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ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Ralph D. Sexton Assistant Editors: Dorothy H. Grant, Eugene A. Rizzo Managing Editors: Margaret K. Thayer, Pamela J. Toulopoulos Production Editor: Robert G. Leone Layout Editors: Mark D. Szafarz, Barbara J. Fratello, Susan A. MacQueston, Janice M. Mead Art Editors: Joan F. Kleban, Nancy L. Brown, Sonja M. Stockman Biography Editor: Madeleine F. Serpa Literary Editor: Karin A. Muello Technical-Vocational Correspondent: John M. Wilson CREDITS Photography: Karl P. Baldwin, Arthur H. Barber Proofreading: Joan L. Malatesta Sports: Joseph D. Bertagna, Karen L. Blomquist Faculty Advisor: Mr. Thomas M. Trevisani “We And Will And shall not cease from exploration the end of all our exploring be to arrive where we started know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot Taxiona ainiiiisiiaiiuiiauiiiinisuaiioiiauiiiiiiisiraiioiiaai] ladministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmini; ionadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmil rationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationa( istrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationi inistrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrati( Iministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministn ladministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmini! ionadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmi rationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadi istrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationi inistrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministratii Iministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministri ladministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmini! ;ionadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmi rationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadi istrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministration inistrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministratij jministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministi •nadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmini ' :ionadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmj rationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationa( iistrat inistn Thou wert my guide, philosopher and friend.” Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man ration istrati Jministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministr! nadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadminii tionadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadmi rationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadi istrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationi linistrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrati dministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadministn nadministrationadministrationadministrationadministrationadminij ■Aer- ARLINGTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 869 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 Raymond S. Locke Principal TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS Of 1969: " Let nno anca talk o4 TX ivtlZ, l oAntug kcu tti uaEue. " VouA { utun. 2 . l6 an yeX to be Itvzd. What iwu. mfee o{i tt depends upon the. attitude you take ivLtk you. idtlZ you be 6ott6 ted to get by ot tcELE you 6et out upon the puAMut o excelZenee tn uiiatevea you undertake to do? Vou ojie about to entea the compe titive tooaZd and tt6 voAtouA tetdi of, endeavoa. Hay I 6ugge6t that ivhatevea you do, do it honestlu; do it cheeafuttu; and do it un eZft hZi , Hy 6tnceae beit ict6he foa a happu, 6uccet6fuZ, and fauiti,uZ Life to each and eveay one of you. MR. GEORGE LOVVDER, Senior Housemaster MR. REED K. TAYLOR, Administrative Assistant MR. EDMUND K. LEWIS, Technical-Vocational Principal 12 acuityracuityiacuiiyiacuityracuityracuityracuiiyracuityiacuj ultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfi :yfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacj facultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacul cultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyj Ityfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyf lyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfaj facultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfaci acultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultj ultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyf; lyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfaj y ' facultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfaci acultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfaculi ultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfj ;yfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfa( facultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacu ltyfacu ltyfacultyfacul Ityf acuity! cultyfacult Ityfacultyfa : facultyfaci I acultyfacult : ultyfacultyf tyfacultyfac “Set thy heart on books. Would that I might make thee to love books more than thy mother, that I might put their beauty before thine eyes. It is greater than any profession.” 2nd kingdom of Egypt, from Never Say Die facultyfaj icultyfac altyfacul yfacultyfj facultyfa I facultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacul cultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyj : Ityfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfc I yfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfai I facultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacuj icultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacult; i ultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfJ I yfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacj ; facultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacuj I icultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfacultyfaculi Mrs. Gwen Johnson Mr. Glenwood Jordan I I i Mrs. Joanne Phillips Miss Doris MacCarthy Miss Kathleen McCarthy Mr. Peter Finn Mr. Frank M. Kotchin Mr. Robert Mitchell Mr. Harry Mitchell Mr. Perley H. Thompson Mr. James Kelly Mr. Alan Duckworth SOCIAL STUDIES Dr. Charles B. Arthur, Head of Department Mr. Arthur T. Burroughs Mr. John Cotter 16 MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Mrs. Maria Armstrong Miss Grace R. Jerardi Mrs. Marion K. Fitzpatrick Mrs. Nanci Ortwein Miss Tobie Tarlow Miss Judith Williams -» m-f Miss Doris Withers MUSIC Miss Ilene Link Mr. Ralph S. Giobbe Mrs. Helen E. Stockman Mrs. Elizabeth Wolf Mr. L. Hassler Einzig, Head of Department Mr. Richard F. McElhiney Miss Stephania Brendecke Mr. Gerald A. Thebodo 17 Dr. Antonette DiLoreto, Head of Department BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mr. Richard Collomb Mrs. Marion Kennedy Mrs. Mary Dolan Mrs. Gladys LeBlanc Mr. Wilham McCarthy Mrs. Mary Miller Mr. John P. Ligor Mr. John F. Britt, Jr. Mrs. Marguerite Burke Mr. Humbert Oliveira Miss Glenna Kelly Mrs. Muriel Healy Mr. Peter J. Leone A.V Mrs. Edith Phinney Miss Mary N. Thompson Mr. Ralph E. Bevins, Mr. Harold B. Fairbanks Head of Department Mr. Dale Midgely PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Charles Fagone, Head of Department, Co-head of Adult Ed. Miss Portia Skandalis Miss Marie Spagnuolo Mr. Robert C. Hill Mr. William F. Lowder, Director of Athletics Mr. Charles Tucker Mrs. Christine Fiorenza Miss Mary F. McDonough Miss Marilyn Steele Miss Barbara Stewart 19 TECHNICAL-VOCATIONAL Mr. Norman R. Jacobsen Mr. Stephen Casassa, Tool Room (Auto) Mr. Myles Heaton Mr. Frederick J. Maloof Mr. Malcolm L. Allen Mr. Leslie Ball Mr. Anthony Coppola Mr. Francis V. Kirk Mr. William Delaney Mr. Eugene Doherty Mr. Martin Lane Mrs. Lucy D. Perry Mr. Robert J. Brennan Mr. Louis Galante Mr. Robert J. Lavery Mr. James Tenanova 20 MANUAL ARTS Mr. Ralph M. Warren Mr. Joseph Alpert Mr. Jeremiah Driscoll Mr. William McGovern Mr. Robert J. Withers Mr. Paul Bradbury Mr. Bruce Larson Mr. Ronald Whitmore Mr. Charles Kornik Mr. Frank L. Prusik t Mr. Eugene Brogan Mr. Ralph F. Gioiosa, Head of Department, Co-head of Adult Ed. Mr. Ray Civilli Mr. Dominic Luongo +R.1.P. 21 Miss Mary O’Connell, Head of Department Mrs. Barbara Brown Mrs. Gail Collins ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mr. Joel Beckwith Mrs. Lois Beckwith Mrs. Ann Couser Miss Ann Cutler Miss Susan Belote Mr. John R. Byrne Mrs. Sally Dorenbusch Miss Nancy Burns O ' ) Miss Barbara Doughty Mrs. Ahna Gallagher Miss Eileen Healy Mrs. Sarah Lamstein Miss Agnes V. Hurley Miss Priscilla Monahan Mrs. Frances Maciula Mrs. Mary Jane McCarthy Mr. Carl Hendrickson Mr. Paul Jenney Mrs. Ruth Gatti Mr. Charles Gordon Miss Barbara Gorman Mrs. Mary McMahon Mrs. Terry Portner 23 Miss Mary Sagan Mrs. Sylvia Saslow Miss Pauline Schiel Miss Myrna Serfilippi Miss Patricia Trainor Mr. Thomas Trevisani Mrs. Helen Bergkuist Mrs. Sandra G. Gardiner Mrs. Roberta Homer NURSES Mrs. Mary Barry Mrs. Barbara Conroy Miss Dorothy McClure, Director of Food Service 24 LATIN DEPARTMENT Mr. Ralph McEleainey, Head of Department Mrs. Dorothy Goldkrand Miss Elizabeth Gowell HOME ECONOMICS Miss Florence E. Forsyth, Head of Department Miss Marilyn Flint Mrs. Lois S. Pharris Mrs. Kathleen Ellingsen Mrs. Martha Loftus Mrs. Thelma Sonnichsen Mrs. Pauline L. Wade Miss Catherine King Miss Mae R. Truvedson Mrs. llmi S. Jones Miss Sheila Shapiro Miss Catherine Yowell 25 MATH DEPARTMENT Miss Virginia M. Hutchinson, Head of Department Mr. Edward Bradbury Mr. James Brown Mr. James A. Cavalieri Mr. Robert Committo Mr. Robert Commins Mr. Joseph D’Alelio Mr. James DeVellis Mr. Richard Hall Mr. Cecil V. Howell Miss Ann Milford Miss Elaine Panagopoulos Mr. Richard Paul Mrs. Karen Plott Mrs. Rita Smith 26 LIBRARIANS Mrs. Nan Smitherman Miss Winnifred Wohllebe Mrs. Signe Hynson GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Miss E. Christine Norwood, Director Mrs. Ruth Lepie Mrs. Antoinette Potter Mr. Arthur L. Tuohy, Asst. Director Mrs. Eleanor Byam Miss Kathleen Carney Mr. Wilham E. Croke Mr. Vincent D’Antona Miss M. Patricia Fallon Mrs. Mora C. Rawlings Mr. Allan Winecour SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Raymond Kroll, Co-head of Dept. Mr. Richard L. Miller, Mr. Arthur Botelho Mr. Bradford Clough Co-head of Dept. Mr. John Cody Mr. Clarence Faulk Mr. George House Mr. Donald J. Manning Mr. Harry Meserve Mr. John O’Conner Mr. Joseph Papandrea Mrs. Rose Picone SPECIAL PROGRAMS Mrs. Genevieve J. Humphrey Mr. John Lennon Mr. Harold Sheldrick SECRETARIES Mrs. Gertrude Baldwin Mrs. Joan L. Brescia Mrs. Mary Camerlengo Mrs. Patricia Carey Mrs. Catherine Cecere Miss Patricia Costley Mrs. Helen Dutton Mrs. Margaret M. Downey Miss Elizabeth Ferrarini Mrs. Ruth Keeffe Mrs. Genevieve Myles Mrs. Jacqueline O’Flaherty Mrs. Lois Roy Mrs. Gilberte Wharton Mrs. Marilyn White 29 c ' liviiicSaCUVllicsaciiviiicsi .lVlllcsal;uvlllcsa ;llVlllcsaulIVlllcsa ctivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivi activitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesacti sactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesacti ;sactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesa( ;iesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesa( :iesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivities! itiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiey ivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiel ivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitil tivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivi activitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivi activitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactr jsactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesact I iesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesac :iesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivities3 itiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesi i ' itiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivities ivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitk tivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivil ctivitiesactivitiesacti activitiesactivitiesac Spheres of Action.” Lord Granville ivitiesactivitiesactivi tivitiesactivitiesactiv sactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesacti ;sactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesai aesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesi tiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitie! i ' itiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitie ivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiey ivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitkl activitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivi activitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesacti :sactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesactivitiesa( UNQTON MEDIA CENTER ipwp- STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right: T. Nee, S. Borthwick, P. Mucci, M. Tacito, J. Teeven; S. C. Officers. To hear the typical student talk about the Student Council, you would think he had never heard of all the successful activities they have sponsored as well as the student demands they have effected. Perhaps their most lasting contribution is their accepted revision of the school Dress and Youth codes. The Student Council has sponsored many other activities as well, such as their annually enthusiastic Teacher’s Tea, their new Wear Anything Day, which was wildly successful, their Christmas Dance, their Christmas Welfare project as well as their paperback book drive for the boys in Vietnam, their second annual dating game, hosted by Mr. Trevisani, their April Dance, their Donkey Basketball game, their . . . Headed up by Paul Mucci for the past two years, and advised by Mr. Commins, the council is ‘enthusiastic and willing to work” (who could ever forget those talks by the homeroom representatives!), and will probably be best remembered for the live turkey they contributed to the Thanksgiving game. Pictured are: E. Abruzzese, C. Brillante, I. Bucewick, S. Buonomo, J. Carvello, G. Gagosian, R. Churchill, J. DiStefano, J. Erlandson, A. Geremonte, R. lappini, M. Kezerian, R. Leone, S. MacQueston, M. Marino, E. Morgan, A. Mucci, R. Ofria, M. O’Neil, A. Pidano, B. Savage, M. Serpa, L. Smith, M. Tobin; S.C. Committee Chairmen. Pictured are: J. Aiken, R. Bertocci, S. Borthwick, S. Buonomo, M. Caccavaro, J. Carvello, Mr. Commins, C. Contos, A. Davis, S. Davis, T. Deveaux, J. DiStefano, G. Gagosian, K. Hasler, M. He aly,T. Heaslip, J. Kelly, P. Kelly, R. Kiefer, J. Marcantonio, J. Mello, E. Morgan, P. Mucci, A. Murray, T. Nee, R. Ofria, P. Orphanos, C. Sandberg, R. Simeone, B. Smith, M. Sullivan, M. Tacito, J. Teeven, K. Tobin, P. Wyne; S.C. Homeroom Representatives. ALLIED YOUTH Allied Youth is one club which places a great deal of emphasis on the private responsibility of the individual. The purpose of A.Y. is to prove that the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is not necessary for the enjoyment of social events. Through films and talks A.Y. demonstrates the harmful effects of such stimulants; and through planned events, the club proves you can have a good time without the use of alcohol and drugs. But the decision to use these stimulants rests at all times with the individual. The activities of A.Y. take the members all over the country. A kick-off dance at the West, and the perennial candy sale were aimed at earning money for the trip to the annual International Conference, this year at Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania. After their Christmas party at a local orphanage,’s sponsored a square dance and an auction. In April, they went to the Regional Conference in Winooski, Vermont. The year ended with the closing ban- quet and installation of officers, but the friends’s have made will be permanent reminders of the fun they had in the club. Pictured are: A. Blomquist, K. Blomquist, P. Brennan, C. Brown, F. Carr, J. Demas, J, Gotsell, P. Hennessey, S. Hilferty, J. Konick, J. Lennon, R. Lucarelli, S. Oppedisano, A. Pidano, T. Prior, G. Provenzano, T. Puppo, W. Quan, D. Smith, P. Sullivan, P. Toulopoulos, R. Winter; Miss Hutchinson, At visen CHRONICLE Delete Avoid armpits Wrong font Avoid rivers of type No naked headlines Tombstones should be eliminated These are just a few examples of the journalistic jargon which can be heard outside Room 75 daily. Under the direction of Miss Cutler and editor-in-chief Jeanne Erland- son, the Chronicle editors have been learning the correct journalistic procedures which have enabled them to improve and remodel the Chronicle. Despite technical problems, the editors always seemed to put the paper together and beat deadlines. One of those problems included stuffing seven people in a Cougar with bucket seats in order to reach the publisher in time to lay- out the paper. Realizing the odds the editors worked against, all of us should greatly appreciate their efforts. Jeanne Erlandson, Editor-in-Chief Pictured are: D. Donatio, J. Erlandson, N. Floreen, B. Fratello, R. Leone, E. Marshall, K. Muello, A. Pidano, E. Rizzo, W. Shaw, M. Stacey, P. Toulopolos. 34 SKI CLUB The A.H.S. Ski Club, formed by a group of enthusiastic skiers, was organized to draw together students who are interested in skiing and want to learn more about the sport. After a successful trip to Waterville Valley, the club mem- bers were better prepared to cope with their second trip to Loon Mountain. Although few attended, the skiers enjoyed uncrowded slopes, excellent conditions and fine chilly weather. Two more trips to Gunstock and Mt. Snow rounded out the year with only the usual lacerations, and contusions (although the major accidents were the occasion- al pairs of split pants). Under the new adviser, Mrs. Maciula, the five officers (Carlo Brillante, Chris Barnstead, Joan DiStefano, Tom Heaslip, and Carolyn Powers) have spent long hours plan- ning the trips, and longer hours convincing the members that it’s a “pleasant” bus ride to the towering mountains of the North! A unique extra of the 1969 club is the fine music from the back of the bus, compliments of the “Ski Club Glee Club”! Left to right: K. Bilafer, J. DiStefano, B. Kelley, C. Barnstead, T. Heaslip, C. Brillante, C. Powers, P. Mucci, T. Weikle. 35 F.T.A Pictured are: S. Ching, K. Dapkas, D. Hall, H. Herzog, J. Kelly, J. Neri, D. Nicholl, J. Nigro, E. Nitchie, M. Oliver, P. O’Neil, M. Tuminelli, J. Wood- bury; Mrs. Dorenbusch, All of US have been influenced at some time by one really outstanding teacher, someone who has shown a real concern, someone whom we valued both as a friend and as a guide. The Future Teachers of America is dedicated to preserving this influence. The club has attempted to provide an insiglit into the teaching career to its members througlr such projects as tutoring, apprentice teaching, the Spring Convention, and a trip througlr the Arlington Grammar Schools. Fund-raising activities include bake sales and a Christmas bazaar. The proceeds are given as a gift to a deserving senior who plans to enter the teaching profession. F.H.A. “Educate a woman and you educate a family” is essen- tially the basis for the Future Homemakers of America. The FHA has emphasized their overall goal, “To help individuals improve personal, family, and community living”, througlr various levels of activities. The FHA this year was deeply involved in activities on the state level through hosting the Fall State Meeting of FHA, as well as attending a state training session in October. Moreover, Pam McPherson was State Vice President of Recreation. The FHA was also very active on the community level, collecting food and clothing for a needy family for Christmas, as well as sponsoring talks on several professions. Pictured are: M. Hogan, P. Lee, J. Lewis, L. Lintz, N. McAuliffe, R. Nardone, T. Parragona, L. Wynne. 36 FILM CLUB Especially interested in animation, the members of the Film Club have observed the works of various animation artists such as Norman McCairen, and in turn have com- pleted two animated films of their own, synchronized with their own music soundtrack. Other projects have been time lapse photography of clouds, as well as a film compiled of fast flashes of advertising. OPEN FORUM A new club this year is the Open Forum, whose commend- able purpose is to discuss issues of local, state, national, and international significance. Througlr moderated open sessions concerning topics chosen by the members, the club at- tempts to prevent student apathy by arousing true interests in public affairs. The club has been concerned with such relevant issues as the draft, welfare, the Vietnam conflict, the new administration, the electoral college, the voting age Back Row: M. Moranian, H. Hintlian, J. DiStefano, R. McCall, T. Weikle, D. Grant. Front Row: K. Lintz, B. Keller, W. Shaw, B. Kelley, K. Keshishian, E. Kelleher. 37 LATIN CLUB Meticulously dressed in immaculate togas (“you just throw them on”), the Latin Club members, fourth year Latin students, meet twice a month in Room 26. Among the traditional activities they indulge in are visits to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the fall and spring. But the most eagerly anticipated event is the annual Roman banquet, where members put into practice the old Roman customs they have been learning all year long. Amid the splendor of the ancient empire sits a new figure, Mr. McElearney, (best known for his old Roman saying: How many meatballs did you eat at lunch today, Caesar?” “Et tu. Brute?”), who has already gained the respect and admiration of the members. Pictured are: J. Bertagna, D. Carey, M. Corcoran, P. Curtin, N. Floreen, K. Gratto, R. Power, R. Pyne, E. Rizzo, M. Ronan, D. Sakey, L. Taccini, M. Thayer, P. Welch, Mr. R. McElearney, Aiii ' se -. 38 SCIENCE CLUB Pictured are: P. Brennan, R. D’Aveni, S. Frazier, M. Gonyea, K. Hughes, J. Kleban, A. Pidano, K. Savio, S. Stockman. Contrary to appearances, those mysterious shadowy figures on top of AHS at niglit are not performing investiga- tions of some ancient art of black magic. These dedicated students are members of the Astronomy group, one of the many subgroups which together form the Science Club. There is also a meteorology group which operates the AHS weather station, a ham radio group arranging for the license and opening of an AHS radio station, and other groups interested in oceanography and physics. In conjunction with science classes’ subject matter and club members’ interests, the Science Club has invited vari- CHESS CLUB “Queen to black King three— Check.” “King to white Queen one.” “Rook to black Rook one— Checkmate!” This is the sort of conversation you might hear wafting gently through the air outside Room 5 every day after school. You are listening to two members of the Chess Club finishing up a game. Under the guidance of Miss Panagopoulis (who learned how to play chess this year) and club presi- dent Tom Molloy, the group meets every day after school. Qn Fridays the chess team participates in matches with other schools, and generally places higli in the chess league. ous speakers and has held a bi-weekly film festival. The club, through the efforts of Mr. Botelho and Mr. Clough, has also maintained ties with the Boston Museum of Science, the Harvard Qbservatory and Aquarium, and Symmes Hospital, with field trips to these various institutions. The club has also tried to relate scientifically the interests of enjoyment and money, resulting in success in both their car wash and their winter carnival. The major project of the year, as always, the Science Fair, offers fun and competition, with valuable preparation for the state and regional fairs. Pictured are: J. Ampolo, D. Call, J. Langer, T. Langer, R. Leone, E. Marshall, T. Molloy, M. O’Loughlin. 39 DRAMATICS CLUB Pictured are: M. Abruzzese, J. Achom, K. Baldwin, L. Kelley, C. McMahon, A. Pidano, S. Nason, M. Thayer, C. Bartholomew, K. Blomquist, M. Corcoran, L. Fereshetian, N. Williams, E. Williams, S. Wironen, Mrs. ?oitnei, Adviser. Floreen, D. Clines, J. Gricus, J. Gustaff, S. HUferty, B. The production of a play such as Life With Father, pre- sented by the Drama Club in the fall of 1968, is fraught with more dangers than you’d expect. The problems ranged from teaching Father (portrayed by a magnificently mus- tachioed Peter Avery) to play tiddley-winks to an extremely lively seven-year old Harlan (Joey Gustaff) who managed to swallow a tooth in the middle of the third act. But with the polished acting of Cheryl McMahon as the peacemaking mother; Mike Abruzzese, Mike O’Loughlin and Richard Zaslow as the three other sons; Ellen Estram, Priscilla Sherburne, Barb Thunell, Jan Konick and Barbara Kelley as a progression of nervous servants; Steve Nason as Dr. Humphreys and Steve Wilson as Dr. Somers; Debbie Quayle as Cora; Susan Hilferty as Mary Skinner; and Karl Baldwin as the sanctimonious Reverend Dr. Lloyd, the production went without a hitch. Througli the efforts of the new director Mrs. Portner and the new student director Joan Gustaff, this appealing depictation of a soft-hearted Victo- rian tyrant who rules his family with an iron fist and “still manages to stay two jumps behind” was enthusiastically appreciated. 40 PEP CLUB Pictured are: S. Borthwick, J. Carvello, L. DiNatale, J. Fallon, L. Giovanangelo, J. Kelly, M. Stacey, M. Tobin, Club Officers. Those junior and senior girls you’ve been seeing running around th e school dressed alike in maroon sweaters and maroon checked grey culottes are members of one of the most successful new clubs at AHS, the Spirit Club. Popu- larly known as AEX, the club is composed of 150 junior and senior boys and girls, ably directed by Mrs. Maciula and Mrs. Ortwein, and headed up by none other than John Carvello. Each member is required to wear a uniform of red and grey, and as a group they are an impressive cheering squad at games. Created to improve school spirit, AEX has sponsored some of the most enthusiastic pep rallies of the year. Who could ever forget Tiny Tim and those Weymouth football players? During the Christmas season the Spirit Club spon- sored a Holiday Door Decorating Contest, which really did put everyone in a holiday mood. And all througli the year the club sold spirit ribbons to show school-wide support for the team before a game. Back Row: W. Corbett, K. Surabian, D. Glines, S. Foley. Middle Row: E. Ackerman, S. Dickie, H. Hintlian, L. DiNatale, S. Borthwick, J. Mulligan, Mrs. Maciula, Front Row: C. Akins, M. Stacey, J. Carvello, W. Fallon, J. Kelly, L. Giovananrelo. 41 DEBATING CLUB Pictured are: P. Ahern, H. Cantrell, L. Fereshetian, V. Pres.; R. Grass!, J. Gricus, D. Harding, R. Leone, J. Murray, J. Murray, R. Pass, Pres.; A. Volpe, Sec.-Treas. The Debating Club, advised by Mr. Hendrickson, experi- mented with several new forms of organization this year. The first half of the year the club was headed by Randy Pass, and debate was organized in the traditional manner of sharply formal positive and negative positions. The second half of the year, lead by Lise Gelineau, was devote d to a more relaxed debate-discussion format wherein one member presented his views and debated them with the entire club. At the end of a year of experimentation the Debating Club will assess the results and choose the fomi it feels best suits the needs of rational discussion today. ART CLUB A typical Art Club meeting was a wild birthday party in December for the adviser. Miss Finberg. The members celebrated with a Texas-shaped birthday cake, rock music and the Christmas decorations in the room. In such a casual atmosphere, the Art Club experiments with different kinds of artistic expression, such as melted crayon drawings and abstract paintings. Trips to places like Walden Pond enable the members of the club to capture the beauty of nature on canvas. In the spring, the club presents its annual art exhibit and this year a boutique also. Pictured are: P. Ahern, W. Cranford, A. McDermott, M. Olson, B. Savage, B. Shimkas, V. Souza, A. Swanson, T. Weikle. 42 CIVIL RIGHTS Pictured are: M. Auditore, K. Blomquist, M. Corcoran, S. Friberg, C. Gilmore, K. Griffith, J. Kleban, J. Malatesta, K. MueUo, J. Neri, D. Nicholl, P. O’Neil, A. Pidano, K. Savio, E. Widder, Pres.; Mrs. Lamstein, Adviser. After hearing a talk on program suggestions by Mrs. Paul Doress, Chairman of the Educational Committee of the Arlington Civil Rights Committee, the Civil Riglits Club decided to broaden the scope of their interests to include human civil rights. The club has been involved in attempting to improve black-white relationships. By sponsoring movies and discus- sions, notably the NET film “New Mood” and a forum on “Black and White”, the members have endeavored to recog- nize personal prejudices. Under the auspices of the Elizabeth Peabody House in Somerville, many members have tutored culturally deprived children. AUDIO VISUAL Pictured are: E. Allen, L. Austin, J. Bernard, T. Biscoe, D. Garside, R. Hart, S. Hatch, P. Hauser, W. Hefler, J. Pacheco, F. Prestejohn, Mr. Midgely, Adviser. In following their interest in student civil rights, the club has agitated for curriculum changes. New courses, prefera- ably in the social sciences, would be tauglit by graduate students from neigliboring universities. There is now a half- year course in Afro-American history tauglit by a doctoral candidate from a nearby university. The club hopes to reduce censorship of school publica- tions. They also intend to send a collection of much-needed educational books to Zambia. The club has aroused much interest this year through the enthusiastic leadership of Mrs. Sarali Lambstein, the adviser, and Edie Widder, the president. The members of the Audio-Visual Club have a hard job. They have to arrive at school to prepare the audio-visual materials teachers will need each day when most students are just climbing out of bed. The experience they gain, however, in such fields as photography, film production and development, graphics and design, and video-tape showing is valuable. 43 GIRLS’ CLUB Back Row: P. Toland, K. Coffey, K. August, M. Glover, Miss Finberg, Adviser. Front Row: C. Destremps, D. Sullivan, L. Jones, K. Hasler, C. Vouros, E. Fitzpatrick. BEDFORD VOLUNTEERS How many clubs do you know that have sponsored a student-faculty basketball game, a speaker from a fashion house, a Christmas party for 13 Arlington welfare children, and one for the Hillside Nursing Home, attended a confer- ence and slumber party at the Y.W.C.A., planned a week- end in Marshfield, made a spring trip to Montreal, spon- sored a semi-formal, and conducted several fund-raising projects in one year? The Senior Girls’ Club, sponsored by the Y.W.C.A., enthusiastically directed by Miss Finberg and Miss Spagnuolo, aided by Miss Barbara Morton from the Y.W.C.A., and headed up by Linda Jones, has been busy all year planning and carrying out all these activities. Organizing 1 10 junior and senior girls is not easy, but with the help of a six member cabinet and a monthly newsletter published by Jane Phillips and Diane Nicholl, the club manages bi-weekly meetings and numerous projects and manages them well. The Junior Girls’ Club is part of the whole organization, but separate in leadership and in some activities. On their own they have sponsored a model from the Carol Nash Agency, a dance, a car wash, and a trip to Perkins’ Institute for the Blind. Judging by the results, the Girls’ Club’s attempts as a link between the school and the community have certainly been successful. Arlington High School was one of the first schools in the area to participate in the youth volunteer program at Bedford Veterans Administration Hospital. Students from our school joined with students from surrounding commu- nities in providing essential social services for the men and women patients at the hospital. They write letters, read to the patients, work in the occupational therapy unit and, in general, do any work that will relieve the overburdened staff of the hospital. Our students have volunteered for a three hour tour of duty every Monday afternoon. The program has been coordinated by Mr. Taylor, the Admin- istrative Assistant of the higli school. The work our students perform has great therapeutic value and their weekly tour of duty is looked forward to most eagerly by the patients. It is their one chance to associate with the youth of the community and the patients derive great pleasure from this association. This service organization is one of the most beneficial groups in the high school. Mr. Reed K. Taylor, Adviser to the Bedford Volunteer Program at Arlington High School. 44 MATH TEAM LIBRARY CORPS Back Row: D. Mayerson, R. Pass, R. Leone. Front Row: K. Koumjian, M. Thayer, K. Kalustian. Considering the problems most of us have in math, the people talented enougli to participate in the Math Team seem quite impressive. Doing math homework all night is a bother, but it is incomparable to being given ten minutes to answer three difficult problems concerning algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or word problems. The team, advised by Miss Wohllebe, consists of five students for each meet chosen from a group of seven. Arlington competes in four meets a year in one division of the Greater Boston Math League which includes Arlington Catholic, Lexington, Winchester, Stoneham, Concord-Car- lisle, Lawrence, and Haverhill. Those students you see checking out books, organizing cards and filing books in the Senior or Freshman Library are members of the active Library Corps headed this year by Mary Ronan. Not only do they help Mrs. Hynson, Mrs. Potter, and Mrs. Lepie with the mundane work of the library, but they also completely plan and execute the year- ly Book Fair, this year highly successful in its African Safari theme. The corps usually ends its year with a wild club outing and its annual gift to the library. Pictured are: M. Abruzzese, M. Corcoran, L. Fereshetian, P. Fernandez, J. Guptill, J. Guptill, C. Hayden, K. Hoar, M. Luther, V. Nahabedian, M. Ronan, P. Sopas. 45 MAIN OFFICE ASSISTANTS Pictured are: L. Anderson, H. Cantrell, E. Chisholm, S. K. Maresca, E. Martin, S. Mercandetti, J. Mulligan, N. Donahue, S. Erickson, C. Fallon, 1. Ganczaruk, M. Glover, D. Mulligan, C. Oppedisano, D. Poynton,T. Puppo, M. Scaglione, Hayes, J. Hayes, M. Healey, K. Judge, C. Kennedy, M. Lyons, G. Segelstrom, D. Simons. Probably one of the least known but most important institutions at A.H.S. is the Office Assistants. The girls perform invaluable services and help in manifold ways in the Housemasters’ Offices, the Guidance Department, and even in the head bastion of the school, the Main Office. They perform such diverse services as bringing discipline slips to persons rebellious to the Establishment, filing documents in cabinets, placing mail in the mail room, and collecting daily attendance records. The girls help A.H.S. to run more smoothly thanks to their numerous efforts. 46 GUIDANCE OFFICE ASSISTANTS Left to Right: K. Blomquist, S. Ching, M. Downing, C. Bennos, E. Burke, M. Caccavaro, E. Smith. HOUSEMASTERS’ OFFICE ASSISTANTS Pictured are: K. Ahem, M. Ahern, E. Alexis, K. August, J. Bond, E. Brogan, C. Brown, S. Brown, L. Gammon, P. Cameron, M. Ching, D. CipoUe, R. Clay, P. Colliton, B. Corbett, P. Curtin, D. Donatio, N. Dovidio, S. Foley, L. Forristall, K. French, 1. Geanisis, K. Giallongo, S. Grazziano, J. Hannafin, S. Howe, B. Iceton, M. Judge, M. Keller, D. Kirkland, P. Kreuz, K. Leamard, P. Linehan, P. MacKenzie, B. MacQueston, R. McCall, C. McCarthy, P. McPherson, C. Morello, J. Mulligan, N. MuUigan, C. Sandberg, L. Sandman, S. Shaw, R. Stephenson, C. Thompson, P. Toulopoulos, D. Union, J. Whitney. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB Pictured are: M. Balzer, L. Boyd, C. Fallon, L. McDonough, Club Officers. If you like to sing, are willing to give up two studies a week, and don’t mind Mr. Thebodo’s miserable puns, then you are a potential member of the Girls’ Glee Club. The members sing anything from “Matchmaker” of Fiddler on the Roof to Russian folk music, and they enjoy every minute of it. GIRLS’ CHOIR Girls’ Choir is composed of a group of girls who give up three studies a week to practice under the direction of Mr. McElhiney. The result is several enjoyable Christmas Assemblies, an exchange concert, and a really excellent performance at the annual Spring Concert. The type of music they perform is not easy either, composers range from Koday to Randall Thompson to Langden Hughes to DeGong to Houston Briglit. If f ' ®i c -I 5 u lis ii Pictured are: C. Akins, M. Auditore, R. Bertocci, B. Bilinkiewicz, S. Borthwick, P. Brennan, D. Brooks, N. Brown, M. Cain, S. Dickie, K. Gratto, P. Hauser, E. Kalustian, J. Kelly, P. Kreuz, S. Long, J. Malatesta, K. Muello, J. Mulligan, J. Nelson, P. Nelson, M. Oliver, D. O’Neill, L. Romanowski, B. Savage, M. Stacey, B. Truelson. 48 Left to Right: J. Ampolo, N. Floreen, R. Sexton, A. Pidano, M. Thayer. NATIONAL MERIT . . . SEMI FINALISTS LETTERS OF COMMENDATION Third Row: E. Rizzo, R. Leone, R. Pyne, K. Savio, T. Faiola, W. Shaw. Second Row: D. Grant, M. Gonyea, P. Brennan, J. Erlandson, K. Muello, B. Fratello. First Row: M. Corcoran, C. Bryant, M. Ronan, K. Blomquist. 49 Back Row: D. Percival, D. Poynton, P. Whitney, B. Smith, A. Murray, B. Karagianis, J. Valente, L. Ham, K. Judge, C. Fiorenza. Center: P. CoUiton, T. Bottoni, Co-captains. CHEERLEADERS Probably the prettiest if not the most talented squad in years, the cheerleaders of the 1968-69 season are the most original group yet. The organization and appearance of the cheerleaders have been changed and improved; from their marvelous new uniforms to the reorganized squad (six sen- iors and six juniors), new precision cheering, and newly formed JV squad. The cheerleaders have presented an image of innovation. The JV squad is something totally new— and they added to the Thanksgiving game and pep rally as well as the JV football games. They’ve even created some of their own cheers! Under the lively direction of Teresa Bottoni and Pat Colliton, advised by Miss Steele, the cheerleaders have devoted an immense part of their time to practicing for the games. The cheers may look effortless, but it takes three niglits a week during summer vacation, and one day a week during school (every day during rally and competition time) just to get in practice to cheer at all the football, hockey, and home basketball games, as w ' ell as the rallies. 50 MAJORETTES Back Row: E. Morgan, C. Sandberg, D. Kirkland, K. Leahy, G. Segelstrom, K. Kelly, D. Carey, J. Schnare, M. Marchetti, J. Breen, C. Vouros. Center: B. Iceton. Presenting one of the longest and most complicated half- time entertainments of all the surrounding towns is not easy. The majorettes meet three times a week during the summer and every day after school during the football season just to get ready. (You can watch their practice in the corridor outside M-2 if you don’t mind getting bonked with a flying baton every so often.) Barbara Iceton, the leader of the group, feels that a half- time show presented by the majorettes is “expected at a football game”. From the general reaction of the crowd, you can tell it’s not only expected, it’s looked forward to. SAMETTES Third Row: D. Shaw, D. Cataldo, C. Akins, S. MacQueston, D. HaU, P. Nardone. Second Row: D. Kalafatas, L. Smith, D. Murray, F. Ciampi, M. Travers, E. Travers, Mrs. Bertagna. First Row: B. Savage, M. Ciampi, B. MacQueston, P. Hauser, E. Mochi, P. Kreuz, J. Ferreira, N. Toscano. Arlington seems to be the only high school which has a group such as the Samettes performing at their football games and pep rallies, as well as in the Veterans’ Day and Patriots’ Day parades. Composed of twenty girls ranging from freshman to senior, the Samettes voluntarily give up their Tuesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings for practice. Their routines, which take about a week to learn, are directed by Mrs. Bertagna. The Samettes have grown to know her as “strict, but lots of fun to work with.” As the head of the Samettes, Marilyn Ciampi speaks for all of them when she says, “Although the work is hard and the practices sometimes inconvenient, the spirit of the Samettes is wonderful, and the feeling you get from working together is great.” 51 ORCHESTRA The 1968-69 orchestra is undoubtedly the most outstand- ing in recent years. Six members were selected to perform in the Northeast Music Festival, and the entire orchestra was selected to participate in the state NMEA convention in Plymouth. A phone call from Amherst lead to the orches- tra’s appearance in a string clinic held at the University of Massachusetts. Nevertheless, the group still found time for the annual Gilbert and Sullivan show, (this year “lolantlip”), and the Spring Concert. The taste in music of Mr. Thebodo had to be commended; the orchestra played pieces by Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, and Sammartini, as well as several more contemporary composers. A recent development in the music department is the Woodwind Trio. Started during the summer, Mr. Thebodo, Carol Bryant, and Dorothy Grant have played recorder- flute-bassoon trios at several adult education classes, as well as during sixth period for their personal enjoyment. CAFETERIA STAFF Second Row: A. Starkey, M. Hoyt, L. Fiorenza, P. O’Connell, D. Duggan, M. Cabeceiras. F rsf ?ow; H. Darcy, J. Costa, E. Riebero, P. DiDonato, H. O’Shaughnessy, H. EUingwood, R. Mari. 52 CONCERT BAND As the football season closed, the concert band season opened, finding the usual forty select musicians ready to perform. Mr. Thebodo’s choice of music included several extremely difficult selections, even a twelve-tone piece for tape-recorder and band. The band did not overlook the usual classical pieces while managing to include genuine crowd-pleasers. In addi- tion to tire annual Spring Concert, the band per- formed in a joint Wakefield-Arlington concert under the sponsorship of former AHS band director, Mr. Laman. And, as usual, exchange concerts and assem- blies filled out the program of the concert band. CUSTODIAL STAFF Pictured are: Messrs. Deeb, Dovidio, Daley, Hardy, Towle, Kangas, Cimino, Browne. 53 GILBERT AND SULLIVAN Pictured are: M. Auditore, R. Bertocci, K. Blomquist, S. Leone, J. Malatesta, M. Marino, E. Marshall, D. Mayerson, K. Borthwick, J. Breen, N. Brown, B. Cain, S. Canavan, M. Muello, E. Nitchie, D. O’Neill, R. Pass, B. Pomeroy, C. Corcoran, D. Grant, K. Gratto, P. Hauser, E. Kalustian, R. Rogers, S. Smith, M. Szafarz, B. Truelson. “lolanthe” is one of the most difficult of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas to produce. Aside from the problems in transforming a group of higli school girls into light-footed fairies and finding enough boys to convert into a chorus of lords, the musical score and stage actions are difficult in themselves. The rehearsals were long and arduous, even under the patient guidance of Mr. Einzig (“Come on, girls. Do it once more for a poor old man.”). The costumes were so voluminous that you were apt to rip the stupid things to shreds skipping around the stage. By the time April rolled around, you were so sick of that damn routine that you started doing it in your sleep. The week before the show was sheer misery; all the leads had colds and after each rehearsal, the chorus was so tired it tended to drop where it stood. But by some miracle (as it always happens), the club pulled together, and, as usual, the program was a smash. 54 HARMONETTES Left to Right: K. Gratto, D. O’Neill, B. Truelson, S. Borthwick, A. Osborne, S. Smith, J. Malatesta, K. MueUo, R. Bertocci, M. Auditore. Under the somewhat frenzied direction of Mr. McElhiney (“I do more praying in this class.”), the Harmonettes this year, composed of nine seniors and one “wrinkle-browed” sophomore, have put together a more diversified and de- manding program than before. The songs are usually modern, from “Up, Up, and Away” to a madly choreog- raphed “Thoroughly Modern Millie” which leaves most of the Harmonettes gasping for breath. The audiences have been enthusiastic, and as a result the Harmonettes have been asked to perform more than ever before— they sang eleven times between the eleventh and twenty-second of December alone. Perhaps the best reason they sound so good this year is the fact that they have been singing as a group from two to three years. After all, the Harmonettes have stuck together through thick and thin, through toil and turmoil . . . COIN CLUB In September of 1968 several eager numismatists gathered in Room 32 to form an AHS Coin Club. Under the auspices of Mr. O’Connor the members have collected many valuable coins, such as an 1871 proof-ceded Liberty dollar, one of only 950 minted, worth over $300. They have also visited various coin shows in Arlington, Stoneham, Boston and Providence. Even though it concentrates mainly on Ameri- can coins, the club still has had difficulty in acquiring rare coins since few are in circulation. Left to Right: P. McCarthy, J. Ampolo, Mr. O’Connor, Adviser, M. Tomsuden, J. Greco, K. Doyle. 55 YEARBOOK Left to Right: Mr. Trevisani, Adviser, R. Sexton, Editor-in- Chief The dedication and the spirit of the yearbook staff coupled with the experience of the faculty adviser, Mr. Trevisani, were the basic ingredients that made the 1969 Indian. Work on the book was continuous from the summer of 1968 until March of 1969, with a flurry of activity just before deadlines. Not only does the book serve as a record of the class of 1969, but it also captures the exuberance of youth and the anticipation of the future. Pictured are: J. Bertagna, K. Blomquist, B. Fratello, D. Grant, J. Kleban, R. Leone, S. MacQueston, J. Malatesta, K. Muello, E. Rizzo, M. Serpa, R. Sexton, M. Szafarz, M. Thayer, P. Toulopoulos, Mr. Trevisani, J. Wilson. 56 Left to Right: M. Auditore, J. Malatesta, L. Smith, M. Caccavaro, P. Brennan, D. Sakey, M. Gonyea, Proofreading Staff Pictured are: E. Burke, S. Canavan, M. Corcoran, J. Gotsell, A. McDermott, M. Ronan, D. Sakey, M. Serpa, V. Shaughn- essy, M. Zoeller, Biography Staff. Left to Right: A. Barber, J. Crooks, K. Baldwin, Photog- raphers. 57 TECHNICAL-VOCATIONAL In the Technical-Vocational High School, the Student Council is composed of nine members. They are; Louis Angelo, Anthony Bento, Gary Brown, Philip Capogna, Ronald DuLong, Kevin Ferry, Dana Shea, John Wilson, and Richard Winter. These students are selected from each department--Electronics, Machine, and Automotive. Meeting with the Director from time to time, the Council discusses various problems and situations. The students not only present problems affecting their respective trades, but also offer constructive suggestions on matters concerning the whole school. Througlr this exchange of advice and ideas, teachers and students profit by being able to understand each other better. As a direct result of this communication, the Director and faculty can more readily cope with prob- lems as they arise in the shops and laboratories of the school. Arlington Tech students, like other high school students, take course requirements in English, social studies, algebra, geometry, physics, and physical training. Shop and lab work are of major importance and technical students devote 50% of their total time to this type of instruction. This is done by alternating weeks of academic work with weeks of technical training. Mr. Edmund K. Lewis, Technical- Vocational Principal Pictured are: L. Angelo, A. Bento, G. Brown, P. Capogna, R. Dulong, K. Ferry, D. Shea, J. Wilson, R. Winter, Technical-Vocational Student Council. I I ! 58 SCRIBE Pictured are: M. Abnizzese, C. Balyozian, M. Cresse, R. Leone. The staff of The Scribe for 1969 has been busily trying to improve the quality of the magazine rather than to publish a large quantity of issues. Under editor-in-chief, Michael Abruzzese, the staff of five editors has succeeded both in improving the literary quality of the magazine and in perfecting the technical aspects of publishing such a magazine. LAB ASSISTANTS Pictured are: J. Ampolo, G. Bartell, P. Fernandez, E. Kalustian, J. Kostopoulos, J. Lewko, S. MacQueston, T. Molloy, R. Porter, M. Thayer. Besides money and students, lab assistants are a major factor in making life tolerable or even happy for the teach- ers in the Science Department. They do many things well, but their greatest contribution to AHS is that they are fun to be with. 60 MARCHING BAND Third row: D. Wamock, D. Rigby, B. Nelson, N. Manning, J. Jones, S. Anderson, M. Wanamaker, P. Murray, R. Olson, S. Nason, D. Gerrold, P. Avery, J. Perkins, P. Dumas, R. Sexton. Second row: R. Daveni, N. Grant, K. Felmey, D. Grant, B. Cooper, J. Liotine, R. Bibeau, J. LeBrun, S. Collins, C. Bryant, J. Grant, L. Fleming, C. Grant, F. Tassone, J. Desimone. First row: M. Petrowicz, L. Lintz, J. Wright, N. Sateriale, D. Dillon, D. Smith, W. Tinker, M. Sheehan, C. Grant, P. Chambers, L. Lowder, M. Downing, R. CuUey, K. Chin, F. Marrec, C. Rogers, Dnitn Major. Fifty devoted band members have met three times a week this year in order to create the most outstanding marching band in their circuit. Assisted by officers Peter Murray, Carol Bryant, John Liotine, and Dorothy Grant, Bob Olson, and Jeannette LeBrun, Mr. Thebodo and drum major Caleb Rogers turned out a smaller and more compact band unit, which is still undefeated in performance. The music ranged from recent popular hits to Negro spirituals, with the band using the Michigan-State style patterns of motion. The band had a record number of senior class members this year, giving the band a far more polished look than in the past. The Patriot’s Day, Veterans’ Day, and Memorial Day parades benefitted greatly from the band’s appearance. 61 portssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss ssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss tssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssport irtssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssport •rtssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssp •ortssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssfl sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssp! sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss ssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss tssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportj rtssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssport »rtssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspor •ortssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspc: portssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspc sportssportssportssp “Le corps d’lm athlete et I’dme d’un sage, voila ce qu’il faut pour etre heureux . . The body of an athlete and the soul of a wise man, here is what is necessary to be happy. Andre Maurois ssportssportssportssj rtssportssi rtssportss ortssporti ortssport: ' portsspor sportsspo SSpOrtSSpOi laapui issp tssportssportssportssp tssportsspo rtssportssi rtssportssportssportss (rtssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspor (ortssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspo. portssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspq portssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss sportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssl ssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss tssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspori! )rtssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportl )rtssportsspcrtssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportsspa )ortssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportssportss Third Row: T. Deveaux, J. Lyons, W. Hale, M. Marino, E. Cowan, T. Moskaluk, J. Argi, V. Megna, J. Fallon, D. Butler, G. Pichette, S. Gillis, Coach Bevins. Second Row: Coach Burns, M. Sullivan, R. Arnold, R. Powers, R. Duggan, P. Manderino, B. Santini, T. Pandolfo, D. Delay, K. Davison, R. Cuccio, D. Brine, R. Anderson, M. Hughes, Coach Hill. First Row: J. Lynch, C. Barnaby, T. DeRosa, T. Kelly, R. Ofria, G. Kallis, J. Jackson, J. Nigro, R. Baker, P. Flanagan, P. Wyne, K. Place, L. Lyons, B. Quinlan, D. O’Leary, J. Bertagna. FOOTBALL The varsity football team managed to survive a shaky start to finish the season with a respectable record of four wins, four losses, and one tie. Plagued by costly fumbles and interceptions, the squad could win only once in its first six games. Offense seemed to be the mid-season problem, for in one three week period during the season, the team could not fashion a single point while the defense allowed but two touchdowns. But as the season progressed, the Coaches Bevins, Bums, and Hill. offense improved, the defense remained strong, and the team was victorious in its last three games. The team, led by seventeen seniors and co-captains Bobby Baker and Peter Flanagan, displayed the tradi- tional spirit of an Arlington Higli School team. Once again the coaching staff of Mr. Burns, Mr. Bevins, and Mr. Hill is to be praised for their efforts in bringing another satisfying football season to A.H.S. Bob Baker, Pete Flanagan, co-captains. 64 1968 FOOTBALL 65 Pete Flanagan Tom Kelly Dave O’Leary Tony Lyons Pete Wyne Dick Ofria George Kallis Jim Nigro Charlie Barnaby 67 Third Row: F. Agostino, B. Mulcahy, K. Carr, J. Shaughnessy, N. Mahoney, J. Lynch. Second Row: Coach Bums, S. Hoar, P. Flanagan, L. Lyons, D. Brine, J. Bertagna, B. Quinlan, M. Zona, J. Aiken, A. Igo. First Row: J. Ranauro, W. Hale, J. Lyons, K. Davison, T. Deveaux, M. Noonan, Ed Burns. For the second straight year, the varsity hockey team had to settle for second place behind Brookline in the GBI league. The return of thirteen players from last year’s Eastern Mass, champions was not enouglr to dethrone the league champs. However, the record of eleven wins and three losses was good enougli to qualify for the state tour- nament for the twenty-first time in the past twenty-two seasons. Basically a strong defensive team, the squad’s main prob- lem seemed to be scoring. Nevertheless, the team led the league with the most goals scored (61) as well as the least goals scored against (12). Junior Kent Davison led the league in scoring with 22 points. He was followed in the scoring by senior forwards Bernie Quinlan and Tony Lyons. Thougli no Arlington player was named to the first all- star team, Arlington placed the most players on the com- bined three teams. Co-captain Dave Brine and junior Kent Davison were named to the 2nd team. Co-captain Joe Bert- agna along with senior Bernie Quinlan and junior Mark Noonan received third team recognition. HOCKEY Arlington 0 Medford 5 Waltham 11 Rindge Tech 3 Cambridge Latin 4 Newton 3 Brookline 8 Somerville 1 Medford 1 Waltham 5 Rindge Tech 4 Cambridge Latin 4 Newton 1 Brookline 11 Somerville Opponent 1 2 0 0 0 1 2 2 0 0 1 1 2 0 J Coach Burns Bernie Quinlan Joe Bertagna Tony Lyons SENIORS Dave Brine Pete Flanagan 70 Coach Burns and Co-captains M. Noonan, P. Flanagan, D. Brine, E. Burns, Defensemen. A. Igo, J. Lynch, Managers. K. Davison, T. Lyons, M. Zona, First Line. J. Lyons, B. Quinlan, T. Deveaux, Second Line. 71 Second Row: Coach Tucker, J. Kostopoulos, B. Driscoll, M. Sullivan, K. Driscoll, T. Kelly, J. Lewko, M. O’Neil, Coach Hill. First Row: P. McCarthy, B. Yunes, J. Nigro, D. O’Leary, R. Cuccio, J. Carvello, R. Krikorian. BASKETBALL Althougli the basketball team was rated to finish higli in the Suburban League, the team finished with a frustrating 4-14 record in the league and a 4-16 record overall. The reason for the disappointing record was a combination of many inadequacies. Despite the poor finish the team re- ceived excellent support from the students and proved to be exciting in their losing effort. There were fine individual performances by Captain Dave O’Leary, Bob Cuccio, John Carvello, and Barry Yunes. O’Leary led the league in scoring for the second consecu- tive year and was elected to the first all-league team. He also became the first player in AHS history to score more than 1000 points in his career. Cuccio, the leading rebound- er, turned in a consistent yearlong perfonnance while averaging over 14 points per game and was rewarded with a third team all-league selection. Carvello and Yunes, the starting guards, were consistent with their defense and play- making with Carvello leading the team in assists and Yunes leading in steals. (Another honor went to Jim Nigro who led the league in personal fouls.) Because of a slow start, the team couldn’t manage to get above .500, but the steady improvement and desire exhib- ited by Coach “Red” Hill’s boys showed the character that is sometimes more important than winning. The seniors graduating from this year’s team are Dave O’Leary, Bob Cuccio, John Carvello, Barry Yunes, Jim Nigro, Kevin Driscoll, Roger Krikorian, and Tom Kelly. Returning next year are Paul McCarthy, Bernie Driscoll, Mark Sullivan, Jim Kostopolous, and Joe Lewko. ) ) 72 CROSS COUNTRY First Row: D. Baldwin, R. Matson, P. Picazzio, P. Chase, M. Ceurvels, M. McDermott, S. Fitzgerald, T. Heaslip, M. Miller, R. Proctor, T. Gennis. Second Row: 1. Swanson, T. Lynch, G. Vonner, N. Graydon, S. Robart, J. Paolillo, P. Flynn, P. Corchrane, S. Hopkins, W. Mahoney, Coach Kelley. Third Row: H. Gennis, R. Repetto, D. Snowdon, R. Fuller, N. Harrington, D. Archabald, R. Spector, W. Jefferson, R. Brower. This year’s cross country teams proved to be the most successful in many years. Led by co-captains Thomas Heaslip and Peter Chase, the varsity runners finished in second place with a record of six wins and one loss. The only loss of the season was inflicted by Newton, the league champs. Other seniors on the team were Harry Gennis, Mike Ceurvels, and Bill MaJtoney. The junior varsity squad also enjoyed a successful season, finishing undefeated to win their division. In the following scores of the varsity meets the least points determine the winner. Arlington 22 Medford Opponent 35 24 Everett 33 31 Newton 24 19 Newton South 48 25 Waltham 36 15 Revere 45 18 Malden 41 74 INDOOR TRACK Coming off last year’s losing record, the indoor track team responded with a fine record of four wins and two losses to finish in a three way tie for second place in the Met league. Coach Kelley’s squad suffered defeats at the hands of league leader Randolph and Milton who, along with Somervelle, also finished in second. Led by nine seniors including captain Mike Ceurvels, the squad showed no signs of the inexperience that plagued them last year. Other seniors on the squad were Bob Baker, Bob Cuccio, Tom Molloy, Tom Heaslip, Pete Scozzari, Pete Wyne, Bill Malioney and Charlie Barnaby. In post-season meets, Arlington was well represented. In the all-league meet, both Mike Ceurvels and Barry Santini placed. While in the state meet, Mike Ceurvels and Paul Manderino qualified, and Paul placed fourth. 75 GYMNASTICS Second Row: Asst. Coach J. Gleason, K. Chin, S. HUferty, S. Catalano, S. Wharton, J. Serson, M. Rosa, Coach Fairbanks. First Row: K. Dionne, B. Allen, R. Dionne, A. Camacho, J. Goshdigian, B. Cronin. Coach Harold Fairbanks has to be congratulated for the job he did with the gymnastic team this season, despite its won-loss record. The team was plagued with injuries and the losses of good gymnasts, yet it still managed to provide the opposition with good competition. Coach Fairbanks will be losing six senior lettermen this year including captain Richard Dionne. Other seniors leaving will be: Arthur Camacho, Kevin Dionne, John Goshdigian, Michael Rosa, David Smith, and Ronnie Winters. If all goes well, next season should be a good one for the gymnastic team. Many promising juniors are returning including John Serson, Stephen Catalano, Brad Allen, Kevin Chin, Stephen Hilferty, Donald Garrity, and Robert Cronin. Sophomore prospects include Peter Saul and Stanley Wharton. Arlington 65 Wakefield Opponent 82 64 Winchester 77 62 Winthrop 78 73 North Reading 86 83 Weymouth 55 79 Watertown 60 67 Brookline 89 63 Newton 88 80 North Quincy 82 76 GIRLS’ FIELD HOCKEY Third Row: Miss McDonough, P. McPherson, E. Kelley, M. Murphy, S. Strelis, J. Feeley, D. Ciarcia, S. Erickson, B. Allen, M. Oliver, E. Geremonte, K. Aheam, S. Borthwick, T. Thompson. Second Row: J. Hayes, E. Fitzpatrick, R. Strelis, D. Getrost, A. Mucci, E. Abruzzese, N. Mahoney, V. Shaughnessy, V. Barnaby, L. DiNatale. First Row: H. Herzog, J. Whitney, R. Reardon, K. Marquis, J. Hoar, C. Belliveau, J. Bryant, J. Flynn. Arlington 3 Brookline Opponent 0 4 Watertown 0 3 Belmont 1 1 Melrose 1 2 Lexington 2 1 Concord 0 0 Winchester 2 2 Newton 1 This year’s field hockey team finished the season victo- riously with a win over Newton, 2-1. Overall, they compiled a record of 5 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties. Co-captains Eileen Abruzzese and Ann Mucci led the team and received the Sportsman’s Club Most Valuable Player Award jointly for their efforts. Other seniors on the team included Mitty Shauglmessy, Ginny Barnaby, Debbie Getrost, Pam McPher- son, Rita Strelis, Marion Oliver, Nanci Malroney, and Holly Herzog. They were joined by three juniors, eleven sopho- mores, and six freshmen. Eileen Abruzzese was the leading scorer with five goals. She was followed by Debbie Getrost and Rusty Murphy with three goals each. Managers of this year’s team were Sue Borthwick and Tina Thompson. Many of the players prepared for the season by attending field hockey camp in Vermont last summer. Seniors who enjoyed this week of practice, playing, and fun were Rita Strelis, Mitty Shaugh- nessy, Nanci Malioney, Ann Mucci, Debbie Getrost, Eileen Abruzzese, and Marion Oliver. Eiglrteen girls played on the “Jayvee” team and produced a record of 3 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie. From their ranks will come next year’s team, which will try to surpass this year’s team. 78 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Co-captains Ginny Barnaby and Debbie Getrost led the 1968-69 basketball team to an amazing record of 8 wins and 1 loss, and then all the way to the finals of the Billerica Invitational Tournament. These two girls broke five Arlington records, including: total points in a season (126); total points in one game (24); field goals in a season (54); field goals in one game (1 1)— all by Debbie, and free throws in a season (28) by Ginny. In addition to this out- standing pair, three other seniors, Ann Mucci, Eileen Abruzzese, and Nanci Mahoney, won letters. In the Tournament, they defeated North Reading, 54-28, North Middlesex 39-21, and Sutton 35-24, but then suffered a heartbreaking loss to Newton 32-31. Ginny Barnaby, Debbie Getrost, and Eileen Abruzzese were named to the All-Tourney team, and the Arlington squad was honored with the Most Sportsmanlike Award. It was an experience not to be forgotten. Because last year’s team was composed mainly of juniors who returned this season, there was a feeling of unity which pervaded the team, and it appeared a cohesive unit in all of its play. The four juniors and one sophomore who were a part of this team certainly deserve a share of the credit for the seasoned performance shown. Arlington 46 Cambridge Latin Opponent 23 53 Melrose 34 42 Stoneham 18 55 Watertown 17 54 Winchester 19 40 Lexington 55 64 Brookline 17 52 Newton South 30 67 Belmont 10 Third Row: S. Gallison, J. Flynn, D. Ciarcia, S. Strelis, E. Geremonte, J. Bryant, J. Duffy. Second Row: D. Hayes, J. Carter, R. Reardon, C. Grant, E. Fitzpatrick, N. Power, A. Keefe, Miss McDonough. First Row: S. Foley, A. Mucci, N. Mahoney, V. Barnaby, D. Getrost, E. Abruzzese, J. Hayes, E. Cooper, M. Glover. 79 11 lui ssciiiui asciiiui ssciiiuTSScTIinRscTl 1 aaCiilUi a»( iorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni niorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorj rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsse eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni iorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior Tsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsse seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenii f niorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorj arsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsse eniorsseniorsse ' „ .i.- j j iiseniorsseni Miiorsseniors orsseniorsse " sseniorsseni eniorssenior liorsseniorsst sseniorsseni rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssen eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni liorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors irsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsse seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseni niorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior orsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss sseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssen eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenio liorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsj »rsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssei seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenij :n i nr s p.n i nrsseni nrs pn i ni ‘you shall above all things be glad and iiorsseniorssem young for if you’re young whatever life irsseniorssenior : you wear it will become you and if you seniorsseniorssi are glad whatever’s living will yourself be- niorsseniorssei, come” orsseniorsse nio cummings Eileen C. Abruzzese Michael A. Accardi Michael Abruzzese David M. Allen Milton Alexis J Jane C. Achorn Marie T. Ahern Patricia F. Ahern Brian C. Adams Manuel F. Amaral 83 Stephen J. Arena Robert A. Anderson Diane G. Andreoli Christine M. Andrews Ronald Andre Bruce Anstey Maria L. Arriaga George R. Ashton Suzanne E. Asselin 84 Nancy J. Astourian Mary M. Auditore Karen A. August Robert R. Baker Peter M. Avery Stephen T. Azarian I I ( I I : I Virginia M. Barnaby Christine A. Barnstead James J. Barrett Kevin J. Barry Gary J. Bartell David A. Basler Joseph L. Battell Paul F. Beauchamp Barbara A. Bell Alan R. Beatrice 86 Joanne L. Bellinghieri Catherine P. Bennos Joyce Bergstrom Charles B. Belluche James A. Benard Anthony J. Bernardo Joseph D. Bertagna Rosalind J. Bertocci William A. Biciocchi Kathleen M. Bilafer 87 Janet M. Breen Henry J. Bradley Sylvia C. Brannen Teresa R. Bottoni I Susan J. Borthwick Jeanne M. Boudreau Stephen Boudreau Bettyjean Bilinkiewicz Charlene A. Bina 88 Patricia E. Brennan Carlo P. Brillante Lorraine M. Brillante Susan G. Broadbent David H. Brine Carol A. Brown Deborah S. Brooks Elaine M. Brown Nancy L. Brown Paula G. Brown 89 Carol S. Bryant Irene M. Bucewick Kenneth S. Brusgulis Linda J. Byrne Marcia A. Byrne 90 Mary Ann Caccavaro Karen M. Cadogan Denise B. Cadotte i Elizabeth F. Cain Mary M. Cain David F. Call Arthur N. Camacho Kenneth R. Cameron Michael Campbell Robert J. Canadas 11 91 Stephen M. Casey 92 Sandra J. Canavan Kevin W. Carney John M. Casazza Francis T. Carter Donna M. Carey John P. Carvello Philip G. Capogna Donna Cassidy Florence Chamallas Peter G. Chase Richard M. Chin Shirlee P. Ching Christine A. Chisholm 93 Elizabeth M. Chisholm J ' Mary V. Chisholm Gregory N. Ciampa Marilyn A. Ciampi Anthony F. Cianciolo Kathleen R. Coffey J. Christopher Coffey John D. Collins Robert Cleveland Janet P. Cohen 94 Mary E. Corcoran William J. Corbett Lawrence R. Collins John A. Corbett Mary Anne Collins Kenneth R. Copeland I Josephine A. Costanzo Patrieia Coppola Kathleen M. Conneilly Patricia R. Colliton 95 Paula M. Curtin Ronald J. Curtin John H. Curtin Brian K. Cronin Barbara M. Curley Susan E. Cremens Robert Curry William L. Cranford William W. Crocker Robert J. Cuccio 96 ♦ 1 - Brian F. Dacey Philip Dacey Carol G. Dahlstrom John A. David Alison J. Davis Kevin S. Day William A. Davis Donald F. DeAngelis Robert A. Davidson John P. DeFilippo 97 Virginia Dines Kevin B. Dionne Diane P. Dempsey Sara L. Dickie Thomas P. DeRosa Richard M. Dionne Richard J. DeVanna Joan DiStefano Richard A. DiTucci 98 r Donna A. Doherty Paul M. Doherty Lena Dohlman Karen A. Donovan Joseph R. Donisi John L. Donovan Michael G. Donnelly Michael J. Donovan Leo Dorrington Nancy A. Dovidio 99 Irene P. Larle Paul J. Dwyer 100 Brian L. Duffy Susan E. Duggan Jeannette P. Dupont Thomas J. Dudley Kevin G. Driscoll Paul L. Dumas I. 4 M. Helen Fahey Arlene M. Feeley Linda S. rereshetian o Jean M. Farese Lane E. Fenton Lois M. Fennell Mary E. F ' abin Eugene Ferola Andrea H. Estey Thomas J. Faiola 5 i . James R. Ferrante David J. Fiore Jacquelyn M. Fiorenza 103 1 { j ' Esther J. Freni Sonja E. Friberg Karen E. French George R. French Leslie A. Fustolo Paul F. Foisy Lynne Forristall John F. Forrest Barbara J. Fratello 104 V Alexander W. Gabis Diane E. Gallant David C. Gerrold Deborah A. Getrost Harry G. Gennis Michael J. Giallongo Victoria H. Gibbs Alan F. Gilpatrick Leo J. Giovanangelo 105 Joan A. Gotsell Teresa A. Girouard Marianne P. Glover Marybeth Gonyea John Goshdigian John W. Graham Paul V. Grady 106 Gary J. Gramolini Leo F. Grace Kevin J. Grady I I Dorothy H. Grant Kathleen A. Gratto Deborah A. Green Janet A. Gricus Rosanne M. Guilli Susan M Graziano Judith M. Green Joanne M. Guilli Wayne P. Griffin Janice E. Guptill 107 Judith E. Haas Joyce M. Hannafin Sandra J. Hatch Mary E. Haggerty Charles H. Harnish Pamela E. Hauser Joan E. Guptill Joan G. Gustaff Darlene F. Hart Stephen E. Harnwey 108 Thomas R. Heaslip Ronald G. Hessel John C. Horne Barbara K. Hawkins WOliam F. Hefler Holly C. Hintlian Charles B. Hayden Holly D. Herzog M. Kathleen Hoar Robert C. Howell 109 Rosemary Hurd John J. Hurley Allan B. Igo Barbara A. Iceton Audrey J. Indmgaro David A. Jefferson Kenneth C. Jenkins Carol A. lannelli John H. Jackson Marcia Johnson Robert E. Johnson Linda B. Jones Robert D. Jones Kathleen M. Judge Robert S. Judge i. Elaine J. Kalustian George P. Kallis Barbara J. Kelley Thomas A. Kelly Phyllis A. Kelley Sharon M. Kennedy Susan B. Kellett Julianne Kelly Kathleen M. Kelly Ellen M. Kenney Sharon E. Kenney 112 Eugene Kingman Robert D. Kingman Susan A. Keshishian Glenn A. Konick Joan F. Kleban 4 Patricia A. Kreuz ?k‘ ' - - Edward J. Keohan Joanne E. Krepelka Gail L. Kirkland 113 Karen A. Kurker Roger J. Krikorian David C. Lamb Robert G. Leone Michael A. LaRocca Kevin J. Leonard F. Leo Lahiff I ' Karen A. Learnard Harold V. Legge Jeannette M. LeBnin 1 14 Gary G. LeVesque Brenda J. Loveless Patricia A. Linehan Wendy J. Longmire John J. Liotine Susan Libbey Susan A. Long Regina M. Lucarelli John F. Lynch Charles J. Lyons Robert Maimone Marilyn A. Malone Joan L. Malatesla Carol A. Matthews 1 Kevin W. Mannix Charles S. Margossian Douglas Matthews Paul Maturse Janet M. Marcellino Mark E. Marino 117 Brian J. McCarron Carol A. McCarthy Gregory G. Mazmanian Amy M. McDermott L Daniel M. McDermott Margaret A. McKillop Lee A. McLaughlin 118 , m ) Pamela B. McPherson Paul F. Meagher Mary Carol Medeiros Mary McNeill Donald W. McNair Joanne McNally Janice M. Mead Richard J. McNamara Patricia A. Meara G. Michael Miller Mary A. Moranian Margaret A. Morse Ann M. Mucci Mary A. Moussette karin A. Muello 20 Paul L. Mucci John E. Moore Eileen M. Morgan Charlene M. Mulcahy Thomas S. Molloy Christopher E. Mullen Richard A. Mullane Janice R. Mulligan Mark Murdock Barbara A. Murphy Elizabeth A. Murphy James M. Murphy Donna-Marie Murray m’ Karen D. Murphy 121 Peter A. Murray Diane M. Nicholl Paul A. Needham June P. Nelson Thomas M. Nee Janice L. Neri Maureen L. Murray Patricia A. Nardone Sandra J. Mutter Patricia A. Nelson James R. Nigro Elizabeth A. Nitchie Michael W. O’Loughlin David J. O’Leary Gary R. Ogden John H. O’Leary Marion W. Oliver 123 Joseph C. Pacheco Peter J. Orphanos Mary M. O’Neill Robert A. Olson Patricia C. O’Neil Bartholomew P. O’Neill Marion L. Olson Mark S. O’Neil 1 3 Carol T. O’Neil Doreen M. O’Neill 124 Bernadette Perriello Dennis J. Perry Marguerite M. Pavao Constance M. Paragona Peter A. Pavone John W. Perkins Deborah A. Purcell Caroline M. Patacchiola Douglas L. Pollard David Pitko Jane E. Phillips Katie Piantes James A. Picaiiello Anne E. Pidano Karl W. Place Dean Poirier Stephen Pessotti Janet S. Picardi 126 William E. Pomeroy James K. Power Carolyn A. Powers Richard J. Power Robert V. Prendergast B. Stephen Prato Francis B. Prato Teresa A. Puppo Robert L. Pyne William A. Ouan Donna A. Queeney Dana Rabuffetti Bernard K. Quinlan Sharia Dawn Quayle Robert L. Raymondi Susan Reagan Ritchie E. Reardon 128 Michael Rosa Lillian M. Romanowski Mary I. Ronan Eugene A. Rizzo David R. Rigby Wendy E. Rockwell Joseph T. Reen Marilyn J. Rizzo Marie P. Rogers Edda M. Revasz 129 M IW. Lesli A. Rosenberg Louis Rossi Paul G. Sabbag Robert J. Rossi Roberta J. Sacca Kenneth G. Rossi Roberta D. Ross Philip C. Sands Deborali R. Sakey 130 James M. Scannell Nancy E. Santoro Barbara A. Savage Sara A. Santos Marie E. Scaglione Joanne Schnare Richard J. Selines Peter R. Scozzari Madeleine F. Serpa James M. Seabrook 131 Jay T. Sevoian Nancy I. Sirois Ralph D. Sexton William A. Shaw Paul Silvia Richard Small Arlene K. Siker Robert A. Simeone Sandra D. Shaw Virginia F. Shaughnessy 132 Elaine M. Smith Robert E. Snow Wayne S. Southard Ann Marie Stafford Lorraine F. Smith Pamela J. Sopas Virginia E. Souza Stephanie S. Smith Robert Spinosa David C. Smith 133 Peter J. Steeves Eliot P. Suied Doborah L. Stone Rita I. Strelis Nancy J. Sullivan Robert A. Sullivan Sonja M. Stockman John D. Sullivan Paul Sullivan Donna M. Sullivan 134 Rosemary K. Suluvan Michael h. Sutton Andrea M. Swanson Margaret M. Tacito John F. Teeven Margaret K. Thayer i Mark D. Szafarz Laura J. Thomas Carol A. Temmallo Linda M. Taccini 135 Robert F. Thomas Gary D. Thompson Matthew A. Thompson Patricia A. Toland William Towle John P. Tkaczuk Michael J. Tobin Norman Towle Bernadette R. Towne 136 Pamela J. Toulopoulos Elizabeth Verney Carol M. Traynor Barbara A. Truelson Bruce Velozo Christopher E. Tuff Jean A. Valenti Patricia Vieira Elaine M. Travers Edmund S. Trebino Cynthia L. Trenchard 137 Pamela J. Whitney William G. Whitney Barbara A. Whiteway Douglas D. Walton David F. Warnock Robert D. Wedge L. Paula Welch Thomas J. Weikle Arthur L. Wharton John M. Volpe 138 Sylvia A. Wironen Joseph C. Woodbury Edith A. Widder Mary C. Wright i Eric D. Williams Joyce A. Wilson John M. Wilson Stephen P. Wight Beverly J. Williams Ronald T. Winter 139 Barry P. Yunes Marsha L. Zwicker Peter Wyne James A. Yetman Mary M. Zoeller Carol A. Ziolkovvski 140 Joanne E. Berndt John P. Binkoski Karen L. Blomquist Wayne P. Griffin Edward F. Harding Elizabeth Karagianis Paul G. Sabbag Warren W. Welch 141 SANDRA L. ABBOTT 25 Johnson Road July 18, 1951 Sandy Activities: S.O.Y.O., Fr. Treasurer. Favorite Personality: Paul New- man. Favorite Subjects: Sewing; study. Ambition: Secretary. Interests: Horseback riding; swimming; parties; boys. EILEEN C. ABRUZZESE 34 Cypress Road October 1, 1951 Yaz Activities: Field Hockey, V, JV; Basketball; Softball; A.Y.; Girls’ Club. Ambition: To be a success. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Saying: “Ooh!” MICHAEL ABRUZZESE 6 Draelon Street November 2, 1951 The Duke Activities: Library Corps; A.Y.; Dramatics Club, pres.; Scribe, editor. Sport: Baseball. Favorite Personality: Any actor who made it. Inter- ests: Drama; film-making. MICHAEL A. ACCARDI 23 Marrigan Street June 12, 1951 Activities: Track. Interests: Playing the drums. Favorite Saying: “No- body’s perfect.” Favorite Personality: The Beatles. JANE C. ACHORN 6 Edgehill Road October 30, 1951 Janey Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; Skiing; swimming. Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: People who stand in the middle of the ski slopes. Favorite Subject: Math. BRIAN C. ADAMS 40 Coolidge Road May 20, 1951 Pet Peeve: Teachers. Interests: Oceanography. Ambition: Oceanogra- pher. Favorite Subject: Physics. Favorite Personality: Me. MARIE T. AHERN 8 Memorial ’Way May 13, 1951 Re Activities: Field Hockey; C.Y.O.; Candy Striper; Nurse’s Aide. Fa- vorite Saying: “That’s cool.” Sports: Field Hockey. Interests: Sports; oil painting. Ambition: To become a nurse. PATRICIA F. AHERN 299 Appleton Street June 19, 1951 Pat Activities: A.Y.; Art Club. Sports: Bowling. Pet Peeve: Boys with short hair. Favorite Saying: “That’s close.” RONALD L. ALBERT 159 Mark Street March 22, 1951 Activities: Dramatics Club; A.Y.; Ski Club; Intramurals; Scribe. Am- bition: To be rich and famous at twenty. Sports: Girls; skiing; swim- ming; surfing. Favorite Personality: Mother. MILTON ALEXIS 50 James Street March 18, 1951 Milty Activities: Football, JV. Sport: Auto racing. Ambition: To win the “500” at Indy. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Saying: “What we need is a good war.” DAVID M. ALLEN 95 Varnum Street February 17, 1951 Dave Activities: Football, V, JV; Basketball, V, JV. Pet Peeve: Smoking. Interests: Drafting; weightlihing. Favorite Subject: Drawing. MANUEL F. AMARAL 52 Marathon Street April 18, 1951 Manny Activities: Student Council; Basketball, JV. Interest: Girls with mini- skirts. Pet Peeve: Being late for school. Favorite Personality: Raquel Welch. JOSEPH R. AMPOLO 81 Jason Street February 15, 1951 Bompa Activities: Boys Club; Lab Assistant; International Oceanographic Foundation. Ambition: To be an ocean engineer. Pet Peeve: Bu- reaucracy. Sports: Archery; frisbee. ROBERT A. ANDERSON 13 Mount Vernon Street January 20, 1951 Andy Activities: Football, JV, V; baseball, JV, V. Ambition: To be satis- fied. Interests: Sport cars. Favorite Subject: Current affairs. Favorite Saying: “So, what are ya doin’?” RONALD B. ANDRE 156 Patterson Road January 17, 1951 Buffalo Activity: A.Y.; Sports: Baseball; swimming. Interests: Electronics; girls. Favorite saying: “You’ll live!” Favorite personality: Tommy Smothers. DIANE G. ANDREOLI 21 Oakland Avenue April 6, 1951 Di Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club; F.H.A.; Youth Council. Favorite Saying: " Really?” Sports: Baseball; hockey. Pet Peeve: Getting up. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. Interests: Eating. CHRISTINE M. ANDREWS 21 Mount Vernon Street October 31, 1951 Chris Pet Peeve: People who talk too fast. Favorite Subject: Gym. Ambi- tion: To pass gym. Favorite Saying: “Ya right!” BRUCE E. ANSTEY 59 Montvale Avenue, Woburn September 19, 1951 Pope Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle, editor. Sports: Scuba-diving; water skiing. Interests: Electronics; music. Ambition: To be an electronic engineer. Pet Peeve: Insolence. STEPHEN J. ARENA 90 Hathaway Circle January 20, 1951 Steve Activities: Football. Favorite Personality: Bozo. Ambition: Drafts- man. Favorite Subject: History. Interests: Drawing. Sports: Football; golf; skiing. MARIA L. ARRIAGA 10 Lafayette Street October 29, 1951 Activities: Tennis; baseball; basketball. Sports: Skating. Ambition: Getting married. Pet Peeve: Getting up. Interests: Becoming a secre- tary. GEORGE R. ASHTON 19 Beck Street October 15, 1951 Interests: Gymnastics. Favorite Subject: English. Activities: Tom Dooley; DeMolay; Band. Pet Peeve: Skipping detention. SUZANNE E. ASSELIN 5 Columbia Road September 7, 1951 Cream Cheese Activities: Girls Club; Bowling; Ski Club. Favorite Saying: “It’s all over!” Favorite Personality: Vanilla Fudge. Pet Peeve: Boys who wear white socks. Ambition: Executive secretary. NANCY J. ASTOURIAN 21 Richardson Avenue June 29, 1951 Nanc Activities: Youth Council; F.H.A.; Ski Club; Library Corps. Pet Peeve: Slow people. Ambition: To be happy. Favorite Saying: “What?” Sports: Baseball. MARY M. AUDITORE 355 Mystic Street December 1, 1951 Mar Activities: G. S.; Civil Rights Club; WICOVAC. Pet Peeve: Fakes. Interest: Music. Ambition: Nursing; Peace Corps. Favorite Saying: “Right!” Favorite Subject: American History. KAREN A. AUGUST 92 College Avenue September 17, 1951 Augie-baby Activities: Youth Council; Tom Dooley; Girls Club. Favorite Per- sonality: Paul Newman. Pet Peeve: Teeny-boppers. Sports: Hockey; football. PETER M. AVERY 270 Park Avenue April 28, 1951 Activities: Concert Band; Marching Band; A.Y.; Dramatics Club, v. pres.; Latin Club, alter consul. Ambition: To be a lawyer. Favorite Saying: “Where’s my wiener?” Favorite Subject: Latin. STEPHEN T. AZARIAN 14 Upland Road October 11, 1951 Steve Activities: Football; A.Y.; G. S.; Ski Club. Sports: Golf; bowling; baseball; soccer. Interests: Sports. Favorite Personality: Mr. Lowder. Favorite Saying: “You’re crazy!” ROBERT R. BAKER 235 Pheasant Avenue March 4, 1951 Renwick Activities: Junior Class V. Pres.; Prom Committee. Interests: Linda Jones. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Subject: Drawing. Pet Peeve: Laddy-boy lunches. KARL P. BALDWIN 96 Appleton Street December 1, 1951 Activities: Science Club; German Club; Dramatics Club; Audio-Vis- ual. Pet Peeve: People who aren’t themselves. Interests: Acting; read- ing; writing. Favorite Personality: Mr. Cody. CHARLES J. BALYOZIAN 191 Highland Avenue September 29, 1951 Activities: Football. Favorite Personality: James Brown. Favorite Saying: “Be real!” ARTHUR H. BARBER 4 Homer Road January 30, 1951 Hank Activities: Bowling; debating; Chronicle; Dramatics Club; A.Y.; In- dian, photographer; DeMolay. Favorite Subject: Biology. Interests: Photography: sports. Sports: Baseball; basketball. Favorite Saying: “This is true.” CHARLES T. BARNABY 20 Kenilworth Road June 27, 1950 Farmer Activities: Baseball; football; basketball. Favorite Subject: History. Pet Peeve: School. Favorite Saying: “What can you do?” VIRGINIA M. BARNABY 20 Kenilworth Road December 2, 1951 May Activities: Field Hockey, JV, V; Basketball, V; Softball, V. Pet Peeve: Getting dressed for practice. Ambition: To become a phys. ed. teacher. Favorite Subject: U.S. History. CHRISTINE A. BARNSTEAD 311 Appleton Street September 10, 1951 Barney Activities: Ski Club, v. pres.; Girls Club; A.Y.; Cheerleading; French Club, treas. Ambition: To be a teacher. Favorite Subject: Math. Sports: Skiing. JAMES J. BARRETT 76 Warren Street December 14, 1951 Activities: Football; C.Y.O.; Boys Club; volleyball; basketball. Inter- ests: Waterskiing; sailing. Ambition: To be a doctor. Favorite Sub- ject: Chemistry. Favorite Personality: Steve McQueen. JAMES P. BARRETT 525 Summer Street March 6, 1951 Activities: Baseball; Basketball; Golf. Interes ts: Girls. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Miss Manning. KEVIN J. BARRY 35 Aerial Street September 22, 1951 Burr Activities: Gymnastics. Interests: Girls. Ambition: To get out of AHS. Favorite Subject: Study. GARY J. BARTELL 19 Oldham Road August 1, 1951 Barts 142 Activities: Library Corps; Cross-Country Team. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Interests: Guitar; art; carpentry. Sports: Hockey; football; baseball. Favorite Personality: The Cream. DAVID A. BASLER 24 Longmeadow Road August 8, 1951 Favorite Subject: History. Sports: Basketball; swimming; waterskiing. Favorite Saying: “Hi Bev!” Favorite Personality: Eric Burdon. JOSEPH L. BATTELL 36 Franklin Street May 24, 1951 Bartzie Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Sport: Baseball. Interest: Cars. Favorite Saying: “Golly gee!” Favorite Subject: Science. Ambition: To be a Registry Officer. ALAN R. BEATRICE 142 Brooks Avenue June 4, 1950 Activities: Football. Ambition: To be rich and happy. Favorite Sub- ject: Bookkeeping. Favorite Personality: Eric Burdon. Pet Peeve: Drag racing. PAUL F. BEAUCHAMP 26 Franklin Street December 13, 1950 Beau Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club. Interests: St. Agnes Band. Favorite Per- sonality: Flip Wilson. Favorite Subject: History. BARBARA A. BELL 109 Hillside Avenue August 20, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Girls Club; Library Corps. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Ambition: To go to college. Interests: sports. Favorite Subject: Biology. JOANNE L. BELLINGHIERI 75 North Union Street December 18, 1951 Bell Activities: A.Y.; Glee Club; Science Club; Chronicle. Interests: Knit- ting; reading; music. Ambition: Teacher. Pet Peeve: Conceited peo- ple. CHARLES B. BELLUCHE 54 Spy Pond Parkway January 1, 1951 Pet Peeve: School. Interests: Girls. Ambition: To be a junkie. Favor- ite Subject: Between classes. Favorite Personality: Rosey Rotten Crate. JAMES A. BENARD 18 River Street December 18, 1949 Jim Interests: Money; girls. Sports : Hockey; baseball; chasing girls. Am- bition: Teller. Favorite Subject: Lunch. Favorite Personality: George Harrison. CATHERINE P. BENNOS 11 Milton Street June 13, 1951 Cathy Activities: Library Corps. Sports: Waterskiing; tennis. Interests: Ce- ramics; sports cars. Ambition: To be happy. Favorite Saying: “Are you kidding?” Favorite Subject: Algebra. JOYCE BERGSTROM 18 Swan Place August 17, 1951 Activities: Student Council; Ski Club; Dramatics Club; Girls’ Club. Interests: Talking; art; dancing; surfing. Ambition: Photographer. Fa- vorite Subject: Biology. Pet Peeve: Dumb people. ANTHONY J. BERNARDO 2 Mary Street January 2, 1952 Bussy Activities: Football, JV. Sports: Baseball; swimming. Interests: Girls; cars. JOANNE E. BERNDT 122 Paul Revere Road March 27, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club; Tom Dooley. Sports: Skydiving; skating. Interests: Archaeology; guitar. JOSEPH D. BERTAGNA 101 Brantwood Road October 31, 1951 Bugs Activities: Student Council; hockey; football, mgr. Interests: Sports. Pet Peeve: Stupid questions. Favorite Personality: Stan Mikita. ROSALIND J. BERTOCCI 94 Hutchinson Road July 7, 1951 Ros Activities: Dramatics Club; Glee Club; Girls Choir; G. S. Pet Peeve: Rain; gossip. Favorite Subject: Music. Interests: Swimming; playing the piano; waterskiing. Sports: Hockey. WILLIAM A. BICIOCCHI 26 Marion Road February 2, 1951 Willie Activities: Football; Ski Club; Tom Dooley; basketball. Pet Peeve: Bigots. Interests: Drums; girls; music; sleep. Ambition: To be happy. Sports: Baseball. KATHLEEN M. BILAFER 6 Hathaway Circle September 17, 1951 Kathi Activities: Girls Club; C.Y.O., pres.; Ski Club; Senior Council; A.Y.; Tom Dooley. Pet Peeve: Girls with loud voices. Ambition: Nursing. Interests: Sewing, Softball; skiing. BETTYJEAN BILINKIEWICZ 26 Park Street September 15, 1951 Blinki Activities: Science Club; A.Y.; Glee Club; Girls Choir. Pet Peeve: Messy lockers. Interests: Sewing. Sports: Softball. Ambition: Lab technician. Favorite Subject: Math. CHARLENE A. BINA 13 Lafayette Street August 12, 1951 Dumm y Pet Peeve: One certain boy. Interests: Boys. Sports: Bowling; swim- ming. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “Is that right?” Fa- vorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Donovan. JOHN P. BINKOSKI 158 Pheasant Avenue September 24, 1951 Binky Activities: Freshman Student Council, ties.; hockey, JV, V; baseball, JV; football, JV; C.Y.O.; Ski Club. Ambition: To be an architectural engineer. Interests: Sports; den; kitchen. JOHN R. BITZER 39 Forest Street June 26, 1951 Jack Activities: Basketball, JV; Ski Club. Ambition: To boogie ' til the cows come home. Pet Peeve: Empty radios. Favorite Personality: Pat Paulsen. Interests: Radios; tiddlywinks. KAREN L. BLOMQUIST 56 Pine Ridge Road July 5, 1951 Activities: Chronicle; A.Y., Council, v. pres., pres., NE pres., Int’l Cab.; Tom Dooley; French Club; Dramatics Club; Youth Council; G. S., librarian; Indian, girls’ sports ed. Ambition: To learn slope. KAREN M. BOGOSIAN 281 Mystic Street February 2, 1951 Thumper Activities: Field hockey; Debating Club; tennis; Dramatics Club. Sports: Tennis; riding; swimming; fencing. Interests: John-John; poli- tics; Beaver. Ambition: Elementary school teacher. SUSAN J. BORTHWICK 38 Lewis Avenue December 4, 1951 Sue Activities: A.Y.; Girls Club; Student Council; Girls’ Glee Club; soft- ball; Chronicle; BYE. Favorite Saying: “Sure.” Interests: Sewing; singing. Ambition: Hairdressing. Sports: Football. TERESA R. BOTTONI 10 Park Avenue Extension August 22, 1951 Activities: Field hockey; Girls Club; Student Council; softball; cheer- leading, capt.; C.Y.O., tres.; Bedford Volunteer. Ambition: To gradu- ate from college. JEANNE M. BOUDREAU 67 Quincy Street December 10, 1951 Pet Peeve: Loud people. Sport: skiing. Interest: Art. Favorite Person- ality: Paul Newman. Favorite Subject: Art. Ambition: To be a com- mercial artist. STEPHEN BOUDREAU 50 Kensington Road Boudsie Activity: Lunchroom. Pet Peeve: School. Sport: Baseball. Interest: Girls. Favorite Subject: Shop. Favorite Personality: Jack Paar. Ambi- tion: To be a playboy. HENRY J. BRADLEY 26 Reed Street August 14, 1951 Brad Pet Peeve: Mr. Britt. Interest: Girls. Favorite Saying: “Hey, man!” Favorite Subject: Sales and Consumer Education. Favorite Personal- ity: The Cream. sVlvia C. BRANNEN 31 Brooks Avenue December 11, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Teen Club; Student Council; Girls Club; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: Hot water in the bubblers. Sports: Swimming; skiing. Ambition: Legal secretary. JANET M. BREEN 131 Gloucester Street November 22, 1951 Jan Activities: Bowling; Dramatics Club; Majorette; orchestra; G. S.; A.Y.; concert choir. Pet Peeve: Confusion. Sports: Bowling; softball. Favorite Personality: Cilly Willy. PATRICIA E. BRENNAN 16 Amherst Street April 3, 1951 Pat Activities: Science Club, v. pres.; A.Y., v. pres.; G. S.; Student Council; Girls’ Choir. Pet Peeve: Locks and lockers. Favorite Per- sonality: Uncle Harry. CARLO P. BRILLANTE 35 North Union Street August 17, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club, pres.; Student Council, v. pres.; Tom Dooley. Pet Peeve: French 3A. Sports: Skiing; swimming. Ambition: A life of wine, women, and song. LORRAINE M. BRILLANTE 136 Decatur Street August 12, 1950 Pebbles Pet Peeve: Making up gym classes. Sports: Bowling; dancing. Favor- ite Subject: Sewing. Favorite Saying: “What did you say — 1 can’t hear you.” Ambition: Modeling. DAVID H. BRINE 24 Windermere Avenue December 4, 1951 Knucks Activities: Hockey, V; football, JV, V; C.Y.O.; Youth Council; Jun- ior Class Secretary. Pet Peeve: Fair weather fans. Favorite Saying: “I love it!” Ambition: Professional ping-pong player. SUSAN G. BROADBENT 17 Palmer Street September 29, 1951 Hey you Activities: Science Club; Girls Club; Glee Club; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: Small lockers and big books. Interests: Designing; traveling; sewing. Favorite Personality: B.C. DEBORAH S. BROOKS 12 Grafton Street September 6, 1951 Jamie Activities: Glee Club; Girls’ Choir. Favorite Saying: “I’ll do it later!” Favorite Subject: English. Sports: Baseball; badminton; bike riding. Ambition: To be a nurse. CAROL A. BROWN 45 Cleveland Street April 8, 1951 Brownie Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Mrs. Jones. Sport: Tennis. Favorite Subject: Typing. Favorite Personality: The Beach Boys. Ambition: To be a senior. 143 ELAINE M. BROWN 14 Gray Circle September 4, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; C.Y.O.; Office Assistant; Girls ' Choir; Girls Club. ret reeve: Gym locker rooms. Sports: Bowling; swimming. Interests ' Sewing; cutting classes. NANCY L. BROWN 30 Country Club Drive March 1, 1951 Nanc Activities: Glee Club; G. S.; A.Y.; Chronicle; Luther League, pres ■ Incticin. let Peeve: People who say no. Interests: Art; piano; guitar Ambition: To be an art teacher. PAULA G. BROWN 1 1 Grove Street February 28, 195 1 Rusty Interests: typing; riding. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Per- sonality: Chris Jones. Favorite Saying: “Sock it to me.” Ambition ' To be a secretary. KENNETH S. BRUSGULIS 80 Trowbridge Street June 6, 1951 Skull Sports: Sw’imming; skating; drag racing. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Interests: Girls; money. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosbv Favorite Saying: stviousP ' CAROL S. BRYANT 14 Maple Street December 19, 1951 Activities: G. S.; orchestra; band. Pet Peeve: Fourth lunch. Sports- Skating; swmming. Interest: Music. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim ' A iiPi io i.- To be first flutist in B.S O STEPHEN A. BUCCHERI 48 Bow Street October 12, 1950 Bucca Stoneham Pet Peeve: Mr. Doherty’s name calling. Favorite Subject: Science Sport: Car racing. Interest: Cars. IRENE M. BUCEWICK 73 Gloucester Street March 29, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Glee Club; Tom Dooley; C.Y.O.; Girls Club; Can- Getting up in the morning. Favorite Subject. English. Ambition: To teach STEPHEN J. BUONOMO 31 Tomahawk Road June 28, 1951 Weezzer Activities: G. S.; Concert Choir; Student Council. Pet Peeve- Lunchroom food Baseball; surfing; football; tennis. Favorite Saying: Bloka. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim ELAINE V. BURKE 64 Hodge Road April 30, 1951 A.Y.; Girls Club; Office Assistant; Indian. Pet Peeve: White socks. Interests: Cooking. Ambition: To teach. Favorite Sub- ject. Biology. Favorite Saying: “That’s close ” JOHN B. BURNS JR. 62 Cameron Avenue March 12, 1951 YoYo Somerville To OvT ' r A girl in New Hampshire. Ambition: m ssM ' ' onahty: Jim Morrison. Favorite Subject: Dis- MIRIAM L. BURVILL 49 School Street December 11, 1951 Mim Pet Peeve: White socks on boys. Favorite saying: Biology. Favorite Pei sonality: Cowboy m AHS. Interests: Hockey; football; basketball games. Ambition: To graduate in 1969 GAIL E. BUTTRICK 12 Chatham Street July 18 1952 Activities: Glee Club; Girls Club; Ski Club; A.Y.; Youth Council To Sewing. Ambition: STEVEN R. BUZZOTTA 282 Mystic Street September 16, 1951 Buzzy Activities: Football; baseball, V, JV; track, V; A.Y.A Pet Peeve- A LINDA J. BYRNE 25 Clark Street September 17, 1951 Blanche o ' be " g o ■nurL ' ' ' ' ' " ’•■ ' bition: MARCIA A. BYRNE 27 Wachusett Avenue October 12, 1951 ircv r Sports; music. Ambition: Airline stewardess. Favorite Sub- marvInn Sc vSHo ' 28 Ridge Street March 21, 1951 Tom Dooley; Chronicle; Girls’ Club. Pet Yeie. Waiting for people. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Fa- orite Subject: History. Interests- Bovs KAREN M. CADOGAN 87 Valentine Road May 19, 1951 Sill Newm.! ° 4 ‘ Lunch. Favorite Personality: ' " bition: To get rich quick. DENISE B. CADOTTE 9 Teel Street October 8, 1951 School lunches. Sports: Skiing, right. Favorite Subject: Junior Foods class Valley. ELIZABETH F. CAIN Favorite Saying: “Yeah Ambition: To go to Sun 10 Davis Avenue September 16, 1951 Bette Activities: G. S.; Science Club; Dramatics Club; Staff Kev Fa- vorite Personality: Mr. Trev. Pet Peeve: People who think too much of themselves. Ambition: To be a marine biologist MARY M. CAIN ’ 19 Edmund Road June 19, 1951 Activities: A.Y. ' , C.Y.O.; Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Mystic Valley eenage Chapter. Pet Peeve: Finals. Favorite Subject: Typing Ambi- tion: To be a successful secretary. DAVID F. CALL 105 Lake Street August 28, 1951 Activities: Chess Club; tennis. Favorite Subject: Math. Sports: Ten- ms. Ambition: To be a success. ARTHUR N. CAMACHO 256 Pleasant Street September 28, 1950 Indian Activities: Gymnastics; track; G. S. Pet Peeve: Cracking up bikes. Ambition: 1 hysical Therapist. Favorite Saying: “Yeah, right ' ” Favor- ite Siibiect: Girls. Sports: Diying. Interests: Bikes KENNETH R. CAMERON 83 Lake Street Ben ■ ' Subject: Shop. Favorite Personality: John- athan Winters. Sports: Gymnastics. Interests: Cars Ambition- To be a mechanic. MICHAEL R. CAMMARATA 26A Fairmont Street June 8, 1950 Cam 5 ' port; Football. Pet Peeve: Being late for school. Favorite Saying- Ready go! Favorite Personality: Mr. Delaney. Ambition: To gradu- ate. Interest: The drags. MICHAEL G. CAMPBELL 59 Butler Ayenue December 25, 1949 Mike Stoneham °mework. Sports: Baseball; racing; hockey. Interests: Cars, girls, money. Favorite Saying: “Knock it off!” Ambition: Doc- tor of motors. ROBERT J. CANADAS 7 Michael Street February 1, 1951 Bob Sports: Baseball. Favorite Subject: Study. Intere.Us: Cabinet making Ambition: To be a carpenter. SANDRA J. CANAVAN 225 Wayerly Street Red A Y.; Flinch Club; Science Club; G. S.; Teen Club; C.Y.O. er Peeir.- Crowded lockers. Favorite Saying: “Hot ticket ' ” Sports: Swimming; boating; scuba diving PHILIP G. CAPOGNA 55 High Street November 2, 1949 Cap Hc n 7y.- Art Club. Sports: Baseball; basketball; bowling. Favorite Math IS easy!’ Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: John Wayne. Ambition: To be a math teacher STEPHEN M. CAPOGNA 55 High Street February 2, 1951 Activity.- Chronicle, technical ed. Pet Peeve: Playing checkers. Sport: Boat riding. Interests: Girls; loafing. Favorite Subject: English. Ambi- tion: lo be an engineer. DONNA M. CAREY 35 Glenburn Road March 16, 1951 Actnntie. i. Majorettes; A.Y.; basketball; Chronicle; Latin Club; ten- nis. Pet fceves: Horses; Jim N. Favorite Personality: Charlie Brown. Favorite Subject: La.Un. KEVIN W. CARNEY 104 Wachusett Avenue November 4, 1951 5pom.- Sky diving. Pet Peeve: Indian questionnaires. Ambition: To leave A H.S and never return. Favorite Subject: Lunch. Favorite Personality: Raymond S. Locke PATRICIA E. CARNEY 85 Woodside Lane March 13, 1951 Pat c7iw7iW.- Student Council; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Dress Code. Interests. School-boy hockey; football; “knocks”. Favorite Subject: Study. Ambition: To be a nurse. FRANCIS T. CARTER 969 Massachusetts Avenue February 17, 1951 Frank Pet Peeve: Schoo . Interests: Fishing; baseball. Favorite Subject: Eng- lish in loom 51. Favorite Saying: “It’s about time!” Ambition- To graduate. JOHN P. CARVELLO 1 15 Park Avenue August 4, 1951 Bugs (cm77 «.- Football, JV; baseball, JV. Pet Peeve: Having to wear ties socks, and pants. Favorite Subject: Guidance with Mr. D’Antona’ Ambition: Co ' Aching. JOHN M. CASAZZA 128 Gardner Street November 9, 1951 Jack Tootball. Interest: Money. Favorite Personality: Raquel EPhS ' mI " ’ CASEY ” 197 Brattle Street October 11, 1951 Activity: Football. Pet Peeve: Haircuts. Interests: Girls; money. Fa- oiite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Raquel Welch. Ambi- tion: 1 o be a millionaire. DONNA M. CASSIDY 138 Newport Street November 2, 1951 144 i Myself; piano. Ambition: To Activities: Art Club; Tom Dooley; Youth League; A.Y.; Ski Chib. Sports: Scuba-diving; sailing; horseback riding. Interests. I sychology. Favorite Fei:sonality: Jetf Beck. EVELYN R. CASTIGLIA 1 1 Orvis Road July 18, 1951 Ev Pet Peeve- Gym. Sports: Bowling. Favorite Sayiiif;: Hello Dei. Favorite Subject: Happiness. Interests: Home management. Favorite Personality: Glummy. JAMES A. CAVALIERl 12 Brentwood Drive October 23, 195 1 Cav I) p o Vn ' )(! y Pet Peeve: English. Sports: Football. Interests: Cars. Ambition: To be a computer programmer. Favorite Subject: History. RITA A. CECCHINI 70 Lansdowne Road March 16, 1951 , . . •, c i • Pet Peeve- Gym. Sports: Tennis; horseback riding. Favoiite Stibject. Typing. Favorite Personality: Miss Spagnuolo. Ambition: To be a secretary. Interests: Cooking; sewing. BRIAN W. CECERE 204 Wollaston Avenue July 8, 1951 Sports: Track; football; baseball: hockey. Interests: Favorite Subject: Advanced Calculus and Functions, gain great wisdom. MICHAEL J. CEURVELS 42 Ronald Road January 27, 1951 Mike , „ „ . c. u Sports: Cross-country; indoor, outdoor track. Pet ce ' vc. riencn. Afuhition: To command the allied forces attack on France. Inteiests. Pink and yellow socks. BARBARA A. CHALOUX 625 Summer Street October 22, 1951 u i i Pet Peeve- Drunks. Interest: Nice-looking boys with nice builds. Favorite Saying: “Freak!” Favorite Personality: Ginger Baker. Ambi- tion: To get out of Arlington. FLORENCE CHAMALLAS 41 Candia Street April 28, 1951 . n t Activities: F.H.A.; Rainbow; G.O.Y.A. Interest: Sewing. Sport: Ten- nis. Ambition: To become a teacher. Favorite Subject: Geometry. PETER G. CHASE 30 Lake Shore Drive January 28, 1951 Instant Activities: Freshman Council; Student Council; Cross Countiy, In- door Track; Outdoor Track. Pet Peeve: French 2B. RICHARD M. CHIN 21 Norcross Street April 8, 1951 Ching-a-ling Interests: Girls; drinking. Pet Peeve: Going to school. Ambition: Rule the world. Favorite Personality: Dudley Dowright. SHIRLEE P. CHING 40 Surry Road April 22, 1951 .Activities: F.H.A. Interests: To see the Red Sox win the 68 World Series. Ambition: To be a math teacher. Sports: Baseball; basketball. Pet Peeve: Homework. CHRISTINE A. CHISHOLM 17 Claremont Street December 18, 1951 Christian Interests: Swimming; bowling. Pet Peeve: Slippery floors. Ambition: To graduate. Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle; Girls Club. ELIZABETH M. CHISHOLM 15 Cliff Street November 10, 1951 Beth Activities: Girls Club, sec., executive council; Tom Dooley; Teen Club; Chronicle; A.Y.; council member, v. pres.; French Club; Ar- lington Youth Council. Interests: Hampton Beach. MARY V. CHISHOLM 17 Claremont Street December 18, 1951 Mar Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle; F.H.A.; Girls Club. Ambition: To be- come an airline stewardess. Pet Peeve: Rain. Interests; Boys. Favorite Subject: Typing. GREGORY N. CIAMPA 41 Lantern Lane May 16, 1951 Nig Ambition: Attorney-at-law. Pet Peeve: Loss of my Volkswagen. Sports: Bocci; hockey; bowling; football; basketball; skin-diving; baseball. Interests: The usual. MARILYN A. CIAMPI 10 Freeman Street December 30, 1951 Activities: Samettes; A.Y. Interests: Boys; sports; sewing. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Favorite Saying: Everything works out for the best? ANTHONY F. CIANCIOLO 20 Tufts Street June 24, 1950 Activities: Teenage Republicans; Chronicle, advertising editor. Pet Peeve: Hippies; draft-dodgers. Interests: Girls; cars. Ambition: To be rich enough to be lazy. STANLEY A. CIBEL JR. Beaver Pond Road October 1, 1949 Stan Lincoln Sport: Football. Pet Peeve: Speed limits. Favorite Subject: Science. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Ambition: To have my own machine shop. ROBERT CLEVELAND 144 Webster Street October 9, 1951 Bob Activities: Football; weightlifting. Pet Peeve: School. Ambition: Not much. Favorite Personality: Yogi Bear. J. CHRISTOPHER COFFEY 36 Foxmeadow Lane October 8, 1951 Chris Activities: Cross Country; Indoor Track; Outdoor Track. Pet Peeve: U.S. Government. Favorite Subject: Study Hall. Interests: Track; football. KATHLEEN R. COFFEY 19 Burch Street June 21, 1951 Talkie Activities: A.Y.; Field Hockey, JV; Junior Girls Club; Senior Girls Club; Cheerleading. Ambition: Go to California. Interests: Boys’ sports. JANET P. COHEN 41 Scituate Street November 24, 195 1 Activities: Rainbow; F.H.A.; sports; swimming. Pet Peeve: History. Favorite Subject: Shorthand. Ambition: To become a secretary. JOHN D. COLLINS 46 Adams Street January 18, 1950 Crazy Luke Activities: Workin’ man. Sports: Sailing; football; hockey; baseball; basketball. Interests: Women. Ambition: Lawyer. Pet Peeve: Kids who have other after school activities other than work. LAWRENCE R. COLLINS 59 Warren Street November 14, 1951 Larry Sports: Scuba diving. Favorite Personality: Hugh Hefner. MARY ANNE COLLINS 59 Warren Street November 14, 1951 Activities: Swimming; C.Y.O. Pet Peeve: Math. Sports: Tennis; ski- ing; swimming. Interest: Money. Ambition: To go to Europe. Favoi- ite Saving: “You gotta be kidding.” PATRICIA R. COLLITON 152 Renfrew Street June ' ll, 1951 Pa-ru Activities: Girls’ Club; A.Y.; Student Council; Basketball, JV; Field Hockey, JV; cheerleading. Pet Peeve: Boring teachers. Interest: Sew- ing. KATHLEEN M. CONNEILLY 10 Milton Street October 15, 1951 Kay Activities: Girls Club; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Gym. Interests: Boys; sports. Ambition: Stewardess. Favorite Saying: “Wow!” Favorite Per- sonality: Charlie Brown. JAMES H. COOKE 16 Lafayette Street May 20, 1946 Spider Man Pet Peeve: S.D.S.; hippies; yippies. Sports: Chinese knife fighting. Favorite Saying: “You’ve never lived until you’ve almost died.” Fa- vorite Subject: Kung fu. Interests: Weapons. KENNETH R. COPELAND 27 Marathon Street March 26, 1950 Camel Activities: Football. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. Favorite Saying: “Stop, will you?” Pet Peeve: High school. Interests: Cars; girls. PATRICIA A. COPPOLA 9 Menotomy Road December 27, 1951 Patty Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Saying: “Sock it to me. Favorite Subject: Lunch. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. Pet Peeve: Not being able to wear sandals. JOHN A. CORBETT 154 Gardner Street December 8, 1951 Hornet Activities: Baseball; hockey. Pet Peeve: Arguments with girls. Ambi- tion: To go to college. Favorite Saying: “You’re mental.” WILLIAM J. CORBETT 36 Surry Road March 10, 1951 Will Activities: Ski Club. Ambition: To be a math teacher. Sports: A.Y.A.; baseball; Intramurals. Pet Peeve: Judy Bond. Favorite Say- ing: “Fine.” Favorite Personality: Clint Eastwood. MARY E. CORCORAN 146 George Street September 18, 1951 Yram Activities: Library Corps; A.Y.; G. S.; Dramatics Club. Favorite Saying: “Wowser!” Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. JOSEPHINE A. COST AN ZO 71 Winter Street December 18, 1950 Jo Activities: Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Ru nning the 440. Favorite Person- ality: Charlie Brown. Favorite Subject: Crafts. Ambition: To be a secretary. ROBERT G. CRAM 20 Coolidge Road June 29, 1950 Interests: Helen and my car. Favorite Stibject: Auto shop. Favorite Personalitv: Mr. Delaney. Ambition: To be rich and not to have to work. Pet Peeve: Being kicked off the corner. WILLIAM L. CRANFORD 148 Massachusetts Avenue October 22, 1951 Activities: Science Club; Art Club. Ambition: To gradu ' die. Jnterest: Guitar. Pet Peeve: Finals. Favorite Saying: “Do unto others . Favor- ite Subject: Art. SUSAN E. CREMENS 64 Mount Vernon Street May 26, 1951 Activities: Girls Club, Pres., Sec.; A.Y.; Dramatics Club; Student Council. Interest: People. Pet Peeve: Bad breath. WILLIAM W. CROCKER 283 Ridge Street November 12, 1951 Billy Activities: G. S. Sports: Soccer; swimming. Interests: Girls; wres- tiing. Ambitions: Chef; writer. Favorite Personality: Jeriy Lewis. Favorite Subject: History. 145 BRIAN K. CRONIN 43 Peter Tufts Road May 11, 1951 Bun Sports: Golf. Pet Peeve: E. tra School Days. Ambition: To be an accountant. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Johnny Carson. Interest: College. ROBERT J. CUCCIO 20 Tanager Street May 9, 1951 Cooch Activities: Basketball; baseball. Interests: Food. Favorite Sayinp: “You’re mental.” Favorite Subject: Lunch. Pet Peeve: Donna Carey. BARBARA M. CURLEY 14 Sunset Road April 12, 1951 Activities: Girls Club; A.Y.; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: Braces. Interests: The Heights. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Personality: Steve McQueen. ROBERT CURRY 98 Appleton Street May 2, 1951 Fats Pet Peeve: Getting out of bed. Favorite Saying: “Do it to it!” Favor- ite Subject: History. JOHN H. CURTIN 7 Fairmont Street September 18, 1949 Dizzy Activities: Baseball; hockey; football. Pet Peeve: Donna Carey. Fa- vorite Personality: Ellen Joe McGurl. Favorite Subject: Gym. PAULA M. CURTIN 47 Pine Ridge Road February 5, 1952 Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; office assistant; Chronicle; Latin Club. Ambition: To pass math. Favorite Subject: Latin. Favorite Personal- ity: Snoopy. Interests: Sewing. RONALD CURTIN 18 Marathon Street June 28, 1951 Sports: Hockey; basketball. Interests: Everything. Pet Peeve: Tiny Tim. Favorite Personality: Pat Paulsen. BRIAN F. DACEY 100 Bartlett Avenue December 12, 1951 Activities: Student Council; football; hockey, manager. Pet Peeve: Broken flip tops. Interests: Ogga’s Pagota. PHILIP DACEY 136 Broadway May 17, 1951 Activities: Science Club; A.Y.; Pet Peeve: The Arlington Police Force. Favorite Subject: Old hall studies. Interests: Money; girls; cars; sleeping. CAROL G. DAHLSTROM 15 Ernest Road January 6, 1952 Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Dramatics Club; Girls’ Choir. Pet Peeve: Making up gym classes, interests: Drawing; singing. Favorite Subject: Chorus. JOHN F. DAILEY 36 Everett Street July 21, 1951 Tiny Activities: Bowling; Teenage Republicans. Pet Peeve: Democrats. Ambition: To be an amateur poet. Favorite Saying: “I’ll never tell!” Favorite Subject: English Poetry. Interests: Nature; landscapes. JOHN A. DAVID 56 Newcomb Street October 29, 1951 Pet Peeve: Warning cards. Sports: Hockey; baseball; soccer. Ambi- tion: To become an All-star Hockey Goalie. Favorite Saying: “Cut it out.” Favorite Personality: Skip Krake. ROBERT A. DAVIDSON 35 College Avenue January 12, 1951 Ramsey Pet Peeve: Warning cards every term. Favorite Personality: Reed Taylor. Favorite Subject: Mrs. Couser’s English class. Ambition: To become President. ALISON J. DAVIS 19 Frost Street November 11, 1951 A1 Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club; Girls’ Club; Student Council Committee. Sports: Swimming. Favorite Subject: Biology. Favorite Personality: Snoopy. Interests: Reading; sewing; boys. WILLIAM A. DAVIS 27 Arnold Street February 2, 1951 Willy Activities: Audio-visual Club. Pet Peeve: My car. Favorite Personal- ity: Santa Claus. Favorite Saying: “Granted”. Ambition: To make money. Interests: Computer Technology. KEVIN S. DAY 52 Warren Street June 8, 1950 Pet Peeve: Final Exams. Sports: High diving; hockey. N ickname: Mad man. Ambition: Mechanical engineer. Favorite Saying: “What’s happening?” DONALD F. DeANGELIS 12 Stone Road March 28, 1951 Dee Sports: Swimming; golf. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “Here comes the judge.” Favorite Personality: Harry Honine. Favor- ite Subject: English. JOHN P. DeFILIPPO 31 Lantern Lane April 27, 1951 Activities: C.Y.O.; Chess Club; Parapsychology Club; track; Chroni- cle. Pet Peeve: People who ask stupid questions. Favorite Personal- ity: Maynard G. Krebbs. DIANE P. DEMPSEY 33 River Street September 20, 1951 Pet Peeve: Boys who wear white socks. Favorite Saying: Wow. Am- bition: To marry S.S. Sports: Swimming; skiing; football. Nickname: Fire. THOMAS P. DeROSA 146 Washington Street October 23, 1951 Activities: Basebal l; football; basketball. Ambition: To go to college. Nickname: T.D. Favorite Personality: Hondo. Favorite Saying: “Be- lieve it!” RICHARD J. DeVANNA 32 Pondview Road February 14, 1951 Banana Activities: Football; track. Favorite Per.sonality: Snoopy. Ambition: To be an engineer. Interests: Scuba diving; swimming. SARA L. DICKIE 36 Buena Vista Road May 20, 1951 Activities: Rainbow; A.Y.; F.H.A.; Dramatics Club; Ski Club; Youth Fellowship. Sports: Girls’ track. Favorite Subject: Seventh period. JOSEPH A. DiMINO 144 Warren Street September 5, 1951 Joe Activities: Boys’ Glee Club; Young Republicans. Pet Peeve: Finals; homework. Sports: Tennis, bowling. Ambition: To be rich and fa- mous. Favorite Subject: Lunch. VIRGINIA DINES 26 Lorraine Terrace June 24, 1951 Gin Ambition: To be a great skier. Favorite Subject: Crafts. Favorite Saying: “You’re kidding!” Pet Peeve: Vandalism in the sanitaries. KEVIN B. DIONNE 45 Tanager Street August 20, 1951 Activities: Gymnastics; track. Pet Peeve: Slow-walking people. Favor- ite Personality: Bill Cosby. Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. Interests: Scuba diving; motorcycles. RICHARD M. DIONNE 45 Tanager Street August 20, 195 1 Dick Activities: Gymnastics; track. Pet Peeve: Authority. Favorite Person- ality: Dean Martin. Interests: Bikes. Sports: Boating; waterskiing; gymnastics. Favoiite Subject: Study. JOAN DiSTEFANO 279 Florence Avenue August 1, 1951 Activities: Dramatics Club; A.Y.; hockey, V, JV; Student Council, chairman; basketball; softball, V. Ambition: To be a college gradu- ate. Sports: Skiing; softball. Interests: Ski trips. RICHARD A. DiTUCCI 2 Granton Park September 3, 1951 Tuch Activities: Football; A.Y. Favorite Subject: English with Miss Hur- ley. Favorite Personality: W. C. Fields. Interests: Cars. Sports: Car racing. DONNA A. DOHERTY 292 Summer Street January 8, 1951 D.A.D. Pet Peeve: Mini-skirts. Sports: Softball; roller skating; ice skating; swimming. Interests: Sewing; typing. Ambition: To be a typist. Favor- ite Subject: Cooking. PAUL M. DOHERTY 23 Heard Road May 20, 1951 Dogga Interests: Ham radio operating; cars. Pet Peeve: School. Ambition: To become a Bud teamster. Favorite Stibjects: Math; history. Favor- ite Personality: Edna Collyfrat. LENA E. DOHLMAN 206 Pleasant Street May 6, 1951 Activities: Science Club, tres.; Tennis team; A.Y.; Civil Rights Club; Ski Club. Interests: Photography; traveling; painting. Ambition: Med- ical research. Pet Peeve: Denna Skolan. JOSEPH R. DONISI 1 5 Orchard Terrace August 17, 1951 Hulk Activities: Weightlifting; football; track. Interests: Cars; sports. Am- bition: To be the best. Favorite Saying: “That’s close!” Sports: Hockey; track; football. MICHAEL G. DONNELLY 100 Gardner Street December 9, 1950 Rooster Activities: Cross-country; track. Ambition: To become a lawyer. Sports: Swimming; cross-country; track. JOHN L. DONOVAN 75 Chester Street June 25, 1950 Dono Sports: Football; racing. Interests: Playing bass guitar in band; drag racing. Ambition: To become a hotel manager. Favorite Personality: Buffalo Springfield. KAREN A. DONOVAN 26 Amherst Street September 18, 1951 Omni Activities: Library Corps. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Interests: Rock music and bands. Ambition: Designing. Favorite Say- ing: “What a thrill!” Favorite Subject: English. MARY E. DONOVAN 9 Russell Terrace November 4, 1949 Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Ambition: To work with the airlines. Favorite Subject: Typing. Favorite Saying: “Always keep the faith.” MICHAEL J. DONOVAN 272 Appleton Street December 1, 1951 Mike Activities: Chorus; football, JV, Freshman; Concert Choir; weight lifting. Favorite Stibject: Gym. Ambition: To graduate from college. Interests: Sports. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. LEO DORRINGTON 1 5 Whittemore Street February 9, 1950 Dorry Activities: Teens Aid the Retarded; Dramatics Club; F.T.A. Ambi- 146 tion: To be a history teacher. Interests: Reading; collecting flags. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Subject: History. NANCY A. DOVIDIO 7 Wellesley Road April 1, 1951 Nad Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle; Ski Club; F.H.A. Ambition: To become a legal secretary. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Favorite Sub- ject: Shorthand. Pet Peeve: Phony people. MAUREEN F. DOWNING 24 Crescent Hill Avenue October 12, 1950 Moe Activities: Dramatics Club; Art Club; Ski Club; Business Club; Chronicle. Ambition: To become a bookkeeper. Interests: Horses; people. Sports: Swimming; skating; skiing. PATRICIA DOWNING 99 Bow Street October 19, 1951 Tricia Pet Peeve: Phony people. Favorite Subject: Consumer Education. Ambition: To become a secretary. Sports: Baseball; football; swim- ming; hockey. Interests: Motorcycles. PAUL R. DOYLE 43 Henderson Street December 20, 1950 Doyle Pet Peeve: Waking up in the morning. Interests: Girls and cars. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Saying: “Sock it to me!” Ambition: To stay single. KEVIN G. DRISCOLL 107 Hibbert Street August 7, 1950 Activities: Football; basketball. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Am- bition: To go to college. Interests: Sports. Favorite Saying: “School- yarder.” Sports: Basketball. STEVEN D. DRUCKENMILLER 22 Lakeview February 20, 1951 Activities: Orchestra. Pet Peeve: Bigots. Interests: Politics; writing; music. Ambition: To be President of the U.S. Favorite Saying: “We can do better.” THOMAS J. DUDLEY 33 Lakehill Avenue Eebruary 2, 1952 Cuddles Activities: Chorus. Pet Peeve: Algebra. Sports: Swimming. Favorite Subject: Chorus. BRIAN L. DUFFY 107 Ronald Road October 12, 1951 Activities: Ski Club; volleyball. Ambition: To go to college. Favorite Saying: “Turn on!” Pet Peeve: The school dress code. Favorite Per- sonality: Mr. Locke. Sports: Skiing. SUSAN E. DUGGAN 223 Sylvia Street April 21, 1951 Activities: Dramatics Club; Tom Dooley; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: No school spirit; phony people. Favorite Subject: Math. Sports: Football; hockey. Ambition: To work in the field of math. RONALD DULONG 1 Hanson Court May 16, 1951 Duke Woburn Activity: A.Y. Sport: Drag racing. Pet Peeve: Racing Police cars. Interest: Girls. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. Favorite Saying: “What — me worry!?” PAUL L. DUMAS 122 Charlton Street December 5, 1951 Activities: Band; Dramatics Club; Movie Makers Club. JEANNETTE P. DUPONT 25 Alton Street April 21, 1951 Sam Activities: Earth Science Club; A.Y.; Civil Rights Club; WICOVAC. Pet Peeve: Shoes. Ambition: To have an ambition. Interests: Every- thing interesting. Favorite Saving: “Right!” DIANE M. DURANT 70 Paul Revere Road June 15, 1950 Rex Activities: Softball. Ambition: To become a good typist. Interests: Babysitting. Sports: Baseball. Favorite Saying: “Would I?” Favorite Subject: Typing. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. DORIS R. DURANT 70 Paul Revere Road June 15, 1950 Pet Peeve: A nickname, Parkey. Sports: Baseball. Ambition: To be- come a hairdresser. Favorite Saying: “UN U H, Would I?” PAUL J. DWYER 29 Acton Street June 3, 1951 Activities: Basketball. Ambition: To join the Navy. Favorite Subject: U.S. History. Pet Peeve: School. Sports: Baseball; football. Interests: Working. DIANE M. DYKE 85 Sunset Road February 16, 1951 Activities: Girls’ Club. Ambition: To be a secret service lady. Sports: Swimming, surfing. Pet Peeve: Empty gas tanks. Favorite Personality: Dean Martin. Favorite Subject: English. IRENE P. EARLE 64 Crawford Street May 19, 1951 Doouy Pet Peeve: No school spirit; phony people. Interests: Sports. Ambi- tion: To join the WACS. Favorite Personality: Mr. Toczlowski. Fa- vorite Subject: U.S. History with Mr. McFarlane. JOY S. EDWARDS 120 Winchester Road December 14, 1951 Activities: Chronicle. Ambition: To graduate from Arlington High. DAVID W. EGAN 88 Brooks Avenue July 22, 1951 Barney Pet Peeve: Cafeteria food. Favorite Subject: Spanish. Favorite Say- ing: “Oh really?” Interests: Surfing. Favorite Personality: Atom Ant. Sports: Hockey. GEORGE E. EGAN 8 Longmeadow Road October 3, 1951 Ambition: To be the greatest everything. Favorite Saying: “Why not?” Favorite Personality: George of the jungle. Interests: Watching rain come down, while doing my English homework. THEODORE ELIOPOULOS 33 Fairmont Street October 29, 1951 Greek Pet Peeve: Being called Theodore. Ambition: To be a private in the Army. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: Ann Margaret. Favorite Saying: “Good man!” JEAN E. ELLICOTT 20 Joyce Road September 22, 1951 Lizard Activities: Girls Club; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: People who have dirty hair. Ambition: To work for the airlines and travel. Favorite Person- alities: Tiny Tim; Jonathan Winters. GAIL A. ELLINGWOOD 89 Massachusetts Avenue November 30, 1950 Ralph Activities: Ski Club. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Saying: “May I help you?” Sports: Softball; skiing; swimming. Interests: Car racing. Ambition: To graduate from Arlington High. ROBERT C. ENGLISH 35 Richfield Road July 8, 1951 Bunyan Activities: Spring track; cross-country. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Sports: Squash; Hai-Lai. Favorite Saying: “Yea”. Favorite Personal- ity: Ann Margaret. Interests: Student power. JOHN J. ENOS 38 Golden Avenue June 5, 1951 Johnny Pet Peeves: Harvard Square. Favorite Personality: Ben Hur. Ambi- tion: To be someone famous. Sports: Bowling; golf. Interests: Cars. MANUEL P. ENOS 122 Palmer Street November 27, 1950 Manny Activities: Eootball; basketball. Favorite Subject: Mechanical Draw- ing. Sports: AYA baseball; football. Ambition: To meet Bobby Hull. Favorite Personality: Ken Hodge. JEANNE M. ERLANDSON 30 Virginia Road May 1, 1951 Jeannie Activities: Chronicle; news ed., ed.; A.Y.; Girls Club; Student Coun- cil; Tom Dooley. Favorite Subjects: French; German. Interests: Sew- ing; listening to records. ANDREA H. ESTEY 32 Twin Circle Drive October 19, 1951 Andy Activities: Library Corps; Pep Club; A.Y.; Dramatics Club; Tom Dooley. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Interests: Sewing. Favorite Subject: History. Sports: Swimming; horseback riding. MARY E. FABIN 50 Amsden Street January 1 1, 1951 Fabe Favorite Saying: “Oh wow!” Favorite Subject: Typing. Ambition: To graduate from Arlington High. Favorite Personality: Supremes. M. HELEN FAHEY 23 Argyle Road September 26, 1951 Ambition: To graduate from A.H.S. Favorite Personality: Mr. Locke. Favorite Subject: Sewing. THOMAS J. FAIOLA 66 Newport Street May 8, 1951 Activities: Student Council. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Per- sonality: Miss Hutchinson. Pet Peeve: Unfair teachers. JEAN M. FARESE 15 Menotomy Road January 15, 1951 Jeanie Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle; Girls Club. Ambition: To be happy. Favorite Saying: “You’re kidding!” Favorite Personality: Jonathan Winters. Interests: Sewing; tennis; music. ARLENE M. FEELEY 252 Park Avenue July 8, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Girls Club; Pep Club; Ski Club; Majorette, sub.; F.T.A. Favorite Personality: Jim Lonborg. Favorite Saying: “You’d better believe it!” Interests: Sewing. LOIS M. EENNELL 21 Walnut Terrace September 25, 1951 Activities: Pep Club; A.Y.; Ski Club; Tom Dooley. Interests: Skiing; tennis. Favorite Saying: “It’s been real!” Pet Peeve: Homework; conceited people. Favorite Subject: Typing. LANE E. FENTON 12 Park Drive October 6, 1951 Book Writer Pet Peeve: Homework. Sport: Eootball. Interest: Aircraft. Favorite Subject: Science. Favorite Saying: “Rats!” Ambition: To be an Air- craft Mechanic. LINDA S. FERESHETIAN 12 Dorothy Road June 1, 1951 Activities: Dramatics Club; Library Corps; Glee Club; Debating Club, sec., V. pres.; Pep Club; Girls Club. Interests: Dancing; singing; acting. Favorite Personality: Audrey Hepburn. EUGENE FEROLA 24 Lake Street May 9, 1951 Constable Warren Activities: Chronicle. Favorite Saying: “Is that right!” Ambition: To get out of school. Favorite Personality: Ronald McDonald and his flying hamburger. Interests: Cars. 147 JAMES R. FERRANTE 143 Ridge Street August 19, 1950 Sports: Water skiing. Ambition: To pass gym. Interests: Cars; boats. Favorite Saying: “Is that right?” Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. Pet Peeve: School. ALBERI T. EIORE 19 Virginia Road Eebruary 16, 1951 Doc Ambition: To have a short life but a merry one. Sports: Baseball; bowling. Interests: Anything that’s interesting. Favorite Subject: Biol- oiiy. Favorite Personalitw Dean Martin. 13AVID J. EIORE 58 Mott Street September 22, 1951 Fish Activities: A.Y.; Band, Concert Marching; Chronicle. Ambition: To measure the circumference of the w ' orld with lollipops. Favorite Saving: " Right”. Favorite Subject: Math. JACQUELYN M. ElORENZA 82 Marathon Street September 10, 1951 Jackie Activities: Pep Club. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Ambition: To become a secretary or a social worker. Favorite Saying: “Cool it!” Favorite Subject: Sales and Consumer Education. WILLIAM A. FITZPATRICK 28 Belknap Street July 23, 1951 Fitzy Sports: Basketball; swimming; bowling. Pet Peeve: Student demon- strations. Favorite Saying: “1 forgot!” Interests: Girls; scuba; cars. Ambition: To be a mechanical engineer. JOHN A. FLANAGAN 54 Nicod Street February 18, 1952 Jack Sports: Football; basketball; baseball. Anibition: To get into college. Favorite Subject: Chorus. Favorite Personality: Don Rickies. Favor- ite Saying: “What’s happening?” PETER P. FLANAGAN 64 High Haith Road December 25, 1950 Activities: Football, V; hockey, V; baseball; Chronicle. Sports: Foot- ball; hockey; baseball. Ambition: To go to college. Favorite Saying: “Monteaguea!” JOHN H. FLEMING 306 Appleton Street June 28, 1951 Reggie Interests: Basketball. Ambition: To be an argriculturalist. Favorite Saying: “Oh really?” Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Bill at Elsie’s. NANCY M. FLOREEN 6 Heard Road September 29. 1951 Flo Sports: Leapfrog; monopoly. Ambition: Teacher; journalist. Activi- ties: A.Y.; Chronicle; Ski Club; Youth Council. Interests: Sewing; skiing; life. Favorite Subject: English. KEVIN T. FLYNN 27 Fremont Street February 2, 1951 Mouse Activity: Audio Visual. Sports: Hockey; basketball; baseball. Pet Peeve: Getting detention. Favorite Saying: “Don’t get nervous.” Am- bition: To be an Electronic Technician. MAUREEN P. FLYNN 128 Wachusett Avenue November 26, 1951 Rene Activities: C.Y.O.; A.Y.; Ski Club; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Giving oral talks. Interests: Swimming; water-skiing. Ambition: To graduate. Fondest Memory: Falmouth 1968. Favorite Subject: History. PAUL F. FOISY 295 Appleton Street October 30, 1951 Hawk Activities: Dramatics Club; A.Y. Interests: Music; sports. Ambition: To be a musician. Favorite Saying: “Oh, I see!” Favorite Subject: Speech. ROBERT J. FOLK 11 Washington Street June 17, 1951 B.F. Stoneham Pet Peeve: The draft. Interest: Girls. Favorite Personality: Jim Mor- rison. Ambition: To own a Vette. JOHN E. FORREST 13 Water Street June 29, 1949 Interests: Fishing; sleeping. Pet Peeve: Having to stay an extra half hour of school. Favorite Saying: “Big Deal!” Favorite Subject: Lab. LYNNE M. FORRISTALL 46 Mystic Valley Parkway June 2, 1951 Sports: Water-skiing; skiing. Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club. Ambition: To work for TWA. Favorite Saying: “I kid you not!” Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Tooty. JAMES G. FRANCIS 171 Washington Street July 10, 1951 Franny Sports: Track. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “Ya.” Favor- ite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. Pet Peeve: School. BARBARA J. FRATELLO 161 Sylvia Street June 2. 1951 Barb Activities: Ski Club; Student Council; French Club; lacrosse; March- ing Band; Concert Band; G. S.; Chronicle, publicity mgr.; Concert Orchestra. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To fly. DAVID C. FREDRIKSEN 69 Crescent Hill Avenue January 9, 1951 Fred Pet Peeve: The frog. Favorite Saying: “Croak!” Favorite Personality: Frank Zappa. Favorite Subject: Gym. Interests: Girls; frog killing. Ambition: To kill the frog. GEORGE R. FRENCH 7 Brattle Court July 5, 1951 Sports: Water-skiing; baseball. Interests: Boats; girls. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Subject: Lunch. KAREN E. FRENCH II Day Street October 29, 1951 Activities: C.Y.O.; Tom Dooley. Interests: Sewing. Sports: Softball. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Saying: “Believe it, right!” Favor- ite Personality: Smothers Brothers. ESTHER J. FRENI 37 Harlow Street October 20, 1951 Interests: Clothes; swimming. Ambition: To work at MIT. Pet Peeve: Bad breath. Favorite Saying: “Hard to believe.” Favorite Subject: English. Activities: Ski Club. SONJA E. FRIBERG 208 Pleasant Street June 3. 1951 Interests: Art, guitar. Sports: Tennis; lacrosse. Favorite Subject: Psy- chology. Favorite Personality: Ayn Rand. Activities: Science Club; Civil Rights Club; WICOVAC. Ambition: To be happy. LESLIE A. FUSTOLO 16 Hathaway Circle November 18, 1951 Lester Ambition: To become an Interior Decorator. Sports: Ice skating; softball. Interests: Poetry; sewing; drawing. Favorite Personality: Snoopy. Activities: C.Y.O.; Tom Dooley. ALEXANDER W. GABIS 42 Blossom Street August 7, 1951 A1 Sports: Baseball; basketball; skiing. Favorite Saying: “You gotta be kidding!” Favorite Subject: Physics. Ambition: To complete college in good standing. RICHARD W. GAGE 169 Oakland Avenue May 21, 1951 The Roach Sports: Motorcycling. Interests: Motorcycles. DIANE E. GALLANT 59 Claremont Avenue March 8, 1952 Activities: C.Y.O.; National Honor Society; Community Boat Club; Tom Dooley; Dramatics Club. Ambition: To go into VISTA. Favor- ite Subject: French. DAVID J. GEARY 33 Wellington Street May 21, 1950 Sport: Bog riding. Favorite Personality: Mick Jagger. Ambition: To be King Bog Rider. Favorite Saying: “So’s your mother!” HARRY G. GENNIS 22 Eustis Street September 1, 1951 Activities: Science Club; Cross-Country Team; Math Team; Indoor T rack Team. DAVID C. GERROLD 82 Rhinecliff Street July 22, 1951 Activities: Marching Band; Concert Band; Dramatics Club. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Saying: “Do I care?” Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. DEBORAH A. GETROST 22 Gardner Street July 26, 1951 Gunner Activities: Field hockey; basketball; softball; Girls’ Club. Favorite Saying: “That was cool!” Interests: Sports; mathematics. Favorite Subject: Math. MICHAEL J. GIALLONGO 39 Greeley Circle March 20, 1951 Mike Ambition: To be a commercial artist. Favorite Saying: “You gunky!” Favorite Per.sonality: Bill Cosby. VICTORIA H. GiBBS 15 Jason Terrace March 3, 1951 Gibby Sports: Football; softball; swimming. Favorite Saying: “Out of sight!” Ambition: To graduate from A.H.S. BRUCE W. GILLIS 23 University Road October 18, 1950 Dobie Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Ambition: To be a computer programmer. Sports: Hunting; fishing; skiing; racing. CATHERINE A. GILMORE 7 Hawthorne Avenue January 3, 1951 Activities: Field hockey, JV; softball; Dramatics Club; Debating Club; Ski Club; Civil Rights Club. Ambition: To be a nurse. Inter- ests: Skiing. Favorite Personality: Charlie Chan. ALAN F. GILPATRICK 82 Paul Revere Road October 12, 1951 Gil Sports: Fishing; swimming. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Ambi- tion: To graduate from college and make my first million. Favorite Saying: “Ask me if I care!” LEO J. GIOVANANGELO 17 Daniels Street April 5, 1951 Lion Sports: Baseball; football; hockey; basketball; surfing. Ambition: To become rich. Favorite Personality: Maynard G. Krebbs. Activities: A.Y.A.; Boys Club; C.Y.O.; Ski Ciub. TERESA A. GIROUARD 1 52 Gardner Street September 7, 1951 Trez Sports: Baseball; football. Pel Peeve: Rainy days. Favorite Saying: “Wow.” Interests: Boys; roses. Favorite Per.sonality: Brenton Wood. Anibition: To marry Mick. MARIANNE P. GLOVER 60 Robbins Road November 3, 1950 Pet Peeve: Ugly people. Sports: Fishing; skiing. Favorite Saying: “I 148 love it.” MARYBETH GONYEA 31 Linden Street July 6, 1951 Sports: Tennis; sailing; horse-back riding. Interests: Music; marine biology. Ambition: To sail to the Bahamas. Favorite Subject: Biology. Favorite Personality: Smothers Brothers. DOROTHY GOOKIN 969 Massachusetts Avenue June 10, 1949 Dottie Favorite Saying: “Quite nice.” Fondest Memory: Day of the bomb- scare. Ambition: To be a medical secretary. Hobby: Dancing. Out- side Work: At a drug store. JOHN GOSHDIGIAN 1077 Massachusetts Avenue February 19, 1952 Activities: Marching Band; Ski Club; gymnastics; baseball. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Saying: “So be it.” JOAN A. GOTSELL 91 Egerton Road March 4, 1951 Joanie Interests: Skating; sewing; piano. Activities: Girls’ Club; Ski Club. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To travel. LEO F. GRACE 12 Harold Street October 19, 1950 Sports: Baseball; football; hockey. Interests: Sports; cars. Ambition: A career in law enforcement. Favorite Subject: U.S. History. KEVIN J. GRADY 25 Water Street July 6, 1949 Beany Sports: Lacrosse; polo. Favorite Saying: “Get together.” Favorite Subject: English. PAUL V. GRADY 63 Trowbridge Street May 24, 1951 Sports: Skydiving; waterskiing. Favorite Personality: Snoopy. Ambi- tion: To get a job. Favorite Saying: “That’s close!” Pet Peeve: Deten- tion. JOHN W. GRAHAM 20 Scituate Street October 1, 1951 Activities: Track; intramural basketball. Interests: Sports. Ambition: To be a writer. Favorite Saying: “Get lost!” Favorite Subject: History. GARY J. GRAMOLINI 86 Columbia Road July 21, 1951 Gramahama Activities: “Flying Dutchmen”; G. S.; Pep Club; Ski Club. Sports: Tennis; baseball; polo; football. Interests: Music; free weekends. Fa- vorite Personality: Jimi Hendrix. Favorite Saying: “Ya, but . . .” DOROTHY H. GRANT 7 College Avenue August 18, 1951 Dottye Activities: Marching Band; Concert Band, lib., ties., adm. asst.; Or- chestra; G. S.; Chronicle; Math Team; Indian, as st, ed.; Youth Council; Forum. Ambition: To cure muscular dystrophy. KATHLEEN A. GRATTO 255 Park Avenue June 30, 1951 Kathee Activities: Girls’ Club; Latin Club; G. S.; Chronicle; Indian. Favor- ite Saying: “Ilia vita est.” Interests: Singing; acting; reading; having fun. Ambition: To survive each day. SUSAN M. GRAZIANO 14 Brand Street November 21, 1950 Rocky Activities: Ski Club. Sport: Surfing. Ambition: To be an airline stew- ardess. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Favorite Subject: Gym. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. DEBORAH A. GREEN 2 Claremont Court July 27, 1951 Snippils Sports: Swimming; horseback riding. Ambition: To meet someone as crazy as I am. Favorite Subject: Shorthand. Favorite Personality: Snoopy. Pet Peeve: Nosy people. JUDITH M. GREEN 30 Amsden Street May 29, 1951 Activities: G. S.; Tom Dooley; A.Y.; Samettes. Favorite Saying: “Oh, that’s delicious!” Interests: Pictures; poetry; baseball. JANET A. GRICUS 373 Park Avenue November 4, 1951 Activities: Dramatics Club; G. S.; Favorite Subject: French 111 Class. Ambition: To go to college. WAYNE P. GRIFFIN 19 Ernest Road October 25, 1950 Grif Activities: Earth Science Club; Physical Science Club; band. Sports: Softball; volleyball; football. Pet Peeve: The aristocracy. Ambition: To be an Electronic Design Engineer. KATHLEEN M. GRIFFITH 24 School Street March 7, 1952 Kathy Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Dramatics Club; Ski Club. JOANNE M. GUILLI 30 Laurel Street May 3, 1951 Jo Pet Peeve: Being taken for my twin sister, Rosanne. Interests: Week- ends. Ambition: To become a C.P.A. Favorite Saying: “Come on, you can do it!” Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. ROSANNE M. GUILLI 30 Laurel Street May 3, 1951 Rosey Pet Peeve: Smoking. Interests: Bruin’s hockey; music. Ambition: To own my own pr. Favorite saying: “Good, and you?” Favorite Sub- ject: Bookkeeping. Favorite Personality: Steve McQueen. JANICE E. GUPTILL 12 Windsor Street November 24, 1951 Activities: Library Corps; Dramatics Club. Ambition: To be an inte- rior decorator. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites. Favorite Saying: “Oh, well!” JOAN G. GUPTILL 12 Windsor Street November 24, 1951 Sports: Swimming; tennis. Ambition: To be a buyer. Favorite Sub- ject: Sewing. Activities: Library Corps. Favorite Personality: Chris Connelly. JOAN E. GUSTAFF 75 Cutter Hill Road August 28, 1951 Gus-Gus Activities: A.Y.; Dramatics Club; Chronicle. Favorite Personality: Steve McQueen. Ambition: To be a good psychologist. JUDITH E. HAAS 25 Marion Road May 24, 1951 Judy Interests: Science; camp counseling; reading; writing. Ambition: To be a biologist. Activities: Library corps; Debating Club, sec., pres.; Science Club. MARY E. HAGGERTY 75 Woodside Lane January 20, 1952 Interest: Sports. Sports: Tennis; swimming; basketball. Pet Peeve: White socks on boys. Ambition: To be rich. Favorite Saying: “That’s close!” Favorite Personality: Mario Thomas. STEPHEN E. HAMWEY 65 Randolph Street March 21, 1951 Stevie Wonder Activities: A.Y.; Jr. class tres.; intramural sports. Interests: Girls; sports. Ambition: To become an engineer. Favorite Saying: “Nice try!” Favorite Stibject: Math. JOYCE M. HANNAFIN 36 Margaret Street June 19, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; French Club; F.H.A., pres.; Tom Dooley; C.Y.O.; office assistant; Girls’ Club. Interests: Sewing; surfing. Ambition: To travel. Favorite Saying: “Yeh, I’m sure!” EDWARD F. HARDING 23 Sawin Street April 7, 1951 Eddie Interests: Cars; girls. Andrition: Drifting. Favorite Subject: Study. Favorite Personality: Major Mudd. CHARLES H. HARNISH 139 Lake Street June 23, 1951 Trip Activities: Bowling; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club. Interests: Girls; parties; drums. Ambition: To become a DJ on WRKO. Favorite Subject: Biology. Pet Peeve: Too many studies. SANDRA J. HATCH 61 Bartlett Avenue October 6, 1951 Sandy Activities: Office assistant; audio visual. Ambition: Peaceful rest. Fa- vorite Personality: Noel Harrison. Sports: Whiffle ball. Interests: That boy from Brighton. Pet Peeve: Uncle Billy. PAMELA E. HAUSER 10 Cleveland Street November 27, 1951 Sam Activities: Samettes; G. S.; audio visual; Library Corps. Ambition: To be a music teacher. Favorite Saying: “Grow up!” Interests: Boys; music. Favorite Per.sonality: Snoopy. BARBARA D. HAWKINS 43 Thesda Street March 16, 1949 Barb Activities: Lunchroom. Ambition: Dietary aid. Interests: Records; radio. Sports: Swimming; skating. Favorite Subject: Cooking. Pet Peeve: Nylons. Favorite Personality: Jim Chamberlain. CHARLES B. HAYDEN 20 Franklin Street March 7, 1950 Charlie Sports: Football. Ambition: To fight off Uncle Sam. Favorite Person- ality: Bill Cosby. Pet Peeve: Arlington High’s lunches. Favorite Sub- ject: Seventh period. THOMAS R. HEASLIP 1 04 Cutler Hill Road January 13, 1951 Slip Activities: Hockey; baseball; Cross Country; Indoor Track. Interests: Sports. Favorite Subject: None. Favorite Personality: Willy Whistle. WILLIAM F. HEF LER 290 Forest Street January 16, 1951 Uncle Billy Activities: Audio Visual. Pet Peeve: Sandy. Interests: Coins; cars. Ambition: To get a job. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawine. KEITH M. HERMLE 30 Lakehill Avenue December 18, 1951 Ambition: Draftsman. Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. HOLLY D. HERZOG 44 Epping Street November 5, 1951 Activities: Girls field hockey; Student Council; Chronicle; Guitar Club, sec. Ambition: To be successful. Interests: Sailing; sewing; water-skiing. Pet Peeve: People taller than me. RONALD G. HESSEL 141 Westminster Avenue July 8, 1950 Hess Activities: Work. Ambition: Be president. Interests: Drafting; car- toons; cars. Favorite Subject: Lunch. Favorite Saying: “Right!” Pet Peeve: English class at the end of the day. HOLLY C. HINTLIAN 416 Mystic Street December 25, 1951 Holly Hock Activities: Orchestra; Rainbow; Ski Club. Sports: Swimming; surfing; water-skiing. Favorite Saying: “Normal!” Interests: Violin. Favorite Stibject: Biology. M. KATHLEEN HOAR 35 Aberdeen Road October 31, 1951 Kathy Activities: Library Corps; A.Y. Ambition: Marry a rich guy. Pet 149 Peeve: Girls’ sanitary. Favorite Saying;: “You’re crazy!” Favorite Sub- ject: History. ORSON W. HODGE 24 Dartmouth Street October 17, 1950 Ozzie Sports: Baseball; football. Pet Peeve: Coming to school. Interest: Car racing. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Mr. Delaney. Ambition: To be a Jet-mechanic. JOHN C. HORNE 27 Edmund Road December 14, 1951 Beep Ambition: To be a bum. Sports: Baseball. Interests: Cars; girls. Pet Peeve: Orange Flip. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Harry Combat. ROBERT C. HOWELL 128 Medford Street December 12, 1951 Bob Ambition: To be a programmer. ROSEM.ARY HURD 11 Memorial Way September 28, 1951 Rosey Activities: A.Y.; Girls Club; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: “The Look.” Sports: Ice skating. Interests: One boy. Ambition: To become a nurse. Favorite Saying: “1 don’t know.” JOHN J. HURLEY 53 Wilbur Avenue July 3, 1951 Jack Ambition: To be rich. Sports: Hockey; basketball. Pet Peeve: Warn- ing slips. Favorite Subject: Study hall. Favorite Personality: John Wayne. CAROL A. lANNELLI 55 Lake Street February 25, 1951 Mona Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir. Ambi- tion: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: White socks with sneakers. Favorite Saying: “No, wa?” Interest: Football players. BARBARA A. ICETON 70 Edmund Road May 25, 1951 Barb Activities: Samettes; Majorettes, head; Student Council; Ski Club; Girls’ Club; Office helper. Antbition: To make everyone happy. Fa- vorite Saving: “You big creep!” Pet Peeve: 30’s HR. ALLAN B. IGO 66 f’rinceton Road December 16, 1951 Activities: Audio Visual; A.Y. Ambition: To become a success. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Personality: Arnold Palmer. Sport: Golf. Interests: Politics; sports. AUDREY J. INDINGARO 10 Campbell Road October 8, 195 1 Sheepdog Activities: Art Club; C.Y.O. Pet Peeve: Standing in front of the homeroom door. Favorite Saying: “Right.” Atnbition: Retailing and designing. Interest: Music. Sports: Skating. EDWARD C. IVERS 8 Elmhurst Road September 16, 1951 Stoneham Sport: Drag racing. Interests: Girls; salvaging sunken wrecks. Favor- ite Personality: Jim Morrison. Ambition: To be King of the Super Cars. JOHN H. JACKSON 4 Lehigh Street February 14, 1951 Toots Activities: C.Y.O. ; Student Council. Ambition: College. Sports: Base- ball; football. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Howie Shoemaker. DAVID A. JEFFERSON 41 Yerxa Road March 18, 1951 Dave Activities: DeMoIay; Boys Club. Interests: Sports. Pet Peeve: Dress code. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Sports: Swimming; water ski- ing; snow skiing; golf. Ambition: Data processor. KENNETH C. JENKINS 38 Gorham Street October 2, 195 1 Jinks Interests: Banging up cars. Favorite Saying: “What can you do?” Pet Peeve: Being embarrassed. Favorite Personality: Brian Jones. Ambi- tion: To be a bum. Favorite Subject: History. MARCIA A. JOHNSON 18 Regis Road November 1, 1951 Marsh Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club; Teen Club; SNAP. Interests: Eating; fool- ing around. Sports: Hockey; football. Ambition: To work in the airlines. Favorite Saying: “Ya, sure.” MARY R. JOHNSON 85 Forest Street November 5, 1951 Activities: Softball; C.Y.O. Pet Peeve: People who think they ' re cool and who are really not. Ambition: To become a secretary. Favorite Saving: “That’s cool.” Favorite Personalitv: Tiny Tim. ROBERT E. JOHNSON 18 Regis Road August 9, 1949 Bob Activities: E.Y.C.; Audio Visual Department. Sports: Basketball; vol- leyball. Ambition: Become a cabinet-maker. Pet Peeve: School. Fa- vorite Saving: “Ya! Right!” Interest: Fishing. LINDA B. JONES 118 Milton Street July 19, 1951 Jonesy Activities: Girls’ Club; F.H.A. Ambition: To work with the mentally retarded. Favorite Saying: “Yaaa!” Pe ' t Peeve: People who always criticize. Favorite Subject: English. ROBERT D. JONES 58 Yerxa Road June 5, 1951 Guppy Ambition: To be a successful success. Favorite Subject: Math. KATHLEEN M. JUDGE 15A Revere Street November 17, 1950 Judgie Activities: Girls’ Club; Samettes; Cheerleading. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. Favorite Subject: Sewing. Pet Peeve: People who think they know it all. ROBERT S. JUDGE 66 Appleton Street May 10, 1951 Bob Activities: G. S. Ambition: To go to college. Favorite Saying: “For- get it!” Favorite Subject: History. Interests: Boating; squam; water- skiing. GEORGE P. KALLIS 33 Egerton Road March 10, 1951 Zeus Activities: Football, V, JV; basketball, JV. Ambition: To be success- ful in life. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Subject: Algebra. Interest: Sports. ELAINE J. KALUSTIAN 36 Columbia Road June 6, 1951 Toots Activities: Dramatics Club; G. S. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. In- terests: Cooking. Ambition: Elementary education. Favorite Saying: “Groovy!” Favorite Subject: Music. ELIZABETH A. KARAGIANIS 21 Wyman Terrace May 2, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Youth Council; Girls’ Club, secy., tres.; cheerleader. Interests: Living intensely; philosophy. Ambition: To become Ander- son’s Tandy. ELLEN E. KELLEHER 39 Wildwood Avenue February 16, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Art Club. Pet Peeve: Math. Ambition: To teach. Interests: Travel; music. Favorite Saying: “Oh, sure!” Sport: Baseball. Favorite Subject: English. KATHLEEN F. KELLEHER 134 Newland Road October 29, 1951 Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “Yeah!” Favorite Subject: Foods. MARSHA A. KELLER 43 Linden Street November 7, 1951 Marsh Activities: Chorus; Opera Workshop; Ski Club; G. S.; Pep Club. Ambition: Singer. Pet Peeve: Unfriendly people. Favorite Subject: Music. Favorite Personalitv: Bill Cosby. SUSAN B. KELLETT 7 Osborne Road January 14, 1952 Ethell Activities: A.Y.; Art Club; Ski Club; Chronicle. Interest: Shake- speare. Favorite Subject: Journalism. BARBARA J. KELLEY 167 Lowell Street March 1, 1952 Barb Activities: A.Y.; Art Club; Tom Dooley; Dramatics Club; G. S.; Chronicle. Interests: Drama; politics. Ambitions: To become a lawyer; political involvement. Favorite Saying: “Right!” PHYLLIS A. KELLEY 16 Newland Road September 27, 1951 Phil Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Subject: Foods. Sports: Basketball; baseball. Favorite Savings: “So what.” “Tuff.” JULIANNE KELLY 40 Upland Road December 18, 1951 Julie Activities: A.Y.; Glee Club; Ski Club. Interests: Swimming; skiing; baseball. Ambition: To be a teacher. Favorite Subject: Math. Favor- ite Saving: “Oh no!” KATHLEEN M. KELLY 54 Lansdowne Road May 1, 1951 Kathy Activities: A.Y.; Dramatics Club; F.H.A. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Saying: “Unreal!” Interests: Folk music; bowling; swimming. Favorite Personalitv: Tiny Tim. THOMAS A. KELLY 20 Pine Street June 30, 1951 Kel Sports: Football, V; golf; A.Y. A. baseball; basketball, V. Ambition: To be famous. Favorite Saying: “Too late.” Favorite Personality: Wilt Chamberlain; Billy Casper. SHARON M. KENNEDY 18 Elmore Street October 6, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Dramatics Club; Civil Rights; Committee on Non- violent Action. Ambition: To travel. Interests: Dancing; current events; bicycling. ELLEN M. KENNEY 44 Edmund Road November 2, 1951 El Activities: Basketball, JV, V; Girls’ Club; Glee Club. Favorite Per- sonality: Mickey Mouse. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Favorite Say- ing: “You love it.” Ambition: To be able to fly. JOAN I. KENNEY 91 Dickson Avenue December 1, 1950 Dumbo Activities: Ski Club; Bowling Team. Ambition: Key punch operator. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: Donald Duck. Sports: Bowling; skiing; swimming. SHARON E. KENNEY 81 Broadway November 19, 1951 Activities: Chronicle; G. S. Ambition: To join VISTA. Interests: Guitar; folk music. Favorite Saying: “What can I say?” Favorite Personality: Charlie Brown. EDWARD J. KEOHAN 1 15 Wildwood Avenue April 20, 1950 150 Activities: C.Y.O.; A.C.H. Football. Interest: Surfing. Ambition: Commercial artist. Favorite Subject: Geography. Favorite Personal- ity: Sammy Davis Jr. SUSAN A. KESHISHIAN 7 Sagamore Road February 19, 1951 Kish Activities: A.Y.; Pep Club; Rainbow; WICOVAC; Teenage Republi- can Club. Interests: Writing; political functions. Ambition: To teach at Arlington High School. Favorite Subject: History. DIANE R. KINDER 178 Highland Avenue July 19, 1951 Interests: Riding motorcycles. Ambition: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Cats who catch mice. Favorite Saying: “You think you’re cute.” EUGENE KINGMAN 31 Mount Vernon Street July 2, 1951 Gene Sports: Basketball; football; hockey. Ambition: Make money. Favor- ite Subject: English; drawing. Favorite Personality: Myself. ROBERT D. KINGMAN 15 Lowell Street August 8, 1950 Sports: Baseball; football. Interests: Cars; boats. Pet Peeve: The lunchroom. Favorite Saving: “Ya! What?” GAIL L. KIRKLAND 78 Hathaway Circle July 19, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Dramatics Club; Science Club; Ski Club; Chronicle. Ambition: To be an elementary school teacher. Pet Peeve: Dress code. Favorite Subject: French. JOAN F. KLEBAN 17 Baker Road April 29, 1951 Activities: Science Club, pres.; Tennis Team; Ski Club; Indian, art ed.; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club. Interests: Art; guitar. Ambition: To have a happy life. Favorite Subject: Art. Sports: Tennis; swim- ming; skiing. GLENN A. KONICK 175 Brooks Avenue August 24, 1951 Activity: G. S. Ambition: To get rich. Interests: Everything. Favor- ite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Yours truly. JOANNE E. KREPELKA 81 Appleton Street October 19, 1951 Jody Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle; Tom Dooley; C.Y.O. Favorite Subject: Math. Interest: Sewing. Ambition: To always be happy. Pet Peeve: Erench. PATRICIA A. KREUZ 55 Cleveland Street February 26, 1951 Shortie Activities: Girls’ Club; Ski Club; intramural basketball; A.Y. Ambi- tion: To become an airline hostess. Favorite Saying: “That’s cun- ning.” ROGER J. KRIKORIAN 96 Brooks Avenue April 20, 1951 Activities: Basketball; football. Interests: tennis; golf. Ambition: To go to college. Favorite Saying: “Really?” KAREN A. KURKER 286 Renfrew Street July 7, 1951 Kar Activities: Dramatics Club; G. S.; A.Y. Interest: Music. Sports: Swimming. Ambition: To become a second grade teacher. Favorite Saying: “Oh really?” F. LEO LAHIFF 311 Lake Street June 26, 1951 Lee Ambition: To go into banking. Interests: Sailing; hockey. Pet Peeve: Algebra class. Favorite Saying: “Oh come off it.” Favorite Subject: Biology. DAVID C. LAMB 11 Lawrence Lane June 30, 1951 Dave Ambition: Data processing. Interest: Hockey. Favorite Saying: “Yeh! Right!” Favorite Personality: Herb Alpert. Favorite Subject: U.S. History. Pet Peeve: Dress code. MICHAEL A. LAROCCA 131 Elorence Avenue Octo ber 12, 1951 Harvard Ambition: I.B.M. Favorite Stibject: Math. Favorite Saying: “Sock it to me.” Sports: Hunting; fishing. Interest: Gun safety. Favorite Per- sonality: Steve McQueen. KAREN A. LEARNARD 179 Brattle Street November 20, 1951 Activity: Basketball. Sport: Horseback riding. Ambition: Nursing. Favorite Saying: “Forget It.” Interest: Boys. Favorite Personality: Johnny Carson. JEANNETTE M. LEBRUN 62 Chandler Street August 25, 1951 Activities: Orchestra; Band; Girls’ Club; A.Y.; C.Y.O. Interests: Mu- sic; sewing. Ambition: To inherit the earth. Favorite Subject: Home- room. Favorite Personality: Dustin Hoffman. HAROLD W. LEGGE 805 Concord Turnpike February 2, 1951 Harry Pet Peeve: Getting hit with pennies. Favorite Subject: Math. KEVIN J. LEONARD 529 Summer Street March 31, 1951 Punchy Activities: Audio-Visual; Pep Club. Pet Peeve: School. Interests: Sports. Favorite Saying: “O.K.” Favorite Subject: Senior English. ROBERT G. LEONE 23 Mott Street April 16, 1951 Bob Activities: Chess Club; Math Team; Student Council Parliamentar- ian; Chronicle, editorial ed.; Indian, production manager. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. Interests: Writing peoms, essays. GARY G. LEVESQUE 1 Edith Street July 24, 1950 Interests: Donna; cars. Pet Peeve: Crowded lockers during locker period. SUSAN LIBBEY 64 Waverley Street August 21, 1951 Lib Activities: Basketball; Girls’ Club; F.H.A.; Ski Club. Ambition: To be a designer. Favorite Saying: “Lousy!” Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. GEORGE T. LIMBERIS 50 Magnolia Street September 8, 1950 Murphy Pet Peeve: Spanish. Ambition: To make it to college. Sports: Base- ball; football; basketball. Favorite Saying: “That’s right!” Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Per.sonality: Bob Culp. PATRICIA A. LINEHAN 156 Overlook Road November 12, 1951 Activities: CYO; Girls’ Club; F.H.A. secretary. Favorite Saying: “Are you kidding me?” Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. JOHN J. LIOTINE 24 Dodge Street December 3, 1951 Activities: Band; orchestra. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Interests: Music. Sports: Hockey; football. Ambition: To make it big. Favorite Per.sonality: Dizzy Gillespie. SUSAN A. LONG 25 Elwern Road May 5, 1950 Sue Activities: Girls’ Choir. Pet Peeve: Finals. Sports: Swimming. Ambi- tion: Keypunch Operator. Favorite Saying: “You’re soft!” Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. WENDY J. LONGMIRE 226 Cedar Avenue March 13, 1951 Activities: Chronicle; A.Y.; girls club. Pet Peeve: School. Interests: Cars; horses. Favorite Saying: “Are you serious?” Ambition: Secre- tary. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. BRENDA J. LOVELESS 51 Academy Street September 22, 1951 Pet Peeve: People who crack their knuckles. Sports: Chasing people upstairs. Ambition: To become an Indian. Favorite Saying: “You make me stick.” Favorite Personality: Donovan. REGINA M. LUCARELLI 33 Pine Ridge Road January 14, 1951 Reg Activities: WICOVAC; girls club. Pet Peeve: Girls with long hair. Sports: Running up and down the street. Favorite Saying: “Say a good word.” Favorite Personality: Steve. JOHN F. LYNCH 18 Moulton Road January 8, 1951 Activities: CYO; football manager; basketball manager. Pet Peeve: Homework. Interests: Sports. Favorite Subject: Math. CHARLES J. LYONS 51 Westminister Avenue June 10, 1951 Chuck Sports: Hockey, JV; baseball, V; golf. Interests: Sports. Ambition: To have a good time. Favorite Saying: “Hi, baby!” Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. LEONARD A. LYONS 148 Hillside Avenue Eebruary 8, 1951 Tony Activities: Fr. class, pres.; Youth Council; C.Y.O.; Student Council; hockey; track, football, V. Interest: Poetry reading at the kitchen. Pet Peeve: Other people being late. DEBORAH MACK 130 Palmer Street January 25, 1949 Debby Fondest Memory: My freshman year. Favorite Subject: Cooking. Pet Peeve: The school lunches. Ambition: To go to a business school. Sport: Football. Will To AHS: My gym suit. RUTH A. MacKA Y 50 Washington Street January 20, 1953 Canuck Activities: Ski Club. Pet Peeve: White socks. Interests: Hockey. Ambi- tion: To be a teacher. Favorite Saying: “That’s close!” Favorite Personality: George of the jungle. DONNA M. MacKENZIE 66 Freeman Street February 5, 1951 Interests: Boys. Favorite Saying: “Munga la gartza!” Favorite Per- sonality: Paul Newman. ESTHER S. MacLEOD 30 Marathon Street December 25, 1951 Activities: Girls’ Club; FHA; Ski Club. Sports: skiing; tennis; swim- ming. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Saying: “This is true!” Favorite Per.sonality: Troy Donahue. SUSAN A. MacQUESTON 14 School Street November 22, 1951 Sue Activities: Tom Dooley; C.Y.O.; Student Council; Samettes. Pet Peeve: Snobby people. Interests: Reading; swimming; boys. Favorite Personality: Richard Pryor. Ambition: To be a pediatrician. JOHN H. MADDEN 5 Memorial Way November 21, 1951 Eoe Pet Peeve: Homework. Sports: Hockey; golf. Ambition: To be an accountant. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. VIRGINIA C. MADISON 151 72 Mount Vernon Street May 4, 1949 Gin Spans: Skating; tennis. Ambition: Private secretary or airline stew- ardess. Fuvariie Subject: English. Favorite Sayin) : " Hi Hon.” Fet Feeve: Schoolwork. Interests: Hoys. PAUL A. MAGGIACOMO 228 Mystic Valley Parkway November 2, 1951 Magg Fet Feeve: A.H.S. Sports: Baseball; bowling. Ambition: To see smart teachers at A.H.S. Favorite Saying: " Sure.” Favorite Subject: English. EDWAR13 C. MAHONEY 16 Hart Street December 2, 1951 Slip W ' oburn Fet Feeve: The frog. Favorite Saying: “Don ' t get nervous!” Ambi- tion: To be an Electronic Design Engineer. NANCl E. MAHONEY 17 Lorraine Terrace April 24, 1951 Nance Activities: Student Council; Ski Club; Girls’ Club. Interests: Sports. Sports: field hockey; JV, V; basketball, JV, V, softball, V; skiing. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Saying: " Wicked good.” WILLIAM J. MAHONEY 10 Gray Circle October 19, 1951 Bill Fet Feeve: Homework. Sports: Indoor track; spring track. Interests: Sports. Ambition: To be happy. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. Favor- ite Fersonalitv: Bill Cosby. WILLIAM P. MAHONEY 102 Eremont Street May 8, 1951 Harry the Harp Fet Feeve: Broken flip tops. Sports: basketball; golf. Ambition: To be a diaftsman. Favorite Saving: “I’m going to bet on you!” ROBERT J. MAIMONE 36 Lakehill Avenue January 6, 1951 Smart Answer Sports: Eootball; car racing. Fet Feeve: Viet Nam. Favorite Subject: Science. Favorite Fersonality: Pat Paulsen. Ambition: To be a tool and die maker. Interests: Girls; cars. JOAN L. MALATESTA 22 Bellevue Road February 11, 1952 Jo Activities: G. S., v. pres., pres.; Harmonettes; “Continentals”; In- dian, proofreading ed. Ambition: To be an opera star. Favorite Sub- ject: English with Mr. Trev. Favorite Fersonality: Bobby On. MARILYN A. MALONE 70 Gardner Street August 20, 1950 Mal Fet Feeve: Teachers who think they are smart. Ambition: To travel around the world. Favorite Subject: Watching a certain boy in AHS. Favorite Fersonality: Robin Ross. KEVIN W. MANNIX 30 Chandler Street July 23, 1951 Mountain Dew Fet Feeve: Girls’ Fathers. Sports: Baseball; basketball. Ambition: Radio broadcasting. Favorite Saying: " I’m gonna tell ya!” JANET M. MARCELLINO 11 Gray Street May 23, 1951 Fet Feeve: Arlington High School. Sports: Tennis. Interests: Swim- ming. Ambition: To own my own car. Favorite Saying: “Okay.” Favorite Fersonalitv: Herb Alpert. CHARLES S. MARGOSSIAN 57 Orvis Road September 22, 1951 Activities: Tom Dooley; DeMolay. Fet Feeve: Long lines. Sports: Football. Ambition: To become a doctor. Favorite Fersonality: Frank Zappa. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. MARK E. MARINO 11 Morningside Drive February 2, 1951 Activities: G. S.; Ski Club; Student Council. Sports: Golf; baseball. Ambition: To get into a good college. Favorite Saying: “You can’t win ’em all.” Favorite Subject: Physics. CAROL A. MATTHEWS 92 Chandler Street June 8, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; Student Council; Ski Club. Fet Feeve: Climbing stairs to 30’s. Sports: Tennis. Interests: Sewing; swimming; tennis. Favorite Subject: English. DOUGLAS A. MATTHEWS 165 Brattle Street June 19, 1951 Doug Activities: Science club; Diving Club; Parapsychology Club; Civil Air Patrol. Sports: Snow and water skiing; scuba diving; camping. Favorite Fersonalitv: Peter Sellers. PAUL S. MATURSE 122 Park Avenue June 18, 1951 Rumple Six Chin Activities: Audio Visuals; Student Council. Pet Feeve: Homework. Favorite Saying: “Keep a cool tool!” Sports: Football; baseball. Fa- vorite Fersonalitv: Snoopy. GREGORY G. ' MAZMANIAN 378 Ridge Street February 27, 1951 Taz Activities: G. S.; Marching Band; Weekend Warriors. Fet Feeve: Pop tops that don’t pop. Sports: Golf; football. Ambition: To be a deacon. Favorite Saving: “Charlie Tuna!” BRIAN J. McCARRON 3 Ortona Street December 18, 1951 Fet Feeve: Rain. Sports: Skiing; swimming; football; surfing. Ambi- tion: To be an engineer. Favorite Saying: “Groovy!” Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. CARoi. A. McCarthy 108 Fremont Street October 15. 1951 Moods Fet Feeve: Short or red-headed boys. Sports: Baseball; hockey; foot- ball. Ambition: To fly; to become a WAVE. Favorite Subject: Short- hand. Favorite Fersonality: Dr. Kildare; Tarzan. JOHN G. McCARlHY 17 Oakland Avenue June 17, 1950 Happy Jack Fet Feeve: Forgetting church key. Sports: Basketball. Ambition: .Services. Favorite Saying: “Get lost.” Favorite Subject: History. Fa- vorite Fersonality: Stokely Carmichael. KAREN M. McCarthy 49 Pine Street March 18, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Tom Dooley; C.Y.O. Fet Feeve: White socks on boys. Sports: Basketball; water skiing. Ambition: To graduate from college. Favorite Fersonality: Paul Newman. LHOMAS E. McCARTY 72 Trowbridge Street April 25, 1949 Dougie Fet Feeve: Snowy summers. Sports: Swimming. Interests: Sports. Ambition: U.S. Air Force. Favorite Saying: “Good man.” Favorite Subject: History. AMY M. McDermott 286 Forest Street July 29, 1951 Activities: Art club; French Club. Fet Feeve: My cat. Sports: Base- ball. Interests: Sewing; reading. Ambition: To be a math teacher. Favorite Subject: Math. DANIEL M. McDermott 1 19 Mt. Vernon Street June 17, 1951 Fet Feeve: Rainy summers. Sports: Football; baseball. Interests: Sports. Favorite Subject: Gym. JOHN McKENNA 104 Wright Street December 1 5, 1950 Jack Fet Feeve: Being late. Interests: Drinking non-carbonated beverages. JOAN M. McKEWEN 7 Pond Terrace August 26, 1951 F.O.M.A. Activities: Tom Dooley; Youth Council; teen club. Fet Feeve: Cold French fries. Sports: Tennis; swimming. Interests: Boys. Favorite Saving: “Ya, really?” MARGARET A. McKILLOP 35 Stone Road June 17, 1950 Margie Activities: C.Y.O. Fet Feeve: Girls who chase boys. Interests: Read- ing; sewing; traveling; Ralph. Sports: Swimming; skiing; tennis; boy watching. Favorite Saying: “Babe.” Favorite Fersonality: Tiny Tim; Ralph Stratis. LEE A. McLaughlin 111 Claremont Avenue December 31, 1951 Activities: Girls’ club; A.Y.; Ski Club; EH A. Fet Feeve: Waiting. Sports: Skiing. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Subject: Math. DONALD W. McNAlR 66 Thesda Street June 25, 1950 Mac Fet Feeve: School. Interests: Cars. Sports: Basketball; hockey. Favor- ite Subject: Enelish. Favorite Fersonalitv: Mrs. Thayer. JOANNE McNALLY 104 Bartlett Avenue October 6, 1951 Twiggy Activities: C.Y.O.; Girls’ Club. Fet Feeve: Every school day. Ambi- tion: To work for airlines. Favorite Saying: “Strange.” Favorite Sub- ject: History. Favorite Fersonalitv: Bob Dylan. RICHARD J. McNAMARA 28 Hillside Avenue May 15, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Dramatics Club. Fet Feeve: People. Interests: Most things. Favorite Saying: “What, me wrong?” Favorite Subject: His- tory. Favorite Fersonalitv: Mrs. Brackett. MARY McNElLL 57 Bartlett Avenue October 4, 1950 May Fet Feeve: Gaining weight. Interests: Boys; surfing. Ambition: To be a good secretary. Favorite Saying: “Silly dilly!” Favorite Fersonality: John Gavin; Andy Williams. PAMELA B. McPherson 119 Spy Pond Parkway June 27, 1951 Activities: Student council; Ski Club; F.H.A., pres. Fet Feeve: White socks. Sports: Field hockey. Interests: Swimming; sewing. Ambition: Not to grow old. Favorite Subject: None! JANICE M. MEAD 48 Pine Street April 9, 1951 Twinkle Activities: Tom Dooley; C.Y.O. Fet Feeve: White socks on boys. Sports: Baseball; swimming; skin diving. Ambition: To be gorgeous. Favorite Saving: “You guckie!” Favorite Fersonalitv: Wally Cox. PAUL F. MEAGHER 59 Hathaway Circle August 28, 1950 Fet Feeve: Print shop. Sports: Skiing. Interests: Sailing. Ambition: To graduate by 1971 Favorite Subject: Study hall. PATRICIA A. MEARA 22 Elmore Street June 27, 1951 Patty Interests: Swimming; horseback riding. Fet Feeve: Monday mornings. Favorite Subject: Typing. Favorite Fersonalitv: Paul Newman. MARY C. MEDEIROS 40 Warren Street December 24, 1950 Carol Fet Feeve: Every morning. Interests: Swimming; water skiing; horse- back riding. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Favorite Fersonality: Everly Brothers. Favorite Subject: Crafts. G. MICHAEL MILLER 47 Robbins Road December 18, 1949 Mike Activities: Cross Country, manager; indoor and spring track. Fet 152 Peeve: Track practice. Ambition: To graduate from college. Favorite Saviiif’: “Doesn ' t bother me, shouldn ' t bother you!” THOMAS S. MOLLOY 109 Claremont Avenue September 23, 1951 Tommy Activities: Chess Club; chess team; Ski Club; track team, V. Ambi- tion: To go to a good college and to do graduate work. Favorite Saving: ‘Til force it down!” Favorite Stibject: Science. JOHN E. MOORE 34 Robin Hood Road Eebruary 16, 1951 Pet Peeve: Cancellation of Monday morning assemblies. Interests: Marine navigation; tape recording. Ambition: Not to get a haircut. Favorite Saying: “Stay cool, man!” MARY A. MORANIAN 190 Lowell Street July 16, 1951 Activities: Civil Rights Club; A.Y. Interests: Dancing; art; traveling. Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Getting up early in the morning. Favorite Saving: “Oh cool!” EILEEN M. MORGAN 50 Kimball Road September 9, 195 1 Morgue Activities: Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Majorettes; Student Council. Pet Peeve: Phony personalities; certain junior girls. Ambition: Lab tech- nician. Favorite Saying: “Really!” MARGARET A. MORSE 1 12 Eremont Street January 1 1, 1951 Peggy Pet Peeve: Being told what to do. Ambition: To live at 108 Webster Avenue. Interests: Boys. Favorite Saying: “We’re through!” Favorite Personality: Pickles. MARY A. MOUSSETTE 8 Lake Street May 12, 1951 Mam Pet Peeve: Fourth lunch. Sports: Riding around. Favorite Subject: Cooking. Favorite Saying: “Y’know!” Favorite Personality: Mrs. Jones. ANN M. MUCCI 32 Silk Street May 7, 1951 Doky Activities: Basketball; intramural softball; field hockey; Girls’ Club. Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Saying: “Really!” Favorite Subject: Eng- lish. Favorite Personality: Miss McDonough. PAUL L. MUCCI 32 Silk Street April 28, 1952 Mooch Activities: A.Y.; Student Council, pres.; Tom Dooley; Ski Club, council. Pet Peeve: SAT ' S. Sports: Skiing: swimming; hockey. Favor- ite Personality: Captain Bob; Winny the Pooh. KARIN A. MUELLO 155 Jason Street May 8, 1951 Moose Activities: A.Y.; Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; G. S.; Harmonettes; Chronicle; Indian, literary ed. Interests: Piano; sewing; singing. Am- bition: Diplomatic corps. CHARLENE M. MULCAHY 43 Eremont Court August 30, 1951 Lee Pet Peeve: Snobbish people. Interests: Boys; work; sports. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “Come off it!” Favorite Personality: Dean Martin; Smothers Brothers. RICHARD A. MULLANE 54 Decatur Street October 2, 1950 Moose Activities: Football. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Saying: “Yea!” Favorite Subject: English. CHRISTOPHER F. MULLEN 11 Gordon Road January 7, 1951 Kris Activities: Football; intramural volleyball; golf; intramural basket- ball; bowling. Ambition: Engineering. Favorite Saying: “Isn’t that wonderful!” Favorite Personality: Harold Stassen. CAROL A. MULLIGAN 302 Summer Street January 20, 1950 Cara Cara Activities: C.Y.O.; Glee Club; Forum. Sports: Skiing; Swimming. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “Forget it!” Favorite Sttb- ject: Typing. JANICE R. MULLIGAN 302 Summer Street January 29, 195 1 Jan Activities: C.Y.O.; Allied Youth; Girls’ Choir; Forum. Sports: Skiing; Softball. Interests: Boys; work. Ambition: Do something worthwhile. Favorite Saying: “All right!” MARK W. ' MURDOCK 15 Squanto Road October 2, 1949 Buddy Woburn Sports: Baseball; football. Interest: Car racing. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Favorite Stibject: English. Ambition: To be a State Cop. BARBARA A. MURPHY 274 Forest Street June 23, 1951 Barney Activities: A.Y.; C.Y.O.; Chronicle; Youth Council. Interests: Horse- back riding; sw imming. Sports: Softball. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. ELIZABETH A. MURPHY 86 Gardner Street December 1 1, 1951 Beth Activities: Clinic assistant. Pet Peeve: Smelly people. Sports: Danger- ous ones. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Saving: “I forget!” JAMES M. MURPHY 48 Prospect Avenue January 9, 1951 Murf Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Interests: Cars. Ambition: Mechanic. Favorite Saying: “Let’s go!” Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. KAREN D. MURPHY 20 Lancaster Road June 21, 1951 Dani Activities: A.Y., Convention delegate; Chronicle; Office assistant; Stu- dent Council; Tom Dooley. Sports: Surfing; lacrosse. Favorite Person- ality: Michael J. Pollard. DONNA MURRAY 170 Mystic Street April 5, 1951 Poko Activities: A.Y.; Tom Dooley; Samettes; Ski Club; Chronicle; Indian staff. Ambition: Lab technician. Pet Peeve: Shoes. Sports: Tennis. Favorite Subject: Math. MAUREEN L. MURRAY 130 Gardner Street July 8, 1951 Olive Activities: Library Corps; Office assistant. Interests: Bugs; Indians; doctors. Ambition: To communicate with people. Favorite Saying: “Make ’em babies.” Favorite Personality: The Doors. PETER A. MURRAY 145 Brattle Street October 2, 1951 Pee Activities: A.Y.; Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra. Interests: Music. Sports: Baseball; football; basketball. Ambition: Music in- structor. Favorite Saving: “Aw, come on.” SANDRA J. MUTtER 36 Everett Street September 16, 1951 So Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club; Chronicle. Sports: Skiing; swimming. In- terests: Boys. Ambition: To be great. Favorite Subject: History. Fa- vorite Personality: Miss Steele. PATRICIA A. NARDONE 23 Belknap Street May 17, 1951 Pat Activities: Orchestra; library assistant; Samettes; Ski Club. Sports: Skiing; baseball. Interests: Knitting. Ambition: Guidance counselor. Favorite Personality: Jim Lonborg. THOMAS M. NEE 67 Dorothy Road September 6, 1951 Cedar Activities: Baseball; Chronicle; Student Council, treasurer. Sports: Baseball; basketball. Favorite Saying: “The coyote rides at night.” Favorite Subject: German. PAUL A. NEEDHAM 93 Sunset Road July 16, 1951 Sidney Pet Peeve: History tests. Interests: Boating; fishing. Sports: Hockey; baseball. Ambition: To succeed. Favorite Saying: “Is that right?” Favorite Stibject: Salesmanship. JUNE P. NELSON 1424 Massachusetts Avenue June 1, 1951 Pet Peeve: Coming to school so early. Sports: Water and snow skiing. Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Saying: “This?” Favor- ite Personality: Goldie. Favorite Subject: Typing. PATRICIA A. NELSON 37 Sutherland Road August 9, 1951 Pat Activities: A.Y.; Tom Dooley. Pet Peeve: Long skirts. Sports: Soft- ball. Interests: Sewing; knitting. Ambition: I.B.M. key puncher. Fa- vorite Personality: Goldie. JANICE L. NERI 6 Greeley Circle April 11, 1951 Jan Activities: Dramatics Club; Ski Club; Basketball; Tom Dooley; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: People. Interests: Sewing. Favorite Saying: “1 don’t believe it!” Favorite Subject: History. DIANE M. NICHOLL 7 Stoney Brook Road June 5, 1951 Dee Activities: Student Council; F.T.A.; Girls’ Club; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Rotten apples. Interests: People. Favorite Saying: “All right!” Favorite Personality: Paul McCartney. JAMES R. NIGRO 168 Gardner Street March 26, 1950 Tippy Activities: Football, V; Basketball, ' V. Interests: Girls. Ambition: To play pro football. Favorite Saying: “What?” Favorite Stibject: His- tory. Favorite Pcr.sonality: Stevie and Louie. ELIZABETH A. NITCHIE 52 Hillsdale Road July 1, 1951 Activities: G. S.; F.T.A. Pet Peeve: Rude people. Interests: Children. Ambition: To teach young children. Favorite Stibject: Chorus. Favor- ite Per.sonality: Simon and Garfunkel. KAREN A. O’BRIEN 9 Albermarle Street April 25, 1951 Sports: Softball. Interests: Swimming; horseback riding. Ambition: To become a secretary. Favorite Stibject: English. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. JAMES M. O’CONNELL 24 Park Street October 2, 1950 Okey Activities: Football, JV; Basketball, JV. Interests: Sports. Ambition: To leave Arlington. Favorite Saying: “Oh yeah?” Favorite Personal- ity: Bow. RICHARD F. OFRIA 28 Jason Street June 30, 1951 Activities: Football, V, JV; Student Council. Pet Peeve: Homework. Interests: Females. Ambition: To be a success. Favorite Saying: “That’s Close!” Favorite Personality: Ray Nitchkie. GARY R. OGDEN 93 Varnum Street April 29, 1951 Stevie Activities: Football, Fr, V. Interests: Sports; living. Ambition: To be 153 on my own. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: Michael J. Pollard. DAVID J. O’LEARY 84 Brooks Avenue May 5, 1951 Activities: Football, Fr., JV, V; Basketball, Fr., JV, V; Baseball, Fr., JV, V. Pet Peeve: Moody people. Interests: Reading. Ambition: To be a lawyer. Favorite Personality: Smothers Brothers. JOHN H. O’LEARY 1 1 George Street December 22, 1951 Bing Pet Peeve: School. Sports: Basketball. Interests: Crime. Ambition: To head the Mafia. Favorite Sayinp: “I’ll drink to that!’’ Favorite Sub- ject: History. MARION W. OLIVER 33 James Street May 4, 1951 Ollie Activities: French Club; Field Hockey; F.T.A.; Girls’ Choir. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Interests: Sewing. Ambition: Teacher. Favor- ite Saying: “1 know it!” MICHAEL V. O’LOUGHLIN 23 Greeley Circle November 4, 1951 Loap Activities: French Club; Chess Club; Chess Team; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Ties. Sports: Baseball; golf; basketball. Interests: Chess; girls. Ambition: Engineering. MARION L. OLSON 169 Mount Vernon Street October 28, 1951 Activities: Rainbow; Art Club; Tom Dooley; Chronicle. Sports: Sail- ing. Pet Peeve: Dress code. Ambition: Artist. Favorite Saying: “Are you serious?” Favorite Subject: Art. ROBERT A. OLSON 27 Yerxa Road October 17, 1951 B.O. Activities: Marching Band. Pet Peeve: Ten ton tubas. Sports: Basket- ball; baseball. Interests: Music; mechanics. Ambition: Tuba Player. Favorite Personalitv: Red Skelton. CAROLYN J. O’NEIL 16 Newland Road May 5, 1950 Carol Pet Peeve: Homework. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “Hang it up!” MARK S. O’NEIL 62 Marathon Street July 11, 1951 Activities: Student Council; A.Y. Pet Peeve: Boring teachers. Sports: Basketball. Interests: Everything. .Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Saying: “Interesting!” PATRICIA C. O’NEIL 55 Mott Street December 1, 1951 Pat Activities: Girls’ Club; Orchestra; Ski Club; French Club; G. .S.; Library Corps. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Ambition: Peace Corps. Favorite Saving: “Yeah, right!” Favorite Subject: English. BARTHOLOMEW P. O’NEILL 20 Amsden Street November 6, 1951 Barts Interests: All kinds of sports. Ambition: College or l.B.M. school. Favorite Subject: Math. DOREEN M. O’NEILL 18 Spy Pond Parkway January 28, 1952 Activities: Girls’ Choir; Girls’ Glee Club; Harmonettes; Concert Choir. Pet Peeve: Logical reasoning. Favorite Saying: “Are you kid- ding?” Favorite Subject: Music. MARY M. O’NEILL 20 Amsden Street November 6, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Lacross e; Samettes; Chronicle. Sports: Lacrosse; track. Ambition: Hemotologist. Favorite Subject: Biology. Favorite Personality: Mr. Lincoln. PETER J. ORPHANOS I 18 Lake Street March 3, 1951 Activities: Student Council; Basketball; Football. Pet Peeve: Girls without mini-skirts. Interests: Sports. Ambition: To go to college. Favorite Personalitv: Rowan and Martin. DENNIS J. PACHECO 26 Lake Street January 3, 1951 Sports: Baseball; football. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Mr. Delaney. Ambi- tion: To be rich. JOSEPH C. PACHECO 103 Warren Street July 19, 1951 Joe Romano Activities: Audio Visual Club. Pet Peeve: Ties and white shirts. Sports: Baseball. Interests: Electronic music. Ambition: Disc jockey. Favorite Per.sonuUtv: Woo Woo Ginsberg. CONSTANCE M. ' PARAGONA 88 Sunnyside Avenue June 20, 1951 Connie Activities: C.Y.O., secy.; Ski Club; Girls’ Club; A.Y.; C.Y.O. basket- ball. Pet peeve: Put on people. Interests: Art; photography. Ambi- tion: To understand life. Favorite Personality: The Doors. CAROLINE M. PATACCHIOLA 3 West Street April 29, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley. Interests: Piano; sewing; cooking. Sports: Tennis. Favorite Subject: English. Pet Peeve: Party lines. MARGUERITE PAVAO 39 Fordham Street September 25, 1951 Margot Pet Peeve: English class of 1967 in Somerville. Sports: Tennis. Ambi- tion: To be a secretary. Favorite Saying: “Oh, brother!” Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Favorite Personality: Ho Nesty. PETER A. PAVONE 327 Appleton Street December 2, 1951 The Bear Activities: Ski Club; A.Y. A.; Baseball. Sports: Baseball; tennis; bowl- ing. Ambition: Engineer. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personal- itv: Bill Cosby. JOHN J. PELLEGRINO 75 Windsor Street March 7, 1952 Slim Activities: Football. Pet Peeve: Getting up to go to school. Interests: Girls; cooking. Ambition: To be a master chef. Favorite Subject: Cooking. Favorite Personality: Comedian. RICHARD A. PENNEY 5 Colonial Village Drive October 15, 1951 Nick-el Pet Peeve: Federal forms. Interests: Hunting; scuba diving. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “My mother always told me that!” Favorite Personality: Ted Williams. JOHN W. PERKINS 67 Glenburn Road October 12, 1951 Activities: Marching Band; Dramatics Club; Concert Band. Pet Peeve: Adults. Sports: Swimming; bowling. Interests: Girls; traveling. Favorite Personalitv: Peter Sellers. BERNADETTE PERRIELLO 131 Ridge Street October 12, 1951 Bernie Activities: A.Y.; Ski Club; Tom Dooley; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Study hall. Intere.sts: Sewing; typing. Ambition: Secretary. Favorite Saving: “What can I say?” DENNIS J. PERRY 19 Gardner Street April 18, 1951 Pet Peeve: Little girls. Interests: Music; girls. Ambition: To stay out of the army. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Flip Wilson. STEPHEN PESSOTTl 48 Edmund Road March 12, 1951 Steve Intere.sts: Radios. Activities: Ski Club. Ambition: To go to Bryant and Stratton. Pet Peeve: School. Favorite Subject: Biology. Sports: Baseball; basketball; hockey. JANE E. PHILLIPS 70 Yerxa Road May 18, 1951 Activities: Girls’ Club; F.T.A. Interests: Helping the mentally re- tarded. Favorite Saying: “Hot spook!” Favorite Personality: Linus. Ambition: Fashion designer. Favorite Subject: English. KATIE PIANTES 43 Lakehill Avenue January 25, 1951 Pet Peeve: Foods. Ambition: To be able to run the 440. Favorite Saying: “Yeah!” Favorite Subject: Foods. Favorite personality: John Davidson. JANET S. PICARDI 135 Dow Avenue June 4, 1951 Activities: Tom Dooley, secy., v. pres.; Library Corps, secy.; Student Council. Pet Peeve: People who think they know everything. Ambi- tion: To be a Home Economics major. JAMES A. PICARIELLO 6 Virginia Road October 6, 1951 Jim Pet Peeve: School. Sports: Golf; baseball; fishing. Interests: Golf. Ambition: College. Favorite Subject: Biology. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. ANNE E. PIDANO 31 Varnum Street March 6, 1951 Activities: French Club, secy., pres.; Chronicle, feature ed., literary ed.; Girls’ Club; Youth Council. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites. Ambition: To be honest. Sports: Tennis. DAVID PITKO 174 Newport Street August 5, 1951 Dave Activities: Little League; Freshman football; Babe Ruth League baseball; A.Y. A. Interests: Baseball; football; tennis. Favorite Sub- ject: History. Favorite Personalitv: Sam HulT. KARL W. PLACE 45 Walnut Street February 2, 1951 Bartz Activities: Football, V.; A.Y.; Junior Class Pres.; Junior Class Prom Committee. Ambition: To teach math and coach football. Pet Peeve: “Nutrament”. Favorite Personality: Richard Pryor. DEAN C. POIRIER 537 Summer Street December 18, 1951 Activities: Tennis. Pet Peeve: Tests. Sports: Swimming; skiing; fish- ing. Interests: Science. Ambition: Doctor and biochemist. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: Jerome Lettvin. DOUGLAS L. POLLARD 30 Cliff Street November 22, 1951 Pud Pet Peeve: Finals. Sports: Hockey. Ambition: To be an engineer. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Saying: “Shut up!” Favorite Per- sonality: Bill Cosby. WILLIAM E. POMEROY 106 Hillside Avenue February 10, 1951 Bill Activities: Science Club; G. S.; Marching Band; Concert Band. Pet Peeve: Lady drivers. Ambition: To study communications and broad- casting. Interests: Music; theater; literature. JAMES K. POWER 83 Overlook Road November 13, 1951 Activities: C.Y.O.; Sports: Hockey; baseball. Ambition: To get into 154 college. RICHARD J. POWER 161 Wachusett Avenue December 19, 1951 Rick Activities: Student Council; Parapsychology Club. Pet Peeve: Igno- rant teachers. Sports: Football; basketball; baseball. Favorite Saying: “Surely you jest!” Favorite Subject: History. CAROLYN A. POWERS 51 Chester Street May 8, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club, Ski Club. Pet Peeve: My glasses. Inter- ests: Everything. Ambition: To be rich. Favorite Saying: “Really!?” Favorite Personality: Jonathan Winters. B. STEPHEN PRATO 37 Jason Street May 15, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Tom Dooley; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: Authority. Sports: Football; hockey. Interests: Protesting; dissenting. Favorite Personality: Frank Zappa. FRANCIS B. PRATO 85 Egerton Road March 30, 1951 Frank Sports: Baseball. Interests: Playing the guitar in a band; girls. Ambi- tion: To be an electrical engineer. ROBERT V. PRENDERGAST 20 Brattle Place January 20, 1951 Bob Pet Peeve: Teachers. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. FRANCIS J. PRESTEJOHN 16 Glen Avenue March 31, 1951 Frank Activities: Audio Visual. Pet Peeve: School. Sports: Football; base- ball. Interests: Cars. Ambition: To make money. Favorite Saying: “Make it work!” Favorite Subject: Math. THOMAS E. PRIOR 108 Sunnyside Avenue April 22, 1951 Dogga Activities: Football; A.Y.; C.Y.O.; Boys Club. Ambition: To become a judge. Interests: Hockey; football; skiing. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: Eddie Shack. GARY S. PROVENZANO 41 Rangely Road November 19, 1951 Prov Activities: A.Y.; football; Ski Club. Sports: Football; baseball; hockey. Interests: Music; shooting. Ambition: To study law. Pet Peeve: Haircuts. Favorite Subject: English. TERESA A. PUPPO 20 Nicod Street June 16, 1951 Terry Activities: Art Club; A.Y.; C.Y.O.; Office Assistant; Library Corps. Sports: Bowling. Interests: Sewing; boys. Ambition: To have twelve children; to get my braces off. Favorite Subject: Math. DEBORAH A. PURCELL 41 Oldham Road May 31, 1951 Debbie Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; Dramatics Club; French Club. Sports: Swimming; surfing. Pet Peeve: Teachers’ pets. Ambition: To gradu- ate. Favorite Saying: “Oh yay!” ROBERT L. PYNE 132 Robbins Road October 16, 1951 Bob Activities: A.Y.; Dramatics Club; Chronicle; Student Council; G. S.; Latin Club, Consul Primus. Interests: Data processing; sailing. Ambi- tion: To be a lawyer. Pet Peeve: Short girls. WILLIAM A. QUAN 604 Massachusetts Avenue March 5, 1951 Bill Activities: A.Y.; bowling. Ambition: To become a successful engi- neer. Interests: Caring for tropical fish; modern music. Favorite Say- ing: “Too late!” Sports: Baseball; basketball. SHARLA D. QUAYLE 113 Irving Street May 3, 1951 Shar Activities: A.Y.; Dramatics Club; French Club; Student Council; Marching Band; WICOVAC. Sports: Tennis; bowling; baseball. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites with narrow minds. Ambition: To work in sociol- ogy. DONNA A. QUEENEY 11 Teel Street May 16, 1951 Bunny Pet Peeve: School. Sports: Skipping school. Interests: Gary. BERNARD K. QUINLAN 49 Valentine Road January 29, 1951 Bernie Activities: Baseball; hockey, V.; football, JV., V. Ambition: To go to Yale. Favorite Saying: “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing!” Pet Peeve: Know-it-all hockey fans. DANA A. RABUFFETTI 25 Old Middlesex Path October 12, 1950 Rabbit Activities: Marching Band. Pet Peeve: Pot-heads. Ambition: To own a bar. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Smokey Rob- inson. ROBERT L. RAYMONDI 11 Amherst Street August 28, 1951 Ray Activities: Track. Interests: Money; girls. Ambition: To graduate. Fa- vorite Saying: “I’m broke!” Favorite Subject: Old hall studies. Favor- ite Personality: Paul Newman. SUSAN REAGAN 1119 Massachusetts Avenue February 14, 1951 Blucky Activities: Girls’ Club. Sports: Football; hockey. Interests: Cats. Am- bition: To leave Touraine’s. Favorite Subject: Math. Pet Peeve: School. RITCHIE E. REARDON 1 1 Governor Road December 3, 1951 Rash Activities: Band; Basketball, JV.; C.Y.O. Sports: Basketball; baseball. Interests: Everything. Ambition: To be in the Mafia. Favorite Sub- ject: Math. JOSEPH T. REEN 235 Sylvia Street December 9, 1950 Sparky Lyle Activities: Basketball; track; A.Y.A. Baseball. Favorite Saying: “All right!” Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. EDDA M. REVASZ 1194 Massachusetts Avenue September 11, 1950 Ed Activities: Girls’ Club; Fashion counselor; F.H.A. Interests: Fashion; boys. Ambition: To be rich or a stewardess. Favorite Saying: “Really?” Favorite Subject: Homeroom. DAVID R. RIGBY 629 Summer Street July 11, 1951 Dave Activities: Marching Band. Pet Peeve: Old teachers. Ambition: To be a Physical Education teacher. Interests: Sports. Sports: Basketball; football; bowling. Favorite Personality: Neil Diamond. EUGENE A. RIZZO 455 Appleton Street June 1, 1951 Gino Activities: A.Y.A. Baseball; Dramatics Club; A.Y.; Chronicle; Scribe; Latin Club; Indian, asst. ed. Interests: Sports; reading; writ- ing. Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Liberals and Radicals. Fa- vorite Saying: “This is true.” MARILYN J. RIZZO 40 Valentine Road February 6, 1951 Riz Activities: Chess Club; C.Y.O. ; Arlington Tennis Club; Chronicle. Interests: Sports; languages. Ambition: To travel. Favorite Personal- ity: My rich uncle! Pet Peeve: Gym class. WENDY E. ROCKWELL 40 Dudley Street October 23, 1951 Pretzel Sports: Surfing; baseball; football. Interests: Dancing; skydiving; as- trology. Ambition: To be a millionaire’s wife. Favorite Saying: “Get lost!” Favorite Subject: English. MARIE P. ROGERS 102 Bow Street October 1, 1951 Activities: Civil Rights Club; work in settlement house for McCar- thy. Interests: Dancing. Ambition: To be a sociologist. Favorite Say- ing: “We shall overcome.” Favorite Subject: History. LILLIAN M. ROMANOWSKI 20 Fordham Street March 23, 1952 Lill Activities: Dramatics Club; teaching dancing. Sports: Swimming; baseball; football. Pet Peeve: Insincerity; phonies. Interests: Music; dancing; boys. Ambition: To be a teacher. MARY I. RONAN 1 Brewster Road May 29, 1951 Activities: Library Corps, secy., pres.; C.Y.O., secy.; Tom Dooley; Indian. Sports: Skiing; sailing. Interests: English boys; reading. Ambi- tion: To go to London. Favorite Subject: History. MICHAEL F. ROSA 44 School Street June 5, 1951 Activities: Football; Gymnastics. Interests: Skindiving; Surfing. Favor- ite Subject: Senior English with Mr. Trev. LESLI A. ROSENBERG 7 Yerxa Road October 18, 1951 Activities: Dramatics Club; U.S.Y., secy., pres.; Rainbow; Tom Dooley; A.Y.; G. S.; guidance office. Sports: Tennis; horseback rid- ing; boating. Interests: Zodiac. Ambition: To live on a kibbutz. ROBERTA D. ROSS 51 Ridge Street February 16, 1951 Ross Interests: Boys with big noses. Ambition: To have my own apart- ment. Favorite Saying: “Dig it!” Favorite Personality: Jimi Hendrix; Mick Jagger. KENNETH G. ROSSI 36 George Street September 27, 1951 Hoss Activities: Football; Track. Pet Peeve: Math classes. Interests: Girls; cars. Ambition: To teach history. Sports: football; hockey. Favorite Personality: Dean Martin. LOUIS N. ROSSI 129 Sunnyside Avenue June 21, 1951 Luka Lou Sports: Baseball; hockey; football; basketball. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: John Wayne. Ambition: To become a machinist. Favorite Saying: “Come on!” ROBERT J. ROSSI 193 Hillside Avenue March 12, 1951 Bo Sports: Hockey; basketball. Pet Peeve: Homework. Interests: Model car building; cars. Ambition: To be a draftsman. Favorite Saying: “Ya!” Favorite Personality: Herman’s Hermits. WILLIAM F. RYAN 1 33 Washington Street March 13, 1951 Bill Sports: Baseball; hockey. Interests: Sports. Ambition: To go to an accounting school. Pet Peeve: Going to school. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Favorite Personality: The Animals. PAUL G. SABBAG 339 Ridge Street May 3, 1951 Sabby Pet Peeve: Going to school. Sports: Bowling; basketball. Interests: To make it out of Arlington High. Ambition: To live. Favorite Subject: Lunch. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. ROBERT G. SACCA 38 Amsden Street June 17, 1951 Stick 155 Ambition: To become an engineer. Interests: Cars; girls. Sports: Baseball; basketball, l- ' avorite Subject: Math. DEBORAH R. SAKEY 331 Take Street November 6, 1951 Debbie Ambition: Nursing. Activities: Latin Club; G. S.; Civil Rights; Sci- ence Club; Indian: Student Council, fr. Favorite Sidiject: Math. In- terests: Science; piano; boating. Sport: Swimming. PHILIP C. SANDS 130 Newport Street June 15, 1951 F hilbe Fet Peeve: The eight o’clock bell. Sports: Hockey. Ambition: To become a pharmacist. Favorite Sayinp: “Eorget it!” Favorite Stibject: Math. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. NANCY E. SANTORO 156 Palmer Street July 29, 1951 Pet Peeve: School; final. Sports: Swimming; skating. Interests: Horse- back riding. Ambition: To go to Europe. Favorite Saying: “Right!” Favorite Personalitv: Bill Cosby. SARA A. SANTOS 293 Gray Street April 18, 1951 Sally Activities: Girls’ Club; Student Council; A.Y., Council; Guitar Club; Ski Club, officer. Pet Peeve: Non-fliptops. Sports: Skiing; surfing. Interests: Cans; people; art. BARBARA A. SAVAGE 56 Valentine Road September 3, 195 1 Savage Activities: C.Y.O., softball, v. pres.; Tom Dooley; Samettes; Candy Striper. Ambition: Elementary teacher. Sports: Swimming; basketball; tennis. Interests: Singing; guitar; dancing. KENNETH J. SAVIO 20 Jason Street Eebruary 14, 1951 Ken Activities: Math Team; Science Club; Civil Rights Club. Interests: Computers; psychology. Favorite Saving: “That’s ridiculous.” MARIE E. SCAGLIONE 68 Hathaway Circle July 5, 1951 Activities: Ski Club; Chronicle; office assistant. Sports: Swimming; skiing; baseball. Interests: Music; sewing; ice skating. Antbition: To be successful and happy in life. JAMES M. SCANNELL 22 Rockmont Road December 26, 1950 Activities: C.Y.O. Pet Peeve: Dress code. Sports: Hunting; fishing; water-skiing. Interests: Sports cars. Ambition: To go to college. Fa- vorite Saying: History. JOANNE SCHNARE 166 Lowell Street December 30, 1951 Jo Activities: Majorettes; G. S.; Ski Club; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Homework. Interests: Clothes; money. Ambition: To graduate. Fa- vorite Saving: “Right!” Sports: Surfing; water-skiing. ROBERT A. SCOTTl 33 Addison Street June 4, 1951 Bob Pet Peeve: Tests. Sports: Water-skiing. Interests: Records; tapes. Am- bition: To be a broadcaster. Favorite Saying: Math. Favorite Person- alitv: Ursula Andress. PETER R. SCOZZARl 51 Windmill Lane May 16, 1951 Mario Activities: Eootball; baseball. Pet Peeve: Slow drivers. Sports: AYA. baseball; hockey, Stratton Streakers. Interests: Cars; books. Ambi- tion: To own a Eerrari. Favorite Subject: Spanish. JAMES M. SEABROOK 14 Melrose Street March 2, 1951 Sudsy Sports: Baseball; football. Pet Peeve: Getting up after a long sleep. Favorite Stibject: Math. Interests: Cars; girls. Ambition: To be a jet mechanic. Favorite Saving: “How much?” RICHARD J. SELINES 93 Alpine Street March 23, 1952 Pet Peeve: School. Interests: Money. Ambition: To be an airline pilot. MADELEINE F. SERPA 24 Arrowhead Lane March 23, 1951 Mad Activities: A.Y.; C.Y.O. ; Student Council; Tom Dooley; Indian, bio. ed.; Dramatics Club; Ski Club. Ambition: To travel. Pet Peeve: Not having enough time. Favorite Saying: “Be good.” Interests: Music; sewing; people. JAY T. SEVOIAN 141 Robbins Road April 18, 1950 Caveman Activities: A.Y.; Basketball; Tennis. Interests: Psychology; Philoso- phy. Favorite Stibject: Science. Ambition: To be an engineer. RALPH D. SEXTON 308 Park Avenue September 28, 1951 Activities: Indian, ed. -in-chief; A.Y.; Dramatics Club; Marching Band; German Club, pres.; Science Club; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: My own shortcomings. Favorite Saying: “The possibilities of defeat do not exist.” VIRGINIA F. SHAUGHNESSY 163 Park Avenue July 21, 1951 Mitty Activities: Chronicle; A.Y.; C.Y.O.; Girls’ Club; field hockey; Indian. Interest: My ambition. Ambition: To have some interests. Favorite Personalitv: Bill Cosby. SANDRA D. SHAW 37 Egerton Road December 9, 1951 Sad-knees Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Sports: Swimming; skiing. Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Saying: “You’ve got to be kidding!” Favorite Stibject: English. Favorite Personality: Jack Lemmon. WILLIAM A. SHAW 11 64 Park Avenue Extension October 4, 1951 Bill Activities: Chronicle, sports ed., assistant ed.; French Club; Tom Dooley; A.Y. Favorite Per.sonality: Raquel Welch. Pet Peeve: Work- ing at the Stop Shop. Sports: Baseball. ARLENE K. SIKER 48 Hemlock Street January 18, 1951 Sike Pet Peeve: Going to school 184 days out of the year. Sports: Surfing; skiing. Ambition: To drive a trailer truck. Favorite Saying: “Cute!” Favorite Peisonality: Truvy Babes. PAUL R. SILVIA 55 Bay State Road October 31, 1951 Boner Pet Peeve: The school day is too long. Sports: Baseball; hockey; ice skating. Interest: Wood-working. Ambition: To get a good job and to be successful in life. Favorite Saying: “Right!” ROBERT A. SIMEONE 52 Broadway May 30, 1951 Sim Activities: Football; baseball. Pet Peeve: The 8:10 bell. Interest: Girls. Ambition: To be a success. Favorite Subject: Gym. Favorite Personalitv: The Three Stooges. NANCY I. SIROIS 11 Arnold Street October 25, 1951 Pet Peeve: School. Interest: Boys. Ambition: To get out of school. Favorite Saying: “You will get over it!” Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Mv mother. RICHARD L. SMALL 76 Paul Revere Road December 13, 1951 The Hunter Activities: Audio Visual; A.Y.; Student Council. Pet Peeve: Will she or won’t she? Interests: Mechanical Drafting; records; girls watching. Favorite Stibject: Drafting. DAVID C. SMITH 9 Memorial Way June 2, 1951 Dave Activities: Gymnastics; Science Club; A.Y.; German Club; Parapsy- chology Club. Pet Peeve: Stubborn adults. Ambition: To become a freelance explorer and adventurer. ELAINE M. SMITH 134 Brattle Street July 23, 1951 Smitty Activities: Guidance assistant; Rainbow; F.H.A. Sports: Hockey; baseball. Interest: Sewing. Ambition: To be a Math teacher. Favorite Saving: “Do I look like 1 care?” LORRAINE F. SMITH 79 School Street January 23, 1951 Bubba Activities: A.Y.; Tom Dooley; Ski Club; Samettes; Student Council. Pet Peeve: Him. Interests: Dancing; a boy. Ambition: Elementary teacher. STEPHANIE S. SMITH 16 Fairmont Street May 25, 1951 Steph Activities: Glee Club; G. S.; Harmonettes. Sports: Tickling; pinch- ing. Pet Peeve: Boys with mustaches. Interests: Boys; music. Ambi- tion: To stay alive. ROBERT E. SNOW 138 Herbert Road March 27, 1951 Grass Pet Peeve: School rules. Sports: Baseball; tennis; hockey; basketball; surfing. Interest: Girls. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Favorite Sub- ject: Business organization. PAMELA J. SOPAS 5 Hemlock Street December 8, 1951 Sam Activities: Library Corps; A.Y.; Dramatics Club. Pet Peeve: Final exams. Interest: Church Fellowships. Ambition: Executive secretary. Favorite Stibject: Crafts. WAYNE S. SOUTHARD 194 Florence Avenue October 9, 1950 Adolf Sports: Basketball; hockey; football; soccer; lacrosse; soccer; tennis; surfing. Interests: Billiards; ping-pong. Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Saving: “Them’s the berries!” Pet Peeve: B.O. VIRGINIA E. SOUZA 181 Lake Street December 11, 1951 Ginny Activities: Art Club, secy.; C.Y.O.; Chronicle; Tom Dooley. Favorite Saying: “Oh, wow!” Interests: Art; piano; guitar. Ambition: Career in art. Favorite Personality: Mr. Bradbury. WILUAM J. SPINA 71 Williams Street February 20, 195 1 Bill Sports: Hockey; skiing. ROBERT SPINOSA 5 Old Colony Road March 25, 1951 Spinny Activities: G. S.; Senior class, v. pres.; “Dutchmen”. Sports: Polo; soccer; tennis; hockey; football; ping-pong. Interests: Surfing; girls. Ambition: To get out of school and to get rich. Pet Peeve: Rules. ANN MARIE STAFFORD 79 Dothan Street January 1, 1950 Anna Banana Activities: Bowling. Pet Peeve: Boys with long hair. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Interest: Boys. Favorite Saying: “Now you tell me!” Favorite Subject: Cooking. Favorite Personality: Paul Franzosa. PETER J. STEEVES 57 Mystic Street September 30, 1950 Rabbit Sport: Car racing. Pet Peeve: Mr. Hush Puppy. Interest: The ma- chine shop. Favorite Stibject: English. Favorite Per.sonality: Johnny 156 Carson. Favorite Saying: “1 hate school.” SONJA M. STOCKMAN 72 Gray Street March 22, 1951 Sonny Activities: A.Y.; Civil Rights Club; Science Club; Arlington Tennis Club; WICOVAC; Chronicle: “Continentals.” Interests: Piano; art. Ambition: To do research in biology or to teach biology. DEBORAH L. STONE 29 Draper Avenue March 6, 1951 Debbie Activities: Bowling. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Sports: Tennis; horse- back riding. Interests: Boys. Ambition: Hairdresser. Favorite Saying: “Are you kidding me?” RITA I. STRELIS 24 Exeter Street April 29, 1951 Activities: Student Council; A.Y.; Girls’ Club; Cheerleading; Youth Council; field hockey; church group. Ambition: To get into college. Interests: Watching sports; hanging around. ELIOT P. SUIED 158 Palmer Street July 25, 1950 J.C. Pet Peeve: Shaving. Favorite Saying: “I’ll be back in three days.” Ambition: To be the first bearded President since Lincoln. Favorite Personality: Jimi Hendrix. DONNA M. SULLIVAN 18 Swan Place October 28, 1951 Squirrel Activities: French Club; Latin Club; Ski Club; Tom Dooley. Pet Peeve: Old people. Sports: Football; surfing; baseball. Ambition: To marry a rich old man. Favorite Personality: David Byrne. JOHN D. SULLIVAN 91 Winchester Road January 1, 1951 Sul Activities: Football; track. Interests: Coins; sports. Pet Peeve: Femi- nine men. Ambition: To be a success. Favorite Subject: Physical Education. Favorite Personality: Groucho. NANCY J. SULLIVAN 7 Lowell Street October 16, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Chronicle; office assistant. Interests: Sewing. Ambi- tion: To be an executive secretary. Sports: Swimming; skating; bowl- ing. Pet Peeve: Teachers who treat us like little kids. PAUL D. SULLIVAN 50 Candia Street August 14, 1951 Sully Activities: Chronicle. Sports: Swimming; water-skiing. Interests: Ships; reading. Ambition: to become an officer in the Merchant Marine. Favorite Subject: Spanish. ROBERT A. SULLIVAN 186 Waverly Street March 17, 1951 Activities: Track; intramural basketball. Pet Peeve: School. Interest: Sports. Favorite Subject: History. ROSEMARY K. SULLIVAN 9 Henderson Street July 13, 1951 Rosie Activities: Volleyball; softball; basketball; A.Y.; Dramatics Club. Interests: Sewing; cooking. Pet Peeve: Math. Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Saying: “You’re kidding!” MICHAEL F. SUTTON 88 Bow Street July 21, 1951 Sports: Baseball. Favorite Subject: Math. ANDREA M. SWANSON 5 Mary Street October 20, 1951 Andy Activities: Art Club; Business office. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Interests: Horses; art; men. Favorite Saying: “Sounds like fun!” Fa- vorite Subject: History. MARK D. SZAFARZ 294 Mystic Street June 29, 1951 Activities: G. S.; Scribe, managing ed.; Indian. Pet Peeve: School. Interests: Acting; writing; girls. Ambition: To destroy all Latin books. Favorite Saying: “You’re wierd!” LINDA M. TACCINI 123 Appleton Street March 29, 1951 Pet Peeve: School rules. Sport: Sleeping. Ambition: To graduate. Interests: Sewing; reading. Favorite Subject: English. Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; C.Y.O.; Chronicle: Latin Club. MARGARET M. TACITO 29 Walnut Street June 30, 1951 Ambition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Dress code. Sports: Baseball; field hockey. Activities: Field hockey; Girls’ Club; Student Council, secy.; Tom Dooley, secy.; Ski Club; C.Y.O. JOHN F. TEEVEN 18 Osborne Road April 26, 1951 Jack Favorite Saying: “Reach out!” Pet Peeve: Cliques. Activities: Ski Club; Student Council, v. pres.; football, Fr.; C.Y.O. ; A.Y.A. Ambi- tion: To be a member of the F.B.I. Favorite Personality: Vincent Price. CAROL A. TEMMALLO 76 Chandler Street April 16, 1951 Pet Peeve: School. Interests: Summers; weekends. Favorite Saying: “Forget it!” Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Personality: Iht Doors. Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club. MARGARET K. THAYER 11 Puritan Road June 14, 1952 Mugget Activities: Dramatics Club; Math Team; Latin Club, secy.; Indian, managing ed.; Lab Assistant. Interest: Modern art. Ambition: Biology research. Sports: Tennis; swimming. Pet Peeve: Raw onions. LAURA J. THOMAS 70 Fremont Street September 9, 1951 Sports: Baseball; hockey. Favorite Subject: Crafts. Favorite Personal- ity: Paul Newman. ROBERT F. THOMAS 29 Dartmouth Street July 24, 1950 Pet Peeve: My girlfriend. Sports: Water-skiing; baseball; basketball. Interests: Collecting coins; car racing. Ambition: To be a printer. Favorite Personality: Billy M. WILLIAM M. THOMAS 9 Alfred Road April 13, 1951 Bulldog Ambition: To be a writer. Pet Peeve: Work; running. Favorite Say- ing: “I ' ll never tell, much to my chagrin and dismay.” Activities: French Club; C.Y.O.; football, Fr, JV, V; baseball. GARY D. THOMPSON 22 Johnson Road February 11, 1951 Harry Sport: Eating. Interest: Sleeping. Pet Peeve: Stupid people. Ambition: To be a bum. Favorite Personality: James Brown. MATTHEW A. THOMPSON 6 Parker Road April 5, 1950 Pet Peeve: Teachers who think they’re tough. Ambition: To be rich. Interest: Cars. Favorite Subject: Gym. Activities: Track; Tom Dooley; football; Ski Club. JOHN P. TKACZUK 71 Washington Street May 1, 1951 Tiny Sports: Football, JV; track. Pet Peeve: Old hall. Ambition: To be a muff diver. Interest: To get people in trouble. Favorite Saying: “Plant your corn early.” Favorite Subject: Basket-weaving. MICHAEL J. TOBIN 1 089 Massachusetts Avenue February 12, 1951 Mike Activities: Chronicle; Student Council; Ski Club. Sport: Scuba-diving. Interest: Girls. Ambition: To clean my gym suit. PATRICIA A. TOLAND 9 Foxmeadow Lane May 20, 1951 Patty Interest: Nursing. Pet Peeve: Mike Tobin’s car. Ambition: To gradu- ate. Favorite Personality: Donovan. Activities: Chronicle; C.Y.O.; Parapsychology Club; WICOVAC; Girls’ Club. PAMELA J. TOULOPOULOS 26 Country Club Drive August 8, 1951 Pam Interests: Sports; cooking. Activities: A.Y., Council; Jr. G.O.Y.A., secy.; F.T.A., secy.; Chronicle, sports ed.; office assistant; Indian, managing ed.; Sunday School teacher. Ambition: To be a newscaster. Pet Peeve: Room 21. NORMAN C. TOWLE 931 Massachusetts Avenue February 25, 1950 Nobbie Favorite Saying: “Hey, where am I?” Favorite Subject: Study. Hobby: Mechanics. Sports: Baseball; basketball. Will To AHS: My gym suit. Fondest Memory: The bomb scare. WILLIAM C. TOWLE 22 Franklin Street December 3 1, 1951 B Pet Peeve: School lunches. Sports: Baseball; football. Ambition: To be rich. Favorite Personality: Mrs. Saslow. Favorite Subject: Math. BERNADETTE R. TOWNE 418 Ridge Street April 8, 1952 Berne Activity: Chronicle. Sports: Gym; football. Favorite Saying: “Grow up.” Pet Peeve: My sisters. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Interests: Sewing; boys. Favorite Subject: English. ELAINE M. TRAVERS 6 Orvis Road July 20, 1951 Activities: Marching Band; A.Y.; Samettes. Favorite Saying: “Are you kidding me?” Sports: Hockey; baseball. Pet Peeve: Monday; rainy weekends. Ambition: To be an elementary teacher. CAROL M. TRAYNOR 30 Waldo Road October 23, 1950 Stiff Pet Peeve: Homework. Interest: Boys. Favorite Subject: Typing. Ambi- tion: To be a hairdresser. Favorite Personality: BuIIwinkle. Sports: Basketball; softball. Activity: Basketball. EDMUND S. TREBINO, JR. 67 Hibbert Street January 26, 1951 Eddie Sports: Baseball; football. Pet Peeve: Ties. Favorite Subject: Book- keeping. Interests: Girls; drums. Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. Ambition: Bookkeeper. CYNTHIA L. TRENCHARD 363 Appleton Street February 9, 1951 Trench Ambition: Kindergarten teacher. Pet Peeve: Math. Activities: Con- cert Choir; Majorette; G. S. Interest: Music. Sport: Softball, BARBARA A. TRUELSON 61 Huntington Road June 22, 1951 Barb Pet Peeve: Hypocrites. Favorite Saying: “Really?” Ambition: Com- poser. Activities: Harmonettes; WICOVAC; Girls Club; A.Y.; G. S. Interests: Guitar; piano; singing. CHRISTOPHER E. TUFF 77 Henderson Street July 8, 1951 Chris Pet Peeve: Homework. Ambition: Data processing. Sports: Baseball; basketball. Favorite Subject: Spanish. Favorite Saying: “You know what you can do?” Interest: Girls. JEAN A. VALENTI 28 Teel Street January 8, 1951 Pet Peeve: U.S. History. Sports: Football; baseball; hockey. Interests: 157 Dancing; sewing. Ambition: Computer worker. Favorite Subject: Math. Activities: A.Y.; Samettes; C.Y.O.; Cheerleader. BRUCE A. VELOZO 12 Henderson Street September 1, 1951 Valves Sports: Car racing; girl watching. Pet Peeve: To get married. Favor- ite Subject: Shop. Favorite Personality: Super Chicken. Ambition: To be a senior. ELIZABETH VERNEY 56 School Street December 27, 1951 Beth Pet Peeve: Undecided minds. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Inter- est: Cafeteria lunches. Ambition: To leave A.H.S. PATRICIA A. VIEIRA 43 Hathaway Circle August 6, 1951 Pat Sport: Bowling. Interest: Baseball. Ambition: To meet some ballplay- ers. Activities: A.Y.; bowling; C.Y.O. Favorite Subject: History. JOHN M. VOLPE 40 School Street November 19, 1951 Governor Ambition: Accounting. Favorite Saying: “Sure!” Activities: A.Y.; baseball, JV, V, Er.; bowling; C.Y.O. football, JV, Fr.; A.Y.A. Fa- vorite Subject: Math. Favorite Personality: Gronk. DOUGLAS D. WALTON 33 Bowdoin Street August 6, 1949 Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Pet Peeve: Ties. Sport: Tennis. Ambition: To have a high school diploma. Interest: Cars. Favorite Saying: “Here comes da judge!” Favorite Subject: History. DAVID F. WARNOCK 57 Park Avenue December 27, 1951 Activities: Marching Band; Science Club; Concert Band; G. S.; or- chestra. Pet Peeve: Homework. Interests: Music; astronomy; cartog- raphy. Favorite Subject: Science. Ambition: To get out of high school. ROBERT D. WEDGE 51 Oakhill Drive September 3, 1951 Wedgie Activities: Football, FR, JV, V; track, V; baseball. Favorite Subject: Physics. Pet Peeve: Pam Whitney. Favorite Saying: “1 don’t know.” THOMAS J. WEIKLE 29 Newport Street April 10, 1951 Activities: Art Club; Boston Latin Crew Team; Glee Club. Interests: Travel; ice skating. Ambition: Airline pilot. L. PAULA WELCH 3 Washington Avenue August 25, 1951 Activities: Tom Dooley; A.Y., Council; Glee Club; Ski Club. Ambi- tion: To teach. Interests: Music; sewing. Sports: Tennis; skiing; skat- ing. Pet Peeve: Councilors. WARREN W. WELCH 62 Dickson Avenue February 7, 1951 Gus Interests: Muff diving; scuba-diving. Pet Peeve: Gray T-shirts; grayed blue-jeans. Favorite Subject: Print with Whitmore. Favorite Personal- ity: Neil Diamond. ARTHUR L. WHARTON 38 Academy Street February 2, 1951 Activities: Concert orchestra; G. S.; A.Y. Pet Peeve: Narrow- minded people. Interests: Painting; photography. Ambition: To ac- complish something important. Favorite Subject: Library. BARBARA A. WHITEWAY 12 Sorenson Court August 4, 1951 Bag Activities: A.Y.; Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley; Ski Club. Interests: Boys; alcohol. Ambition: To leave A.H.S. Favorite Personality: Dustin Hoff- man. Favorite Saying: “Buzz off.” PAMELA J. WHITNEY 16 Fabyan Street January 28, 1951 Crazy Activities: Softball; Girls’ Club; Student Council, Fr. secy.; field hockey; cheerleader. Favorite Saying: “I’m so embarrassed!” Pet Peeve: Bobby Wedge. Ambition: To go to college. WILLIAM G. WHITNEY 10 Epping Street September 16, 1951 Gerry-Baby Activities: Baseball, Fr., JV, V; football, Fr.; Pet Peeve: Rita-baby Strelis. Ambition: To teach. Favorite Saying: “Right here!” Favorite Personality: Tiny Tim. EDITH A. WIDDER 30 Gould Road June 11, 1951 Edie Interests: Art; social responsibility. Ambition: To be a marine biolo- gist. Sports: Water-skiing; skiing; skating; scuba-diving. Activities: A.Y.; G. S.; Civil Rights Club, pres.; Ski Club; WICOVAC; Science Club. STEPHEN P. WIGHT 31 Hawthorne Avenue January 21, 1950 Activity: Tennis. Pet Peeve: Holes in tennis shoes. Sports: Tennis; base- ball; golf; hockey. Favorite Saying: “You wish it!” Interest: DeMolay. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. BEVERLY J. WILLIAMS 14 Stowecroft Road June 20, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Tom Dooley; Ski Club; Girls’ Club. Favorite Per- sonality: Charlie Brown. Sports: Skiing; skating. Pet Peeve: Running the 440 in gym. Ambition: To be a secretary. ERIC D. WILLIAMS 74 Old Mystic Street November 26, 1951 Favorite Saying: “This guy’s been talking all day!” Activities: Foot- ball; orchestra; Radio Club; Student Council; G. S.; Camera Club; Parapsychology Club. Pet Peeve: Puns. Interest: Electronics. JOHN M. WILSON 22 Marion Road December 16, 1949 Happy Jack Activities: Audio Visual; Student Council. The Indian, Technical ed. Interests: Girls; football; hockey. Favorite Personality: Ringo Starr. Ambition: To always be happy. JOYCE A. WILSON 1 I Sunset Road November 1, 1951 Activities: A.Y.; Pep Club; Tom Dooley; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: A.H.S. Sport: Running the 440. Favorite Saying: “1 love it!” Inter- ests: Lexington dances; the beach. RONALD T. WINTER 64A Brattle Street February 7, 1952 Stupid Activities: Science Club; A.Y.; Parapsychology Club; Gymnastics; METCO; Y outh Council. Ambition: To own an island in the South Pacific. Pet Peeve: Being outside and doing nothing. Interest: Music. SYLVIA A. WIRONEN 18 Marrigan Street February 13, 1951 Pet Peeve: Loneliness. Ambition: To succeed in anything. Sport: Tiddlywinks. Activities: Film Club; C.Y.O.; Dramatics Club; Ski Club. Interests: Chemistry; acting. JOSEPH C. WOODBURY 47 Peter Tufts Road December 1 1 , 195 1 Woody Favorite Saying: “Take it any way you can get it!” Interests: Politics; teaching. Activities: G. S.; Arlington Teen-Age Republicans; F.T.A., pres. MARY C. WRIGHT 13 Woodland Street April 14, 1952 Activities: Dramatics Club; G. S.; Girls’ Club; Samettes. Ambition: To become a C.P.A. Interests: Swimming; softball. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Favorite Saying: “Groovy.” PETER F. WYNE 32 Scituate Street December 24, 1951 Wyno Activities: Football, FR, JV, V; weightlifting; Student Council. Fa- vorite Saying: “Nice day if it don’t rain!” Favorite Personality: Jimmi Hendrix. Ambition: To go to college. Pet Peeve: School. JAMES A. YETMAN 172 Oakland Avenue December 25, 1949 Jim Interests: Basketball; baseball; auto racing. Ambition: To be a po- liceman. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Carl Yastr- zemski. Activities: Little League Baseball. BARRY P. YUNES 49 Kenilworth Road May 29, 1951 Barron Activities: A.Y.; basketball, FR, JV, V; Student Council; Boys Club; Chronicle; German Club. Interests: Food; girls. Ambition: To teach. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. WALTER L. ZAMMUTO 65 Fairmont Street July 31, 1951 Wally Sports: Skin-diving; hockey; football. Pet Peeve: Les. Ambition: To become President. Favorite Subject: Study. CAROL A. ZIOLKOWSKI 22 Bowdoin Street December 12, 1951 Pet Peeve: Gym. Sports: Skiing. Favorite Saying: “Not bad.” Activi- ties: Sewing; music; cooking. MARY M. ZOELLER 346 Gray Street March 12, 1952 Mimi Pet Peeve: Sharing lockers. Activities: Biology Service Squad; bas- ketball; WICOVAC. Ambition: Engineering. Interest: Traveling; ten- nis. Favorite Subject: Math. MARSHA L. ZWICKER 172 Florence Avenue September 17, 1951 Marsh Ambition: To have a lot of money. Sports: Swimming; ice skating. Interests: Sewing; cooking. Favorite Saying: “You can ' t win them all!” Favorite Personality: Natalie Wood. 158 Before you accept that first job • • . Look over your employer as earefuUy as he does you What’s the Company like anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputation for square dealing with employees? Pleasant surroundings? Will I be working with others my own age? Are they friendly? Do they socialize after hours? Will the boss be reasonable? Appreciate good, hard work, but won’t explode if I make a mistake? Will I make a decent week’s pay? Have a chance for raises, advancement, more responsibility? How about fringe benefits? Is the work challenging? I had what it takes to get through high school. Will they give me a chance to use my brains? Note: Many young men and women in this area can answer “Yes” to these questions. They work for New England Telephone. Why not talk with our employment interviewer soon . . . before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor to tell you when and where to apply. New England Telephone Part of the Nationwide Bell System An equal opportunity employer 159 To Mr. James T. Bleiler and Mr. George Corrigan and the J. E. Purdy Company, the 1969 Indian staff says, “Thank you for your help and the spirit in which it has been given.” This book printed by VELV ATONE, a spe cial process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 160

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Arlington High School - Indian Yearbook (Arlington, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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