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ROBBINS LIBRARY ARLINGTON. MASS 4860 00 lllllllllllll 7100 iRSHi SEP 1 7 75 U i V- (Llchb O AN 1 75 cjJjuvgtcTij v;.‘ i I ' i? ‘i; Jii il - J.; rB ifc t -- 1 I 7: tor he realizes that no creation of mankind can ever reach perfection. 9 And where do we go from here, Which is the way that ' s clear? David Essex Our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds. 1 1 Emerson Charles Olson We are we are. only as we find out The Road Not Taken Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair. And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear; I hough as for that, the passing there Had worn them really about the same. And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. lb Robert Frost FACVLTY AmiNisTRA non 17 ADMINISTRATION That to live by one man ' s will became the cause of all men ' s misery Richard Hooker George F. Fusco Administrative Headmaster Ralph S. Ciobbe Senior Housemaster 18 Reed K. Taylor Administrative Assistant George A. Lincoln junior Housemaster Edmund Storlazzi Ass ' t Sr. Housemaster Henry M. Toczylowski Sophomore Housemaster m Harold Fairbanks Ass ' t )r. Housemaster Richard Collomb Ass ' t Soph. Housemaster Richard G. Hall Freshman Housemaster You delight in laying down laws, Yet you delight more in breaking them. Kahil Gibran 19 GENERAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Donald ). Bockler What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? Jean Jaques Rousseau Harry Meserve Department Head Barrie Atkin Philip T ruesdale Marzina Morin Shelley Brugman Thomas ). Vaughn John O ' Connor Carol Lawton (below) Arthur Botelho lanet Nicholas Joseph Papandrea PHYSICAL SCIENCES Donald Manning Head of Department Bradford Clough lohn Cody George House Robert Commins MATHEMATICS Frank Propp Head of Department Edward Bradbury 23 Robert Commito Nelson S. Hartunian Leslie D. Edelman Doreen Cuglielmetti Carl DeMatteo Mary Farrey Roger Duggan “Everybody loves a sucker " Carole Miller Arlene Mahoney Bulgarian Dogma Mary L. Hogan Helen Mack Mary Pierce Frederick Maloof 25 Richard E. Paul DATA PROCESSING William Rowsell Barbara Fryer Head of Department |ohn Ryder Martin Lane BUSINESS AND OFFICE EDUCATION Linda Leone Peter | Leone lohn F. Britt Muriel Healy Marguerite Burke Mary Dolan Mary Opie (below) David Feldman What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. Oscar Wilde Lynda Simone There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope that they are organized along the lines of the Mafia. Winston N. Runfoerd Lorna Megna Catherine Butler John Ligor Sharlene L. Cygan Maria Spagnuolo Vlll. Home Economics Catherine Hines Lois S. Pharris |oel Meirowitz Thelma Sonnichsen Head of Department Catherine King Mrs. Ilmi lones losephine Zavaglia Mae Truvedson Martha Loftus OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION Paul E. Morin Ralph F. Cioiosa Head of Department Robert Brennan Weldon MacLeod Robert Dowell Douglas ) Hunter Thomas Crotty Arthur Crapulli Francis Kirk Louis Galante A man who works with his hands is a laborer, who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman, but one who works with his hands, his heart, and his brain is an artist. Anonymous Frank Prusik Kevin Doyle Ronald Nevola Roger Neal Donald Romeo William McGovern 35 COMMERCIAL AND CREATIVE ARTS Pauline Finberg Louise Banner judith Lombard Director Dennis Dahill 36 k leannette Eskedal PERFORMING ARTS Robert K. Laber Supervisor Leslie Hurwitz Andrew Smith Gerald Thebodo Frank Roberts PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ralph Bevins Head of Department lohn Hanley Mary L. Lee Mary McDonough Christine Fiorenza jane McGivney William Lowder Richard DeCaprio Richard Quigley 58 Donald Sandrelli — Distributive Education Elinor Freedman — Resource Class S.T.E.P. Elizabeth Leydon Alan Brown — Resource Class Margaret Dulaney Robert Drake John Lennon AUDIO VISUAL Marie T. Brady Charles Fagone LIBRARIANS Antoinette Potter Ruth Lepie Signe Hynson k Head Librarian 41 NURSES I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK. Epitaph On A Tombstone Walter Devine Head of Guidance A en Wmecour Mary Barry GUIDANCE Susan Crapser Helen Bergkuist Marion Kennedy Joanne Coakley r . Mora Rawlings Kathleen Carney Patricia Fallon Vincent D ' Antona I do not want it said of these times what T. S. Eliot said in his poem “The Rock, " " These were decent people, their only monuments, the asphalt roads and a thousand golf balls. " We can do better that that. )ohn F. Kennedy SECRETARIES William E. Croke Milton MacDonald CULINARY STAFF CUSTODIANS f ' Amelia Cozza You are asking me questions and I hear you. 1 answer that I cannot answer. You must find out for yourself. Walt Whitman Marion K. Fitzpatrick Verkin Dilsizian MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES 4b Pauline Carrara Ralph McElearney Department Head CLASSICS Dorothy W. Goidkrand SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES Dr. Charles B. Arthur Department Head lohn Cotter Thomas Brannelly lames Kelley Frank Kotchin loseph Dillon Harry Mitchell Peter Drench 49 Thomas | Russell ENGLISH )ohn R. Byrne Barbara Brown Sue Belote Peter Filichia )oel Beckwith Lucile Burt Mary Barry Gail Collins Paul Dorrington Kathleen Doyle William Delaney Lois Beckwith Mary Fitzgerald If a man will begin in certainties he shall end with doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties. Francis Bacon Arthur Foisy Charles D. Gordon Maxine C. Hardy Myrna Finn Cecilia McGowan Paul lenney Barbara Gorman Leslie Kilgore Carl Hendrickson Time it was and what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence Long ago ... it must be . . . I have a photograph. Preserve your memories; They ' re all that ' s left you. Paul Simon 54 Dennis Mercurio Mary Ellen Powers Head of Department Priscilla Monahan Mary M. O ' Connell Mary jane McCarthy 55 Richard Surabian Pauline Schiel That he is mad, ' tis true ' tis true ' tis pity; And pity ' tis ' tis true. Nancy Urban Michael Toomey Thomas A. Trevisani, |r Shakespeare We must decide the direction of our lives but life need not be charted at one sitting. We may chang e ourselves at any point in the fray. Indeed some people never will decide a direction for themselves. Rather, they wander through life and are the sounding boards of experience This is in itself a decision for as others have said before me " Not to decide is to decide. " George Eliot Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact. To be a comedian is one of the saddest things in life. 66 Curiosity consumes us, driving us to search and probe the greatest depths of another ' s soul. We want to know the substance of which they are made just as the chemist seeks to know his compound. We classify and categorize each other but we are all the scientist or the astronaut as we explore new frontiers. All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure. Mark Twain 70 We are expressions of inner conflicts and canvases on which our feelings are painted. Our emotions change with the tides, leaving us quiet and reflective or loud and active. Changes in mood give dimension and color to us, just as experience changes our form. Experiences and feelings may be shared but we are still unique individuals. 75 The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness. William Saroyan SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS GLENN FRATTO T reasurer MICHAEL LUZZO V. Pres. BRENDA PASCALE Secretary President MARK ROBINSON 79 DEBRA ABBOUD 1-10-57 27 Eox Meadow Lane Debbie, partying down the Cape, Ocean Side Motel, " the three of us " Christmas Eve " 73 " . Summer St. Park. Summer of " 73 " , Helder August 14, 1973. JOHN I. ABRUZZESE 1-10-57 34 Cypress Rd. ).A. Varsity Hockey, Tourney Parties, )r. beach party, )r. Locker, Farm, Calimazoo U., Boston Garden, Ron Ellis, Nubs " statistics " , H.S. and Buttrick ' s Parking lot. Shifting. GABRIELLE ACCARDI 7-16-57 23 Marrigan St. Gabby. Be in the lobby after 2nd, our wall, antipasto, I.L.P.C., trying hard every summer, 9-22-73, lessica, K.R., S.C., ).G., B.N.S., Pete Marine. GAIL AGOSTINO 2-15-56 150 Gardner St. " Augie " . Pet Peeve — two flat tires at 3:00 A M. White Mountains, Camping, sailing, M.H. and E.G. ' s parties, and V. and C.Y.O. softball bring back memories. Ambition — to become a comedienne! Favorite Person: Freddy The Frog. CLIFFORD AHERN 5-15-57 299 Appleton St. Cliff. Brewster Parties, Winter St., D.-struction, Laconia 6-20-74, Eight dollars, Streaking Drive-ins, 40572, New Year ' s Eve, Cruising. LAUREL LEE ALBANO 12-13-57 149 Newport St. Whispering sweet nothings in homeroom . . . Stairway To Heaven . . . 5- 19-74 . . . beach walks at 6 A M. . . . Quack . . . Summer " 73 " . . . Friday the 13th . . . What can i say . . . Guinea Girl. DONNA ALDERSON 10-19-57 94 Oakland Ave. Life is for living, live while you can. B.B., Bowling Alley " 73 " C.L. B.M. Next Wilfred Academy. PAMELA LEE ALDRO 6-13-57 99 Hibbert St. BamBam. Steve . . . Sandy . . . Summer of " 74 " Camp Cherith . . . C EL T, " and Lead Me in a Plain Path " . . . Waterskiing doubles with Sue . . . Crotched Mountain with Ann . . . " 74 " Senior Prom. DAVID ALLEN 11-4-56 Highland Ave. Bag. Horn Pond, My ambition is to be a car dealer. Hookey, Unitude — The Market — going to North Hampton. Cabrielle Accardi Laurel Albano )ohn Abruzzese Debra Abboud Gail Agostino Donna Alderson Clifford Ahern Pamela Aldro 81 David Allen Linda Allen Odilia Amaral Christopher Alphen CHRIS ALPHEN 2-2-57 12 Plymouth St. “Fish " . Happiness is — Betty Ann; Weekend Memories, Overtime; My ambition is ... To be a success! Favorite poem . . . “If " . Favorite thing . . . Betty Ann in my ' Vette. Thanks A.H.S. . . . I ' ll never forget your kindness and understanding!! ODILIA MARIA F, AMARAL 2-18-58 52 Marathon St. Odi. Feb. 74!!; jr. + sr. Homeroom; jr. Beach party; Buttrick ' s 5th per.; locker jokes; 80 in C.T.; SCREEECH!!!; Flying lunches -T more!; " You ' re late! " I.A.; I.V.; T.B.; C.A.; L.A.; A.B.; S.K.; M.T.; Portugee, Beach darp. LINDA ALLEN 7-17-56 1 67 Woodside Lane Making people Happy, Gerry )uly 12 Bird seed, Davie Paul Lexington, Caryl Deek Mountains Sharon, Lanso Pool Hopping Animal Nature 74 I Love Mom, Dad. PAUL ALLEN 12-13-56 32 Valentine Rd. Ford brothers. Ten o ' clock coffee, Tim ' s SS, Hospital Rd., George ' s VW. )ohn Anastas lOHN ANASTAS 5-18-57 8 Carl Rd. Nesta. " 57 " Chevys. The Tower. Small Parties. Lousy. Burger King; Swimming up the Pits. Who can buy? Cruisin ' with (A.).) Hawkins. Must be a race car. Cold Frosties. Car accidents. Kurt ' s kelp pills. ROCCO ANCIELLO 5-23- 57 80 Westminister Ave. Ricky. Pet Peeve: School. Clad it ' s over. 69 Bird. All good times. Cape, never forget good friends. KAREN ANDERSON 5-22-57 60 Chester St. Wyman ' s Beach, California 70, Could Farm 74, Fellowship. Happiness is being with good friends. P.A.N.H.!!! Always remember Chemistry with Dr jaffe??? Paul Allen |r. Rocco Anciello Karen Anderson luliet Athanasiades ANN MARIE ARIGO 4-18-57 35 Udine St. Ama. Hockey games, teencenter. Never forget the memories from 9-21-73 thru 11- 20-73. I honestly love you, just You ' n Me. Happiness is a guy named Kevin. lULIETTA ATHANASIADES 11-11-56 20 Teel St. )ulie. My favorite line of a poem is: Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. |ill Aubin i . Mark Aubin j Ann Arigo I )ILL AUBIN 1-11-58 41 Cleveland St. Miss t King ' s Cooking Class, junior Prom (ha) The i Duff, Cungy, Crazy Nick, Charlie says . . . I Kung-Fu, )udo camp, )uly 4th ' 73 ' , ! Sweetheart That ' s Cool!! ■ MARK AUBIN 2-9-57 41 Cleveland St. I ROBERTA AUDUNSON 9-19-57 25 High f Haith Rd. 2 years |.V. Basketball, 2 years V. ; Softball, Dumping on B.B. Studies at I Buttrick ' s. Basketball parties, softball ( celebration and banquets. Remember ; junior gym class and Junior English. I KEVIN AULT 3-29-57 40 Teel St. Alt. ( Happiness is skipping class and catching a ! buzz with some good Columbian Allman ! Bros. Concert; |.F. 72-73. Roberta Audu nson Kevin Ault Louis Aurilio LOUIS I. AURILIO 8-17-56 19 Granton Pk. Bunky. Fishing, Hockey, Hunting . . . Mr. Lennon . . . " To strive and not to yield . . . the outdoors MARK M. BAGDASARIAN 10-31-56 23 Tower Rd. Bags. Happiness is Turkey Hill, Parking — Winchester, Mystic Lake, My blue Chevy, Lemon Lemans, Miller, Schlitz, Hieniken Beer — $3.00 six, A. A., C.B., N.B., D.R., W.K.! PAUL BANDOUVERES 9-5-57 16 Linwood St. Bandy. Sol Bando, Varsity Football, Swifty, Frattic, Drive-in. Bee Girls, Grog, B.I.O.Y.A., Orange Bomber, Break-in, Gigs, Reeb Straf, Trolleys, Orange Fights, High School Parking lot, Goya. Mark Bagdasarian ROBERT E. BARNES 12-27-57 33 Lewis Ave. Motorcycles, New England Dragway, North Adams, Boston, Horn Pond, Mystic Lakes, Parties Hendrix, Purple, Sabbath, ). Ceils Interests — Construction, Carpentry. Special thanks to Miss Carney. THERESA BARNES 2-5-57 33 Lewis Ave. Terry. Happiness is when you realize that you ' re a senior with 11 school years behind you not forgotten and the 12th one going by. ANN MARIE BARRY 4-14-57 35 Eox Meadow Ln. Sunny, A.B. " One for every point " SGF, " Stairway to Heaven, " the tennis ball, Eield Hockey Camp, Buttrick ' s 5th period, volleyball. Ski trip ' 74-Pater B. and Uncle Bud, " It ' s a short curb! " Paul Bandouveres Robert Barnes Ann Barry Theresa Barnes John Bell lOHN HOWARD BELL 4-21-56 55 Westminster Ave. )ay. Ski Club, Track, Basketball. Trying to play Football Street Hockey on Nourse St. but ending up at the Park. Most memorable teacher: Mr. Kelly. STEVEN BELLIVEAU 11-11-56 76 Browning Rd. Marilyn Bean Cynthia Bell Steve Belliveau CORRINNE BENNETT 2-28-58 66 Rawson Rd. Day full of happiness with B B., Summer of " 73, " pool with ).B., football season, pep rallies, hockey games, Mrs. Dolan ' s Typing II, it ' s not funny. Paul Bianchi Michael Biederbeck Laura Beaton NICOLETTE BATTITE 6-28-57 30 Berkeley St. I MARILYN BEAN 5-21-56 86 Marathon St. ' Mai. Backstage with Alvin 5-16-74. Saturday parties at the Charles. Pete E 1 after U.H., E D. in Frisco. Flowers for Todd, Saturday Simon, Ray D. 4-10-74. The Four ' Watts. LAURA BEATON 11-30-57 110 Newport St. Softball, basketball, and field hockey. ! Banquets - before and during. Basketball ( party. Dumping on B. We shoulda had ten, I Harvard Square, Summer " 74 " , P.W., The j Best. j CYNTHIA BELL 1-11-57 109 Hillside Ave. ( Cindy. Freshman year. Under the ! bleachers. Summer of " 74 " , hockey games, f Parties, M.H., )r. English Steve, Winter, ■1 skipping school. Corinne Bennett Robert Benoit ROBERT BENOIT 7-29-57 131 Warren St. Beno. Donna 6-3-74, Falstaff, Legion, Plattsburgh, Three Stooges, " What are you, psychic? " Berlin Hockey, Dave the Rave, Assumption weekends, O ' lays, Beware of the Backstabbers, Charvesy. PAUL L BIANCHI 4-2-57 370 Ridge St. Bink. V.P. Student Council, track (what?), gymnastics going swimmin ' in the mall — thanks Bing, Smitty, Jimmy, Drinking down the high school, wild sex. MIKE BIEDERBECK 1-13-57 3 Jeffrey Rd. and Villains always blink their eyes, going to keep on trying to touch the sky and get by. Goodnight, RIFA. David Blanco Paul Bogonis Susan Bonugli DAVID BLANCO 1028-57 25 Piedmont St. " Snare " St. Cam., " Marie” 11-26-71; Disband, " Snare” S.A.B.; Cot ' s 1,2 -t- 3; Waitin ' For Weekends; Sectionals; " M.|.L. " Ski trip; Good knees; Junior Prom, License No Car; Too Late; " Friends. " )OE BOGNANNI 11-27-57 77 Decatur St. Happiness is not having homework. My favorite sport is racing cars. My ambition is to be rich. My favorite line of song is " School ' s out forever. " PAUL BOGONIS 12-20-57 23 Chatham St. PATRICIA L. BOHAN 5-30-57 129 Sylvia St. Pattie. Talking to Nancy, Debbie, Susan, Carol, Linda before school at Debbie ' s locker. Happiness is traveling to Hawaii 6- 24-74; Daryl 6-25-74; " Colour My World " : Summer " 74 " Patricia Bohan KAREN A. BOIKE 7-27-56 7 Day St. 3-16-73 Rick-StCB. MEJMRK. — )r. semi-formal — 5 10 — WAB Mary your mother is home. HI)F. You want to? Sandy H.F.B.? The trunk down the Cape TR.F.E. Mellons. RFE- KUB. DEBBIE BONHOMME 6-13-57 14 Brattle Terr. Birdkid. Summer ' 74, Erank, Tae-Sho, McDonald ' s, Christmas Party, Friendly ' s Fights, Let ' s do something different, D C., C M., Kay, A.D., R.D., Cat Stevens, Pinky, Foreigner Suite. SUSAN E. BONUGLI 9-14-57 79 Bartlett Ave. Bonug Mr. Mercurio ' s junior English — Summers in New Hampshire — Bookkeeping class with Arigo — Great Friends: Debbie — Pattie — Nancy — Linda — A M. A. —Grafts Class, Italian Classes. Karen Boike Deborah Bonhomme Douglass Booth Nancy Boyle Patricia Brennan DOUGLASS BOOTH 9-12-57 19 Ronald Rd, OWEN BOUDREAU 3-30-57 67 Quincy St. Boud. Favorite beer is Budweiser, Parties up tower and allnighters, 3rd period Buttrick ' s, Soph, and junior years. “Spark Em. " NANCY BOYLE 12-17-57 141 Franklin St. Yellow Roses. lAMES R. BRAGG 2-1-57 29 Row St. Week- end with Lennie and Al, Provincetown Summer, Rock Your Baby, Anna and Edmund and everyone at Legal Seafoods, Denise and good times. PATRICIA BRENNAN 10-13-56 140 Decatur St. Patti. Longwood, Rte. 128, ).H., D.F., Symmes Garbage Girls, Rm. 54 5th |r. year. Football Hockey games, Rockport, M B. ME. Freshman summer. Sophomore winter. Beach parties, jean ' s Laugh THERESA ANN BRjCKLEY 10-17-57 41 Mass. Ave. Terry. O.D. ' s and j.A. ' s Lockers ' 80 in C.T. SCREECH!! Beach days ' 74; joe P.?? O.A.; j.A.; C.A.; E.K.; D.H., j.D.; j.P.; j.V. As for the nights I warn you, the nights are dangerous. Archibald McLeish Owen Boudreau james Bragg Theresa Brickjey Gary Brittingham CHARLES BRUNO 6-26-56 39 Tanager St CRAIG A. BRYANT 12-26-57 14 Maple St. Bear. Mr. Whitmore ' s Print Class, Ms. Monahan ' s English Class, The Library Squeaky Chairs, Mr. Ligor Typing Desiderata " Strive To Be Happy " . ED BUCKLEY 11-11-57 6 Woodside Lane 9- 15-74 was a rip off, McDonald ' s, Chicago, Friday Night. Well, what do ya wanna do?. Pennsylvania, tourney games. The Carden. HENRY ). BRINE 10-8-56 24 Windermere Ave. lay. Schoolday memories: The Farm, High School, Nap ' s Parties, The College, The Brews, Pet peeve: School. My ambition is to get out of A.H.S. GARY BRITTINGHAM Westmoreland Ave. CAROL BRODETTE 9-2-57 42 Alpine St. )IM BROGAN 6-7-55 19 )oyce Rd Froggman, Sleeze, Zears, Boom, Pudge, Les, Bargain, Soo, Granddaughter, Mao, Emmy, Bells, Harris, A.M., Bishop Park, L.P., Bat, Dust, Errends, Windowpain, Hampton, Shop, Almond Brothers. KAREN LYNNE BROWN 11-30-57 24 Wildwood Ave. K— . " As time goes on, I realize just what you mean to me. " Michael forever. Henry Brine lames Brogan “There ' s always something about your success that dis- pleases even your best friends. " Mark Twain Craig Bryant Edward Buckley Charles Bruno Carol Brodette k-.a - A 88 loseph Buckley i Sharon Budd R. Leslie Burton lOSEPH BUCKLEY 7-19-57 10 Pine Q. Chemistry junior Year-Berlin, N.H., N.U. — “Stairway to Heaven " — See you later, Ralphie. MICHAEL ). BUCKLEY 8-30-56 65 Broadway Buck. Party at the Rocks. Party at school. Burned out now. SHARON BUDD 12-8-57 9A Academy St. " A man does not show his greatness by being at one extremity, but rather by touching both at once. " DAVID BURKE 12-16-57 7 Arrowhead Lane The Indian, nights at Teddy ' s, Gary ' s, and Chuck ' s, Layla, doing time at Mahoney ' s State Penitentiary, sophomore weekends, “tea " rose. Concord nite, Mr. Mack, january 6th. jOHN BURKE 7-22-57 1 Carl Rd. PATRICIA BURKE 11-12-57 70 Eranklin St. CHARLES BURNS 12-18-56 25 Bowdoin St. R. LESLIE BURTON 2-17-57 81 Kensington Pk. Memories of . . . Survival, A.O.E., Eriday nights in Harvard, Por Eavor with Sehora Coleman, Summers at the " Y " , Canada, N.H., No es la ganga. David Burke Henry Butler john Burke Paul Butler A Mark Cafiso HANK BUTLER 10-10-56 17 Norcross St. Happiness is Hunting Camping, Hillsboro Hunting Expedition, 4Q M.E.S. PAUL BUTLER 1-22-57 97 Overlook Rd. Butt ' s. Sports; Michelob, Schlitz, Wacky ' s Party, Bay K Stratton, Earm, High School, Frankie needs a pair of shoes, Luke, Falmouth, Lime Rock, Doyle Broke My Window, Psychie. GILBERT P. CADOTTE 11-29-56 9 Teel St. " NAH " not me, Angel, O.K. Pal; Pet Peeve — First Period. MARK CAFISO 2-10-57 58 Margaret St. Chif. The Shaft from the Big Mac — Chuck and the Immortal R.R. - Kel Baby, I ' m a Captain - Nigro IE -lO - The Ladies CO., L.O., B.T., M L. , K.M., K.C., Your slip ' s showing - The ax from j.V. - That ' s cold. Charles Burns Gilbert Cadotte DEBBIE CAGGIANO 7-25-57 10 Wheaton Rd. Eittle One. Ernard, Eittle Bumpa, Going to Canada, Never forget Grandpa and Nonna, To ).C. who do you think you are. ANNETTE LYNN CAINE 9-14-57 67 Broadway now Brunswick, Ga. ' ' Georgia.” Summer of " 73 " " 74 " , No. 1, Ramada K.S., B.C., Rap Day " 71 " , Sr. Prom " 74 " , — Paul, Miss Barry, Celler, B. Sullivan, Lillie, lean, Elash, " Mass. " , |.M, Yearbook Staff. " For the good times! " Lynne Camarano Paula Cameron Linda Campbell SUSAN CALANDRELLA 7-16-57 31 Crosby St. Sue Remember the six! — Cape " 74 " , ACK and the parking lot. Three down one to go. Harvard Sq. at 6:00. S.W.W.D. It ' s been a " Stairway to Heaven. " LYNNE CAMARANO 5-11-57 61 Williams St. Flash. History with Paine, Fred, Otto, Mutley, Bud, Pancake, Kraut, Lamp, Augie, Roofus, Goody, Cork. Who got chair in homeroom? Banquets. Going to Hockey Games. PAULA A. CAMERON 3-12-57 50 Summit St. Remember Mrs. Beckwith, Our junior Homeroom, Locker Periods, Mr. Mecurio ' s 6th period class. Coffee Shop. Lynne, Linda, Cruzy, Claudia, Nancy Annette. " Fred, Muttley, Otto and Bud Man. " 11-14- 73, Tom. " Sunshine. " LINDA CAMPBELL 10-14-57 250 Mystic St. Soup. Remembering the four years of homeroom. Especially Senior homeroom. Remembering Fred, Otto, Muttley, and Bud. Never to forget Baldeagle?! Homeroom ' s private joke. Tootie. JOYCE CANADAS 2-26-57 7 Michael St. Bows, Picking up Charlies, I Hop, Lead- Boots, Hotel Sonesta, Eastham, drive-in lackie, Ray, Concerts, Lou Reed, lean ' s 4- 10 Kinks, Everybody ' s in Showbiz. Debra Caggiano Annette Caine Susan Calandrella Joyce Canadas lohn Carden lames Carlo DONNA CANCELLIERE 8-11-57 14 Woodbury St. Spring of Soph., Taesho, Christmas Party, Pew. Pot, " Strangers in the Night " , " I know you ' re serious! " McDonald ' s CK, Chic, DB, CM, CW, Fights, " Colour My World, " Boring — Let ' s do something different! lAMES CAPARELL 3-29-58 52 Stone Rd. |im. " A wise man walks with a bowed head " — Shotokan Karate — Black Belt — 3 years; Cook at " limmy ' s Steer House " ; Summer trip to Arizona — California — Las Vegas; College Bound! DEBORAH CARASSITI 11-7-56 108 Scituate St. Deb — Pk. Happiness is Gary Mello. Memories of the lunior Prom The group before homeroom. A single rose in a blue vase! Blue-green eyes my love! lOHN CARDEN 8-3-57 5 Winter St Happi- ness is: Tennis and beating the Big " C " — Always remember with gratitude: Crosby Gang, Soccer, Tennis, Practice Tennis Courts (What a Farce!), Chem. with the " Doc " , Fantasy. IIM CARLO 2-24-56 1 0 Perth Rd Carlos. The B.U.B., B.O.N.G., Face Mask, The Brown Bomb, Gallows Pole, Led Zeppelin, C.S.N.Y. concert. Dazed and confused, Yarbles, the lunches. East Arlington in ninth grade. Donna Cancelliere lames Caparell Deborah Carassiti Alfred Casazza H MICHAEL CARNEY 11 7-20-57 27 Mill St. Sebago Lake — Leftovers, C. and F. Corpo- ration, Nahant, Torque 07 The Best, Ski- ing, TH E. Caper, the Continental kids. Student Council, The Soccer Team, The Res., Basketball, Pumpernickel, Dirty Doz- en minus 1, Kathy, Lady and Sir. ALFRED CASAZZA 9-3-57 67 Lake St. Al, Brother. Baseball, Chronicle, Teen Center, Student Council; words can not express everyone I knew well in the years 1971- 1975, so I will not try. Prom. Beach parties. Farm, High School. H. Michael Carney JANET IOANN CASEY 8-26-56 122 Gardner St. Favorite song: “Colour My World " , yelling at Linda in the middle of Mass. Ave. you ' re late, Hockey and Basketball games. Talk to Me, Too Bad. JAMES CASEIN 7-15-57 148 Park Ave. Ext. MARY CASEIN 4-3-56 148 Park Ave. Ext. MARK S. CENTRELLA 11-11-57 45 Florence Ave. Sanchez. Rez, the pipe, Tooey, Harpo, Evert Evert, B.A.I., the dam, Kermit the frog. Student Council, Mushrooms, Track, Treasurer, New pants?, Locke park. Do Walter! RICHARD CENTRELLA 12-21-57 30 Fair- mont St. Ricca. Mr. Jakes Class of 74 " , Lunch in the cafe. Nap Odie, The A.V. Gang. STEPHANIE CHALAS 6-20-57 4 Greenwood Rd. Steph. Buttricks, tracks. Proms, Beach Parties, rude, Nahant, 11-4-72; 5-4-74, Cape " 74 " , 2 H.B., Beach Boys, 4-20-74 Rockport, Cary, F.W.A., Football games, hockey tourneys, graduation Parties " 74 " . CINDY CHAPMAN 12-7-56 90 Gardner St. ANNETTE CLAIRE CHAREST 5-29-57 135A Mass. Ave. Ralph — 4-19-74, Jr. semi-for- mal, Jr. Prom,, summer of " 73 " , D,C,D,S,T — The Twelve, I ' ll see yal The B ' s Z-Z-Z-Z- Z Joey B. Small party, Pt. Bob. 6-27-74 " Colour My World " . JUDY CHEN 4-9-57 68 Pine Ridge Rd. Cape Cod, Summer of 74, Wyman ' s Beach, Sandy Beach, Uncle Brian, Ms. Belote ' s 5th per iod class. Boston Club, drunks obnox- ious people, Allman Brothers, 7-27-74, CARY CHIN 3-12-57 36 Lafayette St. Mountain, Practice Center, Tennis, Dust Bowl, Windy City, Alligators Happiness is looking for contact lenses, keep on smil- ing. Don ' t Panic! Annette Charest Richard Centrella Judy Chen Stephanie Chalas Mark Centrella Gary Chin J. CHERYL CHRISTENSEN 10-11-57 30 High- land Ave. LINDA CHRYSSAKIS 12-17-57 4 Sky Line Drive, Nil. Tavern, Corsair, Cape " 74 " Haime! Proms, Semi-formals, Eugene 3-2- 74, " Colour My World " , Hermie, Rockport, Homestead, Buttricks, F.W.A., Danny 5-11- 73, Spaz, The Balls, Nahant, Sun Tan Rock, Talks, Yesterday. MAURO CIAMPA 8-3-57 46 Florence Ave. Better live a day as a lion than one hun- dred years as a sheep. STEVEN CIANO 5-5-57 98 Egerton Rd. Crease. Charlette Lounger, Parking Lot Pole, Beef Beer, forest, Pere, Sull, fuzz, 86 days in a row. Wacky ' s house, M.).|.L.F.C.C.S.).P.E., Maine Broad, Who Else, Pete? K.A.O.S. WILLIAM CIMBRELO 10-21-57 22 Gardner St. Bish, F-l-N-C-H, Sid, Peter Pan, Festival, Libra, Inviz-o-ball, " Don ' t it always seem to go, that you don ' t know what you got till it ' s gone. " Adios! DAVID ). CIPOLLE 5-15-57 19 Philemon St. Cip. Track; ham radio electronics; electric quitar — summertime jamming; California S.F.; pyrotechnics with jerry; The Stooges; The Who, " ... is it me for a moment! " The Search MARY CLEWS 8-30-57 36 Henderson St. Mary. Dreams full of promises, hopes for the future. I ' ve had many. Dreams I can ' t remember now, hopes that I ' ve forgotten, faded memories. William Cimbrelo Mauro Ciampa David Cipolle Mary Clews Cheryl Christensen Linda Chryssakis Steven Ciano William Coiley WILLIAM ). COILEY 5-28-57 59 Coolidge Rd. lay. Bobby Bonds, N.H. Ralph, The Farm, The Morning Paper, Bing ' s house. Bob Lily, jackie ' s house, 9-21 Gary, Shemp, Larry, Water fights at Regent, Miss Burt. PAMELA LYNDA COLBY 10-24-56 53 New- comb St. C.Z. Dynamite Florida, Hockey, Hiking, Fanny, Nestle ' s, Black stairs, out front. Stop Shop, Milk cartons with wa- ter, Harvard, River traveling, S.S. love your fellow man . . . SHARON COLCLOUGH 1-30-57 165 Mt. Vernon St. Teencenter ' 70, A.G.H., good friends; B.S.G., Hockey tourneys, lason ' s. The Cape ' 74, Chicago, Stones, good feel- ing, Okaay, My Old Buddy, " Colour My World " . 6-15. Patrick Conlon MARY LEE COLGAN 5-2-57 189 Brattle St. 7:00 classes, D. P., Senior Prom, cooks Brook, 1974 Monty Carlo, Nauset Poit ' s, " Trudger " , Lawyer, hockey games, " Brattle gang " , W.G.S. crew, side show, " Ride ' em cowboys " summer of " 74 " Eastham MARY COLLINS 10-1-57 100 Fremont St. " Back to apathy " , A.P. E D. - Maine, Mufa, " Sing out my soul " , walk-a-thon, California, M.M. - age, C.B. G., 1st time — Ken ' s, " Space is a vacuum ... " lULIE COLONNA 7-3-57 11 Oxford St. Ghoul, " Hi guys " Mef-New Year ' s Eve, Nahant, Tavern Parties, FWA, Hampton, Cape, Summer 73-74, It ' s all your fault Gael, B Boys, Oh no late again!, Tracs, Catching the rays, 6 yrs., |G, SC, PP. . . . Corsair. ROCKY COLOZZI 12-18-56 6 Parker St. RICHARD |. COMMINS 10-31-57 255 Mountain Ave. Rich. The T-Bird-Parties Up The Tower — Halloween — Locke ' s Pond — Super Summer ' 74 — Driving Around — Ambition: Engineerings. LINDA CONLON 6-2-57 48 Alpine St. Medford, L.D., Cape 9-2-73, Maine, feeling good. The Hill, Miss Butler ' s Classes, Hockey Town, Party at Doug ' s, Frosh yr. PATRICK CONLON 3-15-57 20 Eastern Ave. Sharon Colclough Mary Colgan Mary Collins Pamela Colby Linda Conlon Richard Commins, |r. lulie Colonna lohn Cooper ANNE CONNOLLY 2-19-57 34 )ason St. Mr, Propp ' s Tree-house, “slumber ' ' parties with S.O.A. P.O.P.E.R.A., The summer of ' 74, sleeping in the sun in history, field trips, striped knee-socks. JOHN CONNOLLY 12-6-56 164 Forest St. lack. Small party at the Tower, Smok ' em up!. But Officer . . . cruisin ' with Dave, Overnight at Locke ' s; ligger get some wood!. Summer of " 74 ' ' , " Dave ' ll do it " lOHN CONROY 6-4-56 127 High Haith Rd Con. Tennis, up the farm. New Hampshire DD, The bet in Old Hall, Big Coon, ).C. Superstar, junior English Class, Wanna Bet. SANDRA CONTE 11-13-57 61 Broadway Summer of 73 74, Paul, 6-22, Chicago, Woody ' s hockey game. The Taxi, McDonald ' s, The gang on the front porch, and 2 o ' clock sessions at Broadway, our childcare classes and all the kids, roses. Miss Kelley. lOHN COOPER 6-26-57 39 Fremont Ct. Coop. My ambition is to get White coats cheese. My favorite line: “Can I have some cheese please or Oh hoo-raay! " My favor- ite thing. Cheese. KEVIN COOPER 5-1-57 57 Amsden St. Coop. Happiness is a beana, weekend memories — parties up Hampton, my am- bition is to get out of school. WILLIAM COPITHORNE 12-14-57 9 Aerial St. NIALL CORBETT 3-3-56 1 46 Gardner St. “The only way to have a friend is to be one. " lohn Conroy Emerson lohn Connolly Anne Connolly " Sandra Conte Kevin Cooper William Copithorne Sandra Corbett Barry Cote Patricia Covel Judith Costa SANDRA CORBETT 2-24-57 154 Gardner St. Sandy. Ronnie 4-28-73, Falmouth Heights, Barn-73, " Seaweed, " proms, p.j parties, Beach Boys, Summer 74, " Whippies " " Build Me Up Buttercup " , N.A.S.C., Do it, F.W.A., Freshman Year. PHILIP CORCORAN 10-30-57 195 Lowell St. lUDITH M COSTA 8-6-57 27 Exeter S St Little Bumpa, )udd. Never forget VaVo, Spanky, Sandy )oey. Me Okie giggling. Movies, Hampton Beach, New shoes, Dungees, OPDBLD) Dev ' s advice — Our Goodnight song Help My-Electrifrying, Demonstrator. BARRY COTE 9-21-57 98 Hillside Ave. I hate Science! Buffoonery with the Chronic Illness. The Kinks, Raspberries, and The Allman Brothers, Mr. Filichia: Colombo isn ' t lousy! Tennis Team, lapanese Ex- change Visit. Sevy, you clown! CHARLES COULOURIS 8-5-% 11 Howard St. PATTY COVEL 7-26-57 176 Cedar Ave. leanna, Amal, lean, Joyce, Kezonto, Par- ties, Summer of " 73 " , The roof, Hinchy, P.O.T., The Cape, concerts. Stairway to Heaven, weekends. Skip days, work study, ducks. PETER COX 6-15-57 10 Mead Rd. " ' Men work together ! told him from the heart, ' Whether they work Together or apart. ' " Leonard Koretsky 96 Peter Cox Sharon Creed CHARLES CRAIG 3-8-57 65A Brattle St. Chuckles. Funtown U.S.A., S.P.D., A.H.S. Parking Lot, )r. Beach Party, Senior Picnic, The Hasty, The Frattic, Drive-ins, Summer “74”, Reebstraf. ANN THERESE CRAVOTT 5-17-57 6 Nicod St. Going skiing. Sebago Lake waterskiing ' 74, Cape ' 74, Hockey games at the Car- den, Pam running after the car, Wyman ' s Beach ' 73. SHARON M. CREED 12-1-57 199 Renfrew St. Meet you in the lobby after school, Mrs. Geller ' s French 3 Class, ”16, ' ' Florida, K.R., C.A., The Wall, Look at the Airplanes. GEORGE CRENSHAW 11-11-57 15 Mead Rd. lANE CROCKET 5-26-57 47 Burch St. Spe- cial friends — |.,L.,D. Happiness is free muffins after 3:00. " Anything Goes " with G S. Week-end Memories ' bumpin ' at Omega. Pet Peeve: Not being myself. Am- bition: Nursing. DIANE H. CRONIER 12-20-57 5 Academy St. " Cookie Crumb. " Never forget . . . 8th grade fights. Summer of " 73 " " 74 " the Pond, the Center, Best friend R.F. " P R. " Rats — jocks. Pet peeve: Giobbe. EDWARD WILLIAM CRONIER 12-4-56 5 Academy St. Happiness is spark ' em up, partying down the pond. Charger escape. Best friends Buzz, Cof, Diane, Steve, Eggy, |oe. New, School memories, partying, cop- ing. lane Crocket Diane Cronier Ann Cravott Edward Cronier V, . Tjasi. „ Charles Craig George Crenshaw lames Crowley Linda Cruz lAMES G. CROWLEY 3-26-57 35 Epping St. The B.U.B. " carry on ' the men, Maltie, who ' s wanted. C.S.N.Y. concert, summer of 74. Hovhaness Festival 3-27-74, SG for- ever, — Go easy with your fandango. LINDA MARIE CRUZ 8-27-57 118 Varnum St. Pet Peeve: Gym Happiness is Gradu- ating. Schoolday Memories; Butterick ' s, Summer: Ames-ugh, Ambition: to make it in life. Special friends — Cleo, Paula, Deb, K.M., Linda, Diane, Patty, Sue Flash ANDREW I CULHANE 11-29-56 68 Gray St., Gumper. Pet peeve: A.H.S. always re- member A.F., E.R., I.R., C.I., M.R.P., the " pond " and drinkin ' Schlitz. Future: Plan to retire and collect welfare unemploy- ment. Andrew Culhane MARK CUMMINGS 6-2-57 24 Clark St. N.C.L — Ski trip — Parking lot — It ' s only Bing — touche — dum-dum — Nocky — fog — girls taxi — dumper — wacky — farm — Homestead — " Once a |.V. always a |.V. " IIM CURRAN 1-16-58 3 Grand View Rd. Varsity Football, Baseball, Tommy Nobis, Tim Rossavich, Zonie with Tony, Summer Crew Cut, Ralph ' s puppies. Atlas — the wonder bear. Chopping trees in N.H. Smitty B and E DIANE CUSOLITO 2-16-57 66 Bellington St. Dee. ]r. Prom, Buttericks, Belmont Beach U.N.; Saving 63 cents, CC Class, Hockey Games, Lex, Swell, The Cape, Ho lo ' s M.Y.F., Being Bored, " Let It Be. " Karen Culhane Carol Cullinane Mark Cummings lames Curran KAREN CULHANE 4-18-57 16 Adams St. Fog, Happiness is partying, the East, Hen- ries, Spy Pond, Hond Pond, Williards, Mill Street, Circle, Mariot, Thorndike, Sharkies, Fred ' s, ghetto, Falmouth, T.P. ' s N.H., Tan- go Party, TYA. and love. CAROL CULLINANE 12-25-57 125 Brooks Ave. Chronicle. Always Remember lournal- ism and History class 3rd lunch |r. year, and P.B., N.M., D.G., |.A„ K G., C D., D.C, N.O., L.C. 98 Diane Cusolito CLAUDIA ). DAHILL 9-27-56 20 Webster St. " Cleo " 10th, 11th, 12th, Paula, Linda, Janet, Debbie, Lynne, Mrs. Mealy, Miss Fin- berg, Typing, Art, Lunch, H.R., Changing Class, Drawing, Prom-Alan, Happiness is " Good Times. " DIANE DALEY 7-16-57 140 Mt. Vernon St. Bruce 2-22-71, You ' re getting what? Tennis, Aerosmith, Our boat, George ' s Island, Going home to the zoo, Benzo, Beans Pupeans, Whopper no pickles. JANICE DALTON 2-6-57 38 Eairview Ave. Jan. Happiness is M.M. " Would n ' t It Be Nice. " Euture ambition is to become a model. Summer of " 74 " with C.T. P. B. Rates 1, Aerosmith. Claudia Dahill Diane Daley Ann Day Lorraine Day ANN MARIE DAY 9-15-57 25 Fremont Ct. Love and Happiness — My grandparents and family. Special Friends — Marsha, Dot- ti, Betty, Jimmy, Ama. Good Times — BAD BRAKES!!, Teen center. Sophomore year, 3- 7-74, mostly O.N.J. LORRAINE DAY 2-7-58 41 Fremont Ct. 10- 3071, " Senior Prom 74 " Favorite Saying — Fantastic, Ambition — Graduation Day Favorite Person — Dicky. ' L James D ' Amico James D ' Aveni JAMES D ' AMIGO 12-12-56 50 Edgehill Rd. Turk. Even though the political institutions of America have been subjected to in- competence and dishonesty, I am confident that America ' s reaction to this will be corrective. MARIA D ' ANGELO 8-5-57 95 Harlow St. Guinny, Wharp. Happiness is the East, Spy Pond, Willards, Hond Pond, Bens, N.Y., " Colour My World, " Positively 4th Street, Bentley mixer, Italy, N.H., partying, camp- ing, to get my freedom! NANCY DANIELL 9-17-57 35 Fremont Ct. JAMES A. D ' AVENI 6-6-56 11 Wheaton Rd. Well, some people just call me Jim. Maria D ' Angelo Janice Dalton 99 STEVEN DAY 2-5-57 32 Beacon St. Steve. Junior English, RL, Law 1, Yearbook, His- tory Trial, J.H., B.T., Labs, 23 after 10, 172 AAAKK, Chemistry, hockey games. Little Pres. JOE DeANCELIS 12-15-57 290 Renfrew St. Dee. Happiness is a six of tails. Joseph DeAngelis Margaret Day MARGARET DAY 4-17-56 25 Eremont Ct. Sophomore year, Hampton Beach, White Mts., Mr. Kochin ' s class, 2-7-72, My mother who ' s the greatest. John DeLeo, Last year ' s Senior Prom, AHS Blast. SANDRA DAY 8-4-57 7 Marrigan St. Sandy. Mr. Nevola ' s crafts class, Mr. Smith ' s con- cert choir. Rainbow. Springfield. Working in the Junior and Senior Office. My friends who helped me when I needed them. Sandra Day EDGAR A. DeCOSTE 6-23-56 239 Gray St. Will never forget Mrs. Tarr. Will never forget those long week-ends of diving at Eolly Cove. My Ambition is to scuba dive the Bahama Reefs this summer. Will go to college. ROBERT A. DeMASSE 8-9-57 328 Washing- ton St. Rob. Chronic Illness . . . buffoonery . . . " June is just around the corner " . . . Mrs. Goidkrand . . . Butch Cassidy . . The Sting . . . The Celtics . . . Trev . . . Miss Schiel . . . filling out forms . . . Mr. Cody . . . " hanging in there " . . . B.C., D.R., C.E., S.S., G.S., S.T., W.T. Steven Day Edgar DeCoste Robert DeMasse Thomas Dempsey, )r. THOMAS I. DEMPSEY, )R. 7-16-57 33 River St. Demps, Happiness is having good friends. Good times down N.U. (sports, hockey) psyched at Berlin, )r. Prom, Teen Center Ereshman year, favorite thing; nam- ing cars. MICHAEL DENNISON 11-4-57 10 Hath- away Cr. ERANK DeROCHE 1-20-57 11 Pine Ct. The B.U.B. Reverend Erank, Bong, Little room, Ereshman citizenship class. BUB street hockey, February vacation sophomore year. Tourneys. Whoa! Jiving. Rolling Stones, coping, Greg ' s F. Mac. Francis DeRoche, jr. JANICE DeROSA 6-15-57 146 Washington St. Hampton, Eddie ' s parties, 1 or 2 things, Bermuda, Elton, " Stairway to Heaven, " (Waystid) Spring Valley. I smell old ladies; Coconuts, Schmall Party ' s. ROBERT DESMOND 9-4-57 119 Ridge St. Dez. The Cape ' s Millers. CSN Y Jr. S.F. — J. (paws) G. My Staff? Wells Me ... to be happy. Survival 74 ' Chicken - 14° Sun- dance, running. Football, Chem., C.G.A., — AIM. Pet Peeves; Yearbook Ads, cute, J.C. C.E. DANIEL DeVELLIS 7-23-57 12 West St. Dan. Frattic, Beach Days, Saturday Night Drive- Ins, Orange Fights, 80 ' s Corridor, Coin ' Eggin ' , Painting Press Box, Doc ' s Class, Dirt Bomb, Plattsburg, Weasel, Enjoys Sports, Plans; College. Janice DeRosa Robert Desmond Daniel DeVellis James DeVito JAMES A. DeVITO 12-23-57 14 Brunswick Rd Tiddle. Hockey. Seven words You can ' t Say on Television, Ciobbie is a bargain. Smokers, Moody Blues, Nub and Nut, " get juiced on Matues " Ciao backstabbers! T.U.N.C. ARTHUR De YOUNG 11-2-57 65 Egerton Rd. 3552i4 ROBERT DiDONATO 12-18-55 15 Alber- marle St. JOHN DIGNAN 8-10-57 10 Upland Rd. Digs. I like sports the things I enjoyed most in High School were those of Soph- omore Year at Arlington High. MARY DiNUCCI 1-28-57 77 Tanager St. DiNuch. Sixteen, Mrs. Lee ' s Class, metal slate blue 442, Led Zeppelin. KAREN DiPIETRO 12-14-57 22 Country Club Dr. Tourainities and other uglies, " M.M.j.R.LA.MPB.M.DP.I.L.B r A.H.E B B.LE A. D E R M. " , Al Recorari, Cliff, Elorida, Summer ' 73-Akw, Inter- national Ball, Punch out and go home! john Dignan KENNETH DiPIETRO 2-5-56 22 Country Club Dr. E.B. --55 Plymouth St. — Wel- come back my friends to the show that never ends. — Tower — The Dept. Store — Clan, tree Swan returns — Cope. RALPH DIXON 5-29-55 94 Menotomy Rd. CORRINNE DIZIO 6-3-57 24 Thesda St. )AMES ARTHUR DODD 3-18-57 4 Brown- ing Rd. Mr. " I " . Manager of School Store. Practicing fifth year in Silversmithing. My thanks to all of you who have purchased many of my Mr. " j " originals. Upon gradu- ation I plan to major in Retailing. Karen DiPietro “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure. " Mark Twain Mary DiNucci Corrine Dizio lames Dodd Robert DiDonato David Dolan Maureen Donoghue SHARON DONALD 3-18-57 84 Oakland Ave. Biafran. Pigmy, Fatman Chunky, Paula, White Mountains, Laconia, the Cape, gin tonic, Debbie ' s 11-16-73 — loe! CATHY DONNELLAN 6-28-57 75 Piedmont St. M.A.H. Mornings in the cafeteria. The Shed. Biology and History. Trivia quizzes. " They can because they think they can. " MAUREEN DONOGHUE 11-25-56 106 Webster St. Moe. Happiness is; school day memories with the girls. Catherine Donnellan Sharon Donald lOHN DOHERTY 7-2-57 102 Hutchinson Rd. New Silver Beach, Malden 9th Grade, Sailing, Laser 14673, Ereshman Chess Club, 19 Eellsway East, 10-5-72, Student Relations Committee, W.H. 138, Carruthers and Company. DAVID M. DOLAN 4-20-57 129 Newport St. The Tower . . . light ' em up . . . let ' s eat out . . take the car, Eletch . . . New Hampshire and Vermont ' 74 . . . Duster . . . Slow down. Hawk . . . Coin ' up the coun- try. john Doherty GAEL PATRICIA DOLAN 9-25-57 133 Sun- set Rd. Doo. E.W.A., Paul — 9-30-72 — Eluffy, CAC, Your Fault, lulie?. Oh! Obiei, Miss Ugly America, B-Boys, Farm, Parking Lot, Hampton-72, Doin it!. All the Leaves . . Woman, Xavier, By Ma. Gael Dolan 103 Daniel Donovan DANNY DONOVAN 10-5-56 134 Gardner St. Zoom. North Union, Let ' s get whipped, 55 ' s and 57 ' s on the line. KEN DONOVAN 12-1-56 9 Orchard Terr. Gymnastics, summers on the Cape, Listen and be cursed with the sounds of the Grateful Dead. STEVEN M. DONOVAN 4-11-57 6A Me- morial Way Steve, Specs. Norton . . . N.U. . . Projects . . V. Baseball . . . Chem. |r. Year . . . junior Prom . . . B.M.j.l Eun days down the Park. Eog. Sunday Afternooris Playing Eootball. Mr. Lowder . . . 4-16-73. MAUREEN DOOLEY 1-4-57 288 Washing- ton St. Reen. Happiness is . . . Spring Val- ley, " Do ya ' know? " Buttrick ' s, G.H., 1 or 2, Hampton, EMD-Wow!, 11-30-73, Proms, " Waystid, " Bermuda, " Angie, " Parties . . . Eove to all my friends! Ken Donovan Steven Donovan STEPHEN DOOEEY 4-26-57 183 Highland Ave. Eord Brothers; Ealcon lives, " james Dean, you were too fast to live; too young to die. " Eagles, Street Turkey. DOROTHY E. DOREMUS 6’18-57 100 Hill- side Ave, Dottie. Eavorite things — Blue jeans, sleeping late, not working, vacation. Pet Peeves — work, class bells. CHARLEEN DORRINGTON 6-22-57 18 Peirce St. “I am not what I once was. " Horace Maureen Dooley Dorothy Doremus Stephen Dooley Charleen Dorrington 104 KENNEY DOUCETTE 6-21-56 15 Campbell Rd. Eonz, " Paws off! " Dark Room. Debbie. Medford. Robbie $1.25. Hond Pond. D.P.W. Belmont Hill. April Vacation of " 74 " . Mr. Deusch ' s Math Class! Bowling, The Piles. Bamf-f-f. EUGENE DOYLE 2-26-56 83 Robbins Rd. Hockey, Eootball, Track, Earm, Hefmichitz, Beach Parties, Cape, Proms, Parking Lot, Erosh year, Rockport, NAP, hate parties (ya much), H.B., Lime Rock, Sorry )ay. Home- stead, )a-Do, Butts the Psychic. RACHEL DOYLE 7-7-57 83 Robbins Rd. Hockey games, parties, " The Car " , Spring Valley, Big Head, Mes., Too Late, Fall much, Maurine ' s and Ed ' s parties, Hamp- ton, Waystid, Uriah Heep, Misty Mountain Hop. ARTHUR DRISCOLL 1-20-57 93 Webster St. The Table, Bri the B, " Mary Who? " How- ie, Who ' s not up, Superface 23, Somebody likes roses. They double back Marianne, You ' ve got a friend. Rachel Doyle Arthur Driscoll ERIN DUFFY 1-7-57 4 Colonial Village Dr. The Duff, Fungus Amongus, )illferd, C D. Wanna skip? Liquor is quicker, " Snow " Classroom Blues, HyWay Bikes, Sugar Magnolia, )on . . . " Quarts " " Kung " What ' s Cookin ' ? Sympathy For The Devil. BETSY DUGGAN 11-8-57 233 Sylvia St. Un- fortunately — Bumptious. Gerry, 11-3-73, Snooks, F.W.A., All Leaves Brown, Sr. Prom 73, 74, Buttrick ' s, Stands, the Cape 74, " Talks " , D.R., No. 3. Xavier, Partitions, R.A.T.C. Papa 1V2 , Gyli!!!! RICHARD DUNN 7-14-57 36 Aerial St. Rainy Nights at the Drive-Ins, Denmark, Maine 71-74, 9-4-73 Hio Ridge, Salisbury Beach, Deep purple — Highway Star, Edgar Winter — Free Ride, Skiing Killington, Wa- terville, lOHN DUSSI 2-24-57 18 Tower Rd. Duce, The Tower, Rye Beach, Trev, The Duster, orange fights, Hampton -Winnepesaukee " 74 " , T-bone, Michelob, Quigs. LESLEY EASTON 1-21-57 35 Upland Rd. L.E.E. Smile, you ' re on candid crossroads! Summer 74, Virginia, Symmes, Sweet Sym- mes, ). Giles, Serves you right to suffer, Baby. Do-it to-it, again. Space Shot! )ohn Dussi Lesley Easton Erin Duffy Kenneth Doucette Betsy Duggan Richard Dunn KARL EBNER 11-30-57 25 Endicott Rd LAURIE EGAN 8-12-57 14 Jason Court " Though we rush ahead to save our time, we are only what we feel " . Neil. Sunny days and nights are a lot of fun. LARRY EINZIC 3-20-57 53 Yerxa Rd. Every- thing now. Everything that ' s gone, Every- thing to come, and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. Pink Floyd — 1973. CRAIG WHIPPLE ELLIOTT 11-5-57 122 Ap- pleton St. Chronic Illness? The train stirs from this station as the next into mist on its endless arc in search of a design already traced. Kar Ebner Laurine Egan MELINDA ENRIGHT 12-20-57 22 Suther- land Rd. 4-23-74 Alcoholic Reject Heightsmen — Visine — Red cheeks — Hydrogen Bomb. LISA BETH ERICKSON 12-3-57 42 Quincy St. Poops ie. Pajama Game ... Danish Modern . . . Drama Festivals, Spaghetti Par- ty — Orange!!, Baby Cry??, Reflections, " You must work for your objectives!!!! . . . F.R., You want a mint???, Pretzels, music, and T.V., Hallelujah! ' !!! Lawrence Einzig, jr PETER GREGORY ERICKSON 3-12-57 54 Kensington Pk. Saturday nite at the cafe. The Bone, Rockport Sunday, Jackson, Bas- ketball with the Guru, Rm. 31 — all fun games, flying scales. Drive-ins, Press Box, The Pope, Bogart, the Pits, very impressive - I ' m already gone. Melinda Enright Craig Elliott Lisa Erickson Peter Erickson TOM FAHEY 10-11-56 11 Glenburn Rd Fahy. Farm, High School, Varsity Hockey, Football, garden Southie, Bing ' s Celler, Jackie Britt ' s Class, Jackies Bings Parties, Cheryl, Flipout, Frogs, MacArthur Lane, Homeroom with Joe. KAREN FAIOLA 1-10-57 24 Bow St, Miss Barry ' s first period class. Junior prom and semi-formal. Working at Buttrick ' s. Sum- mer week-ends in Hyannis. Ups and downs with best friends. Cood times in Lexington. JOSEPH FALANGA 6-23-56 38 Foster St. Joe. B.W.A.F., The Boat, Sonny Boy, Tom Terrific, My Pal Ralph, 2:00 for 27, R.K. Taylor Sat. night witji the Boys, B.I.O.Y.A., Clubbing, Al, Kel, Jimmy, Pete, Jerry Barss. JEAN FARINOSO 1-10-57 50 Hathaway Circle Butch, 7-21-72 Marty, field hockey, softball, GTM, " Proud Mary " , half breed, " O K. Triple A, you ' re wicked good " " Take it easy, you ' ve got b ' s " guinea-buddies, KBRS, MSEL, AGSPR, anklesox, h.b. bud- dies. Thomas Fahey MARY L. ERIKSON 12-5-57 48 Morningside Dr. Mare, Summer ' s at York Beach. Let ' s do something, Anne! I won ' t go down the center! Homerooms with Laurie. " No way, Martin! " I ' ve got a dream . . . JAMES M. EROMIN 5-22-57 16 Cheswick Rd. Farm, HS, Bing ' s cellar, Jr. semi-formal crash. Chalet lounge chairs. Regent, Notes, Staffs, Maureen 9-27-70 Tourney, Cool- idge-Gray, Tony ' s Bomb, Rockport, Spec ' s stories. MIKE EVELYN 2-16-57 36 Chandler St. Rogue. Hardy, Homeroom, Joe ' s Bathtub, Dawna, Sports, the Car, Work, Monkey Ray is in my typing cJass. Harassing freaks in Harvard Square, Hot Pursuit, Joseph Falanga Michael Evelyn Karen Faiola Jean Farinoso Karen Fedele KAREN FEDELE 4-4-57 33 Chandler St. Mo- torcycle rides in the country, Mr. Leone ' s Class — Mr. " L " Hockey Games . . . Happi- ness is having someone to talk to. STACEY FAULKNER 4-4-57 130 Gray St. F.H.A., Chorus, Yearbook, G S, Marriott, Dallas, Chicago, Cape, Mario ' s, A.B.C , Brig- ham ' s ).E. and D. )., dances P.L., ).C., M.G., Watchdogs ' , Saturday ' s library, " There is stillness within you which you can retreat to at any time and be yourself. " Janet Eennell JANET FENNELL 11-27-56 21 Walnut Ter- race Week-end memories at Omega, Idler, Pet peeve: Eshes, Happiness is: Capital C and Greeks, My ambition: Hairdresser, Special friend Debbie, Linda, Jane. Favorite line: No Class! Stacey Faulkner Debra Fereshetian DEBRA FERESHETIAN 3-22-57 12 Dorothy Rd. Week-end memories at Harvard Sq: " I ' m getting nervous " Pet Peeve: Working week-end mornings. Special friends: Jane, Linda, Janet. My ambition is in the Medical field. DIANNE FERRERA 2-19-57 8 Wall St. 8-16- 74 Bobby!! J.H., P.B., Will never forget Ber- muda — the Best! Rockport, Crosby C.C., tennis team, Longwood (8-18-26), 9-26-74 — Rte. 128 at two in the morning!? Touch- down and Suburban League Banquets, Par- ties, Buttrick ' s Jr. Yr. BARBARA FERRETTI 2-3-57 95 Highland Ave. Diane Ferrera 108 Barbara Ferretti Kevin Fletcher lames Fitzgerald lAMES I. FITZGERALD 2-28-57 20 Lake St. Brandy -3554, I will never forget the Cook- ie Company — 4820, M.V.D. and M.T.B. for A.D., Com-Tacker you ' re still going. )DB you ' re still my lawyer. LENNY FITZPATRICK 8-31-55 244 Florence Ave. Fitz. The day everyone wanted to kill the locks after sixth and none would come out and the cops kicked everyone out. Drome is the Best. )ANE FLETCHER 7-20-57 29 Henry St. Eletch. |r. beach party, Lucess ' s sleepover, chicken legs, S.S.H.W.B.S., " beach baby " all nighters, S.N.)., Nicky? Leonard Eitzpatrick " Your friend is your needs answered. " Kahil Gibran lane Eletcher KEVIN ELETCHER 8-19-57 Hemlock St. MARY PATRICIA ELYNN 5-21-57 87 Valen- tine Rd. Dynamite! . . . Student Council . . . How did I win?? . . . E.N.A. . . . C.Y.O. . . . |oe . . . not steady?? . . . Dave . . . " Prep B " champs . . . Camels ... |r. Class Sect. . . . shop . . . " Trivia " . . . emotional drain . . . Phillips Academy . . . 1-8-74 . . . Let ' s pre- tend . . . Mr. Propp ' s class . . . clean sheets! NANCY FLYNN 2-26-57 15 Harlow St. 30 ' s, I don ' t want to go, Crapenut, $1.20, Maine, B.S.C., Ski Club, Buzz, 35 seconds, Folies, Bend and stretch. Blue goes faster than red, rubber. Mary Flynn Nancy Flynn Peter Flynn Sandra Flynn John Foley PETER FLYNN 5-7-56 45 Hopkins Rd. Farm, High School, Soccer, Hockey (yea!) )r. Beach Party week-end, searching, Chalet Lounge Chairs, keep right. Heartache, Rockport, Schlitz, Crease ' s Cellar, Maine, Goon, K A O S. Eleanor Franey lames Frankudakis SANDRA LEE ANN FLYNN 5-1-57 14 Edith St. Sandy. Hampton wknd memories. Drome, Zodiac Saloon, )une 7th finally, Fallenskee 11, Dolphin 4 " Hey babes, " )r. year Oh Come on? " B.S. — I love You. lOHN M, FOLEY 11-5-57 101 Franklin St. lay. Sebago Lake, Pretty Lousy The Conti- nental Kids - T H E. CAPER, C F Corpo- ration??! OIneyville, Prov. Please! Cool it Margo: " The Ship " , Friendly ' s Leftovers, I ' ll spot, Acadia or most 21. ELEANOR MARY ERANEY 6-17-57 24 Windsor St. Ellie. Happiness is Paul 6-20- 72, summers at York Beach, S.T.P., pajama parties, proms. The Sting, Skiing wit h Ellen at Mr. Agamenticus, Brighams, P.P.).C.R.P. . . . friends we are. lAMES C. ERANKUDAKIS 1-10-57 11 Saga- more Rd. |ato. Armand, Bear, Duck, Diego, Dekis, Snowdrift Putso Brian, " Snatch in the Box, " Lud ' s getting married?. Ginger Baker |r. " Buck a hole " " You too Erank " spissdizzee swass. GLENN ERATTO 2-16-57 36 Scituate St. Poindexter Nonny, Rockport, Kill The Ereaks, Elton, Ballooning. Mr. Mac, |r. B- party. Drive-ins, |.B., Pits, Frattic, Fog, Kim??? Mouse-Beagle, Turtle, Help me! Paragon, Saturday Night At Cafe. MARGARET EURDON 9-13-55 19 Arnold St. Margie. Eootball games, playing my guitar G S cast party, Friday nights, crafts with Mr. Prusik, typing with Mr. Collumb, the Lancaster Gang |IVIN, 1st Gear Con- certs. Am I? Elton |ohn. Boys W, Hartford. lOHN S. CAGALIS 12-4-56 49 Winter St. Gag. Y.M.C.A., Eriday night at the Eights; G.O.Y.A., Mr. Trev.; Paul, Eootball. Glenn Fratto Margaret Furdon )ohn Gagalis MARIANNE GALLAGHER 2-14-57 69 Ep- ping St. Memories: Chicago, Summer of 74, Green Harbor, Mass. )oe Bertagna ' s history class. Special friends: Mike O ' Connor, Jeanne, Carol, Krista, Donna Sports, Basketball, football. MARTHA |. GALLANT 9-9-57 62 Menotomy Rd. Marty. Volleyball, K.R. ' s, Onset, Danc- es!, Trev, AC. Srs., " 73 " Tennis?, FHA- Dallas! )r. Gym Class, L.C.C. Merc. Boston Marathon, ILL., Hey )oe!!. Friends, Snoopy, The Tennis Kid!, Memeories. )OHN I. GAMEZ 8-2-57 34 Teel St. Crip Happiness is a six-pack. A.H.D.T., Crip, Cruising in a Bonneville and no questions asked! Beer or Bust!!! E.O., R.M., ).|.S., Live in Peace, y ' all. DEBRA ANN GARABEDIAN 12-7-57 170 Pleasant St. Debbie. Honor Roll, Future Teachers of America, Flexible Programs, Armenian Club, Chorus. My ambition is to become a school teacher. Favorite class — English with Mr. Trevisani. Debra Garabedian Martha Gallant Susan Garrity Robert Gedies Sharon Gaynor SUSAN GARRITY 7-25-57 136 Wildwood Ave. Sue. Eddie ' s Sr. Prom, jPBBBSAHFU, cheerleading, 11 dream, Brigham ' s, late again, JWIHLHPTMTDPMMDH!!, 7-6-73, summer 73, three ' s a crowd, RADATB, " God bless me " , WIALYE? SHARON GAYNOR 11-15-57 174 Lowell St. Hockey games, ski trips. Summer of 74, Aerosmith Concerts, S.O.S. (Too Bad), and Dream on, " the wreck. " Marianne Gallagher Michael Gearin MIKE GEARIN 2-22-57 28 Gardner St. Bone. You can take a boy from his Planet but you can ' t Take the Planet out of the boy. For Four Klifting years, I ' m snadzed out. BOB GEDIES 5-23-57 18 Cleveland St. The Best Year for Everything 1974-75. Michael Cilligan lane Gotsell )oel Gramolini MARTIN GEORGI 9-10-57 6 Lombard Terr. MICHAEL GILLICAN 9 Newcomb St. Peyote Kid, Nahant 75, 7-4-74, Riding to McCarthy ' s, Catch a buzz! SUSAN M. GILLICAN 11-16-74 32 Fox Meadow Ln. Summer of 72, the Park, A.C. dances, ).0. Bermuda PO )P ME, Symmes Tennis, )r. Prom forever. WILLIAM GILLIS 9-23-57 21 Mayflower Rd. lOHN CLAZEBROOK 4-21-56 11 Pond Ln. ROBERT CLENNON 11-1-57 25 Peter Tufts Rd Festes. Remember the good times, the wall. The small wall. White Horse Beach At Moe ' s with the Men! TFFCRNBBMDSSTGBB., Summer of 73 with D.D. Summer of 74 C.C.C. Ralph ' s House. )ANE GOTSELL 7-29-57 91 Egerton Road Bargins, Harvard, Crapenut, Sunarise, I don ' t want to go, $1.20! Gabo, Senior Prom, Maine 74 Nubble Light, Feeling Wozzy, Buzz, D-D-Disgusting, B.S.C., Hear Today: Gone Tomorrow. BARRY GRAHAM 4-8-57 16 Silk St. Bee lethro Tull Winter Nights down NU, Sum- mer memories — The Quarrys, White Mts., Labor Day, Vermont " 74 " wasted. Gas- mask, Arlington good for the doze good- bye. lOEL M. GRAMOLINI 12-19-57 86 Colum- bia Rd. Gramolini, Gramolini, Gramolini . . Watkins Glen . . " Bat is Best " . . . Fire in the Car, AM — hagboompudgesleezef- rogmanbargainbuckszears — I got you all sized up . . . CAROLE GRANT 12-21-56 7 Huntington Rd. Remember the six! Cape " 74 " Harvard Sq. at six N.P. Five Down one to go! A.C.K. Parking Lot and curbs Three weeks We Like it! and where do we go from here. John Glazebrook Barry Graham Susan Cilligan Robert Glennon Carole Grant William Gillis Brian Craydon Mark Greeley Richard Green " Genius must be born, and never can be taught. " |ohn Dryden BRIAN GRAYDON 11-6-56 815 Concord Turnpike Cape, AHS Parking Lot, Farm, Michelob, Miller Mrs. Goldcran, the man in the white suit, Bright squad, sideswipe wipeout, Falmouth Heights Chateau KIMBERLY GREBERT 6-11-57 75 Beverly Rd. Kimba. Knapsacks, padd leboards, S.O.A.P.O.P.E.R.A., Star Trek, green, Bat- man, Robin, Green Arrow, Alfred, The salt water will cure it , The Great Epic of Locker 33, Get Ready. MARK GREELEY 1-30-57 1 48 Westminster Ave., " Happiness means being interested in life; responding to life not just with one ' s brain but with one ' s whole person- ality. " Erich Fromm. JOHN GREEN 12-29-56 30 Amsden St. In- terval Training, Breaking Sled, Labs, Art ' s and Bob ' s, 3rd floor, Sarah Blue Team, Soph Basketball, Mr. Mac ' s transmission cruising with Ralph and Ered. RICHARD C. GREEN 12-8-57 8 Mohawk Road Good Guys, Cooper, Bertagna, Mer- curio. Drench . . . Lavery Grand Canyon, The Tower, Rustler, vega, Michelob, hit the bars, Mt. Washington, it ' s a bone. Good Muffler, Good Luck! KAREN GROOM 12-9-56 14 Hartford Rd. Run Howdy . . . Dave . . . julie . . . Dez . . . Baby-blue Lockers . . . Texas . . . swimming . . . 2-14-74 . . . Ein . . . Coakley . . planting island . . . movie stubs ... (21 x 2) ... lulie ' s ideas (spaghetti) . . . purple thing . . . " lerrk " . . . )une 1975 . . . MARY E. GUANCI 6-16-56 16 Beacon St. Lombard St., the apartment, Walden, pet pair h j. and " the clique! " New Year ' s eve 73, Beach Party, " Chicago " " Beachboys " Rocke ' s jr. English class, " Make me Smile! " Coordination! lOANNE M. GUINEY 10-8-57 200 Eorest St. Guine. Cheering, football, hockey, basket- ball games, tourneys, tourney parties, " 73 " and " 74 " ,. grad, parties " 74 " Miss Einberg, proms. Miss Ugly America, Lockeland, fg- ck-sr, " Don ' t Rain on my Parade, " bing bing bing wicochet wabbit. WESLEY P. GUINEY 8-17-56 200 Eorest St. Wes. Once was in furniture construction — thanks Mr. Cooper . . . high school park- ing lot . . . Earm . . . Stratton . . . Coors . . . Michelob . . . Green Monsters , . . where ' s my jeep . . . Cape . . . Conn . . . sports — much. Kimberly Grebert )ohn Green Karen Groom Mary Guanci loanne Guiney Wesley Guiney loseph Gunter lOE GUNTER 2-26-57 162 Mountain Ave. Orange fights, South Yarmouth, State Trooper, Varsity Baseball, English Mr. Foisy, Bino, Nicki, Beef, Butts, Mary, Let it Be Hyannis. " Therefore do not be anxious about tomor- row for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day ' s own trouble be sufficient for the day. " Matthew 6:34 RAYMOND M. HALL 5-31-57 59 Lockeland Ave. Mankind is doomed until the journey into the innermost regions of the mind is taken and tuned in. David Hall Susan Hall DAVID HALL 6-8-57 10 Yerza Rd. My am- bition is to help do something to fight pollution and to own a hobby shop. MIGHAEL ). HALLINAN 11-26-57 156 Ap- pleton St. Hal. The shop class. Golfing at Belmont, the bike, the frattic. Drive-ins, Oranges in the 80 ' s, the Hockey tourneys, the card games, there goes swifty. Raymond Hall SUSAN HALL 10-17-57 88 Grafton St. Sum- mer of " 74 " , Ho. 11, Leone ' s class P4, Shorthand I, P6 82. God Bless. 114 Michael Hallinan Edmund Hamilton EDMUND F. HAMILTON 7-30-56 63 Cool- idge Rd. Eddie. Pet Peeve; Getting up every morning for school. Summer memo- ries: Vacations with my family. Remember- ing Mr. Tolland and Mr. Donovan, Born Free. DARLENE C. HARDING 12-26-56 23 Sawin St. " Lil Doc. " Civili ' s seminar with L.L., E.K., S.D., K.R. Elizabeth the Leader? Get- ting lost with loanne, Storlazzi ' s butter- dish, Nahant. Buckley? My pal Mr. Merc. Thanks Miss Coakley. LEO H. HAROUTUNIAN 3-22-57 15 Web- cowet Rd. Pa )oe " papa " Hula Land. Chi- cago — E. ). Connecticut. " Paper Chase " 6- 20-74 75 TSAF TBAV. Darlene Harding Leo Haroutunian Lillie Hamory LILLIE HAMORY 7-23-57 27 Hilton St. " Grazing in greener pastures. " lOHN F. HANNON, )R. 9-10-57 72 Bay State Rd. AV Chuckles BRM-6099 T.C. Brandy M.T.B. )DB ' s History class Prof. TRI- X 4th Estate D-76 Cody ' s exciting chem class. Where are the chargers? APD Code 111B. )ohn Hannon EDWARD HARRINGTON 8-2-57 88 Graft- on St. Ted. 5-74; A-2; Student Council, MA. Cobb; Scrooge; Homeroom with ) H.; Per. 2 — ).Y. No. 11, Sum. " 74 " Chow Baby. Edward Harrington Patricia Hanafin Paul Hannaford PATRICIA M. HANAFIN 5-12-57 67 Bartlett Ave. Pat. Period 7 Gym — Trip to Rome, Chem Labs, Locker Partners, Algebra 2: Per. 6 PAUL HANNAFORD 12-10-56 28 Fountain Rd. Miss Farrey ' s class jr. year with Dave Gendall ' s magic show. JOHN HARRELSON 12-8-55 1228B Mass. Ave. lEAN HARRINGTON 5-31-57 22 Wellesley Rd. Summer of ' 72 " , Hampton, Crosby, T.C., )r. Parties — Flip-out!, )r. beach party, Alki-hall, PB, DF, 4- kids, Tennis Team -I- Banquets, Longwood 4- Autographs, Rt, 128, Starlighters, Hockey 4- Football games, Buttrick ' s! lean Harrington WAYNE HARTNETT 9-29-56 117 Overlook Rd. DAVE HAWKINS 2-6-57 43 Thesda St. Hawk. Partytime up the Tower, beverages. Rustler, Race Car, " Smoke ' Em Up " Total- led, wearing a tie, Davard-)ock, Hockey Puck, Orange Fights, No Friends, Dewey. David Hawkins Denise Hayes DENISE MARIE HAYES 12-27-56 47 Everett St. Happiness is having Tracy. Fondest Memory 8-27-74. Breakfast at Buttrick ' s. Barbara, Nahant Beach, Ambition is to be successful. Roberta Healy ROBERTA HEALY 8-1057 14 Buena Vista Rd. Surf. Basketball -)- Hockey games. Art classes, junior Prom, being late, Mr. Merc ' s English class |LK Happiness is — never having another gym class, A.H.S. — wart an experience. CRAIG HERMLE 8-30-57 30 Lakehill Ave. McGregor, Hermy. I ' ll always remember Westborough speeding. EE Bell, skiing on Spy, Laurel, York Beach, Gloucester, Provi- dence, Rl, Tuffs, 5-19-74. Craig Hermie lAMES HINDE 3-13-57 74 Rhinecliff St. Alice. April Vacation " 72 " , D.P.W., Sum- mer of ' 74, Use Me, New Year ' s Eve, Paint It Black, Linda Raw, Laconia, 6-20-74, Piles, Bowling, Who Concert, Destruction, Wasted. Kenneth Hirsch KENNY HIRSCH 102-57 16 Surry Rd. 3-22- 72 Prom, The Cape, Merc ' s class no bargain, Somerville game walking. Was that the road. MARYELLEN HOBART 1-18-57 87 College Ave. T) ' s 9-17-57, S.H.W., Summer of " 72 " , Good times at H.I., always remember: B . St. Gang, Guade, Aerosmith 7-73, Nahant Beach, " You Are Everything, " Mr. Healy. VIVIAN HODGES 5-2-57 20 Mystic Valley Pkwy. Hampton " 74 " , Ski trips " good times " Stearns, parties, Nahant " 74 " , The Big " E " , The ' Park. Misunderstandings, " girgle, " " girgle. " MICHELLE HOGAN 10-14-57 18 Hunt- ington Rd. I can still feel the breeze that brushes through the trees, and misty memories of days gone by. “Liberty is not necessarily our per- manent possession. Both external and internal pressures constantly assail it. Every generation, to keep its freedom, must earn it. " Earl Warren Mary Lou Howard Gary Horsman Paula Houser Vivian Hodges Michelle Hogan GARY HORSEMAN 12-26-57 182 Washing- ton St. PAULA HOUSER 9-19-57 159 Washington St. Pee. Miss Kaprillian Mr. Stortiyie — Kim, the Corner house Amal Donna Sha- ron Summer St. Cape Cod, " hey ya off yet? " " for God sakes " . " I like you. " MARY LOU HOWARD 12-13-57 23 Churchill Ave. Pigme. Chunky, thank you For my wish. Murtle, Chris, Biafrian. Crash Friday 13th. Pretzels, roof, Sophomore year. Park. FTA. Sandy ' s. Hampton beach. QLT. Bye Everybody. Good Luck. I 17 Mary Hobart CHRISTINE HRISSANTHOU 7-21-57 7 Wachusett Ave. Chris., To my friends who helped me through the rough years: Chunky, Murtle, Pigme; Thanks! Friday 13th, Red Truck, Pretzelface, Sophomore year, Sandy ' s, Roof, Q.L.T., Greece, J.P.V. Flordia, Bye . . ALAN HUBBARD 7-7-57 142 Gardner St. Hub. Projects, North Union, Hangin ' around wasn ' t that bad, Neil Young, " Ohio " Can ' t wait till this is all just a bad dream. Wednesday Mornings, and Maine. MARTHA HUGHES 10-30-74 31 Tanager St. Murtle. Summer days and summer of " 72 " , Pretzels, Pizza, Friday the 13th " 74 " . O.L.T. Dumpa, Piglet, Chunky, Chick, growing up with A.R., Mountains, Vermont. Buzz, Proms. Gayle Hues lEAN HURLEY 6-26-57 66 Ridge St. Kinks, Concerts, Daniel, Party All Night, Chauf- feur Driven jam jar, September 13, Charles River Parties, Hotel Sonesta, C.E., Bows, Mrs. Hardy, joyce, Amal, jeanne, Patty. Kenneth Hughes lean Hurley Epictetus Martha Hughes KENNETH WILLIAM HUGHES 4-15-57 27 Temple St. Spring 75, Rockport, Cross Country, Basketball? Pit ' s, Cafe, Bomb, Farm, Buttrick ' s Frattic, Elton, Bodine, Drive-ins, Eyebrows, Milla ' s, Holiday Inn, Dream On, — and she ' s buying a stairway to heaven, something like that " No man is free who is not master of himself. " GAYLE A. HUES 4-17-57 3 Greenwood Rd. The Big " E " , Cape, Tango, Patsy, DIA- MOND F.T.A.S. " Stairway to Heaven " W.S., L.F. Ralph B. " Born Blonde " The Base. Christine Hrissanthou Alan Hubbard lEANETTE HUTCHINS 2-21-57 7 Amsdem St. STEVEN ICO 8-29-57 17 Walnut Ct. H.R. with Al, C.C. Soph. year. The Igoetts! Chem. A2, Track. CHERYL IRVING 8-23-57 101 Ridge St. Great times with Faye!, " Hilltop " , Semi- formals, )r. Prom, " Ginger and Fred! " Faye, watch out for those Bushes! 6-15-74 Kell, " z-z-z-z " I ' ll see ya! D,D,A,S.T,L, Flying Eagle, " Colour My World. " Jeanette Hutchins ALAN lACKSON 8-10-56 99 Grafton St. Big Al. Smiler, parties with Rod Stewart, love like Blonde Debbie, best friends like Fudd, Bruce, Jonathan, Grease Johnny. Kinks, Slade, New Yrs. " 73, 74 " , N. Y., Greatest Parents. GHERYL JACKSON 9-3-57 4 Lehigh St. CAC Girls ' Club, Barn, Sr. Prom ' 73, MJC, 9-22- 72, " You can ' t always get what you want, " FWA, " All the Leaves are brown. " DEBBY JACKSON 10-16-57 39 Lockeland Ave. A.H.S. " 75 " , Maine Summers, Jimmy ' s 5th, Shorthand with Mrs. Burke, Mr. Trues- dale, writing, W.S., The " Tree, " G-8, M-7, History, MG ' s -Red, Games, Stonewalls, " She ' s a rainbow, " CR., ST., LC., KM., KO., SB., SB., JD., DJ., EW., SS., Make me smile! Steven Igo I r Cheryl Irving ' j. r M Alan Jackson Cheryl Jackson 1 19 Debra Jackson Sandra Jackson SANDRA JACKSON 10-16-57 39 Lockeland Ave. Happiness is H.F.S. ' S Slaorthand with Mrs. D. Maine, Horseback riding, Chicago, Behind Blue Eyes, You gotta keep on trying!! LINDA JEAN 3-10-57 54 Candia St. Bob 11- 18-72, Jr. Prom K W. Jr. Semi-formal, Jr. Beach Party, The Twelve, Locke ' s Summe r of " 74 " 7-5-74 (C.D.D.S.T.), Parties, A.H.S. Parking lot, J.B. ' s History class, Elip-out, What number are you on? weo!! LAURA JEEEERSON 1-10-58 33 Silk St PEGGY JEEEERSON 7-11-56 33 Silk St. DENISE ANNE JOEY 9-27-57 9 Ottawa Rd. De-De. Proms, Volleyball, " I Got It, " SLB, Parties, Summer of ' 74, Cape Cod, I Get By With A Little Help Prom My Priends, 7-4- 74, K: " I, I or E. " Linda Jean Greta Jones Denise Joly GRETA MARQUERITE JONES 6-5-57 289 Summer St. ALBERT A. KALUSTIAN 8-8-57 499 Apple- ton St. Al. Red, Butch, head ' n down to Gau, Harry, Hey Al!!! Romney, Swassee Pistizz, Big Bend, Arlmont Village Gang, It ' s about time I bolted this clam bake. MARY KEATING 12-21-56 37a Pine St. Joe; 3-23-73, Jr. Prom, " Summer of 73, " Cape? friends ... I Spy! Motor lodge, freshman beach party, $5., Huh?? Bermuda, We ' ve only just begun . . . SEAN KEDIAN 2-21-56 107 Gardner St. Happiness is a fast car with a finely tuned engine and a flawless paint job. Albert Kalustian Mary Keating Sean Kedian liiiiiKi 1 I I David Kelley Kevin Kelly Mark Kelley Robert Kelley DAVID KELLEY 2-1-57 35 Melrose St, Kel. " 76 " Lootball 1, Basketball, Harvard Square, " Making the rounds, " " Colkar, " " E, " " Chuck, " " Tripper, " " That ' s all right, " " Al, " " The Cape, " " Good Car, " " All Night Parties, " Mr. Mercurio — Eavorite Teacher. MARK T. KELLEY 3-21-57 16 Chandler St. If it were possible, I would like to fly away with my favorite rock group and my favor- ite chick. BOB KELLEY 7-13-57 70 Teel St. My ambi- tion is to live a successful life. KEVIN KELLY 5-16-57 20 Pine St. NANCY KELLY 12-10-57 117 Newport St. Kelly Girl. F.W.A., " all the leaves are Brown, " Tracks, Stands, Buttrick ' s, Farm, p.j. parties initiation!, Mem. week-end, wild. Load, Dream on. PAUL KELLY 1-28-57 37 Harvard St. Sum- mer memories — 10 o ' clock coffee break. Happiness is getting out of school at 9:30, Ford Brothers, Hospital Road, Going out to the Deli-Mart for lunch. PAULA T. KELLY 11-16-56 53 Quincy St. Ginny, prom, elbow, 80 ' s sanitary, 4 o ' clock parties, friendly gang, best sum- mers ' 72 ' 74, V.W., S.S. Walden M.G., 2 o ' clock T.G., W.F. Paula Kelly Nancy Kelly Paul Kelly Phyllis Keplin Christopher Keshishian Benjamin Keysper GEORGE MICHAEL KENNISTON 8-31-56 181 Forest St. Mike. I will long remember my summer camping vacations. I like to bowl and play volleyball and a few other various activities. MICHAEL KENT 5-29-57 60 Hillside Ave. BUB, Feb. vacation — soph, summer of 74 — Maine, Rev. Tourneys, Hard-core Som- merville game, Fratto ' s House, cross-coun- try? Ike, Press Box, B.I.O.Y.A.! MICHAEL KEOUGH 12-22-57 77 Bow St. PHYLLIS A. KEPLIN 10-8-57 31 Lorraine Terr Fissle. CYO, Retreats, )r. and St. Proms, 74, Yellow Fellow. Mai. Football games! S. and S. " T ' s” Sarah Frazier, Mrs. C. Eastender, Cape, " Him,” Pawtuckaway. MARK KERIVAN 11-27-57 47 Fremont Ct. Pet peeve — locks. Happiness is — Having the Bucks, weekend memories — sucking down the Briskies down the projects. Summer memories — taking a cruise in H.B. ' s. Looking at Birds twelves. Good time with K.M. MICHAEL KERIVAN 8-25-5 6 47 Fremont Ct. LESLIE KERR 4-21-57 19 Glenburn Rd. Cups Movies, Hockey games. Summer " 74 " , Sunny days at Wells, Sailing, Buttrick ' s during school. Teen Center, Beach Parties, " Wreck,” Watergate, Ski Trips, What ' s next? CHRISTOPHER KESHISHIAN 1-3-57 7 Saga- more Rd. Goof ' s house, " Someone must be burning leaves. " Meadow Glen, " Swassee Pisstizz? " , W.W., Red, Gau, lack, |ato. Seal, Goof, Kung, Harry, ALLLLI, Butch, Bear, Romney!!, Honkey!! BENIAMIN KEYSPER 8-11-56 52 Newland Rd. Mark Kerivan George Kenniston Ralph Labriola 123 ELIZABETH A. KILFOYLE 5-1-57 45 Mass. Ave. Liz Leader. Skipping with Lorraine, Pulling all righters, Drome, Summer 73 74, Nahant, Lorraine 1 handler, Darlene ' s Rd. D.G. 8-17-74, Hey Lou, What ' s new 8- 15 16-74, Go lush. lANICE KIRKLAND 4-24-57 78 Hathaway Circle If the shoe fits wear it. Piety corner " People pass through your life, friends stay there forever. " Lancaster, Suncook, Burger King — crowns, |ohn 4-26-74. BRIAN KONICK 8-14-55 175 Brooks Ave. Bry. Pet Peeve: U S. Hictory C with Miss Becker; weight lifting, D.E. with Mr. Sand- relli. Is that right!? My ambition is being rich in a lazy way. SALLY KREUZ 8-10-57 55 Cleveland St. Sal- ly Bups. Summer memories Ipswich TM, Proud Mary, NOSO, Reardie, Goodie, Pud- dies, Haifbreed, Augie, The Banquets, Fire Making, We wunna Da war, Reardie who drives the picklewagon? RALLITSA KRIDERAS 6-8-56 27 Melrose St. RALPH LABRIOLA 6-28-57 37 Benjamin Rd. Annette 4-19-74 — " huh " )r. Prom, Semi- Formal, V-Football — " Make it work. " Farm, Big Nights at A.H.S. Parking Lot. Skinhead — kinda nuts (|.C.) N.H. (Frogs) " 58 " Chevy. lanice Kirkland Sally Kreuz Rallitsa Krideras Brian Konick Elizabeth Kilfoyle MARK LAHAIE 8-4-56 168 Mystic Valley P.K.Y. Pet peeve: blowing clutches, Impala 283, Charger 440 magnum Vermont spun bearings, water skiing, week-end drinking, party time, racing, smoke on the water, good times. CAROL ). LAHIFF 12-31-57 311 Lake St. ).V. and V. cheering, G S — Topsy, Anything Coes, dog days, 2-21-74 Wait!! Fogland n- n-nervous? rah-rah, try-outs. Summer of ' 74 irk me, the beginning of the end. Carol Lahiff Mark Lahaie KIM MARIE LARKIN 9-9-57 42 Lansdowne Rd. My P.O ' B. , F.W.A., " All the leaves are brown " . Places we " hung, " Proms, Tavern — Corsair, cheering, P.|. Parties, Nancy Window?, Memorial week-end, " the talks, " Stratton boys — " So far away, " S.R.A.T.C. = No Promises Flamin ' G.L.E.N. DON LaROCCA 6-17-57 131 Florence Ave. Drive-ins, track, football, hockey, the bone, sonny-boy, the fro , Ken ' s crows, the press box, parking lot, papa-san ' s office B.I.O.Y.A., lane. PAMELA LAMBRYCH 1-30-57 17 Lowell St. PI. Pam. Summer of " 74 " , lane and Tricia coming up to Maine. Wanting to become a Medical Secretary to a veterinarian. Go- ing to football and hockey games. lOHN lAMES LANZILLO 8-20-57 15 Shawnee Rd. W.B.S.A.P.M.S.R.A.O.E. Sur- vival, 2 matches 5 days, McDonalds, snow shoes. Explorers. Uncle Harry ' s. Goat. Washington — DIott. Yearbook, over $10,000.00, Radcliff, Before Chem. |erry? 7- 9 break. Pamela Lambrych |ohn Lanzillo Kim Larkin Donald LaRocca Donna Leccese Marie Lawless lanet Leak MARY E. LAVERY 8-22-57 28 Davis Ave. Lave. Field Hockey I -2-3-4, Softball 1-2-3- 4, Eastern Mass. State Champs, Basketball 2- 3-4, Volleyball 1-2, Staff-Editor Chronicle 3- 4, Art 1-2-3-4, Music — Piano 4, Honor Roll 1-2-3-4, Cafeteria gang " Red " Kelly, Bill Lowder — Bets Anyone? MARIE EAVVEESS 7-1-57 48 Adams St. Mimi. The teencenter, the park, Canada, Dunstable, California, Bowling, ).G., C.T., Matthew, " Eoving is Eiving, " " A hug a day keeps loneliness away. " lANET E. LEAK 10-26-57 19 Eincoln St. Zuka. " Colour My World, " M.S.O.B., Spread Eagle, Chemistry with Mr. Cody, The Gang, Parties, Monga, The Pump, New Years, Bowling, Library Lady, Drag- ging, Spying, 4-18, Aerosmith. DONNA M. LECCESE 10-11-57 3 Mary St. Farm, Buttrick ' s, summer 73 74, King St., G., T., K., K., Z-Z-2-Z, Sharon-Commins! Til see ya! The B ' s Flash, FWA-A., C, D., E., S., T., beach parties. Hockey Tournaments 6-27-74, 7-5-74, )r. Semi-formal, M M, Mich, Hey Earkin! Chicago, Elton )ohn. Mary Lavery Gail Lee " We know what we are, but know not what we may be. " Shakespeare GAIL LEE 9-3-57 122 Varnum St. " I hear a buoy! " . . . TGIF! . . . The siege on FoxwelTs door . . . " Have you written any more yet? . . . " Hello, Sharon? " . . . ooh ' s no ' s . . . lackie Long ' s rowdy socks. TED ). EEKAS 11-18-57 12 Old Middlesex Path T ' s for S ' s, Labor Day week-end in N.H. ' 74, Summer of ' 73, Colombo, Van and The Beatles, Chuck; Dave, Cary, and Stapes. Ted Lekas Denise Lemos Adrienne Leone Kevin Leslie DENISE LEMOS 12-3-56 9 Edith St. CONSTANCE LEONARD 8-12-57 18 Allen St. ADRIENNE L. LEONE 8-20-57 53 Irving St. Adie. Look around, choose your own ground. For all you touch and all you see. Is all your life will ever be. Tony 3-9-74. LAWRENCE A. LEPORE 1-30-57 12 Fox Meadow Ln. Cars, Buick Skylark, Rat Races, The Dirtbombs, Summer of 74, 10:00 Coffee Break, Ace, Sim Lee, M.L., Fish, Hey Gar!, 4 Radials, 8-9-73 Lalco. PATRICIA LEPORE 8-13-56 51 Crosby St. Patty. Dances, Dennisport, California, " You and Me, " Zuma Beach, " B E " , S.F., M.G., M S., " West Dennis Beach " , Scotch and Grill, Elton )ohn " Beach baby, " " Don ' t Let the Sun Go Down On Me. " KEVIN LESLIE 10-23-56 42 Forest St. My favorite Sport is Trail Bike Riding on real rough trails. My Favorite week-end was the Lasor Fair in N.H by our camp. GERALD LETO 8-16-57 75 College Ave. lerry. Aerosmith, The A.M., Track, Before Chem., )ohn?. Bat, Led Zeppelin, Survival " 74 " . . . 14°F . . . Where do I plug it in?, AOE, Summer " 74 " , The Who . . " The Song Is Over " . . . And so is mine. lEAN LEVASSEUR 8-14-57 48 Rublee St. Happiness is Drum Corps! St. C; St. |; 27th Lancers Never forget Bridgeport, Cortil- lions, proms, CYO Nationals ' 74, and $1.20. Kilt power forever! Lawrence Lepore, )r. Gerald Leto 126 lean Levasseur John Pershing Long DAN LEVIN 7-13-57 244 Pleasant St. To teachers who have made an imprint on my Life — Bradbury, Meserve, Trevisani and especially Mrs. Rawlings. Who said High School is the beginning of life ... He ought to be shot . . . BETTY LEWIS 4-26-57 20 School St. “Every- thing is beautiful, in its own way. " Bobby, (Kal) February 4, 1974. Latter On! C M., M.H., C.H., M.H., K.B., A.R. Best Wishes Everyone. PAUL LEWKO 2-7-57 42 Tomahawk Rd. Lewk. V. Basketball, The Farm, High School Parking Lot, Ralph ' s Foundation, )r. Beach Party, Vinnie ' s cottage, Tiddle ' s Par- ties. CAREN LINTZ 9-2-57 87 Harlow St. Dut- chess, Sports— Football and Hockey, Teacher — Donald Sandrelli, My ambition is to help teach small children with learn- ing disabilities. Friends — M.H., N.D., D A. I love sailing. LORRAINE LODER 3-9-58 45 Teel St. Pork. Skipping school with D.H. and E.K. Eliza- beth number “1 " licker. Happiness is . . . Muzz, 74 Senior Prom, Storlazzi ' s Butter Dish, Civili ' s class with P.H., D.H., E.K., K.R., S.D. )OHN PERSHING LONG 5-1-57 70 Park St. lack. Trips to Nahant, Acadia — almost. The Prestigious Pirates, whiffleball, ).V. football and Sophomore Basketball, num- bers, Rubicon Piquet and Gin Rummy at midnight. The Triumvirate, . . . " twinkle " . . . " What ' d you get your " A " in? " M.L.K. lOAN LOVETT 7-25-57 44 Peirce St. Bein g in the Fog, McDonald ' s, Nurse ' s Club, Buzzard ' s Bay, Summer of 73, Happiness is eating on my old rocking chair, Ireland, Memories I (Treasure) Forever. loan Lovett Elizabeth Lewis Paul Lewko Caren Lintz Lorraine Loder Dan Levin Kathryn Macchi JACQUELINE LYONS 12-27-56 111 Robbins Rd. jacqui. KATHY MACCHI 9-2-57 61 Newcomb St. Cod Save the Kinks, Get on the Good Loot, I and I, . . . dancin ' machines . . . , softball, Toll-House Cookies, Love ya Ray, Alvin, Keith, lames, Al, Sly — jocks Lorever! KAREN E. MACDONALD 10-10-56 153 Medford St. Shyness is a cover up. Week- ends! Rob ' s house, Lombard, Canuck, Col- lunker, Luckeye, Torts, Canada, Chris, Nan, Staties — 90 Growing up. An independent son of a . . . MARIE ELISE MACDONALD 6-15-57 29 Puritan Rd. Merry. AAA Stables — C.B., Beach House, S.M., Mattson Karate T.M. Calif. Hickory Hills, Little )oe, memorable summers, lousy winter, good times at A.H.S. LAWRENCE W. MACNEILL 7-3-56 7 Nor- cross St. Happiness is . . . getting bounced. Summer memories . . . White Mountains with E. Arl. No locks. Weekend Memories . . . Columbian. " All we ask is to be let alone. " Jefferson Davis Marie MacDonald MARIE E. LUCAS 9-18-57 -10 Webcowet Rd. " Eerro " Lombard Street, Walden Pond, Rob ' s Apartment, Driving with " Mac " Mr. Mercurio, Junior English, Driving illegally! Weekend Memories that could go on for- ever . . . ROBERT A. LUZ 1-19-57 17A Fairmont St. Summer Memories: Plattsburg, New York; Day Pool; Hanging Moons: Flashing Blue Lights: Drinking Down The Field; Dy: The Zone. Lawrence MacNeill Thomas MacQueston TOM MACQUESTON 12-15-57 14 School St. Happiness is being able to sleep in late in the morning. Weekend memories, go- ing out partying Saturday night. Special class was my sophomore English class with Flash Gordon. MICHAEL ANTHONY LUZZO 10-12-57 32 Philemon St. Muffin, Witchcraft Trials, Sicky Rimson, . . . Parties . . . |r. Beach Party . . . ELTON JOHN . . . Piano . . . Buttrick ' s . . . Pick up ' s . . . Hawkypuck, Nickypuck T.C. . . . Rm 81 (Homeroom) . . . Basketball, Baseball See ya Later . . . New Zoo Review. Robert Luz Marie Lucas Michael Luzzo Karen MacDonald Joanne Macronkanis Steven Maggio Anne Magliano JOANNE MACROKANIS 10-17-57 27 Har- low St. T.Y.A.B. Stg. May 15,16; October 19, Doris; Tuff House Cat; (WAN-873, 1273, 674, 974), " Kinks " , " Street Car CalJed De- sire, " " Tfiey ' il never know. " STEVE MAGGIO 6-20-57 7 Plymoutfi St. Not Grog. Stooges, Ghoul, Bodine, Elton, Monkeysuit, Bell, Hink ' s Party, Goat, Bone, Farm, A.H.S. Parking Lot, Cafe; Frattic, 805 Fruit salad, Yimsa summers, 75 Redecora- tion, ' Brows ' B.I.O.Y.A., Pits. Co-capt. ANNE MAGLIANO 7-14-57 75 Newport St. MARIE MAGLIOZZI 11-19-57 55 Broadway Always remember: Skating rink; 11-26-71; 1,2,3 cot; SA — competitions; 3 chickens, Frank Davis; New Years — 74; Junior Prom; 1st gear; permit; Junior Prom; troubles; New York, friends. DIANE MAHER 5-4-57 44 Fayette St. Dee Dee. Remember: Friends; Anything Goes; Drama Club; Main Office; Sandy Beach; Proms; Beach Parties; First Gear; MYF; The Cape; N.H.; Florida; Michigan; U.N. Trips; Aku Aku; 7:30; license; skating rink. Marie Magliozzi John Maher, Jr. JACK MAHER 7-21-56 20 Gray St. My ambi- tion is to succeed; 1-25-74 TJie Center, Ed ' s House, Spring Vally Grog, The Bone and all the Kids. KEVIN MAHON 11-10-57 77 Gloucester St. Frattic, Kenny ' s Well, Rockport Quarry, S.C., Grog, Drive-ins, O.V. Pengeroth Ha, Saturday nights. My Beach Boys, Elton ' s no good, Hampton, B.I.O.Y.A. MAUREEN MAHON 11-16-57 85 Jason St. Tourainites and other uglies, Stairway to Heaven, 2-9-74, Buttrick ' s, Joe, Int. Ball, Aku, Summer ' 73, " Punch out and go home, " " Lovie Dovie " Talk much? KDJRBLLAAHMPEBBMRMBTJLDPAB. " Wicked. " CYNDI MAHONEY 10-27-57 99 Claremont Ave. Cy, SCCS. Bargain, munt. Norm, Flip, Homeroom, 3,4, Clips, Sis, St. Camillus Band, 9-10-71, Heightsmen sabre line ' 74, majorettes, 3-23-73, 3-30-73, The tracks, Whitney ' s, Buttrick ' s, SIGSJG, FWA, proms. 129 Cynthia Mahoney lOHN MAHONEY 7-27-57 24 Fabyan St. Freshman Football, Hockey, |V Hockey (2 years); Varsity Golf; The Circus Doc )affe; The G ' rod. Pound, Mariner, Caine Special; Arl. Litho; College in the Future. MARIANNE MAHONEY 12-15-57 75 Hill- side Ave. Smoky, Memories: Black Stairs, New Years " 73 " , Canada Barry ' s English 1st period. Sports: V Volleyball, )V. Field Hockey, Softball. Dream: To be a profes- sional Bowler. ROBERT MAHONEY 2-7-56 9 Walnut Ct. )UDI MALANEY 11-2-57 131 Wright St. )r. Prom — Boston till Five. Robert, Michael and the Pu Pu Platter. Arietta ' s Toes. Mi- chael Almeida — Feb. " 74 " Mr. McAwley — Mr. MaCabe Right — " The Goose. " lOHN MALCOLMSON 1-31-57 52 Beacon St. Mai. I do my thing and you do your thing you are you I am I and if by chance we find each other. Its Beautiful. ANN MANFREDONIA 8-4-57 67 Melvin Rd. )r. Prom, Oh No The Car! 3-12-72 Ken, Summer 73, Count on Me! The Cape? Ber- muda The Hub We made it. You ' ve got to have Friends MPCSM. ROBIN MANOOKIAN 10-10-57 58 Brattle St. 5,6, ready and, C S, Harmonett ' s, BLC Riley, summer days, hot fudge sundaes. Grand Assembly, three chickens, friends, get organized. |ohn Mahoney )ohn Malcolmson, )r. Ann Manfredonia Robin Manookian David Marble Margaret Maresca Alan Maranian Constance Marino Peter Mark Donna Martin Rosemarie Manzo ROSEMARIE MANZO 7-30-57 87 Medford St. Happiness is being with Richie, but patience is putting up with him! Remem- ber famous times at Park, Pond and Center the kids! Hates to be called Foxy Lady! Richie 9-30-73 quarter of ten! ALAN MARANIAN 9-17-57 15 West St. Al. Proceed! Doc ' s class, ' 73 ' concerts, Mech Drawing, Stairway to Heaven — One Way Out, The Locks — 24, Led Zeppelin, 1 or 2 Things, Purple — Steel Man. DAVID C. MARBLE 10-23-57 151 Ridge St. Hyannis Millers, )r. Semi-Formal with K.C. Go-E-Z in Merc ' s class, Tyngsboro Hockey, Orr Tournament, Annapolis?, Hey Chink! Street Hockey: Nick, Beef, Dez, Chuck, Chink, Terry-O, and me. MARGARET MARESCA 8-24-57 128 Brattle Lane Butch. Pet Peeve the clique, Happi- ness is: Allan, pink roses, senior prom ' 74, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, " You and me against the world " Love: now and always. CONSTANCE ANN MARINO 3-14-57 98 Oxford St. Connie. Football Basketball games, Friendly ' s Miss Finn ' s classes, Mr D ' Antona ' s rap group. Hospitality, Lounge, Rm ' s 81 203, 1974 S.P , A I Clubs, Yearbooks, | R.A,rlex Guidance, | C.D.A., Friends, Late Again?? Aquinas junior Gol- lege. PETER MARK 11-2-57 96 Chandler St. Re- member HP., Harassment and cubing freaks, street Hockey games, flashing moons, bumpem cars at Paragon Park, The Rook. Hev Ralph — R.D DONNA MARTIN 6-24-57 19 Medford St. Robert Martin ROBERT E. MARTIN 3-29-57 10 Oakland Ave. Marty Pet peeve: hitting neutral; Day pool; drive-ins; Bikes; moons; flashing blue lights; the tongue; R.O.; vettles; Open and Cross Lewdness; head; smoke; the zone. GERRY MARTONE 3-24-57 48 Brantwood Rd. Midnight Rambler, Eritz the Bone, Rockport, Pressed Ham, The Pits, Sonny Boy, Cross Country, Cruise and Booze, Milla ' s Eiat, Drive-ins, Laudermat, Zwei High. DAVID MARZILLI 5-14-57 4 Brantwood Rd. Buttrick ' s Pond, Murph ' s Pleasure Palace, and Demon A.; The Bone Mobile; locks and Rats; Miss W 5th; Mr. C . . . Mr. G, you want an orange? . . . Oh, baby, it was . . . Elizabeth Maytum Gerald Martone STEPHEN MASI 9-15-57 95 Stowecroft Rd. lAMES MATTALIANO 11-9-57 55 Men- otomy Rd. )im. . . . )une is just around the corner! . . . assemblies, O.H., H R., double- sessions-up at 6:00, Gatsby fieldtrip, Ein ' s Art Classes, Yearbook, Alice ' s 2nd, A.H.S.- streakers, guidance, Purdy ' s Party, AD. KM. Mr. MC., Senior Yr., Memories. TIM MATYUF 1-13-57 23 Iroquois Rd. Memories of my white Chevy, my bike and the ten o ' clock coffee break. Happi- ness was smoking between periods. Plan to own my own car shop. ELIZABETH A. MAYTUM 5-22-57 25 Ridge St. Betsy. G S, Band, Cast, Parties, Lan- caster, The Shelf, Lov, MB ' s Partie, C, Beagle, BBS, Furd, Flip, Thanks — Gin!, Elton |ohn. Expect the unexpected, live in Peace. Coofey. LYNNE MAZUREK 7-2-57 9 Trowbridge St. Agnes. Sandy, Dia, Dee, Deb, |ingy. The Lake, Summer " 74 " Hampton, Senior Proms, Card Parties, Good Times at 21 Trowbr idge, Studleys, Bird, " I ' m in love. " WILLIAM A. McCarthy 4-23-57 149 Ren- frew St. Bill. " Band Party 73 " , Camels?, 20- 30-10, " King and I, " F.V., gym, W.W.W., " Prep B Champs. " WILLIAM McCLURE 2-23-57 130 Gardner St. MICHAEL McConnell 2-6-56 87 Webster St. David Marzilli lames Mattaliano Timothy Matyuf Lynne Mazurek William McCarthy Michael McConnell John McCinley Susan McConologue Shawn McCusker lohn McDermott Robert McCrobie SUSAN LYNN McCONOLOGUE 4-2-58 122 Ridge St. Susie. Ice skating, flying, " Gone With The Wind. " KEVIN McCOY 3-19-57 841 Concord Trnpk. ROBERT McCROBIE 1-30-57 54 Fremont St. Rick. Fav. Fri. - ).E.D.|.K.R. - lake - " 69 " Pontiac — Cutlass — Miller — Somerville - Hockey games — Ed. SHAWN McCUSKER 11-11-57 118 Broad- way " Summer of 74, " Louie; Parking lot. Beach boy ' s Concert, Hey Poopsy! Room 226, Camping trip. Oh, my monkey. Dis- cussions with Reeni!! " You ' re sixteen, " Honey. )OHN MCDERMOTT 10-2-57 286 Forest St. Really don ' t mind if you sit this one out. My word ' s but a whisper, your deafness a shout! STEPHEN McDonald 5-4-55 91 North Union St. PAUL McDonough 1-15-57 63 Broadway STANFORD G. McEWEN 6-15-57 16 Brattle St. PL Stan. REEB STRAF, The Frattic, Fun- town U S A., Drive-ins, nats, )r. Chem., Or- ange fights. The Hasty, ).B., Marvel, " Are you Dewey ' s kid? " Taboo, B.I.O.Y.A., Foot- ball, Bunya, Fat Demat. lOHN ). McGINLEY 9-19-57 99 Sunnyside Ave. Happiness is leaving this place. Stanford McEwen, )r. Kevin McCoy lane McGowan Susan McGrath lean Mclsaac Carole McLeod lANE McGOWAN 1-31-57 38 Yerxa Rd. Look at the head on ya! Barre, Vermont ' 74. The kids at Friendly ' s. Plum Island, what a rush! Well the hell with you then. SUSAN McGRATH 7-20-57 9 Bartlett Ave. |EAN MclSAAC 9-4-57 206 Appleton St. UF! LEOTAG, " Down the Up Escalator " , cut yourself down, Ten years later, ILGM, 100% lellyfish always late for classes. . . . , A red American BYE! CAROLE McLEOD 12-18-57 15 Sutherland Rd. MacDonald ' s Ambition Greenbelt. Let ' s do something different. Sparky DB DC ME LR the gang. lOSEPH W. McMENIMEN 1-29-57 46 Quincy St. lay, " Anchors Aweigh! " My am- bition is a career in The U S. Coast Guard, Boys ' Club, swimming, scuba diving, sail- ing, friends, classes and teachers will al- ways remain my schoolday memories at A.H.S. 134 loseph McMenimen loan McNulty Frank Medeiros Kathleen McNamara lAMES McNally 5-7-57 5 Thorndike St. Parties Sophomore year. The park. White Mnts. 73. Tripping with Anne. Mrs. Lee. If you see me, say hi to me for me, will ya? BARBARA McNAMARA 6-5-57 8 Berkeley St. Happiness is . . . Those great parties. Summer " 74 " , Myra, May 24, " 74 " , pj par- ties, Aerosmith V.S. ELP, Maine, Friendly ' s and all my friends. KATHLEEN McNAMARA 10-28-57 20 Over- look Rd. SHEILA ANN McNAMARA 9-24-56 28 Hill- side Ave. Aku Aku, 1916, Courts, Ginnys, Big Bird, V.W.P.P., Maine, I.W.N.F.I.L.A., B.F.A.B., )r Prom, Bumper, Life, love, beau- ty, the C. lOAN McNULTY 5-19-57 106 Alpine St. " Streak, " ).C. 9-21-73, Thanks to all my friends who made these years the best of my life. 9 stand, orange incense. Far-out, " Hey Chick " Tareyton 100 ' s. Elton )ohn " On the fly. " BILLY MEADOWS 12-4-57 26 Amsden St. " Swamp. " " 75 " Surfing; Hampton Beach; Hieniken; Stairway to Heaven; Pink Fla- vored Bananas; Gimmie Anotha; " Rick, I think we ' re Lost " ; Comfort is an owner of a Lost Bikini. lames McNally FRANK MEDEIROS 11-10-57 45 Egerton Rd. Don ' t Let The Sun Go Down On Me! Barbara McNamara Sheila McNamara Bill Meadows Pamela Megna Ioanna Menkello PAUL MEDEIROS 11-20-57 19 Fremont Court G.V., Carol ' s Parties, Linda ' s Parties, The Foursome plus one in trouble, the glider, Sunday ' s Games, the rink, week- ends, the cellar, last period. Graduation Day. PAM MEGNA 11-5-57 20 Teresa Circle Frosh Eng., Summer — 72, Mr. Echo, skip- ping up my house. Data I, II. Senior Prom 74, Chem. jorden ' s. Friends especially Chuck, Robin, Eddie. GARY S. MELLO 4-15-56 352 Appleton St. Gar. Happiness is Debbie Carassiti, Sum- mer of " 74 " , the Dirtbomber, Balsy — Buick, Heavy Chevy, " M-L " , Hey Lar!, Brown Eyes My Love, " Love It. " IOANNA MENKELLO 11-4-57 235 Renfrew St. Buttrick ' s first period. Skipping gym, " Beef " 442 Sophomore year. THOMAS MERLUZZO 9-6-57 244 Ridge St. STEPHEN MESSENGER 2-1-57 22 School St. Schro. There is no way to write what needs to be said in this space, lust lots of love and Thanks to all my favorite people. NANCY MESSURI 11-24-57 38 Columbia Rd. Pet Peeve — Gym. DONNA P. MICHIENZI 4-18-57 55 New- port St. Only the beginning, more than just a start, cruisin — The Route, " Louzee " , Brattle Street, Summer of 74, The Fireman, G.T. at WRG, I ' s H R. — 6 yrs., " Nice. " Thomas Merluzzo Nancy Messuri Paul Medeiros Gary Mello Stephen Messenger Donna Michienzi Karen Moranian PAUL MILLER 2-12-57 133 Brattle St. Nan- cee, weekend memories in New Hamp- shire. Happiness is my Bike. " Party all Night Long. " My ambition is to own my own Bike Shop and compete in motor- cycle racing. THOMAS MILLER 2-10-57 9 Robbins Rd. Gordie, lean remember the Lockers in Vocy, On your Belly ' s up. Hurry Hurry go old Ms. Friz. NICHOLAS C. MITROPOULOS 3-4-57 154 Ridge St. " Greek. " V Baseball, Basketball. Plattsburg " Happy Herbies " Brother Beef, Sister Obie, Moura Moura, Chateau Cham- pales, Hey Chink, Fight me Guiney, Fresh- man French, junior Math, Kojak, )r Beach Party, )ane. LAWRENCE MOBILIA 11-20-56 12 Wind- mill Ln MICHAEL MOLLOY 10-13-57 109 Clare- mont Ave. Mike. Rowt-A-Towt-Towt B.I.O.Y.A. Oh, A B-Boppe r. Dig that crazy Bopper name. Real George man. Give me some skin. Oh, Give me a Blotter. PAUL MOORE 2-4-57 290 Oakland Ave. KAREN ANN MORANIAN 7-24-57 190 Lo- well St. Chickie. Dakshoon, Pooky, Buddy, Happiness is Mark 5-27-73, Diamond Girl, S-FC, )P, Sloe Gin Fizz, Hye Power, Sweet 16, Cellar Parties with all the Buddys, Kramevoli; CHRISTOPHER A. MORANO 9-24-57 82 Cutter Hill Rd. Chris. Kathy — 2-3, 6-3, Senior Prom. Summer of 73 — Ka. Brattle St., Happiness is — nights, friends, good times and songs — H.O.A.F., S.G.I.Y.E., Spanish I — Orty — Marchello, Pet Peeve — Army. Nicholas Mitropoulos Christopher Morano " I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. " Mark Twain Paul Miller Michael Molloy Paul Moore Larry Mobilia Thomas Miller BARBARA MORGILLO 5-29-56 44 Cleve- land St. Happiness is being with the one you love. Fondest memory: 12-12-72. Not being able to resist going out to breakfast. Nahant, Canada, Denise + Tracey. DOROTHY MORGILLO 5-26-57 44 Cleve- land St. MARY CALHERINE MORRIS 9-26-57 21 Park Circle Summer of " 71 " , frev ' s class, Miss Mahoney, drammit, Monday morning at 5:30, Hockey games. How can so many know so little about so much! We ' ve only )usl begun! WILLIAM MORRISON 12-9-56 35 Schuyler St. JEANNE MORSE 7-15-56 112A Fremont St. JIM MOSCATEL 7-24-57 14 Cedar Ave. Star tennis player, the Farm, Charlies, Sky Div- ing Team, Fencing Team, jai-Alai Team, Bull Fighting Team, Limbo champion. Log Rolling team. Sumo Wrestling team Barbara Morgillo Mary Morris James Moscatel Carol Moskaluk CAROL A. MOSKALUK 11-18-56 145 Charl- ton St. Chubs. Bermuda 74 ' , the lounge, Sunday nights, orange mass., Pubbies Pins, relax, can ' t find the time. Head Rush, J,J,J,A,K,J, nursing. Red ' s H. party chubba. DIANE MOURA 6-27-57 26 Dorothy Rd. Richie, June 8, 1974, Harmony, Junior Prom, J. beach party. Summer 73 74, " zzzz " Farm, ACDSLTRKSKMCB, the B ' s, Lt. Bob Northend, gettin rollin, discovering each other. CHIKAKO MUKAI 9-9-56 41 Kenilworth Rd. Chick. Summer of " 72, " " Saturday in the Park, " happiness is having friends CM, MH, BL, thanks Bo, Party!! thinking of you always TL, Brown Eyed Girl. Diane Moura Chikako Mukai Francis Mullaney Philip Murphy PATRICIA MURPHY 8-16-57 92 Orient Ave. Pet peeve my Blue Olds, happiness is a million dollars tax free, Ralph Giobbe, Symmes Hospital, my guitar, my ambition is to be a physician ' s assistant, karate. PHILIP MURPHY 8-16-57 92 Orient Ave. " Virginia " There ' s some good memories in you A.H.S. and some dynamite people, thanks to all the dynamite people and memories, and the bad ones? You ' ll get yours sooner or later! ROBERT MURPHY 6-10-57 1 44 Gardner St. Murf. Gape Cod, Maine, Florida, 30 ' s, M:80, Bacardi, N.U. Park Projects, broke as usual. Traffic: on the road, in 20 years I ' ll forget all this. Diane Murphy Patricia Murphy FRANK K. MULLANEY 8-21-57 350 Wash- ington St. Rockport and the Group . . . Big F, Little L, B.G.T. . . . L ' il Earls . . . " Harold and Maude, " Hammond Castle . . . Happy- time with Dot and Mary, G.H. . . . cFi-ch- changes . . . HEY! DIANE MURPHY 4-23-57 77 Warren St. Dee. Stairway to Heaven, Summer of 73, Pet Peeve, R.G., will always remember cc. White Mts., N Y. Vir. Eddie ' s punch. Hey Frank! P S. I love you. EDWARD R. MURPHY 10-26-57 1055 Mass. Ave. Murph. Get up and go to school! jocks and Rats. Teen Genter, EMD — Wow, 11th Algebra 2, period 5: Balls!, The Stooges 3, junior officers, G.H. Goodbye . . . Edward Murphy Robert Murphy GLENN NADIR 8-21-56 15 Bow St. Summer of 74, Paris, Nice, Rome, French Riviera, Bathing Beauties, Cape Cod. " 72 " , camp- ing in Vermont, traveling is the best ex- perience. lAMES NAPOLI 2-22-57 20 Melrose St. Nap. V-football " 73-75 " — Ikey, Nub, Elanley, weightlifting, spring football, fake ' s class — Hey — Rieka, beach party — Drink much??? West Point, The best times are always memories. SUE NARDONE 2-22-57 63 College Ave. Cape Cod summers, full moons, Friday the 13th, baseball and football games, junior English, the parking lot, Brighams, new friends, S.G. Fizz, Evergreen gang, 1st star. " The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily re- quire happiness. " William Saroyan Marian Nee SANDRA NASON 9-26-57 10 Fayette St. Sandy. Frosh-yr. M.Q. beach party, jimmy Nov. 10, 1972, j.L. ' s friends, jr. Prom, P.j. parties. Farm, S.T.P. gotta go — 10:00, All the leaves are brown, F.W.A. Wouldn ' t it be nice? Cape " 74 " (dreams). MARIAN NEE 8-4-57 67 Dorothy Rd. El- bow. MGPDjLS, ADASOI, tardy — 180 days, Kell — 80 ' s, Red Rat, horse laugh, blink, Felice, run-layla! Saturday night usual, E.H.N. — beautiful! ATKY, three in one? Hold your head up high. GERRY NEWMARK 3-26-57 80 Herbert Rd. Gerry. Party up the tower — lousy. The car. Lock ' s Pond up the Pitts, smokem up 67 Ford. Susan Nardone Gerry Newmark Glenn Nadir fames Napoli Sandra Nason 140 Frank Nigro Ronald Nunes Arietta Nicholl ARLETTA N. NICHOLL 5-20-57 7 Stony Brook Rd. " I feel goooood!” Somerville, Robert, Shell station, 1-1-73, “Our favorite pastime, " ).T., )udi the smoothy, leanne ' s problems, the summers spent on crutches, )udi and Michael forever. " Doy! " FRANK NIGRO 11-8-57 168 Gardner St. Nigs, Fog. Igo ' s, lunch period, N.U. park and project parties, V. baseball. Rocky Raccoon. SHARON NIGRO 12-12-57 28 Epping St. English, period 6, Sociology, summertime ' 74, Superstar. Patricia O ' Brien PAUL NILES 5-16-56 349 Gray St. V. basket- ball playing in the Garden, Ram, Section 33, you O K. there Sonny, who said I streaked? is it lunch yet. Gray will be down in five minutes, Alice, Rank, Ralph, Perry. Ernie D. RONALD M. NUNES 4-4-57 127 Silvia St. 10:00 coffee break, Buttrick ' s, Brigham ' s, Chevy, Ringer, Timmy Maytuff, Kelley, Dooley, Lepore, Cogan, Lacount and Vom- it, Moraniac and W, street graffitti, Ma and Pa, roller skating, Hond Pond, bird sanc- tuary. PATRICIA ANN O ' BRIEN 8-25-57 19 Lans- downe Rd. Mouse. Sister Kim, E.W.A. doing it Dolan, Nicky Baby Stratton boys, tavern Oh Canada, Buttrick ' s Proms, Northend, Reardon, sweetn ' Iow, I love you )ohn Pandolfo, never forget the good times I P. Thanks. Paul Niles Sharon Nigro 141 PAUL O ' BRIEN 7-15-56 9 Albermarle St. Eileen O ' Connell RICK O ' DONNELL 7-8-56 3 Wyman Ter- race, Odie — Romeo. V. Hockey, ).V. Foot- ball, summer up Hampton, nights at McDonalds with Pam, jamming with Odie and the Odels, playing table hockey with Pete Soph. yr. lOHN OLENDROWICZ 8-14-56 14 Baker Rd. Oly. Weekend memories: getting a belly full on Friday night, Saturday was like sleeping in the morning and working in the afternoon, Saturday nights were the best. lEAN O ' LOUGHLIN 10-30-57 23 Greeley Cir. Easy come, easy go . . . Summer " 74 " , j.B. " Underdog, " Bleaka Yeah - Ellis Haven - j.L., K.M., K.J., G.N. Putt Putt S.M., Annette (Georgia) F.T.A., L.T.I., D.U., D O. Chow! lean O ' Loughlin Philip O ' Brien PHILIP O ' BRIEN 9-11-57 6 Whittmore St. Nahant " 74 " , " We ' re never gonna make it, " parties at Sam ' s house, getting baked, birdies, |.B., Burkin ' , " Good morning little school girl, " April, 1973. EILEEN O ' CONNELL 2-7-57 24 Park St. Sen- ior year, the big E, Hampton, " 74 " ski trips. Cape Cod, those eyes, " I don ' t know, " friends. Dream on, " 75 " , good times, Cirgle! Cirgle! EDWARD S. ODDO 12-12-57 20 Alton St. Football summer " 74 " , eighty dollars at Revere, the lounge, the Drome, D.S. the M ' s, the I ' s. FRED O ' DONNELL 8-24-55 22 Frazer Rd. Weekends up the mountains partying. Happiness is a lot of nice shoes. Richard O ' Donnell Frederick O ' Donnell Edward Oddo |ohn Olendrowicz 142 Steven Ondish STEVEN ONDISH 6-5-57 23 University Rd. DEBBIE O ' NEIL 10-20-57 10 Eoster St. Homeroom with S O., Bentley College, 99, C.B., B.S., S.M., D D , S.MO. hockey and football games. New Year ' s Eve parties, Maine, Winter St, but it is cocoa. ROBERT O ' NEIL 4-10-57 227 Sylvia St. Gym- nastics, swimming, Scuba Diving, The Earm, The back of the HS, Pet peeve — Broken Bones. NANCY LOUISE OPPEDISANO 7-12-57 39 Hathaway Cir. Yearbook, Bands, " Up a Down Escalator ... " , Elorida, " Kitty Cor- ner, " The lunkbox, " Chubinz, " " One Snowy Day, " ILT, Cruises, Peggy, P.S., BC! To remember for years — To remember with tears. DOUGLAS ORO 2-12-57 74 Stowecroft Rd. Albert Oster Deborah O ' Neil Colleen O ' Toole Douglas Oro Robert O ' Neil Nancy Oppedisano ALBERT lOSEPH OSTER 11-14-57 21 Hath- away Circle Mananana and )eff D.O.A.F. CRACK! Dudley Rd. and Michelle, Hey Deb! and Steve and Bill and Eggs Benedict . . . Don ' t worry about it, vice-grips and gloves. Probably will . . . Calling Places . . . it is finished . . . COLLEEN HELEN O ' TOOLE 8-25-57 39 Bowdoin St. Hippy. 27. )r. Year — an ex- perience. Buttrick ' s, Football, Hockey, Bumptious — Zoney — Collunler. " Wel- lington, Lombard. " Mr. Mercurio the best!!! KAMABERY. Summers in Onset. Play the field , Scott. PAULA PACIFICO 3-15-57 31 Piedmont St. Crammed buses, library club 10,(XX) recycl- ing, G S taps, Thanksgiving game frost- bite, Ms. Barry ' s good advice, Ms. Belote and writer ' s cramp, headstart, I finally made it! GAIL FELICE PALLA 11-20-57 55 Randolph St. Summers of " 70 " and " 71 " . M,S,P,P,R,),|,L,L,G, Loafer, A D A., K ' s party, E.). — The Best, The Cape, O.C., another album! Summer nights, miracle weekends. Elbow it ' s finally over! 143 Paula Pacifico Gail Palla JOHN MICHAEL PANDOLFO 5-10-57 326 Mystic St. Beef. V. Basketball, Baseball, Football (5 games). Legion Baseball, Happy Herbies, Plattsburgh, N.Y., 15, Tech Tourney at Garden, Nicky — brother, Mach 1, Champales, O PT., Northend, Whippie, Lip, 4:00 a m. — Phone, 19 Lansdowne Rd., 4 great years with Patty O ' Brien. MARIE THERESA PAPA 3-31-57 45 Church- ill Ave. Stands, Tracks, " All the leaves are brown " F.W.A. Buttrick ' s, P.|. Parties, In- itiation, The Barn " 73, " Nahant, Sr. Prom " 74 " , Infatuation, Farm, Paranoid, Dream On. ROBERTA A. PAPALEO 7-6-57 78 Lake St. Bird. Tony, 9-20-70, " Long time gone, " " The Bomb, " Buttrick ' s Proms, Semi-for- mal, ).|. play it again, Sam . . . (P.P.) Cor- sair, Tavern, Nahant, Suntan Rock, " fights " F.W.A. " Hello it ' s me " Cape, " 74 " Haime! T.R. — you still believe in me . . . LEWIS ). PARAGONA 11-25-57 35 Chatham St. My ambition is to go to a four year college after graduating from Arlington High. lAMES PARAS 11-5-56 56 Wyman Terr, jim- my. BlOYA, Sonny boy. Press box. Bow- wows Frattic, Harass the Square 2:00 for 27, Schlitz, Mill Hill Club, joe ' s Parties, Eggs, joe Daffe Parrot, STRETCH, All- Nighters. MARIA PARGOLI 4-26-57 94 Hemlock St. O ' Pargolio. Harry ' s class. Fall of 1973, Chemistry with Mr. Cody, L.A. ' s Parties, B.L. T., Having the best friends. Acting on the beach. Summer of " 74 " , Binoculars, Aerosmith. " The conscious utterance of thought, by speech or action, to any end, is art. " Emerson BRENDA PASCALE 8-5-57 318 Ridge St. Sophomore Year, Summer St., White Mountains Chris 9-6-73, Punk, SS, The Cape HD choppers. Marie Papa james Paras Maria Pargoli Brenda Pascale john Pandolfo Roberta Papaleo Lewis Paragona MARY PASCIUTO 1024-57 70 Mass. Ave. DEBBIE PATTERSON 6-17-57 Pet Peeve: Triple A. Memories — Proud Mary, Half- breed, Flash, Hey Chickie! Goody Reardy no-so P.D., A.B., LB., G.T.M., Ms. M., N.A.H., Newton Hurdles, We whnna da war! Who drives a pickle wagon? What kind of Buddy? New Year ' s Eve. LOUIS M. PAVAO 1-14-57 39 Fordham St. Porks cellar — The Accident, Gerbies, I love you Sweet Leaf Nova Love, 4 Year Drag, Vicious Speaker. )ANE PAVONE 12-10-57 327 Appleton St. " My words but a whisper — your deafness a SHOUT. I may make you feel but I can ' t make you think. " ALICE PEARSON 9-3057 46 Park St. Senior Year; Cape; Ski trip; " I don ' t know; " The Big " E; " Pet Peeve C.I.; Good times; " 75 " . DONNA PELLEGRINO 10-1-57 44 Fox Meadow Lane Vinny — 1026-73 — " just You ' n Me " cubeing, " Alky " " quite the degenerate, " summer of " 74 " with " schoolyard " friends, " Fag, " friends times ten, Mike ' s apt. S.S.M. RICHARD PELOQUIN 7-24-57 75 Washing- ton St. Dick. Trolley Train, Drive-ins, Fal- mouth, Swifty, Eggs, Paragon, 25 — 1 =2.80, " The Fog " two o ' clock P.O.B. Ike, Nubs, Diane. Donna Pellegrino Deborah Patterson Mary Pasciuto Louis Pavao jane Pavone Alice Pearson Richard Peloquin PHILIP PENGEROTH 2-7-56 264 Sylvia St. DEBORAH PENNING 7-31-57 264 Park Ave. Debbie. " Larry Lush, " Joanne ' s Party, Big Beach, Semi-Eormal, Joyce, The Farm, Hampton, Salisbury, Tower, Concerts, at B. C., Max, The Clambake, Paula Danny C. , Barrington Boulevard, Nahant. RALPH PENTA 8-13-56 37 Dudley St. Buy- ing for Karl; My " Z, " Route 2 that night. Those nights drinking with K K C, Blowing engines at the line. Those long dull weekends. All right. The Balls! DOUGLAS PENTON 9-28-57 312 Washing- ton St. MARION BEVERLY PERKINS 4-6-57 1% Summer St. Drama Club, G S, Student Council, Samettes, Happiness is laughing with a friend. " Rock Your Baby. " A.F.D. Summer of " 74. " BUMP Mom, You ' re the greatest! HELDER PERRY 3-12-58 21 Lowell St. Douglas Penton Philip Pengeroth “What do you give me When you give me your name? A wooden handle To hold me from your heat Or small handlehold I can use To draw you close? I ' ll touch it gingerly Until I know. " lone Hill Ralph Penta Helder Perry Deborah Pennino Marion Perkins JOYCE PERRY 6-26-57 11 Lakehill Ave. Jackie 3-14-74, White Mountains Soph- omore year, baby, accorns, the corner, pitts, and the kids down the park, quarries. Senior elections. MICHAEL PERRY 8-10-56 36 Robbins Rd. SUSAN PERRY 2-15-57 106 Grafton St. Write on your hearts that every day is the best day of the year. KARL PETERSON 7-8-57 294 Eorest St. KURT PETERSON 7-8-57 294 Eorest St. LINDA PETRUZZELLI 9-21-56 33 Mary St. Susan Perry Linda Petruzzelli Joyce Perry Karl Peterson Michael Perry Kurt Peterson Alexander Piandes ALEX PIANDES 8-4-57 11 Cay St. Cowboy. New Years ' 74 over the hills, summer ' 73, SOME, GYRO, wet second, ganged in colt, Linda raw, Aku, Slummer, History with )oe. Hummer, Mouni, Mott, B.T.O. NANCY PICARDI 10-18-57 32 Carl Rd. Toll House Cookies, Spring Valley, " Waystid, " Hampton, Bermuda, |r. semi-formal, skip- pin ' to Southie, Buttrick ' s, Pemoquid Pt., Maine, " Smoke on the Water, " Reena ' s parties, 16. MICHELLE ANN PINARD 10-27-57 15 Fayette St. Donald, 11-17-72, " All the Leaves are Brown, " F.W.A., farm 72, tracks, Buttrick ' s, pajama parties, Mem. weekend, proms, P.A.T.C, initiation, do it, B.M.U.B., little kid, Xavier, T.B., Nahant, 74, So Far Away. SUZANNE POIRIER 7-3-57 537 Summer St. POOH 5-13-73, P.M. ... I ' ll love you as long as there lingers a song and the sky has a single star. Sr. Prom — " 73 " F.W.A. — " Me and Murph are at the gas station! " M.M.A. Corsair. P 5 — Goule — Rebon- dant? Bologna. PATRICIA ). PONTES 3-9-58 23 Amsden St. Patty. Mama, |V Cheering, n-n-n-nervous. Football Basketball Hockey games, SC, I walked the line, Lucile ' s Eng. History, RW, BS, and Kevin S, " the clique, " Farm, High School, DK P| Parties, California Dreamin ' , Balls of " 75 " , Friends We Are. PHILIP I. PORTER 4-1-57 15 Rawson Rd. |eff. Favorite sports are Hockey and Skiing. I enjoy the Cape, Cars, and Good Friends. Eventually I hope to attend college. MARY POWERS 8-12-57 374 Ridge St. Graduation is a mark in time between the past and the future. A farewell to yes- terday and a welcome to tomorrow. Constance Philips CONSTANCE PHILIPS 6-9-57 34 Pine st. Connie. Always remember: G S, five, six, ready, and; dog days; Rainbow, Grand As- sembly; G.O.Y.A. ski retreat; Senior Prom " 74 " , " Colour My World, " 6th period jun- ior year, summer with Girf. ALEXANDER PIACITELLI 6-29-57 11 Nor- cross St. Al. My ambition is . . . owning and managing a restaurant, preferably an Italian Restaurant or a Steak House. Alexander Piacitelli Michelle Pinard Nancy Picardi Suzanne Poirier Patricia Pontes Mary Powers Mark Prendergast Donna Preston lanet Prince - Sheila Prior MARK PRENDERGAST 6-17-57 60 Brattle St. Erattic, Hasty, Brattle, S.T.D., Eourth Estate, )r. Beach Party, H.S. Parking Lot, Linda ' s, the cellar. What ' s your name, really. Reeb Straff, taboo. Sebago Lake. DONNA PRESTON 6-14-57 33 Bow St. Squeaky. Holding hands with Moe . . . Sev- enteen Magazine . . . Gloria . . . BCSGMTMCMM . . . PCGC with Beno . . . Chuckie 9th 10th . . . No Day at the Beach? . . . Beach Boys — California Girls . . . Spazzy Moods. JANET ELLEN PRINCE 5-6-57 195 Overlook Road Mike, 5-14-73, crowded bus to Buf- falo, panda, GBYSO, so this is Colombia, 81, RAC, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Marie Procopio Stephen Proulx |une Publicover Ray Pugliares SHEILA PRIOR 3-15-57 64 Glenburn Rd. Beach parties. " It ' s all in your mind. " )r. Prom. The Tudor. " Our day will come, " Cape. Summer of ' 74 ' Pook. " Laugh much? " Talks with Michele. " MARIA S. PROCOPIO 11-1-57 1 089 Mass. Ave. There should be no discrimination against anyone, we are all going to die. Lexington, 72, Broken English, Mr. Kenealy, Italy - 74, Italian club, Mrs. Cozza. Donne, Eda ). Ciao. STEPHEN PROULX 8-28-57 42 Sunset Rd. Piano Player, Muffin, Sicky Rimson, V. Baseball, Parties, Summer of 74, Gallucci ' s, Salem, the Willows, Beth, Chateau DeVille, Pad ' s Wagon, July 7, 1974, Margo, Ver- mont, Sailing, Dill, Billy Joyce. JUNE M. PUBLICOVER 6-26-57 26 Heard Rd. " Junebug. " Matignon ' 73 ' Canada Dan ' 74 ' Jerry, Expo ' 74 ' N.L., P.O., J.D., Eernald, Jr. Semi-Eormal, Ski Club, Er. Beach Party Oblates. RAYMOND PUGLIARES 8-4-54 15 Eorest St. 149 Mark Quarantiello MARTIN PAUL PYYKKONEN 10-19-57 65 Yerxa Rd. Pyke. Don ' t be Denied, Colo- rado , California ' 74 ' Universal Studios C.S.N. Y., Ridge Raiders, Street Football, Borg and Newke. Take it light! See you again! lEANNE F. QUAN 3-13-57 41 Cray St. Chinky. )r. yr., Albert — 11-2-73, troubles, giggles, A N., thanks Mr. D., Fin, dreams, art, skippin ' , late?!? work!?! Eve ' s, summer nites of ' 74, screwdrivers, cruisin ' , friends, love madness, " I love you ' s all! " Peter — 8- 10-74. MARK QUARANTIELLO 1-26-57 82 Over- look Rd. Touche. V. Hockey, V. Football, Farm, Stratton, H.S., Tourney Parties, Gar- dens, Bing ' s Cellar, lacky ' s parties, Tricia 3- 30-73, )r. Prom, )uly 5, Wacky, Fay, Cum- bum, Bing, Smitty, Tony, Gary, Swooop! MARTHA A. QUIGLEY 7-21-57 67 College Ave. Mott the Hoople (?). Chatha ' s . . . Parties at Leones ' . . . Walden, E22 . . . Wasted . . . Mothers ' Day(Yo!!) . . . F.R. ' s Grendals Den. Led Zeppelin . . . CSNY . . . Pinto, Evolution . . . CCALCLAGjR . . . The Cape, The Best!! . . Rodge . . . N.Y.C Look out!!!! Love . . . PHILBE QUIRICI 12-28-57 37 Linden St. The Flake, Madog Elano, Philbe, pet peeve. Kiff, Mr. Crotty, Stolen meters. The Gin incident, Clenbo Elmo, Spaghetti Piz- za, We got croaken to do, favorite things — Shnopps, WILLIAM RABOIN 12-17-56 5 Patrick St. " School ' s out for ever. " by Alice. LISA RAMIREZ 10-31-57 32 Brattle Terrace Ski Club, junior Prom, Karate, Friday Nights, " You Make Me Feel Brand New " , Movies, Bowling, Summer of ' 74 ' , Horse- back Riding. ANTHONY RAPHAEL 11-18-57 12 Mystic Valley Pkwy. Happiness is getting fired, Ralph, hanging moons, gone, smoking on the water. ROBIN RAWSTON 10-15-57 90 Mt. Vernon St. Skipping, out front, I forgot to g o to gym! 9:30 Friday night — Burger King! Fog- gi Crutches. Data Processing. Why can ' t we cross the street? lANICE MARIE REARDON 11-7-57 11 Gov- ernor Rd. Beardy, Runt, Ethel Merman, Banquets, GTM, Streak, 2 Half-breeds, Sal- ly-bups, AB, Goody, Monkey-Mouth, Non- split days, K.O., Tennis, field hockey. It ' s been real. Robin Rawston Martha Quigley Lisa Ramirez lanice Reardon Martin Pyykkonen Bill Raboin Anthony Raphael leanne Quan Greg Richards ELIZABETH ANN REED 1-21-58 82 Hath- away Circle AID, " Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come trde. " lOHN F. REILLY 7-6-57 54 Waldo Rd I like all forms of competition, sports and scho- lastic. I will never forget Mr. Kelley ' s track teams. I hope to go to either Boston Col- lege or T ufts. lOHN W. REILLY 6-17-57 29 Coolidge Rd. lackie. Soccer, " I ' m only a Freshman, " RRR. Farm, Rockport, Mrs. Happiness, Bing ' s Cellar Card Carnes, Bobby Bonds, $135 )eep, Frank Tepidino, Wackie, Bing. CAROL RICHARDS 10-26-57 192 Cedar Ave. December, 1972 Vinnie, Orion, Fan- tasy Piety Corners, 143, Prom 74, Friday 13, 1974, " Love is the greatest feeling you can feel. " GREG RICHARDS 7-13-56 48 Fairmont St. Schlitz, Hockey, Up the House. Beanpot Tourney, 11 Lafayette St., 12-29-73, GR LR, Pet Peeve: Pat ' s ALEXANDRA RIGAKI 5-14-56 118 Hillside Ave. Unforgetable Summer in Greece, Sunbeach and Markopoulos, Period 6 with Mr. Trev. Bible Lit., Mechanical Drawing 1,11,111. Waking up at 5:30. MICHAEL RING 1-26-57 15 Hobbs Ct. Weekends at 6 tones St., What is this a commune? Taxi! Taxi! Morton ' s Park. Why? " Cause " , We better get that! Hey, Whatta ya doin! Zoooy? Al? Beef? C.H. ROBERT |. RINGLER 5-24-57 68 Woodside Lane Bob, Pet peeve: Moranian ' s Volks- wagon. My Chevy, George ' s Parties, Ke- vin ' s Party, Lowell — Streak 236, 10 O ' clock Coffee Break, Watertown, Deb- bie ' s ketchup. Commander, Hye Power, Hospital Road, Cruisin and Partying with Friends. MICHELE RIVAIS 6-13-57 41 Bellington St. Doubling with Sheila Pook, Proms, Spill much? " Colour My World, " " You ' ve got a friend, " U.N.. Seminars. Dave, Talks with she. Mrs. T., Mrs. Ortwein, Trev. You ' re a Dreamer!! D.D.E.S.M.S. MARK ROBINSON 8-13-57 2 Aberdeen Rd. Robby RRR, Farm, High School, Dumps? Bing ' s Pool Hall, Wackie ' s parties. Chump! Hello — Cumbum, Tony ' s Bomb, Chauf — FAH, NDL, CBI, Fog - Smitty, Once a |.V. always a ).V. Carol Richards Robert Ringler )ohn Reilly, )r. Liz Reed )ohn Reilly Michele Rivals Mark Robinson Mary Robinson Kathleen Roche MARY ROBINSON 4-12-57 95 Valentine Rd Bitch. Lombard St., The Apartment — New Years Eve " 73 " , Skip Days, Gary 6-30- 74 For Sure, — W A YS., Waldon bugs catch a buzz. Weekend times with K.M., M L., C.O., C.C., M.C. KEITH ROCHA 11-3-57 23 Exeter St. lack. Special Friends are the Three Stooges, street hockey anytime, the Cougar, Want- ing someone, Sal Bando, Happiness is get- ting out of school! BlOYA. KATHLEEN ROCHE 3-9-57 52 Mystic Valley Pkwy. Never Forget " Happy Days, " Ral- phie Malphie, Have Faith . . . Bogie, Great Expectations. Paul Roche " It is our nature to conform; it is a force which not many can successfully resist. What is its seat? The inborn requirement of self-approval. " Mark Twain Keith Rocha PAUL ROCHE 5-6-57 63 Cleveland St. ANNE MARIE RODGERS 6-4-57 38 Wood- bury St. Chunkey. Pigme, dumper. Myrtle, chops. The Mountains, Choppers, Strange trips. Soph, year, Mrs. Lee ' s, Frank always, 8-1-73, Summer, Babysitting pigme, myrtle, memories BCCBRMPSjM, Inside Looking Out!! Anne Rodgers Deborah Rowe David Rooney Carol Rowe lOHN ROUSAKIS 3-7-57 7 Grove St. CAROL ROWE 2-9-57 51 Hawthorne Ave. LLCD, Sept. 21, 1973; Sandy Beach, T-Bone and marching band for 4 years; work; " King and I. " Frank Ronan, |r. FRANK RONAN 4-3-57 1 Brewster Rd. My first trip, ).P.T., Hull . . . what a strange trip it ' s been with a little help from my friends . . . Budweiser and Tuborg . . . Hieneken on the 4th . . . and of course The Bay Club. DAVID ROONEY 12-16-57 65 Huntington Rd. Roon. Friday last period, Half-Days, Long Weekends, Art Class and Comic Books. Girls, Ghouls, and Goofing Off. JOSEPH B. ROSENBERGER 5-30-56 116 Ja- son St. Joe. 428 Cobra Jet, Best singers, Elton John and Beach Boys. Hampton Beach The Park and Center, good times in Auto A C. C.l. Elton John ' s Your Song. JAMES ROSSELLI 1-18-57 283 Ridge St. ROBYN ROSSI 9-5-57 36 George St. Ribyn. Always remember: the weekend on the boat; rowdy socks; sitting on the floor; Indian Week; S.O.A.P.O.P.E.R.A. Capt. America sneakers; volleyball; Kimba ' s pa- jama (?) parties; sanctuaries; fog. Joseph Rosenberger Robyn Rossi DEBORAH ROWE 8-21-57 160 Renfrew St. Leo, women, MS. Liberation Kids — Lisa, Kim, Eric Camp — Gwen Singing, Physical therapy. Group Lingo — Aug. Mike — Navy — husband — wife — Help. TONY RUGGIERI 4-8-57 267 Highland Ave. V. Baseball, V. Football (What?) R.R.R. Farm, High School parking lot, Bing ' s Ho- tel, Wacky ' s House, Roberta Sept. 20, 1970 Cape, Fights, Jr. Semiformal, Robbys Dumping, " Happy Herbies " N.Y., " TF ' s Girls Taxi " I love Roberta. KATHLEEN A. RUSSELL 2-22-57 249 Gray St. Give me a break, the wall. Meet you in the lobby after 2nd. S.C., G.A., M.M., Pat, Kim, Never forget the park and the center. MARY BETH RUSSO 8-7-57 35 Prospect Ave. Miss Krumboltz, " To live is the rarest thing. Most people exist, that is all " — Oscar Wilde. My dream for all is life. Best People — S.S. S. and old persons. Anthony Ruggieri Kathleen Russell Mary Beth Russo Joyce Rutkowski Daniel Ryan " The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. " Thoreau Kathryn Ryan JOYCE ANN RUTKOWSKI 3-4-58 35 Lake- hill Ave. Marc, 6-5-74, the hill; ' Rock Me Gently ' ; I coo stoo, Danny, stone city ex- press, eeyooo, fatdg, Joyce — soon, 10-14- 72, the knee, Adie, Martha, Debbie, MY HAIR ' !!! DANNY RYAN 12-12-57 133 Washington St. Meeting Barbara 3-19-73, The High School Parking Lot, Joyce, Cheryl, Cheer Hate leading, " Mikie " Murph. KATHY RYAN 1-13-57 145 Hillside Ave. L.T. — July 4, 1973, English muffins, M M ' s, Charles River, Boots, Horn Pond, maybe, shoes, last name first, amethyst, Mr. D, Ruthie, Som., clam dip. Michleen Rygiel Vincent Saia Janet Sakey MICHLEEN MARY RYGIEL 8-11-57 43 Sun- nyside Ave. Mich. Always remember Mrs. Kilgore, Kimba ' s pyjama (?) parties, the weekend on the boat, TGIE, Thanks to all my friends. Love and Peace. VINCENT J. SAIA 4-24-58 55 Mary St. Vin- ny. Hey Ralph!, Eriday nights through the Square, Harassing from a boat anchor. Barker " 73 " and E.M., Kangaroo Courts, Rotten Degenerate, " Jacob " 10-26-73 D.P., Cubin ' , " The Rook. " JANET E. SAKEY 3-23-57 331 Lake St. Beth. A H.S.; Junior Prom, yearbook staff, office help, classes, excitement, graduation, fu- ture education in math, " And, departing, leave behind us Eootprints on the sands of time. " 154 Alan Sateriale Joseph Salvato M. Joanne Santosuosso Linda Santosuosso Linda Sarlsisian JOANNE SANTOSUOSSO 3-22-57 57 Valen- tine Rd. Departure is a hard chore ... for friends are a precious discovery. LINDA SARKISIAN 3-4-57 River St. Plan A — “Someone ' s gonna get fixed! " Pet Peeve — Debbie ' s green sweater. Friends: Debbie, Jane, Janet. Career in medicine. Not to decide . . . Viva Omega! ALAN SATERIALE 9-20-56 35 Eockeland Ave. Each to His own way I ' ll go mine. Best of Euck with what you find but for your own sake remember times we used to know Jethro Tull. JOSEPH SALVATO 7-23-56 215 Oakland Ave. Happiness is having a few " Cool ones. " PAUL SAMPSON 8-24-56 1 8 Grafton St. LINDA SANTOSUOSSO 6-28-57 53 Lancas- ter Rd. I Love Romeo forever. Romeo -E Juliet. TLA BBB Playing Pool. Thursday night. EHTLIVEDEEW. My brother John. Margaret My Love Has Happy Fat. Louis. ANDREA MARIE SALANI 8-18-57 260 Ridge St. Sull. Freeway, FWA, Do-lt!, initiation, Hockey Games, HRHYL, Mutha Funk, " Dance to the Music, " rude, Mahant, horn. Happiness is S, Thanks M and D. Andrea Salani 155 MARY F. SAWYER 9-10-57 216 Wollaston Ave. Karen ' s puddles . . . Want to skip? " )udy, " God she ' s home! . . , The Cape, hot dogs, . . . The drome ... St. C ' s girls Mafia boy 1-26 Eddie always I.L.Y. KEVIN SCANNELL 8-26-57 20 Chester St. Nivek, Bicycling, Cross Country 72, Science Club 72-75, C S Club 73-75, Drama Club 74 + 75, Yearbook + 72 + 75. Get high on Life! Stoughton M2 " I ' ll get Sick! " HTSIBWRT Lake ' s Hut Aku-Aku Led Z. MYF KEVIN SCHNARE 2-13-57 166 Lowell St. RICHARD F. SCHOBER 2-22-57 116 Clare- mont Ave. Rick. Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip- yip-yah! " I give up. What about it? " Score Kings bowling; The Wolfman; F B I.; High Hurdles; Track; " UH-HUH. " Stretch. MARION SCHWEITZER 8-2-55 52 Fremont Ct. The wonderful days of Distributive Ed- ucation especially at the convention in Hyannis at Dunes Hote l with hundreds of Kids from all over Massachusetts in Com- petition in Retailing. DIANE LEE SCOTT 1-22-57 21 Trowbridge St. Dia. Herbie, Stud ' s, Hampton, Colorado DM, SS, LM, DH, )D, " GWB " , )oy Juice " Summer " 74 " , card parties, Bird, " Ain ' t Love Grand " Lunch Dates, Cocktails, My Buddy. Mary Sawyer Diane Scott Richard Schober 156 Kevin Scannell Kevin Schnare Marion Schweitzer SANDRA |. SCOTT 12-27-57 21 Trowbridge Trowbridge St. Yokie. Summer " 73 74 " , card parties, Hampton, Stud ' s, Bird L.M., D.H., D.S., D.M. I D., The Lake, " COKE " " I ' m in Love " , Sweet Sixteen, Hubahuba- huba. You ' re Mental, Bermuda. ANN M. SEABROOK 12-13-57 374 Mass. Ave. Summer " 72 " , Saugus Prom, Child- care, Lois, Sawyer Lake M E. — T.B. — B.C., Michael, Com, Sept. 21st, PUB, |oe (His- tory), Sunshine Nursery, Friday night Drives. |IM SEARS 8-18-57 7 Crawford St. Never forget, the telephone pole on Warren St. or the Concord Bridge. Ann, Wayne, Lorry And the Wallex gang. Friday And Saturday night on the highway. KEVIN SENNOTT 5-4-57 %9 Mass. Ave. Mr. Drench ' s History Class. Friday Night Card Games. F.D.C.C.. Rowe Chevrolet. Herka- meyer. Glen Ave. Stoneham. " Hope you Die. " " Oh Anything Else. " SUSAN I. SEWARD 7-5-57 128 High Haith Rd. Sue. The good times down the center with Rose, the corner, Menotony Rocks Park, " The horse, " Never forget 6-22-70, 10-16-74. N.S., Mr. Trev. WILLIAM SEWARD lames Sears, |r. Sandra Scott Ann Seabrook fit- I i- i vv . Susan Seward William Seward t Caryn Sheehan Marianne Shapre loan Sheahan Karen Shaw Amal Shallah AMAL SHALLAH 4-21-57 81 Oak Hill Dr. Happiness is being free. Skipping school. The gray house, )oey. Summer of " 73 " Partying, ).H., P.H., Civili, Work Study, Cape Cod, Buttrick ' s, Becker ' s Class 4th. MARIANNE SHARPE 3-27-57 Amsden St. Sharpie. Ken 11-15-73, " Friends We Are " " Good times " farm. High school, tavern, Buttrick ' s, tracks, stands, Nahant, Ride with Kim, Be on time, proms, P.|. Parties, Beach Boys, Hampton " California Drea- mer, " " Wild. " DONNA SHAW 6-18-57 10 Greeley Cir. Cape Cod Weekends, the 3 of us. Parties down on S.S.P. . . . Good times with K.A, D.A., H P . . . Ma Dad . . . Bob Off- enberger . . . Mrs. Collins )r. year. lOHN SHAW 7-5-57 132 Sylvia St. Hood. White Mountains, Swifts Beach, parking lot, Hibbert St., nice shoes, Parties at Han- kin ' s house, cruising -N-M-T-T-W-D-A-F concerts It ' s a bone. Me K-. KAREN SHAW 9-17-57 10 Park St. Shaw- face. N.U., Keilt s, White Mountains!, Check it Out!! Daisy! — Kittens anyone? G. V. ' s Pluckmobile, Getting Wasted, S O. 4- A G. — Thelma ' s " On the Run " — Bathhouse, Black! Speed? Future — Navy. lOAN SHEAHAN 1-15-57 155 Brattle St. Shepard Brook 7-22-74, Aerosmith 7-73, SHW, Nahant Beach, never getting caught. Good times with B St. gang. Remember H. I., Lousey, Color My World. CARYN SHEEHAN 1-5-57 25 Morningside De. She-han. )ohn 12-15-73, FWA, Summer of " 73 " , )r. Prom . . Cape, parties. Hub, initiation dances Salisbury — Nahant . . . Killing Me Softly Sull . . . " Where do we go from here " . . . Donna Shaw lames Silva LOUISE SHEPHERD 6-7-57 51 Webster St. MARTHA SHILLIDAY 3-8-57 57 Spring St. To |.B. Happiness is . . . Eife and having good friends to share it with. Pet Peeves . . . 4-19-74. BS 4- cockroaches. Remem- bers . . . " Shilo " , Train trips, " Taking Care of Business " Summer parties -T California. EEIZABETH A. SICKEES 12-16-57 143 Oak- land Ave. Beth. Farm " 72, " 12-1-72 Billy, F.W.A., P.|. Parties, Tracks, Buttricks, Cape with Billy, ALE Leaves Brown, Proms, Na- hant rays, 7-3-74 lay. Partition, Xavier, Trem, Do It, Sr. Year 75, R.A.T.C. |IM SILVA 4-2-57 91 Varnum St. Cheryl, Happiness is The Bottle, My Ambition is to be a successful businessman, make money and Retire at 30. Hampton Beach, The Park. KAREN A. SILVA 2-20-57 4 White St. Sliv. Summer 74, Parking lot Gang, R.R. Week- end memories — Assonet " 72 " G.H. Col- lege, My Little Couche. LOU ANN SILVESTRI 3-8-57 Fordham St. Sophomore year, |uly 4, I don ' t care. PATTI SIMMONS 10-4-56 92 Winchester Rd. Summer of " 73 " , 10-30-71, Bobby D. Harley, C.H. Old Orchard Beach, Salisbury, Mountains, Happiness is being free. Do You know What I mean. S,M,A,C RICK SIMPSON 6-4-57 19 Heard Rd. Rick. Happiness is the " Endless Summer, " Maine ' s surf, Parties, Hienikin, Beaches, Girls, " Saturday Night ' s Alright, " " Muffin, " " Elton the II, " Salem " Willows, " " Class of 75. " Elizabeth Sickles " Such is the state of life that none are happy but by the anticipation of change. The change itself is nothing: when we have made it the next wish is to change again. " Dr. Johnson Martha Shilliday Karen Silva Eou Ann Silvestri Patricia Simmons Richard Simpson Paul Sosenko Domenic Spinosa CYNTHIA L. SLADE 8-4-57 18 Cherokee Rd. The Cape, Rainbow, Haymarket, Grand As- sembly, Weasel, Driving, Good Times with S.R.M.C.M.D.L.G.R ... , Fairlawn, The Beach, Dances, Movies. DIANE SMITH 6-2057 33 Westminster Ave. I intend to go on to college and study nutrition. LAURIE SMITH 9-26-57 3% Appleton St. lohannson. Pet Peeve: Marching on the muddy football field. “Lancaster Gang, " Brant Rock. Always remember T-bone and Sehora Coleman. Also “Norc. " SHARON SMITH 9-15-57 38 Washington St. Mr. T., Band, Cape ' 73 ' 74, toots. Fin, Merc, " that ' s different, " Sr. Prom, weird wonder- ful people, football games graduation — Now what?!! WILLIAM SMITH 3-15-57 48 Winchester Rd. Smitty, Platsburg, Cape 73, N.H. Ralph ' s Pele, Farm, Bars, H.S Parking Lot, Curran " Bombed " Zone, Quitter, Jackie Britt, Parties, Liz, Rockport, Jackie ' s Week- ends, Summer 74, Do-it, N.D.L. JANE SNEDEKER 8-8-57 14 Peter Tufts Rd. The wall, Bermuda with J-EC-l-A, Beaver ' s Bombers, the meadows. Child Care, com- ing in late with Chubby, Bug ' s Bunnies, Orange, Mass Sunday nights in the lounge. PAUL SOSENKO 5-5-57 38 River St. Sanka or Ted. Stairway to Heaven, Weekend Par- ties, Alabama, Ohio, Southern Man, The Cape, NU P.M, 57 Chevy, Mom, Kept the Faith, D M. I Lov You. DOMENIC S. SPINOSA 8-28-57 19 Mead Rd. Dom. Soph. Basketball, Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track, Mrs. Goidkrands, Latin Classes , Doc Jaffe ' s Chem,, Come To Or- der! Art, AAA, Picked Off, Weeeooo, Walkin Around Stratton, Motorcycles, Volkswagen, D.R., A.L., G.C., D.A., B.C., J.R. William Smith, Jr. Jane Snedeker Lauren Smith Sharon Smith Rolland Starr Michael Stangas Cathy Stein Patricia Stanton Patricia Ste phens PATRICIA STANTON 8-16-57 10 Sunset Rd, Patty. Summer of 74, )r. Beach Party, Marshfield TB, CL, CS)P)C), lane ' s Sleep- over, parties. Hockey games. Beach Boys, SS, CMW, TC 72, DRK, Sr. Year, memories. ROLLAND C. STARR, )R. 1-1-57 114 Ridge St. Chuck. Hey Chink! Sin City . . . Fresh- man French Class . . . Mr. Merc . . . Next do Rollie . . . " Quite adequate " . . . " GO E-Z! " . . . Marzilli ' s hockey team stinks!!! CATHY STEIN 5-17-57 41 jason St. Camping — Sept. 23, 3 Muskateers, Dream On . . . , Buttrick ' s Summer of ' 73, Brigham ' s, Bish- op, Nahant, )uly 22 forever, tFie party, T.P., Still booked?. Hot Rocks. PATRICIA ANN STEPHENS 3-17-57 90 Marathon St. Tennis, Summer of 73, Cali- fornia, " Go placidly amid the noise haste, remember what peace there may be in silence. " KIMBERLY STEPHENSON 8-12-57 93 Pleas- ant St. Kym. A.J., loose the inner tube, P.H — best friend in the world All I want is you know what. )on Macey is the one. Eox Pass. MICHAEL STANGAS 10-14-57 120 Mass. Ave. 161 Kimberly Stephenson Patricia Sullivan Gary Stratton GARY R STRATTON 3-29-57 37 Ottawa Rd. Rockport 4-20-74, " The Farm " , Drink- ing down the H.S., Charlie ' s Kitchen, )r. Prom, )r. Semi-formal with Tony, jay, jim- my, lackie, lust cuz, Beach Parties, Hockey tourneys. BARBARA ANN SULLIVAN 11-8-57 7 Lo- well St. Barb. )r. Prom 74, T Bird, New Years 74, The 99, Vermont, C.S.C.D.D , Big Bird, The Bid. 19 ' 2 Crew. Good times. GAIL SULLIVAN 8-22-57 27 Winter St. Memories — " Butterick ' s " 2nd period. Summer " 72 " Winthrop, PARTY!! Bishop, Macdonalds, Brighams. Love is; Rick — Hello it ' s me. Orange, Bikes, Nahant. New Hampshire; Gail and Cathy. )OE SULLIVAN 11-15-57 35 Rickfield Rd D.R. I I.E.K. AF. 12 Wheels and one mis- take. Brain in engage before mouth in Gear. Tempest — Comet. Rams All the Way. KEVIN SULLIVAN 7-19-57 3 Ottawa Rd. Sully. Sophomore, Varsity Eootball, Con- tainment, Yea! Earm, High School, )r. Semi- Eormal, Prom, )r. Beach Party Weekend, Maine ' 74, jeepers $135. (X) K.A.O.S. Lucile ' s class with P.P. Kevin You ' re Grounded! Stooges. PATRICIA |. SULLIVAN 12-10-57 38A Eair- mont St. Tricia. Mark, 3-30-73; |r. Prom, Semi-formal; ACDDS, |uly 5, farm, drink- ing down H.S., |r. Beach weekend, laugh- ing up lacky ' s. Hilltop, Aug. 16, EWA, Dancing Man, Summer " 73 " , Sr. Picnic, " Do It! " , What? Barbara Sullivan Gail Sullivan loseph Sullivan Susan Sullivan RICHARD M. SULLIVAN 2-5-57 50 Candia St. Sull. V. Football, T H. Stone Rd. “Sulli- van, Sir! " ; Funtown, Maine; Doc; Beach Party; Taboo, Parties, Frattic; Hockey Tourneys; REEB STRAF Cellars, Summer ' 74 ' , S.P.D., Drive-ins. SHARON SULLIVAN 8-27-57 15 Varnum St. Semi-Formal, junior Prom, ACDDT, Mi- chael 2-18-74 “all over! " farm, high school; HMSD 6-28-74 fire escape; Donna, Com- mins! Elton )ohn. Summer 73, Girls ' Club, gown, gettin rollin, FWA, Senior picnic, laughing up lacky ' s, Do-it! SUSAN SULLIVAN 5-28-57 43 Hilton St. Sull Always remember: the parties, proms, fletcher ' s and Lecesse ' s sleepovers, (all nighters) ) -t- P ).N.). Summer of “73 and 74 " The Cape, the bump, and good friends. WILLIAM SULLIVAN 11-8-57 1 Maybie St. Will(ie). Hey no neck! Bazoota!LORI 11-9- 73 stairway to Heaven, Foxhunt crew, hooch. Brew, Those beach parties, ski trips, retreats, wooie!, sports?. The towel, Dattilo Motel. SONDRA SWARTZ 10-14-57 16 Monad- nock Rd. Happiness is a risk, being satisfied and having nothing left to lose is just existing. LORENA M. SWEETLAND 10-22-57 48 Ox- ford St. Oreo, Drama, DOAF,G, TBF, DM — my one -F only, Peter F, Pauline, joanne G. — Thank thank you. Rebel, You ' ve got to have friends, aznmef, F.W.A., Summer of ' 74, funny! but I would, I refuse to say it Lorena Sweetland Richard Sullivan Sharon Sullivan William Sullivan " Only take care lest this liberty of yours somehow become a stumbling block to the weak. " I Corinthians 8:9 Sondra Swartz Mark Tanner KARYL LEE SWINAMER 4-29-57 129 Dow Ave. pet peeve — Miss Becker ' s history class, band and football games with Mr. " T " bothering Roberta and Cathy, yelling at Mich, a summer in Galveston, Texas. ROBERT TACCINI 3-26-57 123 Appleton St. T, Bubs. Accounting, I -t- II, V. Football, L.). ' s party Mike ' s -I- Paul ' s parties, Marval, The Hasty, Reeb Straf, Sullivan Sir!, Frattic You got sllams or sllaf! Linda. WILLIAM TACITO 3-8-57 29 Walnut St. Bill. " Today is not yesterday we ourselves change how can our works and thoughts, if they are always to be fullest continue the same? " STEPHEN TAHMOSH 6-4-57 12 Menotomy Rocks Dr. Steve, Student Council Senate? junior Prom, Fres. and Soph. Basketball tryouts (maybe next year). Tennis, Ping Pong, Hockey, Basketball at A B C. GLENN TAINTER 11-5-57 59 Melvin Rd. Football 3 years . . . Shotput Indoor and Outdoor Track 2 years. Cross country? Art, Miss Finberg. Cape Cod. Florida. Could Farm. New Hampshire skiing. N.C., C.C. MARK TANNER 3-9-57 56 jason St. The Fool and Me, Birdies anyone, G us ' s House, Nahant 74, 4th period study, the Brook, the Pond Pits P P.P., the " Kinks. " William Tacito Glenn Tainter Margaret Taylor Stephen Tahmosh MEG TAYLOR 11-21-57 265 Lowell St. Meg. Aerosmith concert. Something different Falmouth 73 -F 74, Ski Club, Gunstock Not again, Maine 73, M.D., I am serious. GAIL MARIE TEEBACY 12-17-57 84 Oxford St. TENNIS — Girls Team — Crosby Cricket Club, Y.P.A., Variety Show, I want my li- cense!! Senior Proms, Chronicle — Business Editor, Yearbook, Sophomore Ring Com- mittee, Summer Freedoms, Snack ' N ' Shop - working together, johnny, Mari, - spe- cial Friends. Karyl Lee Swinamer Robert Taccini 164 Gail Teebagy DEBRA TERZIAN 7-12-57 30 lohnson Rd. Debbie. EHarmonettes, Concert Choir, " Anything Goes, " H ovaness Concert, Ex- change trip to West Hartford, Mrs. Kilgore, English with Carol, summers with Dean, special friends. lOSEPH A. THERIAULT )R. 1-1-57 21 Milton St. Thoreau II. Wond ' ring Aloud — will the years treat us well? JANE E. THOMAS 7-23-57 32 Hawthorne Ave. " The best way to be somebody is just to be yourself. " LARRY TIBBETTS 11-8-57 61 Fremont St. KATHRYN A. TIERNEY 1-30-58 50 Richfield Rd. Ricky D. 6-8-74, I Honestly Love You, drum corp, 7-27-74, Kids from Sommer- ville. MT on the bus, contests 74, chem- istry Junior year, Buttrick ' s, July 4, 1972. RICHARD TKACZUK 10-23-56 71 Washing- ton St. Chuck. Pet peeve: Homeroom. JOSE TOOKES 4-27-56 11 Sayward St. CHARLES TOOMEY 8-28-56 108 Ronald Rd. Okie. My Ambition is to work at the place I am now, and get a Motorcycle, " Dirt Bike " and do some real Dirt riding Down in Mexico -t- California. Diane Toronto THOMAS TORCHIA 3-14-57 52 Hilton St. Butch. Interested in continuing in the Field of Law Enforcement B-R-M. DIANE TORONTO 12-4-57 4 Murray St The Cape, Jason ' s, Okaaay!, My Old Bud- dy, Stairway to Heaven, Colour My World, Chicago, Good Friends, Jr. Prom ' 73, Sr. Prom ' 74, A.G.H., Good Feeling, 3-9-73. Joseph Theriault Jayne Thomas Debra Terzian Richard Tkaczuk Charles Toomey, III Jose Tookes Kathryn Tierney Thomas Torchia MARY TRACEY 11-28-57 48 Pine Ridge Rd. Pet Peeve: Marines, Walden Pond ' s Boat 7, Beach Parties, Sunapee, Hampton, Brigham ' s, Chevelle SS, G-W Invader, Drive-ins, Bargain, Beach Boys, Colour My World, Best. CHARLES TRAGANOS 5-23-58 25 Mt. Ver- non St. lOHN IRANI 7-11-56 164 Brattle St. CHARLENE TRASK 3-8-58 13 Brookdale Rd. Peach. Memories of: Miss B. Toots = Summer of " 74 " , Blues Good Times, Checkin them out. Truckin in at 3:00 " am " , Buttrick ' s; Pried Eggs, " Interjestion. " Ambition is to Live!?! MAUREEN TRELEGAN 9-10-57 32 Rublee St. Moe. Mark D 3-10-57, Crazy VP shoes. Shopping 5, Heightsman, St. C, Corcoran, Drive-ins, Andrea N. party, Canada, Mark E, Alan R, accountant, marriage -E happy. Pomps hickey. Skipping, Mrs. Lee M 4- Ms, St. Paul ' s. Charles Traganos )ohn Irani Charlene Trask CAY TORRESYAP 5-29-57 58 Tomahawk Rd. Always remember: Summer of 70, Summer of 72 — EL, Encampment 72, Nova Scotia, B.|. family, G S Harmonettes, AETA by E.H. BERNADETTE TORTELLI 9-13-57 103 Med- ford St. Bernie. Harry and The Class, bi- noculars, Steve — 4-16-73, Parties, Birdie, junior Year, Nites at Buttrick ' s. The Prom, Cape Cod, MTKCMLBKMDJM - The best! " Somewhere over the rainbow ... " Gay Torresyap Bernadette Tortelli Mary Tracey Maureen Trelegan Mary Tremblay Jeffrey Turner Antonia Urdo Susan Trenchard Patricia Truscello MARY M. TREMBLAY 6-17-57 20 Alpine St. I ' m sick, B.S., Summer of ' 72, the farm, Butterick ' s, stands, FWA, All the Leaves are Brown, Cape, Xavier, work. Load, proms, U.N.B., nee-nee, parties, rum, marv-all alone. SUSAN TRENCHARD 7-27-57 363 Appleton St. Sue. Always remember: Rainbow, Grand Assembly, Fun with " Old Sport, " Senior Prom ' 74, Bonjer!, Belote, Ski Re- treat ' 73, Dog Days, " The King I, " " Any- thing Goes. " PATRICIA TRUSCELLO 6-5-57 56 George St. Jayne. The Cape. Maine July, 1974, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, A llman Bros., Eric Clapton, " Don ' t go tabogganing on icy snow!! " MARK T. TSAKIRGIS 8-5-57 7 Kipling Rd. F.S. St. Camillus -E The Heightsmen, Bridgeport 7-4-72, Cotillion. The Park: Drive-ins, Eva 12-25-72, " Want awee- awee. " Ski trips, Sia-Moonie, Brass Knuck- les. " P M.A.W. " " Alma Leigh, Spring Fling, and Stairway To Heaven. " JEFF TURNER 10-27-57 68 Dickson Ave. I love school. Ines C. Valente ANTONIA URDI 11-21-57 102 Hemlock St. Toni. " Remember all the good times. " T Bird, 10-6-73, Friends: Louise, Dolores, Jean, P.K., D.K., M.S., S.R., Summer 74, Sophomore, Junior year. Favorite Ex- pression: Oh, Wow. INES C. VALENTE 8-5-56 43 Allen St. Dolly. Junior year, T-Bird, Louise, Toni, " Losing my high school ring in the snow. " If nei- ther Foes nor Loving Friends can hurt you. 10-6-73. Mark Tsakirgis 167 Roberta Valeri ROBERTA VALERI 10-29-57 50 Udine St. Colour My World — By Chicago; Summer of 74 — Fashion Barn. )OHN VALERIO 10-22-56 131 Highland Ave. Enjoying working at Unitrade, Having fun on Friday nights Before work with Billy, Danny, and Eddie and after work. SHIRLEY VANAMBURG 7-1-56 Turkey Hill Pardo. Salisbury, Hampton, Pemaquid — 74 ' , Spring Valley, Jr. Prom, Rockport; Beth 71 ' , Alton Bay; S B. 5-19-73, Fla.; Growing up on T.H. 1-20-74 with Pic ' s; Love you. Mom. ALFRED VARDARO 11-15-57 141 Dow Ave. Vads. Brendan ' s Party, Carry Me, Friday Night Card games. Six Bucks, Bre- wester Partys, Destruction, Streaking, Stripe Basketball, Red Baron, Sub Chase, Street Hockey. )ohn Valerio THOMAS VERNEY 4-18-57 56 School St. Bing. Farm, R.A.G. High School, Jackie ' s, Curran Drunk in Zone, N.H. Ralph ' s, par- ties, Touche ' s. GAIL VIGLIONE 3-7-57 39 Beverly Rd. Hap- piness is being with Tom! New FHampshire, Bishop Park, Sully, Cathy, and Karen. Sum- mer of ' 72 ' " Spiders and Snakes " Missing Kevin. Butfrick ' s DANIEL VIOLA 12-27-57 433 Appleton St. Alfred Vardaro Thomas Verney Gail Viglione Daniel Viola BARBARA VISCIONE 11-21-56 34 Benjamin Rd. junior Prom, Semi-Formal, Lex, Beach, Butt ' s, C.C. Class, weekends. Cool Your jets, KF, DC, Friends, Weisel Fights, Bowl- ing, Bored, Summer " 74. " DAVID WALKINSHAW 8-21-57 31 Norfolk Rd. CHESTER WALSH 9-29-57 51 Wyman Ter- race Chet. Pet Peeve — jock broads! Sum- mertime ' 73, ' 74. Friendly ' s crew — Billy, jay, Margie, Russ 4- Debbie, the ' cat, ' clos- ing. Phil, Glenn, jim, Nick, Dan, jacky Mike. Bootin-around, sixes are potent My Chevy, Elton john. Life is a bummer. My girl Cill! Barbara Viscione DIANE WELCH 9-6-57 3 Washington Ave. Pet Peeve: Starting school at 7:00 A.M. Favorite Subject : English Interests: Skiing, swimming, music Ambition: To become a nurse. ELLEN M. WELLS 9-14-57 33 Hillcrest St. Main office, Brigham ' s M.Y.F., Out West, Iowa, trips to U.N., Aku, Aku, Pompano, Rockport, N.H., C.B.B., " I Can ' t Cope! " " Make things work, " " I don ' t understand, " 7:30, Belmont, Harvard Sq. CHERYL ANN WESINGER 3-8-57 33 Ber- keley St. Wessy. Div, jr. Prom — the Cape, Stairway to Heaven, Chopper, plans to Bermuda, I Spy, PSMA, Happiness is being loved by the one you love. Hub? Chester Walsh " Study as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. " Isidore of Seville David Walkinshaw Diane Welch Ellen Wells Cheryl Wesinger SHARON WESINGER 7-H-57 37 Walnut St. Ricky 9-23-71, still going strong. P S. C.W. M.K. A.M. Surfer Girl, Cruisin, Beach Boys 1, North Ealmouth, Marshfield, Cherry Chevelle, Our Dreams! KENNETH WHITE 9-25-57 22 Richfield Rd. MICHAEL WHITE 6-2-57 24 Little )ohn Road Whitey. Miller, Homestead, Nahant, Sleeper Park, parking lot, lames Montgom- ery, ham, Rockport, Beno, Gener, Butts, Cut, Angel Strangers in the House, Will it Last? Richard White Michelle Willson Sharon Wesinger RICHARD WHITE 10-19-57 53 Brattle St. Whitey. V. Eootball, jocks, Summer of " 74 " , lune 8th, A H.S. Parking lot, Sebago Lake, The " Hasty, " Diane, Taboo. ELLEN WHITNEY 9-20-57 71 Teel St. Ducky, Stands, Tracks, Buttrick ' s, E.W.A., Zags, Memorial Weekend, Nancy, Trying Out?, Tighe a Yellow Ribbon, Corsair, Kim, Grads 74, Proms, initiation, California Dreamin, The Bomb, Tavern. MICHELLE P. WILLSON 1-5-58 141 |ason St. loan Wilson Patty. Snoopy Patty . . . Happiness . . . TREBLARETSO . I ' d say Vassar! " Unca Stephen . . . " Watch thos hands, tycoon! " . Erank . . Uncle Andy Harmonettes . . . Toronto . . . Marybeth — lennifer and Roses . . . " It is finished. " lOAN WILSON 11-15-57 154 Pheasant Ave. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTANLEY 12-20-57 181 Mystic St., Orchestra, Yearbook Staff, Chronicle fourth Estate?, fourth period English, Special friends. Senior Year, Zarbs, Teebags, Terz, O.Y.A., The future. Mary Winstanley Ellen Whitney Kenneth White Deborah Wright lames Wright Jean Wright KELVIN YEE 9-12-57 110 Wildwood Ave. Chinky. Freshman French, Mike " The Sleeze, " Saturday Hockey undefeated, Sat behind Zerox 5 years, Nicky, " Putzo, " Fitzi Marble, Charlies B -I- B, Rollie, Whitey. TERESA ELVIRA RAMONA ZARBA 8-28-57 7 Pine Ridge Rd. Zarbs, Terry, I love babies, 1 love Nixon, I love moose, Terry, and lerry Aug. 6, 1971. lOHN ZARELLA 11-23-57 29 Fesserden Rd. Zeke. Rub, " Mic, " " Swinging From The Gallows Pole, " " The Bridge " Z.W. $82. " Bong, " " Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young, " " Hendrix. " KATHERINE ZEVITAS 11-25-57 31 Men- otomy Rd. December 28, 1973, Kevin, Comet, Hanging around after school, good old lunch, my best friend Debbie, the summers away from Arlington doing noth- ing, Time in A Bottle, waterskiing! DEBBIE WRIGHT 9-29-57 21 Alpine St. Charmin Happiness is being with |oe. My best friend Kathy, Summer of " 74 " . Let ' s Stay Together to Live, Laugh, love and always be happy. Nicholas Xenos Kelvin Yee Teresa Zarba MONICA ZUCCALA 10 Memorial Way Summer Vacation 74, |uly 5th 1975. Post- grads . . . Nosy Neighbors, |ohn Hancock to Dewey Almy, Happiness is: seeing Phil after work. Drums! lEAN WRIGHT 9-29-57 240 Mystic Valley Pkwy. leana, Kinkdom, Kenney, Parties, Concerts, Patty, loyce 4- lean. Bows, |. Geils, " Keezonto dodo, " Bad Company, Cape 74, Happiness is getting out of Ar- lington. IIMMY WRIGHT 5-25-57 13 Woodland St. Eggy. Nov 2 + Menotomy; Cash; High; Bull, Oh, Boy. NICK XENOS 9-7-57 82 Kensington Pk. Hello |ill — McDonalds — Cold nights at Hampton — I didn ' t sleep at all last night - lust my luck - Novas, Darts, X State policecars — Take it easy. |ohn Zarella Katherine Zevitas 171 Monica Zuccala One will ask oneself in the years ahead, " What was the AHS experience for me? " For some it was sports, for others it was books and learning, for many it was partying, and for a great many others the experience was nothingness. Yet for all of us AHS has been a place where we have spent four years of our lives. Perhaps initially we could play the games and allow our freedom to be surrendered. But many are growing weary from constant control, and are eagerly awaiting the time when we will move on. Parting for many is necessary for we have outgrown AHS and must move on to live and grow in another setting. We are like snakes shedding their old skins to make room for their personal growth; Yet for many others it is not a question of outgrowing the AHS mold, for they were never able to fill it. For them this is the time of parole. However, whichever group you fall under, we are all united in our walk through the door into a world where we will continue to grow through our interactions with others. 180 He slowly opened the door and stepped outside. The bright sunlight blinded him. He saw a woman walk by. Her costume was unlike anything that he had ever seen. The air seemed much dirtier and the empty lot was now a towering building of glass. Four years in an institution, Yet he had finally been released back into the real world. As he walked down the road with cars racing by him on one side and hurrying people on the other, he came to a newstand and bought a paper. As he looked at the want ads and thought of all the qualifications that he didn ' t have, and of his girl friend who had married someone else while he was gone, the thought drifted through his mind, " Where am I going? " It was then that he was overcome with tremendous fear, for what future was there for anyone after four years in an institution. He began to run wildly down the road, and although he crashed into pedestrians, he continued his blind flight. T he man was stopped by a policeman and taken in for questioning. He feared the future and so ran back to the shelter of the institution. There life was dull and without freedom, but it was known Whereas, the outside world was a maze which one had to travel through. There is security in the institution. 1 FOOTBALL Front Row: Jackie Irani, Ralph Labriola, Bob Taccini, Gene Doyle, |im Curran, John Green, Kevin Sullivan, |im Napoli, Dave Kelley, Rich White, Tom Fahey, Kevin Kelly, Paul Bandouveres, Glenn Fratto Second Row: |im Lyons, Brian Burns, Mike Macaris, Carlton Crockett, Les Beckwith, Cary Granato, Dave Aiken, |oe Ciccolo, Henry Sullivan, Paul Johnson, Bob Brouillette, Peter Flynn, Team Manager Paul Wedge Third Row: Mark Collins, Kevin Brooks, Wally Abbott, |im Black, Keith Moran, Brian Dooley, Bud Macchia, Scotty Nyberg, Dave Keating, Bernie Brun, Mike Collins, Dennis Diggins, John Cianopolous, Eddie O ' Donnell, Dave Hingston Coach Ed Burns and Assistant John Hanley 186 Marie Pechi, Mary Pompey, Marybeth Burns, Andrea Russo, Mary Downing Patty Feeley, Carol Lahiff, Karen Fitzpatrick, Kim Larkin, Leslie FHarding, Co-captains joanne Guiney and Sue Garrity CHEERLEADING 189 FRONT ROW: John Carden, Brian Craydon, )im D ' Amico, lackie Reilly, Mike Carney, Peter Flynn, )ay Foley, Dan Devellis, Kenny White SECOND ROW: Dave Spencer, Mike Eleftheriou, Vin Rallis, Jeff Coombs, Larry Marquis, Dave Powers, Jeff Stein, Paul MacTague, Tony Messuri, Ed Ofria, )ohn Arakelian, Chris Lewis, Steve Bush, Terry Goodhue, Jerry Jones, Mark Betz, Coach Kevin Giroux SOCCER co-captain Mike Carney co-captain Peter Flynn “What people say you can- not do, you try and find that you can. " Henry David Thoreau OPP. 1 0 1 5 0 1 0 1 2 0 1 0 3 0 lay Foley Kenny White ARL. 1 2 4 1 2 2 4 1 3 3 0 3 1 6 Malden Revere Haverhill Somerville Peabody Medford Everett Malden Revere Haverhill Somerville Peabody Medford Everett Coach Kevin Giroux )ohn Carden FIELD HOCKEY coach lane McGivney, lanice Reardan, co-capt., Anne Barry, Pam Spencer, Debbie Patterson, lean Farinoso, Peggy Mitropolous, coach leanie Wall, Nancy McPhee, co-capt. Sally Kreuz, |en Coombs, Mary Lavery, lean Goodwin. o o “We should ' a had ten! " NO DOGS ALLOWED . . . Gidget. The War is over! We wunna the war! DRILLS I heard a rumor . . . We ' ll dig a ditch and bury the what? GTMF-NO F! “Don ' t be wise! " Gutter-mouth. Clean up your act. Non-split day. Off your shoe. “Beaton Bust ' em! " Luigi Zucchini Spumoni Ling- uini " Hahahaha " We wore pin- nies last time CIRCULAR TACKLES Ethel and )udy Gar- land Monkey Mouth WIND- SPRINTS “It ' s not our fault ... " Triple A “I want to play!! " Hey Chickies I hear nothing! Wakie Wakie 2 minutes and 21 sec- onds UNDEFEATED SEASON!!! Captain Bobby O ' Neill and coach Roger Duggan SWIMMING Bill Meadows )im D ' Amico CROSS COUNTRY Captain Dave Cipolle " Let them stew in their own juice " Otto Von Bismarck 197 ain Karen Groom SWIMMING Kathy Spencer, Karen Groom, Capt., Sue Barreta, Sarah Pike, Nancy Hoffman, lanet Ronchetti, Ellen Koenig, Ellen Healy, Marie Eanders, Suzanne Meehan, Beth Eanders, Maura Hannan, Jenifer Bryant, Marianne Dresselhaus, Elaine Koenig 199 HOCKEY FRONT ROW- Phil Pengeroth, )ohn Abbruzzese, Mark Quarantiello, Tom Fahey, )im DeVito, Peter Flynn, Assistant Coach o " ° DeC?p™ second «0W -Asil an, Coach Paul MacCaula,, Paul Peogerolh, La,N Ma,qu,s Tony Burns S Oi°a Tm BovIe, Mark Colbert, Coach Ed Bums THIRD ROW: Doug DeCapno, O ' Conner, Mark Coll, ns, Dave Keating, Billy Lyons, |oe Hurley, Manager Mark Cafiso ARL. OPP. 3 Revere 4 4 Peabody 9 6 Everett 1 4 Everett 3 6 Chelsea 1 8 Haverhill 1 11 Somerville 0 Medford 2 4 Malden 5 4 Revere 5 5 Peabody 5 5 Everett 0 9 Chelsea 1 6 Haverhill 1 11 Somerville 1 10 Haverhill 2 10 Medford 1 10 Malden 1 5 Revere 1 2 Peabody 1 State Tournament 7 Winthrop 3 5 Brockton (D.O.T.) 4 2 Matignon 9 " He never errs who sacrifices self. " Edward Bulwer-Lytton " Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower; We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind; ... " William Wordsworth Yes, it ' s over, but for four long months we shared life — life from birth to death and the everyday toil and joy in between. A boy was born before the big game. Inspiration sent from heaven. We lost. " Congratulations dad from all your girls, " they wrote. The game is over, but the loving thought lives on. " They all wore dresses, " said L.M., as her eyes welled with a sense of pride. A letter from Mrs. R. in her time of supreme trial. " It was the young people from whom we gained our strength and faith to endure those sad days. We were very proud to know so many kind and thoughtful people, especially the young. If these are our future leaders, we should have no fear. " Yes, we also knew and shared defeat and death. Is basketball only a game? " O.K. you owe 2 sprints. " " If you can make this shot, you ' ll only owe 1 sprint. " " Baseline! " " Box out! " " Hands up! " For four months we worked very hard at the game too. Our 12-5 record is testimony to that feat. We worked hard and received the fruits of our labors. Oh, and we had a couple of miracles thrown in at Haver- hill and Billerica. But all work and no play makes Laura and Sally and Mary and Roberta dull girls. There were no dull girls on our bus rides. " They did it once, twice Oh, was it nice. We are the girls from AHS! " Fantastic team harmony with a couple of splendid solos blended in for masculine balance. True, there will be no more songs and no more games, but we have been fortunate to have been a part of each others ' lives for those few months. There will be no more sprints, no more last-second victories, no more bus rides, but we have had them - some people never do. We cannot grieve that it is over. Rather we should receive strength from such a treasure chest of beautiful memories. We should strive on to achieve our future dreams, we now know can be realized. Mike Toomey BASKETBALL Nancy McPhee, Karen Kapilian, Pam Spencer, Jean Robinson, )en Coombs, jean Goodwin, Ellen Divine, Coach Mike Toomey, Roberta Audunson, Co-capt. Laura Beaton, Co-capt. Sally Kreuz, Mary Lavery Missing; Mary Kreuz OPP. Co-captain Laura Beaton ARL. 31 Revere 25 44 Peabody 38 31 Somerville 29 40 Haverhill 35 44 Chelsea 6 29 Medford 33 32 Malden 56 40 Billerica 39 37 Revere 34 48 Peabody 26 40 Somerville 22 38 Haverhill 27 42 Chelsea 9 38 Haverhill 27 31 Medford 33 44 Malden 46 34 Everett 35 Co-captain Sally Kreuz Roberta Audunson Mary Lavery 205 FRONT ROW: Bill Goodwin, Steve Smith, )ohn Bruno, Steve Labriola, Tom Kontinos SECOND ROW: Bill Hilferty, )ohn Corcoran, Steve Craig, Richie Vartanian THIRD ROW: George Doherty, Morgan Meara, Paul Bianchi, )ohn Brescia, coach Paul Marrier GYMNASTICS Tri-captain Paul Bianchi Tri-captain )ohn Brescia Tri-captain Steve Smith m VOLLEYBALL Karen Danaher, Chris Deshler, Denise Mesurlus, Rose Proulx, Lisa Bergentino, Liz Caterino, Susan Doucette, Ellen Tierney, Lauren Boudreau, Marianne Mahoney co capt., Denise )oly co-capt., Liz Hamilton, Marty Gallant 209 -• mi INDOOR TRACK FRONT ROW: Dom Spinosa, Glenn Tainter, Dave Cipolle, Rich Schober, Dan Devellis, Don LaRocca, |ohn Reilly, )im Murrey SECOND ROW: )im Mahoney, Jeff Coombs, Dick Peloquin, )ohn Carter, Billy Sears, Manager Dave Hutchins TFHIRD ROW: lay Albertini, Richie White, )oe DiMaggio, Sy Ikemato, Tom Crowley FOURTH ROW: Dave Ludka, Steve Fratello, Basil Rathbone, Chuck Quigley, Allen Cary Co-captains Dan Devellis and Don LaRocca 212 Dom Spinosa and Glenn Tainter " The terrible burden of hav- ing nothing to do. " Nicholas Barleau Dick Peloquin )ohn Reilly Rich White 213 Rich Schober GYMNASTICS ludy jefferson, Beth LaPoint, Lisa O ' Brien, jean Liebowitz, Sue Mahoney, La ney Cirame, Gail Garrity, Celeste Hart, Dianne Steele, Coach Lee, Regina Bova, Anne DeMartino, Annette Cote, Deidre Shepherd. 214 FRONT ROW: Charlie MacLeod, )ohn Pandolfo, jay Foley, Steve Fratto, Nick Mitropoulous, Willie O ' Brien, Stan Lewis SECOND ROW: Cary Granato, Les Beckwith, )oe Theriault, Paul Niles, Ken Hughes, Glenn Fratto, Dave Kelley, Paul Lewko, coach )ohn Cody BASKETBALL Co-captain Glenn Fratto Co-captain Paul Niles Coach )ohn Cody 216 )oe Theriault Paul Lewko ARL C 63 Cambridge Latin 50 43 Revere 31 73 Peabody 58 50 Somerville 63 57 Chelsea 52 (O.T. ) 58 Haverhill 64 51 Medford 66 68 Malden 75 67 Everett 73 72 Revere 39 67 Peabody 52 48 Somerville 59 83 Chelsea 54 68 Haverhill 69 58 Medford 71 68 Malden 60 54 Everett 61 40 Don Bosco 46 76 Brookline 84 70 Cambridge Latin 58 Ken Hughes Nick Mitropoulous Dave Kelley 217 What is music but an essential and in- tegral part of our lives? It is a common bond holding people together and an effective form of communication. Music can be used to hypnotize crowds and to spur them to action as in the case of the Pied-Piper of Hamlin. Music may also be used to convey a feeling or need as is the case with much music heard today. But there is another kind of music which is heard by all, the music of people ' s minds and spirits. The beauty and purity of their chords draws me to them. What, after all, is friendship but the drawing together of melodies into a tremendous symphony, with each note and chord influencing the notes to follow. The thought of what pattern life takes has often bog- gled my mind and left me with no answer. Perhaps there is a spiral approach to life, for what one does not understand now can be grasped later on as ex- periences and adventures repeat themselves. 222 f; ;i However, the thought of life as a spiral implies that some final truth exists at the end. Perhaps life is merely a repeating decimal or a circle which chases itself for- ever and can have no birth or death. Maybe this reasoning is all wrong, for our lives may be webs that we spin and our friends may be insects caught in the webs that are brought to ourselves to deter- mine the future nature of our lives. In any event life goes on, with or without philosophizing, and in- numerable times in the future this pattern will come into play again, the pattern of moving from east to west, or from the established world to what is new. r JACh 223 We are dependent upon others, they upon us. The meaning of our life takes form through the influence of life around us. We benefit and become richer from the contributions of those gone before us. Our contact with those around us will enrich our philosophies as our lives will supply thoughts and feelings in others. So let us take a few minutes out of our busy day to share our lives with one another; to remember our dependence upon oth- ers and the light we might shed on oth- ers ' problems. You must see past selfishness to the goals that represent the sort of person you wish to become. Your life at A.H.S. could serve as an example. Some of you go to required classes, take required tests and hope for passing grades which are required for graduation. This kind of existence is cheap. It is cheap because you pay nothing of your- selves. You may think you are getting something for nothing, but you ' re not! 224 The price each of us must pay for a full life is high. We must be willing to sacrifice in order to up- hold what we think is right. We must have convictions too strong to be pushed aside. (Is the price too high?) Will you decide on the road of “cheap existence " that ends in disillusionment and noth- ingness, or will you offer all you have? The choice is yours. I can only hope for you a life full of all that will make you a special and complete person. Love, Pauline Finberg MARCHING BAND CONCERT BAND 233 JAZZ BAND SENIOR GIRLS CLUB 235 STUDENT PRODUCTIONS jESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR MO CHILD CARE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OE AMERICA LIBRARY CLUB 247 THE FOURTH ESTATE 254 ITALIAN CLUB DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION HARMON ETTES CONCERT CHOIR 259 Now the world is out there waiting for you. Now the future is what you will make it. Which way to go? What job to seek? Where is the yellow brick road? Chie company represents so viany different avenues there may be a job oppoitunity that just fits your paWic III ar talents. More imponant, a job that leads to a better job. Ask your guidance counselor where and when you can apply for an interview with New England Telephone. A people-to-people business. New England Telephone An equal opponunity employer Best Wishes From AVERY’S TV 1201 Mass. 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I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: " We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal. " I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, whose governor ' s lips are presently dripping with the words of interpostion and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plains, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. This is our hope. This is the faith with which I return to the South. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day. This will be the day when all of God ' s children will be able to sing with new meaning My country, ' tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty. Of thee I sing: Land where my fathers died. Land of the pilgrims ' pride. From every mountainside Let freedom ring. And if America is to be a great nation this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New F ampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania! Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado! Let freedom ring from the curvacious peaks of California! But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia! Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain Of Tennessee! Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring. When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God ' s children, black men and white men, jews and Gentiles, Protestants, and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the Old Negro spiritual, " Free at last! free at last! thank God almighty, we are free at last! " Martin Luther King 271 THE 1975 INDIAN 4196 is OVER! Thanks to the effort of the whole staff, the special dedication of all the editors and the concentration of Bob Desmond, jerry Leto, Dave Marzilli, Annette Caine, )im Mattaliano, Mr. Charles " Flash ' Gordon, and Sharon Budd. Layout: Dave Marzilli, Annette Caine, Peter Erickson, Ken Hughes, Mike Kent, Gail Lee, lane Erickson, )im Mattaliano, Gerry Martone, Glenn Tainter, Don LaRocca, Mary Tremblay, Cindy Slade, Martha Quigley, jay Frankudakis, Dave CipoHe, Mich Rygiel, Mark Greeley, Dave Marble, Gail Teebagy, Glenn Fratto, Lillian Hamory Art: R ichard Sullivan, Dom Spinosa, Glenn Tainter, Martha Quigley, Karen Groom, jerry Leto. Photography: Ed Trembly, Gerry Martone, Russ Mottia, Chris Morano, jane McGowan, james McNally, Steven Day, jim Caparell, Marie Procopio, Stephen Messenger, Martha Quigley, Christine Hrissanthou, john Hannon, Peter Erickson, Albert Oster, jane Snedeker, jim " LumbiSum " Moscatel, Cathline Cleary, Purdy ' s Studio, Arlington Advocate. Circulation: Arthur Driscoll, Gail Teebagy, Sue Nardone, Dave Cipolle, Dave Marble, janet Leak, Marty Pyykkonen, Karen Groom, Connie Phillips, Laurel Albano, Terry Zarba, Nick Mitropoulos, Al Kalustian, Beth Sakey, Mary Flynn, janet Prince, Marie Lucas, Pat Hannafin. Activities: Albert Oster, Steve Messenger, Kevin Scannell, Harry Pistizz, Mama Kin. Biographies Typing: Gail Lee, Mary Beth Russo, Beth Sakey, Nancy Oppedisano, Terry Zarba, Mary Win- stanley, Stacey Faulkner, janet Leak, Martha Shilliday, joe Swass, Annette Caine. Sports:Anne Barry, Karen Kapilian, jay Foley, Vinney Saia. Advertising: jim Mattaliano. Advisor: Mr. Charles Gordon. EDITORS jOHN LANZILLO jERRY LETO BOB DESMOND. Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business, Advertising, Circulation Manager SHARON BUDD CHRIS KESHISHIAN.. AL KALUSTIAN FRANK RONAN LAURA BEATON jOHN LONG RICHARD SCHOBER Literature Activities Biographies Photography . Girls ' Sports . Boys ' Sports Art STAFF 272 HERFF JONES YEARBOOK

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