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■1 1 1 i i TSfe. EBbVg THIS BOOK- BELONGS -TO -THE - RPBBIN(S • LIBRAKY • ARUNGTOISL- AVKSSACHUSETTS • lugs ►riaei Billie Jean King For Reference Not to be taken from this library G ««o ; ite ijj I 97 ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON, MASS, 4860 00 Hub theaters guilty of obscenity, are fined | I 6 Sanity is very rare; every man almost, and every woman, has a dash of madness. Ralph Waldo Emerson 18 By nature men are nearly all alike. By practice they get to he wide apart. Confucius rr: As wave follows wave, so new men take old men ’s places. Carl Sandburg 26 " ' la Now he walks in quiet solitude the forests and the streams Seeking grace in every step he takes His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake . . . John Denver Daily Attendance Shee God s greatest gift is a teacher . . . Emerson FACULTY Q • " z) o a: V— tq i-rl o 5 o Z c_ W ' Q H ;z: . r rh Q d 2: 9 -3 d CO H d f ) 2; P Jr; Ci: £ s;: cq cq lx: xt f— ( cn CQ s S V S a 3 u -S x: TO .iq c CU Q, 3 , V S XJ 3J _• X) 03 CO n (C , ■7 CO CO S o p OJ -3 rr 0 Q, . — ( 3 3 P. o 9 U ■t-i . " 0 CU CU •; s 2: Date The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away . . . Blessed be the name of the Lord. Old Testament 1 Richard J. McKay, Assistant Supenntendent of Schools In the first place God made idiots, this was for practice; then He made school boards. Mark Twain George F. Fusco, Administrative Headmaster Reed K. Taylor, Administrative Assistant Ralph P. Gioiosa, Director of Occupational Education Henry Toczylowski. Senior Housemaster The best effect of fine persons is felt after we have left their presence. Ralph Waldo Emerson Richard D. Collomb, Assistant Senior Housemaster Ralph S. Giobbe. Junior Housemaster 36 They see only their shadows, and their shadows are their laws. Kahlil Gibran George A. Lincoln, Sophomore Housemaster Richard C. Hall, Freshman Housemaster Harold B. Fairbanks, Assistant Sophomore Housemaster 37 Mary E. McDonough. Assistant Freshman Housemaster MATHEMATICS James A. Cavalieri 38 Edward P. Burns Doreen Guglieimetti Robert Commins Robert Commito Helen Mack where numbers fly like pidgeons in and out of your head. Carl Sandburg Leslie D. Edelman 39 Arlene Mahoney Robert Pearlman William A. Robichaud Carole Miller Richard E. Paul Frederick Maloof Pauline Finberg Jean M. Wax ART The difficulty in life is the choice . . . George Moore Winnifred Wohllebe Jeannette Eskedal 41 Louise Banner BUSINESS Mary Dolan John G. Britt You work that you may keep pace with the earth . . . Kahlil Gilbran Marguerite Burke Catherine Butler Brian Cuna Peter J. Leone How shall a man continue his culture after manhood? Thoreau Donna Kaprelian Marion Kennedy Glenna Kelly John P. Ligor 43 Edith Phinney Robert Offenberger William Nulz, Head of Department Mary Thompson Florence Forsythe, Flead of Department Ilmi Jones Catherine King HOME ECONOMICS Marilyn Corcoran Florence Baturin Books are the treasured wealth of the world . . . Thoreau Antoinette Potter MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Joan Coleman Ilene Bornstein Pauline M. Carrara 47 Stockman Tempus fugit — how do 1 convince my students that time goes so fast that they will one day sit and say to me or someone else — “Where did the time go? or “Boy, (or Girl) do I wish I had it to do over again.” What method shall I try this year — to convince my freshman football players that they will be seniors looking to college before they can blink an eye — to tell my to prepare daily for their enjoyable lessons — to get my senior basketballers and tennis players to send out their college applications - or, most difficult of all, to get my first period students to make class on time at least just prior to marks. The quickness of the Cycle is awesome for all to behold — all the new faces to which to attach names and never make a mistake - the start of another trek through the big blue notebook - another frosh football team to coach and the concurrent sadness to know that some of these interesting and sensitive people will be poiled by success and their classmates and become the big-mouthed showoff senior jocks that plague the school and give the good athletes, yes there are many you don ' t see, a bad image - to know that some will become the never — take — off — your — coat — in — school rats at war with the school while still others will become so enamored of themselves they can’t see anyone else in the school — but there is the contentment in knowing that some will remain conscious of other’s feelings and will never stoop to yelling obsenities at their classmates who are attempting to perform academically, musically, dramatically or even athletically - The joy that 1 might be able to influence a few more of the new faces from my classes and teams to show consideration for the feelings of their friends although hampered by the present age of love and kindness — What? Me sarcastic? good heavens, tain’t so — The quietness of the holidays as we begin the stretch run for the seniors — and the Pain — the pain in dealing a D or an F to someone I like but who will not use their God-given talents — the pain of cutting people from teams and knowing I may have made an irreparable error, that they will never know the joy and comraderie of group efforts and cohesive undertakings that make many people ONE - the pain of watching students berate students as rats, jocks, or brains when the real problem is that they don’t know each other the pain that comes in that final swing of the cycle when I see all those New faces now Old and familiar leaving in June and knowing that 1 will see few of them again — that I will never know how they made out or where they are or if any of the philosophy, never mind the chemistry, with which I devulged them was of any value to them — the pain of seeing students waste their untouched talents because they won’t believe me when I say Tempus Fugit — but the or of thinking that in September there will be more and maybe they can be inspired to climb the heights and take others with them and not degrade but elevate our scholastic society to new levels of true love and kindness and then the lonliness of June and the new memories will be much less Painful and saddening but rather full of the hope of things to come. 1 love you all. John H. Cody Adrienne Pallotta 49 Doris Withers OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION Louis Galente Norman Jacobsen Robert Brennan The true, strong and sound mind is the mind that can embrace equally great things and small. Samuel Johnson 50 PHYSICAL EDUCATION William Lowder Ralph Bevins, Head of Department There are but few men who have character enough to lead a life of idleness. Josh Billings John Hanley Richard DeCaprio Walter Divine, Director of Guidance METCO COORDINATOR Christine Fiorenza I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned t o know what his grandson will be. Abraham Lincoln a L I Sumner McClain GUIDANCE Jane McGivney Barrie Bergart Harry A. Meserve, Head of Department k Donald J. Bockler Mora C. Rawlings GENERAL AND LIFE SCIENCES Allen Winecour J Joseph Papandrea Philip Truesdale No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half-asleep in the dawning of your knowledge. Kahlil Gibran Carol Lawton John O’Connor L ' .• 1 Janet Nicholas 56 Head of Department PHYSICAL SCIENCE John H. Cody r: Donald J. Manning, Thomas J. Vaughn Marzina Me Only presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial “we”. Mark Twain Arthur Bothelho 1 Dr. Charles B. Arthur, Head of Department Peter Drench Andrew Foxwell In the Pursuit of James Kelley Confusion, turmoil, tension — the grind. Homework, responsibility, busy pursuit of . . . A letter? A stamp on performance from A — D. A job well done . . . lessons learned, material absorbed or for- gotten. Computers buzzing — let- ters and numbers. Measured learn- ing, presence counted, numbers to- taled of times the body appeared. Uniform timing of movement and thought. Bells ring for warmup and . . . they’re off and running to the next encounter with — Reality? John Cotter Pain and echoing laughter — hall way punches . . . affectionate jabs. Reminders of sharing. Quiet, ab- sorbing thought . . . exchanges be- hind glass windowed doors . . . teacher to pupil . . . mind to mind. Those moments of brightness when worlds fuse and thoughts embrace to touch the strange beauty of all we are together — moving, judging, objecting, wandering. Awe struck by the passage of time and the beauty of growth. The sadness of escape. Sue Belote Gordon Neisser Paul MacAuley Robert Lavery Frank M. Kotchin Thomas J. Russell Harry Mitchell PERFORMING ARTS Raynald Civili Gerald A. Thebodo Robert K. Laber, Supervisor WORK STUDY Leslie Hurwitz Andrew J. Smith CLASSICS Dorothy W. Goldkrand INDUSTRIAL ARTS Ralph F. McElearney, Head of Department William M. McGovern J. Douglas Hunter James Canavan Frank Prusik Donald Sotnik Ronald Nevola John Cooper Donald Romeo i f Ronald Whitmore Charles Kornik DATA PROCESSING William Wilkie FLEXIBLE SCHOOL DAY PROGRAM Donald A. Sandrelli, Distributive Education William McCarthy, Coordinator 66 Mary C. Barry Mary M. O’Connell, Head of Department ENGLISH I I ' t Charles Fagone AUDIO-VISUAL Marie T. Brady Joel Beckwith 67 Lucile Burt 1 Barbara Brown Ann Couser Lois Beckwith So on we worked, and waited for the light. Edward Arlington Robinson Sue Belote 68 Kathleen B. Doyle Paul Dorrington Peter Filichia Arthur Foisy i William Delaney I Mary J. McCarthy The class of 1974 holds dear mem- ories for me; for, it was with some of its members that I initiated my teaching career at Arlington High School. This first student encounter is of great personal significance to me because it marked the begin- ning of a most rewarding pedago- gical experience, a communion of ideas, and an evolution of personal attitudes. In addition to providing basic ling- uistic skills in French and Italian, I feel that my role as a language teacher exceeds this evident scope. What I hope to have encouraged are the seeds of international toler- ance by nurturing a respect for the societal mores and historical back- ground of cultures other than our own. If this “attitude” will perhaps help you as you “evolve” and make your contributions to humanity, I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to guide you. May all your endeavors be whole- some and successful and may your fondest dreams become reality. Pauline M. Carrara Leslie Kilgore Paul Jenney Maxine O. Hardy 70 Mary Clare Hummer Carl Hendrickson Charles Gordon - 1 Myrna Finn Barbara Gorman Mary Fitzgerald Mary Ellen Powers Pauline Schiel The whole secret of the teacher’s force lies in the conviction that men are convertible. Emerson Cecilia A. McGowan Dennis Mercurio Priscilla Monahan Thomas A. Trevisani, Jr. Michael Toomey Richard Surabian High schools are full of knowledge; the freshmen bring a little in and the seniors take none away, and knowledge accumulates. Abott Lawrence Lowell NURSES Mary Barry Helen Berquist 73 SECRETARIES CULINARY STAFF 74 On the seventh day . . . I rested. “Ziggy” r.;uL-‘ ' t 5 ■ - 81 ' :■ Danger SAFETY GLASSES MUST BE WORN IN THIS ROOM 78 The traditional Senior Class Con- vention did not deprive the Class of 74 from expressing their viewpoints, comments, and suggestions. After everyone thought over his decisions, later that week the Class Officers of 74 were Terry March, President; Dan Lutz, Vice-President; Steve Aznavou- rian. Treasurer; Cathy Arakelian, Sec- retary. The Senior Officers have ap- preciated Mr. Toz and the Senior Of- fice for their understanding and con- cern in making this a memorable year for the Class of 74. 83 CONVENTION 84 STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR SENATORS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Cathy Arakelian, Terry Balzer, Jeany Bottoni, Billy Coleman, Brenda Daly, Joe Fahey, Bob Hutchins, Linda Marchi, Jim Sullivan, Jean Whitney, Dan Lutz, Diane DiCicco, Larry Pagherani, Bridget Tammaro, Judy Eaton, Karen Shakleford, Maureen Byrne, Karen Lundstrom, Joanne Falwell, Carol Sullivan, Peter Gennis, Debbie Lonergan, John Dwyer, Diane DiNapoli. Boiing!! Dave, only $13.00? Getting the shaft. Come on Mark, give her a chance— Angelina’s, Orange and Blue over everything. The lounge floor-How long do you think this furniture will last? 165 days to go, UGH! 1, 7, 17, 24, 28,-If 1 count one more vote. I’m going to scream! 90 minutes for lunch at Buttricks. Teachers’ Tea. We’re raffling off a ive turkey— tons of food! We’re having a victory (??) dance. Why do you think it was the Brookline game? 600 kids equal 250 paid!? What’s an Ad Book? Why not the Fresh- man Gym? Come to the Turkey Dance! Money, Money, Money. Sportsman’s Club, eat your hearts out!! Candy, by the time the 3rd salesman came, we were too full to look at him! Anybody like ALMOND bars? Where are we going for dinner? Finally Kitty’s Venus Room— How old are you Lisa? “18, 17, 18 ... I couldn’t lie!” Hello, Hello, Pewter Pot? I’m sick, I think, I mean I think I’m sick. Santa Claus Bounced . . . J. Giles? Aerosmith????? Ever had an organized meeting? Everybody here? Women’s Lib. arguments in 81. Yea Lib- bers? Anybody want a beer? (in school?) Banquet at Pier 4? What is this, a joke? Was it worth it? Yes, every minute of it. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Mark Donahue (Preside nt), Dave Spinosa (Treasurer), Nancy Rigazio (Corresponding Secretary), Lisa Macchia (Vice-President), Cathy Brooks (Recording Secretary). SENIOR GIRLS’ CLUB Officers: Bev Cohen (President); Gael Dolen (Vice President); Kim Larkin (Recording Secretary); Debbie Morse (Corresponding Secretary); Cheryl Jackson (Treasurer); Ann Murphy (Publicity Chairman); Jean Bottom (Historian); Miss Hummer (Advisor); Barbara Morton (Director). Members: C. Arakelian, S. Chalas, M. Covel, J. Eaton, C. Gallant, J. Gross, C. Jones, N. Kelly, R. Morash, J. O’Donnell, S. Reiss, M. Segelstrom, D. Sweeney, A. Taccim, M. Walsh, E. Whitney, J. Sullivan, D. Cabral, V. Centrella, M. Charest, L. Cryssakis, M. DiNitto, J. Falwell, C. Fletcher, J. Giuney, C. Lyons, P. Mahon, C. Mahoney, T. March, M. Papa, J. Publicover, A. Salani, D. Santo, M. Steele, S. Sullivan, M. Sutherland, M. Tracey, P. Troiano, J. Whitney, A. Geldart, and L. Macchia The Barn (Marshfield) 1971-1974, Health Club, Christmas Parties, Overnights at Y, Where’s my pillowcase?, Yipdogs unite. Wild Bimbos, Vase- line, Glo-Biz: Whist, Barb!, Feathers, Cupala- Bats in the Belfry, Hiding in the cabinets. Sum- mer Conferences in Maine, Long Beach— walking for miles, the boat ride, Stoneham Zoo, Meetings after school. Meetings at night, Scavanger Hunt, Murph in the toilet, car washes, making posters. Do you think Barb knows?, John Shaw Sparkie Meg Peg, Pig, The Cake, Peace Love Flowers Drugs, roast beef subs, D.M. and R.M. vs. C.J. and B.C., That’s not the point ... the point is . . . shh we’ll wake up Barb, Pasquali Hat, walking through the Marsh, sneaking out. Trapped in the vines of commercialism. Marshmallows, Banquets, Humarock Beach, Get off my head: Go back to sleep you foggy . . . Swimming in May, water fights. Sardines, Tennis anyone?. Where’s the honey dip doughnuts?, Maxi Super, Boooop; Boooop! Good night and God bless. 88 FOOTBALL ARL ’73 Season OPP o 1 2 “ ' •(£ § c " o O 3 .s: h- 0 Somerville 7 5 i 6 § E 5b 2 flf 6 Boston College High 14 O c Q 5 • iT c u -T- -C GO o ' O 7 15 Waltham Lowell 28 8 U -6 •S 1 o ?x O ■:3 O ™ _. T " ,y 3 5 7 30 Newton Brookline 21 6 . E t2 c Q f- c o •r C :u s 2 CQ c 13 Weymouth North 13 1 g £ IX _U 1 0 21 Brockton Archbishop Williams 7 20 g 5 00 c== 1 S U 3 cd B " O , 0 1 2 m U 8 c c s § c Q .§ =J — O CO 3 CD cd 00 •- s U u (U o“ , _3 X -2 i -j i» J= CL M r ml 1 ■SEJS ' i if i ' II IV 15 " 4 5 % mm 2 W T ' l n? r t iiiiiiin , I C 5 S Di O -§ d -s t- Q) - O U, k. Qi — Q c S J? ; 2 O « 2 £ Jmm ' K: ■ ,. - 2 y j T " € Tri-Captains: Mike Cummings, Dave Spinosa, Kevin Kilcoyne. o S j= U S O CQ CO 89 ! Dan Lutz George Chalas, Wayne Michealsen, Kevin Kilcoyne, Bill Coleman, Jim Tighe . . . Zing-Zing . . . . . . Cruther . . . prove-it . . . . . . Nub. Ike, Red Throw a fit . . . . . . Yes-man Bird-dog . . . ... “1 think we need a new sled” . . . Dave Piercy Neal Nigro Mike Cummings, Art Largenton 90 Joe Johnson, Charlie Ferris Go-West Ferris . . . Statistics . . . Ever see a man throw a fit. takes 7 men to hold him down . . . Jigger-Jigger . . . family jewels . . . . . . Hell ... 110%... . . . Fatigue makes cowards of us all birds . . . Ahhhhhh . . . Gary Burns Don Murphy Jack Murray Dave Spinosa SAMETTES First game fever; Saturday morning practices; one, two, three, four . . .; Remember your numbers! “You do it until you know it!” (never?) I want to go to the game—Weymouth; Get those legs up; Smile; quick lunches at Buttricks; Pep Rallies; Parades; Thanksgiving Day; Pattie’s pajama party; Jean and her “Mickey Mouse”; the band; Wake Up! and most of all Mrs. Bertagna who has the pa- tience of Jove; as well as the Co-Captains; Patti Jones— “never a dull moment” and Cher- yl Mariano— “Always laughing” and “accident prone”. MATH TEAM left to right: Peter Gennis, Martin Georgi, John Douhan, Sharon Budd, and Kathy Keating G S Club Linda Marchi, President; Joseph Daisy, Vice-President; Anne Cameron, Secretary-Treasurer This year the Gilbert Sullivan Club took on a new and hvely aspect of musical theatre. A childrens’ musical was added to the usually unique presentation of the spring musical. It was decided to commence our childrens’ musical production with; “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”. We felt it was greatly accepted by people of all ages. This year our spring musical was How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. With the talents of Mr. Smith and Mr. Rob- erts, as well as the efforts of Mr. Laber, the show took on quite a professional look. To everyone’s constant amazement, the club’s membership continued to grow and grow. The interest in this type of theatre has prompted our directors to try to accomplish the amazing task of including up to 200 people in our musical. Everyone agrees that this has definitely been the best year yet. There were more opportu- nities this year to experience musical theatre, than ever before. 95 96 cnct- n s c I The Science Club, now in its fifteenth year at Arlington High School, serves to expose interested students to the several diverse areas of science such as medicine, biological research, oceanography, ecology, and animal behavior. In order to fulfill such goals, the club goes on various field trips, invites guest lecturers to address the group and initiates science oriented activities for the community. In order to keep such activities going, the club sponsors car washes, bake sales, and has provided refreshments for the home basketball games. Five years ago, a science and math teaching program was initiated by the club for the elementary schools. This activity became so popular that it was in- corporated into the science department curriculum. Two years ago, a recycling deposit center was set up for bottles and cans. The science club also sponsors a science fair each year for the elementary, junior high, and senior high schools. Individual students and groups of students submit exhibits which are on display to the townspeople. Judges are on hand and the best projects are awarded. Officers: David Zink (President); Jeff Voner (Vice President); Cheryl Nelson (Secretary); and Nancy Shooshan (Treasurer). 98 left to right: Nancy Cronin. Barbie Sullivan. Linda Marchi. Lauren Koumjian. Pam Halloran. Cheryl Curran, Karen Conners, Cyndi Mahoney, Karla Petrowitz. Joanne Falwell (co-captain). Nancy Rigazio (captain), Wendy Brown (co-captain). MAJORETTES . . . Summer Practices, Red and Gray, Cyndi, “I can’t do it” . . . After school practices start at 2:30! Sure-Nancy, do you think you can get here on time? . . . Get the V ... BUS Rides-“Hey Halloran you ain’t cool” . . . This uniform doesn’t fit ... I don’t have any bloomers . . . Can we use our old shakers? ... I forgot my baton . . . Pep Rallies— Don’t wear the nylons with the line, O.K.? “Barbie, do Charlie Chaplin ...” “We’re gonna do it till we don’t drop it”-(“We’ll be here all day”) Wendy— “Don’t you like my tights?” Linda— “What’s Laber and Smith doing here?— . . . “Let’s see if we can throw it up and turn around” . . . Pajama Parties— Saturday mornings “Who’s out front this week?” . . . Newton- Action, action we want some action . . . Lauren “Open the car door when I tell ya to”, Joanne-“I have an idea”, Karla, “I think we should vote on it” . . . Jockettes? . . . Cheryl— “I have to go to the doctors” . . . Karen has a voice after all . . . Late for Parades ... To Jan, Love, your girls ’73-’74. 99 CD C O H ITALIAN CLUB A year ago two girls decided that Arlington high should have an Ital- ian Club. So, without much more to work with than a strong interest in anything Italian, the club was started. It was open to anybody interested in Italian people, food and customs but mostly m having fun. Mrs. Cozza was our great fac- ulty advisor. This year’s activities included: A Christmas party, din- ner at an Italian restaurant, a bake sale, trips to the North End, more parties, a soccer game, ’T1 Padr- BUONCIORNO A TJTTI goodmofr ' io h oil Maria Procopio, President; Eda DiBiccari, Vice President; Wanda Ferrante, Secretary; Gigi Fioranti. Treasurer. ino”, “Rigoletto”, a picnic and more. Our meetings were held amost every Tuesday in room 402 and some of them were parties in themselves. We might not have been the most organized club in the school, but we had a good time. Ciao! Connie Marino, President; Elaine Koenig, Secretary; Ellen Koenig, Treasurer; Advisors: Mrs. Eskedal, Mr. Dahill and Mrs. Banner We organized a Christmas fair in which the club members and art students could display or sell their work. We hope to have a similar Spring fair, but open to the public as well. So far we have made candles, jewelry, stationary and we are presently working with clay. It is a very interesting and fun club to join. It is open to all A.H.S. students. 100 VTed ' " ' “y’ - ' °hn Carden, Second leff rn R 1 P Graydon, Ed Campbell, Jeff Stem, Dave Coombs, Mike Carney Jeff Coombs, Billy Rowe, Mauro Ciampa, missing: Chris Lewis. Ven Rallis, John Dwyer _ .A J I Captain Paul Lewis ■,« " ' f- Gary Stay ton Captain Jim Cataldo Sjc OOOcd Ed Campbell Jim Sweenev 102 Bill Rowe Ricky Amos Shizuo Mukai Arlington’s ’73 Socxer Team was an enthusiastic, hard working team that played against stiff opposition in the powerful Suburban League. One hundred percent effort was the only type of response that the ’73 team gave all season. Sometimes it was enough to win, sometimes it wasn’t. However one hun- dred percent was the constant trade mark and dis- tinguishing characteristic of the ’73 squad. That’s all any coach can ask for and really be happy with. Arhngton’s coach had a happy and satisfying season and a certain corner of his memory will be a constant store- house for fond rememberences in regard to the entire ’73 Soccer Team. Best Wishes and continued success to the graduating members of the ’73 Soccer Team. Coach Kevin Giroux DRAMA top row: Mr. Roberts, Wendy Muello, Cheryl Mariano, Laura Bonnell, Benjy Mayerson, Susan Blomquist, Danny Shea, David Broeg, Paul Dooley, Mr. Filichia, middle row: Loretta Tramontozzi, Marianne Perkins, Jennifer Preston, Sophia Coconides, Dotty Healy, Jan Harding, Valerie Johnson, Kevin Scannel. ronr row: Lisa Erickson, Joe Daisy (President), Lorena Sweetland (Co-Vice President), Steve Aznavourian (Secretary-Treasurer), A1 Oster (Co-Vice President), Steve Messinger, Billy Cimbrello. The four years that we have devoted to working to create the perfect production has not gone by without its rewards. We must never forget that unity among a cast is, in its entirety, the foundation for the perfect production. In the ’70-71 season, our first show was a play by Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth. In that show, we all learned about theatre from our talented director, Mr. Frank Roberts. Later in that year, the club provided an evening of one-act plays, including The Typist, Crawling Arnold, and The White House Murder Case. The play that we entered into competition that year was The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. In the fall of 1972, the Drama Club presented the comedy Harvey. Later that year, we presented for the Drama Festival, an original comedy by Mr. Peter Filichia entitled Culture Vulture. This play won the top spot in the Regional Festival and went on to perform at the State Drama Festival in Boston. The most dramatic play that we have ever performed. The Diary of Anne Frank, was presented in the fall of ’72. This play was the first of two of the most emotional and meaningful shows done that year. The other equally moving show was another original play written by Mr. Filichia , called Games. This show won many awards for excellence in directing, acting and other aspects of production. Games first won at the Regional Drama Festival, and went on to sweep all the honors and awards at the State Semi-Final Drama Festival. When the entire cast of Games was chosen to be among the All-State Cast, it was the first time in the history of the Drama Guild and the State Drama Festival that such an event had occurred. From Boston, the cast of Games moved on to Rhode Island to perform in the New England Drama Festival in which we again received the rating of “Excellent” for our performance. This year, the club is entering the Festival with another Filichia original, Danish Modern, a satirical view of some contemporary issues. Under the direction of Mr. Roberts, we know that we will be able to again experience the many aspects of the theatre to produce that unity which is necessary to the success of any show. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Liz McCarthy, President; Mary Ann Flynn. Vice President: Joan Ronan, Secretary-Treasurer. FRENCH CLUB 105 CHRONICLE rmr- “An editor? ... I never even worked on The Chronicle before!” . . . S.P.I. ... “Why can’t we have 7 papers a year? . . . Byrd Lady . . . Meetings at Miss Schiel’s . . . Chinese food . . . Pizza . . . Boring afternoons at Offset . . . 5th period . . . Where is Peter? . . . Are we going to hold space for sports? . . . These gallies came out too long . . . Word counts ... “I lost my place!” . . . Twas the night before Christmas . . . “Watch out for the Tyrdies” . . . ya can always stick in an elf . . . Meetings where no one shows up . . . Chronic Illness . . . Sevy’s spoon . . . Picking on the Frosh Editor . . . Moving Miss Schiel . . . FACES . . . leaky bathroom ... I QUIT! . . . Memo Boards . . . deadlines never met ... I messed the carbon paper up again . . . How were sales this time? LOUSY ... A 20 page paper? Haha ... 3 years-no wonder Steve’s sick of it Heads got mixed up . . . The bottom half is the better half . . . “John, Let’s have a nice, big, juicy Editorial” . . . “will YOU write me an Editorial?” . . . Let’s have a different front page layout” . . . Why are we coming out a day late? She swallowed her tooth? . . . There is no news! . . . Let’s have a centerfold! . . . Room 73. This Year’s editors included: Nancy Rigazio, Editor-in- chief; Debbie Lonergan, Managing Editor; John Dwyer, Editorial Editor; Joyce Shahzade, News Editor; Peter Gen- nis and Chris Lyons, Features Editors; A1 Casazza Boys’ Sports Editor; Laura Bonnell, Girls’ Sports Editor; Steve Malatesta, Freshman Editor; Nancy Shooshan, Circulation Editor; Steve Aznavourian, Advertising Editor; Russ Mottla, Photography Editor; Rich Sullivan, Art Editor; Anne Cus- ick. Layout Editor; Bill Donovan, Sports Layout Editor; Miss Schiel, Faculty Advisor 106 CROSS COUNTRY Left to right: Scot Dwyer, Tom Crowley, Peter Gennis, Sadanobu Ikemoto, John Schrader, Jerry Leto, Paul Dooley, Waltuh Crowley, David Cipolle. Steve Mclsaac, Jim Megna, Tom Carden, Gary Allen, Jeff Aurielo, missing: Shizuo Mukai Captain Paul Dooley Coach Kelley, manager Dave Hutchins 108 Walter Crowley To the Cross Country Seniors, Although the wins were few and the losses many the tireless hours of practice over the steep and lengthy hills of Arlington will long be remembered by all of you in years to come. It might seem to have been all in vain but those moans and groans that came forth as one climbed Ridgefield Road down Cutter Hill Ave. and then the tortuous route up Heart Break Hill will always serve as a reminder of what cross country meant to you. It served a three-fold purpose; to relieve the stored up physical energy, to build a healthier body, to be a participant in a varsity competitive sport. Universities and colleges await your arrival next fall. I trust that each of you will continue along the path of academic excellence and have a lengthy, successful and happy life. John Schrader Coach James Kelley Left to Right: Leslie Harding, Mary Beth Burns, Judy Eaton, Betty Ann Burns, Terry Balzer, Pauline Finburg (advisor). Sue Garrity, Joanne Guiney, Karen Fitzpatrick, Maureen Daly, Co-Captains: Jean Whitney, Paula Feeley CHEERLEADERS cheerleader, what would become of me . . . Ronald McDonald loves . . . Paula and Terry won’t (can’t) do their splits . . . Jimmy loves mm-mmm-mmmm . . . Where’s Leslie, it’s 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, etc . . . Sleep- ing through deliv eries ... Jes!!, Stopped by cops, “KINO” IN CIRCLES . . . Mustard on my green dress . . . Hash-cube Guiney . . . Mo-“Tighe” a yellow ribbon . . . Jan Leslie Mary Michael Alexandrea Judith Harding . . . Balz, Feel, Whit, Jo-Jo, Ju-Ju, Te-Te, Betts, Mo, True Grit . . . 8 26 73 at Whit’s ... Do the Boogie . . . Party at Pauline’s . . . Betts knows more about football, hockey, basketball, soccer, etc. than any ref . . . V-I-C-I-O-U-S . . . Yea Arlington-Arlington Yea . . . Paula’s grandmother plays the organ?? . . . EEP-OOP- ORK-AH-AH, “TOFF”, Slave-Drivers . . . Brockton al- most died . . . Mar-Bet, cut off you hands, feet, and legs and you’ll be fine . . . Buying in uniform??! . . . Mac-Truck . . . Terry Timex . . . Miss Finn we love you--THANKS FOR EVERYTHING . . . THE DIRTY DOZEN 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 We are a little bit crazy . . . CAMP 73 . . . SPARK PLUG ... 4 SPIRIT STICKS . . . Darling, you weigh a ton . . . “GREG”, Burger King . . . Superiors . . . Garcon . . . Glenn Cambell and Judd Strunk . . . Here comes Nancy . . . Practice at 6 A.M. . . . our nightly ritual . . . Go get ’em, go get ’em Wanda . . . Touch Me in the Morning . . . Jan, a devil??!! . . . “BATS” at evaluation . . . Frank and Her Electrods . . . Muzzle for Buzzle . . . Arlington, stop washing in the lake . . . Come home Betts, Karen, and Mar-Bet it’s time for your practice ... I wanna see the Beach Boys . . . Loves Me Like A Rock . . . Unicorn, La-Dees lead to liners ... If I were not a HARMONETTES V-necks, SuperChicken, Noel Dance, Con- necticut, Christmas elf. My house your food, chocolate chips, horseshoe crabs, nig- ger-babies, Are ya going today? I hate to eat. Have you finished your pants yet? Fa- nurp. Toilet papering in Buffalo, Key Club convention. Touchdown, No MORE, Psy- chedelic tops. Rolling in the bushes, 1 hate to drink, Wanda, Robena, Charity, and Reno! The golden Oldies. Melody Tarbox and Liz Reed, pianists Aganski (alternate), Debbie Terzian (alternate), Gail Foster, Sue DeCrosta- secon roH, Linda Marchi, Jan Harding, Sophie Coconides, Robin Manookian (alternate), Juanita Morgan: missmg Wendy Muello. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA j Cindy Barr, President: Ruth Abbott, Vice President: Stacy Faulkner, Secretary: Sandy Day, Historian FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA met Oppedisano, President: Jane Hiscock, Vice President: Patricia Hanafin, Corresponding Secretary: Debbie Camarano, Treasurer •iil 112 LIBRARY CLUB from left to right: Pamela Colby, Craig Bryant, Martha Aganski The Library Club is open to students who, for one period a week, want to help the hbrarians. They hold an annual bookfair and outings throughout the year. 116 FIELD HOCKEY 1973 Varsity-M mtcn McDermott, Dianne Fogo, Sandy Beaton, Mary Lavery, Coach Jane McGivney, Laura Bonnell, Jean Goodwin, Ann Barry, Debbie Patterson, Jean Farinoso. Kathy Finnerty, Sally Kreuz, Laura Beaton, Janice Reardon Co-Captains: Sandy Beaton, Dianne Fogo 118 Windsprints. Get that dog! Bee sting, does it hurt Jane? . . . “DON’T BE WISE!” Dianne, “I’m stuck!” The Mid- dlemen, “I’m going to tell on you.” Be- hind Closed Doors. The Impossible Dram. J.M., “I want to hear a distinct difference between a win and a loss!” Wayland jacket?! Shouldn’t we be in mourning? “If she doesn’t put me in?”, Laura. Who’s Finn? Shaving cream on what . . . Marbles where ... I wish it was all on tape! Brookline Jinx broken! Togo Food Serv- ice. Chick, “We should’ve had ten!” Who’s been sitting in my seat? Unbeliev- able bus rides. The Junior Take-Over? . . . THE RESTRAINING INFLUENCE . . . UNDEFEATABLE 5! “Lady do you want your ass moved?”, The Field Hock- ey Firefighters. Good Season. Co-captain Tom Lyons Co-captain Bill Coleman Dan d7,JCc“a jZ ' ' cl°dy, f " 1 Dave Seward. Bob Pellegrin, Frallo. Ken Hughes, Charles Anros, Willy Dave Kdlly A NEW TEAM 73-74 Can I convince this team that they are better than last year? Can they be convinced to work to their utmost and never let up? Can they be convinced that it is attention to detail that produces the quality perform- ance? Will they believe that to be a class person in all they do has a direct relationship to their class on a basketball court? Will they be able to handle the change in format from slow and deliberate to “move it, man, move it?” 3 and 0, a good start— Loss to Rindge— mental errors— Eight straight, 11 and 1— Outstanding performances on the floor by everyone. Injuries-sickness-poor shooting-beautiful defense, a credit to any team at any level. Made the tourney for the second straight year. On- ward and upward. A good draw-more sickness and injuries— semifinals at the gardens— supershooter from Bosco and it’s over. 17 wins-6 losses, best record ever. But still the tears, the sadness. I feel so bad for the seniors; that they will not know the joy of the final year-end victory, that the final loss will obliterate the incredible feats they per- formed all year, and that they probably will not realize what a fabulous job they did promoting Arhngton High Basketball. But I know and I thank them for their great effort, long hours every day, Saturday mornings, vacations, and putting up with the coach. So Tommy, Bobby’ Billy, Jerry, Steve, Billy, Danny, and Dave, I am filled with sadness to see you leave. Though perhaps only here for a year, you became a part of me and I of you. l am the better for our association, only I hope to have given you something other than basketball knowledge. Who will ever forget the Newton game and the “hit the ceiling defense?” That is the team I knew in 73-74- -an incredible group. See you at the basketball games- Alumni. Coach John Cody SEASON 74 - fc- ' K-; ARE OPP 47 Newton 44 69 Cambridge Latin 58 70 Revere 60 68 Rindge 70 61 Weymouth South 55 75 B.C. High 36 78 Brockton 74 75 Brookline 63 78 Weymouth North 62 61 Waltham 46 65 Newton 63 79 Cambridge Latin 49 54 Rindge 56 39 Weymouth South 46 46 Brockton 49 73 Waltham 66 47 Brookline 59 45 Weymouth North 36 79 Revere 52 63 Malden 49 STATE TOURNEY 68 Concord Carlisle 49 60 Everett 50 49 Don Bosco 65 125 Winter Survival . . . stripped my human characteristics from me. I was once more an animal fight- ing for existence in the forest. Somehow it felt very natural, and I was at home . . . was a totally different experience . . . was tough for me ... I found me . . . nature . . . freedom . . . inde- pendence ... a sense of accom- plishment . . . fun-loving, sensi- tive, caring people. Jm - V , ■ ■ . «“k... -es Cataldo, " 4 Pili.: On the loose . . . whittling spoons, swimming in the cold, the beans, the kids, ditto. I’d rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on the face of the earth . . . beaver swamp. Pleasant Mountain, square dance, Que Pasa?, What’s out there?. Bob, Ken, Nan, and company, Kathy’s arm-Karla’s eye, heat in all the cabins?, night walks, trees, winter camp-sum- mer camp, creaking ice, the bus ride. Staff— Rick, Lauren, Nancy, Shizuo, Kathy, Karla, Peter, Suzanne, Linda, John, Ann, Sharon, Gayle, Betsy, Jan, Lou, Kevin, Debbie . . . Lenny and Bob, Spanada and guitars, campfires . . . Lord Knows Where . . . hiking, ice skating, hospital runs, headstones, the dig, how cold?, Denmark, Me. Fall 1972, Hobs or Yobs, mail call. Granny . . . and we seemed to be embarked on the placid current of our dreams, floating from past to future as silently as one awakes to fresh morning or evening thoughts . . . DISTRIBUTIVE ED. The Senior members of D.E.C.A. are as follows: David Anderson, Dale Bloedow, Dan Carney, William Casey, Thomas Cook, Karen Crescentini, Katherine Fallon, Dona Gricus, Kathleen Kelly, Robert Mastrangelo, Eugene Mucci, John McCarthy, Louis Nardone,’ Frank Paragona, Paul Silva, Tony Moschella, John Keniston. DECA means Distributive Education Clubs of America. 133 N„„„. Dave Nochella, Hairy LaC„::r ' “ ' " " " • " San Meara, John Brano, Co-captain Don Green Prior to the start of this year’s gym- nastics season I was very reserved in my expectations of what this year s team could do. With only eight boys returning from last year’s team, inexperience appeared to be a key factor. But once we started to work out, I could see a high level of enthusiasm and a de- sire to excel. A good group of freshmen reported, with the idea that they were good enough to compete; coincidentally demanding more work from the upper class- men. This developed into a healthy attitude of self-progress and team- work, which prevailed throughout the season. Many times during the season we established goals for ourselves, and more times than not these goals were surpassed. This was only pos- sible because of the type of team - members we had. The boys were anxious to learn and were willing to work long and hard to achieve their goals. From time to time the team needed a lift, and each time someone different would do it. I enjoyed being associated with the team, and I see nothing but greater achievement and more success for all the boys who continue to retain this attitude. Coach Paul Marrier Co-captain Dave Nochella AKL 70.00 73.30 79.80 77.10 78.80 77.50 79.30 72.55 UPP 70.70 68.25 76.30 66.05 54.15 66.80 78.15 73.85 Weymouth North North Quincy Brookline Winchester North Reading Quincy Newton Weymouth South GYMNASTICS 136 AUDIO VISUAL President Walter Crowley. Vice-President Maria Gogos, Secretary Mark Greeley, Treasurer Cy Ikemoto 138 Captain Kevin O ' Quinn, Ed Indingaro, Gerry Ciarcia 139 HOCKEY Front row: Paul Conway, Gerry Ciarcia, Kevin O’Quinn, Don Murphy, Gary Burns. Billy Briand, Paul Lewis, Second row: Coach Ed Burns. Jim Carlo, Tom Fahey, Rick O’Donnell, Jim DeVito, Phil Pengeroth, Mark Quarantiello, John Abbruzzese, Ed Indingaro, Assistant Coach Dick DeCatno, Third row: manager Peter Sand, Joe Paniello, John Shahzade, Tony Messuri, Brian Burns, Larry Marquis, Eddie Ofria, Mark Colbert manager Steve Sullivan Mi Captain Gary Burns, Billy Briand Paul Lewis Paul Conway Captain Don Murphy tl ' .T ■ - 4,1 i ' i»- 1 S 1 C 1 Season ’74 ARL Weymouth South Brockton Waltham Rindge Newton Cambridge Weymouth North Weymouth South Waltham Peabody Brockton Rindge Cambridge Newton Weymouth North Brookline Brookline Andover Academy STATE TOURNEY Somerville Norwood South Boston the best AHS hockey teams to date was put down to defeat in the quar- ter-final rounds of the tourney by a de- termined South Boston squad. Gary, normally the first one out of the locker room, still wore remnants of his protec- tive gear, not outwardly showing the ef- fects of the game, but still showing the inner pain which was reproduced on the faces of every member of the team But this disappointment is the surprise reaction to the sudden end of a fabulous season. Big wins over South Weymouth and Brockton, five tourney triumphs, jus- tified the vision of another E MASS championship which truly belongs in Ar- lington. We could say “Wait till next year,’’ but for the seniors there waits for us at a variety of different colleges. Un- doubtedly there will never be a better coached, better disciplined team in any college or high school than that of AHS in 73-74. l i : ]Kv ' ' ;, BASKETBALL f Vi Front row: Coach Cathy Symer, Second row: Ellen Divine, Jennifer Coombs, Jean Goodwin, Jean Robinson, Michael Boudreau, Deb Patterson, Third row: Roberta Audirson, Mary Lavery, Laura Beaton, Ann Barry, Sally Creuz, Fourth row: Dianne Fogo, Sandy Beaton, Maureen McDermott, Kathy Finnerty. 144 DANISH MODERN Arlington High’s 1974 entry to the Mas- sachusetts Drama Festival was Danish Modern. A comedy based on Shake- speare’s Hamlet, Danish Modern was the third award winning play written for the Drama Club by Peter Filicia. This year’s cast proved itself equal to the capable talent which is noted each year. Frank Roberts, speech and drama teacher, di- rected the production. The Boston Globe Regional Drama Festival was hosted by Arlington in March. Danish Modern won this competition and six cast members who were recognized for their acting ability received awards. They were Ste- ven Aznavourian, Joe Daisy, Jan Har- ding, Dorothy Healy, Valerie Johnson, and Lorena Sweetland. Seniors in the production were Laura Bonnell, Paul Dooley, John Farnum, Wendy Sue Muello, Betsy Quigley, and Danny Shea. The stage manager was Albert Oster. 147 Put it in the fight pile, put a quote there, all nighters, gross inefficiency, 1 don’t give a damn if it is trapped white space-I’m not doing the page over!!, Joan, can we use your telephone?, Are you going into Purdy’s or am 1?, Who’s taking activities pictures today?, I’m not taking any pictures today, conflict . . ., it’s not your responsibility. Who’s is it?, Farnum and Bailey, Captain Bligh, Who needs help?. When’s the next deadline?. Let’s not have a meeting tonight. When the yearbook comes o ut we’ll be gone anyway. We’re three thousand dollars in debt right now, temperamental editors, it’s my fault, Peter will you talk to him?, Peter will you talk to her?, something’s wrong. Was it Sunday night or early Monday morning?. Did you bring the doughnuts, Paul?, Who’s driving?, the cab to Lauren’s, the all nighter at Finn’s and breakfast at Kathy’s, Why did he print that one?. Thank God for Eddie, Let yearbook pay for it, I don’t understand!!!, Peter why are you laughing?, Where are those little tag things?. Who wants some more pages?, I think we should have a sailboat, the B.P.L. microfilm, Nancy, do you have a study today?. What happened to the cow?. Is it time for the coffee yet?. Who invited you?, decisions that must be made, accuracy at five o’clock in the morning, the hairdryer, after all that— only five dollars?. When is the party going to be?. It’s 4:00 am-I think my parents have called the cops!!, Kathy, we’ve got to get to bed before your father gets up!!. Who gets the bed?. My driving’s okay— I just can’t tell time, F.B.A., Nino, go let Two Spot take you for a run. How did I ever get involved in this thing?. Time flies when you’re having fun, it’s called organization!!. It’s not over yet . . . 150 No civilized person ever goes to bed the same day he gets up. R. H. Davis YEARBOOK To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream . . . Hamlet The ground flew up and hit me in the head. Artemus Ward This is trapped white space. 1 152 ARLINGTON THE INDIAN ( CLASS or 7 t) Ruth E. Abbott Virginia A. Abbott RUTH EUGENIA ABBOTT 8-24-56 28 Tanager St. Never forget our locker — Cindy, Boy’s Club Rainbow Worthy Advisor. Res, N. B,, Blarney Stone, proms, vice, F.H.A. conventions, band trips, Adam ant, nursing, Salem State. VIRGINIA ABBOTT 8-16-56 I9A Lafayette St. Abbey Fondest memories: Mary Ann’s party, those Saturday afternoons, safaries with G. C. and J. T. Days of Future Passed, Chicago, The Commissioner, and all my pals. MARTHA C. AGANSKl 5-26-50 3 Westmoreland Ave. Mr. Dlott’s blackout, “The junior prom’’. Stage production of “The Boyfriend”, My goal is to try to make somebody happy. SANDRA AGOSTINO 6-21-56 38 Pierce St. Summer of ‘73’, Florida, Brute, J. K. — from the shady side of Africa, good times with K. H., K. M„ D. D., “thanks Kathy, we’re lost again!” “Huh?” “Green-go!” JANICE AGRI 11-4-55 22 Mead Rd. Agg The tracks, shag gang, Antons, tiny bubbles, big Bubba, Deamo, great times with Jerry 3-11-72, I’m sorry! what? 1 did it again, three years? CATHY ALBERT 6-28-56 154 Park Ave., Those 2 blondes. There’s a Zebra in the kitchen, Waterbed, Sunporch, Skiing, Swimming, diving, G. A. S. Algiers, Purdue Parties, Charlies Donuts, Barney!, 100%. Great Parents. No expectations. DAVID J. ALBERTS DEBBIE ALDRED 9-17-55 24 Dow Ave. I’ll always remember Summer ’73, dawn Cape Cod, Brad, horseback riding, G S, 4th period Chem class. Love is making memories today to share tomorrow. Debra M. Aldred Sandra A. Agostino Martha C. Aganski Janice M. Agri 154 Paul A. Anderson Richard N. Anderson Charles W. Amos Richard Amos CLAY ALDRO 5-30-56 99 Hibbert Street CHARLES W. AMOS RICHARD AMOS 9-22-56 34 Richfield AM. Hag’s poisoning. Papa Joe, pigeonitis, V. soccei and track, T.O.B.F., SOO — WARD, evil weed. ALLAN ANDERSON 10-13-56 154 Lowell St. A. Y. A. baseball, crazy Ed, Murf, Bob, Jim’s class, Friday nights down the tracks. Pet Peeve: Homeroom with C. A.; A.H.S. hockey games, “take it easy.” “74” DAVE ANDERSON 8-28-56 180 Charlton St. PAUL A. ANDERSON RICHARD ANDERSON 9-12-56 46 Mt. Vernon St. Dick The unforgetable farm, Saturday nights - I’m going shopping! Symmes, the bell. Cousin’s, tourneys, the mixers. Here we go boys! It’s broken! see ya Monday Div. Clay W. Aldro 155 Steven E. Aznavourian Cynthia L, Andrews CYNTHIA ANDREWS 6-24-56 25 Boulevard Rd. Cindy Memories: Friends at A.H.S. and out. Thanksgiving 1971, Happiness is terrific parents! “Love everything; and you will come at last to love the whole world.” LINDA APOSTOLOPOULOS 8-19-56 8 Freeman St. Ambition: Secretary, Pet Peeve: People, Goya, swimming, water skiing, sewing, parties, dances, picnics, “Our Group” “I know”. Summer of “70” (Greece), Out front. CATHY SUZANNE ARAKELIAN 3-4-56 50 Tomahawk Rd. Cath My Pal Al, Richie’s Party, Bookem 5-0, tears in OH, W405, Mario, eeeek! Fearless Five, Raggedy Andy, “only the beginning; only just a start”. BRENDA A. ASTOURIAN LOUIS J. AURILIO 19 Granton Park PATRICIA AVALLONE 7-15-49 7 Bow St. Patti Pet Peeve: males, favorite things — rings clothes, happiness is — being back in school, special fri ends — Tony, my ambition is to succeed. STEVEN E. AZNAVOURIAN 6-9-56 134 Ridge St. Steve; Az, Drama, Chronicle, Art, Yearbook, Fin, A2, GAMES, Proms, Bev. Rd., Bishop, braces, Sr. Class Election, Flamingo, Jr. Sr. Year, D. M. Thanks - P.F., P.F., M.M., D.D., P.C, Loretta, T. D. — A.H.S. The rest is silence. RICHARD P. BAILEY DIANE BALDWIN 10-18-56 140 Gardner St. Happiness is 11-5-71, summer of “73”, the cast, favorite expression- Big party, favorite song- Brother Louie, period 6-sewing, pizza, shop after school. Patricia J. Augusta Diane E. Baldwin 156 Cathy S. Arakelian Linda Apostolopoulos EILEEN THERESA BALZER 1-21-56 35 Walnut Terr. Terrv Cheerleading, Mr. O’Connor freshman year, Nancy’s birthdays, blue volkswagon, Timex, Harmonettes, Fowles, Senior Prom ’73 with B.G., F.E.B., poor thing, never got to see Deliverance, friends. Eileen T. Balzer Thomas E. Bannon Constance Bandouveres Joy F. Bardsley Anna M. Barinelli Cynthia L. Barr Sandra J. Barry CONSTANCE BANDOUVERES 8-14-56 16 Linwood St. John, Dynamite, March 10, Endless Reign, Medford. Spindrift, Glendopetha, Greece, Hockey, Basketball. G.O.Y.A., Emilie, Debbie, Christine, Lady, V7, My Angel, Dances, Locket, Sammettes, Orchestra, Transit. THOMAS E. BANNON 11-29-56 74 Alpine St. “Bell” 3 2, Flash, beach parties, forty steps, chrome domes class, the school, hockey games at garden, “Whites” JOY BARDSLEY 5-29-56 117 Varnum St. Starlight, Sandshores, Tradewinds, The Cave, S.S. Gang, Nantasket, accidents. Eat a Peach, pediatrics, Hocky, Bruins, Mike’s, Shuba, Sure pal ANNA MARIA BARINELLI 9-28-56 11 Adams St. Spy Pond, the East, the Destruction of Willards Woods!, Rm 1 4th period, “big party”, growing plants with L.C., After school talks with Miss Barry. CYNTHIA LYN BARR 8-20-56 101 Hillside Ave. Cindy Rainbow W.A., Rainbow Ball, Faith, Ruth- Ann don’t forget our locker, F.H.A. Pres., States, Texas, Y’all, Spring Conventions, Sams., Physical therapy. Red, Clogs, Football games. Buckets, G S, B N. SANDRA BARRY 1-4-56 17 Court St. Sandy Rat, Old Hall Sanitary, Skiing down Mt. Mansfield, Florida, White Mountains, Sneezing with the other Nid, P.H., North Conway A P, Good times with B.B 157 Denise M. Bastoni Don R. Barter Sandra A Beaton Cynthia A. Beley MIKE BARSOIAN 1-11-56 33 Mary St. Barss Becky, Melrose spa, 3 queer words, Polly Fisks, Ron Ellen, depot, watch out! Ma. Murf, 7-13-73, Beashadole, 4-18-73, I love Bu. RICHARD D. BARTER DENISE BASTONI 7-25-56 197 Sylvia St, My ambition is to work with young children in some capacity. My favorite sport is Hockey. Happiness is driving. Special friend is my dog SANDRA BEATON 9-5-56 110 Newport St. Sandy 4 years of basketball — Half-breed, Goodie, Kreuz and company; Scuba with Chic and Finn.; My best friends; Summers in N.H.; Live life to the fullest. CYNTHIA BELEY 10-5-56 126 Paul Revere Rd, Cindv, Sandy’s, Lincoln, Mass., Bob Offenburger, North Conway, New Hampshire, the Kang a Mangus. 1 » " Michael A. Barsoian 158 “Conversation is the slowest form of human communication. ” Don Herold Stephen R. Belliveau STEPHEN R. BELLIVEAU 11-11-56 76 Browning Rd. Bell Summer of ’73, 97 days, the killer, me rip, hoofm it, 5th period up Al’s, gourd, pluck, “Smilie” Raboine, Walden, the Cape, Watkins Glen, nicken MICHAEL D. BENEDICT RICHARD E, BENNETT David M. Benedict Richard Bennett Thomas F. Bennett Elaine Bento THOMAS BENNETT 2-13-56 2 Montrose Ave. Karnak, Buttricks, Hucks nets, “How would you like to eat your turkey with no teeth?”, the roof 5th period, ‘The old man”, Ray’s erasers. ELAINE BENTO 11-9-56 12 Orvis Rd. Hey portagee. Burger King, bal-a-rove, the park, the corner. East Cambridge, the Ecos, feasts, picnics, long walks, nelson baby, dirty piggy, M.F., kids at Reno’s, Santo Cristo. “See the happy moron, He doesn’t give a damn!” MARK BERBERIAN 12-27-56 31 Apache Trail Fudgie gimmie another. Salisbury, S.O.F., Stratton. Symmes, football field. Neil Young, Alice, McDonalds, unwanted club, Gilles, beach parties, expert skier, brave’s bench, once 1 was crazy. CHERYL BLAISDELL 11-18-56 111 Jason St. heart palipatations, bitch, 5-4, Charlie, Linda’s, Whalers game, shop, damn Greeks, try try again, Mr. Mitchell’s shining stars, Congdon’s, rum. EILEEN BLASl 2-10-57 89 Oakland Ave. Mamie Eisenhower, Charlie’s Place, Howard Margie, Whalers game. Battle of the Bands, the roof, Mr. Mitchell’s shining stars, the hoofs, crazy, geography class, Boston Garden. B.L. DALE A. BLOEDOW 7-18-56 24 Lake St. Butch happiness is-going to lunch, school day memories- cutting 4th 5th for lunch, summer memories- working at MAH, my ambition is to be me, special teacher- Mrs. Lawton. SUSAN BLOMQUIST 10-20-56 56 Pine Ridge Rd. Susie Boom Rosie’s- Marshfield, June 21, 73: L.L., Igo’s 1st time, R R Revival-Eree, Patty Hyposquaw, Ya horse. The Best-Apex, Gumpa “Bawls”, Parking lot. Summer 73, “Don’t drop it“. Obnoxious. G.S. JOHN J. BONACORSO 4-44-55 2 Twin Circle Dr. Business and politics are a challange 1 intend to accept in the future. SUSAN MICHELE BONANNO 8-19-56 89 Alpine St. “I’ve never felt so alive. I’m learning that there’s such a world out there and none of us has ever seen or felt it”. Susan M. Blomquist John J. Bonacorso Mark D. Berbefian Cheryl A. Blaisdell Eileen A. Blasi Dale A. Bloedow Susan Bonanno Jean L. Boyadjian JEAN BOYADJIAN 5-11-56 68 Mornmgside Dr. OH sanitary, Bill Bo Baggins, lisps, 6-12-71 with W.JJ.M., soup with Smitty, Chinks, skiing 72, Howard Johnson’s. SHEILA BOYLE 7-20-56 141 Eranklin St. John — sophm. gym class, P.O.D., summer of ‘72’, “B”, wanna go fishing? just checkin. DIANE BREAKER 1-7-56 112 Thorndike St. Breaker good times with Denise, being captured by Andy, o.k. just one, memories with the girlgang, O. L.C.P.L.K.B., OH sanitary, the wall, jr. english with Lucy, 9 70 good times with D.G., calf with P. N. Lucile T. Bourget Diane Breaker BARBARA BONNELL 6-25-56 10 Locke St. Party’s m OH sanitary, weekend at the cape with B.L., my friend J.N., happiness is my friends, waterskiing, horseback riding, Ma you’re the best. LAURA BONNELL 6-14-56 25 Ottawa Rd. the Dinosaur, it’s cold. Field Hockey, basketball, our unbeatable ‘Games’, victory at John Hancock Fellowship, Volleyball, Too low they reach who reach beneath the stars. JEANY BOTTONI 1-7-56 10 Park Ave. Ext. Color my world, mill-hill, bleachers. Musty, windrift, Rockport-shack, Chelsea, “Being”, Fowles, attic at 3:00, proms, 5 a.m.-Sat. ’71, Lockeland, J.D. parties, my medal, talks, taxi’s, friends peggy-sue. Barbara M. Bonnell Jeany M. Bottom LUCILLE BOURGET 9-30-55 175 Newport St. Cleo 6-18-71, Dave U.S.M.C., happiness is receiving letters and long distance phone calls, this is true, whatever turns you on, “Hilltop”, my ring, “I said no”. Laura Bonnell JANICE D. BOWDEN 6-19-73 49 Norfolk St. Bus Memories: JUNGLE BOOGIES ARE SO VERY HARD TO GO. But when they slip into Darkness ifs HEAVEN AT ONCE. YA DIG? Janice D. Bowden y Sheila M. Boyle 161 MICHAEL M. BRENNAN 6-1-54 140 Decatur St. Bob’s cellar, parties, hockey games, hey Buddy, Lefty’s gym class. King’s Pub, Buttricks, V.W., summer of 73, Meatball, T.C. Friday nights. JULIE BRESLIN 8-26-56 40 Hutchinson Rd. Brez Hansen Rd., Dennisport, summer “73”, Pub, getting suspended twice sophomore yr., “Get Out”, going to concerts and Charlie’s, “You are pretty normal”. Aero Smith — Dream On. EDWARD S. BRIAND 7-15-56 356 Gray St. Ed Trumpet, Bowling, Concert Band, Bets with Mr. Hall, Jerome’s. Favorite People; Todd Rundgren, Maynard Ferguson, The Great Pete Felichia. I was there — Watkins Glen. GAIL ANNE BRIAND 9-22-56 225 Mountain Ave. Concerts at Boston Garden, 2-17-73, John, “kid you’re alright”, Marshfield, race car. My Love, H’s and R’s, loneliness remembers when happiness forgets. Love is . . . knowing someone cares about you. WILLIAM BRIAND 11-1-56 162 Overlook Rd. Lester Salisbury, S.O.F., Symmes woods, football field. Saber, McDonald’s, pencils, “I ain’t”, E - Mass champs 73, the vein, extinguisher. Sharpy, Fuzz, Mag, Stratton, pirates, no bargain, Wama, Gilles, Burton. CATHERINE MARTIN BROOKS 3-4-56 188 Jason St. Brooksie Washington Room 201, 4 19 71 for two years, Pillsbury Dough Girl, Cold Duck at My house. Student Council, Volleyball, Friends, half-hour limit, “Any bird can soar if only he begins to stretch his wings.” ANNE BROWN 7-11-56 34 Harvard St. Rita SUMMER of 73, Let the good times roll. Traveling, horseback riding. Pet peeve — my pictures taken LOOK TOWARDS TOMORROW, My summer at the Cape, MY SENIOR YEAR J. S. SURETHING WENDY LEE BROWN 7-12-56 11 Grove St. Brownie summer “73”, Miss Thompson, Rita B., Chiko Friday nights, chooch, “black”, R.C., senior yr. Regent, license, Honda 350 90, skis, converse, center gang. SUSAN BROWNE 2-17-56 43 Epping St. Sue Brownie, hopalong, TC, “These Eyes”, Smiley, Z. starey, tourneys, odd squad, Dupa Bull, stooges, two black eyes, 12’s big plans, counting the days. Michael M Brennan Gail A. Briand Catherine Brooks Anne R. Brown Julie M. Breslin Edward S. Briand William M. Briand Wendy L. Brown Cheryl A, Burg Gary A. Burns Elisa L. Bruno ELISA BRUNO 10-8-56 99 Newland Rd. It’s fun to be involved with children. Room 57, Child Care, trial freshman year. Summer of ”73”, Vermont, Maine vacationing rms. 1 and 13, Dig it Jerry. One Way Out . . . right? MARY ANNE BUCKLEY 7-13-56 10 Pine Court Buck Seniors of ’73, Lounge, Miss Burt, biking, football hockey games, friends like JR, KD PJ IS crazy, pet peeve: not enough time, “Take it easy” my knee Cape Cod ’73, oldies but goodies ’73, bare foot, bluejeans. CHERYL ANNE BURG 5-22-56 16 Walnut St. Burgie Blue Maverick - 11 7 70; Soph, beach party, Hittin’ Lookout, 9 25 70, “Surfer Girl”, W.F, days. Van night, C. Vac. “72” 5 30 73, ' Anybody-got-a-cigarette?” South ie, B.B., T games, Thursday nights. The DUCK. BETTY ANN BURNS 1-18-56 65 Hillside Ave. Betsy Cheerleading, hidden bogs, backroads, cape, W.I.C.S. A.-L.G., Toby, 1:00, egor, Moe’s party, J.B. riding, bliques, cliques, Weo. GARY BURNS 1-16-55 65 Hillside Ave. waking up in the morning, the cape. Football, Hockey, mead road, 3:00 in the morning, barefoot, Steele’s house. Susan B. Browne Mary A. Buckley Betty Ann Burns 163 Gael F. Butler Maureen Byrne GAEL BUTLER 10-12-56 73 Randolph St. Happiness is being with animals’. “Darling be home soon” senior yr.. East. Spy, Horne pond, Willard’s. Ben’s, Chicago, tango party, sunshine, fog, T.P., what a rush! T.A.S. FREDERICK T. BUTTS 15 Jeffrey Rd. MAUREEN BYRNE 1-20-56 27 Wachusett Ave. Maur Worms!!, P.J. Parties, “My Baby Does the Hanky Panky”, Fowles Field — It’s Frozen!, We’re concerned!. Bleachers. Bottles! The Farm, Windrift, N.R.’s Birthday, Chris’s parties. Friends . . . L.C.D.J.T.N.N.C.A.J.N.J. Debra M. Cabral Donna M. Cain Sherryl L. Caine DEBR.A CABRAL 9-13-56 105 Newport St. Debi Trips to Chicago, Ravina, Weekend in Craigsville, “you’re alright Carol”, Bun, Summer of 72, Maine. 3, Good friends like A.G. M.W., . . . Thanksgiving ROBERT F. CAGGIANO 121 North Union St. DONNA MARIE CAIN 1-10-56 19 Edmund Rd. Donalbain G.D.S., friends: the chalet. Kangkamankus, meadows, the wall, rosebud, blarney stone. Foff big Ben, stretch, “go for it’’!, peppy snook, pal sal 10-13-72, winking rummy 500. Linda Calabro Nancy J. Calandrella SHERRYL CAINE 10-8-55 67 Broadway Brunswick, Georgia — summer “73”, stairway to heaven, coffee and muffins, period 5 history, KFC and gang. Crosby park, “Gero”, skipping at Harvard, Saying Good-bye, Ja’s. LINDA CALABRO 9-3-56 145 Herbert Rd. Lin Lin - G.T. 131, I.K., Hampton Beach, wish upon a star, pilot, Nashua N.H. exit, my friends, Capitol, caddy conv. 65, Tobin bridge. Friendly’s, Lynn beach, Horne pond. Mr. Bim! (grabs). NANCY CALANDRELLA 2-3-56 53 James St. D.P.. Beach Boys, St. E’s CYO, AOE, 3-23-73, retreats, dances, my friends, survival club, Liv Taylor, Camp Schlitz, tall lockers, H R. 4, there’s a festival today. ANNE CAMERON 7-28-56 83 Lake St. G S, Samettes. Ballet, Why ya late Mike Ike. Raggedy Anne Andy, Dead Turbits. apples, cold duck, Zonkers, My rings in the garbage. ' UGLY!!! Guess what Marie had . . . A. Pasqualli. B ... Ski Weekends, Tewksbury. Someday my Prince will come. Anne E. Cameron 164 EDWARD .1. CAMPBELL 10-2-56 7 Martin St. Sean, stooges. Hud Aid, frosh lockers, becoming a draftsman, both ways, E-Mass celebration, John’s before facing Weston, Woburn goal, pet peeve: Algebra II H, V. soccer no. seventeen. KATHLEEN CANTRELL 9-20-56 3 Stevens Ter. Kathie Horn Pond, Donna’s Party, Carmine Lucille Burt, Cape. Vocational Petie, Martha’s Vineyard, you high? where’s Carmine? Sue Pomp TP Mr R. Edward J. Campbell THEODORE S. CANTRELL 293 Summer St. GAIL CARBONE 7-10-56 9 Stone Rd. Chris Doc, Camerlengo, Harvard only girl, yellow flying crocodile, hockey: E.S., C.O., W.E., M.W., D.R.M., dutch boy. ROSEMARY CAREY 12-5-56 429 Mystic St. Rosie Mailtruck. disaster at Brooksies, never again Cousin, tourney games sailor 4-29-73 home for the weekend. Hi cutie, Washington hotel. Wanderer, soccer night 6-26-73 You fooling around?, night’s at Kate’s, MARY CARMICHAEL 7-1 1-56 44 Argyle Rd. DANIEL J. CARNEY DEBRA CARR 3-3-56 69 Grove St. John, Sunday Morning hockey games, 13, Ambition: to fulfill my ambition. Hampton. Sophomore year, BC. Pinball. JR LN, Never walking home in Sophomore year. JOANNE L. CARROLL DONNA CARTER 3-8-56 161 Westminster Ave. Ma. camping, my friends, Italy, soph, gym, JM, Fresh, yr., Mr. Mercurio’s Jr. English class, Nancy, Sulos, Bev. Kathy, the kids, getting out. Kathleen Cantrell Rosemary Carey Mary Carmichael Gail Carbone Daniel J. Carney Debra Carr Donna S. Carter KAREN CARVALHO 9-16-56 84 Margaret St. Skunk C. C, Twink B.B.D., Nelly Jew, drome, pond, C.C. of ’73, Kung-Fu, Mr. Di, spider, the Van’s, whoah, Wallex, the hammer, D.W.A.I., nice day. MARY KATHLEEN CASEY 6-5-56 57 Gray St. Katie Soph, beach party. WF days, “1 4 mile”, tourney games. Van night, “Surfer Girl”, home for holidays, 2-17-73, Southie. FYYGDFPS, New year’s eve ' 72. hittin lookout. 5-30-73 soccer night, 6-26-73, “Diamond Girl”, DRJK. WILLIAM B. CASEY 11-24-55 109 Gardner St. BuiMv My ambition is: to be rich! summer memories: down the Cape in ’73 watching the sweat hogs go by. doing the same shit all the time, happiness is: the graduation of ’74, fogging running track, playing hoop, going to Yale for 4 yrs. to take up space. PETRINE CASSARO 1-31-56 242 Mountain Ave. Pat Jr. year, the Ennis, Somerville, Mike’s 442 Pet Peeve: gym and rainy days, Claire’s chocolate chip cookies! Grand Funk concert, New years eve” “73” up Diane’s, summer ’73, “stonetts” “Mickey” 7-8-73, “All the young dudes”, Laurie Barry 4- ever. “J Decker” DEBORAH CASSIDY 11-26-56 60 Hodge Rd. Debbv snow in the corridor, per, 4, S-4-13, thanks to Miss Schiel, good morning heartache, happiness is being with D.K., Belmont center, H.T.C. William B. Casey 166 DENNIS M. CASSIDY WILLIAM E. CASSIDY JAMES M, CATALDO 12-12-56 94 Ridge St. Soccer, Bozo, Tennis- 1 973, Charles T. Choke Award, Victim of circumstance. What homework? E dolce far niente, I can’t see I can’t see! CATHERINE E. CECERE VALERIE MARIE CENTRELLA 8-8-56 45 Elorence Ave, Val prim and proper, Richie’s parties, H.E.C., tears in OH, senior prom ' 73, Julliet from the big top diner, at the hop. Cape for weekends — Jimmy. THOMAS CERULLI 10-11-56 24 Egerton Rd. Sugs Basketball, Football, Gymnastics. Doc Jaffe, days off in ArL, working on the Cape, Chef School, Crosby Gang, boonie, Jeff, Annette, Sherryl, washing dishes, arguments. GEORGE CHALAS 3-19-56 4 Greenwood Rd. V Football, the tracks, the field. Soph. Beach Party, Nahant-S.T.Rock, Tavern, VW, July 4th at Falmouth, Chevy, Drive-in, Dennisport, eight. Valerie M. Centrella George J. Chalas Thomas Cerulli 167 CHARLES CHAMALLAS 7-24-56 41 Candia St. Chuck Sophmore. Junior year.s. Cape Cod Parties. Concerts, French II, Math with Mr. Pearlman; JM. PM. LA. ED, JH, JC, JM, CD, Front Stairs JOANNE CHAMALLAS MAUREEN CHAREST 3-6-56 148 Warren St. Reen Lucky 3-10-72, Hanssan Rd.. Dennisport, summer “73”, T.M. wouldn’t stand that!, the Pub, Christmas party, get out! anyone want skip? Neil Young concert GILBERT CHRISTENSEN 5-15-56 30 Highland Ave. Buttricks, OH, reefer madness, Craigsville beach. The Flamingo, Allman Brothers. M.W., " Good morning little school girl”, Charlie’s place, Leone’s, weekend cactus. Charles N. Chamallas Gilbert Christensen Gerard Ciarcia GERARD CIARCIA 10-23-56 84 Newport St. Gerry football? hockey! ba.seball? farm, cousins place, pipers games, E-Mass champs. Cape, The Nub. LINDA CLANCY 12-25-56 32 Amherst St. Happiness is: OH-750, Ben’s, the East, stuck in the middle with you, summer of ’70, ’71 weekends Willard, AYA, the pond. Linda J. Clancy 168 DEBORAH A. CLARK 6-23-56 33 Sutherland Rd. Friday nights. Parties at Ann’s house, skippin’, Eileen and Ted, our Allnighters, sophmore year, June 9th, minghead, Joe, Staley and the kids. Fox Pass SOPHIE COCONIDES 12-19-56 715 Concord Turnpike, No one truly knows happiness who has not suffered, and the redeemed are happier than the elect. RONALD A. COFFIN Deborah A. Clark Sophia A. Coconides Ronald A. Coffin Beverly Cohen BEVERLY COHEN 5-31-56 41 Scituate Bev Cape, means no.s, Mrs. Pronk, N73, say do, Haywood, 64 wheels, Jr. prom, stationwagon, two condominiums to go! Stairway to heaven, do fish swim? ABCDRM. PAMELA COHEN 5-31-56 41 Scituate Two of the best years with love buttons, I hate teachers that relax just because they’re on tenure, love to Miss Fin, big den, Joanne Coakley. Pamela Cohen WILLIAM COLEMAN 7-21-56 89 Arlmont St. Willie Scubba. Rounas, others? Buttricks, gimme Anudda, Colorado, Stratton, pencils. Mercury, Giles, Wilbur-residue. B.D.T.W.. bread, vaseline, Sully’s conserva, piano, John, Liegy, fuzz Haiiss- prom-XO., Muz-bx K.K XC , imoL , fro-pick. Franco. LINDA COLGAN 1-8-56 189 Brattle St. Junior Prom”, Red light. The green Barrell, Summer of “73”, M.V.P. 3 A.M. S.W. Pet Peeve: school. Happiness is being out of school. T.C.’S L.R. March 9 STEPHEN COLLINS William Coleman Linda M. Colgan 169 Stephen Collins John F. Comeau Dianne Connors Carol L. Conragan James P. Conroy Paul F. Conway Thomas F. Cook JIM CONROY 12-4-56 2 Yerxa Rd. Conball Food Stratton Park - Give me another fuzzy - Food - Boris - Boris - Symmes Woods - Bu-ttricks - The Unwanted’s - “Gumper” “Rodney” — Fley Watta Crowd - “Groucho” Yes Indeedy - Hey Yak now, PAUL CONWAY 11-18-56 46 Waldo Rd. hockey-F plan to go to the Univ. of New Hampshire or Boston Univ, 1 love all kinds of athletic competition. Never forget Mr. Gordon’s class. THOMAS F. COOK 11-2-55 15 Memorial Way Cookie Sports — Freshman Hockey Mgr., Freshman Football Mgr., V. Football Mgr. V. Baseball Mgr. sr. class Student Council, LofSong HAPPINESS IS listening to AEROSMITH SUMMER MEMORIES seeing Richie Aavin THE COMMON DAVID COOMBS 3-3-56 126 Newport St. Soccer 4 yrs.. Basketball Mgr. 2 yrs.. Science Club 2 yrs. Remember the Parkside RICHARD COOPER 1-9-56 39 Framount Ct. Coop Happiness is . . . doing that you like, Schoolday memories . . . John Lennon, Summer memories . . . concerts, meeting people, doing different things. My ambition is . . . to get into music. Sports . . . baseball. Special class . . . John Lennon. Special Friends. . . people. Favorite song . . . Angie, My own creation . . . writing songs. My favorite thing . . . clothes and music David W. Coombs 170 ' ' A ll things are constantly and consistently working together to produce a healthy life. ” Gwen Frostic JOHN COMEAU 12-23-55 54 Fisher Rd. Jack My ambition is to go into filmmaking professionally. My favorite line of a song is “I know I’m just a student sir, and I only want to learn, but it’s hard to read through the rising smoke from the books that you like to burn! Phil Ochs, I ' m gonna say it now! DIANNE CONNORS 11-22-56 28 Albermarle St. Di 73 Labor Day weekend, Ben, Hibbert Park, Duffey’s working, with Janet, Parties with KF, HG, LW, LD CAPE COD CONCERTS, MY BIG BROTHER BELL’S HOUSE CAROL LYNN CONRAGAN 3-22-56 66 Columbia Rd. I need to laugh, and when the sun is out. I’ve got something 1 can laugh about. I feel good in a special way, I’m in love and it’s a sunny day. Niall P. Corbett David A. Cormier Dianne M. Copithorne RICHARD A. COPIER DIANNE COPITHORNE 8-1-56 9 Aerial St. Chedishedon, Wells Beach, Scoopin, " The Heartbreak Kid” Nov. 18-March 2, St. Eulalia’s Dances, Gonzaga, Hockey Playoffs, Thanksgiving Day Ereeze, “Hi Doll”, Foisys 5th, Who’s Walking? NIALL CORBETT 3-3-56 146 Gardner St. Corb Pet Peeve - Officer Panasuk, Ambition — being a Demolition Driver, Summer Memories — going to Nahant Favorite People - Debbie S. Chink, Johnso Hobbies - Playing Pool, Thanks to getting me out - Mr. Lennon “STEP” DAVID CORMIER 5-25-56 28 Clyde Terr. Green Monsters. Garden Affair. O.H., Summer of “73”, slL KN. B,, M.M,, F.H.L. THE BELL, MY DINGALING, full moon, n.c. “X”-con. JOHN CORNELL 10-14-56 47 Richfield Rd. Jumpin’ John and the Apple Corps . . . Mr. Dlott and the trip . . . the AM . . . down the Cape ... the camps ... the Moody Farm . . and Rednecks JOSEPH M. COSTA 4-6-56 27 Exeter St. Bumper Hag, Goofball, Mophead, Kibby, Lurch, Swede. Bean, Okie, Hag’s pool, Mophead’s parties at Grandma’s. Unitrade, l ike I say, Mophead’s accident. Hockey at U.S.A., Dirtbomb, Jimbo. P.J. PETER M. COSTA 1-20-56 60 College Ave. Cheryl Me, Buttricks, Parties, Hockey Games, Bishop Beverly, The Cape, Lefty, Jocks T.C., Monday Mornings, Aku; Aku, Schlitz, Plazoota, Summer of ’73, Trans Am - PC CC John H. Cornell Peter M. Costa Joseph M. Costa Peter Coughlan Maureen Covel F’ETER COUGHLAN 11-9-55 62 Rhinediff St. Cape Cod. Hibbert Park, Shereton Le.xington, Junior Year. VW ' s. Peekom Notch-Skiing. M M ' s, Kathy, LHS, F F, Snatch Alley “Smily”, Bomb City. Melinda. Schlitz, Loraine Elizabeth Craddock KAREN CRESCENTINl 1-25-56 II Avola St. Cracky The Rock, New Field. Hibbert, My Trips, Freedom to do what makes me happy, Jr. year. Motorcycles, Stones, Led Zepplin, Stairway To Heaven, Dream On R. MICHAEL CRESCITELLI JR. 3-24-56 231 Oakland Ave. Mickey Henderson’s Hill -Mr. T. — Winter St. - “WHO STOLE THE CHISTA” - SUPERCHICKEN - WHO BROKE THE WINDOW — 17th green, Belmont C.C. — Looks Doubtful - DOWN, BOY MAUREEN E. COVEL 1-3-57 14 Lennon Rd. Richies parties. At the hop. Guilty as hell. Still a singing swingle! 6? Not yet. eeeek! okay, take it Prim Proper. Big Top Diner. STEPHEN P. CRAVOTT 6-5-55 6 Nicod St. Rom The old Runner, Sheraton 74 hours in one week, Hibbert. N.E. Dragway. AKU-AKU one lug on Rt. 6, Nickerson State Park Every Friday NEIL M. CROCKETT 11-14-56 58 Paul Revere Rd. Davey, N.J. WITH MR. T.; Japan ' 71; Europe ' 72; Detroit ' 73; Football, Skiing, Sailing; Super Sitos Number 3; Que Pasa, HOMBRE? NANCY C. CRONIN 10-9-56 % Overlook Rd., Majorettes, V-Softball pet peeve: “Bottles”, Windrift; Donna have another! Headlights? Brackett, Shine the moons, Sully’s bomb, “Lardies”, U-Haul, Chris’ Cellar, Favorite Pastine: cleaning my locker. Stephen Cravott Karen Crescentini Rudolph Crescitelli Neil Crockett Norman Cronin Nancy Cronin NORMAN CRONIN 12-26 29 Lansdowne Rd, " Slormin " Nasty Went to Greece this past summer, I like baseball and basketball. Active in a church high school group .1. WALTER CROWLEY MICHAEL L. CUMMINGS 3-22-56 24 Clark St. Barrel Hey-whose got that crack mouth, trollies. Chinks, Wamistical Wama, Fuzzball, Tooth Alleppos, The Whirling Dufuish, Thumbs up old man. Nibs Watch Em Disappear PAUL C. CUOCO 12-18-56 63 Broadway Coco Thursday Sept. 6 1973, The “Cap”, J.J.J.S,, 4th, 3rd, 1st — the end, the blue bomber, furniture construction 72-73, Theodore. CHERYL CURRAN 6-19-56 3 Grand View Rd. Cher Freshman Volleyball and softball, majorettes. Pep Rallies, The Broken Window. The Cops, The night at Mrs. F’s house, Down the Cape 72 73, Friends like M.R. and S.P. J. Walter Crowley ANNE CUSICK 4-4-56 159 Scituate St. Washington etc ... , The Group, The Chronicle, “Doctors’ Office”, The Beach, Sono le dodici, English, French, “Ann and Anne” DEBORAH A. DACAMPO 5-26-56 28 Cheswick Rd. Debe Wish, the gasers, left city, A.B., 9 9 — T’s pool, w.w.o.f. Sands Motel y.b.m.. Black Sambo, gas. M.H., Ski Trip ‘72’, Summer of 73, Buddies, Summer parties ELIZABETH CRADDOCK 12-19-55 14 Margaret St. Betty Happiness is Soph, year, 6th period’s and Jr. year Days. School day memories are when my special Friends met me for special days, Moe, Cheryl, Sue Michael Cummings Paul Cuoco Anne Cusick Deborah DaCampo 173 F’ATRICIA DACEY 11-26-56 39 Upland Road, Gilbert and Sullivan Drama Club, Yearbook dead- lines-layouts. Chicken Heart, Push me-Pull you, the Group’s parties, ice skating, Rockport, Student Art teachers Patricia Dacey i Joseph M. Daisy Denise Daley JOSEPH M. DAISY 1-30-57 20 Tanager St, Joe Drama Club, festivals. Debating club, G S V.D,, Anne Frank, “Anything Goes”, cast parties, P.A. system blues, eat it!! love my friends. Runaround!! thanks to F.R. DENISE DALEY 8-2-56 140 Mt. Vernon St. MAUREEN DALEY 10-23-56 9 High Haith Road Cheering 7-4-73, Kino, ’72 Senior Prom with Paul, NCA camp. P maybe someday. “THE KID” pretzels, Maine, P.D.P. Zap ’em. Friends we are and friends we’ll always be! Maureen Daley BRENDA DALY 12-11-56 143 Washington St. Senior Prom — run for your life! Cape and Hampton-parties in Volkswagons-headlights-good times with my friends and of course Michael-5-19- 72-1 1-7-73.S.P.P. Brenda Daly 174 Gerard Dalv PAULA DAPKAS 6-24-56 122 Sylvia St. Hitching a ride. Pulling all nighters, problems with Mrs. K., Did they call? Skipping school. Summer of 71 at Rindge Park, Kings class with Drisc, ANNETTE DARDENO 11-4-56 402 Ridge St. Scnool day memories: lunch with Cathy Summer memories: The Groggery Pet Peeve: jocks. My ambition is to sing in a group with Chuckie. Linda Daly Cheryl D ' Andrea Paula Dapkas Annette Dardeno GERARD E. DALY 2-6-56 16 Richardson Ave. Gerry Ereshman Year, East Lexington one day in June 73. Ambition: To satisfy my needs. Ski Club 1, 11. Ill Yes, to be sure LINDA DALY 12-11-56 143 Washington St. 11-7- 73-memories-Cape Cod, Hampton-Donu mind- Ant,s-skunk-pulling nutties-shmall parties with my buddies-headlights-titu goodtimes with Chuck-2-14- 72-what? CHERYL D’ANDREA 12-3-56 372 Appleton St. Summer “71”, sophomore year, Wells Beach, Dennis, scooping. Crane’s Beach, Chedishedon, Wingaeersheek, Good Harbour, 5-3-73 Tower Park, Foma. Rogerio DaSilva DEBRA DeCAPRIO 3-14-56 “Me forget???” summer of 73. all nighters, any vacation, the wacky bus. Parking Lot, Bees, SAL, Desire is to grow three inches! MARY DELISLE 1-25-56 74 Windmill Lane Getting kicked out of sewing, Buttricks, Before school, summer ' 71, Summer ' 73, 5-5-73, Concerts, Nights. SUSAN DEMIRJIAN 3-3-56 69 Harlow St. B.T.C. the, The Cape “Celebrate " . Springfield, Dakshoon Worcester 9-20 Hye Power! Phillie 421 " We don ' t have tomorrow but we had yesterday” R.K., Learless Live. LORRAINE DAY 6-15-56 73 Newport St. Summer of 71. M M’s, Hibbert st.. The Cape, just partying, mouse, OGA and the gang, Peter, Happiness is just being there. ROGER DaSlLVA 4-5-56 141 Palmer St. Waltham Lernal U.H.O.H. Buttricks. Caggs parties getting hornv with Jay, the booth, the cellar, barrier, the mixer, football. KAREN DAVID 12-24-56 56 Newcomb St. Lucky 3 Thanksgiving 72 with A1 Hampton DE 53 LBPRKGRRR “Where is the love” “Can’t find the time” Mrs. Burke ' s shorthand class (Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive) WILLIAM DeWITZ 1-6-56 74 Lremont St. Prom weekend " 73”, Mr. Santoros Drivers Ed, Labor Day weekend “73 ”, Billy and Debbie didn t make It, P. T. Conlon, D. R. Feb. 1 “72” to Aug. 7, “73”, Gale H. Aug. 7, “73” to ? 2 bucks a whack and no change back Karen G. David Lorraine Day Susan E. DeCrosta Kathleen M. Dee Debra ,1. DeCaprio 176 SUSAN DeCROSTA 8-28-56 190 Lake St. G S. Sammettes, WHOA, Where’s Anne? 5.6 ready and .... Uncle Tom, Chastity, chicken, pep rallies, Harmonettes, What can I say? Jeanie’s tuba KATHLEEN MARIE DEE 6-18-55 86 Hamlet Street Kathv teen center freshman year. Jr. Prom, hockey games Cooking Class Jr. year Great summers in Maine waterskiing. l23Goodnight! friends. “Let the good times roll.” I’m psyched. MARK DEMAS 1-3-56 65 Robbins Rd. Georges opening speech: meeting Maureen: having Flash Gordon: room 26 Playing baseball: Mr. Kelly: M M’s: Playing cards in cafe: knowing K.R. the Park, the drive-ins. Good bye George Sleeping in old hall JOHN DEMERS 1-10-56 39 Magnolia St. Jingy Getting to school on time. Going to Hampton Beach. Card Parties, Bowling. Hockey Games, Good times with Kathy, Doofis, Brillo, Debbie and all the rest. John Deleo Susan L. Demirjian DIANE DENAPOLI 9-2-56 648 Summer St. Mrs. Burke’s shorthand classes, trips to N.H. and Florida, good times with friends, working in the Senior Office, Jr, year. Senior Prom ‘73’ S.F. DIANE M. DENTON 6-15-56 30 LaFayette St. T.C. Freshman Yr. DB72. Bermuda (if we get there) the Coop, 123 Goodnite, week with Steve- wicked good, DIotLs Class, Decisions Yuk!! 9-9-72 Diane DeNapoli William S. DeWitz John Demers Mark T. Demas Mary 1. DeLisle Diane M. Denton 177 AL DiBICCARI 9-17-56 56 Dow Ave. Deb J.C. we’re all gonna be killed Grand Funk EDA DiBICCARI 9-17-56 56 Dow Ave. “To laugh is sufficient reason for existence and there is no end to our laughter.” Rome . . . Munsonville . . . Nantucket . . . Ciao DEBBIE DiCECCA 9-2-56 37 Cleveland St. My ambition is hopefully to go into the field of Eashion. Weekend parties Albert A. DiBiccari Deborah A. DiCecca DIANE DiClCCO 9-10-56 43 Draper Ave. If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties. Francis Bacon. GERARD DICKHAUT 1-4-56 112 Varnum St. Never got caught. 72 73 Summers the best, almost got the big ones, friendly girls, Flockey games. Big Time, Get it On, Best Years: Junior Senior JANE DILLON 7-17-56 316 Washington St. February 1973, Senior Prom, Mr. Kelley doing the hula in history, going to New Hampshire and Gloucester. O.K. Eda K. DiBiccari Gerard Dickhaut Jane Dillon 178 ' WT ' ; Marie DiNitto Paul D. DiTucci Barbara Doherty 179 Alfred F, DiVitoJr. PAUL D. DiTUCCI 2-19-56 2 Granton Park Tuch Racing my “340” Duster at Epping Parties, Carols m Stoneham, Cape, M.A., Ambition: Computers You’re hart, 1 give you gats Ask me if I care ALFRED F. DiVITO 9-5-56 160 Gray St. Farm, the Bell, Mercum, Sept 17, 1971 - Val. Friday Nights and Saturday morning BLAAAAAS; Got any EKOMS. Playoffs at the Gardens; I give you gats somf ELENA DiVITO Paul A. DiZio PAUL DiZI06-8-56 24 Thesda St. Gold is silently beautiful; Love is surely golden; Love is a beautiful silence. JIM DODGE 8-30-56 38 Beacom Ct. Pet Peeve — waking up in morning; Happiness is graduating Schoolday memories; Buttricks in the morning Summer memories; being able to do what you want BARBARA DOHERTY 177 Brattle St. 12-16-56 Ambition: interpreter. Summer, Good times, “All the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of one small candle. . . . don’t rain on my parade CAROL DOHERTY 12-20-56 56 Epping St. Doc Happiness is getting out of this place, skiing. Marine Biology, scuba dive, lunch at AHOP, ski trips, Frency 2 (every time). Study Halls, Guidance, Buttricks MARIE DiNITTO 1 1-8-56 55 Lockland Ave. Sum- mer of 73 Richies Party - At the Hop, Riding on 93, Buttricks, P.A.N.H., A.H.S. Tourney Games, Gross, Me. 72. James G. Dodge Carol A. Doherty Debra J. Donald MARK DONAHUE 4-16-56 63 Eliot Rd. Donnv Pres SC, Wa,shington Eve, Parkside Propositions, 201 Ray’s Bull Empty Fri Niter, " Save me a place”. Papa Joes House, Hockey Games with Mick Mark L. Donahue DEBRA J. DONAED 2-18-56 84 Oakland Ave. Susan Doneski . . Remember what peace there may be in silence Joanne C. Dondero JOSEPH R. DONNELLY 100 Gardner St. WILLIAM J. DONOVAN 6-27-56 1 15 Hemlock St. Humphrey Bogart. Gimmie Another, Bottles’n Babes, Unwanteds, “Summer 73”, U.H.O.H., Dodgers, Duke, Symmes, Stratton, Elton John, Sharpie, Wilbur, Fuzzball Fro, Fudgenose, barrel, Libbv the Kid, most likely to succeed. JOANNE DONDERO 1-27-55 43 Philips St. Never forget Freshman Year. April vacation at Wells Beach and H.B. SUSAN DONESKI 12-7-56 283 Oakland Ave. Chink Frosh softball Jr. English Mr. Merc. Conn. “72” Stairway to Heaven “Liz is weak” 9:00 time to go A.G.H. 9-13-73 D.P.S.W. Don’t get Rowdy! PAUL W. DOOLEY 7-19-56 10 Yale Rd. Happiness is ... Freshman football rumbles. M.D.C., Nichol’s Bio. class. Camping summers. Home Fri. Nights 1 A.M., Cross Country, Sleeping Barry’s Eng. class. Sailing, Being a friend MARK G. DOREMUS William J. Donovan Paul W. Dooley Mark G. Doremus Ellen M. Do rnngton Edward T. Dowler ELLEN DORRINGTON 4-3-56 15 Whittemore St. Pet Peeve: AHS Favorite Group: Three Dog Night, Never forget some of those great Saturday nights Favorite Sports: Swimming, Skating, Love sound of dismissal bell EDWARD DOWLER 10-16-56 28 Martin St. fifth period Sophomore year, Buttricks, Mr. Lincoln and Toz, S. S. National Park, The Garage KATHY DOWLING 7-2-56 67 Foster St. Happiness is remembering the good times in Canada. Will always remember C.O. S.P. Won’t forget Eng. Rm. 72. Would like to be an airline stewardess. HELEN DOYLE 8-4-56 81 Oakland Ave. Squeak Happiness is Jan. 17, 1972, Billy, Old Hall Sanitary, Rez, Summer St., Mrs. Morin. Miss Finberg, I want to say that mom you’re the greatest person in the world. Kathy Dowling DANIEL J. DRISCOLL 7-18-56 14 Yale Rd Hag Good week-ends. Middle of night hockey, Bumbs, Goofball, Mophead, Beacon Street, Street Hockey game. Arguing with Bumber, Parties, Pool parties. Happiness is: getting out, graduating ’ DANIEL L. DRISCOLL 103 Oakland Two years of CheTs Class. “All fun and games in Nanci Ortwein’s Seventh Period Spanish I. Three State Tournies. J.S., N.C., L.M. Three years of basketball and football. MARY DRISCOLL 11-3-56 107 Hibbert St. Loaded in the greenhouse, Allnighters, Skipping school. Sun and Fun in Bermuda, Nosey neighbors. After 8:00 at Crafts, King’s class. Let the Sunshine Forever!! Helen Doyle Daniel J. Driscoll Daniel L. Driscoll Mary E. Driscoll Roland J. Dunn Karen L. Dunlop JOHN DWYER 2-21-56 36 Crawford Street Speed. street-hockey, track. New Year’s Eve ‘72’, jackass, Robbins, apple pickin’, J.B., Maine, sunsets, Walden, The Charles, Harvard parties, soccer, hit the beach, June 9, 1972, Carry’s first period math class. May 10 Merauders, bangin the weights with Asinari, Life is what you make it . . . JUDY EATON 1-21-56 200 Cedar Ave. Judy Cheerleading, F.E.B., 6-3-71, “Beginnings”, M.K.N.B.D.A.R.M.T.H.C., " Good Times”, Farm, ‘CARE’, Hojo’s, Proms, Room 201, Memorial Weekend ‘73’, 2 condiminiums to go. Camp, Friends, Talks, 1 1 great kids and of course Pauline, LOVE! Maurita Duddy MALI RITA DUDDY 4-14-56 20 Amherst Street The Manor, gasers. Sands Y.B.M., BAD! Summer of “73”, Samba, T’s pool. Margo, N,T,S,K,D,R,D,J, left city, summer parties, Locke Lake N.H., stranded in Lexington, T.D.N. Concert STEVE DUFEEY 2-25-56 10 Highland Ave. Keep on truckin KAREN LORRAINE DUNLOP 4-8-56 16 West Street Karie Caf studies; Mt. Snow; always standing on the threshold of a dream; T’nt; Paf, Cinny, Min, " Goof’; Little Ben; stumbling but never letting myself fall. RONALD J. DUNN WILLIAM DVORAK 4-25-56 72 Hillside Ave. Dupack P.I. Bell, N.H. Rapids, farm, fernal naked beach, Fred’s, whammy, radiators, “1 want clams and a beer”, barrier, stairway to heaven, booth seriously . . . obnoxious, cellar, bargain William T. Dvorak John A. Dwver Judith R. Eaton I Louis T. Economo Janice E. Faddis Joseph M. Fahey LOUIE ECONOMO 10-20-56 92 Melrose St. Mr. Fihchia’s English class, Korniks Krew, Zav, Boay, Terry. Nardi and Toochie. Mr. Storlazzi’s history class, Caf. gormets. BARBARA EDE 9-1-56 35 Winter St. Happiness is, The East, Spy Pond, Chicago, year of “69-70”, Big Party , I can’t, m m, Pssst . . ., “Pieces of April”, Love. MICHAEL EDMONDS 12-17-56 36 Phillips St. Ed Happiness is; knowing you don’t have to come back next year. Happiness is: Friday afternoons WILLIAM S. ELLICOT 20 Joyce Rd. JANICE FADDIS 12-2-55 46 Oldham Rd. Dec. 4. 1970; Old Hall Sanitary; Ski trips-with St. E.; Summer 73 Diving; Salisbury: Henry’s; Cape 72 bv VW r z JOSEPH MICHAEL FAHEY 6-27-56 54 Walnut St. Mag Buttricks, Farm, Pipers, Willy’s Reardon’s, Tourney’s , Bubba. Sophmore Locker Area, Braves, Trolley’s, Red Hair, Fridays. Hillside. Arguments, Lockeland, Symmes, Green Monsters Magnuson 3 THOMAS A. FAHEY 7-18-56 61 Hillsdale R Known for Attendance, Soph. Year, Summer 1 Weekends, Jr. Workstudy, 4-18-73 “Do what yc feel is necessary.” Jr. Year M M’s 80’s sanitary. KATHERINE FALLON 2-25-56 51 Robbins Rd. Mousey Summer of 73, Dennisport, Happiness is meeting people. G.T.O., The Rock Hibbert, Wis. M -I- M Jr. Year “Dream on” Thomas A. Fahey Barbara A. Ede Michael J. Edmonds 183 Katherine A. Fallo Joanne E. Falwell William S. Farago John W. Farnum Joseph E. Feeley JOANNE E. FALWELL 9-12-56 14 Park Ave. Ext. Majorettes, yearbook-twirling at halftime, Saturday morning practice, pep rallies, “softie”, 4-2-71 . . . 143, Chicago, proms. Jack. “.Add joys, subtract sorrows, multiply friends, divide love” — Good Luck. WILLIAM S. FARAGO 10-19-56 15 Lorraine Terr. Larry’s Cadillac. Happiness is and will be a Red Sox pennant. Hockey games, Spanish rm. 93 rte. 2 Bar. E.P. 4th period. Senior Year, camping trip (72) G.B.A.H.S. JOSEPH FARESE 78 Decatur My ambition is (special forces) special teachers (John Lennon) sports (football. Judo, Basketball, handball) JOHN W. FARNUM 12-6-56 272 Renfrew St. Belmont Center Complication Skip Day Fridays Before Vacations Substitutes Guidance Department Confused Driver Jean’s innuendos Arlmont Bus on Hot Day In May The Future ANN FASANELLI 7-6-56 41 Overlook Rd. The wall. Sunday’s up the meadows, tower log. Camping at Orange-Chatham — parties-movies-The Home-J + C. Dream-on. JOSEPH E. FEELEY 10-9-56 30 James St. Pidge Brother Fee. ZONE, my girl at the Y.M.C.A., making Honey Dips, Tiger Milk, “Lockes” “Big Arnald” Panther suit, TETS PAULA J. FEELEY 5-2-56 252 Park Ave. Cheerleading. “Best Buddies”, Proms, Quick Barb your mother’s coming!, B.S. and Deep talks. Good Night Mv Love, F.E.B. Dun-Da-Dun-Da-Da-Da, Pick it it’s ripe. Santo Mobil, S.C. in the Woods?? Joseph G. Farese Ann Fasanelli Paula Feeley 184 Thomas B. Ferrante Joyce P. Ferreira STEVE KENNETH FELTON 10-19-56 78 Egerton Rd. Mr. Merc 5th period English, snowball Pet peeve 160 Honda’s SUSAN TERESA FEROLA 11-17-56 24 Lake St. Sue Lynn Beach and G.T. 131, wish upon a star, co-pilot, Nashua N.H. Exit, Capitol Cinema, Cad- dy Conv„ Junior Year, G -b S “72”, Tobin Bridge, A.C.’s, Friendly’s Color My World, L.C. and WE ARE GOING . . . THOMAS FERRANTE 11-15-55 143 Ridge St. Schoolday memories: Buttricks, Happiness is getting high. My ambition is to graduate. Pet Peeve-jocks, My favorite thing-reefer. Weekend memories-fouls. JOYCE FERREIRA I-I-57 29 Chandler St. CHARLES FERRIS 7-10-55 342 Gray St. V- Football. Parties at Gough’s, the Farm tracks. 442 it’s a good car. Nights at the High School, Cousin’s, the Bell, Lockland, I Didn’t Do It, .lOHN S. FINLAYSON Steven K. Felton Charles E. Ferris John S. Finlayson 185 Kalhleen M. Fmnertv Carol L. Fletcher Cheryl A. Fletcher KATHLEEN M. FINNERTY 9-21-56 32 Browning Rd. Kaihv Evening sightseeing excursions and Maida’s stories; Sunrises; Miss Withers — “Ground rules for semi-formal” Miss McDonough’s practices-basketball-74 volleyball, tennis, Senior Life, Scuba; Washington, yearbook meetings, 12- 26-73 “It better be worth it.” CAROL LYNN FLETCHER 3-2-56 29 Henry St. Pud Skiing in Me., Summer of ' 73, Friday night in Som, up the Wal-Lex, Gould Farm CHERYL ELETCHER 4-12-56 Hampton Beach, Falmouth, Goose Rock Beach, Happiness is s.n.h. and P.r., going to concerts. Sly and J. Geils. CATHRYN FLIONIS 9-22-56 76 Mass. Ave. Cathy “Chick” Happiness is seeing the “Governor”, Always remember Mary Ann’s party, Mali Ali, E.D., Sand, Abbie Wink, Toe, The Night of Aug. 11 . MICHELE FLYNN 12-10-56 27 Fremont Ct. Mickey ambition; To Be a nursery school teacher. Memories; Senior child care class with Mrs. T. Getting kidnapped by H.P.M.G.J.T. Thelma ANG- IG, stairway to heaven, Hampton “70” Michele Flynn Cathryn A. Flionis 186 GAYLE FOSTER 9-16-56 30 Jason St. Stormy; Frosty Don t walk in front of me-I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me-1 may not lead. Walk beside me-and just be my friend. “Camus” MYLES FRANEY 8-22-55 24 Windsor St. Happiness is a dump on Hud, Summer memories: York Beach “73”, Pet Peeve: Them’s the berries, Havard Stadium. DIANNE FOGO 4-4-57 512 Appleton St. Field Hockey with Miss Donough, 154 ' eriod 4 with Mr. Dlott, basketball, the “Field Ti.p”, skiing. Is it attached?, practices, Merestead, “I’m stuck”. Co- ordination plus! PAULA FOLEY 1-17-55 10 Endicott Rd. Drama ninth. Debating ninth. Nurse’s Club eleventh and twelfth. Chronicle eleventh and twelfth. Library eleventh. Remember Revere ’73. Best class: Miss Nicholas’ Biology MARK FORESTELL 4-12-55 20 Tufts St. Future plans: to get my Bachelor of Science Degree at St. Mary’s Univ., to go to Medical School at McGill Univ. in Montreal. Ambition: to become a psychiatrist. Dianne Fogo Gayle R. Foster Paula J. Foley Mark Forestell Myles F. Franey 187 Thomas J. Fulkerson Christine A. Gallant Amy L. Fulmer PAULA FREITAS KEVIN ERENCH 12-12-56 11 Day St. Frenchie Never forget Mrs, Lawton. Calib. Interstate 93!! Camping, Hiking, out in the country. WILLIAM L. FRENCH THOMAS JOHN FULKERSON 2-12-55 47 Everett St. Tom O enjoy sports as, boating, swimming, riding motorcycles, hockey. Happiness is, departing from Arlington High. My ambition is being a success in life. AMY FULMER 7-8-56 26 Kimball Rd. Ambition . . . June 1974, Hockey Games, and Jr. Year’s Math Class. T.G.l.F. mountain climbing in N.H. Summer ’73 at L.P. was the Greatest. Never forget B.L.T. Inc. ROSEMARIE ERANO 11-23-56 28 Bartlett Ave. Summer memory: being a bridesmaid. Favorite class: History, .Ambition: To be a bookeeper. Sports: baseball. LLOYD FRAUSEL 12-4-54 27 Wall St. Graduation is but a bridge but the crossing does not taste as sweet. Rosemarie P. Erano Paula Freitas Kevin J. French Lloyd T. Frausel Stephen J. Gallant CHRISTINE ANN GALLANT 1-24-57 59 Claremont Ave, Chris Richie’s Parties (at the Hop). Prim and Proper. Shaft? eeek! B.M.C. Good Sone B.B.A. ® STEPHEN GALLANT 7-1-55 62 Menotomy Rd. Pet Peeve-Lefty, Menotomy Sailing, Hockey, Mr. D. Shop, Bill’s Engine, Scuba Diving, C.C.C.- Jack s boat. Bill’s Birthday, Happiness is-not having to go home! DENISE GARRIGAN PAUL GARRIGAN 4-28-56 3 Memorial Way Gill Happiness is sitting around the projects and fighting (fun) My favorite sports are baseball -i- hockey. Favorite class was Mr. Dlott’s History. Summer Memories was work!! Special Friends are the kids from the Projects “What a boring life” PAUL GAYNOR 2-20-56 174 Lowell St. Annacanna. Lousy food in the Cafeteria Dirt Bomb, Three false alarms in one day. The Ski Club, Hockey Tournaments, and No bras ANDREA GELDART 1-7-56 34 Landowne Rd. Junior Prom, You’re alright. Jonsie, Cape, N.H., Maine and Chicago, make me smile-that’s for sure. Where will it lead us from here-Whit?, Hushiest puppies. Bunny Denise A. Garriga Paul A. Gaynor Paul Garrigan Stephanie M. Gendall Peter Gennis Andrea J. Geldart STEPHANIE M. GENDALL 12-19-56 23 Milton St, Happiness is roaming the halls at will. Visiting Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Fairbank. Going to Mrs. T’s class. Meeting someone special in Mr. Kotchin’s class. HELENE GEORGE 6-20-56 1 1 Farmer Rd. PETER GENNIS 4-26-56 22 Eustis St. Professor Cogitan . . . Doubting . . . Proving oneself ... “I am a Rock” . , Feel Guilty . , . That hurts A.C.D.C.D.K.D.C. . . . WHC ... 051069 .. . Lord High Weasel . . . Chinatown dime . . . One of them ■ • . Taichi ki 14 ... Elitist power monger knife . . . December-January . . . Greeks bearing gifts ... “I don’t understand!?! . . . Shiz, that depends on your definition of a friend Helene George Richard Gierej Robert Gilligan RICHARD GIEREJ 3-9-57 25 Wheaton Rd. Dicky Motorcycles, Great Meadows, “not meeting intersections”, L.D., football, Steve’s cellar ROBERT V. GILLIGAN 9-19-56 9 Newcomb St. Happiness is coming into school early for once. Ambition in life is not to go to school KEVIN GILLIS 8-4-56 74 Gill St. Stoneham White Sox, Res. Football, skiing, Mike’s kitchen. 442, Farm. Packy’s. Lockland. Bob, Pistachio, stairway to heaven, wasted. Tension, The Bell, Cousin’s, stinky. Old Hall, Barrier. ANNE GIROUARD 10-1-55 152 Garner St. never forget Thelma. M.F. -I- E.Q. Hampto n 71-73, never forget Child Care rm. 57 with Mrs. Truesdale. Pet Peeve-People who Spit. Happiness is-just living. ALEX GLACKEN 7-13-56 42 Venner Rd. T.D. Time flies when you’re having fun. True. Harvard Orson Wells bandanna rabbits foot ’cycle’ good ole days at the B.C. Ha! Ha! morning blues F.ABLAN Partytime chow FRED C. GOODWIN 28 Sunset Rd. DEBORAH A. GORDON 5-1-56 145 Hibbert St. Debbie Pygmies eat Pomegranates. Skiing ... 15A, Quack! Why? Joan . . . Deb . . . Buzzzz! Vichvay to Tahiti? Color My World . . . Perhaps we’ve had such fun before, but it’s never gone by so fast. DONNA GOULD 6-27-56 58 Summit St. Parties in Old Hall sanitary, “73”, Cape and Maine, “Summer of “72”, headlights, “Fire and Rain”, No school on Fridays, 4-21-72, D.M., getting Up!, sophomore beach party Kevin Gillis Anne Girouard 190 Alex Glacken Deborah A. Gordon Donna Gould Ann Govoni Michelle Gouthro Ann Grassi MICHELLE GOUTHRO 3-29-55 22 Peirce St. Pet Peeve-Housemasters School day memories-4th -i- 5th period studies soph, year Sandy’s. Katies Lri. 13th Bermuda with P.D. M.D. K.K. D P. S.K. Happiness is 2:30 ANN GOVONI 10-7-55 10 Grove St. Place Whippie, POX PASS AND THE MODERN LOVERS, November 1970, Thing, Gemini and Libra, Koala Bears SANDRA J. GRANCHELLI 3-29-56 120 Spring St. Sandy “We are the light of the world, may our light shine before men. that they may seek salvation in Christ and give glory to God.” ANN GRASSI 4-6-56 109 Ridge St. Reefer madness, partying, concerts, scooping. Bishop Park. T.M. “too much” 10-72 NETC 4-9-73 RICHARD GRAY 4-3-56 158 Wachusett Ave. Happiness is weekends, Mr. Britt’s 4th penod class jr. year basketball, hockey, working at JH all sum- mer, Sebago Lake DONALD F. GREEN 8 Mohawk Road Sandra J. Granchelli Richard Gray Donald F. Green 191 GARY GREENE 88 Park Ave. Ext. Donna A. Gricus DONNA GRICUS 1-3-56 373 Park Ave., Summer of ’72, Cal, Goosie. GH 5th period, Jan. 21, friend like Cin, OJCf), Falmouth, Yesterday is aleady a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. DOROTHY GROSE 2-15-56 Dori Mr. Bothelho’s biology, “my song”, DC-lO’s, April 19, Gary, Happiness is . . . “a whole much”, “blow the sail”, “coitainly”, San Diego. “American City Suite”, Snoopy JOANNE GROSS 8-22-56 4 Wollaston Ave. Rah Rah Rah PAUL GUARINO 4-18-56 20 Old Mystic St. V- track. Summer of ’73, Trip To Europe was the best, AM. RM. Weekend memory: the chase. Joanne C. Gross Paul Guarino Steven S. Guveyan Paul D. Hallee STEVEN GUVEYAN 5-25-56 149 Robbins Rd. “Pulsar”, live at Lowe. Mucho 3, Ludwig Drums, Track. Williamsvtlle, 116. Europe, T-bone for four years, Porsche 911, Ml, M2, favorite class Hamburg Harry’s U.S. History, make me smile PAUL D. HALLEE 47 Maynard St. DONNA HALLOR.AN 12-15-56 27 Burch St. Ambition: to write. Who s a “Freak ? Monkeys. 1972 “friends of mine” 3-9-73 “There’s no wrong or right side, no misery tn not being loved; only in not loving.” I’ve no regrets. Donna F. Halloran 192 ' V i Helena Hamilton HELENA HAMILTON 11-5-55 116 Sylvia St. Oct 8, 1973 Rmdge Park, Happiness is knowing Michael “My name is Michael” “We know” 9-6-73 Pet Peeve C.D. Mike’s “63” JANET HANNAFIN 12-13-73 36 Margaret St. Shelton Gomby, York Beach, Old Salt II, Alright! No Bargain! Kelwyn Manor, gasers, B.H., Trott, Joni, Diney, Tricia, B.C., D. and M. and John JAN L. HARDING 7 Webster St. DEBRA A. HARMON 19 Palmer St. RONALD HAROUTUNIAN 11-21-55 15 Webcowet Rd. Circles. Atlantic City, MIWE. GBYSO. England ’72 Europe 13. That time in Prague. It plays. “People . . . Shh.” So it eoes willia am C. Harris Jan L. Harding JOHN E. HARRELSON 1228 Mass. Ave. WILLIAM C. HARRIS 442 Warren St. PAULA HARRISON 8-20-56 60 Magnolia St. 6- 17-71, Joe, I finally made it, weekend in Vermont with Frank and Paula, hello, Moe, history, what an experience, junior English, the ultimate gamble, “chiquita” DEIRDRE HART 12-31-56 17 Hathaway Circle Dee Junior year Dynamite times. Blackstairs. Waltham. Camping in Canada. Ellen Ward. Best friends C.O., E.R.. J.G., N.L. Eriday Afternoons Buda. Pet Peeve: Sanitary Matrons! John E. Harrelson Paula Harrison Deirdre A. Hart Janet M. Hannafm Deborah E. Haxton V 7 Linda J. Hazeltine Lynn A. Hartling Andrea M. Hauser LYNN A. HARTLING 9-21-56 12 Cornell St. Was Active in: Harmonettes, G-l-S, Samettes. Co-op Ed Choir. Never forget; Key Club Convention ’72, Mr. O’Connor and Mr. Dlott, Out in front of 70’s everyday with:SP.SP.JC,CC,DH,LA,KS,ED.etc . . . Ki ing Me Softlv with His Song - Paul .■ NDREA HAUSER 10-27-56 29 Oxford St. Andy G-bS, strawberry sodas, up at 8:00 on Sat. Say “hi” TOUCHDOWN, where’s my suitcase? Samettes Happiness is not seing Mr. Mercurio’s quiz tie. falling, Joshua, jump. Kick! what else did you lose? KEVIN HAYWARD 9-11-56 68 Cleveland St. The Boat-Can ya Give Me a Tump? Crosby Park-The gang’s alright. Lunenburg via the Terrible Tempest Famous Last Words “Hay the car’s on Fire!” LINDA HAZELTINE 3-7-56 26 Pire St. All good gifts . . . Bridgton, Maine . . . God’s Horizon’s . . . In the Garden ... I am waiting that life may begin 4-13-73 . . . tomorrow might have been today- perhaps . . . Bruce 194 Karen H. Hehir Everything has been thought of before The difficulty is in thinkii of it again Goeth DOROTHY ANN HEALY 1-1-56 36 Jason St. Dome DRAMA, “games”, Senior Cruise, Chatham. I.C.A. Different V7, “Give just a little bit more, take a little bit less” . . . Sincerely. THOMAS E. HEASLEY 18 Russell Terr. KAREN HEHIR 3-17-56 1173 Mass. Ave. holy Kazazza, Summer of 73, John, Orleans Inn. Moe-3 years, goop, mutball, Moe wanna cracker? DIott 6th period, opin bananas, Ma-Magoo, “Let’s get it on”. Keep em guessing, no sir!, Mai-kai, Brute Island Club. Pompano Beach, Florida. Your weird. PATTIE HENRY 12-16-55 118 Rhmecliff 5-27-73 July 4th 1972 Pomp Janet and Mike’s wedding Friday nights with the gang our Laundry Mat John John Labor Day Weekend Color My World ROBERT C. HEPTIG Dorothy A. Healy Thomas E. Heaslay Patricia G. Henry Robert C. Heptig JAMES P. HERRICK 1-19-56 16 Mary St. Amb.; College- B.S.: Pags; Parties. Wings, Bermans’, Beach (.sand eating), revelation; Knee: Mic: Nortons’, Moonshine. Knee, “Mic the bookie’ . wrestling. Apparition: Don. Mucci. Ray’s Parties, Br ass DEBBY HEWITT 6-2-56 21 Trowbridge St. Card Parties, Hampton Beach, “Ruth” Coke Star, Lvnnie’s Cottage, That’s alright . . . dancing bowling skating, smile, Jr. Prom, Summer 1972 Happiness is being with Friends CATHERINE HILL 3-10-56 64 Newcomb St. I’ll remember Knight in White Satin. Summer of 72- 73, and the Band at Process. Greg and me and the square. And working for Medicare James P. Herrick Catherine M. Hill Jane E. Hiscock Debbie A. Hewitt J Malcolm M. Hodge WAYNE HILL 10-5-56 37 Teel St. Remember going into D P. in the winter and having the air conditioning on. I’ll miss some of the wild Weekend Nights I had with Friends. JANE HISCOCK 10-4-56 24 Mystic Lake Dr. My ambition is to go into education. I have been active in the flexible program tutoring thir d graders at the Dallin School in reading. MAE HODGE 37 Old Colony Road Football, hockey. Baseball. “Charlies” Place good time K.L. Hampton. Help these teachers including English Ike is tough. July 4. 196 NANCY HOLT 1 10 Sunnyside Ave. Happiness is going to Child Study class. Weekend memories — having Andy home; Summer memories — Groton - the Boats - the water Special teacher - Mrs. T. MAUREEN D. HOOLEY 5-24-56 268 Broadway, eating at 10 o’clock, 1,2,3 goodnite . . ., “gotta get out of this place”, “like it much”, cold nights, getting psyched, Maine 73 MICHELE E. HRUL 12-26-55 19 Williams St. last summer, art. Deep Purple, out, Brendan and Cathy, Happiness is getting out of work and school. Nights in White Satin, Linda and Bruce Maureen P. Hooley Michele E. Hrul X Nancy M. H olt Donald J. Hudson DONALD HUDSON 6-7-56 19 Cleveland St. Hud Football, Streethockey, 6 A.M. Hockey games. Fondest memories; Mead Rd. Steele’s House, Burn’s “Good Room”, “THAT PATTY BROAD . 1 10. Pet Peeve: People that call me HUDSON DAVID M. HUNT 11-19-56 13 Daniel’s St. Ole, Tin Can Main 73, The Course F.F.F.C.G.H. Bong. M.O. Zepplin SHARON HURLEY 9-30-56 53 Wilbur Ave. Camping along the canal Take a walk on the wild side pet peeve: work talking at DC favorite thing: Talking and understanding people ; David M. Hunt ROBERT HUTCHINS 6-6-56 16 Mystic Lake Dr Hu,ch Fernanlel. the Cape, Barrier, Sr. Prom. W.P.A., Good Time, Dude, Football DAVID F. lANNELLI BRUCE P. IMLACH 6-26-56 14 Mead Rd. Punch frosh and Soph Football V. Basketball manager. 4- 13-73, 5-11-73, Ir. English, What’s his face Pet Peeve: Being called Dumb. Spf Linda Hazeltine You ve made me so very happy. Fav. person, Linda Hazeltine Sharon A. Hurley Robert L. Hutchins Bruce P. Imlach 197 EDMUND INDINGARO 3-21-56 10 Campbell Rd. Eddie V-Hockey, Hud’s Street Hockey Team. Sundays at Harvard Stadium. Throwing Steele’s Cats around the house Gary spending his life riding. Weekends over Garrity’s house. NANCY L. INVERNIZZI 12-31-55 73 Cleveland St. Happiness is working with children in Child Study. Special friend: Stephani C. Eavorite song; Black and White. Sally A. Jacobson James D. Jenkins RICHARD JACOBS 1 1-8-55 8 Fenno St. Jerry My ambition is to make it to the top in sports. A pro in football or basketball. This is a small beginning 1 know but I’ll always try. The fun I had in Arlington High was a smoker. I’ll never forget these years of Arlington. Mass. This is Jerry Jacobs. ALAN H. JACOBSON 1-26-56 7 Moccasin Path Sah Once played V. Hockey, Hey, Tell me don’t. Sic, Thanks Nub, Bell Cousins, WASTED, Stairway to Heaven, Orty, Fight with Muz, Lockeland University, Just tired. SALLY JACOBSON 2-16-56 9 Court St. Mander Spagetti, Pets, L.J. and his kids. White Mountains, Old Hall Sanitary, weekends in N.H. Robers Ace, Pinehurst, Let us not look back in anger nor forward in fear, but around in awareness. JOSEPH JOHNSON 3-26-56 85 Forest St. and V Football, night of the junior prom. July 4 at Falmouth, Dennisport. Chevy, Soph, beach party. VALERIE RAE JOHNSON 12-18-56 23 Elwern Road Mr. Foisy Mr. Filichia Mrs. Coleman English 3A Drama Club San Francisco Shared Jumbles Daytona Beach Rusty Scupper Mallorca Tangiers A kiss for a poster. Joseph A. Johnson Concentration indicates control of thoughts holding them as lanterns to light each other and the main fast. Edmund F. Indingaro Richard J. Jacobs . Jacobson Alan H Valerie Johnson FETTER JOHANSEN 4-30-57 208 Mystic St. I’m a Norwegian who is staying at A.H.S. for one year. My suggestion to you is; Come and visit Norway Pa GJENSYN! CHERYL ANN JONES 2-7-57 91 Lake St. Jonesv Cape, Barn, Amherst, spying with Andrea, “You’re alright, Carole”, Stairway to Heaven, Waterville Valley, Wild Bimbo’s, Sr. Jr. Sr. Proms, Tell me do, Rueben, ABCDRM, do fish swim? MARYANN JONES 9-19-56 40 Lake St. Happiness is going on safari’s with J.T. G.C. - is it salty-B.D. - James L. - Satcy “Chick” - sand — Tom — Joe wink. Aug. 1 1 PATRICIA E. JONES 5-20-56 139 Highland Ave. Patn Oldies but Goodies; Cape Cod; Crazy times with Buck; Bluejeans; biking; beeps; Samettes; Hockey games:; Latin D.G. and Gang, Dig it?; Pet Peeve-Cliques PAULA JONES 1-2-57 58 Yer.xa Road F.O.O.F.C. Calling into 57 “Saturday m the Park” Summer of 73 Out Front But 1 m not here today” Excuses Munchies LINDA M. JONES 133 Park Ave JOSEPH G. JORDAN Mary A. Jones Paula M. Jones Joseph G. Jordan Cheryl Jones Patricia E. Jones Peeve - Arlington High School, Happiness is 600 Horsepower, summer memories — Route 2 Drag way, Beverage My ambition is to stay in one piece RICHARD P. KANE 8-3-56 36 Richfield Rd. Rickv 6-25-73, Red Tavern, Tallino’s Brattle Street at 4 A M., 69 Lemans, in memory of R.P.K. Faked Arlington, Reading Mass, KATHLEEN ANN KEATING 2-12-56 31 A Pine St, Kaihv Travel Lodge, Summer of 72; over Katie’s (P) Oh no the car stolen, Friday 13, please don’t , , , ; Fun sun in Bermuda. Is it a burglar. KATHLEEN M. KEATING 11-9-56 95 Arlmont St. “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello. Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye. “That’s all there is and the leaves that are green turn to brown’’ Richard P. Kane Natalie C. Keefe SANDRA KEATING 96 Oakland Ave. Sandy Remember Marty’s Famous Chicago Concert, Hockey Games, Foods II and III, Dave, History class. NATALIE KEEFE 9-9-56 30 Cleveland St. B.D. 6- 2-73, metallic blue, 9:00 joy ride, GAS! The Sands Y.B.M., the manor, summer of 73, S,M,T,D,D,R,J,K; N. Beach, my sister Dickie Doo, 17 th party JOHN E. KELLEY KATHLEEN F. KELLEY 1-28-56 93 Sylvia St. Kathy Summer of “71” Craft Cleaners, the Park our secret place Happiness is being with L.C. “66” 201 Dodge Pet Peeve M.T. 2-26-72 Remembering D.R. Lexington Proms Mary C. Kelley MARY KELLEY 6-15-56 70 Teel St. Special Friends are someone you can count on to talk to. Or just to know they’re there all the time. KATHLEEN KELLY 9-25-56 40 Margaret St. Bowladrome. D’s, Sunday’s down Tweeties, Hampton, Summer of “73” Is that good?? MAIDA KELLY 6-16-56 215 Sylvia St. Washington, outer Room 202; Kathy’s non-letters; nightly sightseeing excursions; Seaweed; “I’m depressed”, SHMILE!; “non sum qualis eram” Kathleen Kelly Maida Kelly Sheila P. Kelly SHEILA KELLY 3-11-56 20 Pine St. Teddy bear, times in the clean, after eight, smoke, orange - one fourth, in the attic, thumbs stuck in a ditch, fun in Bermuda ALBERT KENNEDY SUSAN KENNY 11-20-56 7 Melrose St. I think therefore I am Happiness is LiP one 5 24 Memories of G.F.G. Be good. It’s race car? N.E.D.W., B.D., A.D.L. There’s a Rumor RONALD KEPLAND PAUL DENNIS KEOHANE 7-13-55 37 Fremont Ct. Football, Hockey, Hampton Beach 73 The Mack Shack Midnight Rides with B.W. and J.C. ALSDLB The Mob Freightrain, The Cave, Policy VU a huma huma the yellow Bomb John A. Keniston Albert Kennedy Susan Kenny Paul D. Keohane Andrea Kiddie Kevin M. Kilcoyne ANDREA KIDDIE 10-13-56 30 Kilsythe Road Queenie’s pancakes, our get around, Sequoia 41, 12, no bargain, Frank’s Big Coincidence, Strobe 11.7, P.M.02, no-body. DEBORAH A. KING 8-21-56 41 James St ETA Science fiction. Cats, Ice Skating, Blown glass ' Nancy Debbie, Veterinarian DEBRA KING 9-26-56 37 Argyle Rd. Sid’s Birthday, queenie on the porch, banana. H4 closet, ig John, Alpha 10, ranch. Captain Marvel Wonder, meet me at church. Green is blue CAROL KINGMAN 7-31-56 31 Mt. Vernon St. LAUREN LESLIE KOUMJIAN 268 Gray St Braces, Sk. ’71, Old Silver - Fal, Seacrest twins! Summer of ’73, “Deep is your longing for your land of your greater desires; ... and love directs your course” Out in the country. Laurel Deborah A. King LINDA MARIE KRUGLEY 3-16-56 15 Granton Park Tom, M. C. Prom, May 12, 1972, Mr. Dlott, Rockport, Mistrust, Three Dog Night Concert! I.L.U., “You Gave Meaning to My Words.” LILLIAN KURKER 1-30-56 29 Claremont Ave. Calif, jr, Anne - Whafs a Zonker? ski trip, B.S. T - I wanna go home Lynda! B.C. - He’s following me!!! Sh. Remember that van?? W.’s N.Yr’s. Cave party, Ja C. - thanks! Jr. Prom, Nick. Debra L. King Carol A. Kingman Lauren L. Koumjian 1 Linda M. Krugley Lillian H. Kurker 203 SUSAN KYLE 3-26-56 63 Rudlee St. Corner Dresses, laughing, chick, “The Lambies . 1 dunt asposta. Commander KEVIN M. LACOUNT 3-8-56 88 Ronald Rd. U.S. History with Brannelly. Hey Ear, 7 of ’em. Oh, allright. New Mercury Comet. Summer of 73. Look what you’re doing to my car man. RODNEY LEBRUN 3-1-56 51 Overlook Rd. Pulsar, Lessons with Don, Mr. T. for four years, Williamsville N.Y. Thanksgiving Day Breakfast, Super Sitos number 3, Monday after skiing Killing- ton, jazz band, ski club KATHLEEN LANZILLO 1-5-56 15 Shawnee Rd. Susan Kyle Kevin M. Lacount Kathleen Lanzillo ARTHUR LARGENTON 1-26-56 6 Webster St. A. Large. - Art J.V. football and hockey, getting up in the morning, Jr. prom, L.G.B., bowling, Bobby Orr’s hockey Tournament, Chicago, R.M. “71”, key, water skiing. THOMAS LARKIN 5-25-56 42 Lansdowne Rd. Kowana Farm vs. Tavern, “get it up” Football, B.P.R.C.C.J.L,, Cosair, KDDGMJJNP, Tom’s Tavern, Tell it all Brother’s, Buttricks, the stands, jock, tracks, Fr Manning, Proms, Beer. 204 Francis J. Leahy FRANK LEAHY 12-28-56 3 Indian Hill Rd. Art class with Fin, Saturday nights, summer of “73”, Globe scholastics, National art award. RAYMOND M, LECCESE 1-19-56 3 Mary St, Dor Pet peeve: Mic’s jokes, my teeth vs, pags, you’re rude, hockey at schoolyard, dumping on each other, imitating Groucho, Melrose Spa, hitting hydrants is expensive! Rodney E. Lebrun Jr. Raymond Leccese Robert A. Leone Debra A. Leslie ROBERT A. LEONE 4-2-56 53 Irving St. Bob Cactus, The Madness, New Hampshire trips, on chicord, white lake Horn, Wah DEBRA A. LESLIE 12-6-56 39 Hospital Rd. Science Club Bus Trips, G S, Quiet! Please? 3rd period English, Survival, Amy’s Brew, S.D. Cranes Beach Bike Hikes, P I T. Boys Club’s Bubble Baths, Ditto, A.O.E. 205 William P. Lewis W. PAUL LEWIS 6-18-56 2 Pine Ridge Rd. V- Hockey. V-Soccer, E-Mass, Tournament. Beach Parties. Soccer is a farce. Nub. Jeromes. P. P. Jr. Prom. Buttricks, Jr. English NANCY LIBBEY 7-6-56 64 Waverly St. Scub 4-2?,- 72, Newfound, Northfield. Brackett, The Park. Egore, The " 5”. HoJo’s, Windrift, Mil: Hill. Chicago. Brownies. Cliffs. Bottles. ‘Til see ya”, " two condominiums to go”. CDCLMTJNNAJJ. jigger jigger. JANET LINTZ Happiness is being with Mike. I ' ll always remember H.G.D. with Bob Offenburger. English with Mr. Foisy and English with Mr. Filichia. Thanks to Mr. D’Antona my school year has been a success. DEBORAH ANN LONEGAN 7-19-56 16 Teresa Circle Nights in White Satin, sailing free, pygmies and pomegranates, Joan and Deb, Gonzaga, Fran, Syracuse, Walden, Friends, accept me as I do you, for what we share is love. TERESA LOPES 12-28-55 36 Exeter St. H R. in 30’s. Next in Freshman Building. Having your locker next to water fountain. French classes, .Algebra 2H Computer Programming. Friend of Policeman’s daughter. SUSAN LOWELE 1-29-56 105 Gardner St. B.F. How ya doing? N. beach 6-10-73. Nat ' s parties, in T’s pool, the gasers, lancers. Sands Y.B.M., summer of “73” the manor. N.M.T.D.D .I.R.K., left city at M.’s Bad. KAREN LUNDSTROM 10-2-5 6 64 Gray St. Ski Trip “72”. “Do It Again”, before, during, and after TC. teaching Dill, TKE 1-12-73, Washington — room 201, summers. Senior Prom. A2. parties, foggy windows . . . D.ANIEL P. LUTZ 4-14-56 19 Wright St. V- Football, V-Track, The Tavern, Ike, Student Council, Undefeated J.V. s. Tracks, U.S.N.A,, Buttricks. Beach Parttes, Nub. Teencenter. Proms. Drum Corps. Cody. Law. NINA M. LUZZO 12-21-55 32 Philmon St. Gypsy Rose Pubs. Dee, Eileen. Cathyo. Mat. O B. bells on toes, black stairs. I ' m not like that. Jack. Franks, Buda. did you do that, killa me, Eeee. CHRISTINE LYONS 7-26-56 148 Hillside Ave. HoJo’s. Farm, “2 condominiums to go”, the “5”, Brackett Schoolyard, “Jigger Jigger”, Cellar Parties, Chicago, Yellow tomatoes, Northfield, Windrift, Backstabbers. Brownies. E gore, SCDJTLMN AJJN, bottles. La-dee’s Nancy J. Libbey Janet S. Lintz Teresa Lopes 206 Deborah Lonergan Susan E. Lowell THOMAS P. LYONS 2-26-55 1 1 Park Ave. Ext. Saber football field, Stratton, Alice, Cat Stevens, Salisbury, Seeking, Pencils, Ya Ya, Boris, Fuzz, Burton. Symmes. Tails Hillside, Extinguisher, S.O.F., Tinsel. Room 81. Camel. Foo. Skully, Spot. Flame. Boo. LISA MACCHIA 3-30-56 8 West St. Farm foul: “Wire Cornered”. Worms!! Windrift: “Headlights”, bleaches. P.J. parties - “does the Hanky Panky”. Friends MCJDINCN AJNJ, Jr. prom. “Color my World”, right turns, lucky Friday 13th. KATHLEEN MACDONALD 1-15-56 184 Brattle St. Kathy Kevin 7-15 Herne Pond, Red Lite, Rich- ie, The Coop, Coop X-mas Party, Doug 5-11, Junior Year, Tallino’s, Wed. nites. New York. New Jersey, Sunday’s, Billy. KENNETH MADDEN 3-31-55 41 Sherborn St. Dng Pet Peeve: teachers who talk too fast, school day memories: 9-6-73. Sports: football frosh J.V. Karen M. Lundstrom Christine A. Lyons Nina M. Liizzo Daniel P. Lutz Lisa B. Macchia Thomas P. Lyons Kathleen J. MacDonald Kenneth Madden 207 MARGARET MADDEN 5-27-56 153 Palmer St. Pe gv walks to store, “Just checking”. JMB 11-5- 72, vegetating second period, Paul N., “STD” " MM”, Lexington — 1-12-73, “PMPNUCHN’. 1 can ' t skip, ballpark. “God love ya”. ELIZABETH L. MADISON JANET MAFFE 6-18-56 66 Sunset Rd. Never forget-good times, bad times, good friends and smucks, dumbos and a prom, D.P.. A.T. too, BooLsy— going steady?? 3-30-73, Jim-IB.T.W.l.Felll. L.W.Y.l.W.B. forever. Margaret Madden NORMAN MAGNUSON 3-20-56 103 Jason St. Normal 11-1-72 Terry, You are The sun shine of my life. Sitting Behind The Church. F.T.S.S.. F.M., T.P., T.A.. C.E.G., Buff All the good times with you. PATRICIA ANN MAHON 5-24-56 77 Gloucester St. Patti Good times and good friends, route 93, Mr. Filichia’s class, hockey games, 8-16-73, A.S.E.C., summer of “73” CATHERINE M. MAHONEY 8-30-56 T99 Clare- mont Ave. Conie Brackett woods. Cliff. 2 con- dominiums to go, stands, Jr. Prom, Newfound, Jigger Jigger. Yellow Tomatoes, The Park, HoJo s, Windriff Chris’s, Oct 21, 73, Dipping at One. Elizebeth L. Madison 1 Silence sleeping on a waste of ocean Percy Somers Payne Robert A. Malloy Janet M. Mahoney JANET M. MAHONEY GRAEME A. MAITLAND BOB MALLOY 10-25-56 144 Robbins Rd. Meelov Summer 73. Will ya. Give me anotha. Natural. I Ain’t. Boiler Room. Unwanted. Get a Bucket. Farm. Symmes Woods. Buttricks. Ramblin Wreck. STANDS. Salisbury, Lockelands DENISE MALVEY 7-21-55 90 Jason St. studies, getting out of school. Cheryl and Linda’s fights, what do you want to do. Hampton beach. Horseback riding in the winter, “Ben”. RONALD E. MARANIAN 7-18-56 15 West St. 60’s, George!! Jenkins!! Doc., I or 2 things. Sports: hockey and baseball, Saturdays nights, L.M., Anacnama, Cambell. ROBERT G. MARCANTONIO TERESA MARCH 4-20-55 325 Mystic St Terry Red LTD, M.F.S. 10-27-72, “Gotta be the best’’, 2F7778 Mach I II, Dianes, Sr. Prom 72, Last lunch Jr. yr. Red Roses. “Love can make you happy” Winchester Rd. Robert G. Marcantonio Denise Malvey Teresa R. March Graeme A. Maitland 209 Andrea Z. Mardirosian MICHAEL MAROLDA 7-11-55 44 Longmeadow Meatball Happiness is the last day of double ses- sions. Pet Peeve’s E.B., I.B., R.H., remember the uncrowded, halls and stairways in between class. DAVID E. MARTIN 224 Mass. Ave. ROBERT MASTRANGELO Karen M. Mark Cheryl A. Mariano ANDREA MARDIROSIAN 5-17-56 59 Winchester Rd. Ruggy J.C., 6-22-69-7-4-73, Shee-han, S.J., D.M., C.G., Falmouth, Tearoom, A,E, 28, on the rocks. New silver, Angie, all night 7-4-73, 5-7-73 D.C,, tracks, 1st door on the left, Queenie, P.R, “73”, Proms. CHERYL ANNE MARIE MARIANO 8-28-56 129 Appleton St. “Sheri” Happiness was the Junior Prom. Data Processing, Drama. G S, Samettes — 4 years?! Fusco — June is just around the corner! Amy Smoking, Firedrills in the snow. KAREN MARK 1-8-56 96 Chandler St. RDNMDJTS, summer of “73”. Pub gasers. “The Sands”, Ybm, WWOFNNSB - 8-9-73, N’s party at T’s. H’s house, summer parties. 57, the manor. Linda M. Marchi LINDA MARCHI 7-22-56 45 Fairview Ave. Lin Always Remember District, All-State, Greater Bostonians, Harmonettes, Majorettes, G S-Pres.. The Surf. " George. Reno. Polly”, Proms, “chicken”! Buffalo, summer “73” Traces. “The Best”. Trev., “Live for Life” Michael A. Marolda Robert Mastrangelo Stephen Mattos LINDA MATSON 7-25-56 77 Hemlock St. Symmes Angela and Alan, Rainbow, Jane, Happiness is pay day. library, James, 7 o’clock, Tony, contentment is sleeping late, Ann. STEPHEN MATTOS 3-27-56 13 Belknap St. Spy pond, summer of “73”. boredom. Ben’s palace, Willards woods, big party at Clancy home. G.F.Y., Girls-Kevin’s here. Is that sugar? KAREN MAXWELL 11-8-56 60 Kendall St. “Peanut " Happiness is remembering all the good ol high .school memories of the past — and also thinking what effect they wi ll have on my future. LOUISE MAZZOLA 9-26-55 20 Dow Ave. Lou Remember the Summer of “73” at Cape Cod. Lum. G S, First Gear, Skiing, Sewing, Going to football and hockey games. ELIZABETH McCARTHY 3-24-56 149 Renfrew Liz Nurses Club, AGB, chem, water fights Jr Prom, Chicago, weekends, RgM - gum, Jr. office. Camels, CYO, flash - prep B. champs, PEC Wild — one 7th. JOHN McCarthy I -25-56 57 Richfield Rd. Snotty School Day Memories - Taking Gym with Ike Bevins. Elizabeth A. McCarthy Linda T. Matson Louise Mazzola John F. McCarthy John W. McDevitt Michael McClosky Maureen McDermott MICHAEL J McCLOSKY DEBORAH McCROBIE 12-27-55 54 Fremont St. Won’t forget Sophomore gym cla,ss and its disappearing clothes. Football. Hockey games, Won ' t Forget Con. Emile. Kevin. Linda. Jerry, Bobby, Impossible Greek dances. Endless Reign. MAUREEN A. McDERMOTT 10-30-56 119 Mt. Vernon St. Field hockey, basketball, summer’s at Mentotomy, Mr. Dlott and Mr. Filichia, period 5 gym. “What is essential is invisible to the eye”, hockey tournies. JOHN McDEVITT 1-15-56 160 Lake St. Mic Baseball, Bags moons. Jim’s physique, Pags smuggling refreshments into Garden, Norton, 2 o’clock Lounge, wrestling. Grand Wizard. Wild red berry, Ray’s parties. Don’s stomach, Nardi’s shoes. MICHAEL McELENEY 11-30-56 33 Fabyan St. Mike Football, hockey games, weightlifting, Friday and Saturday nights, teen center. Chefs class. Ambition is college, perhaps be a teacher, memories is to remember my friends always. DARYL McGARRY 10-17-56 132 Washington St. Demo Bubba, Ninit Agarn, the wall’ dippm at 1:00. parties with V.W.s. shmall party in Old Hall, all Monday with Denise Shea. Hassen Rd. Dennisport. STEPHEN McKENNA 3-22-56 8 Gray St. Out of the classes school didn’t mean much to me. SUZANNE McKlLLOP 2-27-56 35 Stone Rd. Suzie Q Drama club, yearbook staff, survival program, Mr. Roberts classes. Live and Let die, the trip to Florida and the summer of 72. my ambition is to, become a botanist. I ! i Michael P. McEleney Daryl J. McGarry Suzanne McKillop 212 Charles D. McNamee Mary McPhee Sharon B. Meece BRIAN McLANE 3-20-56 118 Sunset Rd. A P, seventh period, French. Canada, guidance? CHARLES McNAMEE 1-24-56 20 Upland Rd. Chuck Swimming in the warm waters of the Cape and water skiing are among my fondest Summer memories. MARY McPHEE 12-22-56 97 Egerton Rd. Going to Maine. Green cottage, summer “73”, grapenut. just walking around, Belmont, waiting for weekends. PETER A. MEAGHER SHARON BETH MEECE 10-16-56 11 Richardson Ave. Zuke To each his own, August 18-21, I’m gonna miss you yes I will no matter who you are I love you still. MARGARET MEEHAN 6-11-57 I Chestnut St. Maggie. “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”. Emerson CORINNA MEEK 8-15-56 17 Lowell St. PI. Happiness is Mark 2-2-72. Fondest memory; Florida with M R., J.P., p, C. (72) Margaret Meehan Corinna Meek 213 Peter A. Meagher Brian P, McLane James S. Megna JIM MEGNA 2-13-56 20 Teresa Circle Cross country track. Mr. Kelly, Summer memories 73: a green chevy J.S., Plum Island, Friends: Chuck, Ed, W.C., S.P., Ignore what you hear and do what you want. CYNTHIA A. MEIKLEJOHN 12-2-56 187 West- minster Ave. Cindy Monday mornings, Mr. Pearl- man’s class, pet peeve: cliques, Hickey rock, Maine “72” “73”, Harry and “Just good Friends,” Oh Wow! Big Brother Brian, Thanks Joan, Life is to enjoy! LESLIE MEREDITH 9-28-56 86 W. Springfield St. Boston My ambition is to become a obstetrician. To get somewhere in white society and not be degraded like in A.H.S. Learn who is the Nigger. WAYNE D. MICHEALSEN 8-27-56 28 Dow Ave. Honevchild Happiness is meeting a special person in Mr. Kotchin’s class. School Day Memories: Going to Mr. Mercurio’s period 6 English class. JAMES MIKSIS 11-23-56 1 12 Rawson Rd. STEPHEN MILLER 3-31-55 4 Rd. always remember Buttericks before school. Human gr. Dev. Rm. 1, Mr. Toz, Skipping gym, Winchester High Junior year. Favorite person: R.S. “Color My World”, Walking to school JEFFREY B. MILLS A man never gets acquainted with himself, but is always a surprise Leslie A. Meredith James F. Miksis Cynthia A. Meiklejohn Wayne D. Michealsen Jeffrey B. Mills 214 Vincent Montalto Mark B. Mills Alejandro Morales Alberto Morales Kathleen E. Moran MARK B. MILLS Nickname - Driver, Lavorite Teacher — Mrs. Coleman. Lavorite word - Stop VINCENT M. MONTALTO 3-25-56 83 Williams Vmnie My memories from school are meeting my gjrl friend, going to Mr. Britt’s class and going to my Data Processing class and being called Print. ALBERTO MORALES U. 12-16-56 1054 Mass Ave. A I Life used to be so easy now is so hard because you’re gone. “Our House.” Diane L. Hughes 1970 to 1973. Interested in Art, Lins Art class. “Charlies place” ALEJANDRO MORALES KATHLEEN MORAN 11-2-56 19 Cypress Rd Kathy Jr. Year, Thanks to the big brother I never had. Academy St, foreigners, sorry Sandy Lost again. Best times with K.H. and S.A. GEORGE MORANIAN 7-19-55 190 Lowell St. Phili — 917, 622 A.M. Miami Chicks, Summer of 72, Pet Peeve: Waking up for school. Hockey tournaments. Happiness is - leaving A.H.S. for Good, Hye Power — Buddies George A. Moranian 215 David P. Morrison ROBERTA MORASH 7-5-56 15A Lanark Rd. Mean numbers, bimbos, prudence pronk, where’s your scruples? 4 muskaleers. Do fish swim? diehl. what did I say? truckin, P.L.F.D., s.g.b., 4- 56’83’968 what is life?, Mick, windrift, farm JUANITA MORGAN 5-23-56 1 lA Academy St. “Never fear that your life may come to an end. rather fear that it should have no beginning” JAMES MORRIS 6-4-56 21 Park Circle “Anything Goes”, 3, 1973 Hockey Championship, Mr. Mercurio, setoses, last day of school. Happiness is getting out at 1:30, First Gear, , ' .H.S. football games. CHERYL MORRISEY 6-20-56 14 Margaret St. Happiness is . . . Joe Aceto! Summer of 71, 72, 73, Surf Nantasket, Raty’s, We’ve had a hell of a time. Mr. Filichia’s soph. English class DAVID MORRISON 12-1-55 15 Marrigan St. Boxing at the Club. Drinking weekends in Ole, Betsy, working on the cars in the Auto shop, “Turkey Hill”, The Front. 216 Peter Mottla Eugene J. M ucci Robert P. Mucd Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some to be chewed and digested. Francis Bacon DEBORAH A. MORSE 6-12-56 149 Brattle St. The Cape, Mean Numbers. 64 wheels. What A. Bird ' ’ Do fish swim? Stationwagon? . " Xmos. 3-16-73 PLFDF. Stairway to Heaven. ABCDRM. G’s, K’s, LMNOP s and Z’s. Feathers ANTHONY MOSCHELL. ' Il PETER MOTTLA 9-17-56 180 Jason St. Pete Seeing the Bruins win, seeing the Yankees lose, “Stairway to Heaven”, The Allman Brothers, Yes, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, West Texas State Anthony Moschella Wendy S. Muello Christine Mullane Shizuo Mukai WENDY SUE MUELLO 4-22-57 155 Jason St. Bubbles “The greatest happiness of life is being loved for yourself ... or, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself.” 1 DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! SHIZUO MUKAI 4-5-55 41 Kenilworth Rd. SHIZ “Virtue is to love men. And wisdom is to understand men.” APETH, PRAJNA. LOVE. PAX ... Mr. Mac, Unicorn. Survival 73, Professor, Toes, Infinity . . . CEKAL . . . GUTTS . . MAIDA. TINA MULLANE 8-29-56 62 Elliot Rd. ANNE MURPHY 1-1 1-56 42 Smith St. “Murph” A girl of very few words, someday I’ll jump Fowles, windrift, J.D. parties, Peempsi, Lockeland, “Shack”, 3:00 attic, Rusty’s Sr. prom, 6-2-72, God bless Rusty always. DONALD S. MURPHY 7-17-56 7 Lawrence Lane Murph Jocks and Rats, La-Dees, Salisbury, Stratton, Johnny Bench, Reds, Football field, Symmes Woods. Ducky, Michelle 11-17-72, Tracks. Hampton, Saber, Skully, Fuzz, Lip. Wilbur, Lester KATHLEEN L. MURPHY MARIE MURPHY 7-8-56 1055 Mass Ave. Remembrance is the only paradise out of which we cannot be driven. — Anonymous I Anne Murphy Donald Murphy Kathleen L. Murphy Marie T. Murphy NANCY E. MURPHY TERENCE MURPHY 12-19-56 43 Mary St. Murf, Barss, Tony, Mucci, Gerry, New Hampshire, Lynette, Bob, Cathy, Carla, Bird, Friendly’s, Let’s Get It on. JOHN MURRAY 12-29-55 16 Hawthorne Ave. Muzz. Burton Flying sinks, shriners, e.xtinguishers, Symmes, Fight with Sab, Readon’s cellar, Hillside, Wiihe’s House, Cousin’s, Summer 73 - No Bargain. Stratton, give me another, BUBBA. RICHARD MURRAY 8-20-56 107 Highland Ave. “Rich” Football, Indoor outdoor track, U.S. History. Survival Program, Dumping on Egan Leominster, Willie’s Poolhall. Wildman In the Library. Hockey Tournament Games. McDonald’s Nancy E. Murphy Terence Murphy ANTHONY NARDELLA 3-6-56 15 Exeter St. Nardi Hag’s Pool and Parties, “Loom it”, Balinka, Leach, BUMPA, Larry’s Moons, Dickout’s Casino Harvest Moon. Brew The Old Man Nickel, Comedien Mick’s Wornout Jokes Anthony Nardella John R. Murray Louis J. Nardone Richard C. Murray Cheryl J. Nelson LOUIS NARDONE 1-20-56 23 Belnap St. Genny 5th period History, Karen. Red, the gang, Willards Woods, Bara’s Wedding, Losing $63.00, Ben’s, East Pond, GEY, 34 stiches. bored. 5 o’clock Rush Foodmaster, sugar. CHERYL JEAN NELSON 10-28-56 5 Fox Meadow Lane G S, Colorado, Yellow Paint, Volleyball. Peter Paners, ski trips. Medical Careers Club, vanilla ice cream cones, giant marathons, surprise parties, beepo. The Boston Globe MATHEW NESTOR Mathew Nestor 219 ;l t ' Kenneth H. Nitchie NEAL NIGRO 6-28-56 Tavern, “Mannaquan Hands”, Boiler Room, Football 74, Hornet, Corvair, “Suntan, Rock” Cliftondale, AJ. s, Buttricks Roof, U.S.N.A., Steeple, Bucky’s Ringe Dune Buggy. RONALD NIGRO 6-15-56 148 Gardner Si. Smiley Drinking parties on Friday nights. Dislikes: Getting V.P. for school. Summer “73”, Vocy 4 years. Get High!, G.H.T.. 50’s sanitary. School Stinks. Get down. D.M.T., Good-bye forever. KENNETH NITCHIE 10-12-55 52 Hilldale Rd. Niich T-Bone four years m a row. Along with Mr. Duffy and marching with the bass drum. Mr. Kornich trying to wake up for class. Third year Mech. Drawing and " Flood pants.” Miss Barry and the first period drag. Williamsville and “Anything Goes” DAVID NOCHELLA 4-15-56 125 Crescent Hill Ave. AHS Gym Team, Opening Day Ceremonies, All the Broads, After school Hunting Expeditions. The Inlet, Res. Monsters, Summer Fishing Parties, The Basket Crop. Heineken Draft JANET A. NOEL ELAINE NORKUS 6-4-56 25 Palmer St. “A stranger to myself and to the world, armed solely with a thought that negates itself as soon as it asserts ...” Camus KIM NORMANDIN 12-25-55 60 Bow St. L.H.S. Eighty miles with Buzz for a Schafer, Greaseball, MW, Nice Bike, RIP, Plucking in Maine, Muffdivers. Hibbert. Never Dumped, Whallbanger, Jean, Ed, Don, Joyce THOMAS NOVIELLO BARBARA O’BRIEN 12-20-56 441 Summer St. Barbie F.O.O.F.C. Summers in Scituate S.S.P., the Six Appeal, Kap. Jackson K.D.P. . S.M.S. . . P.A.O. ... C.M. West B., “Nothing lasts longer than a happy memory” Munchies DEBORAH O’CONNOR 11-14-56 32 Lewis Ave. Reminder to Debbie and Donna: Don t forget the snowstorms in 50’s coridor Ronald S. Nigro David C. Nochella Barbara A. O’Brien W. Kim Normandin 220 Cathleen Ofria Kathleen A. O’Leary , h Jean A. O ' Donnell JEAN O’DONNELL 4-1-56 43 Richfield Road What can I say’’. “Aren’t You Glad.”. Diane’s. Good times in the mad mobile.. The Park, Walden Pond, The Cape? Girls’ Club, Buttricks, Lunch time, CATHLEEN OERIA 3-7-56 6 Walnut St, Cathv Bill Wally, (72-73) dynamite times. Scars of Ellen Ward, Cape, Hopes in teaching. All my good friends. Pet Peeve — Social Climbers, Beach, wall, cove, island PATRICIA OFRIA 7-13-55 28 Jason St. Tishv F.O.O.F .C, fog. Summers down the Cape, Burlington, C.M„ gas, N,M,S,D,D,R,K,B,“Garbage Girls, Munchies, KATHLEEN OLEARY 10-31-56 II George St, Kathy cliques: Donna’s show in Gym, seventh grade class, senior Prom, Lorna Doone, rolling down hill. Happiness is knowing someone cares. Executive secretary. Good-bye forever. THOMAS F. O’LEARY DEBRA MARIE O’NEILL 9-24-56 18 Spy Pond Parkway Debby The Gasers, Bad 57 PARTIES! Lance no Pants. WWOF. KT laughing and crying together. 5-1-71 4m, manor Markie, Black Sambo, Pub Kids, Gasing, HMS. Summer ’73 Patricia A. Ofria Thomas F. O’Leary Debra M. O’Neill JANET OE’PEDISANO 11-4-56 102 Stowecroft Rd. “U ' a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer” (Thoreau) JOHN M. OPPEDISANO 12-5-56 59 Ridge St. Opie Bermuda, Hi Dad, Hoss shut down. Prom, Coconuts, Thanks nub. Piano, Pants. KEVIN .1. O’QUINN 11-14-56 6 Perth Rd. Tension U.H.O.H. V Baseball v Hockey ... E Mass. Champs The Cape The Farm Summer 73 . No Bargain Cousin’s Lockland’s Div’s Party 3 16 73 Janet A. Oppedisano John M. Oppedisano Kevin J. O’Quinn David P. Oster Denise J. Ouellette Joyce M. Palla Lawrence G. Paglierani DAVID OSTER 8-19-56 21 Hathaway Cr. Steven Dlott ... Sin City, Holloway House, W405, risque. You got to get up pretty early in the morning to get out of bed at all. DENISE J. OUELLETTE LAWRENCE PAGLIER.ANI 5-2-56 144 Herbert Rd. Pags Ray’s Bull; Hockey Tournies, Auburn; Washington Eve; G. F. Page, Parkside Proposition; 201; Househunting with Micky; Moons; Holy Saturday; Lung Walks; Cape; N.H.; Knee; V Football (almost) JOYCE PALLA 10-24-56 55 Randolph St. Peace, Summers on the Cape, Happiness is doing what you like. Pet Peeve: prejudice. Ambition: interpreter NICHOLAS A. PAOLILLO 44-56 67 Egertow Rd. Great Expectations, the Big Trip, Surfing, ZAV, Fog, summer drive-ins, Peyton Place, Lil, Summer of 74, California, EZ + JC huh!, Early morning airport Nicholas Paolillo 222 PAUL PAPAGNI 6-23-56 12 Clyde Terr. Pink Panther - Taxi Tavern Parties; Sun Tan; Beach Boys; Soph beach party; telephone books; Summer 73; First time Drive-ins; Cape - CYO “too fat” Prom JULIA A. PAPAS 9-21-56 62 Wollaston Ave. My Ursuline - a passage of time that created real beauty in the knowledge of life. S.D. you were the light of the world! Paul Papagni STEPHANIE PAPPAS It’s this simple; If 1 never say anything, 1 never learn anything. If I never take a risk, I stay where I am. STEPHEN PARADIS 10-13-73 90 Everett Street Happiness is ... Schools out “Dream On” - Aerosmith Memories of Room 8 with Mrs. “G” FRANK PARAGONA 7-12-56 88 Sunnyside Ave. Always remember camping with friends, garage, cellar, whityies hill. Miss Burger, Pie, and being high DAVID J. PATRICK PAUL PAVONE 8-8-56 327 Appleton St. Bone Stairway to Heaven . . . Wasted, Roads, Tension, Lockeland’s B-B, Cousin’s, 9-30-72- Fluffy, Farm, Tracks, I gut beer. Naked Beach, Cape, N.H., Seriously . . . organized on time Bye! BEVERLY PEARSON 11-13-55 53 Warren St. Bev Walks up Beacon St. Gets by with a little help from my friends. 2nd Period Vegetable. Just checking walking to school. Smoking area and Paul Nyberg. Stephanie Pappas Stephen Paradis 4 Frank Paragona David J. Patrick NINO PEDRELLI 4-18-56 46 Lakehill Ave. Parkside I01-201-W405, Soccer, Dlott’s History, John’s Party, Grend Swerlig-W.H.C., P.W., The one dollar X-rated nose job.. Marching Band Dummy., Canapes not can’o peas!, Capt. Nimo Bambino Petrelli, Unforgettable friends. Paul Pavone Beverly J. Pearson Nino Pedrelli DENISE M. PELLEGRINO 6-14-56 8 Martin St. Hitchin a ride. Can you bye? Grounded, Summer of “73” Thirsty nights at Craft-allrightus, Sun Fun in Bermuda. The last Tan Go in Greenhouses, Glad it’s over! Robert Pellegrino ROBERT G. PELLEGRINO 9-27-56 44 Fox Meadow Lane Boss V. Basketball and football, seeker, tooth, boon, B.B.K., high school, Buttricks, summer rm. 81, S.O.F., Salisbury, Stratton, hauled in, stretch, extinguishers, dents. NEIL PETRICONE 8-20-56 87 Beverly Rd. Monk Flamingo, Mr. Gill, Bono you have a match. Buttlicks, smoke job, lousy, Pluzuta, Volkswagons are the best, goo driving. KARLA DAWN PETROWICZ 10-25-56 5 Ronald Rd. ”... I may never get there, but at least I m going to keep moving, trying, looking ... On my wat to love” “Butterflies are free” Gongaga, Win- Neil Petricone Bo’B, S.S., M.P. JOHN PICARDI 8-7-56 8 Homer Rd. Those summers of 69-70, freshman year, Fitzgerald, sophmore year-skip year, junior year trip to Italy, Cozza Italian student teaching, sleep overs, the John Picardi David Piercey park. t I DAVID PIERCEY “1956” 58 Fisher Rd. Pierce Maniquan hands, flying fountain, Lockes, Cape, Y, Trollies, Mercum, watch them disappear. HEY, Jasper, Shine my shoes. Wart Women, foadgie Wama. NELSON J. PINDARI 66 Cleveland St. DAVID PINETTE 12-14-56 15 Yale Rd. Pet Peeve: a ringing alarm clock. Happiness is an extra hour of sleep. Favorite things are: “The Farm”, hunting, fishing, and Friday nights. Ambition is to work in the outdoors. RICHARD PISCOPO C. CHARLES PITHIS JACQUELINE POLAND 4-11-56 68 Mystic St. Pet Peeve: The Home, Never forget party’s at Carl’s cellar, “Oct, 72”, Ambition: to finish school, never forget fights with Elaine. SUSAN POMPEY 6-8-56 10 Lancrk Rd. Pomp Joe, 3-5-71, Can’t find the time to tell you, Chantily, Sheehan, A.J., D.M., Spring Feaver, Proms, 71-72, All-nighters, July 4th weekend 73, Nahant beach, Joe, 1 love you. Ricky Piscopo Jacqueline Poland Susan Pompey David Pinette Charles Pithis 225 DONNA PORZIO 11-13-56 35 Virginia Rd. Freshman Home Ec., C and P at B and N, hockey playoffs, “scoopin’’. Wells Beach. Good Harbour, Chicago. Junior and Senior Proms, Pee Wee, Godspell, 6-19-71 = J.R.S., Chedishedon. JOHN POWER 6-30-56 83 Overlook Rd. Fuzz Give me another, Buttericks, Symmes, Stratton. Saber, Boris, Dew Football Field. Flame, Burton Sully Baldwin, Lester, Blue-Face, Skully, Tinsel Rm 81, Fats, Schlitz C.I.O.W.Y. KATHLEEN ANNE POWERS 9-13-56 83 Thorndike St. Kathy Memories of Bal-a-Roue, E.C., L.A., The Ecos, Soccer, the Park, Greenie, Nelson, Diamond Girl, May 12 EILEEN PRENDERGAST 2-20-56 20 Brattle Place Never forget April 1, 1972, 7-4-72 Sir John, all the good times with my T.B. Pet Peeve: Teds night out with the boys. Donna Porzio John Power Kathleen A. Powers Eileen D. Prendergast Joseph Prestigiovanni JOSEPH PRESTIGIOVANNI 9-30-56 70 Appleton St. Favorite thing: Watching Doctor J operate, going one on one with Norm. Getting out on Fridays. Watching Trojans win another Tourney. Orioles in the Series DEBORAH A. PROULX 2-15-56 42 Sunset Rd. H.B. Never forget: girls sanity, good times and bad, parties, proms, summer “73’’ concerts, drive- ins, bowling, H.P., P.H., The four days, 11-26-71 B.D. Ambition: number 1 bum Deborah A. Proulx 226 RONALD L. QUEENEY 5-4-56 1 1 Teel St. Rolo interests: Girls, Electronics, ambitions: wealthy electronic engineer, favorite personality: Raquel Welch, favorite subject: between classes, pet peeve: Laddy Boy Lunches ELIZABETH JOY QUIGLEY 4-5-56 67 College Ave. Betsy Fiat, braces, angels, Cinderella city, shags, debutantes, Bonjour! je m’appelle Joya; “Out in the country” Diane’s Kalmus Kampout, Hmmm, “Solitude” Loretta, Flamingo, KKK, a hundred acquaintances for one friend Ronald J. Queeney Shawn D, Rahilly Marie Raisis SHAWN RAHILLY 5-29-56 165 Franklin St. Robs Tension, party line, gas station, fueling, shelled, vandalism, I was never there!, Spanish 93, park bench. High School parking lot, clothes, Giles, Barrier, get me another. MARIE RAISIS 78 Harlow St. Carla J. Ramos CARLA RAMOS 6-16-56 110 Hemlock St. Freshman TC Blues, Shelter Dances 11-9-72, Briarwood, “Fog” remember?. Love is S.F.J.A. and the big mere, goodbye AHS and everyone ELAINE RANAURO 9-27-56 14 Wyman Terrace Pet Peeve: being home at 11:00; Memories: Park, Pond, Kathies, FlufPs House, The Home; Favorite Sayings: Hi Love, You’re a chicken, You got a friend PETER N. READDY WILLIAM J. REARDON Elaine R. Ranauro Peter N. Readdy 227 William J. Reardon Denise Reddington RHONDA REDD 3-14-57 35 Newland Rd. Miss Burt’s English, Me and Jane in Biology. Summer of 73, FHA, Bermuda in May, Miss Butler’s Homeroom DENISE MICHELLE REDDINGTON 3-17-56 37 Magnolia St. Neesv Score Kings, M.B.C., Fun times with KK.-D.-M.-D.-S.-L., Happiness is A. A M. 6-4-70, luv that thunderbird Pet Peeve M.T. I{ James L. Regal Daniel Regan JAMES L. REGAL 10-27-56 156 Brattle St. Jim, | Reeg Drags, Diving with Kep, Kiely, Plymouth, | Horn Pond, the Bell. Chemistry- Joke. Sweat Hog. | “Knock yourself out.” Brattle St. Gang. Screwups- | Flea, Mac, Rick. DANIEL REGAN 4-17-56 298 Forest St. Turkey Hill, The Weekends, Freshman football Hockey games at the garden January 18, Debbie, April, DAN Take it easy huh! Oh o.k. Dan Ry. K Kp. Life LAWRENCE JOSEPH REGHITTO 3-20-56 4 Joyce Rd. Pet Peeve-School, Junior Prom, Red Light Barrel, Tallinos, S.W., 80’s sanitary Brattle Street, L.C. CAROL REISSIS 10-26-56 46 Temple St. Summer “71”. Junior year. Mrs. Jones Nutrition class. Greek dances. Another day. letters. Remember Revere. “Austina”. The beach “73”. JIM REPETTO 8-18-56 14 Sagamore Road Never forget great times with Big D. Cape Hampton Summer of “73” was super. D.E.P. is a Bargain. Oh really. ROSANNE REPOSA 12-28-55 56 Palmer St. “Favorite Class Junior Year was Sixth Period” bothering Maralyn. Just hanging around with C.S. trying to stay out of trouble. “Mac” December 8, 1972. Jim Repetto 228 Nancy Rigazio Barbara Robbins 229 Gerard F. Riccioti Sharon L. Riess Rosanne Reposa GERARD F. RICCIOTTI 6-5-56 6 Crescent Hill Ave. Jerry shooting- Favorite saying “We’U let it go this time” N.E. Bell 1-4-73 SHARON L. RIESS 4-9-56 37 Wollaston Ave. Sherri 1411 Beacon Hungry Charlie’s U-Haul the “Tower” 5-3 T.P.R. Radio Shack Buddy-Chet Vod 254-1600 August 30 ‘John ’68 LeMans N.H. Joanne August 17 April 9 NANCY RIGAZIO 7-8-56 25 Hawthorne Ave. Majorette, SC, Chronicle, sophmore beach party, 12-3-71 Natale, 201-Parkside, Fat Whale, The farm: Halloweens birthday celebrations, shanng pizza. Junior Proms, JD’s parties. Drunken Sailor? BARBARA ROBBINS 9-8-56 222 Appleton St. Toadies Hippos Potamos, nice ladies, Parkside 204, 15A, tap dancing, “You’re serious aren’t you?”, defective chem. labs, “Bubbles, Toodles and Sugar forever”! ALAN ROBINSON 11-13-56 9 Belknap St. Look- ing for a Civil Service job. Good luck with your futures Goodbye Joseph Robinson William J. Robinson Joan M. Ronan JOSEPH ROBINSON 8-24-56 2 Aberdeen Rd. Robbie Tourney Hockey Games, 10 to 4, Racing at C.B.I., Sailing on the Westward, Annie, Mech Dr., Maggie May, Rm 81, ARE. 1, Brawls Southie Style. WILLIAM J. ROBINSON 7-6-56 284 Highland Ave. Jay Naked Beach, talks with Roger, tension, cousins, farm, barrier, seriously, stairway to heaven . . ., wasted, I gut beer, the Roads, Lockeland, The Rapids, the football field JOAN MOIRA RONAN 2-11-56 1 Brewster Rd. Duck Pygmies eat Pomegranates, the Debs, Rossi, elephants, Moby Dick, Rm. 26, “hit the beach”, skiing. Deb . . ., JPT, friendship, “dreams have lost some grandeur coming true” JEANNE ROSS 2-23-56 69 Grove St. Larry, 10-20- 73, 36, cubbyhole, lounge, cheating at pinball, Buttricks, Saturday nights with L.N., “Whipped”, seniors of ’73, friends like D.C., M.M., K.D., D.R., MAB. Jeanne Ross Denise Roussel STEPHEN ROURKE 11-28-56 1 Gilboa Rd. Rookie shopping at Stop and Shop after school, down the Cape in the boat DENISE ROUSSEL 11-15-56 107 Dow Ave. Cupcake P.G. 1-20-73, Skunk, Twink, Jew, Nel, Y.B.L.T.Y., D.I.M., tell me NO!, snicker, K. contest, Kung-Fu, Note Phantom, nice day, whoa, hiccups. Drome, Bedford, M. and A. pizza. Spider, J.M.C.L, R.S. concert. DEAN ROUSSINOS 7-9-56 104 Brooks Ave. Greek “Down below, where dream and action move silently forward, side by side, through the dense waters, man feels for a moment in tune with life.” WILLIAM E. ROWE 2-27-56 51 Hawthorne Ave. V Soccer, Marching Band, G and S orchestra, PULSAR, B.A.Y.S., Mr. T., Williamsville, N.Y., Ping Pong Club, Brackett Summer Program, Arlington Chapter G.B.A.R.C. award, Arlington DeMolay, V.F.W. Band, “Depend on yourself’ KAREN ROWSELL 10-10-56 11 Kenilworth Rd. “A friend is the present you give yourself’- Robert Louis Stevenson I will forever remember Eda, Wildcats, East Hill Farm, Munsonville, and mud. “Likewise” Dean S. Roussinos William Rowe Karen A. Rowsell Jane N. Russell I t Rosanne Russo JANE RUSSELL 8-25-56 27 Oldham Rd, Red The Wall, My Brother Peter, London, Jr. History, Orange, Mass, The Apartment, Meadows Oldies but Goodies, Trouble in Maine ask Karen Snedeker. ROSANNE RUSSO 5-17-56 6 Spy Pond Pkwy. Rosie Summer of “73”, The Gasers, Pub kids. The Manor, Sands Motel Y.B.M., Cindy, ski trips, B.F., Winnie s Wheels of fire, N,K,M, and T’s summer parties, Lance, 57. MARK RUTKOWSKI 12-14-56 35 Lakehill Ave. Spaceman Lunenburg, Carol’s house, A.S., Terrible Tempest, light ’em up, Chiquitas from Omaha— are you from Omaha?, Willie, Hickory Hills, The Room, Good Humor, The Boat. nancy RYAN 11-14-56 16 Vista Circle Flash G and S cast parties. Hockey Tourney, Linda’s car, Jouwsers!, H.G.D., final exams, Marshfield, don’t forget your camera!, nothing’s impossible!, X-Rays, 9 7, freezing at football games, O.K.! Mark Rutkowski KAREN A. RYERSON 4-1-56 15 Temple St. Wednesday nights. Hockey Tourney, final exams. My ambition is to go to college majoring in special education, working with the mentally retarded and deaf. SANDRA M. SAIA 3-21-57 55 Mary Street Sandie Ambition: to go to college and become a grammer school teacher in a low income area. Pastimes: swimming, skiing, learning to sail. PAUL SAMPSON PETER SANDS 4-13-56 130 Newport St. Pet Peeve: The eight o’clock bell. Happiness is the one- thirty bell, Mr. Lavery’s Current Affairs class-all the movies and rocks coming through the window. STEPHEN P. ST. HILAIRE Nancy Ryan Karen Ryerson Sandra M. Saia Paul Sampson Peter Sands 231 Donna M. Santo Kathleen M. Saunders DONNA SANTO 9-9-56 55 Highland Ave. Sahntoo “5”, Brackett, shortcut, Windrift, Mill Hill, Geno-23, Bottles, U Haul, Jr. Prom-Cronin’s kidneys, Jigger-Jigger, farm. Brownies, 7-6-72, Northfield, Friends . . . L., C., N., C., J., L., M., T., J., A., J. CATHLEEN M. SANTOSUOSSO 6-22-56 53 Lancaster Rd. Cathv Sometimes in the darkness 1 think of you. 6-22-56 and summer 53, BABY, Happiness is life, Jeepers! You’re dreaming, KCIAWPETHBMH, Brendan, French, Alright now, Rigolez. „ , o • i ° Paul Sateriale DIANE JEAN SARAF 7-22-56 35 Bow St. “The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.” Ann, Jean, Alisa, and Cathy PAUL SATERIALE KATHLEEN SAUNDERS 2-20-56 103 Hemlock St. Kathy Ape Man, Shelter, CMW, Fogga, Brairwood. Pick on Susan day!. Flash’s class, Smily, three stooges, tuna, 12’s, Dave’s, hat, mouth, flee, weasel, Bratt, Flash’s twin. Diane J. Saraf 232 John E. Schrader Marcia Segelstrom Mary F, Serpa CLAIRE D. SEABOYER 6-24-56 67 Palmer Street Summer ’72, ’73 Good Friends: R.R., K.K., D.D., E.G., J.S. Harry forever, Wendi, The “C”, Begin- nings, KIDS, Colour my world. THE END. MARCIA SEGELSTROM 1-12-56 50 Jason St. Joey 2-26-71 Tex Mean numbers Why not Cape 64 Wheels Kites Boo Hampton Haywood R6 HoJo’s The Mean Machine Thank You Bev Stairway to Heaven. MARY SERPA 11-30-55 1 15 Medford St. Riding around. The corner, Zaza-Eva Red Malibu with black top-yellow Toyota, Working at the hospital, Mrs. Jones Nutrition, Daddy Gabor. Edith-Rita- Burtha-Orthelia 233 Claire D. Seaboyer NANCY SAVAGE 12-9-55 56 Valentine Rd. BBA, I do, flash, Peyton, tennis, click, G.A.S., Hyannis, Washington Trip, “I want no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses into the human heart.” Fitzgerald DAN SCHOPPER Aquarius 71 Brattle St. Chopper “What’s Happnin!” JOHN SCHRADER 6-9-56 26 Beverly Rd. Mr. T., Marching Band, Anything Goes, Williamsville concert. West Virginia, Thanksgiving day, game breakfast, Mr. Smith Nancy J. Savage Stephen A. Severino STEPHEN SEVERINO 8-21-56 10 Longfellow Rd. Sevy Comic books are far more intelligent than some people think. Three cheers for Sue Fisher and a round of applause for Dennis Mercurio, Guardsman Lives! DAVID H, SEWARD 7-13-56 16 Frost St. Sew V football, basketball, track, A.M., Punchy, Roberts, Ward, Belmont Hill, lost wooden sandals. Fat people. Pigeon cartoons, Fowels, Loretta, ski. Bargain Brogan babies, Vermont, Oranges, W.C. KAREN SHACKLEFORD 5-4-56 251 Pleasant St. Mr. D’s Frosh CIT Class, C.L., Zum-Zum, mornings out front, Hampton, Yesterday, Canada, Pleasant Mountain, Maine JOYCE SHAHZADE 7-2-56 35 Temple St. Dennis the Menace, Journalism, Speech, Chronicle, Softball, Locker Neighbors, Jake’s, Hitch your wagon to a star. Either 1 will find a way or I will make one. PAUL SHAUGHNESSY 5-17-56 60 Crosby St. Pet Peeve: getting to class on time, leaving school early, Buttricks, fouls. New Hampshire party, Hairpie, Brighams, Mr. Lincoln’s pipe, the smoking area, the Center, Scratchie Memorial, my old apartment SHAWN PHILIP SHAUGHNESSY 2-22-56 163 Park Ave. He still wonders if the flea has a navel DAVID SHAW David H. Seward Karen L. Shackleford Paul J. Shaughnessy Joyce A. Shahzade 234 Laurie J. Sickles DANIEL SHEA 1-27-56 44 Lakehill Ave. Danny What? Ahhh! Yo the room tracks Rheba, I threw up! Oh wheredja get em?l Summer ’70 The best I phewed out F.M.M.B. Boom. Bawls! DENISE SHEA 10-28-56 60 Margaret St. Crosby Park, weekends down the Cape, Florida (summer of “73”), my junior year, my sophmore English class, good times with Diane and Carol, memories of Andy, 1-5-73 ONNA! THOMAS SHEA 6-1-56 138 Westminster Ave. Farm, D.Q., Lockland, Cousins, Symmes, Green Monsters, Vespa, playing Cards at Al’s Football field, HEAD-ON, Cape, Auburn Game Flight Jr. Prom. DEBORAH SHEEHAN 2-17-56 25 Morning Side Drive She-han Blonde Bombers, Nahant, Southie, Summer of 71, Proms, Craigsville, Snugs, 12-12-72, Mike, I Spy, 3 years. Pomp, Ruggy, Whit, Geldart, Chicago, c c m m. Hockey Games NANCY SHOOSHAN 10-11-56 31 Avola St. You are amazing grace You are a precious jewel You- special miraculous Unrepeatable, fragile Fearful, tender, lost sparkling ruby emerald Jewel rainbow splendor Person. Joan Baez CHERYL ANNE SHWAB 3-30-56 128 Alpine Terr. Ambition: To become an R.N. Weekend , memories Sr. Prom 1972, Vermont with Sue, Timmy and Mark and the Cape Summer memories: Clara Barton Camp with Buffy, Brian, B and Paula LAURIE SICKLES 6-29-56 143 Oakland Ave. Hampton 9 73, Quebec 2 72, No Thanks, Who is it?, Sounds familiar, freshman and sophmore beach parties, I.C., What else is there?, Talking on the Rocks, No Bargain PAUL M. SILVA 91 Varnum St. Denise J. Shea Deborah A. Sheehan Cheryl A. Shwab Nancy E. Shooshan Paul M. Silva 235 Judith A. Smith PAUL P. SIMPSON 14 Tower Rd. ROBERTA L. SIROIS 11 Arnold St. KENNETH H. SLADE 5-19-56 18 Cherokee Rd. Stairway to Heaven . . . Wasted, Cape Cod, Frosh, J.V., Varsity Baseball, Rapids, Tension, Jr. Prom, Oct. 21, 72, Cousins, Aug. 24, 73, The roads. MICHAEL A. SMEDILE 1 1 White St. JUDY SMITH 9-9-56 27 A Appleton St. Summer 73, SS CM, PEI, Ark, NH KAREN L. SMITH 31 Amherst St. RICHARD G. SMITH 1-12-56 50 Wyman Terrace Rick “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”. But “Now I see the secret of making the best persons. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.” A.O.E. Richard G. Smith Michael A. Smedile Kenneth Slade Karen L. Smith Questing man may yet attain a knowledge of physical reality. Lincoln Barnett SHARON E. SMITH 2-1-56 134 Brattle St. Summer of 72-Being alone to think things out meeting new people, Wrong!!!, N.H., Looking for the brighter side of tomorrow, J. C. KAREN SNEDEKER 6-23-14 Peter Tufts Rd. J. F. Christmas Party, Florida with Jane, Camping, 5th period History, The Wall, Joe’s apartment. Rabbit, Beach Boys Concert, London, Red’s, Meadows me and Jane’s bottle. EDWARD SOO 12-9-55 19 Bataan Court, Roxbury Listening to Mr. Fusco’s morning announcements, remembering to pick up your lunch tray, running from the freshman building to the old building for the next class EDWARD SOUSA 12-13-56 11 Exeter Homeworl Happiness is a Friday night. Two years i Commin s class, Riviera accident. Beacon Streei Football, track. Nights USA, Hag, Bumper, Gool Hag s pool, Hopkington Fair. NELSON P. SOUSA 121 Varnum St. MARTIN V. SOUZA DEBRA SPERO 8-26-55 22 Tomahawk Rd. Debbie Debra Spero Edward Sousa Nelson Sousa L Martin V. Souza 237 Richard J. Spinale David J. Spinosa Kevin P. Stanton RICHARD SPINALE 12-1-56 147 Westminster Ave. To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. DAVE SPINOSA 2-1-56 19 Mead Rd. V football, 8, walking around, Tavern, “Don’t get tired too fast!”, “Ike”, “Hell!”, half an hour, little “Air” man. Suntan Rock KEVIN P. STANTON 41 Varnum St. GARY STAYTON 12-25-55 1025 Mass. Ave. Biology, Mr. Bothelo, Another Friday, Spanish fifth period, a doctor or engineer, April 19, missing seven foul shots in a row. Small people. JAMES ANDREW STEELE 11-25-56 152 Park Ave. Jim Sports: Football, Street Hockey . . . Sunday afternoons at Harvard . . . Mead Rd . . . 3rd, 4th, 2nd, retired . . . Coco ... 5th period Shop . . . Ambition: sleep ... 110... “Good furniture.” Gary Stayton MARY JEAN STEELE 11-25-56 152 Park Ave. Dancing, Tennis, Swimming, Alberto Bonano, Those two blondes, Algiers, Waterbed, Sunporch, G.A.S., Charlie’s DonuU, Barney, II n’y a jamais assez de temps JOSEPH STRACCIA 12-21-56 45 Lockeland Ave. Weekend memories: skiir ' at Wildcat, Pet Peeve, boring studies. My Favorite Thing: my skis. Favorite Saying: You only go around once in life. James Steele Mary J. Steele Joseph R. Straccia i Carol A. Sullivan James Sullivan Steven C. Strong JOHN STRELIS 1-30-56 24 Exeter St. School lunches, Mr. Dowell’s science class, shop, mustang, crashing up, hockey boring math classes, English, homework Three stooges. Little rascals, sleeping STEVEN C. STRONG 18 Yale Rd. BARBARA SULLIVAN 7-24-56 39 Foxmeadow Lane Majorettes, The four of us. Proms, Dum-Da- Dum-DA-DA-DA, David, flerpie-e-e-e-s, Paula Lets go out the garage! Our favorite S.C., Pick it, it’s ripe, Sunday Afternoons, BRENDAN M. SULLIVAN 3-14-56 96 Bow St. That glass is awful cheap! Belmont Police, Gerry! 8-31-73 Rambler Scrambler No Winners! Library. Cathy. That food stinks! Room 73. New Hampshire. CAROL ANN SULLIVAN 6-24-56 29 Aberdeen Rd. Many Good Times, Hampton 73 Henry’s Curfew, Definite 95, Ekoms, High Lift, Brawn, Sugar Birthday, S.F.L. Perdue, New horizons Y.O.D.G.. JAMES A. SULLIVAN 10-11-55 15 Fremont Court Sully Ease-Down-toumey 73, Friday Nights, The BeU Rounds, Ladees, Ya!Ya! Football field. Hey! Plunkett, Handsome, J.W., C.C., Mag, Mike, Horse’s shop. Gimme Annada, Hillside, Svmmes D.B.T.O.. JOANNE SULLIVAN 9-3-56 15 Vamum St. Girl’s Club, Hampton with Holly, Scuba, I’ll see ya. Bottles, The Chase, H.H., Senior Prom of ’73 Shine On, D,N,J,M,S,C,M,L, and C, The five,’ Ambition: to be a nurse Barbara A. Sullivan Joanne M. Sullivan John A. Strelis Brendan M. Sullivan MARGARET SULLIVAN 2-20-57 9 Henderson St. Twink C.C. BBD Skunk Nelly Jew,Pond, Drome, The Cape, The Vans, ADL, MEA, The Egg, Put the lunches away, Nipsy’s, “two cheese, right here.”, Clyde. MARK D. SULLIVAN 26 Magnolia St. MAUREEN R. SULLIVAN 9 Henderson St. STEVEN M. SULLIVAN SUSAN M. SULLIVAN 1 1-26-56 46 Peter Tufts Rd. ambition to be a nurse, summer of 72, The beach P.D. HOCKEY GAMES S.S.P. “Life is a journey not a destination” K.P., Bob, 9-16-73 DIANE SURVILAS 11-24-56 62 Candia St. Summer of ’73 with P.D., Never forget the Commodore, Crane’s Beach, and especially T.H.!, a friend is a present you give yourself!! MARY LEE SUTHERLAND 9-21-56 76 Glouces- ter St. McGee Summer of 73 and the good times with M.W., AT., P.M., M.C., V.C., C.G., R’s party, the stands, Rt. 93, Okay Jr. Yr. with Mr. Kelly. DEBORAH SWEENEY 9-6-56 27 Langley Rd. Debbie Buttrick’s, Walden Pond, Ski Club, Girls Club 2F7778-safe driver, Diane’s, LSHS, B.T.J.A.L. Terry’s driving lessons, Mitchell, Flamingo Susan M. Sullivan Diane H. Survilas Steven M. Sullivan 240 Melody Tarbox 241 James B. Sweeney Edward L. Szymanski JAMES BRIAN SWEENEY 6-29-56 41 Hemlock St. Soccer, being tied up one night and thrown up on someones porch, J.L.’s E Mass party, “the rut” EDWARD SZYMANSKI 1-25-56 32 Fordham St. Ed The Race, 57 Chevy, N.E.D., Rte. 2, parties bombs. Fire hydrant, Watertown, R.A Snore Drive-ins. ANN TACCINI M-56 123 Appleton St. Richie’s parties, JuUet from the Big Top Diner, eeeeek. Summer of 73, the Cape, Rt. 93, Hon Pond, take it easy. BRIDGET TAMMARO 11-20-56 64 Winter St Tammalli Sam 3-16-73 Hey who’s gotta go? Music Rm, Jr. Prom, Rockport Student Council Fogcutters, The world is full of beauty when the heart is full of love. MELODY C. TARBOX 9-12-56 Mel Piano, Violin Atlantic City, M2, G S, Mr. T., Bostonians,’ Rhapsody in Blue, English with Mr. M History with Mr. Dlott, Buffalo, Harmonettes, Survival, Rangely, Summer ’73, Senior Proms, Virginia Youth Conferences, Meditation. Mary L. Sutherland Deborah A. Sweeney Ann M. Taccini Bridget Tammaro 1 I James J. Tighe Stephen J. Tobin Gregory E. Totonelly 242 Steve Tawn Mark D. Terzian STEVEN A. TAWN MARK TERZIAN 1-1-55 1192 Mass. ve. Nish Football, Weightlifting, Favorite memories. The Tavern, Suntan Rock, “M.D.C.”, Cosair JAMES TIGHE 3-26-56 504 Summer St. Bo, Vi- Football, Favorite memories: Suntan Rock, Corsair, Ringe, Hornet Tavern, M.D.C. DEBRA TILDSLEY 11-25-56 23 Boulevard Rd. Debbie “What’s that mean?”. But don’t lose all hope!, J.T., C.A., C.C., D.A. Dynamite parents. Happiness is: Dubble Bubble, 11-24-72, Mike, Shepard Brooks, Malibu, Crestview, Readi ng. STEVEN TOBIN 5-4-56 76 Beacon St. bells . . . Buttrick’s, 6th period, F-(-H, N.H. party, Abe:s pipe, Fowles, Schlitz. SHARON TORONTO 5-2-56 4 Murray St. Skydiving, experiencing EVERYTHING wit ' a P.D., Debra J. Tildsley Driver’s Ed, the Buick, stars, Glouster, all the special times with P.W. and all the crazy times with L.A. J.U. GREGORY TOTONELLY 9-18-56 6 Apache Trail McDonald’s, Symmes, Stratton, T.G.I.F., Beach Parties, the Pits, Carol 8-12-73, Boris Saber, Fenway, I’m going away for the week-end. The Trollies, buy a bike up Turkey Hill. Sharon M. Toronto Jessica M. Tuff Mary Jo Uccello CINDY TREBINO 9-2-56 67 Hibbert St. T Loving Bob, Oct. 24 1970, Royal Blue 454 Chevelle, Feb. $ J 975 Bu ' trick’s, Graduate High School Apnl EDWARD TREMBLY 5-17-56 49 Wollaston Ave. Professor or Doc, A.V. JESSICA M. TUFF 9-26-56 77 Henderson St. Jessie “And so I said to the guy ... ”, Hampton Beach, Shepherd Brooks, Malibu, Sophomore English, Frosh Home Ec, Horses, Happiness is; my friends and parents MARY JO UCCELLO 7-15-56 1 Walnut Terrace Cape Cod, Miss Burt’s English class, drinking shoes, weekends. Nurses Club, Color My World, fogcutters. Happiness is graduating. Pet Peeves: yellow slips, cafeteria, teen center RAY UTTARO 7-10-56 44 Park St. Pet Peeve: blowing engines; New England Dragway, the Trophy, 390 Mustang, Street races Pine Acres, big parties, C.K. One knock, supermac. Mystic Lakes 350 Honda ALEXANDER R. VALENTE The King and I, the tennis team, Citos, Boys in the Band, that’s life. Cindy Trebino Edward D. Trembly Raymond C. Uttaro Alexander R. Valente 243 ANN VANDERBURGH 5-11-56 100 CooUdge Rd. “The Group”, Jellybugs, Ides of March, Undefeated Racquet, Art is Great, Washington, AOE, Nantucket Baked Alaska, dogbite, Tuffie, Superart, yearbook meetings, enclosed white space, Ladv Sines the Blues, “Anne and Ann,” SHIRLEY VAN AMBERG JOHN VAUGHAN 10-10-56 24 Everett St The best part of the last four years of school were the weekends because 1 always looked forward to the fun I was going to have. PHYLLIS MICHELLE VAUGHAN lM-56 47 Palmer St. 1,2,3, 4, good-night, baseball game, 3 in a row, breaking in for the TC. closest in room H-4, Elis, poor jo, Ha-hoo, Soph, year, 15 and Nor- wood, maybe. MARTINE VEUVE 9-7-56 144 Glouster St, Like a bird on a wire like a drunkard in midnight choir I have tried in my way to be free. Leonard Cohen PAUL VENTI 11-1-56 20 Lafayette St. Friday night at the bowladrome. Miss Barry’s English class. The hockey tournaments. Class is what you do as long as you do it good. Life. SANDRA VINARIO 8-10-56 39 Windsor St. Sandy CHRISTINE VIOLA 12-11-56 433 Appleton St., Chris looking forward to weekends Peter 6-24-72, the Cape in June of “73”, first period class 72, “Can’t Live If Living Is Without You”, Ambition: secretary. Martine Veuve Ann S. Vanderburgh John Vaughan Paul W. Venti Sandra Vinario Christine L. Viola Phyllis M. Vaughan Janice Walsh CHARLES VOUROS 7-4-56 10 Cherokee Rd. Pet Peeve: McCarthy, Schoolday, memories- T’s for S’s Weekend Memories: all nighter with Robin and Link, Summer memories: N.H. “72”, “73” “One Way Out”, Special friends, Peter’s and the Blue Falcon GWENDOLYN WALKER 3-22-56 57 Greenwood St. Niecy My ambition is to be the greatest writer of all times with the most together books, making people want to read them again and again JANICE A. WALSH 5-6-54 2 Memorial Way Bulchie Going to the Chesmut Hill Country Club for the Jamaica Plains Senior Prom, ’73-’74, Miller in Old Jackson, working for school department. Miss M„ doodling, writing short stories, cooking Gwendolyn D. Walkc MURIEL WALSH 12-26-56 71 Appelton St. Alic Cigars, G.D., Julliet from the Big Top Diner Richie s parties, at the hop, eeek!, summer of “73” Mr. Keiiey, Koute y3, O.K. TaKe it easy. SHEILA WALSH 9-26-56 101 Dow Ave Wells Beach, Norwich and the Baggie Knees, Summer of 73 with Di’s wheels. Junior Prom, Foma Skopin premier. Three Dog Night, Old church Stair, Chedishdon Muriel A. Walsh Susan Walsh SUSAN A. WALSH 10-21-56 14 Margaret St. Sue Summer 72, Joe’s cellar Dopey, History 15A TONIAJEAN, Cheryl, Donna Steve, Betty Sully, McDonald’s, M M’s, I Think We’re Alone Now, Ricky, School’s Out. dawn WARNuCK 12-21-34 147 Lowell St. Shortv Ambition: to get married and have a happy life together, listening to the radio, DECA, my cousins from California, working in the office JAMES R. WATSON 8-19-56 Jim Let us always remember: the ski club bus breakdown, TR adventures. Cape cycling, a certain student’s display of the precis method with his shrewd “flowers are nice” analysis, and Mr. Maloofs coffee and doughnuts. James R. Watson 245 Charles P. Vouros Sheila A. Walsh Dawn N. Warnock JOHN WERNER 7-26-56 15 Lorraine Terr. Peter I spent 4 years of Car Repairs in the Auto Shop. It has been the 4 fullest years that I can remember. New Hampshire on weekends CYNTHI.A WELCH 9-23-56 48 Bartlett Ave. Sidney In moderation, Banana Sombrero, “Life consists with wildness-The most alive is the wildest” “How can they keep together who art going different ways?” Lorraine Weikle JOCELYN WEST DONNA MARIE WHITE 1-5-57 49 Winter St. Ediwit, Summer of 73, Cape Cod weekends, Fram- ingham. Clyde, The Astor-Rm. 204, Tango behind A.D.L., Mr. Mere’s class, “Punchy in the Corner” June 23. KEVIN WHITE 7-8-56 53 Brattle St. Frosh foot- ball, J.V. football, Frosh Baseball, Jr. year 4th period studies with Dan and Louie. Bink’s party. State Hockey Tournaments CHRISTOPHER J. WHITNEY 4-29-56 10 Epping St. Wilbur Pencils, Alice, Kentucky, Seeker, Walter, Rodney. Slitz, Pistachio, Symmes Blizzard, Ham- pton, Stratton. Burton Salisbury S.O.F., Saber, Summer 90-1, Winston Boris Stratton, Burton, Flame, Fuzz, I Ain’t, Buttricks, Harmonica Debris JAMES M. ZAVAGLIA 2-15-55 50 Mystic Park- way Zags Baseball- Pet Peeve: Monday Morning, State Hockey Tournament. Summer of “7.3” Night of the Smog, Cousins- Favorite subject-lunch; My ambition: to make money. Happiness is: Joy of another BEER. LORNA GAIL ZWICKER 12-6-56 172 Florence Ave. Lorna Doone “CLICK” “Ayee” Harvard Square Brighams. 1st ambition- Airline Reservation- ist. Interior Decorator. 2nd ambition-Travel. Cher- okee Indians “Your So Vain”! . . . Admiring is Happiness D K Gloucester, Ft. Lauderdale. Donna M. White Jocelyn F. West ANDREA WHITTAKER 8-24-56 60 Lambert Ave. Sister Happiness is being friends with all the boys; song-I’ve got to be myself 1 can’t be nobody else; Love Happiness . . . Allen PEACE EVERYONE JEAN BARBARA WHITNEY 7-2-56 71 Teel St. Whits Cheerleading Co-Captain 71-74, Jr. Prom. GB, beach parties, fro?. Cape, 6-12-71, EMICC, The Coke, Barb, And i, Deb, She-han, Your per- fectly alright Angi, Buttricks, Camp, Friends we are Jean Whimey Anthony Williams Edward A. Zahka Loma Zwicker LORRAINE WIEKLE 81 Oak St. Weasel Pet Peeve: gym, Happiness is Old Hall Sanitary, 72 schoolday memories: T.B. wetpants at sophmore beach party. Best teacher: Miss Burt, Hurray! I’m out. ANTHONY WILLIAMS JOHN WRIGHT 7-27-55 13 Woodland Sl Eggie Pet Peeve: school. Year of 72-Starting summer vacation in March Favorite thing-skipping and drinking. Favorite saying- Take a s— Pill + get on the stick DANA YOUNG 1-29-57 26 Oldham Rd. Studebaker, B., Paxton, Bosco, Pedro, Big, Jim, Lad, Apartments, pool. Drags, Skiing, Tabor, The cliffs. Hockey, Speedy Gonzales, Brookline, Connecticut, Far-out, Wong. Joan T. Zarella EDWARD ZAHKA 6-29-56 74 Egerton Rd. Bog Drive-ins, Bourch and the boys, Big Dipper, Airport, Bonnies girls. Fog, Lil, Jane, Weymouth parking surfing, Padue’s parties. Big Trip, Great Expectations VW, Bloody Marys. ROBERT ZAINO 5-26-56 1 10 Hutchinson Rd. Bobby Happiness is Robin Sheehan, April 2, 1972, The Bitch, Whipping Post, Good times with Robin, Two Years, still strong. The Bird is all mine. Partying with the MONKEY boys up N.H. brawling on the road up Lincoln. Believe me I haven’t! Schooltime Warfare- Toby’s doings JOAN ZARELLA 3-3-56 29 Fessenden Rd. Schoolday memories ... OH sanitary before school. Special friends . . . P.K. Friends Special teacher . . . Mr. Offenberger. Dana A. Young John R. Wright Robert Zaino Andrea L. Whittaker 248 249 Km take life too se- Ziggy I guess it doesn’t pay to riously. Ik ' l II 1 jE yy f jE ..{ k . 255 267 Not in stone, nor on wax, nor on papyrus, nor with a reed. Not one word. He chose not to. He had learned not to take him- self seriously. He knew the folly of pretending to be wise because only God is wise. He could not pretend to know. So he discussed and listened and, most of all, asked questions. Always ques- tions. He said that a life spent without asking questions about who we are, what is best for us to do, what we owe each other— such a life is not worth living. If Socrates had spent the time putting down what he thought he knew, he would have stopped ask- ing questions. If only for that mo- ment, no questions. Socrates never wrote anything. Ralph McElearney Socrates never wrote anything. Man, unlike any other thing organic or in- organic in the universe, grows beyond his work, walks up the stairs of his concepts, emerges ahead of his accomplishments. John Steinbeck Tomorrow you will have a much more difficult piece to play, to- morrow when the audience is be- ginning to listen for wrong notes and you will no longer have us in the wings, then we will see what you really can do. Dag Hammarskjold 271 INDIAN-1974 EDITORS KATHLEEN LANZILLO Edilor-in-Chief PETER GENNIS Assistant Editor SHIZUO MUKAI Photography LAUREN KOUMJIAN Layout PAUL DIZIO Biographies ANN VANDERBURGH Literature NINO PEDRELLI Boys ' Sports KATHLEEN FINNERTY Girls’ Sports STEVEN AZNAVOURIAN Sales LINDA KRUGLEY Art JUDY EATON Activities STAFF Photography: Eda DiBiccari, Alex Valente, Russ Mottia, Kathy Lanzillo, Peter Gennis, Rick Smith, David Oster, Ray Lecesse, David Spinosa, Danny Lutz, Sue McKillop, Linda Marchi, Karla Petrowicz, Bell Telephone Company. Layout: Anne Cusick, Patty Dacey, Eda Di Biccari, Nancy Shooshan, Chris Keshishian, A1 Kalustian, Margaret Conley, Eileen Conley, Leo Lanzillo, David Oster, Maida Kelly, Joan Ronan, Betsy Quigley, Jim Cataldo, Sophia Coconides, Martine Veuve, Margaret Meehan. Biographies: Diana Williams, Anne Cusick, Nancy Shooshan, Patty Dacey, Eda DiBiccari, Maida Kelly, Joan Ronan, Nancy Calandrella, Tom Lanzillo. Sports: Jimmy Sweeney, Ed Campbell, Sandy Beaton, Dianne Fogo, Maureen McDermott, Laura Bonnell, Maida Kelly, Sally Creuz, Jeannie Goodwin, Russ Mottia, Arlington Advocate. Sales: Nancy Calandrella, Anne Cusick, Joan Ronan, Jim Cataldo, Patty Dacey, David Spinosa. Typing: Anne Cameron, Maida Kelly, Cathy Brooks, Cathy Arakelian, Nancy Shooshan, Valerie Centrella, Diane Saraf, Martha Aganski, Maureen McDermott. Advisor: Mr. Charles Gordon. Thanks to PURDY’S PHOTOGRAPHERS Special recognition to Edward Trembly for printing and photographing on short notice and at odd hours. 272 WM. J. KBLLeR A DIVISION Of Hfffff JONES fcUfFAlO. NfW YOtK UJ40 Z16-834 es to j]; ’‘Stir. alii t ' .O .e ) ' A 4-%: M t Gt r o ' V ..,T, ---v ' 03 d bomei Billie Jean Kiiig plays Bobby today . i-- ' ' : . A . , “ i ' " ' ' ® «.- 5 V . -“ ' ' hia ,.A • ' .•A ' ’- ' JT ■ob Llli e ,t ' e a

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