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Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS 3 4860 00725 9945 Hn Hlo U| iHnm laMBSlaEM Ml BIS ’IWI i FLOOR AA 52 4 ymiNTON HIGH SCHOOL presents THE CLASS OF 1906 ■ We the yearbook-staff lov- ingly dedicate this yearbook to our advisor, Jane Good- win, whose support and friendship has had a great effect on so many people in and out of Arlington High School. We can ' t thank you enough Mrs. G. - y 2 3 nmese. lessons delica lerge the significant w my memory Friendship ' s Etching Ndt unlike a gentle smile etched are those o I will remember, when the : l.ynomials, the puritSns a?T3ri3ie Darwinian theory hjob ge{ tf; oward the back o y consciousness, i nd t y sifcC when mese. will em€ the subtle ' " warmtlrQf those 5 or 10 or 20 who made AHS bearable, and eybn (we hate taadniit it), lovable! ’ ‘ , h smues qfwhispered gossip, and the ears of lost loves, the giggl of weekend blunders, and the signs of pop quizzes, The shared eX ' berance of a weekend date, or a student council dance. candy candtdayX or the Thanksgiwng day game. Amazing teachers report cards, February vacation, 1 or the Monday mofning blues. For it is not so mi|th the tim4, or the place, y but the people who make the memory, and the friendship that sketches the reminicient dreams of our high school years. It is ypu and I, _ ving each other the acceptance, tolej ance and comradary, that will remain, ' _ . and five in our hind ' s eye, j foryVer. Vicki Satlow SENIOR SECTION v Thomas Ahern Susan Adamian Ames, Kelly G 235 Mountain Ave 2 13 68 Good Times, Bad Times w Donald. Lo-La- 82. “All Of My Love To You " Van Halen, Rush Concert. Doc ' s Roof, Lock ' s Pond. The Cape . . . Malden High w Nina (Pee) Summer ' 82 ' Foghorn — KC, ES, DF, NC, TG, ET, DF, CL, LOTS A LUCK! Thanx Ma Dad “Love Ya“ Anderson, Catherine Faffy 38 Harvard St. 11 23 68 “Cathy, What year is it? " Chinatown bike-tour 4683. Gee, what happened to you? Mr. Cody, some day when you ' re not looking, someone will be scribbling on your blotter . . . Hindemuth rules! Js philosophy truth? Is truth true? Fin, I leave you the school! Thanks J.C. and Rache for helping me through it. You won ' t see me at 7:15 any more!!!! I ' ve got rhythm. Kerri Anderson Thomas Apprille Apprille, Stephanie Steph 234 Forest St. 4J7I68 BE$T OF FRIENDS — BEST OF TIMES — RB, KC — GOOD LUCK! — CHARLIE — SURVIVAL ' 85 ' 86 ' — TEACHERS PET? — ZIP WIRE — THE TREE — MEDIA CLUB — ITALIAN CLUB — ITALY ' 83 -H ' 85 ' — WHERE ARE WE? — SWIM TEAM?!? — SIX IN THE MORNING?!? — YG — PT, RT, SS, MD, SN, DS, RS, KL, LW, LP, AD, ND, MP, AA — CAMP- ING — SENIORS — RL, RH, AM, PH, TA, JL, JR — TEST!?!?! — WHAT DID YA SAY?!? — I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD Arena, Richard Ricci 38 Walnut St. 8 17 67 V-FOOTBALL 50 234 CAPT ' 84 ' 10-0 THE BEST V-B-BALL 25 234 V- BALL w LAVS — WTS? 13 34 KP JH BM LP (MIC BABE) SP RG ED SM MP BV BETH 1 12 85 -t- 1 kegx2( Kev ' s KOOL -t THE GANG HC FOOTBALL GREAT DAY COACH DUFF CC B-BALL PC OH Shu! ORTY ' S BASH = PARTY!!! NC KL LO I LOVE YA 7485 Henna you Drivin? WHEN 1 FGSH GOT TO FALL HH F — COLLEGE IT WILL BE GREAT THANX MA = DAD GL MA Adamian, Susan 1 Adamian Park 5 11 68 Deanna, Aime, Sarah, SCA “Red Snapper? No, Sorbet " — Yearbook Westfield “rememba the contENDA " — Kim (147) “TLL protect you " “La cartilla por favor " — Performing Arts trips — Injuries, Laos, The grottoes. Tennis Thanks to friends and teachers for a great four years and love to Dad, Mom and Baby Sharon. Ahem, Tom Nutty 4 Memorial Way 8 1 67 Good Times Bad Times Ive Had My Share Watch Those Trees The Best To All My Friends: BC SR RN TS CZ KG MG DK JC PG KN LG LJ MB CF DP LD CB ZOTTS PROM PARTY 84 New Years Eve 84 Over Zotts LOST IT BC 6 1 84 3 yrs VARSITY BASE BALL Thanks Mr Lavst Lefty Ive Learned ALot Hampton 85 Kee Party HSED Mrs Ht Mr D I LOVE YOU FRANCINE 7 3 84 1 12 85 SOLONG AFIS ITS AN EXP MA -I- DAD THANKS I LOVE YOU BOTH Kelley Ames Catherine Anderson Anderson, Kerri 89 Morningside Drive 4 4 68 Kris Janet Barbara Rose Rach AW IK MG JP Field Hockey — GBL champs Q ' s of the P w YRB — B-ball s-ball FH camp ' 84 ' 85 oh I ' m sick weak! all together — iiii YS LA WD ITR YS BC “THE BEACH " — Florida ' 84 Chicago ' 84 Bubba BooBoo working tonight? he-woman cucumbers? no sinring in the halls w RD Janee — YUM! on I ' m a sow, sorry — KC P ' s-tS ' s Friends 4eva — lisa. Dll, MM — Thanks Mom, Dad, Joan CO. Apprille, Thomas APES 234 Forest St. 4 20 67 FOOTBALL 84 GBL 10-0 HOCKEY 1 BASEBALL High School stands with my BUDdies CD BD MP ED JH BM BS JP Crash “84“ Bricks all dayer at menots TM ' s keg at Celts game Duce Wally Pete ' s WINDSHIELD! Shaw ' s broken ankle DRAFTING WITH CY MATT ' s H ' s police bracelets AB ' s accident TRIP to EUROPE 84 Todd ' s elecbon bash Love and Thanks to Mom and Dad Stephanie Apprille Richard Arena 8 Michelle Babin Elizabeth Baratta Barmakian, Deanna 3 Myopia Road, Winchester 5 2 68 It ' s not that I ' m afraid to die, I just don ' t want to be there when it happens. L. Night w Dave Krista, WFNX, How soon is now? The Smiths Elvis C MVI south Beach Movie Museum piate-o ' clams oh MY GOD ITS MOVING TOWARDS US W. Gath 10 4 84 Its for me its a date! The Jam. NJ weekend here ' s to famil friends — Susan, MD AD. Its been real — Let ' s call it a day. Robin Bates Joann Battinelli Bean, Sarah 125 Jason St 8 11 68 HOLA BS! Aimee, DB, SA, MEB, Nate, Holl, Rf, F, R Estoy psyched IK, Why do they all get a girl? FACED CC! sudden death " What you want " That kills me Tray : B Adams 85 The Sq Stay Surfer SOCCER — KP, Sig, KK, BR, H, TC T1 DL ER chem. Sue K — Til be the groom OK? " Ever play with transformers, Todd? " Thanx Ma, Dad + Jeff ' herver you go . . . there you are " May U live 2 c the dawn Beaton, Rachel 110 Newport Street 9 13 68 Pals: MG, IK, JP, AW, RD, KC, KA, JP. Ihru Ihik Thin! Idaho, NH. Paragon, K ' s w MG — Purble boot Man, Allright, Crust, IK Babbling. FhVz, GBL! BbV? BWw KA — Tumbelweed, Sb, vrmm! Bb camp — pray — snoz — ann What are You Doing In My Room? LC Chon Master, k o W RD. JP — party Laugh. Dot ' s House. Semi Prom. Rachel. Harvard Boston — Yee Hah! — Go Listento The Musicians. Hello Bill! YS LA WD ITR IF MA TS OTT — LUV YA MOM DAD! Babin, Michele Babs 14 Brantwood Rd. 8 18 68 " Looks like we made it " PG KD DK CF TP ZOTTS TA TS CZ RW Cape 84 + 85 AV " Keep on Loving you " CBw PG Gorky? Smokin catnip — CF JC " upstairs now end of stoiy ' ’ Thanx PM " Did you gerb " RW " Delightful Duo " — Luv ya! Jr + Sr Proms JB + KG Good times down the jex! NO chicken on tuesday — JB SR RN TM PM KN SHthe dartboard IT STAY GOLDEN Thanks Mom, Dad + Family I LOVE YOU! Baratta, Elizabeth Beth 138 Ridge St. 3 6 68 HEY U GUYS — HEATH, JAMA, KATH, MEB The BOYS. Katies parhes! JH, KP, KM, NL, CH, KC! 4yrs. V.GYMw MARE MAUZ Oshtwall ya — Bridge — Shlumba host! KOOL cup — STRAITS DALE jr. semi prom w RA, HF KP vacations w TN RM MOW Na Hampsha — Hornet Dunny Finn WHNF U-MASS dont cry JP HF — Brigs the Stands — RK, CT? 6th Per. oh ya? summer sw you know who U R RICK (83) I Love you mom dad XO AMY Deanna Barmakian Elizabeth Barsonian Bates, Robin 324 Forest Street 10 1 68 Never forget good friends and good times. KC, SA — you guys are the best. Joe — I ' ll always love you!! remember 6 8 91 Y.G. — Camping, retreats, playing, singing, special people Concert Choir, Orchestra, Montrea. " 83 " , Survival, Junior Prom. The Library, the movies, the mall a gain?! Working hard for not much money. 6hrs. on the phone every night!! Thanx Mom Dad I LOVE YA! Battinelli, Joann 31 Alfred Rd. 6 30 68 9-21-84 Chris LUV YA4EVA1 Missed You! WAKE UP SUDDENLY. . .Jr SEMI PROM BVBD LM LE PC BUDDIES LJ VK AP CAR REVERE SHRIST LB GETTING LOST RPAHS LE SKI TRIP MC ' YD ' S PC CO LD SORE PC ED 4eva LJ ' S — I MADE IT! GOOD LUCK Le Lm Pc FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS THANX and I LOV YOU DAD MOM LISA LEN N, N,P,G Sarah Bean Rachel Beaton 9 Arthur Billis Cheryl Birt Blair, Dave Baker, Bear 52 Bow St 4 24 68 The Song Remain the same LED ZEPPELIN live in New York at MSG Dec 10, 1973 KPJP JB JPJ The Who live in NY at Wood Stock in 1969 Baker 9 td In through the out Door Moby Dick Ray JD ES MV JC Mick MB MR The Den The DOORS: Wanted Dead or alive Slot to be taken away KM Angus Brain sonn son Acz DC BG 913 85 Hells Bells This is a song of hope Stairway to Heaven Tommv John Herny Bonhama There are things known things that are unknown in between are THE DOORS JM Blevins, Laura 22 Yerxa Rd. 7 11 68 Always Remember good times with RH, LH, LE, JB, PC, JM, LS. York Beach, NH Cape Cod Ducks? Go Carts? VKA 8 8 83 LUV YA RICHIE N-G-L-Y-G Bourne Times Semi Proms MC. 82 83 Speed JR? The STANG Thanks Mom and Dad 1 Love You Both! Bedo, Aimee 43 Temple Street 1 29 68 SB, DB, MS, ME, SA, JG, RA, SR, SP, RFR, KILLS me PHIL! swallow the ocean, CUT THE NET, TAKE THE VAN! THE TRUTH HURTS! camp CRUISE, CHEM LABS, store bought ART W MIN BEN Renior NC vintage, GET A LIFE, VFL, ROB ME! FACED daqueries, BA — i went. FH W RHEA MAINE! LEMON SQUEEZER, JK? LOVE U MOM, DAD SARAH " WHAT U WANT " ; STEVIE NICKS " NOT A CHILD ANYMORE " " may U live 2 see the dawn " — PRINCE Benitez, Rafael Falin 30 Edgehill Road 1 23 69 Canary Islands, Venz Ram F ran Ser, AP party Sar Aim Dean Mary Ann Susy Me Mahon Awesome, soccer Kel Mary Lex — 120 ways Cochino wicked good, Kim a-ha Mark Kris Nor Tan, Quincy M. Harvard, CCD. HBO, Canada " Menganitos Marchosos " Theat. AIFS. GLORIA. Halloween. Survival. Madonna. V66. Oh Sheila. Mtv. FACES. Dav John Jm Shan Jeff Thom Twins It was fun! FANS To: San Bernado 6, Las Palmas 35002, Spain. Linda Bergin Mary Ellen Bilafer Bilis, Arthur A.B. 29 Orvis Road 9 17 68 CLASS-OF-EIGHTY-SIX — bac — ZIPPER — BURKIE — FLYNNY — OKIE — DEZ — DOUCE — DRISK — BUSKO — EDDIE, B — Mr. RAMEA — dt? — A.H.S. SATURDAY-NIGHTS — BLEACHERS — HAMPTON- BEACH-85 — IROC — Z!! VETTE — 2 RACKS — tcq. JUNIOR-PROM — 1982-1986 — THE-BEST-OF-TIMES — WHERE-IS-THE-Z? — Oted CON- SUMPTION — SEANS-HOUSE — ON-SATURDAY-NIGHTS — CITA- TION -t TELEPHONE POLE = OKIES LEG ac -t HEE HEE HEE vmn V 4GLC Birt, Cheryl A. 27 Winter St. 6 2 68 New Years Parties Manischewitz " RALPH " Summer of 84 Paris JEWISH WEDDINGS London 12 SHOTS AEROSMITH CONCERTS NHw JS, EC 4-EVER 7 QUARTS! SKINNY-DIPPING at the head NBw DJ Party Week w AG DA JS Shotguns One Night Trips w Dubby -I- Potato Head DJ TF JJ RS BG GS BB MP W The Cabin, Camp, BW ' S STAY w ME BABY! Brownies At Toms So Co Nights w TB, EC, AG! LINES! C — VA THANX MOM -t DAD " DREAM ON ' TIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE " Aimee Bedo Raphael Benitez Bergin, Linda 28 Mowton Rd 11 27 68 Karen Anne A 4114 A Fred 12 27 84 A F Cape Revere 85 FTS Greasy Bohunk B-sessions w FW DF Aftu Sch. Spec. DMPCP Confidential chats w Jill Cheering 84-86 CH KW AW DF JR EV DJ SB LH KM KF Luv va JoJo FFE! ES JG DCf THANX GUYS Heavy N L ' S 7 4 HUH? POUCH SLilVK du bf oe sa cd ee wf og ab Where ' s Deedham?! Mr. NP Mt Always Near J.C.B. Luv ya Ka Lor Thanx Mom Dad. Bilafer, Mary Ellen Meb 15 Victoria Road 5 16 68 Bill 2 4 84 " You ' re forever in my heart ... " Hey u Guvs! Kath, Jana, Heath. WHNG! QTip rules la sanctua sabado; Whisque? Qamobie Hamp (PB) Contortin, MRCM! WLY Corbata! Opus, ACT! MDim, RK, SP, JC, SB, AW, NL, JH, BB Dav Party! Drama Fr, Proms Semis, Field Hocki 33, GBL! Kool Gang 6rigs, the Stands Whammi Mebisgross its 20 past ILYBM Thanx Mom, Dad Steve 4 being there. David Blair Laura Blevins 10 Jeffrey Booth Shawn Boucher Boudreau, Donna DDL 35 Boulavard Road 8 8 68 DB + TH, BB JB DB AS CR MC EN DG LD JD SW SS LE MM GT FP CS DC LUV U Maggots Harminaires SADD AA MC Codes; KBD, 10 28, 18 PLU, CYP, Pink Bubble Bath, Choc Milk, Kenny Hubby, Slimey, S fish, Shnky, Pocket Mirrors, City PT My Goose! Rinks, D D JB How s SC? Blk Death Cellar Parties Surprise Squeal Wal — Lex WATCH OUT! D aims (drives) PSYCHOS RULE ALWAYS!!! Love and Thanks, DiSTA, Mom, Dad, Barb Boyajian, Peter 22 Bartlett Ave. 1 23 68 School Almost Out Can ' t Wait To Leave Lots Of Friends No Football How Sad 4 Year Gone So Fast Much Responsibility Ahead Take This Time To Look Back Have Grown And College Bound Working Money Dealing Money Don ' t Want To Be Forgotten Knew A Few Girls Maybe Loved One Met Lots Of People Those To Be Remembered JB SB DC RA BD TD BR BB BR PD Life Is A Circle We Will All Meet Again But 1 Will Miss You All i Thanks Mom Your The Greatest 1 LUV U David Boyle Edward Braga Brekalis, Peter Pete 62 Lennon Rd. ! BUDdies: Moose Fred Gaz Daga Dow Bill Devo Duece J Curls B Shaw I Towlie Pule Furdog JP Ricci Nigs Nutty Okie AB Burke The Farm Menots I Bleachers or corner Catalina GRAND PRIX VBaseball MR Lavs Lefty MR I Toomey and Quigs K Parhes and Reg Parhes New Years Fake! D packy i runs Bus a Bermans Lions Balls Q Cody Scar Long weekends up to NH ALL dayers Dykes suspension dismissal sand days OFF Snubby MA DAD Brendemuehl, Debbie 27 Coleman Road 6 18 68 Patty you flake do you hear me yes you can come on 1 like him 1 think Annie ; Granola NY Aerobics salad cookies jogging Trident anyone? Kids I M + C + ZI love you Cory Karen my shirt! LaKe George Top of the Mt BB + B Dvs CS Mv friends DK 21 FRED CH JR RL Flake AM My Family M + D I KRNIA SCL + C + A + Gma Thanx Guys! Booth, Jeffrey SPAZ 22 Farrington St. 1 15 68 We ' re Finally Here! I can ' t get up — gotta boat! LOVE YA KJ ISSY! (6 23 85) GOOD X Hampton w SC. Awesome Vac. w GB, JW, PW. Gettin Chased, Anderson ' s, Yellin, Space Capsule, Sleep outs — Dunkin, Ski trip. Thanks GB, JW, PW, DD, PH, SC, JC, CL, CT, RD, KR 4 all those years! Thanks BB 4 J. Semi. Thanks 4 everything Ma Dad! I ' ll miss ya AHS. See ya all at the 20th! Bye Class of 1986! Donna Boudreau Peter Boyajian Boyle, David Dave 46 Mystic Valley Pky. THANKS RODNEY N TED WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP its been Im just a friend of the Devil sittin under the sugar magnolia then the bus came and 1 got on it doesn ' t matter how vou get there if you don ' t know where you ' re going But what would be TiHE ANSWER MAN ONE MAN GATHERS WHAT ANOTHER MAN SPILLS THANKS MOM DAD LISA JEN JOE AND MY GRANDPARENTS Braga, Ed Eddie B 281 Forest St. 2 5 68 PC JC SR MO SB RF ED AB — Cape Cod, Hampton, beaches, Busc, Sunday. Leslie, Pats — AB. 77 vs. Mazda. THE DEUCE — 135mph! TA. Mass Ave drag races. Vette Iroc — Z. ABZ — AHS — Sat-nites. The Rink. MN AA! Westrord — Deac. Littleton — nites. Brown Bear — 7 smokeshows — H Sparking lot 85. T-Bird. Revere Strip. Rt — 28 — Cape. " Foglight Time, Busc. " Track. JR Semi-KW. JR prom — LB. 4 yrs CV. Drafating. Ferrari. ZIPPERHEAD. Thanks MOM and DAD Debra Brendemuehl I Peter Brekalis 11 Brian Buckley Michael Buckley Bullock, Ellen 1% Jason St. 2 29 68 A], JB, MG,KK, MB, VR. — The-Blue-Parrot — W. Russian " THE SINK " in chem lab — liquid plumbr Per 3 last year RAMBO Tol and KC — photo- copies Heart — strange night Wild Ties Stop making sense To S. Coyne — Birthday Cards Journalism — " The Personals " What Time is it? C.Y.P. Lunch in Chem " SINK 101 " Burke, James 9 Jason Terrace 8 1 68 JC, BC, NM, CH, JA, AH, MH, KC, AM, RJ, RH, JL, KT, ZO, LM, C ' s, Walden Pond, TFF Concert, Summer ' 85 — Burma, Birthday — Thanks everyone!, Quebec, Lime — green booths, Jr. Semi — AM, Jr. Prom — LM, WAHR, Band, Heightsmen, Live- Aid, Picture Came, Picnic Came, Ratley, Best Friends — JC, The Hurting, Thank You Mom Dad and family — 1 love You! Sean Burke Miguel Busquets Cacciamani, Amy 135 Franklin Street 3 20 68 Scott 100 ways 7 5 85 Pookey EL It ' s happening! DB 8 30 83 Aimlesly 4sum RP 7 25 85 Moss Clen SS JP JT SL TONY Cooka LC KA HH RV JT KC JR JP JM TN MD Ballons over Lex HAK ' S Treasure bath! Sculptured trees MoMo Just Cuz! Thanks R S (U too Heather) 1 Love you Mike LaLa Carol Nonni Norm Vin Caggiano, Anthony Lou 56 Browning Rd. 12 20 68 MISSION! Lou, Spike, Spud, UM, Fonse, Jibs (AADT): UB ZN KID: U Call Rich: " V " : UU Ya: Tm Not Lou: TS UP: Well Alrt: UM MB: U Hooterbag: ID WT TY CON: SMOOTH, JD, WY MSM: Hwh hey: Feel Th at Heat: POETS: UM — 1 Luv U: Spoik Bah LCW Flics: Yabos BAND TRIPS, Ghini — (MM, TN, SS) — RFL (LBGROFS): CAMPIN: Cape Cod: Kristy, The Police!: 1 Love You Always, Family: To The Class Of ' 86, 1 Wish You All Love, Health Happiness Buckley, Brian Buck 50 Greeley Circle 1 17 68 BUCLI DOLORES, THE CHANNEL, THE MOHAWK, KRAMER, FOWNTOWN RECORDING UNTIL 4 THE BUCU BLUES, THE MINI WOODS, COOMBLES WHITE MOUNTAINS CORMIERS, DIGITAL CREEM SF WOBURN PARTIES QUEBEC, PEEVINE, JOES GARAGE, CARDELLS, YA YA! CRUISE TO P. TOWN, MENTLE FRIENDS — PM MG MK DI JR JC SC RG — MAC AND FRED FROM BUCU — THE STANG HAIL HIGH TO THE GOOD TIMES THX MOM -t DAD Buckley, Michael Buck 10 Pine Court 7 19 67 I would like to thank my parents for being supportive of all my goals. I wanf to thank the Lord for the musical ability He gave me. To my brothers. Miss O, Miss Finn, and to all my friends in the High school. Td like to remember Rando Rhoads for his ability to improve his talent and his love for music. Finally Td like to thank the Lord for being a constant friend Ellen Bullock fames Burke Busquets, Migual Basket 65 Milton St. 2 28 68 THANKS TO AHS FOR THREE GOOD YEARS THANKS TO MSB. DON ' T FORGET GOOD times — Dutch — JV — BH — MD — B — cruises on the deuce — field nigHts — JuHoop, TTE. M. HART Good Luck. Thanks to my BUDDIES WHO Helped me out through the year MICHEL THE CREATE Cookouts -t Bakeouts — RETIRED OR THE WEEKEND — What ' s on the menue — DR — THANK lO Quisles t cody FOREVERY- THing GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY CLASSMATES ... see you later — M BASKETS Amy Cacciamani Anthony Caggiano 12 Steven Caggiano Paula Calutti Campanale, Tracy Trace 56 Blossom St. 10 30 68 Evan 9 16 85 I ' ll Never Forget. YA BI MH! BE: Denise Tina Trace SS AP LN " THE CLOWN CAR " R — We Havin Fun Yet? Q Bound Dave Julie Keith IWF! IMYE 85 First Nite Pty Bob Alan Sal Harv. Law Schl Mary Kath Tiny Thanx! Sr. Semi w Mike P. Revere Beach? Such A Babe! JC JK I ' ll Miss Ya! Florida 83 Mitch B — Adams 85 " Is Doug Here " Where Are We? " Chill " Mom Barry Mike John 1 Luv U Caron, Scott 342 Washington St. 4 5 68 GLAD-TO-GRADUATE — CAN ' T-WAIT — TO-GET-OUT-IN — THAT- TOUGH-WORKING-WORLD — JUST-TO-MENTION — A-FEW- WORDS — THAT-WILL-MEAN-SOMETHING-IN — THE-FUTURE — AND-WILL-PROBABLY — EITHER-MAKE-ME-SMILE — OR-BE-SAD — BUT-WHATEVER; BOBBY, CHARLIE, GPz750, NINJA, WARRIORS, FALMOUTH, go-up — WASHINGTON; SUMMER-85, REVERE, SUBWAY ' S, HARVARD — LINDSAY — MIKE ' S — GYM, PETTY, COVIELLO — ELECTRIC, KAWASAKI. Paul Caruso Charles Carvalho Chalmers, Jeff BG 130 Newland Road 9 28 67 FOOTBALL 10-084 16 240 ' s " WELL GET THERE! " Robbed by Waltham 85 YLSOB; O Track = RBM 85 YS; Frosh JV BB. BB: EB, OAKS, DEEKi Burkie, AB, FLYNNE, DEVO, Gaz, Moose; MK = " Ah, my leg! " ODFNY KSAAR. 82 = NOTT FB: DA CA BA MA Blockades = Bumming. OAKS = LITFL; 83 = MFDWN; Pond, High School, Brighams, Farm, Menots. 82-3 Frosh WAR Rule! " HEY YOU! " Burkie ' s house; Hi FIN RUFES; SO 84 ILUT. THANX MA + DAD FET TP Chalmers, William Bill 130 Newland Rd. 6 22 66 I Would like to thank My Parents My four Bros I Would Also like to thank Alan Holdsworth Jeff Beck Les Paul Bach and Vivaldi for Musical Genius I Would Also like to Thank Charlie uno Mike ce ce Bill Vic the Artist and Actors and Musician for letting me see and hear their craft I Would also like to Thank Jesus for AH he diet for the World Caggiano, Steve Cag 56 Browning Rd. 12 20 68 MISSION! Spike, Spud, Lou, Um, Jibba, Fonse! (AADT), T Sup, Huh Hey! The Right Bros Cant With That! Uh Huh That sit! Hey uh how you doin. The Nads, HOOTERBAG, Souh, you guys buzn? Get Bullets! Le Biestro Ghin — Winchester Fair, Smooth, Its in the bag! Me D Dinner Motel?; Cam pin 85 — the best times w the best friends — Remember We Got B! PPose! tland Trips — Great time w JP JZ TM TL of gt frnds, I love you family Till the end Spud! Calautti, Paula 60 Hemlock St. 7 20 68 Eric 10 23 82 ILYA F HH Jr Semi -t- Prom BEST FROSH YR. Best Times down pond REMEMBER? baseball hat puppay BBJ SORRY! " Thank you " Led Zep (Douce) IGMY! Good -I- bad times at HS. Field TAZ N ' TohWOW BE. LM LE JB Thanks guys LM ' s house (choke) shut up Liz! WEEKENDS L-hJV KAP LS GM Lynn Calif. 85 Kathy TOM PETTY Imy — East hockey SM PM RG MP Its cold no car 156 JP IK CJ HM DK MC HN LK PA CM TLC No more gum TD CD Thanks MOM -i- DAD LOVE YA Tracy Campanele Scott Caron Caruso, Paul Busc 71 Morningside Dr. 5 28 68 EB, SR, AB, RE, MO Baby Hewey 86 VETTE, IROC, LAMBORGHINI, 77 Ford Verse Mazda HPC FERRARI Highways tar, high school WASTE OF TIME . . . Thanks Mom and Dad. Carvalho, Charlie RALPH 98 Mt. Vernon St. 6 11 67 Bobby, Danton, Scott, RALPH. Falmouth, Chevelle, TRACI, Michele, OOIT CREW — Room, Motley — Camp — The " P " trail, JV — bus. 11. Street Hockey. Monkey — F. Spray — Water tower Fish Thanx MOM and DAD Jeffrey Chalmers William Chalmers 13 Christine Cheevers Mark Chaves Cherelli, Kimberly Ann Kim 61 Walnut St. 10 30 68 BOF Katy, Laurie, Jeanine, Tricia, JP, Daga, NF, PL, THE TREE, Winter ' ' up Mentomy, jG, Duraflame ' s The Stands WE Need a . . .HUMA84 " The question is moot, lASEB, BFF " K K " Switch summer of 1983 The Four of US ML, KF KC, NT, DC ME Dont Forget Papa Ginos The Prom, partying After? — ha Call Peter? Get This 1 Want A Scoop Always Remember Neyer Forget " DP EB, JH, MO, Thanx M D Chipman, Holly Checquitah 15 Grand View Rd. 9 19 68 JOFIN 5-11-82 Luy Ya 4Eya!! Lisa, Sandy, Karen FRIENDS 4EVA! ZEPPLELIN RULES! partyin ' at Menots, Locks, Room; R-n-C, jdna 7-25-85 WKknd GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES ykihms! NY bash — Cmftly Nmh " Ya gota luy it " ; SITGR — Suspended? cncts, semi ' s, proms R 4Jul — LKA ruok? ACDC man; T Dbm! JL tfbsn! KS Woods; J K; MMGang; STANGS; Rain Song; ] H w cl; 9-16-84; KW strar e situations! LV CC LM gd Ik people Luy Ya M D — Later AHS IDMT! Nina Chobanian Elisa Cipolloni Collins, Karen Grandma 14 Eustis St. 2 22 68 Let the good times roll TG ET DF ES LC AC JT RM KA DC Luy ya all The Res sociables up the gormleys Curb action MIT 84 Hampton 85 Nantucket Tara hit and run Hi Jeff CSC PB LG LM KD KL BC PW Loye you Sean Summer of 85 SK 9 10 Stranded on the h-way w DFEBM Billy Klew years 84 Susse Chalet Thanks Mom Dad Love ya both Never forget you Rich Goodbye AHS Conlon, Christine Tina 48 Alpine St. 12 28 67 BF: TRACY DENISE TRACEY JULIE SANDY APLNCS THE CLOWN CAR! PANCAKE! R We Haying Fun YeU Why U under The Table Trace? MS ' s PARTY — PINKHUFFY Wanna Steal The Bike? Sal Alan — First Night HLS Mr. Magoos THE ZIPPER Bud Bus THE BUSH! 3 Lunches — Brigs w ' Jules Egg Fight — Curbs WE FINALLY MADE IT! HEY BABE WHATS HAPPENING? AP ' s PARTY With Ronnie (WAB) ALL THE GOOD TIMES! TITSY Prom W-MP Semi W — JH Thanks MOM DAD I Luy U. Chayes, Mark Mr. Webster 8 Langley Rd. 5 12 68 Good Luck CLASS OF 86 ' ! Congrads NHS members — Thanx For Your Pencil Sharpener, Mr. Cody — SO LONG AHS! " I Want My MTV " Lechmere + Dapper Dan ' s ' Sorry, Guys, I Gotta Do My Homework " Thanks Stan, Steye, James, Joe, Zack, Manny, Danny, Lil, even you Phil — you too AIL! " Joe, are we in Maine yet?? " MURKNIA!! Mr. FG vs Dr. X Thanks Mom, Dad, and family, I luv you all very much! Cheevers, Christine Chrissy 63 Randolph St. 7 8 68 REMEMBER 12 5 84 (Thanks jill) 1 20 85 (Finally! DS LS -r A) 1 26 85 9 14 85 (Finally) ETC. AEROSMITH = 1 Obsession TC Forever if Ever You ' re in My Arms Again 11 16 84 Muncha Buncha Love SHnx Memories LC HC JB NM (P -(- B) and the crew from DPS jp. pm. Turn to Face The Strange ch-ch- changes Thanks Mom + Grams Dad Kimberly Cherelli Holly Chipman Chobamian, Nina Chabang 25 Reed St. 10 26 68 7-4-84 1 Love You Joe! JS, TG, DF, ET, KM, KA, DF, MT, ES, TT. Parties up the Gormley ' s Hampton Dennisport Sea St. NH " Res " Ouch! My Knee Chicken Its So Sad Instant Breakfast w KC HitnRun w TG, DF, ET Tara get the hat Moped Crash w Gmpy " Sawdust Brains " ET ' S Barrel WHB Malden W KA Tori Monster nici, Kafe, Mim, Sue Memories of RW and CK. Thanx Ma + Dad I Love You See Ya AHS Cipolloni, Eliza Lizzie 159 Gloucester St. 2J2ilh8 Chris Love ya Bud white pants Laconia NC VETTE U Mass limes Kev AB AH AH AA Keg of smiles Hi De get me the CVS bag Clean up this snow! MADNESS Amy Are you laughin at me or with me? Hyper space Im sweat in Babe ItS happenning Is it that time of day? Kate Miter Katz Lazy Redge Cape DB 8-30-83 Mystery acne TOM LEAD Jen Blondie Sculptured Trees Scott shes my friend JO RC SL Norm Vin Bunnie Russsyl Heather Jeff Dad Mom Tim Alex Love you all! Karen Collins Christine Conlon 14 Conroy, Kristen E. Kris 126 Overlr)ok Rd. 11 4 68 Janet Keiri Barb Zar Rach everyone else. Thanks For Everything. Ms Lt 1 LG Rus. FH camp. Oh Janee! Twins? Sisters? Field Hockey In Track — GBL Champs, sp. Track B-ball. YrBK s p ' s Bahamas 85 Florida 86 west pt. Holy Cross SORRY! Yon die! Boogada Ha 3SBC! Ooh Tm a sow Hey Hey Don ' t Ya Be Doin That Now! Hi [o Gram. Chicago 85 L)| Track — HF IK LM CK — hurdles YS LA WD ITR! FI 1 — Kareem KA Thanks Mom, Dad Kathy. I love you. Costa, Kim 83 Wright St. 10 17 68 FunTimes and good Friends. YG Retreats, Camping Trips, Ect. NH Summer of 85. AG Concerts 84, 85 Bryan ADAMS June 85 RB, SA, JE, MP, AB, AA, You ' re great Never Forget you! JE, Remember GC Times, DC Group. Everyone m YG: was great Knowin ' you guys. Junior Prom. RB, SA We finally got in the same class together! (CC) . . . GL Kerin! I Love You MOM and Dad Thanks for everytning: Bye AHS! Kristen Conroy Kimberly Costa Costa, Pauline M. Pawinee 27 Exeter St. 9 9 68 5 25 84 Keith — Just U I, Crazy 4 U, Luv (gj 1st site. Wed — Bells; Arco — BS SS; Shell, Dunkins; Prom — Limo Best of Times; Sweet 16 — JD CM — BFF; Truckin, Harley, Ace, Munzo; VT, NH FC, JS, DT — lOUl Nee Ski; ' Brattle Appt. Bud, Mich Snowy Trips; Clutz Madness, Mess, Zooed, Uck ' U; Stonea In Love Wench Yaboos Baby Cakes Sick 123 STEP, Later AHS; Luv U. Babe; Miss ya DK; Thanx Family — Luv ya Coughlin, Kathleen Katy 14 Fayette St. 12 2 67 MD DF CH JH NL KM KP DH KS PL LJ KB MH JK H.S., mENAOTS — Summer spot, parties. So Nancy . . . Homeroom? Tm comming you guys. BK, Mac ' s, B + B ' s Majorettes, Hampton, Winnger sheek — Pine St.! SPAIN w CH, Sean, CT, Jrprom — Sr convention — shout! Where are my shoes? HOYT, Ft Ltdie, Tm wea, Meatwagon — HYB? Bagged 6 84, BEATLES, KKK, The question is moot. Weekends, BUTCH, Thanks Dad + Mom, Hastala byebye AHS Jeffrey Crasco Stephen Crowley Cuquo, Carl 31 Fordham St. 7 20 67 I DONE REAL GOOD IT IS ALL OVER GOODBY + THANK GOD IM FINALLY OUT THANKS MOM + DAD + everyone Else Curley, Joe 107 Rhinecliff St. 11 13 68 Good " rimes with — Pech, Bill, Henna, Kev, Rick, Dags, RG, MP, SM, ED ■ and the girls. Shnubby — Farm, Menots, AHS. I didn ' t do it! Katie + MEB ' s parties. Celtics parade, A ' Smith concert. Fal CC — Todd — Ranger — coke. Wally, Stu, rec-ball, gut I flip. Gaz — ASW. He-He-He. Stued — V. I Shots (yuk). Jr. Semi, prom with Ka. Lynn — park ' en lot. Wondy. I was there, b-ball. JOE + lO REN — 01 25 85. Thanks Mom + Dad Joseph Curley Pauline Costa Kathleen Coughlin Crasco, Jeff 256 Appleton St. 10 21 68 It ' s late but I finished Sean — Thanks and good luck Mandy — Copley, Stevie Ray, the route? Anthony C — Hefty Plagiarism in soph Eng. Jr. Chem — ' ' Whats going on Mr Katz? " Thanks alot to Joe. Chris + Brian — Dire Straits, the mountain Special thanks to Dave Ardito and Dave " Duke " Leone Thanks Mom, Dad, Lauren Crowley, Stephen Crow 286 Ridge St 11 12 68 Frosh B-Ball + hock; JVB-Ball + hock; Lat w Tremb; Eng w Gost: Bio: JG, MG, JP, CT, BS, RA, BM, JC, SM, MP, RG, LE, BB, HF, MD, KD, KM, KC, JH, CH; HAMPTON, HS, Menots; 12-31-82, 12-31-83, 12-31-84; O, MY, TCTU; TTOM; U-2, RUSH, PF; WOW: 12: OOAI ready; DEWEY; On To The Next Chapter; Party At Liz ' s, Tony ' s Weekly; Black-Out Party; Geek, Billy, Geek; Wednesday, Bloody, Wednesday; THAT ' S ALL; THANX MOM DAD, LUV U ALWAYS Carl Cucjua Kenneth Cutroni Robert D ' Agostino Daley, Kathy CHEEZ 153 Highland Ave. 8 18 67 Mark (3-27-84) I ' ll never forget when we first met. " This is it Babe! " I ' ll love you forever. The wild partys at peters house! GymnasHcs. The summer of §5 Gloucester. Prom 85 (6-14-85T OJ ' s w MA EW (1-28-84). rt. 128. Penn. W EC. GOOD LUCK: LD + MC, DP 4 BA, KD f RP, TF. " I made it! " Daniell, Leah Ugh 32 Dundee Road 1 27 68 MICHAEL, 11-10-84, " LADY " " YOU I I ' ll Love You Forever! Choppa, Frisky, Cocoa, Nipsy. ms ng GPX, CUDA 66 " COPS " ML! DM never forget " UGH PP " forever! Good Luck DM MB Luv Yaz. Many Thanks for all the ears shoulders that have been there for me. Thanks Joan Love Ya. DK 83 " MUTTLEY " JIMMY " 1 LOVE YOU " Thanks Love you Mom, Dad Nana of course, I LOVE YOU EARL!! 1 MADE IT — 86 Kristen Davies Denis Denison Desmond, Tim Dez 119 Ridge St 10 9 68 Crash of 86 Hampton 85 SB House Sat nite Okie, Ah my leg Okies B-Day. vou gonna make it? Flynny Burkev Douce AB RG MP CD SM BM JH BD MH pc — gum Katy Jeaninen La DUB 111 see you in the morning Flynny, what are you doing? 1 14 85 Peanuts Keg Semi Prom GLADD, Jerimiah Foot ball 69 Citation The night Hernia Scar Hee Hee Thanks Mom + Dad. Bye, We ' ll do lunch. Dez DeSousa, Linda 9 Dorothy Rd 9 25 68 BARRY LINDA 10 26 84 Friends: JacquI, Celia, Kel, Kerry, Lee, Elke, Heather, Marcie 6, Penny LD BA JT PJ SHTN HRVD DNDM! $for sips B Cab Es " BRUCE " Exit 14 W Beach Papa Mama " B " NH With BIG ED CT! Capebound JT I KNOW I KNOW Celia Bruce Entrepenur Lee stranded!! EASY! " SHELLY " Love Ya Michael Copley Sq . 10:00 GT W Mary in F lorida Fitchburg B Thanks Love YA — MOM DAD Cutroni, Kenneth K.C. 186 Highland Ave. 2 29 68 f Remember the Band Trips — Montreal, Washington, Quebec City ... Komblatt Lives for-everM! Hey Guid keep up the God Lessons!! Merry t Blattmus Jay and Guid!! Remember Mr. Cody ' s period four Honors Chemistry class . . . How is everything going R.T., A.G., A.H.?? How ■ about those Sox Huh?!? All Hail the Jedi of Ms. Fitzgerald!! A. H. remember ! r; AS O AS EE EE!!! ! D ' Agostino, Chris DAGA 545 Summer St. 10 31 68 | FOOTBALL — 84-10-0 30 TCTV! P.S: OVER DEVOS FRED GAZ MOOSE DEVO PZ HENNA Ricci Bill Dow Pech Douce Smead BUCKWHEAT! soco 1 KATY, La-Track Richie — SACARAC HAMPTON: Bill it ' s a nightmare - ALLDAY — Menots H.S. Hockey Games Stew you ' re going up — Ricci [ Gut-Back The POT you aint nothin Paula-Gumma Thanks MOM and DAD Timothy Desmond Linda Desousa Davies, Kristen 1 Kenilworth Rd. 1-23-68 HEY you guys we ' ve finally made it! GOOD Luck! T.M., D.D., G.M., B.M., D.R., E.V., D.G., remember the parties. Driving (Licenses), out-For- I Dinner, B-Cruise " sit down you ' re all — boom " . Fireworks, Maine, N.H., Carnivals, shopping, hanging-out, PRINCE, TOM PETTY, AEROSMITH, only the Best of Times, although Its only " CHANGES " , memories will last forever. Denison, Denis 237 Forest St. ll 15 58‘ My 76 Cordoba A Trip to Florida with the Familv Junior and Senior year at 1 GARRONS 60 hours a week During the summer of 85 Money in the bank | but where did it go Thanx Kristen 3 1 85 and thanx for all of the help Lori, Mark Ma, Dad yia — yia; and 1 can ' t forget to thank Duane and Julie. | Deraie. m WfAZ, Lavout " w;df,[ Ttakl Kathleen Daley Leah Daniel DiMasai Dances, M,Gv poppalic esiimo, TW,ia Pevta, I 16 Brian Deveaux Darrell Deveaux Devine, Joseph Martin 11 Venner Rd. 1 7 68 " MORTAL THY LIFE IS FORFEIT " Soccer, Ernie, STANLEY!, 666, Wreck- ball, " JV Triple Up " , Tabor Boy, AJAC LIVES, " I Turn on my UV " , Debate W FAZ, Cadre Rules, APRIL MLLER, Call me Jaques, Mr. President . . . , Layout " We ' re not like the others. We ' re your friends " " Will all 10 fit? " fun w DF, DD, MM, ML, DB GANG, Has Disappeared?, I ' M NUMB, U2, Thanks Family, BYE! DiMascio, Marianne 5 Warren St. 2 6 68 Dances, Hoi, V. Cheesin, Oh Yah! Wham! Bigbig on Bdwy, Drama thanx MrR, Gymnastics Betty Pickup, MIT RK, AM, MB, MS, JG, bagels, Ghandi, poppalicka, CH, HH, AS, SR, SM, thanx and luv 2 BB, MB, KD, JP, HF , eslamo, 1 cymbalist, Cuanto cuesta tu cuerpo? Straight Edge rules ZC, TW, J the B, RH I luv U, Ruby, crotch, Annie, Jenn, Su, Maura, Erin, Peytra, Carolyn, JP JD JM MG PW CK, Ma -I- Sis (beast) thanx love Janette Dingee Daniel Doherty Dominguez, Rosario Zar 9 Hazel Terr. 819167 RB, KA, KC, MG, AW, IK, JP, LG sopheng Ralo SJP The halls w KA Sunrise w JP sinanbus womaan NHO JC Fanhal K ' s party I like your tie Toys — twins, Trish Hawaiin mencal band trips Buboa — Booboo Lis the word what! Scoring crickets w MG FUJP gorge Emily! Take a pole Jack Harsq FH BB TR DL cucumbers tomy buds — good luck love you thanks mom, dad. Ester, Silvia, Carmen, Charlie, Wendy Donovan, Kim Cookette 6 Governor Rd. 8 28 68 Mike 9-3-84 remember you forever Monday morning talks, DD, KD Call Me! Soph. year — Feb-May, Boog, the boy Track meets Let ' s go for a ride honey! Jr. Semi -(- Prom Love ya Mom + Dad Summer of 85 ' York Beach, You got it bad Mike! SH in my thoughts. Hi JR, BB, BO, DD, BM, DS, KD. Great Memories Love you, yes you!! Rafael — you Mean ALOT!! GOOD LUCK! Deveaux, Brian Devo 254 Mystic St. 2 27 85 FOOTBALL " 84 10-0, HOCKEY 22, BASEBALL 2 NYC W FIN, FRED, MOOSE, TODD, JEN, BERGS, YE, ME RIVER, POND, AD ' S( DACG W BUBS, CHUBS, DOUCE, DOG AN, 110 BUMMIN " DEAL ' EM UP STEW " MOOSE — ADIDAS DAGS — PS — " FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME " BUBS — JARS SK — GROWL, JEN — " MMMMURF " FRED — " MY DOOTS ARE BIRTY " " ITS TIME TO RAMBLE ON " THANKS FIN, JG MA -t- DAD THANKS LUV YA DeVeaux, Darrell 12 Glen Ave 8 29 68 I Would Like To Thank The Following People: Jeff B., Greg B., John C., Steve C., Ray D., Chris L., Chris T., Paul W., PEPPER (Cedar Junction, Walpole Mass) What Am I Doing Here??? Bowling Buddies Kevin M., Scott G., Mark C., Sandy S., Kris E., Lisa B., Diane P., JEFF IS A SPAZ!! Purple Rain In My House Youth Games NYC Water Fight (L.B) sob sob! Martin Devine Marianne DiMascio Dingee, Janette FRED 71 Claremont Ave. 4 25 68 JD + NA 82 — OUTA HERE 86 Mowwidy Cindy Patty Chery Ria Naaron CH + CC CC + NW CCR Stones Segar The Bridge + L Cathy Cutie THE ISLAND THE SHELTER This is where me and high looked for Fred Labor D WKND 82 J Geils 82-83 Dons + Toms house Lex DELIRIOUS Asleep at GD Thanks Mooma and Dad Space the final frontier Brenda Debbie Muel Groves -t Wrecking Crew 4 of July BIG HUG DY INSANE! CROSS COUNTRY 86-87 Doherty, Daniel Dots 53 Kensington Park 9 27 68 MISSION! SPUD SPIKE LOU JIBBA UM CAPPY: Huh Hey! Campin 85, PPose, UR Lou: Yall Wanna Learn A New Dance? Then She Jumped Me: Mityu, Im There Dudes, Tsup, LCW, WHAT Babs, Dont Worry About It, Its Ali, Spoik Bah, Get Rich, Cape 85 AKU, AADT, Its Your Parents! YRU Bothering Me? So Your Parents K Going Away 4 The Weekend! JR. Semi Prom; Jen 3 1 85 THANKS Mom Dad Family Love Ya: SPIKE TILL THE END DUDE Rosario Dominguez Kimberly Donovan 17 Donna Dooling Eric Doucette Doughty, Edward Dou 69 Sunset Rd. 5 4768 Basketball, Baseball, Frosh Football, hoop at summer street, Mike, Pete, Joe, Dave, the nurse, Daga, U2 APRIL 16 at Worcester Centrum, THE PARTY MACHINE, Miss O ' s English class, Fred,Dez, White Horse Beach, skiing, the Pirates, soph hoop with Dr. Joe, Duka, Chemistry Labs, water fights, Quebec 1983, JV Hoop, Rec Ball, Hoop Camp 85, Bark at the moon, WS, SS, trixs. Death peper, thanks mom dad Downey, Edward Ted 29 Bates Road 6 3 67 FINALLY! No help from KK DS JM DC ES AC + of course DC + HH burnin ' down the house 7 8 83 snowballs weekly good-twe MHS good hmes w KC bimbo Ave the ' tic ' Hampton PD for a night free Keg o Bud thank you Garden parties BB ' s casino almost forgot DS JH EG Yukon evenin’ capt. 4th in NH one line? TP CCR could be IO City Thanks MA Dad love ya. Kathleen Doyle Patricia Doyle Driscoll, Arthur Artie 34 Venner Rd. 2 13 68 Best of times w AB, SB,Dez, RE, Okie, KP. Semis Proms: JP — DWOA thanx IK. Who ' s in the Crowbar Mpte; now?, D(a AC, SB ' s House, HS everyone, MRP, Okie ' s Bday 84, AB the Z?, the CRASH! Sean Where ' s the car. Confusion. Fb. Florida + 86?, Skiing. Opening Day 83-86: Bleacher Madness. U2. Zipper — Clownage. PS Summers OK: " icecream " . Beach patrol, the boat ' s gone, CB -t Pointers. Collegebound to AFC Driscoll, Maureen Moe 75 Richfield Rd. 12 8 67 Times w BB KC DF CH JH NL KM KP, MKHJ AJ PLL, The Boys, What ' s going on? Field, Summer Spot, 6 1 84 — Bag, JR Semi Prom w MP JH FM, KC Parties, SR Convention, Straits — Dale — B Room — 10 8 85, BJ MAC, Gettin Deep, Thanx Pat Jim, BPM — Skins OK, Vacations w TN RM BB (Puga), N.H. W SJ LA The Guys, Summer Of 83, HH Betty, Skiing, Tenney — $30 . . . Thanx Mom Dad All — Love ya. SJ Dooling, Donna Daffy 65 Westminster Ave. 11 20 68 Brian 5 8 85 1 Love You, Good Times with: BM DS RM PF KM KS BM JR BL BO BM PC CD Thanks For all the Good Times Love ya all FF! West Woods Summer of " 85 " Comfortably numb Why me watch out for moving pocket- book, Midnight Trips Remember parties at Bri ' s Heaven Party House! I Love you Mom anci Dad Thanks Everyone Squirrel. Doucette, Eric Douce 233 Forest St. 2 14 68 Class of 86 " 1 " FROSH. Paula Calautti, Alley, Cas, Ocf 23, 82 Frosty, Math, Bomb Mouse SOPH. PC, Prom, Beach SR. PC, 3yrs. Dumbo, BAB, Grow Out, Our Forum, Sat Nights, HS, 2 Racks, Gut Stew, Wally, Taz 24, B ' S, A. Coop. Pink Floyd Gaz, Moose, Fred, Bri, Pat, Daga, Flyny, SK, AB, Bill, Oak, Dez, Feak, Hen, KPSP, Lori, LE, MT, KM Special Thanx To MOM GRAMP PAULA 1 Luv You Guys Edward Doughty , i| _L .1 j Edward Downey Doyle, Kathleen K.D. 27 Cherokee Rd. 7 9168 HEY U GUYS! Jana, Meb, Heath: Q-Tip Rules Sanctua 4eva, Sabadonoche, Bloom County, Smilin Rigby, Alabarba, Hamp Canobie, To the Raft, Whammy, Contortin, Irkasheen, P Nois, Brig, WHNF! BBMD: ME JC KM NL SP JIT Majorettes Drama Jr. Prom Mrs Rem Rememba The Contenda Kool + Gang Cheesin " Me, Loud? " 11 1 84 MIKE I LUV U SO MUCH MOM -t DAD Thanks for the times youve given me. The memories are all in my heart Doyle, Patricia Patty 18 Peter Tufts Road 12 2 67 Goodbye forever A.H.S. 1 have had some great friends that made High School fun! Thanx alot SF JH HS O Yeah Ditto and Jim remember the trips to Cumberlands when you first came. You two nuts. And do not forget to go where the snakes are. Thank you three for being my friends. And also thanx SB for b eing my friend also. Good luck fo you all. And to SB ' sfurface! t Arthur Driscoll Maureen Driscoll 18 Dunlap, John 293 Gray St. 5 7 68 In a serious way — Chris, Pete, Annie, Mauz, Ruby, John, Ray, Sue, Judy, Scott, Babs, MD, A SC, BB Student Council, SAC, yrbk — Wstfield " Contender " VANNl, G S — Sylvester — Mr. S " Damn you people! " Drama, SADD w — Liz — Erin " how ' s the wedda honey? " Habitat, Sleepovers, CAMPING ' 86 " this is too much fun " FINN, Vin, Mrs. G. Thanks love — Mom, Dad, Nana, Pete, Jane, Gary — Good Luck Everyone! — God Bless John Dunning Elizabeth Egan Eagan, Sandra 118 Lowell St. 11 16 68 David, 1 love you. 7 28 84 " The Rain Song " Diana, rny best BUDdy! Marce, Kath, Trace, Ricky, Howie, Jay, Crab, Burkee, THIi POND Card games, Spleef! Coors Song Remains the same ZEPPELIN RULES PINK FLOYD ROLLING STONES, REWIND — NEW HAMPSHIRE Church sessions, bathroom b — ! Memories of Lady. Jakeo, Bunny C.E. Thanx Katie, Lisa, Ma, Dad, I love yas! LATER A.H.S.! Eisel, Mark Weeze 174 Washington St. 8 11 68 What it is RN JP SF BM MG BS CT Henna Dags Basketball Track Come on guy CCBC 1 Jake Bone woman and mounye yea ' s Ron Feb. Vaca — 84 — KD TWO MORE! HF JP BB MEB Two Ronis Katy The Question is moot KO JM LM TF KC Tm weak! Hey Nancy nice shoes Thanks everyone Love ya Mom + Dad Stven Ellis Laura Enochs John Dunlap Bruce Dunn Dunning, John Jay, Bake 35 Menotomy Rd. 6 6 68 Summers on the Cape, The Eatery, Famous Chem Labs, Summer St. Park, Final EXAM in Woodworking — Lemonhead, Tony, " Oh I Won ' t " . Class Assemble ' s — Zippa. The Den, After school — Mark, Cookie, Ed, Dough + Nurse. Hoop down the Park, So Long AHS! JV Football — 3 Thanks Mom Dad Egan, Elizabeth Liz 16 Sherborn St. 12 12 68 B. Friends JB PC LM fresh year down pond Menots — TAZ! (PC) Summer — Bud (LM) A Red CCKS (LB) Shut-up Lynn Oh WOW! Oakie ID WC MH! Im gonna die LM ' S house CHOKE! (PC) Ski Trip-85 L JV KAL PSG Good Bad Times at H.S. Field MOBILE Its cold; no car Wheres the BUS? 156 JPI Talks w JF Pat KC MD JH CH NL KM KP Walks home w JB 1 have to go!?! — shut-up Liz Love-ya Mom Dad Tom 86 ( ' Sandra Eagan Mark Eisel Ellis, Steve " DOC " " ELMAN " 4 Norcross Circle 2 27 68 Thorndike Spy Wild weekends Bud SAT. NITE SPECIAL My Pizza Was Delivered To Class GAMBLING SESSIONS Rowdy Assemblies 3 Lunches SPORTS PAGE Intenseness In The Eyes Insane Guns LED ZEP Grand Prix New York 85 FREE BIRD STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN TEENAGE WASTE- LAND 4 YRS. OF B.S. NICE LEGS ON THAT GIRL! I Learned More OFF A 3 Minute Record Than In Some Of My Classes It Was Your Pleasure CLASS OF 86 IS NOW DISMISSED! THANX MA Enochs, Laura Lau Squeaky 19 Elwern Rd. 1 2 68 PSYCHOS, PSYCHETTES: DB TH LE MM SS DF GT FP CS DC AS JB SW BB EC MC EN BC DG LD. Wal — Lex, cellar parties, concerts (esp. Aero- smith), Dance, sleepovers. Black Death, 2 Torinos, M Cougar, 1 luv Mike and the Psychos! M M ' s, hm Mikie!, Fwankie!, dreade dtoilet, puke mommy flu, I ' il red ' vette, ironing board, P. Power, Sqeal D.O.M., me DB: t wins!, Im BGSCHGU, The Arm, paranoia, M d, dept, help me, P ' ggy- 19 Victor Festa Gerald Finn Fagan, Donna 32 Lombard Terrace 4 17 68 P mJL 9 8 83 ILY! It was a long walk, but we made it ET NC TG KC ES KM DF MT " RES " ET, YOU CAN ' T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT SOCIABLES at TG ' S Studly + Mrs. G NC, Sorry about the log SAWDUST BRAINS! Incomito w KC HAMPTON " Whats Love Got to do with It " Its so sad MOUNTAINS Mr. Hall + Mrs. Lyons Thanx Special Memories of CK RW LO THANX MOM DAD Fantasia, Carl Fanny 122 Spy Pond Parkway 10 26 68 It ' s a sad time when the years march on. E ecially the years in high school. They are now all washed down the drain. " To keep from going into a state of depression, I would just think about the good times I had. Thanks for the good times ML, BB, BJG, SE, RS, MR, Never Forget the times down the field and down Revere. " REMEMBER THE NIGFiT RIDER " MAD MAX, COUGAR XR7 Diana Fay Dawn Felicani Finn, Gerald P. Jay 123 Spy Pond Lane 9 11 68 FINALLY OUT! THE POND — WALL — BLEACFlER FIRES BUD — HEF — ALLNIGHTERS — SONG REMAINS THE SAME — PINK ELOYD THE WALL — ROLL A BEAMA — THE RAT — KEGA — WILSHIRE — WRECKED — PASS OUT — NH CAMPGROUND — SPLEEF — NOBODYS FAULT BUT MINE — RUN LIKE HELL — RETCH — FIRM, AS, PLANT CONCERTS — 1 1 8 PARTIES — R W — DL — SE — DF — MH — DB — SC — JC — KM — KE — DC — TD — AO — RV — GC — SM — WALL GANG — LED ZEP LIVES IN OUR SOULS EOREVER Mic hael Ercolini Janet Ernst Ercolina, Michael 1017 Mass. Ave 8 20 68 9 24 85 SORRY Mai. " Had a Great Time but I want to get out " Back of AHS Sat Night Lets Party 10 1 1 85 Charlies HOUSE Furedog Mr. Lane SOCCER 83-85 Gatakid, Roperkid Poconos 85 Beat Pitt. College Bound A.F.C. Thanks Mom -f Dad Ernst, Janet 57 Colonial Dr. 4 28 68 NH Summers — Cut n Jump, Kim, Fri. nites GC, D.C group AG tapes, GC trips. FALL ' 85 ' trip — Gloria (rats!) K.C. Retreat 85, tube. Dig jump. Kim, member G.T ' s and GC, DC; Softball 83, 84, 85; 86? S.S. Softball 83, 84, Thanks Mom and Dad, Steve -i- Susan. — John 3:16 Donna Fagan Carl Fantasia Fay, Diana " Dee " 81 Fairmont Street 11 23 68 ITS OVER! Best Times w SE KE BC MT TT MM JE SB »NUMBY RW DLMH SC DF KM — Eagle Eyes — UR All the BEST! SE wanna ESCAPE? ZEPPELIN 10 BELOW SOCO — PARTIES at the POND! DONUTS w RW DF; which way did he go? SE KE Lets do the POND! 151 w RW — It bums! Lets Party On The I and! " T " time! ALL NIGHTERS w SEKE PB KM etc . . . PARTIES at 118! IS THAT VINE? Thanx Ma Dad T D LUV U Felicani, Dawn 144 Madison Ave. 11 20 68 Always remember good times with Brian, 8 19 Hampton Beach 85 ' didn ' t know about the stairs tele w Mt Fawn stargazing (bm jg) Stranded on the w BM KC Tom Petty 6 11 85 " Boo " Salisbury Beach friends always MT DF RM NC DF ET KA KM TT BM LOVE YA! won ' t forget about " STOW " decellpose donuts up the grass " WRTC " MBJ Thanks N G for the car See ya APIS! Thanks Ma Dad 20 Debra Fitzgerald Joseph Fiorenza ■ Fitzgerald, Janna Jama 1180 Mass Ave 8 11 67 I O H G U G “Jersey Girl " COOL- AIDS At the Rust N Y HW Stud 54 : CH-N-DIS A B — Julie KC, JD, SS, DP, DF, SS, The Guys. JAMAl 11 : Thats what they call us Deb IND — SUMMER 85 Kathy Spring Break 85 i Bahamas — PARTY MY MUSTANG JUST ONCE 4-7BP-KF — Best Friend? ! TUESDAY! I ! GT 4-23 Mom, Dad, K, J, M, C LOVE Y AS ALL TH ANX MOM Flaherty, Tim Foo 19 Amsden St 7 16 68 DUTCFl MIT SPAZ DELIA DEAN GAZ VON PETE PL OTTE GLADICE GREEKS RULE SEAGULLS O ' D BOSTON YEH POVERTY SAOKD JV FOOTBALL MENOTS WALDO THORNDIE AVE. CUEY MVH GLEAS HILLS POND BARCARDI SKIZ ED ZIPPA SAS CED ZEP THE WHO 5 11 85, JUGHEAD TO OBVIOUS HUH DUTCH LAVA USMC THANKS DD. MOM i MISS YOU REST IN PEACE “NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO " Julie Flynn Heather Flynn Flynn, Patricia Tricia 15 Harlow St. 12 6 68 What was I gonna say? THE TREEduras up Menots Its alright She cant hear!!! We need a . . . Seme and prom PL ' s 1st driving experience Summer ' 85 . . . Aerosmith concert Field Hockey? Sheraton fire on 22! JUST KIDDIN! I should of drove 9-28-85 TVD OF FRIENDS. PL, KC, LM. JM. KO. KC ' s yellow house, KD, SS, MG MY B. buddy Good times 4-eva! Mom and Dad . . . i Rynn, Ryan Flynny 37 Webster St. 6 23 68 ; TO, AB, SR SB DOUCE AN CO AK NO OCCIEER, NOT ON GROUND- HOGS DAY “OAKS BDAY Pond Bed lam AT bean acles new yr brawis j balin Burkey out at Crowbar Motel Hey Sean is that your cat all dayer tall ij ; nighters hampton " silly " gettin p. gish garden Party Errosh gym J I cosmenots no need oh well Bye now See ya Tanx Ma -t- Dad it ' s been fun Fiorenza, Joseph 21 Endicot Rd. 4 8 67 Finally! I just wasn ' t aware of IT THE WHITE MTS A SIP HoP AND A JUMP Blinded by THE Light ouT-DONE Soph B-BALL Brian Chris Matt and Tim ' s West Dennis SL JB The Scamp where are you? THE WaNDerS Decisions — Decisions The Great Outdoors Whiter Day Street What no W? Fitzgerald, Debra 155 Scituate St. 8 8 67 Cheering, Hampyb MW. H.B.G. a.m. Cheryl? Terry F FEVER: KC NL JH KP CH KM TM AO MD JF, BUD, What JR prom Sept 24 85 BAGEDS. C. Champagne Katy C Parties, S-l-S Jama III LB AFTEIR Sch spec. DDPCP, Pickle, N.H. Trips, FRIENDS 4-EVA, YBAR, gnt, MO Gramp, Freebird Late again Mr Hall Crazy FY GM WJ.C. Dadshome TM Fugh School Menots Farm, Big Chill MB, TG Football game, o-tay, I GRAD DAD! FLA Bound! Thanks Mom -f- Fad -I- Nana Love DEB Janna Fitzgerald Timothy Flaherty Flynn, Heather 343 Ridte St. 12 28 68 Hey U Guys — Jama Beth Kath MEB KM NL JH BM JH MD CH ME BELD hOCKEY gbl cHAMPS — kATY -H La TM WEAK! track nicola JM — 4:30 Jr S-t-P — Kpbbra SHLUMBA bbabjp UMASS WHNF WLY corbaya mebrakc — parties McD 85 im SABADO NOCHE typing w KM KOOLcup brig — the stands (raid) Hampton Canobie JD pblg barbc raFt! AAIGH! don ' t cry jpbb! q-hp rules opus — ackCl — ? Kev (83) i love you!!! Thanx Ma-fDad!! Flynn, Julie Jul 87 Valenhne Rd. 5 6 68 WOMAN! VIC — BF Is This The End? ConnecHons — WR — BL Tell Me Everything: PL SR KC DM DG CP TC DF — M B — MH — POLO — My Man DANNY 3 5 85 CFY Jr Sr Proms Limo Fr Mr H, SADD, YrBk, SWT ' 16 ' , MV ' 84 ' , WA ' 85 ' Cape 85 Billy Elton VIN Alniter PARTY! DANCIN ' , PIG! Glamourous Life, Scoop, D Celles, Bo! NYRS COLLEGE BOUND Thanx M D Life is a series of hello ' s and goodbyes — 1 guess its time for Goodbye! Patricia Flynn Ryan Flynn Susan Foote Cynthia Forde Foskett, Daniel 101 Brantwood Rd. 1 28 68 I Think Therefore I am but am I Therefore as I think I am? Disappears 666 everyone dies This time (JMD, ML, JZG, JH, EH, SL) " Would I Lie? " NEVRP, AMCER, Sneak previews, pizza in the closet, APRIL KILLER " Mr President, Mr President (BANG! BANG!) Hick, Chem, REAL Bad Puns, Coaching w Bs, Ref, APHist, 4TH ESTATE, Layouts, DONT SHOOT! THE GUN ' S NOT REAL, OFF, CERICODRE rules! Frederick, Thomas G. Fred 18 Magnolia St. 7 12 68 So long A.H.S. It ' s finally over, good luck R.R., C.L., T.M., D.O., M.P. AND THE REST OE THE CLASS OF 86 . . . CelHcs in ' 86! . . . Have a doughnut. Ron . . . 2 25 85 . . . 6 22 85 . . . Thanks Mom and Dad. Galarneau, Diane Di 15 Verxa Road 9 11 68 I LOVE YOU MARK and that ' s EOR EVER — Cape»85 JR Semi — Aku — you got ID Card; Mystics, Revere — Kelly ' s, Baby chunk, I wanna tell you )ust now much I LOVE YOU — R.P. Mickey D ' s, Town Day Eireworks-83 — , The Swamp, Bowladrome Summers of — 83 — , St. Camilus Dances Thanks: Debbie, Tracy, Gina, Kris, Brenda. TC, LB, LD, KM, JT, K, JF — HR — gossip — EV — KY ET OG, Thanks Mom Dad, Bye Everyone I ' ll miss you Gallagher, John Wuss 33 Melrose St 1 10 68 IB BC JM NM MH AH LM AM KT MG OH my GOD JBs Hearts cot on a rib. Jeff — DP not 1 but 2 Walden Pond cherades rules of mv car Quebec 83 84 85 MS sweet DREAMS MEB MD Don ' t make fun of Puddles Jr. SMI CT prom Mr DRAMA CH JA " Bubububa " Go west little Boy Woobies lut grub wuss summer of 84 NY. BC GS Mike Lets get Chinese food WAHR Revere Beach Mom Dad SG PG PG Goodbye AHS Hello World! Foote, Susan Sue 239 Washington St. 3 12 68 Good-Bye forever AHS. Remember: 3 yrs with Miss H. 2 with Mr. H. and MC. , Try to forget JR. yr. , CYP — MRS. Smile . . . PARTY-HARDY! I Liye for the weekends. — Garfield. Bye — KC JB and MH Go For It! THANKS MOM and Dad Forde, Cynthia Cindy 142 Warren St. 9 8 68 JOHN 1 Love ya! mm traci katie rm dk mb tp pg tm kn the jex BUDS FOREVA 9 28 84 STEVIE NICKS JR. SEMI GOOD LUCK ZELDA ZEPPELIN " ALL OF MY LOVE " MAGNUMS STONES — ANGIE DREAM ON SENSE WHAT ' S UP MULLEY CHICK? VIRGINIA " 85 " NO QUARTER " JUNIOR " JEH THANX MOM AND BRYAN LATER AHS I ' M OUT OF HERE. YA GOTTA LIKE IT! Daniel Foskett Thomas Frederick French, Denise 11 Day St. 4 9 68 12 Down 0 To Go! Summers in Ips w BW JC CH GW Arl w Tracy Tina SS LN AP CLOWN CAR Waye Jumping Water Skiing But Why? Bryana Adams ' 85 BC " Is Doug here? " " Where are we? " PANCAKE! Got to luy it! OOH NOO! Chill! Jr Prom DO IK HW DBH? Sr Semi SC WAJ! Take a chill pill! Such a babe! Are we haying fun yet? I ' m bored! Thanks PS DK RK WB JKS MOM DAD I LUV YOU! Furey, Sean Furious 204 Renfrew St 8 8 68 Furious " Jones " , Cape Bound, The Boat, WEEKENDS, Bleachers, Shotguns, AHS HOCKEY 48-0-6, Jr Prom Semi, Mobile Home, BC EAGLES, PROM NIGHT WITH MIKE, Bourne Marina, Go-karts — cleggs. Shotgun Races with George, JV — Banquet, Prestone Casuals, Quiet Time, Quarters. Snbs — JP, MG, CT, BS, BV, BM, JH, MOQSE, FRED, Deyo, an Gazz. Diane — 10-4-85. THANKS MOM JACK!!! Diane Galarneau John Gallagher 22 Terry Gamp Leon Garza Garda, Ramone P. Ram. I didnT do MNY THI BT IF MNY GRLS AN GODPOPLEN, I DnT SPAK ENGSH VYWLL, BTLO MMCHUCVRY GOD, “A PESAR DE TODO” EST YEAR LO PSE VYGOD Y GRLDAES BURDA DDPNGA TODO SLODEDIC " A MIS PANAS " COM DECA ' TDEBASTTE HQSTCEHV " 10 11 85 YEAR OFU.S.BANDU.S.A. QWAELTROPC RAM. ARL MASS Gazza, Richie Riggo 147 Mary St. 1 5 68 Hee, Hee, Hee never been caught by the APD like MP SM RF SB BM SR KP SP In the stands with my Buddies SAC-RAG with DAGA caurosing with MOOSE Pizza with FRED-t JRS All Dayer at menots kegga at PEANUTS GUT IFLIP JOCK-STRAP melon Meatwagon ]V Football bus ride the Rams Im the balls The wall Frosh year spray paint The pond Come on just one nore sip GREG Thanks MOM -I- DAD Michael Gearin Jeanne Gilgun t Gilgun, Michael Mike 40 Foxmeadow Lane 6 68 MEAMO! Grab your balcor. Rod Rapper, Dietary, Daley Give me a license! [ I need liquid, SM, JD, DP, SM, BM, ]M, AL?! VALIANT, FIRE BIRD, GTO! BUD. E. Phuque, 2KF, PR, Di — I won ' t forget, ACDC, ZEP Parallel, TRACKS, I-BARS 4-Wheelin, BOSTON, CAN I HAVE A LOUG AR TOO??! TOPS FIELD AGAIN, Wait a minute, wait a minute I ' ll Be Right Over — Zig |] Giunta, Marie Giunts 222 Gray St. 9 15 68 Pals: RB, AW, ]P, IK, RD; VB: VZ, Capt, MVP, All Star; BBVZ: SBV; DCC — JB, Prayer, Snag sages: Basic — GQ Man, Pat, Hutch, Ann Help " Not Now Marie, Yes Rich " " ALRIGHT " " WOMAN " " GET SERIOUS " Faneil: Crickets, Can ' s, Pole AW: A Woober, Crustatation, JP — Grow Up; RB — I NH, Paragon, Kelsa ' s, Purple, Boot Man: Parties K ' s 5am, J ' s, R ' s; Polka; NR, AW Put Up Your Arm " Giunturio, Dete, Oh Sheila, SB: Nip HSQ: Scoop! Good Times 82-86 Garza, Leon 46 Hilton St. 4 5 68 TESSA I Love you very much have fun Honey. Clayton Gatto the Two coolest cats in town. Everyone have a cool summer Party Hardy. On the job day or night I ' m your boy LEROY. Its Been Real. Ramone Garcia Richard Gazza Gearin, Michael Mike 23 Eastern Ave 5 2 68 The Compound; FEEDBACK BACKSTAGE; BRO, TN, KANE, KAT: Sophomore Dances Elks, ST Camillas; cant remember: SS, GHIN, KAT, HACK, JOSH, JP: June 22 84 ' , STEULALIUS " COMICAL RELIEF " TN bashes; " THE GROUP " rise -I- fall. Winch Golf Course: Assassin: school? Jazz Band; Busted Quebec Trip in 85 ' AOE, cant describe; Times Are Changing; GA Summer 85 ' Eric Blood Axe + The Unrehearsed: Freebird, More To Come . . . Gilgun, Jeanne " Steph " 70 Cutter Hill Rd. 4 6 68 GOOD FRIENDS MP Karen AIME E DEB Marty THE NOVA SUMMER ST. CTO Park Me DS Maine FLorida Do you have the Keys? OCT 17 JOHN SC fun times Sat. nites PROM AHS Minuteman f.a.m. Heights Revere Winchester June 27? Symmes Lot Lincoln Drive much? ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? AMI driving? Just a little humor! Who ' d of thought! Search is over. LUV YA MOM AND DAD THANX Michael Gilgun Marie Giunta Matthew Golding Michael Goulian Gray, Patricia Patty 110 Gardner St. 1 22 68 Denny 7 1 83 WONTT stop lovin you! “ Want You Still " 224 — NH — mine spotlight redants, only kidding — fireworks " YOU ARE " Is your mother home? shh spoiled rotten I ' ve got responsibility? We made it! KD DK MB CF TA TP RW CZ Zots What a trip! FLA summers R B CB Jr Sr proms — RM So Long AHS! Schnappy gang Honey Bee Thanks Mom, Dad, Denny, Lorrie Suzanne I Love you ALL! Green, Bernard ]. B.J. 2 Michael St. 10 23 68 Great Friends — Great Times. SE, MR, RS, MD, BH, CF, ML, BB, EL, DM, FLAZ, Freebird, TP HBs 85 ' Where ' s Demps ' party? Every Night — New Years Eve! The Field Swamp, ML ' s — Browning Savage, Revere Beach Nights, JO ' H, 70 ' Chevelle, 74 ' N-Yorker, St. Anns Your mamas are not here to take care of you! You know It Baby! American Girl. Thanks Mom Dad. John Grieco Chris Grillis Guarente, William Joseph Bean 110 Sunnyside Ave 3 11 67 Finally Out of Here never thought Id make it wild bmes with CW Aero- smith 2 3 84 Ozzy Led Zep VAN HALEN 1 Me and mv good friends and BW skipin classes Gooci Bye Jane, Lenny, Dennis fhanks Step 83-86 Friends JL DD RW JR JH RF " TS Guidice, James " Guido " 115 Winchester Rd. 5 27 68 TRUMPET - Marching -i- Concert Band, Orchestra Band Trips: Montreal, Wash. D.C., Quebec G + S Shows: Annie Get Your Gun, Carnival, Good News Our Town Jazz Band: Hyannis, Town Day Summer Camp, 306, OA Trumpet Gods: Kornblatt, Kerry + Tony Kornblattians, Jay, Ken, Christ- mas Brass, Nabonal Hon. Soc. Thanks Mom + Dad. Good Luck Class of 86! Goulian, Mike Gook 107 Ronald Rd 9 4 68 A.H.S — Hockey A.H.S — Golf junior Prom night with Sean F. Mobile home The Cape with Furedog Prestone. " Bourne Marina " Bleachers with SF. JP. CT. BS. BV. KP. Shotguns UPside down football games in 20 zulu. Flynnie Mal -l-TA. Susan w. 11 12 85. And of course mom and dad. Patricia Gray Bernard Green Grieco, John 61 Wilbur Ave. 6128168 1981 FROSHMAN to 1986 SENIOR; WOW! THANK GOD Team Xerox Forever! Grillman I WILL NOT BE DENIED! ARL. H.S. Soccer Track Frosh. Hockey B.K. JOH THE GLOBE Drivers Ed. S.A.T. License School Lunch The Computer room Ski Trip J.S. High Five Cape Cod Summer of 85 Harvard Tardy Runs CHUD HM. RM. 231 HM WK Nights slrig DEVOL Neyer Surrenaer THANX MOM AND DAD Grillis, Chris Grill 20 Chandler Street 12 9 68 GREAT TIMES AT THE ZOO NEVER FORGET SOCO. DIO ZOO CREW JS, SL, PJ, HAD FUN IN CHEM. LAB GROUP EM, GS, JD. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING CY CY LIVES ON . . . PASCAL WAS FUN NEVER FORGET JG (TEAM XEROX), THANKS MOM AND DAD. William Guarente 24 James Guidice Amit Gupta Matthew Hanley i Harmon, Heidi Di 176 Pleasant St. 2 1 68 1 BRIGS 1st pd. DETENTION AGAIN. DRAG — I ' m ALMOST there Bobby! f THANX MAMA, DAD, RED, Bob, Liz, Kat, JACK, REDGE, CARRIE, Aim li and ALL my other friends. You ' re THE BEST! MICHELENE? CHRIS- ' TOPHER? I can ' t wait! " Oh But it ' s ' HARD to LIVE By the RULES, I NEVER ; COULD AND STILL NEVER DO " NEW YEARS DAY HORROR SHOW. ‘i HA! I LOVE YOU Bobby, SOMEDAY WE ' LL own THE WORLD! fi Harrington, Denise Dee 9 Raleigh St. 2 24 68 GF — Mt IK KC EG KS — Mrs — Rick — Fri Nite Spec — Triv Pur Box? Next ] — get — R — Irene — RUGGED — MAN — ne waved! OK — Stop- I Laughing — Katy I LIED! Chicago-85 — P J — Beth a full moon? ACHOO! i| everyone at MM 241 — Mareie — must happen at 19 — like B — SINURRS! — Kim, I-Can ' t-Deal-with-this (the-witch) — Leam-to-live — don ' t worry I about that — RM — NM (b, D = H) — Miss You Lisa — Thanx — I Mom + Dad, Sheil, Trish, Theresa -I- Gram — Love-ya — Denise Joseph Harrington Regina Harrison j Hart, Barry 27 Milton St 8 14 67 I THE SWAM good times with J.V. M.D. P.S. M.B. S.C. Ben Killer Millers I Free Bird Turn The Past Feldsmen + cola BUDS Basket balls A team net a clue QUIGS YOU GUYS ! fOOTBALL rUTTO SETS US KILLED GOOD I LUCK SUL AND a. I mEGULS 5 31 85 BUCKETS WITH THE BOYS i ! DIDNOT PASS OUT AIRHEADS mR. G I care D. D. D. D. D. old Ironsides j Vt. with d.o. ph. thanks ma dad I Hart, Darrin Dutch 27 MUton St. 11 30 68 I D, T, E Gladys Beatles Zepplin Who ABGC Sanford Camera Celt ' s i Greeks Rule! Hills Pond PR too obvious Homfrogs Zipperhead Steak fries SS may I help you? Summer camp egg fights Magnolia Park three stooges Blues Brothers NH Hi ya Bub IWSP BG Keppler MRP MEX Seagulls SF Sickness Poverty SFDD CHGMB Thanx Ma and Dad Gupta, Amit Gupic Legend 7-9 Court St. Place 6 3 68 Tennis at spy, 19fe GBL CHAMPS! Chem. LABS with Mr. CODY . . . Thanx for every thng! Always will memba APRIL 23, 1980. GOOD TIMES at A H with RT, DS — NO SAH! . . . SWEETHEARTH? Willie, Cal, Mai . . . BETS S Roge BABY ... GO NUTS! SHUT-UP! " BANDARS " + FOOD. Slept through HS! Now comes REAL CHALLENGE! Baba — Dadi — MISS YOU A LOT! LOVE Ya Dad, Mom, Sanjay Samgeeta. Good. Luck! Hanley, Mathew 51 Ridge St. 4 14 68 FootBall, Track, WCC, MBC, Boat rides late night, freebies, Joes Room, DUB, Buddies; DH, MC, AC, JD TL, Ad. GB JT; VFW My Bracelets, Chiw Hey ahhh Desmond! Soilly Weightroom Caught DT DD PL — Dad — running from GC, Cemetary Golf course. Cart TA, Crashes, trips to 9C — Pow, Stunts of MH -t- MC DH ' s Dad VFW My HOUSE Assemblies Thank you Mom and Dad Heidi Harmon Denise Harrington Harrington, Joseph Joe 99a Mass. Ave 5 18 68 Dazed and confused I ' m outta here smokin ' In the boys room skipping Behind The Church Let ' s go sesce Rock + Roll The Bleachers and the Bridge Bud-Chez you dr ... ! The Point Kega wanna go on a Trip Sunday NH Bound Good Times Bad Times Live Aid Weekend ' 85 ' allnighters Tommies Magnums TK JF DS MR Highbird The Maffa Twins Thanks Dad Don ' t Worry About It Harrison, Regina Z 44 Williams St. 9 20 68 CC BC MUCH U2 AL AND HUNDREDS LIT. THOUSANDS MORE YOU LOOK SO ABSURD BUT THEN EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN. WHO KILLED MR. MOONLIGHT? NOT I. SOMEONE SHOT NOSTALGIA IN THE BACK. WHAT CHANNEL ARE WE ON, HAIRSPRAY IN M2. KO WHERE ' D YOU GO? NY 1343 JJH, MEET MATT. DO YOU FEEL DARK? BATCAVE, DANIEL! TIME TO CRUSH THIS FEELING AS SOON AS IT RAINS OOH THE RAIN . . . THE RAIN Barry Hart Darrin Hart 25 Heenan, Cheryl Ann Cheryl 9 Hathaway Circle 12 27 68 FF KC MD DF JH NL KM KP The Boys Pat Corny Luv ya! JB PC LE LM BB KD HF MB JP SPAIN w KC, Fla Bound! Hampton — leme sleep — culass — Deb nothin hapened! H.S. menots s — spot, farm attaCKbib — raid — split — busted whad r we doin tonite? weakness, butch semi? B-hunts, M- wagon. Cheering FF, Macs WHAT? SC champagne CDW 83 parties at K ' s SHOUT Deep talks hoop little man Alice Whers k HYBHRv . . . LUV YA MOM, DAD, DAN Mark Haskell Stelios Hatzikiriakidis Jane Heffernan Adrian Heilman Henebury, James Henna 9 Eastern Aye. 1 23 68 FOOTBALL 84, 10-0, 61, BASKETBALL — Quigs Robots BOE: BMFm RAKP SP JL Dags Fred GAZ P MED, Moose Draft W Cl! The Girls. Partys Menots Parm Stands KEYS HOOP? Ricks Cellar Keg All Day with the BUDies CUBAN! My Bushes! KH Windshield? Holy Cross. Bllall Camp CAB 2. Orties 84 85 THANX. Oh Pooh! July 4 Bri ghams TO THE PI WAGON JB Misled MERENY at Mooses You Driying? Bye AHS Loye ya Ma-i-Dad, Jack, Chris, Good Luck J Henrikson, Kristin 36 Sutherland Rd. 2 14 68 BB ' S Smacky -t- C with KM CT ES LH KR LD HY LM TS Tace Peewee " the Pole " Goocf Harbor Jr Prom " Smacky where ' s the cups? " thanx JT iwr, " 232 " Am 1 Late? B-dragon STUDLY! Mr NHS Hogie Slogie Chuck U Stud The Slime Mickey D ' s NW Car? Smoff loop 25 sin B Comfortably numb Good Times Bad Times Chink red light outa here DE bye Mr S Flay aye! Smack attack CTw ft ro sd Gotta Dance Any Parties? Luy ya Mom + Dad Haskell, Mark Hack 41 Brantwood RD 10 14 67 Varsity Tennis — GBL Champs! The WINDOW, Pump it up at Tandoor, Now That ' s A Fire! Ghin, Kat, TN, JM, JJ, KD, SS, JP, PW, MG, The Campers, AC, JR, JT, MB — Good Luck! Let it bum deep! After the Match — " Jim " — Always Remember, Don ' t Tank t Stay Loose! Drakes 1 stand and Groye ST — SUMMERS — The Originals on Chick Alert! Let The Good Times Role! Giye Me A YUK! — 1 LOVE YOU MOM, DAD -i- PETE — ON AND UP! Kathy Hatzis Cheryl Heenan Heffernan, Jane 8 Hawthorne Aye. 8 22 68 Pred 1 2 84 PF: KC MD DF CH NL KM KP BH JK LL MP fthe boys So Nancy Majorettes KC KD KM thanks Katy ' s Bashes Bag 6 1 84 Hampton BC DK KV Sencor Con. champ. AHS Menots Farm attack Semi + Prom MM DF MMP Thanx Pat -(- Jim DFB B Pickle Shoes -I- pb KC? SB Wheres Katy? hyv Hows — Dale by room 10 8 85 Chi MNLFM MD broom " Shout " P dress Farm 2: 15 Summer spot B hunt Whats going on? Thanx Mom Dad Loye ya Heilman, Adrian Daye 31 Longfellow Rd. 4 4 68 CANSAS SITY . . . CHUTIA . . . YOU DUMB CONSERVATIVE . . . CHEMISTRY WITH MM WHY ALWAYS CHINESE FOOD? . . . HEY DD IN NH . . . HOW ABOUT THOSE SOX . . . BAZASA KABAR . . . WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BIKE KC? . . . NO PUN AT TANDOOR James Henebury Kristin Hendrikson 26 Hill, Alison 17 Bowdoin Street 2 15 68 HEY THERE! YA ' LL Had some wicked good times!? Harvard, The Center, Boston (and the Lime-green booths) BURMA JB and the Boston bathroom incident, little bird is (Cass), the prom, sittin in the Cafe A good friends AL LM CH MH MS JA NM JB JG (fy) EB BC you guys are great Thanx for everu thing Mom Love ya Two count em two you can always tell! BURMA Hogan, Carol- Ann Carol 56 Lancaster Rd. 8 23 68 Master of the Games; Bren, Kym, Nick, Trish — Dp, 2d, MH, Mr. Yood; 89, 90, 91 . . . Pontiac there is no subshtute; 0-tay — Do-tay; JIMMY-SHME; JIMMY — LOBE; Out-of-Control, Chaos Summer 85 C-town, yacht, Milla ' s; wanna go for a walk Wilson ' s Pegasus — MOBIL!, Missing you R-port " Why? " GREEN! 20 20 15 will get u 20 Cliffy England Fin + Louise thanx! will we eva grow up Mom -I- Dad ILU! Patricia Hogan Paul Holtslag Horgan, Beth 147 Overlook Rd 2 23 68 TRACK — Sandy, Laura, Andrea, Evelyn, Cheryl, Denise, KC, JE. SS — Geometry Class? DF — Track jackets? Four homeroom teachers. The Bosto- nian 6 21 85. Band trips KM Thanks! Hockey games. ASU? Thanks mom. Dad, Brett, Drew ana Ally. Love you All 86. Houser, Cynthia 159 Washington St. 10 1 67 PARTY! This Buds 4 you AHS? ZEBA Smile power my bodies Laughing CAPE 84-85 Mead st Belle My yellow Submarine IVY Circle Best Times with Ria Cheryl Fred Kerry Bill sprout Labor dav WKND — 82! WORLD HERE 1 COME!! Night moves And when the darkness flies away only Love will shine to say its true its only because of you. Mum Dad Paula MB. Sail on 501 HAS }a7fies Hutchinso7i Houser, Lisa Lee Houser 36 Eliot Rd. 3 11 68 We ' re outta here! Cel, Kel, Ker, Heath, Elk, Jeannine, LD, KH. Chinese RLPL Elke, Elke, Elke! Exit 14. Can 1 have some sips? $3.00 you tell me. Elke slow down! Softball?? Wingersheak. Frat house. Can 1 use your b.r? Boston, Roxbury etc . . . 12:30 McChit. Left or right? Thanks Mom Dad, Big Ed, Paul and Sam. 1 LUV YA! Hutchinson, Jim Hutch 28 Thesda St. PARTY WITH RON -t ED -t KATIE ' SCELLAR Where ' s the door!! 11 12 85 LAY THAT PIPE BABY — THIS COULD TURN UGLY!! CAPTAIN WE NEED MORE POWER!! Blam! — KATE CONGRADULATIONS — KRISTEN NICE . . . ! — SIGNS — POPPED THE HOOD? HOW YOU GO — MAROON SQUAD SCANDEL — AHS NEEDS MISS O Alison Hill Carol Hogan Hogan, Patricia A. Patty 32 Arnold St. 11 22 68 Mr O, mmm bodies, NSD, CH, BH, KSC, Ed, JH, Braggin Dragon, Mr NHS, Studly, Dan, I DONT DEAL, My mom thinks I ' m at the movies. Stripping on the mall, Decelle, Maine, Sue you Havard women you, JN AG OH, Carol 89, 90, 91, Preschool, Good luck Peter, Who ' s ya budy Sue, The E oor dead fish. Pistachios, Cliffy, Truing, faces, c-town, 1 Love ya Ma and •ad. See ya Later AHS, thanx Mrs Fisher Holtslag, Paul SLAG HO-Z-B 16 Belknap St 12 21 68 F JV HOCKEY ' 48-0-6. DANO " Watch out for the POLE " POP-TARTS and TEA " TOO HOT " " MOMS BOY " , TONY " TELL me bout the GAS STA- TION, NICE HAT ZACH " Im not married to you, 1 dunno, cant gotta JAM, REGENT FALLS. DAN — BARRY — VERMONT 85, BUIV, NOTFP, 46, 3 upl down. Prom night — TRAX, TUX. HR 232 BRAGGIN-DRAGGON, KRISTEN — S ... — SYMBOLS, JIM — STUD. MARY B. 9 3 85. Jr Chem CLASS. THANX MOM AND DAD. Elizabeth Horgan Cynthia Houser Lisa Houser Daniel Inzana Robert Jackson Jammal, Patricia Patty 1049 Mass Ave. 2 27 68 Annie: IT ' S A DEAL! Deb — I shouldn ' t! Let ' s go behind ur bridge? Grove — W. H.B. Jeanne, T.F., I.G., J.J. Revere — Where ' s the car? C.S. K.G. Dress you up. Lake George, Crystal LakeS.B.: D.K., L.J., D.F. Q of C? HA! TeeHee E.V., G.C., J.R., J.H., D.D., D A. I ' ll miss you all. changes good times more to come. CAPE JM M.M 1 Love you Ma, Dad, Patrick and Pascale. On my way . . . Jordan, Veronica Ronnie 14 Dudley St. 3 30 68 I ' ll always remember Maine, scorching. Cheese, dead-woman ' s curve, chunk — Pillow, Psycho, Pickle ' s floor, tune, Speen, Brownstreak, Joy Nadeau, Julie J., grand — , and last, but not least, Arlington for making me feel so welcome in my senior year. ¥ Andrew Junas Micheal Kaneski Katsos, George The Kat, Geo 6 Wachusett Ave 2J6lb8 HYANANIS SUEBY QUEBEC GHINI THE COMPOUND WILL BE DESTROYED DALLIN PAUL IS DEAD LENNON LIVES MIRROR 1 SOYZAC TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS JENSY WENSY JAKE FROM DAGAS PARAKAT TODAY IS THE DAY THE NUDE LOUNGE ANNIE DETE VANNI HACK HAS NO? JEF TENNIS CHAMPS ONCE AGAIN CHOOSE LIFE PHIL JOSH KEV — BAND " PD " SEMIS AND PROMS FORT DIX JACKSON OH NO! THANX MOM AND DAD THAIA JOHN STEVE WP? Kavanaugh, Brendan Phil 26 Newton Rd. 8 14 68 PHIL ' S FAT FARM IS ALWAYS OPEN Anarchy 99 thanks Ma for 4 years of support CAR WARS; — FIRE ACES; WE DO. The Irrmossible, The Im- probile Takes, a little longer; MMM, CV, BT, MS, CW, FT,, AKA The New England Privaters; see you all in another hme and Relative Dimention In Space; Ho year Let ' s Party!! Wine, Women, and song; The only way to graduate; Go out with a bang Inzana, Dan Teddy 39 Summit St. 5 17 68 HOWS YOUR PIENS HAT SHOW SYNDROME Buck Mike Jim Zee Buddies Hames Patrick PAGE. I OWEN ZEPPELIN HOWS YOUR YING YANG KUM CAROL CHUCK ANDREAD DONNA KING SO MF LM LP FUN BAGS GREASE MAN JUAN O HUE AG JOE MAING. VAN HAGAR RATT BON JOVIED DIEGO OP ID GE WOODS SYS VN FT BL NA MK YM NICE BUTT UC UL AR ARE A RAVAGES HAT BURD THANKS TEACH BUT IM GONNA PUKE CY. THANKS DAD, PETE, BUDDY IS IN LIMBO, DINO JIMMY SHME CATWICE Jackson, Bob Jack 27 Kenilworht Rd. 1 25 68 Drawing, Karate, Juggling, " Bosom Buddies " , Bruce Lee. Unbelievable ladies and gentleman. Could you find me more information on that? Mistakes = everyone. AHS, I wish 1 could say its been fun, but it HASN ' T! Patricia Jammal Skr. Veronica Jordan Junas, Andrew UM 11 Indian Hill Rd. 1 5 68 MISSION — Um Spike Spud Lou Jibba Fonse Jordanits Over Bubbles? Ski? Uneese? I ' m Not Lou Start it up Sickness U call Rich? Ubzn kid? UM MB! WYMSM? JDWTF? I ' m There Dudes! Smooth " V " TSUP: Feel That Heat! Spoik Bah! Yupe Yabos Gotta Live It Poets YABOS I ' ll Squash You " FLICS " I luv U! Glade GLUE! BXBX Big Big Big You ' re Huge! California Here I Come Cape " 85 " SCWC Bullet DD Thanks Mom Dad DON ' T WORRY ABOUT IT Kaneski, Mike Kane 148 Winchester Rd. 2 12 67 So long AHS, These four years weren ' t that bad, I can say I had a lot more fun out of school right guys. You know who you are. Things are going to be wild in NH. this year, its party time alright. We ' re going to live it up while we still can, I ' m sure Jimoo Jeff Dan and Phuceen Jaun will all agree. George Katsos Brendan Kavanaugh 28 Kevin Kearn Barbara Keefe II iji Keefe, Tommy CHEEZ 1 Park Street Place 2 22 68 1 Good Times Bad Times Deirdra Thanks for everything Love Ya July 4 1984 I Summer 84 Blue Bridge The Center The Point Soph English JIBBA ;■ ZEPPELIN AC DC Fri 13th 1985 JH, KO, TR, HO, CA, MK, EM, MC, JR, ) HOW ARE YA JR Thanks Mom Dad for everything LOVE YA Keelan, John JK, Jake 15 Greeley Circle 6 10 68 We ' ve got . . . , TS ' up, WhooPIe Scott — RAY John MARY MEGHAN 2SUE BABS APES — OUTRAGOUS! CRUISIN-84 — CAMARO — 68 — ' CNV — Basement TURN IT UP CAPE Damiane — 8 18 B each You ' re so ■ helpless now! BPD MVP? JR SR Semis, Proms! Whaat! Thats not it! Habitat — survived! The Things she can do with her . . . ! SPORTS. Is That Polo? 1 GO 4 IT! BCN WORKS — Thanx everyone Good Luck! esp Mom + Dad I ( Love you 1 Karen Kelchner Deborah Kelley I ' Kenna, John 60 Hathaway Circle 9 17 68 ' 84 Trip to Germany, Just 1 more before I leave. That was a rimmer! Do I make a rule? How do you say pretzel in German? Long Live Sookies Jailbirds. SO. CO. and Poets. Wnat ' s that in my back seat? Chris? Hey now. How about them Pats? Thank You Mom and Dad. j Kennedy, Christopher Chris 21 Highland Ave. 5 12 68 I Soccer, track. I confess — 1 cheesed the Reverend. Crinkly Co. Chem I: Corner. No hablo espanol. Proof of human imagination — Juanita, Gspacio, the Bol, HJ. Scary. Radical. Phenomena. Labs !$@. No pictures please! JD, PW, AMM, SP, MS, Babs — You all rule supreme. Just call, and Chow Lee will bring around a car. Thanks Mom Dad. It ' s been real. Kearn, Kevin Kearnzi 79 Richfield Rd. 5 23 68 DEC 16 = R.P.I. OCT 13 ' 85 = We got PAPA-JO! Demoulas, Mayhew, EMS. trak -I- C.C. -I- CCD! The German Xchange. Outing Club + Survival. Paul + Charlie, you affected my life the most. Thanx, you too Mr. Civ. Joe, you ' ve been my best Lab-Partner since grade 5, -t a helpful friend 2. Don ' t forget Traveller + " The Group " , -t- Adam too. Thank you M. -I-D., teachers + friends. I ' ll miss everyone . . . Keefe, Barbara Barbs 1 Park Street Place 2 22 68 June 30, 1984 I Love you Tony! We are outta here Cheese! " The Club " Goodbye Katie Patrice HO,EU, ML, EK, PD, Dee, Good luck DS, KO, DM, Summer of 83 Kahe and Vaughn Forever!! " SUMMER NIGHTS " Good-Bye and good luck Class of " 85 ' Thanx Mom and Dad Thank-you Mrs. R Thomas Keefe John Keelan Kelchner, Karen Special K 84 Waverley St. 5 9 68 Thank-God it ' s Over! Watch out world here I come! Summer of 85 . . . Bootcamp ... I love my M16! Symmes, Summer St., Party Hardy, Jeanne, are we having fun yet? Follow that car! 94% of Quebec. Heather the room ' s on fire! Nov. 17 CRASH! Trigger-n-Roy . . . Ride ON! Good-lwe fellow Pinecones! I forgot to pull the pin! Rambette! Wild and Crazy N.H.! Thanks Mom and Dad, I luv ya! Kelley, Deborah Debbie 136 Gardner St. 12 25 67 I love you Bobby! 1 1 83 B.F. = Katie camping w Bobby — Hampton Tom Petty Zelda, Mush — Peter, Bonnie, Ralph lD 3 83 The Jex Girls; KD MG KN PG CF TA LJ TE TP CT ES LD SM BR Fink Jr. Prom — Wake-up Park " 82 " up Sue -t- Johns S. Lee, JJ — luv ya! Big Moreno trips Binda 10 DE Zots Jimmys Kev Grant Jr. Eng = DM DP Bob Jim " Bobby Dare " The Boss TM CW MB RPN Bah Gang Thanks Mom Dad I love you! John Kenna Christopher Kennedy 29 Christopher S. Kennedy Sean Kenney Kibit, Bill Snigglets 49 Varnum St. 4 4 68 Morning! Oh I won ' t! THE FIELD DI CA MH SM The Island CBS NH LFOD The DC Gang KJ SK AK LC LM MM CB All The Good times! The Vega The Buggy Now The Arch and Zepher SKI Trips Walking For Cold hours In the SnowStorm! Camping with plenty of water in the tents Class of 86 FOUR Good Years! I Love You Mom and Dad Thanks To Both of you. Knox, Rachel Ruby 146 Brooks Ave 1 21 69 Oh My God Sme HOI Hey Babies! Mad Dog, Dunny, Annie, Sue, Babs,CC, JW, Sm, Pete, CHRISTOBOL, Mauz BB, New York Maine, G S, Rachel, where the hell are you?? FF, LSW — ELW, THE COUSINS, CRINKLE, P OH Ya You Guys! Melts, Walk This Way Please, SIS, Dont Know Dont Know Mom anci Ed, UNIT Thanks, and I Love You, Sullivans Everybody so sad too bad Bubye! Irene Kounelas Joseph Kowalski Kowalski, Rosemarie ROSIE 71 Richfield Rd. 2 9 68 THANKS — DAD»MOM»KENNY, CHRISSY, NANCY, ALISON, JIM . . . JULIE (JULES) MYl + ONLY T.L.C. AMIE DE L ' ECOLE BISHOP REMEMBER GREEN M + M ' S — SQUIRREL ROAST. JER — CIAO ITALIA! (OUI) WILL NEVER FORGET — MARY, UGH! MUST INCLUDE IVE-SHMIVE (WCCC) UDGIE-BUDGIE, SOPHOMORET-PARTIES (STBW LEX?) KEEP IN MIND G. LIGHT, TRACK (PANT) V. BALL, DU DESSIN ” GOOD LUCK PALS AND TWIN 2 (DLYBGIAU!) L. YACECE LaFond, Chris 61 Princeton Rd. 12 20 68 Let ' s make this short; " Tony, what happened " . . . Opening Day 85 . . . You lost it kid . . . can-a-mania . . . ' ' Did anyone do the Physics? " . . . Good luck Guys: Ron, Tom, Mike, Tony, Al, Joe, Vin . . . It ' s been fun, but I ' ll pass on seconds. Thanks Mom. Go Red Sox!! Kenney, Sean SK 83 Ronald Rd. 7 11 68 The Good Times are Forever Units AHS Res Pond Just a few sociables HEE HEE HEE Sneaking in Garden Free UNITS at Highland White ' s Mook Jukes Bake Roper Liz X Atkins MENOTS Douce Devo Snea Fred Billdog Studly Peanut Stack Bet with RC Shy Boy six pack Luv ya KC Death ride with Barney Never forget ya JUMP. THANKS Mom and Dad I Love you both Sheep. William Kibit Rachel Knox Kounelas, Irene Reenie, Renakins 27 Chester St. 9 14 68 RB DH MG JD AW ME BRD — TT AT, ALL-Right, TAKE A POLL frosh party, Dan ' s HOUSE, 16B-day w Tfsters, Study w AD + AW — Wanted Posters, RUGGED MAN, RB ' s Cottage 7 4 RP, DC — Mormons, summer in Hse, VFH — JVCC — V. GBL! Ibc SP Track — I won ' t shut up, Jr semi, Jr Prom — Let by gones be by gones, U2, GOYA — dances + ski trips, camp, EH Camp — Eagles hair, we got the . . . 8 4, Babbling Walking Lessons Thanx Mom, Dad, A + J Kowalski, Joseph KILLER 71 Richfield Rd. 2 9 68 THE OLD " GROUP " : KEV, ADAM, MARTY, JEFF, DAN, CHUCK, fri, x-ctr (Tri capt GBL), Track (fresh, track basketball) band, band trips: Montreal, DC — Kornblatted, no marching band Outing club trips (cola 2) no work summers: mortar and CW (SS!) and SQL. B and 1st term, mom + dad; satisfied Christopher Lafond 30 Lake, Kristen 39 Reed Street 4 17 68 Ronnie, LOVE ALWAYS. Summer of “85 " Nantasket. Feast at the North End. Erin A good friend to have. Humerock " 84 " “85 " . Bird calls? Cheering Dallas. Finn I luv U. Bobby and Greg 1 Love you. Mom and Dad The Best friends 1 have. Thank you for everytning! Senior Prom " 84 " Jen and Gary Senior Convention, BD, EM, TN, MP, Duets with Cheryl! Lattarulo, Jennifer 8 Newman Way 5 3 68 BILLY IDOL — 1 24 84, GOOD NEWS, FEIFFER, ECHOES, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, CARNIVAL, JACK (THANX FOR MAKING GO-NUTS GO BYE-BYE!), JEFF (CHINESE FOOD 4EVER), DRAMA — MR. BOB — YOU RULE!, MR. SMITH, MR. CASEY, MISTER TWISTER, BEGUINE! WIPE OUT! BELLY BUSTER, FRANK SOUSA, " WHEN I FIRST STARTED OUT THEY SHUT ALL THE DOORS BUT I LAUGHED AT ALL THE DOORS -I- THEN I KICKED ' EM DOWN!! . . . James Lawson Rachel Layne Lee, Vinnie 2 University Road 8 21 68 You are young and life is long so there is time to kill today.; U. Lowell? Mr. Descriptive, church 7;50, Luigi ' s, Floyd, Zep, The Vega, Grove st.. Shotguns, magnums, the tracks OB, TA, AB, Fio, " Nah man ... " , Live for the day for tomorrow may never come . . . See Ya AHS Lefebure, Suzanne 29 Dow Avenue 10 30 68 Dave 9 1 1 love you! Kiss! Karen C Donna you ' re the best. I luv U! CC, DD, MD Summers in Maine KM, BR, GB, TB, TP, SB, DW, BL, SL, DG, RM, KC. Fort all night 82 Mr. Mojo Risin Freebird Breakwater Diane look out for that tree! Where ' s my MD? Handcuffs? Cruisin ' The Beach PORTER HOUSE GB Gooserocks all night! SOCO Ma, Dad, Diane I luv U! Love -I- Thanx Mom, Dad, Denise -I- Bobby, Joe, Stephen Kristen Lake Jennifer Lattarulo Lawson, James P. Trooper 11 James Street 6 15 68 Varsity Football — I survived AHS — WHAT ' S HAPPENING Boys — AMEWCAN PIE — Ma I ' m going up to Chip ' s zoo — LED ZEPPELIN Good Times bad times. Rock and Roll. Pink Floyd I have become comfortable Numb — FUNNELS — Wanna b hit — AHS needs Miss O — THANKS FOR GREAT FRIENDS JM MC VN KK MM VM PM — Thax MA -I- PA and Thank God for the Freedom and Weekend Warriors I ' ll miss you AHS Layne, Rachel Penny Layne 164 Park Avenue Extension 6 18 68 1 CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER! M2 — Montreal Wash DC Quebec — POLICE 83 — 4th ESTATE — Brown m -t ms John Glen is my candidate or ch chem 85 Dough — nut chamber group (L I ' ll be there tomorrow) The COOP — dinner club movie bum. JC Fafy Sarah Vicki me gret chuck face kim Terry Pat you guys are the best — JW Rustle Rustle! Fluey Lewis 85! I Love you Dave — Thanks Dad Arb Darin George — I ' ll miss you Mom — LOOK! Fafhasteeth! WARP SPEED DM KS SU LU! Vincent Lee Suzanne Lefebvre Lemos, David Gord 9 Edith St. 7 13 67 Morning Oh I Won ' T NH Swift LFOD VT. The Best of The FIELD REBS Pats Bs Celts BK CA SM MH CAPE SS Vega Stu Crew Frosh JV 48-0-6 Nub Caps CBs WB Buggy Arch Mexico Thanx Mom Dad. Levangie, Carrie 39 Stone Road 8 9 68 Best of times with Steven 12 4 83 I Love you! 12 31 83 New Years Day " U2 " New Hampshire COORS Steidis BEF w V C. Summer of 85 NH, Wingearsheek, Riverside motor boating w L R. Old Orchard w Chris ' Michael. Florida. NC, KA, HH, JO, SE, JR. Prom w HH RV KA Journey " OPEN ARMS " KING w NK CQ D F. Thanks Lee -t Chris Mom Dad Love ya! See ya Later AHS Carrie Levangie 31 Scott Lever Penny Liakos Lokensgard, Mark Loki 92 Churchill Avenue 3 25 68 Cadre — rules, even-though — the-guns — aren ' t-real, officer. The Heretics live on. Milgracias-a-Mr. + Mrs.-Foisy, and you too, Mr. Kurnz. May the Advisory cloud take you to interesting and exotic places Speaking of , when ' s the next Editors meeting? In space, no one can hear you sing. Don ' t let the demons get you down. — Viva-Amigos — de-las — Americas! — Ciao, — AHS! Lombard, Nancy 92 Glenbun Road 8 2 68 Corny 10 15 83 TLA Friends forever KC MD DF JH CH KM KP SPLIT Rainbow? Karen maybe? Kathleen DF BB pickie Katys Parties Kims b-t hrm. So Nancy 10 07 locked BB MB JB PC KD LE FTf LM JP Thanks Pat Jim AHS THE BOYS Chimiab farm attack 7:15 Wheres Katy? What do you want to do? Hampton Straits — DALE, BTHRM. Andre B H UW. LY Hutch getting deep 4 15 Thanks, Mom, Dad ... 1 love you David Lucker MacDonald, Christina 128 Rawson Rd. 12 27 68 Danny — 1 110 85, Crazy 4U, 1 MADE IT! Runaway, SWEET 16, PC ' s B- Day, JD, The Apt, Brattle, DK — Miss ya. Cut the Cards, Bonz? Trip? Snowstorm, Luckv, Amacco, AKU, OK Fine, Stone In LOve, NO MORE ODYSSEE ' s, DunDo ' s, Take a walk. Revere, VDK-t Lem, Caf Baathroom, These R the Best of Times, PC — BEE, TP, KS, LR, NS etc, Mr C — I ' m Outta Here, Thanks STEP, J, D-i-L, Love Ya DANNY, Mom, Deb, Dad etc MacPherson, Brenda " Bee " 10 Teel Street Place 6 2 68 The Best Of Times Gina Deb Tracy Kris Prince Kiss Petty Adams Aero, the T EdTO 9 16 84 Bud B E — BM 2 85 Grand Theft Auto ' Faces Rascals BCN Eireworks 4th — RD Nahant BK Fight — MS vs RD Ay! JJMS Booze Cruise Goin Over " Soft " Semi? Jr Semi RM Strandd Prom JW Party Train Wresl- mania? RPGM Drome Wild Crazy Luy — DD. Pincone Skiing ' 84 TOGA CRASH!! Main Office PP. LH KK MD TC FS JM NS PET By AHS Thanx Mom Dad I Luv U Lever, Scott Duke 42 Trowbridge St. 1 12 68 Zoo Crew CG JS PS DP PF SMF OTS SoCo Space Op Crew DF BS MD ML JH X 2 Dusty EH? Cmdr Codv 84-5 Cm t Committo CK Holy Smokes! Papa Joe Hearts tJ Catach Some Hefty Air Time Do I Look Like I Care — No FTS End a Abarbra SP SA CD JD BS @ WS TED 4Th Estate Eoisy Kurnz YrBk Mrs. G R donut L The Titanic CYP TAG — Honest Officer The Gun Isnt Real Rambogram Hay Hay 3 Days You Vill STUDY, ya Hehre Today Gone Tomoro Liakos, Penny 10 Rawson Rd. 8 13 68 ITALY, Nanc March 85. Good-Bye Bobby-Jean, Miss-ya!! NC, TF, EL,CT, KM, DG, LD, JF, LH, ES, KS. Sheraton fireon 22!! WGC, Gy go Buy — C!!! May 84-85 MC, DH, AC, JD, TL, MS, AD, GD. Semi — MH — . BUFP — i BA. TF Crusing. NC Sunshine don ' t cry. Trie limo — rip off!!! EL getting i caught. Good-Bye DL!! NC Let ' s not go. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good-Bye . AHJ!! ' i Mark Lokensgard Nancy Lombard Lucker, David Lucker 54 Rawson Road 7117168 NOTHING BUT A PARTY! DO THE Bake in lunch J O. Cruising to school in the Green machine many good trips in the Resource Room Dazed and confused f or so long Dartmouth st parries finally out of this nice place Thanx Ma good b ye everyone at AFlS! Lynch, Michael Mike 10 Garrison Rd. 7 1 67 Ttianks for the Mod rimes CF, BB, MR, BJ, DB, DH. Field, Brighams, 73 Mustangs, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Who. Good bye AFLS forever! Christina MacDonald Brenda MacPherson 32 L 1 imim imim iiiiim ii SETTING 33 Junior Semi-Formal The Junior Semi was held March 1,1985 at The Knights of Columbus m Winchester 34 Junior Prom The Junior Prom was held June 14, 1985 at Montvale Plaza in Woburn CeXebCaWoOv 37 Senior Convention 38 Fashion 40 In 1986, there was no definite answer to the question, " What is fashionable? " Fashion at Arlington High School was not dictated by magazines, but instead, it reflected the individuality of fhe student. Different types of crazes ranged from " paisley paraphenalia " to heavy-metal t-shirts. This wide range of fashions shows the uniqueness of the class of ' 86. The people thaf were chosen to shoot this spread, not only dressed differently, but each had their own distinct personality. We feel thaf one reflects the other. Despite these obvious differences, everyone came together, posed together, and generally had a great time. So,to the Class of ' 86, we say, " You ' ve got the look! " In the Spotlight WHY won ' t you listen to me? The New Supremes?! In the Spotlight Mallett, Rhonda Sweaty 41 Wollaston Ave. 5 23 68 Paul 12-24-84 2-getha 4-eva 1 Luv U! EL — YM TW TM BOT w PF DD BM KD BM LF CF, GL — KD Good tymes r 4-eva Sweaty Never 4-get Secret mystics Candi -(- Peter Dismissals rd. trips Hampton bound Bagged at Brians HP nights snow falls Lighter signals Camp late night meetings Wkly k parties Death ride w K-l-D Why ME? 1 Luv U Mom, Dad, Ed, Bill-l-N thanx 4 everything. Bye AHS! Mangano, Gina “G " 19 Cleveland St. 11 24 68 Looks Like We Made It! Brenda Deb Tray Kris John 7-2-85 A -I- F Party Van Sum Revere Bch, Chlse B. King, Mamow Mssgmba, soilder HL 10-6-85 1st FOWML It ' s GOOD! The Voc 9-1-85 1 nite Luv Affair Thanxss 1 BJ, Jr Semi KC strndrd, Jr Prom tm, Booz cruz Death Rides St Toga Nw yrs 85 To TT Drome Swt 16 NO DW Grand Thft Auto " My Mom Thinks I ' m At The Movies " JN, TM, Arl Cntfield The Prince TP Kiss Bad Boys rm LH, RM, DM, MM DP KK 1 LUV U MOM -t DAD 86 Denise Mannix Donna Marino Marquis, Robert 12 Glenburn Road 9 11 168 GoodTimes Bad Times . . . Never Forget BM DF MT KC ES D ' shse Zayre Twist shout ' 74 Duster Susse Chalet BOOB Ms garage mamag Lincoln pullover SP SAT party Nantasket Salisbury Hampton Purple haze AC DC Fawn Leibowitz 76 Monte Flea Mkt w AM AYL GoodTlMES w KM NH This is great! MAH Semistranded Tom Petty Pat RG, B, KPS g Toga crash D,K, D Party w JG 3 25 9 15 84 BC Bound? Thanx Mom and Dad Later AHS Martin, Dina " Dip " 59 Amsden St. 7 13 68 Best Friends DM-l-KP You ' ve got a Friend Jr History w SR, KP, DM Old Friends " STILL " good Bullhorn, KJ -I- DS Long Tallcs w Kellie -I- Crew Nuclear plant w KP, DM, MT, RD Parting w MP 4- JM Red Wine Sr. Con- vention w KP, DM, LT, SN Salisbury beach w KP, PA, LB Kneewalk, Ain ' t no stopping US! 6 28 85 HUEY 84 MM, DM, RM, KJ, PC, GC, PA. Bye Mr. C Celebration! thanxs Ma -I- David Makredes, Gary GAZ 41 Churchill Avenue 5 4 68 " Look! just tell your mom . . . " — Esplanade 7 4 84 — The D-Stingray — " I met alot of people 1 didn ' t know " — YES — Ski trips Mai — Mr. Paul — Max Jim — pedxings! — G.O.Y.A. — Aku — King — ripples — MIT — Grace Food master — Jammin ' for Famine — eggnog — Spineless Liberal — To Dr. D Papa Jo, Brown, Latini NA! — To the rest of my teachers Thanks — S.S. — G.K. — G.Z. A.H.S. — We made it! Now what? Rhonda Mallet Gina Mangano Mannix, Denise ZIPP 61 Fairmont St. 1 18 68 MICHAEL, 1-20-84, 1 Love You Always " You 1 " . Best Friends Ld Bb Gm Dp Kp Kr Dm. Looks Like We Made It Parties, Summer of 83, w GM " don ' t do vans. Winter of 84 " the best " Jr. History with SR, Jr. Prom 85. Chicopee with " MB " Tm hungry! Ugh Zipp, Thanks for everything. Mr, C. Thanks Love Mom Dad 1 Love You. 1 MADE IT! Marino, Donna 16 Wilbur Ave. 9 14 68 Love Yaa Sue Hey Ho Someday Your Prince Will Come! Maid a But Alot Of Weird Things Happen To Us! Finn, EM, RH, CG, SK, BG, JL, JF, Shamus Dan, Hey Ya Know? KM, Menatorny Teresa Buddy, S By a Know What 1 Mean? TA LW MF Ed T my Weird Clothes, and The Rest Of Gang You ' re " The Beautiful Ones " Good Luck Janet + Danny! SC 9-29! Whats Happen- ing Dl? Too Many Men Not Enough Time! Love Ya Mom 4- Dad, Vera, Cuzn Paula, Janet 4- Dan! See Ya! Robert Marquis Dina Martin 49 Martin, Kathy 6 White St. 2llQlb7 MT ET NC JB DF TG SE RV KC KA ES TT JO The Pond Thorndike “Res " Parties at the Bradleys Late nights with SE and MT Sneaking out Eagle Eve Instant Breakfast For KC Its so sad going cahoots Leaving with the intent to return " The good times are just a little bit more in focus " Tom Petty Thanks MA and Dad Martins, Tony Whimper 11 White St. 8 8 68 Football ' 84; 10-0; 17, Baseball, JV Hoop — Quigs Robots " No Clue " Hankie, TCTU — Cuban, Moose, Fred, Gaz, Henna, Rick, Vez, Devo, Mike, Minna, Soy, Scott, Todd, Guido, Quebec ' 85 Le Bistro, Meatball, Hampton ' 85, PBTS, PD, Wit, Quick 73 = Big 50 Spend-a-buck, Stands and BUDdies, Tm Free?! — Big Goof, Cape ' 84r, Holy Cross — Jim + Ed Brawl Love Ya Mom and Dad. Karen McCarthy Alison McConnell McCormick, Loriann Lori 11 Pine St. 10 11 68 BF ' S PC JB LB LE LS LY A FRESHMEN YEAR! SPANISH 83 JH 1MB4338514 Remember Our Talks Summer Bud. Mv House! AHS — KC MD CH JH NL KM KP POND MT AC lO HK YS HRt! Bye CM LY AFF! JoannE Tazama- niaN ' T ARLMONTLYNN mayo HCJM LES LIC. CAPE 85 LB — Ducks Hmrm 206 Lockers CHEFS FreeBird Behind Bive Eyes Confor. L JVKAL PSG, DOUCE PM WHERE ' S THE BUS?! THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIMES GUYS! JM TM THANKS GRANDMA MOM LOVE YA! McGahan, Sandra Lynn SAM 5B Park Terrace 9 23 68 PARTIES down the iPOND THORNDIKE R always a rush. What hip- check? ABRHS Rules, AHS Stinks Feel bad for the rest of you that have to stay — MM CS!! Remember All the good times — MM, BV, CS, RS, LM, PE, PC, NT, SB, JD. Trip to FLOYD when the train came. Always Choppin ' , tokin Smokin ' . I WANT FRENCH FRIES, M Morned? PRIMEO ‘YOU , AND YOU LIKE IT — !! NT ME — WE ' LL SEE. THANX MOM DAD Steve McGahan Darren McKenzie Loriann McCormack Sandra McGahan McGahn, Steven Steve-o 11 Ottawa Rd 9 7 68 C.S. Company — best times! Tnps to N.H. SUMMERS Camping- Weekends! Ratical 4. the Beach. Crusin in the BK Mobile CUZ Donna BUD ttBU Irish Luck tail DOWN the Jects. Bust Mystics good tunes Zeppelin Miss ya Jule PARTY Art Finn thanx — best PARTY times JR CM MM SV TP DS PP TS JS PC DM GS JM RP BO MD JCO THANKS DAD -t MOM Chez, Heather Gram, Nana LOVE ya 86 McKenzie, Darren DAC 144 Broadway 11 17 68 Heres to WLDT Love Those Saints’Bears Saturday nights at the Movies. Mike, Tracy, Steve, Rick . . . The Prom . . . Mr. Lav car, speak any English . . . 2-8-82, 7-8, 8-7. M L love that computer . . . Cardinal Baseball. Thankx MOM and DAD. McCarthy, Karen 53 Towbridge St. 3 17 68 FF KC Mt) DF CH JH NL KP Umpa Lumpas — Ready Kim Run — down the AHS The boys So Nancy Bill and Daga wake up! Hampton H Period PERMIT ME BH FJ PS BkD 6 1 bagged 11 23? KK KL AN typing w HF rainbow? Nancy Jr Prom Love ya Pat Corny, thanx Farm B B PICKLE Sr Conven. Katvs Parties PAT hyb IN GT BA Majorettes JH KC KD Sub. National Bank " FLASH " miss ya everyone. Thanks Mom Dad Bobby and Sue I Love You! McConnell, Alison A1 14 Stevens Terrace 5 16 68 Nance Kris Ken Jimmv Jules Rosi soph. Party! BBQ Souirl, Green M + M ' s, Telephone Pole + Lunchbox, M2 C.C., Jazz, Quebec (Twice) George, D.R. sex quiz, G f S, cast Parties, Banquet Fresh YR. Uncle Andy Pey Jen Connie Robin R.B. Rocks Rules Capt. Penguines can ' t ski 1-29 5:30 Rise and shine This Time Katy Prom Peter PARTY! Ginger lets Rumba Thanks World I made it Thanks Mike TLA 6-30-85 Hi Di 50 McKeon, William Bill 164 Newport St. 3 20 68 MARYELLEN 2 4 84 My Best Memories are with you! Footcall — Capt 7410 — OFRED 46! When We Feel Good Somebody Has Got To Fall! Hockey — Baseball — Malden — KOOL THE GANG — TONIGHT! J.R. Semi Prom — good times — MEB! My BUDdies! Kevs Keg YA! All Dayers YA! Pech Im the most veniums snake! CUBAN — The girls Hampton! HENNA, Rick, Kev, Pech Joe MP EM. Hey Wozzy Lisa thanx — Tnank you MOM DAD LUV U McMahon, Jefferey Hefe 30 Ed hill Rd. 8 22 85 TanK states Dubs Burn Deep Saugus Kill COMM. C. Grove Koosa Mats DRAMAG + S Power Sour cecap Mr. Bob NEWS! vin + liz people " womb " The Tat, Square Freak Get BENT! RAG, JERRY! Scarface JPWM, MM, JG, SS, TN, KL), PW, GK, GS, JJ, AC, JT, MD, FR, RK, MB, JL, AM, MS, The GAPW PROMS WAK ' S BASH DP BAT MOB, LE GLORIA MONK SCRU, SESKl BREW ASSASIN, U2 FURS, FEXX, POLICE, POLITICAL WAR RJOICE! 8G RULES! EUROPE a Triper THANKS MOM + DAD Michael Mead Marc Meneghini Mead, G. Michael Mike 163 Forest St. 7I 7I69 1986 — IT ' S FINALLY OVER! WE ' VE MADE IT! GOOD LUCK ED, SEAN — SKI TRIP BC VS MIAMI, DAG A — WHO IS IT TONIGHT, CALIG A TONY C, MARTY — LABS, J.K., RON, MIKE, TODD, TOMMY — TENNIS, CHRIS — YOU TALK TOO MUCH, KATY, DANA, ANNIE, MARC, SCOTT, LAFOND — RED SOX, DIRTBAG — XEOROX, DEVO, PETER, ELI, KILLER JOE, BILL, MEB, PECH, JOE, PARTY MACHINES — SEE YA!! THANKS MOM DAD LUV YA! GOOD LUCK MATT JEFF JEN!! Meneghini, Marc Ghin 123 Claremont Ave. 6 26 68 JVSB LET IT BURN DEEP HOOTER BAG BAND TRIPS LeBistro CAG WITH BROKEN MITT THE NUGGETS THE DYKES QUO TABLE QUOTES + GT SHACKS WINDOW YUK YUK GEO TODD SCOTT ' HACK JEFF SOY KEV JOSH JAKE DETE U2 RAGGIN TENNIS TEAM :i GBL CHAMPS — ASSCOURT HURWIS + CHATEAU EMPTY SET CHOOSE LIFE PHIL MARRIAGE PUSH YOUR SELF WDYSAY DALE YHUY? OhOh SSOII VIVARIN THANKS MOM + DAD + ALL MY FRIENDS STATES SPQ Jeffrey McMahon William McKeon Morello, Tony 155 Thorndike St. 3 4 68 MONEY AINT FOR NOTHIN DANO LEGION POLE MAMAS BOY HOLTS HOLTAMANIA NINE NEW WORLDS RECORD HOUSE PAINT ZAK WHAT AM I MARRIED TO YOU MANUEUERING REGENT FALLS LEMONHEAD JAY PRODUCTION DUCH BARR MIGUEL 1981 CELTICS HAT BRUINS PATS SOX BEARS WHO DAT STOOGES PEEWEE WRESTLEMANIA PIPPERS PIT JUNIOR CHEM CLASS CELTICS WIN CELTICS WIN THANX MOM AND DAN Morine, Dorothy Dottie 72 Park Ave. 11 22 68 Best Friends KP + DM I ' ll Be there! MT, RD, LG, SW, LT, DI, KJ No Stop- ping us! Summer of 83, wild-n-crazy luv, MF, getting caught, basement parties w old Friends, DM ' s bashes w M = M gang! pickups. Setup, Mystic Mistake, Nuclear plant, 7-2-84, Cruisen, Are we having Fun Yet? Jr. history w Rob, Florida, Jr. prom, wait For me! 10:00 cut off, Thanks Mom, Dad, John + Kathie LUV YA! Stephen Morrison Tracy Mueller SS Anthony Morello Morrison, Steve Fred 6 Yale Rd. 9 21 68 JANE 1 7 84 Football 84-10-0. 45 Hockey — sux — Track. MP, RG, PM, ED, GD, BD, MO. Riggo ' s-J-Strap. Parttes-with-my BUDdies. menots HS Farm. Peanut — I gga ' s — ALL-Dayers. HENNA ' S — JULY 4. NYC — FIN, Devo — Berg, JEN, SNE, Todd. Moonburn-at-Devo ' s, FP — Cubano — Hampton — Flesh Bill — 46 — C-Hunt — JV — Snubpractice ydnas — Jrs — Nice. MURPH — APD — Gotme — Some-tang. Thanx — Mom, Dad, Jim, John -1 Jean. May-God-Bless Mueller, Tracy Trace 374 Gray St. 5 14 68 JOHNIO — 12-83 ILY (GGONA) KD GM BM DR DG THORNDIKE The Swamp — BH MD PS SC " T " Ed ' s Bar Car Summer of 84 1 DRIVE Faces Grana Theft Auto Sr Prom + The Cape Jr Proms S . . . Semi Booz Cruz — Party New Yrs. 84-1-85 Aerosmith Prince Tom Petty Calf. 83 Maine BCN j Fireworks This Floor Looks Freaky MB ' s Porch Halloween 84 85 Skip L Days Revere, Live Aid Eve Harts Wed Icet ' s Menots Som. Woods Matig, 1 Luv Ya Mat Shirl Bye AHS Dorothy Morine Paul Mullaney Jeannine Munsey Murphy, Ann-Marie Annie 1049 Mass Ave 6 25 68 This is too much! Patty: It ' s a deal! Earthy C,s ' me! Diet?! Shutupn ' dance. Risk’V!D: So S! Stu Cou. 4thest. Camp Kidz H.J. — The 1. I hope . . . NY Leo. The Square. Lets bake! " Complexities " CAPE! Carly. Caroal Mr. C — saviors! Family: WE R. ONE DAY AT A TIME. . . RK MD CK PW DB JW SP JK MSB jony D Ed; LOOK AT US!! uniquity MOOMOO! but there ' s more, and no room. So . . . LlVit. Strive ... to be HAPPY. OK? Murphy, Kelli Kell 6 Fremont Court 12 15 67 HHHEEEYYY! IT ' S PARTYTIME!! B E. Celia, Kerry, Elke, Lee, Heather, Linda, Jac, Kris, Dina, Pen LUV YA! ADAMANT — Tina EXIT 14 Wingaer- sheek MC SH IT ZB OS TO NY OU ' REMYTOWN — MATTAPAN! WHERE ' S THE SHERATON? FRATS — ELKE, ELKE CRUISIN GOD STUFF 12 MANY BUDS LET CEL DRIVE N.H. Lee? CHINK RED LIGHT THAT ' S NICE KER! LOOK OUT FLORIDA and CAPE COD HERE WE COME!!! HI PITT! THANKS MOM YOU ' RE THE BEST and I LOVE YOU! 1,2,3, etc . . . Laurie Murphy Michelle Murphy Nagle, Shawn 28 Walnut St. 5 23 67 I would like my family and friends to remember me as a good person. My favorite sports are Football (Patriots all the way). Basketball, and Raquet- ball. I like friends that share your problems with you and my family to fall back on when times are ruff Your family and fnends are tfie only things that really count in life and don ' t forget it!! Nahigian, Laura 3 Monadnock Rd. 6 21 68 BEST OF FRIENDS. SANDY, ANDREA, CAROLYN, CS, TC, TC, DF, MS, BH, 11 5 83 — BUBB A, BRIGHAM ' S, 4 6 84, 1ST TIME, MARINE, GREEN, VO, FIREWORKS — THE POND, 12 30 84, SNOWBALL — CHASE HOCKEY GAMES, 6 14 85 — BOSTON FIREWORKS — WHERE ARE WE? PARK PLAZA, BB-tN — BM-tJC, SUMMER OF 85, COLD SHOWER, FREEDOM, LTN TALKS W S, F JAMBOREE, T ' S HOUSE BUD BUS, CLOWN CAR, SR TRIP, SEMI -t PROM? PIP, LOVE YOU MOM -t DAD, SUE -t TOM. Mullaney, Paul 350 Washington St. 9 26 68 1 IBANEZ PEAVEY POWERED JAMMIN ' AT BUCK ' S BB MG RG JO BR | GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES The Bridge DOOMBALS PEEVINE ! CARDELLS BUCU DOLORES IS SPENT. JOE ' S GARAGE WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT DO I MEAN? Quebec CRUISIN f o PTOWN HAIL HIGH TO THE GOOD TIMES. THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR EVERY- THING GOOD BYE AHS Munsey, Jeannine 67 Fairmont St. 5 22 68 BOF; Katy, La, Kim, Trish. JP, LH, HE " 4:30? " Daga, Dez, MO, ME — Brighams. PYW — " ' THE TREE " Menots, Labor Day Not for 100 Ko!s. B. — Thanks Mr. D. EUROPE w Mar, Kath, Demps. fm weak! " wifh " him? What We ' re Pretty? New Year ' s KO? Stands Jr Prom BD Can We Use Your ;i Car Ms. Barry? I like it! BUDDY! Tm gonna die! Mr Kelley — frappe. LA — Q MP?2? AMin? GL — MM, JO, RM, DD. Thanks Mom -t Dad, Moe, Ken, ; Laura. I Luv Ya i Ann- Marie Murphy Kelli Murphy Murphy, Laurie 73 Overlook Rd. 3 2 68 BOF Katy Jeannine Trish Kim Kelly, — HE, JP, MB, Daga HBDez, MO, Me, Field Hockey GBL Champs 85 I am weak Trac Nicholas Pizza PYW You ' re Pretty! " Brighams " THE TREE Menots Stands WE ATE! MCD ' s 85 CORe ' s " with " Him? New Fie — succi Thanks MS Barrry Bill Venmous Snake KO B ' s game! " Hoppy " good Luck, SM, BM, JO, MM, DD Thanks MA, Dad LUV YA Shawn Nagle Laura . Nahigian James O ' Connell Shawn O ' Connell O ' Neill, Daniel DAN O. 49 Fairmont Street 12-2-68 HO-Z-B Tony Zack Soy M.M. Spy Vermont (17) NOT FP BUIV Marine Bio Black eye Legion Pole Burn that Hat Baby blue Duster JETS What am 1 Married to you Holty Fine Vermont Rambo House Paint buy a pizza Whos paying SoyBoy worst thing possible Zacks Driving School 1 know T. M. Oh Tay Texaco 1 month $230 well all right Thanks Mom Jimbo B Karen Nana Oro, Kenneth KEN 74 Stowecroft Road 12 15 67 YEAR OF 86 Finally Elks Dances, Boys club, U2 concert. Egg Fight at FARM, Cape Cod. Steve we had awesome times Flucker, your cottage. ' Matt Keep lifting you nut. Krushtac DC. Tom we aced history final. Golf Team should make it this year, cashes " the Twins " Great Kids. Oak Cheese, Barbara, Chris, Chuck, Laura S, Thanks Mom, Dad, Doug, Gary. Cape Kids. Don ' t worry about it ) Newell, Todd 150 Ridge St. 12 6 67 SMRS on CPE, LKRMPBJCMDLSC ' S MGWP ME — CCJGSSCH uice? I FTCHOSALJSRG ' S CMMONT, FRBBDTENNOF ' S BDSMGBL ' S BKMHJG II themd BRJKRPSTAGEGKG ' S MKD.C. the room ACSS MM NYCFIN- ] BDFMMPJGS BYENT 4 SUMQUEL inc 2 BONE CLNUPCRUBPDBRRPSS : 4-2-85 U2 unforgetable SRCONVJPKATSK WINDO — ORIGSVACA ' S : MDBBRMSTRArrS STATES Mr.C? MGKDJJ TURKSu SK JC THANX I MOM, DAD KIM I LUV YA Nigro, Ronald RN 115 Ronald Rd. 8 28 68 i Football; Track; Golf; HEEHEEHEE; Meadlv; Dolicles; MrWong; eraser :! fights; Surabes; FEB. Vacation 84; ROSIE; Come on Arlington; you know i better than that guys; there is no tomorrow; lo-p, no where to go; Cheeting j posts; Time Missed; MOVE!; Hi Gnet; Wit; signals; at least 8 lbs.; It ' s in the hole; Edisms; thanks mom, dad, Romi; No more questions f Sandra Nazarian i Mark Newcombe Nazarian, Sandy Checquitah 78 Columbia Rd. 10 18 68 Friends Forever, Lisa, Elolly, Lori. Rem. AC DC man. LB KM JF. New Years Eves Chips Parties 151 NA 3 9 85, 5 24 85 PK. Andre, always m m ' s. M. Vineyard — soliciting? Checquitahs LT, AB, GHB, ripe banannas SCWC. LM, Wareham, CB Trash, m. KB — Games? WGW! R. Beach, IL, DM KP DM, shtfcd. con, things we do when . . . , Fire, 6 mins. Crash, w ; IcNo End — pick ups SRD — truck? W CLE. myrsnlsinfn, LaMA. Arms. GdBdTs, wmi. Thanx, Mum Newcombe, Mark Nuke 1511 Mass. Ave. 8-30-68 Table for five please. Damn! Hey Buddy! Tm wholesome and cute, what ' s your excuse? Vote for NEWCOMBE he busted a window! It ' s not a MOPED IT ' S A SCOOTER!!! I was born 8 30 68 on a cold winter night. Little did they know how awesome a child they would have . . . Even though 1 didn ' t win the position of Secretary!!! Todd Newell Ronald Nigro O ' Connell, Jim OAK 156 Park Ave. Ext. 6-22-68 Hey Denis, just think, 1 16 of H.S. is over! Strides Lox, hockey. The trio and partying w everyone from Wright St. Me. w TV. Don ' t worry about it, of course Tm gonna be on time! The Rock, cruzin The Bones; DI MK JH JC JR SC. and CA LA GA AL MS. Cy lives on Hacking — KM BT GK Lifting? What ' s he gonna do, fire us!? But what do I care I ' m Lowell Bound!!! O ' Connell, Shawn Oaks 44 Florence Ave. 12 10 66 Football, Hockey Bleacher Creature, myself, jp, vez Shaw, pule, Kreps- Kell, SHOT GUN tol fury The Cards kim Typing class Vinnie Chunglee gym Quigley ed salty, nigro, Nesn Bruins ray Sunday Football The Bears Chuck VanHalen Black Hawks 44 Thanks class of 86 Thanks Mom Eric Candice Nana Gramps Love Shawn Made it Good Luck class of 86 Daniel O ' Neill Kenneth Oro 53 Kathleen O ' Rourke Tanya Ott Pacheco, Tim Chico, Boota 17 Fordham Street 3-10-68 VFOOTBALL 14 SUPERBOWL 85 go for it boys good hmes and bad times at AHS SUMMER of 85 good times with ROCCO and EVAN Cruising in the CFIEVY trust me I know how to DRIVE. The Cape VAN HALEN music WAAE Never forget beach football onion head 100% Thanks Eor The food Strapa JR Prom Baseball bashes THANKS MOM, DAD, ANDREA, MARK But as the song says Baby You Ain ' t Seen Nothing Yet Paglierani, Andrea 144 Herbert Rd. 10 21 68 Friends Always SS LN CS CS EV TC TC DF BH Ski trip, V-ball, 11 5 83 THEM! L -I- P Brig ' s 4 6 84 SShouse, Green, Eireworks 84 — woods, LN SS CS — snowball chase, 6 14 85 Park Plaza LN clowncar — FJamb, TC whoops! M -t DZwktrip — Ereedom, Hockey Games — Granny Bubba Scrooge, chicks — This Is True never forget you, 10 12 85 — CShouse Eunnels — stands SENIOR TRIP! Thanx and love ya Mom -t- Dad, Larry -t- Mark Jana Panjain Mark Paone Paradis, John R.C. Jack 28 Crawford St. 3 18 68 The quote of the day is . . . " If I could make days last forever. If words coulci make wishes come true. I ' d save every day like a treasure and then, again, I would spend them with you. For there never seems to be enought time to do the things you want to do once you find them. " I love you and have a nice day. Mom Dad SAHAR luv Patwari, Krushano Krush 16 Kimball Rd. 9 27 67 I had great times at AHS. Like going to AC DC and Maiden concerts. The S.B. meetings. Royal Hawaiian parties and food fights at work. The S.B. Shell. I can ' t forget Earth Science with Papandrea. Good hmes are shll to come, yes, yes jzz O ' Rourke, Kathleen KATA ' 123 Oakland Avenue 11 - 22-68 BOF: La, Jeannine, Trish, Kim. HF, MB, " just kidding. " Jana — SSB, Daga HB, Dez, Mo, ME 2 more I am so embarrassed! PYW — (wedge) NFL, LD weekend — MH2, " The Tree " Katy — Thequeshon is moot! I am weak! FH — 85 GBL champs! " with " him?, NYE — ‘Henna — RA ' S CASA? stands — Menots. Newfie — RB — Sly. I ' M gonna die! — Cory ' s. LA — MP?2? again? Brighams — Thanks Ma, Dad, Eamily! GL — 2JO, MM, MA. Dream on! GBAHS Ott, Tanya CHAKA TAN MISTER TANYA 15 Glenburn Road 11-19-68 Much love to BC, CG, RH, CH, JL, KS, GS, CW all the others who made AHS tolerable taught me that roses can bloom among weeds — Great hmes, too: London, Freiburg, Vienna, U2 Bunnymen live. The Little Prince Drama, Mister Twister Rules OK! — Thanks to Mr. Bob, Trev, Ms. Barry Mr. Drench especially to Mum Dad — I can ' t say its been all terrible here — Accept Yourself! Timothy Pacheco Andrea Pagliorani Panjian, Jana JAMA 19 Arrowhead Lane 12-25-68 HEY U GUYS! KATH HEATH, MEB, BETH: QTIP sanctua WHNE! Canobie labarba Hamp PB16 contortin to fhe raft Mrs. RCM Jaine Aaigh! trauma wedge WLYcorbata Whammy Zone trade caballos VS — our trip! KATY — SSB! LM JMKMNLJHKP 2MD2CHKCMB oarties BMSPMECDJHJCRA Cass Jen! Shlumba jrs p Don ' t cry HFBB Brigs don ' t ever do that again do it See ya GH! OPUS ILUGUYS! Thank you Mom Dad Paone, Mark MOOSE 71 Mary Street 9-4-68 FOOTBALL HOCKEY BASEBALL The Stands with my BUDdies SMRGEDBDSPJHBM KPRASEPMCD Himie you SHNUB pick me up I need a cat curousing with GAZ Hampton 83 84 85 GEKS over peanuts Bri, I Eeel dizze you Cuban New York 85 with Ein, Ered, Brian, Toad Menots all day ADIDAS heehee Hey Fred theres the girls WALLY Lay that pipe dude sickness SK Thanx Ma + Dad and Fin Cl l John C. Paradis Krushano Patwari 34 Kevin Pease Steven Peed Perry, Renee NEE ' 11 22 67 LOVE IS . . . HATING TO SAY GOOD-BYE JOEY PRIMEO JULY 16 84-85 HOTEL MADNESS HELLO AGAIN BILLY WELLS MAINE BUD MUNZO -t- PAWENEE NEE -I- ACE BEAUTIFUL KEEP ON TRUCKIN ARCOUCKU TOO SHY NEVER FORGET YAMOE CANADA 83 LATER CENTER CROSBY 81 CB DD KS KT MD AL FRIENDS RUM CHASERS JANUARY CREMEDEMIN THE SNAPPERS HARLEY DAVIDSON FLY GIRLS KITSY -H SPLIFF LIL RED CHEVETTE RO Susan Phetteplace Joseph Pirog Pizzotti, Paul 63 Cleveland St. 5 10 68 So long AHS VR 83 84 Prom 85 the Jex RN TS SR LG KG TA MG RW KN TP , DK PG " CS " Your packen Holden out VS Jibba its gone PR OH NO Don ' t Do Me Like that Man your Doggen What a trip let it snow well its time to be gone thanks guys Luv ya mom and dad i! Pease, Kevin Pease 65 Brattle St. 8 2 68 V Football Waltam tough Break 10-0 ya (83DE) (Heather 2 years and many more) (reebs) (akdov) Good Friends BILL RICK Pecc Fred Moose Hene Daga Gaz Devo Duse Oak (Gaz Florida) (smelly One) (1 hate gree-s) (SS) (Windshields Bill) (memories of 55 Brattle St) Mike Flynn (tnuc) Football 1 knees Thanks Billy alot 1 Love you (ya) outa here Peed, Steven Pech 56 Pine Ridge Rd. 3 21 68 BUDdies — Bill, Joe, Henna, Kev, Rick, Moose, Gaz, Frea, Dags, Douce, Pat, and the girls; Parhes (Kev, Moose, MEB, and Katy); All-dayers; AHS, Menots, Farm; Get in the back! Sackles piece of ?!( . A-smith, Celts parade, Wally George; He He He, stew; Gut — who ' s light? KIM. S, 7 29 85; giP sesahe; SR. Convenhon; Rec-ball, Death-rides, EM; thanks Mom, Dad, Bros, and Sisters. Danton Perez Renee Perry Phetteplace, Susan Suzi 83 Quincy St. 6 20 68 Get a life! I did w my friends! Babs — 50 50 all the way! Ray, John, Scott John — Just one of the guys! MD, Mauz, Ruby, Pey, AM, Jen, CC, Pete, Chris — UR2 Much! THE ROCKS! We won? Yrbk — WESTFIELD! Semis Proms! G S wknd ftbl MY CAR! dances, slpovrs, campn 86, ski trips. New Years 85, dumb blonde? I ' ll never ge a housewife! It doesn ' t look good! Fin Mrs. G — Thank you! MOM, 1 LOVE YOU! Pirog, Joseph Jayus 62 Wyman St. 3 14 68 MISSION! Jibbs, ike. Spud, Lou, Umski Fonse (AADT) BANDTRIP 85-86, LeBistrop BT countaown; BACH incident; Campin Trip; Road Trips; Cape Cod; Poets; INCA, 1 still got hekets; Stop Shop; Aku Aku; Papa Joe, Ganci — PH; UBZNkid, Bich, The Nadz, HOOTERBAG, PD, Make It Swing Damit, Spoikba, Krokus, Tsup, Noway, LCW, UMA? Doc?, Who ' s Buyin?, DATnoDUT, Skip?, Go Nuts, Start It Up, Sikness; KORNBLATT END GOOD LUCK! Paul Pizzotti Keith Poole Cathy Pougaridis Raymond Powell Powers, Janet 256 Mountain Ave. 5-17-68 FRNDS: Kris, Kern, Barbs, RD, RB, MM, LC, Jo; Field Hockey — GBL Champs, B-Ball, Softball, field hockey camp 84 85 — use guys, ' ooh I ' m a sow " , CL, EL, ML. Hi Jo Kath. Are you sorry Kris? SB tnp; KC KA Dn ' t M,KA no goalie. " I ' m just sayin " ! ruggle, ruggle. Tic? " What R U Crazy? " , singin on bus. SISTERS TWINS. " B not ITWN 7-2-85 JO; CL Frankie. AHS; THANKS Mom, Dad, Jo, Frankie — Love vou! Kimberly Powers Miguel Preciado Prendergast, Scott Penna Mr Tickle 12 Cleveland St. 4 18 68 tsup? C AMPINC 86 Jake John Lou Spik Jay Hak Spud Fkn OREO wrek Hall Maura Lets Get Wood 1 gotta PLong Time FRIENDS the Habitat R e? Falmouth 84 Damiane WhooPle Jr Sr Prom BJs Tasha Lou Cruisin 68 Con Cam 88 Mav? Ray CCB We Are The Champs Relax Fell as YES Puff Swen Babs EvSuz Sue 1st Bash MAC 71085MG lets Fly Mart Meg SMPEWPFr Jv Ball GBL Jv Hoop XAV 2010120 Hudabag Concerts BCN works SPOIKBAH THANX LOVE YA MOM, BILL, MA Preston, John Johnny P. 6 Pine Ave. 4 4 68 V Hockey, Capt. V Golf — Furdog B — Shaw — Crash — Cooks — Vez — Keiethis — Set me up — Stands — SNubbies — have another — quiet time — Cape Bound — Bluefish — CT ' s house — Vez Beach — Mobile home — taste Great — Less Filling — The Bud Crew — Flat Hre — Good Luck Class of " 86 " — THANKS MOM AND DAD LOVE, JOHN Dianne Power Janet Powers Pougaridis, Cathy 65 Lake St. 11 30 68 GOOD-BYE, A.Fl.S. 86 ' is finally here. GOOD TIMES with C.S., M.R., V.S., J.F., Special times with M.P. JR. PROM with G.Z was a blast! Best times during high school were summer of 84 and March 8, 1985 with G.P., AVEROF, — Pizza — home, work Andreas, Bakery, Seagulls, OFLIG. and Pete ' s. Best friend allways M.P. Driving with permit. Lots of homework, too tired. Late, absent, run down, no fun. Powell, Raymond G. Boog 97 Newport St. 7 13 68 FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK Welcome To GBL Funk 49 YADIG? RELAX, CCB-CHAMPS! JAVELIN — The Virg Parries TN, BR, SS82-84 B.P.D. — Thank You Officer, Elks, YES Ski Trips New Years 84-85 Mauz WhooPle, OUTRAGES! John, Scott APES! MvP, PB semi CAM, Proms 85-86 — 5AM, BCN Fireworks, Judy, John, Sue, Winchgirls TA ' T CREW WHAT IS AND WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE! THANX MOM, DAD, KKMJ. GOOD LUCK and GOODBYE CLASS of 86 . . . Powers, Kimberly Kim 51 Chestere St. 7 24 68 Good Times w KCMDDFCHJHHLKM, the boys, menots, summerspot, Hampton, Sr. Convention, Dusty ' s Parbes, Split, busted, raids, pigs, SHOUT, dusted, Farmat 7:15am pm, what! rwe doin ' t ' nite? Flash Hathaway, SO Nancy . . . Thanx Pat Corny, Luv ya! Wipe outs. Farm attack, Karen I can ' t see You! CDW ' 83 — BUTCH — Where ' s Daty? How R YA? Clutch, Battles W JP Curis kim bo chickie — Thanx mom and dad, Luv ya! Scott Prendergast John Preston 56 Julie Radochia Kerry Rae Ramirez, Steve 355 Mystic St. 10 4 67 Good Luck To Us Pond Kids Party Days THE CAPE Elvis Lives Karen Dena Di Denice HI superstretch The Wall Much More Always Love You Lynn Mic Nights Okies Bb To Many Crazy Nights With Oak Pc Eb Ab Rf Ad Td countless chases Florida Greece MBLA The Prom We Have Statements My A Beaches Revenge TCB Car Care Love Ya MOM + DAD Granada Joe + Rosey Good Luck " What are you thinking " LTS Preston, Tina 60 Park St. 12-28-68 CS Hey Phil 1 made it! Wknds up NH Camping — What a trip Florida 85-86 w CM JC PC Hey TM it SNOWS in Fla Good times at the Jex w CM JR MM SV SM PP JC TS PC DC SR KR DM RN TA TM EC KD DK CF RW CM CT Charlie 12 28 rules I ' ve become comfortably numb free bird scoop this buds for ME! Spark em Kiss my a— AHS 1 was born to be wild. Thanx Mom Dad 1 Love Ya Prior, Michael 63 Marathon St. 7 31 68 Sween, Big M, Sull Flynny, Penna, Prom 85 Getting Fried at the beach, Sig, Hmrm 227, Giuing up the horses, better Luck with the dogs, weekends, TC, Campa, Mary M , Partyat Suls, Track at AHS, One more mile, Stan " Change the radio station ' October 7 " 1 can ' t drive 55 " It ' s been a long 4 years, but its finally over. Thanks for everything. Mom and Dad, 1 couldn ' t have made it without you. Tina Preston Michael Prior Pritchard, Jenny Polka 20 Coolidge Rd. 7 23 68 Buddies: RD, AW, MG, RB, IK. Fanueil Hall Scoop e u Nos " Dave Save us " Frogface " I Like your Tie Lula " Nurses? Crust! ' lake A Poll Sugar! RB Cottage Emily Banana Party Band Trips! Dan -t Jay Neck! Latain III Who Lives lN Everett? Boogie Down Best Laugh Alive At Sam Bob again. Me Quiet? Alright! Mikes House. Sports: In f Outdoor Track. X Country Capt. Allstate Wolly Lops " PWY " Menot o my! LifeLine 82-86 Good Times! Puddister, Dianne 17 Mayflower Rd. 1 18 68 Bruce (7-9-83) I Love You Now And Forever. " Wishing on a Star " . " I Love You Just the Way You Are " . " My Baby ' s Got Blue Eyes ' . 1 Made it Daddy, I .Love You (2-20-24 2-24-85) DM MB, LD MC, KD, CH, PH, AM, CS, J7, ' Q, AS. Luv Ya J, 7 K. Thanks for everything P, R, J C. 1 Love You Ma. Jennifer Pritchard Dianne Puddister Radochia, Julia Julie 45 Columbia Rd. 9 13 68 RK CS NW KT LR LE — luv ya all. ITALY 85! RK, JR, SA — PG in closet, spy, dance, Colosseum walk! CC — SS! Twin A. Frosh lollies, junior HG, It 3, 0 not 4! Cruise! No, I ' m scared. Picky. Hi AW! NY! Oram attrack — Luv it. DANCE! Chris — wigab. HB pres from Rosie nice! 1 luv u AHS Class of 86. More Radishes Coming Mr. S, Traveltime DARE ME. 1 love you Mom, Dad, Bill, Mike Steve. Ciao! Rae, Kerry 108 Sunnyside Ave. 3 30 68 BEST FRIENDS: Kelli, Celia, Lisa, Elke, Heather, Cindy, Tina, Denise. Mead St, X-Press, 2 many mics. Good Stuff, Good Times in Ireland! Jr. Prom, the Balls, Bruce Springsteen Good Times in the Belair Chefs 11 Karen is he gay? Frats! 9 28 85 Lost In Space Dobie Florida Cape Here we come! Kahlua In The Park! Lee When We Going To NH, Green — C — Celia! Mr. G. I Care! Thanks Ma Love Ya Well Charlie you made it By AHS Steven Ramirez Karen Reardon 57 Lina Rebolo Ronald Regan Reid, Dete 69 Highland Ave. 2 11 68 Student Council Jack Geo John Annie I Love Ya Softball B-Ball Volleyball Jazz Marching Band SADD The Bandtrip DMC + JT you gotta friend I survived the Habitat and The Letter Baby you can drive my car Dete, Dete va! MA EREN MK The Whales Chem Lab HAVE A NICE DAY! The BCN FireworksThe4thof July OH, OH, Shelia Thanx Mom, Dad, Di, Kim Kurt Best of Luck 86 Reissis, Maria 194 Lake St. 11 5 68 Good Times with AT, MC, CT, CR, GS, GC, CP, SP, JD, SA, EE, GA, MV, TV, NS, GS, Calops Hallwn parties, moseley ' s Narcissus New Years Party 1985 Cape 4th July 11 21 84, 12 7 84 MC Party DD w AT 12 9 84 BHC — Trak NV H-Attack still on phone another bomb Anv Nea? Still hopir l Cathy thanks for everything Jr Prom Gymnastics Costak You ' re the best! So long AHS Thanks Mom Dad Lisa Reisz Joseph Ribeiro Rikeman, Jeff 276 Massachusett Ave. 8 16 68 We are out. I ' ll Remember The Good Times and Bad. All night menots. Summer 85. CM, |F, AS, KC, BM, KE, FISH. DO, BL. BO. MISS O You Just Don ' t know. Swilly. EVERYTHINGS SMURFY! Jeff + Dawn FOREVER. BUD Hots OI GLORIA HOND? THE Corner crow 2, Buick, Mich M Pool. DM, SC, MD, DD, MAL House AMHERST WHAT A PARTY! Mr Leone. Brighams, Hampton Thanks MOM DAD I LOVE YOU Riley, Debbie White 78 Hutchinson Rd. 3 14 68 GINA TRACY KRIS BRENDA UR AWESOME FRIENDS Chelsea MS JJ PL One Night Love Affair RD. LH KK KC TC KR RM BH MD DG Semi-Prom 85 PARTY VAN REVERE MYSTICS Get Wasted Sounds Good To Me Prince Whats Cooking MB Faces Rascals YOUR THE OBJECT OF MY DESIRE BB MAINE WE DID IT ALL Thanks Mom Townday Halloween 82 We Want To Party All The Time Deathride BB King TOGAV Rebolo, Lina A. 20 Grafton St. 6 5 68 See Ya Later A.H.S. STEVEN 12-25-85 P. W. 4-EVER Connie and me good, bad, hard, and ea times but we made it through all that. Thanks for understanding GOOD LUCK M.R., C.P., S.C., C.G., L.A., C.S. R.(F)D., L.R. -i-S.A., Elvis -t Liz. GRILL thanks Ms. Glidden and Mrs. Hassler, S.S., J.F., D.P. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MOM -n- DAD I LOVE YOU. Regan, Ron Prez 17 Edith St. 3 11 68 SEE YA AHS!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! SAIL ON AND DON ' T GET ON ANYONES KAKA LIST!! THREE YEARS WITH BIG Cl, THE BEST. THE BAHAMAS 1 THE SONS OF ITALY FOR ALL ITS WORTH WHAT ARE YOU A BABY? MY BOAT! LEO ' S FOR EVER!!! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. AND THANKS MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU. Judy Reid Maria Reissis Reisz, Lisa 48 Davus Avenue 8 23 68 FOURTH ESTATE, Survival, N.H. s., art club, manager of outdoor indoor track, homeroom rep. Julie, Laura, Susan L. Burt, Kearns memories will forever continue on of friends, fun, laughter, poetry, and lots of hard- work! Thanks a lot Mum, Dad, Heather, all friends, and even teachers and st aff for all the help, teachings, and love! Jeffrey Rikeman Deborah Riley Ribeiro, Joe Bear 25 Brunswick Road 6 15 68 LET THE BEAR GO HOMEROOM W ROSE AND RAMIREZ PARTY UPLAND RD GRAVEYARD TUFTS BEACHBUM FOOTBALL J -h J COST APPLETREES READING BEER WOODSHOP JIBA SOMERVILLE BUD EYE OF TIGER CAR JUMPING JRPROM BLAZER " 51 " BOWLING POOL SALSBURY KIDSDAY MARSHFIELD MAHAR ' S 4DARTS AND A SON OF A DART THANKS MOM -t DAD BEAR — PUIZ — DFANE — BERT — MONGO — JOE — GLEN — PETE — DEVO — KEITH — KEN — IMPY BUDDA 58 Peter Rosenberger Phillip Rossetti Alphonse Rizzo Jillane Robbio Roper, James Jim 16 Beniamin Rd. 10 10 68 B.B, D.l, S.C, J.S, C.B, M.K, J.C, BUCK, DANNO, KANE, ANY PARTIES? REMEMBER GOOD OLE DAYS! TRUE FUN. NOW, JEFF WHAT DO I 8 SMELL? REMEMBER BUCU! MAC ' S CONVERTABLE BOSTON BOUND! CONCERTS D.P. RULES! P.W, YOU ' RE A GENIUS. HOOP; TYRONE, J.W. Squiggy, GO TO ANY CAR WASHES? ED, JAY, AND THE REST of Chem LAB 555.2 GREAT COURSE. TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY; THANX FOR GETTING ME THROUGH IT. LOVE YOU ALL Rizzo, AI Fonse 325 Mayflower Rd. 6 26 68 LOU, SPUD, UM, SPike, Jay: Mission; RIGHT! yeah, Krokos, stort it up; TSUP, Refer to Notes, Sprlk — BAH, I ' m not Lou, " V " UMMB, HOOTERBAG, Smooth, I Love You, Camp 84-85 CITS, KIMC 8-23-84, friends forever, TC — Guess What, Winfair I ' m fine, U CALL RICH, CAPE, UBUZN kid, Duswim, Do it I did it last time, CLass of 86 Awesome, NEVER SURRENDER, THANKS Mom -h Dad. Robbio, Jillane Jill 4 Bradley Rd. 1 28 68 DAN 1-12-85 Alw s -I- Forever IWLY! We ' ve Had The Best Of Times! Good times w EV, DJ, JR, LG, KW, AW, LB! Don ' t forget little Billy! Cheering 84-86: SB, DJ, LH, KF, KM, CH, DF, EV, KW, AW, LB We are the worlcO Camp 85 EV — I Locked you out! Did you find your H? Confidential Chats w Linda Brighams after 6th Italy 85 — unobirre! Dumb Blonde? Semi ' s + Proms 1 my Lisa Thanx Mom, Dad -(-Jim I LOVE YOU J Rosenburger, Peter Rosey 24 Coleman Rd. 12 23 66 I Home room with joe Bear and Steve R with Mr D Hey you Steve in Science (class with Mr Boc go nuts Steve and last min report meguel in chef ' s with Miss King Meguel in Eng with Mrs Hardy, you artist. Working up at Sims i with Mike G, Mike Gat amhurst party mad food fight in Caf. Its been a great four years but dam glad 1 am getting out. Thanks Mom and Dad. keep on I partying Rossetti, Kurt Zetts 105 Falmouth Rd. West 10-2-68 GOOD BYE A.H.S. So Long GD, DB, MM, JB, DD, SS, AR, EV, BR, TF. " All over the back of your shirt " $ — WiC C. sort avecmoi J.H. Thanks ' Mom and Dad U.B.F. SP u clown, zipper head, FEYB, VPFC 10 2 68 JA MA ' WCC Vette, M-Benz, NETMA 1110 thanx Cody CahiU " What are you, a I ' Freshman? " Co. Skiing, " Why Me? " Elbonics Quigs, Barret Dirty Harry I Extra GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 86 Joseph Roper Brian Rose Christopher Rodriqiies James Ropier Roper, Joe Roey Joper, Wopar 141 Newport St. 10 25 68 WHBDT summer Jam w CS Aerosmith Buds GIRLS memories w TCRESWHITESP nd MS LESTER BEST Times Scott Ricky Booze cruise PHBAKEMOOK McNeely dan BlaiR DGSD DOT Glenn Lambs Breath JTKKSMJ obvdmad Laura spooofaspl If Buck wood 234 mso especially Rum coke cape co Hers Brigams church Survival 85 86 LED ZH’ Toga camping 84 Big Island is PUB Homicide were on the road of no return cool! Thanx MOM -I- DAD Rose, Brian 278 Hillside Ave. 3 4 68 Flo Todd Ray JK SS JC PB RV Kennedys Fios greatest hits Shes a vampiress BHS PULB Cats Bridget the Round eleven eleven Christo — many adven- tures Paco white Mnts. Mall Lot — Turn off engine Todd Hugh Jeremy Hall House Seth Evan Matt Survival Charlie Banner — Finn Summer 84 Students against Mad Mothers Springsteen the Wanderers scamp Thanx Bros I love you M-D 59 Anthony Sanchez Santana, Evelyn Evie 299 Park Ave. 3 13 68 THE GOOD TIMES ARE FOREVER, THE BAD TIMES FADE AWAY LOVE U DAN 5-29-84 GOOD TIMES W PA KG TG ET DF RM MR MT KM JT JG TWIST N SHOUT DEANS HOUSE, N BACK OF FRESHP, RES COOPERS TONY DAVID JAY LAURA FOXES JIM DAVID MIKE COOKSHOLLOW DA84 BC QUIDO LETS GET PIE EYED LOVE YOU MOM AND POP Satlow, Vicki Vic 108 Jason St. 4 24 68 WOMAN! BE — Jule! Sr ' s good times w JF LC RL CP JD JP BB CH JO KP Lisa — sis — Fin — Vin — Gio302 — Papa — Frosh yr Mr H MV84 Swtl6 4thEstate, SAC, SADD Yrbk Semis Proms COLLECE! My Man — Joe DF BL, WR, FRED Israel, Pol. TELL ME EVERYTHING! Sanctmar — PIG! Billy, Elton, Chris, Picture 72 ' Val. HATEMATH What eva Heb Sch red! glamorous life Thanx Dad JF Fin I LUV U — G ' bye AHS, Hello College World Elke Schizas Peytra Sealock Shaw, Brian 37 Iverness Rd. 10 25 68 PULECTBVJPFKOGV HOCKEY 5 C ' S House GDAD BLEACHERS VEZ ' S BEACH Who ' s going to change the tire? HAMPTON F ARM WHO SHOT THE GUN? TEIANfo — KS LB JW JA — GOOD TIMES SEMIS, PROMS, SYMME ' S, RAMBO CHASE. SPOTLIGHT. JP JD. GOOD BYE SEA — 7 HELLO BUDDIES BC EAGLES LOT BLT ' s ALL DAYERS TO THE SINK MEDUSA LAGOONA QUARTERS? SNUBIES RULE GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87 Thanxs MOM DAD I LUV U Sherrif, Scott 9 Cheviot Rd. 3 20 68 Summer 85 Amy 100 Ways 7 5 85 EL Moss Glen AC JT SL JP SS Spudman Tresure bath — Ghin Soi Hack Jeff Todd Scott — The Originals 4Sum BPD Mai Lot — RPBRINSS Band trips Quebec LeBristro The Room — AC MM TN SS The Nuggets — ACSCJ Band — Dut — Swing Zap — POW! Hacks window Its Mink man Mastermix MMSS Tennis Just For tne Aps Line! Kool U2 unforgettable 4 85 Luv Ya Mom and Dad Rowe, Michael J. 166 Gardner St. 8 16 68 RIDE THE HIGHWAY WEST — M.L. Late nights at the swamp with CA, MP, JF, MD, DR, and BH " PUMKINCRUISEr — (magic?), Breakin ' it in with BG, S.T.S., and SE vixen . . . BLACK-OUT! " The Held " High Adven- tures with M M, CF — Chill out, will ya? CRASHIN ' THE CARPORT (golden slumbers) Mobile Mill ' s at the Centrum, Catch the Blues Spirit — ' T)o what thou wilt. So mete it be. " Sanchez, Anthony Santana 52 Cleveland St. 11 14 67 LED ZEPPELIN IS THE GREATEST. PLANT AND AEROSMITH SUMMER of 85. Wild nights down the projects, on THE EIGHTH DAY GOD CREATED ZOD! GOOD TIMES WITH ZOTTS BUZZ SR RN LG PM TM MG CW JM RW SS TP TA CZ. LITE UP! LIVE DAZED AND CON- FUSED Cruise the GARAGE, SST ' s time to ramble on. THANKS MA AND DAD. FREEBIRD OUTTA HERE!!!!! Evelyn Santana Vicki Satlow Schizas, Elke 30 Belknap St. 3 24 68 BF ' s Celia, Lee Kel, Kerry, Heather, Linda, Penny, Jacqui, Kristen. NEW HA MPSHIRE PARTIES ' WINNESHEEK Exit 14 REDTRUCK LD KISS IDAPR BIG ED — And I bought some boots Chinese redlight Frats — Delta omega can I use your Pick it snap JT Kh DEAD AT MCGEILS GUCCI OH to give you sips 3$ sure am hungry Cel DK PL ME Cape Cod scooping irabde Florida Bound I SAW ThanKS Ma -I- Dad Sealock, Peytra Pey 5 Willow Ct, Arl. 12 22 68 Thanks to the Performing Arts Dept, which gave a scared freshman some self confidence and courage. To Jenn, Mauz, Annie, Rachel, Marianne, Carolyn, Erin, Suzi and Liz — 1 love you guys! Annie Gef Your Gun, Carnival, Good News! Thanks to M.C. Barry, for all her help advice. Joe — I ' ll always be crazy for you! Rainbow! Thank you MOM DAD. Good luck Brenda! Brian Shaw Scott Sherriff 60 Constandia Skourides Chetyl Smalarz Smith, Sandra Sandy 71 Egerton Rd. 10 22 68 HEY CHICKS! Fnends Forever: Andrea Laura Carolyn Cheryl Tracy Tina Denise BH 4 6 84 — 1st Time Marine GREEN Horny . , . ME? 6 14 85 — Where Are We? Park Plaza Summer of 85 — Freedom! Clown Car BUDbus — WeenOops! Brig ' s 10 12 85 — FUNNELS — stands Never Forget; Bubba, Scrooge, ]P KP — Snowball Chase NYE 86 PARTY Bob VBall, SBall — G + Bhmes Luv Ya Gost! LUV YOU ALL: Marmaduke Beezits Buma Srue Pin Soillis, Steven SOY 29 Appleton St. 6 11 68 DON ' T LOOK BACK! Satin ' s Bottle 4 2U2Unforgettable Burn Deep ORIGINALS — YA! MG quotes Grecian Theorems HABITATS CARE 9 14 ASmith SPEW! QUEEBSRC ' S PARTY, GhinKat Hak Zak Todd Scott Jeff JP Cags Kev Josh JK PH TM DO SCOOP IN MIRROR IMAGE, Jammin ' We do If You can! Very Political WW Talkin Greek Locked Job Elks Period Crushes Hit List Marriages REBEL Spunky DTeaser L3THANX MOM DADS IS uncle BEN Luv ya ONWARD! Siccone, Bobby Sicko 6 Wigwam Circle 5 15 68 1-would-just-like-to-say — a-few-words-about-my-4-years-at-AHS, — It- stunk — The-best-thing-that-happened-in-those-4-years, happened- during-the-summer-of-8a 1-met-the-Nicest, Prettiest, most-unbelievable- girl-in-the-world — Traci-Travis, who-I-met-while-visiting-down-the- Cape. She-means-more-to-me-than-anything-else — in-the-world. Traci, Michele, Charlie, Scott, " 85 " Siggens, Robert Sigs 45 Hemlock St. 12 4 68 WaWVl Chocolate DQ JANITOR, Doctor, SORRY I SEE HIM W clothes on. EDDIE WHY Lets make a Me run. Hey where ' s Scott Lately? psuedo — BLANK! KAZOO CLUB George, TIM SAID WE COULD. sHECHA NGEDTHEM, NO WAY MONCHICH I FREED Mickey Mouse Every- bodys a comedian JLRS ingusasomg Handcuffs, what about chains Bizarre MUSTARD WAR THO PANTS ARE WER Captain Bellibuster JR George, Tony i sat — 7TWEEKLIL Dinger I LOVE YOU MOM DAD Sally Simmons Harry Skigis Skourides, Constandia Connie 118 Hillside Ave. 9 26 68 Later AHS Frenchy (2-18-85) Love you. Best Friends Foreva Lina good, bad, hard times but We made it. THE CHASE! Good Times with LD, MO, SJ, LP, CP. CENTER SUB SOC, TA! Summers in Greece. Revere Beach, Where ' s the car Patty? Zeek, Buckwheat. Rascals ride! PROM. The Park " 85 " RM, JM, GC, DG, DW . . . GS -I- LD. Three Stooges! Faces! Love You MOM I- DAD, George. Smalarz, Cheryl 73 Newland Rd. 8 9 68 CREAMPUFF 9 1 85 — Good Times w EV, SS, AP, LN, TM, TC, KL Hawaii — 84 California fun in the sun Caf — stairs — MB NOT THAT WAY! Queens Chair — LADMSTT Clown Car w Sandy, Andrea, Laura, Tracy, Denise, Tina 1 hate these Crutches! Pals w GIO I luv rm. 302 Kristen " s and Cheryls duet Madrigals — 85 JR. Prom — Beach Florida w GANG Thanks MOM DAD Chris Paula luv you all SO MUCH! Sandra M. Smith Steven Soillis Robert Siccone Robert Siggens Simmons, Sally Duck 16 Thorndike St. 10 28 68 PSYCHOS! Cellar parties. WAL-LEX. RINKS.LE, DON ' T Whine! 18 Plu! Pocket Mirrors. No More Josh. DDL, LE, AS, SVV, and GT, I ' ll miss you! Bandanas. Out TABLE!! LE: T.A.G. GT and FP. LE and MM. DB and TH. Church steps. Purple sweatshort. Midget Men Attack! SADD I LOVE D.F. LY andher WO. Puke Mommy Flu. SW: Dream On. Thanx To Mary and Dad. I LOVE YOU! Skims, Harry M. 118 Ridg e St. 7 28 68 Loc ng forward to the summer of " 86 " after graduation. Beaches, Cape Cod, Parties, Faces dance club. Etc. Street noise, with a concert LOUD!! on the go STEREO SYSTEM. 61 Kirnberlee St. Coeur Tracey Stanley Stanton, Barbara Babs 10 Sunset Rd. 2 6 68 Hola SB! Kris, Kerri Janet Westfield — Ah Babra! " What a howl " Good hmes w Paula, Ann and the S + S gang Semi-Prom Marshfield " Stop That Car " Camping Ybk Thanks Mrs. G Fin — Latin3 -t Chem — our corner — Dan, ]ay — c ' mon it was a little funny — 2Johns, Scott Ray Special Pals! Suzi, 50 50 all the way, Mauz, k ris Stel — Thanks Mom, Dad, P,J,J,P,],S A — I Love you all! Stratakis, Stella 13 Daniels St. 5 8 68 And the balloons go up! G.K. E.D. L.R. V.S. E.S. C. S. M.S. M.D. D.A. D.Z. B.H. M.R. J.L. M.T R.N. H.L. D.aN. tyfagso 85! Ilya. Mom and Dad thank, you! I love you! y ' sand P ' ssapkel. IVLI.R. tyWlap. E.D. it was awesome! M.D. Summer, of. 1984!! D.A, ttkatv? itiwms (etlcstfp) idahsama NCC. LAFCMTP. itmhmad blglanagadlyjdsmo. mppppmsschkslydd esaapims jPS. K.L. that ' s bogus! M.L. YCF’! C.O. Tlmy. llmfry ' sou! Sheehan, Allyne T. Ly 22 Belknap St. 8 27 67 DB JB L E SW GT KC CS BB BA MA MC SS Codes Psychos 18 PLU CYB Chocolatae milk Pink Bubble Bath Centsy BVC AHBSL HHFHMF 7 C ' S rinks cellar Parties SG Tonic syndrome I want my MTV Blinders city Point Tm a yo-yo I ' m in Love again revenge Wal-Lex 10 28 83 Pocket mirror Thanx LB KF 8 27 85 D-day Stompers K-ParHes DT TC THDC SUM of 85 Maniac Luv ya Rose and all above Theodore Soter Allyne Sheehan Sousa, Laura 158 Summer Street 1 16 68 LAURA (LJ;LOLLI) Finally Made It! Class of 86 1 Bye AHS oh my God PARTIES REMEMBER: Dianne 8 4 85 JP 7 26 85 FOH; FT Joe Perry 1 20 85 1 26 85 NV 6 4 85 Aerosmith 2 14 84 12 31 84 Led-Zep TM, CC, MV, GC, AV, EV, TS, MF, CH, PJ, JR, DS, CUDDLES Swanson ' s Kincaide ' s House D: Mr. D Mrs. H Ms. G THANKS LOVE MOM, DAD, BILL, GRANDMA GRANDPAS Spencer, Benjamin SPENCE 188 Pleasant St. 11 4 68 " Some day we ' ll all look back on this and laugh even harder " Keep it casual D.F., M.N., M.S., M.P., M.H., J.D., A.W. and crew. Always remember " the contenda " , 9 No-Doz, the island, R.R.R., Thanx M.M., the 4th, 501, art deco, optimo, checker, slick. Cheap Trick, Paul Shaffer, zoot simms, sax, bike tnps, CCC, scary cinema frustrahng stories. Love to my P+ M. Take it easy, DAMN! Barbara Stanton Stella Stratakis St. Couer, Kym Kay-ci 167 Summer St. 6 16 68 D. Cain 85 lEU CH NB DI CM PC T PS S -h WT BM Never 4-Get me LB, KW, AW! Jimmy Snme-(-Lucy Nogreen 20 20 millas. 15 WILL GET YOU 20. O-TAY, Out of control. Intense! C-Town. R-PORT. IF MY CADI COULD TALK! California! Cliffy — Carol, MY FANTASY COOR IS 4EVER LOCKED! NEVER SURRENDER CAROL! YAMAHA 80 Q I LOVE YOU 4-EVA Carol, Mom and Dad It ' s been a heckuva year! Thanx! Stanley, Tracey 11 Twin Circle Dr. 6 23 67 JVsoftball hows the pancake Teen? Revere Beach w Trace? Q. bound Evrett? Di your a nut Steve hold this! Mikes house best of friends. T.C.T.C.D.F.M.S.M.P.S.S. ILY Darren — J.R. Prom T.C. ' s party S.J. wanna steal the bike? on the pour chw M. 352 Mike — she means well. I need r 5 bucks! She doesn ' t have a phone Thanks Dad, Di, York, Pete, Keith, ' T.C. Luv ya Ma ' s houses. P.R.I.P. Mom Mike — Tm out of here — 5 bucks!! GR — MaryLou a s Benjamin Spencer Laura Sousa 62 Michael Stretton Carolyn Sullivan Sullivan, Christopher Sully 19 Prospect Ave. 9 29 67 Thanks For Nothing AC Duff, Matt, Dolo, Mario, " RINK RAT " Sweeney Mike, Ken, Sollis, " The S Troop " N.E. Party, George, Whispes, JV Hockey, Cape Cod, Jez " Don ' t wreck My Car " Florida " 83 " JG, Halloween Party, Golf the 9th Hole " Trash Man " THE Beach, Mms Gallo, Running on Rt 93 " THE WALL " THE Quaries, THE marriot, D ean mans Cliff — Green Monsters THANX MOM DAD. Goodbye and thanx AHS Sullivan, Erin 168 Park Ave 1 29 68 " I learned some important things about people here. " . . . HOI! . . . kanasatka — all my mends — Thank you mrs. Z and Finn. Lovebirds of Cambridge’ " " Why can ' t I Live a Life for me? " — 1 Love you mom and dad. Sweet, Christine " Kwissy " 167 Woodside Lane 7 2 68 Dimpoos bleat NH Nantucket JED — hah eat you heart out! HAIRBALL you KNOW who you are " The Gang " Wal-Lex DC FOREVER Luv va Mr Cody! oh thats so cute! JG LE SW GT KT Studlev Shanghai HU GS JB DB AS JR SS JULES LM tpole JK Nice Quebec CREW cutey! WAHRir. prom PENGUIN! Hoi Lalonia DM NW FKM? notes Mr Drench W-man Does my makeup look ok? NEVER forget me AHS G SAmmy GGT WAKEUP! Dad Mom Nan Pop Thanx Luv Ya Taffel, Elizabeth 200 Broadway 5 8 68 I MADE IT! Sandy, Holly, Lori; Friends 4eva! VSsis 303 chats Fr. Yr; Elks; Trulv ’ " 1999. AM, JT, AR, JC. WAHR ' VOICE " M M ' s. HC? KW ME " HAIRDRESSER " SH! SWEET 16 VFW. PARTY UP CHIPS 84 JULY 84 Jake — Whitehorse; GG, ERha! 1 85 AEROSMITH. 5 24 MADE. M. Vmya rd 85 CHECQUITAHS cwc GH. Semis Proms. Wareham L, M, D: MEX. Sr Con- vention; SN, DM, KP, DM; BUD -h ANDRE LOOKOUT! SM. ByeAHS Thanx Fin Mr. C. Love ya Mom, Adam PK Stretton, Michael Mike 65 Kensington Pk. 11 28 68 Sr. Convention, droopy eyes, Ac. Decath.; Calif.? wknds, parties, the Square, " Hey, you got a problem? " evil twin, Daddy-O, Nuke, " too f ross! " braces 4ever, Accept, Mr. Vengeance, Freddy K., h.c. concerts, hrash till death! Guitar ' s not my life, OK? No more track! Fin, broccoli 4 birthday, " wicked sick " . Thanks 2 Mom, Dad everyone else. It ' s been real; let ' s do lunch! Sullivan, Carolyn 101 North Union St. 9 17 68 Best of Times with; Andrea Sandy Laura Cheryl TC TC DF. Volleyball Track. Manoment — the Cape Canada Milwaukee Senior Trip? New Years Eve in NYC ' 85 Parties — AP SS TC TC DF — 10 12 Micky D’s — LM USA Gymnasts ZOU — Fireworks 6 14 85 — Park Plaza?! Funnels — stands Goodluck to AnnMarie Kevin Janet Danny Kathleen. LOVE and Thanks to Mum and Dad. Goodluck class of ' 86! Christine Sweet Elizabeth Taffel Maura Sullivan Steven Sweeney Christopher Sullivan Erin Sullivan Sullivan, Maura Mauzi 11 Oak Knoll 9 27 68 Gymnastics League Champs Richie States Peeg Hoi Cally Hop Deep in The Faith G S Shows Me and BC SG! Dances New Years 85 RUBY KNOX BB Take It Home York John Dunny Ya Ayn Peytra Lee Babs I Love U Annie Jenn Marianne Sue Carolyn You Guys Are The Best I LUV YOU upya Bucket SMe I Can ' t Even Believe This Campin 86 Scott Gottap Oreos Ray MM Soy Dan Latin 3 PWCKQT Thanks I Love You Rich, Rache,. Lau, Jim, Jay, Mom Dad Sweeney, Steve Steve 66 Everett St. 4-1-68 FROSH BB JV HOCKEY Good Times AT PA HAMPTON BEACH GOOD LUCK DAZ MIKE TRACE TRICIA JIM JAY Long Live The Steve ' s Trio In 303 BYE MS HOGAN GRILL 1 BYE MRS GLIDDEN JANA DIANNE LINA CONNIE ANY ONE I MISSED GOOD COACHING MR HARRING- TON . . . TRACEY HOLD IT! . . . ME -t BARB TRACEY ' S FAMOUS TRIP TO EVERETT ON OCT. 7 1985 hold it tracey, TURTLE. KK-t-DAN DAN THANKS MOM -t DAD LUV YA SSSTBK 63 jacqui Tannian Ginger Terry Toomey, Kenneth Ken, Kenny, Sockit 11 Eustis St. 1 19 68 Nancy Chrissy Juliekins Rosie A1 — Where R The Green M M ' s? ’PARTY HiiCBl Amy James John — “We ' ll Do Lunch " — " Activate " Donna — Maggots 4fiva — M2 l — G S, Jazz — Montreal Wash DC Quebec — Tenors Rule The World — Hoi! — Squirrel Vapors — WAHR — SW BB LD JB JD LMc — Thanx Mr Smith! — Drama — Life Is An Audition — TrivPurs AfterSemi ’Prom’ No Appendix! STBW LEX. — Your Mom Dresses U Fun S S — Hi Col Pat — I Luv U Mom Dad ’Bye AHS’ Toodles Towle, Chris Towlie 50 Hutchinson Rd. 9 23 68 9 21 84 Joann. Golf — Ski Tnp — Bleachers SHOTGUN BC — Ice — PB YE — Lot. Jimmy JiBBA Snubs — JP VEZ B.S. Lishels Pilot Furious George. Farm. Grandad Mobile Home. Tennis Court. VEZ ' S Set me up Symmes. Rambo — JP with JD. Sna ' s New Year. Meyers All Dayers. Quarters — To The Sink. Tufts — Devo JP ' s Flat Tire Good Bye AHS Thanks for everything Mum Dad Love Chris Roger Traboulsy Celia Tracy Tremblay, Ellen 20 Alpine St. 1 28 68 " THE GOOD TIMES ARE FOREVER AND THE BAD TIMES FADE AWAY " The BEST times with David I love ya forever! " The Res " Come on now Donna, Yaz Day. Friends always DF, TG, NC, KM, KC, DF, MT, ES. Memories of Rich and Charlie, Never forget ya Hampton Whats Love Got to do with it? ITS SO SAD. WHY ME? I hate the mountains. So long AHS THANKS for everything Ma and Dad Tresilian, Phyllis Phvl 44 Kennelworth Rd. 6 3 68 First dance of 84 Let me out! junior nite THE BEST! McDonalds halloween 84, Good times w GG MM MT CQ LW JG CB Field Brook, CUPCAKE Time w Mike Freshman Semi w Paul, Revere, 4 Corners, Maria ' s Party — Sleepover WE ARE THE WORLD BEST FRIEND FOREVA, Lorie, EVJROF, LOVE THANKS To Ma DAD especially to NANA FUTURE BUS. Retail also to be (M.M.G.) Tannian, Jacqueline Smacky, Jake 9 Lome Rd. Arl. 6 15 68 I LOVE YOU PETER! SUMMER-85. GOOD friends, Kristin, Linda, Celia, Kelli, Elke, Rach. 303 CT, MT, LT, ST. NH SKI RH. SUMMER OF 84 CAPE LT JG ER JT HA! LD + BA. THOMMcCAN. Can Lake, the Pole. PJ ' s house. PJ JT BA LD at sh -t n Hvd DNDM! 25 ' S in Burl. JR Prom. The slime. Best sis Chrissy! RP the beach with PJ. Gonna have a blast! Wheres the cups? Mr. Ms. EE. IWALU — PJ! Hayaye! THKS TO MY FRDS! Terry, Ginger Gin 27 Orvis Rd. 5 19 68 I wanna go home! Wouldn ' t it be great? never mind I LOVE FRANK! Fur! Hmm! Pool parties, cellar parties, ironing boards? Sir Thomasth? Heman Hem. oops! DT go home! please? Fwankie! (sigh) mini-maggots! Psychos! LE, SW, BB, DB,AS, LD, Wallex FiFi (ogh!) Gym? Fanuel Hall Spencers (sigh) Stuck On You! Hee! Hee! Snap! Swaz! Bzz! 1 AM walks! (jogs?) pocket mirrors (ogh!GT FP) Kenneth Toomey Christopher Towle Traboulsy, Roger 40 Johnson Road 9 22 67 THANKS MOM -(-DAD FOR EVERYTHING. History With Starlazzi — GONUTS with CAL, MAL, WILLIE + THE GOOP — SHUTUP. Slept through most of High School. On to College now. Loned CUJOS class. MITCHELLS IBS is a sleeper. PHYSICS with CLOUGH is a roit. Tennis is great at SPY with THE GOOP, BANDAR, SIR HANI — THE PALES- TINIAN BAZOOKA. Great times at A H with THE GOOP MB, DS, KS, LL MB. Tracy, Celia 23 Lakehill Ave. 9 28 68 BEST TIMES W BEST FRIENDS, Elke, Kel, Kerry, Lee, Heather, Penny, Linda, Jacqui, Kristin, DK, TP, DM, Exit 14, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, LOST IN BOSTON, FRATS, DELIA, Lee? NH, MCSHITZ, 6allfoms!, chink red light, w Beach, touch the metal, slips 3$ Ahay!, DECA, LD B. Lee; CAPE COD HERE WE COME Florida bound, Sheraton w PL TF Be careful, Seth, were outta here. Thanks Love Ya MOM DAD! Big Kerry!!!!! Phyllis Tresilian Ellen Trembly 64 Tringali, Lorraine Marcie 47 Melrose St. 6 21 68 Summer of 85 WHB Hampton Best Times W DF, LR, KM, DF, SE, KE, RW, JF, MH, SC, PB, SB, JR, K, NC, El, DF, LD, CT, PL, KR, JT, PC, ED, PM, PV TTUBB The POND OVER KATHY ' S W Sand w KM DF EC never forget who ' s rocking the car? Over Laura ' s! MM241 Denise (ywgabs) Beth Goodtimes With BM, RM, DF. Mass Fats w KM the club house, Johnny ' s (NFYBD) Thanx Ma, Dad, Mel, Bren, Trace, Mark LUV YA ALL Truesdale, Jennifer Jen 307 Gray St. 7 6 68 MOSSGLEN FALLS 8 85 JP, SL, JT, AC, and SPUDMAN! Scott 5 21 83! BAND TRIPS 83-86 HOW BOUT A SWIM? Laconia WHO BROKE THE MIRROR? CD THE 4 SOME, just cuz! AMY LIZZIE; THE SCULPTURED TREES? HOLY FRU ' Shack ' s AND THE GYPSY THAT REMAINS FACES FREEDOM WITH A LITTLE FEAR, BUT 1 HAVE NO FEAR, I HAVE ONLY LOVE! RAMBLE ON! Lorraine Tringali Jennifer Truesdale Valk, Eli J. ' E ' 98 Sunset Rd. 11 25 68 EDCDMM All The Way together It ' s Been Great!: CKX 2JP MD SP BS MS SJ KD OCTOR BD SP KR PW — THE ROCKS: whaddaya mean we won? munchkin fight, ' 83 ' — chem. w CODY: our corner — BSCKPWVSJP — Wanna apple? — C.H.V.D. — Band Trip — LATIN 4 — B. Scouts: CSCCTJPHED -I- JD — NIAGARA — B.K.: Latenite Footbal — Pete Guy J + Carolyn — WALDEN — CANOBIE — ' 84 ' Hoop: Horn FROGS — FOOTBALL — BE GOOD — LUV UJJJAHJ i Vanderhoeven, Tom 23 Elwem Rd. 5-28-68 THE SOUL BROTHERS KP, SM, MM, CH, CG, KO. IRON MAIDEN AND AC DC CONCERTS. BLACK SABBATH RULES! I WONDER IF THOSE : MISSILES ARE ARMED WITH NUCLEAR WARHEADS. THE WARS . . . HIT! MCDONALDS THE IMPLEMENT SAUCE FIGHTS LOCKES POND ' THE FORT, JO, JH, KG, BT THE FIRE WHAT JAIL DO YOU GUYS WANT TO GO TO. CHINESE SCISSORS NIGHT FOOTBALL MUD WRES- 1 TLING. DON ' T WORRY ABOUT IT. Regina Vannicola Evelyn Venuto Vender, Brian Vez 30 Richfield Rd. 6 9 67 BETH 2-9-85 AHSV Hockey Nubie GBY VBaseball GTime Social Snub — BUDdies — Shotgun Shawi, Pres, Tolie, KP, SF, Pilot Fury ' s Cruises — Capebound Bleecners WCC Tennis Heiny, Rambo at Symmes Sea-7 BC- BLT Alldayers Quarters — To The Sink Tufts — Devo AFTA Som-game APt ' s — Almost B Pres. Well time to sign off, see-ya AHS. THANKS Mom Dad, Good luck Pete. Love, Bri Wadsworth, Ann Wadsy 25 Peabody Rd. 5-28-68 Buds: MG, JP, RB, IK, RD, MIK — Did Ya Get Nip? Camere! JP — Tm A Whoa! Alright. Bloody — ! Giuntarlo — awoobenng! Basic @PM: Boho, MG, RS — Happy Girl — LTV MorBusL Cape Study oiAD, IKPolka, R,K — Party — Sam Wanderer HSQ — Home? Fan Hall — Woman! Scoop! RB cottage H Kiss DrR? Cochiho! Put Up Your Arm! SunOn GrySt = Ru- jdabega! Hello Bill! Fargin — ! BBV3 = AVman, DC cmp PRAy! ! PointerMG bed VB?! = MyUt! FS BW T = RUN?! Thanks Mum Dad Eli Valk Thomas Vanderhoovan Venuto, Evelyn Eve Evie 303 Forest St. 7 10 68 CREAMPU FF Good Times w CS JR DJ HY JB KW AW LB Cheering 85-86 9-24-85 Soccer Party — BUSTED We Are The World PTKMLGKFSB Crisises — JB DRUNK! GOOBER! Left or Right! NITIKCUS — ZUCCHINI? KYEOTG Italy — 84 Fla — 86 SSLPCSLN Peeing Pom-Poms lock out — JR H — I CAN ' T FIND IT Bghms afta 6th KDTMDRBJDG Miss My Doc — MB Aoowks Mom Dad Grace -(- Nicky I love you! Brian Verrier 65 Jennifer Whitney Karen Williverth Washburn, Michael 146 Renfrew St. 9 3 68 DALLIN PARK ... JO, JF, JS, SL, JC, MP, MM, JO, RA, LS, BM, KC, JL, ! LC . . . Hey Wudy, wrap your lips . . . Spirt of “76 " with Jeff . . . Easy j Gunsmoke . . . Party at the park . . . MAX! . . . I ' m off that huge ... Hampton Beach . . . I ' m out a here!! AHS, Suk 5!! BCC, Swej . . . Mirak at the den with Gloria!! Hows your rug. Thanks Mom and Dad! | Wendell, Sara Swaz 61 Buena Vista Rd. 12 9 68 Wallex 4eva, PSYCHOS Rule! Suzuki Happy, City Pt Faces. LE GT BB DB JD MP LD JB AS DG EN MC EC DC CS MVBK TB CK SS TH MM FP CL i MK TB CKJ! Gang, Cellar Parties, Blk Death — Blue Bomb, Sara Syndrome, | Pool Party Drome Pool, BBQs! M2, RioRun, SQGRBOB? Keyboards — j lOyrs. KASHMIR, Pengo, Can You BElieve, yo, M ' shoe! Vampires, Guys?? 1 Thanx mom dad other parents. Pocket Mirrors, 18PLU, Otay!ES! LED I ZEPPELIN FOREVER!!!!! Anne Wing Janet Wen Michael Washburn Sara Wendell White, Peter 21 Puritan Rd. 2 1 68 All my friends, I love you. Man, Matt. Habitat: Long walks and screamers. Warrnth from trees. Where the hell are you. She ' s dead. Where d ' H aget the boot Jeff. CHOP. One of my daughters . . . THE BATHING CAl’. Pait, Mon. Our corner. Question. Tennis, G S. " It ' s not good " . The minister ' s chezze. Bloond. One ring to rule them all. 4 porches. Jim C. good luck. Thank you Mom and Dad. Whitney, David 141 Rhinecliff St. 4 7 67 I didn ' t get the homework done — sorry Buy candy for the club and be sure to show up for the meeting. Goodbye, BATS! Have fun in college! " No disk is REALLY protected, some just take more time " — The Mirror, 1985. Peter White David Whitney Whitney, Jennifer Jen 65 Wollaston Ave. Arl. 7 29 68 Oh ya!? Marianne — Ruby — Mauz — Annie — Suzi — Carolyn — I LOVE U! Pey — mv best friend forever — XO. Jr. Prom — John — never forget u. XO to JP — EW — ES — RD — NW — Tracey. Straight Edge — beautiful friends. Zac — thank u. Drama, Maggots, G S — Good News! The Trips! O my God iss me! Lisabeth. THANKS MOM DAD JILL — my best friends — ALL MY LOVE. G!by AHS — Hello World! GOD BLESS ALL! Willwerth, Karen 48 Grandview Rd. 11 15 68 Cheering 83-86, Linda Anne A41-14A Revere — Cape 85, Mr. Nice pan -I- S Greasy BohunK HK L MDHGM Dedham? Thanx Squad 86! CH, AW, DF, JR, LB, EV, DJ, KF, LH, KM, SB Luv ya guys mission Casablanca pouche dubfoesacakdovfo + nip comfortably numb soccor party — busted Eddie B, Holly, Elaine, Jane -I- Friends 4-eva I MADE IT! Luv ya Frank, Mike, Mom Dad thanx 66 Nancy Withbroe Heather Yurewicz Zuccala, Charles Zuke 10 Memorial Way 12 28 67 SOME GOOD TIMES DOWN THE PROJECTS NUTTY BUZZ STEVYBOY KR PG JCJTRN SS SPARKE ' M UP THE WALL uUDS FOR EVA. LOUS CL A — 1 CARE. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP ALAN ELEANOR JANE. TRAC — ANNE ZIPZI P KAREN O ' KEEFE MY SWEETY — DICKY MY MAIN MAN. TINA DON ' T FORGET DEC. 28 RULES. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT STEVY — KERRY — MARAE MY FAMILY BUT MOST OF ALL MY MOM. I LOVE YOU MOM. Kirn Sartelle John O ' Rourke Flores, A1 A1 44 Robins Rd. 117168 SOCCER THE WORLD ' S SPORT. THE CLASS OF " 86 " IS THE BEST. THE JUNIOR PROM. SENIOR PROM. YOU JUST DON ' T KNOW ' TIL YOU ' VE MISS O SHE WAS THE BEST IN " 84 " US IS 1 SONGS OF THE YEAR PARTYGIRL NEW YEARS DAY SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY WIRE. ZZTOP " MUNI " " PUTZA " " TRIKITRAKA " THE MEDFORD VS ARL SOCCER FIGT " KICK " THE PARTY AT KIMS SKIPPER CHRIIES PARTY. KEVIN NO MORE ” ”ATMLMA LAKA BUCK EDB GIRLS Hodgson, James Jim 24 Teel St. 7 22 68 Really Kev, I don ' t hate you. It may have been for the best Anyway, German Ho! (I hope). Good luck thanks to Dan, Tristan, Duke, Marty, Deanna, Cody. Go Survivors! Yes, Kellie, I shll care. Menkar Uaffadim, AKA the Centurion, is alive! (Shh — Don ' t let the Monitor know!) Anyway, diagram this — Anne L. Derika S. Withbroe, Nancy 14 Standish Road 4-29-68 Ntl Honor So. G S — Annie Get Your Gun, Carnival, GOOD NEWS Jazz — THIS child Maggots — Lot ' s Wife M2 Band trips — Jenn, I’ey, Parvs Boose — Mutanash Hoie crowd — Al, Cwissy, Julie, Rose, KT, Jim — Green M Ms tele-pole BBQ sq Vick — papajo luvs you Mike D — semi prom Mum-shr by hand Dad — MORE GAS. Chris Ah ' m faw yas oh Energy Hope Trust in God Believe in yourself Dare to Dream Yurewicz, Heather 47 Mott St. 4 22 68 1 Made It! Elke Celia Lisa Kelli Kerry Linda Kristen Penny EVKKJT WASHINGTON — hairdryer Whitechunks foot SPAZ The rm ' s on fire! QUEBEC HSH 94 Trigger-n-Roy. Wingersheak MC — Itz NOSE — Thank you Nina-n-Papa. E.S. SAW. PEGLEG Oh to give you ... I Challenge U LEFT or RIGHT? MissU Ma Pa. FLA NH GEEK JrProm CSExit 14 CUJO GEEK MEATBALL LuvYouMum Dad Rocco Erica. CLASS OF 86 George Zacharakis Charles Zuccala Sartelle, Kimberly Kim 166 Franklin St. 6 30 67 GF: KP MM LB KC PK MR SO DH GP: KC RW JF BJ DO K2 (SF) CD 5 12 84 PANTS, FB, Media, McD ' s, Cruising with Laura " CHANGES " " WRAPPER ' S DELIGHT " Soph Span, Jr. per. 2, Semi ' s and Proms, Mich the coke ' s on the bottom, WHAAT, HI I’ISSY, 1 want my FID! DER 12 19 83 Peter, John, Mike, Danny, Patch 7 29 85 DMMMLBBBA I LOVE you guys Mom and Dad THANKS GOOD LUCK SEAN!! O ' Rourke, John Webb 152 Renfrew Street 1 15 68 M.W., J.F., S.L., BUD, PIC, Wody, Edge, Stu, B.M., K.C., L.S., The Park, Lefaves House, MAH, Warmups, Benders, Bud ' s College Alfred Flores James Hodgson 67 Karen Perrier Perrier, Karen Nut, Dale 149 Park Ave. Ext. 1 30 68 DM DM Best Friends 83 Pick Ups LG PP Lots! Bullhorn Blazer Mr Mitten My BUDdies SaUsburv — DM LB PA — Hamp — DM — Florida — DM. Cabs RM DM RUSH-as-in?? Green Machine Kneewalk Wait For Me! Party-All- The-Time! BK — Mayo — Sorry Dot. Sr. Convention — DM LI SN DM, HUEY, K| MP JM Screaming Yellows DINA — BROOKSIE — STEVE Nuclear Plant Top Snow Star! Best Of Times. Mr. C. Who Had The Nuts Tender Yrs. Love-Ya — MA, DAD, JAY Carmichael, Brenda 44 Argule Rd. 10 24 68 The Stones 1 Lots of good times Glad to be out of here. Time to party forever. Later AHS. Thanks Ms G. Sneaky covos w DF about U know who! Bathroom bakes w DFMMSRSEKETT Busted by the fresh. Never live it down. Sequence telephone calls w MM and DF. Bagged Sneaking out by the units! Darcy, Kathleen Katie 138 Gardner St. 7 12 68 I ' ll always love you Michael 4-22-84 B.F. Debbie F.F. PG CF KN LFTM MB TE TP RN SR LG TS Hampton 85 Caniping w Karen, Lisa — Bah! Good times down the projects! Mush Scruffy Fink JR Prom — Party! 4-14-86 Tom Petty 85 Bruce is the Boss! Don ' t forget all the trips Lisa! 7-12-85 Tracw Chuckie Mully Chick! Thanks Patty for everything! K B. Thanks Ma, Dad family 1 love you all! 68 Melnichuk, Maria 38 Egerton Rd. 9 23 68 1986 — Senior, Finally Thank God! Pretty Awesome Year. Volleyball was AWESOME, To all my family love thanks. Hi, sissy + Val. Wed House C, Mr. ColloMB were fun, thanks. Friendsly ' s Lauren, Kim (Frog), Thanks — its Been Fun. LG TP Good Luck. Kevin I Miss Forever Love You, You ' re the best! Dad, Special Love + Thanks. Paula, Rhonda Chrissv, Best Wishes Love — Maria — K + Chic. O ' Connell, Michael Okie 24 Park Ave. 9 27 68 Okie you ' re born alone you live alone and you die alone unless SEAN decides to take you with him — going sick on a Satruday night — YOU don ' t need no education — bf ed, tim, Carvs, Burk — if only the good die young then am I going — I survived hampton 85 — just you wait nubby — if Life is a bowl or cherries then this place is the pits — wish I could start all over — Sherrin, Matt 189 Scituate St. 7 15 68 THANX AC Partners in crime + Duff Camping 84 5 " WHO ' S OKIE " Late Arrival ANDY GRIFFETH NIKKI wish you all were here weathers fine JP BO PD JD SC CD SL DC PV RC etc. PAULA CTown BA PL Hampton Humma Farm Pallavan meets Pallapole " see what happens " All we are is dust in the wind. Kidnapped! Knob hood lums Howie — G — harbor, PW " Well I ' m back " he said. Thanx EVERYONE. JUSTIN Spencer, Steven Spens 11 Cleveland St. 5 17 68 SS Don ' t worry about it OK Joe slow and easy That ' s The Way You DO IT smoke shows bakem I ' RHSS TS BS DK MB LM CM GM MM kenwork hard live long bud zoning BPS CA BK SA SM Ml 1 DL BC KC KS PC DS Cruising pick up chicks Lou class have fun girls 1 Love Ya keep on Trucking Thanks Mom Dad Sisters too Thornton, Stacy Babe 12 Harvard Ave. 7 28 68 CH, ID, TA, IT, PJ, KM, AO, Parties down the beach. CBS-123 MP 6-29-85 made a new person. 4-16-83 Red Sox Give me one more night, midnite Kikes Trish — DO NYT shop muffin Thomas PART-TIME LOVER- FOREVER Smoking in the girls room Fred Busted Tom Want to go out? J.S. Blind date How cute 1 made It guys Thanks Ma Uncle Boh mr all your help you to Elinor AHS SEE YA. 69 Cathy Anderson Jay Pirog Best Musician Regina Vannicola Dan Foskett Best Artist Astounding exhibition of artistry roaring with rhythm, trememdously talented 71 Ann Wadsworth Fred Morrison Class Clown Dottie Morine The Caggianos Best Dressed Patty Jammal Joey Roper King Queen of the Courtyard Rose Joe Kowalski Most Intelligent 72 Trisha Flynn Steve Caggiano Friendliest Kelly Ames Brian Verrier Best Looking Vicki Satlow John Dunlap Most Talkative Mark Paone Judy Reid Nicest Eyes 73 Joe Kowalski Vicki Satlow Most Likely to Succeed Brian Deveaux Katy Coughlin Best Combo of Beauty Brains 74 Bill McKeon Mary Ellen Bilafer Class Couple Ricci Arena Heather Flynn Most Athletic Kristen Lake Jack Paradis Most School Spirit Tom Apprille, Karen Willwerth, Mark Haskell Most Gullible You ' ll never believe it an inspiring production of enthusiasm Benjamin Spencer Most likely to shut doors on helpless women. Kathleen Doyle Most likely to say “Ah Babra " An open and shut case Never Outspoken 77 William Barrett Phys. Ed. Mary Barry English Caroline Banks Special Programs Louise Banner Art Kathleen Bogan Language Donald Bockler Science Marion Bond Media Marie Brady Media Thomas Brannelly Social Studies Madeline Brick English Ilene Bornstein Language s M Kevin Brooks Occ. Ed. 78 Alan Brown Special Programs Shelley Brugman Science Lucile Burt English James Brown Math Catherine Butler Business Julia Butler Media Johanne Cahill Math Pauline Carrara Language Renato Civili Occ. Ed. Claire Chitouras Media Bradford Clough Science 79 Johanne Coakley Guidance John Cody Science Richard Collomb Housemaster Robert Commins Math Charles Cook Occ. Ed. Lee Crowley Secretary Robert Commito Math Amelia Cozza Language Vincent D ' Antona Guidance Richard DeCaprio Housemaster Micheal Defino Media Carl DeMatteo Math 80 Mr. Dickerman Joseph Dillon Stephen Dlott Favorite Substitute Business Principal Marie Doughty Nurse Robert Dowell Occ. Ed. Kathleen Doyle English Peter Drench Social Studies Mary Dunigan Guidance Jeannette Eskedal Art Dennis Feign S.T.E.P. Harold Fairbanks Administrator Nicholas Ferentinos Science Pauline Finberg Art Elizabeth Fiorenza Math Lois Fisher Occ. Ed. Mary Fitzgerald English Elaine Foisy Language Arthur Foisy English Karen Frank Special Programs Elinor Freedman Special Programs Lorraine Freeman Math Louis Galante Occ. Ed. Joan Gallagher Secretary 82 Joseph Gand Music Shari Ghitelman Gym Ralph Giobbe Housemaster Ralph Gioiosa Occ. Ed. Dept. Chairman Rosemarie Gioiosa English Marcia Glidden Home Economics Jane Goodwin Special Programs Barbara Gorman English Dianna Gostanian English Edward Grandfield English Richard Hall Housemaster John Hanley Gym Charles Harrington Phys. Ed., Head of Dept. Maxine Hardy English Elaine Hassler Home Ec. Barbara Hayes Secretary Muriel Healy Business Carl Hendrickson English Marie Henehan Secretary George House Science Leslie Hurwitz Music Paul Jenney Administrator James Kelley Social Studies John Kent Social Studies, Head of Dept Doreen Kilday Math James Kearns Computers Donna Kirkland Business Mary Kokaras Guidance Athena Kutrubes Language Catherine King Home Ec. Robert Lavery Social Studies Martin Lane Business John Lennon S.T.E.P. Carol Lawton Science Mary Leonard S.T.E.P. Debra Levine Special Programs Helen Lyons Secretary Paul MacAuley Social Studies Milton MacDonald Guidance Weldon MacLeod Occ. Ed. Patricia Maher Secretary Ruth Mahon Volunteer Services Donald Manning Science Priscilla Martignetti Media 86 Frank Prusik Occ. Ed. Richard Quigley Phys. Ed. Dianne Rice Science Erank Roberts Drama Jane Rogers S.T.E.P. Donald Romeo Occ. Ed. Bill Rowsell Computers Lois Roy Secretary 88 Thomas Russell Trudy Sack Social Studies Special Programs Jeanne Scalese Secretary Pamela Shufro Special Programs Donald Sandrel li Business Anne Sandstrom Computers Barbara Slade Media Andrew Smith Music Edmund Storlazzi Social Studies Maria Spagnuolo Business Edward Sullivan Media Raymond Smith Language 89 Richard Surabian English Pasquale Tassone Music Gerald Thebodo Music James Tolland Special Programs Michael Toomey English I Mary Valerio Secretary Geraldine Tremblay Language Lorna Venezia Business Thomas Trevisani English, Head of Dept. Michelle Welch Guidance Nancy Urban English Mary White Secretary 90 Judith Garcia-Williams Language Allen Winecour Guidance Winifred Wohllebe Math Herbe rt Yood English Lunch Ladies Josephine Marcantonia Favorite Substitute 93 FOOTBALL Football Arlington 14 Burlington 0 Arlington 17 Waltham 19 Arlington 18 Malden 0 Arlington 14 Medford 21 Arlington 20 Cambridge 0 Arlington 10 Everett 0 Arlington 7 Newton North 20 Arlington 14 Peabody 21 Arlington 6 Revere 6 Arlington 7 Somerville 12 Frustration sums up the 1985-86 season. 27 Sr. players dealt well with the situation, though. Outstanding games were with: Waltham, Medford, Peabody and the Thanksgiving game against Somerville. There were 4 shutouts. Their mascot Mr. Goodfry and their coaches helped them to accomplish these feats. They thank the band, the coaches the fans for making f-ball all that it is. Sweetness Bill Boog Daga Devo Beak Henna Dez Ron AB Duse SK Larry Jimbo Okie Moose Gaz BG Fred Apes Flynnie Maid + Evrt How Sweet It Is Waltham??? Are you hurt? Well get there!! Night games?? Four mudbowls gotta Love It. The DEFENSE = 4 Wins + 4 shutouts. Buffaloes. Great Day!! Gazza I ' m telling the Globe you lost the game! Mind on ya business!! 10-0 ' 84 Dummy O -F D thank you Coaches Mr. Hanley, Mr. Dematteo, Mr. Dillion Seated; B. Broderick, D. O ' Neil, T. Desmond, Co-Capt B. McKeon, Co-Capt R. Arena, M. Paone, J. Chalmers, K. Pease Row 2: T. Martins, R. Flynn, A. Billis, B. Hart, T. Apprille, M. O ' Connell, S. Kenney, M. Hanley, S. Morrison, ]. Lawson Row 3: Head Coach ]. Hanley, B. Deveaux, ]. Henebury, R. Nigro, E. Doucette, C. D ' Agostino, R. Powell, J. Hutchinson, T. Pacheco, J. Maldonis, R. Gazza Row 4: M. Tighe, P. Burke, D. McLaughlin, S. Andon, B. Stachelski, £. Chalmers, ]. Rigazio, K. Daley, D. Fleenan, S. Cooney Row 5: Coach C. DeMatteo, D. Marochello, T. Legere, N. Hanley, B. Kerr, E. Soldatelli, J. Defeo, B. Coveno, A. VanVught, Coach ]. Dillon GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY 1985-86 Season Arlington 15 Chelsea 50 Arlington 15 Everett 50 Arlington 28 Somerville 27 Arlington 28 Malden 27 Arlington 31 Peabody 26 Arlington 32 Revere 23 Arlington 40 Medford 19 2 Wins — 5 Losses This 1985-86 season proved to be exciting for Girl ' s cross country track team. They beat Medford with a margin 21 points andj t, ' .. Somerville with 1 point to spare. Ronnie, their mascot, kept spirits up when all seemed lost, and they never gave up hope. Among many things, they ' ll remember the state meet. AHS Harriers 1985 and Wallyloops!. The Team — Jenny, Kelly, Kim, Katie, Jen, Holly, Kerri, Purvi. PACKAAK! WollyLops — Indians. Allstars LSH Ronnie our Mascot. New Uniforms? Limeric- kies Forever. Whats you Opinion " M " More Dead Animals Get A Life? Have you packed for state meet? Smile for the camera! Legwraps by trainer Third to last again Menotomy AHS Harriers 1985 Coach McElearney, K. Reid, K. Sullivan, J. Pritchard, K. Grannon, H. Rossetti, J. McAllister, Coach Morissey BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Kneeling: Nils Fonstad, Joe Kowalski, Andy Junas, Chris Kennedy, Kevin Kearn Row 2: Coach Jean Morrisey, Dennis O ' Brien, Joe Milne, feill Grannan, Paul MacElearney, John McGah, Mike Pacheco, Mike Perozek, Peter MacElearney, Dave O ' Neil, Peter Howard, Diego Fonstad, Coach Ralph MacElearney GBL CHAMPS and LEAGUE MEET CHAMPS 4GBL All Stars State Meet What am I doing in first!? Take a left at the CHURCH! It looks like a church!! Hurri- cane Gloria If the town can ' t do it we will!! Thanx Mr. Howard! Bring on Revere! Climb telephone polls much? Did you see Kyle ' s hair? What about a PARTY for the CHAMPIONS!? And where the heck are our JACKETS!!! UM 1985-86 Season Arlington 15 Chelsea 50 Arlington 15 Everett 50 Arlington 15 Somerville 50 Arlington 15 Malden 43 Arlington 22 Peabody 33 Arlington 26 Revere 33 Arlington 20 Medford 36 7 Wins — 0 Losses " Dedication care yields well earned recognition " Coach MacCIearney ' s dedication care saw Boys cross country through the season. They excelled, " Taking it all " in meet. They ' re esp. round GBL League Championships participation State neet. The mascot the wolf the songs " marathon " and " in the air tonight " inspired them all to success in the 1985-86 year. 98 GIRLS SOCCER Sitting: Linda Gaffey, Briget Rodriguez, Jill Amenkowicz, Karen Powell, Katie MacPhee, Rhonda Siggins Row 2: Beth Bezrd, Tracy Chism, Darlene Chebetor, Cally Gwon, Katie Kenney Row 3: Laura Vigoroso, Holly Foskett, Sarah Bean, Lisa Crewe, Kelli Fitzmaurice Nelly Santana, Teri Turner, Coach Jim O ' Toole 1985-86 Season Arlington 1 Arlington 4 Arlington 3 Arlington 2 Arlington 2 Arlington 0 Arlington 2 Arlington 3 Arlington 3 Arlington 0 Arlington 0 Arlington 0 Arlington 1 Arlington 1 Arlington 0 Wakefield Burlington Reading Lexington Belmont Wakefield Reading Burlington Lexington Wakefield Burlington Reading Lexington Belmont Winchester 5 wins — 8 losses — 3 ties The best team performance of tbe season for ' Girl ' s Varsity Soccer was in Winchester this year with score of 1-0 at Vi time. A switch of goalies also proved significant at Wakefield game. 85 86 set best team record since the formation " of the team at A.H.S. Sr. captain Sarah and 2 Junior capts. worked in cooperation to achieve this feat. Unlucky, Just don ' t touch it. The Wonder Wagon, That ' s a Crewe trap, Jim you have , What did he say? Cold Blooded OHHO-ohho: ohh o-OHHO, V of Q, Tidier Bob BRUHAHAHA, " We are healthy, we are hearty, we will win, and then we ' ll party! " nm jpfK i ii K 101 BOYS SOCCER Arlington 1 Brockton Arlington 1 Waltham Arlington 7 Quincy Arlington 4 No. Quincy Arlington 2 Everett Arlington 1 Chelsea Arlington 3 Peabody Arlington Malden Arlington 3 Somerville Arlington 1 Medford Arlington 2 Everett Arlington 1 Chelsea Arlington 5 Revere Arlington 6 Revere Arlington 7 Peabody Arlington 5 Malden Arlington 0 Somerville Arlington 2 Medford 12 wins — 2 losses — 4 ties North Sectionals First Round; Arlington 2 Shawsheen 1 Qrtr Finals; Arlington 0 Andover 3 " Producing goals tiheir overriding goal! " ' The 1985-86 season was surprising for th team. They lost 4 all stars still finished 2nd in the league! The record of 13-3-4 put coach Giroux ' s team into the state tournament for the 5th straight yr. Although, their leading scorer. Jay, became injured, the team played a strong and determined yr. Chris K, Jay P, Jim R, Mike E, Marty D, Dan D, Mark L, SKIPPERS, 12-2-4! Spacio Muni! Poutsa! Pass De ball! Come on ahh ok ahh let ' s ahh play ahh . . . Remember the party that almost was! 9 21 85 Poutsa Party ' 85 This Ref stinks Marty Dan are getting splinters. What happened to the cases? BEAT! BEAT! BEAT! UGH (Who we playin?) Thanks Mr. G. front row: Cants. ]. Kennedy, J. Roper, J. McGuren row 2: C. Panitsidis, J. Pirog, M. Ercolini, D. Doherty, A. Flores, D. Perez, C. Kennedy, J. Antonakis row 3: T. Amar antidis, D. Gerra, J. Goodwin, N. Pesiridis, E. Simeonidis, M. Devine, T. Page, J. Falcone, B. Parrillo, A. Kennedy, Coach K. Giroux not present: M. Lokenskard FIELD HOCKEY Front row; Capts. Heather Flynn, Katie O ' Rourke Row 2: Irene Kounelas, Rachel Beaton, Kerri Anderson, Janet Powers, Kristen Conroy, Laurie Murphy, Mary Ellen Bilafer, Rosario Dominguez Row 3: Coach J. Meribido, Michelle Sullivan, Andrea McKenney, Maryanne Buckley, Cathy Duddy, Veronica Jordan, Karan Gray, Carol Cronin, Mary Kate Dooley, Coach Pam Spencer, Coach Beth Long 1985-86 Season Arlington 5 Malden Arlington 2 Revere Arlington 2 Peabody Arlington 3 Brookline Arlington 4 Everett Arlington 1 Fenwick Arlington 0 Malden Arlington 3 Revere Arlington 1 Peabody Arlington 4 Brookline Arlington 1 Everett Arlington 1 Fenwick Arlington 2 Malden Arlington 1 Peabody Arlington 1 Fenwick 10 Wins — 5 Ties klorth Sectional First Round: Arlington 0 Woburn 2 The girl ' s field hockey team defeated many difficult teams to become GBL Champions Tor 1985. Outstanding performances ' were turned in by the entire team, but the .seniors especially stood out. Their enthusiasm and spirit helped carry the team to victc y! Whether fending off an opponent or surviving schopl days in kilts, these girls, sparkled! 85 GBL CHAMPS 11-0-4 FO Woburn KO HE MEB LM VJ KA KC JP RB IK RD We Are Pretty! i am WEAK!! camp 85 (its a man) If You Just Dare Me BONKERS DUB iki bo liki shliki bus rides decorating kilts to school 4 laps — 4 more? THANKS (miss) Pam Joanne Beth!!!!!!! good luck MD MB MS AM KG CD GASP at realities Ladies. 104 Wet T-Shirt Contest ilirr- ilTil •tSS! g;, pit S’ J a. 1 it 1 VOLLEYBALL 1985- Arlington 2 Arlington 2 Arlington 0 Arlington 0 Arlington 1 Arlington 1 Arlington 2 Arlington 0 Arlington 2 Arlington 2 Arlington 1 Arlington 2 Arlington 0 Arlington 1 Arlington 2 Arlington 2 8 Wins 86 Season Ham-Wenham Melrose NO Reading Lynnfield Lexington Cambridge Ham-Wenham Stoneham Melrose No Reading Lynnfield Cambridge Stoneham Masconomet Masconomet Lexington - 8 Losses It was an anxious yet triumphant year for the Volleyball team. All members including 12 seniors gave their best effort, and the season ended with a final score of 8 wins and 8 losses. The 3 hour bus ride to Glouster was a boistrous event as they sang the ' team song, " OH, OH SHEILA! . . . They have a word to sum up their season — " PSYCHED!! " Marie, Judy, Maria, Sandy, Liz, Dionne, Linda, Chris W, Lisa, Elaine, Chris K, Kathy: Crippled-Coach: Who has her own friends. Bifted again Elaine. Dete: " OH SHEILA " ; Quick pepper! 3 hr Bus Ride to Gloucester; Physched! Liz " Don ' t wiggle it just give it to me! " " Why does Liz think you have something to say? " Sum KA NEXT YEAR! front row: Sandy Smith, Marie Giunta, Judv Reid row 2: Maria Melnichuck, Dionne Toppi, Christine Withbroe, Elizibeth Terry, Lisa Henderson, Elaine Grimanis, Christine Kelley, Coach Kathy Basteri MAJORETTES Katy, Karen, Jane, Kathleen! This year was definitely Different. Mystic Valley Parkway. Joseppe Surfin USA This STINKS. This is AWFUL. Kelly ' s Sleepover. Two Tone Women Miss You Alot. Becky etc. Elton John Boots Where ' s Katy? Smile Cheryl White turkey! Fire Batons? When do I start Katy? GoodLuck KB JF Miss You Guys Thank God it ' s over!!! Never Again! Kneeling: Karen McCarthy, Capt. — Katie Coughlin, Kathleen Doyle, Jane Heffernan, Row 2: Evelyn Nolan, Mary Murphy, Cheryl Silva, Debnie Hand, Julie Fury, Kelly Brennen 108 GRAY SQUAD K. Nozawa, D. O ' Halloran, A. Salipante, T. Messuri, J. Constantin, E. Kelly, Coach P. Finberg, C. Murphy, K. Chiara, D. Lombardi, M. Salipante, K. Ortwein Kneeling; IK. Lake, Cptn. Thanks Fin — we ' ll miss you! The best of times 2-getha, Good luck to juniors — we ' ll miss you! Don ' t fret, you ' ll be great. Remember Dallas — the best! Games competitions. We had some bad times, but the good ones made up for them. Hey Mom.. I mean. Fin . . . MAROON SQUAD Kneeling: Anne Wii — Capt., Cheryl Heenan — capt., Karen Willwerth — Debbie Fitzgerald standing; Evelyn Venuto, Kim Malatesta, Sharon Bass, Jill Robbio, Kelley Forshay, Liz Higgins, Linda Bergin We R The Latest Fad L-squad We R The World LETSPARTY! 9 22 85 Bagged Jabba, noneed lOinaCamaro? Ants moverubbertrees temp suspension More Awards! Snakerampon foggyb = rooms R G w out a doubt Wakeup, go to practice! BayStateGames WHAGHT! Car Wash rokathonPouchymounts- notqualified x masundies WeAllHaveDetention Who tped AHS? WeDidIt! GoodLuck Jrs WeRfamily Thanx Cheryl Karen BOYS BASKETBALL Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington 56 Cambridge 74 50 Brockton 67 64 Waltham 73 49 Billerica 48 (OT) 60 Quincy ' 47 58 . Chelsea 61 56 Peabody 47 42 Revere 37 72 Somerville 62 46 Everett 57 55 Malden 68 66 Medford 53 59 Chelsea 69 46 Peabody 47 61 Revere 53 49 Somerville 54 76 Everett 62 62 Malden 46 70 Medford 58 62 Billerica 52 season record 11-9 This year was a fun one for the basketball team. They gave all the teams good games and excluding one loss, they were in the tourney. They kept up with Cambridge and Brockton and outscored them in 3 quarters of each game. They knew they were good. After a few losses they soved some communication problems and had more fun and also more wins. They thank the spirited cheerleaders and fans for a great reason. SWEETNESS HENNA BLADE BASKET ICE STIEE OEEA loonball DK Mr Ex- citman Spacecowboy Xman Beatle Therm Meat WKMGR Xs up you shoot first Where ' s the PT At How You Be JMSAH Dow ' s 90 ETER Newton + Arlington Nauset Down Again HEY FELLAS H.C. ' 76NOBS FELLAS Splinta Where ' s the HANES? Their Ball Migual Meat you ' re out of bounds B (OFFA) Short CAMB MED EVRT Row 1; B. Hart, M. Bisquets, J. Roper, R. Arena, J. Hennebury, M. Eisel, E. Doughty Row 2: Coach ]. Cody, D. Kerr, M. Aumuller, B. Looney, P. Maxsundian, G. Landry, K. Daley, J. McGah GIRLS BASKETBALL Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlinj54 Arlingtc Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington TrocRton 73 ■ Waltham 59 Wilmingtori ' 37 Quincy ; 62 Chelsea 50 Peabody ■ 47 Somerville 58 Everett 59 Malden 33 Medford 73 Chelsea 38 Peabody 71 Revere 56 Somerville 44 Everett 54 Malden 69 Medfor ' 45 BUleiSea- season record 14-6 T ournamenT Record: 35 Acton-Bbxboro 47 Capt. Ann w. lead the team into II VICTORY 1985-86 yr. They beat 38 Everett by 2 pts, Chelsea by 4 jg pts, Sommerville by 34 pts, , 64 Revere as well, with a total of 20 rebounds. Outstanding games ' 50 were with Everett Chelsea, thanks to " V. Jordan. Their mascot , 30 j|p s Judy the Gerbil, song ..was Amadeus, their coach was a 45 ool guy " Veronica, Ann, Marie, Judy, Janet, Tracy LC, L LO ' C, LT, LD, LG, CT, KF, CL. GAMES BUSRIDES: Rock Me Amadeus! lolipops, JR JT — Ugh! PRACTICE?: set a pick! GET a flask while we E-shot-we know! Theycall her Becka!! Run, it ' s the Chowmaster! JRthe Gerbil. SWEP! Wrong attire, sorry. V-Cut? Retire to the rafters! Best BW ' s around. Thanx Dr. SHARI! Announcements — Where ARE THE EANS? Janet Powers, Tracy Campanale, Capt. — Ann Wadsworth, Veronica Jordan, Judy Reid, Lisa Crewe row 2: Manager — Rosario Dominguez, Christine Lee, Lisa O ' Connell, Lwnn O ' Connell, Kelli Fitzmaurice, Euzibeth Terry, Linda Dempsey, Cherly Therault, Linda Gaffey, Manager — Melinda Simms, Coach — Tom Sheehan 116 HOCKEY Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlin on Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlin on Arlin on Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlin on 3 Brockton 4 Waltham 5 Quincy 4 No. Quincy 2 Newton 5 Camb. Rindge 2 Brookline 9 Revere 6 Medford 6 Peabody 6 Everett 2 Somerville 3 Malden 10 Revere 2 Medford 4 Brockton 4 Peabody 3 Everett 6 Somerville 9 Malden season record 17-2-1 Tournament Record; 5 Swampscott 5 Marblehead 6 Chelmsford 2 Medford The 1985-86 hockey season has proven to be very successful. The Ponders achieved the title of G.B.L. Co-Champions and reached the semi-final round of the state tournament, only to lose to Meford in a bitter defeat. These accomplishments truly show that hard work and dedication pay off. GBL-CO-CHAMPS — 20-3-1, Gauntlet Fellas — Give a Bump, Take a Bump, Wow, Wow, Headbands, 2-to the GARDEN, Ratings, Ugandas, Cheverons, Power-Play, Quick-turns, Seniors — Fly Boy, Apes, Devo, Gord, Moose- Miller, Vez, C-B, Shaw, C-Johnny Moses, Furdog — The Pleasure was all yours!! Wow Seated: T. Apprille, B, Deveaux, M. Goulian, Capt. B. Shaw, Capt. J. Pres ton, B. Verrier, M. Paone, D. Lemos, K. Piandes, Standing: Coach E. Burns, Asst. W. Bartholemew, M. Mead, B. Tenney, R. Kelley, P. Krepelka, M. Bryant, Asst. Coach J. Powers Milne, C. MacPherson, S. Cooney, P. Verrier, GIRLS INDOOR TRACK B. Morgan, L. Murphy, I. Kounelas, D. French, H. Flynn, K. Conroy, J. Heffernan, J. Pritchard, J. Radochia Row 2: Terry Turner, H. Reisz, C. Gwon, K. Reid, M. Paquet, M. Arena, K. Fitzgerald, K. McMahon, L. Mahoney Row 3: K. Sullivan, C. Kristo, K. Powell, R. Siggens, C. Kelley, P. Tierney, A. Prendagast, N. Rudd Back Row: Coach J. Hanley, K. Lahiff, K. McGrath, L. Vigoroso, L. Riberio, J. O ' Rourke, K. MacPhee, Coach C. French Missing: Katie O ' Rourke GIRLS ' INDOOR TRACK Arlington 72 Chelsea Arlington 51 Arlington 49 Arlington 51 Arlington 58 Arlington 60 GBL CHAMPIONS 6 Losses Medford Peabody Somerville Malden Revere Wins The completion of an undefeated season by the Girl ' s Indoor Track team spoke for itself in|p5 86. What sometimes seemed like a potentially difficult meet turned out to be an easy win for the AHS runners. Many of the girls alsare]5resented the team well in fKe State and the Northern Area meets. Head coach Hanley, Coaches DeMatteo and Dillon, and assistant coach French should be commended for their hard work ... it paid off! GBL CHAMPS — 861! KATY LAURIE DENISE HEATHER KRISTEN IRENE JANE JENNY JULIA BETH — captains! Somerville: states — nothern area — in the sun!! NICO LA — BRATTLE!! CK LM RS TJ CG MA JO KM KM NR KR KP KS!!! THANKS Mr. DematteoMr. Hanley Kathy Mr. Dillon — STANDINGO BOYS INDOOR TRACK BOYS ' INDOOR TRACK " RECORD Arlington 77 Everett ' 9 Arlington 63 Medford 23 Arlington 49V2 Peabody Arlington 68 Chelsea 3 Arlington 66 Somerville " 0 Arlington 74 Maiden , 5 , Arlington 50 Revere 36 GBL CHAMPIONS 7 WINS — 0 LOSSES This was a terrific year for this commanding team of runners. They put their minds and muscles work won the G.B.L. titf Another achievement in siich meete as with Peabody was the relay . ' . Many senior rr mbers were to thank for such a ' grand season. A few inspirational songs which pushed these guys alon Wpre the Bfedy Bunch, Turn Bets T!|e Other : ay, and - Workin My y, " which sums up their season of triumph. GBL CHAMPS ITS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING! The Back of The Bus Bus Driver Bus Driver. Who Spit Like Those Team Warm Ups! What warm ups? Take off Those Stupid Walk Mans! Those Pre-Meet speeches really helped — " Go out There and compete hard — But don ' t embarass Me or our Town " It Finally happened Thanx Coaches! Row 1 : S. Morrison, R. Gazza, C. D ' Agostino, A. Junas, J. Keelan, J. Kowalski, B. Si ins, R. Nigro Row 2: S. Catanzano, C. Kennedy, J. Chalmers, B. Broderick, D. O ' Neil, Stsekios, C.S. Kennedy, A. Rizzo Row 3: K. McNeil, T. Page, T. Alderson, D, Claire, B. Chase, E. Chalmers, D. Marochello, M. Pacheco, J. Smith, Coach C. DeMatteo Row 4: J. Lucero, P. MacElearney, J. Camel, M. Perozek, M. Majeski, M. Powell, D. Fonstad, ]. Moore, R. Garrity 122 GYMNASTICS Arlington 68.45 Arlington 74.95 Arlington 74.8 Arlington 62.6 Arlington 85.3 Arlington 80.6 Arlington 78.7 Revere Peabody Medford Burlington Masconomet Belmont Brookline 80.70 82.7 71.9 103.1 114.6 80.3 81.4 season record 2-5 Two graduating seniors of ' 86 stand out as your " better than average " gymnasts. Kathy Daley received honorable mention after the team broke all records won the league meet in ' 84- ' 85, and Maura Sullivan became the All-Scholastic Globe award winner. The following season was plagued by illness injury and they lost many gymnasts, but a few meets were won, as courageous rebuilding process thrives on . . . M INVASION of 89! FROSH LEAGUE CHAMPS — STATES WHERE DID EVERYBODY GO? CRAZYWOMAN _ B + M D — WOMAN IT UP — GO FOR IT — CHUCK IT — BONNIES SURPRISE! ITS NOT A PAD, ITS A MAT! CUMBA — SHARONS BACK! ILLNESS INJURY — HOW WILL 1 KNOW? WHERES BILERICA? SCARY MEDFORD MEN — HOI! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE — SHA WE LOVE YOU — Thanks STEVE WE LOVE YOU, WE ' LL MISS YOU KEEP SMILING! Kneeling L to R, P. Deorio, K. Thompson, E. Nelson, ]. Pernetta, M. Vincent, D. Riccutti, J. O ' Rourke, S. Carrol Back Row L to R, Coach S. Swanson, N. DeVellis, M. Jackson, B. Tracey, Capt. B. Baratta, Capt. M. Sullivan, B. Powers, K. Hogan, D. Miller 124 SWIMMING Arlington 56 Arlington 39 Arlington 40 Arlington 78 Arlington 41 Arlington 86 Arlington 92 Arlington 131 Arlington 131 Arlington 46 Arlington 37 SWIMMING M den Medford Salem Cambridge Peabody Middleboro Blue Hills Lynn English Lynn Classical Saugus Northeast Reg. 44 Season Record 5 Wins — 6 Losses One word to describe this year ' s Swim team? SPECTACULAR! They had then- best season in over four years, finishing with a 5-6 record. Encouragement from Coach Paul Masi gave an added incentive, and the additions of Mike and Dave Wayte also proved invaluable to the team ' s victories. However, not one individual deserves all the credit. Each person made their own contribution, be it through points, cheers, words of encouragement or even food; this combined effort made the Swim team one of the most spirited teams at Arlington High. ROCKS RULE! WE WON? Its about time! Orange awards, bus rides w B-52 ' s Big Chill, RickaRackaChi-Phil, our diver! Whats your time? How to be! 5:30 AM PRACTICE? pray to Allah — Warm-up — 500S, K, P — Handpaddles? Pyramids, oldies but goodies, Hawaiian day, uh, Paul — nice suit? House parties — Jen ' s chicken brownies — Work with me, John! C ' mon all you cowboys! Thank you Paul Tom! Kneeling: Capts — Suzi Phetteplace, Terry Gampp, Alison McConnell Row 1: Coach Paul Masi, Eli Valk, Colin Maclellan, Jennifer MacAllister, Rachel Beaton, Katy Tierney, Dave Wayte Row 2: Asst. Coach Tom Mulane, Paul Jackson, Robert Dussi, Dave Cabral, Phil Hughes, John MacAllister Row 3; Rachel Whitaker, Ellen Missing — Mike Wayte 126 PEP RALLY WHITE SQUAD 131 MARCHING BAND COLOR GUARD BAND 134 lliltiir ' s ORCHESTRA CONCERT CHOIR 136 JAZZ MADRIGALS DRAMA CLUB 140 SENIOR LIFE Senior Semi-Formal The Senior Semi-Formal was held at Montvale Plaza on February 1, 1986 142 1 A A i ' wnnn We all get up for school (Ack!) but nobody does it in the same way. Everyone, of course, gets to school, be it by bus, car or on foot. And if you make it to homeroom without having the door slammed in your face, then you begin the day, spending it according to your individual fashion. After school is when we have a chance to be ourselves. Some are involved in athletics, some prefer dramatics, and some hold after school jobs. Some, however, prefer to do absolutely nothing. Is there life after school? Of course there is; and for many of us it entails some type of part-time job. Whether it be flipping burgers at the McDonald ' s grill or scooping out M -I- M chocolate ice cream at Brigham ' s, part-time jobs are very important to the Arlington High School student. Katy O ' Rourke, McDonald ' s Vicki Satlow, Decelle ' s Debbie Riley, Papa Gino ' s Ken Toomey, Stop Shop 146 Who doesn ' t work at Baybank? Bob Siggens, Brigham ' s James Burke, Stop Shop Steve Crowley, Brigham ' s Carol Hogan, CVS 147 “Concluding after thirteen years ' run in Arlington Public Schools . . . Non-stop learning combined with real life drama . . . Presenting a mature, polished and confident group . . . deserving of eight stars ... A rating. " Michelle H. Welch House A “The class of ' 86 is a mindblowing mix of laughter and love . . .a class act. . . a success, a super thriller . . . performances that were nothing short of wonderful . . . wit, flair, style . . . a must to wish the best in life! " Pauline Finberg 148 mmsT CRAM! suuatcUn I High Hopes NOTES, INC. t 14,.- J -schooi A zipluesT ..farewell 153 1 STEP Superlatives ■ ■ ■ • ' ■ IT®;- • ■ :» girl boy Best Looking Renee Perry Craig Wood Most Likely to Succeed Christina MacDonald Matt Shearer Most Athletic Donna Sulesky ' Andy Canniff Nicest Eyes Colleen Connor John Hand Nicest Smile Colleen Shaw Chuckie Steele Friendliest Pauline Costa Brian Malone Most Talkative Cathy Howell BiUy Guarente Best Dressed Vicky Lingly Mike Delea Most Gullible Jan Lanosa Mike l edmond 155 S.T.E.P. Students clockwise; A. Canniff, D. Fitzgerald, H. Saparott, R. Perry. December 19, 1986 158 On Thursday, December 19, 1985, S.T.E.P. students and staff hosted their annual Christmas dinner. The meal consisted of hot turkey and all the trimmings including an assortment of desserts. The dinner was prepared and served by the students under the guidance of S.T.E.P. staff Jane Rogers, John Lennon and Dennis Eeigen. More than 100 guests enjoyed a wonderful holiday feast. 160 161 CHESS CLUB ART CLUB A new and noticable attraction by the Art Club this year. In a talent roundup, they drew a mural of diversified AHS students and their activities. There ' s more, a painting exhibition at Oktoberfest, Thumbbuddies and a trip to see a Renior exhibit are a few of their activities this year. 1985-1986 Has been a successful and productive year thanks to members and officers. : ■ ■ - - _ _“«i Top Row (L-R) Aimee Bedo, Peter Vinton, Picasso, Ann Gagnon, Rembrandt, Mrs. Eskedal, Lisa Tosi, John Gallagher, Liz Terry, Jean Chu (L-R) Rich Davis, Freelan Abbott, Charles Valenga, Tim Olefsky, David Whitney. The chess team is available to any student interested in the game of chess. Activities throughout the 1985-86 season include continuing play and competition among all members. They work on strategies and individual maneuvers. Every player contributes skills and talents essential to the team ' s framework. “Artificially, progressively, technologically intelligent! " AHS computer club placed 1st Computer Science Contest. Meaningful events are: computer museum visit, international, and AHS program contest. Apple software swap, core-war-warp, and American Computer science league participant. The Computer club is new and active and extremely talented. Five seniors and Eric Bailey saw the club through a remarkable year. (L-R) Jon Groves, Mark Chaves, Mike Sheldon, Jim Hodgeson, Ann Gagnon, Ben Drucker, Chris Eyecamp, David Whitney, Fredan Abbott. Mr. Faz; “If you vote for me. I ' ll vote for you. " ; Do we have to debate?, DB; High powered, long ranged, high velocity water cannon fights; “Can you go to the meeting today? 1 can ' t. " ; “Think he ' ll be mad? " ; “Let ' s spend our money! " ; JMD, pres.; D.D. Vice prez (?); SA sec.; DB tres. freshman? where! (L-R) Damion Williams, Susan Adamian, Dan Foskett, Deanna Barmakian, Martin Devine, Mike Stretton, Adrian Heilman, Adam Stein 163 COMPUTER CLUB DEBATING CLUB Distributive Education Clubs of America — Can we open the store today? Bells, Candles MUSHROOM THROWING!!! Gold District Conferences — 7 winners — on to the States and hopefully Nationals! Good Luck Seniors! Thanks for a Great Year Mr. Sandrelli!!! (L-R) Phyliss Tresillion, Evelyn Venuto, Kerry Rae, Debby Kelly, Celia Tracy, Leon Garcia, Linda Desousa. (L-R) Scott Lever, Shanthi Mutai, Vicki Satlow, Mark Lokensgard, Mark Newcombe, Dan Foskett, Martin Devine, Mike Mead. Advisors: Mr. Foisy Mr. Kearns. Hey, I can live in a small town! Duke titan ' s taxis Wastebasket from Hell!! We ' re elitists you ' re ! Marty discovers that salvation is no longer an option Aaahhh . . . Mr. Foisy to the main office Lordy this this pizza bites! Thru the nose, Kurnz Smurf of a B.P.AVhere are Dave ' s gloves? Thane of what?? Soddish tragedy classifieds where are you Eric? Club members (esp. Sr ' s) have dedicated time energy to the French Club. They have conducted many events, lunching France style, donating food baskets to needy to the Oktoberfest are only a few. They also sold Lolypops for Quebec trip. The French Club has done much in fostering French Culture, language, the french way of life. (L-R) Ms. Oppedisano, Advisor, Kurt Rossetti, Steven Soillis, Andrev Beaudoin, Mjke Mead, Jim Walsh, Marc Meneghini, Shahthi Mutai. (L-R) Tim Clefsky, Mike Adler, Chris Eyecamp, Ben Drucker, Greg Diaz, Tristan Stull, Tanya Ott, James Hodgeson, Mike Mead, Kevin Kearn, Angelika Angermann, Mike Sheldon, Kevin Sullivan, Kathy Hatsis, Terry Turner, Chris Fink, Paul Justin, Marc Meneghini, Steve Soilis, Claudia Woods, Janet Oppedisano, Advisor. A Successful 84-85 year, German Club ' s generosity was extended to the elderly through cards candy. They sold gummy bears to raise money for trips (German movie, Wursthouse Skiing at Crotchet Mt). The fruitful German Exchange program where many friendships were born. Srs. eagerly await THEIR trip to Quickborn in June. 165 FRENCH CLUB GERMAN CLUB LATIN CLUB ITALIAN CLUB Steven Pecci, Ricci Arena, Brian Shaw, Tom Fredrick, Jay Pirog, Jeff Chalmers, Chris D ' Agostino, Anthony Cagiano, Kim Powers, Steve Cagiano, Brian Deveaux, Martin Devine, John O ' Rourke, James Hodgeson, Steve Crowley, Debbie Brendamuhl, Jill Robbio, Barbara Stanton, Suzi Phetteplace, Julia Radochia, Lisa Reiz, Regina Harrison Salvete, Sod, consulis, scripsa, argentaria, Fogg Museum, Acropolis, Fine Arts, etc., CICERO!! Trivia Days, Toga Day — Beware the Ides of March! Will we ever get to Toronto? How many lbs. did you say can fit in this elevator? I went to rome! Ciao signora Cozza. lolipops: manga il croissant. Beppe everything. Joseph DiPalermo, Mike Pistissi, Sandra Minniti, Laura Kennedy, Mike Ercolini, Beth McCarthy, Anthony Bragga, Joanne Pellegrio, Bill Manty, Mellisa Magalhaes Purpose is to give students the opportunity to: 1) meet and work with other students of similar interests and caliber. 2) develop and share strategies for solving challenging and difficult problems in mathematics. 3) meet compete with other talented students from the Greater Boston area. David Whiney, Carl Whitney, Eric Bailey, Charles Valenga, Tim Ofelski, Lindsey Mahoney, Mr. X., Shanti Mutiah, Katy Grannon Marie Corbett, Jill Webber, Linda Dempsey, Chris Lund Students in the media club check out books, organize cards, set up displays, edit films, and video tape. There are 47 members who help with everyday work and help plan the clubs activities. Events of the year include Book Fair, Bake Sale, afghan raffle, and a booth at the Oktoberfest. All have contributed to a successful 1985 86 year. 167 MATH CLUB MEDIA CLUB PEER COUNSELING OUTING CLUB Quincy Quarries + Rockclimbing. Ice-Climbing in Crewford Notch. Winter Assault at Midnight on Mt. Washington — Chilly, breezy, FANTASTIC! Climbing in the gym — Walls -t- Cieling. Oktoberfest zipwire success! " Where are the bags, ropes, axes, and the van??!? " Thanx Charlie. And Paul, thanx for all the guidance, good times, and adventure. Great teacher and person. Suzi Phetteplace, Kevin Kearn, Paul Masi, John Fredericks, Joe Kowalski, Ben Drucker, Martin Devine, Lisa Deldon Jane Goodwin, Brian Deveaux, Ben Spencer, Amy Grubas, John McGah, Pauline Finberg, Vin D ' Antona, Melinda Simms, Liz Kenney, Janet Con- stantine, Holly Foskett, Peter White Since October 5 seniors and 8 juniors have participated in an informational training program which included counseling techniques styles and video taped role-plays. In the spring peer counselors were available to meet with students who showed an interest in speaking with a peer. Field trips to photography ex- hibits, field trips to take pictures. Fix- ing up. Negative becomes positive. Developing, chemi- cals, stopbath. Pictures around school for Year- book? I wish we all had good cameras. Blurry? Christmas cards? Chests? Yeah! There are always lots of new members! Laura Maddox, Holly Elizibeth Terry, Vanessa Vartabedian, John McGah, Nils Fonstad, Chris Eyekamp, Lisa Tosi, Kathy Hatzis, Kathy Johnson, Elaine Grimanis, Ben Drucker, Thaia Katsos, Carolyn Carlson, Jill Whitney, Jim Lucero, Foskett, Katy Grannon, Don Blocker. WAHR is a student run cable radio station. The radio club has been extremely successful this 1985-86 school year. They play two shows nightly Monday to Saturday. They pride themselves on playing music of their own taste. A varied group of members add spice and popularity to the club. It is presently being renovated with new and progressive equipment being introduced. 169 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB RADIO CLUB SPANISH CLUB S.A.D.D. I The growth of SADD from 75 in 1983 to 150 in 1985 is due to an emphasis on positive peer pressure st udent motivation. It is now the largest SADD chapter in Ma. Great interest and commitment is shown by members who have chosen an extra curricular activity that raises their level of awareness that of the entire student body. Anthony Cagiano, Julie Flynn, Rosario Dominguez, Judy Reid Miguel Bisquets, Katy Grannon, Tony Martin, Katy Coughlin, Mark Lokensgard, Todd Newell, Mary Ellen Bilafer, Chris Kennedy, Sarah Bean, Susan Adamian The Spanish Club; Catalina, Antonio, Miguel, Clara, Cristobol, Maria Elena, Ana Rosario, Mariana, Susana, Salvador, Teodoro, Sara, Marco, our gone but not forgotten Miguelito, and of course, Senora Foisy. Facilisimo! Es un chiste malo. Muchas gracias Sra. for taking us on. In closing; los libros debajo de sus pupitres FOR FAVOR! Adios. 170 Pat Isiah, Carl Wagner, Chris Kennedy, Mrs. Carter, Vicki Satlow, Greg Diaz, Rachel Layne, Ben Drucker, Mike Sheldon, Eric Bailey, Elaine Grimanis YAC, Youth Advisory Committee is in it ' s baby stages. Recently formed in the 1984 85 school year, YAC had done much in the form of nutritional food services. They test food, and brainstorm for new ways to increase nutritional consumption education and enjoyment. Advisor, Pat Isiah is enthusiastic about YAC ' s future. Carolyn Calson, Joe Falcone, Joe Dalton, Deanna Mahoney, Vicki Satlow, John Dunlap SAC, Student Advisory Council is the liason between student-faculty-administrative bodies. 7 elected student reps, 1 chairperson work together to address and resolve sch issues to present them to sch committee 4 times yrly. 85 86 yr SAC addressed: suicide, terrorism, teen pregnancy more. SAC ' s social -I- political consciousness greatly improves quality of life at AHS. I STUDENT ADVISORY YOUTH ADVISORY CLASS OFFICERS President, Todd Newell; Vice President, Brian Deveaux; Door Captain, Jack; Treasurer, Fred Morrison; Secretary, Mark Paone NYC: WE WERE THERE BUT WE WEREN ' T THERE, THE CLOWN, COMIC STRIP, YENTL: OUR BUDDY TODD WIPE THE RATCHET, DE VO, " GOT ANY SPRITE (WINK) CAPE (CLOTHES), LD GRAPES, SUPERMOOSE, COPLEY BOO, FIN ' S BARKIN IN NYC, JAPPACKY, PITSTOP, $2 BIG MAC, THOSE ARE MOOSES FEET! BERGS: WAKE UP, FRED: $40, I GOT $50, MOOSES BEARD = NO BARKIN, JEN G: THE ONE AND ONLY, THANX FIN WE LOVE YA! Pauline Finberg, Advisor 172 ,J ■’iCS m : M f r ■» » » f ' ♦ V ' ' ' r y T . ri V ' f J y I Recording Secretary, John Dunlap; Treasurer, Ann-Marie i Murphy; President, Jack Paradis; Corresponding Secretary, Judy ; ReicT; Vice-President, George Katsos. Where s Hangman? " No comment. " The Great Candy Cane Smash. Quote ot the day. Convention! We want blood J.T Bouncing Baby Beguine. Popccirn — thanx Daga ' s. Oktoberfest Dances Where ' s George? Bank Account. Whose socks r these? Dete Vanni Annie Geo Jake (the snake). Fire Regula- tions. We have to clean this place! Who took my tape? Stu Cow. Where were you this morning? Twix thus, nites. Did you get the D.J.? Nude Lounge. Where ' s House D staff? Thanx DeCap, We love you, Mrs. Hennehan. 173 STUDENT COUNCIL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Susan Phetteplace, Treasurer Front Row; Mark Lokensgard, Rose Kowalski, joe Kowalski, James Guidice, Marianne DiMascio, Maura Sullivan, Deanna Barmakian, Steve Cagpano, Bnan Deveaux Seated; Advisor Barbara Gorman, Kerri Anderson, John Keelan, Knsten Conroy. Mary Ellen Buafer, Susan Phetteplace, Irene Kounelas, Advisor Rose Gioiosa 3rd row: Janet Powers, Nancy Withbroe, Jennifer Pntchard, Lisa Reisz, Cathy Anderson, Susan Adamian, Bnan Shaw, James Hennebury, Sarah Bean, Barbara Stanton Back Row: Ricci Arena, Mark Chaves, Jay Pirog, Kevin Kearn, Aimee Bedo, Eli Valk, Scott Shenff, Todd Newell Kristen Conroy, Vice-President John Keelan, President 1 SURVIVAL CHILDCARE To the Class of 1986 To express in words — no matter how well considered — what 1 feel about your class is an effort sure to fall short of what my sentiments actually are. 1 will, however, attempt to describe the special bond which has developed during the past year. I was formally introduced to the Class of ' 86 at the Junior Semi-Formal and the Junior Prom. Even then it was evident that this class has a special camaraderie which contributed to the success and fun of these events. In late spring 1 became acquainted with members of the Class of ' 86 on an individual basis fhru interviews for Yearbook positions. The energy, enthusiasm and spirit which were displayed at this time encouraged me to continue working with the yearbook staff. My next encounter was at Westfield State College during a three day yearbook seminar. 1 was immediately exposed to the unique and bizzare humor intrinsic to the Class of ' 86! During the ensuing months 1 have had the distinct pleasure of sharing with you many more madcap moments. In addition, I have observed the special friendships which have evolved and matured. My admiration for the way you appreciate and support one another continues to grow. You know how to laugh at yourselves and with each other. These qualities will hold you in good stead through the complicated times ahead. 1 will miss your wit and friendship more than I can say. 1 wish you health, happiness and success. All 1 ask is to be invited to your first reunion! lane Goodwin FIJWL ANNOUNCEMENT Dear Class of 1986, This past year has shown us just how incredible people can be. Our advisor, Jane Goodwin helped us, as well as others, so much that we decided to dedicate this yearbook to her. The faculty and other staff also combined to make this year special as well as a learning experience. But more than anyone, it is the people in this class who have made AHS special. The variety of people that have been grouped together for four years have mixed and blended to produce a united class that many people have commented on. They cannot believe a class containing so many unique individuals could blend so well. But we do. It has been seen and believed. We are a very special class. We have talked, we have been heard, we have seen and been seen, we have raved about others and others have raved about us, and, after seeing all of that, we present to you. Rave Reviews! Barbara, Suzi and Ben 177 YEARBOOK STAFF Kurt Rossetti, financial editor; Kristen Conroy, advertising editor; Scott Lever, photography editor; Chris Kennedy, financial. Kathleen Dovie, Marianne Di Mascio, activities editors; Jana ;f Panjian, senior life editor; John Dunlap, helper. Vicki Satlow, Ann-Marie Murphy, literary editors; Susan 1 c Adamian, Deanna Barmakian, sports editors. f ( Ben Spencer, layout editor; Suzi Phetteplace, Barbara Stanton co-editors in chief; Jane Goodwin, advisor. Bill McKeon, sports editor; Scott Prendergast, helper; Ricci Arena, sports editor. Sandy Smith, Julie Flynn, business editors; Laura Nahigian, faculty editor; Mary Ellen Bilafer, senior life editor; Darrell Deveaux, financial; Martin Aimme Bedo, art editor. Devine, Dan Foskett, helpers; Jeff Booth, financial editor; Katy Coughlin, faculty editor; Beth Morgan, Senior section editor. Staff members not pictured: Remna Vannicola, art editor, Kelli Murphy, advertising editor, Denise Harrington, senior section editor, Tom Apprille, sports editor, and Mark Fiaskell and Marc Meneghini, layout. 179 180 CANDIDS ITALY 85 top row: Lisa Deldon, Melinda Simms, Laura Rindoni, Joanne Pelligrino. Middle row: Heather Mclsaac, Renee Pace, Jill Robbio, Rosie Kowalski, Jen McAllister, Stephine Apprille. Front row: Cathy Murphy, Melissa Maealhaes. lulia Radochia. Beth McCarthy Octoberfest 191 Bloodmobile ADVERTISING r Congratulations Deanna, Our last good-bye to Arlington High. Love, Sima, Adreena, Liane, Adam, Nyree and Krista Barmakian V r CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN! With Love from Mommy and Daddy V r TO RICCI, Sono Franco Bolla! May your life be as bright as your smile. We are so very proud and blessed to have you as truly our baby boy. It ' s casual! Love, Dad and Mom P.S. Good Luck B.B. K.P. M.E. B.M. J.H. i V‘ MARY ELLEN; V " Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. " PROVERBS 31:29 (BA) Love: Mom, Dad, Steve 196 Dear Nina, Congratulations! Thank you for all the joy you have given my life. Love, Mom Dear Kris — Much love and congratulations. Love, Mom, Dad and Kathy 1 ugh “Leah Jeanette Daniell " y y u U make us very proud Love Ya, Ma Dad y r Congratulations to Moe and her friends. Mr. and Mrs. D. y V r It seems like only A : yesterday. Art! Love and Congratulations Mom, Dad, Tommy, Brian Julie y Good Luck Heather Love, Dad, Mom, Mari-Agnes, Ellen Michael V r y Rich “RIGGO RIGGINS " Gazza You may be the RAM ' S greatest fan — but we are your greatest fans. Thanks for 18 wonderful years and many more to come. BEST OF LUCK LOVE, MOM DAD, JACKIE and GREG P.S. You Know Us? J Congratulations Lisa! You are a wonderful daughter and sister and you have enriched our lives with your cheerful smile and thoughtful ways. We Love You, Mom, Dad, Edward Paul J V 197 Bill and Jim A Through the years — from sand pails to tuxedos — this friendship has endured. Thanks for what you ' ve become — two fine young men who ' ve made us proud to be your parents. V Mom Dad Henebury Mom Dad McKeon Congratulations John! Love, Mom, Dad, Maura, Lisa and Karen y A y I am very proud to have you as my daughter. Congratulations, Sam, I love you with all my heart. Love, Ma Sean, You ' re the sunshine of our lives and hopefully your escapades have made you wise Remember to be happy in whatever you do If you fail, pick yourself up and begin anew Sean, we ' re oh so proud to say. Yes, we ' re the parents of S.K. Lots of love, luck and laughter to you, Lester. Love always. Mom Dad y We are proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad V. V To Laura: " The girl with the sunshine smile . Love, Mom and Dad V Love always. Dad and Mom " It is better to light one candle, than to curse the V darkness. " CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 TODD, YOU HAVE MADE US NOTHING BUT PROUD. IF YOUR FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS YOUR PAST, YOUR SUCCESS IS ASSURED. LOVE MOM, DAD, and KIM 199 Congratulations, Tracy Campanale! A daughter and sister to be proud of. To love and cherish too. Our lives would be so empty Without the joy of you. May all your dreams come true. Love, Barry, Mom, Mike and John. V r y Congratulations Cheryl We ' re very proud of you!! Love, Dad, Mom, Chris Paula V r " See 1 knew we could make it! " S • And we knew you could too Sandy! Love Ya Lots, Mom, Dad, Susan, Lynda and Buma V r Congratulations Mike Stretton Love Mom and Dad y " IT WAS THE BEST OE TIMES ... " RICHARD, PAULA AND JARED SPENCER We know you ' ll make us as proud in the future as you have in the past. Ik - - Love ' n ' Luck Always Dad, Mom, Sheryl, Sean Gremlin, Scott, Lisa, Danny Katie Best of luck to V DM, MP, TF, TS, CS, and all the SS ' s 200 1 am so proud of you. Congratulations Suzi and Class of 1986 Love, r All our love and best wishes for the future. Mom, Dad, Joanne and Frankie Keep smiling son, “Life is a beach” Love always. Mom and Dad y A ■ Congratulations Bob! We love you and are very proud of you! Good Luck! Mom, Dad, Rhonda, Ron and Ryan V y Dear Class of ' 86, There is no other class, in its entirety that has captured such a special place in my heart. Thank you. With Love, Fin MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS FONDLY, J. GOODWIN V 201 202 Need HELP PLUS some with College? The Co-operative Bank is a leading lender in Massachusetts ' Guaranteed Student Loan Program offering HELP Loans - up to $2500 for undergraduate students up to $5000 for graduate students and PLUS Loans - up to $3000 for parents of dependent undergraduate students to finance higher education or vocational training. Ask for details and an application at any of our convenient offices: Millbrook Tarry 97 Lowell Road, Concord, MA 01742 Telephone Connecting all Offices; (617) 369-2400 699 Mass. Avenue, Arlington, MA 02174 21 Pope Street, Hudson, MA 01749 1420 Mass. Avenue, Arlington, MA 02175 Maiii Street, Groton, MA 01450 The 272 Great Road, Littleton, MA 01460 47 Nason Street, Ma Tiard, MA 01754 Co-opcrad:ivc Concord Member of the Top Ten Club Massachusetts ' Higher Education Assistance Corp. CONGRATULATIONS S. GOOD LUCK to the Class of 8 BOYLE ' S FAMILY MARKET II CONGRATS AHS CLASS OF ' 86 FROM DUDLEY FUEL CO., INC V r y Phone; 648-9615 648-9772 Mr. Richards, 280 Broadway Arlington, Mass. 02174 Redken Salon Owner; George Arena J A V. At Medford Savings Bank Togetherness means courteous, efficient service plus a complete list of modem banking services. 24 Hour Banking Savings Accounts NOW Accounts Money Market Certificates Savings Bank Life Insurance IRA and Keogh Accounts Dired Deposit Mortgages Home Improvement Loans Personal Loans Auto Loans Student HELP Loans Postage Paid Bank-by-Mail Travelers Checks 395-7700 Medford Savings Bank Your Togetherness Bank f-Kjiiate West Medford Square - ' South Medford ■ Spring Siieel • ' Wellington Circle • Arlington MemiM ' i FDlt DlI M ■ » 24 Hour C. ash Key locations CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK to the Class of 86 43 Dudley St. Arlington Ron Nigro June (Nigro) Farrell Class of 1952 Class of 1 956 V Peter ' s Kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Open 6 Days a Week Sunday Hours 6;30 A.M.-l P.M. Breakfast Only 6;30 A. M. -8. P.M. TAKE OUT ORDERS A FISH DINNERS GREEK SPECIALTIES 648-9675 166 Mass. Ave. 646-2550 y r CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 1 193A Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington. Mass. Tel. 646-5789 A y 204 r CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1986 from SWANSON’S BAKERY 9 1 8 Miiss. Ave., Arl., Mass. 02 1 74 648-9607 Education is the key to the door of opportunity Make the most of it! A A. DAVID FREEDLAND President vl_ Telephone 648-5600 TIME OLDSMOBILE, INC. 745 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ARLINGTON. MASS. 02 1 74 J CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 QUALITY CARS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES MIRAK CHEVROLET HARVARD SQUARE SERVICE CENTER 1201 MASS AVE 1125 MASS AVE CAMBRIDGE, MA ARLINGTON MA. 876-8900 646-8600 PLUS SIX OTHER CONVENIENT LOCATIONS mike ' s MawEngland ' t momt complete weight training tacilitlea tor men A women Featuring a complete selection of Nautilus, Selectorized Machines and Free Weights •Complete Fitness Center •Aerobic Conditioning gym •Bodybuilding •Weight Control TWo convenient locations: Cambridge SORegerit Street 547 - 9319 1 mile from Harvard Sq Boston (South End) 1 A Waltnarn Street 338 - 62 tO Albany St Exit S E Expressway •Variety of membersTiips available Congratulations Class of 1986! V 205 FRIENDS DON ' T LET FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK Compliments of Arlington High’s SADD Chapter Co Advisors: Vincent D’Antona Elizabeth Oppedisano INVOICE ARLEX SUPPLY COMPANY INC. Wholtisale Pluinhm , Heating Supplies 40 WATER ST. • ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 • 648 V J r Best Wishes to the Class of ' 86 From Edward J. Doughty Plumbing and Heating Co. 646-3296 646-6730 1 340 Massachusetts Ave AR ' NGTON ma HORIZONS HAIR CRR LORETTA MALDONIS Specializing in Students Cuts Free Haircut for the first 100 A.H.S. Graduates who call Offer good from July 1, 1986 until August 31, 1986 ★ COMPLETE TIRE AUTO SERVICE ★ • AUTO TRUCK TIRE ROAD SERVICE • HIGH SPEED WHEEL BALANCING • FOREIGN DOMESTIC BRAKE SERVICE •FMC COMPUTERIZED FRONT END ALIGNMENT • EXHAUST SYSTEMS WE ' RE OUT TO CHANGE AMERICA ' S TIRES Congratulations and Best of Luck To The Class of 1 986 646-3660 36 (R«ar) Dudley St Arlington 206 r V. r V. Gilbert pointe AUTOMATIC (ei7) t ae Se.Rv»ce Manager TRANSMISSION ARLINGTON AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CO., INC. 1 I BROADWA-r ARLINGTON MASi - 021 7A G BANK nVE Offices in Arling ton, Bedford, Burlingd on and Woburn • 643-0011 Member FDIC DIFM BRATTLE PHARMACY A. S. Cavaretta, B.S., RPh. 1043 Mass. Avc., Cor. Brattle St., Arlington Over 49 years under same owner and management. Free Delivery 643-3267 or 643-3426 Your Prescription Value Store r V r Congratulations. ¥)u’ve just earned the first major cred tial BayBank Somathing Batiar aT B ROWNE DRUG A A 201 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA 02 1 74 648-0557 RICHARD B. MURRAY ROBERT H. MURRAY V 207 DONORS Marie T. Brady Elinor Freedman Harry ' s Tailor Shop Tom and Michele Junas Donna and Leo Kirkland Michele H. Welch PATRONS Marion Bond Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin Devine Stephen and AnnMarie Dlott James and Florence Dunlap Robert and Marianne Ernst Harold Fairbanks Dr. and Mrs. I.J. Fiorenza Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick R.P. Heilman and W.S. Heilman Priscilla Monahan Margaret M. Morrison Nanci Ortwein Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Preston Bernard and Deirdre Wadsworth

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