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ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON, MAS I ill I I 00118 7 111 I I 084 J M,iCroflliM.d Ah ZOO! JUN 22 337576 f ! lu,chrn. UKitinittKIII; VUinJIlfflim a: mumiimm f 111 rrtA]L vrrt The school does not provide an academic education alone. Instead, because of the human element, all within it are qualified to educate those around them and all are, therefore, teachers in their own manner. ' wmmFmmm ' Uhou shaft not smoke. Zlhou shaft not enter the loun wfthoUt thy card IThou shaft not indulge in excessive horseplay or noise. 4Thou shall net leave the lounge once thou has arrived 5. Thou must sign up in advance in order that the attendance may be checked 6. AII shaft knoweth that all disciplinary action will be handled by thy holy housemaster, 7 Thou shall love thy card as thyself; lest thou lose both. 8. Thou shaft dispose of thy litter properly. 9. Thou shaft not covet thy neighbor’s coke. 10. Thou shaft Keep holy the 10 comm andments. 6 f " 7s there anyone there? ' I said the Traveller . . . But V only a host of phantom listeners . . . Stood I thronging the faint [j moonbeams on the dark ] stair, that goes down I to the empty hall. " i -Walter de la Mare " I ' d rather sleep than be awake. Indeed, at times I can ' t recall Why ever 1 wake up at all. " —Ogden Nash 7 " Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, . . . Into the jaws of Death Into the mouth of Hell Rode the six hundred " " ' Forward the Light Brigade ' . . . Theirs not to make reply. Theirs not to reason why. Theirs bui to do and die, " wi " Boldly they rode and well . . . Flashed all their sabres bare, Flashed as they turned in air, Right through the line they broke. " " When can their glory fade? O the wild charge they made All the world wondered . . . Honor the Light Brigade. " -Alfred, Lord Tennyson " This strange generation exists between sleeping and waking. It holds in its hands the soil of the past and the seeds of the future. " —Kahlil Gibran ADMINISTRATION George F. Fusco, Administrative Headmaster " Over the piano was printed a notice: Please do not shoot the pianist. He is doing his best. " -Oscar Wilde Reed K. Taylor, Administrative Assistant Raymond Locke, Principal 1969-72 " I would have been glad to have lived under my woodside, and to have kept a flock of sheep, rather than to have undertaken this government. " -Oliver Cromwell 18 Ralph Giobbe, Sophomore Housemaster George A. Lincoln, Junior Housemaster Richard G. Hall. Freshman Housemaster Henry M. Toczylowski, Senior Housemaster ART " All passes; art alone Enduring stays with us. " -Austin Dobson Jeannette Eskedal AUDIO VISUAL Marie Brady Pauline Finberg Louise Banner Charles Fagone 20 BUSINESS John Britt Charles Cullinane Marguerite Burke Catherine Butler Richard Collomb, Assistant Senior Housemaster Brian Cunha 21 Muriel Healy Mary Dolan Donna Kaprelian Glenna Kelly John Ligor Marion Kennedy 22 Edith Phinney William McCarthy Humbert Oliveira Connie Sanchez Daniel Schaefer Marie Spagnuolo Mary Thompson 23 DATA William Olivo ENGLISH V isdom is not in words; Wisdom is meaning within words. -Kahlil Gibran PROCESSING Martin Lane Mary O’Connell, Head of Department Mary Barry I b f i I I ' ! I 24 Sue Belote Lucile Burt Joel Beckwith Lois Beckwith John Byrne Barbara Brown 25 Ann Couser Kathleen Doyle Paul Dorrington Peter Filichia William Delaney 26 Charles Gordon Alma Gallagher Barbara Gorman Maxine Hardy Mary Fitzgerald Myrna Finn Mary Hummer Paul Jenney Priscilla Monahan Carl Hendrickson Leslie Kilgore I ? Dennis Mercurio 28 Rose Thompson Michael Toomey Mary Ellen Powers Pauline Schiel Catherine Toomey Thomas Trevisani HOME ECONOMICS Florence Forsyth, Head of Department Carol Blayden Florence Baturin Marilyn Corcoran Veronica Jenness Margaret Silver! Ilmi Jones Marjorie Truesdale Lois Pharris maJi Catherine King Martha Loftus Thelma Sonnichsen Mae Truvesdon LANGUAGES " Egad, 1 think the interpreter is the hardest to understand of the two! " -R. B. Sheridan Pauline Carrara Joan Coleman Ilene Bornstein Roy Bradbury, Head of Modern Foreign Languages Ralph McElearney, Head of Latin 32 wmmmmrnm Amelia Cozza Roberta McCaughern Dorothy Goldkrand Elaine Ludwinowicz Tobie Geller S ' r Marion Fitzpatrick 33 Adrienne Pa lotta Nanci Ortwein Judith Williams Helen Stockman Doris Withers 34 MANUAL ARTS Ralph Gioiosa, Head of Department James Canavan 1 2 ACCURAI t Mi 3 GOOD CO, 4 GOOD : : r 5 CLEAN Ray Civil! John Cooper m 35 Frank Prusik Ronald Whitmore % William McGovern Charles Kornik Ronald Nevola MATHEMATICS James Brown James A. Cavalieri Linden Blanchard Edward Bradbury Frank Propp, Head of Department Edward P. Burns 37 Robert Commins Milton Deutsch Doreen Guglielmetri Robert Commito Thomas Henneberry Mary Farrey 38 Arlene Mahoney Carole Miller Frederick Maloof Robert Pearlman 11 Beatrice Lee PERFORMING ARTS Without music, Life would be a mistake. -Nietzsche Robert K. Laber, Supervisor of Performing Arts (K-12) Frank Roberts Andrew J. Smith, Vocal Music 40 Leslie Hurwitz, Music Theory and Fine Arts Gerald A. Thebodo, Instrument Music PHYSICAL EDUCATION Harold Fairbanks, Assistant Junior Housemaster Ralph Bevins, Head of Department Christine Fiorenza 41 Mary McDonough, Assistant Freshman Housemaster % Marilyn Steale Robert Hill Jane MacGivney John Hanley William Lowder SCIENCE " To see what is general in what is particular, and what is permanent in what is transitory, is the aim of scientific thought. " —A. N. Whitehead Arthur Botelho John Cody Harry Meserve, Head of Biological Science. ' ) Donald Manning, Head of Physical Sciences Donald Bockler 43 Marzina Monn Janet Nicholas Bradford Clough George House Dr. Herbert Jaffe Alan Katz Carol Lawton Dianne Rice Robert Rogland Thomas Vaughn John O’Connor Joseph Papandrea Frank Kotchin . ' M Robert Lavery GUIDANCE Eleanore Byam Kathleen Camey Joanne Coakley William Croke Walter Devine, Director of Guidance 4 . 51 William Nutz Joan Cussen LIBRARIANS HEALTH Signe Hynson, Head Librarian Ruth Lepie Antoinette Potter 52 " Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm; it moves stones, it charms brutes. Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity and truth accomplishes no victories without it. " -Bulwer-Lytton Marianne Accetta Theresa Ahem George Akerly MARIANNE ACCETTA, 17 Newport St. 5-15-55 Five musketers, DT, smiling, the inseparables, hap- piness is people being themselves, skating, the kids, happiness is having good friends, people caring and helping other people THERESA AHERN, 8 Memorial Way 12-1-55 Ter- rv Smile. Happiness is friends that really care. Jun- ior Prom, having Mr. Lincoln as housemaster, Jr. English class, 11:30 A.M. GEORGE AKERLEY, 12 Osborne Rd. 7-4-55 Winter nights up the tracks, 5th period English Jr. year, Fridays up Walden, Stones’ concert, summer 72 ANTOINE ALEXANDRE, 99 Mass. Ave. 1-12-54 It is always a good idea to think before talking. Be- cause the words you employ cannot be so right to make yourself clearly understood JOSETTE ALEXANDRE. 99 Mass. Ave. 6-10-55 I’ll always remember my first year at Arlington High School, the teachers who were very nice to me, Mr. Giobbe who helped me every day PETER ALEXIS, 50 James St. l ' 2-17-55 First period Monday, Mr. G., chem. class, lunch, gym Antoine Alexandre Josette Alexandre Peter Alexis 56 V Mark Alman Adele Amico Thomas Allen THOMAS M. ALLEN, 275 Highland Ave. 3-5-55 “First period”, T.T.T., the Blue Bomber, “the whole inch” MARK ALMAN, 54 Claremon t Ave. 7-2-55 Nuts, Jew 57 VW, playing the piano. Bud and Miller, Karen, 4 and 5 period class, M M, quiet desper- ation said good-bye, Mr. Lonely, cartoons with K.B., in by 11, Karen, fav. expression: What the f k is going on here. We finally made it, best: boogie music, worst: Time and Deadlines ADELE AMICO, 30 Crescent Hill Ave. 2-17-55 Mini Guinea Burp!, Onset, Down the Bayou!, fourth of July ’72, Nellie’s parties, Doherty’s emer- gency door! STEPHEN ANDERSON, 154 Lowell St. 9-18-55 SUSAN ANARGEROS, 61 Mt. Vernon St. 7-8-55 Andv AYA baseball, happiness is finding a buyer, pet peeve: work, fav. personality: 3 Stooges and Turk, 7-4-72, winter nights on tracks ELEANOR ARIGO, 35 Udine St. 8-2-55 Ellie I’ll never forget M.S., fights with Kevin, “Sue, we must go to bookkeeping”, skipping with Chris, Debbie and Becky, pet peeve: McGivney, Miss Hummer Jr. English class, hockey games, Harmon “Let’s skip gym!” DEAN ASADORIAN, 66 Beverly Rd. 3-1-55 Phibes Falmouth, Teen Center, not on Mass. Ave., Jr. Prom, party at P.G., Phibes Eleanor Arigo Dean Asadorian 57 Janet Atwood Too often in high school, the subject or the grade becomes more important than the student ' s development as a person. Too often the winning of a game becomes more important than the effort of the athlete. As a beginning teacher, I often was so caught up in the importance of my subject that I overlooked whether my students were learning history for their own use or just memorizing history to satisfy me. Kathleen Ault Laura Avadanian JANET ATWOOD, 17 Paul Revere Rd. 9-9-55 KATHLEEN AULT, 40 Teel St. 10-20-55 Kathy Being in hospital during final exam week in Junior year, remembering the Jr. Prom, Happiness is D.R., Cape Cod LAURA AVADANIAN, 20 Browning Rd. 7-13-55 Queenie Cape parties. Tea Room, 9-13-72, Sea Crest, Jr. Beach Party, hockey games, being sus- pended with B. P., J.V. field hockey, Zari STEPHEN BAILEY, 30 Lewis Ave. 5-19-55 Rusty Sports— football, track BONNIE BAINES, 126 Lowell St. 9-4-55 Mr. Dlotts second period class, the cafeteria studies, Mr. Burn’s third period math class LAWRENCE W. BANNON, 74 Alpine St. 8-5-55 Larry Friday nights at the Teen Center, Arena fights. Cafe studies, card games, student strike in ninth grade, A.H.S. crackdown. Professional day JOSEPH BARINELLI, 11 Adams St. 7-23-55 Ba Chuckle’s Zoo!, J.V. B.ball, Cappy’s reunions, Erik Clapton, the best, far out, the East!, H.Y.B., Chevy Power!, Kelly’s!, Willards Woods, G.F.Y. Lawrence Bannon Stephen Bailey Bonnie Baines 58 j Dianne Barnaby After four years at A.H.5., I realize that the most impor- tant thing is that students develop into fine responsible adults. Grades, College Boards, and football scores will be forgotten years later, but the attitudes, ideas, manners and friendships will remain with you forever. I wish the class of 1973 good luck. I hope that they leave learned that nothing is as important as people. STEVE DLOTT DIANNE BARNABY, 20 Kenilworth Rd. 8-26-55 V. field hockey, V. basketball, V. softball, soph, french class, soph, basketball tournament, “LAB”, football and hockey games, pet peeve: practice, fav. saying: “right, right” DONNA JEAN BARNABY, 20 Kenilworth Rd. 8- 26-55 Activities: Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Pet Peeve: getting dressed for practice, ambition: to become a teacher, fav. saying: “take it easy”, fav. subject: French MICHAEL BARRY, 84 Gardner St. 12-1-54 Par- tying down Thorndike and Spy, Donnie’s happy birthday at Spy, York Beach, Me., “last call”, Andy’s exciting history class, “So what’s the Story” KEVIN MICHAEL BARTHOLOMEW, 51 New- port St. Sagittarius, Activities: Soccer, Hockey, Softball, Bowling, and Chess Team, Senior Prom 5- 19-72, State champs 1971, The 2 o’clock lounge GEORGE R. BEATON JR., 1 10 Newport St. 3-12- 55 CHARLOTTE F. BECK, 34 Glen Ave. 11-30-55 Charlie Favorite sports: water skiing, horseback riding, pet peeve: tuna fish, Jackie C., fav. saying: you idiot. 1 secretly admire: S.G. and G.P., ambi- tion: secretary VALERIE JEAN BECKER, 362 Ridge St, 3-12-55 Val Captain: Sammettes, Harmonettes, G S, Bran- denburg Concerto, Key Club Conventions, Junior Prom— yeeeow, Atlantic City, Always be content to be yourself ELAINE S. BELL, 55 Westminster Ave. 1-19-55 Being a State Officer, period one English for six years in a row. Biology class, Jun “ F.H.A., F.N.A., F.T.A., Science club Charlotte Beck Valerie Becker Elaine Bell Donna Barnaby Kevin Bartholomew George Beaton " Mr PHILIP BELLINGHIERI, 75 North Union St. 3- 14-55 Mouse Loves: to fly, Klute, the Fondas, How is Roy?, D.P. Chuck. Johnny’s spoons, weak pubes, but not really funny: Steve, D.L., parties, mv Chevy, good friends PHILIP GERARD BENA, 54 Pleasant View Rd. 10-31-55 Though you might think it’s easy for some, remember all people are the same, you’re not the only one. Thanks, Peter, Mrs. Rawlings, Vincent, Fin RICHARD BENEDICT, 204 Highland Ave. 12-11- 54 Ben J.V. football, the stub, ride to monument, Bob’s house, Wally and the hydrant, Schlitz, Friday night at the football field, camping in N.H. DAVID ALLEN BENNETT, 66 Rawson Rd. II- 17-55 Cruddy’s science class, V2, Mr. D’s radio, Mr. T’s “That’s a low b-— !”, 5 days of happiness EUGENIA BENNOS, II Milton St. 3-13-55 Jeanie Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey and Basketball, Year- book, Art, Kev, Rob, and Biology, Teen Center, skating, the three B’s, Patty’s frosh party, Margie’s, the bench WILLIAM BENT, 9 Quincy St. 12-1-55 Whist practice, mud puddle, fatal errors. Old Hall studies, Moritoriums, “garbage in. garbage out”, Shaug- nessy discount, street hockey. Northeastern in 73 Philip Bellinghieri Eugenia Bennos Philip Bena Richard Benedict William Bent Catherine Bishop LYNNE BIATHROW. 93 Falmouth Rd. W. 2-10- 55 Green contacts. Behind Blue Eves, The depar- ture of the club foot, Peace Train, Laughs in Or- leans, Montreal, and Europe, that wholesome crowd, waiting at 103 and 96, Good times with good friends THOMAS M. BIBEAU, 21 Old Middlesex Path 12- 21-55 Booh CATHY BISHOP, 36 Browning Rd. 8-17-55 Brat A.K., 12:30, Snoopy cards, 9-7, mall, Buttricks, skipping, not getting caught, Jr. English, going out for lunch, Wallex, Happiness is a blue van. Tee FRANK BLANCIFORTl, 7 Hadley Ct. 10-25-55 Blanc Summers to 72, Buttricks, year of 73, Bruins, tickets, Fenway, Harwichport, Brandy, flying, cars ANDREA M. BOGHOSIAN, 33 Pleasant View Rd. 5-27-55 Andi These Eyes, 5-28-71, S.K., How Can I Be Sure, summers in Hyannis, 11-12-71, M.G., “Friends” S.S.C.C., Springfield 9-3-72 LAWRENCE BOHAN, 129 Sylvia St. 1-12-56 Lar- ry KKK cross, rats. Junkman vs Eggmen, The Man Mas Wolloh, Joe’s boat, Charlie’s paint, strong windows, the wheel, Somerville Lynne Biathrow Thomas Bibeau Andrea Boghosian Lawrence Bohan Frank Blanciforti 61 John Bragg Peter Bonitatibus ) Carol Bonugli Joseph Boike Kathleen Boyce Mary Bradley Debra Boudreau Ronald Breaker Cheryl Breen Mary Brennan JOSEPH JOHN BOIKE, 7 Day St. 2-23-55 Dennis- port, hot turkey, 10 to 1, football field PETER ROBERT BONITATIBUS, 48 Newcomb St. 2-8-55 Bono Cape Cod, Cedarville, Arams on Friday night, Newman’s old lady with shopping bags, favorite expression: you lush, happiness is Jacksonville, Alabama CAROL BONUGLI, 79 Bartlett Ave. 4-3-54 Bonug Best time in Maine, the summer, 4-19-69, Peter’s Mustang, Nora’s accident, Winstons, happiness is having a great time with your friends DEBRA BOUDREAU, 159 Park Ave. Ext. 7-9-55 Summer of 71, homerooms, O.H. studies and the girl’s gym, “sewing”, last lunch, stolen locks, “life- savers”, Chincoteaque 72, pop quizes, walking home KATHLEEN BOYCE, 276 Broadway 10-19-55 Kathv Times in the Shen, H.I. and the B.C., e.s.p.?, hate being called Red, “Scary!!”, These Eyes, those GKFN’s, Larry nite 72, High, can you buy?. Here Comes the Sun, the Moody Blues, “I don’t believe it!” MARY BRADLEY, 26 Reed St. 3-17-55 Terri 6-3- 72, summer 71, 72, Bob, porch, JLDMCN corner. Deb’s parties, Hampton, Mr. Cotter’s class. Mystic, winter, H.S. concert, 7GF PATRICIA BRADY, 8 Surry Rd. 11-13-55 Tricia Transferring soph. Trig., H.R. 96, non-excusable tardiness, broken needles, Jr., Eng., flunking math, schedule conflicts. Butterscotch, “you’re embarrass- ing me”, drivers ed JOHN FRANCIS BRAGG, 107 Appleton St. 6-21- 55 Life is worth living; live it to the fullest, G S, drama club, A.V., F F, AYCC, hard work at the cleaners, score kings, B.A.S.S., NRA RONALD F. BREAKER, 112 Thorndike St. 9-21- 55 CHERYL ANN BREEN, 131 Gloucester St. 1-22- 55 Che Majorettes, football season, red gray, pep rallies, the sly dog, PJ’s with Da, New Year’s Eve 72, skiing, the UN, Sr. prom with Danny 72, bik- ing— hike to P-town, “You lose, BP” MICHEAL BREEN, 71 Hillside Ave. 8-27-54 MARY MARIAN BRENNAN, 140 Decatur St. 6- 1-54 Mary Jethro, Jr. prom, DumDum, Red, Terry, locker combinations, good luck rock. Can’t Find the Time, $4.93, Wally, mean green machine, love bug, fire cracker, friel, Sr. year RICHARD BRENNAN, 322 Mystic St. 12-28-55 Mr. B. The dogs and the flamingo JOHN BRESCIA, 34 Waldo Rd. 8-31-54 Linda 6- 15-69, OOB MA, Crosby, Jr. Eng. per. 5, History, sore hand, Lincoln RICHARD J. BRIAND JR., 225 Mountain Ave. 7- 30-55 Rick V. hockey, V. soccer, Dougie’s, Cape Labor Day 71, reflections of Beaver lake, Derry, up north, Mike’s kitchen, football field. Row’s gradu- ation party, smoke, PP Nubby DONALD BRODETTE, 42 Alpine St. 9-19-54 Don I have nothing to say other than I’m glad I’m get- ting out of school for good DAVID RICHARD BROEG, 60 George St. 11-16- 55 JEANNE-MARIE BROUILLETTE, 92 Hemlock St. 4-8-55 JB Guitars in stairway of 38, Marz’s hamsters, manager of the volleyball team and the undefeated raquet, MCB’s English 6th 4th, hatching chickens at Headstart, Menotomy pre- school Richard Brennan John Brescia Richard Briand Donald Brodette Jeanne Brouillette 63 Marie Bruno Robert Bruno DEBRA ANN BROWN, 5 Stony Brook Rd. 4-23- 54 Debbie “Get away”, “I’m psyched”, Mean of Stone. Guitar Man, If I Could Reach You. South Yarmouth, Shell gas station, smuggler’s beach, Dennis, 1939 black car SCOTT H. BROWN, 50 Westmoreland Ave. 7-12- 55 Scott Track. G S. Greater Bostonians, uncle Blitz, progresso, ping-ball, hockey games, CN, Wakefield, 1-29-72, “wicked incredible”, cast par- ties, “that’ll do it”, “I do my thing, you do yours” MARIE BRUNO, 39 Tanager St. 9-6-54 Meatball, Strawberry Hill Rd.. Sr. class convention, AHS girl’s swim team, you can always find a friend in rm. A2, 65, or 73, May you have a happy life ROBERT BRUNO, 99 Newland Rd. 4-23-55 Bob Watching the 3 stooges, lunch fights, Jr. High with Butler, dragging, the truck with Norman, and Bes- sette’s MARIAN BUCKLEY, 15 Melrose St. 3-12-55 Don’t get nervous!, morning prayers, falling off the mountain, “duckie”, lots of parties, irresponsible individualism, things that go bump in the night, hate warm milk SUSAN FRANCES BUCKLEY, 118 Ridge St. 8- 23-55 64 Frederick Burke Donna Bursey CHRISTOPHER BUGDEN, 68 Wright St. 5-24-55 Chris I’m finally leaving the old hole, but I’ll miss sneaking smokes, running from teachers, skipping, and drinking on weekends only, “I missed the boat” EDMUND T. BURKE, 31 Oak Hill Dr. 5-16-55 Tracy “Oh No!”, Happiness is getting to school on time, remember going into Purdy’s, the hand war, N.H. and bucket seat backlashes, Mr. Whitmore’s print classes FREDERICK J. BURKE, 7 Arrowhead Lane 10- 14-54 Fred Uncle Blitz, Beethoven, Healy’s heroes, indoor outdoor track, soccer, G S, “they call him Abu”, “there is a kingfish m every crowd” DONNA BURSEY. 36 Fremont St. 9-24-55 Duda Sunshine is the dude, DP with H-200, MS. Barry, Frank Roberts, Wilson’s cellar, 2 Sr. proms, circles after school. There is always hope (and tomorrow) JAMES E. BURTON 36 Grafton St. 7-25-55 Jim Thurs. morning bible study, destruction in the Chem. lab, class sizes from 6 to 34, Vice Pres, of Science Club, Biology, Latin, Algebra. English STEWART G. BURTON. 81 Kensington Pk. 1-21- 55 Stu Hobby: dressing up for school, 5-1-1 pick- up, please, enthusiasm, disillusionment, pessimism, apathy ... the previous 4 is my “philisophical con- tribution” (BS), we care much at the “big apple” 65 James Butler Gregory Byrne Ronald Caccavaro DAVID PAUL BUSELLl. 46 Lantern Ln. 7-21-55 Shadow happiness is listening to JC, dirty jokes, rm. 54 at 2:07 and cooking pizza in the heat treat- ing oven in shop JAMES BUTLER. 11 Venner Rd. 1-27-55 Tango The Tango gang, come again?. Never forget; the grungeball’s blue shirt wild Bill Cody, I’m outa here, VC GREGORY BYRNE, 27 Pierce St. 11-13-55 DoDos Favorite memories: Summer St. Park, working hard at Stop Shop RONALD CACCAVARO, 28 Ridge St. 3-27-55 Cues 5 per. Chem. class Mr. Carr “A”, OH sani- tary, Toz is slim David Buselli Robert Caggiano Ernest Caggiano Mary Caddigan William Caggiano MARY CADDIGAN, 18 Gardner St. 12-12-55 My favorite class: Miss Butler Type 111 Jr. year, PC twice never again, pet peeve: smile buttons teachers pet, “I’m sure”, our Sr. gym class, summer of 71 72, July 4 ERNEST CAGGIANO, 10 Wheatan Rd. 2-21-55 ROBERT CAGGIANO WILLIAM JAMES CAGGIANO, 246 Mystic Val- ley Pkwy. 3-14-54 67 Phyllis Callahan Paula Campobasso MARION CAIN, 19 Edmund Rd. 9-29-54 PAULA CALLAHAN, 42 Waldo Rd. 9-25-55 Likes: Trip to New York, senior art class, E.P., Mr. Prusik, horseback riding. Dislikes: getting teachers you don’t want, homework PHYLLIS CALLAHAN, 42 Waldo Rd. 9-25-55 Soph, gym class. Varsity volleyball, Mr. Mitchell’s Sociology class, art class, trip to U.N., hate home- work, “Choke”, J.C. ALEXANDRA CAMERON, 50 Summit St. 7-30- 55 Sandra Paradine, Kelly, castles, defunt A.Y., fireplaces, thunder storms, bicycling, movies, Bos- ton, Gigelizannie, first window. Killer, long walks, fireworks, photography PAULA CAMPABASSO, 158 Mountain Ave. 7-15- 55 Campo 12-27-70 Loving Johnny, good luck to Lou, Sue, Flynn, New York, Star, Color my world with of Loving you, Funupy Paula Callahan Alexandra Cameron Marion Cain Linda Canzanelli Robert Carey Charles Capobianco PAUL CANTRELL, 3 Stevens Terr. 7-26-55 LINDA CANZA NELLI, 477 Appleton St. 2-6-56 I get by with a little help from my friends . . . 302, “walking tomatoes”, mornings in the library, Smokey the Bear?, field hockey, D-C-D-A-C, raw- hide, volleyball KEVIN PATRICK CAPLES, 16 Pine St. 3-22-55 CHARLES A. CAPOBIANCO, 175 Highland Ave. 4-17-54 Cappy Bass Rocks, E.S.M.A., Athletic Re- union, Milwaukee and the World, Robbins Farm, Rocky Ledge, G.F.Y. JOHN DENNIS CAREY, 35 Glenburn Rd. 5-8-54 ROBERT JOSEPH CAREY JR„ 429 Mystic St. 6- 4-55 “Nobody Move”, The Pub Line, Arch. John: we care much at the Big Apple, boarded, whatcha cookin’ Harry? Kevin Caples Richard Carmody Steven Carmody Joanne Carroll William Casazza Christine Casey Deborah Carter RICHARD BRUCE CARMODY, 82 Cleveland St. 6-20-55 STEVEN MICHAEL CARMODY, 82 Cleveland St. 6-7-54 The person always sneaking outside for a smoke while working in the school cafe JOANNE LEIGH CARROLL, 7 Oldham Rd. 2-9- 56 Summer of “72”, never forget the 71 Dog, Per- fume fights, Janes parties. Always remember T.S., D.H. and S B. Skippin 6th. Pet Peeve: conceited girls that act tough, like M.M., S.P. and E.Q. DEBORAH SUE CARTER. 15 Quincy St. 10-9-55 Debbie Cruisin in the silver Ed. Hey lady! “stuffed bowls”. Summer St., Beginnings, “If the sun re- fused to shine, I would still be loving you.”— John DIANE MARIE CARTER, 8 Albermarle St. 5-5- 55 WILLIAM JAMES CASAZZA, 67 Lake St. 10-20- 55 Bill The pommeling of the big “M”, KKK., “mad dog” Dlott, the apprehension of Public Enemy Number 1, BUSA, La Dirtbomb, Fitzie CHRISTINE ANNE CASEY, 192 Brattle St. 10- 12-55 Chris Hate Monday mornings, “FAKE”, Neil Young, “I believe in you”, Jimmy, Friday nights, S. on the rocks, 9-6-71, Sandy Beach, Plymouth, 6-1- 72 at Otis, Apples, Southern Comfort T.J.’s, R.C.L., Pain ROBERT FRANCIS CASEIN, 148 Park Ave. Ext. 2-16-55 Cos Tango Gang, Grundgeball’s class, sum- mer of 72, Feb 12, MAH., a night with the fish, Christmas party, Saturday night card games JANICE MARIE CASSARO, 242 Mountain Ave. 1-30-55 P.O.A. Paul the Janitor, “Happy Togeth- er”, Tina’s Nellie Mobile, Rolling Stones WILLIAM EDWARD CASSIDY, 60 Hodge Rd. 6-20-55 SUSAN ELAINE CASTALDO, 103 Hillside Ave. 1-7-55 Drome, New York, Saki, Foods 3, being with Mike, Campo, Flynn, homeroom with Mary, “Ellie, we must go to Bookkeeping”, nights down the park, talks with Paul MARY PATRICIA CASTELLI, 125 Hillside Ave. 6-4-55 B.S., rocks, strawberry nights, homeroom with Sue E.E., New York, up the stairs and to the right, Saki, breakfast at Pewter Pot LINDA MARY CATALDO, 94 Ridge St. 5-6-55 LAURIE J. CELLUCCI, 11 Marion Circle 6-21-55 Nantucket 71, friends, Rockport Sundays, EQ and our rock, the little one from N.H., Jerome, down Hyannis singing old Beatle tunes, Jody with beau- tiful strangers Laurie Cellucci Janice Cassaro Linda Cataldo Robert Caslin Susan Castaldo Mary Castelli Joseph Centrella Karen Chapski JOSEPH E. CENTRELLA, 30 Eairmont St. 12-25- 55 D P. with C.C. Pinkney, a complete circus, my footprint on Big John’s desk, catfish, swordfish, sailfish. Blue fish, 1st tuna, 2nd tuna, and bass ROBERT W. CHAMBERS, 81 Sunnyside Ave. 12- I- 54 Whiter Hampton Brigg, 35 dollar fish, the Old Hall stalls. North St. KAREN R. CHAPSKI, 34 Yerxa Rd. 5-18-55 Mr. Cody’s chemistry class, Jethro Tull concerts, Sam, are you sisters?, T.N.T., summer of 72, Jesus is the real thing, good friends, Diane, being myself IHERESA ANN CHAREST, 148 Warren St. 12- II- 55 Terry Frank Wright. 6-21-72, summer 72, We’ve Only Just Begun, 442, 9-8-73, Elm St., Homeroom 4A HOWARD CHIANG Theresa Charest Robert Chambers Howard Chiang ROBIN JEAN CHIASSON, 79 Hibbert St. 7-20-55 Pickles, It’s Too Late, “one ringy-dingy”, M.F.K.’s shorthand class. Lex. Sr. Prom, Gloucester, Na- hant, 5-29-69, Buttrick’s, “hey, Chaisson!”, KFC, Holiday Inn, Chinese food, 7-21-72, Duckie, Katie’s ALAN SETO CHING, 40 Surrey Rd. 11-28-55 Seto JANET CHRYSSAKIS, 23 Freeman St. 4-1-55 Carcass Summer of 72, David, Jr. Prom, hockey games, “no”, garage, sophomore cooking class, math class, never forget AHS JACQUELYN NOEL CIANO, 21 Belknap St. 10- 31-55 Jackie Hey, manager, part 2 of Italian Can Be Fun. Squeak, “oooh the magic elf’, BLAH, Friday the 13th, who’s Jake?, all things must pass . . ., live music MICHAEL JOHN CIANO, 98 Grafton Rd. 3-21- 55 Tracks, football field, Falmouth, New Found Camping, Forest Cafe, Charlies, 70, beaches, Mos- cow 71, Walden, Dennisport, 73 parties. Towny, 411. Onset, Leach, California 71, Mount Liberty Jacquelyn Ciano Robin Chiasson Alan Ching Janet Chryssakis Michael Ciano 73 EDWARD A. CITRO JR., 15 Lorraine Terr. 11- 25-54 Mr. Burn’s math class per. 2, famous saying by Mr. Burns: “Horse Feathers”, per. 4 English, First Gear concert, I hate Mr. Cooper’s wood- working field trips N.ANCY ANN CLARK. 53 Hibbert St. 7-31-72 5th period parties in gym. Chicago. 9-18-72. Oh No!, Does anybody know what time it is?, D.C., Bruins EILEEN P.ATRICIA COATES. 165 Renfraw St. 6- 13-55 CoatsY CCB. rice balls, Val. 9-19-70, Joe di- rections. Jr. Prom, the big 7, Richie’s parties, al- ternative 2, P-patch, December 10, Pinhead, the dirty dozen, Eli’s coming PATRICIA ANNE COFFEY, 36 Fox Meadow Lane 10-26-55 Patty Canrabil, practice sets, Mrs. Kennedy’s shorthand classes, bookkeeping final. First Gear concert, freshman gym class, homeroom, gym first period, release days. Mr. Lincoln ROBYN ANN COILEY, 59 Coolidge Rd. 1-17-56, Ziggy, Riceballs, Lynn’s parties, choum, EEIU, would ya?, 160, B.D.D.E.E.J.L.M.P.V., Bess., Flashcube Nana, “Driver”, N.Y.E.S.O., OOM!, Boujes, P.P., Jeremiah, Feb. hockey game, “4-kis- ses”, Turtle, Fibonacci JOANNE COLAMARTINO, 51 Epping St. 9-9-55 LGN, 4-21-72, Stay Awhile, Wrentham, Superstar. TC’s cellar, getting caught, 19, Kevin, shorthand, Popeye, Buttrick’s, Brockton Fireworks, tracks, Charles River Bridge. Steven Edward Citro Nancy Clark Eileen Coates Patricia Coffey Joanne Colamartino Robyn Coiley Carmine Colella Paul Colgan Mary Coletta Deborah Collins CARMINE COLELLA, 18 Beverly Rd. 8-2-55 The Dogs Laconia Boys, Cactus, Flamingo, Ray’s Bar and Grill, the nose knows. Seagull, Goose, seed, brick, Clamarto, smoke job, dog beatings. Waffle, I’m known for cactusing MARY CONSTANCE COLETTA, 205 Waverly St. 4-26-55 PAUL B. COLGON JR„ 189 Brattle St. 7-24-52 A.V., Warm Summer nights, most hilarious, cold winters, long beaches, dates, Mr. G., Mr. Collumb, friends, cars, dragger DEBORAH COLLINS, 105 Robbins Rd. 8-1-55 Debbie BDEJMPPRV, 160, But-ter-ick’s, 29, F.N.S., Dob, Woods, bi-bop, Magilla, Antonio, 1 5— V. A. O., Joe, Pet Peeve: Commins-rm. 17 BARRY CONLON, 48 Alpine St. 2-28-55 2nd last pub member, rocks, fank ’em, stuck in Hing- am. How’s work in the Zone, M.D., Pet Peeve: Big Chuck PETER CONNOLLY, 34 Jason St. 5-14-55 Pete Tango Gang, Carry On, Don ' t call me a monkey, P. Barry Conlon Peter Connolly 75 Debra Connors Donal Corbett Lynda Conroy DEBRA CONNORS. 28 Albermarle St. 7-7-55 Deh Cape Cod, April 1972, P.G., Summer ’72 at CBC, Marian and Charlotte, Lowell St., M M’s —Spring ’72, Bob’s 5th period class. Always be yourself! LYNDA JEAN CONROY, 127 High Haith Rd. 2- 20-55 Kevin, Summers, Star ski trip (pretty fumey), Brigham’s, Jr. Prom, Nantucket Island, Hello Ugly, Fireman’s Ball, Poppanessant with M S. J.T. L.K., What a hunka . . ., friends DONAL CORBETT, 36 Surry Rd. 9-11-55 Cork AHS hockey football games, Romeo’s class, Len- ny, Teen Center, 6th period math, the lounge, Lockeland for lunch. 6th period study JEFFREY CORBETT, 154 Gardner St. 1-25-55 Varsity hockey and baseball, Boston Garden, Stoneham 21 innings. M ike’s kitchen, P.K. M.W. and their eyes, and of course the times with D.K., Speed Racer PATRICIA CORCORAN, 198 Lowell St. 10-10-55 Patti Maine. M2, Jaye’s house, N.E.C., MYSM, MMC, GBYSO, Atlantic City, Chicopee, M.T., J.B., B.P., Debbie Portman, Onono Me., Leslie Costello, S.K. DONNA COREY, 144 Lake St. 12-18-55 Mae Kookoo’s party, the big TC, S.V., Flashcube Nana’s tape, soph. B.P.’s, Tally ho, B.L., 160’s G.D., brown bottom, Butt-er-ick’s, N.Y.E.S.T., cops; 144, riceballs, S.S.T., twins, tates Jeffrey Corbett Patricia Corcoran Donna Corey 76 Mary Corkery MARY LOUISE CORKERY, 31 Chester St, 10-31- 55 ALAN MICHAEL COSCIA, 12 Twin Circle Dr. 6- 8-55 Stones’, Jethro Tull. Humble Pie concerts, Rick’s parties, Kevin Phil’s party, track, cross country, water skiing, Spiro papers, rock roll, my stereo, good times ANTHONY COSTA, 60 College Ave. 3-23-54 MARIE T. COSTANZO, 71 Winter St. 1-10-55 Sept. 17, Rockport, Rt. 128, Pub, Klute. Har- vard— why us?. Are you late again?, Parker Club, Help, they’re after us!, rattlesnakes. Is it really 2 a.m.?, raindrops I JEANNINE COTE, 98 Hillside Ave. 9-16-55 Ereshman English, Fleur, vacation, up the stairs and to the right, skipping with friends, forget it, getting lost, saki, Mary, Pat, Pet Peeve: French, col- lege boards WILLIAM COTREAU, 106 Brartlet Ave. 5-21-55 Jeannine Cote Anthony Costa John Costa vt Alan Coscia Marie Costanzo William Cotreau 77 Denise Cremins 1 Deborah Cox Mary Coughlin Karen Crockett James Cronin Eileen Cronin Jacqueline Crescitelli MARY ELLEN COUGHLIN, 48 Wright St. 12-3- 55 “Everyone who loves is born of God, and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” John 4:7-9 DEBORAH COX, 10 Mead Rd. 1-31-55 Debbie Going out back and G.H., yup. New Year ’70, r.o. at B.B., we’ll see, swinging down at farmers. DENISE CREMINS, 6 Day St. 12-10-55 Barbie’s pajama party, trap door, In-a-Gadda-da- Vida. Who me?, Jim, Sr., Prom, per. 5 plots. Cape sunrise, fan- tastic Summer, I.L.U. JACQUELINE M. CRESCITELLI, 231 Oakland Ave. 10-7-54 Jackie Being with J.T.C., try it, you’ll like it, trip to the U.N., Soph. English class. Sum- mer ’71, Jr. Prom, August 1 KAREN CROCKETT, 58 Paul Revere Rd. 7-22-55 “He who looks for happiness will never find it. Happiness comes when we are so involved in something that we forget about ever being un- happy.” EILEEN CRONIN, 43 Peter Tufts Rd. 4-2-55 Ei Summer ’72, “Let today embrace the past with re- membrances and the future with longing.” V.F. 6- 4-70 JAMES CRONIN, 96 Owerland Rd. 5-11-55 78 Thomas Culhane Marcia Dahill PAUL CULHANE, 16 Adams St. 2-8-55 Coco THOMAS CULHANE, 68 Gray St. 4-16-55 Chem- istry in 32, Papa Joe, stand 8, study in OH, mixed chorus. Wells Me, Now People DEBRA M. CUMMINGS, 24 Clark St. 2-23-55 Debbie 1-2-3, Summer ’72, us four, football games, hockey tournies, talks at Bayou, cheerleading, EM- ICC, camp. Girls’ Club, semi-formal, Sr. Prom, AY, locker no. 7, MKDL, Fidg PETER CURA, 79 Grafton St. 10-28-55 Pete Raw- hide string around my neck; Haunted ships that lie awreck; Broken dreams on a weathered coast; Loneliness lingers like a ghost JAMES CUSACK, 19A Pond Ln. 8-27-55 Crazy Dlott’s Jr. history class, hockey and football games, chemistry class, cafe’s unusual food, four years gone, graduation, out FRANCIS CUSICK, 159 Scituate St. 3-24-55 Golf, football. Hockey, BCC 6th pd. English, rm. 82, New York, Dr. J., Gray St. LAWRENCE P. CUSOLITO, 78 Richfield Rd. 1- 13-55 Cues Laconia Boys, the no. 1 mobile unit, J. Geils Band, cactus party, the Flamingo, the B. mo- bile, Dog’s beatings, steak and rine gut, Buttrick’s MARCIA E. DAHILL, 20 Webster St. 6-7-54 To quote from Shakespeare: No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers with cross-eye looks!— txctpi for Mr. Mercurio and Miss Butler i ■ Lawrence Cusolito James Cusack Peter Cura Francis Cusick Debra Cummings 79 Marsha Davidson WILLIAM DALEY, 9 High Haith Rd. 8-21-54 Football, baseball, JV hockey, AHS hockey, games. Harvard vs Clarkson, 5th period mud puddles. Summer ’71, jr. beach party, Marshfield, football in the rain. AMF MASSIMO DALOISIO, 20 Johnson Rd. 3-23-55 Mass MARION R. D’AVENI, 11 Wheaton Rd. 3-31-55 Havard, Why us? Am I hate? Number 10, piss me off, Klule, fireworks, Magilla, Summer of 71? MARSHA J. DAVIDSON, 35 College Ave. 5-7-55 New Year’s Eve 71, try a little tenderness, tracks, Norton’s, 8-31-72, Sonny, I.L.U.B., 50D, fights with Mel. J. and R’s wedding PATRICIA M, DAWSON, 197 Hillside Ave, 8-23- 55 Tricia The Pudmobile, P.W.P., summer of 71, Can’t Find the Time, So Far Away, this weekend for sure, H8, Fi Ho, Jr. gym class. Sewing class DEBORAH D. DAY, 7 Marrigan St. 11-2-54 Deb Springfield, Hampton Beach, Junior Prom 72, oh . . ., Hockey games, skiing, Mt. Snow, be good, cross currents, dumbo, myra gulch, susie, paper feet, rainbow, skimobiling at midnight, drowning at Spy Pond. Patricia Dawson Massimo Daloisio William Daley Marion D’Aveni Deborah Day KATHLEEN LOUISE DEANGELO, 166 Pheasant Ave. 3-23-56 Kathy Kim Kristen, killer, 2001, dud, muffin, green eyes, booby, Harvey, triple F, 71 summer, noony, mad, proms, Kate, 6T’s Doc, pab- by poo, Englishes, 65, wine and roses, Leonardo, David FRANCIS D. DEDOMINICUS, 32 Coleman Rd. 10-12-54 Grumpy Somerville Ave., Dunkin Dough- nuts, Union Square, 10 sec.. Corvette, drags, Carols in Stoneham, Nahant, Sunoco and thanks to a whole lot of friends KEVIN DEDRICK, 56 Hemlock St. 10-31-54 ARLENE M. DEEB, 341 Forest St. 9-26-55 4-17- 72, C.F.’s secret, 7-17-72, 1-10-70, T.J.L.C.D.C.M.K., Mi and E and going up to N.R. PAMELA D. DEER, 5 Colonial Dr. 12-28-53 Miss Burt’s English class, 2nd period and B.H.’s ego trips, happiness was the summer of 72 DONNA MARIA DeNAPOLl, 648 Summer St. 4- 13-55 Sophomore year. Senior Prom 71, the gang, driving, Rte. 93, N.H. teaching. Suburban National Bank, data processing, country rides, the cleaners, new and old friends Kathleen DeAngelo Francis Dedominicus Kevin Dedrick Arlene Deeb Pamela Deer Donna DeNapoli I Ronald DePari Joanne DeRosa 82 David DiGiorgio Darryln Diggins Beth Dillon RONALD J. DEPARl, 12 Seminole Ave. 1-7-55 Bunga Soph, and Jr. beach parties, pajamas in Brighams, B.Y.O.B., Ray, Gordon Monty, phone calls, prom, tracks, VW tipping over, pep rally, 4th of July in bedroom, Herman Munster JAMES H. DEROCHE, 11 Pine Crt. 11-23-55 Jim Nobody move, Duke J., Espanol, H. Goldstien, he’s pretty tall for only 6 years old! Marty M., E. squad, hockey, S. roll, take it easy. Pet Peeve: Dumpers C.C. S B. B.C. J.G. G J.M. D.P.; D.A.P.Y.?; D.H. JOANNE DEROSA, 146 Washington St. 4-6-55 Never forget: Gary, Ron, J.D., J.M., S.P., J.P., L.T., Skipping Algebra, 57’s, “dynamite”, 9-5-70, 3, M.C.P., Junior Prom, Happiness is being with people you love LINDA M. DEROSA, 24 Fox Meadow Lane 12- 24-55 RICHARD MARK DESIMONE, 47 Columbia Rd. 2-16-55 KATHLEEN DESMOND, 119 Ridge St. 9-10-55 Kathy Wells beach, the call at midnight. Summer of “72”. Friday nights, out to lunch, Lexington Center, C.S. and friends, black car, Belmont friends, concerts ALFRED M. DEVITO, 14 Brunswick Rd. 9-19-55 RICHARD JOHN DEVRIES, 7 Marion Cr. 6-19- 55 ROGER A. DIDONATO 15 Albermarle St. 12-18- 55 DiDo Foot Stompin’ Music, Happiness is 2:07 and Graduation Day, Grove St. Park “70”, the good times in the van DARRYLN A. DIGGINS. 81 Columbia Rd. 4-2- 55 Dig Fondest memories: 5-2-70, 8-1, 2, 3, 4,-72; Lincoln, G.H. and don’t stop laughing, never forget F -f J, and of course, J.C. DAVID J. DIGIORGIO, 71 Tomahawk Rd, 6-1-55 Visitors bench, banana, flaming ying, Stratton Stranglers, Stone’s Concert, cheetah, lumper, namu. goose, smell, zacco, abbey, captain, hook, beach ball. Perry, goat, tooth, hose, pizza BETH A. DILLON, 87 Bartlett Ave. 10-13-55 Dill Mr. Cody’s chemistry class, hockey games. Gym, the Cape, Friday nights, watch out Karen, Jr. Eng- lish, N.P. didn’t try hard enough GARRETT DILLON, 87 Bartlett Ave. 10-13-55 Gary, Dill Jack Cody’s chem. class, Erik and Frak, “Tango Gang”, Nantucket Island, bucket seats are no fun. Cape Cod and Harle, unreal. I’ll make it Dad ANGELA M. DIMINO, 144 Warren St. 7-29-55 Stop Shop, Winchester Sr. Prom 6-2-72, M M 5th period, “Precious and Few”, happiness is E.S., 10-2-71, Opal Ring MICHAEL P. DINICOLA, 129 Rawson Rd. 8-18- 55 Dino Big picture, J.N., Watertown, Drive In, Betsy, Fliney, two faced, Turk, my attic, caught in the gym, Charger, Hummer, goodby A.H.S., Offi- cer White JAMES L. DIORIO, 320 Appleton St. 7-9-55 Dee Never forget Ralph in 95, Kentuckey, or Jr. Prom, Paris! J.H.E., P.M.D., thanks to Mr. Felichia and Mr. Roberts, “It’s quite conceivable,” Michael and friends, last but not least Sheila ELENA M. DIVITO, 160 Gray St. 5-17-55 Rice balls. Butter icks, monotomy, NAP, cops at 144, ji- vin at the BIG T.C., Woburn, anteater, you pig, P.W., “100” lbs., pocketbook, BDDJMPRV, choum. eeiu, fights! Garrett Dillon Angela Dimino Michael Dinicola James Diorio Elena DiVito 83 Pamela Doe James Doherty PAMELA J. DOE, 105 Cutter Hill Rd. 1-11-55 Pam S. Stills, Bayou, 12-18-71, Prom 72, Patrick’s, N.H., hockey games, Richie’s JAMES P, DOHERTY, 56 Epping St. 6-19-54 Jim V. Football, Monday and Fridays, Walden and Long Beach, French 2c, Cape Cod, Lefty, Grunge, Ike, Nub, Red, parties and all nighters, Mich 1, ski- ing, Senior year NANCY A. DOHERTY, 285 Washington St. 7-19- 55 Douts, Jelly’s, freshman year, 3rd per., S.R. -I- K.O., wonderland. Hockey games, the Who, s.s.. Bayou, my house (for breakfast). Prom 72, south- fleet rm. 7, Buffy, 0.0. sunshine, 3, my Buddy Buddy PHILIP DOHERTY, 177 Brattle St. 7-8-55 WILLIAM J. DOHERTY, 25 Valentine Rd. 8-6-55 DoDo Freshman year. Miss Healy (Animal Farm), to and from hockey games, zoo of 72, running all over Arlington, it was ridiculi B.C.C. Eva, by. I’ll never miss A.H.S. DALE A. DOLAN, 10 Belton St. 3-26-54 1-10-70, White Mts., skiing trips to Vt„ LMDKLAJJ, 30’s stairwell, 1 got you, the trips with Kim, I’ll love you forever Jackie, locker no. 7 NANCY A. DOLAN, 129 Newport St. 8-18-55 Doles Making the boot, Vi. freedom, crazy Jane’s munchies, I’m a man, Tasmanian Devil, “the Book- ie”, facetious, sneakers, letters I’ve written never meaning to send Nancy Doherty Dale Dolan William Doherty Nancy Dolan 84 !l ROBERT DONOGHUE, 58 Rawsen Rd. 7-19-54 Dun A.H.S. had a lot of fun, best year 69, worst part of leaving is leaving friends, 7-12 H.R. D.D., I.G.G.W.T.B.W., after school down the center JUDITH A. DONOGHUE, 57 Lantern Ln. 7-28-54 Judy Old hall, coke + cake, UN trip, C.B., sum- mer “72”, Pie, “Athana it did too” MARY B. DONOGHUE, 106 Webster St. 10-28-55 Mary Summer “72”, Gunrock Beach, All in the Family, Mary S., parties, Chevelle ss, Holbrook, Natick, M.L.’s peaches. Dad’s place, never getting drunk, Kev’s room. Right on. Beach Boys ROBERT A. DONAGHUE KEVIN DONOVAN, 9 Orchard Terr. 11-19-55 chemistry labs, hockey tourneys at Garden, softball games in gym, street hockey. Algebra classes with Mr. Bradbury, summers at Cape Cod PATRICIA M. DONOVAN, 134 Gardner St. 3-8- 55 Peanuts 8-6-71, good times, partying, pet peeve: gorgeous boys, wishing upon a star, luncheons at Liberty Mutual, remembering the rocks TERESA M. DONOVAN, 27 Avola St. 12-12-55 Terry concerts, row A seat 3, reasons 1, 2, and 3, skiing, soph, gym, 2-14-70, Cape, Mason poster, Marx Bros., wait until dark, Jean STEPHEN A. DOREMUS, 100 Hillside Ave. 1-20- 54 Splinter Linda, Mrs. Couser’s English class, Mr. Whitmore’s print class, Bev, The Rat, Purple, Dave, Reedy, bicycle park, I don’t know, Liebe Ruhe, George, speckles, blue Patricia Donovan Mary Donoghue Kevin Donovan Deborah Douglas Joan Downing Valerie D’Orlando William Doucette VALERIE D’ORLANDO. 147 Highland Ave. 3-19- 55 Val we’ve only just begun, Jr. and Sr. English classes. Chronicle. ETA. happiness is finding a clean chair in the lunchroom WILLIAM J. DOUCETTE. 15 Campbell Rd. 3-3- 55 Dude remember: normal brothers, brawls in 80’s sanitarys. Jr. Prom. Hon Pond, what’s left? hows fois? nak-nak. critter-man. ambition: under cover agent DEBORAH ANN DOUGLAS. 11 Eremont St. 3- 20-55 Debbie O.H., the schedule. Bula Chu. N.H., good times at the barns. Ered JOAN TERESA DOWNING. 24 Crescent Hill Ave. 11-7-55 those clouds that appear darkest in the distance, the wind blows away, ugly spaghetti. Y Y kickback, the van. “These Eyes”, Godot, dry buffaloes, Lynne’s Legend 86 PATRICIA DOYLE, 109 Westminster Ave. 6-18-55 Tricia summers of 70 and 72, Santana, ambition: the airlines. Curly, red nails, baby afro, smile, Cit- go, oreos, SW, Garrett’s Pond, Zoo, GMC STEPHEN DOYLE, 516 Summer St. 6-11-55 Eirst three years wasn’t me, this is the real thing RICHARD DOYON, 21 Fairview Ave. 5-23-55 Rick Chuckle, 1-14-72, precious and few, “Every- one hates me”, Carol and Bree and the girls of my dreams, English with Dennis, reaching out and tak- ing BRIAN DRISCOLL, 107 Hibbert St. 4-12-55 Bun- nv Football, basketball, JV baseball, I will never forget Walter’s mansion down the Cape, New Found and that Bob would take care of us Patricia Doyle Stephen Doyle Richard Doyon Brian Driscoll 87 JAYNE E. DRISCOLL, 93 Webster St. 8-9-55 Papa-aytays, 1-23-71, Dracut’s finest, catches- fights-advice, Jr. Prom, waiting for Santa, Nicki’s pal. we laughed and cried so well, but these memo- ries can only fade JOHN J. DUFFETT, 27 Melvin Rd. 4-6-55 Jack WCC, Thoreau’s field trips, Vocie, football, last days as a Junior JOHN P. DUGGAN JOHN T. DUNNE WILLIAM F. DWYER, 56 Summit St. 1-8-54 " B " Jr. class President, my bestest buddy, varsity sports, Jr. Prom, locker room before varsity games looking for the biggest shaper, 18th of every month, Har- bo’s Rambler BRIAN EGAN, 2 Yale Rd. 12-29-54 Varsity sports, football captain, hockey, weightlifting, ambition: lawyer, activities: Jr. class Vice President, I will to AHS: four greatest years of my life, fondest memo- ry: football 70-72 NANCY LOUISE ELDER, 96 Churchill Ave. 5-9- 55 Klutz, 4-3-71, too-short weekends at UMass, beach parties. The Rock, burnt again, sawwit, stubby feet, Wilmot-summers, I ' ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain Brian Egan Nancy Elder Jayne Driscoll John Duffett There are a number of annoying things about growing up: worrying who you ' ll be going with on Friday nights; hoping that the teacher will give you the break you so richly deserve; trying to " borrow " some money from your parents. But another minor annoyance about growing up is having those elders say, " My, haven ' t you grown? I re- member you when you were only that tall! " (And, of course, they ' re pointing four inches above the floor). Having had the pleasure of teaching you during your freshman, sophomore, and junior years (and missing you more this year than either of us might have ever real- ized), I too must say the old cliche. Because I do remember you then, and you have grown. Not merely physically, of course; you ' ve grown much more wonderfully than that. You ' ve become in- cisive, concerned, and inspired, while maintaining your unique identities as kids. The question is, of course, have we, your teachers, helped? The greatest compliment any of us could have would be the following: years from now, when you ' re talking with some friends, you ' d say, " You know. I ' ll never for- get what a teacher once said to me. " And it wouldn ' t be the width of the Orinoco River, or the value of cosine zero, or the real name of Maxim Gorky. I hope that it will be something that we ' ve taught you about life. I hope that we ' ve given you ideas and philos- ophies that allowed you to learn more about yourselves, that made you more fulfilled, more interesting, and more substantial people. If we ' ve done that, then we have indeed helped. PETER FILICHIA Kathryn Elliott KATHRYN SABRENA ELLIOTT, 122 Appleton St. 4-15-55 RICHARD ENOS, 38 Golden Ave. 12-3-55 Rick Hampton Beach, B.C.C., Stoare Acres, T.L.A., 12- 3-71 MICHAEL ENWRIGHT, 72 Lake St. 11-8-55 Mr. Gordon’s English class, Thorndike field, the BD, Montreal and the 3 b’s, 20 points to go and I am out. Pet Peeve: work RICHARD ENWRIGHT, 99 Glenburn Rd. 12-24- 53 Moose 10-9-71 Joan, 25 dollars, thanks a lot for nothing. Nubs, you too. Huck, someday THOMAS ERIKSON, 48 Morningside Dr. 6-8-55 Richard Enos Richard Enwright Michael Enwright Thomas Erickson 89 David Farese Kathleen Ferola William Ferrara Francis Farinoso DONNA MARIE ESTELLA, 66 Brattle St. 2-9-55 Bleach Favorite e. pression: va know? Pet Peeve: Freshman lunch, favorite personalities: Hendrix and Glen, ambition: J.M.C. DAVID MICHAEL FARESE, 15 Menotomy Rd. 6-16-55 Bud Tracks, football field. Newfound camping, Falmouth. Dennisport, Walden. Frankie, 41 1, leaching. Walter’s shack, watching the sun rise, visiting B.C., Uncle Johnny, Forest Cafe, Charlie’s 70, beaches FRANCIS FARINOSO, 50 Hathaway Circle 10-8- 55 Faclamaratva Remember: wiff pube, “It just popped”, the Sheik, anti-normal, “life is tough, the road is rough”, fugazsheet, 30% off grilled cheese, Maggie Mae KATHLEEN M. FEROLA, 24 Lake St. 6-3-55 FeFe, Big Kath Down the drome, ssk, really?, nights with the kids, got a cigarette? Howie-Be. ain’t no mountain high enough for .society’s child, NY 72. Xmas eve 71 WILLIAM G. FERRARA. 54A Cleveland St. 3-5- 55 BiUv Citos, N,I with Mr. T and J.W. Beau, The Archie Manning Show, Friday and Saturday nights over Wally’s, the Magic Bus with Jumping John Donna Estella “The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving . . . To reach the port . . we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, -but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor. " —Oliver Wendell Holmes JOHN PATRICK FERRIANI BARBARA FERRIS, 342 Gray St. 1-18-54 Spoon- ful, LTD, Phil’s garage, 64-54 Chevy, GTX-GT Gallant, fellow Zappa, left it hanging by the phone, the plant, grubby place CHARLES FETFATSIDIS CAROL FINLAYSON, 53 Nicod St. 9-16-55 Zwi- cker. Alali Sigs, Dec. ski weekend, Manchester 3-7- 71, 3, toothpaste in the yard, plans, U-Haul, onset, happy medium, HTR, since G.S. with Kid, Us Six, P.M.O. FRED FIORE, 59 Mott St. 2-15-55 Have enjoyed playing sports, milk fights in cafeteria, going to hockey games, and being checked in corridors by friends in school, remember AHS forever STEVEN FIORE, 19 Virginia Rd. 6-18-55 Doc University, ski trips, hockey games, Mr. Blanchard, Mr. Lowder’s wrestling class. Prom, the Home, Freshman windows, subway fights, the P. Spot, sport-sinning JULIE FITZGERALD, 30 Hopkins Rd. 11-2-55 Don’t get nervous. Lone Ranger, you can’t leave. Gone Willi the Wind, the things we never did, u.n., typhoid tennis player John Ferriani Barbara Ferris Carol Finlayson Steven Fiore Julie Fitzgerald Fred Fiore 1 JOAN M. FITZMAURICE EILEEN FLEMING, 5 Swan St. 8-16-55 Fletn bik- ing down the Cape with Ellyn, New York City, 9:00 am, cruzin’, U-Haul Van, the accident, tourney games. Fleas, Kattie’s, Teen Center, 25 or 6 to 4, Summer of ' ll CLAUDIA FLETCHER, 29 Henry St. 1-29-55 July 4th weekend 1971, hockey games STEVEN FLIONIS DIANE MARIE ELYNN, 27 Fremont Ct. 8-20-55 Guinea 3-4-72 Color Mr World, Semi Formal, Sen- ior Prom, Partying with KoKo’s friends, long talks with Patty, Jr. Eng. class, wishing on the stars, so much more Joan Fitzmaurice Claudia Fletcher Diane Flynn Eileen Fleming Steven Flionis LINDA FLYNN, 104 Gardner St. 1-17-55 Flynn New York ’72, Never forget Foods with Mrs. Jones, Pet Peeve: Miss Hammek, Good luck to Campo and Lou STEPHEN J. FOPIANO, 75 Maynard St. 7-28-53 Fop Hampton, Beer, and having a good time. Things to remember: Math as Soph Perk Off. Mr. Duckworth’s citizenship class. Unreal Freshman Art Rm. Windows, “Tins” ROBERT FOREST, 29 Robbins Rd. 12-19-54 Bob Banna, Tracks, Leach, Frankie, Gymnastics, Hock- ey Games, Coleman’s Span. Class, My easy Sr. Yr., Up to Maine, the Summer parties of ’72, my new clothes. Best in the Market MARIE FRANCHITTO, 14 Lakehill Ave. 12-13-55 I’ll shout it from the mountain tops, I want the world to know, the Lord of Love, has come to me. I want to pass it on. ROBERT FRANZOSA, 231 Wachusett Ave. 8-9-55 Bobo Mr. Chemistry’s class, A.O.E., P.I.T., M.S.’s punch. Miss Healy teached good, dumpin’, Prog- resso etc.. Bruins’ Stanley Cups Robert Franzosa Marie Franchitto Linda Flynn Stephen Fopiano 93 Robert French BRUCE FRASER, 54 Alcott St. Acton 9-18-54 JV Hockey, the tracks on winter nights, routez Acton, Hampton Beach, caught in the act by Mrs, Voner, dinner at Gerry’s house ROBERT FRENCH. II Day St. 9-18-55 Frenchie Will always remember the Art Rm., Miss Finberg, Mr. Bradbury’s math class, White Lightin’, A.O.E., Camp Mitigwa. Walter. Boogs, Dude, Hunkie, and the rest, . . . and being myself MICHAEL FRIEL, 155 Forest St. 11-28-54 Mousie Labor Day weekend at Falmouth, Feb. vacation up the Chalet with the snow-mobile. My lucky day up the Mall with Goober JOSEPH FUCA, 2 Brookdale Rd. 10-31-55 Fucs Mr. VLUKMIRE FOR HIRE. Coarse, Lincoln Fields. Lounging, Camping Partying and 1 never Did! Never Could! and Never Will! LOUIS J. FUCA, 2 Brookdale Rd. 3-29-54 Lou Have a good time in life and enjoy it STEPHEN J. GALLAGHER, 23 Farmer Rd. 10-1- 54 Cape Labor Day Weekend, Douggie’s, Kang- amangus Highway (moxie). Hockey Games. Nel- lie’s party soph summer, Gough’s cellar (Rita the Chip Dip), Jr. Prom with Busty THOMAS GALLUZZO Michael Friel Louis Fuca Joseph Fuca Stephen Gallagher 94 Russell Garrity Sandra Garside Anthony Geanisis William Gendall Laurel Gates Andrea Gelinas RUSSELL GARRITY, 136 Wildwood Ave. 4-5-55 Rusiv The Cape, Walden Pond, Skiing, Hyannis to Falmouth walk the get nothings, 3 beeps, and in V Football SANDRA GARSIDE, 105 Madison Ave. 5-23-55 San “Happiness is being with Dave.” New England Dragway, “68 GTO”, 7-2-71— Walden Pond, Mid- night Blue, Star Saphire, Pillsbury Dough Boy, Hope Chest from Dave LAUREL GATES, 6 Harvard St. 6-24-55 Pet Peeves: bucket seats, 11:30, Fondest memories: redlights in Harvard Square. New Year’s Eve ’71, Halloween ’71, Sheraton, carving our initials, Rick. Chester, Jasper, Prom 72 ANTHONY GEANISIS, 281 Washington St. 2-6- 54 Tony Drags Rt. 2 with Frank’s vette. Good times at Sunoco, Mr. Dowel’s class ANDREA GELINAS, 319 Lake St. 11-18-55 I’ll never forget Jr. yr History class, AHS Hockey Games, the water fountain, Buttrick’s, “the mir- ror”, and 5th period gym WILLIAM GENDALL, 23 Milton St. 9-23-54 Bill Happiness is getting an A from Mr. Kronik, Pet Peeve: autobiographies 95 Bonnie Gillespie Jean Gilmore BONNIE GILLESPIE, 27 Waters St. Riceballs, Woburn, DEJMPRV, “Driver”, “Woods”, Dung- ees, 160, Magilla, Big Mac, “I ' m watching”, Bee- Bop, Pink, Buttricks, one-fifth UAO, Joe, “Dog”, 144 NYE, Menotomy, Feb. hockey game JEAN M. GILMORE, 7 Hawthorne Ave. 8-3-55 Waiting till dark, Dennisport, Moody Blues Con- certs, “Don’t step on shrimp!” Stonybrook, Scargo Lake, Monday nights, “keep on truckin’!” keep it in there Ricky, Igo DAVID GIMBLETT LINDA M. GIOIOSA, 23 Burch St. 7-11-55 N.H. weekend, climbing Mt. Stinson, tennis anyone? co- op, Drivers Ed?, Arl. Bky., Happiness is being and enjoying every minute of it. Guitar, Summer of ’72 BARBARA GLENNON, 25 Peter Tufts Rd. 8-25- 55 WHB with “44” and LJPDPJPJ, Friday nights at B.L. with K.P.J. and company, “The Big Chase”, Cool it Kath, coming in late and leaving early. “What’s the scoop Paula?” Drop! STEVEN GOODWIN. 28 Sunset Rd. 6-15-55 Linda Gioiosa Goodie Summer of ’72 sponsored by: SHLITZ, BUD, BOONE’S FARM STRAWBERRY HILL, and ACAPULCO GOLD. Remember Friday nights at Walden, and last but not least Mt. Gilboa EILEEN GORHAM, 12 Windermere Ave. 7-1-55 Eg Drama, Debating, Full moons. Concerts, “Mighty Fine Wine”, “Don’t get nasty”. Something I’ll Never Take For Granted Is The Great Friends I’ve Got! Barbara Glennon Steven Goodwin Eileen Gorham 96 Robert Govoni Janet Gormley Richard Gotsell JANET GORMLEY, 1250 Mass. Ave. 3-24-55 Bowling, Water skiing. Pet Peeve: stick shifts and broken toes. C.C.R. Concert, Summer of ’71. Moustaches, A.C., Weekends in Sturbridge. N.E.D. N.H. Fav. person: Rod McKuen RICHARD GOTSELL, 91 Egerton Rd. 1-21-55 Gut Tracks, Football Field, Beaches, Falmouth, Walter’s Shack, Leaching, the Taxi, the Forest, the Fence. Hull KAREN GOTT, 249 Renfrew St. 8-16-55 Sebas- tian, M-2, 8 to the 5, tennis, lumpy ice, hockey games, Archie-Chem. A, Summer Camp, smile, Brillo, Chelmsford, Nauset Beach, Team, Florida. T.L.C. MICHAEL GOUGH, 58 Scituate St. 3-14-55 V. Hockey, V. Soccer. Mike’s Kitchen. 30 seconds, P.P., one shot one goal, SAB’s eyes, Buba’s Chem- istry Class, W.C. FIELDS, El Stinko, Getting Bald, 1 ate the whole thing ROBERT GOVONI, 10 Grove St. PL 9-2-54 Schlitz. Monument, Mike’s vent, Zappa, Mike- Hooch, Waiter-Stub, Ben-ugly girls, Dave- 100 proof, forth steps, track RICHARD J. GRACE COLIN E. GRANT, 7 College Ave., 6-14-55, Grunt, 25 or 6 to 4, Pulsar, O.B.M., C.E.G., A.O.E., the green building, out in the country, 1 was born in a cross-fire hurricane, Mitigwa! 1 Colin Grant Michael Gough Karen Gott Marcia Graziano " He and the others trod the sacred dance, And suddenly, like sparks exceeding swift. Were lost to sight and sped into the distance. " -Dante Joan Green Debra Grondin MARCIA A. GRAZIANO, 59 Thesda St., 9-20-55, Liking a teacher I never had, memories of Jr. classes. Freshman intramural basketball, summer of “72”, Charlie, happiness is finishing sch ool JOAN M. GREEN, 30 Amsden Si., Joni, Or-to-val, volleyball, another day in the life of A.H.S., ’72 summer, art class, J B, G S, gymnastics, hasta luego! DEBRA A. GRONDIN. 24 Henderson St., 10-24- 55. Debbie. “Some see things the way they are and asky why; I dream things that never were and say why not.” JOSEPH H. GROSS, 4 Wollaston Ave., 3-1-55, Joe. Pummelling of Big M, Chronicle, Junkman, KKK.ES.SAT, Somerville, cross, Latin. Xavier, Sam the Savior, “Mad Dog” Steve, the Heime Brothers. Big Ed KEVIN M. GUARENTE, 27 Radcliffe Rd., 9-24- 54, Rem . . . Soph year in crafts, summer of “72”, night of Aug. 28, Remember these kids; Phyllis, Debbie, Patty, Steve, Marion, Mike, Noreen. Ken- ny. Mary, Jimmy, Judy MARION F. GUARENTE. 27 Radcliffe Rd., 9-22- 55. Miss Butler’s typing classes, summers at Cape Cod, Eavorite songs: Saturday in the Park, Let it all Hang Out. happiness is graduating NOREEN M. GUARENTE, 51 Hillside Ave. 3- 25-55. G.H., Dig, Hutch. Cape. “Do the sheeps bite?”, Lincoln, “Take a big . . .”, L.C.W.H., Inter- national Ball. N.Y., summer “71”, spaghetti dinner Joseph Gross Kevin Guarente Noreen Guarente Marion Guarente 98 " Tempus fugit, said the Romans; Yes, alas, ' tis fleeting on; Ever coming. Ever going. Lift is short, and soon ' tis gone. But as I think of next vacation. Poring o ' er these lessons huge. Ever harder. Ever longer. All 1 say is, ' Let her fugel ' " K. Blake Stephen Harlow Donald Haas Evan Haglund DONALD C. HAAS, 25 Marion Rd„ 5-14-55, Don PHILIP HADDAD EVAN E. J. HAGLUND, 15 Devereaux St., 4-29- 55, E.J., Chuckle’s Casino, breaking into Johnny’s, Air Conditioning, it’s funny, but not really funny, A.T.A.N.A. award to Bob, white shoes, hot rod rambler JONATHAN M. HALL, 10 Yerxa Rd„ 6-25-54, Fucu. I walked into Hell feelin ' proud of myself . . . I remember getting my face pushed into a fountain and cynically watching everybody turn hip . . . “Le- galize Pot!’’ MADELINE C. HANAFIN, 67 Bartlett Ave., 1-4- 56, Lynn, “And miles to go before I sleep.” GEORGE HANNAFIN, 36 Margaret St., 6-18-55, Gumby and Pokey, “Qu6 Pasa”, the “Bow”, Hap- py’s home, York Beach, Pet Peeve: Whitey Thomas’ Tan, Chuck’s VW, goats ANDREA J. HARDING, 167 Wachusett Ave., 5- 31-55, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Judy is youth!. Judy, the rainbow forever!, Paul is a doof. Matt Tibolt . . . hmmmmm STEPHEN A. HARL OW. 447 Summer St., 6-15- 55, Flunking geometry in “Willard’s” class, skip- ping out to lunch at Mystic, the Shelby-Camaro Race and senior year schedule SUSAN HARMON Susan Harmon Andrea Harding George Hannafin Madeline Hanafm 99 Corinne Hawke RICHARD A. HAROUTUNIAN, 37 Huntington Rd., 4-30-55, Rich. Armenian Power, hold hands much?, Someday we’ll be together, Springfield, Zee Bridges, Gordon, Chuck Key, Commander, My paregum Tom, A.B.M., Brillo, What happened D7, W.A. THOMAS G. HARRINGTON, 88 Grafton St., 1- 11-55, T., S.C., good times: Sophomore year, Wal- den, Fridays, M.I.P.: Miss Cheevers, pet peeve: classification of people CORINNE M, HAWKE, 35 Stone Rd., 3-9-55, Doris Day Bird. Lincoln Buttrick’s and G.H., thanks Mrs. M., “summer of 72” good and bad, play it again, shmall freaks, 4th term, talks with Charlie JANE C. HEALY, 14 Buena Vista Rd., 6-10-55, B.B., If you do not raise your eyes you will think that you are the highest point. I’m smiling but I’m crying inside, A.H., Nunca, EGOR! DONNA J. HEHIR, 1173, Mass. Ave., 11-25-54, Hockey games, bike riding, sophomore beach par- ty, Christmas Eve ’71, F.B., IQue Bueno!, climbing up to the 30’s, Friday nights, 1st and 4th lunch ARCHIE J. HENDERSON 00 Jane Healy Donna Hehir Archie Henderson Nancy Hill Sarah Higgins FRANCIS L. HENNESSEY, 116 Medford St., 9- 22-54, Frank BRUCE HESSEL. 141 Westminster Ave., 5-21-55, Juicy Brucie, Always remember art, Billy and Deb- bie will make it, Pam is there and so is Feb. 6, 1971, summer down the Cape, it’s been fun, Ger- rie’s face and Jeanie’s insults SARAH A. HIGGINS, 40 Orvis Rd„ 10-6-55, Sal- ly, Memories of bananas, peachstones, summer of ' 72, E.C.P., cougar s.o.s., April, J.M., 10:15, Ford- red lights with Nova ALAN W. HILFERTY, 66 Dudley St., 10-2-54, New Rochelle. Steve, medic, speech. Biology, bro- ken leg, eight-oh-one, A.M. thirties, Y-camp NANCY J. HILL. 11 Eoster St., 6-4-55, Memories . . . summer of ’72, “Like you read about’’. Buck’s and Jabie’s, the rounds, 20 cent cokes with alot of ice, and Bummer, pet peeve: not understanding ERNEST G. HINDE, 74 Rhinecliff St., 4-17-55, Science club, Bonehead, shades, A.G., Max, Pulsar, “Melk”, Blues Harp, “How old will you be in 1984?’’. music theory, “Beginnings”, Basil Phern- dock, B.C. paz Frank Hennessey Bruce Hessel Alan Hilferty Ernest Hinde 101 337576 Alexandra Hrissanthou 102 Patricia Horne Mikell Hosmer Charles Hughes Diane Hughes Eileen Hunt John Howley 35 3 Elizabeth Hutchins SHEILA HOLLAND PATRICIA C. HORNE, 32 Grove St. PL, 7-17-55, Sue-Whoo, Jan 5, trading?, K. McCuken and her reckless driving, sophomore English, Mar. 17, April 7, D.B., Feb vacation ’72, some times, D.Y. MIKELL M. HOSMER, 54 Gardner St., 9-6-54, Mike, D.W., homeroom, Dec of “71”, Jabie’s, Buttrick’s parking lot, the manor, phewww . . . week-end parties, the rounds, “Sheila, don’t forget the mud!” JOHN KEVIN HOWLEY, 16 Jason Street, 5-30- 55, Kevin. Remember Mr, Dlott’s History class, eclairs, shores, “take it easy,” Hockey games ALEXANDRA HRISSANTHOU, 7 Wachusett Ave,, 4-12-55, Alex, “If 1 should cast off this tat- tered coat, and go free into the mighty sky; if 1 should find nothing there, what then?” CHRISTINE M. HRYNOWSKL 66 Paul Revere Rd., 11-9-55, Chris, Junior English, chemistry labs, U.S. History in 15B, “cruising”, “Bronc”, 25 or 6 to 4, trip to the U.N., summer of ’72, 9:30 a.m. in Harwich, hockey games CHARLES C. HUGHES, 27 Temple St., 9-26-55. Hitgess, Buffalo Bill, I love to run liners, lightbulb. “Res”, unreal, 1 don’t believe it. Normal Pelican- Pelican-Pelican DIANE L. HUGHES, 12 Higgins St. 10-9-55 1970, life used to be so hard, now everything is easy cause of you, cruising, De Cape, shotguns. Cutter. “Leroy, what we gonna do?”. Albert 9-25-70 EILEEN M. HUNT 13 Daniels St. 6-10-55 Put off till tomorrow what you can do today, Fridays. Long Beach, summer ’71, 115 and friends, wild- times with J.K., T.C., senior year and friends ALAN JOHN HUTCHINGS 108 Melrose St. 12- 15-55 Al Manager cross country, indoor track, out- door track, German Book Award 1971-1972. Fa- vorites; .Alls teams Nebraska football. Johnny Cash, The Beatles. Kansas City Chiefs ELIZABETH A. HUTCHINS 92 Gardner St. 5-1- .55 Bettv Memories: summer of ’71. trip to New York, history per. 6, cafeteria, hockey and football games, kids at AHS, happiness is not having home- room in the 30’s anymore FRED HUTCHINS JAYME L. HUTCHINSON 39 Thesda St. 4-28-55 SteuI, Pun ' kin, Lincoln Buttrick’s G.H., L.C.W.IL, the punch that made the party, Olie’s tavern zacl, T.R. LORRAINE A. lANNELLI 97 Melrose St. 6-26-54 Guinzo Majorettes, Girl’s Club, Summer Confer- ence, Student Council. Fondest Memories: Laurie’s p.j. parties, center. Hampton, bayou, Sr. Prom, 30’s, down s.p.. Hamlet, being with Mark, never forget D.A.D.D.J.M.K. and friends, 5-19-69 NANCY C. IGO 17 Walnut Ct. 10-15-55 Harmo- nettes G. S. Teen Center 2, Mitigwa, Arnie’s Army, 4th period, the beach, Denmark. Me. 7-Up parties. Mother Nature, C.L. vs. S B. FRANCES MARIE INGEME 12 Teresa Cir. 2-27- 55 G. S., forever dreading gym class, walking up and down stairs all day JAMES B. IRWIN 27 Peirce St. 1-4-54 Mouse Miss McCarthy’s class 14b, favorite personality: Wilzey McCaffery, 7-18-69 Snuggy Nancy Igo Alan Hutchings Jayme Hutchinson Lorraine lannelli James Irwin Frances Ingeme Fred Hutchins 103 JUDITH F. JACKSON 76 Henderson Sl„ 5-11-55 Judy Mel ' s car. tea, Maryanne’s parties, R.D. EDWARD P. JOHNSON 28 Alton St. 11-24-55 E.J. Chronicle, Marching Band, Art, Mrs. Franey’s Project Reach KATHLEEN M. JOHNSON 150 Summer St. 9-12- 55 April vacation 72, the endless night at WHB, Eriday nights at B. L., and friends, the big chase, the B clubhouse, cornin’ in late and leavin’ early JEFFREY V. JONES 152 Charlton St. 12-29-55 Beefy Remember; normal brothers, the Hillside and grilled cheese, brawls after lunch, nyak-nyak, life is tough. Every Picture Tells a Story, November 5, D C. MARILYN P. JONES 81 Jason St. 1-8-56 Jonesy 1-2-3, summer 72, David, Barn, summer confer- ence, semi-formal, silver, Sr. Prom, JGC, AY, lock- er 7, slaves for sale, sr. office, D.K.D.L., 8-10-72 us four, it’s over L.I. RALPH JONES RICHARD J. JONES ROBERT J. JONES, 289 Summer St. 3-25-55 Jo- nesv Miss Finberg’s art class, “quit it’’, K.C.’s $400.00 squeeze box. Happiness is: getting my own wheels. Favorite expression: “How’s your bug” JOHN J. KANE, 36 Richfield Rd. 11-10-54 Ko Ko Kane Me, Murph and Arlington High Tower, Pet peeve: 63 Catalina, Jr. English class, “The Irish will conquer”. R.P.K., being classified Jeffrey Jones Robert Jones Marilyn Jones John Kane 104 PATRICIA A. KEANE, 46 Marathon St. 4-12-55 Paitv Parker Club, White Lake, Tiews-Tate, 4-10- 70, varsity field hockey and b-ball, B.C.C., S.B.P., Earl the Pearl, pub, Sr. Prom, summer ’72, “care much” DEBRA A. KEATING 196 Spring St. 11-9-55 Deb- bie Weekend at L.K.’s sophomore beach party, Jr. Prom. Nellie’s parties, 2 years with J.C., lampligh- ter goooood night!, G.B.F.A., baseball with G.B., soft ice cream, the cookout JUDITH A. KEATING. 95 Arlmont St. 11-17-55 George The corner, V7, “Val. are you going to faint?”, can we collaborate?, five locker com- binations in one year AMY L. KEEFE 106 Mary St. 9-10-55 U. Mass, Tiews and Tate, fireworks, pub, tearoom, B.CC EDWARD CHRISTOPHER KEEFE, 35 Ever- green La. 9-1-55 Beefy Old Hall, gymnastics, AHS hockey games, Buttrick’s, school lunches, critter, wasted JOAN F. KEEFE, 30 Cleveland St. 4-3-55 Patty’s party, S.B.P., Parker Club, Nantasket Beach, “I’m in the mood for . . .”, pub. Butch, suspenders and hambone, “I don’t care” Edward Keefe Joan Keefe Amy Keefe Judith Keating Debra Keating Patricia Keane 105 JUDITH ANNE KEENAN. 127 Woodside Ea. 12- 29-55 Skiing, Weirs Beach, NH, Can’t Find The Time. 10-21-71, Sr. Prom ’72, Nights In White Sat- in, summer of 72 JAMES R. KEILEY, 4 Eawrence La. 11-2-54 Keilev Jr. beach party bus ride, Sandy’s 2nd period. Freshman year 400’s sanitary, little Y, D.G., the jump. E.A., v-dub, summer 72, we drank one beer MARIE KELLEHER BARBARA A. KELLEY 93 Sylvia St. 12-14-55 Fred. Summer of 72, times spent with D.P., hockey games, at Lexington with C.S. and friends, beige car unreal, o.k., Kathy, let’s go JAMES J. KELLEY BRENDA M. KELLY 20 Pine St. 5-26-54 Kel B. C. field, summer 71, Eridav nights, the Sheraton, “never in all my life’’. Can ' t Find The Time. Hitch- ing .A Ride. James Keiley 106 Brenda Kellv Judith Keenan Barbara Kelley ! Kevin Kelly JOHN S. KELLY 53 Quincy St. 6-10-55 Captain cross country, indoor and outdoor track, Boston State. Phys. Ed. teacher KEVIN P. KELLY 11 Eremont Ct. 3-30-55 Crazy Dick ' s parties Time Has Come Today, Chuckie ' s loo. rock concerts, tomatoes, Stanley Cup games. Patricia Kiddie Ronald Keplin David King 108 SHEILA KELLY, 54 Colonial Dr. 12-29-55 Sheil Pet F’eeve: Monday mornings, I am known for my funny faces, never forget the summer of ’72 RONALD KEPLIN PATRICIA A. KIDDIE, 30 Kilsythe Rd. 4-17-55 Patty 4-3-71, Nellie’s Parties, ,lr. Prom, Knoll Mo- tel, Manchester Jail, eyes, 3, laughing with Carol, H.T.R., I Spy, Mad walks long talks. Us six DAVID W. KING, 34 Harvard St. 5-9-55 Football, All Nighters, the Grunge, Long Beach, wooden beer stein, spear chucker, Rusty’s Cape Acres, Ski Adventures, Michelobe Keg, Fridays at Walden, Cheech Chong, rock concerts PAUL E. KINGMAN JANICE M. KINIRY Sheila Kellv Paul Kingman Eugene Kirby John Kiniry JOHN J. KINIRY, 19 Osborne Rd. 11-20-55 Smell tracks, football field, Mick’s face, Nellie’s House, Pete’s bed, John makes me sick, giving Joe couple of SACKAS, Smell you better do something with Face EUGENE KIRBY, 172 Mt. Vernon St. 10-21-54 Sam 9-9-72, Karen, THC, Moe, Larry, Cheese, LCA Formal, Waltham, Kenny Ginny, Paula Joe, Far East, Lawson’s, Chapski’s Hate TAK’S, Ambition get a hypo, Audi, Beeve JAYNE LYNN KIRKLAND, 78 Hathaway Circle, 9-4-55 Lynn “Oh Reallv”, Flashcube Nana, Rice Balls, The Big 7, Jeremiah, The P-Patch, p.j. par- ties, Blooma Sorry Wrong Number, " 26”, Spoons, go DARYL KNUEPFER, 26 Bailey Rd. 5-9-55 Cheer- ing, coke, Halloween, Jr. Prom, Eating, bebiendoing, biking, vettes, french fries. Chip- munk, PPP, Junior Yr., Chicago, Senior Prom, Joanne’s do, EMICC for Barb, Mary- anne— Winchester Rd? Che-baby. ATHANASIA KONTINOS, 123 Winchester Rd. 2- 19-55 Athana Maggie my yogurt, coke cake, “Judy it didn’t rain!” Goya dances, Sue’s " Hey Freak”, full moons. Drama Club, seagulls, choco- late tootsie pops, Hampton, Summer of ’71 Daryl Knuepfer Lynn Kirkland Athanasia Kontinos 109 111 ir Denise Labriola Kevin Koumjian WILLIAM J. KOPP PAULA H. KOSTOPOULOS. 147 Scituate St. 8-7- 55 Jerimiha, “Anna in History " , NYESO. Jam, “I ' m .sorry ' . Summer ' 72, The “B " Clubhouse, res- taurants, “Happiness is coming in late and leaving early! KEVIN H. KOUMJIAN, 268 Gray St. 3-21-55 GBYSO, record bike hike— dumb dog, tennis. North Falmouth, sea crest busing, g s— your high- ness, your highness . . ., 5th period lunch and pool games DOUGLAS KYLE DENISE LABRIOLA, 37 Benjamin Rd. 10-29-55 Lahhv Field hockey. Basketball, Softball, Girl ' s locker room mirror, Alg 2 ' s “Holy Trinity " , roof of boy ' s gym. The bench, Ga. Tech, Essex? SUSAN LAllAlE, 163 Mystic Valley PKWY 4-29- 55 Sue. Su:v Drama Club, Doug, Athana, my dear “brothers " , friends family, people, folk masses, skydiving, kiting, swinging, bicycling, getting tick- led, being naughty, music, sunshine, smiling, love NANCY M. LAHIFF, 311 Lake St. 10-26-55 Soph, sewing class, Sr. Prom, this weekend for sure. Sum- mer of ' 72 Paula Kostopoulos Douglas Kyle Susan Lahaie Nancy Lahiff MARC LAMPHERE RICHARD LANDON, 39 Bowdoin St. 12-9-55 Rick, Charlie Archie’s class, itch, track, the cellar, baseball in rm. 32, Tiny Tom, " Who’s running this class, you or me?”, rap day. Onset, Susan ROY LANDON, 39 Bowdoin St. 12-9-55 Twin Big Al, “Are you Rich or Roy?”, Deb, Onset, Little Sandy, track, LSKTDJT, the cellar, Lexington Park, Sandy Beach, Friday Nights, 1973 JAMES MICHAEL LANDRIGAN, 17 Hopkins Rd. 2-15-55 Tandy Summer of ’72, Martha, Jr. yr. 5th period down the center, golf, Jr. Eng., It hurt so bad, parties in Brighton, Harriet ARTHUR J. LAROSE CARL W. LARSON CAROL J. LASHOTO, 15 Langley Rd. 5-18-55 Dodo “Only one life to live; live it as you want” (The Gang; times never to be forgotten.) ski-trips, prom, Hampton, Beginnings. 7-9-71 Kenny-huh! 5th period, SILYBOTT Carol LaShoto Arthur LaRose Carl Larson A Roy Landon Michael Landrigan Richard Landon 111 m Joanne Lekas Nan Lawson SANDRA A. LAUZIERE, 61 Henderson St. 7-26- 55 Never Forget; Wayne R. Bob H, R.W. R.D. Mary Ann’s party, H unking, cannabis, Edith Jack- man. Mel’s car, Winnie’s car. Ambition: Women’s Lib leader, sombreros NAN LAWSON, 58 Brantwood Rd. 8-12-55 JOHN LEAK, 19 Lincoln St. 12-24-54 Babe Foot- ball, Track, Jayne, Sr. Lounge, Summer of ' 72, Sue Cherl, “Pre-Road Downs”, Patty, Eng., Math. Chemistry Latin classes, “Rain on Me”, Rock, Kell PAUL R. LECLAIR, 62 Richfield Rd. 7-4-54 Ecl- air C.A.R., Brian, rum coke, “You’re Mar- velous”, Craig 1, ll lll, 9-28-71, selling coffee. Champagne in the car. Buttrick’s, Chinese Food JOANNE SANDRA LEKAS. 12 Old Middlesex Path 7-15-55 Cheerleading, student council, camp, all our p.j.’s, bus rides, sophomore beach party, February vacation ’72, t’s for s’s, The Language, chemistry class, friends we are Sandra Lauziere John Leak Paul LeClair CHRISTOPHER LEONARD MARIE LEONE ROBIN LEWIS, 159 Wright St. 2-24-55 Summer ’72, Mrs. Jones’ cooking class, always remember CCR, really, Wenny, I like your name, dropped my dentures PAUL A. LIGOR, II Elder Terr. 3-30-55 Sounds juicy. West Woods, friend. Jr. Prom, track, football, golden wheels. Pug’s dream, mountain revival, Hampton Commune, P.K. delight, card games, Nickie, PM gas. Mystics, Eibonaci CHARLES R LINSKEY, 12 Norfolk Rd. 10-7-55 Thank God it’s over! MARCIA ANN LIONETTA Paul Liotine Robin Lewis -• I Paul Ligor Charles Linskey Marcia Lionetta 113 Linda Loder Leslie Lord David Livingstone DAVID JOHN LIN ' INGSTONE. 70 Newport St. 1 1-30-54 Sivme UN DA ANNE LODER. 45 Teel St. 8-19-54 Siam- ese cal Denis Rouleau 5-21-72, thank you Mrs. Do- lan, skipping school, thumbing to Lexington, Deb- bie Denise, Louisa and Marylou, Uncle Russ ' , Dougie ' 67-’7l. love is great ALFRED JOHN LOPES, 112 Sunnyside Ave. 4- 28-55 A! LESLIE MARSHA LORD. 47 Magnolia St. 6-22- 55 Chipmunk I ' ll remember: Football games, Mr. Sullivan, 1st window. Yellow Feather, bike rides, gravy, 2-19-72, snowstorms, 22nd, droopy drawers, Lovell Lake, " watch out " , R.VS, teddy bears JAMES WALTER LUTZ JR, 19 Wright St. 1-20- 55 Football, parlies at J.D. ' s, U.K. ' s, J.M. ' s, skiing, NH. Cape. Walden excursions, undefeated JV ' s, tracks. Ohio, W B.L. Concert. Tas. Peaky, Long Beach, TaF, Ike. Harry, senior year KATHLEEN ANN LYONS. 77 Hathaway Circle 3-9-55 Kaihv April in Paris. 84 ' s corridor. Springy. " Oh God " , hate the 30 ' s Cape summers. D.G. Re- vere, Montreal, drapes, tablecloth. Frilos and cheese puffs, D O. A. James Lutz 114 ARTHUR JOHN MACARIS, 20 Andrew Si. 8-25- 55 Varsity football, thumbing to the Cape, diving, Honda 350, NH, lunch, 5th period, the East, TAS ROBERT U. MACCHIA, 8 West St. 3-21-55 Ugo Football. Track. JV baseball, the Cape, Walden, parties at .ID, JM, and DK, Cheech and Chong, Peaky, Long Beach, Harp’s room, P.M. Gas, TAS. magic JAMES J. MacDONALD JR, 185 Brattle St. 2-13- 54 Jim Chris, Nights in White Satin, Pain, Southern Comfort, 9-6-71, Neil Young. 6-11-72 at Otis, Plymouth, Dirty Harry, TJ’s, RCL MICHAEL JOHN MacDONALD BONNIE JEAN MacDOUGALL, 366 Ridge St. 2- 2-55 Majorettes, Friday nights at Mary’s, Tm fine, you lose BP. Kathie’s parties, 2-2-72, summer fun, the Cody boys, the deed PAUL LIOTINE STEPHEN W LITTLEHALE, 17 Bow St. 8-12-55 Happiness is memories of the trip to France, drag- racing in a car that wouldn’t move, the outing at Horn Pond, Lincoln Park, and being with M.Z. Arthur Macaris I James MacDonald ( V Robert Macchia Michael MacDonald Stephen Littlehale Bonnie MacDougall 115 Karen MacKenzie John MacLeod David MacLeod KAREN MacKENZlE DAVID BRUCE MacLEOD, 9 Iroquois Rd. 4-8-55 I like all sports, mostly hockey. Thank God it’s the last year JOHN HUGH MacLEOD. 30 Marathon St. 8-27- 55 Eavorite classes: Monty Cody’s “Let’s Make a Chemical”, Lefty Lowder’s “Let’s Take It Easy”, I have a slight suspicion Christ could improve condi- tions at AHS ROY GRAHAM MacLEOD, 30 Marathon St. 8- 27-55 Crackers Absurdity of life until I met Jesus, tennis with Apple Pan Cody, Atlantic City, Orches- tra under Bonehead’s paternal care, Explo ’72, most memorable teacher: Mr. Trev KEVIN JAMES MacNEILL, 70 Brooks Ave 3-4-55 Weed Harry’s Biology class, skipping track. Stills and Rolling Stones concerts, frosh and sophomore football, the pub. Machine Gun Donny, soccer. Sugar Mt. LINDA SUSAN MacNEILL, 7 Norcross St. 10-24- 55 Lin You’ve Got a Friend. 6-18-71, Katie’s Eng- lish class, munchies. Pet Peeve: People in bad moods. Happiness is being with M.H. ROBERT JOHN MacPHEE, 5 Edith St. 7-9-55 Bobby Sophomore Current Affairs class, homeroom since 7th grade, 5th period studies, the “lady” in 73, Turnpike Bowladrome Linda MacNeill Graham MacLeod Kevin MacNeill 116 Ronald Maggiacomo Robert MacPhee Gerard Mahoney RONALD E. MAGGIACOMO. 228 Mystic Valley Pky. 10-19-55 Mugg Dirt bomb. Marshfield, the Rex, “don ' t get wrenched. " G’s PL, U-Hauls, “Hey Mister.” AYA baseball. AHS soccer NICHOLAS .lOHN MAHAIRAS. 82 Appleton St. 1-7-56 Nick Sax for a stripper, hra. jazz ensemble GERARD MAHONEY. 75 Hillside Ave. 10-26-54 Moxie You got a lot Moxie buddy. Friday nights on the tracks, hit the zone, the bars on weeknights, the Empire Room SHIRLEY MARY MAHONEY. 61 Madison Ave. 10-13-55 Job training, sophomore office. Shady Point, release days, L. G. Hanscom Field, unopen campus, the smoking area, Don Watkins, Bryon Ledbetter, California vacation JANICE MALATESTA. 22 Bellevue Rd. 6-22-55 Jan “Live your life today so that every yesterday will be a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope” Shirley Mahoney Janice Malatesta Nicholas Mahairas Valerie Marino Sheila Mallard William Malone Anna Marino SHEILA M. MALLARD, 60 Cleveland St. 12-22- 55 Pet peeve: opening the door for Doc Meories: minanoteshepa, frozafee, the Saco River, Buckys. Butches and Jabies apartment, hanging around. FGl. laughing hard. Buckv 11-14-71 WILLIAM JAMES MALONE. 70 Gardner St. 4- 10-54 Biuy Pet Peeve: smart teachers. Hockey games, skipping History, sneaking to go out for breakfast. Summer of ' 72. Whippies forever, 5-30- 69 ROBERT BRUCE MANDERINO. 112 Fremont St. 6-18-55 Pelican V. football, track, who took my dessert?. Pinball Wizard. Coach ' s grammar, sports and the bus rides PAULA E. MARCHETTL 43 Elliot Rd. 11-24-55 Hampton Beach, 9-1-71, Old Orchard Beach 9-4- 72, Crosby Park, Astor Motor Inn, Linda, Ho-Jo ' s, 9-18-70, memories with N.P. ANNE E. MARL 252 Washington St., 4-22-55 Sophomore gym class, first day lecture. Jr. English. Trojans, the First Gear concert, Sophmore Book- keeping class, Jr. History. A.H.S. Indian ANNA GINA MARINO, 54 Hibberi St., 6-21-53 Events of ' 72, Bicycle riding to Lexington, wild par- ty, hold-up with results, trip to Nantucket, gradu- ation day. turning point for everyone. V.ALARIE MARINO. 26 Park Ave. Ext.. 7-3-55 Rice balls, frog. Menotomy, 160, cops at 144. A1 9- 17-71, February hockey game, permbddj, Jerimiah, Woburn, Butt-er-icks Anne Mari Robert Manderino Paula Marchetti James Martin 119 David Marquis DAVID EDWARD MARQUIS, 12 Glenburn Rd., 9-23-55 Bush JV hockey, Frosh, sophomore foot- ball, Jr. Prom, G.A.S., rocks on Fridays, just one nc? Up the lake, Sophmore beach party. JAMES H. MARTIN, 40 Peter Tufts Rd., 3-30-72 Jim Chucky, the little big wall, working at nights, robbed, Kimballs Pet Peeve: 8:00 Mondays JOHN MARTIN PAUF VINCENT MARTIN, 35 Forraine Terr., 2- 4-55 Marly Big red machine, A’s VS Reds., Sum- mer of ’72, Dennisport, Chelsea Rumble, dashing Dick and the A.C. boys, the Rockledge and Bean- head, baseball, Schlitz draft in the bottles please ANTHONY MASCI, 28 Magnolia St., 5-4-54 Mass Scoreking, softball. Mr. Dlott’s History class. Pel Peeve: gym, Hampton Beach N.H., Happiness is D.M.R. ROBERT JEFFREY MASI, 95 Stowecraft Rd., 3- 15-55 Slinky, Basketball, White Horse Beach, Mr. Fowder ' s gym class. Biology field trips FREDERICK B. MATHESON, 264 Highland Ave., 5-31-55 Basketball, A.O.E. G S. O.B.M.U.D.M., Bonehead, Mr. Sullivan, 8 to the 5, Pulsar, Pherndock, Latin IV- Mac’s forum, A. T. Science, vocy door, 666. G.A.S., Buffalo, C.E.G., Murphy’s Law VINCENT MAURICCI, 50 Fisher Rd., 8-18-55 Joe Always remember M2, Atlantic City, Switzer- land was the greatest, tennis had its ups and downs. Pulsar forever, too bad people take too much for granted Paul Martin Anthony Masci Vincent Mauricci Frederick Matheson Robert Masi 120 BARBARA McCARTHY, 11 Varnum St., 6-21-55 Barb The Cape ’72, Suzanne and her gum. Janice and her cranapple juice, Pet Peeve: wasting six big ones. Senior Prom ’71, Happiness is D.G. 6-13-70 GERARD CHARLES McCARTHY, 43 Lorraine Terrace. 12-21-54 Mac Gerry 450 bikes, Gonzaga, gymnastics, girls, whipped, weak. Life is like a checker board— Everyone gets a jump sometime. Great ice cream robbery, football, quickie. Prom JOHN McCarthy, 88 Momingside Drive, 10-4- 55 V. football, Lridays at Walden Pond and Wing- aersheek, parties at J.D. and D.K., Tahitian Lime. The Cape, Mick 1. Hyannis to Lalmouth walk WILLIAM P. McCarthy, 108 Premont St.. 7-29- 54 Bill Ambition: To be the owner of a big res- taurant, Hobbies: Taking home movies. Mrs. Son- nichsen’s Lood Service Class. No dress code. Hap- piness is being late just one minute DAWN McCLURE, 130 Gardner St. 9-25-55 Little Red Mr. Loxwell’s History class, all the good times, rushed to the hospital during cheerleading tryouts. Butter Ball and Lriday nights up the front Gerard McCarthy Dawn McClure William McCarthy John McCarthy Kenneth McConnell Barbara McCarthy KENNETH PAUL McCONNELL, 87 Webster Stl 2-16-55 Kennev Summer of ’70, York Beach. Try a Little Tenderness, Make it with you, gotta be a hard guy. Happiness is Angel, Don ' t get Murdered, K.D.’s, The Park EILEEN McDermott, 286 Forest St., 6-28-55 Bike riding on Sundays, BananaLinda, Banana- Debbie, Tingle, Room 25A, What a Dude, Back to Tack, Your ring has turned my finger green DENNIS E. McELENEY, 84 Williams St„ 2-16-55 Mac Football. Sophomore basketball, “beaters”. Moody Blues, Friendly’s, 1 will to A.H.S.: my wooden shafted golf clubs KAREN B. McEWEN, 16 Brattle Place, 7-10-55 Sleeping on A.H.S., track. Bruins 71-72, “Doy,” Tapestry, Skip school, Anthony Quinn, D. E. Sen- ior Year, Pet Peeve: Miss Catherine King LINDA McEWEN, 46 Marathon St., 12-6-5 JOHN McGARRY, 132 Washington St., 9-11-55 Jack V Track. ‘‘Always remember staring at cus- tomers,” Pet Peeve: When they stare back, week- ends in the old same place, the little green lemon EDWARD McGINLEY, 99 Sunnyside Ave., 1 MO- 55 EJ Freshman Year, forging notes, skipping gym, school and never getting caught. The open campus we never had. That place called a cafeteria. Senior Year MARCIA McGOURTY, 60 Overlook Rd., 9-19-55 Marsh Obie, Scituate. the wall, work with Ellen, Oh okay! 5th period gym Jr, year. Senior Prom ’72, Ski Club ’72, A.B.C. Atta Boy Fred John McGarry Edward P. McGinley Eileen McDermott Marcia McGourty Linda McEwen Dennis McEleney 121 Patricia McGowan 122 Corinne McGurl Geraldine McMenimen Pamela McKinney Janice McNair ; _ Michael McGurl Sandra McManus Carol McNally ( Teresa McNamara James McNamara PATRICIA ANNE McGOWAN, 37 Fairmont St., 10-23-55, Patty Brighton gang, M.F.K.’s 5th period class, “Summer Breeze” Frank’s class, S.H.S. friends. White Horse Beach, l.C. Basketball, “get away”, “Oh, what?” MITCHELL McGRATH, 200 Hillside Ave., 2-21- 55 Mitch CORRINE JO McGURL, 15 Grove St., 11-19-55 Sleeping on AHS track Heil Hitler! NH, walking in the rain barefoot, Friday nights at A’s, Hum- phrey Bogart, No Clue?, Tootes, BS. RC, music nightime MICHAEL JOSEPH McGURL, 15 Grove St. PL, 4-3-55 Mickey Fondest memories; camping with nine stiffs, Waldon Pond, Lock land after school NOEL McKEON PAMELA SUE McKINNEY, 42 Old Mystic St. 10- 4-55 Pam M.C. Richard, Rap, Henry David, Noosy, The Bluebird of Happiness, Atlantic City, U.N. Trip, “Waiting for Godot”, Gatsby, Moby, Fools, Cider? School Committee, Faculty Senate, “I want no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses into the human heart.”, Fitzgerald JOHN McLaughlin SANDRA MARY McMANUS GERALDINE ELIZABETH McMENIMEN, 21 Lafayette St., 8-23-55 Gerry, Precious And Few. Fenway, 8-15-71, Mr. Mecurio’s English classes. Pet Peeve: N.Y. Rangers, “Tuff Break”, Soccer games, 1-4-3, Happiness is Lenny, Yum!! JANICE McNAlR, 72 Thesda St., 12-30-55 Mutley Ambush, bushers, frog, gold fish. Moom room buddies, caddie, Valentis’ after the game, Thramp and the Brown Doof, Boy, Senior English, the 3J’s work A.M. CAROL McNALLY, 5 Thorndike St., 8-22-55 Fro- zen cokes, “studies” in the cafeteria, 5th period French, leaving school at 1:37, Pleasant St., First Gear, last day of school! JAMES McNamara, 69 Broadway, 4-11-55 " Mack " , Drive-ins, Betsy, can. Retlaw. 11, The At- tic, School’s out for the summer. Hair-cut, D.D. wilhoned, out on the weekend. TERESA McNAMARA, 28 Hillside Ave. 5-25-55, Terry, Carnivals, Two tone. The party, Fiorenza Follies, cruising in the Silver Fd. parties in 5th period gym, my homeroom buddies. The Gang, 25 or 6 to 4 CATHERINE McPHEE, 97 Egerton Rd.. 6-25-55, Cathy, 6th per. study, Jr. History class. New York- field trip. Happiness is: 2:07 KAREN McWATTERS, 36 Norcross St.. 8-12-55 Howie B.. Waterlu, D.I.P., getting caught with Cathy, funny shoes, 5th period, AHS hockey and football games, “The Songs”, Swifts Beach, Teen Center, my homeroom buddies. Bananas DARLENE MEDEIROS. 223 Forest St., 12-28-55 " Skeeta " , Kerries half way house, Linda and Bil- ly-thinking it over, Bibble’s hotbo.xes, guitar club, good luck Lu-Lu and Bob. love is having Kevin. 6- 18-72, P.C.G.S. DARREN LEE MEDEIROS, LOUISA MEDEIROS, 45 Egerton Rd., 5-28-55 Lulu. Summer of 71, getting caught. Jay A’s, good luck to Paula and John. Darlene and Kevin, Hap- piness is: when Bobby is home on leave Catherine McPhee Karen McWatters Louisa Medeiros Darren Medeiros Darlene Medeiros 123 DEBRA C. MEECE, II Richardson Ave.. b-31-55, Dehhi, Happiness is: when I I ' ulfill all my needs, my warm puppy (sitter) love, R.L., the S.O.A., sports, all my friends and just being alive MARY JO MEEHAN, 1 Chestnut St., 2-1-55, “Come said the wind.” WILLIAM MEIKLEJOHN, 187 Westminster .Ave., 9-13-55, Bill. The hockey games, baseball, Jr. Eng- lish class MARGERY A. MELLO, 19 Langley Rd. 11-12-55, Mel, Tracks, senior prom, Bogues, fights with Mar- sha, girls club, J R’S wedding. Soph English, Apartments pool, Aku-Aku, 6-2-72, “You’re just too good to be true.” LEONARD MELO, 109 Rublee St., 9-4-55, Leo, Lenny. “Who shows perfection to the less. Can but expect their hate, for otherwise, they must confess them.selves not quite so great. And the Children’s Crusade marches on.” MARGARET ANN MENDES. 151 Mass. Ave., 7- 27-55, Margie. Bowling, GFS, card party nights. History with Dr. Arthur. Arl. hockey games, mus- crat. scenery, sewing, summertime, fastest camera, L.B.’s. truck driver, friends forever ANNE MERCURIO, 33 Ridge St., 4-21-55. Drama Club. Nurse’s Club, G S, AV, stage lighting in “my” auditorium. Nursing Margery Mello Leonard Melo Margaret Mendes Anne Mercuric 124 EMILE METROS, 325 Mass. Ave. ,5-8-55, Home- room, ,I.C. Superstar, birthstone, fate, Nantasket Beach, Nat’s green dress. Pet Peeves: rainy days History, H-1, Feb. 18th CATHERINE MARIE MILLER, 9 Robbins Rd,, 6-24-55, Trojans, Strawberry Hill nights, luscious aquarius, “up the stairs and to the right, “Bruins, Braves,” Happy Birthday, Rm. 1009, down by the riverside GEORGE A. MILLER, 66 Walnut St.. 9-17-55, Gee-Gee. Never forget: A certain strike on Fresh- man year, Rm. 55, and a certain History class THOMAS MILLER. 7 Belliveu Rd., 1-3 1-55, Chip- per, I will always remember the Empire Room, Mary, Favorite song: American Pie, Will never for- get the “pinto”, Kemosabi, Favorite pastime: Driv- ing BRIAN MILLIGAN, 94 Hibbert St., 7-5-55 Buzzy. You didn ' t say that did you?. Bombed city with Grese. Scarecrow’s legs. Lefty’s and Frank’s class, Mand M., Thank God for the Stooges DONNA J. MILLS. 14 Allen St„ 5-20-55, P.K.’s party, J.s. sophmore year. Summer “71”, The Park- er Club, “Would I like to go skiing?. Pub, “Don’t be late”. Is it really 2 A.M.? Catherine Miller Emile Metros George Miller Thomas Miller Brian Milligan Donna Mills GENE MITCHAM, 385 Mystic St., 5 -9-55. AOE. Rangeley, “Hard Core”. Gigo with Chuck, E.ATAL ERRORS, Hills Beach Maine, Deja Vu RICHARD ERIC MOBERG, 30 Lantern Lane, 2- 25-54, Moe. Pick Moe Inf. “head " “legs” and the rest., Waldon Pond, Show, Elash Gorden, The Black Bomb, 13 story drop, Mensi, Gurgoose, Beethoven, Marty’s at 1 1:00 P.M. . . . The Couch JOHN MOONEY, 237 Highland Ave., 1-10-54, 1 came to this school dum and I ' m leaving dummer! 4 Years of basic electronics. The rides with Bill KAREN MORAN, 19 Cypress Rd., 11-10-55, 25 or 6 to 4. sophmore year, summer 72, cruising in the silver fd., hey, what’s happening? caping for the day, March for hunger Gene Mitcham 3 Mary Morano Paul Morello Peter Morello MARY MORANO, 82 Cutter Hill Rd„ 7-22-55, 10- 23-71, “1 LV MITCH”, “These years were the best and for all that was said, at least I can say I lived them “My Way”. Memories unforgotten: 6-4-72, Fin’s classes, Mrs. O. 81 PAULA. MORELLO, 155 Thorndike St., 10-30-55, Midnight. Miss Burts Jr. English class, O H. sani- tary, Pet Peeve: tomatoes, Joe beach. I’m known for bumming smokes. Happiness is: Friday night down Thondike, Liz? B.D. PETER MORELLO, 155 Thorndike St., 10-30-55, Midnight, 1 am member of the 4f club, the AAA club and DECA club. Happiness is: getting what you want on Friday nights. WILLIAM MOSK.ALUK, 145 Charlton St. 3-13- 55, Muskie, 6-12-71, summer of 71, Feb. 1 1 William Moskaluk 127 Janice Mullaney JANET MUCCI. 32 Silk Si., 4-4-55. Mooch. Five Musketeers “Thais not funny”, eating on the stairs, never forget the D.T., H.P.J,, Happiness is: having wonderful friends, hale curlv hair, TfiE IN- SEPARABEES JANICE MULLANEY, 84 Hawson Rd„ 1-3-56, Jan, Happiness is: Teaching my Godson Tommy to talk, playing softball, basketball, cartoons, making friends, Florida Niagara Falls, being with my family RISHTON T, MULLER. 28 Trowbridge St. 10-26- 52 Monkey Man Arlington High was a dynamite experience, over years under stairs and behind the lockers, hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee DAVID STEVEN MUNCHERIAN, 7 Osceola Path 9-22-55 Trip to New York, history with Miss McCarthy, having Mr. Trevisani for drama, work- ing at the nursery school, will never forget Ein- berg’s art class MICHAEL PAUL MURPHY, 135 Lowell St. 8-18- 54 A m A.H.S. hockey games, junior beach parly. Teen Center, tracks, the weatherman Andy. Al, Bob, playing football, baseball, hockey, Herman, George Steele. Three Stooges, good bye A.H.S. Michael Murphy Janet Mucci David Muncherian Rishton Muller 128 Patricia Murray Lisa Musco Richard Murphy RICHARD MURPHY, 274 Forest St. 8-3-55 Murf Fondest memory: the Cellar, favorite saying; “Tur- key”, favorite personality: the Three Stooges, fa- vorite subject: study, pet peeve; Kentucky, 1 will to A.H.S. my sneakers SUSAN E. MURPHY, 102 Robbins Rd. 6-2-55 Sue Flying to Paris, room 84, sophomore French, 1st lunch, bowling, cafe. Happiness is getting ac- cepted to college, pet peeye: French, Algebra 2, Sam PATRICIA J. MURRAY. 299 Park Aye. 2-7-56 T w ’ ' cheering. Miss Finberg, the ride home on 7- 31-71. Jr. Prom with J.P., 1-4-3. G.B.F.A.. soph, beach party, baseball with G.B., soft ice cream?, lamplighter, Goooood Night!! Friends we are! LISA ANN MUSCO. 35 Apache Tr. 12-19-55 Lee Tennis, Woodshole. lab assistant. Science Club. “Gaudeamus,” U.N., chemistry, coffee, “Lock jaw,” G. S, ski trips, “People pass through your life, friends stay there forever.” STEPHEN JOSEPH MYRA Stephen Myra 129 Susan Murphy Madeline Nahabedian Susan Nason Paul Nelson David Neri Steven Neri THOMAS ,1. MYRA MADELINE NAHABEDIAN. 8 Stony Brook Rd. 3-21-55. Maddv Atlantic City scallops. N.Y. plums, Springfield. April in Paris, chesnuts in blossom. Rainbow Worthy Advisor. Science Club, tennis dixitdominus. meniscus, lab assistant. “God loves you. " SUSAN NASON. 10 Fayette St. 3-17-56. Band. M2. 7:15 before school, lancet, tennis, sailing, rac- er. Rainbow, summer camp. Team, TEC, J.O.. buz- zard PAUL NELSON. 5 Sutherland Terr. 3-2-55. Nellie V football. V baseball (good throw), hockey (Ha), tracks. Nov. 13. 71, Mick get me two!, Whitney!, Jr. Prom, beach parties, camping. Cape, movies, Patty DAVID NERI, 6 Greeley Cir. 3-7-55 STEVEN F NERI. 14 Menotomv Rd 1-21-55. V football. V baseball, parties ' 73. the tracks. Hooka, forest’s California, my knee, football field, beaches. |ust relaxing, sunrise, leeching. Cav 130 MADELINE NEWELL 45 Jason St. 3-4-56 Mad " I wandered empty streets, down past the shop dis- plays, I heard cathedral bells, tripping down the al- leyways, softer than the rain " , Simon Garfunkel CATHERINE ANN NEWMAN, 159 Mystic St. 1- 13-55, " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times " , Ralph Jr.. 5-1-71. “I love you baby " , dmg- a-ling, " singing, crying and laughing with my friends " (tracks). 10-9-71 NANCY NICKERSON. 15 Allen St. 1-9-55 Job Training I II, L.G. Hanscom Field. Steve Arms. Dana Glenn, Byron Ledbetter, no open campus. Hi Georgie, Mr. DIott ' s history classes DONALD NIGRO, 148 Gardner St. 6-10-55 Don- nie pet peeve: Monday morning. Interests; girls. Favorite expression: Hokay Kiddo!, The Three Stooges, Thorndike Park drinking parties LAWRENCE .1. NIGRO, 168 Gardner St. 1-6-54 Nigs Alo known as Fog, when everyone else is in sitting Em out standing under Thorndike Bridge. AH!!, open campus next joke, bye A.H.S. good rid- dance. Monkeys RICHARD NILES. 349 Gray St. 2-25-55 Dick Mrs. Couser’s 5th period English, Tango, junior beach party, happiness is leaving Spanish, Sneakers. Rich- ard. working after school is fun MARYANNE NOONAN, 200 Pleasant St., 7-5-55 Critter Cheering, 2 cokes. E.M.I.C.C., biking. Fonk, ripped off gym suits, todos P.J.’s Que bueno, 75 golfballs. M M’s. shukamuck, B.D.J.J. friends, GReM times. Sr. prom Catherine Newman Lawrence Nigro Madeline Newell Nancy Nickerson Richard Niles Maryanne Noonan John O’Connell DANA ROBERT NOVELLO. 6 Campbell Rd 8- 13-55 RENE NUNEZ. 301 Summer St., 7-21-55, Com- mander Cody, tennis team, coming home from Brockton, A hard days work, good old days at Crosby. Monday night hockey EEIZABETH O ' BRIEN. 5 Howard St., 3-12-55, Beilw Mr. Beckwith ' s English class, caddy, Feb. 17 Hawk, up the stairs and to the right, Aquarius, Braves. Bruins. Friday, Three Dog Night concert, terrific. Barbizon LAWRENCE O BRIEN JOHN O’CONNELL. 22 Laurel St., 8-20-54. Okie. St. Patricks Night 72 17th. Janet S., 6 cyl. Chevelle, Feb. 17th, Wed. night hockey and getting up the next day. Michigan. Matingon Prom May 10th 72 MAUREEN O’CONNELL, 32 Appleton St., l-ll- 55. Knoll Motel, breakfast party. Uhall. under the stars, 3. $56 p. alali, ski trips, soph. jr. beach par- ties. New Years Eve.. Summer of 72 132 Maureen O ' Connell ■. P Dana Novello Elizabeth O’Brien Rene Nunez Brian O’Connor Mary Jane O’Donnell BRIAN O’CONNOR, 40 Kenilworth Rd., 12-17- 55, Oakie. Rm. 76, getting drivers license, puss, Mr. Hill’s gym classes, pet peeve; Monday mornings, VW, Algebra 11. B.C.C.. golf, L.W. DANIEL FRANCIS O’CONNOR MARY JANE O’DONNELL DONNA ELIZABETH OFRIA, 6 Walnut St., 8- 30-54, Thanks to my friends for sharing good bad times, Jr. history class, jokes, hating gym. hap- piness is being loved, the Cape, “Center” and J.F. RACHAEL M. O’KEEFE. 240 Broadway, 1-7-54, Rae. Happiness is being loved and seeing my niece Jenny. I am known to be active in G S and Har- monettes. After school with Miss Nicholas. Nursing SUSAN M. OLDS. 33 Yerxa Rd., 1-25-55, After lunch outside by the boys gym. Charlie and his harp. Grove- St., the Pond, the Center and Bishop, partying, Buttricks, learning EDWARD O’LEARY Donna O’Fria Susan Olds Rachael O’Keefe 133 James Oliver MICHAEL O ' LEARY, 25 Teel St., 8-4-54, Fats. I ' m glad to see the end of 4 years up here, fun times in the auto shop, happiness is being with Linda JEAN OLENDER, 19 Newland Rd.. 9-26-55. Guys with race cars, Nahant Beach, Jr. Eng.. Soph, shorthand. Nantucket Island. Mobil stations, pet peeve: school lockers and e.xcuses for being absent JAMES OLIVER. 33 James St.. 6-27-55, 6lHe. Dos Citos, Junior history class. TEC, summer camp, walking to first period, S.N., P.U., D M., S.I., third line bombers, spring track, the band, bonehead ERANK OLSON, 169 Mt. Vernon St., 9-5-54 H.AGOPJOHN ONANIAN CHARLES OPPEDISANO. 59 Ridge St.. 10-3-54, Cue’s house on Eriday nights. Soph, beach partv. MDlll. Ducks. 2 years of Felichia, hockey games 71-72. the bloody mirror KAREN OPPEDISANO, 59 Ridge St., 12-7-55. Opie. Freshman year. S PR. hockey games. Bayou, 3 Dognite, the Who, 4-17-71 Nancy’s house (for breakfast). Semi-Formal, short cake with Irene and Howie. Patrick’s lodge Charles Oppedisano 134 Jean Olender Michael O’Leary Frank Olson James Ormiston Saleen Orrigo Mary Pacheco Michael Paice Cheryl Orr JAMES ORMISTON, 53 Lake St., 5-25-55, Onny. Crotty’s class “You said no!?’’, Delaney English books— Readers Digest, T for $10, I’ll give it to him, Lewis— Don’t worry about a thing boys CHERYL A. ORR, 112 Spring St. 9-6-55 Cherie My fondest memories are the corner, Blouin’s house, summer or 70, Menotomy Rocks Park, 5-29- 70, and happiness is SGBllll. SALEEN MARIE ORRIGO, 105 Westminster Ave. 11-21-55 Bean “The rising sun paints the golden joy of a dream in shades to come true’’ EILEEN O’SULLIVAN, 29 Appleton St. 6-14-55 SuUy Summer of ’73, Somerville, 9-16-72, Nellymo- bile, partying, the mothers, B.F.A.D., ambition; to laugh, be happy, to love, and to live, pet peeve: gym, 8:00 bell MARY PACHECO, 103 Warren St. Hated Mon- days and U.S. History, Art 1, S.S.K., pet peeve; Tom. B.W.. Reason To Believe. Algebra 2, weather reports in H R. MICHAEL R. PAICE, 52 Aberdeen Rd. 7-2-55 Ar- lington- 10. South Boston-4. Arl 10, South Boston 4, Irish power. Armenians stink, “chuck this. Dean let’s go to lunch, " you rugbeater.” Eileen O’Sullivan 135 James Papa 136 Paul Pandolfo PAUL R. PANDOLFO. 326 mystic St. 12-5-55 Bas- ketball. football. “To be or not to be,” pet peeve: “the mailbox,” fav. person Peter Falk JAMES M. PAPA. 4 Churchill Ave. 6-23-55 Jim V. Basketball, track, pet peeve: my eyes can ' t believe 4 yrs of A H.S. are gone, playing the card, “don’t worry,” love to hit the links, inconsistent, life, B.D. JOSEPH D. F APAGN1, 12 Clyde Ter. 1-19-55 Joe V. Football uh-huh. uh-huh. Fd rather be dead, soph, basketball, fried flies, all stars in Conn., the dance, B.D. GREGORY PAPAZIAN. 12 Lockeland Ave. 12-3- 55 Greg Mr. Lavery’s history class, interests: sports. drums, hate homework, getting up for school, sports: soph, basketball, fav. saying: “I don’t know”. Labor Dav weekend GEORGE T. PAPPAS PAUL .1. PARADIS, 62 Winter St. 3-19-54 George Pappas Paul Paradis Joseph Papagni Gregory Papazian Anne Pavone Deborah Pearson Edward Perkins ANNE T. PAVONE. 327 Appleton St. 2-17-55 You ' ve Made Me So Yerv Happy, cloudless, windy, days, 6-19, 20. 21-72. Walden Pond, Jr. English, in- dividuality, “the other foot " , foods 1, “always look for the good in people. " DEBORAH PEARSON, 77 Waverly St. 4-23-55 Maggie Mae. Cape, Canada, hockey games, sewing circle, Texas, pink sweater. Rod Stewart, Beach Boys’ concert, creep, Michael, “Do you promise? " , Vansea Street Beach . . . PAULA PERCOCO. 114 Spy F md Parkway 5-11- 55 memories are: beep. hoot, quick, dolly, hi, seat, jeool, Hendrix, Chicago, ham, miligite coffee shapes, B.B., Eddie, all I have left is to repent EDWARD CHARLES PERKINS. 67 Glenburn Rd. 8-22-55 Ted TTT. C.E.G.. MO, Buffalo. Bone- head, Commander Codv, Apple Corps.. " Don ' t get nervous " . Pulsar, “the locker”. Ralph’s Bar Grill, Rm. 26 ROBERT PERRIELLO. 131 Ridge St. 9-2-55 Perry The tracks, rellecting. Amesbury. putting out Wal- den. Nellie ' s parties. Roy ' s cellar. Thanksgiving night at Jack’s, honeydips, Bob’s, Cape, stubs, Peter Peach. Grunge, bury my head DAVID .1. PERRY. 14 Linwood St. 7-7-55 Dave Greek Class. Philosophy Objectives Committee 1971-72, “. . . I ' edifice immense du souvenir.” David Perry Robert Perriello Donna Perry 137 138 Carol Petruzzelli Donna Piacentini MARC PETRICONE MICHEEE PETROWIAN CAROL PETRLIZZELLI JAYNE PELRA DAVID PHANEUE DONNA PIACENTINI, 98 Hathaway Circle 1-5- 55 Crash M J.E., Happiness is being with the one you love, even it ' she’s the pizza-girl at Angelo’s and he’s a fan of Demo-Derbys and the " paper” MARIE PICARDI, 32 Carl’ Rd., 12-I5-55 M.C.. Shep, S.O.. Volkswagen, It ' s Too Late, 9-24-7 1, Newton. Buttricks. Virginia Beach, Peniaquid Point. Maine ’72 GEORGE PICARIELLO, 6 Virginia Rd. I-29-55 Boogt Remember; what’s left. Wiff Pube, Trapeool Rd.. Hond Pond Reserve Meetings, Critterman. snot funny, normal brothers. Papagni’s 3. B.S.. but why. marc. ugh!, sports: being whipped, Jan! DAVID PICAZIO, 8 Harold St. 2-3-55 Dave A lot went unseen sticky fingers! Marie Picardi George Picariello Javne Peura David Picazio Annette Pichette Charles Pithis ANNETTE PICHETTE, 23 Rusell St, 1-13-55 " Miss English”, pet peeve: english. bookkeeping with Fred, known for not knowing co-op, happi- ness is getting out of here. Hey wait for me!, D.O.I. ANTHONY PISCOPO ROY .lOSEPH PITCHER. 18 School St. 3-19-55 Pitch If 1 had to do it all over again, Ed do it the same way ... in a different place CHARLES PITHIS, 83 Everett St. Sad as I am I ' ll always be happy!, (My harp thanks you.) C.G. MALIA POLITANO, 12 Teel St. 7-6-53 Mr G. ' s 95, 1970 run to 5th, martian in my yard, “an ex- perience, It was beautiful, but I turned around and he was gone.”, " Moe” DAVID POMEROY, 106 Hillside Ave. 1-22-54 Technical reading, Dana, vocy lunch, C.B.. Senior Prom weekend, good harbor, ,lr. year looking out the window in homeroom, George, ' 58 chevy NATALIE PONTE, 93 Milton St. 3-30-55 Nat Nite of JC Superstar, walking down cor. at 12:30. " Hiroshima " , O.H., 3-20-71, " he didn ' t know.”, green dress and scarf, H.R. window, 5th period, I’m listening STEPHEN PORCIELLO ALAN PORZIO, 35 Virginia Rd. 5-9-55 Lefty’s gym classes, fights in 80’s sanitary, critterman, sum- mer " 71 " , coney, scubba, subway fight. St. Cam- illus girls, normal brothers, J.V. baseball, soph, bas- ketball NANCY POTTER. 45 Linden St. 10-2-55 Porter- Potter You Make Me So Verv Uappv. the man, to- getherness at White Horse, holit, sytenanconsulgib, under with the clackers, Surry Rd. Kids Malia Politano David Pomeroy Natalie Ponte Alan Porzio 139 Ellen Powers Patricia Powers Davis Prato KEVIN POWER ELLEN MARIE POWERS. 83 Thorndike St. 7-19- 55 Mesdcljdp 3rd, Miss Butler ' s typing classes, book- keeping with Fred, S. .I. 31. boring times at EC ' P, 10:15, summer of ' 12. 6-26-72, Can See Clearly Now PATRICIA FLOWERS, 51 Chester St. 10-20-55 Pal- ly Skiing with Igo, Jr. Prom, R and C, Doherty’s Emergency E.xit. V Softball. 11-13-71, Girl’s Club, Cape, Toothpaste in the Snow, burp, U-HAUL, Onset. Nellie’s Parties DAVIS PRATO, 137 Pleasant St. 2-1-56 Fr. and Jr. Latin class, “When you’re hot, you’re hot, when you’re not, you’re not " FT, English with Miss H,, Ambitious Hot Rod with J.B. SANDRA F RESTEJOHN. 16 Glen Ave. 4-16-55 Sandy Cape, the man next door, Kangamas High- way, The Tower, Red’s House, Sandy Walk, well ya. Bishop. Look out for that bus, JRMMJJS, I leave to AHS Debbie Cabral DAVID PRINCE. 115 North Union St. 4-15-55 The Shack, K.F.C., Rocky Neck Beach, 280 P, New Fairfield, Connecticut, “Easy People”, D.A., . Chuckle, Uncle Gordie, M05, California 71, Ponderosa Inn Idaho, “Carry On” STEVEN R. PUBLICOVER Sandra Prestejohn David Prince Steven Publicover 140 Catherine Pugnaire Judith Purcell Joseph Pustizzi Marilyn Pyne CATHERINE Y. PUGNAIRE, 103 Columbia Rd. 4-24-55 Caihv Waiting and leaving with the Whole- some Crowd at Y Y ' s, Truth Bone. Beach Parties, Montreal, Stay right here for these are the good old days JUDITH PURCELL. 41 Oldham Rd. 1-29-55 Judv Summer ’72, Cape. Hockey Games, 9-11-71 “Laughing at the Carnival” Orleans Cardinals, Stephen Stills Concert, Em looking for somebody do you know where they are? JOSEPH PUSTIZZI, 5 Acton St. 6-29-55 Kamfong- pistaluao V Golf, J.N. and the masters, Todo ' s card games, Mohawk, Murph, Arena, Caslow, Mr. Dupuis. Irish and D.E. Lanza and Chuck Pane, Chase and Villain MARILYN PYNE. 132 Robbins Rd. 4-15-55 Lav. Memories: Tull Concerts. Summers in N.H., Stone Acres, Bouree, Lav. Person: Rick Z., Ambition: to be a nurse? ALAN QUINLAN, 49 Valentine Rd. 8-30-55 Hockey. Alan Quinlan Rosa Real « a Debra Risser Cynthia Robbins MAR ' t’ RAFFERTY, 60 Oxford St. 8-12-55 Red Ruben Garson, Hampton. Blushing, Fleas, “Chew a Wrench”. Swatting Flies, Mon. Nights. Fri. Nights. “The Gross Man " , Jr. Eng., Ski Club. Stu- dent Council. Love is Blind DEBBIE RAHIELY, 165 Franklin St. 4-8-55 Deb- bie Papa Joe. F.M.-24, Brown-eyed girl, summer love. The Van, Good Times, I get by with a little help from my friends i DANA RAMEIOR I CAROL RAYFUSE, 111 Dow Ave. 11-9-55 Jr. • Year, mornings over Buttricks, “Can ' t take the I pressure " The Garage, Weekend at N.H., " Woolie” parties up Lincoln. “The Best” : ROSA E. REAL. 8 Chandler St. 9-22-53 Rostta I Happiness is that sandy beach, sports, (Eiorenza’s Follies), Love. 1973, Je dis ce que Je pense, parties, “The Old Man”. FTIKGANB, Honey . . . ) CHRISTINE C. REED, 82 Hathaway Cir. 5-1-55 E Chris Mrs. Kennedy ' s Shorthand I. II, III, |i French I, II. Ill, Wire Smile, Yearbook, Staircase Blues. “Cherish yesterdav . . . Dream tomorrow . . . Live today . . .” JOHN D. REGAL, 156 Brattle St. 7-15-55 Reeg Mr. Kornik’s Mech. Draw Classes. Happiness is going down Grove St. at 100 mph, 6-11-72 at Otis, Mushroom. Keep on chooghn ' . Old Hall Sanitary having a butt KENNETH REID. 53 Marathon St. 4-30-55 Soph. Basketball— Quigs, Someday M.J. Mantissas for- ever. Peon Suzy. Leftv and his son. Buzzy. H.A.S. THOMAS ,1. REIDY 3rd, 36 Dodge St. 6-25-55 Tom Quick Red Jump Out? Really. What kind of ice cream do you want? Remember Donna, Choochy Bear PENNEY REISSIS. 46 Temple St. 4-11-55 8:00 am rush. Samos ' 71, “The Holy Trinity”, B R, bluffa. long telephone calls, Rm. 15b, Driver Ed, Univer- sal, Art. 5th period workouts. LISA RICCA, 99 College Ave. 7-5-55 Lese. Ric Where we going Pat? March 17th 1972, Happiness is: talking with friends, being with Bob, Knowing people like me. Take each day as it comes— things will work out KAREN K. RICCIO GARY ,1. RICHARD DEBRA B RISSER, 9 Sawm St. 11-8-55 Debbie Billy in Drivers Ed. Art with Brucie. Volleyball with Flash. Fun in Miss M. class. In homeroom with sis DONNA J, RISSER. 9 Sawm St. 1 1-8-55 .I S., sew- ing circle— nailpolish quick. 6-30-71, sick puppy, Mrs. Kennedy ' s shorthand class CYNTHIA ROBBINS. 39 Linden St. 11-22-55 Cin- dy 6th period English class with Miss Barry, 5th period workouts. " Love is caring”, Bible dis- cussions. Vermont in the fall DIANE ROBERTO, 17 Dorothy Rd. 5-2-55 69-70, AEX, Strike!, College Boards, M.D., “Life is a series of surprises and would not be worth taking or keeping if it were not.” Diane Roberto Thomas Reidy Karen Riccio Donna Risser Penny Reissis Lisa Ricca 143 Claire Robillard Paulette Robinson KEVIN J. ROBERTO. 53 Exeter St. 11-28-55 Boom Boom Barrel, the window. Barbers, finally getting to the sanitary. Mr. —you — , obscene sneezes, somedas K.B., June 16, map. History cat naps PAUL J. ROBERTSON, 41 Wilbur .Ave. 5-9-55 I’inker Brawls after lunch, Sugged in, Hampton Beach, Curlv Howard. “Yea Sure " . Live, Driver’s Ed. with Puss and Rom. M M’s, Hate Mondays after vacation. Kotchy’s Current Affairs CLAIRE ROBILLARD. 19 Wyman St. 7-15-55 Clara Cloud Mrs. Phillip ' s History Class. Mr. Col- lomb, Moonshadow ' 71, It’s a good one. Don’t get Murdered, Tavlor. Three Stooges. R..I.G. get a buzz on. Goon!!!! PAULETTE ROBINSON. 284 Highland Ave. 11- 23-54 Polly Jo CCB, Two-Two-Toni. Go Plash, Hey Coastey, 160, BDEEJLMRV. Butt -er-icks. Elashcube Nana, " Driver " , Riceballs, The Box. Soph Beach FVirty, tell ya tomorrow. Pet Peeve: Big Bird THOMAS ROBINSON M.AR ' ROGERS. 47 Bartlett Ave. 4-11-55 AOE. PIT, Mitigwa, B K, 6-8-72. I . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .-. " Que pasa?’’. Boss. Gookies. Click. Sue and Ree. “boogie, boogie, boogie " . —Marx (Ciroucho). I am because you are 144 MARIE RONZIO. 44 Crosby St. 10-6-55 Panda People are just people. " I Know” JM, MA, RL, CR. Dancing Horseback Riding. “The Gang”, N.H., Happiness is whatever it means to you KIM ROSA, II Brigham Rd. 1-11-55 Kim 1-2-3, Mark, a trip with Dale, Hampton with K.K., Girl’s Club, the barn, Sr. Prom, Jr. Prom, LHS for a day, DMDL Friends PATRICK ROSS, 24 Kenilworth Rd. 11-9-55 Jum- ping John per. 2, Science Club president 71-72, Chicapee and Mr. Mac, “Look there”. Science Fairs 1971, Talks after Latin, “Doc”, Drawing blood in 36 EILEFN P. ROUNDS, 173 Mt. Vernon St. 10-8-55 Broomhilda, Red, Shlim Mr. DIott ' s per. 6, Eliza- beth, Becky, Jane, Kids from Lexington, Summer ’70, “1 want to make it with you”. Keeping L.B. in school. Chasing W.B. Patrick Ross Kim Rosa Eileen Rounds Marie Ronzio 145 MARK ROUSSEL, 107 Dow Ave. 3-28-55 Mech. Draw with RoRay, Critter man. Fight after AHS Hockev Finals, Hunkey, The way we finished off our Jr. prom, Morse’s Peache’s. Remember always K.T., 2-27-72 . . . KATHY RGWSELL, 122 Lowell St. 1-9-55 Major- ettes, pajama parties, Wareham. 10-6-71. Feb. vaca- tion 1972, Hockey Games. " It ' s been real " , Chi- cago, Summer Practice. M M. “Going Mental " , The Arena MICHAEL J. ROY CARL RUBINO, 32 Dickson Ave. 8-21-55 Metal pipes and grey hairs, W.H. behind the wheel. .I D. has fifteen or more. He went with either George or Jim WILLIAM A. RUBINO, 47 Greeley Cir. 6-19-55 Bill “HAZOO " . The Mercedes down the Cape. Phillips 66. Westboro, The Coop, New Seabury. Popponesset Island. The Bay, 4th of July. The Fire- works ROBERTA ANN RUGGIERI. 267 Highland Ave., 3-27-55 Bohhi. Pel peeve; competition m A.H.S., getting sanitary passes, sewing pres, year, hockey games, working in soph, office, summer of ’72 Billy Binkle, forever 5-30-69 MARGAREl MAR RUGGIERO. 53 Pine Ridge 6-6-55 Margie. Pink, rice balls, Butt er icks, 160, whistle, dungees. pork chops applesauce. Ponds, Woburn, Driver. R u g g e r y . oh no!, B D.D.E..I.P R.V. ANNMARIF JOAN RLISSO, 27 Pine St. 6-21-55 " Like gusts of wind friendships have shaken me. " happiness was Mike, summer of ’72. P.l.T. in Maine Michael Roy 146 Carl Rubino William Rubino Roberta Ruggieri Annmarie Russo 147 Margaret Ruggiero NELSON RUSSO PALRICIA ANN RUSSO. 12 Fairmont St. 3-17-55 “Love is all shapes and sizes and colors,” Jr. Eng- lish, pel peeve; prejudiced people, fav. people: Flip Wilson, sr. English. ROBERT WILLIAM RUSSO, 183 Pleasant St. 7-6- 55 Ruse. Chiquita, being late, student council, Wingaersheek. C.B. 9-23-72, close accident, Su- napee. Waterville, Alexandria, Virginia, Fly East- ern. drive in, call at 7:00 JANICE T. RUTKOWSK.1, 35 Lakehill Ave. 6-27- 55 Kent. Field hockey, T.C., Patty’s party, summer ’70. 13, basketball. Fridays. Soph. Beach party, E.S., Orma. Nahanl, 11. softball, weak, rocks, sandy be ach, egg on, Jr. Prom. 4-16-71, dynamite, Chiquita, the house, parlha CAROL JEAN RYAN, 133 Washington St. 10-16- 55 Carkoos. Orange, Soph, math, man mer, poor baby. Rick, walking, 6-10-72. summer ’72 at the R.L., driving school with J.D. C, H., Such is life. junior cooking class MATTIE J. RYAN, 108 Fremont St. 10-23-54 Matthew Ryan 148 Victoria Sahagian VICTORIA JEAN SAHAGIAN, 17 Dartmouth St. 5-28-55, Squeaky Munchkin, Room 405, donald dog. Movie Dloll, and his marching ants, sabotaged lockers, Bluebeards, the t ' riendly pumpkin, and he has a purplish squirt on his left cheek!!! STEPHEN JOHN SALA, 83 Dorothy Rd„ 1-20-55, Smiley. Thorndike Park and The Bridge, in back of the Drome, the East, Teen Center going out for lunch. Brattle, The Clunker, Elaine EDWARD JOSEPH SANDERS, 21 Sagamore Rd., 8-29-55, Duck, Dickies, B.C.C., Hampton, apple picking. Jumping Jack Flash, It’s a boy! DEBORAH ANN SANDMANN, 75 Dorthan St., 1-28-55, Debbie, Soph, cooking class, soph. Miss Butler’s typing class. May 72, W.M., Meet ya down the corner. Mercy Mercy, Love makes the world turn MARK FRED SANTINI, 11 Apache Trail, 2-3-55, V. basketball, V. baseball, Nellie’s parties, B.Y.O.B., tracks, football field, soph, beach party “DooPO ' oci, °looo ooo Ojpoao Deborah Sandmann 149 Stephen Sala Edward Sanders Mark Santim Mary Ellen Santos Dorothy Santosuosso Diane Saunders Susan Savage DAVID MICHAEL SANTO. 55 Highland Ave. 12- 9- 53 Harpn. V. track, v. football. .Ir. Prom, trying to think of a place to take her besides the Teen Cen- ter. Saturday nights with the guys MARY ElLeN SANTOS. 201 Spring St. 1-25-55 C.A.. .Ir. Prom, ripping his tux. beach party, see much, summers at Nanlasket. Sally, student coun- cil. Poppunesset Beach with L.C., .I T., L.K., true friends DOROTHY A. SANTOSUOSSO, 57 Valentine Rd. 2-9-55 Doiiie. Sewing class m H6. Mrs. Kennedy ' s shorthand classes, surprise E.P.C..I.E.A.P.R.E.D.. football games. 31 .lUDlTH ANN LEE SARAE, 35 Bow St. 8-2-55 Judv. Gary, Maine 71 with Betsy, You ' ve got a friend, with ,loey at Hampton, Mr. DIott’s history classes, a .luly with D.A., " Sun of gun! " Pixie. Russ Allen forever DIANE LEE SAUNDERS, 73 Washington St. 1- 10- 55 T.N.T., Who ' s a flirt? Bobo, K.C.. concerts, growing, w ' ayferer. Boogie! sisters? " Real peace is Jesus. " summer of 72. Butlericks second period. C.C.I.C. SUSAN ANN SAVAGE. 13 Alfred Rd. 6-22-55 Sue. Rap. Maynard Leo. troll, campout at .A P. drowning in a snowbank. " The Bluebird of Happi- ness. " Partha. " Oh niv Gaahd " . Out the window. brat Judith Saraf 150 DONALD FRANK SCHANZ, 11 Richardson Ave. 12-12-54 Don. “If autumn leaves could .speak, tliev would remain in their silence, the secrets of their life they know, are in their lifelessness. “ Hello and goodbye ROBERT WAYNE SCHNARE, 166 Eowell St. 9- 16-55 Bob. Pet peeve: homework, favorite subjects: studies, interests: money certain broads, ambi- tion: to graduate CAROE MARIE SCHNEIDER. 9 Rockmont Rd. 5-19-55, 5th period lunches, indefinite detentions. “I can ' t believe I finished the whole thing. ” DAVID K. SCIARRIEEO, 8 Orvis Rd. 2-23-56 Shampoo, hockey games, 3 Stooges, you ' re crazy! Filichia, “Machine Gun Don " , public enemy no. 1, Angelino’s RICHARD PALIE SCOTT, 226 Park Ave. 3-2-55 Rick. Mr. Romeo’s shop class, Eenny, 3rd line Bombers forever, the Telephone Co., Make the best oj life while vnu can JUDITH P. SEABOYER, 67 Palmer St. 7-12-55 Judv. “ IVe are shaped and fashioned by those we love, be of love a little more careful than of every- thing.” remember Joe Bob, Eriday nights Richard Scott Judith Seaboyer Robert Schnare David Sciarrillo Donald Schanz Carol Schneider 151 ( ! lERESA NEARIE SEABROOK, 374 Mass. Ave. 5 10-26-55 Terry. Ret peeve: this town, memories Buck’s, Dabie ' s, Cliffy’s Butch’s, friends. Cookie man, pepperoncini, napa sonoma, Jena, Haley’s, good times, bad times, 2-25-72, ambition: to forget , CARE V, SEGELSTROM, 50 Jason St, 1-27-55 ! Getting up at 7:30 A.NE, the mad dash for home- ! room, suspension, indefinite detention, 3rd period i smoke, 5th period, lunch at the Burger King, Con- nie ; JANET BARBARA SEEINES, 93 Alpine St. 9-18- 55 Ski trip. Manomet, telephone booth, Buttricks, ■: Eriday nights at the Teen Center, the only one , CEER EDITH SERRES. 326 Forest St. 9-16-54 ' Love, peace and friendship will make our world a better place to live in and will also make our blue [ sky full of and joy • MARIE DENISE SERRES, 326 Forest St. 9-16-54 Marie, Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives f ; himself to his work, body, and soul Cler Serres Marie Serres 152 Patti Sevoian David Shaughnessy PATTI JAYNE SEVOIAN, 141 Robbins Rd. 2-11- 55 ‘Tm going blind,” would ya? where we going Leze? 160, 1972 Graduation, pet peeve: anonymous phone calls, F.N,S. KEVIN M. SHANAHAN DAVID W. SHAUGHNESSY JR,, 211 Wollaston Ave. 1-29-55 Dave. V7 romper room. Haste’ Vste ' Frosh, J.V. Varsity Football, Hampton Beach, apple picking in stowe, Rockport, Bruins games, Debbie, ER A,, geometry, “do much,” “Bui officer it ' s only lemonade ! “ EDWARD W. SHAW, 64 Park Ave. Ext. 11-30-55 Walden Pond, Long Beach, parties at D.K., J.M. J.D., Lefty’s gym class, the Cape, chem. lab, skiing, grungeball KAREN SHEA LINDA M. SHEA, 60 Margaret St. 3-10-54 Memo- ries with John, 6-15-69 HOLLAND, Crosby, Butt- ricks, parties in Lincoln, good times with Paula, Old Orchard Beach, 72 Karen Shea Edward Shaw Linda Shea 153 MICHAEL J. SHEA. 34 Ml. Vernon St.. 9-3-55 Pickle. V. hockey. V. soccer. Soph, beach party, ■■.sasisties”, " eyes " , homeroom MOC.IAD SHEA BARBARA RUTH SHEAHAN. 155 Brattle St.. 10- 28-55 Barbie. T.l’s 9-17-72. happiness is graduation day. pet peeve: school. Neil Young. Plymouth 6-11- 72 at Otis Strawberries. I leave to AHS Mrs. Jones MICHAEL JOSEPH SHEEHAN. 10 Albermarle St.. 5-5-55. Mike. Pres, of student council. Atlantic City. .M2. " Archie ' s " chem. class, marching band, rm. 65. donkey basketball game. Jr. Prom, football games, " the caf. G S cast parties WALTER HAMILTON SHERBURNE, 23 Cedar Ave. 11-12-54 Dos citos my bitos. hons, the long card eames, big thunder. Hip ot a coin with Beethoven, wait until 1 ask my mother, the couch!! ELAINE K. SHERMAN. 69 Amsden St. 11-27-55 Pepe Lopez, .August 26. L.A., T.K., Flipper. Bob Toothnot. the end of the road, full moons. Saga- more Seach. Harvard Sq.. Take it easy SUSAN .1. SHIMP, 63 Freeman St. 8-2-54 Sue Fav. Class; Mr. Mercurio’s Junior English. “Happiness is Dennis " . 8-13-70, Can ' i Find the Time To Tell You. Ambition: modeling Michael Shea Barbara Sheahan Michael Sheehan Walter Sherburne Elaine Sherman 154 DANIEI. J. SHINE. 26 Bowdoin St. 1-16-54 Dan “the dice”, “The Cellar”, coaching hockey and baseball DANIEL JOSEPH SIMEONE KATHLEEN MAY SIMPSON, 19 Heard Rd. 8- 16-55 Kathv 1 was on the Chronicle staff, the G S Club, and Basketball Intramurals JOHN F. SISK, 50 Newcomb St. 7-25-55 Jack Ta- kin’ off, hockey, E. Mass Final, BG, late for prac- tice. movies, great parties. Chicago concerts, late, TC, Crane’s beach. Junior year, 1 1 PM. 4-2-72, Joanne DEBRA J. SKOCAY, 8 Fairmont St. 11-29-55 Shoes, D ' s, Drome Belmont Skating Rmk, Miss King’s sewing and cooking class. Miss Carney and my senior schedule DAVID WAYNE SMALL Debra Skocay Daniel Simeone Daniel Shine David Small Kathleen Simpson John Sisk i 155 David Smith Gary Smith Jacalyn Smith Linda Smith DAVID EUGENK SMI l H GARY E. SMITH, 23 Edmund Rd. 9-16-54 Re- member the Wall and Mr. Benney, “My Camel,” The Tower Log, Kimbills, Report cards and gym. “New York " . Old orchard and the swamp .lACALYN A. S.MITH. 48 Winchester Rd. 2-14-55 Smiily Getting arrested for singing old Beatle songs. The apt.. The Center, Paul. Red’s house. The Cape. 44 College Ave.. Jumping out windows. Bishop School, stretch LINDA M. SMITH. 100 School St. 10-26-55 Car- ing-realizing and understanding the feelings of others; sharing of self, searching for peace, learn- ing, dreaming, growing, becoming . . . myself JOANNE SORON, 110 Paul Revere Rd. 3-8-55 Freshman year with B.R., Driver’s ed., soph, year and joining A.V., 7-9-7 1, junior English class, thank God it’s senior year. MANUEL A. SOUZA, 29 Devereaux St. 7-12-54 To work for peace in everything I do KAREN A. SPADARO, 168 Medford St. 10-21-55 P.L., Chicago, no!. Skiing, 128, Hyannis Center, that’s enough!, wh me? Anything??, M.D.D.G., C.S.B. Games?, I’ll be there!, F.P., when? MARK SPADARO. 196 Park Ave. 9-27-55 Days at Nahant. Fridays at Walden, all the kids at the park on those hot summer nights, payday, lunch at Ang- ies. cutting lefty’s class GEORGE H. SPECHT JR.. 69 Tanager St. 8-30-55 Speckle “71 summer”. H.G.C.. Football, v-7, “58 chevy”. “One Way”, green. Cowboy Bob, Bev, re- treats. doin’ nothing. “What do you wanna do?” bike rides. Dear Abbv JOHN F. SPINOSA Jo-Anne Soron Manuel Souza Karen Spadaro Mark Spadaro George Specht 156 Linda Steele MADELINE STAFEORD, 76 Dothan St. 6-3-55 Lynn Mr. Dlott ' s History class. Soph, year, Fav. Act-sleeping, Summer of ’72, June 3rd, Fav. Saying— But ma!, the kids. Tequila. BARBARA STARR LINDA M. STEELE, 39 Henderson St, 12-19-55 Lydia Roy Rodger’s hot chocolate, summer of ’72, greaslip pumpkin, brownie, Rob Deb— the two greatest people, Darlene Kevin-goin’ strong, K.E., B.H., A.S., M.Z., K.T., 9-1-72. MARIE CHRISTINE STEPHENS, 20 Marathon St. 5-7-55 “nothing is little to him who feels it with great sensibility.” ENA. love to sew, summer of ’72 NORAH STILES. 70 Churchill Ave. 3-26-55 Jeanie Manchester Police Station. 5-29-70. 8-4-71 with Philip, Happy-T-Ranch and the kids, my window, Hampton wee kend and Southie, Cad. DEBRA S. STONE, 60 Crosby St. 12-26-55 Pooh Beginnings, 10-30-71, boo, loving, sharing, under- standing, Sat. mornings and nights, any stars?. Chi- cago, Old hall, our locker, the Cape, my roof, I.L., R.M., lasting, keeping, forever! WALTER STOTIK, 27 Amsden St. 12-26-55 Mr. Dlott’s History class, the U.N. trip, Audio-Visual, Monday morning’s 1st period, the hockey and foot- ball games JOHN STRATTON, 37 Ottawa St. 4-29-55 Jason V. Soccer, V. Spring Track. Summer of ’72, Wal- don. Key Club, Chronicle EDWARD L. STROB. 60 Blossom St. 6-23-55 Madeline Stafford Barbara Starr Debra Stone John Stratton Marie Stephens Norah Stiles Walter Stotik Edward Strob 157 Debra Sullivan Joan Sullivan Barry Sullivan BARRY SULLIVAN, 76 Oakland Ave. 3-11-55 Sully Mr. Whitmore’s print class, Sammv Scientist, Celtic’s Games, pet peeve: Monday mornings CATHERINE A. SULLIVAN, 4 Menotomy Rocks Dr. 6-8-55 Caihv Black Comedy. Mid.summer’s Night Dream. Jean Brodie. Culture I ' ulture. Old Hall at 7:15, red roses in Erench class. Library Corps. ’69-’73 CATHERINE JOANNE SULLIVAN, 32 Glen Ave. 5-20-55 Cathy 5th period gossip center, Mrs. Burke, ending Jr. year with Tony, ‘‘How we be!” DEBRA SULLIVAN JOAN SULLIVAN, 38A Fairmont St. 9-16-54 10- 9-71, Richie, Vt., Nantucket, chink’s, drinking with friends. Cape, skipping school, someday, Al Greene, Sandy’s for Lunch, JJDMR, pet peeve: Mr. Tozlowski, 3 yrs., astor with Margaret JOYCE A. SULLIVAN, 165 Brooks Ave. 10-15-55 TC, ’69, Nahant, P.K.., Fr.P., Football games, Ooml, Summer of ’71 ’72, Are you cold?, Pub, Sports, Chemistry labs, Jr. Prom, five J’s, Sponge, Keep Smiling! JEFFREY SULLIVAN, 91 Winchester Rd. 6-12-55 Jeff Christmas ’70, Horshoe Beach, York, Speech class. Dirty Harry, C.S.N. Y., Cane, “Save it for another day” Joyce Sullivan John Sullivan 158 Robert Sullivan Peter Sweet Mary Sullivan MARY J. SULLIVAN, 1 1 Marathon St. 9-19-55 RICHARD A. SULLIVAN. 186 Waverly St. 1-27- 55 Mr. Dlott ' s History class, Friday afternoons at MacDonalds, Duster 340, Friday afternoons at 2:07 ROBERT SULLIVAN KEVIN SUTHERLAND, 76 Glouster St. 3-27-55, B-52’s. Go to buttericks. Drome. Fridays and Sat- urdays in the park, March 13-18, Stop Shop 776, Nahant on Sunday PETER ACKLEY SWEET RAYMOND M. TAHMOSH, 12 Menlomy Rocks Dr., 6-20-55 Gioia Sweet and Raymond Tahmosh 159 Richard Sullivan Kevin Sutherland ’! I I ' ! ' ' ■ji :;i !| ; ; ' . ■) :l 1 Anne Theriault Thomas Tahmosh Julie Teeven IHOMAS N. TAHMOSH, 21 Hodge Rd„ 1-4-56, I ' m finally graduating from Arl. High and now I can say " goodbye to Tusco. Toz, Lincoln, Locke, I’d like to stick you with a pitch fork VALERIE PRISCILLA TARBOX, 19 Upland Rd„ 6-8-55, La , D P. with Chuckie and Mr. Lane, " You better stay healthy or I ' ll kill you”, Mr. M’s Mr. trev’s English classes. Jr. Sr. Proms. V.P. of L.C.. T D Y.L Va. Cont. 8-72 JULIE TEEVAN, 18 Osburne Rd„ 12-5-55. PET PEEVE: P. Eilicia, B D., A.D.L., Mt. Auburn. Ehck a winner, J.P., Miss King’s sewing class, hockey Elizabeth Thayer Ann Thomas games. 7-25-72 ELIZABETH THAYER. II Puritan Rd.. 8-19-55, Becky, Fat Paul Tom. the back of the football field. Jane’s parties. Who is that baby gorilla in the 70’s corridor?. Eat it Ralph! ANNE FHERIAULT. 21 Milton St.. 3-26-55, Spirit Club 71. 72. 73. " Summer of 72”. Wow! malabar. the cake, the clothes line. Paul, the backyard. Arch- ie, 144. 4th of July, Jr., " the phone call. " ANNE THOMAS 160 Barbara Tobin John Thompson DAVID B. THOMAS, 9 Alfred Rd„ 8-17-55 JOHN L. THOMPSON III, 23 Randolph St„ 5-23- 55, Bronson. Jack. Kawasaki, Nova, Buenos Dias Clase, I he Kid, watch cap, foam rubber, save, ar- senal, summer slave. Alone Again Naiurallr. Dra- ma, Whiskev and Ginger, boots JOHN R, THOMPSON, 324 Appelton St„ 12-11- 55, Camping, Dennisport, Smell ' s Face, “New shoes Bob”, Tracks, Football field LOUISF TILDSLEY, 23 Boulevard Rd, 10-9-55, Lou. I ' ll forget skipping with all the kids. Having lunch over Buttericks, Most of all meeting alot of dvnamite kids PAUL TINSLEY, 39 Orvis Rd„ 7-31-55, Tin.s. Re- member Art Freshman year, Marshfield, Summer nights and the First Gear, Football League, “desire to win”. Floor Hockey games. The Secret (?) card games, 21, and the rest. Craft ' s and History class Jr. year BARBARA TOBIN. 221 Lowell St„ 9-20-55, Bar- bie. Cheerleading, camp. E.M.I.C.C., Hockey games. M.D.J.J. friends. Bamboo Hut. Fonk, Daryl ' s Driving, Feb. 72. Baby Hewey. 4-14-72. Hiya Chuckie. P.J. ' s, my funeral 3-14-72, Jr. year David Thomas Louise Tildsley Paul Tinsley John R. Thompson 161 V Kathrvn Tomsuden Barbara Toomey JAN TOBIN, 76 Beacon St., 2-28-55, So what ' s the story?. Hey Guines!, our flowers fell . . ., cupcake, pretty funny huh ' .’. Tango, 4th of July, George ' s Is- land, Cherry St., Zincoxide, Bookkeeping Jr, year LYNN TOCTO KATHRYN ANN TO.MSUDEN, 291 Hillside Ave., 7-11-55, Kaihv. Oliver, Walk for hunger 71, Chronicle, Youth Ministry Seminars, St. Paul Youth Group, Con. 72 Texas, Joy comes with good friends. Never give up! BARBARA A. TOOMLY, 291 Hillside Ave. 1-25- 55, Biihs. Jr. Prom, the wall. Tower Rock, 6-9-72, York Beach Camping, Tootsie, Moody Blues, ski- ing, my friend the bug. Remember the time we, bye. ,Atta boy Fred! Life long memories: friends JOY ELAINE lORRESYAP. 58 Tomahawk Rd„ 2-25-55 U.N. trip, Steve DIott, Monticello, Bob Goulet, Mr. Lane. " King I " , C.Y.O.. M.S.G.S., Nantucket. Jr. Prom, Steve G., Miss Withers, Hap- piness is knowing someone cares KEVIN PAUL lORSEY BARRY TOWLE. 22 Franklin St., 6-30-54, Shine fai Bov. Remember good old Chefs class with the Hying pastry. Good old Mr. Dlott ' s with eclaires, 22 cents, too many notes, towels, the marching ants. Goodbye JAMES TOCZYLOWSKI KAREN TOWNSEND STEPHEN TRAMONTOZZL 2 Gorham St., 6-18- 55, Head. Weak! Dos Citos Mv Bitos, Black Bomb. Walden Pond, Marty ' s, Canada, England, Tan- glewood, Katy ' s. G.S.T ' .S.O.. Special thanks to the guys in the music Dept.. Care Much KATHLEEN FREMBL.AY, 20 Alpine St., 9-23-55, Kaihv. JOHN TSAKIRGIS, 388 Appleton St., 6-30-55, “Suckv " G ' s Eatin 1, hockey games. Pewter Pot, Brewster Parties, Army at Public Works, “I ' m through Teddy " , my Latins translations, “bun- nyball " , Kelly ' s team. Lefty, “Friendly ' s CJK . . . BFB, Corner bus stop dumping bv J.P. ANDY TURN BELL 6 Montague St.. 7-6-55. Turn- hall. Can ' t wait for March 73. Vicompte, watch out, B-52’s in Jr. vear. ragged out in Toule ' s car 4th period. Summer vacation in Canada, no sleep FRANK L. UTTARO, II steep Rock Rd„ 5-30-55, Buffalo. Mo, TTT, C.E.G.. Norm, Ted, McDermott. The Pub, Brigam’s Harvard, Drive-In Sat., Mac ' s citcus maximus-rm. 26. Crane’s beach with Joannie Pauline— 7- 10-72 STEVEN VALLERELLL 155 Wright St., 11-30-55, " Tal”. Tracks, football cards, easy cheeks!, the Pub after hockey games, Winchester Rd., Varsity Hock- ey, Baseball 21 innings. Garden Ice, alternative 2, Plattsburg N. ’., R.S.P.. Forest Cafe DENISE VAUDO. 78 Webster St.. 3-25-55. Dee. Remember 5th period Math class, football games, hockey games, N.C.C. B.C.H., Buttericks and Bruins with L.L., “summer of 71 72. " Delare, Happiness is having friends who really care L , I i I : ■ ; I L ' I Joy Torresyap Barry Towle Stephen Tramontozzi 162 I N S ' Kathleen Tremblay 163 Steven Vallarelli John Tsakirgis Andrew Turnbull Denise Vaudo Nancy Venti Sheila Vaughan Frank Utlaro Donald Vincent SHEILA FRANCKS VAUGHN. 47 Palmer St., 7- 4-55, A.T.C., Friday nights. Algebra. " Winners Circle " — S.C., f’ages of the vear. wine and roses, good friends, singing. 11-27-71. Fran, 27-I5B, lock- ers, Phyllis and Janie should be here NANCY VENTI, 20 Lafayette St., 7-10-55. Fresh- man English, cellar?, 7-6-71, Jr. year, strange people that work with tomatoes, man with the teeth, peanut margerine and preserves sandwiches, " Birds " , bv N. Young, " T-E-R-R-l-B-L-F " EDWARD VERNEY. 56 School St.. 6-6-55, Alva. Football. Mike ' s kitchen, Earl the pearl. Football field. Lunches DONALD VINCENT. 43 Overlook Rd.. 5-29-54. Always remember the summer of 70 at Ossippi, Fa- vorite E.xpression: " No way Arnold”. Happiness is telling Ma why you can ' t go to school todav ELAINE VINCENT. 43 Overlook Rd.. 9-25-55. Oh Day. .ABC ' s. 7-23-72. Wickers, raccoons, skunks, and kcrala bears, good t)le, V1 D, The W ' all Good Friends WAI TER VONER, 10 High Haith Rd„ 6-10-55, Snih. Brothers 4, Hampton Cell with Mutley, H- |ob, frozen tracks, Falmouth Heights, pet peeve: firehydrants waterskiing DEBRA ANN VOSS.MER. 25 Sunset Rd.. 8-5-55, Debbie. AOE, R.B , Mitigwa, Rangeley, Summer 72, CRICK, The End. Harmonettes, " In my room, " Be yourself. " Promises to keep and miles to go be- fore 1 sleep. " SUSAN WALLACE, II Lincoln St., 4-7-55. Hap- piness IS blue skies, sunshine, warm days, swim- ming, canoeing, biking-hike to PTown, skiing, Mi- tigwa .AOE, .Art, looking forward to the fu- ture-GHE, MUR, and REE Elaine Vincent Debra Vossmer Walter Voner Susan Wallace 164 BARBARA WALSH, 71 Appleton St., 8-9-55, Barb. CJreatest at 101 Dow, Sutenanconsulgib, par- ty at 27, Summer of 72, you figure it out. Cape, the good times, pet peeve: people who are late MARGARET WALSH, 16 Daniels St., 6-4-54, Margee. Manchester jail 3-7-71, toothpaste in the yard, 3, eyes, Rocks and Farm, Allale-sigs, happy- medium, $56 fine, HTR. us 6 MALIREEN WALSH, 16 Daniels St., 8-23-55. March 7. 1971, Carol, it’s Monday!, Zwicker, PMO, I ' lan B, sigs, allale!. Oh Hello, junior prom, .lethro Tull, SMN, coffee on the house, HBI, us 6 REGINA WALSH, 101 Dow Ave., 9-27-55, Gina. Good times at Norwich, Marshfield, Dennisport, White Horse, Mismatch at 51 West-Minister, C.IL, At the Sunrise, Chicago, K.L, Sutenanconsulgib. pet peeve; what ' s the matter, Charlie 6-28-72 ARLENE FRANCES WELCH, 46 Summer Street, 10-21-55, Arl, Dave, Broccoli, A.C.H.S., sweater or jersey? Orv. Brain, Karen L.S., Harvard. McGovern. 9-29-72. Symmes, parties. Walrus, Marie R.N., railroad tracks, O ' Neals, Oct. 13, school mornings RUTH WELLS. 33 Hillcrest St.. 10-4-55, Ruihle. " Be, Grow, and become; Celebrate your life; Show them you care.” Arlene Welch 165 Barbara Walsh Maureen Walsh Regina Walsh Margaret Walsh Ruth Wells Randi West Mark Whitnev Michael Wynne Alton Zink Marcia Wood Karen Zawada Paul Ziolkowski DOUGLAS WEST. 17 Davis Ave.. 9-20-54. Westy. Sabastion. Eric the Red. " Details!”, A Record Breaker. Larrv " Potaylor”. Brillo, “take the middle " . .I.J. the clawed. Alton Bay bikehike. SLS. E-19;LP-10 RANDI WEST. 17 Davis Ave.. 12-16-55. Cheering. “22 " . football games, pep rallies. AOE. Mitigwa. potato chips maple syrup. " 7up” parties, " swamp " , longjohns. Rhumba Bottom. Ding-a-lmg. P-71 .lAMES G. WHITE. 29 Baker Rd.. 11-14-53. . .IT. and the H P. Gang. AHS What kind of pie do you like?. Legs knows. 3rd and 4th period meetings, working long hours and getting nowhere. BEEF Al- ton Bay was the best. 1984 MARK WHITNEY. 10 Epping St.. 5-14-54. Ahhie. V. Football-Tracks, football field Newfound Camping, Falmouth. Hong Kong 71, Moscow 70, the forest, beaches. Mt. Liberty, fat people— J.K.. M.M.. NAM LI— 73 Panties, Fondest Memory. Red and Dave. Dumps-teaching MAR.IORIE WILLIS JAMES WIESON MARCIA DEANNA WOOD. 30 Sunset Rd., 3-1- 55. The Chateau, Springfield, Junior Prom " 72”, uh oh . . .!, TEC. Rainbow, cross-currents, D.D., Sue, J.A., weekend retreats. Friendly’s, basketball games, daydreamer. MICHAEL K. WYNNE, 1051 Mass. Ave., 10-31- 55, Winnie. Magician. Last of the Pub, B.C., Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years 71-72, The Pub graduates, 2-1-2, “Let ' s go visiting " , “Don ' t play games”. MCH, Jimi Hendrix KAREN MARIE ZAWADA. 72 Hibbert St.. 12- lb- 54, Zoo. Mrs. Jones ' Foods 111. AHS Hockey, Mrs. Burke. The Boston Gardens, Cathy and Betty, December 16, The Stanley Cup. Howie Be, New York ALTON ZINK. 148 Scituate St.. 7-29-55, At. Buff, Archie’s labs. Aardvark, Otis, rap day. Que Pasa. Old Hall study, Ba.seball in rm. 32, Jota, hockey- games PAUL ZIOLKOWSKI, 22 Bowdoin St., 6-1-55. Zio. Track; indoor, outdoor, two years varsity, after graduation: work 166 Everyone warned me how fast the years would pass. And when 1 realized for myself what a short time we would have, 1 feared leaving behind a place and a time that I had found secure and comfortable. But 1 became caught up in the everyday problems and obligations and the years slipped by without my ever knowing where they went. My only thought concerning time had been that I had plenty of it. Then one day I turned around-and there was no time left. Instead of something to be endured or ignored or tolerated, each day was something to be treasured, if only because it was one of few remaining. Now I look back to the time when 1 was younger. I thought then that 1 wouldn ' t be able to bear the end of these years; that I would just want to remain in this place and this time forever. What I didn ' t realize was that even this time and this place, which had seemed so secure and comfortable, would eventually be outgrown. What is saddest about our leaving is not that we are leaving something that we have loved, but that we no longer fit into it, and that we couldn ' t return if we wanted to. The time has come for us to leave this place, for we are no longer part of it. There is something new waiting for us; a place or a time or a person. It is something with which we will again go through the cycle of testing, evaluating, deciding, and growing. If that which awaits can grow along with us, then it is our life. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Marie Bruno, President Despite its chaotic history, the annual Senior Con- vention was not to be denied the Class of ’73. The cherished traditions of barbarism, dirty dealing and mudslinging were admirably upheld. Egged on by their exuberant fellow classmates, the candidates valiantly presented their speeches. Al- though everyone who had the nerve to run deserves an office, there are only four who make it. This year they were Marie Bruno, President; Mike Wynne, Vice- President; Patty Powers, Secretary; John Leak. Treas- urer. Mike Wynne. Vice-President 170 Patty Powers, Secretary Once Lowe Auditorium was restored and the ex- citement of the campaign quelled, the Senior Class Officers got down to business. With the aid of their housemaster and advisor Mr. (Uncle Henry) Toczy- lowski, they successfully planned a Christmas Semi- Formal held at the Woburn Country Club in Decem- ber. For the Senior Prom this year, they broke tradi- tion by having it held at the Sydney Hill Country Club. “We tried to do a lot more things”, says Marie Bruno, “but there’s no spirit left in this school. You just can ' t do a lot when there are so many apathetic kids around you.” John Leak. Treasurer 171 STUDENT COUNCIL m-. STLiDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Lois K.elly(Corresponding Secretary), Mike Sheehan! President) ray! Recording Secretary). Maureen O ' Connell! Vice-President), Tom Harrington|Treasurer). Patty Mur- Daddy Mike. Mommy Maureen and little Patty, Tom and Lois. “Well, I ' d come to your funeral.” Officer ' s Meeting— up side down? Tears shedded in the conference room. First Gear. The Tape ... Sr. Housemaster’s Office. Visiting Mike— stopping, buying and reading Mike ' s presents while Tom ' s taxi waited outside, a ride on the elevator . . . Dick who? Bud Ballou and 3 Top Groups. Where are the 3 top groups? Goodbye $400 . . . Uncle Henry ' s new shirt . . . We love you Sal . . . Mike, what do you have against candymen? . . . The Dating Game. “Can vou run? Then start running!” The AHS Student Council Choir plus one. We wish you a merry Dating Game. When are we really having the Dating Game? . . . One of these days we ' ve got to get a social committee . . . Where is everybody? . . . What is an advisor? . , . Eat your HEART out— Maureen. Eois, Athana and Marie ... It was a successful Student Council because we had each other. SENIOR SENATORES and COMMITTEE CEIAIRMEN: First row: .Ian Tobin, Maryanne Noonan, Bonnie MacDougall. Eileen Hunt. Linda Conroy. Second row: Joanne Lekas, Mary Ellen Santos, Mary Rafferty. Pam McKinney. Chris Hrynowski, Susan Olds, Athana Kontinos, Patty Keane. Janice Rutkowski. Sheila Vaughn. Third row: Wally Sherburne. John Leak. Dave Shaughnessy. Steve Neri, Bob Manderino. 1 2 GIRLS ' CLUB Summer Conferences and last year’s Semi Formal— How to go Jonsey. Karate les- sons, Christmas Party for Underprive- ledged Children, washing an oil truck at the car wash. Our first success— The Bake Sale . . . Barbara— trust us, Murph— will you please stop talking, the barn. Father Lynch, Room 100 Scavenger Hunt, Dutz— Chairman SAC Boilom row: Karen Oppedisano, Bev Cohen. Patty Powers, Ann Marie Russo. Middle row: Nancy Doherty, Nancy Rigazio. Ann Murphy. Top row: Jean Botoni, Adele Amico. 173 SKI CLUB The Arlington High Ski Club has had a very enjoyable year. The club has gone on four day trips; Gunstock, Loon, Atitash, and Waterville Valley. The club is also planning a weekend trip to Indian Head Motel in Lincoln, New Hampshire. They will be skiing at Mittersile and Waterville Valley Mt. The club consists of 135 members. The si.x officers who helped make this a successful year are as follows; President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairmen Gerry McCarthy Karl Peterson Cathy Arakelian Kurt Peterson Andrea Boahosian and Carol Conraaan First row: Marsha Davidson, .lim Doherty. .Iim Cronin. Second row: Diane Barnaby. .loyce Sullivan. Denise Labriola. Cart)l LaShoto. Carol Conragan. Jean Botoni. Kathy Arakelian, Joe Papagni, Rusty CJarrity, Jim Lut . Charlie Hughes. Third row: Dan Levin. Tom MoIIu ,7,0, Dave Marquis, Peter Connolly. Gerry McCarthy. Steve F-iore. George Piccarillo, Jack DulTett. John McCarthy. Ld Shaw. Dave King, Top row: Karl Peterscm. Gary Dillon, Tom Culhane. 174 LIBRARY CLUB The year of 1972-73 was one of the most productive for the Library Club. Important events included the Christ- mas party, at which all of the members became better acquainted; the arrival of the new shelving, which greatly relieved the overcrowded conditions in the Senior Library; and, of course, the annual Pa- perback Book Fair. The Book Fair was run using a new system which substan- tiallv reduced the loss of books. 175 KEY CLUB Bottom row: Jim Lutz, Joe Papagni. John McCarthy, Jim Doherty, Rusty Garrity, Jack Duft ' ett, Gerry McCarthy, Bob Perriello. Second row: Charlie Hughes, Peter Connolly, Dave King, George Piccarillo. Steve Fiore, Jay Stratton. Third row: Gary Dillon, Ed Shaw, Jim Cronin, Mike Penniello, Wally Voner, Dave Marquis, Steve Vallarelli, Bob Govoni, Tom Culhane. Top row: Bill Dwyer, Steve Neri, Brian Milligan. con FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS OF FHA President Vice President Historian Parlimentarian Reporter State Treasurer Secretary Pam Deer Cindy Barr Marty Gallant Stacey Faulkner Barbara Sullivan Elaine Bell Ruth Abbott FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA 177 MATH TEAM Left to right: Peter Gennis, Shizuo Mukai, Bob Franzosa, Stewart Burton, Sharon Budd. Missing: Richard Schober, Martin Georgi. CHESS CEUB 178 fTyWy -■ ■ A lot of time, work and effort on the part of few devoted people are some of the ingredients which go into the making of a “Chronicle”. Although most people see just the finished product, a lot happens before the newspaper is circulated. Assignments are given out, and everyone nervously awaits their return. There is rewriting of articles, writing of heads and picture captions, emergency night meetings, pushing to get more advertisers, searching for pictures at the last minute, waiting for material to be returned from the printer, and many hours of switching lay-out until everything fits into place. This year the “Chronicle”, with its improved writing and lay-out, has given many people the opportunity to share in a journalistic e.xperience. Issued six times a year, the “Chronicle” serves as a remembrance of school events and a record of student opinion. This year’s staff included Janice Malatesta, Editor in Chief; Lois Kelly, Managing Editor; Kathy Elliott, News Editor; Susan Olds, Features Editor; Peter Gennis, Editorial Editor; Joe Gross, Boys’ Sports Editor; Linda Canzanelli, Girls’ Sports Editor; Peter Cura, Photography Editor; Steven Aznavourian, Advertising Editor; and Nancy Shooshan, Circulation Editor. Left to right: Nancy Shoo.shan, Pauline Schiel( advisor), Steve Aznavourian, Kathy Elliott. Lois Kelly, Shizuo Mukai, Janice Malatesta, Peter Gennis. Lefi 10 right: Sue Wallace. Nancy Dolan, Joan Downing. Pam McKinney, Lynn Biathrow. Linda Canzanelli. Shizuo Mukai, Ann Theriall, Linda Smith, Linda Cataldo (Edilur in Chief). Ed Tremblay. Chris Reed, Kathy Elliott (Literary Editor). Mr. Charles Gordon (Advbor). YEARBOOK The first signature— we thought that was something! “Joanne, 1 don’t understand how to reduce a pic- ture’’— Leave them all 100%. . . . But 1 don’t like football! This is a great picture— They don’t go to Arlington High? We need more candids! Sun- day-same time, same place, but where are the can- dids? Now Linda, take it easy. It’ll all turn out all right. . . . Large Photography staff. “We’ll have this stuff ready by Sunday? How about next week?”— Chuck this Dean, Let’s go to lunch. DONNA! Would you, T.C.H.J. Harry’s got much class. . . . What’s this teach- er ' s name?— Just guess! What— another deadline al- ready? Where’s Dean? Oh, Mike— what are you doing today? It’s going to be a busy week! Let Dean do it. “. . . Desks in Old Hall, who thought of that?” Purdy’s did what!!! Linda, you still can’t find those pictures? They’ll turn up. We just got someone’s senior pic- ture— but that deadline was three months ago!” Can I still change my biography?” We’re out of candids again. Well, do you think we can lay out 50 pages by first period? “You mean you kids still don ' t know how to reduce a picture?” . . . The layout staff was very dependable. “Purdy’s will do it if they know what’s good for them!” . . . THE LAST DEADLINE— It was an experience! Left to right: Denise Vaudo, Marv Ellen Santos. Marcia Dahill. ,ludv Saraf. Marvanne Noonan. Cheryl Breen, .lulie Fitzgerald, .loanne Lekas (Lavout Editor). Daryl Knuepfer. Susan Wallace, .lanice Malatesta (Biography Editor). Debbie Boudreau. Bonnie MacDougall. Nancy LahilT. SCIENCE CLUB Left 10 ri ht: (hack row) Ernie Hinde. Paul Dadereil. Dale Nasman. (middle row) Mr. Alan Katz, Pat Ross, Jim Burton, Doug West, Sue Savage, Lisa Musco, Madelaine Naliabedian, Linda Canzanelli, Mr. Arthur Botelho. (from) John Lanzillo. The Science Club had a relatively ac- tive year. Of course, there were money making projects such as car washes and the coffee center, but there were also various field trips. The trips encom- pa.ssed many fields of science from medi- cine (M.G.H. and Perkins Institute) to oceanography (Woods Hole. URl, and Rocket II). Throughout the year the staff did a great job. Despite the fact that at times there was more work to do than people to do it, all survived. Our secretaries gained considerable experience in typing since the president and vice-president made them retype almost every letter. Mr. Alan Katz, the new co-advisor, proved that he was worth his weight in gold at Science Fair time. We wish Mr. Arthur Botelho and Mr. Katz lots of luck for next year since 99% of the club were seniors. Left to right: Karen Crockett. Madelaine Hanafin, Madelaine Newell, Ted Perkins, Jim Burton. Karry Bohan. F at Ros.s. Joe Gross, Stewart Burton, FTank Uttaro, Dennis McEliney, John MaeCloud, Fred Matheson, FJill Dogherty. LATIN AND GREEK CLUB 185 ART CLUB The Art Club is comprised of a group of students interested in creativity through the various forms of arts and crafts. Some of the techniques used in- clude clay sculpture, candle and jewelery making, macrame, and decoupage. A Christmas fair was held at which Christmas ornaments and candles made by the members were displayed and made available to the students and facul- ty- The atmosphere of the Art Club is one of relaxation and self-expression. At the weekly meetings, one works at his own level of interest and achievement. Ex- perimenting with different materials not used in the regular art classroom brings about satisfaction and accomplishment and enriches the students with a greater awareness of the various forms of art. Left to right: Jim McKinley, Steve Pazar. Margaret Sullivan. Craig Tainter. Angela Allesandroni, Mark Gianino, Susan Snowdon, Connie Marino (President). Curt Norden (Co- ' ice President), .lim Mattaliano, Mrs. Jeannette Eskedal, Joan Niles, Mrs. Louise Banner. ( DISTRIBUTIVE ED l.cfi in right: Peter Morello. Dave Serson. Steve Fopiano, Tom Keating. Dave Small. Jack Nichols. 1 he Distributive Education Program is designed to give the students a first- hand look into the dynamic world of Merchandising and Marketing. Students in the program attend classes during the morning, and then are released early from school to work at jobs for which they are given school credit. Besides the job training program, the students also attend conferences sponsored by the Dis- tributive Education Clubs of America (D.E.C.A.). Under the able leadership of Peter Morello. who was also elected president of the Region 2 D.E.C.A. clubs, this year ' s D.E. class attended conferences in Atlantic City. New .lersey. Boston, and Hyannis. The before-school coffee shop was once again enjoved by faculty and students. OEEICERS President Vice-ITesident Treasurer Secretary Parlimentarian Peter Morello Dave Serson Dave Small Karen Riccio Tom Keating 186 S.T.E.P. We are here to be educated ... to increase a sense of values and ethics and ability to relate and get along with others. We are continually designing and involving ourselves in a program (curriculum) that contains knowledge about and exposure to the social and behavioral sciences. It is a total growth experience. “To us, STEP is real”— T.M. 187 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front row: Valarie D ' Orlando (President), Jane Hiscox, Debbie Lonegan. TEEN CENTER STEERING COMMITTEE Through the efforts of many people, the Arlington Teen Center came into being when we were freshmen. It gave the kids a place to go on Friday and Saturday nights, where they could go and not be bothered. There have been many incidents to discourage the center, but Robert Offenburger and Dean Asadorian have managed to keep it opened with help from Wil- liam Cazazza, his “kid brother”, and Steve Ciano. Left to right: .Alan Cazazza, Steve Ciano. Dean Asadorian, John Driscoll. 188 CHILD CARE II Froni row: Joanne DeRosa. Mrs. Ronnie Jenness. Jean Brouillette. Middle row: David Muneherian. Debbie Cox. l.isa Canlrall. Donna Perry, Marie Franehitto, Joan Fitzniauriee. Back row: I ' eter Bemitatibus. Kevin Roberto, Idleen (jorham. Thi.s year, under the Flexible School Day program. Child Study I and II were introduced in order to give interested juniors and seniors the opportunity to work with children. The Seniors involved “student teach” sixteen pre-schoolers t ' rom Arlington. They have the responsi- bility of planning the pre-schoolers’ day and then executing their plans at the Menotomy Pre-School. Some of the activities included in one day are mathematics, reading, writing, science, art, and physical activities to help co-ordination. There have afso been les.sons in cooking, safety, and citizen- ship. The children have raised a rabbit, a guinea pig, fish, and chickens. Several field trips have been con- ducted. Some of the places visited are the Aquarium, the fire station, the En- chanted Village, and various nature walks. The experience has been an enriching and rewarding one for all those involved. 189 The Jazz Ensemble, under the musical direction of Gerald Thebodo, was this year in its primary stages of evolution. Despite trumpets drifting in and out of every rehearsal; woodwinds but no brass; brass but no woodwinds; and then the days when no one showed up, it managed to relate to the public its su- perb potential in the Winter Pops Con- cert in January. With smash show tunes as “Most Unusual Day” and “A Man and a Woman” and the fantastic oboe solo by Kevin in “Glocamora”, the Jazz Band made it clear that it was not a fictitious group— as some of the student and faculty body would have one be- lieve. This year was the warming-up session for the band — full of good times and broken reeds. Ne.xt year it’ll really swing. JAZZ ENSEMBLE HARMONETTES V- - Are we gonna get a pantsuit or what?? Traces ... I hate to eat! Remember how we were gonna go up to Whirlitzer’s? Let it Snow. OH GROSS!! The Buttrick’s Special . . . Mr. T’s trumpet ... I want to do MORE . . . Interesting . . . The Dot . . . I ' m sick of this song. Can we learn Blues in the Night? Nigger Babies!!! I hate to eat! “There’s no MUFFIN when you’re in an open sleigh.” I can’t believe we’re going to New York . . . Terry’s saddle shoes and Jan’s work boots . . . Betsy and Debbie “Kissy-Poo” ... At least the altos know their part . . . Oh, shut up and play, Val . . . Does Smithy have to come? I hate to eat 192 I ... Nancy’s flourescent orange yarn and Mr. Giobbe . . . the bellroom? Where’s Terry? (Ssh, ’ we left her back at the high school) ... I ! hate to eat . . . the piano at St. Agnes . . . : Paging Jan at Jordan Marsh . . . Pring, j Pring . . . G clefs . . . “My piano, your food” . . . Fantasia’s . . . Can we please learn some new music? Corn curls and ! the player piano at Jan’s house . . . My [I Mama done told me . . . “Gee ain’t it ij great to have a girl so big and fat that |! when you go to hug her you don’t know i where you’re at. Linda’s solo . . . Hey, are we getting Spring outfits? 1 can’t afford one more thing! . . . Hop Along I ... This is old. You’ll remember it . . . I IT’S A MOST UNUSUAL DAY. W- DRAMA CLUB Front row: Joe Daisy f ' ice President). Linda Cataldo (President), Jane Healy (Secretary). David Broeg. Cathy Sullivan. Middle row: Leonard Melo. .Andrea Harding, Laura Bonnell, Dottie Healy, Linda Canzanelli, Ann Lahaie. Top row; Nancy Hopkins, Tom Kontinos, Kathy Keating, Sue Lahaie. Lorena Sweetland. Al Oster. Charlie Linskev. Jeff Voner, John Bragg, Eileen Gorham, Jan Harding, John Thompson, Ann .Mercurio. The past four years proved to be a very rewarding educational experience for us in the Dramatics Club; While viewing a production, one must not lose sight of the fact that the time and effort of many unseen people are what makes the endeavor a success. Unfortunately the superviser. Dorothy McClain left after our Freshman year. Her direction of Peter Fi- lichia’s the updated version of Shakespeare’s Midsum- mer Night’s Dream was presented at Lowe Auditorium and was well received. The calendar of events for the spring included: Plaza Suite. I ' m Really Here, and an abstract play be Edward Albee entitled The Sandbox. Black Comedy entered into the Regional Competition and won. The following year Mr. Frank Roberts was chosen as the faculty advisor. His first play Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth demanded a great deal of teamwork among its cast members but fortunately the wisdom of our forefather was not lost. The Typist. Crawling Arnold and The White House Murder Case provided a delightful evening later in the year. Our competition play The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was presented with a number of outstanding thespians playing “the school girls”. 194 95 The fall of 1971 brought a change of pace through the field of comedy with the selection of IJarvev by Mary Chase, while later, Culture Vulture, a one-act play written by Mr. Filichia, claimed the top spot in the regional competition. The first play of 1972-73 was The Diary of Anne Frank, one of the most moving and professional per- formances that the Dramatic Club has ever achieved. The last production of the year was GAMES, a one-act play written by Peter Filichia. It was enthusiastically received in its premiere at AHS, and it went on to win the Regional Drama Festival with the cast receiving eight acting awards. 196 G S CLUB In its first year C)f operation under the banner of STAGE (School Theater Arts Group Experiences), the production arm of the new Department of Performing Arts, the G S Club revi ed the golden years of Broadway with their production o ' i Anything Goes. With the great music and lyrics of Cole Porter and the experience and talent of Mr. Smith and Mr. Eaber, the G S Club took on the look and style of “Big-Time Broadway”. The membership in G S swelled to nearly 200. .All female roles were double cast. The production featured a dancing chorus of 32 and a singing and dancing chorus of over 1 100. This year’s officers were: President-Scott Brown; Vice President-Jan Eeslie Harding; Secretarv-Treasur- er-Erances Ingeme. 198 “On The Loose” I’d rather wade up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth . . . Mitigwa-the first time is a real shock . . . returning to the city. Rangeley . . . Village Idiot . . . P.l.T. The plug in the lake . . . “Mary Loon” . . . beaver swamp . . . “thousands upon thousands of years ago.” What’s the scoop? Smalls Falls . . . DITTO Saddleback . . . Burnam’s Hill— bus rides. Denmark-the first winter . . . Blazing Trail . . . those cold cabins . . . Thursday nights— the staff gets it on guitar playing. Que Pasa? Ultimate aloneness? Ultimate togetherness. Duke of Earl . . . The Letter ... A crack at colonial living? applesauce, candles, stew, cornbread, campfires . . . Cookies, Cocoa, and a movie . . . Punky . . . only the staff gets hurt— Kathy’s back— Deb’s leg “Get out there and freeze your BONZOS off!” A unity of people, little kids and not so little kids. . . . good good vibrations . . . Hands up— Mouth shut! “Listen Up” . . . evening activities— Holy ! Look at those stars! Pleasant Mountain . . . trust walk . . . Ken’s birthday party “O.T.B.S.S.C.” Jello . . . “sittin on the dock of the bay” . . . Mide’s punch. The staff cabin . . . Out In the Country . . . Colin, Mary, Fred, Sue, Peter, Debbie, Frenchie, Lauren, Franzionzione, Wendy, Shiz, Betsy, Rick, Kathy, Gene, Linda, Archie, Cathy, Frank, Randi, Nancy, Mitch, Ruth, Susan, Nancy Cal!, Annmarie, Bob, Ken Nan. “A.O.E. represents a belief in Life ... in a future. It’s a cool feeling— to find your cabin without a fiashlight What’s out there? Skating at midnight!— the silence is deafening! “Warmth isn’t always heat . . . sometimes it’s a feeling between people.” “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” It’s over . . . but it will never be over. 201 nr SURVIVAL 202 Survival at the high school usually pertains to the ability of most students to withstand the mental pressures of ad- vanced seniorities. This year because of the efforts of Ken Arnold and Bob Ly- man. the directors of Arlington Outdoor Education, a course in outdoor survival was piloted. After three weeks of extensive winter survival training, the students partici- pating were declared ready for a three day sur ' ival practicum. Given minimal rations, a few matches, no cooking uten- sils, but a lot of encouragement, six duos and five soloists were turned loose in the woods for three days at the end of Janu- ary. 203 Out of the survival weekend grew many memorable things. “Twenty thousand feet over Newark, Colin open the valves!” S.D. a term best left an achronym. The “a what” game. “Is that parsely in the soup?” “How about a game of basketball?” “Henrrrrrry!!!” We all gained a real sense of accom- plishment and self-confidence and a closeness which can only be achieved in the sharing of oneself A shell, draped in snow of ' eold. unfeeling brick composed; Empty now the many rooms, where once our bodies sat intombed. I ' hese walls confined, embraced, enriched our minds; but now we’re free, we’ve gone. But within this cold facade, deep within its stone-formed heart, glows the warmth of human memories imprisoned internally. S ' j 204 i iAjT i Ay I ' If 71 ' Y ' ' i ' mM ' iP ' " n h Y i ' w Aw f FOOTBALL Co-Caplains: Brian Egan. Ed Strob Manager: Gerry McCarthy “The King is dead; long live the King!” During the fall, football reigns at Arlington High. The red and gray Trojans have been victorious more often than not. Year after year Coach Burns pilots a fine squad, and this year was no exception. Although they often gave away size to their opponents, they more than made u p for it with spirit and hustle. Coach Ed Burns’ team had only 4 starting lettermen returning from last year ' s 7-2 team. But the lack of ex- perience gave way to hard work, strong leadership, and team pride. The Most Valuable Player Award winners were Co-Capt. Brian Egan and Paul Nelson. ARE. 12 Beverlv OPP 6 25 Waltham 14 13 Leominster 14 13 Newton 24 0 Brookline 15 21 N. Weymouth 12 8 Brockton 14 23 Somerville 18 23 Achbp. Williams 0 206 Jim Doherty Bill Dwyer Brian Driscoll Jack Duffetl Tom Harrington 207 Arthur Macaris Bob Macchia Paul Ligor Bob Manderino Jim Lutz John McCarthy 208 •loe Papagni Larry Nigro Dennis McEliney Steve Neri Paul Nelson Bob Perriello 209 210 Dave Thomas Mark Whitney Dave Santos Dan Simeone Ed Verney Dave Shaughnessy CHEERLEADERS I ft to ri hl: Debbie Cummings, Joanne Guiney, Eileen Coates, Barbie Tobin, Paula Feeley, Terry Balzer, Jean Whitney, Joanne Lekas, Randi West, Daryl Knuepher. Front: Co-captains Patty Murray and Maryanne Noonan. T.O,F., 12 hours with Al, Maryanne— Steve’s in your bed, Paquanic Panthers, The Million Dollar “Duck?”, 1 think 1 love you “Evan and Sid”, 1 want my mirror, Patty’s religion, “Goodnight Dick”, Red Fuzzies, Daryl ate the other one. Flash cube Guiney (Left foot). Zero one two, Ewey has a hole in his carrott, Terry Timex— Balzer Baritone, Lemon Powder, GEORGE!! 1 screwed up the cheer— formation to have, THE COKE, 12 at a practice?!? Cheering on carrotts. Save our Sweaters! Does Paula’s grandmother play the organ, too? Who the hell is Thomas Dane? What?!— No basketball game Friday night?— Party at Pauline’s, Joanne drew blood, knees left, up-down-up-down, Mr. Mandy— Go Charlie Go Charlie— You’ve got the touch, PARENTS are fans to have! The 4 escapees with the Mac Truck, not a friend in the world. But Babe, Listen everybody— Randi’s speaking, Eileen’s pixie sticks, Jeannie’s space suit. Thing to say! Pink pits. Competition was tuff (24 squads— yes!). Don’t tell the mothers, Mai and Jane— our best friends!! We’ll go— if they treat! Brockton game— just smile! HORN CORN FOREVER! . . . Miss Finberg we love you. What more can we say? MAJORETTES lycft to right: Joanne F ' alwell. Nancy Cronin, l.auren Koumjian, Nancy Rigazio, Cheryl C urren. Wendy Brown. Barbie Sullivan. Front: Co-Caplain. Chervl Breen. Lorraine lannelli. Captain Kathy Rowsell. and Co-Captain Bonnie MacDougall. 212 SAMETTES U fi U nghi: Sue Trenchard, Linda Marchi. Ginny Maytum. Sue DeCrosta. Carol LahifT. Cindy Barr, Cheryl Mariano. Flatty ■ ones. Cheryl Blaisdele, Linda Santossuoso, Anne Cameron. Mary Downing, Judy, Debbie Ouelette, Jean Wright rront: C antam Va Ret-ker O.K. get in line. We’ll do it again until everyone doe.s it right. Guide! That line is crooked. Pick up those feet. Hey. that looks good. One more time just like that. MARCHING BAND 213 FIELD HOCKEY Jackie Ciano. Mamii cr Hack, hack, is something wrong with your throat? Pattv wiped out in Cambridge; Say Doc, that ain ' t my heart; No shin guards finally— no more shins! Where’s the back seat of the bus? Ten rocks, please; Is it raining? Only seven goals, Kent? We hate you Newton; Joyce cracks heads; Dianne gets her chance; Sweat pants, sweat shirts and reinforcements; Another frappe for Mr. Kelly; Jeanie, Janice, and Denice go broke! Letdown in Waltham; A close one in Brockton; A great season! 8-1-1. 214 ARL OPP. Newton Cambridge Brookline Brockton Waltham Newton Cambridge Brookline Brockton Waltham Denise Labriola. Tri-Cantaiii Janice Rutkowski, Tri-Captain Joyce Sullivan. Tri-Capiain . " " J Ai » • m •s r 215 Back row: Gary Staton, Kevin MacNeill. Ron Maggiacomo. Shizuo Mukai. Bob Franzosa, Fred Burke. Bill Rowe. Middle row: Chuck Amos, Alan Jacobson, Nino Pedrelli, Jay Stratton, Mike Gough, Dave Coombs. From row: Rick Amos, Mike Shea, Kevin Bartholemew, Jerry Mahoney, Roger Kaputnik, Jim Cataldo(cc.), Rick Briand(cc.), Steve Kontakos Not shown: John Cardin, John Carney, Paul Lewis. SOCCER Soccer, the national game of just about every country but the U.S., is finally catching on in Arlington and the Greater Boston area. Every year more and more candidates flock to the tryouts for Coach Kevin Giroux. Anyone who has ever gone to a soccer game can see why soccer is internationally popular. Although a newcomer to the league, Arlington has been holding its own against the more ex- perienced rival teams. The soccer program is headed for far bigger and better things, and more popularity on the high school scene. OUTDOOR TRACK Front row: Scott Brown. F aul Dooley. Captain John Kelly, John T.sakirgis. Bill Doherty. Back row: Mm Coscia. Steve Igo, Shizuo Mukai, Jim Megna. Dave Cipolle, Larry Kenney,’ Walter Crowley. 219 k I Walter Crowlev John Rellv Probably the most grueling of sports and certainly one that requires peak physical conditioning is track. Despite the lack of glory and adulation that other atheletes receive, the Kellymen can be seen every afternoon running endless laps in prepa- ration for an up coming meet. If effort was the standard by which accom- plishment was measured, the track team would rate highly at Arlington High. John Tsakirgis 220 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Back row: Denise Labriola. Janice Rutkowski. Dianne Barnaby. Debbie F atterson, Kathy Finnerty, Coach Liz MacDonough. Front: Joyce Sullivan, Co-captains Jeanne Bennos and Patty Keene. Sallv Kreuz. Missing: Sandy Beaton. “Sorry Liz, there will be no practice today, we all have to leave early; Snipe; Just call me John Havlicek; Do your what hang low, Kent? Actually 1 don’t work until 6;00; What’s that brown stuff in your sneaker? 1 always plav with 103° tempera- ture; Oh— that’s how you do it, Joyce?? THE LINEUP Dianne “This gym is so hot” Barnaby Jeanie “Fake a bounce pass” Bennos Patty “Wave your arms” Keane Denise “What position do I play” Labriola Janice “Twist the wrist” Rutkowski Joyce “Nice pass?” Sullivan 221 ARL. OPP. 34 Waltham 28 21 Cambridge 25 34 Brookline 20 25 Brockton 28 35 Newton 25 33 Cambridge 28 35 Brookline 18 41 Waltham 27 34 Newton 24 46 Brockton 27 Record 8-2, Suburban League Champs INDOOR TRACK Botlom row: Al Hutchins. Brian Egan, Bill Dwyer, Bob Macchia. Dave Santos, Bob Govoni, Jim Kelly Top row Fred Burke, Jim Oliver. Paul Ligor, Wally Voner. Al Coscia. Managers; Russ Moberg, Dave Piccazio, Al Hutchins. 223 Bob Macchia. Bob Govoni Brian Egan John Dwyer 224 GYMNASTICS Gerry McCarthy Bob Forest Botlom row: Dave Hawkins, Steve Smith. Chris Keefe. John Brussher, Dave Nochella, Richard Sullivan. Top row: Paul Rockwell Jim Cronin. Rusty Garrity, David Prince, Gerry McCarthy, Bob Forest, Morgy Merra. 225 Jim Cronin This was another great year for the Gymnastic Team. The gym- nasts. coached bv Harold Fair- banks, made their way through the season to become the State Tourna- ment Champs. Gymnastics is both an individual and team effort, and the boys put it all together to com- pile a most winning season record. Rusty Garrity Chris Keefe 226 GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL Front row: Phylis Callahan, F’am Aldro. Rathy F ' lnnerly, Cathy Brooks, Laura Bonnell. Cheryl Christenson, Marianne Mahoney. Back row: Debbie Risser, Debbie Grondin, Mary Lavery, Denise Joly, Liz Hamilton, Debbie .lackson, Margaret Meeha n. Missing: Michele Boudreau, Mary Downing. Ellen Devine. Call for it!!!— Set up for that spike— take it— get relaxed but don ' t stand there! Flash— there she goes. Debbie spikes it again! rVE GOT IT! “Let the back row receive the serve!” We’re going to win everything. Marianne, a sundae for ten serves, is that the only way you will get it over? Pam, don’t touch that net and watch that middle line! Another beautiful serve by Brooksie, Denise, get up on those spikes. I’VE GOT UP! Play as a team not just six different players. O.K. now Call for it! 227 BASKETBALL From row: Paul Niles. I ' aul Pandolfo, Jerry Jaeobs. Bob Masi. Jimmy Papa. Charlie Amos ! Manager). Middle row: Billy Coleman. .Mark Santmi. Brian Driseoll. Dave DiGiorgio. Glenn Frato. Bruee Imlaeli (Manager). Top row: Coach John Codv. Bob Manderino. Dan Simeonc. Charlie Hughes. Bob Pelligrino. Tommy Lyons. 228 This was the year the AHS Basketball Team put it all together. They had phys- ical size, agility, playing ability, and the desire to win. As a result of these talents and fine coaching by John Cody, the basketball team tied for first place in the Suburban League and found themselves in the State Tournament, a feat not re- cently achieved by an Arlington High squad. The Class of ‘73’ congratulates the team for upholding the high stand- ard of excellence in sports at Arlington, and for a season well played. ARL RECORD OPP 60 Brookline 57 O.T. 66 Cambridge Latin 76 77 Everett 72 71 Waltham 44 74 Weymouth North 58 60 Weymouth South 35 39 Rindge 35 67 Brockton 54 57 Newton 60 O.T. 64 Brookline 43 60 Cambridge Latin 56 49 Waltham 39 43 Weymouth North 46 62 Newton 61 56 Weymouth South 44 52 Rindge 57 39 Brockton 37 74 Everett 58 TOURNAMENT PLAY 53 Lynn Voc 31 45 St. John’s 47 O.T. 232 Alan Quinlan HOCKEY First row: Mike Gough, Mile Shea, Co-captains Jeff Corbett and Kevin Bartholomew, Steve Vallarelli, Rick Briand, Eddie Indingaro. Middle row: Asst. Coach Dick DeCaprio, Gary Burns, Alan Quinlan, Kevin O ' Quinn, Paul Nelson, Don Murphy, Gerry Ciarcia, Billy Briand, Coach Ed Burns. Top row: Manager Rick Scott. John Abruzze, Paul Lewis, Tiddle DeVito, Mark Quarentello, Brian Burns, Manager Paul Coleman. 233 Throughout Arlington’s history of schoolboy sports, Arlington High has upheld the reputation of putting out a great hockey team. This year was no exception. Despite the loss of several of last year ' s senior players, the Burnsmen compiled a winning record and a good season. ARL. 5 Cambridge Latin OPP. 1 14 Rindge. 0 9 Newton 0 3 Hingham 5 6 Weymouth South 3 2 Brockton 3 5 Weymouth 3 6 Cambridge Latin 3 12 Rindge 1 6 Newton 2 1 Hingham 1 10 Weymouth South 3 2 Brockton 3 1 Brookline 1 9 Weymouth North 3 1 Waltham 1 2 Waltham 3 4 TOURNAMENT PLAY Marblehead 2 7 Hingham 2 5 Melrose 1 5 Matignon 1 4 Auburn 5 236 Mu 1 Bti3 3Hfl MBp Bal O ' U, 1 ,,. . ,..t --‘U WndJ: . . aJ-.M 240 THE 1973 INDIAN EDITORS JOANNE LEKAS KATHRYN ELLIOTT. JANICE MALATESTA CHRIS REED BILL CASAZZA JEANNIE BENNOS SUE WALLACE DEAN ASADORIAN LINDA CATALDO MIKE PAICE Editor-in-Chief Photography Photography Layout Literature Biographies Sales Boys’ Sports Girls’ Sports Art STAFF Photography: Mary Ellen Santos, Sue Wallace. Shizuo Mukai, Marc Lamphere, Ann Theriault, Linda Smith, Linda Canzanelli, Ed Tremblay, Joanne Lekas. Layout: Maryanne Noonan, Marcia Dahill, Judy Saraf, Julie Fitzgerald, Cheryl Breen, Bonnie MacDougal, Daryl Kneupfer, Denise Vaudo, Eileen Fleming. Cathy Pugnaire, Jayne Driscoll, Nancy Lahiff, Jan Tobin, Denise Cremins, Cathy Lanzillo, Linda Canzanelli, Sue Wallace, Debbie Boudreau. Biographies: Dave Perry, Sue Savage, Lynne Biathrow, Andrea Harding, Pam McKinney, Eileen McDermott, Nancy Venti, Marcia Dahill, Chris Reed, Joan Downing, Mary Jo Meehan. Sports: Joe Gross, Alan Quinlan, Bob Carey, Mr. Cody. Special thanks to our altruistic advisor, Mr. Charles Gordon. Last, but not least, thanks to our commercial photographers, who helped to make this yearbook exciting. PURDY PHOTOGRAPHERS 256 9 A DIVISION Of HfRff JONfS eufFAlO- NEW YORK 14240 716-83 WM. J. KeLLBR

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