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Cffj ' fir AUG 3 0 1988 jue e w{ii6H cotia i aARBj,r ' -fo Dedication “If I had a child who wanted to be a teacher, I would bid him godspeed as if he were going to wan. For indeed the war against prejudice greed and ignorance is eternal, and those who dedicate themselves to It give their lives no less because they may live to see some fraction of the battle won. ” — James Hilton As you, our teachers, our soldiers of knowledge, prepare to depart from the battleground, the class of 1 3BV wishes to express its sincerest appreciation for the lessons you have taught in the past, and extends en- during hopes for your future. HARRY MITCHELL RALPH GIOISA S MILTON MACDONALD MARTIN LANE AK ' S PA % SENIOR SECTION S.T.E.P. FACULTY ACTIVITIES SPORTS fRopuceP hH Mj Y5An3ci i{ AP-I-i ' TOiY Ht H jCHOe U AVB. t l - ' ViroA ' oTjnf PERFORMING ARTS 1 2S SUPERLATIVES 1 TV GANOIDS 1 ST SENIOR LIFE 1 40 ADVERTISEMENTS 1 S5 fp4 puc-r of Al il Top HIC.H oc-u •tti Ramble On Leaves are falling all around It ' s Cime I was on my way And thanks to you I ' m much obliged For such a pleasant stay But now It ' s time for me to go The autumn moon lights my way For now I smell the ram — and with it pain And It ' s headed my way Sometimes I grow so tired But now I know there’s one thing I gotta do Ramble On Now’s the time the time is now Sing my song I’m going round the world. I ' m gonna find my girl On my way I been this way ten years to the day Ramble On — find the queen of all my dreams Got no time for spreading news The time has come to be gone And though we’ve drank a thousand times It’s time to Ramble On Mine’s a tale that can ' t be told By the freedom I hold dear For years ago and day of old. when magic filled the air Twas in the darkest depths of Mordor — I met a girl so fair, but Golum. the evil one. crept up and slipped away with her And there ' s nothing I can do now I guess I keep on Rambling I’m gonna shake Sing my song I’m going round the world I ' m gonna find my girl On my way I’ve been this way ten years to the day I’m gonna Ramble On Its mottctio fJl O !! i ‘u t UMIJ fM tJm , mfam 4 ' ' a tut in SfH4» tt€ t UcAt f taf (K f (Vy 4 o a f n ' M ' JitfKfi f n’ C’j r in . io ffui Ui ' j Ittu i t o Atf mi 4 fu k y x Aitou‘ jA ' tM- Atu mif iAa ' 4 Ai e ntif aK‘inon A- f A ‘m 4’ p a An ttn eife imin A i t A fAott V M-etn to c4 n- M-ito4H pAA l l Ao 14P u ttA a IftfA m M Vot ( J onAif too-A tr rou iAo o tAaip t AA iAto r x rt A . oAA,44. 4A A Ax- JAe M4X .P fAat jAo uxxMAx aAA . Su xAoM y 44 4 40 4 44 Ao. 04 C A 4f4UxA tl»t4 ' J Ax 44A toHO tf044 An 11 tAA m 4 4 44X m4in A4 ' A Ai4 n44- a y ift y ittAA (Ao n t M’O ' m to C4iy4 ' y A 444X4. f4A444t ft 4444 ' 4t4lj to. Ax- flAo4 y M4 444- 4A4 44XjAf .A 44X1 4 t A4 ' 4440 y 4.44 t C414X fiAffit tAf. 4f4 ' 44f fAx-P y UX44ft t4‘ A4‘4X ' 4 4X4 , eOl4 ' Al 41 ftfA 4 ' 4‘ AAx 4 C4.4, roA tAf- Axxft 44xtJ4 4 4. 444 4, y (04, 4X0 W Ax,A., 44X 044. t 4404X4 ' 4f4 „o . ■». ,„ ,f 0,„„. • nf i ( i ,,„X J-tf iK-i ‘I .A ,o A, 7 SENIOR SECTION Andrew Adams CLASA ' B7’ YA! YA! I made it! So far. Brian. Mario AKA Guido Gregg. U-Mass. 2 His Holy Cros Beat that Mars. Senior Summer ' BS Sailin Italy (a J-World Champs. Good Times AC BOO! AHS well alright. Lhem Rule your the best . . . Wekk time to get the outa here! See ya!!! Jennifer Adams Jenn 121 Brattle St. EggCassPaB 1 oMelBaMHCatnipJBRocheMountaineInTheOpenSeaJG CantDance AHBURMAMS ReeeneMon SrealBpaziSingers AMBoBBub JCWooB ueNakedSkinOnSkin ERBOPHKCake Josh Michael BettysM2 CardonHead AHOP12BBB FrogDay BrotherSister TheSquare TheGang RADICAL The River ThanksgivingCopleyyo IKILLYOUBUBBA LookAtMe RESPECT GotTheKey THEGRAPH LaLa ThanksAll JennadamsFREAKS We ' reNotSca red We’re Awesome! Gina Albentazzi Robert Aldred Gina Albertazzi 52 Hillsdale Rd. Moe. Wila. Cha, Andy. Lucy. Er. — We Made It! Scooter Maka-Hi TBAM TheR-Mobile T -Bird WMint WTAMWOMF? The Poems! Pinecones BHC RW TD UGLY OH. AINB? Woolite TRASH SkiBB Bye Wila RGC BuddyW TheSW’s Dress SU up WWGP? AHOP P-Men D-DaySYICS! G. IGF T- dayBA MT Montreal L. WCP ? Jason Aliens M of NH RF MoeBFF HeeHeHe Thanks Mom S Dad Have fun Paula. Robert Aldred Frano 2-4 Dow Ave. I MADE IT BCCSSLICK DALLIN 73 MUSTANG WHAT A PIECE MONTREAL THE BEST TIME LJ TE NIGHT WITH JC IM JAMMING ON THE BOX IN THE MUD MOBILE U LOOSE A FEW POPS AN THEN SOME FOLEY WEB PIC HEF STEW PORK CHUBS DM LS MT BM KC JL JB JULIE C BEST TIMES HAMPTON FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE BUD WT FQU MW WALLY THANKS MOM S DAD WELL THAT’S ABOUT IT! I !!!!!!! ! I Andrew Adams Jennifer Adams □orene Allen Maura Alterio Themis John Amanancidis 1 6 Exeter St. Its T ime To Move on T o Bigger and Better Things. Soccer Good T imes at AHS. Party at CP house. Soccer Party at Menotomy BLACK SABBATHB6 CIOBG AEROSMITH Greece Summer of 85 The Rocks- Bridge JA CP ES NP JK JM TM SH DO VL Thanks Mom and Dad! Charlene Apidianakis Chuck 6 Indian Hill Road Jan. 22. GHB. KF — HYCCSSS — SYB! MB. GLASS. GLASS — Wood- work, GA — ywas! Hanks. 835207! AL-ALG, RS. RT2. DJ-TubeT! JM — URASL. Waltham D-D. Yarmouth BT! LA-TPBUS!. IKTR! THE BUMP. It’s orange! Rich Luv ya! YEAH. YEAH That ' s the ticket — Be my Little baby! Poems — Dl. MLTM 4-eva. Francis! Lex. GS.D-CM. SEAFOOD. Sr. Trip — BS.F.L. ? Is that Right Guy! Still Loving U! Thanks Mom DadS-Bro Too — Dl Twice! Dorene Allen Rene 211 Wachusett Ave. Joanie Nov 0. Maura McD’s s.c. Bye Anna. DC. JM. LA. TA 2 more years. Steve I’ll miss you. Hey JT What ' sgonna happen to JA? Ma re- member PURK. Johnny C S Braga I ' ll be seeing U2. S-31 -BB TA S MA you’ll be out soon. GoodTimes in H. SO. S ontheAve. HEENAN! N. Hamp- shire-CA THE TENT. KP S JT Revere S.way. 1 0-31 -85! Up the farm. The nite we D.N.G.H. Thanks Mom and Dad. NHYC. Maura Alterio Mo AC Walnut St. MAURA’’B " Luv ya Lil Gina Chuck Andy. Keith, S Wagon 85-86 Fitz Deb L, it was fun NP 3 2-4 86! Arl. G. Waltham 7 21 85 OLPL 1 28 86. TFC?! D-Day 2 1 2 86 PTAMHI SHADES. Vies 4:30 CWYB? Bye Rene. NHYC SB! GA. BFFAA! GL. CAGMA Chudigs. ha Rt 2 $50? LUV ya GREEK!. IKTR! ! G-Bye JKGAK. Thanx! Luv ya Derek Fish! Hazelnuts!? LyL ChrisGColette GBTY Thanx MGD. Themis John Amaran-tidls Charlene Apidianakis B Jill Amenkowicz Spaz Spikey AS Draper Ave DONNY2 7 SB I LUV YOU! DARL " IS HE MAD? " " BUDDIES " DC. KC, LH. HF. JC, LS. KM. DC. KB HTIMSDREA SOC. " YEABABYYEA! " TEN. " NAN " L + L " KELL " BM NBUNS DD ANTS Jr. SEMI DM Jr. PROM MEMORIES AT MENOTS + HS WHB TOGA LADI IWYTIMTITC WWATTAGE! ! SP. ORT + MS O BALL THE DRAINPIPE MOM + DAD + HOLLY + NICKI I LOVE YOU ALL Steve Andpn A3 Pond Lane PROBLYI! Washington. Quebec. Montreal. HAAS’N’Hi-C! ! Cape ' SB the JLP SKI TRIPS. HEE-HEE-HEE! AHS Football A yrs. NO INJURIES Soph ball 1 0-0 Island Trips BOO. RUINS Hockey Sp. Track J av Best of times with Burkie. Deep. Jim. Frank. Tony. Loon. Bots. Steve. Hoagie. Dave. CHUK! Hampton ' B5 GUNNY NICE BOAT! JrProm THANX JR LAKE WIN. FCOLILYJR! BYE AHS. MISS YOU ALL Paolo Aurilio Michael Aumuellen Lila Auron Lillian 1 1 Magnolia St. Always Remember Mo Gina Chuck Andy YCNHS6 " 7 21 S3 D-Day WMint Vies 4:30 Fitz DL SB BAH Scooter Ugh! Slick CRUISE Al Wagon Rt2 50$ PTAMH R C WESKI CRSC 4th of July SB UZ LM MaineBB M M Gina a message? GA when Fish Thanks Mrs Z DS Mucka hi Chuags Mo ya big dummy Party bus IKTR My suitcase pennies Grill Skin Military Thanks MomQDad Thanks Dawn Dimitrios Antonakis Robert Assanian Paolo Aurilio 42 Lantern Lane If you could Just get your mind Together and come on over to me we ' ll hold hands and watch the sun rise from the bottom of the sea. But first ARE YOU EXPERIENCED. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN EXPERIENCED. WELL I HAVE, . . JH MontrealSB GSS STEAK STICKS SKIB3-BB VHSB Lunch w MW AEROSMITHS4 if we could just join hands KNDB BB AB DL JP Stay Cool Thanks MomS-Dad See you AHS Lila Aunin Jill Amenkowicz Steve Andon Dimitrios Antonakis Jim 42 Scituate St. SOCCER PARTY. 3 24 B5. Thanks Kim. VARSITY SOCCER. JIB- BER!!!!!!!!. Skippy Falconides. Deb G. Kelly F. Liz H. NPTAES CP JJ JM JK AK JM CM DG. Mr. Girdux — S5 — GBL Champs, Jr Semi Evi Sr Prom SB. Thanks Mom and Dad. Steve — Penny — Peter. Robert Assarian Kabob 1 ST Oakland Ave. Cross Country. Track, New friends Good Times license, work, Ken ' s car, Mike you look absolutely marvelous. Have a good one. Junior Prom. Thanks MV and PH for a great time. Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me through High School. KaBrags how’s the cow stickers Alex Banmashi a Sharon Bass Andrew Beaudoin Carolyn Begley Begs. Bagels 34 Hancock Street Hallo babe! Need a register tape? Softball Orchtrips Monkees S 2B B6 DUCKS! Good TimesW SSS gang: LGMJCDSMMP JHBC EasterSeals Game WHERES THE REAL BEACH? WaldenPond. JrSemiSProm, STAFMr. Dillons period " 7 class LatinBclassSitdownElaine! LABS? HISPMM! Spam Gotta bernia CD?BSKloungeMontreal Riti. AB. POOL PARTYTPEM Codysmurfs Good Luck Tom Luke S Joanna Thanks Mum S. Dad. Jennifer Belden Jen 3 Upland Road West See ya AHS! Best of Friends DL. JT. CM, CK, JW. VV. HR. DC. PF. RC, BM. RK, BS. BH. RD. DD Summer B5S,S6 ILU MP 4 1 S BB Camp Cal B 1-2-3 U TYE DEB? BFF summer nights cape cod! Toe! MBC-Snortz Parties at Chez ' s + Debs 1 0 2’7 B4-2 BB Hoi Dude FLA. B5 TSA Spk a spleef! Deb, I think its SNOWING! CSWBS.D ME. SB SMST BISH Menots AHS JF APT Thanks MaSDad ILU Rick Good Luck MerSChris Sharon Bass Sparky 1 5 Qid Colony Rd. ILYF John 0 2 B5 Communicate Der! SKIN! DOKKEN 1 3 MICH LT GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES YOU KNOW I ' VE HAD MY SHARE What Junior Prom? BUD IS WISER Sags S Troll LUV YA! RS, NL. SP. PA. JB, TK BRAWNY-ZING! Wheres the rez? Stevie Nicks Leather S. Lace Roxanne Its time to go home when the Sunbeam truck arrives! Thanks Mom, Dad, AnnetteSNana I miss you Pa! Later days AHS! Andrew Beaudoin Bo 60 Hibbert St. What a crew! MP JM BG AA MP GP BO! Thanx you made it bearable. Weirs Beach! MontrealSQuebec — AWESOME! Crazy Andy the Boom Boom! Boys State! United Nations! 2-on-2 ST. E’s! IVIarching band — are we having fun yet? Proms Semis! WSSL! French Club Basketball — I Tried! Mario — all the best! Mom, Dad, Steve. Ken Thanx for being there! Love you all Always! Au Revoir. Carolyn Begley Jennifer Belden Lisa Berglund Mary Bertolami Ed Bibeau Beebs 21 Old Middlesex Path GOLD ' S GYM THE GROUP Matt Chuck Pete Ed Chris Nick Ted Mike Al Anthony Jack Harry Nova SS Cape NH Bonn FIRES In Maine KILL AC fags Human map This Way For Pizza at UMASS Amhurst Molson Golden Post Grad then to Wentwerth Chuck Lets go get some FOOD SK said go SICK HeadButts Rule Lifting 4-ever CORROLA 5-Speed Later A. H.S. Woahh Thanx Ma Dad Love ya. Scott Blake 1 5B Mt. Vernon Street THANKS FDR ALL THE GOOD TIMES, The oven, C. F. N. BZ. Third Rail, Prom Night, Passage to Bankok, Wingarskeek. Soccer. Tennis. Spain, " Jou know It. baby. " Bush, Floyd. Led Zep, " Go Buck, " Gabby S Boris, Semi night in the woods. Chem class. Prom Night, " All the world ' s indeed a stage and we are merely players, " " Why aren ' t you in chains?, " Thanks Mom. Dad. and Laurie. Lisa Berglund Lee 131 Wildwood Avenue KIMDCDCCMASKBDOJFJWKMJARPRMDLBMKFSMBMPFRC Jr SemiBGJrProm Kell — LbBowtieHP — 42 — MenotsAHSnightsSat nightsatBrians0 1 4 S5 Kelly ' sPartyLotso ' . . . BUDDIES GardenKD MDteethH AMPTONS4 ASBBBamMega Womanbagahypo DogmeTo darktoswimKSWALL toiletWake upSlaugh 1 BOO DUNDOLOLUEY RADIATOR 1 D4QUICKTANLINEScathysummer GlosterBBSr Conven- tion MA TIES SOXGoodbyeAHS, Thankyou Mom and Dad luv ya Mary Bertolami Bert 252 Pleasant Street SUP? Kim, Stace, Shmoo, Kell. Maz, Skid. MARSHFIELD. I should be at the beach! Lin — How ' s the ears? Che-Low S Behold. Kim — Is there something green in your drink too? It must be this lunch! Put some 1 5 on Julie! Throw the clicker! Hi Nun — My Godchild. One night last week. Fish. Remember to stay out of last stall. MJ AD JL BC. BG LC RM CJS Thanks for all you do Mom S Dad I Love You! Ed Bibeau 10 Bob Bongiorno 30 Mc. Vernon Street Boston Herald Revere BHampton RRcer Risk ID Skipper Mary re- member prom! orctresssoxvmets43BatSQO May 31 Brews party hardy in ' 05 Summer of ' SB Nantasket Mary T om Paul Kim Kelli John BJ Miss you all Adios AHS OK Rosey AB JC LAURA Thanks for the notes Yaa! ! I Laura I still Haven ' t any homework in A years Joe dull Starr Thanks Mom Si Dad. Seta Boniukian AB Blossom Street AIMNSTENDS TALSONSET the 3 Mus. CLDWDALERTBBEEP Re- member Sears. AH — Y A. My Mama DunnToldMeTo Get a Wabbit Per Dinner Nope” " Can ' t Do It It Was Terrible, get it? Against all odds Wanna Go To Cal? somel ' s Ticklish. All night long " the mall " gone to church lately FK Bruce Grey — shun — dunremember summer of ' SB. I finally Got What I wanted Skidrow Bils Bungalow Nothing Moral Goes On In Sock Ally! Thanx Ma S dad luv ya. Greg Booth Aj Anastatia Bounikas Bob Bongiorno Seta Bonjuklan Greg Booth BD 22 Farrington Street DIANE S-1A-S5 SILVERLAKE — I LOVE YOU! DECEMBER = HEAVEN STORIES WRITTEN TO ME! WEEKENDS IN NH + ST. JOE ' S! ACCIDENTS I CURED ILLNESS! HAMPTON ' B5 + ' SB GOOD TIMES WITH JB PW SC PH DD KD JB + GB — BOOTH BROTHERS! — MOM S OAO — THANKS — ILY I ' LL NEVER FORGET YOU, OIANE. ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONOER! Anastatia Bourikas Ann 1 2B Lowell Street Befri Seta Skating Rink Ah — No? My Mama Done Told Me Cloud Alert BB BE EP Nothing Moral Goes On In Sock Alley Skid Row Bill ' s Bungalow Remember Sears Let The Music Play Four At Once Seta Get Off Your Knees Softball — 1 st baseman Outrageous Cape -4th Of July Car BB RG SHHH It ' s Casual Fish Parties It ' s Classic Let ' s Hit a Jaguar Wench Best Times I ' m Darker Nice Summer " SB” Thanks Mom S Dad Love Ya! □ave Boutchia Laura A, Bowerman Anthony Braga Mr. Ocho 2S1 Forest Street What ' s up guy? Tashmoo, DBKN, Monahan ' s class, " Heaven and Hell, it goes on and on. " Halloween, Freddy Krueger, violence, sack, JA, Greeks and Polacks, Anarchy, NAA! — " Knowledge was it worth such torment? Oh, to see the far side of shadow, and still I ' m standing here. I’m awaiting this grand transition, I am a fool in search of wisdom and I’m on the roads to madness. ” Kell y Brennan Kell 1 S3 Westminster Avenue DO KM JF DC CM JW DC LB AS KS DL parties CMON WILL YA? cd BAGPATRDL NASLOSHED! WHAT FIREWORKS? SEROHWROJAM — Go Fer It Canada! Skip School! AHSFIELDMENOTS — CAPE DONNA UPOOP! HOTEL HAMPTON ' BB SAM Because U Deserve SCUBBA- DOGMEYOODLECPMW — SUNRISE TOILET GAS? SEND MY LUG- GAGE. SIAB! AFTASCHOOL! SENIORS WE MADE IT! BOF AEVA DEE. CHARGA THANX FRANK — LUV YA MIKE 7 3 B5 HUGS S KISSES THANKS MA DAD I LOVE YOU! Dave Boutchia Boosh AA Michael Street All the ones that love you don’t cast them aside — iron maiden, 22 Acacia Avenue AC DC, Led Zeppelin. " Welcome into the vortex!!!!!” The Cen- ter. " I curse the gloom that set upon us. " Led Zeppelin. Laura A. Bowerman Bowerman 2B Candia Street Bubblegum Gang BFF F.H. (B3-SB) SS JV The Man A-12-B4 semi proms ARTIE Hampton w MB KS RAIN! KELLY on us twice! SUE — no more fights MARTY — He ' s a — 1 0! ALI — MEGS luv u SUZY — Sacajawea ANDREA — coolers? @ MENOTS BOB — newspaper? KS AM KP double dates AD gas in Revere? DMB W TCL The Maid Ick Florida bound! luv u mom and dad It ' s been wicked awesome. Anthon ' y Braga Kelly Brennan 1 1 Paul Burke Suzy Burke Peter Calakoutis NAAH!!! Matt, Chuck. Bibs, Chres, Ted, NIK, Antonio the group 1 sayed the group. The fat Polish sow stone head Round head hard head The chicken PARIS YOU MORON NANARIS NANOU NANDRON Grandizer vs ' SB Monte Carlo MIKES GYM Mr, Hardcore Tanoram I Z S 3 NAY Stop the car where gone die sweet Pauli Purebread No. bird nov Plane not even fros i ts just little me? Dennis Callahan Cals 54 Lennon Road ARNF BEST FRIENDS TANIS BAND NBAKA PM LANKY CORTINA INN VERMONTSACO BOUND SBOZ ' S TWIN MTS. SAAKIQUEBEC " ABDZ " DAM CURVED RAIN COAT HARBOR CRUISE WW RAFTING AIR STREAM ' BB FLOYDIZEPP BEST WESTERN B B SB MCFIC SEIBBOD MONAHAN SB THE RINK GERMANY HOCKEY THANKS FOR THE BEST SUMMER AND MUCH MORE SHERYL ILY THANKS MOM + DAD I LOVE YOU Peter Calakoutis Dennis Callahan Bill Broderick Matthew Bryant Maryanne Buckley Mary 38 Pine Street Friends KG. CD, SB. SS. LB. MJ. Field Hockey! GBL CHAMPS ' SB B Laps? CAMP ' S5. Its Optional 4 flights! Softball NY trip NAHANT PB, KS. Jr Sr Proms Semis! Hampton Beach? UADIES! The Twist, PAUL. 3-B-B5. Traveling Solo To Florida 4-21 -SB Where ' s My Flight? Bubba Loo Boogie Down Mr. B. Is In The Home Chem w Cody Where ' s B.O. ' s LAB! Chuuknow It Babe! DDwith M and D! MAINE LUV U MOM DAD JUDY FLORIDA BOUND! Eileen Burke B Jason Terrace Thanks to all the teachers I hope. I ' m ready for what ' s ahead! Best Friends — Jeanne — Marlene — Dionne — Also good times with: LC. CC. LM. AM. KS. V-BALUTrack Johnnies S + S Symmes Sen. Prom CS Jr Prom Bathroom letters " Brian " BB toys Maine Hampton — Stuck with GIZMO Marlene, we will survive I ' m finally out of here I LOVE YOU MOM. DAD AND FAMILY. Bill Broderick BB 1 424 Massachusetts Avenue IN S, OUTDOOR TRACK GBL CHAMPS ' S5- ' BB; NANTUCKET SUMMERS; 3 STRIKES WYTHE BIKE! ; JR PROM W AZ, NFKF! ; ABGC: STAFF + KIDS THANX: JEN + DEB, DAN, SAL, DUTCH, JK, RICH + WAYNE. AIMEE, DK. ADAM + DANIELL, LOONEY. GREG, MC, 2 KIMS, BECKY! MICHAEL f JOHNATHAN, 2x2, 3 MARYS, MAURA, 2 KELLYS, 3 KARAS, JC. PB, KD. 3 CAPS = 1 MILE. THANX COACHES! BOLIVIAN RHAPSODY, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! LOVE YA MOM! DAD + FAM Matt Bryant 70 Kensington Park V Hockey w nuby, wasted nights behind the high school but my buddies kept me warm. The van can! Cathy good times remembered, each episode! Beach — couch + cold swilly w Boka. BC — Budtree, landscap- ing?? Hampton w Gumby! Good Luck — BM, PF, PK, Kell, C — dog, Riga, Geno, BS, BH. MT. 2DM, MM. Jude, and to anyone else I might have talked to. Thanks Mom + Dad. Maryanne Buckley Eileen Burke Paul Burke Burkie 1 5 Fremont Court I 3 YEARS V. FOOTBALL 44 — Soph. Yr. 10-0, Sen. Yr. COULD BE |i PROFITABLE! JAV. 200 Ft. ? — B. O. F. EGGIE DEEP JIM FRANK LOON |l BOTS, KC, DK. GC, DM, JF, KM, CK, SS — 5 24 B5 THANKS KIM, I LUV YA! ISI_V ND TRIPS — SKI T RIP W KR! — NAGOG; Oh No, The Car , Broke Down — RN — KODL S GANG — JOE ' s HOUSE. SURF — Jr I PROM, S — M — ALL LIMO! IT MIGHT BE! WIT! MAJOR SKIP PAGE — J DH — HC FB CAMP, CRAZED DOGS! COLLEGE BOUND?! ' B7 — I THANKS MA S DAD, I LUV YOU BOTH Suzy Burke 1 1 Lorraine Terrace We made It! florida — MB, MK. CD. KM, LG, KG. AM, KS. LB — Say " FS " and L + C. MK — Tom ' s coming! Courtyard after practice. Before al- J ways. No more BC and FH, now |ust onto " NB. " MB — Wallex, Stop at i red lights? AM — DollyA . . . Dudds, put notes back together! Tennis ' 83- ' BB, Girls did you run? Both Juniors! Thanks Mom. Dad, and Sand, j Love You. I Michael Carbone 30 Yerxa Road Remember Necrophilia! Montreal is true sickness! Hey Mr. Greekman. Lick it up. Put it in the vents. From Guidance. Get a haircut! Who is Bone? Must be me. Hey Zippy! Hey man who is great, what’s up? So you think it IS a big joke. My original freshman. Buona fortuna. Who made me write this? Who could It be, maybe . . . Leah Carlson PAHTOOEY! Luv ya Chris. Stop being silly in my car — DC. JT. Look it ' s on MTV and the radio at the same time — KS, DC. Cape Cod 3-8 8S Someone’s watching you. 5-3-86 rules. JR. Semi — where are we? Ls — This is my egg. I HATE CURBS!! It ' s a black car so turn on your lights. Thanks for listening — DC. JT. KGandCJ. Lots of Love. Mom. Dad. Eric, and Scot. John Carnell Donna Carrol Michael Carbone Leah Carlson John Carnell Jonny C 325 Gray St. Cross Country Indoor and Outdoor Track Hampton ' 85. ' S6 MVSB. Rink The Hill AL ' S Garage JR PROM WHATS UP GUY Big Cheese TASHMOOKel Deb nice Brm menots WW. D. I’s many kgs gatherings W. woods MV. ’S5 + ' SB Cape MR OCHO. AB ' s Cottage The Boat Re- member the ice on the Lake Thanx MOM + DAD Donna Carroll 20 Rich Road Buddys, JW DC KS LB DO KB JF CM KM AS JA JB DL KT DF. Hampton " DOG ME " KS. are ya lookin, the cellar rm. 1 0-4 all niters DODCKM jolly Joes KB you poop! Bonjovi sunrises jr. prom goodbye to romance GB to friends KB Karate Kid. DF With the WHOPEE PIE YOEDELIN THE TOI- LET 1 BOO Glouster Meatballs I’ll Have a medium orange The middle KS. HAMPTONS BACKROOM BATHROOM! Luv Ya Ma S Dad! Kristen Carter S Hodge Road BUA-BUA! Burma. Pickleface. WHAT? rm 70S. AR-THUR? Bemellowor leave! CAPE ' SB ' — violation D — Del Rio, Alison, AURPRISE PARTY 1 6th (thanx everyone] R — Cartrouble. I am human .... RAF the jellow- book. JBit’s smyb-day! j — forget about it! WAHR — TUJ, Quieche. AM — the man shot the duckie the CLT — JG. SL — T. RJ. CH. gramma. Jennadams survival, wobbie — Jrsemi, m — 2 We’re-not-scared-we’re- awesome — ! M + D I love you!. Amerigo A. Caruso Ricky Carous 71 Morningside Drive Michelle 6 23 BB love ya Summer St. Rez Stratton Bishop BS BM PE DH DM SC BH AS KS LB SK PD PK CK IR TG BG BM DL JM JS KB partying with my buddies kidnapping Karen 1 1 27 85 Koala-N-Pooky A- eva 1 2 22 S3 you will marry me I LOVE YOU over the curb with Christina S Michelle Led-Zeppelin AEROSMITH at Foxboro sick time JBAR I Love you Mom S. Dad thanx P$C Kristen Carter Amerigo Caruso Kristen Catlin 1 g Edith Street HI BUDDY Dh Baby Cheese Whiz Yeah thats the ticket ASPSEDWH (hahaJ Goonygoogoo Hampton — Dave V BB HEY EL! WHERES JDNNY? Hows JNT? Boston in the rain 2 BB Brook! What brook? 0 1 3 SB — Remote control + self-control CB + B) Deb — I hate Queen Senior Con- vention! Thanks all you dungs — its been great Thanks Dad — I couldn ' t have done it without your help ... I LDVE YOU Kathleen T. Cauley Kathy 1 0 Epping Street I want to thank everyone who helped me get through Arlington High. My friends, teachers, Mr. DAntona, and Mrs. Weber. Especially my Mom. Dad and Diane. I had a good four years. Kristen Catlin Kathleen T. Cauley 13 Edward Chalmers Kimberly Chambas Joey Chang Chang 1 S2 Westminister Avenue Beatles. LCA ■4ever. JensenKL — S5CJ.AH Girls: ILY LY. JP. Lynn P. MB Film, TV-Hollywood, Ca. Rules w o him I can do nothing Thanx Mom Dad you put up with so much — Unity — I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together like fools, w o love you ain ' t nothing Darlene Chebator Dari 1 20 Ronald Road BUDdies KM DO KB DC JW JA JF CM AS KS LB DL JB LK RP. HS Field Menots Pyts KB DO DL CM LK. Hampton Sam. Toilet, KSKitty, Thumbs up. SOBw JW, BK. Megawomen. Cormsat3:00. DC bathroom. Dash- board. Malevery limo, DR Marblehead. Glouster shamu, Mal FM.DC PL. Canada Go For it. Spain S in the navy. Leather + Lace. Nice eyes Fred 1 -BOO. Bon Jovi? 38 Spec MB Semi SF Prom? Skippy Luv ya Ma + Dad + Bobby Karen Chiara Keith Chinal Nici ' Chobanian 25 Reed Street LONG LIVE RANDY RHOADS KS KC DC LC DM MO RM KM But he’s lust a kid muya Killer Rats Rafe Nina Ton Rex Skel Plas Helium Emmet mouth I Luv Ches Hanoi Blizzard 1 3 Maiden Disco Hey. I’m sick Wicked sick U2 Sting CAFE H. P. LovecrafC DSD The Square Scary Guy Bass Ca. Lata AHS WWB MLH BTC Do Not Spend time Searching for those Wasted Years PEACE Mommy, xox George Christinakis Greek 3S Melrose Street GOOD and BAD Times with GS CR MR JD TV MV TT MT TM AB KC GS NS MP AEROSMITH ’BA CAPECDD BA B5 BB BUD COOPS at REVERE BOOTAH you’re BAKED stop laughing PROM? 1 5 min. Hanging out on Melrose st with MT TT V — TrackGBL Champs ’SB SENIOR CONVEN- TION MADHOUSE at AHS THOR SKIPPER MY B-DAY PARTY BELLY DANCER ’B5 MUSTANG GOOD LUCK CLA.SS OF ’S7 THANX MA + DAD MELINA IT’S OVER Edward Chalmers Ed 65 Candia Street Janet: 5 2 S5 GREEN EYES! [The Operalstray awake] Hampton CSSMW] Somewhere on a Deserted Highway? Read my mind? J MP WF XPY. FOOTBALL Capt. BA 1 0-0 3A I HATE THE MILEI BASEBALL 3 I TRACK GBL Champs DM. JR. MT. DM. RK. DH [ABUNCH OF KOOKS!) Hiz Liggins [RKTS) ANNUAL RA-HA Wiffleball BBBB Edisms Tues. Nights RN dio daddnarg! It’s Finally overl BUT It’s Been CRAZY! Kimberly Chambers 1 5 Farrington Street BF — CP me bm Ic Im CP always remember ELSE. KB. JOHNF. ERNIE CP f EC 4-EVA MC + MSA — EVA HEYBUD. PARTY! WINTERHILLP. RUNS VAN-HALEN CONCERT AUG 1 A LC REMEMBER HEINKELLER SH ETS. OURAQT! HOWS IT HANGIN?? SUMMER OF — D — SW DC SUMMER OF AD6W UBCRUE + ELSE. THE POND BOATING CRUZIN , IN THE CAMARO. KINICUPCAKESMETMS CLASS OF A-D-ZRULES! THANKS MOM. DAD + DEANNE FOR EVERYTHING LUV YA. CATER AHS. Joey Chang Darlene Chebator Karen Chiara Chuwawa BB College Avenue It’s Over! TFAAYGINF! JA S LH FK CK TT DG EP JC LD KC KF TR Summer ’B5 Wte Hse Parties! Tke R Bth Awy Chez! Hey Fo. Which 1 ? GAAB Sorry Pky Sr Cnvtn — Mess! Cheerins the Best LuvYa Fin! Gar- den ’SB! HS. Menots S Farm. Proms! I’m latel 3 30 SA John Aever! ! Why? Baby Spell. Thanx Mom S, Dad. Frank. Paul. Denise. N S. S Luv Ya! Good Luck Guys! ‘ Keith Chinal Mag 1 Z Fremont Court THE JANITOR hey where is BILL S BOB’S Ath of July over Sean’s St ' Patty’s Day ’BA LATER RALPH JR Prom SB AB PB RF MO BK TO AD TM ' MK Vermont Hampton Soph English MONAHAN A 2B B6 smatted Saturday night at Seans the stands. Menot. Waldo THOR nice face | Onionhead WCC DH MH MC AC BS GO PS Don’s Party Bickfords IHOP ] chewnscrew AEROSMITH TP Thanx Ma I Love You See Ya Nici Chobanian Sharon Civittolo Stephen Colpitts Kellie Connors Thumper 35 Lafayette St. Color guard assistant manager WAHR — Radio shows — thumper + Lil Nuke in Lori. Thanx 4 being there anf 4 being my best friend. S 1 T BG — DEJBASD + BB DCM + KM JD JP IH BH CG SM DC WB IS AM JH MM AP I LUV U 4ER IK 4ALWAYS TEDDY BEARS, BALLOONS, RAINBOW, JOAN JETT. CONCERTS, WAL-LEX, EINNI BRIGHAMS — HARVARD SQ. GORGEOUS HUNK. MIAMI VICE — 10 31 SB. hAVE-U-TODAY? THANKS MOM, DAD. PATRICK, KITTEN. LORI. Janet Constantin 70 Oak Hill Drive CHRISSYBudHOLLY HolbalibaHIZLIG ED 5 2 S5 Guess What? Sorry Wrong 1 Chalmers Can URSo Cute Nite(5 ' Hampton JM PW FZ PV always EK JA KG Vanchoc Straw Bike Trips Stevie III Get Towel Hole- NWall GionSaPahty 2Nite Girls Hampton S4-B BoarsHead Rm3 Whip- lash Scream NEW + on Wagon 1 1 Kids MTs Moped Cheerin Fin TenisNan Drainpipe ski trips Nice Limo SS CK KMEgg Luv S. Thanx Mom Dad S Lin Sharon Civittolo Civ 4S Moulton Road Basketball 4 Years 14, THE BUE SMURF FRIENDS: EM-KAY, MICHELLE, MICHELLE. MARIA, AIMEE, BONES. LC SB LM KC RF TW Slumerville " What’s that stuff on the ceiling? " Revere Remember Chemistry + Mr. Cody ‘Tm out of here FINALLY " 3 27 SG Thanx Mom + Dad. Joe + Dee I Always Remember Grandma Luv ya! Kellie Conners Janet Constantin Kristen Coombes Shaun C. Cooney Chris Coletto Round Head 4 Ivy Circle ’SB was a great year. Hey PC CH MM EB EC NR TP EM and BECKY. Don’t forget the Summer parties. Hey Ted. Nice Hydroplane. The Golds Classic. AEROSMITH. stone, square. Matt. Nick, straight, Beebs, Ants, Onion, Sheppy, and the Chicken. Hey Nick about ten minutes. I’ll crush you all. NOVAvsChallenger. Joe m for pres. NICE life. 7 B BB — the BEST, Don’t Forget BECKY. I Love you Mom + Dad Jeff Corrigan Newman? 4B George Street Thanks to all my BUDdies: PO WO Bud Pic JF SL MT SK Skinna MW JS — Dallin + BCC Busboy lounge Slick sux Montreal? Dr — was It ZOONITH Max Each at Hampton. AH Few pops The Den Memba Friza I’m gonna be jiz Lafaves house Pic — Where did you sleep last night? I made it up SC — wanna pop sociables lights out Rocket fuel you’re Oak Thanks Ma + Dad Kristen Coombes Kris 1 B7 Westminster Ave. I LOVE YOU JOHN NC JF KS DC LC NUUCKY! KILLER RATSAREATTACKING THE CITY DAHIPCHUCK! U2 4 1 2 B4 BONO NO FILM! SPAG IN THE BAG WWBIHESCARY GUY JF BLA-A-AKE! NC ALEWIFE VANDALS ACK OOP DC 1st ALL NIGHTER KS SCARY MOTORCYCLES GRAAATE! AEROSMITH S 31 SB CARNOVICES CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S FINALLY OVER! I I MADE IT! I THANX MOM. DAD, CHEZ, AND BRYAN. I LOVE YOU ALL. Shaun C. Cooney Coon Dawg 1 1 Twin Circle Drive V football 3 yrs Capt ’SB 1 0-0 V Hockey 4 yrs Garden GOAL! I V Golf with Mr. Barrett gym with Quigs Mr. Dillon what a defense Pettyball champs with Kell Bizarre!! Kell, PK, NH, DM. JR. MT, DH, DM, JC CNEWMAN?!] and of course the Lawrence Lane gang See ya AHS I know you’ll miss me thanx Todd Lauren Mom + Tom I Love you all hope to be readin’ this in Fornia in a year! Chris Coletto Jeff Corrigan Stephen Coughlin Jim Coveno Lisa Crewe Shmoo 253 Pleasant Street Buddies LM MP KF MB KN SM LH EB DT CK JA HF Kell Dude BBF Chiquitas Forever I’d Rather be Dancing B-ball and Track Teams Soccer Rules Fave coaches Dad and Ray Oh Maybe Oh my beep Latin Valentine Parkay Obsession lt’s not easy being green Get out of the last stall One night last week, right? B C HH Holly Mon you ' re PB Love and Thanx Mom, Dad, Jen, Joe, Gram Carol Cronin 1 47 Scituate Street V Field Hockey — GBL Champs PARTIES CT KF DJ TH LD RP TB TM BK No More Fence Jumping — 353 Art — Deb The Farm — TA Foodfight, Behind S S, S officer WHO? Wanna drive — KF S45. Katy ' s party mono (ya that ' s it] SIDE EFFECTS! ! Math Class? CHa) late Again, Detention. KW ' s driveway. BK — Peter ' s PartyCs] SKIP! CV. CCA] Wanna talk about It?! ! Whattt! EW 10-1 O-BB Good Luck Class of ' B7 Laura Cullen Diane Curry Didi 2-4 Bow St. Party hearty! Rock-n-roll rules — Led-Zep-J Page 1 Stairway to Heaven — Aerosmith. Parties, concerts C‘4 1 8G3. Harvard Sq. Vermont. Revere. ILURW. THE MOUTH. Aunt Pauline, the scary guy. vwvb. m 1 h. funsteps, picking flowers Cyeh. that ' s it] He ' s fun to party with! KCC1 St all niter 83] ksnc Cnuci] 1 c Cyum] JT. Who ' s Hank? Hi Dudes! Yo Jamaica muni sbw. thanks Ma + Dad 5 18 85 lata AHS. Stephen Cutone Due 51 Morningside Drive Hey lets join the VOLVD Club Seagulls Rules Ha you got Beer in that there cooler Bill Steve I figured out what those people were carring out of the Restaront Last NIGHT They were doggy Bags T o good T imes in AHS TG BS BH TM JK KC RC AB PF BM MM EB SS Thanks Mom and Dad Stephen Coughlin 61 Rangeley Roac ABOT MYSTICS JAN 26 1085 SACCO CAMPING VERMONT BARS-I HAMPTON SEBAGO LIQUORSTORE CALS ASHB Y RINK BB NB ' $50 CORMIERS BANO DEKA ROOM1 D3 JACKET BEST WESTERN.i PROMRV COMFORTABLY NUMB CARDS SEPT29th HOCKEY.i ICEPALACETTV ROOM THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR HELPING ME| THROUGH SCHOOL ILY A SPECIAL THANKS TO SOMEONE WHC; WILL ALWAYS BE MY " INSPIRATION " I LOVE YOU SHERYLVMARCF: 13 1 980 HOPEFULLY | Jim Coveno Jim 5T Lantern Lane OH SHOO! VFootball 81 ' 8G underdogSrs HCFC Discus BOF Burkie Deep Eggy Flank Loon JF DK BG BOO KooInThe Gang Jr Prom KM Get Down SM Limo Ya! Mr. Hollywood Island Trips leak works Feeshir NagogRN Nice Everything Might Not! Deep — When? Ski T rip ‘8G? Joes 4Wheelin-n-Waves Ploppin WIT Thanx TracyR pal Brown Baggin — the real men LA.TER! Thanx Ma and Dad Luv Ya Lisa Crewe Carol Cronin Laura Cullen Cherryhead 31 Onvis Road ' B7: PARTY! Best Friends CKB, LZ, LH.MH, MM, MT, CC] MM ' S PARTY! Jr Prm REVERE M ' cied ' s RUSHMDRE RULES! Brighams Ben S Wally! Civ, hows the Bike? Egg Roll S. Steve Taco S. Tobacco April 4th! Yes Group S Ski Trip LisaZ. as Whitney! LH the new alphabet! AKU AKU! RIA — the window! Ca BUBBLES! THE BOTA! THANX GOSTO! THANX MOM, DAD, LARRY, SCOTT, SHAUN and CLARE! GOOD LUCK C1_V SS OF " B7 " PARTY! Ed Curley Straight 3SQ Appleton Street Chris Chuck Pete Ted Nick Matt shereareweUMASSBEEBSv DLDT- TBILLODIKN OW what Im Doing Kennas Parties Quarter Suitcase Hel- ter Skelter Golds Gym Chris Tiedy esplit wood not at oms LEDZEPPELIN Houses of The Holy JOJON ew Hampshire on Sunday SHANKSTED and Mare ' s Parties Half keg George Ange la MATT see any skipper POETS Strawberry Fields Forever Thanks Mom Diane Curr ' y Stephen Cutone 16 Paul DeKarski Lisa Deldon Mike Delia 0O Thorndike St. PEEP BEET WALDO THOR SDBEW DREW GAZ FU LOU MIT PETE VON DEAN OD MALIBU BEAST MATT " EASY IROC " QUOPE AVE CHURCH VAND ' B5 NEW YEARS BULLET NOVA THORNDIKE " ALBERT EDE " MOUSE CRAZY CADY MALL GOODOLSHOOTIN SHACK CD’S CAR THE WEEDS AB CHOIRES STU KEITH Jay James Demopoulos 1 D Cedor Ave j WAHRstation mngrCabI HockeyGames wTredLaunieS " NoaH " MON- TREAL ' BB " IDontRemember " MikeDonna chnissy S John Hey SWAZ j " Its Been InTeresTing " BFAAF HUGBUDDIES — BSHeather 1 -4CON- 1 CERTS — HEARTRULES! ROWERSTATION B 1 9 B5 RmZOSJTJr I semiw Paula JRPnomw Katleen Doubling w Kellie, Journal Ismw • mrcasey Happycampers S, Dirtbombs CantForgetTrale, Linda. Beth, 1 BETH S rest of Girls Soccerteam. Thanx MoM S DaD Kevin Daley Quint T Gould Road HEY FELLAS MH MM JJ JM RN SS SS KR TN GF GK BBALL 2A FBALL S3 LET IT BURN DEEP CUT FROSH TEAM Xs Up BLBET on THE JV GAME? The Club Rush Yourself Political Chics Bth Period Study Band Trips Good as 1 O Look What its doing to us M + Ms AND SHAAAT O STWM OJ Stop The Questions Hi Kar Eooo Vern + La BKD U2 BQWU CIFALLDOWN) SVSo Ducks Fly? Just Once GOLD Thanks Mom. Dad + TJ Joseph W. Dalton Daulibear 1 ? Coolidge Road I DID IT MY WAY! Baseball V JV — 19 — 1 ; Drama G + S — OT, GN, STH. PAD. THNX FR, FIN; SAC: FRNDS — LUV — U — ALL. BRUCE — We go WAY back! JIM — CAN ' T OPEN DOOR, Pettyball; DREW — TALKS, FRIENDS — ENVF SAID; LIZ — Talks. HOW MANY?. Advice 2 Ways, Pey; CATH — PALS. MEM; KRIS — Latenight studying, 1 2 spe- cial yrs. , LUV — U — ALWAYS! I’ll miss AHS. G-bye -f G-luck: THANKS MOM, DAD. + FAMILY, I — LOVE — U — ALL Qu ' ynh Dang Patrice Davaris Raul Dekarski Deka 1 9? Westminster Avenue JVHockeyMrHarringtonBaseball — Concerts ' BB — Nicknames — RD AKA Deka Nuckles Friends DC TS DL PM Tl RB JN MK DS BG DO JL SC KH. JV Party. Germany, Skitrip, Celts Parade. AB07M! Maine ' SB Thanks Ma and Tom Lisa Deldon 1 62 Newport St. Softball A. FH 3. Outdoors Club! ITALY! The Low RoaD — experience the difference. Caseyface — Kates + cols Cananada + all the great times. FF! Jr prom night, ski trips, summers upinsmoke! the point + peach taibugs mang, the oven. I’ll meet you there. I have become comfortably numb! KR PP BILL t THE GANG — GOODTIMESBAD TIMES YOU WE ' VE HAD OUR SHARE THANKS MOM. DAD + NICK Kevin E. Daley Joseph W. Dalton Quynh Dang The Sidewalk People 1 21 B Madison Avenue Where are they looking? The Sidewalk People They mean nothing; they mean something — to someone but not to me. Blank expressions on their faces; Shoes on the sidewalk; falling out the window one by one Interrupting the blankness of their lives As they look up at me in my window. Patrice Davaris Patrice 1 35 Ridge Street S.M. ML. EV. JS. DK. HO. EK. IR. BK. BM. NEVER — FORGET — YA! Love You always Scott M. Parties Pond. POINT, BUD. Superbawl ' BB — Celtics — Champs. BCN — Fireworks. LED — ZEP — LIVES. Mary in detention. Good-Luck — Dee — with — your — guitar Favorite cousins Always, how many Elene? Good acting Hope. Resource-room Dazed S. confused. Cape Cod. Hampton, coming back. Florida ' 7 . Thanks ma for getting me here. Mike Delia Jay Demopoulis Michael Diamond 0a Academy St. The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye. A;;iance ’S3, 2 ' 7th Lancers ' S4 ' B5. Emerald Marquis ’S5 ’SB. Cavaliers ’SB. Favorite memories, plac- ing 3rd in DCI, Washington D. C. , Quebec. G S S Club. Maggots, Concert Choir. MZ — Gang MH. NM. AM. JA, Chicago my second home. Always waiting for the summer! Thanks For Everything MoM S Dad! Bye A. H. S. Gregory A. Dias 2B Addison St. Thanks To All The People Who Made High Schol Good MOM DAD Kath And Mc’s For ALL THE GOOD TIMES DOUG DEVIN Sueloll RRRachel Marty School Mike Dark Bengi MTRISTAN " Give Me Fire " 1353 GMCPuthepool GERMANX AND All THE OTHER THINGS AND PEOPLE IVE MISSED THANKS SKATE TO HATE FOR LIFE Laura Demurjian Lau Twigs 51 Richfield Rd. COOKIE Best Of Friends Fo Jess Les Jenn Thaia Nasty Bbbaby Ed 7-2A- BB Charlie — Hampton MP Maggots G S S " Good News " " South Pacific " Cast Party ' B5! Trips — Fo " My name Is Mr What? " Moo Are You Really Asleep? Begs You Alchi! Summer ' SB Revere M01 FCEY aright Tongue! Proms And Semis ET " Friends And Lovers " " Glory Of Love " Moo Can you walk? Thanx sp MM DN RO KK KC LHMochki And Piggy NC I ' ll always Love U Grampa Mom Dad S. Diana F waapwaa Keith Dennehy 1 SO Washington St. My Buddies — Matt Jay. Mai, Dave, Pat. Doug, Bl RITE S. GILES " Hey Maura " SNorth Rules. Never forget AEROSMITH and AC DC. " I heard it through the grapevine " Matt Pat Jay Mai Dave Dog Doug to all you guys, thanks for being my friends. Suck ' Em Down! Thorndike field Keg parties. Thanks mom S dad Chrissy, Shannon Luv Ya " 21 " NEW YEARS ' B5 ' SB Laura Demurjian Keith Dennehy Gregory A. Dias Michael Diamond Donna DiCecca Class of ' S7. It ' s finally here! I ' ll never forget the summers of ' S3 — ' B5. J.H. " Stuck on U! " Good Times with JO. BD, DM, KJ, SM. JH. LZ, DC, DS. Ctr . . . hts. . . . PARIS ' SB D.S.. A C. Hull with L. Z. friends -Eva Thanx MOM and DAD Luv ya! Nick Dimopoulos Deemopoolis 7 Jean Rd. We have been through good times and bad times together we will graduate from this god for gotten place! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' S " 7 I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! Joseph DiPalermo Joe D. 27 Mary St. T. P. . Books and bees are a bad combination! E. S. , Try to avoid oranges when you have subs! Good luck Class of ' S7! " You ' re the best class . . . " , and don ' t forget it! Kelly Donovan Kel 3 Kenmar Drive Way to go Jeanne September B Party down Thorndike JM DM WS KF MC TE TG Jeanne Blank CB DM fight fight trip to Cape I want RF I miss him so much I ' m a runaway JT AZ DM JM oneway. HA — SQ MK LW RC Get blasted LW RC the all nighter LW I love ya. Hi Missy love ya Mom and Mary. I told you I ' d make it Joey. Donna DiCecca Nick Dimopoulos Joseph DiPalermo Kelly Donavan Mary Kate Dooley Andrew Doremus Jim Drohan Jimbo 1 22 Rawson Rd. PARTY . . , Bridge Bleachers and The Pond Yeah AC DC and Led Zeppelin Drink and get snubbed or hammered and have a trucking good life Lite up! Ben Drucker The Mad Mosher SB Bartlett Ave. We ' re Outta Here: Ann. Carl, Chris " Mr. Hardcore. " Elaine. Mike, Peter + others. Matt, Jim + Pete [I ' ll MDSH you!) Min, Amy + the VAN. Kate + Archy, Murv, Mr. Pascal, Fin, Fitz, Charlie, Leslie H. S good old Dick. Chippin over. 3x — upl I WON ' T check in! Blue lockers. Freak Alley. The Lab. 20B. Nice Laces. The Monitor: Ahlington Chapter. Quaffouire. Skate to Skanque, Thanks For It All MOM S DAD . . . Mary Kate Dooley M.K. 2BS Washington St. BOF: MS, ME. KT. TM. KC, SH. SL. BK D R Great. V — FH — BB — SB. Capt. Fake Cops. SUM of ' BB. Talk, Talk: The Big Secret. Lynnington here we come. Call PAT. RR. Mic — Mic — ? Always keep you guessing. I just love those cookies: Face. CSP. WORK. 5-2S-S6 never forget. MS lost It 6-7-BB. CARROT. S + SS. — uh — M + M Wanna Dance. MT: TF Cl TML. BL LO CK! Ma the baby ' s all grown up. Love ya! I ' M HISTORY! Andrew Doremus 1 OO Hillside Ave ' S6 — Canada — Dc — Trip, with Matt [DaD), Scott. Keu [Pennies — Costa). THE — LONGEST — WEEK FRANCONIA — FALLS — GARY [Terminal — what — ), MATT. CRAIG. Roger ' s — Resort. ECONO — LODGE — [what a place). Maybe next time MARSHA. Joe L. — whos Harvey? Go geter Craig. The FUN-B — . — Crazy — White — Boys. Dump-emLeah. . . OCBC — CR. KL, TR, MH, SS, AHBC — SS. KC, LW. RB S JL . . . THANKS MOM S DAD — F;- Jim Drohan Ben Drucker Cathy Duddy Duds 101 Robbins Rd. Field Hockey So ftball Good times w MJ SB MB AM KM KG JD Walden Pond I thought we were going to a REAL beach! G. R. Dom? The Monkeys 0-26-8B Jr. Semi A.C. Prom Tom B-ST-BB Kelly ' s anyone? Chem w Cody LABS? Mr. B. IN THE HOME! ! S S S gang TH CB LG MP SM BC JH BS Reen Top Gun The Cape AO ft. Iimo Rockport Florida Here we come! Thanks Mom and Dad. Ken Dunn 1 02 Quincy St. Hampton Beach, Summer of ' BB Hi Elizabeth wish you were here. AeroSmith Jeff — Greg, John, and Bob ' " 7S. Camaro, McDonalds, love ya Ma S Dad Cathy Duddy Ken Dunn i [ Martha Ebner Marty 25 Endicott Rd. i‘ Sue Lau Meg Ah Mik Aim. Bubble Gum Gang?! NO! J.J. Gang C. I KILLERS MO Joe SP, JK. RP — Yes — Dom Kay — BRADA Bound — I Qser GOOD NEWS. SO. P. V. Bob, N. Dime You dropped the bomb ; " SENIORS — 1 1 1B 8B, FG. JC, MP. MH, DW — the PORCH! B SB MARRIOT [Madonna woman — Mel) Riti; Thanks Mom, Dad S Merrill — ■ S. NICKS " ... the years disappeared . . . I ' m not a child anymore ... " Dericka Eppelsheimer Derikal Chrisl SB Wachusett Avenue NOW IS THEN AND NEVER AGAIN! BOO! Best of all to QUNYH ; [pathetic, eh?) ANNIE [STOP dancen round S GET OVER HERE!) Fa ; [EVERYONE KNOWS BUT US? — Not serious — |ust REUATIVE, OK?) SANDY [MENSCH!) ROD! [Scarf) CHRIS [STAY COOLI) CW [Labs?! PJ [C ' est la vie) MERVE [BIOCHEM) CODY RULES! Jim [How ' s Rocky II? SEMPER AMICI — MICHIGAN ' BB) — Survival — GERMANY ' 87. li DANKE S LOVE DAD, MA S CO. ON MY OWN — FINALLY i. Martha Ebner Dericka Eppelsheimer I ’l Chris Eycamp Julie Fagan Joseph Falcone Joe 1 A Pamela Drive Varsity Soccer ' SA — ' SB GBL Champs. Soccer Party ’S5 Band T rips DC Quebec Montreal, Cane Kant Dance. Sidekicks, When? NOW! I Topless, Only in a JEEP. No Wheeling. Parties at Jonesopoulous ' . . . Falconidis. EL1_V ELLA. EH? B 23 B6 KOOL On the Common, SKYBOX. Windsurf- ing summers. NauseVDeep . . . S.A. C. toS.C. J years BLOOKA! Damn Rock S Roll. Thanks Mom S Dad. Ter and Nanc. Leslie Fantasia 1 7 Reed Street Ciao. Amci miei. Pino, Frank. Sav, TONY, Italy choundi see ya — JF, BT. MB. RD. ME. DWS. DT, LK, TT. DE EGG, FINN. MS. BS! Rem ahop. The A eathervane girls. DT I KNEW SHAY BEFORE YOU OlO! Hey Bethdont smile. Bob Rem July 3rd. I love you. Let ' s do forever! Thanx mom. Joe give me a buck! Friends always drive friends to work Lauren! ! Hey you guyes Ci Vediamo Presto! Chris Eycamp 246 Pleasant Street " The most important things are the hardest things to say. You may make relevations that cost you dearly only to have people look at you in a funny way, not understanding what you ' ve said at all, or why you thought It was so important that you almost cried while you are saying it " — Stephen King To all my friends: I love you. and I wish you all luck Julie Fagan Julie 32 Lombard Terrace 12 3 B5 I luv U Jeff ’Elvis James Dean KC 4 12 S5 Bono but no FILM! Bob Segar 1 0-3-BB BLLA — AA AKE (WM — does your hair need con- ditioner! BURP! TBEYByemrhalltmrslyons! Thanxs Mom and Dad + Ginger! DPD1 I LOVEU! Free at last! I made it! Tennessee here I come. Joseph Falcone Leslie Fantasia Laura Fedele Derek Fisher Kelli Fitzmaurice Sparkles 75 Bow Street Schmoo, Mary. Kim. Stace, LH. TT, MP, CP, LH. PH. KM. MM, DF. Lisa It ' s not easy being green! EggpegIRB. Little ones it ' s been seven great years! Marshfield and the weekend! One night last week, right? Soccer teams ' S5 — ' B6! Mary Strangers in the night! Thanks for all the great times! Mom. Dad Mom, S Dad. Thanks for everything you ' ve done for me, I appreciate it. I love you all! Doug Flavin 66 Wyman St. " The class of ' 87 is the best class ... " AC bit the big one — AHS rules! ' sure, Ma. I ' ve got beer ' 1 B72 Olds Cutlass ' Jacked-up Machine ' Adams seafood " I wish I were a fish ... " " No. Ocifer. I ' m not 21 . " Does Andy know you have this? New Hampshire — Cal ' s Cottage Best of luck in life — Kevin. Marlene. Eileen. Dan, Brian, Debbie Cscoop), and everyone else! •Bye Laura Fedele 1 1 Fabyan Street I finally Made It ASTRski Canada — B AS LK DC Cape 4 Cod Bike T o Cape JCHF Fun Hermy Party Ricky Kelly ' s Jimmy PK BK MK SL BC KD GSemidia. obses Mattyion Menots sleepover 6 20 B6 Beaches w Cathy Hotel California Lee Floyd Myannis ' B7 Aruba casino high school was great but it ' s time to move on to bigger and better things I love you mom and dad thanks once again Derek Fisher Fish 2S Crossman St. Later Frog It ' s over. Nice teeth Kristol use toothpaste maybe that will help By Maura. A N Lila. A I ' ll miss you both. ' Hey Cue It ' s been fun. nice face you fruit By Kelli. F see you at B. C. and for you Tim. M nice life and you can take your cheap banana looking Volvo and park it behind your cheap seafood shack captain. The name FISH is 1 4 ever. Kelli Fitzmaurice Doug Flavin Christine Flynn Chris 1 53 Robbins Road Stace, Jo. SW, BT, MF, KF. MG, LS. JA. Party — Chris w Stace, Brian, John S Chris. Remember the good times. Revere Beach. Summer of ' BB. Feb. 14 M S J. Kris M S 1 5 1. Semi prom maybe. SW Stop embarrassing me. Life is a beach. House D with Mrs. Henahan. Rl. Rock- port. Ain’t no fun waitin around for ya SA. Hang in there Marianne. Joe S Wendy. Miss ya Kookie. Thanks Mom S. Dad love ya. Jane I Foley Janie 20 Longmeadow Road Best of friends — Best of times — Lucy. BT, LC KC, LF. LM, RD. BB ■7-20-BB Tony. AC. Hampton ' SB, cemetery, the wall brigis, AHOP, vent brush, spypond, melrose — RP? Fresh Touch — LM, DG. MC, TM. tar pit — JW S. PC, DB. SM — NCC. The Drome. Pete ' s, |r prom ' BB ruled. DB. LM, JB, maiden games, the square, PW coach, revere, faces. I’m totally embarrassed. CJ — 5-10-SB. JH B-B-B4. GodI art. LA, Buds, Thanx Mom Christine Flynn Jane L. Foley i Nils Fonstad B1 Brantwood Rd. JOHN DAVE TIM BRUCE KEV PETE VV, GORGEOUS, PRECHIOUS, THE ROSE. MIKE. X-COUNTRY, THE SOW. DRAMA, CAST PARTY, i QUEBRADA JOSH’S PARTY GOOD NEWS, STENCH, BROWN, j CHRISTINE, SUE. KELLY. HARVARD SO., FRANCE. THANKS GUYS I FOR STAYING TOGETHER THROUGH THE GOOD AND BAD. WE HAD 5 AN AWESOME TIME TOGETHER. I WILL NEVER FORGET ANY OF j; YOU. GET HIGH ON LIFE, THANX MOM. DAD AND DIEGOI 1 Kelley Forshay 1 55 Brooks Ave. DAN — ILY Cheering, gymnastics Soccer Party — BAGGED at Mals Deb — Mystics don’t get lost. PYP-zzz! KW’s driveway MY EYES HURT! AB + JC NB! SEMIS + PROMS Hi HAIR’S. B F Debbie MF CA AL GA MA UK MO CM KM NC DO DHIget a watch Thanks Mom I love you! Nils Fonstad Kelley Fonshay Maura Forziati Holly Foskett Kathleen Francis Kathy V Balknap St. Thanks Mom ' S Dad. I couldn ' t have done it without you. B.O.F. KJ JP QD. Thanks for the good times Mr. C. Mr. L. and Mr. F. You guys made my four yeans enjoyable. Mr. D. you will have to find another favorite class, ha ha. GRADUATION!! May 31, 1 3SG. Thanks Mr. C. for helping me with all of my problems. Bye Arlington High School. Jonathan Frederik Fred 32 Academy St. Become C. Numb In ' Q 7 — THANKS TO ALL — Promnite, The oven. PINK FLOYD CIn the dark] RUSH Third Rail. Seminite — Just Keep Walk- ing Lisa. " Is this your child?, " Cody ' s Chemclass, GO BUCK! Art class Police, U2 IROC wingasheek Led Zep. Harosport, Spike, It’s been the Best, Jou know it! Thanx Mom, Dad. Becky Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend we were all equal in the end. Maura Forziati 11 Eastern Ave. PHw KF S. DK — GC go to PS — summer ' SB The Cape — July 4. KM, TB. LM. Our House rainy nights TC. CC. JF vacation, field hockey, long con- versations w Erin. HS.B, nice — hey. D.E. w KF S GA. KF’s car Thanks Mom S. Dad. I love you. Good luck Jules. Bye AHSM Holly Foskett 101 Brantwood Rd. JC VV KEG HoldudeEdog LM Jill KM Stababes BR — CM — DW — NF! Bike trips ’S4 ' S5 — Stevie — Hole in the wall! Spain ’S5 Tequila Revolu- tion — Jill Si the Balcony — Thanx Orty S O.Wyo ' SB Linda — sleeping over Katys — Marty! G S Sw VV — HR — CM — Soccer! V — 3w PB S J! Bru — ha — ha! Baystates — what luck Lisa! SRI 1 ! Tennis w Nance — wanna hit the beach J2? - dognight — meholvan VS Adolf. SK SB JP KK BP TP thanx Mom S Dad 1 Kathleen Francis Jonathan Frederik 21 Paul Fnisoll Julie Funey Linda Gaffey Gaff 7 Park Circle The best times w CT LD SW SK KK TS JB MS and you to KB Dave. CPC, lifeguards. B-Ball bench warmers ■S«4- ' B ' 7, Soccer ' 85. Hockey 1 O ' Reilly, summer of ' 8S — Scituate. How about a date KEVIN? Tom run! JR Prom, thumbs! fat ankles, mustang ' S3 Christys. No more school! ! ! Thanks Mom S. Dad. for everything. Anne Gagnon 1 B Irving S t. Hola Folks! Bourgeotisie Rule! EG. pen S — is deep . . . NIGHT OF THE BAKLAVA! ! More AH ' ? Horses? NEVER!! [mooD Ultra twit . . . to err is human; to really mess things up you need a computer . . . Death by cheesecake the only way . . . So Chris, how many Californians does it take to screw in a light bubi? PLEEASE Kearns. Just one more extension . . . muchas gracias. M and DM Jennifer Geary Jenufuh-Jenn 1 A Wright Street COOKIE! Thia, Jess. Les, Fo. Lau — U guys r?? HM . . . The Best? Yeah thats the ticket! Wha? a duck? G S S — Bali — Hai U missed us? Oh u blinked. NAASTY! Trip thie year? Promises, Fork please? THE ZOO BC ' QA. CH ' 85. EJ ‘88. M S T. Funny if someone fell, Jess? PCK. PCK, PCK. See ya Ku — Ka — Fa — ce! LAAH! Thanks Easta Bunny BrrkBrrk! Thankx Mr. Hall. Mum. Dad. S. B. B. A — I LOVE YOU ALL Betsy Geiger Boo Na guro radhikam Na guro radhikam — To my friends who I won’t graduate with — I love you ' MEG ' ED ' PATRICK and with those I will . . . Thank you for being a part of me — ED — Thanks for the reminder — We ' re all one of a kind! ! Bill — my first fun crush . . . from day 1 ! ! ! — An extra wish for you — i hope you win the lottery! ! My best to all — Love Boo! Katherine Gannon Joe Gatto Paul Frisoli Friz 24 Philemon St. I luv u Rhonda 1 2-24-84 " YMTWTM” Secret Mystics 3 light Flicks Late night meetings the maids Squier Aerosmith Peter loves Candi Grand t 2 Alton w RM BM SM ML Hampton NT. W rm — sands — Led Zep Deep Purple Hond Pond nts. WL BM BM RC SM KS LB AS JF The Beach wknd. W BM MM SC BM’S PARTIES threw windows " fly Free " SBS 4-EVA THANX MA S DAD LATER AHS! !! Julie Furey 204 Renfrew St. FRIENDS CM KM DC DC KB DO AS JW LB KS BM KF RM BM MM SS + TKD BDURNE MARINE BDAT w SMURF ’85 " BUCKET " CAPEBDUND ' BB CAPECOD’S FAVORITE GIRL " SOCABLE " PARTIES ALL NIGHT MENDTS FIELD 1 -BOO ' S COME ON WILL YA M S M ' s TIL ' TUESDAY 3B SPECIAL LOST? MESSES THANKSGIVING SLEEPOVER MAJORETTES IRDC — SS PROM ' BB HAVE ANOTHER! CM — YA AR FT FE BM — TF AB TW IN YY ARF THANX MOM JACK Linda Gaffey Anne Gagnon Katherine Gannon Katie 21 Fremont Ct. June ‘83 VK I Luv U Always Road Runner parties in the van CC SM CJ MJ AK NH on Sundays Parties at Al and Dave ' s. The Firm ' 86 LC S. CJ XO Lon and Mike I luv U Christy Junior — semi Where are We? Leah, drive over the island MPS ‘QA-’ 7 Thanx Mrs. F. Halloween ' 85 “Sun Country” BUDDY Parralel Park BM JM PM JM “is this the end?” I love you DC SUMMER of ' SB BG S BB AMY 1 Luv U Thanx MA S DAD. John Gatto 151 Wright St. THORNDIKE PAT MAL JAY debave dc I love Kim Chicago not here not now the dumb drunk want a tissue The little family I want my michies CANADA last day of school ' 86 J. Prom mals breakin one more house dave revere girls ACDC LED ZEP 26 86 my babes grab one have a drink on me GUAL the urge studly crankit ski trip best times JG S KR A eva Thanks mom and dad Jennifer Geary Betsy Geiger 22 Maria Georgakopoulos Carol Ghiozzi J Matt Glaser Matty boy 255 Sylvia St. I Finally out of this place. Let’s go do the bake let ' s go skipper hunting Bake I cruise let ' s go to Hampton Beach. The SQUIRREL BROTHERS, GUIDOS 1 dirt bike THE GRUB THE DOME TEDS BAR AND GRILL ACDC THE I BLEACHERS BMX MG + PC. Mount Bonneville. PC JC TS BG CHEESE 1 JH SM DM Jono Jenny G. STAN THE MAN MS AM TC VO Squidio ! George + |im. THANKS MA. DAD Now it’s life! Deborah Goldsmith Deb 22 Moulton Rd. I IT’S ABOUT TIME! A lot of changes, but it’s all the same. soph. M Trips, I Fres jr. jibbatimes. Erin Hi . . . Kristen 0 13 xspect the unxspected! I Dung. Hey Andrea remember the FULL MOON! Summer of ' BB — Walk- ; ing in the rain. Thanx guys! Sen. Convention Chez don’t get Daped " E " am 1 munchie runs! LH AB KG FK AZ WC BS S all the rest Thanx! Remember I the goodtimes! CA Dreaming! AHSRocks Thanx Mom S Dad Maria Georgakopoulos Alphabets 30 Oxford St. I LOVE YOU LOUIE " BA!” Remember House D Stacey and Christine " BA! ’’ Also, don’t forget Mr. Boo. Stacey. Hey Carol. Laura remember Mrs. Zavalia and don’t forget " I’m special! " Bill Fitz and Angelo " BS. ’’ Thanx guys: CG, SG. LK, CF, Gusto, and everyone else. Special thanks to mom, dad, and Valerie! BYE-BYE USA. GREECE HERE I COME! I’ll be waiting for you Mr. Kelly Carol Ghiozzi SB Freemont Street no thanks we’re not hungry apples push a button flip a fribble my name is jellybean I want my Eukanuba I know you long G boring gas station ' B5 How fast are we going I think it overheated OUCH! Fongy baby alphabits LK MG MK DM Eggy moi stupido amiga no brains click! no body can see me ohm’ god thanks Nan and family S uncle Richie. Matt Glaser Deborah Goldsmith Jessica Gorell Bruce Goodhue Tara Gormley 29 Ottowa Rd. Jeff I luv ya A-eva NC DF El KC IT SD ES KM DF. All my friends from AHS The Rez, Rink Sociables NC S. ET Cruise to Hampton Sr. Prom " BS” KC " We just hit a car " Cape Pines DF " Where ' s the keg? " Mountains Horse back riding with l l S DJ Good luck Bro. Never forget ya RW S. CK Thanks Mr. Hall Mrs Lyons Thanx Ma S. Dad I luv ya. Suzanne Gouveia Sue 2G Eustis Street MARTY. ALI. MEGZY LAWLZY — FRIENDS FOREVER — BUBBLE GUM GANG? — LM JP KN — TOO! — DTRun up the stairs — waaa! DW HF I KG KW ME IHOP at 5am THANKS SP and JK. RP. AR. SC. AC FRAT PARTY? — OUT OF GASI RIT, MEL AND MART — INFATUATED! — STILL? CAPE AFTER PROM ' BB Yes — SKI TRIPS ETC. BAND TRIPS I — JR SC JX FM — ' QA. ' B5 Thanks MOM. DAD + JON!!! Bruce Goodhue 1 5 Apache Trail John. Kev. Dave, Jim, Nils, Joe. Frosh dances Saint? Soph basketball 1-10 JV Basketball 19-1 Sarge JR C.O. Treasurer Tanx Fin Sun G’s Harvard Stadium Celtics St. E’s Thanx T — keepers DT ' s Car Humarock — shorts Walking in rain Bench on river June 19,1 992 Pondview mono — tan Mosquito bites Cape risky visit Martha’s Porch Interruptions Yeah? Thanx Mom + Lindsey I Love You Jessica Gorell Jess AQ Mystic Valley Parkway Has anybody seen the bridge? Laconia ' A DEB. he only has one arm! hi Boris tangerine cows are everything! You nut! You’re crazy! Anarchy you mogul hey joe name is Luther Spike Raven seasons of wither pagey song remains the same wonderful tonight 32 70 weekend escape I love you Bill don’t forget to say Rabbit Rabbit LK DJ CM PMac Tara Gormley Suzanne Gouveia 23 Karen Gray 1 5 Lansdowne Road Best of times w friends fVIB AfVl LB CD KS SS KIVI V Field Hockey! BK of C bus! GBL Champs ' B6! Bates Camp ’S5 It ' s optional! Ladies! It ' s just a shell! Softball Mgr NYC Trip MKD Rm 337 Uhhh! ! Senior Convention! Nahant w t family and MB Melrose Missions to see PH JR Semi w MK Florida Here We Come! ! Thanx Mom Dad Rob It ' s been fun Luv ya! ! Elaine Grimanis Farewell AHS! Ahead lies the New Frontier, the Wonder of Ages assem- bled for my Edification, Education G. Enjoyment — For a price. Volleyball WonderCamp ' SB — ET DT LH. ART 3 RULED! Ben, Mike, Chris, Liz — The Game is Afoot! LB drawing on the right side of the brain. CL dissect- ing the right side of the brain. Thank You Mom S Dad S Kath. Y ou ' re Hot, Hip S Here! I Love You!!!! Tony Guevara Tony Rome Skee 1 OO Thorndike Street Good Luck to the gang — D.M., J.M., K.D., AND M.C,, J.M. S R.F. , M, C. S D. M. , D. M, S P. B. C Don ' t worry your love for each other will last forever; Hey buddy can you help me?!! You Big Tuna! Budweiser cans in front of the house; Drinking Private Stock; Have A Cooler: Run O. M. C. ; My Adidas; Ree-Wee Herman: Deb, We ' ll always be cousins together forever; WORD! Katy E. Grannan Spy Pond Lane Edog Fran HCHdude Linds Stay Bridg Juan Kate C1 B Liz BB BT SWE 1 Prickly chC HM S M Travolta Tex fess up Deep Convo BhuntHi Tchicano severe Red Hot Babe Mr. O Sam S Mark 3040 not THIS wk We go WAY back they LOVE us comfortably numb THTH Bobby see yez lay da OC Dick Bacon Delux Rhil S Co Im SURE rock me T otal improv ROCK ON god Brian twins YESAMY The Calls Stench WIAB trip Right about NOW Martys Karli Pahty CILL the Land Thanks MOM S DAD Katy E. Grannan Karen Gray Elaine Grimanis Nathan Hanley Nate 51 Ridge Street IBS? 1 1 V Football Dad 7-2 3 Basketball Quigs Phelan Riga 13-7. White Hen DM ' SB I love the ARD. Men From The Boys. DM DH DM RK SC MT EC BS PK JR GO . KEG at DM ' s house JR ' S house. Hockey Jamboree ' 84. Lawn Mower LK ' S house. Bethany Johnna. Thanx Mom Dad Love Nate. Goodbye. Jonathan Groves Denise Guarente Kevin Healy 28 Henderson Street LED ZEPPLIN AND AS WE WIND ON DOWN THE ROAD OUR SHADOWS TALLER THAN OUR SOUL7THERE WALKS A LADY WE ALL KNOW WHO SHINES WHITE LIGHT AND WANTS TO SHOW HOW EVERYTHING STILL TURNS TO GOLD AND IF YOU LISTEN VERY HARD THE TUNE WILL COME TO YOU AT LAST WHEN ALL IS ONE AND ONE IS ALL7 TO BE A ROCK AND NOT TO ROLL KH + JF THANK YOU CLASS OF ' 87 Jonathan Groves 51 Melrose Street BRIEF HISTOGRAPHY: Yr 1 — Bad Newz, TREM, RS, Medieval Chris- tian Theology W C. VonW, MadDog — Yr 2 — Western Christian Theol- ogy, Soon 2BQ, Ray Baby, Doc. FoolMate — Snobski — Yr 3 — I Feel Good, Trem, Edw2, Q, Cody — EG S LM — Lab = Latin, Sandstorm 4 pm. Baby You ' re a Rich Man! ACLS = RAMBO Test = ZZzz STUDY = Nil Bang! 5$ a Rrogram — No 1 2 Mess Up Lab! MONITOR — ACSL AGAIN Spelled Right! ASSASSIN dud — 01 1 O — Denise Guarenta Neicy 1 B Thorndike St. Ray Luv ya! GTO 1 - 1 S-S6 Psyc The beach Douglas Secret lovers the GS going away Dream Machine July 4 Burger King Movies Spaz Best of friends, KL. LC, MOE, TT, TM, PM, GM, DJ The Limo Country Cruz go jog Piggys Waldo Grace DECA " You ' ll get over it! " later AHS The Prom Blizzards Thing Gumby blink sub. Thanks Ma, Bob, and Dad, Nancy. Nathan Hanley Lisa Henderson Elizabeth A. Higgins Robert Hill Benny 70 Beverly Road V BaseBall JV Hockey. Good times at The Cape. Rhode Island The Clubs The Concerts. Revere Beach with Stack Diff Gle Lanky Que. Hampton with Paul + Brian JuniorSemi soryy Deb won ' t forget you Kim Chet’s your not a thor 25 cents for tarter sauce Mit. Punchit + cutit Lanks ok. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything Luv ya Bye AHS John Hogan Hoges 1 1 Hiawatha Lane July -4. SB J.E.E. Hampton Beach Long rides to Saratoga M.P. M.P. T. H. J.L. C. B. S + S What is in the Bag? Medford if we could only find Medford. Why not serve veal. Stizz. Mike. Tom and Joe Thank you for putting up with me. Thank you Mom. Dad. and Mike CScooter] I never would have made it with out you. Cassandra Haloon Lisa Henderson Hendi 56 Falmouth Rd. Bye AHS! Hits hard at MGH Stinky? DOWNTOWN. WHERE ' S ; JOHNNY? " JUMP " . DANNI, CHRIS. MADRID, MARINES. COCKTAILS, I PHOTOGRAPH: JA, VV, . HF. LA.B, CM. DO — " CRASH, BOOM, MR. CODY — HELP” SUMMER B6 AT MIT-MH, TOM, AW-KENDELL SQUARE. CK-HARVARD SQUARE — TASTE IT? KC — SNEAK OUT MUCH. YOU KNOW? — SM. FRIENDS — JCLDFKLKKKKTLHDG VB — A YRS TRACK? MONTREAL! I THANX MOM AND DAD LUV YA Elizabeth A. Higgins Hiz Liggins 206 Pleasant Street Cheering Capt. Soccer Party 0 24 S5 BAGGEDI Summer BB HBJA BUDdies JC CM SM DG DJ KF, Choco, Van + Straw! GramsRm. 3 CANET Boars He d Scream NEWTON! Grapefruit cheap + meaningless !! w our Daves. Bets LYLAS cus. " The Lake” OH BABY, Squirt! OK Sponge, ski Trips. EdzO. LOVE YA Mr. Hall MRS. L Proms, SUNSHINE, Limos LOVE f THANKS Mom, Dad + Family. Thanks A The memories ' AHS Robert Hill Lisa Hogan Bubbles 54 Varnum Street MMIcPrm CHARLIEmmB-Day parties HEY What Happn RevreCncerts Whos Movn The TVBENWally RUSH can I have 1 of those CHARGE it! Friends S Lovers WESCOT 4GET about IT dave FRIENDLY STPHOW- MANYPEOPLE can U fit IN alimo? BETTYBOOP! ! lstp4BUDiesSUDS ifAMY Steve SERGE crannThanx Trish ILUVUMOM smoke Another 1 mom CHUCH LETS PARTY! IT Snot THE face U fool BUTTHE fool U face SO LONG 2DTSSPASTHE GANG!!!!? THE futureWAIT Michael Hogman ' ] go Overlook Road Burma. WSS CRedheads), Maggots — D.C. , Quebec, Spaz Singers. G + S, N.E. District. All-State, JG ' s Parties, Walden Pond, Harvard, Tap Your Troubles Away, Wanna Buy A Duck?, Danni! Robin! Beanie! Mark! Jenn! Cass! Amy! Brocolli! Mike! Kristen! J.B.! J.G. I Alison! Seanne! Kristin! Leslie! — You Guys are The Best! Shmoke the shticks to get Shtaked! . What about That shower. NM?, OUTTA HEBE! Daniel Heenan John Hogan Daniel Heenan Dan S Hathaway Circle ST KELLEY; V. Football: 1 0-0 Sryear?, Superbowl?; Good Times w PK, DM. MT, JR, DM. EC. RK. SC. NH. BS. PB, SA, JC, RC, PF. BM; 3-day vacations for stupid reasons; sure betsS; LSAB in Hamp. w Bill; behind H.S. on Sat. nights w my BUDdies; sucide rumors; Quigs class as Jr., sickos, skippers; snub-fights; Dont worry about it; No need; Later AHS: Thanks Mom + Dad, Cheryl Cassandra Haloon Cassy 34 Magnolia Street EGG Melba Jenn adams ER Sbpl Bubba DEPECHEIL; veinhell AH Woobie JGK red Flinstone Betty Josk ate punks HS Gang babloo look at me mhc catnip Thanksgiving Rocky Gingerale Joke Surfin Burma CAKEFKYOIKill you Mike B Josh Can Igowichou BE other sister Theriver SQUISH- WHAM? RJ Cereal m| FENSGATES halom Copley KTAMPREl I YOIHSI don b tricott a Cheese Chucks S TF Beene IG OT a janaimscared thanks Finn I love you mum S dad LALA. 25 Lawrence Holland Larry 74 Windsor Street FREE AT LAST! GroveStreet Partles Joe ' s Garage Quarters Games Tower Tripps SS, CL. IVIP, EH, MS, Cl l, PG, SC. CH. JD THE WALL with MS Town Day 04 6O’s Live cross cantry with MP Rock and Roll will never die! Wow, PSYCHEDELIC. man Colored lights Can hypnotize. Sparkle Someone else ' s eyes. CAW] The futures uncertain and the end is always near, CCASS DF B7 KEEP ON RDLLIN! Phillip Howard Billy O 35 Jason Street HRM. With Skipper — Fresh Soccer 2 Goals — Phill S — JV. B-Ball The Ankle — Pumpkin Cotter S. the 1 st Quex. — ZeG done any trees? FeeGee enough ketsup? Phill, calm down. Awake 50% of the time Kevin — beat on any Freshmen Feebee? — Thanks For it all Mom and Dad — Oh No another Howard is coming? Felipe Navidad! Phil Hughes Paul Jackson Lawrence Holland Phillip Howard Phii Hughes 26 Cypress Road Be VWEWY QUIET, I’M HUNTING WABBITS Y. R. I MISS AND LOVE YOU. YOU TOO I.R. THE GERMAN CONNECTIONS TO FRESHMAN HAMEROOM HOMEWORK. SQUEEZE THAT LEMON OPIE SENIOR YEAR — PARTY TIME WHICH PHIL DO YOU WANT WAIT, WATT, ONE CAST CAST FAST TIMES AT FOOD MASTER T A G. YEAH. YEAH. THATS THE TICKET KUBATON THANKS MOM AND DAD SEE YA CATER FOLKS Paul Jackson Action, Skip 232 Highland Ave Swimteam rules! AHS 1 ? EG remember Mr D and how much we loved his class. PapaJoe yuck survival was awesome AB miss yah in French need yah humor BJS dont forget how much we love Foodmaster and Janet How do you do this Paul? DE dont forget Mr B PH PH JH EG Janet C shutup KG your such ah Skip?? I cant believe you said that ROCKS 1 Mom and Dad LOVE yah! Debbie Jerauld Wendy Johnson Leslie Johnston Lessica 2S Wachusett Ave COOKIE! AL-NOV 1 B5 Bff JKTKJGFKLDKKJWEd — it was fun. Trips Chelsea? Sit Down Thaia! Mont + AI! WanSumLemonadeMr. T? THIS year We ' ll get A Lead, right Jess? NASTY GooD News Party! Sopac, Carousel Maggots, JBandNE, Allste, AE?OSUK! UNH! SYMS. EzLvrBlah!! BJ Twice YipCHEJproms + semisThanks EasterBunny. Twist + Shout. Lollipop Rev Ham 1 Laus Party. Donuts? 1 ZHonkTHE Zoo — Lynn I Luv u DAD + MOM Debbie Jones Jonesy GOOD Bye! ArlHigh now the Good Times Roll Best of friends MMJGCSTSHSTTMMDGLKTGTM GoodTimes! Lynn the city of sinspike raven Penny Park Down by the river Bar room BrawlsThe- murders EKHesGotonear mB4B5 Halloween in cells the Aku Aku Recked in Texas October Fest B5 S B6 Joyrides Bad Times The Firm S Deep Purple I Love David! thanks Mom S Dad I LOVE U Debbie Jerauld Deb 33B Washington Street Cheering " S4-B7 " Capt. Mai (BAGGED!] Semis + Proms Brian 2 26 B6 ILY! CPs SoccerpartyCheater? PYP-Sum. . pract. w KF, LH, KW, AW! brownshirt. Dunkin Donuts CM, DO. KM. NC. bunnies AB CNaah] HsB. 2ndhm BK, KF, AB, at MD ' s DBKNhey! Cheering camp KF, hows your eyes? KF, CC, inkW ' sdrWy. Pizza raid! lost in Myst, lakes, MB’s parties. KF, BK. at DG’s — Baybank — Thanks Dad I love you Wendy Johnson BOO BEAR 624 Harvard St Mattapan, Ma Thanks Mom and Dad for your support. I Love you J. V. Thanks for your help. Danni keep cool and you will always be my Sammy. Tracey J. keep running because you are the best. Class of S7 is 1. Horray for the METCO crew. D.J. frog you will always be by BOO BEAR. Carol S. its been real. O F. keep fishing for the stars. M L. your the greatest. Leslie Johnston Debbie Jones 26 Derrick Jones Joshua Jones Kim Jones Kim 1 36 Webster Street No seven Periods Anymore Kim-n-John November 20. 1 0B5 Copley Square. Boston. Harvard Virginia Beach Attic Sleepover. Where ' s Harry JB DA Robin Jones 225 Pheasent Avenue LIVE FOR TODAY DREAM FOR TOMORROW LEARN FROM YESTER- DAY THANK YOU MOM. DADSSCOTT I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH THANKS KARIN FINN I COULDN ' T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT ALL YOU TO MICHAEL. CONNIE S ALL MY SPECIAL FRIENDS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ALWAYS YOU ARE FANTASTIC LONG TALKS. GREAT FRIENDS. HUGS. AHOP. HARVARD SO CAST PARTY. PROMS. WAL- DEN POND. GROWING UP I WILL MISS YOU ALL. Joshua D. Jones Dr Jones 21 Kensington Road bkd ' nshaat but look what its doing tou u shead let it burn deeper eos band trips touring m ' swait for no man san tastealing political chicksct ' s jones bash S5. 859 gbi champs BA tourney 85 soccer party kill lex in 869 baystatesusss falconitis irctsbin 1 2 cp gmywar ancatdubhbonolarry theedgeadamu 2 pingpongmr hmmdamaged flex your head weve got a bigger problem owmar leycaravanyagott a hurry stay free. Kim Jones Robin Jones Thaiadora Katsos Richard Keijikian Christine H. Kelly Chris 59 Eliot Road V-Ball Track GBL CHAMPS GREEN BF Katy Prickly lo Lindsey HeeHee Andrea Did he call9 BS HF DT JC MM LC LH HR LK EK DO BG JM MS THANKS for the GOOD TIMES: DM MM JM PM BL BP TP JK KP JP NF DL RB! B-52 ' S Femmes squeaks Harvard Sq MP PC THE BROS Montreal Yes ski trips SILVER BULLET WIA Ch-Ch Can U taste it9 THANKS Mom. Dad. Bill. John. Sue + JP I LOVE YOU Robert G. Kelley Kell 1 Q8 Cutterhill Road Fun w the dogs: SC. PK. JR. OM. NH. DM. DH. MT. JC. EC. GO Vhockey w Nubby GARDEN. JV -f vbaseball w the ARK Cl 0- 1 ) ub. Vfootball. Dons Pool hangin w the dog — Pettyball champs Labs w Jimma. Help yourself. Silly, silly people. Hampton. Where ' s the DP tonight9 Who cares! The longest punishment Hey fenderhead! You liberal! Blast9 Let ' s eat. Thanks Mom. Dad. Keach. I love you all. MMM bye bye Thaiadora Katsos Thaia 6 Wachusett Avenue COOKI gang Jen Jil Les Jes Ken 85rs MKFKLDBFKKHO good times and bad LUVUGUYS ic Ice bg Subtl BufaPop cun Blah ET shows SB partys Dances JUNGLBOOGI faces EASYLOVA oftn Concud 9 miles WOW mit chcoryscot RHW beachs Nitecro ozs T rips Songs GAP than x A all Jim IF manbushs Reece PBCSteddi NASTY it Hurts ZooKufaFORK got atishu MST bostn YUMMY yuh OSUK awon Wut aduck Goo dWilAmllate Luv thanx Mr Halletc Ma Dad GJS S east abuni Richard Keijikian Eighty-seven wow! It came so fast. The years at AHS just seemed to go by so fast. I know I will never the year sat AHS and all the nice teachers that I have had As time goes on and we all change its time to move on and find your own life and contribute to the world in your best ways. So I leave AHS a with happy feeling of success. I would like to say thanks to all the people at AHS that have made me the person that I am. Christine H. Kelley Robert G. Kelley 27 Erin Kelly 3 Bellevue Road BF — KatninaHolc Juan Hdude Stac Lins Van Bridge Liz Cris — Why? Rockon — See Yez Layta 3040 Get Out Right About Now-Th-ThHit’s Sam + Mark T swe 1 Bobby They Love Us! Deck The T wins Katy Are You Watching? What a Performance! Bro Total Improv — Cheering. Fin-TX- Kris-Marty’s Convos H Sar casm Severe ChicanoBBBPhysco Prickly OCBhunt Not This Week GBrian KristaB. loquacious Deserts Pahty MaBabeEgg — Luv U Mom + Dad — MKDS Thanx! Jessica Kennedy Jeslie 21 Highland Ave COOKIE! LesJennThaiaKLauFo — U GUYS R THE BEST! Thx S Luv ARMEKKJWGKTRFL Ecstasy Wha? " Crush on You” Who? Bbbaby . . . SoPac GOODNEWS Castpartys — IHOP at 4AM Maggots BANDTRIPS — crystal Iite S. yummy! No Yessica here Semi PROM BL1T Revere Sncobabe CHEJ Moo ET! Thanx Mom. Dad. G.C. M. EasterBunny! Kisses to you all pwaa pwaal Ain’t it funny how time flies when the best is yet to come. John Kennedy Christina Kenney Erin Kelly Jessica Kennedy John Kennedy Jibba 24 Kensington Road THE OCEAN AK. MS. NP. JJ, SAIT. IVAN. PEPSI CM. MM. RAM U2 VAN HALEN BBQ ' S FOOD KINGS 51 50 Boce fus BUD 4-1 B-SB DAWN I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU SOCCER; PARTYRULES AS RP EDWARD IS KING LATENIGHT AT THE JIBBA ESTATE Cheese KH MENOT ' S WHITES POND BGAKSS THE TRIP JAN S If I GIVE U MY HEART WIL U LOVE FOREVER WOULD U PICK UP THE PIECES IF I STUMBLE AND FALL DROWNING MAN Christina Kenney Hr 239 Geneve. . . COL. . . IBO . . . Je faime. My family, danke fur alles . . . Friends here and there . . . thankyou . . . AHS . . . Bye Bbye . . . World watch out . . . I’ve actually made it through high school! Christopher Kenney Elizabeth Kenny Laura Kenney 4B Westmoreland Ave Carol got an apple? longSboring eh? DERR! Stucco, no really I drive great, no brains, canobie smell these chips T own Day B5 flip a fribble, the boat! Maria how fast are we going? I think it ' s overheating! Moi stupido amiga. yeah that’s the ticket! you have to be mellow, you had to be there! Basically! I love you Mom and Dad Kara Kenney Kah-Rah 1 " 72 Charlton Street FRIENDS-N-FAMILY THANKS FOR EVERY THING MICHAEL I LOVE YA PCBUGS FOREVER friends — Kristin Julie Katie Amy Ama Babs Becky Fotini Jess Less Laura Thaia Thanks all you guys! PARTY! FTSI love you DAD! Hampton every summer Whales Tale HIMike Jug KRIS BECKPROMS SB Surf Naked 22 Wretched! Peacock with Kristin PC Basketball? Billy Donovan?? Havehill Tickle fun LAUGH- HMADABOUTYOUSOUTH Side I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH U COOKIE? Elizabeth Kenny Liz 1 BB Cedar Ave " You will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not” G + S F-AS. KG. CM. LF. EK. VV. REDNECKS! " Have a Nice Trip” — The Exceptions — Myopia " How many were there " Talks we had JD! Im sure Bummer SB O. C. TAPE Rock On TiKi In Car Liberal! — Field-Roomin-Games " I Can drive " " Feel my Hamburger " SSw Andrea Rock Me Slamdog — GTw. Todd-PFINXS Only good times ahead — THANKS!! Kara Kenney Laura Kenney 2B Stephen Kenny Chubbs BCC-Chef and Tom-Smokeshows — Nov. 2Q — Florence-n-WachusetC — BMW Thanx Walter and Fro for everything — CRASH — IRELAND — Charles River — WONDERLAND — JO. JC. Frano. Web, Foies, Stew. Bud Aisle — B-Back THE GRILL — JOHN Y — AC DC — Thanx Mom and Dad goodnight Johnboy. Mary Jean Keohane 2B Dodge Street We finally made it! ... I can see one coming already Suzy — never forget B. F. or the courtyard after tennis team . . . Walking down the mountain . . . G.R. with Dom . . . Cape Cod. Shop much Cath? . . . Kelly ' s with S + S — late summer nights . . . Now on to Florida — CD. SB. KM. LG. AM. MB. LB. KG. KS . . . Save your dimes for the phone calls Cath . . . Thanks Suzy! . . . LOVE you Mom + Dad Stephen Kenny Many Jean Keohane , Donald Kerr 1 AO Mary Street ' TD, JP, KD. TC. RP. DB. BL. LH sponge, Now entering East Arlington. ' Spa. Tom’s. Tank have faith, why didnt you guys go to AHS? I don’t talk i funny, Hamptonw Deans, JP Faces. TC feel any better. Chrissy right now, 1 -2-3, Magnolia, Hampton, hold me. thunder. Basketball 22 3V 22, Hey Rick play some ball? Gonna dunk. Summer hoop. Wells — were going in. New Edition, Daniel, Thanks Ma + Dad j Fotini Kiamos Fo ST Fountain Road j COOKIE-BF-LDJKLJKCTKJGKKLuvYa! Ghin Dave mbndmagtsCA3- i B-4LY-BOT U2SkiinHllo — Qubc 85 Montr 1 86-BRMBegs Pub F -f j, Spartytrne prm 8-4-86 — Jess — FYA — snco — frmmenotsKCpty! i GAAB YaRite Tongue! NASTYKISSETJ — YASNY — HAMPTON — rcn moon — Lptymo 1 — Rule — CP EDFUZZYRULES! BCNFWKST -f S — ' Whichone? LXNMBF! My Car! KCNFTASWH! THAN- r XKMMMDGKCLHABetcBOL! DFMWIG! DFATCTWH ATOTC — Luv Ya I Mum. Dad, Yia Paul Donald Kerr Fotini Kiamos Mike Klauer S1 Warren Street So long AHS it ' s been fun 2 years LED ZEP for all those good times, bad times. Thanks Ma and Don ST Flip P.W. Bridge Bleachers Pond Bud B Tree before school TK KH FD NL TK2 JD SM DS MR JH now to go on. Lauren Kibit Mark Kilban I Brian King 1 1 Michael Street I Senior Year. . . Vacation is over TBSBSWNMMBMD MK Summer SB’ ■ worth the wait Dry Spell Long Days Summer Should be longer This is it’ ' Good Luck Nick Bob Jim Mike Dave MS and MKD Lauren Kibit A3 Varnum Street Best of Friends — DG, LC. JG. DJ. ML. DN, Waldo, Graveyard trips. Little White Lies. Florida with HS. Tiki In. " How are you? I’m fine!, " The Path. The Limo, B-n-E, — Together forever — SS. DESLM! 11-08-84. Pimpin, Porch Parties. Nahant Cliffs, " Cherish " , Walden Pond. “Youre gonna hit the Curb! . " Wine Coolers. " Quick, get in the closet! “Bye AHS! Thanks Mom and Dad. I Love You! Mark Kilban Bano 231 Ridge Street ABo " 7-Tanis-NB-Lanky-Cals-PMS-AKASKI Quesaco — BehohaRin- kkkLunka Baggers Ped Flick AHRDWNHilling Racinc MM. U2Zep Hey Mar 1 How Bout astap 4uuhho The Eouch WVBFMoFit ZSBln The Fridge Harbor Cruuise NR Girls KOsemi HAve another Bkruh Beavlost on theriversaco $50 Night school ACHSSheryl but Fiendod Track JV Hockey X country Marshfield JAPK Harvard Harry Barn Out ahere 8 7 subar UBugs SacoMe. NurpLaterAHSILU Mom + Dad Thanx Brian King Michael Klavef 2S Dedne Kopellas Cheryl Kovalski Paul Krepelka Knepelks 1 2 Mohawk Road HOCKEY Cape. 20 The BOYS DG. JR. BS. RK. SC. MT. DM. DM, GO. BM. MB. NH. JC The GARDEN! GBL Champs Nubby. JVBaseball 1 Sinarow High School. Menots. Farmw all my BUDies Sociables FNWYFITE whosegonnabuy DM’s House Summer SB ac Orty ' s Wtown boys Itsthe FEDS Marmot allNite D-Bags chicksdigit Boyles w MM Gam- bling Thanx Orty 4 KO DAD RIP. GDODLUCK STEPHEN. MOM, I LOVE YA. I ' M GONE! Mark Kristo 58 Princeton Road It’s over 1 2 years of slaving away at some use less work. Teachers that get on my nerves. After school things BYOB before Hockey games MBTA After the game. AC for Two terms Seagulls sophomore Basket- ball RG clubtng with cheats chomps THOR Before schooIDKing Menots Friday nite Highschoot + Brighams Thank MOM and DAD forputting up with me Deidra Kopellas Dee 5 7 Magnolia Street Cheez, ALL OF MY LOVE to you babe, you’re just a FOOL IN THE RAIN. Never forget " 7 4 84. Greek festivals. Labor Day Weekend " 8B. " AEROSMITH, THE FIRM, and AC DC Concerts, Town day fireworks ‘‘83 " . Thanks Hope! Parties up Patrice’s, florida “8B. " Always remember PD. HO. EV. ML. BK. TR. CV. LED ZEPPLIN RULES FOREVER. Special thanks to MOM. DAD. NICK + YIANNI. ! LOVE YOU ALL Cheryl Kovalski chez 8 Lancaster Road Finally Made It! Best Of Times With TR CM JB DL KC DG HR RC MM AB PB GF BigGoof Summer Of 85 1 0-2 " 7-84 OhMY! 1 1 -3--84 DancinB- 1 ' 7-8BMCRM I l Cbanana FUAS5JBu ' ll findhim — SB dontdroptheSDs Rebdont massconf — TR + Thanx Proms nitesatAHS + Menots Lbdwnds mytable JC 1 O- 1 8-854eva DontTouchThatDial TkeRBthAwy Srconvtn Lavery’s Class No Bros RascI thanx Ma S Dad I luv ya Paul Krepelka Mark Kristo Kathleen Lahiff Edward Lamphier Nick Langadinos Angus B4 Randolph Street FOUR YEARS GONE PAST IT’s BEEN HELL S HEAVEN BUT WE’RE HERE AT CAST THE CLASS OF SZ AC DC LED ZEPPELIN Black Dog FLIP TRIP IN LeMANS ONE FOR THREE TWO FOR FIVE HIGH JOE JIMBO BURLES DENNIS SPARKY CSHARON) KLV W TED YOU BUM HI COKIE! M.R. CHEEZ S BEER Kevin DO THE BAKE JOHNO AY UP THE hammers nick P hello NIKKI CH BOOSH GOODBYE AHS Andrea LaRoche Andy-re-a Princeton Road We finally made it! Waltham! Maura B Lila GBTY Gina HeeHee Chuck Sonesta Elissa OMGIJCIMP! Kell Squish Deb Full moon SoCo JC AB CP Meanie JMAKJKJTAZDA The old man pushed me down the mountain! Bon Jovi Party Bus Rt 2 $50 Grey st. bump eggfight BrewCrew GLPS What the — Bud Remember 1 3LPWM Cruisen with a B and the radio Never say GoodBye Montreal Fluffy 8B’ Thanx Mom. Dad S. Judy I Love You Kathy Lahiff 311 Lake Street Beths 80 Buick stallouts. Surrimers at Harwichport. Chalet an NH. Ski- ing at Nashoba. My ski poles. Biology Jr Yr. with JF. Mr Toomeys Jr English class. Art Club IN Outdoor GBL Champps 8B. After School at B Y W. My lost jacket. Thanks MOM Y DAD Nicholas Langadinos Andrea LaRoche 30 Joseph LaRoche Paula Lazos 4 Frank Leccese Franco 1 9 Mary Street OH SHOO! Tony. Steve, Jim, Burkie. Deep. Bill. DJ. IsLandtrips Band- ■ trips — Le Bistro Hampton. AHS Stands + Ha-Haas F-Ball w Ruffs Mr , lavis CThor. I might, Probly, Nice Face] Thanx HK Love ya Jr prom — Aoft i Limo 1 St Dewb w Kev Cai. Cool wFTony all wk BOO. Ed HarvardSq? Leak i works Kool + the GANG M + Ms Plopp what the heck! Ski Trips Cape w SDJBJ. +Jeep Thanx Mom + Dad Love Ya 1 Daniel Leonard Dan 1 83 Overlook Road T Is It over already? ABOT! SacoBound B. H. Cruise skiQue. Nice shirt, i Nice hook! AirstreamSB Maine, N.H. +S.C. McFick FinkFloyd S4 Rink M’s Class Talks CToo many!] Thanx 2 my friends DEN. Bano, Lanky, Nerps. Finn, AKA, J. L. P. M. S. T. J. R. S. C. S + J. Couldn ' t have made it without ya’s. Luv ya Mom + Dad. I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon. Joseph LaRoche Sandpiper 1 56 Westminster Ave. The morning is dead and the day is through. There ' s nothing up here to lead me but the velvet moon. All my loneliness I have felt today, it’s just a little more than enough to make a man throw himself away. But I continue to burn the midnight lamp . . . alone Paula Lazos S 7 Varnum Street Let ' s go for a ride. Remember, just one next time. Junior year was the best year. Let’s dance. Never forget good times with CS LR PM LM FK JD ND GJ and especially HP. Two little doves in the night. Helen thanks for being there. Junior semi Jay. Summer of B6 in Greece, partied at Roxy and GTS with CA ML TT GT and Kt. T hanks Mike. Charlie. Mom and Dad Frank Leccese Daniel Leonard Melissa Lueng 8 Lowell 1 S82 83 Concerts, media center. Sophomore physical science. Hey Kates — Remember phys. ed. junior year? Raggedy Anne and Andy — Remember Ms. Gioiosa’s English 3. 1 ? K. T, — We were the best at MPS! Wendy — You made SB-S? the best! Mrs. F. Aunty Pauline — I love Ya! You’re the greatest! KT — Phill, Mike, Jimmo? Scott. Bruce. Matt. Jeff? LC-BBs at MPS! Who? When? Yes dear. Evangelos Livieratos 115 Spring Street This yearbook represents an end of an era in my life. Without some very special people I would not be who I am. so I am taking this opportunity to thank them. My mother, father, brother, grandmother, and my friends: D. Williams. M. Booth. C. MacClelian and my sifu, YoLi. Thanks Ma. Melissa Lueng Evangelos Livenatos Debbie Lombardi Deb 8 Hodge Road JFA 2 83 All The Good Times w JBAS JWJTC KCMKB DDC MDCRPKSLBDC Jen Don’t Forget The Concerts Thumbs up JM GLWK JBGLWMP Summer St I Luv u KK Bishop SASSJ CSWBP MMWAW- GTWE CKHP w Kurt and Mine To Dog Me ' Tiolet H. Bw Jan Smoon MMHG AHS Menots Labor Day Wknd ASSSSneezing Cheerin d The Gardens Keith When Can I Take Your Car! UTYE Jen? I Finally Made It BFFL JBS.JT " RM” Luv Ya MSD Bill Looney Loonball 50 Amsden Street CD, JC, BB. KD, CM. LH, Bots. Dutch Don Burkie. H-Sq. Club Whale Watch — Ham S. Cheese, Me3K — GangNewEd. Spa, TbB. Tram, CeltsG — TMrKell Laves. Dans JL’s Bonnewells Were Goin In Make A Movie Hoop, V-RS.H, KevDow, 23. 1 1. Camps 5Star, BayState — Gold- AAuinNH, CowensWaldoNewton. H-Boy, P Wee Camb. Dutch’s room. eggFights. MT’sShirt. Burkie ' svocab. Tournament, Mem’s BG. PK, JM, EAST ARLINGTDN. FLG’s ssIkJThanx MAS.DAD Debbie Lombardi Bill Looney 31 Courtney MacKillop Amy MacNeil Kathleen MacPhee Katie 32 Overlook Road FRIENDS Stace Linds ' Holly 2 Janet Katy Erin 2 Bridge ' The Brothers SOCCER Mark J + J Jill’s clean jokes WHEW BABY! TRACK The Singin Gang Stace Kim R. + Kel funny looks Party! Where? Sleeping over Katy’s What ' s Your Rank? " 7th with PB + JC Our Song Stace Cry Babies! PROM W John . . . Thanks Mr. C GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD AND GANG!! Laura Maddox 55 Hillside Avenue SIMON LISATOSI — Friends 5 Bendrucker ISAAC sheldon CAROL smith ANNE gagon CARL wagner JOURNALS becky JOHN assoCC MAGGIE REGINA harrison CHRIS DURAN DURAN MILE ELAINE gremanis — lab partners forever KG Idol Daddy Kearns MATCH andy PENNY cat Choc Box Dough cDo HAZELS survival MARCHING BAND MONTREAL IBM 1 ab BULLWHIPS mr CODY STIES stell a QUEBECD. C. drench man Cotter — MED HIST Mr Bockler YOOD Barry ozzie ER MEXICO Mum Dad 32 Enin Lovett Chris Low James Lucero Ian 2 " 7S Gray St. EEOOO WREENT 2x It ' s in the hole Everyday in summer of 8S was sak Sarah Stroke JimJam BlueBonny Adolph Hess Kimler mlklawnser. House wasted J3 Tempo St. Chawly medfa Tray Dan John Bruce Matt Jeff UD Min Betty is it Lawnmowin day skinhead mac matts show Thankx mom n dad Jimmy P D C punk -AiOO am holly enesp newer go back but always remember Minor Threat after Kathleen A. Lynch Kathy 7S Dudley Street I ' ll miss Arlington High and my friends and classmates. Laura, Beth. Joanna. Joanne P. . Dotty. Kathy F.. Carol. Paula. Goodbye Class of 1 SB?. Love to my parents, relatives, and my cat. Princess. Thanks. Mom and Dad Kathleen MacPhee Erin Lovett 4 Pierce Street CAPE ' SB Deb Hi B..! Pen-Bagged!! Friendly’s M. Trip. Jibba Time, H. Village — BCWB — WVl — PARTY — DGPLMMMFK MGANCL HSTES EV — Lisa Get Me Some . . . Deep Down Pizza! Ski T rip. S. C. Deb Wanna Get Dismissed?? Kris’ Party. WannaDance Dung?? Merrimack — Party! Pen — Don’t Make Me Laugh — A Moons — S Suns!! The Subway!! Where ' s My $ 1 O??. 25 The Firm Was I There?? Good Luck Class Of ' S?! Love Ya Ma + Family!!! Convo’s w Maura. Hey Pen. Red Roses In FanueiM! (HaHai!!] Thanks, LOVE YA MA and Family Good Luck Class of ’ST! Chris Low 30 Glen Avenue The fastest four years of my life there were bad times and good times with GB. JB. DD. SC. PW. MM. JM. BM. MK.DC. ST. KC. JW. I plan on going to college. Here are some of my choices; Stonehill, New Hamp- shire College. St. Anselms. North Adams State. Framingham State; I plan on going into Marketing as a career. " Matt, want to play tennis? " James Lucero Kathleen A. Lynch Couurtney MacKillop " Snorts " 30 Old Mystic Street THOU JACK AB Aeva Summer of — S5 — 1 0 2 ' 7 BA Oh My! FUA. A BS OK Don ' t drop the SDs! WOO PRICKLEY STEVE Okahh! " Is that your bofo Holly? " STING 3 B5 Stall GS.S " SEATS S, What hav u " MBC Totaled — JB U2 — BOO — Lbdy Wknds SCOTCH TAPE VV Broc NJ Ptys Camp Cal B3 8A Canoe Holdude Mt. BF F. Deb CHEZ The Wall Montr. BB CPT. SPAM MS S PA — Aero — SB — STU — Hangin in a purple haze Amy MacNeil Amy A Carl Road HB. BT. JA. CH, RJ. MH. JB. BC. JG. KC, NM. MD. Maggots, concert choir, N. E. District. All-State. Spazz — Singers, lazz camp, Burma. Harvard Sq, Giovani ' s, Washington, Quebec, Montreal, F-Chem. Beaker. A-Hop. junior semis, junior prom, Sissys, Pete W, Gallbladder. Charlie Bronson, Skippy, Heyi, Beth ' s Black Book, Heather’s dance | partner, JG’s parties. RIP. Thanks Mom and Dad Laura Maddox yO r’a Z c z (’ ( ' [. ) ) ’ }( ' a nruZ o am ' aroc, Z Z (Zo ’ ZauH’ f . ooZk a ' 0( uZ, cZ oo,s ' i ' o r oa ( ' 0 uZ . Z or Zofu ( ( Z of (f uZ Z u Z f o Jfz . ( (Z A ' Zcs’ Of ZZ ( m ' (W(Z Zaras r orr ZZ car . (mZ aZZ r orr ZorrcZr rr nZ rrZZ r orr ,scc Z s rrZZ r orra Zr c rr rZZ crna Z c . . . l r ' rZ . Zor rZ 33 Junior Semi The Grapes of Wrath A match made in heaven The plants are taller! I Everyone else is in the bathroom. Was It that funny? 3 Who ' s hat. Bill Jones? Same orthodentist? 35 Red, White and Blue Who ' s Bobby Hill looking at now? January 1 0, 1 0SB Junior Prom 3B 37 May 23, 1 3BB Oktoberfest 3S October 1 □, 1 0SB Senior Convention 42 43 Mr. Dlott. What are you talking about? Don t mess with me You know you love me! ■ 0 W Ml Melissa Magalhes Brian Mahoney Kristen Mahoney 3G Coolidge Rd Field Hockey S ' 4-SB WE ARE SLOW! Stu-Cow BB-ST ' : DW. MS, MR, NF Band Trips. BH, DT. CM, HB S DJ G S S BA-BB Cast Parties Hey CF nice b-day! Proms Brigham’s S5-? Hampton B6 Summer BB SVSB: KM. DM, AF. BF S the A-team movies Falmouth Big Sis T rish BRUCE RULES right Aim? Hoe — late night term papers CD, SB, MK, LG, MB, KG, AM. LB, KS: Florida Here We Cornell Thanks Mom, Dad. Dee S Don — B " 7 Lindsey Mahoney Linds’ 1 03 Brand Street Jul. Kate 2, Hoi 2, Stace, Chris, Bridge. Erin, Jan. The Bros. Red Hot Babe! J. Travolta, ch — CH. FESS UP JOANNE! Performance of a life- time! Crista Bremer. Sri 1! Sneaking out to t. p. Martha ' s porch! Humarock. Nite-visits — Cape Cod! Harvard at midnite!?! St. E’s Celtics. Stories in DT’s car! June 1 0, 1 002. Seabrook ’S5. Soccer — hurdles. Mom. Dad. Chris, Bruce, thanx. Love you! Matthew Majeski Papken Maksoudian Kim Malatesta Mai B Walnut Terr. Friends DC. JF. KB. DO. CM. LB. KS. AS. DC. LF. Canada 20B — Hr 201 Drew Cheerleading JR SOCCER Getting caught! Semis + Prom Soo with Dari kelly ' S party penny DM Party Memof ST Field 1 800 Chased by mr oDogmetil Tuesday MM38 Special Thanksgiving — sleep- over Glouster — Irv meatballs Maine with DC DP Patrol Pizza — Fm + RG Sr Convention Grounded Liz’S Party MessI — scitsym CC — DAD mm sorry Thanks Mom + Dad Love ya — Gregg Thanks for helping me Joe Maldonis Mai 1 2 Argyle Road Thorndike Field with My BUDies PAT mothers not now DC MD OG M2DE BAV EJAYCO Crash JOE the STUD — GATTOSH Cabinet SKEGP Quarter CORMIERS JR PRO MUN Walk ablem LAKES. CAN DA. HAMPTON. CAPE. CONN. The Blaze Centrum — RACE FOR the ESA CLOTS of 12 oz. Curls JG parties - SYMME SCREW FRENCH =RIES — LC — BEST OF TIMES WITH CC KWURD SKI IWGLL BUY RITE Capt DAVE 1 51 JUL 2A couldnt have made it without you THANX MA. 3AD LOVE JOE Melissa Magalhas 50 Silk Street Hey Susan and Carolyn — STAF!!! Sue don’t forget how she fainted! Where? With whom? On the stairs? STAF! Sloshed in Italy — Thanks for taking care of me Rene and Heather. Laura — how are we going to get the stove up the stairs? STAF! Sue you are a STAF! Ciao babies!!! Brian Mahoney " Swanny” 2 7 Tower Road Jr Semi Jr. Prom Sr Semi Sr Prom good time I hope Hampton 86 Gumbi MB MM KF Fris Stack Gene-o tree JA S-Day Football ?3 " 7-2-1 Retreat KR Maybe? Pooch " 75-80 Gloucester MM PF SC ahhh Hampton PF BH Let’s run Saturday Nites BM PF RM LB KS KF AS KM RC I love you Mom T Dad Thanks for everything Goodbye AHS Hello multi-million dollar career. Kristen Mahoney Lindsey Mahoney Matthew Majeski Ski 2B Baker Road The Sessions Nawhicle Beef it Greekness chuckles The Group Beebs The Rocks Baldhead Soul Bros Scrub Enrique Fish Tales Pete Mikes Track 1 shot Nice Toe Floyd Brown Thumb Wrath of GREEK Steve. Pira Lowell Insane at UMA Straight wheres the Pizza PARTIES with Ants. Ted. JC. Stu Sledding man Fitz Cheryl Kris I said do it or your dead alright you to Jean. Tanya Thanz Mom Dad Papken Maksoudian 58 Winter Street Summer of SB, ACYOA Jrs 1, MAMA. Varsity Basketball, WHY? SOFS! — SOFE! — SOFR!. St Nersess — SB — BY — BY. HR 201 SDnDB Quiet!. Beep!. Kookoo!. HeaHaw! Whats Going On? Raff. Ray — n — Vart SOX — AEROSMITH — ARP — ART OK! New York PARTY! Cut Grass Man! Go to the BEACH! SACKS! ZING! Nick — Home FEEBEE HUGHES Monty Carlo LABS — LABS MR Manning! Out at last! Lipstick? Who Did it?? Kim Malatesta Uoe Maldonis Michelle Malek Brian Malone Joe Mancini B3 Bow StreeC See you laCen A.H.S. over Che Hills Poets smooth AC DC Budweisers CRASH! BUSTEDI B6’ Mustang BTO ALICE COOPER John Henry Bonhom 2 for 5 Thanks Mom and Dad Kevin Mannke Spanky 3B Brand Street To all the good times street hockey on Cypress JO MM BO EM opes cooj hackin’ with JO at FP Yay Don’t worry about it blotter Trampa cards in HR York Beach Summers of BA B5 + 86 duB with SK RK MW SP LM SDS EF JZ JA BR JP Never forgot those summers Thanks + I love you Mom S Dad. Michelle Malek A Park Street Dowrt by the River w DJ CS JG Q’s at D. P. w Deb HS — T-parCies tn CHINA! Glory Days Good T imes w GM PC SK RK JT TS RS Boating w CS I love you Billy! CCR S Snowscroms in the White Mountains. Vacas w DL! AEROSMITH Panther X-ing The Pond Thorndike Summer of B5-S6 TOM PETTY S5 THE MURDERERS! 1 more Moppy ' Moonunit Wish U Were here Thanks Mr Mrs J. GJTDE. Joe Mancini Brian Malone Mugsy AA Harvard St. TRACY LOVE YOU 1 -30-B6 THANKS S. T. E. P. JANE LENNY CHARLIE AND DENNIS BYE! CAPE COD HAMPTON ”86 " JC BG RC TG EG JK KH AC JIMBO JEFF KURT JUNIOR . . . YAOH! BUDWEISER KEGS ACDC THE FIRM THANKS MA AND DAD GOGUEN!!! GDLDS GYM PLUM- BING GOOD BUY AHS!!!I! THANK GOD — THANKS TRACY i COULDN’T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOU! I MADE IT MOM AND DAD ' THANKS I LOVE YOU BOTH. Kevin Mannke Bill Manty Andrew Mannochello Laurie McCabe Lucy 53 Foster Street BESTFRIEND — JANE — HO l_A MA AL AH RD JB DT EB CJB 1 ) Fresh touch — LM DG TM HB HJ Summer B5 S6 MONTREAL BB WAHR JB KT JB JG LA — THANX CASEY — FACE! BA KD SPY bblh tmacrd CRUISEMOBILE — GREEN CHEVETTE RROM S5 — JB B6 — JB JF KB drive through — LIMO 1 31 tarpit — pc |w VENTBRUSH MALDEN THE WALL SPARE ME! HOCKEY kd |d Cm It ml PARTY — ”T” St. cj SCOOP! WALEX! BRIGIS — kevi AHOP How Will I Know! BC 1 2 V 86. thx DAD S MOM — I LOVE YOU! Beth McCarthy , 1 56 Crosby Street My SO Buick. Kathy’s ski poles. Italy B5. Toronto B6. Buddy Hoover, Patrice, Italian and Joanne’s street. Kathy’s Princess. S.G.. JP, William, Pechie and Piano. Summers at Cape Cod. Mrs. M. , Sewing. Clyde, Sheba, Magic and Larry. Earrings, braces, working and Florida. General. L.R., sweaters. The Queen. Gym, Red and Grey, Bishop. East and 6:30 A, M Bill Manty Sweet William 2’70 Florence Avenue POETS — B5 — XMAS at sukie’s kenn’s Parties Helter Skelter Do I know What I’m doing Mare S Ted’s Parties Endless Quarters Glouchester 1 sorry Joe Ahh My face Funnels WHOA The Fat Man Rocks Led Zep Lisa, Ed. Chris. Hanks. Ange. The Dohertys. The Zammutos. Karl, Kara, Ellen, Chris, Ken, Matt, Thanks Tony, Maryellen, Dan, Heather, Moe, and Pat. , I Andrew M, Marrochello Drew 2B Moulton Road VFootball -42 VBaseball 1 VTrack NICOLE 1 21 BB The Boys: JR. RK, NH, MT. EC. DH, DM. SC. JD, PK, KP, GO. JVBball 13-1; Brockton?? , UB Fenway Fight Edisms Ed’s Bar and Grill Rajas PetCyball Hey , Fenderhead! Road Trip Hampton 1Z-1-4 Mai Don’s House The Field j Liberal DP Quigs + Dillon Bill Jones Bball — state Champs S7 Thanks Ma, Dad and Nana. ▲ Laurie McCabe Beth McCarthy 50 Sean McCarthy David McDermott Lauren McDonnell 53 Kilsythe Road good bye AHS The Fastest A years of my life “Soph year’ Rember miss America “Rambo” Never Forget the mall Kim. “The Boss” First lunch with MM 5-33-S6 JR Prom with ES GOOD LUCK to my Friends Here 1 come Salam " BIG MAC Hi JCM Lok " Luv Ya Forever” “Summer of S3” What up dude Good luck KAZ see ya LATER Never forget ya GB Thanks Mom and Dad Peter McEleamey 57 Quincy Street Tanis. Cals. Bano. AKA, Jim. Vermont. SkiQ. I.L. Y. STEPH. U2 — Rejoice. Minor threat — Out Of Step. 7 — Seconds — Spread It. I still Believe. C. Y. O.. Cross Country. Indoor. Outdoor. A.D.T. I.. I Had A lot Of Good Times. Bitchin Dan. Harvard. Ben D. AKA “Josh Mosh.“ Great Picture. Huh? Stop that You S. O. B. . Mall. Forget All You Have Learned. Bored To Death. I Want To Leave Now. I Know I Forgot Somethin All Gone!! THANX MOM DAD John McEwen John McGah Andrea IVIcKenney 59 Epping Street FF KS. SW, LB. DC. SB. CD. KM. MJK. MB. KG S. BB. DT. KP, DO. RB VFH. Tr SHA Fla. IHYKYPFY! CHRIS GP. Did he call? LA.URA K S B A some! KEL SKIP DAM! Hey are you sisters? Suzy Dl II Matt DLP CC Ed " MDWLYDT " Semi. Prom mobile home. Thanks Amy A Everything! EH S AD, AST Sen. Conv. Fla " B? " KS working at McD ' s Stunk! Love you. Dad. Mom. Lisa. Donna, Nancy. BL ' s it ' s been AWESOME Sean McCarthy 3A9 Forest Street So long AEva AHS 2 years Minuteman Its all over Ma The Burl. Mall Koors. Montilios The Fun Bunch Budweiser Dream on to The Stairway to Heaven I Love you Gina Bikers weekend, Dans yard Aerosmith. Zeppelin. Nostalgia Lawton Weld Danvers Thanks McCarthys especially Ma and Dad Luv ya PA, JG, SD, RR. PR. RB, SM, MA. BS, B. EM. JN, CD, DM, PF. LC. DD Now comes life! David McDermott F.S. AO Warren Street Belmont Runs. SM. NB. MR. KH. mk, dd. da. ch, nl. The Farm Blue Bridge. Hampton. Dana’s Place. SEE YA HIGH BIRD. The Thrasher. Light up. GRUNTS. Have Fun DEN. Thanx MOM, THE END! John McEwen J.J. 21 Bartlett Ave. Jibba Andy Nick Spaz. " Hey. DK we got white man ' s disease.” BAY STATE BAMES. GBL CHAMPS — BA AND SB? — " ELA PISO MALAKA. " Poutsa Party at MAL ' S — BUSTED — so what we still went to MONOTS. Zipperhead didn ' t mind — too much. " Hey skipper lets go grab us some mouni. HEY MARK, so what if she is a freshman, she is better than " functional! " John McGah Jackie BZ Maynard NILS BRUCE JIM DAVE MIKE KEV PETE S DOM " DONT CALL ME POTSY! " CC HOOP BASEBALL HARV. ST BRIGHAM SG S S DRAMA SOPH’S 1-10 YES. ILL HAVE A FINNBERGER TO GO PARIS WHEN I FINO MYSELF IN TIMES OF TROUBLE MOTHER MARY COMES TO ME SPEAKING WOROS OF WISDOM LET IT BE MANY THANX TO JIM. LOVE TO MOM. DAO. KATH Lauren McDonnell Peter McElearney Heather Mclsaac Andrea McKenney 51 Donny McLaughlin Colin M cLellan Debbie McLeod Deb 32 Gardner Sc. THANK YOU. MOM S DAD. HOMMA. JANE. DENNIS S LENNIE. STEVIE NIGKS FOREVER. THE DOORS! DAVE. 1 -A-3! HI. DIANE. GAIL AND FINN. TINA PRESTON. TRISHA DARROW. HI TO RHONDA MY BEST FRIEND. LED ZEPPELIN. BABE I ' M GONNA TO LEAVE YOU. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. PINK FLOYD. GOMFORTABLY NUMB. GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD! BAD COMPANY. SHOOTING STAR. TOM PETTY. BREAKOOWN. EVEN THE LOSERS. BOB SEGAR. Patrick McMakin 75 Dorothy Road Field Mai Jay Joe Dave Doug Keith Mat Bill Ed Craig ILMS Soft Eng Last day of school 1 3S6 Chicago Joes House PTUP 1 0S7 Sink A Smith — ACDC Ski trip Canada RAB Celts Parade Han Manican Cape Maine QAM New year ' s S5-BG EK — Sr Prom Jeanne McNulty William McPhail Donny McLaughlin Donny 1 A5 Renfrew MT DM DH JR NH PK RK RC SC BS EC JC RG Jill February 7 1 SBB, Partying Down AHS NH lets get White Hens window COPS busting balls down AHS. minots. sports Football. Baseball. Track, thanks MOM AND DAD FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME FOR ALL THESE YEARS Colin McLellan Semi 3S Scituate St In Years to come I ' ll look back at Years gone by and I ' ll think of my friends at Arlington High; Damion. Vin. Josh. Scott. Adam. Lester. Carl. Jim A Bill. John. Purvie. Sue. Jenn. Lisa. Martha. Kevin. Mike. Charlie. Eric Matt. Tony. Katy. Peter. Andrew. Paul Masi. Ben. Chris. Vanessa Holly. Bruce. Sue P. Paulo. Ted. Ray. Brendon. Ed. Debbie McLeod Patrick McMakin Jeanne McNulty PACA S Patrick Street Oct — IB — Andrew luv ya! Best of friends — MC AZ JT CA AL SW DM KD! Thanks for being there. A.Z. wanna be my freak? J. T. let ' s get some Heinees — D M. party crazy — C. A. + D.l. S.C. C. S.W. you ' re so cute! A.L. you’re awesome. I luv ya K. D. let’s have a blast! M.C. good times! Takeme home tonight! J.M. + A S. you ' re so cute! Luv ya. Always! YaYa that ' s the ticket — Luv ya John — Thanks Mom and Dad! William McPhail Bill 1 03 Newport St GO SICK! LATER A.H.S. Time to PARTY! What a rush! HEAVY METAL RULES! Flypaper. Superfly. Paul you Geek! Go nuts Flex! BM S MD Can’t wait for the last day of school! Matt Mead 1 B3 Forest Street M2 + Mighty Mouse FROSH + JV f VARSITY HOCKEY GBL CHAMPS GARDEN FROSH + JV BASEBALL JM KD PP KM PM JM JC DC PM DM CK BM GB CL MK DC SC MV PH HEY MAL " THE DDGS HERE " EVIL ED + NED SQUIGGER GREG HOW WAS REVERE BEACH JR PROM WITH KATIE THANKS HEY LOWBE COPS + ROBBERS BRIAN TENNIS BEWARE OF THE DOG BANG LETS OOG SOME BIFAS LANKY GOOD LUCK CU SS OF 1 SB7 THANKS MOM + OAD LOVE YA GOOD LUCK MIKE + JEFF + JEN Brendan McWilliams Matt Mead 52 Christine Meadows 26 Amsden Street Van, choc, strawberry forever! JAN hb trips, nice hmo. ED “body count” LIZ " HIZ baby” This is us . . . " SANDY o baby” Feel like goin for a walk? " DONNY 2 4 83 1 23 fm New Ed Tank rm stars thunder I’ll be there Stay forever " This is great!” You are now entering . . . the TWIST. EArl. people Hey Bill! Hampton Summer ' s 86 Best week ever rm HBJA volleyball — Liba CboomD Thanks Mom S. Dad Luv yal Steven Meagher 7Q River Street Best friends; Paul M. Nick B. Peter S. Dave B.. George F. Dave M. Excuse me. he likes you!! Ya. you’ll be alright in the morning, Faces on Sunday Night, One way love. The Farm. Friday night r ' uns. Don ' t mess around, Nick, put me in your biography when your a senior, Dinga ' s car on the sidewalk at the farm. Joe ' s garage The Rock. Parrallell park. Have a good time Nick, Noneen Milne Sandra Minniti Timmy Mitsakis Mit 2 " 75 Highland Ave TO ALL THE THORS THANKS. A. BQ UE CH IN IM. K. D. F, . M. D. C. O.. FU. SLOARGE AND THE " GREEK CONNECTION " N.P, J.A. J A. JR Prom. MANNING’S MANIA YEA! MIK’ SBYM. ANDLW GRECIAN ISLANDS. A.B. SLOARGE. D.F. YEA! NICE HAIR ZIP. M,C. MUSHROOMS NIGHT RULE. WALDO PARK. RACK OF BUD. YOU MIGHT HAVE A LIFE! THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS. SPECIAL THANKS TO MY MOM + DAD The Monitor HR: 234 Thanks to: Mike, Chris, Ben, Greg, Erik, Carl. Elaine. Anne, Laura, Jtm, and everyone else who helped me throughout the year. A very special 1 thanks to Peter Vinton, who helped a great deal, and unfortunately is not around to see me this year at AHS. No thanks to you Abbott! Thank you again, and remember to carry on the traditions in the future. Jeffrey Melvin Brian Miller Noreen Milne Rene 30 Lantern Lane Carnival JH Arthur maggots Harmoneers Good News burma georges Isle Chuckles and tuna fied Cass M2 nodoz spaz nite Any Jenn adams Mike Wet ap great Giavannis Xmas caroling grab Jr sent TGKsrsemi J. B. Prom MH Mark Bobbin Dan Jack J. G. burnt pizza CAPE COD SB Be Mellow Or Leave Har Sq spazzing MD KM SS South Pacifac Quebec Wydafall so fast Montreal Were Not Scared Were Awesome Sandra Minniti Stace ST Lake Street FRI ENDS: Mary. Liz, Chrissy. Kim. Thanx for everything. Mar It must be this lunch. Oh Baby Those Summer Nights. Kim You ' re so sensitive! Orange S Grapefruit. Bubbas forever. Suitcase! Cheap Q Meaningless with Daves. L. S. A. T. Y. D. L. I. A. B! You Know It! Toronto Again? Oh Maybe! FDW Edzo Who loves ya babe? Thanks Mom. Dad. Antny, Frank. Cathy! I LOVE YOU! Christine Meadows Steven Meagher Jeffrey Melvin PZA 21 Westminster St. : Crazy Fri Sat Nights At Dance Factory Palace Whispers 86 Summer At ' Hampton Beach MP EV TC CB lA ML VB Tufts Party The Old Days At ' ■ Bal-a roue Spin-off Thanks Mom S. Dad luv ya Mikes Gym Revere Beach Pupin It Up Funk Run dmc Fat boys Wild WERS Mr. Rema Mystic Lake Somerville 1 Mr Burges Mr Barret Dorchester Lugnuts Weight Lifting ■ contest 2nd Place 315 Bench. Brian Miller Bn 1 ZP Mt. Vernon Frosh Soccer JV TENNIS 2 yrs BAND TRIPS Quebec + Montreal Jr Prom HOWS LIFE TREATIN’ YA MM? LETS GO TO A MOVIE BC MM TC i BM. TENNIS AT SPY POND MATT BARDEN HOCKEY MM MK GB JM ! CL PP CANADA SKI TRIP. MM Lets go WATCH MICHELLE AT SOCC I i MEAN PLAY TENNIS AT SPY POND. YES CHRIS IT IS A GOOD I RACKET THANKS FOR THE RIDE KIM + MARY THANKS MOM + DAD I LOVE YOU GOOD LUCK D, The Monitor 53 Timmy Mitsakis i! Deborah Morello Joe Moudarni Edward J. Mouna Diabo B1 Palmer St. bf Charlie Taso Evandro. Cougar Nice Pole! SO Malibu Falmouth Paul — You’re In College Now — Get Out Of The House! Mom S Dad — I Love You! CSuzannah — You’re OK. TOO] Loud Stereos! — BUDDY — KC3 B The Group S others. Revere Beach Parkway Laura — Who Luvs Ya Kid " ? Smile Fo. Tanya — Please Be Quiet! Singing Beach FINN A.J. CYO — 5om Cam Friends. Cold Basements. AM — mdwim! Sandzo — I Don’t Know Anymore! YA RIGHT?! Paul Mullen Mulls BB Gardner St. Good times bad times with all of my pals PS OB NB SM MIGUEL CW MW BG CS LG — DG — AB — Hey He likes you — FACES — Dancing lots of fun — TMPMRM — PART E SAT THE JEXS — TAKING — IT — EASY — ALL OF THE TIME — RWBSWTKD — JM — ISDK — IN — MY — BOOK — FAST — CARS — Z2B — MDC BRAD — AHS — WAS — FUN — BUT — SO — WAS — THE — PROM! SO — THANKS — A — LOT — ALL — OF — MY — FRIENDS — LETS — GET — DRUNK — AND — HAVE — SOME — FUN — SO — GOOD-BYE — AHS — AND — THANKS — FOR — EVERY- THING — MOM — AND — DAD. Deborah Morello Debbi 1 55 Thorndike St. Peter I’ll love you forever JM MC TG KD Danni Pee Wee Herman Peter, will you do me a favor? Cokes remember the BIG TUNA!! RUN — DMC Whodini Eddie Murphy Private stock smoke a jibba and have a ball FEB. 1 5 DM S PB met Love Always to you! You only have one life so party it up to every last second. Look everybody I finally made it!! Thanx Mom and Dad. Joe Moudarri 1 7 Baker Rd. CARI I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER B2-B7. 73-Z2B SCREAMER ZEPPELIN RULES FOREVER THE FIRM B5-BB ALL THE GOOD TIMES WITH AC. AK. BR. AND CW — ALWAYS BLOWING DOORS IN THE Z. MAKE THE TAG ANDY STEP RULES THANKS DENNIS JANE MR. JENNY AND ESPECIALLY LENNY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOU TOO CHARLIE THANKS MA FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME LOVE YOU FOREVER OUTTA HERE. Edward Mouna Paul Mullen Tracy Mullen Cathy Murphy Mary Murphy China Doll 1 O Fremont St We Made It! CHRIS I LUV YA Dec 31 B5 Will you marry me? Prom 85 S BB How Many People Can You Fit In An B Person Limo? Majorettes 85 S BB My Parties oompa watch Your Knees! Cherry hed Dpd The TV moce? Lush! Crazy Joe pont Have a Cow Cheryl? Fling! Gumin The Pitz Decac- stmmy — Eva May 20 mSm’s LH LL MM CS OH M A LG AA LC AM PC 1C LUS BW LG MB MN HWork? Many Thanks To Mr C joan Everyone eat Dr. E’s office Dad Mom Family special thanks To Chris Luv u all Marlene Murphy Summer of " SB. " Hampton: Cavalier 3A. Dolphin Hotel 1. Luigis. Warren. Caroline — Fort Henry here WE come CM + J). Eileen — " I will Survive. " Mary — Senior Prom 85. May 20th Forever! Thanks to: LS. JM. TG. FK.DF. KV. LH. Dallin Park + East Crew, for all the good times! Mark — big Smack. BG and Mr. C " You are special!.’’ " Baker + Eggs. " Hitching on rte. 128 — " Gizmo.” Mom. Dad I Love You! Tracy Mullen Mully BB Gardner St. Good time with Mitch KN LJ DG I I DJ TE JC KD MM CB JO — C CC BO 1 CS JH + CF PG + DC RS CW CS GC TOM SUE DEB KIM OK KG PP RW , KW BK RK TAZ SPAZ RN NIN HEY CHA — BANG JS OF KM TG PS CW ; MULLS B-B-BB PRESTON JR — PROM W JOE M TRICK I LUV U TINA GOOD LUCK RICH! THANX PAUL! JC EC VAL C-YA AHS IT’S BEEN REAL CLAIRE THANX A EVERYTHING MOM DAD I LOVE YOU [SHEEBA] Cathy Murphy Smurf 1 5 Radcliffe Road FRIENDS JF AS DO DC JW KM KB LB DC KS DL BM KF BM MB RM PF MM IT’S THE FAMOUS FINAL SCENE AR The Cape w Jules Hampton ! BB I HAD GT! Come On Will Ya! Will Ya! DOG ME! The Fie!d Menots M -f ' M’s 1 -BCG SMESSES! HG? 3S Special Lost MEGA — WOMAN It ' s The ■ Boys! All Nighters 2AS — I Luv U More Than ! T — Giving Sleepover B5 Quick PW Lisa Rough night at the I I C PARTIES DC DOBM DKD NKJ R8 ! Chased by Mr OTG 4 Corm’s! JY AT FIN WHM I WY TB. TYFABT I luv You Mom S DAD Many Murphy Marlene Murphy 5A Jocelyn Murray Vinnie Natale Chris Nawn Sessions The Oven BP. MP. SC. LD. BM. SV, JL. PP. ES. PC. EB, CH. EC, Majestic Peelin’ TUP Potatoe Head Bald Head Island Hello ... Is There Anybody In There? Motorhome U MASS Well Allllright Dude the Orange S2 Sled To Hell! Floyd Otto Otay! Garfield Bags RAW DEAL Love YA Always Kern Thanx Mom + Dad Jocelyn Murray Jo-C 31 Lake St. Graduation w no education Best times w LJ Midnight Madness XLR8 The Jex Hampton Womanizer 7 7 Monte Stevie Nicks Gypsy You aint seen nothing yet — JW KN SK TM HSMC I I BT MM JTR PKRDL — JFF! Thumbs Up AS — Floyd KEITH 7 3 SB — so siked I finally got U — JM S KL! M.M. Lockeroom JWS.VV. Falling off Menots — wishing on a loom. AS.JK JSS BBR SB. 5 S Chit? Outta Here Mush Luv ya Ma S Dad Vinny Natale Good Times With JL MM JM AK JK Best times with JO OH I won’t make It. oh but I will Going to California S5 " SG Parties at the Camp LEO ZEPPELIN mailcstered all day and all night with AKS.JK AHS PRISON SB S7 The Mighty VS Vinny S. Jackie Always Zipper is a Joke The Nightmare IS Finally over Nostalgia Thanks Mom Si Dad. James Naylor Christopher Nawn Deirdre Neylon Karen Niland Evelyn Nolan BC Valentine Rd. Thank you to all my teachers and friends at Arlington High for making these the best years I can remember. Good luck to my friend Kathy, who IS the nicest person I know. I also want to thank my Mom and Dad for all their love and support. I love you. Michael P. Nolan 1 7 Sagamore Road Ribs. Jukes, Joe D. Hughes. Fu. Silver Dollars Nobleboro Maine PETER PAN — Football Diamond D. Andrea Thanks and Love to Mom, Aunt Betty. Helen, and Valerie Deirdre Neylon 2S Arlmont St. What’s all this then? Lis, thanx for all the Monday mornings — R’s bus. Stay Crazy. LauD. UR a reat friend. Monty Python. Stones! ACC friends. Drama. Hi MKD n MS. Thanx Mahadys. Laconia! Hi LK. let ' s drive! I used to be disgusted, but now I try to be amused. HEZ, had fun. hope to be friends always. Luv ya! Time is on my side. Thanx Mom n Dad. Luv ya! Karen Niland 1 2 4 Gardner St. Good times down Zee JExW LJ JC TE Zotts JO — C CB MM MG CF MB SR! BFA — L.SA! SUMMER S5 HAMPTON — BR. CAMP; D! SPED! SLITTING AROUN! FLA. WALLY G. BARBSI — 2MANY. FLIPPIN OUT! DOTTIES Sr Prom Summer BG Good Times W ss MD MP PM BASH JS — YOU GUYS ARE A MESS! Snub! Stevie Nicks - T. P. Love you Stephen - Wicked lots 3-S-SB — 4eva! C-Ya — ASH Im outta here! Thanxs Ma Dad Rob G Billy Michael P. Nolan Evelyn Nolan Kimberly Nugent Gene O ' Connor □eirdre O ' Hallonan Dee 81 Westminster Ave. BUDies KB CM KM DC JF JW AS DC DL KS LB JL Feild Menots I HAD GT Cmon wi ya Dog me Puddles Sm m m Scubba H Games Junior Semi? Proms send My Luggage Ptys KB DC CM DL Hampton BB BAM THE GARDENS Cheering FIN Fatiel — BOO Chased by Dad AHSPD KSY Ode Itnyard Sr Conv Megg wmn MrC BC Dari Broom KSDC BFJ — eva KBMilkshake TOILET Canada D Patrol JUVIEN ANTHEMS loshed TAXI Solma — F — Fscene Luv S Thanks Ma S Dad Lata AHS Brian O ' Keefe Oak 1 7 Hiawatha Lane FRIENDS: AA. MP. GP — The BEST. Bill Jones lives. MT — my best lab partner. HaHa. PK — Best laugh — BB in your drawer. Mr. Cody — the coolest. History with Mr. Lavery — SWELL! Have enjoyed the A years at AHS with all of you. I wish you all the best of luck in the future. CLASS of 1 387 — Have a good one! Thanks For everything. From Mom Dad Your one and only — OAK — man Kimberly A. Nugent Nuge 35 4 Ridge Street Sup? Mar. Stac, Shmoo. Kell. Oh Maybe! Your so sensitive. Pam — Who ' s Porchenko? Oh you know it — JB. OK Scooter. Mar — The great times! TOTW, POS. . Marshfield, those summer nights. Grapie, How ' s the fish? Mario — Did you take the door off? Chari S. MRC - Chex Party Mix. Never Change! Mar vain? TWFAF. NYC. WHAT the HECK! Get out of the last stall! Thanks for everything Mom S Dad. I love you! Gene O ' Connor Geno Kenilworth Rd. JR. PK. MB. MM. BM. SF. RK. DM. DH. MT. BH. RC. SQ. JD. NH. BC tailgate. Annual Rajat. neutral Beers. Road trip. B am drinks, Jr Prom, Keep ' m home for breakfast, outfield, springfarm. New Year ' s 86. largers. high ' n dry Wayland. Truck likes trees! ! I Bud. furious, shotgun. Coors. suit case. High school field, farm, monots, blue assault vehicle. O.T. R.! The Feds. Thanks Mom!!! bye! Deindne O’Hallonan Brian O ' Keefe David O ' Neill Burnie 287 Appleton St. So long everybody. I ' ve got to go. Ill remember y’all. dont you forget about me. Life is very long when you ' re lonely. NF. BG KP. JM: Youre my best friends and I want you to know that my feelings are true. I really love you. ;No one ever is to blame. Good Times S Bad, it ' s all part of life ' s rich pageant. It ' s been great. Mom S. Dad thanks. 1 love you. CLASS DIS- MISSED!!!!!! Hope Orfanos Buckwheat 1 6 Milton St. OTAY! DK EV ML PD CV TK BK DM TR EHT Greece Summer BA OH MY HEAD ORRYCAY INMAY OSTAKAY AMBROGHINILAY Kaluha LMNOP I don ' t want your $3 Beakmobile RIP N Shore SB Capitol MO JABA I don’t look like my brothers Are we really here are my eyes spinning? I want it oper overseas phonebooth — I drink your momosa It’s finally over ma S. Dad or has it just begun love you all. John Osmen Renee Pace David O’Neil Hope Orfanos John Osmer Qzzy B Edith St. It ' s Post T ime WHAT? BANG! ! ! — Coast to Coast, — The Highway to Hell All the Way To Rockingham. " Helten Skelter” — Cheech-n-Chong — 1 SB7 YEAH!!! The Summer of SSG The balls. N.H. Here I come!!! Math class Mrs. Kilday HA!! HA!! Oh Well. " You only live once " Time To Go. Goodbye All!!! Thanx Mom S Dad and everyone else. P. S. How’s Ralph doing?????? 5B Marie Pacheco Michael Pacheco Charlie Pantistdis Chuck 60 Palmer Street SOCCER PARTY 9-2 -85 — 10-1 1 -B5 WINK Poutsa Party Espacio Mouni ECAPISO its more convenient number 5 sweeper Donna Katie Eve Kristen crazy Car a Fotini Tink a Peewee TA Kelli Fitz maurice Nuge Room 21 1 Jules Mr. Collombs office meny Ya RightTongue Mai ' s House Mom + Dad Hi George Skipper CARA JEANE HOGAN S-23-S6 Michele That goat was for you Soccer Party 9-26-B6 Charlie taso Ed BF V I C T O R Y Michelle Paquette Shelta 1 7 Newland Rd. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL 5 24 S5. GOOD TIME WITH MD PM BA SH SS VL KN JS BB JP. ZZ TOP. LATE SNOWY NIGHTS WITH THE GANG. ROLLING MILK CARTS WITH VL. THE MORNING SNUBBIES. LOON MT. RAINY MORNING ON THE GOLF COURSE. A DIP IN NH. DO WE CARE? NO! ELEVATOR RIDES WITH KN. MUDGE! I HAVE ALL THE MONEY. THE THING THAT WOULDN’T LEAVE. THE WAD! OUTTA HERE! THANKS MOM AND DAD, Mane Pacheco 52 Varnum St. I would like thank my parents for their support. I would also like to thank all of my teachers for making my high school years worth while. I will never forget my junior year, especially my English class. Class of ’ST. you ' re the best! I’ll miss you. P. K. , J. P. . S. V. . M. S. Hope to see you all soon! P. S. Mom. Dad. When will I get a new CAR?! I ! ! ! ! ! ! Michael Pacheco Cheeks 61 Florence Ave. Cross Country l S Track A yrs CoCaptx — cgbl champs 86. BT? Stizz John Tom JL CB DT ML KA SMS SUNday morning sCREW Oh OUCH Splibube eh get lost AJACK JKBNS Rockport Hampton 85 86 How about the those Red Sox mahvelous New York We almost had that record hogs Quigs — It’s a lock Thanks Mom and Dad Charlie Pantisidis Michelle Paquette Mick Paras Greg Paroyan Purvi Patwari Poov 1 6 Kimball Road RUSH YOU CAN DO A LOT IN A LIFETIME. IF YOU DONT BURN OUT TOO FAST. YOU CAN MAKE THE MOST OF THE DISTANCE. FIRST YDU NEED ENDURANCE. FIRST YOUVE GOT TO LAST . , . Skibums KimbalGang — JL. CH Midwest Bound — KR Prom Night — LD Mrs V — SV1 3 + ! QSER Cloves, Summer 83 — AC The GAP Maa — C ' nive the CARRI? Let More GOOD Times Roll! A.W. LUVYA Ma. Papa. Kook! Poostah O ' TAY BUCKIES! Josephine A. Pellegrino Joanne 119 Thorndike Street We did It! Dur hard work paid off! Never forget the good times in Jr. year Cespecially SP Toomey ' s English class] Beth remember our trip to Italy and Toronto! SP always remember homeroom! Say bye bye to gym for- ever! Thanks Mom S. Dad for your support. Love you always! Keep up the good work Color Guards! KC. MP. MS. PL. HP. BJ, SP, BMC. KL. KF. LT. S. LR I ' ll miss u! Nick Paras 28 Thorndike Street D. B. K. N.. Nice Mud Fight, MR OCHO And THE Soapbag. The Oldest Living Chicken, The Kid With The 360 degree head. Greeks and Pollarks. Mad Stonehead. Ed and Ed. The Group. Sleding With Death. Nice Food Fights. Is That Right Guy? Hit and Run. The Orphans. Stop the Car. Wheres The Frisbee Ted. Freddy Kruger Lives. Mrs. Monahan ' s Class. Crow bar in the Trunk, Whats up Guy Greg Paroyan 1 9 Tomahawk Road School, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the class of ' 87 ' . Its 4 year mission to be the most popular, to make the grade and sign the times, to boldly go where most teenagers have gone before! " LIFE TREK " During my A.H.S. years my adventures have taken me to the hospital, cars, concerts, basketball, parents, teachers, homework. + girls?? Punvi Patwan Josephine Pellegrino S7 Susan Pereira Mario Perrone □emetnos Pesindis Jim 223 Renfrew Street Greek — Supra, I might have been doing 1 05, black van cut me off — VMITP, A — She’s into malakas, Dino — tua madre culo — Pizza for Nikolaos and the Jibber family — Black Flag, slam — Greece, summer, S5, Germany, Switz, Yugo, Aus — Go hhome! notorious Nick Dr. Blood Greek mafiosa — Taso, Kostas, Snakas, Themis, Edwardo Moura, Ted, Dr. B, Nick, T. MIT??? later VRDDM! VRDDM! Screech! Ferrari Nick Pesiridis 25 Wildwood Avenue Good Luck to all of my friends with their future. Soccer Party, Cape Cod Weekends, soccer camp, awesome party ' s Aggouras ' s pool partys Charlie Panitsidis ' s soccer party menotomy Jibbers house Skippys house Best soccer team. BA B5 SB GBL CHAMPS AHDP GEM CAPE COD ALL NIGHTER PORSCHE 0AA TURBO INDOOR SOCCER RACE HOME FROM CAPE College here 1 come! Susan Pereira Pooh 25 Magnolia Street WE’RE FINALLY SENIORS! YEA! Junior year wuz the best! We laughed like never before. Chem. labs the ODOR! Car. CBegs) History Chocolate Babies! Melis STAF! You guys where? Guys ’mem ber the peanuts and the tomato! Thanx all you guys A bein’ great friends! Thanx Mom S. Dad A your luv G support! LATER GUYS! BYE! Mario Perrone B Longmeadow Road NOT ENOUGH ROOM — Friends: Greg, Bn, 2xAndy, Mary, Kim Did 1 Take The Door Off? First Cut Damion Kris Nils Mike — Good Times In SC Homeroom Was Too Quiet Without Me SPAINTRIP Beba Thanks Mrs Doyle I Can’t Drive Faster! I 20N2 TO FRIENDS — DONT FORGET THE GOOD TIMES KEEP IN TOUCH — LOVE YA! TO MOM, DAD, NONNY, TONY, PIA — THANKS FOR TEACHING ME WHAT NOBODY ELSE COULD; I LOVE YOU! Demetrios Pesindis Nick Pesiridis Kevin Phelan Bobby Phillips Julie Pilibosian 23 Bradley Hoad Soccer — 1 Spring B6; L. M. Seabrook B5 — MM, RT, MTS Johnny D! Buckwheat, GumRun; Skiing T-Barl; Keep in touch C.K.; Bye R.O. — ACYOA — A. M. , A. G. , S. M. S N. A, — 1 0 25 BB Topsfield H. H. G G. R. ; Arch. Draw.; C.P. per B " Tell me your problems;’’ Mr. C in Hs. C — I’ll miss u . . . BUBBLES; Gray Shoes; Chem. Labs; D., thanx A b-ing u! — Mom, Dad S Jeff — Thanks for EVERYTHING — I love ya! Matt Pizzano 1 1 Jeffrey Road Outa here at last Grove St. Parties SS, LH, PG, MS, CL, EH, SC the tower town day BA THE WALL trips CN, BP, PA, LH, SS. Feb. BB’Cheeb runs with " T its " Shoie’s bash For long you live and high you fly and smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be Kevin Phelan 1 B Henry Street UlSO HOBG DIHN BFRB ROCJ DTDS DCDK DMSC Stratton, Ottoson, G AHS Friends met — Thanks for all! JV Hoop CV?3 SC Quiggs — Honk CWDIA] WSCSIMD], BHC NERS SMI CAMPS — ALL FRIENDS — BZG BABIES JEAN [A + K] RS — BG WEC MH WHOA EXIT DH5A IDHA CHW) CC2 + A St. E HOOP Celtics [Bp) ICSD Why? Seriously KRS DONCTY HEEL PG PLY-GM SFD [TEN) lASA NECK LOVE U MCTMDG Dad Claire MISS YOU MOM, BE PROUD! Bobby Phillips Kahuna B Cleveland Street GOODBYE BLUE SKIES, CHRIS, 3rd period ART, BULLET, REEK + STENCH, RED PENCIL BOX, SKIPPIN RYAN, DENNIS, BRIAN STAR, DEF LEPPARD, FISHBOWL, AM, Toilet Paper, THE MALL, ITALIAN, GIN, DICA MR MANNING, FRESHMAN MORNINGS, NICK, JIMBO, BOUCHE, ID, SPENT, THE WALL Julie Pilibosian Matt Pizzano 5B Kristen Prestiglovanni Kris 50 Marathon Street Im — outa — here! Con Luvya New Yrs eve 84 — Pat — Demp Happy New Year Barry! Maria, over the railing New Yrs. Eve 85! Con. brace yourself! Ooh! Im gonna get the ugly one. I know it. Con. stop pacing Ma. enuff about the pants! MLNW. CQZ Dunney. “B " — Mom. I Love you! Gymnastics! My 3 boys! 1 luv ya Chunka. Little Peter, and last but NOT least Brett. Thanx Richie Si Steve. BJ. RJ. ILY! Ms, be cool! Dean Profis " 74 Fountain Road Glad High School ' s finally over Soph, and Junior yr. building the " pythons " with Rufs. J.V. football with " Rufs, " " Hey Provost. " Fri. and Sat. nights down the High School, real " exciting " What. Hey " Dipps. ” Sat. night hockey games. Spring track Soph, and Junior yr. Traci ' 86 GBL Champs. Paul Plagge Tom Powell Paul Plagge Plaggs 21 C Spring Street FRIENDS — BM. MM. PM. JG. JM. KD.MK. TP. NP. CP. BP: TED — WHERE IS THE WHIFFLEBALL BAT? BILL HOW IS NS? BOB WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BIG KAHUNA? VARSITY SOCCER TEAM REMEMBER P. PARTY 858-86 ALSO REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 24. 1985. BILL REMEMBER CHEMISTRY 5TH PERIOD WITY CODY. PAT have ANOTHER! JOE MAL. WHERE IS THE DOG? MATT REMEMBER MISS O’S CLASS SOPHOMORE YEAR? FULLMOON Tom Powell 36 Moulton Road There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn and the dark of night, and if you go. noone may follow. That path is for your steps alone. MS BP MP SS KD AM PF PG. Dean Profis Kristen Prestigiovanni Michael Pustizzi Kern Rainville Gayle M. Rando Rambo 30 Morningside Drive Friends SC. LM. MKD. RD. SC thanks for your info. MKD keep Counting the " ahhs. " What does Whipped Cream and KN have in common — ask Kim! LM always remember Sam. Bob. Jim. Greg, and Don’t Forget Miss America! Keep playing your music AB. AM shake hands. Bye Pinky. Killer, Kim. Thanks for everything Dad. Michael Pustizzi Stizz 5 Acton Street CHEEKS + HOGES THANKS. Comb yourself a haircut. Splabubie. Helene. The Gang at Hampton. Cruises To BK + MC, Kelley’s. Get Lost, Leca Leca si. S + S. C + H GOOD LUCK in Future, " OH OUCH " SPONGE. LATE NIGT BBO’S. C ' MON Hurry up. Drive, BIBIB LS. THANKS MOM + DAD. SEE YA LATER AHS. Kern Rainville Kess 7’45 Summer Street SV, PP. JL. LD. MM CNaahl] BP, BM. + CDN — Hey. Baby!, Joo Know it mang. Look mommy, there ' s an airplane up in a sky, 1 2? GBH. I take the eyes out mang. The Point, peach, Up In Smoke, The Oven, fish bowls. " THE WALL. " INTENSE sessions, comfortably numb, mind rollers, " Feel my hamburg er! " . We’re on the train to Bangkok. CT’s. tobogans. certs, CHRIS’. Closer To The Heart; I Love you. Muffy! Gayle Rando 59 Michael Redmond T racy Regal James A. Rigazio 25 Hawthorne Ave. Football 19 Baseball JV Hoop w Quigs 13-7 JV ' s 19-1 Brockton??? Hey Fenderhead, The Boys DM, RK. PK. GO. DH. DM, EC. NH, MT. SC. JD Bill Jones? Orty’s fifth. Raja ' s, Pettyball, Road Trip, Edism ' s Hotel California. Help Yourself Chics Dig It, Hampton B5, Labs w Kell. The Garden Party! Ball Hawk 49, Fenway fights OTR, Well it ' s been great! Thanks Mom and Dad!!! T racy Regal 1 5 Carl Road CK HR DG CM JB. AHS. Nites. ski. Canada. Holly — Fla BB. semis + proms w Steve — thanx. For. All The. Good. Times. 1 0 97 B4. Chez — Im. So. confused! Joe — my SL. 2 Getha 4eva. The Cape. 1 7..5xWPI. HMS. Luv U Always. And so. my. friends. We’ll, say. goodnight. For. Time. Has. Claimed. It’s. Prize. But. Tonight. Can. Always. Last. As. Long. As. We. Keep. Alive. The. Memories, of. Arlington. High. Thanx. Mom + Dad. I. Love. Ya Steve Reisz James Rigazio Laura Rindoni Bridget Rodriguez Emilio Rodriguez 21 Cheswick Road 1 3Q 7 ha sido un buen ano de Fusas. Dedix cado a: Michael M. M. Adrienne. Tim, Fernando Brug, Crisfo, mis padres, y codos los coleas de la vega. Hay que pensar que el subsconciente activo es relativamente condicionado por la especulacion espontanea. This is the MASTER OF DISASTER. Creo que me pica un H. ADOS Monica Rogers 1 Hibbert Street MONICA ' aka Montpoochie mom JO ' MRS EH3. i i got some eyeliner? U R the best ' WJ dont forget the BF probs yo DT my adidas CS heybroad! RS. Hoi. TR. BR late HR Cheryl TFTR TK S. JEN JD S. FO JY 2p. watch TV KCLH Lunch Milk On Nilla Ice Cream Apples! bol 2 tyrone S mm S TJ S HH BINELLS MOM Dad T om S T im I LOVE U! Hey Bethels Casey — Face!! Love To Eddie! Hi toi! XXOOXX Laura Rindoni 70 Newport Street Well. I Made it. Thanx Ma and Dad for putting up with me for the past twelve years. Hey CS. thanx for being my friend. You’re the best. Hey PL. You’re a great kid. Thanx for deleting my WP disc. Eric. Italy was great. " Just the Way You Are. " Bruins 1 . Mike. Micky. Davy, and Peter. Miss Ya A.H.S. Miss ya class of ' ST. Bridget Rodriguez 1 A 7 Park Avenue Brian! Holl 2 LINDS STACE KATIE 2 KRISTEN V2 — ERIN’S FIRST DRIV- ING LESSON UNDER PRESSURE — " LET’S WALK THE DOGS AND HELP CLEAN UP " — SAM — MARTIE’S FRAT PARTY — DON’T HONOR IT JOANNE — KG SLEEPOVERS HUGH’S PORCH OUCH DS RETREAT PURVI LONG LIVE CHICANASi SOCCER " THE BROTHERS” SLA.P ME! PRINCE CHARLES MARRIES MARTHA BRADLEYCLOSE + UWDER- STANDING FRIENDS I LOVE YOU M + D Emilio Rodriguez 60 John Rosenberger 2 Coleman Rd. no more tardy slips — CT ' s cruisin’ vessel whiplash! PR. JD River St. working at Symmes with MAL cruise the ave — GREEK PROM H Y. KK — LEWIS + DALLEY -WHEELIN LEWIS STUCK IN MUD Nights at Revere — TY. MG Partying in MAINE. All Good Things Come To An End. THANKS MOM S DAD Holly Rossetti 1 05 Falmouth Road West GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES CAPE. FLA. PHIL S CO. HE ' S BEAU So you think you can tell heaven from hell PINK FLOYD R. WATERS NOWAY STINGs tall 3 1 3 S5 In the Evening . . . VV KG KE G S BROCCOLI EDOG TRACE SNORTZ " SEATS S. what have you " BUD Jaime DMMW PRICK- LY ID " AHH WHY DON ' T YOU AH DAMON Holdude scoople " " the BROTHERS” " it is unbelievable” thanx MOM and DAD Riti Sachdeva Bret Sackos Riti Sachdeva Rits Rit Reth 7A Hathaway Circle What’s up? That is my real name? Yes, I do speak English. The Square — A Corrosion of Conformity? Maple Walnut, Mutthi S. Oregano. PINK FLOYD. LED ZEP. LENNON [Peace, ManD. MO — Obsession. Those pants! Are ' THEY ' gonna be there? Luv ya Mom, Papa. Gugs, Aj — Cal. Andy. Mind. Martha. Sue. S. Friends — Don’t Ride The Tide . . . John Rosenbungen Holly Rossetti Paul Sasso “71 Foster Street No more school. Now I don’t have to worry about getting caught about cutting classes. Right Cl. RA. It also means no more getting bkd. before school. If you think I ' ll miss school then you got to be on something. Well have a nice time at high school. I know I didn’t. Lester Satlow 1 OS Jason St. The Pearty — KW. Weoo — JJ.B — Ball and Gold — KD. Survival — Thanx CH. Summers on the Vineyard and at camp — Maintenance CTFTP]. CcooDer nights in the Square. Grill! JM. Nice talks — KG. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad. To Erika — I’ll always miss you You’ll always be special to me. Good luck Vick Mike. Always be with you Dave. Matt. Adam. Jerrob. Mike. Zet — Group S and the guys forever! Andrea Salipante Heather Saparoff Andrea Salipante 20 Twin Circle Drive BDF LK CM LF JW DL DC DO DC LB KS JF KM KB RP Mike Shaun THE EXCEPTIONS CM luv u more than I JK Menots hi school 7S . 7 1 -BOO MS.Ms Hampton SB Dog Me L-Day Wknd DL Sneezing HP BUD Crash Cheerin Fin 3S Special License Yet? Camp S -SS O Henna I Luv You 2 22 S6 YMTWTM All in all we ' re all just bricks in the wall Floyd“ Wish You Were Here Thanx S. Love Mom, Dad TMB! Heather Saparoff 115 Spy Pond Parkway LED ZEP BADCD SHOOTING STAR JH GLORY DAYS TP CONCERT MM WONDER TWINS DAZED N CONFUSED SNOWSTORM SGM THE FIRM TS HOTEL CALIFORNIA PC PARTIES AT THE POND THORN DIKE CS LM BV DJ PS A — SMITH I PARTIES IN CHINAMCSK MOTHERS LITLHEL PRRK JT PINK FLOYD COMFORTABLY NUMB YES THERE ARE TWO PATHS U CAN GO BY BUT IN THE LONG RUN THERE ' S STILL TIME 2 CHANGE THE ROAD YOU R ON CID MSRF DMM MJG. Paul Sasso Lester Satlow 61 I Steve Schumacher Shoe 3B Dodge Street LH. CL. DR. SC. MP. EH. PG. CN. Tower Graffiti. Parties. TOWN DAY BA. trips over Nawns. Pink Floyd. QUARTERS. M f M ' S. FOODFIGHT AT WELLINGTON. OTL at Anthonys. COORS. SUMMA SBB Kega. GroveSt parties, snowin ' at JR Prom. Alnighter in Che LeMans. Trips up Mall w LH. BS. AEROSMITH BB CELTICS DAY. Who held up CUMBIES ' ? Morrison LIVES. THANX MOM ' N ' DAD LATER AHS I ' VE SERVED MY TIME! Daniel Serpa Soup 115 Medford Street BW DL KP JL MAINE CAPE NH ' THE KING IS DEAD ' SOUP HUGIE NERPLE FIEN HAIRY B EKID ' SHOES KEG GA ' NICE FACE ' REDDISH BROWN ' THE PIG-ON HERAND SHE LIKED IT SHUT UP OR I ' LL CORNHOLE YA LUNKER ' TWI ZONE WEEKEND ' SWEATIE ' I SAW THE NIP! IT ' S DAMN CURRED! WINNEBAGO! THE GUIDED MISS FABWAHHBA! — JIMI — CHING! CUAP! NIQUE TO ALL MY PALS ESP BRI KEEP IN TOUCH MAN. THANX MA S DAD. Steve Schumacher Daniel Serpa Tom Sessa Ses 50 Westmoreland EREERRREEE — BB MB KN SM PD JJ DW MD GD MO JF — THANX MOD — PERCUSSION — A PRESS JF JG TGAUGER CSMITH FEEF — DRUMS N PEAR IT WILLIAMS SJSPSEBRICHLW — ORCHTWOOD BUT I GBY SOM YWEDIS RICTBTO — GIFRG PKMAMMS LC — JR PROM BELMONT — BAND TRIP — SKY — RUSH VH — CHADS — THE WAVE — DC PASIC — CRESTDN — THANX LB YOU REALLY HELPED — GOODBYE HOSHNO DRUMS! — MUSIC iLLUMINTiOMEA! Joseph Sharpe SHARPIE 5 Newcomb Street Here ' s to good times Brian this Bud ' s for u Revere BB ' Good luck ES MM BK EM MV JN CC CH V J Pontiac Lemans Rules! Prom SB ' Spain B5 ' Eric remember Canobie Brian How ' s the Duce Brian K. Evandro Breaker. Breaker. Topsfield SB ' ST Dec B5 ' Muscle cars forever! How is this for a biography Carol Van Halen and Boston 1 bands Thaks Mom S Dad I love you both. Joseph Sharpe Tom Sessa Matt Shearer 1 □ Milton Street THANK YOU JOHN JANE DENNIS MR JENNY G MR CLOUGH DEEP NEEPLEEP HS LED — ZEPPELIN LD MAN OF THE WELL GM MD MIKEY EJS THE OLD DYNASTY STEP SHULTZY YAVOLT BONE — CRUISER WALDO COCK — ROACH HE HOWS YOUR PUDDING? FRAN " WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS " QUEEN SS CAGE FH BS AND JD HEATHER DELM BV COD RK MD GM ERIC JUST 3 DEANO FOO STRUEDEL TF THE DOORS GOODBYE ARLINGTON HIGH. Michael Sheldon TSCHVSS 1 AA Pleasant Street Ahlingt oHigh . . . great place Pap and readon ' t eat the white ones Merve SCI clubbio luminescence Finart Janet german Bockler photo club Man- ning breeze Qkearn sphilly her sey Ath estate piza the griand the fish Mr G Pete 303 vn finish shed mural TM in Va Ma Philippines Germany Oli Ben Elaine Chris Kate Alex Zeena Erik Greg Jim Anne Derika Carl Kelly Tris Sandy WE CAME. WE SAW, WE ATE. WE WON. C . . . but of course) Mark Shepard Heather Sheriff Mark Shephard Sheppy Z Greely Circle Been dazed S. confused for so long its not truue Grove St. Parties Joe’s Gargage Shoe ' s Kegga SSCL LHPG SCR MEH2 J BAR MR. Bob S Smitty M2 — MHNM DTCH JA MONTREAL MONKS THE WALL LH AEROSMITH BA — BB ANAUJIRA M CAMPING EH2 Thanx Finn Harry ' s for Fishbowl session, smoke gets in your mind shotgun- ning Buds livewired The Class of SZ is like Rock G Roll it will never die Thanx Mom S. Dad Heather Sheriff 0 Cheviot Road WE MADE IT! Batman — n — Robin. T-Rides. the bump, whopie Bush, white hairy Bums. Summerville Rides, ice cubes Q meatballs, GAP BAND, the Cleaners money, top Down. RRRRT! Steves Chevelle. truck rides. Pizza Place, sand fights at Revere, its Tazmanian Devil Sl Deirdre. Love ya Both — lots! Hey Can. Kristen. Rich — luv working with all of you well thanks Mom Dad Chris Scott Amy Lizzie — Luv Ya All Michael Sheldon Matt Shearer 62 Danielle Silva " 73 Webcowet Finally! Friends A — EVA DD JF EK LE S JP Memories; The Rack HA HA! Friendlys Parking Lot Pans SB w DD AC B 31 B5 New Years Eve! Donna ' s cellar! THE BUTTER PC you ' ve got it commin I’ll always love you John! Donna so far so good! NICKS MOPAR! Mrshfeils fair 86 Lynn S Matt! WHAT IF? Thank you Mom Dad Sharon Carrie John I love you all I did It! Margaret Sherwood Danielle Silva Eric Simeonidis Enrique GO Palmer Street CUASS OF S? Poutia Party sleding Party Mals Party What chour for the orange Ela Ela Piso Piso nenask on to sthamassos hSki Pper Jiba Lowell my boy Swhat chout for the clafffootball game Naahthere ja guy dewn the street with adwvil smaskon Nice kolot any a Thanks for the Party Christin tossit Hey Edaud Palu THANKS SARAM $SS Chop Revere Beac j Dress omgi Ctejp ises toilet paper soccer menot omy bag the chase Melinda Simms Min 3 Sawin Street AB. AW. MG. SB. MD — LOVE S MISS U. TUFF. BEN — TAKE THE VAN! O! I SUCH DON ' T JAM? THE FUNNY THING IS. WIMBLEDON — BORIS BECKER! LONDON — SOMEDAY. NADA MUCHO BABE. JT. MEATLOAF. POLO. ROB. STING MARC W A C. A FARGIN C!H. SO. FACED. U2. " WASTED! " SCARY. GRANOLA. ART p. 1 S2. THERE YA GO. LOVE U — MOM. DAD. BROOKSIE, DIANE. FIN. TREMB JIM. MARTH. RETH, SUE FRIENDS — IT ' S BEEN AND INCREDIBLE JOURNEY Eric Simeonidis Melinda Simms Bobbi Jean Simone Carol Smith Kim Smith 1 5 Edmund Road Brian, 2T7 BG ATLITW — LB DC DC DOK BASCM JF KM JARP — Ham- pton BB dogme " THE WALL” yodLe skni fe Kitty p4BDC Cellar — Cormsawiting 9x2 go — Luie Dundor adi all nights LOST SOCKS — SEMI — STICS — Garden LDMD — Sunrise loytsin The Middle H HW KS.J — DARLS DUXKS — Sen Con-Prom Semi — Lee 9 — 1 AO. TG — THE BTB SiMiks, MATIES — RNR FANTASY — T ruck, teeth Dash " Flood " IN 8AM — BLOCK PARTY What B Party — DLD — Mom. Pa. ASE. RSS. S Bn Luv Ya! Joanne Snell Jo 2 Memorial Way It’s all over. Little Johnie Mahon. Vera S Mike S. little Sarno! Dee Si John. Thanx. Bob you are the best brother. Pinch your nose Ma. Funny Guy I love you. Feb 1 A MSiJ. Patrice we had the best A years. Christine u are a great friend. PD. CF. MK. JA. KD. JACKIE THE DELIVERY BOY. Thanx Ma S Dad for everything. Grandma I wish you could be here. I love you and miss you. 6 7 8G. Bobbi Jean Simone Bobbi. BJ 53 Wyman Street Hi. My name is Bobbi Jean Simone. I came here from Arlington Catholic. I hope to have a great senior year. I am involved in the French Club and National Honor Society. I plan to go to a four year college or university and major in law or psychology. I hope to get into Suffolk University, Bentley College, or the University of Lowell Carol Smith 249 Renfrew Street TOD LOUD?! BUM! I LOVE YOU MIKE! Oct 31 S Nov 3. BA Tender Love . . . Hey LR DT LMS WJ LMC PL Mr, Y S MS M — AK miss you — Red Room S Me best — SUAIN! BUACK Rhode Island 85 Jr Prom SB " T ake a look at me now " No more purple — Empty — House Simone — NO gent over 30? WRONG! SMASH INTO A LOVELY TREE HAVE A DAY I MADE IT! ! ! Thanks Mom and Dad I love you . . . It’s been? . . . Kim Smith Joanne Snell 63 Billy Stachelski Peter Stanley Ryan Stanley 27 Pond View Rd. Led Zeppelin BUD AC DC TAKEOFF MIKE FROM CONN, THE FIRM FLORIDA BOOSH you nut. THT SONG REMAINS THE SAME RL — 20-2 SUPER BOWL SUNDAY problem child Spike SB NL JD DB KH JO JC MK MG BG TK JH TK TK AK N A PS CC BM DR GS TS MS MA DT NR JM CA RP MS JF DL BP DH DM SC MW LS S. DT PT JP TP THANK YOU. Adam Stein 1 7 Oak Knoll egad! coolCerJ nights in the square. Jr. Prom, Menots, USY, driving — Ugh. the stop sign! Cape Cod Summers . . . Phew — finally made it! see ya L. S. , D. W. , K. W. . J. J. , D. W. .CM. Thanx Mom. Dad. Amelle for being there and having patience these past few years. Special thanx to L. B., my first real " love " — she made my junior and senior years . . . Go House . . . THE GUYS FOREVER! Billy Stachelski Stack 23 Davis Avenue BH TGSCR DGDS LPKB MP FR CMCM BN HSPMM BUDdies IT ONLY GETS BET TER R.l. S CAPE GRAMPS N.H. run WHO THREW THAT? Bs S. pats GAMES AZ w SC HEY IS THAT BEER IN THAT COOLER? Hamp. w DH WHAT SHOULD WE DO? LSAB J.V. KP PD — HELLD POLE SB Football 7-2-1 — Last Game? -41 NC 1 1 -2S-B4? GTATDD NOT ANOTHER WASTED SUNSET THANKS UNKS — MG ,i THANKS MOM DAD KIM — MARK — LUV YOU Peter Stanley 1 B7 Forest Street j AHS CLASS OF B7 is The Best. Summer of B6 Comfortably Numb. i FACES with Paul. Nick. Steve, Miguel and Dave. One Way Love. The | Point of No Return, Excuse me He Likes You. You’ll Be Alright in the Morning, 3S in a 50 Paul! OH NO, Marvelous, wow Danny I.. Matt, Jim, Rich. Paul, Joes Garage The Rock, Juan. Sean C. , He Beeped, It ' s A Regular Science Class Nick, Ath of July Weekend, Labor day Weekend, Bermuda S7. PS. DS. TS, KJ. TM Ryan Stanley Adam Stein Michael Stevens Lynn Stuant Kelly Sullivan Kel 1 50 Pheasant Ave. KEITH 4 5 B6 A EVA. Bof LBAMSSKMB Cross Country. Indoor + Outdoor Track — Capt — Semi + Prom KIM PAA KAAKI! HAMPTON BEACH! With Mary + Laura RAIN! AM fall down any hills? DD with LB + AD HOCKEY GAME! ! Sen Convention SS with LB More RAIN THOR! GBL Champs! 2x Thanks Mom and Dad Jeff, Erin I love U. By AHS! Michelle Sullivan 1 -45 Madison Ave BOF: MD. ME. KT. TM. KC, SH, TS, BK. SUMMER OF BB — Fake Cops. VFH — BB — SB — camp — Give Me 20! Talk, Talk; The Big Secret. Lynnington, here we come! Sts s. Robert Bedford. Call Pat! Mic — Mic — ? Always keep you guessing. MMB — 7-SB. Lost it! MK Porch. I just love those cookies; face. BLLOKC. KT. anything you want — The Bet! MSM, lets dance. Domi Thanks for everything Mom and Danielle, I love you! Michael Stevens 1 33 Summer St. HELLO QUEBEC CALL ME CRAZY — MINDING MY BUSINESS — G + S li — THE " PROF " THAT’S — A PAIR — READ H FADSOHNO — GET out ] TOWN — NO — I’M — SERIOUS POKER MONKEYS — BB HEY — BABE i — SURVIVAL — I want Hen l LL Get Hen — Why Jeff — ALISON youn to Cnazy — BUT I LOVE YA " THE TRIBE " TRUST — ME " Tell Me I’M Youns " j WOW — Hey KILLER — Relax — Hey — man — Aliance The BEATLES — ' I Luv — ya Mom. Dad Sue Ohms. ALKM CCMF JMOT — S.C — Yes and i; You to DERICK This IS TO MUCH | Lynn Stuant 21 Wachusett Ave. j Steve 6 1 85 Luv you always BM. KC. JL. JA. LM. PC. LE. MM. OH Good j times down the pank fnosh and soph yn. Chases, panties MT 2x New Yean’s Eve with MMJW All-nightens Bud + Mich Pnoms + semis Whale i watch with Miss Rice Hampton Beach The Cape 5th peniod with JT. AZ. j LH pantying with M + H Thanks Mom and Dad j Kelly Sullivan Michelle Sullivan Stacey Suslowicz Michael Sweet Vincent Tassone Vin 3 7Q Ridge St. SO LONG CLASS OF BV AND A.H.S. Danyelle R. Taylor Danni B 7 Kenwood Street Dorchester 02124 Bye! Rem DC Montreal Soco i Can never forget any of U Wendy MHDJ MS CKMSSW TTLHKC Wendy 1 3 yrs isn’t long enough let ' s do life! GARY The Bushes BURMA Summer of BA so sexy Tracey 1 2 30 S3 MAD MT GLFAB " PEEWEE " The Car ' s on my foot " CS Kristen ' s House 9 13 B6 CHJAN MAM DFRICOTTA CHEES A HOP MVRS I hope li _ Feisgood to U all i Love. PEACE, and Happiness Thank You Mommy and ■ Daddy I didn ' t A get U AJA I LOVE You always It’s Been Real See you! Stacey Suslowicz Stace A Hawthorn Ave. FRIENDS Katie Lindsey Holly Janet Katy Erin Hol-Dude Bridge The Bro ' s Party! Where? NEVER EVER AGAIN! Sleepover Katy ' s Chow! That ' s crazy. Cool, oh Nasty! FIELD HOCKEY BB-BV LB w MAN! Mary — RUN? TRACK — GROOVING Along w Kate Kim R + Kell Yah that ' s it! Proms w DEZ SMILE! LB + AD Easy Killer OUR SONG. Kate! Cry Babies! LOVE YOU MOM + DAD Michael Sweet Sweets 1 2 James Street 4- 1 2-BS BEST YEAR SENIOR FAVORITE TEACHER SENORA FOIS Y FAVORITE CLA.SS; SPANISH G-30-B6; BOUGHT CONDOMINIUM IN PUERTO RICO MOST HILARIOUS ANDY GETTING IN TROUBLE FOR MISUSING ESCALUTOR BY SECURITY GUARD AT COPLEY PLAZA AND BRAGA’S SCIT AT SENIOR CONVENTION BEST OF LUCK IN COLLEGE! Chris Terlizzi Chris IB? Broadway GOOD BYE ALL! IT’S BEEN REAL. LATER MR. De. I ' ll miss you. Civili. Rose — Mane Berger. Dukes of River St. Skippy. Thor. Aus Cruis’n Vessel’s dead. Have another with Mai. keg! later Greek! thanks Mom! USAF Elizabeth Terry Liz 20 Peabody Road 4 long yrs at AHS Volleyball — AWESOME! LH. EG. CK. DT. CM. LD. Kathy! GIRLS STATE! VBall Camp EEE — pass to pottie. Riti, Andy French club, eat out, Quebec?! TRIP — DC — S4! Carolyn — you sniglet! Melinda — Jupe! Mr Cody chem class, Ms Barry Eng Class — Ann. Alex. Lisa. Elaine. Chris, Ben. Rafael — it was crazy! H backriding — a blast — Jenn since Kindergarten! Phil! Shant — Luv ya Mom. Dad. Catie C Chris Terlize Elizabeth Terry Tanya Thompson Tinka 24 Alaska Street BYE! Stubbs V yrs. Have been great! Danni. 1 3 yrs? Oh stop! Les, I gave Judda Kiss 4 U! W — VANE — GIRLS 4 EVA! HEZ G. DEE. It ' s been Real Luv Ya! KN. LH. HR; GET INTO THE GROOVE! KC. DADDY ' S HOME! TA. Luv Ya 4 EVA! 4 yrs. Have been great! MATT. Shut UP! Luv Ya! Ed. Struttosh. cuttie! Eric Keep Dancin’! Anthony. You Man You! Kris UR the best thing IMPORTED! Mont ' 2 yrs of straight FUN! LIMGH! KAREN. Luv Ya! Kathleen C. Tierney Katy, Kates. Faker 25 Lombard Road CT LD LZ ML AM GS Cannada VT Matt LCA BC Spain on erom mur Rockport Swimming 5:30 am Practice Tom what a way to start the day That was funny Paul no really it was oh my God what a Babe CT Summer 1 BB5 the start of trouble and a great friendship ya nice! CP GT DR BO. Jeff uoy evol I nice place sure beats a P. T. Ma Dad JT ST ET MT RH Thank you! Tanya Thompson Kathleen Tierney B5 Michael Tighe Joan Tobin Janine Tocio TOC 204 Forest St. Deb Jen Friends Forever Good Times with TTTGASRP KBJMJW KMIC DCDOW SJFKM CMCK Good T imes at the Rez S Summer Street Hampton Beach Joey Bay Banks parties at Cheryl ' s Tom D Keith L Mike S John M Love ya guys MMJR with Tony AHSJR with Andy Well I told you I would make it and I did late AHS thanks and love ya MSD 4 bros and Jackie good luck Jeff Dan Jim S Wes. Colleen Toomey Cols 1 1 Eustis Street KT, LD, DT — Hrm for 6 yrs! SG Clunch] SSS — CR. CD. MJK — Don ' t BET OOOBVIOUS. BUT I NEED A REGISTER TAPE! GSS, DRAMA, NILS. JD. JM. B-5-B4 [JMJ CANADA. SMBS. JH, PB S the roses. Cl- ever Elsie. Oooh Kaaty - WHAT A TOTAL BABE! Thers. U2. AA [con- cert!) HAMPTON. ROCKPDRT — ASGSBK [Good times. Bad times) The Italians — Giorgio S CONTESSA! CC. JD. Briany — my pal. Ben — SWAK! Hiken. Pat. I LOVE YOU Mom S Dad. but I want To Be An Act- ress! Mathew Toomey Dionne Toppi Lisa Tosi 1 4 Inverness Road JOHN — " 7 2 1 B4 — ILY! " Almost Paradise " Best of Friends — JS — 3 — LM — 5 — AT — 13 — SH — EK — CB — SP — ET — KM — EG — DR — CE — JW — AB — KC — JG Best of times dancing. I I C. Softball, flags, art. photo. YB. NHS. 111 NY ' s eve B5 S SB Spain ' BB Florida ' B4 CAPE ' BB Miss spy pond JR. Prom. 2 CHH). CSMSBD) Let ' s party Frat — Dee) 3 Angels in heaven BG CSyr) GDLK class ofST — Bye AHSI! Thanx Mom. Dad. Bob S Joe [1 001 ) LUV YA Laura Vannah 1 Q4 Jason St. DT. JP. SW. DD and the rest TFF — JT — BA — VH Canada: Wend 11 — B-BB Min — Friends forever! Marty ' s party — IHOP SCARY Bryan — I love you and I ' ll always cherish this time. Four yrs gone by fast, wish there was more. I ' ll miss you all Have a wonderful college life! PC Y rbk Semi ' s — Prom ' s Finn — Vanna Mr. D. Thanks Mom. Dad. Liz and Jamie for everything. I love you. Michael Tighe TS Valentine Road AHS — THE BEST 3 Yrs V-FDDTBALL CAPTAIN JV — HDDP w QUIGGS Good Times w The BDYS: DM DM JR DH PK EC SC RK GD NH DALLIN S BCC — JC JD RA JF SL Where ' s the LIMD? HAMPTDN DDN ' S HDUSE SLICK — PARTIES DN THE CLDCK ALL-NIGHTER DTR RAJA ' S ALL DAY w DDN S KEV MAL ' s HDUSE FIGHTS: BELMDNT LS THE 2X4 THANX TD CDACHES S FAMILY THANX MDM DAD Joan Tobin 31 Venner Road Rene. Anna. Didi. 2 Leahs. Jeanne. La. A1. GA. MA. New Hampshire with CA good times in trailer aerosmith S-31-SB! Hey Dudes! C. Commons The River, menots. 2-3-S5 no meat, no pudding Yngwie MF Buckwheat and Elene Revere Beach SW HERDDNEY Hows that situ- ation " ? LDLA! LS It ' s pimpin! graba Heiney! KD one-way yeh thats it. thats the ticket 1 1 -0-B6 Thanks Mom and Dad Janine Tocio Colleen Toomey Matthew Toomey 5 Memorial Matty in the morning Thanks for a great four years and I hope to keep on going and being successful career. Thanks a bunch MG ES DL I had a great time New England Dragway World of Wheels " 86” My first car July 28. 1 886 Revere Beach What a boring summer I owe it all to my mother I wish my Dad could see me now. Dionne Toppi 10 Johnson Road KK EB LC LM SG CK CT LV V-Ball EB — Friends Forever LC — Concert Choir fresh yr Sr prom — Steve CBest summer ever] Jr semi + prom — JM Humarock Thanks John KK — Basketball! Chiquitas LM — scenic spot — your 20 min. are up SG — WAIHH! down the hall Grandma ' s car peaks S. valleys Thanks for the help — I Love you Mom and Dad j Lisa Tosi Laura Vannah 66 Edward Vantabedian Vanessa Vantabedian Kevin Vaughn SwifCy A 7 Palmer St. Senior year end of one life start of new Am I ready? Are any of us? Great year lots of Parties New Friends cars 1 want to know you all better I hope I get the chance Doug Marlene. Eileen, DT, WEEKENDS Rte 2 And ys refridse town day Drunken Burke Track College ensineering? hobby? rebuild Vette Life In The Fast Lane message to my kids — never take drugs dont drink S drive be careful with sex. Hope you all have great lives Elissa Venuti Elise A Princeton Rd. I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER. ALIJCIMP! NO 1 WILL EVER CUTNE OFF AGAIW. CAHOWSY OUP ? 9 1 3 THANX KRIS IDU1 . 9 20 LET GO I WANNA DO 3BC SHE YMAIT WAS LIKE THIS. LHEY NEW YEARS EVE B5 !? HEE HEE HEE. NEITHER OFUSAL. HEY BABE! DG — AMMUNCHIE DRUNS ... EL — THANX FOR td B3 ' ?! JM THANX FOR EVERYTHING! I GUESS JUST THE FUN IS OVER. TG — 9 1 3. SUMMER SB’ SANDIEGO. SKATIN. SUMMER S5 ' DAD! HORN POND SKIPPING ROCKS THANX TG THANX MOM, DAD AND DC Edward Vartabedian Varts Hey Phil Guess What I ' m Grounded Kids These days I don ' t know! Giving Directions To Freshmen Homework What Homework? Spansh Class Kick Boxing Thats The Ticket Did someone say cashews Tinka Danni IT ' s casual Good Times at Wannamakers Hey Brian he has Milky Spore Disease Derik and Ted Thanks MOM + DAD Vanessa Vartabedian The Brocolli Woman 1 O Magnolia St. BROCOLLI. PRICKLY — l-D. Burma MH G NM, Shmokin ' The Shticks To Get Shteaked, Warry G Larren, Harvahd Sq. Sting Stall: Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb M2V G S Drama NF JM JL EK CW LK Seats And What Have You. Uh. I Thought His Name Was Uh Edgar U2 1 . Spain: JA HF DW Baracho Balcony Sex Over The Phone Thanx Ortie G O Csabo) St. Kate Kenmore Sq. Florida H-Dude, Roxanne, Mable ' s Able Cape Cod B5 — BB KC Snorts NJ THANX MA Kevin Vaughn Elissa Venuti Susan Vittens Elene Vrotsos Carl Wagner KrafCy Cheezworx G Central St. BEST Merv Hogan Cotta Trem Trev The Pear Mr Cody — the MoNi ToR I Lokers the Trip Assiassin! AH Radio Med history Bio Eng III — WORST JoxYa! Iroc Z We luv ya car! Papa science (B + ! ) — NEVER FORGET CE. R. — MIT] Cecil TO KOc Visiting Papa JOY DIVISION — NO STEREO I TYPE Vinnie Jon Katy Mike C Patty Isic Bridget Pete McJon F Eric Josh VaneSSa BD CE AMG ZB “Here are the young men — where have they been? " Thanks to most of u Stacey Walkinshaw Stace 50 Lockeland Ave. Maggets — Montreal. Quebec. Jerry ' s Kids. Corey Beth Aug 30. High Folley Conspiracy. Love ya Brian! John go back for Vossi! Chris youre a great friend. WALK IN SHAW PRIDE! Beau Coup fun times people. Tacky pink flamingos. Summer of 8G! Revere Beach. ABGCST. Early Sats Katie. JR. Semi. Remember Good times! DT KT LG CF CV KG MD DJ Kill ' Condo! . . . Thanks MOM and DAD! Susan Vitters 23 Draper Ave. JL. KR. LD. TH. WP. PP. MK. PP — 1 3 + ! Mt. Orford, Nashoba — Skiing rules! We have mobile! Will I ever get my license? Prom night was awe- some (Lisa ' s house! ] Harvard Square. The Farm — weekends, skiing with Tom, Mondays with Mrs. V. Jen’s B ' day — Rocky Horror — My gum! Summer — Martha’s Burnin Down the House! Fav ' s — Rush. The Cars. 1 G Candles Thanx M + D — luve ya! Good luck Dave Elene Vrotsos 60 Milton St. Thanks to all my friends for the good times n bad HO. PD, ML. DK. BK. SW, JK. TK. TR and always remember — Fireworks S3 Patrices 1 6 B-Day “Don ' t worry about it” Hi Buckwheat! “TSK” Super Bowl XX “Knock on wood” World Champs B6 Comez Bud!!! Festivles Aerosmith SG Labor Day Weekend SB Good Luck Mary Greece Bound Love you Mom, Dad. Chris (SoulO and Tiff! Carl Wagner Stacey Walkinshaw 6 ? Sharyn Weber Scott Wells Karl D. Whitney Whit 1 41 Rhinecliff St. Join the Peanty What are you S’ing ME? — LS Whooa — JJ Kashmir again?! Age — I’ll see you in Austria B 7 — repeat Portumn a S5! Thanks to all who made these four years so bearable, especially Mom. Dad. and Dave, and AJ. Les, Damion, Josh. Katy. Bridget, Holly. Vanessa CNO PRICKLY!]. Adam. Colin, JM. NF. LK. HE. PM. CW. BW. BM. SV. PP. JL. ME. LD. KM. TO, HH. DC. KM. SK. EK. and whoever else. I ' ll see you at AU BON PAIN or at the next DEAD show. Janmarie Whittier Jan 1 G6B Fremont St. BF — DC DO DC AS KM KS LB KB CM DL JA JM JF JT JB RP — CHRIS S B S4 ILY! FISHBOWL. AHS — Field. MENOTS. MAGNOLIA. MMOM S VV. HI — JD a BO! JUMP? HAMPTON — Dog — Me! SOTB w DARL. Toilet. 8: AM, Yodels. THUMBS UP! DL — Smoon? Prom — Swiss Cha- let. Blizzard. 1 -BOO! Games? GL — MS.DI Babyboy! GL — Jim! Mom YTB — Love Ya! Sharyn Weber 2S Crescent Hill Ave. Scott 3-0-86 I Love You! Thanks for the best times AM JM EV CF KD DM Florida with AM “I ' m not paying.” Cocopuffs! Veronica you ' re awe- some! VERMONT “SS " with JM VG " don’t fall asleep! ” I wuv ya Jeanne! Best of friends AN S JM! Hampton with Scott. Charlie’s the best! Look- ing at the stars with SD. 11-11 -0O! MW can I wear this? Thanks Mom S Dad I love you. Scott Wells Madman 1 50 Lowell Street I’ve never been much for speeches but I would like to say it’s been a rowdy 4 years, wild assemblies and beautiful girls shall soon be a memory. Senior year will soon be gone and we shall all be on our own. So good luck to all of you and I would also like to say farewell to all the girls that have been my classmates over the years. Remember to party till you drop. Karl Whitney JanMarie Whittier Kelly Widener Damion Williams Paul M, Winstanley Winny 181 Mystic St. Best of Times with JW. GB. DD. SC. CL. Hampton. DD you pervert! New Hampshire. Dave’s not here. I’m waiting for parts. Firebird what ' s up Chuck. Napa Koko I’m not drunk. Deco ' s lounge Peter John, Sue sexy Deanne. Hey Ray. dry balls Steve Bez P. H. My Buddy just call me flip tatatrosic hoop with JW and Dedham guys. Thank you Ma S Dad love ya. Juanita Wong Cornell St. 2 yrs. here had been great South Pacific A ' ] 1 12, 85 NO! Henry, no! Bravo 6th per. Boi 1422 Tom = talker = goggles 3rd per. Eng. 226! The bell has RUNG! Thanks Mom S Dad. Ms. Barry. Ms. O. Mrs. Banks, Vivian. Rozanda. Grace. Lisa, Elaine. Arpie. childish Tom. Thanks Nils. I ' ve succeeded. Love you guys always. Kelly Widener 1 22 Medford St. I LOVE YOU JOE HELL A SKIN MiC lite. Worm + Troll friends 4-eva ZING! What Junior Prom?! It’s time to go home when the sunbeam truck arrives! California girl DOKKEN! I am as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change. Hey Sharon — where’s the rez?! COMMUNICATE — DERR! ! The ocean usually is salt water — HA! ! The blue egg! 1 3 West- ford thanx for everything! Damion B. Williams 05 Arlmont St. The end of part of my life + yet the start of a new one. Did I do anything worthwhile here? Perhaps in later years I’ll know when I think back. It’s sad — all the separations which will now take place: family, friends S. childhood. I’m happy as I look to the future, things to do. people to meet. It’s bee fun. thanks for everything. I’ll remember all of you. Goodbye. Paul Winstanley Juanita Wong BB Brian Wright Anna Zacharakis Lisa Zahka LAZ, Lisa-Lisa, Lees. Shisha 74 Egerton Rd. UNFORGETTABLE CLASS OF S7 LC DO KT LA SC ZLG ST Johns YPAAV The National, Party! Memories JR. Prom - Aku-Aku. Camel Cafe — WH Hull. MO. MW, LV. PP. Zahka Power! JFM — J 22 Thanks MOM S. DAD S. the rest of my family for Putting up with me. I Love You! I I made it! ” “Beag” St. G — the way we were, Don ' t Forget to Dance. 1 OS — Love It! KOOL S the GANG! CAL B5. ZSS. TO All my Friends at AHS Best of luck! LA.ZJR S SB I LOVE U GUYS! Walter J. Ciampa SB Ronald Road Wasted Time — 12 yrs. old. April 1 st California SB New Hampshire " Jimmy’s, Rex and Scottie the Wonder Dogs — Jeff? " Good Times Bad Times Mr. Wizard, its time 25 Bucks V. H. D. M. K. S. K. W. Welcome to the real world — smoking in the Girl ' s Room — Survival Solo " Although slow IS good, it isn ' t recommended” — S. S. — It’s Been Fun, But It Hasn ' t Been Real Fun! For those who were there THANKS! Debbie Hanlon Charles Haley Stone 34 Kimball BYE! STONEHEAD Nahhh! You Penal membrane Nello: MM. EB. JS. TP PC, JP, NP, CC, AB. EC. CN, JG, BK No more sledding for me! Was he Cr eated! House of Rogowitz AIDS VICTIM! I GOLDS CLA,SS!C! Louie fifth Place! Mike ' s FOOD nice lunch AC DC TED BEEF IT! I NICE EMERG- ENCY BRAKE! DON ' T USE THE LORDS NAME IN VANE Thank you Parents Deborah A. Hanlon Debbie 2 " 71 Sylvia St. I ' ve finally made it! I love you T immy 4-eva S always. 5-30-B7 our day BFF ID DO IT! YEE HAY IP YIP THANKS AS.E IJB JNLS JMSDB MLH MCJWJ GKGC HSEV JN REMBR 75 MONTE STEVO ' S PARTYS " GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES YA KNOW I ' VE HAD MY SHARE " GDBY AHS " I ' M AS FREE AS A BIRD NOW " THANKS MA S DAD S TIM LOVE YA ALL! " B7 " Maureen McLaughlin 151 Mystic St. Apt. 6X BAD CO. SHOOTING STAR BEEN THE BEST — TTCS JLM MHS DIXIE? THE BOW? POND WALDO — MAGNOLIA — B2 — DGLK RADICAL LC. OUTINGS OSR WHAT A TRIR! LOVEY GIMME A MATCH 3 14 LIMO! SNOWSTORMS! D.M. ROAD TRIPS VAN HALEN " LITTLE DREAMER " EAGLES " HOTEL CALIFORNIA " THE STONES " WILD HORSES " 1 1 B5 — B BB JG LUV YA CATER AHS — YOU CAN CHECK OUT ANYTIME YOU LIKE — BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE. Brian Wright Warlock 1 7 Chestnut St. SMOKE BOMB — IS IT GONNA BLOW UR? TWI — ZONE WEEKEND SOUR WINNEBAGO FUB WAB HARUMRH EMDJ BIG SHARP TEETH ZUZU LUNKER MAINE MINISTRY 4-B SLOR CHUTE E. L. FUDGE HAM- MOCK — HULA BITE THE CAN CHING TEENAGE LOBOTOMY CLAP! SQUISHY RODNEY BUTTS DAMN DUMB BIG TEET FART SRRAY KUKAHED LAVENDER EYE WE ARE HOPE DESPITE THE TIMES THANX TO ALL MY FRIENDS ESR. DAN AND SENE THANX M + D Anna Zacharakis 27 Washington Ave. 7- 1 B-SB Hey dude! Joan, Rene, Jeanne — Good S bad times — thanx for being there. Ski trips, U2 — thanx M. Aerosmith S-31 -SB hey babe, take a walk on the wild side Yngwie MF JT — no meat, no pudding Wanna be my freak? How ' s that — ah — situation going? Pineapples S, Helium. What ' s the A stand for? Chem w JM JR. Prom w BB. Yeah, that ' s it! Thanks MA, Dad, George Steve. " It ' s time to Ramble On " Lisa Zahka Tim Gleason Richard Raratore I Finally made it no more running for the bus or seeing House C Billy Idol Bye to K. I. ? CA. MD Goodbye A. H. S. WSHR21 1 Blackie Rarty over I will never Forget A. H. S. For alot of good times its given me in four years but the 2 people in my life who I owe it all to for helping me all of these years in school IS my parents Thanks alot Ma and Dad Love Ya Always. 1 0 Kim Pellecchia Troll IB Hamilton Road 202 ILYF Frankie " SB " HELLA SKIN! LUV Ya Smell + Worm — PIZZA ROLL MISS YA R.A., M.T.. J.T.. D.A., M.P., Rich, B. B. . H.S. ZING — ZING! Snorkel MIC — LT. DOKKEN 1 Embassy + aku Juansuk Pencil + Whim Do The ZONE! Swimming In Central Park — BUSTED all night S Party at SB Blue Vansuk 1 O Seconds to love! Haa! Luv ya Mum Dad Lynn Skitty — Thanks! Dazed + Confused. LIFES A BEACH! Lata much A. H. S. 1 1 1 1 1 Ted Perhanidis Thio 63 Thorndike Street CHICKEN, SHUT THE HELL UP, NICE SACK, HOW MUCH A NICKEL, 4MAN TABOGAN DEATH RIDE, DO IT OR YOU ' RE DEAO, NA, I SAID, WHAT. DEFIANCE, HOW WEAK. CHUCK — STONE, BROKE MY GRANDFATHER ' S TRAY. BASICALLY, NICK CPT. BLOOD — NO REMORSE. NO REGRET. DTB + KTN. HELLO LOSER. THERE ' S A GUY OOWN THE STREET W A DEVIL MASK ON. SLOANE, SHUT ' EM UP. SKY, WHERE ' S MY DINNER. WHO DID THAT DOG, POLLACKS RULE Ranos Tokadjian 25 Trowbridge St. I had a good time here at Arlington High School. I liked my Math and Science classes, especially class of Ms. Finberg. I like to play soccer and |Oin the army. I ' m mad about hard rock, my favorite groups are Scorpions and Pink Floyd. I wish success to all my friends and to all the seniors. Tracy Tringali Ginzu 47 Melrose St. GOOO TIMES W TGT SMMK MDJJO JTJG KPDG LKLC Tra Tra PMDL DDLZ GOOD LUCK SBS.JB Oreos and Risk w Moe Church S2-S4 Bebbie baby Bob ' s Ranch w TGDJ What ' s your car doing in the park JB? Roof climbers Pip w TSR WMH Wake up Ricky! Limo 3- 1 7-S6 Prom SB Me BC MM Busted Thanks GD JM RF MTBT MT S Shuasee Luv U Guys TARA you can be my friend this year! Later on AHS 1 Love you MOM andDAD Kathy Stone Stoney 47 Lennon St. RANDY RHODES 1 METALLICA 4 1 25 1 SB NC DC KC LC DM MO DM RM GS KM BB MW JW NC Hampton NO WAY BOBBY B1 271 SB the Mouth Jamaica MUN Boobala Very Metal the Square fun place? ANTHRAX 7 B meats murder trips to Wourcester But Nic he ' s just a kid BB feet Wasted Years? Nucky Chuck 1 Who ' s Hank? He was the best Thanx Janet for everything Mum S. Dad I ' m on my own thanx RBeach CALIF REACE B0 72 Faculty " Hey tall, dark and handsome " »« r j Aavf a c x e fJta y v can tn PTeacJ, aM n h S- ' n( io •ecame i cnii lecauM ' fJic w . . ' ' eacA oa cAt c p n toe Aetf fafAe Ae c t i o v if fo nf an feee fAem on tftn p { jteam-i Ae one Aet fix Ae one Anoat n Qon tfcnt eoee ajA Aem uAt . Aei o en uK 4t e te JO J aoA a Aem ane n fA , ane Amntt Aet aoe S n !f04i o enc ee i eat i can Ano4o Ae ea e Aa i n e e c et qee o ly ant io t eaje Ae Aem un A ifotte tfott A Aei iee Ae r t A tefaee Aei can c te . ; eacA tfottf ot n uW Aete cA n Ae tm Ho if Ai ane feec Aem on ( eeam Ae one Aeif ftx Ae one t ott Anoto a,t on t ott eoee tuA Aem uA t Aeif Zt e tfott ifott tooa cetf io aj ocA a Aem an f t ane Ant o Aet ooe i oa 76 Richard Hall Housedean B Richard Collomb Housedean C Richard DeCaprio Housedean D English Thomas Trevtsani Department Head Mary Barry Madeline Brick Administration Kathleen Doyle 78 Mary Fitzgerald Arthur Foisy Rosemarie Gioiosa Paul Jenny Director of Alternative Programs Ralph Giobbe Housedean A Stephen DIott principal Harold Fairbanks assistant principal Joseph Casey Barbara Gorman Maxine Hardy Dianna Gostanian Edward Granfield Richard Surabian Priscilla Monahan Maryann Orlando Foreign Language Kathleen Butler Ralph McElearney Department Head llene Bornstein Pauline Carrara 73 Judith Williams-Garcia Many Dunnigan Many Kokanas Milton MacDonald Alan Winecoun 80 Mathematics Health Services James Brown Robert Commins I Carl DeMatteo Mary Hogan Arlene Mahoney Frederick Maloof James Kearns B1 Marie Doughty Johanne Flemming Elaine Freeman Richard Paul Doreen Kilday Frank Propp Department Head Ralph Gioiosa Department Head Elaine Hassler Lead Teacher Raymond Civili Charles Cook Kevin Brooks Arthur Crapulli Lois Fisher Margaret Graham Catherine Butler Nicholas Ferentinos Science Kathleen King B2 Donna Kirkland Donald Romeo Donald Sandnelli Performing and Mane Spagnuolo Visual Ants Louise Banner Frank Prusik Weldon Macleod Josephine Zavagha Pauline Finberg Joseph Ganci Ronald Nevola Jeannettie Eskedal Gerald Thebodo Department Head Lorna Venezia 83 Andrew Smith Pasquale Tassone Leslie Hunwitz Frank Roberts Physical Education Charles Harrington Assistant Department Head John Hanley Mary McDonough Athletic Director William Barrett Shari Ghitleman Science Nora Below Donald Bockler Shelly Brugman Bradford Clough Harry Mitchell Jody Newsome John Cody Gregory House Carol Lawton A an Katz Social Sciences Joseph Dillon Dianne Rice James Kelley John Kent Sheldon Obelsky Thomas Russell B5 Donald Manning Department Head Paul MacAuley Special Programs Peter Wyne William Greenberg Mary Jane McCarthy Pamela Shufro S.T.E.P. Lon Ruder 86 John Lennon Department Head Dennis Feign Jane Rogers Media Marion Bond Julia Butler Lois Roy Eleanor Mendes B7 Priscilla Martignetti Joan Gallagher Claire Chitouras Secretaries Edward Sulhvan Lee Crowley Mane Henehan Helen Lyons Barbara Slade Barbara Hayes Computers Mary Valerio Mary White Jeanne Scalese School Services BS Josephine Marcantonio Favorite Substitute y.y „, . „,y. i,. ' i- • " ' ■ " f it tH Iittxii . uv r i i Z Y Z fj» in . )tij ft II i ni ' i inf ' ll r f i if h ' ■ ' H foi n « Ini on,- i ,ii .• h,. iU r.,„ 4. . ' 4y . : ■ , „„I r„„n ,YY , U,„ n „ m f „n „- „nn. I ,„ .X , „., »■ h,,,,. ,„J iinii. I ,,., „i nn i ,,,;.,, . ' 7 , „„ i iiin ' f imi tiiiniif H f run hr . ' !(r irri , ill loi rnr t n ff H r run hr m. mf fi.i nnr , 5 Z , irnirmlri i itinli n h hr nm . ' rr ifiinl, ihr it irnr on r inn , , mn nni l! m m nil iij rr r iri ' ' Hr ri,ii i Jrn nnr, nj In fur i iiif Hr run n . ' ,: ■nfr tm riK‘f l! m if ‘U ui • ' .7. .7 n. n i ifini , ,lr .■ ■ ' 77 7’ - .■n, iiif i ni, ii,iif. fiiif i m n mf un nli 1 , -J l.lfr l. n„i ,rn irn, . !nr ( ' t!H ' ( l II ,r . ' nm-i fm l„r n, ■r . .„f . ' ■1 n.,. „f . ni ii mf ri,i, i l,i . ,im ,r Jiii m f OH n ,, „ , m r .f iiin run nii ii inlnrn ■rnm rm . ' T n m riiii 4 . . ' n ori. ftti lor f‘tu ' f a If Hr run 4 .. ' nn n , ■mriin u-. ' Inm-f.imriii i n. r, irrl. fin ln fur i iiif. 4- , ' (rrm, nn «• n,. ,, „.f n nr „,. , 1 m, ,yj . „,, „ ,n- „ 4 ,yy„ , ,rn i fii 4 -Z ' i-A nr i n If u n» ' ri,ii i 4 xyZA, fin In nir i ii if — L „ni, yH,i.ii.f B9 SPORTS SECTO White Squad Tony " Fin” Pennone. Kevin " Katie " Phelan. Nils " Janet " Fonstad. Ben " Cathy " Parillo, Jim " Muffy " Lucero, Pete " Dee " McElearney, Bruce " Andrea " Goodhue, Dave " Deanna " O ' Neill, John " Karen " McGah, Paolo " Paula” Aurillio, Mike " Tina " Stevens, Josh " Deb " Jones, Mario " Monica " Perrone. 02 White Squad Football Coondawg, Mike, Ed, Kell, Stack, Rigga, Drew, Dag, Nate, Burkie, Jim, Eggy, Donny, Swanny Kev, Brendan, Deaner Let ' s Go’Tj Sorry Mr. Ditton, Mal- den LaST pfey the game boys, 1 , 5-0. PeabOjily what happened? Everett brawl. Thanksgiving Day goin’ out in style. Dr. Mengele, Oh No! T don’t know about you but we’re goin ' on 3. Quit the yackin’. Pep rally. Thanx Mr. Hanley, Mr. Dematteo, Mr. Papagini, Mr. Brooks, Coach Allosso. That’s all folks. Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arl Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington 12 vs 33 vs 17, vs 1 5, vs 2 14 vs □ vs 1 5 Burlington O N. Quincy 1 2 Malden 1 4 Medford □ Brookline 7 Peabody 32 Everett 1 4 Quincy 1 2 O rville 22 7 wins 2 losses tie First row CL-R3: Tni-captains S. Cooney, M. Tighe, E. Chalmers Second row CL-RJ: Coach Papagney. S. Andon. P. Burke, D. McGlaughlin, N. Hanley. B. Stachelski. D. Heenan, R. Kelly, D. Marachello, J. Rigazio, K. Daley. Coach Hanley Third row CL-R): J. Coveno, D. Profis, B. Coveno. S. Krepelka. D. Canneley. M. MacConnell. B. Mahoney, B. McWilliams, T. Legere Fourth row CL-R]; J. Campanale, S. Cronin. M, Stachelski. M. Defeo, B. Kerr. P. Dagastino. A. Kagan. J. Vartabedian, J. Vartabedian OSS Councpy. Kelly. Kim, Kar-aF. KaraM. Arlington 1 S VS. Chelsea Kacy. KeprM. F lotty, Jen. IVt elTssa . Purv.. Macis M u tat - s . Menotomy. Hills! Short txjCsyPatdcing for? state meet, fun runs. In- dians, Second wjnd. Wolilopsi, Good Luck next l ear. Thank you Mr. Maci ' and Jean. 42 Arlington 44 vs. Medford 1 7 Arlington 3G vs. Somerville 21 Arlington 1 7 vs. Malden 40 Arlington 35 vfe. Peabody £5 ,4 Front Row: Katy Grannan, Kelly Sullivan. Holly Rossetti. Cara McDonald Second Row: Coach McElearney. Purvi Patwan. Kim Reid, Jennifer McAllister, Amy Howard. Coach Morrisey ' »• ' - v- SB Boys Cross Country G wins 1 loss Arlington 20 Arlington 1 5 Arlington 1 5 Arlington 2S Arlington 1 6 Arlington 22 Arlington 1 7 First row: C. Wagner. J. Carnell, P. McElearney, M. Pacheco. D. Williams. M. Kilban. J. MaGah. D. O’Neil Second row: P. McElearney. M. Perozek. B. Grannan. P. Howard. K. MacNeil. J. Kowalski Third row: Coach McElearney. A. Junes. J. Farnsworth. S. Jones. B. Catour. J. Ghana- takis. S. Fahey. F. Powers. C. Tucherry. J. Sullivan. Coach Jean. C. Kennedy. P. Potwari VS. Revere vs. Everett vs. 41 Girls B i ack underwear under white Arlington e vs. Waltham □ shjjji ' ts People Are Talking — Buzz Arlington 7 vs. Woburn o . . . Mrs. Beard Tournament — Arlington 1 vs. Wakefield 1 Belmont gjam . . , Bariguet Thanx Ar ing ' feon □ vs. Winchester 5 for the flowers, guys! I Arlington S vs. Burli ton O Arlinpto . , 3 vs. (4ea p □ Arlingpj vs. Lexin fcon A ArlirigTOn VJ vs. Beftfhoi ' t 1 Arlin on " 4 vs. Wo bum O Arlington 1 v . Wakefield 3 Arlington 3 , sPur lington 1 Arlingt M VS. Re ijHng □ Arlington □ vs. Lexington □ Arfington 1 VS. Belmont _□ Arlington □ vs. Winchester 2 Arlington □ vs. Andover - 1 S wins 5 losses altifts. First Row: □. Chebator, K. Nugent. B. Rodriguez, H. Foskett, J. Amenkowitz, L. Crewe. K. Fitzmaurice. L. Mahoney. K. Macphee Second Row: Coach Dunne. R. Siggens. K. Kenney. K, Powell. T. Turner. B. Beard. N. Santana. C. Gwon. T. Chisolm Boy’s Soccer First Row — C. Panitsidis, J. Kennedy. J. McEwen Second Row — E. Simonides, Rodriguez. S. Blake. P. Plagge. C. Maclellan, T. Amarantidis. J. Jones Third Row Cavallo, J. Goodwin, T. Bakee, B, Panllo. D. Claire, T. Downing N. Pesiridis, E — D. Gerra. D □2 BOY VARSITY SOCCER Arlington A VS. Brockton 3 Poutsa Party — S-2B-S5, 10-1 1 - Arlington 3 vs. Waltham 1 Arlington A vs. Quincy 1 SS. MalsHuse Busted, Mouny, Arlington V vs. N. Quincy O Malaka, Putsa — GBL CHAMPS Arlington 5 vs. Chelsea □ BA. SB, Antonakas, Amarantidis, Arlington A vs. Revere □ Arlington 3 vs. Malden □ Falcone, Pesiridis, Kennedy, Arlington 2 vs. Somerville □ Goodwen, Gera, Macllelan, Arlington 3 vs. Medford 1 Simeonidis, McEwen, Panitsidis, Arlington 4 vs. Everett 1 Arlington A vs. Chelsea 1 Jones, Girou. 1 “7 - 1 , Elapiso. Arlington A vs. Revere □ AND-AH-And-Ah. Charlie’s House, Arlington A vs. Peabody □ Arlington 3 vs. Peabody 1 Awesome, Menotomy Rocks Scor- Arlington 3 vs. Malden o ing Machine. V,- i-C-T - O- R- Y. Arlington 5 vs. Somerville □ midget-saved. Mrs. D ' s. 85-8B Arlington 1 vs. Medford 2 Arlington A vs. Everett 1 PartywithCheerleaders. TheBest TeamEver. Arlington G.B. 1 T 1 vs. Lexington L. Co-champions wins 2 losses 3 103 •V. A i , " ?t • ' . ' ,4 - ,e %- ■■ ■ ,i, ■■ Field Hockey Field Hockey Seniors . . . How Many Laps? Wind Sprints Alumni Game Do We Have To Sell All These? Double Sessions Aku Aku Piro Bus Rides Hit It!!! Party At MK’s House Spence’s Kitten Album Page It! KG All The Way!! Varsity Rap Aunt Jemima LOP READY GO BY POLES Roofus Bushes Good Luck CT JD AW RH KS CH NK MA Thanks For A Great Year. We Love Ya Spence. Florida Bound! ! Arlington 1 vs. Malden 2 Arlington Ovs. Brookline 1 Arlington Ovs. Peabody 1 Arlington Ovs. Everett 5 Arlington 1 vs. Bishop Fenwick 1 Arlington O vs. Malden 1 Arlington 1 vs. Brookline 1 Arlington 1 vs. Peabody 3 Arlington 1 vs. Everett 2 Arlington 3 vs. Revere 2 Arlington 1 vs. Bishop Fenwick O Arlington Ovs. Malden 1 Arlington 1 vs. Everett 2 Arlington Ovs. Revere 2 Arlington Ovs. Bishop Fenwick 1 2 wins 1 1 losses 2 ties First Row — C. Duddy, M. Buckley. M, Dooley Second Row — L. Deldon, S. Suslowicz. A. McKenney. P. Spenser. K, Gray, K, Mahoney. L. Bowerman. M, Sullivan Third Row — N. Kearn, M. Anargirou. A. Worden. C. Terio. J. Dunning. K. Suslowicz. C. Hogan 1 OA lifting Volleyball The Smidges Bambi ET Fergy Let ' s Go Mo Chelly Fooh Marty Egg Chris-bro IsorhV O-Team Lynnfield victory! Kathy, whcj h®? Where are all our fans? Where l|| Masco? All played outpTAND BY i E heads up PIZZA Spirit Games CHILL Bump, set. spike, win. Let ' s go Arlington! JV Kathy— Little Squea- ler RAID B t ' em Psycho bus driver! Dives+ rolls Chucky T ' s BOWLA.THON! ' BBI f fl Arlingtxjn 9 vs. Hamilton VVenham Arlington 1 5 vs Masco Arlington 1 5 vs. Lynnfield , Arlington 3 vs. Stoneham Arlington 1 5 vs. Melrose Arlington " 7 vs. N. H dii Arlington 1 5 vs. J_exingl Arlington 1 vs. Arlington Catholic .Arlington 1 5 vs. H jpiltd i Wei ham .1“ Arlington Masco Arlington 9 v a vnnfield Arlington 1 0 vs. Stoneham ' , V i ■ Arlington 1 5 vs. Melrose Arlington 9 vs. N. Reading Arlington 1 5 vs. Arlington Catholic ington 1 5 vs. Lexington 15 A 13 1 5 5 15 16 1 5 1 s; 6 1 s 3 9 Wins 7 Losses D. Toppi. Coach Kathy Basten, C. Withbroe, C. Kelley, P. . L. Dempsey. E. Gnmanis. C. Meadows. M- Munsey. L. Terry, L. Henderson. A. Fooey 1 06 1 Gray Squad Salipante Kelly Murphy Finberg Chiara Lombard O Halloran Salipante Constantin Messauri □ rtwein Albertazz Mahoney □8 Maroon Squad Camp — Trudy, Mr. Fruitpool. Soc- cer parties. I don’t like roast beef! Nothing like a mid-nite swim in the hot-tub. Hey BooBoo. Decorating. Where’s the vegetables? You guys duck! Juhe forgot her sneakers again. Thanx Mrs. D. Good Luck Carolyn Miss you guys. Diggins. J, O ' Rourke DeJ l.s, C. Carlson. K. 1 1 O Girls Basketball ' -- - ’ . b ' ■■■ ■ pU V f ■ -W-PW Basketball Pep Rally Boy’s Basketball 43,ys. Cambridge ©4 vs. Brockton ■43 VB, Waltham B1 vs. Quincy 66 vs. Winchester S3 va. Medford 63 vs. Revere 53 vs. Somerville 65 vs. Everett 55 vs. Peabody 5-4 vs. Chelsea 42 vs. Malden 57 vs. Revere 72 vs. Medford «4B vs. Everett 50 ' (v Somerville 45 bl lsea 5 Pea dy SjfJ val in ester Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlingtog Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington TiK, Loonball, DDDDaley, John McG. JJ, Aunns, KA CPhelan). Phil, TP, Meat, Jeff, Beat, Nate, Gnif, Freshman. " Where’s Papken? " Yo Yo, Get busy y’all, WINGS, " Mr. Cody what about the sneakers?” “1 defense please Coach” Brockton 3 OT’s " You can ' t be serious. " Pep Rally (Don’t Leave) Everett Cheerleaders “An Occa- sional Bone” Loser CitV, A’iex Thanx Mr Cody CROSTY. First Row — T. Powell. B. Looney. D. Kerr, K. Daley Second Row — Coach Cody. B. Griffin, J. Vartebedian, J. McEwen. P. Howard. N. Heck. M. Aumuller. G. Landrey, C. Beaton, J. McGah, K. Phelan. A. Beaudoin Anitngton Arlingcon Arlington Arlingcon l gton rlTlgton . Arlingcon V ' .rlir W n •ArlincSon A[;lin CKpr h ve aq . ' iJoipA: 5 e, vtteb, ciguY ! " K Silpircfe, |w. we ome. i ' AriingtiSjn Arlington S v%. fs t dfond 0 v3. Peabody 3 vs, Everett. S vs. Somervilli ■7 vs. Malden O evere 3 vs. Waltham- - y vs. Quincy ' I V apt. Knepelks, C ■l .oondog, Kell, Ha Ha dork. Nub and den Part , Tf Went ( ur, ass, problem, .but ' Da 2 rfjinut ' Wo VYow, ' % ’’jf Arlington ■ — _ Arlington 3 Arlington S Arlington 7 Arlington 1 0 G.B.L. Co-Champs First Row — K. Piandes. S. Cooney, P. Krepelka, M. Bryant. R, Kelley, M. Mead, G. Scott Second Row — Coach Bunns. B. Tenney. L. Theriault. P. Vernier. B. Stachelski, C. McPherson, J. Milne. S. Krepelka, M. Donato. Coach Powers Third Row — D. Donabedian. S. Milne, R. Chebator. M. Stachelski, D. Duffy FITFOR performance Girls Indoor Track First Row — S. Suslowicz, K. Sullivan, L Mahoney, C. Kelley Second Row — K. Mahoney, L Rebero 120 Revere 43 Everett 1 □ Medfqrk Peabody 53 SqmerviHe, [ 50 Malden Is 121 I- J % « T r ' ' Boys Indoor Track GBL Q amps: ' 7-0, once again! Thaijx coaches Dematceo, Allosso, HanTsy, Mcelearneyl Distance rules! Can I please do the 4 x 400? Good job Bill, Drew, Mike, Pete, Matt, Jim; Sallycat, Riga, Ed. □ onny, B-squaned! Deepfreeze workouts paid off! Peabody ' kicks A those crazy tanners! They ' can beat us, yeah sure they can Mr. Dematteo. Take those " ‘! ' $ walk- man’s off! Coach AITosso ' s diet, what diet? CTBL} Track B-ball League. We refuse to lose, good j, luck seniors! The captains would . like to thank the team and coaches r for their outstanding performance j ' in making us champions! ! ! Arlington 45 vs. Revere 41 Arlington T2 vs. Everett 13 Arlingtop BO vs. Medford 2B Arlington 50 vs. Peabody 31 Arlington TS vs. Chelsea 1 □ Arlington 52 vs. Somerville 34 Arlington B2 vs. Malden 24 GBL CH PIONS B Wins □ Losses First Row Ed Chalmers, Jim Rigazio, Peter McElearney, Mike Pacheco. Matt Majeski, Bill Broderick, Drew Marochello. Jim Lucero, Brendan McWilliams, Matthew Toomey. Donny McLaughlin Second Row — Coach C.J. DeMatteo, Coach J. Hanley, Doug Clare, Jim Pigott, David Gera, Jacob Vartabedian, Paul D ' Agostino, Sal Catanzano, Brian Costa, Ken Maxwell, Diego Fonstad, Alan Kagan, John Goodwin. Scorekeeper Erica Suslowicz Third Row — Bob Nigro, Paul Berzins. John Moore. Bob Buttaro, Rob Gray. Matt McConnell, Jim Falcone. Dara Conneely, Ted Alderson, Scorekeeper Andrea McKenney, Scorekeeper Laura Bowerman Fourth Row — Coach Steve Allosso. Joe Chang. Mike Breault, Jason Corey. Chris Powers, Ron Siggens. John Smith, Brian Poole. Dennis Dacey, Kevin McNeil, Tim Bakey, Mike Defeo, Dennis Flynn. Coach Denise French, Coach Ralph McElearney Missing from photo — Bill Chase, Ryan Garrity, Colin Marquis, Carl Paratore, Mike Perozek Gymnastics Jackso Swoboda Coach Swanson Rounke Nelson Left ght Men to Fopshay Perenetta Rudd Powers Carno Loveless sto Pnestog ovann 24 Where did all the seniors GO? oh well, we tried! mascoscary! No more injuries please, tough times! The mighty sophomores pulled us through! Thanks guys. Thanks to and Kristin and slow start Special . See Luck! ! n the seniors everyone but we p thanks Oldies but goodies. Orange awards. 5: 30 A. M. practice? What’s my time? Arn ' l up now? The Ground Round. 1 OO’s and 50’s. Nice robe Paul! Great diving Alli- son. Thank you Nancy, Paul, and the rest of the team for a great year. Good Luck in the future. 26 First Row: P. Hughes. K. Tierney. P. Jackson Second Row: J. MaCallister, E. Dredge, A. White. R. Whittaker. J McAllister. P. Macy. (Coach], S. Hill. D. Cabral, R. Duci, B. McArthy. ' ' A " ' ■ ' PERFORMING ARTS Box of Rain Look out any window any morning any evening any day, maybe the sun is shining binds are singing, no rain is falling from a heavy sky. What do you want me to do, to do for you to see you through? For this is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago. Walk out of any doorway feel your way, feel your way like the day before maybe you’ll find direction around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you. What do you want me to do, to watch for you while you’re sleeping. Then please don’t be surprised when you find me dreaming too. Look into any eyes you’ll find value you can sneak into another day. Maybe it’s been seen before through other eyes on other days while going home. What do you want me to do, to do for you to see you through. It’s all a dream we dream one afternoon long ago. 1 SB MARCHING BAND Are we having fun yet? Maybe I ' ll be here at 10:00 on Saturday! Who IS Joan Guanci anyway? Maybe Bill Santos knows. This isn’t our whole ban d, the good half IS back in Arlington! Tom, Josh, Frank, Steve, Brian, Andy, Kevin, Leslie, Jessica, Laura, Fotini, Kristen — you’re the best! Remember Joshua! [And don’t say THAT WORD!!] Top Row CL-R] Eric Maddox. Scott Jones. John Yunowitz. John Katsos, John Maher. Brett Sean Robinson. Andy Beaudoin, Charles Vellenga. Tim Olevsky. Scott Harrington, Brian Miller. Trace Chisolm. Chris Anderson. John Ghanotakis. Heather Bryant. Director Joe Ganci. Holly Amencowit: Laura Maddox. Jackie MacGilliuray. Nancy Plachowicz. Anna Klare Kopp. Maureen Roche. Theress Silva. Jessica Kennedy. Kristen Mahoney. Kathy Carnell. Tracy Owers, Amy Smith. Daryn Vivetrous Missing; Laura Demurjian. Leslie Johnston. Josh Jones, Fotini Kiamos. Mario Perrone. Tom Sessa. 1 30 op Row (L-R) Christine Weidner. Kristina Stevens, Jennifer Sheehan. Captain Julie ury, Amy Smith. Debbie Hand, Cheryl Silva, Kelly Brennan. Evelyn Nolan. Mary Murphy. f M IHI 1 MAJORETTES COLOR GUARD THANKS MRS. MAHONEY!! Who was the Capt.? The bitter cold Saturday morning practice. Christine Lisa Kelly Lauren Brenda Erica Michelle Lynn Suzy Robin Joanne and Cindi The Rep Rally The Cable man, just pretend he’s not there Gee what uniform should we wear?! Chris’ GREEN sneakers in a word different?! Top row CL-R) Suzy Jenkins, Lauren Mansfield, Cindi Colburn, Lynn Sullivan Michele Pooley, Erica Ferguson, Captain Christine Kelley, LisaTosi, Joanne Pellegrino, Kelli Connors 1 32 1 33 BANDTRIPS-MDNTREAL, QUEBEC, WASHINGTON. LE-BISTRO. FRANK f STEVE ' S BAR. UP YOUR GANCIM FROG NICE GUYS FINISH LAST CHICAGO CLUB FIREWORKS IN THE BATHROOM HERE! ST. CATHARINE ST. NUGGLE MY DOOT! HOLE IN WALL LES — ARE YOU REALLY SICK! TRIGGER BURGERS! McCUTEST McCOUPLE! ! OTTAWA HERE WE COME! — HEE-HEE- HEE. BAND ORCHESTRA CONCERT CHOIR JAZZ 1 3B Laura, Fo, Les, Jes, Jen, Thaia, Rene, Jen, Amy, Christine, Danni, Stacey, Mike, Mark, Mike, Derek We made it! NevaA-get Montreal, Quebec, Washington Rene — How ya feelin? Jes don ' t fall asleep now! Guys she’ll live! from Fiddler to Bourree CLa La Dubado] — DAMN YOU PEOPLE! GET PSYCHED FDP OTTAWA — pty! Bye — maggots and thanx M. Smith. 1 37 Madrigals DRAMA A. 1 SENIOR LIFE SENIOR SEMI P hRM f ,9 r VH iWRIGi 1 ' 4 i i B Ifl 1 1 j an f fu tiff . UH ut fiatne lereoef ' S.T.E.P. □ON’T LOOK BACK Don’t look back, my image is breaking. Its been too long since I felt this way. I don’t mind where I get taken the road is calling, today is the day. I can’t see, it took so long just to realize. I’m much too strong, not to close my eyes. Come see what is holding me down, I turn it around, oh yes I will. Oh I finally see the dawn is arriving. I see beyond the road I’m driving. It’s final rising, I see myself in a brand new way, the sun is shining, the clouds are breaking, cause I can’t lose now there’s no game to play. I can’t tell there’s no more time left to criticize. I sing what I could not back in time That time in my life is leading me on, but I can be strong, oh yes I will. It seems to dwell all around me, I see beyond the road I’m driving, for all the way I left behind. Oh the sun is shining and I’m on that road. Don’t look back, my image is breaking, It’s been so long since I felt this way. I don’t mind where I get taken the road is calling, today is the day. I can’t see, it took so long just to realize. I’m much too strong, not to close my eyes, come see what is holding me down, I turn it around, oh yes I will. Oh I finally see the dawn arriving, I see beyond the road I’m driving, follow the way I left behind DON’T LOOK BACK: Boston S.T.E.P. Officers President — Joseph Moudarri Vice President — Brian Malone Secretar ' y — Debra McLeod Treasurer — Terry Shaw Best Fuijfr st Friendliest Most Gullible Most Likely to Succeed Best Personality Nicest Eyes Boy Matt Shearer Mike Nolan Andy Canniff Malone Deluca Heather Saparoff Maureen McLaughin Lisa Palmer 1 50 ACTIVITIES 1 54 .S ' CHESS . ART many awe- some ART CLUB MEMORIES (THURS. (a 2:3CT Oktobenfest Peter Vinton) The Mural will represent us when we’re gone. Thanx Mrs. Es- kedal — Officers — Pres — Lisa Tosi — Sec — Jean C h u — Treas — George Stamidez MEM- BERS — Rob — Liz — Audrey — Michelle — Jamie — Sue — Elaine — Ben — Laura — Belinda — Oavid — Keith — Jackie — Greg — Vahe — Bill — Oeidre — Qynh Top Row CL-R] Jamie McCabe, Keith Walken, Advisor Mrs. Eskedal, Deidne Stnetton, Jason Player, Rob Under- wood. Jeff Bean, Audrey Hargan. Belinda Chu, Michelle Roberts, LisaTosi, Jean Chu, Vahe O’Hannessian. William Martins. xcziviti Life is just a game of chess; we are just the pieces. Who knows what’s playing us. Jeff Bean. Lester Satlow. Karl Whitney. Matt Kales, Josh Jones, Tim Ol evsky. Damion Williams, Free- land Abbott, Ben Drucker, Chris Eykamp, Zeb Brundage. Jacob Galley, Mike Sheldon, Jonathan Groves. 1 5B r (L-R] Michael Jefferson. Eric Bailey. Ben Drucker, Chris Eykamp, Freeland Abbott. Jacob Galley. Jon Groves. Jasper Wong. Michael Sheldon. Computer Club Real hackers don’t write specs. Adam Stein, Colin McLellan, Damion Williams. Joe Falcone, KaH Whitney Thanks Mr. Feren- tinos — Adam Stein, John Ghano- takis and John Farnsworth 1 57 COMPUTER DEBATING FOURTH ESTATE . , DECA DECA IS A CO-CURRICUU! R ACTIVITY THAT CONCERNS ITSELF WITH MARKETING. THE STUDENTS ELECT OFFICERS, RUN THE SCHOOL STORE AND COMPETE IN DISTRICT; STATE. AND NATIONAL COMPETITIONS. THE CLUB IS FINANCIALLY SELF SUPPORTING AND ALSO DOES SCHOOL SERVICE SUCH AS SELLING TICKETS FOR SPORTING EVENTS. Top Row [L-R] Debbie Jones. Michelle Malek, Advisor Mr. Sandrelli. Sharon Civitolo, Kim Smith, Leslie Fantasia. Lisa Berglund. Matt Glazier, Denise Guarente, Lauren Kibit. Tessa Paroyan, Carolyn Roper. Mary Murphy, Katie Gannon, Maura Alterio, Margaret Cox. Debbie Morello. xcZtvt The Fourth Estate is TOO COOL! CV, DO S DL are rescuing Eugene, JG still hasn ' t taken pic- tures. NG is looking for $$$, CG. RO Si TS are still looking for writers. TO is wondering if he is on the staff. FA S EB are sick of the AMENTES, MP is still driving people home and Jets is having a nervous breakdown. Top Row [L-R) Ben Drucker, Chris Eykamp. Matt Kales, Tim Dlevsky, Zeb Brundage, Lester Satlow, Freeland Abbott, Charles Valenga, Eric Bailey, Mike Perosek. Doug Ligor, Mike Sheldon, Dave Ornstein, Jon Groves, Holly Rosetti, Theresa Silva, Damion Williams, Annemarie Delgado. Michael Jefferson, Nilofar Ghami. 1 SB Officers: Andy Beaudoin, Liz Terry. Riti Sachdeva, Arpie O’Hannessian. Seniors: Lester Satlow, Karl Whitney. Advisor Janet Oppedisano. Vie de France! C’est la vie! Janet, Andy CprezD, Liz Cvp], Riti Csec], Arpie Cpr], When are we going to Quebec. Andy? La Belle Coeur-Anarp? Cafe ' Florian-coconut on the common. STEVE! Autre Chose. Stop thief! — Andy’s stealing a brazierre! Ski trip. Remember the Fasching ' s Fast? It’s too eggy! Coffee Coffee. Au-Revoir! [L-R) Mary Beth Doyle, Advisor Janet Oppedisano, Mike Sheldon, Chris Eykamp, Scott Harrington. Missing: Ben Drucker, Greg Dias, Darren Reisz, Phil Hughes. Germany trip: Ben D r u c k e r , Mike Shel- don, Greg Dias, Phil Hughes. D a r r e n Reisz — Quickborn [Arlington], New Year’s Eve, Check- point Char- lie, Berlin, Six-Packs C o f milk], A m b a s - sador Class Ride home! Thanx Janet, etc. 1 5S FRENCH . GERMAN LATIN . . ITALIAN fiZZELLE a Top Row CL-RD Tom Sessa, Advisor Mr. McElenney, John McGah, Jeff Corrigan, Shaur Cooney. Mike Pacheco. Melissa Magalhaes. Cicero. Joe Falcone. Peter McElerney, Torn Powell. Tracy Regal. Vice President Drew Marochello, Erin Kelly, Donny Kerr. Lisa Crewe. Secretary Carolyn Begley. Laura Demurjian, Sue Pereira. President Jessica Kennedy. Melinds Simms. Laura Vannah, Julie Piliobsian. Missing: Matt Bryant. Treasurer Carl Wagner. Trova un amico e Trovenai un tesoro Top Row CL-R) Mike Pistizzi, Mario Perrone. JoAnne Pellignno, Dawn Luccarelli. Michael Sweet, David DiPalermo. Joe DiPalermo, Beth McCarthy, Carol Smith, Maureen Roche. Shelby Linten, Brian O ' Keefe. Advisor Mrs. Cozza. Greg Paroyan. Rita Vaudo. xctivttid5 ' xcl;ivitic 5 ' xcii 1 60 CL-R3 Barry Clinton, Frances Anderson, Belinda Chu. Anne Gagnon. Nikki Tzevelakis. Michelle Phillips, Peter Howard. Christine Withbroe, Heather Hurly. Nilofar Ghami. Mark Nichols. " I’ve written some poetry I don’t understand myself’ — Carl Stanburg tivitids ' xctivttlc 5 ' xctx ,;CL-R) Karl Whitney, Charles Valenga, Tim Olevsky, Jasper Wong, Freeland Abbott, Alice Wu, Mie Shi Wojina We only go for the food and to see Leia, Rob and the small kid from Reading. We’re B, 4, . . . Greetings to MIT, see you soon! FRED RULES! Charles Vallenga and Tim Olevsky, cocap- tains, and Freeland Abbott, Mie Shiwo- jima, and Jasper Wong, regular competitors, and the rest KW KG AO AW AW DE AR Go Nuts! 161 LITERARY , MATH TEAM MEDICAL CAREERS . MEDIA CLUB Each of the 3S members of the media club works a minimum of a period weekly in both the library and audiovisual sections. The members held a bake sale on parents ' night participated in Oktoberfest and took a field trip to NE Aquarium to talk with the director of Media Tech. Dept. Top row CL-R) Cheliesse Money, Heather Hurley. Adrienne Walker. Kelly O ' Brien. Marjorie CorbetJt, Rita Vaudo, Lisa Amorin, Annemarie Delgado. Dan Wesinger, Juanita Wong. Barbra Boudreau, Chris Bishop. Dawn Lucarelli. Nancy Plachowicz. Missing: Joe Gallucio. Helen Lynch, Michael Patterson, Hong Shen, Todd Dennehey. Mary Beth Doyle. Michael Kwan. Mark Nichols, Christine Schanda, Theresa i Silver, Kenneth Chou. Michelle Cousino, Charisse Dellevtlle, Sara Nagle, Brian Poole. Jennifer Sheehan, i Amy Smith, Suzanne Harrington. Anne-Claire Kopp. Connie Tsakirigis, Lisa Harrison. George Stam- j ides. Tom Crosby. Paul Mahoney. j xctivt ti e 5 ' xci:ivttic 5 " xc Remember girls, make sure that he she is chok- ing and not having a heart attack. Sorry, I don’t live in the heights. Thanks Mrs. Tarantino! 1 62 We went. We saw, We conquered. Thank you Paul Masi. (L-R) Libia Perez, Rena Fernandez. Renee’ Paradis. Cohn MacClellan, Chris Eykamp, Scott Harrington. Colin Eykamp. Noreen Hogan, Karl Whitney, Advisor Paul Masi. tlVitlds " XCt;tVttld5 ' XCt Top L-R: Sue Gouveia, Mrs. Kokaras, Mr. D ' Antona. Liz Kenny. Karl Whitney, Miss. Finberg, Seanne Sullivan, Adam Stein, Kevin Phelan. Diane Deveaux, Heather Bryant, Holly Foskett, Missing, Janet Constantin Thanks Finn, Vin, Mrs. Kokaras. MS. AS, LK, SG, KW. HF, JC, SS, KM. EK, LV, JM, LM. These juniors and seniors have been trained to counsel their peers in the school. We give special thanks to the speakers who have come to help train us and we hope this spe- cial program con- tinues long after we’re gone. 1 S3 OUTING . . PEER SUPPORT RADIO . . PHOTOGRAPHY We at the photography club wish you all a happy life efil yppah a lla uoy hsiw bulc yhpar- gotohp eht ta ew . . . And re- member — " When your friends finally realize you are a true artist, committed to making sensitive and mean- ingful images, they will ask you to photograph their wedding” — Ansel Adams Top row: Thaia Katsos, Ben Dnucken, Bridget Rodriguez. Carl Wagner, Katy Grannan. Karl Whitney. Sue Vitters, Chris Eykamp. Lisa Tosi. Liz Terry. Lisa Donovan, Niloufar Ghavani, Don Bockler, Mike Sheldon. Nancy Smith, Tracy Perneta, Gertrude Johnson. Not in picture: Erin Lovett, Martha Ebner, Laura Maddox, Purvi Patwari. Zena Omer. Holly Rossetti, Vanessa Vartabedian, Alex Warden. Mario Perrone. Nils Fonstad. THERE’S BLUE FUNGUS IN THE FRIDGE. NO IT’S GREEN BUT IT WAS BLUE YESTERDAY! THANX CABLE! DAVE THAT’S MY DESK AND JAY’S CHAIR! THANX TO THE SUPERVI- SORS THANX TO JOE, WE’LL NEVER -4GETU! WAHR CREED: WE’RE ALL RAISED ON RADIO! JAY DEMOPOULOS — MANAGER SB-S7 KELLIE CONNORS — ASST. MANAGER 86-BT Top L-R: Jason Auger, Jason Panjan, Tom Begley. Kristin Neville. Keith Dennehy. Nancy Deutsch, Brenda Day. Greg Paroyan, Cathy Brescia. Lon Newcombe. Mr. Casey. Jamie McCabe. Kim Mackey, Sarah Nagle, Jay Demopoulos, Kellie Connors, Mike Patterson, Matt Burns. Jon Groves. Brian Wright, Carl Wagner. Dave McDermett Missing: Barbara Boudreau, Dave Cabral 1 GA Top L-R: Liz Terry, Zeb Brundage, Erik Bailey. Mike Sheldon. Ben Drucker. Quynh Dang. Anne Gagnon, Carl Wagner, Isaac Sheldon, Elaine Gremanis, John Groves, Mr. Meserve. Scot:t: Harrington, Doug Ligor A warm hello to everyone who said they’d support us! Thanks to our leader: Mervel We washed cars and sold stuff so we have $. what do we do with $? We did alota good stuff; learned some; ate more — Who else can say WE’RE 9!?Science; The Quest For Knowl- edge — So they say. CL ' R] Deanna Mahoney, Kim Newell, Joe Dalton. Chris Paone, Advisor Stephen Dlott, Kendra Kiely, Joe Falcone. Carolyn Carlson. Thanks to Mr. Dlott and to all those who have volunteered their time. Good luck to Joe D. and Joe F. in the future. 165 SCIENCE . V STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL STUDENTS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING 1 66 Seniors; Top Row (L-R) Brian O’Keefe. Kevin Phelan. Lisa Crewe. Holly Foskett., Greg Paroyan. Lisa Tosi, Jessica Kennedy. Fotini Kiamos. Vanessa Vartabedian. Erin Kelley. Lindsey Mahoney. Advisor Mrs. Oppedisano. Amy MacNeil. Nils Fonstad. John McGah. Colleen Toomey. Bruce Goodhue. Holly Rosetti. Missing: Leslie Johnston. Thais Katsos, Liz Kenny. President Colleen Toomey, Secretary Diego Fonstad. Vice President Holly Rosetti. Treasurer Bruce Goodhue. 167 John McGah, President J im Lucero. Vice-President Bruce Goodhue, Treasurer Vanessa Vartabedian, Secretary CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row CL-R] Tom Sessa. Melinda Simms. Riti Sachdeva, Julie Pilibosian, Purvi Patwani, Brian O’Keefe. Sandy MinetTi. Drew Marrachello. Kristen Mahoney. Frank Lecesse. Joe LaRoche, Paul Krepelka, Cheryl Kovalski. Donny Kerr. Leslie Johnston. Cathy Johnson. Mary Jean Keohane. Josh Jones. Christine Kelley. Erin Kelly. Advisor Barbara Gorman. Sue Vitters. Lisa Tosi. Liz Terry, Anne Gagnon. Holly Foskett. Joe Falcone. Cathy Duddy. Joe DiPalermo. Joe Dalton. Steve Andon, Scott Blake. Laura Bowerman. Mary Buckley. Suzanne Burke. Janet Constantine. Dionne Toppi. Advisor Rose Mane Gioiosa. Mario Perrone. Karl Whitney. Paul Jackson. Katy Grannan. Martha Ebner, Bridget Rodriquez. Lindsey Mahoney. Jessica Kennedy, Lisa Crewe. Shaun Cooney, Carl Wagner. 160 Secretary Bridget Rodriquez. Vice President Lindsay Mahoney. President Jessica Kennedy, Treasurer Martha Ebner. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SURVIVAL 171 • ‘-•r CHILD CARE YEARBOOK STAFF 172 Yearbook staff; Martha Ebner. Gassy Hallon, Laura Vannah. Kristen Mahoney. Melinda Simms. Paolo Aurilio. Mike Stevens. Jessica Kennedy. Danielle Taylor. Pauline Finberg Tanya Thompson. Kristen Mahoney. Faculty Editors Joe Dalton. Damion Williams, Tracy Regal, Advertising Editors Laura Demur)ian, Leslie Johnston. Helpers Liz Kenny. Riti Sachdeva. Co-Editors-in-Chief Robert Underwood. Business Editor Monica Rogers. Helper Lindsey Mahoney. Janet Constantin. Senior Section Editors Donald Sandrelli. Pauline Finberg. Yearbook Advisors Paolo Aurilio, Matt Bryant. Sports Editors Danielle Taylor. Mike Stevens. Jessica Ken- nedy. Activities Editors Gassy Haloon, Martha Ebner. Art Editors Editor Erin Kelly. 1 73 Laura Demurjian, Leslie Johnston. Jessica Kennedy. Tom Barnes. Helpers 1 VA Kristen Catlin. Suzanne Gouveia. Literary Editors Bridget Rodriguez. Liz Terry. Photography Editors □eidre Neylon, Lisa Henderson. Financial Editors Brian Malone. S.T. E.P. Editor Thaia Katsos. Financial Editor Karl Whitney, Photography Editor Holly Foskett, Christine Kelley, Sports Editors Bruce Goodhue, Katy Grannan, Nils Fonstad, Panos Tokadjian, Helper Laura Vannah, Melinda Simms — Layout Editors Helpers Kevin Phelan, Andrea Salipante, Copy Editors Riti Sachdeva, Co-Editor-in-Chief 1 ys ■ w % John Lennon once said . . . " When you dream a dream alone, it ' s only a dream, but wher you dream a dream together, it’s reality. ” We’ve all dreamed of this time when we would look not to what will happen in our years of high school, but to what has happened. Now once again, it is time to dream of the future. We hope that in the years to come, you will be able to look through this yearbook and trace the dream that was realized at Arlington High School, and be inspired to fCTflll UTintTr dreams. Liz Kenny Riti Sachdeva a Dear Class of ’S7, Whitney Houston in the song “The Greatest Love Of AH” says, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, . . . Show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride to make it easier. " We have watched with “pride " all the “beauty” this class possesses. You have given us hope and laughter, as well as a few heartaches! Through it all there has been more than survival, there has been growth, attainment of knowledge and a development of a sense of worth. As your yearbook advisors, we say thank you for the past four years and we wish you much happiness in the future. Donald Sandrelli Pauline Finberg 1 7B Fly Like an Eagle Time keeps on slipping slipping slip- ping into the future. Time keeps on slipping slipping slip- ping into the future. I want to fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me, I want to fly like an eagle till I ' m free, fly through the revolution. Feed the baby don’t have enough to eat, shoe the children with no shoes on their feet, house the people living in the street oh oh theres a solution. I want to fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me, I want to fly like an eagle till I ' m free, fly through the revolution. Time keeps on slipping slipping slip- ping into the future Time keeps on slipping slipping slip- ping into the future. SUPERLATIVES MAKfftA Sijjj t 5mll of JucciSS hi ' Cj - F r :i 1 C NICEST SMILE KELLI A. F TZMAURiCE WILLIAM STACHELSKI 1 VB STACEY A. SUSLOWICZ AND DONALD J McLaughlin MOST GULLIBLE FRIENDLIEST TRACY E. REGAL , MICHAEL STEVENS, AND JAMES R COVENO 1 BO NO, ST ATHI FTir 1 J CREWE ' ISL IPF ' f A T P F I iJ VANESSA VARTABED(AN JOSEPH W DALTON 1 B2 rirs rcrQas m Tcm ScLSScc 54 04 Anthon Debbie L cnnbarcli CL 183 e.-teot c Oupl(2 xk) The niamei or love ' Ul. 1 B5 1 as t K»55€ltV fet«r £ e ' T COlHQtrJATIOt S AoTy 4i p , KRtPBCK A P ! I (fc oe. y foipsrr ■ With A Little Help From My Friends What would you do if I sang out of tune would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song and I ' ll try not to sing out of key. Oh. I get by with a little help from my friends, Mm. I get high with a little help from my friends. Mm, I ' m gonna try with a little help from my friends. What do I do when my love is away — does it worry you to be alone? How do I feel by the end of the day — are you sad because your on your own? No. I get by with a little help from my friends. Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends. Mm, I ' m gonna try with a little help from my friends. Do you need anybody — I need somebody to love. Could It be anybody — I want somebody to love. Would you believe in a love at first sight — yes I ' m certain that it happens all the time. What do you see when you turn out the lights — I can ' t tell you but I know it ' s mine. Oh. I get by with a little help from my friends. Mm. I get high with a little help from my friends. Oh. I ' m gonna try with a little help from my friends. Do you need anybody — I just need someone to love. Could It be anybody — I want somebody to love. Oh. I get by with a little help from my friends. Mm. I ' m gonna try with a little help from my friends. Oh. I get high with a little help from my friends. Yes. I get by with a little help from my friends. 1B7 GANOIDS 17 1 so Big Money Big money goes around t-he world. Big money under- ground. Big money got a mighty voice. Big money make no sound. Big money pull a million strings. Big money hold the prize. Big money weave a mighty web. Big money draw the flies. Sometimes pushing people around. Sometimes pulling out the rug Sometimes pushing all the buttons. Sometimes pulling out the plug. It’s the power and the glory. It ' s a war in paradise. It ' s a Cinderella story. On a tumble of the dice. Big money goes around the world. Big money take a cruise. Big money leave a mighty wake. Big money leave a bruise. Big money leave a million dreams. Big money spin big deals. Big money make a mighty head. Big money spin big wheels. Sometimes building ivory towers. Sometimes knocking castles down. Sometimes building you a stairway — Lock you undergound. It ' s the old-time religion, it ' s the kingdom they would rule. It’s the fool on television. Getting paid to play the fool. Big money goes around the world. Big money give and take. Big money done a power of good. Big money make mistakes. Big money got a heavy hand. Big money take control. Big money got a meanstreak. Big money got no soul. 1 35 Advertisin We believe in you! For what you were . . . For what you are . . . For what you will be . . . Paul, Watching you become the young man you are today has been a source of pride and joy We wish you every happiness. Love Mom, Dad, Jamie + Jeff J KISSING COUSINS We ' re proud of you We love you both Congratulations Love Mom + Dad — Mom + Dad J Love always Mom and Stephen To Mr. Sandrelli and Finn Who have dedicated so much time and affection to make this yearbook a success. Love, The Yearbook Staff 1 06 r jf GREAT JOB KELLY!!! YOU HAVE MAOE US VERY HAPPY AND VERY PROUD WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH DAD, MOM JEFF + ERIN Cano! Ann, We have shared so many special moments, sharing, loving, caring, laughter, struggles and tears. We have learned from you and grown with you. You can make your future anything you want it to be. Don’t look back on yesterday, live in today and for tomorrow. We are proud of the woman you have become. We love you forever and always remember you are special to us and always will be. We wish you success and happiness with the rest of your life. Love Always, Mom S. Dad Congratulations, Katy, on four great years. We are proud of you Love, Mom and Dad Billy and MaryEllen V J 1 av Dearest Jessica; You bring a touch of cl to any class With Much Love Dad Si Louise 4 Shawn and Andrea — Thru the yeans from sandpails to proms your friendship has en- dured. You’ve become two fine young people who’ve made us proud to be your parents Love Mom and Dad Sallpante Mom and Dad Cooney Congratulations Brian! You fill out you cap and gown a little better now. We are very proud of you. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Julie, J Love Mum and Dad J With all our love. Mom, Dad and Jeff V 1 03 f i ♦ k Congratulations Class of ’S ' ? May the days that lie ahead bring happiness, and the well-deserved success warmly wished for you Love, Mom + Dad You ' re a Special Daughter Sister and Friend Love Ya Jim and Mom V J Dear Tracy, Congratulations! Thank you for enriching our lives with your friendliness and beautiful smile — Follow your dreams. Love, Mom, Dad, and Steven V J 200 John McGah Thank you for 1 7 years of love, pride, joy, and just being who you are! CONGRATULATIONS LOVE MOM + DAD You ' ve come a long v ay, Pumpkin Cookie, we luv you! Leslie, Thaia, Jen, Fo, Laura Omi, Grandma, Bobby, Merian Chris and Monica Mom and Mimi Liz, You ' ll always be our shining star. Love, Mom, Paul, David, Jim, Kate, Meg 201 CONGRATULATIONS! We are very proud of you, Lisa Anne May you succeed in Whatever you strive for in the future Love, Mom, Dad Bob + Joe SHAUN S. KELL — CONGRATULATIONS From diapers to diplomas From football to proms From Garden to Hampton You’ve done it all — It’s been awesome Look back on the good times Look forward to better. Love Ya, , V ' V Mom, Mom, Dad, Todd, Lauren Dad, Jonathan Success and Happiness to the class of 1 3BV from the Arlington High School Class of ‘ " I 08B” A Janet, You have worked hard, accomplished a lot, and had some fun. We are proud of you and wish you the best always. Love, Mom, Dad and Linda Our thanks to the yearbook staff, who worked SO HARD!!! Donald Sandrelli Pauline Finberg V 202 I Congratulations Chris and Tina 1 SB3- ' l 3BV Buffalo New Jersey Greece New Jersey Connecticut England Switzerland Arlington Despite all the moves You’ve come so far Best of luck for the future May you reach your shining stars Mommy + Daddy Our love and best wishes to a " Special Lady. ” Love Mom S. □ad CONGRATU- LATIONS JOE YOU MADE IT! BEST OF LUCK IN THE FU- TURE. LOVE MOM AND OAD Oear Vincent, Congratulations. We wish you life’s best. Love, Ma, Oad, S. Linda " Our congratulations and very best wishes to the Class of ' BT’I ” Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Keefe V r r CONGRATULATIONS RICHIE FROM ALL OF US AT MAL’S ESPECIALLY DAO, MOM + AUNTY Kelli, Remember anything You dream is possible. We love you. Mom, Dad, Michele and Mark 204 Congratulations, Gina r Seems like yesterday I walked you to kindergarten! We love you, Mom + Dad Congratulations Jimmy We are so glad you finally learned how to smile. y V Love Mom + Dad, Mike Bobby, + Joey J Sharyn, Remember the good times Learn from the bad We wish you good luck Love Mom + Dad, Michele, Richard, Christopher, too, Timothy + Gregory Send love to you God Bless you always! Andrea, Hurray, our storm baby made It. . Good luck — we all love you and God bless you! Dad, Mom, Lisa, Donna, Nancy, Dave + Robbie 2Q5 206 r m cooudgebank AND TRUST COMPANY Arlington Office 635 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, MA 02174 617-643-7000 COOICASH 24 Moner V r NANCY ARENA ANNE ALBERTAZZI P.O. Box 20 Arlington, MA 02174 • 24 Hour Staff Relief Phone; 643-4783 • Private Duty J V 207 Gilbert Ponte Service manager AUTOMATK (6 17) 648-0640 ARLINGTON AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CO., INC. Phone: 648-9615 648-9772 280 Broadway Arlington, Mass. 02174 Redken Salon I V r Your Family Hair Care Center 1 1 1 BROADWAY ARLINGTON MASS 02174 CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK to the Class of " BV " A FROM DUDLEY FUEL CO., INC. 43 Dudley St. Arlington Ron Nigro June (Nigro) Farrell Sam Nigro Class of 1 952 Class of 1 956 Class of 1 959 B4B-B730 1 3 0 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. ARLINGTON, MA HORIZONS HAIR CARE LORETTA MALDONIS Best of Luck To the Class of " B7” ' V DAVID C. REYNOLDS Lie. NO. 1 T5B3 BUTTON RLUMBING Sl HEATING, INC. 10 Swan Place Tel: B4B-OAG ' ] Arlington, Mass, 021 T-4 B48-30S41 V. BEST WISHES S SUOCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1 BBV r A Edward J. Ooughty Plumbing G. Heating S3 Sunset Road, Arlington B4B-323B Marie Doughty y V 20B To Ming and the Class of ’ST “THERE IS ONLY ONE SUCCESS — TO BE ABLE TO SPEND YOUR LIFE IN YOUR OWN WAY.” — Christopher Morley — ALL DUR LOVE — Mom, Dad, and Brooksie J Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Macneil Pat and Peter Plagge Joe and Loretta Maldonis Charles and Maryanna Foskett Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tighe Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pizzano Joan M. and Philip A. Hughes James and Eleanor Profis Boston Five Cent Savings and Loan Mr. and Mrs. Leccese Mr. Stephen DIott Marion Bond Nancy Urban Brian and Carol Malone Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kelley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Groves Frank and Claire Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiPalermo Ron and Carol Beaudoin Donors Mrs. J. David Toomey Elinor Freedman Mary T. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Braga John Lennon Kathy and John Hogan Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1 3SV from AND AUTHORIZED TV SERVICE Celebrating our 50th year in 1 SB7 Appliances Video Recorders Television ARLINGTON BEDFORD Wild World Now that I ' ve lost everything to you you say you want to start something new, and it’s breaking my heart your leaving baby I’m grieving. But if you want to leave take good care hope you have alot of nice things to wear, but then alot of nice things turn bad out there. Oh baby baby it’s a wild world. I’ll always remember you as a child girl. You know I’ve seen alot of what the world can do, and it’s breaking my heart in two cause I never want to see you sad girl don’t be a bad girl. But if you want to leave take good care hope you make alot of nice friends out there just remember there’s alot of bad and beware, beware Oh baby baby it’s a wild world and it’s hard to get by just upon a smile girl. Oh baby baby it’s a wild world and I’ll always remember you like a child girl. Baby I love you, but if you want to leave take good care hope you make alot of nice friends out there just remember there’s alot of bad and beware, beware. Oh baby baby it’s a wild world it’s hard to get by )ust upon a smile. On baby baby it’s a wild world and I’ll always re- member you like a child girl. Cover Design by Martha Ebner 212 ROBBINS LIBRARY ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS

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