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4. f» ' i ' t Wm BHHX- ' B; gj • f- 1 4 S 4 1 [ t‘l k: I M 1 - ' ' ' Hi ft) » ; 4 0 k r ; 1970 INDIAN HIG-H ’S npOL ' ■ .Arlington, massachu ts David Mayerson, Joel Lanfieg Adjg P ietk vvTCT Barbara: S mi S sL stant tors; Sue Tobey, Debbie V 3f 71 4at aging4 dijors; David Greeley, Mike Marino Production Manag- ers. Anne Gerembnte, Pale Shaw, Mark Sullivan, Layout Editors; Diaae Donatio, Lynne Lamberis, Art Editors; Frances Carr, Debra Glines, Biography Editors; Michael Allosso, Laura Durland, Lorraine Lowder, Literary Editors; Patricia Burns, Proofreading Editor; John Lyons, Boys ' Sports Editor; Susan Collins. Girls Sports Editor; Gary Carlson, Tech-High Correspondent. CREDITS: Michael Cuoco, Linda Kelly, Richar 3 Norian, Nancy Pitts, Kathleen Smith, Robart- vlcoabian. Photog- raphers; David l.a Rocca, Divider Page Design;,Jjifl .RidflBthd Krueger, F ?c 7 rv Adviser; Riu jiijll P ' dsao( (tside Correspondent. 4 He taught me to play, to build a body, strong and straight; the football scrimmages, the basketball games, the countless jumping-jacks, the exhausting burpees I knew him for all this. And when I was too exhausted to run another step, after I had punched out the game-winning hit— for these times I knew him. My body is strong, my life is new, and I will remember him. 3 The June sun shall be hard on the past; today is full with the joy of light, and tomorrow is already warm on our faces. But even on that final day as you close the door to the past behind you and greet the waiting sun, the past awaits your return. So we have left a window open for you . III ill s ill m imrnm ■ pi ! And when the need is great you will scale the wall of time and search the past for what you left behind. 1 8 Dear Class of 1970; The great intellectual awakening of America’s youth in the 1960’s will have profound effects upon the direction of our society in the 1970’s. With the advent of this new decade, this phenomenon will undoubtedly continue. You will be in the vanguard of the contin- uing forces of change in the society you will shape for us all. Realize that in this challenge lies your obligation. It is for you to be receptive to the inequities and injustices you see around you. To idly tolerate them will be to weaken our structure. It is also for you to make sure that the changes you implement will be wrought with and through our Constitution. Let not this new decade flame into chaos, but rather let it offer hope to succeeding generations. Let them see by your example that you did not abandon hope in America, but that you painfully and steadfastly reached your goal of a just society. Raymond S. Locke Principal Arlington High School To Our Graduates of 1970: You have now become a member of our rapidly growing alumni family. “Alumni”, in your case, represents successful completion of an intensified training program in preparation for a marketable skill so necessary in today’s world of work. You are to be complimented for your achievement. “Family”, for our purpose, is a unit of people, closely associated, with respect and affection for each other. Like any member of a c losely knit family, you need no invitation to come back for a visit if in need of employment, technical assist- ance, or just a friendly chat. May I extend my congratulations and best wishes for success in all your future endeavors. Edmund J. Lewis Director Arlington Technical-Vocational High School 17 Mrs. Ann Couser ENGLISH Mrs. Lois Beckwith Mr. John R. Byrne Miss Maxine Cushing Mr. Peter Filichia Mrs. Barbara Brown Mr. Paul Dorrington Mr. Joel Beckwith Mrs. Gail Collins Mrs. Alma Gallagher Miss Mary O’Connell Head of Department Miss Mary Barry I 22 Mr. Paul Jermey Mrs. Dorothy MacLean Mr. Dennis Mercurio Mr. Charles Gordon Mrs. Regina Maciula Mrs. Mary Jane McCarthy Miss Eileen Healy Mr. Carl Hendrickson Miss Barbara Gorman Mrs. Pauline Kaiser Mr. Richard Krueger Miss Priscilla Monahan 23 Miss Mary Ellen O’Brien Miss Myma Serfilippi Mrs. Mary Ann O’Callaghan Mrs. Karen Price Miss Pauline Schiel Mr. Thomas Trevisani Mrs. Sylvia Saslow Mrs. Nancy Urbanowicz ART Mrs. Louise Banner Mrs. Roberta Homer Mrs. Jeannette Eskedal Miss Pauline Einberg Mrs. Ruth Lepie Mrs. Antoinette Potter LIBRARIANS Mrs. Signe B. Hynson 24 Mrs. Joyce A. Moss Miss Doris MacCarthy Mr. Robert E. Mitchell Mr. Glenwood Jordan Miss Kathleen McCarthy Mrs. Joanne M. Phillips Dr. Charles B. Arthur Head of Department Mr. John Cotter, Jr. SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Alan Duckworth Mr. Peter E. Finn Mr. Frank M. Kotchin Mr. Harry Mitchell Mr. James Kellev Mr. Bruce McMurray Mr. Perley H. Thompson 25 MATHEMATICS Mr. Frank Propp Head of Department Mr. Edward Bradbury Mr. James Brown Mr. Edward P. Bums Mr. James A. Cavalieri Mr. Robert Commins Mr. Joseph D’Alelio Mr. James De Vellis Mr. Richard Hall Mr. Cecil V. Howell Miss Judith Lachman Miss Arlene Mahoney Mrs. Ann Newton 26 Mr. Richard Paul Mrs. Bama Soloman Mrs. Susan Thomas Miss Winnifred Wohllebe PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Ralph E. Bevins Head of Department Mr. Harold B. Fairbanks Mrs. Christine Fiorenza Mr. Robert C. Hill Mr. William F. Lowder Mr. Richard C. Fannon Miss Mary F. McDonough Miss Marilyn Steele Miss Barbara Stewart 27 Miss Sheila Shapiro HOME ECONOMICS Miss Florence E. Forsyth Head of Department Miss Marilyn Flint Mrs. Ilmi S. Jones Mrs. Thelma Sonnichsen Miss Mae R. Truvedson BUSINESS Miss Katherine Yowell Mr. John F. Britt Miss Catherine King Mrs. Martha Loftus Mrs. Lois S. Pharris 28 Mr. Christy Belisis Mrs. Marguerite Burke Mr. Richard Collomb " 5 i M Mrs. Mary Dolan Mrs. Muriel Healy Miss Glenna Kelly Mrs. Marion Kennedy Mr. Peter J. Leone Mr. John P. Ligor Mr. William A. McCarthy Mrs. Mary L. Miller Mr. Humbert Oliveira Mrs. Edith Phinney Miss Portia Skandalis Miss Marie Spagnuolo Miss Mary N. Thompson 29 SCIENCE Mr. Raymond S. Kroll Head of Biology Mr. Richard E. Miller Head of Chemistry Mr. Arthur Botelho Mr. Robert Carr Mr. John H. Cody Miss Carol Johnson Mr. Bradford Clough Mr. Donald J. Maiming Mr. Harry Meserve Mr. John O’Connor Mr. Joseph Papandrea Mrs. Rose Picone LATIN Mr. Ralph F. McEleamey Head of Latin Mrs. Dorothy W. Goldkrand Mr. Harold Sheldrick 30 MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Miss Judith Williams Miss Stephania Brendecke Mr. Ralph S. Giobbe Mrs. Nanci Ortwein Miss Doris Withers A.H.S. lyiEDIA CENTER MANUAL ARTS Mr. Ralph F. Gioiosa Head of Department Mr. Ray Civili Mr. John Cooper i J Mr. Anthony Gallo Mr. Douglas Hunter Mr. Charles Komik Mr. Bruce Larson Mr. William M. McGovern Mr. Frank L. Prusik Mr. Ronald J. Whitmore MUSIC Mr. Donald R. Sullivan Head of Department Mr. Richard McElhiney Mr. Gerald A. Thelxxlo 32 SPECIAL PROGRAMS Miss Genevieve Humphrey Mr. John Lennon GUIDANCE Miss E. Christine Norwood Director of Department Mrs. Eleanor F. Byam Miss Kathleen Carney Mr. Vincent D’Antona Miss Patricia Fallon Mrs. Mora C. Rawlings Mr. Arthur L. Tuohy Assistant Director Mr. William E. Croke Mr. Allan Winecour 33 TECHNICAL-VOCATIONAL Mr. Robert Brennan Mr. Stephen Cassassa Mr. Charles Cullinane Mr. William Delaney Mr. Eugene Doherty Mr. Myles Heaton Mr. Louis Galante Mr. Norman Jacobsen Mr. Francis V. Kirk 34 Mr. Charles Fagone Head of Department Mr. James Terranova Mr. Ralph M. Warren Mr. Martin Lane Mr. Robert J. Lavery Mr. Robert Withers Mr. Martin Grassi Mr. Frederick Maloof 35 CAFETERIA STAFF Pictured are: Mary Cabeceiras, Edith Crocker, Helen Darcy, Pauline DiDonato, Helen Ellingwood, Winifred Kangas, Rita Muller, Margaret O’Connell, Hazel O’Shaughnessy, Evelyn Rauseo, Evelyn Ri- beiro, Barbara Rinehart, Thurza Scott, Agnes R. Starkey, Jeanette Union. CUSTODIAL STAFF Pictured are: A Ciano, William Daley, Patrick McGuire, Domonic Miranda. William Rowley. 36 SECRETARIES Mrs. Gertrude Baldwin Mrs. Joan L. Brescia Mrs. Mary Camerlengo Mrs. Lucille Corcoran Miss Patricia Costley Mrs. Helen Dutton Miss Ellen M. Kenney Mrs. Ruth Keeffe Mrs. Genevieve Myles Mrs. Jacqueline O ' Flaherty Mrs. Gilberte Wharton 37 STUDENT COUNCIL “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” sang our loyal president and treasurer as they christened our Student Lounge this year. Stomping on the floor of the lounge however, made the teacher in Old Hall rather upset. The Student Lounge was, of course, one of our proudest achievements of the year. We also sponsored many dances at the Junior High West, the Or- pheus Concert, the Teachers’ Tea, radio talk shows, and the hilarious donkey basketball game. The purpose of our Council was to develop attitudes and practices of good citizenship, to promote good relations throughout the entire school (which was not easy). We also tried to improve relationships, to provide a fo- rum for student expression and to provide orderly direction of school activities. Pictured are: Scott Gillis, Tom Deveaux, v.p.; Joe Fallon, treas.; Cyndy Sandberg, sec.; Chris Akins, Mary Ellen Balzer, Linda Boyd, Leonard Calandrella, Manuel Costa, Sandra Davis, Ebba Dohlman, Ken Duffy, Carl Eiore, Gail Gagosian, Donald Garrity, Anne Geremonte, Janet Hoar, Rich lappim, Karen Kelly, Patricia Kelly, John Marcan- tonio, Michael Martin, Jane Mello, Andrea Murray, Maryanne Murray, Anna Osborne, Kenny Surabian. 40 AEX (SPIRIT CLUB) Pictured are: Tom Binkowski, Lynne Lamberis, Chris Akins, Mrs. Nanci Ortwein, Nancy Power, Lee Anne Pellegrini, Ellen Ackerman. AEX believes that school spirit and more student participation was increased as a result of our efforts this year. One of our main achievements was supplying buses to all of the “away” football games. Also, before each game, we sold spirit buttons and put up spirit posters throughout the school. Who can ever for- get the “Beat Nude-ln” pep rally we had (you-know-who was absolutely adorable)! Our night meetings were always a riot, as 9 10 of the time was usually spent laugh- ing! Some of our great activities in- cluded Tag Day and Indian Day. The lat- ter was very successful, and AHS that day was swarming with “braves” and “squaws”. We hope that the spirit we helped to instill in the students of AHS will last for many years to come. Fifth Row: Donna Bastoni, Mary Healy, Janet Dolan, Lee Ann Pellegrini, Anne Gere- monte, Lynne Lamberis, Sandy Scopa, Chris Briand. Fourth Row: Miss Finberg, Nanci Quinn, Cindy Pitko, Anne Townsend, Gayle Malloy, Janet Mello, Linda Cammon, Sue M. Foley. Third Row: Joan Matthews, Janet Fredo, Brenda Allen, Lynda Brawn, Barbara Marton; Sponsor from YWCA, Denise Ponte, Patti Maher. Second Row: Jean Whitney, Linda Boyd; Recording Sec., Maryann Tc ieHv,Corresponding Sec., Claire Madden. First Row: Madelyn Glover, Noreen Hammond, Eileen Fitzpatrick; Pres., Karen McClain, Susan Berberian. Busy, busy, busy! The Senior Girls’ Club really had a fun-filled year. We began the. year with our annual overnight trip to Thurber Barn in Marshfield. Then, at Christmas, we went caroling at nursing homes and held a party for welfare children. How could we ever forget the first meeting? We performed a skit depicting the events of last year, and it all ended with the club’s spon- sor being carried out on a stretcher! What about the wild time we had in Houston for the National YAVCA Convention? In addition to having fun, we’ve done work with unfortunate people, such as those on welfare. GIRLS ' CLUB Pictured are: Ellen Ackerman, Lynnette Aznavourian, Ken Berglund, Alan Blomquist, Sharon Bonnell, Gerri Bortone, Julie Carney, Ed Chapman, Jim Demas, Jean Geralds, Paul Hennessey, Sue Hilferty, Chuck Horn, Kathy Hughes, Eileen Jay, Karen Koumjian, Nan Lawson, Sue Anne Lyons, Steven Malisko, Nancy Pitts, Tom Ruggirio, Elaine Sentafonte, Steve Serson, Carol Simeone, Dave Snowden, Nancy Taylor, Bar- bara Tsakirgis, Donna Union. ALLIED YOUTH This was the year we went to Buck Hills, Pennsylva- nia for the international convention. The hit of the con- vention was when in the talent show J.D.’s Girls wore provocatively pinned sheets and tied their hair teasingly with ribbons. The purpose of our club is to educate students on the dangers of narcotic drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. This year we had many seminars and speakers on these top- ics. Other activities included our orphanage party, Christmas party and caroling, the Victory Dance, and the hayride. Of course, we had our usual Heath candy sale at the beginning of the year where we all had a chance to show what excellent salesmen we could be. Our favorite joke was “Did you hear about the lady who was photographed wearing a towel and had curlers in her hair?” 43 CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Dee Dee Balzer, Chris McCarthy, D ebbie Poynton, Mary Murray, Joaiuie Ogonoski, Betsy Smith, Lindsay Ham, Chris Fiorenza, Maureen Judge, Kathy Havem, Arlene Pietkewicz, Andrea Murray. Cheerleading is her fame . . . seven new cheerleaders . . . summer practices — “Keep off the grass” ... “I can’t hear you” . . . Aug. 7 — Cheerleaders leave for NCA Cheerleading camp . . . Betsy, why do they call you Aunt Jemima? ... 4 AHS cheerleaders stranded in rowboat on Lake Schroon . . . Chris F., what’s this about a room over the shower? . . . AHS cheerleaders make CBS news . . . What’s this about Arlene’s thinking Betsy was a pancake . . . What do you mean there’s no plane leaving for Boston for 1 1 hours? . . . Stop that singing; the pilot can’t concen- trate . . . Did you say 48 beets or 48 bunches of beets? . . . purple shakers? . . . Andy, give us a duck call ... 152 pounds of pumpkins . . . In spite of us all, most of our teams did manage to post a winning record. 44 MAJORETTES Pictured are: Kathy Rowsell, Gwen Davidson, Janice Lecesse, Gail Segelstrom, Barbara Scott, Sandy Davis, Mary Ann Marchetti, Pat Kariger, Donna Kirkland, Cindy Vourous, Karen Kelly, Cyndy Sandberg, co-capts. Those who happened to pass by the football field during the summer or any day after school would have seen us busily practicing our routines. We’ll never forget sitting in the bleachers trying to keep warm during half-time, or when Mary Ann left her mittens on by mistake when we marched onto the field! Also, we acquired “new” uniforms (ha — that’s a joke!). We were shocked when one of the sleeves ripped out and Sandy Davis’ zipper fell out during one of the half-time shows (the uniforms turned out to be 12 years old!) We’ve had lots of fun performing at pep rallies and in parades as well as during the football season. The hard work (including struggling with leg make-up) and long hours that we put into our practices were well worth the effort. 5AMETTES Pictured are: Fran Ciampi, Robin Faulkner, Diane Hall, Donna Hussman, Nancie Keefe, Nancy Kreuz, Sheila Mallard, Evelyn Mochi, Marcia Moore, Roseanne Nar- done, Kathy O’Brian, Linda Peterson, Jean Puopolo, Kathy Ronan, Diane Shaw, Debbie Simonds, Nancy Toscano, Marcia Travers, Martha Walsh, Linda Walton. Keep a straight line, Debbie! . . . Fol- low me, Nancy! . . . Don’t you know how to do anything? . . . Left foot, Diane, left foot! ... All right, who d id that extra kick? ... Wow! Nobody made a mistake. I don’t believe it! If you were to wander onto the football field some Tuesday or Friday afternoon, you might have heard some of these fa- miliar phrases emanating from the direc- tion of the Samette rehearsals. You would have found us hard at work practicing un- der the stern supervision of Mrs. Bertagna and Co-captains Fran Ciampi and Evelyn Mochi. Somehow, between the 9 o’clock Saturday rehearsals, Mr. T’s incessant yell- ing, struggling with leg make-up, and withstanding the near-freezing tempera- tures, we successfully made it through the season. Of course, many thanks go to Mrs. Bertagna. 45 Pictured are: Stuart Anderson, George Beaton, Cheryl Breen, Pauline Chambers, Karen Chin, Ronald Chin, Susan Collins, Barbara Costley, Joseph Desimone, David Dillon, Patrick Donlon, Nancy Elder, Katherine Fellmy, William Ferrara, Kathleen Fleming, Richard Grace, Carolyn Grant, Colin Grant, Frank Guarino, Jeffrey Jones, Kevin Koumjian, Steven Kurth, Linda Lintz, John Macleod, Roy Macleod, Nola Manning, James McKearin, Connie Mehibach, Robert Nelson, Edward Perkins, Michael Petro- wicz, Michele Reed, Caleb Rogers, Mary Rogers, Michael Sheehan, Walter Sherburne, Richard Smith, Frank Tassone, Joy Torresyap, Stephen Tramontozzi, Marcia Wood, Janice Wright. Despite the hectic Saturday morning practices and calamities such as leaving Stu Anderson behind, and getting beer splashed on our uniforms, the marching band, under the direction of Mr, Thebodo and the leadership of Caleb Rogers, lasted through a full schedule of pep rallies, pa- rades, football games, and the memorial for Mr. Tucker. And miraculously, by the end of the football season, we still had enough wind left in us to perform a number of success- ful concerts as the Concert Band. 46 Mauricci, Camille Palombo, Michele Reed, Caleb Rogers, Valorie Rowsell, Judith Sakey, Michael Sheehan, Priscilla Sherburne, Frank Tassone, Gerard Tramontoza, Stephen Tramontozzi, Anna Trembly, Anthony Volpe, Randi West, Lynora Williams, Marcia Wood, Janice Wright. ORCHESTRA After the 1968-69 Arlington High School orchestra had established a repu- tation as one of the finest orchestras in the state, nearly all of the string players returned to make this year just as success- ful. In anticipation of this, our conductor, Mr. Thebodo, started us off early in the year by preparing a concert for the teach- ers’ convention— the teachers received it with much enthusiasm and praise. We then went on to finish up a very successful year, which included a perfor- mance for the Festival of the Arts. Our orchestra was not only a successful group effort, but it was also an important begin- ning for a number of our most serious musicians who plan to make a career of music. Pictured are: Stuart Anderson, Susan Aurilio, Diane Cataldo, Pauline Chambers. Susan Collins, Patricia Corcoran, Karen Cornelius, Bar- bara Costley, Debora Diggins, David Dillon, Marian Downing, Anne Geremonte, Carolyn Grant, Colin Grant, Frank Guarino, Karen Koumjian, Kevin Koumjian, Callie Jane Mack, Nola Manning, John MacLeod, Mark Mayerson, Lisa Mauricci, Pete Mauricci, Vincent 47 CONCERT CHOIR Pictured are: Cheryl Annese, Susan Aurilio, Maryellen Balzer, Gayle Bartell, Valerie Jean Becker, Debra Bertocci, Linda Boyd, Patricia Bums, Richard Burns, Patricia Clews, Karen Cornelius, Gretchen Cully, Debra Diggins, John Donovan, William Fallon, Virginia Flint, Ruth Freedland, Anne Geremonte, Ellyn Geremonte, Judith Graham, Gail Gramolini, Susan Hanley, Deborah Hayes, Denise Hayes, Susan Howe, Nancy Howland, Jan Jordan, Ann Keefe, John Kelly, Mary- lou Kennedy, Lynne Lamberis, Joseph Lewko, David Mayerson, Nancy McAuliffe, Anna Marie Osborne, Doreen Percival, Denise Ponte, Walter Russell, Barbara Shimkas, Deborah Simons, Kathleen Stathopoulos, Arthur Stratton, Kenneth Surabian, Matthew Teeven, Marcia Tibbits, Carol Whitney, Frederick Whitney, Donna Union. GIRLS ' CHOIR Pictured are: Christine Akins, Cheryl Annesse, Susan Aurilio, Maryellen Balzer, Gayle Bartell, Jean Bartholomew, Francine Blomquist, Debra Bertocci, Linda Boyd, Christine Briand, Judith Bryant, Anne Marie Catazano, Candace Clingan, Deborah Conroy, Susan Collins, Carolyn Davis, Louise DiNatalie, Elaine Donlin, Kathleen Easanelli, Frances Geswell, Judith Graham, Jean Hawkins, Jan Jordan, Diane Kalafatas, Janice Kelchner, Lynne Lamberis, Janice Leccese, Janice Malatesta, Nola Manning, Edith Marshall, Nancy McAuliffe, Maureen O’Leary, Anna Marie Osborne, Doreen Percival, Priscilla Powers, Christine Reed, Michele Reed, Lucille Robillard, Susan Ross, Diane Shaw, Barbara Shimkas, Cynthia Skerry, Maria Stacey, Carol Survilas, Nancy Taylor, Jeanette Tavilla, Carol Thompson. Pictured are: Maria Stacey, Edith Mar- shall, Dee Dee Balzer, Linda Boyd, Lynne Lamberis, Anna Osborne, Sue Collins, Gail Bartell, Barbara Shimkas, Debbie Bertocci, HARMONETTES If you could have seen us at our first few rehearsals, you’d never believe that we would ever perform — not even for ourselves! But, despite sore throats, missing people, and a few temper tantrums, we pulled ourselves together in order to try and live up to the reputation established by last year’s group. We performed everywhere from nursing homes and hospitals to the Key Club Banquet, Who could ever forget those “calm and organized’’ Sunday rehearsals, the crash courses in dancing and the wild rides through rain and snow in order to get to a job on time. GUITAR CLUB Pluck, pluck pluck , , , And the guitar club is off to another meeting. We’ve really enjoyed getting together and swapping songs. We became so proficient that we actually sounded harmonious! Pictured are: Darlene Meduros, Andrea Harding, Jane Healy, Kathy Simpson. 49 ART CLUB Pictured are: Mike Cuoco, Lorraine DiZio, Diane Donatio, Miss P. Finberg, Irene Ganczaruk, Evelyn Hinde, Frances Ingeme, Marion Keef, John Levesque, Mark Luther, Christine McDermit, Eileen McDermit, Wayne Morrissey, Steve Mulcahy, Vicki Nahabedian, Robert Nicoloro, Linda Peterson, Kathy Smith, Linda Smith, Debbie Vossmer. If anyone happened to pass by the art room on a Monday afternoon, he would come across our crazy bunch of “inspired” artists. We had a great time partici- pating in the Christmas decoration contest and prepar- ing for the Fine Arts Festival and the Art Fair. None of us will ever forget the wild surprise birthday party we held for Miss Finberg. It was easy enough to get her out of the room so that we could prepare for the occasion, but we couldn’t seem to get her to come back in. We waited and waited to no avail for her return. Finally, one of us went in search, and upon finding her, promptly said that a window had been broken in the room, and we desperately needed her help. Enter one angry, but immediately surprised club ad- visor . . . FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA First Row: Rachael O’Keefe, Barbara O’Connell; Treas., Janet Falwell; Pres., Barbara Corbett. Second Row: Donna Ofria, Elaine Bell, Kathy Ferola, Karen Gott, Elizabeth Perkins, Elizabeth Martin, Anna Trembly, Teresa O’Brien. Third Row: Roslyn Smith, Teresa McNamara, Susan R. Foley. We were newcomers this year, and we offered all kinds of activities to anyone interested in a career in medicine. Meetings were held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month in the clinic with Mrs. Barry (R.N.) and Mrs. Berkuist (R.N.) looking on. We organized a Christmas bake sale and a lecture by a nursing school student (and a graduate of A.H.S.) who works at Lahey Clinic. But there were difficulties: for instance, a nursing film complete with nurses in calf- length pleated skirts, ankle socks, and saddle shoes. But with more films during the year and other activi- ties we showed that we try harder. F.H.A. was basically a service-oriented organization with the primary aim of pro- moting better relationships between fam- ilies and home and community. We had several activities that year. There was the homecoming game “Mum” sale; and, of course, our Penny Sale, with Mr. Trevisani and Miss Shapiro. Our state Reporter even won the Red Rose Merit Chapter Award for the outstanding chapter in the state! Most important to us, though, was the needy family we adopted for this year. Pictured are: Susan Berberian, Ftelen Cantrell, Mau- reen Hogan, Claire Musco, Rosann Nardone, Terri Parragona, Natalie Penta, Mrs. Pharris, Leslie Wynne. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 51 Back Row: Lucille Robillard, Joanne Catalano, Kenny Fulkerson. Front Row: Roseanne Lionetta, Irene Geaneses, Debbie Gedraitis, Sandra Keshishian. F.T.A. We future teachers were able to take the opportunity to teach this year. We were tutoring individual students after school. We also taught at various elementary schools for one or two days at a time. We each took complete control of the classroom. This practice teaching has been an invaluable ex- perience for us all. F.B.L.A. This year our club went through the usual problems of a first-year club. Our ultimate goal was to train people for pos- sible careers in the business world, (for example, secretarial work, management, marketing, etc.) The whole experience was certainly valuable and helped us to choose our vocation. Pictured are: Mr. R. Collomb, Louise Di Natale, Debra Glines, Miss B. Gorman, Janet Green, Mrs. G. Macuila, Bob Schipani, Chris Small, Scott Sum- ner, Carol Survilas, Frank Tassone, Michele Tumi- nelli, Leslie Wynne. SKI CLUB The Ski Club tried this year to unite the ski enthu- siasts of AHS while also drawing in some non-skiers to show them how great the wonderful world of snow real- ly is. We had several ski trips this year to different moun- tains; we chose the ski areas at a meeting two weeks before each trip. On our first ski trip, we went to Wildcat Mountain and to our surprise, there wasn’t any snow. At the end of January we were courageous enough to go to Water- ville Valley. For a change, everything turned out fine on this trip. Pictured: Stuart Anderson, Donna Gormley, Rich lappini, Miss Mul- cahy, Robert Powers. 53 CIVIL RIGHTS Pictured are: Kathy Hughes, Linda Kelly, Mr. McMurray, Vivian Sav- io, John Serson, Diane Shaw, Janet Tobey, Susan Tobey. In the past our club had been concerned with civil rights outside Arlington High, but this year we were mainly concerned with students’ rights within the school. We held our meetings every two weeks, or when- ever we felt that a pertinent issue had arisen. This year our main activity was a large campaign to rid Ar- lington High of the Dress Code. 18 X 72 Pictured are: Ebba Dohlman, Janis Keating, Christine McDermott, Andrea Mobilia. Sarah Rosenfield, Richard Rubino, Alfred Spector, Judy Sakey. The purpose of our organization has been to lower the voting age to nineteen by 1970 and eighteen by 1972. This year we conducted a petition drive in which we collected 1300 signatures of registered vot- ers. However, our goal of 18 x 72 was defeated because, in spite of our area’s 1300 signatures, we did not get the re- quired amount of signatures within the entire state. We encountered only slight resistance when we were petitioning, such as the time when an old lady called one of us a “Communist hippie”! 54 BEDFORD VOLUNTEERS Our volunteer group went every Wednesday afternoon to the Vet- erans Hospital in Bedford. As volunteers, we were allowed to choose the field in which we most enjoyed working. Several of the popular fields were social service, physical therapy, nursing, and library work. Pictured are: Barbara Cox, Barbara Dorrington. Colleen Fallon, Mary Healy, Mary Higgins, Carole Teeven. 55 LIBRARY CORPS AUDIO-VISUAL The Audio Visual Club was a haven for all kinds of people: students picking up films or projectors, frustrated teachers trying to make copies of tests, and students returning to ask how to run the projector they just borrowed. To prove that we were not just mechani- cal wizards, the club sold tickets for the Arlington Jaycees, went on a field trip to W.N.A.C. — T.V.’s studio, and threw a Christmas party. For those of us who went, it’s still a tie between Danny and the mistletoe . . . We would like to thank Mr. Fagone and Mr. Grassie, our advisors, for their thoughtfulness and endless patience. Pictured are: Ed Allen, John Bernard, James Caneel- evi, Dave Cornelius, William Daley, Jack Fisk, Mary Ellen Forest, Debby Garside, Sandy Garside, Mr. Grassie, Doug Jefferson, Gail MacDonald, Bob Maciejieski, Evelyn Mocchi, Linda Mooney, Ann O’Connor, Lanie O’Laughlin. Pictured are: William Anderson, Pat Fernandez, Kathy Ronan, John Vieira, Steven Wilson. Each of our members worked a mini- mum of a period weekly in order to pro- vide the libraries of AHS with the most efficient, smoothest-running library sys- tem possible. In addition to our duties dur- ing the school day, we held a Christmas party at which books for donation to one of Boston’s needy school libraries were obtained. Also, in February we held our annual Book Fair, and finished in the Spring with our yearly outing. 56 MAIN OFFICE ASSISTANTS Jeanne Chisholm, Julie DeVito, Kathy Havem, Debbie Hayes, Mary Healy, Debbie Poynton, Gail Segelstrom, Cathy Stefanakis. HOUSEMASTERS ' ASSISTANTS Seniors pictured are: Donna Bastoni, Judy Bond, Margie Ching, Kathy Daly, Diane Donatio, Barbara Dorrington, Elaine Elias, Linda Farinoso, Irene Geanisis, Lindsay Ham, Janice Kelchner, Elizabeth Martin, Donna Rosa, Carole Vena. 57 LAB ASSISTANTS Pictured are: Peter Bartholomew, Pat Fernandez, Susan Frazier, James McKearin, Paul Riemer. GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS Pictured are: Janet Burke. Fran CaiT, Debbie Colcough, Susan Collins, Cathy Covel, Barbara Eaton. Paula Erlandson, Pat Eemandez, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Susan Gallison, Debra Glines, Janet Pagliuca, Susan Robertson, Diane Shaw, Eileen Sullivan, Carol Vardaro, Debbie Wood. 58 SCIENCE CLUB Pictured are: John Asinari, Mr. Botelho, Ronald Chin, David Doucet, Kevin W. Doyle, Stephen Gilligan, Joseph V. Greco, Brian Kelly, Robert Nicoloro, Scott Petrowicz, Dale Shaw, Diane Shaw, Kathy Smith, Bill Wright. This year we Science Club members had the opportu- nity to visit many different places and to participate in interesting projects. We were afforded numerous chances to learn more about the science world outside of a classroom atmosphere, and the sharing of our com- mon interests and goals created a close-knit group. Throughout the year we visited such places as the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, and the labo- ratories at M.I.T. In February we were lectured by Dr. Dohlman, a famous eye surgeon at the Retina Founda- tion in Boston. As has been the custom for the past ten years, our club conducted its annual Science Fair which was very successful and enlightening, and a few of us exhibited our own demonstrations and inventions. 59 MATH TEAM Pictured are: Brian Battista, Ronald Chin, David Cornelius, Tom Gennis, Eileen Jay, Karen Koumjian, Elizabeth Lee, David Lund, Edith Marshall, David Mayerson, Dale Shaw. This year we had several opportunities to show off our mathematical skills during competitons in October, December, February, and April. We competed in the Greater Boston Mathematics League where our goal was to be one of the top ten out of about fifty schools. We started off the year well by finishing third in our first meet. But in December we were somewhat unlucky. Ig- noring the answer of the one sophomore on the team, we proceeded to answer a question incorrectly. Conse- quently, we finished eighth out of eleven schools. Had we used our sophomore’s answer, we would have prob- ably come in fourth. CHESS CLUB We members of the chess club have been given the opportunity to learn, im- prove, and have fun playing chess. Also, we’ve had much experience in tourna- ment competition in the Greater Boston Chess League. Pictured are: Paul Cantell, Joel Langer, Edith Marshall, Daniel Nyberg, Ted Perkins. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club was open to all fourth-year Latin students. Our most memorable moments included the trips to the Museum of Fine Arts and our Roman style banquet at the end of the year. Consul Dick Churchill recalls the time George Rugg, Scriha and Edith Sophia Marshall sang a duet of “Adeste Fideles” to the accom- paniment of James Demas’ beating on a desk, as the most cultural activity of the year. Pictured are: Faye Armstrong, Lynda Brawn, Charles Burke, Richard Churchill, Arthur Da Prato, Roger Duggan, Eidith Marshall, David Mayerson, Mr. McEleamey, Arlene Pietkewicz, Priscilla Powers, Katherine Ronan, George Rugg. 61 DEBATING CLUB w Second Row: Mr. Mercurio; Mod., Mike Sheehan, Philip Bellinghieri, Tom Tom- suden. Alan Costa, Gus Niebuhr, Frank Tassone, Scott Nelson; Trecis.,Wz Ferreira; Vice-Pres., Dave Baldwin, J. S. Satlak, Steve Buckley, Robert Roche, Bill Ander- son, John Canisi. Mark Spengler. First Row: Dave Perry, Gail McConnell, Susan Murphy, Andrea Mobilia, Janis Keating, Susan Lahaie, Lise Gelineau; Pres., Nancy Taylor; Sec., Jane Burton. We met every Tuesday in room 26 for the purpose of increasing skills and confidence in public speaking. Our club operated on all levels, holding informal roundtable discussions and formal debates with other clubs. Natural- ly, we chose the topics ourselves, keeping our ultimate goal in mind: to form a debating team to compete against other schools. Oh! the scholars of today! Are they the teachers of tomorrow? NATIONAL MERIT Pictured are: Richard Churchill, Edith Marshall, David Mayerson, Carol Oppedisano, George Rugg, Vivian Savio, Debbie Wood. 62 Pictured are: Michael Allosso, Ronald Caprio, Fran Carr, Tom Chandler, Sue Collins, Michael Cuoco, Mary Cura, Diane Donatio, Paula Erlandson, Dave Greeley, Linda Kelly, Dave La Rocca, Edith Mar- shall, Bob Schipani, Maria Stacey, Donna Union. Our big task this year was to put out a newspaper for the students of AHS, re- porting the events of the school and ex- pressing student opinion. Each month we had our regular news articles, reviews, let- ters to the editor, and of course, our own answer to “Dear Abby”: Aunt Minerva. Making sure that the newspaper went to press on time was our biggest problem. In our haste, we sometimes blundered pro- fusely. (For instance, there was an article about the Teen Center whose title read “64,000 Dollars Allotted to Teen Center”. Actually, only a total of sixty-four dollars had been collected. Someone took it upon himself to add three zeroes.) All in all. it was great experience working for a news- paper and the value of the experience will always be retained. THE CHRONICLE STAFF 63 GILBERT SULLIVAN Pictured are: Mike Allosso, Dee Dee Balzer, Linda Boyd, Susan Brooks, Fran Carr, Ronny Chaulk, Dave Clannon. Sue Collins, Paula Erlandson, Robin Faulkner, Ruth Freedland, Judy Graham, Joan Green, Andrea Harding, Richard Hawkins, Donna Husmann, Marion Keef, Lynn Lamberis, Sheila Mallard, Eidith Marshall, Mark Mayerson, Leonard Melo, Andrea Mobilia, Anna Osborne, Caleb Rogers, Cyndy Sandberg. Barbara Shimkas. Maria Stacey, Frank Tassone. The most noticeable feature of our 1970 Gilbert Sullivan Club was its almost total lack of resemblance to G S Clubs of the past. The club found itself in 1970 revitalized with new officers, a new director, and a great number of new members; and, accordingly, set about breaking all its long-standing traditions. At the first meeting of the year, we voted to put on a modern musical instead of the usual Gilbert and Sulli- van operetta. After weeks of discussions and meetings, Oliver was chosen as the 1970 show. Following this de- cision, tryouts were run and rehearsals began under the direction of Mr. Donald Sullivan, Arlington’s new Mu- sic Department Head. Long-time members of G S, however, immediately noticed changes in the club. Tryout and rehearsal proce- dures were different from those of the past; and there was a new enthusiasm among the club members. Even the date for the Oliver production was changed from the traditional G S show dates in early April to the first two days in May. About the only thing that we left unchanged, in fact, was its name. Despite many problems, such as trying to find what seemed like hundreds of props for the show and trying to disguise high school girls as little boys, we managed to make our first modern musical a success. Oliver meant a good time for both the cast and the audience, and left the members of the G S Club with many fond memories of 1970. 64 KEY CLUB The Key Club was unique in that it was sponsored by the Kiwanis, an organization outside the school. Our purpose was to build character and to promote good citizenship practices among our members. We went about accomplishing our goals by rendering service proj- ects to the school and the community. Our first project was Christmas caroling at a nursing home for the comfort of the neglected aged. Later in the year, we held an extremely successful drug seminar. The project we most enjoyed was the film at Leo’s after the meeting. We hope that future Key Clubs will uphold our repu- tations of good citizenship and service. 65 DRAMA CLUB Fourth Row: Richard Porter, Tim Lonergan, Leon- ard Melo, Steve Hilferty, Richard Stayton. Jay Leavitt, Michael Allosso, Doug Harding, David Perry, Danny Curran, Richard Zaslow. Third Row: Donna Union, Steve Magliano, Debbie Glines, Jan Kornich, Linda Kelley, Sue Lattay, Andy Movilia, Eileen Jay, Linda Cataldo, Mr. Roberts. Second Row: Mr. Fillichia, Mrs. McLean, Chris Fiorenza, Beth Ferro, Sue Tobey, Maureen O’Donnell, Barb Tsakirgis, Ruth Freedland. First Row: Jean Erick- son, Cheryl MacMahon, Tina Williams. Who could ever forget the trials and tribulations of our first production this year; a rock version of “A Mid- summer Night’s Dream!” (We thought Puck would nev- er get his magic potions straight.) Then, before we knew it, we were m our last week of rehearsals. Things had progressed greatly but we were still a little shaky in a few places. Then the big weekend of our two perfor- mances came! Every one of us gave a 100% effort, which resulted in an almost flawless play. The audience reaction was overwhelming. People were buzzing that it was the best production the school had ever put on. Knowing that we were appreciated made it the happiest event of our lives. Seniors who led the cast were: Chris Akins, Michael Allosso, Art DaPrato, Steve Hilferty, Cheryl MacMahon, Steve Magliano, and Richard Stay- ton. After our last performance we had the cast party; the details of which are unprintable. Less than a month had elapsed after our first produc- tion, when we started tryouts for our biggest event of the year: the festival play. The play was to have a Brit- ish flavor, so everyone polished up their English ac- cents in preparation. The play selected was “Black Com- edy.” Our director said that it was the most difficult play she had ever attempted. Rehearsals required a lot of energy but we loved every minute of it. Who could ever forget rehearsing those hectic scenes when Mike had to move all the furniture in the dark? We finally perfected the play and went on to compete in festival competition. We can all thank our director, Mrs. McLean, for the aid she gave us. In all, it was a truly rewarding year for those of us who were seriously interested in dramatic training. 66 Pictured are: Mike Allosso, Susan Berberian, Patricia Burns, Paula McGourty, Joanne Petitti, Dale Shaw, Diane Shaw, Bar- Fran Carr, Susan Collins, Diane Donatio, Debra Glines, Dave bara Shimkas, Kathy Smith, Mark Sullivan, Sue Tobey, Greeley, Michele Karmazin, Linda Kelly, Lyrme Lamberis, Debbie Wood. Joel Langer, David La Rocca, Mike Marino, Dave Mayerson, YEARBOOK Was one lousy little yearbook really worth the trouble? Worth getting schizoid over finding sixty senior photos that we didn’t know existed? Worth holing up in Room 27 until 6:30 every night? Worth falling asleep in Dale’s basement around 1 :00 in the morning over six square miles of layout sheets? Worth getting kicked out of the school at 10:30 one Friday night, then trucking a half a ton of assorted garbage over to Randy’s house for some intensive deadline-beating activity? Was it worth having to put up with David Mayerson? One lousy little yearbook just might have been worth the trouble — maybe. I 68 Back Row: Wayne Hale, John Agri. Wayne Hingston, Kevin Milligan, Tommy Moskaluk, Jim Moskovis, Richard Kreuz, A1 Carbone, Bob Steele, Kenny Duffy. Second Row: Steve Hawkins, John Lyons, Vinnie Megna, Norm Galant, Gary Pichette. Bob Nardella, Roger Duggan, Ricky Collins, Tom Binkoski, Jay Shaughnessy, Tom Deveaux. Third Row: Coach Hill, Phil Ludka, Ed Quinn. Jamie Audunson, Don Garrity, Scott Gillis, Joe Fallon, Tom Pandolfo, Andy Taves, Kevin Donovan. Ricky Rigazio. Front Row: Coach Bums, Mike Marino, Ed Bums. Jr., Barr ' Santini, Mark Sullivan. Paul Manderino, Mark Hughes. Bob McCabe, Gus Powers, Coach Bevins. FOOTBALL “Are we playing Somerville? . . . All right, you birds! . . . Go get ’em tigers! . . . Welcome the cattle! ... Is that logical, Deveaux? . . . There are three things that will kill any athlete— B, B B . . . Left 100 dive at 5— can’t do it . . . Oh ye a, right 200 dive at 6 — can’t do it . . . What seems to be the problem here, E. P.? . . . Where’s my little dynamite molecule, Muskie? . . . React! . . . Move the legs! . . . Headaches . . . Moon Millie . . . Let’s go . . And that’s exactly what we did. We long — haired, underweight wonders of the AHS football team, led by co-captains Mark Sullivan and Paul Manderino, finessed our way to an 8-1 record and a tie for suburban League Champs. We also started a new trend in AHS football. Everyone of us (well, almost, anyway) was college bound. Mark Sullivan was selected as an All Scholastic running back and defensive safety. Paul Manderino won Honorable Mention as a fullback, and Barry Santini won Honorable Mention as a split end. Members of our team who made the All League Team were: Mark Sullivan as running back, Paul Manderino as full back, Barry San- tini as split end and Tom Muskaluk as guard. Mark Sullivan; Co-captain We reverently dedicate our efforts of the season in the memory of the late Charles Tucker 1970 FOOTBALL A rlington 32 Somerville Opponent 1 29 Watertown 6 7 Waltham 6 55 Lynn Classical 0 20 Newton 14 6 Brookline 14 22 Weymouth 14 19 Brocton 14 17 Archbishop Williams 14 Paul Manderino; Co-captain 72 Ed Burns Tom Pandolfo and Wayne Hale Tom Deveaux ca 1 Don Garrity John Agri 74 Kent Davison Kevin Milligan Scott Gillis Tommy Muskaluk and Joe Fallon 75 CROSS COUNTRY Third Row: John McCarthy; Manager, David Alessandroni, Peter Picazio, Thomas Gennis, Paul Cor- chrane, William Fahey, Jay Pinnet, Steve Carmody, John Sullivan, Bud Nelson, Mr. Kelly; Coach. Second Row: William Jefferson, David Johnson, Richard Repetto, Steve Robat, Tim Lynch, David Baldwin, Robert Brower, Richard Archibald. First Row: Peter Saul, James Fitzgerald, John Kelly, James Swanson, Peter Flynn, The cross country team this year ex- perienced a winning season with six wins and two losses, led by co-captains Dick Repetto and Tim Lynch. The losses were inflicted by Brockton and Newton. The team finished in third place in the league and also third in the league meet. David Johnson was another productive senior on the team. In the following varsity scores the least number of points determine the winner. Richard Repetto, David Baldwin, David Johnson, Robert Brower, Tim Lynch. A rlington SCHEDULE Opponent 43 Brockton 18 16 Brookline 45 18 Cambridge 45 34 Newton 24 17 Newton South 44 19 Rindge Tech. 44 20 Waltham 37 23 Weymouth 34 77 Back Row: Coach Ed Bums, Ricky Rigazio, Pat Flanagan, manager. Front Row: Frank Agostino, John Ranauro, Mike Carl Bums, Maurie Corkery, Ned Mahoney, Joe Keeffe, Peter Zona, Mark Noonan, Kent Davison, Tom Deveaux, Ed Bums, Crocker, Brian Mulcahy, Mike Flanagan, Ralph Abruzzese, Ricky Jackson, Chuck Cremens. HOCKEY After two years of finishing behind Brookline in league competition, we Arlington seniors finally got our revenge. Not only did this year’s squad beat Brookline, we also beat every other opponent, finishing the season with a perfect 16-0-0 record. This year’s success definitely came from a team effort but we were not without All-stars. Arlington placed three players on the first All-star team: Mark Noonan, defense, and forwards Kent Davison and Kevin Carr. The All-star second team included forward Mike Zona and defenseman Eddie Burns. Rounding out our All- stars was Jay Shaughnessy on the third team. Along with his All-star honor, Mark Noonan was also chosen the league’s Most Valuable Player. Although these players were a very important part of the hockey team, there were other people that were also necessary. Coach Burns was perhaps the most important member of our team, being most directly responsible for our success this season. Also helping the team out were managers Ralph Abruzzese and Ricky Rigazio. To help our superb team effort was the great support of the student body. The fans were great throughout the season, especially in the two Brookline games. In total the whole hockey season was a great school project, an extremely successful one. A rlington Opponent 14 Waltham 0 12 Rindge 0 8 Weymouth 3 5 Brookline 2 3 Cambridge 0 12 Brockton 0 3 Hingham 1 3 Waltham 0 4 Newton 1 12 Rindge 2 5 Newton 0 3 Andover 2 8 Weymouth 1 5 Brookline 1 14 Brockton 0 2 Hingham 0 5 Cambridge 2 Tri-captains Mark Noonan and Kent Davi- son, Coach Ed Bums. 78 Tri-captain John Lyons. INDOOR TRACK We A.H.S. Indoor Trackmen, led by Co-Captains Barry Santini and Paul Manderino, were Division II champions and finished second to Lexington in the state meet by one point. The high point of the season had to be when Jamie Audunson finished first in the 50 yard dash to clinch a victory over Milton, and the Division II Championship for Arlington. Paul Manderino won the shot put in the state meet with his toss of 55 feet, and placed fifth in the hurdles. Barry Santini won the high hurdles and equaled the record of 5.8 seconds. Dave Johnson finished fifth in the two mile run, Tim Lynch finished fifth in the mile run, and last but not least, Dave Baldwin finished fourth in the 1000 meter run. Left to right: Coach Kelly, David Baldwin, David Johnson, Tim Lynch. Left to right: Coach Kelly, Barry Santini, Mark Sullivan, Jamie Au- dunson, Paul Manderino. Arlington SCHEDULE Opponent 43 Somerville 43 55 Rindge Tech. 31 46 Randolph 40 64 Quincy 21 49 North Quincy 37 62 Newton South 24 551 2 Milton 35 ' 2 83 23 Third Row: Ed Pandolfo, Phil Sutton, Bob Prince, Bob McCabe, Dave Benoit. Second Row: Bemie Driscoll, Dave Powers, John Novillis, Paul Temmallo, John Murray, manager; Coach John Cody. First Row: Scott Nelson, Joe Lewko, Jim Kostopoulos, Mark Sullivan, Paul McCarthy, Bob Roper. BASKETBALL Our Varsity basketball team posted one of its better records in recent years, going 6 wins and 12 losses. In a year that was to have been a rebuilding year with only 3 lettermen returning, the team far surpassed expecta- tions. This was the first year that the AHS basketball team defeated the established powers in Weymouth, Rindge, and Waltham in one year. The Waltham victory was the first in 8 years. Our team had the disadvantage of opening its season by playing three Tech Tourney qualifiers in the first four outings. Yet all three losses were very close and were marked by the hustle and defense that continued throughout the season. Typical of our team was the Waltham game in which we trailed 43-16 at the half but only 53-43 one period later. For the first time in many years the basketball team was drawing respect and praise fro m opposing players and coaches. With 11 of the 15 man team returning next year perhaps the future holds a brighter outlook for basket- ball. Dave Benoit led the team in assists with 41, followed by Joe Lewko with 32. Co-captain Jim Kostopoulos was the leading rebounder with 53 offensive and 95 defen- sive. John Novillis was close behind with 49 and 82. Co-captain Mark Sullivan led the team in drawing offensive fouls with 10, as well as being the leading hacker with 56. Joe Lewko led the scoring parade with a 14.5 point per game average. Jim Kostopoulos followed at 10.3 and John Novillis was next at 10.2. A fine, industrious, and cohesive team has set the stage for the development of a good basketball tradition at AHS. A rlington 48 Winchester Opponent 60 80 Dedham 65 54 Brookline 64 52 Cambridge Latin 69 67 Newton South 50 55 Waltham 66 67 Weymouth 53 73 Rindge 63 70 Brockton 79 69 Newton 96 44 Brookline 70 65 Cambridge Latin 83 56 Newton South 47 77 Waltham 64 65 Weymouth 67 68 Newton 78 57 Rindge 63 53 Brockton 63 84 GYMNASTICS Left to right: Jay Cronin. Steve Hilferty, Bob Cronin, Steve Catalano, Stanley Wharton, Bradford Allen, Don Garrity, John Nochella, Peter Saul, Rusty Garrity. Coach Harold Fairbanks and Assistant Coach Robert Goldberg had to be congratulated for the job they did with the gymnastic team that season, despite its won- loss record. Even though our team was plagued with injuries and the loss of Kevin Chin, we still managed to provide the opposition with excellent competition. Coach Fairbanks lost six senior lettermen in 1970. The seniors who left were: Brad Allan, Steve Hilferty, Steve Catalano, Robert Cronin, Donald Garrity, and John Serson. If all went well, the next season should have been a good one for the gymnastic team. Many promising freshmen, sophomores, and juniors should have re- turned including Jay Cronin, Stanley Wharton, Peter Saul, Rusty Garrity, John Nochella, Ron Penton, and Tom Egan. 86 SCHEDULE North Reading Opponent 80 Weymouth 76 North Quincy 87 Winchester 80 Newton South 78 Brookline 87 Newton 70 A rlington 67 73 81 65 77 70 75 87 N GIRLS ' FIELD HOCKEY Fourth Row: Janet Flynn, Sylvia Strelis. Third Row: Ellyn Germonte, Debbie Hayes, manager; Bobbi Reardon, Rusty Murphy, Susan Foley, manager; Judy Bryant. Second Row: Debbie Ciarcia, Eileen Eitzpatrick, co-captain; Jeanne Hayes, co-captain; Janet Feeley. First Row: Elaine Cooper, Louise DiNatale. “Fitzie, how are you ever going to make it at the dance with all those bruises?” ... To those on the field hockey team this question will bring back memories of their many afternoon practices. This year’s field hockey team boasted a group of very talented players . . . “Whoever said we couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn? It is just the goal cage we have trouble with. Would you believe 8 goals in 7 games?” The girls practiced regularly except for an occasional short session . . . “Short practice today because Coach ‘Liz’ has a hairdresser’s appointment” . . . Each girl gave her best to her particular position. . . . “Susan’s got a rough job; she’s timing” . . . The diligence of the team on the field was reflected in their high scoring . . . “Louise, the game started ten minutes ago” . . . For a group that was together as much as we were, our field hockey team got alo ng quite well . . . “Every corner is a goal except Cooper’s” . . . Every group has its inside jokes and this one was no exception . . . “Jeanne, remember that snap, crackle, pop? Through it all, our team kept its sense of humor . . . “Make love not war? Then how come our hockey field has trenches?” . . . We felt we could always say, “No matter what Mr. Kelly says, we are still undefeated!” Arlington 3 0 0 3 1 1 0 Belmont Brookline Melrose Concord Lexington Winchester Newton Opponent k o o o GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Back Row: Bobbi Reardon, Carolyn Grant, Joan Carter, Debbie Ciar- cia, Judy Bryant, Ellyn Geremonte, Rusty Murphy, Miss McDon- ough, coach. First Row: Eileen Fitzpatrick, Susan Foley, Elaine Cooper, captain; Jeanne Hayes, Nancy Power. The name of the game is shoot, shoot, shoot . , . Close your eyes when you shoot Fitzy, maybe you’ll get an- other basket , . . Looks like another long practice kids; Liz has her sleeping bag . . . Excuses, excuses, Elaine. The basket moves for everyone . . . Our “get up and go” just got up and went . . . Who says there’s no Jolly Green Giant? Winchester has four of them . . . Susan, try getting off your feet; they’re not made of China . . . Jeanne, you’ve worn out the right side, how about trying the left? The Girls’ Basketball team this year should be given a great deal of credit for the effort they have put into their work. Practices were long and were held over. The team will lose some outstanding senior players, but the prospects look good for next year since the team has some fine underclassmen who are going to be playing. The captain, Elaine Cooper, spoke for all the members on the team when she said that the best part of high school basketball has been having Miss McDonough for a coach. Jeanne Hayes Susan Foley Elaine Cooper Arlington 48 Waltham Opponent 17 55 Brookline 12 17 Winchester 20 37 Cambridge 25 31 Lexington 34 26 Watertown 36 27 Newton 23 Nancy Power 89 MACHINE SHOP The machine shop course offered training in the set- up, operation, and maintenance of bench lathes, engine lathes, milling machines, power saws, and other tools. Training in all forms of bench work such as layout, chipping, scraping, and heat treating were also given to enable us to carry out a complete job from the planning stage through the finishing operations. We made use of precision measuring tools of the trade, such as microm- eters and gauges, as well as the standard setup and mea- suring tools. We were given the opportunity, in progres- sively challenging situations, to learn the functions of most machines and machine accessories. Arlington Technical probably has one of the best equipped machine shops in the state, and we have cer- tainly welcomed the valuable training experience. 92 ELECTRONICS The course in electronics at Arlington Tech, is very thorough. We were taught in various areas, from Ohm’s Law to Television Circuitry and Industrial Electronics. Our freshman year was the most important because we learned the basic fundamentals which were used during the remaining years of the course. The second year cov- ered the areas of radio, transistor theory, and equations used in breadboard circuits and computations. During the third year we learned more transistor theory, televi- sion theory, and radio and transistor circuits. Finally, in our fourth year we finished television theory in shop. We all had to do a project in which we studied a particu- lar field. We had to have this project completed and running by our annual “Open House’’ which was in March. We then demonstrated our projects to the students, the teachers, and the public. 93 AUTOMOTIVE During our four years at Arlington Tech, we com- pleted thorough training in the care and repair of cars. The first year of our training covered the theory of the basic engine. We began by constructing a project in order to learn the proper use of the tools involved. We then took apart junked cars to learn their basic con- struction. The next step was going into the engine room and taking an engine completely apart. The difficult part was to put the engine back together in running condition and without any extra parts! During our re- maining years we were taught the essentials of servicing cars, including brake lubrication, tire balancing, engine tune-up front-end alignments, and minor repair work. 94 " ' Where are Elmer, Herman, Be rt, Tom, and Charley, The weak of will, the strong of arm, the clown, the boozer, the fighter? " Their faded faces and forgotten smiles are not completely lost; they ' re kept secure someplace where they can still be reached, a place not out of bounds to recall. Pressed flat between the pages, shining faces of youth flash-frozen make fun of age and time. All of them are here . . . SENIORS 98 Frank Accetta John A. Adamian Ralph T. Abruzzese Ellen S. Ackerman RALPH T. ABRUZZESE 34 Cypress Rd. 10 1 51 Terry Hockey, gui- tar, waterskiing, CYO, JV Hockey, Guitar Club, Science Club. Ambition: To graduate. Fav. Per- son: Ken Hodge. FRANK ACCETTA 17 Newport St. 11 22 52 Sports, playing pool, bowling, sailing, hanging around. Ambition: To get a bike. Fav. Person: Peter Fonda, Sonny Bargem. ELLEN S. ACKERMAN 35 Hodge Rd. 7 29 52 Ellie Tom Dooley, AEX, Girls’ Club, Ski Club, Drama Club, Year- book, Rainbow. Pet Peeves: Melba Toast, rocky beaches, wipeouts. “Oh Wow” Fav. Person: Tom Rush. JOHN A. ADAMIAN 22 College Ave. 5 31 52 Artwork, cars. Am- bition: Business management. Pet Peeve: House- masters patrolling sanitaries. Fav. Subj: Study hall. Fav. Person: Judy Collins. friends from the loud hours: sixth period chalk fighters, 99 Bradford D. Allen Thomas Aldham Cheryl Agostino CHERYL AGOSTINO 150 Gardner St. 10 26 51 Angie Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Pet Peeve: People and school. “I don’t know” Fav. Siibj: gym with Miss Steele, right! Fav. Person: Toz. DIANE C. AGOSTINO 38 Peirce St. 9 7 52 Di AEX, AY, FHA, skiing, skating, sewing. Ambition: Airline hos- tess. Pet Peeve: Kids stopping short on the stairs. “Next joke” Fav. Snbj: History. Fav. Person: BeeGees; Beatles. lOHN A. AGRI 22 Mead Rd. 3 30 52 Again Football; 12-V-34, AEX. Ambition: To get on the honor roll. Pet Peeve: 5A. “Somf” Fav. Subj: Chem- istry. Fav. Person: Glen Campbell. Fav. Place: “Charlies” CHRISTINE M. AKINS 19 Pondview Rd. 5 14 52 Chris AEX; pres.. Student Council Committee Chmn., Drama Club, Samettes. Ambition: Win the Pulitzer Prize. “Peace” Fav. Person: Gore Vidal. THOMAS ALDHAM 31 Alton St. 2 8 52 All sports, M.C. Ambi- tion: To graduate. Fav. Subj: Study hall. BRADFORD D. ALLEN 187 Pleasant St. Gymnastics, surfing, skiing, wrestling, diving, swimming, slalom, music. John A. Agri Christine M. Akins spirited football crowds, Diane C. Agostino I 100 EDWARD JOHN ALLEN 133 Robbins Rd. MICHAEL T. ALLOSSO 25 Homer Rd. 3 26 52 CYO; pres., Year- book, Drama Club, Chronicle writer. Indoor Track, Prom Comm., AY; council. Pet Peeve: Blondes who love Elvis Presley. Fav. Person: Nancy Sinatra. RALPH ALMAN 54 Claremont Ave. 10 10 52 AY, AEX, Chronicle. Ambition: Physician or Oceanogra- pher. Pet Peeve: Filling out the same cards year after year. Fav. Siibj: English. Fav. Person: Ann- Margaret. DEBORAH LEE ANDERSON 154 Lowell St. 11 15 51 Pet Peeve: Cigar Smokers; Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: George Lincoln. ELLEN E. ANDERSON 33 Lansdowne Rd. 5 23 52 Tom Dooley, Pres.; Ski Club; Yearbook; 18x72. “Peace on Earth to all good turkeys” Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Stanley Myron Handelman. ROBERT ANDERSON 180 Charlton St. 11 6 51 Guitar Club, Elec- tronics, Baseball. Ambition: To work with com- puters. Pet Peeve: Mustaches. Fav. Subj: P.O.D. noisy A. Y. delegates, poster-making class campaigners Edward J. Allen Ralph W. Alman Jr. Michael T. Allosso Ellen E. Anderson Stuart C. Anderson Faye Armstrong John Apostolopoulos STUART C. ANDERSON 19 Tomahawk Rd. 10 17 52 Ski Club; v.p., AY, Concert Band and Orch., Marching Band, CYO, G S. “You’re out of here” Fav. Person: Gerald Thebodo. LOUIS ANGELO 21 Alfred Rd. 11 26 52 Louie Student Coun- cil, cars. Ambition: Higher Education. Pet Peeve: Science teacher. “Are you kidding me?” Fav. Person: Raquel Welch. CHERYL ANN ANNESE 6 Lovell Rd. 10 6 52 Sr. Girls Club, AEX, Drama Club, Guitar Club, waterskiing. Ambi- tion: Nursing. Fav. Subj: Music. Fav. Person: Donovan. JOHN APOSTOLOPOULOS 8 Freeman St. 1 7 52 Greek Soccer team, sports, girls, cars, Hanscom Air Force, Doxa Soccer Team. Ambition: Pro soccer. Pet Peeve: People. “Why” Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Tom Smothers. FAYE ARMSTRONG 24 Kipling Rd. 3 28 52 Latin Club, FNA. “Oh really” Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Elvis Presley. ' .jX ' 102 Susan M. Aurilio S. Guy Bamstead Thomas C. Barron Paul P. Arnold PAUL ARNOLD 26 Udine St. 7 23 52 Arnie CYO, treas.; guitar. Ambition: To have a good life. Pet Peeve: Come after school. “Do what you like.” Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. ROBERT ARNOLD 30 Frost St. 11 13 52 Bob Football, weight lifting, skiing. Ambition: College and then busi- ness. Pet Peeve: Cutting grass. Fav. Person: Paul Lynde. Fav. Snbj: Math. JAMES AUDUNSON 25 High Haith Rd. 2 3 52 Jamie Hockey; jv-2 yrs., football; jv-2 yrs., football; v. Chron- icle. Ambition: College. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Homer Jones. Pet Peeve: Big mouths. SUSAN AURILIO 19 Granton Park Auril Yearbook, AEX, or; chestra. Concert Choir, Girls Choir. Pet Peeve: Cliques. “You’re very flip!” Fav. Person: Tommy McCarthy. LINDA AUSTIN 152 Wright St. LuLu A.V., working at Har- vard Trust, sports, reading, bowling, softball. Ambition: To graduate. Pet Peeve: School. “Numbnut.” Fav. Subj: Bookkeeping. Fav. Per- son: R.I. S. GUY BARNSTEAD 99 Bartlett Ave. RICHARD BARR 74 Beverly Rd. 3 7 51 DooBarr Student Council, tennis, cars. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Fav. Subj: Study. Fav. Person: Gov. Wallace. THOMAS BARRON Parker St. Wilmington 4 13 52 Tommy Dragracing. “My transmission let go again.” Fav. Subj: Engl ish. Fav. Person: Mr. Brennan. James M. Audunson Robert F. Arnold Linda L. Austin Richard J. Barr 103 Here are friends from the quiet hours too: Jean M. Bartholomew Donna M. Bastoni Charles Belluche Virginia R. Bedrick JEAN M. BARTHOLOMEW 51 Newport St. 6 17 52 JayBee Girls Club, Girls Choir, swimming, waterskiing, football, hockey, baseball. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. Pet Peeve: Phony people. Fav. Per- son: Rod McKuen. DONNA M. BASTONI 197 Sylvia St. 3 5 52 Girls Club, CYO, Year- book, Ski Club, softball, Sr. Class Sec. Ambi- tion: To own a Corvette. Fav. Person: Jimi Hen- drix. Fondest Memory: Sr. Class Convention. VIRGINIA R. BEDRICK 77 Sunset Rd. 2 28 52 Ginia Ski Club, swimming. Ambition: Psychologist. “Good grief” Fav. Subj: Modern European History. Fav. Per- son: Snoopy. CHARLES BELLUCHE 54 Spy Pond Pkwy. 1 3 51 Boris Motor- cycles. Ambition: To tour the country on a motorcycle. “I am not even high!” Fav. Person: Jimi Hendrix. 104 RITA ANN BELLUCHE 54 Spy Pond Pkwy. 3 23 52 Bellucha Girls Club, AEX, skiing, football, baseball, hockey. Ambition: To live in New York. Pet Peeve: Phony people. “Sorry” Fav. Place: Hampton Beach. ANTHONY BENTO 12 Orvis Rd. 11 3 52 Tony Student Coun- cil, girls, cars. Ambition: Electronic Engineer. Pel Peeve: Lunch, “Hubla Ha” Fav. Subject: His- tory. Fav. Person: John Lennon. SUSAN E. BERBERIAN 31 Apache Trail 9 11 52 Sue Girls Club, AY, AEX, FHA; pres., G S, Drama Club, Of- fice Ass’t., Yearbook, Ski Club. KENNETH BERGLUND 272 Broadway AY, gymnastics. Ambition: Un- dertaker. Pet Peeve: Air pollution. Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Ken Berglund. Susan E. Berberian Kenneth C. Berglund people who could understand without the use of words, Rita A. Belluche Anthony M. Bento JOHN BERNARD 3 Lanark Rd. 12 27 51 Johnny AV, Debby. “I hope that your face falls off!” Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Frank Zappa. PAUL BERNARD 3 Lanark Rd. Barney Hockey. Ambition: Ac- countant. Pet Peeve: Going to school. “Peace!” Fav. Subj: Accounting. Fav. Person: Kimba the White Lion. ROBERT BERTOLAMI 108 Irving St. % 21 52 Bert AYA Baseball, Park League, Basketball, all sports. Ambition: Engineering. Pet Peeve: Teachers who push at the end of each term. Fav. Subj: Math. MICHAEL BILOZUR 34 Standish Rd. Drama Club, Chronicle, read- ing, music. Ambition: To study science and math in college. Pet Peeve: Burnt fingers. THOMAS ROBERT BISCOE 57 Alpine St. FRED GEORGE BOGONIS 23 Chatham St. 11 27 51 Girls, cars, money. Ambition: Electrical engineering. Pet Peeve: Nosey people “Right” Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. DIANE BOLDUC 183 Westminster Ave. Cars, Racing, Hockey. Pet Peeve: Locked sanitaries. “Is that right? Never forget the gang! MARY BONANNO 89 Alpine St. AEX, Girls’ Club, music. Am- bition: To become a teacher. Fondest memory: July, 1968. Diane Bolduc Mary Bonanno John Bernard Robert Bertolami Thomas R. Biscoe Paul Bernard Michael Bilozur Peter Broeg JUDY B. BOND 30 Glenburn Rd. Ski Club, Office Asst. Ambi- tion: To teach in elementary school. Pet Peeve: People who are late. “Hi, how are ya?” Fondest Memory: W.J.C. DANIEL M. BONITATIBUS 48 Newcomb St. 8 1 52 Dan football, soc- cer, baseball, hockey. Pet Peeve: In groups. “Ya right!” Never forget beach parties. ARTEMIS BOYAJIAN 22 Bartlett Ave. 6 28 52 Artie Ambition: To have a number of financially successful af- fairs and retire to Switzerland. Pet Peeve: My name. Fav. Person: Charlie the Tuna. LYNDA JOAN BRAWN 51 Iroquois Rd. 7 6 52 Oats AY, Girls track. Ski Club, Student Council, Girls Club, BYV, Latin Club; treas. Ambition: To be a math teacher. CHRISTINE BRIAND 356 Gray St. 5 8 52 Chris Girls’ Club, Girls’ Choir, Rainbow, Gary. Ambition: Teach- ing Pet Peeve: Homework. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Flip Wilson. PETER BROEG 60 George St. 4 20 52 Pete Cars, dances, hockey. Ambition: Coast Guard. DOREEN BROWER 12 Brooks Ave. 2 22 52 C zron c e, Ski Club, AEX, Tom Dooley, Guidance asst. Ambition: To teach. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Derek Sanderson. GARY BROWN 927 Mass. Ave. 1 25 51 Guitar, Chris, music, food. Ambition: To be independently wealthy. Pet Peeve: Honkey-Tonk Women. “Bippy” Fav. Person: Boris Karloff. Judy B. Bond Daniel M. Bonitatibus Lynda J. Brawn Doreen L. Brower Artemis A. Boyajian Christine E. Briand Gary W. Brown 107 SHARON BROWN 34 Harvard St. 9 7 52 AEX, Girls’ Club, Ski Club, traveling. Ambition: To be a nurse. “Yeah, right!” Fav. Person: Jimmy. SUSAN BURG 12A Belknap St. 7 13 52 Girls Club, AEX, Chronicle, Yearbook. Ambition: Elementary school teacher. Pet Peeve: Having my picture taken. CHARLES BURKE 7 Arrowhead Lane 12 22 51 Charlie Latin Club, basketball. Ambition: Medicine. Pet Peeve: Low doorways. Fav. Person: Ralph M. EDWARD BURNS 65 Hillside Ave. E.P. Football, hockey, water sports. Ambition: To become successful. Pet Peeve: Fourth term. Fondest Memory: Winning East Mass. Hockey Title in 67 68. PATRICIA A. BURNS 14 Mt. Vernon St. 3 15 53 Pat Drama Club, AEX, Yearbook, music, enjoy watching hockey and football. Ambition: Nurse. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. RICHARD LEO BURNS 106 Fremont St. Patricia A. Burns Richard L. Burns even the boy who had the next seat over in the Old Hall study, Sharon Brown Charles Burke Susan Burg Thomas Caccavaro DAVID BUTLER 97 Overlook Rd. 4 6 52 Butts Hockey, foot- ball. Ambition: To become friends with NUB. Fav. Stibj: Geometry. Fav. Person: Paul Lynde. THOMAS CACCAVARO 28 Ridge St. 11 5 52 Caca Cars, girls. Am- bition: To make a million dollars. Pet Peeve: Teachers. “Do you want to skip?” Fav. Subj: Shop. THOMAS CADDIG AN 18 Gardner St. 9 26 52 Tom Girls, cars, sports. Ambition: To become an engineer or enjoy life. Pet Peeve: Teachers who talk in circles. Fav. Subj: Math, Fred. Fav. Person: Big Bill D. RICHARD CADOTTE 19 Teel St. 2 8 53 Ambition: Being a me- chanic. MICHAEL CAGGIANO 74 Milton St. 10 21 51 Cag Basketball, girls. Pet Peeve: My car. “Shucky Willicuz.” MARK G. CAIN 10 Davis Ave. 9 5 52 Golf, G S. Ambition: English. Pet Peeve: Drop-in centers. Fav. Subj: Physics. Fav. Person: Dickie Nixon. David J. Butler and that girl who used to stand outside room 84 and smile at you as you went racing by, Thomas E. Caddigan Richard E. Cadotte Michael A. Caggiano Mark G. Cain 109 EILEEN CAISSIE 23 Lowell St. PI. 6 12 51 Butch Softball. Ambition: To buy a purple Dodge Charger and see the world. Pet Peeve: Teachers, old people. “Sure thing” Fav. Siibj: Math. Fav. Person: Paul Newman, Peter Eonda. DAVID M. CALANDRELLA 31 Crosby St. 12 28 52 Dave Golf, hockey, sleeping. Ambition: To be fat. Pet Peeve: The Archies. Fav. Persons: Bob Kennedy, M.A.M. LEONARD CALANDRELLA 53 James St. Lenny Hockey, fishing, camping, sports. Ambition: To grow three inches. Fav. Subj: Chef ' s class. Fav. Person: Don Rickies, Bill Cosby. LINDA CAMMON 65 Princeton Rd. 5 24 52 Ambition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Hanging around the center. Fav. Subj: P.O.D. Fav. Person: Denise Ponte. Fondest Memory: M.M. Pajama Party. DONNA CAMPBELL 74 Margaret St. Pet Peeve: The morning after the night before. Fav. Person: Gerry Gradrick Paul Newman. Fondest Memory: Summer of ’67 John O’s Party. RONALD CAPRIO 92 Overlook Rd. 6 22 51 Reggie Football, Chronicle, food, the Beatles. Ambition: To get out of A.H.S. Pet Peeve: The draft. Fav. Per- son: George Harrison. Terry bye! ALBERT CARBONE 310 Forest St. A! Cars, drums, music, base- ball, football. Ambition: to be a mechanic. Pet Peeve: shop teacher. “Come on, will ya”. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. ROSEMARY CARDOSA 118 Varnum St. 3 4 52 Rosie Sewing, cook- ing. Ambition: Secretary. “Oh come on.” Fav. Person: Mr. Trev. 110 Donna Campbell Ronald Caprio Albert Carbone Rosemary Cardosa Eileen Caissie Linda Cammon David M. Calandrella Leonard Calandrella GARRY CARLSON 23 Wellington St. 1 5 52 Poo-Poo Frosh track, AY, girls, cars. Ambition: To get to col- lege. Pel Peeve: Science teacher. “I’ll get you!” Fav. Subj: Lunch, physics. FRANCES E. CARR 28 Henry St. 1 13 52 Fran AY; council, Chronicle; Soc. Ed., G S, tutoring, Civil Rights Club. Ambition: Peace and happiness. Pet Peeve: Phonies. Fav. Persons: Fearsome foursome. Fondest Memory: ’69-70. STEVEN CARR 6 Newman Way 1 % 52 Snake Track, foot- ball, hanging around the Center, chicks. Ambi- tion: Teacher of Political Science. Pet Peeve: Droopy panty hose. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Flip Wilson. JANE MARIE CARROLL 7 Indian Hill Rd. 3 15 52 CYO; council, Ski Club, Bruins. Ambition: Eurther my education and acquire season tickets for Bruin’s games. Fav. Persons: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen. LINDA CARROLL 185 Forest St. 6 5 52 Ma Ambition: To get rich. Pet Peeve: Spudnick. “I don’t want to go there!” Fav. Subj: Gym. Fav. Person: Mr. Meyers. Linda C. Carroll Garry A. Carlson Steven A Carr Jane M. Carroll Frances E. Carr N people who made lunchtime bearable with their " Watcha got there, Charley? More dog food?”, Daniel H. Caslin PATRICIA CARROLL 1 1 Johnson Rd. DANIEL H. CASLIN 148 Park Ave. Ext. 4 11 52 Danny Foot- ball, hockey, horseback riding. RUTH CASTELLI 125 Hillside Ave. Anything and Everything. Ambition: writer, to get a piloting license. Pet Peeve: conforming. STEPHEN CATALANO 259 Broadway Gymnastics, Soccer. Pet Peeve: Haircuts. “I’ve been shutdown before.” Fav. Pastime: watching Saturday morning cartoons. BARBARA M. CEDRONE 57 Wilbur Ave. 5 1 52 Cid “This is the biggy! Fav. Person: Orpheus. Fondest memory: 436 Marlboro St. Sears parties. JACQUELINE CELLUCI 11 Marion Circle 2 17 52 Head. Pet Peeve: Arlington Center. Fav. Person: Moe Flickey. Fondest Memory: 75 Jones Rd., Falmouth. ANDREA MARIE CERULLI 24 Egerton Rd. 9 26 52 Andy Ambition: Fashion Ulus, and Designer. Pet Peeve: Vietnam. “Can I help” Fav. Subj: Art. Fondest Memory: Summer of “69” at Sandwich, Cape Cod. EDWARD CHAPMAN 355 Summer St. Soccer, IV Baseball, AYA Baseball. Ambition: to be ambitious. Pet Peeve: Most anything. “He’s got no mind!” Fav. Subj: Love them all. Barbara M. Cedrone Jacqueline M. Cellucci Andrea M. Cerulli Edward Chapman Ruth Castelli Patricia Carroll Stephen Catalano GARY B. CHAPMAN 29 Ottawa Rd. 12 30 51 AEX; Socials com- mittee, Yearbook, sports, surfing, football, track. Pet Peeve: Ranger Rick. Fav. Person: Graham Hill. KEVIN CHIN 21 Norcross St. 3 19 52 Gymnastics, track. Bays Soccer League, A.Y. “Wake up. Lettuce.” PETER CHINETTI 18 Hawthor ne Ave. Pete Pet Peeve: Intoler- ant people. “Peace” Fav. Person: Jimmy Page I Wilt To APIS: My toga. MARGIE Y. CHING 40 Surry Rd. 3 19 52 FHA, Office asst. Pet Peeve: People who work in laundry. “What” Fav. Siibj: Algebra. Fav. Person: Tommy James. I Will to AHS: My math papers. MARCIA CHRISAFIS 36 Amherst St. 2 11 52 Swimming, sewing, Red Sox. Ambition: To act. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Fav. Person: The Hawk. RICHARD M. CHURCHILL 40 Longmeadow Rd. 9 12 52 Rich. Student council, Latin Club; pres., DeMolay. Ambition: Lawyer. Pet Peeve: Cliques. “Self praise is no praise.” Gary B. Chapman Peter J. Chinetti Margie Y. Ching Kevin T. Chin Maria S. Chrisafis Richard H. Churchill Jr. . Frances Ciampi R. Bruce Collins Susan Collins Cheryl J. Comeau 1 14 1 Jean Ciano FRANCES CIAMPI 10 Freeman St. 12 20 52 Fran Samettes; co-capt., AEX; Ski Club; AY. Ambition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Snobs. Far. Person: Tom Jones. JEAN CIANO 318 Mystic St. Girls’ Club, AEX, AY. Ambi- tion: To become an English teacher. Pet Peeve: The center. Fondest Memory: New York ’69. LINDA F. CIANO 83 Orvis Rd. 3 31 52 Chee Sewing, bowling. Skiing. Ambition: Private Secretary. Pet Peeve: Gym. “Such is life.” Fav. Person: Dennis Cole. RUSSELL BRUCE COLLINS 8 Swan Place Baseball, football, basketball. Ambition: To be an engineer. “Is that right?” Fav. Siibj: Math. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. SUSAN COLLINS 105 Robbins Rd. 4 28 52 Sue Yearbook, Chronicle: Eeatures Ed.; Harmonettes; G S; Cone, band and orch. Ambition: Social work. Fav. Subj: French. CHERYL JEAN COMEAU 34 Eairmont St. Hockey, baseball, boys. Am- bition: To have a business career. Pet Peeve: Boys with white socks. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Tim Conway. KATHLEEN MARIE COMEAU 54 Fisher Rd. Kathy AY; vp, Science Club; sec.. Chronicle, Catharsis, Counselor for retarded kids at Arl. outdoor ed.. Environmental aide at State House. Kathleen M. Comeau Philip C. Comer Denise M. Conlon PHILIP C. COMER 36 Gould St. Stoneham Jariv Ambition: Auto racing mechanic. Pet Peeve: Gym on a muddy field. Fav. Siibj: Auto. shop. Fav. Person: my- self. DENISE CONLON 48 Alpine St. 12 9 52 EHA, Chronicle, Girls Club, Yearbook. Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Cliques. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. Fav. Subj: English. RICHARD E. COONEY 745 Summer St. Dick Cars. Ambition: To graduate. Pet Peeve: Physics. “Wow” Fav. Subj: Technical writing. Fav. Person: Johnathan Winters. ELAINE COOPER 105 Gardner St. 1 2 52 Girls’ Club, Eield Hockey JV, Basketball V, Softball V, Band, AY, Chronicle. Ambition: To be a special education teacher. PAUL COOPER 39 Fremont Ct. Ambition: To be a billionaire. Pet Peeve: Culottes. Fav. Subj: Sleeping in study. Fav. Person: Dr. Timothy Leary. JEAN M. COPPOLA 9 Menotomy Rd. 10 30 52 Jeannie Sewing, Boston Bruins. Ambition: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Gym. “What?” Fav. Subj: Between periods. Fav. Person: Derek Sanderson. BARBARA J. CORBETT 36 Surry Rd. 12 14 51 AEX Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: School lunches, crowded stairways. “You’re Cool” Fav. Person: Phyllis Diller. Richard E. Cooney Elaine D. Cooper Paul E. Cooper Jean E. Coppola Barbara J. Corbett 1 15 Darlene M. Corbett Joseph J. Corbett people who made English class the best part of the day, DARLENE CORBETT 146 Gardner St. 6 26 52 Dool Hockey. Am- bition: Key punch operator. Pet Peeves: Gym, school, housemasters. “Very flip” Fav. Siibj: Machines. Fav. Person: Al. JOSEPH J. CORBETT 110 Hibbert St. Joe Ambition: To become a computer programmer. Pet Peeve: School lunches. “Right”. Fav. Person: Raquel Welch. RICHARD W. CORBETT 36 Surry Rd. 12 14 51 Chuck Baseball, hockey. Ambition: Disc Jockey. Pet Peeve: Lunches costing 30?. “There ain’t no way” Fav. Person: Capt. Kangaroo. MANUEL COSTA 6 Oldham Rd. Manny CYO, skiing, girls. Ambition: To travel. Pet Peeve: Haircuts, teeny- boppers. “Well you win some you lose some” Fav. Person: Claudine Longet. HELEN COSTAS 5 West St. 12 30 52 Art Club, Treas.; 18 x 72; Yearbook Art Staff; Guitar Club. Ambition: Commercial Art. Pet Peeve: Crowded Halls. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. Fav. Subj: Art. EDMUND S. COWAN 36 Kennilworth Rd. 4 23 52 Ray Nitchki. Chronicle, Tom Dooley, great battles in history, football, gymnastics. Ambition: Army career. Pet Peeve: Anti-war demonstrations. Manuel R. Costa Edmund S. Cowan Richard W. Corbett Helen K. Costas Christine M. Cronin James H. Cowie Jennifer Cristofori Barbara J. Cox and people who gave help by laughing when the warning cards went out, Robert S. Cronin Alice M. Crupi JAMES COWIE 19 Orchard Terrace 12 3 52 Fav. Subj: Bi- ology. Future Plans: College. BARBARA COX 10 Mead Rd. 10 14 52 Tom Dooley Youth League, Ski Club, Rainbow. Ambition: Social Worker. Pet Peeve: first period gym class. JENNIEER CRISTOEORI 50 Temple St. 6 20 52 Jen Tom Dooley Youth League, Ski Club, Future Nurses of America. Ambition: to become a nurse. Pet Peeve: White socks. “Really.” CHRISTINE CRONIN 133 Thorndike St. 4 7 52 Chris Hockey games. Ambition: to work in a bank. Pet Peeve: stupid people. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Mr. Trevisani and George Kirby. ROBERT CRONIN 96 Overlook Rd. Bo Ambition: To become a rich contractor. Pet Peeve: The Coop. Fav. Subj: Lunch. Fav. Person: Ho. ALICE CRUPI 64 Woodside Lane 1 31 52 Pet Peeve: school lunches. Fav. Subj: Typing. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. GRETCHEN CULLY 24 Forest St. 12 19 52 G retch Singing, dancing. Ambition: Airline Stewardess. “Oh Lord” Fav Subj: Gym, Typing. Fav. Person: Chucky and John. MICHAEL J. CUOCO 63 Broadway 10 21 52 Water skiing, swim- ming, Yearbook, Art Club. Ambition: To be- come an art teacher. Pet Peeve: Sneaky photog- raphers. “Smile” Fav. Subj: Art. Gretchen R. Cully Michael J. Cuoco 117 Kathleen M. Darcy Anita C. Daniell Arthur A. DaPrato Carmen G. Daloisio MARY LOUISE CURA 79 Grafton St. AY, vp, sec.; Yearbook; Chron- icle; circulation manager. JOHN DACEY 100 Fremont St. 10 1 51 Bowling, football, water skiing, track, cross-country, gymnastics. Ambition: to be a millionaire. Fav. Subj: Geom- etry. Fav. Person: Jonathan Winters. CARMEN DALOISIO 26 Johnson Rd. 8 13 51 Soccer, football, skin diving, basketball. Ambition: Undecided. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. CHRISTOPHER DALY 25 Lake St. 2 21 52 Chris Pet Peeve: Nylon stockings. “Very interesting.” Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. KATHLEEN L. DALY 16 Richardson Ave. 3 6 51 Keeny Girls Club, Ski Club, office ass’t, tennis, working. Ambitio n: To work for Airlines. Pet Peeve: Mon. morning. “Wow” Fondest Memory: Nov. 22, 1968. ANITA C. DANIELL 45 Hibbard St. 11 14 52 ARTHUR DaPRATO 20 Twin Circle Dr. 4 18 52 Artie Drama, Art, Latin and Ski Clubs, track, music, art, surfing, skiing. Ambition: To be happy in life. Pet Peeve: Pollution. “Good times” Fav. Person: Jimi Hendrix. KATHLEEN DARCY 7 Oakledge St. 8 20 52 Kathy Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Teachers. “Oh, Wow!” Fav. Subj: Study. Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. Mary L. Cura Christopher G. Daly Kathleen L. Daly John F. Dacey 118 Kent P. Davison KENT DAVISON 206 Spring St. 12 27 51 Hockey, football, baseball, waterskiing. JUDY DEAN 15 Newman Way 5 18 52 Jude Drama Club, AEX, Yearbook. Ambition; Medical Sec- retary. Pet Peeve: Naive people. Fav. Subj: Typing. Fav. Person: Tom Jones. ROBERT DeCAMPO 14 Dorothy Rd. 8 11 50 Springs Hockey, girls, baseball. Ambition: Make a million. Pet Peeve: History. Fav. Subj: Science. Fav. Person; Bill Cosby. ROSEMARY DeCAMPO 14 Dorothy Rd. 12 4 52 Rosey Baseball. Ambition: Key Punch Operator. Pet Peeve: Big mouths. “What can I say?” Fav. Subj: Book- keeping. Fav. Person: Dean Martin. ANN DeCROSTA 190 Lake St. 2 15 52 Dramatics, English. Ambition: To be a self-reliant individual. Pet Peeve: Jealousy. “To each, his own taste.” ANTHONY J. DELIA 21 Henderson St. 8 24 52 Tony Ambition: School. “Don’t worry about it!” Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Woody Jackson. JAMES E. DEMAS 65 Robbins Rd. 12 14 52 Arnie AY, Sci- ence Club, Chronicle. Ambition: To be a doctor. Pet Peeve: Homework. Fav. Subj: Physics. KAREN DeROSA 24 Foxmeadow Lane 5 6 52 FHA, AY, CYO, Ski Club, AEX, Girls’ Club, Yearbook, horseback riding. Ambition: Airline stewardess. Pet Peeve: White socks. “Unbelievable.” Fav. Person: Baby Huey. Anthony J. Delia Judy A. Dean James E. Demas Rosemary S. DeCampo Robert M. DeCampo Ann M. DeCrosta Karen DeRosa 119 The kids who rode the Heights ' bus in— not real friends, just fellow sufferers: Joseph W. DeSimone JOSEPH WILLIAM DESIMONE 49 Columbia Rd. 7 16 52 Band, Orchestra. Ambition: Graduate studies in engineering or medicine. Pet Peeve: Loud people. Fav. Subj: My current science course. CHRISTINE ANN DESTREMPS 1049 Mass. Ave. 6 20 52 Fearless Fly Girls’ Club, 18x72. Ambition: to get ahead. Fav. Subj: English. THOMAS DEVEAUX 14 Cottage Ave. Diz Ambition: To make the world a better place to live in. Pet Peeve: Au- burn 68 — Melrose 69. Fav. Person: Rod Mc- Kuen. ANN E. DEVIN 52 Varnum St. 12 27 52 CYO, horseback riding, ice skating, drive-ins. Ambition: To travel. Pet Peeve: Mustaches. “Oh really?” Fav. Person: Alfred E. Newman. MARIE A. DEVITO 255 Mass. Ave. 10 28 52 Ambition: Teach- ing. Pet Peeve: Jammed corridors. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. LINDA DI BICCARI 56 Dow Ave. 12 7 52 Harvey Horseback riding, waterskiing, tennis. Ambition: to love and be loved. Fav. Person: super Chicken. Fondest Memory: N.Y.C. 7 10 69. DEBORA DIGGINS 81 Columbia Rd. Music, poetry, peace. “Yes! To Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky with one hand waving free!” — Dylan. “I know what, but I just don’t know” — Hendrix. “Loo? Okay” — me. Ann E. Devin Marie A. DeVito Linda Di Biccari 120 David DiNitto Debora Diggins LOUISE DINATALE 4 Cheswick Rd. Lucy AEX VP, Girls’ Club, ETA, V. Softball, V. Eield Hockey, JV Basket- ball, Ski Club, Girls’ Choir. Fav. Person: Tiny Tim. DAVID DINITTO 28 Columbia Rd. 2 1 51 Daff Drag racing. Ambition: to be a tune-up specialist. Pet Peeve: school. “Out to Lunch.’’ Fav. Siibj: Shop. JOAN DOHERTY 1374 Broadway Somerville 6 16 52 Turtle Getting into things. Ambition: To go to India. Pet Peeve: Phony people. KATHLEEN DOHERTY 6 Sunset Rd. 6 24 52 Ski club, AY, Library Corps, FHA, music. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites. “Eat your heart out” Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Tom Jones. LEO E. DOHERTY JR. 102 Bartlett Ave. 5 17 52 Sailing, boating, hockey, football. Ambition: To become a suc- cessful pharmacist. Fav. Person: Larry Glick. JANET M. DOLAN 129 Newport St. 12 26 52 Tweets AEX, Girls’ Club, Yearbook staff. Pet Peeve: Litter- bugs. “That wasn’t funny.” Fondest Memory: Soph. year. PETER D’OLIMPIO 596 Summer St. 10 6 51 Dalrimple V.P. Student Council, drag racing. Ambition: To go west coast by bike. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria food. Fav. Person: Snoopy. Janet M. Dolan Louise DiNatale Joan Doherty " If we hit one more red light, I’m gonna scream. " Kathleen Doherty Leo F. Doherty Jr. Peter D’Olimpio Barbara Donaldson Deborah Donnelly BARBARA DONALDSON 31 Boulevard Rd. Bones Carnivals, football. Ambition: Fashion designer. Pet Peeve: Boys that wear white socks and tie shoes. “Is that right?” Fav. Stibj: English. Fav. Person: Paul Rinaldi. DIANE DONATIO 36 Homer Rd. 9 18 52 Bomf Yearbook, Art Club, Chronicle exchange editor, art, writ- ing, guitar, people. Ambition: To be an artist. Pet Peeve: hypocrites. “Tm gonna write a book about it.” Fav. Subj: Art. ELAINE MARIE DONLIN 13 Ravine St. 11 7 52 Spaz AEX, Girls’ Club, CYO, sports, skiing, hockey. Ambition: To get in a locker room talk. “Oh, you mean Mark Noonan’s cousin.” Fondest Memory: 10 5 68. DEBORAH DONNELLY 38 Park Ave. Ext. 8 18 51 Deb Ambition: To collect Social Security. Pet Peeve: People who complain. “What?” Fav. Stibj: English. Fav. Person: Mr. Lincoln. MAUREEN L. DONNELLY 38 Park Ave. Ext. JUDITH ANNE DONOHUE 48 School St. 2 24 52 Judy Girls’ Club, AEX, Ski Club. Ambition: To be a teacher. Fondest Memory: Eeb. 21-23, 1969. THOMAS DONOVAN 134 Gardner St. 3 1 52 Diinny Pet Peeve: High school. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. LAWRENCE DOOLEY 183 Highland Ave. 12 28 52 The Dool Ambition: To advance in the world. Pet Peeve: Eirst period studies. “How’s it going?” Fav. Subj: Gym. Fav. Person: Coach Ed Burns. Diane Donatio Maureen L. Donnelly Thomas Donovan 122 ■■lii Elaine M. Donlin Judith A. Donohue Lawrence Dooley JJI-- Paul F. Driscoll Patricia Downing BARBARA DORRINGTON 18 Pierce St. 11 6 52 Barb Girls’ Club, FNA, Ski Club, Tom Dooley, CYO, Student Council. Ambition: To become a nurse. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. DONNA E. DOWD 111 Park Ave. 9 29 52 Donut Girls’ Club, Tom Dooley, Ski Club, Intramurals. Ambition: Computer programmer. Pet Peeve: Forum. “It’s been a gas” Fav. Subj: Red Sox. PATRICIA DOWNING 96 Bow St. 10 19 51 Ambition: to finally graduate. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Fav. Subj: En- glish. Fav. Person: Tom Jones. CHRISTINE A. DOYLE 81 Oakland Ave. KEVIN WILLIAM DOYLE 109 Westminster Ave. 5 29 52 AY, Science Club, Paternal Order of Buffaloes, North Amer- ican Architecture. Ambition: To be an architect. KEVIN E. DRINAN 130 Varnum St. 1 8 52 Camping, mountain climbing. Ambition: To make a lot of dough. BERNARD DRISCOLL 14 Yale Rd. 7 28 52 Frosh JV Football, Frosh, JV, V Basketball. Ambition: Math Major. Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. PAUL F. DRISCOLL 107 Hibbert St. 11 15 52 Youngster Base- ball, basketball. Ambition: To be a sportscaster. Pet Peeve: Losing or the pigskin. Fav. Person: Joe Willie. Barbara Dorrington Donna E. Dowd Christine A. Doyle Kevin W. Doyle Bernard Driscoll Kevin F. Drinan 123 Patrick Duddy Here are " do-ers " , drivers, leaders, athletes, builders, thinkers. Laura Durland PATRICK DUDDY 20 Amherst St. 7 21 52 Pat Hockey, cars. Ambition: To do something worthwhile with my life. Fav. Person: Bob Dylan. HAROLD DUGGAN 9 Fremont Ct. 1 1 30 52 Hal Football, base- ball. Ambition: To be the highest paid base- ball player in the world. Pet Peeve: Rainy days. “If I like it, I like it.” Fav. Subj: Senior Science. ROGER DUGGAN 142 Highland Ave. 8 9 52 Duke Football. Latin Club, Chronicle. Ambition: Math Teacher. “Close but no cigar.” Fav. Subj: Calculus. Fav. Person: Don Earl. LAURA DURLAND 18 College Ave. 4 11 52 Dirge Ambition: To grow four inches. Pet Peeve: Cats. JOHN DZIEGIEL 40 Hilton St. 8 21 52 Zuke Hockey, music. Ambition: Truck driver. Pet Peeve: “639.” Fav. Subj: Girls. “Why?” BARBARA J. EATON 200 Cedar Ave. 5 8 52 Girls’ Club, Ski Club, Yearbook, office assistant. Pet Peeve: Ranger Rick. Fav. Person: Gladys Omphsby. Fondest Memory: May “67”. LAWRENCE EGAN 92 Thorndike St. 9 1 52 Dimples Ambi- tion: College. Pet Peeve: Teachers. “You noticed it too.” Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. THOMAS F. EGAN 81 Hathaway Circle 8 31 52 Teddy Moun- tain climbing, drive-ins, travel. Ambition: A long wealthy life. “Git down there.” John Dziegiel Lawrence Egan Barbara J. Eaton Thomas F. Egan Harold Duggan Roger Duggan 124 Elaine M. Elias Paula Erlandson Diane E. Estella Joseph E. Fallon Caron English Patricia A. Fahey critics, talents, and introverts Patricia Estabrook Susan E. Estella ELAINE MARIE ELIAS 22 Pawnee Dr. 2 9 52 Ambition: To become an airline hostess. Pet Peeve: Gym. Fav. Siibj: English. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. Fondest Memory: Soph. Beach Party. CARON ENGLISH 35 Richfield Rd. Muffin Skiing, sewing. Am- bition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Gym. Fav. Subj: Sewing. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. PAULA ERLANDSON 30 Virginia Rd. 12 6 52 Chronicle, Civil Rights Club, Girls’ Club, G S. Pet Peeve: Frumpy People. Fav. Subj: Chemistry. Fav. Per- son: Joni Mitchell. PATRICIA ESTABROOK 71ParkAve. 8 5 51 Pat AEX, Girls’ Club. Ambition: To work with children. Pet Peeve: Math. Fav. Subj: Spanish. Fav. Person: K.O. DIANE ESTELLA 4 Beck Rd. 1 17 52 Dize Pet Peeve: Gym. “Oh Sugar.” Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Bobby Sherman. SUSAN ESTELLA 4 Beck Rd. 1 17 52 Sue Working at Har- vard Trust. Ambition: To graduate. Pet Peeve: School. “Oh No.” Fav. Subj: English. Fav Per- son: M.M. PATRICIA FAHEY 61 Hillside Rd. 6 19 52 JOSEPH E. FALLON 47 James St. Bugsy Marching band; AEX; Student Council, vp treas; V football. “Is that you talking?” Fav. Person: The Nub. Gradua- tion 1970. — : — r™- ' , ■ " ■ 125 William P. Fallon Paula Fedele Katherine Y. Fellmy WILLIAM P. FALLON 36 Florence Ave. 8 23 51 Will CYO Basket- ball; CYO, VP; CYO, Pres; AEX. Ambition: To become a doctor or a teacher. Fav. Subj: Math. Wish: To get into college. LINDA FARINOSO 50 Hathaway Circle 5 6 52 Ambition: Nurs- ing. Pet Peeve: Food with mayonnaise on it. “I’m so embarrassed.” Fav. Subj: Chemistry. PAULA FEDELE 33 Chandler St. 7 12 52 AEX. Ambition: To go to Chamberlain and major in retailing. Pet Peeve: Gym. “Really.” Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Henry the Duclc. KATHERINE Y. FELLMY 104 Claremont Ave. 7 16 52 Kathie Band, AY, Ski Club. Ambition: To be a medical tech- nician. Pet Peeve: School Lunches. “Are you kid- ding?” Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. PATRICIA C. FERNANDEZ 1 1 Orvis Rd. Ambition: To be a diplomat. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Dick Chamber- lain. CHRISTINE E. FIORENZA 32 Cornell St. AY, Drama Club, AEX, Year- book, Samettes, Cheerleaders, dancing, acting, swimming. Ambition: To teach elementary school. Pet Peeve: Gossip. JOHN M. FISCHANG 348 Mystic St. 4 8 51 Manta Rays Scuba Diving Club. Pet Peeve: Stupid people. “Groovy- do it to it.” Fav. Person: Mr. Leone. EILEEN M. FITZGERALD 34 Alfred Rd. Christine E. Fiorenza Eileen M. Eitzgerald Linda Farinoso Patricia C. Fernandez John M. Fischang »JU J Eileen Fitzpatrick EILEEN FITZPATRICK 15 Hawthorne Ave. 2 6 52 Fitzie V Field Hockey, V Basketball, V Softball, co-capt.; Girls’ Club, Pres.; ETA; Ski Club. Ambition: Elementary school teacher. Pet Peeve: Gym. NANCY J. FLEMING 450 Appleton St. Ambition: To go to business school and become a secretary. Pet Peeve: Monday mornings. “Oh Wow.” ROBERT G. FLETCHER 17 Hemlock St. MICHAEL FLIONIS 76 Mass. Ave. 8 11 52 Flea Football, soc- cer. Ambition: To be an engineer. Pet Peeve: My brother. Fav. Siibj: Mechanical drawing. GERALDINE FLYNN 128 Wachusett Ave. 2 8 52 Geri Ambition: To be a nurse. Fondest Memory: The lunches at Buttrick’s with Donna. STEPHEN FOLEY 174 Brooks Ave. 10 19 51 Pet Peeve.- School. “Goodnight” Fav. Person: Fran Tarkenton. SUSAN M. FOLEY 24 Twin Circle Dr. 8 26 52 Sue Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, mgr.; Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Chronicle; AEX. Ambition: To go into advertising. SUSAN R. FOLEY 50 Edmund Rd. 4 28 52 Girls’ Club, CYO. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Gym. “That’s close.” Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. Fondest Memory: Soph Year. Nancy J. Fleming Robert G. Fletcher Michael Flionis Stephen Foley Geraldine Flynn Susan M. Foley Susan R. Foley 127 Jeanne Forrest CHRISTINE FOPIANO 75 Maynard St. 12 28 51 Chris Dancing, tennis. Pet Peeve: White socks. “Are you kidd- ing?” Fav. Person: Paul Newman. MARK FORD 82 Menotomy Rd. 1 9 52 Swim Team, Hanscom AFB, Soccer Team, Chronicle, Edgar- town Yacht Club, Cross Country, NEAAU, electronic lab ass’t. Mass. State Science Eair. Ambition: To be an oceanographer. JEANNE FORREST 65 Thorndike St. MARYELLEN JUDITH EORREST 13 Water St. 2 17 51 AV office, AV Club, art, sewing, traveling, football, all sports. Am- bition: Public relations. “Open my locker.” PAMELA JANE FORSYTH 171 Gray St. 12 10 51 Rainbow, Drama Club, Yearbook, Adult Ed. Ass’t. Ambition: To become a nurse. Pet Peeve: Homework. “Wait a minute.” WILLIAM KENNETH ERASER 45 Hemlock St. 6 14 52 JV Eootball. Am- bition: To be a success. Pet Peeve: Hot beer. Fav. Person: Myself. SUSAN M. FRAZIER 6 Huntington Rd. 12 16 52 Sue AY; EHA; Ski Club; Guitar Club; Red Cross Representa- tive; Science Club, treas. Ambition: To be a world traveler. DAVID C. EREDRIKSEN 69 Crescent Hill Ave. Christine L. Fopiano Maryellen J. Forrest William K. Fraser Mark Ford Pamela J. Forsyth Susan M. Frazier David C. Fredriksen 128 ANTHONY J. FRENI 19 Hartford Rd. 9 12 52 Tony Basketball, Baseball, Teen Center. Ambition: To graduate from high school. Pet Peeve: People who know it all. “Go to?” Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: My Mother. SALVATORE J. ERENI 37 Harlow St. 12 7 52 Sandy Basketball, music, girls. Ambition: To get rich quick. Pet Peeve: A certain student. “Cut it out.” Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Wouldn’t you like to know. EDMUND ERIEL 155 Forest St. 9 25 51 Eddie Hockey, Football, Baseball, working at the Harvard Coop. FRANCIS J. FUCA 2 Brookdale Rd. KENNETH J. EULKERSON 47 Everett St. 7 12 51 Margaret Ambition: To get a van. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. “Out of sight!” Fav. Subj: P.O.D. Fav. Person: My Margaret. “Hi Margaret!” GAIL V. GAGOSIAN 1065 Mass. Ave. 4 3 52 Gosh Student Council, Girls’ Club, Bedford Youth Volunteer, Yearbook. Pet Peeve: Bob Commins. Fav. Per- son: Derek Sanderson. CLAIRE M. GALLAGHER 23 Farmer Rd. JANET GALLO 28 Everett St. 7 21 52 Ambition: To grad- uate. “Take a Break.” Fav. Subj: Studies. Fond- est Memories: Junior Year in room 84. Janet Gallo Anthony J. Freni Gail V. Gagosian Edmund Friel Kenneth J. Fulkerson Claire M. Gallagher Francis A. Fuca Salvatore J. Freni 129 Here are all kinds of friends: known and unknown. PATRICIA GALLUZZO 28 Milton St. 12 7 51 Pat Ambition: To be an office worker. Fav. Siibj: Art. IRENE M. GANCZARUK 112 Ronald Rd. Creative Fashion Council Rep. for Jordan Marsh, Boston, Main office ass’t., clothing ass’t. MARK K. GARFIELD 144 Mary St. 5 23 52 Smack Science Club, reading, golf, fencing. Ambition: ? Pet Peeve: Sunny days. Fav. Subj: Physics. “Hey Fella” Fav. Person: Not J.F.K. DONALD GARRITY 136 Wildwood Ave. 4 27 52 Football, Gym- nastics, Track, CYO, skin diving, tennis. Stu- dent Council. Fav. Subj: Math Science. Fav. Person: Artie Graham. DEBRA GARSIDE 105 Madison Ave. 5 19 52 Debby Ambi- tion: To work in I.B.M. Pet Peeve: John when he hasn’t shaved. never thought: I’d make it this far. CAROL CASPAR 19 Lovell Rd. 5 15 52 IRENE GEANISIS 281 Washington St. 2 26 52 Genny Water- skiing, swimming, ice skating. Ambition: To be a computer programmer. Pet Peeve: Home- work. Fav. Person: Jackie Cahill. Carol Caspar Patricia Galluzzo Irene M. Ganczaruk Donald Garrity Debra Garside 130 Mark K. Garfield Irene Geanisis Scott H. Gillis Anne Geremonte ANNE GEREMONTE 63 Mott St. 5 2 52 Student Council, Girls’ Club, Orchestra, Concert Choir, Yearbook. Fav. Person: The Big Boy. Fav. Place: The rocks. SCOTT H. GILLIS 54 Temple St. 5 24 52 Student Council, pres; AEX; V Football; V Outdoor Track. Ambition: To be a sausage maker, but it could go from bad to wurst. ALLAN T. GLENNON 25 Peter Tufts Rd. 2 29 52 Toes Golf, Football, Basketball. Ambition: To be a bach- elor. Fav. Subj: Gym. Fav. Person: Peter Hickey. DEBRA ELLEN GLINES 71 Park St. 2 29 52 Debbie Dramatics Club, Rainbow, AEX, ETA, Yearbook, Guid- ance Office ass’t, sewing, dogs, children, the- ater. Ambition: To be an elementary school teacher. Pet Peeve: Heavy books. “Why?” MADELYN S. GLOVER 60 Robbins Rd. 1 28 53 Girls’ Club, cabinet; Softball, mgr. Ambition: To be a social worker and own my own orphanage. Fav. Person: Madhatter. DONNA GORMLEY 1250 Mass. Ave. 7 17 52 Don Ski Club, sec; Bowling Club, sec; AEX; surfing. Ambi- tion: To teach. Pet Peeve: Flat surf. “What is new?” Fav. Subj: College boys. PAUL GOSS 26 Gloucester St. 7 16 52 Pablo AYA, Base- ball, Drama Club. Pet Peeve: Old teachers. Allan T. Glennon Debra E. Glines Vsihat happened to them all? Where did they go? Donna Gormley Paul Goss Madelyn S. Glover 131 JUDITH A. GRAHAM 4 Kipling Rd. 2 26 52 Judy Yearbook, Civil Rights Club, Chronicle, AY, G S, Girls’ Choir, Rainbow. Ambition: Nursing. JANET GRANT 15 College Ave. 11 17 52 Ski Club, AY, Chronicle, Tom Dooley Youth League, March- ing Band, Library Corps. Ambition: To be a social worker or a psychologist. JEAN KATHERINE GRAYDON 815 Concord Turnpike 6 10 52 Zero Girls’ Club, Ski Club, modern dance, sewing. Ambi- tion: To be an X-ray technician. Pet Peeve: Two-faced people. JOSEPH V. GRECO 20 Dodge St. 3 3 52 Jose Coin Club, Sci- ence Club, jazz drumming, art. Ambition: Commercial artist. DAVID GREELEY 148 Westminster Ave. 9 5 52 Chronicle, Yearbook, Debating Club, Drama Club. Ambi- tion: To become a lovable despot and rule a small banana republic with a firm but gentle hand. JUDITH GREENER 455 Summer St. 4 2 52 AY, Girls’ Club, hockey. Ambition: VISTA volunteer. Pet Peeve: School. “Don ' t knock it.” MICHAEL J. HAGAN 5 Revere St. 10 4 52 Mike Baseball, Bas- ketball, Football, surfing. Ambition: Engineer- ing. Pet Peeve: Lousy weekends. Fav. Person: Randy Radkay. WAYNE DAVID HALE 131 Summer St. David C reeley Judith Greener 32 Wayne D. Hale Judith A. Graham Jean K. Graydon Janet Grant Joseph V. Greco Michael J. Hagan Stephen J. Harrison Jean Hawkins Denis Hall Douglas C. Harding Kathleen E. Hasler Lindsay M. Ham Noreen E. Hammond Carl Hansen DENIS HALL 92 Grafton St. 3 21 52 Ambition: Computer Programmer. Fav. Subj: Data processing. Fav. Person: Red Skelton. LINDSAY M. HAM 22 Indian Hill Rd. 5 5 52 AY, Girls’ Club, Yearbook, Office Assistant, AEX, Cheerleader Co-captain, CYO. Fondest Memory: Cheering for the Red and Grey and “Feb. 69.” NOREEN E. HAMMOND 276 Mass. Ave. 4 26 52 Bareback AEX, Girls’ Club, having fun. Ambition: To be rich. Pet Peeve: Angie Amico. “Madelyn shut-up.” Fav. Person: Denise Ponte. Fondest Memory: Frosh Summer. CARL HANSEN 49 Grafton St. 1 30 52 Skin diving. Ambi- tion: To graduate. Pet Peeve: Filling out forms. Fav. Subj: Homeroom. DOUGLAS C. HARDING 13 Rockaway Lane STEPHEN J. HARRISON 1 12 Westmoreland Ave. 10 2 50 Harry Rac- ing. Pet Peeve: Law. Fav. Person: Larry Den- nen. KATHLEEN E. HASLER 114 Eastern Ave. Girls’ Club, vp; cheerleading; Samettes; Student Council; Glee Club; Girls’ Choir, Chronicle. Fondest Memory: Jones Rd., Falmouth. JEAN HAWKINS 207 Mountain Ave. AEX, Girls’ Choir. Ambi- tion: To be happy. “Oh Wow.” Fav. Subj: Economics, law. 133 Reino Heino Gerald Hennessey Jeanne M. Hayes JEANNE M. HAYES 46 Fairmont St. 8 22 52 Field Hockey, co- capt; Softball. Ambition: To teach mentally re- tarded children. Pet Peeve: Old English teach- ers. REINO HEINO 91 Woodside Lane 3 6 52 Pet Peeve: Hair- cuts. “High.” GERALD HENNESSEY 63 Milton St. 3 5 52 Henna Water snow skiing. Ambition: To make money. Pet Peeve: School buses. “Get on it.” Fav. Person: Tommy Smothers. PAUL HENNESSEY 12 Benjamin Rd. 7 16 52 AY, Ski Club, Sci- ence Club, Chronicle. Fav. Person: Larry Click. WILLIAM HEPTIG 20 Linden St. 10 22 52 Bill Sports. Fav. Subj: Math. ROBERT E. HERLIHY JR. 51 Maynard St. 1 11 S ' ! Bob. Paul Hennessey William Heptig Robert E. Herlihy Jr. 134 Steven G. Hilferty Evelyn M. Hinde Anne Marie Hirsch STEVEN G. HILFERTY 66 Dudley St. EVELYN M. HINDE 74 Rhinecliff St. 2 13 52 CYO, Art Club. Library Corps. Ambition: Librarian. Pet Peeve: Having lunch with the freshmen. Fav. Subj: History, Art. Fav. People: Boston Red Sox. ANNE MARIE HIRSCH 138 Renfrew St. FHA, Girls’ Club. Ambition: To teach kindergarten. Pet Peeve: Spanish last period. CYNTHIA B. HOBART 242 Forest St. KATHLEEN A. HOBART 10 Walnut St. 3 25 52 Kathy Girls’ Club, softball, swimming. Ambition: To be a dental hygenist. Pet Peeve: Dress restrictions. Biology. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. EAMON HOGAN Ambition: To make changes. Pet Peeve: Shal- low materialistic spineless phonies. Fav. Per- son: Ernesto Che Gvenara. Cynthia B. Hobart Kathleen A. Hobart 135 When the last brass notes thin into the air, and the last brave caps come cartwheeling back to earth, Thomas Holt Thomas Holland THOMAS HOLLAND I Peck Ave. 7 15 51 Tom Rock band. Ambition: To be a musician. Pet Peeve: Girls. “You’ll get over it.” Fav. Subj: Senior Science. Fav. Person: Johnny Carson. THOMAS HOLT 110 Sunnyside Ave. 12 5 51 Tom Ambi- tion: Computer operator. Pet Peeve: School. Fav. Subj: Marketing. WILLIAM E. HOOLEY JR. 234 Forest St. Guitar, music, women. Fav. Person: Ed Bradbury Marty Lane. EARLE R. HOPKINS 105 Mt. Vernon St. Hoppy Ambition: Archi- tect. Pet Peeve: People who do not care. MELVIN HORN I I Water St. Chuck Intramurals, IV Basket- ball, Track, Gymnastics, all sports, skiing, cars, girls. Fav. Subj: Lunch. SUSAN HOWE 8 Skyline Dr. Girls’ Choir, AY, music. Fav. Subj: Math. William E. Hooley Jr. Earle R. Hopkins Susan Howe 136 Mark A. Howland Mark Hughes Richard lannelli Richard lappini MARK A. HOWLAND 22 Webster St. 1 29 52 Mario Working, hockey, baseball, people. Ambition: Business. Pet Peeve: Cops at the rocks on Saturday nights. “You gotta be kidding me” Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Gayle Malloy. MARK HUGHES 31 Tanager St. 9 4 52 Slick V Football, JV Hockey, drag racing. Ambition: To join the Air Force and further education. Pet Peeve: Stuck up girls. “Unreal.” Fav. Person: Flip Wilson. RICHARD lANNELLI 31 Fremont St. Nocco Ambition: To cut a record. Pet Peeve: Culottes. RICHARD lAPPINI 102 Grafton St. Ski Club, pres; Student Coun- cil; AEX. Ambition: To survive four years of college. Pet Peeve: Gym classes. ROBERT IMLACH 14 Mead Rd. Bob Ambition: To be an archi- tect. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Fav. Person: Mr. Cody. STEPHEN IMPOSIMATO 103 Ronald Rd. 12 28 51 Skiing, music, bands. Ambition: To record an album. Pet Peeve: School, cops. Fav. Person: John Len- non. ANDREA JACOBS 97 Oakland Ave. Andy Ambition: To leave Arlington. “Krembalin Scringilitz” Fav. Subj: Journalism. Fav. Person: Johnny Musclewhite. Andrea Jacobs 137 William G. Kane Demetra Kalis Michael Jones Diane Kalafatas Michele Karmazin Jan Jordan David Johnson DAVID JOHNSON 161 Palmer St. 12 3 52 V Cross Country Team, V Indoor Track. Ambition: To be rich. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Myself. TERESA C. JOHNSON 85 Forrest St. MICHAEL JONES 26 Sutherland Rd. 1 19 52 M.J. Baseball, Football. Ambition: To get out of AHS. Pet Peeve: Strong. “Horse.” Fav. Subj: Between periods. Fav. Person: Ken Surabian. I leave my gym suit to AHS. JAN JORDAN 9 Sorensen Ct. 5 24 52 Girls’ Choir, Con- cert Choir, sewing, music, swimming. Fav. Per- son: Arte Johnson. DIANE KALAFATAS 8 Fordham St. Girls’ Choir, Samettes, G S. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Opening my locker. Fondest Memory: Cape Cod, 1969. WILLIAM G. KANE 36 Richfield Rd. 5 8 52 Bill JV Basketball, Intramural Sports. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Teachers that wake you up in class. MICHELE KARMAZIN 14 Albermarle St. 2 17 52 Shelly AY, Drama Club, Yearbook, AEX, reading, foods. Ambition: To be a secretary. DEMETRA KATIS 25 Thorndike St. Debby Ambition: To die before I’m 25 years old. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Teresa C. Johnson 138 5T Nancy Keefe Janice Kelchner Richard Kelleher MARY KEATING 86 Blossom St. 7 18 52 Terri Girls’ Club, AEX, sewing, football, hockey. Ambition: To go to a secretarial or hairdressing school. Pet Peeve: Gym. “That’s very flip.’’ Fav. Person: Mr. Olivera. NANCY KEEFE 106 Mary St. 11 9 52 Girls’ Club, AEX, Samettes, Drama Club. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Old hall study. Fav. Per- son: Sajid Kahn. JANICE KELCHNER 37 Fordham St. 6 26 52 Kitty AEX, sew- ing. Ambition: To be a designer and marry R.A. Pet Peeve: Coming to school early. “Shut up.’’ will to AHS: My brains. RICHARD KELLEHER 39 Wildwood Ave. 6 l% 52 Kitcli Basket- ball, CYO. Ambition: To go to college and become rich. Pet Peeve: Opening my locker. “What ya wanna gonna do?” DANIEL KELLY 67 Cutter HiU Rd. 4 25 52 Kell Hockey, golf, progressive music. “How’s about a little of that, huh?” Fav. Person: Captain America. JOHN KELLY 40 Margaret St. 2 7 52 Rooster Ski Club, Frosh JV Football, Hockey. Pet Peeve: Smart People. “You’ll get over it.” KAREN KELLY 37 Harvard St. 1 28 52 Majorettes’ Co- Captain, Student Council. Pet Peeve: Sanitaries if they’re open. LINDA KELLY 4 Jean Rd. 8 16 52 Drama Club, Chronicle, Ski Club, Civil Rights Club. Fondest Memory: 11 28 66. John Kelly Linda Kelly Paul J. Kelly Christopher Kenefick Gail Kenniston Robert Kelly Patricia Kenney PAUL J. KELLY 69 Webcowet Rd. 8 7 51 Wightlife Scuba diving, bowling. Ambition: To get into a part of space research. Pet Peeve: Trying to look busy when you’re not. “It’s broken.” Fav. Subj: Science. Fav. Person: Mr. Brennan. ROBERT KELLY 46 Yerxa Rd. 4 10 52 Street hockey. Ambi- tion: To have a car with 4 windows. Pet Peeve: Hanging around the center. Fav. Per- son: Derek “Turk” Sanderson. CHRISTOPHER KENEFICK 2 22 51 Mac Woodworking. Ambition: To become a carpenter. Pet Peeve: Lunch menus. “Empty barrels make the loudest noise.” Fav. Subj: Woodworking. Fav. Person: Red Skelton. PATRICIA KENNEY 7 Melrose St. Daisy Ambition: Looking for- ward to graduating in 1970. Pet Peeve: Any- thing and everything, having no place to go and nothing to do. “Your bagged.” Fav. Person: Carol Burnett. PAULA KENNEY 162 Summer St. 2 7 53 Swimming, tennis, boys. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Oral talks. Fav. Subj: P.O.D. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. GAIL KENNISTON 181 Forest St. 9 21 52 Shorty AY, Girls’ Club, AEX, Yearbook. Pet Peeve: Gym on Monday morning first period. “You’ve got to be kidding.” Fav. Person: W.C. Fields. DENISE KEOUGH 77 Bow St. 5 20 52 Horseback riding. Ambi- tion: To graduate in “70” Pet Peeve: Gym teachers. “Knit knit knit.” Fav. Person: Johnny Carson. Paula Kenney Denise Keough 140 r Gerald E. Kenny GERALD E. KENNY 10 Sunnyside Rd., Woburn 1 22 52 Smiley Hockey. Ambition; To enjoy life. Pet Peeve: Vietnam. “What’s everybody doing?” Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Rus Caliban. JOSEPH E. KEOHANE 42 Chester St. 1 22 52 Jay Pet Peeve: Get- ting ready for school. MICHAEL KEZERIAN 15 Kensington Rd. Mike Student Council, Band, AY, AYA Baseball, Golf, Hockey. Am- bition: To attend college. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Fav. Subj: History. LYNNE KIBIT 49 Varnum St. 7 19 52 Ma Skiing, sewing, Anthony. Ambition: To become a computer programmer. Pet Peeve: Gym. “Oh really.” Fav. Subj: Data processing. MARILYN KIERSTEAD 127 Rhinecliff St. Ambition: To become a legal secretary. Pet Peeve: Having to ask to go to the sanitary. Fav. Person: Mr. Lincoln. D. THOMAS KING 16 Edmund Rd. 8 2 52 Scuba diving, skiing. Ambition: To live. Pet Peeve: Teachers in the sanitary. “Ya right.” Fav. Subj: Shop. Fav. Person: Mr. Trev. ARLENE KINGMAN 31 Mt. Vernon St. 11 2 52 Pet Peeve: A boy who crosses his legs like a girl. Fav. Subj: Bookkeeping. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. Joseph F. Keohane 4 Lynne Kibit D. Thomas King Marilyn Kierstead Arlene Kingman Michael Kezerian J41 “Where are Ella, Kate, Mag, Lizzie, and Edith, James A. Kostopoulos DONNA KIRKLAND 78 Hathaway Circle 5 20 52 Majorettes. Ambition: To see the world and meet as many people as I can. Pet Peeve: Snobs. Fav. Person: Dave Richards. GEORGE KORMANOS 25 Wyman Ter. Cars. Ambition: Physicist. Pet Peeve: Slow drivers. “Sure thing.” Fav. Subj: Physics. JAMES A. KOSTOPOULOS 147 Scituate St. 7 7 52 Kostop Basketball. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Taking gym. Fav. Person: Spiro Agnew. GREGORY KURKER 286 Renfrew St. Yakee Ambition: College education. Pet Peeve: Geometry. “You screw- ball” Fav. Subj: Advanced Calculus. Fav. Per- son: Andy Capp. GEORGE KYLE 63RubleeSt. 10 15 52 JOHN LACARTE 135 Pleasant St. 8 23 52 Seascouts member, boating. Ambition: To become a systems ana- lyst. Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Raquel Welch. LYNNE LAMBERIS 335 Lake St. 11 22 52 Giggles Girls’ Club, Harmonettes, AEX, Yearbook. Ambition: A career in art. Pet Peeve: White socks and black shoes. Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. MICHAEL LAMBERT 31 Samoset Rd., Woburn 10 29 50 Kraut Football, Radcliffe College. Ambition: To en- list in the army tank corps. Pet Peeve: Caf. lunch. “Censored.” Fav. Subj: Shop. Fav. Per- son: Donald Duck. George Kormanos George Kyle Lynne Lamberis Michael Lambert Donna Kirkland Gregory Kurker John Lacarte 142 The tender heart, the simple soul, The loud, the proud, the happy one? Yvette Landry YVETTE LANDRY 7 Palmer St. 9 28 52 Ambition; Secretary. Pet Peeve: School. “Ya right.” JOEL LANGER 6 Court St. Place MICHAEL LAUZIERE 61 Henderson St. 9 10 51 ELLEN LAVERTY 10 Randolph St. 9 26 52 CYO, AY, Girls’ Club. Ambition: To be a success. Pet Peeve: Vietnam War. Fav. Person: Paul Newman. JANET LAWRENCE 14 Putnam Rd. 6 29 52 Ambition: To sur- vive until June. Pet Peeve: Mercenary people. Fondest Memory: Mr. House’s homeroom. BRUCE E. LAWSON 1 21 53 Guitar. Ambition: To be a computer programmer. Pet Peeve: Trying to think of pet peeves. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. Michael H. Lauziere Janet Lawrence Joel Langer Ellen Laverty Bruce E. Lawson 143 A. Jay Leavitt JAY LEAVITT 11 Kensington Park 4 23 52 Surfing, guitar, acting, writing. Ambition: To satisfy my needs. Pet Peeve: Myself. Fav. Person: Harrison. JANET LECCESSE 3 Mary St. Ambition: To become a kinder- garten teacher. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning for school. Fondest Memory: Summer of ’67, Falmouth, Glouster. PING LEE 122 Varnum St. 2 15 52 AEX, AY. Ambi- tion: To be successful. Pet Peeve: 20 minute lunches. Fav. Person: Robert Wagner. LINDA M. LENNOX 68 Milton St. 5 19 52 Lyndy Girls’ Club, collecting records, being by the sea. Ambition: To be successful. Pet Peeve: Vietnam War. “Keep the faith.” Fav. Person: Paul Newman. My hope: Eternal peace everywhere. ARTHUR LESLIE 39 Hospital Rd. 4 21 52 Music Pet Peeve: Dress code. Fav. Person: Jethro Tull. JOSEPH LEWKO 106 Mt. Vernon St. 9 16 52 Jolting Ambi- tion: Doctor. Fav. Person: Tony the Tiger. GEORGE R. LIBBEY JR. 64 Waverly St. 12 22 52 Scubba Baseball, hockey. Ski Club. Ambition: Five years at Northeastern. Pet Peeve: Girls. “Sharp.” Fav. Siibj: Math. Fav. Person: Mr. Locke. LORRAINE LICCIARDI 175 Wollaston Ave. 1 30 53 Drama Club. Ambition: Interpreter. Pet Peeve: Lab reports. Fav. Person: Franco Nero. Arthur Leslie Lorraine Licciardi Janet Leccesse Ping Lee Linda M. Lennox Joseph Lewko George R. Libbey Jr. 144 E Timothy Lynch John Lyons Timothy Lonergan Lorraine Louder Deborah Lionetta Laraine Lopes DEBORAH LIONETTA 12 Exeter St. 6 29 52 Debbie Girls’ Club, AEX, football, skiing, hockey. Ambition: To hear boy’s locker room talk. Pet Peeve: Cliques. Fav. Person: Rock. DIANE LIONETTA 67 Wyman St. 9 2 52 Ambition: To find the person who keeps locking my locker. Pet Peeve: People who think they’re great. “Right.” Fav. Subj: Jr. English. Fav. Person: Tom Jones. TIMOTHY LONERGAN 8 Johnson Rd. 10 2 52 Tim JV Football, Art Club, AEX, Tom Dooley. Ambition: To catch myself. “Duh.” LARAINE LOPES 112 Sunnyside Ave. 9 18 52 Chuby Swim- ming, skiing. Ambition: To get married to Pat. Pet Peeve: Vietnam. “Wow!” LORRAINE LOUDER 148 Waverly St. 4 30 52 Concert and Marching Band; Drama Club; Yearbook; Chronicle; CYO, vp. Fav. Subj: English. TIMOTHY LYNCH 18 Moulton Rd. Cross Country, Indoor and outdoor track. Ski Club. Ambition: To be an airline pilot. Pet Peeve: Underclassmen that beat me in track meets. Fav. Subj: Math. JOHN J. LYONS 148 Hillside Ave. 7 20 52 Football, Hockey, Baseball, Student Council, Senior Class VP, Yearbook. Ambition: To play college hockey. DEBORAH MACCINI 23 Wellesley Rd. Horseback riding. Pet Peeve: Boys who give a time they’ll call and never do. “Oh yeah.” Fav. Person: Dennis. Diane Lionetta Deborah A. Maccini 145 Valerie E. MacLeod Daniel C. MacDonald Sandra A. MacDonald Everybody knew Fred would be a writer, Nancy a singer. Claire E. Madden DANIEL MACDONALD 39 Sunnyside Ave. 11 13 51 MacNiff Am- bition: Drums. Pet Peeve: Cutthroats Fav. Per- son: Buddy Rich. SANDRA MACDONALD 185 Brattle St. 12 26 52 Sandy CYO, Ski Club, music. Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Gym. “Wow.” Fav. Subj: English. VALERIE MACLEOD 30 Marathon St. 2 14 53 Val Ski Club, Girls’ Club, AY, fencing, skiing, swimming, skating. Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Other people being late. Fav. Subj: Mr. Trev’s Class. Fav. Person: Crab. JOYCE MACPHEE 5 Edith St. 9 3 52 Girls’ Club, AY, drawing, sewing, hockey. Pet Peeve: Boys who wear white socks. “Cut it out will ya!” Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Snoopy. CLAIRE E. MADDEN 508 Summer St. 8 3 52 Tom Dooley Youth League, Yearbook, Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: White Socks. “Go chase yourself”. Fav. Subj: Sewing. JAMES L. MADDEN 41 Sherborn St. Ambition: Computer program- mer. Pet Peeve: English. “Are you kidding?” Fav. Subj: Accounting. NORA MADDEN 153 Palmer St. 1 9 53 Ambition: To never get old. Pet Peeve: Authority. “Get air.” Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Poppin Fresh Doughboy. Ray P. Madden James L. Madden Nora A. Madden 146 Gayle P. Malloy Steven J. Magliano RAY MADDEN 153 Palmer St. 7 21 51 Ambition: To get out of high school in four years. “Is that right!” Fav. Person: Dean Martin. STEVEN MAGLIANO 156 Hillside Ave. 4 17 52 VICTOR MAGNIFICO 15B Grove St. Vic Guitar, music. Ambition: To live. Pet Peeve: Getting burnt. “Cum on.” Fav. Subj: History. PATRICIA MAHER 20 Gray St. Pat Girls’ Club, Ski Club, sew- ing. Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Frizzy hair from the weather. Fav. Person: Donut. Will to AHS: My late slips. STEVEN MALISKO 12 Prescott St. 7 20 52 RONALD E. MALLARD 60 Cleveland St. 1 13 52 Ronnie Baseball, football. Pet Peeve: Sanitary guard, “zzzz” Fav. Person: Derek Sanderson. 1 will to AHS: My four year old gym sneakers. GAYLE MALLOY 144 Robbins Rd. 6 28 52 Girls’ Club, AEX. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Cows. Fav. Subj: Art. I will my infinite number of sanitary passes to Sue Mercandetti. And even then, Tommy was a comic. Patricia Maher Steven Malisko Ronald Mallard Victor C. Magnifico 147 Nola A. Manning Robert Marcellino Antoinette Manfredonia John C. Marcantonio PAUL MANDERINO 112 Fremont St. Football, Frosh, JV, V, co- capt.; track, co-capt.. Senior Class Treas. Am- bitions: To go to college, to play pro football. ANTOINETTE MANFREDONIA 22 Peck Ave. Toni Ski Club, AFX, G S, Girls’ Club. Fav. Person: Snoopy. NOLA MANNING 64 Cleveland St. Band, Orchestra, Girls’ Choir, swimming. Ambition: To become a teacher. Never Forget: 1968. JOHN MARCANTONIO 55 College Ave. Student Council, rep and committee chairman; AFX; Indoor and Spring Track; surfing; drums. Pet Peeve: Student Apathy. “Let’s go Trojans.” ROBERT P. MARCELLINO 16 Pondview Rd. Art Club chairman. Ambi- tion: Designer school. MARYANN MARCHETTI 115 Spy Pond Pkwy. 3 27 52 Majorettes, Girls’ Club, AEX. Ambition: Interior Decora- tor. Pet Peeve: Locked sanitaries. Fav. Person: Snoopy. Memories: 8 14 67, pajama parties. KAREN MARESCA 128 Brattle Lane 11 15 52 Kay AEX. Am- bition: Legal or exec. sec. Pet Peeve: Home- work. Fav. Subj: Shorthand. “I don’t know.” Will To AHS: My four years of something. MICHAEL V. MARINO 11 Morningside Dr. 1 23 52 Mike Frosh Football, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Ski Club, Spirit Club, AYA, baseball, CYO, bas- ketball. Ambition: Medicine. Maryann Marchetti Karen A. Maresca Michael V. Marino 148 Robert E. Marley Thomas G. Marshall Steven A. Martin Rosanne M. McCall Edith S. Marshall Elizabeth P. Martin David L. Mayerson ROBERT E. MARLEY 10 Richardson Ave. 11 30 51, Drummer. Ambition: Draftsman. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Fav. Subj: Drafting. Fav. Person: Ginger Baker. EDITH MARSHALL 11 Brunswick Rd. 10 30 52 Chronicle Edi- tor, G S Pres., Chess Team, Math Team, Tennis Team Captain, Latin Club, Civil Rights Club, Harmonettes. Pet Peeve: Spiders. THOMAS MARSHALL 45 Pleasant St., Stoneham 11 7 51 Goosegg Girls. Ambition: To get out of school. Pet Peeve: JoeBob. Fav. Subj: Shop. Fav. Person: Raquel Welch. ELIZABETH MARTIN 40 Peter Tufts Rd. 10 9 52 Liz Water and snow skiing, horseback riding. Ambition: Nurs- ing. Pet Peeve: Crowded stairway. “I don’t know” Fav. Subj: Chemistry. Fav. Person: Elvis Presley. STEVEN A. MARTIN 48 Fairmont St. 11 8 52 Pit Hockey, Foot- ball. Ambition: Undecided. Pet Peeve: Monday morning. Fav. Subj: Shop. Fav. Person: Ted Green. GENNARO MAURIELLO 60 Mt. Vernon St. 8 21 52 Gino JV Base- ball. Ambition: Go to college. Fav. Subj: Mech. draw. DAVID L. MAYERSON 90 Scituate St. G S, vp; Math Team, Latin Club, Yearbook, ed. -in-chief; At last I have found the crimson-land. I shall search no more. Love destroys the sounds of silence. PAX. ROSANNE McCALL 54 Margaret St. 11 22 52 Roni Bowling, tennis, skiing. Ambition: Research-criminalis- tics. Pet Peeve: Supposed friends. “Huh”, “God only knows!” Fav. Subj: Science. Fav. Person: Peggy Lipton. Gennaro Mauriello 149 Christine A. McCarthy Richard McDonald CHRISTINE A. MCCARTHY 88 Morningside Dr. 7 15 52 Cheerleading, Girls’ Club, CYO, AEX, AY, Yearbook, sports. Pet Peeve: Mondays. Fav. Subj: Math. Fondest Memory: ’66-’67. PAUL McCarthy 11 Upland Rd. 4 14 52 Mac Basketball. Pet Peeve: Wiseguys. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Walter Brennan. STEPHEN McDermott 286 Forest St. 12 1 52 Mac Soph, football. Ambition: To be a writer. Pet Peeve: Empties. “Hey wow!” RICHARD MCDONALD 91 North Union St. 3 26 52 Mac Ambi- tion: To get ahead. Pet Peeve: Crew cuts. “Ah Ha!” Fav. Person: Ed Bradbury. PATRICIA McELENEY 84 Williams St. 11111 SI Pat Ambition: To be a sec. Pet Peeve: Possessive boys. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Bobby. STEPHEN McGARRY 132 Washington St. 6 16 52 Benji Bost. Athletic Soccer League, sports. Ambition: Arch, engineer. Pet Peeve: Culottes and knee socks. “I’m fly’n out of here.” Fav. Subj: Math. JOHN J. McGONAGLE 33 Cliff St. 2 16 52 Cars, football, AYA, baseball. Ambition: To become a policeman. “Hi There” Fav. Subj: Science. Fav. Person: Jonathan Winters. PAULA McGOURTY 60 Overlook Rd. Tom Dooley Youth League, AEX corsp. sec.. Yearbook Art Staff, Steve. Ambition: To study sociology. Pet Peeve: Phonies. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. IVork: Friendly’s. Paul N. McCarthy Stephen A. McDermott There were big decisions to be made, Stephen J. McGarry Paula McGourty John J. McGonagle Patricia McEleney 150 Kathleen McLaughlin Arlene P. McNamara Cheryl L. McMahon Sheila McNamara just like a kid’s “What do you want to be when you grow up? " Deborah A. Melisi Martha A. Meyers KATHLEEN McLAUGHLIN 45 Bow St. 9 6 52 Kathy Girls Club, Ski Club. Amhilioit: To get ahead. Pet Peeve; Post grads. Fav. Person: Warren. I Will To AHS: Tardy Slips. CHERYL McMAHON 12 Christene Rd. 12 20 52 Drama Club, Yearbook Staff, AEX, Ambition: To teach speech and theater arts in high school. ARLENE McNAMARA 28 Hillside Ave. 7 18 52 Girls Club, Ski Club. Ambition: Not to be a secretary. SHEILA McNAMARA 20 Overlook Rd. Ambition: To visit Hawaii. Pet Peeve: Crowded buses. “Forget it” Fav. Subj: English. Will To AHS: The good times I had. DEBORAH ANN MELISI 136 Winchester Rd. 12 20 52 Mildred Mesove. Ambition: To have my own to show. Fav. Person: Jonathan Winters. MARTHA MEYERS 97 Bow St. 7 28 52 Marti Goofing. Ambi- tion: To live forever. Pet Peeve: Know-it-alls. “You mother” Fav. Person: Led Zepplin. PETER MICHIENZI 55 Newport St. 9 12 52 Mitch Tapes, Bas- ketball. Ambition: To be an engineer. Pet Peeve: Gym. Fav. Subj: Science. Fav. Person: The Beatles. JOYCE MILANO 28 Buena Vista Rd. 9 17 52 Joycie Guitar, boys, frogs. Ambition: To be a disc jockey. Pet Peeve: Bucket seats. “Talk to me!” Fav. Subj: Sandbox. Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. Peter Michienzi Joyce M. Milano 151 ) Thomas J. Molloy Evelyn L. Mochi KEVIN MILLIGAN 94 Hibbert St. 3 16 52 Nunch Football, weightlifting, basketball, volleyball. Ambition: To get into college. Pet Peeve: The school day is too long. Fav. Subj: Trig. Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. KEVIN MILLS 28 Mystic Valley Parkway Milty Frosh Student Council, Science Club. Ambition: Engineering. Pet Peeve: Broken flip tops. Fav. Person: Raquel Welch, Pool. RONALD MOATS 20ElwernRd. 11 24 52 EVELYN MOCHI 259 Sylvia St. 4 12 52 Evy AY; Samettes, co-capt; skating; tennis. Ambition: Dental Hy- genist. Pet Peeve: Math. “What’s this?” Fav. Subj: Biology. Fav. Person: Dean Martin. THOMAS MOLLOY 22 Hancock St. 2 12 52 Smooth Ambition: To be anything. Pet Peeve: Room 11. “What? " Fav. Subj: Study, gym. STEPHEN MONIZ 10 Argyle Rd. 10 5 51 Arlington Youth Council. Ambition: To make lots of money. Pet Peeve: Studies. “Cohen.” Fav. Subj: Book- keeping. Fav. Person: Mr. Taylor. Ronald R. Moats Kevin J. Milligan B I f I Stephen A. Moniz ARLYNE I. MONTALTO 83 Williams St. 2 14 52 Bowling, skating, swimming, horsebackriding, sewing. Ambition: Sec. or Computer Programmer. Pet Peeve: Gym. “I could care less!” Fav. Subj: English. BETTY A. MONTGOMERY 8 Bacon St. 3 30 52 Ambition: Business career. Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. MARCIA MOORE 56 Churchill Ave. 9 18 52 Samettes, ETA, AEX, Future Nursing Club, skiing, reading. Ambition: To become a nurse. Pet Peeve: Cliques. “Ya’ know.” Fav. Person: Steve Stills. Fondest Memory: July 20, 1969. PATRICIA MORAN 19 Cypress Rd. 5 18 52 Pat Ambition: To go into social work. Pet Peeve: Old ladies. “Nothing is impossible.” Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Donovan. CAROLYN M. MORELLO 155 Thorndike St. 5 14 52 AEX, sports. Ambition: To go on to school. Pet Peeve: Boys with big heads. “Ooh Wow!” Fav. Subj: Book- keeping. Fav. Person: The Dirty Old Man. GAYLE P. MORRISON 88 Sunnyside Ave. Football. Ambition: To be- come a detective. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Per- son: James Brown. JANICE MORSE 70 Rhinecliff St. 2 29 52 Jan Ric. Ambi- tion: To have everlasting happiness with my interest. Pet Peeve: Catching nylons on school furniture. “Ya know” Fondest Memory: 12 6 68. Janice C. Morse Patricia M. Moran Gayle P. Morrison Marcia J. Moore Carolyn M. Morello Arlyne Montalto L Betty Ann Montgomery 153 Andrea J. Murray Claire M. Musco Elaine J. Murray Victoria L. Nahabedian Thomas J. Moskaluk THOMAS J. MOSKALUK 145 Charlton St. 10 4 52 Muskie Football, Baseball. Ambition: To be a skin diver. Pet Peeve: School. Fav. Sitbj: Shop with Mr. Cooper and his brother. JEAN E. MURPHY 508 Appleton St. 3 16 52 AEX, skating. Ambition: To be rich. Pet Peeve: Bus drivers. “Dry up!” Fav. Subj: Crafts. Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. ANDREA J. MURRAY 16 Hawthorne Ave. 8 7 52 Andy Cheer- leader, Majorette, Student Council, AY, AEX, office ass’t. Girls’ Club, ATC, ballet, sewing. Pet Peeve: Locked sanitaries. “Peace.” ELAINE MURRAY 46 Mt. Vernon St. 6 24 51 Judy Ski Club. Ambition: To own a yellow jet and be success- ful in life. Pet Peeve: Gym classes “Slow down!” Fav. Subj: Foods. Fav. Person: Goofy Grape. WILLIAM MURRAY JR. 22 Hutchinson Rd. 3 13 51 Pet Peeve: 8:00 to 2:07. Fav. Person: Mr. Taylor. CLAIRE MUSCO 35 Apache Trail 5 8 52 Clarissa Surfing, soccer, racing. Ambition: To be a chamber maid. Pet Peeve: Greasy hair. “Hang it up!” “Moron.” Fav. Person: Mr. Locke. VICTORIA L. NAHABEDIAN 8 Stony Brook Rd. 12 27 51 Vickie Girls’ Club, Drama Club, Rainbow, Art Club, Li- brary Corps. Ambition: Fashion designer or art teacher. Pet Peeve: Reading books that are required for English. William H. Murray Janet C. Nardone Jean E. Murphy 154 David S. Nelson George H. Nebeling Robert W. Nicoloro But by then, you were grown up Mark E. Noonan Steven C. Nason JANET NARDONE 63 College Ave. 2 16 52 Sunny Ambition: To become a teacher. Pet Peeve: Snobby peo- ple. STEVE NASON 10 Fayette St. 3 10 53 Band, Drama Club vp, sailing. Fav. Subj: English. Ambition: To teach either English or history. GEORGE NEBELING 53 Fremont Ct. 1 26 52 Nebs Ambition: To get out of school. Fav. Person: Raquel Welch. DAVID S. NELSON 19 Avon Place 3 18 52 Swede Making Money. Ambition: College. Pet Peeve: Empty gas tanks. “Gimme da money.” Fav. Subj: Eng- lish. Fav. Person: Humphrey Bogart. ROBERT NICOLORO 11 Ivy Circle 5 4 52 Nick Biology, Tech., Art Club, Science Club. Ambition: Medical re- search. Pet Peeve: School Menu. “Never un- derestimate the powers of a fool.” Fav. Subj: Biology. MARK NOONAN 200 Pleasant St. 9 30 52 Noodles CYO, Student Council, hockey, baseball, tennis, chess. Pet Peeve: Lunch. Fav. Person: Turk. Fav. Subj: English. 155 Janet C. Norkus Daniel P. Nyberg Robert Noonan Sylvia Norian ROBERT NOONAN 9 Harvard St. 6 4 52 Bob Turtle Bass guitar. Ambition: Civil engineering. Pet Peeve: Questionaires, missing second gear and the day after. RICHARD V. NORIAN 6 Daniels St. 10 1 50 Dick Arl. Tech’s Photographer. Ambition: B.S. Degree in Elec- tronics. Pet Peeve: School. Lunch. “Forget it”. SYLVIA NORIAN 6 Daniels St. 6 14 52 Painting, sewing. Am- bition: To become a nurse. Pet Peeve: School. JANET C. NORKUS 25 Palmer St. 8 12 52 Art, literature, biol- ogy, swimming. Ambition: To stay alive. Pet Peeve: Formal education. Fav. Siibj: Art. RONALD NUNZIATO 81 Thorndike St. 9 16 52 Nunzy Playing the drums, skiing. Ambition: To make money. Pet Peeve: Walking to work. F av. Subj: Vaca- tions. Fav. Person: Shirley Temple. DANIEL P. NYBERG 158 Wright St. 6 25 52 Hockey and Foot- ball, manager; Chess Club. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: 1969. Fav. Subj: Chemistry. MARY ANN O’CONNOR 35 George St. 1 22 52 Ambition: To be a football hero like Tommy. Pet Peeves: The morning after the night before and parents. Fav. Subj: Talking. Fav. Persons: Myself, Tom and his dog Murf. JOHN OHANIAN 79 Dothan Street Music, Surfing. Ambition: To become a Lawyer or an Oceanographer. Pet Peeve: School Administration. Fav. Subject: Speech. “Good Times” Fav. Personality: Led Zepplin. Richard V. Norian Ronald Nunziato 156 Richard Olender Margaret Pacheco Carol Oppedisano Kathryn Olds Nancy Olson Deborah Oland DEBORAH OLAND 139 Woodside Lane 6 16 52 Debbie Sail- ing, teaching Sunday School, cooking. Ambi- tion: To be an Elementary School Teacher. Pet Peeve: White socks and sneakers. KATHRYN OLDS 33 Yerxa Rd. Kathy Girls’ Club, motorcycle riding, modeling. Ambition: Executive secre- tary and an airline stewardess. Pet Peeve: No money. Fav. Subj: Boys. RICHARD OLENDER 19 Newland Rd. 2 3 53 Rick Cars, bikes. Ambition: To graduate. Pet Peeve: My girl- friend’s father. “Get together.” Fav. Subj: School skipping. NANCY OLSON 22 Inverness Rd. Jay Ambition: To graduate. Pet Peeve: Admittance slips. “Oh, no!” Fav. Person: Led Zepplin. Fondest memory: The days Marsha and I made it to school. LOIS P. O’NEIL 121 Sylvia St. 4 14 52 Tom Dooley, Girl’s Club, F.T.A., Office Asst. Ambition: Teacher. Fav. Subj: Math. CAROL OPPEDISANO 39 Hathaway Circle 10 31 52 Ambition: To find some peace of mind. Fav. Person: Joni Mitchell. Best Day: 7 5 69. PAMELA PACE 15A Ridge St. 8 16 52 Toni Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Narrow minded people. Fav. Subj: Eng- lish. Fav. Person: The Doors. MARGARET PACHECO 179 Eranklin St. 12 30 52 Peggy Anything worth while doing. Ambition: To see peace. Pet Peeve: Prejudiced people and phonies. Pamela Pace Lois O’Neil 157 Janet M. Pagliuca Janet Page “Where are you going next yearl " o Maria Pavao Doreen Percival Thomas A. Pandolfo JANET PAGE 66 Brattle St. 11 14 52 DECA Ambition: Advertising. Pet Peeve: White Socks. “Smile Off” Fav. Siibj: English. Fav. Persons: Tom Jones, Paul Newman, Smayler. JANET M. PAGLIUCA 72 Piedmont St. 8 5 52 Pie Girls’ Club, Chronicle, guidance office. Ambition: To become an executive secretary. Fav. Person: The Young Rascals. THOMAS PANDOLFO 45 Sutherland Rd. 3 22 52 Pandy Frosh Football, Frosh Baseball, V. Football, J.V. Baseball. Ambition: To be happy. “I don’t know.” Fav. Subj: Math. LINDA PARAGONA 88 Sunnyside Ave. Winnie Ambition: To marry a rich, old man. Pet Peeve: My sister. Fondest Memory: A certain black rambler, summer of 67. RANDALL PASS 159 Jason St. 1 7 52 Randy Dave Liddy Jo Spiderman Dick Summer camels TTB Late nights all alone with a test tube Miss Barry G S Doc Debating Sam Jones Catharsis Kim Wyman’s Howell Old Ports Dr. Manges Prophet of the Park MARIA JOSE PAVAO 39 Fordham St. Miss Mery Business Club, Bowling. Ambition: Interpreter. Pet Peeve: Rainy days. “I hate you for that.” Fav. Snbj: Languages. Fav. Person: John Davidson. DOREEN PERCIVAL 36 Washington St. 1 12 52 Cheering, horse backriding, music. Ambition: To go into the boy’s locker room and tape a conversation. Fav. Person: Pat Paulson. 158 JEAN PETER 42 Golden Ave. Acting, bowling, CYO, soft- ball. Ambition: Airline stewardess. Pet Peeve: School lunches. “You didn’t.” Fav. Siibj: His- tory. Fav. Person: Bobby Orr. DOUGLAS J. PETERSON 35 Fayette St. JOANNE PETITTI 26 Cherokee Rd. 6 13 52 Jo C.Y.O., Girls’ Club, AEX, tutoring. Ambition: To teach un- derprivileged children. SALLY PICKETT 33A Appleton St. Skiing, horseback riding, dancing, cooking. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. “Right.” Fav. Person: Pat Paulson. ARLENE F. PIETKEWICZ 53 Moulton Rd. 9 2 52 AY; Girls’ Club; Samettes; Assistant Editor of Yearbook; AEX; Cheerleader; Latin Club, Aedile. Fondest Memory: Purple shakers and April 22, 1967. STEVEN N. PITHIS 83 Everett St. 11 1 52 Greek AY, GOYA, church choir, basketball, tennis. Ambition: Architectural engineer. Pet Peeve: Being Brave. “Come on.” CYNTHIA PITKO 174 Newport St. 11 29 52 Girls’ Club, AEX. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Gym. “Right.” Fav. Subj: Biology. Fav. Person: B.C. Arlene Pietkewicz Steven N. Pithis Cynthia Pitko Joanne Petitti Sally Pickett “You think you can hold down a second job?” Douglas Petersen 159 ANDREA PITT 39 Florence Ave. Andy Girls’ Club, Chris, Ski Club, reading. Pet Peeve: White socks. NANCY PITTS 12A Lake St. 1 1% 52 Flying, scuba diving, photography, surfing. DOUGLAS A. POLLANDER 12 21 52 Wilt Intramural and Park League Basketball. Ambition: To be rich. “How are ya?” Fav. Siibj: Gym. Fav. Person: Beatles. DENISE L. PONTE 25 Randolph St. Girls Club, Ski Club, AEX, AY. Pet Peeve: Narrow minded people. “Isn’t that beautiful?” Fav. Person: Mandy. Fondest Memory: Soph. year. Fav. Class: 5th period Biology. STEPHEN F. POOLEY 63 Cedar Ave. Cross Country, basketball. P et Peeve: Miss Manning’s Friday oral talks. Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Per.wn: Victor Rivera. ANTHONY F. PORCIELLO 57 Williams St. 5 2 52 Golf team, capt. Ambition: To be a bookie. “Look out” Fav. Subj: Lunch with Sandy and Chet Stone, fifth period. I will to AHS: My magic pen with its various signatures and late notes. RICHARD L. PORTER 112 Paul Revere Rd. 8 18 52 Rich Skiing, swimming, sailing, archery, cars. Ambition: To be a computer operator. Pet Peeve: Snobs. “Think snow.” Fav. Subj: Speech. Fav. Person: Billy Kidd. NANCY L. POWER 19A Fairmont St. 6 13 52 Girls’ Basketball; Girls’ Club; AEX, sec.; sports; Chronicle. Am- bition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Boys with white socks. PRISCILLA L. POWERS 417 Summer St. Girls Club, Ski Club, Latin Club, sewing, music, skating. Ambition: To ma- jor in math. “Boy are you ever dumb.” Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. Anthony Porciello Andrea Pitt Nancy Pitts Denise Ponte Richard Porter Douglas Pollander Stephen Pooley Nancy Power 160 Deborah R. Poynton Joanne Prendergast Carl Proctor John Puopolo Jr. And all your words carried a lot of weight. RICHARD POWERS 177 Mt. Vernon St. 9 19 52 Rick Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis. Ambition: To go into Data Processing. DEBORAH R. POYNTON 57 Moulton Rd. Debbie Student Council, Girls’ Club, Girls’ Basketball, AY, Cheer- leader, AEX, Jr. Class Sec., Yearbook. Ambi- tion: Executive secretary. Fondest Memory: A.H.S. JOANNE MARIE PRENDERGAST 20 Brattle Place 7 19 52 Girls’ Club, AEX, AY. Ambition: To travel and meet people. Pet Peeve: Noisy People. “Cut it out.’’ CARL PROCTOR 11 Cypress Rd. 5 14 52 Football, AY. Am- bition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Study pe- riods. Fav. Subj: Math. JOHN P. PUOPOLO JR. 273 Washington St. Rioting, motorcycles, hockey, water skiing. Ambition: To study en- gineering. BEVERLY PYNE 132 Robbins Rd. Pet Peeve: Having no finger nails. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Dickie Collomb. I will to AHS: A stomach pump. Fondest Memory: 3 18 67. NANCY CHERYL QUINN 32 Exeter St. 4 2 52 Quinny Girls’ Club, AEX, watching all sports, sewing. Ambition: To get rid of football curfew. Fav. Subj: Homeroom. Fav. Person: Miss Finberg. Beverly Pyne Nancy Quinn Priscilla Powers Richard Powers 161 Leonard Rappoli Cars, drag racing, ski- millionaire. Pet Peeve: JOHN RANAURO 14 Wyman Terrace Hooleo V. Hockey, foot- ball, culottes. “That’s close!” Fav. Person: Bruno, Fluffy. LEONARD RAPPOLI 121 Park Ave. 4 1 51 ing. Ambition: To be a Homework. “Next joke” Fav. Subj: World His- tory. FRANCIS RAYMOND 95 Grafton St. 11 27 51 Chevy Cars. Am- bition: Money. Pet Peeve: Shoe leather. “Fords don’t go.” Fav. Subj: P.O.D. Fav. Person: Bobby Tasca. RICHARD REPETTO 14 Sagamore Rd. 2 27 52 Dicky Cross Country, capt.. Indoor track. Pet Peeve: The Center. Fav. Person: Reed Taylor. JOHN L. RICCIO 11 Newport St. 11 18 52 Motorcycles, foot- ball. “Tuff isn’t it?” Fav. Subj: Marketing. Fav. Person: Donna Daley. ROSEMARY RICH 33 Amsden St. 8 9 52 Girls’ Club, AY. Am- bition: Accountant. Pet Peeve: Untalkative people. “Oh sure.” Fav. Subj: Bookkeeping. John Ranauro Francis Raymond John Riccio Richard Repetto Rosemary Rich 162 0 I Susan Robertson Steven Robbat tiMiiii PAUL F. RIEMER 31 Virginia Rd. GAIL RIESZ 29 Marion Rd. 12 28 52 Ambition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: French first period. Fav. Suhj: Math. Fav. Person: Michael Cole, Peggy Lipton. RICHARD J. RIGAZIO 25 Hawthorne Ave. 3 9 52 Rabbit. Base- ball, Hockey. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Surprise quizzes. “Wow!” Fav. Subj: Food. Fav. Person: Charlton Heston. Will to AHS: My mug. STEVEN ROBBAT 26 Frost St. 5 24 52 Robsey Football, Cross Country Track, ATC. Pet Peeve: Fros- ties. “What a down!” When class of ’70 leaves, AHS will go to pot. LINDA ROBERTS 105 Oakland Ave. 1 19 52 Loose Lips Girls’ Club, hockey, football, sewing. Ambi- tion: To see Danny VP of the Coop. Pet Peeve: Nut Wagon. “Like to see you try it.” Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: John Horne. SUSAN ROB ERTSON 41 Wilbur Ave. 7 1 52 Sue Girls’ Club, FTA, Tom Dooley, CYO. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Gym first period. Fav. Subj: Drivers’ Ed. Richard Rigazio Paul Riemer 163 Stephen Roby Caleb Rogers Katherine Ronan STEPHEN ROBY 253 Gray St. Steve Ambition: T intend to make it big in the world. CALEB C. ROGERS 47 Bartlett Ave. 1 25 52 Cube Marching Band; Concert Band; Orch.; G S, vp; Drum Major; rock groups; electronics; sailing. Ambi- tion: To be something. Pet Peeve: Fake people. KATHERINE RONAN 1 Brewster Rd. 6 5 52. Kathy. Library Corps, v.p.; Ski club; CYO; FTA; Samettes; Latin Club. Ambition: Elementary teacher. Fav. Siibj.: Math. DONNA ROSA 44 School St. 7 6 52 Girls’ Club, Tom Dooley. Ambition: To be a nurse. Fondest Memory: Lunch at Buttrick’s with Geri. ELAINE ROSEN BERGER 116 Jason St. 6 26 52 Dttmmie. Girls’ Club, football, hockey. Ambition: To see John Horne in pampers. Pet Peeve: curls. “Sock it to me” Fav. Person: Danny. JOHN ROSENBERGER 69 Trowbridge St. 8 16 52 Rose Cross Country track. Ambition: To get through col- lege. Pet Peeve: Oral talks. Fav. Subj: Biology. ROBERT ROTONDI 27 Indian Hill Rd. 7 10 52 Karate, Frosh Football. Ambition: To become a police officer. Fav. Subj: Math. CAROL ANNE ROURKE 1 Gilboa Rd. 12 15 52 AEX, Roller skating. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Small dogs. “Why me?” Fav. Person: Mr. Prusik. Donna Rosa Elaine Rosenberger Whatever happens: Changes, growth, bad luck, you can always go back. John Rosenberger Robert Rotondi Carol Rourke 164 Valorie Rowsell Donna Russell 165 Carol Russo Linda Rowley George Rugg Jr. J. M. Richard Rubino Girls’ Club, ski a kindergarten ‘Doo-doo bird” Vain Orches- LINDA M. ROWLEY 442 Mystic St. 7 9 52 Lin club. Ambition: To become teacher. Pet Peeve: study halls. Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. VALORIE ROWSELL 11 Kenilworth Rd. 5 13 52 tra, guitar club. Ambition: To get Married. “No school” I will to APIS: My gym sneakers. J. M. RICHARD RUBINO 47 Greeley Circle 8 9 52 Rich AEX, 18x72, music. Ambition: To be a lawyer. Pet Peeve: People who don’t mean what they say. Fav. Siibj: History. GEORGE RUGG 16 Spring St. 6 1 52 A.Y.A. Baseball, Foot- ball, military history, Latin Club, Stamps. Am- bition: Never to work. Fav. Person: Jose Tart- abull. DONNA RUSSELL 10 Mt. Vernon St. 6 6 52 Going to the “Tea Party” on Friday nights. Ambition: To go to Boston State and to be a fashion model. Loves people. Hates two-faced people. Loves to laugh. Always keep smiling. CAROL RUSSO 12 Fairmont St. 9 30 52 AY, FTA, AEX, Clinic asst. Ambition: To travel. Pet Peeve: People who complain. “It’s unbelievable” Fav. Person: Tony Conigliaro. • I Barbara Ryan Pamela Ryan Michael Sabol David Sacca Donald Sacca BARBARA RYAN 133 Washington St. 3 16 52 FHA, AY, sew- ing, horses. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Homework. “You’re kidding?” Fav. Person: Tom Jones. PAMELA RYAN 21 Newland Rd. 5 23 52 Art Club, AEX, AY, CYO. Ambition: To be an art teacher. MICHAEL J. SABOL 71 Mary St. 11 13 52 Ambition: Military service. DAVID SACCA 38 Amsden St. 10 8 52 Baseball, bowling, collecting coins. Ambition: To become an ac- countant. Pet Peeve: Lazy people. “Watch out!” Fav. Subj: Bookkeeping. DONALD SACCA 38 Amsden St. Cars, Bowling, Basketball, Baseball. Ambition: To go to college. “You’re Mental!” Fav. Subj: Math. CLIFFORD SAHAGIAN 17 Dartmouth St. 2 28 52 Tennis, bowling, basketball. Fav. Subj: English. PAUL JOHN SALADINO 157 Park Ave. Ext. Sal Pet Peeve: School Lunches. Ambition: To be an electrical engi- neer. Fav. Person: James Brown. will to A.H.S.: Slightly used pairs of gym socks. DENISE SAMPSON 18 Grafton St. 1 13 52 Chronicle, Girls’ Club, AEX, AY, Yearbook. Ambition: To get a master’s degree. Pet Peeve: Boys with short pants. Denise Sampson 166 Paul Saladino Clifford Sahagian Diane Sciaba Barry Santini Robert Schipani Sandra Scopa Robert Searles CYNTHIA SANDBERG 272 Sylvia St. 9 24 52 Cyndy Majorette, co-capt.; Girls’ Club; G S; AEX; Student Council, recording sec. Ambition: Home eco- nomics. “What’s new?’’ BARRY SANTINI II Apache Trail 1 22 52 V Football, V Track. Ambition: To be a good family man. JOSEPH SCAGLIONE 68 Hathaway Circle 7 5 52 Jose Baseball, skiing, football. Ambition: To be successful. Pet Peeve: Silence. “Oh, ya’’ Fav. Sitbj: Ac- counting. Fav. Person: J. Britt. ROBERT SCHIPANI 16 Joyce Rd. 6 29 52 Skip FTA, Chronicle Sports Ed., AYA Baseball. Ambition: To teach. Fav. Subj: History. DIANE SCIABA 38 Exeter St. 8 30 52 Skiing, Tennis, travel, ski club. Ambition: To become a private secre- tary. Pet Peeve: Insincerity. Fav. Subj: English. SANDRA SCOPA 38 Eustis St. 1 29 52 Sandy Girls’ Choir; Ski Club; Jr. Girls’ Club, vp; Sen. Girls’ Club. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Bad driv- ers. Fav. Person: Symmes Hospital. ROBERT SEARLES 64 Claremont Ave. 3 31 52 Student Council, Drama Club, Chronicle. Ambition: To work in a television studio. Fav. Subj: English. GAIL BETH SEGELSTROM 50 Jason St. 3 19 51 Majorettes; Young Rep. Club, treas.; sewing. Ambition: Stewardess. Pet Peeve: Locked sanitaries. “Wow” Fav. Person: Sugar Bear. Gail Segelstrom Cynthia Sandberg Joseph Scaglione 167 ,3;-i ■r . j,- To find friendly faces, before their jaivlines sagged, whose smiles are full of beauty and of life. John Serson Stephanie Shattuck Lesly Serres LESLY SERRES 1245 Mass. Ave. JOHN SERSON 38 Harlow St. 5 9 52 Gymnastics, soccer, martial arts. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Lab Reports. Fav. Person: The cat. STEPHANIE SHATTUCK 83 Appleton St. 5 19 52 Water skiing, swim- ming. Ambition: To be a swimming instructor. Pet Peeve: Cops. Fav. Subj; English. Fav. Per- son: Gomer Pyle. DALE MICHAEL SHAW 78 Thorndike St. 6 19 52 Math Team, Sci- ence Club, football, basketball, electronics. Ambition: To go into scientific research and development. Fav. Subj: Physics. DIANE SHAW 78 Thorndike St. 6 19 52 Student Council, Samettes, Chronicle, AY, Tom Dooley, Girls’ Choir, Yearbook, Civil Rights Club, Bedford Youth Volunteers, Science Club. PETER B. SHAW 64 Park Ave. Ext. PRISCILLA SHERBURNE 23 Cedar Ave. 4 13 52 Drama Club. Pet Peeve: My five brothers. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Tom Jones, Donovan. Ambition: Music Education, Violinist. Dale Shaw Diane Shaw Peter Shaw 168 Elizabeth R. Smith Elizabeth M. Smith David Smith 169 BARBARA SHIMKAS 6 Pioneer Rd. 10 23 52 Barbie G S; Year- book; Art Club, sec.; Harmonettes; Concert Choir; Chronicle. DANIEL SILVA 91 Varnum St. 1 23 52 V.P. of A.H.S. Dis- tributive Educ., Electrical Engineer. Ambition: Wentworth or Northeastern. Pet Peeve: boring teachers. Fav. Subj: Math, English. Fav. Per- son: Mr. Cotter. MAUREEN SIMMONS 92 Winchester Rd. 5 19 52 Moe Skiing, Horseback riding. Sewing, Girls Club, A.E.X., Tom Dooley. Pet Peeve: Monday mornings. Ambition: To succeed in everything I do. CYNTHIA SKERRY 3 Paul Revere Rd. 4 16 52 Cindy Ambi- tion: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Gym. Fav. Subj: English. DAVID SMITH 38 Washington St. 2 21 52 Dave Lib. Corps, skiing, diving. Ambition: Marine biol- ogy. Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: J. C. Cost- zam. Pet Peeve: Curfew. ELIZABETH M. SMITH 48 Winchester Rd. 9 22 52 Smitty Pet Peeve: Hanging around. Fav. Person: Jackman, Joe Lannon. Fondest Memory: 75 Jones Rd. Falmouth, year 1967. ELIZABETH R. SMITH 76 Chester St. Betsy Student Council, sec.; Cheerleading, co-capt.; AEX; Girls’ Club, cab- inet; Yearbook. Pet Peeve: People who don’t care. “Maah!” Daniel Silva Priscilla Sherburne Maureen Simmons Barbara Shimkas Cynthia Skerry Maria Stacey Gordon Smith I. Angelika Spathis GARY SMITH 69 Wollaston Ave. Hambone I Will To AHS: Two roaches and a broken water pipe. GORDON SMITH 61 Maynard St. 6 25 52 Go Ambition: To be a manager. “Turtle heads.” Fav. Subj: Driv- er’s Ed. Fav. Person: Me. Legacy: I leave one lunch to anyone who wants it. KATHLEEN SMITH 396 Appleton St. 9 12 52 Igor Art Club, Yearbook, Science Club, Girls’ Club, CYO. Pet Peeve: Baggy nylons. “Oh wow.” I. ANGELIKA SPATHIS 8 Dudley St. 1 28 51 Kiki Painting, travel, music. Pet Peeve: Baseball. Fav. Subj: Foreign Languages. MARIA STACEY 68 Brooks Ave. Junior Class V.P.; Chronicle, club ed. and news ed.; G S; Harmonettes; AEX, sec. Ambition: To teach music. Pet Peeve: Braces and hypocrites. GEORGE STANGAS 120 Mass. Ave. 10 18 52 Butch Ambition: To become an engineer. Pet Peeve: Lunch. Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: The Young Rascals. Kathleen Smith George Stangas Gary Smith 170 uni Robert Stanton Walter J. Stanton Robert Steele Arthur Stratton 171 ROBERT STANTON 15 Kendal Dr., Woburn 7 23 52 Cranston Ambition: The service. Pet Peeve: History. “Forty lashes.” Fav. Siibj: English. Fav. Per- son: Mr. Brennan. WALTER J. STANTON 4 9 52 Baseball. Ambition: To be a bartender. “Let’s go down to the kitchen.” Fav. Person: Jungle Jim. DONNA STATHOPOULOUS 88 Milton St. 5 26 52 Water and snow ski- ing, horses. Ambition: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Snobs. Fav. Siibj: Bookkeeping. Fav. Person: Tom Jones. ROBERT STEELE 152 Park Ave. Joe Sports, football. Ambition: To have an ambition. Pet Peeve: Question- naires. Fav. Subj: History. ARTHUR STRATTON 37 Ottawa Rd. Artie Work at Arthur D. Lit- tle, Park League Basketball. Fav. Person: Buddy Rich. BRIAN SULLIVAN 76 Oakland Ave. Outdoor Track. Ambition: To have an ambition. “You can’t lead a horse to water, but you can drive him to drink” Fav. Person: Myself. II Joan Sullivan DONNA M. SULLIVAN 15 Varnum St. Squirrel Girls’ Club, sewing, water skiing, football, hockey. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Boys who wear white socks. “It’s just so funny.’’ Fav. Subj: Biology. Fav. Person: Donovan. JAMES SULLIVAN 39 Fox Meadow Lane 6 6 51 Jimmy Ski Club, Football, Track. Pet Peeve: Tryear. Fav. Subj: Sandy Slunch. JOAN SULLIVAN 43 Milton St. KAREN A. SULLIVAN 46 Peter Tufts Rd. Girls’ Club, Yearbook. Ambition: College. Pet Peeve: Registry of Motor Vehicles. Fav. Subj: English. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom ’69. KAREN ANNE SULLIVAN 38A Fairmont St. 2 21 52 Sully Girls’ Club, sewing. “Certainly is.” Fav. Subj: Typ- ing. Fav. Person: Eddie Meadows. MARK SULLIVAN 165 Brooks Ave. 4 20 52 Yearbook, V Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council. Ambition: To be a engineer. “Be happy.” SCOTT HENGST SUMNER 143 Warren St. 11 19 52 V. Tennis Team, G S, Chronicle, Debating Club. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: People who walk slowly in the halls. KENNETH SURABIAN 14 Old Colony Rd. 9 29 52 Hank Baseball, Student Council, AEX. Ambition: To go to college. Fav. Subj: History. Karen A. Sullivan Karen Anne Sullivan Kenneth Surabian Scott Hengst Sumner Donna M. Sullivan James Sullivan Mark Sullivan 172 CANDACE SURVELAS 126 Highland Ave. 5 19 52 Swimming, Ralph. Ambition: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Homeroom period. “Go away.” Fav. Subj: Typing. Fav. Person: Tom Jones. MARIE SWENY 49 Tanager St. Poetry, Summer of ’69, beaches. Ambition: To ride the jet of life with- out being left in the exhaust of sorrow. Pet Peeve: phony people. “I get it!” FRANK TASSONE 39 Varnum St. G S, Debating Club, music. Ambition: Teaching. Fav. Subj: English, His- tory. WILLIAM TEE 20 Devereaux Rd. 3 2 52 Bags Tennis Team, skiing. Ambition: College. Pet Peeve: Susan Tobey. “Excellent skiing is reported.” CAROLE TEE YEN 29 Hillcrest St. Drama Club, Ski Club, Bed- ford Youth Volunteers, Girls’ Club, G S, Fav. Subj: Biology. CAROL JEAN THOMPSON 23 Randolph St. 4 17 52 Carrie Rainbow, Guitar Club, Chronicle, Drama Club, office ass’t. Ambition: Dance teacher. Pet Peeve: Gym classes. “You know.” Fav. Subj: Spanish. CHRISTINE THOMPSON 28 Blossom St. Tina Girls’ Club; Field Hockey; JV Softball, man.; Tom Dooley. Am- bition: To teach. Pet Peeve: Cliques. Fav. Subj: Study hall. MARCIA L. TIBBETTS 18 Bradley Rd. 1 30 53 Yearbook, Girls’ Club, AEX, Tom Dooley, Dramatics Club, Guitar Club. Ambition: To graduate. Fav. Subj: Music. Christine Thompson Candace Survelas Marcia L. Tibbetts William Tee Frank Tassone Carole Teeven 173 Susan Tobey 174 James F. Tobin to a time when everything was either up or down, Celia M. Tomaney Paula Toland SUSAN TOBEY 65 Falmouth Rd. 8 25 52 AY; Chronicle; Drama Club; Civil Rights Club; AEX; Debat- ing Club; Yearbook, Man. Ed.; TRY, treas.; tutoring at the Elizabeth Peabody House; Bed- ford Youth Volunteer. JAMES F. TOBIN 70 Harlow St. 10 4 50 Camping, swimming, sports. Ambition: To be somebody. Pet Peeve: ; Cops. Fav. Subj: Science. Fav. Person: Girls. I PAULA TOLAND ; 9 Foxmeadow Lane 11 23 52 Skiing. Ambi- tion: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Homeroom. Fav. Subj: English. CELIA M. TOMANEY 43 Pine St. 12 9 51 Sewing, tennis. Ambi- tion: Teaching. Pet Peeve: White socks. EILEEN TOMANEY 43 Pine St. 1 3 53. Girls’ Club, Ski Club, Tom Dooley, sewing, music, tennis. Ambition: To travel. Fav. Subj: Erench. KEVIN TOMPKINS 8 Brooks Ave. Kiiddy. Girls, racing, Ambi- tion: To get out. Pet Peeve: Lunches. Fav. Subj: study. MARK H. TOMSUDEN 291 Hillside Ave. AY; Coin Club; Para psy- chology Club; Church Youth League, pres.; Boy Scouts, skiing, baseball. Ambition: Forestry Research. Fav. Subj.: Biology. NANCI TOSCANO 25 Littlejohn St. 7 25 52 Samettes, F.H.A., Girls’ Club, AEX, Drama Club, bowling, sew- ing. Ambition: To teach. Pet Peeve: squeaky chalk. “You dumb dumb.” Fav. Subj: English. Kevin Tompkins Eileen Tomaney all emotions riding on a crest, Nanci Toscano Mark H. Tomsuden 175 Marcia Travers ANNE MARIE TOWNSEND 115 Rhinecliff St. 5 17 52 Wingie Girls’ Club, AEX, Chronicle, surfing. Ambition : Cal- ifornia or bust. “Hey Wally!” Fondest Mem- ory: Sophomore year. MARCIA TRAVERS 6 Orvis Rd. 9 25 52 Samettes. Ambition: Computer Programmer. Pet Peeve: Mondays, conceited people. “You’ll get it someday.” Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Tom Jones. ANDREA ANN TSIKRITES 334 Baker Rd. 3 12 52 Andy Girls’ Club, art, reading, sewing, swimming. Ambition: To become a teacher. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Steve McQueen. DONNA S. UNION 7 Exeter St. Mighty Midget AY, sr. council; ENA, pres.; Chronicle, ad. ed.; Tom Dooley; Drama Club; G S; Yearbook. Fav. Person: Harvey Schwartz. CHRISTINE A. URBON 16 Lanark Rd. 5 16 52 Chris Girls’ Club, Ski Club, horseback riding, sewing. Ambition: To go to Europe, become a physical therapist. Fav. Person: Jim Webb. MARK USSEGLIO 67 Dickson Ave. Scuba diving, cars, anything with an engine, flying. Ambition: Oceanographer or architect. Fav. Subj: Languages and Chem- istry. MARIA UTTARO 44 Park St. 4 5 52 AY, ETA, Science Club, Ski Club, Clinic Ass’t. Ambition: To see the world. Fav. Subj: Languages. Fav. Person: Jean- Claude Killy. RICHARD VALLARELLI 155 Wright St. 1 16 52 Val Football; base- ball, V.; hockey; AY; Ambition: To have my own brewery. “Tony, let’s go!” Fav. Subj: S. science. Fav. Person: Doug Berg, Richie Hana- gin, Jake Ruppert. Andrea Ann Tsikrites Christine A. Urbon Maria Uttaro Anne Marie Townsend Donna S. Union Mark Usseglio Richard Vallarelli 176 JANE VAN AMBURG 84 Brand St. 5 3 52 Sewing, cooking, draw- ing, skiing. Pet Peeve: Superiority. “Oh no!” Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. CAROL ANN VARDARO 141 Dow Ave. Girls Club, Tom Dooley, Guid- ance Asst., CYO, sewing. Ambition: Teacher. Fav. Subj: History. DONALD R. VARNUM 3 Freeman St. 3 4 52 Donnie AY, cars, diving, Frosh IV Football, V Track. Ambition: Mechanics. “I give up.” Fav. Person: Flip Wil- son. CAROLE A. VENA 29 Sagamore Rd. 8 16 52 Girls’ Club, Year- book, office ass’t, CYO. Ambition: To be a teacher. Fondest Memory: Junior skip day. JOHN JOSEPH VIEIRA 43 Hathaway Circle 11 29 52 Bowling, Li- brary Corps. Ambition: To become a million- aire. Pet Peeve: Geometry soph. year. “I bet you wouldn’t.” Fav. Subj: Math, accounting. ANTHONY VISCOMI 128 Winchester Rd. ANTOINETTE VOLPE 7 Revere St. 11 14 52 Toni FTA. Ambi- tion: To travel around the world. Pet Peeve: Math. Fav. Subj: Languages. Fav. Person: Michael Parks. CYNTHIA VOUROS 10 Cherokee Rd. 5 29 52 Cindy Major- ettes, Jr. Class Treas., AEX, Girl’s Club. Fav. Person: Dicky Repetto. Carole A. Vena Anthony Viscomi John Joseph Vieira Antoinette Volpe Carol Ann Vardaro Donald R. Varnum Cynthia Vouros Jane Van Amburg I 177 I ( I Robert Walsh Paula Wellinger Deborah E. Wood ROBERT WALSH 27 Venner Rd. Walshie Chronicle, AY, Stu- dent Council, AYA, CYO, hockey, golf, karate. Pet Peeve: A Smirnoffs hangover. “Never forget a senior cheerleader.” RICHARD WEISMANN 12 Lome Rd. Spud Baseball, football, basket- ball. Ambition: To succeed. Pet Peeve: Con- ceited people. Fav. Subj: Math. Fav. Person: Derek Sanderson. PAULA WELLINGER 28 Dickson Ave. Music, Reading, Water Skiing. Ambition: Vista after college. STEPHEN G. WHITE 58 Waldo Rd. 5 13 51 Whitey Ambition: To live. STEVEN WILSON 234 Gray St. 3 10 52 Drama Club, Library Corps, photography, astronomy, swimming. Ambition: Insurance broker. Fav. Subj: His- tory. Fav. Person: Lee Marvin. DEBORAH E. WOOD 30 Sunset Rd. 10 27 52 Debbie AY, G S, Library Corps, ETA, tennis, sewing. Pet Peeve: Stubborn people. MARSHA WRIGHT 129 Newland Rd. 1 3 52 Boys. Ambition: To graduate. Pet Peeve: Work. “Where’s Eddie?” Fav. Subj: Lunch. Fav. Person: Bea- tles. Steven Wilson When there was curiosity and hope, Richard Weismann Stephen G. White Marsha Wright 178 Robert Yacoubian Arnold Yaghsizian ROBERT YACOUBIAN 99 Oxford St. 7 6 52 Bobby Surfing, div- ing. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Sitting in studies. Fav. Subj: Gym. Fav. Person: Mamie Vandoren. ARNOLD YAGHSIZIAN 45 Hawthorne Ave. Arnie Football, basket- ball, cars, work. Ambition: Technical engineer- ing. Pet Peeve: Bad drivers. “What’s up?” Fav. Person: Bill Cosby. KENNETH ZAMMUTO 65 Fairmont St. 8 17 51 Ken Motorcycle racing. Ambition: To finish building a “74”. Pet Peeve: Tenth grade. Fav. Person: Tork. “Stayput. Don’t go to A.H.S.” Request: Empty A.H.S. please. MICHAEL ZONA 47 Decatur St. 3 30 52 Zelmo V Hockey, V Football. Ambition: Teacher-coach. Pet Peeve: Bad knees. Fav. Person: Broadway Joe. will to AHS: My crutches. Kenneth Zammuto and there wasn’t time enough between each sun. Michael Zona 179 MICHAEL AGOSTINELLI 10 Hancock St. 8 28 50 Gus Ambition: Mechanic. Pet Peeve: No smoking out of sight. GEORGE ANDONIAN 1 15 Highland Ave. RICHARD BARLETTA 42 Marion Rd. 8 14 50 Stock cars. Pet Peeve: Gym. “What do you like”. Fav. Person: Raquel Welch. JOSEPH BARRY 10 Arcadia St., Woburn 6 25 52 Jay Skiing. LESLIE BARTHOLOMEW 50 Academy St. 10 23 52 Art Club, Drama Club, skiing. Ambition: Purple Haze. Pet Peeve: AHS. “I reel fealy” Fav. Person: Thor- eau. RICHARD BISHOP 36 Browning Rd. 2 21 52 Tricky Frosh football. Ambition: Wentworth Institute. Pet Peeve: Losing a drag race. Fav. Subj: Wood- working. Fav. Person: Gov. Wallace. WILLIAM CARLO Ambition: Avoiding school. Pet Peeve: school. WILLIAM ALEXANDER CERULLI 24 Egerton Rd. THOMAS CHANDLER 16 Browning Rd. Somerville 11 1 51 Tom Chronicle. Ambition: College. Pet Peeve: The security in the parking lot. “Okay, don’t be- lieve me!” MARK J. CRESSE 323 Ridge St. JAMES CROOKS 1 1 Cliff St. Photography, music, guitar, writing. Ambition: to teach in a progressive school. “Peace” Hope: Things will change. GERALD CURRY 98 Appleton St. 6 23 52 The Runt Ambi- tion: To get out of school. Pet Peeve: school. " Muskrat in there!” Fav. Person: Bob Dylan. PETER V. DETTORRE 68 Pine Ridge Rd. GEORGE J. DEVRIES 2 Oldham Rd. Leslie Bartholomew Thomas Chandler JOHN DIDONATO 197 Forest St. GERALDINE R. FITZGERALD 139 Thorndike St. THOMAS P. GILLESPIE 30 Stevens Terrace 7 6 51 High perform- ance cars. Hockey, stocks. Ambition: To be successful. Pet Peeve: Language. Fav. Subj: History. Fav. Person: Mr. Burns. WILLIAM J. JEFFERSON 33 Silk St. LAURA L. JUSIUS 42 Mount Vernon St. JAMES KARAGEORGE 89 Oxford St. PATRICIA ELLEN NADEAU 30 Lansdowne Rd. JOHN PAVONE 327 Appleton St. NICHOLAS PRATO 37 Jason St. CALVIN ROBBINS 66 Piper Rd. Acton Cal 4 21 51 Racing, football. Ambition: further education. Pet Peeve: Fuzz. “You can’t see it from my house.” Fav. Subj: English. Fav. Person: Jack the Ripper. VIVIAN C. SAVIO 20 Jason St. 6 29 52 Ambition: To leave Ar- lington and come back every Uncle Sam Day. Pet Peeve: Filling out trivia like this. Fav. Per- son: Wild Man Fisher. PATRICK SQUIRES 13 Pierce St. Pet Peeve: Squeaky cars, Mr. Brown in the old hall sanitary. “Ya Mother!” Fav. Subj: Science. Fav. Person: Mr. Mitchell. RICHARD C. STAYTON 1025 Mass. Ave. LEONARD TARABELLI 70 Palmer St. Tyke Speed kills. JOHN FRANCIS TORTELLI 103 Medford St. 180 1 4h M.Jr " :1K ft 1 » Let us ever ' be t ue to wild dreams, and the flowing passions of our ypu let us never forget how to run and Idugh- for the joy of love, for the love of joy- let us never forget how to live. Senior Thesis : LThoughts about the hereafter (or ... Is there a life after graduation?) Seriously graduation isn ' t the end, you know. It ' s just the beginning. And it could be the beginning of one of the most challenging and fulfilling mes of your life. At New England Telephone. It could be, that is, if you want a job with a challenge as big as your ambitic . We need people at New England Telephone — alt kinds. People who are sincerely interest in the future. And who are looking for more from their job than just vyork! Your starting salary is good and you get automatic raises. You don ' t need experience! Your advancement is tailored to your talents. And you get excellent fringe benefits. IL See your Guidance Counselor She ' ll tell you when and where you can apply for an interview to find out what the " hereafter ' s " like at New England Telephone An Equal Opportunity Employer 191 To Mr. James T. Bleiler and Mr. George Corrigan and the J.E. Purdy Com- pany, the 1970 Indian staff says, “Thank you for your help and the spirit in which it is given.” This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 192

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