Arlington State College - Reveille Yearbook (Arlington, TX)

 - Class of 1941

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Arlington State College - Reveille Yearbook (Arlington, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1941 volume:

In , b A 4 I K , I V , A. . 1 A X V Q , -xt, A vnxm. AJ, ,THEA- 3. xv, I . U , , r f I A Y 1' -4? Cigna: . , . A- . ' 7 ' . ' ' I ' 'f e-,iff ' . - ' Jwjv' ' , I V A X' ifffiiirlffgfi " ' . . . - l M" ff' , ,' ' ' 4- ff. 'f I X ' 1 JW ' .f A ' " 'I WX! Y .ff 'W . - jx A , J KV . Q f X A' ' . vw Q, Wy' v w' 'xx Q ' W W 5 H dw, ,,.f. , , 1 X f fl f -A X al 54 3 W Q 4QMJ29f 7 2 f. ' Q . by - if ' 2447 UAAJ 'y,4.,m,...a,.,..,l 4-I ' ' Xl no Agwwv ' ' 1 X s 5 I , Q f 31: . , ,Y .42 A H K V, I g""'5s'?'- 621,238.3 I fi 'X ' 'Q . 571 4 'Q " - 3? Q QW 'sv QW WQ4Jff.,. if va! pre' A?y W9 'KM iw .,,,,Z M 77,,,1we.J QMS M Wi iw ,LM ,Mj!5AW 1 R Alf qi wk Q W WW dw W , K - p Ai. Q A 5 0, I 3 1 0 I 1-11' ' -in 1 c, ,I 9 , K? -4 , o , : ' if I f 5 0 , . . . I .v if I k . 5 LT A-mtv, , 4 3 ' Ixyft 1 f bil 1, ff. .J f , Z V 'U 4 """"r l"" ,K D , ' 22 4 - A . 11- 4 X V . A m. X 11:56 - 72 X3 f f? ,A f - - MU' -1" W ' ' ,Q J ! fl - - V A ' '51 -i X ' .i .- ,ew-N. '- ' xx f fAA Wg ' C235-:JiL.-ggifsi' ' ' "" A v 1 A X I x z z ' ' , "4" mm' Z '! BAY. -'al wig: NX 1. iw f MM' QM i' ' ' - Q , L h E , , . Q W , H Q X 'x ' , I ji '71-3 u Q-we 'I - - - :- i as I L Mali 'Sf A 1 , 5 - A fnnrwfv- f-:Inna-Aa-vs M rg W Q ww 4 T,,,,, W .mv ' F44 . H 0 Q . 4' - - l"',5. 4 K A 'VH "-:Y , 4 . . G - "Q.,1'i' ' s' 1 " , f f f V Ve I FF .X ' - , V . b I, V 1755 -'gf' iraq' . ' N Aw . 1 ,. f 'ff' ' . . , QV QV ' ' "hi " A V A . -. ky, .V v, -1' ,, V , 'Q q. ' ,I , ro M , ' Q ,K , ,, -W A ,H 1 1. Y , , . f ju , .l , . ' 'Aff ff ' ' 1 N ' P ' , Vx ,',- Q , - . ' , ., - ' f fa, V' ' A , ' O Q, , ff' s, xg , . . f. 1. . . - , , t , V. 5 'V -' .f . UN V- bfi: Lg, V 'KE 4, A A . V Vfxw Y Pic' , . gd V 1. N . 4 'gg' I , Q 4 . Q, -- , :Q K ,ff'.p 'Q Q- ' ,gf " 4- - . A ,HY 12 Q5 H - '- K 53 . f K , V . 4, ,H , LV V . 515.1 ."'Qi a ' A 2 ' 1 ' 1 , -.D'Qf"' V 4 ' 'K V 4 1 , ., - 'W A - , 5525! RR- -'F . . ' J spv I 1 V V bf' A V f ' "'x?2WALI5v, ' "'r ' we Q11 ,P . V P' 5l:V.iV'. - .- ' K f ' V Vw- - .1 V . N- ' 1 '55 , - . . ' 0 A fy, - 3 r O . -A . ,A V - -Q. ,Q . , ' , Jff.,'i' , ' ' -. ,., Vg ,gig ' Wray In 'fb 1- -V lx V k 'A swf V-"iff 5 .f . 29, N, ri ,I ., ' a,A ,il ,- . 1 1 ' Q' xt, U ' Iwi ' Z. , if ' ' J y, M., Q . W V X 1' I: 4 Q . ,er Jifl ' ' A 'L 'wi - , . 4 ' " 1.1.1 5' Ag' . ' ' . . ' .lp ygiggxfv, V QV, f . V V , , 1 9 ' fa, I .. K' ' mf. if " ' . 'W' '- -4' I '-5 :pg -, '12 QE: ' A-in JI "' V ' ' ' . , . . nh ., K QV. bi . L f ,, . . if - 1, rg .f .pw sr' - '14 V.V,V+, , V, ' . ' . ,- ' V K 4:23.-' ',. ' I l" K X 0 J . K .A . ,LJ It L jvgw?4iQg,,,A?w.x . ' - 'V ' HE? -, A A Qi: A A 5 "WH Q. 1. 'V .'j', ' A 0 ' WY' V . A ' g ' 'J' ' - ' 3.5, g.M"' 'V ,-, -fi 4 'KA ' ' ' 4 JV .' V' . .. 1 V 1 - " K ' K , ' 'V"' 4' "K" . , ..' X, V W , pg ' ,R ' ' ' - if ,- .V 'iff , BV ... H34 . A 'fi' 4. - 'FT 5' qi? ..j'1' -feng ,I ' ' My , ' V f . J V , - A . ,ur , , . .v ,. -1 ' .vigil '-' . 1 V - . . 'V+ N ' ' 4' R, ,V , ' uf 'Pi H ll? V- X131 in V 5 1. iv' o J 5. ,V A ' 5375 V av , ,, V V- . . 28 ,L V kg 4' iv, f -4 ,N 1 - . -- ' V., . , V .yy . . x, " V4 . ' Q . :"f xx . . . AJ: . ff as P x v., ' rg' . ,Q . ,, - n-V 'V . 1 v ig? F . , . , O A ' V. an -4 '- t I 'V -55.5. 6 . L at ,'. Q ' ., , ' ' ' ' VV , ' . wif- - J., 3.7.91 ' :inf X. .i 'K 'W'-' ' . Vfslgk .x V M431 , Vw- n . Wim? FM. 'Jar 'I N J I r f ' is 4. -n .lx x P! . 1 ,, ff. 0- - ' : x., A 15 V 1 - . -' - 7 :N 4 x f - - r . 1, , 1 wxx Q! .I . 1 x ' 1 1 x I 1 ' ' 4 1 0 1 Y . 1' ,, ' f . , H 'nn' , ' ' 'n A I ' D' . 0 ' 5' 1 . v -Y -' U . ,s f . I . - , 6 f .6 Y . Q. 1 ' 3' ' V . 3 A . 1 . Q ' L r ' ir 1 A 1 1 " fs ': Q s ur s V A . . M 5 '. . l an .1 B - ' - r: , .. ' I V ,- , A ., 1 A - 2 ' b ' 4 4 , . ' h fn 2 . 5 , ., r, 1 5 . , , 32 11? I we ' , . J.. 1- . , . ' ' 9 " ' ' Q A ' 1 . 1, '4 1' " . ' N E Q ' L ' 'L z , 1 ' ' X' . ' ' ' 5, ,- ' ' ' , X 1 .. ' ' . -Q .1 . . Q .', H. - 4 I 4- . A, . I '. of , - f fi . ' 91 " 1' ' , xr . . . . , - P ,I Q . Af V -,i V 1 ,- 1 ' ' J' 1 k ,- , Q - A , V 1 ., 1 , Q 'h 1 4. . fr v ,. A I 1 ' V 5 A 4 n . A, . 1 Q , .u H . X . 9 v V ' . ' J ' .. ' ' f ' s 'X ni ' " , f v ' -. qw, L. ' . , N ' - 4- I ' ' .' - to , JA' 1 -H ,nf ' , H-V 'xx .. v A , ., ., Q f ' P ' 7:7-ve' ff? df" :f ' gf' ' 'A ' A-'Q ,.-f,!,',-.Lp , w nf? ' "'-ic 1" ' ' ' ". ' " SY' ' f , , '. 3.51: ' " 'L' 'V ' -I l H H f .. 1-Q n . . ,, 4 PUREWQRU W O PRESENT A PICTURE SYNOPSIS OE COLLEGE LIEE IN ITS ESSENCE IS TI-IE AIM OE TI-IIS YEARBOOK. A THOUSAND COMMUTERS MAKE TI-IIS INSTITUTION TI-IE ONLY ONE OE ITS KIND IN TI-IE WORLDWA NCOLLEGE ON WI-IEELS." IN REC- OGNITION OF TI-IIS FACT LIES TI-IE THEME OE TI-IE I94I EDITION OE TI-IE IUNIOR AGGIE. t -O -riffgff ar 1065 AER QXXXQ' XX ARLINETUN 4 f K-X if Q Mg M M 1 , 5 X 'A I . 1 L ,- ,- . W.. . .X . fr:-ax ..f ka X f if x s ...H -uf s,- x Ash., ,Q A hh 1-ls 1-I' API. I' fl' P' If Xl' hx 1-I' P pl' ff' I' PP 1-Pl' Pl' Pl' I' pl' Pl' Isl' I' i 1 - 4 -hs 5 '- , Xi' . 1 5 riff. fu. VM ,4a -fel, an A 1 3. vi , 5 5 ,. Lu' 5351 Riff 2, Qii f 1 ' Q If 2 a I i tfiig, K 'Q ..'+?H- if r x 1 .df.,i'.Q' -, 3 W .2 ,. Ltifkgf 3 -4 ',w'4v.,'A."' .fgk :wi . .,.+ . Aamir, g, , 1 K 5 I 7 B. C. BARNES This year We have dedicated the 1941 edition at the Iuhior Agate to Mr. B. C. Barnes who, as the efficient sponsor at the Iuhiar Aaaie, so Weil deserves this honor. i THE ROAD TU LEARNING f , i i , l l V L l W, NAM Mem DEAR SCHOOL WE LOVE Dear school we love, these things we shall remember: Youth's brave young dreams and friendships deep and true. Our hearts will still grow warm in life's December As we recall the joyous spring we lcnewg Our hearts will still grow warm in life's December As we recall the joyous spring we knew. Look up, behold! Your banners are far-flinging And through the years our faith we shall proclaim. Far though we part, we shall march onward singing Our songs of praise to glorify your namey Far though we part, we shall march' onward singing Our songs of praise to glorify your name. 4 5 I x Q f ' N - 91 WML? Jfgfifywlalz 9 fq 4 la 5 K 5 LIBRARY W,-'M' ,aw an .w.....wli-f-Q5 MECHANIC ARTS BUILDING ENGINEERING BUILDING , Q .L 'vm , s I K I I x - ff fm W ns an 961 M9656 UURMITURY ff-fra :emu - 1.1416-'A max me S53 "5 W 1... ,.....,....w...,-,,Q sl QSSZS 0 9 E 0 STUDENT FACULTY T l COMMITTEE The Student Faculty Com- mittee organized in l939, is composed of nine students and three members of the faculty. The members are chosen by the student body and by a faculty committee. Chairman Don Cain, Edith Rippin, lack Chilcoat, Martha lean Hornaday, Ntckey Naumovich, Bob Holmes, Richard Niles, Iohnnie McKee, Iuantta Graham. W. IX. Ransom, Edward A. Dodson, Ioe B. Preston Faculty Representatives CLASS of 41 BEN SMCTHEBMAN, smiling prexy of the class of l94l, is a day-dodging second lieutenant from Port Worth . . . Pipe smoking and painting are his fa- vorite means of diversion . . . Member of Engineering Society . . . Officers' Club. Ben, who was a royal escort in the Coronation, Wants to be an aero- nautical engineer. X EMILY MCGHEE is secretary-treas- urer. "Laughing Eyes" McGhee is vice president of the Avolonte Club. . . Member of Phi Kappa Theta . . . B. A. Club. Phi Kappa Theta duchess in the Coronation . . . A business administra- tion major from Brownwood, Emily plans to finish at the University of Texas. CBANECBD DALBY is the vice presi- dent of the sophomore class. He is that Arlington captain with a yen for Mexi- can lingo. Vice president of Engineer- ing Society .... Member of Officers' Club . . . C. K. K .... l-le enjoys sailing and is a Whiz at Working math prob- lems. ROBERT PAUL ADAMS Dallas Chemical Enqineerinq I H. F. ADLAM Lockhart Industrial Mechanical Enqineerinrq MARVIN IVI. ALEXANDER Fort Worth Aeronautical Enaineerinq O.K.K. LILLIAN IEAN BACKUS Fort Worth High School Education Sans Sauci GUS BAKER Austin Aeronautical Engineering Officers' Club, O.K.K. I. UV. BANKS Ponder Industrial Electrical Engineering BETTY NEAL BARNETT Beckville Home Economics Zanqola, Home Economics Club IAMES DOUGLAS BATES Fart Worth Business Administration Officers' Club, B.A. Club, O.K.K. F ' ,off CLINTON ADCOCK Overton Aeronautical Enqinee O.K,K. ring LOUISE ALEXANDER Dallas Education TEDDIE GLADSTON Keller E ASHIVIORE Electrical Enqineerinq Phi Kappa Theta AA 01 I IACK WILLIAM BAKER Wienest Speech, Radio, and Drarnaiics ' if rf I ,A , XXX 0 . F' Q M35 .K ly Q " 1 , .I . RUTH BARDIN Arlintqion Home Economics Phi Kappa Theta, Home Economics Club, S,O.S. KENNETH MELVIN Fort Worth Eand and Orchestra Officers' Club MARY BECKER Dallas Home Economics La Docena BARTOO ALFRED BENNERS Dallas General Aqriculture WILLIAM BENTLEY, Ir. Dallas Pre-Law Aqqie Bar, Bull Pen, I.R.C, RAYMOND BIRDWELL Bonham Aaricultural Education EMMA LOU BOATWRIGHT Dallas Business Adniiiiistraiion La Docena CHARLES LEHOY BOYD Grandview General Academic Dull Pen, EEA., O,K.K. DONALD E. BOYSEN Fort Worth Business Administration B.A. Club IAMES BRADLEY Arlington Business Administration B.A. Club MARGARET FLORENE BRIGMAN Maypearl Public School Music IVA NELL BENNETT Dallas Public School Music IOHN FRANK BIDA Fort Worth Pre-Medical Pi Mu MARGARETTE ALICE BLAKE Arlington Home Economics Home Economics Club LOUIS ALEXANDER BOLI, III Dallas Electrical Enqineerinq Bull Pen BOBETT BOYLES Dallas Business Administration B.A. Club Zanqola, Home Economics Club HOWARD BISHOP BRADLEY Dallas Petroleum Enaineerina Phi Kappa Theta DORIS GRAHAM BRADSHAW Dallas Business Administration B.A. Club, Zanaola, Home Economics Club WILLIS BRINKLEY Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering THAD K, BROWN Houston Agricultural Administration F.F,A., O,K.K. LOIS BURNETT Arlington Speech, Radio, and Dramatics La Docena DOROTHY LUCILE BUTTLER Dallas Education HELENE LOUISE BUTZ Fort Worth Speech, Radio, and Dramatics B.A. Club, Sans Souci ANNE CALHOUN Dallas Pre-Iournalism Shorthorn Staff, La Docena RALPH ECHOLS CARAWAY Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DOROTHY CAVEN Dallas General Academic Sans Souci CLIFFORD I. CHAPMAN Adrian Industrial Aeronautical Engineering I O.K.K. MARY KATHRYN BULLOCK Arlington Business Administration Phi Kappa Theta, Sans Souci MARTHA BURTON Arlington Business Administration Shorthorn Staff, Avolonte ALICE CAROLYN BUTTS Dallas General Academic Phi Kappa Theta, S.O.S. DON EZELL CAIN Dallas Pre-Law Officers' Club, Phi Kappa Theta, B.A. Club, Iunior Aggie Staff, Aggie Bar, K.K,K., I.R.C. MILDRED !Midgel CAMP Arlington Business Administration Avolonte, B.A. Club WARREN LESLIE CARROLL Whitney General Agriculture F.F.A. IOI-IN WILLIAM CHAMPION Decatur General Agriculture A. LEE CHASE Waco Industrial Mechanical Enaineerina WARREN LEROY CHEEK Groves Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARGARET ANNE COFFEY Fort Worth Public School Music WILLIAM B, COKE Dallas Pre-Law Aggie Bar MARY IANE COLLINS Arlington Home Economics Home Economics Club, La Docena EDMUND CONRADY Windthorst Industrial Mechanical Engineering IEANNE COWAN Fort Worth High School Education Phi Kappa Theta, S.O.S. IAMES MORGAN CUNN I NG!-IAM Whitesboro General Academic Officers' Club, B.A, Club, K.K.K. MARION CRANFORD DALBY Arlington Mechanical Engineering Officers' Club, O.K.K., Bull Pen, Engineering Society '51 WILLIAM IAMES Ilackl CHILCOAT Fort Worth General Academic Shorthorn Staff, Officers' Club, Phi Kappa Theta IAMES WILSON COKE Dallas Chemical Engineering Officers' Club, Engineering Society, Bull Pen CECIL RAYMOND COLEMAN Belcherville Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROSS CONE Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Officers' Club GRADY MAURICE COOK Fort Worth Industrial Mechanical Engineering Officers' Club, Bull Pen IAMES CONLEY CROW Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Officers' Club, Engineering Society WILLIAM FRANK CURRY Arlington Commercial Art Iunior Aggie Staff, Art Club, Officers' Club LUCKY DANIEL Turnersville General Academic MARY GAIL DAVIS Dallas Pre-Iournalism Shox-thorn Staff, La Docitna CHARLES BURKE DeBEERY Dallas Aeronautical Enqineeitnq ALBERT LEE DONNELL A1 linqton Hiqli School Education IOSEPH DUNGAN, lr. Dallas Choniical Enainceiinw CfI1ccis'Club BILL DWYER Dallas Business Adm tnistration MARVIN DEWA NE ELLIOTT Stamford Industrial Electrical Eiifnrioorinq Radio Club, O.K.K. IAMES V. ELMORE Dallas Business Administration B.A. Club ROBERT HENRY EUBANK Mabank Industrial Electrical Enaineerinq O.K.K. IOHN BERKLEY DAWSON Fort Worth Aeronautical Enqineerinq Engineering Society WILLARD ANDERSON DENTON Lancaster General Agriculture CHARLES DRIER, lr. Dallas Chemical Enqineerinq Shorthorn Staif, Bull Pen MARY ELIZABETH DUVALL Dallas Business Administration Phi Kappa Theta, B.A, Club, S,O,S C. V, EDWARDS, III Dallas Chemical Engineering Bull Pen IACKIE C. ELLIS Port Worth Business Administration HAZEL LCIRUE ERBY Fort Worth Elementary Education Phi Kappa Theta AYLETT LEE EVERETT Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARY BETTY EVERETT Dallas Pre-Med Phi Kappa Theta, Pi Mu lEROME MATHIS EESPERMAN Fort Worth Chemical Enqineerinq Bull Pen FRANCES LORRAINE FLEMING Fort Worth General Academic Phi Kappa Theta, Zanaola VVlLLlAlVl HOWARD FOSTER Fort Worth Chemical Engineering Officers' Club CHARLES FRANCXS Wills Point Agricultural Education EEA., Bull Pen GENEVIEVE FREEMAN Arlington Business Administration B.A. Club HARRIETT LUELLA GASKILL Dallas Business Ar'lrninis'ration Phi Kappa Theta, B.A. Club, S.O.S. ELIZABETH GOWDEY Dallas Hiqh School Education Sans Souci ZADA LaVERNE FARMER Fort Worth Elementary Education Avolonte HARDY WILLIAM FIELDS Dallas Pre-Law Aqqie Bar LENA BELLE FORE Graford Home Economics Home Economics Club CLAUDE ALBERT FOX Fort Worth lndustria1Elcctrical Engineering I, R. FRANCISCO Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering O.K.K. VERNER BEE FRY Fort Worth Hiah School Education Shorthorn Statt BERNARD l7REDRlCK GIBSON Mansfield Industrial Aeronautical Enqineerinfj LAURA GOWlN Fort Worth General Acadernrc Avolonte, Iunior Aqqie Staff, Shorthorn Staif, B.A. Club, Phi Kappa Theta IUANITA GRAHAM Arlington Home Economics FRANCES PEARL GULLEDGE Fort Worth High School Education Phi Kappa Theta, S.O.S. ROBERT OLIVER HADEN Dallas Mechanical Enqineerinq Officers' Club VIRGINIA LEE HALEY Irving Business Administration DAVID A. HARRIS Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Enqineerinq DOROTHY ANN HARTUNG Fort Worth Business Administration B.A. Club, S.O.S. DAVID CAMERON HAYES Paris PreAMedical Officers' Club, Pi Mu, K.K.K. BILL HISE Shamrock General Academic 'J lv 'Q WILLIAM GROUNDS Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering TED EDGAR HACKNEY, lr. Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering O.K.K. EDWARD MCGOWAN I-IALE Dallas Electrical Engineering Bull Pen, Engineering Society ROBERT LEWIS HAMM Red Oak Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MAXINE HARTIN Arlington General Art Art Club NORMA GLEE HAWKS Hamilton, Missouri Business Administration B,A. Club RICHARD ALFORD HEARNE Fort Worth Chemical Engineering BESSIE MARIE HOLDER Lancaster Home Economics Home Economics Club, La Docena ROBERT LESLIE IBOIJJ HOLMES Dallas Pre-Medical P1 Mu, Officers' Club, Phi Kappa Theta RAY MITCHELL HOOTEN Fort Worth Engineering Enqineerinq Society, Bull Pen IIM FRANK I-IORNBACK Decatur General Agriculture F.F.A. MAVIS HUBBARD Handley Instrumental Music IULIAN ELI HUZAREVICH Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering ELOISE IEFFERSON Fort Worth Elementary Education S.O.S. CLAUDIE BOB IOI-INSON Athens Industrial Electrical Enqineerinfg CHRIS IONES Del Rio Petroleum Engineering K.K.K. I-IARLEN E. HOOD Estelline Business Administration MARTHA IEAN HORNADAY Arlington Home Economics Avolonte, Iunior Aggie Staff, Phi Kappa Theta, Home Economics Club EARLINE HORTON Dallas General Academic La Docena, B.A. Club, Home Economics Club WILLIAM BUFORD HUDGINS Fort Worth Physical Education k TRUMAN TRUETT ISBELL College Station Industrial Electrical Engineering ALMA BERNICE IOHNSON Fort Worth Elementary Education S.O.S. I. WELDON IOHNSON Fort Worth Pre'Law Iunior Aqqre Staff, B.A. Club, Aqqie Bar FRANCES IONES Port Arthur Pre-Iournalism Sans Soci, Shorthorn Staff ROBERT MORRIS IONES Cleburne Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARY IO KEITH Fort Worth High School Education S.O.S, NATHAN P. KING Grand Prairie Pand and Orchestra Student Director oi Band GEORGE KRAMIG Houston Industrial Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Theta IUANITA LEE Fort Worth Public School Music RAY LEONARD Arlington General Academic LEON T. LESTER Winnsboro Industrial Mechanical Engineering IOSEPI-I RAY LEWIS Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Officers' Club PAYE IUNE IOYCE Dallas Business Administration Sans Souci IOHN FRANKLIN KELLER Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Officers' Club IACK ALAN KISLER Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOHN HAROLD LAUGHLIN Denison Industrial Electrical Engineering RUBY NAOMI LEE Dallas General Art Zanqola, Art Club WILLIAM FRANKLIN LEONARD Nocona Industrial Mechanical Engineering ALBERTA LETT Arlington Art Education Art Club WILLIAM fBilll LEWIS Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Officers' Club DAVID H. LLOYD Dallas Petroleum Engineering. K.K,K., Engineering Society RICHARD CHARLTON LOWRY Fort Worth Pre-Law Officers' Club, B.A. Club, l.R,C., Aggie Ear OLIVER PERRY MARK Dallas Pre-Law B,A. Club, Aggie Bar WALLACE A. fRe-dl MASON Dallas Petroleum Engineering DALE LOYD MAXFIELD Grand Saline Industrial Electrical Engineering THAD BELL McCORMlCK Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering FORREST C. MCELFRESH Dallas Electrical Engineering MACK ARTHUR MCLAIN Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Officers' Club, O.K.K. , LOIS LORRAINE LOVELL Arlington General Academic Phi Kappa Theta BILLY PAUL MADDRY Arlington Commercial Art Iunior Aggie Staff, Art Club LUTHER LEE MARSHALL Fort Worth Civil Engineering Officgrs' Club, Engineering Society MURIEL ANNE MATTHEWS Port Worth Elementary Education Shorthorn Staff ROBERT E. MCBRIDE Dallas Mechanical Engineering GLORIA MCCOY Fort Worth Home Economics Avolonte, Home Economics Club EMILY RUTH McGl-IEE Brownwood Business Administration Avolonte, Phi Kaopa The-ta, Iunior Aggie Staff, B.A. Club l. MAURICE MCMILLIN Dallas Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Theta, Radio Club, Engineering Society y -1-W - I 1 I YVILLIAM MCNAIR, Ir. Dallas Mechanical Engineering LESLIE R. MERRITT Arlington Aeronautical Engineering EDWARD MILLER Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering EDITH FERNE MILLIKEN Fort Worth General Academic Phi Kappa Theta, S.O.S. MADGE MILTON Arlington General Academic Home Economics Club, S.O.S. HAMILTON C. MOFFETT Lancaster Agricultural Education Officers' Club IULIUS MOORE Mobeetie Industrial Aeronautical Engineering O.K,K. WILLIAM MOORE Houston Chemical Engineering Officers' Club, B.A, Club, O.K.K. WILLIAM D. MENEFEE Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering ALEX GEORGE METZLER Houston Electrical Engineering PAUL MILLER Fort Worth Industrial Mechanical Engineering Bull Pen PAUL MILLIKIN Dallas Pre-Medical Officers' Club,Phi Kappa Theta, Pi Mu GROVER FRANKLIN MITCHELL Roanoke Aeronautical Engineering IOHN BENIAMIN MOORE Fort Worth Business Administration Phi Kappa Theta, B.A. Club THOMAS NALL MOORE Dallas General Agriculture F.F.A., Bull Pen WILLIAM BROOKS MOREI-IOUSE Dallas General Agriculture Bull Pen IOHN LUTHER MORGAN Arlington Pre-Medical Officers' Club, Pi Mu, O.K.K. ROBBIE IEAN MORRISON Carrollton Public School Music Zangola NICKEY NAUMOVICI-I Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Officers' Club ANNE NEWTON Dallas General Academic Sans Souci WILLIAM CHARLES OEST Fort Worth Chemical Enqineerinq DORIS HELEN PADGETT Fort Worth Elementary Education S.O.S. DOROTHY PATTERSON Mansfield Modern Languages Avolonte RANDALL POOL Ennis Industrial Electrical Engineering , Officers' Club, O.K.K. ROY FRANK MORGAN Arlinaton Mechanical Engineering FAYE LILLIAN NATION Arlington Business Administration Phi Kappa Theta, B.A. Club ELIZABETH NEWMAN Fort Worth Home Economics Home Economics Club, S.O.S. MARY ANN NICHOLS Dallas General Academic B.A. Club, Home Economics Club, La Docena EUGENE OSBORN Grand Saline Industrial Electrical Engineering CLAUDE RICHARD PAGE, Ir. Dallas Industrial Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM CBudclyJ PENN Ballinger Engineering O.K,K. WILLIAM A. POOL Mansfield Agricultural Education TRUMAN EDWARD POUNDS Dallas Electrical Engineering I. VERNON POWELL Fort Worth Chemical Enainegrinrg MARION LEE OUINN Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Enaineerinq DON LUNDY READ Fort Worth Mechanical Enqineerinq CHARLES HAMPTON REDWINE Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Officers' Club CHARLES HARMON RIDDLE Fort Worth Pre-Medical Pi Mu BOBBIE ROBERTS Fort Worth Pre-Medical Pi Mu WILBUR KENNETH ROBERTS Mobeetie Agricultural Education sf! xml I JW Liv' I I I ff .ic 4921 E. I. POWELL Bloominq Grove Industrial Aeronautical Enqineerinq LOYD SMITH PRESTON Dallas Electrical Enqineerinq Oiticers' Club, Radio Club DOUGLAS H. RAUSCHELBACII Iacksboro Industrial Aeronautical Enqineerlnq O.K,K. ROBERT WILLIAM REED Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Enaineerina, Bull Pen, Enqineerinq Society EDWIN EUGENE RICH Port Worth Business Administration Iunior Aqqie Staff, Officers' Club, B.A. Club, Bull Pen EDITH RIPPIN Fort Worth General Academic Iunior Aqqie Staff, Phi Kappa Theta, Avolonte, B.A. Club, Home Economics Club HARRY A. ROBERTS Fort Worth Petroleum Enqineerinq WILLIAM HALL ROBERTSON Dallas Business Administration Officers' Club, B.A. Club, Bull Pen GEORGE FREEMAN ROBINSON Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Bull Pen PAUL ROSAMOND Burleson General Agriculture BILLIE ROUNTREE Fort Worth Pre-Medical Pi Mu LUCY RYDELL Dallas Business Administration Phi Kappa Theta, B,A, Club, S,O.S. ALFRED CARL SCI-IREIBER Lewisville Industrial Electrical Enqinecrinq FRANK WILSON SCOTT Dallas Business Administration WARREN SEAY Nlocona I It Q 5? X - Industrial Mechanical Enqineerinq ' I" ' 6 M I WELDON ROGER SHERMAN Fort Worth Electrical Enqineerinq IACK EDWIN ROCKENBAUGH Dallas Chemical Enqineerinty B.A, Club IOHNNY ROSS Fort Worth Electrical Engineering MELVIN GRAY RUSSELL Dallas Pre-Medical Pi Mu WANDA SAUNDERS Dallas Physical Education La Docena WILLIE FRANK SCI-IREIBER Lewisville Industrial Electrical Enqineerinq HAROLD SEAY Nocona Industrial Mechanical Enqineerir 1 CLIARLES DAVIS SHELTON Smithfield Agricultural Education F.I',A. EDWARD L. SHORTES Fort Worth Pre-Medical Pi Mu SYLVAN L. SHRADER Hillsboro General Agriculture F.F.A. VJILLIS A. SIMPSON Fort Worth General Academic O.K.K. IACK M. SMITH Laredo Business Administration KENNETH STALLINGS Dallas Chemical Engineering VICTOR STIN SON Midlothian Aeronautical Engineering O,K.K. WALTER HAROLD STRICKLIN Nocona General Agriculture BETTE SUTTON Dallas Home Economics Zangola, Home Economics Club ELIZABETH ANN THOMAS Arlington Home Economics Phi Kappa Theta, Home Economics Club IOHN WILLIAM SIMMONS, IR. Irving Aeronautical Engineering DOROTHY SMITH Arlington Home Economics Home Economics Club, S.O,S. BEN F. SMOTHERMAN Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Officers' Club NELL STEVENS Fort Worth Business Administration Avolonte IACK ROY STRANGE Dallas Education Phi Kappa Theta, Bull Pen WENDELL LANIER SULLIVAN Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Engineering Society LYNDALL WADE TATE Palmer Agricultural Education l7.F.A. WILLIAM HAROLD THOMPSON Arlington Pre-Medical Pi Mu IOHN WESLEY TURNER Fort Worth Civil Engineering Ofticer's Club, B.A. Club CHARLES RUSSELL URSELL Corpus Christi Technical Aeronautical Engineering Officers' Club, Engineering Society, Bull Pen, O.K.K. IASPER MELVIN VAUGHN Hereford Industrial Aeronautical Engineering O.K.K. SAMMIE BETH VICKERY Arlington General Academic La Docena E. FRANK WALLACE Arlington Pre-Medical Pi Mu, Bull Pen BENNIE ROY WATSON Mesquite Business Administration MARIAN ELIZABETH WEAVER Dallas High School Education Phi Kappa Theta W. FRANK WHEELER Arlington Industrial Aeronautical Engineering O.K.K. FORREST ULM Dallas General Academic Officers' Club, Bull Pen VIRGINIA VAHRENKAMP Fort Worth Commercial Art B.A. Club, S.O.S., Art Club EDWARD DOWNTAIN VICKERY Pre-Law Ofiicer's Club, Phi Kappa Theta, Aggie Bar BILLY WARREN WAKEFIELD Saginaw Electrical Engineering ROYCE LANDON WARD Midlothian Industrial Electrical Engineering RAYMOND STUART WATSON Fort Worth Chemical Engineering FRED T. WERNETTE Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Officers' Club WILBERT I.. WHITE Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering O.K.K. FRANCES ANN WI-IITED Fort Viforth General Academic GRANVILLE EDWARD WILLIAMS Dallas Mechanical Enqineerinq O.K.K. LAURA ELIZABETH WILSON Dallas Speech, Radio, and Dramatics ANITA WOOD Dallas Business Administration Zanqola MARY LEE WORLEY Dallas Home Economics Home Economics Club, Zanqola MARY BETH YADON Fort Worth Hiqh School Education IAMES BASIL YORK Nocona General Agriculture F.F.A. vw' x I nr X, -I- is ANNA LOU WILLIAMS Arlington Home Economics Home Economics Club, La Docena KATHRYN W, WlLI,lS Arlington Pie-Medical Pi Mu DOROTHY IEAN WINFORD Dallas Home Economics Home Economics Club, Zanqola Z. TRUMAN WOOD Fort Worth General Academic OTIS CORBIN WYATT, IR. Fort VVartl'1 Aeronautical Engineering Phi Kappa Theta, B.A. Club, Bull Pen FRANKLIN PHILIP YATES Vfausau, Wisconsin Geology O.K,K, BENNIE G. YOUNG Arlinaton Geology Bull Pen, O.K.K. SOPHOMORES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED LEONARD D. ALSTON IANELL BAKER FREDERICK R. BEAM ROBERT I. BRADFORD IAMES H. BREWER THORNTON B. BURNS IOSEPH WILLIAM CARROLL BILLY IOE CHUMLEA IARVIN G. CROWLEY WILLIAM H. DENMAN TOMMY DUKE IOHN ALFRED ECKERT HAROLD ALFRED EDWARDS CHESTER ARTHUR FARRIS ANNE PAGE FINLEY HAROLD G. FREEDMAN WARREN K. GARRETT Alma Anne Agnew Iames Houston Alexander Iimmie Allen Iames Stanley Alley Luke Andre Buddie Arey Olan Lynnwood Balch Robert Crittenden Ballard Hubert Noel Ballew Louis Martin Barnaby Betty Neal Barnett 31m Louis Barnett Frank Shaw Barrett William C. Bass lack Bates luttie Lee Battle Henry Grady Bell Billy Franklin Benge Charles Earnest Bennett F1 ank Beverly Benton Eugene Allen Berry William George Beshears Ioe Richard Bettes Vfilliam Harold Biesel Victor Cliflord Bilbo Ralph Charles Birk Otis Oliver Black W. I. Blagg Dennis Mansell Balton Hugh Wilson Blevins Buren Iackson Bradshaw Thomas Patrick Brennan Doyle Lee Brimberry Frank Norman Broach Charles Duke Brown Caleb Steve Brown Paul Shannon Brown Peyton Arnold Brown Billy Neal Buford Howard Granville Butler Iames Albert Butler Iolin Bernard Butz Bill Bynum Mildred Camp lack Davis Campbell Mary Hollis Campbell GEORGE BREWER HENDERSON HARVEY R. HERBST DAVID LEE HOPKINS BRICE EDWARD HOUSTON CARBIN W. HUBBARD RAYMOND W. l-IUDECK IACK DARRELL HUDSON SIDNEY W. KENT RAY KENNETH KINSLOW OLEN FISHER LOVE ELMO MCCLELLAN REBA BENIALYN MCCOLLUM FANCHER MCDONALD BRUCE LEON MEADOR FRED GORDON MIDDLETON IAMES PARKER MOORE FRANK A. MORRIS MIKE MURRAY EUGENE DARWIN PARVIN I. C. PATTERSON GRAYDON W. PAYNE ROBERT PHILLIPS CLARENCE PIERCY THEODORE S. PRICE GLENN WALLACE REAGAN WILLIAM SAM RUSH LEO ALEXANDER SMITH IOI-IN B. SPENCE ALICE IVELLE TACKER Sl-IERDEN E, TALLENT WILLIAM WELDON VICKERY REEVLY E. WALLACE CHARLES W. WALTON FRED SHELFER WILCOX IOHN RALPH WOODBURY ROBERT CHARLES WOODBURY GEORGE WRIGHT FRESHMEN NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Rolin L. Cargill lessie Helen Carter George Wright Caulkett Earl Elwood Chapman Richard Albert Chilton Robert Leslie Chick Edgar H. Church Albert Clark Iohn Paul Cody William Cole Billy Conn George Marrion Conner Cecil Owen Corley Iames Elvin Cox Claude Crandall Fayette Delbert Crawford Paul Howard Damrel Carl Davis Robert Roy Day Phillip Henry Deam William Thomas Deering Harold Robert Dodge Hugh Delaney Dow Iune Dowlen Thomas Hayter Duff Ioe Bob Dunham Leonard Durrett Tommy Elder Henry Fredrick Ellis Dreaban Gilbert Ermiche I. Lee Fade Bill Bradfield Fannin Bob Meredith Fannin Chester Paul Farner Ioe Bob Farrell William Irvin Fenley Robert C. Fergerson Paul Ordway Ferrell Richard Byron Fielder Valda Fiske Louie Ford Fittz Herman Lee Forrester I. H. Foster Sidney Lewis Friedeu William David Gannon Billy Garrett Nancy Geer Bryce Charles Gibson Tom Frank Glover William Richard Good George Alfred Graffeo Howard Franklin Green Hart M, Greenwood Edward Gaynel Gregory Elaine Gressman Vola Iackson Gribble Charles Eldredge Griffin Gene Todd Griffin Iames Fredrick Griffin Sam Zora Hall Alvis Orville Hardie Robert Eugene Hardwick Tom Preston Hare Franklin Collins Harris Etolia Faith Harris Ioseph Basil Harriss Ripley Barksdale Harwood Truman Clay Henderson George Arthur Hendricks William Murrow Henry Alton Wayne Herring Charles Lee Hillis Elmer Hodges Clyde Thomas Holcomb Dave Belton Hott Patricia House William Robert Houser Louis Raymond Hudgins Iohn Ruben Hurley William Mack Ienkins Kenneth Raymond lohns Ernest Melton lohnson Charles Vincent Iones William Oliver Keeney Foster Erwin Kemp lerry Albert Kennedy Oble Dwan Kilman Ed Phillip Koehler Clarence Otto Kraft Gayle S. Lacy Emil T. Lange Offa S. Lattimore Henry LaRue Ioe Reeder Lee Albert Edwin Lindblom H. C. Loard Albert Ray Long Thomas W. Luna Dorothy Marable Mrs. Florence Martin Iames E. Maxon William G. Mays Iames McCown Mrs. Agnes McCulloch Iack C. McDuff Harry L. McGuire Iames McLaughlin Frank S. McKee Horace McKinney I. W. McKnight Alma C. Meier Amp W. Miller Iames W. Miller Kenneth Miller Tom H. Miller Bryon Mills Ronald M. Mills Sam W. Mills Nellie L. Miner Ierrell Lee Mitchell Collins E. Moore H. R. Moore Robert W. Moore Carl B. Montgomery Cecil F. Montgomery Walter Kell Morris Harlin Morrison Annie L. Morrow Burton Morton William H. Moss Floyd I. Murchison Harold A. Neeley William E. Newbrcugh Carl Newton Iames W. Noble William D. O'Mara Alfred Ormond I. Ray Orr Iasper Overall Mrs. Delmar Pachl George O. Palmer Frank Parkman Iames Parkman Robert R. Parks Iames Pappas Iohn T. Pappas Lawrence Parsons Iames Pearson Charles E. Phillips Mrs. Chandler Phillips Iames R. Pitman Harry B. Powell Wallace H. Prather Mary Iune Puckett Iohn B. Reeves Roger W. Reddick I. M. Redding Raymond Reddy Iohn W. Reece Lewis K. Relyea Iames Richardson Iack Robberson W. E. Roberson Claude Rogers Myron F. Rogers W. Harle Rogers Iohn F. Ross Louis Ruhmann Roy Russell Melbert Sawyer Iimmie E. Saxon Paul Schilder Lillie Scott Mildred Searcy Alex Sears Roy A. Sebesta Albert Seyler Ioe Sharp E. N. Shaw Iames C. Sheffield Iohn Shellito Dan G. Shields W. I. Simmons Iack Simpson Richard Simpson Delbert Skidmore Claude Slay L. E. Sloan Ben Smith Dorothy Smith Harold E. Smith Howell Smith Iohn. B. Smith Leonard Smith Stover Smith Blanton Snellgrove Earl Snowden Iohn Solomon Iimmie Souris Frank M. South Acie D. Spain William Spain Herman Stafford Noel Standridge Larnis Stansel E. E. Starkey M. R. Stephen Frank Stephens Gladys Stephens R. L. Stephens Daniel Stoy Thomas Strickland Edward Sturkin Emalyn Sumner Halton Sumner W. D. Simonson Iack Swain Hugh Thcmnscn Bobby Threatt Ice Thornton Iack Tidwell Lawrence Tidwell Oscar Torbett Louis Torrans Olan Turner Preston Turner Iames Trinkle Ross Vaughn Bert Waggner Billy Walker Robert Walker Stephen Warren Barney E. Watson Iack Watson Wallace Watson Nathan G. Watson Iames D. Weaver Eugene Webb Don L. Weiler Charles Weiner Phil Wenzil Bill Weston Disney Wheeler Bobby White Edward I. White Alvin Whitehead Gilbert Whittle Mary F. Wiese William Wiborg Ioe Willifcrcl Edwin D. Wilson Howard Wilson Donald Windham Ellis Wood Wallace Woodriff Iack Worley Robert L. Wright T. O. Wright William Yancey Marie Yates Dale Young Alfred Zimmern Iustin Zimmern CLASS of 1942 Likeable GENE McKEE is president of the class of '42. This tall redhead from Gainesville is majoring in indus- trial aeronautical engineering and wants to go sky-high in the field of aeronautics. . . Member of . . Engineering Society. . . His hobbies in- clude dancing, swimming, and canoe- ing. i f say... Secretary NANCY TANNER is a day- dodger from Dallas. . . Member of Avo- lonte Club. . . B.A. Club. . . lnterclub Council. . . Hazel eyes and throaty voice. . .She likes to dance but Would "rather swim than do most anything else." ...A pre-med major, Nancy as- pires to be a surgeon. ERITZ LYN E, the freshman class vice- president, is a general academic major from Dallas. Vice-president of Aggie Bar. . . Secretary-Treasurer of l.R.C. . . Member of KKK. . .Phi Kappa Theta, . . . guide of Sam Houston Rifles . . . a fencing instructor. . . Fritz manages to keep up with all his duties and to main- tain an A average. FRANK LESLIE ABERNATHY, Dallas, Pre-Medical BILLY ADAIR, Dallas, Business Administration PEGGY LUCILLE ADAMS, Arlington, Home Economics ALBAN RICKETTS ADKERSON, Dallas, Business Administration MARGIE RUTH ADRIAN, Fort Worth, Home Economics IOHN MORGAN AIKEN, Fort Worth, Industrial Mechanical Engineering FRANCES ALBIN, Dallas, Business Administration BILLIE ALDERMAN, Fairfield, General Academic IACK R. ALEXANDER, Arlington, General Academic ROBERT RUSSELL ALLEN, Sweetwater, General Agriculture THOMAS LEWIS ALLEN, Cooper, Industrial Engineering CHARLOTTE ALLISON, Smithfield, General Art IOE MANUAL ALVAREZ, Mexico City, Mexico, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CHARLES BARKLEY AMACKER, Dallas, Engineering DOROTHY IANE ANDERSON, Fort Worth, Business Administration NORMA RUTH ANDERSON, Compton, California, Business Administration MARY ANDREWS, Fort Worth, Commercial Art PEGGY EILEEN ANGUS, Dallas, Business Administration IAMES MAURICE ANTWINE, Bonham, Music MARIFRANCES APPLEWHITE, Fort Worth, Business Administration IRVIN H. ASCI-INER, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering CLYDE ROBERT ASHWORTH, Arlington, Pre-Law LAWRENCE MONROE ATKINS, Alice, Business Administration CLAIRE AUSTERMUEI-ILE, Fort Worth, General Academic OLIVER CHARLTON AYERS, Dallas, Civil Engineering BILL LEE BAGBY, Fort Worth, Pre-Law IANIE BAGBY, Fort Worth, Business Administration WELDON IACKSON BAILEY, Arlington, General Academic CARROLL BAKER, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CLARA HELEN BAKER, Dallas, General Academtic GEORGE TRUETT BAKER, Weatherford, Electrical Engineering HOVVARD WALTON BAKER, Burleson, Business Administration MARY JANE BALCH, Fort Worth, Home Economics NORMA BLISS BALDRIDGE, Arlington, Business Administration WILLIAM DELL BALDRIDGE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT ANTHONY BALENTINE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Enoineerino IOHN WYLIE BALLARD, Dallas, Pre-Law BETTY IANE BALLENTINE, Fort Worth, General Academic RAYMOND LEONARD BANFIELD, Fort Worth, Industrial Electrical Engineering ROBERT EVANS BANKS, Dallas, Music RACHAEL IANE BARBER, Fort Worth, General Academic ERNESTINE IEANETTE BARNES, Dallas, Business Administration NED BARRETT, Lutlcin, Business Administration EVELYN IEWEL BARTON, Maypearl, Business Administration ROBERT WILTON BASS, Hutchins, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARY RUTH BEACH, Fort Worth, General Academic ANNABELLE WILKES BEAN, Grand Prairie, General Academic VIOLET BEAN, Grand Prairie, Pre-Iournalism MARTHA BECKER, Dallas, Business Administration BARBARA BELL, Dallas, Business Administration BEVERLY IANE BELL, Fort Worth, General Academic HAROLD VERNON BELL, Dallas, General Academic MARY FRANCES BELLOWS, Arlington, Home Economics TINY BEBE BENNETT, Dallas, Pre-Medical LYMAN G. BENSON, Shamrock, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering RALPH M. BENSON, Corsicana, Pre-Medical FRANK BERLEY, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering DAN RICHARD BIGGINS, Fort Worth, Business Administration GORDAN D. BIGGS, San Antonio, General Academic WILLIAM RILEY BILDERBACK, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering CHARLES BINNEY, Arlington, Pre-Medical BRYAN OLIVER BISHOP, Fort Worth, Engineering DORCAS BIVINGS, Dallas, Business Administration CLARENCE ELMO BIORK, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering LEON BLAGG, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LESTER LEWIS BLAGG, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering ANNE BLAKE, Arlington, Music EVERETT BURLIE BLANTON, Dallas, General Agriculture MARY RITA BLUNDELL, Dallas, Speech, Radio, Dramatic MABEL INEZ BOARMAN, Mineral Wells, Pre-Medical FRED VVARREN BONDURANT, Arlington, Pre-Law IOEL BONNER, Waco, Business Administration .sg r ,q3??t,, 5 17 rev. Pi iw fiti 5 P , A' 4 2 :L ,LL ws,a:1t la, " 'e:',1- K -,fi ,-., I .R . .L --s ' ., VERNON BOOKER, Arlington, Industrial Engineering NEAL S. BOORTZ, Thrall, General Academic IACK HOWARD BOOTH, Fort Worth, Engineering RODGER BORGESON, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering WILLIAM G, BOSTON, Roscoe, Chemical Engineering NORVAN ELTON BOURLAND, Nocona, Petroleum Engineering BETTIE LOU BOWEN, Fort Worth, General Academic GORDON LEONARD BOWERS, Farmersville, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering HUBERT HARRISON BOWERS, Farmersville, Aeronautical Engineering B. HAMPTON BOWMAN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ERNEST KYLE BOWMAN, Mineral Wells, General Agriculture BRUCE GENE BOYLAN, Lansing, Michigan, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CYNTHIA ANN BRADFORD, Dallas, Pre-Law WILLIAM DANIEL BRADLEY, Natalie, Music I, C. BRAMMER, Iustin, Agricultural Engineering ROBERT RAY BREAKER, Houston, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics HAROLD R. BRENHOLTZ, Denton, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DEVON CLETIS BREWER, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering WOODROW WILSON BROCK, Fort Worth, Physical Education ELTON LESLIE BROGDEN, Arlington, Petroleum Engineering ROBERT W. BRONAR, Dallas, Pre-Law IOHN PAUL BROWN, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LEROY T. BROWN, Harlingen, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering PI-IYLLIS BROWN, Houston, Home Economics -1 ROY MILLER BROWN, Arlington, Business Administration WILLIAM FORREST BROWN, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering VERNON EUGENE BROWN, Dallas, Technical Engineering NOLAN BROWNE, Dallas, Business Administration IOHN REAGAN BROWNING, Brownsboro, General Academic IEEE BRYANT BRUTON, Dallas, Pre-Medical GENEVIEVE MARGARET BUHRER, Dallas, Pre--Medical LAWRENCE T. BULGAREL, Decatur, Electrical Engineering SAM TOM BULLARD, Fort Worth, Business Administration THOMAS EDWARD BULLINGTON, Fort Worth, Business Administration W. T. BUNDY, Fort Worth, Technical Aeronautical Engineering BILLY FRANK BURCH, Terrell, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering EUGENE BRYANT BURCH, Abilene, Aeronautical Engineering IAMES EUIL BURCHFIELD, Crandall, Business Administration BILL ANTHONY BURDETT, Arlington, Engineering BYRON O. BURNETTE, Canton, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LOVICE BURNETT, Arlington, Business Administration MARCUS GARVIN BURRAGE, Canton, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering GID AARON BURRELL, White Deer, Agricultural Engineering IAMES DOUGLAS BURTIS, Madisonville, Business Administration ARTHUR B. BUSBEY, Dallas, Engineering BETSY IANE BUSH, Dallas, Business Administration DOROTHY BUTLER, Fort Worth, Business Administration THOMAS LEO BUTLER, Fort VVorth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering GLYNN DEEN EUTTERFIELD, Fort Worth, Elementary Education EDGAR ENNIS BUTTERWORTH, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IAMES A. CAIN, Grandview, Agricultural Education NONA CAIN, Dallas, Home Economics BERNARD LEROY CALLAWAY, Lufl-zin, Pre-lournalism VIRGINIA CAMP, Arlington, General Academic IOHN DUNSMORE CAMPBELL, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering ROYCE T. CAMPBELL, Bonham, Agricultural Education IOE ELLIS CANTRELL, Italy, Agricultural Education THOMAS LLOYD CARLISLE, Corsicana, Technical Engineering ANTHONY THOMAS CARONNA, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT BEATY CARMICHAEL, Henrietta, Agricultura' Engin er q fwofffiwf, RICHARD WELDON CARMINATI, Montague, General Agriculture PAT A. CARPENTER, Dallas, Agricultural Education MARY FRANCES CARR, Dallas, Business Administration ERNA MAE CARRELL, Dallas, General Academic SAM LESS CARRELL, Dallas, Technical Engineering DORRIS ELAINE CARROLL, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics BERT SMITH CARTER, Iustin, General Agriculture HELEN CARTER, Fort Worth, Business Administration MARY MARGARET CASEY, Dallas, General Academic GEORGE FRED CASSARA, Houston, Pre-Medical IUERRINE IAYNE CATHCART, Fort Worth, Home Economics IOE T. CAUKER, Fort Worth, Civil Engineering YZ 4- Nm s ,. L , -i I ,,i,f,1, , - ,ss Y ,,. ii Q s. M u S s it R 3 A' 'if , if 3 4' 'Z f f iOEL CHAMBERS, Rheme, Agricultural Education , S I j - u WALTER BRUCE CHAMBERS, Port Worth, Speech, , , K f Radio, and Dramatics -- 1 l ROLAND WILSON CHAMBLEE, Cemen, eenereri , xiii? ' 'C . -- , Aqricul-ure 5 2 -e-E--,,e,,.:e,.::,me-:.f',.:e.,e,g,,,e,,.r,,.: t , if 5, Zigi Raj ,,: te meet 1,151 Ri S , , ,re 1 wifi ef t ' L 1 ,N , Tir 542 5 Q Q 1 T e if if Q T ,lst DS L:" ' - L . ,, ' S f IEHN E C iAMPlON, Aivefei, aenefei Academic i , , 1 THOMAS HARROLD CHAMPION, Arlington, Business Administration PERRY WHITFIELD CHANDLER, Longview, General Academic 5 ? I r H IACK A. CHAPMAN, Dallas, Chemical Engineering IAMES M. CHARLTON, sen Ameme, Industrial a ef Aeronautical Engineering KATHERINE KCHILLYJ CHILCOAT, Fort Worth, Education MAURICE DOVV CHILDRESS, Saint Io, General Agriculture IOSEPHINE IOLA CHRISTOPHER, Arlington, General Academic HUBERT WELDON CLARK, Galveston, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering I. FREEMAN CLARK, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering LLOYD CLAYTON CLARK, Dallas, Commercial Art MARY EMILY CLARK, Dallas, General Academic LEO EDWARD CLINE, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOE FLETCHER COCHRAN, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering OWEN S. COKE, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering Ar' 4? X x ,y MARION FRANCES COLE, Dallas, Business 4:15 kwa! Administratin e- ! Q 1 PT 4' WILLIAM DARVVIN COLE, Fort Worth, Industrial Acronautical Engineering HILES RAY COLEMAN, Dallas, Electrical Engineering ,S v if ' . K ROY L. COLEMAN, Dallas, Engineering -' SARA FRANCES COLLEY, Arlington, Public School Music ANN COLLIER, Dallas, Business Administration f 2 M 5 MARY IANE COLLINS, Arlington, Home Economics H , SAMUEL BENNIE COLLINS, Emhouse, General Agriculture K -wx it IACK COLWELL, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering 'K' X ALTON URBAN COMPTON, Arlington, Industrial AR .f N .L 'Q H if Electrical Engineering GORDON E. COMPTON, Dallas, Engineering MARY FRANCES CONE, Dallas, General Academic IACK CONNER, Arlington, Business Administration BILLIE CONWAY, Arlington, Band and Orchestra IOHN ALAN COOK, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BOB MAC COOKE, Muenster, General Agriculture HAROLD W, COOPER, Dallas, General Agriculture Engineering . if MARVIN COOPER, Dallas, Industrial Electrical MT, 1' if 1 , W LOYCE COPELAND, Eort Worth, Business Administration HAROLD DEAN CORBIN, Eort VVortli, Business Administration RELMON EMORY COTTEN, Brownshoro, General Academic MURIEL LYNN COTTON, Dallas, Home Economics CLIFTON WILLIAM COUNTRYMAN, Handley, Industrial Mechanical Engineering SHERMAN EDWARD COUNTS, Fort Worth, Engineering DOROTHY MAE COVEY, Dallas, Elementary Education CHARLES EMMETT COX, Montague,General Agriculture BESS SEABORN COX, Fort Worth, General Academic GEORGE A. COX, Dallas, Business Administration IOE ELDON COX, Royse City, Pre-Medical THOMAS LEE CRABB, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering RICHARD ROY CRAMER, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOE PATRICK CRANSHAVV, Eort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics VIRGINIA MAY CRIBBS, Arlington, General Academic DAVID W. CROCKETT, Fort Worth, General Academic ABE CROPT, Houston, Physical Education ERWIN TARTER CROOK, Corpus Christi, Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM DONALD CROSS, Dallas, Engineering CLARENCE EDWARD CROSSLIN, Shreveport, Louisiana, Business Administration BETTY FRANCES CROUCH Eort Worth, Business Administration SHELTON IACK CROWLEY, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ARDIS LEE CRUMPTON, Rhome, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WANDA CRUMPTON, Arlington, Business Administration IAMES WILLIAM CRUTCHER, Mineral Wells, PrefMedical KIKI CULLUM, Fort lNorth, Business Administration LONITA IBEBEJ PAYE CURTIS, Smithville, Business Administration PATTY DAGUE, Dallas, General Academic IIM EDWARD DANAHER, Dallas, Business Administration BILLY DEWEY DANKS, Dallas, Pre-Medical ROBERT MERVIN D'Arcy, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARTHA IO DARWIN, Whitewriqht, Home Economics BILLY DAVIS, Kilqore, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOHN CLIEEORD DAVIS, Dallas, Engineering LAWRENCE EDWARD DAVIS, Mineral Wells, Engineering MARION BERNICE DAVIS, Mineral Wells, Business Administration .f- at TF' gi C al? 'YH' yr rfrws Z ., .WWQ f ' ,gf ,ff ..J,?i, 5, Eff .J : I 'iw' I x 'tif' if fi' in U ml ltti is X ,Z -f 'fu I . is B I A X- :, H, f, - . f e M. C. DAVIS, Earmersville, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BETTY LYNN DAVITTE, Arlington, Home Economics YOUNG DAVITTE, Arlington, Petroleum Engineering TOMMIE LAVERNE DAWSON, Maypearl, Business Adniinistration ROBERT ELLIS DAY, Dallas, Engineering CLAUDE LEE DEAN, Kaufman, Technical Aeronautical Engineering IOSEE GEORGE DEES, Dallas, Engineering IOHN CARLISLE Del-IAY, Dallas, Pre-Law ZOAN DENMAN, Eort Worth, Business Administration MARY ANN DEPUTY, Dallas, Business Administration THOMAS BENTON DEWETT, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering PI-IYLLIS DEWEY, Phoenix, Arizona, Engineering NARRES WOODS DICKERSON, Texarkana, General Agriculture S. D. DILLARD, Grand Prairie, Mechanical Engineering DARRELL LINDSEY DINGMORE, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering IAMES EDWARD DOI-IERTY, Mesquite, Technical Aeronautical Engineering DOROTHY ANN DOLAN, Dallas, General Academic ROBERT LEE DOLTON, Dallas, Engineering DAVE H. DORMIRE, Dallas, Pre-Veterinary Medicine CECIL DOTSON, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering MARY ELIZABETH DOTSON, Dallas, Business Administration GLENN ALEXANDER DOW, Fort Worth, Business Administration EDWARD RALPH DOZIER, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROY EDWARD DREWETT, Dallas, Pre-Medical IAMES ROLAND DUBLIN, Midland, Technical Engineering EVERETT BURNELL DuBOIS, Arlington, General Agriculture ANN SHELBY DUCKWORTH, Irving, General Academic CHARLES WILLIAM DUECKER, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LEROY ALFRED DUEWALL, Caldwell, Pre-Iournalism MAURICE E. DUNCAN, Arlington, Business Administration WILLIAM G. DUNCAN, Dallas, Pre-Law IAMES HIRAM DUNTON, Eort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ARDIS HENRY DURHAM, Houston, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CHARLES MCKIBBEN EARLE, Fort Worth, General Agriculture EARNEST EDWARD EARLY, Mabank, General Academic PRENTISS EDMOND EASON, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering KENNETH IEROME EBERLY, Arlington, Speech, Radio and Dramatics IOHN WILLIAM EBERT, Dallas, Chemical Engineering VIRGINIA ECI-IOLS, Fort Worth, General Academic 'OHN ALERED ECKERT, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering MARTHA LEE EDGEMON, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Draniatics BRYAN C. EDWARDS, Dallas, Chemical Engineering BEN F. EDWARDS, Lutkin, Technical Engineering TOMMY SHAW EDWARDS, Dallas, General Art ARTHUR GRANT ELDER, Dallas, General Ari NONA LOU ELKINS, Arlington, Home Economics RANDELL LEVON ELKINS, Arlington, Technical Engineering FLOYD ALEX ELLIS, Cleburne, Business Administration ROBERT WORTH ELLIS, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering ALICE MAXINE ELLIOT'I',Arlington,Business Administration HARRIET VIRGINIA EMERY, Dallas, Business Administration KAY ENGLE, Arlington, Business Administration LESTER LEON EPPS, Palmer, General Agriculture MARY FRANCES ESTES, Dallas, General Academic HARRY LISBON EVANS, Dallas, Business Administration IAMYE EVERITT, Arlington, Business Administration PAUL E, EAGG, Blue Ridge, PrefLaw CHARLIE MILTON FARR, Mansfield, Civil Engineering NICK M. FAULKNER, Fort Worth, Engineering GEORGE MALCOLM EEILD, Dallas, Engineering IRVING HOWARD EELDSTEIN, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering CHARLES ALTON EELKER, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CATHERINE IEANNE FENOGLIO, Fort Worth, Business Administration A. BUDD FENTON, Houston, Pre-Veterinary Medicine TEMPLE BENNETT FERGUSON, Fort Worth, General Academic GERALDINE FERRIS, Dallas, Business Administration CYRUS MILTON FIELDS, Dallas, Pre-Medical WILLIAM EDWARD FINDLEY, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering OWEN EINLAN, Dallas, Business Administration RICHARD WORTH FINLEY, Abilene, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LOUIE FORD FITLY, Marshall, Engineering VERNON RUELL FITZCHARLES, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering if MARY DOROTHY FLECKENSTEIN, Fort Worth, Home Economics THOMAS WYNONA FLEWHARTY, Dallas, Engineering FRANK BERNARD FORD, Wichita Falls, Technical Electrical Engineering IERRYLINE FORD, Dallas, Business Administration IOSEPI-IINE FORD, Dallas, Business Administration I. W. FORGERSON, Arlington, General Agriculture IAMES HARRY FORREST, Mexia, Aeronautical Engineering GENE FOSTER, Kaufman, Agricultural Education NAOMI FOSTER, Irving, Business Administration HUGH CHILTON FOWLER, Dallas, Band and Orchestra HERBERT FRANK, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering ALTON IOE FRANKE, Maxwell, Agricultural Education MARY LEE iBENIYl FRANKLIN, Dallas, Public School Music FRED DELASKIE FREEMAN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IAMES BOYD FRIX, Gladewater, Engineering HAZEL ANITA FUESS, Dallas, Home Economics L. MAYS FUOUA, Rhome, Agricultural Education IVA LEE FULLER, Euless, Home Economics WALTON ELEGEN PULP, McGregor, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROSEMARY FULKERSON, Arlinqton, Home Economics WALTER LAFAYETTE FUTCH, Irving, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DOROTHY LEE GADDIS, Fort Worth, Business Administration DAERL RUSS GANDY, Tyler, General Academic CATHERINE IRENE GARDINER, Fort Worth Business Administration H. MATHEWS GARLAND, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering HOWARD RAYMOND GARLINGTON, Electra, Business Administration ROY CECIL GARNER, Crockett, Technical Aeronautical Engineering HAROLD ROY GARRISON, Garland, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM NEIL GARRISON, Fort Worth, Mechanical Enaineering LEVJIS WARREN GASKILL, Dallas, General Academic LAWRENCE WAYNE GARTH, Muleshoe, General Agriculture MAX IRVING GATHINGS, Cleburne Preelauinalism DOLLY IO GANTZ, Dallas, Business Administration LEONARD EDWARD GEISERT, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering IAMES CALVIN GENTRY, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WALTER GOODWYN GEORGE, Irving, Chemical Engineering GENE GERHISER, Paris, General Academic BUSTER FREDERICK GI-IOLSON, Haskell, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ALTON GIBBS, Arlington, Technical Engineering ORLIN I. GIBBS, Arlington, Technical Engineering IACK HURST GILBERT, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering ARTHUR DUNN GILLESPIE, Fort Worth, General Academic IAMES AVERY GLASSON, Taft, General Academic WILLIAM RICHARD GOAD, Dallas, Business Administration IOHN BLAKE GODBOLD, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering. JACK RAY GOLLNICK, Fort Worth, Petroleum Engineering LILLIAN ELIZABETH GOODEN, Fort Worth, General Academic BERT CRAMMER GOODSPEED, Fort Worth, Engineering FRANK LEWIS GOODSON, Sherman, Business Administration I. ERNEST GOODSON, Hughes Springs, Petroleum Engineering VERNON HARRISON GOODWIN, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LLOYD GORDON, Arlington, Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT EDWARD GORDON, Dallas, Business Administration IOE ELBERT GOURLEY, Fort Worth, Pre-Law DOROTHY IEAN UEANIEJ GRACEY, Rising Star, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics A. C. GRAF, Abilene, Physical Education FRED CARLTON GRANT, Dallas, Electrical Engineering IOHN A. GRANT, Arlington, Engineering S. D. GRAY, Waxahachie, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering FORREST GREEN, Arlington, Chemical Engineering HARLAN MARTIN GREEN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LEON CAMERON GREEN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT EARL GREGORY, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering IOE H. GRIFFITH, Fort Worth, General Academic CHARLOTTE MARIE GRIFFIN, Arlington, Elementary Education SUE GRIFFIN, Dallas, Home Economics ERIC CHARLES GRIGIS, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering ROBERT HOYT GRIMES, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering BOBBIE IACK GRISSOM, Alvord, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ILONA GROSSMAN, Dallas, Business Administration BETTY FRANCIS GROWE, Dallas, Business Administration BILL GRUBBS, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering ,Q-P ' A wa .,.,L,.,.,. , z4:,,1t2Q,:1l f ' fs ff Z ,, L.,. digit: it J 'I W an , , 5,5 it .- 'fs 55 . . , , Q 'If A I 5- 1 ' WI J f W. L. GRUNEISIN, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering SIMON LOUIS GUIDRY, Port Arthur, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOHN ANTHONY GUINN, Dallas, Engineering LEON O. GUNN, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineerin g ROBERT WILLIAM GUNNIP, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering BILLY IOE HALE, Loraine, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DAVID TARLTON HALL, Ferris, General Agriculture EDWARD K. HALL, Dallas, Business Administration CHARLES EUGENE I-IALLAN, Fort Worth, Business Administration DOROTHY HALLETT, Dallas, Business Administration CARL LEONARD HAMILTON, Arlington, Mechanical Engineering LUCILE HAMILTON, Arlington, Home Economics AVA MARIE HAMM, Fort Worth, General Academic MARTHA MAE HANSEN, Fort Worth, Business Administration ROBERT EUGENE HARDWICK, Dallas, General Academic VIRGINIA LEE HARE, Dallas, General Academic ROSS MALCOM HARGUS, Taft, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOE CARTER HARLAN, Graham, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ELMER C. HARPER, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MERRILL DEAN HARPER, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IAMES ARTHUR HARRELL, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering ALBERT WILSON HARRIS, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering BEN T, HARRIS, Giddings, Engineering I. B. HARRISON, Dallas, Engineering MARY IEANNETTE HARRISON, Dallas, Commercial Art RALPH VANCE HARRISS, Arlington, Industrial Engineering GEORGE W. HARTWELL, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering IAMES CALDWELL HARTY, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering DOROTHY LOU HARVEY, Arlington, Business Administration EDDIE LOU HAUG, Fort Worth, Public School Music DOROTHY IO HAWKINS, Arlington, General Art ELEANOR HAWKINS, Dallas, Business Administration OUINTON RAY HAWKINS, Honey Grove, General Agriculture BEATRICE HELEN HAYES, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics BERTA MAE HAYES, Fort Worth, Public School Music MAC HAYMES, Munday, Business Administration BOB HENRY HAYS, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DOROTHY MAE HEARON, Fort Worth, Public School Music MARY LOUISE HEARON, Fort Worth, Public School Music MARY THERESA HENDREX, Dallas, Home Economics MARION RANDOLPH I-IENSLEY, Boyce, General Agriculture I-IANSEL KAY HERBERT, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering LOIS HERBERT, Arlington, Home Economics ARTHUR C. I-IERRMANN, Gainesville, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering OLIVER WILLIAM I-IICKEY, Iames, Industrial Electrical Engineering OSCAR BENTON I-IICKMAN, Avalon, Agricultural Education GLORIA MARIEANE HICKS, Fort Worth, Music A. I. HIGH, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM TEHRELL HIGGINBOTHAM, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IACK DURANT HIGGINS, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM RAYMOND HIGHTOWER, Nocona, Engineering C. B, HILDEBRAND, Saint Io, General Agriculture IEANNE LEONORE HILDRETH,Dallas,Business Administration EDWARD IACKSON I-IILGENFELD, Henrietta, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM LOUIS HILGENFELD, Henrietta, Business Administration IOHN HILL, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering ALBERT WALTER HILLER, Fort Worth, Technical Mechanical Engineering GRADY HEIDERICH HINES, Dallas, Engineering GUY E, HINES, Dallas, Pre-Law BETTYE HINSCH, Dallas, Business Adrninistration IOHN R. HINTON, Dallas, Pre-Medical LOIS CAMP HODGES Ioinerville, Education ALBERT CI-IARLE HOLCOMBE, Borger, P ef w ' MARGARE LLAND, Fort Worth, G nera Ac X emit: I K -f ' g I is t xl x N OSS HOLLINGS ORTH, Sangerk A K er Agriculture ,K K Aix 1 cs BRYAN HOLLINGSWORTH, sunqef, XY R I N G eral Agriculture ft EDITH HoLMEs, Dallas, Home Economic 1 ' MARY BLISS HOLT, Dallas, Busines dniirxistration WILLIAM EARL HOLT, Longview, General Agriculture MARY SUE KSUDIEJ HOOPER, Fort Worth, General Academic PHILIP EAMON HORN, Denison, Industrial Electrical Engineering IANETTE HORNSBY, Arlington, Business Administration Jn A,A,, the ii, , W , f -fiiivf PATRICIA MARGARET HOUSE, Birdville, Business Administration DOROTHY EAYRENE HOWARD, Dallas, Speech, Radio, and Draniatics WILBURNE FRANK HOYLER, Fort Worth, Architectural Engineering IOEL RICHARD HUBBARD, New Boston, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering RAYMOND WILLIAM HUDECK Fort Worth, Pre-Law KATHERINE LEE HUDGINS, Ecrt Worth, Commercial Art CHARLOISE LU HUESTEDLER, Dallas, Business Administration BILLIE NELL HUGHES, Dallas, Business Administration ROSEMARY HUME, Arlington, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics MARIORIE LOUISE HUMMEL, Dallas, Business Administration HARRELL IOE HUNNICUTT, Fort Worth, Business Administration LAURA MAE HUNTER, Dallas, Pre-Medical RAYMOND BOYLON HUYGE, Fort Vlorth, Aeronautical Engineering GEORGE RAY HYATT, Midland, Technical Engineeiiuq ALTON D. ICE, Saint Io, General Agriculture WILEY POOL IMBODEN, Afton, Pre-Medical WAYNE EUGENE INGRAM, Eort Worth, Commercial Art ROBERT I. IRWIN, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering PAYE IVIE, Graford, Business Administration ELIZABETH IACKSON, Dallas, Home Economics MARY ANN IACOBS, Tyler, Public School Music BUDDY IAEGER, Dallas, Electrical Engineering KENNETH R. IAHNS, Fort Worth, Business Administration KARL KEESE IARRET, Palestine, Aeronautical Engineering ERNA FAY IAYNES, Dallas, Home Economics IACK B. IAYNES, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM RUSSELL IENKINS, Fart Vilorth, Engineering ALICE MAXINE IOHNSON, Dallas, Business Administration IAMES L. IOHNSON, Eorsan, Aeronautical Engineering IOSEPH IAMES IOHNSON, Fort Worth, Pre-Law ROBERT A, IOHNSON, Dallas, Pre-Medical MARY IOHNSTON, Dallas, Business Administration ANCIL ARTHUR IONES, Iacksboro, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BILLY R, IONES, Dallas, Commercial Art KENNETH FRANKLIN JONES, Weatherford, Industrial Mechanical Engineering ROBERT D. IONES, Lubbock, Aeronautical Engineering: ROLFE DAVIS IONES, San Antonio, Aeronautical Engineering SI-IELLIE IEFFERSON IONES, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical TOMMY IONES, Houston, General Academic WILLIAM E, IONES, Fort Worth, Technical Aeronautical Engineering BILLY LEE IOPLIN, Breckenridge, General Agriculture IAMES DANIEL IOSEY, Sylvester, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IACK ELMO IOURNEY, Fort W'orth, Aeronautical Engineering WALLACE CLYDE KARNES, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering BILL C, KEARNEY, Dallas, General Agriculture LAYTON KEITH, Arlington, Public School Music CHARLES HENRY KELLER, Ferris, General Agriculture FINIS MILLER KELLEY, Fort Vtforth, General Academic MARTHA LEE KELLEY, Fort Worth, Pre-Iournalism RAYMOND EARL KELSAY, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering NOVELLA KENDALL, Arlington, Business Administration EDNA EARL KERR, Handley, Business Administration MARY HELEN KIBER, Arlington, Physical Education I. PAT KIDD, Fort Worth, Petroleum Engineering ELEANOR ELIZABETH KIMBALL, Dallas, Business Administration BILLY A. KING, Fort Worth, Business Administration BOB KING, Fort Worth, Engineering FORREST WILLIAM KING, Grand Prairie, Industrial Mechanical Engineering PAUL DAVID KING, Wichita Falls, Electrical Engineering GUY KIRBIE, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering TERRELL P. KIRK, Dallas7 Aeronautical Engineering IULIUS CARROL KISSEL, Dallas, Business Administration ALBERT LINCOLN KNIGHT, Fort Worth, Chemical Engineering CARL WILLIAM KNOX, Arlington, Business Administration CHARLES KNOX, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering VASILIOS GUSTAV KOLIUS, Fort Worth, Pre-Law MARY LEE KOLP, Dallas, Business Administration IOE BEDFORD KUCERA, Dallas, Agricultural Administration HARRY HERBERT KNUDTS, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering BILL H. KUHATCHEK, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DORIS GWYNN LACEWELL, Fort Worth, Home Economics MARIAN IANE LAIRD, Dallas, General Academic .,, , M9 em lx L, W g Af ,ogg '? fi f s it 2 i fx st 1 s ' ,w. 4 K ,g I Ai W '41 -T, K. , - r it qt B3 Q W' A 5 S 3 at its A nr rg tx , 2. Y ' L? t . .. - 2 . -. --.. , il - . , , Q M ARCHIE HUGH LAMB, Dallas, General Academic IOHN S. LAMPKIN, Fort Worth, Geological Engineering EDWARD A. LANGE, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MERCEDES ELIZABETH LARMOYEUX, Fort Worth, Business Administration DAPHNE LaRUE, Fort Worth, Home Economics IACK BAKER LAUGHLIN, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering MARGARET ANN LAURITZEN, Fort Worth, Commercial Art KATHRYN LAWLER, Fort Worth, Business Administration ERNEST E. LAWSON, Center, Engineering BETTY SUE LEE, Dallas, Commercial Art BILLY ARTHUR LEE, Wichita Falls, Industrial Electrical Engineering FORREST A. LEE, Dallas, Chemical Engineering LAWRENCE LEE, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering MARVIN CECIL LEE, Mt. Pleasant, Business Administration WILLIAM PRENTICE LEFTWICH, Arlington, Mechanical Engineering MARIORIE LeGRAND, Dallas, Physical Education EVERETT LENNON, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering BONNIE RUTH LESTER, Pittsburg, Elementary Education MALVERN RAYMOND LETT, Arlington, High School Education LOUISE LEWIS, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics ALTON WARD LILLIE, Franklin, Tennessee, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CHESTER OTHELL LIND, Dallas, Industrial Engineering LAURA MAE LINDLEY, Fort Worth, Speecl.,Radio, and Dramatics PAULINE ESTHER LINDSLEY, Fort Worth, Home Economics IAMES A. LIT'I'LEFIELD, Haskell, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BAYLOR LUTHER LOOPER, Fort Worth, Pre-Veterinary Medicine HORACE CLARK LOWE, Cedar Hill, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering S. T. LOWE, Grand Prairie, Agricultural Education lt V WNY TOM GAINES LOWE, Dallas, Electrical Engineering DOYLE F. LOWREY, Goldthwaite, Agricultural Education CHARLES RAY LOVE, Cleburne, Agricultural Education IOHN HENRY LUBKE, Arlington, Engineering ALFRED MAURICE LUBOW, Dallas, Pre-Medical FAITHON PANTELI LUCAS, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering EMMA IO LUKE, Arlington, Home Economics FRANK MORGAN LYNCH, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ERITZ LANHAM LYNE, Dallas, General Academic BRADFORD HANLEY LYTLE, Farmersville, Mechanical Engineerinq R. B. MADDUX, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARCUS E. MAHAN, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering ELBERT MAIOR, Milford, Agricultural Education GEORGE ALLEY MANN, Lufkin, General Academic VESTA ELAINE MANN, Arlington, Business Administration LILA IOY MANTLE, Dallas, Elementary Education DOROTHY ELIZABETH MARABLE, Dallas, Business Administration FRED SIDNEY MARTEN, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering ALFRED MARSHAL MARTIN, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LOUISE MASON, Arlington, Home Economics LESLIE IOSEPH MATI-IEWS, Dallas, Business Administration WILLIAM TAYLOR MATTHEWS, Dallas, Pre-Law IULIUS B. MAULDIN, Milford, Agricultural Education ELIZABETH MAXEY, Fort Worth, General Academic DOROTHY ANN MAXON, Eort Vlforth, Business Administration EDMOND STILLMAN MAXON, Fort Worth, Pre-Law IAMES MAXON, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering WILLIAM GRIFFIN MAYS, Henderson, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOHN MCBRIDE, Arlington, Aeronautical Engineering EARL RICHARD MCCATHREN, Mineral Wells, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ANNE ELIZABETH MCCLELLAN, Gruver, Public School Music D. B. MCCOMBS, Lawn, Agricultural Education WILLIAM KELLER MCCONNELL, Fort Worth, General Academic IUNE HELEN MSCORD, Fort Worth, General Academic GEORGE EGAN MCCORMICK, Dallas, Business Administration OPAL ELAINE MCCOY, Grand Prairie, Business Administration DELBERT RAY MCDANIEL, Childress, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering EARL McDANIEL, IR., Richland, General Agriculture CLEMON ODELLE McDONALD, Maypearl, Home Economics GENE ANTHONY MCDONALD, Eort Worth, Business Administration IAMES RAYMOND MCDONALD, Pilot Point, General Agriculture LOIS MARY MCDOUGALL, Fort Worth, Home Economics RUDOLPH MCDUFF, Grandview, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOI-IN WYATT McELVEEN, Alvin, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Y is WE' t, x its H 'l Y . ,, 2: , ..,.,, .,,.,.,,,, - Irwin, J 'Q -3' ., A f i ws- up- NE sm, 5 I ' it Mall KATHLYNE MARTIN McGANN, Russell, Kansas, General Academic MARY LOUISE MCGIRK, Goldthwaite, Business Administration IACK FLOYD MCGOULDRICK, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering KAY MCGOWAN, Dallas, Business Administration IOHN EUGENE McKEE, Gainesville, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BETTY SARA MCKNIGHT, Arlington, Business Administration GENEVA MCKNIGHT, Arlington, Business Administration MILDRED FRANCES MCLEOD, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics 95' Miha RAY DOUGLAS MCLAUGHLIN, Saint Io, Agricultural Engineering FRANCES I-IENRIETTA MEDLIN, Grand Prairie, Art Education WALTER HENRY MEIER, IR., Arlington, Engineering ALTON B. MELTON, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering DOROTHY MERRITT, Dallas, Commercial Art ROSINE MESSINA, Dallas, Business Administration DAVID WESSLING MICHAEL, Fort Worth, Business Administration IAMES FREDERICK MILHOLLAND, Dallas, Electrical Engineering LESLIE M. MILLER, Dallas, Business Administration THOMAS IENE MILLER, Refugio, Engineering DAVID IACK MILLICAN, Fort Worth, Business Administration ROBERT SAMUEL MILLIKAN, Arlington, General Academic 1 t RALPH LEE MILLS, Arlington, General Academic ROBERT WILLIAMS MILTON, Laredo, Business Administration BETTYE IANE MIMS, Dallas, Business Administration BILLIE LOUISE MINER, Fort Worth, Home Economics DOROTHY HELEN MITCHELL, Dallas, Business Administration FRANK VERNON MITCHELL, Fort Worth, Industrial Electrical Engineering GENE DOUGLAS MITCHELL, Wilmer, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering RICHARD ELBRIDGE MODLIN, Fort Worth, Engineering IAMES WILLIS MONTGOMERY, Copeville, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ARCHIE MOORE, Fort Worth, Engineering GWENDOLYN CHRISTINE MOORE, Dallas, Business Administration RICHARD HARCOURT MOORE, Fort Worth, Pre-Law RUTH LOUISE MOORE, Fort Worth, Business Administration WILLIAM HOWARD MOORE, Arlington, Business Administration IOHN S. MORAN, Fort Worth, Petroleum Engineering BILL CARLETON MORGAN, San Antonio, Aeronautical Engineering EVA MAE MORRIS, Arlington, Home Economics IOHN CURTIS MORRIS, Dallas, PreALaw KATHRYNE MORRIS, Dallas, Business Administration MARY HELENA MORRIS Fort Worth, Physical Education BURTON I. MORTON, Arlington, Industrial Electrical Engineering IOHN E. MOSHER, Dallas, Industrial Mechanical Engineering SAMUEL MCROBERT MUELLER, San Antonio, Electrical Engineering DOROTHY MURPHY, Dallas, Business Administration MARY ANN MURR, Fort VVorth, Busiiiessfdministration VIRGINIA MURRELL, Dallas, Elementary Education EUGENE ROBERT MUSICK, Tolar, Industrial Electrical Engineering IOSEPHINE NASH, Fort Worth, General Academic DAVID K. NAUGLE, Fort Worth, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics CURTIS EUGENE NEAL, Dallas, Business Administration BETTY IUNE NEECE, Waco, Business Administration ELOISE CHRISTINE NEINAST, Burlington, Home Economics MAEWIN E, NEWMAN, Dallas, Business Administration IUNE E. NEWTON, Dallas, Public School Music VIRGINIA ROSS NEWTON, Dallas, Business Administration CHARLIE IOE NICHOLS, Mansfield, Engineering CLAUDE RAYMOND NICHOLS, Dallas, Pre-Medical RAY NICHOLS, Gainesville, Agricultural Education RICHARD HOBART NILES, Arlington, General Academic PEGGY MARGARET NORMAN, Amarillo, Business Administration NORMA NORMAN, Bryan, Business Administration R. NORRIS NORMAN, Amarillo, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM EDWARD NORTH, Corpus Christi, Pre-Law LAURA MAURICE NORTHCUT, Port Worth, Public School Music EUGENE BERNARD O'BRIEN, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IAMES MAURICE ODONNELL, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IACK BURR OGDEN, Magnolia Springs, Industrial Mechanical Engineering BETTY ORR, Dallas Pre-Iournalisin IOE OTTO, Eort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARGARET OWENS, Arlington, Speech, Radio, and Drarnatics ARTHUR CLYDE PADDOCK, Fort Worth, Engineering PEARL MAY OLDHAM, Dallas, Business Administration flvlffrl 5515 ,gs :F gg? IE i 1 is ' ,:: M .3 . sf 1.4. 4 -Qt sw if .A BILLYE SUE PAGE, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical HOWARD ANGE PALMS, Dallas, Pre-Veterinary Medicine ROY WALKER PARAMORE, Luilcin, General Academic ANN PARKER, Dallas, General Academic BENIAMIN I. PARKET, Carthage, Mechanical Engineering IOE WILLIAM PARKS, Marta, Aeronautical Engineering ILA IO PARSONS, Dallas, Business Administration DALLAS I. PATRICK, Dallas, Pre-Veterinary Medicine CAROL M. PATTERSON, Fort Worth, General Academic LEO PATTERSON, Arlington, Petroleum Engineering IEAN SLOAN PATTON, Dallas, Technical Aeronautical Engineering ARTHUR MILTRON PAYTON, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering BILLY W. PEAK, Mertens, Pre-Law IOE PEARCE, McAlester, Oklahoma, Industrial Mechanical Engineering MARILYN CONSTANCE PEDIGO, Dallas, Business Administration NANCY NATI-IALIE PENNEBAKER, Port Worth, Business Administration PAUL ROBERT PENNINGTON, Iustin, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARGARET PERDUE, Arlington, Business Administration IACK PERESON, Dallas, Chemical Engineering ARDATH PERRY, Arlington, Public School Music IOE B. PETTIT, Dallas, General Academic BETTY PHILLIPS, Dallas, Commercial Art IOHN G. PHILLIPS, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering VERNON PHILLIPS, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MILES PIERCE, Ozona, General Academic RHEA WALLACE PINKSTON, Dallas, General Academic LESLIE STEPHENS PITTMAN, Dallas, Electrical Engineering O. L. PITTS, Fort Worth, Petroleum Engineering EVERETT VERNON PLUMB, Austin, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering I. B. POINDEXTER, Trinidad, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ALBERTA EVELYN PORTERFIELD, Waxahachie, Home Economics CLYDE ALFRED PRATT, IR., Red Oak, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering I-IANNAH B. PRESTON, Arlington, Business Administration FRANK H. PRICE, Italy, General Academic I. W. PRICE, IR., Bells, Agricultural Education JACK ORION PULLIAM, IR., Dallas, Chemical Engineering EUAL IOE RAGSDALE, Midland, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ANN RANDEL, Eort Worth, Business Administration IAMES N. RANGE, Garland, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IOHN WALLACE RANKIN, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering MARY CATHERINE RANKIN, Arlington, Business Administration GROVER C. RATLIFF, Fort Worth, Engineering GEORGE MILTON REAGAN, Smithfield, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ELSIE MAE REED, Dallas, Business Administration HOWARD LAWRENCE REED, Decatur, Agricultural Education NONA REED, Dallas, Pre-Medical W. BEN REEDER, Buffalo, Business Administration O. A. REESE, Fort VVorth, Mechanical Engineering BEN COYLE REEVES, Smithfield, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DORIS REHKEMPER, Dallas, Business Administration GEORGE WALKER REID, Bridgeport, General Agriculture GIB C. REID, Fort Worth, Business Administration LEWIS KIRK RELYEA, Dallas, Technical Aeronautical Engineering LUTE THOMAS RENSHAW, Decatur, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering THOMAS GILBERT REYNOLDS, Grapevine, Arkansas, Agricultural Education FRANK B. RHEA, IR., Forney, Industrial Electrical Engineering JOE V. RIDER, Azle, General Agriculture W. B. RIDER, Ennis, Business Administration PAUL EVANS RIDER, Mesquite, General Academic NED RIDDLE, Arlington, Commercial Art WILLIAM MARION RIDGWAY, Dallas, Technical Aeronautical Engineering CHARLES EDWARD RIEDI-IAUSER, Neenah, Wisconsin, Aeronautical Engineering MARTHA EDITH RIGGS, Dallas, General Academic JACK ROBBERSON, Gainesville, Engineering NAOMI ROBERTS, Dallas, Home Economics PAUL WESLEY ROBERTS, Haskell, Business Administration IOHN D. ROBERTSON, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering SNOW ROBERTSON, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WAYNE ROBERTSON, Dallas, Business Administration IACK ROY ROBINSON, Fort Worth, General Academic A. D. ROGERS, Bonham, General Agricultural GEORGE HERNDON ROGERS, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering my 3 .J Q for Ni LINFORD ARTHUR ROGERS, Seymour, Commercial Art HALEY W. ROGERS, Arlington, Engineering ANNA CATHERINE CTOSSIEJ ROMINE, Dallas, Pre-Law MONT O. ROPER, Fort W'orth, Civil Engineering CLAUDE P. ROSSON, Taft, Mechanical Engineering KATHLEEN DAWN RUSSELL, Fort Worth, Home Economics RUDALPH RUSSELL an lst-yne,!AgriCifltural Administration Mf jk' j' ' f' IAMES ELWOOD IRUFEJ Rutherford, Lott, Physical Education WILMA MARIE RUTHERFORD, Fort Worth, Home Economics EDITH RYDELL, Dallas, Home Economics IOE SAGNIBENE, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DATI-IAN FRANKLIN SAMPLE, Dallas, Industrial Electrical Engineering LEONARD WILLIAM SAMSON, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering SUDIE SANDERS, Dallas, Pre-Medical TAZ G. SANDERSON, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DOUGLAS FREMONT SANFORD, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARSHALL SAUNDERS, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CHARLES LAWRENCE SCARBOROUGH, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering PAUL SCI-IILDER, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering THOMAS CHASE SCHIEBEL, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering CLIFFORD CARL SCHMIDT, Port Worth, Business Administration IAMES LOUIS SCHOLL, Malakofi, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARY SCHRICKEL, Arlington, Business Administration BOB HOWARD SCHROEDER, Fort Worth, Business Administration ERWIN LOUIS SCHULZ, Channing, General Academic IAMES W. SCHULTZ, Fort Worth, General Academic BOBBY SCI-IUTTS, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering BOBBY INGLE SCI-IWARTZ,Pa1rner, Engineering CARROL IACK SCOTT, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering PAULINE SCOTT, Fort Worth, Home Economics RICHARD G. SCOTT, Sherman, Chemical Engineering IOHN L. SEABERRY, Azle, Industrial Electrical Engineering R. BROWN SEALS, Coleman, Electrical Engineering IACOUELINE SEIDEL, Dallas, Home Economics BETTY IEAN SELLERS, Fort Worth, Business Administration ELIZABETH ELAINE SEMMES, Dallas, I-lame Economics THOMAS EARL SEXTON, Mount Pleasant, Commercial Art A. L. SHACKLEFORD, Dallas, Pre-Medical HOWARD PAYNE SHANNON, Munday, Business Administration AGNES ISABEL SHAW, Fort Worth, Physical Education CECIL SHEPPARD SHELTON, Fort Worth, Engineering LAURA ELIZABETH SHELTON, Dallas, Business Administration LOIS SHELTON, Dallas, Speech, Radio and Dramatics VIRGINIA SHELTON, Arlington, Business Adrrnnistration WILLIAM E. SHIELDS, Fort Worth, Petroleum Engineering IOHN HAROLD SHIRLEY, Fort Worth, Pre-Law FRANCIS M. SI-IOKES, Arlington, Pre-Medical IAMES FRANKLIN SIGLER, Fort Worth, Business Administration IAMES ALDIS SIMMONS, Irving, Engineering SARAH CATHERINE SIMMONS, Dallas, PreAMedical IIM BOB SIMONS, Fort Worth, General Agriculture IESSE SIMS, Arlington, Business Administration CHESTER L. SINCLAIR, Mt. Pleasant, General Agriculture DUDLEY S. SKAGGS, Fort Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering THOMAS MARTIN SKAGGS, Dallas, Business Administration NORMA IEAN SKILLMAN, Fort Vlorth, Business Administration CALVIN SIDNEY SMITH, Dallas, Agricultural Engineering DOROTHY IO SMITH, Fort Worth, General Academic EWELL LEE SMITH, Dallas, Pre-Law GEORGE HENRY SMITH, McKinney, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering HAROLD DUANE SMITH, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering HAROLD WOODROW SMITH, Fort NVorth, Chemical Engineering LEE ROY SMITH, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering MARY ELIZABETH SMITH, Fort Worth, Pre-lournalism ORVIS VANCE SMITH, Linden, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering RANDALL WARREN SMITH, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT DOYLE SMITH, Trumbull, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering VIVIAN ANN SMITH, Dallas, Busmess Administration 'WILLIAM EDWARD SMITH, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering W. K. SMITH, IB., Dallas, Engineering CHARLES LEROY SNEARLY, Henrietta, Civil Engineering THADDEUS AUGUSTUS SNELL, Odessa, Music .,,. and Band SIMON AUSTIN SNIDER, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering DAVID C. SNYDER, Fort Worth, Business Administration ALPHONSE W, SOMER, East Bernard, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering EDWIN KENNETH SOUTH, Fort Worth, Mechanical Engineering E, I. SOUTI-IALL, Burleson, Business Administration GERALDINE GEWELL SPEER, Azle, Business Administrat HARRY LEE SPENCER, IR,, Fort Worth, Electrical Engineering LELAND ELLIOTT SPENCER, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering D. VJ. SPRINGER, Midlothian, Agricultural Education WILLIAM I, SPRIGG, Palestine, Engineering THOMAS SPRUANCE, Arlington, Electrical Engineering GEORGE HOYT STAFFORD, Arlington, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BENIALEE STAILEY, Dallas, Home Economics WILLIAM TRAVIS STAMPER, Grand Prairie, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CARL COOPER STANFORD, Linden, Pre-Medical THOMAS MARCELLUS STAPLES, Alvin, Aeronautical Engineering LEONARD RAY STAPP, Blue Ridge, Agricultural Education EMMA ELIZABETH STARR, Grapevine, Business Administration VIRGINIA STEPHENS, Dallas, Business Administration IEAN ELIZABETH STEWART, Dallas, General Academ NORVIN G. STEWART, Fort Worth, Engineering IAMES CLYDE STEVENS, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering IACK V. STICE, Dallas, General Academic LESTER STILES, Thrall, Pre-Medical CHARLES EDWARD STILL, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering CLIFFORD ALEXANDER STODGHILL, Wichita Falls, Agricultural Administration CHARLES ALLAN STOGSDILL, Dallas, Business Administration HERBERT HOWARD STONE, Dallas, Business Administration IACK STONE, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering MONTE ESTES STONE, Rosebud, Engineering ARTHUR MONROE QMUTTJ STOY, Crandall, Agricultural Education IAMES VIRGIL STRANGE, Dallas, Engineering NORMAN SEAMON STRANGE, Dallas, Business Administration IAMES MARION STRONG, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering IAMES L. SULLIVAN, Vernon, General Agricultural IOHN B. SULLIVAN, Ouanah, Engineering ICU ic HELEN VIRGINIA SUMPTER, Fort Worth, Business Administration DeARMOND CARNES SUTTON, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering LOREZ SWADLEY, Grand Prairie, Business Administration GEORGE D. SWITZER, Dallas, Aeronautical Engineering DAVID RICHARD TACKE, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROY GLENN TACKETT, Albany, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DAN LEE TALKINGTON, Ferris, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering NANCY BETH TANNER, Dallas, Pre-Medical BILL CHARLES TASSOS, Odessa, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BILLY I, TAYLOR, Fort Worth, Pre-Veterinary Medicine RUTH MARIE TAYLOR, Fort Worth, Public School Music CHARLES Tl-IATCHER, lustin, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MAX THOMAS, IR, Beckville, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DON RAYBURN THOMAS, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering GEORGE LESLIE THOMAS, Arlington, Physical Education LEWIS VINCENT THOMAS, Arlington, General Academic OWEN EDWARD THOMAS, Fort Worth, Industrial Electrical Engineering VERNON PAUL THOMAS, Grand Prairie, Industrial Electrical Engineering IOHN WILSON THOMASSON, Everman, Business Administration BOBBY IO THOMPSON, Dallas, Business Administration HELEN ELIZABETH THOMPSON, Dallas, Elementary Education VIRGINIA THOMPSON, Dallas, Commercial Art BLEASE TIBBETS, Arlington, Business Administration H. L. TIDWELL, IR., Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CARL TIGERTT, Wilmer, General Academic WARREN TILSON, Dallas, Technical Aeronautical Engineering BOYD TINDLE, Grand Prairie, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IIMMIE H. TOAL, Fort Worth, Engineering IIM WYMAN TOBEY, Fort 'Worth, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT ALLEN TODD, Fort Worth, Commercial Art IOHN DUPREE TOMME, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical ED V. TOOLEY, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering IESSIE IEANNETTE TOWNSEND, Arlington, Public School Music BOB W, TOINNSLEY, Austin, Aeronautical Engineering BOBBIE LEE TRAYLOR, Mt. Pleasant, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering JOSEPH LEO TRESP, Dallas, Pre-Law I , x I 0 ff? f ,f , , ,, 9 ff N QQ x 1 f . J4tW..,,,,,,, Eyf 1 , ,,,f 5 is if Q 1 , V ff , it 4154 f 32 'f-1 M , :Nz -..f': t , " flew 1 fi, , fl, ' . fftE:ii5fL5Q:2 .x 5 ' BETTY DOLORES TRUETT, Fort Worth, Business Administration ELMA RUTH TURPIN, Arlington, Art Education IAMES FREDERICK TUTTLE, Gladewater, Band and Orchestra IAMES VV. UPCHURCH, Arlington, Business Administration GLADYS LUCILLE UTTER, Arlington, General Academic RAY MCKINNEY VAUGHT, Fort Worth, Engineering FRANK VERNON, IR., Dallas, Business Administration HENRY C. VICARS, Dallas, Technical Aeronautical Engineering WILLIS EDGAR VIRGIL, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering GEORGE ERNEST VOGLESONG, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LOUISE W. VOLLMER, Dallas, Business Administration FRANK IOHN VOLNEY, Port Arthur, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering BENARD C. VOSS, Odessa, Aeronautical Engineering BURNS EWING WAGGENER, San Antonio, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering EREDERIC EMIL WAGNER, Dallas, Chemical Engineering ANN BOB WALLACE, Dallas, Business Administration EERN BEATRICE WALLACE, San Angelo, Business Administration KARL EDWARD WALLACE, Arlington, Pre-Law WAYNE FRANKLIN WALLACE, Washburn, Petroleum Engineering ARTHUR I. VVALKER, Georgetown, General Academic DORIS LEE WARE, Fort Worth, Home Economics WINIERED LOUISE VVARE, Arlington, Business Administration WILLIAM OSCAR WARD, Italy, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering MARY GEORGE WASHINGTON, Benavides, General Academic SHIRLEY WASHINGTON, Benavides, Commercial Art RALPH C. WATKINS, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering CALVIN WALLACE WATSON, Dallas, Aeronautical Industrial Engineering EELIX ULMAN WATSON, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT LEON WATSON, Dallas, Business Administration VIRGINIA WATSON, Dallas, Business Administration BETTY IEANNE WEBB, Arlington, Business Administration RICHARD PORTER VVEBB, Mesquite, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT TAYLOR WEBB, Duncanville, Engineering WILLIAM BENNETT WEBB, Mesquite, Geology WILLIS LEE WEBB, Nevada, Aeronautical Engineering, MARGARET CHARLENE WEBSTER, Fort Worth, Business Administration CALVIN WEIR, Madison, Wisconsin, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering CARIE ERIC WELCH, Dallas, Pre-Law LOVIS EDWIN WELTMAN, Fort Worth, General Actriculturai EARL PRESLEY WERNETTE, Fort Worth, Business Administration HOWARD MCCULLOUGH WISSS, Dallas, Mechanical Engineering WILLIE CLYDE WEST, Wills Point, Aqricultural Education KENNETH MOORE WHISENANT, Atlanta, General Academic CHARLES FREDERICK WHISTLER, Dallas, Industrial Ar ronautical Enqtneeiinq CARY SUE WHITE, Dallas, Pre-Iournalisrn CHARLES ANDREW VJHITE, IR., Fort Worth, Business Administration BOBBY WHITEHEAD, Fort Worth, Business Administration C. BROWNLOE WHI FEHEAD, Fort Worth, Pre-Law IRENE ELIZABETH WHITLEY, Grand Prairie, General Academic MARY ALYCE VJHITMIRE, Fort Worth, Pre-Medical MARGARET ANNE WHITTLESEY, Dallas, General Academic PHILIP EDWARD WHITTLESEY, IR., Dallas, Pre-Medical IAMES FORREST WIDENER, Dallas, PrefLaw BILLY DeWAYNE WICKLIEEE, Ferris, General Academic LAN LEONARD WEILER, Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering BETTYE WILCOXON, Fort Worth, General Academic HARRY WILL, Dallas, Business Administration DORIS WILHITE, Dallas, General Academic BLANCHE THERESE WILLIAMS, Dallas, Business Administration EUGENE HARPER WILLIAMS, Austin, Pre-Veterinary Medicine IAMES GLENDALE WILLIAMS, Bluff Dale, Industrial Aeronautical Enqineerinq IIM WAYNE WILLIAMS, Iames, Aqricultural Education MARY IONE WILLIAMS, Fort Worth, Home Economics WESLEY WEEKS WILLIAMS, Fort Worth, Commercial Art ROSEMARY WILLIAMSON, Dallas, Business Administration ROBERT IACK WILSON, Gladewator, Geological Enqineerinq CHARLES WINTERS WILSON, Fort Vtforth, Industrial Aeronautical Enqineerinq EDWARD LEA WILSON, Borqer, Chemical Engineering WELDON ROSS WILSON, Fort Worth, Technical Aeronautical Enqineerinq WILLIAM VERNON WILSON, Everman, Technical Aeronautical Enqineerinq PAUL ADELBERT WIMBERLEY, Dallas, Enqineerinq THOMAS F. WITT, Cookville, General Aqriculture 5 fr , '5W,,, W 4 1 74 K "-v SUE, Ar ,, as 'S ,A ' t . ,... CHARLES C. WOMACK, Fort Worth, Engineering RAMONA RJTH WOODS, Dallas, Speech, Radio, and Dramatics KENNETH LEE WOODFIN, Dallas, Petroleum Engineering W. G. WOODS, IR., Fort Worth, Aeronautical Engineering STANLEY M. WOODWARD, Arlington, Aeronautical Engineering CLARENCE ELLIOTT WOOLDRIDGE, Terrell, Technical Engineering VIRGINIA ANN WONDELL, Dallas, Business Administration GLORIA WORLEY, Fort Worth, Commercial Art ALEXANDER HUNTER WORRALL, IR., Dallas, General Academic GUSTAVE ADOLPH WOYNOESKY, Hubbard, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering DARVIN CARTEZ WRIGHT, Iustin, General Agriculture LYNN WRIGHT, Ferris, General Agriculture MARY FRANCES WRIGHT, Arlington, Special IACK K. WYATT, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering WINERED INATSON WYATT, Tylcr, Indusirial Aeronautical Engineering YVONNE HELEN YADON, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Pre-Iournalism IOHN D. YARBROUGH, Bowie, Engineering MURDOCH E. YOUNG, Dallas, Industrial Aeronautical Engineering 51 ki? VERNON YOUNG, Canton, Gencral Agriculture MARIE ELIZABETH YORK, Dallas, Business Administration EARLINE AKIN, General, Fort Worth, AUDREY ALLISON, Commercial Art, Terrell, MARGIE ANDERSON, Home Economics, Arlington, LUCIEN BARR, Aeronautical Engineering, Farmersville, LOUIS BENNO, Aeronautical Engineering, Dallas, CHARLES BIRKHEAD, Engineering, Arlington, NANCY CUL- LUM, Commercial Art, Dallas. CHESTER FARMER, Aeronautical Engineering, Dallas, MARY ELSIE GOODMAN, Business Administration, Dallas, IERRE HALE, Physical Education, Dallas, IOSEPHINE HALL, Commercial Art, Dallas, BETTY IO HILL, Commercial Art, Dallas, PEGGY IEAN HILL, Commercial Art, Dallas, LUCILLE HOTT, Business Administration, Fort Worth. CHARLOTTE MABEN, Commercial Art, Fort Worth, VIRGINIA McKEE, Pre-Medical, Fort Worth, NORMAN MEADOR, Business Administration, Dallas, CHARLES NANCE, Band and Orchestra, Big Spring, GEORGE PALMER, Engineering, Dallas: DOROTHY PARK, General Academic, Fort Worth, ELIZABETH ANN ROBERTS, Home Economics, Grand Prairie. aculfxl PRESIDENT T. O. WALTON The Junior Aggie wishes To inlrocluce To The l94O-I94l sTuc1lenT body OT The NorTh Texas AqriculTural College iTs presiclenT, T. O. WalTon. As a iunior branch OT The fXgriculTural ancl Mechanical Col-- leqe OT Texas, we are TorTunaTe in sharinq wiTh ThaT insTiTuTion such a presidenT as T. Q. WalTon. l-lis life has been one OT service and inTegriTy. l-le is Truly a leader of men. DEAN E. E. DAVIS Dean Davis. oducalor and aulhor, has wrillen several books, including a novel of The old Soulh, "The While Scourgef' Man- aging his model larrn is his chief delighf. l-lere he raises sheep and grows roses. Fishing is one of his lavorle paslimes. A real friend 'ro lhe sludenls, Dean Davis has done much for Jrhe Norlh Texas Agricullural College during his adrninislralion as dean. ADMINISTRATIVE FACULTY GEORGE L. DICKEY, M.S. Associate Dean LT. COL. MAX G. OLIVER Commandant of Cadet Corps INA LIPSCOMB, M.A. Dean ot Women IOE B. PRESTON, M.A. Registrar I OE BAILEY Business Manager EXECUTIVE FACULTY E. E. DAVIS, Chairman GEORGE L. DICKEY A. B. ARMSTRONG B. C. BARNES E. N. BEHRINGER CLYDE I. GARRETT W. L. HUGHES D. H. KIBER INA LIPSCOMB C. C. MASON IOHN T. MURCHISON MAX G. OLIVER IOE B. PRESTON DUNCAN ROBINSON M. C. STONE Engene N. Adams, B. A., Professor of Violin Anne Alexander, B. S., Assistant Professor of Business Administration Paul I, Allen, B. S., Associate Professor of Engineering Robert L. Anderson, Instructor in Engineering A, B. Armstrong, M. A., Professor of Economics B. C. Barnes, M. A., Head of Department of Business Administration E. N. Behringer, M. B. A., Associate Professor of Government W. B. Bennett, Instructor in Engineering A. E. Betzel, Associate Professor of Engineering Daniel Brawley, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Roy W. Burdett, B. S., Professor of Engineering Margaret Ann Cameron, B. A., Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Victor M. Cano, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Social Science William R. Cate, B. S., Associate Professor of Engineering George L. Dickey, M. S., Head of Department of Psychology and Sociology Edward A. Dodson, B. S., Associate Professor of Geology ,Af Loyd Douglas, M. A., Associate Professor of English H. A. D. Dunsworth, M. A., Professor of Mathematics Minnie Lee Early, M. A., Assistant Professor of English Clyde I. Garrett, Mus. Ed. D., Head of Depart- ment of Fine Arts E. I. Goodheart, M. S., Head of Department of Mathematics l. M. Goodwin, M. S., Associate Professor of Engineering Charles E. Haydon, M. A., Head of Department of Modern Languages lames L. Hill, Instructor in Engineering Rankin Hobbs, Instructor in Engineering l. Gordon Holmes, B. S., Head cf Department of Physical Education George H. Holt, B. S., Instructor in Engineering C. M. Howard, E. M., Associate Professor cf Mathematics NV. L. Hughes, M. A., Professcr of Biology Opal Humphreys, BS ., Librarian Earl D. Irons, Associate Professor of Fine Arts Rosaline lvey, M. A., Associate Professor of Home Economics Christine Iones, B. Mus., Assistant Professor of Pine Arts Q M. W. Ioy, Associate Professor of Engineering Arista loytier, B. F. A., Professor of Pine Arts D. H. Kiber, M. S., Head of Department of Agriculture O. L. Killian, M. A., Head of Department of Biology F. I. Konecny, B. S., Associate Professor of Engineering Grace Ward Lankford, B. Mus., Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Lloyd L. Lassen, M. A., Instructor in Mathematics M. B. Lebo, M. S., Professor of Agriculture fna Lipscomb, M. A., Associate Professor of English S. A. Lynch, M. S.,E. M., Head of Department of Geology R. I. Marquis, M. A., Assistant Professor of Physics C. C. Mason, Ph. D., Head of Department of Vocational Education Leo S. Mason, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry C. A. McCombs, M. A., Professor of Mathematics Charles B, McDonald, M. A., Associate Professor of Chemistry Willie Megee McGhee, M.A., Assistant Professor of English Norton McGriffin, L. L. B., Associate Professor of English H. D. McMurtray, M. S., Head of Department of Physics Mona Belle Montgomery, Assistant in Depart- ment of Business Administration Iohn T. Murchison, Ph. D., Head of Department of Chemistry Lt. Col. Max G. Oliver, Head cf Department of Military Science Cothburn M. O'Neal, Ph. D., Professor of English Delmar Pachl, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Agatha Patterson, Private Instructor of Pipe Organ Willis I.. Pickarcl, M. A., instructor in Mathematics Ouilcla Piner, M. A., Assistant Professor of English Sarah Pipkin, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Biology Ioe B. Preston, M. A., Head of Department of Social Science H. G. Ragland, Instructor in Engineering Zelda Ramsey, M. B, A., Professor of Business Administration W. A, Ransom, M. A., Head of Department of English 1 l I C. D. Richards, M. A., Acting Professor of History W. D. Richins, M. B. A,, Associate Professor of Business Administration Duncan W. Robinson, M. A., Professor of English Kenneth Rockwell, M. A., Associate Professor of English L. l. Samuel, M. S., Associate Professor cf Agriculture Richard L. Slaughter, B. D. A., Associate Professor of Fine Arts Frank M. Smith, M. S., Professor of Engineering Helen Stone, M. S., Head of Department of Home Economics M. C. Stone, M. A., Head of Department of Engineering R. W. Tanner, M. S., Associate Professor of Mathematics Thomas I. Tinker, B. S., Associate Professor of Physical Education William B. Whitney, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Chemistry ASSISTANTS IN ADMINISTRATION Ionnie Arnold, Secretary to the Business Manaqer Mrs. lone Vickery, Secretary to the Comrnandant Iames Robert Iasper, Assistant Business Manaqer Rex Harlan, Bookkeeper Louis Blake, Assistant Registrar Mary Grace Leftwich, Secretary to the Associate Dean Louise Fuller, Secretary, Agricultural Department Aline Wilemcn, Secretary, Engineering Department Pearl Wade, Assistant Librarian D. A. Biclcel, Assistant in Library Mary Kathryn Johnson, Assistant in Library 1 p . qv 7- ' Q .-1 K .F -'? ' :- Fi-sl 4. - e z. . , f- f'g,g3g1.f '. 5 f.... 1, 3- " ' .. K ' . r ff K " . 7 A ,- -i .' if ' 2, M.'.,. ' 2124: 1 VW' ,. g . xx, V. 4 ,fi-:wif . 4 wfsqmgz. ' 51,1 j y L , F i. .ASN 1 ' ' .- V ' ' .4 4,1-,J 4 ,Q . ff 'if :Riff ' " ' 'Q ll' A' ff 3 . QV' ' ' ff fx ' 1 x W ti, 1. A f' fr, " - . .3 Vg, wg -x '-,. X ' 'ft - , . L J ll ,,,..If x ai ' , T - Y . f I 'na -, .' 45, -IWW! ,VM ,,N.3'. V -lf -- .V f W , .wx AQ, V , 1 v, ,. f w, - x rr v 1 , ,, r - 1 2 W bg g -.,-. - w-, .-,.f -,z-Le ,,.1 un: 1 -L' -www, ff-4 1 lf'-0:1-:,-v M15 1,5 .. V, , ,-' uw , A miamfiindixsfia-Y-Awx:w:fGf,:3J,u-lu 'abxlfilf'-i24e2mxQQ,n'fl,'9?Mv:fM1uQAx40wMam43av5.fif.5 -M--5 .a.iwl.4f: Q -.f QM ashes REGISTRATION and MIXER CLUB TEAS Following registrgtion cgme the teos given by the tive girls' social clubs for gll the freshmen girls. Above from left to right are pictured: Avolonte, S.O.S., Lg Doceng, Zgngolg. Below: Sons Souci. lt is gt the toll tegs that the club members do their heaviest rushing of the new freshmen. ' l l INFORMAL INITIATIONS 1 fr Freshmen, male, drank gallons and gallons of Arlington mineral Water. They had to "duck- Walk" and praise Allah. Freshmen, female, were subjected to all sorts of indignities during Stunt Day. They were forced to remain in the gaze of the lofty upperclassmen and the suffering faculty all day. ML - LIFE IN THE GIRLS' BOARDING HOUSES lngenious N.T.A.C. campus Coeds are always "up to something." Reducing, learning new dance steps, keeping the freshmen in line, play- ing bridge, studying, and just "talking" are the usual thing. Allison putting on the finishing touches. "Chilly" looks as if she drew a grand slain. A "hen party" at CoX's. Shirley, PeeWee, Cuddies, Laura, and Maw listen in in the modern "party1ine" manner. Ionesy adminisierinq justice QD. K ' fbfxg qi M i ,,,.aef mgrfjgf. c vt L A nike Bebe and 45 W W, 5 Becker leaking " f for new recipes. QA DCRM LIFE And what cr lite it is. . . Never ct dull mo- ment dnd the dirty Work done by Fish lones. He tglces cdre ot his sophomores laundry, shines his shoes, clegns his room, and phones his girl ter dgtes, mgngging meanwhile to do g little sleeping, egting, studying, gnd signing out on his Own. no LW sw., , f: "1 " ' -Aw -5, - fin - M - i fi5I .- , we -an-12? Sh , Qf 'V' Q f M ' 4 if 52 fi l J V lnihw ,l 4 l- ,aw Anurag r"'N QQQ ...P ,Mr - L, .M , ..-4 -in A W e " F' -Am., 41. 5 n I........a5 .lg lm ,-11 ' wffjil' 'ffl- ' fig J gf M 5- i awp Q- SSE H A ff - """ -.. f fgx x f Q A A ls DANCES How we Aggies love them. Barn dances, South American dances corps dances, kid dances, and the aiarn ourous sprinq formais. The decorations music, corsaaes, and airis in swiriina skirts . . . remember? ff!! I - I The Christmas Corps Dance in green and White and silver. DANCES Seems like all oi us were at the Christmas Corps Dance. Lern, doorman at the Formal. E4-fi-7 V51 f Qwqf-1 - Q7 Y? kflxk wiv THE COLLEGE FARM Iudqixzg cattle, C ic ens cm s ee i 11 k , d 271 p, lk irfc5f't1!r6COWsff1'?idfsEudg1ifg4" 5 501415 this and more occupies 'S JSM. QA E 9 KU W 3 ,W 9 PRE-VET Pre-Vet Club this yedr was er- qdnized for dll students rndjor- ing in pre-veterinary medicine. Red-hedded Vdidd Fiske is the only qiri taking pre-vet. -i ,ff AND SOME Thursday morning finds cadets in the armory cleaning rifles. He qot rammed during the Week and is found Saturday afternoon on the "bull ring." MORE MILITARY A sunny afternoon "bull session" on the armory steps. The corps marches in review Assembled for "mess at a Sunday parade. Q 1x we A ' 1 f K I d e lg 5 3 jig? ' i f l a 4 FROM THE FINE Scenes from "What a Life" with David Nauqle as l-lenry Aldrich. Ned Riddle, Audrey Allison, and losephine Hall Workinq in the Ari Library. The sculp class in action with Bob Holmes as rnodel. FLYING The CAA. Flight Training pro- gram at N.'l'.A.C. during l9-40-41 reached heights previously un- egualed. To the left is l. R. Lewis, com- mander ot the "Div'nDuck" squad- ron, which is composed ot the ad- vanced C.A.A. students pictured. The Iunior Aggie hoiois on election. ohn, the jonitor, poses. A Welder on the Ncrtionol Defense program. This pro- grgrn is octrrieol on in the N.T. AC. shops five nights or week. PLAYING AROUND f .x A . .. . '?'. nf, . " Aryan 'L "' my -V 9 H , K X 1 4 3' fig 5b3'e11'?,' - u 1"" A ,:f1,f, v ' .4 ' 'm , '. ' -A .f-mmm , .- , A . -,gt - , ff D 'W' '4 , , ,Vx . 1 ' r - . . 3 Ag, w 'q 1 r 0 , fs." , 1 . I f '- v:3' 1,3 '37-,Q g Vx.. ' M 'I ' ' 'iv ,,.. ,f..f - - XMQE3' f , n v ,AV iv. . L - , -.9 f I 'f-If-x-1? 5'l'?-fag. " rw? M s?'7+f:. TVN. Gil , Hlimp V fzs,1?i:3i-. . wf .jx A Y- fZ'fJf'ftfi:r."'vk1 pw .,,"1'1, L Q,rv5gDfl,,l 1,7 ' M jfx5,3:,,f, viz- --Q11 -, fig., A I H 11 y .,,, -.v ,j, -1 . ef-' I:t'f'-1- ,Q far' ff! 'ifgiifl aw-1 -wx f.'Q?J'ilf fi , I ,jj r ' 1' ,Ml infer: 4- . 1 M: tiff 1- -My-N:,2 ,f,-":hMs L ' . v'g.yf-Mas 41, if gi, . mg: 7N.Z,gfy- - 141'v?5i-f.f- L,'-fivgfwf,--Ff',1 f'f?--f'H211-- Elf- '4 -' H ' ff ' ' i'ZI"'-as-W' 2f11'3'7"' W5 f f- ' F ,fp N R .v. , . , ,.,e, ,. , M P ,. ,1W,..g, . 1146: 'rn 73.1, ii" 1, ' ' " " .i.+eif? ,gzA5+f"fv' - . . , 1. , . . - V- w 1' 1, .gf , , A, f V95 , 1 , ', Z JH- iQ -M' gn - -' 1 - fp -, : ,Q w'-Q ,,, -lf, . ,. , , .X ., '. 'Ls V . f ' f . 1, ' :W ,, 7" r .f,,3fv . , I. X J L' LJ, T, . A-.5 iv H .:,,., ..,,, Wlilifaaq LIEUTENANT-COLONEL MAX G. OLIVER ln lune, Lieutenant-Colonel Max G. Qliver will hove completed his third yecrr os comrnondont ot N.T.A.C. He hos Worked tirelessly these three yeors with but one czirnwthot of rnokinq N.T.A.C. o better school rnilitorily ond scho- lcrsticcrlly. This yeor he inouquroteol CI new rnilitory troininq plon Which hors given eoch cadet procticctl field troininq in conjunction with theory Work. Colonel Cain From Dallas comes our flying colonel, Don Cain. His military record here is an envious one. l-le enrolled in l038 with no previous mili- tary training. During his freshman year he at- tended special military classes. l-le was made a First Lieutenant and Regimental Plans and Training Officer at the beginning of his second year. ln November of the same year he was made a Major and at the final parade he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel. l-le received his Colonel's commission in November, 1040. Faced with the huge task of adjusting l,200 cadets to new military rules and regulations, Don has served admirably in his capacity as Colonel. COLCNEL DON CAIN Regimental Commander ttlfgnh Lieutenant-Colonel lames Cunningham Regimental Executive Off' ICGI Nickey, a natural born military man, is from Dallas. l-fe was selected as the best drilled freshman cadet in the regiment in l939. Promotion for Niclcey came fast his second year. By midterm he was made Lieutenant-Colonel and regimental execu- tive officer. Member Student-Faculty Com- mittee. . . Royal Escort in the Coronation. His passion for anything red is evident in his choice of Buicks. lim Cunningham came to N.T.A.C. in 1938 from Whitesboro. In the fall of 1939 he advanced rapidly to the position of Cap- tain of Company A. He became a Lieuten- ant-Colonel in November, i949 and was assigned as regimental executive officer. President of . . Vice-President of the Gfficers' Club. . . Royal Escort in the Coro- nation. . . lim has an aptitude for business administration, his major. Lieutenant-Colonel Niclcey Naumovich Coinrncmder Sam Houston Rifles REGIMENTAL STAFF Front row: Col. Cain, Lt.fCol. Cunningham Second row: Capt. Holmes, Lt. Lowry, Capt. Moore, Capt. Farris, Capt. Curry Third row: Serqeants Simpson, Powell, Stansel, Sullivan, Kearney, lones Top row: Serqeants Clark, Chase, Damrell, Huzarvich, Dawson, Thomas, Gaskill INSTRUCTORS' STAFF Front row: Capt. Farris, Lt. Harrell, Capt. Dalby, Lts. Wernett, Vickery, Rich, Tiqerit, Haye Back row: Wyatt, Lattimore, Norman, DeBerry, Hamilton, Love, Duke, Boyd SAM HOUSTON RIFLES Lieutenant-Colonel Nickey Naumovich, Commander Corporal F. P. Lucas, Guidon Sergeant Kenneth Stallings, Right Guide Sergeant Fritz Lyne, L lrvin Aschner lack Helm Vtfilliam Bilderback W. E. lones lohn Bulock Pat Kidd Leroy Brown lohn Lampkin lefi Bruton Alfred Lubow Freeman Clark Ed Maxon Iohn Cook Billy Davis Gene Dobbs Bill Duncan Bryan Edwards Hardy Fields Fred Freeman Forrest Green Frank Gullette limmy Harty lames Milholland Kirk Relyea Paul Rider Haley Rogers Paul Simpson Harold Smith Charles Wammer Bill Weston Weldon Wilson Frank Yates ett Guide FIRST BATTALION Major Euil Birchtield Major Luther Morgan Battalion Commander Battalion Commander First 18 weeks. Second 18 weeks First Lieutenant Alfred laeqer Adjutant The first battalion, which includes companies A, B, C, and D, is composed ot Davis Hall, Varsity Hall., and otf-campus ca- dets. Captain Charles Love Company Commander COMPANY A ROSTER George Kramig, First Sergeant Allen Graf Maxfield Smith, Brunson Antwine Greenwood McDaniel Smith, Stover Baker, lack Griffin, Charles McDuff Snearly Baker Griffin McLaughlin Somer Banks Grissom Metzler Souris Barrett Guidry Mitchell Sprigg Barnaby Hackney Moore, lohn Stoy, Arthur Benson Hale Moore, lulius Stoy, Daniel Biggs Harper Morgan Tackett Boortz Harris North Tegge Borgeson Hatcher Ogden Thatcher Borone Hickey Orman Tooley Boston Hilgenfeld, Bill Osborne Torbett Bourland Hilgenfeld, lack Parkman Towns Browning Horn Parten Townsley Callaway Hubbard Penn Turner Casely Hudgins Pennington Ward Cassara laynes V Powell Webb Cheek lones, Ancil Pratt Whitehead Collins lones, Charles Reagan Whittle Counts lones, K, T. Roberts Williams, Ed Danahen lones, R. M. Roger Williams, Eugene Dea n losey Schell Williams, Iames Durrett Kemp Shelton Williams, lim Fade Killman Shields Wyatt Eagg Leonard Simpson Young Fenton Lester Ganeson Luna Gocdson Mcmhews Lt. Lawrence Atkins Commander I I-IUJZTU'-"'l1 ZOO'-IIZHI-""U 'it l ll it 1 3 U200mm 2OOHwvw UID'-'CEI'-I ZOOewww Lt. Charles Ursell, Commander Lt. Marvin Alexander Commander Captain Douglas Rauschelhach Company Commander Adcock Alderman Allen Arey Baker Bass Battle Benge Bowers Boyd Boyland Brenholtz Brewer Bulgarel Burck Burk Burnett Burrage Busby Carlyle Chapman Coleman Conrady Crandall Crawford Crook Crutcher D'Arcy Davis Dormire COMPANY B Sebesta Shannon Sheffield Shultz Snowden Staples Stinson Stone, lack Stone, Monte Este Sumner Thomas Torrans Vaughn Walker Wallace VV' ard Watson Weaver White, Edward I. White, Wilhert Nlfickliffe Vl7indham Woodruff ROSTER Ardis Durham, First Sergeant Duewall McCathren Duff McLellan Edwards McDonald Elliott McDuff Ellis McElveen Euloank Montgomery Ferguson Moore, H. R. Foster Moore, William Francisco Mosher Fulp Murchison Garlington Musick Garner Pittman Gathings Reeder Ghoulson R9ddY Glasson Elisa Gray 1 er 3225515 Hamm Russell Hmqus Rutherford Haymes Swartz giigy Seabeny , Seay, Harold ggiigmb Seay, Warren Houser Isabell larrett Littlefield Lytle Lt. Frank Yates, Commander I-IUJSU'-1"l1 ZOO-1112:-"U ll l ,l l UZOOmm ZOOewww U!-'U'-'III'-I ZOOHPFW in 5 1 w N c fl? Wm Fi Lt. Fcmcher McDonald Commander Lt. Gus Baker Sf Captain lulius Kissel Company Commander Amacker Bohning Barrett Black Bowman Breaker Brown, Charles Brown, Leroy Butler Bruton Burch Chambers Champion Chandler Charlton Clark, Freeman Clark, Lloyd Cook Cooper Cox Crosslin Davis Dobbs Dodd Duncan Edward Ehler Fall COMPANY C BOSTEB Harold Laughlin, First Sergeant Fittz Mays Ford McGuire Freeman McKee Frix Middleton Fuqua Miller, A. M. Gary Miller, Kenneth Gerhiser Miller, Tom Howell Glover Miller, Thomas Coen Montgomery Harty Moore Harlan Moran Hensley Mosely Hiller Newbrough lackman Nichols lohnson, Lem H. Paramore lohnson, Robert Parker Iones, Boite Patton lones, William Pearce Keeney Powell Kinq Beidhauser Lee, Billy Belyea Lee, Marvin Bider Lloyd Loard Lucas Lyne Mann Martin Rogers, Haley Bogers, William Sanderson Scholl Scott Simons Smith Souris Southall Stevens Stiles Still Stinne Stodghill Talkington Traylor Vickery Volney Waggoner Washington Wilson Yarbrough Lt. Kay Herbert, Commander '-IUJIIJ'-"'l'.1 200'-:DHL-Hu UZOOMM ZOOHPFW U'.IJ'-'III'-J ZOOHPFW ! 3 fi W A N W ll V z K f Oliver Hclden, Commcmder Lt. Carl Tiqertt Commander Captain Richard Niles Company Commander COMPANY D Alexander RQSTER Allen I I Belley lohn McBride, First Sergeant gengelt Franke Patterson Spruance BRE QUT Gibbs Pittman Stafford BT We Green Price Stallings B Gig t Hall Poindexter Strange Bon umm Hamilton Reed Stricklin Bonner Harris Reid Tate Bmnfiimer Hawkins Reynolds Tassos Broq OH Hickman Riddle Threatt rown Hildebrand Rodgers Tibbets Burden Hise Sharp Tidwell guller Hollingsworth, Shaw Trinkle Cum H Calvin Sheffield Waggoner Ccmlr? h 1 Hollingsworth, Cecil Shelito Watson Cmmlcf Ge Hornback Shokes Wheeler C233 Hudgins gimpson west ICQ l1'HS lil giqmblee I h longs Sinclair Woodward Chumplon' Til H Keller Smith, lack Wright, Darwin Chigqplon' Omus Kennedy Smith, lohn Wright, George C1 1 kress Knox Smith, Randall Wright, Lynn C cg Lellwlch Soloman York CO Y t Lowrey. Spencer Young, Bennie C235 on McDaniel Springer Young, Vernon Cox, George MCK1'1iC3hT Cox, Ioe MCUOI Crawley Meief Devlll Merritt DuBois Milliken Earle 1 5 Elder Montgomery Epps Moore, Harry Foster Moore, William Francis NiCl1OlS Forgerson Parks Lt. Randall Pool, Commander I-Il'Dm"""'.I ZOO'-:Im-'U 3 nf? l l Fla l 200ehww UZO0mm USU'-'CII'-I ZOOHPFW Of ' 'V i Lt. Luther Marshall, Commander Ll. Sylvan Schrader, Commander fx ii ll ,, 'u ll ll N4 . lc: l. 1 RIFLE TEAM The North Texas Agricultural College rifle team under the coaching of Sergeant F. M. Shokes won its first match against the Dayton University team. The results were announced by mail. High point men were Tommy Duke, Luther Marshall, and Norris Norman. The first shoulder to shoulder match was fired at Stephenville February 22, against the Iohn Tarleton Agricultural College team. The N. T. A. C. team lost by eight points. On March 15 the second match with Iohn Tarleton was fired on the N. T. A. C. range. The N. T. A. C. team won by seven points. Tom- my Duke was high point man. Norris Norman was awarded the bonze medal for first place and Tommy Duke was awarded the gold medal for second place. Front row: Wernette, Duke, Virgil. Second row: Dewitt, Norman, Bobbie Roberts, Relyea. Third row: Bilderback, Roberts, Aschner, Mahan, Phillips. SECOND BATTALION , . Major Forrest Ulm Major lack Chilcoat Battalion Commander Battalion Commander First 18 Weeks Second l8 Weeks First Lieutenant Iames Harrell Adjutant The second loattalion, which includes companies E, F, G, and H is made up of commutinq cadets from nearby cities and towns. Captain Hall Robertson Company Commander COMPANY E Adair ROSTER Adams Edward Hale, First Sergeant Aschner Ballard Hamilton, Charles Reagan Stevens Banks Hamilton, Robert Preston Stone, lack Berry Harris Richardson Stone, Herbert Blagg Harrison Ridgway Tacke Blanton Helm Robberson Thompson Blevins Herbst Robertson Tindle Bolnch High Robinson Tidwell Borgerson Hines Russell Tresp Brown, Vernon Howell Sample Vernon Brown, William Irwin Saunders Via Brumberry Kuhatchek Schiebel Vogelsong Broadstone LaPrelle Scott Welch, Carrie Carpenter Lee, Forrest Simmons, lames Welch, Thomas Chilton Lee, Lawrence Simmons, William West Cooper Lind Skaggs Weston Coleman Lowe, Solomon Smith, Calvin Widener Crisp Lowe, lohn Smith, Harold Whittlesey Cox Lowe, Thomas Spain Wilcox Daniels McEltresh Stafford Williams, Horace DeHay McBride Stamper Williams, Thomas Denton McMillan Standridge 'Wilson Dotson McNair Stephens Wirman Draper McGuldrick Drewett Miller, Leslie Dwyer Miller, Robert Ellis Milholland Everett Millikan Farmer Moeck Feldstein Moore, Robert Findley Moore, Thomas Franke Morrison George Patillos Goad Pereson Godbold Pettit Grubbs Plumb Lt. Paul Millikin, Commander D-IUHIU'-""1 ZOO'-1!ZHl"'U UZOONW ZOOHmww UI!"-'.'I-II'-1 2OOHPFw Lt. Charles Scarborough Commander Lt. Smith Preston, Commander 7252 ' ' iasr Captain I. R. Dungan Company Commander COMPANY F ROSTER Louis A. Boli, First Sergeant Abernathy Elder Maddux Smith, William Andre Elmore Mahan Smith, Wright Ballard Evans Matthew Spain Bell Fjgldg Melton Spence Benners Field Miller, Edward Stogsdill Blesel Ffgedmgn Miller, lCt1'1'l9S SlICII'1qG Bilbo Freeman Morris Strong BlCICJQ Pufch Mulkey Switzer ETGHHEH Fueee Neal W'agner IOCIC Nichols Watson, Bennie Bronar 32152215 O'Brien Watson, Felix Campbell Geisen Overall Webb, Richard Cgrrell Gnnfee Page Webb, Robert Cl'1CIDmCIU Gnqis Patrick Webb, William Cline Gnlneisen Palms Welch, Carie Coke Quinn Pappas, lohn Wess Colwell Gunn Pappas, lames Wistler COIHDlOH Ggsknl Phillips, limmy Will QFCITUGT Hardwick Rodgers Williams CfOWl9Y longs Saginbene Woodtin Davis Irwin Sanford Wyatt DCIY Smith, Ewel Young EGBGTTY 11225353 Smith, Harold Zimmern ees Dolton Kisler Duecker Lamb Eason Lange V Ebert Lennon - Q.. Edwards, Bryan Lebow Edwards, Tommy McCormick S Lt. lames Coke, Commander F I R S T P L A T T 2 O 0 it N ll 'll w l J f it UZOOMM Oemww Z0 UID'-'CE'-I ZOOHWHW Lt. Ross Cone, Commcmder Lt. Robert Reed, Commander Captain I. R. Lewis Company Commander Aiken Baq by Baker Ballentine Biggins Bilderback Bishop Brewer Brown Bundy Butler Butterworth Chambers Corbin Crocket Dickerson Dingmore Dow Dozier Fannin, Bill Fannin, Bob Faulkner COMPANY G ROSTER Truman Wood, First Sergeant Fesperman Lacy Samson Garrison Lampkin Sawyer Gillespie Laughlin Shortes Gollnick Lynch Smith, Leonard Gourley McConnell Smith, Orvis Grounds McKinney Snider Gunnip Meador South Hartwell Menefee Stanford Hearne Michael Stewart Hardie Millican Swain Hays Mitchell Thomas Higginbotham Modlin Shelton Hoyt Naugle Thomason Hudeck O'Donnell Tobey Hunnicutt Parvin Todd Iahns Phillips Watson, Raymond Iourney Pitts Watson, Robert King Pool Weltman Knight Read Wernette Knox Reid White Kolius Robinson W'hitehead Kundts Ross Wilson Lt. Ben Smoth erman, Commander D-IUJFU'-""1 n-:pam-"wa OO z UZOOMM 2OOHwrw UCD'-'LE'-I ZOOHPFW if Lt. Iohn Tumor, Commander Grody Cook, Commonder Captain Bill Lewis Company Commander Baker Baldridqe Bates Bell Bjork Booth Boysen Bradley Bullard Bullinaton Burke Cochran Cole Conn Crow Countryman Dewett Dow Dunton Eddins Elkins Farr Farrell COMPANY H ROSTER lohn Shirley, First Sergeant Fielder Long F itzcharles Looper Foster Martin Frieden Maxon Gibson McClendon Colson McLaughlin Goodspeed Miller Grittin Mitchell Hampton Moore, A. Harper Moore, I. Hiaqins Newton Holmes Otto Hyde Oest lnaram Orr Ienkins Patterson lohnson Payton Iones, E. Phillips lones, S. Price loplin Quinn Kelley Rankin Kidd Ratlitt Kina Reece Lillie Reese Roper Schilder Schutts Schreiber, A. Schreiber, W Schroeder Sherman Siqler Smith, H. Smith, L. Summers Stephens Stevens Toal Tomme Warren Webb Wenzel Williams Wilson Woodbury Worley Lt. Charles Redwine, Commander I-NDN'-"'l'.1 ZOO"3lP"-""U iii I 3' . t . .L Q-,5.tL5.1.,+ . '- ' '- 5 "-fqhiriiti UZO0mm ZOOHPFW USU'-'III'-Z 200evHw J I N F ca Lt. Iohn Keller, Commcmder Lt. WHH icrm Fosier, Cemmcmder REGIMENTAL BAND Earl D. lrons, Director Captain Mack McLain Captain William Holt Assistant Director Assistant Director First l8 Weeks Second l8 Weeks ROSTER A. R. Adkerson H. F. Adlam Clyde Adlam Lucien Edward Barr William Bentley Iohn Frank Bida Charles Binney Gordon Leonard Bowers William Bradley Billy Bynum Perry Chandler Leonard Clark Relmon Cotton Thomas Crabb loe Cranshaw William Cross William Danks Albert Long, First Sergeant Lawrence Davis Robert Day Philip H. Deam Kenneth Eberly Robert Ellis lames Forrest Hugh Fowler Robert Ferguson Daerl Gandy Alton Gibbs Vernon Goodwin Lloyd Gordon Iames Grogg Harlen Green Leon Green Ben Harris lohn Hill Iames lohnson Layton Keith William King Terrel Kirk loe Kucera Emmett Lee loe R. Lee Billy Paul Maddry Iames E. Maxson Walter Morris Charles Nance lames Noble A. C. Paddock Harold Panter Carl Parker Bill Peak - Miles Pierce Rhea W. Pinkston Wallace Prather Lute Renshaw Monroe Robertson lack Rockenbaugh Clifford Schmidt Ryan Seals A. L. Shackeltord William Simonson lames Sullivan George Smith William Smith Thaddeus Snell Fred Tuttle Roy Vaught Henry Vicars Karl Wallace Charles Weiner C. E. Woodridge Billie lo Conway Band Sweellxefirl Hamilton Maile-tt lanies Belles Kenneth Berries lermes Upcliuicli Lieuiencint: BAND .14 jking ofmaufg ia a jog joreuer-JQaf5 LLOT pefzsonalifies jmffzocfu in E55 1941 limnahfzeg of the NUHTH TEXAS AGHIEULTUHAL EULLEEE rinceddea anal ggcorfa MARTHA JEAN HORNADAY LUTHER MORGAN NORMA NORMAN J. H. LEWIS HARRIETT GASKILL BEN SMOTIIERMAN ROSEMARY HUME BOB HOLMES BETTY JANE MIMS NICKEY NAUMOVICH IRENE VVIIITLEY KENNETH STALLINGS CHARLOTTE ALLISON JAMES CUNNINGIIAM JEANIE GRACEY GUS BAKER 7 'IMD 5 M0 THE KING AND QUEEN DON CAIN LOIS HERBERT gauorifea MARY ALYCE WHITMIIQE NIARTIIA JEAN HORNADAY BETTY JANE MIMS HARRIETT GASKILL jauorife Womineeri NORMA NORMAN HOSEMARY HUME ERNESTINE BARNES CHARLOTTE ALLISON IRENE WHITLEY JEANIE GRAQEY rincedaed anal gicorfa Luther Morgan and Martha ,lean Hornaday J. H. Lewis and Norma Norman Ben Smotherman and Harriett Caskill Bob Holmes and Rosemary Hume Nickey Naumovich and Betty Jane Mims Kenneth Stallings and lrene Whitley James Cunningham and Charlotte Allison we Coronafion The night of St. Valentine's Day ushered in Sweethearts on Parade. To the strains of' HWill You Rememherw from Mayzime the Coronation occurred amid a setting of red hearts trimmed with white frills. Down the aisle marched the sweethcarls of the various campus clubs, the princesses and their royal escorts, the who,s who representatives, the visiting royalty, and the King, with his military escort and finally the Queen, with her entourage. Cadets with that usomething about a soldierw look . . . glamorous gowns and beautiful girls . . . sweet music and laughter . . . in short the '41 Coronation. t N,QX N ? Court jesler QXJEQW Exit of thx' King and Qu:-vu The COI'UIlklli0ll Ba ll WHITE WHIJ NORTH TEXAS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE AGRICU URA CH NI C E F RTMEN UN R GG January 25, 1941 ATTENTION: All Heads of Departments Please select, in any manner you choose, your most outstanding and effi- cient students in 1940-1941 for the "Who's Who" section of the Junior Aggie. Yours very truly, Bill Curry Bill Curry, Editor BG:LG 1941 Junior Aggie ARTIST Contrary to the typical conception ot an artist, Naomi Lee is quiet and reserved. "Susie," as she is called by her friends, is secretary ot the Art Club, a member ot the Zangola Club. . . Phi Kappa Theta. . . A Cappella choir. . . She likes to draw pencil portraits and work in water colors. She plans to go to the University of Texas. BARITONE A music major from Midland, Fred Middleton is the only left-handed tennis player at N.T.A.C. l-le is a member ot . . tennis team. . . male quartet. . . He likes to sing as was evidenced by his apparent enjoyment of his own excellent rendition of Ko Ko in the spring operetta, "The Mikado." Travel and the glamour ot stage life have always appealed to Fred. Next year he wants to attend the Chicago Conservatory of Music. WHITE WHU ANNOUNCER Pause for student identification. . . lack Baker, Who has long been interested in speech and dramatics, plans to be a radio announcer. He will not be a novice when he enters the profes- sion, for he already has had radio experience. Black wavy hair and dancing ability may not be stepping stones to becoming a radio an- nouncer, but they help this Kansan to step right along with Texas coeds. SCRIBE Besides doing a "bang-up" job as editor of the Sl-ICRTHCRN, Verner Bee Fry heads the Press Club, writes poetry, plays tennis and ping pong. Another of her favorite diversions is Writing letters to herself. Her pet peeve is sar- castic people. She is a day-dodger from Port Worth and plans to complete her Work at the North Texas State Teachers' College at Denton. COOK Although Gloria McCoy Was born on April Fools Day, she's nobody's fool when it comes to cooking. Attractive brunette. . . Avolonte. . . Secretary Home Economics Club. . . Day-dodg- er. . . She enjoys dancing, playing ping pong, and Writing letters. She plans to major in di- etetics at T.S.C.W. DOCTOR A Dallas day-dodger is Paul Millikin. His in- terests and duties are Well divided, for he is an assistant in the French department, vice-presi- dent Pi Mu, member of Phi Kappa Theta, and Cfficers' Club. "Math-shark" Millilcin makes lUU's on his math finals and aspires to be a sur- geon. Dancing and fishing are his favorite pastimes. I-le tentatively plans to attend Texas University next year. 'wi it WHITE WHU BIG SHOT Don Cain, Colonel, King, president Officers' Club and Aggie Bar, chairman Student-Faculty Committee, is a pre-law major from Dallas. This titled fellow with magazine-ad hair enjoys fly- ing and writing rhymes. Don plans to obtain his law degree from Texas University. ATHLETE Wanda Saunders is good in all sports, but she's "the best" when it comes to badminton. Being student assistant for the Physical Educa- tion department and treasurer of the La Docena Club are only two of her many activities. She likes to eat at Varsity Hall-whenever she gets an invitation. Medicine is the chief dislike of this Dallas day-dodger. She plans to attend Bay- lor University. DESIGNER Charles Ursell, wavy black-haired student assistant in the Engineering department, is president of the Engineering Society, a mem- ber of the Officers' Club, Bull Pen, and O.K.K. Keeping an honor cord for the last three years hasn't prevented his finding time to play and to strum a Hawaiian guitar. He is a boarding student from Corpus Christi whose ambition is to be a designer of technical machinery. A. and M. is his choice in scholastic institutions but blondes from Dallas are his choice in the femi- nine line. NURSE Ray Leonard is an Arlington brunette with a flawless complexion. A sweet disposition and excellent grades are among her assets. She wants to be a nurse and to attend the Univer- sity of California. A general academic major, student assistant in the English department, and a member of Phi Kappa Theta, Ray collects glass pitchers. WHIl'5 WHU WIND-IAMMER Hamilton Moffett is eighteen years old, a day- dodger from Lancaster, and an agriculture ma- jor. He is the executive officer of the band and plays first clarinet. He wants to work for the Government in the Bureau of Agriculture. Next year he plans to go to A. and M. STATISTICIAN To be a statistician in the field of education is the desire of Frances Gulledge. She can put the boys to shame when it comes to working trig or calculus. Ping pong, tennis, and swimming are her favorite sports. She is a student assistant in the Education department, a member of S.O.S. and Phi Kappa Theta and plans to attend the University of Texas. ENGINEER Pat Rauselbaclrs swing, whether on the green or on the dance floor, is plenty good. A runnerup in the 1939 Central Texas Golf Tour- nament and a jitterbug deluxe, Pat is a grader in the Engineering department. He is a mem- ber of the Engineering Society, Officers' Club, O.K.K., and T Association. ACCOUNTANT lohn Moore is a student assistant in the Busi- ness Administration departrnent, vice-president of the B.A. Club. He likes football and baseball. Music by Glenn Miller and radios by lohn Moore are his chief delight, however. lohn's ambition is to get into Pensacola Naval Air Corps. He is from Eort Worth, but lives at the College Farm. Iiinq nun nam Illueen Luis Herbert Q61 UO 'alfa Many Cmfgiflrzbza Q00 'life .cwcazfgca kjamz Jyozfzcacfay cwo 'alfa .Buddy gem: :fl 151111 Q00 'alfa 'gczziiaff Qiuigiff Norma Bess Norman 4 if ,b m . Irene Whitley cwo fzife Ernastina Barnes Rosemary Home euro 'alfa Jeanie Eracoy Charlotte Allison Q . .1 Q.. . 'i' Q, v . me TW, 1 . f 3,11 V, x,,gR . x 5 V 4. 4 V . .fx-V 7-'s - Vt' A ,JV - ,,- ,Ig-.5 rw , ,. -5.1 ' M f V. :,,. x . , 5 ,ala VM, 55,1 Q. ffx-,14 r ,..., W . X ..,,,,iS .1 4,1 M' gg.-, .:'- . . Q Q 2, .T . .. V. .V , . A V30 V-.-1 .,V 1 .V -'Q ' X Q,-, V, J. V as '. 1 V. -.1 V 5 4' VV ,iq . ' 1 ', ' ., Vaywl up V P 'V gf.. , 'V 3... , . r,,, , ,,,, W , -:ff43.1f'1:f3faV--f -- 4, W5 1 ,q..E'-,r 5 ' pf- --'if - Lp V, K- V. M -, g, ,E-V - J. -' V .wi , VV f ' ws' 5 , ., , - Q, gr. TVA :ja-5.g,.: ,V . - V J- ' TT" A ' Q5 95 z Ei" ' ff ' .' .V+ V- tow V - "N Tv- F, X 'f'.:1xfV5f K 1 2 -:H ff 'f' 1, " xlib 1395 ' f. 'V'-iff'-, 1 . 7'A3f ' I 4. -VV. If V V -V 'L v'V4-FTVQ.-. 'iaf ' -, ,, -f.-V , QM. 43, ..1V:.,V..fH,3V ,y. 114. x . , 5... VL -4 ff. .:V,1-:,,53r5S,.3,"f'd:! ,g ,.. , , . ,V 'v .,V N . .. , , .V,,.J, A' AZ. - , Q ..- ,V P , ' . fV': .g,,f-i-irf,V, ? 1.525-'QV-.f'fV'V1"Vg1f - vw V 1 , V' 5514-." ,? I .V .U VV g V, A ' . ' AFL-E.,'i.r,57ig ' 1.5, ..1 1:'lUE.,i ,Vi,g,'Z.f', mf, , EV ,V-V: LL- .AA E, I .f -f W iw.---.,'., .. ,.. 1 V . u, - :- -- - ., H. ,.x,,,. ,., , 5 I ...M V R Vi. it N. Ev ., -I -mf -V V, mn, . .A gi ' 1 X 1,. . V Us, .g,,,,, , 1. L, ,ji v ., Tiff-QVE: y1?""ff.' A X "-v.'15'1f!s-B'.1 J ---J 'F 11, ,- 5 H . 930.-, V- EA. . t"T".1.- A Y, .. V ' 'I il? - . if T7-,-'SW 1.5: .v mix , V .1-',,. ff 'V f ' . 1 ,. a iu, If .-- .,. af lar. "N" -f . 'sgmv 4, x 1 -:V-' .V w ,V .. V 5,4-,V ' , A X ' .Tk -E. x .p A ., i.,4,J.,..Tv,z,6, Z fail. 351.-1,1 Z1 , V5 V' M4321 - ,V , ,V,pf v 3 ff, . . L -A., . ---Lf' I . ' 509 -Vgeafg' 1 L 1 V -. K' I fi' 5411 ,,.- -v f.: K. V VL.. nn' , ' .4 A 25:52 V' M' ga, V. ,. , ,. ..., ,N V ' 4 Hg gg.. gfifjg- +G. 1 ...-V , -.,. 5 A ww , ,V'f:'.V ., g .xi , ,L 3 , "J, , Q. 1, A 1 .1 '.v ,,. A ,J V x... ,XVQ V .. Qtltlet FOOTBALL l. G. Holmes, better known as "Klepto," this year assumed the position ot Athletic Director of N, T. A. C. The coach's dry Wit and earnestness oi purpose are out- standing in the minds oi his stu- dents. , l. G. Holmes Athlelio Director , . . ., , , A. . 'V2"1"I'T.., .,.,. "r -.H ,nm Eff- -fi--A-,,3a,m,:,..,.i,...f,f..,I -T L ,,, M, ,Jin-Z-"""a-2'7f'!"'f?il:'I..'L'f. ,., ,M W- e . Mir' -,, f W ........r. rw G -mr: M , . l fm A ' 41: .fw- 'W M . ...W . . W- M , .,.. - WW t ' , J ':M's'F'W-e0..t,,. 'x7.m,,.,.,W,.,,.,-,.... ,wqmj "" ,,.,.,'T' -paw., . .. . W N I 15m2'!i1mi2h5l12rairtime? IMI -+ ra fr n M2 , 1 ' rf Q sein. rn t 1 if . i. Front row: Griffin, Holcombe, Bonner, lack Smith, Hudgins, Clark, Stallings, Weaver, Rogers Second row: Vlfhite, Simpson, Strange, F. Parkman, Montgomery, Hood, Vlfatson, Hillis, Croft, Tassos Back row: Tinker, She-llito, Staples, Cody, Sturcken, Bowman, Sharp, I. Parkman, Wagner, Patterson, Holmes FOOTBALL Tommy Tinker Basketball Coach Bob Binney Trainer THE SEASON'S RECORDS Aggies A A A 12 Aggies A A 13 Aggies A A A 7 Aggies A A A A A O Aggies A A A A A 26 Aggies A A A U Aggies A A A A A U Aggies - A A A A 13 Aggies A A A A A 32 Aggies A A A 7 Totals A A A ..AA..A.... A 110 Northeastern A A A 7 Decatur A A A A A A 6 T. C. U. A..A A.A. 1 4 Paris A A A A A A A 6 Weatherford A A A 14 Schreiner A A A A A 28 San Angelo A A 7 Lon Morris A U 1-lillsboro A A A A A A U lohn Tarlton A A 13 QE SUMMARY OF THE SEASON The North Texas Aggies opened the season at home against the Northeastern Oklahoma Vikings and won their first game, 12-7. The Aggies scored in the first and third guar- ters to beat the Decatur Baptists, 13-6. Moore carried the ball over the goal line from the ln- dians' twenty-yard line for the initial score. ln the third period Butler made the final score. The T.C.U. Freshmen handed the Aggies their first defeat by a score of 14-7. Midway in the third quarter a drive featuring Threat's passing and running ended in an Aggie touchdown when the ball was carried over from the fifteen- yard line. The T.C.U. Freshmen scored twice in the fourth period. The Aggies again suffered defeat when they met the Paris Dragons. 1. B. Smith's continued long punting was a major factor in keeping the score down to 6-O. The lunior Aggie-Weatherford Coyote game featured Carl Knox and Buford 1-ludgins in a passing attack which won the game for the Aggies, 26-14. The following week Schreiner Institute beat the Aggies 38-U. The San Angelo Rams handed the Aggies their third defeat in conference play, 7-U. Playing in lacksonville, the Aggies beat the Lon Morris Bearcats by a score of 13-O. Al- tnough the game was played in freezing weath- er, the Aggies' passing attack was used to ad- vantage. ln the Thanksgiving Day game against Hills- boro, the N.T.A.C. team was at its best and beat the lndians, 32-U. Touchdowns were made by Threatt, Sharp, Croft, 1-ludgins, and Rogers. The entire squad of thirty-six men played in this game. The final game of the season was lost to the Tarleton Plowboys. This game was the last one for players lack Smith, Albert Clark, and Harlen Hood, who fought until the final sound of the gun. d H FOOTBALL Glenn CWillie Nilliel Watson .M , l 1- p2QlkfX?fiZfi'2i4fi515455 S' l " wvifsiiisillf'lffif' ' , Claude CFriscoJ Rogers w,5,j,L7k JH- K A QF bw . 5 ' K N 1 f 5 W 'f - 3 , 'aw , 15551. l +'+2fw5gl,q,3c i sEi?1g 'f 1 - d R ggiillgg,-.14-55V. Buford CHQ-okerl Hudqins iBiq Ed? Siurcken Albert CCesl Clark I K , T ir fwgl. r , . 3 Hcrrlin CShotqunD Hood FOOTBALL I. B. CPunkir1l Smith lack Smiih 4 T 1 E fi , ,. E f x 'mm sf-Q,u'Q ,V . 4, - W L, ,, I X -. . M Bobby Thre-ui Cczrl Knox Norman Strange Abe CIOH -QE-'WJ 77" J. MQ4 "' Q wax 1 .gp W ' W 35, lk, axis' W' 3542! 1- ' H5 1 if- -Hr Vw fl' ,Zv 'sf1,,y e'3:"':?,i1g' yas?-q,.k0 2? 'H' if J fi? ai bam, Curl CCcr1f1shJ Montgomery FOOTBALL Bill Tcxssos r 1 Sicfples Icxmes Butler 1' FOOTBALL A S, , , ,fl-.ow F, I ' ff, W , M , I -. pr N Q ,, 9? Charles CRedJ Hillis 5 15' ' 5 W., , ,A id u 4, 5, . . fd ,vi 'A A EP3, 4-in V V ., , , ,L A, 1-Q"-f.i.a, Ioe Sharp Ai Iohn Shellito S W ? "va ff. f' M W" ,V " QQ s f ,gg : - ,Maw Frank Pcxrkmcn V vi ff' H .. , M -f ffizfwav J V 4, H M, 4 , , ' ei"W:Q94!4F,,,,t W., ff iw - Fe ,W AM., ., M, 1, F00' ,W ,An ,ww 4 44, W."'5v , 9. W " th 1-,f,..ngwW, Lp A5 The dashing "Gumpy" Moore mr, ,,, ,. .M N, f ,tm .W ,- Qmr, ,Q "' THE CHEEI .f""' mmqmbm Gctskill, Roberts, Bennett Biggest pep rally on record A L L EADERS ,Nfl , 1--fx W'shi 1 cxtche ' 1 u w ra XL 'M-. Baker, Allison, Iones "Yea team iighf' w l l 4 E t 1 BASKETBALL This score tied the game. RESULTS OF THE SEASON NTAC NTAC 33 Gainesville , , 44 Wichita Falls 4l Decatur , . . . . Zl T. C. U. Freshmen 39 S. M. U. Freshmen 43 S. M. U. Freshmen 30 ITAC . , . . , 62 A 25 25 H29 A l9 43 33 , . L, 43 Weatherford Gainesville , , . Hillsboro . T. C. U. Freshmen Wichita Falls ,, . Decatur .... Weatherford .. ITAC ,.,. . 31 BASKET BALL Wow! What cz Reach! SUMMARY OF THE SEASON The l94l N. T. A. C. basket ball team ended its season with eleven victories and seven defeats. The Iunior Aggie cagers began the season with five consecutive Wins. The scores Were: 34-29 and 33-34 against the Cox Independent teamg 33-25 against Gainesville, 33-25 against Har- din lunior College, 4l-29 against De- catur Baptist College. The Hillsboro lndians Were the first to defeat the lunior Aggies. The score was 34-28. However, the determined N. T. A. C. basketeers Won their next game against the T. C. U. Freshmen by a 21-l9 count. The S. M. U. Freshmen Won the first game they played against N. T. A. C. and lost their return match. The Aggies seemed unable to get started in the first Tarleton Plowboy game and lost 43-39. The Weatherford lunior College game ended with the top-heavy score of 62-3l in favor of the Aggies. ln a return game with Gainesville, the Aggies beat them again, but lost the return game with Hillsboro. Again the Aggies beat the T. C. U. Freshmen, 52-29. ln Wichita Falls the Aggies defeated the Hardin lunior College lndians for the second time with a score of 45-34. At Decatur the Aggies were beaten by the Decatur Baptists, 42-37. The Weatherford Coyotes defeated N. T. A. C. in a return contest, 42-22. The Aggies lost the final game of the season to the Tarleton Plowboys by a score of 46-32. BASKET BALL Good Shot .... But It Missed. g Carl Knox Max Gathings BASKET BALL Lute Renshaw Bob Fannin I ames Sheffield Durrett Vickery BOXING This year Leonard Durrett and George Kramig remain intramural boxing cham- pions. Kramig accounted tor 51 points and Durrett tor 56, Winning the company competition for Company A. Below Ardis Durham and lim Crutcher are caught by the camera man at the anf nuai Fite Night. TENNIS The N.T.A.C. tennis team under the coaching oi E. I. Goodheart Won the 1940 Texas Iunion Athietice Conference cham- pionship. Not a set was lost by the Aggies in this tournament. Above is the tennis team composed ot Homer Swindier, A. C. Grai, E. I. Good- heart, coach, Ed Vickery, and Bob Hack- ney. IL'-'l fi Krcxrnig Graf GIRLS' SPORTS BADMINTON PING PONG ARCHERY TENNIS FENCING BASEBALL MINOR SPORTS TRACK Kenneth Stallinqs ran first in the 100 yard dash and also in the 220 in the conference meet. Robert lones placed first in throwing the discus and Albert Clark placed third in the shot put. The N.T.A.C. team also ran third in sprint relay, medley relay, and fourth in mile relay. ln the conference meet, seven- teen junior colleqes were repre- sented. Company A A A A A A 184 Company B A A A A A 109 Company C A A A A A 87 Company D A A A A A 105 Company E A A A A A Company F A A A AA 41 80 Stallings gets decorated. RESULTS OF INTRAMURAL COMPETITION CCorrect to March 27, 19411 points points points points points points Company G A A A A 65 Company 1-I Non-Military Band A AA A Stall .A..... Crack Platoon A A A A 8 points points points points points points . f ,.-- . V .- V4 ,V . N ,f ,. Vw. V. .V V V' A VV,' 1 V 1 1- 0 L , - ... V, pf , ,-, ., ,Va . - . 'VfVV VV V- 'g,,:VV.ffV, .' ,,.. , ,7 ff .. , V:V,1'1 ' ,v Vf' " fn. ,4 41 ,fl 'f :'V'11::f.a 2,51 .,,V' ' 4 ' 'V V. ',-"'z- . , , f " ',.1JaVj, fp. QL? lf, FQ r I T' -,.! K V F , ' 7 fir- 'V' I , ' ' A V 14' 'Sai-.yu-" - W' V 1. -'-'W ,H V, .. V V VVL, ., ja, 5, VV3,V. .,,. , f, -.,VZ"':1.x, 'H .II , 7 V-My -f,," - L ,... ., " 45 . .f 3 -'m11'VgV, V1.1-1. V ' .- .. V N, ',,,, 'J , 3.5 rs., f-'.V,Q- .ffb 'Vf V,j X ., . , . . , ' 9'-f - , V - 3 .lggiim 1,142 :VV,A.,,.',V,Q'iVV4VZ '.jf,, QVV.iiV'V,, V V5 .V . VV , , , EV' V 1' 1,5 K , A, . VV A ,V gm.,-V,LV,-1 , V g JV, L ,Q 'V 1' .gb ., V- Vw, V. .- f,--f,..,..,V.M ,V . . ...VA . V g., V..x,rf'.,,,'.,, LV, V3.3-:1z.M..'.,,"' V Y V'--'xff .. V- VN, ' -V ,..f ..1-5QVW:'1.'t,f4V,.',Q, 'Q ',:V2.,...-. . 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V. .-V-.V . . . . .-,V..-:,,,.,- -1:4 f , Q .VV A4 .,. J ,,,,,5,V . .. 9,504-'Vx, V .,,'5':' -.liz., ,, '9 V- QV -rm :xg , .,,- .:, , V . ,, .:VV,g.,,2' MV V V V,- . V ,,.,,.-rf. 1 .. EV., .: . ..,,. V . . ,,f, ,,.. . 1"'A, V' . Yak' .ww ww, w V, . ' Vu' - . . . I-" .: V , ,WMV Rajiv 'sv -gg. , ., -' 'A, Z.. 'if V.: 'A .. 5.1 .- - . , V .V,, V,-4 ., fx.,-,,,VVV,,, - VV 'wr' V 'V1,.:4V V V' g',21,y'k ,-,V - V, . V . , . . ,..-rj-'.1.1--1 , -4 1 1 "IP V. x 'V ,V f vig 4' .J nv.. . V, IV 0.3.3 VV ,M K M . ,,.-- ifwm , ' -- ,aw -9, 3,-V, . .V,m,. ... ., V V 'V'-, :.. "1 3. jgV,.'.Vi'-FQ A 4. gy- ,fs -Mg... 3. um- T' , ...V ng:-. ,. my, ..,,, ,V V . V, 1. -ww-. ,.'f x. ...'. Z.. ,:. 1' -11.2 V ..,. V, V, 14451.-, ,V V .,1.e. .2 .'f,-'2"21f'h, , XV , 'V 1 V 3,1- ,V , , ,V . . ,. .V - V -V5.:.,,..V .:,Vf V. ,g. ,.. 'K ". x . '.,,.' V . . , .- . V ,:, -, V, , V VV V Vw 1' ' 1'.' ' V 1--A . gn! ,. V.. , . I . V4 .., . .V , VAV, V' ,,, Y. .VVI . , V,:,,-, VNV V , .. V, VV: V 'V X A s- . ,V Y . Q. . Q .J VU, ' -Vu '. , -' . V Q, - . -. FS . , 5 ,VV , g -V V V, ,. ,VV , .V VV... sw.-. ' i wp.. - V VV V '- fl :V-'T' 'Q V' ff, .- V- -" Vy --' , V ..V, V .,- ,.,,. 5 ,,, V V- -. 'V g L-,gg rv ,M -, :VV,.,1f,lV,A. A 1 4-.., - V: V sms" .-'f' AV gg.. " Q .,:,-.2-fl, Vu'-':' " . K LVVAEV- 1.14" . vw sV mx .uf -. '. -, je: . A, ..: , .7, . , 75, K V,V-.!,.c,- A. A n., S , ,Qi . -f L5 ,1V,-, H V. ,R 1. ,, , ,M . N. .,, . . V . -vw 'S ' xx- S., .. A L, YV., , . ,,.-:- -Vs Aw' . ., .7 .if V' 21 ' 1,- .' A., qi- 31 ' ra. 43:21. .Pi , ei., .mau- Vx., sf- -1 V .1 Y Q S , J V? EYE . 5: I 4 -5 LV! V 5 .V .,V 1 . J 4. 5179 'Q ' r-.4 V: ,NI ' , 5.53 V Q., '1- Gfzganizafions JUNIOR AGGIE Bill Curry Laura Gowin Eugene Rich Editor Associate Editor Business Manager Without a doubt the most exasperating job on the campus, editing a Iunior Aggie, has its compensations in the hope by the staff that they are accu- rately recording impressions of this year for future reference. The hardest part of the task is the constant struggle to create a yearbook that is "different" from previous annuals-a desire impossible of attainment in many Ways. ln carrying out our theme, which We believe is unique, We have attempted to achieve this end. With the hope that in some part of the book will lie a particular appeal for each one of you, the staff gives you the l94l lunior Aggie. B. C. Barnes, A. B. Armstrong, Delmar Pachl Sponsors Top row: Cain, Hamm, Hornaday, lohnson Bottom row: Maddry, McGhee, Riddle, Rippin, Scott STAFF AT WORK AVOLONTE L0 'gl ,.. N I - T t' t , J : 9 :Z 1 'C S Y I. Y Mary Alyce Whitmire Martha lean Hornaday President Secretarv l Emily McGhee Vice-president Nell Stevens ...,,.. .. ..., Treasurer Minnie Lee Early. , . ,... . . . Sponsor Opal Humphreys .......,.....,...... ..,...,...... S ponsor The Avolonte Club, oldest girl's club on the campus, was organized in l922. The name signi- fies "pleasure with direction" and the motto is "happiness for all." Their club colors, green and gold, were carried out in the tea given for freshmen girls at the home of Mrs. B. C. Barnes. "Down Argentine Way" was the theme of their informal, November l6. Informal initiation at Roach's Camp on Lake Worth, a Christmas party, and a Mexican dinner were among their activi- ties. The spring formal, given April 26, had as its theme, "April Showers." Ed Daniel's orchestra, set in a cloud, umbrellas around the Walls, and raindrop balloons constituted the chief decorative effects. First row: Austermuehle, Burnett, Burton, Butler, Cain, Camp, Carter, Chilcoat, Cone Second row: Elliott, Farmer, Foster, Fullcerscn, Gowin, Herbert, Hooper, Hornsby, Hufstedler Third row: Hume, Messina, McCord, McKnight, McCoy, Moore, Norman, Pediqo, Rutherford Fourth row: Sernmes, Stailey, Stevens, Sumpter, Tanner, Truett, Turpin, Vollmer, Washington, M., Washington, S. OFFICERS' CLUB Don Cain Jimmy Cunningham Luther Morgan President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Col. Max G. Oliver, Sponsor The Officers' Club is an organization for commissioned officers of the North Texas Agricultural College R. 0. T. C. unit. Much credit is due these men for the excellent condition maintained by the corps. A picnic-dance at Dalworthington Gardens on December 17, l94O, and a formal dinner-dance at the Mural Room of the Baker Hotel in Dallas in April, l94l, were the outstanding social events of the Officers' Club. l Vik 7. K - Mfg' I Qguy. -- ' :w aist-t1 - xii-1' 'Q r 31351. .. . -. J Q f , 1' '- , 1' ' M S Q W I 'vw 1 sa f lr ts'. A t 1' g l ji :Fl ti A l' Q? -f AA - ' I L .. 1 A at .. , .., 19.12 we if L A A' if 'fil 1 ' ' . 'X ' ii 'GTX K , W V , ' . r ' A A. First row: Baker, Burchfield, Coke, Cone, Cook, Curry, Dalby, Dulce, Dungan Second row: Foster, Haden, Hamilton, Harrell, Hayes, Herbert, Holmes, Holt, laeger 'third row: Keller, Kissell, Lewis, Bill, Lewis, I.H,, Love, Lowry Marshall, Millikin, Moffett Fourth row: Moore, Nauruovich, Niles, Pool, Preston, Rauschelbach, Reed, Robertson Fifth row: Rountree, Scarborough, Sinothernian, Tigezlt, Turner, Upchurch, Ursell. Vlfernett , . ..,., ,E -, R . t x i 2 'fx Q A SHORTHORN Verner Bee Fry lack Chilcoat Ann Calhoun Max Gathings Cary Sue White Editor Managing Editor Society Editor Sports Editor Business Manager The "Shorthorn" is the college weekly newspaper, published by the journalism students. These students work desperately each week against a deadline which they always manage to meet. A student opinion column, gossip and military columns, and an original cartoon illustrating an editorial are among the Weekly features. Aside from serving as a laboratory tor journalism students, the "Shorthorn" records the Weekly history of N. T. A. C. A Top row: Andrews, Barber, Bean, Carrell, Emily Clark, Lloyd Clark, Dague, Davis, Elder, Gowin Second row: Ingram, Billy Iones, Frances lones, Lauritzen, Lee, Lovell, Matthews, McCord, Mer- ritt, Naugle Third row: Orr. Phillips, Roberts, Saunders, Dorothy Smith, Mary Smith, Todd, Washington, Yadon. SANS SOUCI CLUB 9 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 Q Lv -A o "'4Ns 5000 Frances Iones Charlotte Allison President Vice-President Lillian Backus Secretary Faye Iune Ioyce Treasurer Zelda Ramsey, Sponsor The Sans Souci Club was organized in 1922. The name is derived from a French Word meaning "Without a Care." The purpose of this organization is to promote good fellowship and foster social activities. "Garden of the Moon" was the theme oi their spring formal. Ed Daniels orchestra played. fri! ri , First row: Andrews, Barnes, Bennett, Blundell, Bullock, Bush, Butz, Caven, Collier, Emery Second row: Gowdey, Gracey, Griffin, Hallett, Hawkins, Hinsch, Holt, Hummel, Jacobs, lohnston Third row: Ioyce, Mims, Newton, Phillips, Roberts, Thompson, Willhite, Williams, Wright LA DOCENA MQW Becker Mary Ann Nichols Presldem Vice President Ann Calhoun Secretary Wanda Saunders , . . , ..... . . Treasurer Mrs. Willie McGhee . . , . . ..... ..., S ponsor Anne Alexander ...... . ,,,...,,..., . ,,,.,.. . ,Sponsor ln 1927 the La Docena Club was organized by twelve girls who first gave the club its Spanish name, which means "The Dozen." The La Docena Club is composed of girls who get together for the purpose ot having fun and making friends. "Melody Lane" was the theme of their spring formal, which was given March 29. Music by Bob Campbells orchestra and a color scheme of maroon and white were outstanding. Top row: Balch, Becker, Bell, Boatwright, Burnett, Carroll, Collins, Conway Second row: Curtis, Davitte, Feris, Ierryline Ford, Iosephine Ford, Gantz, Holder, Horton Third row: Hughes, Larmoyeux, Merritt, Miner, Morris, Parsons, Perry, Preston, Rankin Last row: Saunders, Skillman, Thompson, Vickerv, Wallace, Vtfondell, Ware, 'vVatson, Vllilliams O. K. K. Gus Baker Frank Yates Ardis Durham President Secretary , E Treasurer A Tw R. F. McDonald .... .... V ice-President Kenneth Rockwall . . .44.... Sponsor The Off Kampus Klub is made up of cadets who live off the campus in Arling- ton. The club meets once every two weeks. An informal dance at Meadowbrook Country Club in Fort Worth and a spring formal in the gym. constituted the main social activities of the year. lohnny Shields and his negro orchestra played for the O. K. K. formal. First row: Allen, Ashworth, Atkins, Bates, Benno, Binney, Bondurant, Bourland, Boyd, Brogden Second row: Brown, Burnette, Dormire, Elliott, Ellis, Eubank, Fenton, Garlington, Garner, Gholson Third row: Graf, Guidry, Hackney, Holcombe, Love, Meier, Morgan, Rauschelbach, Rhea, Riddle Fourth row: Roberts, Seaberry, Spruance, Stinson, Stone, Thomas, Vicars, Williams, White, Wood- ward INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB lohn Shirley Edward Vickery Fritz Lyne President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer C. D. Richards Sponsor The International Relations Club is a branch ot the Carnegie Foundation tor International Peace. Any student interested in international problems and economic conditions is privileged to join the club. First row: Alderman, Baqby, Bently, Bondurant, Bradford, Gerhiser, Hines, Holcombe Second row: Kolius, Lowry, Morris, Riggs, Romine, Smith, White, Widener AGGIE BAR Don Cain Fritz Lyne Cynthia Bradford President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Ed Behringer ..... ...... S ponsor The Aggie Bar Was founded in 1935 for the purpose of promoting a spirit of brotherhood and fellowship among the pre-law students on the campus, and for the purpose of acquainting its members with some of the fundamentals of the profession. Under the able sponsorship of Ed Behringer, the Aggie Bar has kept in step with the times. Among the year's outstanding speakers was fudge Dick Dixon, a district judge in Dallas County. A dinner-dance was held at the Plantation Club in Dallas on March 21, l94l. First row: Ashworth, Bagby, Bentley, Bondurant, Del-lay, Duncan, Fagg Second row: Gcurley, Hines, Holcombe, Matthews, Maxon, Moore, Romine Last row: Shirley, Smith, Tresp, Vickery, 'vVal1ace, VVe1ch, Nlfhitehead ZANGOLA i Q7 AQ! G wr lrene Whitley Betty Burnett Vice-President President Bobett Boyles Secretary Robbie lean Morrison .,...,.r.r . i .Treasurer Helen Stone ,....,. . , . . . ,,.,...... Sponsor Ouilda Piner ,....,. ,.,......,..,........,.. S ponsor The Zanaola Club was founded in the spring of 1933. Zanaola is a gypsy Word meaninq "carefree" The purpose of the club is to promote friendliness and create aood will. The outstanding social events have been an informal aviation dance and a formal April 19, "Hawaiian Heaven." First row: Bivinqs, Bradshaw, Brown, Daque, Camp, Flemina, Fuess, Gaddis Second row: Hare, Hendrex, Hildreth, lackson, Lee, Le-Grand, McGann, Morrison Third row: Norman, Owens, Parker, Shelton, Sutton, Whittlesey, Winford, Wood, Worley HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Dawn Russell Ruth Bardin Gloria McCoy President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Helen Stone . . . .,.,.. Sponsor Rosaline lvey , T ..,, . . . . . . . . . .Sponsor To bring together girls interested in home-making is the purpose of the Home Economics Club, which was organized in 1927. The motto of the club is "When Better Homes are Made, Home Economics Majors 'Will Make Them." The club colors are blue and yellow. An informal "Merry-mix-up" dance was given March 8. The club is affiliated with the Texas Home Economics Association. .im First row: Adams, Adrian, Beech, Boyles, Christopher, Darwin, Elkins Second row: Fore, Fulkerson, Hendrix, Herbert, Holmes, McCord, Milton Third row: Newman, Rutherford, Rydell, Semmes, Smith, Thomas, 'Ware, Vlilliams, Winford , l... , PI MU Bob Holmes Paul Millikin Mary Alyce President Vice-President Whitmife Secretary- Treasurer W. L. Hughes .... . . .Sponsor Pi Mu was organized in 1927 for pre-medical students, with its purpose the advancement of medicine as a science and a profession. The pre-meds Went to Austin on March 21, 1941, to a state convention, Where N. T. A. C. had the largest group in attendance. A "Doctor's BraW1" dance was given in November. First row: Abernathy, Bida, Binney, Boarman, Buhrer, Crutcher, Danks, Drewett Second row: Everett, Hayes, Hinton, Hunter, Iones, Lubow, Morgan, Nichols Third row: Niles, Page, Reed, Riddle, Roberts, Rountree, Russell, Sanders Fourth row: Shokes, Shortes, Simmons, Thompson, Wallace, Whittlesey, Willis S. O. S. AYA 'A' .L N T A C. Harriett Gaslcill Eloise Iefferson President Vice President lanie Bagby Secretary Alice Carolyn Butts .44,........ ,.., T reasurer Christine Iones ...... .... .... S p onsor Margaret Cameron ....,,..,..... ......, ,,i. S p onsor "Secret Crder of Smiles" is the meaning of the name of this girls' club, which is the youngest club on the campus. lt is growing fast and has already become one of the leading clubs at N. T. A. C. Known for their "friendly manner," the S. C. S. Club girls are earnest and co- operative. The theme of their informal dance was "lndian Pow-wow." Their spring formal, "A Penthouse Serenade," was given May 10, l94l. First row: Adams, Adrian, Bardin, Buhrer, Butterfield, Butts, Cowan, Darwin Second row: Denman, Duvall, Edqemon, Grossman, Hamilton, Hartung, Hayes, Holmes Third row: Iohnson, Keith, Kolp, Milliken, Milton, Nash, Newnani, Newton Fourth row: Padgett, Pennehaker, E. Rydell, L. Rydell, Smith, Vahrenkamp, Wallace, York 1 ' stfgfjfy N MP F. F. A. GW W Leo Bailey lim F. Hornback Paul Ftosamond Sammie Vickery President Vice-President Secretary Sweetheart t larvin Crowley . . . . . . .Treasurer l L. l. Samuels. . , . . ,Sponsor M. B. Lebo .... . . . , . , . . .Sponsor To strive for the betterment ot agriculture is the purpose oi the Future Farmers of America. The club sponsored an informal dance February 4, l94l. A judging team par- ticipated in contests held at the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show in the spring. 'lf 1 , , Q. if if I H 0' rm fr 'W' 'E fe. Q' if Q.. . xt 17 . f , , ,. w r w zf . , t mi' it s f V ' L , f f f ' ' ' ' . ,f I ff , A 4, , :tw , -- V- Q 5, if .Q ,. . .. .. ,, , W .wk , , -,few ., . gpm. ffl: 1 :.- . -L.-s m t- NSQP. .f,-W...-4 .. is . f.. f - +.ze.,,f 'g5g ,f3'1f ' - ' - -- s -. K i ..., t y First row: Birdwell, Bowman, Boyd, Brammer, Cain, Cantrell, Carmichael, Carter, Chambers Second row: Chamblee, Champion, Charles Cox, Ioe Cox, Earle, Epps, Francis, Hall, Hawkins .1 Third row: Hickman, Hildebrand, Hollingsworth, lce, loplin, Keller, Love, Lowrey, Mauldin 0 DQ? Fourth row: McDaniel, McDonald, McLaughlin, Nichols, Price, Reynolds, Russell, Shelton l Fifth row: Sinclair, Springer, W'est, Wickliff, Vifitt, Darwin Wright, Lynn Wright, York Mft BULL PEN SOCIETY Charles Francis Louis Boli Bill Kearney President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Cothburn O'Neal . . .... Sponsor The purpose oi this organization is to provide entertainment tor its members and to strive to promote a wholesome school spirit among the commuting students. This club is the care-taker of "Little Bertha." Social activities for the year included an informal dance lanuary 18 and an- other March 15. - - if 1"i' . , ,tw TV . gtg S.. E '- . t K ' , 1 if f ' , M , M as at t aw- H s '-3, , -1 :fry . ' V ff- , N 'Q l' l' 2 "l , i " A ' . was Q tt :'a.?1H5a F :kiwi ' I:i.E'sE" Nriiiii- vvl- - . t . .fr : - - i,i, ' ' , . t , it ' . - 2 .t- 'mit wtstefw s 'ii ,rw :m,,yfQgggs,: . .gs ,., : S gms seg f , -. -. A, -5 - 4 ' ' ' ' First row: Aschner, Ballard, Bentley, Boyd, Cain, Coke, Cook, Dalby, Dalton Second row: Day, Edwards, Elder, Gaslcill, Geisert, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, Harris Third row: Hickman, High, Holmes, Kclius, Lee, Mason, Miller, Moore, Morehouse Fourth row: Patrick, Pool, Reed, Reid, Rich, Robertson, Hall, Robertson, l. D., Scarborough, Schiebel Last row: Scott, Stogsdill, Smith, Strong, Thomasson, Toal, Virgil, Vfelch, Widener Iames Cunningham President Buddy Iaeger . . ..,.....,..,........ Vice-President Carl Tigertt . . . .,... Secretary-Treasurer S. A. Lynch ..., . , . . ..,. Sponsor Cadets living in Davis Hill make up the K. K. K. This year the club had more members than it has ever had before, thus making it next to the largest club on the campus. ENGINEERING SOCIETY Cranford Dalby . , ,,..., ,........ V ice-President Otis Wyatt .,I. ..... S ecretary-Treasurer F. M. Smith . . . , ..,.. A . ,.., A ,. A . Sponsor The Engineering Society is one of the largest and most active clubs on the campus. During the past year they have had many engineers from industry to speak at their bi- monthly meetings. The ciub's purpose is to stimulate en- thusiasm and interest in aii phases of engineering. The format dance portrayed all the different types of engineering by backiighted drawings around the wail. N W r3 1:1 I 15.4 PHI KAPPA THETA lack Chilcoat Bob Holmes Martha lean President Vice-President HOf1'1C1OlUY Secretary- Treasurer Ed Behringer . . ,.... .... S ponsor Mrs. W. M. McGhee ...............,........... Sponsor Phi Kappa Theta is N. T. A. C.'s honor society. ln order to be eligible for admis sion a student must have an 89 plus average in at least 15 hours oi work. The society was founded in 1926 by Associate Dean George L. Dickey to en courage scholarship. An informal dance was given after the Schreiner football game. Qi 3 N X S iw F it a f ' if S L Q S. . oi . r , 33 ! . nf First row: Bardin, Bradley, Butts, Cain, Second row: Gaskill, Gowin, Gulledge, Third row: Millikin, Moore, Morehouse, Fourth row: Rippin, Rosarnond, Russell, Cowan, Donnell, Harrison, Iones Morgan, Nation, Rydell, Strange, Duvall, Fleming, Fore, Fuller Keith, LeGrand, Lovell, Lyne, McGhee Niles, Padget, Pedigo, Pierce, Relyea Thomas, Vlfallace, W'eaver, Barber, Wyatt BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB Iohn B. Moore , , ...,... VicefPresident Edith Rippin A I Secretaryffreasurer B. C. Barnes , A Sponsor Zelda Ramsey , . , . . . Sponsor W. D. Richins . Sponsor Anne Alexander , . . Sponsor Eugene Rich President The B. A. Club is for students majoring in business administration or takinq one or more business administration subjects. Leadina business men and women from Fort Worth and Dallas spoke at the meetings which were held the second and fourth Mondays ot each month. The two main social events were the Round-up dance in October and a picnic- dance at Mrs. Baird's farm in March. Adams Bartoo Fowler Banks Bates Blake Butler CONCERT ORCHESTRA Eugene Adams . . , ..,,, Director Kenneth Bartoo . . ,.., President Hugh Fowler ,...., ..,... V ice-President leanette Townsend . . . ..., Secretary-Treasurer The Concert Orchestra is made up of students of N .T.A.C. and also oi students from other schools who are interested in playing in a large concert orchestra. Assembly programs were given by the orchestra during the year. Their programs were favorably received by the student body. Butterfield Franklin Haug Hodges Lee Snell Bradley Gibbs Hawks Holt Maxon Vicars Chandler Godfrey Hayes Keith Medlin Wade Conway Hamm Hill Kucera Nance THE 1941 -JUNIDR AGEIE Published by the Students of NDRTHTEXASAGRNHHIURALCDLLEGE ARn.uN::.1-cm, -rExAs May 1941 Students and Faculty North Texas Agricultural College Arlington, Texas ATTENTION: FRIENDS of N.T.A.C. Dear Students: NA thing of beauty is a joy forevern--Keats. The staff of the 1941 publication of the Junior Aggie is proud to present what it considers one of the most distinctive annuals ever published at N.T.A.C. If you like it, then you do have something that will be a joy to you forever. Through the generosity of the Qunior Aggie Advertisg5sL the staff has been able to publish an annual of high quality and craftsmanship at a low cost to the student body. Let's show our apprecia- tion of this 1941 edition of the Junior Aggie by trading with the firms that helped to make it pos- sible. When you buy, think of the reliable concerns represented on the following pages. The Qunior-Aggie-Advertisers have proved their loyalty to N.T.A.C. Cordially yours, Eugene Rich Business Manager CAMERAS You Will Find the Largest Stock of Cameras and Equipment in the Southwest at THURMAN RANDALL at co. Q1 . ' 3 , Q V, is at X U 208 N. Akard DALLAS 7-3822 NIlIKEY'S . l -W Fowfsf and Lamar Sfrecfs Dallas, Texas "The friends of N. T. A. C. are always Welcome at Nickey's,' CHICKEN STEAKS SEA FOOD DINNERS Phone: 4-6313 On U. S. Highway 75 MILK FINE ICE CREAM DAIRY BUTTER PRODUCTS Fort Worth, Texas Cannibal King: What am I having for lunch? : ld ' ' Q. Cook Two 0 maids I MEOW, MEOW Cannibal King: Ugh! Left overs again. There once was a man from the city Who met what he thought was a Kitty: d B f I I He gave it a pat. F ' : t 1 't . k' ' t x, , , , Mr'r'Egertt?u isn your son ind 0 is ess And Saud, UNM? httle Cat-,, Mr. Tigertt: Heavens, no! Hels got a list of And they burned up his Clothes out of pity- blondes, a list of brunettes, and a list of red- heads. Exchange COI1fCCti0116I'y WHEN IN DALLAS STQP AT - "Student Hangontu SAMMY'S Fountain Specials I Candy Tlaree Convenient Locations Cold Drinks HIGHLAND PARK Sandwiches GREENVILLE AND ROSS AVE. E Cigarettes l600 S. GREENVILLE AVE. We Specialize Wfe specialize in DOUBLE THICK MALTS Italian Spaghetti and "Chicken in the Rough O I Established in 1893K NURSERY 84 l l FLORAL CO. OCORSAGES 'FLORAL DESIGNS 'CUT FLOWERS 'NURSERY STOCK ARLINGTON, TEXAS CARTWRIGHT S3515 SJTSLY YFIRESTONE TIRES WKELVINATORS WSPORTING GOODS 'AHOME APPLIANCES 107 E. MAIN STREET ARLINGTON, PHONE: 593 FIRESTONE TEXAS l The officer of the day stopped a mess orderly as he was carrying a soup kettle out of the kitchen. "Here, you," he snapped, "give me a taste of that!" Obediently he was handed a ladle, and he tasted it. "Great Scott! Do you call that stuff soup ?" he roared. "No, sir," responded the orderly meekly, "that's dish Waterf' He: "How many drinks does it take to make you dizzy?,' She: "Two, and don't call me 'Dizzy'." AMERICAN SERVICE CO. ICE Modern I ce Refrigerators Phone Five Four Arlington, Texas Americals 1941 Defense Diet does not mean curtailmentg instead, it means a more abundant, a more nutritious diet for building the health and the physical fitness of all our people. The Good Diet will contain: From one to two servings daily of potatoes. One or more servings of tomatoes or citrus fruits. One to three servings daily of leafy, green or yellow vegetables. At least one or more servings daily of other fruits and other vegetables. For fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are your best source of vitamins and minerals. In America there is the best opportunity in the entire world for a good diet. Eat the right food for a stronger, sturdier body as your first contribution to total defense. BEN E. KEITH COMPANY Largest Distributors of Fresh Fruits and Fresla Vegetables in tlae Southwest Vivian Smith: Did you know that a single Mormon would have as many as ten wives? Norma Skillman: That right? How many would a married one have? He: "I'm a bank examiner." She: "Well, I'm no bank." BONDURANT BROS. Insurance Agency INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE Phone 52 Arlington FOR OVER A CENTURY- - .5 -with never a let-down in the ef- X forts.of a vast engineering -statT-im- fgfx A proving design -- testing in factory and field-each machine to bear the ' J' . john Deere name must measure up Q to that standard of QUALITY set more than a century ago when John V Deere said: NEJQHQDQEEEOELD I "I will never put my name on an Mmm-.uw implement that laasn't in it the best that is in me." JOHN DEERE PLOW CO. Dallas - Houston - San Antonio Ride TEXAS MUTURCUACHES NEW LUXURY FLEET 0 To either Fort Worth or Dallas, your safest, most convenient and comfortable transportation is Texas Motorcoaches new luxury fleet! Air-Conditioned . . . Under floor Power . . . Luxurious Seating Arrangement! l For Charter Low Cost Chartered INFORMATION Buses Call M. M. Barnard Anywhere General Oyfices Anytime Fort Worth l Last night my boy friend wanted to sit in his car and neck, and I Wanted to sit on I our front porch and hold hands. Well, what did you do? We finally compromised on the living- room divan. "Breaking The Tape" Arlington Grain Company A well built girl is like a three ring circus: a l Manufacturers of w Dairy and Poultry Feeds fellow doesn't know where to look first. VITA MILK BRAND Agents for Universal Mills' Feeds H 1 1505 Main Street Fort Worth 5 W. L. BARRETT, Proprietor See Our display at the Phone 4 Arlington, Texas BEASLEY DRUG COMPANY Arlington, Texas Tl-I E EXCHANGE STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS MILITARY :av- UN IF ORMS ACCESSORIES MASTERPIECE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES J. H. FOWLER, Marmger PAT FOWLER, Asxislunt Manager It's fun to be a vagrant breeze And blow about the ladies' kneesg Though many knees, without a doubt, Are nothing much to blow about. Shot of Southall checking out Advice to the Love Lorn Co mplimeuts of ALTMAN'S Ladies' and Child1"67Z,S Store DRESSES - HOSIERY COATS - HATS GIFTS HOME FURNISHINGS S. Center Arlington WHITTLE MUSIC COMPANY 1213 Elm St. Dallas, Texas ' EVERYTHING MUSICAL The S0llfl9lL'L'Il'.Y Most Complete Muxic House 103 West Main Street R. W. McK IGHT t GROCERY GROCERIES AND MEATS COUNTRY PRODUCE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 24 - PHONES - Z5 l ARLINGTON K -iq" H . "Johnston advised by Farrisv TARDY Dean Dickey Cto Chester Farris entering class latebt "On what day were you born, young man? Chester: "On April 2, sir." Dean: "Hum, being late must be a habit with you." "How's your nose?" "Shut up." "So's mine-must be the cold Weather." SAIIE TIME and WUIIK v wm-I Low COST Ask About RUNNING WATER owrime Few investments odd Payment more profit, or scive more it ,f , fb Work than CI Qood Water ,N M T 'TQ supply system on form or ffl A ,, - ranch. With Free wind- tg! Q ' power, Q Samson Airflow 1 t H Windmill furnishes the ,-IR? .5 fy 4 o t e o iccxl th cl .I f'13'mTfQ 'X -cy 1.1! ffltg.----, gi Spumcsirnqmwuteiiie Tie only other equipment Wt A115 Y. 'pipe needed is pipe, fittings 45' ,R NQQXN and tcinks. Or if you like, ' !, I ' i cm cxutomcitic electric or 'X X 3 LIL-L 'witty gasoline enqine driven X fx! QM 'T WteS t .Lt i' T" . - Q Us iq f 1 1 I Etegffmlg or l Your ' Water Needs - Q , SAMSON WIND- ER MILLS ' O "' i. .fix .., srovzn PUMP I, P .mc 'I IAcxs t rtmlfffhz ' tl X GOULDS PRES- SURE SYSTEMS Y ' , l I t i ENGINES 4: Pm: ,flu ' ll 41 FITTINGS ' -L 0 KEN ,tugs I i CYPRESS-RED! if i f, Q I Ii U-4 V! WOODOTANKS Q in i f mfg!!! if WELL CY.LINDER I I 'I PUMP STANDS WELL MACHINERY 81 SUPPLY CO. L D, 55 I6Z9 MAIN STREET FORT WORTH TEXAS HISTORY UP-TO-DATE Teacher: Jane, who was Anne Boleyn? Jane: A flatiron, sir. Teacher: What do you mean? Jane: Well, our history book says that "Henry, having disposed of Catherine, pressed his suit with Anne Boleyn." TOULERKND soN Dependable Drnggists ARLINGTON, TEXAS We are always glad to serve the students of N. T. A. C. Our Services Are at Your Command CRAVENS 86 COMPANY Real Estate-Insurance Phone I0 Arlington "What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soulf' -Addison To the Class of ,41 The Humble Oil 86 Refining Company, a Texas institution, con- gratulates you upon the successful completion of your college career. May the joys of college days continue with the joy of useful work Well done in your chosen profession. Schoolmaster: "If Shakespeare were alive today, would he still be regarded as a re- markable man ?" Pupil: "I'd think so, for held be 376 years old." "I like psychology when it isn't over my head." "That's the way I feel about pigeons." f John Cook: I was held up by two men last night. Valin: Where? John: All the Way home. He: Can I take you home? She: Sure, where do you live 'J l "Sheila Maddry and His Harem' Congratulations Aggies ! Perkins Cleaners 86 Hatters Phone 8 Arlington, Texas DeSOTO PLYMOUTH "New and Used Cars" CENTER MOTOR COMPANY 206 N. Center Street Phone 268 Arlington, Texas I Y i l MILITARY BCICITS l WWE V V . , ' WITH SWANK AND STYLE Jus+in's officers dress and field boots are the choice of discriminating Army men and cadet officers who desire +l'1e utmost in elegance and style. Whether you order your boots tailored to your individual measurements or select a style from your deaIer's stock, you will be proud of their rich swanky appearance, their perfect fitting comfort and their long lasting wear. Justin military boots and smart looking Justin military shoes are 'For sale by leading dealers of qualil' milifar goods in Dallas, Fort . if I Worth and throlilghout Tiexas. H. J. JUSTIN 8: SIIIIS, I NC. FORT WORTH, TEXAS i l ir , C C Chemistry Prof.: Roberts, what does HNO3 signify '? Cadet Bobbie Roberts: Well-ah-er-I've got it on the tip of my tongue, sir. Chem. Prof.: Well, you'd better spit it out. It's nitric acid. Wife Cto late returning husbandj : Is that you, John ? John: It'd better be. Prof.: Will you please explain the difference to me between shillings and pence? Frosh: You can Walk down the street Without shillings. Protect the birds. The dove brings pe ice in the stork brings tax exemption. '6Are you a college man?" "No, a horse stepped on my hat." Sweet Young Thing: I love you more than I ifc itself, or any other ten-cent magazine "Oh, dear, I've missed you much!" and she raised her revolver and tried again. LU'1TTIiEfIi5UN E101 HOMTET Extends best wishes to N. T. A. C. AMBULANCE SERVICE 91 - Telephone - 91 Call us for correct time Arlington, Texas Whmise-YHES INSIEQANCE AGENCY All Classes of Insurance ARLINGTON, TEXAS Associate W. A. 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Nobody can ever find anything there. l IIZIOOKER VAINIDDERGRIFF W Sales Service Arlington ig g PH 206 Texas Sales and Service ARLINGTON MOTORS Arlington g g gg I9HONE 266 7 Texasg Stenographer: "HoWja spell 'sense' ?" Employer: A'Dollars and cents or horse sense '?" Stenographer: "Well, like in I ain't seen him sense." Captain: "Fix Bayonetsln Voice from Ranks: "There's nothing Wrong with mine." She: "I'll return everything you gave me. I'm through." He: 'Begin with the kisses." First Student Aviator: K'Quick! What do I do now, instructor ?" Second Ditto: "Hell,s bells, arenlt you the instructor?" Diner: "Why does that dog sit there and watch me as I eat 'ZH Waiter: 'KYou have the plate he usually eats from, sir." THE B at B CAFE "AW R':f::'fff" On Akurd Sr. next to Hotel Adolphus DALLAS Officer fto colored driver who has been whip- lftzmolzx for excellent foods since 1911 ping IIIS IIUFSCD I HDOH,t Whip lllm, TTIZIH, talk to him." ASK JOHNSTON DRUG STCRE ARLINGTON you all come from ?" Driver Cto horse by Way of opening conversa- tionl : "Ah comes from N,Awleans. Wheah does 1- STON k . Y , , The IUHNSTUNS Enjoyed the privilege of being your photographers. Your patronage was great- ly appreciated. ,ici-m?iop's i o 'Peiiez' Phoiographif' -IlIFlLIl'lGTOI1,TEXFlS BEUL 1 . I-IIIIIIIDIANS UF YUIIR BETTER LIVING Symbols not of War . . . but of SERVICE! The smoke stacks of our electric plants may resemble somewhat cannons but they are the tools of procluction-not of destruction. They are sentinels oi electric service and better liv- inq-reminclers of one of Amer- ica's great blessings. Twenty-iour hours a day you have all oi the electric service you Want for better living-to make your life more enjoyable. And the cost is only a few pen- nies a clay-one oi the smallest items oi your family budget. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY y l There was a young girl named I O'Neill, y Who went up in the great ferris wheelg When halfway around, l She looked at the ground I And it cost her an eighty cent I meal. l "A well aimed right' It pleases ns to serve you good food CCLLEGE DINING HALL Family style and individual meals serred three times daily 552.75 Meal Ticket 32.50 35.50 Meal Ticket 35.00 C. W. STOUGH, Director of Dining Hall COMPLIMENTARY I , TI . II ake Precautzonsf t I ITS SMART TO I DRIVE SANELY Ui WQIKMWQQ we fwpffw Q Rwmwju if U' if dx' is Sli f , tilt, f 'XE L 2 Q' 4 x W ' xi "How did you like the new guy you were out with ?" "He had a very fatherly way about him." "Fatherly 7" ' "Yes. Constantly trying to go fa'ther and fa'therf' A First Shopper: "Why, hello, you seem to be busy." Second Shopper: "Yes, I am trying to get something for my husband." First Shopper: "Had any offers yet?'l A Zangola "Get-to-Getbern .I il -I And its smart to use KV thrifty TP Gasoline lk and TP Aero Motor ga H Oil In Your Car 5 xg f TRADE WITH YOUR FRIENDLY TP DEALER v, ' ,F sg . . , I - . M A..A TEXAS PACIFIC COAL and OIL Co James Bates: We can't have any fun this evening. All I have in my pocket is some small change. Harriet Gaskill: Well, what do you think it takes to send my kid brother to the movies? A five-dollar bill? "The boys are getting fed up with Sally, the salesgirlf' K'Why's that?" "Well, whenever they kiss her, she says, 'will that be all?' " "Papa," asked little Johnnie, "What is the person called who brings you in Contact with the spirit World?" "A bartender, my boy." Mr. Barnes fto Gus Baker in mess hallj : I,ll have pork chops with fried potatoes, and I'll have the chops lean. Gus: Yes, sir, which Way, sir? FORDS - LINCOLN ZEPHYRS - MERCURYS PIRIE-SLAUGHTER, INC. Z. T. Slaughter Phone 248 Happy King Life Fire ARTHUR T. BRIDGES Real Estate I mzzmnce S ervi ce ARLINGTON, TEXAS Tofnadg AUIOHlObll6 FRA K BRUS San Antonio, Texas O Manufacturers . . . Importers jobbers of Military Equipment Apparel and Insignia The South's Largest Military Outfitters First Burglar: I need glasses. Second Ditto: What makes you think so? First Burglar: Well, I was twirling the knobs of a safe and a dance orchestra began to play. The golfer lost his ball and, not unnaturally, was inclined to be annoyed with his caddy. 'fWhy didn't you watch where it went?" he asked. "Well, sir," said the boy, "It don't usually go anywhere, so it took me unprepared like." "Sadie, what is a gentleman?" "A gentleman," answered Sadie, "is a man you don't know very well." Fritz Lyne: "What under the sun do you girls do at afternoon teas?" Gene Henderson: "Gigg1e, gabble, gobble, and git." Dean Cto co-edl : Are you writing that letter to a man? Co-ed: It's to a former roommate of mine. Dean: Answer my question. THE ARLINGTON JOURNAL A weekly newspaper boosting for this community and N. T. A. C. COMMERCIAL PRINTING Phone 7 And we will call for your copy Q 'Q . 'wi y New Heights In Quality Established by CA ERO CO PA NY INCORPORATED Manufactureifs 0 f MEN,S FINE SHIRTS Since 1902 1 Isn't She a Queen? P ' 1' d V 'I' M ' ' old Lady: Are you e little bey or alittle girl? mmca 'ty an efsau ity amtam Child: What the heck else would 1 be? Cameron Shuts as the Choice of . NORTH TEXAS AGRICULTURAL I wish I were beneath a tree A-sleeping in the shade, COLLEGE 1 With all the bills I've got to pay Paid. 1 il O l . "If you refuse me,', he swore, "I shall die." Im-orpomtmg i She refused him. Sixty years later he died. SMART TAILORING AND FINEST l Love is so sad. MATERIALS to produce 1 ARLINGTON LUMBER COMPANY "IWhe1'e qmflily is first" One Hundred Block-Wfest Front Street "A Shirt For Every Occasion" Sanforized Sun-proof "Where old friends greet and new friends meetv Fountain Plate Delicacies Lunches Notions Drinks Tobaccos Sandwiches l l THE SHORTHORN CAFE Harmon Campus Headquarters Minnie "There's only one thing wrong with me, blondie. I'm color blind." "You all sho' mus' be mistahf' A deaf old lady went to live near one of the naval ports. Shortly afterwards, a battleship fired a salute of ten guns. The old lady, who lived alone, got out of her chair, smoothed down her dress, patted her hair, and said sweetly, "Come in." The preacher had been strolling about the links, and wishing to drive home a small moral lesson, said mildly, "I notice that the players who get the lowest scores are not those who swear." "Why the hell should they?" demanded the gloomy golfer as he dug up some more turf. Elizabeth goes walking-and Tommy goes too. You will enjoy bowling at the new Industrial Uniforms S. 86 T. G Riding TCSS Sixteen Lanes Air Conditioned R- 0- T- C- ECIUIPIHCHY Phone 2-0200 261 W. 10th street 12th and Houston Fort Worth, Texas FORT WORTH . ARLINGTON STATE BANK IN ARLINGTON Solicits and Appreciates your banking business MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Professor Murchison: I am about to perform a Very interesting chemical experiment. Should I do anything Wrong, the whole class, including myself, might be blown through the roof. Kind- ly step nearer, so that you can follow me better. She gazed pensively at the rural scene. "Why are you running that steam-roller thing over that field ?" she asked. "I'm raising mashed potatoes this year," re- plied the farmer. Mary Alyce Whitmire: Will you love me as much in August as you did in February? Jack Chilcoat: Oh, more-dearest. There are more days in August. Norma Norman: Does this Lipstick come off easily? Saleswomanz Not if you put up a good fight.. Windjammers on a Band Trip l ,''I'3":fE325f?E5Ef2525 . . "Seeing you is a pleasure" hd BEASLEY DRUG PROMPT DELIVERY vgbw Phone 275 If busy 140 Compliments to Aggies from Worth Credit Clothiers 308 Houston St. Fort Worth Your charge account is welcomed NOW DO WW X i 4 at vou mow UJHV f 1+ 535 X, gll??ll-l1lST?3NE Z-,SS WZ .N , ouT? ' '? 6353 4 ll W ' Ch XO Q J f ffffffx, K E.?N X6 Q W 'S X a s f ' Q J Z x J xx My 2 JITTERBUGGIN G .... REMEMBER? One, two, three, kick! Ouch! And your neighbor on the dance floor looked at you with pain in his eyes .... Remember? Jitterbugging began at the Mixer with only a few brave couples daring to start an innovation. With every succeeding dance more stu- dents began to get into the swing of this unusual type of "rug-cutting." Jitterbugging just seemed to get into the blood of the daring youngsters at N. T. A. C. It reached a climax during the spring semester when a petition was made up to stop all jitterbugging at formal dances. All sorts of compromises were offered by the student body. Finally at some of the dances, certain areas of the dance floor were assigned to these "more ener- getic swingstersf' Jitterbugging was the thing at N.-Tac. dances in 1940-41-Remember? .Q 1 1 1 I LUTTRELL BROTHERS GROCERY AND MARKET .I O E Laundry 6? Dry Cleaners Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fine Dairy Products, Inspected Meats E. A. JONES, Proprietor 61 - Telephone - 62 Arlington's most Popular ARLINGTON, TEXAS Independent Grocer We Deliver Phone 44 201 S. Center The 1941 Junior Aggie Is Bound in A KINGSCRAFT C0 VER Designed and Produced by THE WORLDS LARGEST COVER MANUFACTURER THE KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE V Cloarlottefv landing was O. K. Nancy and Carl enjoy a matinee dance L. W. R CO. Gifts for all Occasions 623 Kirby Bldg. FRANCINE SHOPPE Fire and Auto Insurance Mrs. Frances Barnes, Proprietor at 25 Per Cent Savings Ladies, Weafing Apparel N Phone Central 1603 Dallas, Texas Arlington-Phone 180 ,W WWE, ,.,,.,- . .. .fzu , Mm H ,M M ,I Q - Half Wag' Between One-half Million People CITY OF ARLINGTON A Beautiful Meadowbrook Park Superb 9-Hole Golf Course Students from more than 50,000 families can attend N. T. A. C. and live at home ' Eastern Star Home of Texas Home for Aged Masons of Texas 'I Fine Schools, Churches, and Other Social Organizations ' Approximately one-tenth of all the young people of college age in Texas reside within jifty miles of Arlington Y For Information lWrite W. F. ALTMAN, Mayor BENTON COLLINS, City Sec'y. . "Boiler Men" . . . I . Phone 777 ' O .QA Arlington Air Conditioned Arnbulanpe Service Your jg60D,gs'YEAR ' Local HUGH M. MOORE FUNERAL HOME Goodyear TIRES Dealer . Phone 5 of 20' ' - ' Arlingtonq Texas N-TAC-TIRE 8: BATTERY SERVICE Q 1,71 ,,, ,, , , W, , , , ,, , , E. M. KI-lHN gl CU. fe ppp b y k Q PERFORMANCE N Qghligmlzial 322415 I "E5 :Z11 I Quality Apparel "1"' f . ,A 2 ihu for Men, Boys and Women . . . . ,:,,.,1. .""f'1 , ' 2 iqq 1 I ' EE1 1,:?2EE ""' I 'lli - 5 Gfi ezz. 'K Ountastes change as we mature. The little girls like painted dolls and little boys like paint- ed soldiers. When they grow up, the girls like soldiers and the boys go after every painted doll 'they see. , ' .LOONY DEFINITIONS Love: It begins when a woman sinks into a man's arms and ends up with a woman's arms In a man's sink. Man: The only animal that can be skinned more than once. Nudist: A person who goes coatless and vest- less and wears pants to match. Honeymoon: The last vacation a married man will have. Wife: "I see in the paper that in some sec- tions of the East a wife can be bought for 35.00. Isn't that awful?" ' Husband: "Well, I don't know. A good wife might be worth that." Q Congratulations from LUKE PONTIAC CUMPANY .,.. .. . , - -1. I " :ltr f a..ra . .,f :.... ,. ,1. I A .,... f .- . :f AA1112 ::"f . . - ...., 1:21732 -.,., ' 1-1-' 2 2 ..1 ' A :" . 3-fi? ' 2:.' I '..1 i1E'lQ '2..'---.,:i .,.Q ' ' .1 ...... I 1 Z., Z ,V tzzzii Zppzz 25 ..,,,,,,.. E3 -.:,.V, 1 5 2 .,..., 11221255 ZZZE VQIIZ: .,A.v : s2l:lE i1gg: .,.4 vvz- I ,.4- .I I : fs f ,... aa : a aaeraaa ::e::: : :::: : Ve tr: iuer we he - ,Q ,.,.:. ' Q ,,,.ff X use Mobilgas Drive in at the sign of the Flying Real Horse for a tankful of Mobilgas. You'll like the quick response .... smooth acceleration . . . . full power and long mileage that mobilgas gives. In traiiic. or on the high- way, Mobilqas delivers the ' Sales and Service B A L A N C E D Performance ' ARLINGTON, TEXAS that means greater motor- l15 East Abram Phone 47 ing enioyment' . 7 I , sutmgxmuun Ama a C"mP'imen""'y MAGNULIA DEALER ' LN -fL0sl!.RnN E I GIHIQBJLLOTQD .m U 9' ..4if' -iaeaeeisa- I 2"' ter-1111222-zgaaixa ,.-, "'-': 2 -ai 4: ' 7 m AUTOGRAPHS . x ,'. 1-. 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Add A I . W 'W ' ,, . 4 , W I - lk I . . ,Z l ' ,V , - . ' i-:J 1 -L ' 4' . I v ' ' t Q 1 x V A Vi , 3 . ' . , ' W N' 1 .- . '? 5 4 .AM ,-wav' 432.7 ' ,4 ' . 1 . ' . . l 2-f-C V F v - 4 Q-1 is J k A1141 1A '. 7 .. .. ,A b ti u ' , ,A . ' J'..d ng", V J v K I lv . ' l - ' - I 'V I. u A I f' 1 lr- Q' A 9 4' - ' . ' i ' t o -, l -A A' .li X 0 ,. . - . . - H 4 v .hr 4 ..q 'T . ' . K as . , A fi " . ' , .- . jg -- 9 1, . I - . . -N Q. 1 . . .. is il L . Q ,J ' I , vi- ' ' ' 1 L is f ' . ,I E Of' .A I ' Hjsggizl, l ji . ' , . .,..! il.. , I , 4. X. .Y , K . . Q I Mg, I K, f 1 - , 1 ,L , -V , . , ,, 1,..wfffQ , f,e::g. i ,2sg4 w " f, 'W ' 6 R 'P Q qi' , V i g M gm r AQ' T L X id i ul iznln ' I '. ' L' - - v I , . , , , . , . , -, . . -...-7 , A , fl Q.. 2 r ,-A , 11- fy ..,. -A , 1 f, M. , .,, . 1 . -. Q, ,. V if M -' "4 -V -51.-r- W ,L 1 1 ' . . 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