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Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination f ' Will I ever make it to the top? 30 SENIOR SECTION L W % V 1 j- 1 1 1 MARK ABBOTT MARTHA AFOUXENIDES MATTHEW ABBOTT STEVEN AGOSTINELLI DIANA AINSWORTH JUDITH ALDRED STEPHEN AHERN LORI JEANNE ALBERTS MARK F. ABBOTT 28 Tanager St. 1 1-23-60 Abby Res., Park, Good times. Bod times. High times, K.P. Maine, Busted once too much; A.P.F.S.E., Broke $, broken bones blow. Print class " 77 " , Bud, Mich, Tull, E-Z Wider, Spaceman, GLOFN, BB, All night parties, Donna, Goodbye for ever A.H.S., Thanks Dad. MATTHEW THOMAS ABBOTT 28 Tanager St. 1 1-23-60 Matt Homeroom . . . Basketball . . . Junior Prom . . . Gym ' 77- ' 78 . . . Work . . . Central Square . . . Maine . . . N.H. . . . New York . . . Math ' 78- ' 79 . . . So long A.H.S., It ' s been real. MARTHA AFOUXENIDES 48 River St. 1 1-19-59 Thanks A.H.S. for 3 good yeors. Greece, Brighton High, T.G.I.O. S.E.S.M.M.K., Who is it beckoning us? The dark faces of death or a reminder of the life ahead of us? Is it our soul telling us to look around, or our spirit telling us to run and hide? STEVEN AGOSTINELLI 10 Hancack St. 5-20-61 STEPHEN P. AHERN 7 Berkeley St. 1-19-61 Steve Out at last, John, Dana, J.F., G.M., C.S., M.M., J.B., B.K., D.C., N.D., V.M., Partying, Suckin ' ' em dawn. Green Harbor, Toga, ' 72 Capri . . . " What?, Another accident???, " RAB, graduation . . . The last hurrah. DIANA AINSWORTH 1 1 Cleveland St., Apt. 1 5-30-61 Chiesha Mark S. — " I.L.Y.l " , Virginia, " Stairway to Heaven, " Junior Prom " 77 " Senior Prom " 78 " , Parties at Carol ' s and Shelly ' s Rainbow Ball, Grand Assembly Installations, Shows and Cabarets, Beethoven, High " C ' s " , " Alone at P. ' s D. " , All my special friends. You know who you are! " came sauntering in " Summer of " 78 " , Cold River (BRRR), T.T. ' s. JUDITH ALDRED 24 Dow Ave. 5-10-61 LORI ALBERTS 269 Lowell St. 6-16-60 LOR Freshman fright. Sophomore Fun, Junior Slump, Senioritis, SIT much. The hope. School lunches, THE WAY, PFAL, Are the dead alive? No, they ' re dead!. Rock of Ages " 78 " A.H.S. Dump, Dan Cotter, Who needs soeep? Pinnsyl., The Cape, God Bless You Class of 79, 80, 81 82, You Are The Best! JAMES A. ALESSANDRONI 242 Gray St. 9-1-60 The farm, good times in Slap ' s Chevy, lifting, Wetties class, Crusin in the runner, surf ' s up, rat racing, landscaping in Ham ' s snow boat mopar, palla S.S., N.D., Good luck to all, Al. STEVE ALLOSSO 25 Home Rd. 1-30-62 Alley-oop Trixie, Pebbles, Football 75-78, SUPERBOWL, Track, baseball, Mike ' s gym. Student C., Advocate, Fathers, Winchester, Tower, Monotomy, Turtle Mons- ter R.R., " Double Hessians " Gang Mazoo the great H.S. crew. Cumber raids, Rex, monc, Jennetski, U.W.W., corner, 7:30 Frank Jaan, Travels with my friend Paul. Winning I.E., I T. onlything. Mom, Dad, Family I Love You . . . Indiana JAMES ALESSANDRONI STEVEN ALLOSSO DIANE T. AMOS 34 Richfield Rd. Smoking bones in the halls. Parties down Bishop School, fire in Harvard, Stealing the lamb. Parties at E.C.S., The gang at Symmes, The town hall, shaving cream on the cop car, cutting class and not getting bagged. The Who concert, tea microdot, coke. The best day was going out with Bobby. HARRY ANAMATEROS 55 Maynard St. 4-1-61 High School Days " They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. " " ... They grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference Rats, Jocks and the rest of those damn cliques!!! CHERYL A. ANDERSON 89 Morning-side Dr. 1 1-18-61 Memories: The football games, the different clubs, all that homework, the fun in Mrs. Cozza ' s Spanish class, the two years in Mr. Kuziel ' s class with those Exciting (Ha) filmstrips and all the creating we did, all that aggravation I took from Doug (only kidding), all my friends . . . Diane, Carol, Susan, Steven, Doug and all of the others. These four years were enjoyable and worth it! PHILIP ANDERSON 16 Walnut St. 12-30-59 Andy, 70 Gail, 2-5-78, 3-18-78, 6-4-78, Kneeville, Scituate, bong, csem, (:), CC V. Football, Superbowl, High, Commando Raids, Scoop, Tooey, Cambridge Common, Okies Island, ' 78 Blizzard, Keg parties, tourney games, trolley, greengarage, lundyikegel, calcucsbrianpivawoodytommyfueg elakerlarkinlordybubbaquadscarymontychuckymatty poacherniemongo. HARRY ANAMATEROS CHERYL ANDERSON RICHARD ARNOLD 30 Frost St. 1-9-61 Favorite sport: hockey, spend every summer at the Cape — Best times: Hang- ing out at the beach with T.C., T.P., T.C., J.C. — Always remember weekends with S.B., — worst times: doing homework, but, will always have great memo- ries of A. H.S. SOPHIA ATHANASIADES 20 Teel St. 5-26-61 Thank you A. H.S. for 4 good years, I would never forget. Good times with friends, Effie, Kiki, Martha, Moria, Stella, Corrie. Summer of " 76 " , Happiness is never having another gym class again. Goodbye and good luck to all. ANNE ATKINSON 6 Parker St. 7-10-61 Good times down Thorndike, Piggy fro, Jo, Heights Girls, Summer of " 78 " , Koretsky ' s Parties, staying over the Reens ' , D.G., N.K., " Born to be wild, " " Teenage Wasteland, " N N, Mark, Gus, Stoodge Mobile, No Doubt, I did it my way. Thanks Ma and Dad. PHILIP ANDERSON RICHARD ARNOLD SOPHIA ATHANASIADES ANNE ATKINSON DANIEL AWISZUS DANA BAIN DANIEL WILLIAM AWISZUS 359 Summer St. 10-13-61 V JV Hoop, Baseball, C.C. — undefeated season, the Barracks, Fingers, Lucky Larry, Basmash, Cricket, Manuel, Mr, Berry, I hate the guy. School- gone and forgotten, Quick, get me out of Somerville . . . DANA KARL BAIN 224 Mass. Ave. 5-8-60 Activities: Football 75-78, SUPERbowl, pumping iron, wrestle, conditioning (hessions). Data Processing (Mr. Lane); Places: Mike ' s Gym, Camp Cabot, around the world, C.H., Buttrick ' s parking lot; Buddies: (Wayne), Steve, Mazoo, Kev, " Kid " : Nicknames: Rocko, Sam, Buckwheat, Disco: Ambitions: college football. Great Job, see the world again: Love ya Ma, Good Luck Class of 79. MARGARET BAKER GINA BALDINI ' " ' A, JSs- ' - ' S V. MARGARET BAKER 235 Pheasant Ave. 5-19-61 Peggy Always love the Mooch, 1 1-10-76 forever, " You Light Up My Life, " Captain Track Team 1, DeMats Shot Put Discus (we go together), A.O.E., S-S-S-S-S, Summers in Main and with Bobby Sox, Sophomore English, Hey Al, " Where ' s your coat? " , Butkus, Little Stucci ' s someday. Proms Semis, C.F.S.O.J.T.M.L. Friends We Are, Thanks Mom A.H.S. GINA BALDINI 13 Plymouth St. 10-28-61 Brigham ' s Girl! Happiness is Graduating, School day memories. Never forget the good times! Harmony, the Graduate — Blue Corvette. Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz, Oh what a relief it is! Pebbles and Bamm Bamm 1st prize. Expect the Unexpected — Blizzard of ' 78, slip sliding away. Snap, Crackle, Pop. Toki, Beep Beep! MICHAEL D. BANNON 74 Alpine St. 0-24-60 Booma The Res, Doin em ' up parties Lock Park, The Woods, Miller, Hampton, Much Later, A.H.S. NANCY J. BARATTA 138 Ridge St. 1 1-5-61 Blue. . . friends forever. Great times . . . J.W., C.P., P.T., C.L., M.J.M., L.P., T.M., Schoba West, Gang Summer ' 78 . . . Rockport, . . . Chickens, Teddy!! . . . junior English, Skipping with Patty . . . Swimming, Fernald . . . Stop Shop, Lex, Jo ' s party . . .Will never forget, no regrets, ... It was the best time, ... It was the warst time. Love ya thanks. Mom Dad. LUCIO S. BARINELLI 1 1 Adams St. 9-15-61 V. Track Copt., Alg. in 4B, " Now don ' t you feel stupid?, C.M., M.C., J.S., S.H., J.F., Bob, Football down Spy, Ski trips, ATR, incident on Rt. 2, " Then your father got a job, " The " Peon, " Leif Erickson, Three Stooges, Chevy, Chicago, Larapin, Red Baron, " Garu, " Who wears gym shorts up to his chest?, crusin. The best. CHARLES BARMASHI 157 Newport St. 11-28-61 It ' s totally dagmatic. Explosive Anisthetics, Thumbs up, Torque ' em, Seger, the Cars, ' 69 Charger, (D.O.M. Weekend in Hyannis, Rellim emit. Friendlies Flyin ' Fribbles, Manhattan Shelton still waitin ' ? A.H.S. scoff!! MICHAEL BANNON NANCY BARATTA LUCIO BARINELLI CHARLES BARMASHI LAWRENCE A. BARR 101 Hillside Ave. 5-4-61 Larry Base, Snake, Bake, Warrant, Chuckles, Basketball, working out. Cross Coun- try, scrambling, J. Bar, Heecock, Brattle, Ally Cange, — Student, Cape, Red, Komander, Caff, M B ' s, L.A., Sox, O ' s, flash, homework? movies, B.F.B.A.A.H.S., Berkshires, Boston, Lu Garu, Spic, 75 ' W.S., Jack, golf, Quigs, relaxing, Christopher, Rico, Club, Dallin, B C, Hockey, JoJo, morn- ings. LARRY BARR MICHAEL BARRY MICHAEL BARRY 68 Williams St. 3-2-61 JV Baseball, American Legion Baseball, Snake, Rick, Oak ' s Den with Stoges and Kozmo, Hitting Playoff with Stoges, Rob, Hockey and Football, Oaks Bakes, The Base. JEFF BARSOIAN 33 Mary St. 6-1-61 Barss Summer of " 77, " Good times, good friends, T.D.B.B., party at B.B.N., Racing in the streets, My 67 ' Camaro, Hypo, Al ' s roadrunner. Good-bye Mopar, Hello Chevy, Pumping Iron at Mike ' s Gym, Thanks Mike for starting me on weights. Good luck to all. DEBBIE BEAN 86 Marathon St. 1-22-61 " Summer of 78 ' . . . Robby . . .4-7-78. . . July 4th . . . Stolen shaker . . . Mi. nights . . . " Watch your step " . . . Nights at York . . . Symmes . . I ' m all right, I ' m O.K. . . . Almost summer . . . Sharks . . . Foreigner . . . E.L.O. . . . Sec. II party . . . Junior year . . . Always remember good times with Mac, Kathy, Cal, Sim, Diane, Mary, Doria, Lisa, Mary, Barb, . . . Mom, Dad — Thanks WENDY JEAN BELEY 126 Paul Revere Rd. 1 1-7-61 I ' ll see ya later — much . . . S.G. Fizz . . . Deer Cove . . . N.P., D.D., J.M., Party . . . Spark ' em . . . High times . . . School — not going . . . Led Zepelin — Stairway to Heaven . . . Fleetwood Mac — Rumours . . . Aero- smith — Come Together . . . Thanks Mom, Dad, Jackie, Dede, Cindy, and my brother Eric in the Air Force . . . gone fishing KATHRYN LOUISE BELL 55 Westminster Ave. 4-21-61 The summer of ' 78 in O.P. Maine . . . Party in O.P. Maine with D.P., C.G., L.M., B.W., K.R., and Hikes . . . All the gang from O.P. Restaurant . . . Lot of fun . . . Thanks Mother and Dad for the best years of my life. MARGARET ELIZABETH BELL 115 Rublee St. 9-28-61 I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today! . . . Best friends ever: M.O., S.Z., C.S., P.L., P.G., S.L., B.B., B.C., E.C., K.S., N.S., . . . Thanks Chris, Mark, Sara, and Sue . . . Love you all . . . Thank-you Mom and Dad for all your love. JEFF BARSOIAN DEBBIE BEAN DANIEL BENNET 2 Montrose Ave. 7-8-61 Ted 7-27-78 " Gonzo " . . . Cult 3-31-78 . . . " Dazed and confused " . . . Phil, Cy, Paul, Mark, BRDCJOJB . . . Illegal smiles . . . Bud . . . Mystics . . . Fort . . . G.U.B. . . . Summer ' 78 N.H. . . . Cruisin ' . . . Water skiing . . . " Smode on the water " . . . DCHMMET . . . Drome-death race. . . . " Barn parties, " Ca. ' 76 . . . T rips . . . Do it up and keep smiling. Was tough but excellent . . . Bird WENDY BELEY MARGARET E. BELL DENNIS BENTO 12 0rvis Rd. 10-3-61 DANIEL BENNETT DENNIS BENTO DONNA BERBERIAN JAMES BERGANTINO CHERYL ANN BERTOLAMI URSZULA BIALACH ANNA M. BERENYI ROBERT S. BERNARDO SUSAN BEZREH GERALD BISHOP DONNA MARIE BERBERIAN 6 Gray Circle 9-15-61 Bobby " Aug. 77 " forever . . . Party! . . . E.S., M.K., C.P., T.D., Blizzard of 78 ' , Porky?, Cracklin ' Rosie, Taffy, Looney, Martha ' s Wineyork, New Hamp- shire, Saturday night, Friday study, should we go? . . . Pizza? . . . Mac- Donalds . . . Rollercoaster, Junior Prom, A.H.S. 1 . . . Good-bye. Thank You Mom and Dad. ANNA M. BERENYI 18 Albermarle St. 6-18-61 Benny, Toy — ' 78- ' 79, Esplanade, S S, Spy Pond, 6-27-78 — grad party. . . Senior Prom ' 79 . . . Prom ' ll — W.S. Sanbornville, N.H., B.F. — Dust Plum Island, 2-13 14 — -76 -77, B.H., E.F., W.M., N.C., T.W., M.W., K.L., K.C., A.V., 1 1-4-78 — W.S. N.H., P.CZ., 1 1-14-78 E.F., M.W., N.H. Music Dept . . . K.M. . . . " Here Comes the Sun " . . . Summer Lovin ' . . . Cal. Dreamin ' , Cruisin ' All nighters. Party ' 75- ' 79 . . . Waterskiing, Love Lake JAMES A. BERGANTINO 20 Lansdowne Rd. 12-9-61 J.V. and V. Baseball . . .Jr. Semi — had a good time, Jr. Prom — needed a license . . . Hey Bert, should have been a ten!, " Up with the big club? " Who ' s Hojo the Bojo? ... A meaningful friendship with C.B., Maine, 8-18-78, The Golden Spur, Boston Concert, Thanks Mom and Dad. ROBERT S. BERNARDO 2 Mary St. 11-28-61 Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Scarsdale, Italian Club, S.O.I., Fourth Es- tate, 12-12-73, Maggots, Beach party. Good times together, Paryt at mid- night, Parties at Michelle ' s, Esplanade, Jr. Semi, Sr. Prom, Iffens B.B.N., Phys- ics, TPMBJBTDPLGO, Pittsburg, 3-18-78, Run a tab?, No, Michelob, Penn, at 21?, Mr. B ' s Acct. class. No Way! CHERYL BERTOLAMI 252 Pleasant St. 9-14-61 Jim 6-14-77, Sr. Prom — never forget it. Who says 13 ' s unlucky,? Can ' t make a habit of it. Summer ' 77 ' 78, Should have been a ten — right Berg? . . . J.D. — I know how you feel, Gail — friends always keep liftin ' those weights muscle man. Love you Mom and Dad. SUSAN BEZREH 71 Norfolk Rd. 5-29-61 Kelly Nohant, 7-10 . . Jr. Semi . . . Conventions, Carsickness, Hampton, Parties with Galluca ' s gang. He objects, Fla. ' 77, S.S., JGl 22722, H R. is Tl, D.B. ' s, Rich famous musician?. Well — red, L.C., VIC, J.C., V.B., P.C., O.Y.A. Prez, Hufs, Me, Thanks L.H., Love to Mom and Dad, The day is never over if it makes a memory. URSZULA BIALACH 58 Teel St. 2-20-60 " The Bird, " Hampton, Jr. Prom, FTLTM, Minnesota with Ann, Europe, Ver- mont, The Cape, Party, H.B., N.S., C.B., P.C., C.C., let ' s do it again . . . The Waldo offenders: L.C., C.C., A.W., T.C., R.C., L.C., M.L, S.L., B.S., Q.J.R., J.L.S., B.B., B.P., P.T., J.N., J.J., Buttrick, L.C., S B., " J.M., " Thanks Mom and Dad GERALD BISHOP 140 Wright St. 8-15-61 Cruisin ' around in a ' 68 Ford Torino Station Wagon on Friday and Saturday nights with Mike Malaney and Phil Emma . . . Outing Club with Bill King . . . " Marz " and " Donald, " Italian Club with Tony Catanzano and Mrs. Cozza, AV with Mrs. Brady, Electronics with Mr. Crotty RICHARD W. BLAGDEN 34 Hutchinson Rd. 8-29-61 ELEANOR C. BLASI 89 Oakland Ave. 4-20-61 Ellie Tanza . . . Graund Round . . . Olympics ' 76 . . . Hampton ' 77- ' 78 . . . Hitching . . . Dad!? . . . Zak ' s party , . . Vinny ... Jr. Prom . . . Liz, Maureen, Tina, Joan, Karen, Liz, Mutti, Mrs, Lawton, Mrs. Powers . . . Re- member the good times . . . Thank-you Mom and Dad for everything. " A kind word is long forgotten, but an unkind word is long remembered. " STEVE BLEVINS 22 Yerxa Rd. 10-11-61 D.A., H.A., M.C., P.C., N.G. . . . Concerts: Styx, Foreigner, The Colosseum parking lot, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Boston . . . York Beach . . . N.B. Canada . . . Hockey games . . . Bowling . . . The Drome . . . Chadwick ' s . . . Michelob . . . Harry ' s donuts . . . Tracks . . . Cape 8-19-78 . . . The Gas . . . " Let ' s get outa here " . . . Latin Skip Day . . . Only on weekends . . . Mom, Dad — Thanks. LAWRENCE BLOMQUIST 19 Wheaton Rd. 7-15-61 Crosby; up with Ed; Fathers; Breakers; Weekends down Dukes; Maple St.; H R. is Tl; Parties over Joyce ' s; Imiginary; Surfing; Akey to the packey; Auto Shop; Z RITA ANN BOISVERT 53 James St. 3-24-61 Lido Shuffle Best thing to happen to me — Arl. 2-29-76 . . . Magnificent 7 . . Landslide D.C. . . . 5-78 If I had my way — John, Farm, H.S. Stands . . . Maine ' 77, 4 buy 6 ... 4 B ' S . . . Cot . . . " K-Parties Grin and Beer It, " Nancy ' s BDB . . . USH Dillon, Track, 3 Stoogers, 7-1 -78 Kitchen table . . . Highland Party of eight . . . My High School Family . . . Love and Thanks AR.UN. . . . Miss you Mom and Dad. PAUL BORGES 74 Orvis Rd. 5-26-61 Remember the bakery . . . Tony ' s and the spoon . . . Looking forward to Bermuda again . . . Lucky nights at the bowladrome . . . Donny . . . Ricky . . . Macho Man . . . Dammy ' s Trans- Am . . . Rolling Stones, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Animal House. THOMAS BOUDREAU 1 1 Arrowhead Lane MARY BOUVIER 98 Woodside Ln. 7-21-60 Bouv A. H.S. P.L. . . . 7-4-78 . . . Kevin best time . . . J-English . . . Busted . . . Flat tire, Allnighter, California, Duck . . . Salsbury . . .Hyatt. . .Sunlamp . . . Half-moon . . . Pizza . , . Bash . . . Brains . . . Long talks . . . Emergency room . . . cutie pie . . . W.M., K.B. " 81 " No. 85 . . . Melrose . . Wakefield . . . Sloppy kisser . . . Kevin forever . . . Mrs. P . . . Thanks Mom Dad . . . Best friends forever . . . Bouvulater, We made it Lee. RICHARD BLAGDEN L STEVEN BLEVINS LAWRENCE BLOMQUIST THOMAS BOUDREAU MARY BOUVIER ROSEMARIE BOZIAN RICHARD BRADLEY, JR. . ■ 1 PATRICIA M. BRADLEY CATHERINE BRAY ELIZABETH BRADY I ' 7 MICHAEL BRENNAN ROSEMARIE BOZIAN 553 Summer St. 7-6-61 Fall! 977 — Halloween. . . AC Hayride . . . 4 years of Spring Cel. and Ms. Kirkland . . . " Taurus Disco " . . . B.M., W.A., K.M., M.K., E.K., M.J., B.J., A B., A.K., L.P., J.L, C.S., R.B., R.T., J.K., A.K., J.M., N.P., V.T. PATRICIA M. BRADLEY 26 Reed St. 12-16-60 Holly, if you could read my mind . . Summer ' 76 . . . P.K., D.P., B.H., Dope . . . Rowboat . . . Donna French . . . S.Y., Mom, C.C., N.S., C.B., U.B., P C. . . . " All right " . . . May 12,1978 . . . Buttk ... 1 1 p.m. C.M. carom best friend Donna . . It ' s too late . . . The long and winding road. RICHARD BRADLEY, JR. 68 Randolf St. 1-3-61 The bug. Sleeping at the rush concert. Lano. Paul B. Winnepasauke. McDonald ' s. Sunday football. Tony ' s. Cleaning out the bakery. Racoon. Len y and Floyd at P.S. ' s. Fro. D.H., J.L., B.T., P C., J.H., R.B., MB. ELIZABETH M. BRADY 8 Surry Rd. 5-25-61 " Liz " " Ebba " High school was good . . . Friends like Ellie, Maureen, Grace, Karen, Liz, and Tina . . . 4-1-77 — Escalator Escapade . . . Lark in Chatham . . . Partners in defiance BTPMBLND . . . Knapsacks arxJ jumpropes . . . BQ ' s in Drama . . . LINAGM . . . Jezzabelle, Martin R.R. in the closet . . . Bob in the park . . No act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted. CATHERINE BRAY 45 Wollaston Ave. 12-5-61 " Hoover " memories will last forever at A.H.S. . . . Deb, remember the Heightsmen Soaps ... " I can ' t help ya! " . . . Can ' t forget the Butterick breakfasts . . . Partytime forever . . . Hangin ' around Beacon St., Mike ' s house. . What a rush!. . . T.H., K.M., D.G., M.W., O.D., B.B., D.W., J.Z., M.H., S.B., J.C., D.B., L.B., J.W., R.G., C.F., S.P. MICHAEL BRENNAN STEPHEN P. BRENNAN 1 14 Rhinecliff St, 1-1-61 Brenn Good Times Bad Times. Mostly Good. Friends P.M. D.P. M.W. A.K. N.K. J.D. 57 Chevy 31 Ford. H.T. Having a Pop; Miller. Maureen H. Andy El, Raising Hell at Cape Cod. Friends take life slow. DANIEL BRESLAU 64 Hodge Rd. 11-16-61 " Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking, " K.L.S., M L., R.L., S.N., (HSSP) J.C.K., J.J.F., et cetera. A good three years. (It could be worse — it could be in N.J.) Hogan ' s Heroes (not a T.V. show) Photography. STEPHEN BRENNAN DANIEL BRESLAU PETER BRINKERHOFF 50 Bradley Rd. 12- Moby Dick . . . " Regular coffee please " . you " . . " I don ' t care " . . . Boz Scaggs . was $4.25 and I ' ve got the slip! " . . . -59 " Let me explain something to Freshpond Park way . . . " It JUDITH E. BROWN 168 Mt. Vernon St. 12-5-61 Julie, Houdi " What a riot, " Grotonwood, Horizons, Ribs, Rainbow, I ' m freakin ' out, A.O.E. " I love You, " Break down on 495, " Hey Pal, " JEMSCAT, tards, IT, cruisin, " Why are you so flakey? " " What a rush, " " A rainbow is not forever, but the memory of one is " . Give me a break, LFEHJNPCEPT. Toodles! KIMBERLY S. BROWN 15 Valentine Rd. 4-23-61 Kim Stratton, Tower ' 76 . . . " Night To Remember " . . . Sharpie, Memory Lane . . Parties — NF . . . Saco-ME . . . Bowling with Brian . . . There could be NO BETTER friends than — Sue, Carmen, Carol, Jane, Cindy, Terry " Bogart, " Jeanie, Doo, Gail, Jean . . . Dooley ' s. Brian, Kari, Mom, Dad, Puppity . . . You ' re the BEST!!! . . . Brian 7-3-77 GREAT times — I Love You! . . . GOODBYE — AHS . . . MARK BRUNO 39 Tanager St. 3-20-61 Remember the Parties we had up the Hole. The year with Ms. Burt and the Highet. The Concerts and Parties with B.C. (357) magnams) Good luck to the Rock-in-Roll Doctor. U.S.M.C. Running from Banks . . . listening to Sabbath Disco S-cks. Good Luck GoodBye 79. ROBERT D. BRYANT 70 Kensington Pk. 10-1 1-61 " Bear " , Hockey, Canada, Mazoo, Ally-oop, Hunter, L.M., DC., D M., Menotomy, Farm, Summer of " 78, " Cape Cod, Memorial Day weekend, J. Giels, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Florida in " 77, " Nubby, Are you from Ar- lington?, old lady drivers, accidents will happen. High School hessians. Mama Bear Papa Bear Thanks . . . CAROLINE BULLOCK 196 Jason St. 10-21-61 Masters at the art of deception, WD WN, Lunch time! Toga, Cape — South St.: NSCCPCUBHB. Catch the sunrise. LG chair JD the Magic Bag. Beach it! Parties, bagged to the Max! Deathtrap, Stones, Farm, Mystics. To NB — " Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse. " AMSBLCSD Good friends memories. GARY BUSH 48 Kenilworth Rd. 10-18-61 FARM, Hoop, ski winter summer. Survival, sweet cheese. Cape Summers, Jake Cassidy ' s, Stretch will die. Greatful dead, " Nothing forever always, " stung by the " 66 Stang, " Aku (excuse me), " B " Hill, St. Luis Bud, Trip, Endless night. Dust land. Great Times, Great Friends, I ' ll always remember, " ? " . Meet me at the mail box, I ' m Colorado bound. DIANNE BYRNE 84 Irving St. 7-13-61 Dee Nick, — great times — Wink, Joco, Nimba the rest of the gang . . . Summer 77-78, Cruising the Boulevard, boops . . . Led Zep, Kinks, Bruce, Cars, " falling trees, " " tic-dot days " — day-tripper. Party at the ol ' homes- tead. " Life ' s been good to me so far. " M B ' s English. Park — River, Con- eheads, — b.ball E.M. " It ' s been a good time party. " " Love Luck to all. " Thanxs. PETER BRINKERHOFF KIMBERLY BROWN ROBERT BRYANT JUDITH BROWN MARK BRUNO CAROLINE BULLOCK GARY BUSH DIANNE BYRNE JOHN CACCAVARO BRIAN CADAGAN JOHN CACCAVARO 28 Ridge St. 7-23-61 Cues Football, superbowl, cripples, 20. Woody ' s 77, vodka-bust. Corny, valley, snakes. Hessions got me, pass-out, Heiny ' s Jowl, The Hill, Kegs, dealing days, geeks. Halloween 75, Rich, Ernie, Quad, Brian, Lake, Lundy, Paiv ' s, Woody, Fudge, Brian K., Bubba, Poopsie, Whodin, Flynny, Cal, Andy, Valley, Pumpin, Parking Lot, Real Life?, Later. BRIAN CADAGAN 55 Melvin Road 8-20-60 Bubba Hockey, Football, Tower, Stratton, High Parking lot, Menotomy, Kneesville, Winni, Hampton, Scituate, Okie ' s Island, Room 322, Fathers, Snake, Hippie freak. Octopus, Bud, Kegs, Aerosmith. Cooper, Bowie, Tull, ( . ), Poopsi, Houdin, Brian, Tommy, Eddie, RCPUCBEMQPAJJKPBLBLCPSCDCMCEGSM, Linda, and the rest of H.S., Couldn ' t have done it without cheating. WILLIAM CADDIGAN 18 Gardner St. 3-14-61 Billy Those High School Weekends . . . Papas . . . " O K. " . . . Summers of ' 75 ' 76 in New Hampshire . . Sr. Convention . . . 2nd lunch . . . " How Inter- esting " . . . The Front . . . Pt. Shirley . . . " life goes on " . . . Thanks to my family for helping me through . . . It ' s been real, but I ' m outta here. Good luck class of ' 79 . . . That ' s All! " CAROLE Y. CADOTTE 9 Teel St. 5-26-61 " Frog " Dan M. 3-10-78 Cot-tin, Broadway Circus, Jr. Prom, 68 Ford, Parties Down Waldo Park, " Zippo " JNVBJMSLTCRCSG, What gives?!. Weekend in Maine, The Cape, ELO, PTJRBPJJNDKMLLC, 9-30-85 Mrs. " Z, " Brookfield Garments, TTMA, Love you Ma and Pa, D M. farever. TAMMY CAFISO 58 Margaret St. 9-12-61 Peanut-Butter, LC, SL, ML, Brookfield girls, mini-gini . . . waldo . . . CCUBAWCRENMWRN, The Who, Maine, PTJRBPLCJJJSJBJNJMDK, 9- 30-85, camp B, all nighters, Heidi, Pixie, Tanya, 5th per w UB, JV Mrs. C., A.S., My pals. Mom Dad. CHERYL CAGGIANO 47 Pine St. 7-19-61 Steve 6-25-76 BFLM Burlington. Parties at Libby ' s. Weekends at Lori ' s. The Burp. . . J.G. Rem. 696969 Good Times with J.G. Eye Openers with T.L. and P.M. Summers of 76, 77, 78. Booby and Chris 143 Forever. Bob Seager. Time in N.N. Senobs. Always REM. Times with D.R., and M.W. Later AHS. DAVID CAHILL 98 Gardner St. 3-21-61 Crosby Put Ed Up Imaginary. " Keep your nose clean " Unk Meatwagon down the lakes Crash Millsy Ark ' s Malibu Bizarre Bad Co. RAE EAR Marylou the best? Parties over Joyce ' s Red Lady and Zona don ' t mix. Fatty ' s Hornet All nighters Fathers, Up the Hale Z Bust down Crosby. DAVID CALCATERRA 38 Bartlett Ave. 2-1-61 Cal CRAZY HOUSE, " Flip it Paiv ' s, " Commando ' s, Hession, Dueling kegs, Sci- tuate, Oakie ' s Island, Hampton, Lake Winnie, Rocket Fuel, C.S.E.M., Menotomy, July 3, Peggotty Kneesvillw, SICKNESS, Tourney Games, Cummbie ' s, Soccer " 77, " Baseball . . . Keveny, Ike, Bubba, Andy, Lundy, Gal, Eddie, Houdin, Fudge, Chez Woody, Paiv ' s, Floyd, Monty, Mazoo, Poop- sie, Cues, Scary, Mongo, Dunny, Flynnie, Lordan, Mattie, Lake, Quad. ROBERT CALIENDO 1520 Mass. Ave 10-15-61 " C " Ms, Exchange trips. The Barn, Bud 1, Mr. T., Black Sabbath, Catching a Bee, Menotomy, Ted Nugent 7-27-78, Bong-a-Thong, What? It ' s a Free for All, Lost in Confusion, G S. Miller! Joe, Diane, Brenda, Bird, Joel, John S. Everybody ' s Gonzo. CAROLE CADOTTE TAMMY CAFISO CHERYL CAGGIANO WILLIAM CADDIGAN DAVID CALCATERRA ROBERT CALIENDO JAMES CAMERON 50 Summit St. 1-5-61 Rez, the woods, York, bones for brefost. Kid, U.R.F.K.D., Smith, Sabbath and Zeppelin P.A.F. ' S, concerts, the 3 b ' s, Awnood, buddie, Michs, food for thought, push. Summers of ' 77 and ' 78, What, no tunes!?, Bron-Y r-Aur, veg., summer nights, JimboM, 12 years gone, so long to all the great kids and great times at A.H.S. JOSEPH CANCELLIERE 14 Woodbury St. 12-23-61 CANCE: Varsity football, JV football, " SUPERBOWL 77 " 1 2-3-77 Red Team, SR convention, crazy Larry, Red Sox Blow another season. PAUL CANGIANO 23 Avola St. 4-6-61 Alley, Doctor, Mongo, Paula N, Kids down the high, S.., Vic fathers, Winches- ter Cathedral, tower, Menotomy, High School I ' m Sorry, Rex, Mons., 7;30, Snorky, Joey, Jan, Philbo, x-Country, Cotl, U.W.W., Corner, Contract, Mus- tard, Jennetski, travels with my friends Steve, Bud, Ragger, I love Mom and Dad, Nana. KATHERINE CANTELLI 63 Bow St. 4-26-61 Kathy Babes in Arms, T.F. Halloween ' 75 ' carnations. Fiddler, Foxy Falcon, Berney Bunny, sweet 16 ' 77 ' Vermouth Cellar, Hurwitz, theory. Fine Arts, Madricals West Virginia, Hiking Winter 77, Slow Down Jackson, Wallex, John Carvalho T.L.A., Camping Summer ' 78 ' White Moutians KZ200, Little — Big — Hot Stihs. BARBARA SOPHIA CAPARELL 52 Stone Rd. 12-5-61 Barb Friends Are Priceless — Vic Bets, Donna, ... V. Volleyball, TCP — L, I II, Pepsi, Popsie, Pumpkin, Diets, hippos, Bubbara, H-DTYJ- " Beginnings. " Cleo. " Your Poem, " Journalism — Zero, Puggy Allyoop, Bobs. " You don ' t under- stand. " Geek, Horatio, Marios Luvya Mom Dad — Thanks. " Searching to find answers but living the questions now; for in time I ' ll discover them. " ALICE MARIE CARDEN 5 Winter St. 1 1-30-61 Summer of " 78, " J.E. — 4th of July; C.L. — (omen) Brighams; C.S. — 50 ' s. Parties, P.G. ' s, TGIF, Tony ' s; Senior Prom " 77 " Dra- G S-Dolly! J.E. — summer vacations; Good friends and Good times. Lot ' s of Luck in the future and keep in touch. So long A.H.S. RICHARD CAREY 429 Mystic St. 3-23-61 Scarey " Over the Wall " 12 4 77 Bishop-totalled, The Blue Bomber, Anyone got an extra beer? Fathers Bud Geeks: Ernie, Quad, Cues, Lordy, Woody, Ed, Bubba, Poopsie, Houdin, Flynnie Lundy, Chez, Ike, Andy, Fudge: Winnie, Hampton, Doobies ( ' s) Terri (Treesa) real, fake hickey golf Gulch, Ookies Island, II., Mr. Banks, W.C.C. bagged: What, me worry? PAUL CARMICHAEL 7 Field Rd. 4-19-61 It ' s been such a long time: K.C., B.C., J.N., E.F., J.H., R.B. First night 78, 1 4B, Seger Concert, the west, Joe ' s Party, skip 2nd M.C.? Jr. Prom with Laurie, Freebird, Nadine, A.M.G. I know you! M.A.G., I think I should be going. Yeah! PAUL CANGIANO BARBARA CAPARELL JOSEPH CANCELLIERE JAMES CAMERON KATHERINE CANTELLI ALICE CARDEN RICHARD CAREY PAUL CARMICHAEL THERESA CARNELL SUSAN JEAN CARROLL MICHAEL CENTRELLA ANTHONY CARTER LORI CASSARO SUZANNE CASAZZA ANTHONY CATANZANO STEVEN CENTRELLA THERESA CARNELL 30 Bow St. 12-24-59 It ' s finally here!!! Guitar . . . Fernald . . Retreats. . Alpine Slide — Wow Hampton — Thumper ' s Blue Fish . . . Gassed Out . . . Sox Lot . . .Barry ' s Fans. SUSAN CARROLL 14 Winthrop Rd. 3-7-61 Susie, sophomore beach party, 16th surprise party, stands, Cheeing, Gusto, Okies Island, Majorettes, busted Barnstable, Miller, Tull, Canada, socmsobm, Chris, canalside, high schoal, semi ' s proms, 4B ' s, Friends forever. Keg par- ties, football games, summer survival. It ' s only Fresco, Thanks Mom Dad, It ' s been a party always forever. Party on 18. ANTHONY CARTER 161 Westminister Ave. 12-4-60 Summers of ' 77 78, Styx concert: 9 78, Res, all nighters. Led Zeppelin " Whole " Lotto Love, welcome to Cape Cod, C.P. B. P., Sonny, Dazed and Confused, the ocean, good times, I ' m just trying to find the bridge, has anyone seen the bridge, Oooh-Push it, Schlitz, later. SUZANNE M. CASAZZA 67 Lake St. 10-1 1-61 Sue Cuzzi Killer Giazza High School From Nancy D-z Buddy parties with DG chat. Mute, Deep Moca Pat Murph, Mota Father ' s GR parking lot Beach Party semi parties — bashes Nancy ' s sleep-over Laurentian Seger Aerosmith Bob- bie bone — Mich Summer of " 78 " scpsscdcic year book Soarky Convention — fire brau 8 26 78 — bash Unforgetable friends — It ' s been real! LORI CASSARO 242 Moutian Ace. 8-25-60 Ray ' s parties, good times in Woburn D.J. Apartment, getting busted, springsteins concert 10th avenue 5th out. All nighters skipping school, good times in Maine fun times with D.B. Tripping with C.G. Jimmies will hands. Smoking before classes Fairbanks is the best, I ' m glad I ' m out of here. A.H. I ' ll never miss ya! ANTHONY CATANZANO 10 Fessenden Rd. 6-29-61 Tony, Outting Club (ATHOL), Italian Club, AV Club, Jr. Distributive Ed., T306, Friday nights with T.N., W.S., B.K., S.L, S.Z., J.M., D M., G.N., Cape Cod My hobby is refinishing Old Furniture, Data Processing, B.B., B.C. MICHAEL CENTRELLA 30 Fairmont St. 7-5-61 Senior lunch rallys. That ' s what she said, watch it, " Bunyon2 " and " Boston, " Cindy and my ' 62 chevy, " Summer af 78 " Medow Glen, Parking Lots, The mystics, A-V, Kiss my what. The Alleys, Jae, Kevin, Lou, Vinny, Dove, Big Party, Animal House Food Fights, " Thanks Mom and Dad " " It was Fun While It Lasted " . . . STEVEN CENTRELLA 45 Florence Ave. 4-27-61 SUJATA CHAKRABARTI 207 Wollaston Ave, 7-17-61 Remember the time? . . . " the goons, " Maine, eating out, midnight talks, " RODIN, " Bosox Fever, CRAZY DAYS! . . . Love to Ellen, Sandra, Maria, Lill, Maureen, Laura, Karen, Val, My " Village People, " Mom, Dad, Pinku. " I am a child picking seashells on the shore, while a boundless ocean of truth lies undiscovered below me. " — Newton SUJATA CHAKRABARTI NANCY CHALMERS NANCY CHALMERS 31 Benjamin Rd. 3-13-61 Always will remember — Diana, Carol, Val, Essie, Cheryl, Diane, the " soph- omores, " and the " music department " — D C. " 76 " — " Mr T, stop teasing me! " . Marching and Symphonic Bands, Madrigals, G S shows. Cabaret, Ex- change concerts — New York, Virginia. Be a non-conformist., " Colour my World, " " Look to the rainbow and follow your dream. " LORETTA CHIASSON 179 Pleasent St. Dave 9 16 77 Love always.. Parties with qallucci ' s aana. Florida " 77 " " 78 " comer, park, proms w d.d, Buttricks with S.B.U.B.N.S.L.M.C.B., Luv " D.D " long time J.C. Merc, " 69 " Mustang, Freddie, Little and Big. Colmans gang, H.J. 27 and 12. Sue L was so . . . Never let go. Love you Mom. LAURA CHIN 36 Lafayette St. 12-19-61 Steve 1 27 78, WOOF;, O.P.! — G.D. and J.B. Scarsdale, N.Y. — S.M. Vir- ginia (Yechh!), music department. Best Years! banquets, marching band (brrr). All my crazy friends, (they know who they are) Chinski, Parties at J.L. ' s, The Barn, Chin-Chin, Smile, it ' s contagious!. Bye AHS, I ' ll always re- member you . . . LORETTA CHIASSON LAURA CHIN VICTORIA CHRONIS 12 Hodge Rd. 6 2 61 Vicki, " The Best, " Pepsi-Pumpkin-Popsie, TGPL — 1, 12-2, Goya-Ski trips, Abby-Normal, Bets, Barb, Bez, Twinks, Jimmy ' s, Galluch, The Races, The 5 of us . . . The Way We Were . . . M.M., TGGL F.D. 9-29 . . . MIRACLE, Thanks Dad and Mom, COCO. " In the stillness of remembering. What I had. What I lost. And how it ' s made me stronger. " SUSAN CIAMPA 66 Ronald Rd. 4-27-61 Summer ' 78, ' U.S.G.T.C., S.T.W.S., Cross Country, track, running in the rain, chasing antelopes with the javelin, sprint one-ten, crawl one-ten, Bonnie Bell race. Gup, S.P., P.G. A.C., S.C., etc . . . Surprise, 4 years Mr. T. band french horn Year Book, Bona fortuna ad omnis. DIANE CIARCIA 84 Newport St. 9-17-61 Church Farm, H.S. 7 Company, Chris, Stands, Cheering, Camp, Fin, " Magnificent 7 " Oakies Island, Erk, " Tail " hour, BASE, Rainy Weekends, Landslide R.B., Re- ally, Going through changes — Kel, Grin and Beer it. It ' s Only Fresca, 7 1 .78 Kitchen Table Meet-Lee, L, H K Mom and Dad, It ' s All a game, A friend with whom I may be Sincere . . . PETER CLANCY 32 Amherst St. 10-29-61 VICTORIA CHRONIS SUSAN CIAMPA DIANE CIARCIA PETER CLANCY ANN B, CLARK LAWRENCE CLINTON MATTHEW COLLINS SUSAN CONSTANTAKES ROBERT CONWAY NEAL COILEY JEAN CONSILVIO ANN B. CLARK 28 Harvard St. 9-13-61 So Close and yet So Far. Love to M.F.K.L.G.M.K.C. Finn. The Stihs the Staff. 69 Chevy. Point Stains, Morlbores-n-Miller, An Artist??? Green Freak. 1 1 13 77 Locked in. T T. E.I.C. " I am I cried. " " Whatever turns you on!! " " Harpo. " Grey Bump. Midnight Rides. It was the best of times it was the worst of times . . . SARA CLARK Rublee St. 10-16-61 These four years have been fun but I ' m glad they ' re over. Special seniors: B, C, PG, CB, PL, SC, and SZ. Favorite Classes; History with Mr. Kelly, Algebra II with Ms. Miller, Politics with Mr. Lavery, and Accounting l ll. Things to remember; Ann Clark I aren ' t related! By " 79. " LAWRENCE F. CLINTON JR. 130 Thorndike St. 7-25-61 Crazy Larry, High School, thorndike, TJ ' s, Louise T.L.A., U.F.E. Bock Room, Busch, Mule, Senior Convention, Party brain out, Menotomy, Bluffs, George The Ghost, Pink Floyd, Yes, Prom, toga. Mother Pavia, road map. Thanks Ma, Dad, Arthur, everyone. For today the school, tomorrow the World, Graduation. NEAL COILEY 28 Scituate St. 10-19-61 The Stooges, shemp and larry, The Farm, Mom, Dad, Rabyn, Jay, Lynne, Nancy. Lake Haussu Arozona, The Canyon, Las Vegas, California, Tex Earn- hart and that ain ' t no bull. Gene Mclain and the crew. Bush ' s Cottage — The Rocks — I gottem I ' m seeing gorrillas. That unforgettable night. The Huba- Huba kid. I gotta get outta this town. MATTHEW R. COLLINS 179 Jason St. 11-20-60 JEAN CONSILVIO Highland Ave. 10-31-61 Partying Hanging, Fumee La Herbe, Tunes, B.C., M.D., C.F., Mr. W., Ashbum- ham. The Damn, Whalom Park " 77, " Fifths, Cruisin ' , S.F., T.M., C.D., C.F., Hampton, Crysystal Days and Sunshine Nights — Hen-Aay? Lucky 9, " 57 " remake. Heavy Boston, M, D, E, J, M, Thanks Its been Real. SUSAN CONSTANTAKES 24 Teresa Circle 10-11-61 P.S.-D.S.-LIZ-H.S.L-, Maine, Grateful Dead J.C., N.H., C.H.. C.C. ROBERT J. CONWAY 46 Waldo Rd. 3-28-61 " Red, " Chickie, " OOOF, " Chinski, " HAWKS, " The Accident, Mr. Clough ' s Physics class, A.V., " The Bird. " , " El Senior. " KAREN CRIMMINGS DOUGLAS J CRISAFULLI DONALD A. COOMBS 126 Newport St. 7-8-61 Soccer, Track, G S, Drama, Let George do it. Band, marching band, M2, Concert Choir, Scarsdale, Music Jock, Ottoson, Brackett, Eagle, OA, Phil- mont. Staff 77-78, Jumbo 77, WWW, MYF, BJL, L.A., C.S., Tickelish much, S.D.R.N.R., Crazynut. JAYNE A. CORMIER 28 Clyde Ter. 5-26-61 Oeuffy, Tom always babe. Volleyball, The Innores, Ba, Cheri ' s Van-chinc food, 4th of July, House with no roads. May 13th, almost made it, accident city. Flash Twinkie., B.B. Slept?, Ice Cream, Maybe baby?. Beware of dogs., Bermuda — definite Party., Spying Weirs, Boys, FM, OR, FU., Maggie., Bos- ton! DAVID CORREIA 15 Fairmont St. 12-21-60 We the heads of 79. Thorndike. Fool for the city. The Beard. Arlington " High. " Toby. Shooting loads. Mike ' s gym piglet, sit and gris. Joe West tatoo parlor. The mountains Father ' s 6. No need. Animal House. I ' m sure. Chop- per. Clean Air, It ' s hard to find. The big bowl. Everybody gawks, slim. GEORGE P. COUTO 25 Brooks Ave. 1-1-61 Football, Party, Women, Cars Crusin, Monte, Jr. Prom, Karen, All night out, " Summer of 78, " 7-21-78, Grease, Summer nights. Train Station, Fogging up windows not me but Her. " It ' s Me " Small ones. Stairway to Heaven, KLC, Thanks Ma DAD. KATHERINE COVEL 176 Cedar Ave. 2-8-61 Kathy Best times with Chris and Judy. Summer of " 78 " up New Hampshire, the lawn. I ' ll drink to that, 1 2:55 and Hello, Goodbye. Thanks Ma 2. The Mystics. Junior Semi. Concerts. Crashin ' Cars. Millers — Double Vision. Revere Re- member Tils and Chico. It ' s over. Thanks Ma and Dad. DIANE COX 71 Walnut St. 2-14-61 Thanks Brenda: THE BARN, PARTY, Buds, allnighters; Phil . . . Amazing. Doug, Joe, " C " , Paul(a), Dave, Dan, NC, DC, illegal smiles, sex, drugs rock ' n ' roll, emotional kid . . . BUH . . . Walden, Summer 78, Amherst, Vermont, Mustang. Shows TED NUGENT, Floyd, Zepplin, math notes. Jack??, ' scape, RAINBOW. M D. Thank, kids, for all the Memories! KAREN CRIMMINGS 41 Gorham St. 7-7-61 hef, I know the real story, stick, Geils Concert Weekend, inconsiderate uni- corn, polish ' em off in Paris, bagged in le metro, Cheri ' s van, Maggie, ba, Dixie, CH, GH, JC, LC, PM, LI, MH, ED, SC, my twinkles, innos, July 4th, Blanche and Jane FM or FU, BOSTON! Thanks parental units. DOUGLAS J. CRISAFULLI 100 Hill RD. 10-16-61 Vega, Hot Rod?!, Summers, Ipswich, Castle. Zeke, Pam, Linda. Shows, Thanx Frank and Andy. Diane, Nancy, Harry, Tez. Tunes, Disco, Dancin ' Shoes, Clubin ' . Proms, Semi ' s. Nights, St. Louis Buds. Notes in math. McLeans, Brighams, Dunsters. A ship in a harbor is safe, but that ' s not what ships are built for. JAYNE CORMIER DONALD COOMBS DAVID CORREIA KATHERINE A. COVEL ' 4 1 V , DIANE E. COX GEORGE P. COUTO KEVIN CROWLEY . Wmi PAMELA CROWLEY KEVIN J. CROWLEY 10 Field Rd. 6-13-61 Babe High School — Best Part of Life So Far. Best Party Times with Friends — First Night, Prom, Uncle Sam ' s, Blue Boat, Boston, Segar, Gloucester Patriots, Vinnie ' s, Joe ' s, Toga, Black Magic, West, Spy, Best Sayings: Women, Please??? RRRough, I luv it. Say what mate?, Boooom, That ' s what she said. Thanks Dad, Mom, Val. VICTORIA CROWLEY MARY CULHANE WILLIAM CROWLEY LYNNE CURTIS PAMELA H. CROWLEY 136 Robbins Rd. 1-10-61 Farm, Thorndike, B-Hill, HB, SW, CF, LM, SG, P.A.M., Stones, Led, Sabbath, Harleys, Na free rides. Spark a bone! Ralph ' s Cabin, Maine, Westward Bound, Knapsacks and Cowboy Hats, Essence of Man, 173 South St., J. Daniels, Magic Bag, Camping, Gunstock, N.H., Harvard Sq., VT, CSN at R.I., LOVE YA DAD, Camp Bement, Dig it! VICTORIA CROWLEY 286 Ridge St. 6-30-61 Vic Thorndike, Menotomy, Hampton C.C., bank I.D.?, Spades, good weather, breakdowns, concerts, Tom who?, buzzed. Package Plan, Homestead, Peg ' s, Deedeete, OW, the Mat, allnighters, cruisin ' , Jo ' s convo, bagged!, parties, W. I.B.N., B.T.W.M.L., 12-10, whipped?, J dance, 3 stooges. Red?, BLB, Good Friends, thanks Mom and Dad, guess you had to be there. WILLIAM CROWLEY 297 Mystic St. 9-21-61 Eddie, Bergy, Brian, Gio, Danny, Lumpy, Jimbo, Snork. Working summers at the Kidd, JV basketball and the Clovers. The Belmont Duke. 1 7 to 1 and then 1 2 to 10. We ' re the Champs. We don ' t educate em we just graduate em. He ' s playing mind games with me, SUPER JOB. MARY CULHANE 68 Gray St. 3-21-61 Smocking good times — Kath, Steph, Mr ms Rice of Tenn, ' n ' trish. " Becks " — God save the Kinks, Believe me, I am sick but not insane. Buzz off fly. Hey kath — Horseshaes, The Chalet with PHISH ' n ' Tril. But Betty, that ' s a tourencial down pour out there. Steph, Love N.Y., Much. LYNNE J. CURTIS 3 Osborne Rd. 3-28-61 " We don ' t do school " , Wackle Suela " The Bone " , Paul " The Cape " " The Waldow Park Affenders " PT, ML, SL, JR, JN, BP, BS, DK, JJ, JO, CC, CC, RC, TC, VB, GR, DH, AW, JL, GM, JM, BM, C? " Mrs. Kelly is a bitch! " MICHAEL A. DACAMPO 28 Cheswich Rd. 3-28-61 Spike A.H.S. parking lot; Fathers; Demolition team; Black Path; Oakies Island; Foatball Parties; Church lawn; V Football; Baseball; H.P.G.; A.B.B. Hessians; Mark, M M; Heat miser; Semi, Proms. ROBERT B. DACEY 100 Fremont St. 2-20-61 Dace Varsity Track, Nod ' s per. 5 Architecture with Geds, Mark, Yad, Tam B., Cance, and Fletch, D.M.B. ' s class. Bio, M. Media T V. show with Bill and Chuck, The Boston Concert, street hockey, skiing. The Beatles, Steve Martin. MICHAEL DACAMPO ROBERT DACEY THOMAS J. DALEY THOMAS J. DALEY 7 Gould Rd. 10-31-61 T.J. Hoop, Somerville Massacre, Hill, C.C. Joke, J.V., Survel, Lonnie Burger, Jerry and Rudy, 77 disappointment, 25, 77 ' summer, K.b., 9 20, so good, 79 ' pres., C.O.B., Nice B, Soph 5th, SPB, td ' s, Don 80, S.I.Y.E., Trio 79 ' You Know it, CS, Lucky L.B., J.G. Busted, J-4, Blue B, Nice eyes, J Bar, TJ. LOU D ' ALLEVA 96 College Ave. 9-3-61 Boston; Segar; Joanne, Y.W.A.B.M.T.L.F.; Room 84, Man, Vin, K.C., Dave; The Blue Bomb; Mickey Minnie; 10-100; Toga; Islands, ME.- NH. ' The Gang; Oct. 3, 77. 10-400 Brown Eyes; Semi, Proms; Molsons; Crazy Hayes; " Do it " ; GiGe; That has it; I.H.P.C.; JoJo W.C.C. THEODORE DAMICO 50 Edgehill Rd. 12-6-60 For me Arlington High ' s been both hard work and fun. I think if it wasn ' t for the fun parts of this experience, it would have been frustrating. Varsity Soc- cer, Track, Spring Soccer, Parties, friends. Cope Club, Busch, bush. Disco, and girls. I like the town, no pun intended. JOAN MARIE D ' ANDREA 372 Appleton St. 1-21-61 Charlie your the best 4-1-77 " When I need You " Wingaeshiek Summer 77 ' . Luve, true? I ' m straving no money, dorm yoowee. If . . . jreshman year Ellie, Jr. English Debbie " I ' ve got to keep on chasin ' that dream or I may never find it " Thanks Dad. JAMES DALTON MAUREEN DAY 41 Fremont Ct. 4-4-61 What a riot. Good times down down Crosby. Good times with Heather, Erin, Marylou, Joyce, Carol D., Carol F., Donna, Joanne. Winter nights, " Fathers " Hot Child, Stairway to Heaven, Miller, Frosty ' s. Just cruisin ' around town. Joyce ' s Parties " The Best " My Poocanaka lov. Always gettin the munchies. Boogie oogie. Later A.H.S. " Keep Partying. " ELLEN MARIE DECOURCEY 19 West St. 1 1-2-61 Elly-Mae, dotted, rockynose, Roxy, Paris ' 77, Pynbank, vin, rama, Maine, S-S-S, Sleepovers, restaurants, pocketbooks, A.O.E., giggles. Laughing da- bins, Water, eighth, 16, Crispy Watermelon, notes, Rhodin, Algebra 2, desks. Proms, Culture, eiis. Flamingo, Dejeuner, cafe; Love to: Sujata, Sandra, Maria, Lillian, Maureen, Valerie, Laura, Karen, Idalyn; Thank you — Mom, Dad. " THE TRUE BEGINNING OF OUR END " Shakespeare JOAN D ' ANDREA STEPHEN DECAMP i LOU DALLEVA r THEODORE DAMICO MAUREEN DAY ELLEN DECOURCEY DONNA DEFELICE ANTHONY DESANTIS SHERYL ANN DEVRIES e. SUSAN DENTON ROBERT DE RUBEIS CAROL DESHLER DONNA DEYAB CINDY DEMARTINO DONNA DEFELICE 109 North Union St. 1-13-61 Party ' s down Crosby with all the gang. Miller Frosty ' s good times over Joyces with M.D., M.M., C.D., J.O., H.F., (F.F.M.) E.F., Father ' s with Lou 10 7 78. In the A.P.D. Bert A-Q Thank God It ' s over! CINDY DEMARTINO 43 Greeley Circle 9-4-61 Tower 76 — Terri, Jane, MaryAnne, Gail, Jeanie — Six Pack, Kim, Sue, Carol. Stratton — Post Grads. Swacked — mmm — , pip, Kim ' s parties. Night to Re- member. All Night Parties, Haunted Hotel, Freddies, Provincetown, Cope 78 — Spot ' s JM. — Walk ' s, Bogart, Spazzztic, Itch it. Mirrors, Hitchin ' to Good Harbor, Billerica, — Happy Times with you. Mom and Dad. SUSAN DENTON 30 Lafayette St. 4-25-61 unforgettable memories . . . The Burial, 1 1 Ticket to Ride, Amer. — BDA, Concerts, What?. I ' m psyched. Good times with good friends — DKDSTCNLJ, Proms, WW — the shoe, " 78 " grad, night, I ' m gonna make it, Bermuda and the Cape . . . ON THE HOUR, Summer of " 78 " . . . Barry 5-5-78, Dreams are forever mine. ROBERT DERUBEIS 18 West St. 6-19-61 (Dubob) — Friday night up the Peak. Golf and Soccer, Milsey — Algebra 2. J-BaRR, " Ears " " No-Tanucks " " Were Gone " ANTHONY DESANTIS 19 Adams St. 5-9-61 Tony, Summer 78? ADL and the " dizzy broads " at Iffens. Laughs with Bob and Jeff. 7:30 at the corner. Shop, Chem., Alg 2. Wasting time, shaker. CAROL DESHLER 569 Summer St. 10-19-60 Summer 77-78 Hampton, Maine, Crosby, Rez, All night down the Cape, Summer nights walking home with M.L.M. Labor Day Weekend — Maureen " Roll another one! " Jr. year with H.F. — Ms. Butlers class. Jr. Semi — 78 T-Bird, M.M. and C.F. never forget ya ' s. Mr. Fairbanks you ' re the best! JOE M. DESOUSA 66 Webster St. 6-30-60 Party with SS, JT, JF, JV, WA, was excellent. Outing club trips with F.W.S. with JV, WA, SS, JC, Ken, Henry, Don, Mars, are all ex. SHERYL ANNE DEVRIES 7 Marion Circle 6-5-61 Joe, California, X-mass 77, Dannys Chalet, Dl ' s, NS, KM, PC, JC, CM, RH, PF, TH, Casey, Scraggy, Blickadee, Medi Mart, cruzin, Chrises Dunster, Ricks Demon, John ' s Grand Prix, Donnovan ' s, B. Seger, Aerosmith, What a party, Minutewaste Prom, I made it. DONNA DEYAB 50 Aerial St. 8-22-61 Wilmington, G. A. P. ' s, C,H,P ' S, Home? C.M., N.E., J.M., S.B., G.W., M.S., Drifter, Jr. Prom, G.R., J.V., show, M.P., C.H., L.F., D.K., Thanks, The Enoses, steps, 8-3, an experience, Trixie and Stevens, " The Sticks, " L.N., bonfires, P.D.G., Track, O.E.A., Cadillacs, dancing, P.H., C.B. ' s, F.O., Magnolia, It ' s good to be home. Thanks Mom. SANDRA DICICCO 44 Melrose St. 12-17-60 Born to be wild, HD ' l Cheap trick 6-9-78 Teel St., Michelob, Dewey, we oil Love yo. The Dude, Best times with Tils, Linda, Nap, and Nancy. Smoken the bones, Segar Concert, Crusin with Aulty. Ma, Dad, Thanks. Brian 6 20 78 Well, see ya A.H.S. VALERIE DIFRANCO 22 Reed St. 12-25-61 Sparkem, matchem ' n ' juicem, Hibbert, Dam, Res, Zappelin, Cape, Hampton, Mountains. Webbrook Rage 6 27, Crusin, bagged, 99, Hey Man! Concerts, “N.N.N. " Partying with Joan, Jean, and B R.K.P.C.M.H.W.L.S.E.D.W. Craigs- tunes. Millers, M.E.S.C., all-nighters, gymnastics, Jammin-Cars. Y.L.F. Thanks Mom and Dad. Later A.H.S. SUSAN MARIE DILLON 316 Washington St. 5-15-61 Hyatt Regency, crusin in a limo, Seger, Bowie, Geils, disco, suckers, G.F.D.I., Dust, Mes CH, Boston, I never paid for nothing . . . FRANCIS S. DIVITO 160 Gray St. 1 1-8-61 No Way! hey bingo, you fool! weekend in Hyannis, what a farce, D.O.M. rellim emit, Laniru ave., dead bushes in Belmont, friendlies flying fribbles, times in Cushing, FF-M bodyguard, totally dogmatic, hehehehehehe. Thanks to all my WILD and CRAZY buddies. That ' s ALL . . . JUDITH DOLAN 129 Newport St. 6-7-61 Cheap Trick 6-9-78 Good times with Tils, Chico, Chris, Kathy, HD 1 Chico and the dude Duck concerts Springsteen Partyin down, Teel St. wild in the streets N.H. — best party ' 76, smoking them bones. Damage trippin Ma and Dad — Thenks Greg — we ' ll see ya . . . SILVIA DOMINGUEZ 2 Draper Ave. 5-24-61 Where are you from? New York? What accent is that? Chile is always on my mind, militarv overthrow, Ivonne, Ester: missyou, Spanish — English — Frrench!! Best times: summer Tanya, where ' s every body? Freak, Rock, Ojays, EW F, Faculty Club, Julie, Neil, Tony, Love: Lula, Music, Friends, Family and above all Frankie. RICHARD DONOGHUE 57 Lantern Lane 8-20-61 Thorndike, Yes, Black Sabbath, Queen, The nest, the cirle, concerts, S.D.R.R., Esplanade, Hi Mary, Hi Cow, The club. Rat, oxford Ale House. Good old Bessy, Black Russians Just Keep on Smiling, Everyone Parties, Partying with Martha and Debbie, Concerts, The Cars " 78 " Capri, sparkem, the hole. The Garage, cruisin, R.D., Try to be yourself not someone else, Bonged, Later. SANDY DICICCO SUSAN DILLON VALERIE DIFRANCO AURORA DOMINGUEZ JUDY DOLAN SILVIA DOMINGUEZ RICHARD DONOGHUE KATHLEEN DONOVAN RICHARD DONOVAN RICH DONOVAN 457 Summer St. 5-21-61 Had many great times and tough times, Russ, Lump, chuck and the great times in Mr. T ' s class, two years of him and almost three. KATHLEEN DONOVAN 59 Fairmont St. 2-24-61 I always said I couldn ' t wait to graduate, but os I write this I realize I want to stay. Remember . . . football games, proms, pep rallys. Superbowl " 78, " Partying, S.E., T.C., Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. PATRICIA A. DOOLING 65 Westminister Ave. 3-17-61 Summer " 77 " Chubb ' s Crew, Good times and all nighters at 0.0. B. Smock- ing, Good Weekends with Mary C. and everyone at P.A.N.H. Jethro Tull, Party!!!? Screeching lockers. Best of times spent with Ezabel, a good friend. " I ' m not afraid of tomorrow because I have seen yesterday and I Love today. " Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. ELLEN DOUCETTE 43 Peirce St. 8-15-61 Duce, Farm . . . Bagged, WWW . . . old friends, HS stands, 7 1 78 " The Kitchen Table " survived the summer of " 78 " " may what time is it? " Grin and Beer it, (C.D., R.K., 4th lunch). Good times and Good Friends — PK and LM and everybody, B.D.B., Love ya M and D. It ' s all a game . . . PATRICIA DOOLING ELLEN DOUCETTE ANN MARIE DOWLER 28 Martin Street 4-8-61 Good times in N.H., Party!, Pittsburg, skiing, and snowmobiling; Never forget Y.G. and the good times we had, S.T. ' s camp. Paragon Park, Conn., Art, Finn ' s class, Baston, the office; Lisa; B.G.; S.W.; J.S.M.; E.M.; B.M.; E.T.; P.M.; M.M.; (next year ???) — Goodbye to the best class " 79 " . EILEEN DOWNING 93 Overlook Rd. 6-21-61 Red, Mr. Leone — Latin class; Ireland in 75, never forget it — summer 78 The best F.F.R., A. A., all the crew Thanks S.S., D.S., E.H., Don ' t ever change; Always remember P.D.J.L.M.L., Practice in Billerica — Feises on Sundays, N.Y., N.H., Conn., B.C., 1st — 76 and 77, We made it! ANN DOWLER EILEEN DOWNING DIANE LEE DOYLE 11 Edmund Rd. 10-17-61 I will never forget all the good times and friends, especially Cheryl. Going to football games, dances and concerts were great! Also, I will remember Mr. Kuziel for all his help in starting me in what I plan to continue. CARL DRESSELHAUS 147 Jason St. 1-17-61 Cello and Piano, Mrs. Rahbee, Mr. Seaman, 3 years in the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, 2 years in the Northeast District and Allstate Orchestra. 3 Years in the Young Artists Program at B.U. The High School Orchestra and Mr. Thebodo. Three years of history with Dr. Arthur, a very enlightening experience. RICHARD DUFFY 56 Webster St. 1-16-61 DIANE DOYLE CARL DRESSELHAUS STEVEN DUNLOP JOHN DUNN STEVEN DUNLOP 16 West St. 5-28-61 " Nunny. " Night at the Peak. Ahooh-Ahooh, Bigears, Guts, hyperactive dog. Bud at 3, six packs, Wilson ' s farm, egg throwing. Knee injuries, cop cars. Hood, Ko, Larry, Doobob, Quartz, Jim, Mike, and Kristen, Blanc ' s and shemp, Doug, Devel, and 3 12 77, Linda no beers no ears. JOHN J. DUNN 30 Aerial St. 1 1-16-61 Stratton, Tower, Old Garage, Stands, Maine, Vemont, New Hampshire, " My 98, " Okie ' s Island, Seager, Foreigner, Sixth per. Jr. Year, " Mr. P.J. " , Morty Lane, " Wayne ' s Baat, " " Anne Marie, August 19, " " Crazy Gear, " Charlie P., Tom, Ed, Kev, Roachie, Gel, Monty, Cal, Lakie, " Cold Beers, " No Cheim. ROBIN DUSSAULT 34 Hamilton Rd. 10-6-60 JOHN F. DWYER 127 Wachusett Ave. 8-2-61 Partying, Summer Beaches, Sabbath 75, 78, Bong Hits, Going Mobile, Busch runs to N.H., Bar Hopping, Raise a Little Hell you Creamer, Don ' t go Savage Concerts at the Cargen, Wake Up, We Gotta Leave, Freebird is the Balls, Canada, Guzzle a few in the Snow! SUSAN EDMONDS 36 Phillips St. 10-28-61 Friends Forever: KDKLMMAS, Football Games, Red Sox ' 78, Thank You Mom and Dad, Love you always. Affirmed and Alydar, Greatest horses I ever saw, " Going to be a Horse T rainer one day, " Shultzie, Luv Ya, Fashion Shows with Mrs. Z., Triple Crown ' 78, A.H.S. — What can I say? JOANNE EGAN 14 Jason Ct. 7-2-59 3-6-78, Ricky, Boston,Charles River Fireworks, A.C., S.C., Summer of ' 78, Fourth of July every year. Harvard Square, Wursthouse, " Life is too short to go fasti, " Summer and Winter Vacations, New Hampshire, Florida, Mrs. B ' s doughnuts keep coming and coming, L.S., Minuteman Tech, Avenue Drug. SUSAN EGNET 3 Hawthorne Ave. 12-29-61 Hello, it ' s me. Freshmen in ' 75 and finally Seniors in ' 79. Senior Conference. Time to move on. Friends are Forever. Beau, Fred, Larry, Hawaii, Har- wichport. Labor Day Weekend, Good Luck to C.F., C.G. Thanks Mom and Dad. Special thanks to J.C. A.H.S. is the best. Good Luck Everyone! ROBIN DUSSAULT SUSAN EDMONDS PHILIPP R. EMMA 29 Chandler St. 9-19-60 Phil — Marz Don — Iggy — stawg ' 78 — enobs — arneycai in the allwai — Gym 77-78 — Football 77-78 — KZ175 — T.R. 1 — Stev ' s Restaurant — Macauley — Tag Team champs of A.H.S. — Burns " YOU BUNCH OF BIRDS " — Summer in Switzerland — Saturday Night Parties — Project Maine Ken Bob — Mt. Pleasant — It ' s Been Real A.H.S. — M.M. — T.B. — S.S. JOANNE EGAN SUSAN EGNET BRUCE EICHELROTH PHILIPP EMMA SUSAN ENGLISH 132 Gardner St. 11-24-61 Parties with Jean, Joan, Val, and Kathy. Best times with Jeff. Hibbert, Projects. Hey You! Get out of there. 1 1-21-77 kitty litter. M.M. Thanks Cheryl and Carmen. C.A.B. Thank you Mom and Dad. A.H.S. — wish me luck. Eebie Jeebie Spaced. Michele don ' t let go! SALLY ERICKSON 54 Kensington Pk. 2-22-61 H.T.B.G., Cringe, SF-NUJ, " It ' s Too Late, " 12-22-77, Stars, Fantasyland, Missives, History Margins, J.C.C. policy. Blizzard ' 78, 73 Lunches, " Shadow of Your Smile, " Fay, Beacan vs. Belmont Hill?, 7-1 1-78, 8-19-78, Cold River, " Ohhh? " , woom twewve, " Hmmm? " , Countdowns, Baaa, James, Carly, Linda, tunes, Frasquitafiestas, Chinks, " Pounding, " Perpetual Paula, brujas, tar, Churchill, Southern, Gibberish, adjos . . . BERNDT ERIKSON 48 Morningside Dr. 9-22-60 ANDREW EROMIN 16 Cheswick Rd. 6-24-61 The wall. Racing stripe. Early morning pops, ace. Boo, ' 75, Soph. Year Best, Banks is on the prowl. Smell the Rubber, 1 1-21-77, All Nighter, ' 72 Javelin, It ' s not too early Steve . . . Let ' s ga get a cup, 750 power, Jr. year Machine Shop, Bookends. JEFF EVANS 392 Appleton St. 1 1-24-61 " ko, " The " V " at 1 3. The 1 1 gang checking the " Ears. " The Steer at Jimmy ' s, " E.L., " The Peak, Camping on the phone till 5 A.M., " Hood, " " Dutch, " " Dunny, " " Doug, " " Jim, " Were hauled were gane, " Quartz, " Serving 4 years at A.H.S. — Naw I ' m out on parole. CHERYL MARIE FACENDA 144 Scituate St. 1 1-25-61 Al, Remember the ' 57!, Farley ' s — Come on big mouth!, Mopars just don ' t go far!, Chevy — 1, Mopar Stomper!, Remember, Chevy ' s are like fine wine; They get better with age., Bowp, Bowp!, Ta Friends — a gift we give our- selves., Cookie — I ' m going bald!. Bean, Keep that smile, yau little devil! CARMEN A. FAES 276 Renfrew St. 1-5-61 Friends: Donna, Di, Thanks; Sue, Kim, Carol, Cindy — suee — Jean, Okies — Susie (Bagged), Duce. Rosette W F Parties — Wet Corner (Sue), Super T ramp . . . Dased and Confused. " My Angel " (Terry) Esplange, Warm Winters, Gaod Times. Russian Destructians N.H., MOUNTAINS (Beautiful)! — SASHA — Cape — Hampton — Paul, Love Ya. 2-26-77 — Thanks Mom and Dad. CAROL FAIOLA 15 Ivy Circle 12-19-61 Hamptan ' 78, the faurth, L.D., Cape all Night, " Csem, " Best Friend with Carol D., Good Times with: MMMLMMHFMIDEF JRDD, " Maureen, Roll another one! " , Rez, Crosby, Colorado, " 77, " " What a Riot, " Finals with Jean Sue. Parties down Joyce ' s., Fairbanks, Mrs. Butler, Mr. Brown ' s Class, " Let the Good Times Roll! " , " Stairway to Heaven, " " Wild Horses. " BERNDT ERIKSON k JEFF EVANS CARMEN FAES CHERYL FACENDA £ V SUSAN ENGLISH ANDY EROMIN SALLY ERICKSON CAROL FAIOLA CAROL FARESE 15 Menotomy Rd. 6-22-61 FARM, B. Hill, Eldo, minis rock, the drop, a day in life, good times with Pee, bogged. Big Sue, poosenip, Parker, Growls, Freebird, Row the boot and do this, the ginny, nothing gold stays, Kenny 1 1-21-77, Carry on . . .1 love you Mom and Dad, all-nighters, memories, N.H., Imagine that!!! CAROL FARINA 85 Arlmont St, 9-14-61 Freenie Summer of 78 with the S.A.B., Beach party ' 77, Cape, Sunopee, Penns, " the breakdown, " Libby, Diane, Bouv, Kathy, Donna, 25th ann., " Looking out for Barbara, " M.B. C.B., Bernie and the food plate, 5th Per. P.B., Parties, 4-B ' s, visiting h.s.p.l., BI.S., G.R., P.L., proms, cruisin ' , Menotomy Preschool, Thanx Mom and Dad. LYNNE FARMER 51 Melvin Rd. 3-14-61 Farm, The Cape, 1970 Toyota Corona, the summer of ' 78 with J.S., D.S., A M., Ireland ' 77, 2 years J.V. Field Hockey, 2 J.V. Basketball, 2 years varsity Softball, Skiing. CAROLYN FARR 130 Lake St. 1-13-61 I get by with a little help from my friends . . . Barb, Die, Mae, Deb, Dor, Sue Mary, Mac 2, Of ' 78, N.H., Cape, York, Labor, Skiing, B-day, Olds ' 88, ELO Live!, That Look!, Finn, Mom and Dad, A.H.S It was Great! EDWARD FARRELL 59 Mt. Vernon St. 4-30-61 High School has been good so far, and gets better as I get closer to getting out. My favorite activities are Partying with friends. Snow and water skiing, and Hunting. Planning to go on a trip after High School, and on to work after that. FATEMAH A. MIRHADI 50 Windmill Ln. My name is Fatemah Mirhadi (Afsaneh). I live in Arlington with my husband and son. I am from Iran — Tehran. My family lives in Iran. I would like to go to a university in the United States. In August 1978 I came to Washington, D.C., and last year I came to Boston. MATTHEW FAULKNER 130 Gray St. 9-19-61 L.O.T.R., Sic did, Zamuto, " That ' s what she said, " Uncle Kevin, Dieter Sea- mus, Boston ' 78, Sports Night, Finn and Carol in art. The Boy ' s Club, I miss you Mrs. K., V. Soccer. My best times are in years to come. JOSEPH FEENEY 35 Mt. Vernon St. 7-19-61 " Life ' s been good! " MATTHEW FAULKNER CAROL FARESE LYNNE FARMER CAROL FARINA CAROLYN FARR FATEMAH MIRHADI JOSEPH FEENEY JACQUELINE FLORES-BONILLA LISA FIORAVANTI ROBERT M. FEMIA SUE FINNERTY GLENN FLETCHER CHRISTOPHER FLYNN ROBERT M. FEMIA 13 Burch St. 4-2-61 Good Times at Crosby, Cruisin ' in Jimmy ' s Chevy, Summer of ' 78 — What a Party., Fathers 6, Charlie ' s, the forest, getting snubbed, Watkin ' s Glen, Honda 550-4, Getting busted down the hole by Banks, Gallucci ' s; what a rush.. Bones, dot., tic, coke, Whoof., Blue eyes. Later, A.H.S. SUSAN FINNERTY 32 Browning Rd. 2-14-61 Stratton, Tower ' 76, The best of friends: Kim, Carmen, Carol, Jeon, Cindy, Teri, Jane, Maryann, Gail, Jeanie, Coop — Good Times., " STARR, " Coke adds Life . . ., Porch Parties, Kim ' s Parties, " dot, " Go straight, bend left., " WET CORNER, " Out with Jean, De, Berry Bogart, pk girls, Headknocker. It has to end sometime! Thanks Mom and Dad. LISA FIORAVANTI 3 Lome Rd. 2-15-61 Good times with Marty, Tony, Karen, Doug, Bob, Joyce, Hi Buddy, Koretsky ' s Parties, concerts. New Years, You ' re dude. Bagged, The Band, Menotomy, Thorndike, Bang a left, " Fox on the run, " winos, giggles, what a rush, the rock. Good parties, I ' m so, Doug Hello . . .?, Baa — K.G., K.K., J ' s, Thanks Mom and Dad. GLENN R. FLETCHER 29 Henry St. 12-13-60 Old man. Super Summer ' 78, J. Giels concert at the Cape, Hampton, Death Cruise, Mopar 1, Miller Powered. Parties up the pond. Lynard Skinard. I ' ve done my time. JACQUELINE FLORES-BONILLA 1016 Mass. Ave. 9-18-61 Recuerdo mi colegio de Nicaragua, pero aqui estoy bien, gracias a la ayuda de Miss Coakley y mis amigos Sally Erickson, Sharon Pickering, Christie North- field, Pues son muy buenas personas. Tambiendoy gracias a todos los pro- fesores. CHRISTOPHER FLYNN 22 Fremont Ct. 1 1-13-61 JEAN A. FLYNN, 25 Aerial St., 12-20-61 Jeanie, laugh! B.F. Kathy JGMTCKSCAD. PG ' S. " Fog " Strattbummed, Dance Sum 76, FootbGM ' S JGSlide N.Y. Tied. V. Gym. Balhai Sunsets J.B. Proms, Aptdoor Where Am I? V. Bliz, Chez, Mac, Die, Gal, Ron, MFSINFY, Kims, Cherish. Cape 78, Wint 78 Gram, Fran. Thanks Ma, Dad, AFD, Life is short live your dreams. JOHN A. FLYNN, 25 Aerial St., 1-20-61 Jack, Flynnie — nice Steve real nice. Jowl, little restaurant. The Van, Ski trips, Woodies " 77. " Mich-bud. keg parties laugh much (Strum) Sthooop. Me Late? I ' ll get her! Snakes, hessian, geek, K-Fried kneesville, hoop golf. Menotomy, The High, Cape 78, New Years bash-annual? School night? Bermuda 78. Steph. ChezIundylkiwoodyCucs — EarnieMacRonEdCareylordy. Later A.H.S. Thank you Sincerely, Jack Flynn JOHN A. FLYNN JEAN FLYNN JOHN J. FLYNN, 67 Webster St. 10-21-59 I ' m always interested in people and things around me. I ' m particularly inter- ested in physical sciences such as aerodynamics. I ' m the only high school student ever to be a member of the M.l.T. Rocket Society, which holds several U.S. and world records. I would like to go into the career of oceanography. PAUL FLYNN, 67 Webster St., 3-30-61 Jan. 13, 1977 9:25 Thank God it ' s over, little dimple, my mongo. Blizzard " 78, " snow fight, sophomore staircase, Brigham ' s ice-cream fight. Bowling bash, windshield washers, fingernail, Mahoney ' s, Burger King, Red light, little old lady, slippery sailing, fire boat, TWS, Mighty mopar, 1369Z, Keep on T ruckin. CAROL FOLEY, 101 Franklin St., 5-23-61 I ' ll always remember the good times and friends L.F., E.H., K.L., E.B., M.M., K.L., L.C., J.B., P.T., Cape Cod, Summer of " 78, " Mitchells, Nauset Beach, Sailing . . . Little Red Volkie, Cruising . . . W.B.W. Senior Convention . . . Year Book Committee, Get Rowdy, Mr. B ' S Student Teaching class. All the memories I take with me from A.H.S. LISA A. FOLEY, 194 Waverley St., 2-1-61 Summers, Good Times Maria, Karren, Mary, Chris, Diane, Stephanie, jimmy, Cameron, Space Exploration, " 78 " Pauls Caddie, Bruno ' s I, 001 jokes, Robert, Mike, Frisbee in the dark, A.H.S. Lawn, partying. The guys, Maria, and I, Billy ' s Delta, Drive-Ins, Geisty, Dave the seats on fire, Beana, Jake, Let The Good Times Roll. LISA A. FOSTER 125 Webster at 3-17-61 Thanks to all my friends who made high school great! c.f.e.h.j.b. Parablurr, hyperblurr, superblurr. WBW ' s. Cape " 78 " Mitchell ' s little Red Volkie. Cru- sin. Chaddy ' s. Rainbow. Rainbow Ball, " Let ' s not and say we did, " 2 " Put the top down! " Okay George " " I mean gimmie a break, " You nerd bottom, " Want me to spell it out. Bye A.H.S. ERIN FRANEY 24 Winsdor St 4-21-60 Remembering all the good times. Summers at York Beach, water skiing at Lake Ossipie . . . What laughs . . . Crusin around town, parties down Crosby G.K.O., Hey Lou, Good times over J.R., Butterick ' s, Soph Eng., TAXIE Club Casino, Friends we are . . . JR., MD., CF., CD., DD., JO., KA., HEATHER FRANEY 24 Winsdor St 6-25-61 Good times down Crosby, Thorndike. Jr year with Desh. Summers down York Beach. Hey Vic! Club Casino, Hampton, Cruisin ' with my buddy Maureen. Big T, Parties down Joyce ' s Hot Blooded, Jr. Prom, Friends we are. Lou, M.D, C.F., J.R, J.O, Bert V.C, C D., M.L. JOHN FRANKLIN 135 Hibbert St. 1-17-61 Love the sound of music. Two big Dave ' s one big Tom one big Lou are the Largest. Like my weighs, but not as much as I used to. Plan to become a song writer. MARIA A. FRANO 28 Bartlett Av. 2-26-62 Best of friends from A.H.S. ABCKLCFGMCB friends who were always there. The best time 9-10-78 B E Babysitting for the Babes. Pronto, MOB, DP, Finest People B.F. Rezzy riding in the Blue Chev. Dennisport 77, 78. Grey Bump, Rosie and Pat. There are the times I will always remember. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. CAROL FOLEY JOHN J. FLYNN •.w». PAUL FLYNN LISA FOLEY ERIN FRANEY LISA FOSTER HEATHER FRANEY MARIA FRANO JANE FREDO THOMAS GALLIGANI JOSEPH GALLAGHER STEPHEN GALLAGHER ELAINE FRIECE MARGARET GALLAGHER ELIZABETH GALLANT KAREN GALVIN JANE A. FREDO 144 Overlook Rd 8-9-61 " Cookie. " 5- 1 7-77, the coop with strogs. Bagged! S.O.J.T. P.B. Friends 4 ever. Crusin. MICHELOB — KOOLS. Party! Jr. Prom. Ton C Cheryl. " Skinny " ! Skin Disease Fever. Ziti! V.C. the 5W ' s. " Any Schnoogs? " " Sharon, Wo! " MY little Michele my 1 girl. Thanx Mom and Carol. Mom, you ' re my E est friend. Thanx Mom and Dad. ELAINE M. FRIECE 15 Memorial Way 8-23-61 Menotomy, Party! STS. Harvard, The Brighams Gang; Whipped Cream Fights!?! Dunsters — Back Table! Lowenbrau. 6-9-78 B.M. forever. Bagged Jason and Grey! " Nam, H-E-L-P! " Mags, Costi, Roachy, Tree, Missy, baldy, Benny, (DT, CT, JT, KM,) All nighters! WASTED!?! " nice ass! " California Costi. " Be serious! " Marie, loving memories always. Thanks Mom Love you all. JOSEPH GALLAGHER It was a time of highs and lows. Best times Ted NUGENT concert. House party of april 15, 78 RALPH, Hit all the farther ' s in one night. Skiing stowe Vermont. My Love Alison. MARGARET GALLAGHER, " Peggy " 33 Melrose St. 9-19-61 fall cross country team of " 78 " . . . Discos (Illusions) Senior Prom " 79 " . . . Friendship is c treasure chest of memories . . . and thoughts of things friends have done to make life richer . . . brighter . . . more beautiful . . . Sara C., Chicke., Linda P., Sue Z., Carol S., and Paula L for sharing with me the 4 best years of my Life. STEPHEN GALLAGHER 33 Melrose St. 9-8-60 Class of 79, Driving School 76, Coming to Arlington High on 1 1-14-75, Biol- ogy class, G.S.G. Brighams, Graduation, friends. ELIZABETH M. GALLANT 59 Claremont Av. 3-8-61 Gizzy " 79. " Jo-Jo, Trina Macedew, Spud, Schobs, Jubi Mickey, Minnie forever. We ' re all here together now, Nerner hicner. Slip Sliding Away, see- ing Grandma. The West Bai, Stassling rocks. Kinsman, Track, B.T. Express, Chalet, Hey Muskie! Love to all my friends who made the good times what they were, Liz THOMAS GAILIGANI 48 Epping Street KAREN GALVIN 5 Loke St 4-14-61 Fish Buzz, Bernie, Thorndike, Menotmy, 10-14-77 Mike, Quadruplets, Qihb, dedeete, package plan, Ju-Ju. Joe Kissenger, OW rug, PAG. ants, under, what a rush, buzzing with BWJH, THAT THING. Skeeter nites. Froggy Pinky VOLMP, Hampton flag, Z ' sO. KORTESKY ' S PARTIES. Piggy concerts Tom who, good friends and parties, and life goes on . .. DONNA GARRITY " Dee Gee " 136 Wildwood 3-18-61 Plum island — RR, Shopping SPree, Chatmutedeep, Chip off the old block, Great times with Great friends . . . GGMCPHRMSMPT fill er up. Michael Baby!! Gail 1 Homework? What ' s That? Double, allnighter, ABJSMPSY, " Trouble, " BAMFM Mom and Dad it took me four years but I made it! MDDRSGMB, The Waltons. CINDY GATTO 152 Wright St 4-3-61 Mognificant " 7. " Jimmy 1-6-78, JV VCHEERING, camp, high school stands, farm, Okies Island, parties, KP ' S, 4buy6 soph beach party. Summers Win- napasaki. Chris, Missed alot Best of f riends Being honest. Thanks Jimmy Mom and Dad. friends forever. We had a good time . . . JANE A. GEARIN 23 Eastern Ave 8-6-61 Janie . . . Summer of 78 . . . Memories . anthology . . . Finn . . . bcr rsforeever glish Class . . . All my Loonies who I call Strangers in the Wind. . . Drama 1 2 . . . Spoon river . . . Ms. Barry ' s 4th period EN- friends . . . Cape Cod . . . We ' re RICHARD J. GEDIES 18 Cleveland St. 8-7-61 CAPE COD The " Gusto ' s " vs. The " H.S., " town neck. East Sandwich, Con- cert ' s at the Colisum Foriener, The dubbies, Aerosmith, B.C.N., " Bagged, " P.D.T.C., Summer " 78, " crusin Pool down Ducks, Baseball, Hockey, LATER! GARY GELDART 34 Lansdown Rd 9-30-61 BUBABRIANTOMELPOOSPEDUNSTAPIKELUNDY ORDENMATTWOODY JUDGEPIVAANDYC QUADERINECUCSDOC. The High, Tower, Menotmy, Bud, pass out, M.D., 322, Free Bird, Bowie Cooper, Kneesivie, Jowl Coman- dos, Woodies " 77, " Scituate Crazy house. It ' s Candy, Okies Island, The Dome Sickness everybody Su . .. , realness Su . . . , Later. MARK GELINAS 319 Lake St. 1 1-12-61 Nights down the park with the kids were excellent, weekends down the Cape at Dukes, fathers, surfin. Breakers, Honda 750-4, sparky Milton, Millsys front end garage, Larry ' s and Duke ' s accident, Raes Raiders M.C. Arlington, Mass., Busted clancy, Archie, and me 10-7-78, I love you Lisa, Crosby I ' ll never forget it. KARSTEN GEORGI 6 Lombard Terr. 1 1-19-61 ROBERT GIALLANGO 39 Greeley Cr. 7-24-61 Geo Seonagan, Rochie, the Cape, California, school gang, street gang, E.L.O. freshman and sophomore football, the council, the paper, the Somerville Highland: the great holdup, Symmes. — We ' ve only just begun. CINDY GATTO RICHARD GEDIES MARK GELINAS JANE ANNE GEARIN GARY GELDART DONNA GARRITY KARSTEN GEORGI ROBERT GIALLONGO ikL GARY GIBBS PETER GINIVISIAN DEBRA GIARRUSSO JANE GILLIGAN LAURA GIUNTA JAMES GOGOS JOHN GIOLITO CAROLE GIURLEO DEBRA A. GIARRUSSO 164 Medford St. 6-9-61 Cambridge, Medford, family, friends, skiing, traveling, clothes, the tracks, Susan ' s cellar, Roger ' s garage, hmrm, lunches, Gretchen and the kids from Cambridge, 4th of July in N.H., parties over Denise ' s, I remember Yesterday, Good Times in A.H.S., Shoebox WDWDWB, Thanks ma dad for everything. GARY GIBBS 48 Spy Pond Ln. 3-23-61 Four great years . . . KIDS AT HARDY, LOOKING LIKE DEUCE, MUNS, SIREEBIES, CHUCK, FROG, SULL, MEGS, LUMP, BIG BILL MR. BandQUIGS WCC AND GOLF TEAM . . . IT ' S FINALLY OVER JANE GILLIGAN 32 Fox Meadow Lane 3-8-61 Stratton, Tower, Fredies, Cindy, Terri, Gail, MaryAnn, Jeanie, Kim, Sue, Carol, PG ' s, SPS, Kim ' s parties, summer of ' 76 ' , o night to remember, squarange, Bogart, six pack, cape showers, V blizzard . . . Where ' s MAM?, NY with JF, NA with GO, Bali-Hai, lunch parties, provincetown, GAB ' s, Good Harbor, Spain . . . Guy. PETER G. GINIVISIAN 42 Summit St. 3-17-61 GINAVIZ Grill, LEAK, MONTREAL " 77 " C.C., CUZ, W.C.C., F.R.B., P.A.F. ' s, Put ON SOME SABBATH, SWEATLEAF, STYX CONCERT, BEATLES, ZEP, SUM- MER " 78, " IT ' S ALRIGHT, SUMMER BEHIND YORK, WINTER DOWN THE REZ, I ' M DOWN, WINGERSHIEK, MICHS, THATS ALL, KILLINGTON, IT ' S GREAT, LOVE A CHEF, YOU MEAN IT ' S OVER, SO LONG A.H.S. JOHN GIOLITO 9 Vista Circ. 2-28-61 Favorite Sport: Golf. Best times at Good Harbor, Gloucester, OLD silver. Beach Party . . . Always Remember R.C C.B. P.M. . . . D.O.M., Animal House, Parties at Longwood, Baston Cancert, Pumping in the Lounge, Christmas Party, Much Luck huh, totaled car, broken leg. A.H.S. will always have great memories. LAURA MARIE GIUNTA 222 Gray St. 6-1-61 Love to all my special friends, Barbara, Sandra, Sujata, Maria, Maureen, Lillian, Ellen, Valerie, Beth, Carolyn, Doha, . . . Spectcals, webs, PHB ' s, P.PB, . . . Junebug . . . Three years math with Sandy, American foxes, " macho men " . . . " Think " . . . straws, . . . Dances, watchugutii ' s, freak- ing. Pals, . . . Tossed salad . . . Phew, Culture class . . . But Val . . .Love and thanks to Mom and Dad for everything. CAROLE GIURLEO 259 Ridge St. 3-9-61 Thorndike, Menotomy, Smelly, Cape 78, Friday 13th, Mutt Jeff, OTGDY, PBTDL, Good Weather, Busted PS, DW KK Parties, BS I had to. Bagged Jl, KL ' s house ' 77, ' BLB, All Nighters, WWL, Spades, Mat, Whipples, Breakin down, WIBN, TWL, great comebacks. Thanks Mom Dad, Friends, you had to be there. JIMMY GOGOS 43 Everett St. 5-23-61 Nite up Crosby, We Love Ya Ed! Spiros house. Garage, where ever. Meat Wagon Ride with the MDC. Parking lot Bust! CEB, . . . Fun Summers, AMV is Mine. Kissing trees is no Bargain. Spoan, Looney, August 2 Breaking in time, Bizare Fathers, BongAThong, Blizard of, — Spoon Gogos AMFing AHS Z ELIZABETH M. GOLD 72 Morningside Dr. 3-9-61 BRIAN 10 10 76 forever. Partying with all the kids from the stores. Zeppelin, Seger, Stones, Tubes. The kids out bock of A.H.S. — Light-em. We ' ll see yo — Mom, Dad, I did it. BEST TIMES WITH BRIAN. Turn the page ELIZABETH GOLD ELIZABETH GOTSELL ELIZABETH ANN GOTSELL 91 Egerton Rd. 6-12-61 Beth Bug, Milk Cookies, K.M.P., H.P., Cope 76 77, Rm. 5, Evil Knevil, B. Shower, R.l; All night. Party ' s at B ' s, C ' s M ' s, Ann ' s House?, D. Dances, Proms Semi Formols, New Years at 9;00, What Fence?, kick Beth, 8-ifty, F-6, JCMB Party, How are ya Bubba?, Never Forget . . . B.M., M.H., A.T., M.H., B.M., A.D., Michael . . . Memories. DEBRA GRANATO 7 Hancock St. 1 1-7-61 Debbie Memories of A.H.S. will last forever. Janet 7-17-78 " Lets go. " Cathy the Heightsmen soaps, " What should I do? " What a bummer. The drive in 8- 27-78. Beacon Street. Leone ' s accounting class, what a rush. Summer of " 78 " . Brighams breakfast. Football games at the river. A.S., J.W., K.M., C.B., C D., B.B., D.W., J.Z., S B., C.C., J.G., B.C., N.S., J.C., J.J., E.P., M.H., J.M., D.S., R.G. SUSAN GREENER 455 Summer St. 12-19-61 California ' 78 ' — " In those Hollywood Nights! " Cheap T rick 6-9 Pinky, Chico, Sue, Liz your OK! Partyin ' up the stores. " Coke " adds life! Zepplin, Stones, Seger 77! Smokin ' them bones. Harley 1 . Let the good times roll . . . Bill 3- 1 3-77, Curley! Thanks Mom and Dad. I ' m outa here! Turn the page . . . CHERYL GROBEL 55 Glenburn Road 12-26-61 S.M.E., S.F., M.K., L.P., M.C., D.P., K.L., New York City, Senior Prom, Paul A, 1 1 3 77, Cape Cod, Ralph, Oldsmobubble, " Chorus Line, " Lake Winnie, Baseball Game — " Flying High, " 50650, Harvard Stadium, Summer Vaca- tion, Bermuda, Chateau, 7 3 78, Disco 40, Fourth of July at the Esplanade, You Double Dribbled My Gusto, Thanks Mom and Dad, " Good Luck " . . . DEBRA GRANATO SUSAN GREENER ROBERT N. GROOM 14 Hartford Road 3-15-61 P.H.B. R. Geo LD WANG 67-327 Chev. KATMANOU Rolling Stones — youth terror Prom fever Summer of 78 (on the beach) AMLGJMEVTBKMDP — was it worth it — Southern Comfort the 3M ' s Dirt Road Led Zep Whats ribbed? CARS Let the good times roll P, 1 c. JANET GUARINO 15 Hancock Street 2-17-61 Never forget the summer " 1978 " . Meeting AL at Flapper ' s Good Times. Never forget A.H.S. Deb 7-17-78 " Lets Go. " Cherly Caggino English 69-69- 69 All the hard times with Dad. But look Dad, I maded it. Thanks!!! Maria — the mall, wee-wee all the way home. Good times with — A T., G.H., M.H., C.C., D.G. JOSEPH GUSTAFF 75 Cutter Hill Road 9-19-61 Ted Nugent, Mesc, Buh, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Microdot, Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Yes, Jazz, Budweiser, Charlies Kitchen, Let ' s get another case, Dus- ties — Oh my God, We ' re out of this place. The Barn, Blue Oyster Cult, Mr. T and all the Crew — Coke CHERYL GROBEL ROBERT GROOM JANET GUARINO JOE GUSTAFF MAUREEN HAAS JAYME HALL GARY HANNAFIN PAULA HANSON MAUREEN RACHEL HAAS 140 Pleasant Street 1-24-62 Innos, Hot Fudge Sundaes, Good Times, AHS Flyers, What? Friday May 13th 1977, Ballet, Thanksgiving Game, Camp (AOE), Junior Year, Survival, Steve Martin, meet my sister Grace, Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, and high school has been an experience! JAYME PHILIP HALL 161 Mystic Street 9-2-61 PICTURE TIME PARTIES AT THE WEST, THE POND " DISCO DUCK " SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL JOE ' S POOL PARTY BOSTON CONCERT P.C. ' S CRAZY ANTICS AEROSMITH LISA LUNCH TIME ALGEBRA CLASS HEATHER 2.8 MILE RUN TO THE DEATH " HEY, YOU TALK FUNNY! " MILLER ' S PACKED PARTY RIUNITE — RED OR WHITE? THE FRONT STAIRS. MAUREEN ELIZABETH HALLICE 8 Brantwood Road 7-24-61 BB N Summers (74-78), Football games, and parties with BPDEKJTKDDJM . . . " Chantilly lace " . . . Bobsie Twins, always and forever . . . Lill, Ellen, Sujata, Sandra, Maria, Laura, Valerie, Cheryl, Patti . . . Semi Proms . . . Little Yellow . . . " mellowing out " . . . Hey, Heaven can wait! . . .Cherish yesterday, live today, dream tomorrow . . . The memories are there. Thanks — Dad, Mom, Joe Julie Jack. EDWARD J. HAMILTON 116 Sylvia Street 1-8-61 Varsity Football 78-79 High school Hockey and Track. " The Green Bomb " Driving Allie and Cong to school. " To Lillian V. I leave my Italian shirts " " Maureen H., what ' s up? " Fresh, Soph, Jr, Sr, Home Room Good Times MARIA HAMIZIDES 72 Cleveland Street 8-15-61 Good friends like Lisa, Janet, Sanaa, Nick (waste of time), Surrey Room, Party: Hampton, Sal ' s, S.F., T.K., N.K., C.P., was good. Thanks Ma Dad couldn ' t make it without you. Hold fast to your dreams, for if they die, life is like a broken winged bird who cannot fly. Bye! ESTHER GRACE HAMPARIAN 51 Allen Street 6-20-61 Fond memories of the helpful teachers . . . Logical consistent, computer memory; Stairway to Heaven — getting HYE on life; (Etymology?) Oh, . . . REALLY? minus 2, Page in a library — This is what it comes to — THIS IS WHERE WE ' RE AT! For the most part. This too shall pass. GARY HANNAFIN 36 Margaret Street 3-13-61 Ouzo, Father ' s, Bizzar Bizzar, the Hole, Maine Summers, Miller High life. Blizzard of 78, New Years Eve 1 973 first fly. Party, Yappa, Pat ' s, muffins, I ' m out of here. Z PAULA HANSON 22 Webcowet Rd. 2-7-61 Summers of ' 76, ' 77, ' 78, Beach Parties, High School stands — the best! Football games, Nancy ' s bdb, Milbot, K-parties, 4B ' s, Okie ' s Island — Hospi- tal — Thanks Mr. McAuley Mrs. Powers, Friends forever — PT RM DG NH — talks. Dancing — DD Senior Convention, Cindy the leaves, Goodtimes with " RDSPN " — CSBSCS — LPD — CRDPRMD — Love, thanks Mom and Dad. MICHAEL HATCH 61 Bartlett Ave. 3-17-61 Harmon, BU vs. BC, Frosh Baseball, Donna BU is the best, Yankee ' s, life ' s the same except jot my shoes, Marshfield, dixi chicken, Jr. Semi, Sach King Kong k, left nut, St. Seb ' s parties, Laura, Don ' t copy. Posters, Soccer, Frosh Football. Yellow Bullseye — , Jude get out of there. MICHAEL HATCH EDWARD HAWKSLEY EDWARD HAWKSLEY 52 Egerton Rd. 4-2-61 During the past four years at Arlington High, I have developed a keen interest and ability in a variety of sports including track field, cross country and bowling. I hope to continue to improve these abilities once I reach college. The encouragement and instruction of my friends and teachers through the years has been most helpful. CHARLES R. HAYES 46 Fairmont St. 3-17-61 LaCa and going on three, OaOaBa, Thanks Pete, Moondog at Lunch, " How ' s it going? " , Barrios, Warrant in Alg. 2, TMT Production, Hardy, KaMa, MeRe, GaGa, etc. John ' s cold cut parties, Parker St., Lenny ' s classes, " Wicked Deuce " Azuk LEE HAYES 39 Alpine St. 10-16-61 Bumm Cherished times with . . . HeSe . . . 23 . . . RSJCCPNHDMJPKJSBALKJD . . . Thanks, Margie, Hotel T, OhhNoo Robin, AaHaSa parking lot, Bouv, JV ' s — Gusto, Okies Island — Kooler Killer, P I, (PM), 4B ' s, " REASONS, " Hatter-Ark, ID ' s, Summer 77 J.H., squirguns. Proms, Hampton — yes!, Mr. Meet — Chuch, orty, Sr. Conv . . . sec., (U.N.H.) times, puddleface, R.O.R., Rex, Woods, L.L., S.L., Thanks Mom Dad . . . Love Ya . . .! CHARLES HAYES LEE HAYES PAULA HEALY 36 Jason St. 6-8-61 H.T.B.G., Junior year stars, Y ' all . . . J.C.C., Aye-chi-wah-wah, Blizzard ' 78, Tunes, Boston, Beacon Hill, Whipped, Fleming ' s parties, Chatham, Paul, Jes ' Great, SAILING, Go For It, Michele!!!, Rio, ELO, Doobies Moody Blues, Doreen, Lee Lee, Judy, Karen, Liz, Spain, Milla, Cotterisms, Ric-a-rah-chi, Band, Hey Sal, Adjos. MAUREEN HEAVERN 72 Tufts St. 11-15-61 Wink Good times with Stephen 1 1-19-77, Good luck Pat! Park River, Donna, DB JV CT JH AV KT SB KM BA CB KN EL KN EL SS NOB EOB MM . . . the BEST, East, 4B ' s — Cl 8, Mac ' s fries. Nothing at Tall, Fools, Kissin ' Cousins, Jr. Semi — Prom, Boops Thanx M D, Good luck and Goodbye to all my friends. JONATHON EDWARD HECK 90 Churchill Ave. 9-30-61 PAUL EDWARD HEGARTY, JR. 50 Yerxa Rd. 6-24-61 Head for the mountains, on two wheels, Mopar ' s don ' t go far, ND ' s, the Ku, CVS, the ins, smoke shows, the Deuce 180 ' s on the acsess road, rat race!. Horror Man, open up that quad. It ' s been fun. PAULA HEALY MAUREEN HEAVERN JONATHON HECK PAUL HEGARTY A CHRISTINE E. HENEBURY V I , i EILEEN HOAR THOMAS HOGAN MATTHEW HUNT CHRISTINE HURLEY JULIE HOEY DAVID HOMSI NANCY HERDERHURST CHRISTINE E. HENEBURY 9 Eastern Ave. 10-3-61 Best times with Kathy Judy, New Hampshire, summer nights, down the beach, the lawn. I ' ll drink to that, beer fights, 1 2:55, singing on the chairs, Jr. semi. The Mystics, Jo cool. Tils, cruisen. Null, concerts, double vision, party out back, Arlington parties. Revere, Wales Tails, Thanks Ma Dad. NANCY HERDERHURST 74 Princeton Rd. 1 1-4-61 Beach party, high school, stands, Spain, Camp. Paul. Father ' s, 16th Bday, Paula, Sue, 75-76 Gail. Hampton — BCAASL, Casino, Laurentian, N.A. weekend. History — Dillon, Semi-prom; RDSP — CSBSS — LPD — CRCPRMD, Chris. Friends we are, friends we ' ll stay. I ' ll be there, Cindy, Don ' t worry. Mom, Dad, Lee, Amy, Joan — You ' re the Greatest, Good Luck A.H.S. ' 79 EILEEN HOAR 35 Aberdeen Rd. 5-21-61 Thanks to all my friends A.H.B.C.Y.G., A.O.E., P.T.! " The Chain. " " Car Chase, " summer ' 78 Cape, Mitchell ' s, mmmm ' s, " Hey bebe, give mey a break. " . Wasted Book Worms — Parablurr, Superblurr, Koalablurr, Schizob- lurr, Hyperblurr; " Dizzies, " " One thing only I know and that is that I know nothing. Know thyself. " " It ' s been real . . . later . . . much. JULIE HOEY 165 Palmer St. 10-19-61 Shower the people you love with love, Jee, Art, Fools Choir, Come Sail Away, Mark, Shine On, Seager, mmm well make it Kate ' s the nuts, Bonnie, The WineFALL Fridays, Jenny, The River; MELLOW Kathy, luck to P.M., Yes, ALLGood People on Jonathon, P.O., H.W., M.O., I.L., D.W., N.S.,J.M.C., L.S.M., N.E.O., K.T.M. That was then. This is now, Celest my best, 1 Steve live. Let ' em roll. THOMAS E. HOGAN 56 Lancaster Rd. 7-22-61 Brian, Rob, Bill, Murph, Weed, and Rick, Smith, Stones, Boston, Lancaster Road. And to Linda who has put up with me for so long my T.L.A. DAVID P. HOMSI 17 Marion Rd. 12-3-61 Junior Prom best time ever. High School best years of my life, Summer of ' 78, " Diane, The one and only, " " I ' ll take my chances, " Babe, Gige, Bear, Vin, Joe, Tim, Ed, Mike, Black Top Guzzler, Meatloaf, Boston, Later, much. GAIL HORSMAN 182 Washington St. 6-13-61 CHERYL HOUSER 159 Washington St. 1 1-22-60 CAROL HUES 3 Greenwood Rd. 5-7-61 F T. A S., S.S.B. " Cruising in a ' 64 Chevy, " G.B., B.M., D.R., J.G., Never forget March 21, 1976. " I don ' t remember " " Marcelos van " Ha, Ha. 3 years of Happiness . . . W.B.C., 8th was the best. " 74 Cutless Supreme, " best of all, " 71 Chevy. " Luis for Ever. MATTHEW J. HUNT, JR. 278 Forest St 2-5-61 Jim Remember Bobby, David, Mark, JV Hockey, Charlie H., V-Games, Tourney, Garden, Beanpot 78-Blizzard, Bus Rides, Ottawa, Mr. C., Bow, Griff. The LEAKS in Grill, Billy K., Joe N., Pete G., Gail M., Lois P., Card Games, Can ' t forget the hOOT and NUB, Mr. T ' s class. Superbowl, Angelos, Cape Cod. CHRIS HURLEY 55 Greeley Circle 7-17-61 Summers " 77-78, " Long Beach, Karen ' s Cottage, slow ride, 5-27-74, W.G.C., Bagels, The lawn, Jackie, Bruno, Robert, Mike, Magnolia, Frisbee, Long time . . ., I ' m so confused, Freebird, New Hampshire, Peter, 27, Good Times — SP, MR, DK, MP, LF, DD, KB, SS, PW, JC, CM. LISA IGO JEAN INGLIS LISA IGO 17 Walnut Court JEAN INGLIS 100 Hibbert St. 9-6-61 N.H., Maine, concerts. Good times with Brendan, Bagged C.G.!, Finals C.F.!, 3 MLM, J.C., Hibbert, Res, Sutherland — Val, K.C. S.E. — Dup, MEL, M.C., W.L., R.K., J.I., Pat 17-18, Molsons, Pink, Sound System, C.D. Cellar, Mom Dad, 8-18-78, 12-18-76 . . . 4-ever. JOAN INGLIS 100 Hibbert St. 9-6-61 Hibbert, the Res, dam, 6-27-78, Webbrook, 9-29, jammin, Zeppelin, 9, K.C., S.E., Millers, mountains, Hampton, allnighters, kidnapped — F P P H A C, Pat, Mel, WLDMSL, Val 1 — concerts, mesc, YLF. Robin — Maine, Goldies, Gymnastics — Rich, Gregg. Mom and Dad, Jean and B, Jack. YASMINA JEAN 90 Robbins Rd. 3-15-61 Today we ' re here together we are sharing beautiful moments. And to think tomorrow we will be going our separate ways. MICHAEL JOHNS 1 1 Golden Ave. 1-23-60 KIM JOHNSON 9 Sorensen Court 8-10-61 Never forget — California 2-79, Best Friend! Nancy Pellegrina, Munchin ' out. Getting away from it all — New Hampshire and Connecticut. Dream On!!, Never forget L.F. in " 77. " Special thanks to: Mom and Dad, Nana and all my good friends at Arlington High and Clothes To You. DANNY JONES 26 Sutherland Rd. 3-2-61 Jonesey " Anna " , Machine Shop, Feb. 19, 1977, 68 Chevy Turbo Fire, Crusin, Passing gear, convertable. Advanced Machine, The duse 1 10, Mr. Boe, Anna, Class of ' 79, Finally, later. MELISSA JONES 27 Highland Ave. 12-16-61 JOAN INGLIS DANIEL JONES YASMINA JEAN KIM JOHNSON MELISSA JONES DEMETRI KARAGEORGE CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON MARY KEEFE RONALD KEBALKA JAMES JUDGE IRA KEMP CHRIS JOHNSON NICOLE JORDAN 155 Forest St. 11-14-61 7-6-77 (1-4-3) " So sing, we still got a chance, baby at love and sweet ro- mance " . . . Thanks to all and Good-bye. " Where do we go? The answer lies in the heart and not the mind. JAMES JUDGE 15a Revere St. 4-3-61 High times, Scituate, crazy house, V-Football 68, Okies Island, Bowie (.), Pegerty, Esplanade, Bonged, Menotomy. Ikes Dueling Kegs, Blizzard 78, The Highs, convention commandos PA, KP, SM, TG, EL, Bl, PL, DC, BK, BL, MC, CP, SC, BL, JC, RC, PR, JW, JF, ES, GG, LC, Mom and Dad. DEMETRI KARAGEORGE 54 Newport St. 1 1-15-61 " Greek, " Buddy, Torque Em, Cushing sq. and the Juvies, dead bushes in Belmont, stolen car, D.O.M., flying fribble, " 70 " XL, Proms " broken car " Lemans, Firewater in the well, 9-15-78, G.O.Y.A., New York, Greek Dances, L.V., 12-14-77, God Bless My Mother 1-30-78, Thanks Dad. RONALD KEBALKA 27 Mott Street MARY MARGARET KEEFE 3 Park St. 12-4-61 Train statian; Bessie ' s party, Val ' s party, " Hot Child, " " Paradise " " ma and Kids " Big and little Mac, Bobby, Dougie Dances, Junior Semi, Thanks to the Family, English 78, CFBKMP . . . LLSSDB . . . DODPMBD . . . NSSDPR . EPCSJH . , . LHBHKH . . . PARTY with MILLER, Somerville Kids, Pig- let .. . DSCSKM . . . MCDHSA, Bunnie, bowling, " SENIORS ARE FINE IN ' 79 " Deb ' s car. The Farm. NORENE R. KELLY 117 Newport St. 9-22-61 Kel, Renie Farm, H.S. stands, Rainey weekends, " Magificent 7, " U.S. History (Dillons), Track-3 stooges. Grin and Beer it, " Highland Party of 8, " Nancy ' s sleepover, BUA, 7-1-78 Kitchen Table, Tails, It ' s all a game. Thanks to Chirs and " The Family, " Going through changes chuch, Thank-You Mum and Dad, " Life is a journey not a destination " . . . THOMAS KENNA 60 Hathaway Circle IRA KEMP 48 Wildwood Ave. 2-27-61 Junior year gone " on the Big S " . . . No Tennis. . . No nothing . . . " Let ' s veg out " . . . Senior Year still gone . . . " let ' s Veg some more " . . . Esplanade. . . " Karsten, Drop your beer? " . . . Kool Kaiser and Vilas . . . " Once I Rose Above The Noise and Confusion " . . . Lost in A Big World, Searching for myself . . . THOMAS KENNA MAUREEN KENNEFICK 168 Waverley St. 5-4-61 The Cape, Summer of 78! W.H.S. no way, A.H.S. 1 . Beatles concert. 1 1 :30 Saturday night, Friday ' s study — Should we go? J.M., C.E., Punch and work, L. C., J.C., T.D., E.S., D.B., C.P., Crusin, Hey Jude, Gordon. Thanks Mom and Dad. Goodbye A.H.S. DIANE KEOHANE 20 Monadnock Rd. 10-30-61 Kevin 4 1 1 77 . . . M.P., L.F., C.H., M.R., K.B., D.D., S.P., Aerosmith con- certs, Esplanade, Friday 3rd and 4th — BAGGED, the grid. Magnolia, G.F., T.H., Spain with Ortie, My w atch, Jr. Semi, Duxsberry, skimobiling and skiing in N.H., the Lake, W.H.O.P., fogger, giggles. Thanks Mom Dad, We finally made it!! dreams, memories . . . BRAIN KEVENY 151 Washington St. 3-18-61 V-Football, Scituate parties (crazy house) 1, Island 1 2, Kegs, the " high, " Cooper concert. Tower chases. High school bashes. The Commandos at work, " cold beers, " Bud, rocket fuel, semi, bowl. Lake Winnie, Cummbie raids, Ed, Tom, John, Gel, Col, Lake, Mongo, Fug, Andy, Floyd, Matt, Bubba, and all the rest. WILLIAM KEYSPER 21 Westminster 4-26-61 Football, All the parties along the way, B.C. parties, Res-Locke, Getting wasted with S B., Before Drafting — Dukes porch, " carzy " Flinny and Chucks Bakins, Sabbath — sweatleaf — snowblind, super bowl? Once Again, the Heads of 79, Thanks Ma, Good-bye to A.H.S. forever. BARBARA ANN KIBIT 49 Varnum St. 5-13-61 Mark, 7-19-77, a night to remember . . . Stairway to Heaven ... If you ' ve got the time, 6 ' s and 8 ' s . . . Macroni breakfasts . . . Lakes . . . taking chances . . . toads . . . driveins . . Jr. Semi Formal . . . Labor days 77-78 . sailing Nantasket . . .preschool. . .camp. . . MacAuley ' s tests . . skiing . . . cfemmpbpdomkdbd pkmssll . . . York Beach . . . Cape N.H. . E.L.O. . . . Patches . . . A.H.S. . . . The Best! PAULA J. KIDDIE 30 Kilsythe Rd. 3-17-61 Kits H.S. stand and, track — 3 stooges. Farm, W.W.W. J.K.L.N., Jr. Semi, Island, Highland Party of 8, Grin and Beer it. Summer Survival " 78 " , What time is it? It ' s only Fresco! BASB, F.T.W., It ' s all a game, 7-1-78 " The kitchen table, " M. C., good times, good friends L.M., E.D., Chris, Memories. MAUREEN KENNEFICK BRIAN KEVENY DIANE KEOHANE WILLIAM KEYSPER EDWARD KILEY 1 13 Scituate S. 4-12-61 Coyote, Buddy, Hornet, muffler, stolen car, Greek Dances, Friendly ' s L.T.D., Cushing sq. the juvies. Dead Bushes in Belmont, Busch, D.O.M., J ' Bars, Summers in N.H., Proms, the Greek, Scooter, Hank, Dieh, Charlie, Mark, Mosley ' s on the Charles, Thanks to all my friends I made it. JOANNE M. KING 34 Harvard St. 10-14-61 Farm, Thorndike, Menotomy, W.W.W., Bang a left. Null, 3rd Sophomore year, PKEDCHJRJRAA, Skeeter, All-nighters, Good friends and Good times, OW, busrides, deededit, the Mot, Got a Match? Desperado, BLB, Hampton BAGGED! Cape, " Maggie " Breakdown Vick ' s fright blah, FA, concerts " you had to be there " Thanks Mom and Dad PAULA KIDDIE EDWARD KILEY JOANNE KING WILLIAM KING JAMES KOENIG RAYMOND KING CAROL KINIRY ROBERT LAKE DAVID KRAUS PAULA LAMBERTSON RAYMOND E. KING 91 James St. 9-30-61 You can call me Ray, Biology Mr. Truesdale, Hotel California, Sox 75 almost 78, Friendly, Mark, Doug, Paul, D.K., L.B. WILLIAM KING 43 Walnut St. 12-17-61 It ' s been great. Project Maine and the Outinq Club. J.V.E.H.A.R. 383 Mopar Power. Hasn ' t been all that bad wouldn ' t mind doing it again. Al 350 or 455? Thanks Everybody, I ' ll miss it now it ' s over. jV 427 ss A.R. 340 mopar j.V. 283 gs A.R. CUDA. CAROL ANNE KINIRY 19 Osborne Rd. 1-25-61 Williams — wild horses couldn ' t drag me away! 2nd period dusters. Harvard Square at all hours! It ' s BEAUtiful! Mark, Stones, Rats and Jocks Ha! J.T., SK, PK, ES, CV, AG, AW, LC, JS, JM, JH, MM, Hampton, Chinatown, Sheila ' s porch! Andy Pratt, Ma and Dad, The End, Good-bye everyone, have a good one! JIM KOENIG 94 Evertt St. 1 1-12-61 Stars and Stripes, Orty, Marz, Timmy, AC-DC, Brows, John ' s Party, Roger ' s Parties, The Northeastern ' s . . . AHS — " we don ' t educate em, we graduate em " Barrett, Quigley, Sloopy, Q-Tee, Flynny, I have a cough, field trips. What ' s the pass word? Party, You know it? THE END IS HERE, of 4 of the C years. AL KOZLOSKI 12 Piedmont St. 3-2-62 " Koz " — The good buddies on 1 1, B.C.C. busboy crew; Ben, Bill and Al (Sack-out squad). The " Ears! " Remembering the Semi and Lake Cochituate, The parties at Oak ' s with Beam and Blem. Boston ' 78. Lawyer Tactics. The great time at A.H.S., Party with Marty. DAVID KRAUS 100 Falmouth Road West 9-22-61 It isn ' t right, 4pj, 3pt, Best, 6ps, 6pse, 5pj, Track, Armstrong, Make it better. ROBERT F. LAKE 39 Reed St. 3-12-61 Lake, V. Faotball, Scituate, Oak ' s Island, Tourney Keg Parties games, trol- lyes, Tom, Ed, Bubo, Poop ' s, Gel, Chuck, Matty, Keveny, Jimbo, Cal, Monty, Paivs, Strom, Andy, Fuge, Class of 79. PAULA LAMBERTSON 49 Marathon St. 3-23-61 Friends: C.S., S.Z., C.B., S.C., P.G., Three Musketeers, laser lights. Paranoid, camping . . . March " 78, " Pittsfield, N.H., 26, Barry Manilow concert, spastic. Summers in Maine quilt, Touth Leaders, Bleep-Bleep! Camp Reach, Mrs. Z. Elaine. To every window — a flower To every life — a dream Thanks Mom and Dad. ' 1K , VALERIE NICOLE LAMBROU " Val " 35 Devereaux St. 3-29-61 FOREVER FRIENDSHIPS: Maria, Sandra, Laura, " Pal, " Maureen, Sujata, Lillian, Ellen, Beth, Lisa, etc. I love you all. M.L., Domenic, P.L.E.V., Timonium, A.H.S. Football Games, Gymnastic Team, Proms, Cultya Class, " Freaking, " " Instant Replay, " " ILLUSIONS, " Whatchugutii, P. PB., M.I.T.B., Marsha Jordan Modeling, Figure Skating Competition; Gold, G.O.Y.A., Cheerleading, " Smiley " I.L.Y.M.D., Bye Forever A.H.S KAREN LANGLEY 1 1 Varnum St. 6-19-61 7 21 78 . . . George, Jr. Prom . . . Monte, Grease, Trains, Windows getting Fogged up. Summer " 78, " Hampton . . . Every Night, Summer Nights, weekends. Football games, PARTY, Homerooms, Crusin, It ' s ME!!! Lindo Grace, Friends Forever, Pontiac, money! Led Zeppelin Heaven. Call me! Thanks MA DAD Stairway to LISA LAPORTE 56 Mt. Vernon St. 10-8-61 Kevin 9-29-78, Burgandy Spitfire, Rockport (freezing) Lincoln field, hatter, faces. Thank God for a friend like Julie. Con you reach the pedals. What are you, crazy? work this summer, Kathy, Eileen, Debbie, Doha, Sue, Diane, Carolyn, Mary, Val, the tracks, DISCO, freak out! — San Francisco, Donna Summer Concert. EDWIN LARKIN 42 Lansdowne Rd. 5-10-61 PATRICK R. LAVERY (Laver) 28 Davis Ave. 6-16-61 Laver, V. -baseball, V. -Football — 16, V. -Hockey, Track — 880, Super Bowl, Hessions, Conditioning, Tourney, Peabody, Revere Rumble, Turkey Day, get psyched, " Rocky, " Hulk, Chem., Take it easy, Mr. Kell, Baseball State Championship, Reed Taylor — headwaiter, friends, Sheila, Mom and Dad, " Life is what you make of it. " MARK LAWSON 1 1 James St. 5-26-61 Summer " 78, " Good Friends, E.L., J.H., D.P., P.L., J.K., F.S., " TATTOO, " California, Dream On, Boston, Bob Seger . . . Last Minute decisions? There ' s no time like the future. Partying, First job. NO MORE LATIN and NO MORE " BIG MAC ATTACKS!!! " Four great years! Take care. JOEL R. LEAK 19 Lincoln St. 1-30-61 C.K.C., and Me, Belmont, the Barn, Thorndike, The spond. Music Dept., Jazz Band, Marching Band, Football, The " Scape. " Delta nine, P.T., C.J., S.D., AND R. AND R. All the friends I can ' t include. ERIC LEARNARD 179 Brattle St. 9-1-61 Point Sebago, Lisas, Heidi, Janet, Beachlandings, Waterskiing, Slalom in the Dork, R.F.B., W.A.F., W.A.C.G., Big " Mac " Attack, Quaker Ridge, Shull Bit, Nifty Wippers, Maray, Foreigner, Styx, Juday, Big Kenny, John, Marcs, Short Summer ' 78, Best Ever, M.L., So ' Long A.H.S., They Say I Crazy But I Have A Good Time. MAUREEN LEECH Moe 324 Park Ave. 5-1-61 Moe all the dudes CD. HF. MD. MM. CF. JW. EF. JR. DD. And everyone else DO DO DO DO Just catching a buzz. T ' birds are 1 The Adventures of Dracula Bulby ' s Gee Everybody must get stoned Oh Boy! Mr. Fairbanks is the best. Jr. Prom ' 78 Sr. Prom ' 77 Tankem! " Roll another one " " Hot Blooded " VALERIE LAMBROU LISA LAPORTE A MARK LAWSON KAREN LANGLEY PATRICK LAVERY JOEL LEAK ERIC LEARNARD MAUREEN LEECH JEANNINE LEGEE 265 Renfrew St. 1 1-6-61 Best day of my life 1 2- 10-77, This is ME, Summer of ' 78, hey Louigi old chevy. New bird, trips to N.H., smoke o what? Love yo always John thank you. Led Zeppelin Boston ' 78, JB, JM, BF, DT, JS, SB, RB. MARIA E. LEMBIDAKIS 87 Egerton Rd. 7-28-61 Europe ' 77, Bubbly in the Bathtub, G.O.Y.A. C.H.O.I.R. Summer of ' 78, Mid- night Talks, Whoshoed Virginia? Boot it!, Shtbraincall?, Ayorkhalloween, L.C.K. ' s — love em! Priceless Friends — Sandra, Valerie, Suiata, Ellen, Mau- reen, Lillian, Beth, Laura, Peggy. Thanks Mom and Dad, I Love you both! Arise, go forth, and conquer; the world is your oyster. Luck to all! KEVIN B. LEMOS 607 Summer St. 10-14-61 Cursin — The Lakes — Dom — The Show — Lutzie — The trude — Florida in February — New Hampshire — " Boston " — Dorn ' s Goat — Sophomore Study — Freshmen Algebra — Beating on — Skipping — Pink Slips — Best Attendance Record — Carnivals — Senior Year The Best — Storm of ' 78 in Fla. CHERYL ANN LENZ 5 Freeman St. 8-7-61 No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. Diana, My first friend in Arlington. Alice., Omen, A good friend and Co-worker. Carol, to have a friend is to be a friend. Esther, Our friendship is thoughtful and Kind. Valerie, Sincere thoughts of you. Nancy, friends always. ANDREW LEPORE 12 Foxmeadow Lane 6-21-61 Drew, Up the Corner, The Course — Summer of ' 75, Miller, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Ted Nugent, the J. Geils Concert at the Cape Cod Coliseum — Hot — 7-22-78, Summers down the Cape — Duke ' s Party — 1 0-7-78, Mick Chem. — R.B. MARC LERRA 25 Sagamore Rd. 9-9-61 Soccer, Miller, Cope and Geese. Cope Club, Ted, Rudy, Mike, the Had, Shawn. Down Cape with John and Tom, snatch, Middlesex, Honey bee. Cra- zin ' with Dom, Brothers, Disco, oldies. Beach Boys Concert, Meatloaf, 2-years wasted. Good Town. CYNTHIA F. LEWKO (Lewk) 42 Tomahawk Rd. 5-7-61 Lewk, Summer ' 78, What ' s happening!! Jo, Jeannie, Nancy, Cheryl, and everyone else . . Jr. Semi-Formal and Prom, Ed, The Blazer, A.B.C., Go to — !!, Hampton . . . Rockport weekend. Our UFO, the West, Cruzinq . . . Party . . . Song — Took the words right out of my mouth. Puerto Rico. Remember When??? . . . Memories . . . Thanks Dad and Mom . . . Take- MARK ANTHONY LINSKEY 12 Norfolk Rd. 2-28-60 Tempest, Thorndike, Pink Floyd, Yes, E.L.P., The Esplanade, RD ' s Parties, The Hole, The Drome. CHERYL LENZ MARC LERRA MARIA LEMBIDAKIS I Ll. i ANDREW LEPORE JEANNINE LEGEE KEVIN LEMOS CYNTHIA LEWKO MARK LINSKEY KATHY LITTLE 31 Inverness Rd. 9-1-61 " 77 " Wal-Lex . . . 11 13 77 J.M., Party, Waltham, twinkles and tab . . . Finn ' s fth period sweat hogs, lunch. Bones . . . Summer " 78 " Camping . , . 6-24-78 Graduation Party with Spy Ponders in N.H. . . . Station . . . Out front . . . Big, Little, Dip, Hot " STIHS, " A.C., GM., M.F., B.H., J.G., Thanks to the ones I love. KATHY LITTLE SEAN P. LONERGAN SEAN P. LONERGAN 16 Teresa Circle 10-20-61 " Spunky, " Gio, Dan, Cang, Camillo, Berg, Big Guy, T.J., E.C., Mac and D.A. — " scott " . . , Student Council, Fourth Estate, Coaching hoop . . . " Lumpy " . . . Somerville Massacre of ' 75 . . . W.W. and HC., M R. and summer of ' 77. B.M. Concert — M EM, . . . Ma, Dad . . . Thanks . . . Too many groups too little time but it was fun — now it ' s on to better things . . . never say die! BRIAN LORDAN 45 Draper Ave. 10-16-61 Gee I didn ' t know AHS had a swim team? Good times at Kneesville towers Menotomee Bishop late. Ike-g 10-3-78 gotcha. Candy Green Garage with Andy Lundy. Over the wall with Rushmore I T. (Irresponsible Individualism) J.L. David Bowie Live Super Bowl ' 77 K-mac Sickness realness Paranoid Peak Bud. KATHY LOVETT 44 Peirce St. 7-22-61 QIHB, Thorndike, Menotomy, BLB, Superduper, spades, WWB, Maine, Cape, Hampton — Bagged, Hight times. All nighters. Good Paries, Esplanade, IGGB, swmm. Talks with Judy, West, Miller, Good weather, I ' m so Teenage Wasteland. Parties out back. The mat Breakdown, Good friends, I did it . . . Thanks Ma, You just hod to be there . . . BRIAN LORDAN KATHY LOVETT VINNIE LUCA 18 Wheaton Rd. 4-14-61 The West. Seger -I- Boston = Party. Louie, Dave, The Man, Kev. Nags, Murph, Jr. Prom — Ellie. Jojo, Schoba, Mac, Spud. Uncle Sam ' s, Cruzin ' in the Blue Boat. MOLSENS. It will never be the same! PETER LUNDSTROM 64 Gray St. 6-30-61 Lundy, Strum, Football, Superbowl, DCBLJCSCPAJ WBL GGBGJELEGMMRCMQKPRLCPBKJF, Turle Swoked, Woodies, Bud, Kegs, The " High, " Hessions, Snakes, I can ' t see, Jowle, Geek, N.H. Buzz, Island, Menotomy, High Salami, KNEESVILLE, Bonged, Vally real people — tuie, Scitute, SICKNESS, Convention, Esplanade, Everybody Suu . . ., It ' s only candy. DONNA LYNCH 47 Oakland Ave. 1 1-6-61 The Heights, the Res, Parties up Dulcies, 2 in trouble, stranded. Cold enless nights with H.S., The Webrook, snubby. Dazed and Confused, Weekends, Ramblin On, The Cape, the big plan, Hampton, bagged, M.C., H.S., K.D., L.M., L.D., Mom and Dad, memories. VINCENT LUCA PETER LUNDSTROM JOHN LYNCH 200 Wollaston Ave. 7-6-61 DONNA LYNCH JOHN LYNCH KATHERINE M. MACDONALD 37 Wyman Terr. 12-30-61 T rina " 79 " . . . Yogi, Gizzy, Jo Jo, Spud, Schob, The Proms, Grandma ' s! The West, Slip Sliding Away, Wild Weird Crazy, Bow Lake, ner neer, hie ner ner! Cremate Fingers, Boston, Sprint Jogs, Mt. Kingsman, Beach parties, " The desk, " Good Times with Great Friends, Misty, Thanks Mom Dad, Graduat- ing, Say bye bye! COLIN MACKILLOP 30 Mystic St. 9-26-61 Bently Keg Raid — J.M., J.N., J.B., through the windsheild with Been Bone, The Bully — J.B. D.A., S B., busted at High School The West V. Basketball V. Baseball (?) Dollin, Fall " 76 " Hey S-head it wasn ' t me (din ' t fear) The Schreecher — J.B., J.M. says it al KATHERINE MACDONALD COLIN MACKILLOP KATHY MACNEILL TIMMY MACNEILL DEBBIE MACONE FRANCIS MAFFA KATHERINE ANNE MACNEILL 1 1 Cornell St. 8-12-61 Mac, Doha, Deb, Mary, Carolyn, Donna, Diane, Shaft ' s Party, Thanks Ma Dad, L.A.B., Football, Basketball (Gary), and Hockey games, have to work Fridays, Homeroom with Deb, Wilsons Summer of 76, Ski Winters, Junior English, Deebo, News Years Eve 77, Great Times with Nancy, Jim, Proms, Never forget A.H.S. TIMOTHY MACNEILL II Cornell St. 11-15-59 Paula ' s love 3 7 78, All the great times with her. The great Parties at peter ' s house. Paries at A.N.S., Hampton Beach, Ricky ' s, Hypo, 70, Buick, Black Sabbath, Joe ' s Mustang, Greg ' s van. Proms, Arlington Lithe Graph, Beer, The Cras, Dartmeuth Gang, Arlex, Mom, Dad, Friday nights. Pine Acres, Summer 78, Thanks A.H.S. DEBRA ANN MACONE lA Harvard 6-3-61 Debie, Maine, Jr-English-Joan, Hampton Beach, Red Shorts, My eyes parties up Harry and Martha ' s, Donna ' s Birthday Cake, Orkface 6-3-78 — D.H. Song, Judy — NU, Spartch, Wallbangers, Spark ' em, MA PA, Linda Paul ' s wedding, Joe ' s Prom — Paul ' s, Anna — 10 8 78 AM, DH, LSA JK JD PA SC GW CM Thanks Mom and Dad, I love ya! FRANK MAFFA 573 Summer St. 11-1 1-60 SKiing, the bike, Jimmies, Meds, Fifth time, you know boy ' s, Ed get ya sneaker . . . no it ' s O.K., Machine shop, you just wait and see, Dino, Zaps, Many Wipes, Nice, E.J., S.J., F.M., 10 6 no sweat, 4 years all over. JEANNINE MAFFA 573 Summer St. 2-13-62 Patti, Maureen, Anne, Sheila, Cheryl, Freshman French Class, studies with Wink, Rusty, Pewter Pot, PT-HWB, 650, Friday 730 1 1 - 1 9, 1 1 - 1 4 . . .Getting lost?, " whats this I hear " " Any Bad news? " Tat ' s cool. Getting Shorter? Junior Prom, Never forget AHS. WENDY MAGLIOZZI 15 Memorial Way 2-14-61 AOE, Ken, Henry, Donna, Survival, Marz, Don, Jimmy Ward ' s . . . I was born to rub my hands in dirt, and walk green hills, to plant corn and make bread. To build a house strong against the wind. And to live free across sunshine days . . . JEANNINE MAFFA WENDY MAGLIOZZI JOANNE MAHER 44 Fayette St. 8-11-61 Jojo Swiming-track Spud — Trina — Gizzy Grandma Jojo — Gige N.H., ME. Mickey — Minnie 10-400 10-700 I.L.L.F.A.F. Jr. Semi-Prom Burtie ' s — class Oct. 3 T.O.I.W.L.A. — Lou Stairwoy-to- " Heaven " the gong Segar-Boston on-the-wall Blue Bomb Catch you later everyone. CHRISTINE MARIE MAHONEY 99 Clarement Ave. 1 1-24-61 Tini, PARTY, KMNSCBMK, EJM., TD., JD ' s, YCAGWYW. Farm, High, Menotemy, Cheering, Majorettes, Lake Convention, Lawn, Hot Legs child, Moondance, Nightmoves, Bad Influence! BAGGED!!! Munched! " Stephanie, " Oh, Yah?!, DO it up!!!. But I thought it was a costume party. Oh, I ' d love to!. Such a . . . Sooo Good! Hi Chuckle!!!, CREAMER, Death Trap!! Roof!, C. 1.0. Untouchable, Memorie. GAIL MAHONEY 54 Brantwood Rd. 6-26-61 Hmen, 75-6 Nanc, First Party, Getting Hi on life, grille it, 7th Bernie " Tango, " poems, 2 5 78, 3 18 78, Philip, Sweetpea — The best times, BB Manager, The FIRST Lady, Stands, Talks; Susie Q. Eddie, Ort, Auntie Lo, Bertamotah, Re- member Everybody — A.H.S. ' 79 forever. Thanks Mom, Dad I love you. KATHLEEN MARIE MAHONEY 200 Jason St. 1-22-61 BAGGED!!! I ' m a bad influence!. High?! But I thought it was a costume party! Night Moves, DO it! Princess, Oh! I ' d love to! Ireland, Death Traps, " Munched. " Mary best friend, T.M. N.S.C.B., CREAMER; " the pet. " Surprise! Hot Child, " horseshoe " CAPE, farm pond " 75 " " Stephanie " J.D. ' s, Betty and Donny, Night Trippers, Soooo Good . . . Memories are Forever, Thanx. MICHELE MAHONEY 27 Tower Rd. 1-26-61 Summer " 77 " , Hampton Kidnapped; Seobrook, Comeoninn, Norma, Bud, Jr. Semi " 78 " White T-Bird, They called us Bad Company, Forget the conse- quences have a good time. Crosby parties over Joyces, The Res Stud, Bed Time Stories, Fairbanks, A friend is Carol D. Thanks; Good times with Mark, Mom and Dad the best. PATRICIA MAHONEY THERESA A. MAHONEY 12 Dickson Ave. 6-10-61 Terri, Stratton Tower, Freddie, Cindy, Jane, Jeannie, Maryanne, Gail, Sue, Kim, Carol, Jean, six-pack. Post-grads, all-nighters, Kim ' s Parties, hitchen — Good Harbor, Bali-Hai, Cape 78, Showers, Richie, Bogart, Billerica, Prov- incetown. Sports Summer of " 76, " Haunted Hotel, luch parties, CD-spaz, mirrors, Bithcen, Bones, walks. A smile can hide all the Pain. NICHOLAS KOPELLAS 57 Magnolia St. 7-19-61 JOANNE MAHER MICHELE MAHONEY CHRISTINE MAHONEY KATHLEEN MAHONEY PATRICIA MAHONEY GAIL F. MAHONEY TERRI MAHONEY NICHOLAS KOPELLAS MICHAEL MALANEY 131 Wright St. 6-6-61 Marz, Don, “Iggy, " P.E., J.B., M.W., T.B., Buck, KZ- 1 75, Meadow Gym Hock- ey, Project Maine, King Pigeon, The Grill, Low, " Marty, " Sot. Nite Parties, " Coon, " Boyles, Ralph, Jack, Ronnie, ona ooze ba!,S.R., 1st period gym 77-78, It ' s been real. Thanks A.H.S., good luck class of " 79. " THOMAS MALLARD 60 Cleveland St. 10-16-60 STOP, Summer of 78, Can we have a ride? Wareham?, Bass, R.V. O.J., Shafted again. The B ' s Hooksett?, Makin fun of me? " HIL, " Tar Road Gang, Hockey at Crosby, Matha ' s, Pool at Duckies,OH!, Aerasmith, The Who, Foghat, Black Sabbath, Zep., Ya Right, Mllr., Mich., Teach me how. Bagged once more. J.M.-ac YWPYA Wot Kicking A, later AHS, P.S.S.U.T.B. MAUREEN M. MALONE 53 Dubley St. 12-18-61 Moca, Mills, Maine, football games, bleachers, 3 the most, G.R. sue, Izzies turn, Rasberry sodas? JD-CMSES-STRFKI-Friends forever, cruise — SNPJ the convention, Canaan-LTBK-TTM-JTL-MB, Cuzzies cell parties, yearbook. Dances in the PL, escapes in the night. Thanks — Mam, Dad, Tracy, Nasey, You are great memories . . . JUDITH A. MALONEY 9 Blossom St. 5-7-61 Falmouth, Moke, Forest Pond, Trips, Menotomy Rocks, Cookout Mystics, Skinny, Jimmy ' s, The Common, Dunster ' s, OIC, Heff, Billy Joel, ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG, Yesterdays, Dancing, Close Encounters, Ruinte, Ski, The Pond, OZ, Wiers, Yes, " 1 don ' t understand! " Ledgard, Fair, Kancaman- gus, Ellen, Lou, Celeste, Betsy, Toni, Lisa, Ann, Thanks Mom. MICHAEL MALTA 36 Thorndike St. 9-24-61 Go ' head. Go ' head . . . Danielson ' s Get a parking space, John. Partying at the E.L.O. Rock Concert 9 27 78 The big crash up in June 78 Led Zeppellin Forever. Special Thanks to everyone who helped me through 10th grade. LISA JEAN MANDERINO 122 Fremont St. 7-28-61 Blizzard of 78, Spanish 3 and Lisa, V. Girls Basketball, English with Mrs. P., Lunch, Sr. Convention, Sewing with Mrs. Z, The Roots of Educations are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. TIMOTHY MANNING 263 Washington St. 2-21-61 What ' s up BRO? How ' s your buzz? NOGA, Stop and Shop; " Man, " Junior Prom — Susie, Fathers, Seager, Boston, Summer Parties, THE BLUE BOMB, Veg. Who ' s gonna buy? Hey Good Lookin? SMITH Blizzard " 78 " Cape, Burger King, F-BEBON, " Look out for the bridge, " Glouster, 10th tee. KAREN MARBLE 151 Ridge St. 2-13-61 Always Remember — Take a left, Austin Prep 78, Cape Cod 78, Cou Skate 77-78, Lifes a bitch! Don ' t take it persanally. Harvard, B-210, Gators Stubs, Fine, One nighters. Look Alive! Red lights. Mad Hatter, E.R., L.K., C.C, C.N., W.M., P.H., Joe, Good Friends last forever. TIMOTHY MANNING JUDITH A. MALONEY MAUREEN MALONE MICHAEL MALTA LISA MANDERINO KAREN MARBLE THOMAS MALLARD ELIZABETH ANNA MARTINIAN 315 Lake St. 5-20-61 Armenian Club — Spring Celebration, HMRM, 205 — Iw., Sweet sixteen surprise party, K.L. Ann, P.C., Finn Jr. English, Per 3 — dating game., Donna Summer Concerts, " Disco-Freak " Basketball Hye M ' rtsoom and Prov. weekend,ST. Nersess, Beth, Sara, Martha, together AHS " 79, " Good luck to my sisters — enjoy it Love to all and to my American Foxes. JOSEPH C. MASCI 64 Wilbur Ave. 9-5-61 I Like to work on cars. Chevy number one, Mopar don ' t go far. I like street cars. I want to be a auto mechanic. Talking about cars in English. My favorite rock groups are Meat loaf and Boston. KEVIN MATOS 50 Waldo Rd. 7-4-61 C-R-A-S-H, It ' s Menthol, The Drome, Taxi, Black Dart, J ' s Old N.O. ' s Gar- age, Duck ' s, Celler, Bingo, Front Steps, Where are we. I found someone special It ' s Kathy. Special Thanks to Mom Dad. LISA MATTALIANO 55 Menotomy Road 4-26-61 FARM mini. Tommy, Baby — Baby Henry Beaver, LB Jr. Prom April 21, The Green Machine, Parties with The meathead? Ves, SG — Oh my Pit, PC, The old mans home. S.-P. — moving out Uhaul — Marcia Paiva, munches Lunch cot tage. Jims car. I Love you Mom and Dad. I did it. CHRIS MATTHEISEN 1 12 Churchill Ave. 9-9-61 MARYLOU MATTOS 633 Summer Street 10-1 1-61 Best times, David 3-22-75 Cape, Maine weekend party Heather Erin. But- ricks. Heather Hampton, Desh. Fathers, Dee, GS, winter nights down Crosby. MOE my poocanaka. 3 J.l. Junior Semi Junior Prom, " front end millsey, " Hot Blooded, Hot Child meat loaf sis, parties " Fairbanks, " Thanks Mom Dad. I did it. BETH MARTINIAN SANDRA MASTORAKOS LISA MATTALIANO MARIANNE MALY 46 Thesda Street 2-16-61 John, 2-3-78 SEMI SPR. FIELD STXY, Prom 5-23-78, Hampton Mts. Bob Seger, Juli, dot, Joan buzzed. CRYSTAL BALL. C.K. C.F. M.P. Lori Harley, Andrea, Donna, Richy, Dawn best friend? Auntie Peg Thanx, Nat Matt, JU KN NUTZ LAB, moe, east, wasted, I want to make it with you JM. VINCENT M. MARINO 54 Hibbert 12-19-60 Wetie ' s Class, Hood, Pinhead, Dunkin Donuts. SANDRA MASTORAKOS 176 Wollaston Ave. 2-19-61 Webs, Spectacles, P.P.B., Freakin, Discos, Whachugotii, Goons, Macho Man, Maine, Culture Class, three years math with Laura, eating out. Midnight Talks, Proms, L.C.K., Thanks to friends. Love to all my American Foxes: Maria, Sue, Beth, Cathy, Laura, Ellen, Valerie, Lill, Maureen. And love to Dad, Mom and Alex for always being there. JOSEPH MASCI KEVIN MATOS VINCENT MARINO CHRIS MATTHEISEN MARYLOU MATTOS BERNADETTE MCCARTHY ROBIN MCCORMICK £ EILEEN MCCARRON MARYANN MCCORMACK t ELLEN MCGOWAN LISA MCKENNEY SUSAN MCKEOWN GAIL MCDONOUGH EILEEN MCCARRON 36 Fairmont St. 2-8-60 Finally made it! Summer of ' 78 Party. Cruisin ' in the Green Tank, Good times down York, Schaffs Party. I ' ll be alright. I ' m O.K. Train Station, Almost! Syms. You ' ll get over it. Great Times with: Beani, Cal, Sue, Diane, Mac 2, Barb, Mary, Lisa, Doria. BERNADETTE MCCARTHY 57 Richfield Rd. 3-26-61 M.M.2 A.H.S., Joellen, CSBSCS, FC., York Beach, " 90, " CD ' s Cellar, PH ' s, 7th Motah Tango, Beach Parties, Oakie ' s Island, Fathers, 4b ' s. Proms, B of F, GAZOO, Kegs, 4nobuyo, Summers — 76-78, stands, Menotomy, Headlights, CF-DR, " MISSYA " MFINE-CHRIS . . . Love and Thanks Mom and Dad!!! " Good Times Never Seemed so Good! " MARY ANN MCCORMACK 26 Aerial St. 8-17-61 (Mac, Doo) Stratton, Tower 76, Forever Friends — G.O., J.F., J.G., C D., T.M., K.B., S.F., C M., squarange. Father ' s, Cape 78 J J Marshfield, N.T.R., park girls, Chicago, dot, B.F., V. Storm Kim ' s bashes, Freddv ' s. Gal, P.L.P., all-nighters. The six-Pack-Never can say good-bye. Thanks Kay and Bob. ROBIN MCCORMICK 95 Thesda St. 10-28-61 (Robeano) Peter, " fireworks, " Summer " 78, " No. 9, Is it safe? A.H.S. parties, " keg, " Soph beach party. Senior Convention-Stall, Hampton, Prom-Semi, " Good times " Bermuda?, Cheering, Finn, Camp " 77, " " 78, " Superbowl, Sleepovers, Ides Mert, 3 A M. Party DGCRMC, " Memories, " SMDGPTPH friends forever, Sis-DG, " the Best " RMPM. Greatest Mom and Dad. GAIL MCDONOUGH 34 Lombard Rd. 3-22-61 I ' ll always remember A.H.S. . . . my Friends, my teachers, my classes. March 13, 1978, working at Papa Gino ' s. The world is so full of a number of things, I ' m sure we should all be as happy as Kings! It ' s been a good four years, I love you Mom Dad. ELLEN MCGOWAN 38 Yerxa Rd. 5-18-61 Dream On., fire escape, OZ, Finn, the Square, Dunster ' s, Billy, Yo, Burr, Menotomy Rocks, Skinny, cook-outs, the Pond, Michael, trips. Moke, Yes- Roundabout, Dazed Confused, Mich, Riunte, Falmouth, Brother ' s Four, Yesterday ' s, Nantasket, Sam ' s, totally radical. Pen club, Lucifer ' s, Party!, Bruce, N.Y., Thanx Mom Dad. N.P., C.H., J.M., L.G. LISA ANNE MCKENNEY 59 Epping St. 8-8-61 Fun times in N.H., Party, PITTSburgh, Sharon ' s, Paragon Park, Y.G. 75-78, Goof Times, Camp M. — Never Forget ya Donna and Terry, Jr. Semi, Foreigner, Styx, Good Friends are hard to Find — Thanks Ann, B.M. S.W., J.M., T.K., D.K., M.F., S.D., My sisters — Mike, Thanks for your friendship.. Thanks Mom and Dad — I love you both!!! SUSAN G. MCKEOWN 82 Thesda St. 7-11-61 " McQ " or is it " cucumber? " , Veg. No. 9, Steve, Double, MILLTE, High School, " Keg " Party, Hampton, Senior Convention, Cheerleading Sleepovers, Excellent Summers, Bermuda is another world. Have another one, GSBL, Friends are very special in very many ways — R.M.D.G. — P.T.P.H. The Best — Mom and Dad. MICHAEL S. MCNAMARA 28 Hillside Ave. 4-8-61 Drafting, Lake Winnepesaukee, Not working, " 64 " Olds Super 88, hanging around, " student, " Freshman Football, s.o.m.f. more. Cotter ' s reality, " Tank, " 5th period party — Barry, cruizin, cutting classes, Molsons, Bob Dylan, Yea Yea, Mystic, " Mac, " Bud, " party! " Barr, Rec. Basketball, 6th period pain-killer Miller, That ' s all!!! LORI LYNN MEECE 1 1 Richardson Ave. 8-9-61 Love, Thanks, Ma Dad. Cruisin on Sporsters and Twelve-hundreds. Age 1 4. The best of 1976 . . . Flings. Slam Bom Thank-You Pam. Serenade. If only you ' d believe in miracles so would I. Sorry honey, I ' m token. Scout. THERESA A. MELO 109 Rublee St. 1-21-61 Teri, Jeanie, Lee, Conchies, Liz Blue, Dance, Dance, Dance, 12-70 Club, Holiday Inn, The Rat, Steve Martin Concert, Sweet 16, Summer " 76-77 " , Love, " Summer ' 78 " , " Did you bring your nightgown? " , Mel Connie, Nancy, Foxes. The Incredible Hulk, Jaws, Friends we can be Heroes just for one day. Hunky Dory!! CAROL A MESSURI 18 Sagamore Rd. 12-14-60 John, 9-18-76, The Best . . . Kim, Sue, Jean, Carmen, Janey, Cindy, Terry. (Bogart), Doo, Gail, Jeannie, Tower ' 76, Stratton, Tok ' em, Apt-4, Bowie, Sandy, Porch Parties, A Night to Remember, Chalet, Cousins Forever, P.L.P., Hi Paula, Denton Comoro, Vans, The Charles, Rushes, Party, S.S. " 77 " , Lunchtime, Wingasheek, Goodbye — A.H.S. k NANCY MCLANE NANCY j. MCLANE 118 Sunset Rd. 10-15-61 34, The line it is drawn. The curse it is cast. The slow one now will later be fast. As the present now will be loter be post. The order is rapidly fading. And the first one now will later be last. For the times they are a changing — Bob Dylan. ARMEN MEGUERDITCHIAN 50 Newport St. 10-7-61 " The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think — rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men. " — James Beattie LORI MEECE ANN MELLY 70 Hemlock St. 3-9-61 " Mell, Smelly " , Good Times, Menotomy, Thorndike, Good Friends, Bang a Left, GTMF, Cape ' 78, Whippies, Bagged, Van Run, Hampton, L A. Woman, Party Harty, Dunster, Tull, Seger, You had to be there, Coors, Molsons, Shattered, Let the Good Times Roll, It ' s Been Real. Thanks Ma, I Love Ya. MICHAEL MESSURI 172 Franklin St. 2-23-60 " Mazoo-Magoo " , How ' s About a Shotgun?, Hi coes-Froshmen M.V.P., 12- Soph., Football " Scoop em " . The Gardens, Malcum, Herring Run, Neesville Nights, Harry McTorsa, Here I am Moe, " M M " , To all Friends — , Green Garage, Hit the Heat Bake, Scituate, You only come this way once in life. Hi Mom and Dad,! THERESA MELO MICHEAL MCNAMARA ARMEN MEGUERDITCHIAN CAROL MESSURI MIKE MESSURI MARY JOHANNA MILLER 280 Summer St. 10-17-78 May, Jo-Basketball, 51, Teaching Nancy to Drive, Summer of ' 77-78, Hampton, Rockport with Cindy, Nancy, Cheryl, and Jeannie, Sandfight, Clip- ped Chicken, Body Surfing, 6 1 4x3 3 4, ABC, Toga Party, Teddy, Skylark, Memory Lane, Cruzing, Sailing, JPT, L.P., C.B., L.W., Give me a Break, Catch a Wave never say Good-bye. STEPHANIE ANNE MILLER 7 Bellevue Rd. 8-13-61 Gary, Sefner ' s House, Betty and Donny, Matt Kathy, Write me a note, Chris, Jackie, Chalet Inn, Phil and Trish, Mary, Louise, Karen, Sonnu and Donna, Joann, Walden Pond, Ya Bett I Remember the Time, John, Eddie, Blaskos, Eddie ' s Roof, Anne, Coaching Softball, Lyla, Kathy, Jenny, Carol, NSTCB, Joan ' s Place. CINDY MIANO 16 Newton Rd. 6-19-61 High School, Stands, P.G. Times, Grin and Beer it, B.A.S.B., Okie ' s Island, Keys at the Cape, Highland Party of Eight, Nancy ' s B.D.B., It ' s only Fresco, Summer Survival ' 78, It just goes to show you. It ' s always something. It ' s all a game. Good Times with Great Friends . . . Chris, Nothin ' but a dreamer. MICHELE MITCHELL 43 Brunswick Rd. 7-31-61 Thorndike, Menotomy — Cookouts, Hampton — Flag, Maine, Lou ' s House, Quadruplets, Seger, Tom Who-Tull, Taking it Lite, Getting Sloe, Rye Beach, Beerchasers, BLB, W Football Game, Guess you had to be there. Good Par- ties, Spades, Good Friends, Sneakers, Buses, QIHBS, Breakdown, Thanks Mom and Dad, Look out world . . . Here We Come!!! STEVEN MONTGOMERY 91 School St. 1-26-61 Monty, Commando ' s, AHS Parking Lot, Kneesville, Menotomy, Freebird, Giels, Where ' s Your Desk, AC., Nightmares, IK ' s Party(S), C.S.E.M., Fathers, Cold Beer, Q-Cumber, Special Friends, Fudgie, Man, Eddie, Tom, Gel, Ike, Lundy, Gang, Alios, Roachy, Andy, Pive, Cal, Ernie, Dole ' s, Dunsta, Lordy, Brian, Bubba, Woody, Chuck, Magoo, Mongo, Sunday trips to N.H. ELIZABETH MORAN 34 Rockland Ave. 7-14-61 Joe, 4-15-77 Forever, Summer of ' 77-78, Nahant Beach, Good Friends, Tina, Kathy, Marie, Joanne, Thanks Mom and Dad. JAMES MORAN 16 Wollaston Ave. 10-10-60 Bowie Scituate Fight B Eichelroth Keg Parties, August, Endicott Rock M. B S, Crazy House, Tower Chases Super Bowl V. Football, No more Beers, Okies Island, Nat, Bub, Kevenny, Lundy, Andy, chez skary Dunster, Cal, Fudge, paiva, Alloso, Frank, gall gell Farm, The High, Truck tip over. MARIA MOREIRA 53 Fairmont Street 7-12-61 To cherish yesterday. To Dream for Tomorrow. And to live For today. Thanks Mom and Dad. I Love you! LINDA MOREL 5 Lennon Road 12-1-61 " Bin " , Always remember . . . Bubba 4-77, Douce Paula, Best of Friends . . . " Good times with Everybody " . . . HSB, Thorndike Farm . . . Memo- ries!! Straightened up, Freebird, " Okie ' s Island " , 4Bs, " Summer 78 " — Mar- shfield Friends, Cheering 76-77, Camp 77-78 " Almost!;;. Let ' s take off . . . Canalside, keys . . . HSPL! Sue, Chris, Deb, Ides, Mert, Goodluck. Love ya Mom Dad. MICHELE MITCHELL ELIZABETH MORAN CYNTHIA MIANO STEPHEN MONTGOMERY JIM MORAN MARIA MOREIRA LINDA MOREL JOSEPH MORELLO 25 Highland Avenue 8-2-61 Veg; Who, Lou, Led, Dead; " Won ' t Get Fooled Again " , " Magic Bus " ; Brighto, who threw those pies? Lunches were made for partying; Smoke Gold; Luck No. 9; What? Sap! E.K. House, J.T. Whollebe, E.K. Feldman; B.P. Ryder; 12-7-41; 10-4 Brodrick. JOSEPH MORELLO CHERYL MORGAN CHERYL MORGAN 1 18 Palmer Street 6-29-61 It all started 1975. Then it ended. The Cape. BF, SF, JF, CR, New Year ' s Eve snow fight, A new beginning January 13, 1977, 9:25, " Oh my God! " " I guess so!;; " Ain ' t no mountain high enough " . Blizzard " 78 " , Chink Food, fingernail. Junior Prom, ice-cream fight, spiderman. Little runaway. Forever Mongo. GAIL MORIN 57 Bartlett Avenue 3-7-60 " Lets All Chant " ... 1 1-13-77 Twinkles Tab, Little sht, A.C., W.M., . . . Movies: A.C., M.F., G.M. . . . Camping " 77 " P.M., B.K. . . . Cottage: J.M., J.R., H.R., G.M., J.M., G.M. . . . Art School, Skybeck, . . . Summer " 78 " A.C., G.M. . . . Party: Rita, Me-Me, Bad . . . 10-6-78 Disco: A M., K.O.C., G.M., Freaked, Mom Dad " Thanks for helping. " SANAA MOUDARRI 17 Baker Road 3-20-60 Never forget summer of 77 with M.H., C.K., M L., L.G., M.A. Never forget Summer of 78. My father passed away. I will always remember him. I Love you Dad. Winter of 78 engaged to the best man in the world, James T. Thanks Dad, Mom, I love you both. PATRICIA MUCCI 62 Decatur Street 4-26-61 Sr. Convention-Fire!, " Lavrentian, 78 " , Commander C ' s Mr. Mouse ' s Labs, Killer ' s T-Days, DDSC JQLCNM, Get physched! Breathe deeply, look hard, listen well, touch gently, taste all. Embrace, help be thankful and when you feel it express it! Thanks all! I ' ll miss you AHS. JOAN MUEHE 15 Lakeview Street 3-15-61 George, 7-7-77, White Mountain Madness, Mesc, THC, Magnum Power, Sun- shine, Dot, Stizi, Love that Hair, Marianne, Lori, Jenny, Carol, Diane, Gita, Donm, Decent People, Jewelry making. Charger, Thorndike, Webrook, Blow Snow, Good Luck Betty and Donny. Mary Barrey Pregnant? Ramada, New Year ' s Eve. Mike, you ' re full of courage! THOMAS MUISE CHIHIRO MUKAI 41 Kenilworth Road 7-12-61 Muk. Thorndike, Menotomy, www. Farm, Esplanade, Pinky, Froggie. Only the Good Die Young — L.S. not again! Whippies, Busride, Butterscotch — got a match? Hampton, Skeeter, Bang a left. Geils, Bot. Teenage Wasteland. QIHBS. The Mat. Breakdown. Allnighters. Desperado. High Times, Partying with Goad Friends, BLB. Mom and Dad. Freebird. That ' s Life! ia f ' ' " GAIL MORIN SANAA MOUDARRI PATRICIA MUCCI JOAN MUEHE CHIHIRO MUKAI THOMAS MUISE ' 0 DANIEL J. MULCAHY 15 Addison Street 8-28-60 The Back Road with " no mind, Sam, Dan, Courtney, Steve, Sweddie, and Kinggie. " My 69 Carole Junior Year, nights at the drive-ins, great times, " Summer 77 " , gas station, so many, Broadway Sunoco, winter time, teel Street, The Great Blizzard of " 78 " , the Junior Prom, Things are looking at Winchester, That ' s all Folkssss. TIMOTHY MULVEY 114 Eastern Avenue 12-19-61 The Farm, working on and fixing planes and helicopters, getting my pilot ' s license, cruising, driving forklifts and stuff at work. Led Zeppelin, One more From the Road, Jimi Hendrix. KEN MUNSEY 67 Fairmont Street 4-1-61 Sky-eyes, Chuck, Woody, Frog, Hardy Park, b-ball, Phil-bo, Cerebes, Heat miser, trousers, lumley, deuce, John ' s coldcut party, Sidney me, " your under surveylance " . The Mad Russian, Later AHS. PATRICIA MARIE MURPHY 42 Smith Street 7-31-61 " Murf " . Magnificent 7, Farm COT. 4buys6. HS-Stands, Highland party of 8, CO-Pilot to pilot-Miano 7-1-78 Kitchen table, " It ' s only Fresco, Nancy ' s wmmm. Where ' s Hampton? Okie ' s Island. Love is Coloring My World with a Stairway to Heaven, Crystal Mints, Forever and ever Paula. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good Night and God Bless. PATRICK J. MURPHY 135 Lowell Street 2-7-61 " Murph " , Guru ' s Party, The Cruise, O ' Mahoney ' s and Brothers 4 ' what a party, B.C. ' s going away parties. The Reinactment with D.P. and B.C., Parties at the Dive, Rez, and Park, Southie wish you were there. Blizzard of " 78 " , Weekend Football, C D ' s with Kov Dan, Boston, Sabbath, Goodbye AHS, it was great while it lasted. JOSEPH NAGLE 28 Walnut Street 6-11-61 Let the good times roll, let them blow away. Blue eyed devil, Kevin, Cougar, Listen woman, Karen, Look Alive, What are you doing. Fine just fine. Love a chef. Fantasia ' s W.C.C. Nagle burger. Pool party, Seger, Boston Concerts, " 79 " never dies. Mom and Dad always. It ' s been real. ALAN NAJARIAN 12 Lockland Avenue " One More From the Road " Thorndike, The Pond, Walden, The Cape, Hampton, " Harvard Sq. " The Drome, The Club, Oxford, Farthers, The Rat, Jammin with Don and Yogi, " Rock and Roll " , The Esplanarde, Ridin, Richie ' s Party. Rat Racin. All for one and one for all. Catch you later, but not in the fall. PAUL NEBELING 3 Crescent Hill Ave. 8-6-60 LOUISE ANNE NELSON 10 Grandview Road 8-19-61 Lou-Anne, Jimmy 2-23-77, Flipper and Missy, Night moves, 1-31-76, Farm, Good Weather! Homestead, Cape 78, Hampton, Mutt and Jeff, Friday 13th, WUW, BLB, Mitch ' s car. Miracles, Whippies, Long Nights, good times with good friends. PAULA JEAN NERI 30 Avola Street 2-3-61 Friends we are, Finn, Cheerleading, Heightsmen Trips, Bus Rides, To Paul all my love, Maine, Poets, Labor Day Week-end! Ellen, JoAnn, Val, Carol, Elizabeth, best friends always . . . Buddies, Bye Cathy, Paul C. " Reach for the sky TIGEBWKDBW, Just couldn ' t miss. Mom Dad Security Blanket, AHS Thank-You. DAN MULCAHY PATRICIA MURPHY PATRICK MURPHY LOUISE NELSON JOSEPH NAGLE KENNETH MUNSEY PAUL NEBELING PAULA j. NERI i KATHRYN NOONAN NEIL OLEARY DAVID L NIGRO 15 Memorial Way 1-23-61 Parties at N.V. and Projects, Parties with Richie, C.A.B. Spark ' em, " Moon- shine " , Juice ' em down at Fathers, Party at AHS, Jr. Year AEROSMITH- spaced. Gold. CHRISTOPHER NOCELLA 3 Huntington Road 8-6-61 Good times. Bad times. Hard times. Ups and downs. Dazed and confused. Peirce School. The Park. The Hills, the Heights. The Stores. The Res. Minuteman Parking Lot. A green pickup. The malibu. LPD. CPD. Fres. English Nubbies class. 5 cases of beer. " 45 ' s " . The Blue Dent Plymouth. Sivie. Quizzy. Later A.H.S. KATHRYN NOONAN 200 Pleasant Street 11-16-61 Kate 6-4-78 Kinks, Beatlem ania, Yes, Bowie, Seger, Tull, Summer 77, Goofy Joco, V. Volleyball, Dee, Nimba, Gooly, Bonnie, " Chior " , C.K., Jen, Eri, " fools " , MM, The Nuts, Later, 5-26-78, J-Bars, B-Ball, Bring the Beatles Back, " Life goes on it happens everyday so appreciate what you ' ve got before it ' s taken away " . — Ray Davies CHRISTY NORTHFIELD 1 Windmill Lane 1-16-61 Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. Frost. My heart is warm with the friends I make. And better friends I ' ll not be knowing. Millay GAIL O ' BRIEN 19 Lansdowne Road 5-3-61 Steven, Good Times with MM. JF. LG. CD. TM. SF. KB. CM. PGS., Six Pack, Stratton Tower, V. Blizzard, Squarange, Marshfield with Cindy and Mary, Fathers, New York J.F., North Adams, Ghicago, Over the Toilet, Cape 78 , B.F. Good Luck Lisa, Love you Ma and Dad, I ' ll never forget you S.C. You ' re the best. Me More! SALLY A. O ' CONNOR 14 Beverly Road 2-22-61 Friends forever, SCMianoo BM . . . Chris — we had a blast, A.H.S. bashes, force. Concerts, NYCANADA, Cheering, Finn — you ' re unbelievable. Camp, Idymert, keys, binn, baby huey, beach party. Bash, Cha, Kel, Kitts, and the others, G.G., Megansett, A.L., Annie, Doli, Trespassing, 4B ' s, " With a Little help from my friends " . Mom, Dad, I luv ya!!l SUSAN O ' CONNOR 14 Beverly Road 2-22-61 The best times ever. SCCMCDBM forever. Cha, Ren, Duce, Kits, Bash, Bin, best RBCGMT. JW Cheering 76-79. Camp. Idie. Murt Memories. Gook band. Bourne. SA ' s. Meg. DoliAnnie. Key ' s Linda, Pennine ' s bash. " Highschool Best " . Stands. Island 1-2. P.G. time. Force. D-Day. Finn. DRCF. " misya " FIWF MDNBSTCR Thanks, though we gotta say goodbye . . . Chris. ELIZABETH COBB 79 Dothan St. 10-10-60 Hampton Beach 78, Me and my RC, Oxford Ale House, Harlet Davidson, Woodstock, parties, Billerica, SC, JT, DL, NG, HL, SE, JC, Somerville, Friday October 27, 1978, Wingersheek Beach, B.U. — C.K.O. Love to Mom and Dad, April 79, TJC, MEC. CORNELIUS P. O ' LEARY JR. 25 Teel Street 1-30-61 Neil Neil. T.T.O.P. C.R.A.S.H. The Drome Ducky ' s cellear. Jamming in the gar- age. Wizard ' s. The Dart. Jay ' s Olds cab. Coronet Cruising, Bubo buck, dry it out. L.M. porch Bingo Hockey at the park 467-BEJ. Tyrolia Batmobile. Thanks Mom and Dad. GAIL O ' BRIEN SUSAN O ' CONNOR ELIZABETH COBB CHRISTY NORTHFIELD SALLY O ' CONNOR CHRISTOPHER NOCELLA ilA DIANE OLIVERA LIZ O ' LEARY GARY OLSON PATRICIA O ' NEILL PETER ORFANOS BETTY O ' QUINN LINDA S. ORLANDO SHARON OSTROGER DIANE MARIE OLIVIERA 20 Waldo Road 4-20-61 Cal, Barb, Mac, Beanie, Dor, Sue, Kath, Mear ... I get by with a little HELP from my friends. 186., Rabbit, Ollie, DOUBLE TROUBLE, MacAuley ' s Tests, Today . . Life, head for the mountains, B-day, Ray ' s, WIPE OUT, skiing ' Cape, N.H., Summer of " 78 " , slippery Rollercoaster,, ELO STYX A MRL, Thanks MA DAD. GARY STIG OLSON 55 Varnum Street 8-25-61 Phatography Club, Science Club, Literary Club, Member of The Society of Distinguished American High School Students, From Tenderfoot to Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, Pro Deo et Patrio Award, 1977 Parker Moun- tain Staff Member-B.S.A., S.P.L. — T roop 302, Dr. Arthur ' s History Classes, Ay! Peter Orfanos, Mr. D ' l, Dr. J.l, Mr. G! ELIZABETH M. O ' LEARY 1 1 George Street 3-24-61 David: The Prom, Cape " our star " . Something Special, Feels So Good, Color my World. Becuz ... I love you, H-men, bus rides, competitions, trips. Labor Day " 76 " , HJ. ' s, Marshfield, mumbles, Cathy, Val, El, Jo, Paula — Forever Friends. " A dreamer lives forever " . God bless Mom and Dad. Kiss Today Goodbye . . . Later! PATRICIA O ' NEILL 13 Swan Street 6-4-1961 Good times down Thorndike, Tornado, TT, White Mts., Get a Harley, bestest buddys, " Don ' t look in the trunk " , please, Annie Oakie we ' ve had some good times, What cat. Hey ya know Two wild and crazy red heads, RH-wasted time. Miss Whiggins, Salisbury . . . bad trip, Seger 78 J. Geils, Bad Co., Jackie, gone but not forgotten. ELIZABETH A. O ' QUINN 6 Perth Rd. 1 1-5-61 Betty Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble Groupie, Away Football Games, Jazz Competitions, Virginia-Curfews?! Mr. Labor, Mr. T. — You ' re the greatest! Clarinet! MD Banquets! Radiator Lunches! Suite for 20G, You ' ve got a friend — James Taylor, Boston, Corps of Engineers — Summer of ' 78, Stay Gold, Thanx Mom and Dad. CSBSJVCCGCERCD. PETER ORPHANOS 16 Milton Street 5-14-61 Science Club, A.V. Club, Photography Club. Remember: K.P. ' s class, Mr. Brannelly ' s History class. Bowling League (1st place) and Mr. Webb ' s Math class. Hey John What ' s New? See you later Dr. J., Dr. B., and Flash. Hey Stig remember J-Bar. These last four years of school have been a great influence in my life. LINDA S. ORLANDO 21 Morningside Drive 8-8-61 I ' ve been moving around all my life and the last time I was in an American schaol, was when I was 9 years old. After I graduate, I will be moving back to Europe to finish my schooling (hopefully) — and to stay! I think this year in the High School will turn out to be a good experience for me — no matter how much I miss Europe. SHARON OSTROGER 26 Apache Trail 12-23-61 5 17 77, the Coop with Cookie, Bagged! J.F., J.T., P.B., Best of friends. Cruisin ' . " Skinny! " T.A., my little brother. Party! Mr. Mayor. Skin disease fever. Ziti! " Chink " Jane, Wo! V.C., the five W ' s. " Any Shnoogs? " Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, the best. Thanks Mom and Dad. KEVIN O ' SULLIVAN 24 Bonad Rd. 8-15-60 ROBERT L. OUELLETTE, JR. 106 Florence Avenue 5-10-61 Michele, V. -baseball-hockey. Tournaments, Plottesburg, Hampton ' 78 ' 7-17-78, J, Geils, Doobie Bros., Foreigner, Aerosmith, Styx, Black Sabbath — Ozzy 0. BMB, Senior Prom, Keg Parties — 520 — stoned, all nighter — Wayland. MARK R. PAGLIERANI 144 Herbert Rd. 6-5-61 Soph: Ironman, blackpath, church lawn, parties, A.H.S. Parking Lot, Hardy Park fastball, hockey and basketball, demolition team, grounded pilot, Xmas schizo Honey muns. Heat Miser, Mike, H P. gang. KEVIN PAIVA 19 Mt. Vernon St. 9-9-60 Paiv, Sickness, Mary 7-5 -78, Hampton, Psycho Killer, Flipout, Halfmoon, Buddies, Long Talks, V. Football, Wmmb 81, Andy, Lundy, Judge, Ike, Woody, Buba, Monte, Gel, Matt, Lucs, Tom, Cal, Jimbo, Hessians, High school nights with sick friends. Best times with Mary always. Dad, learned much here!. Good luck. Thanks Mom. SUSAN M. PAIVA 19 Mt. Vernon St. 1 1-7-61 y ' B ' s, Locks Lake, Newport, 4 Way St., Wickel bad trip at UHaul, 4:26, Menots, Right on Wash., Paula ' s cruises. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, Blizzard, The " Wall, " Coolidge Wds., Yarmouth, Those were the days. Do it up, huh? Mini, meathead, Wesi, Gallant. Thanks Mom ... I made it!!! NICHOLAS PALLA 43 Limden St. 10-19-60 MICHAEL PALMER MARIA PANNIELLO 78 Hillside Avenue 3-3-61 Chick, Hey you guys I ' m ok I ' m fine, Nance, I got Corp. The Beach, Esplanade 77, Rooster, Pennsylvania, Parties, Hey " D, " Max, Beacon, HEIGHTSMEN, Fro we ' re in London, Let ' s go to the store, Cumbies Raid, Drive-ins hopping the fence, where is the party. Miike, Dougy, Dave erurur! My Chris and Ali. LEE ANNE PARADIS 29 Crawford Street 7-26-61 Check it out, Teddy, Hampton, A.B.C., Memory Lane, The pit. Wild and crazy guys. Duck Feeding, Fernald Girls, Flunking out of life, the Savage, Whit GG Dancin Machine, Slick Chicks, Yikes, Hey there B.G., What an experience, Esplanard Concerts, Summer 78, J.W., K.W., L.S., T.M., T.M., N.B., C.P., M.M., C.L., S.E., P.H., Moody Blues, Mother Superiors, New York, Bye Kids. MICHAEL PALMER KEVIN O ' SULLIVAN MARK PAGLIERANI ROBERT OULLETTE KEVIN PAIVA SUSAN PAIVA maria panniello LEE ANNE PARADIS WILLIAM PEASE CHARLES PATTERSON 334 Forest Street 2-23-60 Chucky Nochem, commando ' s A.C. High School, Scituote, Cope, Party ' s, Foreigner, Summer of " 78, " SuperBowl night, Hessions, Stratton, A.B.C. Plymouth Dunny, Floyd, Laker, Andy, Tommy, Fuge, Lundy, Cal, Monty, Chez, Eddie, Brian, Bubba, Allosso, Jimbo, Lorden, Hoodin, Poops, Mott, Ann-Marie, Janie, Sonya, Barbi, Bouv, Tini, Lottie Colleen, See You Later . . . DONNA MARIE PATTERSON 334 Forest St. 1-23-61 Friends forever Karen, Holly, Barb, V. Field Hockey Capt. V. Basketball, Cape memories. Holly French Rowboat, Thanks Finn, My Buddy John, " YOUR POEM " — ICH LEIBE DISH Billy — our Dreams 8 26 76 " Yesterday we woke with a dream to hold but now I must live on tomorrows, " God Bless Billy 9 10 78. Thanks Mom, Dad Luv, ya. CHRISTOPHER E. PAZAR 37 Tanager St. 3-24-61 BILLY PEASE 55 Brattle St. 1 1-28-60 S. Football, The Hill, Where ' s that Pole, How is it? Weights through the attic, W.T.T.P. JOE! S.S. Weekends are the best! Summer Time. You ' re Crazy! College will be the best: NANCY PELLEGRINO 44 Fox Meadow Lane 1-17-61 Pell Love ya always Chuck, 1 1-17-78, First period Junior year. Andrea. Symmes 4-1 to 4-8. Junior prom. Green Mustang. Best friend Kim Johnson. Love is . . . Whatever you make it. C.S. J.L. J.B. K.J., Brat. Thanks Mom and Dad. Goodbye A.H.S. SUSAN PELLEGRINO 8 Martin St. 3-18-61 Pelli Good times with Mike, Partyin ' up the store with all the kids, Cheap trick 6-9, SG JD SK LG Seger 77 ' California " 78 " The best. Sue the best Snubby, Barons 7-29, FM This is true!!! Sparkin ' em! Thanks Mom and Dad, It ' s been real, I made it. Goodbye AHS. DONNA PENNINO 264 Park Ave. May 8, 1961 " Bash " Cheering, camp. Miss many planes? " Tails " with Chuch, Nuge? Okies Island, The Cape-busted-tmy kegs. (B.C.?!) Crazy Jeanne — Spain — Woody. . . my luggoge?? My " Pal " Cig, 11 19 Ronny Farever, Finn, Orty, Fusco . . . my 1 senior teachers — thanks, A.H.S. good memories — good times ahead? Sad goodbyes — new hellos . . . Love ya! LINDA PETERSON 8 Wollastorm Ave. July 4, 1961 Art Club, Walden Pond, Horsebackriding, Jewelry, Youth Leaders, (Joanne Gang), beaches. Vegetables Garden, Rainbow Girl Musician, Job; Yearbook Plants, Cabaret, Installation; and all my friends. SUSAN PELLEGRINO DONNA PATTERSON CHARLES PATTERSON NANCY PELLEGRINO CHRISTOPHER PAZAR DONNA PENNINO LINDA PETERSON STEPHANIE PETROUS 10 Wigwam Circle 3-20-61 4 2 78-10 2 78, N.H., Scituate, Stoughton, Hurleyberg, M.R., D.S., D.K., M.P., L.F., D.D., Gym and Chemistry with D.G., J.C., Work, S.S., J.P., P.W., J.C., The Big “E, " — M.R.G.T. — Thanks hAom Dad. STEPHANIE PETROUS CHERYL PHELAN 16 Henry Street 0-26-61 Gina P. Oh well, " What ' s happening.-’ " Cindy, Nancy, Mary J, Patti, Maureen, Jeanne, LPTM, " Fri. studies should we go? ESMKDB, West gang — parties, cruisin. Bluer than Blue, Lex. gang — Adams, never forget Wednesday night BA, Spyder DM, Rockport, GR, Semi-Prom, Love you: Fernald, Family, Mom; unforgettable friends; Goodbye A.H.S. TERESA PICARDI 8 Homer Road 4-5-61 " Stairway to Heaven, " Music Dept., band, drama, " Boyfriend, " EJ, Cotter, Nancy, " Kansas, Scorsdale N.Y., Tolkien, Liz, Karen, " I ' ll punch! " Doug, " limo, " Tony, Dunster ' s Val, Dot, Hampstead, N.H., " Cocaine, " Alec, Low- enbrau, RD, " Born to Run, " tunes, " Stage Struck, " football games, " Monty Python, " " No way! " , football games, Tez, " lala! " SHARON PICKERING 187 Hillside Avenue 12-10-61 Perplexing! enough books? PSC, Central area. Staff, oh yeah! A different kind of party. Spring Track, sprintjogs, later much! Cro ss Country (cause we ' re saps). Art Club, Baaaa! C.L., B.L., K.J., Danielle — " luv-yah! " , wild and crazy N.Y.C. Kids!, To the best teacher, the best Mom, the best God — thanks! MARK F. PIERCE 47 Mystic St. 10-2-61 David, Richy (arco), Tom, Sal, Gre, Seeger, Styx, Yes. Sex, Drugs, and Rock ' n Roll. I hope everyone takes care of themselves, and lives life to it ' s fullest. I love Ya ' s all, you made me feel right at home. " And remember when troubled don ' t hide take off your mask. " Billy J. Stranger MARK PIERCEY 58 Fisher Rd. 8-3-61 What a farce, explosive anesthetics, weekend in Hyannis, totally dogmatic, " Tego, " 40 door, jack over the edge, rellim emit, D.O.M., dangerous cone, Shelton Manhattan still waiting? Arms Now! 24015 times. Let the good times roll. YEE HAH$ TERESA PICARDI KATHERINE S. PIKE, 29 Addison St. 10-21-61 Languages, Ballet, Quebec — 2 nd time better, Mr. B — Absolute best teach- er! Miss P. got me on my toes, T.V., M.H., S.D., E.V. (No matter how far away). Pop Pop — Old friends always stay together, I owe everything to my parents, and of course Always and Forever . . . J.c.W. EFFIE PUGARIDIS After Being in this school for 4 years, I am looking forward to Graduation Day, but I will miss skipping and cutting classes with my friends K.L., S.A., M.A., S.T., M.M., S.M., N.P., F.S., C M. A MARK PIERCE EFTHIHIA POUGARIDIS MARK PIERCEY KATHERINE PIKE CHERYL PHELAN SHARON PICKERING DANIEL PRESTON BARBARA PITCHER DORIA PIZZOTTI NANCY POWERS DONNA PRESTON BOBBY PINARD 15 Fayette St. 10-2-61 Farm, Busb ies Cottage, Baggies, Dylan Concert, the Stoogers, Sweet Cheese, R.L. Tucker Lunch Breaks, Neil Young Concert, Micro. Boston Hill, Moped Maniak ' s down Nicky ' s Cottage. B. Woods, Menot ' s S.F., Florida, Lunchtime, Father ' s on Sundays, Goodbye A.H.S. BARBRA S. PITCHER, 63 Highland Ave., 1 1-1-61 It started. 2 18 77 Michelle and John, So anyways. When I need you. The Lakes. Do It, Markepoo, Get Your Wings, Pepperment Cold as Ice, Hull, BKPOJT. 289 Fords Toad Flicks Painting, Butterscotch 1 1 78, Pats — 8 10-12 78. Popcorn, straws . . . Mom and Dad . . . Yesterday. JOHN PITINGOLO, 98 Harlow St., 11-7-61 Total confusion drowned out by some good times, the group, the parties, (Sept. 22, " Boy are we in a Mesc. of trouble!) F.O.E. and Pink Floyd . . . A.H.S. — " Tripping in and Flipping out, not knowing Up from Down but enjoying every lost minute of it! " The Madcap Laughs DORIA ASSUNTA PIZZOTTI, 63 Cleveland St., 8-18-61 Ma and the kids; Lean, eb. Cal, Di, Mac, Mar, Barb, Sudi-n-Udi forever, SDNSCPCS, that look, boink. Dancin ' June, " Paradise, " Bozo, Varsity Tennis, the art of FREAK, Bessies Party-tossed salad, MILLER! Lil ' D, Mom, Dad, thanks. " I get by with a little help from my friends. " MICHELLE L. PONTE, 25 Randolph St. 5-1 1-61 John ' s Mo-ped, 4 17 77, 289 Mustang, The lakes. Anticipation, Do It, Mork- e-poo. Toads, Cold as Ice, First Love, Chevys, Get Your Wings, Wiggles — Barbie, Whats a Bummer? Piano, Kids, Camp, horses, 6 ' s, Wabbit, beagle, Boogie-Man, B.K. Dewey, Reminiscing, Stairway To Heaven . . . I ' ll never forget you . . . Gao Baby. NANCY J. POWERS 64A Brattle St. 12-27-61 78 79 Bert, Water Works, summer of 78, party. Main, good times, some not so good times. The bridge, Jr. Prom. Summer days and nights, " Mousie, " A. V.S.N.W.B. Smoke on the Water, Rock on. Walking Tall, very special peo- ple. Thanks Mum Dad. Later A.H.S. . . . like much I ' ll see ya . . . Gone fishin. DANIEL C. PRESTON, 33 Bow St., 4-6-61 This school is good for only one thing: getting burnt. And not getting caught for skipping. Sitting in Drafting baked. Going Down the Res to get snubbed. B. C. parties, BLACK SABBATH at the C.C. Coliseum. The only 65 ' Malibu SS. Goint to S. Boston on St Pats. Day. Flippin out with dot. We ' re all wasted. Later . . . DONNA PRESTON, 16 Ernest Rd. 7-31-61 PK, MW, KC, PP, We are two wild and crazy quvs . . . Summer of 77 and 76, Good Times, Bad Times, You know I ' ve Had My Share, College, Dream On, Nights in Helens Kitchen . . . Rosann Rosanna Dana . . . Waiting for the Kid . . . Baby Lisa, See You Later, Much Later. MARIA PROCOPIO, 63 Newport St. 5-20-61 Let the Good times Roll . . . Summer of " 78, " Excellent! Donna ' s back, Robert, Mike, Summer Nights, A.H.S. Lawn, Frisbee, Mystics, Drive-ins, Magnolia, Party . . . Bagged Cam ' s Cottage, 377 miles . . . C.V. " 77, " " Joe, " Ernie, " When I Need You, " Jimmy, Peggy, " I ' m so confused " . . . Lisa, Mary, Donna, Diane, Chris, Karren, Stephanie, — Don ' t Forget the Good Times! DOMENIC J. PUGLIARES, 7 Kimball Rd. 12-8-61 Midnight Blues, Cruzin the Ave. Dances, Scoopin, My GTO Rubber in all four. The Lakes, TOOTSIE our song, FHarbor Lights, Junior Prom, John ' s Parties, The Three Blonde Italians, Boston, Longtime, Smoke ' em up. Working on the Vette, Hockey, I hate Latin, We ' re Bad Company, The party has just begun! MARTHA PUSTIZZI, 5 Acton St. 2-5-61 Wayne Weekend 6 23 77, The " Royal Scan " Jacks Forbidden City with De- bolina. When we get together . . . Hows your toes? Let it ride! Sharon, me and Flo. Trips with Joan and Donna, Don your a pervert! What a zoo, but I wouldn ' t want to be with a better bunch of animals! JUDITH ANN QUAN, 41 Gray St. 2-25-61 Judy " J.Q. " Marching Band, Pat, Mr. T, Scarsdale, Washington D C. . . . Philly California . . . Mr. Cody ' s labs!! Physics?? Trev, Mr. Mac, Mrs. T, Mrs. F. . . . Summer ' 77, Lynne, Wendy Connie . . . 12-77 . . . 2-25-78 . . . 10-78. . . " You ' re weird! " (Peter) . . . PSMMBDLSBAGRT . . " Is it Friday yet? " . . . " Fortune felicitas et salus meis amicis. " . . . Thanks Mom Dad. I love you . . . MICHAEL W. QUIGLEY, 67 College Ave. 10-21-61 " QUIGS " Bishop, 5 27 77; But Officer!? The Garage, Bowie, N.H., Dennisport . . . MORE . . . Doobies, Cold Buds, Scareguabubbastrum cuckikecal- f udgepiveandytommygar licmongochickwoodymont la r ry chezfarmer- poopagelmattylordankeveny. Its tapped at 6. Parking lot. Sunshine Good- times at Ikes. Party of 79 ' It ' s been real. JAMES RAFTELIS, 19 Henderson St. 7-8-61 Great time kids from McD ' s. All American banquets and parties. Summers down the cape, parties, herring pond. BRENDA A. REED, 31 Hitchinson Rd. 1-5-61 Miss Weed Diane, Phil, Daves Dou, Paul(a), Bird, C., B.Z., Joes, Tony — Experienced, The Barn, Allnighters, ' scape. Mystics, ' drome, U. hAass. Amherst, Nugent 7-29-78, Scarsdale, Springfield, Festival, Walden, Summer " 78, " Proms — Semis — Jamming, Tunes, Cruisin ' , Running Wild, Illegal smiles; sex, drugs, rock-and-roll; snowblind, Bud-Gold, Dazed and Confused, Looking Good, . . . Mom, Dad — Love — Freebird — Buh — ! DOUGLAS D. REED, 10 Cleveland St. 5-19-61 Disco, " Stourday Night Fever " — 7 Times, Boston- Boston, Illusions, " Stayin ' Alive, " " Night Fever, " " You Should Be Dancin ' " , J.V. Hoop, After the games. The sign on Hurburt St., J.C., Jimbo, C. Santana, Duke, Genta, Brian, and many others, the Commodores, Rick James and Stone City Band, Johns Party, And The Commons. MARIA PROCOPIO MARTHA PUSTIZZI MICHAEL QUIGLEY BRENDA A. REED JUDITH ANN QUAN JAMES RAFTELIS DOMENIC PUGLIARES DOUGLAS REED r: ■I JOANNE REEN EDMOND G. REEVES 4 . ' JUDY REEN KENNETH REILLY JOANNE REEN, 105 Lafayette St., 7-23-60 The thing " Only the good die young " , " Melrose " , Party Tharndike, Waynes Parties, Piggy, Fro, Karetskys Parties, Doreen Nancy. Love ya Ma Dad Mark — Gus, Long Dark Road, Ebony, Stoodge, Mobile, I did it my way. JUDY REEN, 105 Lafayette St., 7-23-60 I did it my way. Froie, Ju-Ju Bean, Piggy, Jae. Talks with Kathy, Kingsley, Buzzy (Lauise) D.G. Thorndike, N.K. Melrose, Karetskys Parties, Stoodgemobile. Labor Day " 78 " , Summer " 78 " , Tony, No Doubt, Cape, Long Dark Road, Heights Girls, Gus Mark the Varoom Boys, Love Ya, Ma Dad, Marty, I ' m 1 8. KENNETH E. REILLY, 29 Coolidge Rd., 4-30-60 Eldo Farm, Channges Boston Hill, Sweet Jane, A.D. Good Times with Good Friends, Take a Walk on the Wild Side. Rockport, Y.C. Southern Comfort, Bud, Jethro Tall, Lou Reed, Dazed and Confused. Whats that Buzz. Chases, Mud Bowls, Great Save, C.F. Freebird, Sweet Cheese, Nailing, Gatsy, Great Pretenders, Your Time is Gonna Come. MARK REILLY, 4 Lorraiine Terr., 6-19-60 Parties down the Park, Led Zepplin, the pond summer of 76, Nell, M.R. Bernard, " Froie, Ugh, Pig " = Three Musketers, Wayne, M.P., Creed, Daffys Class L.R., Pink Floyd, New Years Eve D.K. ' s house, D.K., D.C., K.K., The Hole, Cruzin in Petes Bird. NANCY RE2ENDES, 5 Dorothy Rd., 1-7-61 Rez 4th Estate, Advacate, Shelby, Chief, Journalism 1,11, III — Bobs, zero puggy, Alley-oop . . . Cotterisms — duped again, Tez, Oh the shark bites . . . Bob — I wuv you wubby . . . Mac ' s class, Fr. K . . . " Happy are thase who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true. " ALFRED J. RICCA, 99 College Ave., 1-14-61 Fishing, Sports, Cars, Vacations, " Cruzin " , The Duce, Friday, Summer of " 78 " , September 23, 78, 350, or 455. ' , Mopar rules, Mopar 1 Chevy Stomper, " 70 " Cuda 340 Power, Cheryl remember; Concord, the bat, Farley, Aciato, and the " 57 " Chevy? Biill remember the tow truck, Subaru, and Empty? Ed remember Oct. 4, 78? " White Lightning " . JOYCE RICHARDS, 62 Everett St., 12-25-61 Best times with Tommy 9 30 76. Partying down Crosby with the Crosby Kids, Marylou my Big Sis, E.F., M.D., H.F., J.O., D.D., C D., C.F., Surprize 12 26 77 ... To the Max . . . Save the caps!!! N.H. with T.S., Junior Semi, Prom accident. Good-bye A.H.S. MARK REILLY NANCY REZENDES ALFRED RICCA JOYCE RICHARDS CAROL SUE RICHARDSON, 32 Ottawa Rd., 12-16-61 Thanks: Mom Dad, Midgie, Wellse, Rezen, Mary, Class of 79, Hebe, Isie, BLJHSCBIPM, Morgie, Iccums, Swim Team, NMH, AIRGNAS, G.R., You call? Hello is . . .? This is nirE-aliehS! I know who you are! Bear went over . . . Skip . . . Hockey and Football games, 30, 50, 17, 24, B ' s . . . Conyo . . . Cheeseberger, Iveth, Welisley . . . beep. Floor it! " Still Crazy Miss YA. MARY RILEY, 93 Hemlock St., 5-17-61 " Who are you " — A " Freebird " — C.H., M.P., S.P., D.D., L.F., K.B., D.K., Summer " 78 " — the kids down the high. Magnolia — A Party " 77 " — the best, Gloucester — Munchies! Space Exploration Fund " 76 " , Esplanade, Aerosmith " 78 " , Are you crazy or just buzzed? Always trying to get out — well I ' m finally leaving!!! Party on PAUL ROACH, 48 Crawford St., 4-30-60 Stratton, Tower, Bubba, Gel, Ed, Tom, Brian, Chuck, High School, J.V. ' s, Okie ' s Island, Concerts, Hampton, Winni, Cold Beers, Keg Party ' s, All night- ers. Fathers, 3rd per. Jr. yr., VW, I can do it — LA, Room 322, Bomber, Freebird, Aerosmith, Menotomy, Kneesviille, (.), Scituate, Nancy. WAYNE E. ROBBINS, 39 Linden St., 12-21-61 To the Great Times During the Summer of " 78 " " Lifting is Super Academic " " Wanna Look Great Hit the Weights " Don ' t Forget the Summers At Nahant. MARY RILEY WAYNE ROBBINS CAROL S. RICHARDSON PAUL ROACH EDWARD R. ROCHE, 30 Baker Rd., 9-26-61 Football ' 78, Double Sessions, Conditiioning — Love it, " You better not get hurt this year " . Spike and Canca pumpin iron, spearchuckin ' , ELECTRIC GUITAR MADNESS, Boston Concerts, Gio-Hows your bassic music? Hang- ing out car windows, B.C. is a head, " It ' s been such a long time, I think I should be going. " HENRY RODRIGUES 9 Everett St. 1 1-9-61 Ms. Burt, English; Italian Club; Dexter; B B C. Animal House; Maine; I made it! Italian II III soccer; cuz; Ultimate; D.S., J.R., Outing Club; A wild and crazy guy; Elected by pop ular vote Sak ' s; M.P., B.P., ' 79 ' . DONNA J. ROSETTE 90 George St. 5-1-61 The long and winding road. Jay 3-27-77 Love ya. Like a Hurricane, Good Time, Good Friends, Carmen thanks, Diane overboard W E parties. Senior prom 1978, Bud, vodka collons thanks guys. Like A Rolling Stone, Life is a Journey not a destination, N.H. 78, Bert, Live Free or Die. DOREEN ROSSELLI, STONES 14 Lake St. 1 1-14-61 8th Keep dreaming, sleepies, T.F., the park days to come. Grunt, Goob, Midget, Marshin, Amorine, Tic, magic mushroom, blot, drop it, spark ' em, the best, 3 day vacations, looking at the door then taking off, d.i. parties, spaced, screwing off, Joy ' s, no one believed it but I made it. S.H.A. EDWARD ROCHE DONNA ROSETTE HENRY RODRIGUES DOREEN ROSSELLI SCOTT RUSSELL DON ROUSSINOS CHRISTOPHER RUSSO CHRISTOPHER SAKORAFOS CAROL ANN SAHAGIAN NANCY SALA i ..--T CAROL ST. HILAIRE GEORGE ROURKE 1 Gilboa Rd. 4-16-61 5th Period, Barbara, Bill, Marie, Jean, Mr. Lane; " GEORGE!! " . " Good times down data processing. Mr. MaCauly ' s stupid jokes. Three years taking ka- rate. Photography club, parmenter, police intern. Trips to Shanghi Village with Paul and daily " constitutionals. " First two cars in senior year. Yearbook staff. Bill; " A Four-a months " . DON S. ROUSSINOS 104 Brooks Ave. 4-10-61 SUMMER OF " 78 " IN FLORIDA, THANKS DEAN, JAMMING WITH U, HERE ' S TO A HIGHER EDUCATION, BACK ROOM, PINK FLOYD OF " 77 " , MUSHROOMS OF FLA. BONG POWER, THORINDIKE. SOME DAY DONNA, MARTHA THE BET IS STILL ON. THANKS FOR THE PARTY A.H.S. SCOTT RUSSELL 15 Peter Tufts Rd. 10-27-61 Journalism class, Quigleys Gym classes and Current Affairs. Cape Cod, Biggest thrill Being shown on National T.V., to L.T. I ' m Gonna Make it. All sports especially football?? Hey Bash, keep it goin. CHRISTOPHER JAMES RUSSO, 35 Prospect Ave. 10-12-61 Chris J.V. Golf team. Running, Recreation Basketball league Summer Basketball league. Boy ' s Club, Kentucky Fried Movie, Animal House, beach party ' s at Seacrest Motel, Lucifer ' s Hammer, Menotomy Hockey League, All-Star game, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, Prudential Center and Quincy Market, Brattle Drug, Al, Tina, Fred, Chris, Henry, Scott, Valerie, hoping for ' 79 ' , so long A.H.S. CAROL ANN SAHAGIAN 103 Everett St. 9-4-61 Switz, Rabbits, Food fights, Dolly, Parties at my house, Shelly ' s, Susan ' s, 50 ' s, Cabaret, G S, MD. Disco Summer 78, movies; TGIF, AL PACINO, SNL, 17 Bucky, Candy DA DC AC NC CL VL EH SR TC BC DT MC. Misty Water Colored Memories Of The Way We Were. Love Yas, Later. CAROL A. ST. HILAIRE 235 Cedar Ave. 6-24-61 " Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read. " Friends: P.L., S.Z., C.B., S.C., CHRISTOPHER SAKORAFOS 60 Oxford St. 12-26-61 Sak, golfball, commando raids, hellions, choir, baseball, football, zombies, milk, jamoc. Are you Greek or something?!! Lou, Green Monsters, 180, Buzzards Bay, chipora. Animal House, Bartending, Sox 75 , Bleachers, Nahant, Herring, getting shot at. Stew-ins, Brownies, Vincent Beach, J and C, Labor Day " 78 " , Dingaling, Bonehead, Mauset, Beatles, Hideway, rejection!! NANCY SALA 83 Dorothy Rd. 1 1-21-61 Do it!, Summer 77,78, Parties, Cape, South Str., Beach It, Eddie ' s Roof, But I thought it was a Costume Party, Magic Bag, Deathtrap, Bush J.D., Are you game?. Masters at the art of deception. Lunch with Mutechatdeep, CBKHCCLGAMTM, Stones, No Satisfaction, Farm, Love Ya Mom, Great Memories. MARK SALAMI 260 Ridge St. 4-19-61 THOMAS SALAMI 260 Ridge St. 1-1-60 DAVID SAMMARCO CAMILO SANTANA DAVID V. SAMMARCO 1 1 Jean Rd. 6-16-61 Heroes all the way Chicky, L.Y.A.S.P., Get a haircut, G.G.G., T. Petty, My Pack, fish, M. Falmouth, Skinheads, P.L.P., Le Mans, Space-Truckin, H-way, Chef, Deadhead, Hi C.L., Beatles no. one, comeback, Barnstead, Cars, Strong Minded, Don ' t Cha Stop Partying People. CAMILO A. SAMTAMA 26 Gloucester Str. 5-25-61 " Cat " ; " Bubba " ; V. Basketball; V. Football; Mo. 14; Western Sommerville, Overtime in Revere; Thumbing to Reading; Buttricks; S.F. Giants; " WHO- OPA! " ; Movies, Boob Tubes; Saturday Might Live!; Monty Python; The Com- mander; The Doctor; Boston; Geils; Huey; Disco Doug; T.J.; Gumbo; Pin- Head; M.H.; " Earth ' s Cry, Heaven ' s Smile " . SUSAN F. SANTOSOUSSO 53 Lancaster Rd. 3-27-61 A page in the library. Lunch with EH LP CS DD and CA. EB and PG in gym. I don ' t know. What? The girl with the perfect hair. All my friends. DEBORAH A. SASCHUK 84 Cleveland St. 4-4-61 " Sit down and Shut-up! " Thanks! Mr. and Mrs. Cyr, You too. Gene, Donnie, and Ed (The Kung Fu Perverts) " Just get him on the phone! " " I ' ll brake your face " Pumping Iron in the Cellar, Go get ' em. Auntie, " Hair dressers do it with style " , I.W.L. U.A.W., " Spin of Death " and " Lighthead " . CAROL A. SCANNELL 20 Chester St. 1 1-21-61 Spud 79 ' , Trina, Wild Weird Crazy, Slip Sliding Away, Golfing, Flying off the Handle, Jo-Gig, Blue Bomb, Mic-Min, Swim t., Jo;s N.H., 84 ' s desk, Wiz, Stradiling rocks. Kinsman, Sprint jog SHOB, Beach Parties, N.Y., Boston?, Gymnastics, Camp, Proms, Football, Hockey games. White Mt. Finicle, Sum- mer 78; Say B-Bye. CAROLYN B. SCHAEFFNER " BESSY " 71 Brattle St. 3-14-61 Snickerdoodles, football games. My First Party, Tossed Salad Redlight, Alton Bay, Sunapee, Secretarial, Mrs. Z, Thanks Ma and Dad, Mighty Seniors, Quigs, Mrs. B., Pulling Opscans, LR, Be a good Dobee, I can ' t smile without you. Keep in touch! Good bye AHS Thanks. DIANE SCHOBER 1 16 Claremont Ave. 4-27-61 SCHOB . . . The West! Summer Parties Piggin ' Out! Winter Parties " 77 " - (11:11-1 1-1 1 1 1)! Jr. Semi? Jr. Prom! . . . Tina ' s Punch Suspender Dan- cin!! UBID-UBDA! Sweet 16, Webb ' s Sweathogs, " Stairway to Heaven " - — Sweat much?! Alton Bay! Our U.F.O. — 9 29 78! Wino! Dimples!!, Ju ' s Trip- pin ' ! Tango, Heffs True Blue!! Bob Seger " 78 " ! THE GANG . . . PAUL SCIANNA 23 Acton St. 3-22-61 " 6 9 " Bird, RACE ME! Great Times At Nahant. Stevens GTD, John 228. GIRLS. " SKI 69 " . MEET ME in the Back, Bye for Now! MARK SCISCENTI 223 Highland Ave. 12-29-60 SUSAN SANTOSUOSSO CAROL SCANNELL DEBBY SASCHUK CAROLYN SCHAEFFNER DIANE SCHOBER MARK SCISCENTI ROBERT SEARS 17 Crawford St. 3-12-61 FREDERICK SEAVEY 24 Daniels St. 5-16-61 EZABEL SERPA 1 15 Medford St. 1-29-61 Summer of " 77 " and " 78 " ; Old Orchard Beach, Salisbury, 802 gong. How ' s it going!!! Moca ' s turn, P.T. errors, Tull, Friday ' s study, should we go?? C.P., M.K., D.B., Good Times With Tricia D., Moccia, family . . . screeching loc- kers, 7 9 78 (50-s) !! See ya! BARBARA A. SEVERINO 10 Longfellow Rd. 7-11-61 " Friendship is feeling completely natural with another, shedding all pretense and all shame, just being yourself. It is sharing with another both big and little things, joy and sorrow laughter and tears. " Jeans8 camps, talks, friendship. Sue — History arguments, 17th birthday letter, Nanci — laughter, letter, hard to let go. Live! JOHN SEXTON 51 Park Ave. 8-26-60 Through at last, jazz band drummer, partying clubbing. Led Zepplin, The Who, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, Cream, George Carlin, Steve Martin. Broken Field Walk, Hendrix aint dead he ' s just er . . . ah . . . out of this world. Smashing hangers at work. I ' ve gotta get out of this place! SAEED SHAHRAM 85 Oxford St. 9-21-61 I am an Iranian Student. I w6nt to Kharazmi High School until my Junior Year. Then I came to the U S. to obtain my diploma from Arlington High School, and then to enter a University for higher education. PAUL SHANAHAN 52 Lewis Ave. 1-10-61 JOHN D. SHAW 10 Park St. 10-17-60 MICHAEL J. SHAW 132 Sylvia St. 8-16-60 " Good Times down the Cape, " " Lexington Res, " " Donzi, " Nancy M., Gir ' - Bathroom, At Meadow-Glen Drive-In, " BAD " CAD, " " CRUISIN, " The time the back seat of Al ' s Roadrunner, " Surf ' s Up, " stealing Vinny ' s Car, Tull and Seger Concerts, Speeding in the Challenger Down Swifts Beach Rd., Wednes- day night in Maine, Later A.H.S. BRIAN SHEA 39 Warren St. 11-1 1-61 The Magic Kingdom, Weekends were made for Michelob, Manning, ES get your sneaker, Trojan . . ., Hazelnut, Rex, Sean, 1966 Valiant, — No Brakes, Les, Summer and Parties, Frank Got all your permits, D.O.M., B.D. is a Commie and lives in Moscow. BARBARA SEVERINO PAUL SHANAHAN FREDERICK SEAVEY % I ROBERT SEARS EZABEL SERPA JOHN SHAW BRIAN SHEA JENNIFER SHEA 564 Appleton St. 9-7-61 People try to put us down, just because we get around. The things they do seem awful cold, hope I die before I get old. Bermuda, Spain with Lila . . . Finn ' s Fifth . . . Juli and Jefferson. J.M. Got a bat there. I ' ll meet it. Getting High — You can ' t beat it! Kate is 1. Thanks Mom. DAWN SHEARER 11 Kilsythe Rd. 1-13-61 Youth Group, Higher Ground, Camp Sentiinel Hampton Beach, Rainbow, Grand Assembly, Rainbow Ball, Latin, Thanks Eileen H., Eileen D., Sharon, Inventory, Burger King, Lord of the Rings, Sword of Shannara, Gollum, Barry Manilow Concert, Cottage in Winchendon, Ron, Karen, Paul, Nancy, George Bev. STEPHEN SHEPARD 48 Chatham St. 2-14-61 God is good . . . Ja know. Shutter puppy. Summer of St. B ' s, Steve ' s Restau- rant and Lounge, " Go Dude " , Hey Jose, Can you survive. Jewish Cookies, Ever get bummed at 1 in the morning. Typing: this whatchamacallit came off. Senior Count Down, Tomb of Unknown Student, Jr. Prom — Terry, I get around, I understand! Heathen, Memories . . . SANDRA SHWAB 128 Alpine Terrace 3-3-61 Summer Specials; trips to the moon, back again! I think I ' ve got Beatle Fever, that ' s off the wall! All the boys and girls in the gang. Blah! Vermont " Green Mountain High, " bring us back. With love thanks Patty, Shorty Jess, My savior Frank, With all my love thanks Mom Dad, P.L.J. FERNANDO SILVA ISAmsden St. 11-5-61 JAMES SILVA 17 Devereaux St. 3-8-61 N.H. Party, Sculptured My Rocks, C.V., Joe, Spark ' em 65, Bone, C.V. (Frosty), D.S., C.V., P.P, and J.S., HAHAHA Pink Floyd, The balls. P.S. Lost accident C.V. Byeeee. NANCY SILVA 91 Varnum St. 22-21-60 Mark ' s the Best, 7- 1 0-77. Dl ' s, Thanks Ma and Dad, What a Party, Medi-Mart P.L., Bob Segar, The Casino, Mr. Mrs. Miano, M.M. SR. PROM ' 78, 4-Barrel, Danny ' s Chalet, " Tossed Salad, " S.D., K.M., S.S., D.S., E.m., M.K., D.B., C.S., J.S., B.S., Remember When? Thanks Barb! SUSAN M. SIMEONE 52 Broadway 6-19-61 " Sudi " Big Mac ' s Helper, " Ma and the Kids " Udi, Summer Nights, The T rain Station — Crusin ' , The Ole Green Monster, Tennis Anyone? BOINK! Jr. His- tory; Thanx Barb, Secretarial II, Bessy ' s Party, Tossed Salad, Mrs. Whiggins, Senior Year, E.L.O., Cuz Buz, Did You Party? I Know You Did! Still Searching . . . STEPHEN SHEPARD FERNANDO SILVA JENNIFER A. SHEA SANDRA SHWAB JAMES R. SILVA " .K -m-v- NANCY SILVA SUSAN SIMEONE CAROLYN W. SLADE 18 Cherokee Rd. 7-25-61 Old Hall, Paris — Who ' s in the Bathtub? Pyn Rainbow, what? 1-7-78 — Junior Prom. Reality, this is true, very deep. Perfect people, Frisbee, bank, Belly- Button Fuzz, Chatham. Long gone. ROBERT D. SLATE 32 Homer Rd. 7-28-61 Friday nights on the Riviera, D.R., A.R., T.H., D.R., Ramon Hernandez, Hertz Avis . . .,? YLIAB BOB, Viscous, That last night on the Titanic, the Eck, " I know nothing about it — it ' s never been discussed here. " Don ' t read — study! La caz, the little red book, R-Biter, Sheppy, Hodgy, Dallas ' 63, Good Luck, Class of ' 79, YLLISSIHTINSI. PETER SMILGIS 43 Fox Meadow Ln. 9-15-60 " What a rush, we ' re in a mesk of trouble. " C.V., J.P., S.K., Good Times in Woburn " 77- ' 78, Easy Rider, Cruisin ' to somewhere but ain ' t sure where. Death in a Javelin. " Its show time, " Fight with a Black Russian, Pink Floyd. ELIZABETH SMITH 50 Park Ave. Ext. 7-13-61 Liz, Crunchies, 1st Night ' 78, Music Department, Festival, Rand B ' s delicious. Peanut Man, Shows, Kansas, April Fools ' 77, Cape, Southern, Esplanade, Fumar? Tez, Summer, Yippideedoodle, Putang. STEVEN SMITH 47 Hilton St. 5-1-61 Okie ' s Island, The Boat House, Good Times in N.H., V-Hockey, The Junior Prom, Good Stuff, The Parking Lot, April 2, Out Front, The " A " Girls, The Boat. WENDY MARIE SMITH 396 Appleton St. 7-6-61 WACKY, Deutsch Mit O D D. — - penguin! Germany or bust, Auf Wiedersehn! Fourth Estate, Library, Rainbow, Project Maine ' 76, Spirogyra. MILLER from the Tropic of Calculus to the point of Absurdity. Choke Nibbles, Good-bye Mr. Chips, It ' s been hyperreal! Disaster Picnics! " Six Impossible things before breakfast " Frisbee, Zeke . . . Love to all. DON SOLANO 64 Freeman St. 3-14-61 Lano remembers the Sunday nights out, those lucky nights down the drome . . . hanging around with Borges, Dick, and Palla. Working down at the spoon. . . can ' t wait for the trip to Bermuda . . . " Spoon power forever!!!! " GRETCHEN SOUSA 6 White St. 4-13-61 The Tracks, Foreigner, C.T.Y., Best Friend — Cheryl ' s, Patty, Susan, Debbie, Charlie, Mark, Paul, Kevin, Tommy, Special People — Mom, Sally, Julie, Shannon. I Love Cambridge, Concerts, Partie, Miller-beer, Camping, Freshpond, Rogers, Susan ' s cellar, Kneebends, Seeds, I hated World War III with Paul, Well bye A.H.S., Let ' s Party Forever! P S. — Thanks Mom. ROBERT SLATE CAROLYN SLADE PETER SMILGIS STEVEN SMITH ELIZABETH SMITH WENDY SMITH DON SOLANO GRETCHEN SOUSA EUGENE J. SOUZA 29 Devereaux St. 77-7-60 EUGENE SOUZA SHARON SPECHT SHARON SPECHT 69 Tanager St. 6-26-61 Disney World, Latin II, Arwen, Navada, Friendly — Bob, Rich, Cheryl, Ron, Dawn, Pierre; Retreats; A.G.C.; Elendil, Bev ' s Place; Sparrowhawk; Thanks Ma and Dad; Hampton Beach; Burger King; Beegees; G.W.T.W.; Ron, Karen; Paul, Nancy — God Bless You! Suffolk University; May The Force Be With You; Small Group; Stay Young While You Can; Menion Leah. STEPHEN P. STARR 144 Ridge St. 10-4-61 Enjoyed my Senior Year, Good Times Jim and Jamie, Mr. Lane, Scott and the Beast, Shmuck, Never hook again. North Shore, Vacation, Brown English, Gym? Shuffle Shuffle, You ' re 18? Watch it, 4th, Skip it! Those Two, Elmer Fudd, Danny, Work, Subs, Halifax ' 78, Best Years, Jennifer. NANCY STRONG 18 Yale Rd. 5-3-61 WALLY 1 - 1 4-78 My rainy Monday night and my Close Encounters of the Best Kind. You Piggy, Charr! Puhple, The Corner — Judy, Sandy, Linda, Gail. Summer of ' 78 — White Mountains, Homestead, Crystal, The Orange Bomber; Thanks Ma far all the late notes. Checking on your town. It ' s 9:00 — Goodnight. ANNE MARIE SULLIVAN 46 Rockland Ave. 12-30-61 June ' s Saloon, The Res, The Heights, Stretch Me Joy, M.S., M.P., B.R., " Chris wanna get something to eat?;; Cambridge — ■ " Meet me in the Square. " The nurse, F6, Ck, The Birds, I ' m here! 3 days week. C D. — 1 -24-78, Chuckle who? It ' s been a party — Goodbye A.H.S., Thanks Ma Dad, Erin Forever, No Regrets. STEPHEN STARR NANCY STRONG ANN MARIE SULLIVAN 101 North Union St. 6-15-61 Class of ' 79 — Friends — Sox ' 78 — Winter ' 78 — Summer ' 78 — Trips — Mountains — Cape — N.Y.M.V. — Alpine Slide — Gondolas — Waterskiing — Swimming — Boating — Skating — McDonalds — Parties — Music — My Family — Happines.. DAVID SULLIVAN 43 Hilton St. 10-31-61 6-16-78 — Crosby, The Gang, Joyce ' s Parties, Crashin behind Al ' s, Taken away by Butchy, Hooch Hunting, Blizzard of ' 78, Spiro ' s House, Harry Buddy, One Dime gone in the B.C. John. Can ' t catch the MFF, Paddy Wagon for the Park, School ' s been a blast. Parties were thrillers. Kick back and relax. With a pack of cold Millers . . .Z. EDWARD SULLIVAN 52 Beacon St. 4-2-61 Harry Baby, Good Times, Class of ' 79 was the best Party Class, Spaceshots, Baked, Do it up! Freshmen in Duggan ' s Room. It ' s Been Fun, Jocks vs. Rats, Brains, Students, Gus, J-Bar, Trojans. ANNE MARIE SULLIVAN ANN MARIE SULLIVAN DAVID SULLIVAN EDWARD SULLIVAN ANGELA TAMBINI MAUREEN SULLIVAN CHRISTINE SZAREK JOSEPH TARANTINO PATRICIA TAYLOR SEAN TIERNEY JAMES P. THEODOULOU MAUREEN TIGHE MAUREEN SULLIVAN 109 Robbins Rd. 10-18-61 P.T. (Patty), J.M. (Gidge), N.B. (Blue N.S.), J.W., C.P., L.V., S.M., S.C., M.L., E.D., A.W., C.N., Jeanie ' s Party, " Out the window, " H.W.B., Chop-Chop, " The Invention, " Junior English Class, Summer of ' 78, La Machine, D.B. Jokes, Will miss all the good times and good friends at A.H.S. CHRISTINE MARIE SZAREK 62 Park Street 1 1-29-61 EO-BS-JV-CC, BP, He ' s so cute! Suite for 20-G, Jazz Ensemble, Groupie, Competitions, Marching Band, Madrigals — Exchange Concerts? N.H. in April! Being on receivng end of RM and DR, Jokes? Mr.T., Mr. Labor, DQ ' 78, Mom and Dad — Department. THANKS! LB, I ' ll remember you and our Happy Times. ANGELA DANIELLE TAMBINI 103 Franklin St. 2-9-61 " Native New Yorker, " Sentimental Lady, Northend, B-Ball, P.L., Proms, Cape ' 78, the crazy shower, meeting the Limit, Parties B H, " She lost her inde- pendence " , dreams. Blind D ' s, Tears of a clown. Anticipation, Who Else! Music, 1981, Brownies, " Can I take you home? " Loco, Who ' s better than us. JOSEPH J . TARANTINO 26 Peck Ave. September 12, 1961 What ' s the matter with you boy? They Say: " Only the good die young. " J-Bar, No, No Jo Jo, Bonged out, Spark-em up. Cape B.J. Summer 77, Uncle Buzz, Buck wheat, October fest, J. Giles Band, Grateful Dead, Junior Prom C.P. (Barnaby ' s on the trail). Thanks Mom and Dad! PATRICIA ANNE TAYLOR 170 Pheasant Ave. July 2, 1961 PATTI Dairy Twist, Friends are forever . . . Jeannine, Lill, Nancy, Jeanie, Cheryl, Suj, Maureen, Maria, Ellen, Sandy. My H.W.B " That reminds me of " . . . 1 1-19, Getting lost? Chop-Chop, Skipping study with Blue B., Good . . . you? E. S. ' s errors, Jeanie ' s party . . . M.S. Jr. Prom . . . Unforgettable times with unforgettable friends. Thanks Mom and Dad. JAMES P. THEODOULOU 137 Webster St. November 19, 1961 S.F.S., Brown ' s English Class Dingaling, Trailing to Nahant in a bug. Shuffle shuffle. Banks Bags, Lane " mouth runnith over " , B.S., them all, J-Bar parky. Groucho, Steve and the bomb. Bill, Sully little Runt, S.W. nice, Rita Lisa D. Jamie, Never forget the summer of " 78 " . SEAN TIERNEY 21 Lakehill Ave. December 24, 1961 Lumpa-Woody, Megay and his shoe boxes. Honey Muns " Don ' t funch the puching car. " , C. Bs, J.F. ' s cold cut party, Al ' s, " Talking Box " , Heat Mizer Fastball, Hoops. MAUREEN TIGHE 504 Summer St. April 15, 1961 MO Magnificent 7, Cheering 76-79 — Camp-FINN, Farm-4 buy 6-cot, Fathers 10 9 77, Kitchen table 7 1 78, H.S. stands Friends — The Best, Chris, 4B ' s, Douced, Canal side, Okie ' s Island, Jungle Love — Memories? It ' s only Fresco, Bloody well right, K — Parties, Louise — True Friends are . . . Love and thanks Mom Dad. JUDITH A. TILDSLEY 1 1 Winter St. A pril 21, 1961 Judy Bobby 1 1 4 77 Teel St. Friends always Sandy, Linda, Gail, Nancy, Good times with Judy, Kathy, Chris, Sue G., Sue P., " Dewey " — Red Made It, Who ' s going to class? Getting wasted out back, M B., Michelob, Mystics - — Jr. Year. Re- membering always the dynamite people Thanks Ma Dad to get me to- gether. CHRISTINE TOBIN 76 Beacon St. March 7, 1961 Party, Ain ' t it good to know you got o friend? Vodka party, Winchester Fairs, I can stay. Summers at Nantasket, Class of 79, Basketball 24, much later . . . Smile — it makes people wonder what you ' ve been up to. Kinks, Giles, Tull, Bowie, I sit and watch as years go by, Timmy. MARTIN TOMPKINS 8 Brooks Ave. February 5, 1961 " We the heads of " 79 " Meet you in the Sparkin ' Lot, Thorndike, the Hole, The End, What a rush. Animal House, Sex, ond drugs and Rockin ' roll. Fury III, Clit, Shoot Loads, Good Times Bad times. Head for the mountains. Sweet loaf Magnum, Later " Keep on Rolling E.Z. " PHYLLIS J. TOOMEY 108 Ronald Rd. April 1, 1961 Jean or Bean. Good times with Jimmy 8 23 78 forever Best Friends: J.F. J.S. — S.O. — C.F. D.S. P.B. A.M. — Y.J. — L.M. T.H. — S H. Best Summers on my porch 73 74. But Best Summer ever 78, crusin with Cookie Sharon. Jr. Semi the Best. Miss Burt ' s English class Jr. year. Sown Norwell Norwood. California Joke. " Skinny " , " Thingy Helloho " , " whatchamacallit " RICHARD J. TORONTO 4 Murray St. June 21, 1961 Running on empty. No way. Summers on the Cap e, Franks2, Chuck, Mark, Ed, Greek, the centers, one in a million, Workin while the fun goes on, 104 What do you wanna do? D.O.M., My Friends made it the best and always will. STELLA TOUBOULIDIS 16 Exeter St. 2-20-61 WILLIAM TRAVERSE 40 Waldo Rd. August 9, 1961 Jammin!, Wiz ' s, My Machine, Arlingtons original, ' s " Dry it out " . Bingo, 443B, " Elindill " , The drome, B.B., P.D., S.N., Foxes, Malacan Gov ' t, Recording, Baseball, Hockey, at the park, Fooootaball, Monty Python, " It ' s been real " , TMT Productions. PAULA TREMBLAY 15 Colonial Drive August 23, 1961 TREM Summer of 77-78, Hampton, Soph. Beach Party, Semi, Stands, High School, Parties, Cheering, Finn, Camp, Ides and Murt — good times. Senior Conven- tion — Stall B of F, Dancing, Friends Forever " NHPHRMSMDG " , Talks, Never forget anyone. Thanks Mom and Dad, Class of " 79 " The Best. JUDY TILDSLEY MARTIN TOMPKINS CRISSY TOBIN PHYLLIS TOOMEY RICHARD TORONTO BILLY TRAVERSE STELLA TOUBOULIDIS PAULA TREMBLAY FRANK TUMINELLI 295 Park Ave. 12-8-61 " stang " L.A. International California Cars. Running on Empty. One Wood at Woburn. D.C.M.F.D.E. 7 28. Enhance that grill. Painting the Buck. D.O.M. P.S.L.X. Pepsfix. ERIC TURNBULL 10 Peter Tufts Rd. 9-13-60 1st period at the cubby hole. Mr. Maloof for Algebra 1, Gym 7th period what a waste . . . Led Zepplin. " Song remains the same " . Black Sabbath " Chil- dren of the grave " and Sweat leaf " Spark The Goldie Sabbath in concert, 1st period English 76-77 Finally leaving A.H.S. JOHN R. VALERIO 18 Brookdale Rd. 9-26-61 Soph-pond, alley Frampton, Jr. (427SS) East Arlington drag. Dr. Goat vs SS tie. Kelley ' s Sunday, Church on Monday, Meeting J.L., the ware house, Fal- mouth, Little frog. Vineyard mopeds A B with a missle. H.A.F. Nahant Tony C ' s, Paul George, Stephen. " Looks like things are getting better " " Take it to the limit " . JEAN VALK 98 Sunset Rd. 1 1-16-61 " Outside the Kingdom of the Lord there is no nation which is greater than any other. God and history will remember your judgement " Haile Selassie " Cada ove ja con su pare ja " . GREG VARTANIAN 15 Dartmouth St. 9-15-61 Hampton M- Street, Doug ' s Parties, Mount Herman Gymnastics, Halifax Gorge Lab ' s Blue B ' s, G.B.L Champs Ricky ' s Monte Spark ' em Joe No? Cam- bridge Res., A.H.S. Gymnastics Walden Pond Rope Swing, Zepplin, Styx, Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Sunday jams, Cerebus, R C Peter Dart, My VW Bus, White Mountain. S.D.R. are the best, A.H.S. We ' ll see ya. JEANMARIE VAUGHAN 47 Palmer St. 2-2-61 Bonnie, Good Times, River, Thorndike people. Concerts SAS stoned. All good people, JKMNLEBSKLSCDE drunk DMCL, TC, Enjoy, Today is the best. Life goes on it happens everyday so appreciate what you got before it ' s taken away. LILLIAN MARIE VENTI 136 Wollaston Ave. 7-2-61 Lill P.T ' s HWB. Paris, Mama Sue, Mama Hugs, Moose and the gang. The Bird, Prom(s), getting mellow, Bobsie and BB N summers, onion rings. Straw- berry shortcake arxJ M M, parties and nightlife, " I love to Boogie " , D.K., 12-14-77, True friendships and sincere understanding. Thank you all, and love to my Mom and Dad. ALISON C. VERNEY 382 Mass. Ave. 706 6 4 61 Al, Gimp, Joe, Esplanade, Waverly, Father, Marty, Joe, Quiet talks, lunches. White House 77, New Years 76, Spain, Tommy, Land Ho, balconies, Antonio, Sangria, tent, twins, zambie, mono. Cape Cod Boggs, Charlie, Dave, Spies, wingers, Deja Vu, blizzard 78, Senior Prom, Limousines ' Farewell Arlington. LISA VIEIRA 43 Hathaway Circle 5-16-61 " Frizz City " ... " I won ' t think of it today. I ' ll think of it tomorrow. After oil tomorrow is another day. " " Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente. " . . . " God bless and keep the faith. " Love to Mom, Dad, Jam and Lisa. Thanks. FRANCIS TUMINELLI JEAN VALK GREG VARTANIAN LILLIAN VENTI JEAN VAUGHAN JOHN VALERIO ALISON VERNEY LISA VIEIRA CHRISTINA VILHOTTI 80 Pleasant St. 3-18-61 Sun-bursts of expansion, Illuminate my perception. And the impulses of at- tainment, save me from falling, to the cluttered masses. A fire ' s tendril, an oceans current. Sun so much greater than a waking conscious day . . . (So magnificent is the split of a second.) FRIEDRICH VONRECKLINGHAUSEN 49 Florence Ave. 6-15-61 " 71 " Chevy, bye bye baby, total, little Bill, Hey Mr. Duggan, Football you bet, recording Dolby, Rico, B-B, foxes, it ' s been real, Jackson Brown, Foreginer, I ' ll watch anything, Webb ' s sweathogs, goodbye Schongie, Mac the knife, the bone, Loucio, R.K., K.M., N.O. JULIE WAHLEFIELD 54 Dundee Rd. 9-26-61 Best times with Bob, Virginia, Thorndike QIHB ' S, Quatrooplets. Think so Moe? Under the bridge — Rock Band. K.P.C.L.R.J.B. Vicki, Karen, Kathy, Carole, Mitch, Chicaroo. Tobusk, Fingertip ladies, St. Camilus, Esplinade, Shmirnoff- Party, Joplin, Segar, Cooper, Zepplin, Tull, The Who, Foreigner, P.F.C. ' s. East Village — Clutz Saturday Night Live. Thanks Fairbanks, Jenny. Get high. CHRISTINA VILHOTTI FRED VONRECKLINGHAUSER MICHAEL EDWARD WALSH 21 Westminister Ave. 3-18-61 Duke, Res, " Meet you in the Sparkin Lot! " We the Heads of " 79 " , Sabbath Rules. The parties I remember and the parties I ' ll forget, " later " , " What ' s up snubby? " Sweet lesf, " Broken bones no bargain. Good bye " Arlington High " I told you I would be in here. Thanx Mom and Dad. NORINE WALSH 64 Chetwynd Rd. 12-17-61 Good times with Tracey and Toots, Heightsmen, Butler-Party, Conn., N.Y., N. Star, Bang-Bang, etc. Dukes, E.S., Boo, . . . Chem., J.H.C., (on ... re- ally?) thats right. Labs late. Who me? E.H. too, hats, locks, oh, no! Physics B.C. . . . Just wish upon a star! JULIE WAHLEFIELD MICHAEL WALSH MICHAEL A. WARREN 138 Park Ave. Ext. 12-27-60 (Paco) Commander Cody (abs; No sweat) (ELPDALSKA) 77 " Alg 2 and Trig (Lorenzo Barrios) (Carlos) KE-175, J-Bar, Cotterism Smokescreen cupes, Samari, Sammy, J, Koneheads V-Track, What the story? N.E.P., Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Cat (Spin) Jr. English, Frankonos, A.B.C., Waterski- ing, Ed the head and his bike, " If men were made to stay on the ground he would have . . . JOYCE WATERS 1 187 Mass. Ave. 1-26-61 Kenny Dec 9, 1977 " L.A. " . Sapphire Weirs Beach My Car " 78 " Good times with heights girls. Thorndike Parting, Smaking, Kahlua, Wine, " Z-Doctor " Lisa, a friend always, All-night-Over-night. Munch-Out Sheraton- Marty, K.K. Gullible. Commodore, " Eptaph " , Jacks M.O. Billy. Mom Dad, Because of You. SHARON WEBB 12 Exeter St. 1-5-61 Ricky 9-24-76 forever! Monte Carlo, Thorndike, Mr. Smirnoff, Canobie Lake, D.W., M.P., D.W., P.M., Michelob, Martha, Me, Fio and the firemen, Judy, Joanne ' s Party, K.L. — M M ' s VOMLOP, Rick ' s senior prom. Rolling Stones, The Cars, Heart, — Foreinger, Alice Cooper, The Beatles, Thanks Mom and Dad! I did it! NORINE WALSH MICHAEL WARREN JOYCE WATERS SHARON WEBB DAVID WELCH SUSAN WESINGER K ’’ . 1 DONNA WELCH SUSAN WEIDNER WAYNE WHEATON JEANIE WHITNEY KAREN WHITE ( i I SANDRA WILLIAMS SUSAN WEIDNER 145 Gray St. 2-14-61 Summer of 77-78, New Hampshire; Rockport, mopeds; coffee with Pat; G.B., L.M., D.P., D.S., Boones farm apple wine; Friends are forever; Always re- member the good times, DAVID P. WELCH 14 Campbell Rd. 5-2-61 Summer of 77 ' up Hibbert, Summer of 78 ' , BEACH PARTIES HAMPTON, SARV, MY 64, Fathers, COUSINS, BENTELY, C A B. NASH NH. Sunday Nights, Cape Cod Concerts, A.H.S. DONNA WELCH 9 Surry Rd. 1-15-61 Richie 10 1 77 forever. The Band, Hampton, Mountains, Richies Prom, Semi, Canobie, Springfield; Gymnastics; D.E., QIHB Spaceshots!, Quadruplets, Bagged!, Sparkemi, Deedeete, Julie Sharon, Ricky, Marianne, John, Martha, Wayne, Mini, Greg, Carole, J.M., J.I., J.H., S.G.U.R.D., Michelob, Vodka!, Zepplin, Segar, Thorndike, Menotmy, Waterworks, Cooper Concert, Blue Bone, Mr. Shmirnoff, Esplanade, Thanks Mom, Dad, Mr. Fairbanks! RAGE. SUSAN M. WESINGER 37 Walnut St. 3-29-61 Farm, Beautiful Boston Hill, never ending nights in N.H. All my good friends . . . the drunks. Hey Corole thanks. C.S.N. in R.l. MAINE Mountains, Mini ' s parties, HVD. SQU. 9 10 77, It was good, C and C help me through it. Just a Day in Life . . . Imagine That! WAYNE WHEATON 23 Epping St. 8-21-60 Martha Pizaz 6 23 77, Sex-Drugs-Rock and Roll, Art Hawaiin, Heineken, Cocaine, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Donna Ma, Mountains, Hampton, Thorndike, The Rez, Swimming at Walden Pond, Esplanade with Heart, Skinning at N.H., The Hole in the Wall gang. On to the future. I ' m gone to paint. KAREN WHITE 125 Blossom St. 4-4-62 First Night ' 78, Kimmies, Liz, R B is delicious. Call me Crunchies, Music dept.. Shows, Serpant Festival, Moody Blues, The New Adventures of Peanut Man!, Kanas, The Cape, April Fools ' 77, Mello Jello, S.C., No Way!, Tez, L B., S.D., TV., Summertimes, Esplanade. JEANIE WHITNEY 32 Crawford St. 8-24-61 Whit Rockport, Soph. 4th lunch, ABC, Clipped Chickens, Blue, LP, NB, CP, TM, PT, CL, MM, . . . Everyone, Crushes, 6 1 4 x 1 4, Understand? Jeff 8 2 78, A PARTY 4 8 78, Eunice, My Mom. The Dancin ' Machine. In the stillness of Remembering what we had . . . And what we lost . . . Comon ' and Dance with me. So anyway, I didn ' t know what to say. SANDRA D. WILLIAMS 7 Oak Hill Drive 1-31-61 To; Senior Friends Remember all the joyous times we had in class. Now that we will soon be departing from our class, " always " Remember that memories will always be with you to stay. Make the Best out of Life! Good Luck . . . MELISSA A, WILLSON 141 Jason St. 4-10-61 Menontomy Groupie, Celebration, S S, Tequila straight, M.B. Forever, Black Max, G.M., 6-25-76, Unca Andy, Unca Frank, Summer Show, Festival. G S, Stage Man, Smearing, B.M. J.B., Laine, Nan, Wendy Tree, Benny, C.J.M. “See Ya Lil Laaata " Living Loving, Learning. ANNE E. WINKLER 10 Sleepy Hollow Lane 10-10-6 Wink Marching Band, concert band and exchange trips, study hall with J.M., Where ' s my I.L.? " The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is " C.S. Lewis. FRANK E. WOOD 3, 39 West Moreland Ave. 6-1 1-61 Sabbath, Sweat Leaf, Michs, The Res, Party Sabbath ' s Cape Concert " 78 " York, 3rd period " 77-78 " , Walden Maine, Beech Ridge Speed Way, " Do it up " , God made the IRISH 1, Southie " 76 " , Summer " 78 " , Yes " 78 " , Styx " 78 " NANCY, Ningersheek, The good times I had at AHS, the " 64 " Merc, SUE. JOHN WOODIN 18 Highland Ave. CHARLES F. WOODS 65 Madison Ave. 7-26-61 Charlie Maglomania, Sabbath, Houses of the Holy, Zep, Lord of the thighs, Aeros- mith. Baba O ' Reilly, The Who, St Concert " 78 " The Res, The Woods, Butter- ball, York, W.C.C., Hampton, Wingersheek, " Summer " , Ice Cold Michs, Joint Effort, Carla, Tech T.C., Totaled, Do it B.C., Thats All, Good Luck Everyone! THERSA M. WRIGHT 13 Wooland St. 3-23-61 Tree My God! Worser? Menotomy. THC StS Wasted?! Bagged Severly!, Greazed Lightening!!! Freak, N.C., Baldy, Roachy, Mags, Benny Willy! DECA, Time Olds. Smoke Columbian! M M, 8-13-78? Idler Thats what my mother told me!? Brighams Gang! ALLNIGHTERS?!, SPE. Lowenbrau! 85,000. Party! Dunsters! July 4, 1978! 365 cars, wanna borrow one??? Thanks Mr. Fair- banks, Ma, and Pops. LESLIE YEE 1 10 Wildwood Ave. 9-7-61 E.S. cut me off . . . but he paid — BCN with Mr. Roger ' s, Egg McMuffin and Magic Kingdom. — Sking Waterville, King Ridge, and Nashoba Chefs. Frank got all your permits? — How ya getting Home? VALERIE J. ZAHKA 74 Egerton Rd. 2-20-61 Flash Summertime, Proms, Uncle Sam ' s, The West, Gloucester, Spy, Seger, Boston, Maybe baby?!. Beware of dogs!! Great Times with Kevin, DAZ, Oeuffy, and the gang!! Voll eyball — Donuts, RS, Murray Excellent Parties, Toga!!, Hey You!! Hiiii! Like my new doc? I luv it!! Say What? Wanna Sucker — Punch! Love you. Mom and Dad. MELISSA A. WILLSON FRANK WOOD JOHN WOODIN ANNE WINKLER CHARLES WOODS LESLIE YEE VALERIE ZAHKA THERESA WRIGHT SUSAN ZAIATZ GEORGE ZANTOS JOHN ZICCONI KATHRYN BELL MATTHEW ZONA ROBERT DEGGENDORF 1 SUSAN A. ZAIATZ 18 Heard Rd. 1 1-2-61 A friend is someone who knows you ' re not perfect, but treats you os it you ore. Best friends; C.B., P.L., C.S., P.G., S.C., Maine, Check it out! A.Y.L., Comp Reach, Florida, Spas, Bleep-Bleep, Thonks E.D.C., and K.S., Thanks Mom and Dad. I Love You. JOHN ZICCONI 150 Woodside Lane 1-19-62 Zeke, Known tor Breaking a leg in gym class. Free bird on Back Board in Spanish, Budweiser. Hat in Italian Class, J.V. Baseball team and Frisbee Team. MATHEW ZONA 47 Decatur St. 8-24-61 Duke, The PARTY ' S WITH THE BOYS UP CROSBY. HEY " ROACH! " R, A, E, ' S RAIDERS. THE RUN ' S DOWN THE CAPE, CRUSIN WITH THE BOY ' S COMM NEWS WINCHESTER MILLSIDE TO THE RESCUE. LED RAE POP- PIN INTO FATHERS. CAROL HUES JOHN KEPLER SALVATORE F. VALENTE 38 Egerton Rd. Paula, you ' re still the one — 67 Chevy 4X4 — getting toked together Smoked High School Junkie — Thorndike — Michelob — Gordons — the nights the fights — Pink Floyd W.O.W. Chevy drives to endanger — Anybody going to Forth? — I fought all the way through but I am going to graduate Dad. ERIC TURNBALL STEFANIE MILLER SALVATORE VALENTE 103 Dear Mr. Fusco, You were one of the first people we met when we entered Arlington High. And you told us that these four years would fly by. You were right they have. We have seen many changes come about during these short four years. One of the most devastating was the announcement of your retirement. It seems unbelievable that we would no longer have your guidance. We had you for just three short years. Future students will never know your warmth and kindness. Thank you for three wonderful years. Sincerely yours. The Class of 1979 104 S.T.E.P. 108 KEVIN BROWNE DOROTHY DAY BRYAN HAMEL MICHAEL BRENNAN --. ma r VILLIAM DALEY Micheal J. Brennan 322 Mystic St, 2-25-61 Bring Lawyers, guns and Money. They ' ll get me out of this. Kevin Patrick Browne 48 Fremont St. 5-24-61 William J. Daly 19 Foxmeadow Ln, 9-7-61 Dorothy Day 25 Fremont Ct. 10-20-59 I told you I ' d make it, someday, Dickie good Luck. VW I ' ll leave it up to you. Don ' t let the sun catch you crying. Summer of " 78 " Betty and Steven Thanks My family — much later! 10-13-78 Barbs Reception STEP I ' ll see you later YA. DC. R.G. MM Philip M. Grace 12 Harold St. 7-14-60 Bryan William Hamel 72 Dickson Ave. 5-31-61 " Track ' s " It ' s only Rock " n " Roll. The Rathskeller, Party! grove street park and all the rest! Thanks to everyone at S.T.E.P. Howard E. Hardin 133 Mt. Vernon St. 1-18-61 William Huber 180 Scituate St. 6-5-61 Born to be wild, S.T.E.P,, Easyrider Don ' t fear the reaper. Bad Company lynard skynryd, J.Gies, Kinks, Stones, Gimme Shelter, Grove Street Roper 7i4, Southern Comfort, Bud vitaman V, The doors, Masi Miles M.T. Layfayette, Harley Davidson, Dusties, The Blues, 9-14-75 Shriners, Buzzed, Kancaman- gus highway. Summer of " 78 " , Shuzz, The Rover, Born to run, ESPLANADE PARTY. HOWARD HARDIN WILLIAM HUBER 109 Nicholas J. lanneili 61 Newland Rd. 3-25-61 Sue 1 1-6-76, Hampton, Stud, The Mountains, Parties at the Rez, The woods. Jammin, Rage, T H C, millers, M-E-S-k, The Park, The green machine, all nighters, block parties. Parties at school. Katherine S. Kontos 207 Mystic St. 1-22-61 Memories; Corvette rally, W. Springfield. Love — Vermont, Zep — Thank you Angie — KQ freebird. My Love PM, CL. SF, AO, ES (FK) VC. — Good Times, B.C. ' s reception, Everett Beach, Thanks JL PD. I made it Mom! Wish you were here — Dad. James Thomas Marotta 206 Florence Ave. 7-10-60 Dazed and Confused (Vitamin V), Good times Bad times. James Paragona 88 Sunnyside Ave. 1 1-28-61 John Salvato 215 Ookland Ave. 12-28-60 JONNY Snipe Sept. 31976. Karen. STEP PRES, Thanks Mr. Lennon, re- member the good times up Jimbos house. The Doors, When the music is over. Only time will tell. You crazy kid. Best friends J.B., L.G., Pays back a bitch. But life still goes on. You ' ll be sorry. Carol Shannon 14 Farmer Rd. 5-12-61 Deirdre Shepherd 99 Valentine Rd. 12-19-60 Thanks S.T.E.P. KATHERINE KONTOS JAMES PARAGONA CAROL SHANNON NICHOLAS lANNELLI JOHN SALVATO ■ JAMES MAROTTA 1 10 DEIRDRE SHEPARD Class pfftll oi 1979 i DIANA AINSWORTH leaves all her unbagged skips to Mr. Fairbanks, LORI ALBERTS leaves all her art messes and drawings, and the warning label from a bottle of Tab to Miss Finberg. JUDY ALDRED leaves Gail ' s giggles to the Junior Class. CHERYL ANDERSON leaves her edition of a book entitled " One-hunded Easy Ways To Do An Activity " to Mr. Kuziel ' s upcoming students. DANA BAIN leaves a new excuse for being late 1st period to Mr. Lane. GINA BALDINI leaves all the fun she had in Senior year to Kathy O ' Neil. 1 LOU BARINELLI leaves his great track and field talents to Jim Bergantino. I CHARLIE BARMASHI leaves a gold plated straw to (Eager) Ed Kiley. LARRY BARR leaves all the abuse to Base because he deserves it. JEFF BARSOIAN leaves Mr. Nevola the " Bricks " to carry on in the next year. PATRICIA BRADLEY leaves her Geometry book to Louise Paiva. DAN BRESLAU leaves photography to the other D.B. JUDIE BROWN leaves many thanks and lots of love and happiness to her family and friends. KIM BROWN leaves her sister Kari and her friends all the success and happiness in their senior year at Arlington High School. JAYNE CORMIER leaves her shoes on the tracks. ‘ KAREN CRIMMINGS leaves the Chevy all over Arlington. ' PAM CROWLEY leaves her cowboy hat to no one — she ' s taking it with her. KATHY COVEL leaves all her appointment slips to Mr. Fairbanks. I DIANE COX leaves the Music Department class of " 81 jobs as understudies for the overacted and overemotional T.V. show " SOAP " ' cause they ' ve had plenty of practice, i ' BOB CALIENDO leaves all his fake dismissal notes to Miss Miller. VICKI CHRONIS leaves to Betsy a 1970 Lemons 400 4 Barrel 4 speed. ' ■ BARBARA CAPARELL leaves her tricycle to Donna Deyab. j SUSIE CARROLL leaves to Chris Dynan all her unsigned pink slips, Helen, Bright eyes and all those cold chilly days. ' DAVID CORREIA leaves all his work papers in Mr, Foisy ' s dumb waiter in Room 5. j MARY CULHANE wills all her empties to the science department — better a bottle in front of her than a frontal lobotomy. JAMES E. DALTON JR. leaves his auto shop toolbox to Captain Kerk and Champ. DIANE DOYLE leaves all her activity sheets to Mr. Kuziel ' s students. KATHY DONOVAN leaves all her classmates $100, but not this year. ROBIN DUSSAU LT leaves dismissal notes, inexcusable tardy slips, and all her appointment slips to the senior office. JOANNE EGAN leaves her name carved in a table in Room 1 1. JEANNE FLYNN leaves a bottle of aspirin for all those who couldn ' t bear her laugh. JACK FLYNN leaves his lateness to anyone who doesn ' t know what the word prompt means. LISA FIORAVANTI leaves behind four Thorndike girls Karen, Doreen, Nancy and Cheryl to have a good senior year. CHERYL GROBEL leaves her 442 to Kevin and Domenic. DEBBIE GRANATO leaves all her excuses for being late to Marie Henderson. 1 1 1 LIZ GALLANT leaves a MacDonald ' s chocolate coke to Kathy MacDonald. KAREN GALVIN leaves all her instrumental jokes to Karen Koretsky. JANE GEARIN leaves her sister Beth — the school can have her! EDDIE HAWKSLEY leaves his running abilities to B ill Ames. JON HECK wills Mr. MULTOFA SENSE OF HUMOR. JAY HALL leaves his nickname " Disco Duck " behind to anyone who wants to take it. MARIA HAMIZIDES leaves all her ex-boyfriends and problems to Janet Guarino. LEE HAYES leaves her best wishes to all the kids from A.H.S. parking lot, Stratton, Rez, Thorndike, and Crosby etc. MARY KEEFE leaves all her history tests and papers to Mr. Russell to do whatever he would like with them. JIM KOENIG leaves the A building to the Arlington Historical Society, to do with it what Cinncinatti tried to do with Pete Rose. RON KEBALKA leaves his sophomore report card to Mr. Taylor, so he con bum it! IRA KEMP leaves his 1979 Patriots Superbowl tickets to Mr. Kotter because they ain ' t goin ' . AL KOZLOSKI leaves all of the unsolved cases to pile up in Mr. Feldman ' s file cabinet. BARBARA KIBIT leaves her great imagination to Mr. Kuziel and her fantastic notebook to Mr. MacAuley. VALERIE LAMBROU leaves the freak and her rings to Mr. Quigley. ED LARKIN leaves his sickness to anyone who can handle it. PATRICK LA VERY leaves his calculus notebook to anyone who is brave enough to take the course. JOEL LEAK leaves his bari sax to anyone who can hack it. ERIC LEARNARD leaves his file cabinet full of late slips to Mr. Mac. CINDY LEWKO leaves all her memories of A.H.S. to A.H.S. KATHY LOVETH leaves all the parties out back to Karen Koretsky. PETER LUNDSTROM leaves his Pass Out game to the next set of unreal people. DEBBIE MARCONE leaves all the days she skipped school and wasn ' t caught to her sister Ann. JOANNE MAHER leaves her green eyeshadow to Mrs. Mahoney. GAIL MAHONEY leaves " Motah " and L.J.S. 321 talks to Robby Galligani. TINI MAHONEY leaves her majorette talents and disco lessons to Kathy Mahon. BETH MARTINIAN leaves all her English papers, especially her autobiographies, to Mrs. Powers. MARYLOU MATTOS leaves David Cahill to Gretchen Sousa for weekends. MARY JO MILLER leaves all her old gym socks to her sister Nancy. MONTY leaves his white horse to anybody who wants it. LINDA MOREL leaves her luck to Debbie Preston, Chris Dynan, Idalyn Macchia, and Martha Long. TRISH MUCCI leaves her 1 position on Mc ' s KP list to anyone who earns it and wants it. CHIHIRO MUKAI leaves Finn her worms, her grapes, and her turkeys. KATE NOONAN leaves her goofyness to Julie Hoey. CHRISTY NORTHFIELD leaves a full length videotape of a typical Trevisani English Class to her English class of 1978-79; to Karen Marble she leaves a brand new red MG to climb the hills without slipping or weird noises. SUSAN and SALLY O ' CONNOR leave Crystal Dynan the Force, the mini dipper and their many theories. DIANE OLIVEIRA leaves her great U.S. History notes and old tests to Mr. MacAuley. GARY OLSEN leaves his Eagle Scout award to Gregory Stathopolos. 1 12 PETER ORFANOS leaves his power to " eek " at will to Greg Stathopolos. DONNA PATTERSON leaves her teammates success in fieldhockey, basketball and track. PENNINO " BASH " leaves crazy times and Bashes to the " real " iDeople that know how to party . . . Idalyn, Martha, and Chris. KATHY PIKE leaves her sister Sarah anything she wants, in return for always borrowing her clothes. BARBARA PITCHER leaves her name " Wiggles " to the junior who deserves it most. DORIA PIZZOTTI leaves to Fin her fantastic sketch book — if she can find it. k MICHELLE PONTE leaves her piano books to Mr. Hurwitz, and her record of " Anticipation " to Vince. JUDY QUAN leaves her Marching Band uniform, including her shoes and hat that never fit, to Mary K. Maytum. NANCY REZENDES leaves a broken typesetter, deadlines that were never met, aggravation and the " h est photographer in A.H.S. " to the next editor of the school newspaper. 4 CAROL RICHARDSON leaves her three-year Spanish vocabulary of nineteen words, and her ceramic pyramid, to Midgie Carwash. DOREEN ROSSELLI leaves the thought of her relatives coming here and aggravating the teachers as much and more than she did. CHRIS SAKORAFOS leaves his thanks to his parents for putting up with him for seventeen years and not throwing him out, even though he deserved to be. CAROLYN SCHAEFFNER leaves her old gym sneakers to Mr. Quigley. MIKE SHAW leaves his pink slips to Mr. Harry Fairbanks. BRIAN SHEA leaves his history notebook with all the codes from Russia to B.D., Russian spy. 1 STEPHEN SHEPARD leaves his " Blue Suede Shoes " to next year ' s " Cabaret. " SANDRA SHWAB leaves a full box of Sucrets for all those who will need them to make it through the days to come. WENDY SMITH leaves Adam Whitlock, Matt Leo, and all the rest to Lyn Slade. I GRETCHEN SOUSA leaves her favorite koala bear to MaryLou Mottos. ANNE SULLIVAL leaves all her dentist and doctor appointments. CHRISTINE SZAREK leaves her position as " groupie " (jazz ensemble, marching band . . .) open to anyone who can do o better job! ANGELA TAMBINI leaves, .... but her memories stay . . . JUDY TILDSLEY leaves her partying to Linda Poala. GREG VARTANIAN leaves his bus to Ottle Zottle. JEAN VAUGHAN leaves his loud mouth to echo through the halls. ALISON VERNEY leaves the end of the Verney students to Arlington High. TINA VILHOTTI leaves her back-problems to Jimmy Moran. JULIE WAHLEFIELD leaves a bar of soap to Smelly C.G. ANNE WINKLER leaves a package of frozen green beans to Sheila O ' Toole. JOHN WOODIN leaves the memories of his cottage to the parties of ' 79. ) SUJATA, SANDRA, and ELLEN leave a justice of the peace to Miss Morin and Mr. Bockler. ■ ' MR. BRITT ' S 1st PERIOD ACCOUNTING CLASS leaves him one detention for arriving late to class. ! THE CLASS OF 5th PERIOD leaves to Joe Dillon — " J.D. " — one moustache mug. ' MR. MAC ' S 1st PERIOD LATIN IV CLASS leave him a pile of unfinished translations and a pile of ancient togas. MR. MANNING ' S 5th PERIOD PHYSICS CLASS leaves him all their rushes. THE HIGH SCHOOL BOYS leave deepest apologies and all their love to the senior girls. Reed Taylor Paul Jenney Headmaster Harold Fairbanks Henry Toczylowski We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done. Longfellow 1 14 Donald Romeo It is more dangerous that even a guilty person should be punished without the forms of law than that he should escape. Jefferson Thomas Vaughn Eye for eye, tooth for tooth Richard Hall Richard Collomb Ralph Giobbe Robert K. Lober Leslie Hurwitz Department Head 1 16 Frank Roberts Gerald Thebodo ' Office (d Catherine Butler John C. Britt William F. Coughlin Mary Dolan Lorna Megna Peter J. Leone Lynda Thompson John P. Ligor 120 Donna Kirkland Ccunfciim Jervh s Suzanne Crapser Joanne Coakley Walter Devine Department Head William Croke 121 Marion Kennedy Vincent D ' Antona Patricia Fallon Mary Kokaras 122 Dr. Lou Levin Milton MacDonald Jane Towey Daniel Wolf Mora Rawlings Allan Winecour Da a Barbara Fryer John Daddario Marie Henehan William Rowsell 124 JOHN BYRNE JOSEPH CASEY GAIL COLLINS KATHLEEN DOYLE MARY FISCHER ■ vlvY 126 LINDA MOLLOY PRISCILLA MONAHAN MARY ELLEN POWERS MARYANN ORLANDO 129 UxihU J. Douglas Hunter William A. McCarthy Ronald Rahowishi Donald A. Sandrelli Maria L. Spagnuolo Eric Anderson Frank Propp Department Head James Brown Edward Bradbury nla{tumaiic0 136 Edward P. Burns -fk Ralph McElearney Raymond Smith A Otxupalhml £d Frank Prusik Supervisor Ralph F. Gioiosa Department Head Robert Brennan ! 145 In Memory Of James Canavan 46 Thomas Crotty Mark J. Catalini Charles Cook Dr. Reynold Civil! Robert Dowell Louis Gallante Weldon McLeod Martin Lone 147 IW . Francis Proulx If little labour, little our gaines; Man ' s fortunes are according to his paines. Herrick Donald Sotnick Ronald Nevola William McGovern 148 Kenneth Poynton fftus ical Christine Fiorenza Richard DeCaprio Ralph E. Bevins William Barrett 149 Richard Quigley Marilyn Steele Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step, only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon wi reach his " destination " . 50 John Hanley Mary McDonough Jane McGivney Scm icterus Nellie Fisher Lina Crowley Mary Camerlengo Lucille Corcoran 151 Jeanne Scalese 52 Gertrude Kovar Patricia Maher Barbara Hayes Rose Foley f MM SctCIlCCif Arthur Botelho Harry Meserve Department Head Shelly Brugman 153 Donald Bockler Marzina Morin Dianne Rice Joseph Popondrea John O ' Connor Carol Lawton 154 John Cody Science is simply common sense at its best — that is, rigidly accurate in observation, and merciless to fallacy in logic. T.H. Huxley 155 Donald Manning Department Head George House Allan Katz Bradford Clough Paul MacAuley Harry Mitchell History is something that never happened. Thomas Russell Edmund Storlazzi written by a man who wasn ' t there. Elinor Freedman Mary Jane McCarthy 160 Diane Fennema Myrna Finn Cafdcrla. Left to right: Frank Dimon, Patrick McGuire, Glenn Hobert, Joe Brown, John Fitzpatrick, John McCarty, Paul Nyburg. Sitting: Samuel Zavaglia. Back row Left to Right: Winnifred Kongas, Helen Carter, Helen Malone, Evelyn Rauseo, Margaret O ' Connell, Elizabeth Brogdon. Front row Left to right: Janice Carlino, Terry Bishop, Ann Matola, Ruth Blanciforti, Rose Mari. 162 Cross Country: 1st Row: Peggy Gallagher, Sue Ciampa, Sharon Pickering, Eileen O ' Rourke, Gitte Crowley, Anne McElearney, Dale Dooley. 2nd Row: Kathy Canty, Yoshi Campbell, Brenda Burns, Kathy Rezendes, Nancy Blasi, Kathy French, Heather McIntosh, Marybeth Farinoso, Mary Howard, Coach Ralph McElearney. MlrjULtii wtt n tiSME Hk ' ' vxilB ' ' ' R ' iTTiTiMITTTrft ' r Field Hockey: Left to Right — 1st Row; Lori Maloney, Tricio Mucci, Carolyn Sullivan, Capt. Donna Patterson, Beth Danaher, Lori Denison, Melissa Jones. 2nd Row: Coach Jane McGivney, Manager Patricia Messuri, Rosemary Brady, Julie Jalelian, Beth Long, Sharon Lowry, Angela Frankudakis, Mari Agnes Flynn, Karen Beaton Manager. Center: Donna Paterson. Center: Donna Patterson. 2nd Row: Melissa Jones, Trisha Mahoney. First Row: Coach Bevins, Kevin Poivo, Steve Allosso, Bob Lake, Peter Lundstrom, f il Ander n, Chuck Patterson Steve Centrella Brian Cadagan, Brian Lordan. Second Row: Coach DeCaprio, Coach Hanley, Mike DaCampo, Brian Keveny, Bill Keysper, Jim Judge, Pat Lavery, Jim Moran, Ed Roche, Ed Hamilton. Third Row: Trainer MacAu ley, Ron Ke lka, Dana Bafn J Daley, Camilo Santana, Joe Cancelliere, Rick Marquis, Moon Conroy, B l Shea, Ed Colomy. Curran, Kevin Carkery, Phil Doherty, Hank Ayers, Paul DeVellis, John Melly, Fred Ryan. Fifth Row: Coach DeMatteo, Bob Lutz, Bob Donaldson, Mike Garrity, Bob Campbell, John Ding, Chuck Gennis. Hockey 1 First Row: Mott Collins, Rich Corey, Pot Lovery, Steve Smith, Tri-Captain Mike Messuri, Tri-Captain Brian Cadagan, Steve 1 Centrella, Jim Hunt, Jim Judge. Second Row: Coach Ed Burns, John Crowley, Dan Griffin, Kevin Corkery, Dan Colbert, Leo ! ' Lanzillo, Dave Messuri, Ed Hamilton, Coach Dick De Caprio. Third Row: Bob Casey, Greg Difley, Tom Griffin, Bob Bowler, Tim O ' Conner. Not Pictured: Manager John Frederick and trainer Phil Emma. ! 1 iV - . 9f3 f j WWMWi ‘i ' l swMm V mmf ' WsWMt i Front Row: left to right; Maureen Tighe, Diane Chiarcia, Pauline Finberg, Paula Neri, Donna Pennino. Back Row: left to right; Linda Morel, Susan O ' Connor, Idalyn Macchia, Cindy Gatto, Paula Tremblay, Martha Long, Sally O ' Connor, Robin McCormick. Cheerleaders Majorrettes; Center — Captain Lynn McNally. Back Row: Margaret Hegarty, LeAnne Delano, Susan Hegarty, Chris Donnelly Maureen Sullivan, Shelia Hegarty, Susie Carroll, Tini Mahoney, Karen Mahon. Tini Mahoney, Lynn McNally, Susie Carroll. First Row: Bob Lowe, Paul Powell, Leo Lanzillo, Dove CalCaterra, Marc Lerra, Matt Faulkner, Don Coombs, Steve Antanakas, Louie Coconiedes. Second Row: Coach Freeman, Coach Gioux, Chris Flynn, James McTague, Mike Pecci, Pete McTague, Paul Oppedisano, Shawn Sullivan, Jim DeMetrios, Mark O ' Connor, Kenny Rahilly, Ed Santana, David Donahue, Gary Dimopoloos. Swimming: 1st Row: MoryAnn Fitzsimmons Co-Capt., Joanne Maher Co-Copt. Middle Row: LouAnn Tulimieri, Paula Healy, Carol Richardson, Eileen Hoar, Carol Scannell. Last Row: Krista Barmakian, Jennifer Lincoln, Suzanne DiPerna, Jeannine Rivals, Debbie Maskell, Borbara Stein, Not Pictured: Coach Marilyn Steele, Mary Baratta, Arline Burns, Justine Kent, Susan Lordan, Debbi Winchell. Center: Joanne Maher, Carol Scannell. 2nd Row: Paula Healy, Carol Richardson, Eileen Hoar. Boys Swim Team Front Row: left to right; Eric Stenson, Komm Meehan, Richard Sweeny, Robert Sweeny, Paul Maffa. Second Row: Paul Shawrtz, John Guinee, Jim Koenig, Tom Driscoll, Tom Mullane, Mike Lynch. Third Row: Ted Speros, Bob McCabe, Mark Matson, Captain Brian Lordan, Billy Kelly, Jonathan Speros, Coach Roger Duggan. Volleyball: 1 st Row: Kate Noonan, Denise Korkas, Val Zahka, Barbara Caparell, Edna Chin. 2nd Row: Coach Cogswell, Ann Howard, Christina Giunta, Erin u ' Brien, Lisa Fratto, Donna Procopio, Co-Capt. Val Zahka, Denise Kokaras. Kate Noonan, Denise Korkas, Val Zahka, Barbara Caparell. i 187 GIRLS GYMNASTICS Back Row: John Brescia (Ass ' t Coach), Liz McEleney, Lisa Levangie, Pam Whitney, Angela Frankudakis, Nancy McKenney, Carmen Dominguez, Jeramie Sullivan, York Parris Jr (Head Coach). Front Row: Donna McKenney, Rosemary Abruzzese, Janice Buck, Carol Scannel, Deanna Cerundolo. Missing From Picture: Linda Ciampa, Nancy Haz ltine (Mgr.) Penny Yeomelakis. PERFORMING ARTS 199 ORCHESTRA AHS String Orchestra consists of twenty-two musicians; this is o relatively small group in comparison with post years but the orchestra maintains its fine reputation. This organization has been involved in several concerts and three exchange trips within the past four years. In the past two years, the orchestra has competed in a state competition and gained first place, a tribute to the outstanding efforts of the musicians. MARCHING BAND The Arlington High School Marching Bond, under the direction of Pot Tossone and " Buddy " Stevens, is on organization consisting of woodwinds, brass percussion instruments. The bond ploys at each football game during the season. A show is performed at half-time. In addition, the band marches in the Veteran ' s Day and the Patriot ' s Day Parades. ir k M ' ILKH m3 DRAMA r M Mb 4 MADRIGAL AND JAZZ SINGERS 208 0 ' ■ Jfr " i ' Jbuvv " YEARBOOK STAFF I Center: Ann Clark. First Row: Barbara Caparell, Maria Lembidakis, Sandra Mastorakos, Sujata Chakrabarti, Lisa Foster, Esther Hamparian, Susan Ciampa, Paula Healy, Sally Erickson, Linda Peterson. Second Row: Mr. Gordon, Ellen DeCourcey, Laura Giunta, Carol Foley, Judy Quan, Bob Slate, Dan Breslau, Lee Ann Paradis, Steve Allosso. CLOSE UP First Row: Robert Giolongo, Barbara Caparell, Sean Lonergan, Steven Allosso, Nancy Rezendes. Second Row: Mr. Tammaro — Advisor, Robert Slate, Liz Smith, Chris Chronis, Dan Breslau, Matthew Faulkner, and David Ruter. 218 ART CLUB (Back L-R) Karen Ferretti, Lee Parasis, Michelle Desrosiers, Jane Dunlap, Marlene Silva, Jennifer Lincoln, Anne Valk, Kristine Van Valkenburgh. (Middle L-R) Mrs. Eskadel (Advisor), Chris Viera, Joan Stafford, Toshiko Ikemoto, Terry Silva, Leslie Kuzirian. (Front L-R) Julie DeLeo, Donna Partamian, Maria Kaliontzis, Lois La France, Diana Juers. MATH TEAM 219 CHESS CLUB Debating Club Katherine Grimanis, Kim Mullen. MATH TEAM B% Carler° ' ° ' mith, Joanna Fryer, Norihiro Ikemato, W.J, Wohllebe (Advisor), David Km ' korian, Stephen Nelson. Missing; ' " -:: 5 | Jifl A " " jfd. (Back L-R) Mrs. Stockman (Advisor), Sheila Hegarty, Valerie Philips, Dana Nahigian, Wendy Northfield, Ann Marie Sullivan, Billy Speros, Jon Speros, Ted Speros, Brendan McDermott. (Front L-R) Laura Giunta, Maria Lembidakis, Ellen Decourcey, Sujata Chakrabarti. 22 FRENCH ITALIAN CLUB Henry Rodrigues, Lillian Venti, Maria Hamizides, Lori Simole, Linda Pizzotti. LATIN CLUB 224 Maria Lembidakis, Peggy Baker, Eileen Downing, Cicero, Domenic Pulgores, Eileen Hoar, Lisa Foster, Judy Quan. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Photography Club: Don Breslau, Alex Mastorakos, Karen Ferretti, John E., M. Brown, William Gibbons, Darlene Ponte, Donald Bochler (Advisor), Lisa Fratto, Gitti Crowley, Andrew McMakin. 225 FRISBEE CLUB 231 What are they saying We all must wear our uniforms I know Tm gorgeous, And this is the Blackboard No, not another picture Du iee ay e WteA n % We y H xi n uvcA ' an e RA u e(m Q r. q cA oA ctncy Q r. Q fty: ' . ' Tie 2 2iocAe ( mi y 7 i€ Oy Cx n a ( imi y oM? 6r. %. (Me uen 2 yyy a ay y 2ine a ' iam a (5 Ata?(A 2e wu a c4S 2aur n 2a x o ’2)ta n-e am iAe (M ie a A mi y ( r. reene (MAe ( ' A 7w ( m y ( yfa e y-M n (M pcoa ( yia one (sMy. oMy . ( Ma x x yyio emayee ( yan ' O ayu 9le f a yaf ti (Mayn y Robert latc William Henry Williams stood at the mountain base, A confident grin pasted onto his face. " This anthill I ' ll climb in a jiffie " was his boast; You see, failure in his mind was the thought furthermost. So William Henry Williams commenced the campaign He worked, and he scrambled, the peak to attain. Yet after a time, when he paused for a stay, A glance upward showed the peak to be far, far away. Just then William Henry Williams spied an old man on a rock; By al l appearance, a wise man; a prophet, and no crock. He thought to himself, " I ' ll query this chap, " " And then all the mysteries of life for me he ' ll unwrap. " " Old fellow, " he asked, " since the news is not rife, " " Could you pleasure me by explaining the meaning of life? " Whereupon the graybeard turned, his face quite serene He replied, " Life is a game and a cereal and a magazine. " Anger, great insult, rage and offense; William Henry Williams felt all that; ' twas no pretense. " You humbug! You mock me! " he bawled in disgust Then he returned to his climbing, while silently he cussed. William Williams climbed, and he climbed and he climbed The journey was toilsome, the task of a lifetime. Finally, when the way up about equaled the way down. He again stopped to take rest, his face in a frown. Before him reposed the old man, looking quite merry " Perhaps now, " he thought, " he ' ll answer my query. " So again, William Williams opportuned, " What ' s the meaning of life? " Whereupon he got the same silly answer, and to avoid any strife. Bill Williams climbed faster, worked harder than before Several times he saw the old man, whom he now did ignore. His mind was focused on the ultimate success His obsession to reach the peak I cannot here express. Yes, finally. Old Bill Williams, reached the nest of the crow Nothing was above him, and all was below. The top of his mountain was his; that he knew: " I ' ve found what I sought for. I ' m finally through! " Then, one last time. Bill saw the old man But Bill had learned much since the journey began. He smiled. " Old man. I ' ve answered my question, so move on. " And the old man faded, then " poof! " , he was gone. William Henry Williams returned to the mountain base, A confident grin once again on his face. This is the time when our own lives really begin. There is confusion, wonderment, and some trepidation; but don ' t fear the future for it will be brighter than yesterday, and better than today. Don ' t be afraid if you hear a different drummer; march to him and be proud. Let your dreams reach the stars, and cling fast to them. RETROSPECT Cowl necks heart chain dangling Feathered hair high heel stomping Building A lockers jamming Daily smiles hold no hearing Be at pease with yourself, and you will gain a new and wonderful friend. And so, in parting, 1 leave these words of love and hope: Time has lapsed and left you scared Can ' t hold on to high school glory Strive for happiness, reach for your dreams, always look ahead, and never give up. Remember, the future is yours for the taking; make it the best you Now there ' s space to live your dreams and leave behind less sacred things possibly can. Judith Ann Quan Paula Mealy 243 ovtbtv nuttg iHay ( ob bless aitb keep uou altuaps, iHau trour bitsbes all come true. jHau non alfoaps bo for otI]ers axtb let otl]ers bo for uou. au uou butlb a labber to the stars aitb climb an eb’ru ruup. iHifau you stay foreber youxtg, iHifau you stay foreber youug. au you grobi up to be righteous, ay you grobr up to be true. iJlau uou albiaus kuobi tbe truth “5 — V V aitb see the lights surrouubiug you. ay you albiays be courageous, staub uprigl]t axtb be stroug. iJlay you stay foreber yomtg, iHay you stay foreber yomtg. iHay your baubs albiays be busy, ♦ iHflay your feet albiays be sbiift. ay you babe a stroug fouubatiou 3E3beu the luittbs of cbauges sliift. iJfay your heart albiays be joyful, iHay your soug albiays be snug. iJlay you stay foreber youug, iBay you stay foreber youug. — ®ob iBylau 244 245 246 Scott 643-6660 Flowers GREENHOUSES AND STORE 61 Forest Street — Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS ROBERT ' S PLACE FOR HAIR, INC. Salon for Women Men 683 MASS. AVENUE. ARLINGTON, MA - 648-9817 parjF 5 of ROME 1 SALONE of ELEGANCE A ” 892 J lassacfiusetts . 4venue and 648-9867 on Your Ar HODGDON-NOYES BUICK, INC. 835 Massachusetts Ave. Phone: 643-5300 New and Used Cars Leasing and Rentals Service, Parts and Body Shop 643-1463 NEW ENGLAND PHOTO INC. Audio Visual Equipment 436 MASS. AVENUE Ara K. Gechijian ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 PARK FLORIST 1321 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 Telephone (617) 643-8840 The sign of natural quality Richard M. Morrell 247 248 ARLINGTON HOUSE of PIZZA 797 Mass. Ave. Arlington Ma. The Finest Ingredients are Used in Our Foods Call Your Order Before You Leave, it Will be ready on Your Arrival Pizza-Grinders Spaghetti 646-5016 (mum The CARNATION COURTESY BANK Six Convenient Offices In Arlington Bedford Burlington North Reading 249 YOU ' ll NEVER KNOW TIME SALES - SERVICE 745 MASg. AVE.. APXIN TON On M TA -0 Harvard YOUR BE5T DEAL TIL you ' ve CHECKEX) OIDSMOBILE BUY 0« ueASE 648 " 5600 HOFFMAN NEWS 1 350 Mass. Ave. Arlington Heights 648-5572 School Supplies Periodicals Rubber Stamps 251 252 THE ARLINGTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK Main Office — 699 Massachusetts Avenue DRIVE UP — Monday-Tuesday- Wednesday 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Friday — 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. LOBBY — Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Friday Night 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. ' THE HOME FOR YOUR DOLLARS . . . THE DOLLARS FOR YOUR HOME Branch — 1420 Massachusetts Avenue DRIVE UP — Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Thursday-Friday 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Saturday — 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. LOBBY — Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Thursday and Friday Nights — 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Saturday Morning — 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. 253 Tiberii ' s Flower Shop 171 A Mass Ave Arlington, Ma. 02174 646-8716 254 255 %c (Aoy- oAyi - CSAn n ayA ayouA c Aoy ( yoAa AaAya ia yA{ ' oSatyof A f fAoy 2aaya tariAa PioAo ya i y f Aay y yes af OS PyA ’ f ZTay Q PtaAAA ui C aa Ayi y ( ey iZoy ( ecAcoyi cZcAcyyd Q PPayAa )APem H a ci , APau a oA a y iAeya yy c cAafm Q H y mn, lo teyA aAe Zey ymi ' ny yAk 0cZi k y (Pfa y(cM yt tyZ ' (§ Jfu yAA ( (Aayd ay iaya a iye , ( ue asaxxa ' SSo-y ' A S jkoyAA %c U y (APAei n CSp a:isO ' VA u6C ' ne66 %cliAoy (§Pu an «tm a ’ Ayc x cUZo ' it diAo y ' APeyyy a cey CS PcAmhUca %cZiAcyy { een oA pay Paya tS 2ayoi A (APZapjf.- aZAy ‘ anAe t , ZZh ' Ze o-a y ney , O APayta Wyano, Pat ya i unAa ayeen Q Z tce , f iey Q a yta ( an lya Q- f{a:Ubya oo j e eyso i a f jZ tan ' Ten k ' . Z Zo o ya Z (ZfZa ]. )( ' ana OZZf ' f o y Z , ean iy SZaS{ W ? yes au , Syac , ( sa t iam a, Z tf Ayi ma, C ynn, QC a ? O. Z{e jfU€ y iYcZia j y , a f Q ZZtZe Payy n, oA ancy {yexen es. f Sf ?e s (Affapp.- Wave aZcafa yya j SincZa i i Q mce ( yan ca, a a iey, %y c oA yw x, yia n oAPe ven ney . ayo ( o e , 2Zu y jQ PZa yta ( y in x 2ai{ya tun a, ' Atayie oAPeo utne, Pa ey APa mZyo , oAPa Ziy 3Z( t ej ayi Z SZ Zhn Pen k . ' Za iZ An M y CSPcZiif-Soy j Q Pty . tay es ay on ' j qAL. AZau tne A n6€y j oMy. ayon f yc y PPiyiAi (§PAH ii, a i a ui io tia e Ape AS7S ea yZooA oSM i eZ 256

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