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II 11 For Reference Not to be taken from this library 3 4860 00118 7167 I In Memory of George Lincoln. 2 3 4 5 Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence . . . 6 . . . As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant, they too have their story . . . Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for al- ways there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself . . . 7 . . . Enjoy your achievements os well os your plans. Keep interestecJ in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; far the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism . . . 8 . . . Be yourself Especially do not feign affec- tion. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all ari- dity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass . . . . . . Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrender- ing the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imagin- ings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself . . . 9 . . . You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to yv. u, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever your labors or aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. 10 12 13 14 15 16 Administration Faculty Administration George Fusco, Administrative Headmaster 18 Reed Taylor, Administrative Assistant Paul Jenney, Assistant Senior Heodmaster Horold Poirbonks, Senior Housemaster Richard Hall, Freshman Housemosfer Henry Toczylowski, Junior Housemosfer Ralph Gioiosa, Director of Occupational Education Ralph Giobbe, Sophomore Housemaster Richard Collomb, Assistant Junior Housemaster Thomas Vaughn, Assistant Freshman Housemaster Donald Romeo, Assistont Sophomore Houserrwster 19 Guidance Walfer Devine, Director of Guidance Morion Kenned Suzanne Cropser 20 William Croke Art Judith Lombard, Supervisor, K-l 2 Louise Banner 21 Dennis Dahill Pauline Finberg 22 Audio Visual Charles Fagone, Director, K-1 2 Jomes Brown Michael DeFina, Aide Morie Brady, Assisfonf Director Business and Office Education Lynda Simone Mary Fitzpotrick 23 24 Edith Phinney Mary Dolor) Data Processing Barbora Fryer, Director 25 English Mary O ' Connell, Department Head John Byrne 26 Pool Dorrington Kathleen Doyle Mary Fitzgerald 27 28 SMUUUBAbORSC Linda Molloy Mary Clare Hummer 29 Home Economics Money Urban — English Michael Toomey — English Martha Loftus Anne Potrorco Thelma Sonnichsen, Department Head Penelope Gronde Cotherine King Stanley Kuziel Sylvio Guernsey Josephine Zavaglic 31 Reading 32 Flexible School Day Programs Re nald Gvili, WoH( Study Williom McCarthy. Coordinator Donald Sandrelli, Distributive Education Classics Librarians Ralph McElearney, Department Head Raymond Smith Modern Languages 33 Marion Fitzpatrick Elaine Foisy 34 Doris Withers Elissa Holloun 35 Industrial Arts and Occupational Education 36 37 38 William McGovern Ronald Nevola Martin Lane 1C, Mathematics 39 40 Winnifred Wohllebe Mory Forrey Arlene Mahoney 41 Performing Arts 42 Physical Education John Hanley Marilyn Steele 43 General Life Sciences Richard Quigley — Physical Education Jane McGivney — Physical Education Horry Meserve, Department Head Jomes Hecox 44 45 Physical Science Donald Mooning, Department Head Dr. Herbert JoHe 46 Social Behavioral Sciences Dr. Charles Arthur, Department Heod Thomas Brannelly 47 Horry Mitchell Paul MacAuley Joseph Dillon 48 Special Departments Constance Counts — Leorning Disobilities Ellen Hoffmon — leorning Disobilities Corol n Thorne — Resource Class Alan Brown — Resource Closs Elinor Freedman — Resource Class James Tolland — Special Education Anne Moretsky — Learning Disabilities 49 50 S.T.E.P. sitting here in this (book) microcommunity with all the lonely peoplefoces with their minds protected in their bodies waiting for potential to burst — sparks to fly and soul to soar when love appears rather than an attractive face electrochemical head trip ... we are i«cycled stars — big clumps of chemicals trying so hard just to be happy. love sharing and caring must involve all the worlds — first, second, third, fourth and real: people, trees and rocks. Oppression must cease instead of seize. microcommunities and world communities must get their minds together — become involved — involve becoming — always becoming rather than became The trouble with AHS, its clients’ minds and its books is that they all close more often than they open. It ' s hard on all those other worlds. Don Bockler 51 Three years have come and gone, and although you are leaving Arlington High School, you will not be “soon forgotten. " It has been a period of times filled with many memorable events made possible by your class spirit, initiative, and cooper- ation. May each and everyone of you enjoy success in your future endeavors. Harold B. Fairbanks 52 Class of ' 76 Independent thinkers . . . those joining cl groups, committees . . . not for just formulating plans . . . but for fellowship. People gaining their identity — their individual values . . . and therefore, their ‘self . . . k elievir g that with identity would come . . . quality, wisdom, and strength. Great writers . . . Great artists . . . Great thinkers . . . emerged from those who found solace in . . . friendships, beauty; love, and understanding . . . Each individual is witness . . . to the success of the past . . . and holds the hope of the future. There are delightful moments of mutual fulfillment Mind in the continuous learning process, the nx)ments we dare together, knowing we can conquer igno- rance, never in fear of what is to come. On the other hand, there are moments of utter despair, when ideals falter, with students as well as teach- Mind in the purest play is like some bat That beats about in coverns all alone, Contriving by a kind of senseless wit Not to conclude against a wall of stone. ers wandering in a seemingly hopeless maze. It has no need to falter or explore; May 1 share with you a poem 1 often read during those moments of despair. Darkly it knows what obstacles are there, And so may weave and flitter, dip and soar In perfect courses through the blackest air. And has this simile a like perfection? The mind is like a bat. Precisely. Save That in the very happiest intellection A graceful error may correct a cave. Poem by Richard Wilbur Sentiment from Pauline Carrara Days hurry by. They narrow down to a month, weeks, days, and finally: Farewell to Arlington High! Good-bye to desks and seats, to classes,, lunches in the ‘Caf,’ textbooks, compositions, reports, term papers, and those dreoded exams. No more of the same excuses all the way up and down for the .work not done. But of all, a fond good-bye to the hectoring summons of the school bell and the slips from the Senior Office summoning culprits there. Now it ' s time for commencement. This year you will heor the baccalaureate address: The solemn warnings, the forecasts, the scientific foreshadowings, the timid promises for a rosy future. But where are you going? 54 Won t you miss all the hurry and scurry? Of course you will. You II miss the shy smiles, the frowns, the nervous guffaws, and the laughter of the timid ones. You ' ll miss the quick flash of the eyes when recognition conies behind the foreheod. You ' ve seen that look. Good-bye to Macbeth, and Moses and the Exodus, short story, creative writing, and that droopy stuff that rhymes, poetry. Is it really important to know If a prepositional phrase can be used as an adjective? No more precis writing, bio- graphies, essays, or business letters. Where are you going? Wherever you go, whatever part of the forest, we hope that a part of us will go along with you. Happy Life. Tom Trevisani Feelings of happiness . . . about your joy in everyday things . . . your eagerness to lough . . . your ability to like each other and to be happy for each other. Feelings of sadness . . . about your loss of George Lincoln and Pauline Schiel . . . loss of their wit and deep concern. Feelings of love . . . that fill your lives with a special quality ... for love is the power which con atone shut out violence and overcon e fear. Feelings of thanks ... for giving me the opportunity to know you ... to be happy or sad with you ... to trust you (and you, me) . . . but most of all to love you. Pauline Finberg Senior Class Officers David Powers, Vice-President Sandra Dussi, Treasurer Karen Fitzpatrick, Secretory THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPH My daughter ' s scarely did her credit Though it couldn’t hide her beauty The vigaraus hair arranged Alice in Wonderland style. Betraying the photographer ' s bias Towards feminine passivity. Passive she is not. She has a strength and sparkle And a glow Which he almost succeeded In hiding With his inadequate And pallid caloratian. Still — there is the likeness of her face A handsame one Emptied of its vitality As she struggled with the Ordinariness Of his small vision. M.W.N. JOSEPH AKERLEY VINCENT ALBANO 60 DAVID AIKEN DAVID BRIAN ABBOTT 38 Hemlock Sf. 1-26-58 Abb The Corner, Cape Cod, West Hyannis Port Circle, X Symmes Hospital Dietary Dept., Deod Weight, Rifo Hockey, New Hompshire with P.C. Showers, Poyday, Skiing, Forestry, Sandman WALTER R. ABBOTT JR. 28 Tanoger St. 2-20- 58 Wally V, Football, V, BaseboJI, Green Machine, Paul ' s House, Gos ' s Bug Cooler, Denise 4-18-75, Winchester Rd., Cope — R.l. beach parties, 8-18-75, Convo ' s Chic, Spike STEPHEN MICHAEL ADAMS 143 Wright St. 6-22- 58 H.S. Pip ' s Mustang, On ' s Red Bomb, My Torino, Nellie ' s Bug, Ron’s Crap, Macos, Porties, Midnight Mechonics, Cruising with Crew at Moco’s, Brew, ond Forties over C.S. DONNA J. AGOSTINELLI 10 Hancock St. 1 2-5-57 Summers of 74 75, Big Forty at Hond Pond, Members of Vincent Owen Vondtes, and Good-Bye Arlington High, Stones — Gimme Shelter, Aerosmith — Spaced, Future — Secretory LORRAINE M. AGOSTINO 38 Peirce St. 4-22-58 Augie Summer of 73 75, Jr, Prom, Friends from V.C., Good times W MEBAAMSDD, Cope, Sand Dunes, " That ' s Okay Lorrie " , " We ' re lost ogoin " . My friend always Chris, " Life is as good os you moke it. " DAVID WAYNE AIKEN 10 Linden St, 2-28- 58 Hammer Varsity Football, AKU, Stooges, ho|o ' s, somf. Hockey, Corl ' s, Drive-ins, West Woods, Cruther, Conton, Thonksgiving, St. Pool ' s, Maine, Menotomy, Homburger, Von, Boards, Bones, So Long ANGELA ALESSANDRON ' JOSEPH JOHN AKERLEY 1 2 Osborne Rd, 1 2-6-75 Thorndike, The Drome, Spork’em On the Bus, Led Zep, Mountoin, B.O.C., Yes Concert in R.I., Rip-off VINCENT PAUL ALBANO 23 Newman Way 1 1-17-57 GREGORY ALEXANDER 6 Pownee Drive 11-1-58 ANGELA S. ALESSANDRONI 242 Gray St. 2-19- 58 Ang In My Life There are ploces I’ll remember — all my life — Though some have chonged — Some forever — not for better — Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments . . . — The Beatles GARY CARL ALLEN 95 Vornum St, 7-31-57 Fog R. Whitmore 4th period, Mr. Kelly track years, Thorndike Party Pork, G.T.O. race ond porty cor, winter at the Drome, Sousa and pinball machines, the men down the end, the Great Days, long 720 days CHRISTOPHER ALPEN 12 Plymouth St. 2-257 ANTONIO F. AMARAL 52 Marathon St. 3-15- 59 Tony dyn-o-mite, Spanish " 74 " , homeroom, wasted, no borgoin, A-H.S- " 75-76 " ., V. Boseboll, Mr, Mercurio, Rm. 81, dig it, keep on truckin, con it, summer vocation GARY ALLEN ANTONIO AMARAL WALTER AMORIN WALTER JOSEPH AMORIN 147 Thorndike St. 4-4- 58 Wally My ' 62 Chevy, summer of ' 75 was the best, fooling around down Auto Shop, portying over Mork ' s house, Thorndike Pork is dymamite, getting wasted ot Saturday nights BRIAN GERARD AMOS 34 Richfield Rd, 3-7-58 PAULINE ANARGIROU 8 Mary St. 6-25-58 Summer of " 75 " , G.O.Y.A., Rod Stewart concert 10-13- 75, " Not a negative 4! " , Good doys at A.H.S. w D.D. J.C. M.H. J.B, W.F. P.M. B.B. H.V., Meet me at the door CHERYL ANDERSON 4 Patrick St. 9-3-57 Cheri Hampton Beach, Mork IV, Cheri 2, Joey Cheryl forever, 9-14-75, Water Skiing, A.P.G., Rose, M.O.H., Koren H, Koren G., B.M. ' s, Beach Boys — " Wouldn’t It Be Nice ’, Hawoii " 75 " , Stones — " Gimme Shelter " EDWARD J. ANDERSON 1 4 Ryder St. 4-23-58 JANET F. ANDERSON 1 80 Charlton St. 6-28-58 Good friends, spaced, bor hopping, speeding, shifting 3rd, " Stay High " , booting, come running. I ' ll be there, crashing, 4:00 o.m. Horvard Square, Toke it eosy; R.T., S.P., S.M., J. P., C.C., T.H.C. JOHN FREDERICK ANDERSON 154 Lowell St. 1-6- 58 Andy Kim 8-26-74, morried, A.H.S. freshman footboll, drinking on the tracks, Jethro Tull concert, friends R S., R.L., P.F., K. B., D.C., J.B., honging up ’’Locke, " Heavy Chevy, 143 Kim T. EDWARD ANDERSON JANET ANDERSON 61 KAREN ANDRE ' JOHN ARAKELIAN HOLLY ARMSTRONG MURIEL BABIN ROSE 6AGDASARIAN 62 JOHN ARDI2ZONI LISA AURILIO KAREN CLAIRc ANDRE " 74 Fremont St. 2-1 2-57 AKU, 8-7-73, N.H., Cape 73-75, Buttricks, Gole, Billy, 75 Grod, Buzz, M.W.R.R., P.U.B, Best of My Love, A.C. Concert, Doisies, This Girl, D.E. Sec. 17, 18, Sr. Prom, 143 Barry C., friends, P.T.A., Really? Opel, Ernie Bert JOHN ARTHUR ARAKELIAN 50 Tomohowk Rd. 8-28- 58 Libby V. Soccer, Hockey, Berlin, Conn., West Woods, Hotchetmen Tension, Menotomy, Farm, Junkie, VW, Stiff, " Please ' ' , Go — Me, Hoyt, 1-2-3-4, Layke — Win., AKU, Drive-ins, XL, Oosh, Led, Hye-cape, Soph. B P., Stooges, Buttricks, Frigid, $100 H.S., S.O.M.F., F.F B.B., S . . DM! JOHN W. ARDIZZONI 50 Melvin Rd. 10-13-58 Torino GT ' s, small slabs, spark’ em 32B ' s, Michelob, skip much, Renault, parties at B.M. 6-6-75, small veg., A.H.S.S., Billion $ Babies, Alice Cooper, Pam G., Artichoke, Spaceshot, Alkie, smoll slob, S.K. J.A. B.T. M.F. I.A. A. FRANK PAUL ARMENIO 53 churchill Ave. 5-23-58 HOLLY ANN ARMSTRONG 24 Kipling Rd. 7-11- 58 B.l.T.C.H. Summer of " 73, " Party oil nite long, B.l.T.C.H., Trip to White ' s, P.J , Rez, Shot Gun, G.M T.B B., S.P.K.J.S.D.L.K.G. Parties, D.C.A.N.M.H.E., Senior Yr., That ' s alll LISA AURILIO 19 Granton Park 7-5-58 Auril Goodtimes with Droogie . . . Dicky . . . Life is whot you make it . . , Bor Horbor, Maine ' 74, coming down ogoin . , . Thanks Mr. Lennon for seeing me through . . . LORI BAKER MURIEL ANNE BABIN 14 Branlwood Rd. 8-4-58 Dec. 20, " 74”, Pot, Susie ' s stocking MD 20-20, " Can ' t get it up at U.K. ' s, " " Heaven over the Shop, Love, " Florido Homecoming, Town line, con — AB next time ROSE MARY BAGDASARIAN 23 Tower Rd. 2-11-58 3 musketeers. Ho Ha ' s class, sweet Poly I, Fri. nights in J.T. ' s woods, Hye Forties, " Stairway to Heaven " , Koppy ' s ond drive-ins, CTY, EJ concert with J.S., Jr. Prom, Atlantic City " 75 " , " Wouldn’t It Be Nice " GEORGE 6AKELAS 1 6 Gloucester St. 12-9-58 LORI JEAN BAKER 59 Newport St. 9-14-57 Class of 76 75, Good future, T I.K., Z.O.O.M, Skipping school, P L.P., Munching-out, Checkin-it-out, N.U., Spark ’em, G S, Stoirwoy to Heaven, Louie LYDIA BAUCH 1 ROSALIND BANFIELD LYDIA ELAINE BAUCH 296 Summer Sr 10-8-58 " Copley be$t " , A.H. next! Old Hall study, H.S.P. — Ughlll Tennis, Y.P.A., variety show, Nantasket, G.B. A.H.S.I ALBERT E, BALYOZIAN 191 Highland Ave. 1-28-58 Capri, Pinball, Rocing, 1 school lunch and slow, The Track (Willy Cosh) ROSALIND BANFIELD 15 Cleveland St. 10-13- 58 Rossi " A Wise Mon Can Alwoys Act a Fool but o Fool Can ' t Act a Wise Man. " — Mr. Muhommed AN CATHERYN L. BANNON 74 Alpine St. 6-22-58 Cothi P.E.I. Big Dipper, 8-30-75, Rm. 16, P.R., something to talk about. Soph. Beoch Party, 3:00, Ce ebrote B.B. s D.T. s parties. Are you proud of yourselves! Colour My World, Stairway to Heaven, J.T., Friends, Sheraton AGNES BARDOSSY 20 Bartlett Ave. 5-28- 58 " ' Clossics ' A book which people proise and don ' t read. " — Mork Twoin AGNES BARDOSSY 63 EARL 6ARDSLEY DAVID BARR STEPHEN BARRY EARL F. BARDSLEY 1 17 Vomom St. 3-10-58 Glad to be out of the dump. Always remember the soccer polls, Mr. D ' s door at lunch. Flicking on Moin Street, down the Cape, R.P. THEODORE A BARAAASHI 157 Newport St. 3-9- 58 Ted Pennsylvania to Boston in 3 ' a hours, $70 in change from the Coke mochine at A.D.L., Harvord-Holy Cross, Four Kings deolt in Jocks or better. Tremendous Pooch PETER M BARNABY 20 Kenilworth Rd. 1-12-57 Zoid Frizz, J.A. ' s Deod-eye, Dunkin Scum, Cou ' s wocxfs, N.H., froid, Miller, Bud, Mick, Locks woods, W.B., Cog, red fox, fro, the Farm, Green Hornety Bigz DAVID BARR 101 Hillside Ave, 3-16-58 Co-Coptoin Cross Country, Ekisketball, Golf, Track " Pay the Price " , Somerville, GBL JV Chomps, Cope Cod A.A.B., 4th of July, Summer 75, Borbara Ann, Sticks, Potte, Hondo, Chicago C B Comp, H.I.L.P.F,, 3 Time All-Stor. KENNETH BARRETT 7 Aberdeen Rd. 2-6-58 Dude Pe99 - Colt, out for o few Pops, with JA, RL, PL, RS, JB, SF, DC. Cape Frosh yr., Frosh B. Teom Football 6.U.B. C.B.I. The Park, Portying with Good People. KEVIN BARRY 89 Gordner St. 4-7-75 Projects, North Union, The Bath-House, The Gee, White Mounfoins, The Cope, Zep Tickets, Concerts, No Nome, Wheelys, Good times — Maine, Trish STEPHEN BARRY 84 Gardner St. 11-1 8-55 Stones 75. To live my own way. Mr. Lennon . . . Thank George for the vacation. Good times with T.M . . . The party ' s over. Party ' s down the Drome. SARAH BARTHOLOMEW 50 Academy Sr. 1-28-58 LISA MARIE BATTINEUI 31 Alfred Rd. 10-26-58 Botts BJAKUA — " Sisters " 9-28-73, Cope wknds, D.W. - 6- 22-75 - Green Machine - SS 396 - " Highway Star " , Doc, Trev., Summer of 7A-7S. PLTS, Monkey, ■ Porophernolia What Hove Youl " CAMILLE BATTITE 30 Berkeley St. 10-3-58 Mille Felix, Cyst Boom-ba. Glos-sas, Cheryl Joey, Ugly ' s bike, S.U Forms D.F.M.D.T.; Beach Boys, Soph Beach Party, A.P.G. — Grion, Carnivals, LT-Hodgson, ma — O.K. Jimmeys’ N.H.N.E. — Gimblets. ANNETTE BEAUDOIN 30 Ookhill Dr. 4-10-58 BEAU Lundy ' s Kitchen, Opie, Turk, Lundy, Duff, Frots, Niles. The Tree hit us! Charlie O. Nahant, Junior Summer, Canada, Hockey Menotomy, Beach Boys, Buttricks, Indions. LESLIE BECKWITH 15 Ivy Circle 9-13-57 Les V. Footboll, V. Basketball. V. Baseball. Legion Baseboll Plattsburg, N.Y., The Balls, hummguy, Hey Sex, warp, scoopen. Bring the Baby oil. Stooges, P.Q. Motters! lockup. CHERYL A. BEHAN 161 Wochusett Ave. 7-5-58 . when the lights go out, " seesaw, Jimbo ' s garoge, " there they are! " , B, members, 13th fi-he with a teddy. Click ' s party, size of o peo, CYO, friends like Noreen, Jone, Tysh. DAVID BELAIR 62 Westminster 3-15-57 DIANE BELEY 1 26Paul Revere Rd. 4-8-58 Dede Yo amo lo vido, side-door. O.H.S., Train kept a Rolling, Areosmith, weekends, sister, C.J., P J.. T.K., V.B., skipping, Buttricks, Woolworths, cruising. SARAH BARTHOLOMEW CHERYL BEHAN DIANE BELEY 65 66 DANIEL BENEDia 204 Highland Ave. 9-16-58 NICHOLAS BEZREH MARK BENNETT 1 2 Elmore St 10-13-58 The Beatles, Hendrix, Clopton, Moclen Express. Coors, Angie ' s, " to the Max, " Bay State, Emersons, The Car, Joplin, Joe Walsh, " smokem, " The Rock. CHARISSA ViaORIA BERTOCCI 94 Hutchinson Rd. 10- 25-58 Cherry " The Bitch Is Bock, " Ca pe, D.P., Englewood, Rags, Denise, Mod Lough, Rarara, Motorheads, Don ' t Get Fomilior, Wouldyo, Well O K, U.S.M.C. Galaxy 500, Summers, Seeya Loter, 3 or 4, Streaking. RONALD BERTOLAMI 252 Pleosont St. 12-21-58 Ron Student Council, Yearbook, Fourth Estote, Indian, Saturday night dances, football games. Friendly ' s. What band should we get? The Beach Boys! Doc Jaffe ' s sixth period chemistry doss. " Going West. " GEORGIA BILIS MARK BETTS 85 High Hoith Rd. 11-05-58 V-Soccer, Buttricks, Farm, Hockey games ... 1 Lewis ' s Porty, Vietnam at Menotomy, Sic-Did, Stoirwoy To Heaven, Boat 1 . . . Trees! at Mordy ' s before Motignon gome. Nut! NICHOLAS MITCHELL BEZREH 71 Norfolk Rd. 12-15- 58 Bez Elton, Aerosmith, New Englond Drogway 64 Voir, 70 Pontioc, Rador Love, A Bill Turn, Fresh Pond, The Drome, O.Y.A., Happiness is a six. GEORGIA BILIS 29 Orvis Rd. 6-15-58 GEORGE Combridge, A.A.D., Dudley, Cope Cod, " I’ve got the music in me, " Summer of ‘74, Buttrick ' s, over Tino ' s House, Titi, Deco, We ' re out of here. Good Luck Everybody, That ' s All!!! JOSEPHINE BISCAY 206 Mass, Ave, 3-23-58 December 22, 1974, Jim ' s Volkswogon. Jumping fences with Mr. G. X-mos vacation — 74. Working in the Sophomore and Junior Office. Weekends. Summer. Thank God its Friday! JAMES FRANCAIS BLACK III 76 Glenburn Rd. 1-16- 57 Blackie My years with my “69’ ' Mustang, “Born to roise hell, " Parties “75-76, ” Andy, Dude, Bob, Dave, Sol, Poul, Ritchie, Cat, Jimbo. Northampton, “Goilsburg Clutch. " STEPHEN BLADGEN 34 Hutchinson Rd. 8-10-58 The Ford men. Dip ' s Curt ' s Mustangs, and Steve ' s blue bomber; Ronnie ' s Cropi, Croig ' s WV.W. Mischief after lunch, Latin IV and things which con ' t be printed. JAMES BLAKE 93 Wolloston Ave. 8-05-58 DOUGLAS BOOTH 19Rono1dRd, 9-12-57 JOSEPH LOUIS BOTELHO 30 Horlow St. 5-29-57 Remember the good laughs we got in the line ups. Going crazy in the Halls, drinking the " Beed " on party nights concerts. Parties, Hovin Good Times. ELLEN BOUDREAU 67 Quincy St. 3-3-58 Boud Cope, Crom, It ' s the moon, “It ' s better not to speak ond oppeor stupid, than to speck and remove all doubt. MICHAELE BOUDREAU 163 Forest St. 12-18-58 Nick. Moy 16. F.T.W.N, Elaine, Billy, Jr. Prom 75, ShmaccJonolds, Chorles. It can be done. M.G. Bubbles. Whatever. Boby Boss. Do yo wanno. Colorado. CHARLES BOULOS 63 Menotomy Rd. 9-25-58 Chuck Big Tom ' s Class, Big Quig, AV, 1 Hop, Jack in the Box, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Fiat, Arab, Bass, Marsholl stacks, EZ- Pickin, Bogus Tomming, and Munching Out. STEPHEN 6LAG0EN JAMES BLACK LOUIS BOTELHO MICHAELE BOUDREAU CHARLES BOULOS 67 TERRIANNE BOURGEOIS SANDRA BOZZI KENNETH BRAWN 68 ARSHA ANN BO AJIAN TERRIANNE BOURGEOIS 247 Sylv.o St. 9-24-57 MICHAEL F. 60VA 1 2 Lokeview 10-4-58 Mikee Sluggin Down the Frostys, Michelob, 3-14-75 — Delete Fridoys, Mikes Pauls Woods, Good Times — Soccer with Uncle Kevin — 12-31-75 Moons B1 Tree Senior Girls?? J.P. - S.O.F. " 76 " — Please! LAURENE BETH BOWERS 39 Pine Ridge Rd. 4- 1 2-58 Jr. Prom, Rock Salt, Deering, Gymnostics, Fratell, Joanie, Nights with the flicks, Symmes strippers on 2n parties, Miami, Wired for sound, Eddie, 1-9-74, thanks John. ARSHA BOYAJIAN 22 Bartlett Ave. 7-2-58 Yeorbook — Fourth Estate — Cape Wknds — 09-28-73 — ERSH-BJAKUA " Sisters " JAPPDLDD-FTLS-Fly-Doc-Rude in the Kitchen — Summer " 75 — " Hye Power-Parties — M. JAMES BOYLE 2 Moccosin Path 4-22-58 SANDRA BOZZI 102 Ridge St. 4-23-58 Sue Sue whats the " Buzz " ? A.D.L. Kids B.M. OK? OK? S • TS The Stooges. Hey Fron Smile. R.S. Rovar Fido. Breezy Point Rd. The Botz. 6Vj hour Shaft. KENNETH BRAWN 5 1 Iroqoies Rd. 12-6-57 Hi-Performonce Malibu, Chalet, M.P.C., Shmoll Porty, 9th Grade, Comoro, N Y. Old Hall Study. The Lounge. What Lounge? I Love Jonet, SHAWN BREEN SHAWN BREEN 71 Hillside Ave. 4-24-58 KATHLEEN BRENNAN 1 1 4 Rhinecliff St, 8-21-58 St. Peters, New Yeor ' s Eve Porty, 10th grade Biology. Paul — 1-23-74, Fridoy nights, Junior Prom — The Best. York Beach, Maine. Summers at the Motel. Quebec with Poulo. Tino. D.L, D.C S.D M.W. J.W. J.S, PATRICIA JOYCE BRENNAN 322 Mystic St. 4-24- 57 PJ There ' s too many words, to say how good life ' s been to me. (The Lodder) (Peache ' s) Love, Laughs, tears, and make-up smears. My Heort D.C. JAMES BRESCIA 34 Waldo Rood 9-18-57 JOHN BRESCIA 65 Brattle St. 4-22-58 Beano I remember Jeanne, gymnastics, trying to get teachers that don ' t know ma. Getting o job ond not o raise. Filicia ' s mod- hour English class. JOY BRIGIDA 6 University Road 4-12-58 What is it with you guys anyway? Why con’t we be friends? Somerville T.A, Bics S.D.S . . . Get into iti! Sheel! Feor knocked on the door Faith opened it and nobody wos there. We ' re Both Herel! DANIEL BROGAN 19 Joyce Road 4-1-57 Grompy " Bogle eaters " — It • Jew • Rob • Kik • The Pork; Nohant; Pudge, Sponky, " motters " ; If you keep thot up you might even get a good build: " Bullchit " PAUL BROOKS 1 2 Grofton St. 7-28-57 Cruise’n with Bo Dove, Gary Don. Zoyre stockroom, Crosby Park and the Boys. Footboll, Street hockey. Baseball. Ruslin and Huslin with Kevin and George. R06ERT BROUILLETTE 92 Hemlock St. 1-7-57 Red or Big Bob V. Football — " Ike " — Carl " D " ; " 76” Rich, Russ and Kothie; Parties unlimited; Mr. DeCoprio ' s up-downs. Future, to be the best; k-3; Dune Buggy; " Up Sideways. Mr. Mrs. Mottia, Steeple people. KATHLEEN BRENNAN PATRICIA BRENNAN I JOHN BRESCIA JOY ANN BRIGIDA PAUL BROOKS 69 JOSEPH BRUM BETH BROWN 50 Westmorelond Ave. 5-19-58 Brownie Porties, Click-click-click, Motne, N.H., Drome, concerts, dances, August 23rd porty, pot porty. The Born, Bugs, toilet, incense. Rolling Stones, Wild Horses, Gimme Shelter, ' Dream On. " JOSEPH BRUM 1 58 Modison Ave. 1 -29-57 BERNARD 6RUN 73 Melrose St. 5-16-58 Corel October 27th, Thanksgiving Doy 1974, Cheech, Chong, Nub, " Ah . . . you gotta love the gome JOHN BRUNO 99 Newlond Road 12-5-57 Gymnastics, J.W, room 203, summer of " 75 " , art doss, lunch room, A.V., Friday nights, time flies. BARBARA ANN BUCKLEY lOWoldoRoad 12-4-58 Bobs Meet me at the door. Colls in the night. Don ' t forget the lights! The milkmon (P.M.) skipping with JC, DW suspension, MH, ring once, the best with JS the group. BAR6ARA BUCKLEY BRIAN BURNS TIMOTHY BUCKLEY 35 Edmund Rood 5-6-58 Summers up Hompton and Cape-White Mts. Lobor Doy weekend — my cars — skipping — Brewery fours — Weekend parties. CHARLES BUNKER 213 Highland Ave. 10-10-56 Chuck McCool Second period — Tollond — Concert Choir — Lex Vanderburgh — Peter Comm — Jonet Perry — Jeonnie Archibold — Trip to Washington with Big Jim T. — Loves Irish Dancing — Future — Comedy Writer. BRIAN BURNS 65 Hillside Ave. 3-6-58 V. Hockey, V. Football, Nub, Ike, Beech Nuts Conditioning, B.U.B., Westwoods, Menotomy Rocks, T.C. woiting. Proms, Beach Porties, Cope, W.I.S, CA, AL, barefoot. Tourney Forties, BuHricks, Hot-Lips Drive-ins. 70 MARYBETH BURNS 65 Hillside Ave. 9-24- 58 Merbefh, Moe Camp, cheering, Ms. fin; Cape, Ellen, WISCA pres., Munch- ouf, yoahl; btsh-bash, 5-31-73, L.M., you think too much. Proms, Parties, The Farm, Mike’s house, Buftricks, sweats, " Feelings " — the value of o friend, give me time. Senior Convention — red lights don ' t exist. JONATHAN BURT 56 Brontwood Road 5-21-57 ViaORIA BURTON 36 Grafton St. 5-7-58 Vic Sophomore year. Dove, May 5, our locker. My chain, 284, the Chevy, knock on the trunk, liberty, Mrs. S. 1980, the dead line. The side door. JOSEPH BUTLER 1 7 Norcross St 5-7-58 Stones 75. Led Zeppelin tickets. Bulby ' s Gee. Purple Hoze Rhode Island. Junior yeor. Good porties down the projects and N.U. Just catching a Buzz. Gold. MARYANN BYRNE 8 Summer St 9-19-58 Super Dips, the " Bug " Gert! Summer of " 75 " Only the Beginning " The Brown Bomb Aerosmith Concert, 2nd period Buttricks. JUDY CACCAVARO 28 Ridge St. 6-2-58 Buttricks, Menotomy, Yes H.S. 1 am A.K.A. Manacotti. The T. Rooftop. Beoch Boys. Going crozy. Don ' t think about it. Gail’s house. Kimmy, Lunce, Frats, Joan, Nette, Jeon! Everlasting friends. Wow! Awoiting letters. D’l. 7 6 JOHN CADAGAN 55 Melvin Road 6-16-58, JOSEPH CAGGIANO 1 08 Gordner St. 8-5-58 Joe My " 65 " Plymouth. Greof times down in outoshop. Sleeping in history. Junior yeor. Cousin’s Place. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Class of " 76. " Let ' s party to the bars! LINDA CAGGIANO 244 Mystic Valley Pky. 12-20- 57 Cogg Boo —12-1 5-7 1 New Year ' s Eve parties Summer of 75 the best! The Pork, Mocauley’s 1st period history class. Jr. year at the Deli. Did you gel the lost drop? Here he comes. M.V.T.R. MARYBETH BURNS ViaORIA BURTON JUDITH CACCAVARO JONATHAN BURT JOSEPH BUTLER 71 ROBERT CAIN JANE LEE CALABRO CHARLES CAL VINO LINDA CALANDRELLA ROBERT E. CAIN JR. 1 9 Edmund Rood 7-14-57 Bob The nights in the ' 66 Voliont — Summers up Arcodio Tent Troilor Pork N.H. — yrG htimS — Homg’s Poopsie, Sunshine The Wall — Bud ' s Pub — Morgoret Dickie, Mory Bob — The Hots. JANE CALABRO Hervert Rood 1M6-75 Am I getting dismissed? Meet me of the door. Jumping fences with Mr. G., Menotomy Rocks Park, good times with the milkman and friends, breokfast at Pewter Pot, lunch ot the Deli, Happiness is terrific porents! Take it easy. LINDA CALANDRELLA 53 James St. 5-14-58 " ... Well I think I ' m going out of my head ... " 5-14- 7511 " My huckleberry friend, " St E ' s C.Y.O. — retreats. Survival ' 74 R-CK, Attitash ‘75! G S. Neil Young — " After the Goldrush, " " Find yourself or maybe lose yourself ... " Rita, Pat, Sue, House Hoppin ' , P.J.’s S. JEAN CALVERT 1 070 Moss. Ave. 6-23-58 Why me. Lord? True friends, Born ' 75, spying, McZoo, J.C. ' s room. Form, Buttricks, 2-18-75 If you could reod my mind, Brooksie, those dirty looks, d.k. oku CHARLES CALVING 1 1 Revere St. 6-20-58 Chuck Junior year the best — English with Mercurio, Going in Rm. 5 through the window. Doto processing with MadDog Lane Happiness is summer vocation with cold Schlitzl JOHN CALVING 9 Revere St. 8-14-57 Col Mr. C’s Closs A.V. a few beers, the Teen Center Mr. M ' s U.S. History Closs Dyno the Mon. DEBRA CAMARANO 80 Rublee St. 12-1-58 Holf Pint John — Cheryl — Bobby — Navy — Kenny Brenda — Norfolk — Teddy Bears — Steve — ' 74-75 Hockey Tourney DC; B.S. — Summer of ' 75 — Cheryl Mork — Virginia is for Lovers — " Colour My World. " 72 JOSEPH A. CAMARANO, JR. 80 Rublee Sf. 1 2- 1 8-57 I will never forget the good times i hod in Mr. Cropullie’s Mochine Shop Class. Plon to be o machinist after graduation I like hunting and the out-of-doors. Keep On Trucken. DOUGLAS CAMERON 30 Summit St, 8-22-58 Doug Conodo, ' ' 75 ' ’ Summer in N.S., Get back, Bye Cot,, Wing, " Get you hair cut! " , " Wish I had o Gibson, " J.S.H., Grill, Just like that. DEBORAH CANEJO 1 5 Scituate St. 9-11-58 Wos it worth it?? Sr. Yr. best. Casoblanco, Cronin’s Columbian. Stones Concert with T. Jr. Yr. " Lunch. " the Cope Nahont. o Spo girl. Hoppiness is Jimbo. May attend Boston U. DENISE CANNON 59 Beocon St, 3-21-58 D.C., wolkmg to bus — Horvord Squore — Silverbirch, Cam, Kurk, the weed, Pitt, Dod, Unde Herbie — Hampton, Okie, Jud-Dori ' s Parties — Exeter — " Barb Murph " — A C. BRENDAN CAPLES 16 Pine St. 2-3-59 The Corner, Third Roil, Aerosmith Concert, Debbie Riley, Ploying cards up Al ' s, Russo ' s S . . . T box. Hey Bone Heod, Woohooo, Much, A.L. O.A. D.S. J.R. B.C. BRIAN CAPLES 43 Appleton Street 2-13-58 Big " B " Summer of ' ’75 " Beach Boys At Shafer Slodium Crew At Jimmy ' s — Forties At Hoggs Cruisin in my " 66 " Gal M Me Hockey The Gorden L.M. Peeel Meat Street — Weo — A.H.S. LENA CARAVAGGIO 267 Ridge Street 11-21-58. All 3 lunches N R. stomachaches, oh no. 2-7-75. Trev, Mr, T. Italy, working summers — Vic, R.O. The moon. Kiss off. hi Kid. Pam, EJ concert. Your Song. Judy double dotes. CB, CR. DENISE CANNON BRENDAN CAPLES BRIAN CAPLES 73 DIANNA CARMICHAEL DONALD CARMOOY CATHERINE CARROLL 74 CHARLES CARNELL JOANNE CARR SANTINA CARTER DIANNA CARMICHAEL 44 Argyle Rood 9-30-57 Locke, Student Teaching M.P.S., Summer 75, G.P., J.W.H., M.H., S.E., P-D-, C.W., J.G., A.S., never got cought DONALD CARMODY 82 Cleveland Street 6-27-57 A Peek, Brew Parties Fridoy Nights, Pool, Libby hos Life EJ weld much. Beach Boys C.A.P. Dill Bone CHARLES E. CARNELL 30 Bow Street 12-28-57 Senior year . , . Bowling . . . Boseboll . , . the Symmes Crew - - - " Jaws " . . . " the Eagles " HR 29A the difference . . . D P., M.L., P.D., . . . Coreer Prospects; Respiratory worf TV news photogrophy JOANN M. CARNEY 27 Mill Street 1 1-20-58 Student Council, Future Nurses, Art, Fin, M.F.A., Portroits, r, 26, In virtute sunt multi oscensus, orange C. Terence. KELLY CARPENTER 7 Bacon Street 10-20-58 " Life is all you got, live it while you can " Townie, Wyoming, Summer of 74, Science Club, Student Council CHS Senior Prom, AHS semiformol J.M., D.D. Chappie St. JOANNE Carr 28 Henry Street 7-12-58 CATHERINE CARROLL 1 4 Winthrop Road 12-4-58 Nick 8-17-74 Memories . . . Parties, Hampton, Drome, Aku, Hi! Whats Up? I ' m Starving, Proms, " The Witch " , Bogus, Bkfost at 3:00 A.M. " Aerosmifh " , Dances, " Beet as o red " Catch ya Laterl Don ' t let the sun go down on me. ROBERT G. CARTER 8 Albermarle Street 2-19-58 The corridor debate. Garages with R.M.M. ' s Maneater, What ' s trump? Crow hip. Do it to the policeman, Eksseball Grapefruits, 1 20- 1 1 8, Not onother hill! SANTINA CARTER 161 Westminster Avenue 7-21-58 Freshman year, Mario, Piano, Itolia, Freshman Library Aide, Carlo + Sergio, Soph, yeor.. Cafe, chit-chat Experiences with children. These are the days!! DANiei CASEY 1 92 Broftle Street 4- 1 7-57 Mr. Lennon and company, minge, columbo, making the honor role, holeshots in the porking lot, sneaking butts, the girls, the funcky fords parties up N.H. DANIEL E. CATERING 1 465 Moss. Avenue 1-31-58 Never forget 1-1-75 in Jimmy’s cor, Fresh, football wos great. Soph. BoskBoll was a riot. Happiness is HA Members of the Zoo squad: RS BL PL JB JD KB BZ SF fovorite soying “drives me S.H.” ANNE CAYER 104 Medford Street 2-24-58 Long talks with friends, weekends, muffins rote . . . “Super! " , saxes, Toronto, Frosh years at ACH, Rome, SAB and Connecticut, “The Kid " , Revere 5-31-75, “Color My World,” “Wicked! ” ANTHONY CESVETTE 67 Newcomb Street 4-23- 58 Mogic Fin, Canada, I was a young Cheesekateer, steaks. Tor Machine, Old Bedbuggy, chicks, beers, short tango-long woy Airport 75, Dreod Licks, Pilot, Forgotten Hole JOHN CHALMERS 3 1 Benjamin Rood 9-23-58 BRIAN CHAPMAN 90 Gordner Street 1-26-58 ANDREW CHEN 234 Gray Street 4-14-58 I hove been very happy here. Thanks to all my teachers and good luck to all my friends. DAVID CHEN 234 Gray Street 6-16-59 1 959-73 in Toiwon. — Mothemotics, Accounting — Photography club — Camping, hiking, tennis, ping-pong. Karate. ELSIE CHEN 68 Pine Ridge Road 10-23-58 I have found that in these post four years my friends were the most important result. So many times and places I ' ll never forget for they hold a special place in my thoughts. DANIEL CASEY ANDREW CHEN JOHN CHALMERS BRIAN CHAPMAN DAVID CHEN ELSIE CHEN 75 SHEREE CHIN SHEREE CHIN 26 Longfellow Rood 4-28-S8 Soturdoy Nights D.J.PJ. Beach — Boys B.S. April 12, 1974 Cape Girls frock Fourth Estote My Friend Lynn Moe O-may Larry Arry-Loy Curley Curley-Q! BARBARA T CHISHOLM 1 5 Cliff Street 3- 1 -58 White Mt., Labor Day, Rip, Veet-Veet, Summer sf.. The Rez, Wild Turkey, Spark-em, Getdown Tonight! " This thing I wont, I know not what! " Dickie 6-29-75 Forty Thot ' s All!!! R.P. C.S., J.M., B.D., J.I., JO-ANNE MARY CIAMPI 1 0 Freemen Street 3-19-58 BJAKUA — " sisters, " Cope, Mr. Kelly, 9-28-73, Chumps, I ' m turning red. Hot Stuff, straight as barstones. Summer ' 74, PLTS, mole. I ' m so embarrassed. Just keep tolking. JOSEPH OCCOLO 1 28 Blossom Street 1 2-29-57 Chic Sanchez. Catherine. Dll do and Dll don ' t. Convos. Walter, Gus, Odie. Soap Operos. Hoppy Herbies. 40 steps. 8-18- 75. Rez. Paul’s House. Chic ' s House. Jock ' s, I ' m impressed. ROBIN CLANCY 32 Amherst Street 8-26-58 Nibor " Bogle-Bending Voodoo Doll " " Armondo ' s " The Glen Beach Boys — Chicago Sum. of ' 75 Dec. 7, 1974 Semi- Formal Jr. Prom w F.S. Great Surprises minkahli! M.L. D.H. — Best Friends " Great-Surprises " Nohont Chevelle SS 396 76 PAUL J. CLARK 53 Hibber» Sl lMO-56 Forties oil night Long N.B.A. Ski trips New England Drag way Sneaking smokes. Good old neighborhood " 69 " Dodge Thot ' s all MARK COLBERT 177 Franklin Street 4-29-58 Note V. Hockey, Ed 0 $ Party, 3-14-75, The Closet, Medoc, Fitz, Stairway to Heaven, Push-Push, Solsibury P D., B.F. Sim, Lake, Boat, D.O.T. 5-4 Beers, Sic-Did PAMEU LYNDA COLBY 63 Lofoyette Street 10-24-56 Eph. 2:8-9 For by Groce are you saved through faith, It is o gift of God, r ot of works. Love to Dove, Don, Mike and all my other friends. GARRETT P, COLEMAN 79 Scitote Street 4-23- 58 Pooker Stooges, Bonnie-Loke, 17th, Tension, Berlin, Woods, Form, Drive-Ins, Hallee, Low-Boy E-Moy, No Freoks, Mtchelob, 12- 31-75, $100 hond-shoke, Hoit, Pleose, Sic Did ELIZABETH COLLINS 72 Gordner Street 7-14- 58 Betty My friends out the front. Party!! Cheryl and the match. The night up Hampton, speeding away. Thelmo, Moryjone, Cheryl, Kathy P. + C., and Dotti. Zeppelin 7-20-73 MICHAEL COLLINS 31 Marion Rood 4-20-58 Mike The Knee, Ice Cube, Dorbey ' s Crew, What ' s do story? " Doc " C-C, Lough, Cougar, Fot-Guy Bish-Bish, J.S.C., Wild, J. N. H.P. It ' s only o cromp . . . Potty! CAROLE COLONNA 1 1 Oxford Street 5-24-58 George: D.D. C.D. R.S. L.A. AN The Kids. Solt in Gos Tank. Hi Morie. Bom. Junior Prom. Teen Center, Friday Nites. All Nile Forties. Thorndike, Bessy Crosh. H.J. Elton John. DIANA COLUNTINO 69 Broodwoy 11-2-58 The Corner, Girl Gong; Rusty ' s Tottoo, Rhode Islond Blues " 75, ' " Dust " " 73, " " Coke, " Lounge, Concert parties at the Sheraton M.G , Doncin! Poris, Festol SUSAN COMPTON 80 Dothon Street 10-25-58 Bollef, A.G.H., snow palace. House Hopping, P.F. R.U. C.B. L.C. LM, Cope, " You ' re Crazy " the swing. Summer of 72 73, " I ' m so emborrossed, " Pinehurst, S.V. Form, pleasont PAUL CLARK memories . . CAROLE COLONNA ELIZABETH COLLINS DIANE COLUNTINO 77 CHRISTINE CONNOLLY i CANDACE COOPER CHRISTINE CONNOLLY 34 Jason St. 5-15- 58 Chrissie N.H. 74,75 It ' s the moon, ' Tm wasted and I can’t find my woy home.” Finn. Bald Peek. Chico. RIFA Gram BARBARA CONNORS 35 Varnum St. 1-15-59 B.S. D.T., Hampton, Canada, " Big girls don ' t cry,” 8 1 2 75 Summer of 73, C.Y.O. Nationals, " Leaving on a Jet Plone,” When will I see you again, K.H. EILEEN CONRAGAN 66 Columbia Rd, 8- 1 -58 Hi t. BOGG. Tower Rd. 72; Ugh. Cheeks. Brighams, Locke, Hye, Broken Leg, Dak Shoon. J.T ' s woods, A.C.Y.O.A. Pawling — P.D. Chem W K.F, Oh Baby! Alontic City — 3 Musketeers. Ballet. P.A.N.H. — A.C. JANICE CONWAY 46 Waldo Rd. 8-8-58 Never forget Mr. Gordon ' s English class, Mr. Collomb ' s typing class, or the hockey gomes at Boston Garden. D.C., D.P., P.C., R.C., B.B., Ambition; to go into low. JEFFERY COOMBS 1 26 Newport St. 4-2-58 Gusto, A.O.E. — Moine, Ken Bob, Survivol, Soccer, three beats, MYSA, Foil and Winter (Captain) track, 4 years of T, trips, jazz, Productions, Bus Rides JENNIFER P- COOMBS 1 26 Newport St. 4-2-58 Jen Softball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Wind Sprints, Coptoin, Jean, Bond, Mr. T, Pat, G.S., Rainbow, Singing, Camp, " For Baby”, Involvement, Wider Opportunities, Friendships, Outdoors, Shorty, Good Times. CANDACE COOPER 1 05 Gardner St. 3-14-58 Candy Stones Concert ' ' 75 ' ' (P.R.I.) Aerosmith, Nanfasket friends J.P. l.G. J.A. J.E. D.S. B.D. weekends Mrs. B. Punkin, " Bohemian Rhapsody.” Good Times with M.L. 4 26 75 78 MARY COOPER 39 Fremonf Cart 12-6-58 Cothy Aerosmith " 74 " Remembering all the good limes, Partying with Dotty and Maryjane, BaskellDall games ogainst Watertown, Killer, Alright Mouse, talks with Pot, Stoirway to Heaven JOEL A. CORBETT 154 Gardner St. 7-21-58 And now the time has come when we must deport; I to my life and you to yours. Which of us is going to the better fate is unknown to oil — except God. RICHARD CORBETT 82 Gordner St. 1 2-22-57 Ricardo " The world is full of trickery, drudgery, sham and broken dreams. But nevertheless, it ' s still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. LYNN CORNELIUS 30 High Hoith Rd. 2-7-58 The Fourth Estate; Member: Amolgomated Association of Morons, Locol 6 Vb. Niagara Falls! Slowly 1 turn . . . step ... by step . - . inch by inch . . . Curly Q. Link (the missing link). SANDRA COSTA 62 Amsden St. 1-16-58 Sandy Joey March 7 " Best Thing That Ever Hoppened to Me, " Burger King, night hockey. J.O. P.J. gigi adv. Buttricks Jr. Prom 75. Flippers good friends " Nothing Wrong " Ml JA COTTER 1 03 Massachusetts Ave. 3-4-57 MICHAEL COUGHLAN 62 Rhinecliff St. 3-7-58 THERESA COUGHLIN 48 Wright St. 5-9-58 Terry Brion 5-18-73, Jr. Prom, B.U.B., Reese, Hockey gomes, " But thot ' s different ... " , Hot Lips, Menotomy Rocks, " Whot do you want to do tonight? " . Sun Tan Rock, " Christie ' s " JOHN COURNOYER 10 Pork Terr. 6-28-58 MARY COOPER JOEL CORBETT RICHARD CORBEn LYNN CORNELIUS 79 ANDRE COUTURIER MARY COUTURIER CHRISTOPHER COVEL PAULA COVEL CARLETON CROCKEH 80 ROBERT CULHANE ANDRE COUTURIER 120 Lowell Sf. 12-30-58 " Lurch " The Clan of Sutherlond Park. Columbion Gold. Summer of 75 with Potty Drink ' Beer — Smoke RIFA. DAVID COURTURIER 1 20 Lowell St. 9-26-57 MARY SUSAN COUTURIER 120 Lowell St. 12-30-58 Keeping up in cross country — Labs — Mr. Cav-Not going to Explorer ' s meetings — Symmes — Village — boring Town Holl. BARBARA A. COVEL 14 Lennon Rd. 1 1-10-58 Friday the 13fh, True Friends, Jake’s, DK 685, J.C. ' s room, Majorettes, KSNYEP, MacZoo, Spying, CMW, Dr. Ed., Aku, SS, Born 74-75, Buttricks, Full Moon, K.S.L — B.F. " Grassin ' " CHRISTOPHER COVEL 254 Sylvia St. 10-16-58 Cov Summer of " 75 " the Best, " Yes " , J.A. ' s, Cruisin, Partying, winter of " 75-76 " Tunneling, Miller Bottle ' s 1, Leonoro 3 6 75, Froid, Zoid ond eye, John, Joe, Fitz, Gunstock, Ski N.H., Class of ‘76 " PAULA COVEL 1 76 Cedar Ave. 1 0- 1 3-58 Concerts, The Kinks, summer of ”75 " ; favorite song " The pusher " Moine, The cape, wasted, bird, Hoppiness is getting out of here. DONALD CRISAFULLI 100 Cutter Hill Rd. 8-4- 58 Cueboll Cuebolls, D.G. G.I., Ipswich during the summer, Buffalo, Hortford Toronto, Colifornia in ' 73, Axes, Bus rides to away football gomes. Blues Jams after Jazz Bond. CARLETON W. CROCKETT 58 Paul Revere Rd. 12-30- 57 Hoss Europe ' 72, Bond, Mr. T., W, Hortford, Conn. 73, Toronto, Conoda 74, Bombed, Frune, Fellowship — Cope, Exp. Pres., Jr. Prom, Football, Track — Captoin, Shot, Javelin, Skiing, Scuba, Camper NANCY CRUSCO 14 Wheaton Rd. 3-25-58 Nicky AKU, Buttricks, H.O.P., D.Q, — Dumpsters, Moc-Cheese, R.T., C.Z., Cope, I got the music in me, Bessey, Combridge, D.P., Personolity, S.T.H., Somerville, Happening, Aerosmith, Got Any . , M.C., Macco, Fidget, Shine a Moon, Lington- Num, Rawhide, Prom, Tick, 8:15. ROBERT CULHANE 68 Groy St 9-23-58 Remember Moth Room 5 — Junior Office . . . Partying at Menotomy . . . Would I lie? The Boxer . . . K. Aing in Rm. 5 ROSEMARY CUOCO 63 Broadway 1 1 1 5-58 Rosie Porfies ot A.PG. --Poopsie, " " chewtest little lody, " Camille ' s browns, glasses, Cheryl loves Joey, M.O.H. R R’s B room horror, Drive-In, " Blob " PAULA CURCIO 91 Menotomy Rd. 8-3-58 Sum " 73 " Locke, 75 S.P. ot 7:15 AM at Mahon ' s, meeting 6.T, at first, T.A. ' s, Take the nife off yoy, celebroting at Legion, Buttricks, 2:00 A.M. - Good StuH, AKU, M.M. K.D. L.A. B.T., Greot Times. MARY ELLEN CURLL 44 Howthorne Ave. 1 2-8- 58 Curlly Yesterday ' s a dream Tomorrow only a vision But today you must take a lourney into your mind and find yourself. MAUREEN DACEY 39 Upland Rd. 6-6-58 Re-sour-sefolnus, Charlie, M.I.T., Events, Tommy, Cobbleskill, 17th, Cot Stevens, Foiries, Skidmore, Dust, Seals and Croft, Bruce, Kismet, robid chipmunks. Country Road, Phyliss, Agnis, Fifu. " Constant exposure results in a certain amount of contominotion " Spock Paul Robert D ADDARIO 7 Menotomy Rocks Drive 4- 24-58 Science Club with Big Al and Doc Joff, Concord by Bike, G.L.S. Receptions, Holes in the walls, Wonderlond, The Night Scheme, Panther Brewery, F.N.S. Parlies. TIMOTHY DALY 29 Egerton Rd. 9-16-58 Tim Noncy, Three Stooges, Alice Cooper, John Denver, Mrs. C. NUUNNGG, Fresh Pond, Stairway to Heoven, Pinball Wizard, The Elms, Post-time, Root-o-motic, Roosevelt Towers. I Got o Good Life. JEANNE D ' AMICO 50 Edgehill Rd 3-25-58 " The gull who sees forthest flies highest. " ROSEMARY CUOCO PAULA CURCIO MARY ELLEN CURLL PAUL D ADDARIO JEANNE D ' AMICO in «fi br4„T iirr..s:i,,i Piannm scieNTieic, 81 CHERYL DECAPRIO KEITH DAY 82 DIANE D ' AVENI MARIANNE DEFORCE GREGORIS DARDONiS 72 Cleveland Sf, 6-29-55 DENISE D ' ANDREA 372 Appleton St, 3-22-58 Jr. and Sr. Prom, Ely, ' 74, Apartment lunches, 3-21-75. DANIEL DASILVA 60 Trowbridge St, 7-9-57 John Tennis Team with Cody, Yearbook Staff, Crosby Courts D-P.-Ed., Brighom ' s, Hockey Gomes, Chemistry with the " Doc, " Bert ' s House, What ' s the cotch? Good times with the Group. Boston College. SHARON DAVANA GE 53 Hilton St. 9-29-58 Browns, Botty Eyes, 11 15 73, N.Y. Kids, Mo, Wodlin, Loco ' s Cyst, 1 1 75, Potty ' s 9 12 75, The Bomb, Tommy ond Nancy, Flames, Beach Boys DIANE D ' AVENI 1 1 Wheoton Rd. 1 2-9-58 Jr. art doss . . . cofeterio . . . Raggedy onn . . . Taylor ' s helpers . . . friends . . . summer of ' 74 . . . Former Brown . . . TOGIB , . letters; DL2JC . . , CPTBP , , human hearts ore only human. KEITH DAY 52 Warren Sf. 7-6-58 Keebler Giving Ben a hard time, weekends at Marshfield, Freshmen Homeroom, Slow, M.M., Scuba Diving, Fredoy Nights, Schlitz, Mr. Cooper ' s Shop CHERYL A. DECAPRIO 3 Bradley Rd. 5- 1 0-58 C.K, D.S. M.T. L.G. S.W., the Barn, the sneoky eyes. Wells, Maine, Merc ' s class, horses, all kinds of people, Feelings, 2 years P.S., Future Nurses ' Club, Ambition . . . Nurse MARIANNE DEFORCE 55 Stone Rd. 8- 1 4-58 But, LuisI Bermuda J.S.H, The Belle ' s are Ringing P.G. Rosie, Jock, Waltons, 5 6 75, Arnold, L.E.D. Bedtime stories, Froggee, Thank you M D, N.D. C.B. ' s laugh, ballet, Who said thot? mail, Bzzzt. DOROTHY DELISLE 74 Windmill Lane 2-28-58 DOT Climbing to the 30 ' s ... The Pond . . . Cooking-dough toss Have you seen if . , . Getting my license Being on A.R.A. . . . double sessions . . . vocations. AAARIE DELVECCHIO 1 1 1 Mary St. 1-7-58 Red " Summer of 75 " , $5 Bet, MDSJL, Love, Eoting Saltines, Where tonight?. Brothers Four, Elbow finally did it! I ' m impressed! Good catch!. Going Steady with Eddie JOSEPH DEMARTINO 43 Greeley Circle 2-17-58 Poe My senior yeor without an Afro becouse Papo said so. Sophomore years ' Food Service Teochers ' Grill. Wursfhous Follies as boker. Papa Gino ' s. Chemistry, Lock of respect. Dynamite! MICHAEL DEMERJIAN 35 Winter St. 11-17-58 V. Baseball, The Connonmoker, Jocks vs. Rats, Aerosmifh, Elton, Alice Cooper, Type much?, ' 69 Cutlass, Fresh Fruits, Got o life? . . . Wasted, No Bargain, Very Successful, Fridoy Nights and Chicks, Cruisin, Good Times ' 75- 76. ROLAND DEMERS 39 Mognolia St. 1-24-58 Remember the good times in the Auto Shop end oil the fooling around. Remember some good times during the summer of ‘75. HASMIK DEMIRJIAN 1 60 Woverly St. 11-13-58 Hos My high school yeors were o continuous physicol, sociol, spirituol ond intellectual growth. I tried to see, do experience, and accomplish all 1 could. Life to me is a constont seorch for knowledge, achievement, identity, ond the true meaning of happiness. LAURA DEMIRJIAN 69 Harlow St. 5-18-58 " The Three Musketeers " R.I., N.J., N.Y., K.Z. Lucifer ' s The Boordwolk Tennis Full Moons Room 213 The chase Bud and I Elbimbo Do the Huzzel " Hye " Don ' t forget Dakshoon! DOROTHY DELISLE JOSEPH DEMARTINO ROLAND DEMERS MICHAEL DEMERJIAN 83 CSr RAYMOND DICECCA GERALDINE DIOCCO 84 JAMES DENN 41 Forest Si. 2-8-59 Jim The Pond, Grouch, Hockey, School, lock it, Poss ' em, Cors, Work, Hunting, Rifles, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Steven Tylor ALFRED DEVELLIS MARIA A, DESANTIS 19AdomsSt. 2-15-59 Jr. locker . . . Grouch . . . luck . . . cofeteno . . . Buttncks . . . Trev . . . 80FP . . . hr . , , blue . . . wosh-muffins . . . whistling . . . Mr. Taylor . . . " Everything is beautiful in its own way " . . . " Could it be mogic " . . . DONNA DESHLER 569 Summer St. 1-8-58 DAVID DICECCA ALFRED DEVELLIS 1 2 West St. 6-6-58 ALFIE Zoid, Eyeball, Cuv, Hornet R.I.P., Cog, Red Fox, Friskbom, Fork, Emfo, J.A., Stonewoll AIDA DEVIA 5 Potrick St. 11-22-57 My sign is Scorpio. 1 came from South America — Columbia. I like dancing, sporting and cooking. I enjoy being at Arlington High loecause my friends and teachers ore very ELLEN DEVINE 49 Westmoreland Ave. 3-3-58 Midnight Rombler, Toilet, N.H., Blimp, Incense, Moine, T.H., Volleyboll, Eloskelball, Lacrosses, D.T. Parties, Wish you were here, B.B. Party DAVID DICECCA 37 Clevelond St. 11-2-58 Cruisin ' oround with Bo, Paul, Gory, ond Dan. Salem Willows, Crosby Park, Zoyre ' s Stock room, Baseball, Football, Hockey. RAYMOND DICECCA 21 Allen St. 5-5-58 Plonning to attend Berklee School of Music. Presently studying guitar ond hoping to become professional musician. GERALDINE R. DICICCO 43 Draper Ave. Gerry " I don ' t really hove much to say Cause I ' m living from day to day Somewhere. I don ' t core what the people say ' Cause if everyone knows the woy We re nowhere. " — Grohom Nash PAMELA RUTH DICKIE 36 Buena Vista Rd. 12-28- 57 Pom Marching Band, 5th period, M-12, Toronto, G.H., T-Bone, Pout, Hurwitz 1, 2, 3. Reach for the end of the rainbow and your pot of gold. PAMELA DICKIE KENNETH DIFRANZA DENNIS DIGGINS ANN MARIE DINATALE KENNETH M. DIFRANZA 66 Buena Vista Rd. 6-2S-57 Member of Distributive Ed. Club 74-76. Interested in a Political Science coreer. Worked in Local, State, and National Elections since 1972. DENNIS M. DIGGINS 81 Columbia Rd. 3-7-58 ANN MARIE DINATALE 4 Cheswick Rd. 10-3-58 The Cope, Talkin ' Turkey, 9 28 73, I’m Sure, 9th, gd Aik ' s, P, L, T, S — in summer of " 74 " , Nose, 0JAKLJA — " Sisters " , High school doys were here and gone but not forgotten. PAULDIPERNA 11 5 College Ave. 8-16-58 Staties, ABC, Buzz, Pa Joe, Weird Teachers, frock, Seors, Rte. 2, guitor man, fog, no mind, it ' s over! ROBERT J. DIPIETRO, JR. 118 Rubless St. 2- 17- 58 Bob Puer Qui Semper Vir Fuit, Lotin IV, Mustang Super-Six, CG ' s Mustong, Local 6 V%, SAS, Cruisin Brewin Nel ' s VW, SASP Torino, Ron’s Cropi, " Midnight Mechanics " one of a special few. KENNETH DIRANIAN 70 Volenfine Rd. 10-21-58 J.B. " Cream tangerine, pineapple heort Cool cherry creme, and nice apple tort. For what one eats, one is But what is sweet now, turns so sour, " — Harrison PATRICIA ANN DODGE 38 Beacon St. 8-6-57 Potti Danny, Cope Cod, Sot. Nights, night hockey, Hompton, S.C., R.T., T.K., Exeter St. guys. Burger King, Red Vego, D.M. jr, English, one red rose " Hog " ROBERT DIPIETRO KENNETH DIRANIAN PAUL DIPERNA PATRICIA DODGE 85 GEORGE DOHERTY JAMES DOLAN 86 JOHN DONAHUE KEVIN DOOLEY STEVEN DOWLER GEORGE L. DOHERTY 285 Washington St. 8-1 2-57 Summer “74 ' , Tower, Hampton on Sundays, Sebago Lake undescriboble. Allied Spork ' em, Cope, Good Columbo ' s, But Officer, Keg Parties. Fin. JockNastics. IThe III! JAMES DOHERTY 6 Sunset Rd. 6-16-58 JAMES DOLAN 13 Aerial St. 2-3-58 JOHN P. DONAHUE 63 Eliot St. 6-5-58 Dunny Junior, Duke, stang, AT Chicks, N.H., Molson, What are you good for?, 5« Drofts, concerts. Good future. Cruisin ' , Spring Valley, Good Times, Midnite outo, What did I Soy? STEPHEN DONNELLY 38 Pork Ave, Ext. 10-18-58 KENNETH DONOVAN 9 Orchard Terr. 12-1-56 LINDA DONOVAN 75 Chester St. 11-29-58 Duckie 208, Call It Mocoroni, the three zeroes. Stairs, Echo Bridge, Nice Eyes, Hampton ' 75, " Choc. Chip, Sul, June, The Gang, Grease, Pinky ' s Friends, Beginnings. KEVIN WALTER DOOLEY 10 Yale Rd. 12-9-57 Hoppy days. Better evenings. Fantastic nights . . WYC- 3632 . . . Journeys in New England, diving ot Rockport, Gov ' s place. Dory ' s, survival — 15 degrees, sail on, Junior ' s form, " Wooden ships " , steeple people. LYNNE DOOLEY 288 Washington St, 1-17-58 P.Q. Kevin 12 29 74 Morningside Twilightside Party ' s, Proms, Pond, Hampton, Bermuda, GHTHCS, Mr. Fairbanks, " Woke up Fred, " Tond Me — Don ' t Worry Boby ... I finally made it Dad. JOHN DOUHAN III 1 1 Twin Circle Drive 2-12-58 I can ' t be contented with yesterday ' s glories I can ' t live on promises winter to spring Todoy is my moment, and now is my story I ' ll laugh ond I ' ll cry and I ' ll sing STEVEN JAMES DOWLER 28 Martin St, 10-8- 58 Ernie D. Good times at the west woods and the farm. Dances, Beachparties. MARY JUDITH DOWNING 24 Crescent Hill Ave. 11- 29-58 Mur, H.B. Frankly, Nicely, Toilet, Wofchout for golfclubs Tourneys Cheering Comp, C.P D.M? B.H, Lunenburg, " Another one? Thot mokes 151 " Click, Click, Boom! " Pickles Anyone? M.P. " Stairway to Heaven!! Y.G.A.F. Fin. Berries! " Friends we ore. " VUDO and I.B.S., H.O. DENISE MARGARET DOYLE 109 Westminster Ave. 7- 22-58 Red Cape summer " 75 " , Exit 5, Citgo, Bob 6-30-75, " Funky Music, " Chevy Von, borefoot, Munchies, sand dunes, Nauset surfing R.O., W.M., J.O., " Sunny " , Good times M.S., L.A., C.B., Sophomore Year. ROBERT DOYLE 43 Henderson St. 1-30-58 CHRISTINA DRAKOPOULOS 31 Greeley Circle 3-11- 58 Thanks to PL, LA, RS, CC Who turned four years Pain to Loughter. Special Thanks to Best friend Lori. All My Love to my Poul- ANNE LOUISE DRISCOLL 93 Webster St. 4-30-58 The Best Yeors — Mayflower, Kimosabi soy! 9 7 74 — Wallex. One year with Mark. Hey! Zoyre Gong. Hawks?! Tin Man. CD, DD, and friends. " It’s only just o memory. " KIM ELIZABETH DUFFETT 109 Fairmont St. 12-17- 58 DuH Buttricks. Menotomy. W.W, Y.W, T.L. W. On? High- classed. Goil ' s House. Beach Boys. Manicotti. Proms. Plays. Starlight. Gigs, Cucco, Opie, Annette, Lisa, Joanie, Kathy. I don ' t know! Klunker. New Yeor’s " 74 " . H.B.’s 8 16. D.F. 10 11 74 . . . KATHLEEN MARY DUGGAN 60 River St. 6-9- 58 Kothy It wos reolly nice ot the four years at A.H.S. My future yeors, I plan to go on working os o secretary. " 1 really enjoy it. " DENISE DOYLE ROBERT DOYLE CHRISTINA DRAKOPOULOS ANNE DRISCOLL KIM DUFFETT KATHLEEN DUGGAN 87 SANDRA DUSSI 88 LESLEY EASTON SANDRA DUSSI 18 Tower Rood 10-1-58 Duce Party! ‘The Woods " , Summer ‘73 ’74. Cope Cod and Eddie, J.D. Point-Winthrop Summers — July 4th — Donko. " Feelings " . Jr. Semi — D.B. Junior Prom — L.T. Pink Floyd, Allmon Brothers. Hampton. Buttricks. Hi Bobes. Cal, C.R., J.I., A.R., D.F., L.L., J.K., L.M., L.D., J.R., and everyone else. Trev, Senior Convention. Thanks! DONNA JOYCE DWYER 20 Windsor St. 7- 1 4-57 Poul — 8-7-73; Spring, CC, JE, DECA, Gotta Get Awoy, Children Learn What They Live. LESLEY EASTON 35 Uplond Rd. 1-21-57 JUDITH EGAN UJosonCt. 6-26-58 Morning brings onother sun — tomorrow see the things thot never come — Todoy, Tonight ' s the Night — N, Young R. Stewart, Autumn At Plum Island; Helplessly hoping — SHIRLEY ANNE ENGLISH 1 06 Hibbert St. l-7-58 JANE E. ERICKSON 54 Kensington Pork 9-3- 58 Insane Jane The Wotsons, Bowling. Gotchal Din — ner. Suzie B. My Buddy. This is true. " It ' s a rare thing to live, most people merely exist. " I Wont to Live!!! ROBIN EVANS 271 Ridge St. 12-30-58 Bird, L.P., ' 74, ’75, Vega, Senior Prom, Loke Winnepesoukee, H P., Bargain, 1 love it, Buttricks, A.C., Brothers 4, Mark ' s Grod. Party, Nahont, Solisbury, P.T.A., N.E. Drog., S.C., L.E., You know you do, Slairwoy. M.B. JAMES MICHAEL FALANGA 38 Foster St. 10-23 57 Jimmy Playing Footboll and Hockey down the pork with everyone. And Bosketball ot A.B.C. CATHY ALISON FALES 1 Newport St. 12-30-58 J.B. Burlington, Hill ' 73, P.M.D.P., The Stand Celtis, McDonalds, LMOT, MH, EMBER, 8 13 75, RRRing . . . ! What time is it? 4:00, Larry, J.T., P.J., Lucifers, Get down Tonight! OYGBYNGB! PAUL FARINA 85 Arlmont St. 1-30-58 Locke school, first transportotion (Dodge von), the best person to be with Donno, The Cape, BUB, Lake Sunapee PATRICIA FEELEY 30 Jomes St. 7-25-58 Rita, Susan, Lindo, Summer ' s " Cape, " Frinites, House hoppin, I ' m Hungry, Digs, P.J’s — Sue ' s, Wine — Debi, ADATB, " AOE " , Btm, " Survival 74, " Mr. Coffee, CITW, Semi-Mike, 3S J, " Old Spec, " " A - yup, " " Confounded Bridge! " " I don ' t know whot I ' m going to do. " PAUL FELTON 78 Egerfon Rd. 9-11-58 Jockie Boy! The Doc. Porter House Thank you; Boneheod " T " " Head " Hey Freak " Steoks " The Boat JANE ERICKSON ROBIN EVANS JAMES FALANGA PAUL FARINA PATRICIA FEELEY PAUL FELTON 89 r WANDA FERRANTE JAMES FITZGERALD WAYNE FISHER KAREN FITZPATRICK NOREEN FLYNN WILLIAM FRANCIS 90 DONNA FITZGERALD DENNIS FLYNN SALVATORE FRANGlOSA WANDA FERRANTE 1 8 Webster St, 9-29-58 Uncle Harry ' s App. Bio. Too much Southern Comfort. Centra! Sq, Hitch-hikers at the Junior Semi-formal, Koppy, Corlly, Sully, Speeding in Lexington, Sicilions No. 1. EULA6IA FETFATSIDIS 40 Orvis Rd. 4-28-59 WAYNE FISHER I 36 Gardner St. 3-7-58 DONNA FITZGERALD 191 Forest St. 6-12-58 Fitzy Feb. 28, 75 George, Thanks. A.R., S.D., K.P., R.D., L.D., L.D., J-D. Smoll Porties The Pond, the woods, oil nighters. The Cope. Botncks. Ifs Friday! Jr. Prom weekend. The Best-Junior yeor. Winthrop! Great Times! Alice Cooper. JAMES FITZGERALD 1 39 Thorndike St. 12-27-57 Fitz Well I live in Eost Arlington on Thorndike Street. I hang around Thorndike Pork and Drome. I plan to go into the army after I get out of school. KAREN FITZPATRICK 1 5 Howthome Ave. 7-29-58 Fitz Cheering, Fin, Camp, form, Eddie O ' s porties 3-14-75 Elections The closet. Note, medol. Proms, Soph. Beach Party, D.K. Odie; my buddy 16 yds, officer Crumbcake, friends wi are . . . KEVIN FLETCHER 17 Hemlock St. 8-19-57 DENNIS FLYNN 27 Fremont Ct. 4-24-58 Moose Marhc 8, 1974 Good Times, Projects, N.U., Chuck, Puff, Shebero, Machines A.J., April fool joke, Good-Bye! NOREEN M. FLYNN 87 Volentine Rd. 5-29-58 " B " Members, Cheryl Fi-Ho’s, CYO, Semi ' s Proms, Tysh The Bond, Greot Beach Boys Concerts, Jimbo ' s Garage, SeeSaw, Mud, Meg 4 Jane, Glicks Party, Let s do it all ogain! WILLIAM FRANCIS 7 Belknop St. 4-29-58 Bill enjoyed double sessions while they lasted. Remembers studies at Buttricks, doys at Nahant, Favorites include shop and photography. College is included in Bill s future plans. SALVATORE FRANGlOSA 52 Epping St. 4-8-57 Sal 72 Le Mans, the cape. Bob. Jimmy, Col, Zoino, Jimbo, Grand Funk Concert, Football, The Godfather, A.L.D.C. Miami, Caddy, Tailgating At Scheofer. LAWRENCE FRANKLIN LAWRENCE FRANKLIN 122 Thorndike St, 8-24- 57 Happy Franklin Laura — 6-13-75 Stairway to heaven, jackin the box, summer of 74, hockey, boseball, footboll, cors, Philadelphio Freedom. WILLIAM FRANZOSA 23 1 Wachusetf Ave, 4-24-58 In the Twilight is the doorway between the two worlds , . . Go Wild! DAVID FRASER 67 Milton St. 12-12-57 Paul ' s house, Derby ' s Crew, Soph. Bosketboll, Hompton Beach, Buttricks, the Stooges, 8 16, New Year ' s Eve ' 74, Hotlips, Charlie ' s Party, One More Time, 10 11 74 . . K.D. WESLEY J. FRASER 15 Lewis Ave. 3-14-56 KATHRYN P. FRATELLO 161 Sylvia St. 1-9-58 Phyllis Semi-formal, Prom, Stanley ' s bomb, Indions, Gail, Kim, Annetteeee, Jude, Jean, Cross Country, trock. Best buddie Joonie, Hampton, Buttricks, Gail’s House, Menolomy, A.O.E., LEVNHJJCSBOWSTCAM, " People Change! " STEPHEN FRATTO 36 Scifuote St 1-19-58 Esteban Garden 6-Ball with the fever, odventure through Nontosket Rockport I II, R-OCK, I ' m turning into o O.H, with Big Chuck! FORD FRAZIER 1 1 Ridge St. 8-26-58 FORD FRAZIER KATHRYN FRATELLO 91 ANDREW GALEOTALANZA 92 DAVID FRIEL THOMAS F, FRAZIER 6 Huntington Rd. 9-23-58 Yearbook, Fourth Estote, Modrigal Singers, Concert Choir, G S, Bosketball Monoger, Lob Assisfont, Mr. Smith ' s classes, " Toke my pictufel " Confused — Guidance Counselors, First period History classes DAVID G. FRIEL 155 Forest St, 7-21-57 ANDREW F GALEOTALANZA 32 Crosby St. 8-19- 58 Andy Mr. Dove Mogican, Gooch, Mr. Mercurio ' s Follies, Good Time . . . What Time is It . . . Mochine shop Barbeque, Hot Dogs in the Furnace . . . Pudgehogsleezears boomredquebeccqso Curisin . . Matters . . . Pork ROSEMARIE GALEOTALANZA 32 Crosby St. 8-19- 58 Rose M.B, Dips — Reachbug — Maine — Summer Fun " 75 " Parties, Friends Forever, " Success is Just an Impelling Force " Feelings, Brown Bomber. BRUCE GALLACHER 1 23 Sunnyside Ave. 3-28-58 Remember the School Yeors Yes Indeed Everyone Drinking Beers, And Smoking the Weed PETER GALLIGANI 48 Eppmg Sf. 4-18-58 Training footboll, tennis teom, Porty Jon, 1, 1975 at Mottle ' s, JAMES GARABEDIAN 47 Mott St. 1-4-58 Over the summer I spent olot of time down the drome. I enjoyed such posstimes os pocket billiards and pinboll. BERNARD GARDNER 15 Johnson Rd, 3-26-58 The Good Times; Semi-Formol. Mr, Lowder. Buttricks. The Old Hole. The hockey gomes. Accounting class. The Drinking Parties- Pot WILLIAM H, GARDNER 12NewlondRd. 6-2-57 Bow The Great Times at ACHS Senior Prom with M.H., Softball gomes down at the Res., Mr Britt ' s 4th period accounting doss in 1975. Hockey gomes at Wolpole. Reef, RAF, Bernie-Giso Mullin KITTY GARRITY 69 Mass. Ave. 8-20-58 DEBORAH A. GATELY 28 Rondolph St, 8-31-57 Deb Hobby — orts carfts, biking, tennis, octivity — art club, future — B.U. School of Occupational Theropy JANEGEDIES 1 8 Cleveland St, 12-12-58 Mi amigo, A.O.E., Oct. ' 74 (apples), Rita, Fish — J.E., L.E., K.M., C.D., tea parties — Rebecca, let ' s run around the track! Best so far, lime brings everything . , , JOSEPH GEDRAITIS 66 Amsden St. 1 1-5-57 " You knot it " Fresh Football, busted ankle, " Beach Etoys, " " Drive-ins, " Memorial Day weekend, " Cruising, " Friendly ' s in Watertown. License, Drench ' s history class, " Red Sox Gomes. " DAVID J. GENDALL 23 Milton St. 11-4-58 Andy, Gooch, Mercurio’s English doss. What time? Hm. 36, Hot dogs in the Furnace. Lake St. Mini Mart, Pick-o-cord. Good times- RICHARD GERVAIS lOJonetRd, 2-6-57 STEVEN GIALLONGO 39 Greeley Cr. 11-25-58 The Fourth Estate, Getting locked in the Bird ' s Coge, Turkey Awords with AAiller in 51. Symbolism Ahhh, Chemistry doss with the Gang. " This is True, " DEBORAH GATELY WILLIAM GARDNER KITTY GARRITY JANE GEDIES 93 MARK GIANINO CARLO GIANNONE 94 THEA GIANOURAKOS EDWARD GIEREJ RICHARD GIOIOSA MARK GIANINO 18 Arrowhead Ln. 3-18-58 " A true work of art i$ but o shadow of divine perfection. " CARLO GIANNONE 102 Highlond Ave. 6-6-57 DEAN GIANOCOSTAS 74 Ronald Rd 7-5-58 THEA GIANOURAKOS 8 Marathon St. 11-26- 58 " The Greek Experience " " High People " Libby ' s cor, B-Snooge. Theothouli, Gettin " Wosted, " Always in School. " EDWARD J. GIEREJ 25 Wheoton Rd. 10-27- 58 Woody " Summer of ' 75 ' the Doc, 3 period, Carl D. S.O.M.F Later! " Hey Wosted " ! A.H.S. Hockey Tournaments, Beords! Duke, Hockey, Boseboll, Nohont, — Frigid? JANET GILLIGAN 9 Newcomb St. 1 -24-59 DENNIS F GILPATRICK 7 Avon Place 8- 1 4-57 KAREN GINIVISIAN 42 Summit St. 12-31-58 Gin Junior locker . . . MPS . . . History Typing ... All my kindergorteners, expecially Jay ... If you don ' t at leost try to reach your gool, you ' ll never be hoppy. RICHARD GIOIOSA 23 Burch St. 2-7-58 Rich Summers in Maine, working hard at Slop Shop; B.T. — ' 74, 2 yeors, Mechonicol Dr. with Mr. S; Art with Fin., Drivers Ed, Tennis, Summer ' 75 AAARK GIORDANO 25 Gardner St. 6-21-58 Hongin around. Fri. and Sat. Night Parties. N.U. Manor S.O.S. Huntin Fishin the best. Bulb ' s Pub. RONALD GIOVANANGELO 17 Doniels St, 3-24- 58 Joe Summer of " 75 " Cruisin ' , Wefte, " the Cap. " , " Up J.A.’s Froid, Zoid ond Eve, Cuv, Fitz, Bomabug, Ski, N.H. cottage. Winter, " Tunneling, " Maco ' s, " Unreol " MARY GOBIEL 9 Lakehill Ave. 5-11-58 Gobi Comer, Dust " 73 " " Rhode Island Blues ’75, " Veetl Veet! C.B. II Sheraton Forties D.C., " Nobody ' s Business but my own " " Westword Bound " Bromites! Future Remembrances of all there was. Avoir! MARIA GOGOS 43 Everett St 4-18-58 Goge CEB. lovers, porties, Buttricks, TGIF, gigi, Costa, Seward Elton, Student teaching, Sci, 81, Deboting, Chronicle, track, odvisory, P.B. B.B. R.G. G.L. L.P, J.L. G.N. D.S. S.J., thanks. ELAINE GOLD 72 Morningside Dr. 5-5-58 Billy, Jon. 1, Groove Tube, Angel and Twig, God Frogs, M.W., Funerol for o Friend, Some kinda Wonderful, Art Class JOSEPH M. GONDOLFE 25 Burch St, 9-29-58 Joe Summer " 75 " , Bob ' s Cor,- Old ' s 442, ' Rodicol, Scotch on ice, parties on the Cape, Freshmon yr. " Po Joe " , making money — spending more, " The Boys. " JEAN GOODWIN 28 Sunset Rd. 5-26-58 Goodie Debbie, Sally, Jonice, Lynn, Augie . . . Good times and memories that never endll! " 75 " Coaches were great ... V. Field Hockey Bosketboll . . . Softball . . . MUP Soph . . Why did it hove to end??? LINDA GOODWIN 28 Sunset Rd. 5-26-58 Morshfield, Stronded, Poranoid Weekends, Sparkle in your eyes. Concerts, Almost — but not quite. Res, jamming, gone — forever. Carry on, C.K. S.W., D.S., M.T., C.D., Nobody ' s Perfect, We mode it. RONALD GOODWIN 77 Brattle St. 8-31-58 School out. Between period smokes. Pandora s Box, Grove St, Brottle Bridge, Hills Hill, The Woter Works, The Weekends MARK GIORDANO MARIA GOGOS JEAN MARIE GOODWIN RONALD GOODWIN 95 MARY ALIS GRANFIELD ANNE GRAY IRENE GRIGORIADIS AAALCOLM GORMLEY 1 250 Mo$$. Ave. 6-5-58 Weekends and summer vocations in New Hampshire . . . New Years Eve " 74” . . . Fins Art Classes ond Sophmore Year KENNETH GOTT 115 Spring St. 6-5-58 Kenny Mustong, Camoro, Gremlin, Mr. Crotty’s Electronics Class, Bodfinger, Steppenwolf, Bates froppe, minibikes, Chelmsford Midnight Pizza, the pipeline. Summer " 75 " , Born to be Wild Know on Knows, More© Island, gorgan RICHARD GRADY 1 1 2 Sunnyside Ave. 2-2-58 GARY GRANATO 7 Honcock St. 8-24-58 Gooch Enjoy oil sports, pion to go to college then maybe o hitch in the Navy. RONALD GRANCHELLI 120 Spring St. 5-10-58 Freshman and Sophomore basketball, gee, Brion, Doc ' s Class, N.H., Concerts, A.H.S. — Library, Lancaster — Peyton Placel Donuts MARY GRANFIELD 16 Quincy St, 10-21-58 Now — moy the warming love of friends surround you os you go, Down paths of light and loughter. Where happy memories grow. ANNE GRAY 1 58 Wochusett Ave. 8-20-58 Beag, Margie ' s 16th birthday, Lancoster, parties, jivin ' razzledozzles, proms, Elton John Concert, Ginny — you folk funny, 9-2-75 the best. See Roy, I wrote somethingl IRENE GRIGORIADIS 7 Purcell Rd. 12-5-57 Royno Buns are the best, Michelle, thanks for being you, Chas, keep it upl. Bonds will be the end of me. Thank you A.H.S. 96 ROBIN GRIGSBY 480 Summer St. 3-21-58 I could moke it all worthwhile as o rock ond roll star. CYNTHIA GRONDIN 107 Bow St. 2-1 1-58 Ci ndy The park. Skipping dosses, Good Riddance Arlington High JULIA GROOM 19 Hertford Rd 2-11-58 Julie Summer of ' 75. Avocodo Pink. Koth, Rich ond R. Mott. Brother ' s . . . " Blue Sky " . Because! CSNY, " Everybody I love you. " Tom. Lory. Bob, Sea of Madness. Desiderota. This song is Over PETER GUANO 16 Beacon St. 9-7-57 " The Lakes at Midnight. " Freshman year. M.P.C., Hockey, Brawn’s Chalet, S.T.H., The Who, New Year ' s Eve " 73, " Camping " 75, " Social Events, Thonks, Huck, 7 4 75 JOHNGUARINO 20 Old Mystic St. 5-22-58 Jack J.V. Hockey — Champs, Huck! Beach Boys — Chicago. Lousy. Weak. Ousin ' Moons. Brews. Nohont, Stooges. Park. Gotto Nickel? Typing doors. Billhogpudgesleezeundelboom. BoyleLobbe. 50 ' s. Wasted. Doel. Aces, Chicks. Harrassing. Sabotage! Pressbox. Tower. Matters! KAREN GUARINO 15 Hancock St. 10-10-58 Mrs. Jones Soph, and Jr. yr, Dec. 21st. 4 in the nr orn ond R. Beach . . . future nursing. Jr, Prom. Miss Thompson shorthond and typing SUSAN GUVEYAN 1 49 Robbins Rd. 4-8-58 Sue Rainbow Worthy Advisor. Grand Assembly. Have Foith. T- Bone in Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . New York , . . Canado . . M2 . . . Armenian Club — Pres. . . . Hye-Power! . . . C.G., D.B, . , . Live life to its fullest. TIMOTHY HALEY 36 Chothom St. 9-5-58 Stone Hey Bonehead. Woshing the Well. Oh Zesty 44. The Mad Book Thief. Sidney Who? C.H. in the right seat. The Beach Boys A.W, A, I, C.H, H. ROBIN GRIGSBY PETER GUANO KAREN GUARINO JOHN GUARINO SUSAN GUVEYAN TIMOTHY HALEY 97 98 BRUCE HAMEL KAREN HANSON CATHERINE E. HALLINAN 156 Appleton St. 11-30- 58 Cathy The Invasion, Window of the world, D.D.A., May and June ' 74 D.D, Party, I don ' t think, I know, Feb. ' 75, buses, skipping, lunches, late. PAMELA HALLORAN 148 Mt. Vernon St. 11-28- 58 Peeeom Majorettes. Fer-Fer B.F.F., Farm, But Officerl Kelly Mouse S.F. Red Lights. D.K. ' s H.B., Eddie O ' s Party 3 14 75, The Letters? Kiss you? Boston Skyline, Jr, Prom — Ringlin Bros, Eei-Eei, N.U.M.B. X . , , Memories through beers and tears. BRUCE HAMEL 72 Dickson Ave. 7-28-58 ELIZABETH HAMILTON 63 Coolidge Rd. 7-18-58 Liz Summer of " 75 " , Volleyboll V. J.V., J.J.S, D.S, E.O, D.J, J.G, Midnight, Sr. Prom 75 76, " Jockie Blue " . . . Memories, Sr, Office Crew . . . Joe JOANNE 0. HAMPARIAN 47 Stowercroft Rd. 2-5- 58 Shorty " Colour My World " . Summer Memories, The Surf Cruisin ' " Hey you guys! " Ho-Jo ' s is a Rip-Off, My brother s Corvette. I Love Lobster. Hye Power . . . Mag Lady . . - The Form Gang, Florido. A.D.T.B.D.C.P.J. The Beoch Boys + Ohicago. DIANNE MARIE HAMWEY 65 Randolph St. 7-30-58 C.S, Bank . , . " Minkah " . . . Semi-Formal w Kevin . . . ' 75 Convention Jr. Prom w Boie . . . " Un — Believable! . . . V.P, of V.P.A. . . . " The Glen " w C.J. Jr . . . out with the girls . . . " Colour My World, " Coreer In Art. Best Friends R.C. and M.L. STEVEN HANSEN 36 Scituote St. 8-14-57 Portying at the Tower, Getting into music, Allman Brothers Bond, Working ot Fantasia ' s. KAREN HANSON 22 Webcowet Rd. 6-30-58 Summers at the Cape, " Miracles, " Happiness is my Friends, KRCRAG, Friendly ' s, 9-30-75, No Money!!! Jr. English 25B, Symmes N246 Future Career Nursing, Trev ' s Bible BARBARA HARDIN 1 33 Mr, Vernor St. 6-24-58 LESLIE HARDING 131 Crescent Hill Ave. 5-17-58 Moon Cheering, Comp, Colorodo, 15 Srs. forever, Eddie 3 22, " Don ' t Worry! " " Fiend " , Butt ' s, Six-pock, M.M.A., Proms, Ringling Bros., 96, Gorbogemon, WJR13, Fin, Yule, Minulemen, Who Bunted? We don ' t hove tomorrow, we hod yesterday. CAROL HARLOW 447 Summer St. 2-3-58 Hoif-time, Tequilo Sunrise, Wosted, The Green Cor, The Rink, Munchies in History, Rob, Long Noils, Strowberry Ridge, Horvord St. Drive-ins, Behind the House. KEVIN HARRINGTON 29 Gray St, 2- 1 8-59 BRIAN HART 27 Milton St. 6-1-57 Future plons include trovel to the forbidden cities of Peking and Moscow, plus continued study of my fovorile subject. World Wor II, DENISE HAYES 47 Everett St. 12-27-56 FRANCIS HAYES 39 Alpine St. 6-1-57 ROBERT HEALEY 60 Fountain Rd. 9-3-58 DONNA HEAVERN 72 Tofts St. 7-30-58 Rosey Jock 1-25-74, Jr. Sr. Proms, Hompton, Bermuda, Spring Valley, " Bobel " , Parties with oil the kids, MacDonalds, Love ond Luck to oil my friends! GARY HENDRIGAN 24 Cliff St. 5-25-58 BARBARA HARDIN CAROL HARLOW FRANCIS HAYES BRAIN HART DONNA HEAVERN GARY HENDRIGAN 99 CHRISTINE HENRY 27 Varnum St. 1 1-27-58 CHRISTINE HENRY FREDERICK HISCOCK NANCY HOFFMAN NANCY HOPKINS KIMBERLY HERCULES 1 14 Milton St. 1-25-59 JAMES D, HERLIHY 51 Maynard St. 9-19-58 Boo. Herl Porollel, Marshfield. New Yeor ' s Eve. Tension, Fridays. Frosh J.V. Hockey. Huck. Beers and goodtimes. Just wont to get out of A.H.S.. Tourney gomes. Did you?. You don ' t know, do you?, Berlin. GALE HEWSON 76 Melrose St 9-7-58 Aku, Alice ' 75, H.Y.H Nogel-Tooker. C.Z.D.E. — Pres. Buttricks H.O.P.S.P. — " 76 " M L. Grod-porty. The dopees. Nancy ' s all-nighter. Eggs! The girls. P.T.A. I love it! Baboosic — Lake " 74 " No bargain K.A. B.C., But Hon, 1-4-3. Billy U.S.A.F., It was real! DAVID EARL HINGSTON 54 Temple St. 3-9-57 Hink Stooges, Pauls, Farm, window, Lrol, 4-15-14-14-1, no freoks. Howdy, lakes, union, sic-did, Buttricks, Art, lords. Cafe, I ' m gonna get a car., " degenerate of life. Soph-beach porty. FREDERICK HISCOCK 24 Mystic Loke Dr. 2-25- 58 Freddie Beachboys, Alice Cooper, Nahont, What ' s up Doc!, FirebirdI N.E. D ' ogway, Wasted, The brews. Stooges, The boys at Liberty School Store, C.O.O.R., Chicks, Cruzin, Ehhh, Football Cards The Club, Braves, Ski Trip ' 74, Corwoshes. " Down domn you " , Apple fights at Harry ' s corner, Ace, What is this? NANCY HOFFMAN 16 Pelham Ter. 3-26-58 I will not be clapped in a hood Nor a cage, nor a light upon wrist Hovering over the wood Now I have learned to be proud In the broken mist Or the tumbling cloud - W B. Yeots NANCY C. HOPKINS 7 Randolph St. 6-6-58 Dramo Club, " Games " , " Danish " , “Jack " , Festival, " Ugly, We Won! " G S, Forties, G.D.D.L.M.N.T., Coop, Winnisquam, Deor Abbie ' s, The Form, The Gang. EDWARD HORNE 32 Grove St. 3-23-57 100 WALLACE HOSMER 54 Gardner St. 3-4-58 PAUL Q. HRUL 1 9 Williams St. 1-25-58 " Lancaster Rood, " Summer of " 75, " Pat’s. Hibbert ParV, Porly Hordy, Junior Yeor, Doc ' s Class, Friends, Cards, Hang, School wasn ' t bad. MAUREEN HUDSON 1 9 Cleveland St. 9-9-58 Moe Junior Year. Meet me at the door. Lex. Cops., P.A.N.H., Bab ' s dinner. Pewter Pot, This is Jane ' s mother. Grow up. Late ogoin. Hoving fun. Senior Year How uncouth JOHN HURLEY 30 Orvis Rd. 11-13-57 Jack Horossing freaks. Choirboy, Drift, The Doc, Stooges, I shot o seven, Numero Cinco, Derby ' s crew, Charlie ' s party. Paul ' s house, Mr. DeMat, Mr. Ouiggs, Hotchet tongues. DAVID JAMES HUTCHINGS 106 Melrose Street 7-8- 58 Hutch Manoger cross-country, indoor outdoor track. Science Club, The Noshville Limited, Voice of Democracy, Favorites: Nebrasko football, Johnny Cosh, Beach Boys music, Ookland Roiders THERESA HUTCHINS 7 Amsden Street 8-15-58 Hampton. Drome, Parties, " Aerosmifh, " Dome, Football, I.C., I don ' t core!, Aku, Typing, Conboll, Moilbox. CHERYL lACONELLI 1 2 Beacon Street 9-10-58 Cleo AQU, H.O.P., Buttricks, Somerville, 5-30-75, spreademout, lingtonnum, spoceshot. Mom, Flying Nun, Morio, Kikidee, OQ-Dumpsters, Mac Cheese, Harnwny, Dallon, tick, Cambridge, J.W,, Bod-Co. A dreom goes on forever. Cape, M.C., shine o moon, Ho-Jo ' s Is thot all there is. JOHN lANNELLI 61 Newlond Rd 1-30-59 PAUL HRUL DAVID HUTCHINGS JOHN lANNELLI 101 ALAN IMLACH JANET IMPOSIMATO SHAHRAYNE JACOVIDES 102 ROBERT JACKSON timothy JONES ALAN IMLACH 1 4 Meod Rd 6- 1 2-58 Cape " 74”, The drinking gome, I didn ' t do it, Branches, The Drive-In, you guys. Lose your tickets already, the well, D.S., B.C., D.A., T.H. JANET IMPOSIMATO 103RonoldRd 12- 1 7-58 Impy Summers of 74-75, Hang on in there boby, Semi-formal, Lakes, Wolk much? my cellar, dances, A.H.S. hockey games, one for the rood. It ' s been o pleasure, ROBERT JACKSON 8 Philemon Rd. 9- 1 2-58 SHAHRAYNE MARIE JACOVIDES 5 West St 1-7- 59 Jackie " Sunshine, " " Do you wanna dance, K.S.? " , " Diamond Girl " " Leroy Brown " G S; P.J. Gome, " mae " , J.V. Cheerleoder, Sr Indion; Sec. Science Club; Jr. Semi Prom, T. M. Joy; Pres, Jr. G.O.Y.A. Bell Tower; Fin; Special- Del. PAUL JOHNSON 85 Forest St 8-15-57 P.J. Goodtimes in summer of 75, The Dam, the parkin lot, A.H.S. , Footboll, Red, all the beoch parties. The Bitch. SUSAN JOHNSON 28 Alton St. 1-16-59 Karl — 1 1-27-74, Pepsi commerools, Kevin Pies parties, Ellon, the Apt, booz, " Tears of a clown, " Friends is hopp ' ness and happiness is friends, M R D.P.L.P.K.L, n ' sht, the B.M. ANDREW JONES 51 Morningside Dr. 11-12-57 JERRY JONES 91 Lake St 5-25-58 Jonesy Hoit! V. Soccer, Main Man, Pleose! Jr. Prom; Spokes, CCOD, Club. The boys. Park Pond, " sic-Did”, Get down, Hank, Paul, Rich, Shoz, Ed, Note, and Toni Tondi. STEPHEN R. JONES 139 Highlond Ave 7-23- 58 Jonesy The Form, donees, Footboll Hockey games, .Buttricks, Berlin, N.H., New Haven, Conn., Summers 74-75, Nubbies rejects. Beach Boys Ginny ' s socks. Never forget Marie, Numb, M.T.G.M., M.C., G.C., M S. TIMOTHY JONES 26 Sutherlond 6-27-58 Jones " Hibbert Pork, " Summer of " 75, " " Loncaster Rood, " " Creamer, " " Hurl, " " puss " the pork gang. School ' s out forever. WILLIAM JONES 40 Sherborn S» 10-19-58 Cosey Street hockey, The Beetles, Maine Let it Be are favorites, Nahant, Corwashes Scier ce Club. The Finest Men, Noodles swing it!!!! Apple fights 4th of July, Ditch it the cops!!! Pet Peeve; Jocks. CATHLEEN MARIE JOYCE 924 Mass. Avenue 1M7-58 MARYLOU JUDGE 15A Revere St. 1-22-57 Fudgie Hampton " 75, " prom, chunky. Dream on, " Get Wet, " Moureen, 25B, Plan to go to Nursing School. SHARON JUDGE 15A Revere St. 7-9-58 Chuckie 4-28-74, " ’Rez " " ; Shotgun; bagged; Jr. Semi-formal, Sob, D.S.; J.T.; L.L.; H.A.; K.G.; P.T.; Senior Prom 75, The Way We Were; St. Pete FI; Thot " s All!!! KAREN ANN KAPILIAN 26 Howlhorne Ave. 5-6- 58 Kap Basketbal!, 134, Softball Monager 3, 4, Mr. Toomey, Captain, Mouth, Moe, Spencer, J.C., Knees, Gigi, Peg, Curlly, Whip-po-well, Orchestro, Canodo, Roinbow, Indion. DEAN KARABATSOS 83 Bortlett Ave. 1 1 -23-57 KAREN KAPILIAN 103 104 ROBERT KEDDY MAUREEN KELLEY NICHOLAS KATIS 25 Thornidke St. 2-16-57 Thorndike, Pelhom, Heinekon, A.D. Little. Twirlies, R.S. Get out of Arlington. Be myself. TIMOTHY KEATING 80 Westminster Ave. 2-6-58 ROBERT DANA KEDDY 74 Scituote St. 2-1-58 Festival ' 74 ’75 ' 76, " Danish Modern,” Jock, Far out! MU O Here come Funny Looking, Base Mon, Elvis, Groomed to Zoom, BRAPII We love you Auntie Beth. Westbrook ' 75. EDMUND JOSEPH KEEFE 61 Yerxa Rd, 2-1 1-57 Party oil night long; Tower; High Street; Medford Woods; ' 58 Chevy; it ' s a bone; smoken’ op; Laurene; 1-9-74, Life Beards. KAREN M. KELLEY 93 Sylvio St. 1 2-1 2-57 A.O.E., Child Care, Nahonl Beach and Summer of 75 with G.S. MAUREEN M. KELLEY 35 Melrose St. 3-19-58 DENNIS M, KELLY 46 Yerxa Rd, 6-25-58 Eye Green Hornet Lives on, Peter ' s Oronge Toy " Cog " " Bud ” Tunnel J.A.S. Drive in — crowl out, " Yes” T.R.C., " Hey Yo!” Zoid Big " Z, " cowhompshire Friss, Zoar Fro. SUSAN FARA KELLY 1 1 Fremont Court 1-8-58 Michael Reynolds — Revere Beach — Money D. — White Mountoins Teel St. — Drome — Thorndike — Making Martions — Mr. Lennon STEP — Kim — Mill Street Ploce. DENNIS KELLY THOMAS J. KELLY 53 Quincy St. 3-3-58 " Kell " " Hompton Beoch 74, " Well, I soved holf of you, Jr. Prom, " Roce Cor, " Sloe Gin ond Biscuits, Buttricks, The Lokes, Tommy C, and me Forever. 1 got o lifel JANE E. KENNEDY 1 8 Elmore St. 2-25-58 MocZoo, Spying, J.C. Room, Remember the Reor, Brig ' s — I hate my schedule, Richie ' s Chompogne, Breakfast at C.J., S.S., Thonksgiving, Neol P.P. — Waldo — Sanchez — Chick - D.P, - JR. JUDITH KENNEDY 66 Mary Street 4-} 1-58 The gong, Dave, 10-4-74, Lindo ' s porch, Junior Prom, the shoe, the rink, Igo’s, Parties, Aerosmith Concert, White Hen Pantry, Sam, Gloucester. JOHN KENNEFICK 168 Waverly St, 3-13-58 Basketball, Somerville Victory Celebration, Apt Associates — Good Beer, Harossment of Harvard Square Freaks, Senior Yeor. JOANNE KEYSPER 52 Newland Road 7-26-57 Hampton 2, Everybocfy Party Party! Westford, Conn., Brimfield, N.J., Good Times with Friends, 8-23-75, Concerts, Mom, Pool, Stonie End. ROSS JOSEPH KIDDIE 30 Kilsythe Rd. 11-6-58 The Room, Paul ' s House, Huck, 7-2-74, M ' s P.D.A., Mike s house. Labor Day Weekend, H.H., " Siairwoy to Heaven ' . U.N.H.? " Miller, " " Schlitz, " U.S.M.M.A.? CAROL KILCOYNE 29 Berkeley St. 4- 1 5-58 Richie 6-20-74, Thanks, Good Times I ' ll remember. You ' re my baby. From — the best Us si CD, DS, MT, LG,SW. Poranoid Weekend, Partying in 10th grade, Stoirway to Heaven. KATHRYN KILFOYLE 45 Moss. Ave, 10-6-58 The Corner, " Girl Gang " Dust 73, " Bloodshot " Bromites, Dunfey ' s- " Veet Veet " " Check It Out Chike " Parking lot days. Good gold. White Mounfoins, enjoy coke Spocey. RICHARD W. KINGMAN 31 Mt. Vernon St. MI- SS Dick Future. CAROL KILCOYNE JANE KENNEDY JOANNE KEYSPER KATHRYN KILFOYLE ROSS KIDDIE RICHARD KINGMAN 105 ANN LAHAIE PAUL LAHAIE 106 RICHARD LABBE ' ARTHUR KIRI AKOS 23 Surry Rd. 8-18-58 Boseball, Bultrick ' s, Mr. Lowder ' s gym gloss, shot ' n me, Mr. Russell, I ' ve got one, M + M deli, Mr. Cov, Oh reolly, senior year good time m the men ' s room me and Dick, helped support Jock Guorino through school, I got a life! ANNA KLEIN 1 96 Crosby St. 7-6-58 Mon reaches, stumbles forword, poinfully, mistakenly sometimes. Having stepped forword, he moy slip bock, but only holf a step, never the full step back. THOMAS KONTINOS 123 Winchester Rd, 2-4- 58 Tom " Gymnastics” " Horley Oovidson " " 62 Vette " " Michelob " " Gomes " New England Champions. " The McKillop Gong " Lisa, Winchester Girls. IRENE KOUTALAKI 67 Palmer St. 1 0- 1 -58 Je t ' aime ond Qu ' hier-que demain, P.P. April 23, 1974, P.F. uoy ssik I emit tsriF, Popito, Sandy Beoch, Rose Wine, ROBERT KURKER 29 Claremont Ave. 4-19-58 Kurk, Woody Track Star, yuk-yuk, recreation football and basketboll, cruisin, belltower climbing, house wrecking. Morning Side Liquidation Sessions, Dr J ' s Zoo, 4 — good computer. RICHARD LABBe ' 55 Palmer St, 9-25-58 Dickie Stereo Moons, Cruisin, What ' s yerr number, Nohant, Sit Down Domn You, HJ, Egging, Trock Star, S B ' s Concert, Wasted, Drew Much, Jocks vs. Rats, Typingdoors, 50 ' s, aces, H.V. Chicks, Colt AJC, Matters! James ' s Chevelle, Press Box, Belltower. My Charger. PAUL LALICATA BRADEN LAFAUCE ANN LAHAIE 1 68 Mystic Valley Pky 6-18-58 " A rrxjmenfs insight is sometimes worth o life ' s experience " — Holmes PAUL LAHAIE 1 68 Mystic Volley Pky 7-29-57 Pine Acres, Canoe rides " 65 " Chevy Power Pyron, Summer of " 75 " Susan, White Mountoins, Strolling, Vermont, portles, Tfucken, Vans, VW porties, PAUL J. LALICATA 50 Ashland St. 8-28-57 " Sabbath! " Snowblind, Cornucopia Sweetleaf. Friends; Col, Blacky, Pete, Andy, Sheoboy, Dude, Jimbo, Sol, My Brother. " BubI " Hoppiness is " Christine. " Hoppy together, feel like making lovell ROBERT LALICATA 50 Ashlond St, 8-28-57 Buddy Beor Honeycomb 25 + Butkus 51, The Zoo Squd + (Bloki, Cot, Sheoboy, Dude, Head, Andy, Frizzol, Pete, Sol, Howk, Jimbo). " Love is Marie " Keep smiling! Going out ond having o few pops. Sfoy owoy from telephone poles, LISA JAIN LAMORTICELLI 63b Summit St. 1-6-58 Experiences ■73-74. " Leo — Being Reol — " Talk with worth, listen with feeling. " England. S.S. — GT Opal. A.B. " That’s Bod. " Tom — ? — . Peter — 75 — ? " Friends " , T.B. Thoreau: ’ ' for on impenetroble shield, stond inside yourself. " " Fire is the test of gold, odversity, of strong MARIE LANDERS 43 Old Middlesex Pofh 10-1-57 Vorsity, Tennis, swimming, PK, DK, LOG, EK, BL, Hors D’Oeurvie Doys, food, WCC. JOAN M. LAROSE 28 Melvin Rd, 5-22-58 3-31-74 Ricky, Summer of ' 73, Nickerson, G.F.R., dreomer. Brattle St., Eastham, DONNA LARUE 1 7 Kilsythe Rd. 10-8-58 Lash AAA Stables, Tango CB, " on the church steps " Buttricks, Lewis Ave., Parking lot, " The Goroge, " Porfy at D ' s, T.K. and Garbo. Lots of D., Mel. DONNA LARUE 107 SHARON LAVASH GILBERT LAWRENCE CHRIS LEDGISTER DIANE LEECH KARLA LEI60W1TZ 108 JOHN LEAHY BARRY LEIBOVITZ EDMUND LEPORE SHARON LAVASH 220 Sylvio St. 9-12-57 Sherry, Scratch PHS, John, Godspell, God, Alpha Omega, VA, KA, MA, Greaser Day, Red Roses, 8-16-75, Ec-Drums, NS, Red Cabboge, Pecunies, UNH ' 75, PAFB, BL, MB, Special 6H, New Home. Transferred from: Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth, N.H., Pease Air Force Base GILBERT LAWRENCE M Putnom Rd. 1-9-58 Gib Thorndike Pork, Bikes, Keren the Goldilocks, Partying, Sane Friends, and the best times to come. JOHN LEAHY 3 Indian Hill Rd. 9-20-57 Seal ' s Cellar, Goof ' s house, Thuggin, George ' s Porty, Frankie Valli, Bobos, soft ball, Drive-Inns, Mickey Finns Vikings, Bruno Samartino, Miller, Morlboro, Seal, Goof, George, Chris, Dick, Dave. CHRIS LEDGISTER 1 32A Madison Ave. 6-6-57 DIANE LEECH 324 Park Ave. 9-9-58 Summer of 75, the " Drome " , A.D.L., The night over S., M.W., D.R., S.P., K.P., 2nd lunch with C.G., the best times with Paul 5-9-74. BARRY M. LEIBOVITZ 52 Morningside Dr. 4-9-58 CHAI Ralph pals BB + K Enterprises High Business 152 on 5 Sneeze " Lebo the Great " Deewdilw point to the right Eor FF Chamba Concord Sholom Jew. KARLA LEIBOWITZ 42 Ashland St. 8-12-58 The Clan — Buftricks — Spark ' em — The Cape — Hitchhike — Rte.{6)6 — Menotomy — Fronce — The Rolling Stones. LORRAINE LOIS LEONE 23 Mott St. 12-14-58 Lory Marc 7-26-74 . . . My Family — Best — ' L.B. Summers of • ' 74 + 75 " . ■ The Cape . . . " Wouldn ' t It Be Nice " . . . Our Tolks DM - JNS . . . I.L.M.J.L. . . . " Promises " " Sondy " . . . " Never My Love " . . . Dreams . . . Thot Will Become Reolity " EDMUND LEPORE 1 2 Foxmeadow Lane 4-20-58 Corvettes, Bottricks, Medford, the Cope " 75. " The Business, the Stones, Strotton Park, Jeannie — 1 1-30-74, 8-23-75. The Trike — 76 M.P.H., The Bonk, Pal. GEORGE LERRA 25 Sogomore Rd. 8-23-58 Goof ' s House, Hampton Beach, Fonze and Bi Bops, Chelseo Pool, Lifeguording, dances, MM-M, Reed ' s Office, Partying at Middlesex Club. Elite Cafe, Drinking with L. at the games. JOAN LEVASSEUR 48 Rublee St. 12-5-58 St. C., St. J., 27th Lancers, Midwest, Colifornia and bock, the T.T , ' s, one more time? S.S. mostly, Volentine ' s Day ' 75, Fabulous Pharoahs. MICHAEL F. LEVERONE 46 Bow St. 5-6-58 Future Gool: C.P.A. Hobby; Bowling. Treasurer of the French Club. As we go forth from these portals let ' s keep one thing in mind-. Look ot life realistically and the unreality of fantasy will not make us blind. JAMES LEVIN 244 Pleasant St. 2-18-59 Thanks to M.S., Steve McKenna, Col — There wos o contest, in which 2nd prize was 4 yrs. at A.H.S., 1st wos 3 yrs. Jon Gandner — you Know! L. ALAN LEWIS 159 Wright St. 12-26-58 Al Laundry Summer ' 75 at the Narrogansett, " Louiege, " My some-doy Fifty-Seven, Crashing up Mr. Katz ' s car. Altering the facts in Chemistry, tennis teom, " Wouldn ' t it be nice. " J. STANLEY LEWIS, JR. 11 3 Sylvia St. 6-24-58 J., The Bomb, B M.O.C., Semi-Formols, Proms, Menotomy, Poul ' s House, Johnny Miller — Big Points, O., Phyllis, Goil ' s House, Form, Buftricks, St. Paul ' s, A., Heavy Convo, The Timber, V Baseball, V Basketball, N, LAUREN LIGOR 1 1 Elder Terr. 4-24-58 Lourie Bob 11-9-73 and that ' s not oil, US 8, " bagged " Summer of 73 — Locke, The Surf, Born 74, First Ave JT, Sr. Prom, St. Pete, SJ, Res, Fights GEORGE LERRA MICHAEL LEVERONE JAMES LEVIN ALAN LEWIS STANLEY LEWIS 109 I KAREN LEE LINCOLN MARK LIONETTA JOHN LIVIERATOS no KAREN LEE LINCOLN 9 Wall St. 8-5-58 Cross Country Trip ‘74, Comp A. and W. ' 75 Footboll games ond Marching Bond, G.S. " For Baby, " Encampments, Soiling on The Snowgoose, Musicals and Chorus lines, " Poems Prayers and Promises " . . . EDWARD LINEMAN 1 56 Overlook Rd. 1-10-58 Lenny Tower " 74, " Keg Porties Down the Cape, Lobor Day Weekend up the mountains. Weekends up Hampton, Howkin ' s Party, Porties down Locke ' s. MICHAEL LINSKEY 1 2 Norfolk Rod. 9-10-57 Mike M.P.C. The Alice, Parking Lot, Stones Concert " 75 " and CC. MARK LIONEHA 24 Elmore St. 12-13-58 Felix " The Bub " The Tree, Falstoff, Allman Bros. Live at Filmore, Eat a Peach, Whipping Post, One Woy Out, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Paranoid, Spoonful, Stones. JOHN LIVIERATOS 12 Surry Rd, 12- 14-57 Lib Thorndike, plus other party places, Just to be independent and adventurous. To cruise the stotes on my ch. Just going crazy Mts,. W, Coast, Gr. DENNIS LONERGAN 1 6 Teresa Or. 8-5-58 The Fourth Estote, GM, Turkey Awords, Orf, TL associates, Locked in ot the Byrd ' s, SAS, Miss Schiel, Kazoo, How does he ever manage? SPl My only hope is that AHS remembers that I ' ve been here. MARY LOVETT 44 Peirce St. 10-3-58 MayLove R. D. Best Friends Corol! Who? Glen, Hill Nov. 15th, Semi- Formol, Obie, June 7th, " Buttricks” SS with R, Summers in New York, " T " , " R " , U — N — B — E — L — I— E— V -A - B - L - E -!!! HILDA LUGO 299 Park Ave. 11-18-57 Mox Love to BoogyDown and Hustle. Crazy obout soul ond love music. Came from New York, wont to return to stay. Like Latin music too. Love to wear jewelry. GAIL E. LUNDSTROM 84 Gray St. 1-16-58 Gig Buttricks, Menotomy, RJK — she ' s spying on us! Beoch Boys, Manocotfi, Parties, Harmonettes, Proms, Indions, Kimmy Cues, Ope, Anettee, Lisa, Phyllis, Joonie, Friends, Forever — hot weother or not! DAVID LYONS 2 Heard Rd. 7-2-58 Lady killer The Manor 75. Portying every weekend, P.F.B. Aerosmifh, S. D.S. Foggers of the Word. H.B. Derelicts. Hampton and Salisbuty — the Action. S.H.J. The Cool Four, C.G. ZIJ JAMES LYONS 5 1 Westminster Ave. 9-7-58 Too Toll Harassing Harvard, L.S., Charlie ' s Party, Timber, Fishing, Derby ' s Crew, Hey Mike, One More Time, The Stooges, Paul ' s House, Six Friends, Cape 76? Terry O’Rielly, Frigid MICHAEL MACARIS 20 Andrew St. 2-24-58 Football — 31, The East, Bens, Thorndike, Wilderness, N.H., T.A.S. ROBERT MACARTHY 1 78 Forest Street 4-1 3-58 LAUREN ANGELA MACCHIA 3 West Street 7-17-57 If women used all their brainpower for the cause of humanitorionism, it would be a power the world has never DENNIS LONERGAN MICHAEL MACARIS MARY LOVETT DAVID LYONS JAMES LYONS ROBERT MACARTHY 1 1 I CATHERINE MocDONALD JAMES MAHONEY CHARLES MocLEOO CATHERINE L. MocDONALD 153 Medford St. 2-12-58 Conodion Summers! Smokey Mire; Soph, Beoch Party; Old Hall Studies; Art Class; 5th period, Good Parties; New Experiences; Good Friends Last Forever . . . CHARLES MacLEOD 4 Iroquois Rd. 5-15-58 Big Chuck Timber, Poul West Wood! FML Tno; Cope ' 76, Basketball Games, Cruisin with Joe, Beach Boys, Ye Old Gar g, Farm Creoture Feature, Proms and Formols, No Borgoin? GBL Champs. I ' m turning info a D.H. with Esteban. MAUREEN MacPHEE 32 Overlook Rd. 8-27-58 Parties, Hampton, dances, concerts, drome, pierce, prom, the witch, rm. 5 . . . " Beat os a red " hit right? Dreom On, " What a Drag it is Getting Old " JOSEPH MAFFe ' 66 Sunset Road 9-27-57 Good times. Bod times, Fridoy nights up the Inn, Skipping, All Nighfers, Bell Tower, The Long Bus Ride, Good friends, N.H., Cape Cod. KATHLEEN AMHONEY JAMES F. MAHONEY 1 1 5 Ooklond Ave. 6-11-58 Jim Cross country, track, manager basketball team GBL champs, Photography Club. I ' ll always remember thot night on Rte. 1 28 after the track meet, Mr. G. Yeorbook photographer. JOHN P. MAHONEY III 99 Claremont Ave. 10-9- 58 Twink D E C. A., Porliomeotanan, Rum-Rum, Heightsmen, Cope, Saturday nifes, Hampton — Boordwolk, Twinkie-the-Kid, Hyannis, The Line, The Boot, P.-Town, Burger-king, 8-27-75 KATHLEEN M. MAHONEY 12 Dickson Ave. 1-14-59 Bugger Les the best, 15 Srs. Forever, Six Pock, Coke, M.M.9, Semiproms, Butts, Rude, Writer, Sir, Chic, Minnow, N.U.M.B. Memories that last, Love is but a word . . . 112 GAIL MALATESTA 1 53 Park Ave. Ext. 12-11 -58 Ronnie 5-11-72, Huntingdon. Cruzie ' s Hill. Florido. ' 73 XLCH. Ronnies ' s cellor. Parties over D ' s. Physical Graffiti. Corrioge House. Hampton. CHERYL MALONE 70 Gordner St. 11-22-56 Cher Brian Larkin Jr. year. Summer " 75” Hoppiness is being around people who core ond getting my diploma. Good luck, Class of ’76. MICHAEL MANITA 23 Thesda St. 9- 1 1 -57 JOHN MARDEROSIAN 60 Char dler St. 5-19- 58 Mordy " Room ’ 3 doy t.t. win. Woofen cookies, 5 and a dump, Boat, Mogot, Labor D.W. Spitbolls — A.R.P.R. Form, Cape, B.G.L. Arrylay. Parrot, ducks, Muisey P.D.A. Barnyard weasie, Convo, toddy, PortylM " Fire " J.P., J.5. Leftside, you turkey . . . MICHAEL REGIS MARIANO 129 Appleton St. 11-9- 58 Mike Dumph, Hockey, Being Busy, The Glider, The Rink, Basketball, Youth Group, " Wish I were 20, ” Friday Nights, Football, " My Sub Won! " Sexy Hips, " That’s Life. " LAURA MARINO 98 Oxford St 4-10-58 Concetto’s, wintergreen. Moving — 280 High Street, Winchester, parsley, soge, rosemory thyme, ”a house in the woods, " fomily, reading, " Drama Bible, " " make- believe reality, " our " cor, " art, music, fifteen?!, little kids. KENNETH MARQUIS 27 Mt. Vernon St. 4-18-58 Footboll and Bosketboll games oginst the East, Beoch Boys Concert, N.E. Drags, Gail ' s parties, swimming in Condominium pool, Farmington, N.H., blue fishing in Connecticut, Linda ' s porties. LAWRENCE R. MARQUIS 12 Glenburn Rd. 12-19- 58 Arrylay V. Hockey, Soccer, Stooges. Loke Winn. Gunstock. " Convo, ” Frigid S.G. Nub Beoch. M.B. Tourney Porty’s. " zing-zing. " Stoirwoy to Heaven. D, C.C., T. The Room. Boat I — tree. Sic-DidI M’s P.D.A, ’$. Farm. Harassing Freaks. Miller. An. Cope. THERESA AAARTELL 16 Chester St. 8-21-58 JOSEPH AAARZILLl 4 Brontwood Road 5-8-58 Jim The Experience; N.H. 11 12. Valley, B.U.B., Renas, Murph’s J.D. ' s, home. Survival, Ms. 8. per. 4 — study Per. 5. Beck, nasty little Queenies, the Feot, Toys, dr. jimmy (is it me?). Molson, Brains. Keep Arlington High. ROLAND MATHERS 113HibertSt. 11-30-56 LAURA MARINO LAWRENCE MARQUIS CHERYL MALONE MICHAEL MARIANO JOSEPH MARZILLI 113 BENJAMIN MAYERSON 114 FREDERICK MATTHEWS ROBERT McCarthy LUIS MATOS 57 Vornum St, 11.29-56 Lui Thorndike — The old Chevy — Good times Bod times Zep PAULA E. MAHALIANO 55 Menolomy Road 11.24- 58 Little One Pittsburgh and the Baston Bruins, Jr. Semi with D.S., W.F., J.M., Meet me at the door, " Nervous? " Moe, J.C. ' s nose B.B. ' s Dinner A.H.S. The Best with H.V., J.6., P.A., D.D., Milk? or Melk! FREDERICK MATTHEWS 92 Chondler St, 6-18- 58 Block Jack Random, The Block|Ocks ond Coptain Lou, Merit Station Providence 8-3-75, Allmon Bros. Concert, Sundoy Cruises to N.H., 1140z, Club, Freaks at Harvard, Porties of Pete ' s Disgusting but humorous stories. Big cop Callahan works homicidol. Big cop. The Elite. BENJAMIN W. MAYERSON 90 Scituote St. 11-25-58 Shows!! Eors, Fogman, Mud, Fronk and Andy Inc., H.R. with Maytum, 152 on 5, 143, Phantom, Howdy, Mooo, This space to oil my special people with Love, thanks. VIRGINIA A4AYTUM 25 Ridge St. 8-25-58 Ginny Scab, 9-21-73 Beag, Lin, Judy my love, Spencer, " Sweorin to God " Watt?? You ' re deafi band frunes, Betsy, H.R. with Ben 72-76 " Claire Bill " 7-13-75, My Pal, Vin ... Answer the window!! PAULMAZZOLA 20 Dow Ave. 1-15-57 MAUREEN McCARRON 36A Fairmont St. 2-1-58 Moe Summer of " 75, " West Island; Al, mmm, DDD, M L. Nantoskett, Lisa ' s Ketchup, Porties up the hill. Truckin ' , B.W.E, DEBORAH A. McCARTHY 29 Dudley St. 6-16- 58 Dubs Ducky — Rabbit 95 lbs. George Sept. 30, 1971 forever Brattle Bridge, Grove Park Rats!, Jocks stink, Cutter School, The Hill, woter works, Cathy V. Debbie And George. ROBERT McCarthy 57 Richfield Road 8-2-58 JOHN J. McCLOSKY 138 North Union St. 10-29- 57 Joy April fools in machines, Venus Room, Soturday Night ' s alri ght for Fighting, N.U., Projects, Jane 2-8-74, Thonks mom ond everyone for getting me through school. CHRISTOPHER McCORMACK 49 Hillsdale Rd. 8-24-58 Freshman year with the turkey A.K. m room 5, The Beach spoons, 151, ond R.P.D. ond good times ot the pork MICHAEL McCREADY UVornumSt. 11-16-58 Junior Ducking funny, Woodstock N.H., Drogs, 390, 427, Good Future, J.P , Duke, Eddies, the pond, the drome, Ooooh K, Moson, At Chicks MICHAEL McCROBIE 54 Fremont St. 9-19-58 Summer of " 75 " B.B. Concert; Parties, Jimmy ' s crew. Scabies. M.H. H.S. Eddie Mov. Longrides. " B ' s " . WEO. Meot Street. PHILLIP MCDONALD 59 Webcowet Rd. 2-23-57 DIANE McELLIGOTT 33 Fountain Rd. 7-27-58 G S club. Concert choir, Andy ' s ScreomsM geo. doss Mr. DE-MA-TTEO! All those Aku porties, yeah! The summer of ' 74. J.S., C.F, I ' ll never forget. KATHLEEN McEWEN 2 Stevens Terrace 5-10-58 Buttricks, Soccer Gomes, Track, Mystic Attocks, Peggy Jody " What o week! " All night out (D Hole) Brookwood, Junior Year, Senior Convention. It ' s time to move on . . . RICHARD McGARRY 132 Woshington St. 9-17-58 JOHN McGINLEY 99 Sunnyside Ave, 4-18-57 JAMES McGOWAN 38 Yerxo Rd. 8- 1 1 -58 Harassment of the Jaff Groucho!, 10 27 74 The arms, summer of " 75 " Parties, Canada New York. JOHN McCLOSKY KATHY McEWEN 115 RICHARD McGARRY JAMES McGOWEN ROBERT McKILLOP JAMES McKINLEY 116 STEPHEN MclSAAC CURTIS McGRATH 200 Hillside Ave. II -20-58 Curf The best way to travel — may the circle be unbroken. STEPHEN J. MclSAAC 206 Appleton St, 10-11- 58 Apeman Tennis teom. Soph Beach Porty, best yeor junior. Good class fonk ya, kids up the form, going out with P.K., 3 o ' clock, head during the summer. BRUCE McKEOWN 82 Thesdo St. 9-20-57 ROBERT McKILLOP 35 Stone Road 3-18-58 429 cobra, renaulf, small all night, Michelob cotch the buzz, Harley, T.G.F.W., reefer, PJ Party Time, Spin out in front H.A.P. Heavy Scoopin 1. 6. 8. 4.4.8. JIM McKINLEY lOBrondSt. 8-21-58 Good luck. Spirit of " 76, " Art Club, Fin, Pork West, A.C., O.J.H., N.H., A.T. period 6. RUTH McNALLY 5 Thorndike St. 5-27-58 Skip doys, Nancy ' s muffler, oil lunches jr. yr,, E.M.NP.L.R.C.R.L.O.L.C., S.P.D.P. porties, the morning after, 1 gotto heodoche; waterbeds. Beach Boys, how rude! Jolly Green Giant, J-stores, wasted, moods. Ugly, mood rings. Help!! RUTH McNALLY SUSAN McNally ISEustisSt. 1-6-58 The Cape, Brigham ' s, the beach G.S. N.H.C.C. . B.B.B. songs. For Boby, plays, donees, bikes, N.H. Weekends, Student teaching, summer ' 75, Friends, If only you Believe AUDREY McNAMARA 8 Berkeley St. 12-10-58 Always remember the few good times, Labor Day weekend " 74, " AR, Between classes. Blueberry Hill, Spy Pond, Art dosses, good friends, JAAAGTPAGRFRPJJEV, Boring summers, mirocles. KATHLEEN McREYNOLDS 49 Mary St. 10-25- 58 Katie The Booties, Steinbeck, Dylan, Alice ' s Restaurant, Superstar, " Nature predisposes to gentleness those most suited for survival. " — Too. PAUL MICHAEL McTAGUE 22 Freeman St. 5-30- 57 Mac Card Gomes at Paul West Woods House. Mr. Buttricks Class. V-Soccer No. 4 Sic-Did Uncle Kevin, Beards, Freaks, Harvard and Who Wrote Those Lettersll? DAVID MEADE 1 56 Pleasant St. 11-8-57 Oct. 17-20, Jon. 14-17 a cool time, peaches cream. The bathtub chalet. The Rocks, Von Party. The bay. PHILIP MEADE 1 56 Pleasont St. 12-19-58 Expert Skier, Has job os x-roy technicion, never late for school. Excellent ping-pong player. Likes Bike riding. Goes skiing on weekends. MORGAN MEARA 23 Lowell St. PI. 4-29-58 Morgy, Fro Gymnostics, Judo. Never forget parties ot the towers. " Summer of 74 " April Fools in mochine. Happiness is a good piece of cheese, (ntl. champ?) STEPHEN MEDLEY 1 5 Churchill Ave. 3-2 1 -57 Med Vacation, Ploy Fights, Bod Jokes, Bermons, Debbie, Hangover 3-21-75. STEPHEN MEISTER 38 Linden St. 6-10-58 The best part of my life at Arlington High is the computer room — where I spend most of my time. I like Science and Electronics. SUSAN McNALLY PAUL McTAGUE AUDREY McNAMARA DAVID MEADE KATHLEEN McREYNOLDS PHILIP MEADE 117 KENNETH MELISI ANTHONY MESSURl MICHAEL MESSURl 118 11-18- PHYLLIS MERCURIC KENNETH MELISI 136 Winchester Rd. 57 Greosy It was a trip! Remember all the great parties we hod everywhere; Tower " 74 " , Spoz’Em, Pressbox, I love it! L.B. time. The porty hos just begun! JOHN MEMME 64 Mystic St, 10-25-56 PHYLLIS MERCURIC 33 Ridge St, 6-27-58 Arrow P,, Soratogo Springs, Purple, M.F.R.A., MRye, Thunder-B. JOHN MERICANTANTE ANTHONY MESSURl 1 72 Franklin St 4-9-58 Sim Luke, Boat, P.P., Push-Push, 17th, B.f. Note, D. S. Days, Illustrious, 1 1-12-74 R.I., NO. 3, The Loke Flyers, D.O.T. 5-4, Michelob, Hockey-12, Golf, Nub, Eddie ' s Party, Sic- Did! Scoop ' EM! MICHAEL MESSURl 1 8 Sogomore Rd. 2-5-58 Seol Goof ' s House, My Cellar, The Fed, Parties, Bobos, Softball Games, Frankie Volli, Doubling on the couch. The Chimneys ore bouncing, Jock, Goof, Chris, George, The Heads. ANGELO MlGNANELLl 13 Rowson Rd. 9-11-58 Big Mig School was 0 party everyday? You ' ve got a life. Ex. Jock — Frosh Footboll. Remember thot Quigley. Helped to support Jack Guarino thro ugh school. EILEEN MILLER 9 Robbins Rd. 5-28-58 Red, Spooks, Pewter Pof-P., H., G.J., Diane Bruce. Bononza, Nancy, Ruth, " Whot o Jerk! " Mr. C., Boker ' s, Susie Q. JANET MILLER 66 Wolnut St. 7-15-58 Andrew, Labor Ooy Weekend " 74, " Airport Road, Summer of " 75, " Love Is Spending Vacotions in Canada, Borcardi, Camping, Duster, Semi-Formol, Canton, Honda. ALICE MILLS 1 07 Eastern Ave. 2-20-58 Aerosmith, try to be down in the 80 ' s. Four years, finally out. ALICE MILLS PETER MILNE PETER MILNE 1 1 5 Claremont Ave. 3-2-57 ANTHONY MINNITI 87 Lake St. 3-25-58 Thorndike, ' Drome, Satordoy night parties, Sparken em up. Picking up cheese, rip off B B N., S.J. J.R. Prom, Summer ' 75 yes, B.T.O., S — box Chevy, Crotty ' s doss, D.C. ot Belmont concert. MARCIA A MOBILiA 1 2 Windmill Lone 4-7-58 " Look not only with your eyes for they see limitations. Rother seek with understonding and you will find much — Joseph Mychel Prudhomme JOHN MORAN 19 Cypress Rd. 1-16-58 Marikey T.H.A., York Beach " 75 " . Pits, Brown belt H.S. Nationols, Pool Shark, Austoin M.G. B.H.A., Toll House cookies RONALD MORRISSEY 14 Morgaref St. 12-21- 58 Skunk Sophomore yeor — Beating the system. S ' em up. The Three Stooges T. .C, Cors, Buttricks, Trippin Around, Porfyll! ANTHONY MINNITI MARCIA MOBILIA JOHN MORAN RONALD MORRISSEY 119 RICHARD MOTTLA ROBERT MUISE JAMES MURRAY DALE NASMAN 120 RUSSELL MOTTLA RICHARD MOTTLA 1 07 College Ave. 7-27-58 Rich Allmon Bros. Bond . . . Julie, Kothie, Bob. Allnighters wilh P.P. Gong . . . Avocado Pink? Spitfire . . . Blue Sky . . . Super Sox ' 75 A night at J. Swifts. RUSSELL MOTTLA 1 07 College Ave. 7-27-58 A.V. Chronicle — Ms. Schiel — Fourth Esfole, Steeple People Yearbook, Ed ' s car. Town Meetings, Ed ' s truck, Rich — Julie — Kothie — Bob — Pete, Mr. F-, MTB, M.V.D., Jim Mrs. R-, Jr, Burt, Mac, And Mr. Lane was the best. ROBERT MUISE 42 Eustis St. 2-16-58 Muisey The Room, Stairway to Heoven, Labor Day Weekend. Pauls, Miller, Winston, Porty, convo. Tuddy, Acklinin, Eggcelent, J.P. Lowboyemoy, Hockey games, Ek at I, tree. Farm, cards, P.D.A. ' s, Sic Didll CRAIG NELSON CLAIRE MURPHY 42 Smith St. 2-20-58 Murph Born, Egg Mobile, Buttricks, Spying, JCs Room 2-18-75 McZoo, MaeRuth, Mr. Merc. ' s Class, Aku. JCMGAP ond me, Friends we are. Friends we ' ll be. T.A.I.L. Follow your dream. You gotta hove fri ends like mine. JAMES R, MURRAY JR. 79 Morningside Drive 3-3-58 Track and Field, Skiing " 74 " and " 75, " E.L.P., Fellowship, " Charlies, " Bob ond Jim, T.G.F.W., Wipeout of the H.O.P. Lousy Locker Pinups P.L., Vette. DALE R. NASMAN 170ftowoRd, 5-18-58 CRAIG NELSON 5 Fox Meodow Ln. 10-17-58 Brews, cruising, Latin, Qui, S.A. Sp Torino Falcon, V.W., CG ' s Mustong, Ronnie ' s Crapi, Dip ' s Mustink, Midnight Mechanics ANDREA N6RI 30 Avola St. 1-7-58 Bridgeport " 72 , " Senior Prom ‘‘74,” M.P., M.S., M.H., A.P., A.H., G.M. Never Forget You! You Hit o Bus? Alon ' s Parties. Pomp ' s Two Poir I corr ' t believe It ' s Over! ELIZABETH NEWELL 45 Jason St. 1-17-59 Liz ”... If you compore yourself with others you may become vain and better, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself . . . ” DEBRA NEWMAN 308 Washington St. 11-23-58 Remember the Tower, Summer of ”74, ' ' April 19, Walter, 9:30, Never forget oil the parties before ond ofter school. Remember the concerts, Checkin’ em ' out. RONALD NICOSIA 1 1 9 Hemlock St. 10-1-57 Remember the summer ”74” up the tower, Canada and all the good times in Hompton Beach. RICHARD J. NIGRO 1 48 Gordner St. 1-16-58 Richie Parties at N.U. Proiects, C.A.B. Spark ’em. The old both house, W.M.T, Maine, Good-bye A.H.S., Stay High, Aerosmith — spaced. JOAN NILES 349 Groy St. 8-20-58 S., Phyllis, Prom, Gail, Judy, Kim, Annette, Jean, T., Buttricks, Menolomy, Gail ' s house. A., Hampton Beach ”75,” J.J.C.S., A.O.E., Bow, E.V.N.H., Carol, bosketball games. Let’s book, beaut, N. JOAN NILES KEVIN NOUN SONDRA O ' BRIEN JANICE O’CONNELL JEANNE O’CONNELL KEVIN NOUN 54 Brook Ave. 4-11-58 CURTIS NORDEN 40 Chafhom Si. 1-17-58 ANDREW J, NORTON 31 Sowin St. 1-2-57 Andy Returned to school after two years, it ' s good to be bock. Graduate this year, playing Hockey ot nights, drinking with P.P.G., ond etc. ANN NOVIELLO 6 Puritan Rd. 9-10-58 DOUGLAS OBRIEN 152 Brooks Ave. 4-15- 58 Illustrious, Dond S. Doys, Scoop Club, 7-27-75 Jone, Regrets of junior year. Oh God, 1 7th, Lights blinking, Shay good- bye, occept people. On the scoop!!! SONDRA O’BRIEN 19 Lansdowne Rd. 10-21- 58 Moose 3-8-74, Good times with my Dennis, llumtooad Marshfield, Jr. Semi-Formal, U.S 8-S. J.D.S L.L J.T K.G. H.A. P.T., A trip to Whites, Tinkers Summer St,, Changes, Bogged, The Res., The Bam. WILLIAM O’BRIEN 38 Russell St. 9-13-57 JANICE ANN O’CONNELL 24 Park Sf. 6-5-58 Senior Year, Spirit of ”76’’ Cope Cod, Gloucester, Salisbury, W.W, 9-8-75, " Skipping school and getting cought, " Tease Thompson, Pet Peeve; Mondoy Morning. Ambition: To travel, TGIF. JEANNE O’CONNELL 24 Park St. 6-5-58 Spirit of " 76 ” Sophomore Yeor. Loke George, Gloucester, Salisbory, Waterskiing, Tennis, Softball. Ambition is to trovel to Colifornia. N.U. 4 25 75 122 EDWARD J. O ' DONNELL 3 Wyman Terroce 5-6- 56 Spike, Odie V. Football, J-V, Hockey, Berlin, Green Bomb, Ike, Red Hill, Huck, Nub. Shaft, BPL, Form, 17th, Mystics, Illustrious, Muisey. PDA, Fitz, Gus, Wally, Chic, Dot ' s Nice, BGL, Bubba, Piguel, Sim. EDWARD OFRIA 28 Joson St. 6-15-58 V hockey, V. soccer, Paul’s house, Mike ' s house, B.P.K., L-H,, Spike’s Party, 6. Moss. Tourney, " Don’t Worryl " , Drenchnut, Stairway, Led, Weekends, 17th, Lokes, Farm, Cape, Boot I, 12-31-75 ROBERT OFRIA 6 Walnut St. 5-30-57 MARYELLEN O ' KEEFE 240 Broodwoy 9-26-58 May Moy D.L. Mr. Drench — Rm. 92, Rhymes and Reasons, Muffin, Bond . . . Brigham’s, At 17, Summer of ' ’75, " my cor, M.M -t- Freida, Time In a Bottle, Good Luck Everybody! MAUREEN O ' LEARY 1 1 George St. 8-13-58 Moe 6-0.73 _ Cookie Monster; 3rd bench; 1-7-74 — 8 dollors; Thinking; Wings, The pork — Brendan ' s porties; Peter ' s cellar,- blind date; His Senior Prom; C.A. M.C. M.P. D C. D-C — Thanks! DONALD OMAN 378 Park Ave. 9-7-58 JOSEPH O ' MEARA 1 7 Norcross St. 3-3-59 JEAN OPPEDISANO 59 Ridge St. 1-5-58 Opie Lundy; Duff, Cues, Beou, ond me. " Lunefy ' s Kitchen Where ' d the tree come from? Out for a quick butt? 9-5-75 Pie. Crazy summer! Chorlie’s Mkt. Inc. AAARGARET OSKIN 24 Adams St. 1 2-5-57 LINDA O ' TOOLE 39 Bowdoin St. 9-26-58 Jr. Year, Mr. Merc, Finn, CAF, CTG, Onset, M.E.S.S.N.P.M.J.R.C., Homeroom with Deb, Porties, Kindergarten Soph year, OYA Day after Prom, first dotes Hoflas Conv. 75 Hill 73. DEBRA J. OUELLETTE 77 Loncoster Rd. 3-10-58 Deb French per. 1, Mike Georin, ’Garbo " Loncoster gang, " Arrowhead, " Nov. 22 " Boy " The feorless big Moc. Survival, " Quickie, " peaches cream " Twink, " foicoon (e), " Bougie, " Sr. Prom. EDWARD O ' DONNELL EDWARD OFRIA MARGARET OSKIN MARYELLEN O ' KEEFE 123 CURTIS OWENS NICHOLAS PARAS CHRISTOPHER PAPPAS WILLIAM PASS 124 CHARLES PAPPAS SCOTT PARSONS CURTIS OWENS 35 Newlard Rd. 10-4-58 Curtis George Co-Consul Latin III Club, J.M., E.N., Boseboil Freshmen Football, Burlington gome! (Lost Ploy of The Gome) Linda Deb Homeroom — Thanks everybody. THERESA PALMARIELLO 16 Dorothy Rd. 7-30- 58 Terry Junior Yeor, Typing 2 (p 3), Cafeterio, Feelings, Colifornio, Elton John, Jive tolking. Ambition; Key punch operator CHARLES PAPPAS 20 Grondvtew Rd. 10-18- 58 " Chuck o " Friday night Forties, The English class in room 75! The one way Field Trips. The trip to the Stole House. CHRISTOPHER PAPPAS 475 Mass. Ave. 8-22-58 JANET PARAGONA 88 Sunny Side Ave, 10-8-58 The Rolling Stones Concert " 75 " (P.R.I.) Alice Cooper Concert, AeroSmith concert (Nontosket) C.C. D.S. J.A. I.G. D.R. (N.B.) star, star, NICHOLAS PARAS 56 Wyman Terrace 9-22-58 Drift, Mr, Kell Mr. Merc, Led Zepplin, H,H., the Square harassing freaks. The Great Car Chase, tourneys, Fred, The Stooges, you’re rude. Doc Jaffe, M, J, Me, H, I shot o 7 SCOTT L, PARSONS 1166randSt. 12-31-57 Opie Higherground 1-19-75, Fogging up windows, semi formol, Hong Kong, being whipped. Cope Cod — wow! Opie, Cuddles, Cokes Fred, chewing fruit certs, wont one? Susan at lost 5-20-77 WILLIAM PASS 43 College Ave. 4-27-57 ROSE PASSAMONTE 1 8 Wellington St, 5-2-58 Buttricks, ‘Shambala, " Chemistry (‘Doc’), 3J‘s, Cofeteria, Uncle Peter (Mr. ' L ' ), Summer of " 74, ” Mr. Storlozzi ' s jokes? crazy friends, " Could It Be Magic, " the pond — ATL, Ro, Dreom On. KAREN PAYNTER 23 Mohowk Rd. 11-15-58 I was so emborrassed, spiders, PQ, SP, OR, DL, MW, AR, DF, LF, LD, Michael 7-14-75, Thorndike, Spy Rond, " Room 208,’’ mesc.. Parties, Proms, Concerts, WG. KAREN PAYNTER STEVEN PAZAR STEPHEN E. PAZAR 37 Tonoger St. 6-12-58 Track, Photography Club; New Mexico and Maine, MARIE M. PECO 56 Pine Ridge Rd. 3-5-58 Pech Cheering, Comp 74 and 75, O — Hi . . . O?, Buttrick ' s, Form, Semi Prom, N.W.R, Parties, Tourneys, Convos — Dave, Zook, CAS — Laughing fits: A.W.O-S.O.C., VUOO, R.O.N.B., Fridoy Nights, N U M B., Y.G.A.F., Why? 2-F, " Feelings, " " Friends We Are. " MARY PECORARI 208 Wolloston Ave. 5 -31-58 Lou Favorite subject Biology, hated Algebra, Sophomore Year I tought 3rd groders. Junior Year School Poper, Spent Summer of " 75 " with J.H. BRUNA PEDRELLI 46 Lakehill Ave. 11-21 -58 Bru BJAKUA — " Sisters, " " Am I turning red? " Cope, 9-28-73, " I got the gum! " Alwoys late. Summer of " 74, " T, P, S, L, Italion 3, Pigtails, 6-7-75, Sumo, " Newspaper onyone . . . ? " Keep Smiling! DEBORAH PELLEGRINO 75 Windsor St. 4-16- 57 Debbie Seeing Elvis Presley in person, Going to Colifornia, Itoly, and Mexico. Mr. Dillon ' s history doss. Ambition: to become a hairdresser and eventually get married. MARIE PECO MARY PECORARI 125 126 PAUL PENGEROTH JANET PETER SHARON P. PELLEGRINO 8 Mortin St. 11-14- 58 Coodles Senior Year, Friends — MKLDOK, lotse loughs with D. — M and D.P.J. ' s, “Let ' s Be Friends " down the store. 1st lunch “74 " B.J.K.M. — nice — Boomer Lee, P Queen ' s porties! NANCY ELLEN PELOOUIN 75 Washington St, 9-9-58 6-7-75 — Mark, I.L.Y.A., Jr, English, best friend — Ecleen, DYR9YIDR, Rl — YES!, Michael J. Cerasuob — Moy God olways be with you, Chicogo, the t»at, ond all the good times with my friends. PAUL F. PENGEROTH 264 Sylvio St. 1-1-58 SUSAN M. PERRELL 42 Windmill Lone 2-25-58 " There is a destiny that mokes us brothers; None goes his way alone All that we send into the lives of others Comes bock into our own. " —Edwin Markham SUSANNA PETERS JOHN BEAL PERRY 1 65 Oakland Ave. 11-9-58 GEORGE PESIRIDIS 21 Russell St. 5-27-58 LISA JEAN PESSA 18 Florence Ave. 4-8-58 " This man wos born to do. To fight for truth ond win. And in defeot, admit defeot. Without defeat within. " Explorers meetings, tennis, cross-country, et Equinamitos. JANET E. L, PETER 42 Golden Ave, 6-28-58 Jan Fourth Estote, Concert Choir, French Club, Librory Club, Canton, " Elton John " concert, Wendy ' s porty, being followed, dragging, my birthday — Chinese food. SUSANNA PETERS 61 Hodge Rd. 9-14-58 Spirit is something that no one destroys. DAVID PETERSEN 35 FoyeMe St. 2-9-5S Pete Conton, B.D.H.F. Drive-ins, Holiday Inn, Maine; Boys, Carl ' s, Lincoln, Beoch Boys — Chicago. Tanza, " George Aiken, I told you so, " Skip!! Von, Westwoods, St. Paul ' s, Advocate. PETER PETROPOULOS 74 Moss. Ave. 6-30-57 Thorndike Park, Chevys, Decent times boring times. We do not remember doys we remember moments, April 23, 1974, Eipnun. KENNETH PEURA 7 Westmorelond Ave. 4-3-57 Great Times down the Reservoir, ond with S.A. in Lexington. LAURA PICKERING 32 Chester St. 6-18-58 Pic Sal 8-3-75 — Love to speciol people DPSJKLMD, Rockport 73, Itolions, " Faster, " Fin ' s art, V.C. Drive-ins, • " Herbie, " Qudubon, N.W.H. Elton, Rod Stewart, party, Sue ' s apt. S.O.M.F.E.M.C. The munch - Just You n ' me. KURT C. POLLANOER 1 1 Lafayette St. 11-5-58 Fndoy nights down the cellar, U.F.N.A. Hole, Marx Brothers, Working overtime at Pat ' s, Portytime is here ogain. Sea Pig, The oll-Americon postime " Schlitz " MARY MARGARET POMPEY 10 Lanork Rd 9-22- 58 Pomp Cheerleoder — comp 74-75, squod 75-76, Fin A.P. parties, the pork, 8 dollars, na no ' s always, W.W, greot times. S.C.B. cotillions 7 73, John Proms 75, neighborhood buddies, copsules peekers MD? to each his own. You ' ve got o friend. Libby ' s Moureen, God bless us friends we are! DIANE PONTE 113VornumSt. 11-21-58 Y ' ello? . . - time ' n ' understandin ' . . . mia . . . CooCoo- Crroo triple P. tree, Ludred Merc Fin, Al, Susie roinbows ' n ' rain, 4-18-75, It ' s magic, peonut butter ' n ' Vin, 8 G.O. ' s ? Reoch, poscienso, my Sicilian morikos VJS, amigos. SUZANNA PONTE 93 Milton St. 1-29-58 Sues Haircut " Operotor " Fish " Hi " MJG — Los Piernos Arqueadas, ' Basketboll Donold ' sl Kathy ' s Rock, Skippin ' with L.G.P., O.P. attic, " Time in o Bottle " JEG Brownie points, Sy, Tinsel, Fruit. DAVID PETERSEN LAURA PICKERING DIANE PONTE SUZANNA PONTE 127 LESLEY PORTER KATHY POWERS 128 ANDY POTTER DAVID PRESTON LESLEY PORTER 44 Academy Sf. 9-12-58 " There is no duty we so much underrofe as the duty of being happy. " — Robert Louis Stevenson RALPH ANDREW POTTER 82 Bartlett Ave 7-1 1-58 DAVID WAYNE POWERS 51 Chester St. 4-16- 58 Gus Wolly ' s green machine WRand G, thanks Ed, scooching, Chick ' s woods, Morie convos Joe, it ' s worth listening, Rez, Paul ' s house 8-18-75 " smiling faces. " — you ' re wicked ballsy, beaut. KATHY POWERS 162 Gordner St. 6-24- 58 Mouseketer Good fights with J.6. Fun times freshman yeor,- Kerry. Lisa. Porties out front, Boskettxill on Monday Nights. Thanks Mr. Lennon . . . J.B. — I.L.Y. DAVID ALLEN PRESTON 33 Bow Sf. 8-9-75 Summer ' s down the Cope, Swimming 75-76 High School Jr. Year, The best times ore olwoys memories. JENNIFER MARY PRESTON 48 Mt. Vernon St. 9-4- 58 Fer-Fer Peeeom, B.F.F., the form, Droma Festivols, Mr. R. Glodys, Buttricks D.K., Henry VI, 9-6-79, Harmonettes, Toronto, the letters? N.U.M.B. . . . Student Council, Dreams only come true to those who believe in them. CHERYL A. PUDDISTER 17 Mayflower Rd. 3-20- 58 Cher ' Summer of 75 Why? N.H., Cellar porties. Drome, ort, Hang it up! Cudo, Line, Slick it in your ear, where the sun don ' t shinel Superchickll ALICE BERNADETTE PUGH 10 Hillside Ave. 12-28- 58 Al Bom ' 75, J.C. ' s room, D.K., Maezoo, Jakes, Aku MaeRuth, Locke ' 73 spying, Buttrick ' s, Mr, Merc., J.M.M. Where did all the time go? A lucky wishing star to make your dreoms come true. ALICE PUGH JAMES PUOPOLO JAMES PUOPOLO 273 Washington St. 11.24-58 ROBERT RA80IN 5 Potrick St. 1-3-58 MARYRAHILLY 1 65 Fronklin St. 7-19-58 Robs Susan, blizzard in April, definite pepsi commercialsl Buttercup, " Guess you had to be there, " kiss off, babe, friends. Beach Boys, skiing " o certain cholet, " psyched. USA BROOKE RAMEIOR 94 Fairrrwnl St. 1 1-19-58 Gr. P ' s, Studs, Fabulous Phoroahs, Moose, M.T 8-20-73 — Feb, 75, ' 55 ' Chevy, skiing, counting horses in the hoyloft, nite-riding with Rick, R.M. ' s in W.V., hanging around, unemployed, for the Good Ti mes! LISA RAU 47 Melrose St. 2-17-58 Junior Prom, Greg I 2-29-73, Donna ' s, Fifth Period, Skip Days, " Southern Mon, " Ventie, Luz Morty, Nantasket, Foxey, Whaler ' s Game, Teen Center, Cokes, Squeegee, " Carol, ore you owake? " " Snooky, " NP.LC.SP.RM., " hiss! " " My locker won’t open! Helpll " Hey Toots . . . MARK RAWSON 1 1 5 Woodside Lane 1 1 -24-57 JAMES RAYMOND 1 9 Albermorle St. 7-6-58 CAROL RAYMONDI 1 1 Amherst St. 2-12-58 Jimmy, Jr, Prom, Lisa Greg, Liso! Are you awoke? Gail ' s house, Nahant, Menotomy, Sept. 2-75, Blockie, things ore terrific, Joonie, Lena, Nancy. MARY RAHILLY MARK RAWSON JAMES RAYMOND 129 130 LINDA REGAN CLARA REAL 8 Chandler St. 1-6-58 There were good times, and there were bad times ot A.H.S., but it was great shoring them with good friends; Memories unforgotten. LINDA REGAN 1 Hazel Terr. 12-5-57 8-14-73 — Darren, Summer of ' 72, Huntington — T C.O.B. — Hampton — Crazy Crayfish — party after party after party — We ' ll see yo — that ' s oil — Theme from A Summer Place — The Mustong. WILLIAM REILLY 54 Woido Rd. 7-19-58 Bill " You know if, " Memorial Day Weekend Down the Cape, " Beach Boys Concerts, " " Cruising, " " Drive-Ins, " " McDonald ' s, " Times down the Cellor, Night at Friendly ' s in Watertown, Red Sox Games. DIANE REZENDES 5 Dorothy Rd. 8-28-58 The rink, thumbprint, M2, mosquito, nickel-jokes, Tuesday Afternoon, Phyllis, " Jenni-FERI " , St. J., Eors?!, " You can’t pour love into others ' lives without spilling some into your DIANE RICCIOTTI 6 Crescent Hill Ave. 3-14-58 Oddi Good Times, Fronkly, " Gionts Steps " Sheraton, 6-16-74, " 3 o ' clock " D.T. Parties, " Blimp, " concerts, 1st and 4th per., Follow that cor, Fridoy Nights? Wish upon 32 foiling stars!!! PAUL RICHARD 117 Sunnyside Ave. 7-8-58 Bulb, Richie I hate it; Greek: Whom-Bar; Five-Five Chevy Torquer, 8th grode, S.O.M.F. Boot, immediotely. Header Borfing, D.L., Dromemites never get pinned. Lorry ' s Gee, Drinking all day, Flys, March 16, May 9,, Daise Racecars to the Max, I ' ll own one of them Savages Somedoy, My Gee, Horley 71, 2nd Gear Wheelies. JOHN CHARLES REISS 37 Wolloston Ave, 7-15-58 N.H, 1962, Cape ot Sandwich 10-10-73, " The door, " " Cris Zoo " !, Take o vote? Fellowship, S.A.8.C., Skiing in Maine " 74, ' 72 KAW Uncle ' s class, Rec B F, Steeple People. ALICE MARIE RILEY 93 Hemlock St. 3-20-58 Kevin 1-24-58, Porty!!, Tower Rd,, Wan’na go for on i.c. ? Winthrop, All Nighters, Concerts, Bod Co. Labor Doy Weekend of ' 75, N.H. Don’t forget Buttricks, D.F., S.D,, K.P., K.V., M R., D.R., D.H., RMJNJJMFED, Good Luck, ALICE RILEY ROBERT RINN 1 265 Mass. Ave. 7-23-57 There were o lot of good things here at A.H.S., and a lat of things that ore bitter. Plans to ma|or in accounting at Middlesex C.C. CYNTHIA RITCHIE 251 Mountoin Ave, 5-M-58 Cindy Pinky. 208. " Yer kidding!” " Hi Cign,” Call it macaroni, Ooh Boby, Deb ' s House, WHB ' 74, Tickle, Smash!, " Walk Much?” St. Eulalia ' s, Sharon ' s parties, Hampton Beach ' 75, A.H.S. gomes, “Hey — Red. ‘ JEAN ROBERTSON 41 Wilbur Ave. 1 1-1 1-58 Foggy, Hampton Beach ' 75, " good vibes, " A.H.S. hockey gomes, H.T.S.I.B., black tape, June 3, ' 75, Buttericks, laughing for no reoson, planned routes, Smash!, Only the beginning! JEAN ROBINSON 2 Aberdeen Rd. 10-30-58 V. Bosketboll, V. Softball, Art, Sailing, CBI friends, E Moss Champs, Studies, Jen Twin, Toomey Chem., CGEDDRBCDCNBCWPYPW, " let today embrace the past with remembronce and the future with longing. " PAUL ROCKWELL 40 Dudley St. 4-12-56 Rock All the kids up The Tower were the best. Remember the parties, and the Bad old ”55, " Remember the Gymnostic Comps and working out. MARGARET M. RONAN 1 Brewster Rd. 6-22-58 " I know what I hove given you. I do not know whot you have received.” — Antonio Porcho. DEBRA ROSSELLI 283 Ridge Street 8-21-58 Debbie All My Love to Kenny — Miciances Harry and Bambo, Dates in the Demon, Angel, Frogs, Igor, Friends, Junior Prom, Jimi, Sabrina Tone, Goober, Grunt, Ducky. ROBERT RINN JEAN ROBINSON DEBRA ROSSELLI CYNTHIA RITCHIE PAUL ROCKWELL 131 DEBORAH ROUSAKIS LISA ROUTENBERG ROBERT ROWE DEBORAH RUSSELL ANDREW RUSSO JOHN RUSSO 132 PATRICIA ROWE DEBORAH ROUSAKIS 7 Grove St. 8-12-58 Bonzo, P.W.P., The Saloon, Two years with J.F., Student leoching, M.P.S., Portying with D.A., Rogie ' s, Mr. Merc’s English class. Junior English Find Play. LISA ROUTENBERG 32 Henry Street 9-11-58 Paul 9-20-74. R C, Buttrick ' s, the farm, Sken ' s N.Y E.P., 5th per. soph jr. year, Sr. Prom ' 75, Jr. Semi-formol, J.C. ' s room, foce, " Like it, yah. " PATRICIA ROWE 1 60 Renfrew St. 2-27-S8 Tish Ho Horrowshow times ot Hampton, HoJo ' s, Al ' s Parties, Conada with G.C. Loyal Druigs C.T., K.W., R.M., A.J., L.N., The Blue Valiont, VW, Dort, cruising for Ritz Crockers, Stoirv ay to Heaven ROBERT ROWE 51 Howthorne Ave. 1 1-4-58 Jock Doff Big Al, Help me MRT, YoHo D., Sat. mornings. Stooges Toronto Buffalo Hertford Boneheod Burt 1st period Farrey, Park West. DEBORAH RUSSELL 249 Gray St. 3-22-58 Summer of " 75, " — Good Time Down Arthur D ' s and the Drome — Steve — Hampton, Marie M.W., S.P., K.P., D.L., - 6 T.W.C.G. 1st lunch " 74 " MARIE RUSSELL 23 Wright St. 2-19-58 Rie Aquarius; Stairway to Heaven; Gimlets; Carole, Dennis, Mille, Cyst Boombo, Sha, Debbie, Alice W.H.O.P.B.B., D.F.M.P.C.N. Russies Cornivd, N.E.N.H.B, C., Stoughton Party, Motingnon dances, skiing. Essence concert. ANDREW RUSSO 6 Spypond Pkvry 5-6-58 JOHN RUSSO 27 Pine St. 12-11-57 Room 5, The Lakes, 54 Olds, " The Blue Bomber, " junior Prom " 75 " Hampton Beoch " 75 " The Coost From Moine to Florida, Phil ' s Rocing Machine, The Greet years " 72-76. " KATHRYN RYAN 145 Hillside Ave. 1-13-57 JUDITH RYGIEL 43 Sunnyside Ave 12-30-58 Memories of J.C — Summer of " 75 ’ wasted " Happy, " " Winter " — The Slones, Bod Co., Debbie, B.W., C.C., Type I — A.N., The Dome, Lunch time, F.M., Z., " Killing yourself to Live. " PAUL SABATINO 102 Vornum St. 3-25-58 Sob Football, Basketball, Horse Doctor, Stooges; cacklefruit, Horvord freaks, Paul Westwoods House, Miss Withers, Pope Joe, Or, of reality. Zing Zing, LOUIS M. SACCO 4 1 Lancoster Rd. 4- 1 1 -58 Lou Summer of 74, Thursday night, Oklahomo, Ali Hokim Music Dept, Toronto, Scared to Deoth in Drama, Joyce, the Typists, Damn . , , ' 66 T-Bird. Big Lil ' Maytum, Linda Lloyd, Clarence, PHILIP R.SALA 83 Dorothy Rd. 8-11-57 Smiley ' 64 Chevy; Drome; Thorndike; Venice; Crowley; New Hompshire parties; Cruising along; Getting wasted on Fridoy nights, Having the munchies. Hey Little Smiley, Summer of " 75, " Mr, Cooper ' s woodshop doss. ARTHUR A. SALANI 260 Ridge St. 12-6-58 The corner, Bob s place, Winchester, the burning bush, D2, -127,- 260 Symmes, 68 Chev,, " 76 " SchoaTs Out. DONNA SALEMME 230 Forest St. 2-27-58 3 great yeors with Paul, 4-4-73, summer with R.S., T,C., Lake Sunapee, Locke School, Comet to Torino, Paul s Van, Senior Elect, Concerts, B.B., A,C., E.J., 16fh Birthday D. Races, " What ' s Happening " PHILIP SALA ARTHUR SALANI LOUIS SACCO DONNA SALEMME 133 CHERYL SALEMY ELAINE SCANNELL CLINTON SCHWAMB KEVIN SCOTT CHERYL SALEMY 33 Dickson Ave. 10-16-58 j,M. — J-R- — R.K. — Hoppiness — Janet — AY.C.C. — summer of 75 N.H. — May 4, 1975 — Mork — Steve — Billy — Debbye — memories. " Precious and Few. " — " Color My World " — " Loving You " — Sondy ' s — Buttricks — Deli — late mornings. EDITH SANDER 261Bfoadwoy 7-12-56 ROBERT SANDERS 2 1 Sagomore Rd. 1 MI-57 Seal ' s Cellor, Chicago, Babos, Sundoy Softboll, Thugin, M- mmmm, parties, D.I.’s, Somebody must be burning leaves. Jack, Seal, Chris, George, R.K. T., The Heods. JUDITH A. SANTOSUOSSO 53 Loncoster Rd. 7-16- 58 Judy Hamburgs French Fries, Frankie TLA. Loncoster, Mondie Brion, " Beso " Vinny ' s Car, The Sullivan ' s Kanosotko, Erin, (FAMS) September Weird, Hond-ln, To all my friends, thank you. MARIE SAVILL 92 Bow St. 5-28-58 B.C., C.W., C.S., P.M., Stone s Concert " 75,“ Nontasket, " Sept. 19, " Cope Cod. ELAINE SCANNELL 20 Chester St. 10-15-58 " For Baby " G.S. Mojoreftes practice, G S shows, N.H., papers pictures, bike, Boston, donees, Charles River, summer. Hi . . . letters Boston Garden, smile, and, my friends. CLINTON SCHWAMB 39 Morothon St. 5-22-58 KEVIN PAUL SCOTT 266 Pork Ave. 6-19-57 Morshfleld Summer of " 75, " Popo house. Hockey, Stones " 72 " and " 75, " Thy Form, U.S. Marines yeah, Porris island here I come, see you boy’s in August. 134 MARY SEABURY 25 Reed St, 1-13-57 Mim. Dodge Dort, Hampton, Shirley, bars. Cross Country Summer " 73, " T.J.L C.D., " Diamond Girl, " ' D J. E. and C. In Art, Drive-ins. " Superwomon. " KAREN SEAVEY 24 Daniels St. 2-12-58 Goodbye, to four happy years, with lots of loughs ond fun with the French and Chemistry dosses, Boston Gardens, and many great times. JOHN SEFNER 20 Swan Ploce 6-20-58 JILL SEGELSTROM 50 Jason St. 9-19-58 Aku, Games, P.T.A., H.Y.H., A.C., Borgoin, M.L.G.P., Buttricks, I.L.I., D.Q, Dumpster, C.Z., Summer of " 75, HoJo’s, Nohant, W.P., H.P., Maverick, Ethel, B.F., Eggs, G.H.A.L., Somerville, H.O.P., Spoceshots, German Tanks, Waltham " 74 " , Hots, The Girls, D.E., R.R, Tracks, It was Imaginary. FREDERICK J, SENNOn 969 Mass, Ave. 5-19-58 Mr. Cotty — Electronics, Mr. Foisey — English, Mr Bussel movin’ rapidly olong, Opie and Wife, Cuddles, Cokes, Barf out the window, Gerard, I ' ll see ya. PIERRE SERRES 326 Forest St. 9-18-55 RONALD SERRES 324 Forest St. 5-9-57 JAMES HAROLD SEWARD 16 Frost St. 9-25- 58 Jamie Red, Soo-ward, Alaska, Redwood, Jomieluko, " Horvesting Carrots, " " This class is Crazy, " V, Bosketboll? Tennis?, Atrophy, J.V.B.B. grompszearsbuxpigeon, Borgoin, Bulk, Ah . . . , J.J. ' s, I wonder ... if onyone will ever like me? FREDERICK SENNOTT 135 ViaORlA SEXTON JOHN SHAHZAOE DEBRA SHAW ViaORIA J. SEXTON 308 Pork Ave. 4-21-58 Vicky Ralph and Ella, Eileen, Morching Bond, Drum Major, Pof, T, Toronro, Foyva, Organ and choir of PACC, New Hampshire and Cape Summers. JOHN SHAHZADE 35 Temple St, 5-20-58 Herbie Sic-Did, Loke; Winn, Hye, Cope, Gentlemen, Who Wolked In? Form. Westwoods, Hoit, V, Soccer, V. Hockey, Comoro — Spokes, Libby, Berling. JANE SHAUGHNESSY 163 Pork Ave. 4-19-58 " Remembered joys are never past " 7-12-75 Cheryl, Meg, Noreen, Shown. DEBRA SHAW 1 0 Greeley Cir. 8-24-58 Hampton Beach, Laconia, Bikes, geftin’ high, Bruce " 72 " — " 76, " Junior homeroom. Finally mode it, Whotto hove? M.S,, S.S., V.A., R.M., Check it out, Bowie, Bruce Spring, stien, Mott, and oil the rest. I ' ll see yo, with lots of love. Oh happy days It’s a porty. Summer Street, it was short but sweet. Mom ond Dad. LOU ANNE MARIE SHAW 10 Pork St, 4-5-58 “Finolly getting out!!! " spork’em, " Spaced without a Trace. " No Nome, Skip doors, BassaNovo, 412-186, I Stop, P.L.P., " Heimy, " Jr, year, munching out, " ReollyM " Hello World!! 136 SUSAN M. SHAW 64 Pork Ave. Ext. 9-23-58 Jr. Clo$s V.P., June ' 75 — A.O.E. The Bim Art Cobin, C.C.R., MocZoo, The B U.B. — Mies, Brig ' s J.K. ond C.J. Mink ' s Party — The Streak, D.K. 685, Jr. Hmr. " Dennis is on Drugs. " Aug. ' 74 C.S.N.Y. Concert DENNIS SHEA 44 Lokehill Ave. 1-17-58 Jr. Homeroom, Porties in the Parking Lot, Mucci, Dennis do you wont to get high? Whom-por, Greek: The Mountains Jibby, The lost Dromemite; I mode it. All right! Good Life. MARGARET SHEA 138 Westminster Ave. 7-19- 58 Meg B.B. concert — Spring of ' 75 — Bread and Roses — 3-22 — D.Q. — Sounds Reasonable — p-t. — j. — 4-7 Dream On! — Rockport ' 75 — N.A. Weekend — Long Talks — 5- 24 — Prezels with Lorrie — 8? — RICHARD S. SHEA 5 Hothowoy Circle 7-26-58 Richie Carol, 6-20-74 Luv Yo Bobe, Beach Boys, The Tomb, Jr. Prom., Whipped, Zoo Squod, R.L. Cot Blocky, Jo Dude, Passout, Da Weed, Jimbo, Sol, Beers, 66 Ford, Tel. Pole, Party time. JOHN SHEAHAN 1 55 Brattle St. 4-5-58 ROBIN SHEEHAN 25 Moringside Dr. 12-26-57 Bird Happiness is Bobby Zoino - 4-2-72 " Colour My World " I sow it in your eyes. Feelings. Hey you guys. Mr. and Mrs. P. Real Friends. Rte 93 3;00 o.m. 3-7-75, Colonno, C.D., D.S. Full Moon. God Bless Bobby Alwoys. MARY SHIMP 63 Freeman St. 11-14-58 Hoppiness is Tommy, 8-30-73, Onset. Little Harbor, Pumping Station, Favorite Closs — Mrs. Loftus $ Sewing Class. SUSAN SHULTZ 74 Gardner St. 8-27-58 Good times with Kevin, Trips to Maine, Old mzmories on Lewis Ave., Good times with Kerry, Renee, and Debbie. LAURA SIMPSON 24 Glouster St. 7-28-57 Lorry — July 13-74, Newtowne, Steok and Grill — Stairway to Heoven, fun summer " 74 " — Typing — movies — tennis — Brighom ' s. SUSAN SHAW RICHARD SHEA MARY SHIMP DENNIS SHEA JOHN SHEAHAN ROBIN SHEEHAN SUSAN SHULTZ 37 JOSEPH SIRIANI KAREN SKENIAN JUDY SMITH STEVEN C. SMITH STEVEN R. SMITH 138 DAVID SKOTNICKI JOSEPH J. SIRIANI, JR. 53 Magnolia St. 9-4- 58 Cheech So My Bi Fo Loi Pfi Chech ond Chong. Ma Fo Pink Oyster, Allman Brothers. Basketball, Moiodo, Dude. KAREN SKENIAN 7 Seminole Ave. 6-20-58 Sken H.R., J.C. ' s room like it — ya, N Y E.P., MacZoo, D.K. 685, Joke’s, Semi-Formal, Closs Officer, Mr. Kelley ' s peorls of wisdom. Barn 74 — 75, B.S., Mox, Buttrick’s, Nylon Masks, Aku, Spying, True Friends, Stairway to Heaven, " so it ' s the laughter we will remember” DAVID SKOTNICKI 79 Charles St. 6-8-57 DONNA SMITH 27A Appleton St, 7-15-58 " The Rez,” The Born ”74, ' ' Senior Prom ”75,” A Trip up to Whites, " Bagged,” The mght offer Fridoy the 13th. US 8 - S.T , SOB, HA, LL, JT, KG, PT, DS, Boot it! Party all night long — Thot ' s alll JUDY SMITH 48 Wincesfer Rd. 9-21-58 LINDA SMITH 63 Appleton St. 11-1 4-58 The Gong, the rink, Horvord St., parties, N.H. Mrs. 6 s, Lojo, Moryland, Seals ond Crofts, Tippsifurvi, lollipops, 7 ond 7, Cape, Aerosmith, sleep-overs, the juke box, 6-14- 75, Beach boys — Chicago, Surf boards and Wafer skis, 100,0001, Paul MANUEL SMITH 34 Addison St. 5-5-58 STEVEN C. SMITH 1 30 Thorndike St. 5- 1 1 -58 Thorndike Pork and Drome the Best, Alice Cooper — Three Stooges, Sousa sleeping on Pinball Machines, Carpentry and Mochinisf work. STEVEN R. SMITH 1 07 Glouster St. 7-14-57 Smitty " Gymnastics " The State Meets, 1973-1974 Leogue Meet. Happiness is Donna Richord. Ambitions; to go to College become a millionare ard then retire. VALERIE SMITH 1 9 Tufts St. 9-27-58 Science Club, Library Club, Chess Club ”72” — ”73 ' , Jr. Prom ‘‘75, ' ' D.E., Sewing, The Trev., Summer of ' ’75 ' ' — K.R., movies. Rocky, Memories, love seclusion. " A life of beauty lends to all it sees the beouty of its thought.” SUSAN SNOWDON SUSAN B. SNOWDON 84 Pork Ave. Ext. 9-9-58 Fellowship Retreots, Art Club ' 72 , munchin ' peonut butter crockets. Let ' s go to Boston, Boptist Higher ground 1-19-75, Semi-fornf ol, Hong Kong, Cope Cod — wow! Nursing, strowberries. Happiness, Scott 5-20-77 JUNE SOMERS 41 Blossom St. 4-1-58 Greot porents, BoBo, P.D., " Sull,” Duckie, M.S , ' Grease, " The Gong, Stcxies, Cruising around, Maine, 3 O ' s, Mariner, Nice Eyes! Summer 74 75, O.6., Seasons of Wither, Echo Bridge. ROBERT SORON 1 1 0 Poul Revere Rd. 4- 1 1 -58 FZOP! Chronic Illness, Denny ' s Perpetuol Deadline, Jr. English — oil of them. Hooroy S-P., G.S., A.B., D.D., ond o passing nod to Uncle Petey ' s 2nd period- Goomph! DAVID SOUSA 121VornumSf. 4-9-58 Mr. Whitemore 4th Period, Thorndike Pork the best, (RP), Hompton Weekends, the Quig ' s notes, Mr. D ' s door at Lunchtime (Backhander). MICHAEL SOUSA 363 Mystic St. 9-7-57 DENISE SPERO 22 Tomohawk Rd. 12-21- 58 Motormouth Sagittarius, 25B, Cope Cod, " Harmony , Cherry, Memories — D.P-, Lukes, yo know. Mod Lough, Tent Fort, Alormclock, Englewood, Rarora, Wouldya? Couldyo? U.S.M.C., Zig-a- dig. Love it! Drive a mile. DAVID SOUSA DENISE SPERO 139 CAROL STACCHI LINDA STARR JEFFREY STEIN MARY JANE STUART BRIAN SULLIVAN CAROL SULLIVAN DEBORAH SULLIVAN DUANE SULLIVAN CAROL ANN STACCHI 10 Selkirk Rd 1-28-58 Sister Cheerleading, NCA comp, BOttricks, Form, Kowosoki, J.V. — 75 — Jimmy’s, 1, A2, Thanks Finn, Rieriedeets, MLB, laughing fits, A.W.O.S., R.O.N.B., senior convention, N.U.M.B., memories, " Friends We Are, " ’’Y.G.A.F. " MARY STAFFORD 55 Lennon Rd. 8-16-57 Staff Cape, surf beach. Queen, Aerosmith, " Summer of 72, " friends, C.S., J.S., P D-, D.S., A.Y.C.C., Mome, Kenny, the pond, and horseback riding at the Cape, Step, Bells, S.F., Combridge Party, Mary and the party smoker. LINDA JEAN STARR 1 14 Ridge ST. 7-1-58 Remember R.P, S.S.S.P., L.T., M.M., R.R., Kenney, Medford Square, Butterflies, Carpenters, Goodbye to Love. Saturday football Games. " You Jerk! " Don’t forget Mr, Lone. " 76. " JEFFREY ABRAHAM STEIN 41 Jason St. 11-2-58 JeH Pres SC, Vsoccer, swimming, AOE, bim-bim, frostbitten, 20 hrs. to Toronto, Buffalo, 8 to the 5. Ort 81, P.A. — kazoo, ding-o-ling. I said stand up!l Four yeors seemed an instant, and whot on instont it was. DEBORAH STOTIK 27 Amsden St. 5-5-58 Alias Con Good times at the Dome, Diomond 9-15-75 — Jim, Good old times at Horry’s. Year of " 73 " — " 74 " , Numb, Dumb, Nim, Dim: Nose, Morshfield, Boby-foce MARYJANE STUART 1 62 Gordner St. 4-30-58 Mouse Led Zeppelin " 73, " Basketball on Monday nights. Forties with Killer, Thelmo, Abby, Tog, Mouseketeer, Wippie, and Chumleg. D.O.B. with Chumleg, Thonks to Mr. Lennon Kothy Cody BRIAN PAUL SULLIVAN 96 Bow St. 12-4-58 Sully Judy Mondei, 1 -2-73-2- 1 8-75, Best time. Kanosatka, Croc Rock, Loncoster, Summer Weekends, gronch. Baseball, donuts. I’ll be Around, TITWIWTFFYA, F.F. " Beso, ' Skoolabasta b e Good!! CAROL J. SULLIVAN 98 Bow St. 4-27-58 Lote, Ancient Mariner, Seabrook, York, " Under My Thumb, " JS., P.D., L.D., M.S., Grease M.S., Stones, " K, " Thonks. DEBORAH ANN SULLIVAN 23 Boiley Rd. 12-23- 58 Debbie Res segregation! Brown Sugarl " Trips to Faraway Places; somewhere, someday, somehow; Mutt and Jeff; Matchmaker; Evil Knievel; Rovioli; Cheryl, Don ' t Let it Bring You Down DUANE SULLIVAN 1 8 Swan Ploce 1 0- 1 -58 Spark ' em, The Center, Pond, Drome, Snatch, Puddles Good Puddles, Good Times, Bod times, Coff Cars. Pet Peeve — Snobby Girls, Cruising, Summers 72 73 74 75 (I’m not into that scence) ]40 HENRY A. SULLIVAN 11 Winter St. 3.18-59 Nub, Ike, John, Mr. Quiggs, Mr. DeMat, Paul ' s house, harassing freaks, hatchet tongues, " Tourney 75 " Soph. Jr. Beach parlies, S.C,, 4th Estate, H.H., Lucky 6, Remember 9-6-78 JANE SULLIVAN 43 Hilton St 8-24-58 Sull Form; Buttricks; D.K. 685; Sken ' s N.Y.E.P.; Born 74-75-a little salt pleose; Sr. Prom ' 75 — my brown eyed boy; J.C. ' s Room; N.U.M.B.; AKU; streaking sickness; Good Good. R C but I like Pepsi,- H.D.M.; Sr. Protice; D.E., K B, Like it, yohll MARGARET SULLIVAN 22 Dow Ave. 9-3-57 Get out of my seot! Downsview Ganodo, For Out, Koppy, Curlly, Sef., 4 years with Mr. T., Freak! Stay away, I Bite, I Love it. NEIL SULLIVAN 77 Thorndike St. 5-20-58 Sully Weekends with the boys from Thorndike. Seeing different People, " Chicks,” Concerts, Three Stoogers, Portying, Rats, " Looking Forword to Fridoy All Week. " PATRICIA E. SULLIVAN 4 Menotomy Rocks Dr. 4-28-58 Good times with P.P.G., Weekends down the Cope, Honscom Field, " ‘The Ocean, " M.M. and Monuel, Cost parties — " Babes in Arms, " Maine after L.O.I.L.M., Glod NEIL SULLIVAN PATRICIA SULLIVAN 141 MICHAEL SWEENEY SHARON SWEENEY LISA TARTARINI MARIE TAMI 142 ANTHONY TAHMOSH PATRICIA TALARICO DAVID TATRO MICHAEL E. SWEENEY 41 Hemlock Si. 1 1-8-57 SHARON M. SWEENEY 41 Hemlock Si. 11-10-58 Peggy ' s garage, six-pack, M.M.A., Jr. Prom, Mardy’s cottoge, the letters, B N parties, Sr. Convention, the Cape, ' 74, Butts, peeper. All good things must come to on end - . - ANTHONY M, TAHMOSH 1 2 Menotomy Rocks Dr, 12- 13-58 Tony Soccer, Woter skiing down Spy, Mike ' s House, Paul ' s House. PATRICIA TALARICO 47 Kilsythe Rd. 10-26-58 Pot Jack. 6-8-73, " Color My World. " Summer " 73, " Party All • Night Long. H.A. ' s Porties. Bagged Up Locke. Res. Long Tolks With G.P. R.N. Check If Out, " My " Buddy, G.M.I.B.B. Senior Year, " That All. " MARIE TAMI 152CedorAve. 8-26-58 Us Six — C.K., L.G., D.S., S.W., C.D. Love my Bob, — olwoys there. The Teddy Beor; Schlitz; sporkles in your eyes. The res, Wingoersheek, The Born, bagged 4-15-74, Stairwoy to Heoven; Movin ' on, at lost, make your life happy. Good-bye. LISA TARTARINI 1 5 Joson Terr. 8-22-57 Summer 75 Best, Mark, West Island, Maureen and the Choir, Parties at the Well, Dump rood birthday, M A, L M, B.W.E., ketchup. DAVID TATRO 8 1 Trowbridge St. 11-1 5-58 Friday Nights in the car, 10-4-74, J.K., The Junior Prom, J.R. ' s Cellar, Gloucester, The cemetery. The Rink, Sunday Football Gomes in the " Pit,” Street Hockey Gomes. PATRICIA TEEVEN 1 5 Governor Rd. 12- 19-56 It has been o long four years. I ' m glad to be getting out, DOREEN M. THEROUX 1 5 Park Ave, Ext. 4-23-58 P.E.I. 75, K.P, 3-21-75; Moon, 4-23-75 L.T. ' s house; Friday Nights, Follow that cor; Concerts; Big Dipper,- Sophomore Beach Party; La-dee; What a waste; Corona; sis; Graduation Day. " JOHN TIERNEY 21 Lakehill Ave. 1-29-58 Tim Cruisin, Alice Cooper No 1, Concerts ore Best, Q.S.D. in the Summer, Parties on weekend, Porkin oil the time! " School is out” completely, the sand cliffs. JOHN TIGHE 304 Summer St. 4-20-57 RICHARD TIGHE 126 Sunset Rd. 4-2-58 SIDNEY TILDSLEY 23 Boulevard Ave. 10-3-58 TIMOTHY TINKER 1 8 Whittemore St. 10-27-58 Tim Heightsmen, Volks, August 27th, Vokie, Oh Really? muckle. The Ring, Burger King Saturday nights. The Bomb, parties. Contests, Bluebird, Florido, where we going? morbid, lerch, what? CHARLYNE TINSLEY 31 Orvis Rd. 1-30-58 remember Morshfield — summer nights the Beach, Mrs. Loftus ' Sewing dosses, Jr. Sr. yeor. Asking for o pass to my Locker, But going to the store instead. DOREEN THEROUX TIMOTHY TINKER 143 144 MARY TOBIN TIMOTHY TOOMEY SHARON TOWLE MARY TOBIN 76 Beacon St. 3-22-58 St. Agnes, Fi-Ho, CYO 74-75 " Nosh ' s Parties. Shanana Frankie, Nantasket Beach — Summer of 75 (J.C.), " What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) " Florida — 76, bump. MARY ANNE TOMPKINS 8 Brooks Ave. 8-31-58 Prim Parties down Thorndike, Hampton A.J.F. The End, Weekends, Schlitz. English. Skipping, smoking out front, Party 74. The Bone, getting kicked out of the Park. Memories. CYNTHIA E. TOOMEY 21FremontCt. 7-10-58 Cindy " Toes " Droogies - T.R, K.W, R.M, N.T, A.J, LN, P.P. My 16th at Al ' s, Stones Concert, Cruisin’, Hampton ' 73, Summers ' 74 and ' 75, Chumps, Bowie ot Statler H., " Fire”, Funky Stuff. N.E. S.B., Good Cracker! NOREEN M. TOOMEY 670 Mass Ave. 4-20-57 " It ' s about lime, " C.T., K.W., P.T., T.R., M.P. TIMOTHY TOOMEY 108 Ronald Rd. 10-13-58 Charlie Kornik ' s Class. " The Best” Running For Class President Senior Year. Mr. Merc ' s English Class Per. 6. FAY ELLEN TERESE TORRESYAP 58 Tomahowk Rd. 6- 15-58 " Love is a Fool Sfor, " M. at M. of S, G.S, Pussy Willows, Sounds of Silence, Traveling, Flight, Tennis Toes. Poems flow easy. Le Chef. Rainy Day People. Les etoiles. Spaced teeth. Beards and Blue Eyes. If. ROBERTA G. TOUMAYAN 94 Hathaway Circle 10-3-58 K.R. J.A. Watertown ACYOA Cruisin " Duck — Shoon " Ace Worcester " 74 " Hojo ' s Soturday nite basketball games We ' ve only just begun . . . SHARON TOWLE 22 Franklin St. 11-8-58 Mom, Turtle, Big S Merc ' s Media 25B, Old Hall Studies 4 yrs. with M.R.T., Parties, A.F.D., New Hampshire, Summers of 74 75 with Frank Andy, H piness is M.P.E. LORETTA TRAMONTOZZI DAVID TRANI MICHAEL TRAPAN LORETTA TRAMONTOZZI 2 Gorhom St. 12-19- 58 Lori Weekend nights, M2, Toronto, N.E.C., Drama, Sr. Year, True Friends, I Don ' t Want to be a turtle! DAVID TRANI 164BrottleSt 3-27-58 MICHAEL A. J. TRAPAN 19 Wildwood Ave. 6-12- 58 Trap Summer of 75, Chicago — Eleo h Boys Concert, Harvard Common 6-26-75, CTC, DeMoloy 2-9-75 Ali — woit up will ' ya?, Pooooarty, Data Processing I II, Russ, Depot — Valet Forking with Fron, Happy Thanksgiving. DAVID TRAVERS 4 Amherst St. 7-1 6-58 JANE TREMBLAY 20 Alpine St. 9-12-58 Joy 2-8-74, Us 8 - LL, SJ, SO, DS, HA, KG, PT. bagged bam 74, Summer of ' 73 — Locke, Hobo, Res, surf. First Ave. fried clems, fights, ' omeone like you. JOYCE TUFF 77 Henderson St. 3-6-58 Joyce, The Corner, the girls, drome, jingles, summer time pot of gold, Thorndike, thanks for your car, Rhode Island blues. MARIE T. TUMINELLI 295 Park Ave. 6-6-58 Best times with Donny. November 9. Boby I ' m yours, Tolks with T.B. Lettermen . . . Senior Prom Music Holl 5-23-75 Summer ' 75 Traces Memories DAVID TRAVERS JANE TREMBLAY JOYCE TUFF M.S KATHY VAUGHAN RITA UTTARO 1 1 Steep Rock Rd. 5-30-58 Pat, Linda, Sue, C.Y.O. — Retreots, ADATB-B. A.O.E., Ute, Survival, Jr. Prom, Track, B.B. Concert, Wine — Deb, Neil Young, Old Spec, " A-Yup " Confounded bridge. Greens house hoppin. I ' m hungry, Fri. nites, digs. Cope, Sir John, Fish, C.K., P.J ' s ot S, D.V. ' Tm OK - You ' re OK” FAITH VANDERBURGH 1 00 Coolidge Ave. 3-4-58 Fifl ■ ' The mind is its own piece, ond in itself con make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. " Milton, Porodise Lost ROBERT VANSCHAICK 67 Broodway 7-3-57 FRED VAUGHN 1 34 Thorndike St. 1-27-57 KATHLEEN VAUGHAN 24 Everett St. 3-4-58 Parties with PPG, A.O.E, pulling all nighters, MRP, growing up — PADSDMJRMCJ, " You know me, " Nahont, Cronin ' s, " I gutta go, " Sr. Gym Class — jumping jacks with Mr. Bermudo — whol problems? 146 THOMAS VINCENT 11 Jonet Rd, 12-2-57 Miller, Michelob, Coors (when available! ond somelimes school. HELEN VISELLI 25 Fessenden Rd, 1-24-58 Heleno Meet me of the door Glosses and Lunch with Moe, J.C. 8.B. P.M. gingerole pleose, hold the S.C. homework over with J-M. apples with R.S. REBECCA VOLPE 88 Webcowet Rd. 10-8-58 Bee Dennis Ponte. Hotel Sonnesto. " Well, I gofto be going, " " Jone, Let’s run oround the trockl " “Hey, Karen, I sow M.V. todoy, " That speciol night! " I love you Dennis Ponte R.P.F. JEFFREY VONER 10 High Haith Rd. 5-21-57 life . . . leoming . . . loving . . oHempting , . . unafroid trying . . , listening . . . occepfmg CATHERINE WAHLEFIELD 54 Dundee Rd. 2-2-58 JOHN WARREN 520 Sommer St. 11-26-58 Mr. Sotnick ' s class — Rock concerts — Yes — Moc — The Center Kids — J.B. — Freshman Football — Leathers — The Lunchroom Gang — The Parties at the Store — Harvard Square — very Decent!!! MARY WELCH 1 4 Compbell Rd. 9-29-58 Friends — D.L., D.R., S.P., K.P. Nights down Arthur D ' s Bowiodrome. L’s porties. Best times with C.G. KATHLEEN WHEATON 68 Hemlock St, 10-9-58 Where om I? Summer of 75. Porty at 68. R and R Mott. Julie. B.B, Avocodo Pink? Brothers. L.T. Rainbows. CSN Y I need you. " J.D.’s. P.M. What a Pal, Buddies. J. Swift. Piubo neus MARK L. WHITAKER 35 Melvin Rd. 7-27-58 Whit Madrigal Singers, 2 year; Concert choir, 2 yrs; wos Pilot in J.C. Superstar ; Track, 4 yrs, I hope to become o lawyer. Good Luck to all! THOMAS VINCENT JEFFREY VONER AAARY WELCH REBECCA VOLPE KATHLEEN WHEATON MARK WHITAKER 147 GEORGENE WHITE JAMES WHITE ALEXANDER WILSON JAYNE WILSON MITCHELL WINKLER ALISA WOLF 148 SUSAN WHITTAKER NANCY WILSON GEORGENE WHITE 21 Lakehill Ave. 8-8-58 AKU, H.Y.H., Revere Beach, Hey BudI! Conn. Shelton, 10 months Good Friends, Hello It ' s Me, C.B, H.P., Manor, Fire Truck, Eggs, W.H. Party, Out House, S.P. ”76 " JAMES J. WHITE 49 Windsor. St, 11-14-58 Bobo The gang ' s all here. Are you alright? Where ' s your heod at? Ouising around with Dave, Gory, end Dan, Crosby ParR, Salem Willows. Zoyre ' s stock room. SUSAN JOAN WHIHAKER 23 Bailey Rd. 12-18- 58 Spaceshot Travels, Lady, Hynes, Rebels, Res, Go ask Alice, The way I choose, Colombos, Old Man, Party, Schlitz. Fill your Hearts - D.S., L.G., M.T., C.K., C.D.!! ALEXANDER WILSON 1 54 Pheosont Ave. 10-5-58 Baseball, 8 pitches and goodbye, 1 hitters stink, Reggie Jockson, Sidney Wicks, Vido Blue, ore the best!! JAYNE M. WILSON 61 Wollaston Ave. 11-3-58 Good life, hick town parties, sabe, " Con I take " stang " zee?” crozy babe, drags, don ' t get fomiliar, quorterbock, " Canned Heot,” heove — ho NANCY E. WILSON 1 1 Sunset Rd. 3-20-58 Noncy P. Mork C. — Dave — Jackie Meri Mott — Jack White — Sue 4 Chuck — Mr. Lane. Promise? Really? — " Ya But” — Snow — Fireploces — Jingle Bells — Poul Newmon — Smile — Betsy — Jock. MITCHELL M. WINKLER 10 Sleepy Hollow Lane 6-24- 58 Airplanes; bicycles — bicycling, Science Club; Mr, T,; white linen toble cloths. ALISA WOLF 161 Mt, Vernon St. 3-6-58 Jolly Green Giant; Flavor of the month; " Goober Peas”; Entertainment at the Bim Bim,- " Bluebird”; grape leaves; harmony; T.Y.; Well, it ' s hard to explain . . . KATHLEEN WOLF 1 1 1 Gordner St, 10-25-58 Droogs — Toes; Tish Ho; N.T.; L.N; A.J; Rito; S.B -t- N.E; Ritz; Hampton ”75”; Summer of ”73” and ”74 " ; Cruisin’; Parties; Concerts; Bowie; " Lolo " ; Fire! Good Memories! KATHLEEN WOLF JEAN WRIGHT BRIAN WRIGHT 1 29 Newlond Rd, 9-5-57 JEAN WRIGHT 1 3 Woodland St. 7-14-58 Alwoys being shafted. -W-X-Y-Z” Samettes, Beating on Tony. M.Z point the lockers, bring a couch and a bar, CHARLES XENOS 82 Kensington Park 10-24-58 BRUCE YOLTON 1 7 Washington St. 1 2-30-58 1 recognize on unforseeable chonge in myself, brought on by time and people. I wonder what the future will hold. Don t we all. KRISTA YOUNG 26 Oldham Rd. 12-15-58 CHARLES XENOS BRUCE YOITON KRISTA YOUNG 149 DAVID ZAMMUTO NICHOLAS YPSILANTIS 43 Webcowet Rd. 3-30-58 V. Track. Doc’s Class. Club Meetings. Wasted. A.V. Harry ' s comer. G.O.Y.A. B.T O. Three Stooges. Finest men. Ski Trip " 74 Car Woshes. Red Machine, " 76 " WAYNE EDWARD ZAHKA 74 Egerton Rd. 11-17-58 Hi babes!. Friek and Radical. It ' s finally here. Y.P.A. Variety Show. Songs. Jr. Prom. Excellent summer. Beach Bumming. Scuba Diving. 1 1 pound lobster. Expensive Dotes? That’s life. Let’s go to the Huf. Y.M.C.A. It ' s been great! Class Pres. MARIE S. ZAIATZ 1 8 Heord Rd. 5-20-58 Angel Charlie’s; The Pond; Tango; Leeches; E.A.P; Pap; Old Bessie; J.A; Pink Panther; A.C.C.; C.P.; M.P.S.; Harvard; Parogon Pork; Roller Coasters; Canoeing in the Concord River. DANIEL ZAMMUTO 65 Fairmont St. 1 2-7-57 Zam Lost one brother Wally, but gained a room, also a sister, Gerry. Who ' s the next victim AZ, SZ, KZ, EZ, PZ, CZ, DZ, MZ, or DZ? Love traveling and the girls. DAVID ZAMMUTO 65 Fairmont St. 1 2-7-57 Zorro After High School I ' m going to work for o year. Then tour the country. Then buy some lend and build my own house and settle down. ELIZABETH ZANAZANIAN 100 Vomum St. 7-10- 59 Liz My zodiac sign is Cancer, I ' m Spanish, from South America, and I love this country and It ' s people. I ' m very friendly and sociable. I spent a beautiful time learning English with a very morvelous ar d beautiful teacher who really cared and from whom I leomed more about this life in the U.S. Her name is Mrs. Myrna Finn. DAVID A. ZINK 48 Scituate St. 3-1-58 Nancy, April 13, October 6, Cruising in the old 53, to nights so good I can’t remember them. Mystic Lakes, Intoxication, Science Club, Auto Shop, Data Processing, getting rowdy. 150 EXPANDING Expanding . . . Over the past few years Arlington High School has been instituting a series of progroms which ore geared to the expanding interests of today’s youth. Most of these programs empha- size training and experience for future jobs; all the programs build the student’s confidence in his or her capabilities and potential. The re- wards of these courses ore evident to each student, not just something vague like a grade. When they graduate they will have had the experience of working as an efficient part of a group and as an individual. Many students will have a good background in o trode or profes- sion. 152 153 154 , VvV " W- vVl ' cy,v 4 ' v- .«ri? ?ivir I r ' ' " ' W ' f s% " ' “ ' Yi.-f v ,iui YiTr " l. r ' i " ' ' ' ' 1 Z ' - . ' ■ ' ' I -Ji Usk Do not suddenly break the branch, or Hope to find The white hart behind the white well. Glance aside, not for lance, do not spell Old enchantments. Let them sleep. ' Gently dip, but not too deep’. Lift your eyes Where the roads dip and where the roads rise Seek only there Where the grey light meets the green air The hermit’s chapel, the pilgrim ' s prayer. C T. S. Eliot 156 158 159 160 Data Processing ShMTOO ' i v« ' NtP JtPPPev .» vtLCH ' ARY E kathlfp n lff i-.ITE GtORGE F .--iITTAKEo SUSAN jOflN tOLf- AtlSA RUTm TUPS ECONflMO CHhISTOPhFO J FALLON JULit FANNING PAUL OJCHAOP FA ;aNELI 1 f-lCHSEL FEROLA M4RiANNE FETFAT«rOrS FLiJAeFTH 161 162 Although men are accused of not knowing their own weaknesses, yet perhaps few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of. Jonathan Swift 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I ' m found; was blind but now I see. Rod Stewart 171 172 i 173 174 Hold fast your dreams, For if dreams die Life is a brokenwinged bird That cannot fly. Anonymous 175 176 uou can’t. Qd bacK, bub Inthe, long run 3till time toCHANGE , the road uou re, on. I kd g€ If D§Ki‘» 177 )78 The Arts 179 Gilbert and Sullivan 180 181 Drama Club The Arlington High School Drama Club is designed to teoch everything there is to producing a hit show through learning and experience. This year the club had one of its most memorable years, with membership reaching its highest total in the history of the club. Another first was a series of workshops teaching make-up, lighting and set design. The entry to the State Drama Festival was “Family Album,” a Victorian comedy written by playwright Noel Coward. It was superbly directed by the club ' s advisor Mr. Frank Roberts. It is because of his help and interest that the club has such enthusiastic members. 183 184 Symphonic Band 185 Photography Club 186 A - , wmmwft ((((((((((((((; (({((((t ' (((((f: ' " ' 111111111 ■ " iiiiiii 187 Art Club The Art Club is an organization at Arlington High School Hiat is growing larger and better every year. The club is composed of 30 members who meet twice a week to express themselves through arts and crafts. This year the club began by batiking, which is a way of decorating cloth with dye and wax. Their next venture was that of silver jewelry making. These crafts were presented at the Spring Art Fair, an annual event presented by the Art Club. Its purpose is the raising of funds for the club ' s activities. Under the advisorship of Mrs. Eskadal the members of the Art Club enjoyed working on their favorite arts and crafts throughout the year. 188 Orchestra 189 Madrigals Madrigals is the newest musical group in the high school. Thirty students from the Performing Arts Department sing music written for Madrigal groups. This group has done a superior job in interpreting and presenting the music. Madrigals, along with other groups from Performing Arts, participated in the exchange program with Scarsdale, New York. This group is directed by Andrew Smith, whom we will all worship and love to our dying days. Amen. 190 Harmonettes 191 Jazz Ensemble 192 Student Council Contrary to popular belief, being on Student Council is not just winning an election; it ' s one hellava year full of hard work, mixed emotions, successes, and failures ... all worth the aggravation. Student Council is only as effective as the Students make it. The involvement necessary for a dynamic Council comes from not only those elected to office, but the entire Student Body. The objective of the Student Council is to form a channel of communication within the school, and the community. Our one wish for future councils is that they alleviate some of the apathy and involve all types of students within the school community, to provide a varied viewpoint. 194 Jeff Stein — President Jennifer Preston — Vice-President Jo-Ann Carney — Rec. Secretary Jane Shaugnessy — Cor. Secretary Terry Goodhue — Treasurer 195 Wte arfh Cstofe ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL, ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS Standing left to right: Ford Frazier, Art Editor; Judi Parodis, News Editor; Cerise Jalelian, Feature Editor; Sheree Chin, Feature Editor; Charlie Camell, Editorial Editor; Steven Giallongo, Managing Editor; Lenny lammaro. Advisor; Dennis Lonergon, Editor-In-Chief. Sitting left to right: Russ Mottia, Photogrophy Editor; Susan Keane, Business Manager; Kim Relf (crying), Advertising Editor; Janet Peter, News Editor. Missing: Henry Sullivon and Julie Groom, Sports Editors; Jane Erickson, Circulation Editors; Lynn Cornelius, Copy Editor. THE FOURTH ESTATE was created in 1974, replacing the old CHRONICLE. The reason that the paper was changed was because the new editors wanted to change the format and content of what was then, a typical high school newspaper. Well, the changes were successful. In its first year of publication, the new paper won two major awards in high school journolism; the Greater Boston High School Newspaper Association award for excellance in typo- graphy, and the New England Scholastic Press Association Award for Highest Achievement in Scholastic Editing and Publishing which made the newspaper the “Best in New England. " Since its beginning, the newspaper has been dedicated to the ideals that hove earned Journalism the title of “The Fourth Estate " : truth, fairness, quality, and good typing. This year the newspaper dedicated its efforts to the memory of Pauline Schiel, whose hard work made the successes possible. 196 197 Science Club 198 Library Corps Audio Visual Aids 199 Latin Club Gaudeamus igitus, iuvenes dum sumus. Let us be merry, while we are young. 200 French Club I. to r. First Row: Vice President — Paulo Rossow, President — Bob Leonard. Second Row: Susan Tenney, Kathleen Downing, Debbie Slate, Lorraine Tingley. Third Row: Diane Colozzi (Proctice Teocher), Diane Mongenero, Linda Mangenero, Kathy Pike, Tina VilhoHi. Fourth Row: Judith Willioms (Advisor) Bob Carter, Dan Carter, Brion Marquis, Helen Stockman (Advisor). Many members were absent when this picture wos taken. Italian Club 201 Armenian Club 202 Greek — American Club Indians Teachers Inc 203 Future Nurses’ Club .in ' - 204 l ; tj. J LiZ. ' StKti ' .l . 1 " ' l i| T jltii, Clkl l Debating Team Math Team A Moth Team? Yes, indeed! Although not many people know about it, there is, in fact, an Arlington High School math team that is alive and well and getting better oil the time. But what does the Math Team do? About five or six times a year our team competes in math-meets with other teams in the area. A person scores points for his team by doing problems in a certain time. Although Arlington has never come in first at a meet, it has never lost either! -P Our faculty advisor is Miss Winnie Wohllebe who deserves special thanks for all the time and effort she has put in for the Math Team. Chronic Illness The Chronic Illness is a magazine devoted to brightening the days of AHS students and to stealing the Fourth Estate’s business. We have one-half inch margins at the sides, between columns, and at the top and bottom. Each page has two columns; each column is 3V8 inches wide and fits 34 characters and or spaces on a pica typewriter, 42 on an elite. The paper is 8 V 2 by 1 1 inches. We publish our paper as often as possible. Our printer is Gnomon Copy, which has four different locations in Harvard Square. There is one editor from each class so that there ' ll always be someone brainwashing AHS. — Bob Soron, Editor 205 206 207 208 209 210 21 1 212 213 214 SPORTS rilEIILL First Row left to right; Manogers Peter Brouillette and Donny, Jock Hurley, Henry Sullivan, Bemie Brun, Ed O ' Donnell, Co-capt. Mike Mocaris, Co-copt, Brion Burns, Jim Block, Bob Lalicato, Les Beckwith, Sol Frangiosa, and Frank DeGregorio. Second Row: Manager Bill Shea, Ron Valeri, Corl Crockett, Rob Brouillette, Poul Johnson, Dave Hingston, Jim Lyons, Dove Fraser, Walter Abbott, Joe Ciccolo, Poul Sabotino, and Poul Pengeroth. Third Row; Kevin Brooks, Bob Lorrington, Dick Patterson, Bud Mocchio, Joe Curran, Charles Atlos, Ron Sliney, Keith Moron, Billy Lyons, Rich Sliney, Steve Geldart, Jim Fitzpatrick, Mark Collins, and John Gionnopoulos. Fourth Row: Manager Poul, Chorles Keveny, Ryn BialocH, Brian Dooley, Scott Nyberg, Dove Keoting, Dave Ludka, John Zonis, Rich Flynn, Mike McGoffery, Bob Gomez ond Steve Oppedisano. Fifth Row; Senior Monoger Peter Golligoni, Joe Nigro, Chip Ryon, Mark Napoli, Billy Curcio, Jock Sullivon, Roy Borry and John Crockett. Missing: Bobby Brennon, Monoger Poul Brouillette. 216 217 218 220 ■ijiiattii 22t fA »IC€ WA 222 iifi ' iin; iiiiiiiT .v N£f Front Row L to R; Tom Crowley, Jim Mohoney, Dove Borr, Bill Seors, and George Awizos. Bock Row L to R; Coach Jomes Red Kelly, John Riese, Dove Carton, James Allertini, Garry Allan, ond Manager Dave Hutchings. 223 rilLI IIIIH7 firsi Left to Right: Keen Donoher, Joon Goodwin, Korry Sullivon, Jennifer Coombs, Peggy Mitropoloos. Second Row: Asst. Coach - Mo Votley, Moryn Tompicns, Connie Cooghlin, Money Morphy, Goit Reordon, Boiboro Brody, Pom Spencer, Diana Steele Cooch - Jec McGivney. 224 ' 75 Season ARL OPP 0 Medford 0 0 Peabody 4 3 Medford 1 3 Everet 0 2 Haverhill 5 5 Malden 1 4 Somerville 0 0 Haverhill 0 2 Everet 1 8 Malden 0 0 Peabody 2 225 226 mill Front Row Left to Right; Jeff Coombs, Jeff Stein, Lorry Marquis, John Shohyode, Co-Copt. John Atokelian, Co-Copt. Pout McTogue, Mike Petrides, Ed Ofrio, Jerry Jones, Tony Tohmosh, Mork Betts. Bock Row: Coach Peter Drench, Ed Bosh, Rudy Collyos, Chris Ledgister, Tom Bonks, Code Giomnone, Tony Messuri, Mike Eleftheriou, Terry Goodhue, Bob Stein, Tom Mohon, Peter Elettheriou, Korsten Georgi, and Coach Keven Giroux. Missing Joe Peed. Senior Co-Capts., Paul McTague and John Arakelian. 227 Senior’s Tony Messuri 228 Larry Marquis Tony Tahmosh 229 First Row Left to Right: Kate Noonan, Ellen Devine, Lauren Boudreau Ellen Tierny, Liso Bergontino. Second Row: Liz Coterino, Chris Deshler, Jocelyn Kent, Diane Dimerzian. IILLI7IILL 230 From Row Left to Right: Liz Write, Morilyn Rezendes, Kothy Corey, Eieonor Crowley, Soron Brad and Karr Baker, Adreeno Bormokian, Jeanne Morzilli, and Lianne Bormakion. I Denton. Back Row: Pegg IIILI 01181 llllfciy 232 233 IIILI ' 234 Left to right Kneeling; Sharon Specht, Liz Brody, Joonne Maher, Eileen Hoar, Liso McKenney, Diane Shoeber, Sue McKeow n, Robin McCormick, Cindy Gotto, Money Boratto, Ellie Blosi, Reenie Kelly, Corol Scannell, Sylvia Dominguez. Standing; Coach Roger Dugan, Sima Barmakian, Jennifer Bryant, Mouro Honnon, Lorraine Tingley, Judy Jefferson, Sue Borotta, Elain Koenig, Kathy Spencer, Ellen Heoly, Lynn Fitzsimmons, Beth Landers, Sara Pike, Marionne Dresselhous. 235 ni6H7 First Row L. to R.: Joe Hurley, Lorry Marquis, Tri Coptoins — 6d Ofria, Tony Messuri, Brian Burns, Doug DeCoprio, Mark Colbert. Second Row; Asst, Coach Richard DeCoprio, Mike Lovery, Mork Collins, Poul Eichelroth, Dove Keoting, Keith Moron, Bill Lyons, Bob Brennan, cooch Ed Burns. Third Row: Monoger Peter Golliogoni, Bob Lorgengton, Peter Lavery, Dave Peduto, Steve Cameron, Brion O’Connor, Richard DeCoprio, Manager, Kevin Scott. 236 237 239 llV IIILl ' lTlllltlOl 240 24 ) First Row L to R: Monoger David Huttings, Mike Demirgion, Carlton Crockett, Jeff Coombs, Bob Carter, Nick Ypsilonts, Steve Pazzar. Middle Row; Steve Shepord, Don Coombs, Nick Bezreh, John Ypsilontis, John Gionopolis, John Morine, Steve Fratillo, Keith Whitaker. Top Row; James Kelly — Coach, Dave Krans. 242 243 244 245 Bin ITIIIIIillB ftock Row L to R: Aisl. Coach Ed Powers, Greg Vortanium, Steve Lobriola, Brian Hidferdy, Timmy Gunther, Poul Rockwell, John Brecia, Steve Smith, Tom Kontinos, George Doerghty, Cooch Paul Morrier. Front Row L to R; Richord Vortanium, Jero Muki, Steve Craig. Missing; John Bruno. Co-Capt. Poul Rockwell Co-Copt. Steven Smith 246 IITI ' l■l■■IIQ L. I ' ' ' U±- X ' ,.- 248 249 1178 ' BinitNLL Front Row Kneeling L to R: Dove Barr, Stan Lewis, Steve Frotto, Willie O ' Brian, Jim Lyons. Stonding L to R: Cooch John Cody, Don Lewko, George Awizus, John Kenneftck, Ron Valeri, Poul Sobotino, Jamie Seward, Chris Legister, Chorlie MocLeod, Bill Specht, Chris Hughs, 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 A Riddle This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town And beats high mountain down. Answer — Time 264 265 SAY IT WITH CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM ANDERSON’S FLOWERS ARLINGTON EDUCATION 901 Mass. Ave. ASSOCIATION 643-3090 The Teachers, Administrators, and Nurses who belong to N.E.A. and the Moss. Teachers Association UJhiteMenPantry COOLIDGE BANK TRUST CO. HOFFMAN NEWS 1 350 Mass. Ave. X 7 Arlington Heights f 94 Summer St. Arli ngton 643 Mass. Ave. 648-5572 Open 24 Hours 643-7000 other convenient locations Mary And Paul Mooney Cards, Art Supplies, Magazines, 365 Days A Year Watertown Lexington Newspopers, Wedding Invitations, Bedford Cambridge Everett And Rubber Stamps Made To Order YE OLDE DOUGHNUT HOLE 645 Mass. Ave. Arlington CHILDREN’S FASHION SHOP " feoturing highest quality brands at reasonable prices” Best Wishes For Success From SUBURBAN NATIONAL BANK Arlington’s Open 24 hours 309 Broadway Independent Hometown Bank 7 Days A Week 643-3553 1 88 Mass. Ave. 856 Mass. Ave. Arlington 266 ARLINGTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK " The Most Convenient Place to Bonk in Arlington " " The Home for Your Dollars — The Dollars for Your Home " 699 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Mass. 643-3780 ARLINGTON FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK Six Convenient Offices In Arlington Bedford Burlington North Reading MIRAK CHEVROLET 430 MASS. AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 643-8000 Service, Body Shop Parts and Leasing 267 n WILSON’S BEN FRANKLIN STORE v5 regory’s ,nc 1 1 I TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS V Arlington Heights, Mass. 1 62 Mass. Ave.., Arlington LOCALLY OWNED - NATIONALLY KNOWN 58 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown SHAHUCK’S Sales and Service EST. 1857 By HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES THE BICYCLE CORNER PinSBURGH PAINTS Fuji, Columbia and Motobecane Bicycles 916 Mass. Ave. 941-0101 Arlington Qenter Mark O ' Brien Dennis O ' Brien 444 Mass. Aye. 643-0114 Best Wishes from FABRIC CORNER JOSEPH’S BEAUTY SALON • Fashion • Fabrics • Notions • Trimmings 280 Broadway 783 Mass. Ave. Arlington Center Arlington 648-9734 643-4040 WINDOW SHADES RUG SHAMPOOERS WALLPAPER REMOVERS NORFOLK WALLPAPER, INC. “PERSONAL DECORATOR SERVICE " 671 MASSACHUSEnS AVE. ARLINGTON, MASS. 02174 643-7680 269 Yearbook 270 Gerry DiCicco Editors Susan Perrell Editor-In-Chief Bruce Yolton Layout Kevin Dooley Business Korlo Leibowitz Literature Russ Mottlo Photography Bob Brouillette Boys’ Sports Kathy Wheaton Girls ' Sports Gerry DiCicco Art Lisa Rau Activities Marcia Mobilia Senior Section Staff Layout: Jo-Anne Ciampi, Bruna Pedrelli, Lisa Battinelli, Ann DiNatale, Arsha Boyajian, Bob Soron, Laura Marino, and Joe DiMartino. Literature: Julie Groom, Laura Marino, and Kathy Mahoney. Photography: Richard Mottlo, Mike Trappan, Ben Mayerson, Bob Soron, Tom Frazier, and Dovid Chen. Art: Diane Ponte, Carol Stacchi, Katie McReynolds, and Ford Frazier. Typing: Pauline Anargirou, Josephine Biscay, Sheree Chin, Jane Calabro, Elaine Scannell, Maureen Hudson, Barbora Buckley, Pam Halloran, Wanda Ferrante, Lisa Lamorticelli, Barbara Covel, Paula Mottaliano, Sharon Sweeney, Sandra Dussi, Diane Marino, Debbie Marino, Noreen Flynn, Carol Sullivan, Kathy Wolf, and Valerie Smith. Acknowledgements: Purdy-Vantine Studios. Many thanks to Roswell Farnham for all his help. 271 Index Administration 18-19 Applied Biology 159 Armenian Club 202 Art Club 1 88 Art, Students 1 87 Audio-Visual Aids 199 Band, Marching 184 Symphonic 1 85 Basketball, Boys ' 250-252 Girls’ 244-245 Candids 2- 1 6 162-176 206-214 254- Cheerleoders 222 Chronic Illness 205 Concert Choir Cross Country, Boys’ 223 Girls’ 232-233 Dato Processing 161 Debating Club 204 Drama Club 182-183 Faculty 22-50 Faculty Quotes 51-56 Field Hockey 224-226 Football 216-220 Fourth Estate 196-197 French Club 201 Future Nurses 204 Gilbert Sullivan 180-181 Greek Club 202 Guidance 20-21 Gymnastics, Boys ' 246-247 Girls ' 240-241 Hormonettes 191 Hockey 236-239 Index 272 Indians 203 Italian Club 201 Jazz Ensemble 1 92 Latin Club 200 Library Corps 1 98 Madrigals 1 90 Majorettes 221 Math Team 205 Nursery School 158 Orchestro 1 89 Photo Club 184-185 Science Club 1 98 Senior Class Officers 58 Seniors 60-1 50 Soccer 227-229 STEP 152-153 Student Council 194-195 Survival 1 54-1 55 Swimming, Boys ' 248-249 Girls’ 234-235 Teachers ' Inc 203 Track, Indoor 242-243 Vocational 230-231 Zee End 272 272 9 ■Zr i ir

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