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 - Class of 1983

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PRESENTING ARLING w Whim m Sf n TO A SPECIAL FRIEND, MR. TOZ. As time slowly goes by The friendships of people move on. . r Time has gone and a special friend has left us The Lord has taken him in His hands. r Tears .were brought to our faces, -- - But laughter was in our hearts . . . as we remember him. Mr. Toz, you have said good-bye tfo join Another. You may not be here with us. . ’ But are always in our hearts. May the death of our special friend Always be in our memories as The joy of remembering comes into our minds. by Lisa CoUture Is it Friday, yet? 0-0-00 that smell. We can explain, everything . . . I Love Yuz All! Friends we are. And now I’ll pray. Peace, Mr. Clough . . . il I I Let’s do some serious partying. VHAT is THAT thing . . .? Get down on it! I’m stupid’s partner What food? You mean I can’t come on Saturdays? Joa» Rose Agostino 38 Pierce Street 2 15 65 Cheering: Thanks Finn, PM, KT best times DB, LR, KN Best of friends Karen- Ellen-Jean-Sue, KK, LP, TS, KO, JJ, LC, MS, FDCPS. Thanx Bobby 143 10 25 80. Best Jr Semi and Prom. Down the High, IBFIADLA, CAF PACS Sleepovers the birds can’t wait for N.C. LR DI times 82 ' cape FK Hampton, Winga, ress CC LIL SIS Val gl Thanks Mom and Dad Love Ya 18 effect ten Patricia Adams 143 Wright St. 8 5 65 “Trish the dish” Well guys we made it! There’ll be no more! Sister Trish! Do we get 10 pts. for our name? Well, now that we’re here what do we do? I’ll never forget, Pizahead, Adonis, the attack of the John’s, Me too! It takes all Kinds of people! No, I don’t think so! People are strange! Wing! prts., Red lights! FLA., Ber muda w Mary, Jon 6 4 81 Good friends are forever Kevin Aiken 50 Alpine Street 2 15 65 Aiks THE " FARM” LAKE WINNEPEG, JAKES GRADUATION PARTY, MARLEY SESSIONS, Grow’s FORT, THE BRIDGE, SULLY YOU DRANK “IT”, CLEM, TULL, GEILS, UMASS, THE HEIGHTS, AKU-AKU S. STREET FOOTBALL, HALLOWEEN, THE WALL, 4th and 5th, MOOSE CLUB, JP, JO, JO, DM, BC, JH, MM, RM, MD, SS, BIG GUY NAM, THANK NIGHT, THE GUN, SAP; DAZED AND CONFUSED THIS IS THE “END” S’ nae Zo Amy R. Baratta 138 Ridge St. 3 13 65 Laurie and Sue — best friends, talks etc. atB + P, Brighams, Vsoccer, “lost again”, SB! , JR, HV, SAL, dingy chid, Geils, Journey concerts, nightmoves, Sue’s B-day party, junior prom, Hull, Huey, so caught up in you! Summer of 82 with Jack, cape-drifting away, Rockport, 7 14 82 cooking for Jon, never forget the good times! thanks Mom -(- Dad -i- B, Luv ya! Bye! c nu n Andrea Bianchi 370 Ridge St. 6 7 65 Cheering, A. K. , M. E. , S. P. , K. K. , hi hon, big kiss, the dream night. But why?, what a sin, U.T.T.M, (trees?), and they’re off, nya, P.K., S.O., A.P., B.M., c’mon now, strive, 3B sale, Friday’s food, life in general, Harvey’s, the gas truck, the psycho cat, G’s leather, d-book, long talks. I’m W.O. A.S., yesterday. Don’t look!. Thanks Mom and Dad. Elizabeth Billings 7 Aerial St. 9 17 65 Beth STECMS-Best Friends -i- PV, TF, TB, SS, Thanx Sue! ILY Sean 3 28 81, Soccer, will we ever win? Cape “82’,, Dunfeys, Marble parties! Lites, Wicked good, blasted, wild, not to cool, LubbyDubby, Dippin in N. H. ! Reunited at Menots! The Marines? Skitrips, survival, Andy + Frank, Brownies, SOMF, HYPO! HELP! 4 at a time. Rocky Horror Double Dates, Remember all the good times! 1 Love You Mom Dad. Bob Arenella 34 Joyce Road 5 6 65 ARA The Shack Weekend bashes JH BP JC TDDH Me 12 3 82 1 asked Debbie Busted Instant Replay Skip Days We Got To Get Out Of This Place Bad Blazes 10 15 82 The Trade Off CH The Lakes We All Finally Made It Thanks To All For A Excellent Time 1 Got Lucky Van Halen Deizedandconefused See you Later Class of “83” Live Wild And Be Free S w John Biagioni (Jack) 101 Cutter Hill Rd. Y.B.M, RENT-A-COPS Y.P.D., faced, A C. 123 HaHa! Mustaing? lost weekends, osmosis, check that out, toot toot, D T E., where are your pants? B B Jim Bri, jscijhrcdlmentctmcguanciklkkaajhjkjb, finals 123?, Ogt. Me., It’s Miller time! Thanks Mom and Dad! 1 a u« ; Colleen Bowler 48 Palmer St 4 29 65 Marc 12 19 80 ILY The Clcish 8 21 82 Snow Days Semis Proms 2-4-1 Nites-The Pond Hampton Beach 80 82-PH Drive-Ins The Moose is on the loose BOC FOGHAT New years Stuck at Thorndike The Wall Good Times Bad Times 7 17 81 SJ Waldo I get by with a little help from my friends-D ALKCTBSNM Faces Freedom with a little fear Thanx-ILY Mom Dad LU2 “B” Later-AHS A uMtn Daniel G. Bouvier 98 Woodside Lane 12 16 64 Bouv V Football JCSOBMFF and the boys, H.G. w Judgie Time Square Mich, WAYDB, 9 21 82 with Beth, never forget, awywm, What? Omni Spin, Expressway, sorry Mary, N.H. Polic, NFYKT, C.D. Bowlin at Brownies, Ducldes Pond, Conan, Spa, Thank You Richie, Jr. Prom, Konigs, Have You? No Ma, Fin SDIHYT Thanks Mom and Dad, Take It Easy. David Bowen 158 Lowell St. 6.15 65 Bow RADICALS V. HOCKEY NUB DECAP RED LINE SIT TOGA “82” HELL OF A BASH, NINA 1 81 SAJP LUV YA LETS GO ON PEU , DUKE TO DOOF, NOTE A JAKES B’S COTTAGE 150 ON THE CAPE, DJ MF LM KD, EAGLES 67 Stang LACONIA “82” HARLEY 1 UNUSED 13 BUTCH MY BRO, ADPGM JAPS, NGAID, GARDENS REV ON AB AC MICHELOB HERRING, FINN YTB, JK, THANKS WIG, KIMBA, DINT FORGET YOU MOM DAD THANKS LUV YA BOTH WENDY TOO. LIVE FREE OR DIE John Bishop 106 Milton Street 10 13 65 Bish (Superfly) CLASS OF “83” DOMINATES CRUSINGINFITTYSCAR ' THEUNICORNISTHEHORNEDWONDERI HOUSEAFIRE ' “APPLEDUMPINGG VMG’VSPOTLIGHTONSPORTS “BUTBIFF” “OHRICK” SWEETMEATRULESM DALLASCOWBOYSAREAWESOME GOODBYRALPHIEBOY HOGANHAMMER “GEDDY!” VEGETABLES AREEVERYWHERE BIGRED “THEOLDMAN” J.R. “SAILON” TURNOFF- THELIGHTSTHEPARTIESOVER! Tim Bishop 140 Wright St. 2 11 65 BISH Summer 82 — BensParties Toga Pool Party PORKSTEVESK, BOB Miguel DOCTOR! QPDOORS Geils Aerosmith Zeppelin Boston Lenny Poark I’M outta Here! Its Been a slow Ride lite up an-OThe R Addiction Futura-Fort you Fried? NA, NA BURGER The BONGSURGECLIPSBUDMICHMAMA Boyies Hoyt- Bugs Blimps WCCGoodTimes, JACKSON Lenyoura Whale! Socsec Dazedand- ConfusedLetGoodTimesRoll LuvanThanks Ma Dad — AHS — LATER Sharon Borges 74 Orvis Road 12 10 65 Squeaky Best of Friends: SCKPPCCCLDBMLASMJADN Knockout 3rd Lunch Unicorns 4eva JC Florida Bermuda NY 4-19 Pond Hi Sis! Cath — Eddie Steph I don’t have a squeaky voice! Does Dr. Spillman make house calls Miss Gormans class MAB, TAM, ADL Sandy, I do have Bit O Honeys, Popcorn, Let the Good Times Roll, Bom to be Wild, J. Geils, Seger, Stones, Thanks Mom Dad I did it. Susan Boufford 38 Beacon St. 7 1 65 Booga TC — I love you. Smugglers 81 82 — I thought the party was on Cedar St! Weirs Beach — need a ride home? Cheap Trick Chicago Bus, River Parties, White Mts.., Indian Head. J. Geils-Do it up Cheryl, Thanks Mom I Love You. Catherine R. Brown 108 Madison Ave. 9 18 65 Katy THE ESSENCE IS TENSE. HOOPs, MDTAL know cabuca is esoteric but mystic showers bring milk in hecks hair, cptnj will never be the same. Dms are awesome, mbi sht. Bo peep hot on the trail of the Hot Dog police, fourth Estate, realizes that the midnight screamer is at large. Alls fair in Love War, right IV? N E go for it, but S T forget it! What’s Next? Gary Brown 5 Stony Brook Rd. 1 5 64 “Brownie” PWTB and the boy’s, P-Lot, 4z’s-Farm,V-Hockey, Peva-Class of 81, Gardens, Death-ride, bowling w boys’ -forget Bud, Concerts, LTYD, Comm. Raids, egg fight. Proms, Bro’sbach. pty., many nights to remember can’t. Brewfest.-R.l., Jail house rock, many a flame but never a fire, Apd got me, Jr; Supper-Cape (1), Squat, x-mas Bud tree. Good Luck to all csp. me. Later, Thanx Ma Dad. Anriv Bums 30 Menotomy Rd. 7 12 65 BFDGNKMHLOLWKKMD neverforgetya Summer of 82 Capecases Thanks to you it will be dawn Hoohad Nites BUDS 2 4’ ! Nites Z28 Breakleg Thanx Lenny U Tried too Many early mornings Perfect for the beack We goota Get Outa This Place Well Deirdre We Finally Made it Good Bye AHS I’M SO SCARED Robert Bums 57 Hodge Rd. 6 5 65 Ben V-Basketball, Jv-Football, The-Garden W.C.C.? What are you doing?, Drive-Ins, Jackson’s House, The Blimp, Hampton Beach, Wild Parties, I am not having fun guys? Ozzy, How’s it going-Dominque, Lenny, Bish, Ski, Jay, Paul, Veg, O-Tay, The Falcon, The Fort, Lock’s Pond, S.S.N., Polock, How’s the weather. Burger King, Ben-Dover, The Woodshead, Face, Toga, Thanks for everything Mom Dad Snozzle Deborah E. Brooks 8 Belton St. 6 10 65 Debbie Always remember Mrs. Mehl’s wm class. Central, Acceras English, skipping. Preschool, MrT Joumalism I II, Loftus, Theatre, Mr. Powers Bible, Guitar, Doc. Bok. Journey Concert, bells, renovation, lockers, homerooms. Happiness Always to D.B. E.F. T.L. C.L. S.M. W.C. 2B. Look out World here We come! Class of “83” is 1! Dorothy Brooks 188 Jason St. Dot Cheerin-Fin-Cath, RAKTPMLR Shaun-1 1 27 81 lLY-Prom-KKs-ScitBeach, Nancy-Cape-lost-UNOintheMorn?-Geils 8082-NAdams;doublevision,Juice?- Disny -Stole nbusride-NHdrif ten wi mps-JGADTONS -Drome- 15Bday- Thrdo,Survival, JDJDmixup VS Camp-Sue, DFCL, Wareham; lafatack!Dunkin Dot, Hischoolfield, Thanx M -(- D Here we go Nan, Get ready world! Thomas J. Bryant 70 Kensington Park 2 13 65 Ducky Brownie, Webb, Coley, Mac, Fred, Bov, Yubba, TS, SO, PO.. V- Hockey??.19..4Zs on Farm, SophPondParty, Xmas Bud Tree, Cathy goodtimes remembered, Semis-Proms, Buddies keep ya warm. Summers on Cape, Orty, we’re comin over. Cape home for lost wanderers, LTYD, Bowling at Brownies- Duckpond, Sr. Asmb. -Carney for VP, Yount, FINN, Coley-ATREE! .... Thanx Ma-(-Pa Danny Burke 70 Franklin St. 1 11 63 Knee Just looking back at good times HOCKEY 1, CANADA “78” “Quebec” (B. Gardens Varsity) Teds AHS lot. Family gatherings MEATMANNING SUDS GOOD LUCK C, SG, T, W,J-Jane“82” Bunning, Hampton, Spaz Concerts, Alan, Crowbar Hotel COBEANCLE (PBJs) BRIGS GOLFCOARSE-PARALLE LNH, COVRT-MARSHALLS-WITH-THE-NUBS, THANKS TO MY FRIENDS, ESP. TO MOM, DAD, JEPS, GOTTA, GO-SEE, YA, BY, NOW. lic tae {r (raJu Lisa Caldwell 15 Fanner Rd. 12.16 65 Lee MWNDMTLDK, Friends always, Paul 82 Sen. Prom, 81 Jr. Prom, The Farm, Paralle, all nighters Who’s that guy! Let’s party girls! Eric who knows! O P. Beach Parties quarters TTCDSFDGPA, Yaramth OH Whattanight, Craig UMO, White Mts. Vigs place. Steve always remember Thanks Mom and Dad!!! 1 made it. Later AHS {r a aufft iltcaAe A a Robert Campbell 5 Drap er Ave. 10 14 65 Soup Was it worth it? Soccer Tourney “82” Canada “81”, It couldn’t be any other way, NH and VT “82”, “Outing Club”: 1 know there’s a trail here somewhere, Jim you want us to eat that? You take the bike I’ll take teh kickstand, cool crisp refreshing, B,M,K,S,L,S,J,D, oh wellE.R. The Blue Bomb: get pushing, nothing to lose nothing to gain . . . Billy Cannon 59 Beacon Street 10 19 64 AEROSMlTH,lNDlAN CO.,HAMPTON,BUD.WRESTLlNG.SNUKA GETS BEATENS. THE INDIAN PARTIES 4 EVER. U.S.M.C.POOLE WEASELS A QUART IVAN PRUSIK.H. WEEKEND P. PENCIL SHARPENER. JIM’S P.SLEEPS DAN’sA.B.P YELLOW SNAIL BYE FREEDO. THANKS MA, DAD, SUE. LOV YA SAN 1 5 80 LATER A.H.S.! Michael Caggiano 56 Browning Rd. 9 15 65 Cagg 1 made it? 4Wheelin-Liz 4getit, wannagotalk? Hpn 4 more gd. times-Ya say ya wanna race? Ithinkl’mdrunk-It’s wrecked Fix it Skinny Lawn Iks gd uh-Lotsa gd times Ann-nev4getu DSSSTBRHJMDFAAMPWDJTMJRP-Cuck I lost it Fitch- burgRuns-Was 1 speedin?01ds-Poets-RD’sJsemiAK-0No we’re drowning-Get the truck off the beach, son-SsemiLiz-Dave, it can take it Tks Ma, Dad, Twins Cathy Calautti 60 Hemlock St 11 11 65 Boo-Boo KAMM 5 21 81 Love ya 4-eva Summer “82” Calif Lolla Love ABJ Surfs up! Ms Fitz’s TD Zap’d 5 DN, SC, TD, K out in Ct. Yd Kinkys’ x Death Rides w SM, AD, DB, Good times Bad times Ms Gorman Salad Fights w SC, SB, JA, SM, MY Horse Ted Best of friends 4-eva JA Thanks Mom Dad Love ya 4-eva 22 Sheila Carroll 49 Highland Ave. 3lbl(A Summer of 81 82 7 4 80 Maine Craig Good times at the lake Beach J. Geils Concert 2 22 82 “You can’t always get what you want” . Mick can’t forget Aerosmith 11 11 82 Chrissy, Karen Len, Sandy Janessa, Olivia SC SF AS LJ LN AJ NK ML S S Grove St. 1 finally made it thanks for every thing Ma William J. Carter 161 Westminister 1 16 64 Bill Summer of 79 All nighters up N.H. Snow Storms with Hampa Demarko Markus LuLu, “Scuba” Bud Nicks, Heino’s St. Pauly Girls Red Labels What should we get? We gut to get out this place Good times bad times, ZEP Stones WHO “Sonny”, RM RF Q Mam, ROCH, Reposa, Keep on Rocken and Rollen Party Harty SABBATH at the Cape ME and DOTS at Flampton, what’s happen Good Luck Thanx Mom Dad Carol Lee Canzanelli 17 Maynard St 4 5 65 CONSTRUCTION, G-Gym (classrooms. Leaking Roofs, Drills, Tarring MS, Mah- er, Mr. Giobbi, Mr. Foisy, House A, Mr. Fairbanks . . . Softball Frosh-Barts, JV-Rhonda, Varsity-Mr. Drench. GBL Champs Everett 6-5, M and M’s . . Summer of 82 Oct 18, 1982 Private Pilot . . . very special people Peter Drench Diana Scianna, Ray . . . Aug 11, 1982 . . . Memories are forever . . . Stephen Caparella 19 Grove St. 5 29 65 Capa DAZED-and-CONFUSED?TRlSHlN-Weymouth, “The-best-of sometimes”. Kathy, Beth, from Lex. Allnighters, Leah. Luau330am, MDC, RDRPPS. Frhoop, JVhoop, Vhoop. Gonuts, Woodshed, Cheerleaders. Goyk. OctSmontecrash. Hampton beach parties, GD Rita, Wildonesinthelittle- house,Kennedysfreakin’out,RockawayRiots,FLA. Hit-ThemB. Snowbound, HmvKong, KerryfromMelrose, Kinks 80, Hey-Dudes, Thanx Ma -i- Pa {r a nxa ne Richard Caputo 22 Newport St. 1 25 65 Flick Jimmy’s-That’s what she said-Saco-The original yaaboos-skiing-the hospital . Harvard Bond the Wardon Juan-The flying China man-the Lee z-Night skiing at Crochet-Steve’s machine-Rob’s car? Jay’s restaurant-Michele The sports car-1 would like to thank my parents for their love and guidance through the years 1 finally made it!!! Love Flick Brian Carey 35 Woodbury St. 4 15 65 “Cares” Football in the Parking Lot The blizzard Boql Munchie-runs to PJSH ' he Brown Homet DB Thanks Mom s John Carney 94 Woodside Lane 1 22 65 Football 16 . . DB,SO,PXO,TS,YAB,CROW,WIZ,HAN .. Frosh-(-JV hoop MsFitz Superbowl ’81 . . Worcetser Ski Trip The Fort Chelsea?-MEFFA Garden Gotta work-tarps . . . Crows b-day Fallln Rocks-BHS camp Cap’t-finallywin Sr.Con. kt-kk tj — J,J,C,M4VIF1M0J0R1S1N ... WHO!! thanx Mom-(-Dad Lisa Carroll 44 RcKkmont Rd. 11 10 65 LDJJtheBEST DEATHRIDES STBatSitch P, ingAVL SCENIC ROUTE, Big STORL4Z Gimmeabawdleobeir JUMBO ItsaCONVOY CORRUPTION of 81 CAPE gaybikes, DEN, JJsPARTlES, Eggbeater WheredMyBeerGo? AFT“HeyYouGuysUustHitaBarrel” Wpt.Dip MIT, BakeOut RDTrip82 “MrEx- citement” theDent w Cathy -I- Shelly thongs Rascals CAT EggnogCoctls Jibber- woman BAKA Coley Love YA 6 21 82 Later MA-i-PA! .Xa AU ’f! S ' . Af jA i Jfe tAief! Aa atixaHO Christine A. Cate 69 Princeton Rd. 6 16 bb Chrissy Summer of “81” “82” Waldon Pond Led-Zeppelin Aerosmith concert 11 11 82 J-Geils 2 22 82 Joe Perry 9 26 82 partys long gone but not forgotten best times stop shop, Grove St. Sue, Sandy, ML, KH, OD, SC, JR, LJ, CC, AS, SF, NK, AJ, KW LL , PinkRoyd The Wall Junior Year Cal’s house OD, CC, Crazy toy’s in the attic he is crazy 10 1 83 Sue’s party PVT.CT S. TYLER DREAM-On! Pamela Caterino 23 Princeton Rd. 8 10 65 Handles Look Forward to The Future Never Forget The Past LYA ALTON BEST FRIENDS Always Sharon, Jennifer + Chrissy good friends — SC, JALADSOD- CASCKPKNBMPC Concerts Black Blue House Parties J. GEILS AEROSMITH SEGAR “81” 4th of July! Fun Times down D P. 3rd Lunch Bye Globe! THANKS MOM DAD I LOVE YOU. Michael Anthony Chapin 12 Orchard PI. 6 9 65 Chape, MAC Thanks T. Freakin Awesome Times being Mngr. at WAHR. DJing and Parties were the best. Germany-Alstiwasser, Schlagen de Afar. Best MC lAM; Love always to SS, and all the rest. Vem the Vega lives on. May Mr. Fag get caught real soon; Fur Sure. Love to Mom and Dad who kept spirits high. May AHS always be the best; ACA, ACS; hopie AHR runs without me. Farewell! Thomas A. Chaput 74 Grandview Rd. 8 18 65 Tom 10-0 GBL TENNIS CHAMPS ... A BRONZE AT HIGHALNDS . . ” THE FLYING CAINMAN” “FOLKS”. TENNEY MT. RC, JC, AC, SL, JL, EL, SC, RC, TL, TB, TC . . . THE ROCK JUMP . . . MORRIS THE LEE’Z’ GEORGE 327 CAMARO CONVERTIBLE ROB’S CAR? . . SACO RIVER -h 30ft. BRIDGE . . . 871 lbs OF APPLES . TOPSFIELD . . “THE WARDEN” “RON WHAT ' S THAT’ KWONG UNDER STAND THANKS TO MOM AND DAD 24 Kathleen A. Caslin 148 Park Ave. Ext. 12 13 65 Kathy “Liz” Never forget E.T. The Bushes, P.S. C.H. Jr. Prom, Jim and the movies Nancy? Halloweenis something to remember R.M. S.D., M.M. C.H. D.S. SV, ND LP. WAHR Rules-Mon-3-6 Music Director. See ya in 10 years Love ya Mom and Dad! Duran Duran -h John Taylor 1 Well we made it (SIGH) Stephen Catanzano 10 Fessenden Rd. 5 24 65 Skiing at Tenr , Crocked, Highland, with JL, RC, NM, 3TC, EL, JC, RV, Rock Jump, Cape Cod, Boating, swimming, camping. Friends. JJ, Spunky, Flying Chinaman, STUDLEY, BS Eagle, “George” Morris” “LEE”Z”Robs Car? “Mad dog Marty” Commander Cody” “DRENCH Warefare” “Bike Hike” The Arling- ton High Ski Club” Thanks Mom -I- Dad!!! A ne s . na e Rnku Chakrabarti 207 Wollaston Ave 11 29 65 Pink Einally! Airport 83; McGinn! DDW, Juan, Switz, “Is Susan there?”. Checkers, L5, WCIBN?; NADS DUSTY: Butch; Jock name; The Great Escape JSOl; Divine Shield; the bill Clouts; Fealy; yellow T’s; GT’s guys; Milla, IC, theory?; ZEITGEIST!; LV to the Bari folks and Suj; peace . . . S Ao SX. i ' Aa ,a , AitcAiae S i A AuiAh n Daniel Chiasson 176 Pleasent St. 8 27 65 PHE INDIAN, TC, JM, CH, MA, GE, LI, JM, BC, SC, ST, YOU GOTTA LOVE IT VAN, PRUSIKNEWYEARSEVE “81 82” BUD, MOOSEMENT LED ZEP JOE ERRY JOE’S BAG, WILL, ALRIGHT! NEWTON PARTY! NEWTONFAG’S PHE CAPE V N HALEN, LEO SUZITLA! PARTYOVER STACY’S THE DPS NDREA’s PARENTS GONE AGAIN SILLY BANDY THANK YOU MY -RENDS AND MOST OF ALL, LOOK MA I MADE IT! WERE OUTTA HERE!! Stephen Chinal 17 Fremont Ct 8 8 64 Bebo hie did it KK Gei Lized TP wheres Quincy JB DO AC JR Prom over MP later Ralph eabody Blue FootBall 82-83 The Man or Brighams What Happened to the door M Summer of 81 MO Kev your missing your spokes Thanks Ma love ya! A U4 naA4i David Michael Clancy 32 Amherst St. 4 28 65 Dape Cases at Beth’s cottage, sleeping in the sands at Salisbury beach, Mmost LM.F. Hampton beach week ends are coming again Heavy “snow” in 82. Little r$A Girls? Good Times CS, TH, MT, MR, DC, AND The boys from SSP. Drink till ;ou drop! Good times Bad times you know we had our share “Beth” Boston iruins “83” Got to have the Blues! J. Geils House Parties! Pink Royd “We don’t leed no education” Buds, Good Luck People! Stephanie Clinton 130 Thorndike St. 8 4 65 lONNIE LOVE YOU ALWAYS, CU SH WKED 82, ME ANN BOSTON 80, 400DY BLUES W SHERYL, 10-31-80 -h 81, KIM, SQUEAKY, DEE, ANN, SHERYL, SKIP’N 5TH DI? SKIING W KIM, RICK, RON, W. H. BEACH, DC, JH, ’D, DC, JC, LIQUID GAMES, JR. PROM 81, MAB -h TAM, CC, JA, LM, LD, DN, BM, L4, LD, MISS ADVENTURE -i- HER MATES, FOREIGNERS!, WKED ’ARTYS, LOVE YOU MOM, DAD, ART AND BROTHERS. Debra Lee Cheney 8 Irvin St. Debbie I Will Always Remember: The Dept, Concert Choir, Magits, G S Harmonairs, Central, NY-NJ, The Continental, Heightsmen, Rifle, Drum Major, Bennington. 5-21 Danny, Bobby, Lisa, New Hampshire, Ann The “D’s” Special thanks to Mr. Smith, Ed, Diane, Paul, Billy, Kevin, Karen, Michael, David, Nana, Grandpa, Grandma, ALL MY LOVE TO MOM AND DAD. S a ue AriAia ,jA e iAe4i ArAina Melina Christinakis 38 Melrose St 12-4-65 Friends For Ever LG, CT, EF, CR, MR, CL, secret pals LG, JD, JV, FANIUEL HALL, me, LG, DB! Summer “82” fape. gogo’s great! lil. BOSTON Pizza closet skip who me Never! sweetsixteen great! mine lu’s with LM, ML, AT, CT, LG, MV, AV, CR, MR, GS, GC: lets go don’t be late, dreams Begin where raintaows end. going around LM, NH, KH, . Thanks Ma Dad. Best of Friends MC, LG we did It! ! ! ! Joseph Ciampa 66 Ronald Road 1 27 65 Joe “The Shack”-DH,BA,TD,-The Lake, -Friday nights-Jimmy’s TW,-TWSS,- Summer of “82”, -New Hampshire, -Bird-“Killer,”-May 18-The Sailor-, The Strobe, -Stratton 5 on 1, -Drench warfear, -finally made it — , later, -Thanks Mom Dad David Cloutier 7 Harold SL 8 4 65 Clouts My life has just begun! Pinku, shut up! Honey Hole; Sllb’er Lunker; You talk too much, B.C. Eagles, double dual, the quad system; Rock Pond; the Lakes; Tcev and the mayp ole; what is it? Another on Bites the Dusty, school lunch? Harvard Square Touch Football Street Hockey, New Hampshire Parties, Chool Horrors Hey, the fun is over now starts life. Nancy Coiley 359 Mystic St. 3 11 65 Legs, Slick JD Luv ya. Summer St. Bof, CRDMBMNDEVDJ, Hampton 82 w Soupy Shrienky, Rhode Is. Sitting in the Bield of Peer cans. The Stones, Is it over or an illusion-certs with retsin. Bill Baileys Endless Talks w CR DM Parties at Jimmys, Rt2 trip, Mt. Madness, Auntie Uncle, Labor Day weekend, 21 js Lisa Luv Ya 1 served my sentence I’m a Freebird, Its over Mom Dad Thanks xoxoxoxo. yatirif Beth Colgan 189 Brattle Street 10 10 65 LISA LAURIE TIMMY FP SV EC JB CAPE MS SF KA JULIE SWEET 16 NO MORE. COMPLEX TRIGGER MR SCHOLES CU SS OZZY! FRIENDLY ' S HARRY J MORE FUN TO COME GUTTER DS JS SM JT SNEAKING OUT TR SC LINES MESMARIZED JC MA SKINNY D OCT. 8, 82 JR PROM SR PROM NO MA ' I LOVE YOU STEVEN MEZ THANKS MOM DAD lOTDE GO FOR IT MOM! Jane Copp 18 Trowbridge St. 8 27 65 Senior year party it up! TLSMSLSSPRNEDG Jr. Semi, Therese Susan Forever Friends. Brighams Bound. BOC Foghat Latin 5-Susan-Patty-Nancy-Janic-Sue- will you please turn your radio down! Therese’s Junior year sleepover. ouch my head Lynne-8 22 82 Thanks Mom 1 Love You, J.J.C. Brian Costa 82 Harlow St. 6 18 65 Best Friends, Mike D., A1 C. Everett, Ozzy Concert A r. 2 82. Galaxy Gym, Colt 45 Go for It! Nice T Bird! Van Halen, Drive Inn’s, McDee’s Free Food, NAVYBOY. Genesis Finns Class, MGMall, many partys BYOB with, JC, J Geils Gloucester-Big Fish! AHS The Best, Thanks For everything Mom -i- Dad 1 love you both. ■ Timothy Corbett 1 1 Memorial Way 3 3 64 STUBS GOOD TIMES DOWN THE PROJECTS BUD’S FOR EVA, Good BYE R.R. THANKS ELINOR, SUE, CATHY, GOOD TIMES UP THE CAMP WATER SKIING, STEP WOLF THE PUSHER MAN, PINK FLOYD ANIMALS UP O S, WILD WEEKEND DOWN THE CAPE ALLMAN BROTHERS ALICE COOP- ER, LOTS OF DEALS FRESHMAN YEAR BURNING OUT ON BLUES TOO MANY TIMES AT THE A.P.D. THANKS MOM DAD, LOVE YA JUDY H. 4 17 81 Joseph M. Corkery 47 Stone Rd. 7 6 65 Joey Nancy 7 1 1 81-Remember the good. Remember the bad. Remember the special moments me and you had. Remember the old, look forward to the new, but most of all I will always remeber you I LOVE YOU NANCY! ILYMTI Good times with RM. TH, LL, CC, CL Partyin in the swinger and of course good times down the Cape. Love them concerts! Thanks Mom Dad and of course family! By AHS. 26 l 4 H Lisa Couture 21 Old Colony Rd 6 8 65 We made it! Caroly your unbeliveable! 1 Luve u Gayle + Mr. Mrs. G Hey Wubs! Lisa D you Harvard Freak Hows the Charles? JCS got to love it piddle the High Booges Brigs! To many bashes! Fama, Meme, Grandpa, PePe Love ya! Florida! Lisa K. what would I do with out you? Love Ya! Ellen special friend, yearbook, senior year the best! Never 4-Get us AHS! MOM, DAD, What can 1 say? 1 Love You! Maureen Cox Best of Friends Chris, lo. Sue, Snooch, Guido . . . Always remember May 9,81 I’ll nver forget you Glenn, Crosby, Park, Cape, NH, DSLJ Dukes of Sagamore, Symmes Friends, Remember 15 Harold St. Camaro, Cougar, Cobra, GS, Good time with Lou -i- Snooch STB, Toga Party, Tom you Lunch Bag! Chris we made it! 1 Love you Mom -f Dad . . . Later AHS Heavy on the Much. S . )i Jce Kelley Cronin “The Good Times Are The Best Times, The Bad Times Fade Away, The Good Times Are Forever!” Concerts, The Comer, Boxes, Poets, The lot-Parties: Hooks, New Years Eve, Claire’s, Waltham, Ceppies’s Roading-MP -i- DF, MJ -i- AA, KC + J.B., G.C.M.C., E.S., C M., “The Gang”, C.S. -h S.C., M S, K.L, Arlington News, M.G., Thanx Mom -i- Dad. Kevin Costa 83 Wright Street 12-30-65 KABUKl 82 is 1 going to the Bowling Aley Going to New Hampshire Dallas Cowboys Rule will always be friends with Mike Mark John Paul and Joe Milwaudec Brewers 1 never forget me never forget skiing at crotchet Mountain The Who, The J. Geils Band, Foreigher, The Stones working at DeMoulas was fun student council going to central listening to COZ, BOS, BCN GoodBy Marian Joanne Cote’ 98 Hillside Ave. 6 11 65 Hey Cote’ Thanks Mrs. Lawton, Mr. Bockler Mrs. Morin, Survival, A P final! fun times with Brig Sheila, LDJ wkend in Nh, State Park, the bridge, rangers; Hillside gang. Prospect, my garage, CD, BM, KS, LS;, walkin’ around, soccer, Jr. Year, wor- rying, drama, G S, bio labs partner — Oh, God, VP — 1 don’t get it, science area, 1 had fun. Mom Dad Carolyn Craig 65A Brattle St. 1-29-65 Cal Sean 1 love you 6 11 81 the Baby 3 6 83 Karen Sandy Shelly The best friends anyone could have. O.D. 9 4 81 Kw-i-Ll SW-i-SO maybe? me -i- Chrissy, The bobsie twins. Auntie Vlison Skynrd Led Zep Becks Thanks El -(-Susie. The memories of yesterday will last a life time. Thanks Steve -i- Charlie. My wanka. ' luv you? Thanks Mom -i- Dad 1 love you always! Thomas A. Croke 346 Washington St. Mike, Chuck, Q, Joe, Ed, ICA, MINIWOODS GiANG, THANKS MR. LANE, THANKS LARRY, Fr. Swenck, Thanks Mr. + Mrs. S. Thanks Mom -(- Dad, BUDS, PARTIES, KINKS, AC DC, JGEILS HAMPTON SEABROOK, L5KE WINN- PESAUKEE, FLORIDA HURP, GO FOR IT! HI SAY! SUCMl MIKE, DMJD DM, — 1LUM1CH4EVA-SEE YA A.H.S. FOREVER!!! AMEN. XT‘ ' (c Mario Cutone 51 Momingside Drive 12 19 64 Butch PD, GD, AND THE BOYS, BC AND JT, “THE BUTCHA”, V-HOCKEY, MR DECAPS, AND MR BURNS, MY BRO BO 3-2-1 ' s, PUSHING GAYLE, PHYL- LIS V, MGS, ROAC, KILU , DUSTY, BIPLOB, THE MOST AWESOME GAME, THANK YOU MA AND DAD Olivia Ann DaCosta 27 Exeter St. 7 9 65 “O” Dream On Aerosmith 11 11 82 Kids at Grove St. Park Dunkins On It Mike 10 17 82 Hicl S — kface Summer nights Vodka Good times The boys N Y. Cape Stopies The Wall Cumbies Hi-Lo Whats up Get down on it Mickie D ' s BK I finally made it Cals house w CC Party AHS 79-83 Jordache “Ollie” PC JM DM JS BS JC BH Spanky Tasha Thanx Mom Dad Luv ya always 4 eva Laurie Dali 30 Sherbom Street 11-1-65 Best of friends — Sue Amy, AHS Field-Brigs., weekend B’s, Talks Such @ B-t-P, Who moved the bushes? , The Balcony, J.R, K.D, B.J, J.D, J.S, Bruce is loose. Proms -I- Semis, The caravan Hull-Scituate?, Lost?, HELP sign, Sue’s Par- ty, Summer ’82,7 4 82 (a J.D’s-The Contract, Drifting away Scott’s, Love ya Di (thanks S.N, A.B-i-J.D), SAL, U Mass Shhh!!, St. T., thanks M-t-D, esp. R Leslie J. Danzey 1 2 65 Lell Mem-of-y’days..4eva-n-BlueJeans, FARM-Freedom All by myself . . Im just thinkn. Do. U. Hear the wind whisper thru the trees into ur Dreams. Thanx-4 being a friend, Laura! (Jer, neva4getYOU,Uwereaspecial PARTofMyLIFE) IMscared . . LMDMDDLLTM, CRAZY WAYS-7 4 82 CAPE BM. butAMemory . . IFUcd ReadMyMind, whatAtalemythotsWDtell. Wheres AladiesRMIhavetogoA- gain. Luv U Mom Dad Ailleen Crowley 297 Mystic St. 12 21 64 1 2 in the B.R. with A.A. and M. J.P. with T.D. Sue the kids are coming. Dust Buster shower curtains and MM nights, K and G. D. Thats right late again, Black-a- bean, Dont mix those chemicals what would M R. say, ID, AB. AK. ME. SS. TB. SO. MC. GC. SH. Sorry about the rug Good bye AHS and thanks. Sean Crowley Cheryl 6 6 81 Love ya 4-eva, GJ Awee PXO Yubs ML AC JC TS Snake RM SQ BC BM RF Bam, TTicinks, The Bridge, SSP The fort Fresh Ponct Hills The Big Bash, Gipper, Petty Superbowl of 81, Fresh Ball Coscia’s, Garden Brawl Giels Trojans not Ponders Awee, Just Leave it alone! New Years 81, Mountains 82 Moons, The Pits, Packie runs No Brain Cells, Oscar, Duck Thanx Ma and Dad, Luv ya! Paul D’agositno 77 Hodge Rd. 4 12 65 Dagger AC DC AHHHSSS What Miere Dihihclz take it easy Bud WCC ummmmm HOYT in my time of dying right now ooop pictures Wally French Happy Birthday AHHS! CC Miss Barry Dichaahhs mcc Brighams L. Banner Hop Along AAAAngola PFFT Georgetown Laraby whats pp Boys left shoulder 10 16 Capoles Thank you so much Mom and Dadd Bye Bye Betsy Love You. 28 Q ' w Anthony D’ Arcangelo 56 Valentine Rd. 7-16-65 Tony Golf team with Mr. B heatin’ at the meadows and Chester’. I’m five down skinna, Dillons warriors, the Ins, the lot, B. Partys, the bog. M M’s, the office. SSCKFFJFRMTB and the rest of the crew. Caberet, Jr. Prom, the kitchen.. SpinacheAds . . . Predictions, Latts, Darkness . . . there around here somewhere, CGGT, mudskippers . . . Thanks Mom, Dad and Steph Irene Darris 34 Hillside Avenue 4 19 65 Good friends good times KDACMDAKMESNST Volleyball, Rhonda, Turney, All the way. Beware of the oranges, VB parties, my house, carpet shower, GM locked, MIC Screwdriver, Basketball, Softball, Church, B-ball Peggy, Camping, Dum-Dum, VB camp, STEVE’S, DODODODO MD sleep over. To Ma BBABA LOVE THANKS FOR EVERYTHING t ' e.ratu m eetn ifi Nancy DeLisle 74 Windmill Ln 3 19 65 Freshman year, The Farm, You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Good times w MWMTLCKD, One Last Kiss, Summer of 81? MW, We’ll always remember TP night. Major Tom, Who’s bing? . . . Yours, BSEJTP con- certs, 1 1 23 81, The Malibu, Vig’s, Labor Day Weekend 82, Retreat, Never forget HC, Thanks Mom Griffin Davies 212 Broadway 11 24 82 Grif SOMETIMES THE LIGHTS ALL SHINING ON ME-OTHER TIMES I CAN BARELY SEE-LATELY IT OCCURS TO ME-WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP ITS BEEN REMEMBER! WALKING IN THE RAIN, GUITARS, BONG-A- THONS, PAP, SUMMERTIME BLUES, STEP, KAREN AND SANDRA, LOW RIDER, ONE DRAW, THATS ALL FOLKS Alexandra Deemys 52 Fairview Ave. 10-10-65 Lexie Rob Feb82 Jill, Lisa-Vikings, Tufts, Jumbo, Dallin, TheDen, SpeedDeuce, HS, MlTfrat, Oct81VH, drivein, LTYD, WorkHo, Sum81-Corruption-Paddock, Vetas, Barb-bridge, TheNet. NY82E-lms. DB’s, TheList-(- ,skipfj?BotherL, OatT’s, Sum82-Hampton, Cape, WPpool, Gaybikes, Rascals, Monomoy, SwanR. Deathofsbox, Eggnogs, JsBash, Geils, Doors, Snowedinjib- ComfortablyNumb, Thanks Luv Mom Dad Angelike Delyani 40 Hathaway Circle 9-11-65 KiKi I wish Chris Jill could have been in this book too. I’ll never forget Florida with JM PG N.H. iwth LR CM. Prom night. Mystics with Laura. Carol bubba love ya. All nighters. Partying! Thank you all for helping me get through these years. Teachers Counselors were great. Mom Dad thanks for never giving up. Have a great life, love ya, Bye! Lillian DeRubeis 103 Waverly St. 1 6 65 Lil Italy-79-DS AYL “SIBU” Pittsfield Hampton-81 82 Cape Cod-81-Alice Cooper Foreigner-HoJo’s Giels West St. Dallin Bethals, Ka, Skiis, Wiwi-Bi-ch, Mouth, CHzzy-D, BM, SC, SB, JA, JM French Dressing Canoeing w Ka Revere-82 Knock- out Wist Bake Sessions Brighams 2 COFFEE Snowstorms “K” BCC BUD- TUB Sometimes When We T ouch, T eenage Jail, T urn The Page Dreams CIAO! ! ! S ' nfAc If ’SAtfca Jennifer Devine 11 Venner Rd. 7 17 65 Jen “JUST TESTING!” HARVARD, STECMS: SR, SS, BB, KM, PW, JT, Kd, JP, PR, KH, 1;M ON MY . . : THE LIBRARY 27 ROBBINS SISTERS: BRIGHAMS 1st; THE CAPE: MISS BARR’S ENGLISHCLJ SSES, FANUEIL HALL: ARE’NT YOU C.T.?” “THE DEAD”, GREECE ' 82 ' WGAFF: HE’S SO CUTE! WEEKEND EXCURSIONS: TREV: PHYSICS: FUNK, BUT CHIC!; THANKS TO ALL, ESPECIALLY MOM, DAD, SUZANNE, MARTIN AND FAMILY! Christine DeVito Best of friends Moe, Sue, Lo, Nd, Tom, Snooch, Lou, Guido, Herb ... All nighters, K parties . . Cape, HN . . Yoo-Hoo Brucee Good times with Lou + Snooch STB . . DSU Dukes of Sagamore, GS, Sklyly, Cobra, Cougar . . PCDLKHNHCVKBPK . . Tom i’ll never forget ya . 1 can read your mind . . SD, DB . . Moe we made it . I love you mom + Dad . . Later AHS heavy on the much. Thomas E. Diamond 9A Academy St. 9 27 65 Tom Rusty! Marlene, Brendan, Matt. Guys at lunch: MC, SK, NM, GP. PK. Artroom friends: JK, KM, LL, FF, MH, KT, RD, JD, SL, KH, PD, many others. G + S: Guys and Dolls, Annie Get your Gun. Yearbook 82 + 83. College applications and portfolio deadlines. Grads of 81 +82: AP, LL, LLF, JE, LD, MS, AD. Teachers: Fin, Burt, Foisey, Gantz, Banner, Eskedal, Smith. Mom and Dad. Bye AHS Kathleen Dias 26 Addison St. 11 18 65 Kath TENNIS, JL + DF, BJ, JP, EK, JL, JD, LD, Snotrag, JPP, “SCOOP ’EM!”, BRIGS, SS “THE MOVIES”, “I’LL DRIVE”, SEMIS + PROMS, SPRING- KLERS, " WAAAH!”, “YOU’RE SO CUTE!” SEBAGOW BETH,5YP, THANKS D + D THANKS ERIC, I LOVE YOU MOM + DAD 30 Michael DeSantis 19 Adams St, 8 6 65 The Common Fr. The Comer Weekends, Mt. Hood, The Caves, Jon, Reg, Phil, Al, Quincy thugs thanks to Mike, TnT Partys, Sleezy Banger, Ozzy, J. Geils, AC DC, Garden Guards, Thanks to Stacy’s party, Plymouth July 4, bon fire. Party at alg. House, Med Drive with Whitey, York lab. weekend. Thanks Ma-Dad Jon C. Deveaux 254 Mystic St. 7 21 65 Devo Laura, Devo, 8, Nads, Moose, Mole, Blue, Quarter, Fwap! Baked Alaska, Cape, Hampton, Toronto, Castine, Magnolia, Montreal, Foreigner, Geils, The Who, Soccer, Bonfires, Bashes, Paper Capers, GOf, Keg Parties, Mrs. Franka’s, Central ' School, LE, Trouble, RC, BM, KS, JD, GP, CS, JH, LR, PM, JL, LT, KD, PG, GG, DF, JD, Gustp, Ma Barry, Mr. Kelly, “ ' The Song is Over” Thanks Ma and Dad See Ya! Paul Deyab 50 Aerial St. 8 21 65 Yaba Soph. Year, The Bridge, the fort, Stratton, Cruiser’s Up Hills Hills?, Groov Tube; KA Ca ll’n China in Math, Wilmington, N.H., Plymouth, Yarmouth: Is this the Gippa’s? Turkey Day Games, Where’s Quincy? ACDC concert. The Doors, lA Women, Freebird, Back Door Man, Hendrix Stizblipsky, Football, Baseball Crow Gus, Gipp, Wee, Bob, Fred Sull, Snake, Browny, PO, JC, DB, Thanx Ma. John Deyst 26 Upland Rd. West 4 10 65 Dusty . . Are you asleep? Wally, MCSCRUP, Butch, Matt Slaterman. “1 Left my Cleats at home.”-Fussball 1, Gumn Bears, RESUSCIANNIE, Survival! Fitzie ] Tremblay, Miller, The Commander, The Doctora “I Gotta wear a Tie?” Lager head. Austausch 81. EENTSCHULDI GEN Sie, Bitte! WAHR. KAARL! Thanl You All. S. Qfo I Q e i ne Si . Q S e i o Bill Doherty 84 Palmer St 2 23 65 Dots Soph BBall Cent. DRV. SHC. Bricks, Geils, Ireland Strike MCENTER, Paralell “83” Good Luck Thanks Mom + Dad Mathew Dolan 238 Forest St. July 3, 1983 Mat Exuse me, but Ruthless feels the need to thank Josie, Frankie, Gerry + Andy. The Coach beams, for Team has finished Phase 5. Heck + Dwane, forever (Sorry Adra). 1 think I need to proclaim CABUGA Esoteric. Europe, bien sur. ACC is the place to be, but Wayne, NJ, stole my heart (and my stomach). On to Happy Jack’s. To Duker, Beener, Infant The Kid: Thats The Way It Is . (sAw S . QioHa iHe Tricia Donaldson 104 Scituate St. 5 6 65 BR7-9-82 qreattimes crazy timesw NS 1 never thoughtyou woulddothis- Bestfriends NSJGADNMDB Sumof82 bridgeArnold BG, HBWWH ConcertsGeils8082 worlds its you! kissed PeteW Thanx M + D luv ya Complex, Bud, Fire, momentarly FS, Boys R susp walkouts JgParties 3 times, Marks Car Walk “n funny wkend BRJGEF Lines EV, JG DR’SCC w EV clubing Jumbos Bbag Can you dig it! Diane J. Donato 24 Homer Rd. 12 24 65 Di Best of Friends: KTLMHJLRLDPMVAML Soph Pon Party Proms The Cape HAMPTON-Well gutta go, Wanna Eat? “Muffa” FB Hgames Brighams, Parties, ItRummedAway Bow, Steve Whats TP? LeeBee, Long talks with Les Wishing on a Star Flashing lights!! DM-OnlyTime Will Tell, The Farm, TOGA-DB, Blow Doors IKYWM Slow-Down-Thanx Toot, Thanks Mom and Dad Love Ya!! Debbie A. DiPietro 129 Mt. Vernon St. 5 14 65 Deb Thanks Mom Dad. David Debbie Oct. 79-? SC LL LJ SF JR LD Good times with Dave at Junior Prom “81”, Hampton Beach, Marshfield Fair. All my stuffed animals Dave gave me. John Cougar “Jack Diane” It ' s Over!! Annemarie Doherty 53 Kensington Park 9 12 65 Robert 1 29 82 Geils 8082 clutprettypolice proms semis, in a tree? what time ya going home? ssp BDGYJean’s party. New Years Eve 82 83! jqnmtdawdbttns csB Jumbo’s whimps white horse 123 LIGHTS! Dot ' s Nan’s 83. The Cape Ire. 82! Lex. Fair. Hampton 82! Partyin’. na it’s behind bagged again? Don’t drop that bag! countdown, things are changing — bye AHS — Thanks Mom Dad! SSt . a t ieui o an Michael T. Dolan 129 Newport St. 3 5 65 Dole TSSS, Jake’s Granada: heavily baked, Mtrips with Aiks and Car, 3am winter hike Halloween, Udrank it sully, Baldy! Jake’s party Total Chaos! Lost weekends, MARLY! Heights Muttn Jeff, Lizard King Deep Purple, The bridges, St Football games. The fewQ The efkd$ the Farm! JJJJMADCRSD! Airborne 1!! YEEEHAWWW!!! John Donahue 152 Hutchinson Rd. 7 8 65 J.D. Thanks: Andrea (whsl), Karen, Stacey, Leslie, Laura, Laura, Michele, Irene, Val, Johanna, Maria, Diane (Diane Smile) Hi Irene? IM-t-SC = GoodTime TIB (Kathy) Cape “82” Pust my boy Straw, Soccer, Devo, Bash up my house. Bon fires Soccer Pep Rally, Millie P.F., G.P., JD., B.M., C.S., D.S., B.G., R.H., P.S., R.P., D.B., Mr. Mole, Charlie Hustle Mr. Moose, prom I Love You Dad. S ricia Q)o ta f soH cua o {a A een ' oHe o Karen Donnelly 10 Appleton Place 6 25 65 Kay-Dee BUDDIES FOREVER, ROSE, ELLEN, JEAN, LPSDTSJJKKOJHLCNJGGLDLT, MICHS, BOTW-FRED 1-3-81 1 Luve ya, JR SEMI PROM, FREDS COTTAGE, EXPRESSWAY, DEATHRIDES, MAJOR JJ SLEEPOVERS, GLOM, SHE HIT A BARREL, SOFTBALL, PEP- RALLYS, SR. CONV. LYTD NO VOK FOR ME-ROSE-143 BMFFDBPO- TYDODODODOD-Sleezeplay HEEHEE-TRUST ME-MISS YA HARRY, THANX MOM AND DAD, CHRIS, BETH, ELLEN TIM I LUV YA! BYE BYE Karen Anne Donovan 9 Langley Rd. Jan 16, 1965 KHSCLRSTIMCFUBJLLKNJBP, CHEERING, SMILE, WEDNESDAY PRAC- TICE, SOCCER, A BUNCH OF CLASSY GUYS, BASKETBALL, ROSES, " SMURFS”, YING CUPS, “BIFF”, PEP RALLY, DECORATING HOUSES, TIME OUT, “FUDGE”, VNASBELMLD LMJD CENTRAL SCHOOL, FRESH- MAN EXPERIENCE, WE ARE THE BEST OF FRIENDS, BABY BLUE BUG, THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE KKCDPRJMMDBB THANKS MOM DAD S ' » )€ if . a Deborah Donna Duffy 36 Alfred Road 11 27 65 Debby Dedicated to NANA -(- POP It’s over-Loverboy, Miss ya Finn, JUNIOR PROM with John Hang on Inge L.L is the biggest phony Miss all the talks with Fernando I.W.A.L.Y.B. Baby come back B.S. Fun in P.E. Good Luck D.S. G.W.F.A. Bye Karen have fun in your shorts, Todd I love you now and forever. Vito your a doll. Fun with Carroll Thanks MA and DAD Love you both very much! Love you Grandma and Grandpa too! I’m Finally out of here Nancy Duffy 84 Duthan St. 1 7 65 Duffs BMDMCRDGABNCEVDJBFLR . . . The Best, Cape Cases, Hampton, Mar- shfield w Bonnie, Che l. BBB DDC, Bill Baily’s, Rod Stewart, Led Zep. When The Levee Breaks, J. Geils RL ’78-81’, Mountain Madness, Bield of Feer cans, 2 4 1 nies, 21 Jays, Freshman yr., Delerias Days, Singing Salad Songs w Deirdre, Revere Beach, Summer St., Nantasket, Bombed in Pearl Harbor, Thanx Ma, Time to Ramble on . . . 32 James N. Donato 24 Homer Rd. 10 30 64 Jimmy THE FARM, Paula M,F,L, JP, RM, MM, JH, DM, O’shea’s and Crew, Love Triangle, Summer in Hull, Drive on the Farm-Who Me! Flick’s Shack, SM House, S M DR, BM, RM, “Have you been Drinking? No, MA” MONO Breath, No More Hockey, J Y V, Scuba, “I screwed up this weekend Dennis” Mommy’s Boy, Bermuda with Joe, If Mom Dad only knew. Love ya-PH, All that trouble and I made it. Love you Mom Dad!! Kathleen Donellon 32 Hathaway Circle 7 10 65 Kathy ClinicMrsCooper TheresourseroomTeachersElinorKaren SusieAlan My Girl- friends P.K., P.A,, LM, my friend from Somerville LisaC. Thanks MomandDadfor caring Thanks all my friends from Somerville and Arlington the Medcial Carrers Club Mr Winecour Good-bye Arlington High y(are» ' onne if Sf nn Qon-oitan Linda Anne Doughty 69 Sunset Rd. 7 21 65 Rowdy WAY TO GO! V. SOCCER SPRING SOCCER MONTREAL CONCERTS D VMCES LATIN CANOBIE LAKE WHITE HORSE BEACH SOCCER PARTIS LIVE IT UP J, LW, SF, MC, BP, EF, GO FOR IT MB, KD, KH, DR MERIDY JR. SEMI SUMMER NIGHTS SCOOPING FRITZ YEAFIBOOK CHICKIE WHAT’S UP? THE ROCK NO. 12 THANKS, MOM, DAD, ED JIM! LOVE YA! I LOVED EVERTY MINUTE OF IT! Marcia Duddy 20 Amherst St. 11-15-65 Stud Wild Times w Kara, Well Heck We’ll never leam, I think were crazy, Ma Im staying over Kara’s Late nights-n-early mornings Cape 6 26 82 DerCsem D.K., LousApt T parties N stery Thrillers AB MH DG LO BF KH J Twixie AR’s Family Car, Im Delirious “THE SISTERS” Good Times R The Best Times, Watching the world go by surprising it goes so fast, I LY Mary, Bye AHS ' (t ' Aery S nn Q)i Neil Duggan 60 River St. WEEKENDS PARTIES BUD MICK DETENTION AGAIN NEW HAMPSHIRE TRACY DONBOSCO NICKIES AC PARKING LOT BRIGHAMS CONVEN- TION DRIVING TO ENDANGER SUMMER OF 82 WHATEVER CAPE ARMY KARENS SEMIS PROMS YAHOO WHATS FLYING FRIENDS DOLO DUGA MIKE JEFF WOODS AMPS SO THATS A MATADOR ST. CAMILLUS THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR ALL YOU PUT UP WITH MARY ANN MO DIANE KATHY RICK ED Robert Dynan 42 Richfield Rd. 4 9 65 Bob Put it on Bob’s Tab RALPH Deutchland 82 The Clash 8 21 82 was ist Das Harvard square Surfin The Airport Nein Danke ja Bitte The inner soul is not warmed by outer garments York Estero Is Palm Trees Track Occasionally Over The Pond Thanks MA and DAD Bill Easton 35 Upland Rd 2 26 64 Jims hang out AMC gets you where your going Mr Crotty and Mr Lane are 1 The png Bob P, Tom C, Ed I, Joe B, Charlie M Charlie L, Mike L, Bill M, Debbie forever The fort, Toms celler, The woods, Thanks to Ellen, Joe, Jay, Lee Robert Dufty 56 Webster St. 4 29 65 Robbo V-Ball, Mr. Cody, Freshamn Sprints, The High School Stands The End The Field Kellys Roast Beef At Night One Way Street TOGA party Hampton Beach Sue The Loau JP LM The Grill Favorite People PS BG RH RP LATE NIGHT Sim at the Arizona-First nigh of summer Jill Party Woodshed Cap B Ball Celarbrations Good LUCK class of 83 Thanx Ma Cheryl Ann Duggan 20 Lorraine Terrace Cheri 11 21 65 Central, Froshbasketball-bump-O, swimming-BoomBoomDokey, Mo, Softball, Earthscience, Mr. Bockler, Drama-BussTop, BP, MD, OK!, Bio labs Biopartner- ohmyGodi, Miss Morin, invisible, PA, KH, MEOW, alright!. Do you Think I Knowhattodo?, G S, Tap, crew, SF, PA, ER, SPANISH-WHISTLE, Harma- nires, LF, Madricals, M2, survival, BM, WXA., LB, Give the boy a bozo button . . 38 . . . Byeyouall . . . Thanks MoM. William Dunn 36 Aerial St. Dunny 8 17 64 Vermont Maine Oregon Cape Hampton Cold Buds My Dart Skylark the white squad DC LP DF MP A MJ DS MC RH EK skiing Fred bo Ed bo 69 SOME THANKS FOR EVERYTHING BRO’S Good Luck Richard Linda SA BO KEV Nova Scotia MUSKY spending summer at Children’s Hospital Thanks Mrs. P TB SULLY Dirt Street Bike Riding Woodworking Thanks Ron TH NKS MOM Susan Dvorak 72 Hillside Ave. Sue 9 3 65 DB, KK, EF, JM, RA, JJ, KF, AC, LG, CM, HOJO’S down the Cape, J. Geils Foreigner Concerts, Plan B thanks anyway 66, JL Sleep overs largered jippered once again, TP has been shot! AFT-bakeout, she hit the barrell, Jr Lunch, adventures w Liz, Brighams gang. Me nots, beefs Where? Val, I’ll go H C, VSC Dot — Seaman, horror show nightgown, Jumbo’s Bri-Ri, Thanks Ma Dad MYB Q)ynan Saifon - , ' iomM s, ca fa Maria Eleftheriou 48 Lombard Terrace 5 25 65 Lefty Maria, Silke, Andreas, Varsity + Spring Soccer 8 Thanx Mr. Drench 100%, Good times with MP Naaa! Rudolph Wee miss ya, Gino 5 18 80 rainy nights, Scumavillians, Cutie M M, KK ' s locker, BM, PK, Trem’s class, GOYA Mosley’s, Mitro’s BB team Dodododo! Greece “79”, 3B, gas truck, A M talks PG, Don’t look! Why me? What was 1 going to say? Thank you Baba Ma. mo a ye Farrohi Faramarz 53 Newland Rd 10 1 66 FAZ FAZ. The summer of 82 -Jim and Stewart Parties! Thanks to all my friends. Good friends (Andre -i- Hai). Don’t forget 1 Have to work tomorrow. The 16th Iggot lucky. Hay Jhon whose number one . . The Junz. the Bow. Special thanks to pari and the kids, everyone becool. Thanks mom and dad and the family love you. Lisa Eagan 24 Everett St. Arl 7 15 65 BC, LD, EF, RG, SG, SL, MM. PM, SM, JP. SP, SR, JS LS, MS, RS, LW, LW DC, of NY-DLRMJMRPW, ML-MBC, APT, R C, Cowboy Hats, Pegboard, Prepared for Drivers Ed, Cruisin’ illegally, H20 labs in Chem, Rt 128? Katie-GO- Home RV Ma’s car, 4 no helmet. Van Halen 81 82, in at 3 out at 9, Can 1 keep just 1? Must a got Lost, Thanks Ma Dad Brian Everett 97 Hathaway Circle 11 27 65 Bri IN ALL MY YEARS GOING TO THIS SCHOOL I have shaped and molded into an individual person. And have by the teachers, and also by the house masters kept in line. They been the best years of my life to remember. I send my gratitude to my teachers and counselors for helping me a long to life. Donna Famolare 261 Broadway 1 5 65 I’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES DOWN THE POND, WALDO, SUMMER ST. THORNDIKE -t- AT THE DRIVE-IN’S ALSO NH, FU , AC. JR -(-SR PROMS NEY “81” CONCERTS, “THE PARTY” WHERE IS THE FINGER’ CBBFF! SPECIAL THANKS TO JB. NFTA WWBTT MOM -(-DAD, THANKS + ILY, FOUR DOWN, ONE TO GO! BOBBY-(10 9 81)-l LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!! 34 om ay ye Z ayyo u ayamayx ec e e Helena Maria Goncalves Fernandes 57 Lantern Lane 7 13 65 1 was bom in Mozambique, I moved to Malawi and since 1 HAVE BEEN TRAVEL- ING I came to the U.S. A. inNove. 1980. My ambition is toATTENDU. MASS, and become an ARCHITECT or a Teacher And return to Africa. My pet peeves are Mr. Reis and Mr. Hall. I hate DUNKIN DONUTS and the man with the face made of wood. THANKS TO MY TEACHERS! AND MOM, FORGET THE BROOM. James Ferraro 24 Grafton St. 1 11 65 Jim After 3 yrs construction its OK. Math 7AM w Mr. C DP w Marty. Had fun Pete, Bri, Tom, can go w out Pau, w Bob. Rob walk’n the town in the rain 2AM. TRACK (COI PARTIES AT Slap’s 11 5 82 ambulance. Keep run ' n Kyle, Dave, Dan, Steve. The VAN, the POWER.Thanks everyone, goodluck always JD, SFJH, LF, JS, KH, KD, ID, EF, TN, JC, RC, VENI V1DI VIC1 . . . ' dZto do Christopher F. Fitts 11 Brookdale RD 4 10 65 “Geddy” Rich, John, Jim, Oh GEDDY! My Boat. But don’t Bring the crew. Electa 225, You unicorn, BOB Remember pats Canoi, Garden Bound, Super Fuzz, Cape Cod 1 1 82 Emotionally immature. See Ya! AHS, Thanks Mom Dad I Love you Both. Steven Fitzsimmons 27 Tomahawk Rd. Fitz Srekomstop Wild, Sick and demented topgnik oms up the rocks. Not here rot my? KG DV WD JF ND KC JC AEA camp Dan the man, Wild Joe, You’ve got RANGER DANGER, what’s a BC, The Moose is loose, Look out “83” is out Thanks Mom Dad Deborah Fedele 11 Fabyan St. 9 3 65 Deb TheBestYearsWhere is HE? The Game CentrlPG prties Sr. inCaf, almst doubl- dGGlMenots in Feb, guitarDotCLWarehamSJvisitsSF AbbyCasis ESP! Lee, SldcatMT. IMSRmeTreasLCofficers, Semi Proms, whine, open-armsJoumey w LDlaugh! CYLKconcert control? LTSashes, JL TENNISTALKS DJKK; theHigh, ConventionSr.Treas.Flags-l-Miss ya AHS! Life goes on . . Thanks Love Mom Dad dZe ena,. Z orMa danca i €i deKnan Ze Laura Finl son 53 Nicod St. 11 24 65 Finn LD, KP, ND, ND ALL THE REST OF THE KIDS UP THE PARK. The Den, Paradise by the dashboard light. Camping trips, Hamton, the Cape, I can remem- ber when Bob Seger 10-5-80, down Jumbo’s (esp. 3-26!) settlingfor the Aku . . oh! shoot! The car won’t start! Always remember Eddie and Dave, S o. Semies and Proms, The Hilltop, CastelRoubon, Wendy’s in Fla., See Yci ! Bethanne Fiore 75 Williams St. 9 7 65 Beth Even when you feel like your life is fading . . . CMKLABD- GMHMDNDDMKKLODKLN’s Betty, Janet, Hangin’ with the guys! SSP, Pond, Thorndike, Park, V’s Q’s Cape Cases, All those wild parties! How I wish you were here ... luv ya David Have you any dreams you’d like to sell? Future is uncertain but the end is always near . . . ZcAfUi o tAor d ' . d eve t dt iloyA Roland Flores 44 Robbins Rd. 2 18 65 I ' m glad to get through this school especially the senior year. 1983, Arlington Soccer team is “numero uno” We made to the state tournament good times on the bus 8 laps? Arlin on Beat Medford? WOW Winter 80 Spring 82. 1 did it! Good luck to all my friends See you some day. Ellen Rynn 343 Flidge St. 6 23 65 Rose, Karen, Jean, Sue, KKPMKTTSLPJJLCKO, 5-24-79, Semi 12 19 81 -PO, prom, TBFTC, June 14, PB CR, Glom, Deathride-She hit abarrel, Thanx for listening FIAKS, Finn, SL, Beef patrol LTYD, Stud, song. Can’t wait for NC, It’s me SD again. Field Flockw (DPSMKC), Jibber, sense out, FAVF, PMPO, Conven- tion, JFOK, Jill’s-Bash, Thanks Dad Mom Love Ya Sean Flynn 6 Cottage Ave. 11 165 V Football (SS) Foisy’s English? Too many 240’s Tuz Cause its easy Too spell (Petehasacount) TFHEAVYOB But remember control control Thanks Ma Dad Kathy Franchitto 14 Lakehill Ave. These are the best of times Big plans for G.G. Aaron, Charlie Go for it! L5 water fight Dead fish Amy-K-Harvey Salisbury Beach I’m ill Don’t look Dirty Dog, Frozen Doughnuts, ft’s A Ramingo! Good Friends LL, ML, SS, NS, MS, The Old Rame, Thanks for the laughs. Rash, Grover, To A Blind Juliet, Toasted Marshmel- lo. Where’s My Note? Pits or Pats? Thanks Mom Dad d oye-i S en John Rynn 87 Valentine Rd. 1 23 65 Skinner Geils at Oaks BOC with BSPE BCC Busboy madness bedlam sackin wars in Grille 1 own it BCC crew Boiler room loung screamin laughin with Wally RES SSBCC pool paintin Gervins towel AH in Garden Alley Oakism Golf team Mr. Bone liners up $24 Hampton outawork shepedge VT Nighriding Dallin Heaters Drive-Ins Hampton Bus Ruke AD Git Nice yeah stooges Brito BOC withSPE BCC Busboy. Richard Rynn 67 Webster St. 12 14 54 Fred V-Football, Baseball, J.C.-Backstabber, Monday the dentist, 240’s no go, Karen 143 1-3-81-always! The High, Z’s at Mac’s, Merge, Meatmans R.l. Clink, Ply- mouth, Bridge, HarvExt, H. GameswwJudgie, Semi’s Proms, Blinded, BMCWTFMYPODBGBTBBRDSOCLSC-All my Buddies, Yount, Summer 82, Winger, Squirtgun, Late night hockey, Finn, Stones, Trust me Kazzo, Thanks Mom -f- Dad. 36 Je d ' yo y r 4 fo Maria Galante 36 Appleton Place 9 9 65 Ria GOOD TIME WITH RJ, LH, 2DP, MM, LS, Remember WMI, NANTASKET, 8 7 81, 2 29 81, COMMODORES, Chaos at the Mariote Never Forget: Jingo, Butterflies, Hornet, Watertown, Waverly Oaks, Worcester, spaghetti, Hss, DMA, “How old are we” MG Factor, Runk much! “Mark’s Funeral” K.I.T. LIZA, Bloomies, kahlua, $. Always and Forever . . . Jingo, Chimpmunks LISA. Love Ya Mom Dad your the Best, Stephen A. Galeotalanza 32 Crosby St. 4 14 64 Cla» at 7:15 Earth Sd. pr. 6 Morning talks with Mcirie The Booth Working in HouscBDr. Daffy pinhead Carsrep)orttotaly T.G.l.F. homework going crazy gym schueld changes seinor privilege 1st job S S Slumerville til 12 am Hatch Mike Friends . . . good times Good by AHS. “Now it’s time for making dreams come true” Thanks for everything mom DAD : aa a a ( Gayle Geanakakis 66 Menotomy Rd. 1-29-65 Buddies NJPOCKLCPGCYJLLTCLLKDFKKKDLLDM LuvYa Majorettes, Sleepovers, Scoops, Never Forget GB, lya. The ManKKJLCL, H Fgames, High Menots, Farm Bcws, Fdays, P Lbashes, Jacks, SoPPartyPPF, Foreigner, Geils, Journey, MissHJ, PIBSD, Semis Proms, ScitAJP, StheB, DoorsCL, WUBS, WAAFfl DI, SCOrtTNSSTMThanx, It’ll be funKK, Jibbers, Blow Doors, MrHMrsL Thanx Mom, Dad, David Yaya Luv You. Chris Gearin 23 Eastern Ave. 11 11 64 Gears SS, MR, THE STEVE, EK, iAM, JJ, JK, KH, KD, BB, SS, JL, BB, MR.B TB HYPO: “will it start?”, FOOD FIGHT MENOTS, THE FRARM, BLUEGIANT YABO’S, Green Death, Got to get a buyer!” All of track @! “82,83’s- lunchtables,” Mr. Tobin, “Wrong Day Tall Ships” “But Y Chris?”, J. Geils Concert, Gear’s, Herbivore, Gerb, Thanx MA DAD NOWAY OUT, THE HERB .... L5TER Rebecca C. Frederick 32 Academy St. Becky 6 15 65 Central-569, Menotomy, R.C., Miss Monahan! Are you Inge? Sept 1 N.H. . . I V R M, FW Petes Boat, the S.S., 7 guys my poor little opel! Camp Dennan, Frogs, Are you lost? D.S. Slumerville C. H. , Sue, I don’t think I need another! The music is too loud! B.C. prospect Slope, D.I. A month for an hour, Cathys sister. Follow your dreams whereever they may lead. Sheila French 10 11 65 11 Day Street Sh-She 11 Down 1 to Go! G S M2 Mag Harm Comp “82 NY CC Cast Parties Cab “81” Ked! “That’s Not Funny” Terry 8 82 York Beach, ME! Cranes Beach Plum Island IPSWICH 7 4 82 BEACH PARTIES! Who knows, Brid MARlA THANKS CHICKIES!!9th Grd Ski Trips Jr. Semi Thanx Mrs. L, Mrs. D, Mr. S! Soccer Man! The Germans A P Good Friends LDLSLWDPLSBMKSSCDGW! I’ts Over! BYE! I LOVE YOU MOM DAD THANKS itawa a an e Sd ' . ' a eo a a Pauline Gallagher 33 Melrose St. 1 29 65 Polly The Commons . . Friends JM, DS, FF, JG, AS, DR, CK, SB, KD, DG, . . The Camper, AllNighters . . Concert J. Geils, Foriegner, B.O.C. . . Hampton . Florida “82”, Brighams . . PARTY . . “What it is Man”, Roller Skating, New Years Eve Party “82” Crusin . . may all your dreams come true . . . Junior Prom and Senior Prom “82” It’s Finally over . . . Later AHS . . Thanx Mom and Dad . . Love to Michael Paula Galligani 48 Epping St. 5 17 65 Booges Best of Friends: LTGGCLLKDFLCCYJLNJLLDM SoP Party Semi’s Proms Scituate spin the Bottle Fresh Soph Parties Harry Best 82 Summer Late night phone calls Frank NHBRIGHT Spot Squeez Breez High Menots Rag Sleep- overs sneakin out All nighters 82 Grad PARTY MARVIS Brigs Liz Caf Girltalks with NGA 2 different shoes Celeste Rorida Soused Wub New Years Eve 81 Lee Timmy thanx Luv-Ya Thanx MA -i- DAD -i- Co. See-ya . . . Brian Gera 39 Alfred Rd. 11 19 65 The truck . . . Good times with good friends . . Hop e for better BP RH . . PS . RD . . GP . . CS . . KK . SC . DO . . . Party. upJD’s . . . R + CMEAND Smitty . . . Me and My Buddies . . . Yes officer, no officer . . . pool hop ' n . . all night long . . Hampton, all those years . . . Studly . Budly. Pudly . . Dudly . . 7 . . skiing . . s + W . . . Thanks Sully . . . LaterA.H.S. . . . It ' s been good . . . Thanks Mom and Dad .... David Ginivisian 42 Summit St. 10 15 65 Gina, Pina Ya Quina, Ginamint, Plimco, McKlacken, WCC, George, Timbo, B + C. W. The Doors, Fleetwood Mac. Ken, Pete. Quebe Vag, Sachead, SOMF S.N. LaBoo LaBoo LaBow, Beilin Floppy, There was Football? Hi Black, Duk, Baleaf, AC Dc, J. Geils, Van Halen. Aerosmith, Rush, Grill, Harry, Tuma, Robo. Bob C., Ketch, Tony D. Z’s at Hampton, York, Good Harbor, Med D.I., Sleepin’ out c-45. Mr69, KIWMK. TFIANKS TO ALL. Joyce Guarente 140 Winchester Rd. 8 1 65 Fhwp. 239, Philo, Rayroy, Annabelle, JT, LH, CH, Let’s get lost, CAPE COD SUMMER NIGHTS, T.L.K. H.O.W., Too Many Faces, Plehmua, LOVE IS BLIND ON A ONE WAY STREET, My Rock Baby, Real Slick, Waiting in Hopes, Life Goes On, My Balloon Never Lands, Twist My Arm, Lenny’s Fall, Leg’s Everywhere!, Thanks For Being There, Laureen T.P., Dream, for They Can Come True! Love Ya Dad, Mom, Nancy 38 Andrea Geary 14 Wright St. 10 9 65 “Heck” Hmm . Nat and her nostril are at the house but the essence has been hopelessly tangled and the hot dog poice are on the way. Discussions of shlocoli, banning de bomb, and the surgical removal of velcro are sure to follow. Welcome to a major? I’d like to stay but it would prevent my leaving. “Bye.” Jean Gelinas 319 Lake St. 10 3 65 Ed 7 23 82-Great times. Summer of 82-Beach Grove momentarily “situations” whimps-9 whitehorse ADTDNMNSDB DGeeko-pukes! Kenuchi Inatree? Please! Complex My parties dubbin Lines Groupies w?TD, Ev Allnighters fumiturestores and BoysRooms concerts-Tyngsboro, Geils 80,82-the Best!-Amold BR’s Bdav! wknds w ED, TD, BR, Bud. LAH Thanx Units Lubelia Goncalves 9 Egerton Rd. 10 14 65 Lu FRIENDS ARE 4-EVA, DB, DM, MC, ML, KD, JR, PQ, AT, MB, JB, NB, AB, JS, BK, Secret Pals, Pizza, Boston Closets. Skip, na not me; Summer “81” CALIFOR- NIA: Summer “82” Fun, Deb. Give Gas, John. Rollerskating, movies. “The club” Sweet 16, Melina and “Mine. Feasts were great, esp ecially, 7-9,10,11-82”. LOVE YA BABES! We were meant to be. Som. LOKAS. ' Thanx Mom and Dad. 1 DID IT! Elaine Greene 23 Lanark Rd. 5 4 65 Lani FAVORITE TEACHER WAS MR. RUSSELL HOCKEY BEST SPORT SPY PONDERS 1 REMEMBER ALWAYS RICK, TF, MK ALL THOSE CRAZY GYM CLASSES WITH QUIGGS AND JC HAVING FUN WITH GOOD FRIENDS SHEIU , DENISE, BEV, SCOTT, MO PUTTIN UP WITH THE CON- STRUCTION FIRE DRILLS IN THE COLD CAROLYN AND ME TALKING ABOUT TS. JC AS SC, MH AND MANY MORE FOUR GREAT YEARS AT ARLINGTON HIGH c ana jfan 4xa i afoafumati Sheila A. Harrington 9 Raleigh St. 1 19 65 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! GOOD FRIENDS ARE FOREVER: EG, MV, MS, TA, CD, ML, JC . . . LANI REMEMBER TF RM! NYC, SUMMERS IN NC FLO. WASH. DC 7th FLOOR WINDOW? WATER ICE FIGHTS! ISOmph DOWN RT2! REMEMBER 42513? PIZZA, MOVIES, SKATING. WORKING AT MEDI-MART. CONCORD. SATURDAY GAMES! THANKS DAD, MOM, DENISE, PATRICIA, THERESA. I MADE IT!!! Kathleen M. Healy 28 Henderson St. 6 22 65 Kathy “MY” JOHN 2-28-81, SPECIAL LOVE, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER KD JD PR BD SS JH EK JS SK CRITH, YAHTZEE!, SINBIN, BIKEPATH, BIGKISS, FANEUIL HALL GLASSES, BABYFLUEBUG, 4th ESTATE, LAYOUT, BES- SIE, NICEL, GOODLOOKINGL, CNTRL, DUCKHUNT, FRO, CEMETARY, WGAFF, BROTHER BRl-TAP YOUR KNEES, SOCCER BP LD, MONTREAL, TREV, DR A, WICKENDANIGUE, GOOD BYE AHS! THANKS MOM AND DAD JKKDJEE I LOVE YOU! Kim Herring Bom ToBe Wild J. Geils M.S.JH 79-82 on stage. Tripped out! RUSH C.LA. 6x12 Under the O Pass lese. Gypsy. D.N.J.S.D.L.KS, D M., S.K.J.S.C.D.A.F.D- M.MD.A.M.M.C.W. Park Woods-Fires-Keep Warm Crispy the Bike and me. A.M.L. 1 11 2 MT ya never Know Thanks M D The Harmi “18” B A 86 I’ll “c” ya later. Richard Hanagan 38 Lafayette St. 10 24 65 Rich Time flies . . . RPBGSCSnDGP . . . Sul-Skiing down the Cape . . Hampton ’81,’82-Love it, ’83? The truck . H.S. Stands Halloween ’81 . . Prom-JM . . . midnight swim-Hampton beach . . pool hopping . . toga . . weekends . . . . . Revere-where’s my keys? . . Uhm, m, m . . Jumbo’s?? Giels . . Where’s the party? Great friends and great times-remember ’em . What next year? . . Sixters! Thanks mom and dad Liza Haroutunian 182 Forest St. 3 6 65 Mousie Good times in NY City! The Hye Weekends Dances (Denny’s till 5am chaos at the Marriot) My 65 Olds, Kiss 108, The beach, Charlie’s Beeps, I’m Wishing on A Star-Peter. My English Tudor Rolls Royce, !, Bloomie’s, Hye Friends, My long distance phone bills, the jellybean countdown. Take care y’all! K I T. Maria! Love ya Mom Dad-Good Job. So long AHS! Timothy J. Harrington 64 Brantwood Rd. 9 23 65 Harry Summertimes wked’s 78-82 over the hills, and far asway, the fort, M-T-V, Crusin, HotBox’s DC MR CS MT SC J-Geils Stones Who Snowbound Whites-pond Swanee Summer St, Bub’s Hamton, Cape and Everywhere else, Wild Free in 83, Time to fly Thanks Mom Dad William F. Hatch 61 Bartlett Ave 7 13 65 Billiam How yoo doing’? Drunken Idiots; Excalibur Moming Star: Weedends at Regis; Bambi Burgess; D D; XEROX; J.B., C.F., P.Z., D.ANDJ.M, Everyone at the town hall; 4001 a bass odyssey; Pink Floyd, Asia, Beatles, Rush; Fall Winter Survival; it hovers; Doc Boc; FARE THEEWELL IN ALL THY TRAVELS: NAMARIE NUR, CAL VE UTELON NAR: Troyletts; ? Bye SKe if S . yitnc f etf Jo i M Ho fan Karen M. Hogan 56 Lancaster Rd. 12 20 65 CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN HOGAN 4 11 82 " EASTER BABY” SPAZ LORI, RENEE, LAURA, SHEIL4 OD, CC, CA, LL, CC, ML, HAS, JC, AJ, LN, KN, ASOJ, CJFF, KN, DR, JK, ETC. KW SQUIGGY. UH, WHATS UP DUDE!! LISA, REDDIE ROGAN GROVE ST. PK. THE WALL ON IT, WENCH NOT TO COOL YOU BAGINA” HEAD LORI!! MPSRVB” THATS SOMETHING WE LIKE T DO! KAT-N-DWEEK MINCNTRL BSTD. AT S S W DWEEK MINCNTRL DE- NNIS 4-EVER cAfo. Bill Houser 159 Washington St. 12 29 64 “The Bets with Booda!” The Black Recreation. Everyone upStratton Park. Frank- lin and the Binding. Alice and Ozzy concerts. Mich Light. CLCLN. Hall, All the passes and skips with B.S. at the staurs, Dillons class. 8 13 81. 2 14 82. 10 21 81. 12 1 82. Never give up on a “plaything” ! 45 Pounder ready and able. All the times Ketchios got information for me. Leg Breakers. Finally Free??? Thcinks Ma and Dad Paula Jean Hughes 23 Warren St. 7 20 65 Partying down Nantasket w Jimmy. To many are not enough. Luv tri. w JD, AM, SR in 82. “Tatoos” Good Times w ES JD KP AM SR Drive-ins AM’s House Summer 81, Caddy Fag a Vega Pretenders Clash Twins Bdwy Broads Semi Luv Ya JD. Never wanna stay w one. 2A 20D VKA HH Party! You know what that means! Thanx Mom Dad, Luv Ya. You too sis! 40 Kelly A. Hinckley 21 Montague 7 9 65 Keldrid, Lefty TGIF! MANY Lasting faces Times to Remember: FREE FR YR-KAVA N KEWY, HSNH-MRS A-S.D., CA-SU 79, N Wdstk-B W 81 Echo Bridge. PLAY THE GAME. KK, LN, DK, MD, CM, BF, DG, AB, LO, MH-CAPE 82BSWAOTBARR THE FAM-G,L,M,K,A-% Fair Share-CAMP-THATCRAZYCASBAHJIVE! Its time to work for a living-THERE IS A ROSE THAT I WANT TO LIVE FOR . . . Thanx a mil NANA Paul 1 Love You Mom!!! Nathalie Hooper 113 Irving St. 12 24 65 NAT The Hot Dog Police are coming! The nose Knows no bounds. Team Coach Fans = C3H 50H. Bo Peep and her sheep are in mYstic. Excuse me, are you mad at me? Cabuga! The beast is tangled betwixt the essence of the devils spawn. Bizarre! The House, the dpet. BAH! Fourth Estate and Marching Band. No its not a candy necklace! Dirk, Bub, Al, Hag, Heck, family, ok, can I go now? ySt yfo4i Patricia Inglis 100 Hibbert St. 10 12 65 Tricia Hibbert Cubby Rollerpunks Rita l White Mountains-82 HMFTN PARTYS-KD- Beach Bum SP, AH h ' I Said For Free! Wildtimes-JWKCLAKWMCKECD Village Clean-up Munchies 7 4 New Yrs up all night Gymnastics-Thnx Rich-Prom Ques- tion Authority I cant believe we lost a human! How’s ya Future?All Ages? Thanks Mom and Dad We’re a happy family. Most of the time. Later-much! Marc Hurwitz 43 Norfolk Rd. 2 13 65 V Tennis . . Carey Erickson Breakfast at Crosby, Hockey at Menots . . 4th Estate, The Kat, Weasels The Circuit. Fin LT Mr. Foisy Roller . . B-Ball, Bessie con- troversy, AYTA, Nautilus (AARGH) The Commander LINXWMcNAZSWSTAT SFFiAJ parites Plastic Speiz Band Kemp is here McEllsynd L. Placid 1 Thank s Mom Dad . . Lyn, Skynrd, Thorogood . . . Bye Janet M. Hunt 278 Forest St. 12 5 65 Best of Friends; Teresa, EFKDJMKTIDKOJJDBSTTBABAKKTDTBF or ever. Cape, Tricia, FMHlO 12 82, PW, Friendly’s I hear ya, Planet, the laugh, Prom, What were u doing? Hull, Mr. Map, where r we? Sis softball “The manager " EV, Parties, Splitasix, RR Bodasious set ta, Cd, Civ Best of times, uYa, ILFLHE, Rooster Have a good one kid, Thanks Mom Dad, Luv ya Missyou losts 10 28 79 Chirstopher Hurley 55 Greeley Cr. 11 28 64 The kids up Stratton, Detention, Vrs. Hoop New Hampshire, runs. Uncle Bud, Slones, J. Geils, Willie your bad, Card games, unemployed leach. The K Car, Dromeslink Burgers Bruins Playoffs, Quebec Fan, Skip 4th Bish Tarheeistlions, sugar Ray, Hog Bros. Week ends with Den, Mike, Slink Jim D ' Nerad Thanks Ma Dad l-d ereMi , A. lAu (c An f yinit eif Edward F. Igoe 7 College Ave. 11 9 65 “Jimmy” Charlie, Charles, Bob, Billy, Joe, Tom, Nancy, Bill Parties at Joes, Bobs and Bills, Drive-ins, Jimbobs Whipple Hill, Menotomy with Charles, Winter Camping Camping in Maine, The Chaple, Walking to Carolyns, Joes hold on, Fryburg Fair with Bill and Paul, Joe’s hold on. Kinks “82”, Revere with B.R., 1 served my time now let me free! Anneliese Ingalls 38 Windmill Lane 10 11 65 S.C.D.K.S.N. The Chevelle, Harvard Sq. 81 SQUEEZE, E. CQSTELLQ, The Police, Blondie. Hampton Memorial Weekend. Plymouth. Steph l Boston May 80. Traffic to the LW. Lets Go To London! Chajnpange F i . GT SPECIAL Pullinq Mussels From A Shell. MISS ADVENTURE HER MATES. There at the top. Maybe tomorrow, may be someday? [Think Im Go Go. Its Been RecJ. 1 Love You Mom Dad. ' etf Jill J. Jannsen 2 Lake Shore Dr. 4 30 65 Lis Lex, Luv Ya, SDKDEFJMRAKKSOLPAPPKDBTS, SUM79-81, 82, Bout, Apt, SymsRd, MIT, SL, LTYD, DBS, JeSophyr, The List + Gd C, Slpovrs, Death of SBox, Gloms jibbed. Road Trip 82, Semi-PromsTB, Srcon, EdsClass, ItsRain- ing, NYsLemon, DoDoetc, Geils, VH, Its a convoy. Beefs, V-fashions, Pizzahouse, SC-Bdlthnenew-End, Jumbo, Bsh D-ridesYearbookx Material . . . Thanx Mom Dad, Bye Now Scott Jones 139 Highland Ave. 8 3 65 Jonesie V. Hockey, V. Baseball, V. Soccer, Gardens, Danvers, Nubs, Decaps, Condish, Lavers, Hector, Lips-ahoy, you waling mold. Brownie, Duckey, Weber, Knee, Coley, Onset Bashes, 4th with Tom Jack, I did that? Jr, Prom Sd, Jakes, MG Mick, Trips to Shangrala, The BOGGS, Lisa 82, KTML, DD, DF, LC, Finn, TDHFMB, FIAC-FEB 81 7 4 82 with Tom H20 Town Girls, JDBFE, Girls from NY Thanx Mom and Dad Luv-Ya . .Jose Norajean Judge 15A Revere Stree 3 26 65 Tootie 9 25 81 -Greg-Luvya-4ever. Bf Gayle-Pat. Mojorettes-HG-Bouvs car. Field- Foreigner-Giels-Joumey-pglklcjlcudfdmllkd-SUM-82-winga-SrJr. Prom-Semi- popping-jibbers-APRlL VACATION-farm w cl-HowFar?-talk s-w GG-Moes- SrsInCafe Mrs L-Mr. H-Mr. M-SACK-WereSrsWeWantIt-Times w Greg-Thanx Mom-Dad, Luvya-BYE! 42 Heidi Maria Jacobs 15 Oxford St. 2 13 65 Jake 4-years V-Gymnastics Mr. C HamptonB. The Cape LT’s Parties Bestfriends Meets Di Toot PMKTLM Mick JJ “Vogue Fashions” CDCZSOAPSTTBMPSAOBS Joe T. GoNuts F H Games Brighams Jr Sr Proms Mur “College Men” ociffer Dust So. PondParty Florida with meets, Di, our talks Blow Dooors 1 1 meets-wanna chew some gum? Texas with Mom Bye AHS Toc-(YAFIMH) Luv you Family J J- Jciststsen co Jot Shaly M. Jose 26 Glen Ave 6 7 65 Shal Night and Won Jose’ You’ve Shown Us The Way Farther, Now, Help Us Follow It. Clubs. News, Chess, Debate, German, Chrous, MF, Sports Uren Wow Run. Do I Make you Dizzy? The Stand, P.M. SYOB, P.M.J.W. The Earth’s orbit is square? Beatlemania. So much Love U Friends CC, R.B., P.O. and Family Lisa Keelan 15 Greeley Circle 9 22 65 Good times good friends . . . LCPGJLCYCLLTGG esp. D.F. . . Down the high . . scoopin . . starry-eyed . . “older men” (oops! Bd, the exception) . . semis proms . . Scituate . . Babson . . Chowtime . . Girltalk . . flaggin’ it . wicked good . . “just friends.” . . Never forget MP, CH gang or son 1 . Grandpa, I’ll always be your little girl . Mom, Dad, Nan, M,K, J, Much Love thanks to all! Linda Keljikian 1542 Mass Avc 4 23 65 I would like to thank all my teachers especially my favorite English teacher Mr Toomey and my brother for helping me with my math. I was secretary and then president of the Armenian Club. I hope to go onto Bentley, and then work at Mai’s. Jo Chris Ketcios 143 Westminister Ave. 11 14 64 K tch It’s about time I’m free! Yaijo nuts and party! Memories at summer street park on Aug 16 1982. spy pond and Thorndike and the trah edys with carter’s Dart- machine. Party at nampton Concerts Geils, Black sabbath ACDC Judas Priest Yai schools are over and the partys have just begun, the fun times with houser watching playthings all the time, the events Harolds luncheonette wiyh Mike Wood. Haffenreffer. John Kelley 59 Eliot Rd. 6 22 65 Soccer toumy bound 8 Laps Puesty . . . OOMPA Excuse me could you remove your Foot from my face? . . . Medford you’ll always be scum! ... B.D. Best Friend? Why not, K.H. A Speacil Friend. GP JDJDJD JHEKCGMR. Bonfires JD Parties Sorry Just lost my mind BOJSCSRCSSSK Yattzee anyone? Thankyou Mom and Dad. Thanks AHS . . Good times Good Friends Good Luck Class of 83 Kevin Kelley 136 Gardener St. 9 7 65 The projects. 4 19 Geils. Get me a coke for free with JK Hanging Around K.O S.C. J.B. . . chase down the park way Jr Prom M.P. Bagged in Bathroom, were are my hubcups, cougar. Hampton Beach, xmas Party Down Pees. Give me my 20 Bucks. Pootang Patrol . . Salsbury Beach. F.F.B.F. Thanks MA AND DAD. ff ' €(Oi Paul Keveni 151 Washington St. 10 23 65 High , Menotomy, Freebird, Geils, all the chases, Never caught, nigh hool bashes, “Clubbin”, Buds, HockeyGames . . . Straight? “My Card”, Tom, Terry, Snake, Bob, Paul, Joh, O’Neil, Crow, Coley, Carney Mountains Crow s, Cruisen and munchies, O’NeilMobile, Raid’s . . . Real Times, Later Dolores T. Kilfoyle 38 Windmill Ln. 8 9 65 Dee T parties projects CMAMPKB geils WK-ENl AFTERNOON DRINKS KH? IS IT NEW YEARS 81 GOOl SPRINSTEEN CL4SH WK-END U STRANDARD WK-END SUMMER ST. MUMBO JUMBO’S |99 ' , PVARD SQ. slap happy ms. ADV. MATES HAMPTON DA ' TILL THE A M. THANKS, LOVE YA MOM. BORN TO RUN XXftu XXCeiteHi X . XXu otf e HANGOUTS Still having our little labels Rats and the )ox, So they say, i But we all get along even I though ' We hang on different blocks. Some run to Spy to get a real high. Others are at the Farm above all harm ... I 1 Or Summer Street park where nO ' One Walks alone in the dark. Brighams A.H.S. to say no less. OSSIFLR we know your little plots So if s off to Menots. These are places, we call Home away from Home . . . Leslie |. Danzey J : Patricia A. King 11 Michael St. January 5, 1965 Pattie Susan, Andrea, Laura. It was the best of times. Semi, Prom, Cape Cod 82, 12 25 81, New Years 82, Lost Weekend, ABAKME, Pals, ranking on Culture, Good Times, LL my pal, RCF-RM3, Redrug, The Valiant, Bluesmobile, Crash 1 3 82, oopsl High-self, APBORED Master, Artie, CVSJEM, V DAYS, . . . Optima Dies Prima Fugit Katherine A. Kiriakos 23 Surry Rd. 10 5 65 Kathy Stacey, Stephanie, ABAKMEGPJHBP. Its madness The Dream Night, parties, Arlmont; Moseleys. Big Kiss! Oh No-Now Why? CWF-weekends-WB; summers 80-83; GOYA. Saallyy! Maraca-JR, The name is? Maine, Locke, ILuvU-BDJDAK APWD Frosh-sb, Bagging, HiHon! AB WHY? “KK” Its foolish 4of We’re twins- Stacey, Best of friends forever. ' Thanks Mom Dad. Luv Ya Bye AHS. Joseph Kost 2 Newland Rd. 9 25 65 To all the people who helped make my first year at AHS a success ! appreciate it. To my friends-thanks for support, and Faz thanks for showing the ropes. Good Times, Bad times but through it all I came out alright. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love You. Andrea Kounelas 27 Chester St. 5 29 65 The Three Musketeers; ATBMESTKKSPID; cuz; 7; 15 classes; KK’s lunches at Central; Veggin’; I don’t talk fast; BB with PM; dodododo; Montreal’ 82; Thanx Trem; Greenfield with PIKS; Steve’s; Ranking on Drench with PK; Gas Truck; 3B, U.T.T.M.; BM’s sox; SO, AP-The Doors on The Red Rug; AC’s L in BR; Friday Gook; Hug a Tree; T.B.O.T.; Thanx Ma, Dad, and Yia Donna King 43 Walnut St. 12 17 65 Good Times, Good Friends, Volleyball Tournament 82 Get Psyched! Camp 81, SK, ID, KD, MD, Basketball, Freshman Year at Ottoson CAHIC The Cape, Hamton Beach, FA, CAL-W.S.!!! Thanks Mom, Dad, Billy, Debbie Bye. ' OS Erik Kondo Erik AHS SOCCER 1, The Green Machine, Up the Farm, The Mets, Mt. Washing- ton, “80 Below” Ice climbing with MC Climb the HS, CG, SS, B.K. Patty Sept. 82 Thorndike bonfires j.g. concert skiing at Pauls, Y.G. Trips NH, Cap»e they’re home!!! Lunch with CG, JK, JH, RC, BM, CS, JD. swans falls biketrips Gcxxlbye AHS thanks for the ride. Katherine Konig 200 Spring Ave. 3 23 65 Friends Always-JLSDCLKDEFJMRAGGLC-GLOMS Sleepovers- HorrorShowRobe She hit a barrel! LCJJ The MAN-JLCLGG, Student Affairs- Thanx OrtTNSSTM Cap e82, It’ll be fun-GG, Hysterical Laughter-JL Waah!, DallinDudes-TK NDKP, MVsummers-RS Leo Chreo, Tennis-JLDFSR 6AM SwimTFH Days, Junior Prom Thanx PW, Brighams Crew, Scoops, JC?, Jibber- tize-Lager tyd. Good Luck! Thanx Mom Dad Love you. 46 ose iJi ,y{ os y{ou 1 Carol Ann Lawrence 89 Everett St. 10 9 63 My name is Carol Ann Lawrance, I’m nineteen years old and 1 am graduating this year. I’d like to thank all my teachers for their help and 1 wish success to all my classmates. “The Class Of “83” Jeffrey R. Lawson 11 James St. 9 26 65 Porksta Schools out forever. Good times Bad Times Led Zeppelin, Doors the END, JGeils Love Stinks, Boston Don’t Look Back Pink Floyd We Don’t Need No Education Fog Hat Slow Ride Who “TEENAGE WASTELAND” Aerosmith Dream on Skynard FreeBird BENS PARTIES fort polark MAMA Bish Wee Dentist the Farm Locks BudLites BBF F68 Thanks Buddy Mapa PMJMBB NFWBONG FRIED COLLEDGELIFE James Lee 173 Scituate St October 5, 1965 Tennis, Skiing, Tenny, The Highlands, with TC, EL, Rc, SC, JC, NM and RU Mice for lunch, Codiux, Brazil, Rob’s car?, Georgie, Morris, “z”, TKD, BB, The warden, JCDay, ALFAz, Juan Folks, and the Arlin on Ski Club. Thanks Mom and Dad Michele Leonard 72 Hathaway Circle 6 14 65 Mick st of Friends Poo Too Di Kay Tish. Wishing on a star Rich 8$ LYZF? ?SB 4 82 Stick licker 4y Semi + Proms Tom B 83??? Soph Pond Party Single Soph At Sr DB Toga V cheering Jakes 8 82 Babs Chuch Party Foreigner Journey To Ob Sap Hamp BPRIMO Muffa Dr Bob Cindy Loo Love Ya Bonza Bouv Farm ys BH games Jon Dons GAT VOVZZ 4:00 CHAYHT HS Nights Jksvew Puff Puff Caf Fwop Blow Doors Gotta Have Friends Thanks Mom + Dad Love Ya Forever. Mary F. Lafferty 16 Whittemore St. 8 20 65 Good Times L. L K.F. S.S N.S D P. B.D Big plans for Aaron, Charlie G.G. Symmes Izzy Skiing Track bus method FLORIDA! L5 Lives on Diaty dog pen soph. 5th Lunch bread Amy KizzyHarvey goat dr. “Hopeless swamp of nothing ness” frozen doughnuts M + M’s Thanks Kenny Cruise to Carib. Eric tour of Europe scuba diving Thanks Ma Dad Ann “merd” water fgts 9 10 82 Janet Landers 43 Old Middlesex Path 10 25 64 Buddies CYLCLKPGLTKDNDNJGGKKCL LERCH Gloms Wubs WAAAH ' MVineyardKKCL MVBus-CL Wingaersheek Golden Goddess!?! The Man KKCLGG TDMan, semis-proms, Spanish Amigos-99 BMGGSD Tennis, Flags!?! Calif81 Fla83 scoops-nazis? Menots, Farm, Brighams Hysterical Laughter N.Yrs. Eve? Maybe next year. BYE. Thanks Mom, Dad, JMBJ and Carol. Glenn Leach 10 Mott St. 1 finally made it; Scott’s parties, Medford woods, N.H. July 4, Jr. Prom with Belle, Miss O’s class, H.D 1, Led Zep, Judy in Woburn, Dunkin Donuts, Buzzell Field, the den, the pit. Stuck in Billerica, Denim Leather, Lead, Cement shoes. Hello Robert, Ghost Tower, Rainbow concert, 37c, Cooke’s Hollow, Shaggy, Hey Toots, Alice on Halloween, Blue Fog with Fish, Harvard Sq. with Mike Judy, thanks mostly to Mom Dad. Louise LeBlanc 17 Oakledge St. Good times at AHS, ML, KF, NS, DD, JR, MP, Big plans Aaron, GG, Charlie, ML Florida will be great!! mini golf, homeroom, Jr. Semi, Turkey day game Aaron! I’m ill, exciting notes, never forget it DD, the party, frozen donuts. It’s been fun. Good Luck!, Thanks, Mom, Dad, Dan, Tom. n jl ouxa 04 4 4 ' 44€ i te A X David Lewis 136 Wright St. 1-15-65 Lewy RollingStones “81”, SummerSt, The Pond, Thorndike Feild, TheWhoTour “78” ! Sneaking in the Garden, SouthBoston, Fla, TheCape82, Dw, MW, MW, BC Party at Beth’s, KegersatHampton, BroadwayStation, Ft. Lauderdale, Keys, B Ball, Cheerleaders, TheWhoin“82” atWorster, Marthathegirlnextstore, Since j VanHalen, Queen, Molsonale. Stephen Lincoln 9 Wall St. 4 7 65 Lines Sleeping with my eyes open. The Quiet One-J.E.D. Dr. J’s P.B.’s Love those RB’;! Hockey The Who Look for the Bus “The-Linemobile” X ' ai 44j Xe44t4J X e tAo t X4nco » Michael J. Linehen 70 Falmouth Road 2 8 65 Mike Mike the pipe, super bowl of “81”, Kes of Plymouth, Provincetown Boat, Boot Camp, Football, Basketball, Chelsea, the wall. The bridge, the forts, SummerSt, Charlie Wall banger. Lady on Wingersheet Beach, Canoby Lake, Snowstorm Reality to one is idealistic to another Ralph Waldom Emerson should have said that John you and the widow. Lisa Lisio 990 Mass. Ave. 1 8 82 Liza Good Times, Sad Times, Fast times. Always time for BT, MH, MS, HB, ATG. Partyin in Lawrence Arlington Somerville. Buds Wine. Fast Cruisin, beach bosin. All nighters, we’re the fighters. Living free and let in be. Truckin on 10-4 Good Buddy, TKO that woman. Bye Mr. Hall, Bye All, I won’t look back getting lost finding the way. Don’t worry Fll stay, no more running. (4cAoieA X4»eA ' M4 Charlie Lombardi 8 Hodge Rd. Boy I’ll miss the good old times at A.H.S. (HA, HA). Good riddins Mr. Hall! Rui ' out of the office much Mike! Always a good laugh about our lady friend at the I beach. ML, El, JC, JA, BE, TC, AC, SC, SQ, RF, RM. Anybody seen my stereo I Bams’ on the roof ‘On No! Summer Street, Hide Em’ Good! Meet any new wall : lately? Heinees For Sure! Physics OH WHAT A BORE! The Who In 82? DOORf on my brain. Slammers anybody? Elizabeth Loukeris, 47 Webster St., 10 13 65 Liz ' Mike, Luvya-Deb, BOF-DMLMLD-Millerbuds-Carol, dont worry-Sum 82-l( min. Hi-semis proms-PS -Booges Brigs-SF Puck Pads-LTNJSDCL-Tiredi Lizmobile WAAH-Cella, MSCBMTRP-BM’stalks-yrbk?-Finn-yes again-Luv yi DS-Leather what?-My 2nd Ma-faced Kicked out-LT’s bashes-TOGAi Zach thegang-Tks Ma, Ba, Charl-l 83whatanite-Jm’shse-WHlP IT OUT Friends may part, but not the love-HJ- Therese Luca 18 Wheaton Rd. 10 3 64 Mike 12 2 81 Semies Proms Something in common! Indoor track Good Times with SM, JC, SL, DB, DC Debs all nighter where shall we go? J. Geils concert “Stones” Start Me Up. R . . On ice Bible. Mrs. P. Should I Stay OR Shall I Go?” Thanx Mom Dad Goodbye AHS. Stephanie Lucarelli 20 Laurel Street 10 20 65 Steffie Mickey Moe, We did it! Four yrs. at good old A.H.S. Graduating class of ’83 the best ever. Jr. Semi’81 TD. FY met “Fuzzy.” SW AT CT in Sept. ’81 Good Luck to Ml my friends: CL, MO, EF, Terry, PR, Lee. Gonna Miss Ya! I Love You Mom and Dad. You, too, Scott. TGIO! Going to miss A.H.S., But life goes on. Bye! me e Geralyn Lucia 25 Crosby St. 8 8 64 Gerry Stones, Geils (caught in Act) AC Dc Doors Springsteen Judas Priest Iron Maiden Van Halen Cars WCOZ-BCN- MAF-BOS Beer Mixed Drinks Pep Shnops Jr. Yr l Sum. of 82 Dunkins WG MD SG JS LK JM LZ DB DEC. Times Bish Park Lemon Donuts w DB Starvation! MICHIG N 6 76 My 18th Party Class of 1983 Keep on Rockin’ G luck Paul Stair way to Heaven Thanks Ma + Dad! Christine Lucreziano 59 Magnolia St. 2 4 65 “Fuzzy” Good friends at old AHS Hi EF, SL, TL, JS, KD, DB, KR, ML’s Spinout fire engine HI cap Dan’s UPUGDRLUDMDHPDLBBDM Calls to AFB E C, Halloween 81 Where’s the party? Cape 81 D-Port Aug 16 Thanks Steve I love you forever. Cape 82 GB, Feif growing up. MV on Mp. It’s over see ya at our 5th. Times are changing so are we. Famous Final Scene, Mom and Dad I love you TGIFO. Zharles M. Mabarc 246 Broadway 8 13 65 Chuck PHE STONES, LEDZEP, HOUSE PARTIES, J. GEILS, “82” WALKOUT “79” PHE CENTER, THEPOND, TASHA, C.M. I’M OUT OF HERE. L TER A.H.S. PHANK GOD, TFIANKS MOM + DAD AND TATA, I MADE IT!!! GRADUATION A! Denise Macaris 32 Fessenden Rd. 7 10 65 SUMMER ST, HAMPTON, THE CAPE, Destruction of Debonare w Coiley, J. 3EILS 80, 82 83, certs retsin, DDC BBB, NCNDBMLFCRPK, BOB SEGER, Silly Squier, WALK OUT, egg chase, TAT-82882, But ociffer, she was bitten by a lorse! Atomic War, Hit Run, GOOD Times Bad Times, Feb Vaca82, BS NIGHT OVES, Mario’s, The JUMBO, SNOW STORMS It Ain’t Easy, STAY WASTED, !’m a !@? FTIEEBIRD now! Thanx MA DAD, I Love Ya. acre XI a ne Celeste Luzzo 32 Philemon St. 2 13 65 What’s up? BUDdiesPGLTLKJLLCDFGGKKCYTheHigh, Menots, Farm-NJ- 2am, THEMAN-KKGGJL, Summer of 82-THEBEST-W AAAH! MVBusJL, Proms, Semis, Scituate LT’s bashes DTl l 81ThanxGeils, Warnings, WUB Flags, Wingaersheek-FF-TheBronzeGoddess, LERCH Eddiem. Scoops, NAZI’S, Rez, Squirtgun? JlBSDoors-Gayle, Central-Deb, Florida-ThanxMOM DADLoveyou. AA-ar e-i e . L fta xare yilexca rti Ann Macone 1-A Harvard St. 9 2 65 Anna Best times down the cape. Weekends at Lisas CM NS RF JM SC JW LF KB JC. J. Ceils, Van Halen N.H. -tattoo. Partying with Cheryl-Lines . . . wasted with Michel- le. Deb Jim. Nancy we did our time, next. AKU green drinks, carded again. Jen thanx. Fischer your alright! Pat “T” time. Mr. Lennon, S.T.E.P. ThanxMa Dad 1 luv ya. Robert MacPhee 32 Overlook Rd. 7 20 64 Bob RC, KS, JD, TL, Rob’s House, ChacoCanyon NM, Rock Climbing, Karl Country, The Prow, Miss ya LE S. Bishop Park, you decide, serenading. The Blue Bomb, MC, Outing CLUB, Ahh Coffee, BLOWITOFF! Gunks, lyrics VS. Music, I’m Bob He’s Rob, so cute, Bass Player? Animals medley, Thanx Charlie H., J Jim F., Paul M , 1 don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way. Take it slow everyone. . t (aAott Constance Mahoney 99 Claremont Ave. 5 26 65 Connie Summer Bashes, Cape, Tracks, Summer Street, Somerville, Take me drunk I’m home, DALLIN Crew, SummcrStreet Gang, The Doors, Mr. MOJO Risin, Its not over the party has just begun. I ' m Free, So much to do in solittle time. What is it all about. Dreams Fade Away, GOOD TIMES NEVER END; BFCMKLLNLNKHDMDKNCNDDGCRBM, BOBBY 1 LUVYA, MA DAD WAS IT WORTH IT? RDLDTT Cathleen Marie Marble 151 Ridge Street Cathy 1 18 65 STECMS, Cape 82, Mich Lights !, Tob, Sar, Sue, Mar, Beth Phyll-You guys are the BEST! Freshman Year-WOW! MB Sleepovers wHlM, SR, PV; PAD- shows trips. Thanks for everything PT-1 Love Ya! TWEEK! BC Mr. Roberts! Jaws3, Preppy! Junior Prom? Hey Box! Reasons-Still, Sex Bomb! BE WILD! 1 miss you Pa! 1, gonna miss you guys!-LOVE KlSSES! Most of all. Thanks for always being there Mom Dad-I Love You Both! Ar o n-i a »ce i (oA Laura Macdonald 29 Puritan Road 3-22-65 4ever in bluejeans BFRE ends LDTMDMLL The Farm CB Celler Servial TM looks like we made it we’ve gone from crayons to perfume Rick 10 9 82 WWW ILY Some day Lady you’ll accompany me mill buds Wildcat DFSR RUSH fltwdmac Bonfires Don’t cry out loud the secrets that shared the mts that we moved LDU were 5th he was 6th Thanks Mom Dad ILY Megan MacFadyen 103 Gray Street 12 12 65 Lisa; 6 13 82 J.M.; Revere; K.E.; S.E. , L.S., P.M., M S., J.S.; In by three out by 9; Musta got lost! ; Apt. ; New Y ears Eve; Valintines Day; Chemistry; “Katie go home” On the car; Cowboy Hats; Lowie window; “Can 1 keep just one?”; Honky Tonk Womenj Rt. 128?; Campingat KOA; J. Geils82: C.O.D.; Van Halen 10 23 82 1 SZ t f I (aco»e Paul Maffe’ 66 Sunset Road 3 19 65 Beaver J.P.R.G.J.S.M.D. SKITRIP Megan’s parties Cape Cod NH MisterD MobileMotel Boyles? The Farm, church pipes Get in the car poker lowies A.N. pinball Hey Abbot! Matilda BudBoozecruise Moe, Larry, Curly The Beach Jo, Jo BRUINS semiformal Magic Fingers Nancy Mahon 23 Howard St. Timothy 42181 Favoritest Person Love ya Dot, Ma, Dad, Family, NUCUM-N- ' CR KNNY faces, Jean, Trish, Nanc, Ann. Cape, lost, uno, D. Geeko, ROG, NA, double, vision, Juice?, driften, pukes, wimps, throb, drome, 6th, Geils 80-82, I Family Affair. WHO someday. Stratton, Birds Bashes, Disney-undercover, 488G Z, DOL-BUG, Stolen Bus Rides, Sidney, Swifts-YUK!! UMASS. WALK i , AND DON’T LOOK BACK k c a ma )( l iou a S ' ex . (■cufo}tftA ■oi Laurie Jean Mayer 3 Brattle PI 8 25 65 Lisa Beth Eddie 2 5 82 FP SC MS HG PC Dennspt SV Leslie JC SD BA ony CE CA Tim J Geils, Joey Mez JP JR Prom Julie JB SF It’s doubtful 83 remember mom and dad c Thats Raunchy SMT Hagis GRB the Pits SDMFIA Rt 24 Bimbo CW Burger Bob Depot St Lake Winn we made it LJ Thanks Mom Dad Love ya I’m OTDB k fi ixxo a Brian T. McCarthy 71 Bellington St. 1 4 65 Bryron PDTESKRDCYAl TABME Tough Rockos Owl Woman Spanish Amigos at 99- JLSDGG Beaker Rolf! Where’s the Pinata? Pookie Garbagemouth Hey Woman! I have much hunger; Where are your sox? Loon Mt. 82 Cape Hatteras 81 Stop Slop How do you spell PBLBLBL? Chatham Dunkin Munchkin Missies NH Vermont 10 82 It’s As If . . . Black fritos. Thanx for everything Mom, Dad, S,E-(-K Darryl McCauley 101 Wright St. 4 4 65 I Will Remember the Construction Through to my Senior Year. Along with the loud Cooking teachers, and the Unfair Law2 Teachers. The Strange Substitutes and the short biology teacher that gave me gum. After cracifying me all year when I had it in her class Will Miss A-H-S Samar Moudarri 17 Baker Road 5-1-63 1, remember, audre, Judy, Lee, and all the kids I met, this year. Theseniorprom- wasgoodandalltheactivities theyhad. IdidnotJoinanything, Butlwishldid, Itwas- fungoingtoBrigham’sduringLunch, Ilikejoruney, Geils, ETc. MomlLiketothank- Youforallthethingsyouhavedoneforme, lappreciateEverythinglamGoingtoCol- legeTobearegisteredNurseandhopesomedayl’llbeanurse. Goodbye ArlHigh. Alex Mastorakos 179 Wollaston Ave. 5 6 65 GREAT TIMES WITH ALL MY FRIENDS ESP, EAYNE, DEAN, MIKE. LOVE ALWAYS TO MOM, DAD, SANDRA, GEILS CONCERT, N.H. TRIPS, CRUISIN, THE BACK LOT, L4TE NIGHT, THE CC’S, 2.2 SECONDS, GOOD TIMES A T BOSTON, DR J’S CLASS! LOSING POPLE, GRADUATION PAR- TIES, DRIVE IN ADVENTURE GOOD BYE ARLINGTON HIGH!!! ,= ■0 Joseph L. Mayo 3 Browing Rd. 3 19 65 Summer of 82, The Cape, water skiing, hockey. Death ride in the Nuggets, MC, “CUC”, Jim lets go to K.A.L.? Remember Time over MG, Hurting, The parties, poets, 70 olds, cruisn. Mike RD, KK, working B.C.W. Thanks Mom Dad. David Mazzola 20 Dow Ave 4 26 65 Muzz Harvard Square, OTR at OTN, working at 4 am, smoking down the subbing crew. Did you hear the rumor? Watch out for the curb! Tailgating before BC games, we have to make a soda delivery. Hammers class 80-81, Geils GoGos concerts, the lot, Gitchie Gummee . . Skiing Sugar loaf and NV . . 4 29 83 the big day for Jeanne and Me, Thanks Mom Paula McCormick 95 Thesda St. 6 17 65 Best of Friends, MLLRRDDDKTLMHJThanx, Finn, Cheering, RAKTDBLRCN, Camp, DDML, Jr. Semi-CW, Proms, LPi O, LIS, PPF, PonParty, Babs, JDTV, JM Bash DB Toga, Muffa, Jibber out, IKYWM, Bouv TTCA, Sr. ConventionWan- na eat? It Rummed Away Wingersheek Gafs Kegs, SDISLYGB, PG Parties TBFTC, I Did it. Mom and Dad-142-I luv ya Mr. Hall, CHDIWOY Audrey McCullock Peace, EGOR, DAY TRIPPER, MRV, HITWHATSUP? The sky? Hey JUDE, CIDMAN, Party, PART, PARTY! Schooldoessomething IWONTEVENMEN- TION! 1 HATEWINTER, HeyLee-Zonk, justkidding! Hellopeople! Laterpeople- much! NoNukesd, scosdeas, Long liveRock, R xknRollismyReligion! I’m Inno- cent! Itsagainstmyreligion! Latermuchpeople!! Robert McGahan 15 Rockaway Lane 10 2 65 Leroy Anne 1-29-82, Semi Prom Crows Keg, Concerts, Houseparty? Hamp., Calf. “78”, Forgotten nights. Hills, SSP, RF, Q, Mac’s, BC, RL, Crow, DD’s House, 10:00 curfew. Get tails. Magnums, JV Hockey-penalty box. Wall, Time, Stones- Wild Horses, Beast of Burden Petty, Geils, Stevie Nicks, Love ya 4-eva Mom Dad Thanx! Brother Leroy, Thought I’d something more to say-I LOVE FLOYD!! 52 Robert McConnell 87 Webster St. 4 2 65 MAC V. Football, Baseball Backstabber 10 25 80 143 Rose AHS Prklot Bud YNT VHockey games cd’s anyone know what happened merge timesq. Bowling Z’s at Brownies 4Z’s at the Farm Walden Spot me Snball’s The Brdg Springflings Quinnys bash RIFest Plmth 82 Don’t be weird 240’s FF PO GB DB TF SO DUK GD CW TS YUB MY PW SC WD JA RD YACKIE WUZ Thanx Mom Dad Brian M. McCormack 26 Aerial St. 10 6 64 “Mac” Summer St. park QRFBC RLSRSCRP crows KG concert Beans JGeils TP HB crashing JR Prom How’s you Ankle Let The Good Times Roll TYD coldBash Busted Black and blue parties those nights you chnt remember driveinlakes6pakac game your glasses must be fogged all the young dudes somheffs town day New Bedford Hit Whites Thanks Mom Daci LATER F Wayne McDaniel 106 Sunnyside Ave. 10-14-65 Went by So Faast ABGC BBalmm Pmmssf Thanks AHS Love you mom, Rich -t- Almee Varsity letters 234 The Rocks Captain Mike you Mad MAN gonuts Squirrel soutHem Bell NAVY BOUND THANKS for Being there Brud Fenway Thats BAD ABGCSkiTrip LONG DISTANCE CALLS JG is Special Too Funny!!! 1 Cant believelmadeit!! You have been great MOM!!! Thaks Bill Break-a-leg!!!!! GOOD LUCK CLASS of 1983!! Ralph Livingstone McEwen 111 Stevens Terr. 3 1 64 Raool The-Farm-Forever-Marley-In-the-Morning-You-Drank It-Sull Sunny Wood- concert-Moose-is-loose Big guy-packy-runs-NH-trips-pinners-pass out-Pad-All- Nighters-Ricks-shack-clubinginlunenberg-A Night in logan Death-Before Disco- Doors-Hendrix lost weekends-love Mom-Dad Idid it for you-To my friends-live life to the fullest never take second best go for it unity lli c 1 lic Jinn oe Patrick McG inty 36 Cornell St. 4 5 65 Gints MAGINTS V-TRACK JUMP Parrellel in-your-face Nautilus cutlass ABC CYO-Ball States Jammin with the boys B-Ball at ABC Celts “81” Good Luck to the Class of 83 THANKS M -h D Noel McGinn 52 Robbins Rd. 12 8 65 Madman MEXICO MEXICO, RA-RA-RA! FOLKS! LATIN 5ERS LIVE! BEST TO ALL YOUSEJ-THE FLYING CHINA MAN, TICUANDO CAT, CHAPUTSKIO, BRO MIKE, P C. AND THE HARVARD SCAM, SS-FAUSHINGSFEST — LIBRARY SPY, ROBER’S CAR? VS, JO, MH, JD, SK, MM, MC, NS, PR, IV, PD — WAHR R R 357 Magnum, SKIING, TRACK, GEORGE-Z-MORRIS, THE CROTCHET WIPEOUT, FEST, JOB, TFIANX WOW DUD Mike McGinty 36 Cornell Street 4 5 65 Route, HONOR ROLL, MAHONEYS, FRIENDS, A B G C, B-Ball, SKY, LL- PROM, COLLEGE BOUND, THANKS M AND D, GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 83. Brian McKenzie 47 Warren St. 10 26 65 Cross-country track teams-no pain no gain northeast district jazz champs 2 10 81-on the track in 80 no more paradesAThe Clash on the Cape-8 21 82-slam dancing esta undecision me molestci Harvard Square good luck classof “83”. Thanks Mom Dad Bonnie Mcl.,aine 15 Washington Ave. 8 24 65 Bonita Brian 8 30 80, ND, DM, NC, CR, everyone. Summer, Kegs cases, Certs with Retzin, Rod Stewart, J.R. year, Dec. 11, Let’s do it the right way! wasted days wasted nights, BBB, reenactment, 10:00 caravans, A.P.D. won’t catch me, Hampton the 4th, Snee, Mountain Momma’s, J’s, CC-Fight, Boston, DLD, Camp, What a drag it is getting old. Thanks Love Ma Dad Brenda McLaughlin 145 Renfrew St. 6 19 65 GOOD TIME WITH SB, SC, LA, Tl, LD, SG, TD, JA, CK, FRIENDS 4EVA DN, DANNY 9 11 82. knockOUT, AWSOME THREESOME ME, DN, MB, REVERE, BEDFORD, CP, JS, WOBURN SD, WCC, THE CORNER, MB, SB, JB, SH, BL, J. GEILS, CONCERTS, DR. JAFFEE’S CLASS, WEEKENDS FAMOUS LAST WORDS LOOKS LIFE THE STREET, HI GIRLS, LOOKEN AT THE SCENARY UP CLOSE, BUSTED AGIN???, ON STRIKE, MAINE, THANX MOM AND DAD LUV YA Michael J. McLaughlin 7 Swan St. 5 27 65 Ainge Jiggs, Teflon, Doctor, Baby Blue, Hampton, Swimming at Ben’s, Bair, Bish, Lenny, Polack, Golf Course, Drive In’s, closed for season. Soph. B-Ball What are |ou doing? Waltham, Revere, Hockey games. Uncle Bob’s, Bean, D.D., Ant, ' ominique, B’s parties. The Blimp, See Ya, Thanks Orts Ma and Dad Di Susan Meade 156 Pleasant St. 6 2 65 Joe 8-21-81 Hampton Beach 81-82 Jr. Semi and Prom BC High Prom 82, The best Cape weekend TLJCDBLE “Der!” Diane! J. Geils concert 2 25 82 R. on ice Salisbury Beach 82, Where’s Joey? Sorry officer Police 4-12-82 Where’s my Jacket? Goodbye AHS Jean Messuri 18 Sagamore Rd. Maxoo 5 1 65 Friends Forever: Rose. Karen, Ellen, SDTSKTJJKKLPKO, Paul 10 16 82, PBF Spazettes Sr. Convention JC82 HS Bose Cruse Sombos GTRH Jr. Semi -t Prom KDs Slepovr JJs Partys BlRDs SLEPOVR, NC, IBTC PREZ, She hit a barrel! Horor Show -I- The Geed, D. rides LTYD Stumb tws TS-t-JM DBs Toga, What a Beef! KD your the best-ST! Thanxs Mom, Dad + Co. Luv Ya! See Ya Guys Later. Joseph A. Mitchell 43 Brunswick Rd. 8 3 65 THE INDIAN, DC, BC, HC, GH, MA, LH, CH, ST, LZ, AB ECT. HAMPTON BREAKDOWN, GRILL 82 THANKS FOR NOTHING DICK, BLACK AND BLUE CONCERT KEG PARTY IN NEWTON DAN ' S CELLAR J GIELS CONCERT SISTERS 1st BABY! LED ZEP “BURN OUT” NEW YEARS EVE 69 PH DUMB BLONDE WALK OUT FRESHMAN YEAR SPARE M UP SILLY AND BANDY WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE THANKS MA AND DAD ILY Susan Moran 34 Rockland Ave. 11 16 82 4 yrs of Heaven -i- Hell, Best Friends MC, JA, CC, Summer of 82, Gordons Class LA, JA, YING YANG DA, 143 Bobby + Chrissy, JA Porch Talk CC, Thanks Mom -f Dad Love ya (143) 54 Matthew McMakin 12 Draper Ave. 12 29 64 Its all over now, but I wish I could do it over and better, Im just getting to know people I will probably never see again. Its Maddening too look back and want to kick myself. I should have gotten to know them and done more school activities. If your a freshmen or a junior, take my advice, involve yourself Thanks for making me realize this, CharlieH CherylP James Mitchell 4 Princeton Rd. 3 27 65 Jim Classofl982 WOW! Senior Year! Radioclub-Mike Campbell, Mike Chapin, Marc Hurwitz, Nancy Savage WAMR-Cable-activated radio! 695. “Guys and Dolls”, “Prometheus” Thanks Mr. Roberts Mr Smith-“Frank and Andy present” Trip to NYC-Whatablast! SAT colleges Good Luck to my clas smates Mr D’antona Finn- !Jim! Go for it! John Mitchill The Indian 1, DC, HC, BC, ST, GF, MA, LH, CH, FIM, JM, LZ, MOOSE MEN, Bud Keg Party Newton! Hampton express. Play some cards? Wanna Bet? How much? 1 last hand, DC cellar. I’m an uncle, 81 NY Eve DC streaking. 82 NY week long party at RM, Walkout! FT, Ball Nerse Buzzel smoked em! Bed spins. Body cast. I’ve done my sentence But committed no crime! Thanks Mom and Dad Love Ya! . Regina H. Muehe 15 Lakeview 10 7 1965 My friends-BF, AM, IV, TL, CH, Good luck. Youth group. Camp Dennen, Folk masses; Oct. 9, 81; Junior Prom, MH; Mrs. Rice-Thanks for everything; JM. FG, I June 7, 81; Fred, AC, ILY; July 9, 81-Pain!; Radio club; X-country; Bonne Bell; i Guitar lessons; Mr. S-Runk much?, Mr. Clough-Cat’s cradles; College or bust!; Thanks Mom and Dad. AHS, you’re not all bad but I’m glad to be leaving anyway. I Charles J. Munroe 129 Mystic St. 1 12 65 I TC JB El BE BP BM MLCL The Dart RIP The beast the rat Tails Joe’s parties ■ Tom’s gatherings The fort Jim’s parties Hello friend Hampton Maine St. Pauli JD : Thank’s Bob one more run Mark Harry Cris Russ Led-Zep The Stones CCR I walking to Cal’s house Revere Beach whipple Hill The Towers God Bye AHS Carol Murray 73 Beacon St. 01 30 65 Bag Lady SAS Central drinks at Liz’s Liz’s party 5-1-82 Laura Kiki woman Jim 9-29 to 5-21 4-30 1st Farm w Bob Promwwe made it TC I’m not all talk Breakfast New Hampshire — NATURALLY, Angle Pond, Sandown Bag Lady’s Bud Boat Visit God MARK 0110-24 NEVER GET OLD Motorcycle rides PM8-1 Mr. -(- Mrs. A 301 OCT. 2, 1982-US AS MS RS AL PM MM KM SH BP AA AF SF DA JCand Ep ILove And Thank Mom Dad PPC. Susan A. Nahigian 3 Monadnock Rd. 5 29 65 Sue Best of friends: Laurie, Amy, Cathy Jen, Brighams HS Field, Weekend Bs, Talks Such iB P, Fr X-Up, Geils Con.Semis Proms-Scituate? Lost? Get the HELP sign, My 17th B-Day Party, Promises, Promises, Summer ’82, BBN, 7 4 82-We were just young, restless bored, SAL, DB’s Toga Party, Rob, There’s never enough time, U-Mass Shh, St. T, Love Thanks Mom Dad, T L too. Mike Morin 8 Prospect Ave. FARM . B.HILLU.P. HILL. MARLEY SESSIONS. RICKS SHACK . JACKS PARTY. BUDS ARE BETTER. GLEM LIVES . . SUNNYWOOD ACRES . KEGS. NITWIT. AWOO. RALPHIE ITS YOUR MOTHER . . JAKES GRANADA PACKIE RUNS. PUMBLED IN MAINE. WHO. CREEDANCE. STONES. THE CLUB. BEER B UZZ! “BIG GUY”. TALES. SULL, YOU DRANK IT. THANKS MOM AND DAD. Deborah Morrison 280 Appleton St. 3 8 65 Debbie 9 6 81 Luv Ya Sandy-Sebago-Muscle-dazed again-Who can buy? Brigs-LL, LD, LM, NJ, LT Partys-Nahant 10 min. Hi-Find your way back; Joumey-cot in action; only time can tell-Ohno JO-Semi -t- Proms-Diet 2morTow-Lizmobile; Leather what? YRBK. Editor who Fin?-DB Toga-Whatsa. Mata4 = u Quarts, Cellar-Sr. Conv. Wisk-e in lipstick covers best of times AHS Love ya Ma Dad -t- Nana Elizabeth Murphy 135 Lowell St. 10 5 65 Liz Best of Friends KTLRDDMLPMHJ Soph Pond Party Sue! TP has been shot J Mazoo TBFTC Wanna eat? Muffa Brighams Foreigner J GEILS journey Cape 82 Bouv TTCA Kris late call YTB Stick L 1 BlowDoors! Scoopin RL get DL GAF! Good Times PRIMO! LTYD Jr. Lunch Semi Prom Gettin Toasted! Mick’s House It’s been Real AHS!!! I Love You Mom, Dad, Paul and Patrick . {a S . L a h Diana M. Napoli 20 Melrose St. 5 16 65 Diane CM, CT, DM 10 31 80+1 House Partys-3 13 81 Turn The Page Moltov C’s Sumr-81 WCC Comer-Awsome 3sum Busted?? Famous Last Words-Looks Like The St, Sec’n The Scenery Up Close, Hi Girls, We’re In Pursuit Geils-82 Skip ’n 5th Steph + Cath? We’re In Pursuit Geils-82 Skip ’n 5th Steph + Cath? K Out + Bake Sess’ns in ctyd Death Rides w SM + CC, Mouth, Diz Dame, Brenda, Nap, Kinky S’x — CC 4 19-Pond Luv ya M + D. Ronald W. Nasman 17 Ottawa Rd. 12 9 65 Nciz Bio-Hist Phycho cycle-JS Tennis-MH, Bikin-Wellesley, Lynnfield-GN, Nantasket Hoop-BH PSC SC literally Mellow, Creme de raser LM-Granby, Tues study. Stocking shelves Highlanci, z-Brain Freebird, Guitar, PSC-RDAD canoe trips- Retreats-Band it’s been real Thanks Ma + Dad f , . K, a io i t Aona c U . Tobey J. Nemser 65 Norfolk Rd. 11 11 65 STECMS-forever SR CM SS BB SS TB TF PV, MB Fri nites. Rocky Horror, Cape 82, Chink Food, TS, Marlbe parties. Student Affairs-KK GG TM, S.C. Prez, HHAAYAHl, G S Shows-Adelaide, Killer, labs, Orts-you, sex bomb, Coaks, Thanx Stan, BROWNIES, The Giant Ashtray, S D R RBBPAA! WPI parties- TD-2 yrs. Thanks Mom, Friends, family and A.H.S. “Be Wild’’-Love losses!!!!! Lori Nigro 91 Winchester Rd. 10 25 65 Glouc SUNSETS-Lynn, Martha, RV, GD, RD, CW, CM’s, SB, DK, CB, TT. DALLIN Summer 81, M.G.H. too long! MM, KG, MD, Lisa-Thanks. Parties on the beach-Frank, Straightaway-BA, Marthapee? 2 pacs, whitehoney-Seger, J. Geils, bye N P, Jr. Semi, JP, Timmy, “Third Wheel " public smiles . . . private tears. Fitchburg. I’m riding a dream outta here! Thanks Ma Dad. George Norman 6 Tower Road 12-17-65 Lots of laughs with RN SP SP AM BS in Tues study and chemistry chess Team with JW AW JO JP GH SG MB And others of course Mr. Brown Panico’ s car great time in NH winter Retreat Highland supermarket stocking BB and B Ed and the rest Biking Lynnfield and Wellesly RDAD Latin thanks RN and T all my teachers Extra special thanks to MoM and Dad Robert Nunes 127 Sylvia St. 7 13 65 Stunes 73 Grand-Am Party! Downback, parties. Bud, 1 dunno, What-Dennis, Alan, Willy, Led-Zeppelin, The doors rule, Waldon Pond. Dazed Confused, “H” 9-3-82, We’ll see you much later Lynn Nigro 91 Winchester Rd. 1 4 65 Never thought I’d make it, Glouc. Kea parties “Lori” I don’t care The Pan lines Mich, RD CMSBCCMMSCWTTDKKHBFKLDMKDBD Geils-82 Mer dep. sets in Foreigner at CCC Scaline-daze miss u Noni B. Bomber gymn. Ramones-Tings dazed and confused waiting for the sun . . . under pressure Thanx M D I’m going mobile . . . M f fm 56 Robert D. O’Brien 54 Princeton Road Bob 12 30 64 CENTRAL SCHOOL FROSH YEAR REMEMBER CHEMISTRY LABS JOE AP HISTORY WITH DR ARTHYR T 12TH CENTURY RENAISANCE REMEMBER SLATE. 8:00. ol a m. RON, THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIMES, JIM, DAN, KYLE, ROB, PETE, AND BRIAN (DON’T FORGET THURS, NIGHT TO BC. CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK LOVE YOU MOM AND UNCLE KEVIN THANKS MR. MAC MR. DEMATTEO. SPECIAL THANKS TO MR HAR- RINGOTN. Jane O’Brien 6 Whittemore St. Arlington 9 28 65 I remember: A.C.H.S. 80. 81, 82, A.H.S. 83, San Fran. 80, D.Q., Playtime, backstage pass-B. Squier 7 23 82 + 1 1 26 82, the good times, the beach, the jetties, etc. Marshfield, A. F.R. -5 1 82, the ride to Hyannisin the MG, Calif., KNEE 82, Linda, cousins , Thank You Mum -I- Dad, Ma, K.R.P.P.M. Bye now! Mark O’Brien 229 Pheasant Ave 11 30 65 O’BS Stratton Dillon’s 79 “Killer Miller” The Cars Panorama 11 30 80 Highbird3To 1? Its over ashby baseball Mr Toomey “You’ve Got to Throw Strikes” HJ 6 12 81 see you after second, “CJ” White Hen? Fenway College? Where? The Police Mr. Hutchings Studies “80” Cubs “Thanks Mom and Dad 0 ' define Kathleen O’Connell 24 Melvin Rd. 3 20 65 Kathy Varsity Field Hockey 81, 82 (KC, SM, DD) Band (Mr. T) Friends (EF, KD, RA, JM, TS, JH, GC, VM, TP, LM) Alan 2 13 82 Soph, -i-Sr 4 years, weekends, summer nights, Semi, Prom, Sr. convention, Hampton (KD, JM) Band trip 1980, Let’s do something different. Boo (IW) homeroom talks (SO) T O W. (GD) Good times at A.H.S. Good-Bye, Thanks Ma, Dad and Karen Shaun O’Halloran 81 Westminister Ave. 10-18-65 Snake FOOTBALLCAPT, 57, PO, TS, BM, PW, PD, PK, GB, FF, SC, JC, TB, DB, 81 homesweethome. Crow’s Bridge, DOROTHY, 11 27 81 k k, s, it’s only 4a.m., ScitBeach, LCA, It’sAlright. Semi’s prom’s, Sr. Convention, Battle’swithP O B M, Drive-ins, H-Games, J Geils 82DW, BHFE goodtimes, Charlie’s Apple, The- Tank, BackoutofWack, Headgames, Nyeves, PrivateLessons,ThanxFamily, Mostly MOm Dad yJuMn ( J f i aa (a A e4 ! O ' A ' ne I AauM 0 ' y(a o Susan Oliveira 20 Waldo Road 6 16 65 Sue Andrea, Pattie, Laura, . . . PALS, Master, Goose, Ollie, Brat, Buddo Soap Chaingang sking-“Im not Mad!” Its Stuck! New Years-Ill never finish! Jr Prom Semi Cape 82 “Lost Weekend-Ill never finish! Jr Prom Semi Cape 82 “Lost Weekend”-AB, AK RedRug F-works-what a night Helloween Bed Buddies High much? Stracrusblwes Child Study-AC, EF It was the BEST of Times! So Long AHS. Thanks Ma and Dad!! Paul O’Neil 4 30 65 18 Spy Pond Parkway 5 15 82, LP, V Football, FB DE, TS, SC, BM, SO, FF, JA, JC, PD, DB, Singing With SULLY, Plymouth 82, Dont Be Weird, Crows Bash, The Bridge, 1 he Field, Menots, Cap e, Wheres Gippers?, Jean WFIYBAML, Bus Brawl With SULLY, Battle With OHA, You Puke, Cold BUDdies, HE KA LOO, Say Guys, I dont Wanna go. Boys Will Be Boys, Excuse me Officer Where am 1? Thanks Mom + Dad Look No Wheelchairs! Karen Ann O’Rourke 123 Oakland Ave. 3 6 65 SEE YA LATER AHS IT’s BEEN REAL, GOOD TIMES — WINTER HILL, FOS PARK, NCC DANCES; J Geils Queen + Billy Squier, Walshies Graduation, The Farm Team, You’re Pipe Dreaming, I Seen it, Mr. Mojo Rising, The Clash, Its Been Good CH JC KW JM — Varsity Field Hockey Git It MAMA GBL CFIAMPS 82-83 — Thanxs MA DAD, EILEEN, RICH, MIMI, KATY JENNY — I DIDN’T THINK 1 WOULD MAKE IT!!! Michael J. O’Shea 4 Davis Ave. 3 30 63 Stones, Jointly’s, NC KB JT BR GD LG SB Geils, Chips Zoo, KC BD PS SW CT CN ES KS RB DB, Grove St. Park, Buc, Led-Zep Kinks, DD, Buzzell, Snake Pits, N.H. Irish 1, Johnny B Good, Thanx Mrs. B Mrs. C Mrs. D, Bishop, West, The Boc, Bus 8, Bridge, Pumps, Who, 81, 83 Thanx Ma and Dad Mr. Collumb AHS Maura, Partys, Dead Mans, Doors “THE END” d tf c4o Si . ‘S oo 4 co I . George Panitsidis 60 Palmer St. 5-19-65 V-socccr, CAPTAIN, JD, oompa. Party up Donahues, Pust, Pep Rally, 10-16-82, S G (82) Maroon Squad, Gust, The Moose is loose, Hogmeyer, Duce, anybody got a straw? Caf, Brighams, Keg at Gaff s, Mr. Mol, Charlie Hustle, Bonfires, macus, soup. Tourney Time, Lizzy, Pollywolly, PSDG, Trans AM, KK, SP, Jr Semi, Jr Prom, Goo ns at the lunch table, 211, may 83, mom + dad I love you, Charlie, RED, WB, velamints, 5, Mrs. Franka Robert Paone 71 Mary St. 12 8 65 BGSRHCSRD, DD FRIENDS, CENTRAL WALKOUT ’79’, MR FRONT DOOR, HEY iANDY! THE TRUCK, BUD NOTE UNOER THE TRUCK, Funny people, KINKS 9 29 81, YESSIR, NOSIR. D.R. DRJ. AeroSmith 11 16 82 how we getting there? HAMI ON 1980, 81, 82 Good Times — HEY BUZZARD HA HA, BG CELLER, JM’S NAMES, four PRETTY GOOD YEARS, THNAKS MOM iAND DAD! 58 Janice S, Onanian 85 Irving St. 8 16 65 “Janice S. Onanian I” The Math Team and Miss Miller were the best, the Chess team a close second; Armenian club — we gave it our best; Debate Team — better luck next year. Tennis team — never made first singles; soccer was fun, if only for a year. NHS — not a bad second year. 1 hope 1 survive Survival. THANKS TO ALL MY TEACHERS AND FRIENDS FOR MAKING IT FUN. Laura Oppedisano 59 Ridge St. 4 8 65 Everybody had a hard year. Everybody had a good time MD KK DGABBFLWKHDK Marie, we were always friends . . . The family wagon Cape ’82’ P-town, resp ectable motels! I’mmm gonna barf, Summer St., Apart- ment weekends Saturday mornings at Charlie’s MKT. Thanks Mom + Dad . . . Sunshine! Too Shy to Say . . . And I’m afraid we’re getting older and so it’s time to change our ways. S- n ' n ( ) S lour ce i cAae 0 Patricia A. O’Toole 56 Menotomy Rd. 8 9 65 Bryan, 5-25-82; Love Ya Always Forever, I’ll always love that T.B. S P, RB, BF Gayle Nora Rorida 82, Foreigner, Geils, NFTCITO! Mr. Hall, Mrs. Lyons, Mr. Macauley your the best. Good Bye AHS. Love Ya Mom Dad. Scott M. Owen 19 Magnolia St. 4 13 65 Fitz 83 1 . Party Harty with Maddog Marty. Thanks Ma -i- Dad and Special Thanks to “MI Preciousa” for a little smarts! Goodtimes bad times Sat. Night Bashes -I- JD. Party NH MAINE -l- half the US. High-times in Harvard with the outlaw. Manny was here But now he’s gone we both knew we couldn’t go wrong. See you in Rota Long Live the Freaky Bothers and Bro. Chris 67 Charger 1 Stacey Pazar 37 Tanager St. 10 2 65 Danny 11-14-80, Kathy, ABSTGP, Abe, MEAKAPSOBP, Cheering, Good times, Jr Semi, Prom, Now Why? Tee Tha Ka No Me, Stavrools APWD, ARLMONT, GOYA, Do 1 Care? No, Sideways, Hi Hon, Big Kiss, Saallyy! The Name is . . . Mana Mana, goons, I Don’t Care, Spaz, Frosh SB, Boom, Baggage, Hold on to sixteen, we’re Twins — Kathy, Best of friends forever. Thanks Mom. Later AHS Debbie Pearson 189 Mountain Ave. 2 16 66 I Remember . . . Lisa, Amy, Jean, Janie, PDA, Friday Night, movies, Brighams, How’s Life, Fireworks, 3rd Lunch, Jim Steve, Mark, Pete, Ken, Paul, Bill, The phonebooth, Oct. 8, What’s up, BERMUDA, 7 Seconds, dancing bears, German class, Janet, Mr. S, DECA, Canobe Lake, Chatham, Essex, Regency, Geils, Clash, underpressure. Don’t put off living until tomorrow because tomorrow never comes, CHOW Robert Perry 1 12 65 Bam VAL 10 29 81 To My Baby with All My Luv 4 eva. Summer St. 77 83 JR. Semi Comfortably numb$snee$ SR Prom 82 The pond. Lines Form on my face Hands 18 Thanx Vera Dots KEG Party PW little house Hamp Roach The Late Show Ramble on Tats BC The Vineyard Lt Lowies. Crash Over O’s. MG. LG. DG. Good Luck, Juan. Thanx KG. 4 Making my HS yrs The Best. Hey Mom I’m outta here Love ya. APD Not Me Brigid Pfister 85 Dunster St. 10 29 65 Birg, Brittle Our time has come to shine! Sheila, Maria — ILY — Sun, Surf, Soccer! crew, drama, G S, butterfs, LE, Forest lawn, Hershey Kisses, lime green notebook, loves, tears, joys, cabuga, MD, My beautihil soccer family, XI — Ma Beery, Coak, Drench, Meric , M, D, E M, 4-3 win, 1st! Silke — Germans, Amy Joe, LDDPJRHVCDER — The Dept Sophs — All your dreams are on their way! Give Peace a Chance! Love Kathryn J. Papas 62 Wollaston Ave. 10 23 64 Kathy HAMPTON 80, CAPE — MANY PARTIES, MAINE, BRDWY BROADS WITH ES PH, PARTIES DOWN LISA’S — BUT LISA I NEVER BAGGED A MAV!. P JD ILYA 6 26 82, SUMMER OF 82 FTFEJW MOSLEY’S, THE WILD ONE! POOR NINA — GAG! IT’S A BUST, CAMP CHURCH — GOOD TIMES ART, BERMUDA 83 WITH S, D, S, J, T, OH MY GOD! DO IT LIKE DE, MM SHE’S NICE, L4TER AHS I FINALLY MADE IT!! ILYA MA, DAD AND FAMILY Robert J. Pappas 363 Mystic St. 2 27 65 CHRISSY 6 30 82 ILY Punkin Comers Cherrys 666 Joe, Eddie, Charlie, Billy, Chris, Adele, Michelle Tom I served my time at A S H. Kiki, Tomrny, Carol, Better Late Then Never! Jr. Prom George, Stacey, Kathy Jr Semi Carol Farm ’82’ Mindyt Danny Liz? N.H. Maine Joes car Micheal, Steven, Cathy, Pete, I Love You Dad Andrea Percuoco 88 College Ave. 11 26 65 Sue Pattie Laura . . . Pals buddomumblebagsS.O. A. P, Karen Macattack Check! New Years Eve 81 Get a bag! Redrug Halloween, ABAK — Lost Weekend bedbuddles Sking “I’m not mad!” Chaingang; Jr. Semi Prom CW HOJOS Warewolf stomach virus Cape, Fireworks — A night to remember, STFIAT- CRUZBLUES one more time! Who’s DH? High? V-days so long AHS Thanks Ma Dad!!! John Perrier 149 Park Ave. Ext. 6 10 65 Jay AC DC in concert. Hampton Beach. Partys. Drive-ins. I made it, now what? hockey, Karen. Halloween 3. Hey Bud let’s party, well well well so I can die easy. Tacos. House of Pizza, whiffle, Hienne. What? Where? I Mary Ann Pirelli 33 Dudley Street 7 14 64 BO ALKI HALL, NORTH CONWAY, ROCKPORT, AHS — SOFTBALL, ROLLS ROYCE, PAUU , JANET, LAUREN, MOE, NANCY, APTTY, PK, DIANNE, JAN, ELMNE, SPARKY, MARK, BILLY, GEORGE, KEVIN, JJ’S, JUMBOS, PADDOCK, LINCOLN PARK, VIPER, WAKEFIELD, DINA, EILEEN, BARBI, DAWN, LR, KD, ID, DK, CE, LOVE YA MA, DAD DIANE, JOHN, PAUL, TINA, ERIC, TRACY, SANDY. WHAT A TEAM, WHAT A TEAM. DO IT UP. Laura F izzoti 63 Cleveland St. 2-4-65 Pals, Sue, Pat, Andrea, Thomas McCrorey, 10-17-82, great times with MOT, Dogde dart, the gals: KD, RA, JM, EF, SD, KP, JJ, LD, LC, KK, TS, thanks for inviting me. Cape 82 New Years Eve, passout, I have a stomache vims, “TOTAL- LY!”, TUO’s sleepKDver, prom sleepover Pat’s late again, JJ’s Bashes, Jr. Prom-n- semi, t.y.p.o. thanks you Mom Pop Love Ya Bye AHS! Dianne M. Porter 79 Valentine Road 1 29 65 PROFFESSOR DEESHKINHEIM STRUCK AGAIN, HOCKEY GAMES, WHB NYC, ARMENIAN WEDDING, GOING OUT TO EAT, YEAR BOOK MO’s DOUBLE PARTY, BATHROOM PLEASE, BREAKFAST AT MS. BARRY’s, BIG BATCH CHRIS? MR. KELLEY MR. LANE MRS. CARARARA, SQUINT YOUR EYES AND SAY SCHLEE! CHICK ENPOX AND MONTREAL DON’T MIX, SEE YA JESS, NEICE, LAD, MO, JOE, SHEILA, BRIG, LIZA, MARLA, MATT, TOM, LAUREN, DAVID, I LOVE YOU DAD, MOM AND BRUCE Sheila Philips 8 Cleveland St. 3 25 65 SUMMER OF ’82 SENIOR PROM FUN, FUN, FUN PARTIES EVERYWHERE WITH JCSGJPJCJFBDKCARJCMSVSMGJPetc . . . OTHERS; JO JMJW i AD JA MG PD . 38 SPECIAL; ELTON JOHN: ROCKET MAN; THE BEATLES ‘1 | WANT TO BE A PAPERBACK WRITER!’ SPECIAL PEOPLE; LG BE DS BP DA ' SE ME:DREAMS DO COME TRUE ' 1 LOVE YOU! THANKS MOM, DAD -h BOBBY; FAMILY -h FRIENDS ENOUGH FOR NOW WATCH OUT WORLD HERE I COME! . SV in Karen Pochini 2 Newport St. 5 22 65 ' WHATS UP FOR TONIGHT CLYDE? JUMBOS — CHECK — LIS, FINN, SU, ' ANN 11 11 81 GOOD TIMES WITH MICHAEL PROMS SEMIS HAMPTON BEACH Listen to This Lis C ANOEING WITH LIL HARD TO SAY I’M SORRY LD LF LR AP LP KK FOOTBALL AND HOCKEY GAMES GIRLS TALK SESSIONS GOOD TIMES LETS SKIP BEDFORD INN — YOUR NOT SLEEPING HERE OH NO WHATS THE H. W. GOOD TIMES AT AHS. THANKS MOM AND DAD Jim Polley 89 Ridge St. 4 4 65 Carter NH, Cape Mobile Motel, Grayst. Parties, The Farm, BUDS, P.M.J.M.D.R.G.A.C. The, Beach, Pinball, Mister D Pip es, Cmise, Churc The Blue Bomb Shell Sunday .. Football, Bmins, Lowies, Thanks Mom Nicks Led Zep Pink Royd The Who I Aerosmith 60 Q anrte Christine Puttick 97 Westminster Ave. 8 17 65 Its Been Real. GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES, the beach, Journey in Concert, Boats, up the mountains, “Squeeter,” summer of 80 81, Holyoke, California boys. Real friends never part, KB, EO, JG, LN, JP, JT, It’s all over but it’s just begun. Keep smiling Sylvia. Thanks Mom and Dad — I Love you. Stephen Quaranteillo 82 Overlook Road 3 19 65 Q Crow’s Keg, TYD, JV Hockey, MP, Hitting on the Moonshine Rocking in the Grain, Ozzy, SSP, Tower, JHB, Bones and Brews, Murderous Intentions, Com- fortably Numb, over the Hills, Wild Horses, RF, BM, RM, BC, The Band Is Just Fantastic, Your Gonna Ry High; Reed’s sand Dot’s keg Snowstorms, SC, our Health We Drank A Thousand Times, Mom and Dad, The Rin Song, I’ll see you on The Dark Side of the Moon. ' a4n-e t a Z ietti h Cheryl Redding 112 Columbia Rd. 1-5-65 Sean 6-6-81 Luv ya, NC BM ND DM DJ EV, Summer St., Rotary action, atomic War, Marshfield, BBB, early momins on the tracks, Rt 2 trip. Don’t choke on the pretzels! J. Geils ’80’, the hulk, bield of feer cans, 21 J’s please, dazed confused nights, going on trips, Coiley’s party, endless talks for the help Ellie, Luv ya Ma Dad, Later A.H.S. I’ve done my time Kathleen Redmond 45 Fremont Court 4 18 65 Kathy Best of Memories TL, MW, PL, JA, KT, PC, MJD, MC, CD, LG, CJ, Instigater, KKK, Radar, Camaro, Hey Baby, B ooger B, Turtle, Beaver, Rudolph, Annie, Grub, The Gang, The Creizy Red Head, Wild Woman, Little Sizzler, Little Gaffer, Sixth Period Math, Blue eyes. Privates eyes are watching you. The park. Softball game, baseball. What’s up, I want my Micky’s, Mom and Dad I Love You. Denise Preston 33 Bow Street 10-11-64 Peko Memories . . . Jes Di Mo CK PW MG JC LH CP DS Varsity j.v. field hockey. Semis Proms A limo! Dough-C-Girl. it’s different . . . 99 first time for everything. Mo’s birthday, double party. Schlee. never stay home. 1 live for the summer. All nighters. Munchies. Cheeze curls. Illusions. Foreigner. GBL Champs. You guys are great. To all the D’s Dad, I love you all. Steven L. Psiakis 211 Nfystic St. 1 27 65 Steve Summers of ’80 ’82 at Greece, Stranded in Rome Weekends at Cape. Chem. labs. Drafting, Algebra II, Physics Labs. Studies at Media Center. Go For It! Physics Labs. Studies at Media Center. Go For It! gym, Zeek, Blizzard of ’81, TGIF, Basic Programming, TRS-80, Chinese food, S.P., R.N., G.N., F.F., C.K., T.C., Thanks A.H.S., Make it in MA. Elaine Reardon 43 Trowbridge St. 12 3 65 Greetings; Soccer; G -i- S; CHfW III; Nuke the whales; Skipping w L -(- K; Fri 2nd; So you’re the one who makes the bombs; Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind; Are you into pom? She’s got the flu; Germany; Studying History!?) Sum- mer ’82, Smash-bang ending; Can I survive the weekends? Mudbunnies; In the midst of winter ... an invincible summer. Matthew Reardon llGovenor Rd. 12 16 64 Matt 79 to 83 was a big waste of time forme. Party with the best: D.C., C.S., T.H., M.T. Remember Hampton, Salsbury, Heavy HooHa’s at Clancy’s and all the other times at the Pond, S.S.P. or where ever we were. Gotta thank Ma -t- Dad Jessie Richardson 69 Brand Street 4 16 64 Jes Its been a good 4 yrs. AHS, thanks to good friends old and new. Peko Di Mo LL KK PB AS. Peko dont let your head hit the pillow, sleep tight, in the 6 round call it quits be good, cheeze curls, schlee to you all what will be will be! Maraca kk many long talks memories to be ours forever. Love you Mom and Dad Burt Brian Boo Bruce O yeah you too Peter love you all. S ' c am . Ao c a Sarah Ronan 1 Brewster Rd. 6 18 65 “Sexy” T.N. C M. S.S. B.B. T.B. S.S. T.F. STECMS, Marble Parties, Cape 82, MAX, Roclw Horror, M B., Be Wild, Sex Bomb, MICH. LIGHTS 1, Sr. and Jr. Prez., S.A.O. Tom and Orty, Tricky Dicky, Thanx Mom and Dad for all you did! A.H.S. The Best of Times! Stephen J. Reposa 35 Stone Rd. 1 8 65 Rep Freshman year in the wall with RL “Here comes Harry” SSP 78-83 and Forever RLBCRMDDBMRPRFSQS Cape “82” Don’t worry, I won’t pull a Lewi act CD Concerts with Lewi Dot in Freshman year Barn’s sneakers in the bushes DD Late Night 71 Cutlass 65 New Yorker Survival It’s going to be cold SEE YA AHS!!! Thanks MOM DAD. Jennifer Ricci 196 Park Avenue 6 1 1 66 Jen Spindrift Intramural Soccer Freshmen Basketball Canobie Lake Yeavah lab partners adv. bio Meridy Go for it! Soccer Jackets she’s got the flu REO Cruise to Long Island Uganda Bishop Helle Matthias ski trips concerts Germany cruise to Maine Erik Simone Goal posts 21 Hey Bub! Sue Laurie Amy Heidi Aggie Thank you I Love You Nana, Papa, Mom and Dad. Adam Rodda | I’m finally outa Here Thanks Hendrix 67 Chevy 73 Heavy No liscense 3 months | Bumma Partys in Room Shish 2 Hats oink oink South arm Stuper freshman Bake i sessions sophmore trouble Junior Snow Storms Senior school NL Sept 22 — Nov 24 Bongaloids bubbles Sid Sun Pink Umo JD -I- HD to come Smegma Slappity Slap What Chu Talken Thanks M -t- D Bye Bye Arlington High Lisa Rodrigues 86 Everett St. 10 30 65 B.O.F.C.P.K.P.S.C. — cheering — D.B.R.A.K.T.P.M. bus rides, sleep overs, Luv i ya Finn Proms -(- Semis Jubbies Jumbo’s Check! K.P.A.P.S.D.H.F. open arms I 8-11-81 All great times with Bob “Li” “home” fog?, steel, norm! Hampt. I’ll tellya toga Listen to this Ka! parties Lana., S.M. secrets Turn the page “F.W.A. -i- F.W.A.B.” Fitch. H.l.C. Bye A.H.S. Luv ya Mom -h Dad 62 M I l UcA oie ae aufta 1 ;Laura Routenberg 32 Henry Street 9 14 65 ’ JON (DD, KT, LM, ML, PM, HJ): BEST friends; Toot wana eat?! The High School, H80 is it morning? Soph. Pond Party, It rummed away, cheering, cjylawi, muffa, iHamp: Well, gotta go, Seger, Foreigner, Geils, Journey, CAPE 82 — BAKED ' lALASKA! DUSTI — FWAP, jibber-woman, miss H, Hey, wana get . . . . ? that I ;night, blow doors, toga, NCHWC, Primo! See Ya .... ' Donna Ryerson 15 Temple St. 3 19 65 , CARL 7-20-81 I LUV YOU FOREVER ALWAYS REMEMBER WTMTS I I THERES A HORSE ON ME! LETS REMEMBER THE GOOD ONES THE I ' MORNING BLUES THE AMBASSADOR SAN FRANCISCO HERE WE COME ' 20$ WORTH LAST 3 DAYS WHITES — WALDEN GIVE ME A PIGGY BACK- 1 t ' RIDE THANX MOM, DAD CARL HEY HONEY REMEMBER NEXT YEAR WE !|FINALLY made it, sheila if I CAN DO IT YOU CAN Nancy Santana 299 Park Ave. 10 29 64 Nancy I never thought youd do that! Crcizy times W TD, Fresh Yr Walkout, What class can you skip? Fairbanks, alibis, best friends TDNMJGADDB, Party over Jeans, Bud, Complex, Alkihall, NYC, “Summer82” Toot adds life. Paranoia, bakerybag, FlyingEggs, Marks Car, B-ball w om + Mary, S-ball, Kanuchi Whop- pers, rejected, Great Times w UJKBBDGPPGOMS ESNS, Thanx M -(- D LATER AHS!!! Michael Rose 278 Hillside Ave. 10 24 64 CG SS EK JK The BCC X-COUNTRY INDOOR, OUTDOOR TRACK, GOLF BILLY B ITS THE MEMBERS VS. THE CADDIES CATHY THATS A STOP SIGN MICHAEL! HILLTOP 80 81 82 CABARET DELTA TAU HALLOWEEN 80 81 YOU’RE A SHOTPUTTER? LETS GREEN DUST DEATH I LOVE YOU, MOM DAD Laura Ross 14 Wildwood Ave. April 9, 1965 FROSHARVDSQASJGBARRYDANCESOARTYING HEFSINCOMMONV- BALLFRNTW? JUNPHILWLDCNRY CUSTEAU’S CAROL (BAKER) ALAN- PLASTNEWHAMP. PHYSPEDE HIGH SOPHEILDNA BED OBBALLB CAKE FGHTMI NEW KFLDVI PERMARYANN CARCOPS BUDSANG ELIQUE (KIKI) DUNKIN DECELEAFT SCHOOL LHISR BRIAN TNDRCUTNICEMAYBE? REVBCH MOVIES MISTAKE EDDARIS MYSTCLAKS CRAZYTOMG. CON- CEITED MISSY OU PAMUCH — THANK YOU I LUV Y ALL MOM DAD PHN PAGUTLG4EVA . . . ' ji Mi Ann M. Sabatino 102 Vamum St. 8 14 65 J. Geils Concert, 2-22-82 The Stroke, Revere Beach 7-4-81 Bessy, Rove, TL, Chillout!!! Booze cruise, Loverboy, Hey Bud!!! My Best Friend Maria Always! LP, DS, GM, PG, CO, SK, JR, TS, DS, Do I get a Birthday Kiss?Stol azzi’sU.S. History Class JR. PROM THANX MA DAD Love Ya, Bye AHS. Teresa Salipante 20 Twin Circle Drive 7 6 65 Spaz Binky, Brighams, HBH, MDC EM, MOLSEN’S BODATIOUS TATAS BOF JH GC KD EF JM JO KO RA LOK JAW 300’s Stair, Mr. MAP Where r we? Death-Rides I Just hit a barrel JOURNEY Stumble Twns 6 12 82 THIS JT — TB JTTB Hampton Bos. Ave JR. S P ILTLTRE Sis Sleeptalk Mies 1, Sr. Conven- tion TBFTC Peechy Keen UAOCOC No Knees Hi Hun Softball 4,3,2, 1 Luv Ya Always Andy Thanx Mom Dad fcAae Carolyn Sears 7 Crawford St. 5 7 65 Thanks Johnnie, I luv ya! 5 29 81 — Dee’s Torino — The Zone — Hey Kath that’s right we’s bad . . . Gladys! 17th B.D. — CALICO — Jack she’s insane — THE FIGHTS — The Dart — Kt. 1 — V’s — Snowstorms — JS + BM + AL + DF friends forever — Thanks EF + PJJ GMC (NEB) There I go Turn The Page! Philip J. Shannon 44 River St. 4 23 64 Phil The good times Remember EX . A. Cosia Evtt. Frin. Evtt. Jail, M. Desantis Passing out in front Evtt. Pol. st. Times Quincy 25 on 4 AC DC N.A.H. Beach Caves a A. C. Wagon lots of back seat summer ‘‘81” all nighters in MA. Stac’s parties COLT 45 Tails J.D, S. Comfort. Miss Orlando Best Teacher! LATER Arl. High! THANKS MOM AND DAD BYE BUZZELL! Jean M. Shea 5 Hathaway Circle 6 9 65 Good Times Bad. Old Rec. Friends Forever Row, BE, KH, TD, PL, KP. What? I can Hear . Didyaseeit? HAHA!! Wasnt Funny. John Denver !?! Star is bom. Newport ! Florida Trips. Sweet! Take it easy. Party it up!! Three down one to go. . Photo? To A wonderful family that I have I love you all! Special Thanks to Mom Dad! I Love You!! 64 Nancy B. Savage 13 Alfred Rd. 3 11 65 LIKE WOW — FER SHUR ! NAY-NAY YOU PNG! L5 LIVES! ARE YOU AN EGOTISTICAL GERANIUM’ WATER FIGHTS, DIRTY-DOG, 2B-SYMMES- JA-BPP-IZ, DANCIN’! FITZ, MR.T, TREV, DR. A, FR. CLUFF! ALWAYS MLC, ML, KF, LL, SS, ET?! G S — DANCE CAPT. — NATL HON. SOC. — WAHR (NEWS DIR.)!! — MCC, VP — YES, PREZ — , SEMIS PROMS. (5 2 81) YR. THANK, I’LL LUV YA ALWAYS MA, DAD, SUSAN, SHAD! Kathy Schumacher 36 Dodge St. 11 2 65 Tower Parties “80”, Summer “81” Locke Mystics, Put on the DOORS! Farm “82”. Freshman Yr. Walkout, Brighams, Fight “81”. L.M. M.L. BEST TIMES with LU! Purple, Green Blue M M’S, vdk. Slushes, Blackberry, Micks 1, Smok’in in the Girls rm. Junior Prom, Love Ya Always Jimmy, never forget the good times. Thanks Mom Dad! Later AHS, I’ll never miss Ya! Nancy Shaughnessy 211 Wollaston Ave. 8 3 65 My (Dining Farewell, Old Thorndike Good Times w PS, CL, DD, RD, CF, JF, US, AM, CS, KW, CB, JP, etc. Ann you up? You goin’? The wild One Forever. Partys at the Speakeasy. Just cut it out. Whatever, Know thats led. Beerrrr I love that yellow. 1 respect them. (PS. Heres lookin at you kid) Breakdown Steppin’ out. Can ' t say I’ll miss ya. Thanks Ma + Dad. Jr4 y u. Jocelyn Siccone 6 Wigwam Circle 1 1 29 65 Joey AHS was the best of times, the worst of times. 9 13 81 . . . Dean, I’ll always remember our times and there will be so many more. The Ottoson, KDCUDBJAK. SF in July, 81. JB is gone and forgotten. Flakey-puff, bug and ETK, PM. GEEWZ Kashmir, let me take you there. The Roadrunner, Studebaker, maybe the ’54. The Cape was great, MV in 82. Thanx Mom and Dad, LUV U Donna Silva 87 Fairmont St. 5 31 65 Best of Times, All-Niters — What happened. Circus — what a trip. Channel-walk home. Cape Cod — How the hell did we. First Hi, Colorado River, Goodtimes — L.Z., Ten in a camper, Hampton Beach Pg. JG. JM, FF, CC, KD, DP, Junior Prom — Limo DC. New Years Eve Party 82, Softball Goodtimes Thanx Mom Dad, Luv ya! Joo Jonathan Slate 32 Homer Road 5 20 65 Slater The Powerful Powers, Hoota. ’chester and the Meadows with Billy B., liners. The Fifth Estate shall go Fourth, sexy Kathy H. Cahillian tests, Cody’s labs with Butcher, lunch with Deyster. Translating Tremb’s Latin Lines. JB with T., Jones and his saxes, MB on Sat. Sen. Priv. with Flynner. Slater-Martin, and ‘wildman’ for onna Isusan Smith 71 Egerton Rd. 8 8 65 SPAGGY walking thru walls. Mg lab, lunch? . . . MONEY? . . . KF- !: WARREN, GG, WHO? Where’s My note? KH-MOO BESSIE! PC ML-TELL TT! ||NM — SORRY FOR BRKN GLSS — JO, JC-L5! WATER PARTIES — STATE lyour IDENTITIES AND LUV TO MC NIGHTS UNDER IRV-OTHELLO- MY IKEY? I’LL MAIL U A CHECK. THANKS TREV, DR. A, MR MESERVE, CODY |iAND KILLER — LUV MA, DAD, S ND AND L. DISAPPOINTED? ... NO. ' William R. Smith 3 Cherokee Rd Nov. 14, 1964 Bill iLaura W, Aik, G. Chrysler, Cars motorcycles, meadows, weekend trips, CAPE, RI, NH, Maine, Parties, fort, lakes SMH, GD, BD, Bels. Prom, J. Prom Partying, Fri 4th SP, Crusing KS, CF, JL, JB, gl. If you Don’t Do it Now you Probably Never ' 2Re ji4 na Donna Smith 67 Spy Pond Pkwy 8 28 65 Jr. Prom, T.L., July 4, 1981 “The Roue” J. Geils 82, Florida 81, Are you ready? M S. I’ll always I’vu, Cant forget my best friend Lisa P, Melanie, AS, MZ, GM, LZ, PC, SR, Gina can you smash up my car too? Hey Ding! Hampton 82, GB MR TOZ, 1972 Monty Carlo, Peter 10 9 82 SD? BAGGED at Brad 80, Smash up w MB-DILBOY, Best of Times, Lov ya Ma -I- Dad Paul Smith 48 Trowbridge Street It’s finally over . . . “THE TRUCK” . . . FF. Pool Hop’n; Five on Two? . . . Studly Budly and Dudly . . . “OZZIE” . . . “TURTLE”; Robo . . . Sully and Sonny; Thanks MOM and DAD. mt A Ai( Aatn nt4 A A a» o o John Stathis 197 Mountain Ave. 11 22 65 Booda Dcized — and — confused. Teepee Stratton Brawls — Friday — Nights. Stairs. Blackout — Fresh — Year. Soph — Floods. Dec 14-81 AcDc. Ozzy-Apr.2 1982 Sabbath — Mar-4-82. Remembering everyone. Thanks Mom and Dad 1 love you both. P.s. Black Sabbath rules the world. {f AriS Karl Stevens 24 Irving St. Aug. 14, 1965 Nay so you’re the one who makes the bombs Fri 2nd MS’s Les house My tongues too big Mon morality lectures This I’m walkin’ Germany Artwork Ralph July 4 If it rains we re cooked Canada Robs house studying history? Funfzig bitte Ashby You take the bike I’ll take the kickstand hiss of death starliners Quantity not quality Take a walk on the wild side. Joseph M. Spinosa 19 Mead Rd. 7 1 65 Spinna THE WACKO -I- CYCLE. MCTR THE WARDEN, FIAT SPYDAR, MONZA MEETS MANHOLE, CENT. OTTOS ON, BUS, CONFUSED FFIESH. YR. ELECTRONICS NUMBER ONE, THE DUNGEON. WINTONS, STOP -i- SHOP NO JOKES. SUMMERS ON CAPE, THE BEST OF TIMES. R.N. BIO, HIS, ENG, GREAT CLASSES RON. THANKS MOM -i- DAD Carlo Squeri 15 Wellesley Rd. 12 29 65 Los Mental Central 7; 15 Too early FROSH Year, Great, Playing cards Na, Le = Creizy. Construction, what a waste Jr. Prom, Semi. Many times with RP, BG, RH, PS, Ski this HMRM stinks. The truck. Hit the drome. Brighams menots. Many Party’s through the years JD, JD. Roast, The Caf, Good Times Bad Times, Bud, Geils, It’s been real. See Ya A.H.S. Thanks Mom Dad. SA AiOM ni4 e JoA ! cAfft Ais David F. Stephens 90 Marathon St. 3 4 65 Dave The “Nuggets” P.F.l. “Cag” It’s ruined. J. Proms MP. KK. “CapeCod” — Statees. Oh No we’re drowning. Have another. M.D. JcizzBand 81. do some rubber! 3-speed, Dodge. Poets Crowd — 82. ya get splinters From wood! The Nut’s, gotta work! Marshfield, A.K., Fitchburg. Hi, ociffer. Poet’s Doughnut’ s. Old’s-buried! I hate “Buses”. Thanx Ma-t-Dad Chris Stevens 133 Summer Street 4 23 65 Cat Mill Street 3 6 82 Amy, LB DT JV RD, TW, Journey, Police, Queen, J Geils, Hampton “82” Road Trip, Cocoa and a Muffin New York The Big Apple 2nd place, G S Heightsmen then the Alliance, Whaca Doin, Moca Magic it is not my fault Mom Senior Prom AH Junior Prom AH Convertable Cruise New Car for Jay, Johns Party leaving at Four in the Morning, HF, The Common Thanx Mom Dad, Sue, Mike. Lori Stuart 21 Wachusett Avenue 9 4 65 GC, best friends always, SF, MC, MP, JH, MJD, ED, MM, PC, The cape, summer ‘81’, skiing, Kevin, hibachi, gimme a break. He’s so cute! Detours. 30km, R.L, Foreigner “A mayan!” Riverside. Bran!, Thanks P G, and Mom Dad. Stephen Sulesky 220 Washington St. 6 28 65 SKI Go Times Bad times you know 1 had my share AHS. HittenontheMoonshine RockinintheGrain. LedZeppelin BostonOzzyGeilsDoorsAdamAntAeorsmith VanHalenAcDc WhoDefLeppard. BenLennyBishMikeBens parties TOGA! Soc. SecGetaJob! FeelinGoodna, na BudMichOP Gamidope? HoytBlimp Okay Bud- dy! BBFuTuraCruisinLenriysgettin Larger Wcc Its beenreal! LuvandThanks Mom Dad Donna. Arl. HighLATCR S ' nne kJ u Zh. Eileen Sullivan 11 Grand View Road 2 10 65 Good Times, Bad Times, The Bridge, Chipman Zoo, MO, SW, PS, KC, PH, KP, MH, JB, CT, The Stones, The Who, J. Geils, Its only Rock n Roll, Lowenbrau’s, Coffee Brandy, Broadway Broads, Jr. Semi, JOFfN 8 28 82, Summer of 80, Teenage Wasteland, Veg, Sandra Dandra, Behind Blue Eyes, My friends you know who you are and aren’t. Its been REAL!, Thanks and Luv Ya Ma and Kristin, WE’LL SEE YA! Mam Elizabeth Sullivan 45 Momingside Dr. 3 27 65 STECMS 1, Freshman year. Sue remember the night at the shell? Go to my Semi? Proms, Me too it’s (delicious, Do you think he knew? Ml the good times with the best of friends. PAD-Shows, Trips, Flinso White, Wishin on a Star, STILL, No possible! Week with Trish, Hi Cathy! Hey Veo there’ll always be a place for you in my heart! Marble parties. Love ya Aunt Mary Thanks for everything. Goodbye AHS. Ju n Anne Sullivan 38a Fairmont ST. 12 18 65 9 3 81 . . . Ernie, B-B’s Forever, Mondays Jailbird, SLFIBRY, 868 Houseparty, Sneakin Off Just To Peek, Frankie called, BUSTED AGAIN, Ernie Bert, Maine-iacs, Listening to Tab, You’re No Good, Special, Boobamaniac, April 19, Hit the Deck, Dead Birds Falling From the Sky, Just Say We Lied, Luv Ya Mways Fig. Thanks Mom and Dad. I Brenda Sullivan 46 Rockland Ave. 5 21 65 r Freshman Year at West, New Years Eve 80 Joey 1 will Love you forever! 1-18-80, I , Hopes and Dreams of Julie Ann, It’s been a long 4 years! Finally over good luck class of 83, 1 love you Ma and Dad thanks for all your love and support. g;, Maureen Sullivan 9 Lafayette St. 9 28 65 Mo rS : I Hi guys! The Best of friends last forever; JR DP TA MS KF CD SH ML SL DP SF S ' ■ JC SM KD MG CH PH JS BS CS LE EJ CE! Remember all the good times we had! I Hista! KF — DiFonzo — Math HaHaHa! — Geo — Trg Naise-stdy, Geo, Wgt’s V ■ sor-pty-bd, ly !WDCSHFALL! Sean u crmbum r my best cusnever! Good Luck 2 I Everybody! Thank You! See Ya! •1 i Sean Sullivan 3 Ottawa Rd, 1 23 65 Sully ! Beth, 3 28 81, Hypo-fever! “License ana registration please” Marines. South S I Philly. SOME, Four at a time. Survival 82, Menots, BB, SS, TN, SR, TB, TF, TK, I . TO, DG, THE WHOLE GiANG! RICK!, CAMP, “PMBS”, Lucile: “What legs!!’’ ■ I Sunoco-Daddy load. Bullet head, Bluto, Stizz. Nicknames. “Ah Hello?’’ “Escuse P I me.’’ “RDS”, CAGG, WILLIE, GET-DOWN!’ EARS, CHEESE, BEATINGS UP i I THE DUCE, THANX MA PA SEE YA AFTER “BASIC” St e-en fZaru S ixaZte Jt kJnZZ4i- Theresa Sullivan 52 Beacon St. 7 1 64 Te. Deized and Confused, Good times Bad times Craizy Friends CB HY 4eva, Crusin in a Black Caddy, Good Friends CB, AM, LZ, TP, GM, RR, JC, RP Ms. O, TGIF, The driveins. Party’s Thank God I’m out of here, THANKS Mom and Dad I Love Ya .Am ie Alice Thibodeau 33 Peirce St. 5 18 65 Nights in the cellar — Grounded. Central Braces Dismis sals GM 7 1 1 BS Lokas MF Brigham’s 57LL Dunkin’s Snow — uphill Star MC TN CR JR JL SC BK MA 71 IBS JM french toast What about them? 30 Decisions. It’s Me! Spag hetti shag-rug MF and MC thanks for always being there when I needed you. EVOL! Michael Tobin 96 Beacon St. 7 30 64 APD Never wanted to get me. The Pond Clancy’s week Long House party, Waldo, Summer, Confused days and nights Thorndike, Many a snowstorm and plenty of “trips” to the Mountains, Cops and cars, The walk out. The fort. The Freshman “Fligh” room, Never straight Always Forward Goodbye A.H.S Thank God! 68 Susan B. Sullivan 16 Harvard St. January 30, 1965 Sue STECMS — Best Friends, Beth 12 yrs, Ted — All the good times, BB N parties, CAPE “82”, Marble parties, G S shows, Frank Andy present . . . “Frenchie” brownies. Summers in NH-dipping, Toga party? Student Affairs KK GG TM Thanks Orty!” going Canoeing? “Talks w TB, “Where’s my ski?” Double dates — Ted, Beth Sean, RR, “Four at a time!” Thanks to my friends family. I love you Mom Dad! h Tracey Tatosky 76 Hodge Rd. 1 10 65 Hampton 82 BL Dazed and Confused Geils Police CSB Peg Anne Lori Lynn Thanx WST st MS and the Gang ND Scale This Buds for you Yelo Sno TABN Let the good times roll and roll and roll ... Jr Prom 82 Timjoe Pick of the crop I’m ready to face freedom with a little fear time flies suns rise and shadows fall Thanks Mom and Dad I luv Ya Where do I go now? Kristine Terranova 192 Forest Street 6 25 64 “K” Desi 2 22 80 LYF Best Friends LMDDMLLRPMHJ V Cheering RADBLRKN Thanx Fin Soph Pond Party J mazoo TBFTC Wanna eat Muffa Brighams Cape 82 Bouv TTCA! Liz late c alls F F Stick L 5 BYOOAK Blowdoors! LTYD Jr. Lunch gettin Toasted TGWMITTP! Mick’s House To Des TBIYTC Its been Real AHS!!! I Love You Mom, Dad and Paul S ' Ztee Z Zn ioiZeA ((cAae ri rW Melanie Tringali 47 Melrose St. 8 14 65 Mel MOOSE’S FARM BHILL PARK J. CEILS CON. MARY DON’T FORCE! 8 18 1’ 81 VIC’S BAR NEW YRS EVE BECKER JR. PROM MARY’S CC MDAYWKND li NH C VvlPINC DMMWNDKDLCDSSVLSTSLD THE WHO SPRINCSTEEN : SECER KINKS BAD CO DOORS WHERE’S THE LITTLE DIPPER? BEST 1 YEAR JR. YR LD WKND JULY 21-15 COOD HARBOR MIKE M. MAY HE ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED THANK MA DAD LOVE YA LATER AHS r Joanne Marie Tulimeri 27 Hillsdale Rd 6 7 65 Jo Don’t forget Mr. Hookie, Creen notebook lipgloss bottles 3 7 80-night to re- member! Chem Lab laughter you Jest Mustadie Woman: Pinata; 3AT-3 Comer; Bus Rides swimmeets; Junior Prom . . CF5ASH; S.V. -8 25 82-Bobby; Party in Winchester? Movies Again?TS, JD, PV, JC, AS, MS, BM, BP KS We love ya Lawton, KILLER; Does RT.87 Exist? Love Thanx MOM DAD Cood Luck Jay, Mike Lu Bye Michael Uccello Walnut Terrace Mike 6 12 64 FreshmondFootball Mr. Scotts English class ski 93 The auction Bam Waterville valleys Top Shop Frozen Food aku aku Parties at John C. House 2 1 scott circle Leanne Todisco 81 Sunset Rd. 4 29 65 Best of friends-Boogs, Li, Toot, Cee, Poops, DFLCJLCYLLDM Majorettes-KD Soph Bus Rides Football-Sat Nights HS Parking Lot Whats the scoop? SF puck Pads Di the fly Leebee Proms semis Miss you, Harry. Bubs, 10 4 81 Parties at the Homestead! NH Bright Spot The Stomp Babbler Jibbers Geils Foreigner Con- certs-VOD Poppy, never say goodbye Thanks MOM DAD I love You Dean Toppi 10 Johnson Rd. 11 25 65 Deano TRACK, ALCEBRA2, ROADTRIP, SF, MILL ST, Sr. PROM: SS, JR PROM, JH, JOURNEY, QUEEN, AHSVSAC, CS, RD, JB, AH, LB. TW. BISHOP HIKE, BOSTON COMMON80, VEGAMOBILE, CAPE COD, HAMPTON, SALIS- BURY, TRACYS PARTYS, WELLIANTCHMAMA, (MOM TOAD) PEANUT- BUTTER ICECREAM, LEX GIRLS, WALLEX, ROBBIE SHUT UP, THE MALL, TROUBLE AT AMYS, CAN I BORROW A NICKLE, WHERES FRIENDLYS, TAPS, U-HAUL, REPIS Sandra Truscello 56 George St. 5 4 65 THE INDIAN P. LV SG Jr Prom The Bee HAMPTON MICKEY D’S M GOLF SNOW BANKS ON THE SIDEWALK L V PARTY! AB’s PARTY Warpath GOT ANY BIT O’HONEY’s? BOB SECER 1 WALKOUT JD CHUCK M BASKET “ALL OF MY LOVE” 1 5 80 BC HC WK END PARTY SILLY BANDY GOON MYSTICS 10 20 82 Keys easons of Whither THANKS MA DAD Stephanie Tsakirgis 388 Appleton St. March 11, 1965 Kathy, SPMEIDABAK; CUZ! RAINBOW; P.W.A.-S.r. Convention; Semi-Prom; Stravrools; BBWPM-WWMFM; Frosh. softball4 0W WHY? Camping with PIKA; Steves-I Love You Andrew! DALLIN; Drop it and Run!! Get Psyched PC! Mos- leys-DcAM Night M.D. Sleepover! RTC! AHS 1; MRS. Z’s class; 7; 15 CLASS; OTTOSIN; GTARL; J. Ceils Goodbye A.H.S. Thanks Mom Dad 1 a u e) iou‘e i ( Phyllis Ann VanVugt 23 Walnut St. 10 30 65 Cracker, Hole in the Attic, Just Testing! cocoa krispies at 5, Arsenal, HC Booth, Monday’s Jailbird, MAINEIACS, Limo, “I’m gonna follow you”, 6 5 81, “TO GOOD TO BE TRUE” Chem Wall. Mustache Woman, MB, JR Prom, AG, MicLites Brownies, KILLA, TREV, JoyceAnneJoVivJen Dagga STECMS, Alright GW! Luv ya Butcha Baby xo. Couldn’t have made it without you, Ma, Dad. Andy. I LUV U. Eileen Vincent 11 Janet Rd. 11 8 65 Private DJ, CR, ND, BM, NC, DM Summer Street Park Clubbing JG, TD LINES GROUPIK 7 25 81 EVh Cape with TD How do we get home now? Bruce 12 15 80 J. Geils Police Clash the boys Hills Tracks Stratton Death rides ND Charles Misty Mountain DJ 7 Grade Bacardi tab concerts good times I’m pulling out of here to win New York New York (xa HOHS (a A H o e, Anita Walia 26 Temple St. 7 13 65 JR SEMI JR PROM “SNOW” J.GEILSFEB22 1 VAN HALEN7 25 82 TYNG- SBORO HONG KONG ASHWORTH LOVEITIS GIMME SHELTER SHAT- TERED ROLLING STONES THE POLICE VICKY IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH YOU CAN GET IT MOTHER, FATHER ITS ALL JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL XXDPW MR. BLUE NEVER FORGET THE ROCK THE SOURCE THANK-YOUXX TAKE IT AS IT COMES FREE -i- READY TO GO! ClAO L TER! Scott Walkinshaw 50 Lockeland Ave. 12 26 64 7: 15 classes . . . Swimteam . . French . . . Mom C . . . band . . . treechecks? . . . NEB . . DP . . . J D . . . BMOGMWASFSFS . . . prep . . . IBS . . . MHPS . Brighams . . . JGC . . . Spanl?Imagineit, Workforit, Let it happen! “ONEMORE SET ... ONE MORE REPEAT . . ONE MORE LENGTH . . ONE MORE STROKE ” WORKING ON A DREAM!! 70 Inge Vanderhowen 23 Elwem Rd. 3 21 65 See These Eyes So Green . . WT-(ET) ice cream Help! Rockport, Diet? SC “Feels so Right” SR confusion, DR, Time warp, Mr Right? Touch me Babe” Busy signals, Flirt?Moi? “I’ll hit you in the head with a brick, monkey! PA, aerobics, M x , PG, Sept. 1, KRF Calif. Camp Denan, hugs DF, stop Lift! GB-t-P, M M’s, Roods, Only time will tell S n i 1 an 1 u St een tnrenl Angela Vizaniaris 12 Dartmouth St. 9 29 65 Friday June 26, 1981, October?, 1981 Front Lawn, Detention, Bud, Junior Year, Hey man. Pond Halloween 81 Snow, 2 For 1, Bow Arrow, Last Day of school, Greece Good Times wi th D M. K.M K.B P.W M.D Led Zep, J. Giels, Rush Stones, Little T A, 1 Love You David, Thanks Mom Mark Walden Deb, My Only Onelslingerland Drams: New Band-New Sound. Dharlies attic? Rainbow? Hampton, the Cape? Guid’s uncle’s place. 9 27 79! Good By ACHS- HELLO AHS 10 13. We gotta get outa this place. 70 Merc . . . Oh No. T-Tird. Unemployed! C.M.C.M. Guido. Garry Dazed Confused . . . Disaster. The gar- age. Thanx Mom Dad. Metal Heads Unite!! S w a yt a ta Karen Weadick 35 Trowbridge St. 12 5 65 SK, CB, DF, TF, NS, EH, JS, CH, MR, SD, PC, JB-NEVER FORGET YA!, LOVE YA GARY, SUMMER OF 81, POND, THORNDIKE, NFGYMT, JUMBO’S, JAS- PER’S Late nights, Maine ’82, TOM Petty, FATHER’S FIVE, BUD, Waldo, STEP, cookouts, Walden, J. GEiLS, VFW, BiNG-N-BONG, GUIDO, DEKE, BOSTON G,P’S away? hit-n-run, Hampton, AKU, DE, GOOD TIMES ARE 4-EVA. BAD TIMES FADE AWAY, THANKS FOR BEING THERE-LOVE YA MA Peggy Webb 100 Gardner Street 5 27 65 Good Times, Bad Times, Party, Summer of “80” D.G.C.S.F.S.P.N.R.H.P.D. HAMPTON BEACH, R.M.T.D.P.N.E.O. all through H.S. Later A H. S. Teenage Wasteland, Alice Cooper School Out Forever LED ZEP, AREOSMITH, 5th Floor R.R.M.N. Summer of “81” A. H.S. this B-U-D for you. “83” Thank God I made it. Thanks Ma. Well see ya. Stephen Wallace 20 Wilbur Ave. 7 13 64 Wally Karol, 12 22 80 . . . Dallin Dudes, Bustem Bud Turn on the fan . . . EJs posen skunk, yelling with Skinner . . . Dallins midnight landscaping. Koo Koo, Beamin It’s going to be Sunday . . . Hamton tims Van, BCC . . . Cruisin through Cushing. ADBots . . . 27th Olympics “Ya know me” Beamin the Dallin Dart . . . Thanks Mom and Dad For everything . . . Paul Warren 138 Park Ave Ext 8 28 65 Webber v-football, the choice, uncle Joe, prison. Green Walls, the, Mummy, RIPD, HPD; APD Never got me, 4-2’s the farm, J-Diner, Omni spin. Bud, We’re Golden, the nights of the walk’n Dead, Bowl’n strip-dip, Bud Tree, Camacaz’s, The porcelin Bus, Skillet head, “Just a Bro,” Proms, Edde Bessie, Hen Raids, Matto Battles, Thanx Ort, Brownie, Duck, Diff the GoldenBoys, Thans Ma Dad Layta! li ea 4c c Lauren Elizabeth Wells 31 Sunset Rd. November 21, 1964 Laurie Thanks to my friends at preschool, AC, SO, MT, and Mrs. Hegarty Mrs. Masi “it’s been real” Montreal 82 A survey. How many more pages? LD JH, SF, SW, NF, JF, MS, DDC, Writs, Vermont, TMIL, Rorida, “quick chauffer” THANKS Mr. Collombe and the House C Crew. Missy, Survival, Vasy. I love you Mom Dad Thanks for your Help Lisa Mary Wesinger 166 Woodside Lane 2 3 65 Farm B. Hill Mooses Summer of 81? Good Harbor 11 18 81 Never will forget it Mel MT ND LC KD you guys are the best 1 3 82 one party I’ll Never forget The Who Springsteen Doors Cape 5 28 82 NH Viggy’s Major Tom TP concert ND Will always remember Jr. year Winter of 82 Labor Day Weekend 82 Thanks Ma -i- Dad Love Ya Life goes on . . . fo in Nicholas R.H. Wilson 1490 Mass Ave 4 9 65 Coley LATE NIGHT HOCKEY, Bowlin-AT BROWNIE’s — MEAT MAN IN WiTh STIFFS; Knceple; yount Fickle DRY ME OUT: Knee BEA-NA CLE GFIEEN light FRED + BOB; L.C. ALWAYS 1-9-10: MAIL BOXIN -(- BUNNIN -f EXTING- UISHING YABOS; I WISH THE BEST TO ALL MY FRIENDS SHELL THEM BURKEY B’s House Hockey 1 GARDENS THANX NUBS DECAP ESP. U-MOM BOW’STOGA Biking sessions COLEX IS LATERIZED See-ya-bye-now Thanx ORT V Hockey » y(u A- ( j fu David Woods 65 Madisin Ave Woodso! 2 2 64 Hampton, “Summer 81” BST “GO EASY TIMO” BUSTED! HOLY MOLY, WHT. MTS with M.W. “PLAY IT BY FAR BOBBO” CRAZY SUE! All-Nighters, “THORNDIKE LIVES”, BUGEYED, CRUSIN THE CAPRICORN, Semi-Jrprom BASH! “TOOT” Anita likes IT! Ashworth, Summer 82, Miss You! LOVE IT IS WITH A.W. BOOT CAMP NO BARGAIN! TYNGSBURO JAM, “HONG KONG”, SHATTERED, DON’T BE lATE! MOM DAD THE BEST, “TAKE IT AS IT COMES CL4SS OF 83.” me 1 ooe i Carol Yewcic 31 Cherokee Road 2 23 65 Good Friends GL, LC, LK, PG, DF, GG, LT, CL, Brighams, Hampton! Flags?! sts. Best of Friends Janet Lisa, Semi ' s Proms, Scituate, Scoops, oops!. Soph Summer, Tugga Lab Time! Waah!, Gayle B.S. 2:00 a m.?, Paula all nighters? Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams .... Thanx Mom and Dad, Tom, Always Love You! Goodbye A.H.S. Mark Ypsilantis 43 Webcowet Road 4 22 65 Yipper Summer “82” Bost. Marathon, Quigs, VB-Ball? The Cape, Wing beach, AHSP- Let, boys in blue, suck ' em down, skiing parallel, Celts 81, Partying at LINY, Menots, terrorize the Harvard boys, where am I? is this the Garden? Catch a buzz, HJ gone but not forgotten. Good luck to BM, FF and all the boys, . . . it’s all over. d e ' I omen oe e s so i e ic io m 1 f ie i Karen Winterson 36 Washington St. 7 2 65 Lenny 10 31 81 Lya Halloween good times Grove Street stop -(-shop parties Cape Cod Maine the Beach CC -(- SP -(- Jr. NK Ollie Sheila, JR, CC, SC, SF, U, VI, AS, SW, LN, Van Halen, Joe Perry, Journey. Aerosmith, Well, I made it THANKS MA -(- DAD -(- MR. TOZ N 72 e ayei A ei I (a f ' n aH n ib ' " acca t 4 ee eiffocufan Peter S. Zaiatz 18 Heard Rd. 3 24 65 Rabbitt Friendly ' s, Lady, C.B., D.S. Forever, Excalibury Momingstar, Regis, SOdegreesin one hour, Mt. A mineshaft, 5 8 82, The Lakes, Lockes woods, you can call it whatever you want!. Sawyers Pond, Kings and Queens and Guillotines, The Dungeon, IBS, Mr Crotty, Mrs. Lawton, Doc Boc, Fall Winter Survival, Bambi Burgers, Punt!, B.H., D and JM., L.I., J.A., Tnx Mom + Dad Fairwell my Friends Gasner Jean 90 Robbins Road Arlington 8 12 63 Many party with many frends over Sharon’s house up the FARM B HILL UPT HlLL Ralph Jem Mike Milt Ceve all dont stop till you drop saul you drank it down summer Crow and Yabba and the fort love mom dad. Lorraine Zaccardi 24 Davis Ave 1 25 65 Raine and Lola Central, Aquarium, Farm, REz, Buzzel, circus Trip-pow! channel-walk home, all-night wow. cape cod, 1st hi, punk party-flip-out-DS, Jr prom P lasg! manly woman, INDIAN-ST, LH, CH, DC, HC, ZIM, GF, MA, BC, goon, Hampton- break down Mac’s thumbs up! Maine MH, montvale, Hroom w CW, MY, lunch- JA, CC, CA, drive-ins, V L, btch say wa ma fa? wammies woos-OUT OF HERE! Thanx mom dad Lee Zeytoonjan 317 Mystic St. 4 19 65 Never forget macs, ACVOA, RAINBOWS, BOSTON, Springfield, f-fries mayo. Wore, frats. Cruising around Boston, Best friends, MB LS JS LT Jon Ja RB LH, Hye-mart soon, Lawrence guys, BSP Thanks for everything Mom, Dad Rich. . (t4a x Jean Jer, Class of 83 Years to look back on . . . Remember all those songs Walking through the doors like scared mice, just in 9th grade finding out everyone really was nice, and we weren’t afraid. Studying in the library or hanging in the court yard, seeing the first person that made your heart jump Remember the winter slump, when nothing went right. But then you turned around and made new friends and everything turned ouf bright. Growing up was hard then, going on dates, and making new goals. Then you move to grade ten now a year older Maybe staying out a little late, feeling a little bolder Getting to drive the car for the first time although still on your permit You’re starting to climb. Report cards come out and you’re now promoted You’ve reached the first step of an upper classman You begin to wonder about the coming of your senior year and the challenges ahead This is when we grew the most finding the real person inside. Going to our first semi formal The girls a little nervous having to ask the boys as dates, feeling a little abnormal. Spring flies up and graduation comes. The closing of the class of 82. As the last name is called, we the class of “83” are now the seniors representing our school. We made it this far everyones gone from a bike to a car. And we are all a little wiser We will now rule. As we approach the school and walk through the doors like that day not so long ago. Feelings of fear, what’s out there in the world, where will we go? We work through our hardships and grow as one. As 1 look before me I notice They’ve called my name. And I’m on my way to make my fame. With the diploma in one hand and wiping of tears with the other 1 wave good-bye to AHS. For I’m on my way Good-Bye teachers and all who’ve helped we’ll be o.k. The class of 83. Leslie J. Danzey (UD) UW- K f ' -7 •V , , ;■ (dr: •:r 111 I ■: I • ' i I f n My Life There are places I’ll remember all my life, though some have changed. Some forever not for better, some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall some are dead and some are living. In my life I’ve loved them all. But of all these friends and lovers there is no one compares with you and these memories lose their meaning. When I think of love as something new. Though 1 know I’ll never lose affection, for people and things that went before. I know I’ll often stop and think about them. In my life I’ll love you more. Though I know I’ll never lose affection for people and things that went before I know I’ll often stop and think about them. In my life I’ll love you more, In my life I’ll love you more . . . ■K 3 -1 , C ( 0 ui iriTzrrra fi ' cak %n f SQif? azamtH iAkry O.R. cQ THE miifiS XHC LC! _. fH£ ® MVUHQ srgNESJ GQGOQQOBQDw 13 Q SI Q (3 D S Q □ Q Q O 0 (3 7 LLU U- OqO Je anne Wenzke Pauline Finberg Harold Fairbanks Richard DeCaprio Ralph Giobbe Paul Jenney Richard Collomb Richard Hall Nanci Ortwein Thomas Reis Administrative Headmaster Louise Banner Mary Barry Lucille Burt Joseph Casey Dianna Gostanian Carl Hendrickson Kathleen Doyle Rose Marie Giosa Mary Fitzgerald Herbert Yood Arthur Foisy Barbara Gorman Maxine Hardy ® Q Priscilla Monahan Mary Ann Orlando Mary Ellen Powers Richard Surabian Leonard Tammaro Michael Toomey Thomas Trevisani Dept. Head Mary Urban Emilia Cozza Judith Williams Garcia Ralph McElearney Dept. Head Elaine Foisy Janet Oppedisano Eileen Bornstein Raymond Smith Pauline Carrara Geraldine Tremblay Roy Bradbury Vincent D’Antona Dept. Head Marion Kennedy Joanne Coakley Milton McDonald Alan Winecour Mary Kokaras Johanne Cahill Edward Burns Jane Towey James Brown Carl DeMatteo Robert Committo Robert Commins Marion Bond Marie T. Brady Claire Chitouras Priscilla Martignetti Ed Sullivan Leslie Hurwitz Frank Roberts Andrew Smith Pasquale Tassone Gerald Theobodo Mary Cooper, R.N. Dorothy Healy, R.N. Raulph Gioisa, Dept. Head Marcia Glidden Susan Alix Alan Brown Mary Jane McCarthy Stephen Perrotta Pam Shufro R. James Tolland Elinor Freedman Alan Olaff Karen Frank Robert Rapice Cheryl Pelletier afc 95 George House Donald Bockler Bradford Clough Shelly Brugman Jr John H. Cody Alan Kates Carol Lawton Harry Meserve, Dept. Head Donald Manning 5B%i£ST: Connie Mahoney RSAROa s} sm.nq-te:6T : 5 u £■ Sni tm J ' OH OESSiT vjOK oeyJEAUX PH- ULI5 Coi-IH CAGNEY VULrT, CUTF5T C6UPL.E ' -. Bofi H coMMerL- KoiE. fi t srihfC CLA 55 n M : 5 : Zr cy Coi cy RalpU li E-wen BlCrCrEST FLlftT; Dan 6P v»£R leonaRO KyOST POPULAR? . xz- -r u4r il host school SPI T- Ro ocri Perry Debbie Sar rv Rondn JoWn Carney BEST rAUSK ArsI; STEVE CiOA(?£MTELU KATlt B o n) BEST ATHELtTE XREME OA(2 lS FUMMieST MOST Sut Ovo Ak: ' ScAin) iOt-uVAs) C0ATAdr(0U 5 L_ AO O-H • F(2 Et4Du EST : ooeotHV e ftof s 5 EA-A SOI-i-lOAh 5 C T «T NF5 102 MOST LHcei-v ro s cceED: " Tb(sev f-JEh 6ER NICEST SbA U David Bowtn ti» Hwrp!r»y QUIETEST: UORi 5TUA(?T 0 ?IAnJ CAREy BEST LOOKING. Tom BryantJ Vloro JuJje ewes: OEQBie 0 AM 0 BEST aRtvst: Df(3 e £ FEOeLt “Tom Oianv 3i40 HOST talkative 1 • PAMU WARRETi G-ahle 104 6E5T ACTOR ACTRt fjS ' . 5UE Sott(VA ' AT reuati A Tmc 4CT( 5T.) -o Lfc ' •k Assistant Coach: Kathy Basteri, Susan Kelley, Judy Larivee. Christine Specht. Michelle Dumas, Kathy Darris, Coach: Rhonda Cooley. Tina Morello, Irene Darris. Dona King. Jackie Canlon Volleyball 1-2-3-LETS GO ARLINGTON! DUM DUMS, BUS RIDES, V.B. PARTIES, CAMP, AHS TIME HAS COME, 16-1 CO-CHAMPS, TOUR- NEY, NORTH SECTIONAL CHAMPS, TEAMWORK, CALL IT, SUSAN?? SING IT CHRISTINE JACKIE, R.C.’S TRUCK, R.C. IN- CREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN, THANKS RHONDA KATHY, BEST OF TIMES. Romy Nigro, Brenda Gostanian, Heidi Valk, Sue Deveaux, Mary Cutone, Caitlin Smith, Cheryl Bakey, Jen Ricci, Sheila French, Amy Barratta, Beth Billings, Linda Doughty, Jen Bush, Coach; Peter Drench, Elaine Reardon, Captains: Brigid Pfister, Maria Eleftheriou, Maria Cote, Katy Brown, Collette Goodhue. Girl s Soccer Hurd Meridy Silke Cristina 4 20 Virgins Lord Calvert Forbidden City Pina Coladas ’Kay uniforms? Uganda 5k Magic Mt. Coopers Os Stretch Rivals Hurts So Good! Come Mierda y Mueran Winch-WANG IT! We got Class! Cheerleaders B,K E Eye of the Tiger Don’t Stop! Bye Diz, Heidelberg Gus — Remember Rowds, ER, Beth, Cote, A, Jen, Brown, CAPS. Lefty Brig, We’re Still Family. Ill Hockey Coach: Jennifer Cantrell, Crissy Teean, Lisa Galante, Cheryl Megan, Irene Warren, Suzy Leone, Karen Cotter, Susan Malaney, Cathy Wronski, Taryn Shea, Kathy Conroy, Christina Mullin, Joanne Powers, Assistant Coach: Pam Spencer, Melissa Neri, Denise Paratore, Julia Parrillo, Karen O ' Rourke, Kathy O ' Connel, Ellen Flynn, Denise Preston, Jane Scanell, Karen Valentine, Jennifer Goodwin miitu lira GBL CHAMPS 82-83 THANKS MOMMA LOVE KODPETRO THEY TIED US THE STARE TAKE A P CORNERS GIT IT OUR GAME 2-LAPS BUS RIDES MAROON MOONS POWER BEAT-EM BUST-EM . . . ARE YOU IN THE GAME? YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE GONNA MISS YA LUV KAREN ELLEN DENISE KATHY 83. V. V 113 Coach Mr. McEleamey, Rhea Anastas. Regina Muehe, Suzy Quan, Amy Danton. Tricia MacPhee, Lisa Konig, Carol Finochette, Elaine McCarthy, Donna Devellis, Tim Waterman, Scott Lever, Kyle Bowers. David Goodwin. Robbie Slapikoff. Bobby O ' Brien, Jim Ferraro. Kevin Kearns. Steven Ernst, Dan Lewis. Cross-Country Beth Barratta. Mary Ann Dimascio. Patty Hannigan, Carol Hannigan, Janet Gillis, Taffy Griffin. Debbie Mayo, Maura Sullivan, Coach: Steve Swanson, Nancy Falcone, Mary Flaherty. Maria Yeomalakis, Captains: Heidi Jacobs. Lorraine Zaccardi. Gymnastics Christina Rossi, Nina Karas, Kristin Ortwien, Lisa Rodriques. Coach: Pauline Finberg, Dorothy Brooks, Cathy Nahigian, Linda Neri, Beth Rogers, Patty Grieco, Captains: Rose Agostino, Kristine Tarranova, Paula McCormick We Love Ya Finn . . . Camp-BC- i SMU-play gals FOOOD!! Thanks sleepovers Joe’s Hoop. FINN’s Sur- ' prise We’re mad now! 83 Football thanx. Best Rallies Practice Work- outs Mac’s Bus rides. Signs and more Signs, WIN! Friends we are and will Always be. Good times forever Hockey team 83 1 I’M SO EX- CITED!!! Grey Squad Maroon Squad Cheerleaders Lisa Carrol, Laura MacDonald, Michelle Leonard, Maria Tarantino, Laura Routenberg, Diane Jerauld, Coach; Diana Gostanian, Irene Milliken, Johanna Nagle, Stacey Pazar, Val Agostino, Leslie Danzey, Captains; Andrea Bianchi, Karen Donovan. FRIENDS we ARE, TP caper, Until 1 met a GUY from MIT! Notebks AGAIN, Wheres My BLOOM- ERS, Peprally, ROSES FINALLY CAMP I smell Matches! Thnx 4 the Good-Times SOC- CER B-Ball boys! AB lets fake we’re good? KD Stop the CHAT- TERING! LM Keep Smiling — LD Just laugh it off LR cut legs ML Go Wild LC SHORTSKIRTS! IM. JN. VA, DJ. MT. MIL- LIE Thaxs we luv U! Nora Judge, Gayle Geanakakis. Leanne Todisco, Joan Herderhust. Donna Deleo, Becky Prendergast, Kristina Konig, Kristen Berglund, Karen Donnelly — Captain Majorettes m «! , ' •f 3fc — -Z. C- " . 4 .T ■Hi i. -.t ' t;. " . fc ' •■ ;.v ' ' f ‘ " V % y. 1 Mi Sleepovers, pep-rally’s . . We’re seniors we want it! bus rides? Hold me now . . . . . Oh great Mr. 8 . . . PORB, Crusin’ Boston-Zone . . . Castastrophie at Leann’s, sitting in BOWENS car . . . Turkey Day Game-Fire, missing the bus . . . boy talks . . . practices down the high . . . Thanx Katie — Missed ya! ... Good Luck Joanie! . . . THANKS GUSTO! BYE everyone . . . Will miss you — Karen, Nora, Gayle and Leanne . . . Love Ya! 123 Swimming Eli Valk, Peter Toomey, Jim Mitchell, Richard Weber, Don Dickesson, Alison McConnel, Jim Hassler, Cheryl Heenan, Stephanie April, Cheri Duggan, Mellisa Daley, Jon Rechsteiner, Joanne Tulimieri, Terri Gamp, Susan Phetteplace, Jeff Ames, Christine Konig, Lisa Konig, Elaine McCarthy, Coach Carol Minutoli, Co-captain Scott Walkinshaw, Co-captain Kathy Konig, Co-captain Wayne McDaniel, Coach Paul Masi. Not pictured above: Katy Brown, Michelle White Busrides, We love’em! Try, Try again, Boom-Boom Dokey!! Orange Award, Will you go to the Prom with me?? Thanx Cathy, Carol and Paul! We Love You!! A TEAM, A TEAM OF ONE 50! 40! 30! 20! 10! . . . MARCHING DOWN THE FIELD WE GO AGAIN! ALL THROUGH THE 4 FALL SEASONS WE HAVE GONE, WE HAVE GROWN AS ONE, AND LEARNED TO RESPECT EACH AND EVERYONE. WE’LL COME BACK HERE, YEAR AND YEAR AGAIN, NEVER FORGETTING THE SCREAMS, THRILLS, THE TOUCHDOWNS, AND THE FUN WE SHARED WITH EVERYONE. WE’ WILL ALWAYS MEET AND BEAT THE CHALLENGER THAT WE WILL FACE, FOR WE ARE A TEAM, A TEAM OF ONE. LOOKING AT THE EMPTY FIELD, WE CAN NOW SMILE AND LAUGH AT THOSE FUNNY, WONDERFUL MEMORABLE FOUR YEARS WE HAVE SPENT AT A WONDERFUL PLACE WE CALL OUR, AHS . . . LISA COUTURE FOOTBALL Boys’ Soccer First Row, Left To Right: Robert Cambell. John Hogan, John Donahue, George Panitsidis, Jon Deveaux, Scott Jones, Erik Hondo Second Row: Brian Donahue, John Deyst, Dave Bowen, John Kelley, Steve Kim, Andy Worden. Kevin McShane, Back Row: Peter Duserick, Elliot Drucker, Dan Berkowitz, Barry Faulkner, Guy Venuti, Bill Roper, Dave Howard. M ark Ercolini, Coach, Kevin Giroux. ia SOCCER TOURNY! Pust, Devo, Oompa, Soup, Kel. Kamikaze. Bones, Rol, Hog, Dusty, Bow, Duse, Ropes, Straw, Bruddy, E.D, Ears, Rob, Bezerkowitz, Howie. Kimba Mr. Mol. Mr. Moose, Said Smoke a Beer! Thats my boy What firebox? Paper Caper Party, Thanks and love to the cheerleaders and Gusto f . ' .-x " ’ ,y IK " HOCKEY L to R 1st Row: David Bowen, Butch Cutone, Robert Cronin. Gary Brown, Scott Jones, Coley Wilson, 2nd Row: C.J. Flaherty, Dan Hirsch, Tom Bryant, Gerry Shea, Mike Paynter, Greg Malatesta, Joe Manfredonia, Steve Linclon, Gary Harding, M, Coughlin, Coach Richard DeCaprio, 3rd Row: Mike Flynn, Jim Danaher, Pat Crowley, John Messuri, Mike Shaw, Chris Fitts, Coach Ed Burns. Marching Band Band, Attenhut!!! Uh, you mean we have to play and march at the same time?? Those dumb bells . . . Practice at 9:00 on a Saturday morning? You’re kidding!! Can’t 1 march without a uniform? ... 1 need a hat! . . Where’s my shoes? . . . Has anybody seen my music? . . . Dr. Jerry + Mr. Hyde, those Thanksgiving Day Games! . . . Can we go to lunch now? President: Tobey Nemser Vice President: Katherine Konig Recording Secretary: Gayle Geanakis Advisor: Nanci Ortwein Treasurer: Theresa McEwen Corresponding Secretary: Sue Sullivan Student Council Officers 145 Armenian Club 146 Art Club CHECK OUT Media Club Photography Club 151 Celeste Luzzo Lisa Keelan, Senior Section B Peer Support Counselors Cheryl Aldred, Dee Kilfoyle, Jim Mitchell, Dave Goodwin, Michelle Cox, Kiki Delyani, Mike Campbell, Mr. D ' Antona, Mrs. Kokaras Child Care I know they ' re out here some- where! 157 Survival White Squad i. ' ■ Love At First Sight When you first saw him, it was love at first sight you couldn’t say hi, try as you might. He passes you uncaring you almost pass out but your friends catch him staring he loves you no doubt: . You think, how can he love me, he’s much toothy. He’s had all the chances, not once did he try. V- Your thoughts are invaded, he’s always in mind | you can’t help but think that he’s one of a kind. You know all about him like you’re writing a book and as he walks down the hall you can’t help bitt look. You see him that weekend he quietly says hi you walk away smiling thinking you’ll die. You set your goals higher, but it’s getting late, , If only he’d ask you out on a date. It’s Friday 2:30 the weekend is here that magic moment — it’s oh so near. Later that evening you make sure everything’s right you can’t help but hope — maybe tonight. You’re in Brigham’s drinking a coke he walks by the window, you nearly choke. But your friends didn’t miss him, as they push you outside Those magic words “Wanna go for a ride.’’ It’s 10 below zero, but you feel like fire. You hear something pop, oh, no it’s the tire! But where the heck are you, will you ever get home? You really don’t care, you’re finally alone. As you look back upon it, you can’t help but smile. You finally got him, it did take awhile. Softly you say, as you lay staring above, “There is no greater feeling than being in Love.’’ Leanne Todisco Cheer IRQ- ■■Pnilij onouthed ri teethed -lapdappij 5laphappuj Spht S QQlof e . Daz.2:ledu[i Raezled UP; j-BounCLjbocls Flounccj bodSj ij OubDli-jCut,C . |Prepp pep Pepp pep, ; St rctoiQroans. | ' ' dhh " looKfi) ,| ' Boo looKS; And i ' 1 ALioqerhernesS- ‘ ' for eve.r ne ha f a Ciorat (-j Srao ' S L% ' V ■ FORTY STEPS Sit back . . . relax. Coolness of night sets in. Arrays of red, lavender, orange reflect the sun disappearing behind the edge of endless waters. Stillness of night surrounds you. Briney smell of the ocean fills your lungs as waves replace sands stolen from another shore. Sitting among barnacled boulders, hugging sun-tanned crystals. No one around . . . Forty steps. Unwind . . . rest. Your mind drifts with the tide. All your dreams explode. A soothing settles your soul. Distance fades with the light. The moon shines luminous beams that lie on still waters. Nothing exists . . . Forty steps. Connie Mahoney 50W oAv War The smell of damp dirt, mixed with sweat and blood. A frightening silence beats, with the rhythm of mens’ hearts. 1 A hunger grows in the pit of their stomachs, I filled with exhaustion, desperation Combat fatigues, untucked and filthy. I Soldiers with whiskers and dirty boots. I I Once a sparkle in their eyes, I now dulled and cold. I The wounds on their bodies fade, timeless scars inside remain. The boys are the same, but the picture has changed from the one they sent home a year ago. Laura MacDonald i i - Farewell old friend. Here we are one final time And even though we may fly far away to meet our destinies We shall all return once more Like the seagull who returns to the flock. Though we may not return to this time and space. But you shall all return to me As 1 turn the faded pages of my memory. Distance will never confine us For your memory shall always shine deep in my heart Like the brightest star And so 1 say fare you well As you sail upon the sea of life. 1 shall never say goodbye, for true friends never part. We retain a bond in our heart and soul Which will keep us together forever No matter how far apart we are. Carol Guidice 164 ■ i: Congratulations to all the members of the Class of 1983. You have been a wonderful group of young people and I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know so many of you. You are the tenth class that I’ve seen graduate from Arlington High and I rate you a “10”. You rate a “10” because you’ve cared — cared about your school, your teachers, your classmates, and your town. You didn’t come to A.H.S. and just take, you gave something back . You set a standard for future classes to strive to attain. Please accept my best wishes for a successful and most of all, a happy life. Paul MacAuley To The Class of 1983 You, the }uei)ihers of the class of 1983, are a very special class to me. During, my first year in Arlin ,tou you were freshmen ami assifined to three different l)uildinp,s. As so))homores. you were together for the first tone as a class. As juniors you were instrumental in opening, the twwly renovated facility; and as sciiiors you played a significant role in helping. Arliu0on llifih School receive an excellent accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges . You are now graduates and I will always renwmher you as my first class at Arlington lli h School . Throu ’h your efforts you made Arliii0on High School a better school and for that I ani dee))ly gratef ul. Good luck in the future. Respectfully, Thomas Reis To the Super Class of ’83!!! . . . Without love, life would have little meaning or purpose. Whether this love be of friends or family, art or music, or love of a single person, it deepens our very reason for existing and for working. That’s why I love your class — the class of ’83! You have a love for each other — and a love of life. I have watched you grow over the past three years and I am so proud of your feelings for each other. Your concern, understanding, sincerity, respect, and love for your classmates is a bond your class will always have. My wish for the class of ’83 is that your lives be filled with the quality of love, for love is the power which can alone shut out violence, overcome fear, and bring peace to our world. Love, Fin TO THE CLASS OF 1983 I want to share with you a quote from a favorite hook of mine: “The final thing. I want to share with the children is that lije is not only pain, misery and despair as heard on the seven o’clock news and read in the newspaper . Those are the things that make news. What wc don t hear are the wondrous, enjoyable, great, fantastic things that arc also happening. Sonwhow or other we’ve got to let children in o)i those wonderful things, too. Boredom arises from routine . Joy, tvonder. rapture, arise from surprise, liotitine leads to boredom and if you are bored, you are boring. And you wonder why people don’t want to be with you! ’e can choose. We have choice. You can select Joy , jreedom, creativity. sur))rise, or a) athy and boredom. And you can make that selection right now! ” Vincent J . D Antona Ad))iinistrative Counselor C.uidance All our knowledge brings us nearer to our ignorance, All our ignorance brings us nearer to death. T.S. Eliot, “Usk” from Landscapes. As I read the above quote by T.S. Eliot, I find myself thinking thoughts which are germane to certain occasions. I am referring specifically to those occasions which are in fact educational milestones in our lives. The end of a high school career is such a milestone. However, such milestones always present to me a dilemma, for while I may feel pride and joy in having gained some knowledge, I also feel a certain amount of pain when I begin to realize how much there is yet to be learned. And there in lies the problem; knowledge is like medicine which alleviates the pain, yet paradoxically spreads the disease. In fact, knowledge becomes the cure and illness rolled into one. But as T.S. Eliot clearly points out, the alternative is death, an educational death to be sure, but one I fear may be no less serious than a physical one. But why such somber thoughts on such a joyous occasion? Because reality demands such thoughts and experience has taught us not to forget them. Yet I feel confident that the strength and perseverance which has helped the class of 1983 to arrive at this milestone will continue to help it in meeting all future milestones. And it is with this thought in mind that I e.xtend to the class of 1983 my sincere best wishes. Pasquale Tassone Over 100 years ago, Herbert 8peticcr wrote, ‘Education has for its object the formation of character .’’ Although the primary goal at Arlingtoti High School has been to educate, I certainly hope that we have been a f)ositivc influence in developing a .solid character and .set of values that will remain with you for the rest of your life. 1 know that because of you I have become a better individual and these experiences will remain with me forever. Your twelve years of public education have now terminated and your " real " education comnwnces . Let us hope the framework that has been develo))ed over the past four years develops into soinething that you will be proud of. To Chris, Heidi, Lauren, and Shaw n my sincere thanks for running all foolish errands and helping in the office for three years. Many of you never thought that this day would come but as you look through this fine book, you icill find remembrances that will always be with you. Don t ever forget them but do not dwell on them — as the best years of your lives arc ahead of you . Richard D. Collond) Dean. House C Semi Formal Memories of the smiles we left behind mHHIK. I Ih m. f ' V mm Li CX- [1 1 i FRIENDS There are many horizons at our finger- tips my friend, soon we say good-bye, but do not cry my friend, because you’re like a free bird that will always Our lives will be filled every moment with laughter and tears, I will think of you at every sunrise and sunset. I will always remember you as I venture onto a new road. Good luck from now to eternity and may your future lead you to a stairway HEAVEN Lisa Couture F f V -- r-mi i mi S 9 1 «l Surprise! Jock. Brain, Hunk? _g3f H ' fcs My red boots were made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do! mrnM :’s such a hunk . Good mom-i-n-g! don’t believe it no Green M M’s. “Charlies Angels.” Coffee, tea, or me? I ' m not gonna try it, you try it!! Good enough for “Playboy”? Alright who wrote on the desks? I can’t believe I ' m really going to miss you guysl but this is ridiculous! I ' ve done just about everything for you guys, The many faces of Finn 1 hate posing!!! Dear Seniors, Since our arrival at Arlington High a few years ago, our lives have been filled with happiness, frustration, thankfulness and regret. We now hope and anticipate that we will succeed in what is considered the “real world”. We are filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to enter this new phase, yet in our own secret ways, have the feeling of not being able to adjust. But we all know that as the class of “83”, we prepare to leave A.H.S. with an intense feeling of security made possible through the help of our friends. I would like to thank all the people that have helped me with yearbook and stayed those long hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, making sure our deadlines were met. I would also like to thank my teachers who allowed me to miss their classes to finish yearbook assignments. I give special thanks - • to Miss Finberg, my teacher, advisor, and friend, who has put up with all my frustration and com- plaining. Thanks to all rny close friends who have helped me smile through the good and bad, but most of all, you, the class of “83” with whom I’ve shared four wonderful years ... Good Luck, Debbie Morrison, editor d 195 Mysteries In My Mind Life travels on from day to day. After a stormy afternoon, the waves crash down on seaweedy shores while the vibrant sun breaks through the gray clouds, bringing warmth that sooths my soul. I sit peacefully at the waters edge gazing into a world of serenity, the sun begins to diminish leaving me in a life of darkness. My mind and eyes seem to tire and my body becomes limp my head slowly drops finding a soft spot in the silky white sand. I feel myself drifting into a life of tranquility. My eyes begin to flicker and I find myself face to face with the morning sun. My dreams become reality as 1 awaken to this new day touched by no-one as of yet undiscovered. Where life travels on once again from day to day. Leslie J. Danzey » t tr. r Lisa 1 gave you life 1 gave you wings to fly 1 gave you hope in times of strife 1 gave you confidence when you were shy But most of all 1 hope 1 gave you the reason why 1 love you Mom Deb, That moment you thought about all these years has finally arrived. Good luck with your future plans, we love you so much. Mom and Dad To Sue: “The girl with bells on her toes” Love always — Dad and Mom “If you love something, set it free — If it comes back, it is yours — If it doesn’t it never was.” Maria, Our love will follow you always. Dianne, BONNE CHANCE, MA CHERIE! Love Mom, Dad, and Lisa (Galante) MOM DAD Much Happiness and Success! Congratulations Brian, Love Mom Dad You’re smart AND funny! and Kevin Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations NancyBeth Love Mom Dad Susan and Shad V We are proud of you, George. Love, Mom Dad and Nick Good Luck Theresa and Ralph McEwen Love Mom and Dad 198 r Allison The symbol of our hearts is in this key. 1 believe in you and you believe in me. Carry this key along the road to success And do what’s right, never less. 1 have faith in you and know you’ll succeed. A follower you’re not, 1 know that you can lead. Remember the day that 1 gave you this key. Along with my love and a prayer. And never forget that when you need mother I’ll always try to be there. Mom Good Luck Good Luck Ellen! Linda! Love, Love, Dad Mai, Mom Richard Mari-Agnes and Michael James Heather From all of us at Mai’s Especially Dad and Mom Congratulations Linda! PEACE, LOVE, JOY, MARIA Love, Mom and Dad 199 Tobey Dots Los Sean Sue Debbie Coley Lisa Katherine Richie Fred Celeste Theresa Karen Bob Beth Gayle Bouv Mikey Webber Sarah Lisa Bo Brownie John Jill Scottie Janet Cathy Matt Chuck Michael Wildman Yipa love you all! Thanks for a wonderful year! Nanci Ortwein 1983 14 on the ice f Cathy, Laurie, Amy, and Jen, To Cathy, my wonderful cousin, and forever listening friend. You ' ve been around through everything ever since 1 can remember, and always will be. To Laurie, the humorous one in the group. We couldn’t have made it without your encouragement and guiding hand. To Amy, the “quiet” one, but Sal knows better. Never forget the good times. Your being there made them better. To Jen, my first real high school friend. 1 can’t believe we’ve made it to senior year. To all my friends, 1 can’t thank you enough. No tears. Friends Forever. Love, Sue You just call out my name, and you know wherever 1 am. I’ll come running, ’cause you’ve got a friend. V 1 in our house! Our love and best wishes Nanci Bernie Kristin Katie and Michael 200 y r r McDermottroe Bros. Complete Auto Service 215 Summer St. Arlington. MA. Sponsors Tom and Oliver McDermottroe Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Geanakakis Roy and Sandra Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Konig Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Stephens Mrs. Rose M. Deyab Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Onanian Charles E. and Geraldine M. Carney Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Eemolare Edward J. Doughty Plumbing and Heating Co. Donors V Ferraro and Walsh Law Offices Congratulate the graduating class Best Wishes to the Class of ’83 of 1983 From 646-3296 201 iExcalUmr iiabhicH 170 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 PHONE (617) 643-0180 • Collector, Wargame Fantasy Miniatures • Plastic Kits, Books • Board Games, Rules, etc. iN ' EVV ENGLAND PHOTO INC. Sales, Service. Rentals 43S MASS, avenue ARA K. GECHIJIAN ARLINGTON. MASS 02174 H SPOFIlS ALL SPORTS j. clothing • TROPHIES AWARDS TEL (617) o46-i 6Q( 1321 M ASSACH USETTS AVE N U E ARLINGTON MASSACHUSETTS 02174 J The Dough-C-Doughnut Shoppe’s, Inc. 438 MAIN STREET WOBURN. MA PHONE 933-8195 1360 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON. MA PHONE 643-4550 641-0101 MOTOBECANE RALEIGH UNIVEGA THE BICYCLE CORNER COMMUTING TOURING RACING SALES AND SERVICE 916 Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA 02174 V J JEFFREY HODGDON President HODGDON-NOYES BUICK, INC. 835 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 02174 Telephone: 643-5300 New and Used Cars Leasing and Rentals Service, Parts and Body Shop Congratulations to Denise Preston and Lisa Grover 202 PENNELL THOMPSON REALTORS Rentals — Insurance — Appraisals 830 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 Phone: 643-8800 Nights; 862-1464 WALTER F. PENNELL mmnfiu usnutG sefryxx MIS J.B. Sash Door Co., Inc. 364 Summer St. Somerville. Mass. 02144 ym B. SASH DOOR CO., INC. Try Our Specialties Anyone who tastes them once will always remember them OLYMPIC PIZZA HOUSE Do you want faster service? Call 643-6131 We will have it ready for you. 173 Mass. Ave., Arlington, Mass. Open 11 AM. — 11 P.M. MIRAK CHEVROLET r TIRES BA TTERIES 430 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 643-8000 COLMAN BROTHERS AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Service, Body Shop Parts and Leasing 10-32 Noahampton St. Boston (Roxbury), MA 021 19 442-4015 442-1681 203 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF “83” from VIANO’S ARLINGTON CINEMAS CaPiTOL : R E G E N T mass Gve A lake St 648 4340 Wm arlington center 643 1197 Movies Are Your Best Entertainment Value! ALL SEATS ONLY $1.50 Fresh Popcorn made Daily! Ffr

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