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VRLINGTON HIGH SCH Class of 1985 . . a thorough investigatioir sincerely heiiicates tl|e 1985 (3nhtan to tl|e J .6jesnttte Ollass 1985 from £oi|om foe expect great tilings in the nears to come. Senior Section Superlatives 79 Sports Section 99 Advertising 195 Performing Arts 133 Color Section Faculty Section Activities 141 Portfolio 157 Candids 164 5 RealiHes Remeynber wkai ou are Nob jusi an " animal ”, A -thing of flesh, blood and bone. Rather, a special being whose reality is of the spirit. The " Rationalis” , and hopefully. The " Sapiens " . Dream your dreams But build them Not with the gossamer Cloth of Myth and fancy But, upon solid Substance, fashioned of Reality. Be free with your smile And it will Reflect back, to you. Be gentle And kind to others And, yes, you will learn The secret of love. So, in parting My prayerful wish For each of you Is a life filled with Meaningful purpose And intertwined with Golden strands of love, fohn Cotter Senior Section . . . sweet memories Denise D. Adamian Charles A. Aggorriis Glen Ahern 7 Berkeley St. 1 15 67 rob peteed greg paul evan seth jeremy andy jugs (??) dinger jay dauezz marching symphonic bands gands and drama crew w lshington (quiveringmass) montreal (spruce beer) new york (?) Deborah Jane Ahlman 34 Waldo Rd. 1 2 3 67 Annie, 1 think its a beach day! Thanx: Jules, Andy, AD, CB, EL, SP, HE, DA. Spaghetti breaks. Grapes of Wrath, bookends, quarters + pep- permint schnapps, UG! TT — 1 28. Wanna burn one? The Cape, NH, Malibu: Lifeguards! Ill learn yet! Miss ya da8 dy. Love to Nana, Grampy, Grams, Aunt DebS jane!! Hugs kisses Mom Its casual. Oh Andy Tracy L. Allen Arthur Anastasopoulos Chrissy Anciello 80 Westminster Ave. 1 1 7 67 Looks-like-we-made-it summer-of-83-84 Dave — MG — MH — IM — MD — BSTM — LM — jC THE — RES RlNY wlk-in-the-snow- with-TM — 8B Good-Times — bad-times — you-know — ive-had- my-share Party — over — Mona — Bs your-hurten-gltara meet- me-on-the-corner-at-3 give-me-a-line- -lll-be-OK After-hrs-at- Dunkin-DS JAP-ATTACK MH — Colo-bound The-feeling-remains- even-after-after-the-glitter-fades Thanx — Mac — Dad — Mr — C Laurie Anciello 44 Thorndike St. 6 9 67 I Love Ya TBONY, Tonight I celebrate My Love For You, 7-3-83, ■ ' Saturdays " , How ' s your onions?, " Kitty ' s”, Strawberry Daquiri’s, John Cougar: 4-3-84, Manomet, Don ' t Beep Your Horn, SC TB, CC + RB, Endless Love, " Malls " , E.T. Faces, Baby Blue, Prof. Bean, Camaro, KS R ' s, snowflake, Salsbury 84 ' , I made it!! only 5 more years Paul, Thanks for everything Ma Dad 1 Love Ya!!! Denise Ademian 23 Melvin Rd. 5 4 67 Love you: CB. KB. LB. CA. NM. GM, L-hAG, WT. Sona, Paula, thanks Arthur and ACYUA Guys. Fall Weekend 84, St nersess 8 1 -84. I Dunno! My Bag, save it. Let’s go to the mall! Volleyball! I need it bad! Retreats. Zadamski! Miss you Grmpa! Thanks Nana, 1 Love you. I did it Wendy! Finally! thanks for your support Mom + Dad, I Love you! Charlie Aggorr ls 29 Park Circle 11 26 67 PARTY! Out Of Here? MooseHead D-f D Time Too Make The Donuts can ' t get enough no probles it’s Ccisual BLAZER . . . Beer Runs The Farm -l- MRP! drive 105 VanHalenSnow Smash Run It Over! can’t be to loud paper towels Zayer P. Monday Morning crcish Do it up!! Battery Fall out LYFO Going Nuts See Ha LATTER AHS Glen T. Ahern Deborah j. Ahlman Tracy Allen 110 Broadway 8 10 67 Good Times Bad Times TO BM S EOLV TS KH MW AO KM CW CD Little Room NYE882 I’m w The Band Firwks 82 — I miss ya The Tent WHP JR Semi-jD? Who Knows SBGH 2018 Lights Out! Where we going DQTHD The Van NB83 RS S Thanx for everything MDK Kim — Gotya Keys? GRAD 84 Turn the Page memories w TO Thanks Ma Dad I couldn’t’ve done it w out you. I Love Ya! Arthur Anastasopoulos 38 Magnolia St. 7 13 65 Gym classes — b lsketball, football, floor hockey, baseball — Back- gammon with David — Media Center and working with film. — Book reports for Mrs. Banks Chistina Anciello Laurie A. Anciello 8 Stephen P. Andrade Mark F. Aubuchon Alberto Aurilio 42 Lantern Lane 6HI67 Sea Breeze, ZZ Top + Sammy Hager ' 83, Killington, Vt. Dec 83, Pemma, Keg Party, Peking bowling. Bill the Cat for Pres. ’84, W.C.C. Christmas Party, D-M., A.C.S., ZOO Mass., Hampton, Aerosmith ' 84 party in the elevator, B.U. Bust, |.S„ Drive into Dunkin, A.A.M. Sugarbush ' 84, Wesport Windsurfin ' , R.R.D., Thanks Mr. Lupi, Thanks Mom and Dad, Later A.H.S.I! Dawn Auron 27 Dartmouth St. ILYB2 1 1 82 good times down the river Spy Center Partys at Bill ws 8 Julies Faces 8 Comps Summer 84 heffenreffer 83 — Never again So o, MH, SD. good times with BKjH MDCT AV missya AP, RD ■Tou See Your Gypsy” Lila youll be out in 2 more thanks Mom 8. Dad Luv Ya Seth L. R. Bain Cheryl A. Bakey Patricia Anderson 1 54 Lowell St. 6 5 67 Denis 6 1 1 84 don’t stop believing Best of times with ES DD and DS NY — “hey ev its a full moon ” Cooks — “Im soorrey” good times with MF RB RD DS — off the wall Weeb — " weiste of a perfect life ” Best of times in Salsbury Beach. Eddie — " you are the sun” Thanks for everything Linda Wish you were here dad I love you mom Bye AHS “Don’t look back ” Chuck Andon 49 Pond Lane 1 17 67 MONTREAL W S.E.S.j. The Blizzard of The Field, Island Trips, C.B., S, Gunny, U.U.A.R., Gimme three steps, S.C.W M.D.S.B., D.B.S.l.T.W?, GROWL, D.T.F.P.P., Muskie, T.F., Washington, V.H. ' 82, Ruins, B.L, F.F., N.H. Runs, Bandits, Quebec will rule in ' 85, Vega, B.W., Thanks Mom and Dad. Alberto Aurilio Dawn Auron Seth Laurence Robert Bain 2 Oldham Road 6 8 67 New Years Eve ' 84 the Dept. M2 surfin’ survival Godel, EScher, Bach band trips rock climbing Graph paper Darn! Out of web fluid again!” EG-]H-AS-SL-MG-MD-HH-ED-M8JV1-R’S Drama Frisbee on the lawn the steps MOM, DAD, GRETCHE, jON, Kj, DAN, ALEX, DYLAN 8. SARAH: XOXOXO “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Cheryl Bakey 1 5 Fountain Rd. 7 26 67 BF’s-Chreo, Jen, Leo, Al, LN, KO; 82-ALParty 83-Toga SDayChow JBCK; 84-CAMP! JBPHBM Talks By Uke Bye 4 Eva FF’s! TDay CM Party Bagged! Raid (i think) ]B VSoc — The D Pcorn Survival? Move Your Ars! MINGLE! Kool 8. Gang ATCK; NH 16 17 Bday Nahant- Cruze FthatCar JBAO; VBound Cape Pizza 8 1 2]B; Inman Sq? JBCK Snubby! SrSkit Farm HS nites Cruzew cux LGjob Sc — No Prob? Thanx Dad, Mom 8 TB’s — Luv ya! Patricia L. Anderson Chuck A. Andon Steve Andrade 20 Grafton St. 12 13 67 Hey everybody! Take it to the duce. “Lemans”, good friends Mike, “Buzz”, RN, SR, KB, what’s up? The Buds here, where’s the Doobe. Crazy nigh’s at the jex. Crank up the VH, Mr. Mojo Risin. Good time’s. Bad times. It’s all over but it’s only just begun. See ya around. Cil, Sandra, Thanx Mom and Dad. Mark Aubuchon 35 Lafayette St. 11 12 67 Another Brick in The Wall Part 3 I don’t need no arms around me I don’t need no drugs to calm me I have seen the writing on the wall Don’t think 1 need anything at all All in all it was all just bricks in the wall all in all you’re all just bricks in the wall Mother did it ave to be so damn high? Why me? 9 Raymond A. Barbuto Clifford H. Bassett Ken Beaudoin 60 Hibbert St. 711161 Bo V, )V, frosh B-BALL, Good Times with |oe + Niave in practice! SH, FM, DS, NF, DU zzzz with Hegs in Bio! Steve best buddy 4-ever!! What do you want to do tonight??? DS in AR VIY NOW! Too Early for Steves car! Steve, just wrestling?? S + S! Vacations w Sh + FM?!! DARGS!! SA in homeroom!!! I Love You Mom + Dad!! Thanx for everything. Steve Andy I Love You both! Good Luck Always! Richard Belden 3 Upland Rd. W. 04 07 67 ‘CURTIS ' Limo! ACS Dennisport-4-eva Summer Nites Yzilab times PAG thanx Fin B.l. V.H. ' 84 jen — you ' re bummin — love ya. Best times always Lisa 5 20 Fresh. Yr. — PA-MF-RD-logs Z-ovens? B ' s Y.G. — PARTIES!! aul-K buzzin Relax — I got an IDEA Boston the trees WGC MBC Fernald in English Semi Faces Later AHS Thanx Ma Dad Mark P. Bennett Steven Bergantino Kristen Berglund 1 3 1 Wildwood Ave. 7 15 67 KB -I- Sj 3 2 1 84 4-eva sjwbimhf ae itgtbs The Manor Raftin Give it th ole ' Loners Brito Proms 9 buf-alarms more than you know what you are thinking I don ' t know summer 84 Hampton KC ' s C R The future majorettes Good times, only good times with Sj Taffy FF abcl 23 " Mg83 " )G the hs they don ' t know hcdio TG seriously jP SQ Luv ya Mom + Dadd Fred Bergstrom 350 Ridge St. 5 4 67 Its the Gopher LR, ME, ]M, MG, Tl, CD Gill, Don ' t sneeze! Ere, H.I.? RD, Lets go for a ride Q, Always Love you HTSIS Summer of 84 Ipp, LH S. Shelly CALDORS I Cant drive 35!! Concerts MAIDEN S. 38 Specicil Poptart? FBWIUTA Granpa? Finn S. Foisy High Noon Hamp- ton, the pain LR, I ' m sick Brighams Bruce jr. DF, Mrj! Smoke another one Thanx Mom Frannie so much for the monestary Cliff Bassett 77 Sunet Rd. 5 15 67 DAZED AND CONFUSED. BILL, DOC, DAN, DON, TURKS, MAUI. LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT. THE WHO, LED ZEPPELIN, AEROSMITH. THE NEON. BUD. REDMAN. WCC. WANNA BET? BUTASIM. PHI SLAMA AT BELMONT AND BRI ' S. FORE! GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES. GOD ONLY KNOWS. MEET YA UP THE SCHOOL? AHS GOLF. NO PROBLEM. CUT WITH DON. FLORIDA? WHO ARE YOU. I FORGOT. OUT-A-TOUCH. THANKS MOM S. DAD. Kenneth R. Beaudoin Richard L. Belden Mark bennett 81 Wright St. 5 12 67 Black Benny, Love you Gail, alot of goodtimes the first bus ride. Your prom. Retreats, Whats that suppose to mean, PPWKS squanto Doo Dad power “SBB " |V Hockey Kneeprobs Cold Nights At The Swamp. Demps, Sul, Barry. UMHM AM " Im trying to reform? " Good times with DDEjBjEABA Bacon Michele we ' ll dways be close friends. Toots Later AHS Hello MMA? Goodluck KC LY Ma Dad, Paula Steven M. Bergantino 20 Lansdowne Rd. 5 27 84 " BERGY " powdered donuts and my BUDdies: Oaky, Rocci, Gez, Duse, Muke, Campa, Snake, Lynchy, Stone, juxe. Zoo, FFB 6-0, VFB " 56 " GBL S. Bowl? IF-240 ' s, V-Baseball w UB, " Hey UB What ' s the story " S-town, New Year " 83 + 84 " Hirshy ' s Bashes, 2 13 84, WFjTSU-May 83, (YA) Cape-Fall 84, The T ' s, Hampton 7 22 84, Doo and Adoo, Thanx Mom and Dad, Good Luck Clciss 85 Kristen j. Berglund Frederick G. Bergstrom 10 Stephen F. Bertolami Kimberlie A. Bicknell Nancy Boisvert 43 Spy Pond Pkwy. 8 Z5 67 VVolleyball ‘‘no possible way”, BBall, YES group, Dorn, ski Trips NO snow lets go — Never Forget Melissa, you party animal 6-16-84 owap! Camp Lori‘s parties IHTBC — are you sisters? Summers 83-84 soaps by the pool. KH “maybe " . Michelle where to now? Rmbr many a lost wknd! BF — MO MC MN LM PB LG — Richie always watching out — thanks gd. Luck Tom thanks mom S. dad. Paula Bonanno 91 Alpine St. 3 21 67 Best Friends; Lisa, Lori, 2 Melis, Jou, Ka, CD, Lin, S A, DC, L), |Z — Mo Love On The Rocks, gW, Prom Nite, Wabbit, SNA, Mr Hand Cape Cod 83, VSJ A — PKK, Z28, yoke, Brite Eyes, Unit-Luc-Seingito; Hegs, Renard; FOX-SAFD, IW, SM, Ash-Monkey-Slapa-Semi-BWrm 319-Girls Nite Out-LG Look! The WW-Merde! EMU-HiSB, |L, Bomber; Football “55 " BERETS-Michael 10 3 83 ILY — Go Nuts Sm-GB Sandy, Thanks. I LOVE YOU MOM S. DAD! Lisa j. Botolino Cynthia A. Boudreau Wendy Bowen 1 58 Lowell St. 2 17 67 Quebec-bagged-NOT I! Loon-skiship “A “ St. WTF4k? )r. Semi BD- Ain ' t nobody! Darts Anyone? Good times — TOGA! CM — “M” NITES mama, NW Mae — I c dawn (D -t- D) j-Bop: UFO I’m out CG’s cot, Capebound roadtrip Lost wkends Toid-Heyba baybee? LD Kevin D. ILY 1 Fribb INFC! Faced LTYD QA4 6 84 Hefty Sowness Gippa Hey bud ... Luv u DAVE -h MOM DAD-MISS U! Mike Broderick 1 1 Virginia Rd. 1 0 30 66 Frosh Football, Varsity B lseball, FOOTBALL “toughbreak " , MauFi- Mazoo, Sean, Pat, Gerry, Flynnie, Bergs, Okes, Dan, Duse. Ronny, Campa, MF House. PD Parties, DL Cookout, New Years “83“ Lisa ‘TFBF " , MT, DZ, AL, Loveya Mary always 1 0 3 1 81 , CHBash “Under my Thumb”. LOVE YA MOM S. DAD Thanks Rich 8. )im Bye “85 “ Stephen Bertolami 252 Ple lsant St. 12 22 84 5 16-18 1 OQ Mo. The Glamorous Life. Whose banana is this? The BOP. I like the one in the hat. You’re such a card! To the gang (DDCJCCCCBCMK), from the Pres. Am I overdressed? Stop staring! Pagan barbarian. Linda Evans is not too old for me! It’s always darkest before the DAWN. Hi KM, PB, jB. Love you Mom and Dad. By AHS, it’s been fun Kimberlie A. Bicknell 70 Fremont St. 9 10 66 The Famous Final Scene Best of Luck to the cl lss of 85 Were Free as birds Goodtimes — juls, Kathy, CA8JV A — Hampton 82-84 Saco Luv you girls Larry 11 1 2 83 FLA. Your shadow will Glisten like a star in my eye Roses M.B, Thanks 8. Love to my family friends Lenny Luv you Mom Dad Maura, Mark. Seniors — climb high, climb far, I know you can reach that star ’’Dream On” BYE 85 Nancy |. Boisvert Paula A. Bonanno Lisa Botolino 1 4 Marathon St. 4 22 67 Seta, |en, Carol, Debbie, and all my special friends I Love You All. Somebody Else’s Guy, No Parking, Gremlins, General Hospital, Dynasty Unicorns. Maine. Hampton, Canopie Lake and Faces “Sounds Promising”, “Question on number seven” “Porkout!” Medi-martJ.V.B., Bot, Pen, K.O sign-off beep . . . Many thanks to my mother and father and my whole family for everything. Cindy Boudreau 1 1 Arrowhead Lane 4-22-67 BOB 7-9-83 BBB Revere Linda, Karen Denise Lisa Andy TFBMBTA Rail RD. That’s not the bathroom. ONS DMYOU! They’re back. The girls from Darrington. Turtle Rock My Watch! I can walk! Highway Heaven N BFD GOrings Finger Sandwiches Don’t bite the apple! We gotta write a book MA I’m going to the movies Thanks Ma Dad and family Wish me luck Love ya Kristyn and Jacque Melissa Brosig Judith A. Buckley John Bunzeil 37 Varnum St. 10 6 66 THIS IS MY FIRST YEAR AT Arlington, It’s been good so far And 1 hope it get’s better. I’ve got several NICKNAMES, BUNZY, THE BUNNYMAN, FUN-BUN, AND THE WIDOWMAKER. FAVORITE THINGS: Going to Concerts, playing sports, playing Bass Guitar, Listening to Loud Rock and Roll, AND May 1 7, 1 984. Ambitions, to make it BIG is the MUSIC Industry, AND Make Alot of money. Linda Burke 7 Arrowhead Lane 2 27 67 Cin Paula Ka Denise Christa MADMAN LG Deb Eric MBST Linc IT OT CCR! Cody Chem 7pGym Deb, are you ok?G8 S GIs. jr. Prom SB T Field. MBTA$ 8 82 AR GB S. JD GTO GinoCat JR 8. SR. Turtle Rock MC GC My watch! Cin, was that a horse? I can walk!! We’ve got to write a book! Brewster |M M D 8 scott TBT 1 6 83 NFY Revere AT 8 BBB; Ka, it’s 1 way! Good luck Everybody Love ya Mom, Dad, Dave Sandra Burke Karen M. Burns Jennifer Bush 48 Kennilworth Rd. 7 5 67 Lisa, Chev, Chris Only Good Times! V. Soccer-CW! HS Field-wknds Hgames, BK CK’s pty, WHF! Feb Vac ’83 UR even though its only us 6! S. James ”GRIZ” Mr. C, CM CAPE w LM. FARM nites CM’s pty “People On Michs” TG nite! Sean 1 2 23 83 ILY, yfp! Pearl Harbor “Mmm " Jr. Semi, WW Jr Prom, PoP! Mys nites Camp-Venus later FFs (click chicks) Sr. Conv. MC, JG. I Love You Mom and Dad Paula Calakoutis 1 2 Seminole Ave. 7 1 66 B-BUDDIESSCFDZALLFMTKFTMMDDMKMMT 11 81 LYA Peter TF3GY DLgrge, KF’s, sun-nts ILY-me too cntr, Menots, Brigs, HS BBF-CFPCSCATS-RULE-VHJGAAPOL-times GOYADANCES-R8.R Skiwknds cuckoo fillies cape 84 LetTBBJo M-vyd-shot FBhi new- woman bigtime motion anyway We-R-Family nice-bkyd DSLnites- GSWD Ft Laud or bust! Boota-Oola-Ane R-boys ‘T’ LYA Sweebie Ots beem rea;? " 85 ” Melissa Brosig 246 Park Ave 8 14 67 I DON’T HAVE MUCH TO TELL BECAUSE IT’S MY FIRST YEAR AT ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. JUST GREETINGS FROM GERMANY TO EVERYONE. Judith Buckley 38 Pine St. 1 27 67 Friends Karen Kath Jo Lori Lee Paula Melisx2 Deb Schon Link Field HockiPPWindsprints — JandK — Dead Last 1 2 8 82 JJ and KeatWYC Hurtin Critta, West Point 83 — OURROOM! Cape 84 Steveien, LG’s Look, HiSB, Basin BOB, Wait!! US Magazine, GOGOS Frog Card, LOOMOO, Killer, BMAP? Gokarts, Kalet S Get out of here. Dust, Miss Ya AHS, Luv Ya Mom and Dad John Bunzeil Linda Burke Sandra Burke 11 Lorraine Terr. 1 14 67 I made it Mom + Dad! Maura Chris Till THE End Hampton you Girls Wanna Party? CDors Courts -l- Jen GLGIamorous Life A-smith SAT Nite! BTown Frankie KC = IM JM K -i- D HSq shes only 1 7Fin Brigs " Lets Go Crazy ” TO? THE? Movies? D-port Jim! TAKE A Walk Love ya Suzy! Listen To Me! Scott Dan (NO Cofee) VH LZ 1 Catch ya Later THAN KS Mts K-BE-BS-YOU Cant Always Get What you want! Karen Burns 57 Hodge Rd. 1 1 15 67 Ka Good times at Jr. Prom with Denise, Linda and Cindy) Revere Beach (wrong way down a one way St. with LB. -i- C.B.) Hampton Beach (one winter) Freshman parties down stairs, a dozen roses. Jay (9 4 82) " never gonna let you go” let’s go to the Mall! Driving you again! midnight show (sorry!) Thanks for everything MOM -l- DAD, Luv ya! Jennifer Bush Paul a A. Calakoutis 12 Michael J. Campanale Cynthia Cannon Mary Caramanis 1 I 7 Lake St. June 22, 1967 We R Family Lisa, Di, Anne, Shelly friends Forever Best times w PC TM KF MD LM KM CR MT DM DP BD KM PH CH. E.T. Center Menots AHS dances hunt Club Hideaway4 84 Carney Biorythyms Fenway ! Ft, La bound Cheering 648-0343 ya Semi prom MB don ' t panic. Slept at MBW LF Special Memories R hat U R the best Mike 1 0 3 I I 81 Love ya always. Thanx for all Mom Dad We Will Be? Curtis Carlson 291 Hillside Ave. 5 25 67 “B.S.U.R.1.M.1.M” — |T 1st dead show ‘one nuclear bomb can ruin ' your whole day ' Monadnock weekend w Todd " Road to Vermont” — CC Rockport Illusions calumet Sullivan Stadium Shaw SB.C.C- I Chadwick ' s $” ' cause everybody knows this is nowhere , . . think I ' ll I pack it in and buy a pick-up . . . don ' t be denied . . . don ' t let it bring you down” — Neil (oh, AHS rah-rah-rah?) Carolyn Carnell John K. Carroll Richard Carroll 7 Oldham Rd. 6-28-67 We Finnaly Made It! 1 0 O ' clock senior priveledge. Mr. B ' s Vett. Mr. Quigs ' gym class, jap Bikes Ford Ranger V6 5speed. Cherp Em Up! 455 Quadrobog. Hey Matt!! The Tower GMX Jeff and Gubel. jimbo and champagne by the shed. Remember CH DT MB DP Buba MC EC Chevys No Good! bye For ever A.H.S. Thanks MOM and DAD : Theresa Carroll 31 Elwern Rd. 7 27 67 The fastest but the BEST years. Crazy times w MF, PA, RD, RB. j Summer of 81. Ski trips. Best friends always jean. Many laughs w George. Rick Krispies. Best times atYork Qgunquit. Soph, math party clciss. KC 6yrs same locker. Fun at BBHT. Chinese red light s, JR, LL, SG, ES, CC. Thanks Mom S. Dad. Good luck Sue 8 Rich. Bye AHS!! Michael Campanale 56 Blossom St. 3 23 67 FOOTBALL. BASKETBALL. BASEBALL ' The Bowl” “Its Meant To Be” Gerry Mac Pat Hirshey Mazoo PDSBKOMBMFRK “Campa Are You Sure You Dont Want One " Student Council “Dont worry about it” jr Sr Semis Proms SUCHABOY “Mr. Hanley, Wahtabout this play? Mr. Quiggs 8 Mr. B “ 1 2“ Summerof 84 " loth " Summerof 82 THE CAPE — ORTYSStappled lunch bags? Dad I Love Ya Mom and Barry Thanks For EveryThing Love Ya Cynthia Cannon 59 Beacon St. 4 17 66 Well Laurie we finally did it we ' re getting out of this place. Remem- ber THE VAN (Sandy) Laurie. G.l. joe, Baldy, Hampton Beach, CLASS OF 85 1, WE RE FREE, The Nose, Later Arlington High! Mary Caramanis Curtis D. Carlson Carolyn Carnell 325 GRAY ST. 6 22 67 Ed 4-7-84. Close Friends — AD MD EH. Field Hockey, In. Track, Out-Track. Skpw MD-C.Z.-2 mos. RMFrPd. juju. Clubx-mas Party. Dbdw EB, EH, JR. Gazebo. Proms. B 8 AW EEjCM Slogn. Martha ' s Vine. AD ' EH, PS, DD, AL-WSKi. Trkpr 8. S.B.-KING. VMass-22Fits- Ftbl-rain. crashHelmets-EH-90MPH. Thanks Mom, Dad, Marcy and Eddie for being there. jack Carroll 1 4 Winthrop St. 2 6 67 jack, jKC, CAZ High School Weekends, Bleachers, The Bud Man, Rip Trips. RP-TFYYF-INri ' BD, jG, ODYSEE-Rockin The Paradise, Town Day ' 84. Lyrically Inclined? UPS Big City Nights BCN Fireworks, Pocket Fuel! Harvard sq. Moosebead Hi Notes, The Pond. PINK FLOYD — THE WALL 6X What Can I do? Sis, Mom, Comfortably Numb, Masness Thanks Mom and Dad Richard B. Carroll Theresa A. Carroll 13 Maria Casaca 46 Elmhurst Rd. 2 18 66 action at DS D ' s trouble with the benzs, d lzed and confused, PA. MV. VK, DP. LedZep, Van Halen, Springsteen, can ' t take it no more, take off! no way SV Good times, bad times, freshmen biology, sophomore english, Thrndk, Magnolia, I finally made it! Thanks Ma Dad, love ya both. Henry C lssidy 161 Mystic St. 3 16 66 5 yr. Bid is over. Hello world Thanks to the people who went to bat for me. Rough times own apt. The POND, The Indian. S. AM Ski Guitar Fastback Wuina BMan The Historic VDay snowstorms weekend Binges TSP. DC |M RL SM BM LB LO SG MA opening Day BBall Finn B.I.O.Y.A.D. I own it “N” shLeave the Past for memories " n " Laughs as for AHS can kiss my — LNW; HARYA Thanx Mom + Family Love ya Maria Casaca I V Henry Cassidy Karen Catalano lODowAve 7-12-67 It ' s Over! The Best-Good Times-MD SL DD LR DM TC, Crusin- Summer 84-Partytime! TBFY-7 1 6-28-The Best Times-ME-Canada. Ir. Semi 84. Suzanne-Mary-been through a lot together! BFF! Good Times-BBHT-the caf- Breaktime! Livin for the weekend! Theresa, 6 yrs-same locker. Thanks for putting up with me MOM, Dad Susan-Luv ya! Bye AHS! Forever!!! Brian Caterino 81 Warren St. 9 3 66 WELL IT ' S FINALLY OVER WOULDN ' T of Made Without WIRE- DOUTMDD. CPD got ME. SnowStorm In The Summer, All Night Parties On The Island. Beatin On TC. Drinking Cold Michs Keg Party At Menots Watchout |im. Spa Fights With HD. KG, PC, |D, RH, )H, THANKS MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU. OH YEA THANKS LENNY, WON ' T FORGET YOU. U TER ARL. HIGH! Karen Catalano Brian Caterino Eric Changelian 1 7 Browning Rd. 3 3 67 Big Mac Filet-O-Fish ' 4 pounder nuggetsfries sundaes Apple Pies Mac ' s is 1 ! Dillman Grubbs Fraydoon-marshmellowsrulel! MT PC |H Beanbreath lives on!! term grade = role of the dice Babson 1 Class of ' 85 is awesome you look good dude! Yea, well take a hike! P.F. is great. Bye-Bye B.sisters-Bond Brady Oct. 1 4 a great day! Thanx Mom, Dad Christal. I Love U! Philip Chaves 8 Langley Rd. 7 6 67 Major: Accounting Colleges: Northeastern and Bentley. Nickname: Big Phil. Interests: Liliete, family and friends. Organizations: Church choir, CYO, volleyball team and CCD program. QUOTE " Do not use that pompus tone with me Mr. Leone, " Thanks Bubba for all the good times and Rob for the help and confidence. I ' ll never forget AHS! Steven Celia 99 Spy Pond Pkwy 3 20 67 FROS, FOOTBALL 6-0, HOOP, TRACK, jU, HOOP VFOOTBALL 1 0-0 GBL? GOOP? THE WHISTLE BLOWS AGAIN. " WHERES HARDY? " ,SPA FIELD HIGH, DROME, BIG DAN ' S PLACE RUBES HIDEAWAY. CRUSING W TUZZ, CRASHING W SKEEZ RKU DOOR NXT TIME! TANK 74 69 CUTLASS GAUKXY THE TRUCK H.G.S, TOM ' S WALL HIT OR MISS THE DARK SIDE AC DC EAST END MENjT PG RK SF TF DT )S SR FR MF AND CO. THANX MOM DAD Susan Chamberlain 75 Brattle ST. 2 7 67 April 8 1 983 Tim I Love You Forever Always ‘The Wonder of You " " Tender Feeling " " Key Largo " " South Border Road New York Prom Night Laurie Tony " How ' s Your Onions " Kittys 1 0- 1 -84 Rewrap The Rink " Roy Orbison " — Hampton I have made it Grandma, Thanks Ma Dad Steven R. Celia Susan M. Chamberlain Eric D. Changelian i Philip ). Chaves 14 Denise E. Chiara Cassandra Chitouras Michael Coffey 59 Tomahawk St. 8 26 67 Love and Thanks Mom And Dad, Bizbot, Pepper Hill, Killer, Hack attack. Blonde Bomber, OOKAY! YAA! Whose Gonna Plug Your Ears! So, Excited, Weekend Blizzard, Wondyrun, Snoopy ' s Revenge, Go Toms-stiff Bon Bon 1 1 284 Box, CB I Don ' t Know Y.a Know?, HEADCASE! It ' s Fe lsible Double Eagle! M.M.R Swifty Rules! Snickers on the Cape, M.V., 85 — Best! Kathleen Conroy 1 26 Overlook Rd. 6 21 67 Joanne, Judy, Karen, Mimi, jane, Chrissy, FIELD HOCKEY!? Pressure! Cover! — Ka, track? The pool. Those Kids!, mag., " Where ' s “US ' ' ?, And still we live!. You ' re going jo?, uphill skiing?, " serious work”, “What ' s that noise? " happiest days!?, something exciting, YBNHS, Pj Prom, P S, 5:30 AM Katy?, Westpoint 83, Hi jan, 2 grams Rusty. Good luck everyone! Thanks MOM, DAD S. KRIS Cherie Corbett Ricfiard L Coombs Michelle Corbett 38 Edgehill Rd. 8-21-67 Mera girl Nj Duxbury Summer of ' 84 ' ski trips-no snow Beach parties w DomThedayafter-jr prom BIB — Let ' s go! B-Ball games K the G NYE — no bar gain TTC — real food? Faces. Sr P Fr yr Never go MDD! KH in Newton Video for Barbs! Niffa? Lost wknds " owp " Friends forever Nancy, Melis, Mimi, Lori Are we having fun yet? you paid for that? Miss ya AHS thanx Mom and Dad julie Corkeiy 47 Stone Rd. 12-22-67 Robert 2 10 84 I Love You! Good times, bad times, we made it through them all! BFA Patty Good times down the projects F.F. CF RM KD DK TE TM MB MH MG PP KG TC TA SH RM Thanx SR Whipped SCOOP Meow jr Prom joeBro “7 1 4” 24 Traci — Florida Hey dude — let ' s party NY ' s — 84 — " Behind Blue Eyes " Sweet 1 6 Led-Zep, Billy Squier, T.P. “He ' ll give ya a ride! " Thanx Ma, dad family, I love ya Denise Chiara 68 College Ave. 10 10 67 FLORIDA!! Let ' s Hear It For The Boys-Borderline. Rabbit Enka-Dez. LD NEESCHE White horse — Leatherbooties CF PA BM SM FAK BGHBH The Guys! PCHMW LDPP The boat-swimming to Sandy Beach?! Y ' Worry-july 4th-Charles River Gentlemen for one, M-S Never forget Semi, Prom. Thanks LD jC EB PC and the rest of you! Thanks Mom and Dad, F,P, 8 K 1 Love You All! C lssandra Chitouras 91 Harlow St. 10 10 67 HOVYYA BEEN BER? It ' s MY prom! Hey Chicks: SC, KC, Big E, TL, Fefe. DC and Quebec trips w Kathy and buddies. Fruit of the Loom raid w Kristen. 7 3 1 84-Metro w KF, Run DMC, 8 Rich. FTS Man. Cape Times. FUB. Hawaii. LYDENOUHB!! Best of times on the Charles. Help Me Chopper! Hey Bud-Let ' s Party! Love Ya, Mom, Dad, 8. Bro, ZOO-BOUND! Michael Coffey Kathleen Conroy Rich Coombs 1 26 Newport St. 6 6 67 JUGS!!!! TUBA!! Soccer 84 GOAL jV 83 Capt 32-GErnes to Coach O toole SWIMMING Rocks Perfect Record Carole Paul Fourth Estate Foisy Kearns M + Ms Dinger jay Glen Bob Band Marching Eggs Montreal Wayne Nj? DC Tassone Finnegan Ganci Uncle Gerry Freaks Science Club Computers NHS LatinHistory Cotter Drench Tramblay Mr. MacCommins Brown Wohllebe Phelan Meserve Katz Manning Uuton Fitz Wuigs GOODBYE HEY AHS I LUV YAM julie Corkery Michelle Corbett 15 Richard |. Corleto Susan L. Costa Suzanne Coughlin 48 Wright St. 115167 AHS It was an experience SUM!? FDS I ain ' t doin’ it BFD BF’s The Duck Dance It’s Raining Men Montreal Jazz Choir-rehearsal Anita PB’s ]T, CC, DT, MC Trigger Burgers DC The Ultimate Trip George 1 1284 1 1 1084 Semis-PP-RKFT M2 Keep trin’ Mike Hojo’s " 83” Babson Trip, Stumble and Fall Summer ’’84” The Square ”83” Mag- gots Get Siked My Car Thanx Family MCC ClAO Steven Crocker 8 Milton St. 8 3 67 ‘The Swamp ” MDjVPS RB The HArt SS TW TR TDHB HM BD GD FM P 4- DF BowlaDrome my numbs are Lip ]D Mich soco Come on BOHO Look Ma no Hangover open 23 hours 1 21 84 ”lm sorry” 3 12 84 “Let’s get some Ice Cream ” Moody Blues Freebird The Swamp Band 8 1 7 84 THE Party of 84 LED ZEP Pink Floyd Get Dawn OFF my FACE! Thanx MA Dad ST DC In memory OF EC Luv ya MH Daniel Croke Gerard M. Cronin Joanne Cronin 6 Clark St. 2 25 67 Michael 1 1 5 82 Luv ya 4-ever Good Times with CP, SC, MP, MF, CH, PH, CR, MG Summer of 84 Aug 9 HJ Hampton 83-84 bound with CP April Vaca Proms, Semis w Mike It’s snowing again Where’s Bri SSP Menots Bud Parties at HD It’s neg Sue Mo grew up! J. Geils w Monica Hard Times But So Far Lived Through It all Watching The Sun Rise S.O.O.T. Barry I Love ya Mom Dad Elizabeth Crowley 297 Mystic St. 10 27 67 Woody-no Lizbet-I found deetl Artificial stink Can I borrow a pencil DebP he dreaded Bump. S.B.The “claw”, Justwait till we’re seniors V.B. Hurt someone summers at Caypa Cod Do feetPTThanx good luck to friends Thanx to the better Vz — Rose, Leenie, Fish, Tiger 8. his chick — Also JW, TW, EF. WJ, Miss My Med Rick Corleto 4 Ivy Circle 3 12 67 85 WOW! OH NO NOT CHICKEN, WDAN, HAMPTON BOUNC i ROCKET — FUEK, WEEKENDS — AHS, BROTHERS TILL THE END I PARTY TRAIN, DJ’S, NT’S, SUMMER OF 84. WENTWORTH BOUND ' AIRHEADS, COME-ON-GUYI, WHAT IT IS! THIS IS GREAT!! BUI 1 NOW ITS GONE. THANKS AHS, THANKS MR. CIVILLI AND MR CLOUGH FOR HELPING MAKKE MY CAREER DECISIONS AND HEY DAN, YOU’RE AWESOME! THANKS MOM AND DAD I LUV YOU I Susan Costa 95 Sylvia St. 11 13 67 12 1 81 Peter LYA 4Eva Good Times at Menots SSP Parties in HD’s cellar Best of friends JC MF CP old times at rezw MHMGCA spot Ber + Bet semi w PD Jr prom in Glouc w PD MF TD KB JD CD MLThanx Mary Trying to ski w MF CP DP One Wayor Another TF Fact or Fiction JoPTripstoPT 1 I = 3 Im getting smarter AC CD stay in touch KB I Made it Mom -i- Dad! Steven J. Crocker Danny Croke 346 Washington St. 1 23 67 Kristin 1 2 26 83 Forever CD SM KH MF DL -l- “atl my buddies” Rember the good times FrFball 6-0 VF ball JV HOOP Quigs Maine Winnepesaukee CAPE 84 AC DC Geils GAP DL’s BASH Patio BUDS snubby JC Pacty wM -l- C NY Eve 82-83 The Field HS Stratton TOw FS The “TRUCK” Snowstorms Semi 8 Prom Good times wD 4- L, K -I- Me Beach sicwom Thanx LAR CGLWJ Thanx Ma 4- Dad LUV YA LATER AHS Life goes on Gerard M. Cronin 30 Philips St. 9 9 66 85 Snake Herpie Okie Bergs Jukes Duce Mike B. Sean Zoo Thanxx Orty Fr F. 6-0! The Garden! VF4- 10-0! Hirschys Blasts! The High School! The RES! Shotguns at Menots! The Floyd Mystique? I am now Comfortably Numb! License Yet? Thanx Lisa F! Lv-A.S. 1 1 27 84! Remember, no Holocaust to Come!? Add one more Brick to the Wall! Thanx PO-i-CH! Love and Thanx Mom and Dad! Joanne M. Cronin Elizabeth W. Crowley 16 William Crowley 54 Exeter ST. AIM 161 “Where Have All The Good Times Gone " VH Steve ' s Garage The TWIST McD’s Faces August 1 9, 1 984 SS Thanx Mom and Dad, Mary M., Keith C., Steve S., Kevin M., Christine M., Tino S., Gina M., Fred B„ “OUCH! ' Football FR. Baseball SO. ■“CU SS OF 1985 " Mary F. Cutone 51 Morningside Drive 1 6 67 NAVY 1 ! One Night Stand CAUTION Skiship Quebec 83 CCotage CB lsh Ast. Hey Cat WTF4K Ushering 7 Mic? 7 up Hat I Feel Light Romes COC Survival " 43 ' Ann Don ' t Slip Bananna Head Wendi I See Dawn Dunkins Dr. Pep Goody )Bop Cooley Faced Frib Squib Bagit! Gotta do it! Cann ' t do it! Hey Dude Lets Party! ACE T-Boysa GIP! M8 M ' s Nancy ID! Catch ya Later AHS Thanx Mom Dad I LOVE YOU William |. Crowley Mary F. Cutone Ann Marie Dacey 64 Bay State Rd. 7 5 67 Hey Deb, I think its a beach day! Spaghetti. Its Casual! Thanx DA EL NM DC. NH — Skiing: DA EL SC |L RC NM TC CB. QUARTERS! RM — remember M2. " Maggots " jazz Chorus, Band, Drum Major: Atten Hut! Montreal. Washington — Bj KN CK TS — ACTIVATE! j] HT NA! " Sometimes you just gotta say . " Brighams; EM SA PB TC LH ]G. Ben — Hi cutie Hows life? I love you, Vin! Thank-you Mom, Dad S. Dennis. I love you! Richard Dahill 28 Webster St. August 7, 1967 zzzz " It’s casual” Paint the porch Pat, stag, Irish Pete, john, how ' s the s band COMING? GRAIN 1 90. Take Driver Ed and squash raccoons. Andy — the killer tennis player. Karen, get the oranges. Hi Marg, it’s only me. Like those work-out shoes Butch. Melissa A. Daley Golnaz Damghani Serena Danielson 25 Browning Rd. 10 14 67 Rene . . . Good friends last forever . . GD EC DT BN MK SB LB SK BL In your dreams . . . CATS “84” . . . Hey guys, guess what I ' ve lost Now? . . . Media, Computer, jazz, Church, Yearbook, NHS . . . Don’t sweat it, just skip it . . . O ld Silver Beach . . . Enrique, Teebag, Goy Dance Until it hurts . . . Beanbreath . . . Memory . . . Luvya janine! Thanks Mom and Dad for you endless love and support. Amy Danton 1 14 Hemlock St. 3 4 67 Good Times With Close Friends CARL 1 7 83 Varsity X-Country Indoor V Track Co-Captains SQ Varsity Outdoor Track skipw E- Beach DBDWTTop Cet Mystics LN DD EH Scooping Gaz B-King Crash Helmets U-Mass The Vineyard Colman’s Sports CC Quart Party weekend-Runner I Miss ya Nancy Elmer Pickle Thanks Carl, Rich, Sally, Donna etc. Thank Mom and Dad I Love ya a Danton Ann M. Dacey Richard A. Danhill Melissa Daley 7 Gould Rd. 10-2-67 We Are The Melissae, V-Ball, no possible way, BF, Meliss, jOMB, Nancy, Are You Sisters? Michelle, Lor, LG, Paula, Line, |B KM LB, Walks with Ev. LM Seth parties, Rockport 83-84, Club Boisvert, Were going for a walk 6 1 1 IS } MG, Proms, Greg, 6 1 6 84 WAP, The park. Drama, G + S, FR, G-lsland, Wash. What If We Get Caught? MAD-MAN, Party Animal! Let ' s Play, And I Like It, S.C. ||T, ITOK, LOVE YOU MUM DAD Golnaz Damghani 85 is here; I LOVE IT! COULDn’t wait for it and now it ' s here! Thank God! Class of 85 wicked awesome!! Gomez!! Who ' s that! Gon- zales!! What! Golnaz. That ' s it!! Volleyball 83. SS B-Day Pty great! 16-1-17 B-Day the greatest. BU DanceBu Banquet. C lsablanca WED. Hd ' s concert. High school years awesome! Stay young for ever! Serena L. Danielson Amy B. 17 Daniel A. Dargon Christopher Davenport Suzanne Decaprio 3 Beverly Rd. 12 27 66 Vienna, Madrigals, G8 S, Harmonaires, Drama, WAHR, Music Direc- tor, Oedipus Interview, Billy Ido Steve Stevens; 1 23 84 1 25 84, Berlin; 8 28 84, Beltman is a SMP! Ultravox; 3 25 83, Associ- ates, ]L, BC, GS, )H, )A, Stevie, Scotland, UIS. Wells Maine. Love Is A Noble Emotion! Mr. Twister rules, OK! Thanx; Mom 8 Dad, Mr. McClosky, Performing Arts! Your Star Will Shine Again! Diana DeCaro 32 Teresa Circle 8 23 67 MARK 1 1 23 83 The Penn DM WW DL MM GB MO PW MM )C AV DL Revere Beach The Rcz MP PT BH drome — arcade games junior semi Royal Hawaiin — limo best friends CD MD KC SL PC LS Pj LR FB ME Cape thanx DD MC SD ]D LD Welington DL CM AC SL MC Fitz’s class parties summer of 84 Brigham ' s courtyard after 7th Mark’s Cake Ignore her party hearty jimmy ' s can dy Thanks Mom and Dad — love ya! Christa Deemys Peter Deluca Mary Demartino 43 Greeley Circle 4 3 67 Hs stand-menots-brigs-caf the Gang-LF AL DZ MT LM BD KM PC MC CR DP SD fab 5 Ka(mit) Ka, Maria, Deb, Tricia Hampton-AH, Cape-Cabin Fever-Hitchin, Courne, FT, L 848.85, Danny’s, Quebec 83, all-nighters-LTB, Piking It sawtfight SMT PD Bluechez, junta. We Are-They Are, eh, VW-GH, NY c It Burns Police PQAL-sapz, LD, PjA claw, cats-aptfight cows Qmenots PFT its over missYa Droopy Love Ya Mom 8. Dad Michael j. Dempsey 61 Chandler St. 6 11 67 " Crispy " Val, Sul, Mig, Ben, Tasty Buds and Lottsa Airheads, Aeros- mith with Tuzz and Skez, FLA 84, WISCO Women LK, SD, ELFy, Sul’s asleep in the bathtub. It’s Casual, Hotel C, Pvt. D, Zoid-Look At The Lights-NO!,Tow Zone Layer, Killer Millers, 5 Righteous 1 ’z, off to Ft. jackson. The Swamp, BG, jr. Prom, candy, Walden Pond, The Field, late nights, so long AHS Thanx Ma, Dad Dan Dargon 1 5 Draper Ave. 10-23-67 diego-DUANE-Oh no not chickens-ROCKET FUEL-NT’s-WDAN- BASKETBALL-MVP- PARTY Train-Run-DMC-GAP BAND-Airheads- DAN, dump the cheerleader-B-ball Camp-The High school-85- lookman-WNig-WLRS 88-9-KFL-Comfortably Numb-Sail on-Poco- SWAMP-This is your life-Get Shnubby-Per. 3 Spanish-you gotta love it-GMF-The WALL-The radio ”Blocliuster”-Get down on it- Chris Davenport 1 79 W£ishington St. 6 3 67 Friends Always DC SM KH MC FROSH Hockey Barts JV Hockey undefeated. Mr. Harrington Auigs IWMV Cape 84 Maine Missouri Mono High School The Field Tower snubby nites New Years Eve 83 Grand Prix 1 TG- G jr PDM SIWAM Beach Fletts GLM-hD jan 9 6 84 Forever Thanks Mike BWPP Golfcourse ITS Been Real 85 Thanks Mom Dad couldn’t of done it without you Dave be good! Suzanne Decaj rio Diana DeCaro Christa Deemys 52 Fairview Ave. 8 20 67 Mark 7 19 83 BOF-CW, CR, CP, DC, DW, PB, LB, CP, HP Center — KH, TA, jD RL at Garden Bon Bus! Indian “82 " 83 NYEVE, at RMs, Bow -I- Arrow HC-(-OB Dallin “83” 84 ” 85, Parties At Oaks, The Phretts At jumbo Cape Cod Swan River, Chuck -(-Ernie, Police ' 82 ' 83, Killington ' 84 LePetit Renard — LG Steve On The Beach! jr Prom 8. Kim + jim Drive Ins W RA-i-TW S’ingover CWs — My Mind Is Coming Apart! LROM — fav song Thanx — Mom, Dad, L-(-jm Peter DeLuca 1 85 Forest St. 3 8 67 To The Class of 85 hopefully I leave all my sayings Bad 8. Good Boys 8. Girls susan 8 1 winter Love you always sumerst Excellent Place Rez Football Field all parties Especially Hound-dogs cella Burt Tom Eddie Bear Dez Flynny OB Martin FootBall Buddies SBDC Gents BK BC CH KO THerez Barney Mook Bakealsa jock hirls Mary D Tri sha Karen Patty HLMKODeb Maria take it easy last But not leeist Mom and Dad THANKS 18 Mary Demartino Marcy Desrosiers 1 0 Mt. Vernon St. 4 9 67 Thank you Mike, (Bubba) 1 1 4 83 Thanks Arlington High for all the memories, The Semis and Proms, Thanks Carolyn never forget Burger King. Kathryn and Connecticut and all the great times we had. Track Field Hockey, Working for the A’s?!? “Chocolate chip cookies” F.J., The Bruins, (Hey . . . ) Thank Mom! Donald Dickerson 38 Russell St. 09 29 67 “Curtis”; Cool s Hollow n Turf Country; ESTRULY: 5 29 84; good ole times with Jim n Max; Deutsch klasse mityanet; Limo with Zig, Felix, Bonehead, Weeb, Millimeterman — The Best of Friends; DOOBIE; Fernald; GREEK!; Weeb’s laugh and Den’s happy feet; 4eva friend PA; cuts with cliff; swim team with RW, MW, KS; U2-VH; I ' m sorreee; Miss You Mom — Thanks Dad — Thanics AHS; Later Michelle Dimascio Sandra Dinapoli Barbra DiNitto 55 Lockeland Ave. 10 25 67 The CK’s — LM KM DPCPMF sifn inaCW KM — 4:00 stroll the Lost Weekend w Liz-82 if My Cellar Could Talk! maw PD Menots HS mlt’s AllNite w L.T.M Bourne — Ethel f-bum Never Forgets. y84-L- Snitch KM LM DP TM KF MD AL DZ LF MC KR 2M TD MP CKM-PTO ya 6 1 DZ-g’s A van?-|r Prom Carney BOF-Liz Kathy Dee “stay” 5-9-83 LKH The B-Ball at Mary’s M-Day Moons HD’s Cellar NYE- Thanks Mom Marie 8 Carol Debbie Donabedian 8 Elwern Rd. 12 10 67 LN LL BD MD HM CS EH AD AS, BU RB 1 , L J -SUMMER ’82 — St. E, KEV DAVE 7-4-84 and RiU-NIGHTY WITH LESLIE, L 8. T FASHION SHOW OH NO! B.O.F. — LESLIE, LISA, SNA, PARTY TRAIN, JR. PROM, FACES, KOOL 8. GANG, REVERE BEACH, FWIED WICE, MARO-GO FOR IT!! HAMPTON, SEARS-SEEBREZ, ANNA- BASH, CHOW! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING-MOM, DAD AND DAVID!! Barbra Dinitto Lauren Denapoli Kathy Denton Lauren DeNapoli 9 Reed St. 1 26 67 Mopey Mitchelle and a pack of P’s. You know It jean! Summer of 8 1 Monica 8v jean. HEART Concert, Thanks Lee. just cruising around M.B. on Fridays. Party in Bedford. Going places TOGATHER with IREEEN! Thank you j.R. I’ll never forget, MD HSFF. Thanks to Gram and Grampa. Love you Mom and Dad, and your patience Marie. Six Years Vin Someday N.H. mts. Love ya Kathy Denton 30 Lafayette St. 12 22 66 Billy 3 12 82 Forever ML LR The best of times with the best of friends — CH PH jG MK KL MH KF SM BM Proms Semis — BM Hampton Royal Crest 1 8.2 lets Go Crazy! Summer Nights Nothing Like Em! Thndk Tracks Mystics Maine — jG The Week Before — KL MH MK Last Bus? Your on It! Wheres Weirs? Church Lot — BMMM Im Young I’ll Get Over It! Thanks — TSKH BM — Don’t Quit — LYA Good Times Are Forever Bad Times Fade Away Thanx Ma 8. Dad Marcy Desrosiers Donald Dickerson Michelle DiMascio 5 Warren St. 2 6 67 TM, RS, CA, MH, MG, KH, MG, |C, CP, Bob M., Partyin’ down the Res, Broad Squad, Man Hunt, Are you juiced? Budweiser, The Bow, jumbo’s. Summer of 84, Limo ride with Scott, Tanja Pearl Harbor, Aerosmith concert 84, WebbrookThe Center — BK, DA, jH, Coke-a- nut. Fireworks 82, Dazed and Confused, Thanx and Love MA -i- Sis! LATER MUCH A.H.S!!! Sandra B. DiNapoli 37 Valentine Rd I 1 22 67 Rob-n-Me, Summer of ”83” Good Friends, Mel, jacqui, Bunnie. Being late for school “Again”. Flat tire. Bunnies pants, Brighams with S.V. “Parties” mine 8. meis 16th 8. 18th, Halloween, Fourth of July “MOONS ”, pool parties. I’ll always remember the memories at A.H. jacqui 8. Maire hang in there. Thanks Mom 8. Dad ... I Love you. Good Bye AHS, Debra A. Donabedian 19 Beth S. Donnelly Mary C. Donovan Cheryl Dooley 27 Adams St. 4 12 67 John 11-21 -83 We ' ve had great times I’m glad they ' re with you! 2-4-84 Sr. Semi dump ’em Bud Hampton Beach, Winthrop, Cot- tage Les. 9-22-84 Fred 1 0-7-84 Friends — LS LR FB DD KC MD KH )C. JR Prom da THANKS 4 good yrs. HS. A, Eng. 83-85 Grand Prix THANKS Mrs. C Miss ya AHS Cruise. Springstein.Tricia, CUZ, I Love John! Thanks Mom Dad Love ya! I did it! Love ya NANA. Good Luck 85. " S.S.” Helen Doulis 1 42 Dartmouth St. 3 14 67 je hi! let’s make plans. Skippy peanut butter, Monday, Nopi Boston. " Do you want to see it?” ”OK!” Pranks, GREECE FOREVER NISI. KALAMATA. Park Ave, MONTREAL 84 avec Christina metro. Hyan- nis 8 3 with Erasmia — double wedding, Ritz Carlton Break-ins. Psst! Le Pauvre! Hamoske treles! SP. BN, V? CM. Love ya always Sophie. Brian Driscoll 34 Venner Rd. 8 17 66 85 Don, Fuji, SS, BS, LE, NW. jS, RS, Maryland trips, the 103 Crew, Ceils New Year’s eve 83, In by I 2 out by I , DEATH DRIVES A GREEN CUTLAS, the Hike to Maryland Summer of ' 83 Could be but I don’t know, 6th period ’82-’83, I hate New York City, Wipe it up, PIRTA TNEP Eliot Drucker 86 Bartlett Ave. 4 29 67 1 More For Chuckles: Ave Smitty Unc. H Soccer’s for girls, is it? BC: Little DH Wrong em Boyo! ET TU MEDFORD? Beauteous! Over the hump 8. Happy Hr at Howie’s. Ack!! Elvis is King — Welcome to the working week — midnight Oil crew Dept F’s. Luv ya Heids — T. IDO Ev jer Seth Dave all Bitter Pill MPFcircus 7 Thanks For It All MOM i. DAD Pax vobiscum — 1 Step Beyond Beth Donnelly 10 Appleton Place 1 1-6-67 TOLO peterza P + D king 1 beefs boopsyou guys I’m on fire studly | Jim 4- 1 9-83 Loveya rooster SNOB? Keith Lewy James NEW YEARS i AHW JD? BECKY JANET MARY Juniors KC TL DD AD J.K.C. Jr. Semi + ! Prom Katy’s bashes — NO! Wawer Sprite FTS Makeone Have we i . . . Sometimes in life week end nites or the visitors side majorettes 1 — pep rallies -i- sleepovers — Betty — Thanks Mom -i- Dad, Ellen -i- Tim, Chris -i- Karen Mary C. Donovan 282 Gray St. 3 8 67 KC. DT, DD. SL, DM, TC, PM, DJ. Cape, camping, Florida Field hockey, Deanne dance Cl lss, cruising. Jr year, prom, summer 84, Hi Tina face. Buddy. Buddy! goodtimes with Karen, Sue, Deanne, Dianna, KC don’t forget our first jobs at Baybank! Thanks to my family: 1 couldn’t have made it without you. I Love you. Mom, Dad, and Tricia! H.S. The best four years of my life! Brian P. Driscoll Eliot Drucker IL. Dianne P. Downing Kerry A. Doyle Cheryl A. Dooley Helen Doulis Dianne Downing 24 Crescent Hill Ave. 9 6 65 D.D. “Oh Sweet Peg.” Goodbye Park Pit. Thanks Jane and Thanks Mr. Tolland. Di. And 9 good 1 984 Summer Vacation from P lrk Pit And good bye to A.H.S. Kerry Doyle 27 Cherokee Rd. 7 6 67 Remember CAROLYN, Jay, PM, JP, GD, SK. LB. PI, HD, FH, B-Ball, Flags, Bio A8.P, US His. Chem, Spicy Semis. Proms, Limos, Quincy Market; CYO, Monotony Phys.; Countdowns, Ists, Sweet 16s, Doubling, Movies, Phone Convos, “We hafta talk!”, “I know what you mean!”, “Why me?”, ‘That’s Life!” I LOVE IT! THANKS MOM DAD, KMD, MJD, JBD for always b eing there!!! 20 Donna ). Durling Peter Duserick Clare Dynan 42 Richfield Rd. 9 15 67 Xmas Carols By The Hibachi W Ann HOLYROCK Park River Seduc- tion. Cape 83 w Cath WHEN THE SHARK BITES! By The Banks Of The River Charles w AcScoTTBill — YEEHAW! Karstens Special Times w Someone Very Special — Bill Clare 84 Sr Prom — HOjOS Germany KOBLENZ Paris London w Bill Rob SPCBjSNO Neepin’ Bedford Motel w Amy |en SPKDBiLL How ’bout ASWIM? Thanx Ma Miss you Rob . . . SkipaguttaAHS! Good Luck 85 Katie Eagan 118 Lowell St. November 6, 1967 Later AHS, Pond 1 Ramble On Ten Below SOCO marts Soccerball At 5 am. WODKA. Megabeers Megabags Megabooz. SE DF DL RW |F LM TS CM HD BP BLE. Memories of PM and The Gand ROADTRIP. LED ZEP — PINK FLOYD FOREVER Song Remains The Same The WALL — SPLEEF. Daily Sessions At Church BONZl -2 many Party Sat 24 Not Enuf At 1 1 8 just Kiddin Ma Dad Luv Ya Thanx For Putting Up With Me 1 Love you, Lily, Bambi 8 jagger. Thanks a lot john M. Kristen Fagan 9 Aerial St. 1 24 67 Michael 2 10 84 ILY The 3 B’s — Bambi “jack and Diane " Mighty Lighter Fanueil — M Trips NY DC Can M .M Fights with CF junior Prom — Humarock Glouster " Against All Odds " — Baby Mick at Harvard “Huey” yaway F of W raids w C lssandra Missing Buttons home alone skiing? Hockey Games close calls tracks Fireworks Stopsign? Thanx Mom, Bob, Dad and Cathy Luv ya Nique Fajors 35 Newland Road 1 1 02 67 ANY ONE WITH A GRADE POINT AVERAGE OF 3.95 OR HIGHER CAN NOT DO A 1985 YEAR BOOK BIOGRAPHY SORRY ADMINISTRATION Mark D. Ercolini Patricia M. Edwards Donna j. Durling 19 Fremont Court 5 4 67 jIMMY — 1-14-83 4-eva I Love You Always! Ain ' t no stoppin ' us now! Sears party w MG Travelin ' along w Reubin DANCE FACTORY Crosby — best of times w KS, CM, MH, RP. and the gang MEM down DIL " 68 ” Firebird Nanci Fonda — Your the best! ‘Do joodgies tonight jim? " LD84 NH CANDIES Party Hardy 4-eva! Kris- py. Thanks Ma, Dad and Dave I Love you! Later AHS — its been real! Peter Duserick 34 Robbins Rd. 10 2 66 I love all my BUDdies: Bergs, Okie, Zoo, Gez, Lynchy, Snake jim Mike jukes, Chris, Roch Muk jD GP -i- jD Thanks for 4 Great years guys! High school -i- Farm. Danny ' s patio. Paula 1 1 20 81 Great times — semi -i- prom Won’t forget ' em Dan ' s, KF’s Luvya always! Pepperhill Sun. nites I lu. Vars. Hoop, Soccer. Bball TY Mr. Lavs Hey Pat, Gotabuyer! Doo + Adoo! Paula " T”? “ILU, metoo!” Soccer rules Bergs! I love you Mom + Dad BDSD Clare Dynan Katherine E. Eagen Patricia Edwards 204 Wollciston Ave. 11 5 67 Tricia: Thanks Mom -t- Dad (8. j, M, M, V), Good Luck Ernie 8. Mary!!, I’ll love you forever! Cello, piano, CYO dances — Karen don ' t cry! The department, orchestra, THE TRIPS! Choir. Write me a note Sarah! Evan, Seth, jeremy, Andy — don’t hit me! Get to homeroom! Geowage! KaraLa, Mawy. Thank you Aunt Alma, Unka. Mark Ercolini 1017 Moss Ave. 3 18 67 ERC 38 special Soccer. Italy H.I.! Carta B.C. tournament Bill Roper Ken Hand line “slam” jalelian Fred “Muscles” Bergstrom No More sprained ankles D, IF Tony “Ippo ” Ippolito Caldors Fred, how do you feel? Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks to all my relatives. I love ya! Nique Fajors Kristen Fagen 21 Lisa M. Fiato Carole A. Finochetti Stephan Flaherty 43 Magnolia St. 12 14 66 The FIELD East End men where the Hells Hardy CAPE COD I PC. |S, DT STATiE DOING “80” Thunderbird CAPE II PG. |S, ST. GC “55” T + C MANY “LIGHTS” BLD AAT MACS CAPE III? FLORIDA? “G-DAY” Skeezie “Deathmobile” What a Bargin MALDEN DEATH CRUISE Hogie, Gents, RK, Cj. Skeez, TUZZ, Cell, SM, Roch, Flynnie, Tweedy, ”58” “44 ' 7Spaccoli Tambo STATIDSPA The Crew! Rubs House Winston Flores Chow 1016 Mass. Ave. 1 0 4 62 My name is Winston Flores Chow I’m from Nicaragua I came 2 years ago. My goal is to study electrical engineering. My hobby is to exercise all the time. My favorite sports are Karate, weightlifting, and running. I enjoy helping people. I’m also an advisor of ayouth group at Park Ave. Congregational Church. My appreciation to all my teachers. Thank you all. Kurt Fanning 24 Mohawk Rd. 1-25-67 KIM 2 1 7 84 ILYF BM SM MS TL ]G BO TO TA BS Einba. Hampton loop. Rolls Royce. Rez, jr. Semi 128 oops! 7 4 84. Killington Vt. 12 30 83. A] Foyt. Quinna, HondPond St. A’s New Brunswick, Ca Hey Babe WSAj. Where’s Scott Sorry Dudes. Miss O Many Memo- ries. My Party Why ME. 2 many girls. Whose That. Rockport. I’ll call you Don’t call me. SUKl THANKS MOM, DAD, KF. KF, CF Love Ya! Robert Fanning 57 Yerxa Rd 2 25 67 Mr. T “Make it Swing” See Ya Guys. Thanks Mrs. Sandstrom. Mary Farrell Matthew j. Ferraro Lisa Fiato 50 Cleveland St. 8 23 67 THANKS — Mary Diana Anne Michele We Are Family — PC MDTM DM MT KF KM KK KK KL MB DD PC RK M — SONY — CARNY — GC (InftreeCmtry) ]M (Mr. Leone) MBTVFBAF — Standard Shelley — ctrHrdy MenotsAHSBrib — Hunt Club Cape New Woman Quebec Montreal Dannys DDates Semi Prom CAF Parties Dances Concerts They Are We Are Cheering BIORYTHSSWAScall Me in the Morn BOB FRSHFT BLBBGames Spy Lost Weekend Celtic Luv Ya Ma Dad Cause WE ARE FRIENDS FOREVER! Carol Finochetti 1 77 Wachusett Ave. 5 25 67 Minnow Bj SKLB KK DTjPyour awesome Deb lets go dancinSetaSK — LBT There Fighting again Sum 84 WOW! Hey LB Wheres Gizmo? Skiing anyone? Good times X-Country so Ft-Ball mgr GS my Kids Wider OP83 jr Semi at Ronnies Place RD at PPP MAINE 84 85 your awesome stay c lsual Thanks Mom and Dad wouldn’t have made it without ya Love CAROLE Good times are forever Bad times Fade away Stephen V. Flaherty Winston Flores Chow Kurt Fanning Robert Fanning Mary Farrell 59 Mt. Vernon St. 1 27 67 TOM — 6 2 1 84 Finally! you slow or stupid? I luv ya! gre at times at wingaersheek. N.H. Trips with Cheryl. Trips — to PT. Summer of ’84 — Camping, Boating, fishing. Flat NYC with Romie. junior Prom — sunrise — sunset. Never forget ya — DP, KM, DB, LM. CP — Cutter Killers! Lets keep in touch, jC, SC, CD, KB, MD. Diff, Impy. DAS. Lynn -I- LORI House B, Dunkin D’S Love Ya Mom Matthew j. Ferraro 24 Grafton St. 1 4 67 MATT THE CAT, Bull in the CHINA SHOP Go For It I’m running for V.P. Some cliiss ITALY “83” its cold out here. What time is it? SAIL ON, Walking on thin ICE “84” LUNCH TIME you are nuts. Is this yours? I Don’t want to THIS IS AN ATOM What do you want to do KILLER Where To Now? GOOD LUCK “85” Thanks MOM -h DAD 22 Michael Flynn Timothy James Flynn David Frangioni I 28 Rawson Road 06 14 67 Carolyn, Moura, Fred. Caz, DF + CK Class of 85 NO. 1 Semi Prom MGMOOPS GOODTIMES HALEN ASIA POLICE BANDTRIPS DS; Late night act Mont YCC MMrT MLKB ODYSEE NK DRUMS jr Class Prez PARTIES NPRATIM 23rd AAERMrsK Cape 8384 U + DBAFFF! joelow CHILSER GOOSE NOOO MFACM jumbos Paradise TLGO Muke ALANDAWSON CPDBA Fandson TM ABE FINMr FOISY O GRETA Thanks Carolyn, Mom, Dad and John I LOVE YOU ALL Lisa C. Galante 36 Appleton PI. 1 13 67 LG FRIENDS 4 EVA — PAULA Lori 2 MelisOoj Kajoan Deb JLSH NB LB BM Lj BEST: LIME |K PERM Rpt-L8JV Mfield 83: P 8. L on the rocks TSyoke YWFder84: BETl 5 yo Adrian 25s DEFINITELY Bag It PB: BFbout 30 SNA oh WALTER GQ Mr. H UNIT 280zX Swing ito WE RE SO: FH prac DOOR Gl steps Mty Lighter HOWIES Semi BMAku Proms He Wants Ya 2LicSB 1 .5 SMIoPerdi CBjob CDelFOX JLB-WOGTR B-AZ BAMA! THEREMA THANX MA. PA 8. RE I LOVE YOU John P. Galeotalanza Gregory j. Gallagher David j. Frangioni Lisa C. Galante John Galeotalanza 32 Crosby St. 6 5 67 ‘They said it would be fun” Basketball games with Bubba. Summer Of 84 George’s charger w 395 — migs good driving skills “Do not Enter” 357 HI Sully Deanne Sean O’Connell Dave and Janet Mike Mard and Gary use the Door Thanks Mom and Dad. Gregory John Gallagher 9 Putnam Rd. 10 1 67 “It’s hard for me to put in words all the good things that have happened to me from my days at Hardy through my days at the “East” and at A.H.S. I would like to give special thanks to my parents for putting up with me through these years and a special dedication to my mom who has piissed on who who graduated from A.H.S. ss years ago. Michelle Flowers 1 1 2 Wright St. 5 28 67 Quebec Where did I go wrong? “ 1 999 ” FF7s Summer of 8 1 BUD- KINS Old YellerThe Logs CH-FitchburgMenots PA- “Leggies” Moc- casins Softball caught in the act Talks at Brighams-CM 3 nite rendez vous JP Marty’s Vineyard The limit is 30 MPH “Caw ” Mopey Tentin Pen 8. Mil Taloula Slap-Hi Friends IW LD CH SM PH CM PCTC BN PANZEY’S still live on Thanks Mom and Dad Karen Flynn 74 Tomahawk Rd. 9 16 67 ETHEL NGTS W BoFs; Trish, Ka. Mar, Deb. Ria, SD, DZ, PC, MC, AL. LF. KM, LM, BD, DP, MT, CR 8. Evry 1. PAT- 1 0-2 1 -83-Jr. Semi — 3MV-SLOVS-Prom-WKNDS 8.H.S. STANDS! PARTIES 8. AL 8. MD’S. FLA. w TM, MT, MD, DZ! NYTM SPAIN 83! CAPE 4 84. POLICE. VH, BBSHLDS 1 6 — SPRZE! CATS! NYE NA UGUYS! MV FLMTH 8 84 — SSSH! LET THOSE BABIES BR EATHE! CLOSET?! I LOVE MOM, DAD, J8.J, GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS LUV YA! Michael Flynn 343 Ridge St. 7 27 67 44 FOOTBALL HOCKEY po gc pd ko sb fr dc jm ji md lj tr kp gs fm bm mb nch EASTWOOD Tuzwhatchair Crokie STRUCK dl’s PATIO the FIELD tnuc csem P08.PD AlC freshBALL 1 HD’s Cellar Stown 83 campin Sull HDPOPD gotan I.D. son the DARKSIDE parties Bud EAST boys 1 Beach Days 8 DC Jr Prom Gcyum doubles kfeely Good Friends 8 Good Times Thanx Ma 8 Dad YA! Timothy Flynn 6 Cottage Ave. 7 1 7 67 42 V FOOTBALL SUPERBOWL! GBL BOF GENTS, TUZZ, FLAZ, RK. CJ. SF, “FIELDMEN” “ WHERE THE HELL IS HARDY” BK RUN WITH TUZZ. FREE STUFF BON FIRES AT THE FIELD. THE DEUCE WITH GENTS AND SKIES. 4 15 83 JEAN I’LL NEVER FORGET ALL THE GOOD TIMES THE PROMS 8. SEMI’S, THE STAIRS THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING MOM AND DAD LUV YA JEAN TF Michelle L Flowers Karen Flynn 23 Earl |. Geary Peter P. Gentile Evan Georgopoulos 1 84 Pleasant St. 5 3 67 ' •We re not Like the others . . . “STEZ)EZ ANDY HUGH MATS Meliss MFV Melissa Sara I M2 Drama Shows Montreal DC FR AS jTH.R.w Russ Late Again Mr Hall Prom Semi Cougar Oldham Paties Square RiverThe RockSummer83 JUNE 1 1 Fitz FoisTrev Drence Mum Dad Vovo Glouseter BERKY! 4 Years Fast Courtyard Janet German The Dinosaurs Madrigals Think Again Mank indsteps EL Sydney Carton AccG .Struth " . . . We ' re your friends. " Kevin Chiozzi 86 Fremont St 6-17-67 HEY! HEY! lets Party Kick Back Drink A Few BRews CRANK Up the Tunes on WBCN Van Halen 1 " Hanging out the FRont " “Take It To The Devie Awww Whats The Matter Light Em UP! Still Trying To Keep Off The Bikes Hey Go go You Ever Gonna Get Outta That House Steves Still Dazed When He Drives “POTRAE " ZOD, Niles, Rowe, Zuke You reallThe best Thanks, MA " N” Family For Everything Jonathan Z. Gilbert Maureen Ann Gildea Janet Gillis 21 Mayflower Rd. 11-10-67 Brian 9 1 5 84 Love Ya! G.F. — BP BD ES MH CA JB KB V. Gymn. Capt. Maroon Squad Tolo Time! Peteza ! 9 29 84 II GC FT IBYBD! JKC Wanna Fight?! The shopping cart! — ESyou nut! Camp Berea — 3 times! The tent HS on Wknds! F.F. CB BCC AV Maj. Maroon Squad Juniors! Many Many more I’m sure! Raiders 26 Parties! Boops! Codenames! CB-CD! Letters! Bigger and Better things! Thanx Mom + Dad Janice Gilman 8 Hadley Ct. 5 10 67 Eddie 9 1 3 82-4eva! Best of times best of friends — PH CH KD KL MK MG MH MF SM BM Hampton 9 2-4 84 Rms 1 2, Lets fo crazy! The mousse is loose-Victim Proms w EM Crash’in the stang Sebago 1 Weirs — KD Mystics field — BUDS The good times are 4eva, the bad times fade away Hey dad, I made it Thanks sis, I wouldn ' thave made itwithoutya. LuvyaMom, Dad, Joyce CyaAHS 24 Earl J. Geary 6 Pine St. 2 8 67 ETP, “pearl " , Flask, Erlamyer, speedo’s , Swim Team, The “Rocks,” ONWARD AND UPWARD!!! GOOD-BYE ARLINGTON HIGH! Peter Gentile 1 27 Thorndike St. 2 3 67 “GENTS ” FOOTBALL. 10-0 Plenty of liquids “THE FIELD " Saturday Night TUZZ and STONE 16 outa 2 What Happen? Rubs House Cape Cod 11 Exit 8 T-Square Always a death rider with the RIDER Time zone 1 .M. D Where the hell ' s HARDY? SPA Dirty Harry Foot- ball Buddies CH I RPA? Wild parties And he is! East End Crew-TUZZ, KERR, FIaz, Flynn, Hogan, C.J., CELL Winter-84? Summer-85? asny! Evan Georgopoulos Kevin Michael Ghiozzi Jonathan Gilbert 55 Bow St. 2 26 67 Music Dept. Drama Orchestra Chorus Freaks Mr. Roberts, Smith, The bo do Tassone Finnegan Ganci — District Chorus? No, Viola- Perf. Arts Trips-New York Montreal (Yay) DC-Where Now-Quebec? — G + S, Drama Club-Out Town-Spanish-German, Janet-Only 1 yr? No! -Math Team-.Ms. Fitz, Gioiosa, Powers-All Eng. teachers are Crazy (good ones at least) — YFs, QMeeting. Schon das Letztes Jahr? Maureen Ann Gildea 6-24-67 the res. MD, TM MG,CA,SC,RS,MH,LM. Brenda T. Revere, Beach boys, so I heard boy like icecream! luvyaML! FLA 84 DEB! Frat party! Mystics 82,83,84 Oh nolshe fell off! which hospital? HAWAII 83 luau, chichi’s, WB. 2 for 1 " s. Jap ATTACK! Crazy Little thing called luv! White Horselss, MG,CA. thanx to family and friends, loveya! I did it!! Janet L. Gillis Janice A. Gilnnan John Gold 72 Morningside Drive 8-1 1-67 no more 6:30 wake-ups, 12 sounds right )M, FB, AL, CC, )C, |A, driftwood, EM, " ODYSEE " Bill + Opus too! “ACK!” SH " doobie workout!” EU, Elaine, nick, Lizjo thanks I made it — VAN HALEN — 1 PINK FLOYD — FROSHMEN day senior ways -SC- 1 6 yrs. of parties with more to come! ED6-MD5-jG4-KG3-BC I -“5” VT. sking Mam- ' my -I- Gumby snow removal. Thanx Ma-Dad later AFHS!!! 1 0 1 7 84 } Colette Goodhue 1 5 Apache Trail 6 12 67 3 Best Friends CAR, |EN, MARY, ROMI, WENDY, AT, |B, CB, LM, CK, ] DC, Woody V. Softball-Mr. D, Trip, The Voice, NO Radio Soccer-|IM, i Ishca, Unlucky B-ball Fireworks 83, Hey Dude let’s PARTY., Usher, jOI, Snubby, G.I.P. — Gipper, CAUTION, Humerock, Mac’s-R -i- C, A St., Shades, V + l, IWAND, Toga, SMC, Abased, EMR, Juicer, AHS Nights, Frib THANKS MOM -F DAD — TERRY, MARK, BRUCE I LOVE YOU! BYE AHS!! Jennifer A. Goodwin Melissa M. Green I Kathleen Ann Griffin 1 28 Scituate St. Taffy 11-2-67 Jeff 10-1 5-83 ILY Dancing, SB, SR, Gymn lstics and Majorettes all I those fun times -l- hard times. ‘‘Summer of 84” camping, Maine ! falling stars!! Lex P. The Farm Goose — Just You -i- I — dime! crusin ' ' Chink Food! JF KP LB Kristen ABC 1 23 ‘‘MG83” N.H. w-end H.S. Nov. 12th. NYE82 Soph yr. w-ends! Hi Babe! Semis + Proms AIENIYJ Thanks Ma and Dad Love ya FJDTKB!! I Deborah A. Guerrea 7 Johnson Rd. 5 8 67 I Lori, Lisa, Paula, Judy, Karen, Melissa N-i-D, Linda, Colette, Bev, ' Woody, Joan, Kim, Sean, Line -l- Erc; Are you OK? SUGAR! Town Day ' 84; M, lAT! Walking w JZ, EC -t- KS; Brigham’s -f- ICE CREAM! M, HlyT! WierdorWhat! Chocolatew Bev; Cody’s Chem: SoCymw LM; Jr Grmw Linda; Jr Semi w Caj; Jr Prom w JK-i- Colette; New Dimen- sions; ME or CB?? Joan -l- CaJ’s; “Lucky Star”; korc? Faces w Paula; SSw S; Thanks Mom, Dad -l- Meg — 1 Love you! Stephen Gimilaro 1 07 Waverly St. 2 20 67 THANK YOU — MOM, DAD, FRIENDS, TEACHERS. FOUR YEARS CLOSING FAST. TRUMPET — JAZZ ENSEMBLE, ORCHESTRA, BAND, SENTENCED TO MARCHING BAND: BRIGHAM’S (DOLLY!) — GREEK PIZZA. MARIA DELGADO Y LORENZO BARRIOS — ESPA- NOL I. NEW YORK, MONTREAL, WASHINGTON D.C. NO MORE SCHOOL LUNCHES OR 8:15 MATHCLASSES!!! FAREWELL FRIENDS — CLASS OF 85! BEST OF LUCK! Michael Gogos 43 Everett St. 12 7 67 Going to Maine this weekend? Mornings to start the day off right, freshman year vacation. Workouts at Steve’s R.N. “DOGBOY” What Happened to your hair? Surfer boy E.T. Drivin with NO license. G.O.Y.A. dance, do the scoop Pat Benatar OZZY at Boston Garden later A.H.S. John J. Gold Colette M. Goodhue Jen Goodwin 126 Hemlock St. 1 1-24-67 BB: RNCMWBCGMC GARY 12 16 83 MY ENDLESS LOVE MM Cutie Sum 84: After Smart Jprom: CG’s cot VField Hockey 1 J-Bop Rosie-lts Main! Crash! Charger GC-M8 M’s Toid-Ufo? Backseat NW MaeJB-GhostB’s FIN frib coolie TF: RJKLPHIW Fud LaBakedMind; Ahh No; Sow; The Itch; Faced; Toga Ca-Hogie GIP 2.5 Im Out WTF4K CAUtion Geez Lou MOM: THRU THICK THIN YOUR THE BEST JE T’AIME Melissa Green 35 Gardner St. 02 28 67 Best of Friends — Best of Times: JG, CH, PH, KL, KD, MK SNUBBY Hampton RC I + 2 Let’s Go Crazy! The mousse is Loose. Sebago ’84, Quebec, Q’s Closet, Revere B flashR, jr. prom (you beeped!?) Morn Mat Rds, the field, fires, B8vE, Tuzz-Whose Car? 4 short years not to be forgotten. Thanks Mom Dad. Kathleen Ann Griffin Deborah A. Guerrera 25 Amy Lyn Guiney Matthew S. Guleserain Karen Haley 34 Kimball Rd. 2 2 67 Looks LK We Lived Through it! New Hampshire The Cape-Hyannis Cr Feb Vacation ' 82 Summer 84 AUTO Hwmy Batteries? 01’ Hawk- eyes Canobie T -l- Bcompass + olds )| What a view! The Tanks! Balloons? PtKgLessons STBS Holyoke Are Ty CngbK? Gremlin Ty re Gonna Kll me! I don’TKnow B-i-D? |D -i- BnsnomxrtB? gdolTmsw Kgg Odyseejst Theg SBLBNGK Burger King 1 wtmy crown! DDW Frnds 4 eva junior prom Peter LFBURL Thanx Ma-i- Dad Luv ya Hugh Hall 1 5 Windermere Ave 03 31 67 The Gang Moose and Fuji; Banzai NA 30 Shots! Ch. 3, SMF, Shot- guns, House Parties at Gray St. B-Day, VW No Substitute! Mainiac, Smell the Coffee, Prom 84, Coin’ to a Hojo! Dr. Gonzo, Bang your head, Bros. SH, |H, MD Shall we? St. Tropez, RN Worth the wait but thanks MF, SM, BH, RR, AL, LM, NL. AD, LG, LG, SC, CB, DS, RL, KL, LE, MM, CM, AH, MF, K, BS, B and more! Anna- Karin Hallberg Carol A. Hanagan Patty Hanagan 38 Lafayette St. 1 9 67 Best of friends Best of times — CH, KD, ]G, KL, MK, MG, MH STEVE — 1 2 1 0 83 V. Gymnastics-pratel! Hampton-LC83-84. RcRm 1 +2 LET ' S GO CRAZY! Camp 83 84 Talks by the fire jBCBBM Venice? Summer nights semis proms w SB-Swimming huh? QU83-WB-Get up! Bagged — IWMFMCjG Which 1 RU?The field Monots jC CP Is it real or just a reflection? Bye FFs ILUV U Mom, Dad, Rich Freebird It s time to fly Ken Hand 1 62 Washington 3 12 67 ROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE IF YOU DONT LET ME DRIVE YOUR CAR THEN I AM THROUGH WITH YOU. YOU ARE NOT MAKING MY CAR INOT A TAXI 1 12 82. THE ORANGE NOVA. FIELD DUDES BATTLES. LONG TIME FRIENDS LS, CD, DC, SM, ME, DM. RATING TO BURGER KING ON ENIGHT WITH TUZZ. High- speed CRUISING THE LAKES jUNIOR PROM. Smocker and Snap- per. You cant live with them and you cant live without them. The Eves They get better and Better every year IW 26 Amy Lyn Guiney 143 Forest St. 7 31 67 Cruisin in The pickup truck — the T-MAXI KH DT AAJ Mini Maxi 4 eva MANHUNT Footloose-jGeils-BSquier-The BEERSONG-LETS GO CRAZY- Darskide-Stiyuka 84, SophBio-Chloe Roy-Camp I Cant Believe It! MRS CRS JjS HSB Fanny Feathers FFFP-jenn-Torpedos?! LAULWWF No Way! Color Guard-MF-Molly Teddy Bears pre- school Limpid wanna Ride? Thanx Dad, Mom, Ann, John, Meme, Dasie, Tigerlily. 143!!! Matthew Guleserian 95 College Av 10 17 67 Bye Bye Arlington High. You will miss us ’cause the cl lss of ’85 kept it all alive. I will always remember those V-tennis team games, especially when we were North Division Finalists. Always remember GM SH TN MH MG Pj and all those great times, thanks mom 8. dad Karen M. Haley Hugh Franklin Hall Anna- Karin Hallberg Svangsta 4 1 1 67 I AM SO HAPPYTO BE HERE! YOU’RE ALL SO NICE . . . THANKS TO ALL MY WONDERFUL TEACHERS. THANKS MUM, DAD AND CECI- LIA. THANKS MICHAEL AND DONNA. IF YOU EVER VISIT SWEDEN, PLEASE VISIT ME! WE CAN HAVE SWEDISH CHOCOLATE AND SWEDISH COFFEE! HELLO YOU LITTLE BUCKAROO!! Carol Hanagan 38 Lafayette St. 1 9 67 Best of friends — PH, KD, |G, KL, MG, MK, MH, MC, LC, KH V- Gymnastics-Go for it! Softball-IW, MF Spain MB Which 1 RU? Semis, proms ST, MF LiL boos, JC, CP HAMPTON make sense? Hardy- RKHSeB S.B. Camp-Gimme 20! Well, it was a good night. Spaz praytell Chum Still . . . 4 6 84 QAWBMSThe Silver tint of the Clouds of doubt . . . Best Wishes Class of 85 Love U Rich Thanks MOM Dad Carol Ann Haroutunian John Haroutunian Eileen Harrington 64 Brantwood Rd. 5113161 Best of Friends AD, CC, LN, DD, MD, LD, LF Summer 83 84 CF CAPE 84 Hampton 83, Vineyard 84 All Nighters Ca 8 AD parties U-Mass Gaz Jim 2 10 84 B A w Jow SLOFizz Tennis w DT AOB Mystics w LN, DD, AD Dbl w AD Chris 9 17 84 Scoopin’ BurgerKing w CC Beach w AD 5 23 84 Thanks Mom Dad . . . Grasshoppers at LN’s Janet Harrington 209 Waverly St. 1 0 8 66 Horseback riding in the autumn leaves at Bobby’s Ranch. Equestrian training for the Olympics in 1 988. I’ll miss AHS but the future is here. Goodluck to my friends. To someone special in my life “I LOVE YOU” Lewis. Thanks Ma for being a friend. I LOVE YAM! Mary B. Harrington Susan M. Harrington Jeremy Alistair Hay 48 Chatham St. 2 22 67 THE MOONS A BALLOON, EG SB AS DB MD MG TR BR CR SLED GH DL BP NH, NEXUS, BUSH PATROL, TOWNHALL, BUDDYS, SQ., THE DEPT. TRIPS GS MADRIGALS DRAMA, SURVIVAL, CID EUROPE, 200, AAAYFAIR, GEORGIS, NEW YEARS EVE BEFORE 84 KAR- STENS, CAST PARTIES, MUM, DAD, CECIL, GRANNY, MUCH LOVE THANKS. SURF, GIRLS, BON FIREWORKS IDs, HIGHTOPS, “NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO . . . YOU’RE THERE” WE KILLED LIKE CHAMPIONS. Sean Hegarty 50 Yerxa Rd. 2 1 5 67 MAHALO! Colby Signs Sliding and Diving with Greg. Cape 84, NASC 84-SWIngto. Hurtin-Critta parties? The TOAD! Johnathan Swifts, NewModels, Until Tues. Unit ReUnion, ZZZZ with BO in Bio. Ying-Ying! Sawbuck, Greg, Loo-Moo, bucks, Karen, Paula, Lisa-Sign this. Phoenbc 85? Lets Dust! Greg I never went to Pelham. Cape Signs. Buzz in 357. Whats the word? FINE! Thanks Ma and Dad Carol Ann Haroutunian 37 Huntington Rd. 3 21 67 BABY — BB — GUMPTION, the beach, cape, PRANKS, Spaz Dude 1 , AbomanabalBlob! Don’t Touch My Hair! Que«izies, Z-E-CORD, white chunks, I Challenge-U! I only tell u this because I lufu,JUGGA- NOT, RT-2, FOOD, O-M M ' s, Faces — 108 — PRINCE ‘Don’t Squish My Chics Man ” M5DAM, GEEKO, CHILLY WILLY, TAZ, OTTIE, ITTYBID, RENATA, BURKIE, 0= TRIPS = PARTY! Kchameleon? I’m Gonna Get It! THANKS MOM 8. DAD! John Haroutunian 182 Forest St. 8 13 67 Party With Marty. Mr. Leone’s Future Accountants of America . . . Accounting How Many Days Left “can I Go”. ”Hara” Thanx Mrs Cashman, Hillier, Gostaian, Cooper, Mr Surabian, Toomey, Lane, Kelley, Deacon Rich, wouldn’t Have Made Jr. year Without ya. Dad, If You Could See Me Now, Out With The Old, In With The New” bye Dad, HiCous”. Its Been Fake. Im Outa Here, See Ya Later. Love ya Mom and Sis. i Eileen M. Harrington Janet Harrington Mary B. Harrington 80 Eastern Ave. Nov 12 1967 JG, BP, BD(good friends) Eswink-shopping cart JG pocketbook- wanna fight? You’re wacked! ”1 know how to get there”- ridiculousness Cape Cod-hoolas-DONT DRIVE WITH JANET! wan- na go sailing CC? The back door is open, flags? lotsa peteza OJ-my bracelet! gt at the High school we blew him away! Everett? one way! Yohan in 337 art 5 and 6 THAN X FINN! I love ya Ma, Dad, M and E Susan Harrington 34 Hamilton Rd. 7 15 67 Summer of “83 ”, Doobie-Workout; “OH YAH”, cruises (PRO), The Big Apple! “Wildcat”: Van Halen, Led-Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, my nose hurts! Keep on PARTYING! GL-l-TL, JC, RM, LH, ML, JG; Those were the days! It’s a sub; no more detention, T-G-l-F; Mustang “65-66 ”. Lavery room 334; “Freaks at Harvard”. It’s been real AHS (LATER!) Jeremy Hay Sean Hegarty 27 Greg Hill 22 Sheraton Pk. 05 08 67 Thanks for letting nne go part time. lames Hillis 1 7A Mt Vernon Street 1 - 11-61 WELL, KS ]C BA EF MH MS to fal js — GdLk! Thanx Ma 8. Dad mstofal manamac, Luvya — Honey KickinThe BstTo — Ditto Pat Luv ya Thanks Stevie 8v Sandy FM G S Drama cib Mem — HS PD ]M )G SD AM VS — MM — Laundryshutes — Scream! corn; Hgs Btrdy sips what wid U do if, If Not Atl Gast Within The Touch of My Fingers — Bye Guys gotta go! If I Walk A little Further I’ll reach My Destiny Squeal Night bird jackie Storm Leswgtas ASTAR! Christopher V. Hirsch Brenda Hogan Mike Hogan 54 Varnum St. 2-7-67 BRENDA THE Field ISLAND Trips where is Hardy FLAZ, GENTS, C), TUZZ, KERR, CHUCK TIM, ON FIRE HOCKEY HS B APRIL 6TH, VEGA THE JET B-WAGON FishingBO GUNNY FAT MAN EGGIE STEVE M, down THE field Playing POOL STATE CHAMPS? CB’S MSpatoHar- dytoSPAto Sept 1 KiLBASA BEST TIME |R PROM Rl IN B BUGGY DAVE L MALDEN THANKS MOM AND DAD Julie A. Higgins 9 Foster ST. 7 18 67 I ' ll Always remember the good times BK, BW, AV, DA, CT, JC Missya AP B.f.f BK BVS got ya back! Summer 84 Parties M.M.C.MAv BK, MD remember? BP. down Complex Thanks C.T. good times down Cen- ter, Spy Kahlua, daquris Bye AHS Thanks Mom! Peter Higgins 37 Rangeley Rd. 1 1 01 66 FASTEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE. Good times bad times you know Ive had my share. Good times with JB GB |B SC DD PW |W Hoop tonight? Let ' s play cards. McDonalds DP ' s Well, that ' s life. I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold. V-MASS, UNH or PENN STATE GET READY, HERE I COME! an electrician? Maybee. HOPE I DIE BEFORE I GET LD! Bye AHS, I ' ll miss you. Gregory J. Hill James J. Hillis Chris Hirsch 1 8 Gloustar St. 2-27-67 85 WOZZY SUDDS GERRY SNAKE OAKSBERGSSTONEDUSEJUKES LYNCHY CAMPA MIKE SEAN B.K. DOGBOY talks w Gerry 8 Pat UNITS “PG RK OC SC JM FR HANGIN AT THE HIGH FRESHMAN FOOTBALL HSAB SEKANS THEREZ PONYEX PRESS GEZ HOW IS YOUR SHOULDER " SD " DUMPER GOODLUCK EVERYBODY! GOOD LUCK BRI TIM HANGIN THERE DAN. SPECIAL THANKS TO MOM DAD” CALL ME SOMETIME WE ' LL TALK” Brenda Hogan 32 Arnold St. 5 24 67 CLASSof ' 85 — MH-CH-JG-LM-ML-HH-RB-JW-BL-MR-JR-CH-AS- SH-JH — Thanks a lot Finn, I ' ll miss you! — Period 6 nutcases — Senior Art-Eh? ‘That ' s bogus!” Trivial Pursuit Parties Bolwing? — Bowling! — Love you Ma and Dad. 28 Leo R. Hogan Michael R. Hogan Stephen Hogan David |. Howard Donielle Howard 35 jason St. 1 4 68 C’est la meme chose Will the wind be so mighty ... DIET PEPSI, The common, tweed Prvn Ism, Ria, Lynnie B Don, DD? haha! we re not dead are we? poke, poke, city chickens, the sun worshipers, (in 1 0 years we’ll still be young!) ch-ch-ch-ch anges, words of wisdom, potential, j’en ai cissez d ' etre si belle, 1 confess YUM YUM cheap khalua, our I.D. ' s WOT Thanx mum S. Dad! Rodia Hrissanthou 7 Wachusett Ave. 7 3 67 Its friday. Weekends w Lisa Kristen, home alone, close calls . apt. RB, LR, PCB, felling good, THANX “BK ”, RF “joker ”, Cruisin in the boat w Lisa, accident, Glouster, sacobound, soundings “M ”, fire- works . . . Fanuel Hall “M ” trips, hockey games, tracks, mick,yaway, walkmuch, never forget MC, Police -83, Huey “i want a new drug” . . . Thanx Chris 8 Dave 1 i Kathleen Hughes Kimberly Hurley Michelle Hyder 1 26 Gardner St. 1 2 3 1 66 BEST TIMES WITH STEPHEN 9 27 83 never forget 12 31 83 MA- jKMHSA Summer of ”84 hampton, camping, Canobie here julie thanks Cheryl -I- Michele for all the sisterly talks Good times bad times l”ve had my share. JR. Prom, IITSMM — jC KS NGTP BA BB LD Sarah -i- Lisa. Follow your dreams. Thanks Mom, Dad, Stephen -t- Dottie P.S. Love ya little brother. Anthony Ippolito 30 Bonad Rd. 1 15 67 IPPO 85 “KEEP ON LOVING YOU” LISA! AI HW AT FI LU! Fred there wasn ' t anything in the DIXIE CUP! Mark @ Fred 38 is Toast! 1 can ' t Drive “55” Winchester FUZZ! Caldor ' s PARKING LOT PARTY ALL SUMMER “84”! Baratta ' s PARTY went there as a BOY Came Back as a MAN! also found my wallet, keys but I didn ' t Find my B.V.D.’s! “LISA?” I LOVE MY MOM 8. DAD. Also 1 LOVE YOU LISA! Good luck “85”! Stephen Hogan 56 Lancaster Rd. 10 19 67 Football, The crew KB, DS, FM, just Wrestling Guys!! CHEVY Dave Be all That you can Be USMC, USAF, USN, VSArmy Stop + Shop Geing Nissan The Beaches, Sailsbury, Rockport, Weirs Beach Sue until she blew my mind! Franks fishing trips Skiing Florida here we come! Stay COOL and NO Grinding in the crib THANKS MOM -t- DAD! David Howard 1 2 Woodland St. 08 17 67 EL; U2 POLICE ELVIS CLASH; 3-2 Mefuh; BC; RSM “My theory, which is mine ” Bless Eric Idle -F Co. “life is a bitter pill, Shirl! Uncle Harry; Urbanites ' Tender Mice ” Siu EXPRESS; Summer B-mitten; Druckers Respite " And now for something completely different . . . Its’ Amo te matrem et pattern, sorores et fratrem. What next? " CLAMPDOWN?” Donielle E. Howard Rodia Hrissanthou Kathleen Hughes 23 Warren St. 1 1 8 66 DANNY — 10 24 82 — GOOD TIMES in c. choir w CAL — Good Trips — NY MONT D.C.TRIO hits Quebec BEST TIMES Summer- 84-jr. Semi -F Prom NEVER FORGET The Good Times POKE Tj KC AP CC SM MT TK BTRISH WE MADE IT! NANS The Way Bif ILU DAN — your the bestThanx for PEI Mr -F MRSThanx ofr everything BIG SIS MOMS on my sideThanx -F LOVE you DAD -F MOM GOOD- BYE-AHS! Kim Hurley 2 Morton Rd 1 1 23 67 Guys, crusin-Model T, South Beach, How ' s it feel to want. Limpid, On The Dark Side, Private Stock, we BAD, MIMI 8 MAXI Forever, Proms, Packard Limo, Pinky, To tall, D.T., E.D., M.E., Pen Pals, white Malibu, B ig Macs, Preschool, Meg 8 jen, M8 R, stiyuka, Fanny Feathers, Little sisters, moiling. Best of Times THANKS Mom, Dad, Mike, Colleen, Love you all It’s time to Party!!! Michelle Hyder Anthony Ippolito 29 Parveen Islam Heather )ackson Rebecca Jackson 232 Highland Ave. 1110161 OF RW Lj CK Dj DT AD Beeaky Says Hi; TS AD CK DF KN How DO You Spell CZECHOSLOVAKIA! AD IWon’t Do it Again; Foo I Miss You In English; Cody’s Chem; Sarah Get Organized Remember Providence Pey; Shut up Carole! The Rocks Shall Prevail (maybe) Deanne No More Marching; DT AD CK Ready For a Great Trip! Thanks Mom + Dad, 1 Love You Prashant Jain 105 Everett St. 1 1 3 67 CLASS OF 85 1 GREAT TIMES. RETURN OF THE PAPA. KILLER MILLER, GO WITH THE FLOW, MORE CONCERTS, MISSING LINC, DIO. SMF, THANKS STASS, BD, RAM. MG, FB. RS. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE? I ' M CONFORTABLEY NUMB. HEY JUDE. FUNCHEMLABS. THANKS MUM + DAD FOREVERYTHING. LATER AHS Lincoln jalelian Doreen M. Jefferson Kenneth Jerauld 338 Washington St. 5 26 67 KR BR JG MM AC DS JW EGGS, MAN DONT WERE PLAD BOYLES SHEY BEACON LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE MIKE GOT THE LATCH IS THE DOCTOR IN NHEY Nor MANHARLEM THE CAPE QUIG ' S YOU PMWI, LOCKS BONFIRES AND SNOWSTORMS HEY HOW WAS THAT SUB THANKS DAN LOVE YA LATER AHS JOAOBO Debra J. Johansson 8 Vista Circle 5 8 67 Finno-Bots-Set-Jen-Trish-Beeky English sure is QUIET-Baby Any Orange M M ' s? Chippy Spanish, True, Duran, Chauffeur-J.B. Foods, Fire v Flood — Amy Biology, Fishtank — MAINE 1984 — AWESOME — 339 Mr. Kelly Svenska, Pinky, Foo. JoJackson — Volleyball — P.Y.T. Hey. you BUMS, OUCH! Heightsmen Rifles Debbie-Jo Breadcrumb Hey Lis, SOUNDS PROMISING! Some- body Elses Guy Set, its been REAL! Rebecca Jean Jackson Prashant Jain Lincoln S. Jalelian 263 Park Ave. 1 6 67 ere, Sal, Merl, Mel, Linder, Todd, Juju, Deb, S.G.R.-S.T. 1 , MOT-NRU, Summers in Asbury Park, Soph. Soccer with OToole, Drench cubed Whew!, What ' s a staunch Tory?, Too many “isms”, Latin 2 and 3, 2nd bone in the band. Montreal 83, Wash. 84, Miss Denmark, I like my C.C.R., 304, Q.E.2, Mau Mau, Thanks Mom. Dad, Reese, Jul, On and Up. Doreen Jefferson 2 1 Oakledge St. 8 23 67 Craig 1 -28-84 Famous Final Scene, Bob Seger, Jun 1 3, 83 Never forget good tymz w CM AJ LM HG GL SM CL CHH at The Lakes Hampton 84 4th Per. at the Peking for Ice Tea bowls SPAZ! T T ' s Cl lss of 85 — We re really rollin now Elton J. 84 The times are gone but not forgotten Thank-you Ma Shelly, 1 Love You Both! Parveen Islam 92 Paul Revere Rd. 6 20 67 City chickens — Ria 8 Don; Spandou’s; GP mags; Roger loves ya, 1 6 tells you SO; do my eyebrows look OK today; 1 have to go to the . . . I’m only uman; MAGETS — Papa Pey, Jenn, Nancy; The prodigal soprano is a hooker; Where’s the beef; mutahash; I don’t have to take this bus; smell of coke and cheap Khalua; Thanx ma and dad. Heather Marie Jackson 57 Lansdowne Rd. 5-2-67 THE F WlOUS FINAL SCENE Always remember those “Crazy Tymz” DJ GL LM JM LD CM AJ koo-koo juice!? How I Love Dentistry, but I have become Comfortably Numb ELMS 83W GL, the invention of “Nickels ” SEGER 83 ELTON 84 Hey DJ, stay away from Mandys Candy! Berkeley, HEY DAD SPAZ Frat Parties- WPT-The Point Gymncistics, thanks Rich! Peking-4th Bye Mr. Hall! Love to Mom Dad. Kenneth M. Jerauld Debra J. Johansson 30 Carolyn M. Kendall Carolyn Kernweis Ronald Kerr 1 40 Mary St. 118167 PC, JT, DT, SF, MF, JS, C|, SR. SC, MH, MW, East End Boys, Good Times Good Friends, Galcixy Cruis’in, smash’n crcish’n w Skeez, SCNXT Time I’LL USE DOOR, New Years 84, The Field, Where The F4ell’s Hardy, SPA, H.S., Running w Devil Dark Side, The Crew Fr-JV- -V-Football 3 1 , First 3 why me, 3V-HOOP, The Cards Thanks Ma and Dad i David Kirmes 1 8 Margaret St. 4 12 67 F339 4 YEARS “MORNING MR. KELL” LYNN |. SWL ALGEBRA? MEDIA BIO CHERYL P. RM 330 HOME WATERVILLE DATA M. LANE “KEEP THE FAITH” TALKS ANN S. A FRIEND. ’THE BODY” QUIGS “PHIL” |R. YEAR 3RD LUNCH CAROLYN K. “CAN WE TALK?” TRUE FRIENDS JANET H. RIDING ALWAY BUBBA M. BECK COLL GE? j. GOODWIN THANKS AL. U2 DEB. Lynn C. Johnston 15 Pine Ridge Rd March 17, 1967 Pianist-Jazband, 4th Est, French Club VP, Natnl Hon soc. Merit Scl Semifin. Couldn’t you do itw o you Mum, Dad, Les, LP, City Chics — Remember great songs bad puns. Hr 339 Mr Kelly Wake Up ! THEORY! Tobinesque, Dr Aurthur Syndrome. Ralph, wonder llama 8 Spot. P.ARTS — Montreal. Monty, Beatles, DD. Take a chance You don’t have to live it all, just live a day. MERDE! Ronald Kerr David E. Kirmes Lynn C. Johnston John Jones Seta Kalaijian 1 86 Gardner St. Nov. 1 6, 1 967 8 10-13 84 FINO, BOT, FOO. Killing days w wobbling weables, pleasing props in 1 14 ties -t- 007 in media. To much BEGGING but NO PARKING w JOCELYN’S GUY. But there still . . . AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH!! hr 339 SIMPLY AWESOME! TOE Though Happy Thoughts of Graduation are Already here The Days of Tears And Sorrow are Soon to be Near Karen Kelly 25 Egerton Rd. 7 1 1 67 Friends KE, LR, DM, Dl, SK, CF, LB Good Times Hampton Beach — Salisbury Partying with KE — DF, Metro, FACES LTMP SBEG 7 4 84 DCl Miami Florida 83’ volleyball preschool 7 28 84 the wedding THE WHO BOB SEGER TOM PETTY Thanks alot MA and DAD Seta M. Kalaijian Karen J. Kelly Carolyn Kendall 48 Lewis Ave. 1 0-3 1 -67 FAVORITE CLASS: DATA PROCESSING; FAVORITE TEACHERS: MR. LANE MR. RUSSELL; FAVORITE T.V. SHOW: DR. WHO; FAVORITE THINGS TO DO: TALK WITH ELAINE IN LAW CLASS, GO TO BRUIN’S G MES; FAVORITE SAYING: WHAT?, AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS, MR. “PREP ” HIMSELF. ;TH1NGS TO REMEMBER: SNEAK- ERS! LAUREL -h HARDY, SPACESHIP?, SEETHAT RED CAR—? DAD? T.W.G.W.T? Carolyn Kernweis 19 Pawnee Drive 9 6 67 socket to me, PT THANKS MOM AND DAD I LUV YA. I’ll miss you Kerry, Trisha. BJ. RW, MF. DK. DB. LF, LP. SK. FLAGS, ”DR DAVE”, “can we talk”, Mr Kelley 339, remember WW3, just between friends, semi, CYO, JG. PB. CF, JC, doubleing, SENIOR YEAR, THIS IS FOR JUDY I LUVYA MOM. it’s been a great year, “such is life” GOODBYE AHS, I’ll miss ya! also friends SG, PC, CK, JP, JP, and LT. 31 Christina Konig Carolyn A. Kosak Marianne Kowaiczyk 1 39 Herbert Rd. 61X167 Benji 2 5 83 I Love you kid. The bestof times with the best of friends — |G PH KD KL CH MG MH. KD MH Last Bus? your on it. Hampton 9 2-4 84 Royal Crestrms 1 -i- 2 Lets go crazy, the mousse is loose. Proms -I- Sem is — Benje. MPDSNC Limo, Spying. Maffes. NHIO 1 2 84 CO BA MP DS |S NC SL SH KE, oh ohwhat, Humphrey. The good times are forever the bad times fade away. Thanx Mom U. Paul + Benje Philip LaFond Arlington High, I had some good times and bad times. One of the bad times came freshman year when I took Earth Science. The best time will come when we graduate. There were many days 1 thought that Senior year and graduation would never come but here 1 am a Senior, I made it. So DREAM ON, keep dreaming till your dreams come true . . . Maria Lyn LaFrance Imelda A. Laniefsky Karen Leach 1 0 Mott St. 6- 1 1 -67 Matt 5 24 84-forever. The Best lifetime Friends — KD ]G PH CM KM HMG. Hampton RC RM 1 .2-let’s go crazy, the mousse is loose! Quebec-bagged again, jr 8 Sr semis 8 proms, thorns 8 tracks, where’s sweirs? church lot-it’s up to you crash at KD ' s week 83-84 w MHM MBM! SEARS party. After prom MF’s BUD 25$! thanks Mom 8. Dad. love ya 8. MM! 1 did it! Daniel R. LeBlanc 17 Oakledge St. 7 14 67 GOOD TIMES at AHS F339 MR. KELLY 1. BRI, BEAU. NIQUE, BUTCH, STEVE. TRIPS TO THE GARDEN in 82 and 83. Good luck CLASS of 85. Thanks Nana, Mom, Dad, Tommy, AND Louise Christina Konig 200 Spring Ave. 10 1 67 Friends-CB LM |B LN KO AO KS KM Brighmans-jocks Toga-rh, jCB Sunday chows, Inmansq. Majorettes-bp Swim 8. Track. Leo M-BSX- BF. KS-MVmopeds. Kater 8 Leo MV Summers-guards-jt, redcar- man-ms. CB-steter 8 Kool 8 gf ng, hang on snoopy! scoops- dilema-pdfsjs? Sen. Cov-gbers, 3-DL Mj BL N, jB-Waaa! orange cars. You Are-jLGPS-febvac. Leo M-carmeis in the microwave! Stu- dent Council-mjcm. Thanx and love. Mom Dad, K8 L. Carolyn Kosak 1 0 Bellevue Rd. 9 28 67 WL WE MADE IT! EVN W B s WRE IN! RE: K8.P, B8.D, B8.)?, C8.D — PAHTEE! BLOON’S — KBC 8. DENNIS SUM 84! DUCFA? C8.D8.j8.K8.KS BDAY — DNIS PND 8. 6 15 84 ONOTHPIGS DF8.CK-4 23 83 RENEONK — ODYSEE RULES — CAN OBIE B8.T FLUME 8. BCH REMONTREAL 8. WASHBJADCKB’SCONCUS — T8J 8o CTIUNOWIM! Bj — SPELL CHECK. JOE?? “E” — MAYBWEIL BONTIME 1 DAY — RE: BUICK 8. MO 8. jjHTNA! THANX MOM, DAD, CINDY, MICHAEL, DAVID, I LUV U ALL — FRANCO NVRPG! Marianne Kowaiczyk Philip G. Lafond Maria LaFrance 29 Freeman St. 4 24 67 Thank God this crazy experience is over! But not w out many chances to grow learn. To get involved in new things. First Love Boskone Rocky Horror Writing Drawing Drama Club Mcishpee Gold Glitter Braces Photography The Picnic Comix Bells FREAK!! BLACK FISHNETS W THAT LITTLE BLACK DRESS! Thanx to Mr. Foisy. Lots of Love to Mom Eric. Good-bye Arlington!! Imelda Laniefsky 1 22 Sylvia 11 13 65 5 83 Dontmel. Hi jacqui, Sandy, Bunnie, Cheri. Gap, Xerox jr. Prom, VS -I- MS, met DG. Sr. Prom. Smokin the bathroom. Sr. Prom. Later Mr. H Late for school again! S.V. Brighams. Bunnie’s pants. Summer 83 84 pool parties july 4 Full Moon. Summer 84 Me. w Don, me-i-seisha. Waterskiing. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Don and all my teachers. Good luck to all my friends. Hang in there Marie and jaquie! Later AHS Daniel R. LeBlanc Karen L. Leach 32 •frte: - TIT Karen LeBlanc Stephen R. LeFebvre Gina Legere 45 River St. 4 1 1 67 Tom-l L Y A-good times-CM, H|. D|. LM, SH, TL. TL, SM, AA Brink Aerosmith- 1 2 3 1 83-My nose hurts! Ldwd-Ku-Ku-just fishing summers in AC )r. Prom at my house pd-never caught me! NH runs George weezie Seger iook ma dad — ! MADE IT no more gym? Its all over now Im ready for the Big Time now!! Valerie Lembo 172 Highland Ave. 4 5 67 ASHLEY — COWBELL NESTOR PRESENCE BEAUTIFUL EST TRAINER ME RON RUTH ABP ICD CONCEPCION SURVIVAL OUTING CLUB the T SITTING IN THE PLAZA BERNICE KING the marriage SHA ROOM PICTURES IN THE PARK RIDES HOME CA MOVING CALI- FORNIA DAD CHICKEN SOUP TRUCK ANNA’S BOOTS DIANE STRUGGLES DEPRESSIONS HIGHS Karen LeBlanc 733 Summer St. 10 28 66 Remember when we first started 9th grade we didn ' t know left from right we ' d end up in the wrong cl lss because the older kid would send us in the wrong direction. Or even when we first met we sat and looked at the floor. As the days went by we got to know each other better. We went places together and made new friends together. I LOVE |L. AL, ML. M|L, S Stephen LeFebvre 29 Dow Ave. 4 27 67 LAFAVES — |OE Dallin Cant I have fun I 23 Irresponsibility Backstop- Box, Oakism-NO Lightweights Ya wanna go! YOU KNOW ME! Bed Windmills Boys |F MP )S KW RM WO PO )C MW DM RA MM LB KE |Wudy Skinna MFSW HBPA-KGTSB Breakwater-fort LAY LOW. IM hunting wabbits Serious fishing Miracle Whip. L-t- D Imade it up BCC Arsonist III unload the trays Slick 1 5 You only live once SEE YAH! Gina Legere Valerie Lembo Nicholas Leonardos Lisa J. Leone Mandy Leone 53 Irving St. 3 1 67 This is it! Angela, )anessa we did it! Gary 81 I Luvyou! RemberSCCC L) SF ]R AS 0| CT SH CM RW SP CM MS BP everybody Uniform Sue L Chrissy. R339 Finn’s room. Wasted days nights Robert Plant Aerosmith Police Pretenders ‘Zepplin What are we gonna do? Stopie’s Grove Pk. RO Camron av Good Times had and more ahead IT COULD HAVE been worse NOV! 82. Thanks Mom 8 Dad. Good By AHS! Tina LePage 24 Dartmouth St. 1 5 67 NEW YEARS N FR WITH SP SWEEY 1 6 PARTY IN NH WITH |H PINE ACRES AND PA WITH KL WORKING AT VE WITH LISA BOBBY :Z CATHY BILL 86 LISA |IM )R PROM DISASTER HOOVER ILL DO IT! NICOLE SP, |K, KIL, |H, JM. CM. MR. DR, TR 8. RO — I MISS YOU! THIS IS IT! CHOW AHS! Madeline Leone Tina M. LePage Nick Leonardos 43 Ronald Rd. 8 1 67 A.H.S. SOCCER 1 KILL THE MALDEN KEEPER. WHERE’S YOU I.D.? GOYA ROUNDBALL CHAMPS AGAIN!! PHILLIES!! WONDY!, GOAK AND SM AND M|!!! THERE GOES SWIFTY!!! STICKBALL UP THE PARK. WORKING AT SGH. GOLFING AT FRESH POND, SANDIES, BIRDIES, AND GREENES. THE " BONEMOBILE ” GOODBYE A.H.S., IT’S BEEN A GREAT FOUR YEARS!! Lisa Leone 1 1 Orvis Rd. 8 16 67 BURB 2, Bermuda, SHS Prom 84, ’CHUCK ”, NEW YEARS EVES, DND. New Hampshire, Toronto, Babe!, Crazy times with Anna. Faces, Debbie-(Debs), Party Train, Riunite and doritos. Lucky Star, Fugly, SR’s Party, Revere Beach, TC, Ciao, I made it! 49 Sarah W. Lewis Brooke E. Lindsay Anne M. Luca 1 8 Wheaton Rd. 9117161 Annie Friends 4-eva! Diana, Lisa, Mary + Michele WR Family: PC TM KF MD KM MT DM LM KM BD DP CR! Cape + MV Tard, Quebec (Mr. M ' s Knock) CrickAneCheering-Thanx Fin. Dallas 4 The Funofit Police + B-Boy Concerts The Party A + 1 0AM, GweSony Carny Frogbum Ethel! Track W IW + KM, FB-bHl: Call Me In The Momin M-Day Moons! Hampton R U ready The Field Blue J’sG-Dances The Swas! Sleepovers Luv ya Ma Dad REMEMBER THIS MOMENT! Daniel Lynch 44 Webcowet Rd. 7-26-66 THE-GANG bf-jlM-PO-PD-PD-MF-SB-FR-MB-DC-RK-KO-PG-|M- DPPD-THE PATIO-CRM-FFG-O love them cold Buddies-23- HARVARD-KILL SWITCH-FIGHTS WITH THE CREW-KF SLEEP- OVERS-HR 339 -(t25-LOG RIDE- NEW YEARS EVE-P8.W-TOWLES- BWLM-V. FOOTBALL-57-NOTHING BETTER-MORNINGS AT CAPE-FRIDAYS NO SHOW LISA 7-30-82 ALWAYS AND FOREVER THANKS MOM, NAN, PA 8. BROS. Tanja S. Macaris Sheryn M. Macnnunn Joseph MacNeil 4 Carl Rd. 9 12 65 MY 4 YEARS AT ARLINGTON HIGH WERE THE BEST YEARS OF MY UFL THE RADIO STATION WAS MY BIGGEST ACTIVriY IN WHICH I HAD MY SHOW ONCE A WEEK. IN MY SENIOR YEAR I WAS PRO- MOTION DIRECTOR OF WAHR CABLE RADIO. I ALSO PLAYED THE DRUMS IN THE MARCHING BAND. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER MY 4 YEARS AT ARLINGTON HIGH AND HOPE TO BEOME A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR Christine Maffa 243 Appleton St. 9 26 67 Remember in 9th grade you couldn ' t wait to get out. Now it is time for us to say later AHS, we are glad to leave. Memories: Kevin 1-14-84, The Beach; Steves, Faces, the Boat, the Lakes, Revere, Karen (Bob, I’ll wait), Lexington, The Bleachers, joes. Parties, The Center. KM KL SS TS GM BC MM BM ]H PM BK DLTK SP DS DM MB. GOO luck Lynda! LATER, CLASS OF ' 85 " ! Sarah Lewis 1 4 Windmere Park 7 4 67 HEY Spidey, jo-jo, jer. Drew, keep climbing, 4-EST? Phreeyx, G .Screw, Drama. But no brown M8J 4! HOE, CH-Miss the CHCH What about my room? P.D-thanks; keep teaching. ZUT! No lab! (Bless you Deb) AVEC LEONARD! There once was a man-NAH! T.E. Smile, write me a note! Ev-Yeah. A hug to FR. A Shrubery? What? 3-DSINZ?! Hi Prep, TR. Sis! C.O.T.M! M2, Merde its just 2 wyrd Brooke Lindsay 12 Kimball Rd. 9 13 67 We made it! Neva 4get Kmbll Rd gng-dg -i- bd tms, pts in bsmt -l- L’s, Feb vac “82”, Grmln at WCC, Bckway to S. " grl tlks” w K-l wnt a b.f! Mabel, D.D.W. Lnch wth KH, CK, BN — What a view! Odsy! jD “I gotta pck” Canobie-L wrence? compass! Brgr King-the ride home. Cape Cod “84” Bofftopckupbys, Whrs the hood? NH wth frnds, j.GIs, DefLep, B. Sqr, R trip on Sky, Thanx mom -i- dad, Luv Ya!! Anne M. Luca Daniel Lynch Tanja Macaris 32 Fessenden Rd. 1 1 20 67 KH MD RS MG CA MH MG LM MC CC VM JOHN 1 0 16 81 Good Times Down The Res. Aerosmith, JUICE, Turbo Toyota, Hampton Cruises, jello Wrestling??, What Wuarter Panels?, Chasing The Green, Moltisses, Waltham Timothy’s Too, All Nighters, We re on The Loose, The Mystics, yukon jack. Radar Love, Revere Beach, The Broad Squad, Dcized 8. Confused, Thanx Ma8 Dad, I Love Ya! Sheryn MacMunn 1 42 Park Ave. Ext. 3 22 67 Asha-Permit 8. PG. TYFBAF. Kris-Swatch Pouch! LG-Lo Perdi? Re’s Bad News, MF, TS. George 10 16 82. Semis 8 Prom! jimmy’s, Dartmouth, Pooky Every Breath you take . . . Still Sacabo. PEI-killer cat. Dtk, Crash, Soccer-NL, I’m Left-out, FRESHMAN SING! Parties- Yeah! 83-Cape jr Prom T-roofs gone! JD KO? Him lunch, check in. Thanks Mom 8. Dad. Good luck to Good friends. I’ll Miss You AHS. Joseph M. MacNeil, Jr. Christine Maffa wi :h it? I 5 ? ' s, i le. ! I 3 s 1 Elizabeth R. Mahon Patricia M. Mahoney Stephen Mahoney 1 2 Dickson Ave. 9 14 67 Eaby good times 5 27183 and 9 29 84 two partys close friends DCCD)H and studly nobgj party in at Stratton the High School the Field BRSFRKJT and theres tof the boys cool buds keep em comin FFball 9 21 84 smyly BWs POST the GC Snubby New Years 83 the cape LMDNTSY 2784 almost busted goodbye AHS good luck class of 85 Live Life Today For Tomorrow May not be Thanx Ma Dad |oe for by in and brothers 8 sisters. College bound? Its been real Stephen Majeski 26 Baker Rd. 11 13 67 Ken, best of friends. BK. KM. MM, ]M. CK, DS, MC, SH. KB, DL, EC. DD, TM see ya! PINK FLOYD THE WALL till 3 1 . S .S hockey 84’. NO HOMEWORK PLEASE!! B.H. Island summers. Fridays!! Be. The Enforcer. )H. Don’t worry about it. Thanx Mom and Dad. William Mallett Michael P. Malone Carol Mansfield 79 Egerton Rd. 6 16 67 Let the good times roll-G T-with many brownie p oints T8 G in 86-GL we are just fishing! MM forever-Harry’s place-the gang-Hi Bunny! Ded v Don 4-eva-Mikeyou are the best! Rod-jT-Big D, MR, V JVl, LM, Ds, CM, TP, RP. LC, RV, HH-Sandy 8. Gary-Love Ya Mr. C-Brigs forjava-Mick light program! Little joe-ACe-The past is gone the future is one step away; I LOVE YOU MA 8. DAD!! Karen Lee Manuel 81 Trowbridge St. 10-10-67 ‘Bye AHS! MARY. WE DID IT! zucybbuns! Im OUTTA HERE! THE ROLLING STONES ! gyyyo! “MOONLIGHT MILE” j. Geils 2 25 82 FOX 81 -84 Ronice its nice The Chuck R. + Boston Always DUNCAN beach LOGAN, 8 8 83 GsGP Sox 84 PATS vs 49rs 83 W AMPO- TUKPARK3 green porsches LIBRAS ! butiluvCAPS -l- U20DIUG thesisjllMMAN! 100s w MR luv MRGLTBE] jC THANX MA DAD GRAM PA SCOTT GARY ERIC XXXOOO Liz Mahon 23 Howard Street 5 8 67 CKS BKD CML DEC 26 I GOT A HOLE IN MY KNEE Barb-lf Your Cellar Could Talk me nots Afire SHma ' z VS-9-83 LKH Lost W.E. W BD82 ERM -h CO Wrock 83 DZ-Gs All nite W BTM Semi 2 BF? Bourne md MOONS a VAN? Hampton R U Ready jIMBO! PtoYa- Inv. Man-Fbum-Carny TM-FFS HsB SY 84 L-Snitch A EAW! ]L9-22- 84 Thanx Dll M -h P2MT2M3K, TM DM LF AL PC DZ CR U Guys R THE BEST Ft. L85 Barb Kath Deel 43 Stay! — julie — I Luv YA M D Patricia Mahoney 248 Ridge Street 1 1 1 67 REMEMBER . . . The CYO Dances Sleepovers Sweet 1 6 B-Days PbBbMd-The Movies crusin, getting Lost Taking Wrong Turns CAPE COD FLORIDA The Beach Trips the babes The Fireworks The Mall KRIS-TWINS CHRISTMAS SHOPPNG Green M8JV s chSodium WADA Emily, jANET CkDiLt Kd Cs ChAf Km Pr Lj Lp Lf Mn Three Muskateers Thanks MOM and DAD I LOVE YOU GOOD LUCK CU SS OF ‘84’ BYE AHS!! TRICIA Stephen Mahoney Stephen j. Majeski Bill Mallett 4 1 Wollaston Ave 4 12 67 kathy 3 12 82 IWNFY Proms 8 semis-DK nogas Churchlot-MM WeirsBeach SWILLY Kurt’s Bash B 8. E in BA. KF SN NS JH |A PF RC BM KD JG KL CH MK MG TL ALK Hond Pond Who’s Got The Keys Bruce Why Me? St. Andrews NB Canada-Torn 8 Kurt Hampton loop CC 84 PH ]B CB, venus onset Bay How Do We Get Home W.H.B.j.P.L. thankx KD 8 Miss. O. I made it Time for reality 2 much 2 soon thanx Ma, Dad, E8 R, luv ya Michael P. Malone 70 Gardner St. 1-3-67 Marcy 11-4-83 BUBBA! Thanks For The Memories. Nantasket, Hampton, E.]., jr. Semi, Senior Prom, Senior Semi, Senior Prom. Thanks for believing Bill. Thanks Al. Thanks A.H.S. for all the Good Times. And Memories. Hey . . . Click-Click. Thank You Marcy, I’ll Never Forget You. Carol A. Mansfield Karen Lee Manuel 51 Michelle Martin Theresa Louise Martin Russell Mathers 1 1 3 Hibbert St. 5-16-67 The Mission Man Wake UP RUSS! S.O.M.F. early morning bassin’ Summer of 84 Doobie Workouts, Splurge You Birds! Poontang, Gettin Slammed up Sutherland, Chinkfood The Clash, Hibbert Park BW, NS, GH, MM, SH, Grab a cold one. Do it again Celts! White Mountains, I’m HISTORY. Thanks Mom Deborah Mayo 3 Browning Road 3 3 1 67 Deb BF Maria Karen Trisha Karen Mary Shelly T-cr al me If dz pc km bd Im dp WE ARE FAMILY Cheerin DALLASBOUND Do It Maverick- FIRE Semis -i- Proms LIZ . . . AVAN? Wing Beach Goodtimes Cape 84 dz mt VBABY KM sleepn MT pic Bench Trish Doublin the STUDS MD KF AL Partys BLUECHEESE-our secret JUNTA FT LAUD 85 HS STANDS TM ANU! Miss ya PRATELLES Thanks Mom -h Dad I LOVE YOU! Renee Marian! 52 Dickson Ave 1 1 14 67 ! BOTTOMS UP! BABY CAPE 84 Angels in the sand Tequila ABP 3C | Please Anywhere on The 3rd rail Spandau NH 83’ MCAD! Give maa ; bake V! Pis still hanging from the closeline YBMS! bMOCM! MY AS! Who’s that crying like a baby! CA LOCE YA Spiny UK WAMRMONG j Kong with the guys! VL Walkout CM CC Viv SG Maria AG FR MK TM j U2 jenny I can’t lift this LUV YA MOM DAD! j LeAnne Marotta 206 Florence Ave. 10 28 66 Good times Bad time’s we all had our share, Hj, Dj, GL, A], TM, MD, RS, ]M, CA, jC, MG, SC, MG, CM, RALFY, SPAZ CRASH HAMPTON 84 Dj, Hj, CL, Aj, jA, BC, MISSED THE Boat OhI heck. Camping on ' The eighth CM, SR, CL, jA, Stop Swilling Billy I’m Driving, Hj, hey, DAD, feels like Im going to lose my mind Las Vegas ya you got to like it well I made it Thanks mom Unk George I Made it! George Marootian 15 Jeffrey Rd. 1 1 30 67 Good times. Bad times. Best of friends: Gula, SM, JM, jugs. Breeze, RS, Fritz, jS, Pj: GOOD LUCK!!! oh no not physics. Resurrect the machine! Thanx mom dad. Later A.H.S.!! Patrick Marquis 183 j lson St. 9 5 67 TEACH STU DRAFT KILLER “HUH?” “GOTTA PAINT THE PORCH” “FROM THE FRYING PAN TO THE FIRE” SKIING BOATING SITTING CONVENTION SB, RD, RD, DH, PM, AP VETERAN GBAGL “85” Russell W, Mathers Debbie Mayo Renee Mariani Leanne Marotta Michele Martin 20 Brand St. 1 2 2 67 j C.S. Best Memories up the west! Hampton Crcishing at Mike’s j Down the Bell for a smoke BOX KOD ARM PIT GONZO Whose party is this? Oh yea, I went out w him! METAL HEAD ROLLOVER! j MG SB BL JR BB BUBBA! Luvya, guys! DEATHMOBILE My EYE! ; partyparty PARTY! Oh yes Ohyum! Hur! Get WASTED! SM! Partying ; w MD 5th period Good Stuff EH? The face i Oh my! Hey, Whats j going on up there? Thanx MOM DAD, Pual I luv U | i Theresa Martin 6 White Street 1 -4-67 WHAT A CREW KB CB JB CA MG MH jS RB PC CF JD MEDFORD : PARTYS THANX RC TRIPS WITH KB WHY DONT WE DO IT IN THE | ROAD THE POND THORNDIKE REENES SWINGING FROM TREES ' WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE TRUCKIN DOWN THE CANGAMAN- GAS WITH KB -h Clyde NICKS JUST FOR A QUICKIE LETS CHACE EACH OTHER AROUND THE ROOM TONIGHT HARDY JUNIOR PROM COOKIES MILKCHIRA JT + PG ATTITUDE PROBLEMS! M-hD dazed -h CONFUSED George Z, Marootian Patrick Donald Marquis 52 Karen A. McCorkle Patricia A. McCormick Scott McDermott Kathy 5 IT 84 STILL LOVING YOU Thanx Guys KF BM MS |G KD GL D| H) QUINNA HC MP |M PD PM 1 2 30 83 KILLING TO NBM2 5 82 So Co Tails Hampton Smirnoff 1 00 Night 1 Summer 84 jr. semi statie on 128 chill out B| AL You Wierdo KF GILLS 82 THE POLICE Onset Quarry 38 SPECIAL Bill lets take a break Kurts bash 83 4 yrs HM Bake Im out, gone, history, past tense, A memoryl I LIKE IT THANX MA L 5 Maura McCarthy 57 Richfield Rd. 7 31 67 ; Sandy jen BEST friends forever Discovery of a mountain. But ) there’s never enough time My friend’s gonna take a right Shiela 1 would do it GS @ GC Fanuel Hall w Frank 8 jim You girls want to f ■ party? Love ya Steve No. Conway 1 love you. Mom 8 Dad. Thanks ' , Mr. Collomb ■ : Sean McCarthy 1 55 Charlton ST. 2 18 67 ■ Pipes. Mike B. John M. Mike C., GC, CH, WM. Freshman Football 6-0; ■ Quigs Basketball; Baseball. ]r. Semi Water W. Sr. Prom Pep. B.K. DOG : BOY “MOW-FI”. Jennifer 12 23 83 ILY! Ort’s Cape “83”. MyS, w puppy. Hirschies: UNDER MY THUMB. Gez morning ventures. KO, Frosh Summer. Weekends = H.S. Field. FM’s w zoo. i P.Harbor’s MB. TFTGTWS jen. Thanks Mom -l- Dad. Maura McCarthy Sean McCarthy Karen McCorkle 243 Florence Ave. 1 1 27 67 The Shack-PARTY Bombed. DH 1 1 4 83 forEVER. 5 yrs BEST friend AO. sauteed. Amy late again. Bye Mrs. H -Preschool. The Crew — |C, ST, TD. DF, MC-spot. The Center CW, TA. KH. CD, EO. TS. TO. SP. Blondie. YES " Hearts”. Thanks Ma. LOVE YA DANA (budge)! OUT OF HERE! Tricia McCormack 26 Aerial Street 7 6 67 B.O.F.-Karen Maty Karen Deb Maria. DZ LF AL LM KM MT MC PC BD DP CR, Hampton-A.H., jim. Bourne-Ethel, Fla 8 NY w KF. A- nighters-mlb. Georgies M.D.-Moons, C. Fever (K8JVI), Police, DR. NYE-Never Again. Stephl, HS, Menots, G.H., Sonny. Undercover KM. Parties, apart-Fight! Studds w Deb. ANU w dkm. Cows at Menots?-MD. FFS-LM. " Its over Now ”, Fla. Bound! Thanx Ma 8 Dad 8 Family John H. McElearney 53 Karen E. McCarthy Kathleen A. McCarthy Scott McDermott Karen E. McCarthy 71 Bellington St. 6 21 67 BoF Mary Karen Tricia Maria Debbie AL DZ MT LF MC PC CR CK LM jB CB KM LM DP BD We Are Family GEO I 2 3 83 ' YABIMH So Far Away Wabit W Longgears jr + Sr Semis + Proms Mt’s Beach CATS Tm’s HOYT Bourne 83’ BBsIds Stranded-Marriot DR NYE-Never Again Grave Track? Gota work ID YW IDYBIT Luv R boys Neutral MV Proms-farm Field MRP Ft. L or Bust! Luv + Thanks Mom, Dad, S, B, E. Everything would be nothing w out YOU! Kathy McCarthy 15 Burton St. 1 1-27-67 LIZ, BARB, DEE, " STAY” — Frosh (a MHS-MF + BGG Soph- 1 0 26: my Hand Is Shrinking! Menots? Deb-33 -i- 34! Idk (a Georg’s jR-ptys (5 AL-The Who (a LM? InacIstw BD! Fal, MV. Hampton- jimbo-Rurdy? Cabn Fevr w M -i- T My’s, Cheer’g-Dal-KR: WYWH! Thanks; SM’s, KKTD PA DLS! LN convost Brigs w MF-Thx-Mr. Helen Finn-Good Luck. KL -i- EK TM-hi, Bourne, Frogbum’hi Guys! ‘FT. L Bound-Kerry, Brian, Chris, Sean + GEKY MOE. bye U guys! Cheryl McGahan 1 1 Ottowa Rd. 1119167 “CS " CHEZ Field Hockey Summers in N.H. Donna 1 CUZ: TTBU BUD MIC KEGS Were Addicted to The Ratical 4 — My Hero, Go Crazy: Seriously I mean ERR: Lets Party Tracks 1 7B-Day camping Dance Factory Oct. 20 Wedding WK ND with TP VS DK |W B- FRIENDS PS NS )S DS MM )R LP SV KS RS KS THE Gang THANKS MOM. DAD, STEVE. HEATHER, GRAM. NANA. DONNA LUV U ALL Peter McGowan 38 Yerxa Rd. 7 21 67 Nine tenths of school is a drag. But it ' s that one tenth you wouldn ' t miss for the world. Celts are on top and they ain ' t never coming down!! I need a weekend BAD!! I want a new drug! Huey Lewis I ' m never ever not gonna be IRISH! Stevie Ray Vaughn plays one mean guitar. I ' m going away — get me outa here!! Take no from no one! KAREN Lisa M. Melly John A. Messuri Liam j. McMakin Kevin P. Meagher Lisa Melly 1 45 Wachusett Ave. 7 16 67 Weekends w Rodia Kristen Cruisin in the boat Accident, close calls Home Alone? apt . . RB. LR, PCB, Feeling Good, ride home w vg, excuses THANX BK, RF, interesting friends Tracks, FaneuI Hall " M " SONNY, fire works, Huey " I want a New Drug,” Hockey Games, The missing botton? Lucky, Mick . Gloucester, dXd Soundings, skiing? . . . Thanx MOM + John Messuri 1 72 Franklin St. 8 21 66 Mazoo, Garden, Frosh yr„ Prez, 4 yrs Hockey, Semis, Prom, Mr. Lavery, Cadu, Billerica. Mike B., Ortie ' s weekend, 3 yrs Bciseball, Sean, Gerry. Pete, Duse ' s Sean ' s Party, Mr. Bums, Pipes, Carol, Maria, Romi, Mary D., Pat ' s Coma, Wozzy Bear Ball open, HNIB, Tourney Time, Mikes, Dan, Chris. Pat. Deluca, Okie, Steve, )im. Teasers, Thanks Mom, Dad, Tony, Mike, Dave, Tina, Love-you All 85. Caryn McGrath Warren M. McKeon Caryn McGrath 25 Lawrence Lane 10 6 67 That boys a GIP! BF — Mary Toid Romi )Bop Goody Anne Squib Frib Cooly CAUtion FACED U)uicer Hefty Sow Quebec Ast. QA4 6 84 HEY Mac WTF4K? Mich Lit-7? |B-Grizzly shotgun MrC WB-M MAMA RN-BPSP FGITM |-Hogie Dont Stare CG-222-AT-EMR M, NW, Skiing-Never Again! VSoc-34 LM-WWU Tday-bagged Cre- bone Party-gutta do it-cant do it Later AHS Thanx Mom S. Dad I LUV U Warren McKeon 1 64 Newport Street 02 16 67 “WOZZY " REBEL BATTLE-CAT RADICALIZING at the HIGH SCHOOL whitehen raids HerpySuds SM )M MB PO PD SB KO FRetr! BECKY 6 16 84 WAZ-N-BECK = The King of BearsW= I -h S + G OM " Stuck on you” " Tonight” concerts = fnrVAN HALEN crs ozzy kool n gang. Herpy ' s parties " under my thumb” " mow " Hockey )r. Prom! B.K. DOG-BOY!! How ya doin kid? Bill = 30 days Good Luck everyone THANKS MOM AND DAD Liam McMakin 75 Dorothy Road 08 09 67 1 985 The Piece. Get those — out from under bed. Get those stupid things outa your ear Drome, The Nak, Sid Is he better yet Chris Fungus seaweed, Joyce, Chen, Foodmaster-Barks, Liver, jonesy. The Flash, johnny G, Mike M. and Mark S. Gimme a raise, Nightcrew chews. Finally got of the car, OH BABY Blue Bomber Mr Commito, great teacher Drafting wont you ever grow up, Hegs Cheryl M. McGahan Peter M. McGowan Kevin Meagher 78 River St. 3 30 67 " Pickerel " Mystic lakes Steve ' s Garage faces, McD ' s, 1-14-84 GreenHarbor Karen ' s Kiss " feel my Heart " ML " Messies By Crow” West Street, THE DUECE, SS " The jet " Christine M. Steve S. Bill C. Tino S. Mary M. Karen L. Keith C. Gina M. THE CLASS OF 85 John P. Mignanelli Lisa Miller Richard Milne 44 Upland Rd 9 10 67 “R.R.” orchestra j.B. N.Y. montreal D.C.-Where ' s Rick? F.T.S. IN-A- GADDA-DA-VIDA, Concerts with Ka-Aerosmith Hospital, Blue 1 00. Car accident, but ask D.S. S.C. Walthamask Di. The pit, the wall. Fort parties. S8 S, A.D. in M2. R Award From M.S. Michigan. The Files of Mrs. C. Semi Prom with CA. H. I owe how much?! " 67’’ Thanx Mom, Dad, the KIDS, BE-MA. Julie Moffat 64 Maynard St 01 04 67 CHRISTINA M, NEIL W„ SARAH L, MICHELLE H, JIM W, JEFF A, ANITA C, DEBBIE A, AB BLAKE JAMES, STEVE’S, ROCKY HORROR OH ROCKY! C + S, OUR TOWN, FOOTBALL ARL + HARV, MARIA L, THE MELISSI, FINBURG, BOCKLER, POWERS Paul Moniz Lori A. Morel Michelle Moreland 24 Paul Revere Rd. 1 23 67 Best of friends Chrissy Jo Mimi MW CC LS KD RLCLJW CB LJ. Skiing at PP LR’s RR’s JG. Chrissy did you do the lab? Mr Cody. What are we oing to do tonight? K TG (MWMOMC). Winter " 82’’, hovelraces, Empparty, Post BBQ, Snowdance, Shacks, JC TC MK CA J .JV BA DD BB zi pHS JONMP. C-Food? YOHO! BN’s NYR parties, Chitraces, T-Parties. Strut ST. Scituate, Cape, Hampton, NH. I Love You Mom!, Cheryl Dad. Jim Morrison 6 Yale Rd. 8 22 67 Track, football. New Years the truck, the patio. Lynch, Snake, Jukes, Stone, Beth 4-19-83 the women Hampton 84, Freshman Football 6-0 Crcishing, running, the field violence Steam Roller 1 4 stitches, ya, ya, ya DUCE Jr semi S. prom I’m calm What’s Happening the trio Kathy Trish Liz Leave it to Beaver child study 60 Thanl Mom S. Dad, John Fred it’s history John Miganelli 1 3 Rawson Rd. 1 2 20 66 Mig Rubberroom Grill Freshmen year Lunchroom Freshman Foot- ball Skipp out Before homeroom Weekends were the best golf course snell, BABBA, cousin John, George, Howie, Matt, Penny, Lisa, Nancy, Kim, Kermice, Sean (Spaz), Thank’s For all the good times and the party’s. Thanks to Mom and Dad my Brothers and sister all the BB’s at work and my Boss. Good Luck Class of 85! Lisa Miller 181 Newport St. 9 30 67 Best of Friends CK JB KO CB LN AO, soccer-SM-WWU, Gaf, Jot, Febvaca, You Are, Lionel ’83, Chreo BFF, BS, 3D Cape w J, sugarloaf, WOOP, the Farm, Tonite ’83, HSnites fribbin WHF Danny 7 30 83 always 8 forever, canobie-waterslide, wingaersheek, Towles w K8 D-Sleepovers-KFsb8va Jr. Semi, Jr. Prom WK ,AI 40 Steps Cape ’84 w D luv ya thanx Mr. C, thanks Mom 8 Dad, Good Luck Nick 8. Ryan Love Ya All Richard W. Milne Julie Anne Moffat Paul Moniz I I Williams St. 9 17 67 1 I Williams St. Mook The RES Dufins at Hapton Lets go to the Veach Bowie concert are you dizzy when your stoned not enough gas in the 84 pickup Wewe " G ” Barney Jukes Jiba Bake Pat Mikey Jhony Fahi Charlie Thanks Mom and Dad Lori Morel 5 Lennon Rd. 1 1 1 67 BEST of FRIENDS LisO OjMelis Ka Joan Sean PaulaMel DBSM NB JG MARSHFIELD 83 L 8. Poke CCConthe rocks 84 Yo Adrian 25s BET 1 5 SW PR LR Jp sinksneaks PM 8. LMS RPTL 8. M Field Hocki UNIT L 280 ZX Swing it to MtyLighter We ' RESO: Pty Animal DOOR Gl steps BFNF BH 20 PL SB 1 .52 LI C Jr Semi ? THE LITTLE CAPE 84 He Wants Ya 1 Os ’’MOMMY " DC I Sat Nite Howies ALL-NITER SJ ZSH Jr Prom SAPS Mafia I Love Ya MOM 8 DAD Never Say Goodbye! Michelle Moreland Jim Morrison 55 Paul Moura Matthew D. Mueller Eric Mukai 41 Kenilworth Rd. 1 10 67 Mook! Good times Bad times, Frosh Football, Spontaneity, Hamp- ton trip 84, Beach Days, |C, PD, KO, R|, RC, DD Look outTom, Halen ' 82 8 ' 84, Comfortably Numb, junior insanity. Take it Easy, ACK! (BTC), Larry Fine, Hello Mark? Farm boys. Play Bohemian Rick, Mlis- ses. Party on the field. Takeoff eh. Madness, Thanks Mom, Dad, S, C, C, ), S, Bergs, Lindy, El, Couldn ' t have done it w out you Karen Mullane 303 Park Ave. 8 15 67 Friends — judy, Kath, jo, Lee, 2 Melissa, Lori, Deb, Paula, Sean, Hi SB, KE jj at WYC 1 2 8 82, hitBelm!, Field Hockey!!?? wswjB, press- covKC, Cape 84, LooMoo, Hey Bud, Semis 8 Proms, LG ' s look, mamajo, hurtin critta, GO! dust, NY, emu, BD, KILLER, Nice Knees, choke, shaawn. Rose 9, serious work, frocard, once again ju, friends always Mike, See Ya AHS, Thanks Mom 8. Dad Paul Moura 61 Palmer St, 10 7 67 Horsey, Moura Less-Bubles-VanHalen-in-worchester, Cape Cod 83 8. 84-Marth ls Vineyard in 84. Mr, Lau-Go Count-the-Seagulls, Spanish II 8 lll-STENCH-Marty-F’s-Homeroom. TYVMBH!-Mr. C,- The-Mours-Method-Going to the Hay Market in the Zakmobile- Chung Moo! Matt Mueller 374 Gray St. 3 19 67 Karen 5 24 84 The Best of times. Frosh. Football, good times with CH WM PO MB PD MF GC SM jM SB KO FR PD DC jM BR TF PG DL ST MC SC SF jT CD RK. V FOOTBALL 41 GBL 1, Friday and Saturday Nights down the High School, up weirs with KL, BM, KD. ITS up to you. jr -i- Sr Prom and Semi. Partying down the Field. CH summer Paries, Hampton, The Night of 9 22 83. Why Me. LYA Karen, Thanks Mom -i- Shirley Eric Mukai Karen Mullane Tom Myers 1 2 Hawthorne Ave. 2 24 67 Tom — Thanks AHS hada great time! NEVER FORGET IT. Gonna miss ya HR. 104 — The Stretch — BRUINS 1 ! celts? Hampton bound in the blue bomber. Beach days! How many gallons to the mile? Summer on the Cape. TNT — water sui — fish. THE FARM, Sat. night. I LIVE FOR WK. ENDS HEY BUDMAN — MICHS this screwy elbow! Hockey + Football Games. LOOSE YOUR DREAMS = LOOSE YOUR MIND THANKS MD -H D LOVE YA Beverly Nazarian 78 Columbia Rd. 10-1-67 FINNALY MADE IT!-MEMORIES-CLOTHES TREE GIRLS-BANK 5-ICE CREAM CHINESE FOOD W DEB-LUMBRIEN KA-PF CALIFORNIA . ARE WE HAVING FUN7-CANOBIE-BURGER KING-BEACH TRIPS-BALLOONS?? -THE CAPE-PROVIDENCE (LORRAINE?)- WHERE NOW?-WHAT?-LABS W CODY-KELLY-HR. W LANE- FRIENDS FOREVER-BROOKE, KAREN, DEB, CAROLYN-SD, ED (SMILE!) MP, LA, MN-THANKS -F LUV YA MOM, STEVEN SANDY. Melissa Neri Linda j. Neri 30 Avola St. 1 1 04 67 Friends We Are KO LM AO BC Kj BC B 8. Girls! Capt.V Cheering! Usuckitin! Fin. Mai’s! Come On Huh? TG Sleepovers. Kris want some brownies! NYE 83! john 9 1 0 83. Thanx M, A, L, P, R Love You! jEEP! Thanx Orty! Nts. Down A.H.S. Farm, Menots. To The Boys! Lionel, Semis, Proms! Cape! Toga! MbI. Home! Amanda 4 26 84. And Friends We ' ll Always Be . Thanx Mom 8 Dad! Melissa Neri 14 Menotomy Rd. 5 2 67 Best Of Friends MELIS (BF). Lis, Lor, Paula, Nanc, jud, Ka, Lin 8. Eric MC SH SB Lj Field Hockey GBL G8.S FR Drama ROCKPORT 83-84 The Rocks Tjj(lfThey Only Knew) OGIPjOMBWe ' r Going Fora Walk Evan 6 1 1 83 MFV Semi Prom The 4 of Us GIsland NY Montreal DC SNA MADMAN Theres No 13 Times The Door RAMONA PAR- TYANIMAL Couldn ' t Do It W o KAREN We Are The MELISSAE SNNKDP I Luv You MUM We Did It Together mm Thomas j. Myers Beverly Nazarian 56 Linda j. Neri Leslie R. Northrop Alyson Christine O’Brien Kevin O’Connell 24 Melvin Rd. 7 10 67 I “OKIE”, Bergs, Roach, Gez, Duse, Pat, Zoo, Hirshy, jimbo, Lynchy, 1 Flynny, Croka, Jukes, Campa, Butch, Wazzy, MikeB, Mac, RK, Gents, V-Football “53” SuperBowl? GBL! V-Baseball GBL! Doubles 240s 3 I yrs jV-Hockey! The High School + The Field on Sat Night, New Years Eve 83 + 84, Frosh Football 6-0, HRl 08, GB, Lynchy s Patio I Hirshy’s, Prom -t- Semi, B’s Cellar Kbp, Never 4 get AHS, CL85- I Thanl Mom, Dad -l- Kathy, I Love You |i Sean O’Connell 55 Beacon St. 3 25 66 I H.R. Olympics 108. Freshmen Football. Room 330 White ' Mountains . . . crash 83. Spaz. Thanks Mom and Dad. If Scott said i he hcis his license. Dogtrack. rabbit hunting at the Cape. Horseback I riding, what a goon. Thanks again Mom and Dad Fritz Nichols I 34 Gray St. 12 28 67 From time to time I will probably miss Arlington High, but now I just want to leave!! I know that I will miss the people, the teachers, and especially the memories. Romi Nigro 1 1 5 Ronald Road 8 2 67 Loon (ski ship) Quebec Italy Hamtpon Qa4 6 84 Cooley Frib Squib WTF4K? BF Cat BPSP FGITM! j-Bop It ' s main charger crash Mae caution COC Survival Toid Roadtrip Heybeebabee Goody Hefty sow faced toga VSoc jVsoft (HHTWTD) Crazy SM DL JMalways BD JG-Back seat party DAjprom Sagamore Later AHS I love you Mom and Dad Dazed and Confused Frederick D. Nichols Rosemary Nigro Butch Nigro 91 Winchester Road 12-27-67 BUTCH, Loon Mount, ski ship, Gloucester Nights, Buck Buckle, Beeo a ski, HR 108, KO, SO PO, The Field, Crashes of 83, 84-Never Forget? OKIE, SCOH, jIMBO, FLYNN. JUKES, SOME GOOD TIMES, ED, DAN, DAVE, FRANK. WILL. MAC. 3 years, THANX L-t-L. MF, V.Football, Track, HS Nights, Semi, Prom? Quiglie’s b-bag, gone forever? The gals 32, lookin to get out on The Dark Side, THANX MOM DAD LUV YA G -h G Robert Niland 24 Gardner St. 7-23-66 Julie I love you 2 10 84 The good times are the only times! The Jex BR ZO TT SB UZ ZS AR AE TS CZ RW TA MG KD PG DK CF RM Break-in BG Ball Buster Whip me Dog boy Lost it! K oc C Bash what happened?? Hampton Beach! Tom Petty, The BOSS, Bowie Jr. Prom the Lakes Michelob’s Cruisin’ the strip I’m outta here, Partyin’ Long After Dark!!! Thanks Ma, Dad, K -l- B, I LOVE ya! Kevin O’Connell Sean Michael O’Connell Samuel J. Nigro III Robert W. Niland Leslie Northrop 36 Hillside Rd. 7 8 67 BD DD JC EH LD AD ES MN AD LS. Majorettes BP CK TG BD KB KM JH KC KD, L A summer ' 82-St. E, L T fashion show-ohno, skiing with Jane-Nat on skiis? but she can’t stop, Kev 8 Dave 7-4-84 and Riu-nighty with Deb, SNA, Brian 12-11 -83, (4- 1 -84), driving much Jeb?, Thanks Kim and Debbie, Nassau with Holly 8 the lads, m. semi 8. prom 84, Best DD, JC I love you Bri Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Alyson O’Brien 27 Bradley Rd. 12-17-66 Best of friends LN CK CB KO LM JB JM DD, Cheering Capt. Wha Happen? Sue it in, Prepette, NYC 83, A Team, MAL’S HOUSE, Florida 83 84, OKIE. TG night 83, mingle. WWJACIN, 40 Steps, Wing- asheek, TN KA IP OA MH ING, Brighams, SDP at CK’s, Tennis, on ya woo, semis proms, BM’s party 9 29 84, Thanx mom. Dad, Stacey, Nancy Erin I LOVE YOU! Kelly O’Connor Patrick O’Halloran Trida O’Keeffe 1 1 1 North Union St. 7 8 67 Weekend w the BOSS in NY 1 26,27 summer 83 LV garg Buds in the 57 chevy Goodtimes w JA KS EO MW LV TS SP KH AO CD lots of laughs w D] ’s Friends j R semi Miss ya Kev T-parties 1 :00 stroll WH bites SBGH party all night lights out, What Happened Trac? Glory Days 4 9 1 23 Aruba bound Go For It Best of friends Mair Thanks Love ya both Mom 8 Dennis Teress Olevsky 82 Sunset Rd. Terry 5 18 67 Senior Convention 84 “Classbusters " and who NOT to vote for Sail on; Florence and the peanut butter cookies; You are — SENSATION - AL! Trust me! I prefer you to arrive, sit down, and be quiet; Nobody told me there ' d be days like these! ZudsCleansen Arriving to school at 7:45 freshman Yr Bye SO I’ll miss ya — Remember DF Football and soccer; Rid of Papajoe at long leistM! Kelly O’Connor 288 Appleton St. 3 1 68 Say hellow, wave goodbye: Burma, U2. Edge Carter, Newbury, Harvard Freaks, Larry, Thux-boy, Life, life, me . . the people RH, CG, MU, BC, GS, and supporting cast (no words can) . . . the times 7.84, 28.4.84, 29.5.84, 19.7.84, 7.10.84, . . . now call the curtain, raise the roof . . better summon your soul because we’re leaving this place, with a red, red flag; and my harborcoat. Pat O’Halloran 81 Westminster Ave. 12 21 66 All my BUDdies Jukes Stone Hirshy Gez Lynchy Berga Oaks Duce Mike Zoo Campa DC RK PG SF Jim FOOTBALL LB. 58 SuperBowl Dreams ! in GBIV Karen 1 0 2 1 83 -Semi Proms The Best csem nights MFPD Hirshy House U.M.T. BK runs w the DogBoys units MT. View PD MF SS HD AlC ZX Fr. Footbciii 6-0 Dans Patio New Years 84 HS. The Res Spa. CLOSET? HR. 1 087Thanx Mom and Dad SNAKE Patricia O’Keefe Teresa M. Olevsky Elizabeth T. O’Neil 10 Foster St. 1 23 67 BETH — Friends 4-eva KS MW TO TA TS LV CD AO KMc SP KF LR BT RM ’’CAPE 84 " jr. Prom SC TOH M JVl gang KS cellar SBGH 2018 tent S of 83 Bkfst at McD-Ks Kf Ks Do8 mends thanks P M, Mrs O ARUBA-4 28 85 Stdq Never Been Caught If ya Only Knew! Pud- dles- ITI H H -TA Mw on st. Kims car Senior Year-good luck class of 85 I Luv U MOM DAD Deb Lyn Rich Kath Peg Mike. Andrew Orfanos 1 6 Milton St. 9 23 67 Butch The Boys |B, BH, jP, PD, jC, “68 " GTO Still wondering Mac- Donalds Band, NAAHHI! Chris Rogers Smack! MANUVERS Mon- treal Canucks The WWF!!! The Great Pumpkin Caper or is it the Bumpkin I got no$$ John Entwistle is 1 Mr. Coffe Pot do it Again MM, WW, PD, He’s Agod intheir mind Quick get in! The SQ Thanxs Mom and Dad!! Has anybody seen the Bridge? Im out of here Patricia E. O’Rourke Kristin A. Ortwein Elizabeth T. O’Neil Andrew Orfanos Patricia O Rourke 1 23 Oakiand Ave 6 16 67 BOF: CT, MM, LS, MW, jP, KC, MC, ]T, Keith Moon The WHO 1 PRINCERULES DayInTheWoods STRUT ST. Florida jrProm Mr. Cody Concerts Kool Gang. Your Pretty DontCry Meat PK |F KM EM Trackmeets Keilbasa Luv to Dance FBGames K .M FW81 Shells Garage WhaddayaWannaDoTonite? Icandoit, Cape Hello chicken C’MonLisa, White Lines NO MDD, HRW MOE, Thanx slim. Massive Family Bye AHS Thank U 4 A Funky Time. Kristen Ortwein 1 35 Medford St. 3 25 67 Good Friends LN LM CK CB AO ]B SM all “the girls” FLA or BUST frosh year at AC-w lste cheering thanks Fin, Mr. C LN-usuckitin DA.NNY 1 2 26 83 ily Meb sleepovers towles towels Spain 83 dh, lo-iryb Gal CHUCK Stizz Scotty Nose 1 23 cr me cruisin JEEP HS MENOTS FARM Lionel Kool Gap NYeve83 blow the snow semis proms Cape 84 good times L .D, D8.ME Thanks Mom8.Dad I LOVE YOU 58 I a ' ' L S L ■% Andrew Pizzano Joel H. Plotkin r Mark Pappas Mark Perneta 3 1 Tanager St. 9 5 67 Does anyone know; who is M.M.M.?? Maria Perozek 2 1 9 Crosby St. 1 0 2 67 Sometimes seems to roll, no you idiot thats why we re on a moun- tain, Appollo on the Common, steak and cheese, diet pepsi, the amcizing chicken harmony, Don, Parvs, Lane, Lynn, Remember the sun worshippers? Harvard, the Beat, Bowie, Hey Quoiyoume- huhDid? COFFEE! Hi B, I’ve got to stop laughing, shades, GQ, Tennis, For you skin (oh no) steely stares, LOVE MOM AND DAD Mark Pappcis 67 Mass. Ave. 7 2 67 LED ZEPPELIN! VANS. Take the ride in 5, Ft. Lauderdale, FLA. Thanx Mom, Dad, jim, Steve, Lisa, Chris, Mike, George And Peter, Your all the best. Hey! Wheres the Party! The Pond. Fun with RM. SPLiFF. Baby Eighths. The one hitter. Over the hills and Far away. I Love S.S. TheGOjU center. Thanx BO. Gotto Rumble om.AHS I won’t miss ya! — PAP — one to many, DUDE Jennifer Pekich 1 8 Winter St 5 2 67 Hi CAROL, DEBBIE, SETA AND LISA AND TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS. REMEMBER ALL OF THE FUN TIMES WE SHARED LIKE TRIVIAL. " HI HOW ARE YA DOING? " , ’’QUESTION ON 7?’’, " SOUNDS PROMIS- ING ”, “AIMING FOR A D THIS TERM HUH JEN” GEE THAT IS TOO BAD!” LUV THOSE TUNES-AINT NO MT. HIGH ENOUGH, AINT TOO PROUD TO BEG. NOPARKING. CHALET, FALMOUTH, VINEYARD, THANK YOU MOM. DAD. AND LIZ Andy Pizzano 1 1 Jeffery Rd. 1 1 28 67 Goggles Life Starts at 1 70 FawasakI Ninja’s Live To ride THE WH O won t get fooled again Stevie Ray Vaughan Long Live Rock Blues Live on Wrestling US Army Weekends Thanx EC Mom -l- Dad Joel Plotkin 79 Hibbert St. 12 3 67 RANDOM THOUGHTS Gts, Madrigals, Ed M. Montreal, Washington Guys -I- Dolls, Carnival Annie Get Your Gun Mr. Roberts, Mr. T, Mr. Smith, Mr. Kearns, Rocky Horror, Fame, Harvard Square, POPS APril, O Magnum, Ed, Bob, Peter, Mark, Evenjohn G. Lesly, CathySarah, Seth, Jeff, Billy, Chris, Carl, Tom, Al, The House, Our Town, FredK, Ann Marie, John G., Angela, Pirate, MargeWalker, and Thanks M2 Mark Perneta Maria G. Perozek Kim Perry 78 Newport St 2 17 67 RON 10-8-82 I Love You! Best friends forever, Jana, Regg, Kim. Always remember Jr -l- Sr semis and proms. Cruising in the Caddie, AC Dances and football games, Maine, Symmes, Spain 84, Revere Beach TG, JF, KS, Hampton Beach 6-15-84, 4th of July 84, The Bostonian, with KS, It’s Butttime, Heiney’s Faces, Pary’s, RC, RP, JF Spring Break 85 Bobby, Peggy, Chris Eileen, There goes My Baby. Special Thanks to MOM I Love Yousooomuch! Susan Pinette 15 Yale Rd. 5 12 67 “What a RUSH! ” BOB SEGER-concerts-Treat me donuts HAMPTON " 83” 1 can’t stop my leg. FLORIDA. JR. Proms DISASTER! I still had fun. TL-we’re in there. GARDIELD. TO LV KH BO KS. Summers down Cheryl’s. Gangplank-Johnnies-girls night out-Bus stop-D.Q.- FOXES! What a Rainbow! Thanks Mr. 8 Mrs. C. Good Memories! Many more to come! Thanks Ma, Dad 8 the gang. Love Ya! I’ll se ya! Jennifer Pekich Kimberly Ann Perry Susan E. Pinette 59 Dana Ray Plummer Cheryl L. Pochini lean Poulakidas 54 Tufts St. 8 16 67 Good times with SQ, ET, ES, CP. LL, BP, KB, ZACK AP mispoets. Mr. T where are you? Dawali bro ' s, Chel-c-bods, Lyn-McPawl, Whoopers — is the moon out? GOYA Pres 83-84 dances, ski-trips, semis, proms. GrecetEng 84 ' Puff are you late again? He ' s a glitzboy. Nothing lasts forever, bye AHS! Thanx to Ma, Dad and Charlie. David Power 8 Avon Place 9 7 66 Party at Pete ' s house. Alliance California joanne H. Powers Laura Charlotte Powers Becky Prendergast 53 Bellington St. 9 15 67 Warren 6 16 84 Love you. |r. Prom Marshfield " WIS " “WaznBeck- RA TA IW WS AC BW " BD|GMH)PSQKH Have we!? Sometimes in life TOLO I Peteza Sat. nites down AHS Sprite Kc ' s parties Make one boops P ' s D ' s smiles Majorettes sleepovers Sat. mornings!? nfsfw |KC-ODYSEE. Thanx RM friends for all the great times. Miss you juniors. Love ya. Thanx Mom. Dad Amy for everything Dee Preston 48 Vernon St. 1 2 2 66 B.O.F. Barbra; Kathy. Liz, Mary, Cheryl, AL MC DZ LF TM KF MT MD MP PC Let ' s Stay Together! Cape Hampton Cowboy Chesty Presty Springsteen Concert 9-4-84 Menots Why? Brighams My Parents are away I can drink! )r. Prom In a Van?? FBBHI Kelly ' s Disappoint- ments Hotel California Sears Parties APDNCMYet! Alkay Memories thru beers and tears Thanx Mom and Dad I Luv Ya lean Poulakidas David W. Power )oanne Powers 256 Mountain Ave 5 17 67 FRNDS: KC. )B, MO, )T, KM, CT. LOSH! My Cherubs; SB, MNGR.FH; ‘serious work!”; And Still We Live! What Can We Do? LlMEonSKIIS; Hi. Liz! FLEETWOOD MAC; I AM? The Pool; West Point 83; Where’s “US?”; Hi, Kris! Heidi; Guess ya had to be there.; semis; When are you moving in, Mel? Good Luck Guys!;!! Thanks a bunch Mom 8. Dad, janet 8 Frankie XOXO!! Laura Charlotte 64-A Brattle St. 10 22 67 ‘There is a tide in the affairs of men Which, taken at the flood, leads on to f ortune; Omitted, all the voyage of life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat; and we must take the current as it serves, or lose our ventures” Love to Mum, Lynn. Remembering Bobby 8 Sue Dana Plumber 22 Franklin St. 4 2 67 Good times bad times I know I had my share. But We don t need no ! education teachers leave us kids alone. I ain ' t gonna go to school no | more. School ' s out for summer School ' s out for ever our School ' s been blown to pieces no more pencils no more books no more teacher ' s dirty looks. THIS IS THE END. What are you gonna do with 1 your life??? I WANNA ROCK Cheryl Pochini 2 Newport St. 1 1 3 67 Paul 6 I 84ILY Goodtimes with )C. MF, DP, SC. LM, KH, CH. PH, “Summer of 82 " Hampton bound with )C, We really messed this one up? Ski trips with MF upin NH. Parties up menots and HD ' s ; Friday night snow storms. FLA with KP, MT, We might make it their some day )0. Day time Parties with joanne up menots with out bawdlesobeirsi Finally made it Thanks mom8 dad Rebecca A. Prendergast 60 Deidre Preston Mary Reidy julie M. Rice John P. Rechsteiner Deborah A. Redmond Mary Virginia Reidy 53 Candia St. 3 22 67 BORN TO BEWILD! 85 Is Alive KM AH KD ]D MER RE: NY-Hampton-Boston-Dunkin ' Donuts-Park Ave-Voi. Bye AHS B + Hloo ' s-Got A Light-Love Rules-9 1 584-TPS- Bouq + Gar " We ' re Not Gonna Take It ” A.P. Hist. 83-4 Democracy is a FARCE-Mr. C + Dr. A YB 84-5 License 84 Archit. Engin.-Ricky-Aries I 1 Are you serious? Friendship lasts forever! Best Of Luck To All Ka. I Cuddles j Julie Rice 1 5 Surry Road 5-8-67 j “CS " BM my PRINCEcharming lets eat BRETfast PLUTONIS! SAAB ( there is no substitute MR its SNOWING! I ' M A TOYS " R " US KID- I CM, LP, SV, DS, MM, ML, SM BOX! WHO GOT NICEST EYES!? jW-BU I DON ' T LET YOUR MEAT — ICAF NG-CKMBFF THE PALM SPRINGS LFIE WHO CUT YOUR HAIR!! CHEZ-DONT FORGET, FELIZ I NAVIDAD! THE MAGIC HARP CHUKA KHUN-MADONNA, MON- DAY NIGHT FOOTBALL -h BUD! WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP ITS BEEN I LOVE YOU UGLY 8. LLOYD Suzanne D. Quan 4 1 Gray St. 9 23 67 A Born Complainer! House C — Late again?!? Spring Track, cross- country, Indoor Track. A.D. — How many miles?? Is it almost over? Never run in the rain! Friends . . . J.P., B.P., K.B., L.L, J.Z., A.T., Califor- nia — What? Who? Why? The Fat Chase with j.P., E.S., C.P.,and E.T. — ! 1 gotta go!!” I made it! Thanks Mom and Dad, and my sisters. 1 love you. Stephen R. Rae Mark E. Reardon John Rechsteiner 148 Wright St 8 23 67 Ram’s Head Isiand New Year ' s Eve 83 Dewtchsland 84, TC JB JK SP BD PR CB jS KB CD EL FO BE BrookenLeg 8. Arm Iris A strid Esther Miss O Papa joe German Club Ski Trips Carlie Harrington Survival Swim Team Letter coach-Carol, Paul 3 yrs Drench Town Day 100 miles for MS REXTEX Mr ToxjR. Semi Seth’s House History of Eng- land, Dr. Arthur Mrs. W-G, Ms. Barry Conformation, i,f,eBrigitta Thanks AHS Debbie Redmond 45 Fremont Ct. 3 12 67 Summer of 1984-Cape Cod, S. H. -jean -h Mike; Big Kiss, CjR-Friday nights. Best Memories-D, M, K, j, j, S-movies, Revere, 6th period art-jr. Prom. Always remember Ed, Best wishes class of 85, Thank Mom + Dad-1 Luv Ya! Patricia Preciado Suzanne Quan Stephan Rae 1 08 Sunnyside Ave. 11 29 66 The Boss-The jex-Down On The Corner-Love Ya ' s Both julieC Pat- tyG. TA BU ZZ RN ZU KE XO IT Aj ET Pot Rae-Hunting AGT-VH- Whip-scoop-shotgun-chocchip-Dobie-Bud-HitThe cakes-lostit- taxi-road 8. Rip-Goodbye Everybody OOOWI! YEHA-IRISH Pierce my ear-NB Bad Co. tatoo-85-REMEMBER ALL THE GOOD TIMES- ASHKISSMY-S- 1 1 2966 Whatthehell " 2” Thanks-4-everything Mom8 Dad Love Yas Born To Be Wild!! Mark Reardon 1 1 Governor Rd. 1 - 1 -67 Good Times with FC, JR, KW, SR, CS, MW, CW, jM, SS, DG 1 0-84? John, jane and Dennis, Thanks. The last four years have been a real experience for Arlington High School. " I did it man” Goodbye AHS. Got to thanks MOM 8 DAD, I love you both always. Thanks Finn! 61 Brian Richardson Diane Riminiscenza janessa Roberts 52 Mystic St 1I 9I61 Susan Chrissy Sandy Karen Angela Mandy We made it! Mom Kurt Winter Wedding Carolyn Sean SF. LR, CC, SC. 8th grade 1 Stop S. Shop Grove St. Aerosmith 1 Lacascia’s Bellerica Good-bye see u in 1 0 yrs. Tony Angela Sheila Nicole Kurt I love you MA. Your the best! Good yrs never forgotten. Bye Melinda. Great Parties. More to come. Frank Rocci 1 9 Oldham Rd. 1 0 30 66 Hockey, Football, Baseball, GBL, 73. The Gang: Oaks, Bergs, Cell, Gez, Gents. Tuzz, Flash, RK, Stone, Snake, Boss, Duece, Zoo. Down: The Field, Pat ' s, Hershy ' s House, Dan’s Patio, KF ' s The High. Menots. In: 69 Cutlas, " The Tank " , Crokey ' s T ruck-New Years 84, The Whistle, 6Fish, VH-AC DC live, Beanpot Thanks Mom 8 Dad Thonnas M. Rodrigues Robyn A. Rolls Don Ronchetti 3 1 Magnolia St. 6 27 67 I II Never Forget The Memories I had During My Four Years At Arlington High. I ' ll Never ForgetThe Teachers Who Have Supported And Helped Me During My Four Years Especially Ms Levine, Mr Drench, Mr Toomey, Mrs Lawton I’ll Never Forget The Friends I Had Before High School And The Ones I Made During High school Sean O Connell, John Caleo, Janet Harington, Deanne Turner, David Kirmes And Carolyn K. Thanks Mom And Dad. Marica Rosselli 14 Parker St. 5 13 67 GUS The Good times Saky CM DD TL KS 1-1 -84 Mike luv ya jr. and Sr. proms BBHT caf. What time is it? PRINCE Miss T of Mass. 7-1 5- 84 Worcester Band Montreal ' 83 " I will survive” Go for it! Later A.H.S. Thanks Mom Dad, luv ya! Brian Richardson 69 Brand Dr. 1 12 67 New Year With BB New Year at DC with Ej Crusin with Crokey + RK Good t.mes with Dav Dan Steve JRemember Froggie Football Chew 240s 1 0-0 Waltham2.9 cr lsh jVHockey Pumping Trom Weight Room Gol FWCCcaptin OH-Sherry-lt must be " talktome” Best BB, BB,DL“Don’y worry about it” B’s = $ Thanks to Mom -l- Dad Jessie -t- Burt Janessa Roberts Frank A. Rocci jr, Tom Rodrigues 9 Everett St. 1 1 13 67 Strange Brews, Dr. W, JB — You Knob. The MD, GFR, AS, GT. Andy, Seth, Jeremy, Evan, Sarah, Trish, The WOMEN. New Years Bash.Trev, Cody, CAFTAIN COMMITO, Mrs. Brugman, Mr. Foisy. Stevie Ray, Kikikiki, The Trips We Took. YOUNG CHILD STAND BACK Doc F. Gleno Drifting, 007, LET MY PEOPLE GO, The Square, Parties with friends, Mondo Video, BUGGERS. Bye ALL — Good Deal — THANX Robyn A. Rolls 1 37 Westminister Ave. 3 21 67 SUMMER OF 84. THE BEST! NEW HAMPSHIRE. PAPAGINOS, PEARL ST.. THE MOVIES. MY LUCKY STAR. THANKS MARYANNE, DEBBIE. PATTY FOR BEING THERE. ALL MY LOVE TO A VERY SPECIAL SOME- ONE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS YEAR THE BEST, LA.L.Y. 2 17 , GOOD LUCK MARJORIE, LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD . . Donald R. Ronchetti Marcia L Rosselli 62 Christian L. Rossetti Christina M. Rossi Bill Rowe 1 66 Gardener street 6-25-67 We re out of here! Good times down the jex with RN, PP, KG, MG, SA, SR and DK. Love ya, Susan-Good time at YH (He’s got our lighter!) Hi |C 4 22 84-6 1 7 84 Lost it and I ' ll never find it again! Love ya; Ma and Dad and Thanx! Keith Rowe 2 Roanoke Road 1 1 27 67 i Prince Purple Rain Friends Forever — X As I Walk, Thanks C.A. Later — God bless U. Lori A. Ruggiero Edward S. Rutkowski Michele Sakakini 85 Cleveland St. 8 6 67 SAKY LILUDUDE BOF Saz Gus Ag Ski Gail Ugh V-HALEN |. GEILS ID OL DL |C SM LS DG Mike DQ Di FRANKS DAPPERS “LOST IN LEX ” ARLMONTLife’s Then YaDie! GARAGE )VS-BALL MALDEN PF BD D| SUN-CO Drome YA PULLIN ME? POOL PARTYS WHATS UP MOTHER? GO FOR IT! WAHIDE BUDSDAY WHAT A YOU HIGH NOnononono! ERIOT 1 1 CoCo, BLO These, bthis n That RR MYS- TICS PAG POOL DLSqC PAT Mike Bar SS’ 1 did It maDad Mark Sandrelli 177 Park Ave. 8 20 66 DUCHLEDZEP Chainsaws Lugwig HarLey, DPartys, anBMKESMTHE Cape tesnothE Keg Floats IGGY Lives Bud U. AllNighters, Hey dude Lets party Im a ARBORIST Billy squire 38 special up in Thereafters. Shop with B, anspick-Mike Golden GineaLetsget?, ! up Hondpond Beer Balls 4x4 The cape BMSM. Bonzo Moon BIZI Thanx, Rock- NRoll is TREES Van Hallen 81, Thanx MaPa- family I did it Luv ya. Chris Rossetti 105 Falmouth rd. 6 18 67 ZIG ZETS )ETS CHR1SPEN REMEMBER BIRTHDAY LIMOA H 1984 TURF SEE YA LATER DON, DEN WEEBS, BOB RICK DEATH TO AIR HEADS AND FREAKS LED ZEP THANKS MOM 8. DAD GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 85!! Christina Rossi 5 Venner Rd 1 1 7 66 Sept; 241984 HANK I LOVE YOU, Down the Cape HT mt freakin ' out at 1984 Senior Prom, Louise Brockton party Maria NEVER FORGET! Graveyard 9th Shelly. Best friends partiers MICHELE MARIA DEBBIE, over the curb with PAUL RICKY, HIGH, MARIA’S Stories, AHS, Summer St. camping NORTHCONWAY, KANGAMA- GUSHGHWY with HANKMl to " ON THE DARK SIDE’’ EdCoooh! SMASH! dentinsully’s scar PIKING IT we Made it!!!! LATER AHS!!!!!!!!! Keith H. Rowe Albert Rowe Jr. Lori A. Ruggiero 54 Alpine St. 5 10 67 David 7 24 83-Hampton, MM jr prom blue limo 82, Florida 82, 84 HC, NH, Vt, Cape wkends, Mich Lights, Sr. Semi, jL-Best friends- VBCamp, The Goon Squad-love ya’s, MV 83,9 1 0, Thanks CD, FB, | L, DM, Aunt M Foisy 1 43, AR, TC, MD, KC, KK, ME, Q, SV GO Nuts!, Deger, Petty, Benatar, Aerosmith Concerts, jr prom NH?, MO TB- G.P probs, FB ME 1 0 7 84, Miss you Dad, Thanks Ma — I Love you! Ed Rutkowski 35 lakehill Ave. 8-19-67 Spazzing w Cassy, jenn 8 Mike, Rocky Horror, Bubba, AnnMarie, Summer ' 84, West Side Story, Steph’s weekend. Womb to Tomb! M2, Drama, G8 S, Roustabouts, Windy, rehearsals, George’s, Who, me strip?! Proms, Trips, BFs, Freaks, Harvard Sq. 1 0- 1 3-84, Steve’s, RM, ]A, GQ, 50 1 , B, Sj 1 1 -7-84, CM, NH, MG, Cafe A, jC, RELAX! I’m gonna live forever, baby remember my name Michele Sakakini Mark Sandrelli 63 Neal Sarver David |. Saulnier Renee Savage 1 46 Madison Ave. 1 3 67 July 3, 1 983 Rennember that day KEITH Lets try again good times down the rez the Bow summer of 84 memory ' s that will never be forgotten Dazed 8. Confused for so long Monica you lush Mh, MG, MD, TM, KH, CA, Party’s at Monica ' s Marc remember 6 24 85 I made it this far now what happens Thanks Mr jenny Seeya later AHS Thanx Mom Dad I luv ya! Helge Schenk 42 Richfield Road 1 1 7 66 GERMANY, Moorkehre 1 5, 2085 Quickborn, Monika, my first in America. Maine, Newhampshire, Rainbow, Supertramp, Genesis. Apocalypse now, 1 984 George Orwell. Exchange with Bob Dynah, Subeject: USHistory, English, Gym, Art. HBO, SHOW, MAX . . . MANY THANKS TO FAMILY DYNAN, VIELEN DANK MUTTI UND NIKON! and Thanks to all the people who helped me. Neal Sarver 2 18 67 2 18 67 ♦ BAZZ " 82” BUDMAN MY MOOSE IS LOOSE HOWDY! GMjTMVRM AND THE GANG UP TO NO GOOD THE CAPE • NH ♦ ALICE COOPER EVH THE WHO SABBATH RITCHIE BU CKMORE LIVES OH NO IT’S! IMGUMBY, WELCOME TO THE MACHINE SPACED HOPE I DIE BEFORE I GET OLD STRAT NEON KNIGHT THE WORLD IS FULL oF KINGS AND QUEENS WHO BUND YOUR EYES AND STEAL YOUR DREAMSMRS David Saulnier 1 08 College Ave. 4 20 67 THE PIT MATIGNON SOCO SGT fussion MODERN WARRIOR STEVE GUTAR LESSONS NEW GUIT TED APE NICK Hospital A-R,B Fort PARTIES Cre wri AF Pitts FTS SM MM Scorpions jovi midnight driver R in FortShemp D AGAIN j For Break THE Rocks THNKS MOM AND DAD Renee L. Savage Helge Schenk Ronald Sheehan Andrew Sicard Eugenia Simeonidis 60 Palmer St. 9 6 67 (jean) The fun is over you guys. Goodbye DA, KS, MC, LW, KH, ET, GS. thanks for beinng there for me. DA Imfinally over Ml. Thank’s to you. Summerof 83 hiis been the best. I sti ll remember " F”. ButTeddi you are right. It’s still ”B ” forever. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you Mom and Dad. I always love you forever. You too Eric. Leslie Sirianni 82 Florence Ave 9 27 67 Always remember the good times-KH, CD, MO, MW, MM, CT, jP, MS, January 12, 1982 s.m. inseperable, LM gossipatwork, CD- CRASH she’s gonna kill us, 1 43, jr. Prom beach night, sleep over kjcl, Hampton in the rain, THE EVES, Keith Moon , Ringo, Beatles, Day in the Woods, stranded down the . , jr sr Semi, my lucky starr, jan “You two sickies”. Thanks Mom and Dad Ron Sheehan 24 Surry Rd. 5 24 67 AB, TW, TB, PH, CH, JG, TS, RR, BBB, GOOD TIMES-Chicken-A-LA- Charlie-Ram Island-Survival-Heavy Metal-Above all no time for SoftRock Spin those platters WAHR Heavy confontation witha CAT Can’t always listen to those golden Words-sorry BigAI Rock Bands Will Come And Rock Bands Will Go But Rock and Roll Will Go On Forever Thanx H. Mom 8. Dad 8. Everyone Never say goodbye, only au revoir Andrew Sicard 65 Yerxa Rd. 10 20 67 BUSH PATROL, MR. BLUES! Berky, Breakfast, Beaner, Duker, Mat, Roses, Kwom, Greg. G -i- S, Drama, Madrigals, Music Dept. German Club, CELEBRATION OF THE MIND, BUDDY’S, HARVARD SQ. Neal Nausk, Town Hall, ACC, The “L’’, MR. FINGERHEAD, Montreal DC, SURF’S asquatch Island NEW YEARS ALex YeelYee! Capt Commito Sgt Spink YOU KNOB! Karsten’s SURVIVAL ALS ‘TILL I GNAW ON THEIR SKULLS. ” Eugenia Simeonidis Leslie j. Sirianni 64 Sammy Siu 24 Rockaway Lane 6 8 66 Its sad to leave Arlington High because I will miss all the people and the fun I had. Many times when someone graduates, they dont see their high school classmate. It’s funny that when I entered Arlington High, everyone called me SAM but as the years went by different people call me by different names like Grasshopper, Samerai. I wish everyone the best in the future. Catlin M. Smith 6 Cherokee Rd. 7 24 67 Time to move on! Soc-B-Ball, S-Ball, Good Times: NY, montreal, Airconditioned babyduck! Socparty 83!(, Cutecards, Delelies Gang, Bowling Semi Prom (WjR RD) Party!, RnSearch @4am, Durfee Back, TP houses, tournements, Higgins Beach!, hide seek, UGH!, “radical " , “Hey Bud”? Geen roal! Bye AHS. Thanks to (past pres) friends, t-mates, coaches, teachs. LOVE YOU MA 8 PA, ANNE, AMY 8. jOHN Sammy Siu Caitlin M. Smith Elvira Snell 1 03A Gardner St. 7 2 67 Vera, 7 5 81 Vera 8. mike I love you Mike! Fires Budwoods Sorry ' Charlie, AV MH DM CM LC |S RS |C E| QU IG BARRET Weekends: Baby Mahon Pro MS81 to 85 EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BETTER ” 1 Bomber See ya AHS Thanks for everything Ma 8. Dad I Couldn ' t ;have done it with outya: I Love You 8 Mike Ma 8 Funny guy: Never ' forget the good times in 3rd period Ann Scarecrow lives: BYE lARLINGTON HIGH!!! ■Hugh Somers 41 Blossom St. 4 4 67 iditto. S.B. 8-4-84 Hey Bst Fd ).H. “Go where the snakes are”. Harvard, the wall, the farm. Mt. S 1 0- 1 4-83. falls here the fibber hi |.D. you nut. Willis, you ht. trmp. good luck with Hlywd i George Sotiropoulos Kim M. Stachelski J Kenneth Stanaitis 41 Kimball Rd 2 17 67 i j ' o The Best of “85” I or getting me through the years and keeping all the good times I Rolling through the summer. 4 ' hanks DAD for the best four years. :ohn Stassis I 1 5 Varnum St. 1 1 -24-67 p ILOOD TIMES AND BAD GONE ARE THE PAINS BEST FRIENDS P| I -IG SL DP ... SMF RULES WHEN I LEAVE THERES NO RETURN. THE I .’EOPLE LAUGH. I SAY BURN! — PURPLE GOOD BYE ' 85 VAN I jHALEN TWISTED, DIO WERE Elvira M. Snell Hugh Somers George Sotiropoulos 84 Fairmont St. 9I1H67 K-OS 1 (GSCRCPCT) Best Friends: CR, MR, CT, AT, GC, MC, BO, |T, BO, MOTLEY CRUE-RATT MAY 31,1 984 ORPHEUM “SUMMER OF 84” 1 Kailua, Heaven “KOS” STEFAMAR KOSSKY Aug. 1 8, 1 984: CARINA, SOUTHERN COMFORT FREAKS! (GSCRSLMF) I LOVE SWEDEN! HE)! Good Luck class of 85! THANX MOM and Dad I Love ya! Kim Stachelski 23 Davis Ave 2 9 67 Kurt 2- 1 7-84 ILYF Friends 4-Eva: Bo To Ta Lv Mt Mw )z Ts Kh Tl Sp )t AoS + BD + WSd SECRETSSuprise B-Days CONCERTS WTW BROKEN LEG TMD -t WHP SUXS BG S of ' ’84” WHBC Tent P’s IGYYT DQ BS TOH Dec LVH E -t R jDsmash AHS T) DO Friends IDK MYC Thanxs Mrs O )r. Semi OOPS Brighams NYE REZ ”84 ” 7-4-84 SBGH 20 1 8 TD GT: DMPC Bermuda Bound THANXS MOM, DAD, BILLY + MARK! WHY ME? Kennith Stanaitis |ohn Cansta Stassis 65 Monique Strugnell Donna Sulesky Angela Sullivan 4 Menotomy Rocks Drive 5 9 67 Finally, thanks Mandy Janessa I couldn’t have made it without you. Trips with Kathy C lss NY DC the trio hits Canada Never forget Bowie, Arrowsmith, U2 Police concerts. Memories of Grove St. Stop Shop and the muds. To all my friends old and new good luckl Love you Mom Dad, Love you Owen AW, Birth of Randt 8 UuraAnn 8. Kristen, KW SW SC CC RW BS DS AD BD L| SF C] |L RC CLN Elaine Sullivan 109 Robbins Rd. 1 1 15 67 RIA, B, M, B2nd Family Anne, ODR? Ka-Wellitsa-Lindy, PW NL SN HC Iluv u guys |anet-shopping cart-call an anbulence! 10 12 Lady Ginitiation, Maroon Squad 1 ! I luvu DAD Summer of 83 HB, 82-84 depressive year SMP, LN-UR beautiful Mary Weekend nights and Fights AHSMCDnicedyejob, DD fever KFCux KWdating Service STDMDDBSABrighams, Squadon Strike! IPJGMovintoConn? Tuz- teachme . , . ElkWMAN RARA THANX MA and DAD Kristin A. Sullivan Patricia A. Sullivan Richard |. Sullivan 48 Foster St. 1 1 14 67 " 85” WANTED: GOOD GRADES SOCCER-GBL CHAMPS “STAY HUNGRY” IDEA “LET’S ALL BE SUCCESSFUL “WHERE’D YA GO”, “STOP THAT TRAIN” “PROUD TO HAVE GRADUATED FROM AHS”, “GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!” Michelle Talanian 1 95 Plecisant Street 12 26 67 Best Pals Chris, Lee, Mary, Deb, Anne, Di and THE SWAS We R Family, Thanks ]M, MB, RIBUZZ! Great Times at the center, menots, HS, Hampt. Fal, Hideaway, SP. Party, Stranded, BCheese, Louise, Cheering, Dallas 84 Maverick FIRE! Lefties do it right Tars. Motion, BigTime, NewWomen, Curb with RC, PF, Love ya Wally (KR) 8. CHUMS,THanks Gram, Mom, Dad, and Fin Ft. Laud or bust! Take it 8. Sail on! Monique M. Strugnell 20 Norfolk rd. 8 16 67 Q. I Love you John 3- 1 2-84 The LTD. Cape Cod ’84. Arl-Lex News. Karen-Friends-4evarBungunut summers. Lori-The Seger Sisters. Weeze N.H. isn’t that far. Summer ’83 Bob Seger RainbowEddie Money Rod Stewart The Expo. 7-3-84. jr. prom. Fred never forget the good times jr. semi. DP, jS, ME, Chirp, Bubba. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Thanks Mudda Claire Donna Sulesky 23 Carl Rd. 9 30 67 82-85 GOOD TIMES WITH SV, MM + PM, LP, BL, ]R, ED, MC, SD, MB, WOODS, BLEACHERS, Hampton 83, CM -h KM, SS, Tino, Sal r, CA, DL. MD, BH, PS, jV, |C Ej, VS MS, AV, CM, TP, PC, HY, GO CRAZY, PM, jS + NC,MK BA, SH, MD,jP (carter) NC, MP, BB, DL, KE, SE, TOZ, DROME, MH9 1 8 84, Port of life! Oh Oh what, yado, ya right, HOIT, OP, uum, ET! AAA, Humphrey, Hoover, Bud, saloo, Cyndi Lin BC, Thanks MOM DAD and STEVE BYE AHS Angela Sullivan Elaine Sullivan Kristin Sullivan 1 35 Pleasant St. 3 14 67 Chipman House Parties Holly -n- john Woods 7 2 83 HC ]M ]L KKJR CW “151” Thanx Eileen Sandra Paul jr. Semi Zeppelin Budweiser BDKC 135183 9-16-84 Tricia, WRG johns House, Plum Island Bowie Holly where are you? Out of Gas-Again LATER A.H.S. Thanks Ma AND Eileen Tricia Sullivan 52 Beason St. 2 12 67 Bebo 1 1 84 Love You! Antifreeze? Kath, you were right we made it! Friends we are TO KH EO TS LV TA KS AO KD S-B-G TO Whos in the B.R.? Beth don’t go for a walk its 3:30 and raining! 57 Chevy LV + TO Sorry Tricia my hair is still black! Spacy! RL (EO) ALA -I- j! Missed me KS! KathDyou dizzy girl. ChuckJes-MW! Thanks -t- Love you Auntie, Uncle, Henry, Girls Kids! ]T PH Gl GT KYA Richard j. Sullivan Michelle N. Talanian 66 Maria E. Tarantino Donna J. Teebagy Christine Teehan 9 Peter Tufts Rd. 9 12 67 EDDIE 7 1 3 84 Best of Friends Mich, MiMi MM PO |P DC CC JT MW LS KC AT up Hampton with Eddie Summer of 84 Nahant Beach Tim Whats up Buddy? Junior, Senior Semies with EM, ]D Proms What do you wanna do tonight? Mich did you do the iab Mr Cody skiing The B8vA w M,C She’ll get over it Fireworks Salisbury Never forget 4 28 EiwALY DOjD waterfights strutst Babe? Mr. ‘‘Personality’ Thanks Mom, Dad, Duke, Kel! jane Tighe 504 Summer St. 2 6 67 JANIE J.P. K.C. M.O. LM. J.P. CD. S.S. M.C. S.P. C.T. BRANDON HERCULES you’re pretty That’s attractive Summers at Lisa’s Cot- tage Babysitting with Joanne Do you like flypaper, Joanne Nurses office with Cheryl Hampton Beach Newport Love and thanks Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Johnny, David, Maureen. 1 miss you. Dad! Jonathan M. Turen Deanne M. Turner a j Jonathan Turen 15 Eliot Rd 12 18 66 1 Cruisin’ + Crashin’ w Skeeze -l- Co. The Field! T-Square runs. AC I. DC, AEROSMITH. Stone what chair? Spa, Ts, Hardy. Rubs house. B Rides Chirpa? East End ‘Crew! S nights STONE + GENTS 1 6 out of 2. I Timezone 1 .M.D. Tree movin’. Where are we R.K.? Good times with good friends. BK Race w KH.lREl Thanks M.D.N. I Deanne Turner 6 Parker Rd. 1 1 26 66 I Skiing, Sailing, Marching Band, Performing Arts trips to Montreal -l- i to Washington D.C. lots of laughs -l- good times with Amy, Kim + Mary-cruising in the model t-LET’S GO CRAZY. Good Times at The H Junior Prom, and Thanks to Teachers and friends who made these fc years memorable. Love to Mom, Dad, Carla, Terri -t- Todd Christine M. Teehan Jane E. Tighe Anne Tobin 31VennerRd. 8 7 67 Love and Thanks Mom Dad; your other right CM-EMR cry C cry. Jam On It, GlPGipper IMT . Move Out , . . Sonesta, Amherst, Harvard, C’s cottage K the Cats, HUEY. DONT SLIP Me Kell, pretzle rods, road trip “43” Townday 83 MC-always in trouble together, 10 13 ALLNIGHT LONG, Smigger; STADIUM, Lets go crazy mya TM IG TK GT Ml LMD, whip, Mr T’s kid, FI, Its casual, TOGA, GL Clas s of 85 Bob Tosi 14 Inverness Rd. 10 2 67 1 am proud of our school outstanding academic and athletic record, along with its most caring teachers. I had many good times through such activities as student town government, year book committee, and a member of both the Spanish and computer clubs. I will remember all my fellow classmates. Good Luck and God Bless! I Anne M. Tobin Robert L. Tosi Maria Tarantino 26 Peck Ave 6 19 67 MVBF, Deb Mary Karen Karen Tricia We Are Family Tals CRDi LF AL MC PC KS LM KM BD Center Menots brig. 2 sec Agos was, cheer- ing, guarding Baiduchi, Farcol, FLA. 83 Marthcis Vswatw MD Lefties Do It Right The Police, Good Times at The Cape GG Beach Hogl. backroad The Gang, GWeebs, Deb were like 2 Pe«is In a Pod. HSSJW Kos Brock. Party with Cr, N. ' V ' .E. w SB, GM, GH, Sugu, FLD or Bust Thanks and Love you. Mom, Dad, P,J,LM Donna Teebagy 84 Oxford St. January 5, 1 967 CC, LV, SC, BO, RR, NR, RM, SN, DF, Teabag, Thubs, Howya be Ber? Base as Hell, Rene! Hey Dude, who’s in Deham? Darts? It ' s my prom. That’s bad, conventions TOGA, Ginger, Dance, MAAA! Luv Billy (do.) Need my Janie, Shoo-HAD. M JVl’s, everyone is a cousin, FTS, man. Luv tennis- HATE laps. NHS, media- Prez? Me? My family? Ya-slumlee! MA DAD, for all you’ve done, 1 love you. Eva Tzerbidis Scott |. Tyler Ann Valentine 31 Tower Rd. 1I1SI61 VAL Penn, Tower, Res, Dronne, Pond. Club, Woods with Bud, Tent, Scarecrow, Tomatoe, BUFF, BUG EYE, Symmes, Concord, Birsh, NewCar, Town, Dennis, Revere, Ireland 8 1 , 84. Crow, VS + MS, jC EJ, MH, DM. DA, BW, |H, DS, ]M, DL. MM, MM, DD. CM. CCP FIRES, Brighams Today??23?? AM I ALRIGHT TO GO HOME? HUUGH CHRIS, IS THIS THE BONFIRE? LUV YOU MOM + DAD. THANX FOR EVERYTHING. " 85 " WE MADE IT! BYE John Vallis 45 Milton St. VAL, M.D.B.H.P.S.M.B. Swampin, Fieldmen, 5 Righteous Ones w Crispy, Mission Impossible, Mix No More Mir’s nukinfuti Leg ZZ, Airheads, My Numbs are Lip! Deuce-Vegitate-Hotel C.-TOY. TRACE-OCT. 1 2, Good Times, The Quiet Type? GOON: Prom 6 1 5 84, Best Night, Candy, Crisp Look at the Lights: NO! GOYA-NEW YORK. “TRASHED”, CAPE, B-BALL, TUNA. Revere. Beach Bum. LA- TER A.H.S. Thanx Ma and Dad Sofia Vasilopoulos Asha L. Verma Lisa Viera 126 Broadway 10 11 67 Peter 12-23-82 I Luvyou SSwithCBdown DDUsq Rsk BalrueMeM Your Young You’ll get over it ply Km )f Kg Ms Mm Sc Km CkTtm |jc Ejm Keg Parties Bud 57 Chevy, ToTs I’m With the Band “16” Nip miss you Scnnubbs Treat Me doughnuts Bites Msc Turn the Page Bibsy S. Tipsy, Tots Take BoSpKhDtBm Bing Fdxmtis Party To E7R I hate IMEv PDb Dc Bm Af Jr. Prom Thanks Mom and Dad Love ya Both Later Christopher Viveiros 3 1 A Highland Ave. 6 26 67 LONG LIVE THE NEW ENGLAND PRIVATEERS. Lisa j. Vieira Christopher Vivieiros Scott Tyler 1 1 0 Palmer St. 1 2 18 66 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL The big crash of 83 Do and Sp lz N.Y.E. Halls Big Crash Bash Summer Cape cod, HAMFTON The Field Basketball JR. Semi. I Got my licsense. What a Goon. D.D. There just A Bunch Of Air Heads. Dingle Bs D-Track D.LS Summer Bashes Football Another one bites the dust Superbowl Thanks For the Rides D.M. Double Crash on Dads cars Thanks Mom and Dad Eva Tzerbidis 61 Lafayette St. 12 26 67 I’m interestedd Business Management but I’m not the kind of girl who likes only working. I love dancing, soccer, swimming (I’m from a country surrounded by water) I sent my best wishes to all of my friends wherever they are and I mean it from the bottom of my heart . . . I thank you Jean for understanding. Good Luck Love " Litsa” Ann C. Valentine John S. Vallis Sofia Vasilopouloll 38 Mass. Ave. 9 27 67 CS Michele -i- Lisa thanx for the great times! Julie remm. JH -t- Mystics I’ll miss ya! Eyea Summer 83 WEST MMMB parties Betsy- party! Mike Paul Steve Jeff Billy Bernie Thanx for all the memories -(- fun GONUTS! VPR ink 8283 MM remember SthpGSSSBM Box Spoon Metal Head Patata! Bleachers OH YES OH YUM! HAMFTON 84 The neighbors Love yaEB -i- ME -)- CV Love Ya Aunta -l- Uncle J. I LOVE YOU MOM -H DAD-n-THAKS! Asha Verma 20 Forest St. 3 17 67 DAVID 3-9-83 Me Too! D.Duck TYFBAF Biffy. Re-That Pancake! MF Weirs Beach 84 PEI Killer Kitty Races BD Smiggers AT ’72 Skylard ’69 Mustang Doors U2 The Music’s Over 2 Hearts STH its FRIDAY! Soccer MOisaNL BFs 8. FFs Walking w LG, MN 8. LM Monkey KS8.MC-EMTAE! We Got ’em BifNoLic8.PG Pool Party 83 Dude! S8.G — Not AGAIN! Sneaker Poet’s Corner Skiing Ranger-Go4it! Bye AHS-GoHaGo! Thanks Ma 8 Dad Luv Ya! 68 Michelle F. White James W. Whittier Christine Williamson 74 Mystic St. 10 5 67 John 5-21-83-BOF-CD, TP. DC, JM. GF-Center-JH, AO, TA. KM- GatBOS. Gard, MB .a Rob?-lndian always, NyeatRlCK’S, 4th July at Dan’s-Bta, HC OB Polico 82-yBme Jay DOORS sonb-Wolfcoro- Dallin DS MF Driveins Rob! The Farm JD 8 RL m JVl ' s Christa let’s not go! Ballsy wkd! Let’s go to the movies! Drum Corps 83 matm A8.S The Grandville SW8 0H Bargian songThanx mum ILUVyou! JC Dad Rich James Worden 27 Jcison St 04 24 67 M.S.S.F., J u , WSC, WE SOCCER. “THE LAB ”, “SOLECTRIA ”, 43.2MPH, BAND.THEJEEP, VICTORY ’84. M.P.: PROGRAMS-S8500 + , 64-VS-80, CHRISTINE. HIS., CANOBEE LAKE + KAREN ’83 UNCLE HARRY, MR. MANNING, DOC. BOC., TREV, SOLAR. STEAM, AL’S, A.W. BROWN. GEORGE, REGAN BUSH ’84. AP, INT-COMBUS. ENG.. WARS, TRAK, STEFLRIALRAILROAD, SCPRES. Irene Warren Richard J. Weber f Rosey Webster 265 Renfrew St. 4 6 67 j Mam Gum good luck on your snow removal 1 have fun ( next yr! LD remember only one more to go CMyou don’t i have to put up w me anymore Thands Mom d Dad J. Ant J |i Cuz N your all great Good Luck J(ACK), Eric, David, the i other one See ya All hope you grad Amy next yr KP laugh |j Mr Lane your great SoLong everyone I LoveYou John Yes 1 ji will marry you Thanks Nana George 1 Love You both 85 Lisa Wells 31 Sunset Rd. 3 13 67 Thanks, AHS faculty and the Clciss of 1 985 for making these last 4 I yrs. great! Special thanks to my Art teachers for your friendship, I patience, and inspiration. Yearbook Survival Rainbow — Gr. Page to J Gr. Chairty — Rainbow Ball Vermont Weirs Hahvahd Yahd? Follow J your dreams wherever they may lead MOM, DAD AND LAURIE, I I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Irene D. Warren 138 Park Ave. Ext. 8 19 67 Re VFH 1 GBL Chapms 82 83 84 Mrs C thanks VSB Mouth Wash CH GH camp “2 beds ” (NMFudCMHFKO) Quebec 83 1 HD Sunday Bloody Sunday 1 999 menotsAHS lot Monkey SlapaHi! AL Dobey NHBBong. PBAH Rushio-2-84 U 1 1 2-2-84 DoorsTouch Me Ka PCy? NGBudkins Party? No 1 Worked! RRDEC TF’s (MFSMAVCHPHCDPB) Dudes KH CPJT Church w Pa AYLDRSTS Bift Fam 1 FF’s Fry! Thanks Ma 8 Dad 1 luvya! Thanks Bro’sThe Music’s Over Richard J. Weber 29 Crescent Hill Ave. 10 1 5 67 85 is great Best Friends: DD RW CR DS RB KF PA ES RJ KS MW. Hey PATTY DD: Limo, Ball -I- German. Bye: MR LeoneiToomey orlando. Peirce 79. BSA Eagle Scout; Swimteam; Baseball. Math with KFMT MTRem: Carsiuan Haleni PromiPMSR. 7th with USHist. Q’S: Waste of a Perfect Life. Weebschem; Help 1 LOVE YOU: Michelei Sharyni Chrisi Timmyi Gregi Gramai Grampa -l- thanks mom and dad I Lovei you Bye AHS Rose Marie Webster Lisa Anne Wells Michele White 99 Hillside Ave. 5 29 67 Thanks Dad 8. Mom! Hi P 8. Fred 4 ever Kevin BOF MO, EO, MM, LS, CT. AT, KS. TO. TS. TA, MT, JP, RC, KF. RK, DD, Bye Mr Cody You’re pretty. Don’t cry. White Lines Day in the woods, woaho. Building a church. Fireworks 81, parties. M8JVl’s BSH, RM 288, OFFINSB Chuckles hat KS 8. MTLAHSJ’s Diving all the way Thanks Joe Florida 83 LQ, BF, DM, MM, NE, TF, Good Luck Chris, JO, KO, LM. Pugma- hone! Jim Whittier 106 B Fremont St. 2 28 67 Arlington Crew-Anita, Joanne, Pete HARVARD SQUARE APB- Beach Heads The River Steph, lisa, Robin, Debbie The BEAT 1 Can’t Deal SiAME PLANE Summers at Joanne’s chicken parties Anita I Think I’m in NEW YORK The COOP-Rachel, Dennis. Meg, C lssan- dra-Dock Jeff, Paul, Charlie, Julie, Carol, Brenda, Mary, Kym, Mandy, Finn. Catherine. CHOWDAFACE Hi Jan 1 LOVEYOU MA — THANKS Christine Williamson James D. Worden 69 Joseph G. Wright Joan Zaccardi Manny Zacharakis 65 Palmer St. M ' bitl 85 Hcis Arrived. RoadTrips, Sat-Nites, MissO’sf-s periodizoo. Auto- Shop Nothing But A Party. B ' Ball 3 Maybe 4? R.N.R. Elvis C. Bruce, Seger. Polara-The Boat. Grand Prix. Next victim? Thanks Everyone At F.P.A. 1 43 j.P. Molson Arki? Hey where ' s Paul? This is the End, The End of laughter and soft lies. Thanks Mom .Dad for letting me get away with it All. Bye L-Zack Diana Zaganjori 52 Milton Street 02 07 67 I LUV U: Mom, Dad, Laura, Nuns, Cramps Thanx Ree 8 jo! Friends 4-Eva-Lisa, Maty, Anne, Paula, Michele WeRFamily: KF, TA4, MD, KM, MT, DM, KM, LM, BD, DP, CR HiSchool, McNots Brigs, Center, caf, grekdances. Parties A + al JV D, Quebec 83, Cape 84, Florida 84-85, Marthas, Police “Wiz Guy, BluChez, goodMotion, Gueeb, UNever, BOB, OTay, 2 secs, Sony, LosinBigTime, NewWoman” “Sail On-Good Times Never Felt So Good!” James Foley Amy O’Connell Lisa Pruneau 12 Edmund Rd. 6-15-67 CS The West thanx Michele + Sofia your the best bye Julie! thanx MB PM SB BL BB for the good times summer 83 BG Party tough car the bell Patata Whats going on up there HUH? NY Montreal Wash EC Where do we go next? Kinda goofy wouldnya say? ohno! MADAD -t- MICHELLE foreverything I oculdn ' t have done it without you! A smile is the whisper of a laugh. George Skouridis 54 Appleton St. 2 22 67 class of 1985 Aerosmith Rush concert Blast Basketball Head injury five games missed result wall mats Revere Beach Glauster, Greece 84 Creeko, George, Connie Bridget Athenian Ellen Aviva Chrissy Palace Junior grad Chevy Regal, Junkbox Chevy Impala future car sports Journalist, JVwith Wuigly w ls great DKFreefood Celtics 84 world Champs 1 Batmnmorning, FL. ST.? Joan Zaccardi 24 Davis Avenue 03 24 67 Friends forever Lisa Judy Lori Karen PB MN KS MD. Unit SH Z Swingito Not to Shabby. Sna Emu Toots Mr. B.T. NightsG.lsl. G 5 Montreal. DC Good Times w SC 8. B. rm talk w LM. Princess My Cutie SC III never forget. Jr. Semi 8. Prom. 7 13 BOB Bob who? Think back 3 yrs lEYIMAA Saranwrap FG I thought he wcis dead. Brady- bunch. Die JL8.Bs W.ride WO GT. Luv U Mom 8. Dad Emanuel Zacharakis Diana Zaganjori Jim Foley 194WaverlySt 12 31 67 DALLIN, JEM. PAT You HERO, BEN DOVER. Golden Bozo. How’s j your rug. How’s your bar, credit. Jeez ah, I made that up, B.C.C, Sub | with mayo. Your a mess, you stain.Take Ten, You Looza, Pinstrip, | cant I reliix, slick. Jibbers, wudy how bout a favor. Bag of donuts, MP KW RM SL JS DM JC MW PO WO MM MT wudy, Wally, Ej, Sat. Night Burner, ah, hit Bee Bop Truck YouBeth, Beaners. skinna LSKC, rerun Amy O’Connell 1 56 Park Ave Ext 4 17 67 i Karen 8. Amy Best of Friends-Best of Times-DF, CW, TA. KH, KS, TO, TS, EO, SP, CD, York Beach, Oh Fudge! Good Times with S8 S gang! Jr Semi-Sauteed, Revere Beach, Midnight at Aku, The Shack, Don’t look Back, Confused, Again, River side in the rain-Good Fortunes- Thanks SIS! Luv Ya Ma 8. Dad, Good Luck Jim 8 Bob! Daniel Berkowitz 1 2 Pelham Terr. 6 9 67 1 MADE IT! ROOF FLAME. GREATS.S.BUST, GONNA KILL ‘EM HIGH- BIRDS! SPEDPARTY IN MC, MENOTOMY MADNESS 8.8.. COR- MIER’S. FRESH POND FRUIT, BUSTED 8 3 84, 1 3df8, THE CLUB- HOUSE. JOB!. 5, GO NUTS! JUMBO’S, WRESTLING, SPY BEHIND | THE CHURCH, BACK IN THE SADDLE, BUDS, MICHS, LITES, DIET j OR MASTER RACE. NO MORE DENTENT! IT’S ALL OVER! DONT ! STOP PARTYING Joanne Bradley 68 Botolph St. 9 9 67 I FOR THE TEAM. SVTM KM KBMM JS HC CHINNER. SWEET CLEET. BM Bing. KILLIN’ ME. POND-THORNDIKE-REENS. COLLEGE? OH WHAT A NIGHT. TRIPS TO KEN’S HOUSE. UNDER ARREST? SHOP WITH TF. NO PU’S. HARDY IS EMPTY! I DON’T WANNA GROW UP. I NEVER GET CAUGHT. THANX TO THE UNITS. SPRINGSTEEN OR BUST! Julie Chesnell 108 Fremont St. 1 1 9 67 LUV U 4-EVA ERIK, 8-26-83, STILL, EJ, AV, SM, PD, JB, LR. VS. MS. DS, DL. DD. PARTY UP THE PENN, SNOWBANKS UP STRATTON. SALLY DIED, REZ, TOWER. BUG EYE, CHICKEN, MOOLAY, HI ROGER- CHARLES-etc., HULL. 40 STEPS, CHICKEN PATROL, ’THE GOAT”. DAWN OF THE DEAD, BUD, CREEPY CRITTERS. BIRSH, PATTY, AYE CAPTAIN! THANX MOM 8. DAD-1 LOVE YOU! FINALLY OUHA HERE! 70 Robert Snell 1 03 A Gardner St. 3 31 66 Artist, So long AHS skip Hoomroom Later WH8JV1B The Garden HS 1001 Friends MIG.RB,||,HH,DR,B|G.GG. Baby Mahon Columbo, Morning ramp! jS, VS MS, DM |M Loosers at 5 10! HOULEO! 2nd period! Bagged! Fenway Nights ' LED ZEPPELIN! Thanks Ma and Dad For Everything! Class of " 85” RULES GOOD LUCK “86 " ! BYE AHS I A ON ' T MISS YAM I MADE IT!!! lean Stevens 24 Irving St. 7 24 67 81-84 had a bl lst! you don’t really need to go to that Period, do you? Summer-Europe I love you! jewish Wedding One mor shot wont kill you — It did Cheryl! Best Friends CB,EC,CD,DA MK- ,BB,UA,SURF! NH,JJ,TF,BUDDJ, PARTIES, Whydoyougetonyousis- terscase? Bucu Dolories, skinny — dipping, 7 Wuarts! Im sick of Howdidblueberriesgetthere? DTUrulesAerosmith, rrlANKS! )ohn Stuart, 2 1 Wachusett Ave 9 8 67 STEW Dallin The New Dallin Dart SL) em MPDMKWMWjCWO- PORM ah hit “Shack Party ” watch your head is hows your bar “oakism” THE BOX any Jibbers? Trirackalon The Den PULL! next “and” Any Extras ya Looza coupe De Stew Get a job “ Happy ” I made it up Lc wudy Skinna Blade how’s your rat Beeners subs Benders BCC credit Backstop you lightweight stain H ampton that is all. Patrick Sullivan 9 LeFayette St. 8 28 67 Sully-Demps, Val, Beny, Mig, Cool BUDS in the Swamp, Light the fire, standing w our hands on the ground? B.R.s w Tuzz -i- Crispy on the Duce, Packy runs w Moose, FLA, 84, sleep in the tub? S.T. in 405, Nucking Fut, AirHeads, Killer Millers, Teenage Wasteland GoodTimes if MA ever knew, Demps the wkend Warrior Heg Sarg Im Here Later AHS its been real Thanks Ma -f- Dad. Bob Thibodeau 33 Pierce Street 2-15-67 Hi, John 1 ’’ ARLINGTON — Some of us Come to Know Satisfaction, divorce court Adam Ant Gas Boskone Bob was God W lshington trip Rodger Joel isn’t da power anymore Garried Freak Well, I think you’re dressed funny “Bob” is our hope Rocky Horror Brad Majors I’m adaptable I’d rather be in Harvard Kill the drummer BEWARE THE STARK FIST OF REMOVAL! mm 71 On Tuesday, November 20, ’84, the Gray Squad Cheerleaders hosted a ral- ly for our undefeated 1 984-85 football team in preparation for the traditional Arlington vs. Somerville Turkey Day Game. Our spirit led to a 1 9-6 victory. Thanksgiving Game Pep Raliy 74 At Arlington High we are for- tunate to have many talented musicians. Two are members of a rock band; Dave Frangioni, and Jack Carroll are the drum- mer and lead singer of their group, Odyssey. Odyssey performed at Town Day and has made appearances at “jumbo”. Arlington High School’s SADD Chapter h ls been very active this year. In the beginning of the year they attended a SADD convention in Boston at the state house where they opened the session. On November 1 3, 1 984, AHS held a SADD Day. Following the cheerleaders’ welcome, the seniors were treated to a moving speech by Brian Hall- away, from the New England Patriots. His talk really gave us something to think about. We were also very proud to have four National Merit Semi-Finalist: Glen Ahern, Lynn Johnston, Jonathan Gil- bert, and Kelly O’Connor. They were chosen for their high scores on their PSAT taken in October of our Junior year. On December 6, 1984 A.H.S. wcis proud to host Governor Dukakis as he kicked off his campaign to stop driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Former drug abusers told their stories be- fore an audience comprised of seniors. Juniors, and three news channels. The Students Council had a Candy Cane Day on Decem- ber 1 9 to raise funds, part of which went to Globe Santa. Homeroom Reps took orders from students and staff mem- bers for days before. Each can- dy cane cost 25 t to order and 25 t to find out who sent it. On December 20, some A.H.S. graduates attending college came back to talk to students about their schools, college life, and problems that they faced as college fresh- men. It was very interesting to talk to the students who rep- resented schools from, Penn- sylvannia to Maine. On January 22nd, the Blood- mobile came to A.H.S. Over sixty students participated in the Blood Drive. After trained nurses took the blood each participant was given cookies and juices for an additional energy boost. On January 23rd the seniors kicked off their fundraiser. Each student was encouraged to sell record and magazine subscriptions. There were va- rious incentives along the way such as T-shirts, MSJVl’s, and wallets, which culminated in the Mag-buster Scramble. On Tuesday, February 5th, the Guild Players performed “Of Mice and Men” based on the novel by John Steinbeck. All the seniors enjoyed their pre- sentation. We’ll never forget Lenny and George; “Tell me how it’s gonna be, George. Tell me about the rabbits.” 78 V... Estate A r jC ' rxftoT Zi MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Mike Campanale Dee Preston Mike Broderick Mary Caramanis p?S5 $2.50 iviost Likely to Succeed Linda Burke Steve Bergantino 1985 95 C ■: TS UTEST OUPLE ■ V.-- ■■ Wmmer jobsZZ 7 . Best Actor and Actress Evan Georgopoulos and Melissa Neri Oor Price SL2.S Cheap funniest Chris Hirsch Melissa Daley Ne. Z 50 AMEmcm AF T $ 2.06 Most Artistic Jim Whittier and Lisa Wells national EMWIRSR Linda Neri - Cheerleader talks up a storm MOST ' TALKATIVE Line Jafeiian AMS Senior gives new meaning to the phrase ' ‘fast talker BEST DRESSED NIQUE FAJORS KARE N FLYNN New Breath -holding Rec ord S et FRIENDLIEST Jim Morrison Debbie Guerrera MOST INTELLIGENT Kelly O ' Connor Eliot Drucker MOST POPULAR JohnMessuri, CLAMOUR BEST LOOKING JENNIFER BUSH SCOTT TYLER MOST ATHLETIC MIKE CAMPANALE MARY CUTONE I if j BEST COMBO OF BEAUTY BRAINS Linda Burke Steve Bergantino 19«5 2.O0 Peter Duserick Wendy Bowen NICEST EYES BEST MUSCIAN: DAVE FRANGIONI MELISSA DALEY Administration Pauline Finberg Paul Jenney Richard DeCaprio Mary Dolan Mary Fitzpatrick Ralph Giobbe Dr. Stephen Dlott Richard Hall Art 1 Harold Fairbanks 86 Catherine Butler Louise Banner Richard Collomb Jeannette Eskedal Peter Leone Lorna Venezia Kathleen Doyle Barbara Gorman anet Oppedisano Athena Kutrubes Raymond Smith Geraldine Tremblay Allen Winecour Ralph McElearney Nanci Ortwein Guidance Judith Williams-Garcia Elaine Foisy Milton MacDonald C.VJ- Health Services Marie Doughty Home Economics Lois Fisher Marcia Glidden Elaine Hassler Martha Loftus Josephine Zavaglia Catherine King Mathematics .rm James Brown Edward Burns Johanna Cahill Robert Commins William Phelan Patricia Priest Frank Propp Occupational Educational Winifred Wohllebe Kevin Brooks Renato Civili Charles Cook Robert Dowell lX2+3- -2X6+7 2 ames Kearns Frederick Maloof Richard Paul Arlene Mahoney Carl DeMatteo Mary Hogan Robert Commito Doreen Kilday Douglas Hunter Weldon Macleod Joseph Ganci Leslie Hurwitz Ralph Gioiosa Louis Galante Ronald Nevola Frank Prusik Performing Arts Frank Roberts Gerald Thebodo Andrew Smith Physical Education William Barrett John Hanley Jane Moreno Richard Quigley Charles Harrington i Shelley Brugman Bradford Clough Nicholas Ferentinos George House Alan Katz Carol Lawton Donald Bockler John Cody AO I Robert Lavery Donald Manning Social Sci Harry Meserve Dianne Rice Peter Drench James Kelley Paul MacAuley John Cotter Harry Mitchell Thomas Brannelly Special Programs Caroline Banks Alan Brown Karen Frank Pamela Shufro S.T.E.P. Lisa Maruilo ‘It H Jane Goodwin Alan Oliff Debra Levine Trudy Sack Eleanor Freedman Mary jane McCarthy James Tolland TEACHER’S WRITE June 9, 1985, members of the Arlington High Class of 1985 receive their diplomas. Another milestone for each of you in your journey through what 1 sincerely hope will be a rewarding and successful future. Up until this time your life has been more or less guided and important decisions concerning your welfare have been made by other individuals. From now on these deci- sions must be made by you with advice from others. May you always think clearly and choose wisely in the years to come. Harold Fairbanks Class of 1 985: Congradulations on an outstanding year. You are my first Senior Class at Arlington High School, and you will always be very special to me. The Class of 1985 has supplied much leadership to the stu- dent body. Seniors were the backbone of our excellent athletic teams which represented A.H.S. with great success. In the class- room, Seniors performed well with four National Merit Semi- finalists, sixteen Merit Commended students, two winners of the Boston Glove Art Awards and the largest number (55) of inductees to the National Honor Society in the history of the school. The achievements of Seniors in Band, Grill, Preschool, Gilbert and Sullivan, Student Government and other school activities were overwhelming. In addition, the enthusicism of the students at the Senior Semi-formal was typical of your attitude throughout the year. However, success is not measured by achievement alone. You are a special group of young people, who are a pleasure to work with. Your attitude of cooperation reflects well on your school, your peers and yourselves. The community can well take pride in you as the next generation of leaders in the Town of Arlington. Best of luck! 98 Stephen P. Dlott Principal When 1 studied French, 1 came across these lines-, Comme le flot que le vent chasse, et qui Vient a mourir a vos pieds, tout change tout passe — tout — excepte les souvenirs. Like the wave, that the wind chases, and comes to die at your feet, everything changes, everything passes — everything — except memories. Life seems to be a process that dismantles our world, changing and reshaping things we were familiar with. Memories, then, become precious to us, for we find that they endure, even if they themselves recall only fleeting events, — moments of pleasure or pain when we grew a little, — a time when we realized that we loved, or were loved, — a time when we grasped some- thing within our deepest self, for which we would later try to find the right words. The class of ’85 will always come to mind in a pleasant rush of impressions which 1 will sort out only with some effort, — but 1 suspect 1 will be smiling. ’85 was a very good year! Ralph Giobbi % S If 1 could give the Class of 1 985 one thing to take with you when you leave high school and enter the world it would be to accept people for what they are — not to judge people by appearance, or the way they speak. The words to the song sung by The Three Dog Night, sum up my feelings — “Come On People, Now Smile On Your Brother, Everybody Get Together, And Love One Another Right Now”. Would it not be a wonderful world if everybody could “get together” without looking at what a p erson is wearing or what a person looks like? The ultimate world, the world of Utopia, must be a place where everyone cares for everyone else. Each person has the ability to help bring us this “world of peace”. We have to pledge to do our best to get along with everyone around us, and to recognize the good in each person. There could not be a better legacy for the Class of 1 985 to leave than a world filled with peace and love. May you find this world for all of us very soon. Love, Fin GIRLS’ BASKETBALL 100 Cutie, Goody, Smitty, Ace, Liners! Lolii- Pops. Thanks Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Nason. Front Row (L-R) Linda Gaffey, Caitlin Smith, Mary Cutone. Colette Goodhue, Cheryl Therieult, Linda Dempsey. Second Row (L-R) Tom Sheehan, Rachel Beaton, Lisa Crewe, Kerry Anderson, Judy Reid, Ann Wadsworth. Missing from picture — Marie junta. IGo For It! Wilmington at Wilmington Malden at Somerville at Everett Chelsea Revere at Peabody at Medford at Malden Somerville Everett at Chelsea at Revere Peabody Medford Billerica (Div. I Tourn. 45-51 (L) 54- 53 (L) 48-33 (W) 40-54 (W) 53-42 (L) 47-31 (W) 55- 56 (L) 51-31 (L) 44- 61 (W) 30-58 (W) 45- 38 (W) 51-42 (W) 42-48 (W) 57-38 (L) 30-64 (L) 56-44 (W) Game) 53-28 (L) BOYS’ BASKETBALL Dargs, Scotty, Ronny, Duse, Jack, Beau, Campa, Val, c’mon guy! 1 7 pts in a minute? Bus rides with FAT BOYS! Shower Aums? Loon-ball, Boice Mark, D.K. Ricci “7” play. Hartman Shoot the ball! Sweats, Almost a tourney guys! Maroon team is the pills! Thanx Cheerleaders Mr. Cody! Good Luck next year vs. Cambridge. Dan, got some normal tapes? Back Row (L-R) Coach Cody, Mike Aumueller, Scott Tyler, Ken Beaudoin, Dan Dargon, jack Carroll, Ric Arena, Mike Campanale, Peter Duserick, Front Row (L-R) Bill Looney, jim Roper, Mark Eisel, Don Kerr, Ron Kerr, john Vallis, Missing from picture — Barry Hart Determined 103 CROSS COUNTRY Top Row (L-R) Coach Jean Morrissey, )ennifer Pritchard, Jennifer McCallister, Putvi Patwari, Elaine Grimanis Coach Mr. MacElerney, Kelly Sullivan, Capt. Amy Danton, Kerry Rainville 104 X-Country menotsHills speed work AAAAlcohalic Chuck SuzieQ Quit Indian files Res Lakes Are we there yet Medfa stolen T-shirts Banquet — chair Good Luck in 85 season Thanks Mr. Mac Coach Jean Morrissey, Jennifer Pritchard, Jennifer McCallister, Purvi Patwari, Elaine Grimanis, Coach Mr. MacElerney, Kelly Sullivan, Capt. Amy Danton, Kerry Rainville 0 A. 1 984-85 Seeison Revere 28 27 Loss Chelsea 45 16 Loss Everett 43 17 Loss Medford 28 28 Tie Malden 27 28 Win Peabody 36 23 Loss Somerville 41 18 Loss Winners of GBL Meet finishing 1 ,6, 8, 9, 1 1 . Individual GBL Winner Sean Donovan. GBL All-stars: Sean Dono- van, Chris Kennedy, Peter McElear- ney, Andrew |unas. Row (L-R) Coach Ralph McElearney, Tri-Captains joe Kowalski, Chris Kennedy and Andrew junas; Kevin Kearn, Mike Perozek, Nils Fonstad, Coach jean Morissey; Front Row (L-R) Mike Pacheco, Bob Assyrian, Paul McElearney, john McGah Dave O’Neil, Peter McElearney, Not present — Sean Donovan, Al Rizzo, Peter Howard, Adam Stein Mike Patterson, Minh Tran FIELD HOCKEY Melissa, Cheryl, Jen, Irene, Lori, Kathy, Karen, judy: MIGHTY MIGHTY SENIORS! Camp 84:7 kids and 2 beds? Aw Cherryl Elvira leglifts Bus rides: I was a good girl in my MUNCHIES the STANDS again!?? kilts to school TOURNEY!! MAMA: We can’t smile w outyou! Silent Treatments GBL 83 1 5 Cheerleaders? Thanx for the help + support. Love U. Bottom Row (L-R) Kathy Conroy, Irene Warren, )en Goodwin, Capt. Melissa Neri, Karen Mullane, |udy Buckley, Top Row (L-R) Coach Jennie Cantrell, Cheryl McGahan, Lori Morel, Kerri Anderson. Rachael Beaton, Kristen Conroy, Heather Flynn, Katie O ' Rourke Mary Kate Dooley. Asst. Coach Pam Spencer, Mgr. Joanne Powers. ABSENT: Mary Ellen Bilafer Awesome! 07 1984-85 Season Peabody 3-2 L 1-1 T Brookline 3-1 W 2-0 W Malden 0-0 T 5-0 W Everett 5-1 W 2-1 L Revere 3-0 W 3-0 W BishopFen 2-1 L 2-2 T 2-2 T ! HOCKEY MAZOO, Gez. Wozzy, Okie, Flynnie, Davs, . . . Doobie Rebel . . Nam . . . Conditioning . . Best Game; Arling- ton — 5, Medford — 5 . . . Juniors okay, Sophomores Brainless, Coaches?, . . . Sieve, Sieve, Sieve, . . . Cowbell . . . Thank you. Flu ... Red Dog Leader, Please contact Eddie . . . AHHHHH . . Front Row (L-R) T. Aprille, M. Flynn, K. O ' Connell, Captains G. Cronin and |. Messuri, W. McKeon, C. Davenport, ). Naylor, Coach Ed Burns, Back Row (L-R) Assistant Coach ). Powers. K. Piandes, D. Lemos, B. Deveaux, B. Shaw, M. Bryant, B. Verrier. SLICK!!!!! Malden Revere Medford Peabody Everett Somerville Malden Revere Medford Peabody Everett Sommerville Malden Revere Medford Peabody Everett Sommerville 1 -2 (W) 0- 1 2 (W) 5-5 (T) 5-4 (L) 0-6 (W) 2- 7 (W) 3- 2 (L) 1 - 1 2 (W) 4- 2 (L) 4- 7 (L) 5- 4 (L) 4-4 (T) 0- 5 (W) 0- 1 3 (W) 4-2 (L) 3- 5 (W) 1- 7 (W) 3-3 (T) 109 GYMNASTICS KEEPIN THE FAITH-HOI! GoForIt! Sup?! Do it up! MASCO Dies! What? We Ran Over The Judge? Oops! The Teams All Here — What’s wrong? Birthday Cakes — We Survived FLUTE LESSONS?! The Stairs — Conditioning And More Talks Do You Want It? We Want It . . . Animal Crackers PEEG! Chuck it!! Some R Gone but the spirit lives on . . . We BELIEVE IN US THANX RICHIE 8. STEVE Front Row (L-R) Marianne Dimascio, Kristin Prestigiovanni. Bonnie Powers, Kelley Forsrau. Renee Pace, Kaomi Mozawa Back Row (L-R) Coach Steve Swanson, Maria Reisis, Beth Baratta, Patty Hanagan, Carol Hanagan, FHeather )ackson, Kathy Griffin, Maura Sullivan, Kathy Daley, Coach Richard Vartanian FOOTBALL Freshman 81 6-0, Double Sessions, The mile. Dirty D-Takin Care of Busi- ness, 240’s no misses, Waltham, Med- ford Fall after 7 years, 4-0 and Flying High, 1 0-0 and No where to Go, GBL Champs at last, A Dream Becomes Re- ality, The Season is Over But Not For- gotten, Thanks and Good Luck Mr. Hanley, Dematteo, and Dillon Front Row (L-R) S. Tyler, D. Lynch, ). Morrisson, P. O’Halloran, S. Bergantino, M. Flynn. P. Deluca, F. Rocci, M. Campanale, Second Row (L-R) S. Celia, D. Croke, R. Kerr, T. Flynn. P, Gentile, M. Mueller, K.O Connell, G. Cronin, C. Hirsch, Third Row (L-R) Coach J. Hanley, B. Deveaux, B. Richardson, S. Kenney, T. Martins. B. McKeon, S. Morrison, C. D ' Agostino, R. Arena, Fourth Row (L-R) R. Nigro, ]. Chalmers. R. Gazza, S. Cooney. ]. Hennebury, M. Hanley. T. Aprille, M. Paone, Fifth Row (L-R) Coach C. DeMatteo, Coach K. Brooks, E. Chalmers, M. Tighe, K. Pease, Coach P. Rufo, Coach |. Dillon. BOYS’ INDOOR TRACK Front Row (L-R) ). Keelan, |. Chalmers, S. Bergantino, |, Morrison (Tri-Capt) P, Gentile, B, Nigro, C. Andon; E, Braga, C. Kennedy, Second Row (L-R) Coach John Hanley, G. Stretton C. D ' Agostino, R. Nigro, E. Soldatelli, A. |uncis, |. Dalton, E. Chalmers, M. DeFeo D. O ' Neil, C. Haley, K. Maxwell, Third Row (L-R) D. Mardchello, D. McLaughlin, R. Flynn, M. Lokensgard, R. Gctzza, M. Prior, M. Pacheco, A. Rizzo, |. Kowalski, M. Majeski, P. McElearney, Fourth Row (L-R) Coach Ed McDonnell, M. Tighe, M. Perozek, T. Alderson, ). Nohr, D. Flynn, C. Kennedy, K. Kearn, R. Siggens, S. Soillis, B. Broderick, Lcist Row (L-R) Coach )oe Dillon,!. Page, S. Catanzano, B. Parrillo, M. Jefferson, L. Cullen, N. Delyani, j. Apidianakis, P .D Agostino, Coach C.j. DeMatteo Dynamic! Hl f - ' ' ..fl GIRLS’ INDOOR TRACK INDOOR TRACK TRI-CAPTAINS AMY, SUZANNE, KAREN — JUST the 3 of us! ‘There will be some time? " “Its 4 that time!” AmyDSuzyQMac WHY do we do this? May not be GBL but We’re 1 “I Don Wannal” “85” What a team! Good Luck! Thanks so much. Coaches! Front Row (L-R) Lisa Reiz, Kristen Conroy, Mary Ellen Bilafer, Amy Danton, Karen McCarthy, Suzanne Quan, Heather Flynn, Next Row (L-R), Katie Grannan, Stacy Slusekwic, Katie McPhee, Laura Bauerman, Andrea McKinney, Jenny Pritchard, Irene Kaneias. Next Row (L-R) Mr. Hanley, Christine Keliey, Julia Radochia, Ed McDonaid, Mr. Dillon, Caly Gwon, Mr. DeMafteo. Stupendous X JH { h •I GIRLS’ SOCCER Cutie, Cat, Rothsi, Bakes, Goody, Bucsh, Doc, Smitty, Sheryn, Asha, Anne, Toid Double Sessions MSJVl’s ISKA-BAJA, EMR, Move Your Ars, MVP, Another Game Another Loss, Where Were You, SOCCER RULES SO DOES” 85 MICH-LIGHT, NO I’m NOT SNUb- by, Jumpin Jack Flash, Contain IT! BIGD Thanx Jim Front Row (L-R) Anne Tobin, Lisa Miller, Mary Cutone, Cheryl Bakey, Romi Nigro, Asha Verma, Second Row (L-R) Caltlin Smith, Colette Coodhue, Wendy Bowen, Sheryn MacMunn, Caryn McGrath, ]en Bush, Last Flow (L-R) Kelly Fitzmaurice, Caly Gwon, Holly Foskett, Sarah Bean, Lisa Crewe, Jim O’Toole, Missing from picture — Liz Kenney. BOYS’ SOCCER 120 Bottom Row (L-R) Nick Leonardos, David Howard, Tri-Captains: Peter Duserick, Eliot Drucker .Mark Ercolini, Rich Sullivan. Second Row (L-R) Brian Rose, Mike Ercolini,, Bob Siccone, Jim Roper, Al Flores, Chris Kennedy, |ohn McEwen. Third Row (L-R) Charlie Panitsidis, Joe Falcone, Jim Antonakas, Themis Amarantidis, Nick Pesiridis, John Kennedy, Coach Kevin Giroux. GBL ’84 — GOTTA LOVE IT! “NUTS” TO MEDFUH. IT’S TOURNEY TIME AGAIN, BOICE: EL ERG, DUSE, DAVE, SULLY, NICK, JUGS, JAY, GADA, SPA- CIO BOICE, BOB, ROSEY LIHLE ERG, “]K”MUCCA, JOSH, JOE, THEMIE, NICK P, JIM CHARLIE, THANKS TO COACH GIROUX, MILLIE, CHEER- LEADERS, 8. ALL THE FANS! (MOONI) SEE YOU IN ‘85 • - • ' -T SWIMMING 122 AHS ROCKS WIN OVER LYNN!! Tri- Capts. Kim, Rich and Michele THE Orange Award THANKS Carol + Paul GA.M.?? ZZZ Hey Weber What’s the real time? Penguin hit the wail? Becky vs. the boys visit from Paul |r. Oynamo Duo Got any D? SPEEDO Can Dave dive? Paul can you find your boots Whose got the oranges? Every point counts!! Back Row (L-R) Katie Tierney. Christina Konig, Rich Weber. Michelle White. Rich Coombs. Kim Stachelski, Sue Phetteplace. Colin McCullen, Earl Geary, Coach Carol Minutoli, Front Row (L-R) Coach Paul Mad, Skip lackson, John Rechsteiner, Shawn Magee. Jennifer MacPherson. • VOLLEYBALL Melissa, Nancy, Woody, Denise, Deb- bie. Kill, Kill, Hate, Hate, Murder, Mur- der, Mutilate, Let’s Go Arlington! Hey bums, move your bones! Where’s Our DietEs? Asye, Bubba U FAT! Where’s the team? — Brigham’s! Anyone 4 a game of 21? Nancy U beast! Hey babes, hurt that ball. OUCH! Put a band-aid on it! Road trips: Bus driver, Pitstop At The Packie’s! Unforgetable SIRE — Thanks J.V., Kathy Back Row (L-R) Assistant Coach Cathy Basteri, Nancy Boisvert, Debbie Johansson, Sandy Smith, Marie Junta, Coach Eson Gurdahl, Front Row (L-R) Melissa Daley, Co-Captain Denise Adamian. Missing from picture — Co-Captain Elizabeth Crowley GRAY SQUAD CHEERLEADERS 126 Thanks FIN we love ya! Good Luck KL, EKAS.CM.MS miss ya CR To our jocky boys — we love you! On the Dark Side Usuckitin! Evening TGIF MEB Super- bowl dream F-chart Jamb ’83 Oh we wont? Were so excited We Love it Ponders Class of 1985 Burn Rubber the Wave Hams Otay! Love, Kris, Lin- da, Anne, Shelly, Deb, Maria Kathy Bye Gweebsters! ‘Back-Row (L-R) Monica Salipante, Erin Kelly, Andrea Salipante, Maria Tarantino, Michele Talanian, Coach Pauline Finberg, Debbie Mayo, Anne Luca, Kathy McCarthy, Kristen Lake, Cathy Murphy. Front Row (L-R) Co-captains Linda Neri and Kristin Ortwein. -w Striking K AjG +J- F 0 OT MAROON SQUAD CHEERLEADERS 28 Why? Camp, Cheerleaders on strike, Don’t panic, stranded at White Hen, Summer practices. Golden Arches — A Dream Come True!, Lady Godiva, Car Wash, The Mall, Taxi, Jabba, Pep Rally, TGD, Brighams, Captain Crunch + Captain Kangaroo, Chaka Khan, Luv U Mrs. G. Second Row (L-R) Linda Bergin, Debbie Jerauld, Anne Wing, Karen Willwerth, Debbie Lombardi, Cheryl Heenan, Jill Robbio, First Row (L-R) Lisa Fiato, Mary Caramanis, Captain-Allison O ' Brien. Captain-janet Gillis, Elaine Sullivan. ♦ X i Xlassy! SOMERVILL ' (Qroii ■ , . • p ■ 1 IVM • ; 1 1 ■{ 1| J| I 1 fjl r ' t ' - MAJORETTES Bump Bump Bump Bump Bloomer Check We’re with the band Greeny Hey nut! Caribbean Queen! I Want smiles! Waaa Sat. mornings?! the lock- er room?! Doing a JH the night before the white gloves we’ll be famous!! the rooster Arr-Arr-Arr-Arroo Luck to KCHJKMKD Back Row (L-R) Leslie Northrop, Kathy Coughlin, Jane Heffernan, Christina Konig, Karen McCarthy, Front Row (L-R) Kathleen Doyle, Beth Donnelly, Captain Becky Prendergast, Taffy Griffin, Kristen Berglund. As the time was drawing near “10 and 0” was all we’d hear. The parents, cheerleaders, band, majorettes and fans completely filled the Arlington side stands. Drive and determination had carried this team “Super Bowl, super bowl” was always their dream. Although the points kept them away The league title was there to stay. They made messrs, Hanley, Dillon and DiMatteo proud with esteem Of this 1 984 football team. To Sal and Ed who dedicated their time To Mr. Santo who spent his last dime. To the trainer who hustled like mad To bandage and ice those vicious lads. And to “Doc Toz” for the help he lent And treating the bones that were always bent. But hurt or not these boys would still come back Until their minds and bodies were just about to crack. You gave us a great season with your pride and tradition Displaying your great athletic condition. So, let’s hear it for the great “Red and Gray” And thanks everyone for being there on Thanksgiving Day! To cheer on that great Arlington team Who wanted to keep a Super Bowl dream!!!!!! Back Row (L-R), Greg Cabral, Charles Velinga, Ken Cutroni, Jim Guidice, Steve Gimalaro, jay Pirog, Brian Miller, Mike Kanesky, Andy Beaudoin, Doug Tetro, Paul Mahoney. Next Row (L-R) Bob Fanning, George Katsos, Allen Kagan, Rich Coombs, Eric Fox, Tom Sessa, Carolyn Kosak, David Frangioni, John Katsos, Minh Tran, Freeland Abbott, Scott Harrington, Dianne Turner, Kristen Mahoney, Beth Horgen, Derek Carvahlo. Front Row (L-R) Julie Moffet, Jennifer Peckich, Kelly O ' Connors, Amy Guiney, Lisa Tosi, Carol Ann Cronin, Carolyn Kernweis, Kerry Doyle. Art Club L-R; Michael Sheldon, Tim Olevsky, Eric Haxthausen, Carl Wagner, John Grores. Chess Team L-R: Alexandra Worden. Melinda Simms, Amy Bedo, Mrs. Eskedal, Jean Chu. Elizabeth Terry, Ann Gagnon, Kathy Lehiff 142 Computer Club Front Row (L-R) Mr. Kearns, Ben Drucker, Prashant Jain, John Stassis, Michael Sheldon, Mark Chaves, Mark Perretta. Back Row (L-R) Shanthi Muthiah, Carl Wagner, Freeland Abbott, Chris Viverous, Jonathon Groves Distributive Education Back Row (L-R) Mr. Sandrelli, Helen Doulis, Maura McCarthy, Jackie Tannian, Cheryl McGahan. Middle Row (L-R) Christine Maffa, Sandra DiNapoli. Front Row (L-R) Karen LeBlanc, Imelda Laniefsky, Diane Downing, Kim Bicknell. 143 Fourth Estate ■it ' - — Front Row (L-R) Richard Coombs, Martin Devine, David Frangione, Caroiyn Kosak, Eric Haxthausen, Mr. Kearns. Back Row (L-R) Maria Perozek, Donieiie Howard, Shanthi Muthiah, Laura Powers, Lisa Reisz, Julie Radochia French Club L-R; Mrs. Oppedisano, Cecil Hay, Lynn Johnston, Jonathan Gilbert, Jon Recnsteiner, Tanya Ott, Eric Haxthausen. 144 German Club Back Row L-R: John Rechsteiner, Maria Perozek, Donnielle Howard. Nancy Withbroe, Parveen Islam, Dionne Toppi, Mrs. Oppedisano, Front Row L-R: Shaunty Muthiah, Carolyn Kosak, Allison McConnell, Darrell Deveaux, Jeffrey Booth, Eric Haxthausen. w yt,. Back Row L-R; Mario Perrone, Sandra Mlnitti, Matt Ferraro. Amy Cacciamani, William Manty. Front Row L-R; Michael Pustizzl, Joseph DiPalermo, Anthony Braga, Heather Mclsaac, Mrs. Cozza. ' Italian Club 145 Math Team L-R: Freeland Abbot, Eric Haxtheuson, Eric Bailey, James Worden, Johnathan Gilbert. Back Row L-R: Donna Teebagy, Kathy Hatszis, Greg Cabral, Tim Beck. Front Row L-R: Barbra Beaudreau, Donna Beaudreau, Jesse Barker, Linda Dooley, Derek Carvalo. Media Club 146 Medical Careers Club Back Row L-R: Barbra Dinitto, Dee Preston, Kerry Doyle, Mrs. Tarantino. Second Row L-R: Mary Caramanis, Anne Luca, Liz Mahon, Karen Flynn, Elaine Sullivan. Front Row L-R: Karen McCarthy, Maria Tarantino. Photography Club Back Row (L-R) Vanessa Vartebedian, Elizabeth Terry. Dan Fraser, Maria LaFrance, Front Row (L-R) Alexandra Worden, James Worden. 147 Science Club Students Against Driving Drunk Back Row L-r: Theresa Olevsky. )ulie Flynn, Vicki Satlow, Carolyn Kosak, Karen Hea!y. Middle L-R; Mr. D’Antona, Jack Paradis, Mike Cearin. Scott Sherriff, John Dunlap, David Frangioni, Bevetfy Nazaiian, Mrs. Oppedisano. Front L-R; Todd Newell, Judy Reid, Jeff McMahon, Rachel Knox, Suzi Phetteplace, Lori Morel, Julia Radocia 148 Back Row L-R: Chris Eycamp, Chris Viveiros, Eric Bailey, Michael Shelden, Elizabeth Terry, Mark Pernetta, Shaunty Muthian. Front Row L-R: Ben Drucker, James Worden, Eric Haxthausen, Greg Diaz, Carl Wagner, Mr. Meserve. Student Advisory L-R: Joe Falcone, Dee Preston, joe Dalton, John Dunlap, Vicky Satlow, Carolyn Kosak. Front: Mr DIott. Youth Advisory Council L-R: Vicky Satlow, Julie Flynn, Karen Haley, Carolyn Kosak, David Frangioni, Jack Paradis. 149 Student Council Officers CAMP, CHRIST- INA, MELISSA, CHERYL, JACK. Elections (who did we forget?) CAN- DY CANE DAY, Do we have enough? The Wild Hat Dance The SC Convention Bloodmobile — “Our Fearless Leader” Christina’s men Melissa’s Cal- endar, “Everyone, Don’t Worry About it” Thanx Orty, Mrs. Henehan 8 Mr. DeCaprio 1 so President, Michael Campanale; Vice President, Christina Konig; Corresponding Secretary. Melissa Daley;] Recording Secretary, jack Paradis; Treasurer Cheryl Bakey Senior Class Officers ; lU ' fl Ttt MAZOO, JEN, JEN, BERGIE!! Two years of great times! Thanks Dave F. — ]r. Prez Those Wonderful Salesmen — never again! Our motto: Gimmee it, I’ll do it at home (ya sure) NYC Bound (hopefully) (anymore excuses Fin?) jr Semi: watch out for the ice!: CRASH V-Day Candy (joke) Rm208 Our home Thanx FIN we luv u so much President, John Messuri; Vice President, Jennifer Bush: Secretary, Jennifer Goodwin;Treasurer Steven Bergantino 151 National Honor Society President, Karen Mullane Front Row (L-R) Advisor Barbara Gorman. K. Conroy, C, Kosak, L. Burke, M. Muiiane, Co-Advisor Marie Gioiosa. Second Row (L-R) A, Verma, C. Smith, L. Miiier, C. Goodhue, D. Guerrera, K. Doyie, S. Danieison, P. Bonanno, K. Fagan, L. Gaiante, j. Buckley. L. Botolino, j. Goodwin, K. O’Connor. M. Daiey, M. Neri, L. Johnston. Third Row (L-R) j. Worden, E. Changelian, G. Cronin, P. Jain, M. Campaneie, M. Coffey, M. Ferraro. C. Andon, B. Nazarian, B. Lindsay. D. Teebagy, P. isiam, L, Welis. Back Row (L-R) R. Jackson, D. Johansson. J. Pekich, N. Leonardos, L. Jalelian, E. Mukai, R. Fanning, G. Ahern, R. Coombs. D. Howard, S, Gimiiaro, E. Drucker, C. Carlson, J. Messuri, K. O ' Conneli, P. Marquis, J. Powers, S. Lewis. S. Bergantino, M. Perozek. Absent — E, Crowley. Vice President, Linda Burke Secretary. Caroiyn Kosak Treasurer. Kathy Conroy Yearbook Staff Editor, Lisa Weiis, Asst. Editor, Brooke Lindsay, Advisor, Jane Goodwin Advertising Editor, Kathy Conroy, Layout Editor, Jen Goodwin Sports Editors, Caitiin Smith and Steven Bergantino. Yearbook Heipers (L-R) John Haroutunian, Jennifer Bush, Cheryi Bakery, Lori Morei, Karen McCarthy, Kristen Fagen, Lisa Gaiante, and Karen Haiey 153 Financial Editor, Kristen Ortwein Special Assistants, Barbara Stanton and David Kirmes 1 54 Typing Editor, Debbie Johansson, Literary Editor, Beverly Nazarian Senior Section Asst., Lincoln jalelian, Senior Section Editors, Linda Burke andi| Eric Mukai Seniors, one last Yearbook announcement Class of 1 985, Last year when we were assigned the positions of Editor and Assistant Editor for our 1 985 Yearbook we knew littie of the responsibilities that lay ahead. Although the long hours, rapidly approaching deadlines and numerous setbacks were at times frustrating, it was an experience from which we learned and grew. There are several people who deserve special thanks: Mrs. Goodwin ... for your advice and counsel; Miss Finberg ... for your word of encouragement and support; and most impor- tantly, those on the yearbook staff who contributed their time and effort to the yearbook. Probably the most valuable lessons gained are the necessity of working together and the import- ance of friendship. It was difficult but fun. The 1 985 Indian is a record of the accomplishments of our class and the good times we had. It is meant to preserve the memories we shared during our four years at Arlington High. Good luck to the best of classes and may you make many more happy memories. Lisa Wells, ' Editor Brooke Lindsay, As- sistant Editor To the Class of 1985, Having both a personal and professional investment in the Class of ’85 you will always be a very special group to me. I have had the pleasure of watching many of you evolve from the enthusiatic younsters who participated in such events as Salute To Youth to the mature young adults attentively watching the production Of Mice and Men. You are a unique group of individuals who have exhibited many outstanding characteris- tics. 1 am proud to have played a small roll in your iives. My wish for your future (and mine) is that you use your capabilities to create a better world. You have the potential to make an impact on society even ifyour actions are known to but a few. Robert Kennedy, in a speech to students at South Africa’s Cape Town University put it quite eloquently when he said, " Let no one be discouraged by the beiief there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of world ills . . . against misery and ignorance, injustice and violence, few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation ...” I look forward to the future with you at the helm. jane Goodwin, Year- book Advisor 155 Senior ortfdli My High School Sweetheart My high school sweetheart will you stay forever, or will you just fade away? Will our dreams become realities or only silly memories of yesterday? Will the realities of adulthood come alons and give us a little shove Making us realize, for it was only puppy love . . . All the things we loved and shared that gave us so many happy days Will we laugh and joke saying it was just our kiddish little ways? The plans we had for love and life, and the future as we get older Was that all just talk, to make us feel bolder? Or maybe it was just infatuation, we were just too blind to see We had our time, now we’ll escape and both be free Or did we really and truly have love without a doubt but still we move on to find what life is really about If so, will we forget all about each other and move on? Will the feelings we once shared be gone? Or will we regret this hasty or even selfish dicision we have made Realizing we lost and now we have to pay? 1 wonder, will you think of me every once and awhile When you’re feeling down will you long for my smile? Will we wish to have back those happy and wonderful days When we realize the sacrifice of a real love lost in the price we have to pay? My high school sweetheart will you stay forever, or will you just fade away? Will our dreams become realities or only silly memories of yesterday. by Kathy Denton Swedish Student at Arlington High Arlington High School is a very big school compared to my school in Sweden and it took me about four weeks to find all the different classrooms. But there’s one thing 1 like about your high school which is, that 1 get to meet lots of intersting people and make lots of friends every day. 1 felt at home the first day 1 got here. Every day at Arlington High is a big happening for me and 1 am so happy to be here. 1 have so many wonderful things to tell my friends and my famil y when 1 go back home to Sweden next year. Anna-Karin Hallberg “Anna” WEAVER Threads on this loom Each a gossamer strand Intertwining through time Multifaceted images Emerge with complex clarity Each simple thread Lending its character, color, talent Bound together in strength. Memory’s fabric Ever beautiful, intricate Warms and clothes the heart and mind Where do we go from here? As freshmen so naive and so very young Arlington High is where it all began As sophomores we began to establish ourselves Still not quite knowing what it was all about As juniors we united as a domineering class And everything from there just went so fast Now here it is, our senior year So where do we go from here? We’re at the final scene, we’ve gone through the stages They’re closing the book on us, we’ve read all the pages But they’ll never close our minds to the memories we’ve made The best times we’ve had will never fade There’s so many parts of ourselves that we’ve come to share So where do we go from here? Times are changing now, more than ever before just what awaits us beyond that door? It’s kind of scary to no longer be protected To be thrown into a life of the unexpected Thinking of all the tears that will flow on graduation day While being a freshman seemed like only yesterday We will be faced to try new things, if we dare But where do we go from here? Everything around us is coming to an end I’m sorry to have to leave you, my friends it’s so hard knowing we were th e best of any class And knowing we will never get that feeling back We’ve been prepared; now, it’s time to fly It is so hard to say goodbye by Patty Hanagan 9 f I rlir,gto-n 1 ,0 c ool ,y is far itja ffsscmbUcs tfjst wc ycarnad for so much) is far tf)C release days th)dt all feCt were Clutch) is for th)C IcrOC W C ih)Ough)t was so r0t is for th)C incessant wistjiny for fh)C arrival of f ' ridaj is for all thjC noise made between classes is for fh)ose grades fhjat iwc h)oped would pass us is for hh)t terrific times we h d sporting events IS for tf)e outlandish) Ivndjes served for Ts5 cents IS for our new principal u? o is great guy ' is for th)c unlimited hjappiness tgat inoney couldn’t louy is for th)ose images we hooped -to area tc is for all th)e glory n3 )onor we owait is for th)C 1)3 1 Is wf)ere we often met our fr ic-nd-s is for th)e Sc )Oolday we t )ovgf)t would never end is for th)€ marry cornpliments on our dress dnd foofe s is for thje f)carts inscribed on our toooJes is for Hye omniscient teaetpens wh)u taug yt us d greet deal is for th)€ overload of yomewor e we hyoped was not real is for tiye luck- and success tiyaf will make tjyem proud of us goed luck " S5 C3V) repfyg by tnaKy ' HarrriTis.ton V J ' K i i ' ' - I 1 f f 1 171 Once upon a time Take me to your leader MJ Whoopsiel When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, don’t suck on them. 4 ' . . ARLINGTO HIGH cirunnT back row (1-r) Dave -f Tony front (l-r) Mike + |ohn A HOCKEY ERA COMES TO AN END 1 3 years of AHS Varsity Hockey comes to an end with many fond memories Good Luck God Bless!!! LOVE, Mom and Dad " MAZOO " V r J V CONGRATULATIONS! You did great, even without your wagon. Love Mom + Meg “Hey baby, look at you now!” Love your face Mum, Dad, Law and Missy Jennifer, Watching you become the young woman you are today has been a source of pride and joy. We wish you every happiness Love Always Mom, David 8 jon V JED! GRADUATES, Unselfishness contains all other virtues. Live generous lives! MARY, QUEEN OF THE JEDI 196 V r CONGRATULATIONS SPYPONDER FOOTBALL TEAM 1984 GBL CHAMPS 1 0 wins 0 losses Thanks for a Great Season! Love always. Your Parents 197 r KRISTEN, Monterey, California, 3-25-67-Dupa, sweetbaby, first-born, Fufu, lambie and porkie, who’s that lump?, Pencil- bania, Hilda Honowinkle, big sister, Katie and Mike, Dickadee, the blue door, Fidel, Ei-Ei, Weegie, sleepovers, growing up, tinsel teeth, gimmepaw, ravioli-yum, SAS, ASH, cheering, Willie 8. Billie B-O-Y-E, skiing. Miss Kris, Meb-able, bonvoyagee may-en, the nose knows, beautiful girl, all grown up, driving, my I PLEASE use MY car. Jeep, o.j., ice water, laughter and tears, studious, serious, complex, lovely, wonderful daughter, with pride . . . we LOVE you. Mum and Dad. L 198 r We are proud of you, Steven Good Luck! Love Mom, Dad, Lisa, Jim, Paui and Brian r We iove you and are very very proud of you. DAD, MOM, DOM, TiNA + DEBBiE A V Good Luck and aiways keep your beautifu! smiie! Love, Mom and Dad Who wouid have ever known those active hands and winning smiie couid have brought us ai! the joy and proud moments of your high schoo! career. Thank you for ai! the wonderfu! memories and the best of iuck in coiiege. Love: Mom, Dad, Kerrie, Keiiey, Sean, and Bobby r V GOOD LUCK AND BEST WiSHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 85 FROM “MR. AND MRS. DUSE” r J V With Love from Mama and Daddy 199 r CONGRATULATIONS DAVID No matter what you choose to do we are and always will be very proud of you. We wish you life’s best — Good luck, success and happiness. Keep ’em rocking! We all love you very much Mom, Dad and )ohn (Moe) MICHAEL Love Dad, Mom, Mari-Agnes, Ellen, and Heather r May you succeed, in whatever you do in The Future Love Mom, Dad, Maria Congratulations Sis, And remember that I’ll always be there if you need me — Luv ya, Mike V We Love You Amy You are TERRIFIC! Mum, Dad, Ann + John Dasie and Tiger, too V li- ' FH- TMF- WE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION WHEN WE LET HER OUT FROM BEHIND THESE BARS . . . OR DID WE!! Love Always Mom, Dad, Rich, Harry, and Aram THANKS SEAN NICE GOIN! LOVE YA! MA AND DAD 200 You’ve come a long way. TRICIA CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST Love, WISHES!!! Mom + Dad LOVE, MOM, DAD, AND PAUL May the luck of the Irish be with you forever, Stephen! Lots of Love, From the Mahoney Clan r Last, but never least! Love ya Karen, Steve, Brian Elaine, Mom + Dad. V A r V LOVE YOU, Mom, Dad, Suzanne, Linda + Bobby r Leslie: A LOVE YA! Mom, Dad Debra + Kim CONGRATULATIONS, MIKE CAMPANALE!!! Good Luck to you Kevin THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO AND WHAT YOU and ARE. YOU FILL OUR HEARTS AND LIVES WITH LOVE, your friends! |OY AND PRIDE. MAY ALL YOUR FUTURE DREAMS Love, Mom, Dad, and Kathy COME TRUE. LOVE, MOM, BARRY, TRACY + JOHN V 201 THANKS MARK FOR EVERYTHING. YOU’LL ALWAYS BE A WINNER!!! LOVE. MOM + DAD ‘TEARS ON MY PILLOW. RAIN IN MY HEART” LOVE MOM. DAD. RICH AND BOBBY CONGRATULATIONS + BEST OF LUCK LESLIE! Mom. Dad. Mikie. Mari. Phil. Rocky And FiFi DEAR JOANNE. We wish you every happiness in the future. Love. Mom. Dad. Janet and Frankie y You’re a special daughter, sister, and friend. We love you and are so proud! Ma, Shelly, Tutti, John and Duke V Donna Marie T. Silva You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am. I’ll come running . . . You’ve got a friend. You’ll live forever in our hearts! All our love from the whole gang . . . XOXO J 1 SON Love, Mom -r Jan RICHARD, Thanks for being more than we expected — you’re SUPER!! Good luck. We love you. Mom, Dad. Michele, Sharyn Chris, Tim, and Greg y V 202 r r Good Luck Class of ’85 BOYLE’S FAMILY MARKET 475 Summer St. 648-1250 FINEST LINES OF COLD CUTS CHEESES SUBS CALZONES PARTY PLATTERS V FRIENDS DON ' T LET FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK r o o % HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR — R.W. Emerson V Compliments of Arlington High’s SADD Chapter Co- Advisors: Vincent D’Antona Elizabeth Oppedisano HATCH • ANDERSON • O’DONNELL INSURANCE AGENCY. INC. “The Insurance Professionals” Providing Complete Insurance Service In The Area 643-4444 669 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 02 I 74 J J Best Wishes For The Future to the Cl lss of 1 985 Ann Mahon Powers Town Clerk J V 203 v: WANAMAKER HARDWARE. INC. 1298 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ARLINGTON HEIGHTS. MASS. 02174 TEL. 643 1900 GOOD LUCK LORI! Bus 643-4054 HOME: 646-8212 A.M.A. PAIIS’TnVG MOREL ORGAN COMPANY SMALL HOMES BUSINESSES A SPECIALTY INTERIOR EXTERIOR 25 ALBERMARLE ST„ ARLINGTON ©rgans TUNING, SERVICE a RENOVATION CHIMES ARTHUR M. ALES 643-2568 5 LENNON ROAD Robert G. morel. Jr. Arlington, mass 02174 V V r A Jack Lyons Bob GreeUy 204 MASS. AVt. ARLlPlGTOri MA 02174 • TCL. 646 6572 WE RENT TUXEDOES A CleaneiSTi A Taikiis V 13 MEDFORD ST. ARLINGTON 648-2439 V 204 r Best Wishes To Class of 85 HOLOVAK 8. COUGHLIN SPORTING GOODS INC. 14-16 MILL STREET ARLINGTON, MA. 648-7000 648-1 130 Complete Outfitters of Team Sports V JEFFREY HODGDON President HODGDON-NOYES BUICK, INC. 835 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington. Mass. 02174 Telephone: 643-5300 .New and Used Cars Leasing and Rentals Service. Parts and Body Shoo A A. DAVID FREEDLAND President Telephone 648-5600 TIME OLDSMOBILE, INC. 745 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ARLINGTON, MASS. 02 1 74 A MIRAK CHEVROLET 1125 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON. MASS. 643-8000 Service, Body Shop Parts and Leasing V CONGRATULATIONS 8. GOOD LUCK to the Class of 85 FROM DUDLEY FUEL CO., INC. 43 Dudley St. Arlington A Ron Nigro June (Nigro) Farrell Sam Nigro Class of 1 952 Class of 1 956 Clciss of 1 959 J V 205 643-1463 A £ V ENGLAND PHOTO INC. Sales, Service. Rentals Ara K Gechijian 436 MASS AVENUE ARLINGTON, MASS 02174 V CONGRATULATIONS 8. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1985 from SWANSON’S BAKERY 9 1 8 Mass. Ave., Arl., Mass. 02174 648-9607 Education is the key to the door of opportunity Make the most of it! r BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1985 BUTTON PLUMBING HEATING, INC. 1 0 Swan Place Arlington, Mass. 02174 646-0461 648-3064 y V R.W. Shattuck Co. Inc. Hardware, Housewares, Garden Supplies, Pittsburgh Paints 444 Mass. Ave. Arlington Center 643-01 14 y ADA MIAN CONSTRUCTION ' “ DEVELOPMENT CORP. DEVELOPERS — INVESTORS — GENERAL CONTRACTORS Congratulations To The Class of 1985 29 MILL STREET ARLINGTON, MASS. 02 1 74 TEL: (617) 648-5350 V A 646-4444 Frank Duffy Carpet Center CARPETS — RUGS — BROADLOOM 965 MASS. AVE ARLINGTON, MASS. 02 1 74 FRANK DUFFY V GR€RT LENGTHS HRIR SRLON For Men 6» UJomen 925 Mass Avenue Arlington, MA 648-2990 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-9 Sat. 8-4 Walk-In Service 206 ★ COMPLETE TIRE AUTO SERVICE ★ • AUTO TRUCK TIRE Imsti ROAD SERVICE • HIGH SPEED WHEEL BALANCING • FOREIGN DOMESTIC BRAKE SERVICE WERE • FMC COMPUTERIZED QUITO FRONT END ALIGNMENT CHANGE •EXHAUST SYSTEMS AMERICA $ TIRES. Congratulations and Best of Luck To The Class of 1 985 646-3660 36 (Rear) Dudley St Arlington Congratulations to the Class of ' 85 BOYLE’S FAMILY MARKET II Complete Line of Groceries Frozen Foods Bakery Products Dairy Products 64 BROADWAY 646-1188 y V r GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1 984 LUIGI’S Italian Speciality Shop 305 Broadway Broadway Plaza Arlington Center Homemade Italian Sandwiches Highest Quality Coldcuts Imported and Domestic Gourmet Party Platters For Every Occasion Italian Style Buffet Catering Imported Cheeses Mr. Richard’s Beauty Salon 280 Broadway Arlington Center 648-9772 648-9615 648-9734 Owner George Arena V y Alfred LePore Attorney At Law 294 Massachusetts Ave. 643-3939 Arlington, Mass. 643-8181 y V 207 r FRIENDS Frank and Dot Ahern Mary Reidy Joan Foley Carol Guidice Jonathan Goodwin DONORS Fred and Elaine Buckley Elinor Freedman Mr. and Mrs Herbert Fajors Mr. and Mrs Harry J. Carroll Arthur and Helen Sullivan Amelia Cozza David Goodwin V V PATRONS Donald and Bernadine Kosak Diane Wells Stephen and Ann Marie DIott Ruth Mahon Thomas M. Treviani, Jr. Ron and Carol Beaudoin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MacNeil Lorraine and Donald Coughlin Robert C. Dowell Harold Fairbanks Frederick Maloof Mary G. Dolan Robert and Helen Kirmes Ripples Unisex Salon Warren St. Market Marion Bond Jane Goodwin 208

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