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I-f ' .■ ' ' ' ‘■hi’ " f VA». 7 ■j:- k ■ 1 ' ' - l uu)vj6U ycfe .’ r » ' ’ pAjUiAX Lv c - ' .’ - ’i; ' " r jj T ' ; ' - 1 OL. w ' VWXAVvif- AO , 0 62ucfl«o cC‘ ; " V ' r v V, ’ I , _, I, ' fgft Ml fiurim k m I H4,V ’ 7ff. INDIAN 1971 r-1-t- r-t-t- SmiiUyiV i 1 1 frrr rrr 1 H Iff- fcr nr- 1 t- K f 1 Ltete 1 ps| prTr.-m:!- I l-t-f- i The passage of experience transforms us from what we are, 6 With the calm assurance of those things passed, and with the welling apprehension of those to come, we stand in the wake of each other ' s flow. Then time nods its solemn approval— the supreme ajfirmation that we are, and truly will be. For that is all we need to know to reach the other side. More than anything else there were people. People who made me happy, people who made me hurt, people who made me satisfied. They stamped my life with their existence, and they let me stamp their lives with mine. 10 pS:M ■l-£: ' :-.T ' TV-1 ’’TIMliMlUJUlimj Raymond S. Locke Principal Arlington High School The Class of 1971 has been given a great chal- lenge! The recent lowering of the voting age to include a greater number of youth is a partial answer to that group’s request to become more involved in solving today’s problems. Society now expects youth to accept a greater responsibility in the future of one country and the world. Your response to this challenge will serve as a measure of the relevance of your educational experiences for the past twelve years. Congratulations from myself and from the faculty upon your completion of this most important seg- ment of your life. As you go forward into many various fields of endeavor, may all of your expectations be realized. Edmund J. Lewis Director Arlington Technical-Vocational High School As graduates and young adults, you are about to face a world of many challenges. I am sure that you are equal to the task. Your judgement at the polls, your participation in civic affairs, your dedication to your employer, your creativity and your regard for your fellow man will help to control the destiny of our country in the years to come. We are depending on you to assume this great responsibility by working together, respecting different points of view, and by using your education to its best advantage. Good Luck. 21 Reed K. Taylor Administrative Assistant George Fusco Freshman Housemaster Henry Toczylowski Sophomore Housemaster George Lowder Senior Housemaster George Lincoln Junior Housemaster 23 FRESHMAN HOUSE John Byrne English Lucile Burt English Louise Briggs Home Ec Robert Commito Math Amelia Cozza Language 24 Peter Finn Social Studies Mary Fitzgerald English Myrna Finn English Alan Duckworth Social Studies Maxine Cushing English Marion Fitzpatrick Language I! HE 111 i am 25 Dorothy Goidkrand Latin Doreen Guglielmetti Math John Hanley Phys Ed Muriel Healy Business Math Richard Hail Andrew Foxwell Social Studies Mary Jane McCarthy English Bruce Larson Manual Arts ■ ' Catherine King Home Ec Douglas Hunter Manual Arts Doris McCarthy Social Studies I look at A.H.S. and I see individuals with individual thoughts— living from day to day is a series of events— some significant, others that go unno- ticed— and circumstances— some joy- ous, others painful— teaching— every- thing that happens helps to add to the uniqueness, the fullness, the beauty of each day— relating to others makes life exciting, purposeful, and unique— those who can’t relate— sad, lost, and searching in circles— each of us too often not acknowledging that we are indebted to others for encouraging the development of our better charac- teristics— all adding up to the ex- hausted but happy feeling at the end of each day— time passes, the year closes, seniors graduate— laughter, tears, success, failure, all the different paths the seniors will take— I can only add: May your life be painted with brushes of happiness on a canvas of love. P. Finberg Rosemary Jones English 27 Barna Solomon Math Mary Ellen Powers English Nancy Urbanowicz English TobieTarlow Language Harold Sheldrick Science Marjorie Truesdale Home Ec 29 Joel Beckwith English Edward Burns Math Barbara Brown English Marguerite Burke Business Antonette DiLoreto Business Head of Department Joan Coleman Language Richard Collomb Business 31 Arthur Foisy English Ralph Giobbe Language Alma Gallagher English Mary Dolan Business Grace Jerardi Language Peter Filichia English 32 % Charles Gordon English Martha Lottos Home Ec Barbara Gorman English Peter Leone Business Priscilla Monahan English Donna Kaprelian Business Some of the improvements we seek in education can be brought about by spending more money; by building better schools; by introducing new courses of study, new standards, or new equipment. But the really impor- tant changes will come about only as teachers change. Institutions are made up of people, and it is the be- havior of teachers in classrooms that will finally determine whether or not our schools meet or fail to meet the challenge of our times. T. Trevisani Margaret Townsend English Frank Prusik Manual Arts Catherine Mulcahy English Helen Stockman Language 34 Humbert Oliveira Business Donald Romeo Manual Arts Janet Nicholas Science JUNIOR HOUSE Catherine Butler Business Doris Withers Language Dianne Rice Science Arthur Botelho Science Pauline Schiel English 35 Children have more need of models than critics. Joubert John Cody Science Robert Carr Science Gail Collins English Robert Commins Math Stephen DIott Social Studies 36 James Cavalieri Math Ann Couser English Robert Hill Phys.Ed Paul Dorrington English Harold Fairbanks Phys.Ed Marilyn Flint Home Ec Florence Forsyth Home Ec Head of Department lima Jones Home Ec Glenwood Jordan Social Studies Glenna Kelly Business James Kelly Social Studies Marion Kennedy Business Pauline Kaiser English Charles Kornik Manual Arts Kathleen McCarthy Social Studies Donald Manning Science Elaine Ludwinowicz Language Carol Lawton Science Ralph McElearney Latin Frank Kotchin Social Studies 39 Marzina Morin Science Edith Phinney Business Karen Price English Harry Meserve Science Head of Department Nanci Ortwein English Joanne Phillips Social Studies Mary Miller Business Mae T ruvedson Home Ec Mary Thompson Business Marilyn Steele Phys.Ed Thelma Sonnicheson Home Ec Frank Propp Math Head of Department Patricia Rawson Phys.Ed Frank Roberts English SENIOR HOUSE Lois Beckwith English Edward Bradbury Math John Britt Business Charles Arthur Social Studies Head of Department Ralph Bevins Phys.Ed Head of Department James Brown Math Bradford Clough Science 42 Ralph Gioiosa Manual Arts Carl Hendrickson English Head of Department John Cotter Social Studies John Cooper Manual Arts Marilyn Corcoran Home Ec Christine Fiorenza Phys.Ed 43 Glenn Mangurian Math William Lowder Phys.Ed Arlene Mahoney Math George House Science Robert Lavery Social Studies Paul Jenney English 44 Scarcely has the glow of a summer sun faded on Kelley Bay when the de- manding sounds of the passing bells rattle loose the last speck of sand and tan. Happy, colorful, loud, nasty, won- derful, shy, crazy, mixed-up beach bums tumble into my room once again. “In this course you will be required to . . .” The words echo in my ear, and as I listen to myself, I can’t help won- dering . . . does it really matter what I require this year? Am I really saying “In this course you will be made to suffer as those before you have suffered . . . because it is time to pay for summer fun.’’? “Positively the worst exam I’ve ever taken, Mr M., how could you?’’ “Why do we have to do a research project anyway?” “Fruitflies? Yech! Not me, brother!” Mornings come and go, and eyelids seem heavier each day. Where have all the giggles gone? What have I done to these new members of my family that really means anything? Have I taken away all the sleds, toboggans, snow- fights? Are they pale and depressed because of me? Where has all the sun- shine gone? “Uncle Harry . . . aren’t you ever ab- sent?” “Didja watch the Bruins last night? Wasn’t the fight great?” Dorothy Russo Math Winnifred Wohllebe Math Lois Pharris Home Economics I find myself looking forward to the snow, to that extra day of rest, to find- ing out what my own children are doing . . . but it’s great to be back. “Merry Christmas, Uncle Harry . . . do we really have to finish our projects by January?” Why would anyone want to destroy Santa Claus? Just the giving is enough . . . is it all over now? “Just wait until next year. Daddy . . . just you wait ’til you see what I’m gonna getcha.” Bomb-scares, taxi-cab murders, “The Benevolent 70’s”, American flags make good seat pockets, peace and love . . . we’ll march on Cambodia if . . . general stocks lost today, but President Nixon assured the nation that . . . there isn’t enough electricity to go around, that’s all . . . what’s this about mercury? Strike, panic, don’t rock the boat, returnable bottles . . . Oh God. Bring back the good old days. Blessed be the tie that binds . . . ”... I just don’t relate with my folks, so I’m moving out tomorrow. Uncle Harry. They just don’t seem to care anymore . . . too busy making money (to keep food on the table, clothes on my back, and gas in my GMT-3).” The pigeons are back, bless their di- rty little hearts. The buds are begin- ning to open, but the students . . . why are they yawning? I gave them every- thing I had to give this morning ... I must be tired too. 46 s 1 ' [i i I Marie Spagnuolo Business HA miyALf ..euicuivIb Leonard Wasserman Manual Arts Susan Thomas Math Raaaaa— uh— raaaa— uh— raaaa— uh . . . “Stay in two’s— take the first stairway and get away from the build- ing. There’s smoke in the 60’s corridor . . . I’m sorry, but I just can’t cancel the lab.” The trees aren’t as green this year. If we let it go, the process of life may stop. If we spray, the process of life may stop. If we . . . “When you finish with the final exam booklet, close it and place your pencils on the desk. Do not look at your neigh- bor’s paper or both papers will be taken and ...” “Thanks for the reference . . . I’ve been accepted at Cornell.’’ “My Dad was just let go from Ray- theon, so I have to work this year.’’ “Have a good rest. Uncle Harry . . . you look just awful.” I’m a dreamer, but three weeks at the Cape this year would sure be worth the money. The sand feels good, squishing between your toes, but this year, somehow, it seems better than ever. Why, I can remember when I used to run into the ocean at York Beach and never think a thing of it. “Hey, how’s it going? So how’s school? BU isn’t it? (I wish I could re- member your name— like to introduce you to my family.) . . . What a small world.” Scarcely has the glow of a summer sun faded on Kelley Bay when . . . Uncle Harry Ronald Whitmore Manual Arts 47 MUSIC Donald Sullivan Gerald Thebodo Richard McElhiney ART Louise Banner Jean Eskedal Pauline Finberg Francis Ahern F. PETER ABAID, 53 Wollaston Ave. 12 9 52 Fred Friday nights at Steve ' s Horn Pond Waltham res. Willarde Woods Instant Karma Eve of De- struction the fun Sue and I had but it ' s all over now what are you bagging me? FRANCIS AHERN. 299 Appleton St. 9 1 54 JOHN AHERN, 8 Memorial Way 6 27 53 Jack John M. announcing my name as pres, of next year ' s student council key club convention 70 steering committee for teen center football man- ager KATHLEEN AHERN, 8 Memorial Way 6 27 53 Kath Sitting in D P. first shut out field hockey oh no Marty laughing feeling beautiful Saturday nights lunch in room 56 Come Together peace Mr. C. and detention phony people ELAINE ALEXIS, 50 James St. 3 15 53 Mr. Oli- veria Beatles cooking class Mr. Mercurio ' s Eng- lish class ambition is to be a hairdresser BRENDA CECILE ALLEN, 59 Everett St. 4 8 53 Buba Girls ' Club treas. field hockey the barn Ed- die the handyman 42 mashins DYSYB? no it ' s my opaques Alfred enterprises Ho Ho Ho-dog jr. prom— eggs mailcall I am mental o k. John Ahern Kathleen Ahern Elaine Alexis Brenda Allen F. Peter Abaid Richard Amico John Anderson Carol Anderson Linda Anderson ANGELO A. AMICO, 30 Crescent Hill Ave, 5 17 52 Chico 1st. Brookline hockey game 69-70 Cav. Fr. beach party G.L. skipping with McCovey drive-ins Sandy ' s Mr. Lincoln Mr. Lud and Broc- ton 70 Sr. prom and party chef ' s class RICHARD AMICO. 30 Crescent Hill Ave. 6 8 53 Pet peeve is Lavery ' s JV batting practice happi- ness is fighting Fred Whitney in the locker room CAROL E. ANDERSON, 180 Charlton St. 11 3 53 Andy We Gotta Get Out of This Place whose problem is that? pet peeve is room 25B history 8:00 and 2:50 tennis baggy nylons Monday ' s Chuck Fakers room 65 love and peace JOHN ANDERSON, 13 Mt. Vernon St. 2 2 52 Best interest for two years Kate Donovan forever second interest cars (my own) the days I sat in the office with Mrs. O ' Flaherty LINDA F. ANDERSON, 13 Mt. Vernon St. 8 26 53 Linny ' Wow bummer 5 29 68 I will to AHS all my tardy notes the lion Sr. Girls ' Club drama club pet peeve is nothing to do happiness is having a man VICTORIA ELIZABETH ANDERSON, 134 Lake St. 5 3 53 Vicki Happiness is sunshine and sea- shells forever oh no Soph, year see the swans you ' re a pink daisy JAMES ARCHAMBEAULT, 36 Hopkins Rd. 1 14 54 Arch I enjoy many sports particularly golf I like traveling and meeting people Running constantly but hardly ever smoothly, and I think 1 made it. Moving so rapidly with springing steps that there were moments when neither foot was on the ground. Running— contending with everything. Constantly passing from one condition to another Running, becoming fluid, spreading, dissolving, climbing, creeping, but in continuous motion— Only to find out I will have to run the same circle again. Victoria Anderson James Archambeault 61 David W. Baldwin Teresa Babin Peter Baldwin Linda Azarian Charles Baker JEANNE ARCHIBALD, 330 Mystic St. 4 7 53 Archy Love Beatles hate phonies happiness is blowing bubbles 3rd. year English fantabulous I know I’m faking it Sounds of silence everywhere looking for something not to be found LINDA MARIE AZARIAN, 14 Upland Road 7 31 53 Zarezy You Keep Me Hanging On Beatles having a locker next to Archie for four years what a bummer tap dancing in Mr. Kotchin ' s class the bell ringing at 2:07 Friday aufff TERESA C. BABIN, 14 Brantwood Rd. 5 4 53 Terre " Cloudy” My years at AHS fr. and JV cheering vocy lunch the hassle of the jr. prom hate being called things that I don ' t know the meaning of CHARLES BAKER, 235 Pheasant Ave. 12 4 53 Chuck Grotonwood six carloads of kids Ipswich near disaster sr. prom was fun the meetings on Sunday nights a line for Sundays old hall sanitary cough cough cough DAVID D. BALDWIN, 140 Gardiner St. 12 24 52 AY convention cross country and track Mr. McMurray ' s classes the logic of Joan Kehoe beating Joe Petitti ' s gym team getting bounced DAVID WRIGHT BALDWIN, 78 Jason St. 10 26 53 Dave Jr. prom SC the rocks the pit Mrs. Cou- ser David W. milkshake the other David Baldwin behind the bank MM vicious rumors sister Sandy April 4 over Lou ' s Mark W. and his car PETER JAMES BALDWIN, 94 Alpine St. 2 4 53 Gilla Arl. vocational is the greatest Vocy had the greatest teachers no others can compare with them they know us kids Mr. Galante Mr. Doherty Mr. Withers David D. Baldwin T Stephanie Belle Gayle Bartell Denise Belair Peter Bartholomew Brian Battista MARY ELLEN BALZER, 35 Walnut Terr. 5 3 53 Dee Dee Cheerleading decorating that lovely locker room Harmonettes Key Club convention SC proms roller skating at Wallex oh mom! The Shadow of Your Smile let’s go T rojans! “we don ' t mess around hey!” happiness is smiling without being bothered about it KENNETH BARRETT, 525 Summer St. 5 7 52 Pet peeve is Friday nights at the wall ROBERT BARRETT, 76 Warren St. 7 11 53 Racing cars skiing White Horse Beach Bullit Pat Paulson GAYLE BARTELL, 19 Oldham Rd. 4 4 53 G and S Harmonettes joggin Beatles Crosby Stills and Nash getting a better mark than Dee-Dee Sept. 28 Andy Marooned on top of Hub hate two faced people the whip more Judy Blue Eyes PETER BARTHOLOMEW, 50 Academy St. 11 30 53 And in the naked light I saw ten thousand people maybe more people talking without speaking people hearing without listening people writing songs that voices never shared and no one dared disturb the sounds of silence BRIAN BATTISTA, 48 Melrose St. 8 16 53 Papa Joe algebra homework again? Sox 67 Bruins 70 lunch— nauseating let’s Go Trojans need a pass? labs clinic? Bob Kennedy’s quotes keep eating Buff demonstrators— out to lunch ROGER ALBERT BEAUCHAMP DENISE BELAIR, 27 Ashland St. STEPHANIE BELLE, 194 Overlook Rd. 5 21 53 Stef Girls’ Club CYO Chronicle like having a good time Chicago jr. prom dead end Ludwig When I woke up this morning July 70 we don’t mess around Soldier Blue the tooth the gopher parties Kenneth Barrett Mary Ellen Balzer 63 Jo-Ann Beninati Jean Benn Man is by nature a political animal Aristotle David Benoit Nancy BIbbo Debra Bertocci Patricia Bilozur Robert Bennett JO-ANN BENINATI, 86 Egerton Rd. 2 8 53 Nino Hi guy Nood and Duke Orpheus concert Satur- day nights (buzz) Long talks special hand signals best summer to come 70 (buzz) I believe Herman and Betsy JEAN BRADFORD BENN, 314 Mass. Ave. I await summer days and nights to ride on back of John nie’s Harley 74 enjoyed social ed. favorite teach- ers: Mr. Leone Miss Spagnoulo Mrs Picone love Johnnie motorcycles ROBERT BENNETT, 76 Fremont St. 10 25 53 Bob I will always remember periods 1-2-3-4-5 and 6 with Miss Finberg ya ' all we ' re all right Help DAVID BENOIT, 131 Warren St. 2 12 54 Dave Key Club fr. basketball right on I can dig it swim- ming and diving Three Dog Night Bill Cosby hap- piness is sleep weekends of the pub Johnathan Winters DEBBIE MARIA BERTOCCI, 94 Hutchinson Rd. 54 Little Botch Blood Sweat and Tears 11 15 69 Dude Harmonettes Mr. Mac whistle at hockey games guinea pig Thanksgiving dance 69 break- ing my glasses dinner at Hub BeeBee oh mum NANCY BIBBO, 8 Field Rd. 10 30 52 Nan Known for being tardy pet peeve is old people that are still living happiness is marrying a 70 year old man and getting his money after you kill him PATRICIA BILOZUR, 34 Standish Rd. 5 7 53 Patti 68 MH 6th. period math CYO softball cheer- ing hockey Dallin Park 69 MT sewing 1st. period JV cheering beachparty Thanksgiving dance 70 prom TK AkuAku Winter St. Judy Blue Eyes THOMAS BINKOSKI, 158 Pheasant Ave. 9 10 53 Binky people Bruins 3 Dog Night Falstaff (Ned) lunch table beach Friday night night of the ratsjr. prom Pier 4 Sandy ' s eyes walk home after hopping fence Chem. labs hate pots Thomas Binkoski 64 Paul Bolduc Sandra Bonugli Alan Blomquist James Bishop JAMES BISHOP, 36 Browning Rd. 11 22 53 Mike Albany NY North Waterford Maine Mt. Okemo Vt. Buffalo Uncle Sam Sept. 13 hangin round the old church the bowling alley gang ALAN BLOMQUIST, 56 Pine Ridge Rd. 7 21 53 AY (council VP) Don Ameche pet peeve is too many college board tests Civili’s zoo old hall study ZAVEN BOGOSIAN SAMUEL JOSEPH BOIKE JR., 7 Day St. 3 1 53 Buddy My three years at AHS have been good football was really neat but hard St. Camillus CYO pres. D. Mercurio and 1st. period class known for never getting math Bruin victory PAUL BOLDUC, Hallowed halls of horror VW Fred is cool Raytheon Theory Everybody Knows Matilda 2;07 Heaton’s Theater scope Rambler rounch June 71 lunch room alcove class of jerks jerks jerks jerks SANDRA BONUGLI, 79 Bartlett Ave. 4 22 52 Driving boys and cars pet peeve is gym Jaye eat- ing everyday in Mr. Leone’s room oh really Get Ready GERALDINE BORTONE, 48 Dundee Rd. 1 10 53 Gerry AY Dink 1 2 6 69 " I don’t know how to explain it but” I don’t have enough money it doesn ' t taste like carrots just don ' t think about it Penn. 69 Samuel Boike Geraldine Bortone 65 John Botelho Mary Boyce Linda Boyd JOHN BOTELHO, 30 Harlow St. MARYBETH BOYCE, 276 Broadway 2 24 52 Summer 70 Hampton Beach cutlass Supreme Hamlet ' s Coffee House Three Dog Night concert Buzzy Here Comes The Sun Walls of Love and Touch LINDA BOYD, 2 Court St. PI. 1 26 53 Summer 69 and 70 Harmonettes R.l. SC G and S Groton- wood Berkshire Miss Finberg Chuck in English swimming E Rod McKuen Wayne Sunday nights Sheldon and people Girls’ Club smilies BRIAN BOYLE, 2 Moccasin Path 6 30 52 Squir- rel Lifeguarding at Thoreau ' s Walden JV football JV basketball track summer nights running on the track then going to Buttricks happiness is our Latin class Flip Wilson ROBERT C. BREAKER, 1 12 Thorndike St. 9 20 52 Gentlemen start your engines cars and girls USA 1 and chevy makes it RITA FRANCES BRENNAN, 140 Decatur St. 10 11 52 Wally’s Sister summer 70 Bobby June 7 Whitey real fine bunch bubble gum driver ' s ed. paycheck hockey skiing final bell Three Dog Night SUSAN L, BRIAND, 51 Pond Lane 2 9 70 Su Ho Jo ' s 33 green glasses skippin ' 6th Merc ' s jerks Gimme That Thing That ' s right on a Saturday night 000 goodbye old paint SUSAN M. BRIAND, 162 Overlook Rd. Brian Boyle Robert Breaker Rita Brennan Susan L. Briand An incredible surge of feeling and movement when body and mind are caught up in a single- ness of purpose. Susan M. Briand i r WILLIAM BRICKLEY.41 Mass. Ave. BOB BRIGIDA, 34 Clark St. ELAINE BROGAN, 19 Joyce Rd. March 27 Hate lunches in the cafeteria Spiro Agnew Blood Sweat and Tears happiness is when you know who you are and who your friends are ROBERT BROWER, 12 Brooks Ave. 12 4 53 Uncle Bob Somerville 43-43 better luck next year Newton 50 ' 2 New Bedford 50 Locals 45’ 2can’t hack it class of 71 forever (never will graduate) grassing it CHERYL LYNNE BROWN, 1 1 Grove St. 2 20 53 October 9 Bunty zipper skyline drive Hampton sandpits John Perry Colt 45 Boston Common Rocky Bend peanuts Lex. cops crazy foam 56 chevy sloppy Joe Littleman Salisbury pool table fric frac WENDY BROWN, 24 Wildwood Ave. CATHERINE BUCKLEY, 35 Edmund Rd. 2 10 53 Buck What time you going in? the wall U.S. history Danny’s party Air Force toot when you drive by my house SB Led Zeppelin concert trig, and typing I’m gonna be smart JOHN JOSEPH BUGDEN, 68 Wright St. 12 23 52 Bug Sloop remember the old school days had to skip every other day and tell teachers when they got cool drinking all night got into a fight feel so broke up glad to go home DEBORAH BURKE, 927 Mass. Ave. 9 21 53 De- bby Charlie Brown softball elephants backing up Leonardo 1 2 and 3 closet door painted loafers Rockport gases ice cream skip down 80’s Rob Scavengers whales star splattered banner Cheryl Brown j Catherine Buckley ' i II I William Brickley Robert Brower John Bugden r I , Elaine Brogan Deborah Burke 67 Christine Burns Richard Buzzotta Elizabeth Byrne CHRISTINE BURNS, 1262 Mass Ave. 5 27 53 Smiley Sue— those great beach days Goodbye Columbus Love Is Blue ya right Crane ' s Beach and us at Ho Jo’s Summer of 69 North Carolina RICHARD BUZZOTTA, 282 Mystic St. 9 10 53 Buzzy I’ll never forget my Jr. year English class would you believe that we actually cornered our English teacher it was good now that it is all over with it is easy to say ELIZABETH BYRNE, 22 Pierce St. MARY JOYCE BYRNE, 31 Franklin St. 11 9 53 Joyce Jr. year 1 23 70 Breakfast at Buttrick’s with John Nahant Bamboo Hut-foo PATRICIA BYRNE, 27 Wachusett Ave. 8 24 53 Pat-A- Byrne The Wilbert at Hampton Beach Girls’ Club Bedford Volunteers Ollie Okemo Mountain Basketball games and watching JV games by myself Jr. prom softball CYO SUSAN F. BYRNE, 27 Jeffrey Rd. 10 6 52 Sum- mer 69 and 70 Bill Shirley Joe and me up the mountains Mr. Oliveira cooperative ed. good old times at AHS leaving at 11:30 Miss Healy’s Eng- lish class 68 The door is half-opened. Translucent light behind it blinds me. 1 am waiting to swing the door open and run, But 1 must stop to talk and Though my books are filled with knowledge through words, Only the " EXIT " sign is spelled out for me. Directing me to the door, but once there which way to turn? Paula Cameron Gilda Cammarata Donna Cabeceiras Linda Calvino Mary Cagglano Sandra Calvino DONNA CABECEIRAS, 10 Bowdoin St. 9 21 53 Soph. English class Friday morning breakfast in Old Hall " yeah-ess!” 1 16 70 MARY CAGGIANO, 74 Milton St. 3 12 53 Munchkin Sr. prom 69 " No sir " Mr. Oliveiro I am known for my slip hanging slow drivers driving basketball happiness is Robert Maimone LINDA CALVINO, 11 Revere St, 7 26 53 Miss Flint’s sewing class ' 70 I ' ll never forget that class how could I? 12 5 69 the night the Teen Center opened what a night! Mr. DIott the greatest sub ever SANDRA ANN CALVINO. 9 Revere St. 6 4 53 Munchkin Don ' t tell me summer 69 Dec. 5 week- ends there’s too many twinkees those walks here we go again me have problems— you must be kidding where is she confused beach party he is coming PAULA CAMERON, 57 Fisher Rd. 8 10 53 Pet peeve is Mrs. O ' s room during 5th period happi- ness is summer GILDA CAMMARATA, 53 Magnolia St. 7 9 53 Ge Ge Biology with Mrs. Picone come fly with me astros locca ciao! languages I miss my VW de- licious lunches accidents Sabino how’s Tonio Moe Blondie English with Miss Trainor Janet 69 “ -’t i«f Helen Cantrell Donald Carey Susan Carmody Sheila Carney JOHN CAMPBELL, 7 Martin St. 3 24 52 Jack Class of ’70 mad cop chases Summer St. Park 65-68 weekends and vacations are best print class of 70 drink up Heights remember the Res rebellion Mr. M. Miss M. and Miss T. JOHN CANESI, 79 Stowecroft Rd. 10 22 53 Four years of enjoyment which passed by so quickly strenuous gym classes where we had fun classes which were boring and interesting all the years are gone by so soon HELEN CANTRELL, 3 Stevens Terr. 6 10 53 FHA conventions Lois Friday February 13 teach- ing with FTA at elementary schools becoming FHA state treasurer waitressing with F., L)., and R. " huh? " ROBERT CANTRELL, 293 Summer St. 10 11 52 DONALD CAREY, 489 Summer St. 12 12 53 Don Those were four great years sitting in class waiting for the weekends to come and sailing on the Eskanaba right to Sats ' kitchen then back to school and wait some more GREGORY CAREY, 382 Mass. Ave. 7 22 52 Greg Jr. beach party English 3A The Moody Blues Ouestion the reservation on the library wall with the gang 7 22 52 " I myself " JOSEPH A. CARMICHAEL SUSAN M. CARMODY, 21 Linwood St. 9 18 53 Answering service summer at Hampton 69 Rob- ert Redford 1st period gym Cape Cod with CL Alfie Driver’s Ed Lynn Beach Wax Museum 2 21 70 frisbee at Harwichport Come Saturday Morning SHIELA CARNEY, 85 Woodside Lane 6 15 52 Pet peeves are long skirts and boys with white socks always remember the Dutchmen summer of 68 happiness is everything turning out all right John Canesi Gregory Carey I JOAN FRANCES CAROSELLI, 53 Fountain Rd. " 5 20 53 Someone who ' s not short but average Thanksgiving Dance 69 switching locks Mind Body Soul Halloween Harvard Square Corner Book Danny the zoo period 6 biology AEX KEVIN M. CARR, 198 Overlook Rd. 6 24 53 KC The nub birps cigars pink eye you hit the what you dog you I ' d just like to interject here Soph. English taking fits in the library what’s in the bag JOAN CARTER, 8 Albermarle St. 7 10 53 The time our French class sneaked outside after- noons in the Old Hall basketball practice till 7:00 Rm. 52 after school Vale broken window by Rm. 76 a mask " So we beat on . . I JOSEPH A. CASAZZA, 128 Gardner St. 3 3 53 I Zappa Mrs. Newton favorite personality if Frank Zappa I am known for my brains DENNIS CASEY, 109 Gardner St. [ JAMES B. CASEY, 109 Gardner St. 10 8 53 The time students come alive is 2:07 180 is the magic number work is the hoop team’s struggle for a handful of wins luck is a weekly check WILLIAM CASEY, 122 Gardner St. CHARLES CASSIDY, 138 Newport St. 5 13 53 Chucky Happiness is a warm gun dynamite old teachers Dennis Hopper Moody Blues Steve Miller John Mayall KATHRYN JEAN CASSIDY, 60 Hodge Rd. 8 3 53 Cathi 6 6 69 Marga and I 5 23 70 drags 200% punk Miss Barry and Miss Carney pookie state family confusion setting sun eclipse little boy corruption winter pretation " the end of a lost cause ” DIANNA CASTIGLIA, 1 1 Orvis Rd. 1 1 5 53 Pea- nut Butter Cup Like vacations studies hate teachers classes gym Mrs. Jones’ class main of- fice Mary Donna Stop Shop Joseph Casazza Dianna Castiglia 71 Ronald Chaulk Ronald Chin JOANNE CATALANO, 44 Palmer St. 10 13 53 Summer ' 70 Bill ACH Sr. Prom Insignia Restau- rant Christmas Eve 69 Ripple Nahant My Ford man Burn outs 2 8 69 Bzzzz Pet Peeve is Deb- bie Valente and Grant’s DIANNE CATALDO, 94 Ridge St. 8 12 53 Bal- loon Club ANNE MARIE CATANZANO, 16 Dothan St. 2 25 53 Annie The hidden well-spring of your soul must rise and run murmuring to the sea; and the treasure of your infinite depths would be re- vealed to your eyes K. Gibran CYO FTA Chro- nicle JOSEPH CAVALLINI, 124 Gardner St. 6 17 53 Joe Sports music girls happiness is 2:07 Paul McCartney to have a ball DANIEL CENTER. 1 1 2 College Ave. PAULINE G. CHAMBERS, 67 Paul Revere Rd 5 12 53 Concert band orchestra marching band— music! Room M2 Mr. Sullivan Mr. The- bodo ' super-groovy” math class— help fig new- ton the beautiful people— friends CHRISTINE CHAPSKI, 34 Yerxa Rd. 2 23 53 ROBERT DONALD CHAULK, 8 Mott St. 12 2 53 Bob Pet peeve is anything in a skirt happiness is censored Johnathan Winters eat your heart out Bee Gees Can’t Find the Time to Tell You I am known for having a brother with a funny name G and S RONALD CHRISTIAN CHAULK, 8 Mott St. 4 10 53 G S the tri-cal youth group people and draw- ing cartoons happiness is Ed Ouinn’s poverty jokes in English RONALD D. CHIN, 36 Lafayette St. 9 10 53 bowling Woodstock band tropical fish bassoon science club Plum Island field trip Mr. Howell Romeo and Juliet New England Aquarium sci- ence orchestra Blue Hills Grotonwood peace! Joseph Cavallini Christine Chapski Joanne Catalano Pauline Chambers Robert Chaulk Anne Marie Catanzano Susan Chin Dick Ching Diane Cipolle David Clanin SUSAN CHIN. 21 Norcross St. 5 4 53 You jerk Josephine the plumber flamingo gymsuits happi- ness is leaving AHS DICK S. CHING. 40 Surry Rd. 2 19 53 Dickie Will the chick that . . . find it KF New York is a great place to visit but I wouldn ' t want to live there “Front Lever” might do it this year if not JN might DIANE MARIE CIPOLLE. 19 Philemon St. 10 2 53 Cip Drama club rehearsals Gwen and Beany 2:07 Friday night acquaintances Both Sides Now freezing football games talking with Mrs. C. and Mr. T. running the track the Square DAVID M. CLANIN. 64 Sunset Rd. 5 14 53 Clam Snoopy wonderful Bill Sikes Uncle Harry good old Cecil softball in the rain Amherst St. swamp fox Nantasket GG “absolutely nothing” Don Quixote frisbee Uncle Ralph awards JANET COATES. 165 Renfrew St. 10 30 53 Where’d the black car go Ben are you in there Okemo Vt. Harvard Square hand Steph ' s bark PAUL H. COCHRANE. 87 Everett St. 10 23 53 Mel AY Spy Pond Papa Joe’s chef class cross country indoor track-co-capt. outdoor track “Who threw those pies? " Easy Ed 80 ' s corridor Nauset Beach AYA baseball Anticipation— will it ever end? Janet Coates Paul Cochrane 73 Alan Conragan MAUREEN CHERYL COFFIN, 11 Finley St. 1 4 53 Maura football games squeaky loafers 5 15 70 83 “really " Orpheus “Love is . . BBS and that Friday nite vanilla coke GDO 2nd period gym Come Saturday Morning AEX Friendly ' s summer 69 JOAN COLEMAN. 79 Scituate St. 2 18 53 French class Charlie Brown hate 1st period study skiing skating sewing happiness is the 6:45 no school whistle CYNTHIA J. COLLINS, 8 Swan PI. 11 17 53 Cindy N Y. City 68 Patty in sewing the Sr. Prom Bob ' s bookkeeping class the D C. trip the beach Craft Cleaners and Barb K. the crowded lunch fable— room for one more MARCIA COLLINS, 72 Gardner St. 9 27 52 Toejoe Happiness is seeing Gopher P.J. Sammy the passageway the bells at 12:30 and 2:07 catching the bus at 2:30 5 10 70 seeing Wood- stock having someone care for you! ALAN CONRAGAN, 211 Forest St. 2 18 53 Douse the lights Gelande Edna Birdie a few C O. ' S no winners salute the flag Dome Numb Nose 4 Blue Base period 3 the wheels Easy Rider ROY COOK, 35 Sunset Rd. 2 6 53 Cookie Right on parking tipping the cans girls 69 Schlitz Nazz Zeppelin Blues the Swede Agann 4 speed what a down 440 rt English orals Sept. 9 Hendrix Skin blonde bod money ARTHUR COOPER, 57 Amsden St. 4 18 53 Coop Friday nights Schlitz girls lost in N.H. sleeping in the rain hanging around not working BEVERLY COOPER, 105 Gardner St. 2 24 53 Bev “How tall we are we ' ve learned so much everything it seems but how to stay in touch” (Rod McKuen) 7 James Corbett Paul Corbett Robert Cormier Pauline Copp Jean Corbett Edward Corcoran Loraine Coughlan PAULINE ELIZABETH COPP, 18 Trowbridge St. 6 26 53 summer 69 at Weirs Beach 6th period studies 3rd yr. sewing I thought it would never end phone call from 9:30-12:00 carnival 69-70 The Zipper JAMES CORBETT, 146 Gardner St. 9 7 53 Corb baseball cars girls Pet peeve ' is ' dumb girls Jimi Hendrix should I I don’t care JEAN CORBETT, 82 Gardner St. 3 13 53 Jeannie Happiness is when the bell rings as you’re called on to recite, is 2:07 on Monday through Friday, is when we win a football game PAUL E. CORBETT, 36 Surry Rd. 6 14 53 Corb 4th period with Spaceman Born to Be Wild Mr. Mitchell lunch for 25C: EDWARD T. CORCORAN, 36 Twin Circle Dr. 7 12 52 The dress code abolished the student lounge built the cafeteria boycotted the days skipped for peace ROBERT CORMIER, 28 Clyde Ter. 12 20 53 Bob Prejudice and ignorance in the world today Bob Hope LORRAINE COUGHLAN, 61 Norfolk Rd. 12 18 52 AY Red Cross unbelievable hockey football skiing happiness is receiving your diploma DONNA MARIA COUGHLIN, 65 Winter St. 7 24 53 Mr. Prusik’s craft class vacations in Bermuda Florida Bahamas Mr. Mitchell’s history class with Dianna was the wildest Donna Coughlin 75 Nancy Coughlin Joseph Covell Ronald Crescentini It is amazing how much guilt I ' ve experienced Guilty— because of things I ' ve felt and done. But I shouldn ' t be ashamed of those things. And it makes me wonder where the guilt came from. Did 1 impose it on myself, or were there others always there to impose it on me? Maybe these years shouldn ' t have been guilty ones. And maybe— just maybe— they weren ' t. Because in the end, everything was all right. NANCY M. COUGHLIN, 31 Morton Rd. 7 3 53 Nance Soph, year up the park groovy " sister” Jr. prom 70 behind the bank raindrops New Year ' s 69 the teen center PW “but everybody does” snake JOSEPH COVELL, 1 0 Lafayette St. 12 5 52 Hate waking up early for school hockey football swim- ming RONALD L CRESCENTINI, 11 Auda St. 11 28 53 Cresso The Bruins ' practices in winter during school grabbing for all the gusto of life walking into the office scared you ' re caught the joy of not getting caught JOSEPH CRISAFI, 145A Franklin St. 5 31 51 Joe My pet peeve about this school is that the dress code wasn ' t changed earlier what you wear is your business JOHN CURLEY, 14 Sunset Rd. 4 30 53 Mole Friday night scooping Brighams lounge skipping one-fourth of school year freshman football Mole in the hole Sandy ' s detention Hampton Fiat Mys- tic Lakes license Elaine and Bev CAROLYN CUSOLITO, 78 Richfield Rd. 10 15 53 Carol Football games goal posts 51 ' s aunt AEX here we go Trojans " quote " Jr. English D average getting dragged down the 60 ' s soph, of- fice " get rid of that gum” 1 Joseph Crisafi John Curley Carolyn Cusolito Richard D’Aveni Alan Davis Anne Daly Joseph DaSilva Kathleen Dapkas ANNE DALY, 143 Washington St. 10 26 53 “No way " GP— have you seen my fire engines I lost them again how about those 5th period studies that never were Barb think I ' ll make it this year Bank St. beach Cape Cod KATHLEEN M. DAPKAS, 100 Hibbert St. 7 9 53 Kathy Beatles " Every Night " 1 1 3 69 room 83 in 69 FTA Frog Hot Dog summer 69 Sewing 11 mental case hate having my picture taken JOSEPH DA SILVA. 60 Trowbridge St. 10 26 53 School has been a farce woodshop soph, year Mr. Brogan and an accident happened RICHARD A. D ' AVENI, 11 Wheaton Rd. 10 18 53 Rich The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of strife, maintain their neutrality (Dante) Barber Club hate stupidity im- pression of AHS: nothingness GWEN B. DAVIDSON, 90 Hutchinson Rd. 3 21 53 Half-time twirling pastel pictures table hockey at lunch trips to Calif, the Hunk sketches of De- rek steak-out on the desert discussions with Cip and Beany peace marches surprise birthday par- ties ALAN W. DAVIS, 39 Lafayette St. 6 4 53 " Too bad you can ' t take a joke " AY 6 18 70 going to college and becoming a success in life Gwen Davidson 77 For all my fear, for all my love of the safe cocoon of the past, 1 still look to the future. John Day Angela Demers Constance Dennison Gail Dereszewski SANDRA DAVIS, 19 Frost St. 8 3 53 Sandy Room 223 starts to the prom a certain zipper free hot fudge sundaes cold duck all the muchos at Michele ' s graham crackers an unforgettable snowbank the ride home from Marshfield JOHN DAY, 14 Blossom St. 6 11 52 Blank Lefty Lowder 1 Z25 55 BRUCE DEANE, 20 Wyman St. Woburn 4 17 53 Drag racing happiness is Mr. Brennan’s math classes ANGELA DEMERS, 39 Magnolia St. 10 31 53 Pet peeves are studies and gym classes CONNIE DENNISON, 44 Gray St. 7 23 53 No man can reveal to you aught but that which al- ready lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind GAIL DERESZEWSKI, 52 Menotomy Rd. 8 8 53 I’ve got fury in my soul Klunk CHRISTIE L DeROSA, 24 Fox Meadow Lane 10 19 53 History class I hate homework ambition is to be a lawyer and investor in realty and stocks and to be as rich as possible Christie DeRosa Sandra Davis DANA DERRICO JEANNE DESHLER, 155 Summer St. 9 2 52 Mrs. Ortwein’s class sleeping through history yyalking down the dingy halls of AHS eating at that crummy lopsided table target practice with plastic spoons RICHARD R. DESHLER, 155 Summer St. 11 26 53 Desh AYA Bobby Orr Peace Day at Oakmont Regional High 69 hate boring studies MAUREEN DESMOND, 119 Ridge St. 11 21 53 Skiing backwards fractured ankle Wells Beach phone call at 4:00 English oral reports summer 67 here we go Trojans yes, I get by with a little help from my friends happiness is graduating DENISE C. DeVITO, 1230 Mass. Ave. 9 19 51 Shorty Joseph Traynor softball horseback riding ice skating roller skating my dog Chopper JULIE DeVITO, 255 Mass. Ave. 12 14 53 It is chance that makes brothers but hearts that make friends someday things will be brighter Dana D ' Errico Jeanne Deshler Richard Deshler Maureen Desmond Denise DeVito Julie DeVito Thomas Dillon Janice DiNicola Lewis DiNitto TOM DILLON, 87 Bartlett Ave. 1 29 53 Dill Me- chanical drawing with McGovern attention! Jr. history go to sleep happiness is no more 29 free Wayne watch yourself JANICE DINICOLA, 129 Ronson Rd. 7 1 53 Jan 2 2 69 yeah cab summer 69 and 70 hate boys who cross their legs " hang it up " Pembroke moon bathing A P cart Waine the hut Salem LEWIS DiNITTO, 28 Columbia Rd. 6 21 53 Lou Mechanical drawing 2:10 MF CT DP Mr. Culli- nane’s class teachers making rules without rea- son I ' ll bury you boy by Mr. L. Mashney Village Stones Harvard Square JUDITH DiPERNA, 115 College Ave. 6 5 53 Friday and Saturday night parties The Boston Tea Party Harvard The Who Jr. Prom Ashland Plum Island tobogganing skating the ring Easy Rider Woodstock dances the drags Hey Jude DENISE ANNE JOSEPHINE DiVITO, 160 Gray St. 3 21 54 Dennis The Fig June 5 because the government says Mickey Mouse watch to Joan lunch before lunch potted! Boylston St. Hey Jude BRUCE S. DIXON DIANE E. DOHERTY, 54 Webster St. 8 13 52 Skiing down Mt. Sunapee? swimming water ski- ing camping Poky! Cape Cod dissecting in biol- ogy class Janet Doneski Susan Donohue Barbara Donovan JANET DONESKI, 283 Oakland Ave. 3 19 53 Junior prom Aku-Aku Born to Be Wild CYO ski trip with Father Ben hockey games at the arena hate crutches summers at Hampton Beach unbe- lievable SUSAN DONOHUE, 48 School St. 5 17 53 Dog- meat Out to lunch crowd high Paula Girls’ Club Hampton 70 Big Brenie Jr. Prom 6 25 2 take a shower Germie who ' s buying sky diving where ' s Nina? two ' s enough April’s teeth BARBARA DONOVAN, 27 Arola St. 11 1 53 Breakfast at the Pewter Pot Hampton Beach the Electric Flag hockey games Richard Pryor John- nie McKenzie Pat and the hamburgers on the ski trip the jungle call DANIEL E. DOREMUS, 100 Hillside Ave. 10 31 53 Danny Change of the Withers’ Brigade I caught you that time Ryan shake ’em right up Delaney’s MIC-KEY-MOUSE back to logs sewer trout subs speak to me sweet lips PAULDOUCETTE, 15CambellSt. 4 17 53 Duce Don’t ask me why I just . . . Belmont Burlington Leominster Winchester Wallex Park Buttricks on weekends trick or treating in Belmont Old Betsy Sally Mustang the canoe DB JOAN DOWNING, 96 Bow St. Twink CH ' s never die they just go faster tea bag— Salada the day I met Coco happiness is doing what you believe is right— being yourself— and helping others along the road of life KATHLEEN DOWNING, 96 Bow St. ANNE DOYLE, 516 Summer St. You were always so intensely expectant of great things to come. A football game, a dance, your college board scores; all of these were so important in anticipation. And the future was nothing to be feared; it was neces- sarily full of success and happiness. That is, the future was not to be feared until the day it came too close. That was the day you stopped being a child: the day you began to fear the future. Kathleen Downing Anne Doyle Paul Doucette 81 David Drinan Kathleen Driscoll " Seasons change with the scenery Weaving time in a tapestry Won ' t you stop and remember me " Paul Simon James Duffy DAVID DRINAN, 130 Varnum St. 3 6 53 Ducky Coin collecting skinny dipping at Weirs Beach at 2:30 AM give them things back Noonan Flip Wil- son KATHLEEN M. DRISCOLL, 93 Webster St. 12 14 53 Kathie Chronicle Yearbook “we’ll all do it by the summer " the AC kids French in 92 speech class Dr. Arthur Kennedy’s 8 4 70 la grenouille LA in 68 “I know I know’’ JAMES DUFFY, 10 Highland Ave. KAREN DIANE DUFFY, 65 Henderson St. 8 27 53 Happiness is having lots of friends staying home from school for no reason Sr. prom DB’s graduation sharing thoughts with others having someone to care for you KENNETH CHARLES DUFFY, 43 Eliot Rd. 5 8 53 Nuff Take the bone football jig a jigga strea- kers Mike Hunt JC president the lord’s supper PP and the nail drivers the Pink Eye Blues CHRISTINE DUGGAN, 223 Sylvia St. 12 9 53 Pippa Paul Newman Porte holiday ho! CYO Sun- dance Kid $1.50 is the minimum Pippa, will you go! all right, who said that, you filthy pigs but Mary you know I’m pinned JOSEPH DUNNE, 156 Newport St. DEBBIE DYKE, 85 Sunset Rd. 12 19 53 Melanie do what you like I am thou, thou are this and all this is that Led Zeppelin at Hampton Beach Hey Jude you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes . . . THOMAS EGAN, 8 Longmeadow Rd. 4 2 53 Tom Mr. Meserve gymnastics hate being both- ered Drama Club— burning out every light in the house being called colorful things by Wild Bill Jefferson Airplane and good friends SUSAN F. EGIDIO, 161 Lake St. 11 30 53 Sue Description de I’homme: dependence desir d’independance besoins Christine Duggan Thomas Egan Susan Egidio 82 Paul Erickson Sheila Erickson James Elliot JAMES ELLIOT, 5 Perth Rd. 1 1 30 53 war strike protest grass hard rock trip Stones Beatles Elvis Johnson Nixon Bobby Martin Bruins Armstrong Eagle Tranquility Spiro Vietnam death prejudice together peace JAMES V. ELLIOT JR., 122 Appleton St. 9 14 53 Vance Beware the hideous hockey stick and fa- cetious football loom large at fascist AHS French teachers smothering the proletarianite lonely study halls racked with insanity PAUL ERICKSON, 54 Kensington Park SHEILA SUSAN ERICKSON, 42 Ouincy St. 6 27 53 MK ' s 4th period history field hockey charge ’em I hate math hockey tournaments ok every- body out pop tarts from DD in 56 DBC breath spray Wash. DC and NC were great not Zappa again SUSAN ERIKSON, 48 Morningside Dr. 10 18 53 Sue Summer 69 Jr. year You’ve Made Me So Very Happy happiness is a car (BH) ARLENE EVANS, 258 Sylvia St. 5 2 53 Duby Beacon Street Union and Jay Gyles Blues Band concerts were really heavy has anyone seen my purple fuzzy thing wow whatever makes you happy but never hurt others to obtain your goal JEAN ERICSON, 81 Egerton Rd. 3 12 54 festival 70 dot is it really pegs? waves sun the van uncle harry the antrobuses pencil sketches chem labs yb meetings “dream” walden friends laughter may i help you? PHILLIP FAHEY, 11 Glenburn St. 12 16 53 Philby Guns motorcycles girls happiness is a bike with gas, money and some special place to go on a Saturday Arlene Evans 83 Robert Fahey Carolyn Fales Patti Fallon Colleen Fallon ROBERT FAHEY, 23 Argyle Rd. 4 4 54 Bob Frank Zappa hate seeing the Dome from the grubby place little Fahey’s cleaning out the base- ment WILLIAM FAHEY. 61 Hillsdale Rd. CAROLYN FALES, 1 Newport Sr. 2 15 53 I hate matrons happiness is Jr. Prom COLLEEN FALLON, 36 Florence Ave. 6 27 53 Weekend in Falmouth dances at the West The Dutchmen Arlington center going to N.H. on a Sunday night ' cuz the packies are closed in Mass. English in 203 PATTI ANN FALLON, 47 James St. 1 1 2 53 Patti Hockey games 68-69 football games Girls ' Club halls rotten lunches Arlington center lower class- men what? Butch Cassiday Bobby Sherman? Ca- rol J.? just plain people graduation day (phew) JANET FALWELL, 4 Park Ave. Ext. 3 31 ' 53Jan LU ANN FARINOSO, 50 Hathaway Circle 6 17 53 Dancing James Brown I hate those yellow carbon copies to the office My ambition is to be a hair stylist on an ocean cruiser happiness is graduating from AHS KATHLEEN FASANELLI, 41 Overlook Rd. 10 15 53 Kath Marshfield messed up Casper frogs? Latin forever lion " we were talking about the space between us all ” William Fahey LuAnn Farinoso Janet Falwell Kathleen Fasanelli ELLEN FENOCHETTI, 12 Shawnee Rd. 8 7 54 Ellie Happiness is looking forward to the summer and going to the beach sports I am known for getting dismissed baseball writing letters JAMES FEROLA, 24 Lake St. 6 28 53 Fubbs Fr. Chet once in the morning does it vacation to Fla. after Christmas Yeah sure right! History 69-70 murmured to a friend suspended by a teacher Washington in September JEANETTE FERREIRA, 339 Mystic St. 6 26 53 Happiness is having your hair go straight Stevie Wonder fear is having Paula M. mad at you Jack- son Five Love to Mrs. Ortwein watch out for Cookmuck Holiday Inn to see R and R VICTOR FERREIRA, 50 Sherborn St. 10 15 53 Vic Disgusting trumpet player BS + T don ' t Bo- gart me fights with Kathy Cafe Riviera 4 AM N Y. Harvard 6th period with Bruce life is like a sewer you get out what you put in DAVID H. FERRIS, c o Spoonful Ltd 11 1 52 Sanford Spoon Mountain VW 36 hp the woods who is this? is this trip really necessary? do I have a preference? Stilson Wrench 49 Chevy Mothers of Invention P.O. Box M B BETH ALISON FERRO, 142 Oakland Ave. 11 11 53 Your soul is the whole world— meaning and reality are not hidden somewhere behind things— they are in them, all of them KEVIN M FERRY, 67 Sutherland Rd. 5 28 52 Happiness is finding ‘sewer trout " on the menu I hate " the name of the game is . . . " an English teacher who asks does anybody want a cream cheese and olive sandwich Jeanette Ferreira Victor Ferreira " It was an act of God " Mr. Locke Beth Ferro Ellen Fenochetti 85 Donna Finlayson DONNA J. FINLAYSON, 28 Radcliffe Rd. 10 15 53 Fin Hate history ambition is to be an airline stewardess Derek Sanderson Mr. Lincoln happi- ness is skipping classes and not getting caught! “Ya, right!!” CARL W. FIORE, 58 Mott St. 5 17 53 " There ' s just no way” haircuts Haskel’s parties Punyanta Brookline Brutus the rink late again rats Mr. Cav SC Zits Diggar broads of 71 DR GF Heart of Stone PATTI FIORENZA, 82 Marathon St. CHARLES J. FISHER JR., 136 Gardner St. 5 16 53 No rth Union 4th period English poor Miss Barry tried her hardest to get me here Old Hall Sanitary period 5 smoke Mr. Lincoln Mrs. O ' Flaherty. JAMES FITZGERALD, 30 Hopkins Rd. 11 14 53 Cross-country indoor and spring track John F. Kennedy Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country Spiro Agnew ' s rhetoric militarism JOHN E. FITZGERALD III, 45 Rhinecliff St. 6 2 53 Jack HoJo’s Waldorf Abe Japanese All-star getting bagged 4th period Cuffhead I hate Down- town Ed up to the Supermaster creeps the ar- rangement is a bummer Hudson bus CLAIRE ANNE FITZMAURICE, 542 Summer St. 8 21 53 JV Softball FHA AEX add joys subtract sorrows multiply friends divide love Butch Cas- sidy 2:07 ROBERT FLETCHER, 17 Hemlock St. DANA C. FLINT, 327 Old Marlboro Rd. W. Con- cord 6 10 52 Happiness is the great teach- ers— RJW WD JL ED LG (ail good guys) and fi- nally getting out John Fitzgerald Patti Fiorenza Carl Fiore Charles Fisher James Fitzgerald " This is a delicious day when the whole body is one sense, and imbibes delight through every pore. " Thoreau Claire Fitzmaurice Robert Fletcher 86 Peter Flynn CANDACE FLYNN, 27 Fremont Ct. DEBORAH FLYNN, 14 Edith St. PETER FLYNN, 15 Harlow St. 11 26 53 Frog in the library soph. English cookout track champs pigeons fr. Yearbook Boston Garden (ouch) Red Kelly’s VW Richfield Rd. fr. SC jr. elections STEPHEN FOLEY, 50 Edmund Rd. 10 3 53 Feb- ruary 69 " What ' s up for tonight " wiffle ball Rob- ert Wagner the Pearl MIKE FORD, 82 Menotomy 6 18 53 Model T Baseball Ray Civili Larry ' s parties park league basketball Moody Blues Steve McQueen farm 2:07 heats off Jimi Hendrix Hampton Friday night Chucky C sailing down the Cape PATRICIA FOREST, 29 Robbins Rd. 5 24 53 Trish AY Science Club G S Varsity softball " oh no another F!— Mrs. O. ' s Spanish classes hate gym happiness is graduating Patricia Forest Stephen Foley Deborah Flynn Michael Ford Candace Flynn 87 Janet Fredo Fredriksen BERNARD J. FOX, 11 Scituate St. 7 25 53 Mag Do it at Sat’s kitchen on Saturday night with the Eskinaba Battalion N.J. is the worst place to be JOHN FRANZOSA, 231 Wachusett Ave. 12 4 53 Zosa It could have been better but it was all right Friday nights A.F. or regular man it was really dynamite the way they tried to take over the ad- ministration’s office BRUCE FREDERICK, 9 25 53 The monk with his T-square machine gun Spoonful Ltd. Phogg Phil’s garage 69 da grubby place the bus back from North Carolina JANET FREDO, 144 Overlook Rd. 6 5 53 Fred Alfred Enterprises BA BO in biology lab who did it Brian? get off that wheelchair and swing! Joan— see you in the morgue! BR— thank you! Gillian French conference 69 Pinky Girls’ Club AEX JON S. FREDRIKSEN, 69 Crescent Hill Ave. 10 28 53 Jennie Led Zeppelin do one 2 9 69 load tough sneaking into Bruins’ games Toz tak- ing home movies GILLIAN RUTH FRENCH, 30 Hodge Rd. 10 16 53 Jill Chemistry rm. 34 joys of Plum Island? Biol- ogy 2 massacres Andy Capp double doors the 440 ’’some people ought to be taken out and shot!” ’’Let us pause for a moment of silence.” JANICE A. FRENI, 314 Ridge St. 11 27 52 Jan Beach party a dull night at the teen center, ol, ya happiness is graduating from AHS and Geoff pet peeve School clicks ambition is— to be a kinder- garten teacher GEORGE H. FRIEL, 155 Forest St. 10 24 53 Summer of 70 hate the wall golf George Friel John Franzosa Bruce Frederick Janice Freni Bernard Fox Norman Gallant Sandra Garvey David Geldart Kathryn Giallongo Mane Gallishaw Debra Gedraitis Judith Gibbs Steven Gabis STEVEN EDWARD GABIS, 42 Blossom St. 6 6 53 Greeber “Bark at the moon” Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Mr. Delaney pet peeve is RJW NORMAN GALLANT, 59 Claremont Ave. 11 4 53 Skip There just ain ' t no way 2:07 Mrs. C. Win- ter St. curfew who pulled an all nighter? Luigi Grand Funk Tommy ' s AYA Ike we’re outta here MARIE GALLISHAW, 54 Teel St. 6 27 53 " Bet- ter late than never” finally getting out of driver’s ed being locked in room 76 cool it blizzards which don ' t cancel school on the moon arrival of SDS paychecks SANDRA L. GARVEY, 122 Paul Revere Rd. 7 18 53 Sandy Happiness is winning a football game or anything the lake in summer or going out with someone special ARNF disastrous jr. beach party at Me. ATC Judy ' s parties WILLIAM GAUGHRAN, 25 Morrison Rd. Bur- lington 10 19 53 Billy 8:00 starts the day with six hours of no pay 2:30 is part-time freedom Easy Rider motorcycles— unregistered 17 DEBRA GEDRAITIS, 66 Amsden St. 2 26 54 FBLA Sounds of Silence winter of 70 hockey third year of sewing hate Old Hall studies DAVID GELDART, 34 Landsdown Rd. KATHRYN J. GIALLONGO, 39 Greeley Cir. 2 12 53 Kathy Guinea Tom Dooley CYO Honky Tonk Woman Tom Jones jr. prom 11 11 68 hate crowded corridors Gracie JUDITH GIBBS, 15 Jason Terr. 4 15 53 Butts Ashby Sunday rides to N.H. the center loitering the weekend at Kathy’s cottage Hamplon the Cape and Elaine’s cottage Marty Labor Day at Lake George Tyrol Mt. our cottage the Avalon girls best years of my life •i . 89 Donald Gill Judith Gilligan John Gilligan " 1 never found a carnpanion that was so campionahle as solitude " Thoreau Adele Gillis Patricia Gilligan THOMAS GILLESPIE, 30 Stevens Ter. JOHN M. GILLIGAN. 9 Newcomb St. 3 1 51 BF CSN Y getting high June 6th weekend at Fal- mouth happiness is a case in Wally’s cooler Geno lay one on me Joe Cocker the BF’er JUDITH A. GILLIGAN, 77 Falmouth Rd. 4 29 53 Judi Times with " The Evil Eye " Three Muske- teers Mel’s parties Muise Thanksgiving dance Murph at Olie’s Jeannie Anne can’t see . . . why? dig it?! P S. Chuck PATRICIA GILLIGAN, 9 Newcomb St. 12 7 53 Pat This is true I am known for skipping gym Crosby Stills and Nash Robert Redford ADELE GILLIS, 28 Pondview Rd. 3 21 53 Tom Dooley Ski Club Girls’ Club weekend Barb Sue and I got stuck in N.H. Mrs. Kennedy’s 5-minute timings all the mornings over Lockeland PHILIP V. GLACKEN, 42 Venner Rd. 2 8 53 Goop Spoonful Ltd. I want to boogie till the break of day Canned Heat what’s the ugliest part of your body? I think it ' s your mind! Frank Zappa life is like a sewer what you get depends on what you put in PATRICIA GORELL ELINOR A. GOTSELL, 91 Egerton Rd. 4 10 53 Freezing in Data Processing 8;01 in the house- master’s office Judy’s beet juice summer of 69 Lunenburg Vocy lunch Sunday afternoons jr. prom MARIE GOUGH, 58 Scituate St. 4 4 53 Happi- ness is going out with someone you like BC go- ing to the jr. prom having a lot of friends going to the Hampton dances 90 Robert Grassi Eleanor Granfield Janet Green Carolyn Grant Jane Green SUSAN GRACE, 12 Harold St. 11 26 52 Sue Of- fice asst, library asst. Chronicle AEX swimming guitar sewing " the worst " Mr. Mitchell ' s tests dating DA ambition is to be secretary hate being in debt STEPHANIE GRADY, Any gentle green place yesterday the dawn has awakened me purely I ' m off to live the day together we can excrete the cruelties with our sweetness peace to the world with your calm hearts i ELEANOR GRANFIELD, 16 Quincy St. 1 CAROLYN B. GRANT, 7 College Ave. 7 5 54 Ca : Saturday morning practice “straighten out you clod! " “rank 5 you stink! " taps basketball “get off your flat feet! " Billerica tourney “get out of ' here! " “you ' re out of tune! " guitar ROBERT GRASSI, 109 Ridge St. CAROL GRASEWICZ, 20 Foxmeadow La. 12 26 53 Hockey playoffs football red gray WSC beach party June 15 BJ MM Eng. cheering MT Marshfield barn VPGC Sat ' s party ski club EDP prom MBB fishing 4 AM BS T hate moving to NJ JANE B. GREEN, 30 Amsden St. 10 31 53 Smilie field hockey fr. cheerleaders G S lolanthe JV cheerleaders Coach McDonough basketball summer 68 5 ' 8 " what goes on here finishing driver ' s ed flunking Spanish 3 tests JANET GREEN, 33 Piedmont St. Susan Grace 91 BRYAN GREENE, 23 Lanark Rd. 1 5 53 Buzzy Nino Benevenuti ' s luncheonette and clinic Quincy wins hockey Arlington wins fight 70 Enzo ' s place— an experience you ' re on! JOHN GRIFFITH, 36 Churchill Ave. 9 10 53 Griff Data Processing " my word " " you ' re on " Charles Cullinane Happiness is 2:07 hate Eng 3A ROBERTA JEAN GUARENTE, 27 Radcliffe Rd. 6 23 53 Berta Harry and Willie Whistle I am known for my stupid questions " is that right? " Young Girl BS T hate locked sanitaries BARBARA GUPTILL, 12 Windsor St. 3 28 53 Babs Beach parties DE 27 hate typing 2 DIANE HALL, 59 Lockland Ave. STEPHEN ROBERT HALL, 92 Grafton St. 10 10 53 Corridor Flying to Calif, flying back to Boston I am a rock I am an island Happiness is 3:00 in DP. NANCY HALLORAN, 148 Mt. Vernon St. 6 17 53 So much of life we all pass by With heedless ear and careless eyes Bent with our cares we plod along Blind to the beauty deaf to the song 9 12 70 always will be remembered DONNA M. HAMILTON, 116 Sylvia St. 5 4 53 Hip-pie Summer 69 Oct. 31 Satan being together concerts in Harvard " I know— no mustard " staying straight changing into smelly gym suits Ashby weekends Stones 3 weeks off for snow Bryan Greene Roberta Guarente I may never again measure my life in years. My cycles of growth may never again he so clearly defined for me. Now, all that I can see are the patterns that have emerged from four years of very concentrated ex- perience, so full it can hardly he remembered. Diane Hall Nancy Halloran 92 Stephen Hall Donna Hamilton Barbara Guptill Raymond Hamwey Pamela Harding Judith Hankins Donald Harnish STEPHEN HAMPARIAN, 47 Stowecraft Rd. RAYMOND EDWARD HAMWEY, 65 Randolph St. 1 1 1 2 53 Arab Happiness is knowing you won a bet from Mr. Lowder having parties in Mr. Kor- nik’s class and knowing you brought your lunch to school ambition to become an engineer JUDY HANKINS, 156 Renfrew St. 3 24 53 Ju-Ju autobiography in hieroglyphics Groton freezing locker rooms Sleazy Riders Old Mold term paper in one week! " I like it.” PAMELA HARDING, 7 Webster St. 11 28 53 Stand! in the end you ' ll still be you one who ' s done all the things you ' ve set out to do Stand! it ' s the truth that the truth makes you so uptight WILLIAM HARDING, 23 Sawin St. 12 16 52 Doc DONALD HARNISH, 139 Lake St. 6 28 53 Burns 70 football season skipping 6th period beach parties jr. prom sideburns Milbrook Carol playing soph, football Miss Barry Mr. Manning Mr. O ' Connor the cemetery HARRY J. HAROUTUNIAN, 37 Huntington Rd. 4 3 53 KC “Get it up there” what’s your bag? golf- ing at 6:00 in the morning! Cid! gotta get rid of that teacher no homework Cav. we’re no. 1 AHS all the way DONNA HART, 17 Hathaway Circle 4 9 53 Hey there’s a party at Mary’s house Colleen what time is it " What am I a clock?” maybe he ' s down the center Falmouth Brian Volkswagons PETER HARTNETT, 1 1 7 Overlook Rd. Donna Hart Harry Haroutunian 93 John Hasler Stephen Hawkins Deborah Hayes JOHN D. HASLER, 114 Eastern Ave. 10 24 53 Haskle BR ' s bar and grille Brookline-Quincy games Garrison ' s " How come " Joseph Schlitz I leave to the school 1 VW I hope to be a systems designer C.C.R. STEVE HAWKINS, 235 Gray St. 10 27 53 Hawk " Winning isn’t everything, wanting to win is” football baseball My Girl tomorrow is another day beating Brookline Paul Lynde snobs Key Club WILLIAM HAXTON, 43 Dothan St. 5 17 53 Hac Skylark Posi 4;56 Crager Holley Edelbrook Thrush Heddman Muncie Hurst Goodyear Mal- lory Isky Airlift Keystone Gummout Competition DEBORAH HAYES, 46 Fairmont St. 7 12 53 Debbie 12 29 69 Track meets Hi I ' m your cuz earth science revisited MDC rink twenty minute study room 22 " turn around " DENISE HAYES, 46 Fairmont St. 7 12 53 NIsey Old Annie Chronicle Mr. Hall tourney “People, people who need people " skipday Howdy Wayne " Are you two really twins?” yellow Dick Summer " How are ya?” celebrate life! VICTORIA HAYS, 926 Mass. Ave. 9 27 53 Vicky The devil made me do it Arlo Guthrie Woodstock with John 7 10 70 red pink and white carnations delivered in a little white Volkswag en MARY MARGARET HEALY, 10 Inverness Rd. 2 10 53 Mare Long range plans for FB banquet tears and Bert New Year’s snowbank Rick at jr. prom Olie Nights at the heights Gopher Okemo bread portos apple at the locker 17th birthday CHRISTINE HENRICKSON THOMAS HERLIHY, 51 Maynard St. 12 3 53 Herl hockey games jr. year Mr. Lincoln skipdays throwing books out the windows happiness is no school detention AYA baseball hockey Denise Hayes Mary Healy Thomas Herlihy 94 William Herlihy Francis Hewitt Mary Higgins P Wayne Hingston Susan Hilferty WILLIAM HERLIHY, 51 Maynard St. Bill AYA baseball football hockey Rico Petrocelli Teddy Green FRANCIS HEWITT, 21 Trowbridge St. 2 8 53 Dewle Soph, mech drawing bowling Beegees un- believable Woodstock 5th period gym brawl Che- ryl Hampton romps homeroom 29 Abe 8:15 Se- same St. Harry Gay Northeastern MARY E. HIGGINS, 6 Morningside Dr. 5 16 53 East to be Hard deciding to ask someone to the jr. prom his saying yes swimming sailing Beatles “I don ' t belive it " hate having to get to school by 8:00 for a study SUSAN HILFERTY, 66 Dudley St. Was I clever enough? Was I charming? Did I make at least one good pun? Was I disconcerting? Dis- arming? Was I wise? Was I wan? Was I fun? 6 o ' clock Joan, you ' re so deep! MCB Penn Eng- lish Mother Mary WAYNE ROBERT HINGSTON, 54 Temple St. 7 1 52 The Ramblers daddy PJ out to lunch crowd roll call SC football Key Club convention the Pit L B. Hampton Howdy summer of 69 track 70 Bil- tmore 69 jr. prom ANTHONY HIRSCH, 138 Renfrew Rd. 8 9 53 skiing golf " not me " in church with M. Murray teen center January 9 Anthony Hirsch 95 Joan Hobart Maureen Hogan Sally Horne I I Kathleen Hurley Kathy Hughes Linda Hughes Rosemary Hutchins JOAN HOBART, 87 College Ave. 11 18 53 I get high with a little help from my friends " what time is it? " summer 69 down the Res hate pigs MAUREEN HOGAN, 278 Broadway 3 30 53 Moe All right Memorial weekend 70 AY FHA SALLY HORNE, 27 Edmund Rd. 3 18 53 Pewter Pot or Bessette’s? SD at the Mystics Danny ' s party George Air Force Marines Bradbury the rings the third party GEORGE HOUSTON, 15 Memorial Way NANCY L. HOWU ND, 22 Webster St. 10 13 53 Nanc Jo how come there ' s no tread on the back tire MCHS prom go marines that pigeon tripped punch line MOJ walks my Hawaii Preserve your memories they’re all that’s left you KATHLEEN E. HUGHES, 27 Temple St. 8 31 53 Kathy Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart . . . KLUNK! LINDA HUGHES, 12 Higgins St. 3 8 53 Cubes Dr. Speed’s Apothecary Harvard Square Cape Cod Lee’s little blue Buick thank God it’s Friday I am me you are you we are what we are KATHLEEN HURLEY, 53 Wilbur Ave. 12 13 53 Weekend in N Y. jr. English class driver’s license Brighams Cape Cod last summer beach ROSEMARY L. HUTCHINS, 204 Spring Ave. 5 3 53 Going to Bedford on Wednesdays waiting for hockey meetings to get over Butch Cassidy hate West dances Eileen Jay CAROL ANN lANNELLI, 31 Freemont Ct. 7 25 53 Get those fire engines out of my driveway Feb. vacation happiness is payday EILEEN SUE JAY, 53 Highland Ave. 6 3 53 Beany Drama gypsy dream keck yearbook AY lingering after school blatent banal misanthrope stories by Gwen Cip the lake Diggie Quip The Pig discussions with Mom music by Joni thoughts by me CAROL ELIZABETH JOHANSON, 90 Thesda St. 12 21 52 Fat Cheeks 6 5 68 The Pond Girls’ Club happiness is Fridays at 2;07 Paul and Mr. Mitchell “Come play in my sandbox’’ JOYCE JOHNSON, 42 Everett St. ROBERT JOHNSON, 160 Scituate St. 4 17 53 BJ ChiChi bzzz NB Spaceman Mr. O shakes desh Philco Busty Russell Edna Tom Clark Class of 71 Chips Myer’s JEFFREY JONES, 133 Park Ave. 9 19 53 Earle Ambition is to be an architect marching band concert band hate being late English French bowling football happiness is getting 700’s on college boards JOSEPH JONES. 40 La ke St. 4 15 52 Peach Ambition is to be a millionaire volleyball hockey Led Zeppelin SUSAN ELIZABETH JONES, 40 Sherborn St. 10 7 53 Suzie Q. Nicknames Mr. Prusik’s class a “king” Pleasure Island 68 camp and overnights Sebago barbeque in the rain fr. and sr. years AV happiness is Fi-Ho friends SUSAN JOVELLAS, 3 Bartlett Ave. 10 23 53 Racing Stripe I like 57 Chevys and adore Peki- nese dogs and tackling Jack’s carrying the ball pits Linda Nuni Jack Tommy Hippo Frito Roy Di- ckie Kathy Shell Billy Dickie Joyce Johnson Susan Jones Carol Johanson i Carol lanelli Robert Johnson Jeffrey Jones Keith Joyce Susan Jovellas . . In the deep, tacit way in which feeling becomes stronger than thought, I had always felt that the school came into existence the day 1 entered it, was vibrantly real while 1 was there, and then blinked out like a candle the day I left. " —John Knowles Evelyn Kaatz Michael Kane Richard Kearns 98 Karen Kalustian KEITH JOYCE, 15 Ashland St. 11 3 53 Wide i range of teachers sports Jimmi Hendrix hate par- S ents telling sons to get haircut | MAUREEN A JUDGE, 15A Revere St. 6 27 53 | Moe Sept. 4 Miss Steele football and hockey games winning Eastern Mass. Cheering Title ; Soph, beach party Miss McCarthy ' s history class || Leaving on a Jet Plane EVELYN KAATZ, 39 Venner Rd. 11 1 53 Evie Drama Club Mid-summer Night’s Dream ' s dream ' ■ cast Jr. skip day Plum Island Rockport beach parties Mrs. MacLean ' s speech classes Wizard of Oz finals Come Saturday Morning ; DAVID ANGELO KACHEMOV, 71 Tomahawk Rd. , 2 25 53 Dave Coming to school on skip day baseball going home for the summer four years I’ve come to AHS and I’ll be glad to go ; KAREN KALUSTIAN, 26 Hartford Rd. 9 2 53 , Kalu I came out of confusion, only to find that : more awaits me. The difference is that now I can also await the coming of confusion. MICHAEL KANE, 283 Florence Ave. 12 6 53 Mike Mr. Lincoln at 10:00 fights with Mr. Mitchell i John you are a dufus Phil winking at me St. Cam- ; illas ski trip NB skipping school Jeff street hockey Dodo Graduation ' RICHARD KEARNS, 130 Rhinecliff St. 11 3 52 Hate to light up a cigarette and find I’m standing I behind Toz ANN KEEFE, 30 Cleveland St 5 8 53 Annie I’d ' i rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance e.e. cum- i mings If you are glad whatever’s living will your- i self become I Ann Keefe DARREN F. KEEFE, 21 Quincy St. 9 10 53 Ver- mont weekends drive in parties brat girls swim- ming Boys ' Club Kaiser ' s English happiness 69-70 third period Ronald’s press Edna’s house of knowledge DANA KEELER, 14 Pelham Ter. 10 30 53 Week- ends at the Cape parties in Eastham pet peeve is people who are conceited happiness is being around friendly people JOAN KEHOE, 23 Chester St. 8 7 53 What can I say I can’t believe it It was so far away It’s not It’s hard to believe that I may never see my friends again But I’ll never say good bye only farewell EILEEN MARIE KELLY, 54 Landsdowne Rd. 5 25 53 Kelly Ski trips with Francis Ahern gym 4 periods field hockey team swimming sailing Mrs. Armstrong Spanish I speech classes locker check always remember jr. year thanks Lee PATRICK M. KELLEY, 93 Sylvia St. 2 13 53 Kell Weekends at Flampton with Hanger Mullane bea- ver shot SB nights in H wild women Mum is a rascal RICHARD KELLEY, 31 Overlook Rd. 9 16 53 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Quincy game Broadway week in Hampton west woods night of the fair Howdy’s ROBERT KELLEY, 376 Appleton St. 9 14 53 Kel No school Hojo’s Harvard Stadium Abe at 9:30 Mrs. Kaiser’s bristle brains Belmont Country Club street hockey ski trips mental Hudson Bus rangoon Bruins’ practices Eileen Kelly Patrick Kelley Robert Kelley Dana Keeler Joan Kehoe Richard Kelley Martin Kelly KEVIN J. KELLY, 69 Webcowet Rd. 12 28 52 Kel Swimming sailing scuba diving scooter pills I leave to AHS all my used lunch bags happiness is Friday nights hate getting out at 3:00 MARTIN A, KELLY, 46 Yerxa Rd. 7 29 53 Spud Weekends at Ole’s Tavern douse the lights pole vaulting with Tanaka track pet peeve is Edna PATRICIA L. KELLY, 40 Upland Rd. West 9 28 53 Patty You are blind and I am deaf and dumb so let us touch hands and understand taking me higher the shop AHS so very happy barefoot without the fear of being stepped on ELIZABETH KENDALL, 581 Summer St. 4 7 53 Liz Rm. 22 during 5th period work work work sewing project May 70 June 71 I guarantee you ' ll get an A if you try snowstorm of February 69 CAROL ELAINE KENNEDY, 18 Elmore St. 6 27 53 Germie AEX Girls ' Club Hampton beach sum- mer 69 70 Thurber Barn FYB chink night Pewter Pot gang out to lunch bunch Cape Cod 70 Rose- bud ' s nightie flaps in the wind jr. prom MARCIA KEPLIN, 31 Lorraine Ter. 11 29 52 Agatha I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble and the years have gone by fast happiness is leaving the school and teachers and going out on my own Amen Patricia Kelly Carol Kennedy 100 Kevin Kelly Elizabeth Kendall Marcia Keplin SANDRA KESHISHIAN, 7 Sagamore Rd. 10 9 53 Sandy Two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference Hate Hudson bus drivers your time has come all your dreams are on their way KAREN ANN KEZERIAN, 85 Hathaway Circle 1 11 53 Sounds of Silence Caf new faces Funny Girl falling asleep in Chemistry history Harvard Sq. 8 25 69 homeroom gym suits tutoring 2:07 changing moods may I have your attention RUTH KIEFER, 179 Hillside Ave. 5 28 54 Dawn Early morning rain and a smile in heaven GUY S, KINGMAN JR., 15 Lowell St. Place 9 16 53 Beany Happiness is graduation life girls money Jaye Kenny Debbie Ma Dad Maryann Bob Eleanor Arlyne Mrs. Healy Beatles POB ELAINE KIRIAKOS, 23 Surry Rd. 10 4 53 Beat- les Let It Be the zoo tap dancing in DE guys in white socks 70 oh wow mem deli president hap- piness is being a sr. GREGORY KIRKLIAN, 30 Throndike St. MARILYN CLARE KIRKWOOD, 72 Crescent Hil Ave. 4 9 53 Sam Crowded halls long phone calls football games Wag ' s campaign Frost 26 Harvard mix smiles and tears these were the years JAN ALICIA KONICK Guy Kingman Gregory Kirklian Jan Konick Karen Kezerian Marilyn Kirkwood Ruth Kiefer Elaine Kiriakos Sandra Keshishian o Karen Koumjian Guy Lalicata Catherine Kozell Teresa Kurcewicz KAREN LYNNE KOUMJIAN, 268 Gray St. 5 1 53 Simon Garfunkel cello in Gilbert Sullivan shows AHS MIT tours with Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra in Israel Aug. 70 football games AY convention treasurer USSR 69 CATHERINE KOZELL, 26 Eustis St. 9 17 53 Cathy Crane’s beach Ed Cowan Jr. prom winter walks 70 bubbles Nahant Aug. 1 Doorbell Aug. 31 12:30 how to ruin a good thing Jeanne Buttr- icks Fresh Pond Larry D Hair Catch 22 RICHARD KREUZ, 55 Cleveland St. 5 1 53 Hop- A-Long Mary H. and Jr. Prom football baseball chem labs surfing hockey Rolling Stones Unreal John Wayne movies Wayne Cashman my fake fumble tobogganing my teddy bear TERESA KURCEWICZ. 56 Spy Pond Lane 7 5 53 Terry Sharman remember the beer cans on the bus going in late or not at all Ten Year’s After happiness is graduating hate groovy BARBARA LAHAN, 28 Academy St. 6 7 53 Barb Happiness is helping those who need someone to listen and help happiness is watching a child play and be happy GUY UXLICATA, 50 Ashland St. 6 28 53 Chinka My ambition is to be the first Italian astronaut the Colonel looking in the mirror and seeing myself Willie McCovey tenacious shot Key club basket- ball my father’s fists equality for Italians my stumps Richard Kreuz Barbara Lahan Stuart Lament Theresa Langer Barbara Lament Themas Lanzille 103 Christine Lambrych WILLIAM E. LALLOS, 160 Hillside Ave. 5 3 53 Bill T rip te Greece with my brether my brand new 69 Mustang Belling Stenes cencert with Susan Raquel Welch Creedence Clearwater Revival hate getting up early every merning CHRISTINE A. LAMBRYCH, 69 Wellasten Ave. 8 19 53 Data Precessing freezing te death den’t sweat the small stuff beet juice incident being re- jected by Meby Dick little girl blushing Latin sum- mer ef 69 Billy BARBARA LAMONT, 26 Bartlett Ave. 9 4 53 Babs Brews chewing wintergreen life savers in the dark real friendship Cape standard high Brewster Brussels ene shet and I’m geed ter the whele day hate fribbles STUART U MONT, 26 Bartlett Ave. 9 4 53 It’s my turn new and I ' ll give it all I ' ve get Cape ten- nis and feetball build my beat and sail it areund the werld THERESE LANGER THOMAS MICHAEL LANZILLO, 15 Shaunee Rd. 11 13 53 Thom Pappy-Brutal Bie. Jehn ekay de yeur nightly studying and get yeur A hemazze 5.1 fifty fireman sir Cessez de mangez que I’enfer ceel cat Kaiser get it Maryanne William Lalles »•« Catherine Linehan 104 Robert Learnard Elizabeth Lee Joan Lewis MARTHA LARGENTON, 6 Webster St. 6 28 52 Marfy Three Dog Night 1 I 70 swimming softball monkeys nuns BS T known for my spilling things at other people’s houses come off it PAUL LAVIN PAULA LAWSON, 176 Mt. Vernon St. 5 14 53 Boo Summer 70 Sunday afternoon picnics New Yorker Snotch alley California dream boy 5 3 69 oh darling BOB LEARNARD, 179 Brattle St. 10 29 53 Girl ' s Boston Bruins In a Gada Da Vida Good Enough Woody Allen Chuck Kornik hate forms ELIZABETH C. LEE, 122 Varnum St. 4 6 53 Math Trinity Z trying transition Yearbook 71 first days graduation returning visits forest venture tightened braces face-off Ipswich happiness is friendship thanks for the memories BEVERLY A. LEWIS, 159 Wright St. 4 29 53 Bev Quacking Fire drills pep rallies old hall studies Data Processing lunch periods yodels don ' t sweat the small stuff German measles jr. prom skip day locked sanitaries JOAN SUE LEWIS, 113 Sylvia St, 9 22 53 Joannie Moon is made of chedder cheese sum- mer 69 Ashby Farmington running down Route 2 at night the little wonder Sam Fred Bike Hippy Roger Ramjet Bill 11 14 69 forever JEFF LIMBERIS, 50 Magnolia St. 3 13 53 Limpa Girls varsity baseball fooling around Jimmy Pier- sail Red Skelton laughing graduating everybody people who waste time CATHERINE A. LINEHAN, 18 Baker Rd. 12 30 53 Cathy Ambition is to be a nurse taught handi- capped children at Boys’ Club how to swim F.N A. and works hate deficiency slips Romeo and Juliet Beverly Lewis Jeffrey Limberis Paula Lawson LINDA LINTZ, 87 Harlow St. 12 26 53 Thanks and love to Mr. Meserve Mrs. Portner Mr. T. mu- sic department Oberron Indian-scalping a few precious memories much lost time a little learn- ing tolerance some understanding ROSANNE LIONETTA, 90 Palmer St. 4 10 52 Rosie Bruins Stanley Cup FBLA BS T Three Dog Night Turk Pie I ' m impressed hate shorthand DONNA LIOTINE, 24 Dodge St. 5 22 53 Lee Surfing traveling Europe California men beaches nights romance discotheques planes museums hotels theaters coming down dreaming wow what a vacation I hope CHARLES MICHAEL LUCAS, 40 Wilicowet Rd. 8 4 53 Chuck You aren ' t so dumb after all cold supper at 6:30 Air Force Squadron— 408 yes Mrs. Stockman arch your shot the cement ' ll be in to- morrow I ' ll do my homework tonight PHILLIP LUDKA, 77 Broadway 8 8 53 Mental Football baseball March 20 8:12 p.m. 13 Patrick Rd. pet peeve is the Freak WESLEY J. LUNDQUIST. 137 Robbins Rd. 9 26 52 Animal Flying eating sleeping Mr. Lowder move along boys move along times at Charlie ' s winter 68 my ambition is to go to college and be- come a professional pilot MARY LYONS, 51 Westminster Ave. 7 23 53 Pi- ano records to be a nurse Bill Cosby hate gym Mary Lyons Wesley Lundquist 105 Linda Lintz ' Rosanne Lionetta Charles Lucas Donna Liotine Phillip Ludka Daniel Linehan Sue-Anne Lyons Ralph MacDonald Carol MacMurray Barbara MacQuestion 106 Paula Mackenzie SUE-ANNE LYONS, 11 Robbins Rd. 8 20 53 70-71 president of AY bike rides Sandy Beach? being out in the rain AY kids at conventions go- ing for rides hate adults who don ' t like kids RALPH E. MacDONALD, 29 Puritan Rd. 7 28 53 Flick Jr. and Sr. year West dances July 4th scoo- ter overpass track Brookline-Quincy hockey games Brutus dies John and Bob’s house NEF Gus Carl ' s hair Tommy and Sandy Duffis Frank 1 PAULA MacKENZIE, 51 Hemlock St. 6 11 53 Flame-on! Distributive Ed. Girls’ Club summer 70 1964 Thurber Barn Hampton Beach— so high 6 25 2 the Big Six a friend who helped keep my head together a little help from Ducky and the gang AUDREY MacLEOD, 4 Iroquois Rd, 4 1 9 53 Aud Be yourself proms drinking parties Sunday band concerts on the Common I am known for being an individual CAROL MacMURRAY, 39 Tomahawk Rd. 12 25 53 Bleach The graveyard I don’t believe you the cyclone 6th period math cootie-shot football games V.F.’s trumpet duh! Jr. Prom Kon-Tiki Ports my honey— DEH will ya remember? DANIEL MacPHEE, 5 Edith St. 12 9 53 Danny Mrs. Kaiser’s English class happiness is getting out of history after 5th period Donna and my math pad I’ll refer you hate getting up for school BARBARA A MacQUESTION, 14 School St. 10 15 53 Barb Him happiness is being with some- one you love New Year’s weekend of May 29 hey Sharmon remember poison ivy and Freddy the Freak hate locked sanitaries ELAINE MAGGIO, 7 Plymouth St. 9 19 53 Sun- day mornings of 69 hate guys who wear nylons summer 69 Hyannisport in the lounge chair Michael Manzo Mary Anne Maimone Diane Mandile EDWARD MAGLIANO, 77 Newport St. EDMUND MATTHEW MAHONEY, 24 Fabyan St. 8 5 53 Ned Football J.V. hockey V. Buffalo and Indiana jr. year the teen center nights Stratton Streakers all right NAD bears and ducks and birds hippies and protestors MARYANNE MAIMONE, 36 Lakehill Ave. 8 14 53 Mare Summer 70 people who enjoy arguing Credence Clearwater Revival " You got a case " The Graduate skiing I am known for laughing a lot happiness is waking up at 6:00 in the morning . . . then remembering it’s Saturday! GEORGE MALVEY, 90 Jason St. 8 16 53 Bill Cosby I am known for being a fantastic pool player— ask Rusty Russell hate people who are phonies and people who don’t know how to tell the truth hate yearbook biographies DIANE MANDILE, 45 Lakehill Ave. 6 16 70 Di 9 10 70 Dicky Majorettes Jr. Prom those days at Hampton Beach student lounge Buttrick’s 1st pe- riod weekends at Boston with Dicky MICHAEL MANZO, 87 Medford St, 11 29 52 Mike Happiness is waiting for Friday afternoon at 2:07 and going out and having a ball! Edmund Mahoney George Malvey Edward Magliano 107 Kathleen Marchetti Paul Marino KATHLEEN MARCHETTI, 115 Spy Pond Pkwy. 9 20 53 Kathy Girls ' club AEX happiness is Da- vid and 2 24 67 Wilbert at Hampton 6 25 2 the barn DYSYB the Mafia the big six six months worth of roses chocolate talks with S.W. PAUL V. MARINO, 11 Morningside Dr. 2 26 53 Sub Friday night at Ole ' s 5th period— Edna douse the lights Ike Bevins torture camp surfing Nahant a couple of cold ones Chicago Tanaka in mid-air douse the whip track AYA JAMES MARK, 96 Chandler St. 9 27 53 Arling- ton 6-5 over Newton 70 baseball and basketball Edna the library ranagoon Wild Bill Boston Arena after Ouincy Friendly ' s chemistry labs JOSEPH MARTELL, 12 Belknap St. 10 10 51 JOAN MARIE MATTHEWS, 92 Chandler St. 10 28 53 Girls ' Club AEX barn FYB DYS YB tracks Thanksgiving 40 steps Cape Beach Lodge Glou- cester the Rocks Al walking to PF 3:00 A M. Provincetown jumping off bridge PETER MAURICCI, 50 Fisher Rd. 7 5 53 Cello music stamp collecting baseball A Y. G S happi- ness is making others happy hate homework LESLIE MAYER, 3 Brattle PI. 3 8 53 Summer 70 yellow bus Mrs. Miller are you serious phony people happiness is getting away with a cigarette in gym James Mark Joan Matthews Peter Mauricci Leslie Mayer 108 LARRY MAZZOLA, 20 Dow Ave. 8 23 53 Ski in- structor Mt. Sunapee riding motorcycies Moody Biues AHS— what a dump! NANCY McAULiFFE, 36A Academy St. 11 17 53 Buzzy Face 11 2 70 hate boys with dirty finger- naiis and giris with dirty hair ROBERT J. McCABE, 11 Prospect Ave. 1 20 53 Mac Misery is Monday afternoon at the movies Lushka orange fight 9 in a GT get it up McCabe " Russei! you embarrass me " ! gotta hit the road Boston Arena JOHN P. McCarthy, 149 Rentew St. 7 14 53 J. P. Treas. St. Camiiius CYO wow what a bummer fina! exams are track AY key ciub Flip Wilson hate white socks KEVIN McCarthy, 11 Vamum St. 2 14 53 Mack Happiness is watching the Bruins win a Stanley Cup Manomet in A Gadda Da Vidda Willie Whistle hockey and baseball JAMES McCLUSKEY, 58 Old Mystic St. Virgo Jim High school bad karma never worked always daydreaming . . . hmmmmm MARTHA McDermott, 11 Belnap St. 3 14 53 Jr. Prom weekend Miss Barry’s 6th period class happiness is having a lot of friends MICHAEL McDermott, 119 Mt. Vemon St. 11 6 53 Walking by the car ride to Newton " douse the lights” 5th period rumbles the wall falling down in math Mike’s cellar LINDA McDonough, 21 Alpine St. 1 13 53 Glee Club soph. English class mom M.W. happi- ness is running barefoot in a meadow Led Zelle- lin Jr. Prom beach on Sunday King Fish Robert McCabe Kevin McCarthy Michael McDermott Nancy McAuliffe r- John McCarthy Martha McDermott Linda McDonough Larry Mazzola 109 Karen McLane Saturday finally comes, and with it the promise that every- thing will he all right. Karen McKillop MARY McGOWAN, 38 Yerxa Rd. 6 23 53 Week- end TGIF Turn-on Stefan love Data Processing confusing machines stay until 3:00 summer in white nursing ahead hate French ELLEN JO McGURL, 97 Mass. Ave. 12 18 53 Spring of 68-70 Seabrook people kids happiness fear reality was killing hating sad people need people love is a beautiful thing Lincoln Park liv- ing and dying MARY N. McKENNA, 8 Gray St. 12 5 53 Skiing camping swimming Rod McKuen Ruth Buzzi happiness is friends KAREN M. McKILLOP, 35 Stone Rd. 9 17 53 Krin Jr. year B House Hampton Trade Bud Thorndike Riv parties getting wrecked Paul Drome forget you fight Medford Kenny ' s 55 Lin- coln fluff the witch always laughing KAREN J. McLANE, 118 Sunset Rd. 11 3 53 Football games the graveyard library and period gym Grey Carol’s parties go chase yourself Na- hant chambermaid down Cape Jr. Prom Crane ' s Beach beanie-swiping driver’s ed GERALDINE McLAUGHLIN, 17 Henderson St. 8 19 52 Geri Hate history like Romeo happiness is summer and friends at Hull 110 ROBERT McLEOD, 15 Sutherland Rd. 5 6 52 Real Ashland the great promise May 14 the beach the family February 1 the long walk lab hidden smoke prom ice cream finals the room knife in sand high voltage tea party room 55 ARLENE McNAIR, 72 Thesda St. 5 1 53 Crosby Stills Nash and Young Bruce ' s history class what a hassle CCR JOHN McNALLY, 104 Bartlett Ave. 11 11 53 Pinky Don’t ask me why I just . . . Belmont Wallex yellow slips in homeroom song Ohio Buttricks USMC JT Malvey’s house scooping hope to get out of school get it up list of old numbers teens trick or treat JANET McNAMARA, 20 Overlook Rd. 8 24 53 STEVEN MEADOWS, 5 Brattle Ct 8 27 53 Meeb Hampton Beach teachers baseball football hockey Hey Jude Beatles Arlington-Melrose in the finals vacation computers Robert McLeod Arlene McNair John McNally Janet McNamara Steven Meadows William Medeiros 111 Angela Mercurio Jane Mello Susan Mercandetti Vincent Megna VINCENT MEGNA, 14 Nourse St. 9 26 53 Bullet Douse the lights! losers be my friend co-captain track tri-captain football definite lip numbs hap- piness is reality soph, beach party ambulating potato seniors— adieu JANE MELLO, 148 Crosby St. 8 25 53 Mel I am known for " Red " AEX Girls ' Club S.C. happiness is hockey games and friendship Thurber Barn Jr. Prom with A. P. SUSAN MERCANDETTI, 43 Kenilworth Rd. 10 21 53 Mere Girls ' Club Distributive Ed. state sec. summer 69 with a friend a yellow car outside my window at night the barn Hampton 6 25 2 FYB Vanilla the Big Six get me out of here the farm Paula— wow! Paul Messuri Clifford Michealson ANGELA MERCURIO, 7 Janet Rd. 5 31 53 Com- mon sense and imagination are more important than knowledge— Albert Einstein PAUL MESSURI, 18 Sagamore Rd. 5 4 53 Mrs. Kaiser’s class junior year General Business class 68-69 the old English class with Mr. Beckwith first period Edna 6th period Wednesday Thursday Friday CLIFFORD MICHEALSEN, 28 Dow Ave. 9 25 53 Hockey football basketball soccer Creedence Clearwater Revival STEVE MICKLE, 107 Belknap St. Concord dag- ger Big weekends Janet getting? Norwood Arena drags if it feels good do it Johnny Cash red con- vertible on Rte. 2 followed by State Cop— he caught me love all X-rated movies ALBERT LAWRENCE MILLS, 107 Eastern Ave. Edward Mitchell Albert Mi s 7 1 53 Harp Robin Let ' s go Trojans hail ’em Ar- lington happiness is skipping class and getting away with it rainy gloomy Monday mornings Ar- lex Liz Pat Mrs. Picone Mr. Lincoln EDWARD MITCHELL, 116 Miton St. 8 1 53 Mitch Brookline games 70 hate zits I will to AHS my fold in the jr. office there ' s no way happiness is getting through jr. year Steve DIott Karen Movsessian Judith Moore KAREN MOONEY, 139 Ridge St. JUDITH ANN MOORE, 34 Robinhood Rd. 1 1 8 53 Judy Spring vacation 69 Kentucky Fliver horseback riding the BB ' s in room 204 Foods III MD boy are you dumb crunch November 69 birthday party PJP onion dip GUY MORELLO, 5 Robbins Rd. 4 10 53 Guy New Year ' s Eve 1968 football track hate carrying books log rolling polo shot putting It has no fu- ture happiness is being chosen 366 DANIEL GREGORY MORGAN, 11A Academy St. 10 4 53 TNT The only living boy in New York Simon and Garfunkel I’d like to be either an um- pire or a sports writer Jonathan Winters ail over my body Spanish 3rd period WAYNE MORRISSEY, 211 Broadway 12s15s53 My ambition is to become bilingual in Spanish I want to travel around the world and own my own airline hate pessimists Ave Maria que pasa Yel- low Bird good-bye Miss Finberg EDWARD MOSCHELLA, 12 Marrigan St. JIM MOSKOVIS, 32 Paul Revere Rd. 5 28 52 Greek The gang down the kitchen have a Bud happiness is really being 21 in a bar JIM MOTHERWAY, 47 Allen St. 12 27 52 Strung-out kid Pink Panther Super Chicken KAREN MOVSESSIAN, 100 Lake St. 4 30 53 Johnny white shoes 5 18 67 thumbing down two sets of stairs how t’a go Pazz Easy Rider Teen Center 70 Sr. Prom BBB and that Friday night BS T AEX IRENE MUISE, 42 Eustis St. 10 9 53 Pewter Pot in the a m. West dances going out to lunch skipping studies prom fun at SW Bobby ' s girl happiness is caring not wanting someo ne new happiness is knowing he loves you Wayne Morrissey Daniel Morgan Irene Muise 113 I Brian Mulcahy Edward Mulcahy BRIAN JAMES MULCAHY, 38 Richfield Rd. 5 12 53 UNH hockey games hockey JV football locker room after my first high school goal ambi- tion is to become big Bikeriding EDWARD J, MULCAHY JR., 142 Renfrew St. 9 21 70 Jay Ski Club Science Club hockey football hunting skiing girls studying? get ready censored hate being called Eddie Mulcahy high noon Dean Martin FRANCIS MULCAHY, 3 Crescent Hill Ave. MAUREEN MULCAHY, 43 Freemont Ct. 7 27 53 Moe Thondike Bud Lincoln getting high the un- controllable campfires Grape Vine Hampton Chuckie the parties fight with Medford Daungree ' s the bench Kenny’s car Chevy straight people who put down heads DENIS MULLANE, 62 Eliot Rd. 7 18 52 Pet peeve is teachers CAROL A. MULLANEY, 350 Washington St. 4 13 54 Father Paul Vermont weekend 6th period 7th period Soph, beach party sunburn Romeo and Juliet football games Newton 14-10 bowling Jr. Prom Hillside 7-3 NANCY MULLIGAN, 1 Park Ave. 8 7 52 Paul Ny- berg and the summer My Way ya right John Cahalane hate cliques happiness is being with someone you love Carol Mullaney Nancy Mulligan Maureen Mulcahy Denis Mullane 114 Lorraine Nadir i Margaret Murphy ! William Murray CHARLES COVERTY MURPHY, 144 Gardner St. 2 4 53 Clodia Tripping over a banana peel hate being called a clod Anna Banana I am known for being cloddy Jeaneen CCM MARGARET NICOLL MURPHY, 59A Magnolia St. 1 21 54 Rusty Friday nights before the teen center Orma Winchester 1-1 Jeannie ' s frog Liz’s mustard puff Scotland London France Ellyn Wheels am I really obstinate? Yea really? PAT A. MURPHY, 6 Woodside La, 6 9 53 Murf Harvard parties double dates with Simmons hate two faced people and gossip happiness is a C.B. I ' ll do it D parties at Mel ' s house joke sessions I am known for my laugh JEFF MURRAY, 22 Hutchinson Rd. 10 13 53 I am known for making leatherware moccasins vests skirts hats pants and just about anything you can wear Call 643-5857 for information or orders JOHN MURRAY, 170 Mystic St. 1 19 53 Chuck Douse the lights hate English happiness is know- ing what to say to a naked lady JV football bas- ketball Sesame Street the almighty dollar ROBERT MURRAY, 22 Hutchinson Rd. WILLIAM R. MURRAY, 299 Park Ave. 7 19 53 Willy Soph, beach party hate bad moods Brook- line brawls the BR raids baseball Jr. Prom ANN MYLES, 33 Swan PI. 10 7 53 He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches LORRAINE NADIR, 15 Bow St. 10 20 53 Pep rallies old hall study CCR football games are you kidding? AY firedrills 2:07 6th period sewing MARILYN P. NALBACH, 164 Park Ave. Ext. 3 9 53 Football games Cape Cod diets AEX no hockey games Hampton 70 M M ' s John Murray Patricia Murphy Robert Murray Ann Myles Marilyn Nalbach 115 Scott Nelson Donna Newman Scott Nicholl JUDY NAPOLITANO, 40 Hibbert St. 6 6 53 Snobby people Tad really I am known for being smart happiness is love Mr. Lincoln never forget going to school everyday jr. year ROBERT NARDELLA, 15 Exeter St. 4 11 53 Nardi 13 Patrick Rd. 8:17 Luska baseball football Nubs hate kool kats and snobs my father’s a plumber Fri. and Sat. nights Zack ' s little parties getting high by Flanagan the boys ROSANN MARIE NARDONE, 23 Belnap St. 8 28 53 Swimming the farm uh-huh Samettes Go- ing Out of My Head black hair and blue eyes Bobby Orr skiing Chinese food rendezvous at 5:00 art DAVID NASMAN, 17 Ottawa Rd. 7 18 53 My four years at AHS were full of great memories of some of the greatest kids and teachers I have ever met Though my part was small I am glad I got to meet them all ROBERT D. NELSON, 121 Mt. Vernon St. 2 8 53 Bud The Buddy system pet peeve is stuck-ups and girls who talk too much cross country G S band ski club unbelievable happiness is a party and a date with that special girl SCOTT NELSON, 5 Sutherland Ter. DONNA NEWMAN, 308 Washington St. SCOTT NICHOLL, 7 Stony Brook Rd. 5 24 53 You freak Phogg practices In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida pet peeve is Enzo Judith Napolitano " It ' s all the young can do for the old, to shock them and keep them up to date " George Bernard Shaw David Nasman Robert Nelson Robert Nardella Rosann Nardone John Novillis 117 Jane Nigro STEVEN J, NICOLORO, 3 Ivy Cir 11 14 53 Nick Skipping classes hate work happiness is finding money Library Corp Chronicle being in Mr. Fusco ' s office PAULA NIGHTINGALE, 15 Wollaston Ave. 6 16 53 Jr. year Mr. Lincoln skipping so many times phony people happiness is knowing someone cares 6 15 70 a creep JANE M. NIGRO, 27 Wright St. 5 8 52 To be a teacher ELIZABETH A. NOEL, 81 Rhinecliff St. 10 4 53 Liz Hate getting up for school in the morning Jr. Prom 70 first week of soph, year Bridge Over Troubled Water you ' re kidding JOHN A. NOVILLIS, 99 North Union St. 8 21 53 Jumbo Chemistry Spud grease basketball base- ball Drew T.M.S. Dome friend or foe DAVID L. NOWLAN, 17 Magnolia St. 10 1 53 Weezel Weekends beach Gtx Roadrunner Satel- lite 318 woman! Smirnoff ' s blizzard V perfect size Ashland parties Plum Island love to be up Elizabeth Noel Steven Nicoloro Paula Nightingale Mary O ' Brien Marguerite Nyberg i Kathryn O’Brien MARGUERITE NYBERG, 56 Hibbert St. 5 27 53 Pegg e Alan Led Zeppelin Grand Funk hate short hair and detention KATHRYN O ' BRIEN, 81 College Ave. 11 30 53 Kathy Cooking class with Peggy Mr. Kotchen driving lessons Mrs. Goidkrand Beth’ s English class skip day at Hampton motorcycle and stock car racing MARY O’BRIEN, 441 Summer St. TERESA O’BRIEN, 38 Bow St. 10 15 52 Terry Those Were the Days My Friends weekends the center summer 69 NY Mrs. Ortwein Fla. Mark Zeppelin BS T Symmes Steve Harvard Square Mrs. MacLean PP M Mr. Manning hate history DONALD O’CALLAGHAN, 369 Park Ave. BARBARA O’CONNELL, 32 Appleton St. 2 23 53 Student Council Feature Editor for Chronicle I will take my life into my hands and I will use it DENIS O’CONNELL, 24 Park St. 9 23 53 Oaky The night before the mountain climb Haskel’s parties Hampton July 4 weekend party behind West woods hate tomatoes I am known for Hal- loween night anniversary THOMAS O’CONNELL, 55 Beacon St. Ann O’Donnell Peter O ' Flaherty Thomas Ofria ANN O ' DONNELL, 3 Wyman Terr. 8 22 52 Di- ckie Summer 69 one night in March Friday and Saturday Pa Gino ' s the boys in 5th period class Same Old Feeling 4th period make up please hate locked sanitaries PETER O ' FLAHERTY, 57 Grand View Rd. 11 22 52 The Irishman Hate to be late for lunch at Sandy’s CYO Key Club basketball baseball AYA don’t look at me I didn ' t do it! Miss Finberg Colo- nel Curly Gallo ' s Shop Bill Cosby THOMAS OFRIA, 28 Jason St. 10 22 52 Car- man Hate moratorium days football hockey scooping happiness is graduating JOSEPH OGASAPIAN, 15 Sleepy Hollow La. 7 22 53 Joe Here ' s Yaz there it goes the pennant is ours you ' ll have a test tomorrow covering . . . I’ll see you tonight the essay will be easy E.J.’s no. 1 THOMAS OGDEN, 93 Varnum St. 2 9 53 Com- ing in late Dawny Brooks at hockey games April 16 January 1 Charley’s wild weekends brothers flick clinic SP balloons 70? forever Punyata radi- cals baggies 1, 2, 5 goodbye JOANNE OGONOWSKI, 24 Columbia Rd. 4 13 53 You Made Me So Very Happy April 69 cheer- ing for the red and gray Newton 5 a m. Student Council Orpheus the zoo happiness is being able to be myself Thomas Ogden Joanne Ogonowski Joseph Ogasapian 119 Donald O ' Leary Maureen O ' Leary Many times we ' ve been disappointed. It ' s always hard to come face to face with your weaknesses. And it could be that this facing, this sudden awareness of your limitations, is the real disappoinhnent. 1 guess we ' ve been suddenly aware many times, of those things we could not do, or never got around to doing. DONALD FRANCIS O ' LEARY, 75 Jason St. 1 24 53 D Happiness is graduating from AHS the last day of school every year Mr. Lincoln Miss Trainor ' s and Mrs. Kaiser ' s English classes sports hope to be a college graduate MAUREEN E. O ' LEARY, 25 Teel St. 1 30 52 Mol Rock concerts dating game Teen Center Mr. Collomb’s foster child Mr. Mercurio ' s period 3 English class bus ride Aug. 70 Charlie LEO C. O ' NEIL, 9 Hayden Cir No. Billerica 2 27 54 Interested in anything fast moving cool people JOHN O ' QUINN, 44 Menotomy Rd. STEVEN O ' QUINN, 6 Perth Rd. 8 22 53 You ' re only a senior once what a class the VW and tower Arnie Ziffel fig newton going to Sandy’s for lunch the trip to N.Y. the senior lounge finally opens teens sanitary MARYANN ORLANDO. 178 Westminster Ave. 3 24 54 Tests bells books faking them out pencils pens desks study teachers education? PAX Kathleen O ' Neill John O ' Quinn 120 Anna Marie Osborne GARY ORO, 74 Stowecroft Rd. 8 13 53 Gary Orr Bonnie and Clyde hockey soccer hate French class I am known for doing the impos- sible (sometimes) DONNA ORRIGO, 105 Westminster Ave. 8 31 53 Creamer High Richie partying Maine get out of Arlington wasted blurp blop vegetable under- dog dig it Burnie ' s car you come with me Dee Dee’s the Common swine Hobbits ANNA-MARIE OSBORNE, 97 Lake St. 7 1 53 Anna AHS Tigers friendship is mutual under- standing and acceptance Three Dog Night Lowe Auditorium M-2 Harmonettes Oliver Key Club convention R.l. proms what a hassle GERALD OUELLETTE, 3 White St. 1 7 53 Rus- sian 2:10 of course Model T’s I am known for my brother Mr. Civilli NOREEN PAICE, 52 Aberdeen Rd. 10 14 53 Hate matrons happiness is doing a buck ten on Jimmy’s CH CAMILLE PALOMBO, 66 Columbia Rd. 3 20 53 Lo Sneaker family still looking for a home how many people can you fit in black VW? cookie! Walden the day the fishing season opened Cape NY that G-d-med horse that threw me Gerald Ouellette Gary Oro Noreen Paice Camille Palombo Donna Orrigo 121 Duke et decorum est pro patria mori. Horace I Edward Pandolfo Joseph Pavone Lee Anne Pellegrini EDWARD J. PANDOLFO. 45 Sutherland Rd. 7 22 53 Eddie Fr. baseball basketball football JV basketball Varsity basketball baseball Mr. D’s homeroom happiness is graduating JOSEPH PAOLILLO, 67 Egerton Rd. 4 5 53 Ital- ian AY sports indoor track surfing golfing SB hey Harpface running the printing press run it slow easy shut it off RJ calm it TERESA PARRAGONA, 35 Dudley St. 4 17 53 Terri Oh wow! hate typing class 4th period Prov- incetown coming home on the bus from Newton Jack RANDALL PASS SHARMAN PASTORE, 25 Udine St. 4 9 54 Terry remember the beer cans on the bus? poison ivy do you believe it? in the heat of the day in room 25A You Made Me So Very Happy BS T St. Eu- lalias DONNA PATRICK, 16 Forest St. JOSEPH P. PAVONE, 327 Appleton St. 6 5 53 Pro Happiness is the day I don ' t have to go to school or work but money is the name of the game drag racing and watching girls in the corri- dor my favorite people are policemen MARJORIE PEARSON, 53 Warren St, LEE ANNE PELLEGRINI, 17 Cheswick Rd. 4 5 53 “A time for living— a time for learning " love: Bruins AHS hockey Tom Rush my “true” friends enjoyed: chemistry and physics labs Student Council Sr. year ATC never forget Jr. Prom— what a hassle - V — 122 ADRIENNE PELLEGRINO, 28 Melrose St. 2 5 53 Ado So then what happened summer 67 T ufts ' but it ' s all right The Cape Snatch alley Florida Hair The Guess Who Laurel Lodge Madge ' s par- ties Lincoln let ' s hang on GAIL PELRINE, 9 Trowbridge St. 10 21 52 Naples Maine 8 23 69 NATALIE PENTA, 37 Dudley St. 1 25 53 Nat Working knitting " Oh Jes” FHA Historian happi- ness is finally making my Sr. year Louis pet peeve is room 1 1 RONALD DWIGHT PENTON, 31 2 Washington St. 7 25 53 Ron skiing at Magic 10 15 69 my first meet Kent State June 26th getting my license weekend at Cannon the lousy teen center MWMIMWY buying my RSL ' s looking forward to " the notch " ELIZABETH JEAN PERKINS, 193 Spring St. 2 23 54 Beth Mrs. Couser ' s 5th per. room 22 West Virginia 5 B ' s Tom Mark Brad and David Wind- emere Pool mayonnaise room 26 Red Sox Bruins Bonnie and Kathy parents AY and FNA IRENE LEE PERKINS. 196 Summer St. 12 27 53 Rente Happiness is graduating from AHS " you clown " Mr. Taylor hate gym We Gotta Get Out of This Place Lay Lady Lay like dancing listening to records boys and my dog, Mona Ronald Penton Irene Perkins Gail Pelrine 123 Elizabeth Perkins Adrienne Pellegrino Natalie Penta I Marie Petruzzelli Dennis Picard PATRICIA PERKINS, 67 Glenburn Rd. 8 23 53 Patti Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Rob- ert Redford Maybe I ' m Amazed Bee Gees " Oh” JOHN J. PERRY, 49 Alpine St. 12 26 52 Rat 56 chevy Cheryl Brown 5th per. study Rocky Bend excuses Wildwood Ave. Lexington police sand- pits 2nd per. library Halloween bunkers da baby Stones Colt 45 clogs the end IGNACIOS PESIRIDIS, 21 Russell St. MARK E. PESSA, 18 Florence Ave. 11 11 53 Say what you mean great math class Baily Wild Bill and his Volkswagen bus Cicero and all his friends GEORGE PESSOTTI, 48 Edmond Rd. MARIE PETRUZZELLI, 33 Mary St. 4 25 52 Twiggy More Today Than Yesterday Somewhere My Love Somerville full moon parking friends from Woburn peace I love you Ricky swinging Sunset Cafe Mr. Finn’s Current Affairs class JOANNE PIACITELLI, 11 Norcross St. 8 11 52 Happiness is graduating from this high school . . . finally no more gym classes my greatest hap- piness will be not being in any of Pat ' s classes PATRICIA PIANTES, 43 Lakehill Ave. 6 25 53 Greek Hate shorthand Bruins Red Sox " What?” Bobby Orr Jr. English class summer 69 Billy Pap- pas Which Way You Goin ' Billy? happiness is not losing the one you love DENNIS LOUIS PICARD PETER PICAZIO, 8 Harold St. 6 5 53 Pic The best things about AHS were the AY conventions the worst things were my marks Patricia Piantes 124 I Peter Picazio Robert Powers GARY PICHETTE, 23 Russell St. 6 10 53 Piggy Merlin Olsen Easy Rider football indoor and spring track last day of football practice happi- ness is finding a job long live the nub Ike forever hate 880 yard run NORMAN PIERCE, c o Spoonful Ltd. BERNIE PISCOPO, 239 Pleasant St. 12 16 53 3rd period Jr. English with Spoolies the night the rats raided the center and all the halts sacked out Mountain Mississippi Queen to be a million- aire MARCIA POLAND, 68 Mystic St. 6 14 53 Shorty Mrs. O ' s 5th period class jr. year Laurel’s parties summer 70 Patches Omar Shariff Simon and Garfunkel Candida Charlie STEVE POMPEY, 10 Lanark Rd. 11 18 53 Pomp Hampton weekends Cav. Mr. Lud at Brockton tilt Brockton coach Mr. Cooper’s sessions Mrs. Kai- ser well . . . yes all right Librarians ROBERT PORTER, 112 Paul Revere Rd. 10 30 53 Drama Club Beatles filling out forms No way sailing cars football game with Lynn Classical peace The Misfits playing drums Friday night A. M. remember to smile ROBERT POTTER, 12 Surry Rd. 4 29 53 Bo Pe- ter Fonda Born to be Wild fast cars bikes work partying Easy Rider hate haircuts happiness is a substitute remember sleeping in Chemistry DAVID J. POWERS, 374 Ridge St. 7 24 53 Ducky Happiness is winning football basketball baseball Can’t Find the Time to Tell You " on the line gentlemen ” 8:17 PM Arl. 6— Newton 5 strea- kers Mr. Tucker hate college boards ROBERT W. POWERS, 51 Chester St. 5 11 53 Gus Football and hockey games Ski Club proms Spirit Club BR’s parties Plum Island Charlie’s Whitney ' s Mt. Snow Cape piano Rascal’s WENDY PRATO, 37 Jason St. JEAN PRESTIGIOVANNI, 70 Appleton St. 10 4 53 Prest Happiness is missing French Girls’ Club AEX " all right ” I am known for being little sewing hate work Marcia Poland Robert Porter David Powers Robert Potter Jean Prestigiovanni Steven Pompey 125 Richard Provenzano Michele Pugnaire Doris Quan Jeanne Prior DAVID R. PRESTON, 123 Webster St. 10 1 52 Dick Butbus freshman and jv football instant replay I am known for my speed hate nagging homeroom teachers gotta be a hard guy ROBERT PRINCE, 115 North Union St. 2 15 53 Spaghetti Ten Years After basketball outdoor and indoor track liners day I high-jumped 6 feet happiness is the last day of school JEANNE PRIOR, 64 Glenburn Rd. 6 9 53 Paul Newman Tom Jones “are you serious?’’ short- hand teacher Bee Gees Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Song of Joy RICHARD J. PROVENZANO, 41 Rangeley Rd. 12 31 53 Rick Sweet Adeline by the Dudes in V7 football hockey baseball ’’show me how " happi- ness is a rudy without a jinx pet peeve is Charlie T. MICHELE P. PUGNAIRE, 103 Columbia Rd. 7 26 53 I’m not afraid of tomorrow because I saw yesterday and love today “I get by with a little help from my friends ’ green contact lenses the lobby 8:00 bell Chem lab Pierre Jr. DORIS ANN QUAN, 604 Mass. Ave. 5 30 53 “Ya want the big 5?’’ Raindrops are Falling on my Head graduation 70 Butch Cassidy Creative Fashion Council Valentino and Cardin Junior Prom 4 years of unforgettable memories JAMES QUINLAN, 25 Coleman Rd. 1 27 54 Fac- tory seconds chocolate milk Reuben James Me- rino awards AP6F08 Oct. 15 David Preston Robert Prince Deborah Quinn ROBERT QUINLAN, 49 Valentine Rd. DEBORAH ANNE QUINN, 205 Jason St. 2 2 54 Deb Hiding at Som.— Arl. game 68 being ha- rassed by SP watering Mrs. C’s plants visiting Friendly ' s onion rings at Nahant ugh! misery is ugly ski instructors Baby I ' m Amazed EDWARD QUINN, 42 Old Middlesex Path ANNE RAISIS, 78 Harlow St. 2 13 53 Friends Chronicle and Drama Club made my four years great Science labs— unbelievable happiness is having a good time in school CATHERINE RAMOS, 110 Hemlock St, 1 1 54 Uncle Ben The dome DTL Edna Eardrums Cele- brate for the joy of right now Michael Marshmal- low Xmas 70 2 8 71 I get by with a little help from my friends CHRISTINE RAUSEO, 56 Broadway 9 30 53 Chris Hate slow drivers " but you ' re so stupid! " Glen Campbell ambition is to get married and live on a ranch Christine Rauseo Edward Quinn Catherine Ramos Anne Raisis Robert Quinlan 127 Bobbi Reardon PAUL RAYMOND, 19 Albermarle St. 9 30 53 Wally Derek Sanderson hale C. Cullinane saying " You’re on " AHS hockey team winning E. Mass. Champ baseball basketball happiness is leaving Eng. class Bruins ' Stanley Cup ELIZABETH F. RAYMONDI, 67 Everett St. 6 28 53 Liz “Can’t hack this " Odd Couple football bas- ketball Jack Lemon I am known for flirting happi- ness is having someone to share things with fast cars and boys Mr. Britt’s classes BOBBI REARDON, 11 Governor Rd. 2 21 53 RP’s birthday field hockey ORMA basketball Bil- lerica-Newton softball CYO anymore competition for St. Agnes? Orpheus Can’t Find the Time CCR WR Liza Timmy and Anne Margaret RUTH REEN, 235 Sylvia St. 1 26 53 Dee Mrs. Lockman’s General Math II happiness is Ham- pton Summer of 69 " It’s just terrible " DENNIS REGAN, 20 Pelham Ter. 5 30 51 Mor- ton Ambition is to climb Mt Everest on a Harley 1200 sky diving polo being shot from a cannon happiness is coming home to a six of tails hope to be a full time shepherd DEBBIE RHEAUME, 46 Udine St. 6 4 53 Mr. Burns and Mrs. Fitzpatrick I’m So Glad Commu- nications Breakdown Beatles Zeppelin Three Dog Night the Jr. Prom with Steve BRENDA L RICCA, 99 College Ave . 7 14 53 Ma HR with Patti AEX football and hockey games Soph, year with MM Mr. Trev my kids JF and problems Mitch “Going down the center Pat?” 3rd period studies student council FTA Brenda Ricca Paul Raymond Ruth Reen Elizabeth Raymondi Deborah Rheaume 128 David Richard William Richard Deborah Richards DAVID RICHARD, 117 Sunnyside Ave. 6 19 52 Curley Hampton room 202 Marino’s prom party Friday nights hate 5th period shop sleeping in BC when you ' re with Duckie BILLY RICHARD, 62 Everett St. 9 29 51 Elf Summer 69 driving the old pink pig summer 70 coming back from Powder Ridge with Ron and Jean going to strawberry fields with Puck DEBORAH J. RICHARDS, 30 Gorham St. 6 2 52 Debbie Office assistant AEX football and hockey games waterskiing sailing " Huh? Whad’ ya say?” hate gym ambition is to be a medical secretary JEFFREY RICHARDS, 48 Fairmont St. 4 27 53 Jeff Art I cellar 10 23 69 Nova one of them Maple Leafs hook shot SPR Esch Yata PATRICIA E. RIGAZIO, 25 Hawthorne Ave. 10 4 53 HR with Brenda AEX SC cheering for AHS Soph, year and CK JV’s with Susan A certain se- cret the name is Ross ID from KC thank you LH " Ya going down the center Brenda?” MAURA L. RILEY, 70 Mystic St. 1 1 21 53 Simon and Garfunkel Bobby Orr Thanksgiving game 69 hate snobs ambition is to be a radiological tech- nician AHS hockey games skip days 5th period Jr. year A line, a narrow crease, a wrinkle in time. Is the course 1 follow. I try to look down its distinct and elongated path. But it is imaginary and oriented in terms of stable points— points of agreement. The line is my course of conduct, action, and thought Which gradually becomes a demarcation— it limits my movements in this game I ' m playing. This line 1 follow is just a mark that forms part of a formal design; it is distinguished from the shading and color. So probing, 1 study and study and if I look hard enough, I find that My line becomes a circle. Jeffrey Richards Patricia Rigazio Maura Riley 129 Carol Rindone Maureen Ring a Victoria Roberto CAROL A. RINDONE, 51 Claremont Ave. 10 14 53 " Everything ' s good about you " Joe ' s Pizza Palace weekends being with Kenny Mr. Leone and Mr. Collomb LK and LC 6 18 69 happiness is being loved by KC MAUREEN F. RING. 10 Edith St. 10 10 53 Moe Getting up in the morning Mrs. Kaiser’s English class skipping school and not getting caught Paul Newman Led Zeppelin VICTORIA ANN ROBERTO, 17 Dorothy Rd. 3 20 53 Irish Summer 67 8 24 67 Jr. Prom Zayre’s happiness is seeing a certain 64 Chevy finished I am known for trouble and more trouble " Who did? Robert” hey Joe watch that vacuum LUCILLE ROBILLARD, 19 Wyman St. 9 20 52 Lucy Rubber Duckie Kentucky Fried Chicken The Dutchmen no dress code 70 Arlington’s 1 Mr. Kelley In the Summertime 70 hay ride spirit out for lunch weekly pay check PAUUV ROBINSON, 2 Aberdeen Rd. 3 14 53 Hyannis and the Hill good times 10th grade French Biology bad times Brigham’s all wet ex- perience riding with Bobby Don’t Give Me a Hand Me Down World CURTIS ROCHA, 23 Exeter St. 1 28 54 Curtsy Citizenship class MM putting my fist through a window Staple fox in leg JESSE ROGERS, 17 E vergreen Lane ROBERT L. ROPER, 99 George St. 7 25 53 BR Happiness is 2:07 3 28 70 Gus’s delivery serv- ice FP Jos. P. Schlitz " Welcome to Bob ' s Bar and Grill " Freshman football Freshman and JV basketball swimming PETER ROSSI, 129 Sunnyside Ave. 10 30 52 Ross The time of the end is near happiness is love rolled up in a tootsie roll Bob Lavery conver- sation is the first step toward understanding Lucille Robillard Paula Robinson " , . . You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth " Gibran Robert Roper Peter Rossi 130 Teresa Rosenburger Thomas Ruggiero Walter Russell TERESA ROSENBERGER, 116 Jason St. 7 7 53 Punk We’re walking the tracks chocolate milk Donka summer 67 68 the pond Friday night being chased with Sull and kids school and lunches Paul night ' s up Carol J’s house like wow THOMAS RUGGIERO, 53 Pine Ridge Rd. 2 25 53 Rugg Football golf basketball park league AY CYO weight lifting stamp collecting until that time WALTER E. RUSSELL, 27 Oldham Rd. 8 2 53 Rusfy Going head on with Manderino tripping on a break-away getting thrown out of a game when your uncle is umpire Hampton I am known for my fantastic pool playing ask George Malvey WAYNE RUSSELL, 249 Gray St. 1 3 53 Rocky Bend downshift to 1 uphill in 56 paranoid Field St. Louis Linda Bud Tails Bunkers Fort Dearborn BARRY A. RYAN, 25 Pearl St. Woburn 9 19 53 BAR And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make always remember the girl at lunch " Freak! " ain ' t no way PETER RYAN, 21 Newland Rd. 5 23 52 Study- ing hard music Amhouser Busch skydiving hap- piness is not losing any books at the end of the year SPIRO SAATI, 314 Mass. Ave. 12 26 52 The life is represented by a happy song between two sad ones One on the birth and the other on the death Peter Ryan Spiro Saati 131 John Saltamartine SUE SAKEY, 17 Gray St. 12 5 53 Hunkie Happi- ness is doing what I ' m doing right now partying in various places knowing all the people I know and meeting more just being me and digging every minute of it JOHN A, SALTAMARTINE, 1008 Mass. Ave. 9 15 52 Salty Playing cards at Cutter Beatles Let It Be swimming at Nahant take that back Bruins’ parade DP SUE SAMPSON, 18 Grafton St. 8 16 53 Sam Hate people who stare ambition is to be a poodle groomist a ring from PS GREG SANTOS, 293 Gray St. 9 23 53 Sat ' s kitchen on Saturday nights surfing trips in sum- mer If I didn’t go to school I ' d have had a better time hate grubs JEANEEN SARDELLITTI, 34 Silk St. 6 29 53 Sards Happiness is 2:07 Butch Cassidy Paul Newman Stanley Cup Marakish Express 3 years of cooking on Friday this is true hate rain thank God it ' s all over now ask me if I care RONALD SARGENTE, 463 Summer St. 6 4 53 Sarge Happiness is leaving Arl. Vocational High money is the name of the game drag racing wa- terskiing hate school Susanne Sampson Gregory Santos Jeaneen Sardellitti Norman Sateriale 132 Peter Saul Stephen Serson John Scott Nas he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd; If anythim had been wrom we should certainly have heard. " W. H. Auden Nadine Schober Barbara Scott Cynthia Scott PETER B. SAUL, 24 Gray St. 5 5 53 Sauly Atlas " groovy” I am known for getting people in trouble happiness is a 7 day weekend gymnas- tics cross country indoor track waterskiing hate homework every night GILBERT SCHIPANI, 27 Piedmont St. BARBARA L. SCOTT, 216 Park Ave. 3 14 53 No. 15 classnight 68 J. O’D Cornwall hi Sunshine 5 22 70 King Pine Howdy’s B and D’s parties crash majorettes Holworthy No. 19 graduation CYNTHIA SCOTT, 22 Lockeland Ave. 9 28 53 Mommy Sneaker Family riding black VW L.C.I. Bruce taking pictures subs Cape Boocharcoley Peter Marblehead night cream of the crap Nubs Zig-Zag Oct. 1 5 peace love someday DONNA SCOTT, 21 Trowbridge St. 2 19 53 Let It Be V-7 Chuck and Marty hockey " penalty-oh no-not again " pet peeve is conceited people happiness is love and peace laughing at Chuck surprise party for Marty bon voyage dingaling JOHN SCOTT, 266 Park Ave. 8 4 52 Jack Jr. High West on Tuesday nights with the gang gym classes mech. drawing 2:10 heat’s off good old Jr. lunch classes and the times we had trying to eat STEPHEN SERSON, 38 Harlow St. 4 22 53 Stillwater gymnastics 7 29 70 Chuck’s cold spoon Old Hall Donna Scott 133 i I Irene Simmons Joseph Siracusa Kathleen Shannon Paul Shaughnessy Patricia Shea Ann Sheahan Deborah Simons Gerard Skocay KATHLEEN ANN SHANNON, 14 Farmer Road 2 15 53 Cathi Arlington High School is a drag mostly all the teachers na g no wonder why we had to skip school was just a real bad trip. JAY SHAUGHNESSY, 163 Park Ave. 1 16 53 Stonka Someday We’ll Be Together Indiana Buf- falo Arena All-Stars V.P. of student council red power studying to be a priest Three Dog Night no I have no memory looking into the mirror and seeing myself PATRICIA SHEA, 44 Lakehill Ave. 1 7 53 Poo Cokley ' s Hardy School getting suspended twice in one week “take a left " Bruins Derek Sand- erson hate having nothing to do ANN SHEAHAN, 155 Brattle St. 7 13 53 I have enjoyed my four years here at Arlington High but it does seem to be better now that I am leaving PETER J. SHOOKUS, 86 North St. No. Reading 4 14 53 Shookie Kicking over my 1300cc chop- per (scared) 2:30 Joyce on Sat. night— dynamite underside of Lathe 6 Sajo all the things they say wrong are what I want to be— Steppenwolf IRENE SIMMONS, 90 Hutchinson Rd. 5 6 53 Girls ' club AEX York Beach Maine summer 69 with GF green and grey volkswagons Mitchell Rd. Harvard Sept. 20 Sharon ' s D party DEBORAH SIMONS, 33 Fremont Ct. 3 29 53 Deb Plum Island April 18 Jr. Prom " that ' s ob- vious’’ Grottonwood 70 beautiful Concert Choir Samettes Harmonettes 10 22 69 license day June 3 Bobby " I made it” JOSEPH SIRACUSA, 12 Fairmont St. 5 18 53 Joe Happiness is getting out of school John Britt Rare Earth Grand Funk Railroad Beatles GARY SKOCAY, 8 Fairmont St. 5 1 53 Scoke Cars girls cards happiness is graduation 71 hate homework 134 JOANNE SLADE, 18 Cherokee Rd. 7 15 53 Walking writing French compositions in one pe- riod yearbook meetings taking achievement tests early Saturday mornings Mrs. Phillips driving af- ter school CHRISTINE SMALL, 25 Norfolk Rd. BARBARA SMITH, 104 Fremont St. 12 30 53 School a place where encouragement is a dirty word outside I have learned a lot about love DEBORAH M. SMITH, 19 Kimball Rd. 3 20 53 Debby After three years I have actually learned to like school I have had the chance to meet fa- bulous kids and to explore subjects I really enjoy: art and foreign languages for example MARGARET SMITH, 134 Brattle St. 12 8 53 STEPHEN SMITH, 100 School St. DAVID C. SNOWDON, 84 Park Ave Ext 1 27 53 expanding facets reflecting meeting color beau- tiful music loud running fast cold sweat Jimi Hen- drix changing falling walking throbbing tired warm pulsing content problems hope happy RONALD SORGENTE Christine Small f Joanne Slade Barbara Smith Deborah Smith Margaret Smith David Snowdon If we find ourselves in prisons, We are our own jailers. Ronald Sorgente 135 Stephen Sousa Mark Spengler Joan Spina DAVID J. SOUSA, 73 Hemlock St. 7 12 53 King Happiness is no more detention STEPHEN SOUSA, 11 Exeter St. 6 20 53 Steve Swimming basketball Butch Cassidy Let It Be happiness is graduation day hate homework MARK N. SPENGLER, 189 Jason St. 10 7 52 Spanks The Pit Gang Eddie J? beware of the fig Creedence Clearwater Revival Winape forever rockcliff . . . and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep JOAN SPINA, 71 Williams St. 8 4 53 Remember the attempted takeover of the office and suc- cessful flag burning ambition: to have a world wide revolution JUDITH SPRINGER, 83 Harlow St 12 27 53 Springs People who don ' t care The Rolling Stones water and snow skiing horseback riding AEX library club chorus " if I still know ya then " ESTHER SRETER, 192 Jason St. 4 18 53 Es Happiness is summer sun blue skies trying to get a tan swimming beaches cars bombing down the street in front of your house water skiing JIM STACK, 15 Pine Ave. 7 16 52 Super " Wow what a bummer” 2 1 70 happiness is B R. DAVID STANTON, 71 Hathaway Cir WALTER STANTON, 41 Varnum St. NANCY STARR. 114 Ridge St. 6 28 53 Summer 70 Labor Day week-end football games I am known for confusion I like to laugh and be happy " if ya wanna " The Long and Winding Road AEX RICHARD STAYTON, 1025 Mass Ave. JOHN STEELE, 34 Virginia Rd. 10 19 53 Five-0 Happiness is having one year left to fool around in before I go out into the world cars the Hudson Bus Gang the times we went to Watson rink Judith Springer " And let man have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle . . . and over every creeping thing. " Genesis 1:26 Esther Sreter Nancy Starr John Steele James Stack 136 Robyn Stephenson John Sullivan Eileen Sullivan Loretta Sullivan 137 Elizabeth Sullivan ROBYN STEPHENSON, 93 Pleasant St. 2 21 53 Bird Sharyn ' s pajama parties visits to Tufts The Prophet by Gibran AY Chronicle AEX pet peeve is hypocrisy hope to go to college EILEEN SULLIVAN, 175 Renfrew St. 4 5 53 My nutty soph. English class softball watersports hockey The Reivers Derek Sanderson Which Way You Going Billy? ELIZABETH SULLIVAN, 1098 Mass. Ave. 9 13 53 Betsy The days I made it Toz JOHN D. SULLIVAN, 9 Higgins St. 5 10 52 Sully Long John Flip Wilson Rolling Stones track baseball hate homework happiness is graduating and moving on to bigger and better things LORETTA JEAN SULLIVAN, 1098 Mass. Ave. 8 4 52 Laurie Bobby Orr Big Bird New England Merchants National Bank Cutter playground Bos- ton Common collecting paperback books Paul Newman ' s eyes Lenny " it’s your turn to bring lunch " PAUL SULLIVAN, 77 Thordike St. 5 5 53 Sully Happiness is remembering all the classes good and bad— is waking up and going to something you hate— is remembering the four wasted years Paul Sullivan I Sharon Sullivan PAUU SULLIVAN, 39 Foxmeadow Lane 9 14 53 Jr. prom beach parties Carol ' s on Sat. nights Bob ' s parties " Greg you drive fast” two friends, Jan ' s party " I can’t stand up " Pet Peeve: Shoes SHARON KAY SULLIVAN, 91 Winchester Rd. 5 27 53 York Beach Mr. Meserve parties at Har- vard with Irene DLT Jr. Prom 69 Mr. L. Mrs. O. football games Girls ' Club AEX TARA SULLIVAN, 96 Bow St. 7 20 53 Sundance Kanasatka Can’t Find the Time Weirs Beach red hill You ' ve Made Me So Very Happy Sandwich fair Let the Sun Shine In goodbye live sneakers Roadrunner 58 volvos October 69 CAROL SURVILAS, 62 Candia St. 2 19 53 Time has come to shine AII your dreams are on their way JAMES SUTHERLAND, 76 Gloucester St. 9 14 53 Jim CYO hate teachers who just lecture every day PHILIP SUTTON, 88 Bow St. 9 11 52 Philco Mr. O’s 5th period 70 Mr. Oliver Mrs. Couser basket- ball The April Fools Taralee Sullivan James Sutherland Carol Survilas Philip Sutton 138 James Swanson Valerie Swift Cort Szarfarz Charles T acito George Tahmosh Leonard Tammaro Andrew Taves Jeanette Tavilla It was like I owned the world. Everyone and everything was in rny name. I had it all— but it makes me wonder what 1 did with it. Did 1 waste it? Did I waste all those times and things and people that I ' ll never have again? 1 know I couldn ' t have. Because they were all rrune, making me intensely alive. JAMES SWANSON, 6 Sagamore Rd. 12 12 53 Jim The high jumper getting lost on CC course hockey fights Mr, Kelly Beatles Bill Cosby Hud- son bus excuse my driver ' s license 4th period mech. drawing Melrose vs. Arl. Apollo MICHAEL FRANCIS SWETT, 20 Lindenwood Rd. 8 14 53 Mike As I hear in the distance ' Tm sick of it " RJW as I gather my thoughts in room 55 for sex education class strike Louis Galante William Delaney VALERIE MARY SWIFT, 17 Everett St. 9 29 53 If we don ' t come together we’ll inevitably come apart Keep your mind and heart open for the fu- ture is bringing much heavier changes free your mind CORT SZAFARZ, 294 Mystic St. 7 30 53 Mr. Heulot’s holiday Dick Van Dyke Natalie Wood chess bowling pool blackjack Boots Buttrick’s Ambition is to get more than 700 on my college boards " Don ' t worry " CHARLES TACITO, 29 Walnut St. 3 6 53 " What a dude” The Godfather football baseball basket- ball hockey happiness is not working at Buttr- ick ' s hike uncomplicated girls GEORGE M TAHMOSH JR. ,21 Hodge Rd. 2 30 52 Buckwie Letters from Mr. Tochey football hockey broadjumping hate brownies " oh hell I ain ' t proud " Carol Sahashian happiness is get- ting bald cracking jokes at the wrong time LENNY TAMMARO, 64 Winter St. 1 1 7 53 Lucky Bruce McMurray Mrs. Collins Mr. Giobbe Wizard of Oz good classical music going to hockey games " if only I had a can opener " I am known for being passive shy and quiet ANDREW J. M TAVES, 18 Gloucester St. 9 28 53 Andy pet peeve is Vinny Megna remember Ole ' s Tavern hate gym showers JEANETTE TAVILLA, 3 Upland Rd West 4 13 53 To drive in the Indy 500 JD ' s moustache a certain fat housemaster study hall Falmouth 7 4 70 happiness is living next to a package store 139 r! PAUL TAYLOR. 265 Lowell St. 11 11 53 Hate any kind of work What Do You Say To a Naked Lady Suzy’s place PETER TAYLOR. 265 Lowell St, WILLIAM TAYLOR. 265 Lowell St. MATTHEW J. TEEVAN, 18 Osborne Rd 4 27 53 Minnesota Arl. Center season ticket holder I am known for missing out on the trains at the Soph, beach party Quincy Brookline fights the times down the pond and the rocks PAUL TIGHE, 126 Sunset Rd 9 9 53 Wally Al- ways remember the summer of 70 The wall we are out of here WAYNE KENNETH TINKER. 18 Whittemore St. 9 4 53 Tink Mr. Botelho ' s biology class frogs in study hall hockey baseball I can ' t stand dough- nuts happiness is girls KATHLEEN TOBIN. 221 Lowell St. 4 19 53 Kath AEX Student Council Drama Club Cherish screaming in the halls Goldy Rose Mrs. Maciula my diving board water skiing skating football hockey my famous cartwheels living ANGELA TONETTI. 1 1 White St. 2 9 53 Medical dental secretary Kevin room 68 softball tennis cooking which Way You Going Billy hate not being able to play records in class happiness is not having to get up at 7:00 SILVANA JOANNE TONETTI, 11 White St. 1 3 54 Silly I don ' t care Easy Rider swimming base- ball hockey art and music Tom Jones 1 28 70 every night happiness is Paul NICHOLAS TOULOPOULOS, 75 Morningside Dr, 12 9 53 Greek The bombers monkey calls after lunch fork fighters in lunch remember the time we threw the cherry bomb down the toilet the time we pushed Dicky in the elevator and lost him Paul Taylor Matthew Teeven Paul Tighe Wayne Tinker Kathleen Tobin SilvanaTonetti Nicholas Toulopoulos 140 Leonard Viens RICHARD C. TOWNSEND, 928 Main St. Acton 2 2 53 Dick Happiness is Saturdays sunshine sneakers fuel altereds going to the ball game Suzy ' s place meanwhile back at the ranch The Marriot Rumplestiltskin someday Limelite today MICHELE TUMINELLI, 295 Park Ave. 11 20 53 FTA 6th period sarcastic people I am known for my gracefu lness oh wow who are you calling short Can’t Find The Time to Tell You wearing orange on St. Patrick ' s Day I ' m sorry DEBORAH UPTON, 81 Sunset Rd. 5 6 53 Hap- piness is partying with the people skipping school one day going in late the next doing crazy things with Hunky and Tom the One-Stop know- ing T.C. wearing braces being happy in 71 STEPHEN PAUL UROUHART, 2 Court St. Place 4 21 53 Steve Happiness is having Mr. Lincoln for a house master JV football basketball hockey happiness was WDR and WKG RICHARD VALE, 48 Cleveland St. LEONARD VIENS, 4 Barton St. 6 13 52 Tiny Dec. 23 the great promise Falcoon Hampton Beach the flying frappe PT V2 strike crazy cook 3 stacker Bud Frog Cudlob Buckey high voltage hey man right on MARY VILLANDRY, 126 Gardner St. 11 13 52 Mare Happiness is 2:07 happiness is passing in a test happiness is when we win a football basket- ball or hockey game happiness is just being happy Mary Villandry Deborah Upton Michele Tuminelli Richard Townsend 141 I Anne Voipe Anthony Voipe Cheryl Vossmer ANNE F. VOLPE, 40 School St. 3 30 53 Annie First National prom Mel let ' s go get our permits AEX Girls’ Club golf Sunday afternoons our rock I feel good remember Muisie 50 ' s soph, year with JM IM JG A P ANTHONY VINCENT VOLPE, 42 Henderson St. 8 12 53 Tony M-2 AHS orchestra burlap socks G and S Oliver Science Club the lousy jokes of Janice Wright Mr. Mac with a beard? Mr. T. with his pipe Mr. Bellow CHERYL VOSSMER, 25 Sunset Rd. 1 5 53 Cape Cod Jr. Prom hate flamingo pink gym suits Mrs. Kaiser crafts with Mr. Prusik I am known for having a big mouth happiness is being known WILLIAM VIRGIL WAGNER, 31 Foxmeadow Lane 8 3 53 Wags Hi how are you Key Club convention remember the keyhole with Jack o go downing the ball at Newton VP the Rocks I regret to inform you that the Pit is closed CAROL WALSH, 2 Memorial Way 2 3 53 Sleep- ing walking talking school and then shattering it for war I often wonder Is this education or a shelter from the world KENNETH WALSH, 71 Appleton St. LINDA J. WALTON, 33 Bowdoin St. 8 16 53 Newton’s tiger competition No Time Led Zeppe- lin summer 69 kick those legs up US History Esso class night pick-up truck Season’s changed and so did I You need not wonder why MARK WANAMAKER, 159 Jason St. 3 11 53 The Pit Gang is still alive look out jr. the fig is bad news 2 6 70 the good nights at the Pit and the Rocks t he famous 13 minutes love it or leave it William Wagner Carol Walsh " lam the master of my fate, 1 am the Captain of my soul. " Henley Mark Welch JOSEPH WATERS. 66 Milton St. 3 30 53 Jose Weekends tails FNS my license Friday nights pi- nochle Corvair dragging French III ringing regis- ters happiness is 2:07 On Friday LINDA WEINSTEIN, 44 Jason St. 12 9 53 5 23 70 the Cape 20 ' s stairways Locke in the morning the tree CCR Plum Island 93 and Friendly’s “dig if partying Saturday Walden Pond Harvard con- certs ’’the best " DAVID WELCH, 35 Spy Pond Pkwy. 4 10 52 Creama Ambition is to become a photographer I will to AHS my hair 2 24 66 hate being bored what a bummer JV hockey Fr. football happiness is being with her MARK WELCH, 67 Dickson Ave. 2 15 53 Bear The all-nighter at Lenney ' s a tree up the golf course discussing world affairs at ATC with the leathers the new houses empty red and white cans the night of the rats STANLEY WHARTON, 46 Orient Ave. 10 19 53 Stretch Summer 69 Crosby Stills Nash and Young Easy Rider this car will never run gymnas- tics J and B the hill this place looks familiar I wish it would stop raining LINDA WHITE, 45 Fremont Ct. FRED WHITNEY, 71 Teel St. 11 21 53 Hey You Happiness is being dismissed because there is no heat TD who me I am known for my happy disposition Linda Weinstein Stanley Wharton 143 Joseph Waters Linda White Joan Whitney Jeanni Wilfert Christina Williams Everyone warned me how fast the years would pass. And when I realized for myself what a short time we would have, 1 feared leaving behind a place and a time that 1 had found secure and comfortable. But I became caught up in the everyday problems and obligations and the years slipped by without my ever knowing where they went. hAy only thought con- cerning time had been that 1 had plenty of it. Then one day I turned around— and there was no time left. Instead of something to be endured or ignored or tolerated, each day was something to be treasured, if only because it was one of few remaining. Now 1 look back to the time when 1 was younger. I thought then that 1 wouldn ' t be able to bear the end of these years; that I would just want to remain in this place and this time forever. What 1 didn ' t realize was that even this time and this place, which had seemed so secure and comfortable, would eventually be outgrown. JOAN WHITNEY, 16 Fabyan St. 1 19 53 Whit Girls’ Club trip to Marshfield with the whole gang New Year ' s Eve 70 Freddy and I have no one Dana what have you got for lunch those are sandals Gus you are remarkable JEAN M. WILFERT, 19 Windmill Lane 7 30 53 Jeanni Summer 69 and 70 ' vetts Sandy Harvard Square weekends without parents the Cape Jan- uary 9 Hampton Beach Three Dog Night always value friendship and treat others the way you wish to be treated CHRISTINA L. WILLIAMS, 74 Old Mystic St. 3 3 53 Tina My life is done in watermelon sugar friendly ice cream catfish friends tin angels lym- phocytes mid-winter dreams and circle themes why, why try to be otherwise RICHARD WINTER, 64A Brattle St. 5 9 53 Rich 5-9 che ese knife 12-3 Association 12-3 1-24 2-7 4-17 5-16 PT U2 strike 2-140 4-270 Plum Island Karen Hill Marshall rules fix it volume con- trol wild thing good man Cherish STEPHEN WOMACK, 16 Walnut Ter. JANICE WRIGHT, 240 Mystic Valley Pkwy. 5 2 53 summer 69 Joe Bruins Stanley Cup 5 2 69 band and orchestra Sandy the Common beach gold bracelet patience MIT SC PAUL WRIGHT, 13 Woodland St. 8 5 53 Eggie Happiness is getting out of school the days no one went to class the principal catches us flip- ping coins Richard Winter Janice Wright Paul Wright 144 What is saddest about our leaving is not that we are leaving something that we have loved, hut that we no longer fit into it, and that we couldn’t return if we wanted to. The time has come for us to leave this place, for we are no longer part of it. There is something new waiting for us; a place or a time or a person. It is something with which we will again go through the cycle of testing, evaluating, deciding, and growing. If that which awaits can grow along with us, then it is our life. Thomas Xenos Steven Yaffee Leslie Wynne Jayne Young Anthony Zacher Paul Zammuto Errol Zammuto Jaye Zawada LESLIE WYNNE, 1051 Mass. Ave. 11 29 53 Oueenie Wizard of Oz Mr. Collomb last lunch Stanley Cup Champs Dot awards Simon Gar- funkel good grief purple Barbara Navy Blues Spanish with Mr. Brad. Turk hate math THOMAS XENOS, 82 Kensington Pk. 11 15 53 Tom Pet peeve is Marty Lane hockey football auto racing basketball baseball Jim Clark Port- rait of a Great Driver STEVEN MICHAEL YAFFEE, 38 Mott St. 9 15 53 Steve It seems unreal that I ' m going to graduate I never thought that I would be able to stand it all these years Fridays weekends skip days JAYNE ANN YOUNG, 10 Farrington St. 7 22 52 Summer 69 freshman year Mr. Hall lopsided lunch table Nancy Lake Placid NY cut it out faces in 16 Foods III gym 69 history with Joan Mrs. S ' s surprise party no 49 ANTHONY CHARLES ZACHER. 6 Wellesley Rd, 3 14 53 Tony 1970 Quincy hockey game and fight Enzio take it easy I will to AHS my speech at the freshman pep rally ERROL ZAMMUTO, 65 Fairmont St. Doomsday Muscles Pet peeve is art history hang in there I am known for my toughness happiness is Bill Harding wearing glasses PAUL EARNEST ZAMMUTO, 65 Fairmont St. 8 22 53 Rocky Happiness is riding to school in a truck when it doesn’t break down hate automat- ics school isn ' t as bad as they say it’s worse JAYE ZAWADA, 72 Hibbert St. 4 1 53 Hampton the days on the beach and the nights at the Ca- sino summer 70 if I fell Vett weekends You Made Me So Very Happy surfing horseback riding dances 145 ' r rTrr “ . . . Before we do anything, we have to tear down the walls between the different groups of kids, then we can tear down the walls between us and the administration.” —Joan Spina, President SENIOR CU SS ELECTION Joan Spina President 148 SPIRIT CLUB Alpha Sigma Chi, better known as Spirit Club, is in its third year at AHS. Its chief aim is to muster up a little spirit around the school and to eliminate the apathy so apparent here. Its membership was open to sophomores as well as to juniors and se- niors. It has found that sophomores are the most enthusiastic, so it is considering allowing freshmen to join also. This year it held several rallies, decorated the goalposts,anddecorated the school— the latter being no easy feat. Spirit Week was considered a success, though the rally was a disappointment when the mike would not work. There is a great deal in which an organization such as the Spirit Club can involve itself. It would like to do a lot more, but it takes the cooperation of the student body as well as the members. A feeling of school unity is our main objective— and when a few work hard to achieve something as great as this, it is discouraging and disappointing to look around and see how far we all have to go. But it can be done! 149 150 They all made asses of themselves. This year the Student Council Hospi- tality Committee, in conjunction with F.H.A., and with the help of several art classes, coordinated the Annual Facul- ty Tea. The tea provided the opportu- nity not only for the teachers and stu- dents to get together, but for the stu- dents themselves to get together and work together. . . . We stood tensely teetering our cups amid the plastic furniture and gum stained linoleum, trying hard not to sound as inane in our conversation with the faculty members as they sounded to us . . . - from A Separate Peace i Kevin Carr FOOTBALL Ken Duffy r 154 What is an Arlington High School football team? It is individuals molded into an efficient machine (commonly called a team) by dedicated practicing and coaching. It is individuals who spend hours every day, from hot August afternoons through cold November nights, preparing for a few Saturday afternoons. Perhaps overall this was a slightly disappointing season. Those hours of practice payed off against Waltham and Somerville, but Leominster frustrated Arlington, and set the trend for a generally weak- middle-of-the-season. Strong defensive play was the trademark of the 1970 team; Gary Pichette, Wayne Hingston, Andy Taves, Bob Nardella, and Dave Powers held Arling- ton opponents to less than 9.8 points per game. A strong offense, led by the passing of Richie Collins and the running and receiving of Phil Ludka, Ken Duffy, and Vinnie Megna, gave the team a balanced and potent scoring attack. 157 OPPONENT ARLINGTON 23 7 13 0 Somerville Beverly Waltham Leominster Newton Brookline Weymouth N. Brockton Archbishop Williams Andy Taves Ed Quinn Back row: Patty Murray, Mary Murray, Kathy Havern, Maryanne Noonan. Front row Patti Rigazio, Joanne Lekas, Joanne Ogonowski, Dee Dee Balzer, Maureen Judge, Carol Whitney, Daryl Kneufpher. CHEERLEADERS Cheering for the Red and Grey . . . eleven cheerleaders and one Critter . . . jellybeans for everyone . . . where’s Walter today . . . Johnny Angel (Leroy and Mary) . . . Maureen, were you still sleeping at 5:00 a.m.? . . . Playtime, watch out! Joanne’s coming with Carol . . . What’s this, twin pajamas? . . . Jeff would do anything for Patti . . . Kathy, that leg’s no good, get rid of it . . . What’s this about the new harmonette group, Patty? . . . E.M.I.C.C. at Arlington . . . friends we are and friends we’ll always be . . . 160 Pictured: Robin Faulkner, Linda Watton, Sheila Mallard, Jean Puopolo, Patty Oneto, Valerie Becker, Beth Perkins, Karen Shackleford, Judy Springer, Debbie Skokay, Debbie Toomey, Susan DeCrosta, Janet Mahoney, Vicky Roberto, Joanne Cha- malas, Kathy O ' Brien. Red and Grey . . Saturday morning practices . . . Bonnie Windmills of Your Mind Cheryl, shape up or ship out Ha- waii-Five-0 Gwen two years? Janice dah, get da V Jeannie is this going to be a long practice? Kathy Joshua Nancy I couldn’t get my locker open Patty I’ve got an idea Robin Going Out of My Head pep rallies Sandy Wading in the Waters I gotta go, Charlie’s pick- in’ me up Sharon pajama parties Sheryl pre-game line or regular line? pewter mug SAMETTES Left leg a little higher . . . V.R., where are your pom-poms??!! , . . everybody at Robin’s by 8:00 ... I’m so cooold . . . no more leg make-up!! ... we beat New- ton! . . . she’s sick too!??! . . . Mrs. B. have you seen ..?... Mrs. B, where are . . . ? Mrs. B. which routine? . . . You are late! . . . Despite all our dilemmas and problems our team danced and kicked its way through a great and spirited football season. Back row: Kathy Rowsell, Jeannie Bayadjian, Cheryl Breen, Patty Kari- ger, Nancy Rigazio, Sandy Davis, Sharon Campbell, Robin Serpa, Bon- nie MacDougal. Front row: Gwen Davidson. MAJORETTES 161 SOCCER Soccer came to Arlington High this year. One hundred boys tr ied out for the team, and thirty-one were selected by Coach Giroux, previously coach of the Xavier soccer team, for the fall schedule. Arlington started off strong (three wins and a tie in the first four games), but finished weak (three losses in a row). Let’s hope that soccer is here to stay. 162 Back row: William O’Neill, Peter Noonan, Dan Guinane, Frank Prokos, Dan Marr, Dennis Carey, Jay Shaughnessy, Alan McEwen, Julian Noname, Carl Leta, Gary Oro, Paul Wright, Alex Morales, Robert Zanis. Front row: Steve Pescerides, Dave Cornelius, Paul Lewis, Spiro Saati, Dave Welsh, Jim Faiola, Vic Feriera, Norm Gallant, Glenn Cristafori, Ignacio Pescerides. 163 CROSS COUNTRY Back row: Mark Demark, Richard Archabald, John Sullivan, Thomas Gennis, George Puddister, John Kelly. Front row: Peter Picazzio, James Swanson, Dave Baldwin, Pete Flynn, Robert Brower, James Fitzgerald. Up hills, across golf courses, and down long stretches of paved road is where the cross country runner tries to find his satisfaction. He has to defeat not only his opponent but also the loneliness that surrounds the sport of cross country. He doesn’t have cheer- leaders and fans to encourage him; that has to come from inside. This year’s cross country team was highly successful, winning seven straight meets before losing to super- team Brockton. The consistent running of Dave Baldwin, Bob Brower, John Sullivan, Brian Boyle, James Fitzgerald, and Peter Saul contributed to the team’s success. 165 ARLINGTON 21 23 27 23 21 27 25 42 Brookline Cambridge Newton Rindge Weymouth N. Weymouth S. Waltham Brockton OPPONENT 34 36 28 36 37 30 30 19 Back row: Patti White, Janet Flynn, Sylvia Strelis, Joan Whitney, Debbie Ciarcia, Ellyn Geremonte. Margaret Murphy, Bobbie Reardon, Debbie Hayes, Janet Hoar, Janet Feeley, Judy Bryant, Sheila Erickson. Front row: Mary Ellen Santo, Joanne Rutkowski, Debbie Keating, Patty Keane, Joyce Sullivan, Donna Barnaby, Denise Labriola, Kathy Marquis, Laura Avadanian, Jeanne Bennos, Linda Canzenelli, Janice Rutkowski, Dianne Barnaby, Diane Fogo. 166 Pre-season camp . . . bed tag . . . mattress room . . . Orma Uni-Boob . . . seances . . . Beavers . . . ship ahoy . . . Fred . . . who were the purple pill poppers? . . . who chucked Chickies at the Beavers? . . . Judy and Rheba’s naps during practice . . . heads or tails?— “heads”— it’s tails again! . . . Liz’s timed foot- ball drill to get us in shape for Winchester . . . Sheila giving free lessons on the beginning of a play— the part of stopping the ball before doing anything with it . . . good fruity . . . Ellyn stands out in white striped cleats . . . fullback Bobbie rushes down the field for a shot on goal . . . Sylvia scoops the ball over every- fh ng-including the fence! . . . Judy makes a save and finishes it by taking it to the 25 yard line— who’s cov- ering the goal?— Bobbie Reardon! . . . spooly!!! . . . bets with Mr. Kelly and Mr. Lowder on game scores . . . monkey mouth . . . Rusty scores with 20 seconds left and scares the life out of everyone— our unde- feated season was saved— next year we’ll have to beat them! 167 Despite the usual excitement and activity in Ar- lington, it was still found necessary to simulate, of all things, a plane crash. So, for one day rather than suffering from ennui and tedium, volunteers of A.H.S. suffered from burns, embedded glass, mis- carriages, broken bones, severe lacerations, and liberated intestines. Hysteria reigned that day in Arlington— will it ever end? 169 TEEN CENTER The Arlington Teen Center has seen many changes since it opened its doors on Friday and Saturday nights in De- cember of 1969. The changes involved not only the physical aspects of the Center but also its atmosphere. The original purpose of the Teen Center was to provide a place for Ar- lington’s kids to go on week-end nights. It was not a weekly dance or club, but a drop-in center for Arlington students. Since then the Teen Center has changed from an alternate choice for a week-end activity to the mainstay of many Arlington kids. The addition of pingpong, movies and visiting groups has lent variety to the Center. It was this variety that caused the Center to grow; because of the change in activi- ties and faces at the Teen Center, no weekend was quite like any other. Those who supported the Teen Center will always remember something special about some week-end there. 170 DRUG CENTER “What we need is a chance to talk and a chance to be understood.’’ For the first time in Arlington, the Drug Center is providing a place for these problems to be resolved, in an- swer to a need among youth for self- affirmation. 171 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Marie Dinitto, Linda Zdonik, MaryLou Raphael, Pat Shaw, Brenda Ricca, Jean Prestigiovanni, Karen Stafford, Deborah Pearson, Louise Mazzola, Valerie D ' Or- lando, Vickie Pittorine, Carol Reed, Diane Survelas, Beverly Crawford, Jean Lyons, Cindy Collins, Kathy Dapkas, Mary Rafferty. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA E— out; duco— to lead; education, a leading out. This is the primary purpose of F.T.A.— to show high school students just what the education profession in- volves. Emphasis is placed on outgoing activities including student teaching at elementary schools, practice teaching, and visits to colleges. Officers Pat Shaw, Anna Marie Catanzano, Carol Reed, and Linda Rawston have guided the club on to new directions of educa- tion about education. Back row: Marie Stephens, Rachel O ' Keefe, Donna Zahka, Mrs. Mary Barry, R. N. Front row: Gall McConnell, MaryAnne Graham, Joan Hutchins, Karen Chin, Patricia Fazio, Christine Mullane. 172 173 Toys For 00 Tots Meeting with the Belmont Key Clubs— Cleaned Old Burial Graveyard Caroling o (D O 03 Bill Wagner, Andy Taves, Wesley Lundquist, Alan Blomquist, Wayne Hingston KEY CLUB 3 The AHS Ski Club is a club that has fun. They are best known at Waterville Valley although they have taken trips to Loon Mt. and Mt. Snow. Also known as the early birds, they leave at 6;00 A.M. and after a fast bus ride, the AHS army invades the slopes— It’s really something to watch them falling and schussing down the SKI CLUB slopes. This year’s officers are Robert Powers, President, Chuck Lowder, Vice President, and Gail Cummings, Secretary. Out- standing seniors are Lee Anne Pellegrini, Alan Conragen, Ann Daly, Joan Roman, Ron Penton, Nancy Coughlin, Patty Kelly, Bud Nelson, and Fred Whitney. DWIGHT’S VISIT Lieutenant Governor Donald Dwight visited Arlington High on January 19. He addressed a group of approximately 150 A.H.S. students, stressing the im- portance of youth participation in state government. Dwight also discussed the variety of roles the state government plays in everyday life. 174 “Oh, oh, oh! Six o’clock and the master not home yet. Pray God nothing serious has happened to him crossing the Hudson River. My advice to you is not to inquire into the why or the whither, but just to enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate. That’s my philosophy! Don’t forget that just a few years ago we came through the depression by the skin of our teeth!’’ With our new director, Mr. Frank Roberts, co-presidents Tina Williams and Jean Eric- son, secretaries Eileen Jay and Beth Ferro, and treasurer Susan Hilferty, the Drama Club managed to survive the ice age, the flood, pestilence, and war. “One more tight squeeze like that and where will we be?’’ Memories of the play are kaleidoscopic: the Mon- day-Thursday-7:00-promptly syndrome; will we ever get the blocking? “The best thing about dinosaurs is that they don’t talk much’’; Henry’s Afro; the in- famous featherduster; Richard, you’re on! “I hate this play and every word in it; I don’t understand a single word of it anyway.’’ Then tell me O Citrus; Conveneers, where are you? Bingo! Blocking! Cues! Don’t you know your lines yet? Quiet, back stage! Lights! Sound! Curtains! Why do you wait until the last two days to start finding things? “We’re all just as wicked as we can be and that’s God’s truth.’’ Costumes; make-up; curtain at 8:00; snow; beautiful terror. “Oh, oh, oh! Six o’clock and the master’s not home yet. Pray God nothing serious has hap- pened to him crossing the Hudson River.’’ 177 ©VP Jay Shaugnessy Captain HOCKEY Brian Mulcahey Captain 179 Back row: Joe Keefe, Brian Mulcahy, Pat Flanagan, Ned Mahoney, Peter Crocker, Dave Allesandroni, Rickie Briand, Maurie Corkery, Jeff Corbett, Kevin Bartholomew, Jack Hurd, Alan Quinlan, Coach Ed Burns. Front row: Frank Agos- tino, Robert Quinlan, Kevin Carr, Peter Noonan, Jay Shaughnessy, Carl Burns, Mike Flanagan. Just an unbelievable team!! Take the best offensive line in the league, add some great goal-tending by Frank Agostino, some super shooting by Ned Mahoney, stir in All Stars Jay Shaugh- nessy, Kevin Carr, Brian Mulcahy, Bobby Quinlan, and Chucky Cremens, an extra dab of MVP Kevin Carr, with just one loss (a freak, right?) and that’s what you’ve got. Just an unbelievable team!! Ned Mahoney Frank Agostino 181 BASKETBALL ARLINGTON OPPONENT 37 Brookline 44 58 Cambridge Latin 57 87 Matignon 67 44 Waltham 48 60 Weymouth 62 64 Weymouth South 49 59 Rindge 70 78 Brockton 69 38 Newton 60 60 Brookline 50 66 Cambridge Latin 68 66 Waltham 54 54 Weymouth 51 57 Newton 60 75 Weymouth South 62 71 Rindge 62 60 Brockton 57 184 Swish!! And Cody and his magic apple led his boys to victory. With a little help from All Stars Dave Benoit, Bob Prince, and John Novillhis, some school spirit, and long hours of grueling practice, the 70-71 team just barely missed Tech Tourney. Not bad! Not bad at all!!! TOURNAMENT ARLINGTON OPPONENT 63 Malden 55 56 Everett 50 Back row: Brian Boyle, Don Weismann, Steve Gould, Charlie Hughes, Bob Prince, John Novillis, Bob McCabe, Dave Powers, Paul Temmallo, Coach John Cody. Front row: John Murray, Scott Nelson, Dave Benoit, Bob Roper, John Boyle, Jim Papa, Dave DiGiorgio. 185 186 INDOOR TRACK SENIORS— Vinnie Megna, Paul Cochrane, Dave Baldwin, Peter Picazio, Peter Flynn, John Sullivan, James Fitzgerald, Robert Mills, Phil Ludka, Dave Powers, Frank Arino, Joe Poelillo, Ken Duffy, John Sweeny, Bob Prince, Bill Wagner, James Swanson, Gary Pichette, Steve Hawkins, Bob Nardella. Vinnie Megna Paul Cochrane After knocking down innocent after- school stragglers, smashing into the artroom door, and sounding like a herd of uncoordinated elephants from the 70’s, Kelly’s crew recovered enough from the unseemingliness of their after school practices to drop only one match to league leading Needham. 187 ARLINGTON OPPONENT 43 Randolph 43 54 Somerville 32 29 Needham 57 54 Rindge 32 54 Va Quincy 31% 5773 North Quincy 28% 54 Milton 32 k Back row: Russell Garrity, James Cronin, Robert Forest, John Nochella, Arthur Harmon, Harold Fairbanks. Front row: Chris Keefe, Dick Ching, Stanley Wharton. Peter Saul. Donald Green, David Nochella. ARLINGTON 43 54 29 54 54V3 57 ' A 54 Randolph Somerville Needham Rindge Quincy North Quincy Milton OPPONENT 43 32 57 32 31 % 28 % 32 The gymnast is an unusual athlete. He possesses a unique combination of speed, strength, precision and agility. Gymnastics is a sport that accepts any- one with the will and desire for physical and mental improvement. This year’s record was marked by many fine indi- vidual performances. Peter Saul on the high-bar, Stan Warton on the side horse, and Dick Ching on the rings, side horse and parallel bars gave consist- ent performances in their respective events. Other outstanding participants were John Nochella, Rusty Garrity, Richard Smith and Chris Keefe. 189 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Back: Patti White, Judy Bryant, Debbie Ciarcia, Carolyn Grant, Joan Carter, Margaret Murphy, Janet Flynn. Front: Nancy Kreuz, Bobbi Reardon, Donna Sullivan, Ellyn Geremonte. “I don’t want to shoot— you shoot” . . . Carolyn’s garbage shots— they still count two points . . . Margaret, a little water on the rocks, please . . . Mrs. Flynn here? YEA! ... 40 point leads . . . Zap, you’re looking good . . . Louie B’s girl— what a Joe! . . . Bobbie at 90 mph . . . bus rides . . . breakfast, anyone? . . . only Nancy’s half-court shots always go in . . . reaching in ... on the arm . . . waistband hands . . . Dart- mouth pattern . . . Debbie’s being pa- tient . . . what number ami?... she’s a lady . . . see you at the basketball courts, Judy . . . Joan, watch your feet on the jump . . . Louis LaFoote . . . learning stack offense for tourna- ment— and winning by 18 points with- out using it ... 40 free throws at 7:30 A.M. . . . Ellyn faking everyone out- including her own team . . . our beau- tiful girls’ gym . . . who’s the water girl today? . . . statistics . . . running jump balls . . . barely winning over Malden at the tournament— why are you crying, Joan? . . . Ellyn’s cinema shirt . . . Carolyn making faces . . . “no. 51 , push- ing”— ‘Tm sorry!”. . . mocha chip floats . . . Rusty taking her time on a shot— the centers getting 3 seconds . . . being undefeated— now all we have to do is win 99 straight to catch up to Hanover. 190 LATIN CLUB Ex praeterito futura DEBATING CLUB The Arlington Senior High School Society for Reasoned Argument has engaged itself this year in interscholastic league competition of verbal strife against such institutions of higher learning as Newton South, Waltham, and Brookline. Even though the society consisted, to a great degree, of neophytes in the art of experienced oratory, it fared well. Many training exercises were conducted within the first half of the year in order to ready participants for contest. The overwhelming enthusiasm of this club carried them to the pinnacle of oratorical achievement. 194 This year’s library corps has had a truly out- standing year. They have broken all previous records. They have held two meetings. They have shelved 2,472 books. They have handed out 27,394 library passes. They have served 928 overdue no- tices. They have served 529 second-time notices. They have collected a grand total of $13.23 for lost books. The have suffered 57 cases of paper cut fin- gers, only one requiring medical atte ntion. And thanks to their excellent eyes, they have managed to have only 22 books stolen from them at their book fair. Congratulations are truly in order. 195 LIBRARY CORPS ORCHESTRA “We had to work hard this year be- cause so much was expected of us. Our goal was to produce the best sound, the best interpretation of music that we could achieve, because we were to play in a nationwide music convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The solo per- formances and the string ensemble were a rewarding part of the experience that came by playing with others. The orchestra was making beautiful music, and with this goal achieved, it was a good year.” BAND ”... Big Bad Bruisers, what’s this about left piccolo? an undefeated band? hit’em with the pinwheels, that will confuse them, TTR, Coach Thebo- do and his phoney Italian accent, the slavedriver is marching them right into the ground. Tm tough because I love ’em’, tough enough to take one Big Bad Bruisiers to the state championship.” 198 CONCERT CHOIR Pictured: Gayle Bartell, Debra Bertocci, Francine Blomquist, Linda Boyd, Laurie Cellucci, Carolyn Davis, Frances Ges- well, Deborah Hayes, Michele Hosmer, Janice Keniry, Janice Lecesse, Lisa Lucarelli, Nancy McAuliffe, Karen McKiven, Mary Morano, Ann Marie Osborne, Donna Piacebtibi, Christine Reed, Michele Reed, Cler Serres, Deborah Simons, Catherine Stefanakis, Jeanette Tavilla, Mary Ellen Balzer, Robin Faulkner, Ruth Freedland, Debra Leslie, Su- san Ross, Marie Serres, Valorie Becker, Marie Catanzano, Mary Murray. HARMONETTES Pictured: Gayle Bartell, Debra Bertocci, Ruth Freedland, Anna Osborne, Debo- rah Simons, Linda Boyd, Robin Faulk- ner, Mary Ellen Balzer, Valerie Becker, Nancy McAuliffe. Pictured: Victoria Albano, Gayle Bartell, Debra Bertocci, Judy Bryant, Patricia Clews, Patricia Corcoran, John Dono- van, Ruth Freedland, Ellyn Geremonte, Gail Gramoline, Debra Grondin, Susan Hanley, Richard Hawkins, Deborah Hayes, Denise Hayes, Gayle Foster, Nancy Igo, Ann Keefe, Jeanne Kellett, Susan Lahaie, Linda Martone, Rachael O’Keefe, Anna Osborne, Michele Reed, Patrick Ross, Walter Russell, Diane Sample, David Sciarrillo, Deborah Simons, Steven Sullivan, Matthew Teevan, Kathyrn Tomsuden, Carol Whitney, Frederick Whitney, Anthony Voipe, Lynn Hart- ling, Linda Boyd, Robin Faulkner, Mary Ellen Balzer, Wendy Muello, Valerie Becker, Linda Marchi, Nancy McAuliffe, Jeanette Morgan, GIRLS’ CHOIR 199 %» The key word for the Science Club is involvement. It’s a club where kids can get together in order to get in- volved with science. The particular field of science doesn’t matter; Science Club explores them all. Field trips range from the Retina Foundation to Wood’s Hole. This year the club greatly expanded its elementary school teaching pro- gram. In this program students were given the opportunity to teach a science or math class in one of the elementary schools. The elementary school students and teachers alike were surprised and delighted by the creativity and teaching ability of the high school students. Some students were even offered permanent classes on a once-a-week basis. The Science Club also sponsored its 12th annual Science Fair this year. In- cluded were projects done by high school, junior high, and even elemen- tary school students. During the past school year, the club undertook a combination service fund raising project. Two members served coffee nightly to participants in the Adult Education program. The success of the Science Club this year was the result of the interest and the involvement of its members, and its advisors, Mr. Botelho and Mr. Clough, as well as the hard work done by its president, Ron Chin. This is one of the memorable eve- nings when news is born. They really don’t make up the news though. (The attempts to incite riots for page one news never worked.) They’re in Rm. 73, fondly thought of as home away from home the week the paper goes to press. At work here are Barbie O’Connell, Sue Crocker, and Anne Raisis, edi- tor-in-chief. The one at the side there is Alfred Specter. Al’s called the man- aging editor. It looks like he’s trying to manage things, but it won’t work. Chronicle reaches peak output in states of chaos. Besides the official editorial staff which also includes Diane Catal- do, Joan Carter, Bob Kelly, Karen Ka- lustian. Sue Erickson, Alex Valente, Dave Cornelius, Roy Cook, Paul White, and Mary Mealy, there are many others who contribute valuable work. Also to be noted is Miss Schiel, Chronicle’s esteemed advisor. A lot of different people make up a paper, contributing diverse experiences and talents. The Chronicle is definitely a unique experi- ence in itself. Denise Hayes, Joan Carter, Miss Schiel, Anne Raisis, Alfred Spector, Sue Crocker. ALLIED YOUTH Oh no, not again. Joe, will you please SHUT UP! Look out, here she comes! The typewriter will break Alan if you bang it much more. SAL, who is that?? Where’s the bus? A.Y. will shine to- night? Oh no! Where is Everyone? Mr. Foxwell, have you seen Miss Cushing lately? Dianne?!! The track team runs again! GIRLS’ CLUB The primary purpose of Senior Girls’ Club is to gather a group of girls together to have fun— and this year was successful by that standard. The weekend at Thurber Barn (real camp- ing out), the famous February semi- formal, and a speaker on astrology all contributed. And the Christmas party for welfare children and Christmas ca- roling at nursing homes brought hap- piness to givers and receivers. 207 Some aren ' t sure . . . And some are lucky. 211 Complete and utter frustration. So much to say, no way to say it, and worst of all . . .no one to say it to. As my mind tightens like a rope around my emotions, and my emotions ever-tighten around my mind, I stand and wait. .1 Calm endurance— why? Waking and finding each day a disappointment Trying and getting caught and dragged down Forbearance Acquiescence in things as they are What was a challenge becomes the cause of irritation What was thought of with smiling anticipation Must now be thought of with tolerant patience Calm endurance— why? 214 " It is not book learning that young men need, nor instruction about this and that, but a stif- fening of the vertebrae which will cause them to be loyal to a trust, to act promptly, concen- trate their energies to do a thing. " —Elbert Hubbard 218 Learning out of the classroom They laughed and worked and played. Every person was so full in his life. Every life was so full of its friends. I could see the light passing thru his fingers beautiful as they stood . . . Tall, Bright Orange, and remember how thin. The gypsy goddess. Hair Flaming Night . . . Chanting, Chanting, " Hendrix is God. " Singing on the everchanging shore . . . Immortal? Did you cry when he died? Close your eyes and feel them passing. Swaying, stretched on a tightrope, quivering, hard and deep and clear. Yea they were . . . pretty good. You should see his living. You should see her life. 222 The passage of experience transforms us from what we are, as we gracefully surrender those things of the past to give us the f reedom to become. With the calm assurance of those things passed, and within the welling apprehension of those to come. We stand in the wake of each other ' s flow. Then time nods its solemn approval— the supreme affirmation that we are, and truly will be. For that is all we need to know to reach the other side. 230 To Mr. James T. Bleiler and Mr. George Corrigan and the J.E. Purdy Com- pany, the 1970 Indian staff says, “Thank you for your help and the spirit in which it is given.” Editor in Chief: Paul Erickson Editors: Tina Williams, Jean Ericson, Susan Hil- ferty, Kathy Hughes, Eileen Jay, Sue Erickson, Janet Green, Karen Kezerian, Elizabeth Lee, Joanne Slade, Gwen Davidson, Ruth Keifer, Joe Satlak Literary Editors: Karen Kalustian, Janet Toby, Dave Snowdon Photographers: David Cornelius, Alfred Spector, Sal Tassone, John Carter. This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 232

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