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ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS 3 4860 00725 9903 ‘ . V4-I f nr.coU- AHL Arlington Indian r . ' • ' • ' ■■ ■ . «iVx: Wr -■ ’ - v V S ' x. p-m t, -jf ‘ ■ - y. ' . ■-4 -»:.:a ' ; ' ' ; . ' . ' fife k-- : .A» ’ ' ‘ . .« ’ -‘S ' ' : ■Ji ' . x ■f- ‘ •. . A rv-.. . •■%. s. 7r •, v- | ' •V ;t. ».vyjk.V,l tifw V fT ’T ■ 7 ■ vi V .; nrvi. Class of 1982 Dedicated to the future ciasses of Arlington High Schooi Table of Contents SENIOR SECTION PAGE 17 SPORTS PAGE 143 SUPERLATIVES PAGE 138 I FACULTY PAGE 101 PERFORMING ARTS PAGE 177 ACTIVITIES PAGE 186 CLASS WILL PAGE 207 COLOR CANDIDS PAGE 49 To the Class of 1982, You, the members of the Class of 1 982, have etched your mark in the record book of Arlington High School along with those classes that have preceded you. Despite the hardship of construction and its related problems, you managed to achieve great success both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities. You have made many positive contributions to Arlington High School and you have set the standard for future classes. Good Luck in the future and remember to make your decisions wisely and carefully, recalling that the easy road is not always the best. Respectfully, 4 Thomas M. Reis Headmaster Four years ago you entered A.H.S. as the “little kids” — the freshmen. Now you are leaving as “the” Seniors. If I could give the Class of ’82 three gifts, they would be understanding, encourage- ment, and love. I would give you understanding to help you get along with all of those around you. If you are too busy to try to understand those around you, you might miss finding a very special friend. I would give you encouragement so you will know no bounds in your goals and ideas. The world is yours — take it — find the cure for cancer, the secret of mars!! I would give you love. With love you can conquer the world and bring to everyone peace. I hope that years from now, as you dust off your yearbook, you will find that all three of these gifts have indeed come true. Love, Pauline Finberg To The Class of ’82: The twelve years of formal public education have ended. For some of you, graduation begins a new stage of your educational and intellectual development. For others, the “working world” now becomes a reality. We, at Arlington High School, have attempted to foster a more positive attitude towards edu cation. To accomplish this, there have been some radical changes in the four years you have attended Arling- ton High School. Some have not understood why these changes were initiated. I suppose the bottom line in doing it is trust . . . T rust that it was done with both good intent and for a good reason. I am proud of both the school and its students. I will miss you all! Each one of you has left something behind that has affected me. I have learned a great deal from you and will treasure these memories. Good luck and best wishes to you all. “The superior person is eyes for the blind, strength for the weak, and a shield for the defenseless. They stand erect by bending above the fallen. They rise by lifting others.” Richard D. Collomb FOR THE CLASS OF 1982 When each freshman class assembles for the first time, graduation seems an eternity away. Ahead are four years of study, final exams, challenges, frustrations, school lunches, bells, lectures, rules and regulations, the whole school picture. But, as you can see, graduation is not an eternity away; it is here, and again we prepare to say “so long” to our seniors. This is difficult, because even to say “so long” is painful. A FEW years ago, when I graduated from Arlington High School, I remember a feeling of sadness, despite the festivities of Senior Week. I hope you feel a little of that sadness too, because it means that now as you leave, you are taking a part of Arlington High School with you. Look back on your four years with pride and with a sense of belonging, because you do belong and you always will. My love to all of you! So long! Nanci Ortwein 5 As freshman you were asked to be good kids | and try your best. Your spirit has been ' tremendous, a tribute how obstacles can be over- ’ come. Of course student obstacles happened now i and then, the walkout, red and gray marbles, the ' flooding of G-gym . . . Yes you were a good group 82. May ntelligent choices keep everyone young. Also, I wish good health and much happiness. Richard Hall CLASS 1982 I leave to you a favorite quote of mine . . . “the individual who follows the crowd, will usually get no further than the crowd, the individual who walks alone is likely to find him herself in places no one has ever been before. You have two choices in life: you can dis- solve into the mainstream, or you can be distinct. To be distinct, you must be diffe- rent. To be different, you must strive to be what no one else but you can be ... ” Vincent J. D’Antona Administrative Counselor All right who’s next? Arlington High Teachers? Imagine If Check her out Dick! Secret Rendez-Vouz We dedicate this book to all of those who will follow us. These future students will be able to enjoy this new school and all the hopes and goals that it will inspire. As we lived through all the renovations, we looked forward to the day it would all be complete. Now as we leave, and see everything completed, we know that the future students will have the best — which is what they deserve. Hey It’s cool, so get on down for your school, just jump and shake and perculate and get on down to Arlington High School! UtIliUMillll ( i€ g wa e o t te as asiem6 if, ( ieye te tn t n t te iac of m if e if A, a i Q saw a m If Uendi a ama?i me, C ieif iveye f ieye to me ooeflife, GQ itooe tri a ( le w(t i m commc e , feU Mm i a ee (oi f of iofo e, cSJ ie oyofot a tJie nef a tie t ie lertyee (NSfo e, (oe eitiof joy tJie i eyif e st trme, ert iey yoa ie , efod iey yoane , oeyif ioe if efO(t iey yof yio . ome one fotn ooy etst ets em i if, S et os smi e, ok fie ouiaif o t ie fyoKonS. %tt iey yoo io , efat iey yoone . ' tie y If ks I f efot iey yoone , stooe ot r ie ost ossem if, m If fyiene s came to oks i me cfOoS if e fiey yooriot, cfett iey you no , ht iey yoono , cfot iey yoonot, neyif oetif cfot iey yoono 4s stone ot t ie ast ossem i if, 9 fost can eefi t ie teays mm my eyes. Joanne M. Albertini 32 Buena Vista Rd. 5 31 64 The Bridge, West, Wherever ... DD, BBHT, 6 Ducks, DV, KB, CW, JM, Laurene — Cape, N.H., Proms, Jr. Semi Limo, Arl. by Bos., Bad Co. Still waiting, Segar “80”, RE, OB, OC, EH, BSF, Don’t forget about your Buddies, B6, JE, KF , VS, CB, Walking down this rocky road, wondering where my life is leading — rolling on to the bitter end. Bermuda??? See ■Va, MEMORIES are few, but it’s only the beginning . . . Pamela Aldred 24 Dow Ave 2 5 64 Pam Looks Like We Made tt! Cape 74-80 N.H. 78-81 NY-74 Drummin’ with Bob — Band, Marching Band — Audrey Gabe Blow That Whistle! Jazz Band — Beat them drums! Cabaret — 80-81 Pitband, Band-Trips — Toga! G S Cast-parties, Mr. T T, Love-ya — Thanks for everything! AHS SB — or the Plague Lessons with Flash Basketball Proms limo ala champagne — Sue CD, RP, CT, TM, CF, RD, MM, JF, TW, CS, JC, MA — M om Dad, Chao! William Ames 284 Highland ave. 1 1 30 64 Varsity Cross Country Captain and 4 years of Indoor and Outdoor Track. Arlington High, See you later Mr. Kel and Mr. H. . A.H.S. Track Team remember Menotomy at Halloween., Hold the Tradition. F.O. A.D. W.E. M.R. W. O. . Party with Marty . . . The MAD DOCTOR, J. Pistone . . . — Country is 1 !, SS. Later. Maryanne Amos 34 Richfield Road 10 17 64 Turkey Lovers High Times T H C LW J@ LD, JP, ND, Project Parties We were only kidding V! 666 Seager Concerts The Doors J Geils The Who The P PQ Didn’t say so. Pick it up Pink Floyd VR Lost Death Ride DS, PL, JO, V-Birds Burnt J Bar Mesc A Laugh Q-V Let Coke N A Smile VQ, AC, MTS all That’s now All that’s gone All that’s to come. It’s over Thanks MDR, JB, DC Freebird! 18 Joseph Abaid 53 Wollaston Ave. 3 20 63 THANKS MOM, D, P D. The 4-4-2 Lives, snowbound. Off to the Maineland. waterfall. Big Field, The cliffs . . . THAT’S LIFE. T42, Me ANDI, ILYA. Robert Ahern 66 Rhinecliff St Arlington The gang. All nighters, Hampton 81, Karen, Two Rocks, B.O.S., Craking on the bus with Kev Flinny, Westfield State What Alicies, lowlife, cheese T.S.U.P. Jim wheres the gun, Kev can I sack over your house? faced again. Oak is there a God? A call from Looney. Oh Nora Ehat a night! Opium EDen memories, Wuddy What are ya doin! EJ’s on cuckoo juice The Cape What a Place poking I’m outa ere dust Thanx Mom Dad. Christine Allen 10 Upland Rd. 1 22 64 I Love You Rick. The great escape: Arl, C.C., Lex, NH, Wob, Arl. Suf rin susuk atat, haivsies, ’’What a panic.” C.C., need a battery. My shoes and socks! N. yrs. 80. Jr. Prom R.M. 2. N.J. flip out, R.M. 327. Pina Colada. K C. A.J. G.T.O. My Room. 3 of us (almost). Thanks Mr. Mrs. C. I LUV YA. Many Thanks To Those Who Helped Soph, yr: Cause I Did It! Tracey Ames 235 Mountain Avenue 7 12 64 STRATTON 1 TRACEY REED ILY REED. GOOD times with Pargs. Best of friends Lisa, Tracey, Sheryl. Denise Gregg., SB, RE, BM, BD, JT, CE, FO, TD, KA, PD, BE, JD. Eagan’s house, little woods. The Cape, Florida, cudoo Juice, Keg Parties. Thanx Mom and Dad. Later AHS! Michelle Anciello 80 Westminister Ave. 2 11 64 Shelly Seger — Coopwalls — TRUSTY WOODS — SKIPPING W RD — SWAT — 360 Moes partys 6 6 81 SIBU — JHD turnpike — 2 KSS WM — Teheha TE — Momason — KMA WORLD — you have to start me up cuz I ' I never start — AYL — Pitts A Little R C — SAYWAH MAFA? Yr 2000-u bother me — compact — HEARTACHE — THE STREAK — ITS FRIDAY — BOF, PW, CB, MD, CM, JS, RD — VI BZ All nite! BU — Play the game ■ — THANX MA DAD! I am as free as a bird . . . I Holly Anderson 180 Charlton St. 12 9 63 Muffins 1, goodtimes, badtimes, concerts, all nighters, Molsons California to ; Colorado, Flipping out whome? I Luv U John Boo Boo -n- Bear, 6250 Best friend Laura, LM, JM, JG, CG, DW, WB, your suspended, Brighams, play ■ guns in harvard. Homestead, Speedin, what are you licking off her hand, I you snake, no I don ' t have an ID, may be and may be not, swill chalet, I wasted. Cellar parties, Hee ha! Hey Burnie! Thanx Mom, I Luv you aci c a ; Patricia J. Andrews 25 Boulevard Rd 1 17 64 Pattie I Great times with the gang Lynn, Judy, Karen, Debbie, Gayle. It was a g reat 4 years at Arlington High. “Life has been good to me so far” Alice Cooper Concert down the cape in the summer was the best. I will never forget the times I skipped school and skipped classes and never got caught till a week later. I will remember the walkout of 81 that I got kicked out of school for 5 days. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good luck to everyone later AHS. o. Keith Anderson 89 Morningside Dr 1 26 64 Andy STRATTON, EAGANS, TOWER, POND, PROJECTS, KUKU JUICE 81 AN EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER, 100 HOURS, KING ' S BRAWL at COLISEUM, CANDY MOUNTAIN, CAPE, HAMPTON, BOULEVARD, MERCEDES, JC, TD, FO, PD, CE, DR, BE, MP, ER, BD, JD, DJ, TG, AT, AD, DLD, TE, CUBBY HOLE IN 9TH, Dubug ' s Parties, Franko ' s Degs, Jam Sessions at Brads, Who’s got the Bombers, BUT HARRY DOESN ' t mind. Wake Up IT’S Monday, It looks like snow. Time To Ramble on!!! Cacilda Andrade 20 Grafton St. 4 9 64 Peter I.L.Y. 7 18 81, Florida, Summer 81, Canada, Cape Cod, “Straight Ahead”, Good friend KF, Chic-n-Lucinda. Good times, bad times, never forget. Special times. New Years, Dream On, Urgent its about time. Graduation!, Steve, Sandra, Thanks Mom + Dad O ' David Peter Arakelian 50 Tomahawk Rd. 7 2 64 Ark V. Soccer, Thorndike, Fires, Menotomy, Brighams, Farm, N.H., Cape, Drive-ins, Lager, The Boys, Aku, Soph. B.P., Tow?, Hawaii, Malden, Weekends, Blitzed, Later Albert D. Arigo 12 9 64 Al Sum of 80 t 81 ears cuck the 2 days down the Cape The wk in Dennis Service Station Wood Working The wk ends crusing ears TM Lunch All the tun in Arl The Parties Jr yr Sr yr AC DC REO Showing by AHS The mornings Dudley Rd Bedford DC TB MC The winter of 80 t 81 You wanta skip are last year at AHS The Drome Thanks Ma -i- Dad I love Leaving never to return “1982” rS yfifKjfo Gary Ayers 70 Churchill Ave. 11 21 63 JV Football V track No pain no gain RB, FW, HJ, LH, RR. GZ, I’m Dick Doples Who are you. DEke, the captain. Hanging at the high school, the center, the graveyard. FS you know it! . . . Thanks everyone. Mom + Dad, Keat, and especially Hank BW. Linda Baker 169 Lake St. 10 23 64 " Lin” NH, RD, CF, VP, KC, DH, KS, DP, GSG Always remember parties in the van . . . The Feast . . . Jazz class . . . Brighams . . . Hey Nance, want to skip 3rd ... HA HA . . . Hey Joker . . . Spare me . . . canoeing . . Revere Beach . . . The Drive-ins . . . M.D.C. Rink, PL . . . Dave’s Ring ... DH LB Thanks guys I could never have made it without all of you . . . Good Luck in the Future! ' I John Barter 44A Cleveland St. 5 18 64 Thanks Mom and Dad! NNN N NN See ya later Donna! D.S. Little one L.R. The Morning Tree, L.D. Brighams J.R., K.D., T.S., C.S., J.G., M.L., Pina Colada, Quarter Past Skip Days Medford Square Deanna and Joannie P. Peck Revere Beach High Times Gym J.L. Helen and Wilma T.M. In the Fog Arl. Center Maria DePolla The Drive INN C.V., Prom!! Thank God it’s Over Good Bye!! Annette Bass 15 Old Colony Rd. 9-28-64 CHRIS LAWUIDARA ILYF! KATHY LUV YA (THANKS) HAMPTON " 81” WANNA GET TWAZY? COMPLEX, TIMS — 2 " HEY I KNOW THE CARS “LOVE THOSE LONG HAIRED ROCK -N- ROLLERS! MISS YA MARTIN! DD’S EARLY MORNINGS! DIDDLEDEE! LIKE WOW DUDDY. DUDDY! ELLEN LILLIAN + RICKY I WUV YOU! THANKS FUNKY! THEOSTEXICO! NO -t- JP, 3S, MSBP! ILY PA! THANKS MOM, DAD NANA ILY! I GOT BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS!!! Eileen Artiaga 39 Avola St. 11 23 64 Good friends ABM, LC, MH, BE, EM, KM, MD, all nighters, concerts parties at Teds the shore lazy river WCC Me Cove lakes Hampton Cape?? 4 4 81 caution shine 8 9 80 highs and lows 3 cheers 2 6 80 — 2 12 80 MJA, BZ, CK Florida ’81 Kand Ka, need and Abdul MB, ES, LM, LD, SSC — bagged, worth the trip. What’s the buzz? must be movin ' on Thanks Zoltens All my love to T-Girls . . . I’ll miss ya. Gregory Assarian 215 Broadway 6 17 64 The Mad ARMENIAN V. HOCKEY, I’VE BEEN CORRUPTED BY A DUMB GUINEA, DR. A’s PROPAGANDA, BAB’S HOME FOR THE WANDERERS MEEERY BEEERY’S ENG. CLASS, HAMPTON BEACH ’81’ 2-FISTED ATTACK, THEODORE, HEY EGG. ERRR. JUMPING JOE THE KIDS FROM MATIGNON, BLUE OYSTER CULT FOREIGNER, THOO, AMA, AS, JACK DANIELS, NEW YEARS EVE ' 80 ' 40 SECOND DRILLS WITH DECAP. HEY APPLY HEAD, CLANG-CLANG DUDE LUV YA CRISTINA, THANKS MOM DAD BYE NOW!! Mary Baratta 138 Ridge St. 12 18 63 Basketball, tennis, BAYS Soccer, CYO B-ball, Satellite, Springsteen — 12 15 80, Seger — Ted’s Girls, Menots, HS, H.B. 1:01 — Just sitting here watching the wheels ... no door handles! Breaking up boxes no — prob NYC — M M and Lisa, Fernald, Golden Bananas — Oh — What a night. Swing it! LD, MD, LM, ES, MP, DV, Best of friends never part. Good luck class of 82. Mom and Dad May-o-Tay, and Thanx. David Barmashi 1 57 Newport St. 4 7 64 Pitching pennies, Hawaii — 79. Build a Big Mac Is that right? Flyin out here! M -t- F’s Mustangs Nance in Calf. Springsteen — Dylan. Much the best. Ramble on over. RJ’s GD. Nep-Nep. Wonderland. Congratulations Kim and Charlie. Q- ' - ' AA. 20 Qy taj ' c c£ ni Q Manuel Becerra 102 Harlow St. 4 10 64 Manny I was born in a typical Spanish Southern village with white houses and old women dressed with black clothes. Little after I went to Madrid where I studied English for 6 years. Now I am an exchange student in a program for a whole year here. I like it. Robert Beckwith 49 Hodge Rd. 10 18 64 Beck EM luv ya, Fitz, Murph, Apple, T. Karl, Mike Murph’s cellar The porch Fitz mobile vamp Cape Road Trips (Bones 2pks Bud 1 qt. steel and see ya later) TEDS WCC 1 2 oz. curls, stooges caroons Zep Doors The Who Later A.H.S. Thank s M + D. Mark Bezrah 71 Norfolk Rd. 10 13 64 Bez Good Parties But Bad grades Boulava Rd Stratton Parties weights Boxing Karate Just Call Me Bassreh The Graduates MB JB BE JB Origonals today clubs tomorrow the Gardens Death Rides with HAMPER cape cod with brad Jerry cottage Eat At JS 12 oz Curls wasted trippin Sue Sue Mikes cellar AMH or Bust I Hope It All Works Out. Johri K. Bibeau 21 Old Middlesex Path 12 27 64 Bebo My first car The 400 Jet. JV football. Hockey, Summer of 81 . The Cape, New Hampshire, Water Skiing, Sunday Football, Senior Convention. " Born to be Wild” Saturday Night Parties. Chasing girls never again, me and MS pushing my car. Everybody pushing my car for gas. Trips to Stoughton to see Karen. Teds Point. The Center The Farm, Menotes, Race O.K. The Chase, Augestiens. MS, CB, FW, JM, MC, HJ, GG, PD, LH, RR, VS Van Halen, Rush, The Doors, Led Zep, " Much Later” Ya . . . ” Were 1. Thank God I’m out. Thanks Everybody. Thanks Mom and Dad! " Go nuts” ‘Let’s Marc Bates 61 Adams St. 4 11 64 Petty It’s been Real! Parties Down Buzzell. SM, JK, SV, SS, ML, MH, TH, KW, SL, LZ, RV, DM, DH, CM, MY, RH, WP, DP, DK, JO, JC, GL, SL, and everyone else Down Buzzell. All the Cape Parties with BC, SO, RF, JP. KD, AO, SF. July 4th! Mace! Parties up Brians Room. All nighters, Mikes, car Accident. My Car accident! AKUAKU. Step. Thanx John, Jane, Dennis, Charlie, Sam. Skipping school with Steve getting high with KG. Walk out of 79! and most of All thanx Mom Dad. Kim Beaton 34 Grafton St. 9-28-64 Sis Neal 1-19-81 ILY Good -i- Bad Times, ALWAYS SPECIAL TIMES Summer 81 Me, NH, Cape Jackie Thxs GS Bro — Kev G-times ND, MD, CC, KF, LT, BB Dozen red roses GT Arlmont Jr Yr Depression sets in Mems of love, laugh. crying Beach wiks W-NS Jr Semi, Sr Prom 6-4-81 Unaswd? ’s PARANOID Swt 16? AA e shall stay Forever Young Camaro HOPELESS NS LYn FOREVER It’s a long and winding road Thxs Mom, Dad, Kar ILY DREAM — IT ' S FREE ©■ i(an ue Qece ' ' Ronald E. Bergstrom 350 Ridge St. 9 10 64 Begie GLAD THAT’S OVER!! Remember Pom Pom Summers. The Binge — the Buck. Freshman — Nowhere. Sophomore — Teds, Juniors — Anywhere, Senior — Where I should be. PDA Everyday. UG. You Nimrod! Am gems. Ardie’s. Dunk ins. Necessity. LM, DM. I’ll never tell. Oh no, not that Cathy M. Never knew eyes so blue! Thanks, Doug, Jude, B, The Ort, Nan — Pa, Father who? Especially my sacrificing Mother. TFMTF! Victoria M. Bevilacqua 83 Dothan St. Arlington 8 17 64 Last minute semi, Gatsby at the prom. Rockport, Logan Airport, Harv Sq, Boston the Beatles. Bedford Newman. E-1 ; JG RM. Carnations, candycanes Punk Day. Softball. Spied by 007 in Media. My first job at Sub. News . . . Thanx to ALL teachers, esp P Drench M Hardy A Katz M Powers L Burt V.D’Ant to My Sis Mel KV, AV, MS, Thanx Mom Dad I love you Suzanne Blanco 25 Piedmont St. 1-13-64 Quadrophenia: a condition of today Strange encounters w betty 12-3-80. Kei scrub " n it. brainstorms thank you Ben. running for the a shelter, all the young punks, wish you were here. PSB, DG, OR,DL, LN, BF, KD, SP, PT, KK, CF Som. Glouc. Med cid harvard freak. All mites v’d Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. Catch you all on the re-runs, im head’n for Holidays in the sun. Christina Blasi 89 Oakland Ave. 9 15 64 “Tina " Chris 6 25 80 — thanx! It’s finally over Oh M-A-N No way I don’t wanna Nan thanx for always listenin’, Joanne, Brenda, M.D. A.O. M.F. S.M. — friends are forever . M-E-S-C the next morning BUZZED Concerts Apemen of Hampton drinkin’ all nite! get a job! Pretty baby let’s go away Long Bus Ride my poor legs the kinks doors stones Why me? take it slow Mom and Dad — your the best See yal! (O Q (ay c 3Qoo ie Armene A. Boyajian 22 Bartlett Ave 5 31 64 Armie: April eleventh, 1980 will there be a third? Track. Thanks everyone LB, SB, AB, JK, BK, TD, CF, Sorry About everything TM, MH, MK, CR, Peter be cood! I love you Mom and Dad! Lisa Boyle 46 Mystic Valley Parkway 9 23 64 “Li” I know not how it was — but, with the first glimpse of the building, a sence of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit . gd . . the werewolf instintively seeks to kill thing it loves best . . . this is the greatest moment of my life, i have seen a living pterodactyl . . . Karen Bilozur 34 Standish Rd. 1-3-64 Steven 4-18-80 me and you together to the end Good times riding high Honda — HD Good times — Bad times MSSW CT stoned. Who me? just another brick in THE WALL headgames snowblind. ya know what I mean, jellybean? Get high on Mts. DA hang in there LD AML — PPCB I made it Mom and Dad, what do I do now? see ya later AHS — I was BORN TO RUN! Laurie Blake 1 56 Mt. Vernon St. 9 26 64 Lau Kermit the frog. Is it lunch yet? Cross country, spring track, indoor. Student Government, Harmaires, marching band. Purple, Buppy, Social Committee, Cabaret, newspaper, CBC, Jr. Semi, Jr. Prom, Luisa, Penelope, Que Pasa? Muppets 1, North Oxford? I Believe, Rainbow Connection, MB, MW, AD, CF, PR, BF, Silence is golden, but laughter is more fun! Andiamo; Thanks Mom Dad Timothy Boisvert 43 Spy Pond Pkwy 12 8 64 “Freddie” Totalears Pheasant Hunting 65 Mali Buss 10 29 81 Cruise Smoke Show Hole Shot Cuck Cagg Al Rh Rb Pd (PTB) Gon EK Jg Village poets Wheres the party Giant ’V ' abo’s Cruisin’ “One Second Guzzle” Hen Dr Drill Foreplay! Longtime You Hit Thanks Mom and Dad Sty Rag Top Chevy Skull. Jeffrey M. Boone 16 Peobody Rd. 2 21 64 Jeff I’ll always remember; Partying — California Summer 1980 — N.H. Skiing — Basketball — Cape Cod RT — DO — Hindu — GY — The High School! — The Beach — Crusin — “The supreme” — LX “Conny” — Dolo — Dave — Duggan DD — JA “Scoop” — Pardon me Ma’am A car? Seger Petty Squier WCOZ WAAF AFD CP? No Problem ’’Look Out World here I Come!” Al, Ronny Mom, Dad God Thanks Silymene .Srj 7 Q . Richard Broaderick 11 Virginia Rd. April 17 64 " Dick " Chard Swish V. Basketball Taste Good Blues Brothers Caps You Should have Frank or Larry. FW, LH, RR, HJ, GZ, BR, PM Al — Dopples I’m Hot’ . . . Sister will Vital inturies Stomp. Betty Bean 9 19 81 Huge Stud wow Evangelist OS, JO, CB, OC, BP, HI Grogan JB, PS, LT’s Parties right? allright. Bye Timothy Buckley 3 Moccasin Path 10 17 63 “Buck” AUGUST 16, 1977 THE KING IS GONE F YEAR GBL CHAMPS OF YEAR BLANK OLD FRIEND RICK CLUCY MATT HAMPTON FR DONNELY FLF, TIM, BETH, COLGAN HEARTBREAK HOTEL RONNIE t BIG HELP MSB WHAT A PALM SO CLASS R CONCERTS EM I PROM I BAD NEWS JR PROM TRUE SUPPORT WATCH YOURSELF EILEEN i SUMMER TIMOTHY STOO RITA ALWAYS ON MY MIND CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE DAWN RU LONESOME 2 NITE I WONT FORGET I WHAT WE DID FOR LOVE GOOD BYE THANKS MOM AND DAD 1 Susan Burke 9 Jason Terrace 8 11 64 i CPA CS SUFFOLK U., SC, AB, JC, SB, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!, I I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD., I AM NOT AFRAID OF TOMORROW FOR I I HAVE SEEN YESTERDAY AND I LOVE TODAY. Nancy K. Bradley 68 Randolph St. 2 16 64 JS. SK. MS. — the best TF. DL. KM. NO. PO. TD. Bucky Lo-n-Lily too — Luv ya’s. SK MC ST — 12 yrs more. Springsteen 12 15 81, The Pretenders 1 22 82. Summers of 78 80 — 1, Project Parties, The Pond the People BP Sully’s w S B Michelob “We’re camping out” Lo-J-Brad Jr. Prom LR, JB, JM snow Getting F-up w the Gang A.E. I.M. Thanx M D, “Time to face the strange ch-cfvchanges. ” John Edward Murray Brown 108 Madison Ave. 4 6 64 " J.B.” Into the future. For We Are. The mouse that roared, Cabinet-Climber. Its Captain Quickborn! 3 yrs Swimming, 2 Soccer, 1 C.C. Deutschland ”81;; Go, Slinky, Go!!? The Orange Award . . . Archaeology with Mr. Brown. Sky Watch, Doc??? Canoeing down Alewife, uh right. Ingo Dude. JB, AM. PF, SP? Druids are great. Cricket ARF. Browny Brutus just a fair dinkum Aussie from Down Under. K’mohn!!! Joseph Browne 1 08 Fremont St 9 1 7 63 Brownie Celebritin Parties Bone rides GOOD Times — Sad times 2 15 81 K.P. . . . Woody, MX. I’d love to change the world 9-11-82 ENGLISH this is Bud’s 4U POW . . . Nights to remember but couldn’t Concerts 78-81 NO PROBLEMS! Doors Dylan, STONES TYA. Insane summer 80-1 Stubs VanRide Live Life Manor Madness, Bumps, Bites, Bruises, YES! THANKS MA and DAD " 82” WE’RE OUT!!! o: ifA t J- cA e ctAman Q ((ay uyke James F. Burns 15 Nicod St Arlington 8 22 63 Burnsie Never forget all my friends in Woburn my first ride home in Jo broken down Pinto Jo frist party what a mess skiing the straw summer of 81 with JD, SM, DC, SD, PM, MK, MC camping The bridge down the Cape The Apt with DC and JD the talk The dive into the pool The strange ride The, frist night at UNH the day after 360 with PM AHSS Chris Cabral 126 Highland Ave 12 7 63 LED ZEPPELIN THE DOORS good ol times RAMBLE ON STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN WE RE OUT OF HERE AND NOW IT ' S TIME TO BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE ILY BARBARA MY LITTLE T N A THE STONES THE END ar a n Lisa Camelio 39 Maynard St 10 5 64 FISA GOOD LUCK CLASS of 82. Kathy my sis, Jennifer, Ames, R.S. 6 2 79, Reo FW, B.O.C., Foghat, ALICE? HELP ME., SURE, GEEKS, I ' M ONLY LITTLE, IN THE LIMO 6-12-80 A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, MACE, BRIAN WHAT CAN I SAY I.A.L.U., THANX MA, DAD, NANA, I LOVE YA’S Melanie Cameron 1 17 64 NEMESIS MIKKEL . ALWAYS A cup of coffee at the airport at sunrise and a trip beside the ocean at Hampton with cousins and friends . . “You’re the best I’ve ever had” — M, K, V, C, C, C, M, R, F ... Aja Angel may you guard the old man . . It’s only right that you should play the way you feel it. Serendipity . Gimme shelter. Arline Burns 65 Hillside Ave. 2 8 64 Summer of 80, Jr. English class. Semis, Proms, cheering, swimteam, W.I.S.C.A., Ground Round, D.P. 4-5-64, parties. Foreigner, Stud Buds, Good Morning! slap, dazed and confused. Food, Fag, give me a break, no way, B.C. boat ride, I don’t understand, biff, Whh, Help, Chem labs. Born to Run, You’re welcome M.K., Friends we are . . . and Friends we’ll always be, Thanx Mom and Dad. Brenda Burns 119 Hillside ave 4 29 64 M D ILY! Ya went through a lot with me BARB MARI ROSEANN RAIN CRUISEN w MRT THE REZ OH WHAT A NIGHT WIAWSNB WMON. WWY169! Arlmont KB, JM, CM, PARTY Hey You Babycakes Tike IKEO Leagally Insane Buddy? Be good Lida W. Noway the Farm Woodsmen Lunatic Friends DO WCOZ J. GIELS The Stones Swimteam TD TD Nappa RMILY C, B, D, Thanx WAHYKIT — WTCO ’82 LATER AHS ) anc(i Joan Caddigan 18 Gardner St. 2 14 64 11-8-80 SHAWN ILY F 2-21-81 The Beach 1:05 M’s C. Donna BOF PANning 12-31 Riding that Train ... All The’ Good Times. Anyone For Brighams? Speedy! Always BUDdies; SD, JT, RN, LE, BK, JL, KE,SC, PDG. Papas — Rita, ICBI Crying Over Another C! Jr. Semi — Prom, CRASH! EK, Keep Your Sense of H! Sr. Convention. Bermuda? All That BS! JLT — JC — TPTD — JJLJ — MJBJS — More? Thanks Mom and Dad! Paul Cahill 145 Robbins Rd Arlington The Farm ’’Harvest ’em”. Brigams, Menots Bingfood PC, LC — Junior Prom, RM, LS, DS, Rocket car. Fatigued from prevaracating in the back seat of a Buick, Skiing Bud, Heinies 1981 New years party. Summer of 1980 “mudge”, hockey games. Diving, f-librarians. Sat Oct 10th, “See Ya” 24 Mr? fO QWe n»fe Cristina Campbell 5 Draper Ave 6 5 64 Dana Greg Forever . . . Jack’s all nighters, thanks Bab, Kim, Sue, Zeke, Tom and Jack. The Silver Shoe. We’ll come to that bridge when we cross it. Committo’s Class. “Pudda " and ’’Pincil " Europe summer of 1981, Jeremy, Asmus and Silke " Yarbles " Prom night at Jacks V-Soccer Dumb Freshmen Thanks Mr. Drench Silke Laurie and the Gang. Thanks Mom + Dad Bye now See ya! Michael Cannon 39 Beacon St. 1 30 63 Thanks to Mrs. Moore on those Rough Wknds Teds Point Shea in the water Football 64 Spring Track the Celtics Hat Walk To Chris Patt The Wagon New Yrs PARTY 1 DAY after Pole on Mystic Valley Prkwy Pushed Bebos car ro Arco Southern Comfort of course Harry’s crash car Your Summer towney Poles Hydrants The Wall ■ Gabrielle Capolupo 14 Wachusett Ave. 8 14 64 Twiggy : LS, best friends always, music dept., Jr. semi with Kerry M., parties, shows, mickey cabaret 81-2, house, drama, trips — NH, CONN, CLARK, ; ring ding’n’ milk, band, mb. I’ve got JR blues, vote T G, perfection, music, : friends RP,MP, MJ, DP, CE, DJ, HM, MC, SJ, SM, KD, SM, HD, JADAR 81 — KM, TD, TD, DN, PS, IS, JG, CS, DS, MS,TW, DK, PP, gimme a break, summer 81, I too was once an ion, Mtalks, Kruns argh, foreigner — ' 81, M D, C, M UP, Bye! John Michael Carey 429 Mystic St. 12 15 64 “Scares” NOGS RULE, F -(- C Landscraping vs Commander, Franco, Breakfast with . Duck, Moose is Loose at Claire’s, Early Days — Ted’s Pt, Marry me Fitz, Diff vs Umpy, Poor Cripples of Pistone CC Blues, Emmett, Beatles Cit Fever, Don, DO, Joe, Bones, Jones, Bash, Son of Eric Canoe Cruise, Instigation on the Kensington — Mystic Shuttle, Der Her, Brewfests, Band Quests, What — Me Worry? Paul Canty 95 Richfield Rd. 8 25 64 Kunfa, Beaver Cross Country, track, gator power, pumping iron, get psyched, massive, flex, awesome, track rules, century; Beatles John Lennon 12 8 80 “Life flows on within you and without you” Buddy Holly, Beach Boys; meets, road races, intervals, " No Guts No Glory” Kwai Chang Caine “Your tr must be light and short”; preppy, the track, " No Pain No Gain” Philip W. Caparell 52 Stone Rd. 5 13 64 Gappy Tennis, photography. Ski trip — 81, Goya, Greek Dances, Proms, Brighams, Chem, Chilly, Joycie, Swing It, OH LATER, Baby, Kinky, 9 21 80 — T B PARTIES, What a Rush, Go For It, DIU, Stratton, Camp Ellis, Greece — ’77, ’78, High Munchin, ”1 don’t understand”. Let The Good Times Roll, Awesome, Dec, No Way, Thanks Mom and Dad, Yoy Only Come This Way But Once — Upward and Onward! David A. Carlino 51 Udine St. 6 16 64 " Cue” Suumer 81 the move 4 15 81 the ring returned Cruising total ears pheasant hunting skin em Al skinhead Cagg ware’s the P tiny Tim yabo man Big Joe Homely Harp Denny stunse Pick Nicola Piazza Cape Cod village Dudley Rd. Junior Senior Prom 5 5 81 — 9 3 81 in the air tonight Snuggies Purtorician skunk Paula’s driven stubs yardwork thanks Ma and Dad Janemarie Carnell 30 Bow St. 10 22 63 Jane California, Rooster Thanx Terri! ... Rt. 114 125??? B-Pollen, Cpt. Energy! der-her . . s yby chuck . . . m m’s THC’s . . . MOOSE!!! waterballoons . . . Lynne Luscious! FAG Turtle . . . It mustabeen Bo! 110 mph — Ruth or Joe??? . . . Al Wucko! . . . Decelle . . . Audrey, Tricia CS, MD, JK, AB, MF, CD, LT . . . JC, JC, BC, DP, MF, BD . . . CPA . . . TATA . . Good Luck Everyone!!! . . . Love ya Charlie Mai!!! (y a nu j ' f . I { ' «’ yOl ' tK ' 25 Susan Ann Caterino 6 Montrose Ave. 9 14 64 Sleeper Mr H, FIN, “LIGHTS OF BOSTON " CM, C. N, S.B, I.B.S., 11 9 80 TO FOREVER, E.L “OUT IN THE RAIN” “SERIOUSLY " PROM, SEMI, ILY BUBBLES, MY PROBLEM — SOLVED! THANKS LAC, NIGHTS WITH L, DAYS WITH L, VOLLEY-BALL, V.E. CAMP, SOFTBALL, CRUD SISTERS — NEVER REALLY FIT. “WOULDN ' T BE HAPPY WITH OUT YOU " , OVERNIGHT IN SALEM, $1.79, THANKS MUM DAD Lawrence A. Chabre 10 Devereaux St. 6 13 64 “Hacksaw” V-Baseball, V-Basketball,” Lets Get It Together ”, All-Out, Base Hits, “Catchers Have More Fun”, Astros, Celtics, Fribbles, “Going All The Way”, Gern, The Barn, BC, Duck, Ace, DA, DP, JC, MD, VS, CN, SC, " Sleeper " TLA, Proms, Semi, Pool, Weekends with Sue, “The Way We Are”, My Gurl Sue, “This is it”, All-Stars??, Good Times, Brought up Right, All My Thanks and My Love To You Mom Dad William Cheney 43 Crosby St. 1 11 65 Bill Big Toe, Linda, Ed, Cow, Dave, Jay, Tuna, Disco Buddy, Chuck, Bootsie, Cappy, M.B.F., Cit, Cookie, Sull Manchester. Maria Jo-Ann, DAVE F. Vak, Dr. PAIN Cross Country “81” 40 ' s, G S, Cabaret " 81”, Trip " 81” John, Let’s Tango, Mr. Kelly BAMS Stripes , Nok — Hockey, GYM Hockey, WONDERLAND, THE MAN, CAPT. Bill, KATY MY LOVE, QUIGS, THANKS Mr. Smith, Mr. Roberts, Dad Ma, TIGER, MIKE, RONNIE THE GUYS Charles Chudigian 26 Edgehill Rd. 7 7 64 Chuck Stones, Summer of 81, Track and Cross Country 80-82. Jeff Mary Tom, Harvey, Cindy, Liz, Laconia Forginer 81 Bill, John, Peg, Kerry, Pam, GS 81. Harry, Gary, Bill, Kyle, Chris, The man, Mike, Dino Paul, Dave, Mike CC Rose, Spring Track 1981. Typing 80-81. Miss’s Spag, Rich, Dave, Jack, Tuna. Cast Party 81 J Geils Band. Quigs, Zeke Cit, Deke, Civi. 26 John Carney 27 Mill St. 9 24 64 Eldorado Crunched, Impala Mid-night blue. Love you always Lisa. Halloween. The fly got smashed. Hey Steve. 140 WATTS Power Play 4WD Off Road. Fran’s cellar. Dr. Jimi will return. Mikes Chevy. Paperboy 5 years. Later AHS. Thanks Mom Dad Love ya. FP-FLA. Ya Gotta love it. What?? Front wheel burnouts in stop shop, lot. Space truckin. Stars are out tonight Lisa. Susan Carr 198 Overlook Rd. 11 7 64 Good times w LPSTLR, Stranded in Salem, coffee? Lynne 2-9-81, Sue, hazy dreams, MCTDCH parties, Hampton, Jr Prom, AM, Has anyone seen the bridge? Cape, Cooper, Who’s Dennis? crazy rides, Bryan, People are strange. Wish you were here, Ezies, Kinks, Mark, Lauren, Childhood living. Pond, SKPS KJ, LG, NP, KM, DK, AH, Summers, Time is on our side, Thanx Mom and Dad. Joseph M. Chapski 18 Country Club Drive 11 11 64 Joe Math Team, computer room. Honors Math, Bio, History, Physics . . . Cathy, parking, movies, good times, friends ... D D, baseball, driving, sledding. The Funnies, Brigham’s . . . music. The Beatles . . . Cape Cod, Battlezone . . . MASP at Milton Academy — the best six weeks of my life. Pi Theta Sigma Epsilon Delta. Edmund Cheevers 63 Randolph St. 12 19 63 Cheese Paranoia will destory ya! The Hill, J. Geils, BOC, Sabbath, Vermont, Maine, Stephen James, RA, TCK, Steve, Frand, Tom, Donna 179 Elm, you dirty dog. Tony’s Pissa. Its a unbelieve. Don’t worry. The stones, MP, DS, PB, NB, JB, CB (Headly), RB Kagney, MK, CH, JW, Laurie Lisa, BC, Bud, LF, JB, BR, TM, KP Thanks Mom Dad. Miss O’s class. The lounge. Sunday’s up grams. I’m out the door baby! Brian Clinton T. 130 Thorndike St. 9 4 63 Clint MACE, LED ZEP, THE WHO, PINK FLOYD, THE STONES AND ALICE COOPER. BONZO AND MOON MY INSPIRATION. BACK IN THE N.Y. GROOVE, MON. 6-23-80 STEVE AND I HALLOWEEN IN HAR. SO., ALASKA ' S CAR, MACINIS CAR? MANY PARTIES PLYMOUTH, THE PISTOLS, MARC BOLAN. SPECIAL THANKS TO LISA, JACK C, TIM W, JACK-DANIELS, LUDWIG CO, MY NEW BAND, MY MA, DAD, ARTHUR AND MY FAMILY (I LOVE YOU ALL). Jill Colby 19 Kendall St. Brookline 11 25 63 “Smiley” Special thanks to Cathie Easton and Elinor Freedman and the rest of the resource room crew. Good luck to all seniors especially Amy, Mary Ellen, Mary, Monica. Revere beach, Fanueil Hall, 28 D.T.Z.. D.Z., S.Z., 16, M.Z. Watch out for the alligator Amy! Theresa remember Friendly ' s? Thomas Colomey It’s my life and I’ll do what I want. It’s my mind and I’ll think what I want — The Animals Murphy — wanna drink on the wall? Ted’s parties — veg Bubbies Megansett people — weekend warriors — O -t- A — the porch The Who — The Kinks Murphy parties — the cellar Gettin high — you can’t beat it Budweiser MM, SF, RB, MD, CD, TDB Fitzy’s olds Party past you puke Thanks Mom Dad — I made it! Richard Cooke 315 Forest St. 9 8 64 Cookie Heather Wilson, Tops. Fair, Permit, Proms, Summer, Ups and Downs, Park, July 17, Cottage NH, Wiers, Don P., Rastis, BB Games, Tim B, Elvis, Skiing, Good Times, Lake W, Jim C, John C, TW, CS, Parties, BOB C, Baseball, Camp, JV, 5-0, 443, Nautalis, Alex, Frosh Football, BB 1, Florida, CYO, Hampton, LH, JH, GG, DT, LOVE AND THANKS MOM DAD AND FAMILY FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE FOR ME. Bruce Ciavattone 25 Lee Terrace 3 4 64 Buddy Scout Awesome mobility machine 1! TS, MS, PF. G S cast party TS the pole. JR PROM THE BEST!! all weekend, JAY chem finals Monday, Gouldst! Hampton, York. Duster Miss Giosa, Rosie good advice! Mr. Kelly 2 yrs, Ms. Cape Cod. Senior yr the best! FS 1 2J The pits Mrs. Kennedy thanks for your help It was needed. They will never be forgotten ms, Ts, Bs, Js, Love you Mom Dad 82. Robert Citro 15 Lorraine Terr. 7 8 64 Cit Jan 1979 — Hi guys — thanks Grec. Cit-Fever, Catch it! Milk Cookies What else. B-Ball, F-Ball, Baseball. To my friends — Jim, Don, Rich, John, Steve, Aud, Claire, Trish, Jane, Catherine, Claud, Carla, Li, Laura, Jill, Ruth, MG, BH, BD, LG, MD, JD, VS, CD, LT, MF, CC, AB, HW; Through life’s drudgeries and broken dreams, strive for happiness; Experience life to the fullest. Thanks Mom Dad. Kathryn E. Cole 106 Mt. Vernon St. 8 4 64 “Beth” JOHN 6 12 80 Menots, The Farm, Gino KF, LC, GB, FE, SE, SV, EC, OJ, CG, MS, JC, Paul, Dan, Albert, illegal smiles snee, Boston, Cars, Fmac, Geils, Halen, Tull, Petty, Squire, Foreigner, Rush, make yourself useful. The Cape, New Hampshire, Thanx MA miss ya AL 2 8 80 3-450, Allison, Xlix, Cambridge, 340 — smoke out, River-fest, HARLEY, The forest. The B A, AB, EF, Cl, SA Semis Proms. Time to Ramble On. Sonia Collazo 35 Peter Tufts Rd. 6 2 64 Survived four years of English, four years of Math, four years of Spanish, four years of History, and four years of Science! with nothing else . . . Sentimental words to K.G. — E.S. — A.T. — Z.O. — H.S. — ETC. — Major in College = ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? Thanks Mom and Dad!! Michael Cotter 6 Newland Rd. Mike Well its finally over. I had a great time in that high school. To all my friends and other kids I know I had a wicked good time. To Larry and Zach in Junior English class. Thanks for giving me another name — B.S. To four years of high school football. Especially the two years on Varsity. I had a wild time. ' Of H tei ' Or t ae James Emmett Croke 346 Washington St. 7 7 64 Crobb V. BASKETBALL, V. SOCCER, Blazin! Times — at — Claire’s, “Our Family”, Happy New Year, Moose Country, Bone’s Bash, I’m Still Alive! DO It’s Guys’ Nite, Cit, Skaerz, Don, Duck, Dan, Shoe, Mac, Pete, Wiz, Bob INSTIGATE! PCP, Why run? F C Slave Labor, Hard Times! International Brewfest, I Love Green! Thanx Goose, DS, Hollywood Daze! See ya! GIVE ME BACK THESE OLD TIMES ANYTIME! MDTD ALWAYS! Barry Cronin 6 Clark 6 19 63 “Barry” Partying with Bucky. See ya in a few to party again. Crazy nights at Summerst, Ponds + Projects. Well the clocks says its time to go now and I really DON’T want to stay here anymore! Patricia A. Cotter 6 Newland Rd. 10 23 64 Tisha LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT! Jazz Friends always MJD, ED, JH, MP, GC, MM, LS, CC, Sr. con Bro. Mr. H Braces EV good times New York City, Skiing, shot in the dark CF’s Blue Fog “81” Castle, on the farm, Hampton ”81” Rah-Rah Chase “M” Talks no-minds driving, fell in the tub — Marie ‘ no kidding” JO — MJ — Eil “Happy Feet” OJ High-munchin pizza downy family Missy Edith Fred Love ya Mom and Dad. Wau ooe Corinna Crowley 49 Lowell St. 7 19 64 Cory The Best Things in Life MD, MC, KF, VM. ND, LD, LT, VI, SM, LD, MA, JB, BE, PJT, SB, RES, Heights, Zigs Remember Bedford — SAC? Keg Party Good Times with MJDPCED SDIW ATTRC — MD JACKS PTITVSM Dance little Sister DANCE NWRTC, Beautiful twins Meet you at Gulf . John? I ' m not drunk Keiths Parties B B Alley Cats Want some candy little girl? Bumping elbows MWFP ' Go by P.P. Love you Mom Dad. 2. at yen Jjpmt itet Paul Covel 254 Sylvia St. 12 9 64 COV Rock lobster, ONLY the GOOD die young 11 8 80, I gotta get a ajob, I didn ' t do it. Physical Speed, Proud Mary, The famous chair act of 80, Luntic Fringe, Bonskees, 228 n the van, Cohen, Byrnes, Later Ralf! Family fight down north union, LA. woman. Thanks ma n dad CAL. OUT! -yr Laureen Crowley 286 Ridge St. 7 9 64 CHUCK 6-21-81 EA, MD, BE, MH, ABM, EM, KM — Best of Friends, Hampton ' s Best — JB, DD, HF, SF, BK, TK, CM, MM, CW, Ted ' s Point Lakes Bishop the Shore Line, Dot, Snow White WD WN OT — LMLE The Wild Pair URWTAAF York Higgins Beach bunkhouse The Wall WCC Drive Ins Kinks Steppenwolf pressbox W-AB 7 C ' s houseparties Mac — we lost Florida LYB — TOUCH Me Miss Ya Eileen Thanx Mom Dad 28 Rita D’Angelo 95 Harlow St. 11-11-64 V.P, C.F., L.B., K.C. , N.H., K.S., C.H., Porter Square, Pinnocchio’s Cafe, Star, The Lowe are, our, hour, the BOMB. Thanks Mom and Dad, roller skating, bowling, Reets, Reject, Forbidden City, Italy, the Cape, N.H., Canada, Brighams, PHONE CALLS, LATER JOKER. Sally Danton 114 Hemlock St. 3 10 64 Fred 3 23 80 to 9 23 81 Animals, Coopies, Parties, The Oxford The Cape 8 8 81 Lisa Thanx FH, LM, MC, HD, CW And Others, Mom and Dad You Are The Best and I Love You. HOLYOKE, DALTON, MD, R.D., Colby visits. J Kelly Curtin 21 Warren St. 2 10 64 Kell-Smell Spare me! The Block Party Hampton Beach Sept. 26, 1981 Sept. 20, 1981 Dunkin Donuts The Blue Car The Red Subaru Sr. Year English Auntie Tell Friday Nights Tuesdays -i- Thursdays June 16, 1981 Reject! Thanks Mom + Dad Forbidden City Kiddles Lin-Lin Fance The Green Machine Medford Dl’s Start Praying Girls night out Later Jokers! Michael Curtis 128 Medford St. 10 5 64 “Spike” Let The Good Times Roll, We dont do school THE CELLAR — Its gone for good. Good Times With The Boys — JB, PD, MB, NG, AM, JA BE, JB, Sc, HAMPAS COTTAGE PARTY WHO STOLE THE BEER JULY 4 Weekend At Hampton — Bye-bye Boulevard, LOCAL GIRLS don’t forget AH, THE GRADUATED THE POND THORNDIKE, ST. LOUIS BUDS Neils Trip down Brighams Hill Cola Its the real thing Kinks Bruce Geils Cooper Thanks Ma. ne ey Kimberly A. Cusack 20 Pine Ridge Rd. 9-10-64 Kim Quebec — Eigaro’s, J. Semi Prom, Friends are forever — LH, DP, JV, JD, SC, ST, TV, KC, MD, RG, MJK, Suspension Buddy DP, Lost in NH, MB — Hampton, 5-24-80 they gotta gun! Fenway Parties Go-Nuts! APDNCM, Zoo Mass, Booze Cruise, IGIWTAH, PL, POND, terrible trio, drive-ins wrong way, shopping sprees, NH — 2AM, WE’RE GOLDEN! Brighton, Thancks mom dad ILY . . . Well it’s over, isn’t that what we all wanted? Miriam E. Daley 7 Gould Rd. 7 21 64 Knooks, Billy 3 1 80, Latin 2, B-Ball, Mngr, Semis Proms, Band, “C” Sisters: Carol, Viv, Tina, Bk’s, 16th surprise, SB; Aka ”cryie”, “pudda”, " what’s your name?”, " Stevies place”, piano-fingers, " A my name is . . DUCK, Summer ”81”, Mrs. T., Senior Conv., Swyco, BD JC’s BC TW AR CD LT LG LC JP CC JD LB JK MD AB Thanks Mum and Dad, I Love You Both, AHS " 82” . . . Later Bug! Rosemary Crowley 297 Mystic St. Arlington 1 2 64 Rosie Roboat, 3, should I go to Orch? Na! CYO B-ball NE Bus trips, Summers at the Heights The " whip ” and the " Whaler” soccer, I’m gonna get all caught up THIS weekend! Indoor Track, Sorry I’m late but but it wasn’t my fault! what? Huh? say that one more time To all my friends thanx and good luck! To JW. TW. EF. WJ. AK. Woody. Fish. Mom — Dad love ya BYE! Steven Cuoco 63 Broadway St. Arlington 3 22 63 FOOTBALL 63 The Little Red Pitchfork Zebra MELANIZE CROW MOUT. Willard " The Eagle and the Hog will do the job!” The moose is loose Birdseye Hope for College Football Bike trip with Mr. Harrington summer of 81. ’’Hey Larry Who signed my ticket?” Thanx Mom Dad. John A. Davies Jr. 63 Foster St. 3 29 64 Jackie V + JV Hockey The coaches Wey. N4 — 2 Tourney time! Lenny + Finn Stonsey Tom Zeke Mad Arsk Jr. Prom, Scituate + Dot. Fatigued from previrocating in a Buick, HoJo ' s clams CC, KT, PM, ML, DD, LR, IM, NJ, GG, PO, PG LTD, FC, LL, KJ, LCY Blades Feb vac 81 Cape cod 81 The doctor Boog A day in Hampton Cooking with Denise, The frog held hostage, skull sessions. Brig hams, see ya! Thanks Mom Dad. Stephan Decourcey 19 West St. 9-2-64 Deke The Captain V Basketball Doples Family General Cinema High School Blues Brothers open the window Hog Shout Jeanmobile — died 9-28 RIP No comprehension White House Caps Larry or Frank you should have yaz song I don’t know who you ' re saving it for but she better be good — Quigs GA, RR, MC, RB, JM, LH, FW, GZ, RP, HJ, PS, MS, MT, CB, DJ Pool Hopping Thanks Mom and Dad, Vl)eUo Noreen Deleo 31 Shirley St. 1 19 65 Gerard Noreens Stairs FreeBird All Busted NH 9 22 79 — TP Crayolas — 4 — EVA NH SWAMPS Tubin ' on The Pemmi HELLO IS ANYBODY HOME Good Times And Best Times With — Donna Thanx, Claire, Lisa, CA, MD, CC, VA, MC Doublin With Neal Kim Sen. Prom, Jr. Semi HoJos Seger Isee My Future at the Rainbows end . Happy Hours Timeless Friends, Kenny I miss ya! Kathy By I made it Mom Dad. Paul P. Demarkles Jr. 799 Concord Tpk. Arlington 8 18 63 All The Young Dudes, — Lauren 8 21 80, — Parties down Mike ' s cellar, — Death Rides with Neil, — Mill O’s class, — FLA 80 Taxi Ride, — Maine — MC, DM, NH, JB, BE, MB, MW, Who stole the Beers, Hampas cottage, — canoein at 2 am — Tuting with Mike, — At the Blvd, — Blowout at Kinks, — Blaze Down the Bridge, — 12 oz curls Jr Prom, — Stones, — John Lennon, JB. — Hockey, He Did It! Karen Dempsey 150 Mass. Ave. 8-7-64 GINO S 1 1 79 A LOT OF GOOD TIMES AND BAD ONES, ALL TO BE REMEMBERED MT, MH, LS, MC, TR, DS, DC LYNYRD SKYNYRD " FREEBIRD FOREVER " 10 P.M. MIDNIGHT RENDEVOUS WITH MC BABYSITTING AT ELLEN ' S FOREIGNER BILLY SOUIRES TOMMY’S HODGKINS PARK LED ZEP DAZED AND CONFUSED NELLY BELL PARTIES AT TMc ' s LM’S LET ' S DO IT UP! LATER AHS THANKS MOM DAD, I LOVE YOU CSMD — ED OUT Donald Denning 64 Morningside Dr. 9 4 64 District; Madrigals; G -i- S; Cabaret fights; ST. E’S CHOIR; CLAN — DEN; PUDDING ' S; KING KAROL; 156 E 81 St NIGHTS + EARLY MORNINGS AT THE BEACON; WALTHAM SUMMER THEATRE; AUNTIE MAME; DID YOU FLY THAT DAMN SCRIM; I ' M NOT GOING UP ON THE GRID; ABSOLUTELY; TANOUERAY ON THE ROCKS; THE STAFF; THE DECOYS; WEEKENDS AT WILLIAMS; MR. SMITH, T, PAT, MR. ROBERTS; CHRIS; I LOVE YOU BOB; TNX MA + DAD. ft ycf If Alan Deforge 55 Stone Rd Al It’s finally over, T.G.I. F. skip (?) the nights, the weekends all the parties summer ' 80, ' 91 Crusin in the blue Malibu ' 69 Triumph 120R Bonnville A.D.S. Nova Ordo J.P. (D.D.D.D.) CK CW CH Past Present Future " Dracones Parvi Fiunt Potentes Amicis Hostes Letales " The red book, camping up in Maine Keep Going the Beatles, Pink Floyd” " Knowledge is an edge use it skillfully and keep it sharp” Thanks Mom and Dad Good Luck . . etc. Julie Ann Deleo 29 Littlejohn St. 4 27 64 “Jou Jou " Good times — 5;30 am bust. The Cape — Happy hours. Beach parties, Alice Cooper Weekend — Dennis? Hampton — Where ' s room 28? Concerts, pinhead — Baker, Drive-ins — wrong way!. The pond, PL, The Lakes, Mic, Jr Semi, Love hurts, Med. Boys, Fenway party. Go nuts, shopping spree. Live for today, GF — dp, jv, kc, st, Ig, dr, cm, tk, terrible trio, N.H. 2:00 am, I made it! Thanx Ma -i- Dad California Bound! 30 Kathleen DeRosa 24 Foxmeadow Ln 8 13 64 " Kathy " Friends Always, JoAnne, Netsky, Lisa At., L.C., E.K. s.m., m.d., Netsky lets get twazy — Hampton beach Timothies meeting Bobby in the courtyard complex L.C. and P.B. seeing Bobby at T.T., Karen Linda At Timothies K.G. the nose ILY mom Dad Forienger, B.S. Driving, crazy, with Eileen Jovan Brighams — Finn Problems with friends B.F. 2 15 80 Dunkin Donuts — G L C O. Ruth Derubeis 18 West St. 2 11 64 " Some things in this world you just can ' t explain " , SIBU, Italy 79 DQ, Geilized in 80, DRATS, AYL Pitts, sealine, skippin w MA, me and Pam softball coahees?. Refugees at BU, BCC, TOBY, HOJOs Cape Cod, SNOW, 81 flew!, LD DM CMs LNS BF JM TT KL LF SB KD LA Dallin, the woods MA, MD, PW, CB, JS Teenage Jail, Those are the breaks " I must be travelin on now”. Michelle Desrosiers 10 Mt. Vernon St. 3 3 64 Mitch A.H.S. Field Hockey and Track, Ballet; Adventure Camp, The Coop, Friendly Girl, Summer ' 80, " Let’s go running! " The Cape, My house for GH — Those classes . . Papa Joe (ugh!), Cotterisms, Art, Lunch table, Parties and Friendships . Jane. Trudes, Carmen and the Gang — Thank you and best wishes to all!! Michael Deveaux 254 Mystic St. 6 30 64 Apple Head i MANY GOOD TIMES — JANET, 5 15 81 — KD, RB, T, TC, MM, SF, DB i| — MAGAN SETT, 80, ME AND T, IV 2 , THE UMBRELLA, HAT PARTY, J. PREAST — LAGERS — PARTIES AT KARLS — ALL NIGHTERS — ! TEDS POINT — BUD — K. PARTY — YA KNOW ME DUDE — CERTAINLY — BBB — BONE BRAKE — ILYJ — THE WHO — MAINE, 80 IM BURNING UP, WATCH THE FOG — DEVO — TORONTO — ALICE COOPER, IM 18, ROAD TRIP — THE NADS — LUV YA MOM AND DAD . SEE YA!!!! veM Adelina DeSalvo 314 Mystic St. 8 20 64 A-De-Lee-Na: Dimples + curls Good old Milwaukee (W. ALIis) — 7 Schools Purple Passion “I’ve got a headache! " SBQHA. JP II I love N.Y.C. 79-80 S.T., G.R. - 1 - E " The worlds a stage” — C.L., A.B.G. F.S. 6-3-81 Texas at Q.M. — “I can’t see! " Miami, S.C. St. Anthonys — N End 80-81 Finds A.T.G. Roller coaster Fortune Cookies " Thanks Sam + Madame Rosa” — Al’ltalia — “Ciao!”. Lisa Desmond 119 Ridge St. 9 7 64 Swing it! Sr. Conv. Menots, H.S. lot, Ted’s Point some boys, folding boxes, heels, yelling out the window, watching the wheels, drvg. dad’s car, gidn bannana, no door handles, H.B1:01, Daffy, " 41”, Steina, RM, LH, CO, DV, CH, DP, lov, ya ' s. Hlwn jr. yr. (EM) Moo-moo (KM) Pep Rally soph. yr. T’s 16th party. Free me, ”h what a nite” N.Y. M M’s ”T” see ya! Love you M D. ' fAcAe Ze Maryjane Devine 19 Foxmeadow Lane 8 17 64 ”MJ” Looks like We Made It! Friends always ED PC JH MP GC LS MM NM CC Blue Fog 81 Hampton Cape Cod 81 Big E.V. The Boat “The CHASE” Rah-Rah The Hill Def. Shot In the Night Castle “M” Talks on the farm C.F. Volleyball Dum-Dums Billy Bob Anne B.B. These Are The Best Of Times! Thanks Mom and Dad! 31 Kjiffex Andrea Donald 84 Oakland Ave. 8 4 64 To Maine, waterfall’s talking trees, the cliffs. Joe ' s 442, Snowbound. Beigles forever! Locke, Reasons to Be What?! Part 3. Clowns. 24T, Me Joey, ILYJ. Thanks M D, RDSK F. Lauren D’Onofrio 34 Forest St. Arie Life is a complete total Flip out! Partying til 5 am Sunshine Lites Head games — Love to All ... Joanne Lisa Maryanne SR AM BC SC to Mom + Dad — " your baby’s grown up” Live Free + you’ll be Free Summer Nights Clubing Illusions — SM Surreyroom — HD First Love — BP Kathy + Roger Twit. Smoke who. Me? Help Myself — JD Conwell Ave One GREAT FRIEND — KAREN B THE BEST OF TIMES I’m FREE AS A BIRD NOW! n ' 2 . Q ona Kathleen M. Doherty 28 Forest St. 7 20 64 ILYDD, BLD IQVz, parties, CD crash, KC and one of those nights, LC my sis, LB my buddy, the old crew, Michelob time, Bicardi, 7 15 81 the move, Seger, Kinks, REO, T. Petty, KD an Waltham, Getten stoned, puken. Famous’ final scene” Turn the page” Tryen ta live my life without you’ P.P.’s party . . . kiss .1 made it . . . love ya ma and dad. Patrick Doherty 285 Washington St. 8 7 63 Dots Stratton, Tower, Hampton. NH, Cape 81, Egans Pub, Brighams " Party” 1982, The Doors, AHS See YA. Doole YS Bashas, TD, FO, KA, CE, TE, LD, DD, DM, PE, RB, JD, TA, RE, BM, roll A ”J” Bud, Mr. Banks “ Beach Bum” OH Those mondays, Abs. Flat tires in the rain, Alice Cooper ’81, Franks cellar. Let’s get a keg. Let’s skip, who’s having the party. Fairmont The Kinks ' 80, go nuts. Pond, People are strange, it’s been fun but it’s all over, BYE. Gregory Diffley 203 Mystic St. 1 23 64 Diff V. HOCKEY BASEBALL C.C. THE KID “THE BLUE LINE” TOURNEY TIME, GARDEN? A.B. SPEED MERCHANT “22” HAMPTON, LAGERS, JAILHOUSE HOOP “I’LL BETCHA FIVE BUCKS” THE NUBS, SUMMERS IN R.l. MY RIG, AIRBORNE DOWN THE HIGH SCHOOL, MENOTS, WATUPA BRAWL, CONDITIONING AT B.C. WEEKENDS, NORA, PARTIES ’’EDLA ” SOPH BAD BACK THANKS DR. E.L.G. CAMP 4 YRS. AT AHS, It’s over, THANKS MA AND DAD SEE YA! Peter DiPerna 104 College Ave. 3 7 64 Dips “I’m Poor”, MONOTOMY, TERRY, GARY, RICKY, ALL THE REST, KATMAN WBC WHERE ARE MY MICS! JUST CRUSING ’’I DON’T KNOW” CAPE COD HOLY SH T! WANA MOVE A CAR? GTF SEARS LEE SEE YOU IN A WHILE. I Paul Doherty 68 Brantwood Rd. 10 27 64 Dots “LUAP, EVETS, MOT”, Der; Jer + Jer, Baba, Paul the “C”, “Ms Pipe dream”, “I want the Ducks”, Marshfield, New Hampshire Runs, “the Chevy can’t take it”, “Block Blastin’’, the train station, terminal, “Don Pasquale”, “J. Giels” “Stay out of Carliestown” Bud 1, Homegrown, the Imperial, Blazer, “B the lender”, “Sparkem up”. Dr. A. “the KATMAN”. “Bure i fros Man”, Hoodsies, TD, SM, DS, GP, KM, DS, PC LATER. Carmen Dominguez 2 Draper Ave. 10 23 63 Field Hockey, GBL, STUDENT COUNCIL, PROMS SEMIS, AA, COTTERISMS, THIS IS REALITY, CODY 2ND, DANNY’S, SR — CONV, j CLAMS, CLAIRE’S, MOOSE, BORN TO RUN, SUMMER NIGHTS, TISH FACED GUYANA PUNCH, MICH, TRUDY, JD, MB, LG, JP, BD, PF, MG. 1 JC. TW, MD, NEW YEARS, MUFFINS, BOY CRAZY, “WHAT A HUNK”, MEMORIES, ’’BE FREE WITH YOUR SMILE AND IT WILL REFLECT BACK TO YOU”, AMOTE, MEO — AMICOS, GOOD LUCK! J Karl Douhan 49 Sunset Rd. 12 18 63 Maureen, 9 9 80, T-fair, M.F.L., Teds Point, Hampton, All-nighters, Bishop, Frosties in Murph’s cellar. Beck, Fitz, Mike, Murph, “T”, Tom, Pounders, Press box, Pat Travers Live in Fitchburg, K’s party. The Wall, Megansetts umbrella. The 00, Rocky Mountain High, B-Break, Our Friends Wexler, Parties at the W.C. Club, The Doors “Break on through to the other side.” Eileen Downing 24 Crescent Hill Ave. 2 2 64 Castle Blue Fog “81” C and CF’s Hampton “81” Shot in the Dark THE BOAT “M” Talks DEF “No Kidding” Cheering CITN Friends Always — JH, MJ, PC, MP, GC, LS, MM — ES, RN — Big EV storage room Rah-Rah chase Padidal JMBY — POLKIE High Munchen OK — Boss Luv Ya Fin — Thanks — Dad Luv Ya. Eliot M. Dresselhaus 147 Jason St. 7 10 64 “El” Four Years of: Papa Joe and the Ph of Blood. I love you Mrs. Fitz. Uncle Harry’s fruit flies. Cahill’s Sickle. Pagan classical cannibalistic canibalism. Chem lab-wars. Miller’s professionalism. The Plague marches on. Math Team wrestling. And so forth and so on, and all that jazz. Susan Driscoll 93 Webster St. 7 1 2 64 JG12 Dough — C’s GH Andrea Thanx for Always Being There Bean JR 1 Semi KM LD Trucks Cars Movies TP Thanx, Budgie Love to John I 10 19 79 We’ve only Just Begun Babies Memories 11 11 79 Moi Bucko ' Dura flames Xmasses B B Cape NH Bessy Mornings Phone calls B’Days I Dinners Opals are Forever Still Endless Love Landslide Anniversaries 2 I Down 5 to Go. Cuda Honey Forever Always. Timothy Dooley 288 Washington St. 5 7 64 STRATTON, Tower, Sophomore House Parties, The Big V, Hampton, Cape Cod 81, F.O.’s Basement Bashes, Hey " J”, Brighams, Girls, Girls, Girls, Eagans, Dots Frank Brad Keith Chris TA, LD, TEMPER JT, JD, BD, GA, DD, SK, SB, RE, BM, DR, NANCY I can see for miles. Pond, The Jex, The Boulevard, Cooper 81, I’m as free as a bird, Make it in music, “71” Torino, I HATE Mopeds, 643-8485 — Keep in touch, OH Those Mondays, Look Ma! Thomas Dooling 65 Westminister Ave. 2 23 63 “TJ” T.J. What’s up? Partying down Camb. and Old Orchard Beach, 75 Pontiac, Pink Floyd “Wish You’re Here” Black Sabbath " Paranoia ” Led Zep “Stairway to Heaven”, Live High or Die, Cross and a switchblade, HI Mr. V, Racket Ball, It’s all over but it’s only just begun Thanks For Your help Mom Dad and Family Mary Beth Doyle 516 Summer St. 12 19 64 beau twins — brothers blood sisters — tb, ti, laf — Love Thanx — CC, MC, KF, LD, ND, LD, VM, VI,SM, LT, SM — B B — bacarde go for a walk — ABCD Shoulda made it — snow angles — conspsd — jacks res heights zig shop in diare drom stones dance! bumpin elbows alley cats keg gulf Keiths partys — mwfp sdiw Wnts mcndy Ig? Sandys you’ll find better things that rainy night — trust me Kim KF CC MC — thanks — mother hen — tein — I LOVE YOU mom dad. Teresa Doyle 110 Hillside Ave. 10 24 63 Paw tuck away, weekends. Party Island, MS, MC, RS, BB MS plus PW mjar. M’s House. The Cape. Concert at Boston. COZ. crusin’ with MS RS. Baybank. BB with LX IX. Janet in Unity, Let’s Parallel our Prospects. Are you college women? MCPSW. moving trash cans. Paranoial Duck its a ranger. Cm in Tex. Sea scape. My Kitchen. Arguments. Thanks Mom and Dad. No more School — I’m Free! S aAan aat ' e»ce Jane Dunlap 293 Gray St. 7 31 64 FH, Prom Semis, Summer 80 at the track, 81 at the Cape, BC and GH, Good luck to us all but to Mich, Trudy, and Carmen the best of everything. Thanks for being there Mum, Dad, Nan Gary; P J — all true things in the world seem truer and the better things of earth seem best, and friends are dearer as friends are fewer and love is all as our sun dips west. Maureen Dunn 1 1 Paul Revere Rd. Arlington 4 8 64 Zebra Moe Mactruck WS. Spam CB, JS, MA, TB, VI, EO, SUL, Mr T Go-away partys, 360 6 6 81 — JHD — SIBU, M V — didn ' t — turnpike woods 79 the Mountain Crisco kid, cat killer, Seger — Cooper — hitchen — Sniblin tennis Guitar beach — problems lights Led Zep Bzz — alnite To — THEREZ! Heartache free bird I Lost My Keys BU Who’s — , Sandy — dog, Kel, thanx for everything Ma Dad see ya in 2000! We got to Ramble on Thanx Tutor. Lawrence Duddy 101 Robbins Rd. 3 26 64 “Dud " Points West, Father Mike and B. Fitz . . . Foodmaster Family Dianne, Patty, Paul, Kathy . . . Avocados ... If B. Fitz wear it . . . Camping . . . Whatever happened to the Dud man? . . . Food slaves . . . 10 13 80 day we visited A.C. . . . Franky I’m worried . . Basically thats the kind of guy I am. Basically . . . Bugit . . . California here we come!!!! Theresa Duddy 20 Amherst St. 7 25 64 Peggy Luv ya The Doors make me Drip Heavy parties down my cellar There ya go shappy Beaver yeh my knees got weak sister of the moon Donna Fleetwood Mac Pump iron The cleaners Florida, NO. Woodstock, N.H., Lowell, JC, HA, TP, BMM (Betty, Wanna) will you ever win? Good times with L.D. and the BBR MC Ho Jo’s B.K. What do ya want from life? Love you always marm. ijo j ' r t Geralyn Dwyer 8 29 63 My birthday is August 29, 1963. I have lived in Arlington for four years before living in Arlington I lived in Southbridge which is in the western part of the state. I lived in Southbridge tor ten years. I have one brother and one sister who are both older than me. In school I have been involved in the debating club. I am working on the yearbook. I have also been in the library aides club. I have worked as a library aide and in the nurse’s office. Thanks mom and dad. Good luck everyone. Catherine Egan 14 Jason Ct. 1 16 64 ’’Cathy " What ' s up! B-ball Softball CO-champs " 81 " Chicopee, After practice activities. Good friends B.M. D.L. E.M. J.L. D.S. Jackson Brown: Running on empty, gas it up. Jeep country, B.C. Camp Virginia Wicked Good!! (p. I) Mr. O ' s class The Church Many Parties ”B " — you crack me up kid. Thanks Judy! Thanks Mom and Dad I ' m outa here! Q tau yeen William G. Duserick 34 Robbins Rd. 1 29 64 " Duck” It ' s a great life — Oktoberfest 81 JP GR Instigation ... Jr Sr Class Sec ... 19 Dr A what’s soccer?? Big V? . . . JV’s QUIGS ED Mrs T 25B . . . LC and Fribbles ... No where Man Nogs for breakfast . . . good duys Don Cit Bob Crobb 7 Gould Gang . . . Eagles " The Girls” VS . . . Dr. Bones . . . Fitzie’s best DOC Miriam aka Knooks 3180 — only just begun Stev Terr ... SWYCO . . Franco Mily Beatles Thanx skip sue mom dad hoop. John Dvorak 72 Hillside Ave. 1 4 64 Vac Swing it. Bud, West St boys, Dallin, APD got me. Wonderland, Bedsox with Ben, point spreads. The “Animal " , Jed’s shotgun. New Years Eve at Colleen’s, morning head rushes at BCC, Who stole that keg?. The Bud Tub, golf cart down highway with Oak, The Drive-ins, key releases, TB’s pad. Who cooked your Eggs and Hammy? Canada, what me gamble? Hampton, Foreigner, Later. y Q. Qut lye) ' 34 ' Mary Beth Farinose 50 Hathaway Circle 4 30 64 MB I MB, Beetes, Hoodsie, Puri tan, The River, Semi 81 “Maybe in a week " , i The Rose — JM, Wang Clams, Punk Party, Sleezy sophs, junior Prom ! 80-81 Hit any Bikies Lately Os? Awesome, Moose, Thanks Mr Mac, Mr. Hanley -n- Charlie, X-country Sring Co-captain’s boys indoor, Andiamo, Heartbreaker, Anats, Cnem 1, Rescue time. Anchor? Kinks, Foreigner, ' Shawn, 8 10, vision, I trusted you. But Faranak Farrohi 53 Newland Rd. 7 7 64 The Beige Harley. The black Heart, LM, KH, TB, Jay’s Party. Snow, Guido, Gumby, Hector. Remember Fred. Sugar mama. FF, LM trouble, FF + bb, LM JD forever. The M girls, Peterpan’s. The big thumb. Hey, We never got caught. Billy Squirere’s, Matt, Terry, Remember the night with Nl, Who could forget. FSD. gypsy. BCS. Walking in the rain, Hey Honey! The unforgettable Friday night. Frank G. Egan 110 Mt. Vernon St. 4 3 64 “Francis " Thanks Mom + Dad, for Everything. ALLIANCE, Montreal, Molson Export, LAXE, LXIX — 69, SCV — 81, DCI 82, Montreal CS, DF, BC, SE, SS, OJ, AJ, DR, DS, MR, GR, JA, BC, EC, KCUF, Finn, DS, Prusik, Cook, Casey, Mr. Hall, Mr. G, The Corp, Fro, Bezo, Jr. George, Tom, Chris, Mark, Mike, Chicky, Nantasket Beach, Water slide. The Wall, Aga Mesue, Signing off, FOR GOOD, Franky . . . Barbara Erikson 48 Morningside Dr. 6 27 64 Paul 11-30-79 York Beach 10-4 LSTNT Hurricane. E.A. L.C. M.D. M.H. K.M. A.B. M.E. M. Best of friends. Good times with M. B. L.D. L. M. E. S. Ted’s point Bishop Mystic W. C. C. Mecove Drive-ins, The Shore with Eillen, House — Partys — Punch. Kinks, Seger, SSC — Bagged, Deadman’s Curve, Wild pair, P.C. R.V. 13 M. S. C. unwtaaf. My k, Hampton, bunkhouse. The Wall, The Stones, we ll miss you Eileen Love you Ma and Dad. David Falanga 38 Foster St. 6 7 64 " Dave ” Gayle — 4 26 80 Jr. Prom white limo 3 am Prom Party, Fast 5 JS B Cal, Green 7:15 gang am baseball. East Courts GN’ Labor Day Weekend " 81 " at CC dram BP -i- PG almost sickles Nantucket, MM phones SO, Best times in DP, Cape Summers, SF, PF, BF, JD, JG, BM, JP, DC, BC, LG, S + S veg 9 Kev and the horse, WIB JBH Sam late walks, Florida, Oh Really! Arlington House, Luv ya Gayle Thanks Mom + Dad. Kim Fanning 24 Mohawk Rd. 1 5 64 Alley cats Staggerin, Trips, Heights, Res, Zigs, take a walk India Red Room, Sandy’s at 5, LC BC 1st snow, MB, DC, CM, CN, DL, DV, IS, MV, ML, DS, MLT, Geils, Petty, Seger?, SDIW, Jacks, Dance Little sister DANCE, Bumping Elbows, PT, IT, VMS, Blood Sisters, JB, MA, BE, PT, JT, SR, JD, Lola, Best things in life , K.O. New Year’s, Cape Twins, J?, Freezin in Hampton, Laughing 10 31 80, $50 T O., CRASH, Shoulda Made It, Thanx Mom + Dad. S Robert Erickson 51 Kensington Park Bobby ; September test, Oktober test 81, Carey is here and yet . . . The books, ; Babies, " It’s a great life Bill " The Streak, Common Sense, Limo, " no I champagne on the way back ” Jonesbash 80 Mr. Hollywood " Erickson can : get a buyer ” Crobby and Bobby two rounds. Booze Cruise Tennis Frosh [ Soph Joe!? Esplanade 80 The Moose And in the end f Christopher Fahy J. 121 Newport St. 3 20 64 : LED ZEPPELIN, BUD’S PARTIES DOWN THE POND, Rebels, STONES, S BLAZES down the bridge KEGS, CAMB. BEERS. DOORS, PINK FLOYD, PW’s COOKOUT! DAWN OF TEH DEAD DESTROYING PARTIES. WHO II CONCERT 10 of 8’ WINTER OF 78. THE THREE STOOGES.! Who Cares I Don ' t! I’m GONNA BE A MILLIONARE! r yf qXo i ' yn C net ' ia Crystal D. Ferguson 12 17 64 Chris Big Sis . . . Thanks Mom and Dad ... To my special love Henry $ Boo $ Fudge . . . Always and Forever . . Indoor . . . Outdoor . . . Track . . . I’ve Come Such A Long Way But Yet The Journey Has Just Begun . . Good Times . Se. PJ. SA. AR? 9 and 10 PHS . . . The Joint . . . God Grant Me The Serenity to Accept The Things I Cannot Change, The Courage to Change The Things I Can and The Wisdom To Know The Difference . . . • Ron A. Finn 8 Frazer Rd. 1 14 64 Hoop From “Jaws” to Rock N’ Roll. Clinton Finn Prod, on location: Plymouth, Cape Cod. When will it end? Oxford St. Cellar. Kiss is here! So this is Sweet Leaf? Hallo ' s eve parties. Over to the Boot! Otto. Return to be Rocker. The hair grows n’ grows. Heavy CONCERTS! W. Worth ' s and Mary Sweeter Leaf — Spud. Rampage — Mace VFW to Min. Man. Crusin’! " Batcave " MW car and tree. I wish I could remember every day of these four years! They ' ll probably be the best, Thanx Mom Dad. Brian Fitzgerald 1 55 Scituate Street 7 28 64 Fitz Look out world. I ' m loose. 12 16 80 — Bruce. “Plenty of time. " Scituate after the Jr. Prom — Good Sruff. " The Old . . ” 10 28 81 — Foreigner. Later, Much. Rev. Beach; ’Cushing " . “Basically " . I.N.S.; Get Ottis. " Gutta Love it.” S S? “She’s O.F.F. “We’ " catch ya. " Thanks Mom Dad, for everything. Robert Fedele 1 1 Fabyan St. 5 4 64 Fiddle Frosh, J.V. Hockey champs. Varsity tennis champs. 80 81 Golf, Hack much, later, out of her on the Paper Sunoco C C Wisca, Good-bye Arlington High School!!! Kathryn Fenerlis 50 Oxford St. 3 28 64 “Kathy” Hideway, Herrina Greece, Summer 81. Billy, never forget. Labor Day “It’s a Heart Break!” The Song Remains the Same. “Oh Baby” RAWR! Driveinqs, GOYA, Ski Trip 79. CHURCH CHILDREN. Best of Friends C.A. L.P. V.P. L.C. Snubby Nights, “We Bad!” Yes . . . Forever the Rainbow Runs. Lou Pete the Best. “Love ya” Ma Ba. tr Scott Ferreira 22 Marion Rd. Arlington 8 7 64 4th period study . . . When we met . . . Jack D., the Farm, Star Parties, Kinks Concert, MR MOJO RISIN . . . GOTTA KEEP ON RISIN . . . David Ferry 11 Temple St. 8 27 63 Fez Thanks Ma For Eve hing. DF DD Party The Wall LXIX 69 OJ, FE, CS, DS, BS, SS, JA, Packy Runs. DF DD 4ever OJ SW Summer Of 81 Hampton Beach, Conn. NH NJ Led Zep Black Sabbath Iron man 666 Rum and Coke, Screw Drivers. Molsons Golden. AC DC The Mall Harley Davidson 1 Its Over. PARTY!!! LATER. Saura )tan€ Michael Foley 1 8 Ashland St. 4 5 64 Mike AJ, TB, EC, MBL, parties, ailing asleep, turtles, Mr.Kewwy, Christine, proms, semis. Chilly, Whats your name? Puddintane, peecil, Wheres the mouse?, Tina, wild Boznians, pool, umby Pokey, Sis, Ma, Muffins, red dentyne, moss in my ear, YBO, Moose, levi shoes, stork, BC, CD, YYY, another cousin?, summer 81, you mama. Dogs, Ruth ride 100 + , friends. Lets get Arlinel, ww Auds, Thanks Ma, Dad, R.K.E. f Paul W. Foley 101 Franklin Street “T " Barbara — 11 30 79 — 10 4 81 — LSTNT Hurricane York Beach, Nubble Light, Cribbage Anyone? Late Movies. Murph’s house Megansett Bay, Me and Mke — 1 V 2 , The Umbrella, Hat Party, Pop tent! Ya know me dude! Surprise! M.M, M.D, K.D, S.F, B.B., T.C., M.l.T. Weekens, The Who — 12 17 79 — I won’t get fooled again!! Foisy’s Class — Symbolism?? “Nothing is planned by the sea and the sand " — P.T. Qy ' Gz ' ta ci Terry A. Fitzpatrick 26 Norfolk Rd. 11 20 64 Blondie Hardy, Thompson, Mesc., SK, JS, NB, MS, KM, DL, MX, Pond, The Hill, All my love to Bryant, Thank you, J. Giels, Who concert 79. Valium could have helped that crash. Pudding Truck, Blizzard, Mr. Magoo. Once there was a way to get back home. Thanx Mom Dad. Memories — forever. Patricia Flaherty 44 Beacon St. 5 26 64 Tricia Good times w friends hot T’s dirty dozen + 3 concerts Cars KG? Westfield 8; am farm MDW 81 crazy rides Burl. Bound kidnapped AH EH ST Cape w LM Born to Run naturally dreams smiles rain + snow B friends; Walshie Conn. Jr. Prom NYE 79 80 MG DD mean joe CW Fla. Twins 1969 school days all nighters KCK Calif. Summer 81 Dad you were the BEST! Love ya Mom Joey Mary. Paul Flynn 6 Cottage Ave. 5 1 64 Finally out of here Waldo Mexicans S.D. J.A.S. C.M.T. Virg (C.S.) R.V. C.B. J.S. J. Geils Summer 81 Landit Stan, Brick Side Found ya brain yet Moe? KM MW, H. Bch NH Driftin Luv ya Jackie, Freebird First Night, Pond SK NB Nice to meet ya! Broob Bros Frank O ' s Donuts on way to prom FAHY GOT A BUTT, LATER, THANX MOM DAD. Q iticJzae yPau Stephen P. Foresta 98 Alpine St. 3 21 64 Steve Led Zeppelin . . . Doors . . . DFMS ... PJ. RJ. LMF . . Agnes . . Mike . . Good Times . . . JD . . . The Beach . . Hobie. Drums . . . Thanks Mali!! ???? Lobies . . boats. TP. TG. LD. SF. LS. MC. MC. JC. CKK. CCJ CAC. Vega. Patrol!! Glades!! Jack!. 442 Kashmir . . PAPA! JMP!!!! THE END . . . ROTS LAW goat!! STH . . . Auto THE ROVERPMP! JP. LCREBS Ramble ON Time I was on my way . . . JS . . . THE End of nights we tried to die Bye! Kiriaki Francis 78 Grafton St. 9 29 64 Corinne Thanks Mom + Dad! Brats Included! Love Ya! “Cori”, " Little Girl”, “Kit Kat”: “G. Night” L.B, L.P, N.H, R.D, V.P, D.D, K.C, M.M. Charlie ' s + Skate = Fall Down. “Thanks Guys!” “Double Time” L.P. + H.F., C.F. + T.C. “T. Petty,” “Stones,” “P. Benatar.” B . . . I . . . HA! HA! Page C.F. “Summer of 81” R + C R . . R . . ! “It’s the famous final scene” . . Thank God! “Later Joker!” u Carol Fraser 67 Milton Street 7 6 64 Cha 4-29-79 love ya! Virginia Beach Glouster msc Busch walk out 79 N.O. Here Come The Drippies Best Times B.R. Miss Ya! T.L. Parties DC Good Times Bad Times M.G. What happened last night Van Halen Led Zep I did it Dave STEP Sorry Ma Dad How Can I forget 13 the balls! Our Family Secret Thanks Cha I love You! Margaret Frazier 6 Huntington Rd. Arlington 11 7 64 Peggy MUSIC DEPT. 1! G S, Cabaret, Madrigals, Concert Choir, first place hetitage music festival! harmonaires. Fourth Estate, “wicked ’, Menotomy Minutemen, Westbrook, Conn " 81” “TS” “awesome ” J BS Hampton Beach “80”, Moseley ' s, Mrs. K. Mr. T. gas em’, nay-nay, SR. Prom, Bible, Peglet, party at Gabe’s KH, CS, AH, JW, Thanx Mom and DAD, ILY YOU ' RE THE BESV.W Jennifer Gallagher 9 Putnam Rd 2 14 64 Love Ya All; Pam Joyce Polly LH MP J J JM KD CK AS PV CC HB SP MS H. I ' m finally free Party in commons, Takin Trips, Concerts, The All night party — sculine Bud Mols Heinys Hooch. Beat the system. Cruising. Halloween ' 81 ' . SUMMERTIME! To All the Good Times. Go by with a little help from my friends special love to my darling Tim. Love to Dad, Bless Mom. Lorrie L. Gampp 120 Hutchinson Rd 10 13 64 Best wishes to all my friends of A.H.S. A new world is waiting for us with new horizons, dreams, and friends. Thanks Mom, Dad, Terry, and Carol. (Cindy L., Jane R., Debbie K., — the Vamp, John D,, sooner or later, Brigitta, Joachim, Frosty, Stewart, Mash — 4077, Art, German, Rubix, Out at last.), BYE. John V. Frangioni 128 Rawson Rd. 3 27 64 Franco WE ' VE DONE IT ALL! Sheila, Chick, Scairze, Crobb, Da, Red, Duck, Cit, Don Dictator, Dr. Bones, Sat, Pillsy, Jill my Cactus Flower, Viv, Aud, Panic Joe, Mr. T, Mr. H, Animal, the Emperor, V. Tiberius, The Basement Band, Forget Carey and marry Me Fitz, Lookout, Raincheck?, Mumm’s the word, the plague, F C Landscaping, Band Trips, Relax, Thanks Mom, Dad, David, Greta. Peter Frankudakis 11 Sagamore Rd, 11 16 64 C P U. Rules, Goodie, Mac, Bo, Doug V soccer, Devo, JD, Hollywood, Strws, GREEK the toilet paper capers The Hole in the wall gang df bg mf sept — emberfest green bottles, Maca Rock Bruce, Tramps like us baby we were born to run. Bob Seger, Styx, Bonfires, Thorndike COU The Night game, CHTN, H, Jim Matt) Andy Goin mobile, the moose is loose brewest. MB, FC, DL, GK, DB, EV, S Why th ville Angela, Thanks Mom Dad. Paul Frederick 18 Magnolin St. 2 25 81 “Fred” EQUIPMENT MGR. VAR. Football 1980; 81 EQUIPMENT MGR. VAR HQCKEY 1980-81, 1981-82 . . . Eagle Scout Freshman Football P.M.S.R. PARKER MOUNTAIN STAFF . . . LABOR DAY WEEKEND AT P.M. S.R. BUD Head of a Moose U.S.A.F. Have a good one Thanks, Mom and Dad. Peter Furey 155 Warren St. 2 15 64 “Well, let me tell ya about Texas Radio and the Big beat”. Bunny rabbits!, J. Lennon — R.l. P., a few cocktails . . ., Twist Shout, Frodo Lives!, Moody Blues 7 15 81, reunion at Stowe 2 15 81, one bash too many. Judith M. Gardner 12 Newland St. Arlington 6 11 63 " JU” Fred 80 MD, BT, AH. BC, YG, AJ, DJ, LM. LB, WD, SJ, BPP BURL BILLERIC A memories in med sq 1 per . THEY EYE OPETVER - Summers gang Symes nursing home do you have any gum? Getting stick in the sand . . Wareham NH Br DD wkends Prom night RC CA MLKD WALKout 3 Lunches Tree Mr. C’s Eng class! JOURNEY . . STONE IN LOVE Maine away thanx Ma Pa. Later AHS. Robert Geary 4 Wright St. 8 14 64 Bob BURIED FLUFFY . . . Cliches by the barrel full . . Catch the Plague!!! AH, SG, FH, TMB . . , The List . . . John Q. Public is alive and well and living in Bellevue . . . Chess tests . . Jazz Band, G + D show, etc. etc What Debating Team ???!! Jim from Worcester is still alive too. " And so on and so forth and all that jazz,” . . . Bad oogia bahp IT Was Not !!!! Q- MaryEllen Giolito 9 Vista Circle 2 9 64 Tom, summer of 81 " Tm Hungry” Doors, Stones, Seger, Petty, Kinks, Those trips to Hampton and the Cape — J.D. hurt me bad, to bin bridge. 25c always remember AH, AR, CW, PF, MG, MM, MH, TC, CV, MG. Mom ' s Datsun good fun! Thanx for the auto “Wine is fine but whiskey ' s quicker. Suicide is slow w. liquor. Take a bottle drown your sorrows, then it floods away tomorrows” HiLo — CS, MS, DP, DH. North Conway Weekend, later people I’m outta here. I made it right to the end, Mr. Hall. Dean Girdis 210 Wachusett Ave. 5 6 64 Foreigner, Caddying at B.C.C., Havard Square, Look at his tie. Tail gunner, Quarter Flash, Video Game Mania I’m addicted. Let it Snow, Celtics 1, Pat Benatar, FS, 1001, 76ers tae tihs. Journey, Asteroids, Pig out. Heavy Metal, Bicycling, Billy Squier, Quarter Flash, See ya A.H., Had a great time. Thanks Mom and Dad. Q, it. Silke Georgi 6 Lombard Ter 07-17-64 V. and spring soccer, 13, indoor track, M B you Vision, Clams, Papa Joe — ugh. Soph Sleazes of Jr. Prom, sorry Meghan, Dana, Laurence, Marias, Sparky, Rosie, going to Qrch? Summer 81 with C C, J H, I K and Moose, N U a freshman, Meridy’s jokes.. The Slummer Villains, sleepovers. Good luck to everyone who isn’t a copout! Germany, Danke Freunde and Familie, Bye. Nancy J. Ginivisian 42 Summit St. 7 18 64 FINALLY — T.S: J.L; Tina; Gail; G.W; K.C; G P, (Parrot); J.J. D.G. K.T. — A.A. F.D. J.K. — C.Q.C. — H.B. — Mrs. L — pass, dismiss, Schedule. BA’s BT’s — Really? Mt. Greylock — Little one. Kid, Child — proof, shop classes — PJ — Pickle — Help! SS Van — M.P. — Summer — 81 with Love and Thanks to Many! Joanne Gold 72 Morningside Dr. 8 13 64 Cape Cod 81, Best of times with Eileen and Kathy. Timothy’s Two, Jessica’s, J.B. on ice that’s NICE! Vermont, Seabrook, skiing. Complex, DRUMMERS, and Smurfs. Nephews and Nieces, MS Q’s class, Spags, FINE! Death Rides House B, ACE’S HIGH, RB, TB, DC, KD, RH, EK, GM, CM, EQ, JK, DR, Comeau’s Coffins, JR. Semi . . . Limos! Bud is Wiser, my window, Laquidara the Band . . . Thanks Mom and Dad. n iYfi r n Scott D. Graff 109 Scituate St. 1 21 64 " Bird” Later AHS I would like to wish all my friends and classmates the best of luck in the future. Always remember the good times and forget the bad. Being with friends always brings good times for me, Craig, Rich, Kevin, Frank, who, and 2 every one else in the clan, most of all I enjoy being with you Lynn. Thanks Ma Dad for being there, I love you both, Scott, Bye. Bill Groves 51 Melrose St. 10 6 64 " Buba” YEM, WAC, cue, AND PAV — CROTTY ' S CLASS, NO BUBA. CLUCA, BIKEING, CAMPING, HIKEING AND FISHING, VGRGOM. RKTS STREET HOCKEY FREE TIME, GOOD YEAR. THANKS MOM AND DAD. Bruce Guarente Homeroom 231 No more A.H.S. A lot of parties and good with a lot of decent people and many more to come. Good times at the Projects. The Stones 1 maybe someday. Graduation A bash in itself. A.H.S. FOUR years of high times, ol a good year for concerts. Black Sabbath concert Sept. 80 what a night. The snooter up o ' s with o And Rae, Lous shop Four years of good times. Thanks mom and dad for all the help. 40 Laurie Golding 31 Peter Tufts Rd. 7 4 64 Field Hockey, 31, GBL Champs ' 80, Indoor Track, Soccer, " Laurence”, " Golding — girl”. Clams, Cody’s 2nd, Study Buddies, “Lori 2”, " Squamp ' em”. Sparky, typical, 4Y? thanks JP, HTE — BE, Thanks My Friends, Luv you Mom, Dad, and Grandpa. Mark Goodhue 52 Pine Rd. 7 9 64 Goodie Shoe CPU 1 BO MAC Pete Caddy European Ranch and Jones Parties Drive ins H.I.W.G. 81 Sept Fest Letters Moose Group Carmen MB LG BC and everyone else Bruce Born to run Instigator Sonny Guyana Juice Burtons 3V-Soccer C Paper Capers Night Game Emit Duck 2 Devos Doug Ark JD 3V-Tennis GBL Champs 2X Commander and Co. Remember I Love you Viv Thanks Mom and Dad. Q ir te Ze Karen M. Griffin 128 Scituate St. 5 8 64 Griff " 23” Danny 7-16-81 ILY CW, MG, TF, AH, KW, JM, MS ILY Dirty DT 3 Homestead Summer of 81 Gears Weekends — Pool Hoppin TF House Orty’s Here comes the sun 4:30 am all those laughs Anne I found Hampton Ply Maine Westfield Concerts Cars TF? FARM 8:AM NYE TAXI’S Cookouts Fender Bender B — Detention Clubs Buddies Semi — Am — I — Home Prom C-B-R Poems Jr VP Thanx for the memories Luv Ya M D FJ, DT, TB, CAT. Katherine Grimanis 49 Bow St. Arlington 5 3 64 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. SC — AT — ZO friends forever aummer 1980 in lovely Greece Photography choir Fourth estate Track Medical Careers To my teachers. I’m grateful! Elaine, thanx sis To my parents, you have given me a set of values on which to base my life — panta the ehete olimou tin agapi mostly it was the best of times. u eset ' to I Sangeeta Gupta 9. Court StPI. Arlington 5 29 64 ; BEST OF FRIENDS ALWAYS AND FOREVER PUJ! MY FAVORITE J.D. 1, S, T, S, NOW STONES CONCERT MR MACS HISTORY CLASS SR J CONVENTION GREAT TIMES KEEP SMILLING PHYSICS WHAT A ) BLAST MK SZ DHJ WHAT “SUP? KEEP IN TOUCH GOOD BYE A.H.S. I MEMORIES ARE FOREVER lAM OFF TO FOLLOW MY DREAMS THANX MA AND PA! i Michelle A. Hallee 47 Maynard St. 5 31 64 I Life is a bowl of cheeries, G + S Stage Manager, Yearbook, Symmes, Playtime, Germany!, College, I want to be a Smithy, Chinese Fire Drills, Homework? What’s that?. New Year’s in Maine, Sue we re locked in, I have a flat tire. Love ya Sue, Which Bob?, Men will be men. How profound. Sue, Arpi, Maura, Diana, Gabe, Joe, Billy, Chris. Me straight?. Prom fiasco . . . Thanx Mom and Dad. Anthony P. Hamwey 43 Stone Rd. 11 2 64 Tony GD, WD, JC, RM, SV, CC, NK, LL — Monte Carlo — Blasten guitar, stereo, drinken beers, the path, the woods, greenwood, Gregs, First flip out RM, the pump, out the window, going to school? I’m legal, 6:45, no home work, lazy. Sabbath R.I., AC DC Orpheum, VH, Ozzy, Motorhead, summer fun, driving, hit parked, bike accident, “but everything works out”. Christine Hanson 22 Webcowet Rd. Arlington Chris Best times with best friends — RM, LH, COD, PR, NM, HL, DL, MD, VM, BESS, DW, RB, DMA, FJ, BDP — IMJDVA — Scums — Class of 81, cheering — Millie, Semis-Proms, high school, Menots, bonfires. LTYD, road trips, Sr. Convention, Hampton — 80, the Cape, NH, bashes at Kessie’s — Gall’s, dancing recitals. Dims — Pauline, Swing It! Thanks Orty and Mr. Lavery, Miss you Dad, Love and thanks Mom. John Guiney 143 Forest St. 5 31 64 Veg Crusin topless in the Galaxie, Mustang, Polara, MGA, What a Vegg, S S = S, You Don’t have to Drink to have a good time, 9, The Party At my house, SYF Ski trips MT, BS, PL, RH, Partys Fts At Daves. Chester, Is It there in the summer, 47 Ford, Stealing Signs, Getting Stuck, Swim Team Chorus Band trips. Awesome now Thats inaredable, mindless. Thanx Mom Dad Ann Amy Gary Gulesarian 95 College Ave. 11 6 63 Center-Wall M.S. M.C. C.B. P.D. M.C. J.B. Camero, Baseball, Sullivan Station, Augustines Q fa Ze Julie Hallice 8 Brantwood Rd 1 15 64 It’s finally over. Lot’s of Luck to MM, RC, MD, JP, MF, LG, SG, BN, working at Medi Mart, candy striping. Track, sprint — jog, dismissals with Martha, Jr Prom, baby smurf, I want to drop down, piano, summers at the Cape, Thanks Mom, Dad, Maureen, Jack, Joe — I love you. Neil Hamparian 47 Stowecroft Rd. “Hampa ” Those below 0° blazes under the bridge. Wild weekends Thorndike Pond Projects Cooper Weekend — Who’s " Dennis” The Boulevard, Hampton Check it out Demarks Terrorizing in my Bomber Hit -t- Runs. One tall too many — ST, EH TF, PD, CF, MB, PW Sue T. Mike’s Cellar Stratton Bashes 50’s with Stu Snee storms with Carter proms with PH -i- LR O’S Jug “Finn’s” Room Mental Barry Bows. My Epi phone mwpd ccd rtd. Maureen Harrington 64 Brantwood Rd. 9 6 64 KARL 8 9 81 T. FAIR: FTL, Best of friends EM, AB, EA, KM, BE, LC, Live free or die Hampton 5 25 81 Busted Parties at Ted ' s point. Shore, WCC, Bishop Kathy’s Party 8 1 81 All nighters Seger, Kinks Concerts York Beach 80 Halloween 81 Stoned, Catch A Buzz, Buds, Rum Coke Punch parties 80, press box, miss ya’s LM, ES, MB, LD, Semi, Prom 80 Miss ya Eileen. Paul Harrington 64 Brantwood Rd. 10 16 83 Harry Lynne ILY. 80, and so on. Blue Oyster Cult 2x, Hampton beach. The cape in 81, BD falling asleep at the wheel. Lions, Dan ' s apt., partying 79 80 81 82, Toot, the pond, the lot, and everywhere else, Jr. Prom, Thanks Mom Dad, MH, DH, TH, MH, EH, Elinor, Cathie, Al, Where there ' s a will there’s a way! California all the way! Laura Havern 86 Scituate St. 7 14 64 Hava Best of Friends, DP RM CO WR CH MH MF BD LM LD ES DV MB, Class of 81, Cheering, Scums, Rob . . ., Acks, Hampton, N. Conway, LTYD, AHS nights, ROAD TRIPS, Cess ' parties. Sat. Nights, Grad. B-Que, Mr. C ' s, 3 pk attack, D’s in NH, Comp. Lounge, Rascals, LitI Earls, Semis, Proms, Sen. Convention, Crash 81, BB party, Betty’s, NHC, D. Dozen we made it. Class of 82 swing it, Thanx Mom Dad Love Ya, Bye AHS. Chris Hawkes 28 Rublee St. 5 8 64 " EJ” The Den, Den Roulett. Make him wear it. Kozmo the Belmont Prowler, the great escape. Late night excursions. AM The Breadline. The gang. Straight away FE BA CA JE (SW). BCC with slik and Jake. It wouldn ' t fit. Caddy life. Smily. Hojo’s at the Cape. C Sq. Lunch with Pinky and Phil. JF, KMK, Joe. Hen Drill, Wal, Jim Wudy, Fluke, Lousy, Kev. red and blue. Swing it. 42 James Harding 23 Sawin St. 5 25 64 Van Parties, 70 Stange, 67 Chevelle SS, BUDS Scituate Party, Laconia NH, Braintree Parties Biken To Hampton, Rt 2 Donut, P.C., Old Friends Do You Trust ME Now, Quick Cash, Meadows Serious Bake Out, Summer Of 81, Bridge Fires Cottage For A Day, Over Heating In N.H. Cellar Parties, L.G., Real Friends Where’d The Road Go, Just Partying Class Of 82 Great Times Keep In Touch No More House Masters Thanks Mom Dad I ' m Gone. Jeff S. Harding 131 Crescent Hill Ave. 12 8 64 THE FARM . . . Boston Hill, Unemployment Hill . . . Menots . . . Clem . . . Rick’s Shack “81” . . . Dave, Joe, Ralf, Ben, Jim, Milt . . . The Boys Are Back In Town . . . Budman . . The Doors . . . Stones . . . J. Geils ... V. Hockey " 2 " ... I Want To Party With You . . . Don’t stop until you drop . . . Thanks Mom and Dad . . . Later AHS. Robert Harrington 52 Kenilworth Rd. 9 28 64 " Bo” CPU Mac Pete Goodie Doug, Summers in Maine Johnny Rob Tim Denise Lynn Di Joe JJ HRS’s Jensen BOC Journey, Green Bottles Bruce — Dec. 19, 1980 Born to Run, “Will we ever walk in the sun?” Backstreet Deluxe, Targ, Ranch Parties, Soph JV Hoop — " Say it isn’t so Quigs!” 80, 81, 82? GBL Net Champs, The Center, Pusti Rules, Em, Dike Summer of 80, Hole in the Wall. Thanks Ma Dad. Nancy Ann Hazeltine 26 Pine Street 3 12 64 Nance I can’t believe it — I actually made it! SS w. TW CV CD. Trace, got a bag — walking home from MGM — peanuts in the attic — dead skunks on Grove St. Those were the days!!! Jr. Prom — Blue Nun. Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Rest in peace. Dad 12 1 80, Thanks Mom, I LOVE YOU!! KMH ebrmad cd cv tw pc kh BYE A.H.S. Later — MUCH!!!!!! Carolyn Heavern 72 Tufts St. 1 31 64 Arlington Lil We all need someone to lean on: KJ, PS, KW, TF, EH, KG, SC, LR, LP, ST, SK, MAC Gettting to Know you: NB, SK, MO, EM, RM, G, 00, TO, OD, PJ, DW, HE, AT, NICK? I thought you were a . . . MB 9 27 81 boat crash on Charles Bad Co. AM Seger Florida 80 Love ya Loa! tabbed at Spy All nighters, Kessie Dot ' s Parties My Sis Pat Nice Buns Jr Prom Horror Show 10 6 79 Peg always knows what to say Love Hurts Love Thanx mom and dad. aum CSd. Q Ka Q I . Elaine Hennessey 34 Cleveland St. 1 0 24 63 Jerry 11 27 79 Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away Hampton Your Hand In Mine We Walked The Miles Sheraton Kidnapped 4 Times Burlington Bound NC, PP, TMS H H 1st period LP, AH, ST, TF, KG Good Luck Cessie With A little luck it all has ended Anne Thanx Mr. Mrs. B I love ya Jerry. Larry Higgins 1 57 Highland Ave. 9 22 64 Hog . Hog V. Football soph. J.V. hoop v. hoop? The animal drill, 10-6 pusti power " I am " biggie biggie BIG! Halloween 1980 Pu’s Ladder should 1 have done it Frank. ' O.T.R.” You don’t got it Joe. Hold on Zach. How’s ’ your cut Rich. “The PUMP” Swimming Pete? 123, 1 Ron! The Blues li Brothers The Combo " CAPS” 8 in a row. “White Memorial” P. SRR. HJG : ASD RB, GZ, FW, BR, PM, JM, MS Gen CBMC. Thanks Ma Dad. f w. ■ yyyaf i een I Laura Hinckley 21 Montague Street 4 2 64 ‘ Hinks” Finally Free! So long AHS, it ' s been real. Good times with Holly, KK, KC, JM, HS gang, Jeff and Hoodsies. Best times with Rob will never be forgotten. MONEY, Let ' s go, WHO are you? Nobody knows, SNOW. Tige Tene 1 81. HEAD GAMES. Thanx Ma Nana ILU, Hold out 2 26. Dad. In the Dart. Foreighner, Straight away, STONES, CHANGES, WILL TOMORROW LIKE YESTERDAY FADE AWAY? Margaret M. Hegarty 22 Crescent Hill Ave. 5 26 64 Hags Majorettes, Capt., S.C., track. High School, Menots, Brighams, Week-ends at Hampton 81’, Proms Semis, Sr. Conven., Carries Bashes, Gails, Scum, Louie Louie, almost bag’d. Swing it!. Boyfriend?, Best of Friends RM, TM, LH, CO, DP, CH, LM, CN, LD, MB, ES, MKCR Mug, Leaves are falling around its time I was on my way but thanks to you I’m much obliged for such a pleasant stay. Thanx Dad! Miss you Ma! yarn re ice Qyfi ( ii Edward J. Hogan Jr. 32 Arnold St. 7 28 64 “The Gang” — Bob, Dave, John, Murph " Those Crazy Nights I Do Remember” Karen H. Sue at the Zoo “Yours Is Not To Question Why It Is To Do Or Die” Say it again Murph . . Lookin’ for a horse (singular form) KM, CC, NG, SC, JG O. N. I. R. E. T. A. C. U.S.A.F. U.S.M.C. Thanks Ma and Dad. Kathleen Hogman 190 Overlook Rd. 7 22 64 Kathy Concert Choir; Madrigals; AH, GR, TA; Harmonaires; G S; Caberet; Mystic, Conn., the disco, 1st place; PF, RD; Worcester, Ma., 2nd place; N.E. District; Menotomy Music; DC, ST; Westbrook, Conn., MP, the Follies; MMMM; Mass II Regt., N.J. 18 mi; Sudbury; Dave’s parties; Caveman; summer camp, Andy; Scott, Paul, Patty; ski trips; 2A stop sign; EW, BW, AP; “skip it”; I’ve got it”; Stu Moore; No. A; EB. 43 Q o f e i CS’ zi teQ . QM. ey Joanne Hurley 53 Wibur Ave. 6 13 64 JoJo " BLUEFROG " FRIENDS Always — ED, PC, MJ, MP, LS, MM, GC” “THE BOAT " " HAMPTON " 81 " RAH-RAH " " M " TALKS, Cand CFs Kathy L parties 4th Weekend surviving at the tree. Cleaning CD off the new rug HIGH MUNCHING “does anyone know where we are? " " OH MARIE, who has the keys?” THE CELLAR " O.K, BOSS” the one and only KNOW MIND — who hits traffic-lights LOVE YA MOM and JOHN — Thanks. Nancy J. Holden 87 Grafton St. 9 8 63 Fance Katherine Gibbs SPARE ME DREAM ON “j” Girls-nite = KC, CF, LB, DD, LP, RD, MM, VP The Van Hampton Friday nites Canada GSG Skating YA, YA, GH, AC, HA Kelly Ypull always Be My Little Sister The Blue Car BC I W A L Y DD The Medford Dl ' s Love And Thanks Mom Billy Kevin David Later Jokers. Anne M. Hurley 66 Ridge St. 11 27 63 We only remember what we choose to remember. EH, KG, CW, TF, MG, ST, LP, JM, LS, CH, LG JManna Michael. Here comes the sun 4:30 am, all those laughs Karen. Taxi’s, Marbles, Jr. Year, H-i-H, Lysol, Wednesdays, Kahlua, Elaine?, All those nights. Faded memories. Time it was and what a time it was. Thanks Orty I Did It My Way . . . The Last Assembly? Valerie lannelli 61 Newland Rd. Arlington 7 21 64 Good times with Brian 12 5 79, Luv Ya. Thanks Mary, Good Luck! Jealous lover. Jr prom break sown, sn prom drunkiness. Guardian angel ... we are wilder! J.P. that pap 10 16 81. Labor day “81” takin a slide R C remember . . . bottles not cans. What? . . . snow. N.F. O.F. md cb js pw ma. Good-bye A.H.S. Tony Imposimato 56 Edgehill Rd. Arlington 9 26 64 Imp Target Practice, Hey BO BO, J.V. Hockey-champs V Tennis — champs. Golf, back much? W.C.C. Captains class. Freak Grey’s, JP, BF, GD, JC, AND ze-ze. Ditch the cops much? Menots, Go Nuts, It’s been a pleasure. eyfe c£ . O m oMmafo Maria-Jose Isold! DeRamos 309 Lake St. 11 6 63 Ziza I am from Brazil — By the way. My mother Language is Portuguese, Not Spanish! I came to the United States just some moths ago, because my Mother is taking a PHD Program at M.l.T. I’m glad for this opportunity to learn English and get to know more about America and Americans. I want to major in Chemistry, At College. But really and truly I’d rather be a Homemaker! David Jacovides 5 West St. 12 10 64 Jay Summer of 81, Cal, IV, Cal Girls, Butch, The Toad 1, Do Me! Three Finger Willy, The Human?? Animal Drills, JV-Ball, V-Ball?? You Guys? The Runs, The Boots, Goya PREZ HA! SKI TRIP BAGS, You girls got soft beds!! Greek style! Uncle Briquella, Cliff Dives, Destruction of Bel. Chopper!! Bel Res. School of Finger Roll Val, Imy G A, Labatts, DICK! Ma Dad uj, ILY Do It Like This. ! Q io f We Wla VI f e Q- f(. ) Harry Jean 90 Robbins Rd. 7 9 62 Joe Joe . track v. Basketball V. Football, All Ment nothing Good times, Party 20 car. All nighters Beatles, Stones, Geils, The Cars constructions stinks . . WHAT? SAP! no way. For Sureman, YVP Forget it A.H.S. no more. Gerald E. Jenkins 58 Maynard St. 1-25-64 " Jenks” Don’t beliebe I made it . . . Ted ' s 1 . . Stratton . Kinks Foreigner two crashes (WOW). T, SF, MD, BECK, MM, TC, JA Good Parties This Bud’s for you Kegs . cruisen . Frosh BB skip? APD neber got me! . . see ya . ya gotta Love it . . P.S. Quivers HA! HA! HA! Diana Juers 43 Cedar Ave. 1 1 16 64 At THIS TIME I MUST SAY THANKS TO HERMIE, BERTHA, AND IGNATIOUS. WITHOUT YOU CHEMISTRY LABS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE SAME AND WHAT ABOUT THE PERFECT LAB-TRIO? NO ONE CAN COME CLOSE TO DOING THE MISTAKES AND CAUSING HEADACHES THE WAY WE DID. GOOD-BYE TO MH, GC, JK, LT, MP, SR, PR, BE, WD, JO, AB, LH. AUGH! GOOD BYE MY FELLOW IONS NEUTRONS AND ELECTRONS! Daniel Jones 21 Kensington Rd 6 15 64 Bones W ' T MS to all: Duck’s buzzed and Kemp is here. The Streak is dead Fluffy buried. Annoying is but Paul’s Quintet never was, JB Reeses will always be Guyana Moose once were. The Cball’s back and babies grown yet with Common Sense Durhur’s spirit gone and BG cliches DJ curls done. Pineal Gland remains untried So Cut throats relax Os gambit is declined. Now What Guess. Garry Jean 90 Robbins Rd. 7 9 62 V-Football, V-Basketball, Triple overtime in Med ’81, Grey’s Sunoco, Enjoyed my Senior Year, Good Times Jimmy, Brian and Mike, Mrs. Urban — English, Mrs. Bornstein — Best Three years of French. Put your love in the music and the music can’t go wrong. CLASS OF ' 82 " . Karen Jennings 22 Sherborn Street 4 4 64 KJ Steve 10-2-81 ILY. LiL, P, K, D, S, K, S. Pri-ight PB 81. All-niters w T, W. M, B, D, P, T. DD Magic Bus. Kinks 80. Princi, 80, 7-4-80. The bean, L.E. KW LTD 1000, WA. Seger; Jeff. Bad Co. 79 W LIL, Anna. AH for pres! Debbie your the 1st. Summer of 81, Hampton Bound. DD’s parties. JGB; Cessy, SMT, Dirty Dozen 3. Thanx MOM AND DAD. Later AHS. qH. ' o es ’ f ' tay a C ' y wfitxts yac) Eric Kapilian 26 Hawthorne Ave. 7 17 64 Kap The Farm, Brigie’s Parties, menots ... Hit the deuce! Frog crisis . . PaPa Joe, Norton runs Yabo ' s " lunatic " Harvest a few Brews . . . Saturday night parties with Michelob, Heineken, Molson Ale . . . Budweiser Gookfood Booze cruise P.C, R.M. (MOE), D.S., L.S., Maine L.C., J.S., Where did my car go, B.J.? The office, run out of gas start to push. Kathy D. Forever Thanks mom dad see ya A.H.S. Timothy Charles Keaveney 36 Rublee St. 10 28 64 Kev All Nighters at Ben ' s sum. 79, Den memories, B.OC. Road trips. Laughing with Flynny Rob, West ST. Alicies, up Dallin at 8:00, the Chester Hens, excursions, Katherine, Woodey, " Pack the Cooler " the caddie life, two racks, the green Ghost, toolin L.N., B.C.C. Thanx Ma, I ' m dusting, swing it. Y4 Y Robert Kelly 40 Margaret St. 5 19 81 Kell — Bob POND — WALDO — PROJECTS — KEGS — LOST FINGERS — BUDWEISER — Thanks, Jack for the help — Walkout — Junior Prom Mother and Dad, Thanks and I love you Kathy, Patty, Ellen, Jack, Jimmy, Kevin, Thanks, for being there M.R. T.J. C.C. Favorite Cousin Les Paul C.B. D.F. What a wedding I’ve got to get out of this place. What a girl Start Me Up. Sandra Keatley 29 Lakehill Ave. 10 4 64 Been the best MS, NB, JS, TF, KM, MX, DL, N.F.Y. PAUL 12 1 78. Good times SC, SK, PS, KJ, BC, DR, Hardy 78, Thompson 79. Spy Pond. Love hurts. Famous Final Scene, L.D.W. Hampton, Against the wind G.P. BP. MS. JK. PC. MOE my eyes are soo swollen. S.T. E.P. K.W. Boston Grinder. Fathers, Growing with the changes. Thanx Moe, Wild Horses the hill. Thanx n Love Brian, Mom. Maria Kaliontzis 23 Pine Ridge Rd. Arlington 8 10 64 Late for class. Lunch, Labs, GBL, Fieldhockey, Tourney, Busrides, M.M,s Track, class at Brighams, Up, Up and away. CIT, AMF, N.B. " ... Two Roads diverge in a wood; and I took the one less traveled by, and that is what has made all the difference.” Thanx teachers and especially Mom and Dad. Yes Mom you survived! Tracy Kanelos 331 Marrett Rd. Lexington 10 9 63 Munch mouth Harry 7 9 79 Love ya, best times ever with you. Never forget ya Woof. AKU, Victoria St. Hampton The Cape. Junior Semi with Harry, Billy and Cindy camping with DK, DR, DP, JV. Charlies, Pay ya back later. Space Inv It’s Finally over Mr. Hall Good Luck you Guys! Thanx Mom and Dad I made it! o iV i I ea iieney Maura Keelan 15 Greeley Circle 6 17 64 Mau I ' m not a librarian! Way! laater! T. Petty, Kinks, Cars. Carole, Chris, Trish, Margaret. Great times! Lovie 8 24 80 Touch and go — I’m not a twin! Sat. Night Hockey — CH, KC, MP, FS, LY, B DD, K L, RG, ML, BS Foxy WW Kinky Superfreak — you ' re NOTHIN’ Joycie, Swing it! Baby! Proms semis Suffolk Guys Go for it Thank you M. Burns Weekends were made for . . . Thanks Mom and Dad Luv ya! Eileen Kelly 53 Quincy St. Arlington 5 22 64 Nini Donna you’re the best Joann Me best of times thanx to AJ UG 3 BM KT FJ TD Erin Haverhill bound packy run i Tried It On Ice, Its Nice RHR6T5C Jrsemi 21 i mos Comps SC Jr Prom CRASH Watch yourself Tim my talks — Mr. Columb thanx Mickey JP, TM, JM, DS, KD, TCI 43 kdr Tbeo Jo’s window I’m hungry Its for you M D H Joanne Me still hanging I Love you Mom Dad. 46 Monica Kennedy 21 Highland Ave. 11 8 64 Spoon River Anthology — Mr. Roberts — Jay Sullivan — Kathy Davies — Gabe Capolupo — Bible — Espanol — Hey chickee! — World’s Greatest Dancer? — What a Spaz! — Wings — Voice — Senitmental Journey — Drama — Speech — R.R. — feeling sand — La Hospital General — The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie — We’re off to see the wizard — Elementary School Teaching Hitting T.T. across the face in Drama senior — Thanks MOM. David J. Kenney 143 Waverly St. 3 22 64 Bud WONDERLAND QUINIELAS. joe Cool. H6n Drill. Bass. Weres The Party. Jim. AL. ML. TK. Pigeon, 7 Foot Two Handers. THEDEN. Good Night John Boy. Thanks Mom and Dad Weeere. Q-4L Hfca Justine A. Kent 60 Hillside Ave. 12 21 64 Swimming — O and what? What a team! Tennis, Fag, Slap! Wilson’s, This is true. I’m psyched! Born to Run — S. Skiing, Everything is FUN, B.C. Boatride, Where’s the food?! Ground Round, Things can only get better — right? AEK — Chem Labs, Inga!! WPI Jr. English, Not Bad! Espanol, Oh Lord! What Next? Deborah King 43 Walnut St. 9 29 64 VOLLEYBALL, WE ARE TRULY AWESOME JW, MT, LO, AT, HC, MT, RTP TOURNAMENT 80’ BASKETBALL, SOFTBALL, S.T.L. THANKS MOM, DAD, BILLY, DONNA. Alexandra Kokaras 55 Venner Rd. 5 8 64 Animal? We re gonna play some pool, skip some school, act real cool, stay out all nite — it’s gonna feel alrite 12 20 80. Jeff — There goes my baby, There goes my only one . . Too much ain’t enough. Baby loves to rock. The Cape, The library. Uncle Russ, Timmy and the 69 F.F. never die! Need a beer? . Haffenreffer. Even the losers get lucky sometimes, and I did when I found you — I love you Jeff, Forever. Karl Kowalski 71 Richfield Rd. 12 4 64 ’Killer” Ksquared, Killer, Captain, Walter; all names I will remember with a vengeance . Along with pi and e and i and z . Thanks Mom Dad, I and especially American Tourister . . No more PDP8 e or slide rules or J Tl-35’s Shooting up at 6:45 and again at 5:00 . . . Eating at 10:00 J sharp BASIC COBOL FORTRAN Hi Bill Rubik’s Cube . . . 1 D D. Platinum. Goodbye AHS . Sofia Kleftis 39 Harlow St. 2 26 64 Sof PEG — Eternal Friends, KJ LIL — Good Times, Mac, AM, KW, LH, DP, JD, NB, NO, JS, MS, SK, Pond Co, Conflused BC — ? MC — hot cocoa a cold ocean, Hampton, “OLD FRIENDS” CC’S 4-ever, Tilton, Sun Morn News Father’s, David — Always Jim — unbelievable, Mr. S Maggie Thanxs, Love Hurts, When things go wrong, don’t walk away, BK, CK, MK — Luv Luck, MOM DAD — Times change But Not the Love THANKS. Cassandra Klotz 38 Forest St. Arlington 1 17 64 Memories are forever: D.V., C.S., P.N., P.W., F.H., C.R., M.R. and the rest. Miss ya Dave. Brighams, Antonios, Sandys. F.U. B.A.R. Weekends at the point. Break heart. Mystics — close call — P.N. Our place — Don’t eat peanut butter or you’ll choke — M.D. Walk out! June 30, 81 C.S. New Jersey, Marshfield, Marlboro. Love ya E.K. and L.K.! CSd Ma ya oddi ca yai ddoy od(oaia i cf Q,Q . o ft. Kathy Ladenburg 100 Brantwood Ave. 2 5 64 2 Days and a Nite Kinky, Dinkweed Weekend parties pig out! Toy Gail camping Cape never Punk out Billy Lee Kim R.W. But its purple Blue Fog G G He ' s got a gun! Snake! concerts lolly pops may 6 79 A and KK and B Pats Party Camb MACE Jimmy J and J I’ll wait then forever hmmm! 82 Thanks all mostly Mom and Dad you ' ve always been there when needed. Lois LaFrance Bye Finn, Ms. Banner, Feldman Walkout “79”, M.Y. J.R., J.C., Summer " 80” M.R. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, 11 10 80 J.V. always. Bad Co., Cars, Ozzie, Cult, Thanks ‘rents. Mime Pipi. Qyft . Dawn Leone 25 Silk St. 7 13 64 J.R. Prom — Jim, Good times with good friends B.M., C.E., D.S., E.M., Summer of 81, Cathy’s Parties, B-Ball, Hampton, Melrose Spa + Dairy Twist, Drive’inn, Mike’s cookout, Darlene’s party favorite saying: If you love something set it free; If it comes back it’s yours; If it doesn’t it was never meant to be. Thanks Ma + Dad. Mary Lenz 19 Burch St. 8 11 64 Mary Dude Plymouth — DV S.M. Aug 25 Jr “Way way up there”. All the rest of the gang — DS, JK, CM, PS, SV, KW, MB, SL, GL, JO, TH MHP Party — T-Bird, Mesc There efer, Whimmpy, merf, goo ba head. All nighter. STEP: " Hi Glenn” T.C. 12 18 80-6 18 81. JR. Prom — Thanx a lot T.M. T.C. 9 26 81 Try it again. J.O. J.C. Never happen so maybe I was wrong. LL, CL, LL, PL — Thanx. 48 Barbara Kozloski 1 2 Piedmont St. 7 9 64 Forever friends — Kim, Bren, Rainy, Woodsmen Peter Pan, Jr. Semi Prom, " summer of " 81”, B C with Kim, LXIX, Pedro, AK JD, DS, DV, CK, CN, JD, GP, DS, AS, JD, 8:10 flight, JAKES, LED ZEP, KIM JEFF, Sept. 10 " 81, house parties, served 4 years at A.H.S., I’m out on good behavior! Party forever, ILY CHRIS, Thanx mom and dad. Tracey LaCount 88 Ronald Rd. 12 26 64 Spacey I’ll never forget the summer of “81”, VA. “cold beer”, my tie?, MK, BR, PF, JD, FR, CF -I- CM., “I like the night live baby,” Beaver Brooke, the mountain. Rock and Roll will never die. Party on. Special thanks to STEP, DF, SC, JR, JL, JG, couldn’t have done it without ya. Thanks Ma and Dad luv ya. Miss ya Granpa. I love ya Greg. r yTat ie rj tt. atya Gregory Lake 39 Reed St. LAKER The Woodsmen, The Blizzard of Ozz at the Cape, The Store, “Throw on some Sabbath”, Warning No. 1 . My good friends, they know who they are. Thanks Mom and Dad. Theresa Legere 45 River St. 8 21 64 I Love You Mike — Always Remember, J. Geils BEST TIMES. KATHY’S PARTY. Junior Prom, Atlantic City, Preschool, Partying, Cruisin’ LOVE ya’ Nicol, Lisa, Jean, Jenn, A.H., S.R., P.D., M.F., and G.L., Thanks for Ever hing Mom and Dad, I love you very much. Roller skating and drinking don ' t mix, never forget the weekends. Leg — head, Billy, Arlington Bakery, Lozo, Spooky, Crystal. Q tt ry ( ( ! Q tt ' ’;v- : I if QRft iey n. tHffte na if e n f i ' Daniel F. Lionetta 24 Elmore St. 10 6 64 " Leo” Little yellow things that crash in the night. The Great NH. Maineland, off the road. Molson by the case. The Palace, The Cellar, The Park, The Indian. Mance’s Riv, 150 MPH, Wholeshots, Midnight Auto, Rob ' s Van. God Save the Kinks, Segar, Cult, Sabbath, Geils, Bad Co, Garden Parlies, Light Shows, Wizard. Led Zeppelin, The Doors. 714, Boobies. Later AHS. Thanx Mom + Dad Love You!!!! Charles A. Luca Jr. 66 Decatur St. 3 13 64 A Sincere thanks to All of my Teachers and to All of my friends who made this year worthwile A Very Special Thanks to My Mother for her Loving, caring, understanding and patience. I Love you always. Lisa Levangie 39 Stone Rd. 9 21 64 Good timew with Tony! Summer “81”. Skiing, Maine, DEC 1, John, Gymnastics, Tom Petty, Foreigner, Party, Reeves, Flipper, California Girl, Nancy, G T, JOEY., N.K., G.D., S.V, W.D., HSHILY, Camp — Flipout, R.B., Something, The Best Of Times, Pam, 1st Snow Wisconsin, Mike, Dreams, Shamoo, proms. Skip, Go for it. Let the good times roll, Ricky Live, Love, Laugh, See you later A.H.S. Thanks mom and dad. C + c Evangelos T. Libro 11 19 64 Evan I would like to thank my family and friends for making the last four years easier than it would have been without them. Maura Lee Lyons 16 Egerton Rd. 7 28 64 " Poukie " Great times. Great friends — I’ll always remember. Chris — thanks for everything. " What " . Party times. Yearbook, SR — LG, 4th of July 81, Weekends at the Cape, Killington, CS — BN — SS — MH — JO — MD — JD — LG, Ski Bum, " Summer of 81”, MHC, State House, Go for it!, Senioritis, Saddleback, Hey — That ' s Life!, " We did it our way " . Thanks Mom Dad, It’s been real! Robert Maccini 88 Palm St. 7 1 64 I hope to attend Bentley College after Graduation. Then go on to Suffolk Law School. I have been working at Robbins Library for over a year. Plus I was president of the Media Center club my senior year. I love baseball and all kinds of sports. Thanks ML. SD. and DM. Dawn Marie Luther 962 Massachusetts Ave. 7 11 64 3EST TIMES W GARY — I Love You 6-12 FF — JS, MS, SN, BT, FM, P, OKM HARDY Hampton 79 M J Blondie Ma I ' m Sleeping over Jackies. ;3ogos. Tds cellar NY Segar. Pond PS, SK, NO, JM. HF Moe, Cape J P Thanx Jackie. Fond Memories to Unfold, of the Days when We Were oung. Of the Love We’d Forever Hold. Thanx Mom. I am Not Afraid of Tomorrow For I Have Seen Yesterday I Love Today. Thomas Lynch 10 Garrison Rd. 7 8 64 HS Soccer, Spring team “81”, CVS, — CP; AB — Uncle Bob Sks, ;ommander Cody, O.J. and the Gramby Girl. Frka I did it. Punk 1. The olice " 80”. The Pretenders, Sex Pistols 1 U2, Devo. — Mike -i- Lynn — . — Cups — Thanks Mom, Dad, Gramps. ‘m- ■ was tar es Q . " dara 65 Q ' lo ie ' .Q Cindy Marie MacNeill 11 Cornell St. 3-10-64 Macky GOOD TIMES with DR, TK, JV, JG, EK, JD, DP, FLORIDA, JO ' s window, AKU — AKU, HAMPTON, SUMMER OF " 80”, JR Prom, RIUNITE ON ICE, HALL ' S OFFICE, SPRINGSTEEN, RICK SPRINGFIELD, JESSIES GIRL, THE WANDERERS, THE RED BOMBER, THURSDAY NIGHTS, PARTIES AT THE REGENT, ARLEX, good times w GM, SH, JK, DAWNS CELLAR, MR. SMIRNOFF, MENOT, cruising, weekend in Vermont, V.O., DRIVE-INS w .KN, THANKS MOM -h DAD, I DID IT! James Maqgio 7 Plymouth St. 1 -8-64 Not Enough concerts. Euphoria, Fender, When will I Leave Here. VM, The Band, Westbound, Seoul’s Back In, But I’m Still on vacation, F.Z. Nov. 7, D.A. Lives, The Blues will never Die. M.R. C.R. E.S. T.K. M.J. P.D. Bill MacDonald 14 Lake Shore DR. Arlington 11 20 64 Mac “SHOOT THE MOON” LOW RIDER AND NEP NEP. ED CHARLIE JOE BILL BOB CHRIS. MR. CROTTY, PAV AND YEM CUC AND BUBA CLASS OF ’’82” ET, 343 JAVEE LTN, THE BEAST, THE TOWERS AND THE FORT, MASTER LCKS. FRIENDLIES. DAVE B; AND THE RAMBLER. TEXACO TEAR DOWN. 4V ATAGO, DWNART 2. COCKROACH AND LO, PIKS. BIG BEEFS AND CLM CHOW. PWR SUPPLIES AND MATCH ROCKETS. THANX FOR IT ALL “MA AND PA”! Robert MacMunn 142 Park Ave. Ext. 1 25 64 Mac CPU-BO GOODIE PETE, V-SOCCER JD PUST DEVOS DOUG EM BD, RANCH PARTIES " WATCH FOR ROCKS” MAMA FRANK EUROPEAN, TOWN HSE BREAKFAST, TARG, GUST HSE TOW BURTONS, THRONDIKE FIRES, MENOTS, CENTER, MEDFDIES, BRUCE — BORN TO RUN, SEPT FEST, PIERCE, CHEESE 245 410 LITTLE DAN, PAPER CAPERS, CAN I SEE YOUR LICENSE, SUNROOF, RAH RAH’S, SCITUATE, PARTY’S OVER THERESA ILY THANX MA DAD. a nff {(Hf Q. ' 4{ . Q Sharon Mahoney 45 Keniworth Rd. 5 15 64 Sha-Sha Basketball Farm Claremont Gork Jeane Sue Bud HUCK TOBY KEITHY BATMAN Vies 4 am Conn Freeb sailing fallen Angel Barb Jen Cape Vt Viv SB JP PO JB MM TRAC COOPER KB WF JS LB HA JC RS LM SN See Ya out front JB Dazed Confused 15.01 The Ritz Celebrations Color zdo bound Seger N. Young BADCO DOORS thxs. Mom, Dad, Tom love ya Good times. Bad times always special times. Lorraine Malaney 131 Wright St. 1 17 64 Joe (6 6 80) What movie? Sophomore study (JD TV JZ PS DT FF BM DM MW) Guido Dennis port Florida Galaxy Hey Sexy! 50’s Chadwicks Semi-Proms Continental MB Christmas Party AKU Good Times with friends. Luv ya Jam! Good Luck Lisa Reasons Best of Times lALJ Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You. finely Aet Q . David Magrafh 28 Pond View Rd. Arlington 12 17 63 Late for school, freshman year, Bob’s car. First job at Ho Jo’s Getting lost at P.P. no more homework. Summers In VIRGINIA, COMAUD, we had gym today? Junior Prom Going round in circles,Bald Head Island Anthother exciting NIGHT, LP. BM. Tricia 110 on RT 1, “ROGER” JUANITA’S, Flying It’s been real. Good Luck And Best wishes to All. Thanks Mom and Dad. I DID IT! Carin Mahoney 99 Claremont St. Apr. 13, 1964 " Lap” “Concha” Sibu Ayl — Pitts adorable Exeter Den Park — Rink — Rats. JHD Scub a dub va Dynamic — duo Seger Compact for — ho — Jo’s Cape Cod scare attack Ma. We could be dead tomorrow. Moe’s house 25th ann. These are the best times — 82. Swat. Triangular bodies. Saturday night special BOF: MA RD MD JM DM PW LN LN LF BF KL TT LN C and C LD JS CB. Billy SONS 1 Dudette and MA FA. Sorry MP FA and MA. 66 3m R,.Q4(a co niMin ilnna I Deborah M Mannix 61 Fairmont Street 11-18-64 Debbie : Good times with friends CM, DN, CT, DS, Parties Proms and Semis Dee’s t Cellar Mollys Bud Kahlua Packy runs, CYB, Gook food Led Zep Stones N Seger Doors. Winter 80 — TURN THE PAGE. CHEEKS YG, SA, FM, HI FL, IR, BR Swine 10-31-81 INS Concerts Soph. Study — DM, LM, MW, JZ, TV, JD, DT, PS, FF, BM CRABS Friends 4 — eva — Jimmy Zeke Tommy Fred Bobby Florida E.K. — I’m Hungry Thanx Mom Dad. The Best of Times. Vera Marino 16 Wilbur Ave 6 23 64 Berry, “V” Eddie 6 12 81 . . . MBD, MAC, CC, KF, LT, SM, VI, DS . . . Heights, Res, Store . . . H.H. “Can you buy?” . . . Jacks . . . “Trees should have handles” . . . Indian Red Room, Ally Cats, “Shut up Vera”, Dance for us . . . Prom, concerts, REO Twice? . . . Hampton, Wake to the sunrise . . . C.B. 4 me, KM, BK ... PA — AB JL JC SF ... Thanx Mom, Dad and Bers Sis’s . . . Love you . . . Thanx Class of “82” Follow your dreams . . . Jennifer Marsan 17 Marathon St. 12 17 63 DANCIN’ WITH LISA AND KATHY, THE REGENT, WALLEX, FENWAY MERDE, CVS, NEW YORK CITY! PARTIES, WEEKEND AT TERPSI CHORE, PUNK COMPETITIONS, J’ Al LE FAIT JUS AU’ DU BOUT DE FRANCAIS, CONCERTS, HALLOWEEN, " LET ME SLEEP ”, HARVARD SO., LP, DM, TL, CT, CM, LC, MR. HEADIN FOR BROADWAY; THANX TO THE FAMILY. Martha Joy Martinian 315 Lake St. 11 22 64 Prov. WKD Hye M’rtsoom 81 Good Friends always ED DB PC MF MJD GC LS GO JH MP CT Int’l Fest Canada piano Candy striper ss? ”M” Talks rah-rah Cape Hampton 80 miss O’s party perl Jackson Foreigner concert summer 81, who is TP? Tim how’s Flo? Oct-Fest no kidding Red Sox fever Thanks to Mom Dad Beth Sara I Love you, Good-bye AHS. Laurie Malcolmson 620 Summer St. 7 30 64 MALX HS, Menots, T Point, Swing it, 41?? kahlua walls, J Geils, Louie Louie CAPE LOOPS, SR. Convention, Cape times w trish. Bishop all niters, We Were Born to Run, Best of Friends ES, RM, LD, MB, DV, CO, LH, DP, MH, CELEBRATIONS, Mr. C’s, Luv ya’ Ted’s Girls, UNH Bound, another case to go, any scenes? Cheering, Long talks w Diane Rita It’s finally over, Thanx for Everything MOM DAD I LOVE U. Anna Manganella 102 Harlow St. 4 29 63 Summer of 79 Joey Me foots wknd at the cape good times bad times the future trips to Italy My favorite red wine (when I used to party with AH JM SK LS CH Down the Pond J. Geils Concert The Rust Charger Thanks Mom Dad . . . Q {. Q Mannur e» ' o QQ . Q Mnrtno Joann Marotta 206 Florence Ave. Arlington 4 15 64 Josie Im a spaz? Punk-Out Somerville No Im dri ving WAF The Gang Canada Budweiser Im not crazy! Cape 81 Good and bad times Den Roullette Camping up Pittsfeild AYL lALY Alan Thanx Coops Luv Ya Bette Midler Dougie Janerico Moe My Main Man 1976 Skylark Lap CM, DM, LN, LN, LF, RD, LD, CM, TT, BF, CP, Thanx Mom Unk George Luv Ya. Good Bye AHS I MADE! DO IT UP!!!! Robert A. Marotta 206 Florence Ave. Bobby 1 10 63 Cooking, Geils, Kinks, Cooper. Good Times up Hampton. Partying up the mountains with BC, BK, FF, BD. Good times up the rubber room. Thanks Cathie, Al, Sue, Mom, Unc! No budget. Working man! The projects. Good friends LP, MP, FO, BC, JK, JM, FF, LM, JM. Buds. I can’t walk — the spins. Good Times over Mrs. P’s! 9 19 80 Nancy — ILY — Mom Unc forever! f «a n O (ayx( t Q ffairt Rita Mathers 1 13 Hibbert St. 9 6 64 Troy 9 6 80 — PI. AH. JW. KD. LA. SP. - food fights, punk day, summer 80, Walk out 79, CLASH Ramones " freebird” smashed concerts SR Prom " Rock n ' Roll High School " DE SCHOOL STORE, Brighams, Sandy ' s Hibbert park, Lancaster Road, Numbies. space people, I can ' t believe it ' s all over. All that Vodka! See ya later Mr. C. Finally finished Thanx Mom and Dad. Luv yal! Rajive Kumar Mathur 50 Rawson Road, 11-09-64 " RAJ” KG to 12 all done! Where to now? Hey AJ — Hitman — MO Why is the Sky High? . Fish? K2M Frogsy MMMM, HOWDY! Who? Aw forget it! The Cube GEE WALLY; Bourgeoisie kills all w guns and butter (14b) — And Summer of 81 was Awesome, i.e. 7-8-81 take two! Hopkinton I ' m Game Hey Jude, just Let it be! OK, Folks Till then, Jairam jiki Papa, Mummy, KKM, MA. Namaste! Q OH NO Q, ' f{. Q (SfaHf ya Q ’ 1 0 Teresa Mazzola 20 Dow Ave. 1 3 64 Terri FRESH. YR. AT BUZZLE. OUT FRONT AT THE TREE. BAND MARCHING BAND, CHORUS. BAND BANQUET " 80 81”. competition " 80 81” M.T., MR. T„ MR. S. JR. PROM. SR. PRIV. TOAD, GRAPES, BRIGS, GRAMS, MOM. LT„ P.P., L.B., L.N., J.G., D.S., J.B., E.B., B.O., J.M., P.A., C.D., S.C., SORRY M.L. S.M. ANDREA — YOU ' re THE GREATEST! THANX ANN! G. D. M. F. C. S. A. H. Patricia McCabe 64 Crosby St. 4-27-64 Tricia Majorettes, Sleepovers, Maine, fires, sunrise, go for it, Michelle, Carole, Maura, Margaret, Carol — J, Kathy, CH, MP, ES, LY, RG, Excellent, no way, you ' re nothin’, What ' s up. Kinky, dummy. What?, I don ' t get it!, later. Maybe, Thanks Mom and Dad. Donna Maxwell 316 A ppleton St. 9 6 64 Nutty LATER AHS JM, CC, MR, LD, LL, NB, FK, LL, FM, AL, CT, TDS, PARTI UP SOM CAPE 81 AYL LOUIE!? HEY LS, TB, DM, BL, AL DYNAMIC DUO RINK RAT BCC WO YOU GUYS FLAKY POOF? PAJ KEG OPIUM DEN THE GANG 25 TIMES LT (LS) SWAT I FORGOT TO GO HOME COOPS SI BU PEANUT BUTTER FILES BURNT OUT SOMETHINGS IN THIS WORLD YOU JUST CANT EXPLAIN DS JUMBO JOSIE YA CRAZY SPAZ I GOT TO GET OUTA THIS PLACE THANX MA DAD LUV U Sandra Mayo 3 Browning Rd. 4 2 64 Sandi Finally Made It! Cape Cod, Summer 80, Head games W.O. 79. Nantasket Beach, Skip Days, LT, Jr Semi Night to Remember, The Drill Sargeant, LT A B F F E, MBD KF — 7 4 81 — W. A.T. B. N. D.?,. The Outside Shower I.D.P. Craigville Beach, Twins?? K.D. V.M. C.C. M.A.C. Weekends, p.p. resc CM Sunday Mornings. Thanks Class of 82 for the memories Thanks Mom and Dad. Bill Marzilli 4 Brantwood Road, Arlington, Ma. Black and Blue — Gordon ' s Opt. — Bibs keg party — O’s Finger — J. Geils — V.H. — B.S. — Cult “Burning for You” — Gofa’s parties — Gofa half keg and me — I. L. F. B. F.A. — Al’s room this spud for you — AH, SS, UXS — JAR HEAD — Waldo — Moose head Vodka — The family D.D. L.L. G.G. M. M. K.K. V.V. P.P. — GOOD BY AHS FOR GOOD!! John Masci 64 Wilbur Ave. 10 24 64 MACE Sophmore — JV HOOP?, Quigs 1, My way or the highway Nickels, Sticks, G Team with Billy B. somebody get a rocket. Summers up BCC, Shep hit the lynx Good weed Good weed, Nahant with 10 in the bomb we made it. Another exciting weekend up Dallin, Bud get the V, Fluke should be luckier. Dens been condemned. Oak what happend KLDF??? NBM! Thanks mom dad. QyAtaxxo a 68 1 4’ ' QCj Q Sharon McIntosh 9 Brookdale Rd. Arlington 12 3 ' 63 I ' m out, wave to W.G. SCIENCE CLUB, MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB. Thanks NS, WG, Cl, LM, JM, TC, MC., HABITAT BRANDY. TRAVEL. Work HHA. Disconnected. Success, you Better you bet. Thanks Mom Dad. Nancy McKenney 59 Epping St. 4 18 64 Fun times in N.H. Amy D.l. P.B. P.U. TM LN AS. Thanks Lisa, Varsity croos-country, indoor varsity track co-captain, MBF, varsity gymnastics the pit spy, Y.G., Canobie Lake drome, drive ins. Foreigner, thanks Bay Summer of 81. Vega Bud, Amoo Stairway to Heaven, Jr. Semi, B.A., York Beach, Menotomy Preschool, thanks Mrs. Whalen., Elmer, Lisa, Donna, Andrea, Thanks Mom and Dad I love you and Amy too. Kathleen McLaughlin 7 Swan St. Arlington 1 28 64 Kathy Best of friends — EA, LC, BE, MH, EM, AB, Love To — MB, LD, MD, LM ES, Ted’s Point WCC Lakes Bishop Punch Party Press Box Road Trips Bud Live Free Or Die 10 31 80 Cro, we, lost, Eileen, I ' ll let you watch TV, A P with Lisa, Moo Moo Bit Me! Prom, Me and you Steina P.P.C. Kinks, Seger we ' ll miss you Eileen! Later AHS! Love To Mum and Dad, Thanxk Where Star is — Hampton, Busted, York. Rita McCormick 95 Thesda St 2 17 63 Ritz Danny, 6 20 79, NH GT, Proms Semis, Friends For Ever LH, CO, DP, DV, LM, CH, ES, LD, MB, HRN Mr C’s Lit Erls Celeb Comp Loug Ras, AHS Menots LTYD! Senior Conv, Nearest Bush! Cape LOOPS, Cess ' s Partys, Cheering Luv ya guys Parti esw 81 AH, BB lagers, RED, SCUMS, ROCKPORT, MBUS, Haver Saver Swing it. Watch Yourself See Ya AHS, Its Been AB la st, Lites, Whit, eye hop. Road Trips, Born to Run SORRY Thanks Mom Dad Robin Paula, Luv Ya. Peter A. McEwen 21 Bartlett Ave. 2 21 64 " Magic " HOOP Boston Celtics — World Champs. Soph. Team, Arl. Rec. B.C., Pats choke again. Out of here. Karen McNamara 123 Westminister Ave. 1 14 64 Mackie Welchie May 5 80-81; BHC; THE RAIN SONG; TEN YEARS GONE; LUNATIC FRINGE; SP 1 80; NH — JLP; BE Nice; We may Regret that we have but only one Life to Live; KJ; Deke; DP; JMK; LyL; Peg; Dotts; SK; Sof; BC; DR; NO; Kath; TF; BK; SC; KW; Waltham Blanch 10 25 81; Horsy; APD; PP; George; FTS; STEP; Lowell; Kristen; BBS S CLINE; FRIENDS LOVERS; Did I Make It? Thanx FOR YOUR PATIENCE LOVE MA DAD KM. Adam McPherson 119 Spy Pond Pkwy. 10 15 64 Adam Paula Dec-13-80 ILY Snowbound. Partying wtih the boys — bakeouts and bone rides. Spikes cellar Thorndike fires the pond Jr Prom Caddy cruising crash St. Louis buds. Goodbye APD. JV hockey Geils — The Who — Kinks " Seagrams? " " The Cars” Let the good times roll Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks Cathie. PAULA + ADAM FOREVER. T fa ' (e Q aa ae t een Q . Q i er Barbara Mills 14 Allen St. 6 6 64 Barbie Softball, Co-champs “81”, basketball, Chicpee. Good times — good friends — D.L., C.E., D.S., E.M., R.B., J.C., D.P. ' s party, C.E. ' s parties, Camp Virginia, the East, J. Geils — night time, wicked good, Ms. O ' s class, after practice activities, fun times — Chrissy, see ya later, bye! Thanks Mom + Dad. Catherine Minniti 87 Lake Street, 8-28-64 Cathy Good times with good friends CT CM DM The Gang of Four You ' re all nuts Cheese Teddy bears and Dreams Sophomore Studies Summer ' 80 The River It ' s okay We can handle it Oh No! Packy runs CYB Mollies Buds and J ' s Go for it! Rock -n- Roll Weekends Parties Ins Concerts Halloween 80, 81 Florida? WD, YA, JFO The Good Times are Forever . Thanks Ma and Dad I Love you. Ana Maria de Medeiros 264 Broadway, 4 23 65 Across Atlantic waters came I, Raw parting tears soon giving way to joys Ail new. Now close to another Good-bye The sun, forever shining is poised On my brown locks. It rode through happy paths when friends echo my heart with laughs. Arpi Meguerditchian 50 Newport St. 3-17-64 ELTON JOHN! Thumbs up! Jr. Prom Papa Joe, Dr. A. Mr. C. Longy, Camp, Harvard Summer School!! NORA IDEEFIX!! A.H.S. you ' re O.K. Walking with Penny, " My Baby”, Thanx " Coach " I couldn ' t have made it without you, I Love You . babysitting, Beatlemania, Lunch, Theory, MUSIC . Thanx to all my friends, Luv ya MOM, DAD, ARMEN, Thanks!! 3 ftf q . Q e e jf t(a n Q e m aa Marie A. Mignanelli 13 Rawson Road, Arlington 12 28 64 Miga Summer of 80 New Hampshire Rustie, Summer of 81 East Boston Jo, Maria, Maria Mira 4:00 phone calls COMPANIES COMING! Steven all the ,1 good times we had. Thanks Larry G. KC NH CF RD GR AH AM PA We ' made it! 11 20 81 — Caruso ' s Love and Thanks Mom, Dad Brothers. Eileen Miller 7 Bellevue Ave. 4 4 64 Beck 8-9-80 12-26-80 Best of Friends EA, LC, BE, MH, ABM, KM Teds Point Bishop Lakes WCC Katys house the shore w Barb Me Cove BOnes i Vodka Lyne Bud Live Free or DIE Hampton — Busted 5 25 81 punch j parties all nighters Halloween 80 — LD 4 4 81 Whites Lane Dead Mans Curve old Times MB. LD. MD, LM, ES Florida! SSC bagged Seger Kinks ' Bad Co. The Stones Miss Ya Eillen Thanks Mom and Dad. 3 0 »r a ya Q ' 7 aa Q ayfa ' C e e C fe jiaeyf ( c a Paul Meneghini 123 Claremont Ave. 10 13 64 1979 Quinnipeac N.E. District . . Westfield Wayland Marching Band Parties Dizzy Gillespie — Bill Chase I miss you Tony Kerry Stonemant C.T. I love Jazz A Child is Born — I remember Clifford Fluglehorn — Bod ooghia bop Pat Mr. T. West Virginia . . Thanks Costa Masi ice. Rocks, Bonfires Parties . . I hope in a few years my life will be in Tune (ISIA). Ann Beth Mesropian 462 Appleton St. 6 14 64 “A.B.” EA, EM, BE, LC, MH, KM — BEST FRIENDS, Ted ' s point, all nighters. Bishop, " caut ion-shine”, Snubby, Hampton, Golf course. Lakes, Aneed + Abdule — do it up! Flounder, punch parties, cemetery nights, Friendlie ' s party? L, E, L, M, Seger, MD, Zeppelin, Styx, PA — V, JL, KM ' S party — 8 1 80, MM, Love ya John 11 29 80, press box, LC, " sexataries, " DR, Thanks Steven, Mom and Dad. 70 yt ae Q ta mft Karen Mitchell 43 Brunswick Rd. 1 6 64 Mitch Mark 9-19-80 Hardy Park Summer of 78 Best Times with JS, MS, TF, SK, NB, DL, PO, MX, TD, Camping Twin Mt. Marks Senior Prom, Jackie Brian, Salem NH, Snow, Junior Semi, Good Times with Summer St people, peeling Jacks oranges, Thompson, The Hill, TDs cellar, J Gieis Concert, di Fighting DC in Phils cellar. The Pond, Between the Tree NP, ILY Mark, Thanxs Mom Dad ILY God Bless Cathy. Suzanne Mitchell 120 Milton St. 10 14 64 Suz KEEP WHISTLIN ' WOODSTOCK — TUFTS? 81 MBD UP IN SMOKE — ALL THAT RAIN = It’s snowin ' on the White Mts. Sandy’s — Alley Cats KF, CC, VI, MO, MC Labor Day ’81 WE ' RE WILDER — THAT PAPP 10 16 81 Breakfast w James! Secret Love Affair — Friends Forever Heather Sandy MC DID’NT QUITE MAKE IT — don’t Love you ANYMORE, COOKIE THANX MR. COLLOMB EDDIE D. — I LOVE YOU MOM AND DICK. qM. Q.- ' Moo John Morrison 6 Yale Rd. Arlington 82 CROSS COUNTRY TRACK PARTIES CONCERTS FOG HAT AC? DC EDDIES ALL-NIGHTERS 2 6 81 MARYELLEN THE POINT JD FARM BURGER SLEEPER NANDO RARA LOS DO THE RES FAIRLANE NAHANT REVERE CAPE CAMPING SKIING — NH HAMPTON VERMONT BLACK OUT HORNY KINKY WOODS — SLEEPOVER TENT THE CORNER MEDFORD NEWTON DRIVE-INS HOSPTIAL GAS STATION 1 31 81 THANX MOM AND DAD. ( » Q f(o ) ' yiiey • ) ' Robert Moberg 30 Lantern Lane, 9 28 64 Burger Football — Basketball — Brigsie’s Parties — The Farm — Rocket Car and Silver Bullet — “Let’s go to the junkyard’’ — The Office — Good Food — Yabo’s — The “z” — The Corner — Eureka — Cruisin’ — Moe’s Garage — Greenies — Lunatic — Hit the Deuce — Mean Day — Food Fight — Frog Crisis — P.C., L.S., A.M., J.J., J.C., M.R., T.P., C.L, W.B.C., D.S., J.B., J.D., T.K. Thanks Ma — GOOD LUCK CLASS of 821! See yall James Moore 10 Huntington Rd. 5 26 64 Erving A.S.S. HAVE A EEW POPS GOTA LOVE Tl Varsity Football (We tried) no need for Hockey Remember the wagon Ive been known LT ' s Parties NEW YEARS ’81” Dazed and confused Harry remember Saturday?? Erving ASS, Thank you very much FDK Gime some lee way Skynyrd BAD Co MS, CB, MC, FW, RB, HJ, STIZZ, ZACK GAZ, HOG, I RON, DEEKA, TUMA, BULLET, MAC, LT. See ya. Thanx Mom and Dad. Eileen Morrissey 14 Margaret St. 2 15 64 Me Tim, DS, CE, DL, BM, Sam, B . . . Ball; Softball V, GBL Co-Champs; Thanks Steve! We are family all my cats and me. THIS FN THEATER Chucks. How about a Bone cruise. Darts Anyone Summers of 75-80 . . . Cape-cod (Frosh, Harry, Soph. Tos, Junior, Collumb, Senior Live if up.) I can handle it. Quebrada Baking Co. K.L.K. Summer SB too good to be true. What a flip out this is the square Believe it or not I’m walking on air!! Tom Petty, Forienger, Cars Thanx for beeing a friend ... I understand? Thanx Mom + Dad. r. o u! Q . Q If O an ! ' ( (• h omie Q if i Carol-Jean Nagle 28 Walnut St. 12 17 64 Betty SALLLY, BETfV, BEAN, BAGLE, Volleyball, b-ball — stats, veg, for sure sap, fag, kinky, Tinas party, C-SISTERS, Summer of 80, 6-14, tent, 3-2, Baby juice? Tennis players, 9-19 Rich, alright Bye! majors, MH, TM, CHICKY, PINTO, VIV, MIM, TINA, THE BARN, POOL, HOUSE CALLS revenge, Brigs, DT, SD, PF, JC, BE, GS, Tl BM Hampton, Semis, proms, Limo, LC, SC, BK Mom Dad. Sheryl Ann Nardella 44 Morningside Dr. 9 10 64 4 3 80 Canada, Taffic to the L.W. Heart, My 73 Chevelle, Havard Square, L and T, Blondie, Private Eyes, A.I. S.C. D.K. Foreigner concerts 1981. Secret admirer. Life in the fast lane, Coke adds life, Michael ' s 66 ' J.G. paper store. Ping and Pong. Hampton Beach, Magic Man, 7 14 81. They had a gun! California, Punk day 10 30 81, Puppy uppers, I B S. 81’, Law class, B.O.C. (Don’t fear) the Reaper Thanks Mom and Dad. ' ta m Q a Q ' affAeu‘Q uit John Murray 79 Morningside Dr. 2 18 64 10 17 79 DONT FORGET, where my card! 11 11 79 early morning two down five to go, Sport Shue, J.B.’s Love to Susan always. Football and Track, Junior Semi and Prom, Summers in N.H. at the Bullpen with B.M. and W.W. Bucko the mad driver. Maureen Myers 12 Hawthorne Ave. 4 12 64 Lose your Dreams you will lose your mind ... In life unkind. You have to play to win. The Great Pumkin Lives On. Hounds, bikes, horses 48hr Buzzes in Maine. The White Mts. Welch Forever. The Song Remains The Same. ) o oA a f e Qy a ' a ' W lien .Qy a iff NO q . Q u t i iif Frank Murphy 42 Smith St. 6 2 64 Murph Lancaster haning around Ed Bob Dave John Tom, Rick look a tornado. Sleeping out in the summer 4:30 o’clock just two jude down the woods J.D. John Desides Let’s walk up Mt. Washington What Tom no brakes . . Thanks Mom and Dad. Matthew Murphy 35 Bradley Rd. 7 4 64 Murf Megansett. Snubby nights 1. The Who. Steel 85. Packy runs. Star Trek. Sea and Sand. The porch. The cellar, Budweiser. What is it? I’ll take it. Who is she? I’ll rape it. Got a bet there? I’ll meet it. Gettin’ high you can’t beat it. Scrachin,. How many friends, skin heads. Happy hours un’t Wed. in ' 82. Education saved the day. creamer. Thanks Mom Dad later! Steven Morrissey 1 1 2 Scituate St. 5 1 4 64 IT’S BEEN 12 YEARS. BUZZELL FIELD, AUGUST 25, 1981 BLUE FOG CONCERT, AHH-WAH, K-PARTYS, JK, DS, SV, ML, MB, JC, MH, TH, CM, DH, KW, GL, SL, JO, JC, DM, RH, BL, RV, LC, LZ, STEVO’S BAND COOK OUTS, EHRRR!, GHOST TOWER, W.T.F., THE BLURR, ANGEL, FORIEGNER CONCERT, THE TENT, UP JOHNS PAD, THE WOODEN THINGS Y.A.A.P. STEP, PARTYS AT PEGGS HOUSE, THE WALKOUT, DAG TEAM, THANKS TO: STEP, PEGGY, CLIFFY, AND MOST OF: ALL MOM. Christina Murphy 78 Bristol Rd. 3 29 64 Tina Varsity Sports crud sisters Cammy Greg and friends Miss Barry Springfield 1980-1981 Field hockey champs the Formula Murph-motaile Carol’s pool and barn semi prom S.E. ski trip “You and I” Pbs. Field hockey bus rides and cheers Beatles “Mumma " throwing a water balloon at Mr. Hanley Hamilton — Weham U.S.A. Olympics F.H. camp West Dennis in ’82 Moving to Medford. 72 lita dAeut Lisa Norberg 1 Hazel Terr 3 13 64 Glen 11 23 79 Good times with Allison, Road trips to NH, Pink Floyd, Led Zep in the light, Donald Mike Ten years gone. Thanks Mt Vernon, Thanks to Cathie the rest of the RR BC, CB, GA, LJ, owen, SW, DR, Get me the ? ! out of here If you’re not wierd you gotta be crazy! Segrem 7 JD those little men in the white suits are back. Thanks Mom I owe to you, later much A.H.S. Peter Norman 19 Pleasant View Rd. 6-9-64 Indoor Outdoor Track . . . It’s so Boring . . . V-Basketball, I hope . . Morm Hoop . . . HALLOWEEN AT THE ROCKS ... F. O. A. D. W.E. M. R. W. O. ... SUMMER AT BIG M . . . COMMANDER, DOC BOO, DOCTOR ARTHUR! . . . CONSTRUCTION — DESTRUCTION . . . “HEy DAVE, BILL, SHE’S NOT MARRIED” . . FUNNEL LATER ATTACK!” . . . WBSWB . . . APPLICATIONS, APPLICATIONS! . . . " DON’T WORRY, I’LL DO BETTER NEXT TERM” Ha-Ha. m te ( at O Ai. tiien Karen M. O’Connell 156 Park Ave. Ext. 10 19 64 Oak (y) Aerobics Jr. Prom with Ed! Mustang Maneuver SB SF, me Reeses Mrs. Cooper The Rocks, WEEKENDS JH, DG, JK, RA — RH, LF, DL — JT, LC, MP, NP, RC, PC!! Thank you Nana, Miss ya Gramps Tom 8 15 81 Good Luck Amy, Jim, Bob Communication Break down 3 11 81 Led Zep, Benatar, ONJ, Disco? Canoeing Sr. Priv. PUNK DAY memories TC JG, NS, DP, ML Images Love you Mom Dad What’s next ? Caroline Marie O’Connor 14 Beverly Rd. 9 28 64 Carrie Cheering, Fin BOF, RM, LH, CH, DP, LM, WM, MH, BL, DD, VE, SR, NS, DB, MAP, TM, Grad 81 , Bar — Pil, N Clouie, Meg Bashes, Ota, Squat Rex, scums. Sorry! Whatch yourself, I HOP, Mr. Acks Hi ghst, Salem, Lagers, AHS, MENOTS, RE, MK, JC, HP, SEH, Ritz MSB, Road trips. Proms + Semis, MCR’S, CELEBRATIONS, Swing It Fishies, He’s such a cutie, SR Convention, Pezzy Cape Loops, Fre Bird, Wild Horses, Dres!!!! Gail + Sherri Thanks Mom + Dad I LOVE YA. Rita Ellen Neri 30 Avola St. 1 28 63 Ritz Friends We Are, Finn Cheering JV V, RM, CO, LH, DV, DP, LM, LD, ES, BUDDIES, Tracey Ker Kathy Good Luck, Special Poliece, Joan Pa Pa’s IN CBI COAC. B Brunett, SG, PP, Drum Corp GB, UA, WW, IIT, National Anthem, BOOSE CRUSE Wanta Piece of cake. Love Ya Janett, CITN Love ya TV Hockey Bus Rides, What Jokes? CARRIES CALISENICS, ILNY What a great vacation. Class of 82 Good Luck, Miss You Granpa. Thanks Mom -i- Dad, And Friends We’ll always be. Nicholas Newell 45 Jason St. 5 13 64 The best years of my life? I hope not, but I guess it’s been worth it. Freshman year? A struggle in many ways, but on the whole a good beginning. Life as a sophomore? Getting on an even Keel, beginning to adjust to the construction Junior survivial? Huge amounts of work, Frustration a plenty but looking ahead. Senior year? looking like the best of the bunch. William E. Northfield Jr. 1 Windmill Lane, 6 4 64 Bill (Skip) Europe, Paris 80, AIFS — Camb — ROYAL WEDDING LONDON 7 29 81, G S, Reality in 14B, GS -i- 333, Cape, Hilde, Deadlines?, MH, SS, ML, JO -t- CS — The Tuxs + Great Laughs, " Willy”, Chem?, SAT’S, Thanks to Dr. Arthur, Hardy, Carrara (PC), JWG, Lawton, Cody, Cotter + Fin! Thanks for vour support Mom, Dad, Christy -f- Wendy Best of luck to MUFFY, BITSY, ' MOLLY, JOCK -h CORKIEM LSAJ!, Qui moi? ENFINI! Gail M. O’Brien 5 Howard St. Arlington 10 19 64 Bergita HAWAII “79” CAMPING WITH KATHY MY BEST YEARS TOY CAMBRIDGE . . . THE WANDERERS Jim P TIM DAN AL ALLEN KATHY’S PARTIES BLUE FOG GODZILLA THE TREE . . . JAY . . . FOREIGNER KIM W NOW WHO? MR. LANE RW But it’s PURPLE! DINK WEED hyper ventilating HOT BLOODE D JR. PROM STEVEN LET IT ROLL SNAKE LOLLIPOPS DING HOIS TOMMY RALPH B.DAY “80” K A J J 2896124 TLAG G G I LOVE YA M D. no i 1 P ea t ' if ' S w Peggy Ann O ' Neil 10 Foster 1 3 64 Peggie Theresa crazy woman Hardy Thompson Yacky Luv ya All the girls Thanks tor the memories Beatuiful Child Lady good times w Billy Hojos Fla. Wostt Co Waddles Whiskey Bottles Come on will you J Geils Tom Petty Lowell Som. Parties Beaver Hunky Thanks D.L. Rose + Mark Hampton Thanks Mrs Dud for puttin up with us Endless Love MC Ttianks Mom + Dad I ' m Scared Frank A. Oppedisano 118 Hemlock St. 7 2 63 STRATTON — time to say goodbye — party was good — The big V — keg parties — ezies — tim pat keith brad chris tracey — cape cod adventures — Alice Cooper and the morn, after — Hampton — white mnts. — Gurd slaed — walk out — Kernel Reese — projects — stand — spy — tracks and the kahlua girls — driving up curbs — Girls — Girls — Girls — on Those mondays — go for it — junior prom — ' 69 " — kuku juice massaire — Anytime girls — 646-8172 — SEE YA. e onayc ' a nc o John O ' Shea 19 Argyle Rd. 10 6 64 Jacky Machine shop doors Locke, Tails, White Hen, Lunch Tracks Weekends, Football up the farm The Guke. Whites Pond Hampton Ducie’s cottage Keene, New Hampshire Flash Cou’s House, BOC Concert. Nancy Osmer 6 Edith St. 4 12 64 HERE WE GO! SL 77-79 Parties Down the Pond NB, SK, JS, JH, MC, PH, OF, AB, KM, SK, ST, JP, PH, DL Jay P. I Love Ya! White Mtns. Cape Summer of “81 " Free Bird Thanx Mr C Brown Eyes Thanx Mom -t- Dad Love You Forever! All nighters NB Sex -i- Drugs -i- Rock Roll Lori 9 30 81 Stella Sabbath Let’s Play Jay! CF + CM 79-82 I Did It Thank You! Dot with CF -t- BR Goodbye my Friends. 74 Tim O ' Meara Sabbath 78 — Joes wheres the squirrells — Wild nights down the Projects — Buzz rides in the Tranny — Lets do some T-T.O. -i- D.R. Rick the Vineyard — Pete the Greek — Stones always 2 1 — J.B. M.P. F.O. C.S. — Joe -I- Mez Bloody Van Halen Concert — Mikes rides through Thompson Park — Kell’s party — Bud — Cirut no Bargain — Thanks Mom -I- Dad for putting up with me — Jet lets go nuts — Well boys we made it. — Later A.H.S. — Lets get in a jam — . O: ef7 no Steven Orfanos 1 6 Miton St. 1 1 3 64 Psycho New York Alaska’s Car Partying Down Plymouth Brian, Ron, John, Mark, Ouarts Motorcycle’s knives the tank G.T.O. Keith Moon John Bonham, Alice Cooper the ' Who X.Y.Z. Black Blue Blue fog Minuteman, Hydrolics Mr. Zona Long Live Rock Thanks Ma and Dad. Joseph L. Criando 21 Morningside Dr. 6 9 64 Twenty years from now, we will look back and realize that all the trouble will have been worth it. Stop worrying and take each day in stride, and remember that no one ever died of laughter. Thanks Mike for the suit; Dog face for the laughs; and Christie for time spent . . . Sept. 10, 1983 . . . The Moon’s a Balloon! John Palmer 41 Mass Ave. 7 21 64 Stu Finally the Last year Parties Friday nights Braves 81 “Champs ” 1001 Hate physics English class wilson farms good luck Charlie Pats summer of " 81 " Canada Crosby Scoreking ' champs’” Exterminators zipper jock win fall survival AC DC Pav Cue buba 326 Mr Kotter 270 Fred Joe DP. Joseph Panico 8 Farrington St. 2 10 64 " Bob” Biography — Irrelevant But I would just like to clear up a couple of things. Fluffy was found when the Animal Rescue League dragnetted an abandonned house on Brattle St. She is in good health and is up for adoption. Jill Paradis 28 Crawford St. 8 6 64 Bip Bop J.P. has the following announcement; Not another one?! . . . ”Ves but uniquely different. Typical Sophomore Jock broad SQUAMP A CLAM — DING DING! “Jello w o a mold” I can handle this. “Inv olvement is the key to life " My True Loves — you know who you are GRATIAS MAXIMAS — WO, OF, HC, IM, GJ, LO, DP, FVJ, FH + SC, Mom + Dad already know. This kid has incredible potential . . . Thank you and have a nice day. Lisa Paratore 1 2 Henry St. 3 1 5 64 J. Sampson 10 4 80? Hampton Beach “81” Playland (F.S.) Bob Seger on the Strip Roue on Friday nites I Love ya Donna No Matter What anyone says What ' s for Lunch? EAT!!!! Patty, Thanks for a great summer Jr. Semi D.S., A.S., L.M., D.M., K.F., J.M. I Can ' t wait till I graduate " 82” is the year Patty always remember POOR BOB! Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You. Zeynep Otova 45 Cleveland St. 3 23 63 At Last 1982. Good Luck Anna, Sonia, and Kathy. Remember K.B.? Hated Biology. C is L. Medi Mart. Summer ' 81 IN Canada . . . Nancy G. Paiva 19 Mt. Vernon St. 11 10 64 Paivs Lous Party, Locke Lake, Cape Cod, Hampton, Wareham, Canterberry. Freebird, J. Geils, Kinks, I Can’t breath BF’s Lynn, Lauren, Sue, Sue and Cara. Take a walk on the wild side, the pond, projects. Snow storms, I’m not off, blue ghosts, almost KM. TT, PS, Vilandrys, nothing lasts forever. Mike’s back, so is Kev! Lou, Lin, Sue, Thanks Mom ILY — Bobby 9 19 80. I made it! Now What? Georgia Pappas 19 Park St. 12 11 64 Gage Good times. Bad times, you know I’ve had my share . . . Led Zep . . . Best times with my best friend, Darlene . . . JP, KW, B D, Johnny Friends, MS, TW . . . The Church, Train Station, Parties, Halloween, JR. PROM, B. Gardens, What!?, Forget it!. The Pizza Heffs — the River, Punkin’ Out, Really?!, What a Rush!, Ger Der 82, Mrs. Z, Thanx Mom Dad, OUTTA HERE! James Pappas 67 Mass. Ave. 12 28 64 ”Papp” Start me up. Reel N, N Rock N, W criz Dawiz Brkfst W Sue, she’s my little Rock N Roll Benice KMN H parties We Roll N Roll, sm ASH. Im lucky crusin on the 450. Snow bound, puf Them birds boy. VAL We gotta get out of Here Ten Years after Blues got soul ZZ Top Hey Horse What the $% + ?+ SKKJ girls, girls, etc. everybody keep in touch IM TALKN bout the midnight Rambler Jimi Hendrix Keep on singn STV Well, ITS Time to Hit the Road Bye.. Thanx Mom N Dad Roll n Stns. i4. k. o ») H a CC Maria Passamonte 1810 N.W. 106 Ave. Pembroke Lakes, Fla Crazy times with Maria, Silke and guys, Italians are the best, F. Math JD, Soph LC, Somer villians. Soccer 1, Jr year Na, Sally + Chris in History, KC + ? M + M, MW R + J 5 18 80, Little Wee 7 4 81 ' Shut your face " " Nothing ’ Endless Lobe Rudolph, Malia Ethe Best PC in WC Cousins Esther, Fla. 81 Good Luck Silke, Ma, Dad, Bye Arlington. Peter Pavlakos 22 Fairmont St. 6 1 5 64 Pav Crotty ' s Class resistors capacitors match rockets YAM WAC CUC BUBA THE Pizza It ' s to hotl Oh my God! Forget it don ' t get me wrong Oh Yeah! BEE Sports hockey Baseball bowling basketball AC DC 1001 Miss O’s class Captain MALAKA Go for It Out of here Good Luck Charlie. John Pellegrino 8 Martin St. 5 26 64 Pell Target Practice, Captains Class, Golf Much, you hack dr, four W.C. C. All over the place " Freak vile” “82” n Menots, Molsons, Ditch cops much SAP Auto shop Getty Go nuts! “ze-ze” “Lude " Hey Abe Cat Man Do! Senior Year the best! RS, MM, TC, DB, RS, Tl, LATER AHS Mary Pero 40 Alfred Rd. 4 19 63 FM 105 Gera ' s House Class of 82 I’ll Miss you AHS Thanks Cathie Sue and Elinor DM BG EC MM KD LR MK Florida Mr. T Always Pals M.S. Thanks Mom Dad — A.Z, Wooly I MADE IT! Love ya Mom Dad, Tim — RR Later A.H.S.. 76 Donna Partamian 9 Rawson Rd. 10-24-64 Jimmy 9 20 81 I love ya the Pond Tommy to mention Stuk up Hamptn VVhere ' s rm 28? 5:30 am Bust, Suspension Buddy — KC Dots Partys Al nitas dd w JMK -i- TW NH on Sun. We;re Golden California — JD, JV, KC, DR, CM, TK, KJ, KM, CH, PS Love hurts Nobody Knows They say i’m crazy but I have a gd time Lifes Bn Gd To Me So Far RG, JC, SS, MH, JK. Wat Booze Cruise FTW! med Boys. Love -h Thanx Mom Dad. Gregory A. Pass 159 Jason St. 10 2 63 " Greg” If in the course of life, you find yourself in traumatic situations and insurmountable dilemmas, and you are despondent and depressed . . . blame it all on the bourgeoisie!! Q f a ' ta efer n a coi Lauren J. Paynter 23 Mohawk Rd. 2 9 64 Paul 8 21 80 Roll w the changes, hoodstomping. Stranded in Salem, Concerts, Cape, Kinks — Ann neva made it, Hampton AM J PROM POP fun house THE BLVD falling in the dune w Peglet, laughin w EH, PS, KJ, Chidhd livin, CH, FO, TD, Sue’s MC, PE parlies, EZIES, Pond, Mr Ds, it’s jelly, Scomft w KJ Like a Rolling Stone, NP, LG DP, TF, KG, KW, SK, JV, Ramon Bunny, Susan We kept what we gave away. Paula J. Pecorari 208 Wollaston Avenue, 10 27 64 Peck AHS Later . MUCH! OH MY GOD! The Stones. The Who. Teenage Wasteland: LR. JB. DS. TM. CT. BT. TD. LW. PE. MC. Aku-Aku. Tiki Bowl. Pina Coladas. YAAAH! Kanin — Fit! Mornings under the tree. All three lunches! We’re atta here! L and S, Qui Pasa! Love ya Mare and Sean. Neighbours. No Way! Foreigner. EBMGS! Green M and M! Menotomy Preschool. Thanks Mom and Dad! m e to Meghan Pfister 72 Claremont Ave. 11 14 64 Thanks for everything it was nice math team soccer spring + v SG, CC, RC, BB, AC, HV, ER, BG, JR, LD, AB, SD, ME, MC, LD, SN, Mr. D and all those freshmen Met Center with Brigid Janice and Elaine thanks Rose and Silke for writing this sorry and all that Meghan , Donald Phelan 16 Henry St. 4 5 64 Don I “Spute, FEVE, EM, CARES, DUCK. BUKC”, ARLINE 2-17-81 CS, TV, JC, ; JK, AR, REST OF GANG, MR MAC, MISS FITZ MS B, MRS H, MR C. : HOT SHOT, PUSTE, V.P. DICTATOR, DO ON FRI, SOX GAMES CELTS I ’81, WRESTLING, NOTRE DAME, PROMS, SEMIS, PARTIES, : CONVENTION HOOP, PHELAN MOBILE, CONSTRUCTION, LUDES, ; MISS AND LOVE YOU MOM, LOVE YOU FAMILY, A GOOD BUT SHORT : FOUR YEARS, GOOD LICK CLASS OF ' 82, KEEP IN TOUCH. I Qy4{. Deborah L. Pitcher 63 Highland Ave. 5 5 64 I’ve Finally Done It . . . Special Thanks to Mr. C. I wouldn ' t have done it without you. Always remember the good times . . . PA., R.C., C.L., K.O., . . . Summer of " 81” very independent . . . HOJO’S. Thanks Mom and Dad . . . Later A.H.S. John Player 10 Belknap St. 11 21 64 Chem Class Algebra 2 class (“works” well with others) Book ends ARLINGTON TRACK 1 Doctor P. (Pain) Pistone Hills Quarters Mystics Boys X-Country Gift to M.B. Drown our sorrows (3-4) at Menotomy Finn’s Class Preping for parties at M + Auburn CLASS of ’82’ 1 . Q)ona ( Oy4(. Joseph D. Pinard 15 Fayette St. 8 29 64 Joe The Farm. Shamus, " B” Hill, the doors. Buds are better, menot’s, Lude, B.A. J.P. Nam or Bust! Ralpy, J.D. Stoogers, Joe Marley, McLains BOC concert, Manson, Mud Bowl, “Thank God it’s Friday”, Sunday’s seminar with J. Tosh, Lunch time Sweet Jane, Is there ever a first time. Club night in Luniberg, Hampton, Goodbye AHS! Jeanne Pinette 15 Yale Rd. 4 13 64 PARTY! The Best of Times with Friends, Darlene Georgia — Always, Train Station, mickens. Cruizin’ — FOXES! BD — Heffs, Harley Davidsons, Concerts BOB SEGER — 10 7 80, We’ve Got Tonight — BF — Summers — Born To Run, Jordhash — Baked Alaska, DO — DS Fwankie, Sunshine, Day Tripper, Coke Adds Life, “What a Rush!” BH TS Mom, Dad Gang — Thanks, I’m as free as a bird, now . . . Dianne M. Pochini 75 Scituate St. February 2, 1964 “Dee”dV. Field Hockey — Squampified! B of F’s LH, RM, CO, WR, DV, CH, ES, MH, LM, LD, SB, Fresh P. Box, Ski trips, LT, YD, AHS, Menots, Dubas, PURPLE JESUS In a BAD WAY — Li-trally! N.H. Killabrew, L’Erls, Rex — Dusty Baker, Delyla, Watch yourself — ssorry! the shakes, Sr. Conv. Caps, ITY Wierdo? Skiptie! N.Y., David, remem Yest. Dream About Tomor. But Live Today. Thanx Mom and Dad . . . SWING IT! Regina M. Pontes 23 Amsden St. 12 5 62 Reg Reggie CLASS OF 82 81 MEMORIES W MS, PT, TW, NP, MP, KM, TD, CS B.O.F. FOREVER GC, JP, PH, JK, HELLOOO JAANIEE SCITUATE SUMMERS, “THE HOUSE” B.O.T., N.H., CONN, CLARK UNIV., R’S DRAMA CLASS, MAGGOTS, DISTRICTS 81 82 DAMNED SIGHT READING BLAH!, PH I TOGETHER WHEREVER WE GO, THANX MR. S.R.T.’S YOU MADE IT LIKE HOME, MA THANX MR. COLLOMB, OVE YOU FOREVER NANA WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? THANX MA DAD 000, AHH. 77 Voula Pougaridis 14 Teel St. Arlington 3 9 64 ‘‘Life unexamined is not worth living " Good times Good friends Kiss 108, Aku, Charlies, Victors Studio 4 Jason ' s, Surrey Faces, dunkin, Pinnochios, House of . Lets go b-ing. Parking Roslendale, Canada. Lynn. Love m n leave m. “Urgent " , " Native New Yorker " We’re all di — s! Spare me! Did I say tha t? — ?! Take it or leave it.! Later Joker. Greece. Thank everyone. Marie Annette Powers 142 George St. 3 31 64 Nini Its a miracle! My buddies Twiggy — Dam Practical Jo-Jo PC, ED, MD, IS, CS, MM, LD, MB, LT, JP, MBF " M " Talks Jr. Semi Jr. Prom Hampton Summer 81 Munchin Who has the Keys? Crash ' ‘81” fell-in-tub — Tisha No-Mind I was once an ion! swim team Soccer Paris 80 Fr. Club VP Sr. Con The Spill Ma — Kids Rah-Rah S S Foreinger 81 States Thanx for everything PC. I luv you " much " Mom-n-Dad! Caftan A Daniel Rae 108 Sunny Side Ave. 10 19 64 BADCO 79 BORN TO BE WILD BASHES AT “O ’S A DAY IN WINCHESTER KINKS 9 29 81 TIMES IN THE OFFICE NIGHTS UP IN THE HEIGHTS SABATH CULT 80 BRIQHAMS IN THE MORNING PARTY IN THE PROJECTS THE DIKE FOOD FIGHT GIMME SHELTER ROLLING STONES JET SOME WILD TIMES HELD UP IN SALS GOOK FOOD TO PA GREAT TIMES BUDS AB E THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MA. Frank Prokos 25 Surry Rd. 2 17 65 Led, Zeppelin, The Who, The Stones, Sabbath, Bad Co., The Kinks, Segar, Doors. Keith Moon + John Bonham R.I.P. Mickey-Mouse Pearl + Ludwig. Budweiser — Breakfast of champions. Doobies. Smoke shows. Steve’s Riv. Gas n’ Go. Lawn jobs. Midnite Auto Parts. Vegetable. Rob’s pumpkin, Leo’s Buru The Cape, Maine, The Park. Cellar bashes. Disco sux. Garden parties. Thanx Mom -r Dad. YAAA !!! Robert Pustizzi 5 Acton Street, 3 4 64 “Stizz” Mac Pugen, Stizz, Chuck, ms, Jm, Mt, Ds, MC, Hog, Rigaz, Zach Deca, Fw, Halloween 1980 Get Me a Bigger Ladder, The Wagon, Puone, Putwo. Zach’s Push up’s Biggy Biggy Harry You You You Football Sophomore BB. With Quigs Gaz the Lover, Whitey Steaks? Deca Watch Your Neck, Contaminated Tp, Chuck Mama Jama’s Record " The Pump " Caps, Parties High School, Thanks Ma And Dad. Gayle-Ann Rehm 43 Burch St. 1 3 64 " Gayle” David — 4 26 80 Bus stop. Rainbow Ball, Jr. Prom 3 am white limo Chinese Food, Labor Day 81 at CC, Nantucket PG BP sickles almost dram, phones at MM, best times in DP, Calvin JJB 7:15 gang, SS, Thanks LG, Dancing, PWA of Rainbow, Concert Choir, Latin Club, Jody Pretz, Arlington House, Lobster, MM, KH, AH, SF, CS, ML, TW, LB, SC, A M, Fast 5, I Love You David, Thanks Mom Dad Luv ya. Constantine Reissis 41 Temple St. Arlington 2 1 64 Chuck Hey Veg October the (Ralph) 10. Moe — Oemay Larry — Arry Lay Curly — Curlyque. Et’s lay ogay own day Stoogers Stoogers Stoogers!!!! On ray Acardibay Uperior say — Arvard hay Aresquay. Offay ethay . . . “THE WWALL " !! — Hello from — B and R . . . Eet’s too reech. ABB TUCKER RUSH RATS ZAPPA BRUCE. Q fCtc ie Ze Q to » ' ie q . lo n ) Jeanne Marie Roper 141 Newport St. 12 29 63 Later AHS, “82” Good-bye to the R. Room, CE, EF, AB, SA, Bye Heather, Theresa, Liz, Laura, Barbara, BC, teachers. I Love you Larry, “Orange” KFC, Cruisin Weekends concerts. Lunch time. Drive In, WHBGF The good times. The Suburban Punk Day Thanks to MB, LS, DL,HW, JC, TL, LM, KP, Prom Night, Preschool, Love ya Mary “Thanks” I Love ya Mom and Dad! abadan. Bye Kiddo ' s Love ya Kel-Kel! Bye. Ron Rigazio 25 Hawthorne Ave. 3 9 64 Arlington Rigaz Gazo, Riga Ronnigaz Gago, V. footbaH The Al Doples Family, DECA, Ginny, Whitey, Zach, Leon, Hog (big a big), Joe Sull, Popgun, Erving, Swish, Tuma, Hulk, Iren, Mac, Rub, S.D., Tods Parties, Maybe it Rummed Away, Harvard, Rowdy, Mammajamma, The Split, Carl Yazstremski, I goota go Wheres the window. Pass the popcorn Farm, Halloween 1980 Thanks Ma Dad. Sheila Roberts 52 Mystic St. 8 29 64 Aug-26-80 Timmy + Sheila! Wrestling Matches 10-10-81 — Fight! Canobie Lake — KG, TG, SR Punk Day 5;30 AM! Green Hair! Fake nails! Zipper earings! Nutts! and 4th + 5th period — The Craziest! The Mall — Kim Gail Sandy Sheryl! Cant Get the hood open!?? What? Huh? How do you spell it?!! Roller Skating! Gunter Family + the Dogsss! Class of 82! Thanx ma love ya. ■ Lynn Robertson 41 Wilbur Ave. 2 4 64 “Little one” nit nit nit Charge! Everybody must get stoned! PP, JB, DS, JR, TM, AS, Reunite on Ice That’s NICE ya! Memories outside at all Lunches with 1 Gayle, AJ, CALM DOWN Jive Memories In MRT ' s CLASS WITH ! KAREN MM, Jr. Prom, LATER MUCH, PARTY HARTY, AKU-AKU, [ Mornings . . . the tree, THE WHO LEO ZEP WE’RE Out of HERE KIM, ) MICHELLE: THANKS MA -f DAD LUV YA! Evangeline Robinson 28 Scituate St. 7 7 64 Lynne Paul 6 23 80, Hampton Beach, at the Blvd, Bob Seger w Sue, the pond, Stratton parlies, ezies, parking lot. Town Day, stranded in Salem NH, Jr. Prom w ST NH, Mem. Day Wknd, on the beach, summer of 80, between the lines, Mr. Ds, Jr.yr., Arizona 77, Imagine, BF — Sue LP, SC, CH, NB, KJ, NP, EH, PS, DP, AH, I get by w a little help from my friends, the c’snana jay-ppp M D I luv you, — Harry. Q 4(. Wlolteffio Michelle Rogers 6-3-78, 10:10 p.m. Sat-Nites, I Love My David (Wareham) 1-12-79, 6:45 a.m. FTML, Auto Clinic, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, Lunenburg, A.R. notes. Runway 4-80, S.H. Dare, Wob-Med, K.W. Senior year, Med — Lab — Tech, T.B. K.B. Made it possible — HAPPINESS. Carole J. Rongone 44 Chatham St. 7 3 64 Janene Basketball Brigs tryouts Cars Police Symmes MJ party open ears North Conway Diets Jordans Proms Maura Chris Tricia Margaret AB, MG, TC, KS, TP, ML, KC, ML, LC, CH, MP, SA, BB, SB DD, RG KM, LC, SS, GD, RD Mark. Les 9-10-81 ... Mt. Manadnock MDC itockey Preppie Proud what a rush ya nothing buddy munga WoWo Laater Hang in there Anne Thanks Mom Dad. Q . MOW Q Hw io Ze SRo MJo Jane Rouvapes 3 Magnolia St. 12 24 63 What? Halloween. Et tu, Brute! Rock Lobster. Que Pasa? Pizza. Dimitra Toga. Yasou! Oh, nothing. Veni, vidi, vici. Los Griegos son mejores. Cape Cod. Thanks Mom and Dad. Dawn Ellen Rowe 12 Exeter St. 6 3 64 Blondie Michael 5 2 81 My 1! Thank U for being U! Best Friends; CM, JV, TK, JG, EK, JD, KC, DP, Jos Window, RIUNITE ON ICE, The Red Bomber, Regent Partys, GTW MR, GM, JK, SH, Thurs. Nite? AKU, Sexatary AM, HAMPTON, FLORIDA, Jr Semi, Menots, Will You Buy? MR. SMIRNOFFN Here We Go Again Val! Lookin For The AA MACHINE! CRUISIN, Cin — We’ve Come A Long Way! MY CELLAR, Ron — E — Doe. I Love You Mom Dad! I DID IT! Donna Sakakini A. 85 Cleveland St. 5 29 64 Sak-Crash Joan — Best of Friends Always, II, FG, 12-31 " Riding that Train”, Panning Apple cheeks DM — Jumbo Alley cats Heights TT, CC — VM BOB SEGER 1, We ' ve got Tonight Pink Panther Unicorn Freak ND crazed — WBTA (maybe to much) 5 19 81 CRASH — JP — W P, ST — GL, JT BC, DO Crew. JR SEMI-PROM FREEBIRD TURN THE PAGE. MSG-DF AM, MJ, DC, VM, MC, KD, CJ, MJ, BH I LOVE YOU! . . . Audrey Rossow 39 Surry Rd. 2 17 64 Aud Greta’s parties OYSTERS? Such a fag! Rt. 114?! Photography Thanks Pat PW MR JC BC ME CS LS LB MF JR MD HW ■ i JC JF JC AB JK DJ DP JP RAS MS Crystal Len — Kay; j t Summer ’81 LLAP Junior Semi Camp Middlesex ’80 Corn Muffins i THE MOOSE Nogs?! 1 10 MPH on Rt. 1 ! Adios Y BUENA SUERTE! j Michelle Susan Roussel 107 Dow Avenue, 7 7 64 All my luv thanx to Mom Dad; Frisky; Donny 10 13 79; Denise, Mark, Glen, Ann, Earle; Friends; Love; Memories; Fun Times en Francais; ; Hampton 7 3 — 4 81 ; ME ski; " Where’s the Sunrise?’’; All nite talks; Concerts; Parties; Prom nites; DE conf’s; “Tell me about it”; Family Nites; “poopsi pie pussy cat tootsi roll slly dlly bmpkn rootn tootn cowgri fingr likn good luv bckts " . Anne E. Ruggiero 54 Alpine St. 6 9 64 Donny 6 23 81, Doodles, AHSVB 31 fuzzballs, Dum Dums Sue at RB’s Chinese food, ski trips, skating, Salisbury, M = M at the Junior Prom, 7, Vermont. JC + MT, Checko, Marls, Marilyn, CS Specka, MJ the R.N., MP, TP, IN, TK. Seger, Petty, Cars, Foreigner, Styx, Best of Times ’81 . Thanks Mom. Miss you Dad, you’re still the greatest. Time to turn the page . . . Mark Russell 249 Gray ST. Arlington Concerts, Tull, Cooper, The Stooges, OeMay, Arrylay, Curly-que, bummers — the death of John Bonham and John Lennon, vegitation rules over mind. Jack, October the tenth, November the seventh, WWWF, it will feel good to be gone Cream, Doors, Emerson Lake and Palmer, PJ, JH, CR, BS, Zeppelin lives only in our minds. Harvard Halloween of 1981, lets party at Unity bye AHS. QP . M Sa nor o 80 (ffayi-c Au Stephen P. Sandrelli 1 77 Park Ave. 78-82 = Parties with the winebags DK, LM, JT, RW, AHS we had are Differences. Ok your the Balls. Living after Midnight partying till Dawn. Thanks everybody Don, Joan, Marisa, David, Mark. Love you Mom and Dad.lm on my way to the Top. Leonard Sarver 251 Sylvia St. 6 5 64 Lenny All the parties, Brigsies, The High Mots. Burger, Key hole. Cap. Denise. DD, ML, LM, PM, CT. The Sylvia St Gang, Artie, Lippy Doo, the snubby ? irls Marky p summer of the Dl’s. Cange, Kell, Moose, The Doors, The tones Concert? Card games, the Arlmont crew, AA, cue, MC, JM, and all the times not fit to print. Bye AHS . . . and sh — . ae S. 0% o. ■qM. (ffeu ciunna Martha J. Scott 89 Dow Ave. 9 16 64 Keith 2 17 81, Me and my buddies, Kitty no. 1, Griff, M.E., Lynn, Lori, Jackie, Love to all. Live For the Weekend — Dallin, West ST. Gang, Coke and a smile, cems, kahlua, Lori pee?. Keys Please, What? movie, jThorndike, 78-79, OH, NO, Bottle Rockets . . . “JT” . . . Seger, Ramones, “DUST " with memories. Judi Shaw 64 Park Ave Ext 3 26 64 Jordhash WOODS 79 THE MOUNTAIN CB, PW, MD, MA — THE STORE REVOLUTION 79 SUMMER 81 — WS PARTIES — KEVIN — SNIBBLIN ' — YOU’LL GET OVER IT. MAMASON — SIBU — PLAY THE GAME! SKYNYRD TUNES — 3 STEPS TOWARDS THE DOOR! SNOW STORM. ! LIGHTD — HI STRUNG! COOPER — STYX — DEAD — BAKED , ALASKA — HOUSR — PARTIES — LOVE TO NANA — SEGER — FFS — AEROSMITH! THANKS MA! LUV YA DAD, I’M GONNA MISS YOU. SEE YOU IN 2000! Dino Sanchez 52 Cleveland St. Arlington, Ma 3 23 64 Finally outta here! " Morning Tree " Perky Kirky Thanx Finn!! Remember Medford S, J, D Teenage Wasteland Stairway to Heaven Love Ya Maria! Never forget K.D T.M J.G L.W L.M L.D P.P J.B L.R. LD. N ' N’ Que ' faccia Brutta! " Quater Past” EEh! Gym. High Times, Vegging Times oh, more Layed back Southern California 6 27 81 thanx Ma Dad. Harjinder K. Sandhu 141 Hillside Ave. Arlington Harj Sandhu lAGB Parties Sonia, Kathy, Zenip and Sangeeta, Remember the good times in linch time studies Good morning Mr. Lane I ' m awake Halloween!! I ' ll never forget? Surprise graduation party Days filled with Promise and times filled with fun, wonderful memories Thanks Mom and Dad Good buy AHS It’s been real Is later but never forgotten Michael Satlow 108 Jason St. 3 25 64 " Sat” Well Bones, Joe, Gears, Cares (dog), Franco, Greg, Duck, Ell. Math (The Plague), Chess (was Too) + Debate teams. Soph. BBall, paper and WCM fish. Cut throats and rain difficulties and moving seats. " You with the beard. “Lunch with the band burn out. It wasn’t really that bad. WHY? Dina M. Scianna 23 Alton St. 6 4 64 Varsity Softball o — camps 80 81 Never Forget Chicopeel Darlene ' s Victory party Cathy’s party wann’t to shabby either. TFTS! Summer softball Hotels, Caps, Cold Frosty, Late nig Hts. Please pass the JD! New years eve was the best. Eileen Embmcei I ' ll never forget you. You too doo women! I finally made, cool oui. Nursing here I come. Thankd Ma Dad Mr. Dtanya, Marie, Bob. I couldn ' t have done it without you. Good luck Paul Tkel. Rose Ann Sheehan 60 Walnut St. 4 21 64 Mare, Auds, Bren, Teresa, Evie, Trish, Claires Parties, N.H. 10 31-80, Labor day. Cape, No way. Snow, et buz, LXIX, SDR, go nuts, DO it up. Concerts, Wild, 4 20 81 Teresa ' s cottage, Lunitic fringe. Led Zep, Kinks, parties w MB T, TGIF, Too much. Best a times. This is the end. Dreams or fantasy? Cruisin, Break out, MF, BC, JC, 12 31 80 11 20 81 Thanx Mom Dad Love Ya Catch ya later. Orr Shepherd 99 Valentine Rd. 9 17 64 ' Shep” Summers up B.C.C. Caddy Union Golf team with Billy B. Good Times Bad Times Zeppelin Rules . . Cruzin in the Wagon Lincoln 7-25-81 I ' m Bummin Lay Low Flit the In ' s . . . B.O.C. " 81 " Summers at F.B. Later Flilo! Caddy ' s Day 81 The Stooges, Fligh Life with Miller, Skinna . Pumps Bill We ' re Stow bound Mace S.P. for N.B.S. ?? No Brainers Late Again?? i yf ' Mf Mari Louise Sirianni 82 Florence Ave. 7 27 64 Thanx mom dad, theory, band, trips, to ga conn, RS, PW, JL, AM, AR, TD, JF, proms semis, TD ' s cottage Labor day in NFI, 11-20-80, my 1 nit wit forever! The cape, concerts, QGF, BB, SN, The EB with RALS . The Stones, Led Zep Geils . 12-24-80, piano LESSONS oh no! g o ' s, MS B.?. ROSEANN have some coke a smile! Thanks EVERYONE! LOVE YA!! and KEEP SMILIN ' !! Nancy J. Smilgis 43 Fox Meadow Ln. 4 9 64 Tm outa ' here! " Thanx T.S., S.M., P C., J.FI., K.D., J.C., M.L. Aries. Lost in Flabitat Camp. Work hard play hard. Yulp! M. SS7 kisses 80 summer OJ LF Precinct 13, comeback, jelly beans T.S. Remember? haundler, company, " The gun, the gun " , no big deal. “Suuper!” Carol — The Warriors. Kenny Rogers, J. Geils, The Stones. I love you Mom Dad. " This is it? " 82 Peter Shea 34 Mt. Vernon St. 12 20 63 Don Leon Juan V. Baseball? JV Football Baseball Al Doples Family — Flog Zack Rigarz Whity Joe Deke. Erving Sul Stizz tuma chuck cannon White motel The stomp! Flog go swimming! Bubbles Bubbles more bubbles Zacks push ups! Nights that you can’t just remember Do up some Doobs Deke Rigarz Doing Carl the Blues Brothers Everybody’s crying White How Come? pimp mobile Bullet See Ya! I’m outa here! Peggy Sheehan 25 Linwood St. Arlington 6 11 64 Peg Good Luck soph Lil Lp Sc St Lh Km Kw Nb Eh DpLr Sk Tf Di Co Is Jd Jv Mz Love You All. Good Times w DD Me Be Ms Me Dr Bp Teck Ca Mo Dee Kp Bp Hj Pj Jn Jk Jb Mb Jm And Of Course GK JS — Geils Styx Kinks ACDC Sanbbath Kansas Stinds Cars But Never Got There — Soph At Fathers — There Is So much To Say Kart LiL — Love you Linda — Susan What Ever Makes Your Boat Sink — Jack lessi Moe — Hampton — Falling In Dunew Lauren — July 4 th’s — Thanx and Love Always Mom Dad Nor ED. Marlene Silva 116 Newland Rd. 1 16 64 Good-bye class of ' 82. Alas. Paris, April, 1980. Vividly. Vienna waits for me. Thanx Mrs. Z., Finn, Mrs. Esk. and Foiz. No Exit. Still crazy after all these years. In my life. Rockport ' 81. Mats ... St. Eu. S.C., D.S. Anne R. and especially Mas and Vix. Thanks Pa Bon Chance! Theresa Silva 17 Devereaux St. Arlington 8 1 64 Terry Thank God We’re Out A Here! Good times in NH Florida The Camp Spy Pond Ohh — Dave Hot Blooded March 29 Company — Finally Nancy don’t give up on me! ' Member ”80’’ summer Vodka? handle MM, NS, DA, MC, French Shorthand English Love ya Mom and Dad Roxanne Jim I Love Ya DAVE! Good-Bye AHS. a yranru Q- 1 nuc Andrea Smith 15 Edmund Rd. 10 5 64 TM HC thanx for everything! Luv ya Mom Dad Cain. 4 18 79 — DS, 1437. My duster. Parties w the corner kids, 7 11 81 — a day to I remember, dm hse. D — thanx nm. BNNH. BC — 6:30. Later AHS. Thanx Pa, Gram, Rob, Kim Hum Thanx and Luv ya Ma! Cheryl Smith 12-B Memorial Way, Arlington Pulse, KS, Where did he go? JM, Forever Weekends, parties. Good times, ’ boys, byob, coke, SH, AC, PN, PM, SD, JF, MN, CK, PW, SANDY’S corfee and . . . gas stations with JM, death Ride, thanx to Mrs. N ' s meatball subs, I made it. PN JF AGAIN?!?, the cellar June 30 9:00 AM, Our place, close call, mystics, and a special thanks to connie Charlie, ■ Union Street, BUSTED!, STRANDED, RB. ' ye ( o y tie yn S o e ite t yu iMe (ff nn i Eric Van Snyder 21 1 Broadway, 12 10 63 1 1 was born on the tenth of December in 1963. I was born in Hiattsville, ! Maryland Where I lived for five years before moving to Massachusetts. My hobbies are fencing, skate boarding, soccer, and the collecting of coins, comic books, and gemstones. eyy ( »h i 1 Q y ( yea Christine Smith 249 Renfrew St. 9 26 64 Chris, “Corky " For everything we take with us, there is always something we leave behind. Gimme a break, That ' s life. It’s fall. Good times — 10 31 81, Wilson’s yearbook, G S. Good friends — ML, SS, JO, BN, MH, PF, MP, GR, GC, and Joe 12 18 79. Thanx Maura, Mrs. Lawton. Love to my Mom Dad! Never stop dreaming, if you lose your dreams, you lose your drive and then you are nothing . . . Douglas E. Smith 6 Kilsythe Rd. 7 7 64 Doug DJ GOTTA WANT IT GOTTA HAVE IT GOTTA LOVE IT V SOCCER 1 SENIORS PLAY THE LAST GAME BS THEY DO 27th LANCERS 80 81 OLYMPICS LAKE PLACID THE 04 THE GUYS MS BH BM MG PF CB MD DS MT CANADA LED ZEP DOORS PINK FLOYD MADNESS COLDNESS: I LOVE IT BIMS ACTION, I NEED SOME HEAVY HELLOS EAT IT UP MENOTS SENIOR YEAR CPU WERE HISTORY. yeen ' ytc h (S h i y ey Vivian Sogor 11 Greenwood Rd. 8 23 64 Viv Hello, This is 646-3370 . . . Loved it — V — Ball, SAC PAC, MA BARRY, MR. H. EUCALYPTUS, EVERYONE’S GOING! PV, MG, PF, HB, MJ, FB, DMD, CN, TM, AB, DP, JK, JC, JP, SD, BC, BE, LG, SG, EO, MF,RC, AR, CS TW, CD, LT — AND AFTER THE WINTER, IT TURNS TO SPRING. SUMMER PARTIES . . . JUST ONE GLASS, MUM’S THE WORD, RAINCHECK. Y? FOOD. AND YOUR CALL WILL BE RETURNED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . . . THANKS MOM AND DAD. Evelyn Soldatelli 38 Mystic Lk Dr. Arlington 8 27 64 Evie Love to all my chicki babes, Ruth Little Micheelle Rose Anna Anna Danna. Red Grey? Swim team Art club Jr Semi, Matt. Punky babe? Awe, Caca beans! Yea Drop-In learning how to ski. Look out guys I think she’s in love. Again? Remember the good times Lots of em! Arizona? Wareham summers don’t forget the Camel DRIVE P.S. Hi Steven Love Thanx to Mom Dad Booga. 83 Danny Squeri 15 Wellesley Rd. 8 7 64 Square Miss O ' s Junior an Senior english was a PARTY! Leannes parlies Brighams Menots The Farm Thorndike MS, DS, JM, MC, CHUCK STIX PC, EK, JB, MT, RR, BURGER DECA to the max CRUISE DJ The hens have ears Los 5-5 185 No Muff to tuff Flepoop Augustines DS, GP, JP, DM, KM, DN, CT WOOD SA Prom 81 HA-HA Kim and Sue the skipper Thanks Mom and Dad Love Ya see ya AHS. Ellen Stein 41 Jason St. 1 19 64 We made it! Friends we are and friends we ' ll always be LM, DV, MB, LD, RM, RN, CO, DP, LH, Love ya Ted ' s Girls. Camp ' 79 — Commune, CITN — RN ED, Thanx Fin! Ted ' s Point, Bishop, Menots, H.S. (again), 41, All nighter — rip run, punch party SV BE ' s KP, Celebrations, Seger, U.N.H. Bound Crash! Semi, Prom — Just me you Kath, " The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away.” Love ya M D. Mary Claire Strugnell 20 Norfolk Rd, 9 4 64 Claire Feneani Scum Squish Auds Jim 69 Li Bob John Jane Beans Richard Claud Moo ' s Catherine The Moose Bread My house? Concerts Oh, Oh Fi-nn Camping Arl. News Drag, no tunes 50 miles a day? You have a broken what? Raibow Ft. Knox The Doctor ' s punch punkin ' out Rocky Horror Pennington Muddie Beef The Boarders RS, CT, LT, DS, Spanish? Thanx, Mudda, Finn and Scum Smell Ya Later! Diane L. Stuart 91 Thesda St. Arlington 9 2 64 Dee Crazy, Parties, Good times, us and them. Cape ' 80 BIU WHAT? “Playboy” Roxy”, JT, CT, CS, DM, CM, TV, AB Conch, SF Where are you?? Bagged Red Lights When friends Drop In — Bud. Black Silver Brattle ROCK ROLL FOREVER! Stones Seger Am I Right? Forget about it! I ' m gonna take it to the limit! Thanx mom. Dad, San, Crick. BYE A.H.S. 84 Darlene Spencer 1 1 Cleveland, 4 6 64 Theres too many friends to name them all, except Georgia, the best! Der Ger Train Station. The Church Johnny Co. My Duck! Really! When in doubt party! Mrs. Z. Punk Out! Originality! Stop the world, I want to get off. Purple A New Year 1 1 81 We ' re free! 69 Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rock -n- Roll! God is decent ... I love ya " tootles”. William A. Speros 16 Iroquois Rd. 3 15 65 Awesome, I made it!! DOC BOCS class flaming gliders out the window. Doc Arthur It ' s the reality of our Middle Class Masters, Zoid Club with Jay — Bar, Fourt Estate Ed in Chief, Cables — Town Day 81, my big break, Teo, Goony, Cruisin with Moparman topless. Rev Mucka, Golo Man, Mac, and Mark 10 10 81 We ' ll believe anything! Blech! Hampton. Vega $, Arizona 80 -i- 81 Sandy Excuse Me . . . HELLO! David Stevens 24 Irving St. 10 14 63 MUNCHIES, THE CHEIF SPI TOON NOSE, Thumbless, GLASS RODS, 18, IT ' s TIME TO SWITCH, kill NICK JOHN! D-rD, AP HISTORY, REALITY, THE BOURGEOISIE! HOME ROOM HOME WORK. HOOP ON TUES. COORS TRANS. WHAT NOW? MIDNIGHT HOOP. FORGET IT. Susan M. Stevens 133 Summer St. 2 2 64 Sue Time it was oh what a time it was! Luv ya Mich. Joe, Bill, Chris, Maura, Mich good luck! Mich were locked in. The key broke. Yearbook, G S shows, the indian. England wow! Calumet Karen, Beth, which way to Montreal? Rainbows. Thanks Elliot time to protest. Who me drink? Its over? Love you Mum, Dad, Chris and Mike. Maryanne Taccini 32 Rangeley Rd. Arlington 1 8 65 Summer of 1980, Mr. MacAuley’s history class the best!!!!. The good times in 11th grade. J.S. L.W. C.F. J.B. L.D. M.C. M.M. D.A. C.B. E.P. Concerts, Harvard Square, Stairway to Heaven. The Kinks, Pretenders Boom town Rats, Billy Squier, Queen, J. Geils, and the stones Forever. Thanx Mom and Dad. Lisa Tarantino 26 Peck Ave. 7-23-64 Lee Finally made it! Cape Cod, summer of 80, Nantasket beach, India Red Room, Timothy ' s Too, Head Games, Good Times Better Times, you ' re hot blooded VM, 25 times DM (FS) KF remember . . . 11 1 80, Skip Days with SM, friends forever KD, SM F F E, MD L S U H, Cory Marianne, 1, 4, 3, you guys! Class of 82 1, Good Luck sm, kd, md, me cc, rd all you guys! Thanks Mom and Dad!! nan tia Jacqueline Sullivan 15 Varnum St. 8 14 64 Jackies The time has come! Friends forever, SK, NB, DL, TF, KM Never forget yas PO, MS, TDS cellar “Freebird” Luv ya Paul Feb 28 Drift time Hardy projects PC house The hill you Got A Friend Sand Forever! GCA Neg all the laughs more to come! TF Mr. Magoo Lily too! KM thanx for peeling the oranges. The pond all the people. Broobs summer Sup Hamp. w SK, DL, PF Moe Best sis I have! Dawn Peg Luv ya Ma Dad. Ruth A. Swanson 47 Buena Vista Rd. Arlington 6 15 64 Ruthie Its been a great 4 years with all my friends! Evie chickie babie Weirdo Wendell Watt? MACE the Cape M.V. N.H. whip cream speedin with 69 Punk day party Scooping with Claire 1 and 2 Sue Norm gang Drop In retreats DIET with Lites, munchies at Swanson ' s Bakery crazy times at RISD FINN art classes Thanx yearbook staff for you your friendship and help Mom Dad this is only the end to a new beginning! A.H.S. I ' ll miss you! Mason Sullivan 35 Richfield Rd. “Mace” DJ; Gotta Want It, Gotta have it. Gotta Love It. BB B, The comet, CB, MC, JM, MT, RS, DS, The Guys. Tunes, D.V. TKS, Football 1. The hat, the list. Some Action, madness, coldness. Ifh, Doors, Bad. Co. Skynyrd. Driv ' in Tuma ' s car, dream ' n, Ted ' s p + The wall. Chink Food, The Band. No way. Cape with J.B. The tub at N.X. It ' s History. Jeramie Sullivan 11 Oak Knoll, 12 18 64 Jay Drama I Sand Reelers Gymnastics ' ' 78-82 " Flabergast Shakin with boo heart attack Nancy worry bird crash burn Fiefers people Varsity Drag cast parties HM with Sue Secret Smiler Junior proms BC Good Stuff cheap We ' re Grad?! GC, CD, TD, Mr. K MK, GA, SS, Mughead Reels to RAdio I made it with a little help from my friends my coach and Mom Dad. Richard A. Sweeney 41 Hemlock St. Arlington 1 27 64 Rob Swim Team, 1234, Track. I’m Rich. Swimming at Dawn Donut Runs, orange award. The Rocks, Boqge, Jimmy ' s Junior Semi, Getty, Target Practice. Hack much! JP, Tl, Jf, RS, PM. Go nuts. Later AHS! Robert A. Sweeney 41 Hemlock St. January 27 64 “Rich " V. Swimming, Concert band. Marching Band, No . . . He’s Richard!, Pello Imp Tocio Junior, 3rd lunch, " Freakville " , Hack Much! Target Practice, T.G., TTP., Menots, O . . . K! Captian’s Class, The Doors, walk out! Hockey Home Games, The best! " Good times Bad Times " Grey’s Raiders ' Later A.H.S. ' Aifn ' a n Q ' (. a ' an ft no uMn ( ee Q ' { . C 7ie ytaa f Joseph R. Tocio 204 Forest St. 8 2 64 Toe DANGER HARD HAT AREA?!! MOPEDS LUCKY ME NO BRAKES!! Fishing trips HAMPTON BEACH FRR RANK MAFFA R R SWEENEY SANTARPIO ' STUNAA!!. BOWLING BRUINS B.O.C. FOREINGER, Journey A.H.S. HOCKEY FORD F-250 JIM, ROSIE, O.B., WEBBA, THE NADS! Monte Carlo THIS BUD ' S FOR YOU! Tokyo JOE. THANKS MOM DAD. ye Lori Truesdale 307 Gray St. Arlington 8 6 64 Trudy Field Hockey bus rides with mama, soccer, Chem labs. Art, lunch table " Views " Summer 80 — nights at the track — the moose Summer 81 — Cape Cod, Nahant, Parties (Oct 31 — Dec 31) — Cookies GH Come day happy. Come day sad, the gladdest hours that we knew began with a friend or two " Xoxo Mich, Jane, Carmen, LG 2, JP, MB, MD, CT, TW, AR, JC, CC, AV, MP — Love Mom Dad GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!! Luanne Tulimieri 27 Hillsdale Rd. 3 5 64 Remember the non dash sense class and going out to dinner with P C. The French Club and the rides to swim meets. Even though we did ' nt win we were the team with the best attitude. Remember the breakable chemistry equipment, trying to stall the teachers and getting out of tests. Now that the four years are over we can go on to better things BYE. Susan J. Teeven 18 Osborne Rd. 9 4 64 “Sue " Good times w LL, SA, VK, LN, CE, KK, MD, JT, RD, M.M. — M Hampton — At the Blvd. hoods tom pin How do U do? Stranded Sue Lauren Jr Prom L P Neil Like A Hurricane 4 X’s Burl, bound AH, EH, TF Kidnap Memorial Wknd. crazy rides MC I get high w a little help Stratton EZIES BF — Lynne Concerts Val Lafin I wanna go home!! NH Kahlua lites The Pond Can ' t ya see!! JMJ J.M.T. Thanks, MJT 1 LUV YA. Claire M. Theriault 21 Milton St. 5 14 64 Thoreau V Planet Claire Gang of 4 Summer 81 INS S or B All Alone On The Edge Of Seventeen Brrr! We can handle it Take a Pill BB Molly ' s Riunite California Dreamin 11-22-79 SN What will you do GO FOR IT CYB Is It Safe To Come Up Now thweetie! Scramblin 3-13-81 To survive do it right FP PL CRUNCH Oh no SPEED Bump! CM, DM, DN, WD, YA, JF, OTM Is there anything left to say? i ce Kaliopi Tourkomanolis 19 Wilbur Ave. 10 18 63 Carol Coke Fight, Nail attack, U.F.O. Do it up, span, tape with P.A. Private Idaho, Smokey -i- Thongs, A Lon Lon time ago, poure on, perimane, shut up. Pizza, Bank, Flower store, system, Caldor, History, other house. Apples, Cook out, Guinea pig, Greece, Jerry, Hootey, Taps, Fair, Cape Seafood, Oue pasa, Froggie, Going deaf. Friends, Melina Michele lunch. Thanks Mom + Dad. John Tremblay 20 Alpine St. 1 30 64 “Trem” Ya gotta love it, Seger 80 — theflickes. Gimme 3 steps, Oct 13, blast at 8, boilermakers, stove parlies, Geils — house party, snowstorms, 1 30 80 — Como ' s house, goldies, the res, mafa, BTO in the in the ambassador, Musta got lost, headin for the city, Nogojo, melonize, thanx to my family and M.M., Laterized. y . C yue-i a e t(c ioe W- C xat a Denise Valerio 131 Highland Ave 10 7 64 Gsheesh ... its over! Friends always — ES, LM, LD, MB, RM, DP, CO, LH, JA, MH, CRN Shaky shoulders! Sr. Conv. — OVER THE LIMIT! Bathrm — Nearest bush! High Sch — Menots — Lagers, My BUDdies, Jr. Semi-Fingers Mason ’79-’81 , Cody — Egg, Obscenities — Out — Window Watch Ya Self! Bad Jokes — Dead Monkey Frreak! DUNKIN’ 6 12 78 Cookin JD? High On Life Only? . . . yup? Luv Ma Pa Ya Gotta SWING — IT! Bye. Anne Valk 98 Sunset Rd. 8 1 64 Hi Critters! Friends depart and memory takes them to her caverns, pure and deep. Thanks KV, VB, KM “cute and good and nice and fun” Florida, Scituate Charlene and Charlie Chalk Changes yesterday, today, tomorrow To prep or not to prep? 1 miss you Kiko! Thanks for coming into my life, Paul! yes Tootles! I love you Mom, Dad, J., H., E., and all others! God Bless! Christine Vieira 126 Broadway 2 10 64 Chris Niall 3-20-81 SS with Nance, Jr. Prom, Cape Cod, Go for it, Everett St. Gang. Coke adds life . . . Keg parties, NH. Oldies BO, OZ, SH BOOZSH . . . Phillip give me the letter! LOUIW LOUIE FG, TR, NH, TD, MC, NC, CD, DD, L J MC Maine, Never forget MC!!! Guy ANNIE, Segrams 7, HO-HO’s Sr. Prom, Party — Carlise, Mystics, Thanks Mom Dad “Its only teenage wasteland” . . LATER. Diane Vietro 23 Russell Terrace 5 2 64 Di Great Memories: C.K., L.M., K.S., B.K., P.M., L.D. — Brighams, The No Name, Revere Monotomy — The Point, New Hampshire. EVERYBODY M.G.S.! Rock N’ Roll — The Stones. F.U. B.A.R. Walk Out 79! Meford — Busted! L.M. — Where the — did everybody go?! C.K. — Potatoe Chips! B.K. — Y.S.M.M.! Love and Thanks Dad. FINALLY OUT! Michael Tuminelli 295 Park Ave. Arlington 6 14 64 “The Mustang” will it ever be painnted?” No One touches the Hat! THE DOORS, BADCO, THE CARS EVERETT STADIUM 10 24 81 " I know she wants me, but I just can ' t find her” The mall 10 28 81 The Wall, the center, Menots MC, SJ, CC, WR, FH, HLD. Depression is Finally over! “Let it Roll”. Anna Tzoufa 94 Chandler Street, 8 10 64 Bonjour classe! The best of times, summer of ' 81 Greece, I got by with a little help from my friends . . . Kathy G., Zeynep O., Sonia C. Greeks are GREAT! Parlez vous francais? Thanx P.C. Labor Day Weekend, Jr. Prom, M.G. Anna banana “French Consulate” Top 10, C.A.D. Ins. Journey REO 1. General Hospital Thank You Mom AL for all your support and encouragement. Q ,. Po ef ' w Q ft. Julie Valminuto 6 Wheaton Road, 12 4 64 Val “Val” Best Friends with JD, ST, DR, CM, KC, DP, TK, GM, JK, SH, The Pond — I get by — with a little help from my Friends, Hampton, “ ' Where’s room 28?”, Shopping Spree, Cruisin with KO and JD, The Cape, Laughin, Drive-in, Plenty of BRS, School Days, The Kinks, Mystery rides, GT, ODR’S, Springsteen, I ' m as Free as a bird. Thanks Ma Dad! Kristine Van Valkenburgh 9A Academy St. 1 1 64 KRUCKERIE VB MW CV Thanks Anne ADADA Tall Ships Disney 8-81 Decorating the Indian Last Minute Art PURPLE!! D D Twoie Paris 4-80 I’m Immaturing Bye PE! Prom Who ya“ draggin ' this year? EJ ME NY FLA. and all between 1 think I ' ll be an artist? New Year’s B-days More Shoes You’ve been great Peg, Babs too!! Kenny, smooches I really made it!?!?. Ba-Bye! € q4(.. qM. Sally Wah 63 Adams St. 7 9 64 Thanks to my good friends for all the fun times — MP, CT, CM, BM, MT, ME — good luck in the future. Thanks to the teachers I had. 1 1th the best, keep in touch Maria, Remember Macauley’s class all the good kids, college — business. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Free as a bird. The Beatles. (tfte ite i fS o fas ) ' o yn a s Q flat ' t yti Jim Washburn 146 Renfrew St. 7-21-64 Deema DALLIN PARK GANG. WUDY. WALLY . . KEV. REETRAT. EJ. SICK at HAMPTON. FLUKE. STEVE. ROB. LARGE COKE . . . Midnight Bots with CA. BUD. Alb. STRAIGHTAWAY at Jumbo’s, total! SCRUB YOURSELF. Shoobap tender? HENDRILL. Total Ears. TSUP . . . take a cruise on the mo. DROME. C ' mon will ya. BCC 1 AM. MIKE . . . CHILI DOG. MAD DOG. OPIUM DEN . . Wudy it’s Jim. you’re so rough. THANKS MA + DAD . . DUST! Kim Watt 147 Park Ave. 10 30 64 Veg-Head What a schedule! Punk Day! 5:30 am! KL Partys! BOC FOG HAT — 9-19-81 Indiana Florida Snake!!!! Foxmore trip! Ding-Hos!! Wheres the car??!! Prosp. Hill — GP DS GP RWM Bergetta! JL SR RS SW — The match maker! What a dork! Give me a gun! Who’s it now?!! Weekend Lover!!!! Is it Brian or is it ALICE COOPER?! MACE!! Weekend parties! Brighams 1st per. Haunted House! 17th B-Day — Minute-man! Thank-you Mom and Dad I Luv u!! Thanx Rick W. I luv u!! We are OUTTA here!! !!!! !!!! !!!! BORN TO BE WILD !!!! !!!! !!!! 88 Thomas A. Villandry 20 Silk St. 4 26 63 Angles V-Hockey Tourney time, Nubby, Feb Vacation — partys Jack ' s Bar Grill, Rack attack. White squad. Chemical Bunsen Burners, Cowboy Hats, ES, CO, CFM Shoes, LWS, On set fox, reunion the hulk, senior convention, ACFU Jr. Prom Brawl, Hey Zeke 34, 5, OK! Cristina ssilvershoe, no need, mad ask see ya! the Docta Unies, yeh int. time, JZ, GA, JD, SJ, DB, GD, RN, RM, PM, LH, DP, PG, DF, CT, JM, LJ, GJ, DV, apple head, spaz he’s six I ' m nine Fin. Steve Vosnakis 72 Freeman St. 11 12 63 Snakis Thank You " 82 " Down the Hill “69 Catalina” Don’t Worry Eddie Frank Franny Beth C Lourie Lisa " MC” Theo Alicen BW BD OJ LJ CJ SW KW Stop Shop MJ Missy DJ KD JG CG FF 307 CIO 4 speed Tony’s Van Halen 80 AC DC Cars Van Halen 81 BP BA Good Times — Gone Bye! Gimme Back My Bullets! Carolyn L. Walsh 101 Dow Ave 8 4 64 Catwoman Martha, 12 long yrs. 1 ya — Are you possessed? — Beach Detention — Sleeping At Sunrise 4:30 — Homestead WW is W? — NFS Super Chics — School Days — Ma. w Griffs — 6 12 78 — D.D.’s — Hot T’s — Barney — Thorndike 78-80 — Wknd Parties MG’s — Mean Joe — NYE 80 — Snow — Kahlua — Buddies — Is NH a State? JM — Orty’s — The STONES 11 10 81 — TF, KG, AH, MH, LV, DV — God Bless Danny Jones WLY 9 16 79 — Thanx Ma + Dad. Marilyn Warren 520 Summer St. 4 23 64 Mai The Semi “The Junior Prom” The Beatles Rockport Vix Lau Mari A.R. K. V. A.V. Sophomore study Mike Danny = Paul Spanish Mr. Storlazzi Mr. Hall “Masked Marvel” Carnation Day Senior Convention Mr. Hunwitz — Piano " Popcorn Sale Jr. Year” Freshman year “Mai” “Mel " Mr. Foitz Thanks to Mrs. Cozza “Cheerleading tryouts " My Sis Vix Thanks to Mumsy and Dad!! BYE 82!!! Richard Webb 39 Hathaway Cir. 7 1 3 64 Newbury — Yl, LI, JC, IT, EK CU, HC, NH, OJ, BO, BS, DR, AW, KC, AB, EOJ, SE LU, RG, AL, FK, CA, LB, FF, OK, CDF Tergert’ Nod Vul Rua EMOC OT erew taht segnahc eht LLA gnuoy saw I nehw Wonk EW diucc woh Seikooc — ESUAC A hTiw leber hguh ET, IN, LIE VO, CD, RAH, SA FO SG, Nl, HT, YR, EV, ES, lY, WH Dooge BS NA, EB, IR, AC, XAS, EISXUOIS 10,000 people maybe more they’re wriitng about things that we’ve all heard Before . . . SBG PEG. Karen D. Wedlock 22 Cherokee 5 5 64 K.D. Kittens are the Most priceless of animals. Daffodils are simple and beautiful and rainbows are God’s Most unexplainable phenomenon. The science and history AHS was as priceless as kittens, the English was beautiful and simple, but the Math was just another unexplainable phenomenon for me! PaMcia PPait Sandra Wendell 61 Buena Vista Rd. 11 17 64 Sandy What a SCHEDUAL! lunchtime KW RS SR GO KL BC ES DM Here we go again mom and dad later much heavey on the much much the main match maker Suzuki match maker dragon lady Dewey in trouble again JS 100% full-blooded for sure totally definetly posstitvely absolutly party land common what suspended!!?? !! weekends good bye AHS. Frank White 24 Little John St. 1 31 64 Whitey JV Basketball V Basketball? AWOL GZ LH RR SD GA HJ PS RB BR Head phones Harvard Oh! Yes the Real ways OTR Medford Get off the Paisly way Rumed Away AL DO PE LS JM MS CB MT MC MC RP JB LARRY YOU SHOULD HAVE Quigs — Live goes on Ronald Skonalidki Thanks MA and DAD and anyone else who helped. Q ft. Patricia Weidner 145 Gray St. 10 5 64 “Tricia” Summer of 80, COOKIE DOUGH, Friends are forever, CB, CH, CM, EW, LT, Movin on. The Cars, Horseback riding. Swim team. Lifesaving, Nashwa, Good time in N.H., Chatham, The Band, Go Nuts, Moosehead, Anniversary party. Caveman, Sunrise, Rockport, New York, Football, Ice Cream, Live now and enjoy. Thanks Mom and Dad for the Good Times. Bye A.H.S. Paul Weinstein 44 Jason St. 11 6 64 THE ROLLING STONES THE KINKS 9 27 81 THE BRIDGE NEW YEARS EVE CAMB. KEGS SNOW STORMS SUMMER OF 81 6 12 81 B.O.C. “BLACK JACK ” THE COOK-OUT BUDS FRESHMAN PARTIES M.B. C.F. M.C. P.D. N.H. P.H. 4:00 A.M. WEEKENDS THE POND GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES “THE DOORS” SWIMMING WALDEN ’’DEATH-RIDE!’’ WAITING? THIS IS THE END! MIKES CELLAR WHO’S NEXT? . . . S an ra (§f. Joanne White 22 Richfield Rd. 1 11 64 Best Times with E.C. Kinks. MT EH SQC Have a Coke and a smile Don’t Forget to dot your i’s Luvya Eddie What do you want to do? I don’t know The Who Pocahontas I don’t get it L M Center 8 3 80 High on Life my family — my friends a bit of fluff I’ve become cormfortably numb a family of space shots it’s been real. Thanks for Everything Mom Dad. I LOVE YOU. Laura Whitley 3 Jeffrey Road 9-21-64 LAW Love you Eddie . . . J. Geils concert, 1979 ... the Kinks, Billy Squier, Stones, etc . . . Jr. Prom, the good times down Buzzel field, summer of 1981, cruising around with Carol, Steve and Friends, L.l. M.T. J.G. M.L. S.S. S.M. E.P. C.J. H.J. R.B. C.B. T.M. P.P. A.S. R.O. B.H. S.B. G.B. The fun times working at Symmes. Thanks Mom and Dad. 89 Steven Whitley 3 Jeffrey Rd. Beaver I HAD A GOOD 4 YEARS AT A.H.S. FUN AFTER SCHOOL WITH THE GERMAN CLUB. HOW ARE YOU DOING H.W. J.B. L.W. A.FR. WK. GC, HJ, LH. J.T. WE HAD A LOT OF FUN WITH THE GERMAN STUDENTS IN OCTOBER. LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING TO GERMANY THIS SUMMER. SEE YOU LATER A.H.S. Pamela Whitney 19 Washington Ave. 10 24 64 Poodle Spam Woods girls MA, MD, CB, JS, gymnastics, Reeves, Gopherit lights, roses, VI, Revolution, 360 say warn afa? girls play the game styx BOT, seger 80, SIBU. Cooper hichin LG dream’ on, heartake, BR party, WS, zebra’s, bz LLL, Bowie bake, to therez! USGTC, Break down, PITS, Ruth SB, mellow, PC 86? SKI, aimemoi, love to grampa, zoo, celica, Hampton, cat balls, 25th promise, mountain 2000, KM AHS, S S. EV, Luv ya Mom + DadI Heather Wilson 2 Huntington Rd. 3 4 64 “Beans” Me + Ricki Dec. 8, 79 . . . Forever JR. Semi, Prom w Rick TW, CS, JR, AR, SM, CM, CF, JC, AB, JK, JC, BC, JC, DP, Clares Parlies! I’m a radical ILTCB Thanks Cathie, Everyone! Concert choir, Madrigals Sue, Judi + Cath! Thanks Claire + Trish! You’ve got a friend! Auds a Tard Ruthie! Cookie + Beans Jul 17 Thanks, Cooke Family! Thanks Ma + Dad + Gram! 143 Rick! I’ll Miss Ya AHS. Michael Wood 39 Westmoreland Ave. 1 27 64 82. KCUS. SGIP. Not PM, AH. Pond. Pontiac. B.G.H. Blue. Fog. Hampton. N.H. parlies. 66. GTO. Alice. Cooper. Tom. Petty the. Widow, the. Doors. Holy. Moly. Jet. J. Geils. Burning. Bridge. The. End. The. Bomb. 20, S. We. Are. Out. of. Here. DW. SL. DR, MW. NH. CF. NH. Beer Blasts. California. Florida. Aint. Nothing. But. a. House. Party. BS. JK. FOREIGNER. Kegs. MM. BB. PD. Arlington. Bashes. 95. North. Mom. Dad. later. ooc Hugh Wright 243 Mountain Ave. 5 4 64 “Duffy’s son” If an elephant ate an armidillo, how many crayfish would be in the 300’s corridor? ?hciR, gniod may woH Can anyone face the wrath of Reis and be guiltless? Dry Branch 12-6-81 Mark Wright 129 Newland Rd. 11 4 63 Hampton Beach, Surfin, Two Many Sues, Florida The Keys Miss O’s Jr. English The Best, Partyin At My Cottage With the Hampton Kids too. Skindiving For Lobsters A.C. parties with Keri , the Doors, Backdoor Man, Love me two times. Football was good while it lasted. The Pond Green bottles in Tibs Car Work — W — Como — Thanks Mom and Dad 0 ea i€ ' Q Oc ioe Wckk Sandra Wood 28 Newport St. 2 11 64 “Woody” Me and Paul . . . 11 26 80 . . . Together Forever! Love Ya! “Thank You” . . . Led Zep. The wall, the Bridge, the Pumps . . . just hanging around. Good Times, Bad Times, M.S., K.B. . . . just another Tequila Sunrise . . . DAZED and CONFUSED . . . Walkout! ... the Chipman Zoo, Veg! ... ’69 junk box to ’70 Electra Limo . . . Born to Run . . . Thanks Mom Dad . . . I made it! . . . WE LL SEE YA!!!! John L. Worden IV 27 Jason St. Looking back, is one thing that I can say for sure is that these are the best 4 years of high school I ever spent. The Gospell according to Doctor Arthur and J. Cotter, and the skillful web of Miss Miller have had a permanent effect on me as has consultation with Mr. MacDonald which has shaped my future. Finally, I would like to thank my teachers and parents and commend them for the fine education and opportunities that have been given to me because of their efforts. AMEN. 90 0 Wafficia Mary E. Xenos 82 Kensington Pk. 6 21 64 George Hardy, TF, SK, JS, DL, MS, NB, KM, PO, TD — Remember the Good Times. Neil Young, Thompson, The Hill, The Pond, Maine — EPA. Summer of 81 ... Speak easy. Conn. — V’s woulda helped that crash but T did. Remember — bottles not cans Right Till? Val. Wk. of Jan. 5? Jr. Year. Thanx Tina. Joe. Good Times — Bad Times — I got by with a little help from my friends. Torange Yeghiazarian 78 Herbert Rd. 10 16 64 Anatomy was a drag, Carrara loved to nag. English was the best Yoeman shall give the rest. I lost my yolk! CHS BHS ASH touring the mall! UNo’s Ground Round Popcorn Hieneken Sevoog the Loose! Nor Seroond Arvest Ano Armineh x 1000! Bill Greg Arpy $$ Love the Show! Mon Petitie Prince Jet aim T.V. for EVER Radio NEVER!!! FREEDOM AT LAST! James Zicconi 1 50 Woodside Lane 1 2 28 64 Zeke V-Hockey, V-Baseball, Tourney with Acton — Box, Hampton Beach with Ted, jail house — rock, 2 rack attack FEB Vacation 81 Jacks Bar Grill, White Squad, Mad Ask, Bowlegged person Jack Daniels, GD GB DB JM MS Hey Zach Its al over!! JR. HR. Never went 4 years HR. with Heather Trish life story, hey guys " Clang-Clang” Walk to Melrose at 2 am, Cristina did you wash your hair. Nautilus, Mick Hell of a Time, Thanks Ma and Dad Squash Senior Convention, Jr. Prom, Se ya!! Peter A. Afouxenides 48 River St. 3 11 64 Greek Summer “80” " 81 " " What ever happens, will happen Good times down the jects. Hey Joe let’s go pick up some chicks Central Sq, Hey T.O. they look like they want some pie. Aku How bout a Scorpion, “lets go boys” DRT. O. Hi Fi Pizza Smash — Ouch!! July 26 weekend. Bath tubs full. Thanks Ma Dad, Big Bro, Sis, Peter Sr. 4 25 81 Tommy, Cross country time of my life. Hey Cuz I Made It, LATER RALPH. Stones “81 " “Good luck everyone” WE MADE IT LETS GO NUTS. Patricia A. Wright 13 Woodland St. 10-26-64 Squish M my name is . . . Miriam. Punk Party, Yago, The Moose! New York, New York, Aud, Jane, Claire, Beans, Community Auditions 11 01 81. DANCE FOREVER Mary B., Terri, Arline, Mrs. C. DECA, AIM, O. Market, Bob, Jim, John, Mr. Greco. 100 -(- on Rt. 1! Ruth, Jus, Mike. It musta been Bo! Oh you mother! What a fag! Time Olds, Tim, Zeke, Dave, Bunch of scums! The Cape! Excuse — moi! Thanks Mom, Dad friends. Tracey Wright 72 Easter Ave. 5 19 64 “Trace” Jon 3 1 79 Rainbow Ball Labor Day 81 Lord’s Blessings Cocoa Puffs Buffa PWA Grand Assembly DeMolay The Closet 1 16 81 Holidays Piano Forbidden City " Vela mints Cumquats . . . No, she’s at work MGM Peanuts in the attic I can’t believe I made It! JB, SB, CO, SO, SO, RO, NH, DS, GP, MS, ST, GR, KH, SE, GP, CS, LB, BV, Rainbows Clue Thanks Mrs. Z for all your help Love you Mom, Dad and John. e !oi taxa George Yeomelakis 11 Foster St. 4 14 64 Yum ESI, Summer of 81, Power supplies FIRST PERIOD, PAV, WAC, BUBA, 1001, GORF, Plenades. Cape Cod. Camping. MOVE upstaires, own Room, onkyo. American Made Is Best! HGUHS erehw ym EVIF SKCUB. JIMMYS CAT TIGER. SUMMER OF 78 PAINTING WITH SPERO, FLORIDA CLASS OF 82. MASTER LOCKS. FINALLY IM thru. ROACH COACH. Soccer JR year beating Somerville. George Zacharakis 65 Palmer St. 1 1 17 64 Zack Soph. Basketball J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball? Uncle Joe Varsity Football Animal drill Thorndike field Brigham’s West Harvard square Pinochio’s White’s Bar Grill The " Big Hog ” Dec. 21 1980 my house Bab’s house Pouste Big ”B ” Babblersson FW LH RR SD GA MS MC JM OP DJ Ouig’s sayings Bullet Head They are always Say when in doubt whip it out Thanks Mom and Dad. QWofA Lisa Conti 73 Marathon St. 12 6 64 Chris Eagan 23 Yerxa Rd. 10 6 64 Bags Stratton Park partying with the boys, Hampton Beach Parties, Walden, The Wite Mts. for the fun of it KA PD TD BE FO Paul never caught us. The stands go for it. The tracks before school. Here comes Harry Keg parties all night long. Riding at the mesdows and partying with Doug. They only caught me one. Time to be moven on See ya. Mathew Gheorghiou 13 Surry Rd. Arlington 5 9 64 Bluto SCOTT SHEEP AND THE HERDERS STVE, SMATTY, SPOTTY, SPOONY MISS O 1 JENNY. D. GALLAGHER SUMMER 81 1 Still love ya Barbs Lu lunch Thanks all mums and dads of my friends and of mine Thanx all Mammas and Pappas. Amy Herderhurst 74 Princeton Rd. 11 1 64 Mary Ellen Jill (and bugs) lets go. Peggy, Summer of 8T, sailing, Terry, Dairy Queen, Prom, Hampton Bound, Ma Barry’s English, Dreams, We did it 8 16, M.D. W’s, Drive-in, Arthur, Air Supply, Memories, hit that pole 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, “3 am”. PF KH MG SL NP ALL LL KD LC North Adams Just laugh your way through . . . you’ll make it! Jude, Dad, Lee, Nancy, Joan, Penny, Spaz. Konstahtinos Kiridis 68 Wachusett Ave. 3 15 64 " Charlie” Class of 82, Thorndike, Parties up Hampton, J. Geils 4 19 81, T.M., P.A., N.H., P.D., Freshman year. Driving Mr. Hall CRAZY! Walk out — Soph, year, Reese’s Peanut butter sandwich. Thanks to Ms. Hootstein -t- Ms. Kirkland, Heavy Cobol with Marty, Press box. Thanks Mom and Dad, Good Times — Bad Times, Dazed and Confused!!! I’ve finally made it!!! David P. Meroth 137 Park Ave. Ext. 6 30 64 117, LONG LIVE ROCK, 5 17 81 Somewhere down the road, DT 533 SE NOS BIG I are a writer RUSH ' 81 PUT AWAY THE DISHES! Blue Meanies and Red Dragons. Nothing to explain. Excalibur PZ, BH, DM, THOU HAST NO DRUMS AS THE CLOCK HITS HIGH NOON, GOOD LUCK ’82. Marjie Sarjeant 28 Albermarle St. 4 22 64 Argie Dennis 6 12 80 “BUNS” ILY “Something” A Long Loney Year In the Marines Camping Out Living at Di’s and Sandra Voidka and Tequila Cara LYLAS MY MANNY MOOPA Good times Bad times SW KB Has anyone seen the Bridge? RB CT SW PS CN DR “Pumps Busted” Hey Burn-out! Bob Seger number 1 " Caught in the Act” Thanx Mom DAD and Elinor for ever hing! I MADE IT! Christopher Traganos 25 Mt. Vernon St. 5-19-64 Trigger Pam 5-21-81 ILY Freeze Out, water works, MM out behind the tennis courts, BACARDI 1, lemon. Pink Floyd, Dazed Confused, BUD, CB’s, can’t wait to get out of here, ZAP, Vs — OOPs too many, Chipman zoo, JP crew, Camb. Ct., Seger, Thanx mom — dad guess we’re a little different, Kingman Co., Ray — stay in the trade — will ya?, must of got lost, I guess this means I’m on my own! Birds of a feather flock together. Take that, you Presenting . . I Nice Chassis. Tea time. 0 my God, it ' s Monday! What do you mean there ' s someone behind me? Double Vision Mail!! 93 • ' 10 r j7 U ' OI ' JJ A ‘ ,o THE (Mystics V- ' x ' ' U,.Tm» X5V S.T.E.P. GROWING To grow is to learn to laugh and cry, to grow is to face up to things, to except this goodbye. To grow is to except what happened in the past, to grow is a word that happens too fast. When you start forgiving and forgetting the hate you knew, that is the time you say you grew. Grew into a better stronger person today, ready to face the tough world and make your own way. If you don’t know you are very lucky today, the todays will all be tomorrows and the happiness all gone away. Get away from me! Hi There! Let those who ride, let Lenny decide! We have detention? We are family “Check him out! " Peace Mr. Lennon When you gotta’ go, you go Some snee Hard at work S ' . ' ■■ :• fc. • ' ' V.O V , ■■ ( 1 -■ rr :„... - Test Prayer Now I lay me down to study. I pray the Lord I won’t go nutty. If I should fail to learn this junk, I pray the Lord I will not flunk. But if I do, don’t shed a tear. Just put a rose behind my ear. Tell my teacher I did my best. Then pile my books upon my chest. If I should die before I wake. That’s one less test I’ll have to take. — Suffering Student As found in the Globe by Pam Aldred 100 “Dial-a-prayer?” Administrations Administration is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies Howore de Balzau Richard Collomb 4 Ralph Giobbe 102 Paul Jenney Nanci Ortwein Henry Toczylowski If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into a ditch. The Bible Guidance Vincent D’Antona Marion Kennedy Joanne Coakley Milton MacDonald Maura Rawlings Alan Winecour 103 Secretaries The trouble with being punctual is that nobody is there to appreciate it. Franklin R. Jones Helen Dutton Joan Banks Barbara Hayes Helen Lyons Jeanne Scalese Lee Crowley We re all Boobie-Doobies Helen Whaler Margeret Lucas Patricia Maher 104 Never lend books for one never returns them, the only books I have in my library are books that other folk have Anatole France Audiovisual Priscilla Martignetti Ed Sullivan 105 Some people read because they are too lazy to think. D.C. Fichtenberg English 106 Lucille Burt Kathleen Doyle Mary Fitzgerald Mary Barry Joseph Casey Thomas Trevisani, Jr. English Arthur Foisy Rose Gioisa Charles Gordon Dianna Gostanian Barbara Gormar Maxine Hardy Carl Hendrickson 107 English Maryann Orlando Mary Ellen Powers Leonard Tomaro Mike Toomey 108 Gail Hootstein Mrs. Molloy Priscilla Monahan Mrs. Urban Richard Surabian Eileen Bernstein Roy Bradbury Ralph McElearny Philosophy is language idling. Ludwig Wittgenstein Classics Pauline Carrara Emilia Cozza Juditti Williams Garcia 109 Foreign Language Language, a form of organized stutter. Marshall McLulan. Janet Oppedisano Raymond Smith Geraldine Tremblay 110 Carmen Merullo Judith Williams Jenning ' s Corollary — The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to a ■ j.; the cost of the carpet. IVlolrlwII lICo Frank Propp James Brown Edward Burns Johanne Cahill Robert Commins Robert Commito 111 Mathematics Carl DeMatteo Mary Hogan Dr. Herbert Jaffe James Kearns Dorreen Kilday Arlene Mahoney Mathematics Richard Paul Carol Miller Frederick Maloof CAL EGRft g PHYilC5( fT iS)Nor ' ' n iCfllcuiC William O. Phelan Joe Dope Winefred Wohllebe 113 God cannot alter the past, but historians can. Samuel Butler History Peter Drench John Cotter Joseph Dillon Charles B. Arthur Thomas Brannelly 114 David Feldman Wagner’s music is better than it sounds. Mark Twain Jeanne Wenske Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere. G.K. Aesterton. Jeannette Eskedal Pauline Finberg Presenting . . , Ain ' t it the truth?!? Show time! 117 If it stinks or pops, it’s Chemistry, biology. Owlwl I wW If it doesn’t work, it’s Physics. Harry Meserve Donald Bockler Shelly Brugman 118 Bradford Clough George House ' VA John H. Cody Science Alan Katz Carol Lawton Lab Success? i Diane Rice Joseph Papandrea Donald Manning Business Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant. P.J. Bournum. Mary Fitzpatrick Catherine Butler Muriel Healy Mary Dolan 120 Donna Kirkland Business •V w • ••• • • • • • • ••• • V % ' l’- eiusmcss Donald Sandrelli Maria L. Spagnola John P. Ligor Lorna Venezia The working world 121 Occupational Education A-Lo! Men have become the tools of their tools. Henry David Thoreau 122 Thomas Grotty Robert Dowell Louis Galante Occupational Education Martin Lane Frank Prusik Weldon Maclead Jean Sullivan Ronald Nevola Robert Washar William Rowsel David Senerdra 123 Home Economics Home economics is the key to latter day history Mark L. Samson Lois Caswell Caryn VanDam Marcia Glidden Marsha Hegarty 124 Catherine King Martha Lottes Josephine Zavaglia If you watch a game it’s fun, If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s Golf. Bob Hope Physical Education Bill Barrett Charlie Harrington Rhonda Cooley Dick DeCaprio Mary McDonough Jane Moreno Marilyn Steele 125 Flexible Programs Susan Alix Alan Brown Caroline Banks 126 Sue Christmas Cathy Eisen Elinor Freedman Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength. Henery Ward Bleecher. Special Education Douglas Hunter Alan Olaff Steven Perry Pam Shufro R. James Tolland Ron Morrison 127 School Services Custodians Dorothy Healy R.N. 129 Mary Cooper R.N. Lunch Women Sexiest: Debbie Mannix and Mark Wright Biggest Gossip: Tricia Wright and Phillip Caparell Friendliest: Karen Griffin and Michael Foley Class Maniac: Anne Hurley and Brian Clinton Preppiest: Rita McCormick and Peter Frankudakis Best Artist: Ruth Swanson and Ron Finn Biggest Jock: Eileen Morrissey and Mason Sullivan (He’s in the other locker) Most Punk: Darlene Spencer and Tim Dooley Best Actress and Actor: Monica Kennedy and Bill Cheney Best Dressed: Joanne Hurley and David MacGrath Best Looking: Michael Curtis and Lauren Paynter Nicest Smile: Mau- reen Dunn and Jim Croke Best Musician: Silke Georgi and Paul Meneghini Nicest Eyes: Kim Watt and Paul Weinstein Nicest Buns: Evie Soldatelli and Mark Wright Tallest: Gail O’Brien and David Falanga Shortest; Geraldine Dwyer and Paul Canty KEEP OUT Cutest Couple: Susan Driscoll and John Murray Shyest: Meghan Pfister and David Barmashi were too shy to have their pic- ture taken. Smartest: Ellen Stein and Michael Satlow Most Popular and Most Likely to Succeed: Jill Paradis and John Frangioni Best Combination of Beauty and Brains: Vivian Sogor and John Tremblay Biggest Flirt: Eileen Kelly and Tom Villandry Ponders Football Back Row: Coach Quigley, T rainer Rich Zaleski, Manager Mike Flaherty, J. Burke, Manager Paul Fredericks, J. Awiszus, P. D ' Agnostino, D. Hirsh, A. Coscia, J. Manfredonia, F. Flynn, T. Pacheco, P. Warren, J. Convery, G. Jean, S. Maranian, D. Bouvier, P. Deyab, G. Arena, Arki lakovou. Coach Dillon, Coach Brooks. 3rd Row: T. Broderick, S. Flynn, J. Carney, P. O ' Neil, S. O ' Halloran, B. McConnell, S. Jones, M. Caveno. Second Row: R. O ' Rouke, M. Cannon, B. Citro, S. Cuoco, Tri-Capts. M. Cotter, M. Sullivan, J. Moore, R. Rigazio, J. Murray, B. Burns, Coach Hanley. Front Row: L. Higgins, B. Pustizzi, G. Zacharakis, S. Crowley, J. Tremblay, T. Sullivan, S. Chinal. fm DANDY DON " MacAuley, " THE GIFF” Tammaro, “COSELL " Toomey H URjll Football Melonize You Gotta Love It — Is this the |H|E Best — Games: Practices; Sophomore Beatings; Defensive Days-Double Sessions-Sprints-250 ' s-Cat + Mouse- iP ' Hamburgers-The Fat One-Hog-Ya Mother r iT 55SBIr I — Rich!!! Sled-Fridays-Cheverons-Lynch I Outta Here — Then we talked-Creama-Aszz-You’re a perntsy-Soccer Squats (SS) — f V. Somerville? We didn’t win much but it’s |yr been great. I 1 4 ESMOlpUi ■ Field Hockey Back Row: Mrs. Cantrell, Ellen Flynn, Kathy O ' Connel, Denise Preston, Karen Cotter, Sue Malaney, Karen O ' Rourke, Jane Scannel, Denise Paratore, Pam Spencer. Front; Laurie Golding, Lori Truesdale, Dee Pochini, Carmen Dominquez, Jill Paradis, Jane Dunlap, Michelle Desrosiers, Maria Kaliontzis. Field Hockey JP, CD, LG, DP, LT, MD, JD, CM, MK-GBL champs, so close and yet so far. Reunite, Tishfaced, “commuters”, chewy nougats. Good Bye — “It’s a hard night for sex + drugs + making love if you are Bobby’s alligator girl on Maria week”. Sharing the Field Caress those s! Maroon Moons, Slut Cheer, PS Momma Dickie Applebee, SQUAMP ’EM!! 147 Jim Ferraro, Brian McKenzie, Dan Louis, Dave Goodwin, Kyle Bowers. Front Row: Capt. Bill Back Row: Jeff Ames, Steve Fitzsimmons, Chris Gearin, Ames, Bill Cheney, Gary Ayers. Coach: John Pistone. Boy s Cross-Country Back: Mr. “Mac " , Anne Lica, Patricia MacPhee, Donna Devellis, Amy Danton, Carren Panico, Hilary Cannon, Crystal Ferguson, Front; MaryBeth Farinoso, Nancy McKenney. 149 Awesome, Moose, Cross Country Rules, Menotomy Hills, Cross Country is for Lovers, Acropolis, Chopped sirloin, spaghetti O’s, steal a glass, apple picking. Do they sell food?, peanuts, beernuts, wheathins, code not cold, Dino’s song, 6+1, almost No. 1 , Peabody Dies, andiamo woman, Thanx for the book. We love you EO! Thank You Mr. Mac! Girls’ Cross Country I Girls’ Volleyball back: Sue Sullivan, Irene Darris, Kathy Darris, Michelle Demas, Chris Specht, Kim Leiard, Lauro Ross, Gerry Licier, Coach Rhonda Cooley, front: Mary Jane Devine, Vivian Sogor, Debbie King, Anne Rug- giero. 151 Volleyball Just what makes . . . Beddy, Viv, MJ, Anne, Irene, Puma, Speca, Animal, Kim and Judy — the enemies . . . Think he can . . . Set, Spike, Win ... Go Arlington get high on a spike, Laura’s mistake, fuzzballs, punch, Bellybuster’s HNBCWO! Dum-Dum’s, High Hopes, Wanna buy some stationery? By the way . . . We are ... Truly . . . Awe- some. Thanks Rhonda 152 Boys’ Soccer-Trojans Back row: Coach Kevin Giroux, Barry Faulkner, John Deyst, Jim Croke, Guy Venuti, John Kelly, Keven McShane, George Panitsidis, John Hogan, Eric Kondo, Bill Duserick, Bill Roper, Roland Flores, Bob Campbell. Middle Row: Mario Fernandes, Mike Deveaux, John Worden, George Yeomelakis, Doug Smith, John Brown, Dave Arakelian, Bob MacMunn, John Donahue. Front Row: Tri-Capt’s, Mark Goodhue, Pete Frankudakis, John Deveaux. Boys Soccer Goodie, Franka, Devo 2, Hollywood, Mac, Duck, Doug Ark, JB, Soup, JD, Greek, Kondo, Straws, Creamers, AH , , . AH . . . AH, bonfires. We love our cheerleaders!, SQUID, night game, toilet paper capers, KICK BUTTS IN 811! CLASS OF 82 RULES!! 155 Girls’ Soccer Back: Maria Cutone, Sheryn MacMunn, Jennifer Ricci, Sue Deveaux, Heidi Valk, Mr. Drench, Colette Goodhue, Brenda Gostanian, Amy Baratta, Romy Nigro, 2nd: Bridget Pfister, Linda Doughty, Elaine Reardon, Maria Cote, Maria Eleftherio, Beth Billings, Front: Rosemary Crowley, Cristina Campbell, Anne Chinnery, Silke Georgi, Meghan Pfister. u ■ ' H V ■ , . . , •If « 4 IN wr..r r r- ' . mn " A J| • »- Ap 5 u ■ n ■ V y ■ ' .;: ■ rC ' - ' ■-■■■•■ ■■.■ ' .■ ' , ' - ' •’■• " ■ " v ,V- (‘ ' ISm» " r :- Jk» :V, ' ’ W ' .2 ' ' Girls’ Soccer Mr. D to the rescue, thanx Meriday, never underest a Frosh, Ahdonwanna, I’m really a wing, high long outside, setting up goals, Pole, Mr. Nice Guy, Silkience, injuries, Na Na, Uganda, Monday ? Tournament, Diz, Chaicken an Stork traps, 1 Cheerleader Lefty, Weebles, Good Luck next year from Meghan, Rose, Cristina, Silke Indoor Track Charlie Harrington, Bobby Obrian, Greg Phelan, Dan Lewis, Robert Erving, James Mclean, Joe Celia, Richard O ' Rourke, Deanne Chambers, Erine Gilgura, Mike Harrington, Kile Bowers, Judy Laravee, Cassandra Chitouras, Kevin Petrovic, Pat McQuinty, Robert Slapikoff, Steve Earnst, Tim Rose, Terese Lura, Sue Mead, Donna Develis, Tricia MacPhee, Amy Dauton, Aha Verma, Sheila French, Dave Goodwin, Gary Aimes, Billy Chiney, Mike Cotter, Mike Cannon, Billy Ames, MaryBeth Farinosa, Nancy McKenney, Crystal Ferguson, Armie Boyajian. I Arlington High Swim Team Kim Stachelski, Scott Wlakinshaw, Karen Wedlock, Wayne McDaniel, Jim Hassler, Luanne Tulimieti, John Brown, Tricia Weidner, Melissa Daily, Sisan Goff, Katherine Konig, Jeff Ames, Richard Sweeney. Middle: Assistant Coach, Carolyn Dooman, Elaine MacCarthy, Christina Konig, Marie Powers, Joanne T ulimieri, Michelle White, Brenda Burns, Lisa Konig, Coach Cathe Shea. Front: Co-Capt ' s Justine Kent, Paul Weinstein. Missing: Evelyn Soldatelli. 160 Swim Team A.H.S. Swimming, And the Orange Award goes to . . . What lane am I in? I told you I don’t like her! Where did my goggles go? THE ROCKS! Bingo! They lapped you in the fifty!?! A date for the Prom? Donut Runs, Bus ride I think your cap’s too tight! How Many did she get today? Only half the team? I Thought this was a coed team?! What do you mean we won? Thanks Cathy. 1 Tom Villandry, 2 Jeff Harding, 3 John Messuri, 4 Dave Bowen, 5 Gerry Cronin, 6 Butch Cutone, 7 Mike Paynter, 8 Gregg Malatesfa, 9 Coley Wilson, 1 0 Gary Brown, 11 Pat Crowley, 12 Greg Assarian, 14 Danny Burke, 15 Gerry Shea, 16 Scott Jones, 17 Mike Shaw, 18 Steve Lincoln, 19 Jim Zicconi, 10 Joe Manfredonia, 22 Gregg Diffley, 25 Bob Cronin, 30 Jackie Davies HOCKEY Arlington High Spy Ponders 1981-82 Arlington VS Revere Arlington VS Chelsea Arlington VS Malden Arlington VS Everett Arlington VS Medford Arlington VS Peabody Arlington VS Somerville Arlington VS Revere Arlington VS Chelsea Arlington VS Malden Arlington VS Everett Arlington VS Medford Arlington VS Medford Arlington VS Peabody Arlington vs Somerville Arlington vs Peabody Arlington vs Revere Arlington vs Chelsea Arlington vs Everett 1981-82 Season Record 17-0-1 7- 0 8- 3 4-2 4-3 !i 17-0-1, 81-82 Varsity, Garden-bound, The Snubla, Gauntlets, Push Gayle, 40 second thrill. Puke Buckets, squatless chevrons. Dung Shirt, You birds, diddling with the puck, whistling Dixie, wow . . . wow . . . wow, “Fossilitis”, Greenites, conditioning, meeting with the Bimbos, Thanks Mr. DeCaprio and Mr. Burns. 165 Back: Coach John Cody, Dave Woods, Steve Decourcey, George Paclaralos, Steve Caparella. Middle: Barry Faulkner, Capt. Rich Broderick, Larry Chabre, Frank White. Front: Rob Duffy, Don Phelan, Dave Jacovidis, Jim Croke. Missing: Dick Quigley, Tim Broderick, Bob Burns, Brendon, Diffley, Chris Hurley. J t Boys’ Varsity Basketball DICKIE, RONNY, CROBB, HACKSAW, PUSTE, CAPTAIN, DWIGHT, JACO, SNAPPER, WOODSHEAD, BURNSY, BROD, ROBO, HURL, BABOON HEY BAAR! CODY’S, CRUSADE’S, WE’RE NUTS, YOU’RE AN ANIMAL, PARTY ATMOSPHERE, LONG PRACTICES, WE LOVE YOU CHEERLEADERS, BUS RIDES, WRESTLING«SUPLEX ETC, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, ST. JUDE , , . 167 Volleyball Back: Tom Sheehan Coach, Susan Malany, Michelle Dumas, Christine Specht, Heidi Valk, Shaton, Mahoney, Eileen Morrissey. Middle: Cathe Egan, Brenda Gostanian, Kina Scianna, CoCapl. Mary Batatta, CoCapt. Irene Daris, Debbie King. Missing: Janet Krepelka, Karen O ' Rourke. 168 Girls’ Gymnastics Assistant Coach, Steve Sv anson, Trisha, Michelle, Patty, Mary, Janet, Kim, Coach Richard Vartanian. Middle: Carrol, Mary, Sharon, Stephannie, Carrole, Taryen. Front: Heather, TriCapt’s Pam, Lorraine, Jay, Maria, Nancy, Karen. Varsity Gymnastics 5-1, ripped off, Gamba — Go for it!. can ' t? Drop do zo, think green. Oh my ribbsl, Chester, I love my mother-in-law, Hermie, fall-fall-fall . . . , Thank God for California!, Ma springs, toe bones, shaking with Boo, mascots. Tumbling makes me high, stick-it!, broke?, can I spray ya?, messed up steps, conditioning, twist, add a trick. Do it up. Reeves, all the way to Poppa Gino’s, Bye Sparky, Thanks Steve and Richie. i i i j I il Majorettes Back: Donna Deleo, Leanne Todisco, Joan Herdurhurst, Karen Donnelly, Gayle Geanakakis, Nora Judge, Front: Tricia McCabe, Margaret Hegarty, Carol Jean Nagle. Majorettes Thanx Band Gusto! sleepovers, green m m’s, afghans, summer practice?, drying your eyes, sex talks, left-right-left, balls on the right, B-check, neck check, Shut-Upl, basket-case Capt. Minorettes, “I was serious once!”, Pep-Rallys, Mobile, Brigham’ s, It’s raining again!, booga-booga, attempting to decorate, SMILE, MUMN, I dropped it!, fire. Thanksgiving! 171 Gray Cheerleaders Back Row: Patty Grieco, Sue Nahigian, Dorothy Brooks, Lisa Rodrigues, Rose Agostino, Coach Pauline Finberg, Carrie O ' Connor, Arline Burns, Paula McCormick, Kristine Terranora. Front: Rita Neri, Ellen Stein, Eileen Downing. Gray Squad Friends we are . . . Where there’s fire, there’s Paul! LaDonna, T.V. — CITN, KOOG, Is you in there? I’m gonna fork you, Super Cheerleader, Carrie’s Calisthenics, Mighty — , tv times, I.L.N.Y., Paula’s wall, Punked out Pebbles, . . . Friends we’ll always be. Thanks Fin — We Love You! 173 Arlington High Maroon Squad Cheerleaders Rital McCormick, Karen Donovan, Irene Milliken, Diane Jerauld. Middle: Laura MacDonald, Stacey Pazar, Michelle Leanard, Laura Routenberg. Front: Andrea Bianchi, Leslie Danzey, Johanna Nagle, Val Agostino, Missing Co Capt. Chris Hanson. Performing Arts •V Marching Band, Concert Choir Concert Band HARMONAIRES JAZZ BAND Marching Band fc I Thank you Mr. Tassone and Mr. Thebodo ... the “Dan Jones Curl” . . . parades . . . “Annoying” . . . Joshua . . . Thanksgiving Day Game . . . Red and Gray . . . Sing, Sing, Sing ... OCTOBERFEST ’81: The German Band! . . . Schqueeebahp! . . . Nogs Rule . . . “TWEET!” . . . The Plague (the original) . . . band trips . . . busted drum sticks . . . Ground Breaking Ceremony . . . Good Luck A.H.S. . . . Student Council Officers • " JmIji Pres. Jill Paradis, Vice Pres. Karen Griffin, Treasurer Carmen Dominguez, corresponding Secretary Margaret Hegarty, Recording secretary, Anne Hurley Advisor Orty Senior Class Officers Art Club I Armenian Club Back: Rob Daveson, Ruth Swanson, Kris VanVolkenburgh, Mrs. Eskedal, Front: Lisa Wells, John Player. Missing: Jane Dunlap, Evelyn Soldatelli. Treasurer — Liza Heroutunian; Secretary — Linda Keijikian; President — Janice Onanian; Advisor — Mrs. Kirkland. Chess Team D.E.C.A. D.E.C.A. members spent many hours running the jf school store, planning the Hot Chocolate Shop, and preparing for the district and state competitive confer- ences. The year started off slowly, but built up to a whirl as the tomorrows became yesterdays, relationships were welded, and many new friends were made. From Octoberfest to Com- mencement; four hard years spun off a time in our lives. FOURTH ESTATE Back Row — Phil Caparell, Greg Pass, Nick Newell, Dan Jones, Joe Orlando, Vivian Sogor, Mike Sallow — Front Row — Marc Hurwitz, John Brown, Karl Kowalski, Bill Speros (Editor) GERMAN CLUB Back Row — Robert Urban, Pat Egan, John Deyst, Mathew McMakin — Front Row — Ana Medeiros, Tom Lang, Diana Juers (Pres.), Janet Oppedisano, Debbie Pearson, Missing John Brown (VP) German Club The German club members go skiing, make several trips, organize parties and participate in the German Exchange Program. Going to Germany is a wonderful experience as we make many friends and live with them for three weeks. During this time we are able to learn their customs and enjoy the country sights. Ana de Medeiros (sec) John Brown (vp) Diana Juers (pres) Patty Roper (tres) Visiting German Students. Societas Latina MCMDCCCrMCMDCCII (Latin Club 1981 - 1982 ) Rose Crowley, Butch Cutone, Ruth DeRubeis, Karl Douhan, Bill Duserick, John Frangioni — Magister Equitum, Bob Geary, Silke Georgi, Laurie Golding, Debbie King, Alex Kokaras, Maura Lyons, Pete McEwen, Eileen O’Rourke, Jill Paradis, Don Phelan — Dictator, Gayle Rehm, Jane Rouvapes, Laura Slapikoff, Chris Smith, Viv Sogor, Anne Vaulk, John Worden, IV VERGIL IS A WIMP! LUNCH AT THE ACROPOLIS, ORTI EST RABIDA MAGICUS EST MAXIMUS ARTIFEX OMNIUM, QUIS EST QUI, AGITE ID IN- TOGA BALLOONS AT OKTOBERFEST, ANAS ET ANCERAS, THANKS FOR THE CANDY MR. CASEY, NOSTRA GENS EST SUPERIOR, EIGHTH GRADE VISITS, MR. MAOS MONSTER SUIT, JOHN F. MAGISTE EQUITUM, DON DIC- TATOR, AMAMUS TE MR. MAC, BONA FORTUNA OMNIBUS!! Math Team Back: Mike Satlow, Pinku Chakrabarti, Rajiv Mathur, John Worden, Joe Chapski, Susan Smith. Front: John Deyst, Karl Kowalski, Janice Onanian. Medical Career Club From Back: Sharon McIntosh, Patty Roper, Carolyn Walsh, Lisa Manion, Kathy Mealy, Andrea Bianchi, Debbie Pearson, Jean Pearson, Maria Eleftheriou, Pres. Sue Smith, V.P. Joanne Tulmeri, Sec. Andrea Konellas. National Honor Society Back: Nicholas Newell, John Worden, John Brown, John Player, Michelle Desrosiers, Jane Dunlap, Ann Valk, Silke Georgi, Maria Kaliontzis, John Carey, John Frangioni, Peter McEwen, Jim Croke, Laurie Golding. Middle: Chris Smith, Maura Lyons, Karl Kowalski, Diana Juers, Jay Sullivan, Arlene Burns, Sonia Coulaso, Jane Rouvapes, Dan Jones, Vivian Sogor, Billy Duserick, Mike Satlow. Front: Bill Northtield, Luanne Tulimieri, Carmen Dominguez, Audrey Rossow, Anna Tzoufa, Don Phelan, Advisor Dr. Carl Hendrickson. Missing: Meghan Pfister, Greg Diffley, Ellen Stein, Michelle Hallee. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Back Row — Pinku Chakrabarti, Noel McGinn, Tom Chaput, Matt McMakin, Don Bockler (Sponsor) — Front Row — Phil Caparell, Mark Perneta, Ana de Medeiros, Eric Ladenburg, Sanjay Gupta, James Lee, James Worden Audrey Rossow — President John Brown — Vice President Rob Urban — Vice President 193 Yearbook Michelle Hallee — Art Editor Bill Northfield — Publicity Editor Karl Kowalski — Financial Editor Evie Soldatelli — Copy Editor Maura Lyons — Business Editor Tricia Wright Arpi Meguerditchian — Photos Margaret Hegarty — Senior Section Joe Orlando — Literary Editor 197 Carmen Dominguez — Girls Sports I Laurie Malcolmson — Activities ONE LAST TIME The Big Three These are students who somehow made it into all the pictures. We apologize to the other students who are not seen as often and we hope that this page will serve to punish those who are so photogenic. Q lemoyi A mturn i ce e€Aoe iw-tceSj oa ti ' H kjc c, Q fitAU ' n jf tAo e c tys tAat mem inn-ac m. 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ZZo ZZfSS C HH cZ Zeane tZie t(4lZ oZ 4 h Hot nre meaty to Ziey Zoy next ifeay, (4 hZ a y(ff4 4Z oZ maZe rZiee yZe(4Ze yi . ( Z e(f if G efZ Zeane aZZ mif Z yfZn to mif Zieit Z ' tonZ cXZieyeia anZ Zi Zfe iomeZ(4if iZte ZZ Ze Zyif tKfafH . qZ Z eoH(4yZ yZanZo, Ze 4 ne to 4ZZ Z taye cZaiiei tZie ZfZyoi ytani ZiaZ f(4Z(femeHt. get into it, if they should take me and take you into their balloon, why then we’d go up higher with all the pretty people who knows if the moon’s a balloon, coming out of a keen city in the sky-filled with pretty people? (and if you and i should than houses and steeples and clouds: go sailing away and away sailing into a keen city which nobody’s ever visited, where always it’s Spring) and everyone’s in iove and flowers pick themselves e.e. Cummings LUNCHROOM LUNITICS ,VOTH. H ' Cojw? Riltt Mtrt C. SstnV G(»S ipRE PEKT M I ■ I J ' i Don’t Quit When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit — Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns. As every one of us sometimes learns. And many a fellow turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out. Don’t give up though the pace seems slow You may succeed with another blow. Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and faltering man; Often the struggler has given up When he might have captured the victor’s cup: And he learned too late when the night came down. How close he was to the golden crown. Success is failure turned inside out — The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems afar; So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, — It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit. Author Unknown I wish our class the best of luck in the future. I hope that the yearbook will bring back memories of our happy high school years when it is looked at years from now. Being Editor in Chief of the yearbook has shown me that it is a difficult job. Depending on my staff and the pressure of trying to meet deadlines has forced us all much closer. This yearbook would never be if it wasn’t for the help that I received from my staff. I would like to thank them and also thank everyone else that donated their time and effort to this yearbook. The yearbook staff has tried its best to satisfy everyone and we have found it to be an impossible task. We hope that you enjoy the yearbook and that all your dreams come true. Good Luck Class of ’82 Ruth A. Swanson The first seventeen years have been great, Pam! Happiness Love always, Mom, Dad, Dave, Carole Snowie XOXO May your future offer you all that’s good. Love — Mom BEST OF LUCK VERA LOVE, MOM — DAD JANET — DONNA Congratulations Ruth, Good Luck in the future Love Francis Schillig — “Uncle Franny” KEEP SMILING VIV! Love, Mom Dad The best is yet to be! Good Luck Joe! Love Mom Dad CONGRATULATIONS GREG! Love, Mom, Dad, Lisa, Brendan Raymond III Good Luck Chris Cabral Love, MOM DAD TO JOE PANICO NO SWEAT GOOD LUCK JACK LOVE BABS, MR. JACK, KATHY, SUSAN, BRIAN AMY CONGRATULATIONS KIM LOVE — MOM, DAD, SONYA, MEG, JAY, KACEY He sometimes gives his parents a fret. His grades, tho nifty, are no sure bet. Especially when he flitters about. He has that preppy style, no doubt. It seems his extracurricular bent Will cast his life as a leisurely gent. Of him, it’s said, “the games the thing,” Studies must wait for one last fling. But through it all, we have no regret. In fact, we love you, and that’s “NO SWEAT.” Mom Dad 225 DOUBLE TROUBLE ... NO! DOUBLE JOY . . . YES! BEST WISHES 1982! AHS STUDENT COUNCIL Michelle — may you have continued success and obtain your goals in life Love, Mom Dad € MAY YOU BOTH ENJOY A GOOD AND HAPPY LIFE LOVE, MOM DAD BREAK A LEG, SARAH HEARTBURN Love, Mum, Dad, Chris Mike Congratulations John! Best of Luck as you move on — You have always been a source of pride and joy to us. With Fondest memories and MUCH LOVE, Mom, Dad, and David CONGRATULATIONS To Lynne, Our 5th LAST GRADUATE! ROUGH AT TIMES, BUT WE WOULDN’T HAVE MISSED IT FOR ANYTHING! LOVE YOU — MUM DAD “A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you’ve been, accepts what you’ve become, and still, invites you to grow.” Thanks Chris Love ya — Maura BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1982 MR. MRS. “DUCK” Best Wishes! the Arlington Education Association TEACHERS AND STAFF BOB JOHANNE ROUSSEL would like to extend their SINCERE gratitude to all of you, for your patience and dedication in the education of their four children: Mark “73” Denise “74” Glen “81” Michelle “82” V_ J 227 Evie, Happy years have passed by and the best is yet to come. God Bless you, we love you — Mommie, Daddy Evandro Sue — Thanks for all the good times. I wish I could say something incredibly profound and express what I feel, but I know that what would come out would be a cheap imitation of what I feel. Things would not have been the same without you. Good luck in everything you do. We made it Sue, it graduation! Love always, Michelle 229 SPONSORS Bonnie Bill Richard Chris Murphy Mary Guinan Henry Sullivan Al Vardaro Jack Hurley Jane Copp Ann Hirsch June Manfredonia Mrs. Donna Kirkland Mr. Mrs. William Jefferson Mr. Mrs. Ferraro J. Carter Robert Taddia Mr. Mrs. Martinian Therese Luca Pastor and Mrs. Daniel J. Carlson Paul Jenney Symmes Mini Mart DONORS James P. McGeugh Jean and Leo Szymanski (Jean Ferrarini — Class of ’49) Frank’s of Rome, Inc. Mr. Mrs. John Frederick James J. Hegarty Mr. Mrs. Ronald Deveaux Mr. Mrs. John DeLeo Mr. Mrs. Robert Carr, Sr. Dr. Mrs. Crowley Ann and Frank Baratta Mr. Mrs. James Dunlap Virginia and Al Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rossow Nanci Ortwein Dr. David C. Weiss Mr. Mrs. R.V. Jones Mora Rawlings Marilyn Hazeltine Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith Sanford Camera Projector SEAN S. LYONS 16 Egerton Rd. Arlington, Ma 02174 (617) 648-1070 LYONS CORPORATION Disposal Contractors y Member American Gem Society Jewelers Inc. Phone 643-4209 ROBERT W SWANSON CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST 659 Massachusetts Ave Arlington Mass 02174 f 6-46-4330 1 jlAPA Kawasaki ARLINGTON CENTER AUTO PARTS • -A Parts and Accessories For Autos - Trucks - Motorcycles Industrial and marine Supplies Small Engine Parts atlmgton motor sports DANIEL A. XENOS l 663 MASS. AVENUE ARLINGTON. MASS 02174 1 1098 MASS. AVE., ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 648-1300 Luigi’s Italian Specialty Shoppe 305 BROADWAY, ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 — Specializing in: — HOMEMADE ITALIAN SANDWICHES (Finest Made Anywhere) GOURMET PARTY PLATTERS — IMPORTED CHEESES ITALIAN GROCERIES PRODUCTS Full Line of Highest Quality Imported Domestic Cold Cuts ITALIAN STYLE BUFFET CATERING Store Hours: Monday-Friday 8-8 — Saturday 8-6 — Sunday 8-4 Call for orders 648-9626 231 foaltbur Hobbtea 170 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 PHONE (617) 643-0180 • Collector, Wargame Fantasy Miniatures • Plastic Kits, Books • Board Games, Rules, etc. f (617) 643 6363 Qameta QCinic PHOTOGRAPHIC REPAIRS FRANK RAKOWSKI Proprietor 864 MASS AVE ARLINGTON, MA 02174 J r Say it with ANDERSON FLOWERS Serving Arlington’s Flower Needs For 60 Years 901 Massachusetts Ave. 643-3090 V r Tel. 643-7565 ALSONS SHOES 463 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON CENTER, MASS. r N The Dough-C-Doughnut Shoppe’s, Inc. 438 MAIN STREET WOBURN, MA PHONE 933-8195 1360 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MA PHONE 643-4550 Congratulations to Lisa Desmond, Brenda Burns, and Mari Sirianni j— TUX RENTAL CUSTOM CARE SERVICE since 1928 " m by 10 out by 5 " ZIPPER HOSPITAL CLOTHING CARE CENTER 13 MEDFORD ST. ARLINGTON CENTER 648-2439 Regent Cleaners Tailors 232 16 Egerton Road ■ Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 ■ Telephone 648-0388 LYONS FUEL, INC. Burner Sales and Service Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ’82! V J 233 ‘Ifie Qroom Marriages are made in Heaven. Beautiful weddings are made at The Bride The Groom 4080 Mystic Valiev Parkway Medlord, MA 02155 617-396-7240 Route 1 at Caruso ' s Saugus, MA 01906 61 . ' -231-0350 Hours Monday ■ Friday 9 30 • 9 30 Saturday 9 30 - 5 00 (617) 1-396-7240 (617)231-0350 ARLINGTON SONS of ITALY 1349 ' GOOD LUCK SENIORS ’ CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1982 STATE REPRESENTATIVE MARY JANE GIBSON J V (617) 643-1247 ‘SINCE 1917’ MENOTOMY PHARMACY, INC. PERSONALIZED SERVICE FREE BLOOD PRESSURE CLINIC PETER J. O’REILLY, B.S. — Reg. Pharm. 1332 Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA 02174 MILLA’S SUBARU INC. NICK GOLDSBOROUGH Sales Manager 874 Mass. Ave. Arlington, MA 02174 643-6300 Brattle Pharmacy Inc. Druggists And Chemists Alfred S. Cavaretta, B.S., Reg. Pharm. 1043 Mass. Ave. Corner of Brattle St. Arlington, Mass. 643-3267 “Your Value Store” 641-0101 MOTOBECANE RALEIGH UNIVEGA C.D.’S FLOORCOVERING THE BICYCLE CORNER PHONE 643-3300 COMMUTING TOURING RACING 1324 MASS. AVE. SALES AND SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES ARLINGTON, MA 02174 916 Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA 02174 235 f CONGRATULATIONS TO A.H.S. CLASS OF 1 982 SWEENEY O’CONNELL REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 1191-1193 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 Diane A. (Sweeney) Boudreau A.H.S. 1955 Maureen C. (Sweeney) Copithorne A.H.S. 1952 William R. Copithorne A.H.S. 1975 Patricia A. (Sweeney) O’Connell A.H.S. 1959 Philip A. Sweeney A.H.S. 1928 Catherine G. (Powers) Sweeney A.H.S. 1931 V Owner Irma Soldatelli Best Wishes Evie Unisex 646-3328 SHEAR PLEASURE HAIR STYLING 141 A Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA 02174 Congratulations Evie Lie. 18574 SOLDATELLI Plumbing Heating Gas Fitting RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL 38 Mystic Lake Drive Tel. 646-5269 Arlington, MA 02174 THE CLOTHES TREE Latest Fashions At Bargain Basement Prices 1036 Mass. Ave. Arlington Mass. 02174 646-4059 10 to 6 Daily Wed Fri Til 9 r J MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS NATIONAL MUSIC, INC. THE WORLD’S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF DRUM CORPS - BAND - COLOR GUARD EQUIPMENT 826 Massachusetts Ave Arlington. Massachusetts 02174 (617) 646 5472 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE Hours 10 00 to 5 00 Monday thru Saturday - Friday ' s til P M V J 236 r THE ARLINGTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK 699 Massachusetts Ave. 643-3780 LOBBY Monday-T uesday-Wednesday-Friday Thursday Saturday Morning DRIVE-UP Monday-T uesday-Wednesday-Friday Thursday Saturday Morning 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon “THE HOME FOR YOUR DOLLARS THE DOLLARS FOR YOUR HOME” 1420 Massachusetts Ave. 643-0100 LOBBY Monday-Friday Thursday and Friday Nights Saturday Morning DRIVE-UP Monday-T uesday-Wednesday Thursday-Friday Saturday 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. 237 NEW DIMENSIONS 906 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, ARLINGTON, MA. 646-2535 r MIRAK CHEVROLET Tiberii’s Flower Shop 171 A Mass. Ave. Arlington, MA 02174 646-8716 430 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 643-8000 Service, Body Shop Parts and Leasing 238 ( HOUSE of JEANS 493 Mass. Ave., Arlington, Mass. 648-9852 1st in fashion sportwear for men and women V ) r CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1982 from SWANSON’S BAKERY 918 Mass. Ave., Arl., Mass. 02174 648-9607 Education is the key to the door of opportunity Make the most of it! FRANK DUFFY CARPET CENTER CARPETS — RUGS — BROADLOOM 965 MASS. AVE. FRANK DUFFY ARLINGTON, MASS. 646-4444 02174 r R.W. Shattuck Co. Inc. Hardware, Housewares, Garden Supplies, Pittsburgh Paints 444 Mass. Ave. Arlington Center 643-0114 V r VISIT MINUTE-MAN CAR WASH (near Bal-a-roue) off Route 93 Medford, MA r j congratulations and good luck class of ' 82 Mr. Richard’s Beauty Salon 280 Broadway-Arlington Center 648-9772 648-9615 648-9734 HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR — R.W. Emerson arlington friends H of the drama inc. V J J 239 V r Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 1982! COOLIDGE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 635 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 Phone: 617-926-7351 y CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982! The Yearbook Staff “We Made It!” y Ronald A Riesz Dispensing Optician 11 MEDFORD STREET — ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 — 643-7325 PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED EYEGLASSES REPAIRED OFFICE HOURS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday — 9 to 6 Closed Wednesday Saturday — 9 to 3:30 — Lunch 12:30 to 1 :30 J r Best Wishes To Class of 82 HOLOVAK COUGHLIN SPORTING GOODS INC. 14-16 MILL STREET ARLINGTON, MA. 648-7000 648-1130 Complete Outfitters of Team Sports. r t CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1982! CAMERAS INC. 713 Mass. Ave. Arlington, MA 02174 648-81 1 1 240

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