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 - Class of 1943

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Text from Pages 1 - 197 of the 1943 volume:

M 8,1 if . - 'W nw 4- M2 - :.'-.' M - j x 'F ' . M, I F 4' rv ,,,,,Q, UNH fb, Q ' Ar' A 1 'V' ,A-A w 'L if ,gf , 1, 1 ,JJ ' g 'a 'A w 4 , m?' i h ' 'w k a 4-' 2.5, .. ' Wx' aw " f ,g51i'2"iff: . M Q . t , . , N .V f-,qw 1' . 1' gly4,1,,-iw1f- ,L ,-,- ,, xv, t ,.. v why' , ,Mu .af .L 1.4-2 .w-,fq5,,,v uhm' Y 5 yn v-.Q ff. , r.,,,4w..-,Afwu a.w,,.a.f f . .nf .f . R., 'fra-1 ,iv N, 1 l L' f pf- . fr',f f,x?1gm. 3, MI,-l.,,Ul ., 1 K L . 444 V, , - g W M1531 A, R . , ggi, if V ms A f- lr '4 I ,a gc., I ,wms ufw- , . jay 1 , J 1 r X J 151 ' 'F' gn a. , 'lv Mu .A Aja um'a,,.+ .N N. .f.',.,-...Q-,. vw, 1 V' if-mf,-W . 1, wrxan . , . ' ff:-,i U - N . ww . ..,.11,,,. , I 1 4 Wwvxm 141 L f ,, fzrlfb- 'if .,N2' 4 ,N Q .Tm . ,,,555E.,. ,-"-V -'.-In 'j e.-155 .--W' 'rf w'l9,mwww15xi9in9iff , Iapvgvnah vw:.,,. .- . -V.. .4 -- , ' ,, Q ,, . yM,M,n . . ' m 3' ?iEiv1i'l"'x-53' it . .3 uf-I Y K-fuk L' xy 1,34 Lig,gQ'Ei!lgif5".:- vw A . .53 5, ,f Hz vv, ,T ' M3 - "mAf',1 + W, '51 Ir W DMM Q, 7ke Simfewi QM, of www im Awww QM. ir yqfzflmqfcw, 7mm L sf COPYRIGHT I 943 ir BENTON FORD Edfror 'lr ED EK!-IOLM Business Manager DEDICATION To Those who once baslced in The sun of a Triendly quadrangle, who sweaTed Through books, Thursday aTTernoon drills, who walked SaTurday aTTernoon Bull Rings, and are now carving a noTch in The German swasTilca ...This WarTime Junior Aggie is dedicaTed. ir "A Tew were sons oT The rich, many were oT The middle class .. .They swepT Tloors, waiTed Tables, Threw newspapers and aT- Tended gas sTaTions To earn Their way. . .They hiTch-hiked To school and carried Their lunches in paper saclcs ...They dreamed youTh's dreams oT a shining TuTure . ..They were young and They had youTh's rollicking, Tender-smashing glory in Their hearTs." i Conceived in a year when The very ToundaTion oT our naTion was being shaken, This I943 Junior Aggie has Tried To show The parT NTAC is play- ing in The war eTTorT. A new loyalTy was born when The Treacherous Japanese lashed ouT aT Pearl l-larbor. A sleepy. dreamy sTu- denT body had iusT puT on iTs dress Tor a miliTary parade. The band was There, and The Pearl l-larbor aTTaclc was The buTT oT many a iolce on The "sTupid man" Trom The EasTern World. BuT iT became more Than a iolce. The yellow man had someThing. Very sTrange. Very disTurbing. YeT, plung- ing ahead. Talcing The bad news wiTh The good, The sTudenT body geared iTselT To a new Task. Welders were needed. NTAC provided Them. RiveTers were needed. We Trained Them. The Air Corps demanded men. Our Aggies volunTeered. Boys and girls alilce enrolled in deTense courses. The enTire corps became war-con- scious. Thus, on The Tollowing pages we have aTTempTed To record a Tew scenes oT a college aT war. . . f 1 -f -we W"--1--ff-lf "'- n- r" - -H.-rv .fr 'xxx ef x Q I 5. " 5 ' 13- :nuns - 1 'f"" is N , . u " L' ,-fp. N V , Q Q9 f,,, 3 , M .1 fr' iw' rl,r0'lR.-A 4 ' 12 Ma 'mx A iff' ' 1' T' U , L. .:- . ,fw- . Q, wi . f'- .WMM 1 . N. 4 did A v A .qv ,, 'f .v iz' 1 .f E 1 ' - 1 f -. ,,-+- 1- - , vi, . v -..,, N gf .53 ' 1 5 ,,. ,m 1 fy , f A L' f 9 W J .5 ...., W ., K 5 , Y M W, .fx ' -, qw : -.. .', f A ,- , .gb - -f :..,.,.,...'---J f ' ,-1gg'ff.-LY.: ,bu-,h-,gwvf.f,.g'w' .L Ms.: ,Q-,.f-un:-'.' -is-+:,tv.'-,-'+ "--W-aifiyw , .vwb . Ik, 5 A ' ....- f- :.. ff H,-,Z . .1 bf .1-:'ff1z'1: M: Efffl-ff? ' ' ' ' ' ?'fkx,,4,g,gmiag,,.:,-A' ,, S ' ' 'H' grins I WX. ., M X Q 'ff , 8 . vfr 4-ffnf i z , L31 Q i L w f I av 11 ,Y v4 muh-v , .H 1 .1 K' wax ' .'-'V Q - 1, A I ,.,41,L . . K , V W, jilglzqdl' ' , 1 V N, D . W, A. .'. . A 1 'I ' s 7 ' I ' K-1 ' .W "FQ - in aw. ..., , 'w,,, v L, 1 , , ' ,',,.P,,. ,lb V ,gym ' -. , .' 5 - l , 1 X rt , , 9, : 'A , f .' . - P -7' . Y- f 1,1 -,.'.'V,,, , Nl . ll" ' J ,- in , H . ., Y . ,,.Q,,,3,., .,. ,M 1 , ,.,d,f4. M ,, . sm' K :x, '-vnu, ' A, - . - . I ' "5 Q , 'ft I' Y K 'xf , .X-, N Q . lpn 'QV' 43, ,. ' ff dx, ,arty ,Mg L,iAv:j'2f:. .l.nm,' 50,1 ,253 1' , ,I,,x+,',,5'i ' in fig. iff, yvffx 13' if iff . "T" x' '--, -,'f' -, ""v 'Q - ' " 1 , '- ',-. .Im - v-L' . Q, l' ,, --,v .. r , , n",gfQ'3f,,'hy4-"' :Y-Mfmghf ,ff Sw '.'y,V 55-,-wg. .ff 25. y.- 1wx,,.p'.,.fff4NMxf!'f :QV . ' -'M '.g.?.f'f.,f, 5' A fs. w . W. 13, nfl Q, . H 1 . U ,S V v ,My V MM, Q D, U, , QM.. .....n, ,piggy M gp w."6gQ:-Iliff XVV'-'9""' ,,'xn',E49?.WF? 1"4li'i1" . 455. Qn . Jil . ,h'-'xi' " 'Qkifffqf' 7 -I ,V W ' I A 7 s 1 .' lg 7Ys'1i .x A W- fr " f'2ff"f9" if . gh -" Mu 765 ff ,J . ' 'A F -'M www.. 1 - , , - ' - . -, ,P . -Y f Y , , . xi. f, , . 4. Q 'fr e mu 'Vis-QQ? N- M 'f rg , , .g ' .+., !::f,f25,'4 , f -A 41 . i"?,'vgA-E f, lf? 4'-'fwgfli-' "W"Z1- ,, 'P ' '4 .. .- "-'. ".'J' . f au' - .n '- we ff 4. f, mffrfzff-f5'Qf44Aff. . " V 'f , l- W ' is 1- , P ' r yi, I fs M34 493 ,d'fg.Y'4S ll 'f 45.751 I ' 1 - ,1 ga - '12 n ' by f-Vw! - ., " ' z.4a5""fw.fI'4" ffl' M?"'.J 'kv' "5 y' iaw Hyma- akia... . Q, f. 1 u 1 H ' ll,-jf '1 f ' 1 1" . ' Q 1,- . I 2 .N k . A an 'Xu .g.. ' -dm-S.. Q L. ffi.. 4 - . 1... ' 'TW ' " . f .h 'i ' -,"f"'!!, mi x . . , ,. ai ,,4,c.-. , Q I l 'Q' . . A gg R i 7 If 1 1. I .Q -lf' . U 'i' -X. ah, 1 . ' 1 . 4 .. 4. 13: A. 5 'yT1""x.A-s?,.,,,. -f-:-- wf1N1,.q,w, -Q-ff, ,... H . f-V-W " 123.1 - , , ' I .gL. : """' .nos "' . li' hm, .4 ,. .f ,.. ,.-' . . , .- , , 1 . -v-- 241' . V .. , , ',,'ngz,v.f M, ,try 3,9 ,-. . ,,1 M", fi, . .V ,Q , Q. 'I V ,. .. ' , -' mrw'-J ,f,,.A,1f'4k!5,k, P, ,Q Q. w.g,wv:n5,,, - .Q My HQ VH gwm 90 451 J, W QQ' pda " v N , It , , v fu ' 52 Wk-Q V V' 9 +1 ww .fs hs q'wfn"5'5"'+f351'4 in ,Q gm . rf , Sn, 'X 4'x.x J t " A VA as , , I ww .,,.. - .,.v.v,,,,,f,. h, ,HA-, .- . w ...NV - un, -E 1, ,...g ,lk +..1 ky. -ng-,,, V- . V - ' , Q A . e f , W :.J'fff 'Sw A? 'f3'M'.1tf, ' W , X ' f 1, g.w,r ,r f V 1- 'f,f's1v:wfM-,Mfgf-wwf'-b'4 J-,f'mn:"5g,, .122-,f x - -.-2 -n-va1.f?"s' 2: Ygxpix.-V ww: 1 - -- .gmgwi .1 - H . 5, 5, f, X ', .-m-?,.,,, VI' -,Ny A -. h,4f ., - , , ,f ,U ww., , gf, 1 Q' - ' - . x kggatp- 4- fi, 4-W ,. 5 nn 3 Am ' A V: 1, +L.. , ,M -.J3,'k. flgfgg- -, - - -V .. ,M-, -r ny . A rx -I 'f Q , ...L nf - -.V 1 '. ,. -nc uf 1 :.fz'z"d- e- 4- 1 ,h ...,, gf ,- ,, .. zz' . ' '.'aj'.w1.r', , . 'A but P WM "f-f' .Q ,-10 'fag' -1 .. V. 'X .izmzw b,y .Q.i .gag-f' W, gf -4.53 L1 142.45 '- " fu, ' U - .1 fffm,,+Gg,wygfg,,f 1, ff V ff-f'f4fw-1-'s-1 MM' -Q l f N v ' - A X :aff I I7 3 f 'www Q A1"n'. v , Qing .4 W, V. Q- 'lf ' ,,. M ry Ml-wr, A , r Wy, . any 5V .Q .,' A -, fu, , 47k wwf W", ' ij .- ' "pm '?'f7' -L . V ff' ,ph IV ,.9"f ,Q A - , ,V ...V vp , 4 'W' .,V, .v :Mimi M , . ,V 'fn' VA.. A an ' 12 .K I N ,Q ' 44' if I 5 Q J' 7 "MJ, Y: ,V X? ' . ' '4,,'T"Aj','t M , QR!!! V ,J 'SLN f ' 'W -3' .A ' Vu. 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W an , '23, ' 1 V 1 X. rf lf In , I H :M ' 5 X - ull., i V- , 5' ' , vg, . A H my annals-uf 4 .nw 4 , V, Q . . i Vmvx.. ,.,,., W 1 , A , 1 . I ! My -W-' 4 -W ,wwf VCV-Ji-5 'iff , M X f'x+LfV:?wqffVV13x?fViL'JV1Q ' M fr Ve, H Mwgw-:ga,:ns.6 v-liymviliifffv ' I Al-FV - 'H ' ' g - Qi-Qflllflllllllllllfllfgf cc pl' V . 'Sf ...J.,-,,,1.-ln..-J .R 1 W r ux. M A ,Q gcgkm , M114-P MN X A: E . --- , . - -- EXECUTIVES 'k PRESIDENT T. O. WALTON TO TI-IE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF l943 Your adminisTraTive officers Tully undersTand The uncerTainTies wiTh which you as sTudenTs have been conTronTed This year, louT we know ThaT in spiTe of The uncerTainTy oT The Times you have discharged your ololigaTions as sTudenTs eTTicienTly. The members of The Senior Class have done an especially good iob. and as you go ouT Trom This College we wanT you To know ThaT your TaculTy and adminisTraT'ive oTTicers have every confidence ThaT you will apply The knowledge acquired in your sTudenT years To The Tasks ThaT you will be called upon To perTorm: and ThaT Through your perTormance. wheTher in civilian pursuiTs or wiTh The armed Torces. you will iusTiTy The sacrifices your parenTs have made and The invesTmenTs your STaTe has made in your educaTion. We shall Tollow your careers wiTh deep inTeresT, and shall consTanTly wish Tor you The high measure of success ThaT your TalenTs so richly meriT. T. O. WALTON DEAN E. E. DAVIS A DECISIVE VICTORY AND A DECENT PEACE NoT all of us have an adequaTe grasp of The magniTude and meaning of The world conTIicT in which we are endeavoring To do our parT'. IT is vasTIy more Than a TesT oT sTrengTh beTween naTions aT arms. IT is a war againsT a whole social sysTem and noT merely againsT The Axis sTaTes. IT is a global crusade Tor The desTrucTion oT fascism and The IiberaTion oT oppressed peoples everywhere. IT is anoTher hisToric chapTer in The eople's revoIuTion Tor The righTs of The common man ThaT began sIighTIy before Tlje bir+h of The American NaTion in I776. Physical vicTory over The enemies of freedom is our TirsT aim and goal, buT physical vicTory oT iTselT is noT enough. There rnusT be a non-physical vicT'ory wiTh a moral breadTh and depTh oT spiriTual undersTanding ThaT will make possible a iusT peace ThaT decenT people everywhere can accepT and defend. Now is The Time To begin winning The peace. We musT noT wail Till The shooTing war is over. Now is The Time Tor sowing The seeds of ToIeranT global undersTanding and planTing The social con- cepTs. aTTiTudes. and ideals ThaT will make a IasTing peace ossible. Nor musT we overlook The TundamenTaI essenTiaI ThaT a peace impIemenTed3by The golden rule is The only peace ThaT can long endure. E. E. DAVIS JOE B. PRESTON Acfinq Associa+e Dean MAJOR MARTIN S. CHESTER Commanclanf INA LIPSCOMB Dean of Women E. H. HEREFORD Aciing Regisirar JOE BAILEY Business Manager OPAL HUMPHRIES Librarian f EXECUTIVE FACULTY DEAN E. E. DAVIS, Chairman ' JOE B. PRESTON A. B. ARMSTRONG DUNCAN ROBINSON W. A. RANSOM W. L. I-IUGI-IES S. A. LYNCI-I EARL D. IRONS CHARLES B. MCDONALD ROY W. BURDETT C. M. I-IOWARD ZELDA RAMSEY E. I-I. HEREFORD J. L. OWENS INA LIPSCOMB EUGENE N. ADAMS. A.B. Associafe Professor of Violin PAUL J. ALLEN, B.S. Associafe Professor of Engineerinq A. B. ARMSTRONG, M.A. Professor of Economics JONNIE ARNOLD Seerefary fo fhe Business Manager JOE BAILEY Business Manager E. C. BARKSDALE, Ph.D. Professor of Hisfory W. R. BENNETT lnsfrucfor in Engineering D. A. BICKEL. M.A. Assisfanf in Library LOUISE BLAKE Assisfanf' Regisfrar GLENN BOOHER, B. Mus. Assisfanf Professor of Fine Arfs GERALDINE BRANOM, B.S. Assisfanf Librarian WELDON BREWSTER, M.A. Associafe Professor of Biology J. D. BRYANT, M.S. Associafe Professor of Business Adminisfrafion ROY W. BURDETT, B.S. Professor of Engineering MARGARET ANN CAMERON M A Assisfanf Professor of Eine Arfs 'Uh ,-ls. E. E. DAVIS, M.A. Dean of College MARIAN F. DESHAZO, Ph.D. Associafe Professor of Englisli lAlso Modern Languagesl EENNELL DIBRELL, lvifx. Associafe Professor of Engineering H. A. D. DUNSWORTH, M.A. Professor of Maflnennefics and Acfing Heed of Deparfmenf MINNIE LEE EARLY, lvifk. Associafc Professor of English CORINNE ECHOLS, B.A. Sfenograplmer in Engineering Deparfmenf LOUISE FULLER Bookkeeper CHARLES E. HAYDON, lv1.A. Professor of Modern Languages and Head of Deparfmenf E. H. HEREFORD, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Sociology, Acfing Head of flue Deparfmenf, ancl Acfing Regisfrar J. G. HOLMES, B.S. Professor of Physical Educafion and Head of Deparfmenf C. lvl. HOWARD, E.lvl. Professor of Maflwemafics W. L. HUGHES, lvi.A. Professor of Biology OPAL HUMPHREYS, B.S. in L.S. Librarian EARL D. IRONS Professor of Fine Arfs and Head of Deparfmenf ROSALINE IVEY, MLA. Associafe Professor of Home Economics FACULTY AND STAFF SGT. HILLERY D. JONES Assisfanf in MS8cT M. W. JOY. B.E. Associale Professor of Engineering HOWARD W. JOYNER. M.F.A. Professor of Fine Arls O. L. KILLIAN. M.A. Professor and Head of Deparfmenf of Biology LLOYD LASSEN. M.A. Associefe Professor of Malhemafics GRACE WARD LANKFORD, B. Associafe Professor of Fine Arfs S. A. LYNCH. E.M. Professor and Head of Deparfmeni' of Geology OTTIE LYON Secrefary fo fhe Dean LOIS LOVELL Sfenographer and Filing Clerk MRS. MARY MARTIN. B.S. Assisfanf Professor of Business Adminisfrafion C. C. MASON. Ph.D. Professor and Head of Deparfmenf Vocafionel Educafion LEO S. MASON. Ph.D. Professor and Acfing Head of Deperfmenf of Chemisfry JAMES T. MlTCl-IAM. B.S. Associafe Professor of Engineering C. A. MCCOMBS. M.A. Associale Professor of Mafhemalics C. A. MCGEE. B.S. Associale Professor of Engineering Mus of Y E FACULTY AND STAFF MRS. WILLIE M. Mae:-lee, M.A. Insfrucfor of Englislw NORTON MCGIFEIN, B.A., l..L.B. Professor of English G. C. MCKINNEY Assisfenf Professor of Engineering l'l. D. MCMURTRAY. MS. Professor ancl Heed of Deparfmenf of Physics FAY NATlON Sfenograplner FRED T. NESBl'l'T Associafe Professor of Engineering MRS. RACHEL NILES, B.S. Assisfanf in Library LT. COL. MAX G. OLIVER Cornmendanf and Professor of Milifary Science and Tecfics DELMAR PACHL Assisfanf Professor of Fine Arfs OUILDA PINER. M.A. Assisfenf Professor of English JOE B. PRESTON, M.A. Professor and Head of Deparfmenf of Social Science and Associafe Deen l-l. 6. RAGLAND Assisfanf Professor of Engineering ZELDA RAMSEY. M.B.A. Professor ancl Acfing l-leacl of Deperfm of Business Adminisfrafion W. A. RANSOM. M.A. Professor and Heed of Deparfmenf of English MARY PEYTON RATTAN, B.A. Secrefary in Regisfrer's Office enf FACULTY AND STAFF RALPH REDDELL lnsfrucfor of Engineering C. D. RICHARDS, M.A. Associafe Professor of Governrnenf W. D. RlCHlNS, M.B.A. Professor of Business Adminisfrafion DUNCAN ROBINSON. M.A. Professor of English KENNETH ROCKWELL. M.A. Associafe Professor of English L. l. SAMUEL. M.S. Associafe Professor of Agriculfure G. J. SAMUELSON. Pl'1.D. Associafe Professor of Chemisfry MRS. ELIZABETH SANDERS, M.A. Assisfanf Professor of Mafhemafics ADDIE SCRUGGS, M.A. Associefe Professor for Women of Physical Educefion CARROLL SHEFFIELD. B.S. Assisfenf Business Manager VIRGINIA SHELTON Filing Clerk GEORGE W. SHUPEE. B. of Arch. Professor of Engineering RICHARD L. SLAUGHTER, B.D.A. Assisfenf Professor of Speech HELEN STONE, M.S. Professor and Head of Deparfmenf of Home Economics M. C. STONE. Iv1.A. Professor and Head of Deparfmenf of Engineering R. W. TANNER. M.S. Associafe Professor of Mafhemefics LUCILLE TAYLOR, M.A. Associafe Professor of Business Adminisfrafion THOMAS J. TINKER, B.S. Associafe Professor of Physical Educafio H. G. VICK. M.S. Associefe Professor of Agriculfure IONE VICKERY Secrefary fo fhe Commandanf PEARL WADE Assisfa nf Libre ria n JAMES W. WEST, B.S. Assisfanf Professor of Fine Arfs WILLIAM B. WHITNEY, Ph.D. Professor of Chemisfry JOI-IN D. BOON, B.S. Associafe Professor of Geology and Physics CLYDE J. NEWTON. M.A. Assisfanf Professor of Chemisfry INA LIPSCOMB. M.A. Associafe Professor of English and Dean of Women GLADYS JETER Sfenographer in Agriculfure Deparfmenf CHARLES B. MCDONALD. M.A. Associafe Professor of Chemisfry J. L. OWENS Professor and Acfing Head of the Deparfmenf of Agriculfure my YN wa . ' I: A- 1 M. " , we SE wp lf .W .. LQ, ,gg film if 'ink ,. ! . ,MU , U , A gl wuz", 'ft , 'WQA R .V . 95111314-ya' V , ,:, fy .gzwh - W .- wigff . .fu-Q A :V ' - M X R W 4-W If Wm V 1. X ...Azul MAJ. MARTIN S. CHESTER LT. COL. MAXWELL G. OLIVER REGIMENTAL OFFICERS . . I942-43 A ' 1 Q CADET COLONEL RUSSELL CARRICO The Cadel Corps underwenl a number of re-organizarions as men volunreerecl ancl were called info service. Cacler Col. Carrico was among 'rhe men who lefl a+ micl--rerm, as were Hill and Summers. We have a+'remp+ed l'o give every man credil in 'rhe following pages for whal he has done in 'rhe making of The corps, alrhough +he iob has been 'rremenclous and has necessiralecl a greai cleal of research worlc on +he parlr of 'rhe siari. Braden +akes command as Carrico is called lo service HILL SUMMERS Cade? Lieufcnanf Colonels FIRST BATTALION OFFICERS CADET LIEUTENANT HUBBARD CADET MAJOR SPRIGG SECOND BATTALION OFFICERS CADET MAJOR I-IINES CADET CAPTAIN MILLER Captain Gordon Fuqua + Executive Officer Richard Carminati ,,-T.-. -- ,,,,., V . ,W A-.. , COMPANY Aldridge, A. B. Allen, George Beaman, Nails Beasley, Alvin Bomar, Cecil Boyd, James Bramlelt, James Brock, Ray Burrow, Bud Campbell, Robert Chandler, Charles Cheany, Ben Clark, Jack Clifford, Roy Coleman, H. R. Cummins, Robert Cummings, Eugene Davis, Briscoe Dennis, James Dial, Miller Dow, Campbell Fitch, C. R. Fitzgerald, E. G. Friday, Vista Fritz, Charles Frit1, John Gant, Robert Gordan, John Hamlin, Tom ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Hannigan, Torn Heil, Daniel High, Harold Hill, John H. Hittson, Jack Huggins, Merritt Hurta, Daniels Lane, Terry Mann, Pat Martin, Billy McAnally, Henry Mentesana, Philip Minshew, Charles McKee, Bill Murray, Roland Pace, Ingram Pfiel, Bill Pinson, Jess Prater, Billy Rhodes, Fred Robertson, Wallace Roznovak, Reynold Sawyer, Roger Schaffnit, Paul Scott, Benny Shore, Mack Simmons, Durrell Simmons, James Smith, Chester Smith, Kenneth Shannon, Howard Sorrells, Billy Stanley, Horace Stell, Burl Ravey, Bill Reed, Wesley Tapp, Robert Taylor, Roy Thompson, Grady Upton, Bill Urlich, Jack Vaughn, Cliff Veneble, L. R. Wallace, Jack Ward, Edwin Ward, James Webb, A. L. Wheeler, David Whitehead, A. V. Whitehurst, Winford Willis, Vondil Wisner, Bill Woodruff, Wallace Wright, Bobby Wright, Bill McDowell, John Cameron, Jack FIRST PLATOON - CARLOS JOHNS -- PLATOON COMMANDER 2-W-A in COMPANY SECOND PLATOON -JIMMY KIER- PLATOON COMMANDER THIRD PLATOON-CARL KNOX- PLATOON COMMANDER S:-1'-inane-ee-'--'M '--+eg:""1 -f l -Ag ..l , Hu" N51-" Capfain Cecil Shelfon + Execufive Officer Bill Burdelf COMPANY Allen, Forresl Anderson, W. A. Aycock, Cecil Bales, Jack Beckham, H. M. Bellows, Charles Bennell, Howard Bells, Jack Boal, Lawrence Bonduranf, Bill Booker, Barney Boslic, Jack Bryce, Hilfon Burdeff, Bill Benneff, R. C. Clark, Bill Clemans, Richard Collens, Bill Connell, Marvin Covey, Barney Cragen, Doyle Cummings, A. L. Davenport, D. C. Dodge, D. A. Dosher, Ralph Drain, Ogle Ekholm, Ed. Elich, James Ellioll, Jack Elwood, Tommy Eplen, Morris ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Esfill, Burl Evans, Emmell Farris, Ed. Faulkner, Joe Finigan, Waller Fergusion, Earl Forgenson, Carl Garrison, Dwayne Goodloe, M. Goodman, Lee Hallmark, Roy Harris, George Hulchen, Charles Healhinqfon, Terry Henson, William Hogg, William Hoover, Lawrence Hudson, Ray Hyden, John Jenkins, Dick Jones, Roberf Jorden, Byran Jones, Ernest Kennedy, Windell Kilmen, Norman King, Louis King, Murray Leffwich, P. Letterman, Dean Lynch, Gene McAnally, Roger McCaleb, N. T. McEurchern, M. Marlin, Gerald Millican, A. G. Mitchell, A. l. Moore, Charlie Parrolf, John Palferson, John Redman, Bill Roffino, Anthony Rholenberry, James Reed, Wesley Russell, Bill Sabanovich, N. S. Sheppard, Gene Simpson, Roy Snider, H. D, Snodgrass, Robert Sfalling, Clay Slaulzenberger, Odell Slewarl, William Trammell, Calvin Van Houlen, George Vance, Claude Warren, Benny Weekes, David Whelsline, Harry Willshire, James Wolfe, Frank Young, Maurice FlRST PLATOON - BOB DEERING- PLATOON COMMANDER COMPANY I3 SECOND PLATOON -JOHN DAVIES - COMMANDER THIRD PLATOON - RAY DUDLEY- PLATOON COMMANDER mum" -...P if- -:EA -- Caplain David Braden + Execulive Officer Ed Brous COMPANY Andrews, Glenn Askew, Gordan Aslon, P. R. Avery, Bill Ball, T. P. Bane, C. L. Banks, Charles Barnhill, H. J. Bear, T. E. Bell, Alberl' Benneff, John D. Berger, Gillel Bishop, James Brock, R. C. Brown, V. E. Bryan, Charles Caver, L. H. Coafes, L. L. Cobb, C. E. Crawford, George Crouch, Joe Cussack, Paul Curringfon, C. O. Dobbs, Ray Doggeil, Edgar Dowdy, Bill DuBose, Edward Dyess, J. B. Eckerl, E. E. Esfer, J. B. Farrar, Chapman Faulkner, David Florence, B. A. Forman, Tom Fosfer, J. H. ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Gallaway, J. M. Grundy, P. L. Gillen, E. W. Gilberl, J. B. Hagy, Billy Hare, Wendell Harislon, T. E. Hari, B. J. Hayes, J. W. Hieff, E. A. Huey, B. S. Hutchinson, J. C. Humphries, James Hollis, James Jamison, C. V. Janicke, Carroll Jarvis, B. E. Johnson, Truefl Jones, C. T. Knaur, J. S. Laird, James Lawliss, Elmer Lensky, Herman Leudke, Leonard Levi, Arfhur Lindsey, F. T. Lochridge, H. D. Long, G. D. Marshall, Billy Miller, J. A. Mitchell, W. C. Miller, Hal Marell, M. E. Mull, R. A. Murrell, J. F. Myers, Dexfer Naler, James Norfon, J. N. Niel, J. P. Parke, R. Perkins, Billy Ponder, James Ouinf, C. W. Raines, Billy Reagan, Bill Reed, Paul Saye, Lawrence Sequin, J. L. Simmons, Issac Smokeler, D. G. Spradley, J. C. Springfield, Jack Slewarl, F. T. Slillwell, G. P. Summrow, Floyd Sulherland, Gordan Thomas, Clifford Thompson, R. L. Trainer, C. W. Van Dever, D. J. Ward, Ben Warren, Waller Washingfon, W. G. Wafson, Lee Wheaf, Harold Wheaf, L. C. Whifehead, G. Wilson, Oscar Wood, George Woodall, S. O. FIRST PLATOON - HARRY COLWELL- PLATOON COMMANDER CQMPAIXIV C SECOND PLATOON - BILLY JACK LANCASTER - PLATOON COMMANDER THIRD PLATOON - E. J. SOUTHALL-JIM CAVINESS- PLATOON COMMANDERS Captain John Morris Battalion Commander Second Term + Executive Officer Connery Hightower COMPANY Adams, Mike Aderhold, C. W. Baker, Roy Beck, Pat Bethea, Robert Bird, G. W. Bothwell, David Brewington, Jack Briscoe, Bill Brown, A. B. Bryan, Harold Burney, Stanley Carson, Jim Cassidy, Gene Chaplan, Ralph Chisholm, Bill Crocker, Donald Curtin, Jack Dellis, Edward Dickenson, S. V. Edmondson, Charles Edwards, R. H. Garry, John George, Levoy Glasgow, Herschel Goforth, David Griffith, Joe Guest, Bill Hare, J. T. Hargett, Virgil Harris, John Harris, William Harrison, Wylie Hartsfield, Ray Haynes, Baylor ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Hayter, Billy Hering, Lee Heye, Robert Hill, Charles Hill, Thomas Hopkins, Tom Hosack, Ted Hughelt, Gene Huffman, Willard Irwin, Dale lvery, Jim Jackson, Harry Jeanes, Bill Jeanes, Lyle Jenkins, Edgar Johnson, Carl Kemp, Durward Kelsoe, Garnett Kessinger, C. W. Kerin, James Kirkpatrick, V. A. Ledwell, L. W. Lowe, Roy Lowe, Sargent Lyon, George Marshall, William W. Martin, Buck Maxton, Bill Mathews, Tom McKinney, William McLean, Ray Mims, Edgar Moore, William Navarro, George Neal, Calvin Oden, J. P. Ownby, Bart Pace, Joe Phillips, Basil Powell, William Preston, Brack Ratliff, Clark Reidland, Kenneth Rice, John Rogers, Wallace Salmon, Joe Sewell, Alfred Siralt, Elmer Shinn, James Sisk, Morris Smallwood, Pat Smith, Jean Temple, Robert Tiner, Sydney Thomas, Frank Thompson, Wilbur Turner, Marion Villabos, James Wathen, Thurman Watson, Raymond Wiley, William Williams, Charles Williams, H. E. Wilson, James Wisely, Victor Wittkower, James Wright, Neely Wyche, Cyril Yeary, Bill Yetter, Jon FIRST PLATOON - DON CHANCEY- PLATOON COMMANDER COMPANY SECOND PLATOON - ROBERT WOMACK - ROBERT SHIREY - PLATOON COM MANDERS THIRD PLATOON-M. H. HARRISON -- PLATOON COMMANDER Ca plain Waller Pyron COMPANY Adamson, Billy Acrey, Donald Ballzell, Charles Barnard, Paul Bryan, J. M. Bowles, Tom Brill, Oran Burrus, Bill Carey, Carl Carroll, Charles Canlrell, Dillard Clark, R. W. Chamberlain, Eugene Covinglon, Bobby Carlell, Frank Davis, Charles Dewberry, E. W. Dodge, C. F. Pain, M. N. Farrons, Edgar Ferrill, Herberl Fox, Thomas Fuller, Bill Ganaway, R. Garrell, Edgar George, Goodwin Glasgow, John Glenn, Bryan ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Groves, Dick Hardin, Bill Harris, James Hewefl, Bernard l-lollingsworlh, James Jordan, Morland Kenner, Hershel Kinsor, Reece Knighl, J. A. Lacy, Bill Lamberlh, Bill Lamberlh, Tom Leslie, LeRoy Mays, Bill Meredilh, Norman Miracle, Dixon Millilcan, Tom Morrill, James McDowell, James Mcllroy, Homer Newby, William O'Conner, Roberl Parker, Wylie Parrish, Randall Pierce, J. D. Pills, Bill Preslridge, Bill Proclor, Charles Revis, Truell Riggs, R. B. Rivera, Armando Roberls, Raymond Roberfs, Wilbur Skellon, Marvin Sohmer, Edward Slevens, Allen Sorenson, Max Sorenson, Waller Taryer, Higdon Talliferro, Leslie Thach, Jesse Tucher, George Wallis, Dick Walkup, Leon Wendel, Roberl Wicgand, Oscar Wiman, Leo Young, James Bell, George Brogren, C. S. Lubke, Paul Ray. Curlis Henrie, Bill Depoma, Joe FIRST PLATOON --JAMES HARRIS-PLATOON COMMANDER COMPANY SECOND PLATOON -- TOM LAMBERTH - PLATOON COMMANDER THIRD PLATOON -THOMAS FOX- PLATOON COMMANDER Caplain Leo Cline + Execulive Officer Earl Davis COMPANY Adams, Thomas Aller, Adrien Aslon, V. H. Baker, Roger Bennell, Harold Brackeen, Vernon Bronson, Bill Bounds, B. M. Blackburn, Joe Bull, Waller Burnhem, N. R. Bynum, B. C. Calhoun, Torn Clark, A. B. Cohen, Leon Coleman, Julius Cough, Merl Crouch, Miller Curlis, W. H. Depoma, Joe Daugherty, Jack Dunnam, Lloyd Edwards, Elberl Ford, Benlon Fields, Websler ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Freeman, Gilberl Flynn, Paul Gauen, Charles Gibson, Kennelh Gordon, Gordan Greeman, Gilberl Gullick, Renlz Hayden, Kennofh Harlin, W. C. Harper, Tommy Herndon, Thomas Hickey, Bill Hollinguisl, Phil Hursl, R. E. Hopkins, Joe Hudson, Homer January, Benny Jordan, Charles Jensen, Haldean Jones, Glenn Kirchhoff, R. E. Loyd, Edward Larkin, John LaPrelle, James Lawless, Kenneth Meinke, Roberl Miller, C. L. Murphy, Robe-rf McKay, Harold Oddo, Anlhony Prime, J. R. Power, C. W. Ray, Tom Riddle, Herschel Roller, Edward Russell, Berf Schmidl, W. F, Smilh, Loniery Spafford, Joe Soulhern, Terry Sieinhoff, Raymond Slimson, Don Sliepcevich, Joseph Slrofher, J. T. Treadgill, Jim Tresp, Bruce Uiay, Marvin Wallace, Joe While, Robert FIRST PLATOON-TOM BAMFORD- PLATOON COMMANDER COMPANY F SECOND PLATOON - D. W. SPRINGER- PLATOON COMMANDER THIRD PLATOON - RAY PASTOR - PLATOON COMMANDER Caplain Alfred Smilh Firsl Plafoon + George Craig Plaloon Commander COMPANY Adams, Allen Arnold, Billy Bailey, Bernice Bailey, Weldon Baker, Thomas Ball, Benny Burrell, Marlin Becker, Gilberl Bcrfram, George Blassingame, T. C Bombarger, Paul Bowen, Delberl Brookes, J. L. Burks, Bill Bulcher, Bill Cassol, John Camp, Melvin Chollar, Dean Cleaver, Bill Clymer, L. H. Complon, Dan Coon, Dave Cooper, W. A. Craig, Bob Cross, James Crow, Herman Deginder, Lindy ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Eckerl, Millon Finegan, R. Franke, Harold Gambrell, Jim Gilliland, Zach Harrison, E. J. l-lazlcwood, Don Heath, James Hendrix, James Hogue, Bill Holmes, Harvey Hollaway, Ralph Howard, Ray Jackson, Elmo Johnslon, R. J. Jones, Burl Joyner, Hubert Kclly, R. P. Kidd, Don Lilfle, Jack Lough, Lloyd Maxwell, George Mason, Jim Moore, Clarence Morrow, James McConnel, J. E. O'Brien, George Odum, Harrell Olmslead, Paul Parr, Clee Pierce, Ray Pilcher, J. D. Russell, George Salling, E. Scroggins, Garland Scroggins, F. Shylles, Charles Skinner, Morris Spafford, Joe Sfanifer, Weldon Slarks, Ralph Thompson, Jack Tomlin, Wilbur Turner, Chaslain Volder, Jack Weinger, Earl Welgarf, George Wlggs, J. T. Wiley, Bill Winod, Bill Wilhers, Fincher Will, Wayne Wood, Jean Young, J. D. FIRST PLATOON -GEORGE CRAIG- PLATOON COMMANDER COMPANY G SECOND PLATOON - CHESTER SINCLAIR -- PLATOON COM MADER THIRD PLATOON - LLOYD WADDELL- PLATOON COMMANDER Captain Robert Thomas + Executive Officer O. S. L'l'lerrison COMPANY Adrian, David Behrens, Walter Berry, Jack Breen, Charles Carson, Joe Calcote, Lee Roy Conant, George Cozart, Bobby Dodson, Jack Dowdy, Clifford Durway, Bolin Durway, Robert Eaton, James Ellis, Glenn Farr, Charles Faulkner, Fred Featherstone, A. Fowler, Dave Gilden, Jack Gloven, Jack Glover, Ed Green, Eugene Hall, Earl Hall, L. M. Hart, George Hartman, LaVerne ROSTER OF THE COMPANY: Hawley, Bill Hendrix, Stewart l-limes, Luther Holder, Leonard Houlchan, Dan Huies, Dale Huy, Kemper Jay, Lee Roy Jenkins, Frank Jones, Bill M. Lay, James Mallicote, Melvin Marcuse, Rudolph Marlin, John Miller, James Mitchell, Roy Moore, Harold Moore, Wayne , Mosely, Gene McClendon, Eugene McGinnis, William McDonald, Richard Nichols, Charles Nowling, Edward Owen, Louis Rangel, Medardo Reid, Wilber Reinhard, Arthur Roberts, Vern Ross, Fred Scott, Bob Sexton, William Skaggs, John Slagle, G. M. Smith, Frank Smith, Shelby Snebold, Neal Spurlin, Gilbert Stribling, Balwin Tatum, W. Wilson Thacker, Ike Thomas, Robert Tillery, Cecil Tipton, Eugene Vaughn, H. L. Wallace, Weldon John, Wayne Winfrey, Frank Winter, Bob Strahan, J. O. Swett, Tom FIRST PLATOON - GUY CUMMINGS - PLATOON COMMANDER COMPANY I-I SECOND PLATOON -ALBERT DILLARD-- PLATOON COMMANDER THIRD PLATOON -CHARLES SEYSTER- PLATOON COMMANDER REGIMENTAL BAND , ,..:..,,.. -5. Ca plain Thomas Hays 4 Capfain Ralph Mills Captain T. A. Snell Executive Officers: W. E. Smith, Weldon Pickeff ROSTER OF THE BAND: Albrighl, Joe Anderson, Frank Anderson, Owen Andrews, Garnei Arwine, Joe Aufry, Roy Branf, Harley Bennef, James Birkhead, Charles Blakeway, Bill Blummer, Raymond Boon, Billy Brewer, Eugcnc Brooks, John Brous, H. B. Brown, Jafus Clemenf, Joe Cobb, Wayne Coqhill, Bob Collier, R. E. Conn, Earnesl Cornwell, Julius Couch, Earl Dobbs, Waller Dockery, Harvey Eafon, J. K. Farmer, Edward Gowin, Bob Guesl, Gordan Hall, Earl Harper, Earl Herrin, Carlisle Hill, John Hills, Carl Harlan, Donald Hughey, Harold Hyer, L. K. Hudson, B. T. Kelly, Jack Kimbrough, Joe Landrum, Bob Leffwich, L. C. Manning, Dyde Mayben, Russell McDuff, James McDonald, Richard Miller, Charles Mirns, Ben Morris, Frank Oheim, Richard ltd in nm ' Plaloon Commanders Rclrnon Collon Joe Clemenl Parr, M. T. Pond, Willis Powers, E. L. Ray, Ralph Renshaw, Sam Rice, Rip Roarlc, John Roland, Arlee Runion, Vernieg Smith, Guy Schuman, Al Skinner, John Sleen, Maurice Sleen, Phil Surrall, Marshall Thomas, Rue Tucker, William Turner, B. l-l. Turner, Ollo Wallace, George Walker, Jack Wafers, Melvin Williamson, F. l-l Wolfe, Frank Wood, Billy Yales, Charles Youngblood, George COMPANY COMMANDERS-SECOND TERM COMPANY A COMPANY B COMPANY C COMPANY D Dick Carminali Benton Ford Billy R. Jones O. S. L'Herrison RIFLE TEAM-I943 wl . hr" 'sy " sf: 'S VN'-A X' , We is 6, .,v9""" 1154, Firsf Row: Glasgow, Mann, Miracle, Carey, Mifchell. Second Row: Jones, Wesfon, Marlin, Johns, Spraclley, Burdelf. X 4 f ,ff , , ' Ref. N, YF? saw . Xl, I .. 6 ,-W 1 ,V - . 5 NW M vff l,-is .A K v M: 'sw ' wg, CLASS OFFICERS DAVID BRADEN, Presidenlr L HELEN DECKER, Secrerary and Treasurer CHARLIE DAVIS, Vice-PresIcIen+ C L A S S O F I 9 4 3 ADAIR, LaVERNE, Forl' Worth, Home Economics ADAMS, MARJORIE JEAN, Dallas, Arts and Sciences ADAMSON, BILLY MACK, Dallas, Arts and Sciences ADERHOLD, CARROLL WHATLEY, Dallas, Business Administration ALEXANDER, LUCILLE, Dallas, Education ALLDREDGE, A. B., Jr., Sweetwater, Industrial Educational Engineering BABIN, JANE, Dallas, Education BABIN, JEAN, Dallas, Education BAGBY, BETTY FRANCES, Fort Worth, Business Administration BAILEY, BERNICE BOYCE, Blossom, Agriculture BAILEY, GLADYS, Dallas, T. and N. BAKER, THOMAS NOLAN, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering BALL, THOMAS PETER, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering BAMFORD, THOMAS KENNEDY, Dallas, Pre-Law BARNES, ROBERT NASH, Rockwall, Business Administration I BARNES. WILLIAM VANCE, Roclcwall, Business Administration BEHRENS, PAUL DUDLEY, Fort Worlh, Civin Engineering BECKER, GILBERT WARREN, Kyle, Agriculture mas. -an x .A 11 CLASS OF I943 BENNETT, EVELYN MAY, Dallas, Business Adminislralion BENNETT, JAMES CARL, Dallas, Electrical Engineering BELL, GEORGE HENRY, JR., Irving, Agricultural Adminislralion BERRY, JACK, For? Worlh, Induslrial Aeronaulical Engineering BERTRAM, GEORGE ALLEN, Forl Worlh, Business Adminisfralion BETTS, JACK WESLEY, Naples, lnduslrial Mechanical Engineering BOHNING, ROBERT DeFOREST, Lomela, Industrial Aeronaulical Engineering BOMBARGER, BETTY LEE, Arlinglon, Business Adminislrafion BOSTIC, JACK L., Dallas, lnduslrial Aeronaulical Engineering BOUTWELL, RUTH, Terrell, Educalion BRADEN, DAVID RICE, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering BREWINGTON, JOHN HENRY, Waco, Aeronaulical Engineering BREWER, GARVA EUGENE, Vickery, Induslrial Aeronaulical Engineering BROCK, RAY LOUIS, JR., Livingslon, Business Adminislralion BROWN, ALVIN BLAKE, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering BROUS, EDWARD RAY, Denison, Aeronaulical Engineering BROUS, HUGH BEVILL, JR., Forl Worfh, Arls and Sciences BROWN, VERNON EUGENE, Dallas, Civil Engineering 'B CLASS OF I943 BURDETT, BILL ANTHONY, Arlington, Aeronautical Engineering BURNS, ANN, Dallas, Business Administration BUTLER, BERTHA HELEN, Dallas, Pre-Medical BUTLER, RANDLE ROBERT, Odem, Pre-Law BYNUM, ROBERT CHATFIELD, Dallas, Agriculture CALCOTE, LEE ROY, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering CAMP, MELVIN W. T., Junction, Agriculture CAMPBELL, DOROTHY, Dallas, Arts and Sciences CAMERON, JACK COFFMAN, Arlington, Business Administration CARMINATI, WELDON RICHARD, Montague, Agricultural Education CARRICO, RUSSELL, San Antonio, Engineering CARROLL, BETTY JEAN, Pear Valley, Home Economics CARROLL, CHARLES SIMPSON, Dallas, Electrical Engineering CHAMBERS, DONALD RAY, Fort Worth, Music CHAMBERLAIN, HORACE EUGENE, Dallas, Education CHAMBLEE, MARTHA MAURINE, Houston, General CLARK, AMOS BATEMAN, JR., Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CLARK, JACK NORMAN, Frankston, Civil Engineering CLARK, ROBERT WILLIAM, Dallas, Induslrial Aeronaulical Engineering CLARK, WILLIAM CLIFFORD, Dallas, Eleclrical Engineering CLEMENT, JOSEPH FREDERICK, Dallas, General CLEMENT, MARK ANTHONY, Dallas, General CLINE, LEO EDWARD, Dallas, lnduslrial Aeronaulical Engineering COBB, WAYNE HENRY, Crowell, Agricullure COHEN, LEON BENJAMIN, Dallas, Pre-Medical COLEMAN, JESSIE JOY, Dallas, Physical Educalion COLLIER, ROBERT EARL, JR., Forl Worth, Petroleum Engineering COLLINS, BILL CHARLES, Cisco, lnduslrial Aeronaulical Engineering COLWELL, HARRY LLOYD, Forl Worlh, General CONN, ERNEST WILLIAM, JR., Wills Poinl, lnduslrial Elcclrical Engineering COTTEN, RELMON EMORY, Brownsboro, General COZZO, ALFRED LEONCE, Dallas, Arfs and Sciences CRAIG, GEORGE WILLIAM, Fort Worfh, Mechanical Engineering CRANFORD, LOIS ADA, Dallas, Radio Producfion CROSS, CATHRYN JANE, Forl Worlh, General CROUCH, DOROTHY JEAN, Dallas, Home Economics CLASS OF l943 CROW, HERMAN LOUIS, Ferl Worlli, Civil Engineering CUMMINGS, GUY LINDSAY, Forl Worlh, Arfs and Science DAGUE, PATRICIA ANN, San Anlonio, Speech, Radio and Dramafics DAVIS, GEORGE EARL, JR., Dallas, Business Administration DAVIS, JOHN CLIFFORD, Dallas, lndusirial Aeronaulics DAVIS, CHARLIE HENRY, Dallas, Pre'Medical DAVIES, JOHN HENRY, Forl Worih, lnduslrial Aeronaulics DECKER, HELEN LOUISE, Arlingfon, Business Adminisfralion DEERING, BOBBY, Arlinglon, lnduslrial Aeronautics DUVAL, NANCY JANE, Dallas. Business Adminislralion DUDLEY, ARTHUR RAY, Dallas, Aeronaulics DUEWALL, LEROY ALFRED, Caldwell, Pre-Journalism DOWDY, CLIFFORD IRVIN, Forl Worlh, Eleclrical Engineering DOGGETT, EDGAR ORREN, Cenler, lnduslrial Mechanics DODGE, CHARLES FREEMONT, Dallas, Chemical Engineering DILLARD, ALBERT WILLIAM, JR., Forl Worlh, General EAKLE, BETTY BROOKE, Ferl Worlh, Arls and Science ELICH, JAMES AUBREY, Albany, lnduslrial Aeronaulics flffl' I Il P 3 0 . Q IQ f. ,, I .'fw."' fs' .A 4 CLASS OF I943 ELWOOD, THOMAS, Ranger, lneluslrial Aeronaulics EMMONS, BETTY JANE, Dallas, Business Adminislralion ESTILL, BURT EDWIN, Arlingion, Pre-Law ESTILL, LEONARD URIAH, For? Werlh, lndusfrial Eleclrical Engineering FARR, CHARLIE MILTON, Mansfield, Civil Engineering FITZGERALD, EDMOND SPAIN, Handley, Chemical Engineering FLIPPO, MARGARET ANN, For? Worlh, Commercial Arl FLOYD, DEVON HAROLD, Gladewaler, Band and Orcheslra FORD, DAVID BENTON, Grand Prairie, Business Adminislralion FORGERSON, CARL DAVID, Arlingfon, Mechanical Engineering FOX, THOMAS RIAL, Dallas, Civil Engineering FRANKE, HAROLD WILLIAM, Kyle, Agricullure FREEMAN, FREDERIC DELASKIE, Dallas, Induslrial Aeronaufics FRITZ, JOHN EDWARD, Weaflwerford, lndusfrial Mechanics FRY, ANNE LOIS, Forl Worlh, General FUOUA, GORDON WALLACE, Stamford, Industrial Aeronaulics GANDY, DELORES IOLENE, Forf Worlh, Business Adminisfralion GANT, ROBERT CARROLL, Wichila Falls, Pre-Medical CLASS OF I943 GILLEY, JOY LOUISE, Arlingion, Elementary Educafion GLENN, BRYAN CURTIS, Dallas, Business Aclminisiraiion GOODLOE, EVERETTE MURRELL, Red Oak, Indusfrial Mechanical Engineering GOODMAN, LEE, Dallas, Pelroleum Engineering GEORGE, WALTER GOODWYN, Irving, Chemical Engineering GULLICK, RENTZ, Dallas, Chemical Engineering HAGLER, HORACE BENTON, Dallas, Indusirial Aeronautical Engineering HAGAN, MARY MARGARET, Dallas, Home Economics HALL, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Dallas, Business Adminisfralion HALLMARK, WILLIAM ROY, Dallas, Business Aclminislralion HAMM, MARY LEE, Red Oak, Business Adminisfraiion HAMMACK, LONDA FERN, Kennedalc, Home Economics HAMPTON, BYRON DREW, Longview, Aeronauiical Engineering HANNIGAN, THOMAS FRANCIS, Fort Worth, Indusirial Engineering HARE, WENDELL PORTER, Housion, Arls and Science I'lARRIS,lJIMMlE MITCHELL, Dallas, Aeronauiical Engineering HARRISON, E. J., JR., Cleburne, Agriculiural Educalion HARRISON, MARVIN HENRY, Dallas, Chemical Engineering rf-J If-9' I.. I HAYDEN, KENNETH, Dallas, Industrial Electrical Engineering HAYNE5, MARY MARGARET, Dallas, General Art HENDRICKS, INEZ VIRGINIA, Dallas, Business Administration HERNDON, THOMAS RAYMOND, Dallas, Mechanical HICKEY, BILLY GENE, Dallas, Business Administration HIGHTOWER, EDWIN CONERY, JR,, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering HILLS, CARL FRANCIS, Parnpa, Aeronautical Engineering HIMES, LUTHER ROBERT, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering HINES, GRADY HEIBERICH, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering HINES, MILDRED SUE, Dallas, Horne Economics HILL, JOHN DISBROW, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering HILL, JOE McFARLAND, Dallas, Pro-Law HOLDER, LEONARD IRVIN, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering HOLT, JAMES KENNETH, Pampa, Agricultural Education HOULIHAN, JOHN DANIEL, Handley, Industrial Mechanical Engineering HOWARD, DORCAS LANETTE, Fort Worth, General Art HOWARD, ORBRA FAY, Fort Worth, Business Administration HUBBARD, JOEL RICHARD, New Boston, Aeronautical Engineering CLASS OF I943 HUDSON, HOMER DICK, Dallas, lnduslrial Aeronaufical Engineering HUDSON, THOMAS BROCKETT, Anson, Chemical Engineering HUMPHRIES, JAMES ELDRIDGE, Edgewood, lnduslrial Elecfrical Engineering HUNTER, ANNE SOPHIE, Dallas, Business Adminisfralion JASPER, MARY VIRGINIA, Dallas, Arls and Science JENKINS, FRANK ESCHOL, ForIWorfl1, Civil Engineering JENSON, MARTIN HALDEAN, Dallas, Civil Enginccring JOHNS, CARLOS HOPKINS, Arlinglon, Pre-Law JOHNSON, GWENDOLYN JO, Dallas, High School Educalion JONES, BILL MANNING, Forl Worfh, Business Adminislralion JONES, BILLY RAY, Dallas, Pre-Journalism JONES, GLEN HAYNES, Dallas, lnduslrial Elcclrical Engineering JOYNER, HUBERT LESTER, JR., For? Worth, Business Adrninisfrafion KELLY, ROBERT PRATHER, Sfoneburg, Agriculfural Educafion KELLEY, JACK ROBERT, Marshall, lnduslrial Aeronaulical Engineering KEMP, ELIZABETH, Dallas, Arls and Science KIER, JAMES MCCELLAN, Arlinglon, Pre-Law KILPATRICK, Jimmie Margarel, ForIWor1h, Business Adrninisfralion X . -15 -an 1 I -Al lk ,A-Q., CB .2 All I A0 CLASS OF l943 KINNE, FRANCES JEANNE, Dallas, Home Economics KINSER, JAMES REECE, Dallas, Business Adminislralion KNOX, CARL WILLIAM, Arlington, General Terminal KRIPPEL, MARGARET ELLEN, For? Worih, Arts and Science LaFEVRE, BRENDA LOUISE, Fort Worlh, Arls and Science L'I-IERRISON, OSWALD SAMUEL, Forl Worfh, Aeronaufical Engineering LAMPKIN, KATHERINE, Fort Worfh, Home Economics LANCASTER, BILLK JACK, Longview, Aeronaufical Engineering LaPRELLE, JAMES PORTER, Dallas, Arfs and Science LARSON, SHIRLEY ANN, Dallas, Arls and Science LEFTWICH, WILLIAM PRENTICE, Arlinglon, Mechanical Engineering LENSKY, HERMAN, Houston, Arfs and Science LESLIE, LEROY MUNSTER, Dallas, Pre-Medical LETTERMON, HARRISON DEAN, Anadarko, Oklahoma, High School Education LEWIS, LEZETTE LODELLE, Midlofhian, Home Economics LINK, ROBERT EUGENE, Forl Sill, Oklahoma, Indusfrial Aeronaulical Engineering LITTLE, JACK W. B., Decafur, Agricullural Educalion LOYD, EDWARD RAMSEY, Dallas, lnduslrial Aeronauiical Engineering ,4,.J! CLASS oi: I943 McILROY, HOMER CLAUDE, Dallas, Industrial Electrical Engineering MANN, PAT NEFF, Arlington, Agriculture MARTIN, BILLY DWAYNE, Nocona, Chemical Engineering MARTIN, WINNIE FAE, Fort Worth, Business Administration MAYS, WILLIAM THORNTON, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering MAXWELL, GEORGE ENGLE, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering MEADOR, REBECCA, Beckville, Technician and Nursing MEINKE, ROBERT WALTER, Yoalcum, Agricultural Engineering MILLER, LESLIE M., Dallas, Business Administration MILLIKEN, MARY JEANNE, Fort Worth, Arts and Science MILLS, BETTY JANE, Bay City, Business Administration MILLS, RALPH LEE, Abilene, Band and Orchestra MINER, BILLY LOUISE, Fort Worth, Home Economics MOORE, CLARENCE ELBERT, Fort Worth, Engineering MOORE, WAYNE HUTSON, Fort Worth, Industrial Engineering MORRIS, JOHN CURTIS FREEMONT, Plattsmouth, Nebraska, General Terminal MYERS, DEXTER HOLMAN, Wichita Falls, Mechanical Engineering NICHOLS, CHARLIE JOE, Mansfield, Civil Engineering Y 8 --at .rf I 10 x, , CLASS OF l943 NICHOLS, NOMA ISABELLE, Dallas, General Terminal NOWLIN, IVAN EDWARD, Forl Worlh, lndusfrial Aeronaulical Engineering OLMSTEAD, JOHN PAUL, For? Worth, Pelroleum Engineering ORR, MARTHA JO, Forl Worlh, Business Adminislralion ORR, PEGGY FRANCES, Dallas, Elemenlary Educalicn OTTS, MARIAM JANIS, Dallas, Business Adminishalion PARR, GRADY CLEE, Childress, Agricullure PARRISH, RANDALL J., Dallas, lnduslrial Mechanical Engineering PASTOR, JOHN RAY, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering PICKETT, WELDON BURKE, Dallas, Business Adminislralion PUCKETT, JALAH MOORE, Arlinglon, ArIs and Science RAVEY, BILL JIM, For? Worlh, Eleclrical Engineering RAPE, OTHA DEE, Mineola, Pre-Med REEDER, HELEN JUANITA, Ferl Worlh, Business Adminislralion REID, WILBUR RAYMOND, For? Worlh, Pre-Medical RENSHAW, SAM WORTHINGTON, Decalur, Pelroleum Engineering RHOTENBERRY, JAMES ROBERT, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering RICE, RIP GEORGE, For? Worlh, Arls and Science CLASS OF I943 ROBERTS, RAYMOND WILLARD, Dallas, Pre-Law ROBERTSON, WALLACE PAUL, Cleburne, Industrial Aeronaufical Engineering RODGERS, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Grand Prairie, Business Adminisfrafion RONNING, FRANCES MARIE, Dallas, Techinician and Nursing ROSS, FRED CODY, For? Worth, Peiroleum Engineering ROOUEMORE, MARILYN, For? Worlh, Speech, Radio and Drarnafics RUSHING, BETTY GRACE, For? Worfh, Elementary Educahon RUSSELL, BIRT, Van Alsfyne, Agriculiure RUSSELL, MELVIN GRAY, Dallas, Pre-Medical SABO, MOLLYE MARIE, Dallas, Dramatic Producfion SANDERLIN, NANCY JANE, Arlingfon, Physical Educahon SCHUMACHER, ELLEN MORINE, Arlington, Home Economics SCHUTTS, BETTY ANN, For? Worfh, Radio Producfion SCOTT, BOBBY LEE, For? Worfh, Induslrial Aeronaufical Engineering SCROGGINS, FERMIN DALE, Bowie, Agriculfure SEYSTER, CHARLIE EDWARD, For? Worfh, Aeronaufical Engineering SHELTON, CECIL, Forl Worih, Aeronaulical Engineering SHEPHERD, BETTYE CLARK, Selman Cify, Business Adminisfrafion ,, in CLASS OF I943 SHINN, JIMMY JOE, Blue Ridge, Industrial Education SIMMONS, ISAAC LIVNGSTON, Nordheim, Mechanical Engineering SINCLAIR, CHESTER LAWTON, Mt. Pleasant, Agriculture SKELTON, MARVIN LEE, Dallas, Pre-Journalism SKILLMAN, EDNA KYLE, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical SMITH, ALFRED EDMUND, Houston, Pre-Journalism SMITH, ERWIN CHESTER, Wills Point, Arts and Science SMITH, JEANNETTE MARGARET, Arlington, Business Administration SMITH, LOUISE MACLYN, Fort Worth, Arts and Science SMITH, SHELBY WILMAN, Fort Worth, General Terminal SMITH, WILLAM EDWARD, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SNELL, THADDEUS AUGUSTUS, Odessa, Band and Orchestra SOHMER, EDWARD LUKE, Dallas, Arts and Science SOUTHALL, E. J,, Burleson, Business Administration SPAIN, CHARLES JORDAN, Weatherford, Pre-Law SPIGHT, JOHN WILLIAM, Handley, Public School Music SPRIGG, WILLIAM, Palestine, Business Administration SPRINGER, D. W., Midlothian, Agricultural Education CLASS OF I943 SPRULIN, GILBERT RAY, For? Worlh, lncluslrial Aeronaulical Engineering STALSBY, JAMES AUDREY, Crosby, Pre-Med STEEN, MAURICE, Floydada, lnduslrial Aeronaulical Engineering STEEN, PHIL, Floydada, lnduslrial Aeronaulical Engineering STEVENSON, FLORENCE EUGENIA, Arlingfon, Business Adminislralion STEWART, WILLIAM GAIL, Naples, lnduslrial Electrical Engineering STOLL, MARY MARGARET, Dallas, Business Adminislralion STRONG, JAMES M., Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma, Petroleum Engineering SULLIVAN, MARY MARGARET, Forl Worlh, General Ari SUMMERS, HARRY LEE, For? Worlh, Business Adminislralion SURRATT, MARSHALL ENGLAND, Dallas, Arls and Science SUTHERLAND, GORDON, Dallas, Arls and Science SWETT, ELIZABETH MAUD, Handley, General Terminal THACKER, IKE HARDIN, Forl Worlh, Pelroleum Engineering THOMAS, ROBERT LEE, Forl Worth, lnduslrial Aeronautical Engineering THOMPSON, R. JACK, Saginaw, lnduslrial Engineering TOMLIN, WILBUR DALTON, Bullard, Agricullural Educafion TRESP, BRUCE ANTON, Dallas, Pre-Journalism I 48 l CLASS OF I943 TRIBBETT, DOROTHY MCHENRY lMrs.J, Arlington, Technician and Nursing TURNER, LESTER CHASTAIN, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical VAN DEVER, DON JOSEPH, Wichita Falls, Chemical Engineering VAN METER, ALICE MARIE, Dallas, Arts and Science VAUG-I-IAN, CLIFFORD HOUSTON, Hereford, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering VAUGHN, JAMES H., Roclcwall, Petroleum Engineering VILLALOBOS, JIMENEZ JAMES, Fort Worth, Agriculture WADDELL, LLOYD STANLEY, Handley, Mechanical Engineering WALLACE, COLLEEN, Nocona, Business Administration WALLACE, GEORGE C., Arlington, Chemical Engineering WALLACE, JOSEPH CALVIN, Irving, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WALLIS, RICHARD HADEN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WARREN, WALTER MARVIN, Center, Pre-Medical WEST, CHARLENE MARGARET, Keller, Arts and Science WHITE, ROBERT HARLAN, Dalworth Park, Pre-Medical WHITEHEAD, ALVIN VEAZEY, Van Alstyne, Civil Engineering WHITEHURST, WINFORM CHARLES, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering WIDMAN, ROSEMARY, Arlington, Radio Production CLASS OF I943 WILLIAMS, HOYT EMERSON, Dallas, Elecfrical Engineering WILLIS, CURTIS EUGENE, Dallas, Arls and Science WILLIS, VONDYL EMMERY, Agricullural Education WILSON, DON REMLEY, Forl Worlh, Business Adminislralion WILSON, EARL LINN, Dallas, Pelroleum Engineering WIMAN, LEO, Dallas, Electrical Engineering WINFREY, FRANK NEBLETT, Fort Worfh, Mechanical Engineering WOMACK, GLORIA ANN, Forf Worth, Elemenlary Education WOMACK, ROBERT LEE, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering WOOD, GEORGE WILLIS, Sugarland, Chemical Engineering WRIGHT, WILLIAM PRESTON, Tyler, Radio Production WRIGHT, VIDA IOLA, Arlinglon, Home Economics YATES. CHARLES DAVIS, Dallas, Pfekmedieal Yenea, Jon EDGAR, si. Jo, Dramalic Production 'E' i CLASS OFFICERS 'Til LEONARD LUEDKE, Presiclenjr HENRY MCANNALLY, Vice-Presiclenf BILLIE JEAN BANG, Secrerary and Treasurer ACREY, DONALD OLIVER, Dallas, Incluslrial Aero ADAIR, DOROTHY MAE, Dallas, Ari Educalion ADAMS, ALLEN EDWARD, For? Worlh, Elecirical Engineering ADAMS, THOMAS S. JR., Byers, Agricullural Educaiion ADRIAN, DAVID LEE, Forl Worlh, Chemical Engineering ALLEN, FORREST JAMES, Arlington, Engineering ALLEN, GEORGE CURTIS, Van, Mechanical Engineering ALTER, ADRIAN EDWARD, Dallas, Aero ANCELIN, MARY ELLEN, Dallas, Arls and Science ANDERSON, FRANK M., Dallas, Chemical Engineering ANDERSON, JAMES OWEN JR., Houslon, Industrial Aeronaulical Engineering ANDREWS, GARNETT ANTHONY, Ennis, Mechanical Engineering ANDREWS, GLENN ALFORD, Longview, Arls and Science ARNOLD, BILLY MORRIS, Kemp, Agricullure ARRINGTON, BILLY MERLE, Dallas, Home Economics ARWINE, JOE ARNOLD, Floydada, Chemical Engineering ASKEW, WILLIAM GORDON, Ferris, Engineering ASTON, PAUL REED, Farmersville, Pelroleum Engineering AUTREY, ROY JAMES, Shamrock, Mechanical Engineering AVERY, WILLIAM OLIVER JR. Longview, Chemical Engineeririg BAILEY, WELDON IRL, Lone Oak, Agricullure BAKER, ROGER WARREN, Irving, Pre-Velerinary BAKER, ROY D., Waxahachie, Elecfrical Engineering BALL, BENNY FRED, Lillian, Agriculluie BALL, JO EVELYN, Alvarado, Home Economics BALTZELL, WALTER CHARLES, Dallas, General Terminal BANE, CLYDE LINDER, Texarkana, Acro BANG, BILLIE GENE, Terrell, Elemenfary Educalion BANKS, CHARLES EDWARD, Marshall, Aero BARNARD, PAUL JR, Dallas, Pre-Medical BARNHILL, HORACE JASPER, Richmond, General Terminal BARNES, MARY LOU, Arlinglon, Business Adminisfralion BARRETT, MARTIN DOUGLAS, Decafur, Agricullure BARR, KATHERINE ELOISE, Forl Worlh, Radio Produclion BARRON, EMMA LOUISE, Ferl Worlh, Business Adminislralion Q CLASS OF I944 ' . 3 1' lb in I -if 'I-I -6 ,A -, BATES, JACK CORNISH, Ghram, Agricultural Engineering BEAR, THOMAS EARL, Denison, Business Administration BEARDEN, LAWRENCE OLEN, Grandview, Industrial Mechanics BEASLEY, ALVIN RAY, Nocona, Engineering BECK, ROBERT JAMES, Fort Worth, Aero BECK, PAT, Winfield, Engineering BECKHAM, HENRY WILSON JR., Waxahachie, Business Administration BELL, ALBERT THEODORE JR., Dallas, Aero BELLOWS, CHARLES THOMAS, Arlington, Arts and Sciences BENNETT, HAROLD WEISER JR., Dallas, Agriculture BENNETT, HOWARD J., Fort Worth, Pre-Medical BENNETT, RICHARD EUGENE, Arlington, Industrial Engineering BERGER, GII.LETT, Dallas, Pre-Veterinary BETHEA, ROBERT PIERCE, San Antonio, Aero BIRKHEAD, CHARLES E. JR., Arlington, Electrical Engineering BISCAMP, ROY GENE, Houston, Engineering BISHOP, JAMES THURMOND, Floydada, Business Administration BLACKBURN, JOE MADDUX, Blossom, Agriculture BLACKWELL, REBECCA JANE, Arlington, Business Administration BLAIR, BILLYE RAY, Fort Worth, Pre-Veterinary BLAKEWAY, BILLY GENE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aero BLASSINGAME, THOMAS CARL, Denison, Agricultural Education BLUMMER, RAYMOND OSCAR JR., Dallas, Chemical Engineering BOAL, LAWRENCE NICHOLAS JR., San Antonio, Physical Education BOOKER, BARNEY JOE, Arlington, Industrial Aero BOONE, BILLY CLYDE, Dallas, Industrial Aero BOTHWELL, DAVID HENDERSON, Fort Worth, Industrial Acro BOMAR, CECIL RANDOLPH, McKinney, Business Administration BOMBARGER, OTHEL PAUL, Fort Worth, Engineering BONDURANT, WILLIAM LUSK, Arlington, Pre'Law BONE, CLYDE, not enrolled BOUNDS, B. M. JR., Grand Prairie, Industrial Aero BOWEN, LEONARD DELBERT, St. Jo, Agricultural Education BOWLES, TOMMY YEAGER, Dallas, Arts and Science BOYD, PEGGY JENE, Fort Worth, Business Administration I I I BOYD, JAMES THOMAS, Springlown, Engineering BRADY, MARY ALICE, Fort Worlh, Business Adminisirafion BRANT, HARLEY HAROLD, Jaclcsboro, Industrial Aero BRAMLETT, JAMES E., Greenville, Aero BRASHEAR, WILLIAM WALTER, Ingleside, lnduslrial Aero BREEN, CHARLES EDWARD JR., Forf Worlh, Aero BRELAND, BETTY, Arlingfon, Business Adminisiralion BRICE, JOHN SHERMAN, Houslon, Agriculiural Engineering BRITT, ORLAN HURSTON, Grand Prairie, Radio Produclion BROCK, BETTY GENE, For? Worlli, Business Adminisfrafion BROGREN, C. E. JR., Mechanical Engineering BRONSON, WILLIAM SIDNEY, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering BROOKS, JOHN FRANK, Abilene, Engineering BROOKS, JIMMIE LLOYD, Blueridgc, Agriculfurc BROWN, BILLY JOE, Waco, Band and Orchesfra 3ROWN, PAUL LINGO, Sweelwaler, nduslrial Aero BROWN, MILLICENT, LaGrange, Business rhdminisfrafion BROCK, ROY CLAY, I-laslcell, Agricullure BROWN, JAYFUS, Dallas, Indusfrial Aero BRYAN, CHARLES WILLIS, Whifesboro, Agricullure BRYAN, EDWARD HAROLD, Denison, lnduslrial Mechanics BRYCE, HILTON HALL, Arlington, lndusfrial Eleclrical Engineering BUFORD, BETTY JEAN, Dallas, Elemenlary Educalion BULL, WALTER D., Dallas, Arls and Science BURDETT, WILLIAM ANTHONY, Arlingfon, Aero BURKS, WILLIAM EUGENE, Crawford, Agricultural Educalion BURNEY, STANLEY TERRY, Dallas, Business Adrninisfralion BURNHAM, NEAL REED, Grand Prairie, Mechanical Engineering BURRIS, BILL HARRELL, Dallas, Chemical Engineering BURRUS, MATTIE JEAN, Dallas, Business Adminislralion BURROW, BUD, Walnul Springs, lncluslrial Aero BYERS, LEON ARTHUR, Dallas, Aero CALHOUN, THOMAS MARTIN, Dallas, Pre-Law CAMPBELL, ANITA DORIS, Dallas, Business Adrninislralion CANTRELL, DILLARD REESE, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering 'Z 'n Q lim. ' 1 gi ,fxf'ld -ii Al YN x , ,, 4. fyifr I 3 f M iii" 'i JY' X' .-sv is . 'F 3 , A t ', 8 Q a A ii ' ii K I "' I f P 5 1 A -cr Q-A fo. CARAWAY, JOHN CLIFTON, Eagle Pass, Industrial Electrical Engineering CAREY, KARL FRANKLIN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautics CARPENTER, JOE MACK, Waco, Aeronautics CARRELL, MARY LOU, Dallas, Technician Nurse CARSON, JIM WHELLER, Fort Worth, Pre-Law CARSON, JOE MALONE, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering CASH, DOROTHY NELL, Arlington, Business Administration CAVER, LAWRENCE HARDY, Atlanta, Civil Engineering CAVINESS, JIM JOHNSON, Memphis, Industrial Electrical Engineering CHAMBERS, JANE, Wichita Falls, Arts and Science CHANCEY, DON GORDON, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering CHANDLER, CHARLES SMITH, McKinney, Business Administration CHAPMAN, MARGARET ANN, Crowley, Radio Production CHARLES, BILLYE JANE, Dallas, Business Administration CHEANEY, CARL BENJAMIN, JR., Industrial Aeronautics CHENNAULT, JEAN ELIZABETH, Grand Prairie, Arts and Science CHILDS, BETTY JEAN, Fort Worth, Business Administration CI-IISHOLM, WILLIAM SCOTT, San Antonio, Pre-Law CHOLLAR, DEAN RAYMOND, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering CHRISTIANSEN, VELMA LOUISE, Fort Worth, Home Economics CLEAVER, BILLY LLOYD, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering CLEMANS, RICHARD LOUIS, Body, Civil Engineering CLYMER, LOUIS HUNTER, Alvarado, Agriculture COATES, LLOYD LANE, Ozona, Industrial Aeronautics COBB, CHARLES EDWARD, Little Rock, Arkansas, Aeronautics COCHRANE, EARL ARCHIE, Dallas, Aeronautics COG-HILL, BOB, Dallas, Pre-Journalism COLEMAN, MARY JO, Collinsville, Business Administration COMPTON, DEE DANNY, Fort Wortli, Petroleum Engineering CONANT, GEORGE FRANCIS, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautics CONLEY, FRANCES MARIE, Sweetwater, Home Economics CONNELL, MARVIN, Dallas, Arts and Science COON, DAVID FRANKLIN, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautics COOPER, WALTER ABNEY, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering COPPINGER, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Dallas, Engineering CORLETT, FRANK, Dallas, Chemical Engineering CORNWELL, JULIA ERWIN, Italy, Industrial Electrical Engineering COUCI-I, EARL JACOB, JR., Grand Prairie, Chemical Engineering COULTER, ELIZABETH CONSTANCE, Fort Worth, Technician and Nursing COVEY, BARNEY LEY, Dallas, General Terminal COVINGTON, BOBBY SI-IELTON, Grand Prairie, Industrial Aeronautics COZART, BOBBY JOE, Annona, Agricultural Education CRAGER, DOYLE, Jermyn, Industrial Aeronautics CRAWFORD, GEORGE GUY, Mount Pleasant, Industrial Aeronautics CROCKER, DONALD ROSS, Tulia, Arts and Science CROSS, JAMES HOWARD, Royse City, Agriculture CROCKETT, MARY DOLORES, Dallas, Home Economics CROUCI-I, JOE WALTER, JR., Crowley Industrial Mechanics CROUCH, ALLEN MILLAR, Dallas, Agriculture CROW, BEN OWNE, Gatesville, Business Administration CULBERHOUSE, JO ANN, Fort Worth, Business Administration CURTIN, JACK LANE, Baytown, Mechanical Engineering CUMMINS, EUGENE, Corsicana, Electrical Engineering CUMMING, ROBERT BRUCE, Weatherford, Industrial Aeronautics CUMMINGS, ALMA RUTI-I, Fort Worth, Business Administration CUNNINGI-IAM, DAVID McCULLOUGH, Eliasville, Business Administration CURRINGTON, CALVIN OVERTON, JR., Corsicana, Petroleum Engineering CURRIE, FRANCES MARIE, Arlington, Business Administration CURTIS, WILL I-l,, Midlothian, Agriculture CUSACK, PAUL ROBERT, Omaha, Nebraska, Speech, Radio, Dramatics DANIELS, NANCY RUTH, Fort Worth, Business Administration DAVENPORT, DAVID ELWYN, Silsbec, Industrial Aeronautics DAVIS, ROY BRISCO, Granger, Business Administration DAVIS, CHARLENE, Arlington, Home Economics DARWIN, PATRICIA ADELINE, Dallas, Techinician and Nursing DELLIS, EDWARD LEE, Mabank, Agriculture DEPOMA, JOE, Dallas, Business Administration DEWBERRY, ERCY WELDON, Grand Prairie, Industrial Aeronautics DICKENSON, S. V., JR., Godlcy, Agricultural Education DIX, MAXINE ALACCIA, Dallas, Home Economics fiisi .-if ..... --lift' i . 13 G-I V2 .31 , ,. 'I as Y i' ,,,,,, ., , ,422 4, N 45 vf in I -vw ,L 4 rw, 23.-, r H2 L 1 4 X DOBBS, ROY W., Olfon, Agriculfure DOBBS, WALTER C., JR., Longview, Eleclrical Engineering DOCKERY, HARVEY, Honey Grove, General Terminal DODGE, DON ARTHUR, Wichiia Falls Incluslrial Aeronauiics DODSON, JACK ELWOOD, Fori Worlh, Pre- Law DOMINGE, JANE, Forl Worlh, Elerrienlary Educalion DONNELL, SARAH FRANCES, Grand Prairie, Arts and Science DOUGLAS, GENEVIEVE FRANCES, For? Worlh, Arls and Science DOW, FERDINAND CAMPBELL, Oran, Agricullurc DOWDY, WILLIAM CLARENCE, JR McKinney, Pre-Law DRAIN, OGLE LEE, McKinney, Induslrial Aeronaufics DUNN, BETTY VIRGINIA, Hanley, Business Adminisiraiion KEMP, DURWARD CHAPPELL, Ilasca, Peiroleurn Engineering DURWAY, MALCOLM BOLIN, For? Worlh, Agricullure DU RWAY, ROBERT JOSEPH, For? Worth, Aris and Science DuBOSE, EDWARD FRANCIS, Forl Worlh, Mechanical Engineering DYESS, JAMES BLACKSTONE, Waxahachie, Engineering EATON, JAMES KAYE, Palesline, Aeronaulics ECHOLS, CORINE, Arlinqlon, Assisianl in Engineering Deparlmeni ECKERT, ERVIN EDWARD, Doss, Mechanical Engineering ECKERT, MILTON SAMUEL, Sfreeler, Agricullure EKHOLM, EDWIN LEE, Arlington, Chemical Engineering EDMONDSON, CHARLES HORACE, Tulia, Mechanical Engineering EDWARDS, ELBERT JOE, Byers, Agricullure ELDER, JESSIE INEZ, Dallas, Home Economics ELLIOTT, JACK, Arlinglon, Arls and Science ELLIS, GLENN, Forl Worlh, Mechanical Engineering EPLEN, THOMAS MORRIS, Cameron, Business Adrninisrration ESTES, JAMES PORTER, Whilesboro, Business Adminisfralion EVANS, EMMETT HOLYER, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering EVANS, PEGGY JEANNE, Henderson, Business Adrninislralion FAIN, MANTON NICHOLAS, JR., Dallas, Engineering FARMER, EDWARD RUSSELL, Palesline, Pelroleurn Engineering FARRAR, CHAPMAN OSCAR, Dallas, Engineering FERRELL, MARJORIE, Dallas, Business Adminislrafion .ARRENS, EDGAR HENRY, Grand Prairie, Industrial Aeronautics I-ARRIS, EDWARD THOMPSON, Arlington, Pre-Medical FAULKNER, DAVID LEQUIN, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering FAULKNER, FRED TAYLOR, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering FAULKNER, JOE BAILEY, Whitcsboro, Chemical Engineering FEATHERSTON, ALECK BOOKER, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering FEATHERSTONE, DOROTHY NELL, Dallas, Business Administration FERGUSON, EARL JOHN, Dallas, Industrial Electrical Engineering FERGUSON, MARY WILLIE, Dallas, Business Administration FERRILL, HERBERT WEN DELL, Grand Prairie, Mechanical Engineering FINIGAN, WALTER RALEIGH, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering FISHER, JEWELL ANNETTE, Arlington, FITCH, CLINTON ROBERT, Imperial, Industrial Electrical Engineering ELECKENSTEIN, BETTY LOUISE, Fort Worth, Business Administration FLEMING, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Dallas, Business Administration FLORENCE, BARRON, Troup, Industrial Aeronautics FLORENCE, BARRON ARTHUR, Troup, Industrial Aeronautics FLYNN, PAUL THOMAS, Corsicana, Agricultural Education FORMAN, OVID THOMASON, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical FOSHEE, MARJORIE LUCILLE, Dallas, Business Administration FOSTER, JAMES HENRY, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering FOWLER, DAVID PAUL, Fort Worth, Engineering FREEMAN, GILBERT NORVELL, Dallas, Arts and Science FREEMAN, GILBERT NORVELL, Dallas, Arts and Science FREEMAN, VIRGINIA LEE, Arlington Radio Production FRIDAY, VETA PHILLIP, Corsicana, Industrial Education FRITZ, CHARLES HERBERT, Weatherford, Industrial Aeronautics FUESS, CHARLES FRANCIS, Dallas, Aeronautics EUESS, MARY ELLA, Dallas, Arts and Science FULLER, BILLIE JOE, Arlington, Pre-Medical FUSTON, ARTHUR LESTER, Italy, Industrial Aeronautics GAINES, ROBERT BYRON, JR., Fort Worth, Arts ancl Science GALLOWAY, JOHN MARK, Laneville, Industrial Aeronautics GANN, ANNA JEAN, Dallas, Home Economics GANNAWAY, RAYMOND CHRISTOPHER, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautics CLASS OF I944 ,vi 't , ,vc Y - .If g Z X A ,ei 2 lf 'T 'A 'naw---, li A1 X D IRL 113 'f our T X a If co, ' ix.. . 4' 'Ii GARRETT, EDGAR JULIAN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautics GARRISON, ARTHUR DWAYNE, Navarro, Chemical Engineering GARZA, CHARLOTTE CAROLYN, Fort Worth, Dramatic Production GEORGE, EVERETT LEVOY, Corpus Christi, Industrial Aeronautics GILBERT, JOHN BYNUM, Kopperl, Arts and Science GILDEN, JACK, Fort Worth, Business Administration GILLILAND, ZACH MORRIS, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering GIBSON, KENNETH EARL, Grand Prairie Industrial Electrical Engineering GILLEN, EDMOND, Saginaw, Aeronautical Engineering GLASGOW, HERSCHEL MILLER, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical GLASSCOCK, LOVENA, Fort Worth, Business Administration GLOVER, JACK ELMER, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering GOFORTH, DAVID LUTHER, Garland, Agriculture Administration GLAZE, JACOUELINE CHARLOTTE LEE, Fort Worth, Pre-Journalism GOODE, DEVERE, Larnesa, Engineering GOODWIN, JESSE CLERMAN, Wills Point, Agriculture GOUGH, MERL, Muleshoe, Agriculture GOZZALDI, MARY ETHEL, Dallas, Business Administration GORDON, GORDON, Dallas, Arts and Science GORDON, JOHN TERRY, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering GOWIN, DIXIE ROBERT, Fort Worth, Pre-Law GRAHAM, MARGARET LOUISE, Fort Worth, Arts and Science GREEN, OTIS EUGENE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering GREENE, CHARLES ROBERT, Graham, Arts and Science GRIFFITH, JOE THOMAS, Shreveport, Louisiana, Chemical Engineering GROVES, RICHARD THOMAS, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DeGINDER, WILLIAM LIND, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical GRUNDY, PERMAN LEWIN, Marshall, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering GUEST, WILLIAM DALTON, Granbury, Business Administration GULLEDGE, BILLY JOAN, Handley, Pre-Medical HAGY, WILLIAM HENRY, McKinney, Business Administration HALL, HOBERT EARL, JR., Blum, Engineering HAMLIN, THOMAS EDGAR, Lewisville, Business Administration HAMPTON, PATSY MARIE, Dallas, Arts and Science HARBER, MARGARET MERLE, Fort Worth, Fashion Arts HARDIN, BILLIE JOE, Dallas, Engineering HARE, JOHN THOMAS, Crosby, Business Administration HARLIN, W. C., Princeton, Agriculture HARPER, EARL WILLIAM, McKinney, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering HARPER, TOMMY PAYNE, Dallas, PrefMedical HARRIS, GEORGE RAY, Plano, Aeronautical Engineering HARRIS, JOHN ROBERT, Fort Worth, Engineering HARRISON, IRMA JEAN, Grand Prairie, Radio and Dravnatics HARRISON, JAMES WILLIAM, Dallas, Engineering HARRISON, WYLIE SMITH, Greenville, Electrical Engineering HART, BILL JACK, Weatherford, Arts and Science HART, GEORGE, Fort Worth, Agriculture HARTMAN, LAVERNE LAVILLE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering HARTSFIELD, HARRISON RAY, Mineola, Electrical Engineering HATCHER, CHARLES RICHARD, Dallas, Pre-Medical HAWKINS, LEAH GERALDINE, Fort Worth, Home Economics HAWLEY, BILLIE DOC, Farrnersville, Business Administration HAYES, JAMES WILLIAM, Whitesboro, Business Administration HAYES, THOMAS MYRON, Santa Anna, Aeronautical Engineering HAYTER. BILLY GLENN, Greenville, Industrial Electrical Engineering HAZELWOOD, JOHN DONALD, Handley, Agriculture HEATH, JAMES ALTON, Bowie, Agriculture HEATHINGTON, ROY TERRY, McKinney, Mechanical Engineering HEJL, DANIEL PAUL, Taylor, Physical Education HENDLEY, NORMA JEAN, Wills Point Physical Education HENDRIX, JAMES RICHARD, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering HENRIE, BILLY JACK, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering HENSLEE, KATHLEEN, Fort Worth, Arts and Science HENSON, WILLIAM ERWIN, Dallas, Commercial Art HERING, HENRY LEE, McGregor, Engineering HERRIN, ASTON CARLISLE, Italy, Engineering HEWETT, BERNARD ELTON, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering HEYE, ROBERT GUS, Houston, Physical Education HIETT, DOROTHY JUNE, Arlington, Business Administration HIETT, EDWARD ALEXANDER, Azle, Business Administration Q 0 rv- .a, ' ' I , 'B I 1' " 'g E it Mft A 1 ' ,,.s , . 1 I 2 A 'X I I ,. .,,'. -an A-:,. ' . in ,MV , lv, .M N Q HIGH, HAROLD RUTLEDGE, Canton, Pre-Medical HILDERBRAND, CLAUDIA PAULINE, Joshua, Home Economics HILL, CHARLES WALLACE, Bonham, Chemical Engineering HILL, JOHN HARVIN, Ingleside, Industrial Mechanical Engineering HILL, THOMAS ELROY, Wichita Falls, Engineering HINES, EDWIN DALE, Ozan, Arkansas, Aeronautical Engineering HINTON, ANNABELLE, Fort Worth, Business Administration HISE, BETTY JANE, Shamrock, Business Administration HITT, JACOUELINE CARROLL, Handley, Pre-Medical HITTSON, JACK HOMUTH, Strawn, Pre-Medical HODGES, JEFF WILSON, Giddings, Pre-Law HOGG, WILLIAM HENRY HANCE, Mansfield, Petroleum Engineering HOGUE, WILLIAM J., Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering HOLCOMB, CLYDE THOMAS JR., Mount Pleasant, Business Administration HOLLARS, EMOGENE, Bonita, Business Administration HOLLINGSWORTH, JAMES N., Kilgore, Business Administration HOLLIS, JAMES FLOYD, Olney, Pre-Medical HOLMES, HARVEY WILBORN, Tennessee Colony, Agriculture SOOVER, LAWRENCE EDWARD, Dallas, . L. HOPKINS, JOE CLAYTON, Lancaster, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering HOPKINS, THOMAS RAY, Dallas, Pre-Law HORTON, DONALD BRADY, Dallas, Pre-Medical HOSACK, TED ARREN, Mart, Engineering HOWARD, RAYMOND KAY, Fort Worth, , Mechanical Engineering HOWELL, JACOUELINE, Fort Worth, Business Administration HUDSON, OLIVER RAY, Arlington, Industrial Mechanical Engineering HUEY, BILLY SAM, Fort Worth, Petroleum Engineering HUFFMAN, WILLIARD JR., Sadler, Aeronautical Engineering HUGHES, MARY LEE, Handley, Arts and Science HUGHETT, EUGENE NOBLE, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering HUGHEY, HAROLD LEE, Pittsburgh, Pre-Medical HUGINS, MERRITT SELAME, Omaha, Nebraska, Mechanical Engineering HUR, KEMPER MONROE, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering HURST, RAY EUGENE, Friona, Agricultural Administration HURTA, DANIEL JOE, Taylor, Agricultural Education ig HUTCHINSON, JIMMY HAVON, Woodsboro, Engineering HYER, LEWIS KNIGHT JR., Archer City, Business Administration IRWIN, KENNETH DALE, Abilene, Mechanical Engineering IVEY, JIM BOB, Kerins, Industrial Mechanical Engineering JACKSON, ELMO EARL, Fort Worth, Business Administration JACKSON, PERRY LLOYD, Cuero, Petroleum Engineering JACOBS, EVELYN MADELYN, Dallas, Home Economics JAMISON, CHARLES FARLEY, Whitesboro, Business Administration JANICKE, CARROLL HOBART, Odem, Pre-Veterinary JANUARY, BENNY CORBIN, Dallas, Commercial Art JARVIS, BENJAMIN EDWARD, Troup, Engineering JAY, LEE ROY, Fort Worth, Business Administration JEANES, BILL FRANK, Childress, Aeronautical Engineering JEANES, LYLE HERBERT, Taylor, Industrial Mechanical Engineering JENKINS, RICHARD ELTON, Dallas, Pre-Medical JOHANINGSMEIR, MARY JOSEPHINE, Fort Worth, Business Administration JOHNSON, CARL MARTIN JR., Fort Worth, Pre-Law JOHNSON, DORIS VERNON, Dallas, Elementary Education JOHNSON, WILLIAM TRUETT, Friona, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering JOHNSTON, ROBERT VICTOR, Bridgeport, Agriculture JONES, BURL EDWARD JR., Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering JONES, CHARLES THOMAS, Whitesboro, Engineering JONES, DORIS EVELEEN, Dallas, Business Administration JONES, ERNEST MACON, Dallas, Chemical Engineering JONES, ROBERT MUMFORD JR., Dallas, Arts and Science JORDAN, CHARLES WARREN, Dallas, Chemical Engineering JORDAN, BYRON GLEN, Placid, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering JORDAN, MARLAN GLENN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering KARNES, JACOUELINE JOY, Dallas, Speech, Radio and Dramatics KEEL, MARY ELIZABETH, Arlington, Business Administration KEITH, NANCY JOYCE, Fort Worth, Arts and Science KELSOE, GARNETT HERRELL JR., Dallas, Pre-Law KEMP, DURWARD CHAPPELL, Itasca, Petroleum Engineering KENNEDY, WENDELL AUBREY, Miles, Agriculture KERIN, JAMES PAUL, Dallas, Pre-Medical KIDD, DONOVAN LEE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering KILMER, GARY NORMAN, Placid, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering KING, GEORGE LEWIS, Jermyn, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering KIRBY, BILLY JOHN, Dallas, Business Administration KIRKPATRICK, VIRGIL ALLEN JR., Ingleside, Engineering KIMBROUGH, JOE EARLE, Merkel, Chemical Engineering KIRCHHOF, RICHARD EDWARD, Lockhart, Agriculture KNIGHT, JAMES A. JR., Dallas, Engineering KRIEGER, ANITA MARIAN, Mineral WELLS, Fashion Art LACY, BILLY WORTHAM, Dallas, Engineering LAIRD, JAMES MELVIN, Dallas, Pre'Law LAMBERT, WILLIAM FREDERICK JR., Dallas, Agricultural Engineering LAMBERTH, TOM MATTHEWS JR., Dallas, Mechanical Engineering LAMBERTH, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Dallas, Pre-Law , LANDRUM, FLOYD ROBERT, Dallas, Agricultural Engineering LANE, TERRY LEE, Glen Rose, Industrial Mechanical Engineering LAWLESS, KENNETH CLYDE, Dallas, Chemical Engineering LAWLIS, ELMER, Dallas, Agricultural Engineering LAY, JAMES EDWIN, Fort Worth, Petroleum Engineering LEAMAN, PATSY ANN, Fort Worth, Arts and Science LEDWELL, LLOY WARD JR., Waxahachie, Industrial Education LEFTWICH, LEWIS CAREY, Dallas, Engineering LEONARD, RUTH, Fate, General Terminal LEVI, ARTHUR JR., Corsicana, Radio Production LEWIS, EDWINA LEE, McKinney, Techinician and Nursing LEWIS, JOHN HILL JR., Bakersfield, Industrial Agricultural Engineering LITTLE, HOPE AGNES, Dallas, Business Administration LOCHRIDGE, HUGH OSCAR, Iowa Park, Chemical Engineering LONG, GERALD, Corsicana, Electrical Engineering LONG, MARY JAYNE, Dallas, Education LOUGH, LOYD AGEE, Bonita, Agricultural Education LOWE, THOMAS ROY, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LUBKE, PAUL EDWIN, Grand Prairie, Industrial Mechanical Engineering LUEDKE, LEONARD FERDINAND, Omaha, Nebraska, Engineering LUTZ, MARY VIRGINIA, Fort Worth, Arts and Sciences I I I I LYNCH, WILLIAM EUGENE JR., Marshall, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LYON, GEORGE WILSON, Kosse, Industrial MCANALLY, HENRY BARNETTE JR., Aeronautical Engineering Bonham, Mechanical Engineering McANALLY, JAMES ROGER, Weatherford, Industrial Electrical Engineering McCALEB, NEELY THOMAS JR., Arlington, Business Administration MCCARTER, NELL MARIE, Arlington, PSM MCCLENDON, EUGENE, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering McCONNELL, JOE ED, Atlanta, Agriculture MCCOY, ESTI-IER LEA, Grand Prairie, General McDANlEL, ANN LOUISE, Fort Worth, Education MCDONALD, RICHARD FRANCIS, Arlington, Electrical Engineering McDOWELL, JOHN STANLEY, Arlington, Industrial Electrical Engineering MCEACHERN, MALCOLM ALEXANDER, San Antonio, Engineering McGlNNlS, WILLIAM ROBERT, Fort Worth, Arts and Sciences McKAY, HAROLD REED, Dallas, Electrical Engineering MCKINNEY, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Powell, Arts and Sciences MCKISSICK, BETTY JO, Arlington, Home Economics McLEAN, PINKNEY RAY, Dallas, Industrial Electrical Engineering MALLICOTE, MELVIN MERLE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MALONE, KATHLEEN THERESA, Fort Worth, Commercial Art MANNING, DYDE, Willis Point, Pre-Law MARCUSE, RUDOLPH JOSEPH JR., Fort Worth, Industrial Mechanical Engineering MARETT, N. E. JR., Grand Saline, Mechanical Engineering MARSHALL, BILLY HAWTHORNE, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering MARTIN, CLAIRE BETTY, Fort Worth, Business Administration MARTIN, GERALD ROBERT, Byrds, Petroleum Engineering MARTIN, HELEN MARIE, Dallas, Technician and Nursing MARTIN, JOHN LAURIN, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering MASON, JIM CHERRY, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering MATTHEWS, ESTI-IER ELIZABETH, Fort Worth, Technician and Nursing MATTHEWS, THOMAS KELLER, Throckmorton, Aeronautical Engineering MAXTON, BILLY JACK, Mount Pleasant, Pro-Veterinarian MAYBEN, RUSSELL RAY, Dallas, Business Administration MEIER, DOROTHA ESTHER, Arlington, Technician and Nursing MEIER, RUTH ENOLA, Arlington, Technician and Nursing Y .3 40 5711 vi 4 21" , 'q...t7,:g: 5 1 ,.,-,I wats, 1 , ,i.g.4.,,.r I , V ,.., XX. Eu f Xljf J '2 I '7 3 -3. MENTESANA, PHILIP JOSEPH, Dallas, Pre-Medical MEREDITH, NORMAN RAY, Dallas, Civil Engineering MILLER, BOBBIE RHEA, Fort Worth, Business Administration MILLER, C. L. JR., McKinney, Agriculture MILLER, CHARLES MARION, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MILLER, DIAL DAVID, Forest, Electrical Engineering MILLER, HAL J., San Antonio, Arts and Sciences MILLER, JACK ARTHUR, Memphis, Civil Engineering MILLER, JAMES BAKER, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering lSophomorel MILLER, JEAN DUDLEY, Dallas, Business Administration MILLER, JUDITH AILEEN, Dallas, Arts and Sciences MILLICAN, ABEL GOALDMAN JR., Arlington, Petroleum Engineering MILLIKAN, THOMAS EDWARD, Grand Prairie, Engineering MIMS, EDGAR IRWIN, Laredo, Industrial Mechanical Engineering MINSHEW, CHARLES WILLIAM, Hawkins, General MIRACLE, WILLIAM DIXON, Dallas, Agricultural Administration MITCHELL, ALBERT LEE JR., New Boston, Agricultural Administration MITCHELL, BILLY CARPENTER JR., Fort Stockton, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MITCHELL, MARY ANN, Roanoke, Business Administration MITCHELL, ROY C. JR., Mansfield, Business Administration lSophomorel EASOAORE, BETTY JACOUELINE, Fort Worth, MOORE, BUDDY, Wichita Falls, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MOORE, CHARLES BEVERLY, Arlington, Industrial Electrical Engineering MOORE, CHRISSIE MAE, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio and Drama MOORE, DOROTHY ELIZABETH IMrs.l, Fort Worth, Art MOORE, HAROLD RAY, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MOORE, WILLIAM ERNEST, Belton, Business Administration MORRILL, HAROLD LEE, Dallas, Civil Engineering MORRIS, FRANK JR., Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering MORROW, JAMES FAIR, Longview, Agricultural Education MORTON, LAURA BLANCHE, Arlington, Home Economics MOSELEY, EUGENE EDWARD, Fort Worth, Engineering MULL, ROBERT ALVIN, Waxahachie, Engineering MURPHY, ROBERT KNIGHT, Irving Aeronautical Engineering MURRELL, JACOB FRANKLIN JR., Odessa, Industrial Mechanical Engineering MURREY, ROLAND RICE, Wills Point, Industrial Mechanical Engineering MYRICK, MARGIE JANE, Fort Worth, Business Administration NALER, JAMES ARTHUR JR., McGregor, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering NEAL, JACK PERRY, Waxahachie, Chemical Engineering NELSON, LOIS CLAIRE, Sweetwater, Pre-Journalism NESBIT, LOIS ALMEDIA, Dallas, Home Economics NEWBY, WILLIAM E, JR., Dallas, Arts and Sciences NORTHINGTON, KINCHEN VOLENTINE, Ballinger, Band and Orchestra NORTON, JOHN MORRISS, Texarkana, Industrial Mechanical Engineering O'BRIEN, GEORGE ALOYSIUS, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering ODUM, HAROLD GLENN, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering OGG, LOIS JEANETTE, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Drama OHEIM, RICHARD CHARLES, Dallas, Arts and Sciences OSWALT, PATRICIA RUTH, Fort Worth, PSM OWNBY, BART VERNON, Port Arthur, Industrial Mechanical Engineering PACE, JOE EDWARD, Roanoke, Aeronautical Engineering PAPPAS, PETE, Dallas, Electrical Engineering PARK, BARBARA LUELLE, Dallas, Business Administration PARKS, FREDERICK ROGER, Dallas, Business Administration PARKER, WYLIE APTON JR,, Dallas, Engineering PARR, MARCUS TERRY, Childress, Pre-Veterinarian PARROTT, JOHN JESSE JR., Houston, Aeronautical Engineering PATTERSON, JOHN HUBERT JR., Arlington, Arts and Sciences PERIMAN, HELEN FAY, Dallas, Business Administration lSophomoreI PERKINS, BILLY RALPH, Celine, Electrical Engineering PFEIL, WILLIAM VAN KIRK, Van, Mechanical Engineering PHILLIPS, BASIL ANTHONY, Dallas, Business Administration PETERS, DOROTHY EILENE, Dallas, Arts and Sciences PHILLIPS, MAXINE PATTERSON, Hirsch, Business Administration PIERCE, CLARA BELLE, Dallas, Business Administration PIERCE, J. D., Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering PIERCE, RAY VINCENT, Dallas, Agriculture PILCHER, JOHN PAUL, Saint Jo., Agriculture POGUE, MARY KATHRYN, Dallas, Bcsiness Administration PONDER, JAMES MARLIN, Dallas, Pre-Journalism F -Q til iv' 'SD LASS OF I944 ug ' 9 3 'dr' 1 ' i, , .Il 1 B A 55 1 . .1 ,. I c I I 3 in POWELL, WILLIAM HARRELL, Forney, Induslrial Aeronaulical Engineering POWERS, CHARLES WILLIAM, Grand Prairie, Civil Engineering POWERS, E. L. JR., Archer Cify, Band and Orcheslra PRATER, ELI WILLIAM JR., Alvarado, Engineering PRESTON, BRACK HAWTHORNE, Burlcburnefl, Agricullure PRESTRIDGE, BILLY ALVIN, Dallas, Civil Engineering PRINE, JAMES RAYMOND, Forl Worlh, Pre-Veferinarian PRITCHETT, JEANNE, Forl Worlh, General lSophomorel PROCTOR, CHARLES SHERIDAN, Dallas, Dramalic Produclion QUINT, CHARLES WILLIAM, Tulsa Oklahoma, Business Adrninisfralion RAINES, BILLY TOM, Waxahachie, Aeronaulical Engineering RASCOE, HATTIE LOUISE, Arlinglon, Business Administration RATLIFF, ELLEY CLARK, Forl Worfh, Pelroleum Engineering RAWDON, MINNIE CATHRYN, Mansfield, Home Economics RAY, RALPH DARRELL, llaly, Indusfrial Elecfrical Engineering RAY, TOM BROOKS, Dallas, Chemical Engineering RAY, WILLIAM CURTIS JR., Dallas, lnduslrial Mechanical Engineering REAGAN, BILL, Troup, Engineering REDDY, BETTY JEAN, Forl Worlh Business Adrninislralion REED, JAMES PAUL, Azle, Civil Engineering REINHARD, ARTHUR JOHN, Forl Worth, Engineering REVIS, TRUETT EDWIN, Dallas, Pre-Medical ZIEGLER, FRED CHARLES WILLIAM, Dallas, Arls and Science RHODES, G. FRED, Porl Arlhur, lndusfrial Aeronaufical Engineering RICE, JOHN CHARLES, Throckrnorlon Pre-Medical RIDDLE, HERSCHEL LLOYD, Ovalo, Agricullural Adminislralion lSophomorej RIGGS, ROY BERDINE JR., Dallas, Engineering RIVERA, ARMANDO MARVIN, Dallas, Induslrial Aeronautical Engineering ROARK, JOHN WHITSON, Bullard, Pre-Velerinarian ROBERTS, VERN JAMES, Levelland, Eleclrical Engineering ROBERTS, WILBUR JAMES, Dallas, Arls and Sciences ROFFINO, ANTHONY PAUL, Dallas, Aeronaulical Engineering ROGERS, WALLACE JR., San Anlonio, Arls and Sciences ROLAND, ARLEE, Forl Worlh, Eleclrical Engineering ROLLOR, EDWARD ALBERT, Dallas, Civil Engineering lSopI1ornorel ROOS, MARY JO, Dallas, Business Administration ROZNOVAK, REYNOLD THOMAS, Taylor, Agricultural Education RUNNION, VERNIE GEORGE, Fort Worth, Agricultural Administration RUSSELL, BILLY MAURICE, Arlington, Business Administration RUSSELL, GEORGE MIDDLETON, Hillsboro, Agricultural Education RUTLEDGE, JEAN GERALDINE, Fort Worth, Business Administration SALLING, ERNEST HARVEY, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering SANDERLIN, FERN, Arlington, Technician and Nursing SAVAGE, ALLAN HERBERT, Irving, Business Administration SAWYER, ROGER PAUL, Nocona, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SAYE, LAURENCE NOEL, Whitesboro, Business Administration SCHNAFFNIT, PAUL ROBERT, Dallas, Civil Engineering SCHEBLE, NITA PAY, Fort warm, Dramatic Production SCHICK, BILLY CHARLES, Cleburne, Mechanical Engineering SCHMIDT, WALLACE FREDERICK, Dallas, Agricultural Engineering SCHUMAN, AL, Dallas, Engineering SCOTT, BENNY BOYD, Wills Point, Industrial Mechanical Engineering SCROGGINS, GARLEN GLENN, Bowie, Agriculture iSopl1omorel SEJUIN, JOHN LOW, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SEXTON, WILLIAM ROY, Handley, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SHANAPELT, ARTHUR SAMUEL, Bryson, A.H, lSopl1omorel SEWELL, ALFRED JR,, Jacksonville, Industrial Mechanical Engineering SHELTON, BOBBIE JO, Arlingon, Home Economics SHEPPARD, JAMES CLIFTON, Henderson, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SHERWOOD, TOMMIE JEAN, Fort Worth, Business Administration SHIREY, ROBERT BURNS, Dallas, Electrical Engineering SHORE, CHARLES MAC, Coleman, Engineering SHYTLES, CHARLES LYNN, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical SIMMONS, HOWELL DURELL, Fort Worth, Pre-Law SIMMONS, JAMES MAURICE, Wills Point, Business Administration SIMPSON, LESLIE SMITH, Rule, Agriculture SIMIPSON, ROY EARL, San Antonio, Agricultural Administration SIRATT-, ELMER FRANCIS JR,, Grandview, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SISK, CHARLES MORRIS, Maypearl, Engineering SKAGGS, JOHN J., Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering , 'RW - Qfafir' lt' i' EV ' W 'U' if'2Q'. -fy! Qjtiiil, fs' -ff J Q . iii If! ,,ti I - . 2 CLASS OF I944 gas. ,- in 'P ' in '7 11 43, 1 Q av ,9 11 75 -of 1:7 SKINNER, JOHN WILLIAM, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering SKINNER, MORRIS LEE, Cedar Hill, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SLOCUM, IDA LEONE, Dallas, Pre-Journalism SMALLWOOD, JAMES KIRKPATRICK, Waco, Pre-Journalism SMITH, ETHEL LANNIE, Fort Worth, Technician and Nursing SMITH, FRANK FOUTS, Fort Worth, Business Administration SMITH, GUY JOE, Lancaster, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SMITH, JEAN DERRALD, Ralls, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SMITH, JOHN LOWERY, Bridgeport, Agriculture SMITH, JOSEPH WALTER, Handley, Agriculture Engineering SMITH, LOUISE MACLYN, Fort Worth, Arts and Science SMITH, NORMA GENE, Dallas, Business Administration SMITH, SAM HUGH, Haskell, Arts and Science SMOKLER, DAVID GAGE, Dallas, Chemical Engineering SNEBOLD, NEAL GROSS, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering SNIDER, HOMER DAVID, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SNODGRASS, BOB TRUETT, Sherman, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SORENSON, MAXON WALTER, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering SORENSON, WALTER WENDELL, Dallas Engineering SORRELLS, BILLY WAYNE, Pittsburg, Engineering SPAFFORD, JOE FRANK, Rockwell, Agriculture SPRADLEY, JOHN C, Longview, Aeronautical Engineering SPRINGFIELD, JACKIE LEE, Corsicana, Industrial Electrical Engineering SPRUANCE, DORIS JANE, Arlington, Technician and Nursing STALLING, CLOY L., Mineral Wells, Industrial Electrical Engineering STAMPS, DOROTHY LEE, Mineral Wells, Home Economics STANDIFER, WELDON A., Meridian, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering STEINHOFF, RAYMOND OKLEY, Dallas, Business Administration STELL, BURL DANIEL, Midlothian, Engineering STEPHENS, MARY LOUISE, Arlington, Business Administration STEWART, FLOYD THOMAS, Grand Saline, Mechanical Engineering STEWART, HENRIETTA MARIE, Arlington, Business Administration STILWELL, GLENN THOMAS, Memphis, Arts and Science STIMSON, DONALD LAIRD, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering STJEPCEVICH, JOSEPH HENRY, Galveston, Business Administration STONE, BILLIE CHARLES, Dallas, Business Administration STRAHAN, JAMES OSCAR, Fort Worth, Industrial Electrical Engineering STROTHER, JOE .TIM,'Winters, Aeronautical Engineering STYNER, BETTY ANN, Fort Worth, Arts and Science SUMROW, FLOYD EMMETTE, O'Donnell, Pre-Medical SUTTON, LOIS MARIE, Fort Worth, Arts and Science SWETT, WILLIAM THOMAS, Handley, General Terminal TALIAFERRO, LESLIE NEWTON, Dallas, Arts and Science TALLEY, EIDOLA JEAN, Dallas, Pre-Journalism TAPP, ROBERT EARL, Rockwall, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering TARVER, HIGDON SARGENT, Dallas, Arts and Science TATE, BESSIE J., Arlington, Horne Economics TAYLOR, BETTY, Dallas, Business Administration TAYLOR, ANN LYNETTE, Arlington, Business Administration TEMPLE, ROBERT EARL, Mt. Pleasant, Agriculture Tl-IACAH, JESSE GEORGE, Dallas, Chemical Engineering THOMAS, EVERETT RUE, Fort Worth, Engineering THOMAS, FRANK DILLARD, Whitesboro Pre-Law THOMASSON, JEAN ELIZABETH . E-ferman, Technician Nurse THOMPSON, GRADY, Arlington, Pre-Law THOMPSON, ROBERT LEE, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering THOMPSON, WILBUR LIONEL, Corsicana, Electrical Engineering Tl-IRAEADGILL, JIM TAYLOR, Pattonville, Agriculture TILLEY, CECIL ROGERS, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering TINER, SIDNEY ALEXANDER, Ingleside, Engineering TIPTON, EUGENE WILSON, Fort Worth, Arts and Science TORTI, PATRICIA FRANCES, Dallas, Business Administration TRAMMELL, CALVIN MENLON, McKinney, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering TUCKER, GEORGE DEWEY, Dallas, Engineering TUCKER, WILLIAM CHAPMAN, Waxahachie, Arts and Science TURNER, BENNIE HUGH, Waxahachie, Chemical Engineering TURNER, OTTO ROLAND, Tyler, Aeronautical Engineering UPTON, BILL WAYNE, Weatherford, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering URLICK, JACK BURNSIDE, San Antonio, Chemical Engineering UPCHURCH, DOROTHY NELL, Arlington, Public School Music UTAY, MARVIN LEE, Dallas, Pre-Veterinarian VANCE, CLAUD MORTON, Burleson, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering VIRGIL, WILLIS EDGAR, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering VOLDER, JACK EDWARD, Fort Worth, Agricultural Engineering WADLEY, FRANCES, Arlington, Speech, Radio and Dramatics WALKUP, JOHN LEON, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WALLACE, JACK CARROLL, Sherman, Engineering WALLACE, WELDON LEE, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering WARD, Beniamin Quinn, Crystal City, Pre-Medical WARD, EDWIN PERRY, San Antonio, Aeronautical Engineering WARD, JAMES ELIAS, Italy, Industrial Electrical Engineering WARREN, BENNIE THOMAS, DeKalb, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WASHINGTON, BILL, Waco, Agricultural Administration WATTERS, MELVIN EARL, Lancaster, Chemical Engineering WATHEN, THURMAN RICHARD, Athens, Engineering WATSON, LEE VERNON, Leanord, General Terminal WATSON, JAMES RAYMOND, Waxahachie, Electrical Engineering WEBB, ARCHIE LUTHER, Rockwall, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WENIGER, EARL EDWARD, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WINGET, CHARLES, Troup, Arts and Science WEST, JERRY L., Palestine, Petroleum Engineering WESTMORELAND, AUDREY JEAN, Fort Worth, Business Administration WHEELER, DAVID JOSEPH, Burleson, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WHEAT, LEWIS CURTIS, Albany, Mechanical Engineering WHETSTINE, HARRY RAYMOND, Dallas, Pre-Medical WHITE, VIRGINIA ALICE, Dallas, Business Administration WHITEHEAD, G-RADY ASHTON, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering WHITLOCK, CLEO, Dallas, lNot enrollecli WIGGS, JAMES THOMAS, Blooming Grove, Agriculture WILCOX, ANN, Dallas, Business Administration WILEY, WILLIAM BAKER, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Arts and Science WILEY, WILLIAM WALLACE, Wheeler, Mechanical Engineering WILLIAMS, CHARLES HENRY, Denton, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAMS, CLARCIE MAE, Arlington Technician Nurse WILLIAMSON, FELIX HOWARD, Crystal City, Petroleum Engineering WILLSHIRE, JAMES ALONZO, Arlington, Aeronautical Engineering WILSON, FRED OLIVER, Corsicana, Pre-Veterinarian WILSON, JIMMY STEPHEN, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering WILSON, OSCAR MARION, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering WISELY, VICTOR, Denton, Aeronautical Engineering WISNER, WILLIAM ORMAND, Dallas, Engineering WITT, ARCHIE WAYNE, Fort Worth, Arts and Science WITTEN, WILLIAM GARRISON, Maypearl, Industrial Mechanical Engineering WITTKOWER, JAMES ALBERT, Dallas, Arts and Science WOLFE, FRANK HENRY, Seminole, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WOOD, WILLIAM OTTO, Dallas, Business Administration WOOD, JEAN STEPHEN, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering WOODALL, SHERRILL ORMOND, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering WRIGHT, NEELY THOMAS, Grand Saline, Engineering WYCHE, CYRIL HOPKINS, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering YEARY, BILLY LEE, Center, Industrial Mechanical Engineering YOUNG, ALICE JEAN, Dallas, Music YOUNG, ELIZABETH ALICE, Arlington, Home Economics ISopI1omorel YOUNG, JAMES I-IINTON, Dallas, Engineering YOUNG, JOHN DAVID, Fort Worth, Business Administration YOUNG, MAURICE SPENCER, Arlington, Physical Education YOUNGBLOOD, GEORGE BENARD, Edgewood, Pre-Law CLASS OF I944 7? W: . 4 W-...- 5HFv'?w Sn 'Lum m mf BA Campaign signs. Bull Pen clears for adrion Courding +he ballo+s. Duckwaoldling +0 The well. Everybody ge+s a drink. Home of Hue famous FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH ln+o assembly. Gee whiz! I'Il TAKE Thai Down To The Armory, men Shine, Misfer? Seen for Scene, in Hwe Exchange. Fascinanngl w...,.QsN THIS FOOD AIIXVT SO BAD Tl-IE TIME!! N 'o fs 2 fx.. 'Rl J fiwgu 5 if f wg 'Q 1 ,O U X jeu furing KING ANU UUEEN EHINEESSES AND ESEUHTS F!-WUHITE5 iHUNNEHS UP FUR FAVORITES PEUPLE ANU UEEASIUNS O ' 'n,,,,4u:,-avdl4"'-f"1WW""' ' K. -W -fs I -- ' 'M K ----1-....,..,.., f, jlw EUHUNATIU if gf' r' I ,I , ,,:,C.,,, f------H like f'1 when 1 v B I xi? -J, A 'K .34 , if - ' f A w'p? ",, A . . M ., 4..- M .,, A . V mf? 'ii' 1 J"'1i Llrkijhsi -q'A, F t g -. ,j-,hw L 1 , an 2 Q ' ,231 ie' ' 1 Q5 I k 9, b ef lQ0gaf.MgLne44 . . QUEEN NANEY e 5 O 6 'X ' C he T SMA 0,JJxh,l.w . . KING SHANNIE PRINCESS HOPE LITTLE ESCORT DICK CARMINATI PRINCESS MAUREEN CHAMBLEE ESCORT JOE KIMBROUGH PRINCESS CHARLOTTE GARZA ESCORT JOHNNY MORAN PRINCESS RUTH BOUTWELL ESCORT CHARLIE DAVIS PHINEESSES ANU I PRINCESS VIRGINIA WHITE ESCORT BILLY HARRISON PRINCESS MARGARET ANN FLIPPO ESCGRT BOB MEINKE I M. PRINCESS SHIRLEY LARSON ESCORT JIM HARRIS PRINCESS LOUISE FLEMINCI THEIR ESEUHTS. in Slawffe. . . EHAHLUTTE GAHZA xl u 1 ,J ,., ss. rig-gsg.g5gfEt 5,L:f,,:u,u,,g5w ,, . , gm 2. fb . ,Q , -4. ,.,: s i x K f 4 E 2 1 . , 5 fa J, i 3 . 4 3 X Xxx F 5 1 4 .gigs M Q iw 1 w.a:wg' Y Q N F Q in :T w L3-,LEX 45 V ,Wg .4 Rd . -!.5:' . 4 s . ' x . . .. V ,' V . I . 3- ,Q ' ' , A, . ,lk W . L H . . . cworife , 1 Vs me ,,..f,, 1 - -vf , .ng R5 -3,-V x, 5 5 , . ,, , h , ,, i Q -. rw... 4.4. 'ff-QW, N V , -W, N. ,, .,,, , ,,, ,.,, ,, ,, XL.e......--,N..,4.. ,H .,... .Lf , f . f gr'-5 . fwwfgri if TW" ' i 1. -.a412,- , P N 1 e.. Y., 391 Ri 55 . . . auorife Runners Up Favorites MARTHA GETZENDANER TEENCIE WHITE L 4' 'M' i ,...7 WLUCENT BROWN MARGARET ANN FLIPPO Runners Up Favorites LOIS OGG JACKIE KARNES For 'rhe second Hme in The hisfory of 'rhe JUNIOR AG- GIE Jrhere has been a He in 'rhe sixfh place in "Runners Up." Th us, we presenf seven ins+ead of 'rh e usual six chosen b y popular vo+e of +he s+uden+ loody. 'X HELEN DECKER PEOPLE AND OCCASICNS... The girls who made Jrhe huge NTAC Service Flag. The GREAT SCOTT visifs campus ears ai McCoy I'-louse. Dance honors Army Air Corps Reserve members as Jrhey are called. Those Air Corps "Drai+ees.' ...NOT T0 BE FORGOTTEN This one diolnur wan? +o be iniriaied. Phi Kappa There officers fake Time our. Sigh! Those KKK oiziicers. Look close. l+'s Thar sophomore class officer elecrion. , n -2, ' ' JZH . Q rf sp If 'J E ,Q Q L 1: 51 gr 4 fhmfm ,Qi , Yr W 4? N EXPN ' ' 'is X A, v 'N S il .Y X Hvvmi FOOTBALL 1 -g1'i:f:Q.. - WU ,. A yvy .,,g,?fs:i:,.- 'R X 'Q A+, ' .r-,-s , - f y ,KM wmv, afcff, -T . GRLYIYQ . . I f., all COACHES HOLMES AND TINKER WiTh some of The brighTesT prospecfs in years, Coaches J. G. Holmes and Tom Tinker eagerly began fooTball Training lasT fall. BuT warTime and Lady Luck Turned The Tide To rush Them back insTead of forward. Even in The dreary firsT monTh of The season, when. The Aggies couldn'T seem To make Those few pre- cious yards aT The goal line, They refused To be licked. They worked even harder and sTayed up laTe working To geT Thaf punch. This sincerify and efforf was as valuable as an undefeaTed season. Coach Tinker lefT in November To ioin The Navy as a physical nnsTrucTor. He's now Training gobs aT San Diego Naval Base. Coach Holmes absorbed all The duTies of The AThleTic DeparTmenT and was one of The busiesf men in school all year. fx' CO-CAPTAINS CARL KNOX AND NIELS BEAMAN ElecTed by Their Teammafes, Carl Knox and Niels Beaman served as co-capTains for The season. KNOX, an ArlingTon boy, sTarred aT Tailback for The Third year on an Aggie Team. By an odd quirk of faTe, Carl, The leading scorer in The conference lasT year, failed To Tally a single poinT This season. However, his darTing runs and quick passes seT up The CadeT scores, and he personally Threw sux Touchdown passes. BEAMAN, The I95-pound eTTerrnan from HousTon, was a Tower of sTrengTh all year. His consisTenT sTouT Tackle play was a sTrong role nn The Aggie de- fense Thaf yielded buf 40 poinfs The enTire season. CT -5 Q-I, A Anita . T .. . 4.4. A. . -sal ... un... SQUAD Fronf: Reid, J. SrniTh, Regan, G. Cummings, Blackburn, Vaughn, F. SmiTh, Knox, LamberTh, Williamson, Fini an, Dewberry, Boone, Meinke, Young. CenTer: Reid, STell, STauTzenberger, Ive , Van Houfen, Simpson, Bcaman, Goodloe, Duewall, Boal, Ferrill, Tjoore, J. W. SrniTh, HiTTson. Back: Coach Tinker, Williams, Rogers, Kennedy, Heil, Miller, PraTer', Snider, EIlnoTT, B. Cummings, Jones, Harris, EsTilI, Pinson, Evans, Burney, Coach Holmes. Tom Lamberth--Blocking Back-Dallas A transfer from ALM, Tom soon made it evident that he intended to slay plenty in the Aggie backfield. His hustle and crushing blocks earned im a place in the lineup and paved the way for many Aggie marches, Les Miller-End-Dallas Altnird year man at NTAC, Les decided to try out for football this year and did a good iob of it. Les played consistently well and blocked, tackled, and caught passes with the best. Bill Regan-Fullback-Troup A Coming to Aggieland from Wentworth Military School in Missouri Bill quickly gained a position in 'the backfield. Alternating with Bill Blackburn, Regan helped give the Aggies a strong ground game. His specialty was short plunges through the middle of the line. Claude lFriscol Rogers-Wingback-Frisco Although he broke his nose early in the season, this letterman carrie back to give -the Cadets a fleet-footed scat back. Dangerous on end runs, Frisco was a vital cog in the Aggie's open style of offense. ts Daniel Heil-End-Thrall This big blond end continued the line of "Big T's" from Thrall to star for the Cadet teams. His stickefingered pass catc ing and rough and tum- ble defensive play earned him a place on the starting team that he never relinquished. Jean Smith-Wingback-Ralls After playing against the Aggies for John Tarleton last year, Jeanlde- cided to ioin the team here this year. Always ready for action, Jean filled in at the wingback slot and supplied steady, rugged play. Frank Smith-Blocking Back-Fort Worth This chunky letterman was the Aggie field general. A deadly blocker, Frank helped pave the way for other backs. He also was an excellent pass receiver and a stalwart on defense. When a shortage of passers arose, Frank switched over and very ably filled this gap. Odel Stautzenberger-Tackle-San Antonio One of the rou hest boys ever to play on an Aggie team, "Stautzy" was the outstanding tadlcle in the conference, easily co pin all-conference hon- ors. His hard charging and devastating tackles pilbd fiie enemy offense at the line of scrimmage. Wendell Kennedy-Wingback-Miles "Warhorse," a squadrnan Troni lasT year, was The fasTesT rnan onAThe ball club. His lighTning dashes picked up yardage aplenfy, his specialfy being end runs. His pass-caTching accounTed for numerous cornpleTions. He was a husTler and was consTanTly Trying. Herberf Ferrill-Guard-Grand Prairie AlThough slow To sTarT, This liTTle fellow soon convinced The coach Thaf he could p ay wiTh The biggesT and The rouqhesT of Them. Excepfionally fasT for a lineman, he was ouTsTanding as a blocker on The offense. WalTer Finigan-CenTer-ForT WorTh A graeluoTe of The famed Masonic Horne Masons, Walfer carried on The Mason spiriT lefT by Buford Hudgins. r-le filled in durinq The absence of Leroy Duewall, and he was a sTandouT defensive player. Murrell Goodloe-Guard-Red Oak This l65 pounds of dynamiTe was one of The rnainsprings in The cenTer of The CadeT line. A firsT-sTringer from The ouTseT, Murrell conTinued To hus- Tle, pile up The opposing ball carriers, and was parficularly good on offense. . 7' ML, wf,,"w'1fgff , wi ' 7 Nju,-flQfl L-A ' we Q1.QZ'7f-,L T at - ,T ,.. -ry 1Cg,,5e4i1,,LgQ,g5W1 Tom Herndon-Tackle-Dallas IT was noT unTil afTer The season had goTTen underway ThaT Torn decided To Try ouT for The Team. He quickly proved capable of playing plenTy of Tackle, and This young ianT was ouTsTanding in relief roles. His main spec- ialTy was sTacking up The enemy's offense before iT could geT sTarTecl well. Roy Simpson-Tackle-San AnTonio AnoTher of The San AnTonio boys, Roy did noT really hiT his sfride unTil abouT mid-season. The fasTesT in his class, Roy worked up To a sTarTing posi- Tion by virTue of his husTIe and aggressiveness. A good, hard player, Roy proved he rneanT business in The game. Lawrence Boal-Guard-San Anfonio This I85-pound guard probably counfed up more playing Tirne Thany any ofher man on The Team. A sTarTer from The firsT, he never leT up. His fighTinq abiIiTy helped make The cenTcr of The Aggie line Tougher, and he played prachcally all of every game. Not PicTured NoT picTured is George Harris, end, from Plano. This ISO-pound fresh- rnan earned a sTarTing berTh aT The firsT of The season and conTinued To be a sTarTer ThroughouT The year. One of The ouTsTanding ends in The confer- ence, G-eorge consisTenTly showed up on offense and defense. AT The righT is ThaT big liTTle man, Carl Knox, Tearing loose for a gain. Luroy Duewall-Cenfer-Caldwell A sTarTer in The lasT Tiffeen gjames The Aggies have played, This i80- pounder from Caldwell was The ackbone of The enTire line and played in every quarter The Cadefs played. Leroy was The one who helped keep The spiriT up during The discouraging early season wiTh his consTanT chaTTer, and from line-backer posiTion he chalked more Than his share of The Tackles. Gene iChickl Clark-Trainer Chick worked iusT abouT as hard Tor The fooTball Team as any of The Elayers, and was all The boys' Triend. He had The unglamorous duTy of eepin The equipmenT in shape, and Those mud baTTles caused exTra hours of worii Tor him. As much a member of The Team as anybody, Chick was loved by all The boys. Bill Blackburn-Fullback-Dallas An all-sTaTer in high school, Bill conTinued his sparkling play for The Aggies. AlThough his posifion called Tor line plunges primarily, he was a consTanT broken field ThreaT and an able passer and punTer. l-lc led his TeammaTes in scoring, and was a spark The anTire season. Cheer Leaders lnsTrumenTal in keeping up The spiriT ThaT urged The fooTballers on dur- ing Times oT sTress and vicTory alike, The cheerleaders were always boosfing and supporTing1The Team, rain or shine. ElecTed by The sTudenT body, They served apTly T e enlire year, MarTha G-eT7endaner, by virTue oT having re- ceived The largesT number of voTes, was Head Cheerleader. FirsT Row: Flippo, Gefzendaner, Sabo. Second Row: Calhoun, YaTes, Moran. BASKETBALL coAci-i HOLMES i943 souAD Fronl: Pinson, Gowm, Hutchinson, Blackburn, Smirh. Back: Croclcer, Ellioll. Haynes, Wealces. George. When Coach l-lolrnes began praclrice, he had a good nucleus of leller- men lo build around. Relurning from lasl year's leam were regulars SHANNON, WILBUR REID, SAM RENSHAW, CARL KNOX, and l-IORACE STANLEY. Wi+h Jrhis experienced group playing, lhe Aggies copped Jrhe lirsl hall crown in Jrhe Major Cily League in Eorl Worlh. llhe war had broken up Jrhe Texas Junior College Alhleric Conlerencel Bur various reasons-lranslers, dralr, war jobs, and orher +hings-- loolc away all lhese velerans, leaving an eager, buf inexperienced, bunch of looys To carry on. Gel in fhere! David Weakes Jess Pinson J k Ell ff During lhe course of lhe season, lhe enHre group ol leHermen rhal relurned Horn lasl year's Jream dropped our. A group ol inexperienced lads slepped in and valianlly carried on. Alrhough lhe season was nor over when lhe annual wenl lo press. lhey had mainlained NTfXC's record. The loopers piclured on lhis page were narnecl by Coach l-lolnnes as his-leHernnen lor a year Jrhal saw baslcelball ar NTAC loeing carried on under new and dirficull circumsfances. Donald Crocker Joe Blackburn J h H Y -J - - - PRETTIES AT PLAY The boys are nor lhe only ones who love and engage in sporls. The girls play lennis, baclminlon, ping-pong, learn archery, and go lhrough all sorls ol conlorlions in modern dance. l-lere are a few views caughl al random ol lhe genller sex going lhrough lheir paces: Whalever in lhis world lhis is supposed To be we can? hope io guess. Bul il's obviously sornelhing 'rhal leaches grace along wilh giving lhe body a worlcoul. Here Pal Darwin, June l'liell, Frances Waclley, Shirley Larson. and Fern l'larnrnaclc lorrn a prelly piclure. 7 ml: A Mary Jo Roos lakes a healfhy swing while Millcenf Brown lends moral encouragement Whdl happens When fha governmenl rafions firearms and shells. Annie OakleYl 1 an x . r IM" , .s ' f , ' ,IQ ,, ,. .A my :,,, 4, .V,,.w. ... L , ,ga Sfmt' "val, 1 5., 4 ua. .'j'..L ,LQ U'-IW N"'-5'-456' 1. an '.. 'fg::Y'-M' L - K . PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM Wirh lhe sudden realizalion Jrhal' America needed a vigorous physical lilness program lo prepare for warlirne service, lhe NTAC corps plunged inlo an all-oul developmenl proiecr designed lo improve 'rhe average cade'r's physical condilion. A schedule provided a forly-live minule period al noon Jrhal was devoled en- rirely fa lhis physical developmenl. During lhe course of 'rhe year all conceivable lorrns of physical exercise were indulged in-calislhenics, games, hand-lo-hand com- bal, lraclc, obslacle course races, body-bending exercises-anylhing which would improve and harden muscles. Shoulder, back, and arm muscles Back-srrengfhening exercise. ge? a workouf. .im New fo most of fhe boys, the bar vaulf was parficularly hard lor the shorlies. This group pracfices. Twenty of Yhese and the old back begins fo complain. Skin fha? cat, Misrer! x Now ihis was a hard one! Balancing on one's hands while squatting may look easy but fry if someiimel Mixing if up in The good ole American way. Anofher meihod of ioughening. Scene: Commando Course. P.S. This ain't no cakewalk. Bird-S-eye View of hot pradice session. 0 gb I9 0 CHARLOTTE GARZA Ed? . . as ehasen by Faculty Members and Department Heads AGRICULTURE Bernice Bailey ART DEPARTMENT LaNette I-Iowa rd BIOLOGY William R. DeGincIer BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Juanita Reeder Benton Ford CHEMISTRY Rentz Gulliclc EDUCATION Lucille Alexander ENGINEERING Robert Lee Thomas Leo Cline ENGLISI-I Frances Currie GEOLOGY Fred Ross I-IOME ECONOMICS Fern I-Iammack JOURNALISM Billy Ray Jones MATHEMATICS Leonard I-Iolder MODERN LANGUAGE Martha Getzendaner MUSIC Betty Moore PI-IYSICAL EDUCATION Nancy Sanderlin PI-IYSICS A. R. Dudley SOCIAL SCIENCES Betty Brooke Ealcle SPEECI-I Charles Proctor RENTZ GULLICK Gullick was selecred ro represenr lhe Chemisrry Deparrmenlr because of his scho- lasric record, his personaliry, and his de- pendabiliiy as a laboraiory assislanr. He comes from Dallas, is a member of a day- dodging company. and has a good milirary record. He is a member of The Bull Pen and of Phi Kappa Theia. FERN HAMMACK Miss Hammack is a very excelleni slu- denr wirh a very pleasing personaliiy and a knack for enferraining her friends. She has been selecied ro represenr +he Home Ec Deparimenl by faculry members for reasons menrioned above and, also, her marvelous cooking as well. She is a "whiz" in her orher classes and can locare pracrically any iown you name on a world map. She was Presi- denr of The Home Ec Club. ROBERT THOMAS Thomas was an oulsranding siudenr from 'rhe momenr he became ahfiliared wirh rhe college. He was an engineering maior uniil he was called ro rhe armed forces. When he lefr, he was commander of a Forr Worfh company, and a member of rhe Bull Pen. MARTHA GETZENDANER lvlarrha has been one of 'the mosi' popular srudenrs ever +o grace rhe campus of NTAC. Among her accomplishmenrs have been holding office as Secrerary in lhe San Souci. She likes 'ro dance. is raking a foreign language course. and was elecred Head Cheerleader during 'rhe foorball season. . '4."lh......' BETTY MOORE Miss Moore has disringuished herself as a music major al' rhis school. She is a member of Yaupon Club. She sang in The freshman Jrrio lasl year and now plays rhe piano for rhe orcheslra and sings. She is a member of rhe Coeclerres and Mixed Choir. BERNICE BAILEY Bailey carne To NTAC from Blossom, Texas. He is now +reasurer of rhe College FFA Chapler, a member of The Officers Club, OKK, and has a commendable record as srudenr manager of +he College Poulrry Farm. He plans 'ro enler Texas A. 81 M. LEO CLINE Cline has been called To lhe Army Air Corps, afrer having arlencleol NTAC for a number of semesrers. He was a prornineni' Bull Pen member, and worked his way up rhrough rhe ranks and held +he posirion of company commander in "F" company iusr previous ro being called. LaNETTE HOWARD Miss Howard holds Jrhe dislinclion of be- ing rhe firsr arf major 'ro sell a porrrair painred a+ NTAC. She has very good grades, a very good personaliry, and holds The posilion of Secrelary and Treasurer in +he Arr Club. LEONARD HOLDER Holder has been al NTAC for some lime and while here has been recognized by his Teachers as a very unusual person. He is one of rhose few people who enioys marhe- marics and, among olher fhings, has served as s+uden+ assisfanl in 'rhe lvlalh Deparr- menr. CHARLES PROCTOR A graduare of Sunsel' High in Dallas, Procror has conrinued wi+h a good record a+ +his ins+i+u+ion. He has had rhe lead in Jrwo plays given here, and lilies lennis and dancing. He won 'rhe besl ac+or's award in Dallas for 3 years. JUANITA REEDER Miss Reeder was described by +he B.B.A. Deparrmenl head as a person wi+h excellenr personalilry, dependabilily, cooperariveness. as having ambirion. and as an unusually well-rounded girl who possessed a grear deal of inlelligence. She lefl af mid-Jrerrn and al +he Hme was a member of Phi Kappa Thela, B.B.A. Club. and Treasurer of +he Zangolas. A. R. DUDLEY Dudley represenls fhe Physics Deparr- menr in Who's Who. He has been called To lhe armed services. He was a member of 'rhe OKK, and was an officer in Company B. He was one of +he mosl' popular cadels on lhe campus while here. WILLIAM DeG-INDER Represenring Jrhe Biology Deparlmeni, DeGinder has shown a genuine in+eres+ in The field. l'le has arlended numerous schools previous +0 coming To NTAC. l-lis hobbies are drawing, radio conslrucrion, and arch- ery. l-le is a member of fhe Pre-Medical Club. NANCY SANDERLIN Miss Sanderlin, belrrer known as "Queen Sandie," has a+'rained a number of honors while arrending school here. Among Them, she was Freshman Favorire, is presideni of +he San Souci Club, direcror of a local Girl Scour Troop, and is a P. E. major. She plans io do social work wiih children airer she arrends Texas Universiiy. BETTY BROOKE EAKLE Miss Ealcle sfarred our righi by gradual- ing as valediciorian a+ Paschal High, Fori' Worrh. She has been assisrani +o A. B. Armsrrong, Economics Professor, for Jrwo years, is vice-presidenr of LaDocenas, and reporier for Phi Kappa Thera. She plans +0 aH'end Texas Universiiy in ihe Tall of I943. BILLY RAY JONES Jones is a busy man as a resulr of being ediror of fhe Shorrhorn, caprain of Com- pany C, presidenr of Phi Kappa Thera and 'rhe Srudenr Faculry Commilree. Since a+- fending school here he has been aiiiliaiecl wirh The Commandos, Officers Club, and KKK. He hopes +o be a foreign correspond- enl' or edifor and publisher of a big-lime paper some day. mumon umm: wmv AHLENGTGQJ mana' n 4 1 ' l Q' - 1 if i ' ,. -sw l A ,, , - . - www , , C . A ' ' ,L I 'S gn S s ICOHEGE LIFE NITE LIFE lll Gee! somebody had a birllwday . . KKK lwires a doorman for Jrlweir formal . . Cadels found nlglwl life more lnleresling in llwe college lilorary . . . l4l Talce a loolc al Jrhal l3and...l5l A parly now and llwen added spiri+ To Jrlwe old rou- Hne. Girls' Boarding Houses lll KNAPP HOUSE girls glance lhrouglu lasl year's Junior Ag- gie . . . l2l A hor swing band on your own ra- :lio enlivens flue LEWIS HOUSE girls . . . l3l Noflwing lilce a lelier from Home 'ro briglwlen up flwe CAPPS HOUSE belles...l4l lnmales ai +l'1eMcCOY HOUSE . . . l5l This ain"r no game olclwance al Hwe ELDER HOUSE A solemn mo- menl af 'rlwe COX HOUSE. BOYS' BOARDING HOUSES lll One lor all and all for one? . . . l2l Nolhing quile like freshmen! . .. l3l Daily rouline in lhe DORlv1ITORY...l4l They have lheir "friends" 'foo . . . l5l This place has ils goool lealures . .. lol No money involved in This lillle game we hope. TYPES OF WORK lll Boarding girls diligenlly plow lhrough piclure books . . . l2l This kind of "work" doesn'+ need explanalion . . . l3l Bull Pen Freshmen quickly learn lhe arf of "holding up lhe wall" . . . l4l Mess l-lall employees gel lo- gefher eller mess lor bull session. . . l5l Pleasanl work, very limiled. CLASSES lll Secreiarial prac- Hce classes. . . l2l Using unabridged diclionary .. Physical educa- iion olllers These speci- mens . . . l4l The liner aris .. . l5l Keeping up wiih global warfare in social science classes "They shoi iheir arrows inio The air." -. S . 6, X --3 ---- - --- Y CLASSES flj Physics classes fesf our fheories on force fable . . . IZJ Elecfricify lab . . . f3j Pre-meds sfudy fhe human enero- my for, "This Can? Be l.ove"j . . Arr class in acfion . . . Q51 Have a Jrasfe, complimenrs home economics classes . . . Q61 Shorfhorn edi- 'rors correcf proofs be- fore paper goes 'ro press. RELAXATION DO YOU I-IAVE TI-IAT TIRED FEELING? A biT oT relaxaTion U1 in a daydodger car .. . T21 on The quadrangle . . . 131 in The Exchange . . . 141 be- Tween The buildings on our "chieT means OT TransporTaTion" . . .151 in The dorm . . . T61 aT The Tarm. MILITARY 1I1 Commandos iisfen alerily on maneuvers before veniurinq from french info unknown+erri+ory...121 Miniafure War Games Jreach The men Jrhe value of aleriness and ini+iaJrive. H131 Companies pass in review in firsf parade for +he new commandanf . . .141 Enemy is siqhfed and skir- mish line es+abiished...151 O. D. checks repor+s in Regimenfal Head- quarfers . . . 161 The end of a hard affernoon and ihe boys are ready 'ro go in. MILITARY fl, Band Hall is aired ou+...f2j The com- mand "Move info As- sembly!" is given .. SAM HOUSTON R1- PLES ...L43 The COM- MANDOS. 1 . . . , .. .. -.- -... . ,gi w W I l P W W Q I l1i SNAPSHOTS lll Men al' worlc... l2l Recognize any of +l'1ese?...l3l"ln+ermis- sioningu al Hue Slworf- l1orn...l4lTl1a'r "+welf+l1 man" sils in Hue bleachers . . . l5l A wonderful lime was had by all . . . lbl We'c:l be afraid fo call llwis a Bull Session. SNAPSHOTS A lll Firsl pep rally of llwe season . . . l2l Aggie Cale and grocery is de- slroyecl loy fire . . . l3l llwe loolball boys were all al The Mixer . . . l4l Jrlial comfortable quadrangle.. . . l5lDorrn looy gels rude awakening willw buclcel of wafer lwaler lwasn'l come oul ol buclcei ye-ill . . . lol KKK members gel Jrlwe lowclown. ANNUAL CLUB TEAS ill AVOLANTE: Decker, Boulwell, l-lenclriclcs, Schulls . . . l2l LA DO CENA: Miss Taylor, Wallace, Fry, Emmons, Mrs. McGee, Nichols . . SANS SOUCI: Widman, Gelzenclaner, Sullivan, Sanderlin ZAN GOLA: S+oll, Reeder, Lewis, Carroll . . . l5l YAUPON: Ronning, Johnson Mrs. Sanders, Rocquemore, Lamlcin, Orr...l6l SCS: Miss Cameron Smilh, Flippo, Kemp, Johnson, Wilcox. Millilcen, Miss Scruggs. INITIATIONS Sorry. We didn'Jr recognize any ol lhese. l+'s lhal annual STUNT DAY CELEBRATIGN, when everyrhing shorl ol murder is pulled oil on Jrhe cam- pus. Every man in rhe corpse loopsll gor his shoes shined, and nobody did any worlc bul lhe freshmen girls. Oh well, if lhey pass Jrheir hours +hey'll be SOPHS nexl year and can pull Jrhe same Jrhing on new freshmen. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Bllly Ray Jones John Caraway Shirley Larson Joe Clement Helen Decker Rue Thomas Rosaline lvey M: X ' Y- l 'li' Jimmie Kllpalrlck Eslher Matthews The Sluclenl' Facully Commi++ee This commillee con- sisls of nine sludenl' represenlalives ancl Four facully members. Five members are elecled by lhe sluclenl bocly, and fourselecled by a facully commil- lee. The purpose of lhis commillee is +o bring aboul' a beller uncler- slancling belween The sluclenl' body and The facully members. John Morris. anolher member of lhis group, is nor piclured. FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES Dean E. E. Davis S. A. Lynch Roy W. Burclelle E I L.. .-...L-...i.4.i.4.......... ..-,. .... , . , , 7 e 1943 gunioz aggie Front Row: Charlotte Garza, Jean Stevenson, Betty Mills, Charlene West. Back Row: Horace Hagler, Benton Ford, Jack Cameron, Edwin Ekholm. GIVING YOU A JUNIOR AGGIE this year has been a pleasure to the Statt. We used all the angles. There were times when we had no tlashbulbs, and others when we had no tilm. But with the cooperation ot Mr. MacMurtray and Mr. Boon in the Physics Department, and the help and encouragement ot Mr. Armstrong in the Social Science Department and Mr. McGittin in the English Department, we managed to publish your boolc. 'W I We have encountered practically every dit- ticulty an annual statf ever ran into. With hitch- hilcing made more hazardous at the advent ot gasoline rationing, and the mail our only prac- tical means ot contact with our Photographer in San Angelo and our Printer and Engraver at two ditterent addresses in Fort Worth, we had a problem on our hands. I-lowever, it has been a pleasure, and we say thanks tor your patience. THE STAFF Charlotte Garza . Jean Stevenson Shirley Larson . , . Edwin Elcholm ,... Horace l-lagler . , Betty Mills ....,,.. Charlene West ,... Jack Cameron .,... Connery Hightower . . Benton Ford ,.... , . ,............ . .Editor-in-Chief .Associate Editor .Associate Editor .Associate Editor Business Manager . . . Photographer . . . . . . Secretary . . . . .Club Editor . .Military Editor . . . .Sports Editor THE SHORTHORN Tl-IE SI-IORTI-IORN, wilh ils lwenly-one issues ol lhe year, has served as a meclialor belween normalily and lhe war program for N.T.A.C. Ils pages presenled colorful descriplions ol lhe weekly dances and campus eleclions as well as proud and revered slories of ils "Aggies in Ac- lion." Among lhe "lead" slories were lhe dedicalion of lhe service flag lo lhe ex-sludenls and lacully members now in service, lhe daily exercising pro- gram lor lhe cadel corps, lhe iirsl mid-lerm corps dance, and lhe coronalion all pul lorlh lhe "all our" for Viclory elemenl. EDITORIAL STAFF Billy Ray Jones Jeanne Prilchell Annie Fry Leroy Duewall Charles Spain Bolo Gowin SPONSORS Duncan Robinson C. D. Richards 'I If I I Firsl Row: Barr, Fry, Glaze, Jones, Kilpatrick, Leaman. Second Row: Marlin, Mallhews, Morris, N I Schumacher, Slocum, Talley. V I THE OFFICERS CLUB . -I ,, ..i A f '3 ,. 4 ' . I '- , .2 Ms. so " QQ ., A. I , 1 -J VI F -1 ' ,,k ,. I Rhys y if AA I 1- IJ, , i i N 'Y Ac' 3 fig 9 , J. ' . J ty .J I .1 'iq NIE L, , -. - NE., I X li 1 . 1. xi., i . if ' 4 I 2 'W Q , I Q r' l w Ba fo d, Barnes, Barnes, Braden, Brous, Burdefi, Carminafi, Carrico, Caviness, Chancey, Cline. econd Ro C I ell, Cofieri, Craig, Cummings, Davis, Davis, Derring, Dillard, Dudley, Fox, Fuqua, Gillespie. T d R G d in, Harris, Hays, Highfower, Hines, Hubbard, January, Johns, Jones, Kier, Knox, Lamberih. u h L caster, L'Herrison, Miller, Moran, Morris, Pasior, Plckeli, Seysfer, Shellon, Sinclair, Smlih. F fih Ro Smifh Souihall, Spain, Spriqg, Springer, Summers, Woodell, Whiiehead, Willis, Wilson, Womack. FIRST TERM OFFICERS! SECOND TERM OFFICERS: Russell Carrico Presideni David Braden and John Morris, Presidenis Joe l'lilI Vice Presideni John Morris and Billy R. Jones. Vice Presiclenls Harry Summers Secreiary Tom Lamberih ancl Les Miller, Secrelaries SPONSORS: Firsi Term-Colonel Max 6. Oliver Second Term-Major Mariin S. Chesier EACI-I cadei officer becomes a member oi 'rhis organizaiion upon accepiance of his commission. These siudenis are responsible for ihe mainienance oi ihe discipline, char- acler, and Ioyaliy of The caclei corps. Their meeiings are planned so as 'ro offer oppor- Iuniiy for seleciion oi ideas To iuriher 'rhese aims. II is noi all business. however, as The offi- cers enlerlain each year wiih an excelleni dinner and dance. THE AVOLONTE CLUB THE AVOLONTES celebralecl 'rheir Jrwenly-fiirsl anni- versary 'rhis year wilh a birlhclay parly as lhe lheme of 'rheir February 27+h informal. Their name signifies "pleasure wilh direc+ion." ancl lhis was well shown al lhe firsl girls' formal of lhe year on November l7+h. Olher aclivilies included lhe Freshman Tea and inilialion, a luncheon al 'rhe Mural Room. a parly in +he Library lounge for new members, ancl a Chrislmas parly given by lheir sponsors. This was al Miss Early's home, and was also her farewell lo lhe girls before she lefl' lo become an Army hosless. 1 I ,Q ' f ii '9' 6: ' - :i , , , . L, V f Helen Decker, Presidenl Rufh Boulwell, Vice Presiclenl Inez Henclriclcs, Secrelary Belly Schulls, Treasurer SPONSORS: Miss Minnie Lee Early Miss Opal Humphries ' 1- ' ' 5 g ' 7 v rw W! M i A 0 . ,E I E ,gb l ,J y pry, llyfgl . .5 N , ,.,k H :V V .. ss , Ju,-v. 41 in i f 1M.i4+ mil iii T i Li 1 Q , .r 1, A . ' " -3 T ' A .. "' "' ' 3 43- - Tw f ,ao 9 5 A i W? T I ' : N f, , ixtwr ,I '.. .' , X, T ,, A , ,- Y 2 T 47 li ' -. - ' l li Fail' l I " fm Flrsl Row: Ancelln, Barnes, Barron, Blackwell, Boulwell, Cranford, Crockell, Decker, Gilley, Gozzoldi, Hagan, Hall. Second Row: Harber, Haynes, Hendricks, Hlelf, Hunler, Lillle, LaFevre, Malone, Marlin, McCarler, Miller, Nesbill. Thlrd Row: Poque, Puckelf, Roos, Sabo, Schulls, Smllh, Spruance, Sfevens, Sfevenson, Talley, Taylor, Wadley. SANS SOUCI CLUB .5 3' J l r' - I . .L rv-r .. f J' ' lyk, gui. "fa " 'fi .s ra A y D H l by A -.- J N. A A L' T Firsl Row: Bagby, Bang, Breland, Buller, Cash, Childs, Darwin, Davis, Douglas. Second Row: Duval, Farrell, Fleckenslein, Fleming, Fuess, Garza, Gelzendaner, Hines, Jasper. Third Row: Johaninqsmeir, Johnson, Karnes, Kilpalrlck, Keith, Peters, Sanderlin, Sanderlln, She Fourlh Row: Sullivan, Swell, While, Wldman, Young. Nancy Sanderlin, Presidenl Margie Sullivan, Vice Presidenl lvlarlha Gelzendaner, Secrelary Rosemary Widman, Treasurer slaged in lhe Gym in May. Q f,,-, -5 'A rwood. SPONSOR: Zelda Ramsey Tl-IE SAN SOUCIS have carried oul lheir 'wilhoul a care" ideals since I922, when lhey were organized This year was slarled off wilh a bang-when lhe annual Fall lea was held. A Chrislmas parly al Miss Ramsey s gol' lhe members in lhe mood lor happy holidays. On January I6, was lhe San Souci formal. held in lhe library wilhoul decoralion. This was a slep loward everyone's idea ol con servalion in lhe war eliorl. The informal was successfully LA DOCENA CLUB Tl-lE LA DOCENA "Bunnies" are known abouT The cam- pus for Their cordial, friendly ways, and all The members are lcepT busy keeping up This Tradifion. IvIeeTing new Fresh- men aT Their annual Fall Tea made up The firsT acTiviTy for This year. OTher socials were The informal dance wiTh iTs ChrisTmas moTif, Two dinner parfies. and The formal dance in Ivlay. The La Da's have done Their biT for The war efforf by confribufing To The service flag fund and by collecTing fines for absence and Tardiness in The form of defense sfamps. Their club name is Spanish in iTs origin, and was selecfed To fiT The Twelve girls who made up iTs charTer members. FIRST TERM OFFICERS: SECOND TERM OFFICERS Colleen Wallace. PresidenT Normal Nichols Presidenf Norma Nichols. Vice PresidenT BeTTy B. Ealcle Vice Presidenf BeTTy Emmons, Secrefary BeTTy Emmons Secrefary Annie Fry, Treasurer I , ,, Annie Fry, Treasurer SPONSORS: Willie McGhee Lucille Taylor 3 First Row: Adair, Babln, Babin, Bombarger, Brown, Bums, C p f xr 23' b Second Row: Cross, Culberhouse, Emmons, Frye, Kinns, Kripple, Third Row: Miner, Nelson, Nichols, Orr, Prifcheff, Torfi, West. O. K. K. 4 " l Ia H . ,Q P ' -0 . 3 ' I A 0 , A ., , '. I y . If 14. A ' -'Si L A.. L. 1. A . . W A 4 A , ,g, 3 -3 - 7 'a C .9 gy .a , '1 j -9 uf. '4 1 1 I 9- l , 4' 4 .4 A L. H ' X. , ' A x , V 1 . ' ni Q.. wx .:" , -' ' 4 h i H, I if 0 .4 J - 1 A, .. L 4 L .4 4. I . yfi I "i 'PLT' if an I I Z - A V13 '-I .9 . Lf ' -.lf K - i - K 1 , . l A . I jvx X J R15 ' l' I A In 4 if ...E , - s ei - -my . I , 1 V 15 U9 - ai ., W , 'f r A .. . 4 ' A . . ti 7 . .4 U" . - -9 , .a , 1 ' . , H' 1 I V ,T - 'yt-'gs 'O ' J ' .1 L. 4 Lx Al T " . L - A .J A A Flrsf Row: Allen, Allen, Bailey, Hales, Beaman, Beckham, Bellows, Belts, Blakeway, Boyd, Brock. Second Row: Burdefl, Burreh, Burrows, Cameron, Carmlnalfl, Clark, Clifford, Coffen, Covey, Davls, Dudley. Thlrd Row: Eplen, Frilz, Gordon, Harper, Heathingfon, Hlgh, Hill, Hill, Hubbard, Hyer, Irwin. Fourth Row: Jaanes, Jenkins, Kirchoff, Knox, Landrum, Lane, Lelferman, Manning, Marlin, McCaIeb. Flfih Row: McAnaIly, Moran, Pace, Pallerson, Raffino, Renshaw, Sawyer, Schafflnll, Shellon, Shore, Slmmons. Slxfh Row: Simmons, Slnclair, Smilh, Snodgrass, Sorenson, Spriqg, Thompson, Vaughn, Vaughn, Ward, Wisner. FIRST TERM OFFICERS: Brisco Davis. Presidenf SECOND TERM OFFICERS: Dick Carminaffi, Presidenf Lynn Wilson, Vice Presidenf Dick Jenkins, Vice Presidenf Gordon Fuqua. Secrefary Bob Ivleinke, Treasurer Jack Cameron, Secrefary Bob Meinke, Treasurer Tl-IOSE boys living in boarding houses and fhose whose homes are in Arlingfon make up fhe Off Kampus Klub mem- bership, which is larger fhis year fhan if has ever been. Their acfivifies have numbered a formal dance in Ocfo- ber. fhe informal March I3. and many inferesfing meefings in IO3 l.. Af one meefing enferfainmenf was a "Corn Cob- bler" band made up of falenfed O.K.K. members. Through fhis organizafion boys from fhe scaffered board- ing houses have been broughl 'rogefher in real friendship. SPONSOR: Kennefh Rockwell l I A Ii Q- ZANGOLA CLUB Tl-IE girls in fhe Zangola Club help make N.T.A.C. a hap- , pier place by fulfilling fhe significance of fheir club name, I which means "lighf of hearf." Among 'rheir acfivifies for fhis year have been an inifia- fion parfy in fhe College Farm recreafion hall on I-IaI- Iowe'en, a luncheon for deparfing members. and fheir for- mal and informal dances. The clever dance bids were in fhe form of a small newspaper wifh "Zangola InformaI" as fhe big news. FIRST TERM OFFICERS: SECOND TERM OFFICERS: Lezeffe Lewis, Presiclenf Margaref Sfoll, Presiclenf Margaref Sfoll, Vice Presidenf Mary Lee I-Iamm, Vice Presidenf Beffy Jean Carroll, Secrefary Ellen Schumacher, Treasurer Juanifa Reeder, Treasurer Jackie Glaze, Reporfer Mary Lee Hamm, Reporfer SPONSORS: Helen Sfone Ouilda Piner Q I 5.5 , A ' I 5' if I ' I I 1 1 ff' fx. g " I gf + ,I A' I 1 'S' Ir ,.., li. , I Ill. Flrsl Row: Adair, Burrus, Carrell, Carroll, Fisher, Glaze, Hamm. Second Row: Hildebrand, Hill, Hughes, Kreiger, Leonard, Lewis, Lutz. Third Row: Meador, McKissick, McSpadden, Sheppard, Smlfh, Sfoll, Westmoreland. AGGIE BAR ef . Firsl Row: Bnmford, Barnes, Buller, Calhoun, Carson, Decker. Second Row: Goualdu, Hill, Johns, Kelsoe, Kiar, Larson. Third Row: Liflle, Malone, McCarler, Roberls, Sabo, Upchurch, John. FIRST TERM OFFICERS: Randle Buller, Presidenl Tom Calhoun, Vice Presidenl Raymond Roberls, Secrelary SECOND TERM OFFICERS: John Morris, Presidenl Tom Calhoun, Vice Presidenl Raymond Roberls, Secrelary Jimmie Kier, Reporler SPONSOR: C. D. Richards Tl-lE AGGIE BAR offers ils members an opporlunily lo become acquainled wilh +he currenl issues which are ol in- leresl lo lhese law sludenls. lls aclivilies no+ only included leclures and reporls al club meelings, buf also a varied social program. This organizalion was eslablished in I934 as lhe Pre-Law Club ol N.T.A.C. The name was changed in IC737 lo one which loeller filled lhe purpose ol Jrhe club. S. O. S. CLUB TO be Jrruly friendly is +he aim of all members of S.O.S. The old members gave Jrhe new ones a friendly welcome wiih a Ranch S+yle supper afier ini+ia+ion. The Theme ol ihe club was carried ou'r in bids +o ihe in- formal dance, which were Navy Blue wiih sailor caps and anchors. Many of iheir meeiings were held in irhe Shori- horn where ihey also had a Chrisimas pariy and exchanged "childish" gifis. Their lasi aciiviiy was Jrhe Spring formal in ihe library wiih good music and lols of lun. First Row: Arringion, Brock, Flippo, Johnson, Kemp, Led Second Row: Marlin, Millar, Milliken, Ogg, Oswali, Rui Third Row: Schsble, Smith, Smifh, Wilcox. Margarei Ann Flippo, Presideni Elizabefh Kemp, Vice Presideni Jeaneife Smiih, Secreiary Ann Wilcox, Treasurer SPONSORS: Addie Scruggs lvlargarei Cameron man. ledge. i..4 ' vi--I X n 1 S Y I 1 V V 'V H N 4 . sv sf W VY W " - Sf XXL? hi A 4' yy ' YI F, Q 1 Q . th. 4' 'fr A ' - , ' ' sv 'Y " X I . f 1 A A . . h .I I-7 'I 2 . X529 ilu: I ' r '-' ' -XV.. A x , V - 1 y ,V -Q Tig' " l - W1 W sl 5 . 1:1 . 'I f I - ' . ff' ' - s . , ' - Y ' AAHVV I 7 . un' ' .I .,+ ""' ""' ""- N 3 it ,U 13 1, 15 'V ,F ' 1' 1: 5 ' H. if I r sg f ff, ,M ,L un YI '4 W eff.,.7,. 1' 1' K F la, ' ' -S: q xr " 'Y W V1 ' UV' 'W ' 1 ' Q 0 X? . '. , -1 -31, ' ,xv WY I . Y . - ' ' fl v 'Y '7 " ' t X Y , NY' ' I' X m . 417. glib, .Lf -1-Q 3' Pb xi ' I-" 4 if W v' U . . A Q 1 . V J SQ' 11,,"' if ,,4. KLM, V.. v W ' ,V ,Y x Q., ' ,. V ' xx 1, ' v , V 31" ,, !1iy',iH:' U gf B7 . - , 11' , . '- 1 V Lv W W f vw w 1 qty 1' V , 'Q' .851 I Na! . bm l Vg W9 . xy. V1 4 1 '13, 1 'V . I7 V - ' . '- 1 .nf .MQ '1 xg A - Y Ag' 1 . . I I H . - Q ' - .. - A I. ,WiJ'. ,ity -5, I 1,1 I mga- A. K , , , X .- .... si ' -. . ' u' ff . I , J. 1:7 w ' D Q Q' W " f ry vw 1 I I was .. -3 in -5- -Sf E 3 w W xv? , W' V1 NEW MEMBERS Lucille Alexander Bill Barnes Bob Barnes Eloise Barr Mallie Burrus Lee Roy Calcole Dorolhy Cash John Caraway lvlargarel Chapman Jean Chennaull Earl Couch Pal Darwin Joe Depoma Sarah Donnel Joseph Durway Edwin Ekholm John Gilden Margarel Graham Frances Hall Roy Hallmark Pauline Hildebrand Le Nelle Howard Brockell Hudson Mary Lee Hughes Evelyn Jacobs Benny January Dick Jenkins Doris Johnson Gwen Johnson Nancy Keilh Rulh Leonard Virginia Lulz John Marlin Lois Ogg Barbara Parks Frances Rodgers Nila Schebble Belly Schulls Waller Warren Alice Jean Young PHI KAPPA THETA , 'Jw A . , ,4- ' ,ii L . g ,Ai l i so ss. Y i "1 V J y A , , ,QL m , . W X ' -' K X ,A 4 If, ,Wi J rm, , -it Eaiiflii Firsl Row: Boulwell, Crouch, Currie, Douglas, Eakle. Second Row: Eplen, GandY, Hall, Hammack, Hendricks. Third Row: Highlower, Ho der, Johnson, Jones, Kemp. Fourlh Row: Ki patrick, Lewis, Malone, Milliken, Periman. Fifth Row: Reeder, Ronninq, Sohmer, Slevenson. Connery Highlower. Presiolenl SPONSORS: Billy Ray Jones, Vice Presidenl . . Rulh Boulwell, Secrelary W'll'e Mcgllee Jean Slevenson, Treasurer E- C- Bdfksdale Bill Barnes, Reporler F. F. A. Q rp' First Row: Adams, Bailey, Becker, Blackbourn, Clymer, Curtis, Flynn, Heath. Second R Johnston, Kirchoff, Little, Parr, Prlne, Purce, Riddle, Roark. Third Row: Russell, Scrogqins, Scrogglns, Smith, Tomlin, Volder, Wiggs. Garlan Scroggins, President Ivlerl Gouth, Vice President Wilbur Tomlin, Secretary Bernice Bailey, Treasurer Harold Frankie, Reporter Bob Meinlce, Parliamentarian Clee Parr, Watch Dog Fermin Scroggins, Historian Paul Flynn, Song Leader . -A vt ,Nil - i-fp. af' SPONSORS: L. l. Samuel J. L. Owens H. G. Vick Tl-lE N.T.A.C. chapter ot the national organization ot the Future Farmers ot America is composed ot those agri- cultural students who are tirm believers in the club's motto, "l believe in the tuture ot tarming, with a taith born not ot words, but ot deeds." They maintain a recreation hall at the College Farm which otters unlimited opportunities as a place tor club meetings and entertainment. B. A. CLUB Tl-lE B. A. CLUB is an organizalion which offers lo all Business Adminislralion sludenls lhe opporlunily for as- socialion, and The lalesl news and developmenls in lhe business world. Club programs offer speakers. movies, and ideas for advancemenl in lheir courses. They also have social enlerlainmenl such as picnics and hay rides. Benlon Ford. Presidenl' Jack Cameron, Vice Presidenl l-lenriella Slewarl, Secrelary and Treasurer Roy lvlirchell, Reporrer SPONSORS: Zelda Ramsey Lucille Taylor Mary Marlin W. D. Richins Q , ali 9, ,f bl 'ii 559 , 0- ln Q , ll' ll- A va 3, -' '- 5' ' Q l Mr' -.,. sw iff l A " ,' I' 1 fig , 'WE 1 in -in - Firsl Row: Anceline, Bennett, Bomar, Burns, Cameron, Campbell, Chandler, Coleman, Crockell. Second Row: Cummings, Fleckenslein, Ford, Garza, Glascock, Johanlngsmier, Marlin, McCaleb, Milchell. Third Row: Mllchell, Orr, Olts, Peters, Roscoe, Sheppard, Smllh, Stevenson, Sfuarl. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Irs ow: rrin F I R A glon, Ball, Conley, Crouch, Gann, Hammack, Hawkins. Second Raw: Hildebrand, Jacobs, Lam kin, Lewis, Meador, McKissick, Morton. P Third Row: Schumacher, Shelfon, Sfamps, Tale, Wright, Young. Fern Hamrnaclc, Presidenl Dorolhy Crouch, Vice Presiclenl Pauline Hilclebrancl, Secrelary Ellen Schumacher, Reporler SPONSORS: Helen Slone Rosaline Ivey THE HOME ECONOMICS maiors have as Iheir goal Ihis year Ihe solving of a real problem. In Ihese limes of shorlages and ralioning ii Ialces a greal deal of careful planning To resull in well balanced meals, acleguale home furnishings ancl serviceable clolhes. The H.E. meelings con- sisl of reporls and speeches by oulsicle guesls as +o how Ihey may besl solve Ihis problem. The club also engages in social affairs. The ouislancling aclivily Ihis year was a luncheon wilh palriolic decoralions. BULL PEN Tl-IE lradilional rivalry belween Forl Worlh and Dallas is lorgollen when The "daydodgers" from lhese lwo cilies gel logelher al N.T.A.C. Their organizalion, The Bull Pen, is an epilome ol lriendly associalion. Nexl door lo lhe Mess l-lall is The Bull Pen hang-oul. I-lere The members galh- er lor social paslimes and ollicial meelings during lhe day. Their main Fall aclivily is guarding a lradilion, "LilHe Ber- +ha." The Bull Pen secrelary is al all limes responsible lor keeping "'He Berlha" lor our very own. Their olher aclivilies consisl ol an inlormal and formal dance each year, and various olher social aclivilies. Due lo The Tacl lhal many of lheir members and officers have lell lor lhe armed forces, il has lalcen reorganiazlion lo lceep The club going, bul lhe members have overcome lhis by replacing oHicers wilh olher ellicienl members and lceep- ing lheir membership enlhusiaslic. F4-,QA " '-W.. Inv "'-ff-,-.-.' " FIRST TERM OFFICERS: Jean Wood, Presidenl Earl Davis, Vice Presidenl Dean Chollar, Secrelary Raymond Roberls, Reporler SECOND TERM OFFICERS: Raymond Roberls, Presidenl Thomas Baker, Vice Presidenl Thomas Calhoun, Secrelary Marshall Surrall, Reporler SPONSOR2 C. D. Richards Pl-MU CLUB l. i First Row: Bailey, Bennett, Bernard, Coulter, Darwin, Davis, De Ginder, Farris, Forman, Gant. Second Row: Gulledge, Harper, High, Hitt, Hittson, Hollis, Horton, Jenkins, Lewis, Martin. Third Row: Matthews, Meier, Meier, Mentesasa, Rape, Rice, Ronnlng, Russell, Sanderlin. Fourth Row: Smith, Spruance, Stalsby, Thomasson, Turner, Ward, Warren, White, Yates. Charles Yates, President Chastain Turner. Vice President Helen Butler, Secretary SPONSORS: Charles McDonald W. L. Hughes 5 ' L '.3,v'qsj5Q'i1, -' .. '1-"H " - " .gfc-'HB-. 5' WN: .dw N Tl-lE PRE-MEDICAL students boast one ot the oldest clubs on the campus, which was organized in l927 by Charles ivicllonald. Physicians and other intormed lecturers make their meetings a supplement to classworlc. An intormal dance highlighted the club's activities. The Gym was unusually decorated with a "real live jeep," and music was turnished by "Nick Lodian." L YAUPON CLUB Tl-IE YAUPONS, newesf club on fhe campus, are mak- ing quife a name for fhemselves. wifh fheir many acfivifies and friendly members. During fhe firsf ferm fhe Yaupons gof fogefher wifh fhe new Freshmen af a welcoming fea in Hue girl's lounge. Nexf came fhaf greaf day, inifiafion, and fhen a Chrisfmas parfy wifh presenfs for everybody. Those luclcy people who had enough gas or shoe leafher fo affend fheir informal on February I3, found a Valenfine mofif carried ouf. Their Spring formal was held in fhe Li- brary. Marilyn Roquemore, Presidenf Kafherine Lamkin, Vice Presidenf Doris Johnson, Secrefary Peggy Orr, Treasurer SPONSORS: Rosaline Ivey Pauline Sanders Of? First Row: Barr, Chambers, Crouch, Hammack, Hawkins, Howell. Second Row: Jacobs, Johnson, Lampkln, Mahhews, Meier, Meier. Thlrd Row: Moore, Orr, Running, Roquemore, Rushing. , INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Shirley Larson, Presidenl Harold Wheel, Vice Presidenl Mary Gozzaldi, Secrelary Lois Nelson, Reporler SPONSOR: Norlron IVlcGilfin fi 'Xl .eyl lii.1s., "I 3 .,,z. n i ' vb-f-'r F I R . Andrews, Barron, Dockery, Freeman, Goualdi, Larson. Second Row. Nelson, Smifh, Swell, Van Meier, Wafson, Wiley. IF you wanl lhe lalesl news on world alllairs, iusl ask a member ol Ihe lnlernalional Relalions Club. Their Iirnely meeling periods are used lor discussion ol world affairs, news analysis and debales on currenl Iopics. As socialiles, They are also successful. This was proved al Ihe dance held by Ihe Aggie Bar. ART CLUB THE ART CLUB was nor organized unril mid-Term, buf They have had many inreresring rneelings and acliviries. This club is made up of s+uden+s who are enrolled in ar leasl' one ar+ class. They enrerrained wirh an iniriarion parry for new mem- loers and have had several picnics. Benny January, Presidenr lvlargarer Ann Flippo, Vice Presidenr LaNe'r+e Howard, Secrerary Charles Procror, Sergeani-ar-Arms SPONSOR: Howard Joyner First Row: Culpepper, Fllppo, Haines, Howard, January, Krieger. Second Row: Loaman, Roos, Scheble, Stamps, Sullivan. ENGINEERING CLUB FIRST TERM OFFICERS: Leo Cline, Presidenr Amos Clark, Vice Presidenr Waller Pyron, Secrelary and Treasurer Thomas I-Iayes, Reporler SECOND TERM OFFICERS: Bill Burdel'I', Presidenl Amos Clark, Vice Presidenl Sam L'I"lerrison, Secrerary and Treasurer Ed Ekholm. Reporrer SPONSOR: M. W. Joy TI-IE ENGINEERING SOCIETY is known aboul Ihe cam- pus for ils inleresling club programs and irs unusual deco- raI'ions for The Engineers' Ball. Their meelings Iealure speakers from Ihe Engineering profession who are oulslanding in Iheir special fields. These speeches are supplemenred wirh Timely movies. A+ Ihe Engineers' Ball, March 6, a combined decoralion scheme of engineering and palriolism was carried our wilh- oul spending for new rnalerials, which proves Ihal Ihey really are parriolrically inclined. THE I943 JUNIOR AGGIE Published by Ihe S+uden'Is of NORTH TEXAS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE ARLINGTON, TEXAS Students and Faculty North Texas Agricultural College Arlington, Texas Dear Friends: We have tried to make this book a record of the past year at N.T.A.C, and we hope that you will find it characteristic of the life of the typical N.T.A.C. student. Without the patronage of the Junior Aggie advertisers it would have been impossible for us to present this, the 1945 Junior Aggie. These advertisers are the true friends of the N.T.A.C student body. In buying, remember the reliable concerns who have proved their loyalty by helping us. EE:IT Sincerely yours, EJ cfliofm Business Manager rgjffl jww 'lil x ,ilu vim.. 1, 1 M Vx qfgi ,IX '!"' l, iutgl ' 23, lx yr , N Avg 3102 X X-f . 'xl - Erie' 3? 'E ' ff ly li Xu f .s lid-lQ,::: '4 1 1 X ' f 1 ,u ix s , , V . A il! X ll' 151 XS, it XX - XX lr l a '1q - I' "' -,jf '?j5Qm iiir 65,4 F 'ff fr F1 SX if You Will Find the Largest Stock of Cameras and Equipment in the Southwest THUR A HANDLE C0. l ag ef llll' it W S, .. Q3 QI' :iz '2 1 1- ,1 . 1,1 ' ff , - D- . cz , D ,gl l , Q,-' hh ' .fr I up Gp X " im- X jig , .YQ ' qi 'lr X V '-ol I 1' fa! fin flu ' lv an ,I xr- gba Neg o' iinl . lb , f I4 ' I '4 A HA . 'IQ 9 2? X 5 s. lik 'Pdf' ' T' 55406 QW A gift from Hal:o1'n's can he your treasured possession which will hclp prcscrvc the pricclcss mcmorics of your school days. M LX 8,uHf.-'Ngffg a :moms ORDERLY DUTY ' ii '822r?lElYEElEiL!2ZdyZm HGME Of Fine Dairy Products il vmnc cmnr FOR VICTORY I '43.. Everyone of us is working fogefher for VICTORY! Today higher educa'I'ion and skiIIed workmanship are proving fheir worfh in every Field of endeavor for Vic+ory. From you of NTAC, we expec+ BIG fhings. WHEN POSSIBLE. HELP RELIEVE WEEK-END CROWDS. SERVE AND CONSERVE . . . RIDE TEXAS MOTORCOACHES WEEKDAYS Gm ueliokf-G ' MEET YOUR FRIENDS t tb A milk bottle lished out of the Pacific ocean " e was found to contain a piece of water-soaked paper. But the writing on the paper was too fainthto be deciphered. Clearly, it was a case for t e F.B.l. Com Hmmm of Various tests were made, various acids ap- p plied. At last, six words stood out in startling THE RAINBOW GRILL CIGMUGSS- THE COOPER HOTEL They were: Two quarts of milk, no cream. Phone 147 The 1943 JUNIOR AGGIE is bound ina KINGSKRAFT COVER QW, cr l Q g ' ff E F, if K j S fd!! A, 55 U " , ,A "1 "fix E 9 f , fi g-1 211 , . My , QXNW f . ig! if! i 'iff 1 xx.. A. FENDER AND BODY REPAIR WRECKER SERVICE, DAY AND NIGHT PHONE 248 - 300 PIRIE-SLAUGHTER, INC. Compliments of Caton's Sc to 51.00 Store F o R D s . Parts - Services Arlington, Texas COULTER AND SON ALTMAN'S Dependable Dfyuggisfs Lddieil dnd Cl9ildTe1Z,S 51078 ARLINGTON, TEXAS DRESSES - HOSIERY We are always glad to serve the students Coigflifg-IATS , of N' T' A' C' HOME FURNISHINGS Our Serwces Are at Your Command S. Center Arlington The MP stuck his head in the orderly room door. "Is there a mackintosh in here big enough to keep two young ladies warm ?" he yelled. "No, but there's a MacPherson who is will- ing to try," was the topkick's reply. The shortest period of time is that spent by the yardbird in sewing on his PFC stripes after posting of the orde1'. Bill was called up before the captain. "What, you here again? Aren't you ashamed to be seen in here?" asked the cap- tain. "Oh, no I" replied Bill. "What's good enough for you is good enough for me." An inventor has produced phosphorescent diaper tabs, to be used instead of pins for quick change during blackouts. Electric Po ODAY you and every other American have one thought uppermost in mind-Winning of the War! War today is a war oi machines, a War requiring mass production. Vital to high speed industrial production is ELECTRIC POWER and it must be available Wherever it is needed. The inter- connected Texas power grid, of which this Company's transmission system is an important part, has made this possible. TEXAS ELEC ' Westefn Auto W. A. Whitley, Owner R. W. I Ass i . Siijtc Arlmgton, Texas GROCERY We Can GROCERIES AND MEATS Save You Money On COUNTRY PRODUCE BATTERIES BICYCLES SPORTING GOODS RADIOS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FISHING TACKLE TIRES AUTO PARTS TUBES 24 - PHONES - 25 v Complete Line of ARLINGTON AUTO PARTS and ACCESSORIES Sm ICHNT DLULL TQDHV Q 4 , 1 spawn-'EDJ Cy- + MY THUMB X BULL T PEN aw' CORPS. I F 1fAE9Y Q49 G 1 CLINE-9 3' Z Comvgm' F's OUTSTMADING CRDET 1. . . . . . ,-....-., .--, - h "Where old friends greet and new friends meet" . Eat WMM S tocihe Students and E U F F E E S H U P raduates of- For 12 Years The Students' Favorite N. T. A. C. v Well Machinery 81 Supply Co. FORT WORTH MODERNIZED AND STREAMLINED 8ouR80N In we Gas Tank oscnwl Cmzmco I 8R0okS' SEOTTY GE Ci g BRNFORD ' 'o . mf- 1 B'R FG Cl1UoN q ,Vg W lk? A -53543 S 9 .9""' ' US BO N. X QFPA GRM! Jog 5 , N ll , 9 . E Qax 0 9 .14 ..f r l Wa X-V-.-Lf-F ga, I z -5 9 Q Q t N.T.u.c Momnazep mvlslou ""'5'c"9W M 1---1 S 1 1 1 FRA Quo San Antonio, Texas O Manufacturers, . . . Importers Jobbers of Military Equipment Apparel and Insignia The South's Largest Military Outfitters It pleases us to serve you good food COLLEGE DINING HALL Family style and individual meals served three times daily 352.75 Meal Ticket 352.50 355.50 Meal Ticket 355.00 C. W. STOUGH, Director of Dining Hall TERRY BROS. DRUGS "Arlington's Leading PlJarmacists', Phone 285 The Cadets' friend- Perkins Cleaners 86 Hatters "Keep on lighting, boys," cried the general. "Never say die. Never give up till your last shot is fired. When it is fired, then run. I'm a little lame, so I'll start now." i Xxx- ' .ff , ,QAQI , Sd- a I i Q AFI SH ' Crnssummj WAR-TIME FUUD5 FUR THE HUME FHUNT! this ' ' We J VRTORY Freshness , MIALS for Victory Meals Largest Distributors of Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables in the Southwest BEN E. KEITH CUMPHNY D ll Fort Worth Longview Abilene Lubbock lVichitu F ll IF I HRD THE WWGS OF HN RNGEL OUT OF THIS 0oM.wouc,0 I FLV F - F WF' R"-"T I nun 4 was, 22355 W IN Ros Fnce Q MRJOR 'KE YRODM MIKE 'CS ....Cz' GQ' Q59 --' 1 ,,, W F ' Wu Cc W3 ss 4 lr K silim. 5 if Bnem' 'H' Tags caskw Yoon gens -me ,fs -Dfw - .' I,,,,,? TL. GUESS N or s G F W fi F THFIT DOM. Hsu TRFIGETY g To Srnnv 0 sv LT, ij? WH ik? X fiwiiilnfzgv 'NWN' . . 9 -. B I, V A ' ' 0 g' 7 t A A N om. M W -' , 'H C bl- h f 1 'N i F , - V ix !,,: ii X V' X5 0 Ni I N 4 , bf' " 4 Q : - ' , A ,, 1 Y A 1... - ,, PBIDRITIES N .T. A. C.'s cadets, undaunted by the lack of gasoline and rubber, continue their quest for knowledge! 54 itit i t A 'Vi 'I Wh PA N' IS 'r X x it i X , 43 f ,ff ' ly G5 CQTT JIT r in 6 fa-k v If N -v'. , 'xx' '!,, X f 11 , ' ' ' ' N ii . 1 E w ' .T'Q,1i5i'iTNf . ' -2. 5 Y' K N hi ,. , f i, 5 :if -. 3-55352-:,l .,,. - J.. L- -AZ"" ...L gin Z a 1,1 M! R. -'--- - Y ' 1.-4 K I , so-iff 5 ifgxlfw 1 i E H. They'll sure Shine when fhey're genuine .IUSTINS l+'s easier fo look your besf, when you wear smar+, easy-'feeling Jus+in Shoes +l'1a+ keep fheir good looks longer. Jusfin Shoes have all +l1e fif, feel and long wear of +l1e famous Jusfin Cowboy Boofs, because +l1ey're made in fhe same facfory by +l1e Jusfin Boys of Forl' Wor+l1. Smarf mili+ary and civilian sfyles are sold by 'Friendly Jus+in merclwanis in many Texas commu- ni+ies. K fn ii 4959 J. Justin Gm Sons, Inc. FORT WORTH A v-v v WY 'inf iY W?W V Y Y p Q 1 - ik- I I l l - - 1 I ,i i .. ""'.,'1QFTTJ'-1f?i2TEF-??TF?fW" -"'fm"" ' WH 1- . .. ,. - -, -- Q - in 4 . W M. A. 'Q ,I U, +:j3,f.ii,,:,Mg5Z33:lwgw.J 5-ffl -H g.:r't ,V M V - A - . gf jf'--' ' - ,,,,,.-y-sf L J.. -JJ-M "' ' x :,.'-:- :', ,:,.,..-qi -1,,.,.-.,f'gf- --. - ' '. ,.. - , ,w.,::,.,:L M-I J 1. gflgf-,:,, V-'gif-v '. Mrs gl 4 ' . Qc V N V -l .V ,rm-:AQ lv U V. ., ,V V , . .. Q , w1,I!m.r:l:.',P?ii iz.-,.gy.,g-:-,' .g - . 'f - D 5- 5 - lf A f :.' ew--0 Us : . . ' ' -. 1, -'Fifi---:n.'.,f..'qiq, .hi 1, . - i "T, , A, AMA, If , ..,., -.. , 4 ,g h E y E .I :s4rN.3.,W:rp.jwgzmg - ' , - ' ' ,. 1 . " af 1.4-.-.- Z ' ff'-.-f",:s,pP2:-1 ' ' K' . ' ' -54S3f4l" XXX Wil ' - Qi- - . , -"url --: ' Cx J wif - -Z' i Y I i Jr: p -. ' 11 ' " X I ' 1 +-- " 1'-'J -"-uv. . ..,.,,,i N f -.s, X f -. .TSWIIMI ll, I , H - ---K - - - -. , 3.1, 1' A ,, I X . 1 i Wfwdllllfw ll T a. - 4 - - -e W e . . X . "- ' J 0i!!1'f,'5'h'iWl2uQl'i'l-'V t Q .fffshln , Z-ug,-. fight: kv hurl.: A ,I Ui I V L ' '. 3 J: A W u +-f-'rf L5 f' I, if .,,1, 'v' li l ' ,.,r,f ,.v a , ,g',",. 251' . is ' w , -- 41"-f1rF.3,g - 4 . 1 4 i .f + ll'7Q,7 - '- iz'-1 .' 7' Q. ,-'gl - ' -1f,'I-T.4i?p3.4 -,IPI " A F , k ,1-' firgf' f , f,,,.f ,N ,,' 1,,:,,5N W 0 n "j x y .:' Q' y 01 4215 if I f':Qj5j.7 .F1f.z,,. -- ' - wwf- " -f. L xc., , . - --1: we .fi e s-.Vx 1' -wir" 1 -ffw fl A . 'fa 1 ' . 1 . l f Am- .- 5la.'i"fT4 j' f f-- -.':.'f." --"ff:-.-1 , J 1' .fs-fa I . - : '- - -.. V - .' f He.--1:1-if .- V -, -.1 f -1 -- , -i. 1, J ' ' ' , A 43? '1i..'.-' 5' f xr - -, FL 'Ns-y,.Bf"-f 'Mo -,""sf!f ,V .H ' if f nl . ff .. l W ' x L f -' LZ V if ,zz "Zi ' 19 gli 4' 1 . ,--., :H 1. .N -. - ,I . -.r ,sry ,f j - A -. -, . -. f-- V I , , , . ,il an lc S fd: .. C1 ' X' ,'.- L1 fiirsi-':Q,, . Ffh' . 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' 'f' r- - :P --' W ' 1 Q ' 1 rw, - A -J' -' ' - -1 JA. " H 1 ' z'Z1 2 ms ' '71 M . , ' il K' inf ll? '-S J i "' ii is ug. VJ.. 3:7:2'.'J7:' ' ,A -,Q - . , fn,-"' 1 'T-vfl , 'ff ' gg, E ,ra fi E ,, jf . 1- I 'A I 'Fiiif .L-13,2 ' A' jg: ,, 'i?..-'yu is ff., 1, hal. ,. - ' ln q .,:1f., , Q :41L?Lf!,Q. f QYIAEQQQ41 35.2, .- Q-A , in-W: A, -. 3, f fi 4 ' 31?-if , ' ill 'i - ' . 34? 5" ,-!FfT?:'7"b" "'7- . 4.-..1 --1 ' -' F 3 l l "1 lf. 1, . '-TzsF"'f,3:?' ' ff-if 'culllh I ' ,.A,'.'- l- V-- f ' ' ' f Q ,I '1 L'--., 4 MA.: ,fs 'of f A v ,.-'-l ' pe wh., f - 3' -,g :,.yU,i?,133,f ,Q ,. If fl I J, .V 4. Vfpglggu: ,L jQ.fjg?5T3uHLl' y1.'l7ml.l,l f 2-pig.. ,Z .Q5Pfgff" ff' 'ffiye-'41 Wy A .045-2aE5,'f'2Q-L2 '.f. ':f,,if:' -- y A'fir?-'1i,44-iii'fyffaffu-1'-'f' 1' f jf' -5' l?.af3gQ2.3gga: eww' ' ,, '- fg 2115.5 , -. L 1, 4' -i-jj,,s:51f:Tfv:15. 'gk '-14 46? Elgwlxif ' .. .SW " "" 5 "" - ' . Q-51? ,',.A1i42:3Yl"..'1-Tri: "" 4i?'- : .I :.grii'?1'Tf . f' 5' .-,Ei-:V 1 a ' :Gifs 'wx w. f'egi, "5-Q1':'?5':i.J .. "v9f"j'-- - ,Qu-'T' v N In . ,,si- .gl l5.L::',: " ' - :""' m'5r"3"i'4g3?"'2' 7 -fgis '-N .4115 ':4i'FV'fZ"'L',gg:Q5: ' .FI-"f ' ., F . , , '!. -i jkgygggvg-:,,:g3:,,,.,,,l :I J 451. V, .,, . ,:- 1 ,....-,.:., ,ui h ,,..., ,,:14,.yV:i:,.-, -F K K J9. Quay.,-'Lin , ,..., Make our store your headquarters E I H S E U for your Sporting Goods, Jewelry, Radios, Luggage V "For Finer C lothesv V Dallas, Texas and Sports Wear needs Terms as little as 500 weekly WOLF AND KLAR 1505-5-7 Main Street Fort Worth The Arlington Journal "job Printing" Phone 7 BABER SERVICE CAR "Taxi with a Smile" Phone 30 CHICKEN Il No. LIEUTBNANTJ ex A - l fEJ ff lx XMX X xlfff J Q H a , X I ,V b l l 4 mm, 2' nl' 5?-1 811 1-l6Nf"f-0 i 1 X J!!- n'1xm N ai' I fl fl . Mister Richards discusses Texas politics with his students. nun- -nu-gn 11-?' In Arlington Since 1910 HUGH M. MOORE 86 SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Funeral Home Phone No. 3 SLOGANS OF THE BLITZED Sign across a badly blasted Birmingham, England, wine shop window: "We are carry- ing on with unbroken spirits." Sign in front of an English coast-town to- bacco shop: "Jerry blew in, why not you?" A woman went up to a war bond booth and said she wanted to buy some war bonds. "Very well," said the salesman. "What de- nomination ?" "Presbyterian," she answered. f cl db ASK JOHNSTON DRUG STORE ARLINGTON Canadians training in England last sum- mer were awakened during the night by a loud explosion. "Was that thunder " asked one. "No, bombs!" his buddy answered. "Thank heavens !" said the first. "I thought we were going to have more rain I" We doubt if we shall ever think of the gas mask as chic, though millinery has hardened us to a great deal. "Say, you must be sick. You look terrible I" "And I feel terrible. I should have known those English peas and German noodles that I ate for lunch wouldn't agree I" "Does this package belong to you? The name is obliterated." Rookie: "It can't be mine. My name is O'- ' H Brien. He's so big he has to fall out in a column of threes. ARLINGTON STATE BANK IN ARLINGTON Solicits and Appreciates your banking business MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE EXCHANGE STORE A SCHQOL MILITARY SUPPLIES UN IFORM5 300145 ACCESSORIES MASTERPIECE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES J. H. FOWLER, Manager PAT FOWLER, Axsixtam Manager W l , N I 6 1 I 4 X jfw was II S ws A QI I , 1 l .? I notice that the government has decided to restrict weather forecasts in order to keep information from our enemies. Why not con- tinue to publish them and fool the enemy like they do us? Cavalry recruit: "I never thought that any- thing filled with hay could be so hard." A certain demolition lieutenant would have received A in his course on explosives if he hadn't blown up at the last moment. Recruit: "May I have a uniform ?" . Supply Sergeant: "How do you want it, too large or too small?" A tennis writer recollects that when Japan- ese players appeared at Wimbledon they sel- dom leapt over the net like the others. They infiltrated through. "And that, my son, was how the first World War was won." "But, Pop, why did they need all the other soldiers ?" HUMBLE's in the fight 2200 employees in uniform 13,000 behind the lines numniz ou. s. nzrmma co. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS FOR WAR AND INDUSTRY ln war as in peace the Humble sign is a symbol of dependable products and service. Let your Humble service man help you care lor your car for your country. Drill Sergeant to Rookie: "Wipe that opin- ion off your face!" One of the volunteer drivers for emergency police duty was reporting for instructions be- fore a rehearsal for possible air-raids. A special hand siren was given him, to be sounded only in case of a gas attack. He was told, "You must not use the hand siren. It is the gas call." n "Well, when should I use it," the driver in- quired anxiously. "When I run out of gas?" A man had been seriously injured in an ac- cident. When the ambulance arrived he was still unconscious and the attendants carefully placed him on the stretcher and lifted him into the ambulance. But as they were speed- ing away to the hospital the man suddenly sat up. Pointing back to his car, he gasped, "My tires! Can't you bring them too?" DEFINITION OF "MORALE" "Morale is what keeps yo' feet goin', when yo' head says it ain't possible." Q- 1 1 3 HCOKER VANDERGRIFF Sales Service PHONE 206 Arlington TCXHS fr!-K-A e UT we TAKE TURN A ' - I ToMo8R0W IPULI. WM! M5 X 'X S l , My 6111 71 pl lp W5 -rw.: DAY Dooesns Saws 605 Rim-wma PRQBLEMS. I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER ROSE-YATES INSURANCE Of course I'll wait, It won't be long- PGTYMDS Q YG211' 01' two. All Classes of Insurance Our love IS sweet ARLINGTON TEXAS And rnuch too strong ' To vanish with the dew. ggu Exchange Confectionery To say I'm still the same. ffkgmden, Htmgouyf I'll write real soong F . S . 1 Where is your camp, Oumam Pew' S And dear-what is your name? Candy .l Cold Drinks "Does that horse ever kick you, Soldier ?" ,I j "No, sir, he ain't yet. But he frequently Sandwiches . A kicks the place where I recently was at." Q Clgmeues h , t -i 1 b h We Specialize in Wages icifgiee o see a smugg er a out a ot DOUBLE THICK MALTS .i -. ..- A- 4:7 I nhl' BONDURANT BROS. 5 .,,.,N .I l Insurance Agency 2 U 4 ,, , v 'lp I, I I ' I .I INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS ' , 2 .5 lm". A If ' Xu REAL ESTATE , :Sq f manly A Phone 52 Arlington . x Iy O ' lf' Qs, f o PSYCHOLOGY "Wanna take my sister to the dance '?" ..Q,. X "What does she look like ?" ,335 5 X x x Q, , 1 cc 71 u at K N I l pay your expenses. Gm "Sorry, I got a date." XI57' M ' l 1 A 5 gy THGSE. woopsrd RIF'-E5 A Half Way Between One-half Million People CITY OF ARLINGTON Beautiful Meadowbrook Park Superb 9-Hole Golf Course Students from more than 50,000 families can attend N. T. A. C. and live at home Eastern Star Home of Texas Home for Aged Masons of Texas Fine Schools, Churches, and Other Social Organizations Approximately one-third of all the young people of college age in Texas reside within fifty miles of Arlington For Information Wf rite W. F. ALTMAN, Mayor BENTON COLLINS, City Sec'y. L .E ,. W -.- -g- 'T'-""T'l HEARTTHROBS UNLIMITED By Aunty Aircraft Dear Aunty: "I've broken with a girl, and believe me, I had good reason to. Now she threatens to complain to my commanding oiicer if I don't return her picture. What a nerve! How can I squelch her, once and for all ?"-Puzzled and H E . C A N N O N NURSERY AND FLORAL CO. 'ff Corsagex 'ff Floral Designs 'A' Cut Flowers 32155 Iggy: W Nursery Stock Borrow all the pictures of girls from the Eff, 1893 men in your Company. Then send them to her in a large bundle with the following note: phone 236 Arlington iflliick yours out, I've forgotten what you look on ,he Hig,,,,,,,y 1 C. O ake recautzons ON Tl-lousANDs or FARMS- . Nur . . .John Deere implements have entered IT7S aw R' :he all-slut deFFor+ for maximum produc- A- N DRIVE SANELY 0 'O ' if ' The standard of quality under which they Cl '-6 And ws t t were built malcesi +hem double valuable in this emer- V , Sma' 0 flse gency when rep acements must e delayed in order thnfty 'TP' Gasolme +ha+ John Deere factories may produce implements of 4 - and -TP- Aero Motor war 9' - Oil in Your Car ' ' i""'li'.n T fp gil' ' H iff TRADE WITH YOUR JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY LH Q FRIENDLY 'TP' DEALER Dallas-Houston-San Antonio TEXAS PACIFIC COAL and OIL CO. Five Germans were sitting in a cafe, each thinking his private thoughts about his pri- vate sorrows. One of them sighed lugubri- ously, another groaned aloud, a third shook his head in despair, a fourth choked down tears. The fifth in a frightened voice, whis- pered: "But, my friends, be careful! How often have I told you not to discuss politics in pub- lic!" "That soldier was the dumbest cluck," said the young thing. "He didn't know where he'd been, what he'd done, where he was going, what he was going to do, or anything." A big city resident-no doubt taking the rubber shortage very seriously - tied his horse to a parking meter, deposited a five- cent piece, and went about his business. Victory garments, so called, naturally are planned to make the wearers fighting mad. THE HARMONY HUT Across from the Gym + Come in and see us -- Harmon and Minnie 1 W N . 3 J 3 I 5 ' P 4 C , - HIIIIRT' tg Q BERGMAN To the students of North Texas Agricultural College our sincerest appreciation for the privilege given us in making the photographs contained in this book. if ALLACE TUDIO AIR RAID REGULATIONS 1. As soon as the bombs start to fall, run like hell. It doesn't matter where-as long as you run like hell. Wear track shoes. If the people in front of you are slow, you won't have any trouble getting over them. 2. Take advantage of the opportunity af- forded you. When the air raid sirens sound the warning of any air attack: a. If in a bakery-grab a cake b. If in a tavern-grab a bottle c. If in a movie-grab a blonde. 3. If an incendiary bomb is found burning a building, throw gasoline on it. If no gas is available, throw a bucket of water on it. You can't put it out this way, but it's a lot of fun. 4. If you find an unexploded bomb-pick it up and shake it. Maybe it will go off. 5. Always get excited and holler bloody murder. fit will add to the fun and confusion and scare hell out of the kids.J 6. Drink liquor, eat onion, fish and roque- fort cheese before entering a crowded air raid shelter. It will make you very unpopular with the people in your immediate vicinity, not counting the discomfort that would be more prevalent if the shelter was closely crowded. 7. If you should be a victim of a bomb ex- plosion-don't go to pieces. Just lie still and no one will notice you. Many a romance is battered and bruised When dancing slippers meet G. I. shoes. The less we tarry, the more harikiri. A mint julip is a depth bomb with a south- ern drawl. What is an icicle? A drip that got caught in the draft. A woman donating a pint of blood stipu- lated it should not be given to an aviator because she always became dizzy at heights. A wealthy, patriotic and extroverted lady we know, one who just can't say "No" when asked to join another committee, was seated at dinner the other evening next to somebody who sought to break the ice by asking if she knew how the Libyan campaign was coming along. "My dear, it just isn't!" she cried. "I've been so busy at the Red Cross that I haven't been able to work on it for a week." An Army rifle weighs 6.89 pounds but after carrying one all day the decimal point drops out. Ring 84 Brewer otter YOU the most com- plete line ot rnilitary clothing ancl acces- sories at the rnost reasonable prices. When in Dallas make Ring 8: Brewer your heacl- quarters. You are WELCOME. We are your l-lost, YOU are our GUEST. iaoa ELM Z 343444315 DIAL 2-27:7 Military and Sportswear DALLAS, TEXAS AUTOGRAPHS ' ,-Q.-H. Q.,.!,, 2 C X x 1 Z .ff x, X ' ,ff XVQOHQTA' MSLWEPPJ7 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS Q E E 'i i ". S- 1 L f 3 'Q X 5 9 r P AUTOGRAPHS .-gm. We W '45 a Je, ff Jr' ,W my ,, 1 4152? MN' 5 ' if bf ' , ,zf ,Q 5. H5 ff If ,ff U4- ' H-wa+.Qf:4f.,,.-,, f grsk-31'f ,1,. A I Nr wf ,, 4-W

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