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ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS ROBBINS LIBRARY, 3 4860 00725 9978 Mr. DIott, " My First Class " how often we have heard you say those words to us. As freshmen and principal we entered A.H.S. together. We couldn ' t have asked for someone who cared more about his students than you have. Together we have done many things for Arlington High School. Thank you for your encouragement and sup- port over the last four years. The Class of 1988 It is with great pride that Arlington High School wishes farewell to you, the Class of 1988. You are a special class to me personally as you are the first group that I have had the privilege of knowing for four years. During these years I have witnessed outstanding academic growth. In your junior and senior years, you developed the self-confidence necessary for academic success. You can now leave Arlington High School well prepared to take your next academic or career step. In addition, your class has always been highly spirited and heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. The literary magazine. Fourth Estate, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Computer Club, sports teams and other school activities benefited from your participation. In addition, your social activities such as proms and semis set records for attendance and enthusiasm. However, even your long list of accomplishments do not tell the full story of the Class of 1988. You are a group of young people who have been a pleasure to work with. Your enthusiasm and dedication have made Arlington High School a better place. I have truly enjoyed working with you as your principal. I wish you all the best of luck in pursuing your individual goals. You are the future leaders of the Town of Arlington. 2 Stephen P. DIott Principal S ' Seniors Page 17 TABLE OF Faculty Page 75 Sports Page 93 Introduction Page 1 4 CONTENTS I S.T.E.P. Page 172 Performing Arts Page 125 Activities Page 83 Advertisements Page 206 Freeland Abbott Ted Alderson Chris Anderson Dockta 82 Appleton St. GOODBYE AHS! SO LONG TO FA, RU, EB, TS, PR. CV, IS, AMY NANCY ACK, AND SP IWLYFEMJ [A]! DONT BE AFRAID TO EAT THE FOOD — IT HAS TO BE SAFE, AFTER ALL, SOMEONE ELSE ATE IT BEFORE YOU! DETENTIONS W O RE- PRESENTATIONS IS ANTIDISESTABLISHMENT ARIANISTICI! YCNCTOF! I WILL NOT MISS THE FOLLOWING; MG. JG, AK. ALL JOCKS, OR THE LUNCHES! HEY REPUBLICANS — GET A REAL HAIRCUT Beverly Andrews Smev 18 Gorham St, The APARTS, silenti. Nail that baby 2 the floor, get out! Nice! No I ' m serious! What ? wipeout! Kris ' HOUSE, The Gang, MZ, LDW87 ' , Ottowa, BBRC, S- mobile, Aerosmith, LED ZEP Harley ' S, Comfortably Numb, Absolut! Menots! Summer 85, KS, MK, DS, TK, CS, MR, KO, KM, SC, EC, DC, MP, AS, KD, LE, BB, SW, DB, JL, CBJM. Oh ya! Whipped, Frigges, Close-up, 5th floor, WBCN fire- works, Numb! Later AHS Love Ya Mom! Freeland Abbott " Fribble " 104 Madison Ave. Does Anyone Really Like Their Biography? Can Anyone Understand Them? All Can Think Of Are Kick Purple — Spotted Dogs From Italy, Concerts In Qubec, The Old Munich Of Montreal . . . The Monitor And Smoking " Scandals " Parties Both In And Out Of School ... The Construction Of Paladin . . . And A Bunch Of Friends I ' m Going To Miss, Chris, Mark, Dave, Doug, Michael, Anna-Claire, Theressa, And Everyone Else: Thanks. Lemon Curry. Ted Alderson Sted 127 Gloucester St. HowYADOIN ' lt B the Ratmoose, salmonheads in sockets, PHP, fishbag, Ralphie, Harry 3,, PKC in New Hampster, every Summa, 71 Challenger, 1 Nogas, Cujo. Face, Eddy, Bri, Lucifer, Ma, Dad, Amy, John, Meg, EA, CC — |, Thanx. Boogums, Drums, Jammin, NH, DP, RUSH, Aerosmith, Football on Sun- day, Basketball everywhere. World Series, Parties, Junior Prom Good Times, Lata AHS! Beverly Andrews i Chris Anderson John Apidionokis Richard Assarian Erik Bailey 7 Oak Knoll THE MONITOR " TOO COOL! " The Fourth Estate (pizza), ACSL, " Q " general insanity. MOO-FLOGBATS-ONK! Assassin! Deutsch; Nicola Stephanie Claudia Birgit and everyone else . . . Canobie Lake 87 Lisa Carol Chris Mike Sandy Mike Tristan Jim Dericka Ben Pam love you all! Biking 8i. Skiing! Mom, Dad, Mark thanks for everything. I love you! John Apidianakis Apidis 6 Indian Hill Road TheHamptonAIINighterw JT8 .JD. Thanx DAN Chari. JJ,JF,JT, DC, DP, PV,JF, GT, RA, TA, Rocco, PD, Vart ' n J8(.J, BC, DR. Apidis, Pete, Vidal, Serge, George-Pha-Qall. JJ turnthelightsonandgetcaught, isip Jones. Corbs ' sallnight. TheCrash. Wantsomechew JJ. Parkwordsuk. Shotgun. Didltell- ysmysisgotafirebird. Wecuddahadthatcar. Nicewindsheild Jezz. But- didlhitanything?!! Thanx Mom, Dad sis. Later AHS Richard Assarian the Breadman 127 Oakland Ave. We finally made it!!! So long A.H.S. Hey John how ' s the Aires K! Kell how ' s the term paper coming out? Ted say Hi to RATMOOSE from Ociffer. Keep the TALL ' S coming John the party just began. Good Luck JA JD JT TA BB and KK. Thanks Liz, for all the good Times we shared Together, a special Thanks to you Mom and Dad. I Love you. CLASS DISMISSED!! Scott Babineou 18 Erik Bailey Jessamyn Barker David Barter Charles Beaton Beets 110 Newport St. Manson, Lumpy, Buzz, Greg, Onze, Culhane, Flopper, The Gang. Serve me. Big tip in N.H., S.P. ALASKA 87. SAT eve at Lumpy ' s. Onze ' s House. The Cape. Shot down again. K.G., P.D., D.R., M.Y. You boys brave! Chase w M.C., M.S. construction §6. The GARAGE. The Farm, H.S. Menots. Alton. Fr., J.V, V. hoop The Cutlass. Thanks Mom, Dad. Brian Beckwith Beck 49 Hodge Rd BOF JD. CB. DC. JG. DM. DH. SP. AJ. Jl. AM. Digger " operation vacation " Vermont " BOSTON " Roger Waters JD ' s party Basement " sled Dog " Hampton! AHS SOCCER 1 vo2max THE GREEN BEACH! " No Smoking and jokin on my time. C.D. wont forget your weekend, " tent " MT. Brennen girls of summer Love them all! " Nicks " JD. Those girls must Be StarvedbyNow! IDidd it! Later on AHS! Mom, I Love You Awesome Jessamyn Barker Cinnimin 97 Transit St. Providence, Rl Natures 1st Green Is Gold Her Hrdst Hue 2 Hold Her Erly Leafs A Flower But On 1 y So An Hour Then Leaf Subsides 2 Leaf So Eden Sank 2 Grief so Dawn Goes Down 2 Day Nothing Gold Can Stay. Psychos 4 — evaDM, AS, KS, BB, SC, D + TH, BA, fc, DC, MR LE, SW; B — THANX 4ALWAYS BNG THERE, L — I WANT MY MTV. SG — TONIC SYNDROME, K — ME TO SLEEP 2-NITE. MIKIE! D — NY IN APR85.LUVU ALL! DAVE — THANX + ILUVUIX— MAS86thanxMom,Jean + lt David Barter Vinny 44 A Cleveland - Good Times With JG KW LL CB GM PC PM GF Good by It has been a High of a Good Time. Firm Deep Purple Pink Floyd Roger Waters. Going to the Bake Tree. Thanks Dad and Mom For Your Support. Thanks For The Notes Dad. JD. comfort Nice Green Hang outs projects Thorndike BIVE Bridge Center, Men- otomy Park Charles Beaton Brian Beckwith Chris Bianchi Thomas Blair Melanie Boehmer Betsy, Laurie Z, Mitah, Chrissy, Rache, Jen, Cass, Kate, Squarebound Cafe ' A ThePain. Elsie ' s AHOP. Azizsupo, GUS? Dallas (SW, EE, AE, ST TR, LB) NY4 87 — Willi Smith Psyche! Jr. Prom — nying TIKI I Geggy; yum, noodles! Laura, Thanks. 10 16 86 Something Wild Goti Summer 86 — thebest. San Fran. U2 9 87 — Betsy, us forever. Tim, IsItaCrime? Mom + Joe, Thank you, I Love You just the way you are. Leanne M, Borges Lee 74 Orvis Rd. Friends4-eva CC, LL, JM, LD, LS, KD. DDCREWSPYPOND CAM — LD LL + TFarmy Mat? Summer86 W SM Ahopw SM8i.PC Neva Say Goodbye w ya, all the way + Can ' t help fallin in Luv W you I LUV YA STEVE — 4 — EVA + ALWAYS 7 12 86 skiing At Hampton w CC + SM The Choo — Chooss 7 31 86 W SM USMC 10 ' 5 87 what if I Sneeze? him change? Boo-Booface Mystic SW SM, L8r.T Tired? KD — TEEP Tuiet Thanx Mom Dad. Chris Bianchi 44 Decatur St, GOODBYE AHS I MADE IT TS, JP, LES PAUL ZEPPELIN PAGE 1 PARTY AT JD ' s Jl, BR, SL, AM VERMONT CAMPING TRIPS DIGGA KASHMIR LATE NIGHT PRO- JECTS SUMMER SATURDAYS AT MENOTS PM, KW, GF LACONIA OR BNST JG, LL, DB VEGA SKYNARD, CLAPTON, WATERS, PURPLE, FIRM, FLOYD DR YOUR THE BEST THANKS MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU BOTH LATER AHS Thomas Blair Cyno 52 Bow St. " TheDen " Hanging down Summer St. Park, Going into Harvard Sq. Tastes greot Less Filling, the Celti c North Caroiina Tarheels, Tom Petty June 28 High- land Falco ' spoties, Ray, Micka, Jay, cook, Tace, Dan, BAKER, ED, Ann hoop in the Red Gym, going into Boston, Rm. 330, " Fopps " The Rocks, RollingRock, Ray ' scanoe, Falco ' s New Years Eve Party, Thanks Ma Melanie Boehmer Leanne M. Borges 19 Barbara Boudreau Rebecca M. Bowerman Karen Brendemuehl KK 27 Coleman Rd. Joy To the world! Hey ... I Loveyou. Stephanie — Is he cute? Best friends always. Debbie — 123xyz, Lights out! Hershie — good girl Karen (edl), Pam meet me on the corner. Notalei — the Box Cac and Dave — Nature ' s . . . and Deb — August 21 . . . 1234 ... I ' m just goin ' out with JS, TR SS, O, DC, EB, RM, BG — wholovesyou baby? pj, kim, S, C, L, A, C, G, R, S, L, D, EE, Mom- andDad — ILU! Jonathan Brennan J.D. 322 Mystic St. OPERATION VACATION SUMMER 88 PARTIES MY HOUSE TIMES AT BISHP, AND. MENOTOMY VERMONT DIGGA HALLOWEEN Jl BB AM ROGERWATERS, DEEPPURPLE, LYNARDSKYNARD ROBERTPLANT, HAMPTONBEACH THEFIRM, CB, MAINE, TRIP eyes. Manning In The Morning, BRY howabout Sharon, HAR- LEYDAVIDSGN SnakePIT, The BishopBoys, areBack, JG, DB, LL, Lenny BUD- MEN Barbara Boudreau Giggis 35 Boulevard Road SC, JB, MP, EC, DC, BA, LE, SW, D-i-TH, LIVEWIRE, PKV, MRY, MAC, LNL, Bucket, MTV, SHM, TBM, DTS, MSD, DBT, Lulaa, Fridays, CCCookies, LALA, SLUG, Black Roses, Drama, Happy Day, WAHR, MAGOTS, G 8 .S, AEROSMITH, Breakfast, HUG Buddy, cheers, Jess We madeit! 7 yrs. S M 8 .M " s M28 .PLOTS. Nothing gold can stay! Love Thanx Mum, Dad, Nana, Papa, All psychos Everyone else WAL-LEX! Rebecca M. Bowerman Becky 28 Candia St. BOF 4-eva MM [Blondie) RS LD KTS -i- Mary ' s AHS field-raids — Canadot, Hampton 2x Kel 22, like your hot! Ashby. Bryan Adams, Madonna, Chicago. Soccer, Softball GBL-87. Bet Bubs -t- Willie parking lot afta work oh no kcaj Timmons + DD RM MM KT LB Chandelier already Proms and Semis. KM TorD LUV YA GEORGE 2-28-87 Suprize Thanks Ma -i- Dad The memories are all in my heart! Karen Brendemuehl Jonathan Brennan Kurt Brown Brownie 21 Boulevard Road MM, FG. SR DF, GG, CM, MM, KR GS, JR AV, JF, FR. YR. G.L. Run, Bash Z ' s otMconns, many a times icicles up menot ' s, FR. YR. first big bender, Renna So summer blast — L.B. Looking for me. Harvard 9 on 4, Many of storms in Hamp- ton, HRD got JG, The CAB am. Nite Nicks B 81 .B, B.S., Keggas galone. Cape- bound — 4 bake — NERDS, w gogs Family KangamangusB-Busters, AHS- APD Raids! THANX MaScDad Veronika Brozek V 106 Richfield Road IT ' S BEEN FUN, BIG TIME. I LOVE EDDIE 1.6-25-85 Loft Laconia Cape BASH 85 SS Rambo Lets switch Lyons park tradition I am blind! MP CapeMW 86 Toronto Sweet Sixteen England suite rank Jazz Jon Swifts Bee my sis. Thanks mom and dad! Diana you are the best sis Love ya Sandy labor day octoberfest chio. Kurt Brown Veronika Brozek Heather Bryant Little One 78 Grand View Rd. AF, LD, EF, DO. DL, CM, CV, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! BAND TRIPS: QUEBEC, MONTREAL. OHAWA — WHAT A BLAST, HUH LARRY! DE. DE, DEE! JAZZ BAND — HYANNIS! BIG FACE! SWEET 16 — M M KID! RICHIES PROM JR. PROM, JUNIOR OLASS SECRETARY — TUXEDO ' S CAN BE FUN, HUH FINN! G S, ARE YOU SURE? ARUNGTON NEWS, CAN ! HELP YOU? BEACH BOYS! MOM, DAD, STACEY — THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH! Zebulon Brundage Heather Bryant 20 Frederick Buck Scot Bullock Carol Burke 9 Jason Terrace STEEN 9 82 never forget those fun times, MET, SO, DF, SB, Tm going to the movies! Luv ya thanx. BE always. MD — Dino, B ' s house the blanket. Luv ya. PH thanx luv ya always 2 14 87 jr prom. Grover, born in Boston, the hill, BS the Heal, Symmes, track, steen we made it! I love you M D — M, J, C — mmssje thanx! Special thanx to MomStDad I love you! Frederick Buck Rick . Bucko 123 Wright Street AHS, 411 , 88, JC RUNS, FMShoes, California, Jet-Skiing, Hockey, Baseball, JV ' s Dn ' t lose, Mott, Nick, TC, KV, ND, MQ, CC, JC, BC, RP, KF, KP, JP, FG, " Bebez " , Maverick-Turbo, EFA, Itol, z, Nellie, Tiavalic, 100LL St. Eulalia, Confirmed, Mony-Mony, Ravere Hampton, Laguna, San-Jose, Gina s, 3rd Floor Balcony, Palace, NHamp. Thanx Mom, Dad, Jan and Carl, TOP-GUN, Spy Ponders, KV, WHITE-HEN, Studly. Scott Bullock 22 Henry Street AMY. MIKE, NOREEN, THE GANG, JOHN, ZEB, MARK. MR. CODY, MARTIN LANE MR. YOOD, CHARLIE, SURVIVAL, WINTER SOLO (HAVING A BAD FIRE), SPRING SOLO (NOT GETTING MY NOTES), SURVIVAL IN GENERAL — GROW- ING AND LEARNING A LOT. OUTING CLUB, MT. WASHINGTON, CROSS COUNTRY SKI TRIP RHYME OUT. TOYS " R " US, JOEY M, GOOD HARBOUR, CANOBY LAKE. WRITING, RUSH, ANDY. Sidney Burger Carol Burke David Scott Cabral Greg Cabral Paige Cadagan 92 Gardner St. Best Times With GM RW HS SS SK MC DD JD Rl BW DW CW MM PM DB KW DS RK PS Prom 87 w NM DS BR Tom Petty 87 Labor Day Weekend 87 GM JD RE SK RK BW DW LUCKY DOG 7 30 86 the Heights, Thorndike, The Pond, Never forget 10 3 86 Gail and Heather Friends Forever 8 11 87 RICKY " T " Trips Maui 87 w Heother TINA Stevie Nicks DAVID Thanx Ellie Ma Dad Gary Later AHS! Andrew Canniff Andy 28 Fabyan St. FINALLY MADE IT! MAKE THE TAG JOE M. JD Dave JS AK OD MR JH TS RIBS. THE BURGER THANKS AUNT MAUREEN AND UNCLE DON OOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU BOTH. David Scott Cabral Penguin 26 Norcross Street KISS RULES! Wait! 4 years gone already? Remember the rules, shoes! POD lives, WAHR, AHS rocks, hit my head twice!, OTTAWA!, Genius who?:. South Pacific = BUZZ, Carousel = Jigger, West Side Story = ?, Mike, Eric, tphychos Thankx 4 many reasons. Mom Dad Thanx 4 being there, 8t Stacie, 4ever u will be in my heart, see ya round! Greg Cabral 126 Highland Avenue Dr " D ' s " class where ' s the chevy " Derkk " Greg ' s 442 ragtop Ledzep grass roots. Zombies Summer of 87 May of " 88 " cant wait Revere and " Kellys " The: " strip " the beach with KB, DT, TS, SQ, " Sixbags " " DECA " School store Byebye AHS Love ya Mom — Dad! Good luck class of " 88 " ! Paige Cadagan Andrew Canniff 21 Shannon Capriulo Carolyn Carlson Tricia Carroll 49 Highland Ave. C.M, P.S., L.D., C.F., " Maine " C.S. " 87 " Summers " 85 " " 86 " " 87 " , P.S. C.B., J.M., R.D., J.S., S.L, A.M., S.H., IWA C.B., T.C., P.S., Alnighter. TheHut, Parties. Spain! 87 16th-27th, SDs ' , NCs ' , SpanishFood, FWSI Hampton Beach 84, 85, 86, G.M. C.S. Canada 86, Boston, BS., Boston, Canada 87, Deca. Thanks Ma. with love always Tricia. Susan Carroll Sue 31 Elwem Rd. AHS — GREATYEARS — B.F. TM KH ND KM CG IR LS — HKS. N. OH NO! — THE GANG AT N.D. T.L. HK DD BC PARTIES — TM FG HT — N.D. — ALNIGHTES — B.F. TOC. C. SO SORRY — " HAMPTON " H.K, 85 87 ANIMAL HOUSE — MR MATTBC- ARFUL — TL — TMWE WANT — STEW — N.D. — GARY — WHEW CC ' S BIGBASH + S.P.F. BALL-GAMES — GREAT 87 — GYMNASTICS — NONEEDHELP — LOST 31ST TMBTFIELD — QUITE-A-GANG M.S. GYMN. M.C. TYPE-NO-TLK. — BIT- MEETS. LST. SUMMERNIGHTS — ABOVEEVERYONE — MADE4YEARSOFGRT — MEMS LUV U. MA -r DAD T -(- RC THANXS Shannon Capriulo Shenanigan 87 Glenburn Road No longer a dream BYE AHS! OTS JD — The Bench 86 Oct 31 86 the corner JK house WALDO, THORNDIKE good times — been through all KK TA LM JM KC crew vide stars LT BF 4eva BBC Reese PC Punk Buddy — 5-22 Hampton 87 FLA 88 up the ave no Cam tikin LT Jan 30!! LM I ROC cruize summer of 84-87 THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS! DADSrMOM LOVE YA Carolyn Carlson Lynnie 291 Hillside Avenue KENDRA, WE MADE IT, OH NO! SAC Student Council — GoodNews. South Pacific, Carousel, WestSideStory, CatSrMouse Thanx Mr. Rob Mr. Smith! Cheering Capt. 87-88 Luv Ya Mrs. D! BAND TRIPS: Quebec, Montreal — 5 15 86 — JAY, Ottawa — FRAN, What a long strange trip it ' s been! Camp Cal- umet: Steph, Love is real not fade away! Ted! Thanks 4 your support Mom, Dad, Kurtis, 8 . Doug, " Just Lookin! " Tricia Carroll Susan Carroll Eric Carter Sheri Carter Derek Carvalho Face 98 Mt. Vernon St. ' Sup Varsity Soccer 1 7-1 Rotmoose Ralphy Harrylll Fishbag salmon Summer of " 87 " Nogas Sped Bri Eddie Deda Face L.P. " 73 " Laguna Bass World series party Motley Crue Van Halen Bon Jovi Boston Aerosmith Cujo Soccer party Green Beach Um Ba Um Ba Um ba ba these were the best years ChillOUt Phill Don ' t Lucifer out. Later Much. Party Ma, Dad -(- Charles Thanx. Salvatore Cotanzano THE PARTY ' S OVER GOOD TIMES, BILL, DOUG, DUTCH, FISHER, PRICE GANG TD. E.S. THORNDIKE FIELD NIGHTS MELROSE SPA VARSITY TRACK G.B.L. CHAM- PIONS CUTLAS CRASH; 6,11,87 2 PACK VISION THE BOSS PROM NIGHT? A.P W.O. IT ' S ALWAYS " ! %$ " GIRLS WELL. IT ' S MIDNIGHT. NOW? FOREST SUMMER, " 87 " WHATS WRONG WITH WEEKNIGHTS? 12,9,87; SECOND TRY! UNTIL NEXT YEAR! Eric Carter Taz JOURNEY UNTOLD PASSION IF I HAD YOUR HEART OF STONE I COULD BREAK THESE CHAINS AND I ' D BE FREE! ASIA SHUT UP! THE FACT THAT THE SUN IS RISING SCARES THE HECK OUT OF ME! MY LIPS ARE ITCHY SORRY I DIDNT PUT ANYONES NAME IN HERE PAINT IT BLACK RT 2 HAY MIKE NOTHING! FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND FIND YOUR DREAMS DR IM CRAZY HELP ME! NICE HAIR FRIDAYS!! XCARTER Sheri Carter Shesh 11 Jason Ter. BB, JB, BA, EC, EC, MP, PSYCHOS, CHEERS! MSD, DPT, GOWB, LA LA! MTV, DTS, SHM, TBF, TBM, LIVEWIRE, TEMPTATION! H EY B. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO WANT? MRY, PKV, MAC, LNL, BUCKETS! SNAKE C. P-LOTS! M8cM, HAMPTON, FRIDAYS, MY NOSE FEELS FUNNY! C.C. COOKIES, I STEPPED IN A LAKE! CHOCOLATE MILK! PARTY REPTILES! SLUG! JOE CLUELESS, AHTGANO, RIPP, BLACK ROSES! STOCK! WAHR! PARTYS! THANKS EVERYONE LUV YA! 22 Derek Carvalho Salvatore Catanzano Corrine Cerrato Karen Cherelli Kenneth Chou 6 Colonial Village Drive Snatching the eternal out of the desperately fleeting is the great magic trick of human existence. James Cristopoulos 11 Bowdoin Street Montreal summer of 865ovthieNewYorkDownTown Corrine Cerrato Corrie 45 Walnut Street Best of times with H.K. S.C. T.M. N.D. M.D. K.H. + the girls A.H.S. + my BUDdies Quations M.D, S.M. H.K. B.T. Parties AT N.D. HK DD TL 18 B-day Party The Gang AT Ashby Semi And Prom D.G. Cottage Hampton " easy " " you ' ll be Alright " weekends with CAR Nahant subnatunal-Toll Canobie New Hampshire K.H. PD. N.T. C.C. + M.D. Lost on subway Thanksgiving Luv ya Mom + Dad T.C. Thanks I LUV YA JOE. 4 4 86. Karen Cherelli Sheepy 61 Walnut Street Pam, Karen, Dennis, Hanki, Boo, SH, Chaz, KR, BB, JFCC, Alice, Grove St. Cumbys! Stopys The Senate, The Farm, Maine — Pam " While I was tryn to sleep. " " Aerosmith Boston. " The Roach Motel " Mush room head Chrisisteve Pam Matt + Larry Ski trip — Freeludes Skynrd Jerry Chris Jen + Libby Senob " Zeppelin Dead Floyd T-Party at Grove! KFCAY29-86 GobyraDic I ' m Free as a Bird Now! Thanx M + D Kenneth Chou James Christopoulos Jean E. Chu Carol Chudigian Doug Clare 79 Dorothy Road The field, AHS Soccer. Thank God for Gusto 87 out with my BUDies. Jayco and the Fisher Price gang. AC DC Road trips. What was her name? Party it up! I ' m out of here! To all my girls: MR KF, LF, NM, KM, VB, KR. Luv ya! Caroline, Luv ya! More! Thanks Mum + Dad. I didn ' t think I would make it either. Barry Clinton K 130 Thorndike St. HELLO FINN ' S ROOM WDCHK AHOP KATE SEAN KRISM U2w Aud Little sis caz jules boobookitty sez ouch Rememberance Thanx FinnScMr. Foisy 4 being FRIENDS KRIST my best friend blastphemous rumorsSin this house cant 4get mat. Iuv2 my family time 4 us longer exists everyone B Happy i was never much good at GoodByes Jean E. Chu 97 Spring Street Careless memories: Menotomy 8 17 84, Wingaersheek 7 26 86, Pro-Arts Summer 1986; Brighton 6 12 87, etc! Newbury St. The Square. T. Pink flam- ingoes. Frolics. The mall. LoveSrthanx to family friends AW CS MR JC RS BG DJ. JP RU DM. Thanx 8r dreams forever. X. Remember Marilyn Monroe. HOPE HOPE HOPE Carol Chudigian 26 Edgehill Rd. SPRINGBREAK 87, LAS VEGAS THE MONKEES! PETER, MICKY, DAVE; MIKE, 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR FOR PETE ' S SAKE, I ' LL LOVE YOU FOREVER, HEART AND SOUL, SOMETHING IN THE MORNING, SATURDAY ' S CHILD YOU DO AND I ' LL BE SORRY TAMI, LUV YA! CC, KR, CR, KH, MM, BW, LC, PS, THE BEATLES 1 960 ' S FOREVER! OCEANWOOD, OCEAN PARK MAINE GOD IS LOVE! SEPTEMBER 20, 1987, JULY 1, 1987 Doug Clare Barry Clinton 23 Cindy Colburn Jamie Collins Cindy Colburn Cin 2 Heard Rd, We Made it! Lee — Hampton — My Legs Neva Say Goodbye Stephen — I LOVE you ! 4-eva — 3-21 -86 — 7-6-87 Friends 4-eva; LB, JT, EK, DH, M A, JO, KD, SM, SD best of times w JM 2-14-87 Skiing on the beach W SM LB What if I Sneeze? Cheering — ND — Gimme an -E-Ct — 7-10-87 — srvbf — G s — JT — 8-8-87 — Sport-look at his . . . popsicles can I give him change? TDFJ Thanx MOM, DAD, CHRIS, JEFF I LOVE YA! Jamie Collins Jamie 1 Sutherland Terr. The Field With Everyone Remember Those Parties The Paddy Wagon The Times At Dave -i- Pat ' s House J.G. ' s And The Dog ' s House Canada 86-87 AC-DC C. + S.O. 86-87 Disorderly New Years Mannequin Chicago The ID Springbreak Road trip Quarters AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH The Beach Sinks AH Football 88 Proof Ski Trip Zombies Bandanas Slamming S-i-S WiffleBall Games Cutletts At My House GOODBYE Thanks Mom Dara Conneely 72 Westminster Ave. V-FOOTBALL capt 83 11 — ODRE AM dog defense 24 o you gotta want it 9-1 ? in the stands with BUDDies MM BC, SK MD MM BK TL BH JF JN hey don ' t worry about it LUV U ALWAYS NATILIE REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES capebound MALIBU INN k MOBIL MARThey watta ya dooin WHERES THE PARTY rockport?? BACKYARDNR allniters DO IT whose buyen SPORT drinking goggles TUNC it scold good times ahs thanx MA DAD LUV U GOOD LUCK MARG MARTIN DAVID Christine Convery CB ' s we finally made it 9-82, Thanx and Luv ya. Never forget mET, SO, DF, SB. I ' ll seeya at the movies. Skippen — BackHall, after 5th, I ' m late, Ridesm + m, D. Ed — PC — Thanks, umbrella, youre town CB ' s, Limo, The Truckster — Flat, symmes crew. Volleyball, JProm, I ' m here again M -t- D. Thanx BFam. Thanks Mom, Dad, Jill, Mike. You ' re the best, Luv ya ' s. Dora Conneely Christine Convery Leah Cooke 221 Wachusett Ave. It ' s casual. F F — I Love YA, Lisa Luongo, Fitchburg Testimonial — " The Bag Lady ' ' Party in 216, Girls! " BLA " oh No — The Hand, " It ' s OK. It ' s alright ... " Can I have some? Where did you get those thumbs, Lisa? Wooow! What a doobie. Let ' s go canoeing! Friends are forever, never say goodbye, only say good luck — LS MP LL DS ML EK EH CL, Goodbye A.H.S, I ' ll never forget tou. THANX Doug Corbett Nippa, Corbs 65 Tanager Street MEMBA! Im outta here! U2isme, I ' m U2! EACH, Rocco! I own Europe — Ireland 8c Wales 8c England 8c Belgium 8c Germany 8c Austria 8c Italy! Max Skinna Enos Pete (Nice laugh) Porky (-i-Car] Park, Den 8c Club! FACES, FRO LUNCH? Beggars, KNKARBRTNhetc, Olivia 8c Sam — G ' Day I Semis 8c Proms! Anyone 4 Europe? Dances. U2! AJKARL! Ein Bier bitte! BMKG (BEACH) U2, CELTICS. Kelli. Congrats M8cE Thanx MOM8cDAD Marjorie Corbett Margie 36 Fabyan St. YBOOK, Media, HEC. I FINALLY MADE IT! What? of course I went! ND, KO, SL, RV, LD, KD, KR. Cruisin in the car, UTums, IT won ' t stop blinking! Wubba Wubba Wubba, SKIPPIN, DSORS, PICK a Victim. TRAPPED! LYAJD, Pretty tasty! Niyce one! Cape E. OOBeach, Onset, She ' s a Schizo, ANIMAL! BJovi, BAdams, U2, Whitney. Don ' t worry. P ' s a C! Thanks Mom, Pop, Jeff, Mrs. S, Flynn ' s Brian Costa Costa 100 Mass. Ave. Jake Jeff Dave OKE VAL GS MP (marine) GT DR JIM PB Heights. HC CAMP Kids in silver helmets 1987 Football 9-1 Ok N.G. JEFF V. (arm) Bad timing S.K. Mr, Dematteo MAL — Sot. nights at Pemberton, work? Rico ' 87 semi Lynne O. L.O. (SMURF) J.W. J.W. K.W. Thanks Good time this summer Last one J.V J. V. Thanks Mom. Marjorie Corbett Brian Costa Leah Cook Doug Corbett 24 Nicole Coughlin Michelle Cousino Stephanie Couture 21 Old Colony Rd. MR, DM, RF, BO, MD, NE, TD, KG, DH, Take me to the hospital, NOW! Thorndike 4 84 Where can we go? Revere! Next Vacation (YA RIGHT) C585 What? was he cute? 3 days a week ' ' 85-86 " The Corner, Remember up the woods. Gross! OHOHOH, YAYAYA GO! THERE HE IS! What are you stupid?! The Cape " 87 " TCK Florida!!! Thanks Mom and Dad, Love Ya!! Robert C. Coveno Bob 57 Lantern Lane AHS FOOTBALL SO JRS R 10-7! 30 MEN FROM THE BOYS GET NOTHING 4 NOTHIN HCFCTHEBALLSI JV HOCKEY TRACK GBL CHAMPS STEVE TIM DARA MAH BRIPDBKSKMMBEND SUNDAY NITE FINBONES W MMTL HAMPTON ASHPY WINGASHEE KGNM -(- C PAINTING TROUBLE WITH THE WPD$ 1308. 16 LICENSE? CHICKS DIG IT SAM BOJB — THANKS FOR ALWAYS HELPING MA -r DAD LOVE YOU GOOD LUCK MIKE JIM JOE LATER A.H.S. Michelle Cousino Shell 14 Margaret St. IT ' S FINALLY OVER! LC, EF, TD, MC, JM, RH, WG. SUMMER OF 85 — V77 — BYE PAT! LINDA TODD — OUMBIES — WHO ' SPAYING? HOW DO YOU EAT A GRAPE! DEFINE — HEADHUNTERI liv — HOW ' S P08 .T0. DONT BE LATE. STAR " 87 " JA. KH, ES, MB, JD, JB, PO! REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES— DROME, FIELD, JAN, KF, DK, CK, BG, I LOVE YOU MIKE — 4-14-86, 4-EVAI 5th FLOOR — TAP, TAP! BONJOVI, DEFLEPPARD, K-CUPCAKE! I LOVE YOU MOM DAD THANK YOU!! Stephanie Couture Robert C. Coveno Margaret Cox Lisa Crosby Debbie Cross 325 Washington St. Hey Kerri remember soph, year 16 B-DAY PARTYTG! How about History class? msfh. look at those colors! BF, LD, CB, CR, MM, LP, MS. Hey Linda Wanna Go the bank! hey trace oh ya! CB. remember school? shopping I pool party I half daysl RG, you have alot to leam! Bye AHS! Marc Culhane Cul 156 Scituate St. A.H.S. 85-88 Tennis Lumpy Beats Greg Manson Onze Greens Brad for d Week- end SP Beered — Up THE FARM 1 Pool Partys 87 Cannon Mt. Mitters: 11M.V. Fairlane 500 stickball menots ID ' s classic hits chase class of 88 Thanks Mom and Dad . . . Margaret Cox Maggy We Finally Made It! A.R.N.F. Good times Bad times SK JM MR TE KD GM PC HS PM TM Projects Parking Lot BUD Menotomy Gang Symmes Hospital Concerts PARTY TIME JUNIOR PROM CATCH Penny Patrick School out Foreverl Did 1 Really Make It See Ya ARLINGTON HIGH LUV Ya Everyone thanx mom and dad Class of " 88 " Lisa Crosby 97 Egerton Rd. ALL MY FRIENDS THANK YOU, HAVE A GOOD AND HAPPY LIFE, I ' LL MISS YOU ALLS, TD, EF, LD, SH, MC, AH, ND, BM, LD, REMEMBER GREECE T.D.? S.O. — REMEMBER LAST YEAR — BRIGAMS 1ST PERIOD, MY GRANDMOTHER — MOM, I ' LL MAKE YOU PROUD OF ME, THE PROMS, AL, MENOTOMY PRES- CHOOL, AL — 6 17 85 — 4 8 87 Debbie Cross Marc Culhane 25 Lawrence Cullen Paul D ' Agostino Nancy Daley Nance 126 Brattle St. KO. MC, SL, RV, AH. Dietary Friends. MC KOWE ARE THE VICTIMS, Trapped twice ReallyNiyce 10 Bucks Says. Bingo the clown scar) Journey BonJovi U2 you Sledder lets loose ' em now. Rebel on the CB. PB on rye. My birthday breakfast and D.S. ofs.S. OH YEAH. Jr. Semi . Prom. Thanks O ' Briens never could have made it without you mom, DaD, Betsy . Johnn Linda D ' Angelo 97 Grafton St. Cape BB movies NH 3 budies THR MC, TD Headhunters Cumbies I ' ll pay shell Grapes Black car JA SH Walex Falmouth pm papa ' s RedBomb How ' s the FM Go-Ems tokens LB cam — mall DC Let ' s go to the bank Tess Nice Story F.F. LB MC LC TD SH CO HP CS LS JS it loaded MC wrong way BK HOW are ' you star Thanks sis JPRMPKT Thanks Ma and Dad I Love Ya Paul D ' Agostino DAGA 545 Summer St. Glass of 88 " 1 " great times with Dara, MM, SK, TL, BG, SP, NT, MM, DF, LT, and all the rest of the guys. Brownies Big BashI SPAAfPI (TOGA) Matt, Trembs, crazy car ride! Saturday nights. Critter " what ' s the line? " Dara ' s weekly fights Great times with KH, Love ya! PV JRSemi Quality Inn. BG Bike ride with DC 3:00AM Cards Steb. Finally Over Thank God BK BLUE 96! OH NO DC Halloween night By AHS Love Ya Mom and Dad Nancy Daley Linda D ' Angelo Joseph Daniell Michael Defeo Michael Delia Mike 90 Thorndike St. Finally MADE it THE CREW Chris OD Lou Dean Pete Matt Gaz Mit Von AB Stu Keith Thorndike WALDO PEEP THOR GOON WHERES THE C AB LYNN 1 87 Never forget a NH cottage with Johnny Canada Trip 87 JMLM Strawberries WHATS A STAR FIRE MALIBU Loveya Lynn for Always Thanks Ma and Dad couldnt Have done it with out you see ya Dennis Jane Lenny LW + MD David Deluca Dave 185 Forest St. FINALLY MADE IT!!! BILLERICA 87 HOME SLICES JEFF RIBS JIM JOE BOB OHARLIE ANDY OD MIKE TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA PAIGE I OH YA ONE I ' D LIKE TO SAY THANKS TO LENNIE JANE DENNIS AND MOM AND DAD THANK YOU ALL AND SEE YAlim Joseph Daniell JoeD 5 Brattle Coun To All My Boys, Good luck in the future Peter pan ' s The Waldo, Sorry Frank GeTareal carpaige! my gem OUT T hose hights down in my cellar burger OHYAH! Whatever you say Can ' t forget my Bill erica Buddies You Hurders! Ribs watch out for FRANK ' S Hitmen, See yah! Thanks Mom and Dad Mike Defeo Bulkster 6 Mead Road AHS football 56pos. DT-C. JF The well yeah!! Garsamuelson JF TA MCDS — The worst ever. DEE — 8 15 87 OVADC ' S. Goody ALF lEX scrimage bad day. — slayer — EFILNIOUFECIN. NAHUH — YESUH. SPRINGFIELD W DF 9wil DF Mitch Penna. SNEAKING INTO SUDS ' SW flynnie and Penna. Browny CALVIN Vughta ZOOBILEE zoo and the AHS football class of 88 David Deluca 26 Micheal Delia Michelle DeSousa Diana Deveaux Teresa J. Dickinson Terry 68 Westmoreland Ave. REMEMBER ALL THE GOOD TIMES , . , SUMMER OF " 85 " , GOING TO CON- CERTS, AEROSMITH, BOSTON, WHITESNAKE, HEART, DEE LEPARD, MOTOR- CYCLES KAWASAKI, YAMAHA, REVERE, HAMPTON, THE RES, HOUSE D„ LED ZEPPLIN 1, TRUCK RACES, BRUINS GAMES, MIKE, W.P. M.E., S.K., MG., L.C., SEE YA ARLINGTON HIGH! I FINALLY MADE IT. THANKS MOM DAD 8c everyone Tessie Dimopoulos Mr Tree blue van valentine wa wa reverse! 16 v est not so close, buffrin, Johnny, LD remember history, DP and Lisa thanks for always being there, don ' t smile! Are we moving, little ape, Lisa remember Greece, jail, beach, super- man GB Chris, Chuck bikini pam, Dina, I love you Ralph! 4-18-86, limo prom, ice cube someday Thanks Ma and Dad I love you Nick Delyani 40 Hathaway Circle " Plant A Demon Seed, You Raise A Flower of Fire — See Them crosses. See The Flames Higher and Higher " LISA DONT FORGET OUR PROMISE Thanks Mom and Dad for everything Moral Demirjian 25 Troubridge Street Narly the Marly, parev: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The Double D ' s and the M8cM ' S. The Big B, Moo-Moo baby blue exes. Premier Performance, S.N., Encore ... I $300 check?? Art class runaway N8cl family. Silly in pink, " Amber. " Bahebbak N.G. A.O, Z.O. C.S. 8c L.M. AU REVOIR Mgher. Nick Delyani Moral Demirjian Linda Dempsey DEMPS 41 Lafayette St. BOF: CHERYL, LINDA VBALL: CO-CAPT, CW, AF, MM, CM, PD, HH BBALL BEN- CHCREW 4YRS SBALL; JR. CAPT. HOLLAND BV MR. D MS Spence 2xchamps mayb3 Ridin ' w L8cC Hey there ' s KB Beep Beep Any Suggestions? THE DROME, AC BWLING MARTY 17 Who ' s Clyde? Giveupon KBD HALLOWEEN 86 ' Springfield 85 ' MooCows The late night skates Off to College Goodbye AHS I love you MOM and DAD Thanks KM8cJ Anthony Dennehy Todd 190 Washington Street Never forget Paul, Brian, Mike, Scott, Linda, Michelle have fun at Cumbies and the Town Line I ' ll pay. summer of 86 Linda Going to the post office Linda D and aul. the girl in the having fun at the Suzie — slow down I can ' t getout. oct 5 ' st 1987 The day linda almost killed me. Bridget and lunch, the week Linda Dempsey Anthony Dennehy Michelle DeSousa MD 9 Dorothy Rd. Best of times with BT BP CM OK memories with JON Canada Maddona U2 Ashby Gus Hey you! Peace Hampton HKs CapeCwing weekends BPs NCs CKs NKs CCs CMs parties 4 of July Pool times with Carol Bas semis and proms Get out of here ! Vineyard easy look fine FLA 1776 whammi date oh no quake- skipdeew Bike green boots CBSV ac8cme Mad Mart Manor 8c BLwags Bue DeadBomberFaces Thanks girls Mom8cDad luv ya! Mike SD8cLD Diane Deveaux Di 254 Mystic St. BEE — KEL, NIC, CRI — DIEGO, 6 12 87, ILY, TABLE-MOB (AHS BUDDIES) — CAPE LIGHTS OUT — UMASS, DISEASE, OMSQUASH — STORE? — CLASS OFFICER (THANX FIN) — FIN) — SEMIS, PROMS (STAG) — WHOSE TURN NC, BATHROOM KM, SOCCER ITALY NO BLUEING — TURN ON THE H20 8c SING, KEN 8c AL RINKRICE — NOGAME — ASHBY — WICATMWP — TREM — FRED — SEAN (MEMORIES) — ROCKPORT — PARTIES — HCTIB — GOOD LUCK KS — THANX MUM8cDAD ILUVU! Teresa J. Dickinson Tessie Dimopoulos 27 David Dinapoli 37 Valentine Road Good Times SB, BH, MA, JN, MD, ND, MM, PM, SM, JF, Sippy The women Hampton Beach 87 Weekend parties The funnel Revere Beach Basket ball DP, Junior, mal, Mac, TL, JH, DL Lake Winnipisaukee Musta NG GT ' S Thanks Mom 8 . Dad It ' s History Lisa Donovan Noreen Donovan David Dolan MY YEAR ' S AT AHS have been exciting I ' ve enjoyed most of the Ski Trips I also had alot of fun at the prom ' s. I ' d like to say goodbye to the stopose gang " Keep it going. " Stick in there BA, SH, KG " Don ' t Skip. " My Future plans are to attend an Architectual School tank ' s Doctor Savile Hope to see you all around. " It ' s Over " Jeff Donahue SNAKE CP CS Hampton Beach Don ' t worry about it JT JA Dont forget All the ski Trips See ya AHS Marc E. Donato Roger L. Donoghue Jr. Lisa Donovan 9 Langley Rd. It ' s been great! I can ' t believe its been 4 years! It went by so fast! Erica — we should hove stayed in .2, Amy, if he ' s out remember — stay away from Heather. Heather, Next to God, Cheryl, skiing, IDLD DDCMCV EB NC MM MS TD DL RS NG PM KT AF KK HB CS EF BYE TREM THANK YOU Well, bye eveybody. I ' ll miss you! Luv ya Ma, Dad, Mike, Ines, Karen, Sue, AMP, Jake, Ben, Julie, Steve. MISS YA Noreen Donovan Nora 12 Fordham Street BUDdies WITM8SC8HK8CC8KH8MC FRYR " The talk " THE Field Stanz TH Gl LD UB — RAIDS — APD SAT NGTS! SKIING! HeeHee! HAMPTON Bake ‘alingtrs Parties everywhere! My House, " ANIMAL HOUSE ' , Everyl ' s House SEMIS pROMS-n-dancing! Good Morning to you TON-OH-Y AHA Lickey LUV YA MOM -AND DAD TRISH + TIM Thanx Hi Bye See Ya , . . David Dolan Jeff Donohue Marc E. Donato Slappa 24 Homer Rd. HOCKEY BEST FRIENDS JN, JF, BJ, MM, DC, MS, BT JR PROM PARTY BACK AT MY HOUSE ME AND BOB ON THE BASKETBALL COURT WEEKENDS BEHIND THE HIGH SCHOOL THE SS IS GONE JOE JN EVERYWHERE DONT CALL ME SLAPPA BOURBON ST. FINAL FOUR SUMMER OF 87 DOWN WEST POINT WITH JIM BAHAMAS 87, 88 BETH ONLY TIME WILL TELL THANKS MOM AND DAD Roger L. Donoghue Jr. 106 Webster St. CLASS OF — 88 — 1 J. V. Baseball Medford Scuffle — 85 — HARVARD Dorms Awsome DF, KB, JF, JG, GS, SP Bowl in at Brownies Frosh year it ' s a tin roof! Yeah Lumpy Easy Gargemell In the OF Corner MM, BK, JF, JN Shot gunnin ' Joe THE VENTURA LIVES!!! Whitesnake — 87 Yeah LT, VP Menots! W Everyone Mecons house Frosh year Slapp ' s rental SUB! Binda you BUZARD! Thanx Mom + Dad David Dinapoli George Doherty Linda Dooley 10 Yale Rd. THIS IS ' NT FUNNY ANYMORE, DANNY, CAY-O, JOR, PAM, JERRY, DEE- DONNA, HAPERNAGER, HE ' S JUST A LITTLE DATE, CELESTIAL BLUE, VENUS, APHRODITE, GRETAL? THE HUT, HO, HO, HO, AK, HARPERS PARTIES, SUSSE, DOORSTOPS, FUN FRUITS, LOVE ME? SALZ„ GUS, LOVE COMMUNIT, GOOD HARBOR, CAPE STARS. I ' LL MISS YOU, LOVE YOU DAN CAROL THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE MOM AND DAD Tom Downing 93 Overlook Road AHS Best years of my life, class of 88, soccer, one of GUS troops, president, Trem ' s trip to Italy Duct tape, 4-Sale Sign C.O.M. Thanks Mom and Dad Linda Dooley Tom Downing 3 Maureen Doyle Mo 27 Cherokee Road 5 CANT SMILE W OUT U BECK luv ya frenzy eva neva 1 1 2 STEVE! uv ya Best party ’ times in NY ST J Menots Paul Janasmdcomp. WorcBust Cars dead JANE T HILL t Schighland KG Shopping MR partytime Edison late Bring Mornings CP Li al c baby sitting BevHill scopnight RythmofTh-e Night Thanx 4 always being there . THANX MOM AND DAD LUV YA! ) Lisa Driscoll 18 Brattle Terrace BF SKTRSKPCC etc Love ya Mike I don ' t know Rhonda ' s Rat Double Dates •: Casey IT ' s you KELL Red Green Machine AD What supr honda ' s House Oh that : Noar at PAP Special GT at stop shop symmes Dietary Junior Semi BT Junior Prom BOMK ' S Sleepover Mamp Beach liq. AtKT ' s West ward pool Down stars Appt kP BB Party Sled Dog High SCH. Paranoid Rebel That ' s Bad Money Love I U MOM DAD DSDBDBD Kerry Kathleen Dunne Jane Dunning :■ Michelle Ellsworth 1 THANKS MOM DAD NEVER FORGET YOU MK MS LOVE YA SCHOOL WAS ; GREAT WITH YOU GUYS! KG FRIENDS FOREVER IF NOT MORE REM FRIENDS ( AND LOVE MS TOOTSIE 5-29-86 NEVER FORGET CARROTHEAD! KF ALWAYS I LOV YA! YOUR THE GREATEST APRIL 12 87 BD OM LK CP GF RE NG WAS THE ! BEST PGMMA3WGT AHOP MOM DONT KNOW WHAT ID DONE ITHOUT YOU! I YOUR THE BEST FRIEND THAT I COULD EVER HAVE! THANKS YOUR BABY IS ALL I’ GROWNUP KNOW IM OUT OF HERE! SOFTBALL WAS GREAT 143MD I Susan Ernst Sue 57 Colonial Dr. WE MADE ITI Softball 85, 86, 87, 88. GOOD TIMES. M.P. (porno) 88. NH SUM- MERS — KNEEBOARDING — SLAMON — CUT-N-JUMP. VERMONT — FAMILY WEEKEND 85, 86, 87. SH, JB, PH. THANX MOM, DAD, JANET AND STEVEN! Kathleen Dunne Blondie 72 Brattle Street ALWAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES! AHOP, BRIGI ' S THE WALL, TD FLELD, THE RINK, THANX BEV COLEE, DEB, CIN, NEVA 4-GET WASH. D.C. DLNOMOB- ILEE SUMMER OF 87, GUARDRAIL, FBGAMES, JR SEMI PROM MOSS, HE ' S A DIRTY BIRD BURN TOAST HI EDACAROL PAM ! FALL OUT OF TREES. JD SRK C OS, WC, COO ' S! ZDAZE GONE. TEEP TWIET! EARRING. DUKINS NICOLA ' S ZAM, CAM, FB, SB, PA REG IT ' S BEEN A GREAT 4 YEARS! I LUV U MOM DAD Jane Dunning . 35 Menotomy Rd. Good Times with DH JH WW MD BO DG MR SC Tops fair c585 york D-member bill w-the cmp. sjpl Its freezing! soph year mo - the car is dead ! call who? Field Hockey cocapt. bus trips Hampton Guardrail! Summers at the Cape — Seagull Beach Paces Place with AV Im confused, scary Revere D-breakI Goc Luck guys we made it. Thanx mom and dad love ya. Maureen Doyle Lisa Driscoll Michelle Ellsworth Susan Ernst 29 Arash Essam Jim Falcone Eda Fantasia Fanta 122 Spy Pond Pkwy. NlIKKK! DO I STILL OWE YA A DINNER? ANNETTE — AHOP GREEK SALAD + D.C, CASSEYFA CE — BALLOON FESTIVAL — BEST BUDDIES — NIK, CHRIS, PATTY, KATHY — CRUISIN — BOSTON — BORDERLINE — HOROSCOPE — HE ' S SIHING ON MY SWEATER — DECELLES — SIZE NINE — MARY — ANNA — 108 — AEROBICS — RED CRAYON — OH NO, MR. HALL! AMY, LC, TD, DPMR. B, MRS. FNOODLE, NAHANFOOTBALL — SIKE — RESPECT — BOWLING — THANKS MA + DAD LUVYA — NETTLE Jonathan A. Fay Jonny Faybo 15 Westminster St. WALDORF, RAPH, HANS, NICK. BEL DAVE = CAPE. RICH = BROWN HORNET, DEATH WISH " IM A HARD CORE GUY " AHS JIM = BLUEBONNIE IN YO FACE! RAT, ns = SLAM! RINGE BOWL SKATE 2 HATE FARM 1 SCOPE ATHON FINS ROOM HOW MUCH ART CAN YOU TAKE? HRVD. SQ STAR SESSIONSAT BRIANS. B. MARLEY SURFARI M. MIKES PLEASURE SHREDS LEX = SURF MOBILE LEGALIZE IT LATE P. TOSH LIVE2SKI THANX MOM + DAD LUVU Erica Ferguson George Ferreira John Fioto 42 Magnolia St. OKES FRANKY PV GT JV JV BC DP JF PB JJ JY SUDS MARTY APPIDES CHUK STEVE ELCHIZ — KELLY W — GU RR UO TS WO HE CA FE Cl NE FI LE Cl NT Nl AF AN NO GM IK Nl HT IL EB ER NU RE IL SE LE Kl DN RO HT42 REVIR — DR AV RA HS EK OJ RE HT OM IS Tl SE UQ NO CA IL ON GA ME PA CY KN ARF WE ER TH CA EPPSTIBAHATSOCL SYOBWOC + SR EK AL SE TA BL LI BE KA JL WS RA EY WE NS OI RAM BEASTIES 3M TA 3 TU OE PI WA Cl RE MA Nl KC UM AS AT lU QS EM NK FT n TT TE KA NS ET IH WN OS IN IK MA S THANX MOM + DAD 622X? Juliann Flaherty Julie 105 Milton St. Imagine guys? Carolyn, Linda, Shell, Pot, Jane, Lisa, Mys. 86-10-10-87 Beer cloths JD — 85 July 4-86 87 NP — NTC — Sunrise Marshfield — each — Bob, no Fendi? Jill — there goes the boot! DR -i- JG Bany — jump the fence! JF — citgo classic No caz you can ' t drive! Boston — 87 Caz — YAL — KEEP smiling thanx + good luck guys ohand Lin, Ithrive! THANX -i- LOVE MOM DAD CJ-t-SEAN! Arash Essam 24 Mohawk Rd. RDD 7 27 87 WDOML — 6 5 88 tpsq! mems — Harvard square F.N, Miss youom — DONT FORGET ABOUT THE DN. " YOU CAN DO IT — Motoo — Thanks pari — LOVE YOU MOM -i- DAD Jim Falcone Fallon 122 Hemlock St. 1LB7 12 12 BULKSTER FLYNN GOODY MITCH AQ GUS BROWN SUILLESUDS RENA SIPPY PIGS GBL CHAMPS IN -(-OUTDOOR GBL lEAGUE ALL STAR XCOUNTRY CHAMPS CAPT " THE WELL " MENOTS AHS DISTANCE RULES U2 BOSTON VAN- , HALEN FSUSFMINOLES DAYTONA JULY 4 THUNDERWEARAAH! MICROWAVE ! PIZZA " YOU NERDS! " HPD THE WWIGAZOOBLY ZOO WOOZY ROXBURY IDS i EDDIE MONEY WINCHESTER TIGER CHUNG LEE CHEETAH TREE MAN APPENDIX MOM DAD DENIEL JAS THANKS Fda Fantasia Jonathan A. Fay Erica Ferguson Ferg 107 Park Ave. Amy, Cas, Chellise, Chris, Heather, Lisa, Heather — You are the best, AMR. Cas — Euro8g, FrB, SBS, DPE, MGM, MMP, BBGJ. Am — Revots, JMetc) sotiun, hystdanc, lab. HHNYENY, MCD, WH. CM — Froshgym. CW — trys, FA, LM. HB -(- LD — chem. Semi — DF, CW, MP, AM, AC, CM, AD, AKU. Prom — AC, CW, DY, CM, AD, HH, CR, star, CG — LM, HH, KD, HC — JM, DF, RB — DT, DD. OT — KK, KG, CM, AK. Thanks MolVi, Dad, Laura, Diane, Aunt D — I love you guys SEGAD George Ferrerira 19 Wellesly Rd. IT ' S ' FINALLY OVERR TIME TO MOVE ON GOOD TIMES AT AHS MENOTOMY THORNDIKE WALDO GETTING BEEPED UP HAMPTON BEACH SUMMER 87 GET- TING BOLNKED BUT CAN YOU DANCE? PALACE NARCISSUS FACE SU — SOC- CER MAKE IT HURT SEA CADETS 86 SKI KILLINGTON LET IT HAHHAH THE BUSH BEFORE CLASS YOU PANIARD YES YOU PETER FUTURE TOBERICH VERY RICH WELL AHS GOOD BYE THANKS MOM DAD TERNANDO JOHN I LOVE YOU ALL WORLD HERE I COME!!! John Fiato Juilann Flaherty 30 Dennis Flynn Flynny 37 Webster St. Browns Pena Cal Mitch, JG GS CM FG JF bULKLEA MA TS KR DSCGood times, Menotsisours AFIS my BUDS, parties 4th term B-house Nicks Id ya. Feb vac. Roadtrips CAPE — NE RDS. WFIITE MTS. Parker River the Alien cretures of the sun. HAMPTON. FOOTBALL — RULES " I want the Ball " Malden tough break. 9-1 . HC camp. Good times ahead. Thanks Ma -i- Dad Miss Ya Jamie wish you were here. Joe Flynn SKINNER 87 Valentine Rd. But it Just Began! DP KM DC Rocco JA JJ JF GT OA KP MV AL DD The Girls — Golf Stupids EARS u2 Beastles Jr Semi Jr Prom w Rachelle Shot Me BCCIOwnit worship me Hampton Dallin Park Road Trips Ya Know Do TCAPE is it me? shes A Goddess U Loser my Buddies My Nerves Where Are my Feet Nice Life ECNE No tme Dude What A Looser ill Roll U Im Lost Youre a Mess shobop Scmb it Madness Nice Rug EACH Life Goes on! Im outtoHere stay Tuned Thanx M + D WHAT Next. Diego Fonstad Amy Foohey Matt Foppiano Fops 35 Fairmont St, GO NUTS! I ' ts Finally Over Pitch DIno Tom Ray Red Gym Basketball StopSiShop — Let ' s Go Rebels The Mystic Lakes Pitch ' s Hyundai The Boss White Snake Driving To School and pitch Letting one Go " Lets Skip " Oh no crusin down the Oape " 87 " Is the Weekend here yet — Now Where do I go — GOOD BYE FOREVER AHS. William P. Forristall Bill 23 Orlando Avenue Jill — You know — Falmouth DInny Dennis Joe Kev Old Spice Squeak Squeak Hampton Jeff Chuck Kev Joe Steve John the dog Rm 216 the file MF the face Brooksy Shazam AN Babba Nancy Billy Boy all nighters the funnel all the way over her. The key. Eric Fox Carol Francis Carol Francis LOO PAM MARIA JOE DAN, MY PALS, WHOEVER DIES W MOST TOYS WINS VERY LARGE SEEZCH DOORSTOP HOW CAN U SAY THAT? APPFF ALF SUMMER 87 LOST, SUMMER 88 CONTINUED EUROPE WERE THERE! BOSTON BILLY PSYCH FOOL IN THE RAIN AHOP? GRETEL VENUS GCBWRLDGQ LOVE COMMUNITY SUSSE LIL SIS TRISH ASU DUDE LOOKS LIKE, YELLOWTY DON ' T LOOK BACK THANX BAPS MUM MUCHINS I WUV U ' Dennis Flynn Joe Flynn ; Diego Fonstad Diegs 61 Brantwood : BIG MAN, COLIN — 3 AMIGOS MIKE SQUARED — DIANE (JINGLE — JINGLE I YARD THAT NOISE!] ILY! CLASS OFFICERS (Thanx Finn) STU — COW (What ' s c Going On — Thanx DeCaps) X-Country Track (OUCH!) ITALY (changes — i NoBlueing) NICE PARTY Dl, AL? 35J — KENDRA — How ' s Life? AMY — What I Happened? Something Like That — Nice Voice Charles Park WHERE NOW AL? Jet? LIFE ' S BEEN GOOD — Mom Dad Nils Thanx — LOVE YOU ALL! - Amy Foohey Foo 55 Brand Street - DH, CS, HH, SO, CT — 10 YRS! EF, HB, LD, COULDVE NEVER MADE IT W OUT 1 YOU! V-BALL DM. CW. HH. LD SKI TRIPS 85-88 " WE DONT LIVE IN A BARN " . DANCES, CLOSEUP KRIS — BRUCE RULES RIGHT? DIEGO — WHAT HAPPENED? : PROM — SUMMER ' 87 JAY, MIKE, MARK, RIEDL — OUR BEACH — YMAWEEZE I — FIESTAS — MTO CLUB — PUNCHBUDDY! BETH, DEE, LAURA, TRICIA KRIS i FRIENDS 4-EVA! MOM, DAD. BETH 8 . MEG THANKS, YOU ' RE THE BEST I LOVE YOU! William P. Forristall Matt Foppiano Joseph Furey Jimmy Gavin Robert Gazza BooBoo 29 Old Colony Rd. SPECIAL THANX TO MR HALL FOR GIVING ME 9 LIVES TO MY MOM AND DAD FOR PUSHING ME THROUGH THESE FOUR LONG YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL BEST FRIENDS AK JK JO SS BM PE DS 1 1 LOVE MY CAR TO THE GOOD TIMES THE TRIP GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS ANDY SHUT UP WOULD YA THE PARK AK CAPE COD BOB- WHORALLY STOLE YOUR CAR DIXIECUP BEERBALL JIM THE BIG BHAT DAY I DONT FEEL TARDY NEVER FORGET DIVPARTY RULES ILL NEVER FORGET YOU EGOR MOM AND DAD YOU THE BEST I DID IT. Charles Geanakos I ' d like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers, the Spring Track Team and Coaches, and special thanks to Mr. Maceleane for helping me on the 800m. Thanks to the Guidance Department, my House Dean Mr. Hall, Princ- ipal DIott, and my parents. Lastly, a special thanks to my close friends for all they ' ve done for me. Thank you and Good luck. Joseph Furey Joe 204 Renfrew St. THE CAPE, WEEKENDS, PINTO ON THE PARKWAY, " 69 SS ' ' , — MM, NEL, SLAPPER, HENNA, DAGA, RD, GERA, ACE, BH, NICK, CRITTER, AND DC. " GARGAMELL YOU MESS! " — SHOTGUNS — BOURNE MARINA — WHITE- SNAKE, NEW YEARS EVE 86! — MENOTS, — BEFORE DURING AND AFTER — " WHO ' S A MESS? " — PRE-GAME CASUALS, REDDAWG THE BULLET WILL GO DOWN! THANKS MOM, JACK, JULIE, AND MESS!! Jimmy Gavin Thanx Arl. For The good times. Won ' t forget you Navy Ken Pete Leny Dave Harry in there stay cool : S ' O CS MC SK DS DD SS AB AK MD GF DD GS LP AM JS BK (BB CW SWISS) Thorndike Menotomy Labor day Weekend. N.H. Thanx Mom Dad and Grandpa. Robert Gazza Charles Geanakos -V . f Sotirios G. Geannaris Rob Gebhardt David L. Gera Weed 39 Alfred Rd. KERR PB BL JF STACK ACE 103 YEARS VSOCCER CAPT. GBL CHAMPS 86. GUS 87, GBL ALL-STAR. IN -i- OUTDOOR TRACK — KICKED OFF AGAIN! EAST END BOYS — THE SPA. MR2 FOR SALE NEEDS CLUTCH! Hours at Fidelity. Comet WMEX, ROAD TRIPS. Good Times At HAMPTON 87. SPIKE -h HAMMOR, Crisy ' s cottage CANADA — IS THIS A TRIAL? I WROTE THE SIGNS! KERBE WE ' RE OUT OF HERE. SPRING BREAK 87. GOOD LUCK BRAT THANX MOM -H DAD Niloufar Ghavami Nil 190 Hillside Ave. Maries Its over!!! REMEMBER: Farmerboy.yogourt, cardboard, M8 .m,E8 .c, the Square — Regina carvings, cow, Loue, Renoir women, the boots, cc parties Best: Lynda cold? convertable Rabbit, double D recordings, summers, MFA, shades, " Take a Walk on the Wild Side " — " Wild World, " I ' m switching " You Can Hove It If You Really Want It " — ... Its been . . . 7 Sotirios G. Geannaris Taki 11 Sheraton Pk. HI SAC, PAUL, GOLFING BUDDIES, SAILING, FISHING, WATERSKIING, CRUUIS- ING AROUND IN MY BOAT, THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS. Rob Gebhardt X-JIBA 356 Appleton St. . . . AND THEN THERE WAS LIFE . . . THANKS TO MOM -h DAD AND TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO HELPED MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE TO LIVE WITH LIFE, NOT THE SPICE — ONE DAY AT A TIME, I DIDNT QUIT, I SURRENDERED. LOVE IS 2 " I LOVE DOREEN " — 1987 — LIVING IT UP ITS FRIDAY NIGHT SO LETS DANCE IT AWAY ON THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. THANKS FOR THE RIDE, JENNY. RB MM JALS GUS PB JAY David L. Gera Niloufar Ghavami 32 Kim Giurleo Frank Goguen amela Anne Goldsmith Spam-Copita FHE DOORS TAKE IT AS IT COMES PINKELOYD WALL TRIPS LONG LIVE ROCK DRCH. TRIPS + PARTING WITH THE CAPTINS DARK ENGLAND 86 MAINE SKI ■RIP 87 FRANCE 87 AEROSMITH BOSTON CONCERT 87 CL SS KC LHY MP NEIL rOUNG SHSEEYA AT THE PARK WITH FRIENDS STIPIES WHITE BDAYS WANNA 5KIP? CHRIS SHEEPYKB KR CM DM HANKI CHAZ MS PURPLEHAZE A LIHLE 5NUBBY? YEAH OUTTAHEREII! Jonathan Goodwin Goody 126 Hemlock B, CM, MM, DF, JF, AV, SP, GS, JP, Michelle, good times bad times soccer 3APT gusmedfuh, hoop, track, GilesD-runs, Menots Buyright? I.D., Nicks B B, 3Cf-ball, UNHw Cal, F.F. AG, Chester? Fenways w Fureys, stealing Budda, 4th 3t cape 87, NERDS Cabaret, Suzzi I luv ya, Canada 87, Harvard parties -ies, spark?, brick, sand, water, Bullwinkle, Tiger Chunglee, Prrennaaagast, relieve it or not MOM, I do Love youl Kim Giurleo Kimbo 259 Ridge St. MR, MD, BO, SC, RF, PM, EH. Goin up the hill? Wanna go over Dave ' s? C.A.M.P.S. Summer ' 85 ' . Kevin — 1-14-86. 1 LOVE YOU. Sweet 16 Party — Bad Company. Shannon — Can you change a flat tire? Michelle — Call in sicki Hampton; Revere. Aug. ' 87. Dathy — Been followed lately by Invisible people? Love ya. Dave — Wanna go 4-wheelin? Can we Cruise? MD — Dutta here — Partaayl I Love you Mom and Dad Frank Goguen Goges 7 Seminole Best of times SP, KB, MM, JM, JG, DF, JP, AV, KP, CM, BM, JC, GS, Thanx for everything DIANA! VH Mitchs car BudBake MM KEGS PENNAS and BROWNS HAMPTON BEACH AHSnights MENOTS WORLD GYM HPD McCaffs SKI TRIPS JR. PROM 6-15-86 1 LOVE YOU DIANA MUGSYS KEGS Summer Nights BooBoo! Smash up FOOTBALL and HOCKEY games Duffy PUMPING IRON w KB Thanx MOM, DAD, SIS Luv yall! Pamela Goldsmith Jonathan Goodwin Mott Goulian Gooks 107 Ronald Road MQ, RB, NT, TC, DD, ND, CH, AW, JC, RV, KF, LF, SK, SM, ES, SO, HOCKEY, JC, RUNS, CLOUD, BUSTIN, BEDAS, FMS ' S, R22, jv dont lose bm California, San Frank San Jose, LA Debbie, FC, CC, Debbit L. Randy, Florida, York 71393Q July 6, SB, GL Turbo Maverick Nellie, AHS raids, Luv ya, MQ sugarfoot Oshkosh Jet ski thanx Mom, Dad 8 . Michael Robert Gray Rob 15 Landowne Road Frosh — JV Baseball Soph, hoop w Camilo Vtrack HJw Ted — GBL Champs ' 86. Thanks AHS for four of the best years of my life, now on to college. Thanks Mom Dad and Karen. See ya ;aren Hackley 25 Mill St. j ' s been a fun four years, it ' s finally over. Future plans Blain hair school. Karen St fhawn, Thanks everyone. Remember the good times. GOOD LUCK! % r Fredrick Greener Matt Goulian Robert Gray 33 Sean Hamilton Deborah Hand Scott Hankinson Hanks 163 Park Avenue We inched our way from Dead Dreams to another land, Thanx for the crazy days J. Rocco, Moses, Meg, Ellis, D, Geo, Stopos, Mom Bake crew, Mary J and God for see? ng me through it all to all my friends I lov ya, weve done our share of coming down, test me, test me why dont you arrest me. III be shere the music plays the band nith Jerry and CO. Thanx Dad Mom love ya Renee Hanson 51 Lake Street mom — Thanks tor the friendship thaj the years. Ma, DL, Chad, Doug — Love ya guys! Kel — Best times . best friends forever! KHS — Varsity Field Hockey; 84-85; camp Muckins. Sauna parties, W. Coolers 8 . ml ' s, Thom Hill, " The House. " Prom ' 86 W MR. DA, I Made it! vmp 5 02 87; Revere Beach V-L-N! Is the wind blowing? But what? ... But I love you. Sean Hamilton I ' d like to thank Ma -i- Dad for their support, thanks Anthony for being my best friend since 87. Thanks Leppord, Maiden, AC DC, -i- BOSTON FOR being the sounds I ' ve heard for the last few years, thanks Camaro Delta ' 88 ' ' 69 ' Camaro, -i- Impala for getting me around Hey Dave T, Scott Here I come US NAVY yup Im gonna fly an F-T8. Can you imagine me in a jet fighter A very special thanks to Craig Meece for guidance and understanding. I ' m finally out of this Deborah Hand Debbie 162 Washington St. David 9 19 85 I LOVE YOU ALWAYS! Suddenly Jr 8 , Sr Prom Cape Cod snip never say Goodbye Erin befri stends never forget you Vermont Old Time Rock n Roll We finally made it McMakin Gals 4-ever New Years Eve 85 Bez -i- Ez Majorettes CJ AM KM LK Mary 8 . Jenn ' s sleepovers at the parks McBoo CSHNB TDF Canobie Red Bomber Let ' s go fishing SMO KLH Thanks DAD MOM Scott Hankison Renee Hanson Audrey Hargan Particia L. Harrington Soott Harrington Scotty 84 Grafton Street Scott Harrington nickname " 60 " from going out in a boatatCBI. The Arlington high standing band I play the alto saxophone. Soience olub. Ich spreche Deutsch. Gumm Bears. German Club. Treasurer. Beam me up Scotty! I have an atari computer. Atari rules! Town Day Jazz Band, lesson teacher Debbie Levin maybe going on to a state college Suzanne Harrington Susie 118 Newport Street LINDA — NEW HAMPSHIRE, 3 BUDS IN A CAR, ALWAYS HIDE PEPPERS ONIONS BEAT UP NEPHEWS, GUY WAVING TO HIMSELF, SKATING, DANCING, FRAMIN- GHAM, DO U KNOW EACH OTHER? CRYSTAL EARRINGS, YOUR AGE " GUY IN TOLL BOOTH, ESP!!!, COP GUN, FALMOUTH, DONT JUMP AT ALLIGATORS!! ALWAYS BRING NEPHEWS TO THE MOVIES! DEB — RED BOMBER HR ' MICHELLE — CANDY STORE CLOSED!!! THANX MOM S. NANA Audrey Hargan Audrey 30 Milton Street HIHOKELL — babe, oinks, Barry, Johnny-boy, RV, ND, GS, MO, AO, BC, Little- bonger, 50 ' S Sullivan, Chuck, 1150AM WMEX, GVANNIS, THE SCITUATE ORD- EALS, KIWI Finn ' s, the Monkeys, Lestat, Louise, Claudia, TSOS, Hilda, Herman Sr hilfer, U2 W Jim, David Allen Bouohe, I love you Ed thinking of you, luv ya Mom, Dad Sem Patricia L. Harrington Tricia 9 Raleigh Street BEST OF FRIENDS: SE, SH, TJ, HH, JT, MV, DP, BS, AD . . . 87-88 BEST YEAR! LUNCH JUNIOR YEAR! SMELL! HA HA. TRACEY NOONY-NOONY! WORKING AT WALGREENS! HAPPY TIMES! DA ' S PARTY BUST!! MOVIES, HOCKEY GAMES. REMEMBER ALWAYS SK RSI SUMMERS IN NO. THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HELPED! DONT WORRY! THANKS MOM, DAD, SHEILA, DENISE, THERESA, AND GRANDMA. I FINALLY MADE IT!! BYE!! Suzanne Harrington Scott Harrington 34 Jay Henebury Brian Hirsch Kelly Hogan 328 Forest St. BF SC + CC Canada — Nora nice skiing. Summe r of 86 Never forget it KM DD girls. Sue NMV. CC you ' ll be fine. The Frat at TUFTS. Sue — W.P.G.A. Semi — 86 Prom " 87 " — Hampton. Ashby. C.F. T.M., HK, ND, M.C. The Gang at AHS. The raids down the field. T.M. nice zipper at M.S. all-nighters. Nic flip BC. RE- SIEWDUB. Thanks for the memories Paul I ' ll love you ALWAYS. Thanks Mom, Dad, -r TJ. 1 LOVE YOU! Eric Hogman espericus 190 Overlook Rd. MS, MR, LH, MP, AH, EH, RM. A — Smith, CS -i- N, Santana. Wooden Ships Free and easy The way it ' s supposed to be. A — trips, T — parties. Grove St., Kegga ' s, Captain Morgans, the Cape, rafting, camping, ZANA Mana Gana! Have a good one. A Hopping, Screaming monkey, dream until your dreams come true, thanx to all who deserve it. Brian Hirsch Herpie TO ALL MY BUDDIES DC MM SK BC TL MM SK PD MD JF JN SP KB FG BT The critter bkbaav 85 summer f ' s boat gistrstbendasbro ' skgs lagabag chptr the book is still open NHsmmers Wing Dings On The Homestead Menots HSWknds the Boy Raids Whre ' s the party Ashby Wodky 87 summer Get- nBmbd Co88 is at the Beans " T. me For suds GLTIM DANKRIS MOM 8c DAD THANX " SEE YA " Kelly Hogan Eric Hogman Peter Howard Wayne Howard Ed Houser Metal Ed 36 Eliot Road BYE! THANKS MOM DAD TRUCK MIKE MAK RON REVERE BEACHS. R ANDREA MOTLEY CRUE GASS STATIONS EVERYWARE NO MORE DETYENTION MRHALS- lANT SIX ARMY STEVE GOTAB RUSH GOOD MEART BEARD LETS GO CAMPING VEST IT DISOLVED CARTOONS AFTER SCHOOL Maria Hudson Ria, Spaz Goodtimes Bad Ties KC Wat r Ya Waiten 4? Shake you down BLWAG Re- staurant Material Stella KK SP — Frosh TOAST 11 3 86 11 7 86 PUDDLES ' tlL tUES- DAY IWUKC I HAVE TO TEL YA SOMETHIN Oh My God! Did You Hear That? Carrage 7 4 90 12 1 86 Sweet Love BAG HUMAN YOBUDDY Watch this well Your Little Girls Is Growen Up I Finally Made It! Thanx, I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD AND RENEE Peter Howard Howie 15 Cedar Ave. Memba How Is Your Each Nipper Max Porkey that Moive And Stuipd Was Great can ' t Wait To Go back Go To Euorpe Where are My Feet? Skinna Raph Rocko And The Club Paul Hows That car doing Yes I Like Tail Gateing Pinzga 87 Don ' t Forget Appe And Kaezir Shot By Who Forget that — U2 is — stand by me Twice whose batter on what Filiaorin what Tent Enos and that Fourgin Rat Brian labs Drop some Grub lay some Trau hihate stove Pipesha Wipe OUT Wayne Howard 203 Florence Ave. KING MAINEOOB Don ' t worry I know where I ' m going. Ed Houser Maria Hudson 35 James Hughes Heather Hurley Donna Hutchinson 28 Thesda Street GOOD LUCK JD DM OS SO AF HH DG MM NE SC MR BB JD. It ' s finally over! Never 4-get Bishop, Waldon Pond and Thorndike. Guys Don ' t get klitz! J member Bill and the gardrail. Tops feild C585! Good times at Revere, Ham- pton and York Beach sweet sixteen parties. Canada 1984-1988. What yd live in a bam? Guys I ' m scared! Jane it ' s you. Mom Sr Dad your the best luv Ya James Hughes Jim 171 Wright Street PETERPAN JUKES JU CHARLIE JOED. NED RIB NOLAN ANDY OD PARTYING AT RES. RINK 87 FOOTBALL 5 3 87 CHERYL I LOVE YOU NEVER SAY GOOD BYE! I MADE IT IN 4. THANKS EVERYONE Heather Hurley 54 James St. CM Friends 4-eva. Times gone DH, OS, SO, CS, AB Friends today AF, TJ, MM, EF, CW. Best of times — Volleyball, PD, LD, AF, CW, CM, KB, Busrides, Lisa-Llsa. Chris is mine. Litmag2, CIrgrdI, med Clb3. " Hester, " " Cheif. " Mr. F. Hmrm 332 — Rl, MH, MK, KK. Harvard square. Strawberries, Mark and Deriek Canada " this isn ' t a bam — closeup (toga) buy AHS thanx Mom + Dad Donna Hutchinson Robert Ingeneri Robert Inglis Michael Jefferson Linda Johnson Lin 85 Forest Street THANKS TO PAT, MITCH. JUIES, CAZ, JILL — LOOKING BACK ON GOOD TIMES — MARSHFIEID SUMMERS DINMRFD, D BK D — flORIDA — LOONMT. — OUCH! MOONIE TRISH — REINDEER — WHERE ' S THE BBR CLOTH? SOULMAN! MY GREEN TWO TONES. OH CHILL . . . NP, NTC, JILL ON A SCOTTER? HA. THAT ' S FUNNY, WHAT A BEAUTY YEH ' AND I DONT KNOW WHY MRS. WHITNEY ME? HALLOWEEN 86 ' THE SUNRISE WOW! YOU GUYS IN DEED LOVE 87 ' LOVE THANX JOHNSON CLAN LOVE YOU MOM DAD Jim Jones Jonesy 34 Mayflower Road Goodbye AHS — JA Apids, DP, JF Val, Oak, JF J JV, DR, Rocco, GT, MP. BC, ain ' t seen nothin yet! Lefty MaVus 1. 82 4 33 41 33 14 11 Golden arm. Avia 870 ' s. Twenty-two . . . LStLO ' C. parabolas Shedhead oriental rug? I don ' t know II hate it im scarra. Oft on. one step up, one step back. Whitney. Aguirre weapons U2 gotcha! Jan July Thanx — MomScPop Michael Jefferson Jets 39 College Avenue The Fourth Estate — Enough with the amentes, are the strips ready yet? ACSL — Bit string Flickers E-Town Vice, Monitors on the limo? 2!?, Thanks Q. Kumz. life — My crucible Is burning! Thanks to everyone who has helped me survive — especially Diego, Colin, Allan 8 Mike. To all — Good luck Best Wishes. Thanks, Mom Dad, for being there. 36 Linda Johnson Jim Jones Tracey Jones Kim Kadehjian Maida Kaderian 55 Dow Avenue LULU since I nnet you! Beth, Mel, Laura, Rach, Jen, Kate Cass. Brownie Cooler?? GUS! Square-Sam . Jon. BOBO love you Faith, idol — the, T. RIVER, miss Warhol, " Different Oomer " NIK! Steph, Nairi Kay B.F. FlerellS Thank You, Mum, Dad, Sonia and Rita Allan Kagan Al 17 Kensington Park Italy, Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal. Football 78, Ind . Out Track Band, JB. G8 ,S. " So Golin, how ' s your grandmother? " So Bagel, What ' re we doin ' ton- ight? " D-A-GO! " Guess where Colin is? " Ottawa ' 87 — " I can ' t believe I passed out tonight! " Ohads. " Al, I ' m hungry! " Di ' sparty — 355. " Later AFIS! Thanks: Dionne, Diane, Trem, Ding, Coombie, BerocheckdeBanana, Jets . esp. Col in Diego, Mom, Dad 8r Liz!! Kim Kadehjian Kimmy 35 Kilsythe Road OVER? BF — I A4E VA — RT — IDId — ucouldy — rees — our dream — nosav — ftbal — rus — jpie, ces — 2yrs — MN — ilvdya — BG — SB — RB — JR — tdyke — so.epar — Implumi — con — hapmmtmre — rev — facesnomore — TA — LT — SC — bin — thrw — all — sbc — LM — jmhelp — LS — wiz — KL — RF — Erin — kcthanx — mo — frhon — carara — Itparte — nive — ots — toga — ooproof — boriot — dis — gp — pm — ulowll — ill — k — hiland — pew — luv — ya Mom-and-Dad Maida Kaderian Allan Kagan Craig Kapreliam Patty Karras I John Katsos Katmanm 6 Wachusett Avenue Disco Where is everyone? Geo 8 . 86 thaia JJ KW DW TS KD BroBri SICKNESS 1 hey leather Got my album? AyOrfanos Bread LATE NIGFIT Band TRIPS JR i Cape Cod cass — turtlenecks Semis Proms RUSFl BP CD Greg Mark DEREK r " WINNER " Zeb Isaac JAF nathan Dennis ROCKO SR Rachlauseanne AFIOP sts FOISY G S Thanks Mom . Dad Fam Sr Friends I love you Flere I go, sailing into destiny. The square Boosh IS GOD ' Stephen Keenan Keens 27 Flodge Road , JV Flockey 25-0-7, Mr. Flarrington, JV Baseball, remember the great times at ‘ AFIS with Leo, Flynnie, Roger, Matt, Stephen, mBobmOritter, Brian, Brad, Daga, Stack, Duff, AFIS menots -i- being chased a lot, home basketball . games, hockey Tournament games, Ashby w bc8tmm cold nights in the fort, Freds carw SK. cardsw Daga, Gerogetown VS to MOD ' S w stack 8 , Duff PO ■ debt, a.m. ajns Jamie 8-13-83 Thanks Mom 8 . Dad Oraig Kapreliam 13 Burch Street The field (last day of school. New years Eve, Townday fireworks, etc.) 10 days freshman yr. the mall (manikin, security guards hat) Symes will never forget. Dave, Pat, Jamie, Jen, Mai, Keith, Joe, Doug, Roddy the Prom the red Porsche Thanks om and Dad Patty Karras Patty 82 Oleveland Street Pota, ughl! Oall me Patty!! M S FI B Remember wild, wild, world of animals? Best of times with Barbie, Nik, Kath, Eed, Ohris, even you Sis! and all you other fellow G.O.Y.A.N. ' S Best friends forever Barbara, but why A.O.? Mommy, Daddy will I ever get my firebird?? Love you anyways. Thanks for all your support James Keljikian 1542 Massachusetts Avenue We finally made it! Thanks teachers — Mrs Monahan HIMHsoph JIvlodIo foot- ball — TD — Chem-labs acc — IF KK PH PO MH RO College — Bently? Babson? Suffolk? See you at Mai ' s good bye AHS Love Ya Mom Dad Bill Kelly Binda 136 Gardner Street Class of 88 1 — JN MM JF MD RD — Sandbags so so so so!!!! Long rides Nel U2 Bruce in Philly — Tom Petty — J. Cells Hockey games at The Garden 86. off the exit in the venture — The Rebel — Birthday crime. Brov rn baga! Two racks — the projects — sub-easy Benda AHS 8c Menots — Hockey -i- 1 goal, weasel I GF DG BK White snake its a tin roof thanks Ma Dad Deb Kev John Bob 8c Jim! Andy Kennedy Heather Kenney Stacy Kenney Space 15A Memorial Way WE MADE IT! I LOVE YOUR OBERT! 4-EVA 8 2 86. YOUR TIMES GONNA COME. PROJECTS THORNDIKE WALL. GOOD TIMES MO MR JT JM GM HS MM KW SC TA KK LT! JR. PROM — CATCH A PENNY! PC LIGHTS OUT! TOM-PETTY RUBBER- ROOM TEA PARTIES SPACE SEE YA ADS WISH YOU WERE HERE NANA THANX LORI LOVE YA MOM 8c DAD 8c SHANNAN 8c TARA Kathleen M. Kenny Katie 2-1 Glennbrook Ln. Class of 88 Summer of 87 Best friends Nelly Greg LF MP KP KK LM JK ME CM Cape Cod HanzeL? You ' re hurting me! CRASH semis proms Finn ' s rcxDm HOTDOG RUMOR Ronnie ' s house LEACH Tommy Rocko Good times walking wounded no. 3 Varsity soccer I Luv? P is for party seniors at last! Good-bye 8c thanx X 4 the memories AHS Keep in touch guys. Thank you Mom Dad 8c Family I love u Stacy Kenney Kathy M. Kenny Brian Kerr Red-Dog 140 Mary St. 31. 3 yrs. V. FOOTBALL, CAPT. PMOML, FOOTBALL BUDDIES, SK PSYCHO- WARD, MT. DEW NOTHIN BEATS THE SILVER BULLET SAT. NTS. AT AHS DJ — YHU EAST END RULES. SPA GOOD TIMES AT HAMPTON — DG. BL. PB. DK. JP. GERA TOLD YOU NOT TO GET IN MR2 W.MKI H.K. — 9 15 87 — YLG — GL — WSANH JF — ISC SPIKE -(- HAMMER TAKE-ON ALLI THANX MA -h DAD RK. LOOK ME UP IN VENICE BEACH, CALIF. Kendra Kiely 47 Draper Ave. CC Oh NO! I ' m scared! Di Best Friends FOREVER Di and Al RINK RICE FROZEN BANANNAS Diegs The Table ITALY DD DF DT NC AK The Best Ever! 5-10-86 Carolyn and Ben Junior Prom World ' s Largest Coke Display TP ME MH SM 10-17-87 Shawn I love you! Thank you Mom, Dad, Grammy, Grampy, Andrea and Katrina for all of your love and support. I love you GOOD LUCK TRINA James Keljikian Bill Kelly Andy Kennedy AK 24 Kensington Rd. TO ALL THE LATENIGTS WITH JK SPAZ MS JJ NP IVAN CMMMRAM TIMES AT MONOTS JK SS BG THE TRIP DIXI BEERBALL LOST WEEKENDS AT THE JIBBA ES- TATE WONDER J ' S NAPALM ON THE CAPE BOCEPHUS STEVIE VAN HALEN BBQ ' S FOOD KING CALIFORNIA OR BUST WITH JKVN U2 LIKE A RIVER TO THE SEA, SHE COMES TO RESCUE ME U2 SEE YA! AHS THANKS MOM SID Heather Kenney HK 83 Ronald Rd. BEST OF TIMES W TM SC CC ND KH MC " THE BOYS " 8c HS GANG FROSH TALK CANADA FL 109 19 85 40FT LIMO AVROF HAMTON 85 86 87 U R THE BEST DAD — I LOVE U — DC AT CC SLED — TM MK WONT 4 GET U WKnd ma away W TT8cM SUE SAT NITS PRI-TON NC 8c DD PARTYS 1ST CAR CC B-DAY ND HSE NARCISSUS THANKX MOM I LUV U BK " ILY " U MAKE ME SMILE NANA 8c PA — SPECIAL. Brian Kerr Kendra Kiely Evie Kirtsoglou Evie 61 Melrose St. DAWN, LOVE YA! GREAT TIMES WITH DS, ML, MP, LL, LS, LC, AL, SO, OF, BK, RF, CO, FJ, SS, FC, BH — NARCISSUS, REVERE, CENTER, POND, CAMBRIDGE, GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES WITH BS — KOZELIANS — TRIKE, TOGA, FH ‘MOM, LOVE YOU. YOUR MY WORLD LOVE MY NEW DAD! PP HANG IN THERE LOVE YA MARY — S — NOSDOZ LIMO, — BUD. HAMPTON — SEARCHING. AARUAAH! ML, I WAS RIGHT SEE YA AHS Stephen Krepelka 12 Mohawk Road BUDdies In The stands BC DC TL MM PD BH SK MM BK MD DF KB LT SC JM 75 HOWIE SUPER BOWL DREAMS 11-0 240 ' S NO MISSES DOG-D Takin Care Of business Platoon ELIAS Malibu Inn July 4?? 1 knee Equals 2 Feet Run Boys It ' s The Feds Who ' s Buying The Ice? RedDog PSYCHO WARD Don ' t WORRY Aout it WAA MR. XenucDCROCKPORT KD MS TM KO NR Thanks Orty luvya mom — Paul miss ya DAD Carolyn Kristo Mike Kwan Evie Kirtsoglou Stephen Krepelka ! Carolyn Kristo Cassy 58 Princeton Rd. Best of Friends SUE BON BREN MD CM NR MS KO AND THE MOB at AHS YES ! CANADA JOSEPHINES HK-LIMO ASHBY 85-87 Pringles straight as ice SEMI -(- 1 PROMS Soccer Fall and SPRING Frosh yr. Party track 4th of July at Winger- { sheek Cree ' s socles My House? OH NO Hit the Deck! KEYS — BP SM BT BAM ] CONCERT GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES but mostly HIGHS Thanks Mom and Dad I ■ Love you — PMEH Mike Kwan " Killer " " Q.L. " 4 Lancaster Rd. I Many Friends have come and gone. Strange 8i. normal, others are strong. To : name a few I would say, Todd, Paul, Skinner, Lynchie Heather, coughy, and i Kerby. All at once my nightmare had came, it was Greg Landry to play the } game. Soon the day rises every hour of the year, but I will never forget why I j was here. So lets not let the memories friends be gone. : Amal Lebbos 97 Sylvia Str. I 37, KW, PI II, NOV. 22 at the Party — Lener, MK (MerdyJ EFF — YOU ' RE STILL 1 AWESOME. Mt. Lebo. I love you DAVE. U2. Buzz and the Gang. My best friend a nag — sorry. BISS RULES. imothy Legere Tim 3 Apache Trail 3-yrs V-Fball JV Hoop w Quigs 4 yrs V-Golf w Mr. B 10-0? Win or lose Malibu Inn Hampton 87 w BC MMMILLERS Few sociables w MM BC JK BH DC MM BH eggers Cape " 87 " Hey Stinky, Mr. Bob Trouble wAA PD8721 130816 Motts laces BC BO FM IL SugarBear Hitchin in Gloucester Hey wheres The Party? ffina 10-14-84 — ? Love You Always Thanx Mom Dad Luv you. I ' m Gone. Greg Landry Coolidge Ave. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD PAT MATT LUMPS JOSE CHUCK FRED MARC PETE SUMMER WAS FUN BIG AL, NUT BUS TIP BBALL ' s SEASON OF 87 88 STAY IN TOUCH BOYS, Marie Lanefsky 122 Sylvia St, Marsh, I Luv U. Now that I have u back. I ' ll never let u go. Had some rough times, but we got thru it all. To the best of friends I ever had MP, EK, DS, LL, LS, LC, SO, AL Couldn ' t of dun it w out u. Thanx 4 being there 4 me. we ' re all gonna go our seperate ways, but I ' ll never 4getu, and all the good times we had. I wish u all the best of luck. I luv u Mom Dad. Amal Lebbos Timothy Legere 39 Tommy Liang Doug Ligor Shelby Linton Shelbs 19 Churchill Ave. OINKS ‘Smurfette Charger town Day — 86 — Harvard 3M ' S Purple Rain 2 bottles of Relish BBetc. BERMAI MRizedI U Bog Dixie cups 68 Mustang Peach fuzz Kell, re, Snanc, Smarge, Odd I love U guys! ' Weekends at my housel THE WALL AMBER! Boutiful Harvest! Greg, Mike + Sam I ' ll miss u guys. Thanks Mum, Dad + Heidi I Doug Ligor 1033 Mass Ave. 2 Thank God its over! Thanks to Uncle Harry, Mr. O, BC, Miss Hogan, Mr Macus, trem, and to you too Fin. Hey Dave — DWI, 1022, Caperange (target + Spanish book]. Paladin, DO, FA, V, ZB — republican mobile — zero — g! Lets play mier! Hey Mr. Kumz, Jets, MP — Belmont. Goodbye AHS! GOP is no. 1, u.s. Service here I Cornel Sean Linehan Shelby Linton Mark Lombard Charlie Loukeris Lisa Luongo Pebbles 46 Florence Ave. Bye AHS all until 1993 Leah — you can lean on me Chemistry labs w Cody 8c Connie The Jones Family TESTIMONIAL Jonesette Florida Dad logic 4Q! TESNO Toga My Buddy Oatch me I ' m falling GIRLS: Im gonna miss U what a blast Dad, Mom, Ree 8c Ant Thanx I love yal! Lee Paul Lynch 10 Garrison Rd. Finally outi See you on the road PD, GC, KK,. Remember the night rider when you look up at the midnight sky . . . Don ' t forget the music Biily Idol, 999, Sex Pistols, GenerationX! Where is Pondo? Mad Max and Mustangs Rulelll I know who you are Bronze! Bye AHS. Thanks Mom and Dad. Mark Lombard Lumpy 92 Glenbum Rd. Jiggers Lets Scramliteies — Beats Manson Onze Buzz Cul Lanky Landry THE FARM 1 Beats house — the words out NH the tip (sp) Beerd up! July 4th 1987 brens house (2) THE WRATHS 4 NITES IN A ROW W BP BT SM CK Petes houses many THE OAPE GLOUCESTER Nan Swimhole the hike bus zlx wz EASY LONE Serve me BIRD Fairlane OUT THANKS MOM + DAD Oharlie Loukeris 47 Webster St. Schralping at BHOP while betties look on? GOYA B-BALL? REDLINE 1 YOU KNOCW ITI 9 26 87, Natick Jams, B-comps? Shredding at Arl-ctr, ST AGNES 8c BUS DEPO, GREEK POWERI whats happening re, you zowon Greece ”87 " 10 16 87 What happen Jl? okay 2 acomplished 3 impossible TKS Ma, Dad 8c Sis see ya AHS Lisa Luongo Paul Lynch 40 Paul MacEachem Michelle MacLeod John MacPherson Calvin 10 Teel St. Place Thanks Mom + Dad. Freshman Year up Menots in snow. Brownies partys and rest of um Road trips: UNH + JG, WPI, Cape on 4th with " Nerds, " Kang, cam- ping, Parker rv. Is Football a good sport? Flockey in Garden 86 88. Guys: SP, DF, KB, JG, MM, GS, JP, AV, JF, KP, etc. Girls: I dont know. Flope we all make it. Summer in Canada, make it to Bermuda with guys why are you happy? Anne Maffa Ali 573 Summer St. I LOVE YOU DAVID 9 13 87. JEN ' S PARTIES RANDY DARRAGH RONAN MATT. W. MALL JOE SEAN MIKE MARK RAY. EDDIE 2 GOOD 2-4 GET 8 13 87. ALE (ALII MIKE 7 5 87. FACES. HAD GREAT TIMES WITH YA DEIDRE, NEVER FORGET THE SUMMER OF 87 JEN. JILL, STEVE. S.P. YU BAD DOG. LATA KRIS, JEN. MICHELLE, BEST FRIENDS ALWAYS. THANKS MOM, DAD, JEANNINE, FRANK AND PAUL. I LOVE YOU DAVE AND JESSE Paul MacEachem Mac 11 Oxford St. Hey Sac! Hello to Charlie L., Steve, Charlie G., Paul M., Taki G., Dave P., Paul V. (and the rest of the group). Good Luck to Nick D. and Shelby L. Let ' s get out of here! The Beatles, Led Zepplin, forever . . . Michelle MacLeod 178 Overlook Rd. My four years of high school have been a lot of fun but also educational. I remember my freshman year how scared I was and how I got lost all of the time. Now when I stop and think about my first year it makes me laugh. Last of all I ' d like to wish everyone good luck with their future. I hope everyone will always be happy and healthy. John MacPherson Anne Maffa Paul Mahoney 248 Ridge St. Canobie Lake — Bailey. Tilton. Mike at Winnepesauke. Wiers Beach. The B-Ball court in the back yard. Mike gets a JOB!!! Q, Jimmy the kid Kearns. Never shut up Diane!! Falmouth ' 87, The Beach — Drivin People, oiram Kris — the jetti, Betty 8c Ron. Summer of ' 87 the best summer. Thanx Mom and Dad. Good Ridence AHS. TD, TC, The Gook, SJ, BM. EB. Kristen Magnuson " Chrissy " The Thing I remember the most is freshman year This was the highlight A Senior Walked up the stairs and said " fresh-men dont know how to walk. And laughed The other thing I do remember is walking down into The lobby and I looked and said " my God what is this? " Someone said These are what you would CALL " SENIORS " Jennifer Mahoney Jen 9 Freemont Ct. WE MADE IT, MC, SK, MR. 4-LONG YEAR. I LOVE YOU 4-EVA DEAN. CANT WE TRY? BEST TIMES. THORNDIKE. NEVER 4-GET 8 28 87. THE JETS! SUMMER 87. FACES KT. E. BOSTON. " ALWAYS. " PARTY 4-EVA. STEPHIE. NEVER 4-GET AHS. 4-LONG YEARS, BUT WORTH IT, SYMMES. ART LB. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JULIE. I LOVE YOU TOM. BEST CONCERT, BON JOVI, REVERE BEACH. THA NKS CK. I LOVE YOU MOM DAD Michael Mahoney Paul Mahoney m Kristen Magnuson Jennifer Mahoney I Michael Mahoney Crits 12 Dickson Ave. BH SK Tl DC BC MM SK MM PD JF JN MD SP KB CM Down the High School with my BUDdies Danny g I ' ll be back No Cheap shots The Lawn D-A-R-A 5-29-86 Good Day SC Before school Pro Touch 8-25-86 Mistake 7-27-87 Sorry T-Bar spring of 87 Good times Billy Menots -i- AHS The Cape pound em Down House on school Days Mo Thanks MOM . DAD Later AHS Matthew Mansfield Colin Marquis Jennifer McAllister Brian McCarthy Matthew Mansfield Manson 133 Newport St. Daa Buzz, Beats, Lumps, Gweg, Onze, Lanky, Cullinane, BT, BP, SM, CM, CK — Summer of 87, Brens house 7487, Vino, Get BACK IN THAT HOLE The trip I ' ve had 35 and I ' m nothin swin hole Easy Loser u ungratefuls Whots the word The Pantha Fell Hotel Cal. The Farm 1 WARREN Lala Lone GUMDIKKER who thru the beans JVS Dont Lose Thanx M + D Colin Marquis 183 Jason St. DF AK Mike Squared DL DO CV; GBL Track Champs. Band Trips to Quebec, Montreal, and Ottowa . . . Let ' s go skiing. Go till you can ' t go no more. Italy, remember those pigeons, Harry ' s in Venice, We be jammin for a long time after that one. Bishop Football. Junior Semi, Don ' t talk about the Junior Prom. There ' s always the SenFor Prom. EACH! Maine was awesome!!! Kenneth P Maxwell Max 316 Appleton St. Skinna Nippa Pete Chubbs Enos Hunt n Gather Prom 87 — U2 — wanna go shut up shut in up Ears wow troll what mail boxes FCCCNose Each BCCD all in You luz a wheres my feet Austria 87 Einbierbittevitaestfeminacaniseheu I own U Shoobop Your a mess Fro lunch the Aussies You got shot NH oamvuefaf- ntootthuefrf Hey JKar 1 No Splinter SGBL Champs 85 — 88 RO CC OG BY ED DN CK MD CJ FP NS KME — Batter — KG KB DL KA KN HR RB NH JY JA BCD MC thanx m8td Mike McCarthy 155 Charlton St. GARGAMELL YOU MESS JF JN BK MD RD DC NT MM CR IT TE RB HT LB CSK ASK BOBBY BINDA JOE LETS PUT GEORGE IN THE CLOSET EASY BENDER NEW YEARS BEHIND THE HIGH SCHOOL ROCKPORT FAIRWELL TO THE VENTURA OFF THE HIGHWAY WITH BINDA TSTATION AT THE GARDENS NICE HAIR NEL WEEKENDS DOWN THE HIGH SCHOOL DOTHEAD YENTYL STEVIET ' S IT TOOK TO LONG LATER ONION HEAD Susan McCarthy 53 Trowbridge St. BOF — CK NR BP BT MS CM MD + all Mary ' s Good luck Katie O. AprI Vac 87 Joanne? " THE DEAD ' ' Peace Couple Casuas Down The High School, farm MEATLOAF! Quiet Summer Sociables at CM ' s Key in the Bue JF ' s — SICK? Cheering — ATI Loner G-Cab Cas — BF D ' anges- Ashby Bass — tid License — Lumpy and the Guys oh No Easy H — Limol JULY 4 MDGUSKO ' s house ITAOMP? Thanx Mom Dad Karen and Bob Kenneth P. Maxwell Keith Mazzapica Jennifer McAllister Jen 13 Ravine St. RACHEL, SOUL, LAURA. MELANIE, BETH, MAIDA, KIM. THANK-YOU-RACHEL FOR 16 yrs of friendship I LOVE YOU! THE RUE! my McNuggets. anyone want some nutra-Grain. OH KNOW THE OZONE LAYER IS FADING! SOUL (C.F, C.S, C.J, C.S] A.P. THE SQUARE. I had a great summer Laura! " 87. " Thank you Trem! and most of all THANKS MOM, DAD, JOHN, AND MITCH. NANA AND PAPA I LOVE YOU Brian McCarthy Macker 285 Forest St. ' SUP . . . UMML7V A . . . GOOD TIMES! JD HOGS, CONCERT RIDS, STRPER, THE MOBILE, MISSIONS, 4th OF JULY, PJ IT WAS ONLY SAND! HALLOWEEN, CANOPY LAKE PARK, GOOD OLD HISTORY CLASS SONG " UMP BA UMP BA BA " SPEDMS IT B THE RATMOOSE. DE DA AKA MR. SANDMAN JAY JAY, TONY, LUCIFER ' S PEN. EDDIE, THE TREE WITH NIKE WHITE SOFTIES! ACSL TRIP CONTEST THE MONITOR EJB THANK ' S MOM DAD Mike McCarthy Susan McCarthy Neal McCloskey Matthew McConnell Terri Lynn McCormick BFSO CS DH AF. DH2PRTYS. Billy goats gruff! KT blackat. Hampton w DH. Cape Cod 7-4-87. Fresh Touch 4 years, DG LM JF MC. TWNDayrtz So Pens, JUST a gthering, LDUsridel Family Locker. COPSE. KC PRty BS. JR SEMI JR PROM. KO Terilou. Bluck to everyone. Thanks for everything mom Juli Lori PC MN I MISS you Grandma. GoodBye AHS. Dennis McDermott 40 Warren St. BOOSH! CHAZ, HANKY, DANNY, THE SENATE, OH MY NOSE " SP " SPANISH, THANKS FINN, " TO THINK OF US again, and I do “CG PAM, SHEEPY, RUSS, LIBBY, JEN, GALS, JERRY, JAMMIE, MARK. I ' LL MISS YOU TIGER, WENDY TESSA, THANKS MOM, I LOVE YOU. Neal McCloskey Kick it Yeah! Deep Left. Sixteenth up in Lov ell Go Deep Right in the end zone Keg. Oh Yeah! Matthew McConnell 87 Webster St. VFTBALL -h 77 MANY NITES DOWN THE HS wBVDies DC TL BC SK MM BH DF KB SP BK MALIBU INN ROCKPORT HEY DARA 4SBS DAD IM SLEEPING OVER DARAS MCPAINTING APDTO SLOW HIRSHY BENDER HC CAMP 8721 TNUC THE CULT WITH LEONARD QUARTERS WITH STACK DP WITH PF BM SL THE KINKS SEEDING ATWCC DONT WORRY ABOUT IT RED MRX ITAL Y wTD THANX ORTY -I- TREM ON TO B -(- B PARTIES THANX MOM + DAD Dennis McDermott Terri McCormick Craig McDonnell Paul McElearney Gail McLeod 92 Gardner St. PC SK MC SS We Made it! Unforgetable Times w PC KF SK HS SS JD DW RE BW MC PS LM PM NT MM KW The Pond, Thorndike, The Heights " T " trips w PC HS Cid w SS JOE D. 7 24 87 Best of Friends Paige, Stacy 8r Heather White Line Fever W HS Stevie nicks Forever Tom Petty American Girl Led-Zeppelin Lives Thanx Ma, Dad, Deb Diane Paige Special Thanx Karen Later AHS! Craig McDonnell Sips 53 Kilsythe Road Amateur night at the cab 3 years Vgolf with Mr. B Babson Security Where did Goody go? Hampton 87 Suds is crazy Fire Exitinguishner sin Havard The DOGS with Penna SP GS KB MM JG DF KP JF JP MD FG Pro Shop and Car parking at BCCN; ck ' s Bow and arrow cant Forget the Hailu Palace Freshman football made it through doubles senior year Drinking contest with Penna who won? Thanks Mom -t- Dad Luv ya both. Gail McLeod Angela McGonigle 43 Cristin McGrath Kelly McMahon David McMakin 75 Dorothy Rd, The Field DM + DH — 9 19 85 Poets Field Phillies Canada 86 New Years Eve 85-86 Jr -I- Sr Proms Craig — Jamie — Joe — Mai — Pat — Doug — Keith Friends + Good Times at the Cape Super Bowls at Joes The Manakin Endof Sohool year Parties in the Field Wrist Rocket w Craig on Flalloween AC DC NY Giants Sunday Football Games Lunch w Dave D. -i- Jamie — Stew Thanks Mom f Dad Luv Ya Deb! Tina M. Messuri Mazoo 172 Franklin St. Its Been Fun! Party Anyone? BF — ND FIK SC KH CC MC; All The Shnubs FrTalk The Field — Bud;enoB-RAIDS?AIINighters8c Wknds. . . Everywhere R Neva 2b 4-gotn. Memba HAMPTON 86-87? SURE U CAN gnc Sems Prms? YAK? (Princ- eton, WOW] scoopin? cheerin, trac Hi Nora, What Can I Say — Thanx ' HK Sleds! So Far So GOOD! Ski! My Walks? Licky Rules (ha). TIMMY 09 14 84 ILY aStf. Lots and lots of Love Thanx to Mom 8r Dad 8c 4 Bros. Oristin McGrath The Wrath 25 Lawrence Lane Friends — Kel, Nic, Di, Bren, Bon, MD, Nat, Sue, Gas, MS, KO, KS Happy B-DAY Dunkins Hampton Ashby Ganada Narcissis DEEW Peace " THE DEAD " Di ' s house The Vineyard — Rumy — KM, BT, MD4th of July 87 at BT ' s April vaca 87 PM-13? AHS field w my BUDdies EASY — the best — the worst — oh no — hey you! Summer Sociables w Lumby, MM, GL, CB, FG, MG i PM ok ya ba-bye Thnx Mom + Dad Luv ya Garyn Kelly McMahon 30 Edgehlll Rd. BFF — NIC DI CRI MARY ' S THE BOYS? KS SF FM THE GAPE YELLOW SHORTS LIGHTS OUT THE ROG — MY HOME HS FIELD W MY BUDDIES BO PARTIES TURN ON THE WATER -h SING GO 4 WALK DI? HAPPY B-DAY GRI THE STORE DUNK- ING BUNNIES THE MOB G-FRIDAY VINEYARD APRIL VAGA JOANNE SPAIN 87 HCTIB ASHBY FWG KEYS IDNQUINGY SEMIS PROMS GL. OFFICERS CANADA SOGGER TRAGK. THANKX MOM 8c DAD I LUV U David McMakin Tina M. Messuri Kristin Michallyszyn Brian Milne Michael P. Mitchell " Mitch " 43 Brunswick Rd. KB SP FG DF JG OM KP GS JP AV MD JF CM — FROSH GL RUNS — MENOTS -n AHS = BUDFESTS 8c MANY RAIDS — BASHES AT KB SP MM — VH 8c V2 CON- CERTS — JV KEGA — JUL4 CAPE BOUND BBB AT TWI — CAMPING IN THE KANGA MTS. — HPD GOT JG — HAMPTON WEEKENDS W FG 8c FAM. — THE CAB 8c NICKS W FI ' S — HAR. EXTINGUISHER RUNS — JUN. FEB VAC. MDC ESCAPE — SUMMER BENDERS — NTV 1 — HIKU BOOTA KNAPPING — FROSH 8c JV HOCKEY — H8cC ... LUV YA MA 8c DAD 8c FAM. Peter Mitsakis 275 Highland Ave. Crew Blatz 549 Warriors Harppiels My God shown you sailor SK MC in the gutter Ha DB PCGM JG DW Busch old milwaukee 995 Black label long neck coffin Chicago here I come NH with the Bomber Fu Gaz The Pit LouieGaz Artkiet Bobstew George you Gomez thanks For Nothing Timmy Christine Thorndike Menotomy Alwife Thanks Ma and Dad NA! Kristin Michallyszyn 19 Fessenden Rd, KSSS — AMKC — NMMH — EHMS — JGJB — CHJA — ASPICKLE TOZO — FAJF — WOOB — BWLJ JKFK — PASR — LVKG — LDCF — SNRJ. " Ill See you again when the stars fall from the sky and the moon has turned red over one tree hill. " AHOR G8cS, Bimbos From, band trips (FLSA], Falonk, peace, the edge ' s Stare, PB DK TM from the past. Sissy is beautiful, SAV, I ' m happy. It ' s over. Inx Mom 8c Dad — I love you. Brian Milne Dog 30 Lantern Lane JM SS KK FB PM CG JC DM JC CK DC ZEB KATE XCOUNTRY 31 2 YEARS NO HORSE PLAY ' MR MAGK 3 YEARS VARSITY HOCKEY MR BURNS MR HAR- RINGTON FALMOUTH 87 VAL " DARLENE HAVE SOME MORE BAGARDI " BILL AND KELL WE WERE DINNY 8c DENNIS " FALMOUTH 88? SPRINGBREAK 88 JAMIE 8c PAUL CGARKUE DONT DOG ME! 2 SUPER BOUTS WITH CHUGK BISHOP PARK CLASS OF 88 YEAH! ANIMAL 44 Michael P. Mitchell Peter Mitsakis Christine Moran Patricia Moran !Z:hellise Morey 19 Crescent Hill Ave. HH friends 4-eva DM Casanova; Bud, Mo The Square, Strawberries 12 am, EF, M M BAND, Canada — KM, HB, KC Paris? Volleyball CB, AF, LD, MM, PD, ' Chelly, " Bus Rides, N.H.S. Tripping Trassin ' Chem. Class, What? I don ' t get it! T.F.M. Fresh. Eng. Crue The Sguig TL, DS JrProm, The Mall no Loitering 7 to 3 rtok. B-Boys Thankx Mom and Dad See Ya Christine Moran Stu 19 Cypress Rd. BF: TC JL TP KK NS Summer — 84 86 87 — SPAIN — Kris ' s — HOTDOG; ?82887 — un perro? I wont forget you babe — I died in your arms last night — Hampton — CS — Here kitty kitty! Maine — JM; jello. Cape, BOSTON, CANADA! HAVARD — Dude looks like a lady Clubbin Hey sailorboy — LY — Excuse me while I kiss this guy COLYUMBO WEEKEND 87Ron — Lisa — CRASH! Strive to be Happy — TOLL HOUSE! Love ya Mom Dad Patricia Moran Tricia 34 Rockland Ave. Never — Get Strike 3 your out! Petes parties! Jr prom 87 Salisbury! Deb where we gonna go! Lets go to the beach! DW PP RR JC CB JP CB TF CO Cari M8 .M! Boston! Pillow Fight DD Getty Hotel! Kathys! I LOVE YOU DK JP + MM! Thanks Mom + Dad — I Love you! Bye AHS! Anthony Moreiro Chellise Morey i Darcy Munro 29 Longmeadow Rd. .test Frenz: DH, CS, JD, SO, CO, SC, NE, SP, JG, JB, BB, KW, DB, LL EH " Never say Goodbye " Bishop, Walden, The Coner, Donnas Parties, Andrews Parties, The 3ap e ' 87! The beach! Mr G ' s — " Exhaust? " 5th B-room " Shan — Dont share rour Apple! " " Guys — Don ' t be Klitzy " R st. C585! Good + Bad times w Carl. I he Prom Weekend! 6 18 87! Sesame St. ' Bout Time! Thanx Mom + Dad! Luv i ' a Melissa Morrison Jeffrey Mullin Melissa Morrison 50 Dorothy Rd. IWALGCM. OCTOBER, BL. BETH We will be there in 5 minutes! MONTREAL; 86 — LIGHT A MATCH! S.O.F., FENWAY — 3, NO FRENCH TODAY H.K, RED SHOE LACES, LOST IT IN 85! EYZD 4 MISTRESS. DAVIA + SYMIA. ashante MARISH + CRAIG CALVIN IN 93. YPMABG. YNBAP. MEET ME AT BRIGHAMS. SHARE A BOX? ZIGGY IN THE RAIN. I WILL CHANGE TOMORROW. GIF YOU DM, IWDYUYF. 41 2 floors, DT, DM, OL, BO, BYE — BRACES. Jeffrey Mullin Jeff 16 Rockmont WHATEVER? Bill, Joe, Chuck, Steve, Kell; We made it, Hampton Memories (Flasher), The FACE, Hey We used to know her. Talk about crumbcakes! Jen G. YAWN IN MY FACE, BREAKFAST! SKI BUM, St. E ' s HOOSIERS RF, PH, MB, DH, KO, DM, WISH ME LUCK! Sr, Prom? MS, G, Mrs. P. Mrs, S MS. M THANX BRO, SIS, NON, MOM, LUV Ya NOTHING REALLY MAHERS . . . Pat Muivey 45 Patrice Murray Jim Nelson Mark Nichols 134 Gray St. True wisdom knows it must comprise some nonsense a comprimise, lest fools should fail find it wise, and to end it all. I ' ll see you all . . . Joe Norian 108 Park Ave. Mandel Remember the tomato fight at Leone ' s. Tom beat up any pigeons lately? Long live the king! Scott Murphy Wendy Murphy Patrice Murray Pat-Rice 100 Franklin St. Well We Finally Made It! Bye Aides, NA GD, SH, TK, AW, CR, KR BS, PS, CC, AM! Remember all the Good Times Mare, Bed of Roses S-O-T-N, New Years Eve 87 and all the other parties Krissy always good times G-G-H-A-L-T-D-T-U. Poets, Center Texaco, pond, Woburn, bridge. Summer of 87 LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, Lisa, Bobby 3-22-87 CHOW! Jim Nelson Nelly 114 Newport St. Good by ONIONHEAD. MM BK JF MD RD. JV Basketballl 15-5. “James your eyes look kind of glassy " GARGAMELL. Mike — 20 suspensions. Hocky games at the Garden — AC DC. Hampton beach. Burdeon street, Bahamas — Marc. ADIDAS. Hanging around behind the high school. Prom and semi. THE Nel gang. No more detension. CLASS OF 88 Scott Murphy Scooter 73 Overlook Road SUMMER OF 87 SEAN ED DON DAVE STEVE DAVID KACEY JEANNIE. MICHELLE TOBIN SCHOOL ARMONDOS PHONE BOTH POLO MINUTEMAN WOOD LOFT NORTH ADAMS HOWS YA BOX PARTYS AFTER FENWAY ELMER FUD ONION PATROL CAMBRIDGE COPS CANT RUN MINUTEMAN MATH CLASS CAPE COD 85 86 SOCCER WRESTLING TENNIS Wendy Murphy 30 Lombard Terr. 10 10 86 I luv ya Vinny! Best friends JF JR BO BL JD JH Jane mems of SJPL 8t CMP! Chippa you are such a dumpa! Bemsta thanx for trips to severe and the hikes to nowhere! Jules, Jeff wake up don ' t ya wanna hear about 2night! Chippa whats up for 2night! Bowling Arrow Becky I say we control the tunes! I finally made it thanx Mom, Dad, Marianne, Boot Luv Ya! Mark Nichols Joe Norian Kelly O ' Brien Kellybean 441 Summer Street ND, SL, RV, MO, AH, AO, ZO, CT. WE ARE THE VICTIMS! DAYS OFF! Hey Bog! doodle doodle dee wubba wubba BERM A ! OH - 1 - SV, scituate. JG — STUBBLE I Hilda Herm oinks, our Purple rain, sleddin ' ws cruisin smarge, you ' ve chan- ged! JN, Touch my locker and die! JR PROM " we ' re up here! " AMBER! PRETTY scary! Puppy cards? Laytah Baybee. Thanks Mom -t- Dad, The Daleys, Gwyn -I- Bob Im Out! Paul O ' Connell Oka Okes 26 Varnum St. BYE AHS THANX MOM + DAD MY BUDIES VAL FRANKY GREG JAKE -r JEFF COSTA FYNNY ROCCO PEDRINI JONES HOW ' S YOUR RUG CU KE 62 TWICE JIMMY NICE LIFE THE DOGS $$ CAPE HAVARD MAGNOLIA PARK SEMP T -r WIFFLE BALL GOLFING NICE C UBS SKOADYOU ROCKED IT GOOD LOSER FUF FLUF I ONT KNOW OH AND I WONT MONTE CARLO BREND -r BECKY = PROMS BOSWORTH BARKLEY TYSON CPO Kelly O ' Brien Paul O ' Connell Bob O ' Connell Kerri O ' Connor Chris O ' Donnell O ' D 57 Amsden St. DYS 84-87 — DELIA DEANO FU BUMBLE BEE STU MIT MK Rl BS CHARLIE JUKES HUGHES NEIL ANDY WALDO AVE PETER PAN THOR GARDEN HARVARD BOUND FREAKS DID GET BEATEN CLUBBIN FACES BUT I DONT UNDERSTAND LEBARON TAMMY NO PAIN NO GAIN LOU THE OUT BUS WINDOW MMAKIN CARDS B + E ' S AT LUNCH THE PUMKIN VONHEIN HIPPIE SELLOUT JETS U2 BASE- BALL LUV YA BEV KENNY DAD MA Shannon O ' Neil Shannon 72 Madison Ave. TO MY FRIENDS WHO MADE HIGH SCHOOL SO MEMORABLE — CS, TM, DM, DH, NE, KG, CS, BM. HMRM205— BO, CO, JO! TERRI — JULY 4 " 87 " CHRISSY — JR SEMI — MY FINGER! SKI TRIPS 86 -(- 87! C-585 JAMIE 86 -r 87 I ' M ALWAYS right! LOVE YA! DONNA ' S PARTIES! DARC — JUNE 17! MG -i- ES FOR 2 GREAT YRS IN DW! KEITH — OH PLEASE! WE DONT LIVE IN A BARN GIRL ' S! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT MOM -(- DAD, KRIS -r MEG. YOUR CHICK IS GRADUATING! TO US — THE CLASS OF 88! Bob O ' Connell Cooder 156 Park Ave. Ext. AHS — Varsity BASEBALL Thanks Mr. Lavery and Mr Toomey JV HOCKEY — 15-0-2 JV Ball 16-0-1 AHS JV ' S DONT — LOSE HR 205 INEEN FOOD AHS ON SATURDAY NIGHTs with my BUDies ROXBURY MALL — ID — Nicks B8cB with Tim an Mat — Hi Kuu Palace — Don ' t worry about the damage to the car after the hockey games in the garden on the — T- UB! AHS ski trip Eddie shack 2- GS1985 NU I hope I make it. Thanks Ma, DAD for caring Kerri Anne O ' Connor Kerri 22 Hancock St. CG HT DG JM MC SK DC PD DL SC BA JM RY JN. " The Field " " The Rink " my parties Hampton Beach Summer 87. Holly, Afrodite, [CG] and Dianne, keep it up. Hey Macaroni you ' er a bubblehead. Never forget Rob and Jim. I ' ll miss you. Good luck everyone. Keep in touch. Be good Pablo. Thanx Dad LUV ya. Chris O ' Donnell Jacqueline O ' Shea Carl O ' Donovan Arpie Ohannessian R.P. 60 Medford St. ZEYN BEST FRIENDS ALWAYS 8 . FOREVER, PAREVINCHBESES. MARAL, U R A Q T. KO, RV, SL. ST, AH, RO, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST THANKS TO ALL THE TEA- CHERS LA FRANOE ET LA SUISSE (VATCHE) BA, I ' LL NEVER FORGET YOU, THE MAY WEEKEND. NEVER FORGET ALWAYS LOVE LBN THE DREAM TO RETURN. I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD. VAHE, MAGGIE 8 . LEMOON, YES HYE EM. SAY AT NOVA, THE BEST OF THE BEST, I LOVE YOU MEGHR Alice Ohr A.O. 72 Summit St. 8M, MR, K, T, SJ. KT, AG, SL, I GOING TO REMEMBER ALL MY FRIENDS EVERY- toDY. i HAD FUN IN SCHOOL. I liked my english class. Fun and fun in everyday Well time to go bye But i gonna remember my english class and JM, DA, BS, JT, MG, J Thanks everybody. Good luck! Jacqueline O ' Shea 276 Mass. Ave. I MADE IT! LUV YA VN, HH, RV, LC. KA. DW, DENYS, LV, TS, AM — ME VINIO — 18-85 — CMIN81 — LARDW TTTS — BHEADINW BW — THEROCK — COOL TIMZW CAMP CREW — U2 8c DA — PARTIES at REG ' S — LAFSW HH — LUV YA DANI — FREDDIE — GREYHOUND CA TRIP NEVER 4GET! DW AMERICAN MADE DOOBIE — GOURMET LV — LUV YOU JO 8 . AO — DLR 10: 30 TRIPSW JL — VH — IT ' S A BOY 1 1 CBYER COOL — ALL NIGHTERS — CLOSE-CALLS — TOWN DAY 85 KAOS — THANX MA. DAD, VINNY — AHS, LATAPATATA Cari O ' Donovan " Class of 88 " Good -i- Bad times with Joe " 87 " Proms, Senior — JO VN, Junior — TP -I- LG. Gossip in homeroom 205 with JO, BO, SO. Wayside cleaners, Cajising in the Regal, 87 ski trip. Boston in concert. Summer of " 87, " Trisha (squish). Grill class. Outta here A.H.S. Mary I finally made it! Thanx for everything Mr. Collumb Sc MsCoakley, I ' ll missya ' s. I luv ya Ma, Dad and Meg. Arpie Ohannessian Alice Ohr 47 Tim Olevsky Zeynab Omar Rachel Onanian Raquel 85 Irving St. N AA! JM — The Best I LU V U ! LZ no se ! MT, MB , MK C V, 4 yrs Over — we made it. I HOP the pain Square Nights — Chris Joe Erinn — UNO ' SF in Vin Collumb — ACYOA SAYATNOVA Peer Counseling — AO MD: 5678! AM — ILuvU! HA — Whats Up With U? BR — I LuvU — 13 yrs — ALWAYS A FRIEND BS — Nersess; Oh Yah! JCP — Girls State! LG — extra special. AG — BF forever. Luv U2. Mom Dad Jan: I OWE IT ALL TO YOU — NONE LUCKIER. Luv U ALL MY HEART genatz David Omstein 14 Brattle Terrace About time we got out of here! Goodbye to Fin, Mr. Foisy, and Mrs. Hassler. DL, Pickup Saab, 10 22, and the GOP. BEAT ARMY! HB: News, books and movies. FKA: WE kick! Paladin, HAFB, and 1001 ways . . . Pedro: Tu eres la . . . Adios amigo! Chuckle V! Farewell Mark and Mark, stretts and Jetts, Colin, Zeb, and everyone else. You guys made AHS bearable! Tim Olevsky 82 Sunset Rd. I am vewy proud to get out of Ahlington High School. This town is very boring. I would like to thank: Freeland, EricF, ErikB, Scott, EricM, LauraM, Rob, ChuckieV, Teresa (sis), Jacob; JohnM, A, OK, Jazz Band, Math team. Science Team, Fourth Estate, Chess Team, South Paoifio, West Side?, Jets, is there meeting? Ottawa! Quebec! Bonningstedt Greenpeace! Zeynab Omar Zena 84 Bartlett Ave. Arlington ARPS I LOVE U BEST FRIENDS 4EVER. STOP ALL WE NEED IS LOVE. MOM W OUT YOUR GUIDANCE BOTH SPIRITUAL + PHYSICAL I CANT IMAGINE YOU ' RE MY MEDICINE TEACHER! ZZ WISH YOU THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE. MARGRIT THANKS TO YOU LIFE IS MUCH EASIER. W OUT YOU GUYS I DUNNO I LOVE + THANK YOU ALL. SURVIVAL MY MY HOME IN THE WOODS 86 — ? TO JB JG SW KO RV SL JW MD KM KS YOU ALL RULE AH WILD TIMES TO ANYONE I LEFT OUT + I LOVE YOU. LETS RIDE THE PEACE TRAIN! Rachel Onanian David Ornstein Mark Ostrander Becky Owens Helen Pacheco 52 Vamum St. Good times with PL, DB.CP, LP, MM, RK, BC,CC,LDJA, DC Paula your the best Friend I ever had never Forget the great times we had, going to the movies and to the park with JA, AM. THANKS JA for the prom. Never Forget the summer of 1987 going to Portugal. Great times with LP, AP, PP, JOHN, MS. A walk at night with LP, AP, PP, JP, MP Mark Panaggio Franky 12 Margaret St. I Beastie Boy TAEEM your Right ”62 " Times AMUCK — Hows your Rug I said THIS Happens Twioe Bud man kick it! Hows your mother Idekcuf UP WHY Sold " What and I wont " 75 " zzzzzz Cool J Cookies It ' s Been a long time nice ears " BL " YMAP Hctib KCUSYMSSA Mario Brothers Ya its over GotcHA! Semper Fi Marines Thanks everybody MOM SEE YA MAP Mark Ostrander MarkO 15 Lafayette St. Armory Vans, Rebeat, The Square, Cafe A, Lexington Crew, Belmont Crew, Banshee, Exile, BLIZZARD 13, Beech St, Beacon St, Noah ' s Ark, The Paradise, The Channel, Walnut St., The Malone Clubhouse, The Pit, Elsie ' s, The River, Lake George, Joe ' s. Whole Lotto Love to Nici from Ches — Luv 8c Thanx to All My Family Friends And To DR. PEPPER, LED-ZEP, PLAYERS, BLACK LABEL AND ELFQUEST Becky Owens Chipper 187 Overlook Rd. Thanx 4 all the good times MO luv ya Rascals Homeroom 205 Thanxs guys the Impala Cruisin Brighams Edison AHS FHBO Strawberry stuff Buds 65 mustang Grill Rudy Turkeyhill SC DM MR DL KG KH BHC Bowling As row YGRoaches Thanx ME Bishop Maineny 4x4 Good Times w Bemie Jeff JF WM VT MD SM SP EH FP CL CD GL Bert Lubaoski PJ ' s Lil Smoke ' em up mornings Sunday nights Purple Rain Love Bemie 11 12 84 Thanx Mom and Ed 4 everything Luv Ya Helen Pacheco Mark Panaggio 48 Dina Paras Theresita M. Parayno Benjamin Parrillo Ben 87 Brantwood Rd. I ' M ALRIGH I ' M ALcRIGHT THE Pole THE DITCH THE VINEYARD GIRLS WERE IMPORTANT L-WORD P-WORD ONIONS THAT SIT AT THE TABLE S ' WHAT SHE SAID WINDSOR YAHI SPORTS BAR RABBIT DELTA F ' N HERBS ' N HIGH PERFORM- lANCE SPORTS CAR THERES SMTHG GO ' N ON WE DONT KNOW ABOUT RICH IMIKE CHRIS KURT TIME RACHEL GOOD FRIENDS ' N MUSIC JULIA MOMMY -UTVRE THE GADUATE I LOVE YOU DAD Michael Patterson Nun 66 Kenington Pk, THANKS MOM AND DAD. HI DAVE. WILL I SURVIVE SURVIVAL? POD LIVES ERIC, BARBARA, SHERI, JESS, BEV WHAT HAPPENED TO SEANNEI? ME + MICHELLE OCT ”85 " You and I, We had it all. Yet we go on pretending " Montreal ' 86 Hi Robin! Ottawa ' 87 RM1833, I ' ll throw you out the window, -LYING COOKIES, MNHA! Bub LIVES! Good News South Pacific Carouel West Side Story Dina Paras 28 Thorndike St. Are we moving? Lock your doors, no, itkabfm. Go back Concerts summer of ' 85. Is that a guy or a girl? 10-5 Don ' t smile. Crue 8-10-87. Whose wa-wa? Reverse! 16W WANNA gumboil? Where are we? Look Tess, Thanx for everyth- ing Mum and Dad Theresita M. Parayno Messy Tessy 108A Fremont St. Thanks to my Pops Gram also yo my love LEON I did it! Love to my MOM 8r DAD. God Bless you All! Hi Ma Dog, let ' s PARTY! MR MRS Trotts, Town line Golf. Quiet Sliva. Good times with Tee Red. Tessa-n-Leon Always and For- ever! I hope everyone finds happiness in the path to the future. Good luck to the Class of 88! I ' m FREE, Byee Bro Joe! do good ok! Benjamin Parrillo Michael Patterson Laurie Pawl David Pedrini ilichael Perozek 219 Crosby Street M ALRIGHT, IM ALL RIGHT! BENNY, THRO ALL THE SAND — WE HAD TO DO IT HOUGH; PAUL OR BUST; WHAT A DORK MV NAUSET — OH IM SO HUNGRY lETS, RING AROUND WILL LIVE, THE POWER OF JETS TOUGH? GIVE ME lOHNNY — AND I DIED, AND THE WORLD BLEW UP! THANK YOU ' S; AHS, ST. E. ' S " RICH, KEESH, ZIT — JETS, BENNY, TIM; MOM AND DAD, BARB, BUNYE, DAVE LOVE YA! ■j :harlie Pesiridis Chuck 25 Wildwood Ave, jp and the MetPo l Chase Rt. 2 J. V. Soph. Basketball 1 AVI ATION ATC airport jjn at 3 a.m, L.I.A. CP DP Mulary RO ST Hot Rocks 64-71 Michael Perozek Charlie Pesiridis Laurie Pawl Lap 1 7 Grove St. Place I will always remember the Partys and the Proms and the Semi and My Friends K.R. C.R, M.M, C.R H.R N.D, K.O, S.L, CARRIE Remember the Lunches I will remember the trip to Fla. with Kerri Carolyn and Michelle. My Friends will remember me by How Friendsly English what a zoo. I remember The Sports g ames. I will remember gym with Mr. B The Class of " 88 " rules. Aerosmith 1 ARRIE LOVES TOMMY David Redrini 6 Granton Rark It seen Great Joe Dak Pat Roc Val Jon Dog Jak Jef Bri Jim Greg Roch Hoop Gapt JV Quigs Baseball JV h- VM Mr Tandub Magnolia Park Nautilus us Naturals Canobie U rocked good Devoraux Beach NO ROCKS Ahpee Ham- pton Jaks squirt guns Starlite theatre Pat walks with Oak No more movies LT, LAKERS MAGIC) Dairy Twist rolls Coast as habits lONT KNOW RICK and ROB Thanx Mom and Dad I Love You 49 James Pigott Stephen Pitcher Jason Player 8 Addison Street Thanks to Mom 8 . Dad for making me possible; Finn, my second mom; Barry — horror video. Gremlins, Cape Cod; Check those bods out — Ben, Maida, Audry; Mark Sr Den — 48 hr DD, golf; Freeland — girl scouts; Ducky Doug — mailbox, snarf. Rock Rule; Eric Fin ' s room Rob — are you skipping? Jean — yes?, nothing, little hienies tape, Bel Canto. Mok. Cheap Trick. Let the good times roll — The Cars Francesco Politano 59 Winter St. APIS GOODBYE FOREVER. Four years GONE By waiting For TFIE DAY I Grad- uate. SiCCOREMbERTBWILL Always BE THERE FOR US. THE NIGHT NEVER ENDS t TILL you WANT IT TO. 10-10-87. BuDAS ON A TRIP FOR LIFE. Racing THE IMPA Leaving It in THE dust. GSOAPE 87 PO 3 TIMES ON WAY UP. SiD REMberr EDQUARTER. I HAVE HAD My Share of Good TIMES AND BAD TiMES IN AHS BUT ' YOU HAVE TO RAMble on. THANKS FOR EVERTHING MOM and DAD Carrie Peterson Kerry Piandes James Pigott Pigs 15 Windermere Pk. Pigs, Track GBL CHAMPS Menots, The BUDDA, AHS Field, ANDY, SCAN, Mike, BROWNIE, GOODY, CALVIN, Jim, Frank, Bulksta, Suds, Omega, Kristin 2 87 CANADA, Hampton Beach " 86 " , Long Distance team Cross Country GBL Champs, Feburary Vacation " 85 " Hikupacace, Themoo, Shoop " 84 " 85 " CCD Thanks For everything MOM and DAD Stephen Pitcher Pitch 59 Beverly Rd. THAT IS IT! Schralp Arlington Center, Jam at Natick. Haro and DYNO rule. Freestyle pals JM CO CL GG DS and PT. Best friends MATT and DEAN. Get Rad and Freestyle forever. Never forgef 9-26-87. Love YU MOM and DAD. Live to Freestyle and Live to ride!!!!! BY . . . Carrie Peterson Petes 52 Trowbridge St. Always Remember AHS. KC, LP, TJ, DM, SM, DM, MM,. Thanks MOM and DAD. KC Remember Lynn woods. Laurie remember prom " 87 " . LP Remember My LiFe stories in Homeroom. MM Remember First Period Class. Laurie always remember the school lunch, also remember u know who. Thanks to Ellie Freeman and Mr. Collomb. BOB, BK, HP. everyone keep in touch especially you Laurie. KR, OR. great pictures James Harris. Remember AHS 4eva. Goodbye . . . Kerry Piandes 39 Winter Street CM LT SP XB DF MM JG JF CM RD MD FG GS GILES MENOTS ROX = NICKS AHS MENOTRAIDS BOSCOM BBASNES pENBASB VHMMBOOTED SUMMER OF 86 NUBBISCOT SKING AHS HOCKEY WITH NUBBI 86 Sr 87 5 — 4 MEDDFA LEO ' BULWINKLE ANGUYS WIGGA CHILLY WILLY ME NA GA ST BL TP SY OH OB APY ROPEMAN DWAYNE Jason Player Francesco Politano Karin Powell KP 97 Newport St. BF: RS, KT, LD, KR, ect VSOC23 — CPT4 JV Soc Party TRACK 234 — GBL 86 AD — ARAT! that ' s Bad Where ' s The Rabbit AHS — STANDS -t- Field Jr Sr Semis - 1 - Proms PAPA He ' d Use You WESTWOOD Lisa B-Day: Whadda mean someone stole it? Liquid at KTs DoubledD ' s McD ' s Oh That? NO! Ski Trip Quebec — JOESPHINES HEs FAST My Friend — MUSTANG Sat Nights at RS ' s 9 in a car CHELSEA ME NH W KR I Love Ya MOM DAD — KRMJ Bonnie J. Powers 4 Cabot Rd. BEST OF FRIENDS; BT OK MD SM CM NR MS KO Weekends at AHS YES ski Trips CANADA " 87 " Joesphines Wingerrsheik Memories W the GANG Quiet Socai- ables at Cree ' s MM ML GL PM CB FG the BEST GUS Good nite Meighboors Keys — Buey the WORST Apr Vaca — Joanne TO AOENBCM. HKIimo Hampton — LP its Crooked Check EASY PEACE deew Farm Semi -(- Prom FRED Gym- nastics H3 Track — TM KM OK Thanks i luv U MOM DAD -t- CHRIS! 50 Karin Powell Bonnie J. Powers Shawn Prendergast Sylvia Puttick Kerri Rafferty Raff 151 Pheasant Ave. Summer of 87 Junior and Senior Prom, TJ 2 14 87, LIMO, R Beach WHB, Florida 4 88. MPS; fvl. Fisher and M. Powers Thanks! Jen, CR JS FIP DC RP MM LP MC JW. BF,CROct31,CWC W CR AND JW. Deb remember Mr, S — look at those colors! FIP Stop laughing. Sorry u missed the semi CR. Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You Kimberly Reid Kim 69 Flighland Ave. C-C V234 In + outdoor Track V1234! No Life! Stu-Cou BofL Diego, Co, Mon + Mike, Fun XS KP ME Excuse m ' mamame? INC! SNIBIT NFI. Skiing YES Canada. Bad K, M, JT bound. Lost, us? No! " jk " " I ' m SORRY " You ' ve got a friend! PB 5 24 85 BOFTs Semi + Proms PAAKAAK Kel " project " K-1d2 SR, NR, KB Many smiles w KP, RS, KT, BB, LDect + KM, SS, KS, Paul Thanks, Love you all Mom Dad, Di, Judy James Rubbio ' David Roche Carolyn Roper Ropes 141 Newport Street The Summer of " 86 " . WHB TCWC With EM KR SR MR RP AM SR ET. I ' ll Always remember the good times that I had with EM. " The Summer of 87 with the guys from Holliston. " " Tell me it isn ' t so Kath! " " Wow " " Oh my god! " Always re- member The room number 28 with M G P and J. The senior prom 86 1 Love you Ed Marsh. BF KR. SR GJ PM JS RM SR WN LS SW Never forget the hw. Thanks Mom 8 . Dad. [Natalie Rudd 31 Temple St. Best of Friends MS GM SM KO BP Bl CK Mary ' s GTW Dara Luv U Alysfore Thanx 4 memories AHS FIELD THE BOYS? THE DEAD BT 4th87 OM SUMSOCS Locks Semis Proms CalOools SS Gonzie Handstands! KOMSGenos House OK yeah bye bye! Quebec 85 Easy! KO House KB FF The Box Mac Stevie Nicks SK SM BP MS BT Stratton 87 Ten o ' clock Fools! Good Times with the Girls Luv U Mom Dad jOhibl Thanks Stephanie! Shawn Prendergast " Penna " 12 Cleveland Street KN MM DF CM JG GS CM KP PG SJ FF GMD Menots to AHS. July 4th Cape Cod. Kongo Mangas Camping, Summer ' s Hampton Beach. Roxbury = Nicks. Cabaret. Boathouse, PACKIES. Fr. Yr. Gile ' s Runs. Brownie ' s Bender. J.V, Party. Jr. Yr. 4th Term Snubs. N.H. Packy Runs. J.V. Hockey. Football. Late-Night Satur- day Nights. Tufts. Harvard. Zone. Sessions in NTV to Zone. OUTCASTS. 10-17-87 KenaralLY SE PE WP Thanx Mom, Ma, Bill Love Ya. Sylvia Puttick Sib 97 Westminster Ave. Its almost over thank god. Nick, B-Friend. Hastings Steel Hill, the wabbit, coffee sounds good. Lucky dog, are we having fun yet?, sheepers. Marc, dizzy blonde, your still In my wedding, troublemaker! Peter, Feb. 14, no more rummy or poker, Jm happy you changed, wu ya. BrI, will, meet you at the rink ne 4 time its rains, MH — CO, TP — Strippin Thanks Ma, Dad, Chris James Robbio Nibs 4 Bradley Rd. Varsity Soccer 86, 87. Double Sessions Ponders. How does it Feel Mister! The bus rides with DC, DG, JG, BB, TD, GF. Freshman year math 8c MScM ' s. Van Halen, The Who, Whitesnake. Nights In the Aspen! Give me a ride? Get Psy- ched, Go Crazy! I ' m out of here! College Bound! The Best Is yet to cornel! Thanx For everything Mom 8c Dad. You to Jill I Luv Ya David Roche The Natural 44 Churchill Ave. CP, JJ, DP, FA, PW, JV, JV, JF, PO, GT, BC, MP, JV, JJ = The Revemd, JY = Rocco, PO = Oak, MP = Franky = The Dog. DP — I hate L.A, OP — $1o MM makes it. PV — what don ' t you know. Republicans Rule. JA — are the best drivers the fastest drivers? I was only going 36. DP — we had a great time but we didn ' t see any Lakers. JJ — I nver liked U2 Kerri Rafferty Kimberly Reid Carlyn Roper Natalie Rudd 51 Monica Salipante 20 Twin Circle Drive BF NR SM KO BT CK CM BP MARY ' S AHS FIELD THE BOYS? SS GONZIES 4 YRS CHEERING CAPT V SOFTBALL HANDSTANDS NRKOGENOS QUEBEO 85-86 EASY KO HOUSE OAL COOL CM SU MS OC SEMIS PROMS THE DEAD STEVIE U2 SEGAR IDOL FLEETWOOD SURVIVAL 85-88 ONLY FEM SURVIVOR HYAH HAM- PTON LP WINGARSHEEK SK CROOKED CHEOK APRIL VACA OK YEAH BYE BYE HK LIMO GO AB THANX NJT. THANX MOM DAD, T. A I LOVE YA U 2 SHAMUS Kate Sanger San 20 Everett St. HELLO AS, CH, TO, JA, GS, KM, SS, RJ, BC, WOOB, JB, JG, MH, MBT, LZ, MB MK, FA, ZO, SR, KC, AM — BUM IS GOOD BLOBS BOY = YUMM — GUS? DAN — IS — GOOD DO — A — JIG THINGY PRETTY — ALERT PIGKLE = THINK — GEEKI SHOOT — THE — ANDREW McCARTHEY THE BEAT! BIMBOS BEASTIES = MCA! ALUITIOUS BURGER — QUEEN HFASMOOSHQUAMS LIHLE HALOON THE SPECIALS LA = LOSER ALERT BUNNY BOYS SMAOATTAOK. SKA! SOHNEIDS MUM, DAD; DUNCAN — LOVE — YOU — MADLY; KATE Michele Ryan 33 Dickscn Ave. SC, MD, BO, KG, RF, DM, DL, DH, FD, NE — Revere-87 — SCOOP Next vaca- ticn Sumnner cf 85 These Were The Best Days cf my LIFE! WHAT? WAS HE OUTE!? I ' M IN CONTROL! Steph wanna skip and gc ever ykw ' s Heuse? Kim Hew abcut Lunch in SCITUATE? MO, It ' s party TIME! Ruth Let ' s try Headstands? It might werk! Never target c585! We Finally made it! Thanx Mem and Dad, I Luv ya! James Sakcrafes Sak 60 Oxferd St, Jim Sak Gccdbye A.H.S. " Greek pewer " . playing heap [hcckshct) Gcya Basketball Gcing tc Gape far Summer " Hideaway Village " Playing Vclley- ball cn the Beach. Windsurfing. Snew Skiing. Being a Beach Bumb far the summer. Werking at Hcicvak and Ccughlin. " Skate man " . Driving my mean machine 1976 Gutlass Supreme. Michele Ryan James Sakorafos Monica Salipante Kate Sanger Nelly Santana Steve Saulnier Dawn Schaejbe Shybe, Spike 39 Sunnyside Ave. Evie I Leve Ya! The Breakfast Club EK, ML, MP, LC, LL, LS FRIENDS 4-EVA Nights At Narcissus TOGA! I want A YUGO! MARBLE CAKES POC At CWT The Chichen! SKEEVES! QUICK FOLLOW THAT CAR! IS HE CUTE? GO GET HIS NUMBER! WHAT WAS ON THE BANDANNA? TRIPA SKEETA SPIKE NEW YEARS 87 T-PARTY " The SECRET " RED IROC — Ha! Thanks Mem Dad and Bubcia. Theresa Shaw Terry 10 Park St, FINALLY MADE IT! N.A.F.T. AGAIN ED! GRISSING W RS AS NS OS JS DJ DB. BEST OF TIMES W LL JO TT KM DD AC JD AK LV MN MB JS NH. STEVIE RAY VAUGHN 86 W RS. THE FIRM HS. OUTWARD BOUND W S.T.E.P. OH LAURA I FIGURED IT OUT! " LARD " JO -r TT WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT W O YOU LEN THANKS! I LOVE YOU RANDY! LOTS OF LOVE AND THANKS MOM AND DAD! Nelly Santana 299 Park Ave. BEST OF TIMES — BOSTON ZONE NEW YORK DR MARYLAND HERSHY PARK RON ' S H. PARTY — KK, CM, LF, MP, JK, Ml, RN . . . ART CLASS " OH NO! " CASS, DEN, " SPANISH " DONT EVER FORGET IT. IRISHLSH (KK) — FROSH JV SOCCER SOF — JUN -r SEN V GREAT YEARS — JUNIOR SEMI OK J. PROM BETTER SO LONG AHS THANKS MS. K 4 EVERYTHING GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 88 THANKS MOM -t- POP LOVE U Steve Saulnier 108 College Ave. WELL I MUST SAY ITS BEEN REAL HOW ABOUT A HAMPTON RUN HOOK CHIGGA WITH A FRUIT CUP WOULD YA CHICKENS 60 CLOCK KE VS A CHICKEN HAWK AND HES LOOKING FOR CHICKENS AND HERES A KISS FOR YOU YA LITTLE VIXEN KILL THE GUY WHO TOOK DOWN MY LICENSE PLATE SMOKE A LITTLE POPURREIE KILL THE DUDE IN THE CELL BLOCK 3 CHUCK LEAVE THE WALL ALONE HOWS YOUR HAND GIVE ME SOME SKULL LIFES BEEN GOOD TO ME SO FAR THANX M -t- D LATER SS — 88 Dawn Schaejbe Theresa Shaw 52 Jennifer Sheehan Rhonda Siggens Cheryl Silva 73 Fountain Road Hola Conrad (Jen — BFF) ! Ferg — FBR. FriN + s. BB games BGJSC Europe 86 gb MEN! mb. Gad Zooks! Jen — 109 — SUPESTORE _ PJ — 10 pts. SPED — MAJORETTES — parties STRIPES the sax im SCARED! EN — LOVELY! SK — OOW — CO — MaDDOGgrrr, SEM! + PROMS — BK — 10. Nil!! No Tengo Dude! 85! GREEN GUM! INTENSE! NiPs x oosh — dead. CLASSiO! AMY — C ' S — GB — siy — Hand — F! — 87. JL — LR — ADATWCruies. Jelio + WCream! GE DH PO LD EF JS AR AH CM JL DB THANKS PAPPY MOM Chris + Mike I LOVE YA! Theresa Silver 271 Florence I address this to all whom I ' ve known and loved; To these friends, dear and true; I say a hearty thank-you; you ' ve filled my life wifh laughter; and joy I ' ll carry with me hereafter; be sure to keep in touch; for I love you all very much; but one last question; for Freeland, my friend sinoe we were ity-bity freshmen; what color is smurf blue? Jennifer Sheehan Jen 73 Arlmont St. Ola OonradFF Classic STEVE 9387 " JOMO " INTENSE SEMI -r PROM McMajor- ettes H50 Sleepovas Stripes Foodmaster SSPJ Maine Florida Amy (SIS) Were Moving The Boys RUNIKerri Cape " SBOX Push Jump In Mall CS KR PM CR JH Chill MPS Mrs F We Made It ZD AT WC 1435 Im scared GOOD LUOK — AM KK OL MO HO WA DS! DeadNIPLibra Joma IS MAROON thanx 4EVERYTHING MOM DAD KEV BRI MAM 2 I COULDNT HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT U! I LOVE YAS! Rhonda Siggens Red 45 Hemlock St. BF: KP KT LD BB ETO. VSOC2? VTRACK GBL 86 BA 1 VS BG BL 87 THANX MRD -r Bill NY SPRGFLD CAMP — BUDMAN 1 O-HITS! BB + W. Luv Ya SEAN Double D ' s He ' d use you! Where ' s the rabbit? My rat! AD, That ' s Bad. He ' s fast. That, no Liquid at KT ' s. WSTWD! Boston w KAM. LD ' stolen? Sleddog! Dietary- pigs, dmpd, bag, R + C, Bud, BM,s BONE! My house. sPARKW SS. PAPA! MiSS YA DX -h MX YOUR A MESS! Luv Ya Ma, Dad, BRR Cheryl Silva Theresa Silver Elizabeth Smith 6 Kilsythe Road To AHS luv it and leave it quick here kitty kitty Ek DS the good and bad times hi EP D4BN EK want some no-doz me I ' s getten 11 RL EK U2 Pistichionut naroisses ms teddy bear bum cementhead 11 rl ms donalds house butch the babe KK Im always right aruuu ahhhh 11 1 cant stop laughen MS I miss you Dad thanks Mom Randy and Doug Lynda Smith Pin 71 Egerton Road Love you Tony! Bob 3 8 85 — 4 13 86 PVN SPY POND TALKS MEDI MART — , HYSTERICAL STOP 8c SHOP MUNOHIES — SMART GIRLS DON ' T LOOK BAOK — ■ JF JEROME ST — DUKIE DOODLES 8c BRUOE FIELDS ONR — JL LB — REMEMBER ’ WANDA 8c RANDY ON THEE AVE — TL B.O.H. — LD THANKS MARMADUKE BZ I SRUESRAN 8c BUMAIMES, H. — YOU ' RE THE BEST! fr. p — I ' LL NEVER FORGET : YOU! k41c 4EVA I Christina Skambas Christine Smalanz Christina Skambas Chris 151 Charlton Street PAHI, NIKKI, EDA, YOU GUY ' S ARE THE BEST FRIENDS ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE OS, PK, PS, PK, DRAG RACING ON MASS AVE ORUISEN FRIDAY NIGHTS PAHI GET STEVE OUT OF MY TRUNK SUMMER OF LOVE ON LY IN MY DREAMS, AK! GOYA — MISS YOU GUYS EDA GOOD LUCK WICHRIST THANKS MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU Ohristine Smalanz Chrissy 73 Newland Road George C. (5-5-87) I Love You " Wishing on a star? " B F SO BEST OF TIMES W SO, DH, TM, DM, AF, HH, OT, Canada 85-87 We don ' t live in bam were going for a walk hotdog — Cape 86 Calif. Prom semi finges bparty at DH don ' t be shy spy island skip — no GC move over cant sleep stain get off " rock the night — something in my eye " bye AHS luv you Cheryl Paula Mom and Dad Elizabeth Smith Lynda Smith 53 Evandro Soldatelli Maryann Soter Sharon Spadaro Spud 297 Summer Street Best times w CS MM SC GM PC DW DW DB KW VBLL EH 7 9 87 a-Days w GM Hi — Eric Luca the wave Sybil 291 Nyeve w LL Melinda space-capsule BW SC JD parties OAOA Achew Kazy swindling duo goal B4 Grad: GGJ Rubbles Chap 17 — Big H Rd. Blox — Kelly ' s the day after John Cougar the latest babe who cares tape baby buds good luck, sis I love you Mom and Dad see ya AHS George Stamides AT LAST 881 MR BOB ' S CLASS FINN ' S KIWI SOUTH PACIFIC. MP, AH, PV, EC, BB, SC, DC, REVENGE OF THE PURPLE YING-YANG THE BLUES BROTHERS SHH! BE VEWY QUIET I ' M HUNTING WAB-BITS JAKE SKEEVE AAHZ WHITEFANG, FA TP MR TM MJ EQ EW ART CLUB MURAL HARVARD SQUARE COFFE -h COCO EEK SIDNEY -h DIANE TA-DAI SKETCH JENADDAMS FILENES. AVEROF, ODIE IGUANA. LOVE YOU ALL SPIES! Evandro Soldatelli Luigi, Weege 38 Mystic Lake Drive Prom time — how many? easy Magnum! When are you getting a car? DEN- NISPORT — MOPEDS — GOD DAM BRIDGE — PERMENANT SMILE — BED HEAD — SPEAKER FIGHT! WHY ARE YOUR EYES SO RED? AH I DON7 KNOW — WIND? WATER GLASS! THE GROUP — EM — EC — CP — LD — NIG — THANX! BB SM — JP! To other buds thanx! To Mom Dad Evie — I love you! — Sharon Spadaro George Stamides Maria Stratakis 13 Daniels Street Best of times, worst of times! Too bad DT, PH and GP! Pretty cool AT. EC — you were the best!! Too bad you had to change Z ' s. times passes, only memories remain. Thanks to my buddies — FBJY. Tha ' hks Mom Dad and Stella love ya all 88! Goodbye AHS! GOOD LUCK ALL!!!:) Greg Strefton Stretts 65 Kensington Park The square soccer, AHR, disco, golden boy, idle, the channel, the Paradise, Elsie ' s, Hey leather!, brawny, winner! the malone clubhouse, spies, AHOP, Finn ' s room. Solitude-bass, kramer, guitar, raven T S.. Why so tense, guy? Mesquite championship Rodeo, stn, hummus, just keeps getting better, time stand still. Thanks Mom, Dad, and everyone else, I want a radical hair cut! Maria Stratakis Greg Stretton George Sutcliffe Suds 10 Edith SP JM DF JV BC KB CM, MM JF MD JG FR Sophat thomdike early at menots Jr. end bar with f tsp cape on 4 tidewater hall thanks roxbury for ca-brew with suzy, nicks boathouse — Harvard Tufts — fire extin tsips crash JR trouble frfball — 2-4JV9-02 pt game Jr. 7-2 sr suds for president parties atsp df kb crazy holy cross f-ball camp 87 Seanne Sullivan Grape Nuts 89 Mt. Vernon St. THERE ARE PLACES I REMEMBER ALL MY LIFE THOUGH SOME HAVE CHANGED SOME FOREVER NOT FOR BETTER SOME HAVE GONE AND SOME REMAIN ALL THEESE PLACES HAVE THEIR MOMENTS WITH LOVERS AND FRIENDS I STILL CAN RECALL SOME ARE DEAD AND SOME ARE LIVING IN MY LIFE I LOVE THEM ALL THANK YOU FRIENDS TEACHERS ESPECIALLY KRISTIN AND BRIAN I LOVE YOU SLUGGER 4-EVA! George Sutcliffe Seanne Sullivan 54 Jerry Tabler Adam Taffel Kimberly Taylor 30 Trowbridge St. BEST: Fitz MES TREM MR CODY MAC MS Hogan TREV MED HIST HIST of ENG — what Luck C C — TAMI — Chuck Brown — HOMO — X — Peewee — Wide? TYE (remember Stench?) JM CAL HA! Where? Ya! CA HI AG RO LC EL SR Ml TV UE PR MORRISSEY — How soon is Now? CBSummers Definitely Next year You broke my SMITHS tape! " Small minds for small people " Finally OUT! THANKS MOM — I LOVE YOU! Gregory Temmallo 89 Melrose St. GOODBYE SCHOOL POD PP VJVs BO FP JF JJ JF RY Cuke Always White Rolls Hampton 87 — Tara + Ann Salisbury Hoop Dairy Twist Down By the River To Many Movies Ihop Breakfast The Dog Hows your Rug 62 Timess Whos the Class of 88 JV — Hows your Arm Your rocked it good you mess FLUF Beth + Friends — Good Luck + leave Harvard Skoal WIntergreen Rugbums Roccos Goof THANX MOM + Nana for everything Jerry Tabler Marty 24 Thorndike St. The End. Baseball + Football 9-1 Marty. The Jester, Xerox. A Night at the beach. Shooting out Xmas lights. Torture Basketball. Halloween! Once A Week. Hey leave my calhouns alone! K.O. ' s by the chairlift. I cant stand Pepsi in a can! Sooop Duke. Cooking is still the best Jeckyll -i- Hyde. You Apple- head East End Boys, C.P., J.D., J.A. Adam Taffel 200 Broadway I need a permanent vacation. It ' s nobody ' s fault but mine. 3 11 86 Aerosmith. Summer Of 86 in Chicago — Thanx Donna for an unforgettably marvelous night, SMIRK. 8 13 87 Martha ' s Vineyard — Dad — rock-n-roll M16, 12g. 12 9 86 Sorry About The Car Mom. Thanx Hal, Nana, Jeff. I Love you Mom, Lisa, Dad. " WHATEVER " ' BYE! Cheryl Theriault 72 Webster St. Good Times: LG, LD, BH, KO, CH, RV, JD and don ' t forget DP and the handyman. How about KA, JSG, and AC? Another ice cream Gaff! Want to bowl? HINDA! Varsity: Field Hockey — captain. Basketball — the bench. Softball — GBL Champs in " 87 " . . . hopefully again in " 88 " . Time to move on to the college life! Thanks for everything Mom and Dad, Bye Leo Theriault 72 Webster St. Good times down the High School. Flynnie, Psycho, McCons, Zeus, CM get angry! Bulk ster Laura: Great Times Motley Crue " 87 Whitesnake Over the Fences Billy Idol MM! Hockey: Nubby! Boston Garden " 86. " " 87 " Arlington: 5 Medford : 4! hard worker candy. Nubby ' s cottage! Football; JV ' s undefeated ! Win. $87.21 Run! Run! Run! 3line tip! Kimberly Taylor Gregory Temmallo Marybeth Temmallo Beth 76 Chandler Street Maida, Laura, Chris, Rach, Jen, Cass, Kate — My love Melanie — us forever JM = Coco -I- Gus U2 8r Bl Square Bound the Pain, CafeA AHOP Who ' s hat Pickle Aziz 8c Sabo Ky , Paul , Billy 8c Greggy — All my love Greg ' s friends — stay Sweet Richard — Your ' e Crazy girl Dan? Bocchi Ball Dip 8c Rip Nying snaus- ages CH ' s Pool Waby VinnyB semi 88 chah Bye — MM Never as good as the first time Love you Mom Brad Tenney Ace 163 Wright St. AHS V-HOCKEY 20-0? CPT. MM MD MS DUNN, KO, BK, JN, JOE GLUM NICK LT CM SHILLA AHS FIELD; GARDEN 85-86; AC DC WAA ILD BILL THE BOYS 10 MIN. TO CENTRUM; BINDA ' S MANSION; HAMPTON BEACH W SLAPPA AND NELLY! KATIE 10 17 87 THANKS NANCY; SPECIAL THANKS TO MOM BIG BRAD CHRISTINE 8c KATIE. OH YEAH AND SPECIAL THANKS TO MONICA AND BONNIE FOR TYPING THIS FOR ME! Marybeth Temmallo Brad Tenney Cheryl Theriault Leo Theriault 55 Kelli Thompson Michelle Traboulsy Brenda Tracy 23 Lakehill Ave. BEST FRIENDS! BP MD CK SM CM NR KO MS Jim 7-12 Vineyard 87 CM KM MD — FLA 87 Wing 85 BP MD YE SS Kl TRIPS CANADA Josephines Quiet sociabis CMS w the gang MLL MM PM GL CB FG MC GUS! HK Limo 87 ASHBY BL " RUG " gym? sball deew! peace — basstid 4th of July 87 wkends at AHS " THE DEAD " BUI " WORST! HUNDIES U2 and CONCERTS GREAT MEMORIES W girls! D ' angies semi prom ILYJ Manor bootsi than x family — love you! mom dad cel pat Constance Tsakirgis Connie 388 Appleton Street OLD GANG, DH, CS, SO. AF, HH! Rainbow, thanx! YOUVE taught me alot! WORTHY ADVISOR f grand mouth! Jos, sign language, SUNSET, NB, T? Kate, I made it! WHEN ONE DREAM BECOMES REAL ONE THOUSAND BECOME POS- SIBLE. WKND, MALS! BARNSTABLE COUNTY FAIR! IT ' S NATURAL! Where ' s Pete? I LUV U ALL, John -i- Julie, Sandy -i- Artie, Andrew -i- James, Pam, Steph + Cliff, AND Yia-ya too! THANX ma -i- dad YOU ' RE the BEST! Kelli Ann Thompson Willi 130 Overlook Rd. BF, LD, KP, RS, V. Soo AD — That ' s bad. Bubs b-day — Cadwicks, I Can ' t beleive someone stole it AD B-day, Hampton Beach, softball oamp — Bubs — Betty never 4-get mousse fight, green maohine, papa. Field Faoes JM AD ' s rot KP never forget mustang, LD — sean ' s house — long walk. Sat at RS ' s, Nel let me out, to my benchies, Westwood, MOM your so special GOOD LUCK M 81 .D Love ya Dad. Michele Traboulsy Miche 40 Johnson Rd. Nicole, Al, Sus, SB, KN, SK, MW,. Friends. Bumpkin NH — Lamar RAIN?? Huh? 5 87 The LOFT — BRATT Summr 87 Habt ' t pass it this way! osos — TRACE!! — Bussoweeze right ou left?? Faking chemtin FOIL our SWING the Field. Grass sun too mehlloww. Thas nohow ya doit! I DUNNO — woulds? Wuswaison? HELP! MOM, Dad, R C Love you! Thanks Guys For being there BF ' s ALWAYS!! Brenda Tracy I Constance Tsakirgis Nick Tzavas Nikki Tzevelecakis Robert Undenwood Foz 541 Summer St. OK ITALY 87 — Trem. Ciao! 10-87 Throwing Muses (how do they kill ohildren?) Eraserhead — Never Mind Phil ICAR DISCO — A10. " Who slashed the oil in the hall? " " Someone from public health. " Rocky Horror. Aud, Jean. JOY DISIVION. NYC 8 c the cab MONITOR Finn. Carl, CA, Rog, cec, HR, ms. T, zeb, mar; I can drive! but is it art? Don ' t Walk Away In Silenoe. thanx Mom 8 c Dad Paul Vallis Val 45 Milton St. Fato Oke JV ' s ST Suds! DP PB JJ Frankie (Semper Fi) BC Rocco DR JF JA — best of friends — ‘Later AHS East End Boys We Made It! Boston Who Hit Who? How ' s Your Rug??? ‘Magnolia On the rag! And Yet It Happened! The Last Blast!!! You Rocked It Good! Celtics 1 " Cape 87 " Meet You At The Top!!! Thanks Mom and Dad! Nick Tzavas Tjavalick 111 Westmoreland Avenue Good Friends: JF, JH, MM, JN, RD, Binda, Budman, Slappa, MG, RB, Paulie, Ace. 87 Whitesnake; MD, LT, SC, Alice Cooper; Nelly; Best Friend; ' 77 OLD Cutlass Supreme, 350 Rocket, 350 Hp, (Nelly). Good times with Nelly and CJ. New years, Nelly ' s ' 88 Whitesnake, LT, SC, KP, Sidewalk Bk ' s, Red Budman, So special, Nelly was the best R.I.P. Nikki Tzevelecakis Nikker 31 Pondview Rd. buddies — EEEddd — Kathy — Chris — Pat. G - 1 - B — Boys — Drive me crazy — Puddle Jumping — Its the Greek in me. OPA — Paralia — Borderline — J — Eda, someone owes me a dinner. Yomanyo — Maria — best — GT — ok too. Nikatized — diet coke — commotion — only in my dreams. Funky — Hey you don ' t make fun of me. I don ' t talk funny. Football. It ' s the little things. XZAN ADU — Roberta — balloons (red) Thanks Ma - 1 - Ba Luv ya Robert Underwood Paul Vallis 56 Andrew VanVugt Andy Rumors of the HPD and JG. THE H.S. TGFF Ml, GOIN ' FISHIN 4 16 86 — ? great fight thanx ma, dad, and sis. Up For The WKED. college? Bashes at Geog ' s and Penders Wanna step outsidel ha ha Bullwinkle Louis! — gym class, yeahl The nerd mobile. Brownie ' s Bash! Mitch the Mass Ave Merauder. Jacob Vartabedian Smelldog 10 Magnolia St. The GANG — Jeff, Brian Costa (Meatball), JF, PO, PV, GT, MP. JY. (Rocco) DP, PB. and me. Thanks GS (Suds) RL, JT, JA, JJ, DR, JF, 21 , BK 22. VARSITY FOOT- BALL, then Arl. O-Malden 18 There goes the season (9-1)7 HOOP and Track. George ' s house — , being couch potatoes. H.O. camp ARL 1 Jett and Bri, you ' re the BEST! WPI? Thanks MOM Jeff Vartabedian Rita Vaudo ■’ Andrew VanVugt Jacob Vartabedian li Jeff Vartabedian 10 Magnolia St. The Gang — Jake, Bri, Val, Oke, Franky — MR GT, Rocco, DR Suds?, DR -i- JJ I = THE BEST 85, BO — 52, Jake — 88, N, Quincy = 34-0, into, 25 — Brockton — 3 OT ' s — Cody, Cape Cod Bay — MVP Watch That Door, 9-29-87 Burt ' 85 Summer of ' 85 — Last Blast at Sud ' s — Alewife, Strange Brew Junior Prom??? Wanna Dance? XLimoX Pemberton — Rico — Sat. Night Grape Fight MEAT- BALL. Thanx Mom I ' l Rita Vaudo Re 24 Wildwood Avenue t HIGHI SL, ND, KO, MO, AH, ZO, AO. JG — ' 68 MUSTANG CONVERIBLE. BON- I JOVI in a LIMO. SUMMER of ' 87 — ND, KO, SL, RV, and Sheraton busboys at I Allston REM OD foreverl SL pictures in the dark ‘CANDY CANE DAY — MO JP r for 3 YEARSI! JR PROM ND, PR, JD, — Best of Times ND COMIC STRIP NOTES to ) Keep 4-eva ‘harvard sq. — it ' s a TRAPI 1ST Time TOGETHER ‘PARTY! WHAT? !i Linda M. Vaughn Charles Vellenga Peter Verrier 30 Richfield Rd. AHS Hockey — Golf, Mr B, " Ponders " . Lumpy, Manson, Beats Meat, Mulves, MO, Magoo; Dunn, Stack, CDawg hve fun nxf yr. Up — down river. KKIAFD. The high school. SAT ' s at Lump ' s. Off to Anchorage Pty. Camp Wt Mts, Swim Hole, The hike. CapeHse. Beat ' s hse — " everyone Knows. " Manson ' s MIdenGme. Dunn ' s bckyrd Thx Mr Collomb, ORTY. Thanks Mom 8c Dad. Chrusoula P. Vrotsos Chris HARVARD SQ Wayne Newton Joan Big Cheese " Fiest " " Towel " Police 84 EL PIN Jaws Alice ' s Restaurant -i- UPSBUTS out windo Countdown Greek Festival Flantspiked teaGreeoe 87 VRESSOULA Elia Please Elspinsthe point BAZ Mon- treal DREW Laughs at all our JOKES ATOMIC BOMBS THORNDIKE FIELD EV DK HJ JM BT MB AS LZ TACAFE U MA " A " " THE TURTLNECK " LOVE YOU MA, DAD, LEN Linda M. Vaughan Lindy-500 24 Everett St. I ' M AS FREE AS A BIRD NOW, AND THIS BIRD YOU CANNOT CHANGE! BEST TIMES W D -r DWJ -r AK GM PC KW KP RC CE SJ OJ WK ES ETS AT THORNDIKE MENOTS JAK ' S HOUSE THE CAPE LAKE WINN CA DITTY DENNY YOU LOOK MARVELOUS SKIPPY CRU AT FRIENDLYS MICK LITE ST SCHNAPPS ANOTHA ONE STEAL GAILS STEVIE NICKS RULES FOR EVER NEVER MISS AHS THANX MRS V THANX MOM PS I LOVE YOU Charles Vellenga Chuckle V 37 Rhinecliff St. Zero-g; We only go for the food; We ' re all friends here; All knowledge is one; Band trips; Incredible shrinking hrm; Vote for me in 2008-V for violence; Ulti- mate V-hook; Delinquents; Italy; football; $5 Is cheaperthan all the aggrava- tion; Italy — phillies; Hey babel; Q; Cheerleaders; Ecc 1;2; It ' s always 2tol; crustulum Peter Verrier Chrusoula P. Vrotsos 57 Kenneth P. Whelan Dawn Witham Christine Withbroe Chris 14 Standish Rd. V-ball: Co-captain, CM, HH, AF, LD, PD; " middle! " " Bus! Jr. Semi — MR Erica — 1 24 87 — what wili we talk about? Prom — Twinkies! Nil we survived Sci- ence! Chem — I don ' t get it! FlUF!? Thanks — Ms. Barry -t- Trev! Foisy — Literary mag. Teen Depression, NFIS. London -i- Paris ' 88? College! I luv you all! Papa — Luv you! Mum, Dad, Nance, Schaz, Love + God Bless! Alexandra Z. Worden Alex 27 Jason St. ‘Fuller ' s Winning Guchsky? Field Flockey Morgie Oboe Eire! Bang! Quynh- burley . . . are they all clueless fools? Favorite ship: USS Paul. Moo4-Flarvard Japan GS, Merv Mrs. P! Old Ladies Liz . Q KT, NG, GC Fleurs No Dinero Oxygene? Pure hideousness l see the light. Muchas gracias a mi familial Kenneth P. Whelan Kenny 142 Gardner St. I Finally Made It With All My Friends PM GF COD SK MC PO AK DB JG CB FP Gail it was real 5-23-86. Jim, Dave, Lannu, Labor Day The projex on the week- ends with Gal. Maggie we finally made it! Being stranded Providence. Thanx BillG. and Mrs. Ortwein for all help. Thanks MADAD Lenny you started me off Thanx MA for puttin ' up with me Dawn Witham Ditty 68 Thorndike St. Partying up John ' s house! Thorndike — Menotomy — Sudbury JO GM LV SS PB MD Denys Doobie STEVIE NICKS RULES! Fleetwood Mac 4 18 85 U2 — N H — CA — ME — the CAPE. I saw my reflection in a hill till the landslide brought it down. SEE YA LATER AHS. Thanks mom -r dad, I LOVE YOU! GOD BLESS! 1 Christine Withbroe Alexandra Z. Worden John Yurewicz Rocco 47 Mott St. Past4 Years Were Great. The Gang: DaveP PatB JeffVJakeV OkesVal BrianC Jonesy Frankie Farto GregT JoeF JohnA Ghico DaveR Marty. Junior Prom? — My Mistake! N.FI. with Dave and Pat. Waterskiing with Chico. Orty in 507A — 4 yrs. M.L. Miss Ma + Pa. Nina, Papa and the rest and Fleather, Erica Mum and Dad — thank you and I love you. Laura Zaganjori 52 Milton St. Mom, Dad, Diana, Nuns 8r Gramps — I love you! Chris, Beth, Mel, Rach, Jenn, San, . Maida — Luv 8c. Thanx. Stretts! gus? Mah. SFINEIDS loosa! Tiki (16B) Pikle is lOthik. Pain CafeA SquareBound, always 10 16 86 — cha! EC I Can Kick! Fli Manda. Whose hat? dip8c.fiest — shot! (What is this] Brownie Cooler? Pretty! Wutsamata? LB NYC in spring. Good humor w Cass . . . and now we ChaCha. John Yurewicz Laura Zaganjori 58 I Ron Campagna Ron 7 Frost Street ' Thanks to Midnight Fantasy and crew for their support and effort, Special ; thanks to Scott, Carl, Mike, Joe, Steve, and Ron Z. Extra special thanks to Ed I and the rest of the Fantasy road crew. Without them Fantasy couldn ' t Rock I i Extra special thanks to all the girls ' support. Ronnie Sean Murphy Murph 39 Exeter Street NA WHAT THE NELLS UP. RHG, WATER GLASS, I DONT KNOW YA PUP. MARCH 3RD, THE GROUP 00 PC NP OH AB GUMBAL ES TB MM TP WHESPS THE WOMEN. HEY LUIGI HOWS DENNIS PORT. SOUNDINGS HOTEL. WORLDS GYM THE COMPETISION FG ES. WHY YOUR EYES SO RED HI SHANON, DAWN MICHELLE Christina Levangie 39 Stone Rd. Summer of 86 7 28 86 Maine w Pam N Shoe, the Roach Motel N My BUDDY WEISER N the CAPTAIN. SPAM, SPAT, SHEEPI — that was a baad joke — Pizza, Laary, LL, ML, EH, SC KB, LC GROOVE STREET — " Schumacher got arrested? " Pam how ' s your leg? Colpitts your grandparents are at the door! Pam lets SKIP 1st 11 5, 11 12 — U2 — 9 22 87 I LOVE YOU SHOE — 1 2 87 Maria Pougaridis Best Times ML EK LL DS LS LC MP CP SP NARSISSES Whana go to a party the chicken ha GREECE Courtu Bust Bums Sot SWEEKing out Behind the HS Harvard nes Flipingivs out parawoya Butdont u Luv in thow Hampton cause 1m SERChing Moow shiws SEGER Chris peno BEERES Quick get dressed to many Ca ES Luv Ya Mom + Dad Chris Rose 3rd Coconut Tree from left What a bunch of worms Thanks to my friends Sr famitly I ' ve made it this far crazy Deodshows.. 1122 Palmer. VV , , . Another Time ' s Forgotten SPACE JJC5FY The wheel is turning Bhits FLY AWAY! See ya Education, huh? Jason Siccone Sicco 6 Wigwam Circle Lots of MEMORIES AHS TOSID REMEMBER The ReD Quarter, The BLUEST ar TO FRANKIE The Fellow GuineaBea Proud One AND ALWAYS Remember THe Thumbon YOUR ONE OF A KIND The other side of ME ALWAYS REMEMBER THE MOPEDS, THE PROJECTS, THE CEMETARY ON CID Bostons High tech Mall wow! Farewell To Damage Inc Es Amma CT + Harry! THANX MA HAVE a nice life George Stathis Buddha 197 Mountain Avenue GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES AHS SEE YOU! ATER GOOD TRIPS ALL NIGHTER WITH EP AN DJ SS ID REMEMBNER BLACK SABBATH BIG STICK sicco remember the day down the graveyard spanky member the cape all you dift bags hamp- ton beach good waves smooth curves flying eye 1 old times goiiTg to mall sin the winter with sid sicco won ' t fonrget oldTimes thanks for good times JS FP SB My best friends THANKS MOM + DAD In Memory of . . . Robert Lavery Teacher and coach are two words often used in the world of schools. For Robert Lavery they were more than just words, they represented a life-time commitment in caring for and teaching the youth of Arlington. A life-long citizen of the town, Bob both received and gave much to Arlington, especially in his heroic efforts to preserve Spy Pond. For over twenty years. Bob taught social studies and coached baseball at his alma mater, Arlington Fligh. Bob ' s classes were noted for his blending of sports with history. In his teaching Bob carried into his classroom the skills of a good coach who knew when to praise, when to chastise, when to use humor, and when to show compassion. In his coaching. Bob carried onto the playing fields the skills of a good teacher who knew how to teach players the skills of the game, and the love of the game. Bob Lavery ' s first concern was always the students. Over the years at Arlington Fligh, Bob helped many students to get into college or obtain a scholarship. In remembering Bob Lavery one thinks of a strong and courageous man who loved teach- ing and coaching at Arlington Ftigh. Maxine Flardy was a splendid woman, of great intellect and big heart. This loved and loving wife and mother was also our friend and colleague through eighteen years of work at the high school. Maxine combined with her charm an unlim- ited energy and the highest integrity. Fler genial personality and the generous instincts of this fine woman will be missed not only by the English department but by the entire high school. Maxine Hardy 76 Stephen DIott Principal Administration Harold Fairbanks Assistant Principal Richard Collomb Ralph Giobbe Richard Hall Richard DeCaprio Business and Office Education Paul Jenney Catherine Butler Donna Kirkland Donald Sandrelli 77 Business and Office Education Eariy Computer Childhood Maria Spanuolo Lorna Venezia Ellie Jackson English Kathleen Doyle Mary Fitzgerald Arthur Foisy Rosemarie Gioiosa Maxine Hardy Priscilla Monahan Dianna Gostanian Barbara Gorman Man ann Orlando Nanoy Urban Mary Ellen Powers Miohael Toomey Richard Surabian Herbert Yood Foreign Language Ralph McEleamey Kathleen Bogan — Butler Department Head 79 Language llene Bornstein Pauline Carrara Amelia Cozza Elaine Foisy Athena Kutrubes Janet Oppedisano j r I Nancy Ortwein Raymond Smith Guidance t Geraldine Tremblay Judith Williams-Garcia Vincent D ' Antona Department Head Jane Cashman 80 tl Joanne Coakley Health Kathleen King Marie Doughty Margaret Graham Mary Dunigan Home Economics Elaine Hassler Lead Teacher Mary Kokaras Alan Winecour Julie Brennan Marcia Glidden 81 Life and Physical Science Harry Meserve Donald Bockler Shelly Brugman Bradford Clough Department Head John Cody Nicolas Ferentinos Ronald Fusco Gregory House Alan Katz Carol Lawton Donald Manning Dianne Rice 82 Mathematics Joanne Flemming Robert Commins Frank Propp Chairman James Brown Carl DeMatteo Elaine Freeman Elizabeth Frorenza Robert Commito Mary Flogan James Kearns Doreen Kilday Arlene Mahoney 83 Media Math Fredric Maloof Richard Paul Winifred Wohllobe Marie Brady Supervisor Marion Bond Julie Butler Claire Chitouras Prisoilla Martignetti I Performing and Visual Arts Barabara Slade Gerald Thebodo Department Head Louise Banner Jeannette Eskedal I 84 Pauline Finberg Joseph Ganci Leslie Hurwitz Frank Roberts Physical Education Andrew Smith Pasquale Tassone Mary McDonough Athletic Director Jane Moreno Kate Cremons-Barbes Department Flead ' j: Charles Flarrington William Barrett John Flanley Richard Quigley Shari Ghitleman Social Studies Mary White John Kent Department Head Thomas Brannelly Secretaries Joan Gallagher Marie Henehan Eleanor Mendes Mrs. Roy Jeanne Soalese Helen Lyons Lee Crowley •Patricia Maher Mrs. Craig Special Programs William Greenberg Pamela Shufro Jacqueline Richardson Lori Ruder S.T.E.P. Jane Rogers - ■ Arthur Crapulli Dennis Feigen John Lennon Occupational Education Charles Cook Renato Civili Donald Romeo Steve Perry M.E.T.C.O. Ruth Mahon Volunteer Services Robert Dowell Weldon MacLeod Ronald Nevola Edward Sullivan Media School Lunch Women Custodians ri RTfRTTl i in trErd n il . ' { ■ 1 r 1 B B lull ' 1 L 1 B B 1 II 1 rrr 92 Front Row (I to f?) Head Coach J. Hanley, D. Flynn.J ApedianakisJ Tobler.J McPherson. Tri Captairis B Costa. D Conneely.B Kerr.P D’Agostino, B Coveno.T Legere. S. Krepelka, Second Row Cooch J Pc xjgni. J Vartabedion, J Vortebedlon. J Cdlins, G Sutcliffe. M Defeo, L Thenoult. M McConnell, A Kagon. S. Pr Ktergost, S Cronin, M Stochelski Third Row J Campanale.T Tobin, P Rodngues. B. Dussi. B.Justice.B Guidice, M, Maldonis.M McNeeley.K Anderson. A Catolono, J. Borronco. B McGillvray. Fourth Row E. Prerxlergost, M Blair. J. Haley, J. Maldonis, B Ntgro. D. Chalmers. R, McGillyray. B Buttoro. M. Guidice, C Angelou, C Poone. G, Dulling, Coach C. DeMotteo Fifth Row Cooch Kevin Brooks. F Augustin, T Driscoll. B Couture. S. McMokin. T Heffeman. C. Meagher. B. Chalmers. C- Powers. J. Jones. R. Siggens, R Farina. Coach Joe Curron FOOTBALL 31, 52, 83, 20, 22, 30, 42, 43, 45, 54, 56, 75, 77, 78, 80, 81 , 82, 84, 85, 88 HELMETS ON, WINDOWS UP, WELOOME TO THE GBL 9-1 GREAT SEASON GOIN IN OFFENSE, NO LOOKIN BAOK BIG ZERO D, WHOLE LOTTA STIOKIN OABLE TACKLES, SHADOW BLOCKS, 240 ' S, THE MILE — THAT PLAY WAS DOOMED — LATER HS FOOTBALL, THE PLEASURE ' S BEEN ALL YOURS! WBR THANKS COACHES — HANLEY, DEMATTEO, PAPAGNI, BROOKS, CURRAN. TRI-CAPTAINS: Dora Conneely, Brian Kerr, and Brian Costa Arlington 7 Burlington 6 Arlington 34 N. Quincy 0 Arlington 0 Malden 18 Arlington 18 Medford 0 Arlington 35 Brookline 7 Arlington 48 Peabody 7 Arlington 48 Everett 22 Arlington 59 Quincy 20 Arlington 36 Revere 0 Arlington 29 Somerville 0 ' .s -..v: (L-R) Coach McEleamey, A. Howard, E. Nelson, M. Tighe, K. Ried, J. McAllister, C. Fitzgerald, A. Hassler, M, Foohey, Coach Morrisey GIRL’S CROSS COUNTRY Girls AHS Harriers! Fun times — League Meet Champ OH My! A Trophie? US? Packing for state Hugha-bugha Running in Nov. Snow St. meets. Are we having fun?!! Happy Indians. Thanks. Luv ya all Coach Mac Jean Best of Luck KF, ML EN, AH, MF, AH, JF, JM. CO-CAPTAINS: Kim Ried and Jen McAllister Arlington 46 Everet 15 Arlington 16 Malden 39 Arlington 25 Medford 32 Arlington 35 Peabody 23 Arlington 43 Revere 16 Arlington 26 Somerville 29 BOY’S CROSS COUNTRY You ' re acting like such a Freshman — GBL Champs — what a troll — whose job — FCCC, sorry Mike — the Bur- ger King cup — EMASSNOW, Ball Champs — the Farm menotomy. where ' s our jackets? Thanks Coach MAC GREEN, no blue ARGHI! AFTER FOUR YEARS TOGETHER WE NOW KNOW FOR US THERE IS NO FINISH LINE! TRI-CAPTAINS: Paul McEleamey, Mike Perozek, and Joe Falcone Arlington 46 Arlington 50 Arlington 48 Arlington 42 Arlington 38 Arlington 16 Arlington 49 Chelsea 19 Everett 15 Malden 15 Medford 18 Peabody 23 Revere 1 7 Somerville 15 ■V JPJI mma Front Row L-R Coach Morrisey, J. Pigott, K. Maxwell, J. Milne, P. McEleamey, M. Perozek, J. Falcone, P. Howard, D. Fonstad, Coach McEleamey Back Row L-R P. McEleamey, B. Murphy, F. Powers, S. Fahey, C. Ey Kamp, D. Ligor, O. Dacey, J. Fransworth, D. Oenstein, P. Dipema, J. Moore, F. Fenzel ♦iV: GIRL’S SOCCER KARIN NELL KELL HEATHER — KK too! Double sessions — a fresh man? Walking wounded — KK BB am bus rides — No radio? Elaine ' s day of silence BENCHIES KP MF — black red! HARD luck Irish English — EIGDEEN TANKS 9 in a car — Boston scrimages w JV AR — HOW bout a picture? NS — Late For Games Winches- ter— FINALLY Tourney — 2nd year Good Luck Next Year Luv Girls of ' 88 THANKS JOE! L-R: Katie Kenny, Nellie Santana, Karin Powell, Heather Kenny, Kelly Thomson Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Ariington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington 4 2 2 5 1 1 1 0 1 1 3 1 1 1 Woburn Wakefield Burlington Reading Lexington Belmont Woburn Winchester Wakefield Winchester Burlington Reading Lexington Belmont 0 6 1 1 1 0 0 2 3 1 0 0 2 1 Back Row L-R T. Tierney, J. Pemeta, L. Wedge, C. Lee, T. Harrington, A. Renolds, L. Vigaroso, L. Ferguson, M, Fitzmaurice, T. Chisolm, E. Kristo, L. O ' Connell, L. O ' Connell, Coach Joe Dunn. Front Row — N. Macmillan, N. Santana, K. Powell, K. Thomson, Manager K. Kenny missing from picture: H. Kenny BOY’S SOCCER Gera, Clare, Goody, Beck, George, Ben, TD, Fritz, Snibs, Derek, Bakes, Bagley. Greenbeach - No Smoking . Joking, sue it up V02max, My way or the highway. Scits, Headers. POOL PARTY. ROADTPIPS, PONDERS ROCK B.C. TD ' s Raps Turtle Pool 5 5 in the box. Cornerkicks, Forcheckers Blow. Blue Balls. Thanx Mrs. D Cheerleaders. Gusto rules. JOE B.N. POOONNDDDEERS Arlington 0 Newton North Arlington 0 Cambridge Ariington 0 Brookline Arlington 0 Brockton Arlington 1 Everett Arlington 1 Chelsea Arlington 0 Revere Arlington 1 Peabody Arlington 1 Malden Arlington 1 Somerville Arlington 0 Medford Arlington 2 Everett Arlington 1 Chelsea Arlington 2 Revere Arlington 1 Peabody Arlington 0 Malden Arlington 0 Medford Arlington 3 Somerville L-F A. Beard, P.J. McCarthy, B. Shase, B. Hudson, R. Clarity, Kosta, M. Powell, T. Downing, N. Heck, M. Nichols, T. Bakey, N. Jones, J. locova, B. Andito, A. Florez, J. Ason, T. Bagley, G. St. Silva, M. Simons, J. Robio, B, Beckwith, D. Gera, D. Claire, J. Goodwin, B. Parrillo, G. Ferrara 1 Field Hockey Results Bishop Fenwick 0-2 Everett 0-2 Malden 1-3 Revere 3-2 Brookline 3-0 Peabody 1-1 Everett 1-3 Bishop Fenwick 0-1 Malden 1-0 Revere 2-2 Brookline 4-0 Peabody 1-0 Revere 0-2 Bishop Fenwick 0-0 Minuteman 4-0 Final Record 6-63 Lost Lost Lost Won Won Tie Lost Lost Won Tie Won Won Lost Tie Won (L to R) Michelle Ellsworth, Renee Theriault, Nicole Keam, Cindy Anderson, Renee Paradis, Catarina Fernandes, Gail O ' Halloran, Ellen Awlszus, Cara Hogan, (2nd row) Jennifer Hanley, Maureen Doyle, Alexandra Worden, Rebecca Owens, Jennifer Bina, (1st row] Cheryl Theriault, Renee Hanson, Jane Dunning FIELD HOCKEY Seniors: CT, JD, AW, RH, BO, MD. Good Luck Guys! Re- member all the good times. Bus trips, P-is-for-PARTY etc., 4 laps, only 3. THE BUSHES GOOD LUCK: NK, OH, KS, and sophomores. Thank You Miss Spencer, Miss House . Mahoney. THANKS FOR A GREAT 4 YEARS!!! (Capt. ' s] Cheryl Theriault, Jane Dunning VOLLEYBALL Chris, Linda, Amy, Heather, Chellise, Maureen, Patty, Kathleen, Merideth, Jill Missed tourney by 1 game again. N.R, — Heather ' s face bump. Patty ' s roll. Musical bus rides: You ' ve lost that lovin feeling. Stand By Me, All Cried Out, Didn ' t we almost have it all. Who ' s bringing the food? Guess what, the net ' s broke again. What else is new? ALL-STAR: Patty, Linda CAPTS: Linda, Chris. PSYCHE! Where ' s the article? Your turn for lines. Awe- some against Stoneham and North Reading. Mr. Hurley How do you get to Melrose? Thanks for everything Kathy, oops, coach. Thanks for your support J.V. Co-Captains C. Withbrow, L. Dempsey Arlington vs. Hamilton Arlington vs. Melrose Arlington vs. N. Reading Arlington vs. Lynnfield Arlington vs. Stoneham Arlington vs. Arlington Catholic Arlington vs. MASCO Arlington vs. Lexington Arlington vs. Lynnfield Arlington vs. Arlington Catholic Arlington vs. Stoneham Arlington vs. Hamilton Arlington vs. MASCO Arlington vs. Lexington Arlington vs. N. Reading Arlington vs. Melrose Back Row(L-R): k.Camell, M. Munsey, M. Jackson, P. Diorio J. McElroy Middle Row (L-R]:C. Morey, H, Hurley, A. Foohey, Coach Kathy Basteri Front Row (L-R): Co-Captains C. Withbroe and L. Dempsey .J Girls Basketball CAPTAINS: LINDA, LISA, AND LYNNE: Amy, Jessica, Moira, Kristen, Christine, Kristen, Jen, Ellen, and Leah. Another just missed season. Another year of early-late practices; 50 foul shots. Amy ' s gone; Amy ' s back. Bus rides: " Pump up the volume, " " Push it. " Lynne ' s record breaking game. Ref ' s tight ones. Moira ' s puppet. No more liners. Last minute of Med. game. It ' s been a long, fun, and tiring four years. Thanks J.V., Mr. Sheehan, and Mr. Nasson. at Nev ton Waltham at North Quincy Brookline Somerville at Malden Chelsea Peabody at Everett Medford at Revere Malden at Somerville at Peabody at Chelsea at Medford Everett Revere 24-42 (L) 30-46 (L) 41-48 (L) 48-55 (L) 53-41 (W] 52-28 (W) 47-26 (W) 40-49 (L) 33-39 (L) 66-36 (W) 38-66 (L) 71-26 (W) 53-37 (W) 28-47 (L) 58-17 (W) 47-65 (L) 36-52 (L) 52-35 (W) (Back L-R) Aimee McDaniels, Kristen Schuler, Jessica Neylon, Moira Konag, Kristin McDonough, Leah Wedge, Christine Lee, Jennifer Hanley, (Front L-R) Lisa O ' Connel, Linda Dempsey, Lynne O ' Connell Boys Basketball Greggy — Showhorse, Varts ' n Varts W Sweets, pepe LePeaux, MI. Pedrini, Big R., Charlieman, Jim " Greg Kite " Jones, Billy G., Griff, Heckstall, Hoe, Mol, Moe, Eros. All day, lee cream, Yeh babe, 3-point contest, smelly arm pad. Newton North buzzer-beater, Peabody OT - brawl, Heck ' s dunk - Everett, Somerville - Vart ' s 1st game back. Chelsea, Revere, and Tournament??? 5-1 , no go. Greg Landry Jeff Vartabedian Captains I Nevrton at Waltham North Quincy at Brookline at Somerville Malden at Chelsea at Peabody Everett at Medford Revere at Malden Somerville Peabody Chelsea Medford at Scituote at Everett at Revere O Woburn 54-53 (W) 55-35 (W) 54-64 (L) 57-63 (L) 42-48 (L) 61-48 (W) 57-65 (L) 64-61 (OT W) 63-70 (L) 56-39 (W] 63-48 (W] 58-63 (L) 54-56 (L) 69-73 (L) 65-41 (W) 89-66 (W) 68-47 (W] 65-55 (W) 62-66 (L) 78-68 (W) back row: Katrina Kiely, asst., Charlie Pesirides, Jenn Giulino, asst., Charlie Beaton, Bill Grannin,| Matthew Enos, Maurice Blair, Nathan Heck, Bob Griffin, Jake Vartabedian, Jeff Maldonis front row:| David Roache, Jim Nelson, Capt. Greg Landry, Capt. Jeff Vartabedian, David Pedrini, Jim Jones g Hockey BL CM, LT, PV, BC, MD, JM, MS, MM, SM, JM, DD, MF, AB, BO, KP, CP, GS ACE, ANGUS, SLAPPA, DAWG, POPTART, DESTRUCTO, MANSON, SWEETIE, DUNNBERRY, STINKY, POLARK, WEIRDO, NERVES OF STEEL, 17-2-1, Belmont, Reading? Medford? CM?, Jamboree, Ace and Dawg ' s revenge on Stinky, Nubby, Freddy, JB, Garden, 1 FAN = BINDER L, Teriault C. MacPherson Captains Quincy 11-5 (W) North Quincy 5-1 (W] at Nev ton North 2-0 (Wj Cambridge 11-0 (W] Brookline 0-4 (L) at Brockton 6-3 (W) at Waltham 4-1 (W] at Silver Lake 4-1 (W) Peabody 13-0 (W) at Everett 3-3 (T) at Somerville 4-0 (W] at Malden 6-1 (W) Revere 13-1 (Wj at Medford 3-4 (L) at Peabody 6-1 (W) Everett 15-0 (Wj Somerville 4-0 (Wj Malden 6-0 (Wj at Revere 14-3 (Wj Medford 3-2 (Wj Tournament at Salam State 2-3 (Lj B. Tenney f Front] I teriault I G. Scott, M. Mansfield, P. Verrier, M. Donato, Capt. B. Tenney, Capt. C. MacPherson, Capt. L, Teriault, K, Piandes, J. Milne, C. Partridge (Back) Statician J. Fredricks, A. Beard, B. Chebator, M. 1 Stachelski, M, Flaherty, Coach E. Bums, Coach P. MacAuley, D. Duffy, S. Milne, J. Mead, B. O ' Conner, f. Mgr. B. Ronan -u, II ■■ ' Girls Indoor GBL 86! 3rd Floor, Mystics, tt e rink? We ' re here to social- ize ONLY! We don ' t want to lift! Talk to Fred before meets. Can we ride with the boys? freshmen boys — our bus! Good Luck CT -i- EN. Track Karin Powell, Rhonda SIggens, Tracy Jones, Kim Reid, Captains 1st Row: Captains K. Powell, R. SIggens, K. Reid 2nd Row: Coaches C. DeMotteo, J. Hanley, T. Jones, Coaches R. McEleamey, J. Cuiran. t 3rd Row: N. MacMillan, A. Howard, M. Paquet, K, Fitzg ald, M. Tighe, L, Braga 4th Row: M. Anargirou, B. Hughes, L. Ferguson, E. Kristo, S M. Fitzmaurice. E. Nelson, C. Mahoney 5th Row: D. Devlin, A, Hassler, J Nigro, J. Powell, K.D. Becker, A. Majeslw, 6th Row: P. Smalarz, M. | Foohey, C, McMahon, A. Meador, J. FinochettI, K. Braga Missing From Photo: C. Kristo, K. McMahon, Mgr. N. Cauplin, M, Arena, Am A, ; at Malden at Somerville59-28 at Revere 67-19 at Everett 69-13 at Medford at Revere 43-43 at Peabody 30-56 at Somerville 41-45 Boys Indoor Track 1987-88 G.B.L INDOOR CHAMPS ‘League All-Stars Gera — 50 hurdles Falcone — mile Perozek — mile Prendergast — 50 dash Catenzano — 600 1000 Mcelearny — 2mile McConnell — shut put 1st Row; P. McEleamey, C. Marquis, R, Coveno, M. Perozek (Co-Capt.). S. Cotanzano (Co-Copt ), D, Conneely (Co-Capt ), D. (Flynn), J. Falcone (Co-Capt.), M, McConnell (Co-Capt ), P. D ' Agostino, J. Pwtt, A. Kagan. 2nd Row: Coach C. DeMotteo, M. DeFeo, G. Sutcliffe, D. Fonstaa, K. Maxwell, T, Downing, D. Gera, E. Alderson, B. Kerr, T. L ere, J. Collins 3rd Row; C. McDonnell, S. Krepelka, D, Clare, R. Buttaro, R. Nigro, J. Smifh, D, Daley, S. Prendergast, J. Moore, T, Bakey, Coach J. Curran, 4th Row; Coach J. Hanley, B. Costa, C. Powers. M. Guldice. R. Gray, M. Callagan, K. McNeil, P. Dipema, F. Fenzel. Coach R. McEleamey. 5th Row: D. Flanagan, P. Disarcina. E. Prendergast, M. Conneely. M, Leary. R, Siggens, C. Bowman, J, Chang, J. Corey, M. Conyery, S. Casco, B. Couture. G. Beauchamp. Missing From Picture: R. Farina, J. Ghanotakis, S. O ' Donell, C. Paratore, F. Powers, C. Tuclert, J. Wilson. back row; Wei, Jennifer Flynn, Jen Delvin, Sharon Fox, Kate Atterberry, Rachel Bent, Tammy Wolk, Jill Pemetta, front row: Coach Steve Swanson, Judy Swaboda, Capt. Sue Carroll, Capt. Bonnie Powers, Potty Diorio, asst, coach Sharon Loveless Bonnie Powers Sue Carroll Captains at Revere 75.7-81.4 (L) at Wilmington 73.6-92.8 (L) Peabody 84.9-104.5 (L) Medford 78.4-78.6 (L) Malden 74.24-78.6 (L) at Masconomet 82-122.2 (L] Billerica 87-107.5 (L) 0-7 North League Meet at Revere — Jill Pemeta, 5th all around — Patty Diorio, 5th all around Gymnastics mm CHUCK IT! Four Years of Ups and Downs — 87 Its not a DISCUSSION! Miss Ya-BT-FY WHIPBACK, BUMP I Finally Got It, THE MEET IS AWAY! New Uniforms? What Time Is It? Conditioning, Handstands, Feelings Turn the Station! Keep Dancing JD + KA CLEAN UP GIRLS! Thank You Steve and Sharon for Everything. Best of Luck Next Year Girls — KEEP THE FAITH! Love, Bonnie . Sue ® ' ' ■ ■ . . Swimming Although the swim teams record was 3-8, We all had a great season. The laughter and the friendships made up for our losses. We ' ll never forget the OLDIES BUT GOODIES, JUST ONE MORE 50, LETS GET A GOOD STRETCH, HUNDREDS I WANT GOOD QUALITY HUN- DREDS. “SING SALA " LETS DO A 5-3-1 WARMUP, RICK A RACKA CHEE! 5:30 MORNING PRACTICES, FLIPTURNS, WHERE IS ALL THE FOOD? AND THE GREAT ORANGE AWARDS. (top L-R) Bob Pope, Shea Hill, Paul Whitaker, Brian McCarthy, Bob McNeil (middle L-R) Gary Dulling, Mark McDonough, Allison White, Sandy (bottom L-R) Mitch McAllister, Allysa Falwell, Liz Vannah, Jennifer. People missing: Ellen Snieder, Rachel Whittacker, John McAllister, Jonathan Shelton, Mer- ideth Mahoney, Robert Dussi GREY SQUAD FINN THANX FOR 4 GREAT YRS. WE LUV YA! CAMP? DUMPSTER, POND. DBTFG. WD? DECORATING. GET IN LINE! BUS RIDES. FROSH YR. BEST. CAPT. GOOD LUCK K.O. D.M. P.A. K.D. M.U. T.D. S.P. LI. K.J. M.C. WE ' LL MISS YA! K.O., I ' LL NEVER 4 get YA, I LUV I ' LL MISS YA, M.S. BYE GUYS, THANX, WE LUV YA! LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Tsoi, P. Albertazzi, M. Vincent, S. Pedonti, K. Ortwien, D. Mahoney, K, Diggins, K. Jackson, M. Connelly, T. Donovan. IN FRONT: M. Salipante, T. Messuri. Maroon Squad GOOD TIMES IN THE PIT! NCA Prison Camp — window? Mrs. D ' s; Who ' s the boss? CAR WASH; Why don ' t our uni- forms match? Practice? . , . No, war-zone. EASY rules! AHS NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL SEE CAPT. DO A SPLIT! Take another cheer . . . Boxer Shorts, Jeralyn, WARM- UPS + BUS RIDES W THE PONDERS — Thanx Mrs. D! GOOD LUCK JUNIORS: ND, KG, JO, AP, CD, LD, EO! We ' ll miss you, but SENIORS RULE! (L-R) Cara Atterio, Elaine Omeara, Julie Corrigan, Chairisse Delleville, Amy Prendergast, Jenny O ' Rourke, Jennifer Swan, Rachelle Brown, Kim Grey, Elizabeth Drege, Nicole De Veilis (Front] Cindy Colburn, Carolyn Carlson, Sue McCarthy COMPETITION SQUAD FRONT TO BACK) E. O ' MEURA, K, DIGGINS, J. O ' ROURKE, S. HILL, M. HOWARD. N. DE- VELLIS, D. MAHONEY, 0. COLBURN, P, ALBERTAZZI, T. PERRONE, J. KATSOS, M. SALI- PANTE, SPOTTERS 126 MARCHING BAND WE DONT MARCH; IT WAS RAINY; MR. GANCI IS A DUDE; CHUCK STANDS ALONE; HEATHER IS CHIEF; ROCKO: NO COMMENT; OTHER LEFT! OREOS RULE! RED GRAY ONE FORE TIME; COLD BARR; PROPHECY; YEAR OF THE BLUEBELT; YOU MISSED THE BOAT; MIGHTY MIGHTY SE- NIORS! NELLY MAJORETTES DEBBIE. CHERYL, JEN BAA BAA LOCKER ROOM SKIHLES COW JEN AND MARY ' S SLEEPOVERS BLOOMIE CHECK CSHNB DHSKE OPPS PEP RALLIES SURFIN ' USA OLD TIME ROOKS ROLL MCBOO CBUCN GOOD EVENING EVIE SQUARED SA. MORNINGS?! MB CONRAD RUFF- HOUSE ADIUS — MISS YA THANKS KAREN GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR — KRISSY, AMY, CHRISTINE, KRISTINA, MIKE, LYNNE, MICHELLE NEVER FORGET US! 130 COLOR GUARD Thanks a lot Karen Erica, Lauren, Heather, Kathy, Brenda, Kristin, Sharon, Suzy, Amanda, Maureen, Kate. Re- member Saturday mornings, football games, songs, pizza. Pep ralley, for- gotten roses, train tracks, seniors say good luck next year, new uniforms, jackets. Don ' t forget blankets at games, Friday nights, last minute changes. Good-Bye Erica, Heather, Kathy 131 Orchestra Madrigals 134 Concert Choir 135 1988 Yearbook Staff Jane Rogers Mary Dunigan Yearbook Advisors Niloufar Ghavami Rob Underwood Co-Editors 138 m nm m Ben Parillo Heather Bryant David Gera Sports Editors Laura Zagonjori Melanie Boehmer Layout Editors Maida Kaderian MaryBeth Temmallo Faculty Editor Activities Editor Chellise Morey Heather Kenney Photography Editors 139 Carolyn Carlson Natalie Rudd Advertising Katie Kenney Amy Foohey Nellie Santana Helper Literary Editor Helper Secretary Senior Picture Editor 140 Moral Demirjion Art Financial Editor Christina Skambas Financial Editor The yearbook staff would like to thank all of the people who have given of their time and support to the making of our yearbook. Only with your help were we able to make the 1988 yearbook a success. Media Club Students who volunteer in the Medio Center ore members of the Medio Club. They check out books, set up dis- ploys, edit film, ond tope videos. There ore 34 mem- bers who help with everydoy work ond plon octivities. Events of the yeor included o boke sole, Oktoberfest, o trip to Omni Theoter ond o visit to New York City. All hove con- tributed to o successful 1987 88 yeor. (L. to r.) Dawn Lucarelli, Debbie Delmore, advisor — Mrs. Slade, Chellise Morey, Anne Marie Delgado Italian Club Back row: (L. to r.) Lisa Driscoll — treasurer, Charles Pesirides, David DiPalermo, Randy Fiorena Front row: Maureen Roach — secretary. Dawn Lucarelli — president, Michelle DeSousa, Sandra Squeri — vice president, Kara Fitzgerald, Amy McDaniel, advisor — Mrs. Cozza 154 Club Ski Back row: (L. to r.) Rachel Whittaker, Laura Vigarosa, Liz Dredge, Meredith Jackson, Sara Nagle, Sue Donovan, Michelle Paquette, Kendra Jackson, Colleen Donohue, Colleen McMahon, Janeen MArshall, Meredith Mahoney, Melissa Stepanis, Michelle Roach, Diane LaChesse, Colin Eykamp, Paula Albertazzi, Seanne Sullivan, Caty Terry, Kim Mackey, Amy Majeski, Jean Finochetti, Linda Constantine, Beth Smith, Sandy Gera, John Katsos, Paul McPhaii — president, Mike Wright — president, John Fay, Jen Devlin not shown: Jason Pirillo — president, Jamie Collins, Jim Pigott, David Gera, Bret Hudson, Brad Hudson, Kristen Mahoney, Kathy Diggens, Toby Harrington, Chris Roche, Dennis Dacey, advisor Mr. Harrington Debating Club i: Back row: (L. to r.) Sean Fahey, John Farnsworth, John Ghanotakis, Joseph Crowley, advisor — Mr. N. Ferentinos Front row: (L, to r.] Diane Leccese, Catie Terry :not shown: Julie Driscoll, Tobie Harrington, Jane Healey 155 Photography Club Back row: (L. to r.) Chuck Leonardos, Charlie Pesiridis, Zena Omar, Jason Chu, Sarah Nagle, Catherine Brescia, Mary McCadden, Karen Radochia, Lisa Camarano, Julie Narsasian, Cheryl Najarian, Margaret-Maltzwan, Front row: (L. to r.) Mr. Bockler — advisor. Prudence Lim, Niloufar Ghavami Medical Careers Club (L, to r.) Kim Taylor, Niloufar Ghavami, advisor — Mrs. Tarantino, Moral Demirjian The Photography Club? Okay, here are some of the things we DONT do in the Photo Club: develop film and make prints in the conve- niently located darkroom facility; go on field trips to museums and radical art galleries; have meetings to experiment with pushing film, candids, portraits, sports, photography, etc.; and loads more. Yeah, yeah, that ' s the ticket ... we don ' t do ANY of that stuff. 156 Art Club ART CLUB, 1987-1988. By the time u read this, the mural will be finished — finallyl Thanx to J. Eskedal for putting up with the non- compliance. The Triumvirate — Jean, Rob, Jason; also Belinda, Vahe, Doug, Michelle, Dierdre, Nicole, Jackie, and everyone else I forgot to mention. " Fine art is that which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together. " Back row: Nikki Lattarulo, Michelle Roberto, Rob Underwood, Jamie McCabe, Keith Walter, Nicholas Sevilla, Meredith Jackson Front row: Amy Majeski, Belinda Chu, Doug Mallio, Jean Chu, Jason Player, Mike Wright, advisor — Jeanette Eskeddal not shown: Vahe Ohannesian, George Stamides, Diedre Stretton Literary Magazine (L. to r.) Sara Nagle, Christine Withbroe, Nancy Deutch, Erica Ferguson, Karin Varnik, Colleen Donohue 157 Math Team We still only go for the food? I hate donuts! coopts Tim Olevsky Chuckle V; Jasper Wong Jason P Perry D Mikey B; DW PW RR PM CH JB FKA3 NS Touchdown!!!! We ' re 6! If 5 Mathniks jump off a bridge with pencils behind their ears, what color is the bus? YELLOW, ' cause it ' s us. If you show me your calculator. I ' ll show you mine. X = ( — b + . — sqrt(bMac]) 2a Back row: (L. to r.) Tim Olevsky, Charles Vellenga, Alex Worden, Front row: (L. to r.) Jasper Wong, John Katsos, Peter Worden Chess Club Back row: (L. to r.) Jacob Galley, Eric Maddox, Charles Sheahan, Peter Worden, Paul Mahoney, Ryan McNeil, advisor — Jim Kearns Front row: (L. to r.) Perry Dakos, Danny Merrier, Ben Silva, Jerome Ohnui 158 French Club Back row: (L. to r.l Erica Cohen, Jen Giulino, Julie Boyle, Rene Paradis, Moral Demirjian, Padmaja Muthiah, Philip Winthrop, Tracey Antonelli, Betty Chang Front row: (L. to r.) Advisor — Janet Oppedisano, Paul D ' Agastino, Paula Albertazzi, Kathy Diggins, Kristen Michallszyn, Mary Hatch, Annarita Dicenso, Vahe Ohanesian, Niloufar Ghavami International Students Club 1. to r.) Taruna Raja, Kathy Anastasiou, Maral Demirjian, Padmaja Muthiah, advisors — Mary Hogan, Mr, Clough, Kim Taylor — president, Daiske Wakimoto, jonchita SenGupta, Prachu Jain, Mahua DasGupta — treasurer 159 German Club (L, to r.) Tim Olevsky, advisor — Janet Oppedisano, Colin Eykamp, Peter Worden I 1 Radio Club Back row: (L. to r.) Sean Fahey, Colin Eykamp, John Farnsworth, David Cabral Second row; (L. to r.) Cathy Brescia, Colleen Donohue, Nancy Deutch, Barbara Boudreau, Michael Patterson Front row: (L. to r.) Sara Nagle, Kim Mackey, Jamie McAbe not showing: Seanne Sullivan 160 ;:c Back row: (L. to r.) Liz Russell, Jeff Maldonis, Judy Bryant, Kendra Kiely, Miche lle Ellsworth, Diane Deveaux, Katie Sweezy, Alison Adams, Toni Potenza, Amy I Reynolds, Liz Dredge, advisor — Vin D ' Antona Front row: (L. to r.) Nathan Heck, Kim Newell, Seanne Sullivan, Francis Anderson, Carolyn Carlson, John Katsos, 1 Rachel Onanian )Peer Counseling I Back row: (L. to r.) Diane Cauley, Sonya Bonjukian, Kim Grey, Marie Arena — secretary, Kelly Thompson — vice president, Michelle Paquet, Front row: (L. to r.) Cara Hogan, Tracy Chisolm, advisor — Mrs. Graham, Kara MacDonald — class representative. Heather Kenney — president, Wendy Murphy, Cyndi Anderson, Holli Amencowitz Home Economics 161 student Advisory Council (L. tor.) Cassie Wicks, Catie Terry, Jennifer Hanley, Ben Parillo, Kara Fitzgerald, co-chair — Carolyn Carlson, advisor — Mr. Diott; notsho A n: co-chair — Kendra Kiely, John Campanale Latin Club Back row: (L. to r.) Brian Kerr, Kerry Piandes, Rob Grey, Brad Terry, Kenny Maxwell, Rob Underwood, Paul McEleamey, Pete Howard, Karen Brenemuehl, Kim Taylor, Doug Ligor, Eric Bailey, Allan Kagan, Diane Deveaux, Diego Fonstad, Amy Foohey, Carolyn Carlson, Kendra Kiely, Erica Ferguson, Lisa Donovan, Doug Corbett, Colin Marquis, Charles Vellenga, not shown: Marybeth Temmallo, advisor — Mr. McEleamey 162 SADD Members listed alphabetically: Alison Adams, Pauls Albertazzi, Amy Alderson, Cara Alterio, Holli Amenkowitz, Cindi Anderson, Tracy Antonelli, Jen Aprile, Marie Arena, Katy Aucello, Ellen Awiszus, Heather Black, Heidi Boehm, Julie Boyle, Becky Bowerman, Linda Braga, Jen Briand, Sara Commins, Julie Corrigan, Nicole Coughlin, Joanna Deemys, Diane Deveaux, Kathy Diggins, Patty Diorio, Sue Donovan, Tom Downing, Liz Dredge, Rina Fernandes, Diego Fonstad, Wendy Foster, David Gera, John Ghanatakis, Sharon Glynn, Jane Healy, Cara Hogan, Noreen Hogan, Brett Hogan, Merideth Jackson, Dora Katsabiris, Bobby Kelly, Katy Kenney, Eirinn Leahy, Gina Liotine, Helen Litsus, Laura Lynch, Jackie MacGillivray, Christine Mahoney, Megan Mahoney, Erica Malek, Susan McCarthy, Kristen McDonough, Jill McElroy, Tina McGlashing, Kelly McMahon, Jennifer Molea, Diane Morais, Lucy Moreira, Erin Nelson, Kim Newell, Karen Norton, Erin O ' Donnell, Nancy Oliviera, Karen O ' Neill, Rene Paradis, Michelle Paquet, Liz Pekich, Libia Perez, Maria Politano, Kristine Powers, Kim Reid, Robyn Remiutico, Debbie Riccuti, Sharen Rogers, Heidi Ross, Maura Solomon, Deirdre Stretton, Sandra Squeri, Kelly Teehan, Tricia Tierney, Maureen Tighe, Laura Vigeroso, Amy Viola, Rachel Whitaker, Colin Marquis, and Heather Bryant. With a membership of over 100 students, Arlington High School ' s SADD Club continues to be one of the largest and most active in the State. In celebration of SADD ' s fourth anniversary this year, students raised $700,00 to defray the cost of two performances by the " Improbable Players " for the entire student body. Results of a substance use survey distributed bi-yearly to all students since 1982 indicate that there has been a 10% decrease in drinking and driving, and a 25% decrease in the number of students who have been willing to ride in a car with a driver who has been drinking. These encouraging changes are attributed to the success of the SADD program at AHS. Since its inception five years ago, co-advisors of the SADD club have been Vincent D ' Antona, Director of the Guidance Department, and Elizabeth Oppedisano, Executive Director of the Arlington Council on Alcohol and Drug Education. Class officers for the 1987-1988 school year are: President, Diane Deveaux; Vice President, Marie Arena; Secretary, Kim Newell; and Treasurer, Merideth Jackson 163 John Donne, in " Meditation 17, " wrote: " No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. " Perhaps our greatest achievements lay in the in- corporation of this ideal. Only by looking beyond our dif- ferences will we see the similarities. Rob and Niloufar 165 If ' t StCfx Vet DECA D.E.C.A. is an international student organization that has been at AHS for more than twenty years. This year, there were three chapters and students participated in District, State, and Regional conferences on development and competency testing. The students merchandised and managed the school store and raised the lion ' s share of participation expenses. 167 STUDENT COUNCIL 1988 Corresponding Secretory — Mike Wright, Recording Secretary — Kim Reid, President Diego Fonstod, Vice-President — Carolyn Car- lson, Treasurer — Monica Saiipante GOOD TIMES IN THE STUDENT OOUNOIL OFFIOE! “The Table " Oan we run an election? PROJECT — CANDY CANE: B.J. ' s warehouse: NO OIL MIKE! My pet cock! “What? We have a meeting Friday morning? Since when? " Rap Around: Sister Kim — The Mural — Parent ' s Night: Our very own Fridg and coffee maker! GOOD LUCK MIKE ! WE ' LL MISS YOU AHS, ESP. Decap ' s and Ms. Henehan! WE LOVE YOU! Class Officers — TD Di Nic Kell : Senior Convention — 7AM, oil day, B + Donuts, Roppin TD; BJs Run — 360. MonyMony, Stran- ded, Scrubbin 4 $, Whipped Cream; Semi-chicken dance; Search 4 Prom — Hyatt where R you? Pep Rally - stands w buddies, TD is scared; Weepuls; Fanauil Hall, European; Heres to OUR ideas! We get NO respect! Thanks 4 everything fin, your the greatest. We love you!! . . . HUH?!? Diane Deveaux Vice President Nicole Coughlin Class Treasurer Class Officers Kelly McMahon Class Secretary Tom Downing Class President Pauline Finberg Advisor 169 S.T.E.P. SUPERLATIVES BEST LOOKING Cheryl Coombes Andy Canniff j MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Terry Shaw Mike Delia MOST ATHLETIC Lisa Palmer Andy Canniff NICEST EYES Corrinne Diggins Mike Berberian FRIENDLIEST Krissy Houde Dave Deluca MOST TALKATIVE Audrey Smith Ed Lawrence BEST DRESSED Roxanne Silva John Lennon 172 - CHILD CARE jfPffUL Junior Semi 180 l ' (llOlO) H, I V .• • ;: :i m V GREG LANDRY HEATHER KENNEY BEST DRESSED BOBBY COVENO TINA MESSURI NICEST SMILE 185 DAVE PEDRINI RHONDA SIGGENS FRIENDLIEST 188 CHARLES VELLENGA HEATHER BRYANT BEST MUSICIAN DAVE PEDRINI AMY FOOHEY THE MOST 190 DAVE McMAKIN DEBBIE HAND CLASS COUPLE ERIC HOGMAN EVIE KIRTSOGLOU CLASS REBELS Ves erdavl caught a f sh -th s bw... JOHN YUREWICZ KAREN BRENDEMUEHL MOST GULLIBLE DIEGO FONSTAD CAROLYN CARLSON MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT TINA MESSURI MIKE MCCARTHY CLASS FLIRT BECKY BOWERMAN MICHEAL MITCHELL MOST TALKATIVE STEPHEN KREPELKA CINDY COLBURN MOST LIKELY TO WEAR VARSITY JACKET TO BED. 193 J - t 1 ? k ■ ' i 1 m ■ L J 1 1 ■ . i mh;h 4 j. tUCIA; OUIllTf II e n To Ms. Dunigan and Ms. Rogers Thank-you for all your help and support In mak- ing this year’s Yearbook the success it is. Love, The Yearbook Staff V ' .. m ' Vi l Vliss m NADS ir 207 CONGRATULATIONS, GREG! LOVE, MOM and DAD " Not flesh of my flesh. Nor bone of my bone. But still miraculously my own. Never forget. Not even for a minute. You weren ' t bom under by heart. But in it " (Author unknown) Love, Mom 209 LOVE Gramma Grampa Mom Dad Missy Diane Aunie Tia Scott David Dennis CONGRATULATIONS CARRIE LYNN and DENNIS LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES KEEP ON CLIMBING AND YOU ' LL REACH THE TOP V jdi LOVE Gramma Grampa Mom Scott Dad Aunie Aunie Carol Uncle Scott Carrie Missy Diane Congratulations Love, Mom, Dad, Isodora 8c Squiggy STEPHEN 2-24-70 smiling boy, michievous, Luv them bunnies, trucks, little brother, dad ' s driver, fun in Quebec, bedspread, oh that room!, it ' s the flu mum, take off that hat, so much fun to have around, so proud of you Stephen! We love you. Mom -I- Paul 210 Dear Brenda, Swing into the future. Cherish your accomplishments, learn from your mistakes. Be proud of who you are, we are. Congratulations, and God Bless You, Love, Mom, Dad . Celia Jim, Wishing you a bright future!! Love, Mom and Dad Love Mom, Dad, Jeff, Colleen, Molly Shannon, We ' re very proud and love you very much. From, Mom, Dad, Kristen, and Meghan TINA, OUR ONE ONLY!!!! YOU WERE LAST IN OUR FAMILY BUT NEVER, EVER, LEAST!!! Thanks for being more than we expected; God Bless you and all your friends in the future. Good-Bye A.H.S.; we loved you. LOVE, Mom, Dad, Brothers Four!!!! Heather, How proud you have made me in each and every way. My love for you grows stronger with each passing day. You ' ve faced so many obstacles in your few years. In spite of the battle, you ' ve smiled through your tears. True happiness and success will be your ' s one day. Because of what you are, it can be no other way. Whether your travels be far or near, remember how much I love you and how much I care. Thanks Killer I Love You, Love, Mom 211 To Brian With Love From Your Family Congratulations Brian, on a job well done. We certainly hope along the way you had a lot of fun. We ' re sure the future holds the same for you and you go a long, long way. And don ' t forget how very proud we are of you today. Love you! Sharon, Bob, Cheryl, Lynda . Michelle Our wish for you — May every star shine bright, every candle bum light, every day of happiness be long, every day of sorrow be short, grab the world by a string and hold success in your hands. We love you. Karen, Mike, Jen, Michael, Colleen . Meghan Don ' t be afraid to reach for the stars. May your goals be achieved, your dreams come true and may the future hold much love and happiness for you. God Bless! May Success and Flappiness be yours! Love Congratulations! A Great Job! Love Les, Kathy, Christine , Lisa Rob Congratulations Brian, You finally made it thru, the struggle, the homework, you were sometimes forced to do I ' d like to say how proud you made me as far as brothers go, your the best that can be! Love you! Gale Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and in parting leave behind us footprints on the sands of time. Flang in there Brian I know you can finish the course. Love, Grampy 212 Congratulations Jim Love Mom, Dad, Linda, Jr. . Richie " Congratulations Cari " You deserve the best that life has to offer. Love Mom, Dad, , Meaghan Scott Hankinson, Our prayers and wishes are for your happiness and suocess in the years ahead, We Love You! Dad, Mom, Ed, Mark, Debbie, Gramma Stobo, and Gramma Hankinson Congratulations and much love. Mom and Dad ' N Jt To our precious daughter Melissa — Congratulations — Mommy . Dad 213 I ' M PROUD OF YOU In many ways I ' m proud of you — You ' ve come a long, long way The growth in your abilities Has struck me day by day. Each person has a goal to reach, A place they ' d like to be, A standard they aspire for. Results they ' d like to see. Some contests are for glory. Putting trophies on the shelf. Others are the ones we wage For bettering the self. It ' s not the stakes that count, but rather How we sense our movement; And you are on a steady course Of rapid self-improvement. The progress you are showing Makes me want to say aloud; I ' m happy where you ' re going. And you make me very proud. Bruce B. Wilmer CONGRATULATIONS Rob — You ' ve come a long, long way You ' ve made us very proud of you In so many, many ways. Remember when the times get tough. To take it day by day. But most of all remember That we ' re with you all the way. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! Mom, Dad, Shelly . Valerie 214 Congratulations and much success. Love, Dad, Mom, P.J., Nana and Nancy From a " beautiful kid " to a " beautiful young woman " . . , We are proud of every step along the way and look with pleasure to every future step. Love, Mom, Dad, Teresa, Andrea, and Erin Amy, From the very first day we ' ve been proud of you! Congratulations! Love, Mum and Dad Bonnie: Where have the years gone? We wish you the very best that life has to offer! Love, Mom, Dad Chris i Roger, The first four were the hardest. The next four should be a breeze. Love, Mom, Dad, Kevin, Martha, Mary, Eddie and Kathleen, Maureen and Jay, Erica and Johnnie Arpie, We love you now and always. Mom, Dad, Vahe, Maggie . Suzy SPECIAL SPESH-AL unusual, uncommon, distinctive, exceptional, extraordinary THE CLASS OF ' 88 With Love and all our best wishes, Nanci and Katie Ortwein 215 Congratulations to the Class of 1988! Mr. and Mrs. Riohard A. Onanian It ' s not what a man possesses That tells in the final test; It ' s not what a man professes That ranks him among the best, Nor wealth, nor raoe, nor learning Is ever the thing that amounts; The God of us all is discerning tears, Man ' s knowledge will not avail him. It ' s never the thing that amounts, And wit at the end will fail him — It ' s only the heart that counts. It ' s only the heart that counts. Though he have the lore of the sages. Though we know the visions of seers. Though he makes us laugh at his pages. Or draw from our eyes swift The Saviour himself hath said it. Forever and ever, amen. This virtue is chief to our credit: Love of God and our fellow-men. Or raiment fine, or tatters. Neither it is that amounts. Charity ' s all that matters — It ' s only the heart that counts. James G. Keenan You have " What Counts ' ' — You are " What Counts " to us. All our love. Mom -i- Dad Michelle, May you continue to walk tall in your accomplishments and strength — We love you and support your every step. Love and Blessings Mom, Dad, Chris, Heather, Danny, and Terry BooBoo, You made iti We love you and are proud of your accomplishments. Mom, Joe and Cliver (the T.) Congratulations Greg! I wish you all the luok in the world. Love always, Nana SWEET SUE WE LOVE YOU DAD, MOM, KAREN BOBBY I 216 Jonathan, Congratulations to our last — but by no means least — member of the family to pass through the halls of Arlington High School, There have been many surprises but never a dull moment I We wish you every happiness. Mom, David and Jennifer Betsy, May all your hard work be rewarded with the happiness and sucoess you deserve. You are my shining star and I love you Pumpkin Love always. Mom Natalie, dear, the years just flew. It seems like yesterday when you were only two. Congratulations — We are so proud of you! Love, Mum and Dad RDar.RI L. MCW-TK, ? R O Congratulations to the last of the " Magnifioent Seven " Love ' n ' Luck Mom, Dennis, Bill Stephen Hey little guy, you made it and we are proud of you! Evandro, Happy years have passed by and the best is yet to come. God Bless You, We love you — Mom, Daddy, 8c Evie To Ted Our Loving Wishes for a Suocessful and Happy Future Love, Mom, Dad, Amy, Johnny and " Peep " Glad you ' ve made it, Noreen. Good luck in life! We ' re proud of you. Love you always. Mom, Dad, Trish and Tim 217 Douglas, We ' re very proud of you! Congratulations! We Love You — Mom Dad May your diploma be the key to Success and happiness — A wonderful future with all that is Best for you always. With Love, Mom, Dad and Stacey Bryant Love, Mother, DAD, Bob, Angela, Nancy Sudsy DEAR LIZ, WE LOVE YOU! DAVE, Thanks for the great memories from Panthers to Ponders. Good Luck! We will always be there. Love, Mom, Dad, Steve, Mark, Brian, Sandie " Ginger " Maida, We are proud of your achievements and wis h you a bright future. Congratulations, Mom, Dad, Sonia, . Rita 218 Kendra, We ' re so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Trina Andrea CONGRATULATIONS CHRISSYM Love, Dad, Mom, Cheryl, Paula Carolyn " One never notices what has been done; one can only see what rennains to be done. " Marie Curie French scientist 1867-1934 We celebrate all you ' ve done so well and look forward to a future with purpose. You ' re very special. Love, Mom, Dad, Curtis 219 Congratulations Rhonda! A daughter and sister to be proud of. To love and cherish too. Our lives would be so empty without the job of you, We Love You! Mom, Dad, Bob, Ron . Ryan Irma Soldatelli 646-3328 SHEAR PLEASURE HAIR STYLING 179 Massachusetts Avenue. Arlington, MA 02174 Appointment Lie. 18574 SOLDATELLI Plumbing • Heating • Gfls Fitting RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL TEL. 646-5269 38 MYSTIC LAKE DRIVE ARLINGTON. MA 02174 Best wishes to the class of ' 88. From, Edward J. Doughty Plumbing and Heating Co. 646-3296 Congratulations and Best Wishes To the olass of 1988! Mr 8c Mrs. Underwood CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK to the Class of 88 FROM DUDLEY FUEL CO., INC. 43 Dudley St. Arlington Ron Nigro Class of 1952 220 648-0557 ood oz fi£i HBzuIe. !I7o IHe. S r ' : .e v :..x:K:n :oie . ow xi Courteous Service Personal Attention For the most important day in vour life V e have everything you need for the; • Bride • Flower Girl • Bridesmaids • Mothers ' Prom • Formal Gowns Special Grand Opening Prices Come in and browse our large selection of designer fashions and see how much money you can save! Designer on Premises Custom made gown service avail le for all occasions BRIDALS BY ALENA 489 Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA (Across from One-Stop Cleaners) 646-3708 Aim B ROWNE DRUG 201 Massachusetts Ave. RICHARD B. MURRAY Arlington, MA 02174 Registered Pharmacist DANIELSON ' S MARKET 134 Mass. Ave. Arlington, MA Fresh Meat Groceries urn S . Xkff. ((if 646- W A Small Group Shop I : , Reflection in Time Victor Forand ‘ Grantiques Donna Grant Eleanor Chalmers . , Owner ours SaL w hg efose WeL, 221 5» HAIR SALON FOR MEW WOMEN Complete Haircare Specialists 643-3646 9 MEDFORD ST. ARLINGTON •} A ' i 643-6660 rr r?j 1 189 Massachusetts Avenue Ariingtori, V;A 02174 O k ' M l il.l HAPPINESS 8c SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 SCANLAN 8c BOWES 648-3050 8c PENNELL 8c THOMPSON 643-8800 REALTORS Cott-“grab” ' ulations Class of 1988 from ®rtnham s. Boston ' s Favorite Since 1914 Congratulations. ¥)uVe just earned die first Ba Bank FRIENDS DON ' T LET FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK Compliments of Arlington High’s SADD Chapter Co- Ad visors: Vincent D’Arttona Elizabeth Oppedisano T.EONE’S PROVISIONS Speciality foods caterin£f 617-648-0333 1312 Massachusetts Avc. Arlington, MA 02174 TUES. - Sat 10AM-4P.M (617) 643-8399 Thurs. Until 7 P.M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx caress - iSlilck tlnlimiled xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 127 Massachusetts avenue phyllis tremblay ARLINGTON, MA 02174 GLORIA GERA PATRONS James and Elizabeth Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chudigian Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Silver Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pedrini Aloyd and Sharon Hurley Larry and Karen Nichols Bob and Doris Hutchinson Donald and Elaine Marquis Mr. and Mrs. Rose Thomas M. Trevisani, Jr. Richard and Cheryl Collomb Marion Bond Dr. and Mrs. I.J. Fiorenza Mary Dunnigan Harold and Susan Fairbanks Jane W. Rogers Stephen and Anne Marie DIott Lorraine Freeman Mr. and Mrs. John Defeo Martin and Mary Conneely Bradford P. and Suzanne M. Tenney Mr. and Mrs. Sakorafas Mr. and Mrs. Santana Mr. and Mrs. James Nelson Seagulls Seafood Fishmarket DONORS The Culhane Family Eleanor Mendes Peter and Marie Brady Stephen Porretta Elinor Freedman Cathryn Cremens-Basbas Susan A. Ostrander Brian M. McCarthy Marilyn E. McCarthy Christo ' s Fruit Market The Irish Connection J . D Cleaners 224

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