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ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS 1 1 i l l 1 II I I 1 t 4 360 00725 9929 h 1 POST OFFICE AI D TOWIV HAL “f I?j55ELl school I ®fiK friTOL " ' ' TIOK ' 5 THEN MLJK(rTOiy HBI HT Ui E5 16 -SANITA , (? ' ( £5 ce C. UAM . S-A.i-o %c5 ' ni S cWvFfri " ' fyci — OLO , A ' ll A ' - ' A - ' • ' ££ ‘ ' - A-3 ■-!= I ' .u , ;?Au.;x», .V _CAOt coMPWn.. ARLINGTON INDIAN i IT a e WeeiTl cof fAe aw. Ktaf, .Sc ocr V yj y ncftiiyi fc L j Copt u Cose anl ' far. RED AND GRAY We cheer today The Red and Gray. We know our boys will shine. The backs will run around the end And charge right through the line. The team will march On down the field Until the game is won. So lend your voice And give a cheer A cheer for Arlington. , -M ' fhr. . thought pileamed so much in these past fcmryeail : - Some things from laughter others from tears. The friends so close were most important of all. This meant someone was there through spring, summer, v inter, or fall The good times and bad times were all part of the game Even so we’ll miss them all just the same. ' t- • , j n .mm % «r;. ' “ - " I « . ’, ' ■ . -■ . j . . ' % ' ofr%7 ' The girlfriends and boyfriends we thought we loved so much Seem different now1:hat they’re out ofrtouch: Even though we won’t remember eyeiythlng That happened at Arlington High r Time after time we know we’ll |il tty. ! So after you’ye graduated and you’re on your own ways I “ Think back to all of our high school days. And never give up on the dreams you once knew Because you have what it takes to make them come true, j And remember true fiiends will never ever part " , As long as their friendship comes from the heart. " it ; 3: , Good Luck Class of 1 984 Johanna Nagle . -i ' CHANGES Still don’t know what 1 was waitii wild and I’m meeting dead-ei got it made it seemed the t to face me, but I’ve never see the faker. I’m much toofc CHANGES, turn and l4c?th richer man l| | Time may change rrST ut 1 I’ve watched the ripples ang stream, worn in permanS iiid | but stiil the days seem th e as they try to change theii or •• or d lets and r so swi jlimpse, ho for d .1 iwi VII 1 VI t vS r so sweet s turn r :» |||glimpse, how iese o i i D|L§to tak th| te . Rethe ||rc i, chai es, don’t v l nt tc L f • • • “ % 1 •A ,, jric;®ut 1 traq time matched the ripples ang the e, b§t n edea the im, worn in perman9 rd cl ys fl w thr gh r] ks 0 0 itiil the days seem th and es children that you it on ey try to change theii or c|| imjjpune to wur 0 4 lultations, they’re quitej are v at tney’i gomg through 0 CHANGES, turn and fWx raii||cl ges, don’t tell tUbm to 00 3ff an all-event 2 CHANGES, turn and fac«me str n, Mng , a s giea shame 0 y e left us up to an accident - • i Time may change me, but li caiftrac ime 0 LI ic; vou5)it consultations, they’re quitejwai CHANGES, turn and flft put off an all-event CHANGES, turn and fac3Jr v at tl yl you’ve left us up to an accident -W • 4 Time may change me, but li caiftrac ime 0 Strange fascinations are fiiling me, ai i ai takin h j is I’m going through. m 0 Z CHANGES, turn and face the strain, cmnj s, ooh iofiBbui»ou rock and rollers ••• CHANGES, turn and face the strain, changes, pretty soon now you’re gonna get older Time may change me, but 1 can trace time. I said that time may change me, but 1 can trace time. Jeffrey mes G eo rge A rena Elizabeth Atkinson Porpus 6 Parker St. 6 13 66 BEST TIMES WITH: DDMCML(CUZ)TMTVMDMRDR|VCP You Guys are the Best! Gary I IIIOISI. THE WEST ■NO " YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! SKIING at PACO TACO FINN LA WOMEN PARANOIA Breakfastw MD8.MC. FLORIDA 5 25 84 MIKE’S HOUSE A LIL BIT OF ASTI! THANX MOM8.DAD! LOVE YA LATER A.H.S! I MADE IT AFTER ALL!! Tom Bakey T. Bake 1 5 Fountain Rd. 3 4 66 Bo ' s Bombers Crankin’ Out WAHRJhe DromeiWoburn Weekends;BC Tourna- ment; Hi Bob!(When?);DrA;Movies with Barry .Matt; Cow Tipping in Vt.; Concerts with Dan;Creat Party |im;Whos house;D D,Risk,TS;Harvard — Coop sprees;Thanx Bar.Bo, Rich, Dan, Bill, Kevins, Brians(H8 D),)im Todd,|r.S,Soph.S, Admin, Dukey,Donk,Ken,Mom,Dad;Renunion:Front yard(AHS) June I 5th, 1 994 Paul Adler Valarie Agostino Parthena Amarantidis Pam 1 6 Exeter St. 2 5 66 |e hi! Summer 83 — GREECE.Kilada.Kozani.T.K.. AMSTEL — !m ConelEla Maki! VOLLEYBALL! Oh montier — OuilP.A.Kenopie.HeylN.G. XANTHOULIS ”To pathenis?SOK!N!Teddi,Helen,Yianna.Skippy peanut butter daysIPark st. 103 namesIPRANK CALLS — survey, breather, do you want to see it?OK!Lets make plansIPaithi mou! )e bye. M ichelle Aldred Parthena Amarantidis George Arena Geo 38 Walnut Street 2 3 66 45 — CAPT.rOOTBALL HOCKEY BASEBALL Best of Friends DH MC GAZTH |B | SJ SM TP )F SC EM |N WHO’S DRIVIN?? NOT ME!!! Summer ’83 N| with |im R.)r ' Semi .Prom THANKS KAREN I 2 3 83Yabimh missed it CAZ |EFF THAT? You MUGHEAD.Gestevisian Ger!! B.H.F.C. FUN WITH F’N ART to j SHNOOK See Ya! College bound THANKS MA. DAD and CARL — Good Luck | Rick. Paul A. Adler 95 Bay State Road 7 10 66 What a toad! Music dept. Kids:MCDDRDCMAC)A|W)S, etc.Hey Mike — STECMS,G .S,Magots — but can he sing? Like totally! Extra thanx PH,MC — my sanity.WNEV — me, a tv " stah”? Cwable tv.Hah-vard square. Can I drive?! HHWho? MC’s desklout of the bathtublls no. 36 out of place? Ipswich — ouch! Sign the passAS. Montreal — baby duck! best to alll’been real . . . Valarie |o Agostino Val 38 Pierce St. 10 22 66 BEST OF FRIENDS |NCNIMSDMF|HLKMHEMDD GT S down HS soph, yr tb HS obssesions Jimmy 8 5 83 LYC ssPierce 9 7 83 the cars parked wrong ccclist SilvannaPYT I 23 jo: jo hows the sand? Thanxs for the wave tysmj cheering rev 1 0 Who has the cutest? (CBRPMT)AGT Changes 3fic nooneslookinme DD Sleep overs NCHWC SrConven GFNP I can handle it! DT’s Thanxs Rose I love you Mom Dad 10 Elizabeth Atkinson Thomas Bakey Cheryle Barry Stephen Beaudoin Deborah Betts 85 High — haith Rd 4 6 66 MeAmy, Carolyn. Sneaking out of movies — Busted! Point Sebago, Florida. The Woods,). D ' S House. The Snow Storms. Billys Prom.the limo. Chrissy.Bob, Michele, )oe.Me .Bills Surprise partys. Summer at the Chapel. Duck for Bats! Watch out for shaving cream Ed! I got a job! The 3rd Friday in November, lly Billy. Thanks Mom .Dad ... I love you! T racey Bishop Alison Boone Kyle Bowers 39 Pine Ridge Rd. 11 6 65 ELECTRICEYE — E.S.S.P.M.S.A.P.CHARVEL — jACKSON — SIXSTRING RAZOR — DEFLEP — I’MRIGHTHEREGUYS — IRNMDN — HOWFAST7THE COMPLEX RM38 — THEULTIMATECRANKITIPONTVENT — IFICANONLYRMBRTODRIVE WTHMYLGHTSON — COODTUNESBUCK20 — ILUVYAKIM.AND DON’TWORRYl ' LLBUYYOUSOMEFURNITURE — LONGLIVEA.H.S.TRACK — CC — INDOOR — OUTDOOR — THANX — DAN,ROB,STEVE,MR.M,MR.D, AMR.H — COLLEGEBOUND — BOSTMARA — BOSTGARDGOFORIT! Ed Bozian Zood 553 Summer St. 4 1 66 Good Times Bad Times AHS.B.R — Sisters Party New Hampshire New Years Eve driving sacks, PW Hampton — Little house Freak’n Horror rides Gremlin BlackA whltes,ML Horrors 1 0 1 83 Concord Midnight accident Sunday Breakfast Crow bar on car,P.C Face dances,Barbeque,snow storms. Stereo, Halloween, Tower Blazes,Ralph. Century Zood Thanks Ma and Dad. Cheryl Barry 75SunnySide 5-5-66 First Day CC Rail — Side, RevereBeach, Good times with Luis,LB,NR )B,DR,KT, MD Mouth,Summer of 83,GB good luck. Dingy, Brighams, DD,)S,)L,KS,CarltonSt Is this the end? Thanx a lot Rap, Good times from 80-83,Thanx Mom = Dad Class of 84 |uly 4, 983 Grand Prix,Dllboy field Gayles two parties,)ean Nadia,Kim, Michelle. Stephen P. Beaudoin Bo 60HibbertSt. 6 11 66 So long gang — not goodbye; I couldn’t have made it without you. Basketball, Tennis — 3 in ' 83, Thanx Mr. Cody, Quigs — not a clue. Doc Arthur, Mrs. G. Soccer — I tried. Bo ' s Bombers, Yes dances, ABC. DAD, Risk, TS?. Who’s house tonight?. King of Pain, Montrea l, hoop — camp. Band — even marching. Love you Mom A Dad, Ken Andy: you did everything right, always! Deborah Betts John Bender Kyle Botvers T racey Bishop 1 06 Milton St. 1 0 8 66 WestchesterARochester.The Dippsidoodlers.BabyBlue loves you! 67Alfa Ro- mero — Aug. 7. 1 982 — Santapos — I think I should give you a goodnight kiss, Montreal, Fiddlefaddles in the bathroom I’ll never lookintoyoureyesagain sleep overs CHICKENWOMAN NIM whatchawannado?Rob — the best bird I know — Bonuelos — FriendsForever Mich,)m Thanx Ma!Dad,)ohn,PPB Alison E. Boone Al 1 6 Peabody Rd. 3 5 66 Summer of 83 — Cape Cod A NH. Sharon, Cathy, Andrea, Betsy, Patti, Theresa, Ann, Rita — Partying A Cruisin with you guys w ls fawesome! Calif A Bermuda were the best! BAVBall 81 -82. )r Prom with )im A the Gang. IHOP at 4:30. " IT MSQ " KSATC 4eva! Orch trips — NY A Montreal w Amy A Rob. OUEF MC MUFFIN? Dancin at the Elks. Later AHS! Love A Thanks to Mom, Dad, Rod A)eff. Edward Bozian William Brennan John Brier Steven Brogdon |I V1 MORRISON 6 29 83RadioProbOrtyHockey?FlashKnee ColeyBarryBowGH BritoArl.Cath.TM|imW.MaineCottageHenry Jim.LizReidTPDH Meatmansinthe- BoneyardNeighborhoodZoo “OhHiOfficer ' BattlesWithFLASHANDCOLEY S) KD Prom R| PH HitchingWithERKSTA DD EM |M MS |B N| trip BOWIE jamie.Greg 8kDebbie Mushin " Policebound ' Sharon Brooks 48 Harlow Street 4 7 66 SummerlnN.H. ' sWhiteMt.sN.H. llPrincess9 16 8l — 7 24 83 Mine German Shepherd ThankYouMom .Dad;MomThanksForBeingThereCaring .Getting I nvol ved I LoveYou!ThanksMrsLawtonMrsPowersMrToomey;Mr Harrington RememberSurvivalPThe " Lamp " lnMrManningsHR4 I 0?GoinglnTheARMY! Byeyall! Carl Buck Thomas Buckley Joseph E. Burke I 5 Fremont Court 8 20 66 FASTEST4YEARSOFMYLIFE!V.Football43 — 3YEARSOFDOUBLES.GOTTALVIT. B.O.F.GA.MC.DH,jM.Sj,SM,TP,GH.Rj,|R,]F,DB,SC,SB,NK,Dl,KD,IM,MF.EM.KM. DD! I 1 IO 82LMWAAFBIMHISUMMEROF83 — CAPE.Nj.HAMPTONW LYNN ASFRIENDSHAHAHA!NYEVEAT|IMS.|RPROM83 — AWSOMEWEEKENDIMR . MRSMANFRED.FAV.TEACH.DEMATTSIFINN — NICELADYIENDZONE! RE MEMBERALLTHETIMES:ILUVULYNN!Aspecial THANKXTOMA .DADILUBY ABOTH. Sharon Burke 9 Jason Terrace 4 9 66 Cape Cod 83 — ITMSQ — CWAB AL,BD.PR, .TC.W POOLN H 83 — AL.CW.PR — THE K-HOUSEyPATTI ' S HOUSE — MARTHA S VINEYARD 83 — MOPEDS. LEX — CENTER, JR.PROM — D.T., — B — PARTIES, CRUISIN.CH — BAN. RCG — THANKSMIKE — GH AT AL S HOUSE — HEY AL IT ' s NBP. THANKS MOM, DAD .SUE! LUVYOU. Bye AHS William W. Brennan 1 83 Westminster Ave 4 1 66 BOTTOMS UP CHAMPS WE ARE FAMILY ALKI — HALL (N. CONWAY) THE RIDE UP GOHA LIKE IT PEOPLES NO PROBLEM ALPINE SLIDE THE BUDMAN MONZAJMY KEYS) SUGARLOAF USA LOOK AT MY TUB! SNOWSTORM ST ' TRIPLE MOON CAN YOU SWIM? OUR GANG CRUSADERS CELEBRATION JUMBO S STAY THAT WAY UR! THANX MOM .DAD GOOD TIMES JK LJ NS MS PP GO DG MT WR LR KD LP MD SD John Joseph Brier 83 Robbins Rd. I 2 1 7 66 Remembering LW. The good times and the bad times The bad times fade away. Hey Do you live in Lexington? J.V. Hockey, VTRACK Thanks Denise J.B. 8. D.C. I 2 29 83 400X, 450X When I get out I hope! GOOD BYE ARLINGTON lam off to Maine I think. Thanx Mom .Dad Richard, I love you. Good luck Richie Robyn DYATGAI AWPOYI LYTMTFE. Steven Brogdon Sharon Brooks Carl Martin Buck Buc-Wheat 1 23 Weight St. 5 18 66 AHS,Drome,Monte,Hockey,Cape,Quigs,Mr Kel, Party, Stac — Jr-Prom; — huh? Boyles,the corner, LiveS Die for Arl. High,memories,coz,zep,who, Hey,Finally made it.THE-UNIT,H-Work,BICS,Wood, V.Stomp — Somerville,w-squad, senior, Hegs,T — DAY — NITE,Toga, Party, YES OFFICER,Mich,Body Work, YAZ,Saw- Buck Garden, is been great,BlG COP,MOP, STACKED,’, GRAD 84,GOOD-BUY AHS,THANKS — MOM DAD! Thomas Buckley Tom 50 Greeley Circle 1 11 66 WE — ARE — OUT! REMEMBER WEEKENDS 1 stPeriodhm-F " SowhatmTSRain- ing " 683DPMotel — 2 Barrel — Themo tel? 883DPMotel — Wereback — odove — DDTillyouD — B — RIP.FID — Lous, Cormiers, BR — Bille.TheBigssashhbust,38 — mcomplex — EKSMT.HHHouse — roof.Walden — VKBGH.Hafs.SPAT85 — Kyle88 — Bucklo — Lites.FC Remember ' l — lust " forlom.DEFI-D, Confused. SJ — MDC, KiLL — PR,BG,9ofThem — Money.Mich.Thanks — Ma, Dad 12 Joseph Burke Sharon Burke Karen Cabral John P. Caddigan Gary Cadogan 20 Grafton St. 9 1 2 66 GoodTimesandBADTimes.CapeCodinsummers.Wresling, WORK — Notthat- much,VanHalen,M|, The Police.Andsomeothers, BO RINgscheduals, Boring Classes, HoPetomakesomemoneysomewhere$$$$$|VBasketbalIVarsity — ? ThankstomyMotherandSisterlamGladlamGone!!!! RayCadotte 9 Teel St. 4 4 66 SUMMER OF 82 ME JOHN BOB CAPE COD WATER SKY REMEMBER BW DK PW MR jG SM 66 PONTIAC GTO THOR DIKE AND DROME MICS THANKS MA AND DAD ALL CLASS OF 84 THE YEAR Deborah M. Calandra Anita C. Calcaterra Maria Callejcis Ria 100 Highland Ave. 9 19 66 " Wanna skip?” Summer of 83 Harvard Sq MBTA |im (Rico), Blake, and Mathew child Molesters Pinocchio’s )ulie and Deb. Breathless " For What? " It ' s a trap! Fanueil Hall " the Pigeons walk up to you!” George,Mark,Mike,Drae, Brian. Fort Devans Ayre That ' s cute. Rainbow suspenders. Mr. Cody Hmr. 411. Thanks Gloria. Gracias Ma, love you!! iWilliam Kenneth Cameron Ken 50 Summit St. Feb. 11,1 966 ‘ ZZ — CustardPie — Zeptunes — Burnout — Lawn; ob — DOA — StraightLine — 1 Boogie — with — Stu — ANE — SOME — I — am — tunes — cult — smokeshow ' — York — Hampton — Halen — Surfin — Packed Powder — Hoochsetion — ( Zoze — Quina — Tom — CHong — CARtunes — Rifs — F .W — Summerjam — ' SlowDancer — BRON — YR — AVR — Eddie — Ten — Years — Gone — Push — it — WTF — I — Dont — Remember — vege — SHroom — Zodiac — Island — Party — B-BASH — Stash — BlackFoot — YeS — WHITEWATER! Karen Cabral 1 26 Highland Ave 2 22 66 BEST OF Friends Torina 8 Kathy KC8 KC in Maloof Class 108 Kiss Lips Police Every Breath 83 Summer Where is the car Kathy? Sr First Lunch Thank you for Sharing that with us FANDC with Torina Scituate with Paul Revere and Kelly s Pictures at Beach Conn Guys RB and Class Karen s White Chevy Burlington Sr Prom MEM OF MAY 3 Bye Bye AHS Love Ya MOM DAD John P. Caddigan 1 8 Gardner St. CADS, CADDILLAC U2 — 83,GEILS — 82,BOC — 8 1 Molson,Guiness. Thanx Arki(rides).McCodyHR.Nights at Menots and H.S. No more soco{ 1 1 25 82) jV V Football 62,B ' s playoffs, pumpin iron CD I I 2 I 83Thanks Mom Dad Good luck class of 84 " — GO FOR IT! Deborah M. Calandra Deb, Little One 33 Cypress Rd. 8 2 66 Summer of 83 Salisbury Beach Amy 8 Mark jSS " Worcester” jr. Prom 2 Chris The Big Beef Wens. Night! Star Market Betsy, Jackie, Theresa, Maria, B-King Crowns Apple Picking Awesome Year Luvya Peter Suzie-Q Driving School w TC 8 PY Army Harvard Sq. Do Something! Mint! Total Eclips of the Heart Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jim I love you all! THATS LIFE . . . Anita Calcaterra S.B. 38 Bartlett Ave 10 30 66 " This is so deep” F.T.S.The Square,Joanne(Jo-face)Jim,the River.My GQ men DOC BOC! Ken and his bodIThe men in my locker,! loveMisha,Sean, DaveAlex, Dave, Brian, Joe, Tim, Rich,Jimmy,Mark,Deb,SueBrig " s, Dimensions, I BTC, The Fourth Estate,The Army guys,ILYM,Mandy,KAL,Jose,The Police (SSA),The Not! My Knee(l Can ' t wait to be coed!). I ' m a Scorpio what are you? . . ., Plum Island, dancing. Robbie is Forever!(We ' re coming to you. New Zealand!!!) Gary J. Cadogan Raymond T. Cadotte Maria P. Calleias William K. Cameron Cheryl Canty Bren Jan J. Carey Maureen Carney Mo 1 03 Mt Vernon Street 3 4 66 Flunkets — Sheryl Sharon, Maureen ' 2 )anie.Gym " 82” Good Times W Sharon and Beth. Back Table in Acct. Drivers Ed, Sheryl, Sharon, Summer ‘83 Pat, Betsy, Maureen. Last Week was The Best Week. The Best Times Ever. Thanks Mom and Dad. Jennifer Darling. Roberto P, Caruso Rodney 7 1 Morningside Dr. 6 2 66 STRATTON — TOWER — RINK — SHEP — FIRNSTEEN — ZOOD — DENI — LAGACE — SCLINTFROSTIE — BIRDS — SNOW — MORNING — HAIFS — HAMPTON — PW — BM — BC — HALLWAY — TERRERIZE — KEG — PARTY — FRIDAY — SATURDAY-NIGHT — SNUBBYNESS — CLIFF — GATE — Q — MD — SPY — STANDS — PACKIE — RUN — DUDE — HORRASHOW — THANKS — MOM — AND DAD — P$C Cheryl Canty 305 Summer St. 6 13 66 Laura,Ria,Sharon — Friends 4-eva! ' the L " DudesiCHGRCHFDKWMIMADS BSDC.BAKED.Cindy.The Limo.G-night.Quarter money.The Tracks.Halloween nights.Little man.AS concert. Pet Store,Florida!Weed Attacks,The Bridge,Heffs, Unicorns,Parties at the Flophouse.Summer of ' 83.Mittens.Thanks Rickey and MA.ILove you,MA.Ifs been reallBloodsisters CH,MF.We ll never learn.Bye Brendan Carey 3 5 Woodbury St. 5 5 66 DV KG KC PC FW TM jC BC WA BP ]M PM BO SM |M KD DEG VSMC jimmys Chico Baker Dan The Man The Farm The Mystics Sunday Softball The Phantom The Brown Hornet The Monte Frog Mr B Mr Quigley Mr Kelly Ms Orlando DEF LEPARD ACDC The Who jelly Donut Good Bye AHS Thanks MOM LuAnn Cassaro Torina Cataldo 58 Candia St. 3-6-66 Best Of Friends Best Of Times With Karen Kathy. You Guys Are The Best. BT.TC.MPC. T’s + K s F -r Cs. Conn. Men. Revere Beach, The Wall. Kellys. The 9, The Metro, DFs. Police VH Concerts. K, Remember HR. HR. 4 1 I . Perfume in the HR. March 18 1983. HAPPY DAY. Oh Really Kath, Your Lying. Any extra $ KorT For Gets. Beauty School, Soph. Gym, A IAT — 1 08. LOVE YOU MOM DAD . . . Later AHS Heavy on the Much! 14 Torina G. Cataldo Paul J. Catanzano Maureen E. Carney Roberto P. Caruso LuAnn Cassaro 242 Mountain Ave. 2 6 66 Brian 7 16 81 Love ya Marines Recon summer of ' 8 1 Locke Mystics Cape Cod liquids Never Forget the good times with Kathy MLMjMPKPLN purple M .M’s V slushes SSWB Best of times with Brian Still more to comeilWish You Were Here S.C. 9 24 83 Grouchy Who me?N.|.83 Hampton FLA 84 w LN The Carmichaels Thanx Mom Dad Love Ya Both Theresa Cassata 1 5 Windsor St. 8- 1 -66 Cape Cod " 83 " Betsy,Pattiy ndrea,Cathy,SharonAlison. M. Vineyard (Mopeds) jr. Prom(Andrew) Bickfords HOP. Grand Prix.CC.WaterSlides w Sue HEY CHIC! B-King(Bets,Deb, Chris) Ground Round Wed. Nights. Love you always Jimmy! Total eclipse of the heart,IWSOTR 8 .R,Thanx ChristinelSYMMESIMidnt. Swm. (Greg)FunkylHi Bobby.Love is Happiness.Go for it!! Thanks Mom .Dad, Love You Always! Michael W. Chabre Dean tie Chambers Gregory Chronis Greg 1 2 Hodge Rd. 5-13-66 WYCYCDA . . . Luku . . . The Sacred Shack . . . The G.andR. Band, Baseball. 306, ,B K. Lives boat.National Track Event.Hey K.M. — It s all lies!!!, (Beefsteak Charlie.TGVL, 4 years finally over Good bye AHS!?!,Thanks to Mom and Dad for everything. Laura Colamartino SIEppingSt. 4 16 66 Cheryl, Maria.Sharon = Friends for life. 2 7 83 =1 Love You Mike, Now and 4- iever! Summer of 82 — The ' L " The bridge CH,RM,GR,KW.BS,MA,NW,FD,PM, DC. Parties at the flophouse. Stranded at movies. Quarter money, junior Prom land Cape. Halloween nights. Summer of 83 — Revere Beach and Paragon. -lorida " 84 ' ' = Think we ' ll make it guys? It ' s been real! Thanks Ma and Dad Robert Louis Coleman Christopher F . Colomey acquelineConlon j] 48 Alpine St. 12 31 65 HS Best of Friends Christine AnneS Donny Deb Betsy TC DP SK MD KD MC KC jy ' Acc Clciss Big Beef Florence Bagged undercover KD ' s Parties Michei ' s Poets [he Farm jesus the boat hoh will we make it? Ralph Annes Sr So Panh Volleyball - T Finals Dum Dums PYT Specha Michael Hi hum York TP Police Concerts lamping Saga Later Thants Life Thanx Mom Dad Love Ya! iim Convery Corny 6 Dow Ave. 2 26 66 ' arsity Football 2,3,4 Brito I ' m On My Way .Weekend in NH. Brito, Cheeks.jimbo .DMGPHjGBjR j.Prom S.Prom Night with wang.When in Doubt! 2 years Track, Ifting wrestling. Uncle Sarabe. Night at Steven james Dancing. Day On The Locks. Chem with Arcie. It ' s Over. Thanks Mom and Dad. Michael Chabre 1 0 Devereaux St. 7-13-66 Senioryear the best. Tiny " 4 " and ' V " Homeroom 411. jC.DC and AL. Michelle I . House A with Mr. S. Maher and Carol. Finally Friday. Lunchtime. Goodbye Arl. High. CLASS OF 1 984 IS THE BEST. Hi Cindy Leigh. Thanks — Mom and Dad for everything. Love-you! Bye! Deanne Chambers SXE 1 5 Farrington St. 7 30 66 BF — CPAK,|C,BG.BP8.SR — vege,KP,BF,HV.BR,MW,KN.SB,|H,KM,KT,GP.MF, LC.CC.MH — stripper? ILY 4-EVA joe 6 29 83, Toga Party.CHI FI DRI, Cape, Semi Prom. Betty Pickup. Cucumber.GHS.GIVE ME MY COMBI, GH I .Closet Eater, TRACK 8 1-84, Shin splints.Webster.STACKSatPACKS, Pigmy .Moony Club, j.GEILS I .SEXY . I 7,Pinball — RFD, B-Ball Games.GO FOR IT! BYE AHS THANX DADSJViOM " I LUV U " Gregory Chronis Laura L. Colamartino Robert Coleman Monty 8 Memorial Way 1 4 66 Geils Tom Petty Projects TADKPGCFKDRHTC KegParty Get Geilized none be- fore like 84 Abduction Stella Sriffer Smoker good times 4 1 I 83 OUCHIMOAN Gentleman? ONE MORE PLEASEIHUSH Heal — RM outa here History Backseat Party never forget ya HF TOO MUCH! cruisin 8 20 83 LOOSE it TA — BUDS — THE BEACH ALCOHOLICS 7 4 83 THANKX MOM DAD LUV YA! Christopher Colomey Chris 32 Stone Rd. 1 22 66 Spoof bombers Sniff chimp Sometimes you gotta say WTF MBTA is it the end harlie don ' t surf Rep Day Paul Ice Cold Bir T hanks Folks Summer Drink Hey Wanna do me a favor Cops run do the boot FTW Thnaks Al Dupar nanbwtaco84 Catch a b squeel Eb MEGAN SEIT trout Scotty Beam me up quick Jacqueline M. Conlon James J. Convery Christopher P. Cotreau Hounddog 1 06 Bartlett Av. 3 23 66 ANARCHYFTWTHECLASH.WHENYOUAINTGOTNUTHIN.YOUGOTNUTHINT OLOSE,MEANDALATTHEKINKSWHACKEDATTHEPOLICE,GIELS!!BURT?TOM EDDIEBEARG REG PAYNTERPIVAHANKMARKAN DDES PON DANTU2S EXPlSTOLSB52 ' sPINKFLOYD,PARTIESDOWNMYCELLAR,EDsSTRAIGHT JACKETBLUES.COOKINGATMYHOUSE.LUCILLE, BAKED, INCITINGRIOTSAT THEHOCKEYGAMESMENOTOMYWEEKENDSGREATKEGPARTIESPIDONT KNOWIFORGOT.BLIZZARDOFMONTREAL Karen M. Cotter KC 6 Newland Rd. 2 1 I 66 4 Field hockey — softball ' ' 82-83 ' GBL Champs tourney Frosh study Friends forever MF,SM,DP,TM.)F,|C,MD,CS,KD ' s parties j.Geils The Police caught under- cover.chuck em ' semi-prom re-unite Thursday night Baby I ' m not.Foolin ' — D.L. Love ya Mom and Dad John P. Coughlin Marjorie A. Corel Michael Coveno Mike 57 Lantern Lane 6 5 66 V-Football 2 3 4 34Hockey 9Baseball I 5 Geo,Dan,Gaz,)B,S|,)F,B,GM,Rl,|D, GH.)F,TM,MS.HD,CAThanx Guys.BBBeth.tothe rest LuvYa New Yrs82-3, YWMD.JReid New Jersey 83!The Cape JR. Prom, Band? Smurfs GazthsHouse The Caddi,Van BHFC F ' riART Jeff That?SorrDude,YaNowhere C .S GQ Good Times 84 Brighams Mughead Lionel? Thanks MOM .DAD Kathleen Cox Kathy 1 0 1 4 66 Best of friends, Karen .Torina Summer of 83 THE POLICE CONCERT DF Revere Beach .Kellys The wall Where ' s the car Karen? Math Class with K All the way down,rWTTYLA Oh really Torina? you ' re lying F C AgainIKiss 108 MITM Pic- tures at the beach Sun Inme RB Sr first lunch yearbook Always Remember MEDFORD I 5 Harold St Is this the end ILove You Mom Dad Bye AHS 16 Christine Cooke 3 1 5 Forest Street ll l7 6( Steve Best times 143 NSD 10 8 82 Blue Eyes TUDDINS Harry DS The Pit: Robert Plant The Mount Tracks The Be lst Kawasaki 250 Chinky ' C " out Canad. , Spring St. I 1 1 7 82 3H ' S Southern Comfort Malden, 3 26 82 David Blue Nov. ■ Mutsy “Linda " tire Revere Dec. I 3 " BD " Paula joey NH OLD TIMES Cape juli Carrie MLLH Springfield Rick MADE IT MAS DAD Thanks Later AHS John Coughlin 6 1 Rangeley Rd. 6 3 6: Cape " 83 " .Matches, High Life.The Track.MOONY C Best Friend joe W, SD.MI TA.CF.BD.BC.KM.DS.Woody.SPAZ.Spy Pond NA Fr,jV,V,Hockey.S.Rink — T Pinball — RFD, Hampton, 1 22 83,Fitzy ' s,jomma,Nj,l Can ' t Get Up! " I ' m Bull " jc His Shadow. “ML " See Ya “Healthy " ,Clown — MB Sailin ' , B.C.F., “83 " Bye AH Thanks Mom and Dad Marjorie Covel Margie 254 Sylvia Street 1 30 6 DD AH KE KD SP LA Tl jW TM TV jM DO MD DF Love yas 9th OjH Flippin B bubbles Hibbert WAH Buds SNOPPING $$ FINN!? DTSSth DDI3yrs Lek analyz’em BFast w m Hampton 82-83 Snowstorms AIINitersWhiteRussians A I the young dudes. The punk scene wTTI VFW Madness ILY Chris 8 28 83 I ' m n j ready for this world and it ' s not ready for me.Thanks M .D Family I am a stornr ' i Christopher P. Cotreau Karen Ai. Cotter Michael J. Coveno Kathleen Man ' Cox Michelle Cox Sarah Crabtree Susan Crimmings Sue 4 1 Gorham St. 4 3 66 Yahoo, WellAHSBonVoyage!ltsBeenreal!IGiveASpecialThanxToAS,OJ,CC,RW, SP,CC.KP.PK.SF,SC,OD.ML,)R,BW,BS,CT,C|,FF,DS.A).CC.LR,AlsoLynda,Karen . David, BM|rlLOVElJthePhantomstrikesAgain!LittleSullySaysHi!GODMADE THEIR1SF I OMviaAndtheCATALINA,MandyandHerltaliatemper,)anessa, Chrissy.Sandy.Mandy.AllofYou.lDontknowWhatIWouldDoWithoutYouGuys! Mom Dad 4ReadyfortakeoffthaxforThecxcellerATionthisisitFeetdontfail menow!SW8.BS,OK! Maria Crisafulli Mria 1 00 Cutter Hili Rd. 12 21 66 Aren ' t you Doug ' s sister? — )im Morrison, The Doors What a bunch of neat kids! DD |SCMKNLFRDPANWAS.G .S,Minnie,Montreal — Where can we stash the empties? Big Apple ' 82. Summer ' 83 — Parties,Papa Ginos.California dreams in ' 82.My gorgeous flamingo, sex objects in Maggots. Florida ' 83 — Chris! " i thought you had the keys! " Later much,AHS . . . Mau . . Patrick Crowley Elizabeth Daley lames Danaher jim 26 Cedar Ave. 10-7-66 HOCKEY, Baseball . . . Garden Bound . . . jM,GM,jF,Rj,HD,KM,DOK,|F . . , I Menots,Farm . . . “Ripped off again " . . . Favorites, Wareham 8-14-83 Boggs — ( Busch, my trips HS no way — Boring . . . " SAP ' ' . . . Wingo? Semi Prom — f KMjH Who needs sisters? I do!:ln the Back . . . It just won ' t work!!! Couldn ' t have i made itwithoutya Mom THANKS!! Never forget you Dad!! I ' ll be talking to you!! Kimberly A, Daniell Kim 35 William St. 2 3 66 The Best Times With AHSPTIjWMCKECDMLRMRWjMDODF.Hibbert Park, |k uby, wanna hit the PackylWhite Mts L.M.! WA halMITThe best HPt BCh Forking dust Man.KDbagged.lets go Lurking.DavidBowie, wasn ' t us it was her! busted!ha!Ha!Gymastics(floor)intermissions!LateNightsKiGi.D.V.Theres always f omething there to remind me.SEE YA Later! Thanx MOM DAD luv ya Al- ways! Michelle M. Cox " Chicken Woman " l23VarnumSt. 11 3 66 NewstreamMOCOjVSoccerPeerCounselingFidelity House WellingtonNursing HomeTheChickenBwwaaak!TheeggrolledRomeoRomeo!ThatOne?LOOKMS FitzOperamylunchbagRC ' sclassFlamethrowerTBRLKNRDSDMDNevergonnalet yougoMikeMangemyBoyMangeWhyayounoeatGeorgethatsaniceBU?FilmCriti correporterthanksMomandGramLoveYoubothGoodLuckeveryoneltsnotthe enditsthebeginning Sarah Ann Crabtree Crispy 255 Washington St. 5 7 66 jUDAS PRIEST RULES! GOOD TIMES W IGGY. STRAWBERRY. TACO MAKER W CID. FOURTH OF jULY.XAAAS VAC. THE BLUE MACHINE. MONTREAL W j,E,S,C. THE WALL IN WAKEFIELD. IN THE VOID. WPOD THE RIPPER. CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE. THANX PB,ED,DS,DS.DHAIRHEAD. KK DOWNING 4-EVER, ROB H. WE LUV U. SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE. RIP OFF THAT STRAIGHT jACKET GOTTA BREAK THAT LINE Susan Crimmings Maria Crisafulli Patrick Crowley 286 Ridge St. 8 21 66 HOCKEY — BASEBALL.Hampton with cuzzn Kath Fred THE GREENITES 9th grade at Ottoson Senior Summer, the Mass Ave route Take a walk on the wild side imitatin the stars Zeus ' Heyday Homeroom Homework What ' s my little brother doing in my class Talkin with Mr Kel Is calc too tuff Listenin about their guys girls thanx mom and dad, luv you always Elizabeth M. Daley Betsy 1 26 Brattle St. Best of Friends jackie,Theresa,Sharon,Andrea,Alison, Patti, Cathy.Chris, Kathy, Claire, Rob, Debbie Dietary Friends Cape Cod 83 Revere Cruisin Wed nights at the GR Bindge Hampton Wishing on a Star Thanks for all the good times Paul 1 0 4 82 Thanks Nancy,john,Kelly,Shawn Never would have made it withoutyou Mom Dad Love you " THAT ' S LIFE " so take it as it comes. James Danaher Kimberly Daniell Richard Datizey Katherine Darris Robert S. Davison Robbie 22 Churchill Ave. 4 26 66 Afternoons with Mary Ellen. Dean, FISH, Mall, Movies. CS,|V,BD,TC,KL. Karen — OhNolPatty.Brett is FAB. today ' s word is,Top40 Greg,Tracey.HorD?Habitat,lt ' s a personal thing,ALO,MusicDept.Madrigals,NE.Dist.The Quartet;MC,CM,PA me.C S JW.CG. LOOK AT ME.Thanks )o-Ann,7th vSusan,Yearbook,Yolanda, Ready ?OKAt last.Thanks Fin,Mom,Dad . EveryoneAnita ' s Forever Donna Deleo John Dernirjian Diana Demurjian Di 51 Richfield Rd. 11 23 66 PIANO! Great times at N) and Montreal. Maria and Chris — I 5 Floor Empties! |r. Prom 83 jo — M .G dreams! — WE MADE IT! I Love You All! RTR,GAD,AGYG — Cast Parties Fun times in M2. Early Mornings chris! PROjECT CAKE! Sweetie! Football and Hockey Games — doing great L .L N. Conway! Thank You Mom, Dad, Laura, and Susan I Love You! Mark Denison Denny 237 Forest St. 5 25 66 Stratton Park Crankin ' the tunes — Police. Aerosmith, Plant. Led Zep: " Good times bad times " with BR.EN.ML.EB.RC.PW.BS.Bud.Molys Tower Blazes.Tower Parties. Lew ' s Shack, Summer of 83 — Fla.NH with BR,PARTY:Lori ' s Fitchburg Party, " willy " Keep in touch Taffy and janet, Lori you " S-H! " Thanx Mom and Dad. Lori and Denis . . . Class of 84 " — " You ' re the balls! " 18 Richard Danzey Tweed 1 42 Lowell St. 8 4 66 Good Times With S.C. — S.C. to N.C. Oh Well! Winch. Res With B.A. ZUD — H E 1 0-25-80 — TENT Bus Ride With S.V..B.A..D.B.,K.P.,S.D. TOM PETTY With B.A. . S.C. AI ' sWed. " Paul ' s Bash 8-8-83 with LB " N — G — L — Y — G BOURNE Times N.H. — ANDoo. " Ring around the Rotary " Pretty Funny Bow! Go for a ride Fred P.A.G. — Never forget ya! S.H.,j.S., S.C.,S.S..B.A., Thanx Mom and Dad Katherine Darris Kathy 34 Hillside Ave. 5-29-66 Best of Friends Paul BBjCKCSDMFSKjKMDSMTMDPCSMS Rhonda VB Tourney States Camp Pain RC truck WPI Coach 1 97 5h Dum Dums S-ball B-ball Spree SD Semi Prom and good times w Paul Mic — buddies STU Farm Poets run parties curtain Awesome I want to party w you! Animal SAGA Barry Mr. Kel S-S GEMS Good times at AHS Luv and Thanks Tina.Irene, Ma Baba Robert Davidson Sandy KMKI Keichi again ■ Hit till onec( Donna jean DeLeo 29 Littlejohn St. 9-11-66 FRIENDS ALWAYS jh emlkmhsdpgjnva. Majorettes, Lil ' Dona.CAPE.bonfires, FORNO woman, Sophyr. THE BLI5T 81, taxiride, LK ' S, jH how was HR. BRIGS menots, Inedeit, jr. Boys, Seger, jo MUNCH, gym 83, Blowout, Quannah,, mickeymouse capers, Bgscellar, Hampton 7 4 83. scoops, 3in I , I ' m sorry MRS. Bbu, 84 BOYS, just once. North Conway Bound?, WTF Where-to-now? Luv yai Ma 8 Dad Diana Demurjian Mark Denison Kathleen Denning Vincent DeSalvo n ■i Sandy Desousa 9 Dorothy Rd. 9 1 5 66 KM KD MD D1 LM JK .BB PR AC CS MC |C LV TC RD )M CH BD KC |P Tiny |P Ketchup Paul! MaryBigs Pat Special Mac — lAC MPgIasses Retard Dexter did it again — HI JAIDS KD I need apree Boza MLake Horn Hot Mama jiffy OH God PC Hit the dust Dec 1 2 BlackB Hats jKFeet MCPiret I Sflavors DS BUS jP — some- one comin — Help Thanks for Best Times Bye AHS Love You PAT MOM DAD Suzanne Deveaux Donna DeVellis -■y. Michelle DeYoung 65 Egerton Rd. 5 23 66 Remember the good times 80-84 Kim, Holly. Claudette. Cheryl, Nadia, Donna Krissy, julie, jean. First Day cc CBS Baby nickel — Bum What A Doll Love ya all Thanks Mom Dad, Cecile thanks for all your help. Grill KTKWLMEK David love ya always KT good luck with GB CB member Wouie 8. NR David Amato I Godfather of Mikie Amato Love ya CA-CA. RitaDiCecca 54AmsdenSt. 7-6-6 YAHOO! SEE YA ' LATER I THINK I FLUNKED DID YOU CHECKA YOUR BAGS LABS? H .0 — WATIG GAETA, ITALY CAPE COD — WORD IS FUN BIG CHIE HENRIETTA DIS IS ITALY |R PROM — EARLY BRFAST ALWAYS SOMETHIN ' THERE TO REMIND ME CHIC! ANY PROSPECTS? MY PAPERS! MS TEACHE ILROCKY G ' BYE TO TC KM AB MH AK PR . . . THANK YOU DAD BEN i jOANNE TONY, ESPE. VIA RICHIE (BECAUSE I KNOW YOU HELPED ME) Kathleen L. Denning Kathy 64 Mornirjgside Dr. 9-26-66 SKATING — NE 82 — SUNA — TOM PETTY 3-24-83 — BOB SEGER — THE DOORS — ]M — ' 65 MUSTANG — Dj,NK,LM.MF,jM.IB,BD,Rj,PC,KB,WW — CHEERING 83 — PROMS — SB.NK .DB — VIANFREDONIA ' S — THE BEACH — SR PROM 82 — LH! — SEMI MS — HAMPTON K .K — THE CAPE — SC STOMPERS — Rj S-BALL GAMES — I 5? RR 82 — ]H S HOUSE, TAXI RIDE — BOW ' S TOGA PARTY — THE FARM — HORSEBACK RIDING — BRIGHAMS — TFE — CB .RR 8-20-83 — THANKS MOM.DAD .DON — ILY Vincent DeSalvo Vinnie 3 14 Mystic St. 9-6-66 SACKIN BY SUNOCO.MONKEY.STUDIES W SCHIZtWHERES KYLE? STANG W.P.,CONTROLED VIADNESS.D.P. MOTEL CONCERTS AT CAPE — SPK — DOWN BY THE RIVER CHARLES: HS W GNUM FORCE " STAYED AWAKE ALL NIGHT " GEHING DOWN AT OZ! GALONGRAPE — IT ' S ONLY A PIMPLED MOON GROTON:]BO S2-4- 1 WALKING DOWN THE GALZVZY — MUNCH — lESAT VlACSsslOO Christopher Desmond Sandra Desousa Suzanne Deveaux Diz 254 Mystic St. 9 24 66 KP.IM.VA.CN,EM.|N,DD,MH.|H,LK,MF,MY,PEL Conway — We re There — I ' m Still Standing Rena! The Cape — LR8.LC — FDLD VSoccer — HVBGMCCGCMR NWB — Gusdiznized! Menots — HD ' s Cellar The Bet — ISWGS Greg — Baked Alaska w Dusti.jon Gaff Starsky and Hutch 4 A M. Tiny — Rm. 1 06 — High Pete Nights Down AHS BBB Zeke and Tom |D ' s Back Seat Let ' s Dust! See Ya AHS Luv Ya Mom and Dad Donna M. DeVellis I 2 West Street 1 2 66 Mike 2 29 80 Forever MCL7 TMTVKDAHSP|WMLKECD drtsby nrh I 3yrs MC alley 7 22 80 brknbd 9thOttoson Bowler Mysticstrberry Polara Skiing (n Paco ' s Tacos MLK. Marina Track — T VIADSQ DT ' s 5th — Finn?! Pol! dice jrprezlaterort much! Motel ' s Forever Mine 2nd Hand News S.C. Face ' s party SLF Dan ' s Wh. Russ. Yum Many Ists ILU Mom Dad brothers Michelle DeYoung Rita Dececca Brian Donahue Kerin Donahue Carolyn Dooling 65 Westminster Ave. 12-18-66 Forever Friends PC KE MC KD SP ML DD AH DO 12-3-83? PAUL I ' M GONNA LOVE YOU TILL THE STARS FALL FROM THE SKY FOR YOU AND I Hibbert Park Summer 82 Mr. Mojo Risen Want a doo-nut Tripping on The Rez COMFORT- ABLY NUMB jr. Prom Watch out for the storm LL LB , PC at Bowie 7-1 5-83 All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be THANX MOM, DAD 8 EVERYONE ILY Michele Dotalo Mary Duggan Michael Duggan I Morton Rd. 1 9165 Donna2 29 80 ForeverCamillusPolaraBowieBusGeilsEmmeChowYahoo DANSG.H.MarinaP.C.Bfast2ndBCAC7 22 80 LK.G.AdaMBDDolojHRabbiND. DRISBYNRH, DiceBowlerMysticstrberryTheLakes,POL!,ElainesGdFri2. 1 4Please MenotsShroomsBarBottlesDevlcsSonRemainsS8 D8 R .R.BIinky.rmThere!l ThinkPWhoalL.A.M.C.GottaLeaveltAIIBehindAndFaceTheWorldQueenThanx GrampiAMF Michelle Dumas 1 22 Charlton St. 7-24-66 Friends Forever: jC.KD. ID. SK,)L.TM,CS,HV, Rhonda, Camp = Pain. VB — State Final DumDums, so Excited. WPIATGCCoach, $1.97 Shoes. KD — VB Parties. Shower Curtain, STU Chicago, QuintStone.B-Ball. S-Ball-bench.Weekends. Poets and Farm = Run, The Fence Mic Buddies, ]DHP! O) — Steps. Dallin, Saga Later. My Foot.Mr. Kell. Tracey Lee.Thanks so much for Everything Mom and Dad I Love you. 20 Brian Donahue 63 Eliot Rd, 9 1 66 Are we having fun yet? DGSM Don ' t mess with my life. Ouch! cookies, DGSA IAC MDSKRSjG, VP. sc, YES dances, V Soccer tournament V Tennis GBL, Thanx Mr. j Cody — We beat Marblehead, High Hopes tradition )r Fribbles, the fun place, ! heck no, Leslie bus rides. These were the best of times, bye for now — see ya soon Thanx AHS and thank-you Mom Dad!! Kevin Donahue 1 52 Hutchinson Rd. 10-11-66 LETS GO TO IM. OH V!N;OUT OF GAS AGAIN?! MC PARKING LOT, HAVE YOU SEEN MARY? GOOD HEADBANGING MUSIC, HARRY-RUN, KIMBALLS — HS. WHICH PACKYS YOUR FRIEND IN,I HAVE NO MONEY! OZZY 4-82, U2-HEFFS, ; DAVE MATCH GS, WHO ' S DRIVING? GALLON GRAPE, Q.P., I NEED A COKE, I GOT AN EXTRA BUT — KID, BAGGED 6-24-83, ALL WINDOWS UP, THE : CHARLES. DP MOTEL. SPY-COP, VD,BE.GC:SP, BYE! THANKS MOM AND DAD. | Patricia Donoghue Carolyn Dooling Mary Duggan 60 River St. 4-21-66 GOOD TIMES WITH MF,MA.SD.)K,NB,DB,EO,|P.CO,BB, BRIGHAMS FRIST THREE — LUNCHES. WEEKENDS, DRIVEINS, INDIAN, PL.VODKA — COLLINS. ; MICH.BUD.NIKKIS HOUSE.MARIA ' S HOUSE.V.B.jD MICHELLES.PARTIES, I WHAT I ' M NOT,|UNIOR-PROM, CAPE,N.H.,THANKS AND LOVE YAS MOM | AND DAD.NEIL,ANNE-MARIE,MAUREEN, DIANE.KATHY.TRACY.RICH ED.NEIL, i KATIE.DENNIS.LATER AHS " 84 " Christopher Eisel Kimberly Eagan Kristine Enos Kris 38 Golden Ave. 7 3 66 HAMPTON BEACH |RProm! Accounting 1 23 — NO MORE PRACTICE SET S! COAL — CITY! Dance factory! Totally awesome! LN |H AP BD Can you getthe car mosely ' sWhat homework?! Behind every successful man stands a woman alco- hol awareness artIM S Finn Hi Cutie! Thats all ffolks! MrsZ. The Mall Fanuil Hall I Thanks for everything Ma Dad. I love ya! 1 William Erlandson 30 Virginia Road I I 6 66 ]AW Vin,Dave,Ralph.Spoon,Put it on Bob ' s tablD.P. Motel, An orange Dove?Hey I there ' s blood onmy seatIGrotonPNine of em.New Year ' s, Where ' s Mary,Out of gas againPPRIESTI! Gallon Grape, Royal Hawian, I cut off my finger!Harry,run. Marley ' s, Crouseville. The snake! Thanks Mom Dad for everything Later AHS . . S teven E rns t Hilary Ewing jVrmen Ezekielian Armine 1 65 Gray Street 4 25 66 jl yrs? 9th. at Ottoson, 7:1 5. Menots, Battle Royal, Harvard Run, Heffs,DDDDC, ■ iquirrel hunt. Nightcap, Rt.2,June 5,81, bye summer . . ., The WHO, Pure and lvasy,gone,pedsArt,Diff, great times,works,eclipse, |ackson,Pete,DD,BD,gd. jriens,Mal,Gaz,GA,DH,)FAP,B,FT,JHAdam,snow, Cape runs,PoliceAny play? f ' an, Chung Moo, Butch, B ' s,R.I„Guid, Love Reign o ' er Me. Ma,Be,]C i ' .dward Faes Eddy Bear 276 Renfrew St. 12-27-65 puta Here All the Good Times at monots 1 0th gradego nut to many b ' s not me! v»JewYears81 ,82, 83,84 ?with MSC, crew parties Kegars don ' t remember Good i lriends, Chris (HD) Tom, Burt, Chinstrap, Mark Paiva, Paynter, Doy, Des. " High " ;imes at Brigs, smoke another. Hampton with HD Fun? )oe |. Talkheads, orms. 1a,pton runs. Burnouts! Thanks MazDad Party ON! Kimberly M. Eagan 23 Yerxa Road 5-26-66 FRIENDS 4 EVA: MCKDAHSPCD|WTIDO)MDFRWKD STRATTON GANG BEST TIMES WITH PAT FRI. NIGHT STORMS COMFORTABLY NUMB LATE NIGHTERS — ALL NIGHTERS HAMPTON OGUNQUIT HOUSE PARTIES! ) CEILS S. NICKS BOWIE POLICE " LET ' S GET OUTA HERE! " B-52 ' S PARTY OUTA BOUNDS D — AAADNESS DAZED ANDFUSED TU. — TH. WKS BRIGHAMS POND jUMBOS THE PHRETTS DOORS " IT ' S ALL OVER " THANKS MA ILY Christopher Eisel Chris 1 74 Washington St. 11 21 66 High School is only the beginng.The Best times will Always be remembered,The Winning Hockey team and the awesome Football team. No more Algebra and Chemistry forever,but Gym will be missed. FrS. So Bl Wrestling 1 CM — putin more money. Manning Fm no more LabsFh.Friends:BH.SR,ME,|P,EM. Basketball !.So long Mr.Cody. Rember the DL ED and RO CrcishAHS I , Thanks Mom and Dad foreverything Kristine Enos William Er lands on Steven Charles Ernst Vinnie 57 Colonial Dr. 9 21 66 Well this is it, and end and a beginning Freedom at lastITTime for more changes life begins in " 84 Ottoson freshmen Track — 4yrs, Slap, Kyle, Dan CC — 2yrs What ' s the world like anywayP Chemistry labs are dangerous to your health! WhatP l just don ' t believe itI When in doubt — mumble Gd Ikt vryn nd thnks Hilary A. Ewing Hill 32 Vaille Ave. Lex. 5 25 66 Robbie, 1 LOVE YOU more than you will ever know. 6 5 82 Married on the weekends. Road trips, Martha ' s Vineyard. 7 2 82, Fred. Changes, Loving you more and more. Steph, Running away, FILENES, Parents, People DAZED and CONFUSED. BF ' S. Thanks A H. S., Mom. Dad, Gram, Gree, Steph, and ROB! What a long strange trip it ' s been — C D. Armen Ezekielian Edward Eaes Lisa Fagan Nancy Falcone Gina Famolare 261 Broadway 9 14 66 KMBFF. GOOD TIMES FLA. AC.SHAKEDOWN. " ROLES " THE CAPE CHUCK. I.L.G. CHILL — Out, The Table Cloth, food with MA KM.B.K. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! The road block, " ahngin out " Strawberry Daiguiris, Chiquita? Apache B.O. Remember The good times are forever. The bad times fade away . . Thanx Mom Dad 1 43 LATER AHSII! Linda Jean Farnsworth 56 Overlook Road 1 18 66 Music Dept.,Harmonaires:Madrigals:CC:G S Shows ' 8 1 , ' 82,Annie Get Your Gun. ' Hello Dolly Tate!”;N.E.District!Symphony HalllllCanadal ' Clever Elsie " : " Turning Pt. — )an. 26. 1 982 ”; " " Sing Out My Soul! " " :4th Est. Lili in Carvivail; RainbowlWorthy Advisor, Sept. 1 983 — )an. 1 984!!!Thanks Mom .Dad!l Love you!Lord, " " Make my life a Prayer to you! " Barry Faulkner Thomas Fay Edite Fernandes 57 Lantern Lane 12-16-66 MY NAME IS EDITE FERNANDES. I " M I 7 YEARS OLD AND l " M GRADUATING THIS YEAR. I D LIKE TO THANK MY MOM DAD. BROTHER. FRIENDS AND TEACHERS FOR THEIR HELP. I WISH SUCCESS TO ALL MY CLASSMATES " THE CLASS OF 84 " John Ferreira 1 9 Wellesley Rd. 4 13 66 SUMMER OF " 83 " HAMPTON GREAT TIMES 8. MEMORIES — Revere.HA YES! MEFFA -t- LOCAL BENDERS GOOD TIMES ME — NOTS THE HIGH FARM )R. PROM SEMI WHAT A BLASTITHE GOOD BUDDIES DAN DEN MCHA |R )E |B |F S| GH HT MR AND all the others. CANT FORGET |IM N| MISS YA FLA.DW LET IT BE LOWENBRAU SKI 93 4 23 81 CRASH BEACH BUM THANX MOM + DAN LUV YA Lisa A. Fagan 9 Longfellow Rd. 3 3 I 66 Good times . . . Bad Times . . . Freshman Softball with B.B. " s and PEAT MOSS . . . PADRE? . . . Cadbury eggs before practice??? . . . The Field . . . VAN HALEN concerts!! . . . Def Leppard . . . j.Geils . . . Stones concert . . . Cherry sunburst 4 1 0 83 . . . Pam . . . and some really good times with M.D. . . .Is it Friday yet? . . . Let me out! . . . Never forget art classes . . . cruisin . . . Thanx Chicken . . . Light . . . Bye A.H.S. . . . Runnin with the Devil! Nancy Falcone Nanc 1 4 Pamela Dr. 9-18-66 Nanc,Ta,Trish,Suzy.2Karens,|ane, Seabreeze, 2New Years " at Suzy " s, Hampton, JEEP.biking with Charlie, the cottage, Busta, Lunchbox, Wesleyan. 7th, dp fall spring. 4yrs. gymnastics, tennis, psyched to move on now! Thanks for puttin up with me — Love ya — Mom, Dad, Ter - |oe Edite Fernandes Gina Falolare Linda Farnsu orth Barry P. Faulkner Bruddy, Hey Barr 130 Gray St. 4 18 66 i V.B-BALL V.SOCCER V.TRACK TourneyTime CAP COMA4ANDER UncleKev BC6v6!l A.B.C. FOREVER " HEY " DANCE D10N,SCHNUKUMS,T.BAKE,B0?.KEV, j ROPE,KRISTIN .BB " " S AA " " s F.B. GEEK DR ARTHUR -hTHE B " S MRS.D-(-G " TRAVEL " ’ WHITE MAN’S DISEASE YES A4ATT POLICE ALL THUMBS GOING TO COOP SOMEBODY GOT A CAR CLASH WHO MISS YA LOVE YA MOM + - I DAD + S + R j i Thomas Fay Tom 81 Fairmont St. 1 13 66 I made it! APD never got me cold buds and many good times up the park Hound dog, Burt, Dex, Ed, Fiori, Hank, Mark, Paiua, Paynter, Parties Down Hounddog cellar Capeescape Police ZZ Top |. Geils Ripter cold buds for the class of 84 fet loud. John Ferreira Gregory Fiore Maureen F itzpatrick Mary T. Flaherty 44 Beacon St. I 2 3 I 66 FF Maria Lynn TMEMVASDH|DDMH|HNKD|SBSM)MGH Nites to Remember 9- 79 10-10 Toga Calvins? Deathrides NY82MAW WW .SP I Won t Be Home Tonite 1 23Fire Mur nites w Me -i- z .Heidi Heave Convo s Flash Fla.? L)M LTYD . WE Did v-Gymnastics Nautili BOD ' S Town Nite 82w M .H CITR Summer 828 83w L) DRN Thanx Mom JoeS Tricia ILY Miss You Dad I) Michael ). Flaherty Flahs 19AmsdenSt. 9 8 66 ,1 Hi. Freshman Football, Equipment Manager, Doctor Arthur — Mr.Cotter — Manipulative Politicians and Moneymakers. Rush — TS, Led Zeppelin — BD. The I Who — BOTW is T rue, USFL Pool — PMSR. Steps, SAS, Bubba, V. GC is not TK. BR i is best BSA. Mcish, The Three Stooges, ET, SNL, BK for Pres., SOS. Thanx MOM lANDDAD.ADIOSAHS. Martha Flowers Robert Flores Joseph F. Flynn I 53 Robbins Road 1 0 1 66 It ' s just the beginning Fresh. Yr. atOttoson The Farm Squirrel Hunting Big Money I Card Games I ' m Lite Hey Mai what are you doing Cape Escape B I’m ok now I Gerb’s rocket Fuel mal, armo, Rj Bonehead (jonesie) Ron Not Me butyou! Time j is on my side. jD,BGH,]F,KM,FC3,MS, MC,GA,DH Good Luck guys Ain’t No Fun j (waitin ' around to be a millionaire). Thanx MomS Dad ■ Maria Foppiano Ria 4 Teresa Circle 1 12 65 ' Cheryl, Laura, Cindy, Cathy ,SharonFriends4-ever!The " L” G-NightHalloween8 1 - 82 — .RUNIPartiesWindow 12 5 81 Heffs BakedinHRSummerof83Tie — stop- pysShoulderRides,TheRotaryLIMOCruisin’AllnightersrmsoDelirious!BatMobile OohNooPineSt — MOWWLDY!BloodsistersCH,CC,MF,Let’s spoof emCape ' “84 " Looks like we made it! See ya later AHS Greg Fiore Chin Strap 1 2 School St. 9-15-66 This ones For The Class of " 84 " Get Loud! HDHankSALMOETomDezDoySKed LurhBUBMikeChubDBFIoyd creatures several species of small furry animals Gathered together in a Cave grooving in a Piet Hamptons Dashboard Dougnuts Cape Cod iuday Bended Strat for Grad Thanx to the Parental Units TATERBATER OK BOYS IT ' S PARTY TIME! ALL THAT WE GOTA GETON WITH THUS! Maureen Fitzpatrick Moe 10 Silk St. 10 29 66 Hampton, Sebago, Montreal, Police 8 j. Ceils, Pals foreveriKC SM ]G ML jC Tiny MD KD Hardy Gang,KD ' s parties, Doods, Sister Fitz, WTMT,Thurs. night. Child Study, Babu O ' m Not Foolin — Def Lep 1 ,ACC,Big Sisters — Lottie Carol, " I only had one! " rely on the reliant, Led Zeppelin forever,Thanks Mom, Dad, - John — Couldn ' t have done it without ya! . . . Mary Flaherty M ichael Flaherty Robert Flores 44 Robbins Rd. 6-7-66 I ' m glad of my senior year at AHS. Soccer has become the " number one " sport specially 1 984team Good times on the bus " wins " and losses OH well! for me? It is great! Good luck to all my friends on future. " NICARAGUENCE " thanks to Mom and Dad. Martha Ann Flowers Marty, Martwa lIZWrightSt. 2 14 66 These were the best of times JDP — “Wait for Me " Summer8 1 ,tentin,FarmDaze, HallwnBI — Martianmen,YO! niteowlin,E scapeFrmNY, ring-ring, ridinhi,NYE82, jst " T " really,TOGA,Prom82,SCOOP?MRmbrman,jUMBO — HalDi — Spoonfed, Nin — Nvr2confdnt,KD — Hmptngiggles,DB — Thrller,BA — |avaKng,RLM,LM |M |P,Rhurb!Greg“Butterflys are too beautiful to lose, " ILY — MaSvDad Joseph Flynn Maria Foppiano Holly Fratiey Stacey Garrity )ohn Gearin GERB 23 Eastern Ave. 4 20 66 TOO MANY NICKNAMES ROCKET FUEL CARDS — NEVER GET OUT OF DEBT STILLOWE KEN THEWHO I A -TENNIS CODY.PLANTATION ROCKY ALLEN DIES MARBLEHEAD REVERE — THE BUMP GB17HOWWY NICE MATCH GUYS URL.BD,SM,NEWELL.GHINI,THEKAT,HUR A Y.THETANKER FEEDBACK. GREENDEATH,MOOSE,IRA.BOB .PETEyBARRET 1.6 28 82 SORRY!, TAKE IT CROSSCOURT 84GBL GHINI — MARR1AGEITHANXMA8.DAD Erin Gilgun 40 Fox Meadow La. 8 5 66 We make it!! |.L.,K.L.,E.G., — 3 Musketeers;O.U. ' s w E.G..T.C..B.C..|.L.G.R., Pewter Pot Blues: 83 Semis:|r.Prom;ma fren R.M. — never forget;White Mts. in Red Sea-, Paranoia:Find that moose! R.H. never caught me! D.S. Good times;nic fitsijr. English fun at Beach w K.L.:Cmon, Eileen;]. L. )- K.L. — luv yez;M.A.D. — Still on diet? It ' s been reaLThanks all Holly Franey 24 Windsor St. 8-4-66 Friends we are, j.L,j.S.,M.C,.M.D.,K.T.,N.R.,C.B. GoodTimes jr. Yr. with DD,KS,DM Summer of 83 York Beach — Roll another one jean. Cruising around with |j,]D, TUC.GS.RB. Headgames . . . SAL — When hope is lost . . . Love ya MOM .DAD Later AHS “Ain ' t no stopping us now " Stacey Garrity Spacey 200 Mystic St. 12-14-66 We made it.FINALLY Karen my right hand couldn ' t have done it without you thanx EKSLSVCMDRDHCDHCRGGLjHLH Late nights — early mornings, Buz- zell. The Pit, Medfa Woods. Dunkuns I I -7pd “The Zine " BBCBjSKP Scotts — Lees, 1 0:30 Purple Thanx mom .dad love ya See ya AHS heavy on the much s?; John Gearin Erin Gilgun john Giunta Huma 222 Gray St. tllllbb THE WALL STOPPLES LED-ZEPPELIN I Grove St HOWS your Gaponit Alright. RE,BS,FF,BW,CT.O|,CC.LN,SP,AS.C|, LewiyLewis,Ray .Merts Kike.RS.RS.KC.KH, HockeyTownUSA, LTD Mother,DeDaDeDeDeWTFC?AndStuff,RH,fpr sire. Stretch, GONABS jAD.S.H.TheWho Bill R8.C GH HDBFS WAIden CC Horse Im out 1 Left Thanks Mom .Dad PARY TimeMT Vernon Later AHS Andrew j. Golding Andy 3 1 Peter Tufts Rd. 5 18 66 " ITWAS BETTERTHEN.BUT I WILL GET BY " ;DEF LEP + THE CAPE;jUST HANGING OUTAiFTER HOURS AT THE T HSE; “WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD TIMES GONE“;TWO HITS IN WORCESTERA LL THAT CKE AND NOTHIN TO DO BUT . . ,;THANKS FOLKS FOR ALL;GOODBYE TO ALL MY FRIENDS; " CATCH YA LA- TER " “84 " David Goodwin John Giunta Andretv Golding Kevin Goldsmith Goldie 22 Moulton Road 3-24-66 police. Axe, Van Halen Sat. Night at Dan ' s house Parties, Farm, Tom ' s, Bob ' s Ft. Stairs cruisen with DV,KC,PC,BC,FW What??? Summer Nights, Boston, Quincy Market |D, aulhak, mur, juice Good times, top.grob, snurseihcnum jan. 1 , 83 was that a Datsun? New Year " 82 " Maine I made it! Thanks Mom Dad David Goodwin 1 26 Hemlock St. 8 11 66 “vicious " . . . BD SM MH SK TS DB CW . . . Fribbles at Friendly ' s. Cookie split . . . Mike — How;S your karate . . . Brian = We ARE having Fun! . . . Steve — Do you have your lights on? High Hopes in Ipswich . . . Track ... Ski Trips . . . Someone Special — Cathy. . . Blueberry Pancakes at Bickfords . . jrProm. . .Wells Beach . . South Village Beach. . . Scott ' s Sailboat . . . Thanx For The Help -i- Luv Mom!! 24 Kevin Goldsmith Brenda Gostanian Patricia Grieco Mary Ellen Guerrera 7 Johnson Rd. 4 8 66 100%Natural No Artificial Ing. HarvardSq.Saturdays NF Afternoonsw RD Run- ning Against The Windw jM Papa ' s.l want muscles Deigo’sSemlFormal — whip- lash DAN“My Knight In Shinning Armor ' Queen of Dr4ams — Stevie Nicks ACCkids WingBeach Salisbury 7 23 83 Nothing’s better than ' Nothing Foot- ball?? N.Conway Haagen-daz .HirshyBar,Mmmm.Never say never LUVU MOM, DAD, DEB Carol D. Guidice I | 5 Winchester Rd. 3 29 66 Yesterday a child came out to wander . . . " but now she’s a senior with new paths ahead and many memories behind. G .S: 40’s From Reel to Radio Guys Dolls Annie Get Your Gun Carnival Dept, trips Worcester New York Montreal Wash. DC Performing ArtS:My Home AHS Newsteam Yearbook838.84 CIT . Intern Dept Banquets Our Town Choir Love to all! Ann Hallinan Gary Harding Michael Harrington 80 Eastern Ave. 1 0 20 66 SBSKKMKNCPBPTRKTMWRD Surprise Hojo Toys R Us DC SR — I Can’t Open My Door Vaca DG — I Don’t Smoke 7: 15 Gym?l Group Lab LRC KP — Deb Cape Spot Bow-wow Veg Pancakes Rick Pepe D l Mex. Food (Yuk) — Rat Holiday l7Gp — I Didn’t Break It ' Merg Not Specha Stax at Pax BR — Thrill 1 BF — Dion |H JV H — Whoopee Skiin’ Gothi Roarke Walkln’ GHS BG — Hello Dear Luv Ya,Dad,Ma,M 8 E Michele M. Hart (play it again) Sam 27MiltonSt. 11 16 65 Neva 4get MPLLHRMSBTMjjKDMRDLDQDH ATSG DL — BUS ride SWAMP Adopt Bros Spy Menots Lot Hodkin JUMBO WALDEN — 4EVA July4 Maine SCREAMS MANIAC Bash at Roch,Smity,Lisa,Darlin -F Celeste MICH BUD SCH- NAPPS 6 GRD CO BA DONT CHANGE IT GHMalden JrSemi TURN THE PAGE Concerts Mr Ociffer BSMKOL F -h N-A TAKE CARE OF AHS CLASS OF 85 LEARN HOW TO LIVE,Lide Ones LUV YA MA -F DAD Brenda Gostanian 33 Browning Rd. 8 1 7 66 11 can we talk here?BR,MH,KP,BFAK,GP,HV,BP,CP,SR,KM,KT,MW,SB,KN,JH, GH l,Betty,pickup please! drillsAAAA s,stax at packsAlr Supply, Styx! SoccerA bit of runnin’,Gustinlze,Dix,MC the Advocate,B-ball,Md — good Friend always,Muscle Beach,JH, Softball,Tiny,DPAFSS,Olin,MB,Oh well. Thanks Mom, Dad, Gayle, Goodbe Mr. Cody! Patricia Ann Grieco Patti 61 Wilbur Ave. 7-23-66 BB:JHMHDDLKBRNKJNEJjocy.CheerinCapt84NahlgFinFarmBrig.TaxiRideJoans SleepoverJD vYellowZonkers SJjrsMenotsisit?CandyklssesGirlsMeeting.Jonas NatcishaC .CAnnmMC.t — luvYDABOM. toga. boing. Montreal HotRodAnnie. 16LondonFla82Bee .JGmazdaxBAHAC.icecubes83JonDjrpWingSrs.Pr82 BGs Cellar.REAGLE amyDCBMTDg .dMMmutp.HA:BCDCKKS.D,TX83.Thanx Dad, MomJohn,ily.My dreams are Far From Over. Mary Ellen Guerrera Carol Guidice Ann M. Hallinan Annie 1 56 Appelton St. CLASH 82 and a 4Q TISP I said for FREE! Hibbert Lancaster RMKDLAMEJWMLD DCD and the Gang,Frosh OJH outcasts VFW Madness PANH BOMB! White Mt. Screamers 7-4 Up all nigh PC GTA Temporay insanity NH runs Hows your future? NYC 83 Caca Calo Susse The Budtub Packy run? Analyz em SLAM OUCH Thanks Ma -F Dad I never Promised you a rose garden Gary Harding 3 1 3 Crescent Hill Ave. 11 15 66 MY GOOD FRIENDS, THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE, FTW.LIFE’S ABEACH, B’S COHAGE, HOPE I DIE BEFORE I GET OLD, BARRY’S CELLAR, MENOTS, THE DOORS, AP,DD,MARINE GOUND, NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE, JIM MORRISON,EVERYONE’S A COMEDIAN THANKS MOM .DAD YOU WENT THROUGH A LOT W ME, LATER AHS M ichael Harrington Michele Hart James Hass er Lyle Hazel Mary Heffernan 8 Hawthorne Ave. 1 2 29 66 FF:|HLKDDVA|NSDPG |R.BOYS — TRUCK Space Mobile Bbu! BG Cellar Sleepovers — 9 1 0 82 I 2 29 82 — |H ' s House LK ' s .PG ' sHouse TOGA Bust ' 8l Student Council Senior Convention 84BoysThe Bet BrigsS Menots Farm Semi ' s Proms Cape Cod’82 Hampton’83 MOON8J HS 6 1 3 83 — Se- ger Wanna . . . rest? Oh My GodlWHAT? North Conway?? WAAA! )|TR Thanks MomS Dad Martina Heller 43 Cedar Ave. 9 11 65 HI! I M ONE OF THESE FOREIGNERSiONE OF THIS BUNCH OF EXCHANGE STUDENTS.A GERMAN ONEII WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO THE FAMILY THAT HAS TAKEN ME IN FOR THIS YEAR. AND THANK YOU TO ALL THE . . . lERKS . . THAT HELPED ME TO AAAKE THIS YEAR A GREAT ONE FOR ME! BYE TO EVERYBODY AND KEEP BUYING GUMMIBARS! Joan Herderhnrst Brian Higgins Daniel C. Hirsch 1 8 Gloucester St. 2 20 66 VFOOTBALL.234 1 1 VHOCKEY34 1 1 VBBALL234 I I .GEO.MIKE.GAZTH. |OHN,S|,B,|B,MAL MEG.3 4 83.EBONY EYES AIMS;EM,SD,)IMBO.IN LBJERSEY 83, NEW YRS 83, YWMD JR.PROM BAND? C + S,SORR DUDE YER NOWHERE: THAN X FOR THE OLDS HERB!GARDENTS,SCHAEFER ' )EFF THAT” ORTY,GOOD TIMES IN84,BC? HANGIN AT THE LOW COLLEGE?GOOD LUCK KRISBRl + TIM THANX MA + DAD LUV YA! lakovos lakovou Arki 1 4 Dartmouth St. 1 20 66 Senior at last.Thanks Ma,Dad, Tsitsop and Zak Football you bet T.E.,D.E.Little Savage, Rox.The Creek,Britoe, Papa ' s,Music, Music,and more music, I 1 5, the doors,Molson,Sept.2 1 , 82, Noonewassafeanymore.Volvo, Duster, SummerofH. A. Radical Fr.Tshirtking,CommanderCodyandChem. BCN,Gotta Wanna No. 80, Special thankstomysisterMary. ' l 984 " 26 lames Hassler )im 39 Temple St. 12 6 65 CLASS OF 84 1, WILD BIRTHDAY NIGHTS.SICKY MAN YOU’RE NOT FOR- GOHEN.I LOVE LISA.TO MY FRIENDS — BR,KM,BF,GP.SB.TB,MH,BR — Mags, — Latin with Monue 1 . BF — Going home after 2.GP — horror movies. SB — I’m funnier.TB — Birthday in the rain.MH — Thanks for labs.KillerBest teacher ! apologize for all the bad jokes.Fun chem labs.To all the girlsIThanx Mom .Dad Lyle Hazel 96 Ronald Rd. 7 28 66 To my closest friends, Lori, Match, I couldn ' t have made it without you. Match.a toast to our combined mechanic skills and the Resurrection Machine! Zipp ' Blotch? ' Alary Heffernan Martina Heller I loan M. Herderhurst |oanie 74 Princeton Rd. 12 29 66 GF — MHDDLKVA|NCNPGSD, jr boys. 84 boys.majorettes.sleepovers Hamp- ton 7-4-83Reverse! Hey Blondie Oh my God — WHAT! the moon7AHS, Brigs Menots Truck taxi ride 1,2,3 Wanna . . . rest? Seger Stompers space mobile I scoops DD how was hr? 1 0-3 I -82?? loan the juvenile, LS Ps I 2pm swims ITA WTF Waaa! Bbu! Quannah.Mickey Mouse Capers, No. Conway Bound BG cellar j THANX MOM .DAD Brian Higgins Higgs 9 Foster 1 14 66 | AHS I .Froshyear atWest.Dunfeys Cape blozzerl234 -5- Revere, Riverside, SalisburyNH.WrestlingConcertsdromecorralatFolsom ' smobil — jFROPKTBCFR N|B,CAMPlNGINNH.BANGYOURHEAD MADMANRULES B-BALLat V ANOR ! WonderlandlostMega-bucks LettheGoodTimesRoll NBMF Monteblowout cu- j monfellthenoize Blozzingout foray ' sduringstudy College Whatever?Party Later i MF Daniel Hirsch lakovos lakovou Ronald Jackson Marc Incatasciato Patrick lammal l049MassAve. 7 18 66 Finally Made it to Senior year.l would like to thank My Parents For their support.l would also like to say Good Bye to My teachers and My Has Been Fun, we had good times. Mike Remember the time we almost got caught.l will never Forget when I had a Crush on — But now it is all over. THE TIGER LIVES FOREVER AnnMarie Jefferson Tutti 2 1 Oakledge St. 2 28 66 Later AHSi Hampton Beach Club Casino Parties in the Nova with Dorren Billy Hj LM SC Blue Lights Hilltop Breakfast at Brighams " OTAY Buckwheat’VKinks " Bob Segar 83 " " Aerosmith 84 ' 7Bruins 1 Yearbook PhotographerAThanks MA DAD Mr. Collumb Mrs. Hegarty Liz Maureen ' Liz, Let it Snow! ' 77 1 Bossa Nova Heff I Mary Jefferson Diane Jerauld Carolyn Johnson 1 5 Hillcrest St. 716166 Fran F. 3-4-81 Danbury, N.H. Snowmobiling, applejacks. Wasted Days and ■ Wasted Nights bakeouts Led Zeppelin Parties at FF’s. AJ,DB — dimes, munchies I Grove st. Park Stop and shop: CJ -t FF, SF -t JC, LN -t CT, AJ + DS CC -t RW, SW -t BZ, AJ-tBD, AS + OJ, LJ,LR,CC,JR,ML,SC,JR,JR,SV,BS,BL,JG,BS,SH. Thanks Mom, Dad.C.L.J. I finally made it. Love ya FF. Bye A.H.S. Amy Johnson 6 Bellevue Rd. 1 1 9 66 SUDS DANNY — ‘81BEE BOO, DEBBIE8.CAROLYN ICESKATING;BROWNIES; OPPS,MONTERY,SKYU RK,BLACK CAT LOUNGE — OUR MENOTOMY HOUSE, BONFIRES, COLD NOSES,WHO PARTY ' 82 ' ,COOKING ' 83’,STOP . SHOP,GROVE ST,NAHANT, ERIK THE ALF — A — BEE, THE MEMORIES THE MADNESS THE MUSICy LL YOU TOUCH AND ALL YOU SEE IS ALL YOUR LIFE WILL EVER BE,CLASS OF ' 84’,LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD.BYE AHS Marc Incatasciato Marco 342 Forest St. 5 2 66 " SPAKA’ DAVE.GOOD TIMES IN FLORIDA NEVER FORGET THEM REVERE WITH SAL M. T?A T?A WOODSO 9th GRADE — VOLK WINCHESTER W — GREG F. S.D. A.F. D.A. MAKINGSSATP.S. SPACE COWBOY METRO LET SCLUB BEACH PAR- TYING SUAVE BOLL7 AT CONN. CROCK CLUB W — D.W. WhatWOMENIS D THANKSALOTFIN MALIBU LET S DANCE DUDE Italian Stalion I mSicilian IDidIt MYWayLove You ALWAYS MOM AND DAD AND ALL MY FRIENDS Ronald Edward Jackson Jack, Ronk 27 Kenilworth Rd. 8 1 66 HELLO I MUST BE GOINGTHE STONES.ITS ONLY ROCK ' N ROLL(BUT I LIKE IT) SQUIRREL HUNTING.THE FARM. BIG MONEY CARDS.I’M LITE, THE SNAKE. CAPE ESCAPE.ARMO,DIFF,JF,B,GH,TM,MS,KM.JD.JR,MAL,GEO.JB,MC,TP.DH,SJ, SM,DO,BD,JS,NK,DJAND KD.HEY JOE. NOT ME BUT YOU! LATE NIGHT DL. THANKS MOM DAD. ANGUS.AINT NO FUN(WAITIN ' ROUND TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. RIDE ON Patrick Jammal Ann Marie Jefferson Ma Jefferson 33 Silk Street 9 27 65 AL 6 8 82 my I always forever! Good times, with:AA,MP,MS.LC,DL,BT,MH, JT,DF,RB,TB,DC,WD, Love ya’s all. Poetts the manor who knows where? My buddy Mis. Glouster 7 4 83 Falmouth AW, Police Concert. Hampton, Do it up Toe! cool cans, crusin in the monte Hard to say I ' m sorry. My family ' s great thanx to all. I made it Love ya Mom8.Dad Later AHS! Diane Jerauld Di 388 Washington St. 2 21 66 Beat of Friends NKLMMFKD Memories Island Cheering, splash! 82PromsS. Semis tango Hideway, Craigville SNsP MFremember JD ' s Parties TV Duke IND! fishing trip BYH JOHN 1 12 83 Mosleys follow the leader TOGA! DBJB Neptune Joe 83 BP BG ' s house farm. Brigs, Menots wTTV lecture about hockey! JBJMCM DJ vJP Rocks where ded theTlMEgo? I love you Dad Amy Johnson Carolyn Johnson Deborah Jones Stephen Jones Elisejunas I I Indian Hill Rd. 9 26 66 ArtCl YrB HR Florida80 NEWHAMPSHIRE — AMS.rafters.ESPAugSI — KIM83 BSwithA .W SHA — GBWVF,SOMEDAY! Art3yrMaryE,Rob roga82RS,PG semi, Prom champagne,STACABLES — BSontheFDRAGSTER lt ' sthehaircut — OHmy God BRI — OMAS YANU — choleBaby lcecream GQ — strangersinthenight — BH rVatchingwithB theGBroomwith|G withthefocus 1 2 27 83,TotalEclipse WHERE NOW bp SPDPBR)PPG Thanks MOMS.DAD Nina Karras Karen Keelat Malcolm Keijikian )r. Mai 1 542 Massachusetts Ave. 5 4 66 Never forget Hye Weekends Dances, ACYOA | RS — LS jA RS TH DT KT ES. Good Luck Armenian Club! Kiss 1 08. Good Luck Everyone — Crop in 8 say Hi at Mai’s. We love you Mrs. Doyle. ?Merrimack Babson Bentley? Thanks MOM 8 DAD L.R8v| Love ya All. See you later AHS. Susan Kelley Sue 59 Eliot Rd. 6 16 66 Volleyball IDKDMD CS|C)LDKTiny NorthScetChamps PYT ColdBlooded Sexy Kathy sPartiesTheBeeflack’sBoat HOHColorguardsMarbleParties Newyork Montreal Golden Girls, KH7 C,G8.S The Farm HeyDallStudwink TinaBestBuddy Doubling?jP Mrs. Doyle, HeyMoe,BB8.N HiRibsey Rob8 Mike,Trev,Mrs Powers Special thanx to My Family: Mom, Dad, Billy, )ohn and Chris. I Love U. 28 Deborah A. Jones I 36 Webster St. 11 8 66 Ricky 5-14-82 " Ni Toi sans moi, Ni moi sans To i” . . . Sundays at Nahant . . . White Mountains, N.H. . . Belmont. . .C. . . .Carnivals. . . Amusement Parks . . . junior Prom8 Semi,CE, KG, Harvard, The Mystics, Summer of ' 82 " , GL roller skat- ing, KT. ). Ceils and journey concerts " 82 " , jS Spanish 8.Foods 1 , My Garvin, (what would 1 do without you?)!! Stephen Jones Jonsey 8 1 Woodside Ln. 2 7 66 FASTEST FOUR YEARS 3V-FOOTBALL 86V-BASEBALL 7JV.HOOPJBMCRJDH GHSBGAJF.ROAD TRIP . . . KELLY’STHE CAPE83,HAMPTON,JIMREIDNEW JERSEY.JRPromBHFCFUNwithF ' nArt.FuninTheBOATMC . . . HAHA, " Iwas THERE”YWMD!BarryTB.MENOT’STHEFARM,DDTHS.YOUMUGHEAD. " " Hello officer " RADIOPSummer of 83 goodtimes winga!!TurkeyDAY82.THANKS MOM AND DAD LOV YA!!! David Kanelos unas Nina Karras 32 Greeley Circle 5 11 66 David 1 2 82 bfa DJLMKDMFAPBRKMCNPG Hideway Memories W thegang rhrpbgps What happened to me? Cheering Luvya FIN It’s our turn my 4 I feel sick Dallas? buny we ' re lost! John brook Jr. Beach Party JMJByabe Semis8 Proms — DB You guys. . .oops giggles Sr. Conf — ballgames PK JD SMDHMCJRGHRJ SJBDGS softball endlesslove — DB Missyou — 84 Thanks Mom8 Dad I Love You! Karen Keelan 1 5 Greeley Circle 9 22 66 Friends forever: Taryn.Suzy,Tricia,Jane,Nanc,Nanc, and esp. Karen. Clothes Tree Girls . . . j. Ceils . . . Beach Boys . . . BLISB . . . New Year ' s . . . PaS . . . CoRTM . . . Brigham’s . . . Hampton . . . Sleepovers . . . nmbd . . . SJ dances . . . crusing . . . California 83?OH LATER ... The Garden . . . Sweet 16 ... OH MY GOD . . . forget it;let’s not go over . . . THANKS MOM and DAD. Malcolm Keijikian Susan Kelley Elizabeth Konig Joanne Kounelas Leo Kourkoulos 23 Oxford St. 8 2 66 SUMMER OF ' 83” DS AFTER WORK PARTY WONS MROTS LUNCH DS VP )P S| 60 Olds good times cruising Burger King Brighs. Hitting 90 radiator leak Fridays Fanual hall.MP.PN.LT KB VP.DZ liar pants on Fire “Fireworks unreal " VPs green machine.Thanks MOM .DAD. LATER AHS Janet Krepelka 79 Appleton St. 8 4 66 WB MS Lj NS DW SD MD MC PV SM CS KD ALKi — HALiyBottoms-up Bud Gotta like it Trust ME Party At Lowell U NAN I’M just Resting April Vacation 82 D D Sunday Runs to NH TomsTeam Rockport Triple Moon No Problem siked for the wrong door Brighams lst jumbos |jS Segar Lives excuses KRASH T.S. Wanna Skip? Stay that way Busted At Poets THANX MomS Dad LATER AHS! Brian Kenney 1 43 Waverly St. I 4 66 Varsity Tennis GBL Champs. Slick and Saivi at the BCC . . . Smoke Shows. Clown House. Oh I Don ' t. Fro You Dump. I Own You. What are You Me. LayLow. Awesome. Dallin, Pic, Foies, Ralph.Web.White Mountains . . . Thank You Mom and Dad! Later! Agnes S. Kim Aggie 500 Summer St. 6 30 66 AAA B ' sBchin.FireDrillsNativeCapeCukes DonutsB- Parties PAD RDjHKMK NKTMW MrCoolBF BettyPickUpVocalWarsBG Sundaes HotFudgeBP Beat It! BR License?CruisinOssiferSlurpeesCP ClosetEaterDC GHS U — FinksGP Prep MornWalkHV CruiseX-tra FamilyjR EscribameParanoiaKP HotLegsD I MH VeryPunnySB DROOLvegR-Beer!SR DemoDuoLawnTalksBrigs Friends 4-ever LuvUAIIEspMomDadSteve Tom Kinchia Kinch 1 63 Scituate Street 12 23 66 Stubo, LeRat, BK, SS,TO ' C, DG, TG, CG AM, Limo Night, California — Summers of ' 8 1 ' , ' 82 ' , Cape Cod ' 82 ' , What Cutlass, Marshfield, survival ' 83 ' , Monots, Gofor I Dang, The Farm, New York ' 83 ' , Acacia, BCB, -ingEh, 68 ' Cougar, TGIO, Later, P.I.S.C. USMC, Here I Come, Thanks Mom, Dad, Dick Erica Klauer EK 59 Tufts St, 5 24 66 Summer of 8 1 California Marriots the pool partyline. Last day of soph yr, Vonni ' s I summer July 4, It could only happen to EK,Mel Ed Frank at MM, jR jS, DG 1 2 21 82, Grill your eyes are as red as your shirt! 25 min breaks, Buzzell KW SG Scotts house M K parties over night, GOODBYE AHS T homas Kinchia Erica Klauer Elizabeth A. Konig Lisa 200 Spring Avenue 8 25 66 Friends always EMMHJNDDJHVASDMF Sleepovers Joan ' s — taxi Patti ' s Elaine ' s bagged Toga Junior Boys MV Summers L.G. ' s Hey dyddi . . . chow Kater AChreo ChevSemis .PromsWaaa!!OhmyGod. . . What WHAT?.? Bridham ' s JVlenot ' s Scoops total beef Swimming (Wild Thing) S Track North Conway? ElanT OLeo Senior Conv. Thanks Mom, Dad, Katherine,Christina Love you! Joanne Kounelas Jo, JoJo, Kounela 27 Chester St. 5 28 66 KTETSPDMMFKCPTJCCFPCKDJKKT Marching Band,Band,Field Hockey,Softball, Child Study, CAMP! veg,spaz,Oh ya! Later Honey GOYA — BB, Dances, Ski Trip Thanks ET, Thanks Ma,DadAndrea, Irene and Yia,Love ya all! Bye AHS I ' ll missya Leonidas Kourkoulos Janet Krepelka Brian Kenney Agnes Kim Eric Laden btcrg Marc Lagace HiepT. Lam I 1 8 Paul Revere Rd. 12 10 64 I was born 12 10 64 in VIET NAM. In 1975 when the Communists took over South VIET NAM, people in South VIET NAM tried to escape from Communist Regime. I was one of those. In 1 98 1 I left my country and I came here in 1 982 and continue going to school order to finish my high school education ! would to say thanks with all the teachers who taugh me two and half years ludith Larrvee 39 Longmeadow Rd. 1 2 66 Hi Guys! The 3 Musketeers — EG, KL, JL; White Mts in the red sea, the High Life, rt. agn, Ezzy neverfail NF s, volleyball, PYT, St finals, DumDum s, KD s bashes, LR — Thanx for the shoulder. Roughing lt,MC, CP, Camp, No Pain No Gain, PP 8 Co., We’ve got tonight, Plymouth ' 8 1 , Frustration, Hi, Honey! Wk of Paranoia, The Big Beef, Live, Love 8 Laugh, Go Nuts! Thanx Ma 8 Dad Kimberly Leaird Julie Leonardi Suzanne M. Leone 53 Irving Street 2 11 66 Ta, Jane, Ka — K8.V, Trich, Nance — F8.W, MF|GAC|C Trin out FH FrSB Secret sleepovers Beach Boys Hampton. It ' s overheated! 8 In a jeep Lost in the subway A party? — At my house? BLinLB Lollipop Menots — Let’s not go Fights Labor Day wknd Bash Tm not lazy! Boston Gft Wrping at Urbn outftrs summer ’83 1 more yr ML! Bye Forever AHS! I love you Mom 8 Dad Philip Lewis Dan 14 Windemere Pk. 7 30 66 Track 8. C.C., Surv.. Ski trips. Phot.. Countless Parties at Slap’s. Montreal — Boston: " Watch out for Pete! ”, Skunks, hairllps 8 cow-tipping. Charlie H. 8- Nancy Mac TB,RS,BO,BM,SE,KM,|R,NM,PS,EL,RD,|H,EG Thanks to coaches. THE SQUARE, Franklin Park 82: " Nice Weather.” Clash — ”How many miles? " girls team, NY 82 Thanks Mom 8 Dad Eric Ladenburg , The Mantice, T.C. — franklin,R.C. fiat, the Lee z, N.M. — the Blue Bomber, S.C. Gorgie and The Mantice Mobile. Jimmy’s, The Idea Ski club Ski trip, our town, Germany, I m out of here. Thanks mom + dad Marc Lacace 60 Epping Street 4 20 66 STRATTON, TOWER BLAZES, FROSTIES, TALES, RED LABELS FIVE O S, MATCH EM ZOOD. HAMPTON PW’s HOUSE. Hj.EN,PW.RC,MD,BS, 1 8 LATER Thanks MA8.DAD ' Hiep Tan La m Jud ith La rii ee Kim Leaird 3 1 Jason St. 2 14 66 | Hi . . .! White Mountains in the Red Sea. The 3 Musketeers. I wanna be yourn ! again! VBall(9,10). PP days 2 82. Macho Man. Ziggy. Revere — Hey Ez! Dorn i Rep. Tears, Dreams and Green Ice Cream. TUCARO (DN). MANDY: ”1 Love You ! j UCSD — Theta Chi. No Butts!! We re ”Up Where We Belong " . K.L, E.G, J.L, A.C, j J.P, S.B: Looks like we made It . . . FER SURE. FER SURE!! j Julie-Ann Leonardi Julie 26 Freeman Street 11 21 66 Susan.Janice, Rose, Cindy. Lil H arris.Diana.Nancy. Moe.An n.Glenn.An thony, , DannyS.,Vinny,Johnny.Josh,Hopper,Tommy,EDDIE,Seger. TheBridgeKids.Karen Flynn, 2 83, 6 83, Fomio.MaybeWeCanTryAgain, I 999.Jimmy.TimmySmitty, Ronnie.Johnson.Donna.Krissy.YorkBeach.J.Geils.Revere, Pizza n’Bocce, HOLLY. ; Kim.MD,CB,NR,CM.RP,RUSH,BILLY,Uter A.H.S.! Its Been Real! I Love You MOM! Thanks For Your Help. Class of 84 I !! 30 Suzanne Leone Philip Lewis Tanin Leivis Stephanie Liacopulos Robin Lindsay 1 2 Kimbali Rd. 3 6 66 " Ail that glitters is not gold . . . Rochester vWestchester — Dippsidoodlers ' the chicken " Montreal fiddle-faddle in the bathroom Lunch with MDMCTBKN Def Leppard OzzieS Quiet Riot Concerts Electric Eye , . . pookie elvis eyebrows ' " our favorite spof ' Prom nicht . . . when all are one and one is all, to be a rock and not to roll " ’ . . . Eric .Robin )uly 27. " 82 A head above the rest . . . Thanks Mom Dad! Sharon Loveless 5 1 Academy Street 6 22 66 Out of here, Clciss of " 84 " , GYMNASTICS, States, Camp bagged. Look at all the people! Going nowhere . . . PK, PD. Kicked out. Where to go? Best of times. Tricia, S.V. M.D. The graveyard with K T last time, bad time finally the last. THANKS MOM AND DAD. LOVE YA. Paul Lucia Kevin Machi . ’atricia Maccini 88 Palmer St. 4 11 66 lOnOMS UPINEW H.WITH FAMILY RENEE — ANYWHERE! ON THE 3RD ' lAILIGARDENING WITH THE GEEKOS — WAHR — 3C PLEASE! SUNDAY f iLOODY SUNDAY — BRETT IS FABICHI-CHI ' S WITH TOM HIYA TOTSIMOON H)VER MARIN — SHAKE IT )ELLO! HEY DAL! MUCH LOVE .THANX TO RM, G.DOE.TD.RD.SK.RL.LEN T.BEV, AAARG.FIN .TO MY DAD,BOB,SUE,DIV .TO MY lMOM:MY BEST BUDDY IN THE WORLD — I WANNA PLAY IN THE SNOW!!! imesMacLean Jamie 96 Paul Revere Rd. 1 20 66 JNE 3RD.PARTYING DOWN THE BRIDGE. THE L ' S PARTYSTHE BASH AT FUJI’S. ARTYING ON THE TRACKS, PARTYING AT MENOTOMY. THE BALLNEW EAR’S EVE PARTY THE BOXING MATCH. Tanin Lewis 49 Summer St. 12 20 66 I had a pretty good time in AHS ! am ready to graduate. Mr. Paul taught me good in Algebra. I would like to thank Mr. Paul I have been on the Varsity soccer team. I was impressed by some of the great players on our team. We have a good soccer team. Eliot and Peter are fine players who will be seniors next year. I want to say good luck to them for the next season. Robin Lindsay Sharon Loveless Kevin Macchi 61 Newcomb St. 12 3 65 THE DROME. THE MOV!ES(TOO MUCHJGOING TO DANCES. WATCHING ALL OF THE WRESTLING SHOWS ON CABLE AND AT THE GARDEN. BUYING MAG- AZINES. OH.RICH TABBY CALLED. AEROB!CS(NOSWEAT)THANX ROR.PK.MC, JF.EMAD.TB.K.WWF.NWAAWA, SUMMER OF 82 ' NZ,TX.HW,FIJ!,GIPOY. HEY. WHERE’S THE DIP.LB IN CONC. WHERE’S HARVARD! THANKS MOM8.DAD. P.S. THE MINK LIVES ON! Patricia Maccini James MacLean Elizabeth K. MacLeod Liz 23 Wright St. 6 2 1 6C CHRJS.COULDNT HAVE AAADE IT WITHOUT YAI N.H.BOUND MR.C.IS THE BEST CBL) NLjCRDMK HEF 2 G04IT CAR0L— LIZ — RITA — ANN RIE — FF., TBFY FREDDIE ALWAYS AND FOREVER GRILLS83 STONE COLD OUT THE WINDOW DELIRIOUS DRARLLVMANHUNT B.K.- MY COACH ON MEN RIE . DAN.LOVE YA BOTH E.M .L THANKS FOR TAKING ALL MY B.S. THANKS MOM8.DAD, YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN, I LOVE YOU U TER AHS Patricia MacPhee Tricia 32 Overlook Rd. 6 10 66 BF — 2K ARENS, TARYN,SUZY,|ANE,NANCY W .F . . . God Times — Suzy s Par- ties, BL in LB SB SL — BIB — OS . . . S| Dances . . . HS,Brigs,Menots — jusi passing thru , . . Hampton,THE JEEP, Beach Boys . . . Sum’83 — Nbpt. — M8 L . . X-country Mr.MAC?lndoorK,STD . . . Chelsea ' 84 Outdoor Track — Hanley states . . . DONNA,LISA,ELANO — (YSTP) . . . New Year ' s Eve . . . Pot luck sup- per S.L.?!?. . . UMass — Williams Good times LTSK Elizabeth MacLeod Patricia MacPhee Katherine Ann Magliozzi Kathy 64 Magnoiia St. 1 0 1 9 66 Good times w GFI43MAKB|CMPCABFMBBCTHB ' S8 G ' sdown Rink.Spy, THRNDK.Projects.jrCjMPKDKBjKjE WM83 B8.B ' s 4 eva! SenProm83 Barn ' s House Toot the night away! Hampton83KB PW DM freaken CA were on a Humma Chell Best TimesljC Death Ride Clam Where are we going! Best Summer83W Kevin DAZED ,Confused . . . |BO ' S24l MBHADOM BFKYPUP! Police83 FreeBird Bye AHS Thanx MAW. M L Peter T. Majeski Dezo 26 Baker Rd. 9 26 66 THANKS TO ANDY.FRANK.GERRY.MAnAND PAT FOR EVERYTHING. G .S, M B.. DRAMA.AAAGGOTS.N.E.DISTRICT.BANQUET.BIG APPLE, MONTREAL, SPRUCE BEER, SACRED CHEWY RAISIN.BECUZ HE CAN. BIG WOW TO CATHY, ED,PAUL,ROBANDY,TOM,PING AND GLEN.B.N.F.,VOID,THANX LOVE TO MY FAMILY FOR HELPING BEARING ME.BLUES HARP,EFEF,MATD., KAR- STENS,N 1 3NIT, OUR TOWN, TIPPY, WASHINGTON! Susan Malaney Gregg Malatesta Joseph Manfredonia 67 Melvin Rd. ' il6l bS V-HOCKEY BURNS DECAP B ' S — COT BOS — COT TOGA B-night CAPE BARNICAL — GIRL NEPTUNE SC — FIGHTS — JDLJ WINNY PRINCES RAFT — MARY — L — CLUCKAVATER BASH — IM .SUE ROCKS Sem Prom Lees sup — tree — FUNDS ALWAYS — Rem — JB.GH,TM,JF.DB,SM,TP,ES — SIS— WINA MARTY DON BRIDSE JIM CONVERTABLE LTD DE COLORADO spec — Thanks.LM.RM DD — JH S — X — TALKS THANKSMOM — DAD 8 . MRS. G — LUV — YA Lynn A. Manfredonia Lidia 67 Melvin Rd. 9 7 66 FF NK,DJ.MF,MY,KD,MF,DB,JD,SB,BD JBW V FBIMH JRPROMweekend awsome Joey43 AHShockey.20 Softball NATIONALCHAMPS83 dingy .gigles Hamp- ton vCape83.Shavingcreamfight Lees summer mixup LTD w JBJMDJ TOGA BRIGS ROCKY JumbosRejection mughead Mr.D DJS LMsecrets Howdy I 1 10 82 s w m82 unexpect edguests memories JC Coaches TWIT JB .LM FE party missya Spanky.June Thanks Ma .Dad. Kathy Magliozzi Peter Majeski Susan Malaney I 3 I Wright St. 9 1 66 Varsity Field Hockey GBL Champs " 82-83”. Tourney Mrs. Cantrell " 50 Malaniac (KC,DP.MN,CW,TS,SL,KV,JP,KT,JS), V. Baketball.V.Softball 1 4 GBL Champ? Medicine Spoon, Caught Undercover??, Mike — Hemm, 82-83 Best Friend? Forever — Irene, Frosh, yr at Ottoson.JKCS, KC,MD,DP,KD,JC,MF — Parties, summer, " 82 " IE,KC + The Farm, Thanks for everything Ma 8 Dad Gregg Malatesta Mai 8 Walnut Terr. 5 16 65 V-Hockey,GBLChamps Baseball.MFPGarden JM,JF,JD,BJAE.EM,Dough.KM Ding.SB.Weekends . . . CC,NH,ME,MellowMan, MC ' sSHACK . . . Semi8 Prorr — GreatTimes ... BestTimes 1 8 82 ... GNWMPWAFTW8 2 1 83,Liqsblow Rm.304 . . . FroshyearMenots,Farm,Oatmealcookies.SweatpantsSummer " 82 " Lig — goodbye hockey " " Quitters never win . . . winners never quit!! " . . Thanks Mum8 Dad Joseph Manfredonia Lynn Manfredonia Moscow! Wake me when it s over. What? Caught coming from Brigham’s ' 0 operate — GENTLY PUSH HANDLE toward WML. j i I I Junior Semi-formal Donny and Marie Hi. Mom! Senior Convention Scott Maraman Lisa Manton dward Marootian Jr. 39 Johnson Rd 8111166 MANX TO ANDY.FRANK,GERRY,PAT + MATT FOR Everything.C + S, DRAMA, V GGOTS,M.B.,GOOD JOB TO PETE.PAULANDY, ROB, RING, TOM.GLEN. OID,MONTREAL,PAD. BANQUET.THANX TO MY FAMILY FOR ALL THE HELP. ATH TUB.PTANG — PTANG.INTO THE TREE SHREADER-YUCKIBEATLES, iuys + DOLLS, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN. DR.ARTHUR.FWEEP — FWEEP. ARNIVAUBF.SCHLEGEL OUR TOWN OCTOBER ristin Marquis 1 2 Glenburn Rd. 3 17 66 ROSH.THEWEST.MENOTS.CATHY SSKIPJIMS . . . mjmp2-2 I -83 . . . FRIENDS? SOPH, Hockeycurfews.firstgirlshockeymeeting. MONTREAL, thebestnights . . NEVERFORGET . . . Savedtomthanks . . . JuniorsemiJIM . . . FEBvaca,KEN3- 6-83 . . . ILYFE!,PARRYS, greenteeth . . . Juniorproms . . . FFJUL,JIM,GREGG, ILL(Sleez), CATHY,MC ' SHR,Jeffsb-suit ... NH,confused,crash9- 1 2-83. kvaimmfdjmqTHANXMOMS.DAD Michael Maxwell Stephen McAskill laine J. McCarthy MAC 7 1 Bellington St. 5 11 66 TRACK capt — So much for so little — STATES7VSWIM — WILOTHING! AD- AYS JRs — JNDDSDMFJHMHVAIM — MGDBSGTJTJMJ . . . TG = GT!!-fJ — repBoysJEL — originalsDC -i- AA?lnfatuations — Grigs + MenotsIDUST! BUST 1 — Survival — WHY? SAC,RSAC,SSAC — When will it end! North Conway? eality RRParty — FL Semis Proms OUR HOUSE — inthe middle of the street! isits to MV-rCC MUNCH! Waa! ST — G + P SIFTO LEO ELANO Everything jould’ve been nothing without U-MUM PUP, Bros + BratXO dward McDonnell 53 Kilsythe Rd 8 16 66 hrissy 4-28-83 Junior Prom 6- 1 0-83 " Scuffles " , Mr. 8 Mrs. Fun.Track w Mr.D. iockey. Baseball, GolLB.C.C., BD,MS,RO,B. 1 5,Swiftsy,Dogs,Wingasheek leach, Hampton, Dances, ‘ " Faithfully”,CMT,e going " , Donut Fights.Gym, Mr. Juigs,Ponders,Golden,G R,MH,Vacation, Mall 9-23. Fireworks. Parties.Dude. lO Nuts,Geils,LOK,Gone. THANKS MOM .DAD Lisa Marie Manion Red 4 1 3 66 I Remember . . . Amy,Debbie,Jean,Jane,8th on the 30th, McD,Tom, Gardens, Bobby,scamming-scooping, Revere, RAH - RAH !Caesar,The Cape, PDA,Corbetts, I’m cute?, Mr. S, Mr. C, Florida, 7 4,Cindy ' s,MEJ,the movies,Sombreros, The Proms!, 2nd lunch Airport Flight 2 I 2 to Mexico. Don ' t put off living til tomorrow cause tomorrow never comes. Thanx Mom.Dad Donna — Love ya! See ya! Scott Maranian Britoe 1 5 West St. 5 25 66 CORNY YOUR LATE,CAPT.FOOTBALL,TED CORNY CREEKO BROGDON.MGH JJJBWHESDTALHJIJMRJGT.HAMPTON 6 SHIEK, HEY WHITOE.HELPIB S COT- TAGE,CASE?WATCH OUT ROADRUNNER, O.K NINA,SEMIS,PROMS,HELLO LINDA,240 ' S?WHY?WEIGHT ROOM 7AM FOOTBALL,FORBIDENFOOD,REID, M .JFLASH, QUIGS, MR.B,MY BOYS,POOL GAMES,MUNC1E,JAMIEBURT, CAMP,TRACK,THANKS,AAA .DAD,MRS.G,JL Edward Marootian Kristin Marquis Mike Maxwell 3 1 6 Appleton St. 3 25 66 F.T.W. 71 LeMans THE WHo 23 22 82 Florida 83 Summer Jam 83 Marlies Barlies Zodiac Island Party B.O.C. Femia Where the heck are you Bow Arrow nuts in Harvard Sq. Paddy Wagon P C Heyvegd Bishop 81 c.c.c. outlaws DE- ZDDy Tor The Time I spent it seemed like more all I want now is to find The DOOr 84 rules later much Thanx Mom and Dad Stephen McAskill 3 1 Hopkins Rd. 4 8 66 It’s over, call it a day . . . Summers in Ipswich — Oh Yeah!, Tennis, Friendlies with BD,DG,YES DancesS Ski Trips, B.K. alias G.C.AH things are possible to him who believes Sting! " Hold The Phone " , LNR — We Were Born to Rock! — M.B..K.K. C.P.M.J,L.,Weekends up the Neck — I ' m up for it!,Crane Beach,Moose, Tony Miller — This must be the end of the beginning. Thanks MomS Dad! Elaine McCarthy Edivard McDonnell Joanne McDonnell Mark McElearney Tracy McLaughin 1 45 Renfrew St. S Z5 66 Good Time.BadTimes it was hard but I made it. Maine.summer time blues. Love ya Mike4eva.LAMCDD|HjC Never forget ya.Best friends 4eva Teri Thanx |ay. |r. prom, Group on Fridays. Brighams, Charlies house, double dating Bye AHS Thanx Mom and Dad I Love You both. Kathleen McMakin 75 Dorothy Rd. 5 6 66 SD Dexter Jingles HM — Pals Tiny Police Woman Dings Chief Where Are The Fireworks?AC jS TC MD PM M — TECH KM Sis RB Suds Bg AL Ryan ROCHE Booma All You Guys Good Times jaid MP — Glasses Mlake Horn Hot — Mama Classic Jiffy Black Betty Down A Mown Those Mine? What No Lights?! Crash! Rufus Ands Off Boad MCDS — Piret Maniac Later AHS Best of Times Thanks Ms Barry MOM 8. DAN Kevin McShane Kenneth McWilliams Paul Miller Fuji 7 Bellevue Rd 6 13 66 Thank God for June 3. NA.DM.BD,TM,BS,JW.GL,NW,LE.MA The Blood Ritual, the Bloody Penquin. WPE IT UP. Snowed in an Aerosmith. J. Ceils. Bakers Hallow. Dec. I 2th . 1 9 SZ.J.White Mountains The Far. Matts in Menots.The " L " HOJO ' S at 5. Hampton Beach. Swimming at Glenns Thans Mom8.Dad Irene E. Milliken Rena I Memorial Way 3 19 66 Gary 5 4 83 ILY wwmt I FF va sd mf jn cn km cw dj nk Im ap em Cheering Capt 84 Kanga — IDSAM Tango — 4-2 LTYD and we did I’m still standing MF — Calvins Cape 83 BTWG UMAINE — wheres my bo? Lil Chinese girl no cops round NYears 82 Jr ' s TOGA — membaMF Rev 1 0 tsm — shelly 9 7,9 1 0! db-kn prom — 83,84 minf Thanks Mr. C. Love ya mom dad .maria LYA BROWNIE 50 Joanne McDonnell 72 Marathon St. 7 4 6 ' SquirtAAArl.Youth Hockey. Choppi.Tiny.and the Storyteller, Death climb.Thersd , Rita and Jo-Ann(Chipn ' Dale) Harvard SquareArl.Crew — JimAnita Pete Cambridge, Robin Debbie . Steph.The River.August 83’ POLICE 8 I0 83.TH NOT " Heroes ' David Bowie 8 3 I .Maybe II get a job now? THANKS MOM .DA[ Mark McElearney Marko 57 Quincy St. 6 20 61 ' Yahoo! thefort thebridge CrowAwizAiks.Yubba.PXON.SSpandtheboysMenot DezDoyChinstrapHDBDTFJMBR Thekinks, JGiels.TalkingHeadsAdamAnt.Thi Police TheHoHooverdam Whosgotthejohnnies You ' llgetoffCBlipsk Halloween8l with Fahi-tOB Heyvegdoaripter GimmeCanJa Mac sbashesam Crow ' skegas — DazedanConfused ACandWagontrips Jimmy’s andthecrev Thanks everyone U TERI! T racy McLaughlin Kathleen McMakin Kevin McShane 61 School Street 11 20 66 Bo’s Bombers Rule — Aggie’s AA All-Stars a close second, Karen 9 25 82 How’s Poly?My Bestest Buddy Bill, 9, Blast — 82 BC 6v6 CHAMPS, 5 years oi soccer with Uncle Kev — Tourneys in 82, 83, Exiles — Psydo Chicken, B’s Out Total eclips of the Snark — BF.DH.ED. JV Hoop with QUIGS. Beaver is cool! BKi! Lives! Pac — Hats — CP. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good Luck Class of 84. Kenneth McWilliams 26 Morton Rd 2 28 66 2JV Hoop, B’s Cottage Canadian tolls. The Who ’Young Man Blues”, HMF,HTF ' DLYD,SM,Cruel Shoes all Rubber heads throw Fish? Excuse me! Boss is Back “Thats quick send that ain’t mud”. Big Money cards I’m Lite, Claim Beoir . . . Paul M iller Irene illiken Richard Mullen Julie Murphy Christine M. Murray Chrissy 73 Beacon St. 12 19 66 Bobby thanks for everything! 3rd room chair wouldn ' t of made it w o Mr.C. Mary " Ann A! thanks ILY both " out the window w Liz )oe Liz we ll make it!! 829 — Rick N.H. Mindy thanx for the wonderful memories, youre the best!! Mind ' hold onto " Someday " cuz eventually its gonna work out. Thanx Mum Dad Field Thanks I LOVE YOU MOM Peg carol Dad Pat Johanna Nagle Johan 28 Walnut St. 11 17 66 Jeff 8 26 82 changes Hampton 83 DDJH.VAL — SHICIAO! MUNCHILUVYA, VAEMCNLKMHDDJHIMSDAP SOPHYR THE BEST! BUMPERSNEAKERS THE BUST81 " RPCBMT " BDI I882 23.W JBJC EMON D + ACRUISES CATH NANA! PUSTEISAPISQ NP T! what semi? Sencov.cheering,3FIC,Ly84 gang! 1 — can handle it! partylAnd now back to reality . . . LUVYA MOM DAD, JOE, C-J, - Shawn Thanx Bye. Catherine Nahigian Linda Natale TinaMorello Tiny 1 55 Thorndike St. 11 25 66 SB VB BB CHAMPSTURNY DURF DIRTY DOG KAYDEE SPAZ DIZ RM 106 KD PARTYS MEDICINE SPPON FENCE COOKIE JAR KD MD SM CS JC KC BG MF KM SD JL DP JG WB V MC CM TC LUV YA ALWAYS PW CHOPIBELL BORING CAMP JEN MOOKIE DIZZY DAFFY JEAN KRIS BABY POWDER 4 1 I FOR EVA LUV YA MA AND DAN Christina N. Mullin Chris, Kitina 1 6 Rockmont Rd. 8 31 66 BBMSBS DO IT BEST! Best of friends — MRIA,SUS,DI,JO, AIM,LYN,KIM — I LOVE YOU ALL!ClarkU. NJ You ' ve got to be kidding — Montreal 1 5thFloor!GAS — RTR,GADAGYG — CAST PARTYIDMs are AWESOME 4 WhistlesIBUGFACE! Hockey Games in good voicelSAVAGE MOTHERIFIorida 83 — MRIA! Early Mornings — DIIHarvard Boys — SUS! Insatiable — Jo! Later Dates AHSIYIDDLE SCOOTER — IWALYITHANS MOM! Tina Morello Christina Mullin ichard Mullen Ricky 86 Gardener St. 1ISI65 HS, I had a great 4 years and some good time.HRwith TM. I Lunch with TO,SE, Gandsr.GReat time on JVBball team. The junior with PG,PM,TM,KF and TV. oodtimes in Hampton with SL and pm.Thanks to all my teachers and friends ' ho made my years at ARS Great ones. Thanks mom and dad for being there ' hen I needed you most. ' ilie Murphy " Jul " 1 02 Robbins Rd. 7 24 66 I ' osh year — West Menots,Montreal " 82 " . . . Best Friends KM,GM.JD,JC,KOB, |OK,CN,VA,JG . . . Gregg 1 8 82 Best times ever — 8 21 83 . . . Sweatpants, emi vProm " 83 " HJOMP,SNAACG,JC ' sHouse,Crash . . . Juice, D-Sel Buddies, Maddog sisters " . . . " SAP " . . . FarmWalks,BM — SleazeMSummer " 82 You pow What I Mean? Love You Mum . Dad. Christine Murray Johanna Nagle litherine Nahigian Cathy 30VennerRd. 6110166 — VAJNJMKMIMSDJHMG HS Lot, field Cheering Thanx FinIPGNKBR Frosh |:to J + K menots soph yr Dot NYE " 82 ' 83 changes Catman WPP Shell Sats — I ' HTIscoops eggfight TangoForTwo Semis ,Proms Winga NFYDHI S.S. Pierce |7 83 — TheCarsParked Wrong Vaal list sylvana PYT NANA — Jo 3FIC Wishful linking Susan — WABT NC — HWC . . . Thanx Love you Mom,Dad,Ellen . I ' na lida Marie Natale 2 1 5 Forest St. I I 1 5 66 30DT1MESWITHLV,JS,E0 ' L,BT,HC(SL),LC,MRHEN ' SELECTRIC TYPEWRITERS IIT MR. MAZ 5 20 83 — WHAT KIND IS IT — BREN? HOMEROOM DAVE ' S DCKERTP— WICKED GOOD.NEVERTELL AN ANGELHOW DO YOU SPELL IT? l . C. FLA SJR — I GUESS THAT ' S WHY THEY CALL IT THE BLUES. LUV YA MA. [tD. V!N — THANX I MADE IT! — LATER A.H.S. Eric Newman Hoang Nguyen Kim Nichols 9 Windsor St. 5 18 66 Class of 84 We made ityahoolMadrigals.TheSleepover. Fun. times Trace, Ria.Di, ChrisAim.Rob,|o,Mich,Lyn.A V13 struggle. remember.Ka.Eudi and S.C.T.Rio. HNWLAT.Rock of Ages. This is where I came was it The Street. Again?Tum.4ya. Trouble in WinterslOh no! Pink Woman yehyehyeh! I will really miss everybody! Thanx MOM! Rich Nicholson Nick 24 Columbia Road 8 24 65 RichNicholson " Nick " NEWYO RKCity .The Humans, eve. ButChrememberthetub FuentesAvenue.TheTranslatorUncieHarrysFarm.Chris ' sTaffy.FolsomsDunafeeis ThanksMomandDadfortakingthetimeandtoallmyfriendsinschoolandoutCood LuckHiNancyCoodbyeBeegFinnlandyoutoSharon Lily Ning Charles No rma n Kristen Norton 47 Epping St. 6I1SI6(3 Thanks everyone for 4 great years.They were the best.G .S . . . GUYS . DOLLS.Take Back Your MinkANNIE GET YOUR GUN.BBMSBS.Buckwheat.Cast Party-Time Warp.Anyone for Musical Chairs?FINE!Toga Party! M.H. in a cake?Hi F.C.Yvonne et Mathilde dorment. Pepe!!Did you check the backseat for the axman? I love you Mom, Dad Karen. Thanks for everything. Thanks Lil for dance! Dennis OKeefe 1 I 1 North Union St. I II 66 )US CANT STOP ME, GEILS 82. HAMPTON 83 LABOR DAY WEEKEND OLD ORCHARD KEV, WHAT HAPPENED ON THE BEACH? SEGER.80-83 TOM PETTY 83 " WHERE ARE THE KEYS? BACK TO BACK. GOOD CHASE ON THE PARKWAY GOOD TIMES WITH K.K.,P.S..B.G..R.P.,R.H..C.S.,S.C. THE BUDS SURE TASTED BETTER IN A WARM CELLAR THANKS B.G. LOVE YA MOM Eric Newman 308 Washington St. 1 0 4 6( School outIParties up the tower, Stratton park. Drinking the coldies, Lagace zooD, Rodney, Deny, Shepy, Parties up Hampton, P.W. ' s little house, the court yard, halves. Magnum, After school Gamble ' n, Brighams, Late again. Having al I three lunches, three day vacation. See ya Kimberlie Nichols Richard Nicholson Lily Ning 29 Summer St. 8 24 66 Time to discover old new treasures in our world.our life. ourselves. Look to a future of adventure.excitement, living, .learning. Look to a past of memories, friends, family. Remember the people who touch your life. Hope that you touch their lives also. Thanks to the family, teachers, S friends who have made my life richer.Never goodbye, only au revoir. Charles Norman 1 9 Pleasant View Road 7 22 66 It ' sbeenalong Four Years, but now I can break out and try to forget everything I learned here some good times in Rockport My inspiration Gene Krupa BG King of Swing ZZ Top U S. NAVY classic Cars Gorgeous Girls Kristen Norton Dennis O ' Keefe Eileen B. O ' Leary Ei I I George Street 9 26 66 Kev. Jr. semi Prom. Tree w Linda N. Marshfield. Up Dallin w Pam Sue Jackie, friends always. Davids Lockenonionhead.Good times at lunch w MP.MJ.MS. MH,HR,BT,MD.Tom Petty 3 24 83 Kinks gotta love them! Never tell an Angle, freshman foods Hmrm “Betty pick up. please " Missy. 6 10 83. Brenda, Where are we now Mum,Dad.Pat,Dennis.John,Ed,Tom,Kathy,Maureen.Elizabeth.and especially you.Timmy thanksa wicked lot! You Guys I’m outta here David O ' Riordan 11 8 65 BOB MARLEY LIVE FOR TODAY! NO FUTURE JMDFRWPTKDAHTIJWKELES.MC MR HAMMERED MOUNTAINS HIBBERT MAGIC BUS SWEATY THIS IS THE END THANKS MOM AND DAD ANARCHY Mtchal Orkisz Jay Osman OZZ 79 Fairmont Street 3 16 66 Parties at the Pond lets get some brews No Whiskey lets Do some running Joe lynn ' s rep is going Down John lets go kick sum — . Hey guys lets Jam III get my strat lets go to the coombes and Drink Hey I got my new car Totally wicked Awesome. Darren your still the best Rhodesmen keep practicing. Hey Thanx alot People and To you to Al Tanx to MA + DAD Edward T. Pacheco Ted 6 1 Florence Ave. 8 5 66 VFootball8l VBasketball 12 Scott.Steven, Chris, JoeLusk.GA.DH.MC.SJ, JR. JM.JB, RJ.IM.SFL Who do we got today Mr. Quigs Didnt forget you Mrs. G Jeff that? Hampton6 Why West Campton 30 Doubles — no more Britos FNPG Corny your a mess Ricci — mughead Semi? prom? Awfully white Thanks Mom Dad Eileen O’Leary David O ' Riordan Michal Orkisz 1 8 Field Road 2 7 66 I .et me never forget my friends wherever they might be. 7KWDH,4A.MAAS,JC, IlR,PH,JW . . . Hellor everbody! Thanks to my parents, teachers and everybody j vho helpd me to be myself. Thank You America for your kindness and beauty. I vill see you again! Richard O ' Rourke 1 23 Oakland Ave. 7 5 66 3LL DONE WITH AHS.GREAT TIMES.NIGHTS AT THE DROME. MOVIES.DOG MCES.SUMMERS IN MONTREAL.VERMONT.NOVA SCOTIA.MAINE. CRANKING OUT.MOONDOG.RUSHWHOQBJPKIMOODL. THANX TOBJLMPK FMCEMADTB. JR PROM with KC GT.DEATH TO HAIRLIPSIHEY is there going to je wrestling team.LOVE DANCES.IO TRACK.3YRSFB. THANX MA.DAD.WRE TLING I .COLLEGE NEXT? SO LONG R tcha rd O ' Rourke George Osman Edward Pacheco like Paiva 1 9 Mt. Vernon St. 12 20 65 joodTimes Hi in Menots Buds withHTMRBRCDTFHDRomeOChin rap crash ith Row vHANK2manygoodx ' s tolist Winapaw Su PoliceJGIELS 3days of fin 83” Workiwforaliven Hampton Anytime.WilmingtonParty Will Not forgetJAB LAGCAPD Never got me in “83”Thankx DeeJimTinaRickNever forgetya inderson Gulf GoodTimes This Bud ' sForTheClassof84 ThanksMom Dad Kev ueLinLouNanLater Much Larren Panico 8 Farrington St. 6 3 66 almouthTThe Native StackAtPacks Amity3BP lts Root beer SR-Drool Whats so unnySB?Toga MH inaDress SurpriseHV l cant open the Door GPsGHS Cukes JoNukes Occifer Survival 83 HJ4- 1 0 AGA7 A BOBs Semi 83 cruising LnowDays — SR — intoBoston ChineseTakeout Me,SR,BP — diversity — it -hangedOurLives moDuo Me .BP7ToysR UsTThanxs esp,SR,AK,BP,SB,Mom . Bad Dood Bye 8 Good Luck AHS. Michael Paiva Carren Panico Charlene Pappas Denise Paratore Julia A. Parrillo Jules 87 Brantwood Rd. 0 11 66 MOPSYSK,SP,EJ,KD,JD,MF,SB,BD,KLAE,PREPPY?MOI?STUDENT GOVT, YEK, 4th Est.KK FIELD HOCKEY.LAX, TENNIS ANYONE? S up Dude?NAUSET BEACH BUM, PTH, Surfs up,YES,SPRINKLERS “CAN I DRIVE? ' Scoopem,PROMS S.SEMIS, " MOVIES”, OVERHEAT 128, BRlGS,l d rather be sailing,JULIAfoolya SCOTSMAN? BH,GOOFY,SP — DSSCTM,JFJMDPNK TOGA, •Oh,my GAWD! " ‘TM GOLDEN ' Bye AHS I LOVE YOU DADDY 8. BEN. Adele Pascale I Monad nock 10 19 66 VTENNIS GOOD TIMES W IM,MY,MF,NK,JN,MF,DJ,SP I GUESS I m in Thanks GARY,Morty PARTY AT MY HOUSE? Day after Proms Wing WINCH SCOTT EbWf tW Ski trip EW The Fox Centerfold Proms The Crew Pew ' Pot Rocky3 Shotdown NK,DJ,LM,MF.What’s up that ' s cool dear Brenda Faced by JR behind the High Brigs 4 at once Menotomy THAN KSMA + DAD LOVE YA Michael Paynter Jean Pearson Sharon Pease 55 Brattle 5 23 66 Maria,Laura,Cheryl, friends foreverILooks like we made it!8 1 ,G-Night.Summer of 82. Lying in the parking lot L .M. Quarter money.Halloween nights.The ' L:. Homeroom with Jeanie Lis. Little man, Cheryl. 4 30 83:Brighams. SARGE.The Flunkets — SS SP vi C ViJT. Graduation night. Fiorida 84!Coliege is next.LA SH SI MM.l LUV U, Billy Cheryl.Thanks Jean April L. Perkin Missy 35 Milton St. 4 22 66 David 7 24 82 Good Times, Bad Times, always Special Times wiil have forever! Unforgetable Times with DF,MJ 7AA,JT DL,MH.MS,BT,KC,TB,RB,DC,WD,LC,EO Piggy Good Times Cruisin in the 73 GT Gloucester 7 4 83 Walden Pond Ver- mont Poets, Manor,Who Knows where? ANC Wed. Girls Night J Geils, Police concerts! Jr. Year snow Mary Budi made it Bill, Thanks Ma AHS Charlene Pappas Chuck 1 282 Mass. Ave. 5 21 66 i Am 1 late? Elaine Jean Great Parties where are my shoes? Comm. Ave ha ha | Wheelies on 1 6 Burn rubber on me Jimmy and Tina, my favorites it’s all my fault love that tie Bowling in a dress Crazy! Why doesn ' t anyone listen to me What ' s a book? Shopping Sprees Sicilians wbb infybami2 Anna Peter Anna Demetra , . . 1 love you Dad and Mom Denise Paratore 2 Henry St. I I 1 66 Semi, Prom Never forget good times bagged innocent 9 23 82 FIELD HOCKEY softball GBL — mt — yell Darris party too much — Mit my FOOT Where now EJ Christine vKaren — best fd always Hist mejoe SM,GP,KC,JC,SP,TM,KD,MD, Beth — Lab broke!,MBS I FORGET HAPTON q up — SK — parties Re-Unite 1 St aslee Chris — boys SCOTT B .D heels — trip Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You! Julia Parrlllo Adele Pascale Michael J. Paynter Vars. Hockey Joanne 83 76 Cutlass 8 10 Police, 8 1 1 Station H.D.’s Keggers Good Times Bad Times Waiver Blizzard of Montreal Menots Good times with MPCDGFMRQHTTFHDEBSC Led Zep Pink Floyd cumonaboiyamist 84 Thanks Mom and Dad Jean Marie Pearson Magnet 1 89 Mountain Ave. 8 19 67 I Remember . . . Amy,Debbie, Lisa, HRW Sharon, 8th on the 30th, MC D,Tom, Gardens, Bobby,Scamming — Scooping, the Stairs, RAH-RAH! Caesar,Amy’s room, PDA, RSJ, Right! Sombreros, Mr. C,Bermuda,Fireworks, the movies. The Prams!, 2nd lunch. Airport flight 2 I 2 to Mexico, Don’t put off living til tomorrow cause tomorrow never comes. 4 1 5 83 Timmy Love Ya Always.Thanks Mom. See ya! : Sharon Pease April Perkin 54 Barbara Perozek Savvas Pesiridis iregoiy Phelan Greg 16 Henry St. 9 14 66 ’■jHS.SB,BF.KM,TB;Sleepover.CP,SP,KN,KT,DP,C V .MW,KV,|R,RD,ED.DH,RD. Iren — Bren Cape.Babs.SR so Shallow, SKS LR Studwink,DC|r.Semi Prom,MH abs,BR AT40SvTrips, AK fink, |H Horror films,HV any queens? HR Rep. Student ouncll:BD,LK,MH vTS. OrtI, Gio, Fin, Trev, Mr.R,F,andK.Drama 82-84, G S 80- J4,Track 8 1 -84.Miss you Mom .Love you Family.Bye AHS. 4acy Piandes 1 1 Gay St. 8 20 66 jjood times with:MPE]]PDPBR)PLNAP Bonehead.BS on the F,lt’s the hair, ■ummer,NH,Camp — Marthoola,RI,No Way,Police,|ourney,Didn ' tl meet you at Journey concert?,Strawberries,Track,LN- 1 2 carnations?,GOYA,Pres. 1 982-83, lances,Ski trips, strangers in the night ... Oh my God, j.P.DSSCTM, GOOFY Champagne, If you could only see. Thanks Ma Dad Scott Poole Vito Politano kristin A. Powell Kris 97 Newport St. 7 8 66 IG — CAPE — Mnigolf — SR — Rootbeer — GP — It ' s OK — Waterbailoons — D TB — OUCH! B-day Parties — CPKTKNSBMW — TOG A — PromNite BR ' s •th — OJH7: 1 5 HrRep — 10-12 A ’s — AK — bikechain — Notes — DCRDjH PSP WMNE — Print — BC — Harvard — MexFood There ' s One — Hv MH — lOodFriend.Thanks — Mrs.D Yes — Rocking CollegeFair — ToysRUs — Prom — ' .arry — Phone?7 9 Thanks — BeatU(S RISK — 2x LOVE THANKS MOM )AD RKM] ij Joseph Prates 1 6 Silk St. 1 2 3 66 j|’P,PS,LK,DS,|R,KG,MK,MC. Best Friends. It ' s Time To Move On To Bigger nd I ' etter Things. The Wamp, Spy Pond, The Drome. Good Times Bad Times. Sum- mer of " 82” Europe Thanks Mom and Dad. So Long A.H.S. Hello Real World. Barbara L. Perozek 2 1 9 Crosby St. 9 2 66 Thanx esp to SR,MW,BG for parties Me my BIG mouth AAAA s Demolition Duo cukes in English corruption: AK8.BG cruisin ' with CP bets B-ball games Beat It! BG at Riverside jimmy ' s Ch.Ch.SundaysTTOG AI(MH) 44 HV ' s B-day Party Good luck in life . . . BF,BG,MW,KM,SB,AK,BR,KP,KN,KT,MH,DC,CP.GP. RD,HV,SR,8. any other friends . . . Luv U Mom8-Dan! xxoo Savvas Pesiridis l 5 Burch St. I 1 7 66 Good Bye AHS Chucky and i Best friends forever GS GC BO VP Haven ' t been caught yet. K-os Best Band CR GS CT Eiectric Eye SP ES.KB I wili never forget the good times CR. Boston on Saturday AE 1 43 1 43AE. WE made Chuck and we will Make it through coll Future Rock Band K-Os. THANK YOU Ma and Dad For Everything. Gregory Phelan Stacey Piandes Vito Politano 59 Winter St. 2 19 65 Summer of 83 after work with |B KM MS Auto shop and Mr DK KG PW jP Cruising in MS ' s Z28 smoke shows MP Friendliest In THE LED ZEPPELIN ZZ Top Electronics and DS LK ' s 60 Olds DK ' s Cutlas cruising in gas car. Room 2 1 4 MP Good Bye AHS Scott Poole 1 7 Lanark Rd. 7 12 66 ELECTRIC EYE — E.S.K.B.M.S.A.P. — QUIET RIOT — URL7MONEY — GERMANY, RALPH — KEYBOARDS,YAMAHA — YOU — OK — CHUCK — MUSIC COM- PLEX — RM 38 " TTHE ULTIMATE” — D — PDRT MOTEL — MONTREAL — U.S.NOGO — SPOON — ASTRA — TBVDKDBE — 2$TO KP — JEN BEACH, XCUSES,LT8.)T8.GH — PUT IT ON BOB ' S TAB WEEKENDS — UP TO TEN KYLE — BAD ROOM LUNCHES — K ' S BSEMENT,FLY TRAP — IT GOES 0N8.0N8.0N THANX TO MOM 8.DAD .EVERYONE Kristin Powell Joseph Prates Paul Quatieri Nadia Raponi Heather Reeves Smitty 9 Magnolia 1 2 28 66 Maine Summer 83 |A Southy Guys Screama Party ' s my House Semi Always Time for Lisa and Shell It ' s been great PG MP M| MS DL MR DQ BT Danny s Times forever Elkie Hall 83 E + N-A 2 Years AC MISTAKE! Monots Hodge Pond AC Lot TODD 7PM Softball 83 GO PP BROCTON 82-83 MM AM )-)-M-K Duxbury 82 Good Luck To All Look Out World Here Comes The Class of 84 See ya Constantitie Reissis Pamela Reytiolds Michele Riccio Bunny S3 Browning Road 5 7 66 All of those memories! Last year ' s prom with Deb. Bill, Chris, Bob. + |oe! Thanx to everyone who became friends with the new kid, me! Being in love 20x ' s a year! Good Friends Good Times: D.B., B E . A.| , H.B., G.L„M.H., - all the other awesome kids! Skipping gym class! Going to all three lunches during history! I ' ll miss you all! Bye A.H.S.! Burt Richardson 69 Brand St. 5 17 65 Good Friends + good times: Don ' t worry about it! 2 — PK attack JGELIS CON- CERT Zoodwood " Should I " Parties H D ' s cellar V-Football 54 F.B. — Camp )amie, Scott, Corny Red Sox )amie " Doy The Kinks " Let us in Me and Bud, Menotomy Park after dark " KG ' s” New Year ' s KC in the snow teachers freshman ye Dez.Dave + ,az Tm Done!!! Love ya Mom ad. Brian + Jessie Michele Riccit to Burt Richardsc Paul Quatieri Quarts 232 Renfrew St. 4 8 66 ELLEN 5 23 83 Weekends down the Cape o 9 1 9 8 1 (I ' ll never forget) . . . Dallin . . . Monets and the center. Dad it broke again!! Vito dont throw any more papers. Oh no Toomey again! See you later Arlington High I love you Mom, Dad, ; Franky,janice and Patty Nadia Raponi Blacky 1 09 Sunnyside Ave. 1 0 1 5 66 CLASS OF 84 I REVERE BEACH RAILSIDE HAMPTON BEACH HECLADOTAVE THANX CHERYL KIM MICHELLE BOBIMIS DINGY DR KS |L DD CM VS EN jS GV ER HF SS ET-t-PQ CB-hLB THANX FRANCO SUSAN MARIO ASSUNTA DA- i NIELLE ILOVE YOU MOM THANX I LOVE YOU SUMMER OF 83 PM -t NR 7 1 8 I 83 " BABY COME TO ME” DAD I MISS YOU REST IN PEACE " NEVER GONNA LET I YOU GO " PHIL I LOVE YOU " IS THIS THE END " | Anthony Redmond Heather Reeves Chuck Reissis 1 94 Lake St. 12 23 66 K-OS, Our Band I . Lead Guitar and Leader. CR, GS, CT, CP, KM Great Team! Never forget The Picnic 6-26-83. Gibson SG I I Love Music and Guitars. Led Zeppelin still 1 . CHUCK -i- KARLA, 7-26-83, Remember Harvard, me and Sav- vas Best Friends SP, GS. jS, GC, CP. ]T. MR Good Sis. We made it Sav. Thanks Mom -I- Dad. Pamela j. Reynolds Pam 243 Ridge St. 9 9 66 TorForeverlEgAhMrKsPpLfMsPm TheLakes NHVerSA — orch MaineXCountry CALMarshfieldCamping — PARTYlFMCAmm TheDeadMacSegerBowiejDLife NC Skiing4QGuitar SKingDanceFrisbeeGretchCYOball|OCjrPromChris7:00! ; CoollcareYouWantMeToDriveThat? — ForgetaboutitImagineThat ' sdeep They ! don tunderstandThink Believe I nYourselfThanxTorjorWKADdcGMrCrjr 1 Ma + Dad — Wouldn ' t HaveMadeltWithoutYou I Paul Rick ter John Rigazio David Robinson 2 Aberdeen Rd I 1 0 66 Finally out will Remember Good Friends and Good Times Barney Mook Charlie Bake O.B. ET Hinks M.G. S.C. THE RES PARTY 1 1 83 Stones Bass Parking Lot under the Bridge Thanks Mom Dad. I j Susan Louise Roche 44 Churchill Ave. 11 25 66 lwantMYdoritoesS.eatTHEM2 — Butl llsettle4ACuke TOG AA DSyndrome Fal- : mouth MichaelJackson?lwantDEFLEP OZZY CoffeePlease Asophmore?He i GotHerWhat?! FishKisses Cruisin Babes ChineseFireDrills HiOssifer AirGuitar . Drool? Whipped Cream ThanxAg oMI — esp.CPforhelping ' VegetableIn I Turmoil " DoHerMathHomework8.BPfor PuttingUpWithMeThese4years — 1 Friends4-ever! Laura Roper Elizabeth Rogers William A. Roper Bill 1 6 Benjamin Road 8 18 66 Bruddy Bo Mike jim Greg KT KP BP AK CP SR KN MW jr Prom Cape 83 Thanks Heidi. Senior Year and Brenda Thanks. Kev What can be said? Soccer w Uncle Kev Tourneys 82 83. BC 6v6 Champs 82. V B-Ball 82 83 w Mr. Cody. 2 years at DQ. Good Luck to the Bombers and All-Stars, Keep in touch. Will Miss All. |Thanks and Love You Mom Dad Pat and jim. iTimothy Rose 278 Hillside Ave. 4 6 66 ' soccer — TRACK — OUTINGCLUB — BM — RC — KS — KB — The Course — lerpers ON tour ' 83 — Thanx NW LOVE YOU — Hey Rob you REMEMBER THE • NIGHT RIDER — You decide — SNOW7NAH — cant Beat the Bugs — Serenade — Get The WORST ONES — COFFEE club Face Paint FUN — Shrimp on brownies with Tom Snyder — MRL death — Friendlies Again? — the YOTA — NEVER Be The Same — Thanx MOM and DAD I LOVE YOU Paul Rickter 88 Hemlock Street 1 0 26 65 The end is near. It was a short 4 years. Survival — 3 years, German Club, Cable Access. USFL alive and well and living in Chem. Trev AP English, German Ex- change in june 84. Please don t call me " Speed ! Future: Elec. Engineering. Good Luck everybody. Thank you Mom and Dad. I survived. john Rigazio Gaz(th) 25 Hawthorne Avenue 1 27 66 VFootballVBaseballVHoop Mike,Dan,Geo,GMAE,Diff,Doe,Chen,Stymie, |B,S|, Get The Groove Mj — " livin ' crazy that ' s the only way " Hangin at the high. Road trips, Linda 9 1 0 83, No tunes in the Gaz mobile, I had a real nifty time, thanks to everyone who helped especially Mom and Dad David Robinson Susan Roche Elizabeth A. Rogers Beth 59 Ronald Rd. 9 19 66 Danny 9 2 1 82 dbiah truly iawywm Ts scared he ' s NH all nite long Matilda roses sptw ' s you and i. Cheering thanks Fin, Cathy, Nina, Patti Ikcdmkke b b Mike cinnibar angora, W cricket hold on sdwwaot w, afa Mau, Denise Spi Mdfd Hon- ee smw broken? beach wanos, ftafp, tts, p watch w e. Mahogany, i love you sha, mom, dad and phoebe Laura A. Roper Baker Sister 1 4 1 Newport St. 5 18 66 " SUMMER JAM " 83.Studwink,SK,GP.DRAAAA3 Who Wants TO GO in LATE? STOP8.SHOP Grove St.CC,SF,C|,CC,jR,SC,SWy S.ML,L|,jC,BS,RW.FF,Oj,KW.rLL DOG YOUl WHB Gang I BAKER SISTERS83.HB,MM,LW,BC,LR. ELLO LUV SOMETIMES YOU jUST GOT TO SAY WHAT THE HECK! Patricia(espanol). Goodbye Aunt Nancy .Grandmother.Thanks MOM .DAD I LOVE U.THERESE A PIG,HA HA. William Roper Timothy Rose Patricia Ross Mark Rou e Michelle Sabbag " Musha " 24 Silk St. 12 14 66 Good Times Bad Times Best of Times with BT DL )T M| MP EO LC MH LN TB AA DC WD RB CL MR Poets, The Manor.Who Knows Where?New Hamp. Hampton 4 22 83 One of the best! YPA |W Conventions || always present New Years Eve — Never forget it BrenIRoches parties HP Pals Semi Prom with PQ I know nothin Hi Dunz Thanks Mom S. Dad I Love You! David Santosuosso 53 Lancaster Rd. 1 0 23 66 ASHA 3 9 83 the guys BOB ED The Squid )ohn FRANK. 3 days off in 83 with Mark Hank Brian. THE WINDOW Brighams with BC. The white corvette. Lunch with Veto and Leo. Daniel Sarazen William Sa rno lohnSasso Sas 7 1 Foster St. lHl 66 Hi Arl News, DaEsmali, Flair?, Led Seppelin,Pink Floyd, Rush,bubba,Flahs,Match, S.C.,VanHalen,The Manipulation, Bourgeois I ,Richardlll,P.Z.8.Dice,K.),CBTY. K.W.IALB. ).0,8.Cars,Fishtails,Seatbelts,Purple,lshTar Lives! Eclavdra,White Rune,Donblas,eyesphere,biped,l I th eye, BFG,TC.LTS,|.Thanx MOM DAD, Sniff ya Later AHS. Theodora Sawides Teddi 40 Palmer Street 10 22 66 Summer 83 — Pam. |e hi! — I’m gone! — Ekanes tsisakia? Amstel beer. Koilada — KISSA — CP. Motorcycle — Maroon. Volleyball — Ela maki! To pathenis? SOPA! Flashdance. Tou Prophit Hlia . . . First-class Teddybear — DUMBELL! Zakynthos. Antoni — LACITE. Petraki erhome! — Teri! An Then Eixa Kai Sena Nail Dimitri . . . Tlaine, jaye, Karen. PARIOS!!! Thanks mom, dad. Patricia R. Ross Patti 1 4 Wildwood Ave. 6 1 0 66 FRIENS AABCGKRST CAPECOD83 K .M NHESCAPE PARTIW7TRKSTG .CO.. bttb IRPROMMYSTICSFLATGASW K GIJOEDOLL IN THOP4:30! MEDWOODS I PEPPERMINTPATTIES HUGS .KISSES O MOM DAD LAURA HEIDI 0224 NPAG UTLGARB FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT PWITHAN T BRIGSW GRACIE BUDDIES FOREVER MAY061983 ITTMSQKAHCBS BLUE SKIES AND PALAJVlINO PONIES MARSHMELLO FIGHTS W C and D THANXC ' YA Mark Rowe 1 2 Exeter St. 1 29 66 Cheryl 5 1 8 83 Menotomy good times with HTMPTEMPGF IZ MDSBR Hounds Kegs 3 days off In 83 72 Skylark 73 CS Sorry Sharon 72 Cutlass BeatRuns anytime smoke shows I I 2 Duce Bud Tails MICS The green monsters HAMP- TON Macdonalds crash APD never got me Get Loud Class of 84 ARTco thanks j uncle U2 Shawn working with ShDSBR I did IT my way Thanks MOM and DAD [ Michelle Sabbag DaiiJ Santosuosso Dan Sarazen Red Man 57 Dudley St. 8 11 66 RICK,|OHN.FinS,BRIAN.LECH.)V BASEBALL.POINT SEBAGO ... MR. T.,MR.L, MARTY. lOURT AND II. LAW L AND II. ARL.CABLE . . . PARTY AT BENTLY . . . UCONN,B.U.,NORTHEASTERN . . . WAHR . . . SAT ' S ... MR. MITCH . . . HANLY . . . B.L. . . . ARADVCT . . . DON ' S CD.JIM ' S WED. THANKS MOM and DAD NANA G and S CLASS OF 84 I 4ever. 58 John Sasso jane Scannell 20 Chester Street 1 119166 Hane.Sue.Ta.Ka.KV. . . . Beach boys,skitrips,Hampton,The|eep, Wilson’s, " mandincan — fight ' n men " NEW Y ' s.Down Suzy’s . . . FHTR In out GBL are we having fun yet?. . N. Carolina. . . T-bar Trek Lost on the subway . . BLB. . .mad hut crew . . . Let ' s not go over . . . Urban Elves . . . BYE — Love You mom + dad Michael Shaw Gerald Shea TarynM. Shea 9 Lincoln St. 2 11 66 ]Suzy,Ka,)ane, Karen, Irish, Nanc FS.W . . . Sue’s parties, BLLB,endless supply. Beach Boys,semis + proms . . . Timmy 5 1 5 83 . . . Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Track — co. capt,SC$,Troop I058,|o — PP ’party in I I 3 ”, t-bar troubles, never hurdle nets, England ’82, Cranking Out,Montreal,thanx CH + NM, Congrats Katy — YOU DID IT! BYE AHS — It’s all yours Megzy, Thanks + I love you Mom and Dad! Jonathan Schultz Jean Shannon Michael Shaw Mike 31 Inverness Road 5 1 66 MFMYGGLPKDLKMHBPMTPGPHAPDD)MKSCKDOUGHNUTS,CultFOGHAT. OZZY,DEFLEP,PARTY,MENOTS,buns,Capebound,OutofHere,keg.MOOSE, GOLDEN,BARRY’s,QUIETRIOT,84,NINA’S,KEITH,buckets,32 l,VAG,GEILS, Muffins,poolparty,NEWYEARS,PROM,SEMI,KD,SUE’S.B,|ACK.GARY, WILLOW. TERRY,Eddie,GUT,FIELD, I 7,Whats. up. BCC,CABARET,2MOREYRS, BRIAN, goodluck,FREEBIRD,Thanks,MOM,DAD,KERRY,LAUREN,BYE Gerald Francis Shea Gerry 34 Mt. Vernon Street 3 4 66 Karin, 9 1 1 8 1 — Bubsy VHockey 15, VBaseball. Sweden. Woodstock, NH. Bowie Bus! Menots, HD, Cellar, ISOB Spuds spuds, and more spuds! What?SAP! New Years Eve, wacked at Mikes,Walden,Eats Rhoul, The Gardens Chubba. Kelleys — Heroes, Ginzo — Wulyo, THE BIG BARRON, Magilla — THAT KICKS THE out of me! ADMIRAL — Preying on the porcelain temple thanks Mom K Dad see ya Bye now! jChristopher R. Sherriff 9 Cheviot Road 7 9 66 566 STAG MOBILE MECHANICS 47 FORD — UH THE TROUBLES BM — GOOD fAND YOU,DIRT — THE PIZZA BOY,YAMMA — I 30 up 2-ROCKET,BUBBA — (SOME IMPALA EH MUN,BE AND THE MAD MERC, — REVERE BEACH — .KELLY’s,HEY LOU NICE CAMARO WANNA RACE, HEY HACKA — PENNSYLVA- fNIA. HAVE CAR HIT SLOPES! DYNASTAR COMP. ! WANT A 64-67 GOAT OR VIALIBU.IT’S MINE. THE FIXX.THANX A LOT PAUL THANKS’S MOM .DAD Taryn Shea Christopher Sherriff John Schizcis 30 Belkrap Street 6 6 66 CRUISIN WITH CHUCK Death CAR RIDE WITH TUZ + VAL TAIL SQUARE WITH C)-HWEATY GRAND MASTER FLASH VAN HALEN RUNNIN WITH THE DEVIL METAL HEALTH STUDY HALLS WITH VINNIE PARTYING ON MEMORIAL DAY WDNON STOP DRINKING TRACKS FIELD SPYPOND IS HE ALIVE GOOD TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS Jane Scannell John Schizas leannie Shannon Arby 44 River Street 8 27 65 Maine 8 Hollie, Maine Parties with brother Phil. Skipping fun 82. Medford projects. Crosby Pk. Derbi 50. Michelob, Boys Hollie York Beach. Me. Pittsfield with Bobby. Phils Torino. Friends 4eva, NR.CB.KT.HF.MD.jL.CM.CB.KS. SPS jS 1 2 10 83 4eva. Thanks Mom, Dad, Mr.D, Later A.H.S. Paul Sh ard Debbie Silva )o-Ann Silva |o 1 05 Warren Street ’inibl lEN.DI,MARIAAMY,CHRIS,|O.ANITA,DONNA fun times, notes, G.H. ANITA S HOUSE,LOOK AT ME, THANKS ROB CHIP AND DALE,WEEKENDS WITH )OANNE,BROWNIES and tv DEAD SWANS,AVALANCHE,M and G DREAMS, Yellow 69 Nova INSATIABLE,PAUL,PUDGE,MILL ST. I 2 1 7 83, Don’t Stand So Close To Me — MattF. — I wish CUSH,SB,TP,KC,MF,GS,MS,CC,DM,DD LOVE YOU ALL! THANKS MOM AND DAD! Eric Silver 3 1 Fountain Rd. 11 2 66 MetalHealthWillCureYouCrazylMentalHealthWill Cure You! Mad! Electric Eye — S.P.K.B.M.S.A.P.MusicComplex jumbos Pearl Paiste Montreal OhDave? YouO.K. Chuck! joooe! TBVDKDGC D.PortMotel URL Monkey Highway of Life Def LepShow(Where’sKyle) Robin and Eric july 27 ' 82 Pookie I ' m so hungry ... I used to be disgusted now I try to be amused. Thanks MOM. DAD and Nathan!!! Robert Slapikoff Amy Smith Sharon Skinner George Skou rides Robert Slapikoff Slap 1 4 Mott Street 7 29 66 TRACK INDOOR.OUTDOOR.Cross-country.GREAT PARTIES. THANKS to — CD, RM,|D,HF,and jMBMM for making my seasons great.THANKS to everybody — DL,KB,SE,EM,TM,DD,LKAD.MEGAiT. who made my 4 years great.For making my senior excellent, Love to CH.SS.DH, and especially, Love to Nancy M. who helped me through some tough times.and made my last year and summer the BEST. BYE! Amy T. Smith ABY, AIM 6 Cherokee Rd. Feb. 22, 1966 Pals — MC — CM — jS — ]R — DD — BG — |M — AC — C8.S8 1 GHUPDATEAT — MC — NYNjtrip — coffee. teacocoa?ProjectCAKE — TheCars — deadswan — CandlelightHappymeal — B-Ballat3am — MontrealAirconditionedColdDuck. BrokenArms — AST — Noel — Decelles — SOCCER — LightenupFRANCES — Soc.Party83 — SPBILY — IknowWHATtheyDID — OHNOIDONT — Anitshouse — HigginsBeach — Krista — Mayl — RicDec29TOCArescuW CLoveya Mom. Dad.john.CaitlinAnne. 60 PaulSicard Sickyman 65YerxaRd. 2 20 66 jazzpadnewyorkmontreaigslightssoundsetspmrfgpgatrbyearlingtonhello lowellapsqlmodzemixalallhailgodandhisson(mattanddickie) Debbie Silva 87 Fairmont Street 8 14 66 THE FIELD THEBLEACHERS REVEREBEACH SABBATH ) OZZY82 SEPTEMBER SOUTHENER THE WALK HOME HALLOWEEN8 1 MISSED OUT HARVARD DB PURPLE AND ORANGE RMMB FOOD FIGHT THATSMYBUDdie THE BUG jB’s WITH SIS MENOTOMY COOKOUT THE ALLEYS TWSTjCFKMC HITS AND HERS STEVIE DS + SH 9 24 82 FOREVER THANKS MOM AND LUV YA Sharon Skinner 38 Varnum Street 3 3 66 The field the Bleachers Revere beach Sabbath + Ozzy 82 September SC Hal- loween81 Harvard DB purple + orangeMenotomycook-outTheAlleysSSnjB | 5-31-83 FOREVER. George Skourides 1 1 8 Hillside Avenue 12 15 66 i Remember " 1980-1984 " scheepeenschtudee " Eric " Winter " 83 " Garph — cat I — jimmy Lavery’sclass " Dave " RevereBeach " Cheryl " " Elvis " “Nadia ' Summer ' " 82 ”Cindysummer " " 83 " Mary Brighams — Antomino s Freshman football Bas- ketbair " Mr.Quigs’ " " " Tom " onChristmas Firebirdpoolatdromewith " " ES " Weekend parties after schoor " George " " " " Chris " " Cayle " sparties " " Diane " " ' " Neir " projects I JoAnn Silva Jaye Smith Elaine Soillis ; Christine Specht Specha 69TanagerSt. 7 30 66 A.H.S. The Best of Times Friends Forever Jackie, Denise.Sue, Heidi — KD ]K MD I The Farm Poets the Fence bagged undercover on Florence Darris ' Parties Mi- I cheis shorts 7381 Mr. Volleyball 1 State Finals 82 VBCOTPAB dum dums FYT Mj Michael Basketball BCC ' V JDHP Saga later HB Nan — Sr. C — AHBC i Mainiacs BjPR Retreats Campings Thanx Ma and Dad Love Ya Lisa Sudani Janet Sullivan Maureen Sv an Heebeegeebees Bottoms-Up! What-A-Team jK BB Lj NS jumbos j|s Cafe LincoInBeerRun Dogs Pat Geo Triple — Moon N.Conway MoeyDidlt! DiG WhatCanYouDo PR TOR KD MDAThePoint BustAtPoets MUR PK Miller Toms ;Team YaGottaLikelt! VEG Bubba Rejected YourNot20! Banquets Gamblin ' BankTeam Villa Ron — belowMINreq.sYOUyagl BobSegar — Rock + Roll WBCN lmOutOfHerel ThanxMa + Da! 1 Sheryl Sweeney 62 Rawson Rd. Aug. 9, 1966 d’mFinallyoutlcan’tBelieveitButrmGladlamout2-26-83juniorSemi-Formalwith PCILoveYaPhilThanksforaGreateightmonthsandmanymorelhopeThanksfor everthingMrsCooperlwouldnotofmadeitwithoutYouWeiiMomandDaditsbeen atoughtourYearsbutl ' vemadeitlLoveYabothThanksforyourhelpandsupportHey FlunkettswemadeitTheFlunkettsareSPMCSS ' zjTKarenSandSherylsGood Friendsforever jaye Smith 93 Sunset Rd. 1 0 3 I 66 NINTH GRADE AT THE WEST L.N..M.F.. AND ME " BUT MR. MAZ! " COFFEE AT MY HOUSE " WANNA SKIP MARIA? " SUMMER OF ’8 1 , ONSET BEACH AND ALL THE FINE HUNEES! ALWAYS SHOPPING. I JUST LOVE CLOTHES. MODELING. D.P.S. BYEA H.S. IT ' S BEEN REAL! Christine Specht Karen Stefanelli LisaSudant 478 Summer St. 3 18 66 Love you alsways Steven lt ' s only me who wants to wrap around your dreams BuzzellField8l 8 82 KK .BC. . . Neverforgetyouguys CB l A .C JVl M8 C History . . . what,again?! Weekend at the CapeAA hat I like About You . . . The good times the bad times . . . you know I ' ve had my share FleetwoodMac The semiS proms 478 Summer St I MADE ITI Thanks everyone . . . Maureen Swan Sheryl Sweeney Peter T oorney A nna T ourkomanolis Tran Man Ninh 10 18 65 I HAD A GREAT TIME AT ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL THANKS TO ALL MY TEACHERS, ESPECIALLY MRS. MCCARTHY AND MRS. BANKS. I WISH ALL SE- NIORS A BRIGHT FUTURE. Brenda Tringali " Shorty ” 47 Melrose St. 9 23 66 MS LN EO CO MH DC RB TB RH WD TC M) J ADQ .CLMP .DFDL .)T You Guys are the Best:Poets the Manor who knows where?HP good bad |.0. Summer of " 82 ■■ M.A |R Semi forget you not new years eve 4 ever Shell.The Kind is 9:00 Lin. 4 22 83 WOWIBM thanx luv-ya.Roches parties.wicked good. Ceils concert. Peace of Cheilege.How doyou spell itPNever tell an angel. Love you Ma Dad Loralie Tarbox Karen T heodoulon Henry Thiffault " Hank " 1 5 Gloucester St 4 29 66 THIS ONE IS FOR THE CLASS OF 84 GET LOUD REMEO CHINA HOUND TF CE BURT STOLE ANOTHER BUD COOKING UP HOUNDS 3 DAYS IN 82 WITH MIKE MARK HAMPTON WHERE I HIKED WITH " B " GOOD TIMES WITH PAIVA WAY TO MANY TO LIST TAKE IT WASY SULLY PARTYS DOWN SUMMER ST WITH CLASS OF 83, DOOIE TIME AGAIN IN DRAFTING APD DIDN T GET ME YET, BEATING ON A CUTLASS, CRASHING AT McDONALDS. FIX THE POLICE LOOK AT ALL THE BABES THANKS MOM DAD Kimberly M. Tildsley 1 2 Margaret St. 10 15 66 Class of 84 1 Chelle, Claudette, Cheryl, Nadia, |ulie. Holly. Karen Grill of 83 Kwimmdek George 8 24 8 1 Love Ya Mom B. Sarah Ann the Cutest and the First CB " s Baby Good Luck MD with B! DD KS Remember the good times Hey MD I couldn " t have made it without ya Shining Star 8 Always Forever See Ya AHS I might miss Ya Thanks Mom Dad I will Always love you Loralie Tarbox Laury 19 Upland Rd. 1 23 66 FALLAVINTER SURVIVAL " 82 84 ROCK CONCERTS ! The Music Department, , New York. Montreal. Virginia. Wher next? David Bowie. Articulture. Long Pond + Bow Lake — The New Hampshire Experience. Dungeons + Dragons. Ghandi ! Goddesses know where it " s at! Thanx to Mom + Dad, A S., P.Z., Others Too | Numerous To Mention. To The Class of " 84 — Who " s Your Buddy? YOHIII i Karen Theodoulou 1 37 Webster St. 9 12 66 jK ES DE BOB PR Sheryl S " Hard to Say Tm Sorry " " DC Raymond NH WRG — GHouse — II SADOA GOYA RAINBOW FOREVER! CT THANKS DEBS! DEAL WITH IT! I r. Semi 1 8.E |SP WA5 84 — 9 84 HAPPY DAYS? SCOTT? Total Eclipse of a Heart You re THE BEST |IM AND CHRIS Til love yous 4 eva! MOM AND DAD " Never Gonna Let you CO! " GOOD-BYE AHS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 WE ' MADE IT!! Man Minh T ran Peter T. Toomey " " Tooms " " 5 Memorial W ay 7110166 Ben.Guy.Bill.DQ, |r. Prom, what time is it?|ust Friends.Aku,WaldenPond.MR. LOWELL ST2at23at95. Shake.What Shake?BigDaveAndHisCar,Lodifrom Franklin, Dot. Bo, MidnightSwims,Stevebo,|r.English,Bearbrook,Rowing, Fully Clothed, Colleen,Takeoffeh?Canldrive? LetsLeave. PRONTO!! IThe Transfer, WhereisRoom . . . WhoMe?SwimTeam.Didyouwin?ThankMom,lcouldn " t have dontitwithoutyou. AnnaTourkomanolis l9WilburAve. 5 6 66 Greece, Summer of 83 w — SM.MMWant to get bobs? HLWN Party 8 1 8 82 MR,CR,GS,MC,GC,CR,PA. Sis.Cape |unr Lnch,ES,ET,GV,MC. ChemUb: Isn t that our test tube Pam? K — OSCT, GS,CR,KM,CP,RoadCrew AT8 MR Hey Manara, what s up? SNB, dances,|erry.LathiAppollon 2. Heaven, Roula 8 Lily.Nitsa too. Acropolis.COS.LET S GO SHOPPING! Thanx MOM 8. DAD Henry Thiffault Kimberly T ildsley 62 Brenda Tringali Karen Diane Tufankjian 1 9 Menotomy Rd. llZItb Memories w Heidi,Kevin 9 25,lcky.BRKNGPBGPSBDCSR)HCPTB|KNWLjED, MylittleMELIS,Mike(cake),Rob " oh no” Ag ' sAAs .Bo ' sBombers,Cape83. Betty " muFnPLEEZ " ,heyUmarvyDl,potentialMAXman,5-2Ploh,oops”, dizl?, " library”, snoSMILED, BEDBUG, ENH, |erks,thanOverimuch,Poly vRoly xo,stars, bebe. Field hockey 22,G vS(BBMSB).Thanx MomAuntyS Nan. Lots of luv always xo. David Twohig 1 02 Mary St. 6 24 66 The end of May, TROUBLE! Wild, Field, tracks — no movement on pond. WORK? Somedays$,Medford,the CEMETERYRun.Sq.Walk Wait Corners Inticipate get later. No car real boring east end. Deathcar glad to be ABSENY. Hoop — experi- ence frosh Run . . . |VS Own Style. This Is It! Pine — Bench, nets Absent! Wks,glad 6, Houses fun stayover,ah — rug,Best of Times to Come — ? Karen E. Vaientine " Kazy " 3 1 Tower Rd. 1 5 66 IRELAND’S I , ”Good Crack ”,FrBB,SB,|.V.FH — Tri Capt.w Ta Sue,V.SB,FH — GBL CHAMPS!!! Best Times . Best Friends . . . Karen, Suzy.Taryn,)ane,Tricia,Nanc. The |EEP,Hampton, Beach Boys 83 . . . Down Brighams,Semis -i- Proms,CV|B,The Shadow, Symmes, Up Sue ' s . . . NYE . . . BL in LB, Florida?P-town, Booze Cruises, Bluey,Cassidy,Photo Freak, " Byyye " , Skiing,Parties . . . Thanks MOM AND DAD!! Heidi JoValk 98 Sunset Rd. 3 29 66 HeyEweMarvyDo " ENH pop 5-12 Pi — OH Bedbug pink (knees) Cape 83 Potential Max-man 4 yrs soccer Gus Diz 44 WALK? CHRIS ELIOT Basketball KDMD Karen MHTBMWCPBPRDKNSBBRKMBFSR)HDC NowWhatDoWeDo MD? SeeThatOneKP? AK)RNewportCruise ■ Library " OopsHaveAHeadache — GoneNowTumor I 1 — OH — 35 Pole canoe Buckwheat cornmuffins Betty LOV U MOM DAD Ellen Tzoufa Paul Urdi Karen Valentine Heidi Valk ; Stephanie Vannicola 34 Hodge Rd. 8 22 66 I Remember the good ones SP, TD. RNS, THE CLASH 8 24 82! Hampton w CS.) I Summers 82-83 Warwicks no PU ' s! MEDKEGS 530am actin fat CB Quarry jump! : Jmy legsya big Kahoona Let ' s get obnoxious M?A! Gimme the breaks jack! U.S ' n I (F!GYMRV,SS. . .Wkends to forget!! Thanx Fin! Staying at TD ' s TDKBMDSLTNRV j |rhanx LuvyaMS D! Take one the situation but not the torment . . . iKendra VanValkenburg 161 Mystic St. 10 10 66 |Hey guys, I DID IT! Thanks Robyn Kim, my buddies! Karen, Tuna,Dick,Cat,Mr. ■)Coolest,Mr.Bill,).B. — 94IO,the " 76 " Dec. I 1,82 Hey RUBBERHEAD. I wonder where that came from? Haha Danny. You lose I 1 Mattie . . . WONGTONG TOOEY — (gimme att the gossip girls!) Otay,BUCKWHEAT! I love you MOM, Auntie,Babette 8. Kris. Goodbye AHS. It ' s FINALLY OVER! Karen Tufankjian David T ivohig Ellen Tzoufa 94 Chandler St. 7I19I6() Peter 12 25 Good times w jP,GV,LV,MD,CM,NR,lR,RR.DC.RC,CC,RTMeffa gang — GP — thanx — NPAP.KN — gettin btd at MHS july 4 wknd — Hyannis — inn (Bourne w QuartsIRentin shoes in Faces. Hardy — HDSCj Midnt Cruises — Car liccidents! Party till3 — DD — PS — Dedham — Sjs House W7TD .HVNPS — Isom ' villidge Hidin rets in bush! Drome — AD .DS 4RProm Greece 82 BBoy (Thanks I Love you Mom fk Anna I ' aulUr di 1 02 Hemlock St. 7 9 66 irinally out of here! Good Times At MT LOVEWELL Bay, Dorn, Mark, TandD! Go ■or a Tour! COORS!!! From Calf! DOWN TOWN! ML! Rackie! RUNS! IT ' S ALL OVER! Thanks Ma Dad Stephanie Vannicola Kendra V anV alkenburgh Lisa Vartabedian Christo Vasilopoalos Daniel Vaudo Danny 8 Scituate St. IMPCBCBCPFWPKGKCKDSFDF JELLY DONUT FARM SUDBURY RIVER JACKIE JUNE 30 PARTY AT KD S SLEEPING OVER HAHA PASSED-OUT YOU BAKER MONTE RUSTJ HARVARD MASS BOBBEE THE ROOM BOTTLE FIGHT CHICO BUY A NEW CAR DEG RACOON NOTCHYOURCHEEZ LATE FOR SCHOOL GROGAN ABOrS BAGGED AT MYSTICS FW GROUNDED YEE UPUNK ILJ GOLDENARCHES DT MTX HATNO MORE GBYE AHS THANKS MOM .DAD Terry Vent! Terri 1 36 Wollaston Ave. 5 31 66 Good Times Bad Times Maine Colie Wright MT.DC.Yellpy! Hey What Is It! Ernie 8 Burt. LA. DD. MC. Tracy Best of friends. Jr. Prom with Kurt Fanning.Tracy ' s house (eating ham). Concerts VanHalen Journey Sammy Hagar .ZZ — Top; Def Leppard Lady Strange. Rock On! These are the Best of Times It ' s over. Bye AHS (Grandma) Love ya Mom and Dad . . . Paul V iola Joanne Wahlefield Paul Viola ‘V " 40 Windsor St. 12 30 66 CIO ' S SOPH ENG CLZVSS.HOW DO YA FIGURE " BUCKWHEAT " " HEGS " " DEW " BW SD CS JC DP KD. PROMS and FORMALS " TINY " " NATE ' MARTHA ' S VINE- YARD.The THREE STOOGES. THE DOORS.OTIS.OTIS DAY AND THE NIGHTS. " ANIMAL HOUSE " . YOU BIG COW " MAGIC " " HAMMERHEAD " " DROME AGAIN " ACCOUNTING WITH JACKIE " SPREES JR YR " LITE " THANKS PETER AND RALPHIE. " THANKS MOM AND DAD!! Joanne Wahlefield 54 Dundee Rd. 2 24 66 BOBBY 1 0 1 5 82 Bermuda TISTCPDN . . . New Generation Hibbert Park. Good Times with TIKDAHSPKEMCDDKECDDKECDMLPW Thanks . . . Brighams Jr. Semi EVGD. MKT. Social life, the Geo ' s. Susse. GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Lisa Ann Vartabedian 488 Summer St. 9 10 i Jazz Dancing.Symmes Hospital — J.A.. Mr. Collomb ' s office — Mr. buddy.. ' Michele — “Family " . M vM ' s.doodling on everything. .Linda — A di. No Way!. Oh i dar you are!. Ellen — Heavenly Hash or Chocolate MarshmallowP.May 20. 1 983 | — Ricky — Every Breath You Take. .Lunch time friends. Along with all my mem- ! ories.l leave my brother Mike. (Good Luck!) 1 Chris Vasilopoulos Creeko I 138 Mass Ave. 11 30 65] V.Football.F-Football.Britoe.TedArkGandGIGiBM — ManBasketballH- 1 OMr.B. Mr.QG-Ball.lceB.EricD?Wiesch + Room.MassQUwithFs.S.M.U.MC.GA.RT.KM. SB.MS.BR.DH.JB.JM.DT.JR.FreshmanATOttoson.BlueOandD.Dummyfights. Titop?B.C,R.P.83,35;Boy — Withanks AuntA.UncleJ.ThanksMom.DadC.SRJ. i Dal.H. I Guy Venuti Grace Venn to Daniel Vaudo Theresa Venti Guy Venuti Ben 32 School St. 9 25 66; BEN.TOOMS.B.K..DQ.NY.NJ.JIMBO.BRIAN.MURPH.BENUCHI.CRITTA, 2atl2at95 BUT WHOS SHAKINALLSTAR.SOCCER — BARRY.BILL.ETC. GREASY ' PITCH.SKIING.LACROSSE.WALDEN 83 " . CAN I DRIVE7.BURGER KING DIVE. THRU. B.B.E.B..BONJOUR7.BEAR BROOK.SEAGULL.HAIRLIP. ZORBA.GOIN " SWIMMIN EARL7 SUNAPEE.ENGLISH JR. . SR.YEAR.MICKY DS. BAYSTATE GAMES.MIDNIGHT CHASES.LOWELL AT lOMPH. BYE AHS. THANKS MOM DAD 8. CO. Grace Venuto 303 Forest St. 12 25 65;i Good times w ET JL GS JS NR Hardy — DJCSH Nahant — Revere Florida 82 84 ' ! Fireworks 83 Dallin rainy night. EL look out 4 ne cars — SA IASH! “MY LTD 83 " ; Mac ' s long fries what ' s shakin Halloween 83 crakin up the 2nd time w ET yap- 1 ping till 2 am Good times 8. Bad times Keep smiling Later A.H.S. Thank you for everything Mom Dad Eve Nicky. I ' ll love you Always!! Neil Walsh i Timothy Waterman 111 I ) :i Michele Weber 29 Crescent Hill Ave. 5 19 66 ;N SB KT KM HV AK BR BF KP CP SR DC |W CP MH BG BP LW NW )H RD NW lukes, Basketball, Bubbles.B-ball.Unky.New York, Te Amo Pepe,Bonjour Kristen, lMTCmFalmouth,9- 1 0- 1 1-1 ZAggies AA Allstars,Bo ' s Bombers,Weeder,GHS, Chinese Fire Drills, B ' day trash, G S, toga,MH — cake,9 l 9 83,Mikey,(BB MW R), Notes, ghost stories,Tennis anyoneALL, PartiesAO — Mom .Dad — XO. J.inda Weidner 145 Gray St. 8 2 iVm, Never forget.always friends, Field Hockey Maroon moons.) R,SM,KC,DP,DF, ,1 ucquaintances.BowlingPEK SOMETHING TO SHOOT FOR.Whatariot!|unior 1 f’rom,MH,LD,)H,lnactualfiringorder.Bro.). 9 1 9 83, Bakedpotatoenightwas s idismalfailure.CHRISIBBY.GOOD LUCKTO ALL " 84 " ICouldn ' t have done it -k ithoutyou Sue Trish THANX MOM .DAD luvya! Missya sis! Nancy Wells Karen Whaley irank Willwerth Frankie 48 Grandview Rd. 5 26 66 irian Dan The Man Rusty Beeka KG,KW,PC,KC,BP,|C,BC ThePhantom The Red jiash 4bl-ss JellyDoughnuts Baker goldie 180 ' s Hens in the Dasher Fitz! The rown Hornet Sudbury Walden Vermont Mystics, The Farm,Partyin The Appollo, leffs HB07,45 ' s Where is Joe Bago ' Doughnuts The Twit rides WhatSummer? hanks Mom and Dad isseph P. Winstanley S.D. 181 Mystic St. 5 6 66 )EALTHY,Convention — 83,DH,RA,DS,BT,Whats UPSEXY? 6 29 83 DEANNEC. OREVER together — Imgettnabout.Woody,]OMOMMA,YENieh, matches, IAMPTON!,HOOP,Whatsup,Cough,FPF PF,LF,RF,STAY outta MY FACE FOOL! L is here,BABY, Pinball — RFD,MONTE,Cujo,|OHN Coughlin — Best Buddy. ont CRY MATT! Hufli 4,Duke,LQ,Dilboy,Cops,Macchi,The Track,|abba,BYE HS! Hi DaadlHIMaa! THANX Neil Edward Walsh Walshe’ The Baron 101 Dow Ave. 11 29 65 The Dept.RulesIMany a night wlaking home alone. Frisbee at 1 AM.MontrealA NewYork = A terrible hangoverlDDRDCSGC MKMCMWADCMKTKNandthe BK Gang!|oeAII the muggers are asleep. )ay6 l8 82 Never Forget. No more cast parties, but I will do GS S.My brother DK.I want Uncle Andy and FrankielMe? Strip?Never!Hey Deb. smile will ya? Thanx Mo,Da,Ta,ACat. Ya know what you need . . . Tim Waterman II Ronald Rd. 5 14 65 S C, )MH, ML. MRS. G., FINN, TREV, MF, KAREN, SUSIE, MR CASEY, MRT, DB, BIG AL. MR. MERRIULO, MRS. V, HD, MR S, WD, KM, )C, RS, PAM, KC, NW, LW, M|, MP, DAVE. EF, LM. |P, MC. TOZ, MR. DECAP. PM, MR. KELLY, LV, WAHR, CROSS COUNTRY, SWAN. RM 510, MEDIA PASSES, PROP 2 ' z. WALKOUT, SCHOOL STORE. IT, 4TH PERIOD MATH CLASS, SNERK, TWEED, CITIZENSHIP, BROKEN ARM. " THE SNOW IS FALLING " , NEW YORK, FLORIDA. THANKS TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED ME DURING THESE PAST FOUR YEARS. Michele Weber Linda Weidner NancyWells Nanc 33 Hillcrest St. 12 4 66 KEEP ON DREAMING! SWITZERLAND:OUI,OUI? ANKERS.NEIL.PEACH, AAARLENE.PAULA.MISI.COLLEGE ROUSEA, STLUC,SERMATT,M.DEMOULE,LE JET D’EAU.SHORTS.WALKS ALONG LES QUAIS A BIENTOT GENEVE, I LL MISS YA! WORK FRIENDLY’S AHS BYE SNOOPS! WGOAC,NF,JS,TS,SL,KK,KV,TM8. TIM n 2 N THE JEEP VB TENNIS MARCHING BAND = SEXY UNIFORMS B .E READY TO MOVE ON BYE BYE AHS! THANX M .D! Karen Whaley 35 Summer St. 3 20 66 Fer Sure!! " Buzzell 8 1 ” Dunkins Putz 2 18 82 I LOVE JOHN All nighters KP’s in the Meffa Woods THE MOOSE IS LOOSE FRF Aerosmith Brighams w Glenn Ben JAVA! 83 Grill EKLMKTMDTweed Sully Butt break Sparken the B-room HEY STACEY Couldn’t do it without ya! Love ya Ma Dad BO.YR. OOH — LA-LA Spelled My Way! 478 Summer St. Sparkey Moe Cape Cod 83 JC Toyota But Dad the pipes broke Francis Willwerth Joseph Winstanley Sandra Winterson Andreiv Worden Cathy Wronski Cath 69 Richfield Rd. 5 3 66 BEST OF FRlENDS,SBABALPRTCBD,CAPECOD83MRFERRY,ITMSQ,NEWHAMP. 1:00 AM8 83ASPW — POOUV S,B-PARTIES.YOURCARORMINE?|RPROM — DC. DANCES!HRMREP,STUGOVTDAY,SKITRIPS.V.FIELDHOCKEY82-83, PATTY’S HOUSE.THANXMRSCANTRELLI.CHOBANAN.MUSTANG.WELLS BEACHMAINE.SPECIALTIMESWITHDAVID.BESTWISHES.LUVALWAYS.CW, 1 -2-82,BYEAHS, THANXMOM + DAD - PBK.ILOVEYOU. Maria Yeomelakis Maditsa I 1 Foster St. 9 20 66 FFHEIDI.MARY gum 1 23 GYMNASTICS — 4yrV Imnkdjimsdghjmapdbbr M.A.W.Inights to remember,9-7-83 are we embarassing you? TOGA RLN heavy c onvo ' s, 6-5-83 WWUSP(R R)MUR window action?Oh no! Older men?(MS]D) Florida with Heidi NC — on our way Go for it! one too many, other half(FR) Clubing down the Cape with H| SB.fs. Thanks family Bye AHS! Marta Zanazanian William Mahoney Marie E. Lepore 1 2 Fox Meadow Lane 716166 Good times with Paul I 3 8 1 , Late Nights. Trouble, What ' s next? I ' ll never forget the good times, green M8.M ' s weekends, liquids. Tower. Cape 8 1 Geils, mem- ories " too many changes " Thanks LC.LA (cuz) CC.MCPHKD. Hugo, It ' s finally over and just beginning. Thanks Mom and Dad, Goodbye — A.H.S. Lau raja ru inen Catherine Wronski Maria Yeomelakis Maria Zanazanian Shorty 1 OOVarnum St. 11 7 64 Good Times down NH ' 83, Lost in Burlington, Ran thru.Woods,Snow in my socks.AndMotorcycle Ride. NY. Best weekened,ALL good times I’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER W MM. I KNOW IT ' S ALRIGHT. It’s always sweet and sorrow to part. You know you ' ll always be in my heart. Red Roses from my(LOVE)lt ' sgreat(4 years together)6- 1 0-80!ToAIIMyfriends GOOD LUCK . . . LoveyouM.M. Love youMOM -I- DAD William David Mahoney Billy 1 2 1 Dickson Ave. 5 10 66 SeanandMichael The Field Never ending Hampton Summer EndlessRide Agust of 82 Chris, Steve, Ken, Sean ”BRINKS? " jULY5, 1 983Sorry Mike Sept 10, 1983 SAPSIammer Mai — ]M MAY 27,83 MARCH 1 5.83DRACUT jO.SUE.LES, SPANKYVeryfewjM KM SLEAZE " LUCKY” " Death is not too preat of a price to pay for a life fully lived " LAM night with L.C. Gambling DetsNeverPaidTHANX MOMANDDAD li Marie E. Lepore Sandra Winterson Sandy 36 Washington St. 8 23 ToBobbyallmyloveandmore Oct.3,83Welllmadeitandi’m psyched Goodluckto allofmyfriends |anessa,Chrissy,Susan,johanna SFCCLRASML i’miivinglifeinthe fastlaneandlloveitGoodLuckto " 84 " ThanksMom DadlloveyouSANDY8 BOBBYforever Dec.l8,82to? KW + LLCC + Sp t KristinCS .BGSC + BM My sorrowtoTOZbutjoytoDeCaprio Live love learn GoodBye AHS Andrew Worden Andy 27jasonSt. 1 27 66 GO FOTR IT! Runnings. VTrack.DISTANCE RULES!Soccer,GBL?,Bar,Bill,Kev, Coach Giroux . Crew, Dan, Kyle, Bob .SIap.Coaches Fuller,Hanley .DeMatteo. Thanks Uncle Harry.Ms, Cahill, Ms. Mahoney, Ms. Miller,Fltz,Go, Bo, KV.MacS. Mac.Chess JVlath team?Wall St.,The|eepj.Cotter .Doc Arthur.SInk Machiovell- ism! HOOP. A BC.BK.j-Band.jam sesslons.Thanks Dad.Mother and Family I Kathy Bowser 34 Cleveland St. 6 4 66 , madsvfishsikmbc good times at waldo, spy. mad us catholic girls tm, why dont I we do it in the road! mw fit shased to ph jumping up and down in puddles always care female sisters flying squirrels cuku coola summer of 83 tjh 9 1 7 83 luv u mr. hall mr. j luv u ma dad jb elaine jbjr Loose your dreams and you will loose your mind Youre gonna miss me Cathy Canniff Baker Sister 1 37 Newport St. 10 14 65 WeMadeltIBeanieFromArlington! WhiteHorseBeachParty w Laura,Robin,Dana, , Mary, Heidi, Linda, TC.NC.BG, LG, CK,DG,BG,SB,jR,PM,MD,TF,MM,| .j.What PartiesWeHad!GroveSt .Stoppies — SF.LR.Lj,jR.MLAS,|C,OjAj,BD,FF.Cj,CC, SC.POLICE — Aug 10, 1 983 — SF,ML,Lj7KS,Oj,jC,YA-Hoo!TRIPSw7rRICIA — LetsGoToFloridallmSavingMy Money! THANX MAandDAD — I LoveYou Al- . ways Dianne Coughlin 1 60 Mystic Vly. Pkwy. 4 14 66 I LUV YA jERRY! Partyin ' with Mark-n-Moe,Tricia Maryann Kathy Steph Nancy Mitsy Lee Me? go to schooIPWeekends were made for MicheiobHave a coke I and smile Springfield Cindy’s trailer White Mts jr.Prom — Nantasket How many I sides?Friendlies — on the grill againPSo long AHS It’s been a tripILuv Ya Dad and Nana Gregory Crouse 32 Kilsythe Rd. 1 10 66 i MEET ME AFTER FIFTH RALPH CAME TO SEE ME MR.U AT WALDEN POND WHERE’S MY KEYS70RANGED0VE DENISPORT BIBLE RIPPING BECAUSE 36 yr. old HIPPIES? BEEF PARTIES TOM IN THE BOWL PARTY WAGON HALLOWEEN i : FLASH CANOEING FLAKE FRIENDS A.G. I 4 LB.OF DIRT 2-4- 1 j-BO 9 of EM I I Christopher Doyon 21 FairviewAve. 2 22 65 ' I MADE IT! THE WHO 1 2- 1 I -82 CD PL REP CC TH DC DS Boys up menotomy . 1 summer Lewi ozone bones boot sunrise specials Alice Cooper is my mother I Dazed S Confused Vz’sl ’s .G’s Tom Dick .Harry Let me out PLEASE Summer . Snowstorms Mescies Hampton Dashboard Donuts Cai. Here i come Party ( Down The Cape Catch a t buzz BYE! 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Heather Partyin At Todd’s Pat’s Darlin’s Ken’s car i The boot Cape Buds F-l- N-A Gram Don’t Love me Anymore Alnighters Maine ' ScreamaManiac Lowell Som Cop DL Bus Rides Hodkins Southy Spy Swamp I Bar’s Hoodsie Gang Pig Woman Boat in Mystics Never Forget MS MJ MR MP DL BT DQ Thanx for the 2nd chance Love you All Good Luck. i Paul Lucia 25 Crosby Street 3 21 66 . IMADE IT ”YA”, NEVER AGAIN NEVER BEFORE WAS THERE A CLASS OF ”84 ' " SNEESTORMS” SPLIT A CASE. THE O ZONE SUNRISE SPCIAL ' SOXGAMES ”, I BRUINS 83-84 ALL THE WAY DODOOB, " SUMMEROF83 ”,DEX, DOY.CC.BR, EB I HDTFSTRAPPEREFMAGS.GUTTA LIKE IT SSP MONOTS SNIFFCHIMPSPLIF- I BOMMERSOMOLY REDLABELS. APD ’NEVER GOT ME ”WONDERlAiND LET I GO! TOMDICK8.HARRY CANT WAIT, TILL JUNE.SEE YA! THANKSMOM .DAD i Thomas Mahoney Moose 72 Walnut St. 5 24 65 1 made it at last (I Hope). Party at Gray St. Basement I Love Meg. Bob Seger, Led Zep, The Who, Pink Floyd 90 meetings in 90 days Xanth, Hugs not Drugs, one Day at a time. Keep it simple Stupid. Bcisketball you bet, Spofford Hall Drug •I rehab. Camping in Munots Good Luck " 84” John Milley 226 Washington St. 3 23 66 1 TOLD EVERYONE I WOULD AAAKE IT PARTY WITH FRIENDS FOREVER COULDN ' T OF DONE IT WITHOUT YOU MOM AND DAD I’LL LOVE YOU FOR- EVER Michael O’Brien " OB ” 1 76 Franklin St. 3 28 66 Graduation The End MORRISON The DOO RS The SONG REMAINSTThe SAME Zeppeling JIMMY MENOTS Cutter The Red HD Cellar PINK FLOYD HALLOWEEN82J Boston Garden BUS Ride, FAHI,Chinstrap,Des,Doy,Tom Bubsy CambridgePCBus Ride The Light. Charlie, Bake. Barney,RUSH,WackyPackie,Yonnie,4thJuiy,8 1 BYE Tom O’Connell TO C 8 High Haith Rd. 2 4 66 TK HH SS DG TG CG Menots LOGSWING 6 29 83 STUBOS BK LIMMO PATRICK — JOSEPH Marshfield S .G HUBA HUBA HUBA Beauty Becky Babe Buffy Brenda Smokey Bill DAY ST Camp THE FARM faneuil Hall LATE NIGHT DT Summer COOK-OUTS Le Rat THE RITZ my Jacket Harmonica Going Sailing Going TO Jamaica 84 Constantine Paganis STEIN 5 Purcell Rd. 8 6 66 DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY, LOVE TO JAM WITH K-OSI! WHERE ARE THE KEYS? LOOK IN THE SAND. CAPE COD! LOOP BEACH WATCH OUT FOR THE WAVE! WHAT? CABANA 84 WATERSKIING IS GREAT! HIGH SCHOOL LIFE HAS BEEN GREAT! Sandra Patino Sandie 1 59 Appleton St. 9 20 65 CC82,Good Times with AH,KD,TI,RM,JW,MC,KE,SO,SB,CB,KD,KH,LA,CD,ML, and all the rest.White Mts.Hibbert Park.OJHFROSH.l said for free! WAH! Bud, Littleton. Up all nightlU, Coast is clear. We lost a human being, Habitat.l love you John.NotPPP.Lose your dreams and you’ll lose your mind! SP the MD killing joke, Thnks Family.l’ll Miss You All Andrea J. Saunders 49 Dow Avenue 4 6 65 MCLCMCMSMSNCKBTDPKAAJCSDJMJLMOMSKHDLCDCV:those crazy guys! the DEPARTMENT.GTFTASER.great! thanx KILLER, LUCILE, the best in the place. GHANDI GOODESSES KNOW WHERE IT’S AT! LAURY: WHAT NEXT? W .C? TEZ: are you sure? Thanx Dad, love yalots. To the class of 84: Who’s your buddy? YOHIMIbye kids. . . Karen Stefanelli Shortie I 1 7 Cresent Hill Oct. 25, 1966 Class of 84 1 Revere Beach with RD.VP.JL. jUNIOR Prom with Steve 6 10 83. I’m Never Gonna Let You Go . . . Rita,Nadia,Sheryl,Cheryl,Michele, Kim, Holly, Julie. Donna.Chrissy.Linda. HOJO’S with Paul, Bob, ET.and Tommy. Summer of " 83’’the best!! Remember the good times. Good-Bye A.H.S. Thanx Mom and Dad for all your help. Stephen Sullivan 63 Lowell St. 5 12 66 WEEKEND WERE MADE FOR SUMMER STREET PARK THE FARM THE BOYS; SUMMERST.;RMRFSCSQMMBA4ALLENADNMDB, THE WAREHOUSE, TRIP TO MAINE NO VACANCY!! SI ABROOK ANYONE GREEN MONSTER ALMOST THERE ONLY FOUR MORE TO GO WHO’S DRIVEN MONDAY’S NO MORE EVERYDAY FRIDAY HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE IMPORTS ALL THE WAY THIS IS THE END THANKS MOM Dad Moses Zanazanian 1 00 Varnum St. Good times.bad times, uppers and downers at the A.H.S. can’t have the good ones without the bad ones. Parties,menots,Thorndike.Magnolia,Delmonte. Molson.GranPrix.Blizzard of’’78 ”, Hound’s cellar, later much later and keep on rolling E-Z after school. The Way We Were Memories, like the corners of my mind Misty watercolor memories Of the way we were Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind Smiles we gave to one another For the way we were Can it be that it was all so simple then Or has time rewritten every line If we had the chance to do it all again Tell me, would we, could we Memories may be beautiful and yet What’s too simple to remember We simply choose to forget. So it’s the laughter we will remember Whenever we remember the way we were The way we were. You’ve Got a Friend When you’re down and troubled And you need some love and care And nothin’, nothin’ is going right Close your eyes and think of me And soon I will be there To brighten up even your darkest night. You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am I’ll come running to see you again Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you have to do is call And I’ll be there, yes, I will, you’ve got a friend. If the sky above you grows dark and full of clouds And that old north wind should begin to blow Keep your head together and call my name out loud Soon you’ll hear me knockin’ upon your door. Now ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend When people can be so cold They’ll hurt you, yes, and desert you They’ll take your soul if you let them Oh, but, don’t you let them. I tty Bitty Freshman Freshman year was a year of transition, as it is for any class, but for the good old Class of ’84, it was especially difficult. Due to construction, half of us were at the Ottoson and the rest of us were at the High School. There was also a small percentage that had to go from one school to the other. It didn’t really matter where you went; both places seemed a little crazy. Those of us at the High School had to deal with constant noise, due to construction. That wasn’t the only drawback to construction, though. How many remember walking into a hard-hat area by mistake and getting threatened with suspension? There did not seem to be any bathrooms; they keep being moved. G-Gym was perhaps the place that best symbolized the changes going on in the high school. Partitions were set up in the gym and classes took place there, despite flooding and lights specially designed to give us headaches. Firedrills seemed to be a weekly, if not daily, occurrence, ls were whispered rumors of walkouts. The Ottoson was not that much better. We felt totally separated from both the High School and the junior high school; our identity seemed lost. We were not really sure who was in charge after the middle of the year (was it Mr. Romeo? Maz?). Time at the Ottoson seemed a little different than anywhere else. We had to come to school at 7: 1 5 and we ate lunch at 1 0:45. The room that best represented the feelings of frustration that we had was the Spanish room where a class went crazy and ripped a radiator off the wall. That’s not to say we had no good feelings about high school during freshman year. We’d finally reached high school, and adult- hood w ls just around the corner. We had new rights and responsi- bilities, but we could still be children. As we looked wide-eyed toward our sophomore year, even those of us who had been at the Ottoson realized we were leaving junior high, and our childhood, behind us. Silly Silly Sophomores Sophomore year had rolled around, but construction had not rolled away. We were reminded daily that work was still being done; the Freshman Building’s roofs sounded and smelled like battlefields when they were being tarred. Leaks in the ceiling created puddles that could not be stopped despite attempts by teachers to use wastebaskets to catch the drips. Sophomore year resulted in confusion for those students “stationed” at the Ottoson during freshmen year. Apparently, someone forgot that they had not been given the orientation usually given the freshmen on their first day of school. Thus, much of the sophomore class walked around the school trying to figure out where in the world “Freshmen Building” was. Two new additions popped up in the high school during our sophomore year. The first was the Media Center’s “Silent Study Area By Request.” To this day, I have not met anyone who hcis gone to the library to actually study silently. The other new additions were the metal coverings which seemed to suddenly grow on the many of the walls. The reason: kids had been kicking them in. Despite all the confusion because of no orientation and broken in walls, our sophomore year was really one of calming down, both for us and for the school. Construction was almost (not quite) over, and all of us were at the high school. Our identity could be finally found, for now we were on class, the Class of ’84. Our sophomore year was also the year of “the game”; that is, the AHS-AC hockey game. On a cold February night, much of the high school poured into buses and travelled to Boston Garden to watch the team be defeated, unfortunately. That was not the only sports news of our sophomore year, though. A near-riot started at the annual Thanksgiving AHS-Somerville football game when a Somerville fan ran in front of our stands proudly displaying a sign reading “Stuff Arlington.” Our sophomore year w ls probably best reflected by a certain incident that occurred in the cafeteria — live mice were thrown from table to table, a fairly common high school prank. The lunchroom entered a state of chaos as kids tried to stomp on the animals. Like the high school, the lunch room wcis still a little hectic, but more due to normal high school problems than to complex difficulties. As we looked toward our junior, and supposedly most difficult, year, we hoped that our own lives as upperclassmen would not become too difficult. Jolly Jolly Juniors Junior year, for better or worse, came our way. We watched cis our friends, just a year oider than us, pre- pared to enter the world beyond high school, and we realized that it would be our turn next. We could still have fun while we waited, though, junior year meant proms and semis and the fundraisers that inevitably lead to them. We were told by our junior class officers that we were to sell calendars and posters — not easy tasks. The posters were a little easier to sell than the calendars, but many students, after an ambitious start, became tired of rejection and stopped selling once they had sold enough to get a discount on their prom ticket. The semi and prom made all the selling worth it, how- ever. As the girls picked out dresses, the boys picked out their suits and tuxes, everyone realizing that only those about to be adults did this kind of thing. Both nights were magic (even if the needle did skip at the semi), and everyone ieft the dances with a special feeling that they had never felt before. We were not only called down to the auditorium to be briefed on fundraisers, though. One of the highiights of the year came when Lowe Auditorium was transformed, briefly, into a concert hail for the dynamic Navy Band to perform such hits as " Superfreak” and “Abracadabra.” Guidance offered us the perfect way out of classes — mini-colleges. Many students seemed to be going to the media center to check out “that one college” that they “just couldn’t miss” (or so they told their teachers). Other things everyone seemed to be doing were taking U.S. history, writing term papers, getting drivers’ licenses, and taking college boards. junior year was the year that “the dust truly settled” for the High School, as well as for us. As the end of our year approached, we watched as the kids who were only a year older than us leave school early; some of us wondered whether we were seniors than or if we had to wait until their graduation or even untii September. We were soon to be seniors, with all the joys and obligations which all seniors have. Mighty Mighty Seniors Senior year! It finally came! With it came fear and joy of the impending graduat ion. Cap and gown cards, making sure that you had enough credits to graduate, praying that it would not rain on June 3 — they were all a part of graduating. Senior year also meant facing up to the fact that we were not children anymore. We had one more year to act like kids, but then it would be over, and our future plans, whether they included college, work, and or the military had to be made. This led to constant meetings between students and guidance counselors (the new favorite “hang-out” seemed to be Guidance — almost everyone went there more this year than any other year). Essays had to be written, interviews had to be made, deadlines had to be met, and, for many, April 1 5 seemed an eternity away, it wiis all worth it, though, when you finally landed that job or got into that college. The school committee decided to change our schooi colors from maroon and gray to cardinal red and gray. The student body protested, and a vote was taken. The students of the high schooi voted overwhelmingly for maroon and gray. Even as 1 write this, the controversy is still going on. 1 assume that by the time you read this, everything will have been resolved; 1 cer- tainly hope so. During our senior year, more and more students got their drivers’ licenses. This caused a new issue to enter our lives — drunk driving. So, in November, we were treated to “SADD Day,” sponsored by the Arlington High School chapter of SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving). At first, many of us laughed at the idea of listening to a speaker preach to us about driving drunk. When Mr. Anastas started speaking, however, we were quickly engrossed in his dynamic speech; we learned more than we thought we would on that day. Our senior year also saw the dawn of 1 984, not 1984 (al- though many English students did have to read that book). The world of George Orwell’s Big Brother, depicted in his book, was not the reality we saw around us. Hopefully, it won’t be for a long time. Our year in twelfth grade was perhaps best symbolized by the senior convention held in October. We had a great time listening to the soul-stirring speech of Mahatma Ghandi Harding and watching a whole bunch of balloons and toilet paper fly around the auditorium (to the great dismay of the administra- tion). Yet we were reminded that we were adults, and many of us would be voting in the next presidential election. We were having our last big fling of childhood before emerging from the high school as adults. — Michael Harrington Girls, not now! S.T.E.P. Dazed Confused Kathy, we know it’s you Brian, hard at work STEP Superlatives Best Looking Julie Corelli Robbie Lynch Best Dressed Kim Bicknell Scott Anderson Smartest Julie Corelli Darren Danielson Clcissiest Lisa Provo Scott Anderson Biggest Flirt Chris Bonoccolto Mark Reardon Sexiest Julie Corelli Robbie Lynch and Henry Cassidy Nicest Smile Brenda Keattey Henry Cassidy Nicest Eyes Lisa Lodor Bo Schyltz STEP Maniac Julie Corelli Chris Bradly Funniest Kathy Magliozzi Chris Bradley Most Likely to Succeed Kim Bicknell John Bucluer Best Person to be Shipwrecked With Julie Corelli Henry Cassidy Cutest Couple Barbie Cooper Robbie Lynch 78 Best Teacher Mr. Lennon Bonnie and Clyde Richard Collomb Richard DeCaprio Harold Fairbanks Ralph Giobbe Administration Richard Hall Paul Jenney Thomas Reis Adm. Headmaster Kathleen Doyle Mary Fitzgerald Arthur Foisy Rosemary Gioiosa Mary Barry Madeline Brick Lucille Burt Joseph Casey English Mary Ann Orlando Mary Ellen Powers Richard Surabian Leonard Tammaro Eileen Bornstein Roy Bradbury Pauline Carrara Foreign Language I I AmiliaCozza Elaine Foisy Ralph McElearney Janet Oppedisano Dept. Head Mathematics Frank Propp Dept Head Doreen Kilday Richard Paul Wiliam Phelan Carol Miller -v. ■■ Frederick Maloof Winifred Wohllebe Patricia Priest Arlene Mahoney Anne Sandstrom Head of Computers Claire Chitouras Michael Defina Marie Brady Dept. Head Marion Bond Media Maria Henehan Priscilla Martignette Lois Roy Edward Sullivan Lois Cciswell Renato Civili Charles Cook Thomas Crotty Mary Dolan Robert Dowell Mary Fitzpatrick Occupational Education Louis Galante Ralph Gioiosa Marcia Glidden Dept. Head 1 y Muriel Healy Marcia Hegarty Douglas Hunter Catherine King Donna Kirkland Martin Lane Peter Leone Occupational Education Martha Loftus Weldon MacLeod Jacalyn Masi O CD Donald Sandrelli Marie Spagnuolo Caryn Van Dam Occ. Ed. czs Lorna Venezia Josephine Zavaglia = Performing Arts = o Mathew Finnegan Leslie Hurwitz Frank Roberts Performing Arts William Barrett Charles Harrington Dept. Head John Hanley Liz McDonough Physical Education Jane Moreno Richard Quigley Cynthia Bouvier Donald Bockler Shelley Brugman Bradford Clough Science Alan Katz Carol Lawton John Cody George House Donald Manning Har ry Meserve Dept. Head Lee Crowley Helen Dutton Helen Lyons Patricia Maher Secretaries Social Sciences Caroline Banl s Eleanor Freedman Alan Brown Karen Frank James Kelley Robert Lavery Peter Drench Paul MacAuley Social Sciences Harry Mitchell Thomas Russell Special Programs Jane Goodwin Joanne Gurry Lisa Marullo Mary jane McCarthy Special Programs Dennis Feigen James Tolland Alan Oliff School Services 1 r Realities JRraemher gou are ot just an “auimal”, tl|rug of first], hloob aub hour, 3Ratl]rr, a special behtg JiJffose realitp is of tffe spirit, ®l]e “ atioualis”, anb l]opefullu, ®l]e “ apieus”. JBream pour breams J ut builb tl]em J ot fcoitl] tl]e possamer (Olotl] of mptb aub fauep ut, upon solib ubstauce, fasltioueb of 3Reatitp. Jie free foitl] pour smile JVub it foill Reflect back to pou. e geutle JVub kiub to otffers JVub, pes, pou toill leant ®l|e secret of lobe. So, in parting 4Hf[p praperful toisl] or eacl] of pou 3s « life filleb biitl| 43ffeauiugful purpose 4Kub iutertbiiueb biitl] Oiolbeu straubs of lobe. RJot]u (Hotter CVS Dear Class of 1 984: As we seek to understand each other, we find that we can never entirely understand someone else, and each of us remains part stranger, even to those who love us. As you live and grow, remember, it is the weak who are cruel; gentleness is to be expected only from the strong. Those who do not know fear are not really brave, for courage is the capacity to confront what can be imagined. You can understand people better if you look at them — no matter how old or impressive they are — as if they are children. For most of us never mature, we simply grow taller. Happiness comes only when we push our brains and hearts to the farthest reaches of which we are capable. The REAL purpose of life is to MATTER — to count — to stand for something, to make it some difference that we lived at all. My love to you always, Nanci Ortwein CLASS OF 1984 Congratulations to the Students of the Class of 1 984! Twenty years ago, I lead the Class of 1964 out to our commencement exercises at Pierce Field, and I remember the principal’s words on that special day: “You’ll never forget the best four years of your life.’’ As I reflect back, I find those words have remained true. The Cleiss of 1 984 is special as you remind me so much of my own class in your school spirit, initiative, self-control and the respect you display for the leaders of your school. As members of the student body, you have displayed good citizenship in the school as well as in the community, and you exemplify the St udent Handbook’s expectations for good conduct. Both the administration and the staff of Arlington High School feel that their primary task is to foster educational and social growth, as well as look after the welfare of the students. Your class has enabled us to do just that. While we realize that the very nature of adolescents is to have their need for self-expression and development which includes their spirit of independence and their tendency to challenge adult values and establishment, we have been pleased with your overall comportment. In your future endeavors, remember the words of john Wooden of UCLA that “success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” While you will never forget AHS, the best years of your lives are yet ahead. Finally, remember, “It is what you learn afteryou know it all that counts.” Best of Luck. Dear Class of84, Richard DeCaprio Your four years seemed to fly by. Now you are really graduating and starting out on your own. Thinking about what lies ahead for you, it is exciting to realize that all the world is there! You have everything to choose from — so pick wisely. If I can offer you any advice, it would be to set your goals high and don’t be afraid to show your feelings of love. You are our future and 1 look forward to “your” world. May it be a worid filled with peace and love. Fin 96 Class Maniac Best Looking Mike Duggan and Donna DeVellis Brian Donahue, Julia Parrillo Best Combination of Beauty Brains Most Popular Ted Pacheco, Lisa Konig Sue DeVeaux, Mike Coveno Nicest Eyes Most Likely to Succeed Kathy Denning, Gerry Shea Greg Phelan, Elaine McCarthy Best Dressed Best Actor Actress 98 Beth Rogers, John Ferreira Linda Farnsworth, Paul Adler Most School Spirit Classiest Patti Grieco, Greg Phelan Marc Incatasciato, Beth Rogers i iiyitiii Nicest Smile Best Athlete Funniest Mary Flaherty, Jim Hassler Gregg Malatesta, Suzy Leone Karen Tufankjian, Armen Ezekielian Dan Hirsch, Brenda Gostanian Friendliest Smartest Barbara Perozek, Michael Harrington Donna DeVellis, Robbie Davison Best Artist Best Musician Most Talkative 102 Sue Kelley, Steve )ones Boys Indoor Track Co-captains Richard O ' Rourke, Kyle Bowers Front Row (L to R) Andrew Worden. Geo Arena, Ron Jackson, John Brier, Mike Coveno, Steve Jones, Richard O ' Rourke, Kyle Bowers, Arki lakovou, Steve Ernst. Mike Duggan. Ed McDonnell. Jim Convery Second Row Chris Rossetti, Greg Dias. Jack Paradis. Peter Gentile, Tim Flynn. David Howard. Robert Assarian, Mike Stretton, Shawn Nagle, Jim Morrison Third Row Coach Mr. Hanley, Coach Mr. DeMatteo, John Hogan, Brenden Kavanough, Kevin Kearn, Matt Toomey, Al Rizzo, Scott Sheriff, Andy Junas, Adam Stein, Joe Kowalski, Chris S. Kennedy, Mike Pacheco. Chris Kennedy, Mark Haskell, Joe Dalton, Ed Chalmers, Matt Booth, Gareth Ellis, Coach Mr. Fuller. Coach Mr. Dillon Fourth Row Malcolm Ellis, Tim Desmond, Rich Gazza, Joe Ribiero, Josh Jones, Kurt Rossetti, John Paratore, Chris D ' Agostino Football Bottom Row (L to R) Arki lakovou, Chris Vasilopoulos, Ted Pacheco, )oe Burke. CC Chris Cotreau, CC George Arena. CC Scott Maranian, Mike Coveno, Dan Hirsch, )ohn Rigazio. 2nd Row (L to R) Steve )ones, |ohn Caddigan, Burt Richardson. |im Morrison. Ron Kerr, Peter Gentile, Tim Flyn, )eff Chalmers, )im Convery, Sean Kenney. 3rd Row (L to R) Head Coach John Hanley. Bill McKeon. Mike O ' Connell, Steve Celia, Matt Mueller. Frank Rocci, Ricky Arena. Brian Richardson, Dan Lynch. Brian Deveaux, Coach Carl Dematteo. 4th Row (L to R) Trainer Jack Gaite, Coach Kevin Brooks. Mike Broderick, Kevin O ' Connell. Gerry Cronin, Mike Campanale, Steve Bergantino, Dan Lynch, Pat O ' Halloran, Peter DeLuca. Mike Flynn, Coach )oe Dillon, Coach Peter Rufo. )umpinJohn,Ernie,Unclejoe, Thanx.TheOldFortyBasic, Whose in charge here anyways, 240’s — 42,MyGroup behind the Goalposts.DoublesJ got my raincoat.Can we say it? Sap Medford.Cat and Mouse, SaturdayNight.High,Sunday MorningLow, Monday Afternoon Blues, TheShower Boys, 45. 66, 78,1 1,22,43,54, 60,62,68,80,8 1 ,83,86, Sunday BioodySunday.TrojanEnd Zone 7-3 is ail ours The Last of The Trojans 107 Boys’ Soccer Front Row (L to R): Andy Worden, Tim Rose. Guy Venuti, Kevin McShane (Capt.) Barry Faulkner (Capt.). Bill Roper (Capt.), Brian Donahue, Tanin Lewis, Robert Flores Second Row (L to R): Brian Driscoll, Eliot Drucker, Mark Ercolini, David Howard, Hugh Hall, Rich Sullivan, Lincoln jalelian, |ames Worden Back Row (L to R): Coach Kevin Giroux, Sam Soo, Peter Duserick, Danton Perez. Mike Ercolini. Chris Kennedy, )im Roper Bruddy,Bill,Kev,Caballero,Ben, Steps, Brian, TimJaninEl.Davey, Duce, Ere, Rich, jimbo, Line, Space, MonkeyAl.jim, Mike, Pasqual ... 1-1 victory over Somerville- Postgame festivi- ties in Peabody — Caballero goes tourney — Our friend the callbox — Unlucl !! — Right Side Magic — Statue of Pallas — Back of the Net — thanks to Uncle Kev,Millie .Ruth, and C- leaders — Good luck 109 AHS Hockey Team Bottom row (L to R) John Coughlin. )oe Manfreclonia. Mike Shaw, |ames Danaher, Gerry Shea, Greg Malatesta, Middle Row (L to R) Coach Ed Burns, Mike Flynn, |oe Flynn, Brian Day, jerry Cronin, john Messuri, Pat Crowley, Coach Dick DeCaprio Top Row (L to R) Brian Deveaux, Brian Shaw. Sean Cooney, Mike Goulian, Tom Apprille, john Preston Missing From Picture: Warren McKeon, Brian Verrier Conditioning; 321’s Line Drills, Power Skating if you want it you’ll get it, 3 beats and lets go to work! Sounds Crazy? Puke Buckets Gauntlits and Gails Ratings? Boys Basketball Front Row (L to R) )oe Winstanley, Steve Beaudoin. Barry Faulkner, John Rigazio, Teddy Pacheco, Gary Cadogan Second Row Ron Kerr. Nique Fajors, Peter Duserick, Peter Brekalis, Dan Dargon, Ken Beaudoin. Scott Tyler, Ricci Arena, Coach Mr. Cody, Missing: Bill Roper ' dtSng ? 2 Bill Roper Co-Captain Rhombord,whitesatin,Bo?, Beautiful.Q, Dunbar, Redman, Thatwasatravei,suckitin,Teddy, C’monGuy,IronSilk,andPlexy, Gobstopper;Headcases;Rick, Penuche, Danny, Duse, Ca[ifornia?LateagainBarry, ShowerQ?Saturday Morning Sco tty ?Shoot Ram bo! Freak MusiciWhat? — No Practice, Last second Agony, Bills Tech- nical Free Throws, Thanks to Mr. Cody and our lovely — ha,ha Cheerleaders. A Great year with an outstanding group of young men. you really made coaching a pleasure. Mr. Cody Boys Cross Country Front Row (L to R) Steve Ernst, Dan Lewis Captain, Kyle Bowers — Captain, Rob Slapikoff — Captain. 2nd Row (L to R) Jean Morrisey Coach, Peter MacElearney, David O ' Niel, Chris Kennedy, Andrew junas, Mike Pacheco, Mike Stretton, |oe Kowalski, John Solie, Ralph MacElearney — Coach. 3rd Row (L to R) Al Rizzo, Bob Assarian, Kevin Kearn, Mike Toomey, Brian Kung, John McGah Swimming Front Row (L to R) Lisa Konig, captain; Peter Toomey, Captain; Guy Venuti, |im Hassler, captain; Michelle White. Second Row Mr. Masi, coach; Ms Minutoli, coach; Eli Valk, Shawn Magee. Earl Geary. Sue Phette- place. Katie Tierney. Christina Konig. Third Row Colin McClullen. Rich Coombs. Terry Gampp. Becky jackson. Sharyn Weber. Missing; Don Dickerson. Rich Weber. John Rechsteiner. Kim Stachelski. Alison McConnell. Stephanie Apprille 0 ■0W-- The Arlington Rocks; Wild Thing: Morning Practice ZZZZzzz; Orange Award; Wild bashes at Carol’s; Mr. Coombs (Picky): 0-9-0 Perfect record; Saturday Night Meets!! The Fog! Rich and Jim bring your own stuff!!! Captains — Jim, Lisa, Peter!!! Thanks Carol and Paul for a great time!!!! Girls Indoor Track Front Row (L to R) )ane Scannell, Carren Panico, Tricia MacPhee, Elaine McCarthy. Donna DeVellis, Barbara Perozek, Pam Reynolds. Second Row Carolyn Carnell, Marcy DesRosiers, Becky Prenderg lst. Beth Don- nelly. Amy Danton. Karen McCarthy. Suzanne Quan. Ann Tobin. Mary Ellen Bilafer. Katy Grannon. Laura Fedele. Third Row Kristen Carter. Linda Bergin. Donna Fagan. Lisa Deldon. Andrea McKenny. Eileen Burke. Purvi Patwari. Denise French. Carol Cronin. Heather Flynn. Debbie Goldsmith. |anet Ernst. Katie MacPhee. Laurie Murphy. Katie O’Rourke Weights — What are those? Be- ware of dog. Full of it — Mr. Bruce Doublebeat. High times . . . 3 steps! Winchester — No Way . . . It’s all mental I don’t think I can jump today!? Dunkin Donuts. Wanna do gymnastics? Heatmiser . . . S.W.A.T. ... I didn’t see 1 tear! You never like it, but what the Heck! Girls’ Cross Country Front Row: Elaine McCarthy, Donna DeVellis, Tricia MacPhee, Lisa Konig. Back Row: Jean Morrisey (assis- tant coach), Amy Danton, Purvi Patwari, Kerri Rainville, Carole FinochettI, Sue VItters, Katie Grannan, Suzanne Quan, Ralph McElearney (Coach) r ■ ' aaseter .-- Girls’ Soccer - 4 Front Row: Theresa Olevski (manager), |en Bush, Sarah Bean, Ann Tobin, Breand Costanian, Heidi Valk (captain), Lisa Miller, Caitlin Smith, Agnes Kim. Back Row: )im O ' Toole (coach), Mary Cutone, Lisa Crewe, Amy Smith, Lisa Guglietta, Cheryl Bakey, Romi Nigro, Barbara Perozek, Wendy Bowen, Colette Goodhue. Missing: Sue Deveaux (captain) We’re Getting There! Thanx jimmy(l mean COACH!), Cum On Feel The Noiz, A bit of Run- nin’ Girls, Gusdiznizedl! Foot- ball Anyone?? Ishca, Kick their Arses, Starting Team Only! Magic Mountain died but will it return? After Monday comes tuesday . . . until you get to Friday and it’s Party Time! — MC Over the Net — HVDiz,Heidi,BG,AK,BP,AS Winchester will DIE!!! Good Luck You Guys! Girls’ Field Hockey Front Row: Cathy Wronski, Jane Scannell, Taryn Shea. Denise Paratore, Susan Malaney, Karen Cotter. Karen Tufankjian. Karen Valentine. Back Row: Mrs. Cantrell (coach). Lisa Galante. Karen Mullane. Cathy Conroy. Cheryl McGahn. Suzy Leone. Melissa Neri. Irene Warren. Heather Flynn. Jennifer Goodwin fc - fjPS s«%fc Field Hockey GBL Co-Champs 11-1-1. Thanks Mrs. Cantrell. We fi- nally did it — Semi Finals! The funniest thing I ever saw. “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride,” Houses, 1 don’t want a t-i-i-i-e. I’m CALM! (SM,DP,KC,CW,KT,TS,SL,jP,jS, KV) 125 Girls’ Basketball Front Row: Christine Specht, Heidi Vaik, Brenda Gostanian, Kathy Darris, Janet Krepeika (capt ), Tina Moreiio, Susan Maianey, Michelie Dumas. Back Row: Coiette Goodhue. Mary Cutone, Ann Wadsworth, Caitiin Smith, Tom Sheehan (coach) jansic, Specka, Heidi, Kathy, Mi- chelle, Sue, Brenda, Tiny, Moey, WC, MC, CG, CS, AW, Tourney- Time, Rip it out. Give her a blow. Uncontested layup, Capt, Cu- be, Speedy Gonzales, New Uni- forms? jump. This is it, “84”, Memories, excuses, heat? Thanx Tommy- Baby 127 Volleyball Coach Ms. Cooley. Woody Crawley, Melissa Daley, Nancy Boisvert, Michelle Dumas, Christine Specht, Susan Kelley, Judy Urivee. Maureen Swan. Kneeling Tina Morello, Kathy Darris, Jackie Conion, Denise Adamian 1 ,2,3 ... Let s Go Arlington . . . Michelle, Kathy, Speca, Jackie, Tiny, Judy, and Sue No. Sect. Champs “82” Runners up “83” Booging on the bus! PYT . . . Manhunt! Marshmellows, DumDums, ERG! Camp!! Chinese Food! Kathy’s Party! Thanks to Rhonda and all our team supporters. Good Luck Denise, Woody, Melissa and Nancy. 29 Gymnastics Front Row (L to R) Renee Pace, Taffy Griffin, Heather Jackson, Kristin Prestigiovanni, Maura Sullivan, Kelley Forsrau, Marianne DiMascio, Coach Mr. Vartanian, Coach Mr. Swans on. Second Row Patty Hanagan, Stephanie Vannicola, Taryn Shea, Nancy Falcone, Sharon Loveless, Maria Yeomalakis, Mary Fiaherty, Beth Baratta, Carol Hanagan LEAGUE CHAMPS ... Go for it!, stick it, pigs . . . Don’t WIMP out Keep your head up, SMILE, Conditioning, ONE ZERO ZERO situps girls! Uh oh, rips, JIM NASTICS, Turn up the radio! Does somebody want to time my set? Time to clean up again! . . . I’m ready,are you ready? MEETS . . . Ouch, wrong set- ting, doesn’t fit . . . Don’t fall! DO IT UP! Thanl s Richie and Steve for everything, we won’t forget ya. Gray Squad Kneeling Co-captains Patti Grieco, Cathy Nahigian. Standing (L to R) Erin Kelly, Nina Karras, Debbie Mayo, Kristen Lake, Kristin Ortwein, Coach Ms. Finberg, Linda Neri, Michele Talanian, Beth Rogers, Anne Luca, Kathy McCarthy € DALLAS BOUND! Thanx Fin CathS Pat, Nina, Beth, Linda, Kris,Mich, Deb, Kath,Ann, Kris,Erin NCA 1st runner up — surprise! Brainless Bon I want to go home! bluejays D-bound All-Amer. HA. jamboree bump (CR) . . . Are you? talk sessions Dallas for the fun of it: Dec 83, 1 2- 1 0-8; Cheerathon Uncle Bill we’re proud . . . AHS no cuz! Maverick ihtg yowza yep 1 to8 AWESOMElegs,otay. Sleepovers?! Linda’s:Ann — GO TO SLEEP l-2-3@3am bloom flashes Rush Rally Wake up jonesy Betty-Boo Lindy-Lou Annabelle high five. GOOD- LUCK Class of 85 luv, Pat, Cath, Beth, Nina 133 Maroon Squad L to R Karen Woolwerth, )anet Gillis, Alison O ' Brien, Kathy Denning, Tri-captain |ohanna Nagle, Tri-captain Valarie Agostino, Tri-captain Irene Milliken, Diane Jerauld, Maria Tarentino, Anne Wing, Cheryl Heean, Debbie Fitzgerald. Missing: Alternate Mary Caramanis ♦ J T.P. Capers, Karen’s sleepover unexpected guests! Did we win? Vais growing eyeliner. Bas- ketball — Get down on it. Frog, Camp — WHTLB! Diane’s Fall, Pancake house! 3 AM. raid! F Mobil, Medford Moon, Friends we are, Val, Irene, jo, Di, Kath, Maria, janet, Mary, Ai, Kar, Anne, Cheryl, Deb, 135 . t ' Majorettes Front: Joan Herderhurst. Captain Back Row: Beth Donnely, Taffy Griffin. Kristen Berglund, Karen McCarthy, Christina Konig. Jane Heffernan, Donna DeLeo. Becky Prendergast. Katie Coughlin ' rSSf Thanks Mr.Fand the band, unzip — sleepovers — feather woman — farm — 4:30 AM, graffiti, goody bags,decorating jobs,rm sorry Mrs Bbu,woosh, nervy,fire huffy,ghosty legs, WHO’S JOAN?me,black coffee Seniors want it, comatose woman, Burr, Danaananana, oniondip,dew, hospital Great Mr. 8,sexy woman Bloomer checkpigpile, 1 23ABC Didyou doityetKaren? jibbersMa?caf, canobylakeHeyBarbarebaLate again, itsOKwe’rewiththeband GoodLuckMinorettesCapt Becky 137 Nobody has ever been able to say what sport is, quite. But life would hardly be the same without it. Perhaps that’s because sport means a number of opposite things. It means fact and it means fancy. It is as tangible as a baseball bat and as intangible as a frosty morning; exciting as a photo-finish, serene as ebb tide. It is competition; composure; memory; anticipation. Sport is not all things to all people. But today it is something in more different ways to more people than it has ever been before. It is play for many and work for a few. It is what no one has to do and almost everyone wants to do. It represents on the one hand, challenges willingly accepted — and on the other, gambits willingly declined. Its colors are as bright as a cardinal’s feathers; as soft as midnight on a mountain trail. It is as loud as Dodger Stadium at the climax of a World Series — and AS quiet as snow. It is exercise and rest. It is man exuberant and man content. In America today sport is not just a dream that lies over the rainbow, but an awakening that brings a family together — on a boat or beach, skiing weekend or camping trip. Sport is not art or religion, morals or ideals. But with all of these it shares values which are at least humanly high and always highly human. Sport is a wonderful world. Sports Illustrated 138 139 Concert Band Orchestra Marching Band WHERE’S TASSONE? Band camp — You’ve got to be kidding! Line-up in your original squad formation! Lincoln and Todd — The tradition will continue! Stop beating on the drum major!! Colorguard — Thanx for your help, Susan and julie. Thanksgiving Day games we’ll never forget. “I can’t believe how good Malden is!” Waltham contests, Post- grads lend a hand, joshua. Thanl Mr. Finne- gan. ■ J 149 I 50 Art Club Front Row (L to R) Stacey Giannaric, Lisa Reisz, Rosemarie Kowalski, )ulie Rodochia, Erin Sullivan, Deanna Barmakian, Susan Adamian, Shila Patel, jenny Pritchard, Second Row Advisor Mrs. Eskedal, Paula Lazos, Piper Rankine, Carolyn Sullivan, Heather Mclsaac, Robin {ones. Nils Fonstad. Laura O ' Keefe, Kathy Lahiff, Anne Gagnon. Aimee Bido, Rhea Anastar, Kathy McMakin Chess Team 1 ,i Front Row (L to R) Lyle Hazel, Eric Haxthausen, Greg Dias. Second Row Michael Sheldon, Chris EyKamp, Carl Wagner Distributive Education Clubs of America Front Row (1. to R) Lisa Manion, lean Pearson, LuAnn Cassarro, Leo Koukoulos, Mr. Sandrelli Advisor, Second Row Kim Bicknell, Diane Downing, Michelle Saicaicini, Mary |efferson, Linda Natale, Barbara Cooper, Third Row Kim VanValkenburg, Sheryl Sweeney, Sharon Burke, Theresa Cassata, Suzanne Coughlin, Julie Coreili, April Perkins, Tim Waterman Fourth Estate Front Row (L to R) Michael Harrington, Julia Parrillo, Sue Kelley, Second Row Donielle Howard, Rachel Layne, Sarah Lewis, Anita Calcaterra Editor, Laura Powers, Rose Kowalski, Julia Radochia, Third Row Maria Perozek, Anne Marie Murphy, Jennifer Pekich, Jennifer Prichard, Piper Rankine, Mark Lokensgard, Eric Haxthausen, Sandy Smith, Elaine Sullivan, Aime Bedo German Club Front Row (L to R) Eric Haxthausen, Tanya Ott, jeremy Hay Treasurer, Hugh Hall. Evan Georgopoulos President, Seth Bain Vice President, Andrew Sicard, Second Row Miss Oppedisano Advisor, )onathan Gilbert, Karen Reardon, Paul Adler, Clare Dynan, )ohn Rechsteiner Secretary, )ohn Messuri, Daniel Berkowitz, Eric Ladenburg Italian Club Front Row (L to R) Anthony Ippolito, Stephanie Apprille, Lisa Deldon Secretary. Edward Rutkowski President, Amy Cacciamani, Heather Mclsaac, Beth McCarthy, Second Row Joseph DiPalermo, William Manty, Mrs. Cozza Advisor, Michael Pustizzi Treasurer, Joanne Pellegrino, Sharon Civittolo Latin Club Front Row Brenda Gostanian, Taryn Shea, Lisa Konig, Anita Calcaterra, Michele Weber, Second Row Mary Hefferman, Nancy Falcone, Cicero, Eiaine McCarthy, Third Row Advisor Mr. McEiearney, Vincent DeSalvo, Kevin McShane, Greg Phelan, Andrew Golding Fourth Row )oe Winstanley, Greg Chronis, Barry Faulkner, Tom Buckley Math Team Photo I Front Row Paul Sicard, Eric Haxthausen, Kathy Anderson, Second Row Stephen Beaudoin, Lyle Hazel, Michal Orkisz, Glenn Ahern. Photo II Front Row Eric Haxthausen, Carolyn Kozak, James Worden, Second Row Andrew Worden, Stephen Beaudoin Front Row (L to R) Shanthi Muthiah; Stephanie Apprille, Secretary; Patty Hogan, Vice President; John Haroutunian, President; Donna Boudreau, Treasurer; Kathy Francis; Joanne Pellegrino, Second Row Lisa Deldon, Julie Furey, Melissa Leung, Sally Simmons, Nils Fonstad, Greg Dias, Third Row Laura Demurjian, Mark Aubuchon, Lori McCabe, Donna Teebagy, Andrea LaRoche, Allyne Sheehan Medical Careers Club ' M ff3r,farr3rrapjj, Front Row (L to R) Allison Boone, Carren Panico, Linda Farnsworth, Second Row Karen Tufankjian, Michael Harrington I 55 Science Club Front Row (L to R) Riti Sachdeva, Anrew Worden. |ames Worden, Carl Wagner. Second Row Patrick Marquis, Mark Perneta, Mr. Brown Advisor, Michael Carbone. Computer Club I 56 Front Row (L to R) Prashait )ain, Carl Wagner, Mike Sheldor, Greg Dias. Michaei Stevens, Rita DiCecca. Second Row |ohn Stcissis, Paul Sicard, |oel Plotkins, Glen Ahern, John Kenna, Michael Orkisz, Chris EyKamp. Photography Club Front Row (L to R) Dan Lewis, James Worden, Pam Reynolds. Second Row Mr. Bockler Advisor, Mark Perneta. Peer Support Council Front Row (L to R) Brian Donahue, John Dunlap Second Row, Michelle Cox, Stephen McAskill, David Goodwin, Julie Moffat, Peter Toomey, Mr. D’Antona Advisor Student Advisory Council (L to R) Elaine McCarthy, Dee Preston, John Dunlap, Nancy Falcone, Joe Falcone, Mr. Reis Advisor. Missing: Katy Shea 58 National Honor Society Front Row (L to R) Co-advisor Ms. Gorman, Karen Tufankjian, Carren Panico, Kristin Powell, )udith Larivee, )ane Scannell, Karen Valentine, Stephen Beaudoin, Barbara Perozek, Kathleen McMakin, Co-advisor Ms. Gioiosa Second Row Andrew Worden, Gregory Phelan, Kevin McShane, Carol Guidice, Brenda Gostanian, Karen Keelan, Rita DiCecca, Maria Crisafulli, Alison Boone, Karen Cotter, Suzanne Deveaux, Donna DeVeilis, Robert Slapikoff, Stephen McAskiil Third Row Michaei Fiaherty, Nancy Wells, Heidi Valk, Kristen Norton, Taryn Shea, Patricia MacPhee, Suzanne Leone, Susan Kelley, Susan Roche, Robin Lindsay, Maureen Fitzpa- trick, Elizabeth Konig, Mary Hefferman, Nancy Falcone, William Roper, Michael Harrington, Steven Ernst, Elaine McCarthy, John Sasso, Pamela Reynolds, Gregg Malatesta Missing Peter Majeski, Lily Ning Judith Larivee, Treasurer Karen Valentine, Vice President jane Scannell, Secretary Stephen Beaudoin, President Ms. Gorman, Ms. Gioiosa, Co-advisors Student Council Officers Taryn Shea, T reasurer; Lisa Konig, Corresponding Secretary; Greg Phelan, President; Mary Heffernan, Recor- ding Secretary; Brian Donahue, Vice President Greggie, Bri, Lease, Mair 8 Ta We got the shaft! Candy Cane Night, No more elections. M 8 M’s and Crunch Bars — Chow! You Guys!!!! Dances, Conven- tion, the cars. Concert?!!! Uni- vent???? $Money$ The Hit List. The Room. One Key. TGIF. Thanks to all, Orty, Fin, Mr. Reis, and especially DeCaps. Senior Class Officers (L to R) Gary Harding, President; Sue Deveaux, Vice President; Johanna Nagle, Secretary; Joan Her- derhurst. Treasurer hanks Fin! The Gand, Sue, Joan 8. Johan, Martha’s Vineyard, Moped Patrol, mbezzlement! “A Bridge too far,” Intelligent answers, “What is your •resent position?” Thursday night meetings, AH UM AH , , . , To All AH — |10LENCE, SR. Class K.P! You’re Jocking me! Students Against Driving Drunk Front Row (L-R) Kristen Norton, )ulia Parrillo, Cassandra Chitouras, Lori Morel, Lisa Galante, Paula Bonanno, Dee Preston, Earl Geary. Back Row (L-R) Vincent D ' Antona (Co-advisor), Michele Weber. Carren Panico, Lisa Wells, Susan Roche, Steve Beaudoin, Peter Toomey, Kevin Macchi, Stephanie Burton, Elizabeth Oppedisano (Co- advisor). Mr. Robert Antistas, founder of SADD Yearbook Staff Carol Guidice, Editor; Robbie Davison, Assistant Editor Michael Harrington, Karen Tufankjian, Literary Editors Carren Panico, Kristen Norton, Karen Keelan, Senior Section Editors Agnes Kim, Layout Editor Eric Ladenburg, Photography Editor Kathy Cox, Torina Cataldo, Nancy Wells, Michele Hart, Helpers 1 63 Pat Crowley, Boys’ Sports Editor Taryn Shea, Advertising Editor; Heidi Valk, Financial Editor Stephen Beaudoin, Suzi Phetteplace, Helpers Julia Parrillo, Activities Editor; Donna DeVellis, Art Editor; Sue Deveaux, Girls’ Sports Editor Stephanie Vannicola, Publicity Editor Suzy Leone, Patti Grieco, Activities Helpers Anita Caicaterra, Advertising Editor Special Thanks Elise junas Sue Kelley Stacey Piandes Kristin Powell Pauline Finberg Nanci Ortwein and especially — Thomas Reis Patti Maccini, Photographer Heather Reeves, Helper i ■ . ■Rxidwciscr, Footprints Walking on the beach Hand in hand With the cool water Touching our toes With every wave of the perpetual current. Our footprints led to the rocks lOn which we sat [Gazing at the sky, The stars, the moon. And searching for the horizon Through the mist [Like our futures ' Extending eternally it seems. !A dreamy scene for a night that was juke a dream come true. We sketched our initials in the sand Unique and perfect To illustrate our friendship. The sand was soft and The waves crept slowly toward them Soon our mcisterpiece would disappear As the moments that we now share. But even after the initials Are washed away They can never be erased from our minds and hearts As a cherished memory Of the happiness We once shared. Even our footprints will vanish Side by side But never forgotten. by Karen Tufankjian College Applications, Financial Aid, Fiave all our fees been properly paid? Campus visits; looking at the dorms. And when we visit, it always storms. Buslines, food-lines, fine-lines, dead-lines. Or seek success along the job-lines. PSAT, ACT, and the dreaded SAT, Someday, maybe someday, from these we will be free. But until then, maybe it would be best. To enjoy this year, while doing all the rest. Of college preparation, essays and such. When we work on this, it seems to be too much. But next year, wherever we may be, WeTl look back with fondness, both you and me. To the years we spent at A.H.S., The friends we made, and the happiness. That will last until our very last day. When weTl remember the old " maroon and gray!” Linda Farnsworth 170 I A s ' tat ' lij w ct i t i Catch. it2 tail an you. can. 30 anywhere. Hide that Stan To tKe edje of year ima3 i nat I ' on . t i e only hoiindar: e. Art your dreamy, stretch J or that Star- Reach for it. It may be the hardest thin3 to Jo ' Cause being ev ery Ihin you. can sri ' t easy Always reme be r You c-an Jo anythi?7 Go anywhere Be anyone But first you otta. ' try. Michael Harr ington. Over a shimmering sea, flies a seagull lifting his wings to the highest height. No obstacle deters him. His white form strikes the darkness of a storm. Gray clouds surround him winds buffet him in his flight. Through soaking torrents and chilling wind he continues. A silvery beam beckons him onward. Through defeat and downfall he flies straight for his shining home. A morning star faintly glows on the horizon the sl above a sweet violet and rose the sea below an emerald green. From his sandy bed he arises gazing upon the retreat of a pale light and the coming of a golden one. He looks upward. With a flourish of wing feathers he rises to the sky. Look to the horizon, spread your wings, and soar to the sun. Carol Guidice 1 Uh. we ' ve got a few extra pieces?! No, no not the creme rt Hey baby, what’s happening? Playtime?! Hey big fellow! Can I eat now? " We gotta get out of this place " Andy, Sting, Stu Dear Class of 1984, Since we arrived at this school four years ago we have been through many good times together. As our senior year comes to a close, we remember those times and the fun we had together. I hope this yearbook will bring back the many memories of our high school days. This yearbook was an especially difficult task because we had no teacher advisor. As a result of this most of the responsibilities fell upon Carol. Without her we probably wouldn’t have had a yearbook. I would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time to this yearbook and especially to the staff for helping us to meet the many dead- lines. We hope that this yearbook will help you to remember the Class of 1984. Good Luck ‘‘84” Robert Davison Assistant Editor We, the Class of 1 984, have finally come to the end of our four years at Arlington High School and they have been years of change and growing up for all of us. Yearbook has especially influenced me. It truly has, despite what 1 thought, been a great learning experi- ence. Yearbook with all its meetings has, for me, strengthened old friendships and created new ones. I have learned much about my- self and others. To my staff, I offer a heartfelt thanks for all the long hours of work and constant support they have given me this year. Without all their effort, the yearbook could never have been what it is, a reflection of our class and its four years. I would especially like to thank Rob Davison, my assistant editor. I could always depend on you, Rob, for help in making decisions and support. Those long yearbook meet- ings were always made more enjoyable with your laughter and spirit. I would also like to thank Miss Finberg. Fin, you were always there to listen to my problems and be my friend. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Reis, our advisor. I could always count on your guid- ance and support throughout this year. To the Cleiss of 1 984, 1 offer my congratulations and best wishes for success. 1 hope that your years as mine, have prepared you for the future. I know that these past four years have been special to us all and we will always look back fondly. I hope this yearbook will reflect some of those memories. 1 realize we cannot please every- one, but we did our best to make this yearbook something special. As you look ahead remember that after graduation we will be truly entering adulthood. May we all do our very best to make our dreams come true. Good Luck Class of 1 984. Carol Guidice Editor 192 r r We’re so proud! Thanks for everything Elaine Congratulations “Kristen” Love, Mom 8 Dad Love, Mom, Dad and Karen V J r r Trishi Pooch — We love you we are proud of you Good Luck Malcolm Mom Laura Heidi Dad Love, Linda, Richie, 8 Jimmy V J J r Congratulations Lisa! Dear Linda, We wish you life’s best Congratulations, We wish you every Happiness. Love, Love, Dad, Mom 8. Mike Ma, Dad 8 Vincent V ) L J r r A Michele, We love you and thank you for always making From all of us at Mai’s us proud. especially Dad and Mom Congratulations and good luck to you and all of your great friends. congratulations Malcolm Love, Mom, Dad, Rich, Sharyn, Chris, Tim, 8 Greg V J 193 Happy Smurfuation Love Dad 8. Mom Scott Steve Sean 8 Spunky IT May the joys of this year be the beginning of many and greater joys, and the sadness you feel in life be as sweet as this sadness of growing up. Love, Mom Dad 8. Maria Anita, we knew you would make it. You kept telling us you would. Love, Mom, Dad, Paul, David and Maria V r Congratulations Diana and Class of 1 984 Love, Mom, Dad, and Laura Keep on flashing those dimples! V r Love, Mom, Dad, Lynda, Karen, David and Jessica V Love, Many, Mom 8 Auntie Love — Ma and Tom V V 195 Congratulations one and all to the Class of 1 984 Thank you, Cathy! You are one wonderful daughter, sister and friend We’re proud of you . . . Mom, Dad, Ellen and Dana Tim Waterman — “What lies behind us and what lies within us are small matters compared to what lies within us With much love and gratitude for all the good that lies within you . . . courage, determination, sensitiuity, honesty, humor, social justice. Mom Dad TO GEO, OUR MUGHEAD SON! We are both proud and happy to be blessd with you in our family. Love, Dad 8 Mom p.s. Good Luck D.H., M.C.,G.S.,S.j.,j.R., j.B.,M.F.,C.C.,S.M.,T.P. CLASS OF 1 984 Bona Fortuna! Buena Suerte! Buona Fortuna! Bonne Chance! Viel Gluck! Staff of the Ancient and Modern Foreign Language Department A. F .S. May you have rainbow colored days drawn on a palette of love. Always . . . Pauline Finberg BEST WISHES Cl lss of 1 984 M. Norcross Stratton School PTO A.H.S. PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 J V 196 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Proverbs chp 3 1 Vs 29-3 1 Our love congratulations to you Patti: Dad, Mom 8 |ohn r HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR — R.W. Emerson arlington friends Sgof the drama inc. J ( There was a little girl who had a little cure — Cheryl — and now she is all grown up. Our Congratulations on your day Love Forever, Ma, Dad, Rick r O.K. Bill, the “Nova SS” runs good with the ' 350 ' , now let’s drop in the ' 454’ and see if we can wheel it from A.H.S. to “Kellys’” in 9 minutes flat! Much love success Mom, Dad, Scott, Heather, Killer ' Bingo, “mom " , Sambo Pickles, the Driveway Gang. L__ ( Carol If you can imagine it You can achieve it Ifyou can dream it You can become it. Love, Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Michael Bobby V f Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. Rainier Maria Rilke Letters to a Young Poet Lucile Burt and Maryann Orlando V J V 197 DONORS John and Marie Deleo John Cotter Micheline and Thomas junas Winton’s General Store John and Janice Bakey Helene Perkin Paul Hogman (Class of 1 959) DickTashjian Menotomy PreSchool Symmes Mini Mart Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rossetti The Cunningham Family Balich Corp. J PATRONS The Idea Robert’s Place for Hair Chris, Brian and Tim Hirsch Paul and Joanne Konig Kayes Fudge Shoppe Etc. Ronald and Carol Beaudoin Iris and Ron Nigro Ruth and George Faukner Robert Commito Robert and Anne Macchi Nancy Urban John and Jean Donahue Camera Clinic Playtime Marion Bond Donald and Page Lindsay Richard D. Collomb Jacqueline Conlon Robert Dowell Harold Fairbanks A.H.S. Food Service John and Mary Crowley Richie and Robyn DeCaprio Donald and Mary Harrington Bernie and Nanci Ortwein Mary E. McDonough Morton Speck, DMD, PC Mary G. Dolan 198 B(, ' )STON ()FFK.:E (M7) 770-IS75 ARLlNCiTON OFFICE- l(il7) (i4i ' -4( ' 7 Bernard Michael Ortuein, 11 ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 41 TEMPLE STREET BOSTON, MA 02114 137 MEDFORD STREET ARLINOTON, MA 02174 ADAMIAN CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT CORP . DEVELOPERS ■ INVESTORS • GENERAL CONTRACTORS HAIG J. ADAMIAN 29 MILL STREET ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 TEL; (617) 648-5350 GR6RT L6NGTHS HRIR SRLON LEONE’S for Men 6i UJomen PROVISIONS 925 Mass Avenue Good Luck to Sue, and Arlington, MA all of you, too! 648-2990 Hour ; 1on -Fri 9-9 Sri 8-4 V dlk-ln ServK ■ 1320 Mass Ave. (617)648-0333 Arlington, Ma. 02 1 74 ARLINGTON HOUSE OF PIZZA 797 Mass Ave. Arlington, Massachusetts The Finest Ingredients Are Used in Our Foods Call Your Order Before You Leave, It Will be Ready on Your Arrival 646-5016 r MOTDBECANE THE BICYCLE CORNER MARK D ' BRIEN DENNIS O ' BRIEN • COMMUTING • TOURING • RACING SALES AND SERVICE 916 MASS AVENUE ARLINGTON, MASS 02174 A « TeleD-c ' e 648-5600 TIME OlDSMCEIlE, INC, A. DAVID FREEDLAND 745 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE President ARLINGTON MASS, 02174 199 JEFFREY HODGDON President HODGDON-NOYES BUICK, INC. 835 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 02174 Telephone: 643-5300 New and Used Cars Leasing and Rentals Service, Parts and Body Shop r R.W. Shattuck Co. Inc. Hardware, Housewares, Garden Supplies, Pittsburgh Paints 444 Mass. Ave. Arlington Center 643-0114 MARK WANAMAKER 9|S WANAMAKER HARDWARE. INC. MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 1 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, MASS. 02174 LeBERT BROS MERCUR Y-LINCOLN SALES, INC 956 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, MA 021 74 Telephone 646-2000 f GOOD LUCK to the Class of 1 984 BEACON SPA 85 Warren St. Arlington, Ma. V J f QUALITY CUSTOM FRAMING FRAMES “R” US HEADQUARTERS FOR DO-IT-YOURSELF PICTURE FRAMING 470 MASS AVE. ARLINGTON, MA 02174 J 200 Anderson O’Donnell INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. YOUR mn Jependenf UfOfHe m AGENT “The Insurance Professionals” Providing Complete Insurance Service In The Area • HOMEOWNERS •AUTO • LIFE • MORTGAGE • FINANCIAL PLANNING • COMMERCIAL • IRA KEOGH 643-4444 669 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 BRIGHAM’S ICE CREAM A Boston Tradition Since 1914 The creamiest ice cream in New England, with nearly 50% more cream than most other ice creams. In a region famous for its ice cream lovers, Brigham’s is the ice cream of the crop! BRIGHAM’S, INC. 30 Mill Street Arlington, MA 02174 A r MIRAK CHEVROLET 1125 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 643-8000 Service, Body Shop Parts and Leasing y V 201 see us for • CAMERAS • TVs • PERSONAL STEREO • PORTABLE AND HOME VIDEO SYSTEMS • CORDED AND CORDLESS TELEPHONES CAMERAS INC. 6-43-1463 SEW ESGLASD PHOTO ISC. Sales. Service Rentals Ara K Gecmilian A36 MASS AVENUE AR:_iNGTON MASS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF I 984 Mr. Richard’s Beauty Salon 280 Broadway Arlington Center 648-9772 648-9615 648-9734 Owner George Arena MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Jewelers Inc. Phone 643 4209 ROBERT W SWANSON CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST 659 MASSACHUSETTS AvE ARLINGTON MASS C2174 r ■ ' ■M 1 (ITHINCi ( ARl ( f N U R I 1 SU inoRDST AKl INC. TON C [ MtR Regent Qeaneis ft Tailofs Zipper Hospital 1 LON K1) n. I M kOV 648-2439 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS NATIONAL MUSIC, INC a26 Massachusetts Ave , Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 (617) 646-5472 CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1984 fronn SWANSON’S BAKERY 918 Mass. Ave., Arl., Mass. 02174 648-9607 Education is the key to the door of opportunity Make the most of it! 202 r Brattle Pharmacy Inc. Druggists And Chemists Alfred S. Cavaretta, B.S., Reg. Pharm. 1043 Mass. Ave. Corner of Brattle St. Arlington, Mass. 643-3267 “Your Value Store” l{pnal(iA. Rjesz Dispensing Optician Eyeglasses Repaired Prescriptions Filled 1 1 Medford Street Arlington, MA 643-7325 Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-6 Saturday 9 to 3:30 Closed Wednesday Lunch 12:30-1 30 BESTWISHES CLASS OF 1984 BUTTON PLUMBING HEATING. INC. 1 0 Swan Place Arlington, Mass. 02174 646-0461 648-3064 J Thank you to If it’s new in hair, we’re doing it at New Dimensions Purdy Vantine Studios and Hunters Publishing Co. from all the A.H.S. Yearbook staff. We couldn’t have done it without your patients. V di fronzo’s New Dimensions 906 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington 646-2535 203 FRIENDS DON ' T LET FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK Compliments of Arlington High’s SADD Chapter Co-Advisors: Vincent D’Antona Elizabeth Oppedisano 204 P 06 T OFFICE AMD TOWf HALL , QO r COW ELL K.(?. 5WT 0 5 THEN U H£I HT5 [ J L mo DXN(r.W! WD APi ' r rA c ' ' 6 At srtei LAK " UFFl ' S “ic£ V£ r Aei eh.’5 : 53 ZAPlTht. THfATN’E 3 4Sf , yr,. -- 3 (f? UuKrullH P.45T 3 RV 6 l 5 IfJ 5 f ARM HO tlEK ' oroiiy POCKS P t K RUW i{ M.p.c ij|Mf .HMC- s‘ H 006 E of pizza MjRj ' Q )FFy . , ,„ ' ’w« films, 6ift5 a OB e. OF JStzA i

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