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'Ffa QP Q0 ment as 1ts motto and theme, and is gb 0 CD CD 3 3 intended to be an mterpretation of that 'S CU 0 CD 3 3 young, carefree AGGIE spirit. 3 3-4 3-4 O O 3-4-4 '-I-4 VJ U3 .SB .2 on on if 33 - X id rs rs L. H m 3 N G2 Gi G! G! G! Q3 G! G! td N GJ Q2 0 GJ GJ CU 0 CD CD GJ 0 3. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 . .1 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3. QE! 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QD UD as an 3-4 cd cu 3 e are aggies for W for ggies We are 21 for gies bb cv! ua 3-4 G! cu 3 '5 3-I-4 e are aggies W IIEIJIIIATIIJ To Mr. F. M. Law, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the A. 86 M. College of Texas, we respectfully dedicate the 1940 edition of the Junior Aggie. A, f--. 'T' , lv., ,K . A N., 'ui i .ga u U f ls l ,lisa 12 .irq all 'll 4 It i- d l if dew frdlrluf QQ "'x .1 ' ' '. W x IIIINTENTS Campus Snapshots Faculty Classes Personalities Occasions to Remember Military Athletics Organizations in-1JJ,J-'J1fJ1ff:-wslfi pai", ' , 'N 1 N STAFFORD ENGRAVING CO., FORT WORTH, ENGRAVERS MARVIN D. EVANS CO., FORT WORTH, PRINTERS JOHNSTON 'S STUDIO, ARLINGTON, PHOTOGRAPHERS .vm KR nv s.. M.. I - 4 my - ,fp-c . . i J' y w Ax -9, an 4 f . X Nr 11- u 3,99 V 1,4-0 .--"" , . Qin! .FHL J - f .wil s3A " ml 5 4' I NN, Wx' 'Q ' ' 'Nm 1 ,s Cf 'H .JF Qld m fc. N Q . i f 2 53.0. ., .W .gy Q, 1 8.4- ' 94' i is 1 3 5 ...., V M :i,,,I1NA,. 'fig . W g hx , 'nl"5j'1H'- Nw WM' .1255 y 4u'n-3' ,,,' 1 'bw-W . K 1 Vx wmv K EN 5 W .xdclminia frafion guifckng A - -.1 I , If.,-1 A xf7'f?j1k .1 3, z- .ur.vi4f'gSEgrffe'1isWPSf-x'?2'fFfyfzliifkifwf iii? 'mm-. fi - 1 Wfffhf' zgkfhef 5:3-'Mfrffgi-wf xl-vim-Lv - " " ' in-ff.x.e'f' 2 was . ning, H--A lk K Ski-kkgkgj f, 1, x . , xx J 1 I K 'jf' . XV!! MU ,I X ,f - f . ff B vf N 4 f' 1 J V fd' , ' MQ "' N X f ,M O Aff f ' K J cience Zzzifcbng 7!WecAanica!.f4rff5 Zzzifvkng - -fn vvvflvwl fvvn2'sl3vu' -gig: y IR. ymnadium udic HavJ!r"w2 barium og Pdf? M, M5 wif J, W B425 Q Y I Snapshots N. T. A. C. is strictly COED-ucatiomzl Two to one they aren't headed for the library. Between Class Rest Glamour Girl Betty Cutie Pie . . . No foolin' Blond and Brunette "Liz" Isabel from England The Future Farmers picked a good sweetheart In the fall . . . If anything will bring rain, this ought to Ish-Ti-Opi, Indian Baritone Wl1at's the matter Fresh- man-can,t they suit you? Third-Termers There's something about a soldier - especially when he's a Lieutenant-Colonel Aggies get arozmd In the Coffee Shop Remember the Carnival Dance? Dells-6 The Snow Queen talks with Randall Peppy-looking bunch, aren't they? Billy Nation on the balcony Noon-day rush at the Mess Hall Jus, sittin, still The grand march- some line-up! 1 .-"I Nr ylat 'iv . lx 1 -Q xl x Q. f-5' jim i P -'Y F our o 'clock tea A new club blossoms- the Secret Order of Smiles Avolontes look glamorous La Docenas smile for A the camera Three little fishes Zangolas-prety, aren't they? Sans Soucis serve salad Ami onion sandwiches Brand new Avolontes Quit playing and drink your milk, little girl Pie a la pledge The hall boys have a "tea" of their own at the famous Arlington Mineral Well ff' , f' sf' ,I s 'l' ,Pa ' xr, -if 'af' N ,Q 1 Z Q it I "2-Q X Lest we forget . . . Come on chillun-y'es dance! Sadie Hawkins Day Ship A'hoy-the S. O. S.'s are shipwrecked Acting their age! QNotice Askew's rompersj Pictures courtesy of the Tarleton Gmssbuw' This is one haircut Pettigrew really enjoyed Kinda, surrounded aren't you, Aggie? The Tarleton Design Class War declared! CNO hard feelings Q Tarletonites wonder what's going on after the air raid Tarletonites get free auto- graphs and haircuts when they come to Visit WE burned this one Turkey day . . . All eyes on the field Little Pitman's hands are cold Come on and yell for "Cherokee" Aggies seen at the game 1' I.,-LM' 1-.1 fL,L-4,4 I 1 Classes . . Doin g it over again? A future farmer on the spot Hammond organist on a Bach Fantasia A new angle in angling class Can you figure it out, boys? Looks like tl1ey're building an airplane Professor Allen in serious study More interesting every day . . . Paramount News photo- graphs a platoon in action Aviatrix Roze signals the cameraman An art class paints a negro mammy's portrait Make it shine, Freshman! That old build-up on the college farm nd F", bm 9 , ev 1, wi ""' A 11.44. ? ,,. .ww 'qi - ff .Q , :5,A ',,, ' ., 1. N f'f"fV' - Quay Snow use At ease, Lad Your mouth's open! We're off! II . ,Jaffa t NJA! hf', E t I 1 -1 ffl X I ! x 7 1 1 , V X I Gicldyap! Better duck, little duck Mozying around . . . Sigh! Woodward gets a different angle "The Valianf' A dignified Phi Kappa Theta . . . Don't shoot! Three of a kind Time off for a smile The faculty swings out Marching along together Minnie Lec and the Dean do the rhumba Ain't love grand? Paul Jones! Spring! there bein? nothin' like it "N'ya, N'ya, you can't scare me!', says Betty Spring has sprung! Contented . . 59 h-,Q Famous people The State Historical Society Banquet Walter Prescott Webb, J. Frank Doble, Herbert Gambrell, E. E. Davis and Mabel Majors chat Percy Grainger smiles after his assembly concert R W , si? f .. Q WI I w : M If . A ,v ,X -5-9' sw' X fx 7V . .- 17 , 'Q 25. if , .11 l . ,. X 14 ik 'X I If . "2 W' Q ' .M - 'Q L! 55" it v'Z'f f-F Q 'V H M f , C, , BX " . 6' . Q mf! Y .inf X, ll 1 X mf ww' ii PRESIDENT T. O. WALTON Dr. T. O. Waltoil, President of the Agricultural and Mechan- ical College of Texas, is a man who has spent his life in serving others. His work as a leader of men has stamped him as one of the outstanding men of the Southwest. Although the students of N. T. A. C. have not had much contact with President Walton, they are able to recognize in him a man of great power. ilikfal ., , g,,+i:.5 K , izjgf V A - rf' 'I' DEAN E. E. DAVIS Dean Davis is admired by all students for his strength of per- sonality and his keen intellect. He is quite versatile, having had experience in farming, business, teaching, and Writing. The White Scourge, a novel, and his latest publication, just came off the press this year. The Dean's open mind and his willingness to aid students at all times make him an admirable person. 4 GEORGE L. DICKEY, M. S, Associate Dean IC.: v MAJOR MAX G. OLIVER JOE B, PRESTON, M A Commandant of Cadet Corps Registrar I I INA LIPSCOMB, M. A. Dean of Wfomcu JOE BAILEY Business Mana 'cl' K IJ .. if N .1 an ' "-Q F I' f S 1 ,f'g..i." '- ' -G Ll... ' "2 'Shy . J' Chairman E. E. Davis, George L. Dickey, Joe B. Preston, Max G. Oliver, B. C. Barnes, W. A. Ransom, John T. Murchison, W. L. Hughes, Duncan Robinson, M. C. Stone, D. H. Kiber, A. B. Armstrong, E. N. Behringer, H. A. D. Dunsworth THE EXECUTIVE FACULTY The Executive Faculty, chosen each year by the Dean and by vote of the faculty, deals with questions which are submitted to it by the Dean or proposed by faculty members. if ', .aa 13 FACULTY Eugene Adams, B. A., Professor of Violin, Director of Concert Orchestra Paul J. Allen, B. S., Associate Professor of Engineering A. B. Armstrong, M. A., Professor of Economics B. C. Barnes, M. A., Head of the Department of Business Administration ' Edward N. Behringer, M. B. A., Professor of Government Alvin E. Betzel, Associate Professor of Engineering Glenda Bevill, M. S., Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women D. A. Biekel, M. A., Assistant in Mathematics Daniel J. Brawley, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Roy W. Burdett, B. S., Professor of Engineering Margaret Cameron, B. A., Associate Professor of Speech H. B. Carroll, Ph. D., Professor of History George L. Dickey, M. S., Head of the Department of Psychology and Sociology, Associate Dean Edward A. Dodson, B. S., Acting Head of the Department of Geology Loyd Douglas, M. A., Associate Professor of English H. A. D. Dunsworth, M. A., Professor of Mathematics Minnie Lee Early, M. A., Assistant Profess-or of English Robert Ernst, Instructor of Woodwiimds Y'-' FACULTY Arthur Fielder, B. A., Private Instructor of Violin-Cello Clyde Garrett, Mus. Ed. D., Head of the Department of Fine Arts Edmund J. Goodheart, M. S., Head of the Department of Mathematics John M. Goodwin, M. S., Associate Professor of Engineering J. G. Holmes, B. S., Professor of Physical Education and Coach C. M. Howard, E. M., Associate Professor of Mathematics W. L. Hughes, M. A., Professor of Biology Jessye Humphrey, B. A., Assistant Professor of Business Administration Opal Humphreys, B. A., Librarian Earl D. Irons, Band Director Christine Jones, B. Mus., Associate Professor of Music Merrill W. Joy, Associate Professor of Engineering Howard W. Joyner, M. A., Professor of Art D. H. Kiber, M. S., Head of the Department of Agriculture O. L. Killian, M. A., Head of the Department of Biology George Kohfeldt, M. S., Instructor of Engineering Frank J. Konecny, B. S., Associate Professor of Engineering Grace Ward Lankford, Instructor of Piano if-as 2'-795 N-is 'Q 5 10:9 FACULTY M. B. Lebo, M. S., Professor of Agriculture Ina Lipscomb, M. A., Associate Professor of English, Dean of Wfomen R. J. Marquis, M. A., Associate Professor of Physics C. C. Mason, Ph. D., Head of the Department of Education Leo S. Mason, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry C. A. McCombs, M. A., Professor of Mathematics Charles B. McDonald, M. A., Associate Professor of Chemistry Willie Megee McGhee, M. A., Assistant Professor of English H. D. McMurtray, M. S., Head of the Department of Physics Samuel R. Monschkc, Instructor in Engineering John T. Murchison, Ph. D., Head of the Department of Chemistry Billy Muth, Private Instructor of Hammond Organ Doris Myers, M. A., Associate Professor of Home Economics Major Max G. Oliver, Professor of Military Science and Tactics Cothburn M. O'Neal, M. A., Professor of English Delmar M. Pachl, Assistant Professor of Art Travis J. Parker, M. A., Associate Professor of Geology Agatha M. Patterson, Private Instructor of Pipe Organ 'Rf' FACULTY Ouilda Piner, M. A., Assistant Professor of English Sarah Pipkin, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Biology Lytle Powell, B. Mus., Matthay Artists Teachers Diploma, Instructor of Piano joe B. Preston, M. A., Head of the Department of Social Science, Registrar H. G. Ragland, Instructor in Woodwork Zelda Ramsey, M. B. A., Professor -of Business Administration W. A. Ransom, M. A., Head of the Department of English Myrtle Rawls, M. A., Head of the Department of Modern Languages W. D. Richins, M. B. A., Associate Professor of Business Administration Duncan Robinson, M. A., Professor of English Kenneth G. Rockwell, M. A., Associate Pr-ofessor of English L. I. Samuel, M. S., Associate Professor of Agriculture Richard L. Slaughter, B. D. A., Professor of Speech F. M. Smith, B. S., Professor of Engineering Helen Stone, M. S., Head of the Department of Home Economics M. C. Stone, M. A., Head of the Department of Engineering R. W. Tanner, M. S., Associate Professor of Mathematics William B. Whitney, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Chemistry ASSISTAN TS IN ADMINISTRATION Ottie Lyon, Secretary to the Dean -Ionnie Arnold, Secretary to the Business Manager Mrs. Ione Vickery, Secretary to the Commandant James Robert Jasper, Assistant Business Manager Louise Blake, Assistant Registrar Margaret Clarke, Secretary to the Associate Dean and to tl Mary Lee Ball, Stenographer and Filing Clerk Louise Fuller, Secretary, Agricultural Department Aline Wilemon, Secretary, Engineering Department Ruth H. Wilhelm, Assistant in Library me Registrar Chairman Con Mims, Secretary Dorothy Bush, Melvin Bruck, Don Cain Bill Tawatcr, Mary Sheridan, Jack Chilcoat, Bernadine Lahey, William Lawler Faculty Sponsors: Joe B. Preston, W. A. Ransom, E. A. Dodson. THE STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE The Student-Faculty Committee was organized in 1939 to promote friendliness and understanding between students and teachers. The com- mittee has no authority to decide school problems, but its recommenda- tions often influence the decisions of the executive faculty. Five members of the commitee are chosen by the student body, three are selected by a faculty committee, and one freshman is appointed by Dean Dickey after the first nine weeks of school. This year the student-faculty presided over the election of the king and queen andymade traffic laws to relieve the crowded stairs between classes. Their suggestions have influenced school activities in many ways. td Q. as L' W H vs - U "1' as 5 'X A ' K A W er, R' 5 ' Q 'A. 4 lv .-w Q. L X, 3-dump Q! I sir A: 51 t Classes 16 ,- Class nf 1940 PRESIDENT E. L. HASKINS. a day-dodger from Dal- las. is a maior and commands The second bafallion. He Teaches fencing and Takes parf in all school acfivi- Ties . . . officer in Phi Kappa Thefa . . . royal escorf in The coronafion. He plans To finish his B. A. course aT Texas Universify and become a Cerfified Public Ac- counTanT. NANCELIE UTT, The vivacious. dark- eyed sophomore from Dallas. was elecfed Secrefary-Treasurer of her class. She is an officer in The Sans Souci Club, college favorife. duchess in The coronafion . . imming. likes Tennis and sw J! l'Q2sI?.Z1s. PS? 3 ' Nwq:., ' . r ,, , .L N,,-- xx 3' SAM YOUNG. vice-presidenf of The sophomore class, is also from Dallas . . . firsf lieuTenanT in Company E . . . vice- presidenf of The Engineering SocieTy . . . member of Officers Club . . . Bull Pen . . . inferesfed in all kinds of sporTs . . . body as an escorf in 7? , ff- 552 picked by sTudenT The coronafion. Irv 1. ggi' NORMA ALICE ADAMS Spur! T237 MOZELLE ALLISON DOROTHY FAY ASKIZXV Mozy Dat Ag-lingmn Dallas Dallas General Art' 5, Q. S. Cummcrciql Arg, Zqngglgg, Arg Guild Ilumc Economics, Znngula, Home Ecnnom Club, lluxincss Atlministratinn Club Cl-IARLICS K. ALEXANDER GEORGE LOUIS ARIENSMAN Clmrlit' Ozzie s Arlington Irvi P.-c.Lnw, Aggie Ihr lingi ur'i xi Kappa Tlurtn, K. K. K., Engi eer Society MARGUERITE MYRL AUS'lilN EDVVARD GUY BATTE JACK DWAIN BlfCKlfLMAN Grvfc EJ Beck Fur! Worth W'axalmcl1ie Fort Worth Ilusincxs Administrmtmn General Agriculture, F. F. A., Bull Pen Aeronautical Engineering, Olficcr's Cluh BERT BARBER l.UNA BELLE lllfACl'lUM Fnrt Worth Lumiy Chemical Engineering Dallas Public School Music, Junior Aggie Staff, - llhi Kappa Tlurtil, Zangula PEGGY BECKETT MARCELLA BONTE BETTY SUE BRONSTAD Bucket 'Cfllu Suzy Dallas Fort Worth Fort Worth General, Avnlnnre, Business Administration Pre-juurnalism, Avolnnte, Sllortltorn Staff llusincs Administration, Phi Kappa Theta, Club Avulontc, Business Administration Club LEAH MARIE BOATWRIGHT llAMES NICHOLAS BRIDGES Angel Gabriel Dallas Dallas Pre-Journalism, Ln Docena, Shorthorn Staff Chemistry, Non-Com Club ics ' s V09 x s s ,, - I skhlf, i Q, MELVIN BRUCK CAREY M. BUlE, JR. MARY KATHRYN BULLOCK - - , Kupperl Iiixbiu DaHagLmly Kill! V General Agriculture, Phi Kappa Them, Dallas li. li, . , - . ' . pre-Law' Aggie BM. on-leer-S Club' Phi A liublxc' School Music, Sans Souei, Phi linppla Theta, Sam llouston Rifles, Student- Rpm rhcm in ' C i OI-IN GRAHAM BUIE U Y U"'m'mc STEPHEN callin BRUCK J , B ,I , lllblillllf Hx tr Mcrrens :Wilco l IA l lr l l lilmlustrial Electrical Engineering, Radio n uslrm crnnsuuea engineering, C l Officers Club, Sam llouslun Rifles U x lAMFS MILLEIK BUNKLEY DOROTPIY BUSI-I ROSlflVlARY CALLAN E Mmm, Rosie Miss Callfm Iiucdcrs Dallas Fort Wlirtlt lxgrllllgislmiitctricnl Engineering, Engl- Sans Souci, Stu- llre-Medical, bi Mu JAMES ALLEN BURSEY DON lfzlflsl.. CAIN Fort Worth D011 Imm Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Dallas Pre-Law, Junior Aggie Staff, Ofl'iccr's Club, Phi Knppn Theta, Aggie Bar, Inter- , nnlionnl Relations Club, Business Admin- M' istrntinn Club, Student-Faculty Committee HOWARD jOSliF CAMPBIELL BETTY LOU HICK MACK LEONARD CLARKE Prpllpfjyy- Cllffk Aflzlfk Fort Wortll Dallas Fort Wortll Speech, Radio and D,-,matics Pre-Medical, Pi Mu Business Administration, Junior Aggie Business Manager, Phi Kappa Theta. Bull Pen.. No?-Com Club, Business Adminis- FLORENCE 12L1zA1sET1-I 'MWC U" CHAMBEIKS BILLY JOE Cl'lUlVlLliA Sis IO" Dallas Fort Worlll llomc Economics, S. O. S., Home Eco- P'e'Mcdic:'l nomic: Club r s . 4 . b , LIUDD Wll-LlAM CLAYTON DONALD Klilillfl COLXVELL Imlrl Dfw Port Arthur lfurt Wortli Chemical linginccring, Phi Kappa Theta, Guncral,K.K. K. R:uliuCluI1 MAIKILYN JOY COLl.UM AMBROSE El.lVlORlf lay Comwr Arlington Muskogee, Oklahoma ISA R BA RA COR BIN Bubx Dallas llmuc liconnlnics, Znngnln, Hu numlcs Cluls PIENRY GRADY CREEL, Prvlly Boy Dallas Civil linginucring, Oll'iccr'5 Club, Business Adminixtration, Sam Snuci, Busi- lland and Orchestra ness Atlminixtration Club ALICE FRANCES COX Cavkvy Dallas mc Eco- Cunimcrcial Art, Zangula, Art Guild KATI-1l'lRYNIi COUCl'l JULIA COX Kaly Imly lfnrt Wortlx Home Ecnnnn1ics, Zangula, Hnmc Eco- nomics Club R. llull Pen AD RIAN BA C!JIllIl1t'l' Fort Worth General Fort Worth Pre-Medical, Pi Mu MILDRED EVELYNN CROSS Golfl-y Furl Wcrtll Home Economics, llomc Iiconomics Club, S. 0. S. MARION E. CONWAY Marian Arlington Chemical Engineering CONNER BETTY CLAIRE Iiulmorr Dallas Sociology, Sans Souci CRAM JIM CUNNINGHAM lim my Whitcsburo General, Officcr's Club, Business Administration Club SIL CRIMMINS ,IARVIN GRANVIL CROWLEY I. G. Trinidad Agricultural Education, F. F. A. gh. :WM Q 5 -'IV X' ...- ...Mu I FRANCIS FRANKLIN DAVIS ALTA PHYLLIS DIQCKER MARIORIE INIIZ DANIEL lilomlic' Frank Phil linrt Wortll Arlington Dnllnv Music, Phi Kappa Theta, Sans Snuci Pclrolcllin Engineering, 0l'ficcr's Club I'rc-Mcilicnl, l'i Mu BILLY RUTPI DAVIS HOWARD DAY Bill l'.1Icstinc Arlingmn lilcctricnl linginccring General WILLIAM RAY DUNCAN NONA ,IOYCIE IILKINS I5E'I"I'Y IiLMIiR mms Flilxlr Iillwr Aeronautical Iinginccring, Nun-Com Club, Arlington . 133113, l""Rl"f-'CFIHX SUUIUY High School 15,l,,cMi,,n,111,i Kappa Them, Ilusinvx Atlininislrzltinn, lluxincsx Advninis Znnggla tration Club, Snnx Snuci DOYLE DIEFOREST DUNNING JACKIII C. ELLIS Doyle' Shark Arlington Iiort Wortli Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Business Administriuon IIUGIINII ENG JACK IIALLINE IINGLISLI VIRGINIA EVIERITT llvrt Worth Fur: Wortb Gfymfp Chemical Engineering Industrial Iilcctricnl Engineering Arli,,g,,,,, Speech, Radio, and Dranmtics, Znngola DICK ELSTON ENGLISLI IQLDON IEUGIINE IEIIWIN Fort Worth Ig' E. l"'c'Mcdl'ml lfurr Worth Business Administration, Buxincss Adininivtrntion Club ' .1 6 ,asv ' "af 'V '- pw - V.-, K A dll: CHESTER ARTHUR FARRIS, JR. ,I Sonny K If ' LU I K 6 Arlington X l , ' Prc-Medical, Offlccr's Sffiib, PyMu J I U I 1' l J lr ,lf ,f .f if , , ' - I ' BIL'L McDAV'ID FILGO , J I l . I ' 1 Wflllnn I L A - ' Lancistur X 1 J' I Ind,uxtriulNlilcctrical Engineering, if , I V lfngincurlng Sucicty .1 ,, ,'7 ' 1' , -,UuACAmoWAY',a'aJ l 7 I -f lf ' l X I ll! hy fi I 1 For5'Wortb X I , ' Hnmcjicoimmics, Avoluntc, Home Econonaits Club " ' 1l xl ' 1 1 , I 1 tx' I..I'.LA MAlu GARRETT J .1 ' . , , TIIIVJI qjm! j Caldwell 1 ix lx ,f J' High School llducntinn, I'Iumc licun l a 7 Club EDWAIKD TI-IURMAN GILMORE Trzl Fur: Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering I-IUGI-I GRANDSTAFF BWIIIU Dallas Chemical Engineering, Camera Cln ANNE PAGE I:IN MARVIN ELDRIDGE IIREEIVIAN Annu . Dnllfn 'Jun Wortli , Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Cicncral, Pi Mu, Avolunx W , f, 'I ' ' G 'NF :via FREEMAN I F 'ry K , 1 ling n M Busincn Administration, Business pl l Acluiinislration Club WAIKIKIZN T MARY MARGARET GIIIBONS H ll mlm 1 gm' Gibby Fort Worth Ifnrt Wnrrh Acronautical Engineering General, La Doccna IIOWAIID RAY GARRISON Gall Fort Worth unnus Chemical Iinginccring, Pi Mu, Phi Kappa Theta, Radio Club, llull Pen CATHARINIQ ADA GREEVER JESS IfRNEST PIAGGARD Tr'ar'fJ Bonus lfurt Worth Dallali Physical Education, Sans Suuci Business Administration, Buiinoas Adminixtration Club IiUGIlNIl GROUND RMI Dallas In Business Administration, Business Administration Club g 5: .ff l I-P N--0 JUNE ELLEN l'lAGlN WILLIAM K. l'lALL 'l-HEDA MAE HANDLEY lung' Bug Bill Alllllllllltl Fur: Worzli Dallas Arlinglon Spuugly, Radio ,ml Dmmnn, Muclianicall Engineering, 0Il'in:cr's Club Special, Avolunlu GENEVA HALL WILLIAM THliO G,,,,,,,, HAMlL'roN, JR. Dallas Bill Buxiuess Anlminiuralirm, Avulunlc, Dallas Business Anlminiuraliun Club HAROLD VERNON PIANSIEN JOHN GRANDSTAFF film: HARRISON Weslaco lurk Imluxtrial lileclrical Engineering Dallas llrc-Medical. l'i Mu lSlfNTLlfY HARRIS Wfuvn Wacn Aeronautical Engineering, Ofl'iccr's Clula, K. K. K. MARY ADA HENDERSON TIKUMAN CLAY HlfNDlf M,,f4.,- Sluimrock lion uyonh Industrial Electrical Engineering lllomc licnnomicv, Zangula, Home Economics Club OPAL HENDERSON Briglwl Iiyav Fort Wforllx Buxincsx Anlininistratiun, Business Adnlinislration Club, S. O. S. Aeronautical liuginuering RAYMOND N. HATCHELL llulvh Lufkin Mechanical lingincering li. I.. HASKINS Wfllvfzri Dal l a s Buxincxs Anlminislraltirin, Officcr'x Club, Phi Kappa Theta, Ilusineav Administration Club RSON NORMAN C. HENRY 1492 Ferrell Mechanical linginecring EDDIE PAYLOR HENNINGTON linrt Worlli Aerunautical Engineering ff A I " ,Q BILLYE JACK HINSON LOUIS E. HOLDER, ,IR. PAUL HERBERT HORN Ifoxs Fort Worrlx Big Boy Erankston l'e!rolcun1 Engineering, Offieer's Club Denison Petroleum Engineering, Engineering Geology, K. K. K., Non-Com Club, Society, Non-Com Club, O. K. K. Engineering Society MARGARET ANNE HOLCOMB JANE PIOPKINS Hokvy Cham' Fort Wortl1 Wcnlllcrford General, Ln Doccna General WELDON HOSEK NVALDON G. HUDDLESTON HAROLD HURST Ennis "Ol: 1u'rfygoorl!" Limey Electrical Engineering Springmwn L,,,,m5w,. Agricultural Education, F. F. A. Pre-Veterinary Medicine ALDON C. HUDDLESTON X ANNE EUGENIA FIUGHES "How are you?" llllzlgrs Springtown Furl. Wmurth Agricultural Education, E. F. A. Voice, Avolomc JULETTE PIYDEN PATSY MARllf ISBELL CLYDE BAYLESS JOPINSON, JR A1-Iingmn Pal General Iobusou Home Economics, Avolonxc, Home port Wong Fun Worth Economics Club . . . . , . . Business Aslnnnxsrratxon Meclmmcnl Engineering MARNEY COLLIER ISBELL E. L. JACKSON Mnrnry Lurley Fort. Worth Mnlakoff P- -M l' '.l Pi Mu Geology, Radio Club, Aggie Bar, me cc 1e1 , Inrcrnauonnl Relations Club Q 'ST CORDA BEATRICE JOHNSTON Corrla B. Dallas Business Admin .IOHN KEITH KIMBRO lolmnii' Fort. Worth Allficultural Engineering, Offic F. F. A. .IOE MAC LARKIN, JR. Billy Odessa Petroleum Engineering. Officer K- K. K-. Engineering Society istration, La Docena , ' 'Yu . 1 l MARY KATHRYN JOHNSON Kay Arlington Business Atlminiitration, Zangola, Business Administration Club JOSEPH HENDERSON JO MARY LEE KEMP Pinky lforl Wortll Pre-Journalisni. Slmrllmrn Economics Clnlx, S. O. S. Edilnr, Home NES MARTHA LILLIAN JOHNSON Mnrly IW' Dallas I:0l"'0Y Phyxical Education, Zangola General. K- K- K- MARY BIQRNADINE LAHEY VIRGINIA LAMM 13,-,f,,ip Lammiv Pit' Fort Wnrtll DUNN er's Club, Home Economics, Phi Kappa Tl1eta,llun1e COIHIHCFCIGI Afl- ZHHRUIH Economics Club, S. O. S. IRA LEE KNOWLTON BOBBIE MARILYN LADD Waxaliachic Ldrfrfit' Agriculture Fort Worth Business Aellnillisrrulun WILMA RUTH LAVVRENCIE DIEIKWIN LEWIS LETT Wiflllzl Lfff Fort Wortli Aflillilmn 'S Club, Business Administration, liuainess Admin- IINIIISYFIHI ACFOHMIIICHI EIIHINUCFIHR, ivtration Club, Sans Souci Hnllinfcfinil SUCIUY WILLIAM THOMAS LAWLER IQDWIN OSBORN LAYMAN Lawler S011 Handley Red Oak - . . - . r 1 Fleetrical Engineering Agricultural Education, l'.l. A., Bul Pen hVlLLlAM BEN LEWIS ALBERT RAY LONG Bill Burl Fort Wortlx Taft Electrical Engineering, Officer's Club Aeronautical Engineering YNES AURELLIA LINDLEY HORACE JESSE LONG DORTHA MAI-IAN Dol Dallas C ufic- Pit' lfurt Wortli Houston Chemical Engineering Business Administration, Avulonle, J lluxiness Atlininistratiun Club Business ALln1inistratinn, Phi Kappa Theta, Business Administration Club, S. O. S. PATRICK MICHAEL MATTHEWS Pdf Arlington LUTHER LAWRENCE MANCHESTER, JR. Luke liort Wortli Mechanical Engineering, Officer's l'lii Kappa Theta Speech, Ratliu, and Dramarics, Junior Aggie Staff, Phi Kappa Theta OTTO RUDOLPH MATZNER Fort Wortli Chemical Engineering CLEO MARTIN Dusty Fort Worth Business Administration, Business Adminis- tration Club, S.O.S., Home Economics Club WILL W. MARTIN Will Fort Wortli Electrical Engineering, 0fficer's Cl Engineering Society Club, JESSE OPLIELIA MAY Io Dallas Elementary Education LEE McCLENDON Fort Wtirtli Petroleum Engineering MARTHA DEE MAGUIRE Polly Malakoff Home Economics, Home Economics Club J ULIAN MAX MATILSON Muxic' Dallas Pre-Mctlieal, 0ffieer's Club, I'i Mu uh, JACK WAIKREN MCCONATLIY Dallas Civil Engineering, Engineering Sueiety K . ROGER GLENN MCGOUIRK ALFRED S. MILLER M fu' M fu' F rwlrliv Handley N- lvanlme , Dallas :IL-g.Vctcrg,,n,y 1:1 IT. A., Bull General Agriculture, F. li. A. Pre-Juurnalisru, Slmrlliorn Stall, Bull Pen VIVIAN Llili MClJANllfL ALBERT S. NIEYER Vn' Vmr Mun Fort XVonli Dallas lluiue Economics, Sans Suuci, llmuc Chemical Engineering llcnnnniics Club, Slmrzlmrn Stall' JAMES WAl.l.AClf MILLER HASKELL L. MIRACLE HARRY MOORE Iimmic' Mirrrrlf' Arlif-xwn Arlington Wills point Pre-Medical, Pi Mu, O. K. K.. AKI'lCLllllll'i1lELlllCLlll0l!, F. If. A. Agricultural Engineering "TU Anoclnllln CON MIMS MONA BELLE MONTGOMERY Colon:-I I'mlflIr'foof Laredo llandley Business Adminisrraxinn, Oll'icer's Club, General, Avulonle Phi Kappa Theta, Business Amlnuniszration Clulw, K. K. K. JANE NIOORE WILl.lAM MOORE RAY MOSS Iuniz' Sllnkrr lhllns Dallas Dnllaq General General Chemical Engineering, 0fl'iccr's Club SHIRLEY JEAN MOORE Dallas General, Sans Souci FRANCES LAVERNE MORRISON Handley High Sclluol Education Y: .fr iz? A , mg ' , X.. I mari- Q f'P5Jt:f-11' 9 BENlqlE qv NICKEY NAUMOVICI-I ULMER JUSTIN NEVVMAN Snlrlelf O'M11sxey Nirkvy Elmer Sanderson Dallas Dallas Commercial Arr , lniluscrial Aerunaumienl llnginecring, Business Aclminisrrarion, Office:-'s Club, Dllicer's Club l'l1i Kappa Thema, Business Administration Club, Aggie Bar, Sam llousron Rifles XVll..l.,lAM HUNTER NATION HAROLD NEWTON NESBITT Billy Bulnlnl Arlington llort Wortll Business Ailministracinn, liusine Industrial Aeronautical Engineering, Administration Club Officer's Club RICHARD H. NILIZS RICHARD ODUM HENRY CARPENTER OWEN Dj,-k Dipk Dallas Arlington yur, Worth Cheiuical- Engineering, Phi Kappa Theta, l'rc-Medical, Pi Mu Electrical Engineering 'ngmccnng oclcty M. NORRIS, JR. BETTYE Rl-IEA ORTMEYER Sborly lVl'l?lUlNlg Burleson Dallas General Agriculture, F. F. A. Home Economies, Zangola, Home Economics Club Cl"lARLliS ROY PARKERSON JIM MOORE l'lfT'l'lGREW LONNIE L. POWliLL, JR. P11 rk ic Cbt'l'0kl'!' I ll Him' Dallas Dallas Cnrsicana Chemical Enginccring, l-Lngincui-ing Sgyqiqgy Civil Engineering, llull Pen lileetrical Engineering, Radio Club THORNTON CECIL PECK RANDALL POOL Peck. Sllfg Granger Ennis Agriculmural Engineering, Offieer's Club, Industrial Electrical Engineering, Nun- F. 17. A. Com Club, Engineering Society LOYD SMITH PRESTON Smifly Dallas Electrical Engineering, Radio Club MYRA .IO PRESTON ,IAMES M. PRICE, JR. Dallas ipcech, Radio and Drauuuties, O1I'ieer's Club, Radio Club , CHARLES HAMPTON REDNWINE Charlie lfnri Worth lileelrieial Engineering, Radio EMMA-LOUISE QUINLAN Furrnv Io Arlington wllrkl General, junior Aggie Editor, I'hi Kappa Dallas Theta, La Dueena, Business Adminisnra- Svvvial. Pi Mu. Business Aslminisrrm in lion Club Club HENRY STAGG RENZ Major Arlington Business Administration, OR'icer's Club, l'hi Kappa Theta, Business Administration Club. Sain Houston Rifles, Rifle Team CECIL li. ROBERTS Sloppy 101' Lamesa Geology, 0II'ieer's Club, Business Administration Club, K. K. K. GUY M. ROSE SIKTIIJJ Dallas Mechanical Engineering, Offic K. K.K. IIERBERT NEAL ROBERTS FOREST EARL RICHARDSOINI llvrbill Riflll Dallas Dill!! Chemical Engineering, OfI'iCer'x Club, Industrial Electrical Engineering Iiiigilwvrlng 50050155 Bull Pen CASSIE MARIE ROSSER CHARLES LAXVRENCIE SAMUEL SI-IANBLUM Cuxxii' SCARBOIBOUGH Sum llandley CIJIIYIII' lfnrt Worth Public School Music, Phi Kappa Theta Dallas l're-l.aW. Aggie Bar, Busincgg Mechanical Engineering, Bull Pen A'-l"I'HlSlfil!i0ll Club LUCY RYDELL MARY El,lZAllETl'l SCHILLINGS Llzrybullf- Sli Dallas Mineral Wells Tl S 0 5 II imc Economics, Avolonte, Home Pre.Law, Phi Kappa ian, . . . ' . Iieunomics Club . .. ,f-" sv Club vr's Cluh, 4 .ft ' fl If . vu f . ' ' A iii Ani X i E,-11 , 'W 3 , A f ' fi I QW f 1 xi 5 - 4' AlKl.lNlf VIOLA Sl'll2LTON MARY SHERIDAN JAMES FRANK SLOUGH Arlinu Sherry luke Holliday Dallas Fur: Worth Home Economics, Avolonte General Art, Zangola Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Society, Nun-Com Club CHARLES DAVIS SHELTON GLENN E. SIMMONS Clmrlic C!IS!lll0l'lI Arlington Dallas Agricultural lijucatinn, lf. li. A., llull Pen Aeronautical Engineering, Officer's Club, llull Pen HOWARD SMITH MARILYN GENE SMITPI WYNELLl2 STACKS Smilfy Mimi Lillie Bi! Lancaster Fort Worth Arlington Chemical Engineering Home Economics, Zangola, Home Business Administration, Business Economics Club Administration Club JACK PHlLl.lP SMITH E. T. SPAIN S milb Tommy Weatherford Dallas Aeronautical Engineering, K. K. K. Industrial Electrical Engineering GEORGE LEE STANFORD CLEVIE WINELL STOUGH GEORGE SUMNER H. D. Clevie Fort Worth Linden Arlington Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa The Agricultural Engineering Business Administration, Avoltmtc, Busi- Radio Club' Bull Pen ness Administration Club, Home Econom- ics Club HOWELL F. STEWART HUNTER R. STUART Buxler DRUM Richardson Industrial Mechanical Engineering General, Oll'icer's Club, Pi Mu, K. K. K., Bull Pen I3 fd Q fvfn-rfff .fQ.a.'.,o-oCf?'l"'0N f L F . wa r 'mv , N my E l5ll.l. TAXVATER GEORGE ALLIEN 'l-lfRRlfLL AI.YS MAYO TRUIZTT flivr' G4'0l'g1' Al Rnckwall Vickcry Franklin Business Adxuinistr11inn,l'lli Kappa Tllela, Civil Engineering liuvinew Adniini Lratinn, Avnlunn: lluxincw Adluinistntiou Club llminvm Adniini lraliun Club ELAINE TAYLOR HOWARD WlfSl.lfY 1f,,.,.y THORNTON Arlington ' Fort Worlll llmnue lieunnnuicw, Avnlnnlc, llcnue Cl'c"'lMry licunnmies Club MARGARET PIZGGIIE TULLY FORREST TUIKNER ULM NANCIELIE UTT lhgqgif- Tim Culwlull Dilllas Dallas Dallas General, S. O. S. General, Oll'icer's Club, Bull Pen liusincs Aslinininralion, Sans Suuci NIOHN CLlF'l4ON TYLER Cl'lARl.lfS RUSSELL URSIZLL DRUM ClJ1lI'lil' Cbcmical Engineering Corpus Christi Aeronautical Engineering, 0ll'in:ur's Club, Engineering Society HAROLD WENDllLL VAIL PIAROLD VICKRIZY W. XVALKIER Hurlm ' Viv Dull Venus Dallas Dallas liusineus Adminiyfy-11, gn Business Ailnliniszraliun, lluxincis Admin- Pre-Law, Bull Pen isrrariun Club, 1lulll'en PIUBERT HENRY VIZRSCHOYLI MARY VON ZUBIEN Vc'rxr'boylv Collulvxx Dallas Fort Wnrllu Pre-Law, Oil'iccr's Club, Business Admin- Business Administration ivrratiun Club, Aggie liar A . ,gl f" JACK SPIVA WALLER I l'IOlVlIiR LEONARD ,,,,.,, w'1uuuaN, jk. Dallas ' Fort Worth Gculugyv HT.. Association I 1 Aj," lilectrical Engineering IVIAXINE WALTON Muxic Port Worth Home Economics, Home Economics Club, S. O, S. in ,,... 1, BARBARA ANN WEBSTER Doc Arlington Pre-Medical, Pi Mu, Zangnla CHARLES WILLIAM WEAVER Bill Dallas Speech, Ratlio anrl Dramatic: JACK C. WESSI.ER MARY ANNE WHITE MARTHA LOUISE Arlington Sinn. WILLIAMSON Pre-I-IW' Aggie Ill' cedar Hill Blondie High School Education Arlington General, Sliorthurn Staff, l'Iomc Ecunuxnncs Club, Sans Souci IVIARGARIQT RUTH Wl'IITlf HARRY B. WHITNIIY M,,ygj,- Longview Dann lxflechanieal Engineering, K. K. K., Pre-Medical, junior Aggie Staff, Pi Mu, 'Engineering Society S. O. S. KATHRYN W. WILLIS CI-IARLIES R. WILSON ROBERT G. WILSON Kally Bob Bob Arlington Dallas Fort Worth Pre-Medical, Phi Kappa Theta, Pi Mu Petroleum Engineering Pre-Law, Officers Club, Aggie Bar THELMA ALLIZYNE WILLIS HUGI-I IZDWARD WILSON Tbrl Ill 11 Slogie Arlington Dallas Elementary Education, Phi Kappa Theta Electrical Engineering, Officers Club, Engineering Society, Bull Pen JUNE WITTKQWER Iunic Dallas Business Administration, Avolonrc, Business Administration Club HELEN MARIE YEAGER Helen Dallas Pre-journalism, La Docena, Business Manager, Shorrhorn VALIN R. WOODWARD OLEN YATES Berl Slrvjzy Arlington ,Iuinerville :'reMMedical, Junior Aggie, Officer's Club, Electrical Engineering, Radio Club 'i u WILLIAM TATUM WOFFORD JAMES EDWARD WRIGHT Bill lim my Arlington Arlingwn Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Theta, Pre-Law, Aggie Bar, Officer's Club llull Pen, Radio Club THOMAS ADAMS YORK SAM YOUNG AUSTIN EDGAR ZELLERS Thomas Bultour A. E. Dallas Dallas Weatherford Pre-Medical, Pi Mu, Radio Club, Mechanical Engineering, Officer's Club, Pre-Law O. K. K., Non-Com Club Bull Pen, Sam Houston Rifles SOPHOMORES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED PAUL ALEXANDER WENDELL HAROLD ANDERSON TYSON HILL BARNES EARL PARKS BARRETT LUTHER BEAN ROBERT JAMES BRADFORD E. Y. BROWN G. W. BROWN WILLIAM B. COKE DAN L. COLLIE HENRY WARD COLLIER OLEY CLARK DALRYMPLE MAX ERWIN DUNCAN JOSEPH RICHARD DUNGAN BERKLEY ELLIS FISHER FORREST WILLIAM GERNER DOROTHY LOUISE GLANTON FISKE HANLEY HARRY FRANKLIN HARRISON NOLAN ANDERSON HERNDON RANKIN ALLEN HOBBS CHARLES LAWRENCE HORN CHARLES C. JOHNSON LOUIS TROST KIMPLE A. L. LEE HENRY LEWIS JAMES LEWIS ROBERT LIVINGSTON WILLIAM ALVIN LOONEY JOE ALLEN LYNE WILTON MASSEY RUDOLPH MATLOCK JAMES DANIEL MCCAMMON ROBERT MCMAHON JOE MCNAIR JACK MANNING MEADOR JOHN ANTHONY MICHAEL LUTHER MORGAN MIKE MURRAY HENRY BRADFORD NAEERS FRED NAEORS THOMAS OWEN JOHNNIE IIEARSON CARL RANGE CLYDE M. RASCOE WILLETA ROBERTSON MURREL ROGERS JOE RODNEY ROUSELLE JOHN D. SCHLOEMAN LEVI HAROLD STEWART JOE STROOP RUPERT GORDON SWAFFORD HAROLD TEUBNER ALLEN THOMAS JAMES UPCHURCH LAWRENCE PAT WALKER STANLEY LLOYD WALKER JACK WARREN MRS. MARY V. WEST EVERETT WHATLEY RALPH WIDMAN FRED WIGZELL MARY LOUISE WOFFORD Class nf 1941 PRESIDENT EUIL BURCH- FIELD is from Crandall. Texas .. . Caplrain of Co. B . . . vice-presiden'r of +l'1e O. K. K .... member of OFFicer's Club . . . 'rwo-year foolball leH'erman . . . music maior . . . sings 'renor and hopes fo use his Jralenl' on lhe radio. .ii as 1' LOIS HERBERT . . . pe+i+e secre+ary-+reas- urer . . . one of N-Tac's favorile coeds . . . a princess in lhe coronalrion . . . Avalomle . . . domesfically inclined . . . likes +o sew . . . buf she fakes a business course . . . ln case you are inleresled sl1e's piclured again on page IOO . . . 17" li Emi N,-ug 'K . r, l in I v l l "i' TOMMYE NEYLAND . . . vice-presidenl ...a sloclcy li+'rle fellow from Forl Worlrh . .. member of Non-Com Club . . . K. K. K. . . . aeronaufical engineering major who enioys poelry . . . has been flying for 'Five years. 'X .91 R if ' i Q ' t "' ' Q- . 53 . -A N . ,L . Clifton D. Ackerman Fort Worth Speech, Radio and Dramatics jay Dee Allen Roby General Agriculture james Maurice Antwinc Bonham General Agriculture Janie Bagby Fort Worth Business Administration V W.. af YE '- Bffz' -4 . Q t .ia First Row a Roller a . . Adlam Dallas l Chemical Engin W In tstrt anical I-Qing' ring Louise Alexander Marvi . Alexander Dallas Fort Worth High School Education Robert Russell Allen Sweetwater General Agriculture Guy Rush Anderson Odessa Pre-Veterinary Medicine Robert Lee Armstrong Duncanville Industrial Aeronautical Engineering William Preston Autry Dallas Electrical Engineering Leo Lynn Bailey Blossom General Agriculture Bill Dell Baldridge Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Second Row Charlotte Allison Smithfield General Att Mary Andrews v U 'L .. john Morgan Aiken Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering B. Fortl Allen Fort Worth Chemical Engineering john C. CSkipperD Allman Marlin Aeronautical Engineering Peggy Andrews liort Worth Iiort Worth General Art Home Economics Third Row Teddie Gladstone Ashmore wrence Monroe Atkins Keller lice ' I sines Administrati Frances Louise Back ' . Backus Mansheld Wo h Home Economics 'gh Sc ol ' ucation Electrical Engineering ' Fourth Row jack William Baker Haskell General Agriculture Margaret Ball Handley General Janell Baker Dallas Home Economics Robert C. Ballard Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering ..-.., Betty Patricia Akard Dallas Businesx Administration William C. Almand Laredo Pre-Law Claud Austin Dallas Business Administration John William Baker Dallas Business Administration ,QA .air , if K A ' ' ' - 1 g A xv . 4 s .A , L v img" 3, Y L' 'fy l s f- it --a- . Q t :, - 'V x 2 - .gl 5 N Wallace Bassett Ballard j. W. Banks Seagoville Ponder Mechanical Engineering Industrial Electrical Engineering Billy Bass Whitesboro Business Administration Billy Franklin Bcnge Borger Pre-Journalism William Harold Biesel Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Frank Barrett Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Robert Elmo Bass Lufkin Industrial Electrical Engineering Russell William Bebout Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering Alfred Benners Dallas General Agriculture E. Allen Berry Dallas Mechanical Engineering Dan Richard Biggins Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Dorcas Bivings Dallas Business Administration First Row Ruth Bardin Arlington Home Economics Kenneth Melvin Bartoo Fort Worth l'ublic School Music Second Row James Douglas Bates liort Worth Business Administration Mary Becker Dallas Home Economics Third Row Iva Nell Bennett Dallas Public School Music James Roy Berry Telephone Agricultural Education Fourth Row Gordon D. Biggs San Antonio General Margarette Blake Arlington Home Economics Johnny Oliver Barnes Mabank Pre-Veterinary Medicine Theoni Bessie Barunes Dallas High School Education Arthur Ray Bauhof Wichita lialls General Barbara Bell Dallas Business Administration Tiny Bebe Bennett Dallas Pre-Medical William Thomas Berry, jr. Fort Worth General Agricultural Victor C. Bilbo Dallas General Agriculture Mary Rita Blundell Dallas Speech, Radio and Dramatics Betty Barnett lleckville General Dorothy Bearden Arlington Business Administration Billy Bentley Dallas Pre-Law Charles Francis Birkhead, Jr Electra Electrical Engineering in 'f . I ' 5' Q? i A' 'ii ii V f 5 E if s 1 g N I if x A W .w , l D , .. at M, ,. ...-'H C ' h .. of ' 4 --..A 6 N H , ii Q B xl'-5' r A -" T A M Emma Lou Boatwright Dallas Business Administration William H. Bowie Dallas Petroleum Engineering S. E. Bradshaw, jr. Springtown Agricultural Administration Caleb Steve Brown Lawn Agricultural Education Louis A. Boli III Dallas Electrical Engineering Charles LeRoy Borgeson,j Dallas General Albert S. Bowles Dallas Pre-Medical Howard Bishop Bradley Dallas Petroleum Engineering Gerald Ray Bratz Sherman Band and Orchestra R 'ay Brigman Willis Brinkley lfnrt Worth Aeronautical Engineering Charles Duke Brown Bremond Business Administration Nadima Bullock Dallas Home Economics First Row jimmy Leroy Boller San Antonio Petroleum Engineering Norvan Elton Bourland Nocona Industrial Mechanical Engineering Second Raw Bruce Gene Boylan Port urth lndust ial Aeronautical lingin ring oja l Bradley n, usiness stration bird Row . pearl I usiness Administration Elton Leslie Brogdon Arlington Geological Engineering Fourth Row Joe B. Bruce Bardwell General james Euil Burchfield Crandall Public School Music William Lee Bonar Moundsville, West Virginia Aeronautical Engineering Gordon Leonard Bowers Parmersville Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Bobett Boylcs Dallas Business Administration Doris Graham Bradshaw Dallas Business Administration Margaret Brigman Maypearl Public School Music Lee Melvin Brooks Redrock, Arizona Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Gordon R. Bryant Dallas Pre-Medical Lois Burnett Arlington Speech, Radio and Dramatics jack J. Boozer Prairie Hill Aeronautical Engineering Donald E. Boysen Fort Worth Business Administration Connally Oran Briles Fort Worth Pre-Veterinary Medicine Bill N. Buford Odessa General Lovice Burnett Arlington Business Administration Helene Louise Butz lfort Worth Speech, Radio and Dramatics Raymond Haskell Calloway Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Ralph Gordon Carter Fort Worth High School Education Martha Grace Burns Dallas General Art Mary Lee Bussey Arlington Business Administration john Bernard Butz liort Worth Petroleum Engineering john Ivan Caldwell Dallas Petroleum Engineering Mildred Camp Arlington Business Administration Rita Elaine Carrington Cooper Home Economics H. Readey Casltey, jr. Briggs l're4Medieal Dorothy Lee Cavan Dallas General AA fr--f I . Q I if , ' First Row Boyd Burris Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Alice Carolyn Butts Dallas General Second Row Martha Loretta Byrum Vickery Business Administration Anne Calhoun Dallas l're-Journalism Third Row jack Davis Campbell Dallas Aeronautical Engineering joseph William Carroll Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Fourth Row Glenn Harrison Cathcart liort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Louie C. Cearley Pine Bluff, Arkansas Aeronautical Engineering 1 'L 'Q L'- I IH' 1 1 i Us IL Q i tY...,vW 7.!J x ., .. 4921.-iff ,sc fer' 1- 'Q 'Ve 'e ,141 4,5 an Martha Burton fg,f',,,V,Jxl!etQ1y',.Ifile,Bush-,f Qs, -- X Fort Worth l V J Da las , Q J f Business Adminirtrengy,-pL,.Jjli5j2i2.Admirg?piZE7 Q V,-f if 4 T' X V ' 1, Horace W. Butts ' ' L' ' f ' Z!! 6LJ, Fort Worth C,Cf,.VfL-uf bf L. vj . Mechanical Engineering . 4 0, ,K 'I fcrdgn Ax tm Jff of ,QJ I f .-f5'c,1.9fL7,, james Leslie Cabee 1 A -Ian1esAt,C ' t IL, , .5 ' ,fn 01 Dallas A 'X ?'Jf'!'Cfrhidvie 1, lf Pre-Veterinary Medicinef. I ' Agricultural Education Y- lort Worth Ly Aeronautical Engineering Royce Therman Campbell Bonham Agricultural Education Elwood Allen Carter Avle Aeronautical Engineering juerrine Jayne Cathcart Fort Worth Landscape Art J. Neville Chalk Dallas Petroleum Engineering H. N. Franklin Calhoun M-If bg - i 'f X DONJVJ- EI- l l f lltcfk s.- V1 Ralph Echols Carawa liort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Carolyn Cavaness Maypearl Home Economics Y 1 U' x s X.: X.. was ' . an O va, a r ,sr .. S icgfifi l " M, GE-V fr' li -aj! 5 , ' .a-, no , l -n s Q 11 -1 A 3 i i A i ' 'W-1. '1 'Q 'fm I 'N H l A v- A gag W Dan Sims Chamberlin John William Champion Dallas Electrical Engineering Eddy S. Churman Crowley Chemical Engineering James Wilson Coke Dallas Chemical Engineering Mayme Colson Arlington Home Economics Decatur General Agriculture William James Cjackj Chilcoat Fort Worth General J. Freeman Clark - Dallas Petroleum Engineering Walter Wilson Cockercll Roanoke General Agriculture Louis Milton Cole Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering James Hunt Collier Grandview Business Administration Ross Richard Cone V Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Cyrus Lafayette Cook Mabank Agricultural Education fl! First Row Clifford J. Chapman Adrian Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Gordon Fletcher Chiscnhall Shamrock Industrial Mechanical Engineering Second Row Morris Cook Clemmons Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering Howard Lane Coffey Conroe General Third Row Cecil Raymond Coleman Belchervillc Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Mary Jane Collins Arlington Home Economics Fourth Row Molly Patricia Connell Wolfe City Business Administration Grady Maurice Cook Fort Worth Industrial Mechanical Engineering 5, I . ii T ' G , Nw 4 Q Q nf IH . .,..1 ' Ll . X l l Jack Arthur Chapman Warren Leroy Cheek Dallas Groves Chemical Engineering Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Vernon A. Christian Dallas Civil Engineering Harry Cobbel Joe F. Cochran Dallas Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Margaret Anne Coffey Ifort Worth Public School Music Sara Frances Colley Arlington Public School Music Dorothy Helen Colson Water Valley, Mississippi Home Economics Edmund joseph Conrady Windthors: Industrial Mechanical Engineering Sarah Counts liort Worth Business Administration Mechanical Engineering Ann Collier Dallas Business Administration Betty Conroy Dallas Home Economics 'A- 7! 15, . A Q' yi W 'x ' IQ My ilr t ' Q 5- it Sherman Edward Counts Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Erwin Tarter Crook Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Cranford Dalby Arlington Petroleum Engineering John Berkley Dawson Fort Worth Electrical Engineering jack Fred Courtright Dallas General Claud Crandall Crandall General Snowden Leftwich Cross Fort Worth General Agriculture Jim Bill Crutcher Mineral Wells Pre-Medical Lucky Daniel Turnersville Aeronautical Engineering Mary Gail Davis Dallas Pre-Journalism Robert E. Day Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering William Thomas Deering Arlington Electrical Engineering First Row Dorothy Nclle Cox Grand Prairie Home Economics Thomas William Crews Corsicana Pre-Law Second Row Walter Herbert Crow Sherman Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Steve Culibrk Dallas Chemical Engineering Third Row Billy D. Danks Dallas Pre-Medical Maurice Davis Dallas Business Administration Fourth Row Phillip Deam Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering Willard Anderson Denton Lancaster General Agriculture Florence Maude Cox Dallas Business Administration George Elliott Crist Houston Electrical Engineering Elmer Coficld Crowder joshua Mechanical Engineering Billy Frank Curry Arlington Commercial Art Robert M. D'Arcy Arlington Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Young Davitte Houston Petroleum Engineering Phyllis Deam Dallas Business Administration Ann Deputy Dallas Pre-Medical Thomas Lee Crabb Dallas Petroleum Engineering Wanda Crumpton Arlington Business Administration joe Howard Davis Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Leonard Davis Deere Breckenridge Industrial Aeronautical Engineering l , r , I al I' ,,a ,f x l 5 X V '45 "" 'iv or dl wi Ray Edward Dickie Woodson General Agriculture Allyn Charles Douglas Dallas Pre-Veterinary Medicine Una Elizabeth Dunigan liort Worth Voice John Eckert Dallas Industrial Mechanical Engineering .N-r U Q l x 1, . lf. A 4 if I "' - V . N -ez' J- , 1-. I' 1 5 , sl at 'IF G' Q. ..- gl Q Q-" f H 'f A af" U 5 V. , 10 Y ,F gi "" ii i C A '- ' s ,. R84 g 1 'V v 5 - , w L f- ak ..-- , .. - :,.. . V, ..- f 1 .-1-I J A - l First Row Marvin Leigh Dickinson Lamar Howard Dickson S. D. Dillard Erncstine Ditto Dallas Waco Grand Prairie Arlington Pre-Journalism lndustrial Aeronautical Industrial Mechanical Business Administration Engineering Engineering Raymond Martin Dodd Oscar I-I. Dodson Albert Lec Donnell Fort Worth Chillicothe Arlington Aeronautical Engineering Edward Ralph Dozier Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Tommy Edward Duke Dallas Chemical Engineering Ruth Dunlap Dallas Business Administration Bill Francis Dwyer Dallas Business Administration C. V. Edwards III Dallas Mechanical Engineering Arthur Grant Elder Dallas General Art Business Administration Second Row James Palmer Drake Dallas General Geology Maurice Duncan Arlington Business Administration Third Row Louie Edwin Dunn Dallas Mechanical Engineering Robert Coleman Dyer Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Fourth Row Tommy Shaw Edwards Dallas General Art Tom J. Elder Arlington General High School Education James Stratton Draper Dallas Business Administration William Gene Duncan Dallas Civil Engineering Ardis Henry Durham Houston Chemical Engineering Kenneth Jerome Eberly Arlington Agricultural Education W. S. Edwards Dallas Commercial Art Charles Van Elia Marshall Pre-Veterinary Medicine Billy Shelton DuBose lfort Worth Petroleum Engineering Mary Elizabeth Duvall Dallas Business Administration Oscar Reed Elam liort Worth Electrical Engineering as J, f? A L A .Aa i slf K' so-F V 'L in t Leeroy Brana Elich Albany Business Administration Bert Espy Longview Aeronautical Engineering Roger Leon Fielder Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Jerry Floyd Fort Worth Business Administration Alice Maxine Elliott Arlington Business Administration james V. Elmore Dallas Business Administration Robert H. Eubanlt Mahank Electrical Engineering William Arthur Farrell Fort Worth Business Administration Cyrus Milton Fields Dallas Pre-Medical Mary Dorothy Flcckenstcin Fort Worth Home Economics William Jack Foley Taft industrial Aeronautical Engineering Naomi Foster . Irving Business Administration First Row Marvin Dewane Elliott Stamford Industrial Electrical Engineering Mary Elizabeth Emlarec Dallas Business Administration Second Row Florence Evans Fort Worth General Art Bob Ferguson Eastland Business Administration Third Row Hardy William Fields Dallas Frances Lorraine Fleming Fort Worth Business Administration Fourth Row Guy Porter Foncs Harlingen Aeronautical Engineering Tom W. Foster Arlington Business Administration james Richard Ellis Denison Aeronautical Engineering I-Iazel LaRue Erby Fort Worth Elementary Education Mary Betty Everett Dallas Pre-Medical Jerome Mathis Fespcrman Fort Worth Chemical Engineering i John Adam Finkin Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Tommy W. Flewharty Dallas Petroleum Engineering Lena Belle Fore Graford Home Economics William Raymond Foster Waco lndustrial Aeronautical Engineering i Wood Ellis Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Zada LaVerne Farmer lfort Worth Elementary Education Joe Price Fitzgerald Rice Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Gene Foster Kaufman Agricultural Education t ' " slr rw A 1' I Y' i. ,Q , ll' . ii I V Y ,+ , w-1 Robert Fowler Ennis General Agriculture Verncr Bee Fry Fort Worth High School Education William Henry Garrett Houston Aeronautical Engineering Billy Freeman Glasgow Arlington General f ' ' K f Q Q , s 1 2 ll I' 54 L 5 Q , , . I J ,N I ,, F ' L V, I 'N' Charles Francis Wills Point Agricultural Education Bobby Fred Rocksprings Industrial Electrical Engineering Mary Margaret Frye Irving General Art Edwin Gibbs Gardner Dallas Chemical Engineering James Loftin Gary Longview Industrial Electrical Engineering Nancy Geer Arlington General Joe Aston Gober Sulphur Springs Band and Orchestra James Edward Gragg Dallas Business Administration First Rowgv J. R. Francisco Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Norman Fred Rocksprings Industrial Electrical Engineering Second Row S. Ross Gammon Ennis Engineering Harry L. Garfield Ilouston Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Third Row Harriett Luella Gaskill Dallas Business Administration Bernard Fredrick Gibson Mansfield Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Fourth Row Elizabeth Gowdcy Dallas High School Education Jack Gray Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Alton joe Franke Lockhart General Agriculture james Boyd Frix Gladewater Electrical Engineering Daerl Russ Gandy Tyler General Roy Cecil Garner Crockett Aeronautical Engineering Lewis Warren Gaskill Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Jack Charles Gipson Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Laura Gowin Fort Worth Pre-Journalism Robert Culliton Green Fort Worth Pre-Journalism George Edward Franklin Dallas Speech, Radio and Dramatics Bonnie Lou Gantz Dallas Business Administration Maxwell Irving Gathings Cleburne Chemical Engineering A. C. Graf Texarkana Physical Education 1 . I ' ' 'lu 0 js. lil y wr! i 3... tl 1:7 fi r in ' t R 'ff . R' 5- - H- ' ' A L A A - I g.. . -ov ,L Q Mary Jane Gregory ' Arlington 4 - ' '. V l A , do ., u 4- C , ,' J ,1 4 xii' , 'D -5, ., ,fini First Row f 1' 41 ,, ,,. 1, ' dllarlotte Marie Griffin Henry H. Griifis Arlington Dallas Pre-journalism Pre-Medical Physical Education Robert Oliver Haden Dallas Mechanical Engineering Will Hommel, jr. Waco Business Administration Maxine Hartin Arlington General Art Frances Pearl Gulledge Fort Wortli High School Education Thomas Edison Hagan Mineral Wells Aeronautical Engineering Ralph Owens Hall Weatherford General Dorothy Dee Hardin Grapevine Business Administration julian Harris Dallas Mechanical Engineering Dorothy Ann Hartung Fort Worth Business Administration Beatrice Helen Hayes Fort Worth Business Administration Robert McCart Hackney Iiort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Second Row H. Hugh Hagler lfort Worth Civil Engineering Carl Leonard Hamilton Arlington General Agriculture Third Row James Arthur Harrell Dallas Aeronautical Engineering George Burgin Hart Dallas Agricultural Administration Fourth Row George W. Hartwell Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Davis Cameron Hayes Paris Pre-Medical As Joe H. Griffith Fort Worth General Ted Edgar Dupuy Hackney Fort Worth Pre-Medical Edward McGowan Hale Dallas Electrical Engineering Robert Lewis Hamm Red Oak Industrial Aeronautical Engineering . l X james Ho gri Dallas Ev a- yi Genera X l I Wffailda Lee H Tort Worth Business inistration JU! Gertrude Gayle Haskew Clifton General Agriculture Richard Alford Hearne Fort Worth Chemical Engineering William Clyde Grounds liort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Virginia Lee Haley Irving Business Administration Joe Giles Harris Dallas Agricultural Administration Norma Glee Hawks Hamilton, Missouri Business Administration an 'T ,- i, ..... t Q 3 , ,, , -1 , . SN-4. f i ., 2, W' 5' -. g 1 Y :w , xi ' uh' ,.. ,Y if J an M k A 4 i 5 F.. -5- 'f ll, 4, . 'Q 'I George B. Henderson Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering jack Durrant Higgins Fur: Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering J. B. Holder Marshall General Ferncll Hopkins Corsicana Commercial Art Hansel Kay Herbert Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Dean Robert Hiatt lfort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Jeanne Leonore Hildreth Dallas Business Administration Johnnie R. Hinton, jr. Grand Prairie l're-Medical Calvin Ross Hollingsworth Sanger General Agriculture Elton Eugene Hooser Italy General Agriculture Martha Jean Hornaday Arlington Home Economics Clyde M. Hotchkiss Denison Aeronautical Engineering First Row Lois Herbert Arlington Business Administration Charles Edwin Hicks Waco Business Administration Second Row Cecil Bryan Hollingsworth Sanger General Agriculture Mildred Hogg Mansiield General Third Row Billie Holmes Josephine Electrical Engineering Ray Mitchell Hooton Fort Worth Industrial Mechanical Engineering Fourth Row Jim Frank Hornback Decatur General Agriculture Dave Belton Hott Grapevine General Agriculture Harvey Raymond Herbs: Dallas Business Administration Mary Louise Higginbotham Chillicothe Business Administration Charles Lee Hillis Robert joseph Hertell Fort Worth Commercial Art Bettye Hinsch Wylie Dallas Business Administration Business Administration Bessie Marie old r . Lancaster , Home lico ' , Xl f V f 0 . Bob Holmes "' William Earl Holt Dallas Longview Pre-Medical Electrical Engineering David Lee Hopkins X ' Duncanville Pre-Law Janette Hornsby Earline Dolores Horton Arlington Dallas Business Administration General Brice Edward Houston Arlington Business Administration I 'Q -x Z A AAAI - , A, . A , 'C O ni l i Horace Ben Houston Dallas l Pre-Law Billie Nell Hughes Dallas l're-Medical i T. V. Jamieson Wills Point General Agriculture Maxine Johnson Dallas l're-Journalism I Dorothy Fayrene Howard Dallas Speech, llatlio and Dramatics Williaitm Buford Hudgins liort Worth Electrical Engineering Harold Lowrey Hurst Lancaster Pre-Veterinary Medicine Florence Hyslop Arlington Speech, Radio and Dramatics Patricia Jane Jamison Graham High School Education Alma Bernice Johnson Fort Worth Elementary Education Gladys Johnston Arlington Business Administration Hilda Frances Jones Fort Worth Pre-Journalism First Row C. W. Hubbard Fort Worth General Agriculture Louis Lee Huffman Temple Indurtrial Aeronautical Engineering Second Row Bernard Hutchinson Dallas Business Administration Donald Henry Isaacson Houston Pre-Medical Third Row Edna Fay Jayncs Dallas llome Economics Ernest Melton Johnson lfort Worth Electrical Engineering Fourth Row Jack Paschal Jolly Dallas Business Administration N Marie nes If r or B essA 1 'stration i Mavis Marie Hubbard Handley Violin Fidelia Florine Hufstedler Dallas Business Administration Raymond B. Huyge Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Truman Tructt Isbell College Station Industrial Electrical Engineering Ulotis Jedlicka Arlington Petroleum Engineering J. Weldoxt Johnson Arlington Special Ancil Arthur Jones Jaeltslioro Civil Engineering Robert D. Jones Arlington Aeronautical Engineering arf was in Raymond Williatxt I-I lfort Worth Pre-Law Julian Eli Huzarevich lfort Worth l'etroleum Engineering Fred Thomas Jeter Gladewater General Agriculture Chris Jones, Jr. Del Rio Petroleum Engineering uclcck A Q I arf 1 X' A I Q , 5 ,gh ' A , ,Q L! lb t V X A r .. . s I l 4 . L U- , 'K ,l l s i fg iw 2 I sz.. 7' -.4 E. A ' if U "" . wi A ' E ' l i 2, l if .Ai or ,, . ii? . l f . xv. ll Robert Morris Jones Cleburne Industrial Aeronautical Engineering John Franklin Keller Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Bill Kirkpatrick Reagan General Agriculture Offa Shivers Lattimore III Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering William E. Jones llort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Frederick Jeremiah juby, jr. Oakalla General Agriculture Marjorie E. Kelley Fort Worth Commercial Art Forrest William King Grand Prairie Industrial Mechanical Engineering Jack Alan Kisler Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering john Mason Lankford Arlington Pre-Journalism Robert L. Lawlis Sylvester Mechanical Engineering Juanita Lee Fort Worth Public School Music First Row William Lloyd Jones Ennis Pre-Veterinary Medicine W. F. Juliff Fort Worth Pre-Veterinary Medicine Second Row Bill O. Kelvey Mt. Pleasant Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Nathan P. King Grand Prairie Band and Orchestra Third Row Jerry Eugene Krakoff Dallas Pre-Medical joe Mac Larkin Odessa Petroleum Engineering Fourth Row Frank N. Leatherwoocl Terrell General Agriculture Ruby Naomi Lee Dallas General Art Lance William Joplin Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Bill Charles Kearney Fort Worth General Agriculture Foster Kemp Faye June Joyce Dallas Business Administration Sidney Womack Kent Corpus Christi Fort Worth Business Administration Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Ray Kenneth Kinslow Dallas Electrical Engineering George Kramig Wayne Johnson Lanham Houston Midland Industrial Electrical Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Charles W. LaRue Nevada General Art J. W. LeBus Evelyn Lee Electra Carrollton Business Administration Kathryn Leftwieh Arlington Home Economics Home Economics v as 2 , ,ig . Y - 1 i I X Q l ti' 14' , J weft ' -v rv in Ray Leonard Arlington General Guy Wyndell Lindsey Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering l0hn Edward Lowe Dallas General John Tingley Maddux Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering William Franklin Leonard, Jr. Nocona Industrial Mechanical Engineering joseph Roy Lewis Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering john Wiiifrey Livesay Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Betty jane Loos Smithville Home Economics Richard Charlton Lowry Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Bradford Hanly Lytle Farmersvillc Engineering Elbert Major Milford Agricultural Education Melvin Wayi1e Martens Dallas Engineering First Row K. P. Lester Winnshoro General Agriculture Chester Othell Lind Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Second Row H. David Lloyd Dallas Petroleum Engineering Charles Ray Love Cleburne Agricultural Education Third Row Joh n Henry Lubke Arlington General Charles Ray Macon Dallas lluxiness Administration Fourth Row Mary Sue Maloney Dallas Business Administration James Clifford Martin Fort Worth General Agriculture Leon Truerc Lester Winnsboro Mechanical Engineering Charlene Lindsey Dallas Home Economics H. C. Loard Memphis Aeronautical Engineering Lois Lorraine Lovell Arlington General Carl M. Luttrell Arlington Physical Education Billy Paul Maddry Arlington Commercial Arr Embry Lyann Mann Arlington General Agriculture Louise Mason Arlington Home Economics 5 I l A u i 'won' WG Gnu E Alberta Lerc Arlington Art Education Walter Bruce Long Graham Industrial Mechanical Engineering john Reid Lynn Cheyenne, Vllyoming Pre-Medical Oliver Perry Mark Dallas l're-Law 'Q . -cv' . 'W 'i .avi s ,ga '- wr is Vi' - Y 1' 5' ' .W ,, 1 "' me PHP 3 "' We 'lf 5 v r -X " A N Muriel Anne Matthews Iiort Worth lileinentary Iidncatinn William DeNVitt Mcnefee Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering Paul Miller Fort Worth Industrial Mechanical Engineering jerry E. Montgomery Littlefield Aeronautical Engineering Raymond Calvin Matthews Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Matthew james Meador Beckville Business Administration Williai11 Clyde Mercer Dallas Education Fred Gordon Middleton Midland Pre-journalism Edith Ferne Milliken liort Wortli General Katherine Ruth Mims Dallas Education Buena Margaret Moore Avery Public School Music Johnnie Mae Moore Arlington Business Administration ,ul First Row Williztiit Taylor Matthews Dallas Petroleum Engineering Oliver E. Meadows Ennis Agricultural Education Second Row Leslie R. Merritt Arlington Aeronautical lingineering Fred Miller, jr. Waco Business Administration Third Row Paul D. Millikin Dallas Pre-Medical Hamilton C. Moffett Lancaster Agricultural Administration Fourth Row Harry Richard Moore Wichita Falls Aeronautical Engineering Julius Ernest Moore Moheetie Industrial Aeronautical Enuineering Jane Mattox Fort Worth Business Administration Alma Carolyn Meier Arlington Business Administration Alex George Metzler Bruce Leon Meador Blooming Grove Industrial Electrical Engineering David Wessling Michael Houston Fort Worth Industrial Electrical Engineering Business Administration Edward Miller Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Joe A. Milrany Fort Worth Business Administration james Willis Montgomery Copeville Industrial Aeronautical Engineering james Parker Moore Fort Wortlx Business Administration Mary Kathryn Moore Arlington Public School Music Madge Milton Arlington General john Benjamin Moore Fort Worth Business Administration Q. ,Q s it 1 V. if I I . l Ht L Sf . Pa-f x,,., f bg gl W 3 tl , I In A , A Robert XVaync Moore Dallas Petroleum Engineering Minter Irving Morris Marypearl General Vera Lee Myers lfort Worth lluuness Administration Roger Powell McCord Ilantllcy Pre-Veterinary Medicine Ruth Louise Moore lfort Worth Business Administration Richard I-Iarry Moorman Dallas l're-Medical I-Iarlin Morrison Dallas Aeronautical Engineering William Henry Moss I'learne Business Administration Il. G. McAfee johnson City. Tennessee I'rc-Medical Robert E. McBride Dallas Mechanical Engineering Thad Bell McCormick Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Mack McCraw Dallas Electrical Engineering First Row R. Weldon Moore Arlington Agricultural Education Roy Frank Morgan Arlington Mechanical Engineering I Thomas Nall Moore Dallas General Agriculture Martha Morris Arlington l're-.lournalittn Second Row W9-, Robbie ,lean Morrison Burton J. Morton Carrollton 0 Arlington Muaic 7 General A4561 Edwin W. Myers fort W K Sunset, Louisiana Home Eeonomicx Electrical Engineering Third Row George McAllister, jr. Quitman Hand and Orchestra Earl Richard McCathren Mineral Wells Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Fourth Row Gloria McCoy Fort Worth Home Economics DcI.oyce McDonald Dallas Business Administration Don Mcliride Ilouaton Petroleum Engineering Elmo M. McClellan, jr. Gruver Industrial Mechanical Engineering Opal Elaine McCoy Grantl Prairie liusinest Administration Forrest Clyde McElfresh Dallas Electrical Engineering gl t. 'va' t Williaxtm Brooks Morehouse Dallas General Agriculture Margot Moseley lfort Worth Business Atlminixtration john David McBride Arlington lluainess Acllninistration Roze Winniefred McCoy Fort Worth Elementary Education all gn t ' t - x -s- . XE-:'l -wr g in 8 is 'E Q J ' 'ff I A If 'A N r Henry Clay MeGaughy Nocona Petroleum Engineering William McNair Dallas Mechanical Engineering Katherine Anne Newton Dallas General William Charles Oest lfort Worth Chemical Engineering James David McGee liort Wortli Aeronautical Engineering Lloyd Elmer Mclntosh Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Noel Hunt Melloberts, Dallas General Agriculture Elizabeth Patricia Neal Fort Worth Physical Education Tommye Ross Neyland liort Worth Aeronautical Engineering James Wilkes Noble Dallas Engineering Jack Burr Ogden Magnolia Springs Mechanical Engineering Doris Padgett Fort Wtirtli Elementary Education J First Row Emily Ruth McGhee Arlington Business Administration Robert Jack McLean Austin Physical Education Second Row Earl DeWitt McWilliams Dallas Business Administration Frank Moulton Newman liort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Third Row Claude Raymond Nichols Dallas l're-Medical Paul Dean Norris Celina lndustrial Electrical Engineering Fourth Row Dick M. Oliphant Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Claude Richard Page, Jr. Dallas Industrial Meehanieal Engineering Mary Jane McGown Wicliita Falls Home Economics J. Maurice MeMillin Dallas Electrical Engineering Cornelia Louise Nagle liort Worth Business Administration Mary Alyee Newsome Dallas Business Administration Mary Ann Nichols Dallas General Jack O'Brien Sweetwater Aeronautical Engineerin Joe P. Otto Fort Worth Electrical Engineering Harold Ray Panter Henrietta Mechanical Engineering K Harry Lloyd McGuire Liberty General Faye Lillian Nation Arlington Business Adtninistr tion M ' fQ'.QZ-Ififg Genevive Nicks Fort Wortli Home Economics John W. Otto Needville Petroleum Engineering 3x Vit, 'Q w tt," O g . l An i s I . d I r l i 1 i 1 1 i S L ll i Frank Loyd Parkman Smithfield Aeronautical Engineering Milton Leroy Pearson Austin Mechanical Engineering Mary Phillips Fort Worth Home Economics Roy Franklin Post Arlington Speech, Radio and Dramatics if ..-0 it . li 3 ts- -- X L , . in ,-.... .mfg . Q it i' A r i . "" Q ,- i H t ' . X i N ' A ' 4 e . Le.. f First Row lla jo Parsons Eugene Darwin Parvin Dallas Jordon Patrick Dorothy Patterson Dallas Port Worth Dallas Mansfield Business Administration Mechanical Engineering Business Administration General Dorothy Helen Patterson ll. C. Patterson R. Edwin Patton Arlington Arlington Crawford Industrial Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Second Row J. L. Pcdigo Joe Pcdigo Margaret Perdue Richard Edwin Perkins Pilot Point Waco Arlington Dallas General Agriculture Aeronautical Engineering Business Administration Business Administration Pat Herald Perry Leta LaVerne Person joe Bailey Pettit Arlington Arlington Dallas Business Administration Physical Education Business Administration Third Row Clarence Piercy Norma jane Pitman Leslie Stephens Pittman O. L. Pitts Fort Worth Port Worth Dallas Port Worth Petroleum Engineering Business Administration Industrial Electrical Engineering Petroleum Engineering Peggy Poe Ruth Elizabeth Pollock Williatii A. Pool Dallas Dallas Mansfield General General Agricultural Education Fourth Row E. EI. Powell Eugene Vernon Powell, Jr. Joe L. Pritchett Annie Carolyn Pryor Arlington Port Worth Ulniito Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Chemical Engineering General General Engineering Mary jane Puckett Leonard Pullin, -Ir. Bernard Riley Purcell Arlington Taft Crockett General Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Engineering N r 4 3' .4 t is 17' Y Hi 'Q so ' " I L . .. Robert Snyder Quade Oklahoma City, Oklaho Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Teb Allen Reclelell Arlington Agricultural Education L. J. Reynolds Arlington Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Paul Evens Rider Dallas Mechanical Engineering ma Marion Quinn Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Douglass I-I. Rauschelbacli .Iacksboro General Harold Edwin Redden Arlington Agricultural liducation Alton Reeves Handley Chemical Engineering Thomas G. Reynolds Grapevine, Arkansas Agricultural Education Weldon Brooks Richardson Pecos Aeronautical Engineering W. E. Roberson Dallas Mechanical Engineering Wilbur Kenneth Roberts Moheetie General Agriculture First Row Mildred Randall liort Worth l're-Medical Don Lundy Read Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering Second Row Douglas Byron Recd Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Doris Gertrude Rclikempcr Dallas Home Economics Third Row Robert Lee Rhodes Dallas Engineering Intlustrial Aeronautical Charles Harmon Riddle Fort Worth Pre-Medical Fourth Row Aaron Lamar Roberts, jr. Fort Worth Pre-Medical Anna Jo Robertson Grand Prairie Business Administration Mary Catherine Rankin Arlington Home Economics Glenn Wallace Reagan Dallas Engineering Howard Lawrence Reed Decatur General Agriculture George W. Reid Bridgeport General Agriculture Edwin Eugene Rich Fort Worth Business Administration Joe Rider Axle General Agriculture Harry A. Roberts Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering E. B. Robertson, Jr. Euless Engineering Alfred Joe Rapp Keller General Robert William Reed Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Robert S. Richardson Longview Mechanical Engineering Paul Wesley Roberts Haskell I're-journalism , in 1 sa- A . Kiss' rv .H ,, ' 0 it so ' ' ff i A 'Y' Q hi , B 'V' 'A Jack Mitchell Robertson Houston Speech, Radio and Dramatics Paul Herschell Rosamond Burleson General Agriculture Thomas Chase Schicbel Dallas Aeronautical Engineering Thomas E. Sexton Mt. Pleasant Business Administration Snow Robertson Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering jack Edwin Rocltenbaugh Dallas Chemical Engineering Billie Rountrce liort Wortlt Pre-Medical Melvin Gray Russell Dallas Pre-Medical Erwin Louis Schulz Channing Commercial Art Alex F. Scars Abilene General A. L. Shackelford Dallas Pre-Medical Charles William Shelton Dallas General First Row William Hall Robertson Dallas Business Administration George H. Rogers Dallas Mechanical Engineering Second Row C. W. Rowland liort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Jack Loyd Sampson Arlington Aeronautical Engineering Third Row Frank Wilson Scott Dallas Business Administration Harold Seay llelcherville Industrial Mechanical Engineering Fourth Row Robert Cornealous Shanks George Freeman Robinson Dallas Petroleum Engineering Morgan B. Rogers Dallas Chemical Engineering Whitney Clayton Rowland Tyler Aeronautical Engineering Wanda Alice Saunders Dallas Physical Education jack Scott Fort Wortlt General Warren Scay lielcherville industrial Mechanical Engineering James Harold Shannon Russell Lewis Robinson Celina General Agriculture Sam Rush Lancaster Industrial Aeronautical Engineering john Lee Scott Wichita Falls industrial Electrical Engineering Martha Lindsay Sharp Grand Prairie Dallas Dallas industrial Aeronautical l't'e-Medical Art Education Engineering L. t N Lois Shelton Virginia Shelton U .Ai Dallas Arlington -" M., . I General Business Administration Q i 'A ,, Ru 'rs'--J. . 5 M 1, . is 'S I H- T x' gin 1 1 I A - J ,-fl" 1-'NK il 99 Dan Aeronautical gineerin swim William Joseph Simmons Dallas General Jimmy Elijah Smith San Antonio Engineering Charles Leslie Snure Dallas Chemical Engineering Sweetwater f William Elmer Shields Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering Sylvan L. Shrader Milford General Agriculture Willis A. Simpson Fort Worth General Edward D. Smith Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering LaVerne Johann Smith liort Worth Business Administration Ben F. Smotherman Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering John Perry Snyder Dallas Electrical Engineering Emma Elizabeth Starr Grapevine General First Row .Iohn Harold Shirley Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering james Thomas Simmons Euless Engineering Second Row Frank Hearin Slade Longview General Harold Edwin Smith Dallas Business Administration Third Row Robert James Smith Dallas Electrical Engineering Anna Laura Snider Alle Home Economics Fourth Row W. D. Speer Aile General Agriculture E. L. Stearman Dallas Mechanical Engineering f .fifty qi Q. , 'th V Y .,,J . 'S 1 ' ' '? 1 .1 J ,. ,, J. f Q-1" ' . Norma Kathleen Shivcrs Fort Worth Home Economics john William Simmons, Jr Irving Aeronautical Engineering Annette Smith Fort Worth General Jack M. Smith Laredo Business Administration Stover Ellis Smith Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Simon Austin Snider Azle Engineering Bonnie Stanford Linden Home Economics John Henry Steele llnrt Worth Business Administration Q' 1 if' .. X .l 'li -1 - is . s. X . 8- -,ww A lr an 41 'PT !'u Lois Edward Shortes Fort Worth Pre-Medical Dorothy Smith Arlington Home Economics Vivian Ann Smith Dallas Business Administration Lamis C. Stansel Hearne Electrical Engineering N I - 'ul J-nw MY .4 -I ii ,Q- 4 I ' u 'QS is O .A I lin- , Q 4 -1 ' S: ' 1 t. . V Wi m' ' 'N ' . ,,, 0 . 4 I f I as f i 1 V .X ' s ' R 1 ' it First Row George Wayne Stephens Virginia Marie Stephens Thomas B. Stepp Decatur Dallas lfort Worth General Agriculture Lester Stiles Thrall Pre-Medical Max Farrand Stripling Mineral Wells Aeronautical Engineering Bette Sutton Dallas Ilomc Economics Business Administration Nell Stevens Rohstown Business Administrailon Victor Stinson Midlothian Aeronautical Engineering Mary Lyn Straiton Fort Worth Elementary Education Walter Harold Stricklin Nocona General Agriculture Wendell Lanier Sullivan Dallas Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Sally Swaim Arlington Ilulslic School Music Alice Ivelle Taclter Dallas Speech, Radio and Dramatics Mechanical Engineering Margaret Louise Stewart Grapevine Pre-Medical Second Row George Nelson St. John, jr. McCauiey Industrial Aeronautical Engineering jack Roy Strange Dallas Education Third Row James M. Strong Dallas K I'etroleum Engineering Hatton W. Sumner Itasca Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Fourth Row Faye Doris Swenson Dallas Business Administration Marguerite Lois Tanner Fort Worth General Art Frank Crawford Stevens Worthington, Ohio Speech, Radio and Draiuatics Tom Stewart Iiort Worth Business Administration Ray Stockard Lewisville Agricultural Education Norman Seaman Strange Dallas Business Administration Lester Charles Stevens Arlington Aeronautical Engineering Will G. Stockton Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Martha Sue Stubbs Grand Prairie General Elmer Eugene Sumrow Celeste General Agriculture Billy james Swinehart Houston Mechanical Engineering Lynclall Wade Tate Palmer General Agriculture John Bishop Sullivan Quanah Business Administration Marceline Monta Swinney Dallas Business Administration av if ,Q- ..x,,, V. lvl' , Q A 4. ,Jfll ff H I in lar T ' ' ' Louise Taylor Omaha Business Administration Jimmie Hamilton Thompson Dallas Electrical Engineering Jack Marvin Tidwell Dallas Chemical Engineering ,lack H. Traxler Dallas Intluxtrial Aeronautical Engineering l 1 1 M Richard H. Taylor Dallas Chemical Engineering Glenn Allison Tegge Georgetown Physical Education john Victor Thompson San Antonio Pre-Veterinary Medicine Harold -Iacen Thornton Iiort Wortlt Mechanical Engineering Lawrence C. Tidwcll Dekalb General Agriculture Joseph Lloyd Tinncy Dallas Business Administration Claude Augustus Trotter Highland I'Inme. Alabama Pre-Law Clara Amelia Twomcy Arlington Home Economics .Jw 9, First Row Howard N. Teague Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Elizabeth Ann Thomas Arlington Home Iieonnmics Second Row Patsy Gay Thompson Dallas Business Administration Jack B. Thurman Houston Aeronautical Engineering Third Row Lucy Gray Tidwcll Dallas try, Pre-Medical Oscar Lce Torbctc Marlin Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Fourth Row Ware Gilflert Tufts Duneanville General Agriculture Billy joe Utterback Iiort Worth Petroleum Engineering Jimmie Earle Tccl Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Jo Thompson Iiort Worth I't' Robert Brawley Thompson Fort Worth Chemical Engineering H. L. Tidwell Dallasi. Pre-Medical 0 , f I H I Carl Tigertt, Jr. Wilmer General Bob W. Townsley Austin General john Wesley Turner liort Worth Civil Engineering Virginia Vahrenkamp Fort Worth Commercial Art Kathryn Isabella Teesdalc Cleburne Business Administration George Woodrow Thorn Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Hall Larkin Tincr Malakoff Agricultural Education John Williaita Turner Pickton Engineering 1 l v Q an h . If, lv .. ..,. , , Y .gwr f .5 . "" . , I - t dh I, s. ' in , at i 'I A -Q b Frances Vaughn Everman Elementary Education Robert Luther Walker Midland Aeronautical Engineering Ncllenc Walton Tyler Business Administration Lois Rosemary Wells Fort Worth Art Education i Edward Downtain Vickery lfnrt Worth Pre-Law li. C. Voss Odessa Aeronautical Engineering E. Frank Wallace Arlington Pre-Medical Anna Louise Waller Dallas Physical Education James Otto Warenskjold Cleburne General Agriculture Marian Weaver Dallas Education Elizabeth Irene Wentworth Fort Worth Pre-Medical Kenneth Moore Whisenant I Atlanta Aeronautical Engineering r First Row Sammie Beth Vickery Arlington General Clifton Brown Voss liort Worth General Agriculture Second Row john Thomas Wallace Dallas l're-Law Deana Frances Waller Dallas Business Administration Third Row Juanita Watkins Arlington Business Administration Robert Bruce Weaver Jonesboro llusiness Administration Fourlb Ro w Fred Wernettc eg Fort Worth Electrical Engineering I? N James Richard Whitcher Dallas Business Administration William Weldon Vickre Valley Mills Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Marjorie Walker Dallas Business Administration Karl Edward Wallace Arlington General Vernon Roy Walling Pilot Point General Agriculture Ralph C. Watkins Dallas l'etroleum Engineering Richard Porter Webb Mesquite Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Margie Anita Wetherell Dallas High School Education Cary Sue White Cedar l'lill l're-journalism Y Julius Carl Vogel Dallas Pre-.Iuurnalixnt R. E. Wallace Nocona Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Nathan Glen Watson Mineral Wells Intluxtrial Electrical Engineering W. Frank Wlieeler, Jr. Arlington Industrial Aeronautical Engineering 9 1 'W x t J -ai . , M i 'I 1 t . -'A uni i an-v Ns' K 'ik tu ,vi 5" v 1' t X ii ' - . ' it i 125711 ., is' ' ' . 'P- v Mt -sit.. f'l117"'7f:" ' ,- jj g I 9 :ef Ida Mary Lou White Texarkana Business Administration Irene Elizabeth Whitley Grand Prairie General Doris Elizabeth Dallas General Willhite Letha Bell Wilson Grand Prairie General i X1 54 if-f X r , ':- 1. Nothera White Fort Worth Business Administration C. Bruwnloc Whitehead lfort Worth llre-Law Mary Alycc Whitmire Fort Worth l're-Medical H. Brace Wigzell Dallas General Alice Williams Dallas Home Economics Helen M. Wilson Fort Worth General Art Robert William Wilson Arlington Chemical Engineering Arthur Boyd Winston Waco Industrial Aeronautical Engineering 4- .- . ,U if 1 Q ,. y 1.3 .Q-', X - fi" '. vyg it Lv 1s':.'5 -:H .3 First Row Wilbur: Leonard White liort Worth Mechanical Engineering B. jean Whiteside Fort Worth llomc Economics Second Raw Wade Whittle Handley Engineering Fred S. Wilcox Dallas Civil Engineering Third Row Anna Lou Williams Arlington Home Economics james L. Wilson Evcrman Mechanical Engineering Fourth Row Dorothy Jean Winford Dallas General l Katherine Elizabeth Witt Dallas Business Administration Frances Ann Whitecl Fort Worth General Horace Whiteside lfnrt Worth l'rc-Veterinary Medicine Anna Lora Whitwell liort Worth Pre-journalism Max Wilcmon San Angelo Pre-Medical Aron Ben Williamson liort Worth Pre-Medical Laura Eliza Wilson Dallas Speech, Radio and Dramatics Gerald Houston Winn Grandview Business Administration Bernard Theodore Womack Fort Worth Industrial Aeronautical Engineering Bobby Whitehead Fort Worth Business Administration Harry Whitworth Smithville Pre'Law G. Edward Williams Dallas Mechanical Engineering Charles Edison Winniford Dallas l'rc-Medical K X95 Q Z. Truman Wood Iforr Worth General Franklin Philip Yates Wausau, Wisconsin General Dorothy Lee Bower Dallas Business Administration Eugene R. Musick Tolar Industrial llleetrical Engineering james D. Woodard Dallas Civil Engineering I-larry Wray Fort Worth Business Administration james Basil York Noeona General Agriculture Mary Alice Armistead Dallas Art John Robert Champion Alvord General Agriculture Monroe Katz l'hiladelphia, Pennxylvana l're'Veterinary Medicine Charles Edward Riedhauser Neenah, Wisconsin Aeronautical lingineering First Row W. G. Woods, Jr. 1iortWorrh Aeronautical Engineering Otis Corbin Wyatt Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering Second Row Bennie G. Young Arlington l' Ercell Barrier Dallas Business Atl nxinistration Tlaiwl Row Rosemary Fulkerson Arlington General Julius C. Kissel Dallas Business Administration Fourth Row Alphonse W. Somcr East Bernard Industrial Aeronautical Engineering , George Dean Woolrich Austin Aeronautical Engineering Mary Beth Yadon lfort Worth lligh School Education Dale Linly Young llrownwootl Industrial Mechanical lingineering john Frank Bida liorr Worth Pre-Medical Richard Raymon Gentry McAllen lileelrical Engineering Leon Leonadus Leonard tlatneron Industrial Mechanical lingineering james A. Stewart Karnes City llantl and Orchestra Mary Lee Worley Dallas l Ionte Iieonontirs Robert Louis Younkin Harlingen Aeronautical lingineering jack B. Jaynes Ifort Worth Aeronautical lingineering Elma Ruth Turpin Arlington General Art Frank Leslie Abernathy Clinton Adcock Herbert Hughes Adeock james Houston Alexander Hugh Allen Alfrey Thomas Lewis Allen George Weldon Almon Claire Austermuehle Robert Allan Bailey Gus Baker Mary jane Balch William Fowler Bane Rachel jane Barber Sam Louis Barnett Frederick Beam Ralph Monger Benson Henry Bennett Frank Benton William George Beshears Frank Bingham Raymond Birdwell Ralph Charles Birk john Alexander Bivings Otis Black Virginia Kathryn Boisscau joe Edward Bonner Lee Borah Gordon Bourland ,lack Boyd Beverly james Bratton james Harry Brewer Frank Broach Clyde Day Brown john Paul Brown Thomas Harold Brymer Clayton Shive Buckelew Sam Tom Ballard Billy Frank Burch Kemp Burnett Thornton Burns Marcus Garvin Burrage Charles Robert Busby Glynn Deen Butterfield Edgar Ennis Butterworth Eugene Cade David Wiley Campbell james Douglas Campbell Dorris Carroll Warren Leslie Carrol George Fred Cassara George Wright Caulket john Robert Champion P. W. Chandler Albert Lee Chase Robert Chatham Roy jackson Chatham Albert Clark Hubert Weldon Clark L. A. Clark Lloyd Coffman William A. Colbert john Arthur Colby joe Griffin Cole joe Lee Compton jack Conner Emmett Edward Cook john Alan Cook Muriel Cotton Dorothy Mae Covey jay Dee Cowan jeanne Cowan Bess Cox Abe Croft james Connally Crow Ruth Gwendolyn Cullom LaVita jesse Cummings Edna Earle Curlce Charles Edward David Galen james Davis L Q 6'-Calf? 'V 'VJQII CPL 1 1 f.K ,J FRESHMEN NOT PHOTOGRAPHED M. C. Davis William Edward Davis Betty Davitte Charles Burke De Barry Leon Deutser T. Benton De Witt june Dowlen Thomas Hayter Duff joe Bob Dunham Leonard Durrett Bill Eddins Harold Alfred Edwards Aylett Lee Everett Virginia Featherstone Dortha Fay Faulkner Nick M, Faulkner Geraldine Ferris Herman Lee Forrester Harold Freedman William Frierson Burnett St. Claire Fuess Walter La Fayette Futch john Wallace Gerrity j. D. Gillon George Patrick Gleeson jimmy Glasgow Bob Goen Frank Lewis Goodson Elmer Goolsley juanita Graham Fred Cabelton Grant Charles Hope Green Dorothy Elizabeth Green Vola Gribble Columbus Edwin Griffin W. L. Gurnell Douglas Hagood Tom Frank Haley Edward K. Hall Dorothy Ellen Hallett Harold Hamilton Alvis Hardie Billy jack Harmon E. C. Harper Albert Wilson Harris David A. Harris Franklin Collins Harris Mary jeanette Harrison james Pettig Hawkins Billy Hayes Mary Louise Hearon William Cordell Hill Guy Edward Hines Elmer Hodges Louis Hodges julia Christine Holloway Fred Holt jack Harold Horn Thaddeus Lee Hubbard Nolan Coy Huffhines Robert john Irwin Alfred julius jaeger Kenneth Raymond jahns Daniel Henry jaynes jack Belmont jaynes Whit jarratt Eloise jefferson Billie Clyde jett joe Robert john Willie Marie jones William Oliver Kecncg Mary jo Keith Raymond Earl Kelsay William Earl Kelsay William Kennedy jerry Kirby Terrell Kink Robert Klingman Robert Dyer Knowles Thomas George Kuger Clarence Otto Kraft Bill R. Krone Eddie Kuhn Mercedes Larmoyeux jolm Harold Laughlin Mary Lee Lawing joe Reeder Lee Ross Lewis james Hugh Logan Thomas Gaines Lowe F. P. Lucus George Luttrell john Donald McBride Lewis Edward McBride Reba Benjamyn McCollum june McCord Louis Leonard McDaniels Albert Harrison McDonald Richard Fancher McDonald Colby Gardner McDonough Loyce Mary McDougall Harry Lloyd McGuire jimmie Lee McLeroy Luther Bee Marshall Wallace Ancil Mason Dale Loyd Maxfield james Fredrick Milholland Carl Reginald Miller Ronald Maurice Mills joe Alton Milrany Ralp Edwin Minor Frank Vernon Mitchell Grover Franklin Mitchell jack Camp Mitchell Gerrell Lee Mitchell Woodrow Wilson Mitchell Carl Montgomery Richard Willis Moore Walter Morris john jacob Mowat Floyd Murchison e ation ohn Gra y eal Van Edgar Neal Marjorie Katherine Neely Elizabeth Newman Henry Foster Niblack David Scott O'Keefe Rose Marie O'Kelly Eugene Osborn Arthur Clyde Paddock john Theodore Pappas Homer Willard Parker Hubert Eugene Parker Wilson Parker john jay Parrmelee james Pearson Marilyn Pedigo Roy Lee Penn William H. Penn Chester Phillips Frank Price Theodore Stephen Price jack Pulliam jack Willard Pyland Carl Range Doris Ray Ralph Thomas Reddell Gib Carty Reid Louis W. Rhoads Edith Rippin ' Fred Everett Roberts john Dura Roberson David Frank Roe Myran Francis Rogers William Harle Rogers Bill Roper f f Avanell Ross j johnny Ross , Louis Melvin Ruhmann ' ' Betty jo Runnels Dawn Russell john Doss Russell Sudie Margaret Sanders johnnie Scaff Willie Schreiber Irwin Cathey Scott . Albert Clyde Seawell Waldon Roger Sherman james Franklin Sigler Milton Francis Simmons William Dudley Simonson Paul jackson Simpson Norma jean Skillman L. E. Sloan Ben Smith Bert Smith Eleanor Smith Howard Smith Lee Roy Smith Leo Alexander Smith jimmy George Soures Noel Nelson Standridge George Lee Stanford james Clyde Stevens Woodrow Wilson Stewart Wiley jefferson Stobaugh jack Stone Arthur Monroe Stoy Daniel Oliver Stoy William Marvin Summers Carnes DeArmond Sutton Rupert Gordon Swafford jack Swaim Homer Maurice Swindler LKQJ. an 5 Ma Sherden Erin Tallent Billy joe Taylor Louise Teagarden Allen Thomas Hancel Thomas Vincent Thomas Vernon Paul Thomas Helen Thompson William Harold Thompson Frances Toole Franklin Hawthorne Tuscany Forrest Ulm Charles Cole Van Geem jasper Vaughn Clayborne Oliver Vinyard Willis Virgil William Wagner Sybil Wallace jack Waller Charles William Walton Royce Landon Ward james Richard Warner Mary George Washington - jack Watson Raymond Watson Wallace Watson Arthur Ways Carie Erie Welch Charles Hugh Welch Gilbert Cecil Whittle Alice Williams james Allen Williams Charles Winters Wilson Helen Wilson Mary Louise Wofford Sarya Anita Wood john R. Woodbury Ramona Ruth Woods Cecil T. Worthy George Wright 5 Personalities THE 1940 JUNIIIIH ABBIE Presents IIIQILLEGE FAVUHITES Mona Belle Montgomery june Wittkower Lois Herbert Mary Sue Maloney IIIJLLEGE HUYALTY King Con Mims Queen Mona Belle Montgomery FAVIJHITE NIJMINEES Gladys Johnston Maxine Johnson Ann Collier Wilma Lawrence Charlotte Allison Nancelie Utt WHITE WHII The head of each department of the college has selected one student who, judging from his college work and activities, is most likely to be a success in his chosen field. They are presented informally in this section. I "vm Y K 2 S 5 f fm, K wth, gtg-lim .,l ev: aww. " K A T33 ' W u 1:4 . .A 'V R f .Q in Qi X KN X ,wglkw YQEFZWSQ X . 'x f Ng' ' 4 , . Tv f YZ X if , ,X . My x A. V -4 wh aximX .- 33. 59,4 Q' , ,, .wmwy - ' -. . Y ,V .qu M ,LA Tk-xt' - A 1ff,.kr -Arm! . I V W Wy? W 5 .1 , ML L . :V ' ,WY 2.1-T " V, Lf f , " 5219 Q 'll an 500. ,JL-. 1, gf . ,1 ff ' if 2 vga, wr.fxfFL Q61 f , ,K .F f ' auf' M 'W m H W a ve f 1. 5. s Wt: z 7 Q' ,F Q P7 1 J M , 11 IX, M 3 x W 2 X My As if lf! . S 1 R 3 iwx mb, X kk N " . 2 .Mi - , 1- . , if A ,HS A Q . 41' King Constantine I Q 2 1 2 J 1 Uueen Muna Bella 0 O 4 J H RJ J Gladys Johnsfon 3 ,X 'f x J MV ' J . J 'fu ll 1 , ,XM J X I, Q Y . fx X X 3 ' f 31 x rm Gower AVUHITES Maxine Johnson W1'f me Lawrence AVUHITES xg v A ff-tx, mn 0' Z' ,"! ' YN My X Ns Af-16 N, K Nancelie UH 5 9 u Liz ' ' .Z ,Q rj nv- i 'Z f, Y Norma Alice Adams Mary Lee Kemp Mack Clarke Vola Gribble Art journalism Business Administration Music Sport . . . Accountant . . . An Arlington girl is Norma Alice Adams. She is an art major and the student assistant in the art department. Her ambition is to be a really good commercial artist, and she is well on the road to success. She is a grand sport, making good in anything she triesg is outstanding in tennis and fencing and is on the fencing team. This smiling, friendly brunette is a member of the Art Guild and a charter member of the S. O. S. Club. Editor . . . Red headed editor of the Shorthorn, Mary Lee Kemp is a sophomore from Fort Worth. She is ambitious to become a successful writer and plans to enter some phase of professional journalism after graduating from Texas University. Her fondness for working crossword puzzles Cindicative of an intellectual naturej is a well known fact around the Shorthorn office. A charter member of the S. O. S., she belongs to the Home Economics and Press Clubs. She loves green hats, perhaps because they bring out the sparkle in her green eyes. A B. A. major and driver of a buggy called "Junior" from Fort Wortlm. As Business Manager of the junior Aggie and Secretary-Treasurer of the B. A. Club, he boosts the Business Adminis- tration Department one hundred per cent. Likes sports, dances smoothly, and keeps freshmen busy polishing his shoes. He is a Phi Kappa Theta who aspires to be a Certified Public Accountant. Contralto . . . Vola Gribble, blue-eyed contralto from Dallas, is soloist in the Oak Cliif Methodist Church choir. She also directs a junior choir in that church. At N. T. A. C. she is heard often on Fine Arts pro- grams. She sang the contralto part in "The Seven Last Words of Christ," and played the part of Fritzi Kranz in the spring operetta, "Blossom Time." Teaching music in Dallas takes up her hours away from school and a regular music course. ..j , -,J ff . Cjjfw JU! 'LV,,,. . fl ' 'l 1 JDS' jljfjfj , .jf i Dick English Nona Joyce Elkins Pre-Medical Education Industrious . . . Dick English is a pre-med, who, if hard work and earnestness mean anything, will go far in the field of surgery. At night and on Sundays he works at the Terrell laboratories where he gets good practice. His favorite sport is tennis, although he seldom has time to enjoy itg his favorite food is steak, which he gets around to quite often, and his favorite study bacteriology where he shines. Teacher . . . The coming generation will look forward to his- tory class if this outstanding coed carries out her plan to teach. Her co-workers in the education de- partment, where she is student-assistant, say she's stubborn-but her smile belies this claim. As a hob- by she collects glass slippers, plays ping pong and tennis. A Phi Kappa Theta and a Zangola, her fa- vorite subject is Education. She wants to teach either history or English-but we've heard that she's learn- ing to cook, so we're making no definite prophecies. Don Cain Judy Galloway Pre-Law Home Economics Ambitious . . . Crinkly black hair and that school-girl's com- plexion, a diamond on each shoulder, and a winning personality are among Don Cain's assets . . . Presi- dent of the I. R.. C. and member of the Aggie Bar, Don was one of the principal speakers at the South- western I. R. C. Convention held in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in March. Phi Kappa Theta, Officer, mem- ber of the Student-Faculty Committee and B. A. Club, he was elected royal escort in the coronation. Petite . . . Judy Galloway is the favorite around the Home Economics Department. She is student assistant in the Home Economics Department and secretary- treasurer of the Home Economics Club. Her ambi- tion is to be an interior decorator of beautiful homes and her favorite subjects are interior decorating and advanced nutrition. This tiny, brown-headed Avo- lonte with her winning smile has won many friends on the campus. WHITE WHU Oliver Meadows Bill Weaver Catharine Greever George Sumner Harold Han Agrzculture Speech Physical Education Terhniml Engineering Industrial Second-Generation Aggie . . . Majoring in agricultural education, Oliver Meadows is president of the Collegiate Chapter of the F. F. A. He plans to teach vocational agriculture after graduating from A. 86 M. He milks cows and does other chores at the college farm where he stays . . . His father and mother were both students at N. T. A. C., which makes him one of the few second-generation Aggies. He is platoon sergeant for Com- pany D, and a member of the Non-Com Club. Versatile . . . Bill Weaver is a speech major whose interest lies in both radio and stage acting. His excellent portrayals of different types of characters in Little Theater productions have proved his ability as an actor. His numerous sidelines in- clude playing piano and clarinet, tap-dancing, and writing poetry. Bill stays on the campus in Davis Hall where he is known for his subtle wit and surprising sense of humor. He plans to go to the Pasadena Playhouse next year. Racqueteer . . . Smarty . . George Sumner is an 18-year-old sophomore from Fort Worth who is majoring in technical electrical engineering . . . Phi Kappa Theta, Engineer, and Non-Com . . . Secre- tary of the Radio Club, George numbers going to its Owl Parties, building radios and contacting other radio "hams" among his major diversions from a 21-hour course and a IS-hour working week. A modest, unassuming sort of fel- low, he wrinkles up his eyes when he smiles, which is often. uiet-Voiced . . . From Vfeslaco comes Harold Hansen, industrial elec- trical engineer. He is 23 years old and likes surf-fishing, horses and electrical A. C. theory. He plans seeing South America as an electrical transmission engineer for an oil company after being graduated from N. T. A. C. His Mexican lingo comes forth naturally and with ease, which may aid him in S. A. Catharine Greever can generally be found on the tennis courts where she teaches tennis . . . wham- ming a tennis ball around is what she really likes to do, which may be one reason her hobby of collecting tennis trophies is so well-advanced. She is a brunette Sans Souci from Fort Wortli who likes chocolate ice cream. All outdoor sports appeal to her. She plans to finish her physical education course at N. T. S. T. C. in Denton. Sefl . JJ- .fn ' 'le I N Ai rzx 5139 r'Q .X Ae gn-s x. 1 is 1-A W Fw E, Can't you just smell the garlic? ixer Freshman blows a hot trumpet Before you Went to the dance you had your garlic, or, if you were a senior, you carried some in your pocket. You could smell it in the Alley. You were so excited at meeting new people. You ran around with your little notebook and pencil, calling people "FishU and "Sir," You danced with dozens of friendly people. Maybe you met the "one and only." Everybody was still crazy about "Well, All Right' and "Sunrise Serenade." Everybody was talking about Colonel Mims and Cowboy Thompson, and Whether or not we would beat John Tarleton this year. Everybody was sad when We sang "My Buddyv for Pluto Garrett. After it was all over and the green ribbons were put away, the seniors decided--as they do every year-that it was more painful to SMELL the garlic than to eat it and the freshmen looked forward to next year. Nr is X A C The pause that refreshes 01704 filo Enthusiastic Aggies Witli your cherished ticket clutched in your hand, you got on the bus. There was the superior thrill of saying goodbye to those who weren't going. There was the little tingle of uncertainty about whom you would see all the way to Kilgore and back. You were so proud of the band and the splendid Cwell, they looked splen- did then, didn't they, and will again, mark my Wordj uniforms of the boys. You were proud of the team, too, and called as many of the football boys by name as you could. You yelled tremendously and probably froze the rest of the time. When you got home you were so sleepy you didn't care whovdid what, but the next day you did. The Christmas Corps Dance in the gym 0l'l06 6U'lCQ The Ambassadors Brilliant evening gowns . . . flowers and perfume and occasionally starclust in soft hair . . . number one uniforms . . . the receiving line which made you feel terribly important . . . remember your first corps dance? That was glamour, wasn't it? And they never lose that magic, somehow. In the Fall there was "Moonlight Serenade," and a little later "My Prayerf' Then there was "Careless," to say nothing of ujumpin' Jive" and "Put Your Little Foot." And when silver taps was played-well, everything was almost too beautiful. Then after "Goodnight Sweetlieartv you looked across the dark campus and wondered what people did who never went to N. T. A. C .... didn,t you? Princess Wilma Lawrence Princess Virginia Everitt Princess June Wittkower Princess Lois Herbert Escorted by Valin Woodward Escorted by Cecil Roberts Escorted by Norman Henry Escorted by jim Cunningham to 0I"0l'lCl l0l'l The Queen . . . bless her! The weeks of rivalry are forgotten in the Hrst white blaze of light and the first fanfare. With the rest of the world in such a turmoil we were presented this year With "Peace in Pan America" and Mona Belle Montgomery was crowned "Queen of Good-Willi' by Senator Jesse Martin. Our corona- tion embodied the ideals and joys of Americans. It really was quite stately with each duchess and her escort repre- senting one of the twenty-two countries in Pan-America, coming so slowly down the aisle, the guard of honor escorting King Con Mims to the throne in military precision, the stirring music, the flags. And then the Queen of Good-Will, herself. Nothing quite like our coronations, is there? U 1 ' ,, E -.. . 1 . ,b A :-,ilxxz ' .' I 3 92 K r 7, w 1 'K ' f ,X Ja X Q K X x . ir , 1 . e K ,J "5 A - k : . P M 1 Q . :Q ., ..x , . . ,WV . u H 0 A 4 QI? if -E I in y.. V, I Q V nf. X wir, V' Q' H D Q vw-"T , , , B ! f "L 'X UA' f :1 ' 1 , , fx fr gy V Q 3 1 x I Q V' - X: VK if K Q mi, 'ef Qi , , rw S, 1 1 . .EV n I-1 '5 if E , i ,1 L ' QM . Ya Y A 3 Ea A J 2 ' N M :sq R I T1 8 M., The officers come to the center as the crowd watches Officers receive their buttons s .S7lfU'l6!6lg p6ll"6l6!e N. T. A. C. Color Guard At 1:30 the stream of cars was already headed toward the football field. Gay new hats and dresses were sitting all over the bleachers. Everyone watched the street on the left of the Music Hall for the first gleam of brass. Strangers in uniform had been walking over to the reviewing stand 'for an hour. - When they came on the Held, everyone was excited. "Which platoon did you say? . . . His company is the nicest looking one of all." And when they passed in review every boy knew that there was one girl who was palpitating just for him and whispering, "See, there he is!" ik., ..-.-. wi' an-. -W- in , ,if Aa, I ,, , .5 J. 12 4 T . f 4 'K ,V 'guy NA If , 3 Q ,MW nf. 4 Q fl I 4 Q 'I ' 1 5"'. ,P Mr' ' 4 .rw - '. My - V F " fggfgifx Q 3 5 if f' f U- V ' 25,32 6 1 K f it 'Yi ' 1, 1 J ' U in . 1 fn ',':M,,,Ng fx 'Q M - if 4 ,f J Q iw, . .A - M 1 .LN 'I' MU, ' 1 iw, ,,,fnff" 2'2" J in - KM 1 IX S ,5 5 uv- wfff' Y L-'le-myfp A W F WE- ,p552:,ml" g ' Jx.i?6'j,, A ' ' . W V, 4 -.L " N 4,.M1" , ', f' . 5 7 M - ' N IYJY' ' dt: xii.. 1 Q 1 I i 14 Lf aff- Q1 e. f F , V' , ' ,Q V ' ' , 5 1 v - 1 x Q' , U I . J W ' r ' 1 ,LW 1 Z :ff-rfgf L x , f A.-' ' . i-N5 Qu., Q- D' .' r .. f f f , K n ' f 4- -26' 4' S . 'u.-- Q W 3- 2 gp", x 4, 'Q J Q I' xv- wk xw - , ' aw- A I. A J! w " -1 4 1' . w nun 1 W rv 1 ,,, .'bi,w..1,., Y l -. .X , J 1' h , Q. 1 - '74 Af ' k - .. .,--w"ig. ..,w M "W-J"'f 5 . ,. 1- u 5,7 I Q H in A D .1 . 2, h M an-,Asks-.-wgN,1.,yhw if N. J ,lm ,, A ' , . W 3 1. 5.1 :gr 'W---1--"Q,f.3' .Q ,QP . .. -.n,..., : 1 -'--q'f-.,.,.,,g- is if ".ff""'?7-F, .P X , .xl N 'll It ,,.,Q', ,V A Q Q .NW 'mm . ' 77 NW. .333-f.:.,. ,. M, KEKW4 .Ku ,ir , t ., I. I 13193 ' gmg, M .,,32 :ff,:W, -,fA 7'5-31"-Q ,. ' . u5'7iy1i,.,gwQ,,Mf ' -Q "Taft ff" W, - - -1 Ln ,,,,' 'ACH ' ..., 4, af, -tw. '--19" 'G?fK.xy- , - .. ,y P mo-W. . Q ,rim 'nljfvf' ""-I' ' '14-Hr. A -Lg?"gg-diff , ft' 4. "W L QM, -A ,. 1 3"g-H ' . 'Q ' sm- , !" irfQiaf' A NM 2 wg'-My +V my A J M SQ, 'djwwmgw -NJN A Q . fE?.,.1,,, Q.-jflfeiif-, ,g ' 4' , -P-MA.-Q.M5" W' m . ai. " ' P 1-vw? -G-A-rf ."::' WS-it .yd ' H Q 1, walk . M,,,,- Q. .. ,-- U ?-gf -'WH 'N ip "M Y-'f A ggvw -uf 1M,4.,f.M.,'w- w 1355 v 4 ' ,WT + -- 'fn - , ,f 41- 1 1 A My A34 N V Q , - ,, l X. ' 4' H wi - Min" 141' Q' ..- M 41 J- : , .x . ., 'K' A xhfiiibll-Q 1 , -.i",W dx-rf'--4 gf X ' 'XIV uv' f .' :ge "WW, M.- wb I W3'Wf'?4, -hi rd 0 L - "' 'W' F' -"'Sl.i2ni- Mi! "' 'F mfr, Q ,W - . J MAJOR MAX G. OLIVER Major Oliver became commandant and P. M. S. and T. last year. He has organized the corps into an efficient and self-sustaining unit. He has combined military and scholastic achievement as a standard for pro- motions in the corps, resulting in keener competition among the students. He has contributed generously to the promotion of school spirit on the campus. He is always present at school functions, enthusiastically supporting athletics and social activities throughout the year. His work in promoting a spirit of co-operation between freshmen and upper- classmen, along with his inimitable use of the word "Lad" will be long remembered by those of us who leave N-Tac,s hallowed halls. Colonel Con Mims Regimental Commander LIEU FENANT-COLONEL NICKEY NAUMOVICI-I Nickey is a graduate of Dallas Tech where he was regimental commander. He entered N. T. A. C. in the fall of '38 and as- sumed the duties of a cadet sergeant and platoon guide. His proficient drill earned for him a place in the crack platoon, and later the title of "Best Drilled Cadet" in the spring company competition. In the fall of '39 he was promoted to the rank of Cadet Captain and Regimental executive officer. Commendable grades and efficient work earned for him two successive promo- tions and his present rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. COLONEL CON MIMS Con came to N. T. A. C. from Laredo, Texas. His associa- tions in this border town bring forth the bursts of Spanish dialect which he often emits during trying circumstances. He is the youngest Colonel to grace the portals of N. T. A. C. He entered in the fall of 1937 at the age of 16, with no previous military training. His military bearing won him a place in the Sam Hous- ton Rifles before the end of the year, and three months later he was made a second lieutenant and commander of Company "C" which is made up of the cadets of Davis Hall. Before the end of last year, he was promoted to the rank of Cadet Major and assigned to the Regimental Staff, and at the final parade was awarded his colonel's commission. This is a record unequaled by any previous cadet officer, and bespeaks the efficiency with which he and his staff have operated this year. l E l : if F l .t 'N' Lieutenant-Colonel Nickey Naumovich Regimental Executive Officer Major Roberts Major Haskins Major Cain Major Rcnz First Battalion Second Battalion Staff Staff Lt. Melvin Bruck Lt. John Livesay Adjutant AL STAFF Front Row: Col. Mims, Lt.-Col. Naumovich, Capt. Larkin, Major Renz, Capt. Matcson, Major Cain Back Row: Scrgeants Barrett, Arensman, Ncyland, Butte, Swaiford, Francis, Coffey Captain James Cunningham Company Commander IIUMPI-l Y "ll" Adcock, Clinton Allen, Robert Allen, Jay Allen, Thomas Lewis Baker, Jack Baker, Gus Boozer, Jack Jay Bourgeson, Charles Bourland, Norvan Brymer, Harold Thomas Buford, Bill Burrage, Marcus Campbell, R. T. Cheek, Warren Christian, Vernon Clayton, Judd Conrady, Edmund Crowder, E. C. Crow, W. H. Cross, S. L. Crutcher, J. B. ' Davis, M. C. Davis, James Duke, Tommy Durham, Ardis Foley, Jack Fred, Robert L. Garfield, Harry Garner, Roy Graf, A. C. ROSTER Joe Butts, First Sergeant Greene, C. H. Hamilton, Harold Hansen, H. B. Hayes, Gilly Henderson, Truman Isbell, Truman Jamieson, T. V. Jaynes, D. H. Jaynes, J. B. Jones, .Ancil R. Katz, Monroe Kemp, Foster Kramig, George Leonard, W. F. Lytle, Bradford LeBus, J. W. McDonald, Fancher Metzler, A. G. Michael, A. Miller, Fred, Jr. Milhalland, James Fredrick Moore, J. B. Moore, Julius Morris, Minter Murchison, F. J. Myres, Edwin Parmalee, J. J. Parker, Wilson Powell, L. L. Pullin, L. Purcell, B. R. Quade, Robert Roberts, Paul Roberts, Wilbur Rosamond, Paul Rowland, W. C. Schiebel, Tom Scott, John Seay, Warren Seay, Harold Sexton, Thomas Earl Somer, Alphonse Sumner, Hatton Stoy, Daniel Stoy, Arthur Swinehart, B. J. Standridge, Noel Stone, Jack Tegge, G. A. Tidwell, Lawrence C Townsley, Bob Tufts, Gilbert Vaughn, Jasper Wallace, Reevley E. Welch, Charles Winn, Gerald Winston, A. B. Yates, Franklin Yates, Olen First Platoon Lt. Harry Houston C 0 mzmzml er Second Platoon Lt. Luther Morgan C ommamler Third Platoon Lt. Dave Reaney Commander Captain Euil Burchfield Company Commander Lieutenant Robert Wilson Executive Officer E U PA Y "B" Adcock, Herbert Antwine, Atkins, Lawrence Barnes, O. Banks, T. W. Benge, Bill Benson, Ralph Brewer, J. H. Briggs, G. Buie, Calhoun, H. F. Cain, James A. Cassara, George Crandall, Claud Chapman, A. Crist, George Crews, T. W. Coffman, Lloyd Davis, Charles Davitte, Young Duff, Thomas Ellis, R. Eubanks, Bob Fitzgerald, Joe Francisco, J. R. Frix, James B. Fuess, Burnett Gentry, Richard ROSTER Randall Pool, Firsf Sergwzvrf Hann, R. L. Harris, A. Hackney, R. M. Hackney, T. E. Hillis, C. L. Holmes, Billy Hubbord, T. L. Huddleston, Waldon Hines, Guy E. Jones, R. N. Kirkpatrick, W. E. Koger, Thomas Lester, K. P. Lester, L. Love, Charles R. Lynn, John R. Martin, J. C. McBride, Don McCathren, E. McGanghy, H. C. Mclntosh, L. McLelland, E. M. Miracle, H. L. Mitchell, J. C. Mitchell, Grover F. Moore, H. R. Musick, Eugene Otto, P. Osborn, E. L. Ogden, Jack B. Pittman, Leslie S. Pritchett, Joseph L. Penn, William Reynolds, T. G. Rauschelbach, D. H. Ruhmann, Louis Reed, Howard L. Russell, John D. Schultz, E. L. Shclds, Daniel Smith, Bert Smith, Edd Stobaugh, Wiley St. John, George Stevens, George W. Stevens, Lester Turner, J. Ward, R. L. Watson, Jack B. Watson, Raymond S Webb, R. P. Weaver, B. Worthy, Cecil Wilemon, Max Ursell, Charles York, Tom First Platoon Lt. Van Edgar Neal C 0 nmmmler Second Platoon Lt. Willizxlll Moore C0 m nlflmler Third Platoon Lt. Grady Creel C 0 mmzuul er Captain Howell Stewart C ompuny C ommumler IIIJM ANYHIT' Allman, John C. Almand, Bill Birk, R. C. Bonar, Bill Brown, Charles Bruce, Joe Caulkett, George Chatham, Jack Colbert, Bill Coleman, Raymond Colwell, Donald K. Daniel, Lucky Elmore, James Fielder, Richard B. Goen, Bob Haden, Oliver Hatchell, Raymond Hayes, David Herbert, Kay Hicks, Edwin Hill, William Hodges, Elmer B. Holder, John B. ROSTER James Gary, First Scfrgcfuni Horn, Charles Horn, Paul Irwin, Robert J. Jackson, E. L. Jaeger, Alfred Jeeter, Tommy Jeffords, Clifford Jones, Chris Jones, W. E. Keenay, Bill Kissel, Julius Laughlin, Harold Lloyd, David Loard, H. C. Lucas, F. P. McGee, James D. McGuire, Harry Montgomery, Jerry Moss, W. H. O'Keefe, David Patton, Edwin Pearson, Milton Pedigo, Joe Reidhauser, Charles Richardson, Brooks Richardson, Forrest E Robertson, Jack Rogers, Harle Sears, Alexander Smith, Ben Smith, Jack Phillip Souris, J. Stansel, Lamis Stevens, Frank C. Stewart, Tom Stiles, Webb Sullivan, John B. Tigertt, Carl Torbett, Oscar Turner, Battle Vickrey, Weldon Walton, Charles Walker, Lawrence S. Weaver, William Woodard, J. D. First Platoon Lt. Bentley Harris Executive OHIM1' Second Platoon Lt. Bill Eddins C ommumler Third Platoon Lt. Harry Whitney C omnmfuler X Captain Valin Woodward Company Commander if ,IW II U PA Y "IJ" Alexander, Houston Bratton, B. J. Benson, R. M. Curry, Billy Elder, Tommy Dalby, C. Deutser, Leon Glasgow, Billy Hamilton, Carl L. Hinton, John Huffman, Louis Joplin, Lance Johnson, Ernest Jones, R. D. Matthews, R. C. Murray, Mike Morton, Burton McBride, John Nabors, Fred L. Nation, William Pool, William A. Powell, Eugene J. Reynolds, Louis Shelton, Charles D. Trotter, Claude Thompson, J. V. Wheeler, W. Frank Walling, Vernon Young, Dale Young, B. Ashmore, Teddie Bradley, Brogdon, E. L. Buie, Carey Cearley, Louie C. ROSTER Derwin L. Lett, Firsf Sergeant Croft, Abe Deering, Billy Dickie, Ray Dunning, Doyle Donnell, Albert Fred, Norman Gathings, Maxwell Hise, Bill Hudgins, William B. Huddleston, A. Johnson, J. Weldon Lubke, John Merritt, Leslie Mann, Embry Meadows, Bruce Moore, William Morgan, Ray Norris, M. J. Niles, Dick Patterson, J. C. Rascoe, C. M. Reddell, T. A. Strange, Norman Sampson, Jack Simpson, Paul John Tiner, Hall L. Stallings, Kenneth Wakefield, Billy Williams, James Wilson, Bob Wofford, W. T. Watson, Glenn Hood, Holland Bailey, Leo Bailey, R. A. Berry, James Beshears, W. G. Birdwell, R. S. Carroll, W. L. Champion, J. R. Cole, Joe G. Cook, Cyrus Crowley, Jarvin G. Fowler, Robert A. Foster, Gene Frank, Alton J. Gillon, J. D. Hollingsworth, Calv Hollingsworth, Ross Hooser, Elton Hornback, J. F. Jones, William L. Lynch, Homer Majors, Elbert Meadows, Oliver W. Mowet, J. J. Pedigo, Jeff L. Reid, G. W. Rider, Joe Roberts, Fred Ross, Lewis Speer, William D. Stricklin, Walter H. Shrader, S. Leon Stockard, Ray Tate, W. L. Warenskjold, J. York, Basil Wright, G. inR First Platoon Lt. Stephen Bruck Executive Ojicer Second Platoon Lt. Chester Farris Commander Third Platoon Lt. Thornton Peck Commander Captain Forrest Ulm Comfnmy Commander Lieutenant Sam Young Exccutirue Officer ll IJ PA Y "E" Adams, Robert Austin, Claud Autry, William Barnett, Sam Bennett, Henry Berry, Allen Bradford, Robert Brown, Clyde Busbee, Charles Chamberlain, Dan Coke, James Coke, W. B. Compton, Joe Cone, Ross Denton, Willard Dickinson, Marvin Douglas, Allyn Draper, James Dunn, Louie Dwyer, William Edwards, Harold Edwards, Wesley Fields, Milton Flewharty, Thomas Franklin, Ned Filgo, Bill Grandstaff, Hugh Haggard, Jess Hawkins, James Harris, A. W. ROSTER Marvin Dickinson, First Sergeant Herbst, Harvey Holmes, Robert Jolly, Jack Lind, Chester Logan, James Looney, William Lowe, John Lowe, Tom Mason, Wallace McBride, Robert McBride, Lewis McCraw, Mack McElfresh, Forrest McNair, William McMillin, Maurice McRoberts, Noel McWilliams, Earl Mercer, George Meyer, Albert Miller, Alfred Miller, Carl Millikin, Paul Minor, Ralph Moore, T. N. Moore, Wayne Morrison, Harlin Myers, Van Buren Owen, Henry Parkerson, Charles Parker, Willard Pettit, Joe Presly, Jack Reagan, Glenn Reed, Robert Roberson, W. E. Robertson, John Robinson, George Rush, Sam Russell, Melvin Scott, Frank Seawell, Albert Shelton, Charles Simmons, Bill Smith, Lee Roy Stricklin, Curtis Stuart, Hunter Ross Sullivan, Dan Taylor, Richard Terrell, George Tidwell, H. L. Thomas, Vernon Vickrey, Harold Walker, Lawrence Watkins, Ralph Whitcher, James Wilcox, Fred Williams, Edward Wilson, Charles Winniford, Charles First Platoon Lt. Guy M. Rose C ommuml er Second Platoon Lt. Glenn Simmons C ommuml er Third Platoon Lt. Hall Robertson C ommumler P! ,. ' I 'HO- Lieutenant Herbert Roberts Company Commander II U PA Y "F" Abernathy, Frank Baker, Johnny Ballard, Wallace Ballard, Robert Barrett, Frank Benners, Alfred Biesel, Harold Boli, Louis Bonner, Joel Borah, Lee Bradley, Howard Broach, Frank Burris, Boyd Burns, Bradley Cabeen, James Cade, Eugene Calloway, Haskell Caldwell, John Campbell, D. W. Chalk, Neville Chapman, Jack Clark, Freeman Cook, John Courtwright, Jack Crook, Erwin Crow, James Culibrk, Steve Day, Robert DeBerry, Charles Deere, Leonard Duncan, Bill Duncan, Ray ROSTER James Drake, First Sergeant Edwards, C. V. Edwards, Tommy Elder, Arthur Fields, Hardy Freedman, Harold Freeman, Marvin Futch, W. L. Gaskill, Lewis Garrity, John Griffis, Henry Ground, Eugene Hale, Edward Hall, Ed Harris, James Harris, Joe Harris, Julian Hodges, Louis Kelsay, Ray Kimple, Louis Kinslow, Kenneth Kisler, Jack Leatherwood, Frank Lewis, Ross Lucas, James Luttrell, Marion Matthews, Ray Mark, Oliver Maxfield, Dale McConathy, Jack McCormick, Thad McDonough, Colbert Miller, Edward Mitchell, Woodrow Niblock, Henry Nichols,4Claude Noble, James Page, Claude Pappas, J. T. Patrick, Dallas Penn, Roy Pettigrew, James Preston, Lloyd Price, Ted Range, Carl Reed, Douglas Rhodes, Robert Rogers, George Rogers, Morgan Scott, Irvin Scarborough, Charles Simmons, John Smith, Harold Spence, John Spain, E. T. Strange, Jack Strong, James Sullivan, Vfendell Swindler, Homer Vineyard, Clayborne Walker, W. J. Welch, Carl Wallace, John Ways, Arthur Womack, Bernard First Platoon Lt. Hubert Verschoyle C ommamler Second Platoon Lt. J. R. Dungan Commander Third Platoon Lt. Jimmy Harrqllj- V Commander I I NX P l ' ' v,l X- XL -l Lf ,.- Y' rx V i X 1 V fy ff. . 'i lx v x '-' S- 1 ,f-- ,X f P ' if I - 4 ,I! J - 11' yf . 1 I Q . i l l 1 l T a l i. Lieutenant Harold Nesbitt C ompzmy C ommamler II U P!-l Y "B" Aiken, John M. Alfrey, Hugh A. Berry, William T. Bourland, Gordon Boysen, Donald E. Briles, Connally O. Brinkley, Willis Brown, Caleb S. Brown, John P. Butterworth, Edgar E. Butz, John B. Carter, Allen E. Carter, Ralph G. Chatham, Hood Chumlca, Joe B. Churman, Eddie S. Collier, James H. Crimmins, Adrian B. Dawson, John B. Dozier, Edward R. DuBose, Bill S. Dyer, Robert C. Elam, Oscar K. Faulkner, Nick Fesperman, Jerome M. Finkin, John A. Foster, Wfilliam H. Garrett, Warren K. Gilmore, E. Ted ROSTER Jack Chilcoat, First Sergeant Grounds, WilliamtC. Hanley, Fiske Hartwell, George W. Harper, Elmer C. Henderson, George B. Hertell, Bob Holt, Fred Hott, Dave Hubbard, C. W. Hudeck, Raymond W. Huffines, Nolan C. Huyge, Raymond B. Huzarevich, Julian E. Juliff, W. F. Keller, John F. Kraft, Clarence O. Kuhn, Eddie M. Lattirnore, Offa S. Lowry, Richard C. McAfee, Joy G. McCord, Roger P. Menefee, William P. Mercer, Jack C. Michael, David W. Mitchell, Jerrel L. Neal, J. Grady Parvin, Eugene D. Pitts, Oliver L. Powell, Eugene V. Rapp, A. Joe Read, Don L. Redwine, Charles H. Reeves, Alton P. Reid, Gib Roundtree, Wm. B. Roe, Frank D. Ross, Johnny F. Scott, C. Jack Shanblum, Sam Shields, W. Elmer Shirley, John H. Shortes, Edward L. Sloan, Leonard E. Smith, Stover E. Snyder, Simon A. Stanford, George L. Sumner, George C. Sumrow, Elmer E. Swaim, Jack Teel, James E. Thompson, Bob B. Thornton, Howard W Tuscany, Frank Utterback, Billy Joe Wilson, James L. Wood, Z. Truman Wray, Harry J. Wyatt, Otis C., Jr. First Platoon Lt. Luther L. Manchester C 0 mmauder Second Platoon Lt. Will Martin Commander Third Platoon Lt. Louis Holder Commander l Captain William E. Wagner Company Commander Lieutenant Jack D. Beckelman Executive Ogicer EUMPA Y "H" Alexander, Marvin Allen, B. Ford Armstrong, Robert L. Beam, Frederick Benton, Frank Biggins, Dan R. Boylan, Bruce Bullard, Sam Tom Cathcart, Glenn Clarke, Mack Cochran, Joe Cole, Lewis Conrady, Edmond Cook, G. M. Counts, Sherman Dewett, Thomas Dodd, Raymond Dunham, Joe Elia, Charles English, Jack Ellis, Jack Everett, Aglett L. Garrison, Howard Gibson, Bernard Goolsby, Elmer Grag, W. Jack Griffith, Joe Dick English, Firsf ROSTER Hagood, Douglas Hearndon, Nolan Hcarne, Richard Harrison, H. Franklin Hennessy, James M. Higgins, Jack Hiatt, Deam Hooten, Ray Horn, Jack Jahns, Kenneth Johnson, Clyde Kearny, Wm. C. Klingman, Robert Lewis, J. R. Lindsay, Guy Marshall, Luther Massey, Wilton Matzner, Otto McClendon, Lee Miller, M. Paul Milrany, Joe Moore, James Moorchouse, W. B. Oest, William Odum, J. Richard Piercy, C. H. Pederson, James Sergeant I Quinn, Marion Rich, Eugenej Schrieber, Albert Schrieber, William G. Shannon, James Sherman, Weldon Simpson, Willis Sigler, James Smotherman, Benjami Stevens, Clyde Stockton, William Summers, William Sutton, De Armond Turner, John Vickery, Edward Wagner, William Warner, Jack Watson, Wallace Wernette, Fred White, Wilbert Whitehead, Brownloe Whiteside, Horace Whittle, Wade Williamson, Ben Wilson, Charles Woods, W. G. First Platoon Lt. Homer Warren C ommumler Second Platoon Lt. John Kimbro C onzmamler Third Platoon Lt. William Lewis Commander .Lf Ackerman, Clifton Adlam, H. F. Alston, Don Bartoo, Kenneth Bates ames D , I - Bentley, William V. Bids, J. F. Birkhead, Charles Black, Otis Bowles, Albert Bowers, Leonard Bratz, Gerald Bridges, James Bryant, Gordon Butts, Horace W. Campbell, J. D. Caraway, Ralph Clark, Hubert Clark, Leonard A. Conner, A. E. Crabb, Thomas ILITAHY BA IJ Captain Fred Wigzell Captain James Wright Assistant Director Drum Major ROSTER Bill Tawatcr, First Sergeant Chandler, P. W. Coffey, Howard Danks, William Dewey Deam, Phillip Eberly, Kenneth Elliott, M. D. Ellis, Wood Erwin, E. E. Ferguson, Bob Forrester, Herman Gandy, Dacrl Gipson, Jack G-ober, Joe Goodsen, F. L. Gragg, James E. Griffin, Edwin Hagan, Tom Hagler, H. Hugh Harmon, Jack Henry, Norman Jones, Joseph Kennedy, William P. King, Forrest King, N. P. Kirk, Terrell Lankford, Mason Lanham, Wayne La Rue, Charles Layman, Edwin Long, Albert Lee, Joe Maddry, Billy McAllister, 'George McLean, Bobby Middleton, Fred Moffett, Hamilton Moorman, Hal Morris, Walter Neece, Bill Paddock, A. C. Panter, Harold Perkins, Richard Pounds, Truman Pulliam, Jack Robertson, Luther Roberts, Aaron L. Rockenbaugh, Jack Rogers, Myron Rhodes, Lewis Shackelford, A. L. Simonson, Bill Slough, James Smith, Robert Taylor, Billy Thompson, James H Thornton, Harold Tyler, John Tinney, Lloyd Vail, Harold Wallace, Carl Whisenant, Kenneth Wessler, Jack Walker, Robert L. McLain, M. A. Zellers, A. E. f" Q 2 ai 5 Q yfvyfufif H ' , , lviikf 5' wwf' sf' I wy- pq wa' Lf- Charles Smlfe Lt. William Hall Lt. William Holt Earl D. Irons, Director Robert Ernst, Reed Instructor Cadet Colonel Con Mims, Plafoozf CflIIIlllllI7lIC'I' ?,!ZJf3fl-.'x4-. . -, t-W1 f - Bennett, Bruck, Bruck, Beckclnmn, Chilcont, Cunningham, Cole, Crow, Holmes, Holder, Haskins, Harrell, Larkin, Lewis, Millikin, Moore Naumovich, Newman, Newman, Rcnz, Reancy, Roberts, Roberts, Rtse, Richardson, Simmons, Stewart, Tidwcll, Ulm, Wagner, Wilsoxu Verschoyle, Young, Woodward Guiflvx: Haskins, Richardson llllr'rmllr'x: Hnden, Herbert, Sullivan, Kissel RIFLE TEAM Sergeant F. M. Shokes, Coach Back Row: Bruck, Renz, Holder, Sgt. Shokcs, I-Iaskins, Lewis Middle Row: MeRobcrts, McBride, Hertell, Mann, York Front Row: Duke, Marshall, Werxiette, Filgo Q sub W ' wks, .me .. New M- " Nu, 'gf - - X '- A-yQ1'. , -. . gi fwififgf f? fx '-112539 'W A f V- K' 2 2,113 ,ln A 1f.5x:-xxtfxhg 5-li, .hguzyvg-K ,, g.g,jA Q " Q Y .-g,,pafgr:Asd a1u..1X.'if.s'Ei3R gfsiym351-Q.-Pr-wilP ,,,.f.fsu1 . A .fr Mm, mgia,-my-, eff? ' L Aff' ii?3f?gsS?3EbE5':Ff:"5 12'gzefs5ez+fi5wf.21w . '- ",',gQW"g -F50 3'4m:.g535- , Athletics fkwfg-VZ! 5446327 f24.44,,!! anffl-,ff 94044359 WMLLQQ6 I Ji ' 5 I d4QZZCg ,f4C5,:.l Z Mlgfkcfwiffffiff- YMMMJLMZLAU 7,AWf f9nwf,J?,,4.,,.,L7,4,,.,,,,,,,,,,L, ima 4-MQ -. CQ 9 Adffmzz 1 'jf WWW fa 5, my 24440 if W , W5.9 7Jpm9f QW I J . Z 'P' f'w92va-Sv "A'- pa W.:- J COACHING STAFF H. A. D. Dunsworth J. G. Holmes Bob Binney Athletic Director Coach f1'welfplJ Mun 1939 FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row: XVidman, Abernathy, Clark, Gcrncr, Smith, Taylor, Thompson, Wnxllcr, Tcubncr, Collie Second Row: Fred, Hood, Burchficld, Stroop, Hudgins, Blend, Chcsscr, Bingham, Croft, Parlunan, Watsox1, Gammon, Mgr. MCC:lmmon Back Row: Holmes, Patterson, Hisc, Strange, Foster, Montgomery, XVatson, Lawlis, lildcr, Kinslow, Durrctt, Simpson, Ellis, Dunsworth STARTING LIN E-UP Clark Gerncr Smith Blend Taylor Walller Teubner Col1ic-Stroop-Gammon-Hudgins '1 hc Kilgore game w1s Interesting to these watchers EU-IIAPTAI S EVERETT WHATLEY JOE STROOP ... u.. A tough scrimmage b...,,,, Buford Hudgins, Back Fort Worth A freshman letterman from Masonic Home in FortWorth. He was the field general of the Aggies, and on many oc- casions his judgment won the ball game for the Aggies. Joe Stroop, Back Fort Worth Joe was the hard plunging full-back who made the few extra yards needed for a first down. This was his third year to receive a letter in football. Joe's best game was against Tarleton. He was co- captain of the team. Everett Whatley, Guard Mineral Wells Everett was also co-captain of the team. He received his third letter for football. He played in every game of the season, and his best showing was against Weatherford. Jake Blend, Center Dallas Jake was all-conference cen- ter in 1938, but could not keep pace with the strong competition this year. This was his third year playing for the Aggies. Jake played gooj ball in every game of the season. ERIE Bill Abernathy, Back Palo Pinto Bill was one of the best punt- ers ever to attend this school. His average was well over 40 yards, and on many occasions his kicks would travel 65 yards. Bill, a tricky runner, gained many yards on his wide end runs. Dan Collie, Back San Angelo Dan had to do all of the hard work in his blocking back position. It was his job to lead interference for the runner, and he did a good job. Dan completed his third year of football here. Euil Burchlield, Back Crandall Burehfield was playing for the Aggies. He was ham- pered by injuries at the be- ginning of the season, but when he recovered, he was a very consistent player. Euil received his second letter, and will be back for another. Albert Clark, End Longview Albert was on the starting lineup l'l10Sf of the year, and was one of the most consis- tent players on the squad. He played smart ball and very seldom missed a tackle. Ross Gammon, Back Ennis Ross is another first year let- terman. His passing and quick runs into the line kept many of the games on the ice for the Aggies. Ross's best show- ing was against Kilgore, his last game of the season. Abe Croft, End Houston Abe was the field-goal ex- pert of the team, and his educated toe won some of the tighter games. On sev- eral occasions he also showed his pass catching ability. His services will be greatly need- ed on next year's team. I Billy Chesser, Back Lockhart Billy was the scat back of the team. His limber hips wiggled past many would-be tacklers. Although Billy was a freshman, he showed de- liberate coolness under fire, and his quick thinking add- ed many yards to his runs. I , Foy Taylor, Guard Jack Smith, Guard Harold Teubner, End Van Edgar Neal, Center Georgetown Foy was the kind of ball player that each coach wants. He played his best all of the time and never let up. Laredo Jack was in the starting linc- up all of the year. He played steady ball, and made very few mistakes. Jack was the submarine of the squad, al- ways going through the line on his hands and knees to grab the runner. Dallas Harold was the best pass re- ceiver on the team, and was a war-horse on defense. He was the sparkplug of the team. After receiving two letters here, he plans to at- tend A. Sc M. SUUADME Dallas Neal was l10t on the first string, but when he did play, he showed that he could. He was an understudy to Blend, and will be a lot of help in forming next year's team. .9 'fix 1 fo- - ff-'-V , ...Q-.te ...fe XXV f!,LJj,7:igf,, -J 'ff .9 fd!! J ack Waller, Tackle Dallas jack didn't get started until the middle of the season, but when he opened up, he was one of the best tackles to play for NTAC in recent years. His best game of the season was against Paris, F .! Ralph Widman, End Arlington This was his third year on the squad, and he received his second letter. Although he was l10t in the starting lineup, when he was in the ball game, he played jam-up ball. He was one of the twu boys to receive a silver trophy as his award. tag... ,T ,. .. Victor Thompson, Guard San Antonio L...-.W V- --., "Cowboy" was one of the few freshmen to receive a letter. His best game of the year was against Northeast- ern Oklahoma. He should make a fine defensive player on next year's team. Bill Gerner, Tackle Arlington Bill's educated toe won the game with Lamar in Beau- mont. He had to light all of the year to hold his posi- tion at right tackle, and his to win grim determination helped him to stay in the starting lineup. This was his third year on the squad, and his second to letter. Harry Moore, Tackle Arlington Harry was a bruising, hard charging, defensive tackle. He was in on nearly every play on his side of the line, and very seldom missed a tackle. Harry finished his third year here, and received a silver football trophy as his award. Abernathy slashes through the Norseman line. f I s Q4 5 " 3 ' I ' , .. -. s-tiff,-1 .4 .- M T Au ,,.,. .Inv ,X ' A .1-Q. in . Q --,sv , t A V Jah.: n- ' A Q' C. 1-1 . 11' V, why: I If .3 'umx 123. g. v , -4:-,..-s.-A-J -vnu-Ms ' , , A . , ,,. -iligjg ' Whatley ropes a - M m - k ,, ' - . v, I - ' . ' - ,' . X . 1 fm Q ' ' 'F' ' c -i1i." " I" PlOWb0y. E'!'5.isi'fk-1 15.1, , Q., V x Q .l '. ..5wi.,.:go.', 'A' ,V -gqffgft lpn , ,.., , A , 1 .V , ,A w'w4,,-faaa . vii' H- ly??f'T5?',f1S'q?f?f'Pf3W""'f'jA"'3Qf' Sq . """' 99 1 Kc, ,aj " M Q... , A 1 1 T1,.,,s.,,,,f, f . , .,.,. ef' , ',, - 1-f.'a?5-329,13-ia ml "AW V' W' 251 Us gs' f-f - .1-'i f"""v' f ., -"' avi ' :" ' . Q, v . , I ' Q. .f ' ., ,,. EQ,-.. 'X' 4g ' . n- 'T 4 , ,,s,, , .,!,,.-nl ,. V 3 , -tam., , ..,g, Q. . L it' ...w,4:y.w My "'- Af --f.g-f"1-.t-- hx 15 'N .-n . . - fiwn'-ug f - s , M ,W -'S - if :"s"1 625' - WV- - '-fx -,... . X w.t""' - . I 2 -a , ' --.X .ggfwigl ' - S ,., . fm-" ' 52313945-'itz 'qw .b -A ' M A , . ' ,W .AW ,3 -fg,,,,, 'X -"A R ,g g g1,.,T-fe 5-QI Lf ... K -A . A V' -. ' .g L - TJ,-yvy. , . f, . ', ,-'t"L'j I, ',gf.,'- ' - ,'l. - .- xl .. . ijngsisygfsiimjw, ,Q- , jg High Y, ' ' .tfe3l'ff"f 4:1-s M I ... QL- -XJ,-w-gr' K, ...,4,f ll., ,M . , k ,lt - , ,Q pt .--,,1,W ' 11....', , , ., ,. vu 1 .,,,f.,f . .M ,rwzmg-'?"1," , .,h,,.g- .4 . ,4f3m'.gf.u,1w.,. w 1 , , jf E24-:+r.,,.g:-'fltgf'ft','fJ'.2-:rev-F'12- fZ'?i.'zEi..""G.':? 1 N- nn ,K ' " 'ze' "Nl - 'iz ,' .. I ,g,w:j",',""'f-j. f. ga. :Qi-in", "-:'y,gQQ14:l'j 'Al,,,,,vN:-A' s . s .1 , A M 2 'Virf-v,,'f',-fl .-r:"'f-'-'ff' t - b . t Q . . r 1. ' , Xa- .1-s:+f:f.5i.'t-f-mff .L+ L 4 , Q '..u'vv.,,,,L jx' v. A .Lk H-lv .t-T':":.-v.-'M A T. A.. ,W , -:,r.'q,:i' '-., 1 . ' 'J--.-'.. TW"-AI. "f'iT'7-if-f."""f,., " f ' A -' .f.'1 ' T'-13' . ' . 1- -:.:,.e,L..,.,1'..:1, 1- -.::w..,-,.-...f-- .If---V.---.: .sI..2f-fi ..., . Hudgins stops a Plowboy attack. Gammon will get him. XVho recovered this one? FUIJTBALI. RESULTS Aggies Opponents 13 Westminster ...,. . . 0 6 N. T. S. T. C. "Bn . 19 6 Paris ........,....,... . 7 7 Northeastern Oklahoma . . . . 6 26 Weatherford .......,.. . 14 0 Kilgore .... . 23 12 Decatur , . . . 0 7 Lamar , . . . 6 0 Tarleton . . . 6 The North Texas Aggies' football season was not so successful as that of last year, but the team managed to break even, winning five games and losing five. The football season came to a disappointing climax on a muddy Thanksgiving day, when the John Tarleton Plowboys eked out a 6-0 win over the Aggies. Coach "Klepto" Holmes' charges received only one decisive defeat during the entire season, that being a 23-0 shellacking at the hands of the Kil- gore Rangers, champions of the newly formed Texas Junior College Conference. In the opinion of the coaches the season was very successful, for quite a few new men had to fill the places left vacant from last season's con- ference championship team. To the unsung heroes of the team, the linemen, should be given much credit for the success of the 1939 football team. The boys who composed the starting lineup, and their substitutes made large holes in the enemy line, and also broke through the line many times to nail the charging runner for a loss. All of the boys who played in the forward wall did very fine playing. One hundred and forty-five men reported to Coaches Holmes and Dunsworth at the beginning of the season. Most notable among the freshmen in camp were: Buford I-Iudgins, ex-Masonic Home star who filled the shoes and took the number of last season's star, Frito Gonzales, Billy Chesser, fancy stepping broken-Held runner from Lockhart, and Bill Abernathy, punting star, wh-o transferred from Texas Tech. The Cadets lose seven of their first string men, including Co-Captains Everett Wl1atley and Joe Stroop, who have completed their three years of eligibility. Four squadmen also have completed their eligibility. Out of a squad of thirty-seven men who completed the season, eighteen of them received letters. WESTMINSTER GAME The Aggies opened their 1939 football season on their home field by handing Vfestminster Junior College of Tehuacana a 13 to 0 defeat. Buford . "Coon-dog" takes off Hudgins led the Aggies to victory by crashing over the goal for both scores. Joe Stroop, who was the leader of the Cadets on the defense, started his third year under the Blue and White. A large squad of freshmen put on a fine exhibition in their first college game. Most noticeable among the freshmen were Billy Chesser and Kenneth Kinslow, who played in the Aggie backfield. N. T. S. T. C. "B" The North Texas State Teachers' College Eagles, after a standstill during the first half, ran through and passed over the Cadets with a 19 to 6 victory. Ross Gammon was the star of the evening for the Aggies. His accurate passes to both Buford Hud- gins and Harold "Coon-dog" Teubner were the main offensive weapons of the Cadets. Bill Aber- nathy set the Eagles back deep in their own terri- tory many times with his long accurate punts. PARIS GAME The Aggies journeyed to Paris for their first out of town game. The climate or conditions must not have satisfied them, for when the final gun had gone off, the Cadets had lost their first game of the season by the very short margin of 7 to 6. Jake Blend, all-conference center from Dallas, led the Cadets on the defense. His un- canny ability to tell which way the play was going helped to keep the score down. Ross Gam- mon was again the star for the Aggies with his long accurate passes to Harold Teubner. Dan Collie, at his blocking back position, also helped keep the score down by taking out the defensive man so that the runner could get through for long gains. ,Albert Clark, Harry Moore, and Jack Smith nailed Dragon runners for long losses many times during the game. NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA GAME The Cadets evened up their percentage column with a 7 to 6 win over the' visiting Northeastern Oklahoma Junior College of Miami, Oklahoma. Abe Croft, field-goal expert from Houston, gets Fnnthall much of the credit for this win, for it was his "educated toe" that kicked the field goal after Harold Teubner had caught a pass for the Aggies, lone tally. Croft had failed earlier in the game on a twenty-one yard attempt for a field-goal. Though the Aggies were out-played during most of the game, they capitalized on the breaks, and were able to stop the fleet-footed Norsemen when the time came to do so. The Norsemen gained an early lead, when they recovered a fumble on the first play of the game, and marched straight to a touchdown. It was not until midway in the sec- ond period that the Aggies were able to push over their lone tally. WEATHERFORD GAME A passing duel between Abernathy, Hudgins, and Gammon of the Aggies and Porter of the Coyotes resulted in the Cadets winning another Texas Junior College Conference game. This time by the score of 26 to 14. A stronger offensive game put the game on ice for the Aggies after they had been tied once and behind once during the game. The game was won when Gammon passed to Harold Teubner, rangy Cadet end, for a touchdown. The Coyotes threatened the goal line many times, but the Cadets' defense tightened up each time, and held the Coyotes to only two touch- downs. The Cadets showed much improvement over previous games, and were finally able to work plays as they should. KILGORE GAME A large group of Aggie boosters on the yearly Corps trip did not help the Cadets much, for the Kilgore Rangers went out on a raid, and got a 23 to 0 victory. The score indicates that the game was very one-sided, and it was just that. When the Cadets did get the ball, it would be so deep in their own territory that no matter how many yards they made, it was never enough to go over the goal-line of the Rangers. Midway in the third quarter, the Aggies lost one of the best freshman back-field men ever to play football for the Ag- gies. It was Ross Gammon, who was taken out of the game with a serious back injury. After his removal, the Cadets' defense bogged down com- pletely. All of the Rangers' many tricky plays seemed to click with the greatest of ease. It was a case of tricky deception over straight power plays that spelled the difference in the game. DECATUR GAME The Blue and White played host to the Black and Gold of Decatur Baptist College, and white- washed them 12 to 0. Bill Abernathy stepped into the passing shoes left vacant by Ross Gammon and Pnnthall led the Aggies to victory on a very muddy field. Abernathy made both the Cadet scores with wide runs around the ends. His punts kept the ball deep in the Indian end of the field. The Aggies scored in the first period, after a series of passing and running plays put the ball deep in Baptist territory. Abernathy scatted around right end for ten yards and the Cadets, first touchdown. Late in the second quarter, Abernathy again scored. This time it was around left end for twelve yards. This ended the scoring, but the game was not over. Coach Holmes sent in his second and third strings shortly after the second half opened. The substitutes dr-ove down to the Baptist two yard line late in the third period, but failed to push over another score. The remainder of the game was played on even terms with neither team mak- ing a serious scoring threat. LAMAR GAME Bill Gerner deserves credit for his "educated toef' stunt that won a hard fought 7 to 6 victory over the Lamar Junior College Cardinals in Beau- mont on a muddy and sloppy field. Bill moved the ball to a dry place on the field before he would attempt the kick. Though it was at a difficult angle, the ball went squarely between the uprights. Joe Stroop took the ball over for the lone Cadet tally on four successive plays over center from the Cardinals, fifteen yard line. Another Bill, Bill Abernathy, als-o had much to do with the victory. His long punts on the slippery field kept the Cardinals in their own end of the field, except when they marched twenty-six yards for a touch- down after intercepting one of Joe Stroop's passes. Jake Blend, Harold Teubner, and Jack Smith turned in their usual fine games at their positions. The Aggies outplayed the Cardinals during all of the game, holding them to only three first d-owns while they were getting ten. HILLSBORO GAME The Aggies hit the road again, this time going South to Hillsboro Junior College, where the In- dians handed them a 12 to 7 defeat. The Ags had six chances to score, and were able to capitalize on only one of them. The Cadets ran through the Indian forward like water through a sieve. The Aggies pushed the Hillsboro boys all over the grid- iron, but could not get that added punch that wins the games. Buford Hudgins, little 150 pound Aggie back, was the best ball player on the field. He put on a very fine exhibition of broken-field running and field generalship. Dan Collie, one of the starting backfield men, played a very fine game at his blocking back position. He fooled the opposition on one play, and caught a pass and gained nineteen yards on the play. The Aggies These three Aggie mentors look worried had a win over the Indians until the last minute and a half of play, when Calloway, Indian back, threw one of those "throw and pray" passes which landed in the arms of an Indian who was over the goal-line, making the clincher touchdown. TARLE TON GAME The friendly rivalry between the Aggies and Plowboys flared up again in the football game, and the Plowboys finished a perfect season by defeat- ing the Aggies 6 to 0 on a muddy, rainy Thanks- giving day. The Plowboys' touchdown came early in the game, when they recovered a fumble deep in Aggie territory. It took wriggling Willard Woolverton, all-conference Plowboy back, only three plays to go over the goal line. Buford Hudgins made many of the fans stand up when he broke loose for long gains, only to fail to score because of the slippery field. The field was so muddy that the ball and the hands of the players had to be wiped off after each play. Woolverton was injured in the second period, and was not able to return to the game, but Lock- hart, a speedy back, Hlled his place and did a fine job of field generalship. The Aggie linemen, Teub- ner, Waller, Whatley, Smith, Moore, and Clark kept the Plowboy fans scared, when they would break through and nail the runners for a loss. The game was played on even terms, except for the one occasion when the Plowboys scored. The coaches of both of the teams said that it was one of the tightest ball games that they had ever witnessed. The gun at the end of the game closed another football season at N. T. A. C., and the hopes and prospects are brighter for the next season than in many years. SP, my ll , Ji uwga 05' X K pn is JI Ax. .ilillg ff X f " ' -xii. Q "E , 34 5 'X J , 5 h lhlvpfi I -X .N,f51l Mgqd? z MN f' 33 W K " 51533 Ae, v , I 1 0" ffl L mx 1 1 .fs N ll" 4? :v w Y 9 Af 30 - f,5,:..2t. ' I 3 wa, Z, XA, 3, T ul X 14' 1 . ,,. ya sf im-,E Fir ' 3, ,waz ,- vi ' iiikv. x 5, fi- N 1'1ff'i ' 974' X .L .-m,. in W X www lull-I xx v ,I 5s .. 53 1' U BASKETBALL Back Row: A. Huddleston, M. j. Norris, F. Nabors, R. jones, Coach Holmes Middle Row: B. Smith, A. Metzler, B. Weaver, C. Love Front Row: H. Seay, W. Simpson, M. Gathings, W. Seay RESULTS NTAC NTAC 39 9l:Weatherford . . . 26 25 :FDecatur . . . . 38 23 5f:Hillsboro .... . . 20 39 3'Temple . . . . 14 18 S. M. U. Frosh .... . . 43 42 'kGainesvi11e . . . . 51 35 'l:Hardin ..,.. . . 26 41 :kHillsboro . . . . . 31 21 9FDecatur ..,.. . . 26 41 ":Weatherford . . . 31 50 Diamond Hill .... . . 25 42 :l:San Angelo . . . . 35 35 :l:HarClin ...... . . 22 15 UTAC ..... . 50 16 'UTAC . . . . . 60 53 :l:Gainesvi11e . . . . 19 Total points ,........ 535 437 14 denotes conference games Norris outjumps the Plowboy The North Texas Aggie's basketball squad came through the 1940 season of competition in the Texas Junior College Conference with eleven wins in sixteen contests. The team was led by three letterman, Nabors, Norris, and Huddleston, of the 1939 team. Many outstanding freshmen, includ- ing Jones, Smith, Metzler, Weaver, H. Seay, Simp- son, Gathings, and W. Seay added much power to the Cadet's scoring power. With the exception of two stinging defeats at the hands of Tarleton, the season was fairly suc- cessful. Tarleton, later crowned champions of the conference, beat the Cadets 60 to 16 at the first meeting and came back to the Aggies' court to defeat them 50 to 15. Fred Nabors was the high point man of the squad with 169 points. He led the team in scoring in all but four of the games, and was easily the outstanding player on the team. His fine ball handling and defensive work were the main part of the Aggies' attack. Little Max Gathings was another strong cog in the Aggies' attack. He is small and fast, and is able to get around his opponent easily. He was Basketball high-point man in two games, and was always a steady, smooth ballplayer. Fred Norris, tall red-headed center, was probably the best de- fensive player on the team. In all of the games he held his man to very few points, and was always able to make a few points himself. He scored 115 points during the full season. This was the first time in many seasons that the team has not had at least five practice games before the conference competition started. T. W. C. was the Cadets' opponent in three games before the first scheduled game against Weath- erford, and walked away with each game. The first game was played in Weatherford, with Weatherford Juni-or College furnishing the opposition. The Aggies won the game easily 39 to 26, and were never threatened. Nabors was high point man with 19 points. The Hillsboro Indians were the opposition for the first home game of the year. The Ag- gies had a hard time nosing out the Indians 23 to 20. The game was a nip and tuck affair with the lead changing many times. Nabors, with 10 points, was again high point man. The S. M. U. Freshmen handed the Aggies their first defeat of the season, 43 to 18. The Colts took an early lead, and were never threatened. Norris was high point man with 7 points. The Aggies journeyed to Wichita Falls to play Hardin Junior College, and beat them 35 to 28. The Hardin team led until the final quarter, but the Cadets put on the heat, and overcame the lead. Nabors was again high p-oint man with 11 points. The Decatur Baptists handed the Aggies their first conference defeat, 26 to 21. The Aggies led all during the Hrst half, but the Baptists forged ahead in the third quarter, and stayed there. Nor- ris was high point man with 6 points. The Aggies played a non-conference game against the Diamond Hill Baptists of Fort Worth, and beat them 50 to 25. The Aggies' height was a big advan- tage over the Baptists who could not get through the Cadet defense. Nabors scored 21 points. In a return game with Hardin on the Aggie court, the Cadets won 35 to 22. The Aggies started off fast, and never did stop. They led 22 to 9 at the half. Nabors was high with 15 points. The Plowboys of John Tarleton handed the Aggies their most decisive defeat of the year. That being a 60 to 16 slaughter, which eliminated the Aggies from the conference championship race. The height and experience of the Farmers gave them a great advantage in the game, and their defense was so tight that it could hardly be pene- trated. Nabors was high for the Aggies with 8 points. The Decatur Baptists again defeated the Aggies, this time 38 to 25 on the Aggies' court. The Bap- tists jumped to an early lead, and were leading 21 to 12 at the half. Huddleston was high point man for the Aggies with 7 points. The game between the Aggies and the visiting Temple Junior College team started off very slow- ly, but the Aggies finally won the game 39 to 14. Five and half minutes passed in the first quarter before either team scored. The Aggies led 14 to 4 at the half. Nabors was high point man of the game with 13 points. The Cadets defeated Gainesville Junior College 42 to 31 in the first athletic meeting between the two schools. The first half of the game was tight, but the Aggies forged ahead in the third quarter and stayed there. Norris was high point man the Aggies with 14 points. The Cadets traveled to Hillsboro for a re- turn game with the Indians, and beat them 41 to 31. The first three quarters of the game were tight with the lead changing hands many times. The Aggies turned on the heat in the final stanza and won easily. Nabors was high point man with 20 points. Max Gathings was the big shot for the Ag- gies in defeating Weatherford Junior College 41 to 31. He scored 15 points in the game, and was nearly perfect on the defense, allow- ing his man only one field goal. The Aggies led 14 to 13 at the half. The Aggies stretched their consecutive vic- tory string to five when they defeated San Angelo Junior College by the score of 42 to 35. San Angelo took the lead, and was lead- ing at the half 22 to 21. Norris was high point man for the Aggies with 12 points. John Tarleton's Plowboys again proved that they were the team to beat for the champion- ship, when they again ran over the Aggies, de- Basketball feating them 50 to 15. The same story could be told over again, for the experience and the perfect defensive work of the Plowboys kept the Cadets from seeing the goal. Little Max Gathings was the only Aggie able to do anything, and he scored 9 points to be high point man for the Cadets. The final game of the 1940 season found the Aggies mad and ready to take on all comers after the two stinging defeats from Tarleton, and they took out their revenge on Gainesville Junior Col- lege by defeating them 53 to 19. The Cadets started off at the first whistle, and didn't stop scoring until the final gun had brought down the curtain on another basketball season. Nabors fin- ished his second year for the Aggies by being high point man of the game with 12 points. Somebody missed that one MIN UH SPUHT5 3 aaa Q, it QQQ ' Coach Haskins, Simmons, McBride, Thornton, Martin, Dyer, Maloney, Person, Smith, Adams, Holcomb FENCING The Aggie fencing team, coached by E. L. Has- kins, went to the semi-finals in the Southwestern Fencing meet in Dallas on May 31. Haskins won third place on the tournament team. Glenn Sim- mons was also one of the strong fighters on the team. The team had many freshmen who helped the team to go as far as they did in the conference race. TRACK The Cadet tracksters entered the annual South- western Exposition Track and Field meet in Fort Worth and the triangular meet held in Denton, and placed fourth and third in them. Freshman Robert Jones surprised every one at the Denton meet when he threw the discus 131 feet 6 inches for first place. Oscar Elam won first place in the broad jump at Denton, jumping 22 feet 6 inches. Other men on the track squad were: Hudgins, Stroop, I-Iuddleston, Hardie, Hood, Clark, Collier, Stallings, Tegge, and Croft. GOLF Jimmy Whitcher of Dallas was the number one golf player of the school. He held many titles in Dallas high school competition before entering college at mid-term. Pat Rauschelbach and Dan McCammon, both lettermen from the 1939 team, held the number two and three position. Lawrence Walker and Claude Nichols rounded out the Ag- gie golf squad which played host to the T. J. C. C. golfers in their state meet. r I 1939 tennis sta s ' f TENNIS C ' M' Tennis was one of the 111OSt popular of the minor sports during the year. Eddie Vickery won the intramural singles championship, with A. C. Graf in second place. Vickery and Graf also held the number one and two positions on the tennis squad. Bobby Hackney, the only returning letter- man from the 1939 team, was third man on the team, with Homer Swindler and Fred Middleton rounding out the squad. The team lost its first match to E. T. S. T. C. 4 to 3, and later tied the N. T. S. T. C. "B" team 3-3. BOXING The annual intramural Hte nite program brought out many boys who have possibilities as fighters. The most promising of them was Leonard Durrett, who won the middle-weight crown. S. L. Cross, bantam-weight, James Berry, feather-weight, and Boxers Durrctr and Kramig Jack Smith, heavy-weight, also won the title in their weights. Other fighters who made fine show- ings were: "Poolcy" Shrader, George Kramig, Tom- my Elder, Ralph Carter, Otis Wyzltt, and Bill I-lise. OTHER SPORTS Company D won the intramural volleyball championship over Company B. Badminton, a new sport on the campus, had its share of interest with the students. The Athletic Department made badminton an intramural sport, and started a contest. Ping pong was another popular indoor sport. Most of the girls' gym classes played this, and many of the boys played between classes. The baseball team, led by its pitcher and cap- tain, Leonard Durrctt, won all of its exhibition games. IJ i 1939 Golf Team: Kirby, Walker, Rauschelbach, McCammon . al Q? Q4 4. 2 ' ,,.-!' glqvl- .n Q1 t., 4.-vi fl- 5 V AJ I V Allsmrkyfg' .YJ-Q-I 545. . , ff.-4 , A-,. ,. '11, -.,, ,.-"Y 3 . . ' - .. Q -W Mrk-N'--... .'!i'f. '."' ,, She'll get him yet Ruth Dunlap swings Hit the bull's eye Where's the ball? Perfect form Pat gets ready Football tent town just mixing it up w A 1 F ,,,.,.w k ..J,,1IgQ. W, mmf Q k ...W -..,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,, ' ,Mk W ww- f' ,- 'ws 'M' h . , . k 0- XM., ..,gs- .,',' X NK., ,M ,w u Q 'w 2 .F-'l.,,,': . ' hi . ,. Q I MSA" ,wa 6 'f " ' ' -. . - , ' . nf E'f" f 'A , "NV " 1 ln I' A,-1 I 4 ' . ' , ww, ' 'A x - f ,V . , vi ., . f M n Y . ' , H572 I -,jbmff 1 .l . ' 1 . . A 1, Q , n M .wketm ' I., : . Qs, i . X' V ' 'v . er: F W N NW .MA ww .' x 'A ,',., V v 412 ' wv'5-7j'0f"'Y'r-- 453' , A a p, s 'Q "K '.. Q ' ',". 4:5 Nm" f V . n A , ' ' ' 1' f n Lx ., 1 9 '. ., ,-4-- ,1 A' .SL ' gifs", . V K7 , 'f .U ' ' fggv ' 5-, , ,, ing. . 0 -- , Q ,Q A xx-.. KMA A- ,, ,. .Ao ww . -Q, .X , Y . 5 , 4 . ,, ' -1 , . v . s 1 n, ' - Q A f .K 'Q' a I M ' ' , ks!" ' a J- ' if 'I-' x ill. 5'f".'z X gk-,. 4 ,P ., xx-x, , i'g'f:'Y. 5 Y . , ,,. z. 3 5 if-,.. a X .N if Xi Ar .N A W , .ri 'X ' A tv,- ' M'?"'5'5 ' nw., .. nu. 1 i OUR SINCERE THANKS TO . . . Neil Daniel, J. UV. Murphree, J. B. Holt, and the Stafford Engraving Co. for their help in planning and worleing out the annualf to Mr. A. O. Evans and the Marvin D. Evans Co. for printing the hoolaf and to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnston of johnston's Studio for their under- standing cooperation and fine photography. Mr. B. C. Barnes, business sponsor of the Junior Aggie, has given help and encourage- ment when it was most needed. Mr. A. B. Armstrong and Mr. Howard Joyner have aid- ed the staff in preparing the annual. To all of these we express our sincere thanles. me guniofz ggie Myra jo Preston Mack Clarke Bill Curry Laura Gowin Iiilifor liuxinvxs MfIllllgl'f I'lwlog1'rl11ln'r SMH' St'l'l'f'flll',Y The 1940 Junior Aggie, rather surprisingly, Hnally comes out. The pride and joy of this edition is the four-color kodachrome picture on the title page-the very first to adorn a Junior Aggie. The book has many other interesting features, but the staff will leave the reader to Hnd those for himself. We can truthfully say that We are proud of this yearbook, for like any doting parent, we love it not only in spite of, but because of its faults. If it can bring back to the reader some of the thrills of college days, then we will be pleased. We present it to the student body of 1940 with the hope that it comes up to all your expectations. STAFF AND SPONSORS nge Clifton Ackerman, Luna Belle Bcachum, Don Cain, Hazel Erby, Weldon Johnson, Mason Lankford, Pat Matthews Eugene Rich, Margaret White, Charles Winniford, Valin Woodward, B. C. Barnes, A. B. Armstrong, Howard W. Ioyntr THE SHCRTHORN STAFF EDITORIAL! Mary Lee Kemp, Alfred Miller, Marvin Dickinson, Mary I-Iigginbotham. BUSINESS: Helen Marie Yeager, Sue White. ' FACULTY SPONSORS: Duncan Robinson, Loyd Douglas. The Shorthorn, college weekly newspaper, is published by a ' group of busy people who work against a deadline each week, so that students may read the latest school news. All members of the staff are enrolled in some journalism class, and many are journalism majors. . - Weelcly features in the 1939-40 editions in- cluded a student opinion editorial, an original cartoon, Typing Slips Ca column of campusol- ogyj , Military Shorts, Sport Scoops, and a section for Society and Clubs. The Shorthorn furnished good practice for N. T. A. C.'s young journalists while present- ing a lively literary parade of college activities. KIiMP MILLER DICKINSON H IGGINBOTHAM First Row: Boatwright, Carter, Davis, Frye, Gantz, Gowin, Hackney Second Row: Griffin, Hcrtcll, Hopkins, Hufstcdlcr, Lankford, Maddry, Matthews, McDaniel Third Row: Morris, Patterson, Roberts, Vahrenkamp, Vogel, Wallace, Wliitc, Wliitwcll PI MU OFFICERS Ben Williamson . , , . .,.... ..... P resident Luther Morgan . . ...... Vice-President Betty Lou Chick . . . . Secretary-Treasurer W. L. Hughes ....... ..,....... S ponsor Charles B. McDonald . . .,.... . . . ,.,... Sponsor Pi Mu was organized in 1927 for pre-medical students, with its purpose the advancement of medicine as a science and a pro- fession. In the fall of this year, there was an informal initiation of new members, in the spring there was a dinner at El Fenix and a dance at Lee Memorial in Dallas. The members enjoyed a dance given by the Xi chapter of the Phi Chi Fraternity of Baylor Medi- cal College at the Crystal Ballroom of the Baker Hotel, Dallas. Meetings were held usually at night. Dr. J. J. Andujar, Dr. William Swift, and Dr. W. Lyle, prominent physicians of Fort Worth and Dallas, spoke to the group. Dr. Swift was especially interesting to the club, because he is a former N. T. A. C. pre- medical student. Club members made Held trips to the Methodist Memorial Hospital in Fort Worth and to Baylor Medical School in Dallas. WILLIAMSON MORGAN CI-IICK First Row: Callan, Cox, Danks, Everett, Garrison, I-Iolmes, Isbell, Jamison, Lynn Second Row: Mateson, Millikin, Moorman, Niles, Person, Riddle, Rountree, Shannon, Slwrtes, Stewart Third Row: Stewart, Stile, Wallace, Webster, Wlhirc, Whitmire, Wilemon, Willis, NVinniford, York PHI KAPPA THETA fi I OFFICERS V ouis Arensman . . ...... President E. L. Haskins . . . ..... Vice-President Myra Jo Preston ,.,. . . Secretary-Treasurer Norma Jane Pitman , . ,...,... Reporter E. N. Behringer . , . . . Sponsor 5,5 H. B. Carroll. . , . . Sponsor Phi Kappa Theta is the honor society of the college. Students who take a minimum of fifteen credit hours and who maintain an average grade of above eighty-nine are eligible for member- ship. In spite of this high standard, the club is one of the largest i . r on the campus. ,Pm , 3 ' S y Fifty new members in all were initiated during the year. The ' .,. . . f Phi Kappas gave parties at the Grand Prairie Community house r" ' f . l and at Mrs. Baird s ranch. . B ' i . ,.,. f s i ARENSMAN Haskins vixus'roN 328 33 22 p 22 332 233 33 3 First Row: Ashmore, Bardin, Beaehum, Berry, Bulloch, Butts, Cain, Chilcoat, Clarke, Crimmins, Daniel Second Row: Duvall, Elkins, Erby, Evans, Everett, Farrell, Floyd, Garrison, Gaskill, Gullcdge, I-Iagin Third Row: Hansen, Holmes, Lee, Leonard, Lovell, Manchester, Martin, E. Milliken, P. Millikin, Mims, ml. B. Moore Fourth Row: S. Moore, McGhee, McMillin, Nation, Newman, Owen, Pitman, Renz, Rosamond, Rosser, Rydell Fifth Row: Sheridan, Stanford, Strange, Sumner, Tawatcr, Thomas, Wealver, K. Willis, T. Willis, Wyaitt BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB OFFICERS E. E. Erwin ........ ..,.. P resident Norma Jane Pitman . . ,.... Vice-President Mack Clarke ...... . . Secretary-Treasurer Weldon Johnson . . . ..,..i,.. Reporter B. C. Barnes .,., . . . Sponsor W. D. Richins . . . . . Sponsor Jessye Humphrey ...................,..,......... Sponsor The B. A. Club is a club for students who are taking a busi- ness course or subject. Meetings were held twice a month, at which the club discussed questions of interest to future business men and women. During the year, the club heard Mr. C. W. Poll, Divisional Accountant for the Continental Oil Company, Mr. C. Browning, Public Relations Advisor of the Texas Chain Store Association, Miss Ann Hamil, Personnel Manager of the Ben- swonger Company, and Mr. H. C. Renz, Spacing and Proration Engineer of the Atlantic Refining Company. A hay-ride Qwith real hayj and a picnic dance at Mrs. Baird's ranch were two very successful socials given by this club. ,. ,.- .f . ik ERWIN PITMAN CLARKE e if. fx , . .,. 17 . L " 'AS-5-A sf' Q j?"'3z-,I i s...- ajffi. rag?-L-' ' W if ff:-f .1-f.iXf:i,.v FM -3 ' . M?-1-rigs-1512.5 -+'H' -, 4' mel 1' . First Row: Askew, Bagby, Bradshaw, Burnett, Cain, Camp, Collier, Counts, Crandall, Elmer Second Row: Farrell, Freeman, Gowin, Ground, Hartung, Haskins, Herbert, Hertell, Hutchinson, M. johnson Third Row: W. johnson, G. Johnston, jolly, Lindley, Mahan, Newman, Perdue, Preston, Rcnz, Rich Fourth Row: Roberts, Scott, Shelton, Slough, Taylor, Thompson, Truett, Utt, Vickery, Watkins, Wittkowcr .A MIMS ROBERTS HASKINS OFFICERS CLUB OFFICERS Con Mims . . . ..,........ ...... P resident Cecil Roberts . . . . . . Vice-President E. L. Haskins . . .... Secretary Fred Wigzell ......,. . . Treasurer Major Max G. Oliver . . . . Sponsor The students of N. T. A. C. who are chosen as officers are responsible for maintaining the discipline, character, and loyalty of the cadets and, in turn, the excellent cadet corps that N. T. A. C. is recognized by the War Department as possessing. Each cadet officer becomes a member upon his acceptance of his com- mission as an officer. The main purpose of the club is that of creating more com- plete cooperation and loyalty and a closer friendship among the officers. Among the different social functions of che year were a steak fry in December,.a formal dinner dance in March and the officers' final stag banquet, which closed the year's activities. M1 Y QF 8 Q n .A L 1 First Row: Bcckclman, Bruck, Bruck, Burchficld, Cain, Creel, Cunningham, Davis Second Row: Farris, Hall, Holt, Kimbro, Larkin, Lattimore, Manchester, Martin Third Row: Matcson, Moore, Naumovich, Nesbitt, Holder, Peck, Price, Simmons Fourth Row: Snure, Stewart, Vcrschoylc, Ulm, H. Wilsoii, B. Wilsoii, Wriglmt, Young SANS SOUCI . OFFICERS Dorothy Bush . . ..... President Nancelie Utt . , . , Vice-President - Ruth Dunlap ...... .... S ecretary LeRuth Roquemore . . . . Treasurer Vivian McDaniel . i . A Reporter Zelda Ramsey . . . . . Sponsor Srms Sonci is a French expression meaning "without a care." The club was organized for social purposes. A formal tea for freshman girls was given in the fall at Miss Zelda Ramsey's home. This was followed by the informal initia- tion at Lake Worth. They gave a "Little Abnern costume dance, a Christmas party, and a bicycle party. Their last dance of the school year was a springtime formal, decorated with spring flowers. Rainbows with pots of gold at each end made a colorful canopy for the dance. BUSH UTT . DUNLAP 'Y X 'Q , E' First Row: Allison, Andrews, Backus, Baker, Ball, Blundcll, Bullock, Burns, Bush Second Row: Butz, Caven, Collier, Cullum, Cram, Crumpton, Daniel, Deputy, Ditto, lilmer Third Row: Embree, Gowdey, Greever, Hayes, I-linsch, johnson, F. -Iones, joycc, Lawrence, Maloney Fourth Row: McDaniel, Moore, Newsome, Newton, Phillips, Smith, Swenson, Vaughn, Willlmitc, NVilli:1mson , , w I P' 5' M ' J 1 'li l i , JJ vi. HALL MONTGOMERY NVITTKOWER ll s First Row: Beckett, Blake, Bnnte, Burnett, Barton, AVOLONTE OFFICERS Geneva Hall .,,.,.....,........... ........ P resident Mona Belle Montgomery . . . ,.,., Vice-President June Wittkower .,,...... . . Secretary-Treasurer Minnie Lee Early . , ......... Sponsor Opal Humphreys ....,.....,..................... Sponsor Taking their name from a French idiom meaning pleasure' wifb zlirectiolz, the Avolonte Club, organized in 1922, ranks as the oldest girls' social organization on the campus. The club motto is "Happiness for Alll' and the club colors are green and gold. Their activities this year began with the Freshman Tea given at the home of Mrs. B. C. Barnes. Closely following this was the informal initiation at Roach's Camp on Lake Wortlm. The fall informal was a gypsy dance with campire, fortune-tellers and all. Gifts were exchanged at their traditional Christmas party. The main social event of the spring was the formal dance given April 12 "In Cherry Blossom Land." A beautiful Japanese stage setting was arranged with a fountain of running Water, surrounded by roses. Walls lined with cherry trees, and Japanese lanterns completed a perfect Oriental setting. Phil Baxter's or- lf J chestra played for the dance. . lfizf Farmer, Finley Second Row: Foster, Galloway, Herbert, Hornaday, Hyden, Hyslop, Lindley, McCoy, McGhee i , Third Row: Meier, Moore, Nicks, Patterson, Pitman, Schillings, Shelton, Stevens, Stougli ii Fourth Row: Taylor, Thompson, Tidwell, Tructt, Waltoxi, Watkiixs, Wl1iti11ire, Whitwcll, Witt x ZANGOLA OFFICERS V i. Dorothy Askew . , ......,... President, First Semester Mary Sheridan ..... . . President, Second Semester Luna Belle Beachum . . ........,. Vice-President Gladys Johnston .... . . Secretary-Treasurer Helen Stone . . . ,......... Sponsor Ouilda Piner . . . . . Sponsor -. "Zangola," a gypsy word meaning light of heart or c'r1rc'f1'c'c', ,. i expresses the spirit of this social club. Wliile the main purpose is ,L of the club is to promote friendliness and good will within this .Q -. congenial group, the members also desire to strengthen the social ties of the college as a whole by giving formal and informal dances, luncheons, and entertainments. The outstanding social events for this year have been the formal tea for the freshmen girls, the initiation dinner held at the Italian Village in Dallas, a Christmas luncheon at the Baker Hotel in Dallas, the informal carnival dance, and the spring formal, May 4, which was a "Sweetheart Dancef, ASKFW SHERIDAN ,1oHNsToN First Row: Allison, Barnett, Bcachum, Bivings, Boyles, Bradshaw, Cavnness. D. Colson, M. Colson, Corbin Second Row: Couch, A. Cox, F. Cox, Elkins, Evans, Everitt, Fleming, Floyd, Gregory, Henderson Third Row: Hildreth, Hufstcdler, johnson, johnson, Lnmm, Lcc, Lindsey, Matrox, Moseley, Ortmeyer Fourth Row: Rehkempcr, Smith, Stubbs, Sutton, Swinney, Teasdale, Waller, Webster, Wliitley, Winford, Wrmrley ,Q ' POE NEAL BOATWRIGHT LA DOCEN A OFFICERS Peggy Poe ...,. .......... .,,.. P r esident Elizabeth Neal . , . . . Vice-President Leah Boatwright , . .,... Secretary Myra Jo Preston . , . . Treasurer Doris Myers .... , . Sponsor Glenda Bevill ,.,.,.,.,.,.........A,.,.,.....,... Sponsor La Docena is a club for girls who like to have good times. "La Docenas have more fun than rabbits" is the unofficial motto of the club. The club was organized in November, 1927, by the twelve charter members who gave the club its name, La Docena, Spanish meaning, "The Dozenf, At the beginning of the school year a tea for new freshmen girls was given at Mrs. J. B. Preston's home. Formal initiation was held after a Mexican dinner, given by old members for newly- elected pledges at Chapultepec in Dallas. In December, the club staged its traditional kid dance, complete with May pole and min- iature zoo. A Christmas party was given at Mrs. C. C. Mason's home. N Twenty-two new members joined during the second semester, and a similar dinner was given for them at Cliff Towers in Dallas. In the spring, the club gave its annual formal, with Ed Daniels' orchestra playing for dancing on a "Summer Night. 3, i First Row: Becker, Bontwright, Calhoun, Gibbons, Higginbotham, Holcomb Second Row: Horton, Hughes. Johnston, Lcftwich, Mason, MeGown Third Row: Mullen, Nichols, Preston, Rankin, Saunders, Waller, Yeager S. 0. S. OFFICERS Cleo Martin ,... ........., ...... P r esident Dortha Mahan .... . . . Vice-President Maxine Walton ..... ..A... S ecretary Florence Chambers . . . . . Treasurer Mary Lee Kemp .... . . Reporter Christine Jones ..., , . Sponsor Jessye Humphrey ,............,..,..,............ Sponsor S. O. S. means the "Secret Crder of Smiles." The club, al- though just organized at the beginning of this school year, is growing steadily and has gained the interest and respect of all the students of the campus. The ten charter members are: Norma Alice Adams, Florence Chambers, Mildred Cross, Mary Lee Kemp, Bernadine Lahey, Dortha Mahan, Cleo Martin, Anna jo Robertson, Lucy Rydell, and Maxine Waltoii. They started their social season with a formal tea given for the freshman girls at the home of Mrs. B. C. Barnes on October 6. Formal initiation of the new members was a candlelight cere- mony at a formal dinner party followed by a real "get-together" slumber party at the home of Mrs. Ervell Cross. The club mem- bers and their dates enjoyed informal dances at the homes of the members in November and January. The informal "Shipwreck Dance" was given December 17 in the gym. The spring formal was held April 27. MARTIN MAI-IAN WALTON EA First Row: Adams, Bagby, Lliambtrs, Cross, Frye Second Row: Gaskill, Henderson, johnson, jones, Kemp, Lahcy, Milliken Third Row: Robertson, Rydcll, Stephens, Tully, Valhrcnkamp, Wctlicrcll, Vfhite HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Julette Hyden , , . ...,., President Mayme Colson . . ...... Vice-President Julia Galloway .... . . Secretary-Treasurer Vivian McDaniel . . ......... Reporter Helen Stone ..... . . Sponsor "Wl1en better homes are made home economics majors will make them" is the motto of the Home Economics Club. The club has had many interesting programs during the year, including a talk by Mrs. E. E. Davis which was followed by a I reception in the dining room. The club served the football ban- quet, the Historical Society banquet, the tea for new girls at mid- a . term, and the tea for Ruth Bryan Owen Rhode. ii g N' r For the first time N. T. A. C. sent delegates to the state con- : 5 . - . vention of Home Economics Clubs at San Antonio. Julette ,iii ' ask Hyden, Mayme Colson, Julia Galloway, Mary Ada Henderson, 'WL'-,, . v Elizabeth Schillin s, ,,Vivian McDaniel, and the s onsor, Miss if, .. . ,fs ,, P HYDEN Helen Stone ,were the delegates. coi,soN pw f, GALLQWAY , , X- , c1vlP'0,J, jail- J g. .wa 2 ,,, y p NJ 1 1 mr . , ' I , r ' 'Vi F 5 I , li' H X .' A G Y L M. ii - , jx V M , l . - ' " i fl! ,A il .. ,,...4- . ' T" ' ii rg- Q - x 1 ,, ,, . , , F ' ,N A lf- I T ' is C J via , in ' P V ' . 'NL :sv .I "' , va, 1. 1 I: Q , , M" ' 4 r . ff ' I E ... A T gi ff, 1 M I First ROW: AnClrCWS. Askew. Bflrdin, Blllkc. Boylcs, Brnds nw, Burners, Carrington, Cnvancss Second Row: Chambers, Collins, Colson, Couch, Cross, E iott, Fleckcnstein, Fore, Garrett Third Row: Gccr, Henderson, Hornndny, Horton, Kemp, Lahey, Leftwich, Martin, Mason Fourth Row: McCoy, McDaniel, Mullen, Nicks, Ortmeyer, Rchkcmper, Schillings, Smith, Snider Fifth Row: Stanford, Stough, Taylor, Thomas, Waltoii, Wntlcinis, Wliiteside, Williaiiis, Worley 1 BULL PEN is OFFICERS it ' Jack Tidwell . . ........,... ..... I 'resident a , Henry Griffis .. ..... Vice-President ' fl Charles Francis . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Travis Parker . . .......... Sponsor The Bull Pen Society was organized to strengthen and en- courage school spirit and friendship among the cadets not living on the campus. The club is famous for its enthusiastic activities between freshmen and sophomores. The noon-day programs of the day-dodgers include freshmen inspections, shoe-shining, and bull sessions. The initiation of new freshmen was held at Lake Wortli in che fall. Two informal dances in the gym were given during the year by this club. TIDVVELL GRHTFIS FRANCIS li: ilii S X l l 1 I r ' - A ' Q 9 L ,Ak i 11, 5 , if -5 i i, X , Q . 'X '.,W s lfllx t' , 4 ,kv X li W iv W gh All nib A LA rl r A A A1 ' r f QQ' ' S ' Q -2 T Q, fl . 4 is A Q L' L ' li t Ii f SQ ,ig 5,91 ' 9 .9 P Q ,, ,. K Q I ' - . ' A BAE dal A A4. L -rj 'i' X f iv ' ' it First Row: Batte, Bentley, Boll, Briles, D. Cain, ml. Cain, Churman, Clarke, Collier Second Row: Crecl, Dalby, Drake, Garrison, Ground, Hale, Hamilton, Harris, Henderson Third Row: Johnston, Kearney, Lawler, Lowe, McBride, McCord, Miracle, Moore, Morehouse Fourth Row: Newman, Pettigrew, Pool, Powell, Recd, Rockenbaugh, Rogers, Scott, Shelton, Simmons Fifth Row: Strange, Terrell, Walker, Wliittlc, Wlinniford, Wofford, Wrzly, Wyaltt, B. Young, S. Young F? RADIO CLUB OFFICERS James Price, WSFXN , . ....,. President L. L. Powell, WSI-IIC ..... . . . Vice-President George Sumner, WSI-IBR . . . ..... Secretary J. M. Goodwin .,....,.. . . . Sponsor Merrill W. Joy . , . , . . Sponsor The Radio Club, founded in 1934 for licensed amateurs and radio students, sponsors and operates a short wave station, located in the radio laboratory. All-night Owl parties are frequently held during which many distant contacts are made. Hong Kong, China, was the most dis- tant contact made. PRICE POWELL SUMNER -'w f 'i 'lg I .. id' A V t U .1 H.-Z.. . ' 'Wt 'A ' ' x F hh ' W . X 4 ' A First Row: Johnnie G. Buic, Judd Clayton, Howard Garrison, Elmo McClellan Second Row: L. S. Preston, Charles Rcdwinc, Wade Whittle, William Woffo rd, Thomas York AGGIE BAR . K ,..., L x OFFICERS 1' C Melvin Bruck . . ..... President Q Robert Wilson ..... .,.... V ice-President " Hubert Verschoyle . . . . , . Secretary-Treasurer C. M. O'Neal ...,. .......... S ponsor ' - The Aggie Bar has been organized since 1937. Its purpose is ' N to promote more cordial relations among the pre-law students A of N. T. A. C. and to serve to enlighten them upon current issues which are of interest to potential lawyers. Discussions by the , P members or dissertations by certain outstanding members of the f - lyk l faculty composed the major portion of the club programs. By f adding the spice of socials, the club developed a combination for p. which only one word will suffice-success. mxucx wn.soN viauscnovuz , , f I 'Z x Ab l ' iiii n ss J . . V -. " I . H ' nr 'V ' ' - l 1- Flrst Row: Bentley, Cain, Crews, Fields, Houston, jackson Second Row: Mark, Rydcll, Thompson, Vickcry, Wlmitelmcnd, NVigzcll 9 A F. F. A. OFFICERS Oliver Meadows . . . ..... President Sylvan Shrader . . . . Vice-President Frederick Juby . . . . . Treasurer M. J. Norris ...... . . . Secretary Q Aldon Huddleston . . . . . Watchdog ' Q5 ' Waldon Huddleston . . . , . . Watchdog 7 L. I. Samuel ....... ..., S ponsor Gertrude I-Iaskew . . . . Sweetheart I The N. T. A. C. Collegiate Chapter of Future Farmers of f 4.3 America is composed of students taking agricultural courses. The I purpose of the chapter is to promote a better understanding be- 'ap Q, tween students and faculty and to strive for the betterment of i s H' agriculture. It sponsors trips to outstanding livestock and poul- A A try shows and has a livestock judging team. Y, N An encampment and picnic at Eagle Mountain Lake is the MEADOWS outstanding recreational event of the year. mxsiciaw SAMUEL ', ir l :H J fr , , , x I ai 2 A wil . ' -iz. 1:13 I sf 1 V we -a .r.. , 5 I ' " ,, ,ff 8 ' First Row: Bailey, Barnes, Buie, Cain, Dickie, Eberly, Fowler Second Row: Francis, I-Iornback, A. Huddlcston, W. Huddleston, Jamieson, Juby, Love, Major Third Row: Mann, McGouirk, Moore, Norris, Peck, Pedigo, Pool, Reddcn Fourth Row: Reed, Reid, Rosnmond, Shelton, Shradcr, Stephens, Tate, Walling O. K. K. OFFICERS Ulmer Newman . . ..... President Euil Burchfield , . . . Vice-President Joe Butts ,...,.. .... S ecretary Harry Wfhitworth , . . . Treasurer Kenneth Rockwell . . . . Sponsor The Off Kampus Klub, as its name signifies, is a club for boys who live in Arlington off the campus. At each meeting this year, the club had a musical program or a motion picture. One of the most interesting programs was the showing of a motion picture of the Texas-S. M. U. football game. In October the O. Kfs gave a barnyard dance in the gym. The spring formal was given in the gym to the strains of the Escorts' music. NHWMAN BURCI ll1llil.D NVHI'l'WOR'l'l'l First Row: Allen, Hengc, liourlnml, Cralmlnll, Crutcher, Durham, lfulmnks Second Row: Garfield, Henry, llinson, jnynes, johnson, Katz, Leonard Third Row: Miller, Myers, Norris, Pullin, Sehiebel, St. john, Townsley, Wailliiee I an lil .11 "? CGN CERT ORCHESTRA Eugene Adams . . . . Director Nathan King , . . . President Wfood Ellis , . . . Vice-President This year the concert orchestra has been more active than in previous years. The orchestra presented two assembly programs and played numbers on all fine arts programs. Concerts were played in Lancaster, Ennis, Midlothian, Corsicana, Gainesville, Sherman, Fort Worth, and Dallas. Included in the repertoire were NeWman's "Street Scene," Von Suppe's "Light Cavalry Overture," Sarasate's "Ziegeunerweisen," Chenoweth's "La Pampitaf' Monti's "Czardas," Sibelius' "Fin- landia," Brown's "American Bolerof' and Curzonis "Bravada." ,Ai ADAMS KING ELLIS Violin: Mavis Hubbard Phyllis Decker Glynn Deen Butterfield Betty Lou Chick P. W. Chandler Kenneth Bartoo Gerald Bratz Dorothy Brigman Williaimi I-Iill Carolyn Cavaness f gui , i'li , f.5. li ' l 2 e Cello: Helen Marie Yeager Donlzle Baxx: jimmy Thompson Don Alston George McAllister Cltlrilzrf: Billy Bentley li. ll. lirwin Aloe Gober Anne Newton PERSONNEL Suxojzlmlw: Karl Wallace Lcta Person Trlr III jml: Elmore Conner -Iames Bridges Bill Kennedy Troull1om': Nathan King Charles LaRue Myron Rogers Flulv: Frank Davis BIIXXOOIII Wood Ellis Fred Wigzell Oboe: Jessye Townsend Piano: Myra ,Io Preston Ty m lm ni : jack Pulliam EM""lf I INTERNATIONAL RELATION S CLUB CFFICERS Don Cain .... .,.......... ....... P r esident Oliver Mark . . . .A.. Vice-President Lucy Rydell . . ,..... Secretary H. B. Carroll . . . . . . Sponsor The I. R. C. is an organization for students who are interested in studying international problems and their influence on the United States. It is a branch of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. Nine of the members attended the club convention in Fayette- ville, Arkansas, March 15 and 16. Don Cain, president of the local club, spoke to the convention on "Democracy, Can It Survive?', Edward Vickery presented a paper on "American Foreign Policy: Isolation, Neutrality, or Cooperation." Charles Horn, Horace Houston, Bill Almand, Richard Lowry, Carie Welch, and Brown- loe Whitehead were the others attending the convention. During the year the club heard Dr. Walter P. Webb of Texas University, Dr. Allen True of T. C. U., Dean E. E. Davis, and Major Max G. Oliver of N. T. A. C. speak on subjects of interest to the club. azz' I -J . CAIN MARK RYDIELL First Row: Bentley, Butts, Crews, Fields, Hopkins, Houston, Jackson Second Row: Mims, Slade, Trotter, Vickcry, Wl1itc, Wliitclicntl, Young K. K. K. OFFICERS Earl Barrett ,,.. , . . K , . . ,.,...... President Stephen Bruck , . r...., Vice-President Howell Stewart a , . . , Secretary-Treasurer isiaucglc T Edward A. Dodson , 4l.a.a.,,. Sponsor The Kampus Klub Kadets is the organization for boys who live in Davis Hall. The "hall boysv had a reserved section in the grandstand at all football games and provided entertainment during the half. Though freshmen did most of the entertaining, which included everything from jitterbugging to praying for rain, sophomores stood by to see that it was well done. The club gave an informal dance and a steak fry during the first semester. The spring dance held in the library was one of the year,s most formal affairs, with Ed Daniels' orchestra playing. A beautiful floral K. K. K. was the main decorative attraction. LL.Azx.Af5 ENGINEERING SOCIETY OFFICERS Louis Arensman . . . , , , . President Sam Young . . . .... Vice-President Jim Pettigrew . , i Secretary-Treasurer , Bill Hall .,.. ..i...... R eporte F. M. Smith . . . i . , Spo s ' ARENSMAN F. Konecny . . , . . Sp or The Engineering Society has been very active this year. At each meeting, some distinguished engineer or technician spoke to the group. These speakers represented the aeronautical, electrical, radio, mechanical, petroleum, and chemical branches of engi- neering. The Society gave their annual spring formal for members and guests March 2. At the end of the year a banquet was given with registered engineers invited. 4 1. POOL N ON -COM CLUB OFFICERS Randall Pool. . . . .... President Kenneth Kinslow . . . A... Vice-President James Drake .,,. , , . Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant Shokes , . . .... Sponsor The Non-Com Club is a club for all non-commissioned officers. It is one of the oldest clubs on the campus, for it was organized the year that military training was introduced to the college. Its purpose is to create a close relationship between cadets and to promote a feeling of respect for the whole military organization. ' "'f i:"1- iw!" f ZZ K 3W!, f EI umm W . I , YK At. if x 5 U' X I 5 Q 9 53 fs . W?-,Till W il: ' l W.. x7 l fy if , A4 I., 59 , , ,.,""-'1 1 ' .. 4' A A I . ff , M if 9 M 413156 -mln: -1- 1+ - ww f -- NN f7fn'?i' Q, 1 . . . Z Zazfazal The Editor and Business Manager of this publication, the Junior Ag- gie, are proud to present to you what they consider one of the outstanding yearbooks in the history of the school. This book has cost considerably more than the amount which the stu- dent body has paid for its publication. The remaining portion of the total cost is made up by the concerns which carry advertising on the following pages. They are interested in N. T. A. C., they are interested in you--they have shown their loyalty to the school, thus making it possible for the first time in the history of the Junior Aggie to have a full-page color photograph. The least you can do is to give them full consideration in your buying. Show your appreciation of this 1940 edition of the Junior Aggie by trading with the firms that made it possible. They are Worthy of your patronage, for they are truly your friends. -The Business Manager - UAF v. HEADQUARTERS FOR CAMERAS AND EQUIPMENT .... THE llfIOST COMPLETE SERVICE IN THE SOUTHWEST E'E 1 Thurman Randle 8a Co. EOO,S ETTTT 208 N. Akard DALLAS 7-3822 ":l rgus A2F ABSENT-MINDED Tire lthgatoer vxgas cciiowded and a 1devot1ed H - - ou e r t ' . eve? 13232, IS the most absenbmlnded Chap I Sl'hep5?ou1ilg laedy? dljdrcigt celjrdlcgtepallslflog Gthssaaig- "What's he been doing now ?" "Why, this morning he thought he'd left his watch at home, and then took it out to see if he had time to go back and get it." "That isn't as bad as the time when he left his office and put out a card saying he'd be back at 3 o'clock. Finding he'd forgotten some- thing, he Went back to his office, read the notice on the door, and sat down on the stairs to Wait until 3 o'clock." When in doubt, come on over to the place where old friends greet and new friends meet The Shorthorn Cafe Campus Headquarters Lunches - Drinks - Fountain Delicacies Notions Tobaccos C HARMON MINNAIE rangement and tried to remedy matters. It has occured to her that their neighbor might be Willing to exchange seats with her nance. Accordingly, she leaned over and whispered: "Parden me, are you alone ?" The meek little man gave no sign of having heard, so she re- peated her question a little louder. Still no answer and she tried again. At that the little man turned slightly toward her and keeping his eyes on the stage. "Cut it out," he whis- pered, "My Whole darn family's here." R. W. MCKNIGHT GROCERY Groceries and Meats Country Produce Fruits and Vegetables 24-Phones-25 Arlington I . . More Power at Your Finger Trp I than in all the worldis horses! 0 Flip a switch and the light comes on. Plug in an electric appliance and elec- tricity does a host of things for you. But behind this ever-available electric service there is an organization of skilled men, operating modern generating ma- chinery and other electric equipment to provide you with this service. Good electric service doesn't just happen. Trained man- power and high-grade equipment working 24 hours a day, make your lights burn when you snap a switch. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE CCMPANY Rose-Yates Insurance Agency All Classes of Insurance Arlington, Texas Phone PURVIS SURVIS GROCERIES AND MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES 56 106 W. Mai Arlington I1 The moon was white, The road was darkg A perfect place To stop and park. I gave a sigh, I gave a moang I cursed the fate- I was alone. RYE IN RHYME The horse and mule live thirty years And nothing know of wives and beers. The goat and sheep at thirty die And never taste of Scotch and rye. The cow drinks water by the ton And at eighteen is mostly done. The dog at fifteen cashes in Without the aid of rum and gin. The cat in milk and water soaks And then in twelve short years it croaks. The modest, sober, bone dry hen Lays eggs for nogs then dies at ten. All animals are strictly dry. They sinless live and swiftly die. But sinful, ginful, rumsoaked men Survive for three score years and ten. And some of us, the mighty few, Stay pickled 'til we're ninety-two. IMAGINE THAT Freshman Freddie tells us that Charley Mc Carthy has gone over-seas to join the scrap . . he just found out his father was a pole. Among THE TOP IN THEIR CLASS Mob s was Mobiloll ll MOBILGAS ' MOBILOIL Your Friendly Magnolia Dealer WORM TURNS The teacher put a small worm in a glass of water. The worm swam around and seemed to enjoy it. She took it from the glass of water and put it in a glass of whiskey. The worm wriggled a few minutes and died. She asked the pupils what the demonstration proved. Johnnie, who was popping his fingers loudest, was given permission to give his version. "If you always drink Whiskey you will never have worms." BATES LUMBER COMPANY Estab. 1931 Home Beauty at Low Cost 126 S. Center Arlington, Texas FORDS - LINCOLN ZEPHYRS - MERCURYS PIRIE-SLAUGHTER, INC. Z. T. Slaughter Phone 248 Happy King BUT, THANKS ANYWAY A certain railroad vice-president alighting from his special car at a small terminal and having nothing else to do, engaged in conver- sation with the first employee he met. The latter happened to be an elderly man in over- alls. "How long have you been Working for this road ?" the official inquired. "Forty-two years," was the reply. "How much do you make ?" "Forty cents an hour." The vice-president marveled. Indeed, the in- cident so preyed on his mind that at the next board meeting he suggested something be done for the employee who had labored 42 years at 40 cents an hour. "We'll retire him," said the chairman. So the employee was honored by being invited to appear before the board. He received a sub- stantial check and, while fingering it uncer- tainly, the president sought to relieve him by asking: "By the way, what is your job with our line ?" "I go around the yard hitting the wheels with a hammer." "And what did you do that for?" asked the president beamingly. "I'm sure I don't know." J AHN SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Plumbing, Heating and Water Supplies " tan dard" general' b PLUMBING FIXTURES UIRTER HEHTE RS 1715 Commerce Street Fort Worth, Texas M. H. WEST CO. 209 S. Akard Street Dallas, Texas V Mechanical Drawing Supplies Slide Rules and Parts NICHOLS CLEANERS CRAVENS Sz COMPANY Real Estate-Insurance Phone 10 Arlington Joe Stroop: "If you loved me, why did you refuse me at first?" Kathryn Bullock: "Just to see what you would do." Joe: "But, I might have rushed off without waiting for an explanation." Kathryn: "Hardly, I had the door locked." "Have you a book called, 'Man, the Master of Women'?" "Fiction Department on the other side, sir." COULTER AND SON Dependable Druggists Arlington, Texas We are always glad to serve the Students of N. T. A. C. Our Services are at Your Command THE ARMY STORE, INC. Industrial Uniforms Riding Togs R. O. T. C. Equipment 12th and Houston Fort Worth, Texas With a wild yell he sprang behind a chair, threw it madly to one side and then flung him- self under a table. For several minutes he lay there, wriggling and squirming. Then he drag- ged himself out, hitting his head on the bottom of the table, and cursing furiously dashed across the room and dived over a divan. After a minute he crawled from behind it and stood up. "Those damned ping pong balls are sure hell to catch." "Pull over to the curb, Buddy!" "What's Wrong, oEicer ?" "You just went through a red light. Whatsa matter? Are ye blind ?" Yes, officer, color blind." Not only that, but you were doing 503' I was not. My speedometer registered 60." Let me see your license!" Impossible! I don't own one." "Well, let me see your owner's certificatelv I'm afraid I can't show you that either. I just stole this car." "Stole this car! What's your name, Buddy?" "Napoleon" KC CC KK ll U If lQ21Mg.f9Q.Za Has the FH, Feel and Looks of the Famous Justin Boots MADE BY-H. J. JUSTIN 8a 7fze JUSTIN AERU SHUE. The streamlined AERO Shoe, designed by and for avia+ors, is rapidly becoming popular wifh fashion- minded men and young men everywhere. Ex+ra smart and mili+ary in appearance, +he AERO sets a new al+ifude mark for comfort and convenience. H"s worn and praised by ihe U. S. Army aviators ai' Barlcsdale and ofher Air Corp fields. Made in oxford and high-'lop s+yles of smooth calf leather in black or 'l'an wi+h solid lea+her soles and lf2 rubber heels. The AERO is ideally adapted 'lo campus, sport, or dress wear. Try on 'lhis smari' new shoe ai' your local Justin dealer's. SONS, INC.-FORT WORTH Ask DAFFYNITIONS Barrier: To inter a female. Knapsackr Sleeping bag- ARLINGTON Unaware: Clothing Worn next to the skin. Creek: Restaurant proprietor. Yellow: Swedish name for a gelatine dessert. Enamel: A four-footed creature. Ladiepand Children? Store Fate: Remain: like "Fate for me." Dresses Coats-Hosiery Gifts Hinder: Inside of: like "It's hinder bag." Hats House Furnishings Grade: Superificg like "That's a grade idea." S, Center Margin: Moving in a body: like "We're mar- ARLINGTON gin thI'Ollgh GCOFglE1.,, You sing a little song or two, And you have a little chat. You make a little candy fudge And then you take your hat. You hold her hand and say goodnight, As sweetly as you can: Ain't that a heck of an evening For a big, healthy man. A bulletin board outside a church announced: DO YOU KNOW WHAT HELL IS? Under- neath was printed in small letters: COME HEAR OUR ORGANIST. LUTTRELL FUNERAL HUME Extends Best Wishes to N. T. A. C. AMBULANCE SERVICE 91-Telephone--91 Call Us For Correct Time ARLINGTON THE H MBLE COM A Y extends to the class of 1940 its hearty congratulations. May you find in your life's work both happiness and SUCCESS. cQijuMBLE,h A compuncher ordered a steak at a restau- rant. The waiter brought it in rare-very rare. The puncher looked at it and demanded that it be returned to the kitchen and cooked. "'Tis cooked," snapped the waiter. "'Tain't," returned the puncher, "I've seen cows hurt worse than that and get Well." "What's your name ?" the store manager asked Henry Ford, who was applying for a job. "Ford," he replied. "And your first name '?" "Henry." "Henry Ford, eh ?" remarked the manager with ga smile. "That's a pretty well-known name. The boy looked pleased. "Yes, sir, it ought to be," he replied proudly. "I've been delivering groceries around here for two years now." MEDITATION OF A LOUSE i am just a little louseg but i will write my pome for free verse week. i will write on love. love is Where you try to kiss a girl, and if you can you wonder if she lets everybody kiss her and if you ean't, you wonder if she loves you. i thank you. HHH WELL MACHINERY AND SUPPLY CUMPI-INY Distributors 41 Leather and Rubber Belts -K Pumps - Pipe - Fittings -K Sampson Windmills sk Wood 8: Metal Working Machines -K Mill and Industrial Supplies 1629 MAIN ST. FORT WORTH YUUTH MUST BE SERVED Your college recognizes that the development of a strong, healthy body is as all important as is the de- velopment of a keen, Well trained mind 5 and realizes that both can best be developed through the proper training diet. It is, therefore, performing a two-fold duty by providing a properly balanced diet, with an abundance of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that are truly fresh. Of the building and protective foods, fresh fruits and vegetables come firstg needed for their minerals, vitamins, bulk and alkaline products, they provide Wholesome energy, develop strong teeth and muscles which make for speed and endurance. We have served the youth of Texas for more than a third of a century with fresh fruits and vegetables which keep the body vigorous, the mind alert and muscles strong. And We expect to serve the youth of tomorrow, just as we served the youth of yesterday and are serving the youth of today, with the finest and most healthful fruits and vegetables. fresh-irum lkelklx' BE s.. KEITH CIIMPANY Dallas . . . Fort Worth . . . Longview . . . Lubbock . . . Abilene . . . Wichita Falls l Largest Distributors of Fresh F ruzts and Fresh Vegetables in the Southwest E -.-..,..,. .. c,.c - ,,c,c .. W..v,.,--.-.--.,,.,,.-.--,. II . .,.c. .... . . i "!': :?l11f:i7:t'-g,"F1: "' ' H ' . .. - api - - Y. " f 'a " W im I . 1 . 8 V1 ' -if I V .' 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'L ", f'...Af'5".gi' i ' - Q 'f""1ff 1 7'-'--1 1 .-ry-"i .. '-2 5. 1, '. 1"' ' V ki' 4' 5 f " ' V "" mi' "":'L""4' 'L E ' , I y , , . , -' X ' V i ..,-',Q1""if'4' f.l.' - 53' 'F '.".'f ','Ef'3a,.V r ' Ftp, a , v 1 , . -, .Imp-..f-N ,. nf- -fr-'f ' 4 .- l- ,.,..14--'.,- , . .-- . I -- .- . ....,g,-,Q us- v N ' . ' .f.1,,,.-J,-asf-lf.-5' .,-,L.L,.-.- .-H ' . - , sa-VVI-V,-,f, '-wi., ., --,.'-- ' II .Ms '- .15 .- ,ay . . .1 . ' ks ., -. A ' ,.vf:ff-f-:t-f.VL1.- 2 f ' .fa-i -V ' f'7.,"'i'1 J' vu. -, ' ' " mfff-'s:a4f.'--7 . "if fr' 1' -c,-G L?" -5 . , , 'zycgf V , -1, ,-.-,,",,,1.. , .,.ff:'f1-up .'- 1-,zz-....g..e1g. A 4' I 15,,g:f.- " 3 , .7,1f"J4y.'g la 1 '-"L -f -Q, ,V ,' rr.'..-Jygzw.-, -t.'g-,-N.f5s-4-H- ' , , . I . 7 . I IN.,-.:,,I ZI.,.lII 1,9 .X . I X 4 .. .1 -tr. . ,II , , ., .. -' - ..... - ..t- Ig-f '-L:-I ,Qu ,rgiw-5 .vV' , -- .1 . . .,. ,,., - , . . r. . , , . , . X 1's"N.,Gf--.M V .. V 1 -1 , I .-. - ,if,,II,I. L,1V,,. , -. JM- ,..:-fe., . H- 'Q 'rr V 1- Ps N V V1..,vI,-1. Wi? Vw I ,- . g,,,,,:.r.,, , . 1. ,- . . v... I..I-I,,.III..-- K. II,,,, -I III II I, ,Gag A j k H 1. 'ws'- -1 E WMM VM ,' iff' fs .YH II! ,F . . I Elini, .. ' . A I , . IIII ,. III IIIII If 'ln' HIFI..Iw..,1,pfi.JI.I.II,:. . IT... -,.,I,,.,III.,. .IIIIII'r,..: I, II I .,,5I IL -- , . Vf - . V J x 5 V A .V . , , - -' ga! Q. V - ,'-,g,gV.:,-.,f:,',I,nugget-f 1 . H , " 1 : ' V - 4 - , X pr." '-12, - ' -f ' -"if-'-r.-."'gf11'q T . F A V' 'F -V " '. . .. -. Q - ra . sf. A ,.. . 5Vfa-'1-41-::if.-4-Missa , ki 4 a ,vs 5 1 1 1 I 1 N ,:. I '-gif. :fy I - : ,, 1 1,..I-Vgrfk-,,,.I fs- r t L J . II! Q I . 7., III. 4 . .If I III - . Ml ' - -- 5-5-.'5'l,.1:s.V:: w X NIU X x ' ly' , X . . Y ly If X " in' ' - gf' -4 f' " -3- ' , .K .I , - V. . , . , . E . , . f- :Q A J-'P V.7+iiw'TE. . 3.12: .- ' 'wr-V ' , ' 1 ' ' ,V 4 '- A .fr-fi' lll f ' ' 'llllllllh X fr 'iw -' 'JI I A l -' A x- io ' .. ' -' " , '. ' . vf " .,',-i"': : ,:,-,gf 'gif I 1 ' ,'i- ' X f f ---' ..-. "'f ,-,-In . , ,- ' Y , .Z..,5 .r . 1lbg,.f-' ' r ' ' 'L 'if V' -fx -.1 4.-ff ' ,I , f '- , A ' 'f -- -f' -7 e' 4' .V - '- - '-' I gd f' .'. 'v:+G'.. ,- ' 12 -gT"'f'1J ." " .4 I: . UI .111 : l n lg. In I -W. , X O., ,-I .1 'Ir Q5-1-g,fTfI,q II' , :JZ If ,975 I.:-- ,,.I1.7,i:I,, .Az I 13" 31"hI"1 ' ' L. .4 , X fx, .' lllif '5: ri-1.V:I I .I ,f ,. ' . ,'Q,' F'V'JA.fV'f, ::.-- " JI .. 5 pig: I I QI II! 6 2 ,Is " It I 'II If II.II I.I 1 g I ,ITIII Igvf IST?-.II IIII1I25:I,s , I ,I N. .-.5-NT. I: , f V37 ' ' ' -' P' V f " 1-' 'us ' W' ' 7 n ' 4 E' T4 if-".'7'7 f -- J?" 'J' '7' ' 1' 1"--f"' -sn - .nn I.. . .-- 2 - '-.- 'Q' ' IL- . If, .I II IY' " ,I I. I yr jf-gg. f.. I, . IV " x VV V. H .., 'X' - V fee 'J , ff-'SEV tQfl?i'l5?7' J .Il I , .fy ,I -2 pi-I IQI, 1-. 5 ,J1.,.,,, .I , :age , .I Keg- 5 " ,gg 253' '50 " Fla" ' - 5' ' -'J '- ' .' - ' . '-'11, .. . " ' ' ' ,I W., L31 . -- . f- , AH, ,' -'1 " .,-2: ' 'K gr 1 2' J: 54 , . ' r.. L, it-55:1 "1 T Q! -.-., n H- ' ' 2, Ng f 411' : Q25 1,5-, .rf .- f V x.. 'Y ,rf ". .1 ip. , if E j' w, I' .1. p 1 -f i 'ff' aff- If ,- f A 'I 21 T If ' if we ff ' -'fl -, -- ..'-. ' '," f.2'g.'- .is J. .-'.' ".' A ' " H" 1 4 '. Y-WN 5.1" 1 1 .5 15512 -P "bfi ' 15, K V 7 'I ff, N 7' W ' if ,ak 7 , .r H. 1' ' . .ff fn-'YH ':- . 4- ' .--.'f?'1i.,' ' - -A . Q J Q.. 'iP'ee""' ,H js ' fm' u 'l 'll , A '-.J"" r-E. l 'Hu' H N l ' , r -' 4' nuff F 5 , gf' . HU ' Yin ..' . .-,Vr 4 ' , ,v , rm - x x v 1:55 'A' I 'mi 5' 1-. f f il ' N as tl M ,vm rl' I I ..L .I u' xv AV:-. fI , , .. fu 1 1 Ky , . I Tilt 5. II II I, . IIIIIIIEJ' Iii? III I LII1 II ff, if I II as II I :ri I V I1 M , . I 'I Ir JI, L. II , I I. I.I'T7f:,fI .ff - 0 ,,1VY I I :jp I if Iam ,rf I is x ht: Y' I, . I I m I. I -f IV W I I I , I -lt? II1:Irf??II WIIIILII0 Iv IIA fr, .0 cgi 5! U, ' Lxzw .I 1 'LII II I II. I MII 1 .1 . ' V , f .Q A ,.,I! -QV.. ,, ,e.' , A cr ' f , 1 j .f ,, w- '..z..w"fw' "" ,, .1 2 J 'lf 7153 w -' ' 1: ' E7 "f N 0' 1 jeff 31 . s -. "' fr, ' nf H, I -.P .III - I ' . ,, , L , f If gy Wu-o. 1 'cf' I' six' Q 5. In ef , 1-1 sv: 1 I w,nipf+ ' Ar J' ' ' Q' ' 'LJ M .J ' J' 4 ex 4 '-4 " 41 0 1- . X l ,J V., if f, If '- 1 K 1 H v I , III If I I I R I II I-:.,.I,,4.., 4 , 4 ,., I+,,1I,q-JI.. I JH , if A ff, 5 111, . .r e. f' , " :I 'J' ,af yj .W . WJ! 3 V . N ,ff '.V 2 f I III I K II M1 yr III . WI .Q L I N gf Z IZ' 3 I My I me .. -T' f F I . H f l. - f f " 4 . 1 ' - - f ,Ly I 4 J . ' J-'fa ' , f X V ff ' ' lla L. N' A 9 ' ' 1 M 4- K 7 lI 1 N I , Q 1' fl , ,Y .1 I . W , f x 'l lf! Xl , 9 'M " Lf- X " C 0 r F f ' i lu ' A ' f A Y7 ' l E1 Va... f , .f .. .,..,v , . . ,. , 3 ,.,fg,w: .s.?,,'-':z'5'S!21:f,, V- .45'x.r5m'f37'55v-t':FD.-':f'. -"' . , v. if f1LL.4-2246F.iQ5,g--F.f?.'vf'7 ' '--1-'ilffifay-c,':f1fI7yr,ffiF ' 'Gif , " 'ff""'11l1-.7i"'l5f -fp 'l-'F-TLC'-a .-'wf 1" "' L' N'- 1. 'fu' 1' . I-1f.n..V'. -H '- .-- , . 1 wf:H'2"' s - 14 JM'-N-'AZ' 154 " . 1 .f,,-'yw,- . .,f. M ' xg N., .,.-.+ L 5 ,, ,.,.. I , , , C,3:rq:kII'4'IxII 'H' 1 'V' ' . . .,. H' . ,. f E- - 1"-Dix' -Tfifii'-Sifffat- We enjoyed the privilege of making the photographs for this Junior Aggie. Your liberal patronage has been appreciated. rloLn?iop'S o 'Peitei' Photogzfaphis " -FlHLlI1GTDl1,TEXFlS Charles G. Johnston Mrs. Charles G. Johnston , Milk Fine Ice Cream Dairy Butter Products mf EFF FORT WORTH, TEXAS Betty Lou Chick: "Can this coat be worn out in the rain without hurting it?" Fur Salesman: "Young lady, did you ever see a skunk carry an umbrella ?" Thornton Peck was putting his platoon through their paces. Try as he would, he could not get a straight line. Finally, in exasperation, he shouted: "What's the matter with you? Can't you line up? All of you fall out and take a look at the line you've made." You may talk of signs of weather, Of coming days you may sing: But when you sit on a good sharp tack, It's a sign of an early spring. DBSOTO PLYMOUTH "New and Used Carsv Ben Taylor Motor Co. 206 North Center Street Phone 286 Arlington, Texas Mr. Stone: "Do you know anything at all about electrical apparatus ?" Freshman: "Yes, sir." Stone: "What is an armature ?" Fish: "Oh, that's a guy who sings on Major Bowes' program." Whenever I get down in the dumps I buy myself a new hat. S0 that's Where you get them! Not because you're fair, dear, Not because you're true: Not your golden hair, dear, Not your eyes of blue. Should you ask the reason why I love you so . . . It's because you have a new green Packard con- vertible roadster with a heater and a radio. THE B. 8z B. CAFE On Akard St. Next to Hotel Adolphus DALLAS Famous for excellent foods since 1911 - I MW Q Q AY - I Fort Wortlfs Most Interesting Store JEWEIERS-SILVERSMITHS eblbaih 5 771402 Tl-IE HOUSE OF DIAMONDS Fo1'tWortla LET'S HOPE NOT She: "No, we mustn't! Didn't you know that the Deans have decided to stop necking?" He: "Aw, heck! The first thing you know they'l1 be wanting the students to stop, too." Reporter: "I've got a perfect new story? Editor: "How come? Man bite dog?" Reporter: "No, a bull threw a professor." Ace: "What's the best hand you ever held 'P' Space: "It belonged to a blond in Holly- wood." Girl: "Whom are you bringing' to the for- mal ?" Boy: "Well, I like Helen's form, Alice's lips, Betty's eyes, Jane's hair, Peggy's arms, Vir- ginia's dancing and Kay's-and Kay's-Oh, I guess I'11 bring Kay!" "What is a dry dock?" "A thirsty physician." AMERICAN SERVICE CO. ICE Modern Ice Refrigerators Phone Five-Four Arlington, Texas FRANK BROS San Antonio, Texas I Manufacturers. . . Importers J obbers of Military Equipment Apparel and Insignia The South's Largest Military Outfitters SALES SERVICE Arlington Phone 206 Texas H. E. CANNON NURSERY AND FLORAL co. One of Texas' Best Known Florists and Nurserymen All Kinds of Nursery Stock CORSAGES BOUQUETS POT PLANTS Flowers Sent By Wire Phone 236 Arlington Life Fire ARTHUR T. BRIDGES Real Estate Insurance Service Arlington, Texas Tornado Automobile As the doorman ran down to open the lim- ousine door, he tripped and rolled down the last four steps. "For heaven's sake, be careful," cried the club manager. "They'1l think youtre one of our members." Shapely Showgirl: "I want you to vaccinate me where it won't show ?" Doctor: "Okay! My fee is ten dollars in advance." Showgirl: "Why in advance ?" Doctor: "Because I often weaken in such cases and don't charge anything!" Mother: "Mary, where have you been until 3 a. m. ?" Mary: "Walking, Mother." Mother: "For goodness Sake!" Mary: "Yes, Mother." Freshman: "I don't know." Sophomore: "I am not prepared." Junior: "I do not remember." Senior: "I don't believe I can add anything to what has already been Said." Wise Guy Cto taxi driverj : "Taxi?" Taxi Driver: "Yep," Wise Guy: "That's what I thought it was." Sam Young: "Look at the people. Aren't they numerous." Jimmy Drake: "Yes, and ain't there a lot of them ?" Elmore Conner: "You look broken up. What is the matter ?" Tommye N eyland: "I wrote home for money for a study lamp." Conner: "So what?" Tommye: "They Sent the lamp." CATON'S VARIETY STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES-TOILET ARTICLES HOSIERY AND UNDERWEAR One of the largest 599 to 31.00 Stores In Texas ARLINGTON Arlington Grain Company DAIRY AND POULTRY FEEDS Look for Vita Milk Seal Arlington, Texas W. L. Barrett, Proprietor Phone 4 Compliments of ARLINGTON COFFEE SHOP 103 West Main Street , ' FREE RIIJES ARE IJETEN IIIJSTLY U 'RE AEER ll A B 5. ' EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ' WARM-EUMEURTARLE RUSES ' DEPENDABLE-SWIFT SERVICE ET.WURTH-Il!-ILIJ-I5 RUSES HUURLY I in-I 3 1 . Gifts for All Occasions Ladies' Hosiery FRANCINE SHOPPE Mrs. Frances Barnes Proprietor Gift Wrapping Ladies' Underwear ARLINGTON "Seeing you is a pleasure N. T. A. C. Co-eds Sz Cadets Find HAMILTON DRUG the best bet Prompt Delivery Phone 275 ARLINGTON You say your son is making his way through college writing? Yes, writing home for money. Mr. Rockwell: "Two eggs, please. Don't fry them a second after the white is cooked. Don't turn them over. Not too much fat. Just a small pinch of salt on each. No pepper .... Well, what are you waiting for ?" Dan Collie: "The hen's name is Betty. Is that all right, sir ?" Mrs. W. L. Hughes: "Now, Billy, what will you staxiv at the party when you've had enough o ea ." Son Billy: "Good-byf' Dr. Brawley seemed greatly irritated at the action of a student. "Listen here, young man, are you the professor of this class ?" "No, sir, I'm not." "Well, then, stop acting like a fool!" Lecturer fto Engineering Societyj: "Now you all know what a molecule is .... " Louis Arensman finterruptinglz "Most of us do, but perhaps you'd better explain for the benefit of those who have never been up in one." Have you heard about the girl who spends so much time 1n parked cars that they are now showing her on the road maps? ARLINGTON STATE BANK In Arlington Solicits and Appreciates Your Banking Business Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation There was a young fellow from France, Who waited 10 years for a chance, He muffed it. Janie: "What do you do when you see an unusually beautiful girl?" Ann: "I look for a while and then I get tired and lay the mirror down." JUST LITTLE THINGS "Before we were married, just 20 years ago, my wife and I agreed that I should decide on all major matters and she would decide on all minor ones." "How did it turn out?" "So far no major things have come up." Dazed Father Clocking at triplets the nurse has just brought outl : "We'll take the one in the middle." COLD DRINKS CONFECTIONS COLLEGE DINING HALL Both Family Style and Individual Meals Served SANDWICHES TOBACCOS WHOLESALE RETAIL Fort Worth's Largest and Finest Hardware and Sporting Goods S tore Invites Your Patronage CENTRAL Hardware 6? Sporting Good Co. 1007 Main St. Fort Worth, Texas W. T. GRANT CO. Houston at 6th-Fort Worth, Texas "Known For Values" There were two girls talking things over. One said, "Have you ever been X-rayed 7" and other replied, "No . . . but I've been ultra- violated." DEFINITION Now, can any of you girls tell me what a mandate is? It is an appointment with a boy friend. "What will you give me for these jokes?" asked the contributor. "Ten yards start," replied the magazine editor. Mother Centering room unexpectedlylz "Well, I never!" Daughter: "Oh, mother, you must have." Joe: "I love you, I love you. Won't you be my wife?" Jess: "You must see mama first." Joe: "I have seen her several times, but I love you just the same." Break, Break, Break, On thy cold grey stones, O Seag But you can break for forty years, And not be as broke as me. Father: "Son, you take accounting at col- lege, don't you ?" Son: "Sure, Dad." Father: "Then maybe you can account for the silk lingerie you sent home in your laundry last Week." N ew Heights In Quality Established by CAMERON 8z COMPANY INCORPORATED Manufacturers of MEN 'S FINE SHIRTS Since 1902 S! Practicality and Versatility Maintain Cameron Shirts as the Choice of NORTH TEXAS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE X Incorporating SMART TAILORING AND FINEST MATERIALS to produce "A Shirt for Every Occasion" Sanforized Sun-proof , Col. Con: "Hello, Nickey! Are you using your skates tonight ?" Nickey Naumovich: "I'm afraid I am, sir." Col.: "Splendid! Then you won't mind lend- ing me your tux." The car was moving along a lonely road. Suddenly from under the hood came a terrific knocking. The car came to a stop. Melvin Bruck: "Heck, I wonder what that knock is." Bettye Hinsch: "I think it's opportunity, baby." A pious and uncommonly homely spinster was accosted by a staggering drunk. "Lady," he said, "you're the homeliest per- son I ever saw." "And you, sir," replied the spinster, "are the drunkest man I ever saw." "Mebbe so, lady," countered the drunk, "but I'll be okay tomorrow." Little Jack Horner sat in a corner- B. O. DRINK 6 IN BOTTLES Sergeant Shokes: "Every time they fire one of those big guns on the western front, S1000 goes up in smoke." Eugene Rich: "Why don't they use smoke- less powder?" Dean Davis: "Young man, what are you go- ing to be when you get out of college ?" Bill Tawater: "Well, after I've been Presi- dent for a while to please mother, an' a lawyer a while to please dad, I think I'll be a flyer." Texas has demonstrated its readiness to adapt mod- ern ideas to agriculture as fast as practical ex- perience and research indicate new practices to be feasible. The majority of Texas agriculturalists are pronting by the time- and labor-saving advantages of the latest developments in power farming. In the same manner, John Deere applies the results of scientific research to farm implement engineering. Design, materials, and methods of fabrication are constantly undergoing change and improvement- toward the end that waste, inefficiency, human drudgery, and high production costs may be success- fully overcome throughout agricultural America. JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY DALLAS .E I ff- 1 i im-H-H XX Main i, ' 'llffffff ff Yfvv ff rl ,-N X O D I K R33 3 f a 'D 'j I M of' ll9lTll"f - 0 '- 1 .:g3lS---'AG Q' if ffflxx 'O f' fs'-l 5 25931 5' Q .ZQ ' ' cJq'x5fCL'c-J My . be az Q K ! 7 - snuff, ' X --X -I" Ehtmffgjfgi, me ri Wwe, " ' ' 3 ill i fl Qui V7 L wrvaf-J N 1 I f It l 'XJ EE fl ffm .QD - HHH' 1' vi W . -- 7 gf4f Gi, j . 'I 'D 3 'N' Q4 W f ' ' " 'i W --fi Jia.: ffl 1 If ?-T-aj-gl- It o.9'? -L -V .Mp ., X z fxg X :i ' pi fiqtfl i ON, -' Jax X M ' 'Lf fl-YQ"-T' " g! gl-V15 illmmuwwuw Z N v . STORE VIEW OF RING Sz BREWER, DALLAS Ring 8z Brewer Military and Sportswear 1803 Elm st. Ring Sz Brewer offer YOU the most complete line of Military cloth- ing and accessories at the most reasonable prices. When in Dallas make Ring SL Brewer your Headquarters. You are WELCOME. We are your Host, YOU are our GUEST. Mr. Richins: "Ulmer, how many times have I told you to get to this class on time ?" Ulmer Newman: "I don't know, I thought you were keeping score." FIVE GIRLS NECK AND NECK IN POPULARITY CONTEST -Daily News. No wonder they're popular. Even a Worm has its good points: When it gets ready to turn it doesn't hold out 1tS hand and confuse you. Frequent water drinking will prevent you from becoming stiff in the joints. Soph: "Do you think kissing is unhealthy ?" Fish been- Soph : Fish H I really don't know. Itve never "What'? Never been kissed ?" No, l've never been ill after it." FATHER MIGHT ACT "If you try to kiss me, I'll call my mother." "What's the matter with your father ?" CK Oh, he isn't as deaf as mother is." "When do the leaves begin to turn ?" If The night before exams start." INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS 1215 South Lamar Dallas 601 N. Main Fort Worth "I killed five flies today--three males and two females." "How can you tell a male from a female fly ?" "Well, three sat on the beer bottle and two on the mirror." BACK FIRE Father: "Do you know that George Wash- ington was at the head of his class when he was your age?" Son: "Yes, but he was President of the United States when he was your age, Pop." MAKING IT EASY Librarian: "This is our closing time. Is there anything you would like to take out ?" Student: "Why, yes, how about your as- sistant over there, that brunette in the blue dress ?" Joe-I want to change my name, your honor. J udge-What is your name? J oe-J oe Stinks. Judge-I don't blame you. What do you want to change it to? J oe--Charlie. "Don't Wait . . . Call 68" EDITH'S BEAUTY SALON ARLINGTON "Papa, what is a low brow ?" "A low brow, my son, is a person who likes the funny papers, snappy stories, girl shows and the like and doesn't mind saying so." "And what's a high brow, papa ?" "A highbrow, my son, is a low brow who won't admit it." Whittle Music Company 1213 Elm St. Dallas, Texas Everything Musical The Southwest's Most Complete Music House Air Conditioned Ambulance Service Hugh M. Moore Funeral Home Phone 3 or 20 ARLINGTON E. M. KAHN 81 DD. Main and Elm at Lamar - Dallas Quality Apparel for Men, Boys and Women . . . Dr. Carroll: "How about having some pisca- torial diversion tomorrow ?" Duncan Robinson: "Sorry, but I can't. I'm going fishing." "We pull with the Aggies for a Senior Collegei' THE ROCKYFELLER HAMBURGER SYSTEM I once did use m' brain, I was a car conductorg But now I need no brain, I am a young instructor. Boy: "Will you marry me?" Girl: "I couldn't even think of marriage un- less you can oEer me the same sort of life as I have been accustomed to see in the movies." X0 Kay Maile I 0 in Q WWW TEXAS PACIFIC Place com. and on. co gf ISVV N lil . ,, l. . . I W lil' a f' VJ 1" A rf I. ' I U, ' If 1 MODERN VERSION "I won't get married until I hnd a girl like the one that grandpa married." "Huh, they don't have women like that to- day." "That's funny. Grandpa only married yes- terdayf' EVERYTHING TO GAIN The bus was crowded and the two pretty girls who had just gotten on were compelled to stand. One of them, to steady herself, took hold of what she supposed was her friend's hand. It was some minutes before she discovered she was holding a young man's hand. "Oh," she gasped, blushing, "I've got the wrong hand." "It's all right. Here's the other." With compliments of Purvis Variety Store ARLINGTON The Arlington Journal A weekly newspaper boosting for this community and N. T. A. C. Commercial Printing Phone 7 and we will call for your copy All the Aggies go to SAMMY'S PLACE Dallas, Texas Nowhere Will You Find Better or More Satisfactory Musical Service Than Here UMENT S AULT MUSIC CU. 5219218 Music . . . Victor Records Instruments. . . Repairs 609 Throckmorton Fort Worth, Texas Compliments to Aggies from Worth Credit Clothiers 308 Houston Street Fort Worth, Texas Your Charge Account ls Welcomed Bob Wilson: "Meet me at the Baker at eight." Nancelie: "The Baker? Say, that's a nice place." Bob: "Yeah, and it's close to where we're going, too." Father says he doesn't mind daughter's sit- ting up late with her young man, but he does object to his carrying off the morning paper when he leaves. Girl: "I want you to tattoo a bird on my knee." Tattooer: "Nope. I'1l tatoo a giraffe or nothing." Jimmy Wright: "Hey, what's the big idea, painting your car red on one side and blue on the other?" Eldon Erwin: "It's a great idea. You should hear the witnesses contradicting each other." . A nervous man was Bill Green, Who worked upon the leases, He kicked a can of glycerine, And then flew all to pieces. The famous detective arrived at the scene of the crime. "Gracious," he said, "this is more serious than I thought. This window has been broken on both sides." 16 Varieties of Ice Cream Frosted Drinks Malted Milks Sandwiches College Confectionery Truman McFadden BONDURANT BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds Real Estate Phone 52 Arlington JONES Laundry 6? Dry Cleaners E. A. JONES, Proprietor Arlington, Texas I Phone 44 201 S. Center USUAL PRECAUTION Cook: Did they say anything about the cook- ing? New Maid: No, but I noticed them praying before they started eating. "I would like to open an account at this bank, please." "We shall be very glad to accommodate you. What amount do you wish to deposit?" "Oh, I mean a regular charge account such as I have at the department stores." A film actress was applying for a passport. "Unmarried ?" "Occasionally" "I wish you would speak to the people up- stairs. This morning at three o'clock they were jumping up and down and banging the floor. I won't stand for such disturbances." "How did you happen to hear them at that time of night?" "I was practicing on my saxophone." Terry Bros. Drugs "A rlin gton' s leading pharmacists" Phone 285 Arlington Lumber Company "Where quality is first" One Hundred Block - West Front Street Office Boy: "I think you are wanted on the 'phonef' Boss: "You think! Aren't you sure?" "Well, the voice said 'Hello, is that you, you Old-lil' " A professor of geology used to encourage his class to bring specimens of minerals, for classi- fication, description and analysis. One of the students, thinking to play a joke on the pro- fessor, took an irregularly shaped piece of common brick, discolored and stained it, and brought it in. The professor, taking up the first specimen show nhim said, "This is a piece of copper ore from Michigan." Of the second he said, "This is a piece of lead-zinc ore from Missouri." Then he came to the "fake" specimen. "This," he said, "is a piece of impudence from some mem- ber of this class." "What is your name ?" asked a teacher of a boy. "My name is J ule," was the replyg where- upon the teacher impressively said, "You should have said 'Julius, Sir.' And now, my lad," turn- ing to another boy, "What is your name?" "Billions, Sir." Half Way Between One-half Million People CITY OF ARLINGTON Beautiful Meadowbrook Park Superb 9-Hole Golf Course Students from more than 50,000 families can attend N. T. A. C. and live at home Eastern Star Home of Texas Home for Aged Masons of Texas Fine Schools, Churches, and Other Social Organizations Approximately one-tenth of all the young people of college age in Texas reside within fifty miles of Arlington For Information Write W. F. Altman, Mayor Benton Collins, City, Sec'y. Teacher-Now, Alma, can you give me Na- poleon's nationality? Alma-Course I can. Teacher-Yes, that's correct. "Papa, are you growing taller all the time?" "No, my child. Why do you ask?" "Cause the top of your head is poking through your hair." The sweet young thing asked me if I could tell her how to play golf. "Sure, it's easy enough," I told her. "All you do is smack the pill and then walk." "How interesting," she replied, "just like some auto rides I've been on." SAM C. ISAACS, Agent Johnson Motor Lines Trinity Motor Freight Lines Phone 213 Arlington, Texas "I heard that Mabel has a propensity for petting." "Aw, all she's got is just an old fashioned sofa like ours." You .advertise this restaurant as under new management, but the same old manager still is here. Oh, yes, but he got married yesterday. More Disappointment Robber: "Don't be scairt, lady, all I want is your money." Old Maid: "Oh, go away! You're just like all other men. "Well, son, how are your marks ?" "They're under Water." "What do you mean 'under Water'?" "Below 'C' level." '--1---r The Zxclzange gfofze MASTERPIECE Line of School Supplies Books R. O. T. C. Uniforms and Accessories O J H. FOWLER, Manager Sonny-And please, God, make Ireland inde- pendent. "Which of these two men is the bridegroom ?" Mother-Why dear what makes you ask . "The anxious-looking one-the cheerful one such an absurd thing in your prayer? IS the bflde S father' Sonny-That's how I answered it in the final exam. ----- There was a young lady from Kent Who said that she knew what it meant, When men asked her to dine Gave her cocktails and wine, She knew what it meant-but she went. A maiden not lacking in pride Went out with her beau for a ride. She said: "Tell me, Joe, How far do you go ?" "As far as you'l1 let me!" he cried. Definitions Woman-A person who can hurry through an aisle 18 inches wide without knocking down piled up tinware and then drive home and knock the doors off a 12-foot garage. Man-A guy who can see an ankle three blocks away while driving a car down a busy street, but won't notice in the wide open coun- tryside the approach of .a locomotive the size of a school house, pulling a string of box cars. Martin-Luke Pontiac Company Arlington, Texas 115 East Abram Phone 47 1 E ' K1NGs1fIgfl1lEu'i'neovE,R rf X Manufactured by J fi ' THE KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Fine Covers for All Purposes McCRORY'S FIVE AND TEN Houston Street at 8th The Friendly Store Where Economy Values and Courtesy. Reigns Forty-one Years of Honest Service FORT WORTH WOLF 8z KLAR 1505 Main Street, Fort Worth See our display at the HAMILTON DRUG COMPANY Arlington, Texas "Young man, what do you mean by bringing my daughter in at this hour?" Flaming Youth: "Well, I gotta be at work by 7.29 He: Do you know that you look like Helen Brown? She: Well, I look even worse in red. She: How do you like my new evening dress? He: I can't tell until you get up from the table. Judge Qto couplej : Caught on the park bench, eh? What are your names? He: Ben Petten. She: Ann Howe. Irate Parent: "I'll teach you to make love to my daughter." Gob: "I wish you would, old boy, I'm not making much progress." FARMERS' COOPERATIVE MILL Serving Arlington and Surrounding Territory Phone 72 Arlington f , . f f,,fLx,f',. , 1 Q.,-',f,f,,.! .f 4.1 . LUTTRELL BROTHERS -34 ff' f-Q f 4 1 GROCERY AND MARKET ' 1 I my ffl fl. T I' I ' , ,'. l 'L' This Space Donated by , Fresh Fruits and Vegetables f 'ff fQ,fzff.4,44. '- ,, 1 7 1.1. Il. . Fine Dairy Products, Inspected Meats l 61 - Telephone - 62 1 nf , I ' . X' li" ' Arlington's Most Popular ' Independent Grocer We Deliver f DEFINITIONS Son: Tomorrow is Dad's birthday. What Socialism--You have two cows and give one to your neighbor. Communism-You have two cows and give both to the Government, and the Government gives you the milk. Fascism-You keep the cows and give the milk to the Governmentg and the Government sells it back to you. Naziism-The Government shoots you and takes the cows. New Dealism-The Government kills one cow, milks the other and throws the milk 3.W2ty. shall we do for him? Daughter: We might let him have his car for a day. A man and his wife were sufering from sea- sickness, while their young son became more rowdy by the minute. Finally the mother mus- tered courage and voice enough to speak: "John, I wish you would speak to Willie." The father, unable to lift his head, said fee- bly: "Hello, Willie." WmWf. GGEVR fl G G ouTli ""':f gf V I ' I L wfuu l 1 NLONVSQ! FEATHER mencnan . Span' I fwfissliii --' 4 , ' kg I soup . YES, DEAN, -- 1 R. s " Z 1 f 7 7 co LLEGE W f ' uf 4 - . ,TWA Q -1? .. fj T, I I I I llllllllll lu S ' ' o' S 9 X J """"1"i Ill UN -S 1- .fn - - f '...- W- -- I' -A fr 5 ff' 1 . li gm - M., -5' ' ------' f 'ee ' IYE 53? , ' '-J "'-F "'jg'-'ae 'I-MF'-' .-- , .Q at-if-bij e I l' ,fr ff: I X?- 5' fb Y: "Wit as 5 ' 'I ilill Cf-5, :rxgw -3 Z3 ,-, 0 ' I I T l" V V' I -V -- -'c X V If J Q Q , W, -ijyi i 'f Q I Q 5 T ff i 7'-W ex I 5 1, ' 'N' sv 2 , D - "' 5" 'I F Q 1" Qfx If ' Y 'W 'L'-E J f F 5 I sr - W -- fd M 9 Iii: s 4.5 r-' - My ' :Ere - - Q 1-H-Af -443441 . ,g gm-- . 1 g I 7 f-'I' 'i-- M-as . I' Wm Auroi l V GRAPHS My MA I ww qw N Y ajffffbf em ,, X ,J , fx, r9'f L Juv 49,1 7'f"'Q3.M ffwzw A M gg! " xxjjfi 'Q' MTM Zwifjjj 7, www ' M M . W W f HMM W W My 32 if WQFNJ 'N W' H ' ' gvgxyfyk ffv1fVMJi,5c'Mif', if U - WJ? ff" M MMMX W of 5 V .. My 'Wg JYW J MJ' . V K UM!!! jf!!! NJ jQ "! 1. J jpfajfffxjjqjjwl K , Di l M gf 1 J W MX- 3-3i3Y0E'gQQ9j,NQV . 90,4 L-719, . X - ' EM-Vi" Nigfy.. " NS 'mini' at FET 1 ,- f 4: ,'F"I','.'f ,SY "' ' - :gif-, :ki f , 7' v . V A M V "7-',Fm2"' 53+ 5 - V V-,ufug , ' , ' V- M '- S. Ziff MLW' , 4, WI.,',,4 , wg' ,M .ga Kg, nz wah, "M, 2 ,fp ,r 4u.Qf'4rLw-45", ' Af ui. " x51n':3".iT?Jiwiwfgffllfi' ,Ji ,JY Qwa, ,1 Lf likfwfl figiir-gf? x, mf-5. Q X-v-M, 5 wwf lf,uw"'Zw1., ,Ep ' 3 , , , zpy,f'ff5',, My ffm' V ' nb gt v .J .. an ifv.i'vi1L'5lyT FQ 1 f FN 'Q ., My Nw? w 53153 IW.-, 1 as Nm.-w W - "-fw:.fIFf3M1 V: z WW 5 X? f W, in-A , 21 ,Jaw ,T 5 A W 5. W., j ' M., X ' . . 2"f?.t, Q X f , Q 1, r, M Q . . . 'WMM' V :g:.fkQ,K 'CWM v Q i . . f mf X . 1 J X ,mx u w- a'em nu-a we sting gum fast we sung 'em 15111 they swan We HH Ur s as s W that we can un- dar- stand.- a- 'bout a. los- ing team You'11' by Enid Eastland Chorus ' Music by Earl D. Irons 'B 4 fa j ' ,ggi 5 fs UDL A M f""f HL lil., .tiffi li -H? f !s E s we If pi gg f W EEE ,Jr :J f : 41-Riff? 3 5 Eff If Q ?Yf High is wif if igf I QT? ,J f------+ ' a f I J J. j H Boys For w are end ........ --- --- A 55551 .11 51,1115-is yes to the end. , E If bf I3 i 1 I - ' - Q..

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