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h is not known what is looming in the distance hut it is watched for with anticipation— suspense— apprehension— anxiety- amusement. Beguiling our time with the absurd and serious we are coming. t " To the fool he who speaks wisdom will sound foolish. " Euripides Edmund Lewis Raymond S. Locke 21 Reed K. Taylor Assistant Principal Norman Jacobsen Assistant Director Technical Vocational " The monuments of wit survive the monuments of power. " Francis Bacon I I 22 Henry M. Toczylowski Sophomore Housemaster George Fusco Freshman Housemaster HOUSEMASTERS George A. Lincoln Junior Housemaster George P. Lowder Senior Housemaster Spare the rod spoil the child. " 23 FRESHMAN HOUSE Robert Committo Math Andrew Foxwell Social Studies Thomas Brannelly Social Studies Tobie Geller Language Myrna Finn English Amelia Cozza Language Maxine Cushing English Marion Fitzpatrick Language Louise Briggs Home Economics John Byrne English Alan Duckworth Social Studies Jeanette Eskedal Art Mary Fitzgerald English 25 John Hanley Physical Education Richard Hall Math Dorothy Goidkrand Latin Douglas Hunter Manual Arts Muriel Healy Business Catherine King Home Economics Doris McCarthy Social Studies Leslie Kilgore English Jane Mitchell Home Economics William McGovern Manual Arts “Educational relations make the strongest ties " —Cecil John Rhodes Joseph Papandrea Science ■f 28 Phillip Truesdale Science Carole Miller Math Mary Ellen Powers English Mary Elizabeth McDonough Physical Education Michael Toomey English 29 Jean Wax Math Judith Williams Language SOPHOMORE HOUSE Joel Beckwith English James Brown Math Linden Blanchard Math Arthur Botelho Science 30 Barbara Brown English 31 Hannah Goodman Math Robert Commins Math Richard Collomb Business James Kelley Social Studies Joan Coleman Language Ralph Giobbe Language 32 James Canavan Manual Arts Alma Gallagher English Arthur Foisy English Charles Gordon English John Cooper Manual Arts 33 Janet Nicholas Science Carol Lawton Science Peter Leone Business I Martha Loftus Home Economics Priscilla Monahan English Harry Meserve Head of Biology Department . . For afterwards man finds pleasure in his pains, when he has suffered long and wandered long. So I will tell you what you ask and seek to know.” —Homer 34 JUNIOR HOUSE Lucille Burt English Mae Truvedson Home Economics Robert Carr Science Helen Stockman Language Marjorie Truesdale Home Economics 36 Edward Burns Math Catherine Butler Business Mary Barry English } Susan Belote English Ray Civili Manual Arts James Cavalieri Math Christine Fiorenza Physical Education Mary Gotsell Latin Charles Cullinane Data Processing “Let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to find the natural bent.’’ —Plato Ann Co user English Robert Hill Physical Education Stephen DIott History 38 Ilmi S. Jones Home Economics John Cotter History Magaret Flint Home Economics Harold Fairbanks Physical Education George House Science Florence Forsyth Head of Home Economics Dept. 39 ne VA VI A VII A ? V i • VV- JD F Ne 8 ( 10 ’, ' 4 n ' ifA P CO At WL - 18 - - 79 ; t 83«: As Se iHr 34 M ■■7fc0 ■ 7 . " Sb Te 1 s2 5J “ Bi Po At 1 84 8S 86 Er Tm Yb Lu 4 ' : 70 71 V n» Md No U Alan Katz Science Glenna Kelly Business Rosemary Jones English Kathleen McCarthy Social Studies Elaine Ludwinowicz Language Donald Manning Science 40 Charles Kornik Manual Arts John Ligor Business Joanne Manville Mathematics Marion Kennedy Business Frederick Maloof Mathematics “Children have more need for models than critics.” — Joubert Robert Lavery Social Studies 41 V Joanne Phillips Social Studies Humbert Oliveira Business Samuel Tyler Social Studies Pauline Schiel English Susan Thomas Mathematics Kathleen Mulcahy English “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” —Henry Brooks Adams Mary Miller Business Mary Thompson Business Frank Prusik Manual Arts Dennis Mercurio English i William McCarthy Business Edith Phinney Business Barbara Gorman English Pauline Finberg Art Dr. Charles B Arthur Head of History Dept » X SENIOR HOUSE Edward Bradbury Math Dr. Antonette DiLoreto Head of Business Dept. Marilyn Corcoran Home Economics 44 English Ralph Bevins Lois Beckwith Business Bradford Clough Science John Britt Head of Physical Education Dept. Mary Dolan Business English Paul Dorrington 45 Robert Mitchell Social Studies Martin Lane Data Processing “The unexamined life is not worth living.’’ —Socrates Mary O ' Connell Head of English Department Genevieve Humphrey Industrial Arts Ralph McElearney Head of Latin Department Carl Hendrickson English 46 Richard McElhiney Music Harry Mitchell Social Studies John Lennon STEP Paul Jenney English Martin Grassie Audio Visual ■i Robert Offenberger STEP William Lowder Physical Education mSL. 47 “Education has for its object the formation of character.” —Herbert Spencer Thomas Trevisani English Frank Roberts English Lois Pharris Home Economics Marilyn Steele Physical Education Doris Withers Language Ronald Whitmore Manual Arts Leonard Wasserman Manual Arts 48 Donald R. Sullivan Head of Music Dept ' ■arnKf Frank Propp Head of Math Dept I ' ' Winnifred Wohllebe Math Ralph Gioiosa Head of Manual Arts Dept. Mane Spagnuolo Business Robert Pearlman Math Charles Fagone Head of Audio-Visual Dept. TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL Arthur Crapulli Robert Brennan James Terranova William Delaney Thomas Crotty Robert Dowell 51 Edmund Storlazzi William MacLeod Edward Pine Francis Kirk 52 NURSES Barbara Conroy Antoinette Potter 53 GUIDANCE PERSONNEL Allen Winecour Patricia Fallon Head of Guidance Dept. Vincent D ' Antona Joanne Coakley 4 54 Eleanor Byam Kathleen Carney 55 rfj ' fJiTi SECRETARIES Gertrude Kovar Ruth Keefe Jacqueline O ' Flaherty Patricia Maher J0_i Linda Chicerello Lucille Corcoran Lois Roy Barbara Hayes Ellen Kenney ' Rose Foley Genevieve Hannibal Helen Dutton ... Mary Camerlengo 57 Susan Agostino DONNA ABBOTT, 25 Linwood St. 8-24-54 April in Paris, Brittany, first period at Buttrick’s, 11-25- 70, football games, AV member, Lance, Cold Duck, Three Dog Night, happiness is John. DONNA ABBOUD, 27 Foxmeadow La. 12-23-54 10-17-70, skipping with Little Duckie, Jr. gym class, CYO mountain climbing, happiness is being with Joe, ambition: getting out! PAUL AGANSKI, 3 Westmoreland Ave. 1-7-54 Honines, Leslie West and Mountain, softball. Cin- ema marquis, Hampton, Three Stooges, lunch- room, Raoul, Unk, soccer, I’m a victim of circum- stance, drive-ins, a coincidence. SUSAN AGOSTINO, 38 Pierce St. 11-30-54 Joe Sept, of ' 71, walking in the rain, funny people, laughing and living, being happy, Betty’s driv- ing — what fun!, ambition: to be a physical therapist. PHILIP AKINS. 19 Pondview Rd. 1-13-55 C.W. Thanksgiving at the Commodore, V football, hap- piness is breakfast at Buttrick ' s, Nubs: I care less, Cummington, Mass, forever, Ike’s sweat camp. Lake George. VICTORIA ALBANO, 23 Newman Way, 1-27-55 Guineau, Barn, 6-25-2, Mongos, Fantastic five. The Drumenettes, Sr. Prom 71, Wally, Summer Conference 71, Freddy Fredricks, I feel good. DONNA ALDRED, 24 Dow Ave. 7-7-54 Al Never forget period 6, rm 38, Miss Nicholas’ biology class, suffering through English, JV volleyball, guitars in 37, teaching science and getting out of classes. Philip Akins Paul Aganski Donna Abboud Victoria Albano David Alessandroni Nicholas Alessandroni Linda Anderson ARTHUR MICHAEL ALES, 27 Albermarle St, 10- 18-54 Artie CYO, baseball, basketball, hockey, love for life and people, summer of ' 70, Howard Cosell, happiness is Italian food and girls, room 22 . DAVID ALESSANDRONI, 172 Jason St. 5-26-54 D A. Hockey, cross country. Big Chuck, reading at Pub, Mystic Rocks, referees. Nub ' s horse- feathers, Belmont ' s frost. Junior Jumpers, OH phone booth. NICHOLAS ALESSANDRONI, 242 Gray St. 3-2- 54 Nick Miss Lachman’s math class, debates with Miss Sagan, Dan Morgan ' s hook shot, hap- piness is a Clint Eastwood movie and Mr. DIott ' s history class. RUTH LESLIE ALLEN, 187 Pleasant St. 1-21-54 Bonnie Drama, art, poetry, sailing, surfing, Thoreau, a Hare Krishna sunrise, dormousie, rai- sins, and most of all empathy. LINDA ANDERSON, 60 Chester St. 1-12-54 Cali- fornia, Wyman ' s Beach, AHS hockey and football games. Yearbook, Spirit Club, job-hunting, yup they ' re off!!!, ping pong, hay ride, MV, pet peeve: Teen Center. WILLIAM P. ANDERSON, 33 Lansdowne Rd 4- 20-54 The Pork What do you have to say for your- self there, how you doing? Sei bella, bella, bella piu chemai, Piggo, Sliperi, Squealee, gruntum, good enough. ROBERT ANTHONY, 72 Magnolia St. 4-10-53 Tony Best interests: cars, motorcycles, and girls, I enjoy going to parties and long rides, I enjoy most rock groups, best class: Distributive Education. Robert Anthony Donna Aldred Arthur Ales Ruth Allen William Anderson RICHARD ARCHIBALD. 330 Mystic St. 4-9-54 Ar- chie Cross country, Red Kelley, Ray ' s Bar and Grill, Larry’s skirt, Al, Mack’s 6th period happi- ness is bringing your own lunch. GALE ARMSTRONG, 24 Kipling Rd. 5-28-54 Crit- ter BS T, summer of ’70, for rent, right new, why, 4-30-70 those were the d ays, hitchin’ a ride, TJ’s, the woods, DG’s face. JOHN LOUIS ASINARI 96 Edmund Rd. 12-22-54 Hee Haw Science club trips, Chucky Kornick’s class, so what’s the joke, the pigmies are com- ing, slalom in ' 72 this is undesirable, craint un abre, pagan, what’s for lunch? TERRANCE AUSTIN, 29 Cypress Rd. 7-19-54 Terry Despise school, ILYCUMTATEITWW, horse trailer, BFJB. KAREN AVERY, 270 Park Ave. 4-7-54 Red Green VW’s shaving cream, castle, BU math office, mid- night raids, Lexington, 3-21-70, Chips, braces off yet?, rounds, we 2, 3:00? . . . already???, roller skating, javelines. Richard Archibald Karen Avery Terrence Austin Gale Armstrong Peter Baldwin John Balyozian Marilyn Banks - 1 Lee Barber Diane Barra Steven Baldwin JOIN LYNETTE AZNAVOURIAN, 134 Ridge St. 3-9-54 Why should we live with such hurry and waste of life?; we are determined to be starved before we are hungry. PETER J. BALDWIN, 2-4-53 Gilla Mr. Delaney ' s mail, one grenade will kill the whole bunch of yous, the Queens, good-bye Vocy, pigeon wings, sewer trout, rm 54 after school. STEVEN W. BALDWIN, 140 Gardner St. 12-30-53 TB Check the BT, one “m” only, pegleg, ' 61 Buick, the hockey games, Mr. T., the dungeon, 2:07, 5-26-71, Bugaboo, the carnival. JOHN BALYOZIAN, 191 Highland Ave. 9-20-53 Bal Happiness is seeing Mr. Manning stroke his beard. MARILYN LEE BANKS, 35 Ashland St. 4-30-54 Mimi Ann Claire, hamburger, the DGP talks, the chase, also remember: " A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” LEE K. BARBER, 4 Homer Rd. 9-2-54 Gary Hap- piness is the weekend, summer of ' 71, soph- omore basketball team. Legion basketball, Ma- teuse + 7 -I- 7’s at DW ' s parties, pet peeve: waking up for school, favorite saying: Bomber good, B. Gariy DIANE BARRA, 51 Greeley Cir. 2-11-55 D.B. D- 61, weekends down the Cape, AHS pigeons, it don’t matter to me, Boone ' s Farm Apple Wine, huh???, ram on. Lynette Aznavourian WNTS 61 Raymond Beauchamp Karen Beckwith Lynne Barsoian JOHN BARRETT 76 Warren St. 10-23-54 DP, Chuck ' s class, JB ' s class, WHB, PPP, the Bogg’s, Schlitz, JT, Teen Center, Boy’s Club, Diane. DONNA BARRY, 17 Court St. 8-8-54 5-30-71, Bears Brook, don’t ya just love it, corner of 25B, som dog, ya hadda be there. MARK BARRY, 35 Fox Meadow La. 5-24-54 Bas- ketball, Key Club, student teachers, hey man, Alg 2, 6th period at Buttrick’s bags, balls, WCC. MAUREEN BARRY, 84 Gardner St. 1-8-54 The Ave, the Who, Maine York Beach, Dvaley St., tea party, summer of ’69, winter of ’70 at Headquar- ters East, winters at the Harvard House. LYNNE BARSOIAN, 33 Mary St. 1-26-54 Barss The summer of ’70, Laurel’s parties, George F., the kids at the home, racing with Artie, Dave’s ’57 Chevy. RAY BEAUCHAMP. 15 Radcliffe Rd. 8-9-54 Hap- piness is a good running car, Specktral I me], Donna Frazmainian, horse trailer, life is wonder- ful, mommy and baby, to Arlington High I leave nothing. KAREN BECKWITH, 15 Ivy Cir. 6-19-54 Tony’s of Gloucester, Horgie, Doggetts, the circle, HB’s, apple tree. Crane Beach sand dunes, Mac- Donald’s Jewish pool, pride and stubborness, never having to say I’m sorry. Maureen Barry I Donna Barry Carol Belliveau John Bena Donna Benedict Sharon Beckwith Lois Belair Jacalyn Bell SHARON MARIE BECKWITH, 15 Ivy Cir. 6-19-54 Sixteenth summer, Crane’s Beach, the circle, how many geese in a gackel, looking forward to senior countdown, duck. Data Processing, the G. LOIS M. BELAIR, 27 Ashland St. 5-25-54 AHS memories; me, Linda, Mr. Lincoln, detention the 2nd day of Senior year, happiness is partying with my friends, desire: to go cross country after graduation, April ’71 . JACALYN BELL, 109 Hillside Ave. 3-30-54 Jackie Girl’s Club, barn, working at Harvard, my sewing class. Labor Day, weekend down the Cape. CAROL BELLIVEAU, 76 Browning Rd. 2-19-54 Bubba Beach parties, Mr. Collumb, Mrs. O., sum- merthing, goonies ’’gay” times, car barns, TJ’s breakfast, Mrs. Marquis?. 10:00-TC, Whoopie- thit, Nahant, Dinny’s cottage. JOHN BENA III. 54 Pleasant View Rd. 9-18-54 None DONNA BENEDICT, 204 Highland Ave. 8-3-53 Worst sewer in Mrs. Loftus’ sewing class-flunked out, favorite sport: softball, ambition: to be a nurse, favorite activity: swimming. Sophomore basketball team, happiness is graduation day. 63 Francine Blomquist Mark Bohannon Linda Bertolami Robert Bibeau Janet Berberian Joe Bilinkiewicz Mary Bohan Ann Bernardo 64 Robert Bolduc James Boudreau Bette Bowler Suzanne Boyce Paul Borthwick Sharon Bonnell JANET BERBERIAN, 31 Apache Trail 6-22-54 New Hampshire with Buzz, mini bike ride, Na- hant, summer of ' 69, Linda and I getting our li- cense, $25 fine, AEX, Girl ' s Club, Yearbook, hi Linda, Linda, Janet, Janet. ANN MARIE BERNADO, 2 Mary St. 8-22-54 Ann Summer vacations, skip days, frisbee, football, sleeping in history, Pat Rawsin ' s gym class, I will to AHS all the panty hose I ripped in A-1. LINDA BERTOLAMI, 108 Irving St. 8-18-54 Cheering tryouts, exciting football and hockey games, Jr. Girl ' s Club, pajama party at YWCA, Spirit Club, ambition: to be a teacher. ROBERT BIBEAU, 21 Old Middlesex Path, 1-18- 54 Beeb JV hockey, SC, favorite expression: see much, fondest memory: Sophomore year, uno at State Hockey Tourney, last JV game. Soph, beach party, Leroy, Joe, Johnny Moe. JOSEPH F. BILINKIEWICZ, 26 Park St. 5-2-53 Bi- linky Sports: swimming, floor hockey, pet peeve: going to school every morning and being late, ambition: to become a CPA, happiness is DIott ' s history class. FRANCINE BLOMOUIST, 19 Wheaton Rd. 3-29- 54 Vermont, Pine Knoll, long distance calls, Bur- lington Mall, TW, it ' s like a dream. Harmonettes, 11-23-70, Xmas at Boston Common, rings, steer- ing wheel. MARY BOHAN, 129 Sylvia St. 11-19-54 Friday nights watching television, Art Appreciation, my Latin teachers, talking in homeroom. MARK F. BOHANNON, 43 Long Meadow Rd. 1- 17-54 Soey The Montreal party, fondest memory: the bayou, who ' s going to get the cigarettes?, Hampton Beach, all nighters, happiness is 5-19- 69. SHARON LEE BONNELL, 25 Ottawa Rd. 5-8-54 Loving smiles of friends — Suzanne Jane, funny face, Mommie, Home Economics 11, fears of defeat, tears of joy and sorrow, hopes to become more with the help from God. PAUL BORTHWICK, 38 Lewis Ave. 2-20-54 Budda Three years of football, too many people, Jesus, Arlington could be better. JAMES BOUDREAU, 67 Quincy St. 11-18-53 Boud Frosh football and basketball. Soph foot- ball and almost varsity football, pet peeve: when Ed tells me he ' s crazy, favorite memory: BB and the Boston Maine and WW parties. ROBERT BOULDUC, 183 Westminster Ave. 10- 22-52 Long life, good time with JM, interruption from JU JC, good time im ' 66. BETTE BOWLER SUZANNE BOYCE, 276 Broadway 7-29-54 More than anything else in the world, till infinity, Na- hant, that Sept, day, Denise you , Led Ze- plin, who my Stephen?, happiness is Steve, POP. 65 John Boyle Linda Briand JOHN F. BOYLE, 2 Moccasin Path 10-20-54 J.B. Football, baseball, track, student council, key club, fat city, I don ' t do I? Miss Barry ' s English class, Paul put that newspaper away! JUDITH BOYD, 17 Walnut Terr 8-1-54 Judy Al- lied Youth, Science Club, Spirit Club, intramural basketball, Mrs. Rawson ' s gym class, sleeping through French ennuyant, pet peeve: 2 hour phone calls from Mouth. LINDA BRIAND, 356 Gray St. 3-23-54 Gloucester Beach, 8-24-71, Can ' t Find the Time to Tell You. you ' ll get over it, Gilbert and Sullivan, Allied Youth, Flip Wilson, having to work on beach days. ROSEMARY BRIAND, 225 Mountain Ave. 4-4-54 Ro RJB, figure skating, competitor, amateur teacher, hate homework, gold medals, travel, happiness is important, perseverance, where there ' s a will there ' s a way. MARGARET BRICKLEY, 41 Mass. Ave. 11-16-53 Peggy Favorite song: Go Away Little Girl, pet peeve: room 1 1 . Rosemary Briand Margaret Brickley Judy Boyd Judith Bryant Edward Buckley Steven Buckley Mary Buckley SUSAN BROOKS 188 Jason St. 11-20-54 Sue The absentminded professor, fairies, Mr. C., Spanky NG, Uncle Harry, Oliver, party, Frank? nuns, Mitigwa, V.P,, Steve . . . I’ve looked at life from both sides now . . . JUDITH BRYANT, 39 Temple St. 3-26-54 Judi I measure not this time in years but by what I have done, felt and failed to do, no. 51. EDWARD BUCKLEY, 118 Ridge St. 8-5-53 I pledge a Colt to the Pub of Hillside Ave. in Arling- ton and to the boys which we drink one case un- der God and beer and tea for all. MARY BUCKLEY. 35 Edmund Rd. 10-18-54 Buck Meadows, wall, such a deal, Committo, Cranes, canoeing, Jr prom ' 71, Nahant at night, October 23, Cape, DIott, open mouth insert foot. Gas Company complaints, give a damn, schofields, happiness is: sunburns turning into tans, be happy! STEVE BUCKLEY. 118 Ridge St. 6-11-54 Happi- ness is: surfing and skiing trips, beach, beer, WW, pet peeve: honesty, openmindedness, am- bition: earn a college education and also enough money to get along. Susan Brooks June Burke JANET BURKE 64 Hodge Rd. 4-27-54 October 16, icy streets with Buzzy, lucky summers with Linda, confusion GF, J,T and Santana concerts. The Chase, Sunday football games— UMass trip. JUNE BURKE, 1 Gilboa Rd. 5-19-54 Giggles Pet peeve: boring classes, group: Credence, 2nd pe- riod English with Linda, Judy, Karen Green- blood, happiness is: graduation day!, favorite person: Mr. McElearney. CARL BURNS, 65 Hillside Ave. 1-6-54 Carlos It can ' t happen here!, V hockey, JV football, pet peeve: Big Chuck, winning the State Tourney 1971, happiness is: six cold ones at the Pub! JOAN BURVILL, 49 School St. 1-24-54 Joannie Number 1, too many clicks, Mr. Cody ' s sarcastic remarks, can I have a piece of gum Buzzy, open campus is more like a jail, 2:30 sharp. TIMOTHY BUTLER. 97 Overlook Rd. 4-23-54 Butt ' s V football, down the Cape with Mama Duke, the kids cottage with the 18th hole, leave my drafties alone, State Trooper man, WW. THERESE BUTTS, 15 Jeffrey Rd. 1-18-54 Terry Row did you ever think we would make it?, happi- ness is: sharing and having someone who cares, Mrs. Sonnichsen ' s class, trouble = weewee -i- twe etwee, my sister ' s wedding. LINDA BUZZOTTA, 282 Mystic St. 12-19-54 Buzzy Art Club, Girls Club, AEX, the dances and meeting everyone at Lockelands, the last day of school. Grand Funk, horseback riding. Fin ' s ac- cent, hi, Janet, Janet, Linda, Linda. Timothy Butler Therese Butts Janet Burke Joan Burvill 68 Marc Calandrella Thomas Campbell ROBERT CABRAL, 105 Newport St. 9-9-54 Bob My ambition in life is to grow a beard as good as Mr. Manning’s. JEAN M. CADDIGAN, 18 Gardner St. 1-16-54 Spirit Club, CYO, pet peeve: Phinney’s class, fondest memories: rides to the beach, summer of ' 71, JN, Buttrick’s. GISELE CADOTTE, 9 Teele St. 2-13-55 Geez e Sorrow knocked on the door Fate answered and found no one there, pet peeve: school lunches. MARC J. CALANDRELLA 53 James St. 12-27-53 Cal St. E’s, Chucky ' s zoo, throw ' em out, cook until not toasted? Fri. nites, cheers for he erd less summer. LINDA C. CAMPBELL, 7 Martin St. 5-5-53 Collec- ting yellow slips, super chickens, the Rez and it ' s lushes alright! cost you a quarter. Dot B my firend, our ten page late note. SHARRON CAMPBELL, 173 Mempact St. 7-6-54 Majorettes, Senior prom ' 71, 10-2-70, CT, Brig- ham ' s PB. THOMAS CAMPBELL, 7 Martin St. 8-12-54 Tommy Pet peeve: playing your best and still the coach asks you what team you ' re playing for, happiness is: playing baseball for Dynie Don, fa- vorite expression: I don ' t know. Sharon Campbell GiseleCadotte Linda Buzzotta 69 Alesa Cantrell Madeline Capasso James Cancelliere Paul Cantwell JAMES CANCELLIERE, 14 Woodsury St. 12-7-52 Cancez Photography, JV baseball, gymnastics, teaching handicapped children at the Boy ' s Club, life guard in Maine, our English class in the Jr year where we had fun yelling at the teacher. ALESA CANTRELL, 293 Summer St. 9-4-54 RP, wet pants, seed popping, street breathing, sun- shine, Blue cheer, go fry ice. Stiff I can’t wait for the party, love, peace, happiness, Zepplen concert. PAUL CANTWELL, 101 Melrose St. 1-27-71 Hoot 426 Hemi-bone, Ford rules, ' 66 Mustang goes, 289’s rule, Chevy’s go too, 327’s rule. MADELINE CAPASSO, 19 Yale Rd. 2-24-54 The Barn 6-25-2, the Latvian lover, JK, my unforgot- ten name given to me by Pi-annelli (speed racer). North Conway, math in 14A, mungified ape. FRANK CAPRIO, 92 Overlook Rd. 5-10-54 Mole Pet peeve: Wedge, happiness is: July 11 AT, Fri. nights, I am known for sleeping dead, ambition: to get my license and to get out of school, bye Wally, GTX. GEORGE CARBONE, 9 Stone Rd. 6-26-54 Hockey games. Junior year, football field at night during teen center, Chris the night we got caught, never forgot Mr. Mitchell’s class, right Jimmy?, summer of ’71. Frank Caprio George Carbone Dennis Carey Patricia Carlan Sheryl Carmichael Julianne Carney PATRICIA J. CARLAN, 76 West Moreland Ave. 5- 14-54 Tiny Happiness is: being loved, " Take It easy”, “no way”, Paul McDowell, AEX, FTA, But- trick ' s. Mr. DIott, known for talking, Rockport, Jan 25, Mar 2, retreat. Truffles, Purdys, God is love, football hockey games. SHERYL CARMICHAEL DENNIS CAREY JULIANNE CARNEY, 104 Wachusett Ave. 8-30- 54 Julie Caught in the slender threads of my life; I have struggled vainly against their hold Now I am free, where will I go? JOHN CARTER 161 Westminster Ave. 2-2-54 JC KENNETH CASAZZA, 128 Gardner St. 9-13-54 Caca Activities: baseball, football, happiness is: going to Ed Storlazzi ' s class, favorite expression: I ' ve got a feeling!, if you want to learn more, go to Voc Ed. JIM CASEY, 57 Gray St. 7-6-54 Hockey, soccer, PN, 5-18-71, Vermont trains, Volvos, RO, heavy Dan. 5 in one, Montreal, Sweathogs, Mr. Carr and Chemistry, lifesavers. PAUL CASSIDY, 138 Newport St. 5-15-54 Four years at AHS???, who could ask for anything more? JOSEPH CASTELLI, 125 Hillside Ave. 4-12-54 Jumpin Football, pet peeve; JB, EO, activities: Weekend Warriors, treasurer of WW. Kenneth Casazza James Casey Paula Cassidy Joseph Castell Gary Catalfamo James Caterino GARY CATALFAMO, 162 Wright St. 7-15-54 Crazy Cat New England Drags, Oh Baby, happi- ness is: a four speed, the Krimson Killer, Mr. Do- well ' s class, a miss fit from 2nd to 3rd. JAMES M CATERINO, 1465 Mass. Ave. 5-9-53 Cat Freshman, JV, V football, I always remem- ber Senior prom and beach parties, WW, happi- ness is JMF, never forget June 12 Cape, pet peeve: BM ELAINE CENTOFANTE, 199 Wallaston Ave. 6- 1 2-54 Spirit Club, football hockey games. Soph year was the best, huh?, remember JCM and the Ac guys how can we forget!. Senior year isn’t over yet but it ' s a weird feeling knowing that that ' s all that ' s left STANLEY G. CHAMALLAS, 41 Candia St. 1-17- 54 Don Juan " What you see is what you get " , baseball, fishing, hunting, pet peeve: hippies. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. STANLEY N. CHAMALLAS 49 Browning Rd. 9-7- 54 Joker Photography, art, way out Willie ' s, Ho- rendus Harvey’s, OC, " it all depends on how you look at it " , pet peeve: AD, LRR, grammar, bore- dom, “oy”. Stanley G Chamallas Elaine Centofante Stanley N. Chamallas Patricia Charves Henry Ching Richard Ciampa Karen Chin MARY CHAREST, 148 Warren St. 10-17-54 The garbage girls, Can ' t Find the Time. I’m scared!, the pink papers, the stairs in the field, “fine how are you’’, 8-22-71 . PATRICIA G. CHARVES, 25 Cliff St 5-10-54 Patty Falmouth, starlight, Nahant beach, But- trick ' s, ' ' you ' re a real sweatheart’’, skipping Price’s class. Fat Albert, Maggie Mae, beware of LG’s after 9:00, Symmes, baby blue rambler. KAREN CHIN, 67 Lafayette St. 9-10-54 I’ll always remember grooks, green blooded English class, Kathy, jelly-flavored peanut butter crackers, don’t forget band, Mt. Monadnock, or cycling to Lincoln, hello Future. HENRY S. CHING 40 Surry Rd 4-12-54 Seto DP classes, playing frisbee, AY, lying in the sun, go- ing to rollies, English, enjoying summer, hating math, running around having Fun, gymnastics. JEANNE MARIE CHISHOLM, 15 Cliff St. 9-23-54 Owl CYO, Girls Club, office asst, fondest mem- ory: White Mts, Labor Day, DL, “the tracks”, 2- 11-69, favorite person: “Animal’’, will to AHS rm 89, 8-14-72. RICHARD M. CIAMPA, 41 Lantern Lane 3-22-54 Dickie Always remember the Bombers, Mt. Snow, Pub, Nick’s parties. Panda bears. Ski Club, Boey’s house. Lab with D.J., pet peeve: warm ones, summer of ' 71 down the Cape. DEBRA A. CIARCIA, 84 Newport St. 11-30-54 Chickie Student Council, Camps ' 69 ' 70, Orma, cut and frosted, ticket no 77, 2AM swim, climb af- ter lunch, winning the tourney ' 70, football games, happiness is friendship. Mary Charest Jean Chisholm Debra Clarcia 73 Elaine Cipolla Joseph Clark Patricia Clews NEIL RICHARD CICCIU, 49 Pine St. 11-11-54 Chooch The beginning of my junior year was very good; I even liked it through the whole year except for the time the finals came. ELAINE CIPOLLA, 65 Appleton St. 8-31-54 Gig- gles Attitude, Mr. Lincoln for a housemaster, 30 ' s stairway, graduation day, Belair ' s house. JOSEPH A. CLARK JR , 105 Bow St. 1-28-54 Joe Score Kings, Mr. DIott 1st period, football, First National, CC, school vacations, CYO. Geek, Bos- ton Bruins, bowling. PATRICIA CLEWS, 36 Henderson St. 3-1 7-55 Pat My favorite hobbies include playing guitar and participating in some sports; my school activities include helping out in AV. ROBERT M. COFRAN, 29 Crescent Hill Ave. 12- 10- 54 Maddog Concord, NH Drive-In, Southern Comfort, Nancy, Led Zepplin, Mothers and Frank Zappa, 59 Chevy, playing softball and hockey, Curley ' s Tavern, right on Superchicken. DEBORAH COFFEY, 19 Birch St. 7-20-54 Debbi Girls Club historian VP, Boston Tea Party with Jusa, 5-2-70, David pick a winner, laughing with Kiniry, gohman, where ' s the birdseed, take a peek, Chinka, porky. Chinka, porky. DEBRA LEE COLCLOUGH, 165 Mt. Vernon St. 11- 13-54 Sr. Girls Club, Teen Center, the Barn, Tournies, TJ’s, 9-9-70, Summerthing, rides to Nahant, working at HUHS, Labor Day weekend ' 71, 5 down the Cape, a friend like JB. Deborah Coffey Robert Cofran Debra Colclough Lawrence Coletta allins Dianne Colozzi LAWRENCE COLETTA 205 Waverly St. 5-21-54 Happiness is Wilsons, Far-out Underground Tav- ern and Canned-Heat, pet peeves: my nickname, LRR, Boosdik Gergoose. MICHAEL COLLINS, 72 Gardner St. 11-14-54 Mike Hate school, like music, ADS, June ' 72 is the best month in my life. RICHIE COLLINS, 80 Gardner St. 10-20-53 Southie Varsity football, activities: Weekend Warriors, pet peeve: phoney people, favorite per- sons: Warriors, MLC, me. RONALD COLLINS. 80 Gardner St. 8-1-54 Foot- ball mngr, Grady ' s Schlitz Mobile, pet peeve: Weekend Warriors, MM, " Fag”. DIANE COLOZZI, 86 Highland Ave. 11-8-54 Mrs. Stockman’s French class for two years, Mrs. Phillips ' history class, FTA, Mr. D ' s Algebra I class. LINDA COLOZZI, 86 Highland Ave. 11-8-54 Hap- piness is a twin sister, sometimes, Pat’s gym class, " colitz”, corner of 25B, " I ' m Linda not Diane”, odd-trip Mary. RICHARD CONLON, 48 Alpine St. 3-9-54 Richie Football, happiness is: " pub hours”, " parking with a nice girl”. Long Beach, Tall 6, surfing. Led Zepplin concert, pet peeve: drunk girls, warm 6, Big Chuck. JEFFREY CONNELL, 78 Fountain Rd. 10-31-53 JefI Function worker at Sheraton Lux, usher at Cinema, pet peeve: 7:00 Mon morning, I wish to attend Lincoln College to become an airline pilot. Linda Colozzi Richard Conlon Jeffrey Connell 75 Edward Consilvio Karen Cooper Michael Contos Marilyn Cooper Gerard Connolly Deborah Conroy Joanne Cooper Richard Cooper 76 Betty Corbett Michelle Costa David Cornelius Mary Corcoran Maurice Corkery Rosemary Costanzo GERARD EDWARD CONNOLLY, 164 Forest St. 1-5-54 Gerry Ambition: business, Chronicle, Key Club, basketball, student council, hockey games, " the Kids " , " be nice to people on your way up because you ' ll meet them on the way down " , BF. DEBORAH CONROY, 127 High Haith Rd 1-3-54 How’s your car Mr. M?, pumpkin ugh, Beebee and Joplin, my father’s home, " Hi Dad " , TJ’s, NY fun place to be, Hampton ’71, Douglas, waxing car, Gail, Hitching. EDWARD CONSILVIO, 43 Highland Ave. 1-11-54 Gopher Happiness is being with Marcia, 5-10-70, writing notes, 2:07 bell, being on time for class, school is boring, wondering where to go weekends. MICHAEL P. CONTOS, 10 Oseola Path 7-23-54 Mike " You’re a nice guy, I like ya a lot, but ya . . ”, happiness is a BMW 2002, interests: skiing, cars. What? College? JOANNE COOPER, 39 Freemont Ct 6-16-54 Pet peeve: Arlington Teen Center, Mr. Cotter’s his- tory class, " wicked good " , James Taylor, BL’s sunburn, Ruth’s cottage, June 5. KAREN COOPER, 93 Crescent Hill Ave 1 1-15-54 Kar I don’t know why, I just do, beat the system, Janis Joplin, " With a little help from my friends”, Maryann ya want a? Rabits lemonade. MARILYN COOPER, 57 Amsden St. 4-17-54 Mai Dec ’70. high school football games, hate gym classes and study halls. Nahant Beach, party 5- 1-71, Signs, Jeremiah. RICHARD COOPER, 93 Crescent Hill Ave. 8-19- 53 Dick The end of the beginning shall come be- fore the beginning of the end, but not in this school; here everything is all wrong. BETTY CORBETT, 36 Surry Rd. 6-21-54 Corbs Brown Apple Betty, Old Hall 5th, Can ' t Find the Time to Tell You. 3 A’s garbage disposal with Jeanne Kellet, Ken Hodge’s wink. Bruins, PP, warped staircases. MARY CORCORAN, Brattle Dr. 7-20-53 3-13-70, pet peeve: MK, happiness is hockey games and going up the lake, favorite expression: that cracks me up. Grazing in the Grass, always re- member 5th period. MAURICE CORKERY, 31 Chester St. 11-16-54 Horn or Rockett V hockey, V football, track V, beach parties, favorite place: Bayou, fondest memory: State Champs in hockey, favorite per- sonalities: 3 Stooges DAVID CORNELIUS, 30 High Haith Rd. 8-21-54 MICHELLE COSTA, 25 Pierce St. 6-28-54 This thing I want I know not what, thank you DM, Beatles, happiness is having a true friend and being able to trust him ROSEMARY COSTANZO, 35 Windsor St. 11-16- 54 Hobbies: playing the organ, art work, memo- ries of art classes and good times at AHS, hopes for everyone to achieve their goals in life. 77 Stephen Cote Catherine Craddock Barbara Costley BARBARA COSTLEY, 55 Florence Ave. 6-4-54 STEPHEN COTE, 98 Hillside Ave. 4-12-54 It ' s been a long four years. I ' m glad to get out, pet peeve: Mon mornings, ambition: make money. CATHERINE M COVEL, 14 Lennon Rd. 8-26-54 Cathy Clown, (Cambridge Latin Senior prom, 9- 1-70, JS), ice crema, pool parties, BS, Thurber Barn, heights. Teen Center, Nahant Beach, tracks, election, happiness is Fridays. CATHERINE CRADDOCK, 38 Hilton St. 11-30-53 DeDe The beach in the rain. Sundays, bus boy at Howard Johnson ' s car overheating, Revere. BEVERLY ANN CRAWFORD, 271 Lowell St. 9- 26-54 Bev Sandwich fair. Gary. Spirit Club, twin sister, pancake festivals, retreat. Rat, bike riding. May, Carol, church, George, July 29, Nickel Pond. blue. Beverly Crawford I CHARLES CREMENS, 64 Mt. Vernon St. 4-16-54 Chuck V football, V hockey, V track, E mass Tournies, Pouchie. GLENN P CRISTOFORI, 50 Temple St. 10-8-54 Frosh and JV baseball, AYA baseball, varsity soccer, Boston Area Youth Soccer league, hockey, football, Lance Alworth, NY Giants, 3 Stooges, Don ' t ya jes ' luv it. PETER CROCKER, 35 Beverly Rd. 4-7-54 Croke Frosh. hockey, Varsity golf, happiness is smash- ing up a ' 71 Mach I, the Junior Jumpers vs. the Senior Raiders, the nubs 99 out of 100 times. SUSAN CROCKER, 28 Chatham St. 3-2-55 Sue Chronicle, summer ' 70, Friendly ' s, Miss Barry ' s English class, 3AM on the beach. Spirit Club, sometimes I can ' t help seeing all the way through. DEBBIE CRONIER, 5 Academy St. 12-18-54 Hap- piness is 11-20-70, ' 71 gym classes, WLS Na- hant, white lines, the attic, LHS, first days back ' 68- ' 71. Glenn Cristofori Peter Crocker Deborah Cronier Susan Crocker 79 Nancy Cullinane CAROL CROSBY, 75 Westminister Ave. 7-1-53 M.M.M. Memories: summer of ' 70, being en- gaged to Tommy, 442 ' s, happiness is having friends who care and driving around in a nice car, pet peeve: US history. PAUL CROWLEY, 118 Westminister Ave. 8-7-54 Doc Football, baseball. Key Club, Marylin, Jr. Prom-Semi Formal (flop), the slamming of Mrs. Solomon ' s door rm 51, getting Ma and Pa to- gether after all these years. 72 Crill Ave. is my second home. JOHN CRUSCO, 14 Wheaton Rd. 6-7-54 Crud- man Football, Bruins. Joe ' s Red Sox, hr. silence. Italians, tennis, r-r-r-r, flowering of the East, wrong clay. Manomet, hockey. Mean, what do, flying paper. NANCY CULLINANE, 125 Brooks Ave., 8-9-54 Hockey games, late again. Never Can Say Good- bye, THAFTS, la-la, 6th period with Rosie and Pip, Margie ' s accent, Friday nights with AWHK jokes. RICHARD C CULLY JR., 324 Forest St. 6-28-53 I like rock and soul music, I play drums in a band, soccer is my kind of thing. BAVEL CUMMINGS, 24 Clark St. 2-13-54 Bave Diane. 10-16-70, baseball, tourney, fight with Brockton, Dougies, bike ride to Cape with Rick, Soph, beach party, Mr. Cav., Blue Bomber, ec- stacy, summer of ' 71. Richard Cully Sandra Day Carol Crosby John Crusco Paul Crowley 80 GAIL CUMMINGS, 95 Glenburn Rd. 9-4-54 Activ- ities: Ski Club (3 yrs), Girls Club (4 yrs), favorite memories: Concord Bridge, summer ’71, Nahant Beach, Soph year at LS’s house, bike rides to 40 Steps, summer nights do «n the PL, Mystic Bridge at 7:45 AM. JOSEPH D ' ANGELO, 95 Harlo « St. 7-27-54 Joe Happiness is giving a howl, don’t forget to eat on the fly, gym, the black hand, follow that kid, BOMB, rm’s last stand. PETER DaCAMPO, 28 Cheswick Rd. 2-7-54 Weight lifting, swimming, fishing, skiing, hunting, always remember all the laughs in Mr. Giobbe’s 5th period Italian class rm 95. DONNA DALEY, 140 Mt. Vernon St. 3-5-54 5-1- 71, Baby, pet peeve: girl in the green coat, bridges. Grand Funk Concert, Ray, Shorty, sum- mer ’70, bikes, Joe Crocker. GINNY DANIELL, 35 Williams St. 2-18-54 AV member, breakfast at Buttricks’, ability to flunk gym every year. SANDY DAY, 32 Beacon St. 12-19-54 Football games, hockey, ’’the worst”, Jr. English class, ambition: systems analyst. JAMES DECOTA, 48 Combard Terr. 9-23-54 Jim “Some see things the way they are and ask why, I dream things that never were and say why not.” Gail Cummings Peter DaCampo Joseph Dangelo Bavel Cummings Virginia Daniell James Decota Donna Daley 81 Paula DeGeorge Dave Denatale Denise Delia Claire Dennis PAMELA D ' ERRICO, 131 Hibbert St. 8-1-54 Roller skating at Wallex, homework on week- ends, lunchroom, sewing, “tighter tighter " . New Year ' s eve ' 71 , happiness is coming, it ' s Friday. PAULA DEGEORGE, 104 Park Ave. 12-9-53 MICHAEL DELEO, 23 Tanager St. 10-1-53 But- trick ' s, Sandies, MM, having my own open campus, paradise, happiness is getting out. DENISE DELIA, 21 Henderson St. 9-5-54 AV member, Michael Scott, horseback riding, Three Dog Night concert, Diablo, pet peeve: work, DOA, Paris-Jack, Bernard, Post Office 4th period. ROBERT DEMPSEY, 33 River St, 5-10-54 Rm 5 Sophomore year, summer of ' 69, pet peeve: gym, Jr year 3rd period rm 61. DAVID DENATALE CLAIRE DENNIS, 60 Florence Ave. 8-19-54 Hap- piness is leaving A.H.S. STEPHEN DERESZEWSKI, 52 Menotomy Rd. 9- 13-54 Dora Frank Zappa, parties at the woods. Let It Be. Cutter after dark, driving drunk without a license, Sunday concerts at Harvard, Chucky Cullinane in V7. JACOUELINE DEROCHE, 11 Pine Ct. 9-29-54 Jackie Mr. DIott ' s " stimulating " history classes, Christmas 1 970, Summer 1971, I only hope to be happy. JOHN DESHLER, 569 Summer St. 5-14-54 Desh Achievements of the fabulous Latin Club (Club Roma), history class— seems as though we lived through it (boring), Mr. Roberts sp-sp-speech class, goodbye AHS. Pam D ' Errico John Deshler Patricia Dickhaut STEVEN DE STEFANO, 14 Lublin St. 7-12-54 When I started school I thought it would be a long time, but I was wrong, worst French, best English, PMC, Arlington DeMolay, it was fun. CARL Dl FRANCO, 22 Pondview Rd. 12-1-54 Carlos JV football, track outdoor and indoor, weightlifting, yearbook, nights down the park, ambition: to become a doctor, happiness is Mr. Giobbe and his Italian records. PATRICIA DICKHAUT, 10 Trwbridge St. 5-7-54 Patti 12-27-69, Bobby, Senior prom ' 71, summer of ' 71, always on the run, 2 close calls, skipping 3rd period, over Buttrick ' s with Barb. PAULA Dl DONATO, 15 Albermarle St. 1-11-54 DIDO Thirty’s stairway, Comming ' s School, 5-22- 70, Richie Bennett, 2-23-71, Bud is great, Kee- nans Marina, Sanbornville, No Love At All. PK, FO, PD, RB, office asst. DOREEN M. DIGGINS, 81 Columbia Rd. 4-30-54 Dig Summers of ' 70 and ' 71, Grogie Man, Sym- mes’ garbage girls, Falmouth-rm 7, riding to 40 steps on bike, Labor Day weekend 1971, been to NH lately Gayle?, hospital parties. DAVID DILLON, 87 Bartlett Ave. 6-10-54 Dill Cross country for a day, like hell I’m gonna march, Frank ' s mental. Bud, 1971, West Harwich on the Cape, play the set, be somebody. Carl DiFranco Stephen De Stefano Paula DiDonato Doreen Diggins David Dillon Philomena Diogo Michael DiPerna MICHAEL Dl PERNA, 115 College Ave. 2-4-55 Dippo Honines, Big B. who?, for tomorrow, " Mrs. Phillips " , College Ave Chemists, eggs to every- body, Uncle Harry ' s moustache, Mr. Ex- citement ' s gala evening, Ben, " some of the chil- dren " , Morean, " the can of beans " , English teachers— " yulnk " . NANCY DIRANIAN, 70 Valentine Rd. 4-10-54 Creme tangerine and montelimat ginger sling with pineapple heart Cool cherry cream and nice apple tart You know that what you eat you are. But what is sweet now, turns so sour. Harrison PHILOMENA DIOGO. 21 Windsor St. 1-17-55 Philly There is a time for every purpose under heaven, Arlington High School thanks for the memory of friendships that grew, the happiness of learning too. TIM DISKIN, 10 Lennon Rd. 7-15-54 Piscus Hap- piness is Hampton Beach, Nahant, Busa ' s Teen ' s and OH, pet peeve: getting arrested and " The Wall”, Favorite expression: " Hang it up”. LORRAINE DIZIO, 24 Thesda St., 7-22-54 Good friends were made in 4 years, restful summers enjoyable. I ' ll always remember " Fin” and the rest of the gang. Lorraine Dizio Nancy Diranian Timothy Diskin EBBA DOHLMAN, 206 Pleasant St. 3-25-54 In- stitution is the lengthened shadow of man. FREDERICK R. DONALD JR., 84 Oakland Ave. 2- 8-53 Rick Spoonful Ltd, the Heights, good music, Quebec, good booze, all friends make for good fun, Grand Funk, Joplin, snappers forever, surf- ing, hockey, partying in Maine. JANET M DONESKI LINDA DONISI, 15 Orchard Terr. 7-30-54 Little Big Cheeks Fondest memory: 1-24-69, Mr. DIott’s class. Can ' t Find the Time, Cherish, Grand Funk, ambition: modeling, pet peeve: “put ons’’ conceited people (B.B.), U.Y. JOHN KEVIN DONNELLY, 100 Gardner St. 11-11-53 Latin, Nick, Dan, John, Joe, down with animals and fleas, be a Bircher, “resolved that the should,” Mary, Helen, Joan. JOHN W. DONNELLY, 82 Fountain Rd. 3-3-54 Ebba Dohman John K. Donnelly Linda Donisi Jack JAMES A. DONOVAN, 457 Summer St. 2-7-54 Jimbo Mr. Mitchell ' s history classes. Long Beach, White Horse, the S.B.B., hockey games, Dunny, take it easy, track, Tim. JOHN W. DONOVAN, 6A Memorial Way 8-7-53 John-John Project Panthers, Poops, Vice Presi- dent of Junior Class, Kurt, the sounds of “The Sound of Music”. Student Council, It’s over your head— catch it. James A. Donovan John W. Donnelly Frederick Donald John W. Donovan 85 Denise Drinan John Downing Marian Downing James Dowling KATHLEEN DONOVAN, 75 Chester St 2-23-54 Kate Johnny always ’57, ’61, ’64. pet peeve: per- mit tests, baby sitting Saturday nights, happiness is Friday nights, ”1 care less”, Cape Cod, being in love when it hurts. DAVE DOUCET, 19 Farmer Rd. 7-2-54 Science Club, bowling, I’ve spent 4 years trying to find some interesting courses here, conclusion: 3 out of 20 ain’t good. JAMES DOWLING, 67 Foster St. 5-3-54 Jim JOHN J. DOWNING, 96 Bow St. 7-20-54 J.D. Spools ”C.H.’s never die, they just go faster”, pet peeve: state laws, happiness is being with friends. MARIAN DOWNING, 24 Crescent Hill Ave. 5-23- 54 GNS, Drama Club, football, hockey, THJ, the longest list in the world. Stubs, damn cute damn dute, frostbite, icicles and no mittens, happiness is 2:07. DENISE DRINAN, 130 Varnum St. 5-2-54 Sum- mer of ’71, always on the run, 2 close calls, fel- low co-workers, Dynamite, Mick, Suzanne you !, the kid in the green sweater??, ’Wow. Kathleen Donovan David Doucet 86 Ann Marie Dunn Jean Duffy Susan Duffy JAMES DUDLEY, 33 Lakehill Ave. 4-1-54 Dud Mr. Crapuli, Tech Voc are the best, Happi- ness is sneaking a smoke and not getting caught, M-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e. It’s been a long time cominq, JEAN E. DUFFY, 58 Webster St. 6-20-54 Summer ' 69, North Conway, Schaeffer concerts, J T concert, thumper — Tues. studies, Littlehead, Nahant, Fire Island. SUSAN E. DUFFY, 43 Eliot Rd. 6-2-54 Memory: Nahant beach parties, pet peeve: not being able to resist going out to breakfast, happiness is being with the one you love, Tuffy. ANN MARIE DUNN, 11 Paul Revere Rd. 11-28-54 Favorite saying: “What?”, pet peeve: having to be home early, fondest memories: Saturday nights up Belair ' s, Res, Clarky and Jr. year, fa- vorite personality: Mrs. McCaffery. JANE DVORAK, 72 Hillside Ave. 2-8-54 AEX Girl’s Club, summers down Cape Cod, 7-23-71, Starlite, Sophomore Jr. summers, Florida. RICK DWYER, 32 Teel St. 6-13-53 Dewey Pet peeve: too many straight weekends, I wanna be me. The Pit. James Dudley Jane Dvorak h f Richard Dw yer 87 Susan Erickson Elyn Estram Ronald Fagner 88 Anne Dziegiel Mary Egan Kathleen Fahey Cheryl Enos Frederick Eromin James Faiola Janet Feeley Robert Feeley Lynda Femia ANNE DZIEGIEL, 40 Hilton St. 8-29-53 I hope I will love you this same way tomorrow. MARY ELIZABETH ANN EGAN, 92 Thorndike St. 2-24-54 Jackie. Twiddles There is no ending to things you have loved . . . you carry them with you forever, and they blossom with the newness of every moment . . . each day is a new life. CHERYL ENOS, 38 Golden Ave. 5-22-54 Cher Bowling, phonies. Three Dog Night, Flip Wilson, summer of ' 70, you think so, huh?, Hampton Beach dynamite!!!, happiness is Paul K. SUSAN ERICKSON, 54 Kensington Pk. 10-10-54 Smiling ... A world without a sun? Oh, what were man! " Crazy kids on the loose— and that made all the difference. " FREDERICK W. EROMIN 16 Cheswick Rd. 5-11- 54 No comments. Advantage, get nothing, see much, lounce, Sarge, anytime boys, fire hazard, small, manners, fanks, NB’s, badness. ELYN ESTRAM, 8 Stone Rd. 1-10-55 RED, chickie, merry nights (panawhatic!) Mitigwa sun- sets, keep smiling— laughter is better than tears (because there is hope!). RONALD FAGNER, 23 Evergreen Rd. 2-13-54 Erl-J School is one big game, water fights, and weird teachers, V2 and the work we didn ' t do. KATHLEEN FAHEY, 61 Hillside Rd. 9-30-54 Kathy My life ambition: be happy. WILLIAM FAHEY, 24 Twin Circle Dr. 1 2-8-54 Billy Ski Club, state hockey tournament, the Pub, studies in old hall, open campus, Sr lounge, US history with Mr. D. JAMES FAIOLA, 66 Newport St. 3-16-54 Guinea Sports: soccer, favorite expression: where can we drop you two dirt bombs off, fondest memory: Soph beach party, I got what Bavel wanted, Boey Bouncing the Bouncer. DONNA FALLON, 51 Robbins Rd. 3-20-54 Dennisport, Grand Funk, hockey games, " Bunch of Bananas " , ss camaro, summer of 71, MacDonalds, 64 ford. Old Wharf Rd, Siveef Hitch-a-hiker. ROBIN M FAULKNER, 130 Gray St. 7-21-54 Boots Harmonettes, student council secretary 71-72, Key Club convention 71, G S secretary, Oliver! Samettes, bike hikes, Mike, blue eyes. Boys ' Club— summer of 70, FI, How can I move on if I do not even know where I am yet? JANET FEELEY, 252 Park Ave. 1-8-54 Student council hr rep ' 71, corr secretary ' 72, Jr class secretary, field hockey, bus, Orma, the fleet. Miss, reveille at 6:30, Jr prom— enough tickets sold?, the balloon, beach, flying kites, swinging, CYO, 2:00 AM swim!, boring teachers. Algebra II. ROBERT FEELEY, 30 James St. 12-15-54 Fee Aqua Long my friend, deep sea fishing. LYNDA M. FEMIA, 52 Fremont St. 4-11-54 Frog Play ' n time, pending oblivion, the Ave. another day, another drink, Jethro Tull, you zonk, Charlie Chaplin, happiness was skipping school, favorite person: Alvin Lee, Gilmartin. 89 Paul Finn Marian Ferrick MARIAN FERRICK, 19 Brewster Rd. 7-12-54 Marianne Softball, volleyball, What did I do now, Janet? C.Y.O. Ski Club, Debbie’s laugh- ing, math office, brewsters. Price ' s class, big B, happiness is driving Miss Withers crazy. ELIZABETH FIEKERS, 8 Brattle Ter. 5-30-54 Beth Falmouth, Nahant, starlite Irish, skipping Fridays, summer 71, Buffalo Springfield, " I gotta get away from this crazy-day running around everybody knows this is nowhere”, NY. PATRICIA FILOSI, 68 Rawson Rd. 8-5-54 Pat Pet peeve: cafe specials, happiness is: getting to- gether with your friends, memory: Three Dog Night, beach party, Jr. Prom, foods I, Halloween Party ' 70. PAUL F. FINN, 106 Claremont Ave. 1-25-54 Hockey school, C.Y.O speech class, Step- penwolf. Grand Funk Railroad, Patton, Easy Ri- der, DeMolay softball games, Dave Wilson’s cel- lar, " This looks like confusion”. ROBIN FITZMAURICE, 19 Fox Meadow Lane, 1 1-5-54 PMF, If I am to one I am to un, THC DPI II, English, 72, AMF. Robin Fitzmaurice Patricia Filosi ■ k Elizabeth Fiekers JAMES P FLANAGAN, 64 High Haith Rd. 2-4-54 Pat Vfootball, Vhockey, golf, surfing, Kathy McCarthy ' s U S. history class, the three stooges, Enak G and the hydrant, Corkery vs Mullhall, Aqua lung on Cape Cod. MICHAEL J. FLANAGAN, 64 High Haith Rd. 2-4- 54 Mike V football, V hockey, golf, thanks to the stooges, Anacanapana, Aqua lung. SHEILA FLANAGAN, 54 Nicod St. 5-20-54 Girls Club, C.Y.O. 5th period study in old hall, permits to pass in halls, summer of ' 71 at Cape Cod and Marshfield. KATHLEEN FLEMING, 450 Appleton St. 12-19-54 Kathy Band, " Hey you, you’re out of step!” Mr. T. ambitions: to get an A on a Spanish test, pass in all assignm ' ents, and not get caught at the M M. JANET FLYNN, 40 Lockeland Ave. 9-23-53 Field hockey, basketball, tennis, softball, Billerica tourney, field hockey ramp, NH week-ends, mocha chip floats, Brewsters, typing classes, Mr. K’s history class. Kathleen Fleming J : Michael John Flanagan Sheila Flanagan Janet Flynn 91 James Gallagher KAREN A, FOLEY, 146 Park Ave. Ext. 6-20-54 Peppy Guidance asst, clinic asst, hobby: sewing, never forget the 30’s stairwell, Holavack’s, the wall, and Sandys, parties in M.F.’s 2nd period, yeah! PAULA FOLEY, 50 Edmund Rd. 10-24-54 The wall, the meadows, remember the trailer, Fal- mouth, “What ' s up for tonight”, Sandy ' s guid- ance dept. WILLIAM FOLEY RUTH FREEDLAND, 41 Sagamore Ave. Med 4- 3-54 Rufus G S Club, Harmonettes, Greater Bostonians, words to live by— " Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, I will never forget that magnificent trio in the music dept. JOSEPH K. FRENI, 19 Hartford Rd. 10-8-53 Fruit- Man Sports: baseball, pet peeve: opening warm beer cans, favorite expression: " Whadda ya mean " , room 15 at Cape Cod, Panda Bear, ski trips, there goes Swifty, remember Lake George, Airport Inn, $1 a beer. LOUIS FRONTINO, 330 Ridge St. 2-14-54 Tag Team on Marmaduke, Jazbos, Bombers, who took the hole. Cape Cod, shot gun, ski trips. Grove St. bridge. Panda Bear, pent dragon in the fifth. William Foley Paula Foley Joseph Kevin Freni Louis Frontino Ruth Freedland XT. Susan Gallison JAMES A. GALLAGHER, 23 Farmer Rd. 6-23-53 Jack It ' s no fun being a leftover anymore. Hey! Wait for me! crooning Latin adjectives in Mr. McElearny ' s class, Karen, Patty and Giselle after a low calorie lunch. SUSAN GALLISON, 219 Mass. Ave. 12-2-54 D P. with Chuckie, " Your on”, hate stick shifts and Mon., Sr. math class, Jr. English, size 12 shoes, softball, " Little things”, happiness is being with K.B. JOHN GARBALLEY, 21 Fremont Ct. 6-2-53 Garb Kind of a blank, hair pie. JOHN F. GARGIULO, 223 Florence Ave. 2-11-54 Garge V football, weightlifting, track, never for- get: the apt., Brookline hockey games, known for: almost anything, favorite personality: Larry J. Wilson, happiness is: a conference with sting ray. JACQUELINE D GASS, 9 Grove St. 10-12-54 Jackie Remember Art II and how I met Marie, al- ways saying " I ' m sorry” and not meaning it. ELAINE GAVIN, 140 Medford St. 1-13-55 Lainy Happiness is: friends, Scituate, parties, Alton Bay, hh, MDC police bagged, Montreal, having good times, weekends, the beach, summer. MICHELLE GERVAIS, 10 Janet Rd. 2-21-54 Am- bition: to graduate, going out for a cigarette, weekend at the Cape, never having to worry, pet peeve: work. Coop Ed, meeting people. Michelle Gervais Elaine Gavin John Gargiulo Jacqueline Gass ELIZABETH T. GELINEAU, 11 Eustis St. 9-18-54 Use Being mixed up, ecology, I do love frisbee, Pat Rawson’s gym class, Cherokee Indian. Me., Love, Ferlinghetti, homework, happiness is; being loved with kindness. THOMAS G. GENNIS, 22 Eustis St. 5-22-54 Ho- nines. Cross Country, skipping track. Crazy Mary, Pygmies, weirdos, dummies. Sambos, Pa- gons. Pa Joe, Harry with the mustache, weeps, that fool in my locker, Joe, Ben’s, Mark ' s win- dow, 0-2 and 1-3 Sr. Class President, ' Td rather be rich”. CHRISTINE GEORGE, 11 Farmer Rd. 6-26-54 Chris Intramural basketball. Chronicle circula- tion staff, the stooges. Sonny, the beach, week- ends, basketball, bike riding, the summer of ’71, B U T S, and F-3, happiness is Bobby. ELLYN GEREMONTE, 63 Mott St. 6-26-54 Field hockey, Cruminettes, Joe, T.J., basketball, choir, Orma, 20, softball, history sessions, waistband, student council, Newcombe, Singapore sling, the City, 88, mental honines, Castongway, winning. JEANNE GERROLD, 82 Rhinecliff St. 11-9-54 Spirit Club, Chronicle circulation staff, remember H-6 periods— BCDS, Elaine— the indian, football games, B S, 9th grade— Judy, Patti and Ingrid. GARY A. GIARRUSSO, 164 Medford St. 8-1-53 Fuzz I have had good times with the teachers and all the kids that went over Buttricks during school to cut classes to drink. Jeanne Gerrold Ellyn Geremonte Gary Giarrusso Elizabeth Gelineau Christine George Thomas Gennis John Gibbons James Gilligan Stephen Gilligan JOHN F. GIBBONS, 14 Marathon St. 7-12-53 Gibby My fondest memory is in Mr. DIott ' s class pulling down his maps in 14B and his attempted drawing of objects, I will never forget his favorite expression— " What a group " , my own memoral event which I will cherish is taking college boards. ANDREW T. GIEREJ, 25 Wheaton Rd. 7-27-54 Andy Happiness is Mrs. Goldrand’s Latin class, football, 5A, Friday nights at the Rocks. JAMES H. GILLIGAN, 252 Florence Ave. 5-23-54 Gill Cummington, heavy, Carol, Charlie ' s base- ment, Romeo Juliet, " Did I hear someone say " . Papa Joe, period 5, Charles River football, cards at Leones, Lake George. STEPHEN J. GILLIGAN, 77 Falmouth Rd. 4-29- 53 Logic applied bio., Halloween 70, riboflavic action, Charlie’s basement. Eagle, exploring, Tanglewood. RICHARD GILMAN, 8 Hadley Court 9-11-54 Head Lynne, Dilhog, North St., Shotgun Lydston, Mets, The Who, Somerville, Hampton Baech. DAVID J GIRARDI, 11 Mead Rd 9-4-54 G Fri. nights, rocks, bayou, weekend warriors, friends, Schiltz draught (12oz), beach parties, Shaun ' s Dan ' s cellars, Pat, Nub, Charlie’s, Winchester, pet peeve: people who call me Girardi. JANE GIUFFRE, 3 Lurwood St. 9-25-54 " A tear and a smile " , Alg. II, B.J., for tomorrow. Art Club, on the highway with J.C. and friends, the era of n.u.s.h. NANCY GLOVER, 60 Robbins Rd 8-19-54 Chip- per Girl ' s Club, Fantastic Five, Jr Prom ' 71 , sum- mer of ' 71 , Fri. nights at Vicks house, barn, M C I. Wanna Take you Higher, pet peeve: Josie. Andrew Gierej Jane Giuffre David Girardi Nancy Glover Edward Gobiel EDWARD GOBIEL, 7-23-54 Fast Eddy Anyone wanta sandwich, I am known for heckling Weel- lette, sports, boxing, happiness is: 2:07, rm. 54— Storlazzi, cease. NICHOLAS G. GOLD, 72 Morningside Dr. 9-25- 54 Grinney Happiness is: passing Alg. II, money, DJM, trust (It don ' t come easy), the Greeks, the Jew, a few frogs, and a night in the CAT. DONALD M. GORDON, 145 Hibbert St, 4-25-54 The “Yellow Feather " , the lynch mob. Spectrum and Collus, happiness is skiing. DIANE GORELCHENKA, 113 Eastern Ave. 11- 10-54 You don ' t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows, Sarco, Rockport, classical trash in A-1, tell me about, April 23th. STEVE GOULD, 58 Summit St. 1-17-54 Happi- ness is parties at Bob Roper’s, Ulysses, MD’s party, Hampton, meeting GA, Busa ' s, Nahant, dumpers. ROBERT GRADY, 112 Sunnyside Ave. 9-11-52 Donald Gordon Steven Gould Diane Gorelchenka Noel Graydon MARY ANNE GRAHAM, 71 Menotomy Rd. 4-6-54 " Today is the tomorrow you worried about yes- terday”, pet peeve: math, 6th period classes, FNA, 3rd lunch, football games, friends. GAIL GRAMOLINI, 86 Columbia Rd. 11-30-54 Grammo Cheering . . . Coke!, GBFA, Crum- minettes?, Hampton ’70, Whit-“yo no se " . Cape ’71, Deb . . . follow that carl. Pub, hey Hermie . . ., Sally, watch that wall, garbage girls. MARYBETH GRANT, 7 Huntington Rd. 8-15-54 Horse Happiness is Oreo cookies, " give me two”. Garnet Bailey, spaghetti buckets in Hyannis with Moe, J’s and M ' s adventures down in Hyannis, AC kids. JOANNE GRANDE, 63 Piedmont St. 4-12-54 Jo ACCY convention weekend, " little cupcake”, DOM, for tomorrow, frisbee football, ski trip ’71, semper ubi sub ubi, 4-3-70, June banquet ’70, Uncle Harry, Crudco-route 12. NOEL GRAYDON, 815 Concord Turnpike 1-8-54 JV hockey, cross country, happiness is Friday night at the Pub, pet peeve: cramming before fi- nals, Freshman and Sophomore beach parties. LAWRENCE GRECO. 20 Dodge St, 10-9-54 Larry Enjoy baseball, 1971 AHS playoffs, snow days, vacations, substitutes latin club, happiness is a Red Sox pennant, want to be known as being myself. DANIEL J. GREELEY, 148 Westminster Ave. 1- 16-54 Dan Dave Hill, Ras Allen, Frosh. basketball golf, football cards and the point spread. Mary Anne Graham Joanne Grande Mary Grant Gail Grammolini Dan Greely 97 Charles Guzelian Bruce Haddad Paul Halloran Frank Guarino Daniel Guinane KAREN GREENE, 23 Lanark Rd. 4-8-54 10-25- 69, football games, 5th period, V J, Bob’s par- ties, beach, Fridays, Tm sorry " , red’s, DK and lousy Teen Center, happiness is being with Ricky and knowing he cares. Here Comes the Sun. FRANK GUARINO, 20 Old Mystic St. 4-9-54 Frank V football, indoor, outdoor track, school is for Advantage, un in other towns, BEER-WW rules, memory: moon flash on track bus, winter times. Mad Dog Sweeney. DAN E. GUINANE, 253 Pleasant St. 1-10-53 CCCS Summer of 72, Vermont, where is PJ, Ire- land, motorcycle, August 6, Cape Cod, Boose, paranoia, JG’s house, my house after AHS Team won State Champs, 72 Soccer Team CHARLES GUZELIAN, 80 Warren St. 5-21-54 Lance 19 games in a row, chem labs, 1 on 1, faded bells, favorite character: Matty, favorite maniacs: Phil, Gill, Dave, fake nickels out win- dow, goldfish in tea, cats in freezer. BRUCE HADDAD, 25 Johnson Rd. 7-19-54 JO JO White Buttrick’s after football and hockey, re- member always Dewy’s after hockey and most of all can’t every forget Link, happiness is having a great time with your chick, can’t forget Bobby’s class. PAUL HALLORAN, 148 Mt. Vernon St. 2-1-52 Hockey, baseball, really all sports, having good times, not being bored, happiness is just being yourself, work stinks, Maureen love ya 1971. Karen Greene Susan Hanley Lynda A. Harmon Gerald Harrington SUSAN HANLEY, 59 Tufts St. 6-4-54 Girls Club, chorus, summers in Marshfield, Richie Havens— freedom, depression with Black Magic Woman. GERALD HARRINGTON, 22 Wellesley Rd. 6-13- 54 Harry Baseball, cross country, intramural bas- ketball, happiness is last period latin class, latin club, boy’s club, school. KATHLEEN HAVERN, 86 Scituate St. 11-27-54 Kathy Red and gray, SC banquet, ’71 hockey season, crepe paper, rm 65, Schroon Lake, flying kites, decorating the locker room, state champs, pep rallies, friends, football games. JOHN A. HAWKINS, 207 Mountain Ave. 11-24-54 The Hawk Know the answer to everything, skipp- ing Fridays, Mr. House’s science classes, re- member the day they chained off the 80’s and 90 ' s. LYNDA HARMON, 19 Palmer St., 8-9-54 Vol- leyball, track, basketball, FTA, Spirit Club, 5 Larch Rd., Mr. Mitchell’s class, AY! Lenny, hate last year of gym!! Hr. 64. WILLIAM HAUSER, 29 Oxford St., 7-11-54 Bill Never forget ship day 71 and plane crash, fine school lunches and cleanly laundered gym suits, my ambition to some day get that diploma from Ray. John Hawkins William Hauser Kathy Havern 99 John Healy Sheryl Hill Patricia Heaslip James Heasley Janet Hoar William Hill Stephen Hopkins 100 Sheila Horne Edward Hrul John Hourihan James Hunter Catherine Hudson Peter Howell JIM HAYES, 21 Claremont Ave. 8-1-54 Hyme Pub, Big Chuck, rocks, ' 56 pubmobile, surf, all right you Birds, dead motorcycle, Hornball How- ell, cold Belmont, girl thief— Carl B., down town, wolf whistle, BMO mad dog. JOHN MICHAEL HEALY, 14 Buena Vista Rd. 3- 13-54 Huck Happiness is the Pub, pencil, Los, Benjie, Dirty DA, hockey games, 500 club. White Island Shores, big Chuck, the Rocks, Buttrick ' s, Ice cream in Belmont. JAMES R. HEASLEY, 18 Russell Terr. 12-29-54 Jim Mr. Copy’s chem class, happiness is Charlie ' s basement, breakfast at Buttrick’s, Hal- loween ’70. PATRICIA A. HEASLIP, 104 Cutter Hill Rd. 6-30- 54 Pat Happiness is 10-12-70, weekend of 5-30- 71, summers at the Cape, what’s the big deal about the whole deal, sewing class, cry baby, summer nights as desert. SHERYL B. HILL, 37 Teel St. 1-20-54 Flash Ma- jorettes, spirit club, hate blind dates, like hockey, campfires, being with friends and having a good time, monkey face, pink panther, swimming, as- sistances, driving. WILLIAM R. HILL, 15 Windsor St. 6-3-54 Willy JANET HOAR, 42 Grafton St. 10-24-54 Fushe King, Sebbe, Orma, climb after lunch, Missee, ’’Who Is Rock Wronski and why is he saying those things about me?”, pet peeve: cliques, two faced people, S.C. Representative 3 years, field hockey 4 years. STEPHEN E. HOPKINS, 7 Randolp St., 5-27-54 Steve G S president, drama, band, Grotonwood, Grand Funk, Sound of Music, Freidrich, Super- star, Emerson, CSNY, summer of 71, Monad- nock, Stills, Jr. Prom 71, Sheldon, happiness in getting a lead SHEILA HORNE, 27 Edmund Rd. 12-18-54 Trailer, prom ’71, ‘‘don’t sell those ice cubes”, meadows, wall, Sandy ' s 1st period 2nd period, parties, York, happiness is having freckles. JOHN HOURIHAN PETER B. HOWELL, 128 Medford St. 9-16-53 Benjie Downtown, Glouster, Belmont Freezes, ' 66 Tempest, Rocks, hockey games, Kent, water skiing, snow skiing, Vermont, Head. EDWARD HRUL, 19 Williams St. 2-25-53 Eddie CATHERINE HUDSON, 53 Wyman St. 12-28-52 Cathy Hampton Beach, Montreal, Canada, Guy, Cindy’s, Mary’s party, SH’s jello fights, guidance assistance. Spirit club, Framingham College. JAMES M. HUNTER, 105 North Union St. 3-14-54 Jim ”So what’s the story”. Project Panthers, rm 81, always remember 10-10-70, summer ' 71 with SC, 6-7-71 with SC, 6-12, 13-71 at Hampton beach, ”so what’s the joke?”. Q Q n : 1 01 y: John Hurd Mary Hurley Joan Hutchins JOHN W. HURD 11 Memorial Way 9-22-53 Turd V hockey, Panthers, NUBS, bench habadasher, eastie. Mars Market, Samie-SL, three legs, F8. JOAN HUTCHINS, 7 Amsdem St. 10-5-54 Hutch Post office 4th period, AV and FNA member, kit- tens, bicycle riding, substitutes, Buttricks, Pew- ter Pot. MARY GALE HURLEY, 40 Hokins Rd. 11-10-54 Mumbles Favorite saying: " feet don’t fail me now " , memory, locking the 80 ' s corridor, pet peeve: HB ' s. ROBERT HUTTON 100 Churchill Ave. 3-23-53 It’s a good one. GARY IMPOSIMATO, 103 Ronald Rd. 3-28-54 Cheeko Cape Cod, who stole the hole, Oliva, Stratton Stanglers, stories of mama duke, Dick, Speedy Tim, Hey Lou, Kev, Mustang Nick. - t ! Robert Hutton i 102 Gary Imposimato JOSEPH lANNELLI, 55 Lake St. 8-9-53 Parnelli lannelli Pet peeve: 5th period history, interests fast cars, drums, " get on it " , happiness is girls, summer niqhts, sports: football. RICHARD JACKSON, 4 Lehigh St. 9-27-54 Ricky JV hockey, JV football. Cape ’70-’71, Dougie’s, the Blue Bomber, sword fights with a girl, happi- ness is getting what you want. JANIS JAMGOCHIAM, 23 Glenburn Rd. 7-19-54 Hockey games. Deb’s car, oh c ' mon Barb, soph, yr, summer, football games, teen center, Sandy’s SC Banquet ’71, Friday nights beach, memories to remember always. DOUGLAS S. JEFFERSON, 41 Yerza Rd. 5-10-54 DJ. Audio Visual, applied biology, science club, train of 69, Nation Ski Patrol, water skiing, swim- ming, American Red Cross, street hockey, foot- ball, happiness is Archie’s chemistry lab. CYNTHIA L. JEFFREY, 166 Highland Ave. 5-15- 54 Cin Thumpa, Buzz, Goosie, friend like Donna, Ten Years After, California, Friday Saturday nights, Tea Party, driving, happiness is Steve. Douglas Jefferson 103 Joseph lanelli Richard Jackson Janis Jamgochian Cynthia Jeffrey ROBERT F. JOHNSON JR.. 85 Foster St. 9-29-54 Bob Running track, job. getting my license, double sessions, dumptruck, Doc’s pills. RICHARD W. JOLY. 9 Ottawa Rd. 9-4-54 Rick Swimming, scuba diving, two cat day, keystone club, Montreal, ambitions; to cross country in a truck, own a yacht and go to Honalulu U. SUSAN JONES, 26 Sutherland Rd. 8-3-54 School Bag Favorite memories; (down the Cape) at the lodge, favorite expression; " What " , pet peeve: never being able to finish a cigarette in the H’s. KEVIN M, JUDGE, 15A Revere St. 10-17-54 Sail- ing, scuba diving, coin collecting, auto racing Le Mans, Indianapolis, Daytona, happiness is sailing through the dark on a clear night. ELAINE KALFAS, 66 Waldo Rd. 51-22-20 Years pass by fast to recall memories. JOHN KANE GEORGE MATTHEW KANGAS, 118 Overlook Rd. 3-21-54 UNO Will remember: summer or ’71 down the Cape, Friday nights out on the field, the sled, " seeing much”, at the teen center, free lunches from Winnie. PATRICIA KARIGER, 18 Hancock St. 5-1-54 Patti Co-captain of majorettes, summer of ’71, Can ' t Find the Time to Tell You. Kevin Judge John Kane Richard Joly Susan Jones 104 Robert Johnson Patricia Kariger Corinne Keating Paula Keenan CORINNE KEATING, 96 Oakland Ave. 1-16-54 Spirit Club, Ski Club, Orpheus, English 3A, his- tory period 6, Just my Imagination, summer of ’71 or what, skip day, DuBois, NH. JANIS KEATING, 94 Arlmont St. 4-9-54 Playing the recorder constantly, artistically inclined, hitching to Vermont, Art Club, Library Corps, Drama Club, needlework, macrame, solving the world’s scavias. MICHAEL KEATING, 86 Blossom St. 12-14-53 Mike Cape, White Horse, White Sand, Mayflower Hotel, happiness is doing nothing, pet peeve: Arlington. MARIAN KEEP, 27 Hancock St. 11-10-54 Billie The most important thing in life is caring and doing something about it, new experiences, has- sles, Jan. 9, Nov. 22, clubs and friends, Billie. JOE KEEFE, 34 Temple St., 9-22-53 Joey Hockey, Football, hitting snowbanks, weekends at the Cape and Hampton, hole in the wall. PAULA KEENAN, 17 Revere St. 12-31-54 Thirties stairway, Paula, Donna, Kathy, Beth, These Eyes, 9-9-71, Jeff, New Hampshire, Medford, boys, Mrs. Burke, Franny O’Brien, Cummings School, Grove St. Park, the pond. Marian Keef 05 George Kangas Janis Keating Joseph Keefe Dennis Kelley Brian Kelly 106 Mary Lou Kennedy PAUL KELBER, 58 Decater St. 3-17-1873 JEANNE KELLETT, 7 Osborne Rd. 10-15-54 JK Car barns, Duck Pond, porkies, Wally Wayland bombshell, beach parties, crumenettes, the Barn, Hampton SH parties, JCS, Girls club, Ski Club, pet peeve: Friday nights down the center. DENNIS KELLEY, 16 Newland Rd. 12-27-53 Slim Weekends down Ulysses, favorite saying: I can handle it, activities: member of Arlington Heights ASPS. BRIAN THOMAS KELLY. 67 Cutter Hill Rd. 4-27- 54 K er What!, Halloween ’70, Hee Haw, College Ave., Chemistry, Hubris, Drunken Mice, dull rot- ten moans, Charlie ' s basement, the tracks, pyg- mititic parties. Dinner ' s Diner, Woods Hole bus. WILLIAM J. KELLY, 215 Sylvia St. 7-3-54 Bill Ski- ing at Waterville Valley, breaking a leg, first day at AHS, summer nights at Belmont CC, the tow- ers, Old Hall studies. CHRISTOPHER KENNEY, 40 Highland Ave. 7-8- 54 Dude Chem. Lab assig., Mr. Roberts ' Speech class, lunch at home 5th, debating Brookline, coffee and donuts in English, happiness is taking pictures. MARY-ELLEN KENNEY, 59 Orient Ave. 5-21-54 I’ll Be There, happiness is: being with Alan and not going to Eng. room 52, fondest memory: summer of ' 69, Goon, snowmobiling with the kids. Jeanne Kellett William Kelly Chris Kenney Mary Ellen Kenney Peter Kenney Robert Kenney Janet Keohane MARY LOU KENNEDY, 32 Oxford St. 9-23-54 Marne Marne, office asst., Don’s English 21, Mr. O’s 6th and 2nd, early morning coffee, Peter’s at- tendance 6th period, Taylor, 4-17-70. PETER J. KENNEY, 44 Edmund Rd. 5-13-54 Mr. Cav’s 5th period, the ’’little” wall, summer of ’70 at Ossipee, Stretch, last game at Melrose. ROBERT KENNEY, 7 Melrose St. 4-30-54 Red Happiness is Fridays at 2:07, I am best known for yelling in the corridors, pet peeve: hearing ‘‘All right boys” in O H. sanitary. JANET KEOHANE, 42 Chester St. 10-23-54 Stiffy TJ’s, Labor Day weekend ’71, Buttricks, walking to school jr, year, I will to AHS Mary Lou, pet peeve: Red Heads, car barns. SHAUN KILFOYLE, 45 Mass Ave. 3-19-51 , Weasil Vermont trains, LHK, it’s been a long time cornin’, gonna be a long time gone, Guinane’s friend Dick is soar after 5 at Vermont’s Best. JAMES J. KINGMAN, 31 Mt. Vernon St. 12-20-53 JANICE KINIRY, 19 Osborne Rd. 1-37-54 Girls Club, Ski Club, choir, the Barn, IB, MB, LMB, the summer of ’70, Zorro, We can work it out, Shooshan, Darby, Red’s house. Porky, pick a winner. NANCY KREUZ, 55 Cleveland St. 12-4-54 Nance To live in solitude on a deserted beach. JOSEPH KURKER, 29 Claremont Ave. 10-5-54 The Friday nights up the “rocks” with my Colt (45), that was the life, those days would unfor- tunately disappear like the nights at the hockey games. James Kingman Nancy Kreuz Janice Kiniry John Landers Patricia Lally Geraldine Lane BARBARA LAHIFF, 31 1 Lake St., 8-5-54 Summer of ' 70, AHS hockey games, Cinema gang, " Jan, how about 6th?” 39, Weirs Beach, NH, " What time is it, CB?” PATRICIA LALLY, 90 Valentine Rd. 6-22-53 Pat I need to be happy and come hell or high water I will be. JOHN LANDERS, 43 Old Middlesex Path 1-12-54 Lerby A lot was seen on the field? GERALDINE LANE, 44 Upland Rd. West 10-31- 54 Gen Katie ' s English class, GFR, the Pond, Spunky 68-71, NU, PS to John, getting high, no dress code, no school. DAVID LAROCCA, 131 Florence Ave. 5-1-54 The Rock Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, af- ter school in the art room, skipping homercom, homework, gymnastics, da broads, let ' s put it this way. David LaRocca Alan Leibovitz Marie Leavitt Harvey Leibovitz Janice Leccese KATHLEEN M. LAWLER. 48 Everett St. 8-25-53 Kathy Pet peeve: serious people, Oli class, run- ning around and jumping, worn dungarees, bare- feet, the Pond, partying with George. WILLIAM J. LAWSON, 16 Lake St. 7-14-53 Lawch “Where I am now, you will be; where you are now, so was I”, remember this, Dilboy and North St. MAUREEN F. LEAHY, 3 Indian Hill Rd. 2-25-54 Maureen library asst., love to swim, play tennis, Love Story, happiness is not being told what to do, my ambition is to be a math teacher. PATRICIA LEAHY, 3 Indian Hill Rd. 3-1 7-53 Pat I remember art, the snow storm of ' 69, Freshman English, and working, summer of ' 69, Brockton Fair, Nantasket boat ride, and Christmas 1970. MARIE LEAVITT, 11 Kensington Park 1-15-54 Binky Drama Club, art, happiness is knowing someone cares, 29th. JANICE T. LECCESE. 19 Randolph St. 5-27-54 Majorettes, green giant, Dennisport ' 71, so close but so far away, pet peeve: silent partner. ALAN M. LEIBOVITZ, 52 Morning Side Dr. 9-17- 53 Penelope Sheldon, lemontwist, New Hamp- shire, Rockport, Gunstock, water, Superstar, Stephen Stills, 10-11-70, DA, $4,000 worth of bird, trunks, summer of ' 71, pork me, pig ' 12. HARVEY LEIBOVITZ, 52 Morning Side Dr. 11-2- 54 Big H People want the same old thing They always want to be a king. Why can’t people be content Just to work and pay the rent. Kathleen Lawler Patricia Leahy 109 David Leone Andrew Leveroni John Levesque JUDY LENNON, 19 Lennon Rd. 6-17-54 Coot Fantastic Five, Mr. Croke, Long Beach, sr. prom ’71, TZ, the Barn, “Tony, take off that silly hat " , Vic’s house, Volkswagons. DAVID A. LEONE, 53 Irving St. 1-16-55 Dave Fran, bombs, the East, football QB, track, Mr. Kelley, 80’s corridor, triple jump, the Monor, ski trips, the almanac, card games. Partridge Rd, and Kathy. CARL LETO, 75 College Ave. 9-14-54 Carlos Soccer, Dinner’s Diner, Science Club trips. Col- lege Ave. Chemistry, Big B, Thanksgiving parties, master of the English language, Harry, AB. ANDREW LEVERONI, 88 Westminster Ave., 5- 15-53 Andy Co-captain of golf team, happiness is getting out at 2:07. JOHN PAUL LEVESQUE, 94 Grafton St. 8-17-54 Jack Hil: Finberg, Bamboo Hut, drama, skin, Roberts, Patti, art, murder case, Steve, G S, Joan, Mar., Sullivan, Al, Lorraine, everyone, I hope this isn’t good-bye. THOMAS LEVESQUE, 1 Edith St. 7-13-53 Going to parties, choppers are cool. CALVET CORDELIA LEWIS, 11 Patrick St. 2-4 Business, Business Club, Dramatic Club, Dis- tributive Education Club of America, hobby: sew- ing and dancing, plan to attend a fashion design college. Calvet Lewis Carl Leto Debra Loveless Charles Lowder Deborah Lewis WILLIAM J. LAUZIERE, 61 Henderson St., 1-23- 54 J. Christ Hurting Linda D., shotguns, Next Stop is Viet Nam, Jailbait, up against the wall, I hate AHS with a passion. DEBORAH L. LEWIS, 15 Teresa Circle 10-29 I will be glad I am going to college and not just as- sociating with college students and going to col- lege parties. KAREN DEBORAH LEWKO, 42 Tomahawk Rd. 2-22-54 Here again, I must stand at the ever- lasting intersection of life judging between the countless paths and crossroads of unknown di- rection . . . —which way to turn—. GREGORY A. LONG, 1269 Mass. Ave. 5-20 Short In the future I plan to return to Canada and go to a tech, school there and plan to teach self-de- fense in a University. CHARLES LOWDER, 166 Washington St. 3-24- 54 Chuck Student council ’71, ’72, Senior sena- tor, V golf ’69 ’70 ’71 ’72, ski club v president ’71 , president ’72, CB, cheering with Lefty and George, Adult Ed, CYO. Karen Lewko Gregory Long 111 f1 W ' Meg Madison v: — ♦ 1 I J Ruth Maghakian David Madden John Magliano Diana MacNeill ROBERT LOWELL, 105 Gardner St. 3-15-54 Bob Project Panthers, Schlitz mobile on Friday nights, hockey tournies, gross outs, v-7, locker raids with Jim, the Monday morning dreamers, " no way.” LISA MICHELLE LUCARELLI, 2 Mott St. 5-5-54 What a hassle, Maine, football and the hockey games, beach parties, rapping with friends, Na- hant. One Take Over The Line. I Want To Make It With You. MICHAEL FRANCIS LUCAS, 40 Webcowet Rd 12-13-54 Luke Happiness is detention with Mr. Doherty, 40’s stairway, Ma Feekers, B R Ice Cream, labs. Junior English, data processing. DAVID LUND, 26 Cedar Ave. 6-13-54 Dave Var- sity tennis, indoor track, JV600, softball, Mr. Kel- ley " depicating”, Mr. Howell’s geometry class, finish my thought, the guillotined dummy, bike ride to Walden and water skiing. JOAN LUNDSTROM, 64 Gray St. 8-3-54 I have had playmates, I have had companions, in my days of childhood, in my joyful school days all, all are gone, the old familiar faces. MARK W. LUTHER, 97 Westminster Ave. 2-4-54 Marcus Welby M.D. Rockport, Cape, Hanscom Field, Chrissy ' s coffee, ’70-’71 hockey games. Ann ' s spaghetti, favorite song: Respect, water fights, Berkshires, happiness is pay day. BRIAN P. LYNCH, 11 Winter St. 9-8-54 Lunch Box Happiness is sitting under a tree getting high and drinking beer, going down the OH, skipping school ha ha ha. JOANNE MABARDY, 207 Appleton St. 5-23-54 Jo Never forget April ' 71 , Foods 1 , Fr 2 class, the Cape and ski trip (NH), pet peeves: cafeteria ' s terrific lunches, dirty gym socks, happiness is livin’ and lovin’. RUTH MACCHI, 61 Newcomb St. 6-1-54 Mouth Pet peeve: Monday mornings, happiness is sum- mer vacation. DAVID MADDEN, 92 Dothan St. 5-8-54 Dave Happiness is 2:07, good ol’ CBM, The Monk. MEG MADISON DIANA MacNEILL, 7 Norcross St. 9-13-54 D.J 8- 9-70— Hampton Beach— the fireworks for the world and me, Mr. Bradbury and the stupid class, help for this poor English class. Miss Kathy needs help. RUTH MAGHAKIAN, 17 Newcomb St. 9-21-53 JOHN MAGLIANO, 77 Newport St. 9-27-54 Mags Happiness is getting out of Arlington, the field, cool people, huckleberry bushes, love, parties and the bands. 113 Michael Mahoney 114 Debra Manila f Martha Mahoney Joseph Magliozzi Daniel Maher MICHAEL MAHONEY, 10 Gray St. 12-30-54 Mike The Pub, pet peeve; BC, JV baseball, happiness is being out of school, hobby: not working, spe- cial day: graduation day. MARTHA MAHONEY, 24 Fabyan St. 9-1-54 Marty My pet peeve: first day of school, Mr. DIott ' s moustache and earthquaking pounding. JOSEPH MAGLIOZZI, 55 Broadway 2-8-55 Mag Varsity soccer, basketball. Science Club, JD why don ' t you give a " Lou” to CG, right on Eddy!, happiness is a big crowd watching AHS basket- ball games. DENISE MARCHANT, 104 Medford St. 6-29-54 Midget 7-3-70 Farmer, MDC caps. Mystic, Sci- tuate townies and summer bums, April vacation ' 70, Reflections of My Life. 9-4-71, happiness is but a synonym for friendship. WILLIAM MARCHAND, 1 7 Belknap St. 6-8-54 Mr. Cody ' s labs, Voc test in 91, the football team wins, the hockey team is great, happines is 2:07, finals! Daniel Marian! Rosann Marciante Michael Maranian ROSANN MARCIANTE, 126 North Union St. 5-8- 54 Rosy Hockey games, La-La, AW on Friday nights. Turn Around. Look At Me, Wingarsheek Beach, CS and JH, my typing ability, THAFTS, JJ. DANIEL MAHER, 20 Gray St., 5-22-54 Danny Sci- ence club, varsity soccer, pet peeve: broken glasses, never give a sucker an even break, fa- vorite people: Humphrey Bogart, WC Fields. DEBBIE MANITA, 23 Thesda St. 8-26-54 Never forget Mr. DIott ' s 4th period Junior year, we have a super hockey and football team. Take It Easy. MICHEAL MARANIAN JR., 15 West St. 8-25-54 Mike Midget hockey, per. 5 Biology— Mr. Me- serve, lab fights in chem — Archie, Les Cana- diens, Hampton women, Kerry, 1 or 2 things. Lefty. DANIEL J. MARIANI, 52 Dickson Ave. 4-13-54 Dan Happiness is Mech. Draw. 3-period 4, winter of ’70, Bombers and Jazbos, 13, Chem. with Ar- chie Manning, hate English, Joy To The World. William Marchand Denise A. Merchant MARIAN MARINO, 7 Kenilworth Rd. 9-4-54 AEX, Girls Club, weekends down the Cape, Soph- omore and Junior summers, Florida, Craigville, Davy Diver, room 11, 5-30-71 Worchester, J, Medford. PAUL MARINO, 29 Magnolia St. 10-20-54 Happi- ness is running over to Buttrick’s to take gym. PAUL MARK, 96 Chandler St. 12-20-54 JC ' s Spanish class, bus rides from the hockey games, LC, summer of ’71, card games in the cafeteria, Fridays at the rock. KATHLEEN MARQUIS, 12 Glenburn Rd. 9-25-54 Concord Bridge, peppermint gum, Friday nights— Sunoco station . . . huh Lin?!?, Jr. prom with RJ, Doug ' s, My Girl, L,C,D,D,G,J, friends. FRANK M. MARREC, 11 Overlook Rd. 11-19-54 Happiness is: skipping school without getting caught, not being able to leave before 3:00 on Fridays, and pulling through the most boring three weeks of DEC. Kathleen Marquis Francois Marrec 116 John Matthew Marianne Mattioli Lisa Maurice! Robert Matson MICHAEL ANTHONY MARTIN, 35 Lorraine Ter. 7-5-53 Milo The wall, swamp. Tower log, Nahant, bombing Largy, fight at last hockey game, week- end up in Maine, Hogan’s Heroes, Pete sweet. Good groovy, Tweedles, Irous again. STEPHEN MARTIN, 40 Tufts Rd. 11-27-53 Bea- ver Spooking, hockey and skiing, the Wall, Tower log, Mousam and the books, weekend on Spaulding on the way to Maine, Hogan ' s Heroes, is it really. LINDA A. MARTONE, 68 Crosby St. 8-14-54 Wayland, Crumminetts, 4th period, hockey games, Nahant, Girls Club, AEX, yearbook. Sen- ior Prom ' 71, thumper, those lovely meetings in 65, Brewster. ROBERT MATSON, 77 Hemlock St. 6-30-54 Bob Cross country, playing hockey, DeMolay meet- ings, blue Ford, it is very hot or very cold, having to eat in the lunchroom, going home early. JOHN MATTHEW, 16 Higgin St. 12-29-54 The scared cows of AHS, need to be stepped upon, always remember London, James Bond, Trixie, and of course Deborah Sue. MARIANNE MATTIOLI, 70 Oxford St. 2-16-54 Black Magic Women Girls Club, where’s the bird seed?, Phonso July 27, Porky Pick a winner, din- ing with Marsh, depression-shushan, J,J,J,D,M,P, friends. LISA MAURICCI, 50 Fisher Rd. 9-25-54 Linda Martone Stephen Martin 117 Mark Mayerson Maureen McAuliffe Maureen McCaffery Marcia McClosky MARK MAYERSON, 90 Scituate St. 10-6-54 Is this the end?, four hard years, lonely nights, Drama Club, G S, yearbook reduced to a glorious memory? Remember me and I will con- tinue to exist. MAUREEN McAULIFFE, 5 Park Street PI. 12-29- 54 Moe Knowing of the day when I will be leaving this daily routine, only to find that more awaits me after I graduate. MAUREEN McCAFFERY, 8 Elmore St. 9-20-54 Snoggie Favorite personality: Superchicken, par- tying at Belair ' s House, 30 ' s stairway after lunch. Math class with Mr. Burns, summer of ’69, Mouse. DEBRA McCLURE, 54 Fremont Ct. 5-22-54 Debbie GAIL McCONNEL, 87 Webster St. 3-1-54 It ' s a crime that we should age, these fragile times should never slip us by, guitar friends, summer ■70. CHRISTINE McDermott, 286 Forest St. 3-2-54 " Go placidly amid the noise and haste and re- member what peace there is in silence. . . EDWARD MCDONALD, 59 Webcower Rd. 2-22- 54 Mac Taking it easy while drinking Bud on the way to the Cape and getting stuck in the mud. GAIL MCDONALD, 91 North Union St. 2-19-54 Happiness is Sunday walks along the Mystics, Ambitions: to get into the art field. Favorite people: parents, Ralph, Michelle, Lynda, and Lenny, special day: 2-29-70. DONNA McELENNY, 33 Fabyan St. 12-18-54 I like music, football, hockey, library, guidance of- fice, drama, future teachers, future nurses, future homemakers and childcare. Gail McConnell C. Christine McDermott Donna McEleney Gail McDonald Paul McElligott Allan McEwen MARCIA McCLOSKY, 138 North Union St. 11-29- 54 Halloween ' 69, 12-28-70, afternoons soph- omore year at LS’s, Falmouth with D G, din- ing with Mar, NHB — I’ve seen better, NH with D and Speed Racer, what?, J,J,J,D.M,P, friends. PAUL J. McELLIGOTT, 33 Fountain Rd. 9-7-54 Physics lab assistant, chess, science, those long years of Latin, my love of science and math, the long hours of homework. Amen!, “sum cognoscere ALLAN McEWEN, 16 Brattle PI. 2-7-54 Al Chuck M. and baseball. Pearly, Fridays, being late for Cody’s homeroom, Jr. English, Bill’s drinking stories. Red Sox, Smilin’ Jack, AHS soccer and Dan. JOSEPH McGARRY, 132 Washington St. 8-3-54 Lucky Sports: AYA baseball, Bantan and Midget hockey, pet peeve: being called Jose in Spanish, favorite personality: Steve McQueen, happiness is throwing rocks at budliners. MARY McGONAGLE, 33 Cliff St. 1-26-55 DP, Jr. year, summer nights out, front and good neighbors, Winthrop, NH weekends. CHARLES McGOWAN, 37 Fairmont St. 7-10-53 Chuck Mr. Whitmore’s second period, farm, fa- vorite sayings: hey look pal, what’s it to ya?, Fen- way Park people, Boston Garden, Mr. Cody’s homeroom. ELIZABETH JOAN McGRATH, 7 Bartlett Ave. 3- 16-55 Liz 12-31-70, roller skating, Nahant, ambi- tions: be a nurse and learn to drive, and make a lot of money, pet peeve: Monday mornings. Joseph McGarry Charles McGowan Mary McGonagle Elizabeth McGrath JOAN McGURL, 15 Grove St. 2-1-54 Now I can find the clear peace of mind with Jon at my side. Together we’ll ride Bye-bye Happiness is seeing others happy. ROBERT McKEOWN, 82 Thesda St. 4-12-54 Fuzz Life guarding, a girl’s bath house, hockey games, ”Hey boy”. Clarabell. night they raided my house, drinking six pack on the last day of school. NANCY McMAHON JUDITH McMILLEN. 36 Inverness Rd. 3-23-54 Judy Biology. Citizenship, bike hikes, Rainbow, hems, permit, confused, hay fever, green blood, NED. driving, library, graduation. ANN McNAMARA, 20 Overlook Rd. 12-19-54 I have room for one more friend, and he is every man. RICHARD MEARA, 22 Elmore St. 10-4-54 RM Spools, pet peeve: rm 55, favorite group: James Brown and Grand Funk, favorite memories: par- ties and chases down the rez. JOHN MERCIER, 57 Hodge Rd. 2-6-53 Ed Had great locks that never worked, nice looking girls, good teachers, and great classes. PAULINE MESSURI, 38 Columbia Rd. 3-26-54 12-3-70, pet peeve: locks JEANETTE R. MICELI, 95 Winchester Rd. 8-27- 54 Jen 8-20-70, happiness is graduation, sum- mertime, Fridays, lunches, purple, pet peeves: rainy days, Mondays, favorite people: family, John, Arthur, Bev, Ronnie, Joanne, Gary, ambi- tion: to succeed. JOSEPH MIKSIS, 112 Rawson Rd. 2-27-54 Joe CARL MILLER, 66 Walnut St. 5-10-54 Keg I will to AHS the electronic shop, pet peeve: the vo- cational office, happiness is going out for parts. ROBERT MILLER, 5 Perth Rd. 8-6-54 Riding down the Cape on racing bikes, parties down the Cape, weekends in the apartment, expression: the machine don’t lie. JOHN MILLIGAN, 94 Hibbert St. 1-7-54 Mill Neil Young, slumgutties, the woods, basketball, U S. history, Ed and Wiss, Finniy and the bar, JUDITH MIRANDA, 103 Waverly St. 12-29-53 Half pint Talks with Julie, Joanne, and Patty, the Pitts, B.B., Senior beach party, horseback riding, happiness is being friends with everyone, love animals. Big O. Carl Miller John Milligan Pauline Messuri Joseph Miksis Robert Miller Judith Miranda 121 ANDREA MOBILIA, 12 Windmill Lane, 8-27-54, Joan’s parties, PC Prom, Alan’s house, sum- mers of ' 70 and ' 71, ' 69, ' 70 and ' 71 were a roller coaster ride but with help from my friends I guess I survived. BETTE MOLLOY, 109 Calremont Ave. 11-19-54 Boo Ambition: to go to college, activities: FHA, and basketball, interests: skiing, swimming, pet peeve: phonies, remember Martha B ' s 5th period sewing class Sophomore year. ANNE-MARIE MONIZ, lOArgyleRd. 5-4-54 Am e Paul McCartney, May 16, happiness is sleeping on a Saturday morning, pet peeve: when Frankie says " suit yourself " , huh? ROBERT MONTERISI, 4 Brookdale Rd. 5-14-54 Monty Hockey, basketball, skiing, ambition: to join the FBI, first year in high school, my first car. MICHAEL MORAN, 16 Wollaston Ave. Activities: football, fondest memories: putting down coldies with the weekend warriors. LORETTA MORASH, 15A Lanark Rd. 10-2-54 TJ’s, Labor Day weekend ' 71. down the Cape, too bad MLC, walking to school Jr year, tournies, car barns. 4 j I -i Loretta Mo rash 122 123 Robert Mottia John Muise KAREN L. MOSKALUK, 145 Charlton St. 1-10-54 Red the Head Memory: the apt., skipping with Jackie, Joan and FrebI, summer of 71, Tammara, Hitchin a Ride. ROBERT MOTTLA, 294 Gray St. 1-18-53 I like to race cars and build them, I played football in my freshmen year. JOHN MUISE, 42 Eustis St. 10-28-54 Park League basketball, weight lifting, Jr lunch classes, nights up the farm, happiness is know- ing what you want to do after high school. JOHN M. MULCAHY, 38 Richfield Rd. 7-4-54 Moe Student Council, Mr. Tucker, football. Nub, Ike and Harry, Winnies lunches, nights with th e weekend warriors. STEVE MULCAHY 3 Crescent Hill Ave. 4-4-54 4- 5-69 Rockport Valerie, Eileen, Wayne, Sarah, Nan, Jack Linda, Crosby, Captain Amerika and sister Theresa, Mary, unchkin, Nancy kisses, Debby Honey, Cindy Jeff " Europe or Bust. " ROBERT MULLEN, 60 Crawford St. 12-15-54 Mul Get them away from me, remember tracks, state champs party, Doug’s, the budliner, drafties, happiness is beating the weekend warriors in softball, pet peeve: rainy weekends. John Mulcahy Karen Moskaluk Jeanne Murphy Stephen Murphy Anna Murphy Linda Murphy Kevin Murphy Mary Anne Murray Thomas Murphy 124 Michael Murray John Nochella Peter Noonan Richard Newcomb Stephen Nocella Rowena Nash ANN MARIE MURPHY, 144 Gardner St. 4-3-54 Hanna I hate PF, good times at TC, sober ones too, (J), maybe I should cahnge, NAA tournies, MC, Hold on I ' m Coming. CATHY MURPHY, 26, Rockaway La. 12-20-53 Cath New Hampshire, summer of ' 71, the old cabin in the woods, favorite saying: have some more coke and . . ., Deboys. JEANNE MURPHY, 171 Wright St. 12-2-54 Jeannie Cape Cod weekends. Bruins’ Parade, Mr. Kotchen’s Driver’s Ed class, W and W roof- top, trips to Lockland and M and M, summer of ’71, Old Hall studies. KEVIN MURPHY LINDA MURPHY, 43 Mary St. 10-29-54 Activities: Spirit Club, intramural basketball, special event 2-7-70, happiness was Miss Wither’s German class ’70. STEVE MURPHY. 102 Robbins Rd., 6-2-54 Murph Freshman pet peeve: French, Sophomore pet peeve: French, Junior pet peeve: French. TOM MURPHY, 6 Woodside Lane, 8-24-54 Murt Playing baseball with Kel, littleton, Oakmont Re- gional High, Captains walk, parties at Dick’s house with coo-coo Tarzan, white fords. MARY ANNE MURRAY 299 Park Ave. 7-31-54 Cheerleading, NCH clinic, spirit stick, coca-cola award, EMICC, Johnny Angel, State Hockey Tournament, decorating at 5 AM, Sr prom, 1-16- 71, button it, a time for us. Superstar. MICHAEL MURRAY, 130 Gardner St. 9-4-54 Germs Activities: V football, JV baseball, fondest memories: weekend warrior meetings, Mr. DIott’s history class, pet peeves: carriocas and goos- teps, favorite saying: “You’re damn right you’re wrong” ROWENA NASH, 14 Varnum St. 5-23-54 Row Green machine, 10-26-69, Friendly’s . . . Those were the Days, happiness is worth waiting for, ambition: 6-2, dark hair, blue eyes, me and my ash trays, sparking, disasters, trouble. RICHARD NEWCOMB STEPHEN NOCELLA, 3 Huntington Rd. 1-29-53 Steve I would like to go to broadcasting school, happiness is playin g basketball after school, make a career of golf if not a sports broadcaster. JOHN J. NOCHELLA, 125 Crescent Hill Ave. 11- 2-53 The great meets and scary stunts, gymnas- tics was great, the great bus rides and jokes. I’ll remember them all, the lousy classes but great kids of AHS. PETER NOONAN, 200 Pleasant St. 1-15 B.C. Noonie Hockey, Soccer, " Great election of 71 ’’ E MA champs, Digg’s, camping in Vt., Cape Cod, Carl’s toy, riding to Cape, beach parties, Dan’s cellar wall. 125 Linda O ' Connell 126 Paul O ' Connell Lawrence O ' Brien Henry O ' Brien Edward Norris EDWARD NORRIS, 21 Claremon St. Som. 8-24- 53 Ed I hope everybody enjoyed school that is the strike, coffee breaks, smoke breaks, and field trips, at least w e learned something. HENRY OBRIEN, 441 Summer St. 7-24-54 Obie LAWRENCE OBRIEN, 8 Hodge Rd 12-3-54 Larry LINDA OCONNELL, 7 Robbins Rd. 11-4-54 Want to go to breakfast. My Girl. Sr prom ' 71, SN, Friday nights. Sunoco station . . . pistachio nuts . . . huh, Kath, CW ' s party Aug ' 70, KM, chocolate ice cream, 3-12-71. THERESA O ' CONNELL, 55 Beacon St. 7-2-53 Terry Summer of ' 71 with DV, happiness is hav- ing Mr. Lincoln as housemaster, remember all the fun in Mr. Kelley ' s class, " what say Helen " , " what say " . WILLIAM H. O ' CONNELL, 164 Scituate St. 4-27- 54 Will Bananas, skindiving, two cat day, Mr. Blanchard and the NAASB, FNS and the strike, Theresa O’Connell - I tennis, ambition is: to own my own auto dealership. DANIEL O ' CONNOR. 35 George St. 3-2-54 Pet peeve: people who say they ' ll skip all day and then they go in late, Janis Joplin, Led Zepplin, never forget padlocking the doors on April fools, Colleen, Karen, Linda, Joyce, Judy, Rachel, Locklands. ANNA O ' CONNOR, 60 Fremont St. 8-25-71 Reel Happiness is Bill, feeding pigeons on the com- mon, 5 years in this dumb school, I want to get the hell out of here, friends: Theresa, Lucy, and the gang, walks and talks with Donna and Joe. CATHERINE A. O ' CONNOR, 40 Kenilworth Rd. 10-9-54 Cathy Girl’s Club, Yearbook staff, stu- dent council, don ' t fall out again, spastic?. Girl Scout honor, Jeff? 80 ' s, Mr. Mercurio!, Butt’s birthday, the wall, Nahant— I’ve seen better, 9-7- 71. Daniel O’Connor Anna O’Connor Catherine O’Connor William O’Connell 127 CHARLES O ' DONNELL, 35 Greeley Cir. 1-26-54 Charlie. Charlies basement Hampton Beach, lunch at Butterick’s, Ray’s bar and grill, Phil with Jimmy’s bike, let’s take a run down to the university. JOHN J. O’DONNELL Jr. 22 Frazer Rd. 5-18-53 “O.D. " Aunt Rosie’s office. Uncle Harry’s bio class, Mr. DIott’s voice, it’s all a question of loyal- ties, easy now. Red Coss, history, Batmobile. LINDA OFRIA, 28 Jason St. 2-12-54 Blood, Sweat and Tears, Snow days, hockey, pet peeve: gym. DEBRA OICLES, 27 Joyce Rd. 6-25-54 Office asst, library asst.. Miss Barry’s English class, happiness is the two of us together, Lonnie doing my term papers, realizing 1972 begins my life. E. ELAINE O’LAUGHLIN, 23 Greeley Cirice 1-11- 55 Lanie ’’Baby Huey, Donald and Daffy”, 1971 Haverhill Skating Club Outing— SuperCarm and the Big ”C”, Sunday morning skating lessons with Mike and Fred. EDWARD J. O’LEARY 1 1 George St. 5-4-53 Ed V and JV football, pet peeve: the Dead rose, activ- ities: the Weekend Warriors every Fri. and Sat. night, ambition: to be rich and famous. ROBERT O’LEARY, 25 Teel St. 6-14-54 Bob Good and you, Arco, Arco, got a pencil-score? the bench freshmen year, AYA baseball. Debra Oicles Charles O’Donnell Linda Ofria 128 Robert O’Leary John O’Donnell Linda Olson Eleanor O’Loughlin LINDA OLSON, 115 High Haith Rd. 5-5-54 Kevin, pine trees, frisbees, lollipops, sleeping bags, campfires, motorcycles, purple passion, nush, dark earth and a warm sun. Love has no limits. RALPH OLSON, 22 Inverness Rd. 9-4-54 Pugsley Favorite memory: Jimi Hendrix Funeral Party, hobby: partying, pet peeve: Memorial Day week- end at the Cape, favorite group: The Fugs, song: Saran Wrap, naying: why bother? DONNA O’NEILL, 18 Spy Pond Parkway 3-28-54 AEX, H-4, star of the day, GCH, buzz, wooooo, beach, someone special, . . " what a waste of time not to love readily and straightforward " , ambition: nurse. KEVIN O ' NEIL, 227 Sylvia St. 8-25-54 Linda, freshman and JV hockey, freshman cross coun- try, track, gymnastics. WILLIAM O ' NEILL, 20 Amsden St. 11-26-54 Red Soccer, AYA baseball, pet peeve: know it all people, favorite saying; “Is that right " , ambi- tion: to graduate from college and succeed, summer ' 71 in Maine. PATRICIA A, ONETO, 15 Lanark Rd. 5-6-54 Patti Wait for me, G S, Miss Healy, great parties, get those legs up, guapa-guapa, Bessets, Marta, a friend is a person you can tell all your troubles to. Patricia Oneto Ralph Olson Donna O ' Neill William O’Neill 129 Joseph O’Quinn SUZANNE MARIE OPPEDISANO, 39 Hathaway Cir. 11-29-54 Drama Club, co-pres., Yearbook, Chronicle. I always wondered what the end was like, now I realize it ' s only the beginning. JOHN O ' QUINN 44 Menotomy Rd. JOSEPH O’QUINN, 44 Menotomy Rd, 8-22-54 Big Joe ' 71 Hockey tourney, freshman gym class, Pasquaney driving range, NH, hate getting up for school on Monday morning. RAYMOND W. OUELLETTE, 77 Lancaster Rd. 10-29-54 Hi, Mister Hill. ALAN PAGLIERANI, 10 Granton Pk. 2-3-55 JUDY PAOLILLO, 21 Moulton Rd. 2-23-54 The Friday beach parties with the gang, WW’s roof, trips to the M M and Lockland, the open campus that isn’t but is. DAVE PARADIS, 90 Everett St. 4-15-54 Happi- ness is bothering the h-ll out of subs and gradu- ating without office detention. DEBORAH A. PASCALE, 318 Ridge St. 9-19-54 Grubby Place, here we come— Frank Zappa for President— going up country to Boogie, D addy don ' t you blow your cool, everything ' s under control. MICHAEL N. PASKAUSKAS 10-21-54 Free at last . . . “the Road goes ever on . . ”, evening GBD. JOSEPH PERRY, 21 Lowell St. 10-28-53 Wedge I am known for a bad sense of direction, Christ- mas in Hyannis, Room 55, Hampton, carrying Roy Cook out of Teen Center, James Taylor, happiness is just being free. Alan Paglierani Judith Paolillo 130 David Paradis Suzanne Oppedisano Raymond Ouelette Joyce Perry Joseph Perry Joel Pessa Michael Paskauskas JOYCE PERRY, 92 Morningside Drive 12-17-54 Jerry, 11-8-69, Senior Prom ’70, Sophomore, Junior year. STEVE PESIRIDIS, 21 Russell St. 5-31-53 I liked AHS except there weren’t any sports I could play, since the establishment of the soccer team a new interest was opened up for me. JOEL PESSA, 18 Florence Ave. Student No. 92163 Senior year is a good year at AHS, tennis school and Brigham’s, tennis team with Fred, winter with A. Brown, to go away for summer. CAROL L. PETERSON, 52 Trowbridge St. 10-1- 54 Bubbles Like playing guitar and piano, tennis, sewing, bicycle riding, office asst., like to be with friends, swimming, driving?, “Page”, Good times. Rainbow Ball 70. LINDA PETERSON, 294 Forest St. 1-21-54 Spirit club, bus rides, ski club— HO JO’s, The Venice, 2N-quarter of four, art club, I want to make it with you, summer of ’71, Jr prom, English 3, Cherish. JOSEPH PETITTI, 26 Cherokee Rd. 9-23-54 Joe V football, JV hockey, outdoor track co-capt, Huck, red lights and sunburns, horsefeathers, block on Vinnie Megna’s run. The Train, Gold Team. MICHAEL SCOTT PETROWICZ 5 Ronald Rd. 12- 10-54 James Taylor, Neil Young, Sunny Sky, Don’t Let it Get You, Traveling, Philmont, France, Austria’s next. Christ was that kid a pain. 8:00- 12 : 00 . Linda Peterson Michael Scott Petrowicz Carol Peterson James Phillips Dennis Piccoli JAMES PHILLIPS, 37 Yerxa Rd. 7-25-54 Jim Re- member the Bombers, the retreats and Jell-0, in sophomore year the train. DENNIS PICCOLO 17 Exeter St. 8-13-54 Exeter St. gang, Friday and Saturday nights, Schlitz, Chucky’s Zoo, throw him out the fair, 8-13-71, summer of ' 71, Mystic ice cream. FRANCIS S. PIERCE, 14 Foster St. 10-4-54 Pab Pab, member Charlie’s basement, member fam- ily, have bomb willing to travel, Houseitosis, Plum Island bridge, lawn association, student council, Waylo, Admiral Frank, Frangipani, SR Falco. JAMES F. PINETTE III. 15 Yale Rd. 10-15-54 Jay The East, the Pints, my cellar, Linda, summers at the East, cross country 2, 4, “The Guess Who " , DP Course, CC. Family Friends, to get a new job. The End. EDMUND POWERS, 33 Eastern Ave. 5-24-54 Ed or A. Y. Gymnastics, music-bass guitar, Schlitz, Apple Wine, “F ’em if they can’t take a joke " . Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jimi Hendrix, nature. Paula. Francis Pierce Rachel Porciello JOHN PRIMERANO, 78 Cleveland St. 8-6-54 Prim LAWRENCE PRIOR, 64 Glenburn Rd. 6-25-54 ROBERT PROCTOR, 11 Cypress Rd., 11-1-54 Doc Sports: cross country. JV, Varsity, pet peeve: fishing tor the great White Whale, also the efficiency of H’s Maintainence Department, I don ' t make house calls. RACHEL PORCIELLO, 57 Williams St. 7-25-54 Chug-a-Lug AC wetting pants. Brattle St., seed popping, Chiquita, street breathing, trips, leaving and never returning, the bridge, Malcom, TJ ' s. KEVIN POWER, Over look Rd. 4-10-54 Sports: soccer, pet peeve: 5th period studies and dead rose, member of WW. FRANK PROKOS, 27 Surry Rd. 7-16-54 Soccer team, Spanish class, worst class ever, Mr. Gi- roux, Mr. Mangurian — best teacher. GEORGE PUDDISTER, 17 Mayflower Rd. 5-29- 54 Pud Track, favorite personality: Red Kelley, happiness is the day I graduate. CHRISTOPHER PUGH, 10 Hillside Ave., 10-19- 54 Pub Pub, Rocks BCC, BC, Pledge of Alle- giance, Junior, ' 56 Chevy: truck, 8-71, 9th-14th, New Years ' 71, Frank ' s 57 dances. Thanksgiving ' 71, Parties, Los: Kent Prep. Kevin Power Robert Proctor John Primerano Lawrence Prior George Puddister Christopher Pugh 133 Edmund Powers Jean Puopolo Marylou Raphael Carol Ramsey JEAN PUOPOLO 273 Washington St. 10-13-54 Jeann ie Samettes, ski club, G S Assoc., JV vol- leyball. yearbook, skiing, dancing, Mr. DIott’s sixth period class, Waterville Valley, ambition: to be a nurse, hate insincere people. CAROL A. RAMSEY, 83 Highland Ave. 6-29-54 France, 7-2-70, Linda, h f games. Summer St., I’m not an alcoholic, TYS, teen center, Daddy, green, Buttrick ' s, Rainbow, laughing, love. MARY LOU RAPHAEL, 12 Mystic Valley Pkwy. 1- 9-55 Mary Spirit club, H F games, teaching at Elem schools, craft class, Carol-Linda, orange, yellow star, remembering it, DC, Jeanie the kid, fudging around, happiness is Gloucester. LINDA JEANNE RAWSTON, 90 Mt. Vernon St., 12-17-54 Jennie, back room of library, poison ivy. Science Club, Michael, Latin, July 2, Carol, guitar, George, blue, France, John, July 13, Claddagh. DIANNE RAYMONDI, 11 Amherst St. 10-6-54 Ostrch Happiness is being loved by Frank Accetta, Mount Auburn, get off it, cars. Brock- ton, I guess it’s too late baby, little Genis, 427, L88. 134 Dennis Reddington Carol Reed Patrice Reardon ► DENNIS REDDINGTON, 37 Magnolia St. 4-5-54 MBC cars, Flip Wilson, running track, sleeping, ice cream, March 25, DAH, hockey with my pals, camping, beaches. MARSHA REARDON, 15 Milton St., 3-18-54 Hap- piness is a sunny day at the beack. Zonk! rainy days Mondays, math homework. Three Dog Night, lunchroom, BF, Jordan Marsh, 6th period study. Swamp. PATRICE REARDON, 11 Governor Rd., 12-17-54 Happiness is watered barbarcues, October 23, 1969, skiing, Wd, happiness is JW, CYO retreat 7-69. CAROL REED, 179 Westminster Ave. 11-30-54 Mrs. Goidkrand ' s classes can ' t be forgotten, walking alone at night, Joanna, COG Beverly, re- treat, Spirit club, football, 25 miles. Youth group. MICHELE REED, 18 Chatham St. 4-23-55 Mickey Mr. " Mac " , Mr. Sullivan, G S, Mr. “T " , Atlantic City, If I sepnt any more time in the music depart- ment they ' d start charging me rent! PAUL REGAN, 9 Wyman Terr. 7-6-54 Cast par- ties, Drama Club, Puck, and the well known Art Room are the only good things about this school. JOHN REPETTO Michele Reed Paul Regan John Repetto 135 Larry Ricardo Theresa Rich Diane Rigaki Helen Robillard Paul Robbins 136 Roberto Riccos Richard Rheaume Mike Riley Daniel Robinson Kathleen Robinson Nancy Roderick Anne Ronan Mark Rosa William Rose RICHARD RHEAUME MICHAEL RILEY, 70 Mystic St. 3-15-55 Mike Col- lege Ave. Chemists, Dinner’s Diner, Ten years After concert, Charlie’s basement, HPC, Al, fall ’70, swimming and other things at Fit’s, the best. LAURENCE R. RICARDO, 47 Lafayette St. 3-8-54 President of student council. Varsity football, Ike, Nub, Bush, Noseman, Boots, MB. Kathy McCarthy, Doug’s, birthday party, hockey tour- nament, Burma Rd., good voice, thank you all. ROBERT RICCOS THERESA SUE RICH, 27 Egerton Rd. 2-21-54 Terry Donnie, 8-13-68, Happiness is Donnie home on leave, ambition to be a secretary and to own a car, Mr. Botelho’s ski trip, Nahant. DIANE RIGAKI, 118 Hillside Ave. 1-23-54 Dana Hoping for a successful future, unforgettable summer In Greece, best musical group: Santana, my Junior English class with Mrs. Collins. ROBERT RIVEROS 43 Ronald Rd. 7-5-52 Do I know where hell is? hell is in the law, heaven is good by forever, is time for me to go. PAUL ROBBINS, 222 Appleton St. 5-23-54 Fred Winning in tennis, biology field trip at Middlesex falls, laughing during math tests, excitement in US history, the absurdity of it all, but hold fast to dreams. HELEN ROBILLARD, 19 Wyman St. 9-19-53 Hel Happiness is riding in JRD’s blue bomber, wait- ing for TOC to get caught skipping, I’ll never for- get 69-71 in POP, Mr. Lincoln, Junior year. DANIEL ROBINSON, 107 Jason St. 3-12-54 KATHLEEN ANN ROBINSON, 95 Valentine Rd. 11-10-53 Kathy Will always remember Mr. Jor- dan’s class. Spirit Club, football and hockey games, the Sophomore office. For all we know, happiness is walking 25 miles, ambition: secretary. NANCY RODERICK, 138 Gray St. 6-19-54 Rod Mickey Mouse, Porky Pig, going bike riding, playing soft ball, miniature golf, 6-5-71, bowling, happiness is my Kevin and graduating, no lie, 12- 20-70. ANNE MARIE RONAN 1 Brewster Rd. 7-14-54 Latin class, CYO, NH weekend ski trips, Hudson bus drivers, Sound of Music, Winthrop, ’’life makes sense and who could doubt it, if we have not doubt about it.” rjviv aside 6ea. MARK ROSA, 44 School St. 10-2-53 Fiend ’57 Chevs go, favorite party place: Burlington Pits and rez, pet peeve: room 55. WILLIAM T. ROSE. 70 Gardner St. 7-12-51 Rosie Watching a certain girl in AHS, pet peeve: getting kicked out of my Jr. English class. 137 138 LINDA ROSENBERGER, 116 Jason St. 8-19-54 Little pudg Spirit Club, football games, hockey games, happiness is being with Dave and work- ing at the Crest, ambition: to be a success, Mark, Mike, Jackie, Jackie. SARAH ANN ROSENFIELD, 75 Collidge Rd. Leo- 50th year of Aquarius Life is around you and in you. Let the Sunshine In, Klunk RRA. SUSAN ROSS, 24 Kenilworth Rd. 3-31-54 Mixed- up schedules, Freshman English, Christmas party, G S, library, science club, conflicting mandatory meetings. Climb Ev ' ry Mountain. " Hey MA”!, harmonettes, rehearsals, there ' s not enough time. MICHAEL C. ROURKE, 1 Gilboa Rd. 11-30-54 Mike Happiness is leaving AHS, ambition: to be an astronaut, favorite expression: They’ll only see you once Bill, hobbies: building and flying liquid fuel rockets, electronics. GARY ROUTENBERG, 32 Henry St. 11-19-54 Gary, JV football, JV hockey, track, soccer, ski club, AY, CYO, Three Dog Night, Friday night at the Pub, hockey tourney, pet peeve: college boards. Gary Routenberg Sarah Rosenfield Susan Ross Michael Rourke Linda Rosenberger Roland St. Hilaire Pamela Saideh 139 JOANNE RUTKOWSKI, 35 Lakehill Ave. 5-18-54 Rheba Field hockey, PI, TJ, camp, basketball, El, student council, Patti B., dynamite, Orma, 16, softball, flagpole, monkey mouth, no way, year- book, Singapore, Rte 28, right on, Ann and Hope. NICHOLAS R. SACCA, JR., 38 Amaden St. 3-12- 54 Freshman basketball, JV basketball, V basket- ball, freshman baseball, JV baseball, summer basketball league, favorite subject: math, favorite expression: get lost, happiness is having chem- istry 5th period. CAROL SAHAGIAN, 23 Cleveland St. 7-11-54 Sophomore beach party, 6-19-70, my cripple leg, last day Frosh year, getting 9 coke bath at Spy Pond by 2 friends, PJ party at YV CA, Gunga Din at night, the times with Hans. PAMELA SAIDEH, 53 Amsden St. 5-24-54 Pam The summer of ’70, living through Mr. DIott’s tests, the 60’s staircase, the Jr prom, pet peeve: locked sanitaries, happiness is DF. ROLAND ST. HILAIRE, 235 Cedar Ave. 4-27-5 Rolo Football, basketball, good times up the farm. Nicholas Sacca Joanne Rutkowski Carol Sahagian Judith Sakey 140 RUSSELL M SAMPLE JR., 4-12-54 Weld Ear Happiness is at 2:07, room 54, jaunting to NH June 24 to see Jean, it ' s movie time in room V-3, Tech Voc, education ' s the best. JUDITH ANN SAKEY, 331 Lake St. 5-18-54 Judy I expect to pass through this world but once; therefore let me show any kindness to fellow creatures now, for I shan ' t pass here again. LOU SAKEY, 17 Gray St. 1-20-55 Syrain Camel Jockey Happiness is the Woburn coffeehouse, Hampton Beach, and partying at various places, bicycles don ' t pollute, freedom is nothing left to lose, 5th period study, Nancy. MARTHA SANBORN, 146 Oakland Ave. 2-17-54 Marty Bikes, Mrs. R., five mutt, ice cream sand- wich mouth, I ' m being followed, friends, Peggy, BG-games, weekends, " Take it easy " . ANTHONY SANTOS, 20 Dartmouth St. 9-8-54 Spaghetti Bender East Rider, Wilad ' s Woods, It ' s a bummen, Steve, I ' m all wet, animal, farm period 2, Carlos, you did what? Martha Sanborn Anthony Santos James Schipani Leslee Schwamb Robin Serpa John Santosuosso JOHN P. SANTOSUOSSO JR., 53 Lancaster Rd. 3-23-54 STEPHEN SATERIALE, 23 Pine St. 1-4-54 Sum- mer of ’71, Three Dog Night, Junior math class, Dec 19 at Buttrick’s, 4th period, happiness is KW. JOSEPH T. SATLAK, 82 Alpine St. 3-25-54 And ah for a man to arise in me that the man I am may cease to be. JAMES JOSEPH SCHIPANI, 16 joyce Rd. 9-8-54 Parni Nick’s comet, the parties, 4th period Mech Drawing ’71, Charlie’s coming back from Lock- land, getting shut down, paranoid, " John get down from the tree! " DONALD W. SCHIPANI, 27 Piedmont St. 12-24- 54 Don Memories: OH, sanitary smoke after 1st, St. Agnes’ door, Arlington center, skipping with Henry, Jr. prom with Nancy, people: John, Jerry, Henry, Marilyn, peeve: Arlington cops, happi- ness: kicked out of Piece o ' Pizza. LESLEE SCHWAMB, 4 Monadnock Rd. 8-21-54 I love you Francis Xavier Bradley Jr., the apart- ment, Ducky, Nantucket ’71, Jody Bachman, bite his leg, Santa Claus, 7 beautiful boys, B ' ’ blues harp, gohman. ROBIN DORINDA SERPA, 24 Arrowhead La. 7- 21-54 Football season, red and gray, majorettes, summer practice, pep rallies, room 65, Student council, hockey tournies, senior prom with BM 1 971 , life with father, TH, Dennisport, c’est la vie! Joseph Satlak 141 GAETANE SERRES, 324 Forest St. 5-1-53 Gae Happiness is when you love someone and he loves you. MARIE-LYSE SERRES, 23 Yerxa Rd. 6-7-54 One day as I was walking in the rain I met a man who had no shoes. I ' ve been doing so much reading on what to avoid in food, tobacco, drinking that for the first time in my life I have to wear glasses. CATHERINE SEWALL, 19 Lome Rd 8-12-54 Patches New Field, Duggan ' s cellar, the bunk house, skipping school. Pits, Grand Funk, Leger, the park, Patti, Bonnie and Kathy. PATRICIA SHAW. 64 Park Ave. Ext. 10-17-54 Pat Skipping 5th and sitting through four lunches, walking into the boy ' s sanitary by accident. Spirit Club, Mario, happiness is being with that special someone. EILEEN SHEEHAN 115 Brattle St. RICHARD SHEERIN, 39 Inverness Rd. 3-26-54 Rowdy Interests: water sports, never forget Mys- tic Lakes and Miriam St., Lexington, sports: hockey, fishing, I will to AHS a new trunk for Chris. PATRICIA SHIMKAS, 6 Pioneer Rd. 4-7-54 Sum- mer ' 69, Gloucester, Pits, twins, Marlboro, Y. Vkswgn, NY Eve ' 70, N Conway, terz. Duff, Por- kies, K Club, duckpond?, SF, Southie and Ach parties, room 81, B16 O. Catherine Sewall Patricia Shaw Richard Sheerin Patricia Shimkas 142 Eileen Sheehan Gaetane Serres Marie Serres Richard A Smith Roslyn Smith Kathy Sirois DAVID C. SIMONS, 33 Fremont Ct. 4-10-54 Stimy Sunday night meetings, Sheldon, people, student council, fighting. Hush puppies, God gave us friends, we make our own enemies, getting bus- ted, happiness is Tri-Cal. KATHY SIROIS STEVEN SKIGIS, 38 Ridge St. 9-11-54 Square Deal Ha ppiness is staying high 24 hours of the day, and having your own Hemi Road Runner to drive up to the drags with. DEBRA SMALL, 76 Paul Revere Rd. 1-19-54 Debbie Ski trip to NH, Nahant, remember our hike, sewing. Born to be Wild Mr. Kelley ' s history classes, stream it out. MICHAEL SMITH, 9 Memorial Way, 1-3-54 Smitty Fondest memory: the pub, pet peeve: waiting in line for reprocessed hamburg, sports: baseball, golf, I will to AHS my 6th period stomach aches. RICHARD A. SMITH, 396 Appleton St. 4-22-54 Rich Water sports, skiing, gymnastics, music, pet peeve: 8th grade girls on gymnastic rings. RICHARD V. SMITH, 100 School St. 2-5-54 Smitty Bowling team. Papa Joe, time spent here could be spent better, but otherwise, AHS is no. 1 . ROSLYN M. SMITH, 38 Washington St. 2-28-55 Lyn Mr. D ' Lott, Future Nurses, Library Corps, no assemblies, D’s in biology, want to be a marine biologist, remember civics, worth nothing as freshman, days before vacations. David Simons Steven Skigis Debra Small Michael Smith Richard V. Smith WILLIAM SOLARI, 231 Gray St. 8-25-54 Bill Never brought a book home but passed in my homework all A’s, bowling and the bus, school being a bore, waiting to leave Mr. D ' Lott, running around theorem, thinking he ' s a plane. STEVEN SORDILLO, 306 Mystic St. 12-8-53 Hap- piness is leaving Mr. Romeo ' s shop class. PATRICIA SOUSA, 11 Exeter St., 11-6-54 Pat Sophomore math EF, " late again " , talks on the corner. Girl ' s club, student senate, yearbook Buttrick ' s, rides to the beach. DOUGLAS SOUZA, 11 Beacon St. 3-22-54 Doug Chuckie, Mart, blowing-up, ' 65 Chevy, Waldo, East, Spicky jew, Lenny ' s Citgo, Calif. JOSEPH SOUZA, 145 Park Ave. Ext. 12-13-54 Joe AHS baseball, JV basketball, guitar, h unting, fishing, legion baseball, legion basketball ambi- tion: become a pilot. Patricia Sousa William Solari Steven Sordillo Douglas Souza Joseph Souza KAREN SPARANGES, 24 Hathaway Cir. 4-2-54 Friends. Hello! school, falling ceilings and cracked walls, a zoo, a zoo, goodbye! goodbye! ALFRED Z. SPECTOR, 33 Elmore St. 10-14-54 JANET SPERA, 119 Franklin St. 4-1-54 FHA, Spirt Club, pet peeve: Mr. Papandrea’s freshman physical science class. JOHN SPINOSA, 137A Franklin St. Always put- ting things off until tomorrow the things that were do today, stairwell, teens. Old Hall. JUDY ANN STACCHI, 10 Selkirk Rd., 10-2-54 Judy Trips to MM’s and Lockeland, Bruins pa- rade, the beach, Dickie’s, WW’s roof, Mr. Kot- chin ' s Driver’s Ed Class, ’’Can’t Find the Time to tell You”. MARY STACK, 15 Pine Ave. 6-9-54 Thanksgiving sports quiz, Mr. Mitchell’s room 26, history cor- ner. FWA, " stick around”, sewing circle. KAREN STAFFORD, 9 Ronald Rd. 11-12-54 Gon- zaga, Volks Wagons, Hampton Beach, “Tomor- row see the things that never come today”, it’s only teenage wasteland, now you know that you are real, ambition: learn to play piano. DAVID STANTON, 41 Varnum St. 6-2-54 Alfred Z Spector Judith Stacchi David J. Stanton Karen Sparanges Janet Spera 145 Karen Stafford Mary Stack Margaret Stoker KENNETH D. STEELE, 152 Park Ave. 7-10-54 Ohio Jr. prom 1971, I am known for weekend warriors, frosh, JV, and V football, frosh basket- ball, ‘‘You ' ve got no friends”, watching the foot- ball games on Friday nights with the warriors, Jr. class president. CATHERINE STEFANAKIS, 7 Mott St., 12-2-54 Cathy Jr prom, Gloucester Beach, football games, hockey games. Pub kids, Jazzebo, AW, TW, bets, " It don ' t come easy”, Buttricks, best year: Jr favorite saying: I know that for a fact! MARGARET STOKER, 93 Alpine St., 4-8-54 Mar- gie Jr prom, hockey games. Pub kids, football games, “Indian " , 6-31-71, fondest memory: Gloucester Beach, Can’t Find the Time, AW, bets, Buttricks, How ' s it going?? OK! ANN M STRATIS, 99 Stowecroft Rd 7-22-54 with them the seed of wisdom i did sow, and with mine own hand wrought to make it grow; and this was all the harvest that i reap ' d— " ! came like wa- ter, and like wind i go " Omar Khayyam SYLVIA STRELIS, 24 Exeter St., 3-10-54 Latvia, field hockey. Big Smith, L Renard R, forehead student council, hairdo, Merestead flag pole 1970, BC rm 14B, triple entente, The Bobbsey Twins, " It’s amazing!”, MB ROBERTA SUIED, 158 Palmer St. 6-28-54 Rob- bie Never being there, ikemai bucklet, Walden, Boothbay, Tail, Hy-aka-ho, you are the stage, you are the actor, everything is for real, there is no audience. Roberta Suied l| I t - i i I 146 I Joyce Sullivan Kerry Sullivan Michael Sullivan Donna Sullivan Gerard Sullivan DAVID SULLIVAN, 77 Thorndike St., 9-5-54 3rd period studies, U S. history, Sandy’s for lunch, hockey games, bus rides, soccer. Big B, Archie’s chemistry labs, assemblies, alcoholics— EQ, Adios amigos! DONNA SULLIVAN, 43 Hilton St. 5-20-54 Sull Softball, volleyball, basketball, camp with Louie LaFoot, breakfast this morning? Don na, TJ’s, Katy’s, Miss Ma ho ney, the worst: Miss Healy’s class, happiness was no school Fridays. GERARD F. SULLIVAN, 48 Menotomy Rd. 8-31- 54 Sa Frosh. base, bask-dwee, staff car, ft ball field WW’s, Ed and that, Beanbag, Da Project boys, dead rose. Chuck ' s BS, down Lebert’s right. JOYCE SULLIVAN. 3 Ottawa Rd 12-31-54 Re- member detention, breakfast, Fridays at the beach, Lockeland, never forget " Rabbit”, Zep- plin and Grand Funk, pet peeve: getting caught skipping, " Duffy, wanna be late?” KERRY SULLIVAN, 96 Bow St. 6-28-54 Sunsets, Kanasatka, dungarees, summer, " More Today that Yesterday”, Chet III. 7-7-70, full moons, Hyannis, beaches, pet peeve: short hair, Colour My World, It’s too Late . . . MICHAEL SULLIVAN, 3 Ottawa Rd. 1-9-54 Sully Short sands. Right Guard, Green Bomber, asking not telling, diving boards, docks, stars, said it to make conversation, VW, caring, farm. Keystone Convention, Mole, respect. David Sullivan 147 Brenda Szymanski Richard Szymczak Lon Tartarini 148 Salvatore Tassone Robert Teel Nancy Taylor Richard Teeven William Taylor Paul Temmallo PATRICIA SULLIVAN, 15 Varnum St. 10-27-54 Hick Great times in the apt. and on the tracks, Girls Club, the barn sneaking out. By the Time I Get to Phoenix, pet peeve: Danny G. JOANNE SUTTON, 88 Bow St., Happiness is Ro- land, 1969, Fantastic Five at Vicky’s on Friday nights, TJ’s dinner at the Wursthaus, Girls Club, Thurber barn, Boston department. JACK SWEENEY, 27 Langley Rd. 5-17-54 JOANNE SWENY, 49 Tanager St., 6-3-54 Glou- cester, summers of 69, 71, elbows, ask Dave, 4?, TEM, beach parties, ask Patti, long talks with Sandi and Mary, nights at Frie ndly’s peewee official. JULIE SWENY, 49 Tanager St. 6-3-54 Julie Wayne 11-28-70, summers of 69, 71 , Gloucester, Wingaerseek beach, the Three Stooges, friends, SS, rm 81, AEZ, pet peeve: phony people. BRENDA SZYMANSKI, 32 Fordham St. 6-26-54 Frog Thupa, carbarns rides to the beach, hockey games, Nahant, Girls Club, Tuesday Old Hall 5, 50 yard line, the rocks, ssshh. RICHARD SZYMCZAK, 158 Woodside Ln. 7-20- 54 Audio Visual, photography. LORI TARTARINI, 15 Jason Terr. 2-5-54 Iniratrat Skipping school on Friday with the gang, fights with Walter, Funny Face, Dilboy Field, Judy Joyce skipping and getting caught by a cop, WW’s Roof. SALVATORE J. TASSONE, 39 Varnum St. 9-8-54 Sal AV, Chronical and yearbook pho- tography, ambition: motion picture production. NANCY ANNE TAYLOR, 26 Temple St. 9-1-54 Nefertitti, Tarantula, Pygmy Alone, I will ride with Don Ouioxte in the sun-filled foggy dreams of my realty. Lead weights and sea- gulls continue under a mist to reach a final balance. WILLIAM TAYLOR, 28 Scituate St. 5-30-53 Hap- piness is having a transmission and rearend that won’t blow on ya. movies: Bullet, Dirty Dozen. ROBERT TEEL, Weelette get me a donut, 3 day suspension for heckling, your obnoxious, Leet Trebor, Bikes and Race Cars. PAUL TEMMALLO, 76 Chandler St. RICHARD TEEVEN, 15 Governor Rd.. 1-23-54 Turk, play hockey every Sunday morning, push- ing carriages in the snow, ’’The Dead Rose”, coming in second for the rookie of the year in softball, I don’t like print class, happiness is tak- ing an open book test in history. 149 Elaine Thompson Jacqueline Thompson CAROL H TERZIAN, 1192 Mass. Ave. 12-27-53 Rug Never forget Labor Day Weekend 71, down the Cape, Harvard Sq., parties, 1-11-71, North Conway with Shimkas Duffy, TJ ' s, Cam- bridge parties, “Ma-in”, 3-13-70. ELAINE C. THOMPSON, 324 Appleton St. 8-30- ; 53 Craze Al Fiore, horses, Chooch, old church- hang-out, the pink popsicle, trains, Jacque Bill. JACQUELINE THOMPSON BARBARA THUNELL, 152 Waverly St., 6-17-54 Spirit Club, student council 1, 2 years with " Cav”— “do much " . STEPHEN TINSLEY, 39 Orvis Rd. 2-28-54 Open Campus a great thing, happiness Mr Lavery ' s 6th period history class, someone to remember I Mr. Tucker, Anna do you have a piece of gum? Janet Tobey JANET TOBEY, 65 Falmouth Rd. 4-3-54 " Above all things may you be glad and young. " JOHN D. TOMSUDEN, 291 Hillside Ave. 4-3-54 Skiing, Route 2 Raceway, A.B.’s, 360’s, Old Hall San, mountain goat. DEBRA TOOMEY, 108 Ronald Rd. 7-26-53 Hockey, football, Feb. 1st, BT, Pub gang, Pip, Rosy, MS, OS, perfume at dinner, Junior prom, beach party, blue eyes. ROBERT JOSEPH TORONTO, 4 Murrey St. 1-12- 54 B.T. Happiness is DT, the Pud, Junior prom, BCC, beach parties, hockey and football games, Feb. 1st. JOSEPH A. TORTELLI, 103 Medford St. 8-19-53 Dr. Arthur’s measurements, Mr. Giobbe’s Charm School and Italian Class, Mrs. Maclean ' s English Class, poitics, music, rally’s at the Statler, " so- cial justice " . Debra Toomey Joseph Tortelli John Tomsuden Robert Toronto 151 Beverly Totten Garry Towle 9 Beverly Towne BEVERLY TOTTEN, 51 Pine St. 8-10-53 Ignorant people, breakdowns, submarines, keeping warm, yellow being innocent, " Cold Duck " , friends helping each other, endings, candlelight, short year, Marie, Hampton, Elaine. GARRY TOWLE, 22 Franklin St. 6-30-54 Florida in winter, pet peeve: skipping 5th period, happi- ness is 2:07, poison ivy in summer. BEVERLY TOWNE, 418 Ridge St. 3-24-54 Do what you like as long as it don ' t hurt no-one else. Going to NH and water skiing, the Senior Prom, happiness is Ronnie. KAREN TOWNSEND GERARD TRAMONTOZZI, 2 Gorham St. 4-18-54 Jerry Activities: art and music, the thing I want to forget— Arlington High. KAREN TRANI, 164 Brattle St. 2-25-54 Paisan Summer of ' 71, 5-1-71, prom, football and hockey games, HTC, smile, Easter Bunny, Pan- cake House, lush, " We ' ve only just begun to live!”, " What do ya think, I ' m kidden ya?”. JAMES F. TRAVERS III, 399 Main St. Acton, Mass. 12-19-52 Abe-Stuby I am known for short arms, happiness is having them longer, pet peeve: my truck. Karen Townsend Gerard Tramontozzi 152 Anna Trembly Barbara Tsakirgis ft Regina Tremblay Lisa Turnbull STEVEN TREBINO, 48 Newland Rd. 11-9-54 Trib Fondest memory: Howdy ' s and CP train, happi- ness is getting out for good, favorite group: Sly, Guess Who, Zeplin, pet peeve: English, math, and school. ANNA TREMBLY, 49 Wollaston Ave. 5-4-54 G and S, Atlantic City, music! guitar, joyful music! playing football in deep snow, walking in thun- derstorms, swimming, boring English, fun in a Volkswagen. REGINA TREMBLAY, 20 Alpine St. 6-6-54 Better than Barton ' s, best at 6 Monday morning, the in- ner tube, early Greyhound bus, the sign was there but I knocked it over, I’ve seen better. BARBARA TSAKIRGIS, 7 Kipling Rd. 5-12-54 Barb Chronicle, Yearbook, Allied Youth, Bowl- ing, Ski Club, Rainbow, CYO, choir. Drama Club— Mrs. Enterprise, Plane Crash miscarriage, April in Paris, Hudson Bus drivers, Honines, hold the bus. Chinks, all Greeks don ' t smell, around the coach ' s umbrella. LISA JO TURNBULL, 10 Peter Tufts Rd. 12-5-54 Use Favorite expression: " Hey, what ya doing?”, happiness is being with all your friends and hav- ing a great time, pet peeve: waiting for people, 1970-1971. Alton Bay. Karen T rani James Travers Stephen Trebino 153 154 Kathleen Varnum Scott Turner Deborah Valente SCOTT TURNER, 68 Dickson Ave. 10-24-54 Bombers, JV 600, goldfish at Bamboo hut, Chig- gers, Bens, Jazbos, Mr. E’s parties, Honines, street hockey, eggs, ushering at Harvard, weirdos, S S softball, fresk of nature, elephant raids, pet peeve: Mattie Matures, snarks, Pa Joe, normal, cretins. MARIA TZEVELEKAKI, 31 Pondview Rd. 1-29-54 Marl Kou Lou Don ' t say that anyone is happy un- til you see his end, favorite song: Never on Sun- day, " Ta Pedia Toy Perea " , Hriste Moy = Oh! God. RAYMOND S. UTTARO, 11 Steep Rock Rd. 1-7- 54 The class pig, the hate of drawing, clean up time, that day on the front lawn, happiness is 6 oz ' s up, the four angled hexagon. DEBRA VALENTE, 38 Egerton Rd. 3-23-54 Debby Hampton Beach in the summer of ' 70, Steven, Chicago concert, worst pet peeve: Joanne Catalano, cheating in Mitchel ' s class, Buttrick’s in the morning, every morning. JOANNE VALLIERE, 50 Gloucester St. 12-21-54 Spirit Club, Allied Youth, enjoy hockey games, especially when Arlington is on top, ambition: to be a schoolteacher. DANA VAN AMBURG, 84 Brand St. 4-21-54 Van. KATHLEEN VARNUM, 3 Freeman St. 3-10-54 Kathy FHA, library assistant. Mondays, history, 20 page absence list, Fridays!! Mr. DIott ' s sixth period US history class— What a group!! Joanne Valliere Raymond Uttaro Dana Van Amburg Yvonne Vicari Patricia Vincent Joseph Viglione Gerald Venezia GERALD M. VENEZIA. 39 Windmill Lane 12-24- 53 Jerry Memories: the Jr prom, semiformal, and the hay ride, when you ' re a Junior, happiness is going to school from second period to fifth pe- riod and getting a passing mark in first and sixth period. YVONNE VICARI, 12 Dickson Ave. 8-31-54 It don ' t come easy, pet peeve: school, happiness is Bobby, remembering: Canobie Lake, The Top of the Hub. and friends. JOSEPH S. VIGLIONE, 39 Beverly Rd. 5-8-54 Vig Chronicle, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Gimme Shelter. Rolling Stones, Whitmore ' s print shop, skip days, Harvard Square, Ree Ree and her friends, Sundrop. PATRICIA VINCENT, 99 Palmer St. 3-6-54 Trish Gutty, York Beach, Maine, summer of ' 68, Mama Bear, let it be. Super Score, stoned free, some- day we ' ll be together, live for today. REBECCA VIOLA, 433 Appleton St. 8-10-54 Becky Office assistant, Jr English class, Mr. Pru- sik ' s crafts class. MICHAEL NICHOLAS VOSNAKIS, 72 Freeman St. 7-4-53 Vody Cummington, heavy heavy, did I hear someone say it ' s time for . . . " Harley Hog or Bust " . Cape, River football games, Charlie ' s basement 1970. MARY E. WALSH, 71 Appleton St. 7-4-54 Mari- beth Love to swim, sail, travel. Hey Deb, remem- ber that time in Concord? Hello Mr. Kelley! al- ways remember last summer. MARTHA A WALSH, 74 Trowbridge St. 8-26-54 Martha Walsh Mary Walsh Stephen Webb Donald Weismann David Welch 156 DAVID F. WELCH, 35 Spy Pond Parkway 9-10-52 Creamer Getting bagged in SD, Bony and bumpy, PDDWH, senior year finally! STEPHEN WALSH, 88 Bay State Rd. 10-20-54 Steve The memories of Latin and World history, Mr. Beckwith and Mr. Whitmore, sleepy home- rooms and crazy assemblies, will always remind me of the great AHS. ROBERT BLAISE WALSH JR., 101 Dow Ave. 1- 12-54 Irving. Fog Sitting in with Chuck, Screamer 340, smokes behind the school, Kools, Walden, old church, Stan and Oliver, Beatles, Tull, OK NJ, Goodbye AHS, foggy critter. KATHLEEN WATERMAN, 11 Ronald Rd. 12-8-54 Kathy Orpheus, Can ' t Find the Time to Tell You, Manomet, Jr math class, December 19, Steve, summer vacations, WCC, nursing, friends, Jr. prom hockey games. STEPHEN WEBB, 90 Chandler St. 4-26-52 Duck- a Roo Ten Years After, Circles, is there such a thing as truth? Once upon a time I forgot how to laugh!, happiness is doing what you want and nobody bothering you about it, fondest memory: 6-8-72 and Strawberry Fields. DONALD T. WEISMANN, 12 Lome Rd. 5-18-54 Bugza Frosh. baseball, basketball, football. Var- sity baseball, basketball, Brockton game ' 71, Lud, E. Mass, baseball tournament 1971, Cav. Kathleen Waterman Stephen Walsh i Margaret Werner Karen White Patricia White MARGARET WERNER, 14 Lorraine Terrace 4- 27-54 Margie Lanes End, Summertime, memo- ries 69, 70-71, Society’s Child, Frog Zap TJ, Lockeland lunchtime, breakfast, skiing, yes- terday’s hurt is today’s understanding, rewoven into tomorrow’s love. KAREN WHITE, 70 Broadway 6-23-54 KaKa Of- fice Asst, AEX, Mrs. Kaiser’s English class, air- plane crash, skipping Driver’s Ed. and going to Buttrick’s, Lockeland, Sandy’s, happiness is skip day at Nahant, no school bells, weekends at Maine. PATRICIA WHITE, 32 Lorraine Terrace 5-29-54 Patti Rheba’s history classes, basketball camp, John Louie, Lanes-End, disagreements with JS, out to breakfast, weekends down Cape, TJ, soft- ball zap, ’’You’re looking good Joe!” PHYLLIS WHITE, 45 Freemont Ct. 11-22-54 Ma- tilda Summer of ’69, January 30 Dance, cup- cakes, BB, Melissa Whitney, Frank’s class. ROBERT K. WHITE, 114B Sunny Side Ave. 6-4- 53 Whitey Favorite saying: You will get over it, activities: WW club, pet peeve: English first pe- riod four years in a row, never forget the project, ambition: to become wealthy. CAROL ANN WHITNEY, 71 Teel St. 3-5-55 Whit Cheerleading, 5 AM, Girl’s club, Ski club, camp, CB’s cottage, Garlita “Yo no se”, Crumminettes. Phyllis White Robert White 157 Timothy Wright William Wright Donna Zahka I 158 Carl Zammuto Elaine Zevitas Richard Zaslaw John Zinka Mary Zona Linda Zdonik MELISSA WHITNEY, 32 Crawford St. 11-10-54 Lissa I’ll be there: December 12, 1970, I am known for talking, happiness is Donnie, Hallow- een party 1970, get on it. CYNTHIA WILSON, 234 Gray St. 6-10-53 Cindy August ' 70, all right, Saturday night, history class, no way. Friendly’s, hockey games. Cape Cod, close, getting a job, Heidi. RICHARD WILSON, 8 Irving St. 9-19-53 KEVIN E. WINSLOW, 129 Appleton St. 11-28-51 Kev Happiness is going out and haying fun no matter what the cost, good luck class of ’72. BILL WRIGHT, 240 Mystic Valley Pkwy. 9-23-54 Willy Hockey, G-man, Harold, Charlie’s, happi- ness is shooting the bull, sixth period at But- trick’s, science club trips, Cody, Willy Write? the Hasty. MARIAN WRIGHT, 46 Foster St. 6-19-54 Duck 7-23-69, Hello it’s me, happiness is not fight- ing, Life, Flirts, money, not being able to stay home from school, secretary. TIMOTHY T. WRIGHT, 102 Forest St. 12-11-53 Hawkeye Hockey, Easy Rider, CCR, I am known for sleeping, happiness is a warm bed, favorite expression: Huh, what did you say? DONNA ZAHKA, 74 Egerton Rd. 3-29-54 Dawn Memories of Mr. Brown’s geometry classes and Miss Johnson’s biology classes, happiness is my understanding parents, and the great times I’ve shared with my friends, ”1 don’t believe it!!!” CARL V. S. ZAMMUTO, 65 Fairmont St, Dyna- mite LA Rams-31 , NY-3, sports, fights. Bison League baseball, favorite people: Clint East- wood, Ty(Killer) Cobb, Carl ’’Superstar” Yastr- zemski, ambition: to own a bike, car, and house, when Frazier KO’ed Clay. EUGENE T. ZARELLA, 29 Fesenden Rd. 4-30-54 Gene RICHARD ZASLAW, 54 Adams St. 12-2-54 Puck My good friend Frank Zappa always said, I quote: What’s got into you? What would be reality with- out music, drama. Thanks Dottie, Frank, Finn, Life. LINDA C. ZDONIK, 174 Lake St. 7-12-54 Zonk Drama Club, FTA, bike ride to Concord, ouch, history study, the Beatles, McCartney, happiness is Mr. Brown’s 6th period math class, ambition: teaching. ELAINE ZEVITAS, 31 Menotomy Rd. 10-15-54 Office assistant, Jr. English class. Spirit Club, Al- lied Youth, vacations, skip days, water skiing, hockey games, ambition to be a secretary. JOHN ZINKA MARY ZONA, 47 Decatur St. 7-14-54 Spirit Club, horseback riding, skiing and playing tennis, pet peeve: the stairs in building A, ambition: to be an X-ray technician. 159 One September, we journeyed back to school and found ourselves in the mids t of the age old custom of “The Election”. When we consider its history of barbar- ism, political armtwisting and dirty cam- paigning, we can remember our election with pride. In the presidential contention between the three front runners, the Honorable Thomas Gennis, the Honorable Kenneth Steele, and the Honorable David Simons, all campaigning was done in unusually magnificent style and only occasional out- bursts from awe-stricken lookers-on mar- red the proceedings. Following in much the same manner, the contentions for vice-president, secre- tary, treasurer continued. Later in the same week when the bal- lots had been counted, the drum roll be- gun, and the winning names flowed from the PA; Tom Gennis— President Paul Crowley— Vice President Madeline Capasso— Treasurer Sylvia Strelis— Secretary 160 162 The First Gear Concert started off our senior year on a good note. We were being tested by the administration to see if we could handle an assembly— previous musical assemblies only served to pro- duce a foreshadowing of the utter chaos that would soon pervade the school and become the subject of much controversy. First Gear was well received however, and we proved that students can be at- tentive when the subject is worth our at- tention. 163 Seniors of the Student Council: David Alessandroni, Madeline Capasso, Glenn Cristofori, John Gibbons, Joanne Grande, Chuck Lowder, John Matthew, Joe Petitti, Frank Pierce, Larry Prior, Joanne Rutkowski, Pat Sousa, Committee Chairmen of the Student Council: Carol Belliveau and Tom Gennis, Student Affairs Committee; Bob Bibeau and Patty Shimkas, Social Committee; Gerry Connolly and Ellyn Geremonte, Cafeteria Committee; John Healy and Paul Crowley, Lounge and Maintenance Committee; and Joanne Lucas, Improvements. Next came the Teachers’ Tea at which teachers, members of the school com- mittee, and students from the Student Council could meet and talk. Then students and teachers got to meet some asses at the Annual Donkey Basket- ball Game held in November. The high- light of this year’s show was the half time entertainment supplied by the boys’ var- sity hockey team and the girls’ varsity field hockey team as they clashed in the first Annual Sweathog Memorial Street Hockey Game. A big crowd was on hand for the event and no one went home dis- appointed. 164 The Industrial Arts Building was the scene of another big turnout as three hundred AHS students showed up when the Open Campus proposal was present- ed to the school committee. The Student Affairs Committee worked diligently, and although tangible results were few, the council was encouraged by the unmiti- gated support of the student body. The Student Council continued to work hard throughout the year, but there were some lighter moments; if you happened to walk by Room 65 any day after school, you may have heard some strange things r 165 I OFFICERS of the Student Council include Larry Ricardo, President; Susan Brooks, Vice President; Robin Faulkner, Recording Secretary; Janet Feeley; Corresponding Secretary; John Mulcahy, Treasurer. O.K.— who clipped the gavel? . . . shav- ing cream and perfume fights . . . what are you gonna do about third period? . . . why can’t we have a telephone? . . . the object of today’s meeting is MONEY! . . . Ricardo, you’re a five pointer . . . Patty, will you do me a favor? . . . they are a bunch of SWEATHOGS! ... go ask Mr. Locke . . . why us? . . . First Gear and " Cool Hand Luke’’ ... I was going to re- sign, you know . . . why weren’t we con- sulted first? . . . IT’S THE STUDENT COUNCIL’S FAULT! 166 While the Student Council brought us together on such issues as open campus, the SPIRIT CLUB worked to eliminate apathy and to instill in all of us a pride in our school. To achieve this goal, the club deco- rated the school with posters, sold spirit buttons, held pep rallies before each home game, and supplied buses to the away games. Led by the Indians who helped to stir the crowd in spirited support of the team, the members of the club were at every game to help cheer the team to victory. 167 The Spirit Club conquered indifference on another front and showed concern for their fellow man by organizing a large group of students in a successful drive to collect funds for the mentally retarded. An active organization, the club also engaged in painting the cafeteria and these fun-filled days will long be remem- bered by those who participated. Senior members of the Spirit Club include: Linda Anderson, Carol Belliveau, Linda Bertolami, Judy Boyd, Rosemary Briand, Joan Burvill, Linda Buzzotta, Elaine Centofante, Beverly Crawford, Linda Ofria, Carol Ramsey, Mary Lou Raphael, Carol Reed, Kathy Robinson, Robin Serpa, Patti Shimkas, Judy Stacchi, Cathy Stefanakis, Joanne Sweny, Julie Sweny, Lori Tartarini, Joanne Valliere, Kathy Waterman, Elaine Zevitas, Sue Crocker, Martha Mahoney, Jeanne Gerrold, Mary Graham, Jeanne Kellett, Lisa Lucarelli, Judy McMillen, Linda O’Connell. Spirit Club was not the only organiza- tion that promoted school spirit— this year’s MARCHING BAND helped to rouse cheers from many a freezing football fan as they lent their fine musical talent in support of the school. Our symphonious Spartans showed us the way as they bra- vely endured severe temperatures to back the team and provide the half-time enter- tainment. In a somewhat more temperate environ- ment, the CONCERT BAND rehearsed throughout the year. A lack of stringed in- strument players and scheduling prob- lems eliminated the possibility of organ- izing a full orchestra this year, but the or- ganization of a Concert Band posed no problems as AHS has some of the best high school musicians in the state. During fifth period rehearsals, the Lowe Audito- rium was the setting for euphony of sound that filled the air when the Concert Band made their musical harmony. 169 FHA officers are Norah Stiles, President; Patricia Dawson, Vice President; Debra Meece, Vice President of Recreation; Kathleen Cantrell, Secretary; Ruth Abbott, Treasurer; Marie Stephens, Reporter; Patti Jones, Historian; Elaine Bell, Parlia- mentarian. The FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA dealt with a different kind of harmony in the course of their yearly ac- tivities. The overall goal of the group was to help individuals improve personal, fami- ly, and community living. In one of the most worthwhile undertakings of the year, the FHA adopted a family as the girls did all they could to bring happiness and en- couragement to its members. Helping oth- ers was a rewarding experience for the girls, but they also enjoyed some lighter moments with their fun projects— the ba- zaars, penny sales, and bake sales. The knowledge and experience gained through the activities of the FHA will be of invaluable assistance to the girls when they embark on their careers as home- makers. 170 The information and assistance offered by the FUTURE NURSES CLUB provided useful assets to those of its members who go into a career in the nursing or para- medical professions. The primary purpose of the club was to gather a group of stu- dents interested in these professions and to keep them informed relative to these fields. Speakers from Skidmore College and the Deaconess Hospital, with accom- panying slide shows afforded the girls with the opportunity of taking a closer look at the behind the scenes activities of those involved in nursing and para- medical careers. The members of the FNA are Mrs. Bergkuist, Advisor; Mary Ann Graham, President; Joan Ronan, Ann Barry, Joan Hutchins, Rachel O’Keefe, Marie Stephens, Pam D ' Errico, Secretary; Karen Chapski, Treasurer, Gail McConnell, Michele Hrul, Mary Jo Uccello. 171 The members of the FUTURE TEACH- ERS OF AMERICA CLUB also had the op- portunity to become more familiar with the various aspects of their future profes- sion as the club’s activities were geared toward bringing the student to the other side of the desk. The FTA was very active as the members learned more about the teaching profession and related careers through discussions with student teach- ers, visits to local colleges, service as teacher aids in elementary schools and practice teaching. These activities pro- vided the members of the FTA with valu- able experience and ga ve them a basis by which they could judge for themselves whether or not they had what it takes to become a teacher. The members of the FTA are Valerie D ' Orlando, President; Patti Corcoran, Vice President; Judy McMillan, Recording Sec- retary; Patti Carlan, Corresponding Secretary; Diane Colozzi, Treasurer; Debbie Conners, Publicity Director; Jane Mealy, Historian; Marie DiNitto, Robin Fitzmaurice, Deborah King, Patti Mahon, Bette Malloy, Mary Rafferty, Carol Reed, Mary Lee Sutherland, Bridget Tammaro, Linda Zdonik, Janet Oppedisano, Lynette Aznavorian, Andrea Harding, E. Sherman. r- Members of the Arlington Program for the Retarded Teenagers pictured are Janice Malatesta, Joan Ronan, Lisa Rowsell, Vickie Albano, Jan Harding, Debbie Vossmer, Mickey Reed, Mrs. Morin, Larry Greco, John Barrett, John Bena, John Gib- bons, Donna Ofria, Cathy Ofria, Karen Ryerson, Karen Hehir, Kathy Moran, Sandy Agostino, Susan Blomquist, Nancy Igo. “Wanted: young people for challenging, after school job. No pay. Requirements: patience, dedication, cour- age, imagination, and love. Discover the mentally retarded and perhaps yourself. Apply today.’’ The students who answered this ad found out what it takes to help the men- tally and physically handicapped. They formed the ARLINGTON PROGRAM FOR RETARDED TEENAGERS. Organized and directed by Mickey Reed, the program be- gan to provide companionship for men- tally retarded teenagers in the town. Later on in the year, the program expanded to include teenagers with physical as well as mental handicaps. The program was re- named Teen Center II and with the help of the sponsoring VFW the members held a once a month gathering. Faculty advisor Mrs. Marzina Morin assisted the group at their monthly meetings, field trips, and fund raising activities. 173 Field trips and fund raising projects are an integral part of the activities of the SCIENCE CLUB also. The club raised money for its activities by staging a car wash and a bake sale. The financial bur- den was lessened on a continuing basis as the club sponsored a refreshment stand for those involved in the Adult Edu- cation Program. Because of the success of these programs, the Science Club was able to enjoy the fruits of their efforts by having a Christmas party (complete with entertainment by the Harmonettes) and attending the Winter Carnival at Crochet Mountain. Eager to delve into the world of sci- ence, with firsthand experience instead of a book, the group took field trips to Plum Island and to Cape Cod where they trav- eled to Eastham and to the Museum of Natural History in Brewster. The biggest club effort of the year was the recycling project. The group collected 7200 pounds of bottles and 2000 pounds of cans for recycling as they not only spoke out against pollution but did their part to put a stop to it. 175 The members of this year’s KEY CLUB were not to be outdone by anyone. The ubiquitous improvement theme of this year’s clubs did not escape the notice of the Key Club as the boys sponsored a clean-up drive of their own when they picked up litter and other waste materials from the old burial grounds. An active group, the Key Club lived up to their motto of “Youth Serves Youth” by providing ushers for school events, collecting donations for retarded children, and by sponsoring their annual “Toys for Tots” drive. The members of the Key Club include: John Boyle, President; Mark Barry, Vice President; Dave Girardi, Secretary, Tim Butler, Treasurer; Dave Alessandroni, Lee Barber, Kevin Bartholomew, Mark Bohannon, Jim Caterino, Joe Clark, Rick Col- lins, Jerry Connolly, Maury Corkery, Glenn Cristofori, Peter Crocker, Paul Crowley, Mike Flanagan, Pat Flanagan, Mike Goff, Frank Guarino, John Mealy, Joe Keeffe, Jack Landers, Bob Lowell, John Mulcahy, Joe Petiti, Jack Sweeny. 176 Members of the Art Club pictured are: Ruth Allen, Tina Mullane, John Levesque, President; Janis Keat- ing, V. President; Martha Quigley, Alexandra Rigaki, Ann Vanderburgh, Beth Dillon, Karen Lundstrom, Charles Linsky, Lorraine Dizio, Patty Coftery, Treasurer; Anne Mari, Secretary. Those ear-piercing noises coming from A-2 every other Monday afternoon, are not the tots waiting for their toys. It isn’t the janitor with his transitor radio on too loud. And it isn’t a burst water pipe or the coffee pot that’s been boiling over since second period. No, it’s none of these. It’s Fin’s friends better known to you as the ART CLUB. A small group of students that meet for one reason. That reason being to sling, sling, and sling. 177 There are usually Pleasant sounds com- ing from M-2, the room where you can find the Harmonettes. But if they’re not singing, they’re talking: . I want print, besides— the orange looks very Victorian . . . Terry and Lynn, now remember not to sing today because Ruth’s sick . . . the shadow of your smile . . . now, I just want to make this correc- tion; I know I do it myself ... I can’t help it girls. My father’s a painter . . . Susan, look out!! . . . Watch dynamics . . . Will you kids stop eating and sing . . . Jingle Bells . . .” The girls in the Harmonettes are Valerie Becker, Eileen Balzer, Susan Ross, Mary Murray. Ruth Freedland, Lynn Harding, Robin Faulkner, Elizabeth Quigley, Linda Marchi, Jan Harding, Francine Blomquist. The goal of both the Harmonettes and the choirs is to present a perfect blend of voice, talent, and personality to their au- diences. Other groups within the school, such as the yearbook staff also attempted to present a perfect blend of talent to its audience, but did it work? 179 “We have created a monster . . . Con- fiscate and publicly burn all copies!” Un- doubtedly a distinction worthy of the 1972 Indian Staff. “Let’s mimeograph three hundred more forms, the file looks depleted and it won’t make a good impression that way. No, I don’t care what they say . . .’’ Cool effi- ciency: “transfer Lanzillo, Mayerson, De- George and have Tsakirgis act as Nason. So what if it takes more time that way.” As Chief Spector droned on, we put out a yearbook: imagery similar to Nero fiddl- ing. “The content of a yearbook ought to be a free flowing journalistic commentary rather than a static collection of utter ir- relevancy.” Ah, idealism and the com- promises that follow! Tobey’s indescribly beautiful flow was ruined by tokens from the age of mud, war, and corruption while Erickson’s lay- outs were bambattered and shaken by ill- coordinated and inept suggestions. Corn- elius delivered in magnificent style al- though on occasion, he added grain, pre- sumably left over from breakfast, and wa- ter spots, drippings from midnight mar- tinis. (And as a statistical note, Cornelius printed every candid in this book.) Lan- zillo almost singlehandedly came through with almost 2G, much to Tobey’s lament. And for once Turner finished in record time with the invaluable assistance of De- George and Tsakirgis. 180 What need be said about Ronan than to remark that all photography assignments were duly assigned, although occasion- ally a few days too late. In her role as Kissinger of the Yearbook, all trips to hos- tile nations were successfully carried out. And then there is that strange Year- book creation, the Consulting Editor. The part this year was played by Mayerson who can be discredited with many jobs expertly performed and as the Yearbook statician notes, with largest number of lascivious and lewd pictures. In addition and with a round hand, Lund and his Yearbook Crime Syndicate systematically extorted enough money to keep his checkbook full. Thirty photo- graphers took over 7000 pictures, one- sixth of which were taken over angry and sometimes physical protestations of hos- tile subjects. LaRocca added a feather in our cap, and a task force of DeGeorge, Tsakirgis, and Lundstrom kept all the knots tied together. Noonan, Geremonte, Rutkowski, and Kilfoyle are also to be held responsible for at least portions of this volume. The god of money played his part by having us announce twelve distinct dates as the very last day to purchase a year- book and the goddess of layout and mug shots had a similar hoax perpetrated to satisfy her arch desires. We, the yearbook powers that be, thank all who willingly and unwilling gave of themselves, their time, their creativity, and their money; it is with the help of coun- tless, nameless persons that this book ex- ists. 183 T’was the week before Christmas as DRAMA CLUB’S winter production, Har- vey hit A.H.S. The cast was small in size but large in imaginative interpretation which is vital to the successful creation of a play. Harvey, the (invisible) 6V2 foot tall white rabbit was the highlight of the eve- ning as he played his inimitable self. He, along with the rest of the performers, pro- vided entertainment to their delighted au- dience while gaining enjoyment for them- selves from this experience in play pro- duction. Seniors contributing to the fine outcome of this play were Paul Robbins, Micky Reed, Richard Zaslaw, Suzanne Oppedisano, Paul Regan, Barbara Tsa- kirgis, and Steve Hopkins. The high point of the year for the Dra- ma Club was its winning the Regional Festival with its production of “The Cul- ture Vulture,” a new adaptation of Mo- liere’s “The Would-Be Gentleman” written by Mr. Filichia and directed by Mr. Rob- erts. At the festival, cast members Linda Cataldo, John Levesque, Paul Regan, Paul Robbins, and president Richard Zas- law won awards for their superior per- formances. Seniors Steve Hopkins, Patty Oneto, and Barbara Tsakirgis rounded out the cast. 184 i The production of a play is a team ef- fort, requiring hard work and co-operation from the people working on stage and be- hind the scenes. Corresponding Secre- tary Andrea Mobilia, Recording Secretary Linda Cataldo, and Historian Susan Lahaie worked with Mr. Roberts and Mr. Filichia to produce a prosperous year for the 1971-72 Drama Club. Dramatics were ramified into a different medium this year as AHS went Hollywood with a feature length production entitled " Where Arrows Meet.” This big step in a new direction resulted in a feeling of skepticism on the part of the students, but this attitude changed when John Matthew (the man who con- ceived, produced, and directed the proj- ect) proved that this film was not a joke but a reality. There are so many things that go into the making of a movie— much more than meets the eye— and it took eight months of hard work by a number of student ac- tors and directors. “Where Arrows Meet” will not be re- membered because of its appearance in the screen but rather because of its mere existence. The stars of the movie are John Mat- thew, Bob Giovani, Steve Dereszewski, Mike, Karen Stafford, Joe Clark, Steven Goodwyn, Dave Girardi, Paula Percoco, Jon Hall, Paul Crowley, James Gallagher, and countless others. Production crew in- cludes David Cornelius, Photography; John Carter, cameraman; Mark Sateriale, sound engineer; Guy Morello, sound ass’t; Frank Galvin, Rick Maibaum, Ian Fleming, Tech. Production; Carol Bel- liveau, Madeline Capasso, Sylvia Strellis, Susan Erickson, Publicity. 186 Seniors in A.V. are Mary Ellen Kenney, Donna Abbott, Joan Hutchins, John Car- ter, Sal Tassone, Richard Szymczak, Linda Harmon, Mark Luther, Carol Bel- liveau, Ed Hurl, Lannie O ' Laughlin, Robert Procter, Judy Lennon, Susan Jones, Diane Barra, Anne Moniz. There are also students who are in- volved in producing materials and offer their support to the instructional media program. The students of AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB spend their study periods and much time after school operating the vari- ous and sundry types of equipment. 187 The LIBRARY CORPS also spends much time after school; they have broken last year’s all-time record by holding 3 V 2 meetings. They have shelved 2473 books. They have served 929 overdue notices. They have served 530 second time notices. They have col- lected a grand total of $13.24 for lost books. They have suffered 56 cases of paper cut fingers, none of which needed medical attention. And thanks to their excellent eyes, they managed to have only 21 books stolen from the Book Fair. Congratulations are truly in order. 188 The members of the LIBRARY CORPS are Patricia Stephens. Rina Nikolchev, Roslyn Smith, Steve Gilligan, John Asinari, Beverly Crawford. Linda Rawston, Jay Dodd, Daniel Viola, Alan Robinson, Elizabeth Sakey, Richard Spin- ale. Anne Ronan, Deborah O ' Neil, Jean Mclsaac, and Margaret Mendes. Members of Coop erative Education are: Diane Barra, Mary Buckley, Joanne Cooper, Donna Daley, Denise Delia, Linda Donisi, Cheryl Enos, Kathleen Fahey, Michele Gervais, Lynda Harmon, Sheryl Hill, Susan Jones, Mary Lou Kennedy, Joanne Mabardy, Ruth Maghakian, Debra Manita, Maureen McAuliffe, Anne Moniz, Carol Peterson, Theresa Rich, Helen Robillard, Kathleen Robinson, Elaine Thompson, Beverly Totten, Phyllis White, Marian Wright. The seniors in D.E.C A. are Robert Anthony, Robert Bolduc, James Cancelliere, Neil Cicciu— Parlamentiarian, Carol Crosby, Robert Dempsey, Richard Gilman, Kevin Judge— Treasurer, Micheal Keating, Dennis Kelley, Calvet Lewis, Edward McDonald, Robert McKeown, John Mercier, Judith Miranda— Secretary, Robert Mottia— Vice-President, Pa- trice Reardon— Corresponding Secretary, Daniel Robinson, William Rose— President, Richard Teeven, Robert White, William Lawson, William A. McCarthy— Teacher-Co-ordinator. The COOPERATIVE and DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMS are the only two legal ways to escape from Arlington High School before 2:07. Actually, neither is an easy way out by any means; both are demanding programs designed to ac- quaint students with the business world. The twenty-six Cooperative Education students start their high school day the way most high school students do, at- tending classes. But at 11:30 they are dis- missed to go to work— usually an office position, doing secretarial or clerical work or working in Data Processing, for which they are given school credit. Their work week is usually about twenty hours, but even in that short time employers have given high praise to students’ determina- tion and capability. The program also offers counseling regarding vocational, educational, and personal problems. The Distributive Education Program offers an even closer look at the business world. Students in this program study merchandising and retailing in the class- room and then apply their knowledge in job training programs. They too are re- leased early from school to work, and re- ceive school credit while working. The ’72 D.E. class has attended conferences in Boston, Hyannis, Baltimore, and the New York Catskills to exchange ideas with oth- er D.E. groups, display their projects, and generally have a good time. This year D.E. has offered a before-school coffee shop for students and faculty. 189 And for another year, the LATIN CLUB and for the first time, the GREEK CLUB buried their respective heads in the seas of antiquity, the only point of issue being whose head sunk the deepest. The Greek Club, in a democracy resem- bling the city states of thousands of years past, met at least once and very little is and will ever be known about them. For the majority it is forever destined to be Greek to us. And then the Latin Club, under the con- sulship of Carl and Leto, carried forth the majesty of Imperial Rome. By Imperial proclamation Room 26 became New Rome and Scott Turner serving his pro- consulship left to become governor of Pa- lestine. In New Rome the citizens were kept happy throughout the year by such measures as increasing the dole and by cutting the proscription lists in half. Members of the Greek Club pictured above are John Tsakirgis, Stephen Kalous- tian, Janet Tobey, Shizuo Mukai, David Perry, Anne Ronan, Diane Rigaki, Linda Rawston, Madeline Hanafin and advisor, Mr. Mac. The members of the Latin Club pictured above are Alfred Spector, Paul McElligot, Richard Archibald, Tom Gennis, Hagop Onanian, John Deshler, Joel Pessa, Larry Greco, advisor, Mr. Mac., Carl Leto. Mary Bohan. Janet Tobey, Karen Crockett, Anne Ronan, Scott Turner and Judy Sakey. 190 Such classicism as the Greek and Latin Clubs is not unique to Arlington High for the ancient art of rhetoric and debate is being carried with excellence by the DE- BATING CLUB, and this year the team was a powerhouse of oratorical skill. In fact, it seems that the opposing teams knew this and made a point of cancelling their debates with Arlington. Under the leadership of Mike Sheehan and Andrea Mobilia the club’s record allowed them to finish in second place. And seemingly of more interest to the De- bating Team was the fact that they man- aged to pack fifteen kids into two 1965 Valiants. And in contrast to the verbal might of these fine BS artists, we come to the school logicians of . . . Members of the Debating Team are: Mike Sheehan, President; Mark Elder, Mark Donahue, Jim Cataldo, John Donnelly, Andrea Mobilia, Vice President; Nino Pedrelli, Treasurer; David Perry. Walter Crowley, John Bena, Steven Walsh, Ron Haroutunian, Nick Alessandroni, William Rowe, Peter Gennis, Ruth Allen, and Eileen Gorham. 191 The MATH TEAM . . . “Well, Profes- sor, at what value did you arrive for 4R ” The members of the Math Team are Mike DiPerna, Peter Gennis. Dave Cornelius, Bob Franzosa, Paul Robbins, Stuart Burton, Tom Gennis. The members of the Chess Team are: John Donnelly, Peter Gennis, Mike Molloy, Shizuo Mukai, David Oster, Nino Pedrelli, Paul Robbins, Rich Shober; Advisor, Ms. Hummer. And would you believe that the CHESS TEAM has an advisor who doesn’t know the first thing about chess? “But that’s okay, Ms. Hummer,’’ says Paul Robbins, biting into another pre-game cookie, “at least you’re a good cook” Fortunately, Paul, the only senior of the club, moves around the chess board bet- ter than he does through the subway sys- tem on our way to meets. He is ably back- ed by Peter Gennis who keeps Ms. Hum- mer sufficiently piqued with his male chauvinist pig remarks. Shizuo Mukai has revealed a strange liking for stale cran- berry cake and that’s about all we know about our quietest member (but what a fact to know). David Oster, Rick Scholer and Mike Malloy are our most casual play- ers who do well— when they show up. 193 But certainly not all extracurricular ac- tivity at Arlington High goes into such academic pursuits as the scholarly Chess Team and this can be seen by a glance at the TEEN CENTER on a Friday night. There as one walks in, hordes of happy Teen Center patrons can be seen merrily frolicking and otherwise stumbling about. This is not to preclude the possibility that there are more sober people present, but let it suffice to say that the Teen Center is not known for its tee-totalers. And, of course, behind the Teen Center operation exists a group of people who must organize and keep the Center run- ning: Shaun Kilfoyle, Dean Assadorian, George Carbone, Julie and Joanne Sweny, Patty Shimkas, Maury Corkery, and Robert Offenburger. - ' CT Members of the Girls Club include: Vicky Albano, Gail Armstrong, Jackie Bell, Carol Belliveau, Janet Burke, Linda Buzzotta, Jean Caddigan, Alisa Cantrell, Jean Chisolm, Debbie Coffey, Debbie Colclough, Gail Cummings, Doreen Diggins, Jean Duffy, Nancy Glover, Gail Gramolini, Janice Kiniry, Janice Lecesse, Judy Lennon, Marcia McCloskey, Kathy Marquis, Marianne Mattioli, Loretta Morash, Karen Muskalot, Linda O ' Connell, Cathy O ' Connor, Patty Shimkas, Patti Sullivan, Joanne Sutton, Brenda Syzmanski, Carol Terzian, Barbara Thunell, Carol Whitney. Thanks to the GIRLS’ CLUB lots of people found themselves a new craft— macrame. “How many times was the car wash cancelled? 6-25-2? October Hayride . . . We’ve been talking about going to New York for four years. We’ll never forget THE BARN, welfare Christmas parties, Red Volkswagen, sum- mer conference and every other Tuesday night.’’ 195 The CHRONICLE members will never forget those important meetings of all Chronicle editors in Room 73 after school our next issue will be coming out . . Lynette, where’s your assignment sheet? . . . well, at least Janet’s all set on her page ... all copy is due . . . no, Joe, we can’t print . . . doesn’t anyone around this place know how to type? Guess what, Suzanne, it’s been requested that you cover . . . poster making time again . . . and who do you think you’ll get to carry this sandwich board. Barb? . . . hey, Steve, haven’t we gotten the telephone company ad yet? . . . 196 C . . . the galleys will be back . . . yick— look at these hands!! . . . right now, Sal needs that picture size, right now! . . . does anyone want anything from across the street? . . . it’s your job, Joe . . . who’s got the glue? ... oh no, it’s Gross on sports . . . sorry, Lise, we really did try . . . the Chronicle will be on sale . . . well, Joan, you’re just not going to make sales- man of the year . . . you mean we only sold 800 copies? . . . sure. Miss Schiel, we’d love to go for coffee ... if nothing else at least we learned to cut! Major Editors of the Chronicle: Lynette Aznavourian, Steven Aznavourian, Lise Gelineau, Joe Gross, Joan Lundstrom, Editor-in-Chief; Janice Malatesta, Joe Satlak, Managing Editor; Sal Tassone, Janet Tobey, Barbara Tsakirgis, Joe Vig- lione. Advisor, Miss Schiel. 197 We had difficult, hectic, and frustrating times this year, but they proved to be foundation— building and successful for our AHS SKI CLUB. We had difficulties organizing; many of us felt that we could function without a faculty advisor until the school told us that one was required. And even when Mr. Shore volunteered, Mr. Locke and com- pany refused to recognize us as an offi- cial club. Yet in the end it’s the students who make a club what it is, and on that basis we had a great year. Despite terrible ski- ing conditions most of the winter and a bus that couldn’t quite make it to Wildcat, Ski Club members were wildly enthusias- tic— and especially hysterical when they ended up rolling down the slopes. It would be nice for Mr. Locke to ac- knowledge our existence in the future, but this year we really organized our- selves and had a great time, paving the way for even more successful years in the future. ■ ' TT3 X _ij EiiX 1 i " ; 198 We are a family. Isolated down in Room one we discuss realities rather than irrele- vancies. We look out for each other’s best interest and we believe in honesty. We believe in upholding the greater com- mon cause of all mankind. This class is real; we do what we want; we don’t be- lieve in putting our teachers on pedestals. We don’t believe in using our minds as fertilizer on society’s lawn. Most of us learn from life, not from school. Therefore this course is very close to life. We be- lieve that man is basically evil and we help to fight that evil. We believe in honor among thieves. Signed the S.T.E.P. Brothers 199 is: 201 Charles Cremens Mike Moran Larry Prior, Capt, Frank Guarino Joe Castelli John Mulcahy, Capt. 202 Maury Corkery Kenneth Steele David Girardi The definition of a great football team is one that has everyting. It must have good size, excellent speed and must have the ability to win. If this is the definition of a great team, the 1972 Arlington High team was a “great” team. In the 1972 team, the desire to win overcame its inabilities in other departments. Unfortunately, football is often termed a game of breaks and unfortunately, Arling- ton didn’t get any. 203 Mike Vosnakis Jim Butler 204 Seniors: Silvia Strelis, Ellyn Geremonte, Rheba Rutkowski, Janet Hoar, Janet Flynn, Debbie Ciarcia. Juniors: Donna Barnaby, Dianne Barnaby, Denise Lubriola, Jeanne Bennos, Joyce Sullivan, Patti Keane, Janice Rut- kowski. 207 Arlington 14 RECORD LEAGUE WalthamO Arlington 4 Newton 0 Arlington 1 Brookline 0 Arlington 5 Brockton 0 Arlington 1 Waltham 0 Arlington 2 Newton 0 Arlington 2 Brookline 1 Arlington 5 Brockton 1 Arlington 2 NON-LEAGUE Woburn 2 Arlington 3 Melrose 0 Arlington 0 Winchester 0 Rheba Rutkowski Ellyn Geremonte Janet Hoar Debbie Ciarcia 208 Janet Flynn Silvia Strelis This was the year to beat Winches- ter— oh well, we tried. “Silvia, get that bul- ly!” . . . Kent can’t breathe too well . . . Chickie’s free hit fake outs and Donna’s slapshots . . . “Mart the lef innal”, “Rheba,take out the monkey mouth’ ... A record breaking year 10-0-1: 14 goals in one game . . . Flynn’s got the cookies— all right! . . . “When’s Liz gonna show up with the sticks?’’ . . . Fooshin can’t wait for practice to get over . . . “Hey Ellyn, I really dig those ankle socks!’’ . . . empty . . . “watch those crutch shots, will ya?’’ . . . e-O-n . . . “No way she’s gonna get me to tuck in my shirt!’’ . . . blueberry stains . . . “Please Miss McDonough, no more laps!’’ 209 Back Row: Scott Turner, Mark Demas, Scott Brown, John Kelly. Front Row: Jay Penitt, Tom Gennis, Capt; Dave Alessandroni, Richard Archibald. Arlington High’s cross country team did not fare as well as they had hoped this year but the season was not wholly bad. After starting off the season with a great win over Cambridge Latin, the long dis- tance runners went steadily downhill. Despite many first and second places for Captain Tom Gennis and next year’s cap- tain, John Kelley, the team did not have enough other runners to place. Nevertheless, the season was not a to- tal loss for the members were dismissed from school one hour early on two occa- sions and the bus rides were filled with merry frolicking that took the form of tens of weirdos happily making faces at pas- sing cars. 210 Oldies but goodies; Mary, what the h-ll happenned to your gym suit; I used to be mental when I was little; Here comes George, make like a tree quick; Carol, watch out for that pole; HoJo’s, here we come; take one, its free!; Who has the missing four pictures of the locker room?; Jimmy, Mary Anne likes you— No! Legs, legs, legs are here; I wonder who got Por- ky Pig in Africa; Kathy, why are you sitting on the floor?; Rasberry jello; Murph, I don’t want a pickle; Is it 5:00 already; How come Lance and Brent like Debbie?; Jeannie, why are you all wet; Miss Fin- berg, thanks for the cake and everything else; The Dirty Dozin forever. 1972 Cheerleaders were: Eileen Coates, Debbie Cummings, Gail Gramolini, Kathy Havern, Daryl Knuepfer, Joanne Lekas, Mary Murray, Patty Murray, Mary Anne Noonan, Barbie Tobin, Carol Whitney, and Jean Whitney. 212 % Joanne Falwell, Kathy Rowsell, Jeannie Boyadjian, Marian Keef, Sharon Campbell, Nancy Rigzaio, Cheryl Breen, Wendy Brown, Robin Serpa, Bonnie MacDougall, Janice Leccese and Patti Kariger, Co-capts. 213 % 1972 Sammettes were Patti Oneto and Jean Puopolo, Co- capts. Connie Bandouveres, Val Becker, Joanne Chamallas, Sue DeCosta, Ann Cameron, Mary Crowley, Lynn Hartling, Jan Harding, Andrea Hauser , Cheryl Mariani, Linda Macchi, Karen Shackleford, Cathy Step- hanakis, Debby Toomey. Back Row: Dave Cornelius, Jim Cataldo, Joe Magliozzi, Tom Campbell, Gary Routenburg, Bob Hutton, Paul Aganski, Bob Fancosza, Julian Nicholchev, James Casey. Center Row: Bruce Haddad mgr., David Coombs, Nino Pedreli, Paul Lewis, Jim Faiola, Rick Briand, Kevin Power, Frank Prokos, Front Row: Glenn Cristofori, Dan Guin- ane, Steve Kontakos, Peter Noonan Captain, Shaun Kilfoyle, Shizuo Mukai, Steve Peserides, Coach Kevin Girous. Dan Guinane 214 Dave Cornelius 215 Kevin Power Frank Prokos Peter Noonan Joe Magliozzi Glenn Cristofori James Casey ,»iT A first year team eh? However, the usu- al first year pep talk— don’t feel bad if you don’t have a good season— wasn’t neces- sary this year. Right from the start, the Arlington High Soccer team proved themselves fierce competitors and league contenders. Al- though in specific soccer skills, the team was surpassed, they had a tremendous season; mostly because they made up for their inexperience with tremendous en- durance and an overwhelming desire to win. Bob Hutton Donna Sullivan Donna Aldred Volleyball is somewhat of a new sport at AHS; just beginning last year, this year’s volleyball team is comparatively young with only six members of last year’s team returning; two of which were seniors. The object of the game is to win two games out of three for the match. The first match at Cambridge was a dis- appointment for the varsity because it was the first game and unfortunately, a loss. However, the season did not fare en- tirely like that and there is room for at least some rejoicing. Hey Flash— get off you feet— we’re go- ing to do digs— Superstar, right Ris- ser?— Bruce— sit— up and speak!— gee that was nice— hope it’s a better season than 5 - 3 . Back Row: Linda Cansanelli, Joan Greene, Phyllis Callahan, Debbie Risser, V. capt; Debbie Grondin. Middle Row: Mary-Anne Mahoney, Denise Joly, Mary Lavery, Pam Aldro Front Row: Cathy Arakelian, Donna Sullivan, V capt; Donna Aldred, J.V. Capt; Lisa Tumble, Coach McGiveny. Seniors: John Asinari, Richard Archibald, James Boudreau. Tim Butler, Paul Crowley, Carl DiFranco, Dave Gi- rardi, Noel Graydon, Frank Guarino, Tom Gennis, Jack Landers, Carl Leto, Dave Leone, Bill Marchand, Mike Murray, Larry Prior, Chris Pugh, Capt , Jack Sweeny. 218 The indoor track team wound up the season with a less than spectacular record of two wins and five losses, but there were a number of outstanding com- petitors: Tim Butler— 50 yd dash, Bill Dwyer— 45 yd. Hurdles, Bob Macchia and Larry Prior— 300 yd run, Tom Gennis and Paul Ligor— 1000 yd run, Noel Graydon and Shizuo Mukai— mile, John Kelly and Richard Archibald— 2 mile run, Paul Li- gor— high jump and Mai Hodge— shot put. Special recognition should be given to the relay team, composed of Tim Butler, Bill Dwyer, Dave Girardi, and Bob Mac- chia, which proved to be one of the fast- est in the state. Many good prospects, including Cap- tain Elect for 1972-73 season. Bill Dwyer should make the ’73 season a success. Coach— Mr. Kelly Captain— Chris Pugh 219 Back Row: Rheba Rutkowski, Donna Sullivan, Janet Flynn, Debbie Ciarcia, Ellyn Geremonte, Patti White, Coach McDonough. Front Row: Donna Barnaby, Dianne Barnaby, Joyce Sullivan, Janice Rutkowski, Patti Keane. Upset at Billerica . . . Well, somebody has to lose . . . “Janet, how’s your head?’’ . . . pattern, number stack, zone press . . . “Dianne, do you understand?’’ . . . “one shot— and she’s good for the whole day!” . . . “Chickie, remember your unmention- ables . . . Rheba can sure hit that buzzer . . . Patti wants the ball . . . B . . . “Donna, shoot for beans.” . . . Russian lay-ups, HELP . . . 2nd straight undefeated year . . . Liz still has better moves than all of us Ellyn Geremonte RECORD 10-0 Arlington 50 Brookline 30 Arlington 54 Newton 16 Arlington 35 Waltham 15 Arlington 67 Cambridge 24 Arlington 51 Brookline 18 Arlington 49 Waltham 29 Arlington 34 Brockton 28 Arlington 50 Cambridge 33 Arlington 31 Brockton 05 Arlington 38 Newton 26 Debbie Ciarcia 220 222 Fourth Row: Jim Papa, Charlie Capobianco, Paul Pandolfo. Third Row: Tom Lyons, Bob Manderino. Dave DiGiorgio. Second Row: Charles Hughes, Brian Driscoll, Dan Simione, Mark Santinim. First Row Paul Temmallo, John Boyle, Cocapts., Joe Magliozzi, Mark Barry, Man. Paul Temmalo, Joe Magliozzi and John Boyle had the not so glorious task on playing on a “team for the future’’. Prepa- ration for future years was the main task for 1972. However, despite their inexperience, the team posted a near 500 record. Al- though the team did not visit the Garden this year, its seems assured that a good season next year will guarantee this. 223 224 First Row: Michael Flanagan, Peter Crocker, Joe Keeffe, Dave Alessandroni, Chuck Cremens, Peter Noonan, capt.; Maury Corkery, capt.; Pat Flanagan. Second Row: Steve Vallarelli, Richard Briand, Mike Shea, Kevin Bar- tholomew, Mike Gough, Jeff Corbett, Allen Quinlan. Third Row: Jack Sisk, Mgr.; Gary Burns, Don Murphy, Alan Jacobsen, Gerry Ciarcia, K evin O ' Quin, Bill Briand, Billy O ' Neil, Mgr. Peter Noonan Charles Cremens iXM- To describe the 1972 Arlington High School Hockey team, one need only list a string of superlative adjectives; the great- est ability, guts, pride, desire to win and agressiveness. Making it all the way to the Eastern Massachusetts semi-finals, the Arlington Hockey team, with only one fluke loss in the regular season, reinforced the thoughts of excellence that are always as- sociated with all of Coach Burn’s teams. 227 The gymnastics team under the ex- cellent coaching of Mr. Harold Fairbanks had only two losses in its 9 game sea- son. With such stars as John Nochella, Rusty Garity, and James Cronin, the team maneuvered its way to near per- fection. Seniors, Kevin O’Neil, Ed Pow- ers and Richard Smith contributed much. 229 The breakthrough came Each took his own place Knowing the faces beside him And meeting the rest along the way. 234 We were all in it together Some never played, some never worked But we all laughed And we are better for the experience. 241 243 Ne are going forward Into a land unknown We Know; the climb grows steeper, The air colder and sharper. But we can hear the strings of expectation Stir from the wind of our unknown goal Shall we get there? There where life resounds A clear, pure note In the Silence 244 r r " GOLD PATRONS Ms. Audrey S. Aznavourian Ms. E. Howard Buzzell Mr. James A. Cavalieri Mr. Ms. Thomas W. F. Chin Mr. Ms. Lloyd Crocker Mr. Ms. Charles B. Cummings Mr. Ms. Howard Flanagan Ms. Marie Garballey Mr. Ms. George H. Gennis Mr. Frank J. Girardi Mr. Ms. Frederick A. Kellett Mr. Robert Madison Ms. Mary E. McDonough Mr. Ms. George Mercier Mr. Roger Oicles Park Avenue Nursing, Convalescent Retirement Home, Inc Mr. Joseph M. Perry Mr. Ms. Edmund Powers Mr. Ms. Aubrey Tobey Mr. Ms. Joseph Zaslaw SILVER PATRONS Mr. Charles G. Anthony Mr. Ms. Jackson C. Bell Mr. Ms. Biagio Capasso Mr. Ms. George F. Carbone Mr. Ms. James A. Carlan Mr. Charles Catalfamo Mr. Ms. Anthony J. Cipolla Mr. Ms. Joseph Clark Mr. Ms. James A. Coffey Mr. Ms. Robert M. Cofran Mr. Ms. Raymond Colozzi Ms. Thomas J. Dempsey Dr. Ms. C. H. Dohiman Ms. Patricia Fallon Mr. Ms. Robert F. Finn Ms. Elsie Fleming Ms. Ted M. Gierej Mr. Charles C. Gordon Mr. Gray Mr. Ms. Robert C. Hill Mr. John J. Hourihan III Ms. G. J. Humphrey Mr. Ms. Dennis Hurley Mr. Ms. James F. Keating Mr. Charles D. Keef Mr. Ms. Joseph Keeffe Mr. Ms. Richard A. Kraus Mr. Ms. Albert J. Leavitt Mr. Henri O. Levesque Mr. Ms. Charles Lowder Mr. Ms. Harold Lundstrom Mr. Ms. Robert C. Macchi Mr. Ms. Edward Malone Mr. Frederick Maloof Mr. Ms. Raymond E. Marchand, Sr Mr. Ms. John Martone Mr. Ms. Clifford McAuliffe Ms. Doris J. McCarthy Mr. Ms. Joseph F. Miceli Mr. Ms. N. J. Mobilia Mr. Ms. Joseph Moskaluk Mr. John M. Mulcahy Ms. Mary O’Connell Mr. Ms. T. K. O’Connor Mr. Ms. John O’Donnell Mr. Ms. John A. O’Quinn Mr. Ms. Bernard Ortwein Mr. Ms. Charles N. Paskauskas Ms. Edith W. Phinney Dr. Ms. Phillips Robbins Ms. Catherine Robinson Mr. Ms. Asher Spector Mr. Ms. John E. Steele Ms. Arvid Strelis Mr. Donald R. Sullivan Mr. Ms. John R. Thompson Mr. G. A. Tramontozzi Mr. Ms. Nathan S. Turner Mr. Ms. Arthur Valliere, Jr. Mr. Ms. Nicholas Zevitas 247 P ATRONS Mr. Donald Abboud Mr. Philip H. Akins Mr Ms. Louis Asinari Mr. Ms. Leo Austin Mr. Ms. Ivan E Banks, Jr. Mr Ms. C. R. Beauchamp Mr. Ms. D. R. Benedict Mr Ms. John E Bowler Mr. Ms. J. Edward Briand Mr. Ms. Richard Briand Mr. Ms, E. C. Brooks Ms. Barbara Brown Mr. Ms. Daniel Campbell Mr. Ms. G. C. Cantwell Ms. Kathleen Carney Mr. John P. Castelli Mr. Nicholas Chamallas Ms. Jeanne Chisholm Mr. Thomas R. Clews Mr. Ms. Donal Corbett Mr. Ms. Charles Cremens Mr Ms. Frank Day Mr. Ms. Fred Donald Mr. Ms. Fred Eromin Mr. Ms. C. P Estram Mr Ms. Austin L. Geremonte Mr. Gary Giarrusso Mr. Ms Robert Gilman Mr. Ms. Albert Jefferson Mr Ms. Edmund Jeffrey Mr. Robert Johnson Mr Albert P. Jones Mr. Carl L Kariger Mr. Ms. John D. Keating Mr Ms. James Kennedy Mr. Ms. Joseph C. Kennedy Mr Leo Kivlehan Mr Ms. George M. Lally Mr. LaRocca Mr Ms. Iver A. Lund Mr. Ms. Fred J. Merchant Mr. Harry Meserve Mr. Ms. Harold Moniz Mr. Ms. Lloyd Morash Mr. Ms. Alfred J. Mottia Mr. Ms. George Mullen Ms. E. Murphy Ms. Jane K Murphy Ms. Robert B. O ' Neil Mr. Ms. Robert E. O ' Neill Mr Ms. R. L. Oppedisano Mr. Ms. Ralph Paolillo Mr Ms. N J. Paradis Mr. William W Perkins, Jr. Mr. Ms. Joseph N Petitti Ms. Dorothy Petrowiez Ms. Antoinette Potter Mr. Irving L. Proctor Mr. Raymond P Rawston Mr. Ms. Joseph T. Regan Mr Arthur E. Robinson, Jr. Mr Ms. Donald Romeo Mr. Ms. Frank Ronan Ms. Edward S. Rutkowski Mr. Ms. Charles L. Sakey Mr Henry J. Sheerin Mr Ms. James Souza Mr Ms Edward Stafford Mr. Thomas M. Trevisani, Jr. Mr. Ms. Theodore Tsakirgis Mr. Nicholas Vosnakis Mr. Ms. Philip J. Waterman Ms. Frederick W Wright PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Drs. Abedon and Klapper Hubert W. Coffin 1365 Massachusetts Avenue 14 Arrowhead Lane Anderson-O ' Donnell Insurance Agency, Inc. 434 Massachusetts Avenue Dr. John W. Archibald 476 Massachusetts Avenue Carl E Barstow, M.D. 754 Massachusetts Avenue Dr. Clemens E Benda 1 1 1 Pleasant Street Mr. John J. Bilafer 661 Massachusetts Avenue Mr. Vincent A. Burns, Esquire 118 Pleasant Street Patrick A. Campobasso, M.D , D.O 290 Massachusetts Avenue Mr. Frank Carbell 1 1 Medford Street Thomas P. Cronin, M D. 94 Pleasant Street William A. Dowd, Jr., M D. 1 1 1 Park Avenue Internists, Inc 94 Pleasant Street Irving B Koretsky, M.D. 94 Pleasant Street Robert O. Murphy, D M D. 220 Massachusetts Avenue P K. Realty 139 Massachusetts Avenue George Edier Stone 1 Park Avenue Extension Roberts Insurance Agency 298 Massachusetts Avenue Alan J. Wright, D M.D. 1 7 Chestnut Street Dr. Frank Ciampa 54 Highland Avenue, Somerville 248 1) cCZuAJLj . yTLAJt . A O-CCA ActXuA l tLt cJ ' td . ' ZAci. CCA 4 LcJu c o y ' tiUX .jcAjL, , . iJ4Li . ' -A • a loctuAJL yCA jta t JCc4 l U. aU4-jC aZyyUA A OJ UA U ut yciL U ljCLAM-ii . MXA TAjL. ■4jAiL.tcJ ' ' Z O y ' y y UCty l ' Aco Cu -e -CcJuL iy -(LA A MfAyo oAa.-4i.J Z y ' yud. to iyU. 249 FRANK’S of ROME Coiffure of Elegance 892 Mass. Ave. Arlington 648-3460 648-9867 PRACTICAL NURSING for a PRACTICAL FUTURE offering a 12 month program classes begin in the Fall and Spring modern, individual dormitory rooms tuition reimbursement program immediate employment opportunities upon graduation for further information write the Director Youville Hospital School of Practical Nursing 1575 Cambridge Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 876-4344 ARLINGTON BUICK CO. INC. 835 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 643-5300 P L APPLIANCE INC. 137 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 646-2244 FABRIC WORLD • Material • Zippers • Sewing Notions 783 Mass. Ave. Arlington 250 BRATTLE PHARMACY DRUGGISTS AND CHEMISTS Alfred S. Cavaretta, B.S., Reg. Pharm. 1043 MASS. AVE. Corner of Brattle St. ARLINGTON, MASS. 643-3267 JEANETTE’S BEAUTY SALON 1048 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 648-9732 Open Tues.-Thurs. 9-5 Friday 9-8 Saturday 9-5 ARLINGTON FURNITURE CO. 483 Mass. Ave. Arlington Center, Mass. Headquarters for Exclusively at Arlington Furniture Co. Ethan Allen America)! Traditwnal Interiors TIME OLDSMOBILE INC 745 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 648-5600 A. David Freedland, President 251 WILSON’S BEN FRANKLIN STORE 1303 Mass. Ave. Arlington Heights, Mass. Locally Owned — Nationally Known MASTER DRIVING SCHOOL “Enjoy Driving — Our Price is Right " 646-5000 142 Mass. Ave. Arlington Best Wishes For Success From SUBURBAN NATIONAL BANK ARLINGTON’S HOMETOWN BANK 188 Mass. Ave. 856 Mass. Ave. Arlington COMTRONIC ASSOCIATES Complete Electronic Service 14 Lake Shore Drive Arlington, Mass. 02174 Best of Luck Class of 1972 COMTRONICS TELEVISION AND AUDIO SPECIALISTS 643-5908 GRANTS KNOWN FOR VALUES 319 BROADWAY ARLINGTON, MASS. PARK FLORIST 3 Shops Arlington — 643-8840 ROGER’S FLOWER SHOPS 566-1800 782-3900 252 THOMPSON BROS. AUTO SCHOOL INC. Air Conditioned Cars and Classroom Dual Steering Home Pick-up Courteous Personal Instruction Private Instruction Complete Teenage Driver Education Program 1056 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 646-2442 H. CHERNY and SONS • Draperies • Slip Covers • Upholstering • Complete Line of Furniture 975 Mass. Ave. Arlington 648-5214 GORDON’S OF ARLINGTON 399 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 648-6060 ARLINGTON PET SHOP POODLE SALON Pet Shop 1346 Mass. Ave. Salon 71 Park Ave. Arlington Heights, Mass. SALON NINETY-FOUR 94 Broadway Arlington, Mass. 648-9822 253 CHEZ UNIQUE COIFFURES 180 Broadway Arlington 648-0300 ARLINGTON FIVE CENTS SAVINGS BANK SIX CONVENIENT OFFICES Arlington Bedford Burlington North Reading TIBERRI ' S FLOWER SHOP 177A Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 646-8716 Compliments of BELDEN SNOW 665 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. 254 SHAW PREP SCHOOL Coed — Day or Evening Where Individualism is a Tradition PROGRAMS DIPLOMA Academic Business General POST GRADUATE To Meet College Entrance Requirements COLLEGE BOARD REVIEW Saturday Mornings TESTING, COUNSELING GUIDANCE (Free) FOREIGN STUDENT CENTER SESSIONS BEGIN SEPTEMBER, JANUARY AND JUNE 883 Boylston St. Boston, Mass. 02116 Opposite Prudential Center 262-0383 255 The Indian of 1972 Semi-Centennial Edition Alfred Z. Specter David Cornelius... Susan Erickson... Janet Tobey Scott Turner Editor-in-Chief ...Photography Layout Literature ....Biographies Associates Dean Asadorian . Paula DeGeorge Ellyn Geremonte Shaun Kilfoyle ... Kathy Lanzillo .... David LaRocca... David Lund Assoc. Photography Copy Sports Sports Advertising Art Comptroller Joan Lundstrom. .. Mark Mayerson Peter Noonan Anne Ronan Joanne Rutkowski Barbara Tsakirgis ..Assoc. Layout ...Consultations Sports Assoc. Literary Sports Miscellany Staff Advertising Staff: Linda Bertolami, Michael DiPerna, Peter Gennis, Joanne Valliere Biography Staff John Asinari, Mark Bagdasarian, Janet Berberian, Terry Butts, Jean Caddigan, Debbie Ciarcia, John Crusco, Mike DiPerna, Jean Duffy, Elyn Estran, Robin Faulkner, Joanne Grande, Kathy Havern, Marian Keefe, Janice Leccese, Carl Leto, Dan Mariani, Linda Martone, Christine McDermott, Rowena Nash, Suzanne Oppedisano, Brenda Syzmanski, Karen Irani, Jeff Turner Layout Staff: Lynette Aznavourian, Linda Bertolami, Judy Boyd, Susan Brooks, Ebba Dohiman, Elyn Estram, Robin Faulkner, Joanne Grande, Suzanne Oppedisano, Joanne Valliere Literary Staff: Linda Bertolami, Paul Erickson, Lois Kelly Photography Staff I: Donna Aldred, Stanley Chamallas, John Carter, Henry Ching, Eda diBiccari, Jim Dudley, Chris Kenney, Paula Percoco, Sarah Rosenfield, Edward Trembly Photography Staff II: Mark Alman, Carol Belliveau, Jackie Ciano, Debbie Ciarcia, Glenn Cristofori, Tom Gennis, Suzanne McKillop, Kevin Scannell, Roslyn Smith The 1972 Indian Staff wishes to give its thanks to the following persons who helped to make this book possible: Philip Colman, who arranged the copyright; Helen Dutton; Roswell Farnham of the Keller Corporation; Charles Gordon, who acted as advisor, and Tim Huger of the Braun Corporation. Also, we thank especially Jay Bleiler who helped greatly with our dealing with the commercial photographer: The J. E. Purdy Company The Little Building Boston, Massachusetts 256

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