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ftoy, ■- i ' i., ■rM X iidi ? HHlkii’. ftk For Reference Not to be taken from this library klL l ' ' ' 4d ■ i if ' tf p-v -r, ,-V ' ’ ■ ' • ■ ' 1 f 1 1 ■ 1 ' 1 . ■ 1 ' ■1 1 ' -i 1 9 wM mm hS0NE45GM 639 [lUM 991 ml bu- savei There are plaees I’ll remember all my life though some have ehangecl. Some forever not lor better. Some have gone and some remain. All these plaees had their moments, with lovers and friends I still ean reeall. Some are dead and some are living. In my life I’ve loved them all. John Lennon Paul MeCartney CATHERINE E. AKERLEY ERANCIS J. ALDRED JAMES E. AGOSTINO JOHN J. ALBERTINI WELL I’VE BEEN AFRAID OF CHANGING ’CAUSE I’VE BUILT MY LIFE AROUND YOU BUT TIME MAKES YOU BOLDER EVEN CHILDREN GET OLDER AND I’M GETTING OLDER. TOO. Fleetwood Mac JOHN C. ALLEN JOHN W. ALLEN JIM AGOSTINO 38 Peirce St. 6-28-60 Auggv. Surfin Sun NTS. Intensive Care Unit. Cape. Can He Breatlie? Entertainment commitee. The Limo, the Rocket. Dr. T’s killer kegg. Jast a Crazy Guy! Howie Meter V.V. Attracted to rotary’s. Those tricks mess up my mind. CATHERINE AKERLEY 12 Osborn Rd. 1-3-60. Cathy Boogie and Beachin it. Busted!? Maine, Sunapee N.H., Jr. Semi and Prom 77. Good times Summer of 76 and 77. Luv Ya May! No love, no friendship can ever cross our path without affecting us in some way forever. Jack. JOHN ALBERTINI 32 Buena Vista Rd. 7-19-60 Al, The Farm, Northbound Maine, Robie, Party, Gatts, 6th grade juveniles, BoBo, Partying with my St. Louis Buddies, Schlitz Dots, Smashed, Boston Hill, Cheap Shot, Cape, Hampton, Shanty, Rock Roll, Good Times with good Buddies. FRANCIS J. ALDRED 24 Dow Ave. 5-15-60. Frank Partying, Cape Cod, Schlitz, Just having a good time, re- member “78”, Fr; M.M.,M.S.,K.L.,S.C. JOHN C. ALLEN 167 Woodside Lane 1-23-60. Johnny Parties,! Hampton T6 with Dave), Let’s get gladstoned, Zoar, Cape, VVhite Mtns, Virginia, You’ll never beat the road? Locks Woods Dust Journey, N.H., Vennont, Maine, It’s a bummer, M.B. never forgot ya. Thanks Mom and Dad. JOHN W. ALLEN 35 Chandler St. 12-5-58. Finneius Fog My favorite class is Printing, spending great years working with Cueball, Mary, The Kooch and many others. Bowling is my game; neither rain nor snow will keep me John (Finneius Fog) Allen and mv teamates from beating the opposition. SUSAN ALLEN 275 Highland Ave. 6-1-60. Sue Smitty, 3-6-76.. J-walking with Mitt and Muff. . . J. dels Con- cert . . . New Year’s Eve “77” . . . once in a blue moon . . . good friends always-Joyce, Marie, Judy., Acapulo “77” . . . the hotel door . . . Senior Prom “77”. Hancock House. JOSE F. AMARAL 52 Marathon St. 12-26-60. Cards and Trucks, Rocky, Frank, P.W., Linkhead, Dick, Propp-Derby, Just a crazy guy. Bush, Petch, Ford, Somerville. 20 DOREEN AMORIN JANET M. ANCIELLO DIANE E. ATKINSON k DAVID M. ANDERSON LINDA E. ATLAS LAURIE A WALT THOMAS J. AWISZUS MICHELLE A. AYLWARD DOREEN AMORIN 147 Thorndike St. 2-5-60. You all right? Summer of ’77, Party all night! P.M., T.S., I did it all! My friends — all w.p.’s. Spaced, Cajun’s Lad’s, Doreen and Dennis forever. Hey, Dad, I made it! Meet me out front. Truant! Who??? I’ll see ya! JANET ANCIELLO 80 Westminster Ave. 12-16-59. It’s over . . . AHS Parking lot Rec. Rec. Hotel T Surf s up Hampton flags the woods Rocky AM 9-12-75. Convention “Ort It’s been 4 years” Fathers Fridays, CCLLSR “7 Days” Rlotter Lee Never forget friends. DAVID ANDERSON 154 Lowell St. 1-9-60. Andy Hampton 76 with John, white mountains. Memorial Day weekend Chris, Concerts, Hey snatty, That’s all. Super friends. Thanks, good luck Everybody, Mom and Dad, JMT the Best. DIANE ATKINSON 6 Parker St. 4-13-60. Little Brat. Jumping Jack Flash, You Light Up My Life, Thorndike “77”, Cruisin, Lefty’s, Nikki — We Loved Ya. Bong-Martha? Burr, I.B.S., Summer Cape “77”, S.J.H., Mandy, Chris-Good times. Lonely boy, S.C., Donna, Crazy Lady, Well Pat — We finally made it!! LINDA E. ATLAS 70 Bates Rd. 1-29-61. “A friend is a person with whom you can dare to be yourself.” I want to thank all my friends for all the love, support and guid- ance that you have given me. I wish you the best of everything. . . . “Today.” LAUREL ANN AWALT 1 Brookwood Lane, Huntington, Conn. 12-7-60. K’wali. Liz, Judie, Jill, Karen, Linda, Susan, Prez. Horizons, Adam’s Ribs, Rainbow, Oklahoma, “Of course!”, I’m freakin’ out, par- ties, pushing the car, I’m a little koalie bear — Toddles! It’s been real, it s been fun, and it’s been real fun. THOMAS J. AWISZUS 359 Summer St. 11-29-60. B-ball . . .Crosscountry. . .Pit Stops. . .Cafe. . .Summer of 77 . . . Senior Studies . . . “Give a little bit” . . . A.H.S. that’s all! MICHELLE AYLWARD 26 Kilsythe Rd. 10-6-60. Shelly Biology trip 9th, AOE, Survival, Jimmie — “I love you!” Shorty, Belle, Florida, Godspell — “By My Side” — “Re- member That Applause Dot!” Annie — “What a party.” Junior Prom. “Surprise! Orlando Concert D.A., D.S. L.B., D.M., M.G., M.M., Thanks Don, Marz, Mr. Smith, Mr. Roberts. 21 RICHARD RATTISTA LIANE BARMAKIAN ADREENA BARMAKIAN PAUL BAGDASARIAN 23 Tower Rd. 1-3-61 Little Woods, The Tower, Stratton, Budweiser, Sparkem up, oz. of the Black Hash, Autoinotives. Bono, Binga, Beer, Later! CHERYL A. BAKER 59 Newport St. 4-17-60. The Drome, Jeanne, CBBC, skipping classes. Bagged, Ar- lington Police, Diane’s driving, the school dances. Room 84, the clock, D.E.C.A., Narcon, my ’69 Rebel, the truck, Lori, LBBM, HDC, four to midnight. Living with Diane, the “Cow- boy,” Memories, Coodbye AHS. ROSE BAKER 17 Beck Rd. 2-26-60. Rosie I love you Dad, Ray, BOB Family N.H., special thanks Denise — Shannan, J G, K MS. Timmy — Prom — Summer “77 Central, SPLKD, Farm, H.S., Clatter, Friends, Tohn-boy Cood times . . . doubling, Carolyn and Billy, DOCS! Red lights! So good! VO OJ, Thanks everyone. PAUL BARATTA 46 Aerial St. 1-9-60. Summer ’77, Hampton Beach, Club Casino, V.C.’s, Cats, Ita- lians? Student Advisory, V. Swimming, 500, 6:30 AM — wakeup? Sears, Doc, T-shirts, Boys’ Club, Barrarara, Phase I, II, III, IV; B. D, J, Lang, Jackie Stewart, Thank you. No class, ML, TL, |H, MD, SW. RICHARD BATTISTA 61 Cleveland St. ADREENA BARMAKIAN 30 Brantwood Rd. 12-15-59. H.S. memories, 3 furies, J’s Impala, Sloe C., The Trip, Swifts, Allnighters at .56 B, K.R., “Reasons,” “Back in my arms,” R.P., S.B-Day, (Quebec, The Island, Climbing the Wall at Salem! J.M., W.B., S.P., J.C., friends always. Thank you Dr. C. Future Times. LIANE BARMAKIAN 30 Brantwood Rd. 9-14-60. Friends Always — Eddie, 6-4-77, Jean, Cwen, Soy, Julie, JJ, D Court, Pooh! MV-forever. Never forget — J’s car, Wendy’s comb, Susan’s talking, summer “7.5”, Seventeen, 3 furies, P-lot, Quebec, 22., 69, “the trip?”, “Oh my Cod!”, KSNF, Fruit of the Loom, partying. The best of times. NANCY C. BECKWITH 48 Robbins Rd. 10-L5-60. Beck Jr. yr. Eng. Ms. Orlando, 3 yrs. In and Out, M.D.C. 77, “Party”, Faith — Mrs. Grande, My friend Lynn, G.S., Arlington O.K. Why?, Goodbye, thanks “Ma!” 22 LINDA J. BELLUCHE JACQUELYN M. BELEY KAREN A. BENNETT ROBERT J. BENT CHRISTINE V. BERBERIAN JOHN L. BERENYI, JR. JACQUELYN M. BELEY 126 Paul Revere Rd. 11-6-60. Jackie What’s a friend? Peggy, Carole, Terri, Sisters, Kids in school. Parties, “Little Mies”, Res., Bridge, Burl. 4-17-77 The Bust in Lexington 8-1-77 Meeting Mark, Our secret places. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good-hye good times, Hellor ones to come. LINDA BELLUCHE .54 Spy Pond Parkway .5-14-60. Belluch Dorothy C. — you you’re the one. Dancer? Naturally!! Stars! There’s no Business like Show Business?, Scenery?! “Wizard”, “Interview” State Festival!! CRI . . . Keep Smiling!, Rainbow Ball!, Supermercado, All for the Best? Cohasset, Shelly A., V.P., P.F., L.D., D.S,, Drewww, Cartwheels! Thanks to F. Roberts, A. Smith. KAREN BENNETT 12 Elmore St. Ben Karate, Warren, Little Warren, Gail, Richard, Feb. 21, 1977, T can’t believe it”. The Best. Rick, “I love you” Dec. of 1978, Summer of ’77, Partaay! RB2, DS, DJ, GA. “Perfect Angel ” “Take good care of mv Baby” Uncle Pete’s BBBB. ROBERT BENT 9 Quincy ST. 9-10-60. Bob My car or yours, Canadian Summer and ’77 The Best, J. Survel and the mole men, Coatesy’s cracks. Skunk Gun, “Ace”, V-track, Relphy’s Shucks v olvo Madne ' ss. ' The Berg Years, Joe Social, “Shaving cream”, Richie say Bve-Bye, B-Bye. CHRISTINE V. BERBERIAN 209 Broadway. 11-12-60 JOHN L. BERENYI 18 Albemiarle St. 1-14-60. Cruising in my 442 with the S S dudes. Best Memories with Chris, Andy, Cindy, Pam, Diane, Joanne, Kathy. Had a great time in the boat with J.R., A.B., K.R., D.A., K.G., C.F.. Sonny times at night, N,H, Senior Prom ’78. LISA BERGANTINO 20 Lan,sdowne Rd. 2-10-60. Ghoc Chip, Nature Trails, Maine 8-1.3-77, Hojo’s, Feasting, Concert Beach Boys, Arix-Calif., Chinese Take-out, W,W., Good Times and so many years with GO’B, RP, KC, SD, — and everyone else. Good Luck! DONNA GATHY BERNARDO 2 Mary St. 2-18-60. Summers ’76, ’77, great times witli the kids, JBJKMJP, Pizzar- ettes with the boys, sg, Manomet, fetch geel, “wanna went?”, Monkay!, Trev, poetry — Thanks Lucille, Rought-row!, I’ll do the shopping!, “Warm Ways”, Mushroom!. RVs, soccer games, Richies, What am I gonna do?. Thanks Mom and Dad. LISA M. BERGANTINO DONNA C. BERNARDO 23 BARBARA A. BERRY JAN BIALACH STEVEN x I. BEZREH ANNE BINELL BARBARA BERRY 55 Park Ave. Ext. 2-4-60. Bemie — May 27 — Foss Field, Rum and Coke, Weekends in N.H., Cape Cod, 4-Wheeling, Good Times at BHS, Forget Nashua N,H., Parties at Laughlins, B.M., P.B., C.V., K.B., E.S., A.P., Center School, July 4, ”76, Summer of “77”, White Moun- tains. STEVEN M. BEZREH 71 Norfolk Rd. 5-19-60. Bez, SS My 1970 Chevelle SS at New England Dragway, Class Winner, Varsity Football 77 center, Gallucci Gulfs Hypo Gang, Nick’s Lemans Sport 400 vs. my 396, Love is Eileen, My Big Beer Party in 1976, Five years at Fresh Pond Fruit. JAN BIALACH 58 Teel St. 1-2-59 Varsity Football 75-77, Super Bowl?? Peabody BEATEN 10- 1-77, Tubby, Skylard, Nap said No, Toumies, NYGZE, Bez, SS, Anciello, Beach, PARTIES, So Dry, Flynny and Bong, Nap’s, Chuck’s and Eddie’s sleepover. Bear, Chip, DeVits, Buttons, Cash, Big Guy, Can that Bull, long and narrow, Mike C. ANNE D. BINELL 104 Lancaster Rd. 6-2-60. Nancy Survival, M M’s, Hypothermia, Hays, TOTAL ELATION!! Tina Day, Whistle “Jingle Bells!” orb. Harvard Square, Mighty Mouse, Groucho Marxism! Veg, Star Wars, Martian Blood, In- volvement Day, Aquariums, Thanks: Folks, Cat Stevens! “Morning has broken.” La-de-da, La-de-da!!! TERRY BLASl 89 Oakland Ave. 4-24-60. BLAZZ Dennis 1-22-77, “Hampton 77”, How ya doin’ . . . Bom-b-ed? Aku at 1:00, Race on 93, Boston and America, The best! Ape Men, Charlie’s Kitchen with S.P. and D.C., Junior Prom; Semi formal . . . 10:00, Good Times, S.P.K.G.D.O.D. C.K.D.S.D.K.D., I’m just fine! ANDREA BLEVINS 22 Yerxa Rd. 12-8-59. Andy Symmes, 3B, Weekends, Dances, Camping in Maine, Ber- muda, Explorers, Nursing School, Bumming around. Movies, Driving, Lunches, Summorof ’77, Pay days, CF, MK, MD, EM, PC, MH, KR, MW, CS, Catch ya later. CHARLES A. BLOMQUIST 19 Wheaton Rd. 7-30-59. Chuck Football ’74-’77, Peabody win, Niges, S.S., Tourney, Beach par- ties, “Bonged”, Mv “Gold ghost’ , 1 and Y-Bity, Vhite-shells. TINA MARIE BOISVERT 53 James St. 2-29-60. Shorty, Stretch “The Hopp”, EW, SR, MC, TC, BC, DT, Mike’s car, Friday night, “Boysvert”, “Beatles”, “Nosa”, Sht. Kickers, “Sure’ , Beach PO, PC “Mooo”, C.Y.O., Tennis, “So anyway-okay”, JC, GG, Summer ’77, EG, SD, DB, LG, RP, BG, F.H.A., Kel- so’s, Finn Foisy, unforgetable friends. Mom, Dad, AR, UN, THANKS! TERRY A. RLASI CHARLES A. BLOMQUIST ANDREA M. BLEVINS TINA M. BOISVERT ANN BOTTONI Laugh, if thou art wise. BEVERLY BONNELL SHARON L. BOWERS REGINA M. BOVA MARIE T. BOYLE BEVERLY BONNELL 25 Ottawa Rd. 2-21-60. The Bomber And you thought you were different, but what did it mean . . . Turtle, Hawaii, Bev for Pres, Mountain Madness, Farrington, Gould’s Farm, The Woodin’s, The Hills, The Parties, Thorndike, Dirt Riding, Stanpike, Raving Garlics, Krungus, Drags, Nursery School, Toronto. ANN BOTTONI 10 Park Ave. Ext. 7-26-60. Baloney Flurries, Soph, year; Pastas, Arulus, 8-6-76, Buddies, Hampton Beach; VaN, BSD, outs! N.J., Wild Bashes, Gruisin, Freebird, Maynard; Hardy; BP; MD’ism, Frosties, Going Crazy! All-Nite; You know it. Bagged! Sunrises, Camada Sessions, Brownin’, Concerts; Pink Floyd, Smellies, PARTY . . . Canned . . . REGINA BOVA 12 Lakeview Rd. 7-9-60. Summer of 75, Up the house. Rambling on, Dromite madness. The Bub, Good Times, Good friends, Real People, Reddy Ted- dy’s fun house, S the G, Heartbreaker, Thanks AC for sticking by me. SHARON L. BOWERS 39 Pine Ridge Rd. 2-14-60. For you’ve tricked yourself, life’s still unseen . . . The Hills, Farrington, Gould Farm, Toronto trip, V-Cheering ’76, eirs, Floyd, Heart, Who, Aerosmith Concerts, H Hing, nosaliva. School: teenage wasteland and illegal smiles, that’s why they called us BAD Company. Call Ralpn G? Fin. MARIE T. BOYLE 141 Franklin St. 5-25-60. Cook’s: Summer of “74” J.T., (the Cellar), Maximus, “swings” (ha!) Soph, year, E.B. (want some Pinch?) Kinks, Springsteen, McCartney. Steele Hill, Halloween?? Jr. Prom, Summer “77”, The lawn, L-l-L, Labor Day Weekend, Billy — “nobody does it better ...” (Bye!) LINDA L. BRELAND 20 Magnolia St. 10-13-58. I like tennis, bowling, and like to listen to composer, singer, songwriter. Paid Williams. My favorite song is “Baby Come Back.” Remember the year of August 15, 197 ' 6 and May 1971. My love to my family and my friends. July 1977. LEAH KIM BRESLAU 64 Hodge Rd. 6-28-60. New York, to New Jersey, to Massachusetts at 16. Entered A.H.S. as a junior. Met C.L., M.C. Afternoons with C.L. and Fred. Worked on newspaper and S.A.C. Sunrises and White wine, a good two years. JOANNE BRIAN D 356 Gray St. 3-6-60. Jo As it is, as it was, as it always will be . . . Sebago, Gould Farm, hills, block parties. Mountain Madness, Bev for Pres, D.P., Florida, Dazed and Confused, Weirs, The Rat, illegal smiles, money is a crime! Thanx Mom and Dad. LINDA L. BRELAND DANIEL BRESLIN LEAH KIM BRESLAU JOANNE BRIAND 25 LARRY BROWN KEVIN C. BROWNLIE All are needed by each one; JENNIFER L BRYANT STEVEN S. BUDD WENDY E. BURT LARRY BROWN 168 Mt. Vernon St. 3-11-60 Glad to be out! KEVIN BROWNLIE 6 Stowecroft Rd. 3-10-60. L. L., L.B., V.P., Is it broken? Sleeze, Say goodnight " Dick,” Percy, Siodid, Da Roses, P, Jr. Prom, Summer “77,” Let’s go camping. Can we go now. Thank God it’s over. JENNIFER M. BRYANT 70 Kensington Park 4-24-60. HNS, BMH, DMCM, MUML, KCLN, Great Pretenders at Ja- son’s Crosby-Nash ’76, Jeff, CC Fanns, Swim team “rikka-rah!” Florida-Maine ’76, family reunion, “wanna went?” poetry with Lucille, Fernald, “Sharing”, retreats, Pennsylvania, White Russians!, Chris and Edie, Thanks Mom and Dad. STEVEN S. BUDD 8 Grennwood Rd. 5-5-60. Jazz Band-almost 1, Marching band, Toronto — 5 more min- utes, Virginia; Project Maine — 75, 76; Mac — “Eestina Lente”, Miller time, Belote — “Circle, Please!”, Hurry up Dan! (Steve?), Today’s the first day of tlie rest of your lile, Au revoir . . . WENDY BURT ,56 Brantwood Rd. 2-15-60 Never forget: Dale, Maine, Summer “77,” Whoops, “endless letters, M.H., R.N., Sister Golden Hair, my comb, wicked good! M. V. ... 5 bucks. Revere Beach Pizza, Jean’s Key’s, No Sir! Julie G., I’m psyched!. Friends forever: Liane, Adreena, Jean, Susan . . . Luck and Laughter. MICHAEL FRANCIS BURTON 614 Summer St. 8-23-60 EDWARD M. BUSH 448 Kenilworth Rd. 7-30-60. Eddie Liane 6-4-77, Wingashaek, V. Soccer, Cape Summers, Farm, half keg, Good times with good friends, Pech, Riga, “T”, “Shinor,” Bong-a-thong, “Who me,” Journey time, . . . No, you couldn’t be. Fathers, Good by bracelet, “Do it up,” Quanico, “It’s been real!” ELLEN BYRNE 8 Summer St. Place 4-16-60 Ogumjuit Me. the Fan Club, Steele Hill, Cadillac .Mountain, Ocean Ave., on the rocks-wedge of lime, C’est si bon. The North End, godfathers, cappucino, zoot suit city M.B. (want some pinch?) KATHRYN ANN CABRAL 105 Newport Street 4-2,5-60 Kathy Majorettes, Acapulco — Lido!, Friends’ birthdays. Art, M M’s, First Nite, F.F., 3, “hoi ”, Maine — , concerts, “We don’t really”, buy!, Chatham Scjuire, “Love is . . . ”, summer plans, 9-9, brown bagger, “our car”, LorLisSuz Lyn, . . . impressed?, Frampton — ”so many people, my himily and friends”, — thanks!. It’s your rep — Dream On! 26 ELLEN BYRNE KATHRYN A. CABRAL MICHAEL FRANCIS BURTON EDWARD M. BUSH Nothing is fair or good alone. — Emerson MICHAEL CACCIAMANI JANE P. CADAGAN LINDA A. CADOTTE ROSEMARIE CAFISO STEPHEN CAMERON SUSAN M. CANNON PAUL V. CALANDRELLA DANIEL CAMPBELL, JR. STEVEN CANTELLA MIKE CACCIAMANI 135 Franklin St. 12-7-.59. Kooch Freshman Baseball Manager, Sophomore Baseball manager, Football Manager, Junior Defeated Presidential Candidate For Jr. Class, Senior Campaign Manager for Lori Murray. JANE CADAGAN ,55 Melvin Rd. 8-23-59. Janie Happiest years with: sister Lauren, life jacket Patty, deathride Sue, Lost Lu, Pocketbook Anne, Worry-wat, FLA. Karen and Cindy, Kung-fu Lorraine, junior girls Stratton, Femald Friends, T.M. S.F. M.V. J.G. R.Q. M.M. Lot of laughs! Laddie, Always Love — Mom, Dad, Buba, Jackie, never forget anyone thanks! LINDA A. CADOTTE 9 Teel St. 4-27-60. Peanut Butter — A.W. — Sutcher — U.B. — J.N. — Bowoski-Hi jerk-Waldo-Mrs. ‘K’ and her shaking finger-see everybody 9-30-85 The twist-Churchyard-desert boots-Pointer post-N.D. is the best-Evervbodv bring records except Linda Teel Street ROSEMARIE CAFik) ,58 Margaret St. 1-26-60. Rorie DCCCUBSLAW Teel St. Park, Davis Sipiare, Weekend Par- ties, gettin’ wasted. The VV ' ildcat. Sophomore year. DCJOSC. My pal the Indian. Autorama 76. Good times with Donna. Maine, N. Hampshire, Penn. PAUL GALANDRELLA ,53 James St. 9-13-60. “P.C” Doug Goast to Goast, M.L., Dig, S.B., Limmericks, Lev, “H.K. is a Brute” A.O.E. “Fiddler” “Hey P.G.” The Lake Ghiops, “have a good day” M. Lane, Ergo: Good Z’S . . . One is taught. One may learn. But one gets. What one earns P.G. ROUOLFO CALLEIAS ,58 Mvstic St. ,5-26-59 STEPHEN PAUL GAMERON 29 Fairview Ave. 8-28-,59. Skinner (Skins) V Hockey, V Golf, Niner’s, The song, AH, Right, Right, you gutti breakout. Sing my helment, Gessie. Jail Giels. Oak, Star, Mind, Clipper, Curley, Duck, Ted, Ige’s, Roy, Large. Cape, Fathers, Nubie, Beech, Stands, Cookes, SM, Monsters, Duncht, Hessian, Tourney Bash. La ta. DANNY CAMPBELL 173 Newport St 3-10-60. Soup . . . “Well all right!” Smity and Sabbath . . . Eric’s Cellar, S.C. . . . Coors, Partying, Mystics. Summer of ’77. Brew-skiated, wasted . . . “Hey Now,’ Does anybody remember laughter? SUSAN CANNON ,59 Beacon St. 12-22-60. Hampton, roses, lab, movies, California, Garden Shop, P.L.T., “shampoo,” L.S. Jan. 3, M.P.U., Brenda’s Party, “security,” Sept. 24, Topsfield Fair, T.K.S. 5, I’ll miss it all. STEVEN GANTELLA 990 Mass. Ave. 8-20-60. Brother Steve Arlington High . . . Not like D.Y. I’m concerned with the Gape, or Boston. Might as well talk of Summer-Yarmouth. Both GIP’S — Pure Hell Vista Gruiser — It Died! Dunkin Donuts, Englewood, Dead End Ken, Chubbs, Ellen, Al, Everyone Else — Great! 27 BARBARA CARMICHAEL JAMES JOSEPH CARNEY JAMES BRIAN CARNEY JAMES CARPENTER JOYCE CANTRELL 3 Stevens Terrace 8-1-60. California 76, Soph. Beach Party, A.H.S. I’ll miss you. Hoyt! S.K. Always, Fog! E.L.L.F.C.M.K.M. forever. Varsity Gymnas- tics. Times with M.B. 76, Senior Convention. Testing “one, two” Full Moons. Thanks Mom and Dad let’s do it again . . . DAMIAN CAPOBIANCO 12 Langley Rd. 10-23-59. Caps Hard Rock: Cream, Who, Stones. Cars Triumphs, Vets. Cape Cod: Bas fishing, trolling on the canal, parties on Sias Point. Original Arlington C.B’er “widow watch ’ Future college. En- gineering, Thanks to parents, friends, and teachers. MICHELLE CAPOLUPO 14 Wachusett Ave. 2-24-60. Summers at T.P., P.C., Skiing at Onset, L.C., Driver’s Ed, Eat- ing breakfast, “What can I say?” Florida ”77, Disney world, U. P., Summer in Canada ’77, J.m., good times, bad times . . . KATHLEEN CAREY 429 Mystic St. 3-23-60. Kathy Hurry Ellie, Concerned Michele, C.S., P.O.’D., ST. E’s, H’s, Klutzy, Track, Orchestra, Chemistry (help!). Grandma’s ride, Femald, Walter, Debbie, Fr.M., Dana, retreats, Paul, Sybil, Edie, Carlisle, Pa, Chris, Limos, Bette’s, Party breakin, Bonanza, Groton, Cape, bike trips, Cathy’s parties. Simple ple- asures, Friends forever, BARBARA CARMICHAEL 44 Argyle Rd. 2-4-60. JAMES B. CARNEY 27 Mill St. 5-17-60. JAMES JOSEPH CARNEY 94 Woodside Lane 4-18-60. V. Baseball, Tough Loss, 77-78, H.B.’s, Freshman Forget it . . . The fire. Class of ? . . . P.B. The Tourney T . . . Anun, All right . . . The Spa. Cashman, “Run Ya” . . . 77-78 Never Forget 5-15-78 Finally . . . Good Luck!! JAMES CARPENTER 7 Bacon St. 4-9-60. Franky Project Maine, Survival, Parties at Michelle’s meeting Michelle, 1st summer in Arlington, V. Swim team. Four years in homeroom, Mr. Duggan, Jr. Prom, Pleasant Mountain. 28 JENNIFER L. CASH JOANNE M. CASEIN ELIZABETH ALICE CATERING ELIZABETH ANN CATERING JAMES CARROLL 1 Oldham Rd. jimbo. Memories of A.H.S.: Remember Mr. Fusco witli his 15 minute speeches. Remember the great teachers! Miss Fiuberg, Mr. Commins, Mr. Dematteo. DANIEL J. CARTER 8 Albemarle St. 8-29-60. Lunch, Math, Einstein, Mark and Time, Fourth Estate, A large group of friends that I may be alone, A few closest friends so Tm not on my own. Until we bust. And so on. Amen. LENA CARUSO 71 Morningside Dr. 2-21-60. Chicky Chicky, KFC, Lexington kids, Coolidge Bank, Junior Semi, Summer of “77,” Freshman year, Dave, Stud, “1 Like Dreamin” Oct. 1, 1976 and 77, Brothers 4, Trinity Church, Samettes, Hampton, Diane, biscavne, unforgettable memories. KEVIN A. CASAZZA 18 Trowbridge St. 4-8-59. Check it out. Time goes fast, make your future last. Magnums for lunch. Sexy Citv ' . Cop, Biliv, Pni Harward, Mandv. JENNIFER CASH ' 72 Overlook Rd. 12-28-60. J.L., M.B., M.M., 11-9-74 — 3-29-76. . . drop-in, sole survivor. All Stars, air raid? polish remover? . . . gymnastics, r.r., parties . . . D-2, Framptoon Y.G. crash. Union, raking ... 1 B.H., pyramid, 44, semis, proms . . . concerts, Aerosmith, Boston, ring much? . . . thanKs! JOANNE CASEIN 148 Park Ave. Ext. 3-19-60. Joe Summer of 75 — July 4th — Paid, Scott — The green Buick, F.W.W. — “Mv ankles are burning” 3:00 in the cooler — The B M — Baba, Cush. W.B. Buttricks, N.S. N.U., M.K., B.B., Fitz’s II Class, Bermuda, Cape, Wasted days and wasted nights. DEBORAH CATE 69 Princeton Rd. 5-25-60. Debbie Frampton 77, California Summer . . . before and after. You took Math?, We’ll never make it. Pizza at 2:00, Papa’s, Re- member the tree, Walden Pons, Bye. ELIZABETH ALICE CATERINO 1072 Mass. Ave. 12-13-60. JKCC MMPM BSLCSH, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Sur- vival, Fall trip, Belmont Hill, Mr. B’s Chicken Calls, “Watch- out,” Slim and Bones, Buds, “I have no legs,” Stump, Malden Game, Bus Rides, Chinese Food, Stages, Fitz, It doesn’t matter, BBC-KNJ. ELIZABETH ANN CATERINO 23 Princeton Rd, 4-21-60. Stood up Again, SuriDrise, Partying, Letters Thanks Rob, Smokin, Walk? In love at 4AM Crashin, “Harley Davidson” Boo . . . Dr. D’s class Jebt Clouds Sleeze, Butch, What? Robbie Topo. 29 DOROTHY E. CHAMBERS DEBORAH CATE VIVIAN FAYMOON CHEN JOHN A. CENTOFANTE JULIE MARIE CHIASSON ELAINE M. CIRAME JOHN A. CENTOFANTE 199 Wollaston Ave._ 8-29-60. Flake. Canoeing ' Akeg, 110 to Walden, Drive in’s, Z’s on the beach, 100 all the way home, Bleached on the deuce. Booping in the boat, Next (jnestion. Hey Caputo! Getting a sticker, “The Partv” Fritz, Finn, Flan, Keep .Smiling! DOROTHY CHAMBERS 71 Pan! Revere Rd. 9-14-60. Dot. M2, Oz, Brigadoon, Ermengarde, State Festival “Interview,” Slimmer of ’77, Godspell, Hampton, Supreme Court, M.M., V ' .P., M.A., A.D., The Lion, Jeanne, “that’s pretty”, Paula, Linda, Turk, Dot to Dot, Tommy’s Angels, my love to Mr. R., Mr. ,S., Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Tom, Adios! VIVIAN F.M. CHEN 234 Gray St. 1-27-61. Viv. Try to remember the kind of September when everybody seems excited about to see their triends again. But the next September won’t be the same. It’s about time to say good-bye and good luck ever ' bodv! JULIE ,M. CHIASSON l76 Pleasant St. 8-5-60. Jimmy 2-26-77, Sue’s party, the Chevelle, Hypos, Summer 76 77, Best times with Gallucci’s Gang at the Corner, Park, Hampton w M M, Bill ik Bob’s, softball, Fla, Nahant, DD JH LC JC In Dullsville, Foof! But I’m not wrecked. L.Z. J.C. How long will it last? ELAINE CIRAME 2 Summer St. PI. 6-28-60. Laney Tommy, 4-.30-76, Guest Room? Farm, Summer of 76, O.L.N,, Hillside parties. Never touch the stuff? V.O., Stratton 74, horror shows, knockout, Jr. Semi, Hampton, . . . .M.D.W., “fire,” fam- ily, convos, A.W,, A.G., S.K., C,K., P.K., J,T., L.P„ T.M., L.D., K.N,, — Good Luck — K.R., Just trust in me as I in you. ANGELIKI CLEARY 28 Thorndike St. 11-12-58 PAUL COATES 165 Renfrew St. 4-25-60. Coatesy. The best summers “76-77,” Hey, Someone moved my car. Let’s get small. My car or yours. Rick. I, Bob, Chuck, Driving to Endanger, Catch a mole, DILLIGAF, Joanne Y.A.C.A,!, Skunk gun, V. Track, ].V. Tennis, shaving cream. Say B-Bye, B-bye. JOE COLAMARTINO .51 Epping St. 3-23-60. Target Alpha, Surf Champ, Big Deal, Hokus Pokus, Stampede, Bronco, Royal Flush, Jet Spin, Top Score, Volley. PAUL J. COATES ANGELIKI CLEARY JOSEPH L. COLAMARTINO 30 MARK LOUIS COLLINS GREGORY J. COLEMAN PAUL A. COLE, JR. MICHAEL JOHN COLLINS LAURA COLUNTINO PAUL A. COLE, JR. 106 Mt. Vernon St. 1-3-60. Shorty Rupples, Glow, Nooglie, DC, DK, KK, DR, Martha, TR, Moooo, Hands, Fin’s Class, Wayne’s Party, Thorndike, Who are you. Pink Floyd, Zellelin, Wasted again. Dusty, Bagged, Gas Sta- tion, Robbery, I could hang. You right now, Joann Judy’s Party Ruzzz I’m Outta Here. GREG COLEMAN 28 Overlook Rd, 11-21-60. Cole The Cubby hole, before homeroom, during lunch, Orlando’s MARK COLLINS 31 Marion Rd. 4-27-60. Spy, Hampton, Hanscom Field, football . . . Click-my back! Mr. Guiggs, ski trips 77 and 78, . . . take this right Chuck — Which way? Hum you? . . . Oh really! J.F., C.M., S.H., J.S., L.B. MICHAEL J. COLLINS 179 Jason St. 12-20-59 Cash Lisa 3-5-76, Let’s get right back to where we started from. High School, Mike, Chip, Lucky, DeVit Nigs and the Boys, Plumb Island, Scituate, The Bell Buoy, Kanas Krippler destroyer N.E.N., Harvard Stjuare, Football, Cumbie raids. Hockey I hope! L.V.I.O.O.T.B.T.T.E.H.T.M. LAURA COLUNTINO 69 Broadway 2-12-60 DIANE COMEAU 34 Eairmont St. 11-3-59. Hello Log, B.B. — S.S.., P.F., Boston, America After . . . Aku at 1:00, Sudden Darkness, Race on 93, Charlie with T.B. S.P., Hmmmm . . . Mick’s, W.W., This is how you do it . . . really! T.S.K.D.S.K. — Good Times . . . JEANNE IRENE CONNELLY 27 Hilton St. 1-5-61. Hampton, Surf Balcony, Casino Night, “Lollapalooza,” T.P. Galluccis, Lots of laughs with the gang, LCJCBO BDOCDDGPSPBWRCLARCDL Lisa, “Lifs Tuff’ June ’76, “Babes,” Beach Boys, In the hall period 3, Fly Fishing, Car Baby Blue, Strawberry, TWC Teddy Bear Away. RICHARD A. CONTE 61 Broadway 8-14-59. The tree that got in my way. Playing pool and partying in Hal’s Cellar, C.A.P. G2.50 “H.J.’ The Comer, The Plant — The Rob- bery, Another one. Do you remember when? DONNA COOKE 75 Towbridge St. 10-15-60. Cookie Doug K. 5-4-76 . . . K.K., U.B., A.W., M.R., D.H., Gettin wasted, Teel St. Park, Good times w Rorie, and the wildcat, Sophomore year w R.G., S.L., J.O., Davis Square, Penn., N.H., Nantasket, “Getting the hell out of A.H.S.!” DIANE B. COMEAU RICHARD A. CONTE JEANNE CONNELLY DONNA L. COOKE 31 WAYNE A. COPITHORNE NANCY J. COREY ACT OF LIVING You’ve got to be brave and you’ve got to be bold. Brave enough to take your chance on your own discriminations — what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s good and what’s Ijad. Robert Frost MICHELE CORNETTA BRIAN J. COSCIA TRACY R. COSCIA JANET O. COSTA WAYNE COPITHORNE 9 Aerial St. 10-6-59. Coppy Hill, Slimmer ’76, Miller and goldies. NANCY JAYNE COREY 169 Brooks Ave. 12-.5-60. Summer ’77 — Florida — youth group — Cape — Vennont — Canada . — Mr. Yood — bowling — Symmes Hospital — Mrs. Phinney’s typing class — Sophomore Beach Party — college ne.xt year — vacations — .Miss Orlando’s English class — party — Mrs. Z’s sewing classes — That’s All . . . MICHELE CORNETTA 22 Regis Rd. 8-30-60. Mike 8-11-76 — ■ Summer of 76 — Julie’s Party 8-5-76 Semi- Formals, Senior Prom — Cape Cod, Hampton W J J. Steve’s Parties. “Lori Brian,” Great times with Mike Summer of 77, “Love me tender” — Mom and Dad. BRIAN JA.MES COSCIA 12 Twin Circle Drive 8-16-60. The Kid Stay with it, On your own. Sure! Really. M.S., D.M., K.B., Lift- ing, on-offWork. Chevy II. S.R., M.C., D.T., T.B., Friday nights . . . Dow n to five. Shorty too short. Color mv world, Cutlass F-8.5. TRACY RUTH COSCIA 12 Twin Circle Drive 8-16-60. The Chache Field Hockey. SR.MC. TBBC. DTGR — Friday nights. Mike’s driving, SLERP! Chach is ALIVE! “At the Hop.” Jr. Semi with Sean; Susan and Mike. NBJF, JBRD, .MDKM — Summers I’ll always treasure. Dear Nancy . . . Best friends always. Elvis, starskv and Hutch. JANET O. COSTA 27 Exeter St. 4-4-60. Summers at the Cape, Hampton, Brothers 4, disco, Trev’s class, Spanky, JS, IS, DO, SC, CR, JC, TM, Jim, Pete, Always re- member Vavoa and Padrinho, High School is the best! ANNETTE .M. COTE 98 Hillside Ave. 9-11-60. Florida, Summer ’76, Heartbreaker, the tracks, CAPE BIZI, Parties up Bambi’s, “What do ya wanna do?” Keg parties, Mich, “The gang,” Cniisin — A.Z., M.O., L.G., — A-A-A, Kitigai, Queen — “Keep yourself alive.” Japan — not yet. K.T. It’s been real ! .M om and Dad. DANIEL J. COTTER 103 Mass. Ave. 7-19 60. D.J. You say you want to learn then listen: “Don’t try to know all but rather live the question. Perhaps, without noticing it you can then live the answer.” — Rilke 32 CONSTANCE COUGHLIN WILLIAM A. CRESCITELLI PAULA M. CRAVOTT EDWARD J. COUTO CONSTANCE MARIE COUGHLIN 14 Fayette St. .3-4-60. Connie F.H., B.B., S.B., Been to court lately? Looney Bin, Jerry Igloo, Wicked Good, the Prep look. Big Plans, Camp, Let’s start again! Bermuda? Heeeshh, M.Y.F., Yogi and Booboo, Talk yet N.M.?, Memories, B.O.F.: Nancy, Kerry, Kate, Karen, Kathy, Liz, Steve, Paul. EDWARD COUTO 25 Brooks Ave. 8-17-60. Eddie j After I finish High School, I intend to pursue a career in busi- ness management after I finish college. PAULA CRAVOTT 6 Nicod St. 10-L5-60. Summer of 76 in Oklahoma, “The Beach,” M.C. on skis for the first time at Onset 76, skiing sugarloaf — 77, It’s been good, “What can I say?” Bye . . . WILLIAM A. CRESCITELLI 231 Oakland Ave. 10-15-59. LYNDA CRIMMINGS 41 Gorham St. 6-21-60. Six pack Sally, Cold Duck, micks. Me and Roland, 7-19-77, “I Love You,” Beatles’ Movie, Good Times with C.H., G.H., K.C., K. W., P.M., Boh and Sandy, The dance. Bones, feeling nin down. Something’s fishy, thanks Ma and Dad. DAVID CRISAFULLI 100 Cutter Hill Rd. 8-30-60. Cy School’s out, “Scoop em’ ,” Concerts, Feedbag, The neck, R.C., i T.B., D.G., M.D., M.B., Sabbath!, Snowhlind and Sweetleaf, , Summer of ’77, Double barrel. Do it, decent tunes — Led Zep., j Blue Oyster Cutt,, Pink Floyd, Mad Ski Runs, P.T., P.D,, M.G., It’s been nice . , . JOHN W. CROCKETT 58 Paul Revere Rd. 1-19-60. Europe “72”, Eagle, Sailing “Scatt,” Beach Boys “76”, Tall Ships “76”, Jr. Semi-Formal, K and B, Forsta, B.C., Football, ' tracT: shot javelin. MARTHA LYNN CRONIN 97 Sunnyside Ave. 7-20-60. Marth. I Am, But a set of interlocking pieces and have, no significance, until, I am joined in some way with another to form a part of something greater than myself. ELEANOR CROWLEY 297 Mystic St. 2-26-60. Kathy, Michelle, W’s comer, skiing, J.R., chicken, Fernald, track, cross country, nights in Groton, Falmouth, hike trips, L. M., Ginger, Bonanza, chem. labs. Cal., the van, orchestra, “the bells going to ring.”, D.P., mnning the lakes. LYNDA J. CRIMMINGS ’■ ' TT DAVID CRISAFULLI JOHN W. CROCKETT ELEANOR F. CROWLEY 33 CYNTHIA I. CUSOLITO ROBERT M. CROWLEY ELIZABETH A. DALTON CHRISTINA H. CULLINANE ROBERT CROWLEY 118 Westminster Ave. 8-3-60. Bobby Partying, Sabbath Concert with P.L. — R.T., Hockey Tourneys, Mr. Barrett’s Gym class. Res, Locke, bagged skiping, 4th lunch. Summer of ’77, talking to Sal, Esplanade with Guru, Bye to the excellent parties and kids at A.H.S. CHRISTINA CULLINANE 111 Magnolia St. 7-14-60. . . . Rainbow, Horseback-riding, Spanish, Art Club. JIM CUMMINGS 95 Glenbum Rd. 12-30-.59. Gumbo Hot summer night with Schlitz, Hitchen, Walden, Doors, Day Tripper, Farm, Gruising, Gatsby, Watching moon set. Soccer, Rock and Roll, Mescaline woods, Martin Duane, Them cold winter night. Canoeing Boston Hill, Speeding Crashing Liquors, It’s all over now. WTLLIAM CURCIO 91 Menotomy Rd. 5-12-60. Bear Carolyn, wishing for that star, 10-1-77 vs. Peabody, a memory. State Tourney Baseball, Jan’s sleepovers and Tourney Parties, Lost in Space, Rose’s house, thanks, Victor Balucci, so dry, stooges, ON to N.D., Jr. Prom. Scituate, .Mum and Dad, the amici. MICHAEL P. CURRAN 3 Grand View Rd. 11-7-60 PETER GUSIGK 1.59 Scituate St. 12-26-59. Pete, Gue Good luck to all, and keep a little Peace. Love, and Together- ness with you! GYNTHIA ISABELLE CUSOLITO 78 Richfield Rd. 8-22-60. Cusey MMGB, KCDCS. Rabs, Mai, 4 Litte Fatties, Jr. Yr. classes, Buttrick’s, Beer for Bambi, A.C. Kids, Lou’s Angels VG LC, Gold, Boz, GZGP MKG, Deli .MKG, Summers ’lb-11, Jr. Playboy Bunny! The timeless charms of yesterday — Lookout! Here comes Tomorrow. WILLIAM E. DAISY 20 Tanager St. 6-17-60. Daze Mic’s are great, weekends too. F. and S. nights at L., faced, Saturday mornings. Summer of ’77 with T. and Mac, Gansett’s down the Cape, Plenty of B.B. and B., Driveins, He’s BAD, Scoopin, Surf, Swifty’s, Munchies at Cumby’s and W,H., Par- ties, 1 L.A., can’t stop. ELIZABETH A. DALTON 17 Coolidge Rd. ll-10-,59. Wilma High School, Sophomore year, Flag, “It’s only a movie,” Ir. Semi . . . Jan., Doyle’s Parties!! Once around the track, “The Champagne,” “Annabelle, Volpes,” Flamen, C.C.’s bathroom. Lockers, Later, Harassing, New Year’s Eve, H.S. 23, “The Cape?” “We thought they’d never end ...” JAMES M. CUMMINGS WILLIAM CURCIO PETER J. CUSICK WILLIAM E. DAISY 34 JOSEPH E. DALY KAREN M. DANAHER DONALD E. DECAPRIO MARY ELLEN D‘AVENI ROBERT M. DAY LAUREN M. DECAPRIO JOSEPH DALY 143 Washington St. 4-2-60. Joe Day DV; SR, CL, MD, Oakley, Gorham, drive-in, zapped 360 turn, bummed out. Main man, Villeneuve. Powderhorn. golf, sum- mer of 77, Yerh, my way, red lights, chink food, cuda, horse 1, love ya eyes, it was real . . . KAREN M. DANAHER 7 Frazer Rd. 11-11-60. Little “D” KDDPCCNMKSKGRB, Field hockey. Basketball, Softball, k’wali. You saps!. Been to court lately?, Gail’s cheer, “My Oinka,’’ Rum and Coke, Be serious!, Andrews Sisters, Harolds Lunch, Butch, “Give me a break!”, I will never forget you. Dad! RICHARD DANTON 114 Hemlock St. 6-16-60. Rich Rich, “D”, Two Scoops, shaving cream, J’s parties 1-5, Hampton Weekends, Swim Team, Proms, cruising. Skunk Gun, Merkle, Benihaha, asleep in history, Belote’s English, Beach Boys and Chicago, 6 out of 10, vibes, senior convention, get psyched, Bluebelle, J, BB, PC. JOYCE DAVANAGE 26 Sherbom St. 2-16-60. Yes, Eastover 3-12-77, “This things a bone”, Do it up. Summer of “77”, Gold, E.L.O. All Right Ya! Bikes-cruisin, 9-30-77 N.Y. Kids — Rubber Gloves B Stones, Sharon, 11:30, “the Bomb” Joyce, Paula, Suzanne, Cheryl, Sheila, 4 o’clock — memories! MARY ELLEN D’AVENI 11 Wheaton Rd. 1-18-60. Boogieing! Busted? Maine, Canada, N.Y. Survival, Prom, Semi., Love you Ake. Gail, “When I Need You” Babe 2-26-77, Mike you’re a pain! If you cry because of losing the sun, your tears will not allow you to see the stars. ROBERT M. DAY 73 Newport St. 10-4-60. Abner Hill, Art, Mind, Chester, B.P., B.B., C.C., Haley’s M.O., Gums, The Band, The Rocket, Surfing, Practice, Super Slab, Middle- ton. DONALD EUGENE DEGAPRIO 52 Tufts St. 2-24-60. Duck Tourney parties, Ghalet Motor Inn, Led Zepplin, House par- ties, Wells Beach, Hampton, Nahant Duckling party, Garden, Jr. Prom, Three Stooges, 4 fathers. Fathers 6, Hockey, Plum Island, Outer here. Generous Dad, Thanks Mom, Grog shop. Auto, AHPL, Semi Wall, Mary 4-5-76. LAUREN M. DEGAPRIO 3 Bradley Rd. 4-6-60. Ren Stratton, Wells, Fried Fish, it-419, Jackie, Hide in your shell, Thanks-J.G., Dreamer, Femald, A.D. — The Rainbow! h.i.u., G.L., E.D., col. Bush, J.G., L.D., A.D., S.M., P.V., L.N., K.N., A.W., L.G., T.M., — little discussions — A.G., “What’s it all worth L.D.?” Mom and Dad, “Turn and face the strain,” Forever Friends . 35 JOHN DEGGENDORF •0W «■ JOSEPH H. DELISLE ANNE MARIE DEMARTINO LISA DELANEY JOHN DEGGENDORF 15 Freemont St. 12-26-59. So closes another chapter in the book of life. Learn from your mistakes as well as your achievements. This life is too short to just dream. It’s waiting out there for you to live it — to the fullest, Garrv on. LISA DELANEY 5 Paul Revere Rd. 7-12-60 MIEP M.B.P.A., Hanging’, Hardy, Brownin’, Maynard, all night, flur- ries, B.P., pasta’s house, M,D,’s, Pink Floyd, YIG, BIG, BIG, Maine harrasment, N.P., Us and Them, spark’em, frosties all the time, M.A.T.S.Q.G,, dusted, smelly dudes, featurin’ outs, later . . . much. JOSEPH H. DELISLE 74 Windmill Ln. 2-12-60 Joe, Little Joe, Homewrecker Sandy Beach ’76 ’77 . . . Tuff job Austtn ’77 Good times in the Gelica, T-Bird, Dart, “tire” Nights to remember. Get Your Wings, Boston. Ma you tried your best. You only get out of life what you put into it. ANNE MARIE DEMARTINO 43 Greeley Circle 7-21-60 Stratton, park, tower parties, Winnie, goodtimes with Sue, Lauren, Patty, Lu, Janey, Lorraine, Karen, Fernald, touplant, the Rainbow — L.D., juniors, Love’m, and Leave’m, Red, Whata “B.I.” Damn fools! lost pocketbooks, fried fish, .M-bottles, Roses . , . Chocolate-Chips-Sue, D.C., Forever Friends . . , mom, dad. PAUL JOSEPH DEMERJIAN 35 Winter St. 3-11-60 Aerosmith — All night long, Frampton, Boston, Steve Miller, “Concert Tickets Anyone,” Baseball, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Football, Track, Fresh Pond Emit, ’67 Custom, Whata party it would’ve been! Sheryl, Jenifer, Andria, Homeroom, summers and friends forever, ' The Cape, “It’s been real.” Bentley. DIANE DEMIRJIAN 69 Harlow St. 6-6-60 Detroit, Cape WKDS, Con certs — Mac, Hye parties, deserted island, J.F. s, roach clip, Hoodsy-stick, good smoke really! t party. Hills Hill . . . We’ve only just begun. KAREN DENAPOLI 648 Summer ST. 3-14-60 Jaff, 3 Musketeers, Jordan Marsh — D.G., Jr. Prom — J.N., Mystics, OH-S-Canada — Hampton Beach, Montreal — Cozza, From Art to . . . , Finn, Hornet — Keys, Rt. 1 Ramps, Bickfords, pit stops. Joint effort. Century Bank, Brother’s 4, B,S.A., Florida, Parties, Life is not dull!?! Thank vou guys. BRENT M. DENISON 425 Summer St. 10-23-59. Rebel Came from Te.xas, Found “Arlington” different. Symphonic Band 76-77, 77-78, Jazz Band 76-77, 77-78, Scuba Club, Ride on Maybelle, Became Boston Driver. DIANE DEMIRJIAN KAREN DENAPOLI BRENT DENISON PAUL J. DEMERJIAN KAREN A. DENTON KAREN DENTON 30 Lafayette St. 9-24-59. Dent, Kid, Tom Outward Bound, Bobby, Race on 93! Survival, 3 Moon night! Kancamangu,s camping trips! Proms, Green Grass and high Times, There’s so many dreams I’ve yet to find. STEVEN J. DEROSA 24 Foxmeadow Lane 8-10-59. Steve “The Dart” — Drags — 13.80 — Nahant runs-rt. 2, Hampton, semi — N.S.D., New Prep, twenty bucks, 5 all night, Beach Boys, Oldies — W.R.O.R., The “big N,” Disgus “tang,” drive- ins, Gape God, “I’m outta here.” GHRISTINE DESHLER 103 Webster St. 10-10-60. Dougnuts Never forget these four years, Magoo, Blisters, Cliffie, There’s cuz, four years volleyball. Varsity co-captain. Flash! Murrav the Leprechaun, Junior and Senior year. Autumn, Laughter, Friends, To life, L.C, M.W., S.G., L.D., V.Z., B.C., J.C., — The Boss, Now for college. PAUL G. DESMOND 52 Davis Ave. 6-11-60. Dez, Mind Kessy, Squirrel, Odor, Rats Deuce, 69ers, Fathers, The Wall, The Valley, Semi-Wall, Goldies, Ludes, Tull Concert, Epilep- tic Fits, Python, Buzzy times. Green Monsters, Lawn Party, Chalet Inn, Tourneys, Dictioning, Forefathers Inn, Wells, Jaybar, Mescalito Plant, Revere Dust, Power Hitter. MICHAEL DESROSIERS 10 Mt. Vernon St. 6-5-60. Derose A. H.S. Swim Team, Scuba, C.A.T.’s, pumping iron, Y.M.C.A., Turnpike Bowling, Museum of Science, Symmes-Volunteer; Friendly’s Ice Cream; Harvard Food Service; “D”, “B”, “Lang,” Sterle, “Lev,” “Brown;” thank you Arlington High! JOYCE DEVINE 49 Westmoreland Ave. 5-22-60. The Best Times With Bobby (8-7-76) “You Light Up My Life” 7 — I Do! LBAJB-HSPL-23- Best of Friends, Whoogly, Flag, it’s only a movie, Doris quesera, Hotel T. Proms, Dilboy, Whites, Rockport, Orty-Bobby-Jo, G.T., Teddy, Pure 4-ever, J.B., I like Dreamin . . . SUZANNE DEVINE 11 Venner Rd. 12-26-60. Thanks for choc-chip. Sweet Sixteen, Acapulco, lido, doubles, Chatham Squire, Love Light, Nature walks. Toads, Menotomy, B. C., Maine, First Night, Fine times with Alice. Love to M and D, L.B., K.C., E.H., E.T., and friends. THOMAS F. DEVINE, JR. 49 Weshnoreland Ave. 3-18-.59 All the good times in the Summer of 77. The Res, Dam, and the cold ones.. Thank you Mom and Dad for getting me through school. STEVEN DEROSA H is substance is not here. For what you see is but the smallest part And least proportion of humanity; But were the whole frame here, It is of such a spacious, lofty pitch. Your roof were not sufficient to contain it. Emerson CHRISTINE DESHLER P MICHAEL]. DESROSIERS JOYCE C. DEVINE THOMAS F. DEVINE, JR. PAUL G. DESMOND SUZANNE DEVINE 37 SUSAN A. DEYOUNG FRANCIS A. DICICCO JOHN F. DEVITO SUZANNE M. DIAZ JOHN DEVITO 14 Brunswick Rd. 1-26-60. Guido Bell Bouy, Scituate, Kansas Crippler against North End kid. Bounced at Fathers. She’s mine DeVito, you kill me. Tourney Games, High School. Good Prom, right. Granadas are tough, much better than Aundes. Mafia rules. God bless my brother Charles. SUSAN DEYOUNG 6.5 Egerton Rd. 1-L5-60. Boston. Summer of 77 — Phoenix, Arizona, “For the times of your life” Mike — “Your the Best thing that ever happened to me” Laconia 77 B.L. “Harley XLCH” “Spark em Thanks Mom “Bom to Raise Hell” “To the good life.” DANIEL J. DIAMOND 184 Pleasant St. 11-3-60. Audio-Visual, C.F., M.T.B., L.R., White House, Joe, Bob, Mr. D., Mrs. H., Fitchburg State Media Course, Jean, Summer of 76, 77, Mark. SUZANNE M. DIAZ 15 Linden St. 11-11-60. Finally! . . . The Sea Shell Lady . . . Drivers Ed (To be con- tinued) . . . “The Doctors” . . . Soaps . . . The Lunch Table . . . Library Slips . . . Galvin ... I disagree! . . . gym . . . absent sheet.. Trivia. LOUISE DICECCA 21 Allen St. 11-27-60. Weezy. Beatles, Fenway bleacher bums, Mrs. Z, Cape Cod, Fiddler, Oz, “It’s only a birthmark!”, 10-1-74, “Excuuuuse Meeeeee!”, 8:05 tennis scream, Mad-dog, knuckles, “you and I have memo- ries longer than the road that stretches out ahead.” FRANK DICICCO 43 Draper Aye. 10-6-69. Chico Summer of “75”, Parties in Sprat’s room, “Killer”, Frosh Hock- ey, V. Tennis, Soph. Year with the monkeys in Machine Shop, Bishop Alumni: Souz, M.S.G.P.D.D. OLY, J.B.C.W. Corrine, R.A.J.A., Jay, S.O., “Good Times, Bad Times, We all have had our share” — Zeppelin. JOHN MICHAEL DICKHAUT 39 Webster St. 4-25-59. Dick sports. Pick-ups, Fathers, Buddies, stick yah! looser Westi Bitch! Jack Frost, Kell, Rosie, Everyone leave me alone! Bett ’’s done a good job!!! PAUL J. DICNAN 10 Upland Rd. .5-30-60. Dig Diggy Kelly’s cross country, O.K., Vtrack maybe, VSwimming, water polo, football days, off the face mask, sports editor, yuh, Sax, whale, What’s Wescott? Laver, Jets, mad dog, gouge belly, Cal 6’2” maybe, Tom’s tmck Saturday night, Spic Wow! Urecha; Cono. LOUISE DICECCA JOHN DICKHAUT PAUL J. DICNAN DANIEL J. DIAMOND 38 LUCILLE M. DIGIORGIO FRANK DIGREGORIO JOSEPH G. DIPIETRO KIMBERLY A. DOE THERESE DOHERTY LUCILLE DIGIORGIO 71 Tomahawk Rd. 6-20-60. Lu Strat- ton, Tower, Little Woods, Winchester, Lorraine, Patty, Anne, Sue, Lauren, Jane, Kim, Karen, Jr. Girls, Mior, Treats, Fried Fish, Thanks for the Buzz, Parties at lunch. Dots, F.O.B., H.I.U., Cougie, Fernald, Forever Friends, Thanks Ma and Dad. FRANK JOSEPH DIGREGORIO 153 Thorndike St. 1-24-60. Hey! What’s happening? VFoothall, Philosophies, Women, Parties, Hampton ’76, Hec’s hoat, Deeho’s, Dug’s, Peter’s, Mello, Jose, Hey Guys, Remember the times. Have a heer, 3, Unforgetable nights with D.C., Forever Luv, Ya Paranoid? Nov. 19, The Future, Good Luck People, Ma and Dad. JOSEPH DIPIETRO 118 Rublee St. 5-24-60. Joe LATIN IV. KIMBERLY A. DOE 105 Cutter Hill Rd. 4-24-60. Kim H.S. 23, Butts, S.I., J.O., Stratton, L.N., L.D., S.M., Jr. year — Tommy, Shoots, Myer, Cog-a-lady, Treat, “T” time. Court, Florida, VW at Nahant, Decent dump. Scoops, Doubles, Locker parties. Talks with “B”, Proms and Semi’s, Broken flowers, Fernald, Best of Friends. THERESE DOHERTY 100 Bartlett Ave. 2-29-60. M.T., Head is the Best! Duzzy? you know it. Friends, family, T.D. Inc. and Bogi. Love those frogs, the Way, Goons, guitars, roaches, Ms. Buzz, Fin, Ms. Banner, I.B.S., M.R.P., the Cape, S.I.T. much! Rom. 10:9,10. John 10:10. Only believe . . . TOM DONOHUE 48 School St. 5-10-60. Dony, Dotts Fann, Schlitz, Hooch, Led, Skynard Concert, Chuckle’s Children, Boston Hill, My Hat, Kitchen Tables, Pastimes, The Mud Bowl, Southern, Weekends . . . “Lets hit Liquers’’, 10 Phamis, Good Times and Good Friends . . . That’s all. THERESA DONOVAN 6 Memorial Way 1-11-60. Terry, Tom, Sister B. A-herns nose; majorettes, move over Carol; S.K.; summer of 76; winter of 75; “borrowing” Nancy’s car; Sousa ahd AM parties; Peww; Jack’s Father; 1-11-75 — occifer; the shoe; CMANT: Nights up GW’S; Mountain; walk much P.O.! Anthony! The times they are a changing — Dylan; Best of friends nevere part — Scaggs. DEBORAH DOREMUS 100 Hillside Avenue 8-14-60. Debbie. MBC 8-77, lasting impressions. Who will win? Tough deci- sions. 20-19 won, I think. AHBC lives forever. Fellowship sup- pers. Camping at Sentinel. Let’s play hide and seek. Youth group. Parties at Ron’s. What’s your rating? Smile, God loves you. ROBERT DOUCETTE 43 Pierce St. 7-15-60. Duce Summer of “76”, M.D.C., Pirates 1, Sophomore year, Duce Coupe, Surf, Aku, Sabago Lake, Mystics, Chinatown, Sapien, Soph Hoop Mac, Poke, T-Bird, Daze, bagged down the Cape . . . What next? DEBORAH A. DOREMUS THOMAS J. DONOHUE THERSA M. DONOVAN ROBERT DOUCETTE 39 BRIAN K. DOYLE PAUL DOUHAN CHRISTINE M. DOWNING KATHLEEN H. DOWNING } DENISE M. DOYLE EILEEN DRISCOLL JAMES P. DUDDY PAUL DOUHAN 49 Sunset Rd. 6-7-60. Black Sabbath, The Bam, The Corner, Cy, Menotomy, Phil, Delta 9, fire escape, the fort, baking at lunch. Chuck’s wall. Bird, Tick, Joel’s bong, Dudley Rd., “The gas burner”, Relska, all nighters, the pit, the loft. It’s been nice. Later. CHRISTINE M. DOWNING 24 Cre.scent Hill Ave. 7-30-60. Crink, D.D. the woods, Buttricks, Hampton, C.W., J.A., S.M., R. F., L.H., Hotel T„ F.O.R. Lee, Margie L.B.A.J.B.T.H.S. 23, We are the best of friends. KATHLEEN DOWNING 93 Overlook Rd. 6-12-60. Jigger An enthusiastic kid whose motto is, “If there is a will there is a way.” BRIAN DOYLE 30 Ronald Rd. 6-20-60. The party we had at Plume Island, New Year’s Eve ’77, Lori 1-29-77, Joe’s Celica, R2, Allied, “License and Registration Please,” Parties at the sticks (M.D.C.P.), G.B. Bagged (Officer), Bowser’s, WGC, Hango’s, Joe’s flat “Numbers,” “The Estate Road and Otties.” DENISE M. DOYLE 44 Johnson Rd. 5-15-59 Best of friends, Flag, Party Hampton, LBJBHS, Press box. Surfs up. Two min. Tony 8-10-76, Do it up. Kegs, Marblehead SD, booze cmiz. Summer ’77, best fathers, Arizona, Butts, Prom, Hotel T, FOR, we thought they’ed never end. EILEEN G. DRISGOLL 93 Webster St. 7-26-60. Sir Galahad, Kleen, EEEEAnn!, T.P. Galluch, S.S. or me?. Deli mornings, J.G. 22123227, J.L. — It’s the laughter we will re- member, Aerosmith 11-15-76, Golour My World, M.M., B.O’B., Love to Steve 9-17-75, Tomorrow is not far away. JAMES DUDDY 101 Robbins Rd. 10-1.5-60. Dud Woodworking, camping trips, hiking. Boys’ Club, Sailing. KAREN DUFFETT 109 Faimiont St. 8-24-60. Sudden Darkness, Mick’s, W.W., Jr.-semi-prom, Lost in Bil- lerica, Listen! Weir’s ’77, Race on 93, Frampton, Hmmmm . . ., Bom-h-ed, AKU-LOO, Orange Charlie, Good times with D.G., S. D., T.B., D.O., S.P., K.D., T.T., Thanks R.B. for J.G. — xmpresnt. Really! DIANE M. DUGGAN 100 River St. 10-5-59. Doug Party! The Towers, Summer ’77, The Best, Gr osby School, Hey Beast! Talk much Beast? Joyce S., Joyce D., Sue, Lisa, Jeannie, Garol, Lori-Best of friends. Talk much Doug? Russel-Summer of 77-best of my love. KAREN M. DUFFETT DIANE DUGGAN 40 CAROL DVORAK MICHAEL ELEFTHERIOU ROBIN M. FEMIA MARYANNE G. FENERJIAN DAVID A. FINLAYSON JOSEPH J. DUNN 26 Freeman St. 9-10-60. Joe Cruising . . . “69 Musting” . . . Pete’s Driveway, Al’s Wagon . . . Cling . . . Rick’s “Hypo” . . . The Drome, Exeter Street . . . Wellesley . . . Hampton . . . Burlington, Munch out!!! Good tunes . . . The Auto Shop . . . Walden Pond. CAROL DVORAK 72 Hillside Ave 6-21-60. Trips with Li. North! Steps, Center, Nicky 7-9-76, Good times with J. Shea, M.J., Disco, CM, LP, Bagged, Tards, Spacer Babes, Thanks Mom and Dad. Felix, Peter Frampton, BCF III, Thanks Lila and Nicky. Later . . . Much! MICHAEL ELEFTHERIOU 48 Lombard Terrace 3-28-61. Fender Soccer, Uncle Kevin, Soph. Basketball, Fender, Stonehead, Farm, “Good dines with good friends,” Convos “This my life,” Junior Semifonnal, Tourney games. Yes Concert, Led Zeppe- lin, Dazed and Confused, S.J., The Greek is gone. Catch you later. Yea now. KAREN FARINA 8.5 Arlmont St. 1-10-60. The Summer of 77. Hampton Beach, Esplanade 7-4-77 — Taxi, The Manor, BSC, Halloween ' 75, Parties at C.R., M.M., B.M., F-Six, C.B. Regular, Concerts — Eagles 1, Proms, Good friends like J.K., B.O.B., K.M., K.A., Jim, “Changes,” Thanks Donna. ROBIN FEMIA 588 Summer St. 8-24-60. Ruth Dancing, Majorettes, Skiing, F H Games, Esplanade ’77, Hampton, R.O.R., The woods, Lynne’s, “You’ll regret it Lee!”, “Oh Honey,” Christmas Eve, Semi, F-six, Florida, M.H., R.G., J., Hotel T., Marblehead S.D., V.O., L.T., B.A., J.B., Jimmy, Love ya Mom and Dad. MARYANNE G. FENERJIAN 62 Yerxa Rd. 1-12-60. 021-50- 3794 Resoectfullv dedicated for the man of all time: “If music be the food of love, play on:” Wm. Shakespeare. JOAN P. FIEKERS 8 Brattle Terr. 1-12-60. Joanie W ' hite H orse Beach . . . New Hampshire, Concerts . . . The Who! Summer ‘77!, T Party at Hill’s Hill-What a trip! . . . I.B.S., 5th period lunches, Halloween . . Growing up, Bruce Springsteen, Green Grass and High tides forever., T.R., I got my will. DAVID A. FINLAYSON .53 Nicod St. 6-26-60. Fin The mornings over Flake’s house . . . Golfing on the beach . . . Down the Cape at Beaver’s . . . Heidi in tnree years . . . Bottles, ice . . . Frank’s truck on Rt. 3 . . .Flicks. . .Walden. PAUL FLANAGAN .54 Nicod St. 12-28-59. Flan Party down the Cape, Flakes hitdng a buck, “Drive-ins” Bud, Mick, ice. Bottles, Coolers, Red Falcon. SHEILA M. FLYNN ELISSA A. FORESTA JOHN D. FRANCHITTO CHRISTINE FRANCIS GERARD FLYNN 27 Freemont Ct. 3-21-60. Gerry F.U.G.O.B., Parties down Crosby, The Hole, Corner “N.D.C.,” Sheeba, Fatt ' , Can’t get rid of him. Machine shop, “Let’s get stoned,’’ Bad Company, Summer Vacation, Good Bye School. KATHRYN C. FLYNN 45 Hopkins Rd. 1-11-60. Kathy Up the Nuthouse ’75, Lowdown, 8-31-76, Cruising Twosome, Spike, Concord, Ave., G.T.O., My Nose! K.T.R., J.I.T.B., A.E., VVe survived through it all Sarah. Magic Man, Central Squire. RICHARD FLYNN 104 Gardner St. 2-1-60. Tubby Jan’s, Nigro, Tourney party ' , O’kie’s, the best parties. Bong Show. Baseball State Tourney, The garden, Power hitter, Ity- Bity white shells, Bez S.S., The Beach, V. Football, Fathers six. Dotted 10-8-77, Ones, Dummies rule. SHEILA FLYNN 2 Rockmont Rd. 12-18-58. Lulu John 3-28-75 — These Eyes, Priscilla loves Harry, Meadow Glen — The Grabber, Colour my world. Chalet lake, K. C.D.H.B.M.K.K.C.S.J.E., Harmony, Gee, I really love you 9- 30-77, Scjueaky, Good friends must not always be together. ELISSA FORESTA 98 Alpine St. 10-26-60. Lisa White vans at dusk . . . B.O.A.A. . . . Hemiie, come out ... I miss you, Karen . . . Squirrel, Ducky, Chicken, Rojo, Theo . . . Mrs. Z. . . . Listen to the color of your dreams — Beatles . . . Liz and Phil . . . Bye-Bye. JOHN FRANCHITTO 14 Lakehill Ave. 3-10-60. French Weekend trips . . . New York, Philly, Niagra, Mr. C. “Ends justify the means,” J.V. Baseball, Winter skiing trips, “Choco- late Coke Please”, “Zip”, Fleetwood Mac, “We’re just a couple of wild and crazy guys!”, McDonald’s, L.T., P.M., M.C., J S S H CHRISTINE A. FRANCIS 7 Belknap St. 6-13-60. Chris L. D., M.C., J.G., C.P.. Cape Cod, Uncle Bill’s Cottage, Fiddler, Oz, Face Painting, Beatles — “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends.” Arlo, Sha Na Na, “Hair”, July 4, 1977, J. August Co., College ... I can’t wait. (f 42 PAULA M. FRASER MARK W. FREEMAN STEPHEN B. FRATELLO BRYAN A. ERENCH LOUISE T. FRIEL JOHN GALLAGHER PAULA FRASER 67 Milton St. 10-3-60. Showtime? Where’s my crescent wrench? Our favorite tree, long talks with Val, life with Frank and Andy, breakfast with Missa, Hampton, Maggets, Harmonoids doowah, exchange trips! Friends D.S., D.C., J.O., T.C., Orchestra with Greg and T., Drive-ins, Marching band rah-rah! Thanks!! STEPHEN B. FRATELLO 161 Sylvia St. 5-15-60. Fritz VSoccer, VTrack, Catching some Z’s “The Party,” Canoeing ' A keg, 62 wagon — no brakes, truck, Walden, Chem. Shotgun with Mario, Drive-ins, Mug, Stooges, Zoid, Groucho, Flake, My dog’s name, K.S. MARK FREEMAN 56 Fremont St. 3-18-59. Earth Science ’74 and ’75, U.S. History, Chemistry, 4 years of 4 favorite English classes. Double sessions, Sunimer work vaca- tion, Work Study Seminar and a job during the school year. BRYAN FRENCH 11 Day St. 5-20-60. Y not 1 . . . Ipswich, Kevin’s boat. Water-skiing and lobsters . . . Crosscountry, Indoor track, Mr. Kelly “Move those arms” . . . eight down, four to go . . . O.N.J., Let Me Be There, Don’t Stop Believing . . . Good Bye A.H.S. LOUISE FRIEL 72 Chester St. 1-27-60. Four great years I’ll never forget! Friends we are Carol, Mau- reen, Sue, Eileen, Joyce, Kathy, J.V. Cheering, Skiing, Somp Beach Party, Jr. Semi-formal, Kathy’s Condo, Senior Conven- tion, Symmes, Lexington, Good Luck to All! JOHN GALLAGHER 69 Epping St. 11-29-59. Gal Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Cambridge Parties, The Bridge, Fathers six, U.B. steps on Revere, The Duet, “Hey, How We Doin’?”, “What’s up?”, “Buddies”, “Z” Man, Tom, Joe, Warren, Dick, Mac, Ronnie, Jim, Tex knows best. Big Ed, Boogie, Little Doc. MEREDITHE GALLAGHER 9 Putnam Rd. 12-17-60. Space Wild Bashes, Frosties, Gold, M.A.S; T.Q.C. Flipping Out, ZP’s, Flurries, Outs, Harassment, K.M., Bike Path, Hardy, Browning, Smellies, Dusted, NY, Maine, J.C. at Hampton, Maynard, All- Nighters, Concerts, Pink Floyd, Service, I’m free as a bird now into the void. MEREDITHE A. GALLAGHER RICHARD GALLAGHER LORI |. GAIUBEDIAN RICHARD GALLANT PETER GALLUZZO PAULA M. GANGI BRIAN D. GARDNER GAIL A. GARRITY JULLANNE E. GATES MARY ELLEN GEARIN RICHARD B. GALLAGHER 6 Oakland Ave. 5-4-60. Rick Summer of “77”, the Cape, Maine, R.R., K.L., S.L., B.E., B.Z., M.S., I.S., School Committee . . . Out of here. Off to Florida. RICHARD GALLANT 62 Meiiotomy Rd. .5-18-60. Frosh and VFoothall, Super Bowl dream. Tourney Games, Summer of ’75, 5th period with the Doctor, Muck Beach, Wall, L.S., J.B., C.F., Party, Good Buzz! “No way,” Father’s, H.S. Parkinfr Lot, Goodbye AHS. PETER GALLUZZO 78 Broadway 6-.30-60. PAULA GANGI 28 Everett St. 7-23-.50. Soph, beach party — Esplanade “77”, Semis . . . Maybe prom? Pits Parties I’m not responsible! What future? Bagged, My friends. Twit, What an ... I don’t believe it. That mouth . . . And that attitude . . . Mom and Dad, You’re the Best. LORI GARABEDIAN 47 .Mott. St. 8-3-60. Brian 1-29-77, Summer of “77”. |idy 4th weekend, Maine, chemistry — my favorite class, “The Dink,” “Kitty Dickie, Michael Michael forever, (B.I.L.Y), Jr. Sr. Semi Formals and Proms, (A.M.) (N.S.) (M.C.) — Mom, your the best! BRIAN D. GARDNER 12 Newland Rd. 9-2I-.59. Snake The great Times at AHS, Senior Prom in “77” with B.R., Mr. Sandrelli’s 4th period D.E. class in llth grade, The Great Times down the cape with M.K. ILL., Those great guys on Route 7 at night, “The Heights” Last lunch in 1 1th grade, B.G., J.G. USGG GAIL GARRITY 136 Wildwood Ave. 12-.5-.59. Fann, .Menotomy, Parties, sooo good. Esplanade, Semi, guz. Bagged again, GIO, mirrors — hey gorgeous, beachin it. Late DRSDM!! Take it easv. Moonshine, Kongo — routines, great times with great friends. It’s been real. JULIE GATES 6 Harvard St. 12-27-60. Jules John (Geo) 6-18-77 “Good Times!” M.R.P., Summer of “77” best ever. Thanks Mom ik Dad, Freshman English, Sophomore Math with B.G. Junior Year: Semi formal B.S., Prom W.B., Good friends R.D., S.T., S.P., Mrs. Z., M.O., Hopes: Geo, “Ev- erything” and modeling. Regrets: None, Bye! MARY Ellen GEARIN 44 Kensington Rd. 5-14-60. “Extra piece of paper?” Band, Old Uniforms, Butter Paddles, New Uniforms, Toronto, “Gaught in the snow lately?” 18 hours, 24 hours. G S, Drama, Lunch . . . “Harvey is watching you’.” “Small coke, no ice.” Bad Jokes, Good Friends. 44 WILLIAM J. GOODWIN DIANE M. GIROUARD JAMES G. GILLIS LEONORA GIOVANANGELO ROBERT G. GENDALL 23 Milton St. 3-4-60. Boh Basketball, GYO Ghamps, Away game,s Pete and Mike, Our coach is drunk again! Lead balloon. JULIANNE GIANATIEMPO .58 Brooks Ave. 6-2-60. Julie Ghris, Diane, Goncerts, Nov. 20, “17 . . . No!” White Ghrist- inas. Skiing and Hot Choc.! Max’n Holly, 6-30-76, Filene’s Mrs. Z, “Doing nothing with friends is always doing something,” S.B. Day, Climbing the wall at Salem! Liane, Adreena, Wendy, Susan, Jean, Memories . . . JIM GILLIS 21 Mayflower Rd. 8-18-60. BUD! PARTY! Weekends at Hibbert Park, Parties at lunch. Summer of ’77, Class of ’78. LEONORA GIOVANANGELO 17 Daniels St. 11-3-60. Parties up Bambi’s, France, N.H., “Wish You Were Here,” Chris, “Wouldn’t it be Nice,” Bud, Foreigner, Cruisin’, Wild Horses, Lady, Cape Bizi, Keg parties. Skiing, Kitigai, Triple K meatballs, “The Gang,” Midnight Rambler, Mom and Dad. DIANE M. GIROUARD 1.55 Mass. Ave. 12-14-60. Benjie Good times down the pond. Good times in Billerica with Mulch gang, Maine Summer ’76 ’77!! Great concerts. Kinks? E.J., Leo Sayer, Bnice Springsteen! New Year’s Eve ’77, Boke One, Dig Wes, Hobbits, The Shades, Stay young and stay high. STACEY GLASER 255 Sylvia St. 8-17-60. Sault Pepper, Alio, ey Bebe, Commercial Time, Whadaya wanna do? Hansel Gretil, waves. Wine 9, Sofy Hoty, 5 AM Waterbed, U B ID, High on the beams. The Stones-Under my Thumb, Denise, You ' re the best. He’s mine! Friends are forever. BILL GOODWIN 28 Sunset Rd. 2-5-60. The Res., Drinking Millers and smoking goldies, Mesc, Trip- ping with J.F., Hampton, Block parties wasted, burnt, lousy nangovers. One nighters, Zepplin Bad Co., AHS ain’t nothing but a partv. MAUREEN E. GORMLEY 12.50 Mass. Ave. 1-23-60. Gol- denhair Toronto, Scarsdale, W. Springfield, Bus rides snow, Mr. “T.”, Smith Roberts, Drama! G S, Fiddler, Dolly, Orchestra, Madrigals, Maine and Mountains, Dr. “J.”, Acapulco, Me.xico, Orlando’s book, WBZ, Hi there! N.H., Prom., M.A., J.C., A.K., P.F., V.P., D.A. ROBERT G. GENDALL STAGEY L. GLASER MAUREEN E. GORMLEY JULIANNE G. GIANATIEMPO 45 CATHERINE M. GROSS GAYLE MARIE GOSTANIAN 33 Browning Rd. 12-6-60. Good times in Pennsylvania with Lori and Ron, The Three Musketeers, Thanks for the ride. Mom. Grand Assembly, Summer of ’76, Rainbow, DEGA, Armenian Club — Gilbert and Sullivan, Concert Choir 4 vears. Butt fiend. Fiddler. DAVID R. GRANCHELLI 120 Spring St. 10-22-60 ANDREA M. GRANDE 63 Piedmont St. 8-14-60. Andy Mooneyes, Halfcreed, Summer ’76, FARM, CSN, BO, 11 PM, Willie, Laney, CONVOS, P.K., L.P., Carol, Sheila, Sherri — Big Sister, Jane — You only live once, 1 AM, V O, Hillside Parties, V.P.-Hah! Ir. S P, Bad Luck, Well alright! Smile. .MARIA GRELLA 40 Thorndike St. 9-17-60. L.G., .VI. L., C.K., G.S., F.M., L.G., S.M., F.H., Montreal Trip, Lime-light Disco, Remember B.H.? Summer of ’74, Summer of C.ATHERINE MARIE GROSS 4 Wollaston Ave. 11-23-60. Kate Whatchamacallit; good times; Connie, Nancy, Sue; David 3-3-76 tbutt; Quebec; orangepeels; bg64; Loon; Paris 77; boof; Nahant; prom; Boonies; silent sunlight; Cabot-Judy, Faye; staff parties; TEC; beantune; JoJo; hahaha’s; Loonev Bin; EEESH!!: Do You Hear Me?? DRNM CCKSSPTBM CPCJOFWJH: for sure. .MARK D. GULESERIAN 95 College Ave. 9-24-60. Marco Sabbath concert, P.T., P.D., E.J., “SY,” The “Bird,” E.W., DC, The Comer, Choo-Choo M., B.C., D.W., Lifting, Mahoneys. TIMOTHY GUNTER 162 Mountain Rd. 12-4-60 JEAN ADRIENNE GUVEYAN 149 Robbins Rd. 8-22-60. Jeannie Canada — 21 hours ’75 , Armenian Club — Treas. ’74, Pres. ’75, Grand Assembly ’76 — .Mr. Tuddball — S.T., Worthy .Advisor — Rainbow, .Mr. “T” — 4 years, Greece, Virginia, Hve Power, S.R,, D.C., LON, R.P., M.P., B.L., PCNH, D.B., Concentrate on the books, not on . . ., 2nd period — Trev. TIMOTHY GUNTER MARK D. GULESERIAN JEAN A. GUVEYAN 46 STEVEN M. HADDAD CAROL A. HAGOPINA “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. There- fore be at peace with God, whatever you con- ceive him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beau- tiful world. Be. careful. Strive to be happy. “Desiderata” VASILIOS HAMIZIDES ALBERT E. HAMWEY MAURA J. HANNON CELESTE M. HART SIMON HATINOGLOU STEVE HADDAD 25 Johnson Rd. 12-14-60. Had Soccer, “Hammer,” Gymnastics, cisco, 5th period, 3rd period — (waste of time). CAROL HAGOPINA 160 Brooks Ave. 7-2-59. Bernie 0-6-7.5, Senior Prom, 76: Aku-Aku, the gang, (Good Times), college-Business, P.A.N.H.: NA, The blue Bomber. SUZANNE HAINES 70 Lake St. 8-22-60 BILLY HAMIZIDES 72 Cleveland St. 11-11-.59. Hama Good friends like Steve, Dan, Ed Joe, Pier 4, Chris, Tom, The Cape and Dave, Soccer, practice, the playoffs, Florida, New York college. ALBERT HAMWEY, JR. 43 Stone Rd. 9-29-60. Wellsely Accident, John, Joe’s tunes, Rick’s hypo, “66 Ford Wagon, ” Mystics, Exeter Street, Debbie, Partying in Pete’s driveway, Cambridge Res, The Drome, easily strolled, bolting, no bucks, mind blowers. Cling, Deebo’s party, Pete’s van, Sun- day Cruises, Maddog Brandv. MAURA HANNON 72 Bay State Rd. 8-30-60. Cape ’77 Rm. 5 . . . Manor . . . Friends we are: ADJKDMATBMBGJM . . . Parties . . . F-6 . . . Ann’s Mus- tangs . . . Who me? . . . BSC — “Then came you,” Summer, You Wanna . . . ? Ride to R.I. . . . Symmes . . . “Let’s do it again.” CELESTE HART 27 Milton St. 12-20-60. Gleeko, Tracks, Nutcracker, Chips- Ahoy, Queen, Frampton, Cindy, Heffenreffer, Mich., WEEKENDS! Gotta get oughta here. Head! buzzed, munchies, Medford, Behind the bleachers, “Changes” — Bowie, Miguel, Alan Kade. “I get high with a little help from mv friends — 10-29-77 K.R. SIMON HATINOGLOU 45 Beacon Street 9-29-60. “Si” “Al right!” Aerosmith 11-15-76, “Get your Wings;” Hampton, Summers to come, Canada, Molson Ale, Football, The Blue Star in Lyra, The royalty of Cotterism and the “Red Boogie Man,” “VVow man! You drive like Steve McQueen.” Dream Qn 47 PATRICIA A. HEAVERN DONNA M. HENNESSEY DANIEL J. HAYWARD 68 Cleveland St. 6-12-59. The Corner and the Park, the gang’s all there. Horne Pond, Hampton, Hal’s cellar parties. My Vega. Bikes, Whites Pond. Midnight Auto Brewsters, Buzz on. “Do it to it”, “Out to the car for lunch.” ELLEN PATRICIA HEALY 36 Jason St. 4-.5-60. Acapulco!!, Spanish Club, Swim team, it’s too early!, Har- monoids today? Toronto, Scarsdale, Springfield, Mr. T’s orch., Flem’s, stjuire, poetry — thanks Lucile, Thoreau, Jr. Semi, Dagwood, Jennifer, Suz, Benji, Hey there Elbe Mae! Chicago, On the Threshold of a dream. JAMES F. HEALY 14 Buena Vista Rd. 8-5-60. Jimbo, VFootball, Cumbies, Comet What’s Up, B B, Lifting, Cruising with Gal, Dick too, Mr. Band Ouigs, Cambridge, C, U.S.M.C., Elvis, Oldies, the Bay, Blue Team, B.C.C. Hee, Iron, Ya right, BUDDIES . . . JOANNE HEASLEY 18 Russell Terr. 6-9-60. Jo 4th lunch Jr. yr., “Pond,” “The Family,” I.B.T.C., Cape “76- 77,” Long Misty Days,” Summer “77,” P, “Cruising” Charlie, get a mg . . . 7 7’s, L.P., J.B., K.C., D.D. Good friends “Point of no Rehirn” “If the sun refused to shine.” “Bev for House- master,” Memories. PATRIGIA HEAVERN 72 Tufts St. 11-13-59. Patty A.H.S. — Good Times, Bad Times, Where did it all go. Summer of “77,” The Flood’s Lowell Parties, Lefty’s, the scpiire, Gmis- ing, Jr. Semi, Prom, “You made me believe in magic,” SJH, Looks like we made it. Cold as ice, The Atkies, Friends are forever, Diane we finally made it. DONNA M. HENNESSEY 147 Palmer St. 9-26-60. ME, N.H., New years eve ’77, Pauls Chinese Food, Joes gradu- ation party. Adopted daughter “M Mrs. M, Oh ya. For sure, “The eyes,” Me and Deb, Forest Street, How was school Lee, Dreams, Grounded again!. Homeroom 38, Frampton, B B, D.M., JR, J.S., P.A., L.H., B.C., M.S. LEE ANN HERDERHURST 74 Princeton Rd. 11-2-60. Friends to remember, Hampton, “Nights in White Satin,” Par- ties J.M., K.R., B.C., B.B., In love at 4AM, Lost in Brookline, “That gets my goat,” Bagged, Homeroom 38, Proms, “How was school?” B B, Field trip. Thanks Mom and Dad. DAVID HIGGINS 7 . .Viking Ct. 8-1-60. “Falmouth Flash” Saturday Nights’ All Right, Falmouth High, Beach parties ' . . . Early morning dips, Yo! Michelob, too much and too little time. Midnight snacks . . . MS, RD, JR, KS, RS, Cspt. J., DH, SL, TP, KR . . . Maur, Believe, its over, going away. LEE A. HERDERHURST I I l[ li I DEIRDRE HIGGINS JONATHAN R. HOFFMAN DEIRDRE HIGGINS 4-12-60. Deedee Hampton ’77, Manchester N.H. J.R., Skipping and tripping with Lisa, Getting bagged with Susan, Parties over Cathy’s, Are you. Concerts J. Giels, Queen, Steve Miller, I get by with a little help from my friends, Pam, Patty, Susan, Lisa, Brenda, Darlene, Gale . . . BRYAN C. HILFERTY 66 Dudley St. 8-10-60. Football, Gymnastics, Superballs, HSSP, Spic 1 II, Papa Joe, Insults. JONATHAN HOFFMAN 9 Lockeland Ave. 9-21-60. Scoop The “gang,” Parties, Hampton Beach, Who Wrote the Book of Love? Bastards, Quebec, Paris, Washington, Semis, CJM and the Acropolis, Mike! . . . Scoop! Vale Dan, Marque, Gambling — “And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.” THOMAS HOGAN 18 Huntington Rd. 10-3-60. I’m outta here. The Woods, The Dam, The Res, Stratton, Pic- ket’s block party 5-20-76, Lacount’s block party 6-6-77, At the M.D.C. rink. The Party, The Cannabis, Miller, Michelob, Schlitz, LED ZEPPLIN — Aerosmith — Bad Co. — Sabbath, Free Bird — Stairway to Heaven, Later. DEEB E. HOMSI, JR. 17 Marion Rd. 2-17-60. Deebo 1965 Malibu S.S. ragtop. Party in the Electra, Bez, Roofy, You Pelican, Just 1st period Sue L., Where should we go, no gas. Mind Blowers, Al, Wellesely Cling, Ricky’s hypo, Pete, move that van, Joe, Galluccies, The res, Richie Alton Bay, Later. CHERI HOUSER 159 Washington St. 11-22-60. Dazed and confused. So many times . . . “We’ve got high hopes” — L.C., G.H., K.C., P.M., — “I get high with a little help from my friends” — Dreams are 4 ever mine M.H., “Boo” . . . “Chink!!” Pet peeve; “How come ya never smile?” “Bag- ged!” DOUGLAS HOWARD 12 Woodland St. 9-21-60. Doug Football: Freshman and Sophomore year. Fire escape. The wall. Junior year, Joel, John, Phill, Paul, Side, Cheryl, Karen, Paula, Milissa Joey, Little C. Brenda, Milisa, Treasa, Ugene, Zorba, Mark, Tim, Brian, “The Grateful Dead.” STEPHEN M. HOWARD 23 Churchill Ave. 7-31-59. Hippity Hoppity Party going for Parts, Good luck Copie, and Kevin. It took me four years, but I made it. Block Party — Harry’s party. Hockey Tourney’s Dave you’re a loser. Pat good four in Homeroom. Football no.l. DEEB E. HOMSI DOUGLAS L. HOWARD CHERILYN HOUSER STEPHEN HOWARD 49 PAUL INGLIS BRYAN E. IGO JOSEPH P. HURLEY JOYGE A. INVERNIZZI GHRISTOPHER HUGHES RITA C. HRUL SANDRA M. IRVING RITA C. HRUL 19 Williams St. .5-22-60 Jimmy. . . March 25, 1976 . . .1980. . . He changed my life, . . . Mr. Sotnick’s class . . . Sophomore year, life must go on . . . Gas Station . . . Fun times G.S. and J.M. CHRISTOPHER HUGHES 27 Temple St. 4-8-60 Soccer, hoop, right, are you crazy, nice mind, cute kid, sure whv not, ’67 Chevy, Elton. JOSEPH PATRICK HURLEY 23 Lafliyette St. 3-12-59. Curly, S.D. Burlap Hockey, Tourney Parties, Condish, Bigger Buckets, H.S.P.L., Ig’s, Cas, Nuge, Conners, Skins, Duck, Large, Ronny, Mind, clip. Lee, That’s to Big! You Bastard! How’s your Buzz! Grog Shop. The Cape, Hampto n, Salisbury squirt guns. Esplanade, New Years, Summer “77,” Baboom, Later. BRYAN EDWARD IGO 262 Washington St. 10-30-59. Ig’s, Porky Curly, Skinner, Load, Fatman, Chicken, Dude, Connor’s Mind Clip, Star, Cas, Duck, Sparky, “I like you a lot” Baboom, AHPL, B.B., Semi, Prom, UMass, Hockey, Golf, “How’s your Buzz?” Cape, NHP, Menel’s Parties, Tourney Party, MO, SI.LD, “Grog Shop,” Bond, Luke. PAUL SCOTT INGLIS 100 Hibbert St. 6-20-60 Pidge BCC PV Fin, Flan, Gill, Dave, Joe, Mull, Jay, Party at Dana’s, Father’s, Flicks “How much you bet this weekend?” Suther- land Football, Hampton party, Bowie, CSN, Bad. Co., Buzzy’s cottage, “Buzzy, Have another” Golf and Gold. JOYCE INVERNIZZI 73 Cleveland St. I2-30-.58 Get up and Go! Go! Go! Ambition, Ambition, Nutrition class. Child Care Class, Art Club, High school dances, concert choir, fashion shows. Senior Convention, Volunteering, Lefty, camp- ing cross country. Biking to Mystics, Dynamite Cars, Eall ships. Wow! those sailers. College. SANDRA IRVING 101 Ridge Street 6-2-60. Sandy H.S. 23, Butts, TiTime, Bryan, Coyles parties. May’s Sleepov- ers. Beach Party, flag. New Year’s Eve 76, Nashoba, Semis, Jr. Prom, Florida, Cape ’ 16 - 11 , Nahant, How’s the Volks? K.D., J.O., D.D., roses. Best of friends. Do it up, F,O.R., Sr. Conven- tion, Fathers. CAROLYN W. JACKSON 99 Grafton St. 12-3-60 Wes. Maine — the beach -l- the island The spond — the parties. Yo Diggie and Benj (norm) classic times, Mr. Feldman, thanks. “So walk tall or don’t walk at all” Blinded by the Light. Growin Up. ( 1 I 1 ] 1 I i ) f V f i s t F c J I P li f 50 SHARON L. JACKSON LORRAINE JACOVIDES SHARON LYNNE JACKSON 8 Philemon St. 2-9-60. I That first “cold” winter in my car, Amie’s 5th grade class, Anne I Loves Stenna, ... Hi Milton (Love those teeth) . . . Tweetie. LORRAINE JACOVIDES 5 West St. 3-19-60. Lori ’ Tony, Best of my love, Suzsio, Bickhouse, Beast, Florida ’75- ’76, Hey Ray! Summer of ’77, “Towers” 22k, All nighters. Walk much Doug? “Lady,” “Spark’em up” J.S., S.P., J.D., Party! I Bagged! Memories 1.2.3.. 4. .5.. JOYCE JAMGOCHIAN 23 Glenbum Rd. 3-1-60. Always-Marie, Sue, Chris, L.P., “Fram,” “Stairway,” Michael . . . C-l-A, No light, N.Y.E. 77 “Why?” Aku, Nahant, “It’s Over i Now,” Memories . . . Star, Riunite, Watertown, Mr. D., soo, I L.D.W. ’76-’77. Thanks-C.B., G.S. We don’t remember days, only moments. ERIC JANNSEN 2 Lake Shore Dr. Zepplin Sabbath Stooges South Carolina Yellowstone The Wall Tick Lagers 4D The Cellar Baking at Lunch Summers of ’75, ’76, ’77, Thing Hoop Football Flicks Space Biking, Sleds My I Parents Fox Hunting You Only Go Around Once. I JOHN JERVINIS 63 Marathon St. 10-27-60. Walden Rope Swing; Thrown ouLi Waketa; Hampton Nights; Al’s Sportswagon — small accident; Pete’s driveway parties “G’mon Joe;” Ricky’s burnouts — “Bom to be Wild;” Skipping in Deebo’s Buick “Just 1st period”; Deep Purple Zeppelin; Exeter St.; Sabbath Concerts; “Keep on partying.” I ERIC JOHANSON 104 Fremont St. 9-22-60. I Miss Orlando’s junior English, Youth group, BaBo’s, Eliza . . . great person, 14A study hall, fifth period, Weirs Beach, Briar- wood, Partying, Senior Lounge, Many great times, Psyc, E.J., E.E., Cape Cod. ANNE JOHNSON 85 Forest St. 7-26-60. Summer in Florida, Laughs with Cheryl, The beach warf, Get- ' ting bagged S.J., G.M., J.G., Gheering, Friends we are, Doug’s I parties, Marshfield, .5th Road, What are you doing here? The concerts. The proms. I JEAN JOHNSON 31 Heard Rd. 2-2-60. Jeannie ' Bargain Barnette, Suave Stud and Slick Chick, The big chase, Pitless parties. Attack, I don’t believe it. Proms Semis, Chem lab, Lucielle’s Lessons, Stevie, Mouth P.G, D.M., M.P., tme friends forever. Have a nice life. JOHN S. JERVINIS ANNE JOHNSON ERIC W. JOHANSON JEAN A. JOHNSON 51 MICHAEL G. JOHNSON PHILIP JONES JANET E. KALUSTIAN PHYLLIS KEENAN CARL E. KARIGER R. KELLEY ANNE MARIE KELLY WILLIAM B. KELLEY MICHAEL JOHNSON 24 Orchard PI. 1-26-60. Mad Dog Bom in Ankara, Turkey. Moved to Arlington Oct. 1976. Have made many good friends. Thanks Mom 6c Dad. Good Luck To All. PHILIP JONES 40 Lake St. 8-24-60. Jonesey Nights of 10-31-7.5, 7-3-77 Paragon Park, Salisbury ' , Golden Lady, White bunny. Good Times in Florida, Bad Times this Winter, Chris Texaco. JANET E. KALUSTIAN 36 Columbia Rd. 8-9-60. “We are all personalities that grow and develop as a result of all our experiences, relationships, thoughts, and emotions. We are the sum total of all the parts that go into the making of life.” CARL F. KARIGER 18 Hancock St. 6-9-60. Cmising in my tnick. Listening to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppe- lin, Aerosmith. PHYLLIS KEENAN 17 Revere St. 3-26-60. C.K. Been Real Partying, J.T., G.K., S.K., M.B., M.V., L.G., K.N., D.G., Horror shows — Thumming Sanbomville 95 Mesk Hampton Jail Pink Floyd Jane, New Year’s Garols Stratton, Arlex, Fathers — Harleys, Jakes, Fi delity, Microdot Harvard Scjuare windows. Dusted, Maveric Sundays New Hampshire, Bobbv Late Nights, 10-10-77 California Later! ROBERT KELLEY 38 Johnson Rd. WILLIAM B. KELLEY 16 Newland Rd. ANNE MARIE KELLY 7 Valentine Rd. 4-30-60. AMK Deutsch mit Doris vier Jahre! Astiusti, Bluevelvet! “To see the world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wildflower; Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour” — Blake. Thanx. Q.E.D. Aid W ' iedersehen! JOHN P. KELLY 25 Egerton Rd. 11-23-60. 52 KAREN M. KENNISTON MAUREEN J. KELLY MARY C. KELLY SUSAN M. KELLY JANICE KENNY LISA M. KEPLIN DAVID KEOHANE THOMAS E. KERR, JR. MARY KELLY 53 Quincy St. 12-8-.59. Kell Kell, Nancy’s, homeroom buddies. Soph, best year; Jr. Semi, Slo-gin, Seabrook-summers, Hampton week-end. Jimmy’s, IBS, Levi’s, Levi Shirts and bow legged hockey players. I did it. MAUREEN KELLY 3 Bellevue Rd. 4-3-59 CT Summer of “77” was the best, Frampton, Florida, Mackies AkuAku, Parties Paragon; Best kids to oe with are C.A., K.H., J.S., M.L., . . . and the rest of the gang. KAKJ2981 10-7. SUSAN MARIE KELLY 117 Nev mort St. 10-31-60 Freshman yr. Joycee, Friends are forever JJ . . . EL, LF., CM., KM., Soph, beach part ' . Skiing at Louise’s “Testing One Two” Ely, Sen. Convention SSn. Proms. Pierce St. and CO, Martha’s Vineyard, Thanks Mum, Dad, LK, DK, NK, RK, IK. WE MADE IT! KAREN KENNISTON 181 Forest St. 10-18-60 Survival, burnt coat, 4th of July, Labor Day Week-end, sunsets, P.E.I., Canada, walks on the shore, studies, platforms, beautiful snow covered White Mts., dreams, caamisn, cpiarter, pelican, camping, movies, red and green M M’s, M.P.C.D.M.A. M.H.J.C.A.B., July, memories. JANICE KENNY 45 Coolidge Rd. 11-26-60 The Manor, Junior Semi Fonnal, “77”, Parties at Bonnie’s, Candy’s, Michael’s, good times with good friends — K.F., M.H., M.M., J.M., D.W., A.D., Halloween, ’75, ’76, Framing- ham, Concerts, B.S.C.i! Esplanade, ’77, Bill D., Christmas, New Years, ’76, “Schools Out” . . . Thanks Mom and Dad . . . DAVID P. KEOHANE 20 Monadnock Rd. ,5-28-60. Hector, KASH, Headstroke, K.H., the pond, Hampton, the duck, K.Q., in S.C., the rope, tank, ahhh hoit! after rocky, Kell, get small, painting, Fred, B.S., ski doo. the tickets, tourney time, Hippity Hoppity Howy. LISA M. KEPLIN 31 Lorraine Ter. 2-13-60 Kep 6-19-75 8:00 p.m. L.C.A. David “Puck” M.M.A. Dances. 8-2-75 “76 77” Cape Cod. B.H.I.M. Bub! . . . P.A.N.C.H., K.S., B.L., S.V. R.V. Hermy Shirley! Laconia “76 77” Good Times, Weekends? B.O.K., Skiing, What a joke! Art — Mrs. B. Who’s Sick? THOMAS KERR 19 Glenbum Rd. 10-20-60 FARM . . . Charlie’s children, Angel — strangers in the house. Halo, Bagged, Free Bird, Hoop, Boston Hill . . . Yes, lookout-Helter Skelter, Yukon Jack . . . Maine, Bigfoot Coun- try, the lagoon. Who’s on First? 53 ANI KHARAJIAN MICHAEL J. KILCOYNE ROBERT K. KINCHLA SHEILA L. KILEOYLE MARY E. KING ELEANOR M. KINGMAN ANI KHARAJIAN 1326 Mass. Ave. 9-1-59. Charlie Armenian Club, recognized President, “Spring Celebration Dance” — of course we’re going! Aren’t vver? — Blue Eyes — great expectitions. Student Affairs Committee — This is the Constitution! Elections: President for ’78??? Long visits with C.J.M. Thanks Janet, C.H., C.R., L.B., D.K., D.R., “Charlie,” Secretary of State. MICHAEL KILCOYNE 29 Berkeley St. I2-I0-.59. Meatball Havin’ good time, Andy, Richard, Bobby, Luke, good friends always, 24 little ones. Thank you everyone. Big Dave’s collar. The Parks, “Southern Man,” Helen’s Rooms, The D. Tourney . . . the Best, Mup . . . living can be . . . whatever you make it. SHEILA KILEOYLE 14.50 Mass, Ave. 10-26-60. Thorndike, The End, J.T., C.K., Sull, S.V., P.K., M.T., Good Friends, Hampton, Sanbornville 95, Marco’s Party, Esplanade, 2nd period dusters, DOT, Bathrooms, M.V., Har- vard, Andy Pratt, Carol, Afternoon drinks, Fann L.C., A.G., A. W., Rm. 118, Hillside parties. Knockout, Born to Run, Mom . . . Keep Your Dream Alive. BOB KINCHLA 163 Scituate St. 12-3-60. MARY ELIZABETH KING 11 Michael St. 6-8-60. “We came into the world like brother and brother; And now let’s go hand in hand, not one before the other.” “Be free and fare . . . well.” — Shakespeare. ELEANOR .M. KINGMAN 15 Lowell St. PI. 11-11-59 JOYGE KINGMAN 31 Mt. Vernon St. 5-2.5-59. OOO . . . EEE. On and On, Ganada “77,” Maria, Nancy, K.D., B. W., C.L., L.N., Adventures in Tank, Finn’s Class, Pass from Art to . . . , Spying, T.B., J.P.L., 38 Mustang, Spa, Greek Par- ties, 3 Stooges, Party Time, Who’s got the car, Que hora es? DIANNA L. KINOSIAN 40 Ridge St. 10-5-59. Dud Party ing down Marriot, Diane, Mary, Jenine, “Pogis Parties,” Sports weekend ’76, Detroit ’77, Cross Country, B-Ball at Cul- tual Center, 22, Andy, thanks for being a good friend, you too Bruce. Gonna miss you A.H.S. Live, love and stay happy forever. JOYCE M. KINGMAN DIANNA L. KINOSIAN 54 JEANNE M. KIRMES HEIDI KOKARAS JOHN KOLLIGIAN, JR. VASILIOS E. KLEFTIS PAMELA G. KOUMJIAN ANN MARIE LAEFERTY BARBARA LADNY PETER G. LAHAIE JEANNE xMARIE KIRMES 18 Margaret St. 5-1-60. Fetch geel, Nice! Poetry, Thanks Lucille, Good times witli the kids. Semi and Prom, DDPRMJP, . . . live deliberately . . ., What am I gonna do? Manomet and the Cape, Summer ’77, Sg. Parties, Pizzarettes, Roiight row. Poems, Prayers and Promises. VASILIOS G. KLEFTIS 39 Harlow St. 9-18-60. B, Klefty 7.5 76 Ski Trip, “Tinkles,” Hampton Beach, Hyannis, Trudy, Fab, Treasurer and Vice President of G.O.Y.A., Church Choir, Barbells, Thanks Mom and Dad, Delta 88 and two accidents. Fishing with Sea Star, “Maha,” P.W., Rocky, Jose, ELLATHA, Stathopoulos, Pizzas. HEIDI KOKARAS .55 Vernier Rd. 3-22-60. HK McCivney’s windsprints. Surviving, That chicken! Beloted, A.O.E., Ya know . . ., Hey Mom, I’m late! Remember that Buck! Waterfights in Chem lab. Sleeping thru W.W. II, P-squared, Take time to smell the flowers. JOHN KOLLIGIAN, JR. 6 Old Colony Rd. 3-18-60. “This is the present that was once the fuUire from which we expected so much in the past.” Good luck all. PAMELA GAIL KOUMJIAN 268 Gray St. 7-21-60. Pami Summer ’77, 6 a.m. Sea Crest Jenn, G.L., Andy, Ol’Silver- Beach, It’s sooo cute! Smiles, V. Tennis, B.L. — states. Proms, G.B.Y.S.O., Northeast District, A.P.A., Orch. trips, “Now I’m not like this. I’m really kincla shy, but I get this leeling whenever you walk by. ” Boston. BARBARA J. LADNY 61 Thorndike St. 4-20-59. Barb Good times. Parties, “Florida 76-77,” “Ragene break ya face,” Mangey, “Dazed and Confused,” “Catch ya later”, S.D., K.P., “Check’en out,” Spaced, I’m glad I’m out, Louie, “Thanks Mom and Dad” . . . Later. ANN M. LAFFERTY 16 Whittemore St. 7-7-59. S.L., G.G., L.A., A.B., Rusty, Library, Cards, Granny, Shorty, RA+A, According, Tumble Weed, Rover, Pond, Bus. Sonny Comer, Park, Cindybell, M + M, Brigham’s, Rabbit’s foot, Se- nior Lounge. PETER G. LAHAIE 168 Mystic Valley Pkwy. 7-1-60. Heavy partying. The Mystics, Bolting, Wellessly Accident, Cling, Al-Electronic Wizardry, Joe, “Smoke Bones,” Rick’s Hypo, Deebo’s ’65 Malibu SS, Sabbath Concerts, Surf Champ, Adams House, Al’s Ford, Dougy- “stay high,” Zeppelin, Cruis- ing, Camping, Walden Ropeswing, ’69 Chevy Van, Engineers, Mad Dog! 55 SUSAN A. LAVASH DOUGLAS W. LAWSON ELIZABETH A. LANDERS ROBERT J. LARGENTON ELIZABETH A. LANDERS 43 Old Middlesex Path 4-15-60. Beth (V Tennis, (P.K.), swimming), Doing much at VV.C.C., Sun at Devereaux Beach, Good Laughs with Lisa, Kerry and Michele. “Look up at the mountain I have to climb, oh yeah, to reach there” — Cat Stevens. SUSAN LANIGAN 10 Carl Rd. 7-8-60. Summer 77 Beach trips, “Long Time” Boston, “It’s Over” Boz Scaggs, Jr. Prom 77, Lexington Sr. Prom 77, “You Know,” Sat- urday Night Movies, T.C., “How’s your transmission?” Lexington Sheraton, Our Clicky Group, B.J., K.D., L.A., B.M., FRIENDLY’S, Cloud 59, Checkin’ them out in lunch. ROBERT LARGENTON 6 Webster St. 12-14-59. Largy Sparky, V. Football, Hampton, Salisbury squirtguns, AHS park- ing lot, Karen Bouvier, Sr. Convention, Father’s, F.O.R., Press box, keg party, drive-ins, Jr. Prom, Mac’s, Scrawny Ronny, Gar- age, Joe, Roy, Igot, Guess Who, Thank you Mom, Dad I Love You. BARBARA LARKIN 126 Mass. Ave. 3-17-60 Toronto, Scarsdale, West Springfield, Mr. T., .M2, Marching band, football games. Blackberry- Brandy, G S, Fiddler on the Roof, H. dropout, “Keep the animals out” Junior Semi and Prom, “Good Year,” Summers of 76-77 Rainbow Ball. SUSAN THERESA LAUZIERE 61 Henderson St. 1-30-60. Ma Parties in the Bone, Waldo Park Offenders, LCJBMLJRJMJN, Joey, O., K.M., Chimp, Revere Beach, Mystics, Thorndike Street, Summer of “75,” All Nighters, Sophomore Year, BSJSDKMBPTBP, CCLCUBPDGMAS, 9-30-85, Daisy Jane, Fire + Rain, Mom I Love You! SUSAN LAVASH 220 Sylvia St. 12-2-59. R.S.W., A.C., A.L., A.B., S.Z., S.Z., C.B., S.C., G.G., L.A., Pease, P.H.S., G S, Library, Cards, “Flash,” Esplanade, Star Wars, Blowing Bubbles, Sharon and Bob married, 8-19-77, “The Front.” PETER LAVERY 28 Davis Ave. 7-12-60. Laver V. Football, V. Baseball. V. Hockey, Track, Tourney Time, Conditioning at B.C., Boston Garden, Peabodv, Room 56, Good-bye Lazzarus, 220 State Champ, Home-plate Baseball State championship. Revere Rumble, Dig, Papoose Pond, Di- anne, “Rocky,” Reed Taylor’s Cafe. DOUGLAS LAWSON 11 James St. Scipio, Lam Hockey, Baseball, Mr. McElearney, Latin IV, .Mrs. Goldkrand, Mr. Cotter, “Myth and Reality,” 64 Olds F85, First Job, California, Shotgun, Latin Scholars, J.L., P.C., T.L., D.W., Sic crustulum frangit. SUSAN G. LANIGAN BARBARA LARKIN PETER LAVERY SUSAN LAUZIERE JEAN E. LEBRUN JEAN LEIBOVVITZ SUSAN M. LECCESE THOMAS H. LEE JEAN LEBRUN 51 Overlook Rd. 3-14-60. Jeannie J.C., M.B., M.M., J.S., All Stars, Bridgton, Things Remem- bered, Cutlass, Tapes, O’Day, Drafting, T-sijuire, Drop-In, “Air Raid?”, Retreats, Sole Survivor, Canobie Lake Park, Framptooom, Boston, Semis and Proms, The “Pub,” Pyramid, Stars, Check’em out. SUSAN LECCESE 19 Randolph St. .5-6-60. Sue Nicki, 11-6-76, F W, ROR, Ruthie, Marilyn, Gooka, Helen, Woods, Rez, I-Spy, L.L., C.S., D.M., E.S., R.F.. L.H., All- Nighters, J. Ceils — almost, Voj, Green Monsters, Paragon, L’s parties, Jammin, Insane in rain, Hampton, Florida, High at Y, “Spaced,” Sculls laugh. You know it! THOMAS H. LEE 231 Mountain Ave. 9-2-60. V. Soccer, “Coach,” A.T. History, Swimming at 6:30 A.M., Scuba, Chess, Wisdom? Truth? Morality? Phases 1-4, Perhaps never again. Si je ne retoume pas, Buvez une verre pour moil JEAN LEIBOWITZ 42 Ashland St. 6-30-60. So many people, so many changes: Gymnastics, The Stones, The Who, April tenth. Blind Faith and roses, E.D., and the Rat, too. Goodbye all you punks, stay young and stoy high — Thank vou, J.F. and L.K., for me. ROBERT LEMOS 607 Summer St. JOHN LEVERONE 46 Bow St. 7-1-60. Lev J.V. Baseball, Bowling, Red Sox, Bruins, Merc, “Juice,” Future career: Dentistry, One never knows how good something has been until it comes to an end. “If the shoe fits ...” JOHN LIGOR 11 Elder Ter. .5-22-, 59. Jay Jay and Darlene 3-28-75 D,A,J,I,B our good ti mes together. Woods partyin,’ Mountains, The kango, W. paine, Jammin, Hampton, The Res, Spark’em, Rt. 2 Later. LYNNE LIGOR 11 Elder Ter. 6-19-60. Little Wonder Ricky 3-12-77, R.O.R. Cape, Woods, Rez, Sue, Sully, Cindy, Mini, S.I.T.R., Insane in rain, Sull’s laugh, Lee, Thumbing with Laurie, Hampton, Jammin — Be Mv Lover. MICHAEL JUDE LONG 70 Park St. 12-29-59. Mike Hampton, Club Casino, V.C.’s, Summer ’77, VSwimming, VTennis, Kamku, Barara, B.D., J.L., W.P., P.C., J.C., A.O.E., FPM, Et Tu? Lifeguard, Dilboy, Skunk Gun, C.A.T.S., Prom -t Semis, Bashes, Scoop! . . . Mike! Psyched in 70’s, Damn Right, Aero — The Who, Italians, Batmobile, Do svidanya, A.H.S. JOHN A. LEVERONE LYNNE M. LIGOR JOHN S. LIGOR MIGHAEL LONG 57 PAULA A. LYNCH MARY LYONS BETH ELLEN LYONS ROBERT A. LYONS CHARLENE LOPILATO 8 Kipling Rd. 9-26-60 Summer of 76-77, parties up Bambi’s house, Walden, tracks, J.S., M.O., E.S., M.S., L.G., M.M., J.D., G.B., NIWS, A.C., trig- ger, kids at cape Bizi, Zep spark ’em up, P.M. Sunny days. Born to Run, Harley, 8-2-77, Nahant 7-7-77, dazed and confused. It’s been real! EILEEN LOVETT 44 Peirce St. 3-31-60. Ireland’s Yankee The “Pubs” KLGSJ many thanks also my brothers and sisters, but Ma you’re the greatest. The Rock, Ski- ing, New York, moons. High Beams . . . Never forget all the good times. Oh it doesn’t matter. Let’s do it again. FRANK LUGO 299 Park Ave. 2-3-60 Spani-sh Gonnection Lihrarv- in Soph., “She really said “Sit on it,” “Goffee?!” I said chocolate!, |.F., I.S., M.G., |.D., S.M., lunior Semi, THE PARTY years H.AVE JUST BEGUN!!, John’s Bash, Farm Life, Moonski, Fat .Man, Gro -Magnon, Kitchie, Ugly, Rican, Lobes, Dumb Greek. CHERYL LUTZ 19 Wright St. 12-18-59. U Brainwasher! Good times BWKDJK.MRKSLNSTUYA; Rick — Easter ’77; Call me; Come with Beth; Staying at Mary’s Bagged! Cody’s class — Michelle, Maura; Drum Corps, what else, NS ’77-toursl Climbing 4H fence in Col. with Joe; .Mo; Butum; Laughing at NOTHING and EVERYTHING — Anne. PAULA LYNGH 200 Wollaston Ave. 8-28-60 Steve, Poet’s Gorner, Burger King. Brigham’s. BETH ELLEN LYONS 2 Heard Road 12-1.5-60 Beeeth B.P., Broudway Show, Time, Pittsburg, Manor, G.T., Hardy, Flurries, Sunrises, Soph, year — Fah, H.B., — B.S.D., K., M.D., A.B., P.T., L.D., .MG., Trip, .M.A.S.T.g.C. .MARY T. LYONS 11 Park Ave. E.xt 10-12-.59 2 vears l.V. Basketball. ROBERT A. LYONS 148 Hillside Ave. 9-26-60 Bo The Unforgetohle Farm, Wild Horses, A day in life, Gamp .Maine, Neil Young, A.G., Out West, Golorado, The Stones Good Times, Existing, Suiwival, After the Gold Rush, All good people, Jr. Year, Freehird, The Road Goes On Forever . . . 58 SEAN LYONS PETER R. MACLEOD CHRISTINE MAHER . ' j. ..b KATHLEEN MAHON " ' f DAVID MACONE JOHN MACPHEE SEAN LYONS 16 Egerton Rd. 3-13-60 Summer of “77” beachbumhs . . . Maha, Link, Mark, Jose, Rocky, Leo . . Hampton, Cape, Florida, D.S. . . .leaves. . . Oil, Market, G.M.C. . . . , Monte Carlo . . . Partytimes . . . High School . . . Keep on Vanning . . . Oilheat is Best!! PETER R. MACLEOD 4 Irociuois Rd. 4-20-60 Soph, Beach Party, J.V, Hoop Bus Rides, Frosh Football But- ton’s High School, Good Future, “That’s what she said,” Rockport, Canada, Big Marge, Bad Knee, “If only 1 had the truck,” Semi and Prom, Summer ’77, Nigro’s Bash, Jan’s Par- ties. DAVID L. MACONE 186 Summer St. 10-9-60 The great O.A. and B.S. 306, Eagle, Tuesday night “pizza;” The Green Machine, “Freakin,” The Symmes Crew, Medical Careers Club Summer ’77 — D.S., W.P., T.H., A.S., K.B., T.N., J.M., Good luck all. JOHN E. MACPHEE 32 Overlook Rd. 9-16-60 Fee, Feefa The Corner, The Course, Summer “77,” Busted, N.H. The Cape, Jimmy’s, G.C., T.S., M.S., R.S., D.C., J.D., D.L., Dream what you dare to dream. Go where you want to go, be what you want to be . . . Live J.L.S. later. Good Luck in “79” . . . SHERYL ANN MACQUESTION 52 Beacon St. 1-30-60 Chris, Thanks to Sue and Steve. Family, J.G., V.S., P.D., Gene, C.B., K.T., A.T., “Autumn” 3-9-74 No Regrets, Best times B.R.: 4-14-Chesty Brighams. DAVID MAFFE 66 Sunset Rd. 6-14-60 N.H. — Cape Cod, Farm, Kerr’s Cellar, The Manson Family, JoJo, Bessie, Alice Cooper, T.K., T.M., J.P., I.C., R.L., P.R., T.D., J.A. CHRISTINE A. MAHER 20 Gray St. 8-.5-60 Chris Bob 8-30-76, M.J., Kip, D.D., L.I., KIY B.Mc., Thanx Ma N Dad, Trips with the gang!, Hl-Center, STEPS, Spacer, L.T.D. Train, Somerville H.R. Kennedy B.B., A.C., 6-4-77, Summer ’76 Cape, Maine, T.P. Paities — 5-22-76, See ya later — MUCH! JULIE MAHON 23 Howard St. 1-16-60 Big Mayo Hi Guys: “It’s only a movie” TRES., Phlegum buried in Hampton, Summertime Party, Wanna catch the Sunrise? T-time? S.F. Champagne, Hotel T, Keg? Do it up! CIO, Convos 44, n’Stuff, ya know? Scrbl, Glenn 4-2-76, F.P., Sr. Conv. P. Box, “Indian,” LBAJB the HS 23, Let’s do it again . . . KATHLEEN MAHON 77 Gloucester St. ,5-20-60 Lil Mayo AHS-23 Best of Friends, AHSPL, Garage, After twelve W’hit?, Flag, Hotel T, L.M.B.C., Hampton, Cost you a nickel, “some people see things as they are and ask why, I dream things that never were and ask why not?” Party on guys! DAVID MAEFE JULIE MAHON CAROLYN MAHONEY DIANE M. MALCOLM SON ANNE L. MAMMOLA LINDA M. MANGANARO SUSAN M. MAHONEY RICHARD D. MALONE DIANE M. MANGANARO CAROLYN MAHONEY 99 Claremont Ave. 11-4-60. Carolyn. Billy 6-10-77 .50-.50 “yon HkIiI up m ’ life,” Farm-Menotomy- Higii Scltool, Party, Sooo Good (How good?), V.O. and O.J. Semis-Proms, Donhiing with Rose and Timmy, RBCGCPPHXIR, Cioodhye AHS, A day is never over if it makes a memorv. SUSAN M. .MAHONEY 12 Dickson Ave. 5-1.5-60. Sue Stratton, “T”-Parties, Corner, Winnie, Leave me alone-I’m thinking. Broken Flowers . . . Semi-proms, T ommy-gotta dime? C.C. Mystery — Anne Marie. Fried-Fish, Kongo- Routines, Fernald, Lu, Anne .Marie, Patty, Lorraine, Karen, Lauren, Janey, Kim, Juniors, Forever Friends, Yesterday’s gone hut it’s memories linger on . . . DIANE MALCOLMSON .52 Beacon St. 2-7-60. Blotter, Frolady, Coger, Hel, Nance, JA, Butts, Flags, Conven- tions, Orty, Snap out of it! greenlady. Hotel T, For, Keg party, Jr. Semi, PCS, LBAJB, HSPL23, Esplanade, SMBS, wheegly, S Guy, E. Lady, Phlegym, 7 Days, Talks around the track, best of friends. RICKY .MALONE 7 F, eter St. 1-4-60. 1972 .Monte Carlo, Peter’s driveway, Clinpi, Smoke em. Bone Men. Lithograph, Sharon, Sahittath, Suck down the brew. Beat- ing hypo, .Mind blowers, Cambridge Res, Welsley’s accident, Craggar, SS, Passout, Born to he wild. Hampton Beach, Al’s Ford. ANNE L.M. MAMMOLA 46 Pierce St. 9-4-60. Annie 4h, Sammettes, shows, Madrigals, Funny Lady, roses, “Belle,” Ezra Baker, The Topdogs, Dennisport, Johnnv Yee’s 9-6-76, Miami Beach, Marco Polo, DCBBBSAV, SROG, LiBlEaAn, GWB, spears, “You Scoundrel!” Dumbo, 8-13-77, To Michelle — " What a partv!” “Thank vou Andv and Frank!” DIANE .MANGANARO 18 lead Rd. 1-20-60. " Which one are you?” . . . C..M.’s firmous “Second Shot Quiz,” Pizza with Computers until 9:00 P..M. . . . " Dream your dreams, but build them . . . Upon solid substance fashioned of realitv.” |. Cotter. Good luck and have a nice life! LIND.A MANGANARO 18 Mead Rd. 1-20-60. “W’hat’re you doing in this class — didn’t I just see you last period?!” . . . French Club Flea .Markets, computers and pizza, taking a motise to school? — Help! 2:00 in the morning — .Mama mia, (juanto lavoro! . . . Good luck and love to everv ' one. CAROL MANTTA 23 Thesda St. 3-12-60 Louise, Lynndel, FL, KM, JC, SK, HB, DP, Summer 74 and 77 Weirs Beach, Party, Zeppelin, “Snubbies to the Ma.x,” Bagged Sj’s by Giobi! N.H., Friel’s Chaletski, Holly U.O.K? Check it out!. Locker up Belliuh. .Moony Nov. 5, George’s. Let’s do it again, Sr. Convention, Impala — High Beamin’, Aku. 60 The unexamined life is not worth living. — Socrates MELISSA M. MANNIX MICHAEL MARCHETTI BRIAN J. MARQUIS JEAN M. MARZILLI DANIEL J. MAYTUM SCOTT MCASKILL THOMAS MATTHEWS MARK MAZZOLA KATHLEEN MCCAFFERY MELISSA MANNIX 7 Newcomb St. 12-30-60. Mis Hello Who? Val, Steve? The Barn . . . The Loft . . . allnighters. Delta 9. Festival. Gemini plays hard to get. Smoke dope? Me? . . . Breakfast with Paula. August 18, 1977 . . . Dark Star. Nice looking jazzband guys. Bettes. Harmonoids. Wasted away forever. MICHAEL MARCHETTI 43 Eliot Rd. 9-12;60 Manor; Kikey; ALL Nighters, Labor Day, ’77; Kanick; New Year’s Parties; Semiformal; B.H.; What’s the date; Joe’s attic lounge; Bad co. Where’s Joe?; Concerts; great times — J.B., J.K., T.S., J.M., K.A., M.H.; Halloween 76, Esplanade, ’77; A.H.S. — grad? . . . Beth. BRIAN J. MARQUIS 27 Mt. Vernon St. 9-8-60 Scoop!, Kimbo-Bimbo, Edi, Fin, C. Miller, Camp (5-10-76). Quebec, Paris (French discos). Parties, Friendly’s, Hiding under bed. Esplanade concerts. Acropolis, RB with DM, Semis, Cape, MD Bamiuets, Hoop, Tennis, Chadwicks, Sleeping in class. Good luck everyone!. Go All The Way! JEAN MARIE MARZILLI 4 Brantwood Rd. 3-24-60 Never forget Furies — 3, Fruit of the loom? M.V., Quebec, “Damn Good!’’ Flicks, Egged, My Car, Mrs. O, Per. 2, B.B., Summer ’77, High times, P-lot party crew, Spacecruise, Cgrams, Chuckle, All-nighters, “The Trip?’’, “Thanks for the good times L.B., A.B., W.B., S.P., D.O., Love and Luck!” THOMAS L. MATTHEWS 29 Blossom St. 6-1-60. Tommy. Hockey, Baseball, Junior English, Miss Orlando Ten, the cone-heads, Tyler Jr., Lou Uno, Train kept a ’rollin’. Pirates, Aerosmitli concert. Harvard Squire, Saturday night, Samuri, Ar- nold’s, Red Sox night games. DANIEL MAYTUM 25 Ridge St. 11-23-60. Maine 74 — scrounge up 20 bucks? Freshman, Toronto with Dave, Reuben and Mitch; Hi ya Dave! — 80: Celts game-pizza afterwards? Bad lab techniciue. Me? Soph Studies. Have a good life! MARK MAZZOLA 20 Dow Ave. 4-25-60. Summer ’77 at Hawley, Cathy, Charlie’s Donuts, “Don’t many it,” Hiking, getting lost at Bash-Bish, Mt. Washington, skiing at Killington, Highballs. SCOTT R. MCASKILL 31 Hopkins Rd. 5-18-60 Skills. Summers in Ipswic, Grey Ghost rides again, V. Tennis, cruis- ing, U.S.G., “You know it!” Uptown Boston, Soph. Bio, Colt 45, Chem. labs. The Garden, “Life in the fast lanes,” H.S.S.P.M.I.T., Goodyear hat, Spaceshot?, Weekends at the Neck, Eagles, Yes. KATHLEEN MCCAFFERY 45 Alpine St. 12-4-60 Kassy. Testing “One, two”, E.L., J.C., S.K., D.,M., L.F., forever, all Proms and Semi’s, Weir Beach (Eli), Cape, Florida! Senior Convention, talks with Sue D., (Paul 10-24-75) OH! Tud, Good Morning, What? 10.5 please, Balooch lock her up!! Thanks Mom and Dad. 61 THERESA E. MCCARTHY MARCIA MCCONOLOGUE ROBERT F. MCCORMACK lOHN P. MCDERMOTT TERESA E. McCarthy 29 Dudley Street 10-14-60 Terry Teddy 8-19-76, Honds! Stratton ’74 parties! “Midnight Blues”, Tower Attemoon Juiced! Concerts, Trippin, changes, Hampton ’75, Skippin, Silver Sands ’77! Wasted, Harvard Scjuare Brigham’s, Mandy, C.K., P.D.G., “Layla” M.E.S.C., S.C., Dusted, Love to Mom and Dad — L.V., K.N., L.D., S.F., arrd mostly to IT.! MARCIA McCONOLOGUE 122 Ridge Street 8-13-60 Hampton — BOB, DOC, J.C., L.Z., Sunapee, Farm, CBM- BAGGED, Lee’s party, CIO, Mindless, J.J., refinement. Bomber, Hicks, C.C., K.C., E.D., G.P., C.M., G.B., Friends are forever. Summer ’77, Hey Chickies! A.C., P.L., Cntising, G S, Drive? Smile! E.xcellent, Thanks Hub, Love and good luck . . . ROBERT FRANCIS McCORMACK 26 Aerial Street 6-12-60 Macado, Mac. Baseball, Basketball, Bones, Egg, “Ginnz,” “Dick,” Buddy, Fa- thers, Tower, Ladder, “good wrist”, “Who killed her?” “I didn’t do it.” “Foosball, you bet”, JA, “Never sleep over”, “Gal, lousv clotlies”. Catch va . . . JOHN McDermott 199 Mt. Vemon St. 1-24-60. Mac Summer ’77, Cape Cod, “He’s Bad,” Tourney Games, B.C.C., Partying up the farm, PV, Football Games, Matches at W.C., Senior English Glass, New Year’s Eve, “You like Life.” ANN M. MC DEVITT GARY MCGOURTY MARY LOUISE MCEWEN LAURA E. MCGUIRE ANN MCDEVITT 160 Lake St 6-22-60. Cape, Farm(veg), Summer of ’77, Kleen.Re, Snancy, Lawrence, Cal, Piglet, Liam, J;ison-Kill owner, Bing Fire drill, Band-Aids, David Brenner, Now is not the time. Wanna Get Small, Thanks Ma, Dad. MARY LOUISE MCEWEN 21 Bartlett Ave. 4-10-60. Summer of “77”, Exchange Trips, football games, S S, up the Nut House, weekend all-nighters, Aerosmith, Harr ’ Chaplin, Bad Company, BFF, L.D., L.J., S.P., K.F., Eddie? Schlitz, Tango, SGF, Wasted away again. Flaming Youth, Apt.! P- A-R-T-Y! GARY MCGOURTY 60 Overlook Rd. 11-3-59. Magnum Hung around the golf course. LAURA MCGUIRE 55 Tomahawk Rd. 4-30-60. Hamish and Scooter, band lunch, Danny’s lunch, ELO, Brighton, S.S. and R.D., Misty Mountain Hop, Animal Crackers and Horse Feathers. 62 BRIAN MCKENNA ELIZABETH MCKENNA MARY E. MCTAGUE MAURA MCKENNA MARY B. MEDEIROS MICHAEL MEDEIROS DIANNE M. MEIKLEJOHN ROBIN P. MEECE DANIEL W. MEISTER BRIAN M. MCKENNA 17 Williams St. 4-18-60 Peach T.B.B.W.R.. Lan gan;?, Tennis L.J.S.? T. Blue C. Bank T.D.D., “Star” K177 Tunes, Kip Ben [nan Span 111 T.F.G.W.S.E. INITIALS B.C., B’s, C’s, P’s Sox! A crazy kind of guy. “On and On.” BETTY MCKENNA 8 Gray St. 6-8-60 Good Times, Friends, S.M., M.C., C.M., E.M., — Don . . . 1-22-7.5 to forever. Thanks Mom and Dad, Mrs. R., and Fred, Maine, New Hampshire, The White Mountains, Yes, Walden Pond, Hey Steph remember the time? Life? It’s gonna be great! MAURA MCKENNA 30 Magnolia St. 7-2.5-60 The Lip Somerville High, Summer of 77, Friends of Fidelitv House, October 11, 1975. MARY ELLEN MCTAGUE 22 Freeman St. 11-23-60. K. M.P. — Junior Prom “76” much!? Knickerson, B.S.G., J.B.S.!! Bitch is back. Senior Prom “77,” Bouff, Gape “77” Rm. 5, Sto- len Cakes, Friends, S.L., J.R., P.O., L.M., B.G., M.H., A.T., B.M., A.D., Parties, Beers, Toasbe, New Year’s “76, ’’“You’ve got the best of my love” . . . Joe. MARY MEDEIROS 5 Pamela Dr. 12-3-60. Mary is unpredictable, good friends like D.S., J.D., R.D., C.S., D.U., M.A., Mr. Leone’s Accounting class. Let’s pick on Ricbie week. Junior Prom, Buttricks. MICHAEL P. MEDEIROS 137 Webster St. 11-17-60. Mike Moving, Accounting, Northeastern University, Football, Base- ball, chess. Drama, “Briarwood with friends,” Youth Group, “Really,” Friday Nights, 6 Schools in 6 years, P.M., E.J., M.M., L. |., I.C., M.A., R.D., and Me, Best Year Senior, “That’s Life.” ROBIN P. MEEGE 11 Richardson Ave. 7-12-60. Grove St., Summer of ’75, Eddie 6-23-75, Comet, Harley’s, Par- ties with E.V. and friends. The Van, Lex, Center, Bagged! Sweet Jane Gas Stations, Arrowhead, Waltham, N.H., E.V.’s Prom, Summer of ’77, Concerts, Going to PI, Reason, I’ll see ya. DIANE MEIKLEJOHN 187 Westminster Ave. 3-24-60. Bikel- john “Will you find out what it is to be free?” Ian Hunter, Mike 6-28-7 ' 7, Aerosmith YEE! Hills, Bev for Housemaster, Win- nepesaukee, Goidd farm, Salisbury reservabon, R.B., Triumph, illegal smiles. Dazed and Confused, H.H’ing, TEA BAGS!!! DANIEL MEISTER .38 Linden St. 11-29-60. Burger 1-2-76 K.B., j[.C., M.A., J.S., R.D., P.B., B.B., T.L., T.N., M.M., F.L. . . Senior Prom — Junior Prom tickets . . . Party! Buz- zing Passout . . . Britt’s class . . . Cape skiing. Summer ’77 ... 4 great years. Let’s do it again! CHARLES T. METROS JEAN MELLY 145 Wachusett Ave. 2-13-60. 2-13-73 to 6-6-73 and 4-15-76 to 11-13-76, What a joke! I feel so stupid! Not with the company car, R.H., 9-19-77. How lucky can you get. Thanks for understanding G.S. Riding around 50 times. Working at P.P. JOHN C. MENDES 151 Mass. Ave. 3-8-60. Antman Varsity Tennis, cars, cruisin, parties, skiing, hpckey. Pugs, Maz, S.D., B.G., T.A., B.A., football in snow. Boarding, snowmohil- ing. The Ditch, slip and slide powerglide, wetstreets. Dodge Drivers, Audi Foxes, The minihike. The muddler, check or football. Dances, Banging low. The Gamaro. PAULA MERLUZZO 244 Ridge St. 2-22-60. Party, Bom to be wild. You and me ain’t no movie star, Bobby 650 BSA, Good times, Somerville, spark’em, Elkins, Do it up Harley Davison, Gheck it out. KEITH MESSENGER 22 School St. 8-2-59. Mind Mind-Gontrol 48053, Floyd R. Turbo, B.P., Abner, J.R. Mi-Ti- Jo, Surf, Hillbilly, Silver Dollar Pancakes, Eggs, Russo’s, Mil- ton N.H. GHARLES T. METROS 325 Mass. 1-20-60. Chuck Harvard, M.C., L.B., S.H., J.S., J.F., football. Spy Pond, tennis. Doc, The Air Force. DENISE MISERLIS 100 College Ave. 4-3-60. Blazing Trailing, Rich Cookies, Goya, S. Yarmouth T.K., Six- teenth year, “Fiddler,” Ski trips, 3 Musketeers, Caroling, Car Chase, Biking, Long talks with good friends, R.B. with B.M., Saturdays, Virginia, Poetry, Faneuil Openings, Prom, Our par- ties — our times. Love to M.D., And Poo, “Youth is a state of mind.” DARLENE MITCHELL 43 Bninswick Rd. 6-28-60. Mini Jay 2-28-75 good and bad times! DAJIB, LL, SL, ES, CS, HMRG, Res-woods, v.o.j., cuddlin’, 7-4-76, m.e.s.c., spark ’em, I spy, L’s part ' ’s, L M, DSLR, Dazed and Confused, G B, Midnight Blues, a smile can hid all the pain, you know it, it’s been real. MARTIN M. MITCHELL II Eivvem Rd. 10-30-59. Marty Nancy “76,” The Stones, Orlando’s class. Bones for lunch, Au- tomotives, Bad Company Concert, Harley Davidson, Lincoln Continentals. DARLENE J. MITCHELL DENISE M. MISERLIS MARTIN M. MITCHELL 64 BRIAN MOONEY JON M. MOLLER JON M. MOLLER 8 Cliff St. 10-8-60 Junior year, The Best, 7 A.M., West Woods, Cody’s Labs, Pumping iron with Bean, A.B.A., Red Sox Practices, Tony Dor- ; sett. Up the Farm, Mac, Nev, T, Poke, Lagers Bo? BRIAN MOONEY 237 Highland Ave. 5-6-60 Moon The P.L., The Pitt, Jay meets Guardrail, A lunchtime “Smoke,” Isle of Strumboli, Blitzkrieg, Officer Bill, Bagged at Babbling, I Harvest Time, Mac’s Buzzed, Woodsie eyes Red, Pugsley, ! Beef, Stemildogs, Ringy, Wendy, Donna, TTDDJG, Jungle I Love, A.H.S. Take it easy. 1 JUDY MO N 19 Cypress 5-8-60 Jude Ceils, Mac’s, “Friends we are,” Zeppelin in Concert (Dream I On), Stones, |-walking with M.R., S.A., Amnesia Lisa — 1 “book,” but officer . . ., wasted days and wasted nights. Not saying, but never needing to say, is what really counts. Take care now. KATHLEEN M. MORAN 34 Rockland Ave. 4-15-60 Kathy 1 Munchie, Summers of 74-77, Parties at Marie’s, Bethann’s, John’s, Good Friends, Tina, Marie, Joanie, Karen, Maura, Babe, Ann, Lee, Bethann, Beth, Betty Ann, MF, SF, BC, PK, Cruzin in Wedgie’s Caddy, “O WEE O,” Concerts, Paul, Esplanade, Thanks Mom, Dad. ELIZABETH P. MORANO 82 Cutter Hill Rd. 1-20-60 Liz Liz, LOJRPODCGBBGJADAPO, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, J. Ceils, Beatlemania, People, N.Y.C., The room at June’s, Lisa’s House, Bishop, 14th St., Vino, M.S.M. 1921-1976 too soon. Love Dad, “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” SUZANNE MOREL 5 Lennon Rd. 9-29-60. Sue The H.S.P.L. 23, R.F., C.W., C.D., J.A., Lee, “T,” Majorettes, Soph. Beach Party. “Flag,” New Years 77, Hampton, Nahant, R.O.R., Sec., JR. Semi, Prom, Champagne, “Wanna catch the I sunrise . . .,” Florida, Sr. Convention, C. 1.0. , P.J. Parties, Best of friends. Thanks Mom Dad. j JOHN MORRISSEY 112 Scituate St. 11-27-60 I Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, C.B., Biking, Softball, J.A.M., S.A.Z., W.S., A.O., D.M., T.N., G.N., ELENE T. MOSHON 14 Surry Rd. 12-27-60 Theone “Going Nuts” — piano, Latin with Mr. Mac, “Cogito ergo sum,” Squirrel, Hermie, Liz, Chicken, Ducky, Greek School, I GOYA, ‘ Ernie,” Laura, jogging. Stone Ins, Mr. B., records, ELO, Greece, (juiet walks, friendship. The Cape, “Sweet Six- teen,” TV, terrarium, needle point. JUDITH A. MORAN KATHLEEN MORAN ELIZABETH P. MORANO JOHN A. MORRISSEY SUZANNE MOREL ELENE T. MOSHON 65 BARRY D. MUNROE 66 GAIL A. MURPHY LORILEE A. MURRAY JOHN P. MOTHERWAY 47 Allen St. The Who I + II, Bowie, Ten Years After, Lou Reed, The Lawn Hampton, Six hours to Winnepesaukee, We’re all wasted. Greatful Dead, 8-3-77, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.’’ STEVEN F. MUCCI 62 Decatur St. 2-23-60 Steve. Here I gathered the stepping stones to cross this vast expanse called life. Now I must arrange them, hoping that they fit just i right and lead to fulfillment and happiness. Thanks to teachers, friends. Good luck all! TIMOTHY F. MUISE 42 Eustis Street 5-3-60. Farm, Schlitz, Stooges-Anacanapuna, Fingers, G.G. Gold, Bars, Led Zeppelin — Dazed and Gonfused, Hockey Tourneys P.V., , i Jr. Semi and Prom, Menotomy, B-Hill, hum-you! Heist, Gon- vos. Good times with good friends, Gatsly Bashes, Keep them i flowing. ; JURO MUKAI 41 Kenilworth Rd. 1-10-60. ! Towers Gold, Wild Parties, Dazed and Gonfused, The 3B’s, Hampton. “76”, Teenage Wasteland, Spaced Foxes, M Street, Busted, the Originals, The Hill, F.T.W., The “Res,” Beck and 1 Skynyrd, Jam, The Experience, S.S. Heart of gold, G.O.B. Sux, Piece of Axe, I’ll arrive there someday. s DAVID MUNDIS 63 Windsor St. 4-23-60. Sheba. ( Athol; Gruising, Look at the Grouse, Ba Boom, Offf, Chem. i t Lab, TN; TH; RC; and El Dido. I 1 BARRY D. MUNROE 129 Mystic St. 4-29-59. 1 Summer of “77” Boston, Get your wings. Blarney Stone, J N.H. Lake Winnepasaukee, New York, Penn. Phily, Florida, ■ 1 Missing clothes, Mercedes, Toyota, Pontiac, Ghevy, Thunder : 1 Bird. You have to give a lot to get a little. Max, GG, JD, JK. c GAIL ANN MURPHY 114 Thorndike St. 6-5-60. I Hub always. Bilbo (2) Sunday wkouts. — Queen 77 — (Huh I Murf, Kevin) Karate. Party in Mexico! V 7. SPARK-UP YOUR i S SENIORYR. JOCKS-SGK!!!.?.lO0’sinagm.Oh welkwe’lljust i r do it all. Nieve. DREAMS. “INFERNO” EUROPE HERE WE COME. NANCY JEAN MURPHY 102 Robbins Rd. 1-24-60. F.H., B.B., S.B., Looney bin, court sure K.D. D.P., co- captain?? You gotta love it. Mini Winston, Big Plans, J.I., Thanks for asking me, camp, laughs. Fly through the wind- sprints, Let’s start again. Thanks MOM DAD., Talk yet CC? Parking lot crash, Connie, Kerry, Kate, Karen, Liz Friends, EEESH. LORI MURRAY 170 Mystic St. 6-26-59 Lo. Members of class — Future Homemakers, America, Candy Striper, Boys Club Swim Team, Teacher Aid Program, Favor- ite place — Cape Cod in the Summer. I I J 1 E w ( C ( c p DENNIS N. NAPOLI SCOTT NASON We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane. Kilgore Trout MARGARET A. MURRAY GARY E. NAPOLITANO LISA A. NERI MARGARET A. MURRAY 73 Beacon St. 12-12-60. Peggy, Pig- let. Summers on Angle Pond, where? Sandown, who me, water ski? Good times with good friends, Fantasia’s, Fi-Ho, Menotomy Preschool, Juice, Are we there yet? I love you mom, dad, Patty, Garol, Chris! “Those who love are never really alone.” DENNIS NAPOLI 20 Melrose St. 2-2-60. Nap Varsity Football 75-77, Beating Peabody 10-1-77. Superhowl?? Tufts and the Rest, BBN, The First Comfort, Heaven Hill, Bonged, Twi-Light Zone 10-8-77, Victor Balucci, Up the Low- ell, Jr. Prom, Not Arrested! Burning the Box, Dottin it with Tubs, T.B. 1-22-77. GARY NAPOLITANO 89 Summer St. SCOTT NASON 10 Fayette St. .5-28-60. Nay J.V. hockey. Braves, Farm, waterskiiirg, N.H., PSC, Summer 76, ’77, camps ... A different kind of party. THOMAS P. NAUGHTON 1 Epping St. 4-21-60. Tom, TP, Hawk 306, Athol, Camping Trips, The Table 4th lunch. Data Proces- sing, Eagle, Chicago, Payday, Project Maine, Mr. Bockler, Fri- day nights, payday. Photo club. Crane’s Beach, Parker Moun- tain, Saco River, Mr. House’s class, lab assistant, three D.M.’s, T.C., T.H., M.S., M.K. LISA ANNE NERI .30 Avola St. 8-27-77. Jaff, Jordon Marsh, 3 musketeers, Beer, pit stop. Joint effort. Brother 4, Hornet-key, OH-S Canada, Hampton Beach, Florida, BSA, cops, Bickford’s, mystics. Party, Speedlimit, Heightsmen, competition. Thanks Peter, Life is not dull — Thanks kids K.D., B.W., D.A., K.K., J.T., J.K., M.R., K.D. LORRAINE M. NERI 6 Greeley Circle. 2-1-60 Stratton, Tower, Lu, Kim, Sue, Patty, Lauren, Anne, Janey, Ka- ren, Jr. Girls, Fried fish, wasted day and wasted nights, B.O. — Jr. Semi, Calif, E.D., C.L., Fernald, H.I.U., Dream On, Dou- bles, Talks with B., Locker Parties, forever friends. Mom and Dad, Later. JOHN L. NEVILLE 119 Oakland Ave. 11-7-60. Nev. Pass the word, Orlando’s per 2 party, 7:00 A.M. west woods, Band-E, Maul, Mack, “T,” Nay, Poke, Moondog, The Farm, where’s Mrs. Heinz? Gilmore! Hi BB, You’re Bad, Starz, Cape Cod Summer. OLIVER NEWELL 45 Jason St. 4-20-61. Chemistry labs, trying to find a seat in lunch, Gennan 1-4, Good morning Dave, Miller’s tests. Bombardment in Gym, Phusics movies. THOMAS NAUGHTON JOHN L. NEVILLE LORRAINE M. NERI OLIVER NEWELL 67 KAREN A. NICOSIA JOSEPH NIGRO BARBARA O’BRIEN STEPHEN NUGENT STEVEN M. NUNES DEBORAH O’CONNELL EILEEN P. O’CONNOR KAREN NICOSIA 119 Hemlock St. 1-18-60. Kemacott, Spanky Stratton, Tower, Farm — “The Best” 74-78 — “Party” — Hampton — “74” Tower — afternoon juiced. Jr. semi — M.V., J.T., " Fire and Rain” — L.D., A.D., P.V., L.N., ' S.M., L.D., J.C., A.W., S.F., P.R., L.C., T.M., P.K., L.V., J.T., C.K., S.V., S.K., F.S., D.C., J.T., P.W., L.T., — Jr. girls. Forever Friends ... I love you mom, dad . . . JOSEPH NIGRO 27 Wright St. 1-25-60. Nygze The High School, ’77 Summer, Sophomore Beach Party, Sci- tuate. The Bell Buoy, Kansas Crippler, Jan’s Party, Bez’s Bash, Barracuda, 90 m.p.h. up Jason, Good Transmission, T.K., She’s mine DeVito, To all my friends, GOOD LUCK . . . HUH!!! STEPHEN FRANCIS NUGENT 3.54 Ridge St. 10-2.5-60. Nuge, Ted Hockey, B asehall, Bobby Yittbonobinger, Con- nersmindclipskinsigotstarduckcurley, getting off, Yellow-T, Spark’ll Bones, Wallbash, largers, 20 drivers, Jailgiles, J.A.’s, Fathers, Dust-Joumeys!, Statton, Comer, tourney parties, tow- er, Cape “77,” Donna? Seabrook, BoDean. . . . See you all at Piccadilly Circus!! STEVEN NUNES 127 Sylvia St. 7-18-60. Stunes Hibbert Park, Sutherland Poets, Salisbury Beach camp ground. Spark-em! Hamptin beach, Bowladrome, W ' hite Mountains, going hunting. Saturday afternoon football. Fathers, Thurs. Sun., Summer of 75, Party, Dana, Joe, Rollie, Cue, Gill, Laurier, Spiffy, Pigeon, Trel, Putty. Having it great in “78,” Later. BARBARA O BRIEN 19 Greeley Circle 7-2-60. The Islands, Hampton, Sunburn ’77, My Trans Am knows the way, Salisbury — Jet Airliner, L.Z., J.C., K.F., M.M., D.OC. — P.G.’s regulars there goes my YBD! Chickies, Alpaco-salt and pepper. Corner parties “The Gang,” T.P. Galluch. Great Es - capes. 10-2.3-76 E.O.B. Thanks to P.M., C.R. LISA MARIE O’BRIEN 11 Mystic View Terr. 12-22-60. Jill Laurie, Liz, Susan, Judie, Linda, A.O.E., Survival, camp, gym- nastics, drama. Honorary Koalie, It’s freezing! K.A., B.L., all. “The time has come,” the W ' alrus said, “to talk of many things.” DEBORAH O’CONNELL 5.5 Beacon St. 3-1-60. Debbie Hampton Beach, Summer of ’77 with J.O.’C, B.OB.’s Trans Am, “Butts” in the morning, B.M., Great times with B.OB., M M, J.O’C., L.Z., J.C., Hey Chickeys!! Agape-In, 7-12-77, Circle of Steel, Baretta, Rhiannon, Gallullugan, Thanks M D. BRIAN O’CONNOR 14 Beverly Rd. 12-28-.59. Connors Lawn, Ted, Jail Ceils, minds leptic fits, Skynard, Father, V-H, clip, L.N., , mind, cooks. Brothers IV, Cape, The Ghost along with Primitive Penes, Hampton, Duck, Alter Igoes, Curley, Igs, Roy, Revere Beach “77,” Tull “77,” T-bone, Song, — yit — , night caps on Almeda, cnished hits, megansett, walls. EILEEN P. O’CONNOR 3.5 Hawthorne Ave. .5-27-60. Squirrel, Epoc Is there a stjuirrel in the house? . . . Drive-ins and open win- dow ' s . . . Sundays at my house with snowbanks . . . Lee, Ducky, Chicken, Ali, Elene . . . The Dept . . . Now just stop . . . B.I.D.P.G. . . Goodbye after thirteen years. 68 PHILIP K. O’CONNER DIANE L. O’LEARY JOYCE A. OGASAPIAN PATRICIA A. O’DONNELL PHIL O’CONNER 40 Kenilworth Rd. 1-31-60. Canideia, New York, Washington, Cape, Led Zeplin, Future Shock, 69 olds. Towers, Gold, Thai, Dust, Maken the Bucks, Do you think its All right. Pink Floyd, That’s All! PATRICIA A. O’DONNELL 43 Richfield Rd. 12-1-60. Patty- Fruity Booinboom, Three Stooges, Teaneck, N.J., Pam, Amy, Ant, Sousa’s, Cathy, Jimmy, Motorcycle Riding, Tina, Deedee, Las Vegas, Under Mv Thumb, Park, May 7, L5, .30, Aug. 3, 16, 12-30, 4-14, 9-11, D. ' H. T.M., F.S., J.O., M.P., L.M., C.W., E.C., K.C., Diana Ross, Who, Beach, Aku, Won’t get fooled again. JOYCE OGASAPIAN 15 Sleepy Hollow Lane 4-29-60. The H.S. Butts, Jos., Soph, beach party. The flag, jr. year. The end, one-way streets and Lee, Nahant — V.W., f and h. games, D.D’S parties, Jr. semi, Jr. Prom, K.D., S.I., L.T., H.S., 23. DIANE O’LEARY 145 Florence Ave. 1-24-61. Good times down Hampton ’77, Passed out at D.C’s, Chase thru woods, Mick’s, Lost in Billerica, Snow in my sock. Orange Charlie, Apemen, 12:45, Talk much, Arl. at LOO, Dun’s at 16, Good friends like S.D., T.B., K.D., S.P., D.C., Dent. + TSA. PATRICIA A. O’LEARY 25 Teel St. 11-28-59. Patty Macauleley’s class, June, Gina, F.R. Orty, Farrah’s, Com- obaby’s, Chicjuitas, dad’s roses, June’s room, Riunite, Blasted, Good tunes. Concerts, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Hall and Oates, Seeger, my bike, Bev for Prez., Steininski’s smile. Harvard S(juare, The masks, we were two crazy People. The me nobody knows. JOANNE ONDISH 23 University Rd. 11-16-60 Crosby winter nights, partying down Joyce’s, Sophomore year w D.C., R.C., S.L., Frampton — I’m in you, good times, — Specially with my L.B. 3-26-77. EDWARD W. O’NEIL 227 Sylvia St 2-22-60. Squibbs Gym- nastics, Poet’s Corner, Deaver’s Falcon, Imagination is more important than knowledge. God Save the Queen! LINDA J. O’NEIL 10 Foster St. 3-2-60. Pinky Richard, 10-10-76, 7-15-77, Pinky Poindie, Dunn’s Pub, Lit- tle Joke, very little. In your hat, but I don’t have a hat on. Herbie, Ready? Did I earn my “E”? Pink boxer shorts! It’s Miller time! Okay? Seebye. Where’s your “L” Laverne? Hi Ree Ree. R.P., M.P. PATRICIA A. O’LEARY JOANNE M. ONDISH LINDA J. O’NEIL EDWARD W. O’NELL 69 JOHN M. O’TOOLE SUSAN M. PARAGONA DAVID D. OPPEDISANO LINDA M. OPPEDISANO LISA A. OPPEDISANO MELINA ORRIGO DAVID OPPEDISANO 102 Stowecroft Rd. 10-20-60. Features, " Kids,” ‘64-68’, Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, Moody Blues’, Supremes, The Return of the British Invasion, Dark Shadows for another year, Tuhingen, Vier Jahre mit Fraulein Withers, OL, Vin und Amk, Eve of Destruction?, so long and make it a good day. LINDA OPPEDISANO 118 Hemlock St. 9-2,3-60. . . . Party, M. Orlando escapades, 9:15, Eddie, ‘‘The Tree,” Arlington High School ecjnals Teenage Wasteland. Your skin like dawn. Mine like dusk. One paints the beginning, of a cer- tain end. The other, the end of a sure beginning. LISA OPPEDISANO .59 Ridge St. 10-1.5-60. D.C., P.G., G.B., S.H., D.H., A.O’N., B.Mc, Barbara, Liz’s Re- unite, Paul McGartney, J. Geils, Beatlemania, Joe’s letter. New York, People Magazine, Danny’s Parties, Beatles, Bishop ’74, Lahaies house. Tripping again! Darlene in the locker, The Gape, Hampton, I get high with a little help from mv friends. .MELINA ORRIGO 105 Westminster Ave. 9-9-60. Summer of “77,” Parties at Bambi’s, Buffy, Gmisin, Gape Bizi, G.L., L.G., A.C., A.Z., E.S., G.B., Kiti ai, Leonora — m-m-m Tunes, Bud, Harley’s tracks, “Trigger, ’ Heartbreaker — The time is gone, the show is over. P.F., .Mom and Dad the Best. MARYBETH OSTROGER 26 Apache Trail .5-12-60. M.B. J.T., j.R., J.G., j.L., M..M., Good times I will always remember with Elaine, Dunn’s Pub, Boston Goncert, “The Tards,” Party- ing, Good times with D.S., Fin’s class. Where’s your “L” Laverne, Polich remover, 48, L.P., Camp sea Hav en, Union, “Fly,” Down R.C. . . . Thanks! JOHN M. O’TOOLE .56 Menotomy Rd. 7-5-60 Freshman Football with Mr. You Don’t Want It! Slight shock in Rm 400, Miller’s Geometry, Turkey! Bio., T.N. passes out at Mass, Eve and Ear. Junior English, flying, super balls, Krish- na’s scaffold. Us In the Corner, B.H., M.C., S.M., K.R. .MARY JO PARADIS 28 Crawford St. 4-29-60. Marilyn Josephine, MJ of P Paradis Mayjo I know it’s always sweet sorrow ' to part. You know you’ll always remain in my heart. Dee dum dum . . . And now ’til w ' e meet again adios, au revoir, auf w iedersehen. Have a nice life! SUSAN PARAGONA 35 Chatham St. 6-18-60 M.V., Climbing the wall at Salem, S.B.-Day, Hampton, The Lot, Limeade, Skiing, K.R., Liane’s Laugh, Right! Soy, N.H., So Good, Revere Beach Pizza, Gwen’s overnignters. The Trip?, Friends Forever — Liane, Dreena, Jean, Wendy, Julie Too lit- tle time . . . MARY BETH OSTROGER MARYJO PARADIS SUZANNE P. PARAS RICHARD M. PATTERSON WILLIAM J. PESSOTTI MICHELLE J. PHELAN LILA A. PETER MICHELLE S. PHINNEY SUZANNE PARAS 56 Wyman Terrace 4-28-60. Yes, Doop-a Puke, Cystitis, 9-30-77, Goon hoots, ’69 Boat, Do it up. Beast, cniisin’. Three Stooges, B Stone, Blimey, Zenophon, and Toto too?, YO, Right, Summer of ’77, Driving?? The Joyce Sisters, Cheryl, Lori: Thanks for being you! What next? RICHARD M. PATTERSON 334 Forest St. 1-9-59. Dick V. Football, J.V. Hockey, track. Bums, Porky cabin, P.B. Floyd, Eggie, Dave, John, Peter, Joe, Ronny, Sr. “77,” New Years party. High School stands, cape, need ride, good times, later, Erin 9-25-76, Jan’s and Bez parties. Soph Beach party, me and Dave and shaving cream. JOSEPH F. PECCI 56 Pine Ridge Rd. 6-.5-60. Pech V. Soccer, Good Times. Parties at Rigas; Bones, Bong-a-Thong, Ed’s Cutlass, Aijualung, Drive-ins, Three Beats, Munch, Brownies, Goldies, 195-N.J., Quantico Virginia, The Oaks, Splifs, Toasted, lay’s. What Now? I don’t know., A.H.S., a joke, F.Y., GYOBE. PAUL MICHAEL PESSA 18 Florence Ave. 9-15-60. Congratidations A.H.S. it’s a boy! H.K., Cotter’s class — “His- tory is Bunk,” Heni ' y Ford, Conquering, holding, daring, ven- turing as we go the unknown ways — WALT WHITMAN. Nihil dictum quod, non dictum prium. Post proelium praemium. WILLIAM J. PESSOTTI 48 Edmund Rd. 12-15-.59. Parties before School, Miss Orlando, English Class, The White Mountains, Goldies, Miller High Life. LILA ANNE PETER 42 Golden Ave. 4-9-60 Jenny your 1, Trips with Kiy, North! Nick makes my day. Thanks Felix, M.P., R and F. M.J., C.M., Disco Dawne, But- tricks in the day, J.A., Frampton Concert, B.A. Party, J.G., Sun- days N.H. 7-1 1. MICHELLE |. PHELAN 82 Dickson Ave. 9-26-60. Katliy, Elbe, Beth, C.S., P.O., M.Q., H’s, C.V., M.P. (5 years!) S.B.A., Fernald, Fr. M., Paul, retreats, Dana, Fyg’s, Edie, Car- lisle, Chris, Limos, Bette’s, “Pa,” party break-in, Groton, LUS, Cape, “take yon seriously,” Cathy s parties. Queen, Deveraux, Love you Dad, Miss you Mom 5-28-76. MICHELLE PHINNEY 8 Lansdowne Rd. 9-19-60. Rolling Stones, Aerosmith Concert, 6-23-77, R.W., Karen En- nickel, M.P. Locker Pal, B.R. Corridor Chases, C.W., A.S., Mom, Dad, Brandy, Pooh, Critter, Karin, Rec Dances, Stairway to Heaven, PJ Parties, Labatt 50, Where’s the clutch?, Mac’s, Bill’s, Hunks, What is life? O.P. Forever. 71 SARAH M. PIKE 29 Addison St. 8-1.5-60. Slimmer of 7.5 up the Nut House, The Cruisin’ Twosome, JITB, Flynn, Gina, Speedy, The GTO, Kathy, They’re following us. Dream Weaver, A M Auto Body, El Camino, Friends, They move on and you never think you’ll miss ’em ’till they’re gone. JAMES A. PINARD 15 Fayette St. 9-2-60. Jay Farm, Dust, L.S. Goncert, Sweet Jane, Shamus, D. in G. Maybe Montana, Moe, Larry, Guriy, It’s our world, E.xisting Goke, Life is a journey, not a destination. McLeans, Gatzy. MIGHAEL POGHINI 7.5 Scituate St. 11-30-60. Poke H.H.O. Reviewing Bees with Gills, Hitting the Sticks, Scmautzy. Si.xty Mills and Litz, Summer of 77, D’s cellar 3 days. Only Kidding, Winter Tour, Destroying Sapians mobile. Scoop- ing? S.H.O. M.V. St., B and E to pump up a couple of sets. STEVEN POLSELLI 1,50 Mvstic Valley Parkway. VALERIE MARIE PONTES 23 Amsden Street 7-19-60. GaPontes Festival!!!, Missa-Richie?, D.G., MSLA, turn back big fella. Wicked Bitch, Drew’s Dad and Uncle Frank, easy elagance, Doowah!, I’ve heard that song and dance before, Paula fuden- leeching, me and my lush tones, oh those bus rides, jazz band groupie. The rainbows’ end. LISA PORGARO 310 Appleton St. 10-7-60. A.G., A.W., J.M., L.G., J.J., S.A., “Bitch,” Fann, convo’s with Marie, Ducks, “smile,” I’ll talk, Judy’s hiding in the bushes, “Jealousy,” “Pitt,” Jr. Semi., ’8-28-76,’ B.O.F. Marie, Maine with Larry, “People change and you’re changing,” Mom, Dad and Friends Forever . . . It’s over. MARIE T. POWERS 83 Thorndike St. 4-21-60. RE Peggy, Ann, Linda, Robin, Fantasia’s, David Brenner, Friday night drive-in, LG. -3-25-77, “Let’s Get Small,” “Excuse Me,” “Now is not the Time,” S.S., J.O., L.T., S.L., E.K., and K.L., K.O., Dr. G 10-24-77, Summer of “77.” Gape God, The Pub with Richard and Tom. MARK POWERS 96 Appleton St. MICHAEL F. POCHINI JAMES A. PINARD LISA M. PORCARO STEVEN F. POLSELLI VALERIE M. PONTES MARIE T. POWERS MARK J. POWERS SARAH M. PIKE SUSAN P. FRANCESCA PROCOPIO SUSAN PRESTIGIOVANNI 70 Appleton St. 3-17-60. Prest Is it really me? Tanza — 1-6 Don’t beat on them! N.H. Cape! Get a load of this one! Nahant, Race on 93 Dunsters Charlies Mich Summer of 77, Headache, Boom-b-ed Do you hear me! green, Terry, Kate, DC) DC KD SD KD MP, Friends Are Forever, much. ANN MARIF PRFSTON 48 Mt. Vernon St. 6-18-60. C.P. Win- nie High School Butts Soph Beach Party flag “its only a movie” Jr. Vice Prez, goyles parties, H.S. 23 and L.(p H.N.H.D.F. New Years ’76 — semi-f champagne, 81 Wil and Volps, M.V.P.S.C. lockers “the chase,” convention B.R.I. harrasing, “Indians!” Macos and Moons! My Buddies. PAUL B. PRFSTON 45 Huntington Rd. 12-2-59 Jethro Tull, Berlin, Boxboro, 167 Woodside Lane, Hampton, Vermont, Gladstones, Alco 1, Fathers, Thanks Mom and Dad. DAVID R. PRINCF 195 Overlook Rd. 2-5-60 Tow ' er, Stratton, Little Woods, Corner, dusted, Johnny’s good parties, Zeppelin, Good Times Bad Times, Weekend frosties. Esplanade, H-Bash, Coke Lines — after Igo’s, Cape Concerts, Helter Skelter. FRANCESCA PROCOPIO 1089 Mass. Ave. 4-23-60. Anything you please! Coco Still confused! 6-24-72, Summer “75,” February “77,” Presi- dent of Italian Club, O.S.I., Armaretto, Homeroom, Trev, Mrs. D., Marcie, D.C., BLGGTSRMPL, “i just want to be your ev- erything,” “Feelings,” No! Haven’t English yet! ROSEMARIE PROULX 42 Sunset Rd. 6-4-60. Rose Trying for TP, Summer of 77, Julie Oct. 1, 1975, LB GR RP MP LR, Fran’s accent. Lunch with Gail, “Never Been Bagged,” Summers at Salem, Guys from Maine, Coed Gym, What are we doing? “Love Life.” JAY PROVENZANO 41 Rangeley Rd. 3-12-60. Jake Who, Z. Baby, in memory of M.D., Triumph choppers, Sousa’s Parties, Red, Gold, Coke, S.O.M.F., Mr. B’s gym class. Quack Like A Duck, Jock’s S-ks. EVELYN PSIAKIS 2U Mystic St. 4-9-60. Evy, Ev “Seasons in the Sun,” Summer of “76” in Greece; Thanks friends: R.P., G.R., M.P., L.R., S.A., E.P., R.P., S.T., Trey’s class; History, French, Football Games, “Save every day ’til eternity passes away.” Thanks A. H.S. for the memories. Good Luck Everybody! JOSEPH A. PROVENZANO ROSEMARIE PROULX EVELYN PSIAKIS 73 K BRIAN A. QUINN MARSHA QUINN SUSAN RAMIREZ MARYANNE PUGLIARES 15 Foster St. 11-25-58. Marie Drive-In Movies, dances, summer of 76 (Italy), wildcat skiing, Junior Semi-formal with David, Parties, RP, LR, GR, VP, EP, LO, Beach Party, History class with LG, Bowling, G mvention Ghickapee, Gan you get the car? ROSE ANNE PUGLIARES 15 Foster St. 11-25-58. Rose Junior Semi-Formal Febmary 19, Jackie, Dances, Wild Gat Waterville skiing. Miss Butt’s first period class, Buttericks, Gonvention Ghickapee, LO, LR, EP, GR, RP, FP, Summer of 76 (Italv). RIGHARD PURGELL 41 Oldham Rd. 4-30-60. Tower, STRATTON, Little Woods, Hampton, Helen’s Rooms, Summer of 77, Gape, Bo. horo 3 o’clock. Partying at Johnny’s, weekend frosties, the comer, Tull Goncert, telephone pole and no license, Lynne. BRIAN QUINN 87 Stowecroft Rd. 10-14-59. Esplanade 4-30-77, All mesked up, Bedford Ghalet, Meredith N.H., Thumbing to Hampton, Bottles! Depot, Floating in Gym, Blown away, cniisin, do Golombo, busted, car accidents, the Gove, Oh Wow. MARSHA QUINN 32 Exeter St. 12-14-77. The Park, Xmas 76 Karen Bonus Sousa’s C.S.I.A.T. D.G.W.M.P.P.O. crazy driver. My Way, Snowpiles, cniisin nursery Rose P-a great person picture s. 8-1.5-77 “That’s okay” Les partying G.S. N. Freebird Family and Friends — Thanks midnite swims. PAULA REED QUIGLEY 67 Gollege Rd. 9-6-60. Pinky Koonta, surfs up, 2 mins, T time. Rocky, Blotter, Gonvos 44, do it up, Marblehead frightening, Hessian, Doused, Bones, Salis- bur ' sciuirt guns. Party on, “n” stuff. Burnt 2 the Max. Pat- MargJuleSue, The Best, Hotel T, Keg, Fathers., Whoog, LBAJB, HS23, Best of Friends. DAVID RAE 168 Sunnyside Ave. 7-3-60. Wasted The Hole, Sportster, Dobby, Lucile, Burt’s class ’76 Mike’s Party, Joyce’s Party, Nov. 17, 1976 “Spark ’em” The Duce Raegun, Gmb, Crosby, The Numbers, The Corner, The Grill, Dusty’s, Larry vou’ll know him forever, R.I., The Gang, Scitzo. SUSAN RAMIREZ 355 Mystic St. 12-6-59. Ram TC, DT, TB, BC, Chippy Hall, Chache, The Hoop, Karate, Tae Sho, Mike, Friday Nights, Menu, Flashlights, Sr. Locker, work, CC, KB, Mr. Sheehan, DR, Parties. 74 MARK W. RAMOS ROY A. RAPHAEL MARIE REISSIS KIMRERLEY J. RELE LEONARD REPOSA MARK RAMOS 110 Hemlock St. 6-6-60. Rowdy Rican HEIGHTSMEN 1, Butler PA, Poughkeepsie N.Y., Canada. What’s doing tonight? POET’S AGAIN YURRRINE! Scummy Rican, Smag, Mmmuh!! But my horn is up Mr. Cronin, BAH, NS, BAG, Ms. Belote’s sensory images, Mr. Foisy’s Chunkies, Circe HI! Ram, Good Bye! GOOD LUCK! ROY RAPHAEL 12 Mystic Valley Pkwy. 8-23-59. Joe,Ig’s,Dog,Ted,Connor’s,clipper,Mind,Star,Duck,Large, “Doing it again once more,” Junior Prom, “Cape,” Tourney Games, “Summers of “76” and “77,” J.D. . . . Thanks Curls, Down the High Helmet, Do it up, “S.W., I’ll never forget . . .” GAIL REARDON 11 Governor Rd. 8-12-60. Reardy Field Hockey, “Summer of 77,” Home Room. RPMP, LOJC, LBSR, TCAM, EPJO, LRDT, Phewww! History, Football and Hockey games. “Lunch” Foods good for you! Parties, Does someone have the car? Do you want to dance? MARIE E. REISSIS 46 Temple St. 5-20-60. ooo . . . eee. On and On, Canada 77, “Joyce,” Nancy, JK, KD, BW CL, LN, Adventures in the Tank, Mustang, JPL, T.B., Fin s class, painting. Pass from Art to . . ., Que hora es? spying, 3 stooges, B and R soaps. The Spa, and Jason. KIMBERLEY RELF 127 Hemlock St. 11-11-60. Kim(bo) Happy together . . . M.J. of P. and the best friends in the world . . . Symmes, the boys, bologna, swill cabbitts . . . Trev . . . Fourth Estate, G S, Harmonettes, Uncle Andy . . .Esplanade Card . . . Depression . . . Doughnuts the scenic route . . . Timmy who? LEONARD REPOSA 35 Stone Rd. 9-30-60. Bennie The P.L., The Pit, Jay meets guardrail, “Isle of Stromboli,” Hojo’s in Hyannis, Bagged at Babbling, Tastee Tower, Veggin Out, Woodsie, Green Monsters, Stub up, “Nice Future,” “Buzz Crew,” Gun, Hams, Gettin Honest, Nostalgia Parties, “we’re arta here,” Absolutely!!! MICHAEL J. RICCIO 11 Newport St. 8-22-59. Abner, Houdy Hill, The Mind, Juice Man, The due. Bleached out, Haily’s. M.O. — 105, the Chesters, Mi-Ti-Jo’s, K’s Patch, The Floating Eye, surfing, the B.B., Jaw’s, the K.C., All-a- vom-voin-o’s, 438;659-Pontiac. PATRICIA A. RICCIOTTI 6 Crescent Hill Avenue. Ricci Bermuda “75,” Cambridge, CWMSFK . . . BRMFPTMP, May 27, 37385, wwmfm . . . wwmwm, ’gc’, Crusin, BK, ’party , Charles. MICHAEL JOSEPH RICCIO 75 CARL A. RICHARDS DAVID ROSETTE ELIZABETH RIGAKIS STEPHEN R. RIVAIS PAUL ARTHUR ROBINSON KEVIN T. ROCHE BARBARA A. ROSS PAUL ROSENFIELD CARL RICHARDS 192 Cedar Avenue 7-28-60. Chuck Cniisin Wasted, Moped City, LYNYRD Skynyrd, Bonn ' s, KY. 240Z, Summer of 77, .550 Four, Brookline, Birds, Barn, Dec, Waldo, Coors, Bitch in, California here I come! ELIZABETH RIGAKIS 118 Hillside Avenue 3-16-60. Liz Thanks guys for all the fun times . . . RP, MP, LO, GR, EP, FS, ST, VC, YZ, Bible with Trev. Mornings at the cafe. Summers in Greece, Sunheach, July Morning, Hotel Galifornia, Toyota, Volta again . . . Goya dances, shorthand . . . Elsa . . . Advent . . . STEPHEN R. RIVAIS 27 Lantern Lane 2-21-60 Raymond The Rock, My girlfriend, just diff. intensities, basic Pastachio ice cream, G T, Ginger-high-Stoo, Gouncil — Orty — Treas., P.K., Hos., Party, Gruisin — Belmont — Oaksdale Mall, Pink Floyd, Steely-Dan, N. Young, J.T., Times are tough, life is strange. Who am I? PAUL A. ROBINSON 26 Scituate Street 11-13-59. Rohby Farm, that ain’t no bull, Shemp, Bo’s wrecking crew ' , tw ' o guns, JJ Museum, Arizona, Vegas, Maine, The Gatiler, Nailing, I do that the best. Sept. 16, 1976. May 2, 1977, G.G., The past time Flying Knives, L.W. KEVIN T. ROGHE 30 Baker Road 7-6-60. Glip Football, Goalposts, Tourney Games, Smith Concert, spaced, duncht. Turn me on Deadman, ,50 yard pub, Kessie, No’s, Skin- ner, Conners, Mind, Nuge, Star, Front Law ' ii Bash, Stands, Weekend Parties Fathers, Bong, This is true. Ramble on . . . Thanks Mom and Dad. PAUL ROSENFIELD 75 Coolidge Road 4-7-60 Good times, Grusin’, Gvmnastics, Mt. Hermon, EPS, MVF, SR, KW, Garol, JG, ST, NF, GR, LR, JG, RV, SG, Linda Ronsbidt, Trev’s class. Junior Prom, “Tetpiila Sunrise,” Bones, The Beach, “And it makes me wonder ...” DAVID ROSETTE 90 George Street .5-9-60 Outa here! Bensons Pub, Kate . . . T.B., Harley Davidson Pick- les party, Dazed and confused, the keg parties, Blitzed, bum- med, White punks on dope, later. BARBARA ROSS 69 Grove Street 3-9-60. Rudy “Apes,” Rats, corridor safaris, “Dueling tapshoes,” “How’s Mass. Ave.?”, “Say what?”. Mystics, Gruisin’, “Let’s get small!”. Spaced, Aerosmith, “Draw the Line,” Boston, Frampton, BeeGees Andy. Always friends . . . S.M.D.G.M.P.C.W.P.R.U.B.J.M., Get down and par-ty! Worlds and Music.” ROBERT ROWAN .55 Ronald Road 2-20-60. Bob Time at Plum Island, “Numbers.” Joe’s Celica!, Bowser’s! R Esplanade 7-4-77. allied. G.B. “Yes Ociffer,” “May I see your I.D.” WGG Parties at the sticks (M.D.G.P.) Tower, Good Old Otties! 76 MARIE A. RUGGIERRI JUNE M. RUTKOWSKI PATRIGIA N. RUSSO BERNARD G. RYAN MARIE RUGGIERI 267 Highland Ave. 7-11-60. Riigier Ken, friends forever Joyce, Sne Judy, “Lisa convo’s” Greg, “Ducks,” Queen Goncert, Zeppelin, “Busted,” Mac’s Danno’s car. Everybody must get stoned, thanks Mom and Dad, always D.A., R.K., M.D., B.N., J.T., School, itain’t nothing luita partv. PATRICIA N. RUSSO 27 Pine St. 4-9-60. Dave, 4-10-77, Oakley, Stratton, Good times . . . “the kids,’’ Small Party. Jr. Semi, “What’s in the J)ag!” Fin. “Cold as Ice,” skiing. Senior Semi, Sr. Prom., “78,” D.S. Trust me! “Earth- watch,” bagged. N.H., 8-22-77. Thanks Mom Dad. Dreams are forever . . . JUNE MARIE RUTKOWSKI 3.5 Lakehill Avenue 4-14-60. farrahs, cosmobabies, jockbroads, etc.; those phonies. Beatrice, the room, K.O.’ed, Ma’s vacations, EEYOUU!!, spare me, my wheels, j.n., Bette, Southside, RP, Hall 6c Oates, Fleetwood Mac, Boz, Geils, etc. Gracias a la Senora F., DCBMLMPO, the flicks. Thanks for the Interview!! BERNARD C. RYAN 42 Hancock St. KENNETH SAKORAFOS 60 Oxford Street 7-7-60. “75” Ski Trip, Brickvard Mountain Inn “76,” Mercury, Cape Cod, “Booze Cruise,’ ' Hideaway Village, K.B. Lager, Yes Songs, Link, “Catch a Buzz,” Trolling the “Spits,” “Scup Fisherman,” B. Klefte, Waterskiing the Narrows!, Tuborg, Nahant, Hit the Slopes! Red Sox, Pink Floyd. CHARLES SALEMME, JR. 230 Forest Street 11-7-60. Chuck KISS, 71 Mustang Convertable, Cruisin’, Football-36, Ace, D.L., S.M., Song Remains the Same, Oh Well!, Queen Con- cert, Bumbed out. Machine Shop, S.D.I.M.H., Slow ride, J.C. GINA SANCHEZ 52 Cleveland Street ,3-26-60. Working at P.P, Wau, Sparkles, Not with a Company Car, dynamite, Jean felt stupid. Riding around .50 times. Close call 9-19-77, I still want my Monte Carlo, Going to Bingo, Gotta go to Vegas. NANCY SANDMANN 83 Dothan Street 2-4-60. “The Dart” — Nahant Nights-Drive-ins, N.S.D., fribbles for Russell, The big “D,” .50 Walnut, 1st period at Buttricks, Mrs. Fitz’s 11 and 12, 5 all night, Casey’s English class, O.C., Cape Cod, R-l-C, Hampton, Semi, Webbrook, NU, MK, JC, BB. KENNETH SAKORAFOS CHARLES S, SALEMME JR. NANCY M. SANDMANN GINA M. SANCHEZ JOAN MARIE SANDRELLI JOYCE ANN SARKISIAN WILLIAM A. SANTOSUOSSO DIANE M. SARNO MICHAEL SARVER NANCY G. SAUL JOAN MARIE SANDRELLI 177 Park Ave. 11-18-60. Slimmer of “77” . . . Onset . . . Walden . . . Cape Bizi, C.L., M.O., E.S., L.G., G.B., A.Z., Bizi and Bnffy — Spark’em! P.M. Sunny Days — Coop — Scarsdale, Mom and Dad . . . It’s been real! WILLIAM SANTOSUOSSO 5.3 Lancaster Rd. 1-30-60. Nine of ’em, “Space Mountain,” The Best, The stars are mine, “Healer,” C. Face, PMTHJWSRHLS, Lord of the Jungle, Looking for the future. JOYCE SARKISIAN .54 River St. 10-18-60. Michael 12-29-76, Summer of “77, O.O.B., E.L.O., East-over 3-12-77, S.P., J.D., L.J., “Do it up!” . . . “Doop-a-puke!”, ’69 Charger, Pet Peave: Sue’s Goon Boots, “Hey Beast,” S.A.B. “Driving?” Happiness is no more hassles, partying at HI . . . Bve. DIANE M. SARNO 70 Tomahawk Rd. 9-.3-60. Bob Z. and all our good times. Senior Year, Laconia N.H., the Weirs, Calif., Lena, Dianna, U.J., SCO, Salisbury Beach, 42, lulv 4. 1976, Samettes, “Harmony,” August 23, 1977 Bob Z . . . MICHAEL P. SARVER 251 Sylvia St. 7-14-60. Sarv Hibbert, Poets, Mulligans, The Esplanade, Bud, Cruzin, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Salisbury. NANCY G. SAUL 24 Gray St. 9-1-60. Summers at the Cape, Playing tennis, G S, Mr. Surabian’s 6th period English, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” JBEH, HSCD, CVRT and the rude dude. Best of luck to everyone. DIANNA SGOTT 89 Dow Ave. 3-30-60. Remember the great times at Buttrick’s, “The Jr. Prom” Beach Bov’s Concert, “Creature.” JOHN SHAHBAZIAN 82 Bates 10-31-60. Shab V. Tennis, Fourth Estate Sports Editor, Cotter; Smokescreens, Slobs, and Self-interest, “Excuse Me!” Skiing trips ' 78, Chicago, Our first and last cruise, “Spaz,” July 4, 1976, Dr. Rubella, Eagles, One Afternoon in Boston, Music, Junkie, “Really?”, Rumours, S.H., M.C., J.F. 78 HELEN M. SHAW h " i LISA J. SHEA MAUREEN SHARPE ROBERT A. SHAW RICHARD L. SHERBURNE DONALD JOSEPH SILVA ANDREW J. SMITH, JR. MAUREEN SHARPE 42 Anderson St. 12-24-60. Poof, it disappeared; Halloween ’76 Nigger Boy; Senior Prom ’75; 2:00 All’s Well, Holy @ l we’re in trouble, 3’s a crowd. Thanks Mrs. Z., Hampton, Jr. Semi, Prom, Quasy, 12:00 pizza time. Raindrops keep falling. Never forget DHKSSLMLBIFDCKLZIC. HELEN M. SHAW 64 Park Ave. Ext. 8-4-60. Hell “Time it was, and what a time it was. It was a time of inno- cence, a time of confidences. Long ago it must he, I have a photograph. Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s lelt vou.” ROBERT A. SHAW Greeley circle 5-29-60. Bear Helen’s rooms. Dust Journey, Martha’s Vineyard, Herb’s, Mr. and Mrs. E.A., Badstuff, Chemicals, Bndweiser, Stratton, The Corner, Little Woods, Boxhoro, Alcohol, J.A.’s parties. White ■Mountains, Yon can’t heat the road. Mom and Dad, God Bless you all. RICHARD L. SHERBURNE 23 Cedar Ave. .3-4-60. Sherh Stand alone . . . Co-pres, Calculus, a blessing, Wuunderful woman, Husky, B, buster, J. Street Runs, O Lav Lav, Not two just one, Dyow see here . . . Those I knew I’ll remember, those I didn’t I’ll truly miss. RHONDA SILVEY 12 Florence Ave. 8-27-60. Donna Summers “Wasted,” Love you Moe, Frampton and J.B., Clid)hin with A.Z., Doobie Brothers “Oh what a night,” Han- gin np Dallin, Locks Pond, the swing, Grundies in the Pitts, S.S. and D.F., weekends with Harry, the projects, Bedford Blues, “Labor Day 77!” ANDREW J. SMITH JR. 50 Park Ave. Ext. 2-12-60. Drew “Step into my office” Oh those bus rides. Hey Boy!, love Panla-i-Val, Jesus Christ, Hey take it easy! Smoke much? shows, marching hand. Jazz hand, GDPBT, Skylark, Mr. RSTPB, Fire escape, the P P. 79 STEVEN M. SOUSA ARTHUR E. SMITH JR. 108A Freeniont St. 11-26-60. Eddie V-Eoohall, 10-1-77 never forget it, Superhowl??, Jan’.s tourney and sleepover parties above others. No Dummies, Baseball??, Plattsburg, N.Y., Seituate, Lake Winnipesaukee with Tubs, still walking, OZIE. CHERYL SMITH 130 Thorndike St. 12-17-60. John, Joe’s Place, Harvard Stp, Common people. Revere, Sheila-old times, Bowie, Can you hear me, W ' hat’s going on tonight, TD party, it’s a reality. Esplanade, oh, O.H.!, High School isn’t a time and place, it’s a state of mind. CONSTANCE M. SMITH 23 Wilbur Ave. 7-6-60. Connie Senior Lunch, Freshman English, per. 6 Accounting with .Mar ’ and Richie Sophomore year. Boating, Summer of ’77, 10-15-77, Indian in the football game with Anne M., A..M.K., D.V., D.Z., “Dreams finally coming true at last,” “We made it!” CATHY SOUSA 363 Mystic St. 12-16-60. Summer ’76, Xmas Eve 76, Good Times with Pattv, 16th Party, Marsha, K.C., E.C., M.P., C.W., T.D., LA., Wild Horses, Mus- tang, Motorcycling w ith Jimmy and Steve, Breakdown, Three Stooges, The Park, 10-2-76, It was fun. Thanks Mom and Dad. STEVEN M. SOUSA 6 White Ave. KATHLEEN A. SPENCER 6 Summer St. PI. 8-2-60. Summer of ’77, Wyoming, Varsity Swim Team 4 Years, G.S., R.M. Encampment ’78, “Life Is Not Dull,” Brotliers, SL. GN., Best Friends B.W., K.D., L.N., C.L., Mom, Dad, P.D. and me ... As long as I live I will alwavs be myself. No other. Just me. MARK SPINOS 34 Egerton Rd. 5-25-60. P.W. Cadillac, Jack, Happy hour. Pick’s Place, Som., Wasteville, Keep on doing it up. South of the Border. ROBERT O. STEIN 41 Jason St. 9-1-60. Bob Student Council President, Treasurer, Orty, P.A., Varsity Soc- cer, Swimming, Donuts, Band, Bus ride to Toronto, 5AM for Wakefield, H . . . B, “I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” MARK T. SPINOS KATHLEEN A. SPENCER ROBERT O. STEIN 80 KATHLEEN STENSON BARRY C. STEPHENS EILEEN T. SULLIVAN GERARD SULLIVAN KERRY SULLIVAN ELLEN LOUISE SULLIVAN JANET SULLIVAN MARK T. SULLIVAN KATHLEEN ANN STENSON 11 Mt. Vernon St. 12-23-59. Kassinova, Stence. LHS Senior Prom ’77, 2 o’clock and all’.s well. Holy® ! we’re in trouble, New York City, Pickey, Pickey, Black ink. White walls. In the fog, Trucken Juke Box fever, RegCof, TLA AL, It’s been real. Thanks APMSDHSL. BARRY C. STEPHENS 90 Marathon St. 9-24-59. Bas Baseball, Hockey, The Manor, Fathers six. What’s your act? The Belmont Hill giveaway, USA, Coolidge Woods, Doo Doo, Aerosmith, New Year’s ’77, Much Later, Junior English, Good Times, J.M., J.P., J.G., Walden every Friday, Boo Boo, Gut a dime? EILEEN SULLIVAN 77 Thorndike St. 8-11-60. Sull David 2-19-77, THE END, Sheila, Jane, Carol, Sherry. It’s been such a long time. Thorndike, Tabbed, Stratton, Hampton, Greggory’s, Rez, I like dreaming, D.B., Geil’s Concert, 1-1-74 C.K., Paranoid, Beefs, Bagged, Jamming, Sue, Lynne, Cindy, Mini, Thanks Mom and Dad. ELLEN SULLIVAN 52 Churchill Ave. 11-6-60. Parties up Bambi’s . . . Summer of ’76, Dennisport, Lowell, Johnny 9-28-7 . . ., S’let’s s’go s’catch s’as ’buzz . . . Bambi, Buffy, C.L., A.C., M.O., L.G., A.Z., The Best, Keep on spkin’. Thanks Mom and Dad, Dazed and Confused, Good Luck Everybody. GERARD SULLIVAN 62 Crosby St. 6-10-60. Jez Hyannis Center Hotels, Keg, Yellow motor boat, Kessy, Gun- toe, The P.L., Nostalfia Parties, Skins oak clip mind, Slim Coin, Iges, The ghost up the street, Dennisport, Tasty Towers, Clip meets post, Mom-Dad, Hockey, Smith Concert — Girenes, Tourney Games . . . 1978? JANET SULLIVAN 27 Winter St. 1 1-9-59. Memories: Cooks, Lawn, Thorndike, good times, P.T. Lighten up! Buddy Bear, “Breslin’s Parties,” “76,” the best! “Buttricks 2nd period. Never forget M.M. “76,” Mom ... I love you. “Happiness is Mark” Fin, Gail, and Phyllis, Gail, gotta trip! . . . Ambition is to live!?! KERRY SULLIVAN 1 Maybie St. 2-29-60. F.H., Lonney Bin! Sr. Prom “77”, FIN! Cape “75”, beach par- ties, ski trips! A.H., D.S., The Andrews Sisters, Yogi and Booboo, Spanky-puppy? dropping cake, camp, windsprints? Going to court Karen? “Colour My World,” CCNMKGBLLKKD — Good Friends always. Joe 6-11-77. MARK SULLIVAN 22 Dow Ave. 11-16-60. M2, Jazz Band, V.F.W. Band, Bentley’s Bad Band, Smokestack Lightning, Track, Toronto, 20 hours, 1 L.S. -I- C.R., D.J.C. -I- 4D, D.R. and of course Val, Virginia, and Diana A., Mr. T. 81 BRIAN P. SWEENEY BRUCE C. TAINTER MARY TANNER NANCY ANN SULLIVAN 43-Hilton St. 1-23-60. Volps and Stone, fugitives, Sophomore beach party. Bag, It’s only a movie, Jr. Semi, New years. Keg party. Fathers mmm good, Doyles parties C.I.O., Get excited! Best of Friends H.S.; P.L. 23 and Lee, too! Summer time! Cape . . .? Ronnie 11-14- 7.5, Later . . . JOHN SURVELAS 46 Old Colony Rd. 3-26-60. Jay J, D, Cahbit, Freaks, Vibes, Barrarrara, Reify, Hack, Cruising, Sknnkgun, Hampton scums. Casino, Scoop, Thunder Thighs, Orca, Give her a six. Summer of “77, JV and V Basketball, Baloney sandwiches. Commander, Beast, BB, PC, CD, KR, ML, Space, Merkle, Beer Bash 1-5, Proms, Shaving cream. Swill. GUSTAV J. SWANSON 47 Buena Vista Rd. 4-26-60. Gus TAB, Quebec Winter Carnival, Cody’s apple. Pizza with Mil- ler, Acropolis, Lab Technique? Summers down Cape- Dennisport, 918 Mass. Ave. — 5AM Mornings, Sleeze N’ Breeze, MJ de P, E.I.C., Kimbo, Bimbo, Catch ya later . . . Much Later, Thanks Mom Dad! CINDY SWARTZ 91 College Ave. 7-27-60. DB Woods, Res, Sull, Ruthie, Sue, Lynne, Mini, I-Spy, Proms, Flats, Smoking Hapton Beach 76-77, Crosscountry, Trippen, Weekend Oct. 7th, Mom, Dad, Ricky. Today is the first day of the rest of vour life. I Love You, David, .5-7-76. BRIAN SVVEENEY 41 Hemlock St. .5-8-60. The crash. Street hockey. Skiing, Slice Dice. BRUCE TAINTER .59 Melvin Rd. 7-22-60 Bruce remembers the Tower, Plumb Island and Salisbury Beach Parties, “HANGO’S” W.G.C., License-t- Registration Please Yes Ociffer, Parties at the Sticks MDC . . . “Police,” The Basement, Summer ’77, “Numbers,” The good times in Betsy “No Smoking” T.C. April 30, 19 — . RICHARD H. TAMI 1.52 Cedar Ave. 6-13-60. Rich Four years of school. Work and parties. Sabbath concert with P.L.-B.C., Skynyrd concert with R.C.-C.R., Who concert with R.C., Good parties. Good concerts. Good times. Goodbye. MARY TANNER .56 Jason St. 3-7-60. My best friend Therese, Family, Mrs. Buzz, Bonny, BROJ, 3rd period Finn, Joyful Noise, John 10: 10, S.I.T. you betcha, “Bless your little hearts,” M.R.P., S.P., Kinks, Cape, Hampton ’77, Midnight rendezvous. Roaches, Believing equals receiving. f [ S 1 F J ' ’ S L J V S ii 1 C ]. T u Cl Cl A S. g ' E V D T S H T G 82 JOEL TAVES VINCENT W. TEMPLEMAN PATRICIA TARANTINO JANE TEEVEN PATRICIA A. TARANTINO 26 Peck Ave. 5-28-60. Pattie T. Do it up! Summer 75, Jr. Semi, Convos 44, Fathers Six, Hotel T . . ., bargain! Keg party, depression, pffff . . ., C.I.O., Later! Sr. Convention, Polly, Margie, Julie, and everyone, WHOOG! H.S.P.L.23, “n stuff,” Tarantula, Tender, frightening, FNPOLLY, LHAJB! Lee. Hi Margie, wish you were here. JOEL TAVES 18 Gloucester St. 12-20-60. Mr. Taves V. Soccer, Entertainment Committee, Vicky, Sandy Mysticjue, Sun Surfing, Chester the Molester, Dr. Malpractice, Prof. Lupole, Howie Meter, Biggest . . . I’ve ever seen. Howtizers, Mungies, Pickles is gay. Hood Ornament. JANE TEEVEN 18 Osborne Rd. VINCENT TEMPELMAN 23 Lincoln St. 8-19-60. Vin Survival, German 1-4, Physics, Galculus, Scuba Diving, Bicycl- ing, Sailing, Table Tennis, Hiking, Alps, White Mountains, Traveling, Austria, Ganada, Germany, Aston Martin Vankrge, Nittaku, Carabo, W.T.T.C., Free Air For Life, San Diego, California, Spy Pond East. JANICE THOMSON 16 Grove St. 2-23-60. Jan To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. Therefore if any man is in Ghrist he is a new creature old things have passed away; behold, new things have come. ANNMARIE TIERNEY 21 Lakehill Ave. 6-10-59. Brat Soph yr.. Cape “76-77,” R.I., The Wall, K.M.P., Outhouse Bag- ged! V.C., D.A., Friends, Parties, Wasted again, I gotta go? D.F.B.F.-six, Billerica, A.P.B., Thanks to my sisters, “Ain’t no Mountain High enough,” We did it Babe! It was real. DAVID TIGHE 504 Summer St. TERRI TIGHE 126 Sunset Rd. 10-12-60. Sambo Steve, Mike, Ghinky on the bus, chasing Tom, Ghuck’s poem. Ho John, Lechmere, Pickup counter, crazy days in Boston, Tennis, Study Buddy, Salty my partner, the stump parking like George, the duck and her sticks, Beatle in the bars. JANICE THOMSON DAVID TIGHE ANN MARIE TIERNEY THERESA E. TIGHE 83 LORRAINE C. TINGLEY LORI TOBIN ROSE TOOMEY PATRICIA TOBIN STEPHEN J. TORONTO LORRAINE TINGLEY 63 Melvin Rd. 8-21-60 “Oh my soul,” Sweet Sixteen, Green M M’s, “VVe don’t really,” Rotterdam-Gniisin, Quebec, Maine. 99, Art “Come,” Dancin’ in the Woods, True Friends. “Discovery consists in seeing what everybody else bas seen and thinking what no- body else has thought.” — Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. LORI TOBIN 76 Beacon St. 8-25-59. High School 23, for, the kids partying, S.B.P. summer at Hull, Labor Day Party Hull 77, CYO Basketball Fi-ho M.H.S., Beach Party, Flag, It’s Been Real. PATTY TOBIN 221 Lowell St. 9-17-60. New Jersey, Maine, Cape, Hampton, trips, M.D., B.P., Sopho- more yr., Maynard, K.M., all-nignters . . . Bagged! Pink Floyd in concert, frosties, flurries, M.A.S.T.Q.C., Freebird, Sunrise, Service, Wild Bashes, K.M.P. 1;30, Smellies, Hdy., hanging, browner, outs, buddies, cruizen . . . Voided . . . ROSE M. TOOMEY 59 Trowbridge St. 3-11-60. The get away-Salty-extinguished in the Hall — .Miss Withers French II — P.O. — Miss Burt’s English Class — San Francisco — Bonjour — The Art Experts — A Friend in Ihily River Ride. STEPHEN TORONTO 4 Murray St. 3-22-60 “T Freshman and J.V. Hockey, Summer of 77, “The Weekend,” Cape, Good times. Good friends. Your Bad!!!, “I want it-you go it,” Best years; Junior and Senior. MARIE L. TRANI 164 Brattle St. 2-23-60. Jr. Semi Formal, Partying, Drive-ins, Concerts, Summer of “76,” The Airport, Breakheart, New England Dragway, The Loft, Nahant, The Girls, The Mustang, Great times with Joanne, “We’ve Only Just Begun,” Jimmy, Thanks Mom and Dad. BRI.AN J. TRELEGAN .32 Rublee Street. 3-10-61 Mulligan Hibbert Park, Father’s, Salisbury, Merrimack N.H., Bud Poet’s Corner, The Drive-ins, To the Max, The Esplanade, Concerts at The Boston Garden, A.D.L., Parties this .May. MARK TREMBLAY 20 Alpine St. 4-12-60 That’s All! The damn, the res. Miller, eno sretin ... 74 heads . . . “sundance” White .Mts., Black Parties — IHB’s The Heights, Hampton, Block Bett ’ . . . Bam a lam. Thanks to everyone. Good-bye Arlington High. MARIE L. TRANI MARK TREMBLAY 84 CHRISTINA TSAKIRGIS ANDREW J. TSIHLIS VICTORIA D. TROIANI SANDRA TSAKIRGIS PHILIP J. TSIHLIS VICTORIA DIANA TROIANI 109 Highland Ave. 3-15-59. Whitebelt SR, TC, TH, BC, AK, The Chache . . . Chippy Hall, Yummy Cafeteria food, Paul the janitor, Friday nights, Mike’s car, red lights, Micky Donald’s, The Hopp, The cop at the Hopp, flashlights, menus, Sr. locker, Italian Stallion, Starsky. CHRISTINA TSAKIRGIS 7 Kipling Rd. 10-28-60. Tina Triple-header at Shaefer, Canohie Lake much. Esplanade, Ju- nior year. Summer ’77, Nahant beach house, drive-ins, lost in Billerica, pennit applications, B.A.M., K.M., J.F., M.T., Jo, O’L, Duff “You can’t erase a dream; You can only wake me up.” SANDRA TSAKIRGIS 388 Appleton St. 9-17-60. Sandy Ski trip “75”-“76,” W.A. of Rainbow, President of G.O.Y.A., Co-Captain of G.O.Y.A., Cheerleading, Tinkles, Week Back, Mrs. Z’s classes, Trev, Mr. Tudball, Church Choir, Tisk-a Tisk, V.L., L.R., L.O., M.P., E.P., J.G., Good friends, B. Kleftis, The Homeroom 4, Let’s take attendance, Goodhy. ANDREW J. TSIHLIS 16 Pamela Dr. 6-14-60. Andy The homeroom 4, Fin, Dahill, Vaughn, . . . New York City, July 4th, 76,77, Brigham’s, Harvard Squire, Fernando, N.C., E.F., P.L.-C.S.M.H. Sra. Foisy “El t imbre ha sonado,” some- where. PHIL TSIHLIS 16 Pamela Dr. Stix, Syph M.A.H., Sabbath, Calculus, Delta 9, “Summer of 77,” Dark!, Marching Band, Homeroom-4, Tune out. To be continued . . ., Ludwig, Godspell “77,” Good Enough, Cy, The Barn, J unior Prom “77,” Exchange Trip — West Springfield Va., Marching Band, It’s Gone! KRISTIN HEATHER TUFF 70 Magnolia St. 5-30-60. Kris, Krissy Brigham’s . . . Summer “77,” Wanna go to the beach? Toots! Good Harbor Beach, Don’t Work too Hard, Sweet Sour Shrimp, Worchester, I’m Sorry, Yah, Really, Orty’s class. How yah doing? See yah later, Jr. Prom “Richie.” NANCY UCCELLO 1 Walnut Ter. 3-14-60. Kell, NS, JC, Hampton, Bermuda, Cape, Semi-formal, Prom, drive-in, “Let’s get loaded,” Buttricks, Beach Boys, Hockey Games, Skippin Classes, Fitz’s Class, Bagged, Chevy, “I had the Best Time,” Fake I.D., Red Light! Webbrook. CHERYL VALENTE 38 Egerton Rd. 3-1-60. Sherry Jimmy, Thorndike, The End, C.K., J.T., Sull, S.K., P.K., M.T., Hampton-Sull’s cottages, Jim’s van. Cape — B.W. friends, NHPV PK, CK JTR6, When Jimbo? Wouldn’t it be nice? Thanks Mom and Dad — I love you, KRISTIN H. TUFF CHERYL VALENTE 85 PATRICIA VALENTINE RONALD VALERI PATRICIA ANN VALENTINE 31 Tower Road 3-29-60 Patty, “P”-Brain. Stratton, “T-Parties, Fried Fish, Whist, “I gotfcr go” Camera Crazy, Lake Winnie, Cape-Marina, Maine-Touplant? Femald, “My Mazie” Retreats, Edie, Chris, Junior Semi-Prom T.M. Lu, Anne Marie, Lorraine, Sue, Jane, Lauren, Karen, Kim-Forever Friends! Thanks Mom and Dad. RONALD PAUL VALERI 7 Lee Terrace 7-29-59 “Val” “KINZ” Football, Basketball, Baseball, get the Fa, Esplanade, Cape, Maine, Tard, Pokie, Fathers, Stratton, tower, chased again. Gel, Doo, Ralph, Foamy, Mack the Knife, concerts, parties at Kim’s, Jeanie, Dick and Mac, always get the car. Proms, Formals, Barf, Later . . . MARIANNE VALLARELLI 155 Wright Street 8-15-60 Frankie 7-4-74 good times! Soph. yr. — Jane-Bermuda, “The Garage,” Runaways — Carol, Hampton, Jakes — Phyllis — Bos- ton 12-28-74, Bagged-Streetlights, PINK FLOYD, Anne-beefs “Bedford 2”, Sherry is it flat? Sheila-bathrooms, The Tenant, changes, Rm. 30, Oh Mary! I want it so fine . . . Thanks Mom and Dad! ALEXANDER VANDERBURGH 100 Coolidge Rd 12-14-60 Lex. That which in one part of the world might represent a dream of incredible prosperity. In another has the exasperadng effect of wild exploitation demanding immediate strike. — Alexander Solzhenitsyn RICHARD V’ARTANIAN 15 Dartmouth St. 8-12-60 Rich. Hampton, Walden, The Res, Wayne’s, Doug’s, Mt. Hermon no more. . . Fra, Jr. Prom, White Angels . . .Ages. . . Stir wars, Les, Led, Sabbath, Bad Co., The Who . . . Rid e em high . . . So, we’ll see ya! DENNIS P. VERRIER 30 Richfield Rd. 12-29-59 Demrod. Hojo’s in Hyannis, The Pit, The P.L. Jay meets guard rail. The River, The great race Testee Tower, Wells Beach, Revere Beach, Hams, Munchies, The Esplanade, The green monsters, Amherst, Hockey, stub it. Caribe, F.O. it was great (four years to remember.) DEBRA A. VIEIRA 43 Hathaway Circle 5-31-60 Debbie. Maine, Bowling, Finast, Youth Leaders — Summer ’75, D.Z., C.S., L.M., D.M., J.I. A.M.K., — irresponsible individuals, Eso es. Senior lunch table. Trivia with S.D., Walk-in for terminal room students — Period ‘8’. “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” CLELIA VINARIO 39 Windsor St. 4-10-59 Claire. Summer is the best. Traveling, meeting new friends, the beach, parties, discos, hockey games, boat ride working at Lechmere. fun times with, 7th period gym and Carrara “one more time.” Love all my friends RT, NS, TT, HS, CW, MG, GA, SG, GG, SN, JF. RICHARD K. VARTANIAN ALEXANDER VANDERBURGH DENNIS PAUL VERRIER MARIANNE VALLARELLI DEBRA ANN VIEIRA 1 CLELIA VINARIO HELEN VOLPE LISA VOLPE DEBBIE YOOK-UN WAII CHARLOTTE WAHLEFIELD STEVEN WALKINSHAW DAVID C. WALSH MARIE WALSH DANIEL WARREN HELEN REGINA VOLPE 8 Webcowet Road 3-30-60 Phlegum! Malcolm, Sull, Cuz, Mayo! Richie, fugitives, Mike in Jr. En- glish, C.I.O., M.C. at Jr. Semi, Bessie buried in Hampton, Squirtguns in Salisbury!, Sr. Convention, Pressbox, Keg Par- ties, Fathers, Egging, Moons! F.U.’s, McD’s., Summer time- yeah!, Me and Bobby T., ABT-7-8-77, H.S.-23, L.B.A.J.B.! LISA VOLPE 40 School St. 2-11-60 Volpes Mike 3-5-76 T.U.P. Sophomore Year, B.P., Flag . . . “It’sonly a movie! “Bagged, Goyles Parties, Annie, Wilma, Lockers, C.I.O., M.V.P. Convention, Jr. Semi, Harassing, Butts, B.R.I., H.S. 23, Humarock, “The Chase” H.R. M.B., Later! DEBBIE WAH 63 Adams St. 12-24-60 Deb Class of 78, volunteer work, clubs, the Army and more things to come. Best wishes to all the teachers I know or had, and good luck to my friends in their future years. CHARLOTTE WAHLEFIELD 54 Dundee Rd. 8-15-60 Aerosmith-spaced, stones MSPRMPBRBBTC July 4tli — the best check em out. May 27th, the Charles, New York, Alice Cooper g.c. “I’m eighteen” B.K. “Wild Horses” cruisin, party, Daisy Jane, Checking, Belmont, R.B., Gimme shelter, same old story. STEVEN M. WALKINSHAW 50 Lockeland Ave. 10-27-60 Walky Swimteam, Lumbi Sumbus, tennis, “I was Perfect,” L.B. V.S. P.M., Chem with Doc, NOB, Husky homeroom tacks, Weirs, Rockport, PegLeg, Bazaar, Ya Guy, Windhover L.F.I., G.W., M.R., M.C., P.H., T.F., and the rest. The End. DAVID WALSH 71 Appleton St. 7-12-60 Walshy Entertainment Committee, Queen Bee -I- Clorax, Surfin Sun. Nites, What’Ya doin?, Goosehead, Snatch Alley, Cape “77” Hyannis Holiday . . . $62.85, The Keg, Waldo, Cluso -I- Kato, On Mr. Pickles. MARIE WALSH .57 Webster St. 9-6-60 The Cape, Cranberries, Sports, “playing tennis” “ah corisca” arguing, bowling, Guido and Murry. DANIEL E. WARREN 138 Park Ave. Est. 1-30-60 Sammy S.M., M.M., “Oyster,” Parties, Brew, Boys’ club. Water Skiing, V. Track, Wright Street, Girls, “Dud,” “Giz,” Sammy, Frank, Skip, The Dock, Sully, Brian, “Four Years?” No Sweat. ANTHONY WHITE WILLIAM WEINSTEIN STERLING WATSON KATHRYN A. WELLS ERIC WATSON 3 Cliff St. 9-17-60 Pink Floyd . . . cruisin . . . P.T. . . . CY . . . P.D. . . . M.G. . . . Cumberland Farms . . . Sears . . . The White Volvo . . . Realities with J.C. . . . Tuning out . . . T . . . pay day . . . four long years, but it’s done now. STERLING G. WATSON 13 Addison St. 4-12-60 Gommander Gody and the Lost Planet Aimien, V Swimming, lumbi sumus, doughnuts, GAT’S, Muffins, Gotterisms, Mafli Team, Miller’s “Group,” pizza in the computer. Yes — “Round about,” “If man were meant to stay on the ground he would have roots.” WILLIAM WEINSTEIN 44 Jason St. 6-18-60 Bill April Vacation. “77”, Ft. Lauderdale . . . Beach. “Marie” Labor Day Weekend. New Hampshire. “Nights At the Pond” Summer of “76.” Parties At B’s House. . . “The Best.” “Fleet- wood Mac” . . . Soccer. . . iM.G.H. . . . Marriot. Walden . . . Dipping. “Mystics:” It’s A Train HA . . . HA . . . HA . . . KATHY WELLS 33 Hillcrest St. 3-21-60 MVP, Co-pres. with J.B., John 4-6-77, Parties with the group. Feeding the ducks, CG, PG, MJP, Brewster Park, Brigham’s, Gawk, LR, SR, PR, KH, Trip to Nowhere, Lido, I Love You, My Familv, Proms, Thanks A.H.S. ANTHONY WHITE 125 Blossom St. 8-4-60 GHERYL WHITE 22 Richfield Rd. 9-9-60 Bells The Park, Who concert. Substitute, Kaboommoobak premedi- tated, contract!, “Betty Ford,” Ramble On Saousaas parties, tic-tic. Father’s, Jacks smoking, Lite, What Is and What Should Never Be-Led. RAGENE WHITFORD 11 Exeter St. ERIC WATSON CHERYL WHITE RAGENE WHITFORD CAROLE WHITNEY ANNE WILSON GREGG WILSON KEITH WHITTAKER PETER WOO CAROLE WHITNEY 19 Washington Ave. 9-11-60. A.H.S, 23, The best of friends JA, CD, RE, LH, SM, Maco’s JP, Mom-Dad, Woods, Hampton, Margie, Sul, LeeAnn, Parking Lot, Butts, Prom Semi, Drive Much Large? After 12 Mayor Florida, R.O.R. KEITH WHITAKER 35 Melvin Rd. ANNE WILSON 154 Pheasant Ave. 6-30-60. Willy Farm . . . Summer of ’76, Curfew, “Fire”, Dot, Hillside par- ties, Convos, Rm. 118, Ch-ch-changes, Stratton ’74, Hampton Graduation ”77, Fights, Family, A.G., L.C., S.K., C.K., J.T., L.P., P.K., S.V., E.S., K.N., M.V., Beefs, Harvard creamer, August ’77 . . . and a dream goes on forever . . . GREGG A. WILSON 2 Huntington Rd. 10-27-60. Vswim Team, Weirs Beach Lifeguard, S.N.S., Sick Puppies, Boy’s Club, Partying, D.M., J.R., T.W., N.C., C.C., A.B., E.F., M.L., P.B., R.D., S.W., August 15 T.G., Mic, S., M.G.A., Lucky, Homeroom 76-77 May 15, 19 78. PETER WOO 345 Gray St. 10-28-60. Woo Spent summer in New York City, Water-Skiing in Weirs Beach in Lacionna N.H. C.B. Freak. Friend J.B. ELIZABETH M. WOODS 65 Madison Ave. 2-4-60. Beth Jaff, 3 musketeers. Craft and the gang. Fin, Katie, Fourth of July, Taso-Bowling-Charlie’s-Mystics, O.H.S. — Canada- Hampton Beach, Montreal-Cozza, Hornet-ramps, Bickfords, Me and my L.T.D., Brother’s 4, B.S.A., Florida, Parties, Life is not dull!?! Thanks, you guys. DOUGLAS WRIGHT 129 Newland Rd. 9-8-60. The Res, Woods, Hampton, Millers, A Few birds Party Well, we’ll see ya Much Later. ELIZABETH A. WRIGHT 243 Mountain Ave. 7-19-60. Liz “Freakin out!” Track!! Move those arms, H orizons. Fresh Pond, Cringe, Survival in ’75, Latin with Mr. Mac, Speech States, Music, Drama, Guppy, Judie, Elene, Sue, Linda, Everyone, “A Rainbow is not forever, but the memory of one is.” ELIZABETH WOODS ELIZABETH WRIGHT 89 DAVID WYNE TERRY ZAFERAKIS SUSAN YOUNGRLUTH SARA ZAIATZ YOLANDA ZANAZANIAN DIANA ZANTOS ANGELA ZARELLA DAVID WYNE 32 Scituate St. 3-27-60 Ween, Weiner Basketball, Cross Country, Baseball, Latin 4, Cecil, felow Latin Scholars, Gilles, S, Late Bird Slips, Junior Studies, Goldkrand, Dishwashing, Teinpori erant boni sed cibus erat malus. SUSAN YOUNGBLUTH 18 Inverness Rd. 5-31-60. Oregon Kid Miss Dad, Jeff, Oregon, Sandy gang-thanks for all the good times never forget, Trailblazers, Van-man . . . Ski . . . VTrack, Stiite speech. Choir, J. Prom, Jim . . . Wow. Bye mom I love you. Arlington Hi. Thanks-Rosie-Lou-Car. TERRY ZAFERAKIS SARA ZAIATZ 18 Heard Rd. 8-14-60. G S, veg, volleyball. Terminal Room, speech meets, it hap- pened here in A.H.S., Mac, J.M., bikes, cast parties, C.Y., softball summer ’77, tennis, A.V., walking to school in the morning, flving merrily along the rest of the day. YOLANDA ZANAZANIAN 100 Vamum St. 9-10-60. Yoly Joyful years in A.H.S., the good times, first Hollow, Summer vacation (Venezuela Brazil) favorite friends V.C. L.R., best teacher Mrs. M. Finn (Learning English S.L.) Reading, play sports (Baseball, Swimming) listen to music, going to movies and dancing. DIANA ZANTOS 15 Hathaway Circle 3-7-60 Unforgettable year ’77, Weekends at the Cape, sailing, “Friday, at last!’’, Jordan Marsh, Pizza with C.M.; LM, DM, DV, CS, AMK, Reality, Mt. Auburn M.G.H., Month in Greece, “It’s never too late to change your mind!’’ ANGELA ZARELLA 22 Wyman St. 10-13-60. L. G. ik C.G. Triple k meatball. The Jelly’s; “Teenage waste- land,” R.S. Bedford Bread, The Styx; lady D.D., B.M., New Year’s Eve, D.S. Dallin Immigrant song Doobie Bros., Senior Prom, Celebrations the black White, Chucky A.C., L.G., M. O. SHARON ZASLAW ,54 Adams St. 5-1-60. . . . for illusions and dreams are lifes realities. Drama Festival, President Bonell, COZ’s smoking lamp. White Mountains, the Island, Thanks Mom, Fleetwood Mac, Ruffian, Fluid dynamics, Mark. “New England at the Rat.” One life done. One life begun. Catch you later! 90 ANNEMARIE ZELINSKI LISA ZUCCALA ANNEMARIE ZELINSKI 97 Fairmont St. 10-28-60. Annie, Baby, Liver, Peanut Freddie. . . Can’t Get Enough (Bad Co.) July 16th ’76, Schlity, The Van, Leather, Pineball, Bunga, Bubbles, Beaches, Rauncy Guitars, 4th of July, ’76, Terrazanos, Skipping, Party! Good Luck to everyone and stay cool. LISA ZUCCALA 10 Memorial Way 10-17-60. Zuky Summer ’77, party in Hull, Hampton Beach, JCLCJCBOB- DOOJC, Fleetwood Mac, the park, parties with the gang, T.P., Galluch, Life’s tough, cosmetology. Teen-age Wasteland, Burt’s English class, herb, MBCC, ELO, nights stood up Coruette, NDMWL, afraid to grow old . . . 91 Francis Aldred leaves a pair of cement shoes to Ralph. John V. Allen leaves his bowling shoes to Gary “Stigs” Olsen. Linda .- tlas leaves the Brandenburg Concerto 5 to whomever wants it. Michelle . lyward leaves Marcy Smitli her height. Cheryl Baker leaves her half used book of passes and signed pink slips to A.H.S. Paid Baratta leaves to Hack, Rich, Bob, and Paid C. a little bit of class, which they never had! Linda Belluche leaves her shoes and sundress to Liz Smitli. Karen Bennet leaves work study and getting out of school early to Cheryl Malone. Robert Bent leaves his windshield wiper to Paul B. John Berenyi leaves his laundry to Peter Woo. Tina Boisvert leaves her incredible height to all her Tall, but Nice friends. Leahkirn Breslau leaves the presidency to A.K. Steven Budd leaves his lab technique to the A.H.S. science department. Mike Cacciamani leaves the senior class his friendship. Paul Calendrella leaves the cnituli fracti to " Mr. Mac.” Joyce Cantrell leaves her SAT scores to the Freshman. James Carpenter leaves his good character to Dr. Jaffee. Jennifer Cash leaves her gym class to Mrs. F. Elizabeth A. Caterino leaves herself to no one special. Dorothy Chambers leaves her Godspell fringe to Val Pontes. Julie Chiasson leaves Jimmy’s car to Sammy. Laney Cirame leaves her best wishes to the kids from Stratton, the Rez, and the Farm. Paul Coates leaves his silver shovel to Paid B. Mark Collins leaves his great art of bull slinging to John Franchitto. Richard Conte leaves his broken locker to whoever gets it. Wayne Copitliorne leaves his empties to the Juniors. Nancy Corey leaves the food in the Cafe to anyone who wants it. Brian Coscia leaves all of his meaningful and valuable possessions to . . ., the rest he keeps. Tracy Coscia leaves everything to her Cutlass F-85. Janet Costa leaves her friendship to Isabel Seiqra. Lynda Crimmings leaves her burnt out roaches, bottle caps, and ringding wrappers to A.H.S. Martha Cronin leaves better days to those insane enough to accept them. Cindy Cusolito leaves her remedy for clearing her sinus to Nancy Saia. Richard Danton leaves a can of shaving cream to Barrarra. Joseph Delisle leaves Brian two bucks. Karen Denapoli leaves all of her problem solving to Beth Woods. Brent Denison leaves the Chicago poster in Studio C to all future tidra players. Steven DeRosa leaves the “Incompleted Nova” to Nannie. Christine Deshler leaves Murray to Flash. Paul Desmond leaves epileptic fits to everyone with no mind. John DeVito leaves one United States History teacher to the high school. Suzanne Diaz leaves Building A to Bruce Wright’s grandchildren. 92 Joseph DiPietro leaves his deepest regrets to F.S. Paul Douhan leaves the plants to Joe Gustatf. Katlileen Downing leaves her cherished slide ruler to Mr. Papandrea. Denise Doyle leaves a one-way ticket to Arizona to Mr. Romeo. Sally Erickson leaves her party up the farm. Maryanne Feneijian leaves her gold-plated key to the executive washroom to Andrew Smith Sr. John Franchitto leaves his satirical wit and humor to John Shahbazian. Mark Freeman leaves notliing to nobody. Lori Garabedian leaves Ghris Berberian sometliing of hers which she is still trying to get. Brian Gardner leaves his 11th grade tardies all 45 witliout suspension to Ralph Giobbe. Robert Gendall leaves his Ghelsea Pride to Arlington. Kate Gross leaves Gonnie and Nancy at the Looney Bin. Simon Hatinoglou leaves his exceptionally great racedriving skills to Mark Collins. Stephen Howard leaves good luck to “78”. Rita Hnd leaves all her love to Jimmy. Joseph Hurley leaves Roy Raphael to the class of “79” as he was left to us. Joyce Invernizzi leaves her sneakers to gym, PHEW! Eric Johanson leaves his cafeteria lunches to Mr. Kelley. Janet Kalustian leaves the chem lab, amazingly enough in one piece, to Mr. Cody and his future crazies. Phyllis Keenan leaves A.H.S witli remembrance of a lot of school days wasted and a record in Ralph’s office miles long. Anne Marie Kelley leaves Mrs. Gostanian to Miss Witliers. Mary Kelly leaves Mazoo all the Senior skip days to have lunch. Susan Kelly leaves her ears to M. Kelly in HR. Lisa Keplin leaves A.H.S. Eridays at 1:37 p.m. Ani Khara jian leaves her freshman brotlier all the boring meetings she has ever attended. Bill Kelftis leaves his inspiration for his sisters and relatives after him. Pamela Koumjian leaves all school lunches she never bought to the following classes of A.H.S. Beth Landers leaves A.H.S. Monday morning. Susan Lauziere leaves a pair of “pink” babydoll pajamas to Lynnela. Peter Lavery leaves his high cut football shoes and 20 to the next running back at A.H.S. Douglas Lawson leaves the “Myth and Smokescreen” to Mr. Cotter, also all of his old vocabulary tests to Mr. MacElearney. Jean LeBrun leaves 4th lunch to the Junior class. John Leverone leaves his school utensils and all of his works of art to Lucille. Michael Long leaves the Italians Golden Greats and those immortal words “Thank you” and “yea!” to the A.H.S. swim team. Frank Lugo leaves Jim Duddy a heavy-duty lamp shade. David Macone leaves his ability to be consistent to Bill King. The High School Girls leave their spirit and partying to Lee and Margie. Anne Mammola leaves her tap shoes to Rm. 67. Carol Manita leaves her pink slips and bag for Giobbe. Melissa Mannix leaves all her old magazines to Val Pontes. Daniel May turn leaves nothing to everybody. Mary Louise McEwen leaves all her good(?) memories of A.H.S. to her brother Peter. Denise Miserlis leaves one evenly spiked watermelon to her friends. Brian Mooney leaves “Moon’s Bar and Grill” to A.H.S. John Morrissey leaves his name to Miss Miller. Elene Moshon leaves all her memories and love to A.H.S. 93 Steve Mucci leaves to everyone who gives him a hard time, the words of a great philosopher: “I’m gonna run ya.” David Mundis leaves his superior neatness to Robert Conway. Tom Nanghton leaves his scientific knowledge to Tony Catiinzano. Ted leaves his amoninm nitrate to Dr. J-Bar. Patty O’Donnell leaves “Spinach” to Cathy Sousa. Patty O’Leary leaves her Army pants, initialed canvas bags, and junkie jewlery to the jock broads. Linda O’Neil leaves Richard all her chicita banana stickers for Herbie. Suzanne Paras leaves J.S., J.D., P.M., And L.J., her jock strap. Marybeth Ostroger leaves her bag to David Silva. Richard Patterson leaves John Dickhaut a book on how to be a successful (juarterback. Lila Peter leaves her high to Jenny Shea. Sarah Pike leaves her sister Kathy (yog 79) her clothes . . . she borrows them anyway. Jay Pinard leaves his mind to Carlos. Val Pontes leaves Dorothy “oz” Chambers the key to the kingdom of Drew. Jay Provenzano leaves Ralph G. his sticks and seeds. Evelyn Psiakis leaves to all those who have met her lasting memory and friendship. Maryanne Pugliares leaves good memories and hopes for the future to her friends. Paula Quigley leaves the bones and partying spirit to Ciarcia, Lee, Margie, Rich, Ernie, Poopsie, Ducko, nuge and Pennine Bash. David Rae leaves his dream to make it one big party to the future classes of AHS. Susan Ramirez just leaves. Liz Rigakis leaves to all her friends the memory of their good times together. David Rosette leaves his beers to Me Doherty. Kenneth Sakorafas leaves his parents his thanks for all the help they gave him. Charles Salemme leaves his gym locker that he never did find. Nancy Saul leaves all her piano lessons to Mr. Hurwitz. John Sahbazian leaves to Simon Hatinoglou his athletic coordination because he knows Simon needs it badly. Richard Sherburne leaves his old class rank to a computer error and his new one to the birds. A.J. Smith being of sound mind and body? hereby leaves all my excuses to Giobbe and Romeo to next years class. Mark Sullivan leaves Danny Carter Paul’s brother Joel. John Survelas leaves Paul Barratti a brand new antenna for his car. Cindy Swartz leaves the best of luck to the kids up Stratton, the Farm, the Rez and the girls from the woods. Joel Taves leaves his flute and organs to Autluir the maestro. Vincent Tempelman leaves Oliver Newell one mitten. Janice Monson leaves her 54 pounds to anyone who wants it. Diana Troiani leaves a coordinating three piece suit to Mr. Giobbe. Sandy Tsakirgis leaves the school to the up coming seniors — its all yours. Helen Volpe leaves her rowdiness to Lee and Margie. Debbie Wah leaves her happy memories to her friends and her sister from AHS. Steve Walkinshaw leaves to Lucille his not so perfect T-Shirt. Daniel Warren leaves his cabinet full of cut slips to Ralph and Romeo. William Weinstein leaves his locker to anybody who wants it. Beth Woods leaves Karen De Napoli four years of Miss Denapoli. Liz Wright leaves one intelligent answer to Mr. Lavery. Susan Youngbluth wills as much height as Linda Morel needs to get her through her last year. Sara Zaiatz leaves to all who knew her memories of an individual. Sharon Zaslaw leaves to George Fusco her integrity; get smart and get rid of R. 94 CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Secretary Sue Morel, President Rev Bonnell, Vice President Bob Largenton, Treasurer Juile Mahon. 95 BoB SitiN — DiftHE rnAi-€6 ’ 6iA si SUPERX. MOST AThi ET kiz cateRik o— Pete MOST likely ro s! PEteR lAve J - DiAtJf BEST personality kathx CAf?EV - DAvk oppedisAwo MOST iktellectual STERli N6 lOATSohJ HPlOl K 5KAE, IS 96 100 i8074 6 Front row 1. to r.: John Sui-velas, Peter MacLeod, Co-captain Chris Hughes, Co-captain Ron Valeri, Boh McCormack. Middle row 1. to r.: T.J. Daley, Bob Doucette, Tom Awiszus, Jim Long, Camillo Santana. Back Row 1. to r.: Manager Gail Mahoney, Dan Awiszus, Bill Crowley, Sean Lonergan, Fred Seavey, Coach John Cody. 102 r . CROSS COUNTRY 104 Front row L to R: Mary Halleran, Liz Wright, Karen Denton, Kathy Canti, Michelle Meehan, Susan Ciampa. Back row L to R; Anne Macelany, Dale Dooley, Kate Jackson, Sharon Pickering, Nancy Blasi, Linda Ciampa, Cheryl Tiges, Jackie Smith, Donna Jones, Gidi Crowley. 105 Front row 1. to r.: Head Coach, Ed Bums, Peter Lavery, Michael Kilcoyne, Michael Collins, Joe Hurley, Brian O’Conner, Steven Cameron, Donald DeCaprio, Brian Igo. Second row 1. to r.: Paul Desmond, Richard Patterson, Tom Matthews, Steven Smith, Jerry Sullivan, Brian Cadegan, Bruce Eichelroth, Michael Messuri, Assistant Coach Dick DeCaprio, Assistant Coach Paid MacAuley. Back row 1. to r.; David Messuri, Dan Griffin, Don Cronin, Kevin Carkey, Timmy O’Conner, Matt Collins. 109 VOLLEYBALL 110 Top row 1. to r.: Mary, scorekeeper, Erin O’Brien, Denise Kokams, Edna Chin, Jennifer, scorekeeper. Eront row I. to r.: Christina Giunta, Kate Noonan, Chris Deshler, co-capt., Val Zahka, co-capt., Barbara Caparell. 112 Front Row, 1. to r.: John Snrvelas, Dave Anderson, Dave VVyne, Brian French, Paid Dignan, Tom Awiszns. Second Row, I. to r.; Larry Barr, Robert Cangianno, Gary Bush, Dan Awiszns, T.J. Daly, Paul Kraus, Sean Lanergan, Camillo Santana, Jamie Hall, Fred Seavvy. Third Row, 1. to r.; John Kelly, head coach, Seavvy, Brian Kelly, Merrill Elmer, Jimmy Harrison, Dan Davidson, Paul Oppedisano, Brian O’Connor, Brown, MacPhee, Ernie Farraro, Sam Putnam. 113 GYMNASTICS 114 115 Front row 1. to r.: Liz McEleney, Donna McKenney, Beth Gallagher, Carol Scannell, Rosemary Abruzzese. Second row 1. to r.: Linda Ciampa, Paula Shaughnessey, Paula Pellegrino, Debbie Preston, Maureen Sullivan, Coach Ed Powers. Missing: Coach York Parris, Sue Ciampa, Janice Buck, Andrea Koumjian, Laurie Reeves. 116 ♦nrt . ' • ' ' S fe 117 Front row 1. to r.: Frank DeGregorio, Bob Largenton, Devin Roche, Mike Curran, Co-captain Chip Ryan, Co-captain Ron Valeri, Dick Patterson, Peter Lavery, John Dickhaut. Second row 1. to r.: Steve Howard, Chuck BlonKpiist, Dennis Napoli, Jan Bialach. Rich Flynn, Steve Bezreh, Ed Smith, Bill Curcio, John Crockett, Jim Healy. Third row I. to r.: Mike DeCampo, Dana Bain, Brian Keveny, Steve Allosso, Boh Lake, Steve Centrella, Peter Lnndstrom, John Caccavaro, Donnie Cronin, Kevin Paiva, Brian Cadigan, Jim Moran. Fourth row 1. to r.: Joe Cancelleri, Paid Roach, Eddie Roche, Larry Clinton, Jim Judge, Chuck Patterson, Matt Collins, Bill Keysper, Brian Lordan, Phil Anderson, and Pat Lavery. L. to R.: Coach Carl DeMatteo, Coach Mike Toomey, Co-captain Ron Valeri, Co-captain Chip Ryan, Head Coach Ralph Bevins, Coach John Hanley. 121 Front row 1. to r.: Paul Rosentield, Rich Vartanian, Eddie “Killer” O’Neil. Rack row 1. to r.: Eric Stenson, Greg Vartanian. Missing; Steve Scisceti, Coach Paid Marvier, Coach John Nucella. 123 124 Top row 1. to r.: Melissa Jones, Linda Atlas, Kerry Sullivan, Gail Reardon, Connie Coughlin, capt., Karen Danaher, Jane McCivney, coach; front row I. to r.: Laurie Dennison, Beth Danaher, Carolyn Sullivan, Bev Carlon, Donna Patterson. 125 Front row 1. to r.: jonathan Hofhnan, John Crockett. Paul Dignan, Steve Fratello, Keith Whitaker (Carptain), Robert Bent, Bryan French, Paul Coates. Second row I. to r.: Daniel Maytum, David Correia, Louis Barenilli, Robert Dacey, Richard Toronto, Donald Coombs, David Kraus, Michael Warren. Third row I. to r.: Mark Palla, Charles Luka, Joseph Tremblay, Glenn O’Connor, Robert Day, Jonathan Jones, Keith O Connor, Jeff F ' rent h, Paul DeVilles, Joseph Hoey, Theodore D’Amico, Stanley Tosti, James Tsakirgis. 128 130 Front row 1. to r.: Gary Demopolis, David Calcaterra, Jim Cummings, Mike Petrides, Mike Eleftherion, Randy Callejas, Eddie Bush, Kevin Giroux (Coach), Mark Diaz, Teddy D’Amico, Louis Cocanides. Second row I. to r.: Jim Carney, Donald Coombs, Tom Lee, Bill Hamizides, Michael Pecci, Jerry Haddad, Robert Day, Steve Fratello, Joe Pecci, Chris Hughes, Sean Sidlivan, Joel Taves, Bob Stein, Leo Lanzillo, Karstein Georgi, Peter McTagne, Marc Lerra. Tri-Captains: Mike Eleftherion, Eddie Bush, Rudy Callejas. 131 Front row 1. to r.; Coach Jane McGivney, Lisa Manderino, Janet Carmicheal, Donna Patterson, Jean Landers, Co-captain Liz Caterino. Second row 1. to r.; Co-captain Karen Danaher, Tricia Mucci, Maryjo Miller, Shelly Brown, Kathy Marino, Nancy Mclane, Barbara Severino. 135 136 Back row 1. to r.: John Berenyi, Sterling Watson, Tom Lee, Mike Long, Jim Carpenter, Co-captain Paul Baratta, Mike Desrosiers. Middle row 1. to r.; Joe DeLisle, Greg Wilson, Steve Walkinshaw, Co-captain Boh Stein. Front row 1. to r.: Mike Lynch, Rick Porcaro, Jim Koenig, Billy Kelley. 137 SWIMMING We were the first that ever burst into that silent sea. — S.T. Coleridge 138 r M • ' ■ X r w 1 ■ fi 1 ■ ® Jkm V J Front row 1. to r.: Denise Miserlis, Paula Healy, Co-captain Jennifer Bryant, Ellen Healy, Lorraine Tingley. Middle row 1. to r.: Jean Landers, MaryAnn Fitzsimmons, Laureen Guarente, Jeanine Rivais, Barbara Stein. Back row 1. to r.: Eileen Hoar, Judy Kirmes, Maureen Dnddy, Susan Lordoan, Gabrielle Watson, Carol Richardson. Missing: Co-captain Kathy Spencer, Stephanie D’Arcangelo, Susan Marble, Krista Barmakian, Allison Bourque, Nancy Cutone, Kathy French, Shelia Hegarty, Kathy MacDonald, Debl)ie Maslcell, Lisa McKenney. 139 MAJORETTES 140 142 144 146 147 -‘:i4 ' SYMPHONIC BAND ‘■i i , W -W ,A. • DRAMA ’ N’’ At 154 GILBERT SULLIVAN MADRIGALS 158 HARMONETTES 160 From left to right: Dan Carter (E-I-C), Anne Marie Kelly (News), David Oppedisano (Features), Leonard Tainmaro (Advisor), Paul Dignan (Sports), Dan Breslau (Photography), John Shahbazian (Sports), Wendy Smith (Stall Asst.), Missing: Kim Bell (Managing Ed., Chief B,), Dave Granchelli (News). Rich Danton (News), Jenniter Bryant (Editorials), Stev ' e Buck! (Editorials), Mary King (Ads), Matt Faidkner (Art). Mark Sullivan (Staff Asst.) Front row from 1. to r.: Janet Anciello, Diane Malcolmson. Second row from I. to r.: Steve Rivals, Joyce Devine, Bob Stein. nzcon 0 5 hh -0 I D Iz; W d hri Oh to walk my way with kindness. And not betray my life to a cloud of suspicions How I wish that someone would believe me. How 1 wish that t coidd believe someone. To triumph in an une iual battle, To embrace with love both small and big. How I wish that someone would believe me. How I wish that I coidd believe someone. Let the silence burst forth with fury. And the eternal noise die down for good . . . How I wish that someone would believe me. How I wish that I could believe someone. — HAMO SAHYAN H 168 u X w cn cn I (-D u ' w !z; u w Back row 1. to r.: Dan Diamond, Dan Breslau, Tom Naughton, Alyson Verni, Sally Machand, Bill Daonalson, Fred Smith, Jane Doe, A1 Reeves. Front row 1 to r: Ray Smith, Sam lones, Liz Brady, Tian Nunes. Back row 1. to r.: Elizabeth Brady, Ed Harrington, Joe Sousa, Ann Smith, Don Rockier, Tom Naughton, Alan Wright. OZ H cdiTia I H 0 j5dDd From left to right: Mr. Dennis Mercurio, Michael Johnson, Elizabeth Brady. Geoff Reeves, Sara Zaiatz, Janice Thomson, Bob Slate. r jP 51 Jl ' N i ' S t ' . W ' VI Tifl ' —i ' ’ 1 - ■ L 1 y 1 ■ ' ' 1 V ' ' " Bt . ' }■ K 1 MU H From left to right: Peter Orfanos, Gary Olson, Wendy Smith, Hilizaheth O ' Toole, Sara Zaiatz, Janice Thomson. W Q I-H (J I-J U Pi W W CT) d :h Back row 1. to r.: Mrs. Spencer, Kris Betts, Joyce In- venezzi, Judi Quan. Front row left to right; Ann Smith, Nancy Corey, Debbie VVah. ii t 1 176 L. to R.: Laura Lee Murry, Sue Smith, Steve Blevins, Linda Belluche, Tom Kenne, Donna Qui(jley, Joan Op- pedisano. O O PH n X) w I n z w n wH •9 Clockwise from top right: George Fusco, Administrative Head- master, I’homas Vaughn, Assistant Freshman Housemaster, Richard Collomb, Assistant Sophomore Housemaster, Paid Jeu- uey, Assistant Junior Housemaster. I ' RATI 185 Clockwise from top right; Mora Rawlings, Suzanne Crapser, Joann Coakley, Allen Winecour, Milto MacDonald, Marion Kennedy. UIDANCEC Clockw ise from top ri t: Mary O’Con- nell, Department C ' hainnan, Mary Barry, John Byrne, Maxine Hardy, Joseph Ca«-y.J ISHENGLI Clockwise From top right;. Arthur Foisy, Maiy Ellen Powers, Kristine Kenney, Barbara Brown, Chuckie Gordon, Maiy Fiselier. HENGLI 190 ' Mary Anne Orlando, Michael Toomeyj “ Gail Collins. ' ' Clockwise ironi top right: Edward Burns, Edw ' urd Bradbury, Winiiifred Wohllebe, Roger Duggan, Mary Far- rev. Donald Webb. ms Clockwise from top right: James Kerns, Doreen Kilday, Carol Miller, Robert Commins, Fre- derick Maloof, Johanne Cahill; Robert Commito. Clockwise from top right: Dr. Charles Arthur, Department Chairman, Thomas Brannelly, Robert Lavery, Peter Drench, John Cotter. Paul MacAuley. 196 ORYHISTf Clockwise from top right: Marie ff ay- ward, Joseph Dillon, Harry Mitchell,;;; ' ' James Kelley, Thomas Russell, Ed- mund Storlazzi. eneral and Life Science; Clockw ise from top gUt: Harry Mescrve, Department Chairman, rthur Botelho, Shelley Brugman, John ’( onnor, Marzina Morin, Donald Bockler, arol Law ton. :escien 198 General and Life Science. Clockwise from ttjp left: Judith Geldinan, Dianne Rice, Joseph Papandrea. Physiciil Sci- ence: Donald Manning, Department Chairman, Allan Katz, George House, Dr. Herbert Jaf% Bradford Clough, iddle; John Cody. Modern Foreign Languages; Cloekwise from top right: Roy Bradbury, Depaitment Chairman, Nancy Ortwein, Pauline Carrara, Elissa Halloun, Helen Stockman, Ilene Bornstein, Elaine Foisy. aGELANCI 200 201 ANGUAG Clockwise from top left: Doris Withers, Judith Williams, Roberta Terwilliger, Adrienne Pal- lotta, Amelia Cozza. Classical Languages; Ralph McElearnev, Department Chairman, Geraldine Tremblay, Middle; Raymond Smith. I I31oek vh; ' e from top right: Martin Lane, Ronald Nevola, Charle-s Cook, Thomas f ' otty, James Canavan, Weldon MacLeod, illiam McGovern, Middle: Robert Dowell. RYINDU 204 Clockwise from top right; Fran Priisik, Supervisor K-12, Robert Brennan, Francis Proulx, Francis Kirk, Eugene Doherty, Donald Sotnick, Louis Galant. J DUSTRYIN 205 Ctockwise fnmi top right; Ralph Bevins, Supervisor K-12, Mary McDonough, Marilyn Steele, Richard DeCaprio, Christine Fiorenza, William Barrett, John Hanley, Jane McGivney, Middle: Richard Quiglev. IGYM 206 Performing: Clockwise froai top left: Roliert Laber, Supervisor K-12, Frank Roberts, Leslie Hurvvitz, Gerald Thebodo, Andrew Smith, Pasquale Tassone. Studio Art: Jeannette Eskedal, Louijse Banner, Terese Garufo, Mid- dle; Pauline Finberg. ARTS 208 Clockwise from top right: Thelma Sonnichesen, Depart- ment Chairman, NIae Ruth Trm edson, Kathy King, Jae- (lueliue Hart, Josephine Za aglia,. Penelope Grande, Stan- ley Knziel, Elaine Herman, Middle: Lois Pharris. :HOMEIi m Clockwise from top right; J)ouglas Hunter, Marie Spagnuolo, ' IPenni Mercuric, Donald Sandrelli, Reynald Civili, William McCarthy, Goordina tor. BLEFLEXI r 209 I Left to Right: Myrna Finn, Man’ Jane McCarthy, Car- oline Banks .1 G RE ADI 210 Clockwise from top right; Pam fe Shufro, Constance Counts, An Moretsky, Alan Brown, Elinor Freedman, James Tolland. I AL SPECI A 211 A Ck A Clockwise from top right; Charles Fagone, Director K -12, Joseph Dad- ’ario, Marie Brady, Michael Defina, ois Roy, secretary. AVAVAVA 212 Left to right: Paul Niberg, John McCarty, Sam Zavaglia, Wayne Hobart, Joe Brown, Frank Demone. DIANCUS Clockwise from top right; Elizabeth Brog- — --don, Margaret O’Connell, Evelyn Rauseo, Theresa Bishop, Winifred Kangas, Rtith Blanciforti, Helen Carter, Helen Malone, Agnes Harrington. Missing: Rosaline Mari, Arina Mattola, Rose Skocay, Janet Carlino, 4FCAFCA 214 Clockwise from top right: Jean Scalese, Rose Foley, Lina Crowley, Joan Banks, Mary Camer- lengo, Lucille Corcoran, Hellen Dutton, Mary White. Middle; Patricia Maher. ' a I JEANNE CASAEOW BART COSTA DAVID CANTRELE BARBARA CHISHOLM MAUREEN ENGLISH THOMAS FITZPATRICK JEANNE CASAEOW 110 Fremont St. 8-24-60. Pam’.s House 76-77, LZ, DP, VC, Walks to the Spa, JFC, Carnie 77, Parties, My Cellar, MB, Pennsylvania, Sailing on Onset Bay Playing Chug-a-lug, MA STEP, Thanks Mr. Lennon, Freshman year. Bob’s Class. 1, Jeanne Casalow, leave to Mr. Lennon all my inexcusable absences. BARBARA TERESE CHISHOLM 15 Cliff St. .3-1-58. Chipper, B.C., Pron., White Mts., Falmouth, W’s and H’s, “The Rez,’ “Summer St.’’, “Thorndike — the bell of the saloon,” Harley Davidson 1, M.M.A., Those who ride decide!. In memory of Bernie Pisopo and Peter Flynn, RP, GG, Wolfe, Ghrissie and John, KK, DD and Wynott, S Spark-eml, L.F., memories in N.H., Elaine and Bernie, This tiling I want, I know not what! BART COSTA 144 Gardner St. 8-16-60. Golorado, Schlitz, Goldies, Buld’s, The K., Coke, Revere, Spark-em, T.Y.A., JD, Herb’s keg party, the Charahocliee, O.B., Christmas, Tripping, Vinalhaven. DOROTHY DAY 25 Fremont Ct. 10-20-59. Good times — Lisa, M.E., Karen, Marion, Dickie, B.G., Vern, Saloon, Pond, Father’s, Thanks to Betty, Aunt Dot, Mom, Mv family, STEP, V ’s, Let those who ride decide, Kathy be good, " Dream On,” “Who’s holding out,” Rocky, Gold, Snow. THOMAS D. FITZPATRICK 4 Thorndike St. 8-27-60. Thanks to STEP, They helped me through. The pond, V.P., Summer of “76”, Thanks to B.A., H.B., J.G., B.S., B.P., J.P., B.H., The Best Bunch of Fools I Know, Thanks to Mr. Lennon — a straight shooter. Party at I.S. house. SUE FLETCHER 17 Hemlock St. 8-27-60. Hampton, SNH, Zepplin Concerts, Lyn., Sky., Mesc; HC’s and Pkt’s party, leavin’ home, memories . . . JM, CB, CN, CD, KK, TM, Layla, ML, Marble head. Rage, Fellin Free, What’s it all about?, Fla; Angie, Love is Ricky . . . 3-16-77. 1 I f: t BRUCE HARTNETT SUSAN FLETCHER CHRISTOPHER KELLY BETTY PEARSON SUSAN KELLY WILLIAM PEARSON BRUCE M. HARTNETT 117 Overlook Rd. 10-3-58, Tlianks for the help Mr. Lennon, Boh D., and S.T.E.P. Staff, Mv .sister?. Pond, Getting High, SCHLITZ!!! Passing out no more!! Too bad Fitz, BP, |P, TF, BA, HB, IG, BL, Hack. CHRISTOPHER F. KELLY 11 Fremont Ct. 8-9-59. Chris Step is a cool school. Keep the spirit up. PARTY. 1 leave my cats to Step. SUSAN FARA KELLY 1 1 PTemont Ct. 1-8-58. Thanx Mr. Lennon. I’ll bet you never thought I’d do it. Mike 75-76-77, Revere Beach, STEP, 299 Broadway. To Mr. Lennon and Step Staff I leave mv millions of dollars. ELIZABETH ANNE PAPPAS 62 Mass. Ave. 11-2-59 “The P” Thanks Nick, Ed Adolf, H.D. 4 — ever, N.S.D.I.G. Cape with |o. |B, ME, Dotti, Lefty Frizzle, E.A.P. the king lives on. Snow, M iracles. Why Not, Workin on a night move, B.B. We’ll see, Mainstreet, I luv everybody. Mom and Dad, STEP. BETTY PEARSON 29 Highland Ave. 1-11-60. Betty Beer Freshman year Bob’s class. Park St., Cellar, Center, steps, Dick, STEP, Thanks to Mr. Lennon, Missing Jane’s class. Cape, Honse to House, What’s hapirening — ()OOT — “A friend is your needs answered.” I leave all my make-up work to Mr. Lennon. WILLIAM A. PEA RSON 29 Highland Ave. 1-11-60. Thanks to Mr. Lennon and the staff at STEP, Hanging around, SCHLITZ, Bob Drake’s class Freshman year, “Fathers,” Get- ting high before school, TF, BH, HB, JG, BA, TR, BL, ED, Being the prez, “78” The pond. THOMAS RYAN 145 Hillside Ave. 1-19-59. I want to thank the STEP program and their staff for giving me the chance to complete high school. I feel it is a very useful and helpful program and hope it will always have support, if needed. 223 This One’s For You . . . This one s for all tlie lov ' e we once knew. Like everything else I have, Tin s one’s for yon. 224 t t ' ' • BrnMiMBaK W ' .wm 1 ■v X ’ _•■- mui ' s ‘fe- ' ■ ,,■ tv.’?-’, ai ; •■ ;-: W ' ' m _ UPZW :r rA . . 229 233 1 ■ij 3p- IIBSSMWmb l llBHdi S Mb ■■ HB ! L diilNW - y " ..— 1 MUI ' i. .w»? ' - k wT SIS - ' 1b ' • ■ • ‘t II ill A 1 ' , ' SS jJ MKJIfTtf MSBIRISi ' u: i ' iiL ' ' Wf% iBS 1 a B 1 lgS|i 1 MSipl n£imrW$: ' . . ' iim ” 39m ' . 1 lllEiBteTW BDml ¥ V. I 1- f t ' " • ' IMII ' . i ■i- 3 ■» ' ■■. 1 1 i twain ' ' l shall 3 vy 4ik - M Jirf Ks V Hag ' V - - -J SENIOR SCRAPBOOK 248 “THE HOME FOR YOUR DOLLARS . . . THE DOLLARS FOR YOUR HOME” THE ARLINGTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK 699 MASSACHUSETTS AVE., ARLINGTON Estab. 1889 Drive-up Hours; Mouday-Tluirsday 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Friday 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. 643-3780 L()l)by Hours: Mouday-Friday 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. Friday Eveuiug 6:30 to 8 P.M. 249 HOFFMAN NEWS 1350 Mass Ave. Arlington Heights 648-5572 School Supplies Periodicals Rubber Stamps Made To Order Ben Franklin Store 1303 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 648-6386 250 THEATERS SPORTING EVENTS CONCERTS ICE SHOWS 4 SEASONS TICKET AGENCY, INC. TIC KETS FOR ALL EVENTS ROBERT ZANIS 727 MASS. AVENUE 643-3300 ARLINGTON, MASS PARK FLORIST 1321 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 Telephone (617) 643-8840 The sign of natural quality Richard M. Morrell va k s of ROME SALONE of ELEGANCE 392 Aiassacfiusetts venue I Ellington, -Aiass, Wit ' 648-3460 and 648-9867 Orthopedic Fittings LEXINGTON BOOTERY 733 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MA. 02174 PHONE 6-48-9830 D. SANTINI 20 Years Experience Tiberii ' s Flower Shop 177A Mass Ave Arlington, Ma. 02174 646-8716 251 HOUSE OF SCORPIO Women - Men Hairstyling 214 Mass. Ave. Telephone 648-9895 Arlington, Mass. Phone 646-4050 Michael Farese ARLINGTON SEWING CENTER 1345 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 02174 Sales and Service • Singer • Eureka • Kirsch Authorized Singer Dealer Repair all Makes Free Estimates Charles A. Cecere MIRAK CHEVROLET 430 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 643-8000 Service, Body Shop Ports and Leasing ARLINGTON FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK Six Convenient Offices In Arlington Bedford Burlington North Reading 252 (§) BALICH 5 10 BUICK 1314 Mass. Ave. ARLINGTON BUICK CO., INC. Arlington, Mass. 648-3707 835 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 02174 Phone: 643-5300 SILVA’S BARBER SHOP DELIMART DELI REST. 132 Mass. Ave. 968 Mass. Ave. Arlington Dinners Take Out Breakfast — 6-12 ARE YOU IN THE KNOW? . . . Home Style Subs 648-9711 Never before did so little buy so much — Advertise in the A.H.S. Yearbook! There IS a difference in Auto Schools MENOTOMY PHARMACY, INC. ARLEX Auto Driving SCHOOL Day or Evening Classes 1332 Mass. Ave. Call Us Today Arlington, Mass. 643-6657 643-1247 253 " fetjgW grrcett- e tjs cu tvtizg ab «breafe j (etttM vSL 9«wip: " btrit ftE c« ftb pfHi0 ' tft Tt - late ttia% jj toit- mtlt -tmwt (tMS rulw tn V(ttn- ww ' tfor ' tit wi e rctmb? itmblL " btHte) efiii e ' tfie- qn - ttjt ' f ftfcere or-ttfiHcb mtiu l«r9en E9 £e ;rl ?iie ' BIw C w? W C . fW " ixmie- (imr ' abw« -i . ?ta }feto -wlT qtvcvcy- L4 - ' tfufc- 3tpni ife 5- mbpU W eCb is? s GMens?, O- teve- jVUicci- 255 7 J 7ca C uun " J CCCAy Ol A ' K t L ' yur ' j l7 (H UXj ' ti nM y a uX ' ' " XXJlAXX , Ctyri yU. C STM j L Ze Wka. , yitlc UJaX-jL ! (yyL Lc y lAyri. 3 1 ' 0 XjUUX y)fAjLA tX Q-ccLu . ' yy K iun , QtOl :)lJxCjX(yn (juHAJX S oyn ' UaIom. y CUAy_ C - A MaaMo _ t CLA OTLCTI • rX (j- yiyyUL A yy X -CrA ‘ StyrK. - T . »u4- 7 1. 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