being friendly to everyone. Their goal is to have fun and make friends. Activities of the year started with the annual rush tea, followed by the initiation dinner-dance and climaxed by a spring for- mal. Marcella Dodd Jackie Jackson ., ..,,, Lucille Taylor Dodd, Purgason, Struble, jackson l SANS SGUCI 1 s The Sans Souci Club, the name of which was derived from a French idiom meaning "with- out a caref' is one of the older of the social clubs. The typical Souci is known for her frendli- ness, and all-round good sportsmanship. ' Q Under the sponsorship of Miss Zelda Ramsey, the club's social activities of the year included 11 formal tea, informal initiation of new mem- bers, and a swimming party and picnic. Brumley, Brandenburg, Johnson, Mathews President , Vice President Secretary, , Treasurer , .. Sponsor. . OFFICERS Ann Matthews Beth Johnson , Norma Lee Brumley Pat Brandenburg . ,,.. Zelda Ramsey FIRST ROXV: Arnold, Brandenburg. Brandenburg. Brumley, Cameron. Davis, Eckerd. Grafe. SECOND ROXV: Johnson. Matthews, Miller, Norwood, Palmer, Percival, Ray, Roach. THIRD ROXV: Robertson, Simmons, Sivley, Smith, Swain. Teague, Wade, Willianis. mms, I i 3 l I I S. O. S. FIRST ROW: Appleton, Ball, Ballweg, Bellows, Bohannon, Buhman, Casey. SECOND ROW: Cozard, Davis, Durham, Fanning, Fisher, Hay. Horshler. THIRD ROW: Mason, McCarty, McDonald, McGrew, Moore, Myers. Schaefer. FOURTH ROW: Spears, Taliaferro, Turner, Vrla, Williams, Williams. President ,,,: OFFICERS Vice President., , . Secretary ,,::,,: Treasurer . , Sponsor ., . H Although the youngest club on the cam- pus, the "Secret Order of Smiles" has rapidly gained popularity by living up to its chief goal and motto, "to be truly friendly." A typical S. O. S. girl can be recognized anywhere for her winning smile and pleasing personality. The social season began with a formal tea Mikey Turner ,,.,,..,Robin Ball Sue Taliaferro Jewel Casey Helen McGinnis Turner. Taliaferro, Casey, Ball followed by the formal initiation and Christ- mas party at the "Y" recreation hall. ZANGOL The Znngolas help NTAC carry out its tra- dition of friendliness and good will by living up to their club name, which is a gypsy word meaning "light of heart." Founded in 1933, the purpose of the club is to be friendly to all and create good will on the campus. The typical Zangola is known on the Campus for her friendliness and love of fun. The activities of the year include a formal fall tea, an initiation at the Riveria in Dallas, .1 Christmas dance, and a slumber party. Pond, Rowzee, Stroud, Brown President , Vice President Secretary , , Treasurer ,,,, Sponsors OFFICERS ,,,,,.,,,,, , . Charlyne Pond ,,,t,,eLadene Brown I, ,. Betty Rowzee Patsy Stroud . ,et...,,.. . Marie Landua Alberta Harrington FIRST ROW: Ball. Bledsoe, Boykin. Bridges. Brooks, Brown. Buckmaster. SECOND ROW: Cavaness, Scott, Davis, Edgemon, Ferrell, Flake. Heard. THIRD ROXW: Horton. Kramer, McCleskey, Norton. Phillips. Prickett. FOURTH ROW: Rowzee, Shamburger, Stroud, Watts, Wessels, Wolverton. du- rw AWN mrs' ,,T,.,A. ,, ,.., WY, This book, the JUNIOR AGGIE of 1949, THE 1949 JUNIGR AGGIE i is the finished efforts of the annual staff to present to the student body a new and larger book displaying student and faculty activity to a greater degree. We wish to thank the faculty and administra- tion for their encouragement and cooperation, and also to extend our thanks to Mr. J. D. Bryant, sponsor, and Mr. Norton McGifJfin, who have guided us in our work this past year. Mr. Evans, printer, Micheal Studios, and Mr. Jess Harwell and Mr. Bill Murphree, our engravers, also deserve thanks for their excel- lent work and never ceasing understanding. Our work will have been completed if this book brings as much enjoyment to you as it has to we, who have edited it for you. Jim Blackwell, Photographer EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . . Lawrence Baines Associate Editor ..........,. ,.,, Pat Brandenburg Business Manager. ...... ,..,,., D avid Xvilloughby Class ECUIOY ......... ...... .... M 4 lffhd Broward Military Editor .... , . ,. Alice Ann Stuart Athletic EdlEOI' ......... .. Xvanda Norwood Personalities Editor, , .,,,. ,,,,, 7 Joyce Davis Organization Editor ....,,, ,,.,ssss,., R heg, Myers Aff Editor H . .... H . .. ...... . ....... Basil Brummel Assistants: Frances Ditto Virginia Kelly Yvonne Armour SPOHSOI' ----f ..f---.... ........................... J . D. Bryant ' A t we-f 'Q A K xwfg tw? pg xx S V 1 2 , A , John Nation Editor Managing Editor XY'.ilter Leonard Society Editor, ixxllfltld Norwood Sports Editor , Hilton Hillard Amusements Editor Fred B.lLlI'llJ.11 Business Manager Ifranlt Scott THE SHORTHOR The Shorthorn is the college newspaper, edited and published weekly by sophomore and freshmen journalism students It Contains an JLCOUHC of all school activities, complete with sports news, 1 gossip column ind feature stories. The st.1tT took time off from work to have 1 banquet .md danee FIRST ROW: Bauman, Broward, Campbell, Childress, Clark, Gober. SECOND ROW: Gunn, Higgs, Hillard, Leonard, Luther, Milson. THIRD ROW: McGregor. Myers, Norwood, Rapp, Scott. Wakeland. A-"fs ,ff 'dqfms 1' 9. l , S ! Hillard, Scott, Bauman, Norwood, Leonard .X Nxt tssxtf, i ,v.z' vw Q fi-J' sxtssxlfik ,, . ,,,, ,,.., ,. ff fi so , , .,,,, E .f WNYSQ. I S Q, E be ..,,..,., I x igxfi x L-A gm X if 44 I , ri he V t Sk ,X B PTIST STUDE T UNIO FIRST ROW: Ware, Brown, Harris, Stewart, Bradley. SECOND ROW: Bradley, Ferguson, Hale, Collins, Francis, Pike, Grafe, Williams. THIRD ROW: Dudley, Wrackly, Hancock, Burk, Spears, Brown, Sinclair, jenkins, Ogleby, Campbell President ,,7,7,,,,,.., OFFICERS Bill Stewart .....,t,,,,.Joye Pike Vice President Secretary Sponsor , , The Baptist Student Center of N.T.A.C. was organized in the fall of 1947. The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for both the spiritual and social development. Regular Bible courses, daily noon devotional services, and various forms of entertainment, are only a few of the activities offered by the B.S.U. The main social activities of the year were a ranch party and the formal spring banquet. Margie Ferguson George Threlkeld Pike, Stewart, Ferguson Zin emnriam R. W. TANNER Associate Professor Mathematics BILL HILL Class of 1950 EUGENE EVANS Chss of 1950 CHRISTINE KEITH Setretary of P E. Deputment 1. N ,gl "Refresh yourselfqgigy ' '- Qfmxx , L Dm KE X ..l V-J ,A om' M- Q p,,,,.-K nfG,U.5.PlY.DFF. ! Delicious and 'U Wm . --- li- 2 5c Refreshing ' I x X .DIIIYD UNDEI lUYNOlIY' Df 'nf COCA-coll CQ-'An' .' Coca Cola Bottling Uompan y 650 S. Main Fort Worth, T ....-...,,... . ., ,.L....,....x....1.N......,-.ur-.-1a1 I X 1lere's a ' yet Mn! BGB COOKE INC. -FDRD DEALER Sales - Service GENUINE FORD PARTS MADE RIGHT - FIT RIGHT - LAST LONGER Arlington, Texas Phone 248 H. E. CANNON NURSERY AND FLORAL COMPANY Compliments of " C""f"g"f ARL1NGToN CoFFEE SHOP -k Floral Designs f Cut Flowers ir Nursery Stock PHONE 236 - 254 ARLINGTON On ilu' Higlneuy J. R. Clapper Serv. Sta. ON THE HIGHWAY Arlington, Texas Phone 9532 TERRY BROS. DRUGS Student Headquarters in Town PHONE 285 Wflaen Planning a Party See Us 118 West Main St. Pho Arlington, Texas HC EXCHANGE CON FECTION ERY "Student Hangout" if Candy f Cold Drinks f Ice Cream ir Cigarettes We Specialize in DOUBLE THICK MALTS THIS IS AMERICA I This fs freedom many religions, many races, living in harmony together. For freedom is more than a way of life. It is a state of spirit-and our richest asset. Under freedom of religion, Americans attend more churches than any other nation. Under freedom of speech, we have more newspapers, more radio stations than any country in the world. Under freedom of opportunity, our children attend more schools, have more chances to success in life We are only 77: of the world's people, living on SW of the world's land. Yet we who live in America have the highest standard of living the world has ever known. Under freedom of enterprise-you may call it Democracy, or Capitalism-we make just about one-third of the world's goods. mostly for our own use. We drive three- fourths of the world's autos, use about half the world's electricity. Our homes are unrivaled for comfort and labor-saving devices. We eat more meat, buy more clothes. see more shows, own more insurance. We even save more money. Yes, freedom pays-in the coin of tolerance and understanding, and in the coin of progress and prosperity. I K , JF ' TEXAS ELECTRIC ' K SERVICE COMPANY All 'C Ll xl Saludos Amigos Welcome Friends LA TAPATIA MEXICAN RESTAURANT On The Pike-In Arlington SPECIALIZING IN MEXICAN FOODS AND STEAKS Phone 9546 Hey Cadets afld Colds We Appreciate Your Palronage Meet Your Frlends Here HEAD BOWlANES Phone 9549 115 W. Main KAMPUS BARBER SHUP H B We Do It Like You Want It INSURANCE AGENCY 104A South Center Srreer O. L. GLASGOW ARLINGTON, TEXAS PHONE 10 I-IHLI BTU ST TE BA Ii Solicits and Appreciates Your Banking Business MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION LUKE PUNT HC C0. N TI sk., 9-Q7 SIXES EIGI-ITS 19" Fpvyb SALES AND SERVICE Also The Famous "JAMES MOTORCYCLE" 119 E. ABRAM ARLINGTON DUC 8: BILL THE THE SHOE MAKER WATCH MAKER A Pair You Simply Can't Beat Between the Hut 8: Campus Carers Across from the Gym LUTTRELL BROTHERS GROCERY and MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Eine Dairy Products, Inspected Meats A Complete Line of Frosted Foods 0 61 - TELEPHONE - 62 O ARLINGTONS MOST POPULAR INDEPENDENT GROCER WW Dl'1il'L'l' XX SPECIALIZING in . . . PIT BHRBECUE and CHOICE STEHKS T 0 M M Y P 0 T T S Telephone 9526 Owner and Manager . , If . .f 1. , V 0 " Western " " Auto I Associate 1 f Store ROSE-YATES INSURANCE W' ff' Whitley, Ownef AGENCY Arhngton, Texas All Classes of Ifzszzwzfzce o ARLINGTON, TEXAS ufje can Save You Money O11 , BATTERIES o T G Goons WIIRKMHN S DRUGS 1115151155 TACKLE AUTO PARTS B LES MODERN FOUNTAIN 12533133305 TIRES SERVICE TUBES MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE Complete Line of A1-llngton Phone 56 d7Zd 1 I 41 THE EXCHANGE STUBE SCHOOL SUPPLIES ilfl MILITARY UNIFORM ACCESSORIES 74 MASTER LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHUBTHURN COFFEE snor Where Fine Food and Friendship Await You ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE CAMPUS BON DURAN T BROS. INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE Phone 52 Arlington COMPLIMENTS or Home Furniture and Appliance Blue Ribbon Sandwiches First in Quality Serrire Company Picnics and Parties Our Specialty' "Everything for the Home" 115 W. Main Phone 777 Phone Hunter 8-9234 2225 South Harwood ARLINGTON, TEXAS DALLAS, TEXAS Compliments of a FORT WORTH FRIEND WHEN YOU GO T0 DALLAS OR I-'UIIT WUBTH Remember TEXAS MOTOR COACHES Will Get You There and B ck in Safety and Style CONTINUOUS SERVICE DAILY TEXAS MDTDR CCAC!-IES 6 ' .467 " H? 5Ui'2'5oad " 1 I VAN DER GD RTS 2459 And Q4 fzeefff AT YOUR GROCER'S Y- .-- Cadets-Ufficers! For the Best in the West.. IT'S RING 81 BREWER FOR CLOTHES UF DISTINCTIUN if ROTC Uniforms for Officers and Cadels f Men's Spori' and Weslern Wear if Men's Shoes - Boois if Me-n's Clo+hing and Furnishings f Women's Sporf and Wesiern Wear if Women's Boo+s and Shoes Com plimeuts Of 101-IN DEER PLGW COMPANY DALLAS, TEXAS BIRD - ELDER CO. IIISIITKZIZCB lllld Rell! ESfC1f6? 105 W. Main Phone 95 Arlington, Texas THE RRLINGTUN CITIZEN Publishing - Job Printing - Office Supplies Boosting NTAC and Arlington 117 East Main Tl-IE H Y i Across from the Gym Come in and see 115-HHl'IIl0ll 6 Minnie .......,.....,. I lr? MICHAEL STUDIO 1506 W. Hickory DENTON, TEXAS P 1 V r' ' H" kg me ,Mp A 1 , - 'I ' V The Humble Company joins all Texas in saluting the class of 1949, and in welcoming them to the world of business, industry and the professions. May all good fortune attend you, and may you finally achieve the solid satisfaction that comes from successfully coping with the new tasks that face each new generation of Americans. HUMBLE OIL 8: REFINING COMPANY A EDDIE WILLIAMS B I Mens Wear S I 'A' FLORSHEIM SHOES ARLINGTON BODY SHOP ir MALLORY HATS "Catering to Those W'bo Care" t TIMELY CLOTHES ARLINGTON, TEXAS I Aggies Headquarters for Fine Clothes 11.0, BOX 422 phon 555 300 Serving Arlington Since 1910'roN lmnnwmuz co. HUGH H- MUURE 84 SUNS Funeral Home Electrical and Home Supplies Camplimerm Of Ph Ile S. Center Arlington, Texas Pho 6 ln.-- ..... -............1,-A- DIN E AND DANCE at MIDWAY INN NTAC'S FAVQRITE MHGNULIH PETBULEUM CUMPHNY Your Friendly Dealer Wholesale Distributor J. C. DUNCAN Tg1,N0, voun FRIENDLY 13 It D RCS. Tel. NO. 568 MAGNULIA DEALER IT l .ll -.- -i fc H-EVRO-lf I lfflg HUUKER VHNDEBGRIFI-' Solicits and Appreciates Your Business Arlington, Texas Phone 206-207-208 IgT CllrT l Ph 200 Ph 206 Tl-IE B 8: B CAFE N. T. A. C.'s Downtown Headquarters featuring MTI-IE COLLEGE SPECIAL Welcomes The Class of 1949 MARGIE MAC 1 1 Compliments V of i CATON'S Sc to 51.00 STORE C""'f"1f"e"'5 Arlington, Texas Compliments of Of ERANCINE SHOPPE D' 5' 'sP""9e Hoon FRANCES BARNES, Prop. Erman Lesters Wholesale Distributor GULF SERVICE STATION Fwd Bldg' PM 456 TEXACO AND FIRESWNE ! l HAMILTON . BAILEY Motor Company CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH l 1 525 W. Division Phone 821 I-II.-WAY DRUG Phone 44 1 250 N. Center ' ARUNGTON, TEXAS Compliments of CAROLYN SHOPPE I X GULF OIL CORPORATION A. D. BARNES, Distributor ARLINGTON, TEXAS Exclusive at This Store - NUNN-BUSH SHOES . .N .ARROW SHIRTS STETSON HATS RAY MCKNIGHT MEN 'S WEAR Arlington, Texas f WW? fx VQKW QW , ful f 1 A if ,Wo . MW 62 FM' I TWIN PEAK FOOD PRODUCTS M M5 Frigidaire - Maytag Fort Phone 9,5998 Q 23:11 ALIIIIOFIZCCI Q' Sales - Service liff,'5f" f Compliments of BRHNDING IRON CAFE PRIVATE DINING ROOM REGULAR DINNERS 8: SHORT ORDERS 214 E. Division Phone 1151 Arlington, Texas IIIIYIIE JUIINSUN 116 South Center PHONE 491 ARLINGTON, TEXAS Nationally Famous Lines of FURNITURE, CARPETS 8: APPLIANCES OSCAR S. LONG CENTER ST. MOTOR CO. DESOTO - PLYMOUTH Sales E1 Service MILLS LHIIIIDIIY COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE 20fQ Discount for Cash 84 Carry Complete Iaundry Service PHONE 791 152 E. Main St. Phone 7632 For Pick Up 6 Delivery GRAND PRAIRIE 205 E. Main ' Arlington, Texas I I 1 1. I li l, 1 L 5: f 1 ,N v v. -A me L4A-.:f,.,ww,,W.- joy the long-lasting good looks and easy-feeling comfort that only genuine .IUSTINS can give! IUSTIN Barr X, fu . .Xp 4 , Longhorn Bra nd l e e ge l o1 e ef . egg'-"' Q' ing F I1 F fr, 1 . g g res rults 5 A-.: ' W LJ' gig ,Er gV- fX-Q d V t ,og4, an ege a es y THE LONGHORN BRAND-your assur- T',f ff m? ance of highesl' qualily fresh fruils and vege- . ,.. . ""L fables-is your prolecfion. Look for lhls label af your independenl relail food deal- ' A J er's who serve you . . . al' , . . dfmfn ll 'lfESl'l-'lfllm KEl'k.hS lqob-1949 - - K U g mfg 1 on 'L IF bnndF or my COMPANY H. ' ndV g I bl ' ab Sowb N i ,Q-X, X - A Q 'A E U 1, 1: -. ...,,,.. ...lgilni . l - V. 3 X asf es 1 rx ulor: o re: rozen ' mx: Q54 A .. , ,mwgw f Frans a e e 4 es m e west s Z i lf.. h - ., : I lim. 5 Al: U ' 'I IlIIIlIlllllllllillllIlllllllHlll!lllll.'lKllIllEllllIIlllfll mn-.unnnnnllulumwnmmuunmmmnuumummunnmummnnuumwr uvmnnanmwummnummmunu. X- fy, Ag -. ,msg usun lol ml wnlsnl-wlAr-DIAL 570 e -j if f Q 4 A 5 o a DALLAS FORT WORTH , WICHITA FALIS LUBBOCK ABILENE LONGVEW b. 11 e -'- .Lg ,fflfh r Rx if 1, vi 1 1 TP . 1 w. . 1 N , PP . Q 4. - . ! 1. 1 I , , I 'N ,K 5. 1 f. it

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