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I I Arlington High School Arlington, Massachusetts EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Philip G. Smith Managing Editors: Michelle J. Alman, Adrienne Geanisis Production Manager: Arthur Palladino Layout Editors: Peter D. Prendergast, Andrea Tobey Art Editors: Robert E. Doucet, Clifford W. Larson Biography Editor: Judith M. Venuti Business Editor: Lawrence J. Deshler Credits: Literary Editor: Kathleen M. Macridis Photography: James Crooks, Richard Culiinane Proofreading: Phyllis A . Malatesta Sports: Gregory L. Davidson, Karen E. DiPranza Faculty Adviser: Mr. Thomas M. Trevisani We have tomorrow Bright before us Like a flame. Yesterday, A night-gone thing A sun-down name And dawn today Broad arch above the road we came. We march! Langston Hughes I ADMINISTRATION 10 FACULTY 14 ACTIVITIES 30 SPORTS 62 SENIORS 80 ARLINGTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 869 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 Office of the Principal TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS Of 1968: Tornon-h-OLO luLi come T ie doo an.z opznfng upon a new phene {on. you, OuA liopon and oun pnayenn go uodXh you an you 6tep acA044 the -tli LonkoZ d nnio a o{ 6tucU,en, o{ mnk, and o{ nonpoindb-ildZlen to {amiZy and to countny. An you took to the {utune nememben tho6e loho have umet tyility het oed you and be even mtnd{uZ that tn a {nee 6oetety uctth fyitvttege goe6 nenponntbdttty. fAay 6ueeen6 eonttnue to be younn tn the {utune ami may you neven i ay lotth negneX: " The key o{ yontenday I thnea aaay, And noi j today, Begone tomonnoLo ' 6 {ait eloied gate Hetpteni I Loatt In vain to udnli, tn vatn to ionnoLV, Only the key o{ yontenday untoeki tomonnoiv.” Wi . hi t- ' - ' M • S ' . ' ? .. ' v ' V . ' -r MR. REED K. TAYLOR Administrative Assistant MR. GEORGE LOWDER Senior Housemaster MR. GEORGE A. LINCOLN Junior Housemaster 12 MR. HENRY M. TOCZYLOWSKI Sophomore Housemaster MR. EDMUND K. LEWIS Technical-Vocational Principal MR. GEORGE F. FUSCO Freshman Housemaster 13 MANUAL ARTS Mr. Ray Civilli Mr. Jeremiah Driscoll Mr. Charles Kornik Mr. Dominic Luongo Mr. Ronald J. Whitmore Mr. Ralph F. Gioiosa Head of Department Mr. Joseph Alpert Mr. George Bliss Mr. Bruce Larson Mr. Paul Bradbury Mr. William M. McGovern 16 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Raymond S. KroU Co-Head of Dept. Mr. John H. Cody Mr. Bradford Clough Mr. Harry Meserve Mr. Donald J. Manning Mr. John O’Connor Mr. Joseph Papandrea Mrs. Rose Picone Mr. Harold Sheldrick Mr. Arthur Botello Mr. Richard E. Miller Co-Head of Dept. Mrs. Donna Brackett 17 MATH DEPARTMENT Mr. James A. Cavalieri Mr. Robert Comitto Mr. Robert Commins Mr. Joseph D ' Alelio Miss Joanne DeNuccio Miss Elaine Panagopoulos Mr. Richard Hall Mr. Cecil V. Howell Miss Ann Milford 18 Mrs. Genevieve J. Humphrey Mrs. Antoinette Potter Miss Dorothy Rounds Mrs. Dorothy W. Goidkrand Miss Barbara Ridge Head of Department LIBRARY Mrs. Signe B. Hynson Head Librarian Mrs. Ruth Lepie ARTS Mr. Richard Paul INDUSTRIAL S.T.E.P. Miss Rita Stanley Mr. John Lennon LATIN Mrs. Nan Smitherman Miss Anna K. Vogel Miss Winnifred Wohllebe 19 Dr. Charles B. Arthur Head of Department Mr. Edward Cumiingham Mr. Frank M. Kotchin Mr. Harry Mitchell SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Robert F. Berman Mr. Glenwood Jordan Miss Kathleen McCarthy Mr. Stephen F. Bennett Mrs. Gwen Johnson Miss Doris McCarthy Mr. Robert E. Mitchell Mr. Arthur T. Burroughs Mr. James Kelley Mr. Robert McFarlane Mr. Perley H. Thompson 20 MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Mrs. Marion K. Fitzpatrick Mrs. Helen E. Stockman MUSIC Mr. Richard F. McElhiney Mrs. Maria Armstrong Miss Molly Blackall Miss Ilene Link Mr. L. Hassler Einzig Head of Department Mr. Ralph S. Giobbe Mrs. Airne Wingate Mr. Gerald A. Thebodo Miss Susan M. Nassau Miss Grace R. Jerardi Miss Doris Withers 21 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Dr, Antonette DiLoreto Head of Department Mr. Michael Bezubka Mr. Thomas M. Britt Jr. Mrs. Mary Dolan Mrs. Muriel Healy Miss Glenna Kelly Mrs. Marguerite Burke Mrs. Marion Kennedy Mrs. Gladys LeBlanc Mr. Peter J. Leone Mr. John P. Ligor Mrs. Mary Miller Mr. Humbert Oliveira Mrs. Edith Phinney 22 ADULT ED. Mrs Christine Fiorenza Miss Marilyn Steele Miss Barbara Stewart Miss Mary F. McDonough Mrs. Corinne Thayer Miss Mary N. Thompson Mr. Charles Fagone PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Ralph E. Bevins Head of Department Mr. Robert C. Hill Mr. William F. Lowder Mr. Harold B. Fairbanks Mr. Charles Tucker 23 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Ruth Gatti Mrs. Alma Gallagher Mr. Joel Beckwith Mrs. Lois Beckwith Mrs. Eleanor Byam Mrs. Ann Couser Mrs. Sally Dorenbusch Mrs. Barbara Brown Mr. John R. Byrne Miss Barbara Doughty Miss Mary M. O’Connell Head of Department Miss Nancy Burns Mrs. Gail Collins Mr. Charles Gorden Miss Agnes V. Hurley Mrs. Sarah Lamstein Mrs. Sharon E. Head Mr. Carl Hendrickson Mr. Norman P. Hyett Mrs. Dorothy MacLean Miss Lena M. Manning Mr. Bernard C. Huebner Mr. Paul Jenney Mrs. Mary Jane McCarthy Mrs. Mary McMahon Miss Priscilla Monahan 25 Miss M. Patricia Fallon Mrs. Barbara C. Geoffrion Mrs. Mora C. Rawlings Mrs. Sandra Purdy Miss E. Christine Norwood Director Mrs. Sylvia L. Saslow Mr. William E. Croke L._. Mr. Steve Solomon Mr. Thomas Trevisani Miss Myrna Serfilippi GUIDANCE Mr. Arthur L. Tuohy Asst. Director Mr. Vincent D’Antona Mrs. Joyce Radochia Mrs. Rosalie Regnante 26 ART NURSES Mrs. Sandra G. Gardiner Mrs. Roberta Homer Mrs. Mary Barry Mrs. Helen Bergkuist Miss Dorothy McClure Head of Food Service HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Kathleen Ellingsen Miss Marilyn Flint Miss Florence F. Forsyth Head of Department Mrs. Ilmi S. Jones Miss Catherine King Mrs. Lois S. Pharris Mrs. Martha Loftus Miss Sheila Shapiro Mrs. Thelma Sonnichsen Miss Mae R. Truvedson Mrs. Pauline L. Wade 27 TECHNICAL- VOCATIONAL Mr. Leslie D. Ball Mr. Anthony Coppola Mr. Eugene J. Doherty Mr. Robert J. Lavery Mr. Frederick J. Maloof Mrs. Lucy D. Perry Mr. Robert J. Withers Mr. Malcolm L. Allen Mr. Robert J. Brennan Mr. Francis V. Kirk Mr. Ralph M. Warren Mr. Norman R. Jacobsen Supervisor 28 SECRETARIES Mrs. Grace M. Stafford Mrs. Gertrude Baldwin Mrs. Joan L. Brescia Mrs. Mary Camerlengo Mrs. Catherine Cecere Miss Patricia Costley Mrs. Genevieve Myles Mrs. Kathleen A. Collins Mrs. Rita Flaherty Mrs. Margaret M. Downey Mrs. Louis Roy Mrs. Gilberte Wharton Mrs. Marilyn White 29 Top Row: C. Brillante, P. Mucci, R. Ofria. Bottom Row: S. Santos, S. Henry. Top Row: S. Derby, J. O’Leary, B. Casali, G. Anderson. P. Tassone. M. Ofria. Bottom Row: STUDENT COUNCIL As the proceedings of the 1967-1968 Student Coun- cil are reflected from a mirror, one sees a very prosper- ous year. From the time after the elections of the homeroom representatives in mid-October, until May, Room 17 was the scene of many hardworking and per- severing Student Council members, who planned many school activities. Every Thursday even more people were seen crowded into this same room as the actual weekly meetings took place. In late October there was the traditional Student Council sponsored teacher’s tea. Many teachers, both old and new attended, and the purposes of acquainting the entire faculty and Improving the Student-Faculty relations were fully accomplished. Also in October, S.C. members were seen selling book covers in the mornings. Since the design of these book covers was obsolete, the S.C. voted upon a new design for the 1968-1969 book cover. On December 21, Junior High West was the scene of the festive S.C. Christmas Dance featuring “The Dawn Breakers.” This dance was the beginning of the club’s first activity to raise money for its yearly project, the Student Lounge. This fund-raising campaign was carried into the month of February. First on a Friday evening, the popular T.V. show, the Dating Game, came to A.H.S. This game, with Mr. Trevisani as mas- ter of ceremonies, proved to be interesting and enter- taining for all who attended as well as participated. Next, we sponsored a Chambers Brothers Concert on February 23. The Student Council did plan many more activities and voted on other new proposals such as student- exchange programs and a European Trip. The above, however, were only the highlights. As in other years, there were threats of impeachment, resignation, and problems of attendance. Somehow, though, the Student Council and its members managed to survive. As the 1967-68 Council came to a close, it was evident that many of its members had gained valuable leadership qualities. E. Keane, D. Manderino, C. Burlick, B. Young. Top Row: M. Kelerian, R. Churchill, M. Ameral, J. Fallon, M. Sullivan, M. O ' Neil, J. Reen, T. Lyons. Middle Row: B. Fratello, M. Tacito, B. Iceton, P. Whitney, S. MacQueston, A. Murray, B. Smith, J. DiStefano, M. Powers, L. Smith, D. Poynton. Bottom Row: P. Colli- ton, M. Serpa, G. Gagosian, K. Hasler, D. Quayle, S. Borthwick, P. McPhearson, L. Brawn, E. Morean, N. Davidio. 32 Top Row; P. Bartholomew, R. Winters, P. Hennessey, S. Hilferty. Middle Row: J; Konick, K. Forest, P. Brennan, P. Welch, S. Hilferty, T. Doherty, M. Cura, C. Atamian. Bottom Row: Miss Hutchinson, A. Pidano, J. Hilferty, K. Blomquist, B. Chisholm, J. Con- roy, J. Comeau, R. Doucet, Mr. Brown. ALLIED YOUTH Allied Youth during the year was busier than ever. Karen was always coming up with new ideas for proj- ects and amazing everyone. There was always a meet- ing, dance, carwash, or orphanage party for someone to work on. John was always looking for someone to help sell candy, and Terry kept peddling fruitcakes. Sneaky little members were dispatched to supermar- kets, evening classes, and parent-teacher nights to sell their wares to unsuspecting parents. Ruthless Jim pre- sided over all those weird council meetings, and every- one accomplished a lot with a great deal of enthusiasm. Joanne did the minutes in the grand old tradition of A.Y. secretaries. Bob’s publicity committee did its job well employing unusual methods. On the way to a car- wash, Paul was flabbergasted to hear it announced on the car radio. The song and dance team of Bob and Jim out in front of the school to attract people proba- bly had the same effect on a lot of customers! The fact that we didn’t have a permanent room added to the confusion. . . . “You mean we’re having a committee meeting in the hall? You’ve got to be kid- ding!” . . . “Would you like to buy some candy?” . . . “How would you like to win a free record album of your own choice?” . . . “The meeting will please come to order?” . . . “and if you make five posters, you get a point!” . . . “What’s a fruitcake king?” . . . “1-2-3- rotate!” . . . “Meeting adjourned!” However, despite all odds, the year was a huge suc- cess. Jack was great as Santa Claus at the Christmas orphanage party, and carolling was a lot of fun. With the help of Miss Hutchinson and Mr. Brown, our fear- less advisors, the auction, carwashes, and other socials were just as successful. The highlight of the year was the International Con- vention in Texas. Mary undoubtedly had the best drawl, Terry had the best pajamas, and Steve excelled in other areas. Jack’s “Girls Wanted” sign was a very popular attraction around the motels. However, many people enjoyed sloshing in the mud at the lake nearby. Jack led everyone on a trip through Dallas in the pour- ing rain before we left. Arriving back in Boston, every- one talked like Texans and looked tired. Probably the best way to describe both the trip and the whole year was the slogan brought back from Texas: Fantastic! 33 CHRONICLE The past year has been, to say the least, an eventful one for the Chronicle, as the paper came up with many “firsts.” A controversial editorial policy was adopted which caused many a small disturbance during the year. In December, a poll was conducted among the faculty, and the entire student body, to determine the general feeling about the Vietnam War and offer rele- vant issues. The Chronicle’s first fund-raising project was a stu- dent-faculty basketball game in Feburary, with the male teachers playing against the senior boys. The newly formed journalism class proved to be a great help in writing and typing articles and coming up with good ideas in general. The year, however, was not without minor mishaps: arriving Wednesday morning to discover the paper not only hadn’t been delivered, but it hadn’t even been printed yet; almost deciding to leave out the February issue; plus the usual mad dashes to the Advocate with late copy. The worst part of it all was thinking up eighty as- signments and then getting only thirteen turned in. We always seemed to dig up something, though, for those monthly Sunday lay-out sessions that ranged from six and a half hours in the beginning to three near the end. The highlight of the season came at the traditional Chronicle Banquet in the spring when Aunt Minerva’s true identity is disclosed and the following year’s staff announced. Our high school newspaper careers end with the final issue in May (that wonderful last issue!) as we wish next year’s staff good luck. Top Row: M. Stefanakis, S. Derby, R. Doiicet, D. McLane, L. Malinofsky, J. Marshall, E. Murray, J. Tassone, A. Kavanagh, W. Shaw. Bottom Row: M. Fitzpatrick, D. Routenberg, A. Pidano, M. Blazas, J. Kleban, J. Erlandson, K. Garland, Mr. Hyett. 34 SKI CLUB Top Row: L. Pass, P. Prendergast, A. Palladino, C. Powers, N. Floreen. Middle Row: Mr. Solomon, B. Lar- son, M. Straccia, M. Phaneuf. Bottom Row: S. Santos, K. Keshian, D. Stanley. On December 27, 1967 the Arlington High Ski Club went on its first trip of the year; their destination; Mt. Bromley, Vermont. One hundred twenty skiers enjoyed the fine ski conditions and excellent trails of the moun- tain. The more courageous skiers such as Bill Leverone went to the summit of the mountain. Others tried their skills on the lower slopes. Several skiers were seen try- ing the techniques shown by professional skiers in a movie shown a few days before the trip. We were for- tunate in having no broken skis or bones, however, a few less fortunate skiers such as Sandra Moore and Maryellen Straccia split their pants. On the bus trip home, the tired skiers were not too tired to indulge in Dave Meadow’s homemade fudge. (Could it have been because the skiers couldn’t get anything to eat at Ho Jo’s?) We started 1968 with a ski trip to Mt. Askutney, Vermont. Although only a small number attended this ski trip, the skiers enjoyed uncrowded slopes, and fine weather. The Ski Club’s new advisor this year is Mr. Solo- man. He and the four officers, Larry Pass, B. H. Lar- son, Marianne Phaneuf and Maryellen Straccia, spent many long hours planning the ski trips and collecting money. When the Ski Show came to Boston, Mr. Solo- man and the four officers took the opportunity to observe the latest equipment, techniques, and ski wear. The hard-working officers and advisor helped to make this year a very successful one for the Ski Club. UVASIflNI PR WNT ROOSEVELT I 11 1 AOIUH: DIES ATWARM SPRINGS! SITED ST JAPS 35 F.T.A Top Row: S. Woodbury, J. Green, S. Naugler. Bottom Row: D. Sakey, P. Toulopoulus, M. Chin, Mrs. Dorenbusch, M. Tuminelli. The fall of 1967 saw the start of the Arlington Sen- ior High School Future Teachers of America Club. This newly formed organization received its official charter from the National Education Association. F.T.A.’s main purpose at Arlington High is to offer the student interested in a career in education the opportu- nity to explore areas of teaching, and counseling. During the year of 1967-68, the members of F.T.A. initiated several programs. An apprentice teaching pro- gram in which students had the opportunity to practice teaching, tutoring programs for freshmen, and an or- phanage project designed to promote relationships be- tween F.T.A. members and young children were among the most satisfying of the F.T.A. programs. F.H.A. The F.H.A. is composed of a group of young ladies who are interested in more than the rudiments of sew- ing and cooking and turning out a “mean” chocolate cake. The activities of the club were manifold. They ran from sending representatives to the Eastern States Exposition to preparing a booth for the New England Home Show held in the War Memorial Auditorium. They provided valuable in-service experience by car- ing for a needy family in Arlington at Christmas time as well as a host of other projects. The girls expressed their true concern for community activities under the able direction of the Club’s leaders; Pam McPherson, Pat Linnehan, Nancy Dovidio, Caron English, and Joyce Hannifin. Mrs. Pharris, D. Nickoll, S. Libbey, P. Linehan, C. English, J. Hannifan, P. McPhearson, N. Dovidio, Miss King, Miss Shapiro. 36 GERMAN CLUB Top Row: D. Smith, R. Sexton, S. Gerrold, M. Murr- man. Bottom Row: C. Hurley, B. Larson. FRENCH CLUB The year 1967-1968 was mostly a time for reorganizing the French Club. After the election of the officers — President Anne Pidano, V. President Jeanne Erlandson, Treasurer Chris Barnstead, and Secretary Paula Erlandson, and four class representatives, we noted a definite derth of common, unadulterated mem- bers. Various methods were used to in- duce members to be present at meetings, among which were stating on the bulletin that “attendance is mandatory” and pro- viding entertaining programs, but to no avail. At the start of the year the President and V. President contemplated sponsor- ing a dance and using the profits to help a French orphan, but this proved not to be feasible on a budget of $13.61. Any- way, the President thought it might be in our range to mail President De Gaulle a thank-you note for French aid during the revolution. To the distinct annoyance of both the President and the V. President, they could not find the address. Finally, thanks should go to Miss Link for her room and patience. By the way, we were wondering how the German Club would feel about a merger — Die deutsche cercle jrancais, maybe? The German Club, new to Arlington High this year, is perhaps the smallest and least celebrated group in the school. Not to be outdone by larger clubs, the Ger- man Club has enjoyed such activities as attending the Vivoli en masse and terrorizing Cambridge’s Worst- haus. In a more serious vein. Miss Withers, the ad- visor, treated the club to several trips to Germany — via slides, films, and commentaries. It is believed that the German Club will soar to new heights in future years. A. Mano, J. Erlandson, C. Barnstead, A. Pidano, P. Erlandson. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club of 1968 was much like any of its nineteen predecessors, probably due to the uninter- rupted reign of its one and only faculty advisor over the years, the perennial Miss Rounds. This year the members, all fourth year Latin students, again sought to learn more about classical Graeco-Roman culture, the foundation of our western society. For instance, a good portion of the club’s research into classical sub- jects centered around mythology. In a lighter vein, the members held their annual facsimile of a Roman org — banquet. Aside from the traditional agenda, however, the Latin Club planned a reunion for previous Arling- ton High Latin Clubs. The success of the December event led the organization to suggest that a reunion also be made an annual affair. The official colors of this year’s Latin Club are pur- ple and gold, an original combination. Our motto, semper siii generis sit (always be yourself), is an apt description of the personalism of our club. Top Row: E. Musco, R. Saul, J. Conroy, W. Burroughs, J. Marshall, A. Palladino, S. Tee, P. Canaday, F. Razzano, L. Corcoran. Bottom Row: K. Kennedy, C. Atamian, D. Cristofori, L. Ferry, Miss Rounds, A. Tobey, E. Hasler, L. Gigante, R. Guardabassio. 38 SCIENCE CLUB !M . Top Row: J. Manfredi, P. Canaday, J. Comeau, C. Russo, R. Doucet, L. Contos. Bot- tom Row: K. Forest, K. Comeau, C. Hurley, J. Hilferly, L. Dohlman, P. Brennan, P. Hen- nessey. Somewhere within the dark corridors of the thirties it is whispered that the AHS Science Club conducts its unearthly rites. Science minded and not-so-science minded students have sung, danced, and laughed their way through research projects as diverse as marine bi- ology, paleontology, and parabolic mirrors, to name but a few. The annual Science Fair is a cause of much confu- sion every year, and nowhere is this confusion better exemplified than in the conduct of the club members. In recent years the Science Fairs have been especially excellent. Besides the Science Fair, the club has featured nu- merous movies, speakers, and field trips of interest to all who have attended. This year the club has begun several new projects including lectures to elementary school children and exchange programs with high schools in the vicinity. The Science Club members would like to thank their two advisors, Mr. Arthur Botelho and especially Mr. Harry Meserve for their time, energy, sympathy, and perseverance on behalf of the club. 1 W m V 1 1 J 1 i Ok 1 1 mZi m I Top Row: R. Langer, J. Langer, C. Simonds, G. Thoren, M. O’Loughlin, J. Marshall. R. Leone. D. Call. Bottom Row: S. Quinlan, K. DiFranza, E. Marshall, K.. Macridis. CHESS CLUB Any day, in room 14B, you can see members of the Chess Club busily at work in the mind-expanding, exciting game involving the proper manipulation of strange little figures. Beside the in- tricacies of the game itself, much more is involved. Often there are stimulating dis- cussions on practically any topic. The Club’s best players participate in an interscholastic Chess League. The team has had an excellent record of championships in past years. Under the leadership of Jack Marshall, the team has continued in this glorious tradition. The Chess Club provided stimulation and activity for many interested Arlington High School enthusiasts. 39 DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club has again distinguished itself as one of the most active and accomplished organizations in the school. The large number of students who dis- played an interest and desire in performing greatly en- couraged Mrs. MacLean, before she discovered that fifty percent of these people were inexperienced nov- ices. Determined to overcome this handicap and to prove that the acting ability does not leave with the graduating class, Mrs. MacLean, and a cast of ap- proximately sixty assiduously worked toward two superb performances of Inherit The Wind on Decem- ber 8 and 9. The courtroom play, written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, is based on the celebrated Scopes “monkey trial” of the middle twenties. Chris Simonds and Ralph Sexton portrayed the roles of the two bril- liant legal adversaries, Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. Members of the supporting cast in- cluded; Howard Rogers, Steve Quinlan, Jack Marshall, Barbara Kennedy, Richard Kalustian, Liz Hasler, Louis Contos, Peter Canady, Sue Bugden, and Neville Bean. Spring is probably the most important season for the club due to its competition in the annual Massachusetts Drama Festival. The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet, George Bernard Shaw’s play of rollicking western hu- mor and satire, was submitted for this competition. Shaw who felt that the intelligence of the Americans left much to be desired, presents such colorful charac- ters as Feemy, the town “slut.” It was noted that “she had private reasons for wishing to please every man, and that she was not morally particular as to what she did to oblige them.” A fitting conclusion to the year’s activity was again provided by the club banquet. At this occasion, the members of the Dramatic Club met for the last time in the school year. It is a particularly sentimental and significant time for seniors, who collect their memories of hard work and binding friendship. The Dramatic Club has provided invaluable experience for its mem- bers this year, as it has in past years, and as it will for many yea rs to come. i 1 1 I t I 40 Top Row: E. Musco, C. Trebino, C. Simonds, P. Cana- day, S. Quinlan, J. Marshall, H. Rogers, L, Contos, R, Kalustian. Bottom Row: S. Qiiayle, L, Greene, M, Shaw, L. Hasler, N. Bean, S, Bugden, N, Floreen, K, O’Con nell, B, LaShoto, B, Kennedy, P, Daniell, Mrs, Mac Lean. 41 The Arlington High School Debate Club is a group of select students devoted to the causes of debate, dis- cussion, and public speaking. Although this year the majority of the A.H.S. debaters are upperclassmen, each of the four classes is represented in the club. Within the debating circle, however, regardless of grade in school, there are “novice” and “varsity” levels. This year, as during past years, there are varsity members, which is indicative of the fact that high school debating requires both initiative and skill. As a member of the North Shore Debating League, the A.H.S. Debate Club has the opportunity to partici- pate in interscholastic debates with neighboring schools. The League competition is keen, as any mem- ber can attest. This year, as in past years, the North Shore League debated the National High School De- bate Topic, which is chosen as official material for all tournaments and other meets. During the 1967-68 sea- son, A.H.S. members debated whether Congress should establish uniform regulations to control criminal inves- tigation procedures. By the end of the school year, each debater was a true authority on this topic. Although sans size of fame, the A.H.S. Debate Club is an active organization this year as it has been in past years. Advisors Mr. Hendrickson and Mr. Hyett, and President Judy Haas agree that the Debate Club is headed toward success, sparked by the initiative and skill of each of its members. DEBATE CLUB Top Row: G. Franklin, J. Comeau, L. Malinofsky, R. Doucet, M. French, S. Sumner, R. Vartigian. Bottom Row: Mr. Hen- drickson, A. Voipe, J. Haas, L. Fereshetian, D. Greely, R. Pass. ART CLUB During the 1967-68 school year, the Art Club was an adventure in creative self-expressionism. Its chief purpose was to provide a relaxed atmosphere for stu- dents who simply want to create their own ideas in art. Almost unlimited freedom of creativity was guaranteed to the members whose goal was to create and experi- ment. Work in sculpture was also open to the member who found greater satisfaction in three-dimensional creativity rather than two-dimensional painting. Ab- stract art in painting and sculpture offered a relaxing break from the rules of the classroom and a chance to experiment with any material which might be useful to the artist. The art exhibit sponsored by the Art Club near the end of the year was an opportunity for art club members to exhibit their work. D. Accetta, D. Dahill, V. Sousa, S. Jones. 42 CIVIL RIGHTS Top Row: G. Davidson, J. Meade, S. Quinlan, L. Flint, A. Palladino, P. Prendergast. Bottom Row: E. Whitter, A. Tobey, K. Macridis, M. Balazs, J. Kleban, K. DiFranza, L. Sakakeeny, P. Malatesta. Although the year of 1967-68 was not an unusually active one for the Civil Rights Club, the members did become involved in one or two meaningful proj- ects. A tutorial program was established at the beginning of the year. Twelve members tutored elementary school chil- dren in arithmetic and reading. Even though the tutors felt that they had not been too successful in actually teaching their tutees, they found the entire experi- ence to be a valuable one. Two sessions were held in which the members viewed films and became in- volved in discussions of the ideas pre- sented in these films. These sessions were particularly worthwhile as the members became personally involved in an ex- change of ideas. J. Bernard, D. Galli, J. Pacheco, R. Johnson, M. Manzo, F. Prestejohn, W. Hefler, Mr. Fagone. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB The Arlington High School Audio-Visual Club runs on a tight and rigorous schedule. The members arrive at school well before most of their classmates to pre- pare the numerous materials which will be used throughout the day to brighten and elucidate many a class. Arlington has one of the biggest and best-equipped audio-visual departments of any Massachusetts public school. The department is under the direction of Mr. Fagone who explains the proper use and maintenance of the complex equipment. The experience that the Audio-Visual Department offers to its members is a valuable and rewarding one. 43 BEDFORD VOLUNTEERS Standing: M. Fitzsimmons, B. Larson, L. Mc- Corry, J. Saraceno. Sitting: V. Chisholm, M. Miirrman, D. Fallon, L. Ouellette, A. Wilkin- son, M. Surrette, C. Callahan, T. Bottoni, S. Seabuiy, B. Curley. Arlington Senior High School was one of the first schools in the area to participate in the youth volunteer program at Bedford Veterans Administration Hospital. Students from our school join with students from sur- rounding communities in providing essential social services for the men and women patients at the hospi- tal. They write letters, read to the pa tients, work in the occupaional therapy unit and, in general, do any work that will relieve the overburdened staff of the hospital. Our students have volunteered for a three hour tour of duty every Wednesday afternoon. The program has been coordinated by Mr. Taylor, the Administrative Assistant of the high school. The work our students perform has great thereputic value and their weekly tour of duty is looked forward to most eagerly by the patients. It is their one chance to associate with the youth of the community and the patients derive great pleasure from this association. This service organiza- tion is one of the most beneficial groups in the high school. GIRLS’ CLUB The Arlington Senior Girls’ Club of 67-68 started off their year with a giant membership drive in October. Early in November, the out- standing movie, “The Cardinal”, was presented in the Lowe Auditorium. Next, a local registered nurse spoke on the advantages and disadvantages of nursing as a career and presented an analysis of the degrees which can be obtained in this field. The four volunteers to the Fernald School did an excellent job; not only did the children benefit, but the volunteers gained a great deal of experi- ence. Our wild swimming party at the “Y” was a tremendous success and we decided to continue it weekly for the remainder of the year. To bring our program to a close in the spring, we spon- sored a great bake sale, and a noted hair stylist demonstrated some beauty tricks. In the summer several selected members will attend a fabulous week at Summer Conference! Left to Right: M. Fitzpatrick, J. Whitney, L. Jones. 44 LIBRARY CORPS Top Row: W. Burroughs, D. McLane, W. Smith, R. Pass. Bottom Row: R. Guardabassio, M. Ronan, J. Hilferty, S. Bugden, M. Shaw, B. Robichaud. As everyone knows the Library Corps is among the most active clubs in Arlington High. This year the Li- brary Corps decided to celebrate its fourteenth birth- day by running a Psychedelic Book Fair. We had no trouble getting the necessary help from the multitude of members. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Hynson, Mrs. Potter, and Mrs. Lepie, the Book Fair with its blinking lights, mind-expanding music, and wild decor, was a MATH TEAM The Arlington High School Math Team ranked twentieth out of fifty participating schools in the state. The Greater Boston Math League is composed of teams who competed four times during the school year. Arlington hosted one meet under the direction of fac- ulty adviser Miss Winnifred Wohllebe. Arlington, with senior members Joanne Hilferty, Robin Langer, and Akiko Mano, placed second in the first meet. The members enjoyed the special activity provided by the Math Team. big success. This comes as no surprise to those who realize the amount of work that was involved in the effort. The Library Corps had its annual outing in the spring. As usual the entire corps was delighted to be asked to go and all enjoyed a good time. The seniors in particular will never forget the experiences they have had in the Library Corps. Top Row: H. Gennis, R. Langer, K. Savio, D. Mayerson. Bottom Row: A. Mano, J. Hilferty, D. Grant, M. Thayer. 45 MAIN OFFICE ASSISTANTS Donna Lionetta Probably one of the least known but most im- portant institutions at A.H.S. is the Office Assist- ants. The girls perform invaluable services and help in manifold ways in the Housemasters’ Offi- ces, the Guidance Department, and even in the head bastion of the school, the Main Office. They perform such diverse services as bringing disci- pline slips to persons rebellious to the establish- ment, filing documents in cabinets, placing mail in the mail room, and collecting daily attendance records. The girls help A.H.S. to run more smoothly thanks to their numerous efforts. Edith Angelo 46 GUIDANCE OFFICE ASSISTANTS HOUSEMASTERS’ OFFICE ASSISTANTS 47 GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB The Girls’ Glee Club is composed of students from grades nine through twelve under the direc- tion of Mr. Thebodo. It is an elective and affords the girls a wonderful opportunity to participate in singing all types of music ranging from the sacred and liturgical to secular music of a light nature. The purpose of the Club is to prepare girls for a continued musical appreciation. The girls partici- pated in the Christmas Assembly and added a warm, personal touch to the program. ' ! i S. Borthwick, A. Osborne, L. Lintz, A. Catanzano, D. Bertocci. GIRLS’ CHOIR Top Row: M. Shaw, C. Lamberis, M. Fitzsimmons, D. Ahlberg, C. Segelstrom, E. Keane, J. Saraceno, P. Fitzgerald, S. Bugden. Bottom Row: K. Keshian, K. Forest, E. McCleod, D. Green, B. LaShoto, L. Smith, D. Routenberg, S. Fitzpatrick. The Girls’ Choir is a musical organization under the direction of Mr. McElhiney. The girls participated in diverse assemblies which were designed for further mu- sical appreciation. The Choir played an important part in the traditional Christmas Assembly. They also per- formed for the Natick High School Student body in an exchange concert given on March 1, 1968. They were very well received not only at this concert but also at the Special Spring Concert held here at the school. Musical groups are to be commended. 48 NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS W. Burroughs, P. Canaday, J. Hilferty, A. Palladino, T. Durland, M. French. LETTERS OF COMMENDATION I -® ff 1 Mmmm i p Top Row: R. Langer, G. Thoren, J. Marshall, P. Smith, R. Doucet, J. Meade, L. Contos. Bot- tom Row: R. Guardabassio, E. Hasler, M. Alman, M. Donnelly, P. Malatesta. 49 CHEERLEADERS Top Row: P. Colliton, K. Hasler, V. Chisholm, K. Coffee, S. Byrne, P. O’Connell, B. Smith, A. Wilkinson, C. Barnstead, T. Bottoni. Bot- tom Row: A. Mulcahy, J. Carr. Seniors: Tryouts again? Ugh! . . . Smile! . . . Cheerleading is her fame . . . Pre-game? Well, we’ll try to fit you in somewhere . . . three hours to make one shaker! . . . Patty, what a party!!?? . . . Wey- mouth game — Thank God we had Ann and her silly songs to cheer us up!! . . . June, how did you ever dent your megaphone? . . . Breakfast Thanksgiving morning — be at the school at 7:15, don’t be late! . . . Alex, what will you ever do with a pancake menu? . . . Val, why were you so upset when a certain pic- ture was dropped in maple syrup?? . . . Practice starts at 2:15 . . . Can we leave now? . . . Sheila, hurry! He’s been waiting half an hour . . . June, sarcastic much? . . . No, Alex, we don’t usually cheer for the hockey managers . . . Ann, do you always seesaw at the hockey games? . . . The Ittsy Bittsy Spider joins the squad . . . Patty, what made you so happy Jan. 13?? . . . Val, fourth ice Sat. — you can sleep late!! . . . Sheila, you’ll just have to quit your job! . . . We got invited to the competition!!!! MAJORETTES J. Breen, C. Trenchard, M. Marchetti, C. Sandberg, K. Kelly, A. Murray, M. Nocella, B. Iceton, J. Schnare, K. Leahy, D. Kirkland. The Majorettes, like their compatriots, the Samettes and Cheerleaders, worked hard to provide entertain- ment and color to the vari- ous half-time activities. The group is comprised of talen- ted and enthusiastic mem- bers under the leadership of versatile Linda Boyadjian. They provided near-perfect performances which were the result of long and ar- duous hours of work. Many of their perform- ances were given under less than favorable weather con- ditions. Yet the girls were always undaunted and help- ed to spur their audiences to new enthusiasm. Linda Boyadjian. SAMETTES Top Row: B. Savage, L. Smith, D. Murray, E. Travers. First Row: K. Keshian, M. Ciampi, M. Wright, K. Judge, Mrs. Bertagna, P. Kreuz, M. Travers, F. Ciampi, C. Fiorenza. Center: J. Schnare. Bottom Row: J. Valenti, A. Pietkewicz, J. Green, M. O’Neil, P. Naidone. When a Samette first walks out onto the football field to her first practice, she thinks all she has to do is learn a few steps, put them together, and perform in front of large crowds. True, they do all of that and more. A good half time show takes long hours of prac- tice in order to perfect each step. Many phrases that a Samette becomes well aware of are, “Left, right, left!” . . . “Point those toes!” . . . “Guide!” . . . “Pick up your feet!” . . . “Guide! Guide!” Along with two senior Samettes — June Schnare, cap- tain, a Samette for three years, and Karen Keshian, a Samette for two years — there are thirteen juniors and eight sophomore girls who have helped to make this year’s group the most spirited and enthusiastic ever. And enthusiastic they were in every way, for regardless of the weather, they were ready to put on a good show. This was shown best at Thanksgiving when each Samette voted to put on a show, despite the rain and three inches of mud. This is the spirit of Samettes. CONCERT BAND G. Anderson, P. Olson. As in years past, Arlington High has always had an outstanding Concert Band. This year ' s band was no exception by any means. Under the skillful direction of Mr. Gerald Thebodo, the concert band achieved an- other great year. As the band has less than forty mem- bers, and more attention can be applied directly to each student, new heights of musical proficiency were conquered. The musical ability and tone quality of the band ranks at the top of the list of former A.H.S. bands. Concerts at the Jr. High East, various exchange con- certs, and the high schools assemblies all paved the way for the band’s excellent performance at the annual Spring Concert. Several very difficult compositions were performed at the concerts, including an arrange- ment of Gilbert and Sullivan themes and a clarinet solo accompanied by the band. The long-awaited-for new red and gray uniforms finally arrived in the fall, and the band looked as well as it sounded. Being Arlington High’s oldest organization, the Con- cert Band continues its reputation as one of the best Boston suburban bands. P. Murray, K. Filmy, A, Camacho, J. Sylva, E. Gunzelman. K. Fiore, F. Tassone, P. Olson, W. Bailey, J. Perkins, P. Dumas, S. Grant, P. Tassone, J. O’Hanian, A. Vivian, C. Rodgers, P. Avery, D. Quale, E. Cooper, P. Olson, M. Wanmaker, K. Fiore, M. Kerjain. 52 ORCHESTRA As you walk into the Auditorium during fifth period on any Monday or Thursday, you will hear strange sounds, pleasant sounds, or even harmonious sounds (?). The sounds, will come from such strange struc- tures as a violin, trumpet, or even a bassoon. After you discover this strange phenomenon, you will also dis- cover that this is the Arlington High School Orchestra. Under the bold and fearless leadership of Mr. Gerald Thebodo, the Orchestra has soared to new fame. The first performance was the traditional Christmas Assembly. After playing for four assemblies, the Or- chestra was ready to go for another (?). With the conclusion of the Christmas Assemblies, the Orchestra set to work on the music for the Gilbert Sullivan production. Mikado. The leadership of Mr. L. Hassler Einzig and Mr. Thebodo proved to be extremely re- warding. Even though the music w as extremely diffi- cult, the Orchestra managed to come through on top! On April 9th, the Orchestra went on an exchange con- cert to North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Again the Or- chestra did not fail to portray the true spirit of Arling- ton High students. As they take their final bow, they begin to think about the work that is ahead of them for the annual Spring Concert and Memorial Day As- sembly. After all the work the Orchestra puts in for the school, they deserve our appreciation and applause. This fall the Band was drastically changed due to the departure of our be- loved Mr. Laman. The new director, Mr. Thebodo, has done a wonderful job with the organization. “Mr. T.” quickly got things underway in September and started marching band rehearsals. Every Saturday and two days after school, we would anxiously scurry onto the field to march in all kinds of weather. The Band was very successful with the half-time shows, and was not equaled by any other band. The Thanks- giving performance showed the great spirit upheld by band members; although it was cold, rainy, and muddy, the band members chose to persevere and the per- formance went on. Casualties were high, however, for several girls lost their shoes in the mud. This year’s band was not the best due to inexperienced players, but thanks to the excellent guidance on “Mr. T.’’, it turned out unusually well. Top Row: D. Hall, A. Geremonte, D. Diggins, P. O’Neil, J. Sylva, P. Murray, A. Camacho, R. D’Aveni, W. Bailey, J. Liotine. Middle Row: G. Anderson, R. Olson, S. Anderson, D. Grant, N. Manning, D. Cataldo, R. Hall, P. Traverse, A. Volpe, P. Nardone, C. Bryant, B. Gunzelmen, B. Furtello, J. O’Hanian, P. Olson, Mr. Thebodo, P. Tassone. Bottom Row: K. Koumjian, S. Aurilio, J. Breen, A. Geanisis, M. Gonyea, V. Rowsell, J. Wright, A. Vivian, P. Sherburn, P. Maricci, N. Hommes. MARCHING BAND Top Row: B. Olson, P. Dumas, C. Fiore, M. Wanamaker, P. Murray, S. Anderson, J. DiSimone, B. Bailey, D. Meskie, D. Rigby, F. Be- gonis, G. Anderson. Middle Row: B. Cooper, V. Rowsell, A. Vivian, J. Grant, D. Shaw, J. Liotine, F. Tassone, P. Tassone, C. Bryant, B. Gunnzelman, D. Grant, P. Grossoman, K. Fellmey, N. Manning. Bottom Row: B. Fratello, N. Floreen, C. Grant, E. Cooper, L. Louder, M. Kazarian, D. Quayle, R. Nelson, J. Sylva, W. Tinker, S. Quayle. J. Hewson, S. Collins, P. Chambers, C. Rogers, Drum Ma- jor. 53 Top Row: D. Falwell, M. French, J. Marshall, P. Smith, S. Quinlan, J. Meade, J. Sylva. Middle Row: K. Macridis, M. Balazs, K. Forest, J. Abbruzzese, K. Blomquist. M. Auditore. Bottom Row: K. DiFranza, P. Malatesta, L. Gigante, J. Malatesta, C. Meo. This year marked the 30th annual operetta per- Mary Auditore, Joan Malatesta, Jack Marshall, David formed by the G S Club, and the club director, Mr. Mayerson, Kathy Gratto, Dennis Falwell, Bill Pome- Einzig, planned a spectacular anniversary performance. roy, Mark Szafarz, and Cindi Meo, assured a success- The show this year was the Mikado, probably the best ful production; the orchestra, meanwhile had been known work in the Gilbert and Sullivan repertoire. synchronizing its music to that of the singers. The pro- Fans had been flipping since September, and the espe- duction was staged on the 5th and 6th of April to the dally diligent rehearsal by the principals; Jay Silva, satisfaction and applause of all. GILBERT AND SULLIVAN HARMONETTES Left to Right: D. O’Neil, J. Trulson, B. Trulson, J. Malatesta, P. Terzian, S. Smith, K. Muello, M. Audi- tore, J. Schnare. PARAPSYCHOLOGY The A.H.S. Parapsychology Club is a new ad- venture embarked upon this year. It is captained by David Smith and Paul “Gibbs” Gately, with the help of secretary, Luanne Lamphier. The club’s purpose is to investigate supernatu- ral phenomena. This entails discussions, research, and practical laboratory experience. We hope to do further work with E.S.P., telepathy, and pre- cognition. None of us had any real experience in this field, but we all had a deep-seated interest and enthusiasm. We hope to have a more active and productive year when we return to school in the fall. The Harmonettes are a group of eleven girls of which two are accompanists. The girls are grouped into three part harmony: first soprano, second soprano, and alto. They have been quite active in singing for church organizations, the Rotary Club, the Swedish Folk Dance Club of Boston, and of course, taking part in the Christ- mas Assemblies. In early spring the Harmonettes visited several more places to entertain all those who have an ear for good music. Once again, they will sing for class-day assembly, and then the following seniors: June Schnare, Paula Ter- zian, Janyce Trulson, and Nancy Urquhart will bid farewell to Arlington High School. Through- out their high school careers, these girls certainly have enjoyed being a part of such a fine group as the Harmonettes. Left to Right: D. Smith, M. Tomsuden, M. Abbruzzese, C. Burke, Mr. R. McFarlane. 55 Left to Right: P. Smith, Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Trevisani, A d viser. Innovation was the idea of the 1968 Indian. Trying to capture the unique individuality of the class of 1968, the yearbook staff worked with new techniques and layouts to produce a book which did indeed achieve that goal. Production was initiated in the summer of 1967 with the writing of the student biographies. Layouts, artwork, and the actual design of the book began the first week of school, with the final deadline in March. Five days a week, often until 5:00 in the afternoon, a streamlined staff of about a half dozen seniors worked to coordinate the materials and ready the book for publication. Without their untiring efforts and selfless atti- tudes, the Indian could not have been produced. And they did it for free! Left to Right: P. Prendergast, A. Tobey, Lay-out Edi- tors. YEARBOOK Left to Right: C. Larson, R. Doucet, Art Staff. Left to Right: R. Cullinane, J. Crooks, Photog- raphers. Left to Right: R. Cirillo, J. Venuti, L. Nelson, D. Routenberg, P. Fitzpatrick. M. Fitzsimmons, N. Vena, Biography Staff. Top Row: J. Meade, H. Rogers. Bottom Row: P. Malatesta, K. Forest, J. Abbruzzese, L. Gigante, C. Meo, Proofreading Staff. Top Row: G. Davidson. D. Doiicet. P. Prendergast. A, Palladino, P. Smith, Mr. Trevisani. Bottom Row: A. Geanisis, M. Alman, J. Venuti, K. Macridis, P. Malatesta, K. DiFranza. 57 TECHNICAL— VOCATIONAL In the Technical-Vocational High School, the Stu- dent Council is composed of nine members. The three senior members are Raymond Wilson, Arthur Kava- nagh, and David Motherway. The three junior mem- bers are John Wilson, Philip Capogna, and Mark Mur- dock. The three sophomore members are Peter Michienzi, Garry Brown, and Peter D’Olimpio. These students are selected from each department — Electron- ics, Machine, and Automotive. Meeting with the Direc- tor from time to time, the Council discusses various problems and situations. The students not only present problems affecting their respective trades, but also offer constructive suggestions on matters concerning the whole school. Through this exchange of advice and ideas, teachers and students profit by being able to understand each other better. As a direct result of this communication, the Director and faculty can more readily cope with problems as they arise in the shops and laboratories of the school. Arlington Tech students, like other high school stu- dents, take course requirements in English, social stud- ies, algebra, geometry, physics, and physical training. Shop and lab work are of major importance and tech- nical students devote 50% of their total time to this type of i nstruction. » ««• - ■ k « •: ’”• .V p » »:♦ ►.4MAC r4 .-L— 59 SCRIBE We set out, back in October, to find out what Arlington High School wanted in a literary publication, what sort of magazine would arouse the most avid re- sponse here, and seeing what was what, to publish a magazine reflecting the popular will. In June we still have not completed our market research but are still experimenting with different types of format and content. So, Scribe magazine is rather difficult to describe, swirling in a constant state of flux around one or two isolated moorings. And of necessity, any brief description of Scribe builds itself on these few outcroppings of bedrock in the midst of flow. Call them editorial princi- ples if you will, these few constants around which the staff tries to mold each issue while experimenting in sundry di- rections — extensively with the fictional short story, then with the researched arti- cle, with humor and with tragedy. At any rate, the Scribe staff believes that the publication should try to reflect interests of the students while still main- taining certain standards of taste and quality that befit the dignity of a “liter- ary” magazine. Scribe should further- more, be a vehicle for the creative works of the Arlington High School community, students and faculty alike. To this end the staff was attentive and solicitous to any responsible writing done 1967-68. For the staff these are the only guidelines — points that remain fixed while every- thing else about the magazine bends with the wind. LAB ASSISTANTS From the physics’ lab of the 30’s corridor to the earth science classroom of the Freshman building, science lab assistants have been busy at work every day again this year. As anyone who has ever seen a lab assistant bustling about in a lab-coat and apron can tell, this selective group of young people is the back-bone of the science department. Who else, for example, could help physics teacher Mr. Clough grow meal worms but his number one assistant, Kathy Forest? And it could only be John Manfredi who would help Mr. Manning have successful phosphorus fires. Con- gratulations, lab assistants for conducting another smooth-running year in our science department. R. Porter, J. Haas, K. DiFranza, K. Forest, S. Wironen, J. Ampolo, J. Manfredi. Top Row: J. Sylva, W. Burroughs, S. Quinlan, J. Marshall, P. Cana- day, M. Abbruzesse. Bottom Row: K. Macridis, S. Bugden. 60 CUSTODIANS First Row: Messrs. J. Costa, G. Hobart, W. Daley, L. Ciano, C. Dovidio. Second Row: Messrs. R. Marstars, W. Flynn, F. Kendall, P. Kengas. Mr. E. Hardy First Row: Messrs. D. Miranda, W. Rowley, P. Nyberg, P. McGuire. Second Row: Messrs. L. Reinold, F. De- mone, A. Ciano, J. Smith. CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: E. Crocker, E. Riebero, S. Hatless, M. Griffin, S. George, S. Gaunci, W. Kangas, O. Lalumiere. Second Row: L. Fiorenza, H. Darcy, M. Hoyt, H. Ellingwood, E. Rauseo, J. Union, A. Starkey, H. O’Shaughnessy, A. Rogers, P. O’Connell, R. Mueller, M. Sabe- ceiras, E. Sutton. 61 FOOTBALL Fir st Row; J. Bertagna. G. Ogden, R. Cuccio, J. Pan- dolfo, J. Pittorino, P. Flanagan, C. Flarrington, co- captain; P. Traverse, co-captain; P. Egan, C. McCann, D. Brine, T. Russell, P. Shepard, D. Keating, J. Lynch. Second Row: Coach Burns, M. Toczylowski, C. Barnaby, A. DaSilva, B. Quinlan, G. Burke, R. Ofria, J. O’Donnell, S. Sullivan, D. O ' Leary, D. Allen, J. Nigro, R. King, G. Galluzzo, R. Anderson, Mr. Bevins. Third Row: Mr. Flill, M. Sullivan, G. Anastas, J. Keefe, A. Lyons, J. Jackson, R. Saul, R. Baker, R. Thomas, T. Kelley, P. Manderino, K. Donovan, G. Kalis, W. Hale, T. Pandolfo, K. Place, R. Eastman, A. Borsini, manager. Arlington High’s varsity football squad did not have as good a season as in past years; however, the team’s record is misleading. Inexperience was the key problem this year. To complicate the situation further, star quarterback Joe Pandolfo suffered from a leg injury and sat out half the season. Although Joe was sorely missed, substi- tute quarterback Dave O’Leary played well. Den- nis Keating was the all-around star for A.H.S. He snared five touchdown passes, played brilliant de- fense, handled the punting, and returned kick- offs. After a rather slow start, senior half-back Marty Toczylowski came on strong later in the season scoring touchdowns in the last four games. Co-captains Paul Traverse and Charlie Harring- ton played well on defense as did linebacker Pat Egan, who set a record by participating in more tackles than any player in A.H.S. history. Although the team suffered from the lack of experienced players, there was no shortage in team spirit as could be witnessed by the comara- derie which existed among the squad’s members. 64 Coaches Bev ins, Burns, and Hill Arl. 14 21 26 12 0 6 6 15 7 Somerville at Watertown Waltham New Bedford at Newton Brookline at Weymouth Brocton Arch. Williams Opp. 20 6 26 6 7 20 22 0 21 Charlie Harrington, Paul Traverse, co-captains 65 Dennis Keating Pat Egan John O ' Donnell Tim Russell George Galluzzo George Anastas Jim Keefe Rich Saul Chuck McCann Marty Toczylowski Joe Pandolfo A1 DaSilva A1 Preston John Pitterino Ron King Richard Eastman Stephen Sullivan Paul Shepard 67 HOCKEY TEAM Top Row: Coach Burns, K. Davison, P. Flanagan, D. Brine, S. Floar, E. Burns, W. Hale, M. Noonan, M. Zona, T. Deveaux, W. Ogden, manager. Bot- tom Row. ' J. Bertanga, A. Lyons, A. Bogoshian, W. Corkery, T. Russell, C. Harrington, B. Quinlan, J. Lyons, H. Richardson. For the first time in six seasons, the varsity hockey team failed to finish first in the Greater Boston League. However, the season was still successful as Coach Burns led the team to a sec- ond place finish with a record of eleven wins, two losses and a tie. This record enabled the team to qualify for the state tournament for the twentieth time in the past twenty-one years. Co-captains Bill Corkery and Tim Russell along with Charlie Harrington were the only sen- iors on the young team which carried eight soph- omores. Bill and Tim were the only returnees who saw any action with last year’s state champs. During the season, Billy Corkery led the G.B.I. League in scoring with 44 points and was chosen most valuable player. He was selected on the first all-star team and Tim Russell was placed on the second team. 68 Arlington 5 Brookline 0 Arlington 7 Somerville 3 Arlington 1 Medford 2 Arlington 10 Rindge 0 Arlington 5 Cambridge Latin 0 Arlington 5 Waltham 0 Arlington 5 Newton 1 Arlington 2 Brookline 5 Arlington 10 Somerville 2 Arlington 3 Medford 3 Arlington 1 1 Rindge 0 Arlington 10 Cambridge Latin 0 Arlington 4 Waltham 3 Arlington 2 Newton 4 69 SENIORS Billy Corkery. Timmy Russell Charlie Harrington Wayne Ogden, Manager Coach Burns, K. Davison, B. Corkery, T. Russell, First Line. A. Boghosian, T, Lyons, B. Quinlan, Second Line. H. Richardson, Goalie. J. Bertagna, Goalie. M. Noonan, P. Flanagan, E. Burns, D. Brine, C. Harrington, B. Hoar, De- fensemen. 71 BASKETBALL Pat Egan Jim Keefe Dave Glennon Suburban League all-stars Dave O’Leary (first team) and Jack Casey (second team) led the Arlington High basketball team in a fine season. The eight win, eleven loss record is deceiving, as the Suburban League was extremely tough this season and Coach Hill’s squad was burdened with inexperience. O’Leary, a junior, captured the league scoring crown while Casey, a senior, placed third. Other outstanding players were Jimmy Keefe, Jim Nigro, and Bob Cuccio. Keefe handled the playmaking and was a tenacious defender. Along with co-captains Paul Traverse and Dave O’Leary, Cuccio and Nigro did most of the re- bounding. Nigro, Cuccio, O’Leary, and sopho- more Mark Sullivan will return to what appears to be an outstanding ball club. Top Row: Mr. Hill, J. Nigro, R. Cuccio, D. O’Leary, Mr. Tucker. Middle Row: M. Sullivan, J. Carvello, C. Barnaby, R. Krikorian, R. Kelleher. Bottom Row: P. Egan, J. Casey, P. Traverse, J. Keefe, D. Glennon. CROSS-COUNTRY Fourth Row: Mr. Kelley, M. Miller. Third Row: J. Hieox, J. Rosenberger, D. Snowdon, B. Leverone, T. Lynch, W. Jefferson. Second Row: C. Coffey, R. Devana, D. Johnson, G. Bartel, J. Swanson, P. Messiiri. Bottom Row: A. Stratton, R. Repetto, P. Chase, D. Swanson, T. Heaslip, J. O ' Neill, M. Ceurvels. M . 1 . The Arlington High Varsity Cross-Country Team won only two out of seven meets this year but there were several individual stars on the squad. Peter Chase earned the most points with 28, and he was followed by Tom Heaslip with 24, and John O’Neil with 22. Captain Dave Swanson also ran extremely well. Perhaps the most exciting meet of the year took place against Newton South in Arlington. Newton South’s leading runners lost their way during the meet and failed to place. After a good deal of argument, Arlington was awarded the victory. The other meet that Arlington won was against Revere. Coach Kelly should be very optimistic about next season because Ceurvels, Chase, Heaslip, and promis- ing runners Jack Reppeto, Dave Johnson, and Arthur Stratton all will be returning. 74 INDOOR TRACK Top Row: W. Picolo, M. Accardi, J. Marcahtonio, J. Graham, P. Herlihy, P. Flynn, C. Coffey, R. Saul. Middle Row: Coach J. Kelley, P. Jones, R. Leverone, W. Mahoney, D. Snowdon, M. Sullivan, R. Devana, R. Baker, T. Malloy, B. Santini, B. Cecere, P. Wedge, M. Miller, J. Driscoll. Asst. Coach. Bottom Row: M. Ceurvels, T. Heaslip, L. Querze, S. Sullivan, G. Santini, C. Russo, G. Thoren, E. Murray, D. Keating, M. Toczlyowski. Inexperience hurt Coach Kelley’s track team this year as the 2-4-1 record indicates. However, the record is misleading as the team dropped close meets to Ran- dolph and Watertown. Ed Murray (300 yds.) and Mike Ceurvels (1000 yds.) had outstanding seasons. Ed and Mike finished first in their events in all but one meet. Captain George Anastas (hurdles), Marty Toczy- lowski (dash, shotput), Peter Chase (mile), Tom Heaslip (2 mile), and Jack Pittorino (shotput) also had fine seasons. This year was especially encouraging to Coach Kel- ley because it provided experience and training for sev- eral promising underclassmen. Sophomore Mark Sulli- van displayed sensational potential in the high jump, and another sophomore, Barry Santini, appears to have the ability to replace Anastas in the hurdles next year. Others that show promise are Bob Baker, Bill Mahoney, and Brian Cecere. Mr. Driscoll in his first year as assistant coach was extremely helpful to the team, especially for the high jumpers and the boys throwing the shotput. 75 GYMNASTICS The Gymnastics Team was made up primarily of Juniors and Sophomores. There were only two Seniors, Philip Dionne and Joseph Cronin who were also Co- Captains. A lack of experienced seniors was the big problem this year. On the brighter side, four Juniors were good enough to qualify for the State Individual Champion- ship Meet. They included Richard and Kevin Dionne, David Smith, and Arthur Camacho. There were eleven Letter Winners. The two Senior men were Joseph Cronin and Philip Dionne. There were six letters awarded to the Junior class and three to the Sophomores. M. Rosa S. Catalano Top Row: M. Rosa, B. Allen, K. Dionne, K. Berglund. Middle Row: Mr. Fairbanks, R. Winter, J. Serson, S. Catalano, D. Smith, A. Camacho. Bottom Row: S. Hilferty, R. Dionne, J. Cronin, P. Dionne, C. Contos. 76 A. Camacho Wins: New Bedford Watertown Weymouth Losses: Brookline Newton North Quincy Wakefield Winchester Winthrop D. Smith P. Dionne R. Dionne A. Camacho GIRLS’ FIELD HOCKEY Top Row: K. O ' Connell, P. McPherson, J. Hannafan, J. Hayes, E. Kelly. J. Green, B. Allen, M. Oliver, M. Murphy, J. Whitney, K. Ahern, V. Shaugnessy, Coach McDonough. Middle Row: R. Strelis, E. Fitzpatrick, J. Walsh. D. Maderino, J. Barrett, P. Whitney, N. Mahoney, D. Caissie, N. Urquhart, S. Sirois, H. Herzog. Bottom Row: E. Abruzzese, A. Mucci, V. Barnaby, E. Keane, D. Getrost, J. Cosgrove, W. Abbott, S. Macklin, J. Mor- rello. The 1967 field hockey team had one of the most successful seasons in several years with a record of six wins and two losses. Led by co-captains Jane Cosgrove and Wendy Abbott, a starting lineup of five seniors and six juniors raced through an eight game schedule scor- ing eighteen goals and allowing only eight. Nancy Mahoney was the team ' s leading scorer with 10 goals, followed by Debbie Getrost and Eileen Abbruzesse. Outstanding on defense was Jane Cosgrove who won the Most Valuable Player award from the Sportsman’s Club. Seniors Ellen Keane, Joanne Morello, Wendy Abbott, and Suzanne Maklin, and Juniors Ginny Barnaby, Pam Whitney, and Ann Mucci complete the list of varsity letter winners. Jean Barrett and Donna Caissie handled the managerial chores in fine fashion. For five of the girls, Jane Cosgrove, Wendy Abbott, Pam Whitney, Nancy Mahoney, and Mitty Shaun- ghessy, the season started at the end of August with field hockey camp. They came through the week with a minimum amount of injuries and a lot of experience and fun. The “Jayvee” team had a record of four wins, two losses, and two ties. They were led by Donna Man- derino and Susan Sirois with fine goal-tending by Nancy Urquhart. 78 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Sitting: V. Barnaby, D. Getrost, co-captains. Front Row: D. Caissie, S. Foley, N. Mahoney, D. Manderino, E. Abruzzese, M. Heffernan, P. Santo, S. Naugler. Middle Row: E. Keane, B. Reardon, A. Pascucci, L. DiNatale, E. Fitzpatrick, A. Miicci, S. Macklin, Coach McDonough. Back Row: R. Murphy, E. Cooper, S. Libbey, S. Erick- son, C. Grant, J. Hayes, N. Power. We started the season with a victory against Water- town. Then we lost to Lexington by one point, and won our next three games and closed our season with a loss to Cambridge. There were no seniors on the team last year so all our players returned. This was beneficial because we were used to playing together and we were a well- balanced team. Our captains were juniors Debbie Getrost and Ginny Barnaby. Our starting offense con- sisted of four juniors and our defense of two seniors. There are five seniors who will be graduating this year. Near the close of our season, we were invited to play in the Billerica Tournament. We defeated Woburn in the first game, and, then were scheduled to play Mayn- ard’s undefeated team. We beat them and then played Lincoln-Sudbury and beat them by a two point margin in the last four seconds of play. We then went on to beat Acton-Boxboro and became the champions. The most exciting game of the tournament was our game with Lincoln-Sudbury. Along with the championship we took other honors. Our captains were named as two of the eight all- tourney players, and captain Debbie Getrost was named Most Valuable Player of the Tournament. We were runners-up for the Sportsmanship award. During our season play we broke Melrose’s unde- feated season and we became the first team to beat Winchester in seven years. Arlington 41 Watertown 15 Arlington 43 Lexington 44 Arlington 38 Belmont 12 Arlington 47 Newton South 21 Arlington 39 Winchester 23 Arlington 24 Melrose 21 Arlington 26 Cambridge 33 Tournament Arlington 33 Woburn 20 Arlington 40 Maynard 30 Arlington 43 Lincoln-Sudbury 41 Arlington 48 Acton-Boxboro 24 79 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President; Manuel Stefanakis Vice-President: Mary L. Mulcahy Treasurer: Charles R. Harrington 82 Domenic J. Accetta David P. Ales Michelle J. Alman Wendy J. Abbott Maryann Ameral Marcia L. Allen ! V- Joanne J. Abruzzese , Denise M. Ahlberg John K. Allen Lindsey J. Achstetter r 83 Greg B. Anderson Edith D. Angelo Barbara M. Arimento Constance M. Arnold Gary K. Anderson Henry S. Andrews Anthony M. Amico George J. Anastas Linda J. Anderson Patricia L. Arey 84 Shirley A. Baldwin William H. Bailey Marianne E. Balazs Marylou Balyozian Donald G. Baker Cheryl A. Atamian Debra R. Baird Peter P. Barra Karen L. Avadanian Elizabeth A. Baldwin 85 Jean M. Barrett John M. Barrows Irene M. Barrett Pauline C. Barry Neville Bean Stephen C. Beard Bonnie E. Becker Jennifer R. Bell Charlene Bennett Jonathan A. Berry 86 Corinne F. Burlick Doris L. Burke Barbara H. Buffum William A. Burroughs Peter F. Burvill Patricia A. Burns Richard C. Budd Patricia A. Burke Garrett J. Burke Susan M. Bugden 89 Laurena M. Butler Catherine M. Butler John S. Buttrick Daniel S. Byrne Janice E. Byrne John J. Caissie Sheila M. Byrne Daniel L. Cadotte Janice A. Caddigan Donna M. Caissie 90 Wayne F. Campbell Christine T. Callahan Ellen F. Carlson June M. Carr Christine Carroll Peter G. Canaday Ernest P. Caramanis Kathleen M. Carland 91 Barbara Casalou Bruce F. Casali William M. Carroll I Susan M. Casazza Charlene Catalfamo John J. Casey Patricia A. Caslin Eleanor M. Cecchini Michael G. Chaloux Patricia A. Castagno 92 Dean Christenson Marion A. Chin Paul G. Ciano James F. Comeau 93 I ■ L Valerie M. Channell Joy Ching Christine V. Chisholm Rose A. Cirillo Paul M. Connelly John L. Conroy Maria M. Constantinides Louis N. Contos Lawrence E. Corcoran Stephen J. Costa William J. Corkery Susan J. Corbett 94 Gerald D. Goughian Debra A. Cristofori Betty Coumounduros David ' P. Crocker Anne E. Crocker Richard Cullinane Joseph P. Cronin Susan Cummings Elizabeth A. Crosby Dennis P. Dahill 95 Carol A. Dalrymple Elizabeth L. Daniell Alphonso J. DaSilva Patricia A. Daniell Lynda A. Davis Paul A. Deal Pamela C. DeCoste Douglas G. deBruyn Ruth A. Delay Gregory L. Davidson 96 Joseph V. DeMita i Karen E. DiFranza Marilyn C. DeNapoli Diane S. DePari Lawrence J. Deshler Stephen W. Derby Linda S. DiDonato Susan A. DiDonato Jean M. Dickhaut Mary A. Dillon 97 Philip J. Dionne Barbara A. Doherty Richard A. Diranian Janice M. Doherty Nicholas A. DiSola Joan Donahue Marian C. Doherty Kathleen A. Doherty Theresa C. Doherty 98 John C. Donnelly Marjorie A. Donnelly Kenneth J. Donnelly Clare A. Donohue Robert E. Doucet Dennis M. Dorrington John A. Doyle Brendan T. Dooley Joan Downing 99 Stephen W. Doyle Kathleen P. Duggan f: J Richard C. Eastman Kathleen M. Dziegiel Karen A. Driscoll Judith A. Duggan James F. Duggan Suzanne E. Driscoll Carol A. Dumas Claire M. Egan Allan R. Fletcher Maureen A. Fitzpatrick Susan M. Fitzpatrick Mark J. Flavin Marilyn T. Flynn Louis Fontana Virginia A. Ford Donna M. Flionis Ronald G. Foley 102 Martin C. French Janet A. Fox George L. Franklin William P. Forristall Judith A. Foster Diane M. Funicella Daniel J. Galli Kathleen M. Forest Stephen J. Friel y Maureen A. Gibbons Robert P. Geary Linda M. Gigante Adrienne Geanisis Susan Gerrold ! John F. Glennon Elizabeth A. Grady Stephen F. Gramolini Michael R. Gray Mary M. Greco Janice M. Greenaway Kathleen P. Greenaway David P. Glennon Patricia Gorell San dra J. Graham Cheryl M. Greene Thomas A. Guarente Linda A. Greene Michael J. Griflfin Rita M. Guardabassio Karen A. Guarente Charles R. Harrington Eileen M. Hankins Carol E. Hansen 106 A Neil Harrington Robert C. Harrington Elizabeth J. Hasler Paul J. Hayes Arlana C. Heino Roderick A. Hendrigan I Mary A. Heffernan Sally L. Henry Elizabeth A. Henry Patricia M. Hennessey 107 James R. Hesse 1 Edward J. Hurd Mary J. Hynes William E. lannelli Joanne K. Hilferty Constance Hurley Judith L. Hutchins I Judy A. Igo Judith C. Intravaia 108 Jane E. Jackson Kurt H. Johanson : ' i Christine M. Johnson Stephen J. Jones Mark S. Joyce Irene Kalafatas Richard C. Kalustian Eileen E. Kariger 109 Marion K. Kennedy Kathleen M. Kenney Patricia A. Kenney F. Arthur Kavanagh (. a Marcia Kelley Ellen M. Keane Dennis M. Keating Paul D. Keenliside Barbara A. Kennedy no Robert P. Kletjian Nicholas Konstandakis Charlene M. Lamberis Walter C. King Joan F. Keohane Karen L. Keshian Patricia A. Kiniry Richard J. King Ronald D. King Denise P. King 111 Lucinda J. Landberg Cynthia J. Lang Robin B. Langer David Lennon Karen Lennon 112 Robert P. Leveille Rosanne Leverone William R. Leverone i;.- Cherylee A. Lewkowicz Marianne E. Lombardo Margaret M. Lund Linda M. Lopes Frank C. Luz Donna A. Lionetta Janice M. Lopilato 113 Walter R. Macarthy Deborah Mack John F. MacKenzie Suzanne Macklin Louise A. MacNeill Kathleen M. Macridis James J. Madden Jean M. Madden I Maureen L. Madden 114 Donna L. Manderino Michael J. Marcellino John T. Manfredi { Phyllis A. Malatesta Barbara A. Manning Akiko Mano Irene P. Magnuson Jack A. Marshall Elaine B. Marchese Peter J. Marino 115 Louise M. McCorry Susan M. McGee 116 Leonard J. McKinnon Kathleen T. McGowan Karen A. McGurl Janice M. McLaughlin Jeffrey L. Meade Dennis J. McLaughlin Mary L. McNamara John E. Mclsaac David M. McLane Helen K. McMahon 117 David J Meadows Robert F. Mellor Cynthia L. Meo Marc L. Messina James Mercurio Christos Melitse Joseph L. Medeiros Charmain Menez Linda M. Melly Sharon M. Miga 118 Vasiliki Moggelos Lloyd S. Miller Carol Moberg Ann C. Monticone David P. Miller Kathleen A. Mooney Kevin M. Mooney Sandra L. Moore Kathleen Moran Paul B. Morel 119 Joanne T. Morello David R. Motherway Susan P. Mouris John J. Mulcahy Ann P. Mulcahy Mary L. Mulcahy 120 David L. Murphy James E. Nadeau I Susan A. Naugler Cynthia R. Murphy Robert L. Murphy Edward J. Musco Patricia Nebeling Thomas M. Murray Edward G. Murray Marita K. Murrman T j T Judith A. Nelson Linda G. Nelson Janet M. Nichols David J. Nunziato Charles C. O’Callaghan Karen A. O ' Connell John F. O’Neil Kathleen M. O’Connell Patricia A. O’Connell Paul F. O’Connell Wayne R. Ogden Dennis O’Leary Michael V. Ofria Jeremiah T. O’Leary Paul V. Olson 123 Joseph M. Orrigo Mary F. Osborne Arthur Palladino Joseph P. Pandolfo Frank Pacheco Beverly J. O’Qiiinn Linda J. Papazian Sandra Orlando Linda A. Ouellette Stephen T. Palmacci 124 Marianne C. Phaneuf John A. Pittorino Lawrence D. Pass Peter D. Prendergast Alan L. Preston Guy P. Pichette Susan Poland Inez Ponte Mary A. Pavone Kathleen Pierce David C. Provost Jean Primerano Richard M. Puddister Stephen F. Quinlan Elio D. Querze Paul J. Ranauro Frank G. Razzano John R. Regan Linda A. Reid Ann E. Reed 126 Paulette Richard Diane M. Ring Donnaleigh V. Roberto Jane E. Robertson Bernadette R. Robichaud Patricia Robinson Howard K. Rogers Katherine P. Rooney Paula E. Rockwood 127 Marceleen R. Riishton i Diane L. Roiitenberg Thomas J. Russell Paul S. Sands Patricia A. Santo Charles A. Russo Diane W. Ryan Linda A. Sakakeeny Glenn V. Santini 128 Richard D. Saul Joanne M. Saraceno Elaine Santosuosso Julia A. Schnare I Anita R. Savio Harris J. Schnare Sandra T. Schipani Judy M. Scaglione Cynthia L. Schneider Carolyn R. Segelstrom 129 Anthony C. Sgouros George R. Shallah Paul F. Shepard Jody M. Sheridan Mary E. Shaw Patricia C. Shwab William C. Shwab Eleanor Silva Susan M. Shine John T. Shumaker 130 Christopher F. Simonds Robert P. Simeone Stephen M. Silva Steven J. Silvestri Maureen Silva Susan M. Sirois Judith A. Sirois J. Clifford Smith Paul J. Smith 131 Louis P. Sparanges Manuel W. Stefanakis Warren R. Smith William R. Spera Steven G. Sotiriadis Philip G. Smith k Patricia A. Sommers Deborah L. Stanley 132 Simeon P. Stefanidakis Gail S. Stephens Mary E. Straccia Maureen C. Sullivan Stephen M. Sumner Stephen J. Sullivan David W. Swanson Maryanne H. Surrette Linda M. Strong I 1 Maureen C. Sullivan 133 Stephen M. Tee Lois C. Tanzilli Joseph Tassone Jay A. Sylva Stefan W. Taschner Pasquale S. Tassone 134 Elissa A. Szafarz i i Carla J. Tannozzini Kathleen Sweeney Clair A. Tait Paula L. Terzian Glenn R. Thoren Andrea Tobey Martin F. Toczylowski Christine I. Traynor Paul G. Traverse Janyce L. Trulson John W. Torento Norman Towle Charles Trebino 135 Arnold L. VanAmburg Linda A. Velozo Judith M. Venuti Nancy M. Vena Charles D. Viola Nancy J. Urquhart Lawrence P. Venezia James Viola Margaret C. Tiicci Robert A. Vartigian 136 Rosemary Waters Karen D. Volpe Robert W. White William T. Wilkie Anne M. Walsh Paul D. Wedge Janet T. Whitney Alexandra Wilkinson Patricia A. Weismann Marjorie A. Whitney 137 • ' T ' r WENDY J. ABBOTT 12 Higgins Street July 31, 1950 Activities: Glee Club; Allied Youth; Girls’ Club. I Would Like To See: My gym socks walk away. Ambition: To pass gym. Will To AHS: My zeros in gym. Hobby: Sewing. JOANNE ABRUZZESE 34 Cypress Road April 13, 1950 Jo Favorite Subject: Biology. Will To AHS: My S.M.S.G. math books. Activities: Softball; Earth Science Club; Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley League; Gilbert Sullivan. DOMENIC J. ACCETTA 17 Newport Street July 15, 1950 Dom Activities: Art Club; Allied Youth. Ambition: To become a million- aire. Pet Peeves: Oral talks; term papers. I Will To AHS: My old books. Interests: Music; art. LINDSEY J. ACHSTETTER 16 Wall Street April 17, 1950 Favorite Subject: Basket-weaving. Ambition: To become rich. I Would Like To See: The people at a beach party in a different state than usual. DENISE M. AHLBERG 229 Highland Avenue August 11, 1950 Deece Favorite Saying: “You’ve got to be kiddin’!’’ Activities: Allied Youth; Office Assistant. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. I Will To AHS: My last four years. DAVID ALES 27 Albermarle Street June 10, 1950 Dave Favorite Subject: Sports. Pet Peeve: The Ponderosa. Sports: Baseball; Bagel-ball. Activities: Tennis Team. Favorite Saying: “Are you kid- ding?” Ambition: To pay for this yearbook. JOHN K. ALLEN 275 Highland Avenue September 8, 1950 Jack Pet Peeve: Senior skip day. Will To AHS: My patch-pocket pants. Hobbies: Skin diving; scuba diving; swimming; hunting. Would Like To See: A new lunchroom. MARCIA ALLEN 32 Valentine Road September 4, 1949 Activities: Earth Science Club. Pet Peeve: The heating system in June. Hobbies: Reading; fancy work. Sports: Swimming; tennis. In- terests: Science; history. MICHELLE J. ALMAN 54 Claremont Avenue April 22, 1951 Shelley Activities: Yearbook, Co-Managing Editor; Chronicle; Science Club; Allied Youth; Dramatic Club. Pet Peeves: Surprise quizzes; term papers. Hobbies: Sewing; reading; tennis. Interests: Languages; living; Steve. MARYANN AMERAL 28 Magnolia Street October 24, 1950 Ambition: To be successful in the business world. Would Like To See: Europe. I Will To AHS: The smoking lounge. Fondest Memory: The bombscare. Hobby: Sewing. MICHAEL AMICO 30 Crescent Hill Avenue October 9, 1950 Mike Hobby: Skipping school. 7 Would Like To See: A smoking lounge. I Will To AHS: My cigarette butts. Favorite Subject: Studies. Ambi- tion: To graduate from AHS. GEORGE J. ANASTAS 8 Carl Road March 11, 1950 Activities: Football; Outdoor Track; Indoor Track, Capt. Pet Peeve: Sophomore girls. I Would Like To See: A new track. Outside work: Lifeguard. Hobbies: Fishing; swimming. GARY ANDERSON 19 Tomahawk Road September 22, 1950 Spook Activities: Orchestra; Gilbert Sullivan; Marching Band; Ski Club; Dance Band. Ambition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Brunettes. Sports: Swimming; skiing; basketball. GREG B. ANDERSON 33 Coolidge Road March 27, 1949 Andy Hobby: Collecting records. Sport: Swimming. Ambition: To see the world. I Would Like To See: Sweden and Norway. Outside Work: At my father’s store. LINDA JEAN ANDERSON 154 Lowell Street October 7, 1949 Lynn Favorite Saying: “Hi there, how’s life?” Pet Peeves: Oral talks; surprise quizzes. I Would Like To See: Europe. 7 Will To AHS: My surprise quiz marks. Hobby: Reading. EVA ANDREWS 28 Churchill Avenue November 15, 1950 Atnbition: To be a rancher in Calgary, Alberta. Favorite Saying: “I’m going nuts in this place.” Outside Work: Eating and sleeping. Pet Peeve: Being called Diz. HENRY ANDREWS 31 Hopkins Road April 26, 1949 Skip Hobby: Scuba diving. Sports: Swimming; waterskiing. Fondest Mem- ory: Being thrown out of English class. 7 Will To AHS: Four years of cafeteria lunches. Favorite Subject: Shop. EDITH DONNA ANGELO 21 Alfred Road August 17, 1950 Edie Pet Peeve: Teachers. Hobby: Sewing. Ambition: To become a teacher. Favorite Saying: “Are you kidding me?” 7 Will To AHS: My spacious locker. Sport: Skiing. PATRICIA AREY 56 Wyman Terrace September 6, 1950 Favorite Subject: In between classes. Activity: Ski Club. Ambition: To become an interior decorator. Favorite Personality: Bob Dylan. BARBARA M. ARIMENTO 37 Oldham Road October 24, 1950 Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle. Hobby: Sewing. Sports: Football; hockey. Ambition: To be successful in life. Favorite Subject: Ge ometry. CONSTANCE M. ARNOLD 30 Frost Street March 5, 1950 Connie Favorite Subject: Math. Pet Peeve: Oral talks. Hobbies: Piano play- ing; baton twirling. Outside Work: Filing Clerk. Ambition: To go to college. Sports: Skiing; swimming. CHERYL ATAMIAN 30 Apache Trail February 11, 1950 Lefty Activities: Allied Youth; Glee Club; BYE; Rainbow; Girls’ Club; Youth Council. 7 Will To AHS: My Latin vocabulary book. Pet Peeve: Canes. Favorite Saying: “What’s this?” JENNIFER AUCIELLO ' 35 Bonad Road April 10, 1950 Jenny Activity: French Club. 7 Would Like To See: Better service in the cafeteria. Pet Peeve: Having to get to school on time. Ambition: To be a commercial artist. KAREN AVADIANIAN 20 Browning Road November 28, 1950 Pet Peeve: Snakes and worms. Sports: Skiing; surfing; water-skiing. Interests: Modeling; boys; buying clothes. 7 Will To AHS: Bad grades. Favorite Subject: Sewing. WILLIAM BAILEY 37 Pleasant View Road December 9, 1949 Byl Pet Peeve: Why is Hugh Hefner so lucky? Favorite Saying: “You animal!” Sports: Track; basketball. Hobbies: Music; waterskiing. Fondest Memory: The Organdy Mist. DEBRA BAIRD 137 Renfrew Street November 28, 1950 Hobby: Art. Sports: Tennis; swimming. Ambition: To be a good little Maxwell House wife. Favorite Subjects: English; Art. 7 Will To AHS: Magilla Gorilla. DONALD BAKER 9 Claremont Avenue February 12, 1950 Don Activities: Track; Yearbook Staff; Ski Club. Favorite Subject: Eng- lish. Favorite Personality: Ursula Andress. Pet Peeve: Bleached blondes. Hobbies: Girls; music. MARIANNE BALAZS 240 Pleasant Street March 15, 1950 Activities: Chronicle, Editor-in-Chief; Gilbert Sullivan; Ski Club; Civil Rights Club, v. pres.; Tennis Team. 7 Will To AHS: Soap; paper towels. Pet Peeve: Litterbugs. Interests: Travel; languages; photography. ELIZABETH A. BALDWIN 78 Jason Street April 12, 1950 Betsy Activities: Allied Youth; Glee Club; Student Council; Girls’ Club. Favorite Subject: Math. Hobby: Sewing. Favorite Personality: Jonathan Winters. Fondest Memory: Bombscare. SHIRLEY A. BALDWIN 140 Gardner Street February 16, 1950 Activities: Girls’ Club; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: Beards. Favorite Saying: “Hey, tuna!” Outside Work: At Brighams. 7 Will To AHS: My Matignon coat. Hobby: Collecting sweaters. MARYLOU BALYOZIAN 191 Highland Avenue June 11, 1950 Activities: French Club; Girls’ Club; Art Club. Hobbies: Art; playing the piano. Pet Peeve: Lunchroom food. 7 Will To AHS: My scorched gym suit. 7 Would Like To See: A new lunchroom. PETER BARRA 51 Greeley Circle August 18, 1950 P.B. Ambition: To be a surfer. Pet Peeve: Lunchroom food. 7 Will To AHS: My red flannel long johns. Favorite Subject: History. Sports: Basketball; baseball. Hobby: Cooking. IRENE M. BARRETT 167 Forest Street June 10, 1950 Mickey Hobby: Dancing. Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Youth Council. 7 Will To AHS: My good eyesight. Interests: History; swimming. JEAN BARRETT 76 Warren Street May 26, 1950 Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Dramatic Club; Field Hockey. Hobby: Sewing. Ambition: To become a good secretary. Favorite 139 Subject: Shorthand. JOHN M. BARROWS 57 Gould Street, Stoneham July 3, 1948 Skip Would Like To See: Arlington’s Technical Department grow larger. I Will To AHS: My shop lathes. Interests: Cars; drag races; pool. Ambition: To build a dragster. PAULINE BARRY 297 Mystic Street July 20, 1950 P.T. Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: Tests! Hobby: Sewing. Ambition: To go to college. Sports: Skiing; swimming. Fondest Memory: My French class. RICHARD J. BATES 12 Exeter Street April 24, 1950 Will To AHS: My manliness and virility. Fondest Memory: May 31, 1967 and the five alarms. Favorite Personality: Alfred E. New- man. Outside Work: Opening bottles. NEVILLE G. BEAN 223 Park Avenue May 25, 1949 Nev Favorite Subject: English. Interests: Sewing; psychology. Favorite Sayinp: “Wicked!”. Fondest Memory: The Senior Prom. Activities: Dramatic Club; Allied Youth. STEPHEN BEARD 15 Chatham Street September 26, 1950 Ambition: To become a dentist. Fondest Memory: The hockey games. Interests: Drawing; painting; swimming; skiing. Favorite Sub- ject: Geometry. Pet Peeve: Sneakers in school. BONNIE EILEEN BECKER 33 Milton Street January 24, 1950 Lola Activities: Dramatic Club; Ski Club; Arlington Youth Council; Office Assistant; Rainbow. Pet Peeve: Sunday afternoons. Favorite Subject: Biology. JENNIFER RUTH BELL 38 Brooks Avenue February 14, 1950 Jeff Pet Peeve: My history class. Hobby: Cooking. I Would Like To See: The boys’ locker rooms. Fondest Memory: Junior year. Interest: Learning to surf. Sport: Ice skating. CHARLENE BENNETT 66 Rawson Road October 6, 1949 Charlie Pet Peeve: Dieting. Favorite Personality: Connie Francis. Outside Work: A cashier at the cinema. Ambition: To go to a hairdressing school. Fondest Memory: May 10, 1967. JONATHAN BERRY 102 Florence Avenue May 27, 1950 Butch Will To AHS: My identification card. Pet Peeves: Haircuts; the cafeteria’s food. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hobbies: Girls; cars; swimming. Fondest Memory: Mrs. Thayer’s class. DIANA BEUCLER 107 Fairmont Street November 5, 1950 MARYANN BILINKIEWICZ 26 Park Street November 12, 1949 Blinky Activities: Ski Club; Teen Club; Youth Council. Fondest Memory: Spanish class. Hobby: Sewing. Ambition: To become a teacher. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Sport: Basketball. PATRICIA A. BINKOSKI 158 Pheasant Avenue June 8, 1950 Binky Favorite Subject: Gym. Ambition: To become an airline stewardess. Favorite Personality: My twin named Jane. Interest: Traveling. Out- side Work: As a maid. STEPHEN A. BOLDUC 81 Raymond Avenue, Somerville August 19, 1950 Steve Interest: Microelectronics. Outside Work: At Control Logic Inc. I Will To AHS: Nothing. Hobby: Radio communications. Ambition: To get a college degree. WILLIAM H. BONNELL 10 Locke Street November 22, 1950 Hobby: Girl watching. Sports: Water skiing; boating; hunting; fishing. Ambition: To get a high paying job. Favorite Subject: Woodworking. Fondest Memory: The bombscare. Interest: Engines. JOHN J. BONNER 92 Rawson Road November 22, 1950 Fondest Memory: Passing all my subjects. Pet Peeve: English. Sport: Swimming. Favorite Subject: Algebra. Favorite Personality: The Hulk. Ambition: To go to college. FRANK PETER BONUGLI 79 Bartlett Avenue July 4, 1950 Fondest Memory: The day of our bombscare. I Would Like To See: Europe. Favorite Subject: Print. Outside Work: Working on cars. ANTHONY J. BORSINI 67 Decatur Street September 22, 1950 Weasel Pet Peeve: Getting up to go to school. I Will To AHS: My pair of gym socks. Favorite Saying: “Bahfo!” Would Like To See: My last day at AHS. Ambition: To be a success. JOSEPH BORSINI 15 Fremont Street October 16, 1948 JOANNE BOTELHO 55 Milton Street July 5, 1950 Cleo Outside Work: Operating business machines. Favorite Subject: Typ- ing. Favorite Saying: “Creep!” I Will To AHS: My smelly sneakers. Interest: Boys. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. ROBERT F. BOVA 37 Homer Road October I, 1950 Bones Fondest Memory: Dropping Latin after three years. Ambition: To be a millionaire. I Would Like To See: A student lounge. Favorite Subject: English. Interests: Girls; sports. JOHN E. BOWLER 15 Norcross Street May 8, 1950 Jackie Outside Work: As a contractor. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Favor- ite Personality: Mr. Brennen. Favorite Subject: Shop. I Will To AHS: My dirty overalls. LINDA A. BOYADJIAN 68 Morningside Drive March 14, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Head Majorette; Guitar Club; Student Council Committee. Ambition: To become an actress. Pet Peeve: Gossiping girls. ROBERT BOYD 17 Walnut Terrace May 30, 1950 Boydman Interests: Baseball; basketball; stamps; comic books. Ambition: To enter the field of science. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Would Like To See: AHS win a basketball game. JOHN R. BOYLE 5 Richfield Road July 25, 1950 Jack Favorite Subject: Geometry. Pet Peeve: Warning cards on a Friday! I Will To AHS: The direct hit of a hydrogen bomb. Outside Work: At a grocery store. JOHN R. BOZZI 102 Ridge Street May 29, 1950 J.B. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Sport: Hockey. Ambition: To be a millionaire. I Would Like To See: A smoking lounge at AHS. I Will To AHS: My body after I die. KATHLEEN BREEN 71 Hillside Avenue March 20, 1951 Kathy Hobbies: Guitar; sewing; reading. Ambition: To go to college. Inter- est: Folk Music. Fondest Memory: Hockey games. Favorite Saying: “I guess!” Pet Peeve: Latin notebook. STEPHEN M. BRIAND 53 Pond Lane April 30, 1949 Tooty Favorite Subject: Chemistry. Fondest Memory: Clash Day 1967. Outside Work: Apprentice to an electrician. Sports: Girl watching; hockey; motorcycles; racing. CAROL BROGNA 42 Tomahawk Road April 17, 1950 Tomahawk Will To AHS: My smile. Favorite Subject: Cooking. Fondest Mem- ory: Homeroom. Interests: Hockey games; tennis; football games; driving. Ambition: To graduate. PATRICIA E. BROWN 72 Marathon Street January 23, 1951 Favorite Subject: Math 7 with Mr. Shaw. Ambition: To be a medical technician. Outside Work: Laboratory assistant. Favorite Saying: “Pdyth.” Hobbies: Horseback riding; skiing. STEPHEN H. BROWNE 43 Epping Street December 26, 1950 Brownie Sports: Weight lifting; football. Favorite Personality: Kahuna Pass. Outside Work: At Fenway Park. Pet Peeve: Girlish boys. Ambition: To be an architect. Fondest Memory: Hockey games. RICHARD BUDD 46 Freemont Court March 14, 1950 Richie Favorite Personality: Batman. Will To AHS: Two holes in the wall. Pet Peeve: Machine shop. Fondest Memory: Detention. Would Like To See: Graduation Day. BARBARA H. BUFFUM 7 Ivy Circle May 27, 1950 Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Girl’s Club; BYF; Teen Club. Favorite Personality: Snoopy. Interests: Origami; sewing; swimming. Will To AHS: My locker. SUSAN M. BUGDEN 68 Wright Street February 1, 1950 Sue Activities: Dramatic Club; Orchestra; Library Corps. Pet Peeve: People who stop short in the corridors. Favorite Saying: “ ‘I see,’ said the blind man.” Will To AHS: My sign, studying causes of cancer. DORIS BURKE 43 Beverly Road January 24, 1951 I Would Like To See: Elevators instead of stairways at AHS. Pet Peeve: The waxed floors at AHS after vacations. Sports: Skiing; water-skiing. I Will To AHS: My worn-out loafers. GARRETT BURKE 80 Newport Street November 30, 1949 Stoney Activities: Football; hockey. Favorite Subject: Mr. Manning’s chemis- try class. I Will To AHS: My driving skills. Favorite Sayings: “Mefa”; “Afem.” PATRICIA BURKE 140 14 Marathon Street September 28, 1950 Pattie Favorite Subject: English. Hobby: Dancing. Interests: Swimming; surfing. Fondest Memory: The Prom. Favorite Personality: Mr. Ter- rific. Ambition: To be a model. CORINNE BURLICK 785 Concord Turnpike December 7, 1950 Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Youth Council. Hobby: Sewing. Sport: Tennis. Pet Peeve: Federal forms. Will To AHS: My math book. I Would Like To See: Longer lunches. PATRICIA BURNS 25 Bowdoin Street December 24, 1949 Pat Fondest Memory: Mr. Bezubka’s math class. Sports: Tennis; badmin- ton. Favorite Saying: “Really!” Hobbies: Sewing; cooking; swimming; driving. Will To AHS: All my books. WILLIAM BURROUGHS 5 Florence Terrace May 15, 1950 PETER F. BURVILL 49 School Street April 2, 1950 Burv Pet Peeve: Studying. Ambition: To become a machinist. I Would Like To See: A longer lunch time. Interests: Girls; cars; coins. Sport: Swimming. I Will To AHS: My books. CATHERINE M. BUTLER 97 Overlook Road July 27, 1950 Butts Favorite Saying: “I doubt it!” Ambition: To join the Peace Corps. Activities: Pep Club; Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Yearbook Staff; Chronicle; CYO. Favorite Subject: French. LAURENA BUTLER 11 Venner Road March 17, 1950 Laurie Interests: Baseball; football; hockey; knitting; cooking. I Will To AHS: My gym socks. Would Like To See: If superman can really fly. Ambition: To become a medical secretary. JOHN BUTTRICK 12 Chatham Street March 4, 1950 Pet Peeve: The hot water in the drinking fountains. I Will To AHS: My 5” wide locker. Sport: Skiing. Hobby: Building boats. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. DANIEL BYRNE 25 Clark Street January 4, 1950 Dapper Pet Peeve: The rules of AHS. Favorite Subject: Geometry. Fondest Memory: The bombscare. Favorite Personality: Bob Dylan. Will To AHS: A piece of toilet paper. JANICE BYRNE 31 Franklin Street October 5, 1949 Jan Pet Peeve: Getting up on Mondays. Favorite Saying: “Luv it!” Favor- ite Subject: Art. Sports: Softball; swimming; skiing. I Would Like To See: A new lunchroom. SHEILA M. BYRNE 27 Wachusett Avenue July 31, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; CYO; Glee Club; Pep Club; Youth Coun- cil; Cheerleading; Girls’ Club. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Pet Peeve: Feminine men. JANICE CADDIGAN 18 Gardner Street November 27, 1950 Freckles Favorite Personalities: Sonny and Cher. Favorite Subjects: Biology; chemistry. Ambition: To become an airline stewardess. Favorite Say- ing: “Yeah, right?” DANIEL L. CADOTTE 9 Teel Street February 20, 1950 Hobbies: Hanging around; saving coins. Sport: Fishing. Interest: Mo- torcycles. I Will To AHS: All my cigarette butts. Ambition: To get a bike. Favorite Subject: Print. DONNA M. CAISSIE 23 Lowell Street Place March 16, 1950 Case Pet Peeve: A friend going out with your boyfriend. Will To AHS: All my late slips. Hobby: Being nice. Favorite Personality: Captain Nice. Ambition: To graduate. JOHN J. CAISSIE 23 Lowell Street Place February 13, 1949 Favorite Saying: “Oh . . .!” Ambition: To become a hippy. Pet Peeve: Having to go to school. Interests: Pool; baseball; basketball; bowling. STEPHEN CALANDRELLA 3 1 Crosby Street November 25, 1950 Cal I Would Like To See: Me grow. Pet Peeve: No student lounge. Sports: Football; skiing; golf; basketball. Fondest Memory: A trip to California. Ambition: To work in data processing. CHRISTINE CALLAHAN 50 Florence Avenue January 13, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Glee Club; Bedford Hospital Volunteer; CYO. Ambition: To be a teacher. Favorite Subject: Eng- lish. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. WAYNE CAMPBELL 74 Margaret Street March 11, 1951 Soupy Activities: Basketball; Baseball; Football. Favorite Personality: Joey Heatherton. Pet Peeve: Teachers’ rules. Favorite Subject: Study. Am- bition: To live in California. PETER CANADAY 18 Hillside Avenue September 14, 1950 Favorite Saying: “There is an ability to drown vision in organiza- tion.” Activities: Science Club; Drama Club; Catharsis; Orchestra. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. Ambition: To teach. DANIEL CANCELLIERI 23 Hancock Street May 18, 1950 Cance Pet Peeve: Arlington High. I Will To AHS: My dirty gym suit. Favorite Stibject: Chemistry. Interest: Girls. Sport: Bowling. Activi- ties: Science Club; AY; Earth Science Club. ERNEST P. CARAMANIS 56 Egerton Road July 7, 1950 Sports: Football; basketball; baseball. Favorite Saying: “What can I say?” Favorite Subject: Math. Hobbies: Coin collecting; stamp col- lecting. Ambition: To become an astronomer. KATHLEEN M. CARLAND 75 Newport Street June 14, 1950 Oscar Activities: AY; Ski Club; Chronicle; CYO. Outside Work: At But- trick’s. Pet Peeve: Opening locks. I Will To AHS: Everything in my locker that crawls. Sports: Skiing; tennis. ELLEN CARLSON 12 Gloucester Street August 8, 1950 Swede Fondest Memory: My first day at AHS. Hobby: Sewing. Sports: Boating; skiing. Ambition: To become a secretary. I Will To AHS: All my used book covers. Favorite Subject: English. JUNE CARR 198 Overlook Road October 13, 1950 Activities: AY; Girls’ Club, pres.; Student Council; CYO; Cheerlead- ing, co-capt.; Youth Council. Pet Peeve: Kids who don’t have any school spirit. Ambition: To be a teacher. CHRISTINE T. CARROLL 1 I Johnson Road September 26, 1950 Simon Pet Peeve: People who speak incorrectly. I Would Like To See: Myself make school five days in a row. Interest: Sports. Favorite Subject: English. WILLIAM CARROLL 6 Hillside Avenue December 31, 1949 Beefa Will To AHS: Four years of cigarette butts. Ambition. To go to college. Favorite Saying: “Bushy.” Activities: Dramatic Club; Spanish Club; Allied Youth. Hobby: Motorcycles. BRUCE CASALI 65 Williams Street January 28, 1950 Sports: Football; hockey. Will To AHS: One used physics book. Favorite Personality: Jerry Lewis. Fondest Memory: Summer of 1967. Activities: Allied Youth; Student Council; CYO. BARBARA CASALOU 1 10 Fremont Street July 30, 1950 Barb Pet Peeve: The old teachers of AHS. Ambition: To join VISTA. Sports: “Are you kidding?” I Would Like To See: A certain teacher retire. SUSAN M. CASAZZA 77 Lake Street September 25, 1950 Fondest Memory: All the kids I have known at AHS. Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: The lunches that are served to us. Hobby: Art. JOHN J. CASEY 109 Gardner Street November 20, 1950 Jack Would Like To See: The AHS basketball team finish first. Hobby: Coin collecting. Ambition: To be a physical education instructor. Fondest Memory: The day when I made the basketball team. PATRICIA ANN CASEIN 148 Park Avenue Extension April 1, 1950 Patty Outside Work: At Mount Auburn Hospital. Favorite Subject: English. Fondest Memory: My night at the Junior Prom. I Will To AHS: A terribly messy locker. PATRICIA A. CASTAGNO 74 Appleton Street July 22, 1950 Patty Favorite Subject: Biology. Hobby: Collecting all types of souvenirs. Fondest Memory: My first day at Arlington High School. Ambition: To join the navy. Pet Peeve: Captain America. CHARLENE CATALFAMO 162 Wright Street November 6, 1949 Pet Peeve: AHS. Hobby: Ice skating. Interests: Races; boys. I Would Like To See: Myself getting married in the future. Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom. ELEANOR CECCHINI 65 Lansdowne Road February 26. 1949 Elly Pet Peeve: Work of any kind. Hobby: Sewing. Outside Work: At HoJo’s. I Will To AHS: My homework. Interest: Cars. Sport: Rac- ing. I Would Like To See: My diploma. MICHAEL G. CHALOUX 625 Summer Street September 21. 1950 Sports: Football; baseball; swimming. Ambition: To be an account- ant. I Will To AHS: My well-used sneakers. I Would Like To See: 141 Spain. Interests: Boating; space. VALERIK M. CHANNELL 25 Allen Street May 10, 1948 Valance Pet Peeve: Bleached blondes that look bleached. Fondest Memory: The Prom. Activities: CYO; Allied Youth; Arlington Youth Council. Favorite Sayinf : “Are you kidding me?” Interests: Hockey; swim- ming. LUCILLE CHARTIER 29 Harlow Street November 1 1, 1950 Interest: Travelling. Ilohhy: Horse back riding. Sports: Swimming; tennis. Would Like To See: A better cafeteria. Favorite Subject: Sewing. Ambition: A nursing career. MARION CHIN 21 Norcross Street March 6, 1950 Outside Work: At the Wellington Nursing Home. Fondest Memory: Eebruary 27. 1967. Interests: Softball; sewing. Activities: AY; Ski Club. I Would Like To See: Europe. JOY CHINO 40 Surry Road March 6, 1950 Ambition: To see the world. Pet Peeve: Dieting. Sport: Baseball. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Will To AHS: Used typing paper CHRISTINE VAL CHISHOLM 15 Cliff Street July 30, 1950 Val Activities: Girls’ Club, v. pres., treas.; Cheerleading; AY; Tom Dooley League; Guidance Assistant. Fondest Memory: June 4, 1966. Ambition: To become an airline stewardess. Pet Peeve: AHS boys. DEAN CHRISTENSON 44 Egerton Road April 15, 1949 Hobbies: Cars; girl watching. Interests: Doing anything which does not involve AHS. Sport: Basketball. Favorite Subject: Study hall. Ambition: To make a great deal of money. PAUL CIANO 318 Mystic Street August 29, 1950 Ciana Favorite Saying: “Hawk Eye.” Would Like To See: The school dress code abolished. Fondest Memory: The Allied Youth Conven- tion in Canada. Will To AHS: My gym suit ROSEANN CIRILLO 18 Virginia Road March 14, 1950 Favorite Personality: JEK. Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Yearbook Staff. Interests: Tennis; skiing. Pet Peeve: Compositions. Ambition: To become a math teacher. ELLEN T. COLETTA 205 Waverley Street October 14, 1950 Outside Work: At the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Hobby: Art. Pet Peeve: The lengthy announcements at the close of each day. Activi- ties: CYO; Allied Youth; Chronicle. JAMES E. COMEAU 54 Eisher Road August 23, 1950 Jim Fondest Memory: My fifth period history class. Will To AHS: My sparkling wit. Activities: CYO; Debating Club; Tom Dooley League; Allied Youth, pres. Ambition: To learn all of “The Barber of Se- ville.” PAUL CONNELLY 86 High Haith Road August 28, 1950 Ambition: To rule the world. Favorite Subject: Our homeroom period. Activities: Debating Club; Rocket Club; Chess Club; Chroni- cle; Catharsis. Will To AHS: SZUB. JOHN CONROY 2 Yerxa Road August 7, 1950 Ambition: To graduate from high school. Favorite Personality: Engelbert Humperdink. Outside Work: At a bank. Activities: Bagles; Allied Youth, regional president. MARIA M. CONSTANTINIDES 62 Waldo Road December 17, 1950 ■Fondest Memory: The AHS bombscare. Interests: Reading; boys. Activity: Guidance Assistant. Sports: Hockey; football. Favorite Say- ing: “Right!” LOUIS CONTOS 7 Endicott Road July 12, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Guitar Club; Dramatic Club; Science Club, V. pres.; Audio-Visual Club; Catharsis; Tom Dooley League. Pet Peeve: People who don’t think. LEROY COOK 27 Laurel Street July 29, 1947 Favorite Saying: “Stay loose!” Favorite Personality: Johnny Carson. I Will To AHS: My old cars. Pet Peeve: The school lunches. Ambi- tion: To become an automobile mechanic. SUSAN JEAN CORBETT 154 Gardner Street July 23, 1950 Susie Pet Peeve: Gym. Outside Work: “No comment!” Favorite Saying: “That’s close!” Fondest Memory: Tommy. Ambition: To be a huge success. Would Like To See: The world. LAWRENCE CORCORAN 146 George Street January 24, 1950 Larry Ambition: To become rich enough to be lazy. Favorite Subject: History. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Latin Club. Interests: The Bagles; all normal pursuits of the average boy. WILLIAM CORKERY 3 1 Chester Street December 9, 1950 Billy Will To AHS: Driving lessons free of charge from T. Russell. Fondest Memories: Eive bombscares in May; the Junior Beach Party. Sports: Hockey; basketball; baseball. JANE COSGROVE 39 Thesda Street March 10, 1950 I Will To AHS: My old bleach bottle. Pet Peeve: History. Fondest Memories: The Junior and Senior Proms. Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club. Ambition: To travel. KATHLEEN E. COSTA 51 Tomahawk Road March 16, 1951 Pet Peeve: People who are late all the time. Will To AHS: My brother. Favorite Saying: “Someday.” Interests: Surfing; painting; Peter. Activity: Ski Club. STEPHEN J. COSTA 25 Dudley Street March 8, 1950 Coz I Would Like To See: AHS get a new cafeteria. Will To AHS: One broken locker. Fondest Memory: Beach parties. Pet Peeve: The smokey sanitaries. Hobby: Cars. GERARD COUGHLAN 61 Norfolk Road Eebruary 4, 1949 Gerry Pet Peeve: School lunches. Sports: Basketball; swimming. I Will To AHS: My very dirty gym suit. Favorite Saying: “I want to get out of here.” Fondest Memory: The bombscare. ELIZABETH COUMOUNDUROS 342 Massachusetts Avenue June 3, 1950 Pet Peeve: The short time we have for lunch. Interests: Eolk music; sewing. I Will To AHS: All of my discipline slips. Ambition: To travel. Sports. ' Tennis; skiing. DEBRA A. CRISTOEORl 50 Temple Street January 12, 1951 Cris Craft Favorite Saying: " When was your first clue?” Fondest Memory: My English class. Interests: Clothes; sewing. Activities: AY; Ski Club. I Will To AHS: My Latin vocabulary notebook. ANNE E. CROCKER 35 Beverly Road April 11. 1951 Sports: Sailing; skiing. Would Like To See: Three day weekends. Favorite Saying: “Bad news.” Ambition: To get into college. Pet Peeve: A locker in the 30’s. DAVID CROCKER 283 Ridge Street Eebruary 28, 1947 Crock Interests: Singing; recording. Pet Peeve: Eresh kids. Sports: Skating; swimming; skiing. Favorite Subject: Concert Chorus. Outside Work: Electrical work. JOSEPH CRONIN 96 Overlook Road June 19, 1950 Joe Pet Peeve: School lunches. Hobby: Golf. Outside Work: In a drug- store. Interest: Girls. Ambition: To become a teacher. Fondest Mem- ory: The bus rides to the meets. ELIZABETH CROSBY 105 Gardner Street June II, 1950 Beth Interests: Music; clothes. Will To AHS: My bad marks. Would Like To See: Myself become a hairdresser. Fondest Memory: De- cember. 1965. Pet Peeve: Grouchy teachers. RICHARD E. CULLINANE 125 Brooks Avenue October 6, 1949 Dick Sports: AYA baseball; hockey; football. Will To AHS: All my tardy slips. Ambition: To succeed in business. Activities: Yearbook, photographer. Fondest Memory: AHS in “65.” Favorite Personality: David Jones. SUSAN CUMMINGS 95 Glenburn Road June 3, 1950 Sue Pet Peeve: Eating lunch in the cafeteria. Ambition: To be a steward- ess. Favorite Saying: “Ask me if I care.” Interests: Small foreign cars. Hobbies: Playing guitar; skating. DENNIS P. DAHILL 20 Webster Street September 2, 1950 Den Interest: Painting. Sport: Tennis. I Would Like To See: Someone pass a Spanish II test. Hobby: Stamp collecting. Pet Peeve: Oral talks. Ambition: To be rich and famous. CAROL DALRYMPLE 52 Moulton Road Eebruary 23, 1949 Flinstone I Would Like To See: AHS get a better lunchroom. Pet Peeve: Sewing. Outside Work: Inside a cleaners. Activities: Glee Club; Soft- ball. Ambition: To graduate from AHS. ELIZABETH L. DANIELL 45 Hibbert Street March 31, 1950 Betty Ambition: To become an airline stewardess. Favorite Saying: “We’ve got to get out of here.” Will To AHS: My detention seat in room 84. Outside Work: At Woolworth’s. PATRICIA DANIELL 263 Forest Street December 7, 1950 Pattie 142 Activities: French Club, sect.; Dramatic Club; CYO; Candy Striper. Ambition: To become a practical nurse. Pet Peeve: Detention. Favor- ite Subject: Spanish I. ALPHONSO J. DaSILVA 141 Palmer Street February 9, 1951 Head Pet Peeve: Fifth period Spanish class. Fondest Memory: When I got B’s and C’s on my card. Would Like To See: A lounge for AHS. Sports: Football; track; AYA baseball. GREGORY L. DAVIDSON 90 Hutchinson Road November 11, 1950 Greg Activities: Yearbook, Sports Editor; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club; Basketball, JV; Spring Track. Ambition: To attend college. Interest: The Bagles. LYNDA DAVIS 19 Frost Street July 25, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Ski Club. Ambition: To become a teacher. Hobby: Sewing. Favorite Subject: Spanish. GEORGE DAVISON 281 Park Avenue October 17, 1949 Favorite Subject: Math. Pet Peeve: Going to school. Interests: Cars; motors; snow-skiing; water-skiing. Favorite Saying: “We’ve got to get out of this place.” PAUL A. DEAL 28 Colonial Drive Eebruary 18, 1950 Duke Hobbies: Snow-skiing; water-skiing; collecting records. Ambition: To record a hit record and grow long hair. Interests: Sports; music; girls. Fondest Memory: Beach parties at Crane’s. DOUGLAS deBRUYN 4 Gould Street, Stoneham August 18, 1950 Breezly I Will To AHS: My Monkee boots. Favorite Personality: Johnny Carson. Hobbies: Car racing; building; driving. I Would Like To See: Mini-skirts in school. PAMELA C. DeCOSTE 75 Bow Street July 21, 1950 Pet Peeve: History. Interests: Painting; sewing. Ambition: To be a secretary. Fondest Memory: Football game on November 22, 1966. I Would Like To See: All of Europe on a motor scooter. RUTH A. DELAY 34 Swan Place March 31, 1948 Pet Peeve: Cliques. Will To AHS: Recipes from cooking class. Favorite Saying: “If you don’t believe me, ask me.” Favorite Subject: English. Fondest Memory: Foods class. JOSEPH DeMITA 21 Westminster Avenue August 31, 1950 Dogga Activities: Hockey, JV; CYO. I Would Like To See: Good food in our cafeteria. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Favorite Saying: “I think it’s sprained.” Favorite Personality: Ted Green. MARILYN DeNAPOLI 672 Summer Street July 20, 1950 Mai Activities: Chronicle; AY; Tom Dooley League. Fondest Memory: Hockey tournament. Ambition: To become a teacher. Sports: Soft- ball; swimming. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. DIANE S. DePARl 12 Seminole Avenue April 18, 1950 Pet Peeve: Getting overdue book slips. I Will To AHS: All the gum wrappers left in desks.v Would Like To See: Edna wearing a bikini. Ambition: To take a European trip. STEPHEN DERBY 237 Appleton Street August 20, 1950 Derbs Activities: Allied Youth; CYO; Chronicle; Tom Dooley League; Stu- dent Council. Ambition: To become an atomic scientist. Fondest Memory: Our last period speech class. LAWRENCE DESHLER 30 Magnolia Street March 28, 1950 Desh Favorite Saying: “Aw, cool!” I Would Like To See: Better lunches served in the cafeteria. Ambition: To be an architect. Will To AHS: My extra text books. Pet Peeve: Spanish II. JEAN DICKHAUT 10 Trowbridge Street March 14, 1950 Sports: Football; hockey. Pet Peeve: Taking buses. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Fondest Memories: Summer of 1966; NHS Senior Prom. Interest: Being with Kevin. LINDA SUSAN DiDONATO 88 Gardner Street August 10, 1949 De-De Fondest Memory: The days I was absent. I Would Like To See: Europe. Interests: Boys. I Will To AHS: My dirty gym suit. Favorite Personality: Elvis Presley. SUSAN AVELE DiDONATO 15 Albermarle Street February II, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Pep Club. Ambition: To become a success. Interests: Boys. I Would Like To See: Italy. Pet Peeve: Aggravating people. Hobbies: Dancing; talking. KAREN E. DiERANZA 66 Buena Vista Road October 27, 1950 Activities: Ski Club; Tennis Team, capt.; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club; Tom Dooley League. Would Like To See: All dull Metcalfe and Williams books at AHS cremated. MARY A. DILLON 316 Washington Street May 18, 1951 Mat Ambition: To be an elementary school teacher. Activities: Chronicle; Gilbert Sullivan. Would Like To See: A new cafeteria. Pet Peeve: Broken shoelaces in gym. PHILIP DIONNE 45 Tanager Street August 2, 1949 Pidge I Would Like To See: AHS end its dress regulations. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Fondest Memory: Gym. Favorite Personality: Dean Martin. Activities: Gymnastics; Track. RICHARD DIRANIAN 70 Valentine Road May 17, 1950 Rich Fondest Memory: Making chlorine gas in chemistry. Activities: Bowl- ing; Audio Visual Club. I Will To AHS: My gym socks. Outside Work: Collecting liquor bottles. NICHOLAS DiSOLA 8 Dorothy Road September 24, 1949 Fondest Memory: The bombscares of May, 1967. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Favorite Subject: Gym. Hobbies: Football; cars; girls. BARBARA A. DOHERTY 85 Webster Street March 12, 1950 Babs Interests: Playing the guitar; swimming. Activities: Guitar Club; Office Assistant. I Would Like To See: AH of Paris. I Will To AHS: My math book. Ambition: To find myself. JANICE M. DOHERTY 63 Stowecroft Road November 29, 1950 Jan Interests: Swimming; skiing; collecting records. I Will To AHS: My history book. I Would Like To See: A foreign country. Favorite Subject: English. KA ' IHLEEN A. DOHERTY 3 Westmoreland Avenue December 29, 1950 Kathy Interests: Football; hockey; clothes. Favorite Subject: Sewing. Will To AHS: The deficiencies I received. I Would Like To See: Myself take a tour of Europe. MARIAN DOHERTY 99 Bow Street December 16, 1950 Midget Pet Peeve: Getting caught when I skip. Would Like To See: Expo ’67. Favorite Saying: " I don ' t want to talk about it.” I Will To AHS: The records for attendance I set. THERESA DOHERTY 54 Webster Street March 28, 1951 Terry Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; CYO. Pet Peeve: Kids with poor school spirit. Interest: Boating. Sport: Swimming. Favorite Saying: “You brain!” DEBORAH DOLAN 382 Massachusetts Avenue October 10, 1950 Dobie Ambition: To become an airline stewardess. Interests: Skiing; danc- ing. Favorite Subject: Business machines. Activities: Tennis; Basket- ball. JOAN DONAHUE 57 Wollaston Avenue May 10. 1950 Interests: Music; sewing; water skiing; swimming. Activities: AY; EH A; Tom Dooley League. Favorite Saying: “Wicked cool.” Favor- ite Subject: Math. Will To AHS: My warning cards. JAMES P. DONNELLAN 3 Crawford Street November 9, 1950 Pet Peeve: The teachers here at AHS. I Would Like To See: AHS get a new cafeteria. Favorite Subject: History. Activity: Track. Fond- est Memory: The bombscares of our junior year. KENNETH J. DONNELLY 58 Decatur Street July 15, 1950 Donka Sports: Eootball; hockey; baseball. Outside Work: Part-time gam- bling. Favorite Subject: History. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Will To AHS: My brains. MARJORIE DONNELLY 82 Fountain Road February 3, 1950 Pet Peeve: Teachers that think they’re so virile. Hobbies: Bowling; dating. Activities: AY; Modern Dance. Interests: Sociology; religion; boys. Favorite Subject: History. CLARE DONOHUE 48 School Street May 31, 1950 Clairsey Pet Peeve: Having only three minutes between classes. I Would Like To See: Myself become a legal secretary. Sports: Tennis; skiing. Interests: Painting; the Byrds. JOHN DONOVAN 75 Chester Street June 25, 1950 Dunie Pet Peeve: Trying to get up in the morning. Hobbies: Girls; cars; guitars. Outside Work: At a moving company. I Will To AHS: My marks. Interests: Billiards; football; baseball. BRENDAN THOMAS DOOLEY 106 Palmer Street February 20, 1948 Pet Peeve: Not having a church key. Favorite Saying: “No, do you?” 143 Fondest Memory: Fenway Park. Ambition: To take life easy and make the best of it. Would Like To See: Lola. DENNIS DORRINGTON 15 Whittemore Street February I, 1949 Interests: Anything that is not concerned with school. Will To A IIS: My books. Hobby: Coin collecting. Favorite Subject: US His- tory. Ambition: To work on an IBM computer. ROBERT E. DOUCET 19 Earmer Road August 29, 1950 Activities: Earth Science Club; Tom Dooley League; Yearbook, Art Editor; Allied Youth; Tennis Team; CYO; Science Club; Debating Club. Will To AtlS: My rugged good looks as well as my deep resonant voice. JOAN DOWNING 9 Blossom Street July 8. 1950 Outside Work: Loafing around and getting into trouble. Sports: Base- ball; hockey. Activities: Girls’ Club; AY. Interests: Boys; motor scooters. Ambition: To become a nurse. JOHN A. DOYLE 516 Summer Street March 29, 1950 Pet Peeve: Late bell. Sports: Bowling; golf. Will To AHS: A new sanitary. Outside Work: At Liberty Mutual. Interests: Hockey; math; skiing. Would Like To See: A student lounge. STEPHEN W. DOYLE 81 Oakland Avenue November 6, 1949 Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Will To AHS: A certain hole in the wall. Interests: Girls; cars. Ambition: To get a “427.” Pet Peeve: Havina to go to school. KAREN ANN DRISCOLL 14 Yale Road July 31, 1950 Poopsie Ambition: To become a success in whatever I try. Hobbies: Sewing; cooking. Interests: Swimming; Tommy; bowling. Would Like To See: Myself do something right. SUZANNE DRISCOLL 102 Melrose Street March I, 1951 Squeegie Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff. Sports: Swim- ming; skiing. Hobbies: Art; riflery. Interests: Horseback riding; read- ing. Would Like To See: Myself as others see me. 1003-1-10 Arlington Gal. 6-8-E.S. KENNETH DUDLEY 33 Lakehill Avenue November 26, 1949 Dud Pet Peeve: Trying to get to school on time. Outside Work: In a hospital. Will To AHS: Everything it has given me that I don’t need. Fondest Memory: My nights out. JAMES E. DUGGAN 23 Adams Street April 29, 1950 Pet Peeve: Teachers who give too much homework. Sports: Hockey; bowling. Ambition: To be a history teacher. I Would Like To See: AHS undefeated in every sport. JUDITH DUGGAN 58 Rhinecliff Street January 4. 1950 Pet Peeve: Having to take gym. Would Like To See: New York City. Fondest Memory: March, 1965. Will To AHS: My gym suit. Favorite Personality: Johnny Carson. KATHLEEN P. DUGGAN 142 Highland Avenue Eebruary 12, 1950 Kathy Hobbies: Experimental cooking; painting. I Will To AHS: All the nylons that I caught on chairs. Ambition: To become a teacher. Interests: Small children; sports. CAROL A. DUMAS 122 Charlton Street June 9, 1950 Mooch Activities: Girls’ Choir; Ski Club; Chronicle; CYO. Pet Peeve: Eng- lish. Ambition: To see the world. Favorite Subject: Math. Hobby: Sewing. THEODORE DURLAND 18 College Avenue May 16, 1950 Ted Activities: Band; Orchestra. KATHLEEN DZIEGIEL 40 Hilton Street March 29, 1950 Red Interests: Horses; the Byrds; basketball. Fondest Memory: The bombscares. Pet Peeve: Math teachers. Ambition: To become a bookkeeper. Will To AHS: Nothing. RICHARD EASTMAN 8 Maynard Street April 10. 1950 Buddha Pet Peeve: Girls. Interests: Eootball; money. Activities: Eootball, JV; Weight lifting; Track. Favorite Personality: Me. Would Like To See: New teachers at AHS. CLAIRE MARIE EGAN 81 Hathaway Circle April 8, 1950 Ambition: To become a medical secretary. Hobby: Sketching. Favor- ite Saying: “Good, and you?” Would Like To See: Las Vegas. Outside Work: An operator. PATRICK EGAN 2 Yale Road November 9, 1949 Clancy Activities: Basketball; Track; Football; Weight lifting. Pet Peeve: Gym. Favorite Saying: “That’s close.” Will To AHS: My basket- ball. Interest: Sports. HELEN ELLINGWOOD 89 Massachusetts Avenue August 19, 1948 Wimple Sports: Figure skating; skiing. Hobby: Painting. Favorite Subject: Foods. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Saying: “Here we go again.” Fondest Memory: My ski trips. LINDA EMINIAN 51 Lake Street August 24, 1950 Favorite Saying: “Love is where it ' s at.” Hobbies: Horseback riding; pop mus, Q. Ambition: To go into nursing. Favorite Personality: John Sebastian. Favorite Subject: Biology. JOSEPH ENOS 60 Magnolia Street February 20, 1 950 Glasses Interest: Cars. Ambition: To go to college. Sports: Skiing; skin div- ing. Outside Work: At Radcliffe. Favorite Subject: History. Pet Peeve: Having gym first period. DEBORAH FALLON 36 Florence Avenue April 7, 1950 Debbie Pet Peeve: Boredom. Favorite Saying: “You idiot!” Hobby: Sewing. Interests: Swimming; people; art; track. Favorite Personality: Sidney Poitier. Favorite Subject: History. DENNIS FALWELL 14 Park Avenue Extension May 29, 1949 Ferret Interests: Football; baseball; music; track. Will To AHS: My tambourine. Outside Work: At Buttrick’s. Pet Peeve: Big mouths. Would Like To See: Myself graduate. ROBERT FELICANI 29 Lafayette Street November 30, 1949 Phil Favorite Subject: Calculus. Hobbies: Pingpong; pool. Would Like To See: All pretty teachers. Sports.: All kinds. Outside Work: A printer. Favorite Saying: “Right!” LINDA FERRY 67 Sutherland Road May 24, 1950 Ferry Fondest Memory: My math classes. Favorite Saying: “Tough.” Pet Peeve: 8:00 bell in the morning. Hobbies: Sewing; art. Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Ski Club. FRANCIS FIEKERS 8 Brattle Terrace August 13, 1950 Frank Activities: Cross Country; Ski Club; Park League basketball. Favor- ite Subject: Geometry. Interests: Golf; guitar. Fondest Memory: Sen- ior year. Favorite Personality: Sam Jones. DAVID FITZPATRICK 29 Cleveland Street October 15, 1950 Fitzy Ambition: To be a professional artist. Would Like To See: More time for lunch. Fondest Memory: My French class. Pet Peeve: Teachers who think they give a little homework. MAUREEN FITZPATRICK 15 Hawthorne Avenue December 22, 1950 Fitz Ambition: To become a teacher. Favorite Personality: Dean Martin. Sport: Hockey games. Activities: Chronicle; Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Arlington Youth Council. PATRICIA FITZGERALD 20 Lake Street August 27, 1950 Tricia Chief Failure: French. Fondest Memory: Hockey tournament. Activi- ties: Chronicle; Girls’ Choir; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff; Student Council Committee; CYO. Favorite Subject: Math SUSAN FITZPATRICK 29 Cleveland Street October 15, 1950 Sue Fondest Memory: Summer of 1965. Interest: Boys. Will To AHS: My shorthand notebooks. Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: Girls’ Club; Teen Club; Yearbook Staff; Chronicle. MARY JANE FITZSIMMONS 27 Victoria Road December 12, 1950 Activities: Majorettes; Yearbook Staff; Chronicle; Allied Youth; Bed- ford Hospital Volunteer; Glee Club; Girls’ Club; Earth Science Club. Fondest Memory: Football games. Chief Failure: Math. MARK J. FLAVIN 27 Tomahawk Road January 22, 1950 Flakes Favorite Saying: “Hey, man!” Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; French Club. Interest: Girls. Sports: Basketball; soccer; football; skiing. Pet Peeve: Chemistry. ALLAN R. FLETCHER 29 Henry Street June 6, 1950 Fletch Ambition: To obtain a degree in engineering. Sports: Skiing; football. Will To AHS: My school handbook. Favorite Subject: Math. Out- side Work: Mahoney’s Farm. LAWRENCE W. FLINT 23 Wellington Street February 27, 1950 Larry Favorite Personalities: Lennon McCartney. Interests: Art; music. Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Cartharsis. Outside Work: The Or- gandy Mist. Hobby: Musical arranging. DONNA FLIONIS 76 Massachusetts Avenue September 14, 1950 Flea Ambition: To type one hundred words per minute. I Will To AHS: 144 Nothing. Outside Work: As a salesgirl. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Earth Science Club; Allied Youth; FHA; CYO. MARILYN FLYNN 128 Wachusett Avenue December 19, 1949 Pet Peeve: The old study hall. I Would Like To See: A new cafe- teria. Interests: Water-skiing; swimming. Ambition: To work for the Telephone Company. Favorite Subject: History. RONALD G. FOLEY 50 Edmund Road November 7, 1950 Red Fondest Memory: Day of the 1967 bombscare. Ambition: To earn money an easy way. Pet Peeve: The P.A. system. I Would Like To See: All graduating students receive five thousand dollars! LOUIS J. FONTANA 70 Mount Vernon Street January 6, 1 95 1 Lou Pet Peeve: Home work on weekends. Ambition: To be an economist. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Saying: “I don ' t know.” Sports: AY A baseball. Hobbx: Stamp collecting. VIRGINIA A. FORD 55 Cutter Hill Road June 19, 1950 Ginny Fondest Memory: A certain party. I Will To AHS: All the hours spent in detention. Ambition: To do the best in whatever I do. Favorite Saying: " No-oooo.” Interest: Everything. KATHLEEN M. FOREST 29 Robbins Road July 29, 1950 Kathy Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Allied ' Youth; Science Club; Chroni- cle. Hobby: Reading. Favorite Subject: Biology. Favorite Saying: “Yuk!” Sport: Basketball. WILLIAM P. FORRISTALL 46 Mystic Valley Parkway April 20, 1950 Bill Will To AHS: My parking space. Favorite Subject: English. Sport: Fishing. Hobby: Saving half-dollars. Ambition: To go to trade school. Would Like To See: The world. JUDITH FOSTER 21 Fessenden Road January 13, 1950 Jud Activities: Allied Youth; Teen Club; Girls’ Club; Ski Club. Favorite Saying: “I am sorry?” Fondest Memory: Senior Prom. Pet Peeve: Rules. Hobbies: Skiing; surfing. LINDA FOSTER 19 Yerxa Road May 12, 1949 Ambition: To graduate from AHS. Favorite Subject: Study. Would Like To See: My diploma. Fondest Memory: June 27, 1966. JANET FOX 1 1 Scituate Street May 26, 1950 Foxy Activities: Girls’ Club; Civil Rights Club. Ambition: To go to col- lege. Interest: Tennis. Favorite Subject: French. Outside Work: At Symmes Hospital. Pet Peeve: Being tall. GEORGE FRANKLIN 12 Irving Street March 17, 1950 Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hobbies: Photography; tape record- ing. Sport: Swimming. Will To AHS: My London newspaper. Am- bition: To be an accountant. MARTIN C. FRENCH 30 Hodge Road March 1, 1951 Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Debating Club. Fondest Memory: One day in the lunchroom. Pet Peeve: Rules. Will To AHS: A test tube. Sport: Baseball. Hobby: Numismatics. MARILYN D. FRENI 19 Hartford Road March 5, 1950 Mai Fondest Memory: April 22, 1966. Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Subject: Study. Outside Work: At the Arlington Buick Co. Hobby: Collecting records. STEPHEN FRIEL 155 Forest Street February 2, 1950 Twig Interest: Girls. Pet Peeve: Fourth lunch. Sports: Golf; baseball; hockey. Ambition: To become a computer operator. Outside Work: At Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. DIANE M. FUNICELLA 49 Washington Street May 6, 1950 Fugi Ambition: To be a medical technologist. Will To AHS: Roses. Pet Peeve: Clothes. I Would Like To See: The chemistry lab blow up. Activities: Spanish Club; Ski Club; Yearbook Staff. DANIEL GALLI 459 Appleton Street March 22, 1950 Dan Would Like To See: Myself in a ’vette. I Will To AHS: My ability for missing classes. Hobby: Driving. Ambition: To go to college. Activities: Allied Youth; Audio-Visual Club. GEORGE GALLUZZO 48 Varnum Street September 13, 1949 Pet Peeve: English homework. Favorite Subject: History. I Will To AHS: Continued success in sports. Sports: Baseball; basketball; foot- ball. Ambition: To go to college. DONNA GARRIGAN 66 Fremont Street December 21, 1949 Don Favorite Saying: ‘Tm too tired to go to school.” Interests: Music; sewing. Outside Work: At Jordan Marsh Co. I Would Like To See: A coke machine in the cafeteria. PAUL GAVIN 140 Medford Street April 26, 1950 Activity: Allied Youth. Sports: Hockey; baseball. I Will To AHS: My madras gym socks. Fondest Memory: Bombscare of 1967. Favor- ite Saying: “Hi there!” Interest: Girls. ADRIENNE GEANISIS 281 Washington Street September 30, 1950 Andy Activities: Yearbook, Co-Managing Editor; Gilbert Sullivan; Or- chestra; Band; Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra; Rain- bow, I Will To AHS: My band uniform. KATHLEEN V. GEARY 15 Varnum Street November 15, 1950 Little one Activities: At Watertown, Basketball; Field Hockey; Softball; Pep Club; Chess Club; Junior Class v. pres. ROBERT P. GEARY 38 Kimball Road November 19, 1949 Bob Favorite Personality: Phyllis Diller. Ambition: To finish college. Pet Peeve: Getting homework in my last period. Outside Work: At the A P. Will To AHS: My draft card. SUSAN GERROLD 82 Rhinecliff Street January 3, 1950 Will To AHS: An elevator to the 30’s. Sports: Swimming; basket- ball. Fondest Memory: The convention in Nova Scotia Pet Peeve: Getting dressed in three minutes on gym days. MAUREEN A. GIBBONS 1 20 Varnum Street July 14, 1949 Moe Activities: Girls’ Choir; Glee Club. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Saying: " What a way to go!” Would Like To See: A larger cafe- teria. Hobbies: Reading; music. LINDA GIGANTE 1 1 Oakland Avenue March 26, 1950 Activities: Latin Club, sec.; Yearbook Staff; Concert Choir; Gilbert Sullivan; Tom Dooley League; AY. Sports: Basketball; tennis. Hobbies: Reading; music; writing. JOSEPH GIOVANANGELO 17 Daniels Street January 7, 1950 Pet Peeve: Running to lunch and getting caught. Outside Work: At a drug store. Ambition: To become a pharmacist. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Hobby: Cars. Interest: Girls. JEANNE GIROUARD 1 52 Gardner Street March 19, 1950 Jeannie Favorite Saying: “Ya, right?” Interests: Buying clothes; collecting records. Sports: Football; baseball. Fondest Memory: 5 ' ummer of 1966. Pet Peeve: Boys with short hair. DAVID P. GLENNON 25 Peter Tufts Road December 3, 1949 Pet Peeve: Gym class. Fondest Memory: Shop class Jr. year. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Sports: Basketball; golf. Favorite Subject: History. JOHN GLENNON 25 Peter Tufts Road November 27, 1 950 Frog Fondest Memory: Celebrating CYO championship. Sports: Hockey; golf. Pet Peeve: Fourth lunch. Outside Work: At Fenway Park. Interest: Girls. Ambition: To play hockey. DOROTHY GOOKIN 969 MassachLisetts Avenue June 10. 1949 Doltie Favorite Saying: “Quite nice.” Fondest Memory: Day of the bomb- scare Ambition: To be a medical secretary. Hobby: Dancing. Out- side Work: At a drug store. PATRICIA GORELL 59 Winter Street April 20, 1949 Mike Ambition: To become an artist. Outside Work: Nurse’s aide. Pet Peeve: Straight things. Fondest Memory: Getting up to go to school. Interests: Harvard Square; art. ELIZABETH GRADY 1 12 Sunnyside Avenue August 12, 1950 Betty Favorite Saying: “Doubt it.” Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Fondest Memory: Night of Junior Prom. I Will To AHS: My F’s. Chief Failure: Living. Hobby: Dancing. SANDRA J. GRAHAM 20 Scituate Street May 13, 1950 Sandy Favorite Saying: “You’ll get over it.” Sports: Football; hockey. Fa- vorite Subject: US History. Fondest Memory: Freshman year. Out- side Work: Nurse’s aide. STEPHEN GRAMOLINI 86 Columbia Road May 23, 1950 Gramps Ambition: To get enough sleep. Favorite Subject: Geometry. Pet Peeve: Latin translation. Interests: Bagleball; track; a girl. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom Night. MICHAEL GRAY 14 Belknap Street October 5, 1949 Favorite Personality: Jonathan Winters. Ambition: To live out West. Hobby: Music. Interests: Baseball; basketball. Favorite Subject: Eng- lish. 145 MARY GRECO 439 Appleton Street November 9, 1948 Mar the Elarv Interests: Dancing; ice skating; horseback riding, Would Like To See: Better schoof lunches. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Pet Peeve: Going to drive-ins. I Will To AHS: Books. JANICE GREENAWAY 25 Kimball Road January 7, 1949 Jan Favorite Subject: Typing. Would Like To See: London. Favorite Sayinf : " I know.” Fondest Memory: Our 1968 Prom. Ambition: To become a very good typist. KATHLEEN GREENAWAY 25 Kimball Road March 11, 1951 Kathy Pet Peeve: School. Favorite Saying: “Are you kidding me?” Outside Work: At the Boys’ Club. Will To AHS: All of my hate. Activities: Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley League. CHERYL GREENE 88 Park Avenue Extension Eebruary 1, 1949 Greenie Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Saying: “Get pretzel.” Favorite Subject: Typing. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Pet Peeve: School. Will To AHS: My gym socks. LINDA A. GREENE 23 Lanark Road September 4, 1950 Favorite Personality: Michael Caine. Fondest Memory: US History class. Ambition: To be happy. Favorite Subject: Math. Pet Peeve: Cigarettes. Interests: Art; sewing. MICHAEL JOSEPH GRIEEIN 15 Park Street June 12, 1948 Griff Fondest Memory: Beach party of 1965. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Hobby: Cars. Ambition: To be a business manager. Favorite Subject: History. Interests: Eootball; swimming. DANIEL GRIEEITH 36 Churchill Avenue March 26, 1950 Skip Pet Peeve: The Harvs. Interests: Motorcycles; football. Favorite Per- sonalities: Peter Eonda; Sidney Poitier. Favorite Subject: History. RITA MARY GUARDABASSIO 7 Granton Park August 15, 1950 I Will To AHS: My school books. Interests: Eoreign affairs; histori- cal sites. Pet Peeve: Long hair on hoys. Ambition: To be a teacher. Activities: Latin Club; Library Corps. KAREN A. GUARENTE 27 Radcliffe Road July 18, 1949 Grunts Favorite Saying: “Yo-Yo.” I Will To AHS: My bubble gum. Sport: Swimming. Pet Peeve: Salesmanship class. Outside Work: At Stop Shop. Activity: Girls’ Club. THOMAS A. GUARANTE 27 Radcliffe Road August 13. 1950 Tomma Pet Peeve: Our long school day. I Would Like To See: A co-ed vocational school. Ambition: To study electronics on a much higher level. Hobby: Boating. Interest: Electronics. STEVEN C. HADLEY 8 Thorndike Street June 12, 1950 Stone Interests: Drag racing; scuba diving. Sports: Gymnastics; basketball. Fondest Memory: Old Hall study periods during my sophomore year. Favorite Subject: Science. EILEEN HANKINS 156 Renfrew Street October 7, 1950 Skinny Fondest Memory: The week I ran the 440 twice. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Ambition: To be a secretary. I Would Like To See: A beach party attended by all the teachers. CAROL E. HANSEN 49 Grafton Street January 18, 1950 Sports: Horseback riding; ping pong; bowling; canoeing. Pet Peeve: Smoke. Interest: Pets. Fondest Memory: Eire drills. Hobby: Talking on the phone. Ambition: To be happy. CHARLES HARRINGTON 88 Grafton Street March 2, 1950 Charlie Ambition: To major in physical education. Activities: Eootball, V.; Hockey; Baseball; Weight lifting. Outside Work: At Eenway Park. Pet Peeve: School dress code. Interests: Surfing; golf. NEIL HARRINGTON 4 Clyde Terrace Eebruary 13, 1950 Fondest Memory: All my trips to Hampton Beach. Sports: Wiffle ball; fishing; football; baseball. Ambition: To graduate. Pet Peeve: School. Outside Work: At Brigham’s. ROBERT HARRINGTON 22 Wellesly Road September 29, 1950 Bob Hobby: Skin diving. Favorite Personality: Lloyd Bridges. Outside Work: Caddy. Sports: Baseball; skin diving; tennis; golf. Activities: Golf Team; Boys’ Club; AY. JOHN E. HARTNETT I 17 Overlook Road October 9, 1948 Favorite Subject: Gym. Favorite Personality: Snoopy. ELIZABETH HASLER 1 14 Eastern Avenue October 26, 1950 Liz Activities: Catharsis; Dramatic Club; Girls’ Club; Tennis Team; AY. Pet Peeve: Numbers. Will To AHS: My tension pills. Sport: Swimming. PAUL J. HAYES 21 Claremont Avenue August 13, 1950 Gabby Sports: Eootball; baseball. Ambition: To go on in life. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club. Fondest Memo- ries: All summer vacations. MARY HEEEERNAN 90 Mary Street May 21, 1950 Heff Favorite Saying: “I’m bored.” Ambition: To be a physical education teacher. Favorite Subject: Spanish. I Will To AHS: A well-bounced basketball. ARLANA HEINO 91 Woodside Lane November 6, 1950 Outside Work: Dietary aide. I Will To AHS: My report card. Favor- ite Personality: Charlie Brown. Fondest Memory: The 80’s corridor. Favorite Subject: Study. RODERICK HENDRIGAN 34 Cliff Street July 26, 1950 Ambition: To be an architect. Favorite Saying: “I’m sure!” I Will To AHS: My book covers. Outside Work: At Buttrick’s. Fondest Mem- ory: English 111. PATRICIA HENNESSEY 12 Benjamin Road June 10, 1950 Ambition: To become a fashion designer. Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Science Club. Fondest Memory: Erench 1. Favorite Subject: Gym. Pet Peeve: History. ELIZABETH HENRY 118 Rhinecliff Street November 9, 1950 Beth Favorite Subject: History. Activities: Chronicle; Girls’ Club. Hobby: Sewing. Outside Work: At Buttrick’s. Favorite Saying: “Yeah, really?” SALLY HENRY 16 Colby Road June 5, 1950 Favorite Subject: English. Activities: Student Council; Ski Club; Chronicle; Library Corps. Outside Work: At RH Stearns. Pet Peeve: The hot and dry drinking fountains. JAMES R. HESSEL JR. 141 Westminster Avenue January 6, 1949 L.B.J. I Will To AHS: A fender from my car. Interests: Building hot rods; racing cars. Pet Peeve: The fact that we don’t have any field trips. Outside Work: At a gas station. JOANNE K. HILEERTY 66 Dudley Street September 29, 1950 Activities: Science Club, pres, and v. pres.; Allied Youth, v. pres, and sec.; Library Corps; Gilbert Sullivan; Girls’ Club. Fondest Mem- ory: Daisies. ANN L. HINCKLEY 51 Sunnyside Avenue August 12, 1949 Lou Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Favorite Subject: English. Fondest Memory: May of 1965. Favorite Saying: “Yah!” Favorite Personal- ity: Mr. Welles. Ambition: To be married. EDWARD HURD 10 Newton Road September I, 1949 I Will To AHS: My unwashed gym suit. Interest: Girl watching. Fondest Memory: Bringing up the teachers’ trays. Hobbies: Televi- sion repair; radios. I Would Like To See: A co-ed vocational school. CONSTANCE HURLEY 19 Harvard Street October 3, 1950 Connie Ambition: To become a museum curator. I Will To AHS: A clean sink for A-2. Favorite Subject: Art. Fondest Memory: April 26, 1966. Activities: Science Club; Allied Youth; Gilbert Sullivan. JUDITH HUTCHINS 16 Mystic Lake Drive October 24, 1950 Ju Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Saying: “Censored!” Ambition: To become a writer. I Will To AHS: All my used book covers. Hobby: Horses. MARY JEAN HYNES 21 Daniels Street July 6, 1950 Pet Peeve: School lunches. Favorite Subject: History. Activities: Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Arlington Youth Council. Fondest Memory: September 18, 1966. WILLIAM E. lANNELLI 29 Highland Avenue April 23, 1950 Bill Sports: Tennis; baseball. Favorite Saying: “Ooh ah!” Fondest Mem- ory: Frosh year at AHS. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To go to college. JUDY IGO 17 Walnut Court March 25, 1950 Activities: Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley League. Favorite Saying: “Yeah, right!” Fondest Memory: November 12, 1966. Ambition: To work with the airlines. JUDY C. INTRAVAIA 79 Highland Avenue August II, 1948 Jude Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: Allied Youth; Office Assist- ant. Favorite Saying: “You must be kidding.” Fondest Memory: Sen- 146 ior Prom. Outside Work: At Radcliffe College. JANE E. JACKSON 46 Ronald Road July 9, 1950 Jackie Favorite Subject: English. Will To AHS: My gym suit and my sneakers. Fondest Memory: Mr. Olivera’s accounting class. Ambition: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: The crowded school buses. KURT JOHANSON 90 Thesda Street March 17, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club. Outside Work: At the Stop Shop. Fondest Memory: Mrs. Couser’s 5th period English class. Am- bition: To be a millionaire. CHARLES JOHNSON 161 Palmer Street January 25, 1951 Charlie Interests: Science fairs and politics. Outside Work: A bank teller at Harvard Trust Co. Favorite Subject: Biology. Will To APIS: The interest on my first million. CHRISTINE JOHNSON 40 Kilsythe Road July 8, 1949 Chris Ambition: To become an airline stewardess. Outside Work: As a junior aide at Symmes Hospital. Hobby: Writing notes. Favorite Savinf : “You won ' t believe it!” ROBERT E. JOHNSON 18 Regis Road August 9, 1949 Bob Favorite Subject: Woodwork shop. Fondest Memory: My own car. Sports: Golfing; bowling; water skiing. Favorite Saying’: “Hi girls.” Ambition: To be a cabinet maker. PAUL JONES 40 Lake Street October 27, 1950 Pet Peeve: School. Outside Work: As a bus boy. Favorite Subject: Math. Activity: Track Team. Fondest Memory: Mrs. S tockman’s fourth period French class. Interest: Cars. STEPHEN J. JONES 26 Sutherland Road September 1, 1950 Steve Activities: Art Club; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: Oral talks. Fondest Memory: Mrs. Solomon. Favorite Subject: Math. Will To AHS: My gym suit. Favorite Saying: “You did??” MARK S. JOYCE 51 Cutter Hill Road December 7, 1949 Ambition: To be a writer. Favorite Subject: English. Activity: AYA baseball. Pet Peeve: Seeing the Indians lose. IRENE KALAFATAS 8 Fordham Street April 21, 1950 Ambition: To be a secretary. Fondest Memory: The bombscare. Will To AHS: The trash in my locker. Favorite Subject: Sewing. Pet Peeve: AHS lunchroom. RICHARD C. KALUSTIAN 26 Hartford Road December 17, 1950 Richie Favorite Subject: Geometry. Activities: Dramatic Club; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: The cafeteria food. Favorite Saying: “Fair to poor!” Sports: Skiing; surfing. EILEEN KARIGER 1 8 Hancock Street October 24, 1 950 Leenie Activities: Chronicle; Ski Club; Arlington Youth Council. Favorite Subject: Shorthand II. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Pet Peeve: Giving oral reports. Interests: Boys; sports. FRANCIS A. KAVANAGH 28 Exeter Street September 27, 1950 Artie Pet Peeve: Being in room V3 fifty percent of the day. Interests: Boating; fishing. I Would Like To See: New and better lunches from the cafeteria. ELLEN KEANE 46 Marathon Street April 29, 1950 Activities: Girls’ Choir; Glee Club; Harmonettes; Field Hockey. Hobbies: Reading; sewing. Ambition: To be an English teacher. Fa- vorite Subject: English. DENNIS MICHAEL KEATING 1 95 Spring Street August 23, 1950 Gilles Activities: Football, V; baseball; hockey. Interests: Sports. Favorite Subject: Biology. Pet Peeve: A windmill. Favorite Saying: “That’s right!” Ambition: To go to college. JAMES KEEFE 30 Cleveland Street December 14, 1950 Sports: Football, JV, V.; Basketball, JV, V; AYA baseball; basket- ball. Interests: Golf and other sports. Favorite Saying: “Pretty good!” PAUL KEENLISIDE 5 Colonial Village Drive September 9, 1950 Sports: Basketball; skiing. Pet Peeve: Certain girls. I Will To AHS: Many bombscares. Interests: Horses; cars. Ambition: To pilot a plane. Favorite Subject: History. MARCIA KELLEY 13 Chandler Street December 22, 1949 Favorite Subject: Cooking. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Ambi- tion: To be a model. Interests: Music; fashions. Pet Peeve: Washing dishes. Favorite Saying: “Forget it!” BARBARA KENNEDY 18 Elmore Street June 28, 1950 Bobbi Activities: Dramatic Club; Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff; Science Club; Chronicle. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. Fondest Memory: Bombscares. Interest: Acting. KAThLEEN KENNEDY 7 Wheaton Road May 14, 1950 Kathy Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Science Club; Chronicle. Favorite Subject: English. Hobby: Sewing. Interest: Swimming. Pet Peeve: The small lockers. KATHLEEN KENNEY 7 Melrose Street April 27, 1950 Kay Pet Peeve: Insults. Favorite Subject: English. Interests: Football; baseball. I Will To AHS: One sneaker. Favorite Saying: “I like combat.” PATRICIA KENNEY 1 62 Summer Street March I, 1951 Patty Activity: Allied Youth. Favorite Subject: Art. Sport: Tennis. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Interest: Drawing. Outside Work: As a telephone operator. JOAN KEOHANE 42 Chester Street February 8, 1951 Activities: Girls’ Club; Chronicle. Hobby: Sewing. Fondest Memory: Mr. Rahilly’s stories. Pet Peeve: Being at school at 8:00. Favorite Personality: Tony Conigliaro. KAREN KESHIAN 69 Ridge Street August 18, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Girls’ Choir; Student Council. Pet Peeve: Final exams. Sports: Skiing; sailing. Fondest Memory: AHS ski trips. DENISE P. KING I 38 Gardner Street March 17, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Choir; Glee Club; Earth Science Club. Pet Peeve: Mrs. C. and her plants. Sports: Swimming; skating. Fondest Memory: The Old Hall. RICHARD KING 152 Overlook Road December 18, 1950 Dinger Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Pet Peeve: A certain type of teacher. Hobby: Quenching my thirst. RONALD KING 34 Harvard Street March 25, 1950 Buffalo Ambition: To become an engineer. Favorite Subject: History. Inter- ests: Football; basketball; track; golf. I Would Like To See: A certain teacher ' s plants fall out the window, WALTER KING 16 Edmund Road April 5, 1950 Walley Activities: Science Club; Allied Youth. Ambition: To be an oceanog- rapher. Favorite Subject: English. Will To AHS: My fabulous brain. PATRICIA KINIRY 19 Osborne Road September 30, 1950 Patti Ambition: To live in India. Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club. Favorite Personality: Mick Jagger. Pet Peeve: People who hazzle me. Interest: Drawing. ROBERT P. KLETJIAN 26 Kensington Park September 16, 1950 Klutch Fondest Memory: The bombscare. Favorite Personality: Mrs. Couser. Favorite Subject: Spanish. Pet Peeve: Discipline slips. Ambition: To become a business executive. Sport: Baseball. NICHOLAS KONSTANDAKIS 41 Teel Street October 12, 1949 Greek Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Outside Work: As a gas station attendant. I Will To AHS: My absences. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Saying: “Oh no!” CHARLENE LAMBERIS 335 Lake Street October 29, 1950 Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Girls’ Choir; Harmonettes. Favorite Subject: Spanish. Pet Peeve: Sloppy people. Favorite Saying: “Better late than never.” LUCINDA LANDBERG 7 Oldham Road July 15, 1950 Lou Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Lab Choir. Ambition: To be an opera singer. Favorite Subject: English. Fondest Memories: Gilbert Sul- livan shows and cast parties. CYNTHIA LANG 57 Windsor Street November 25, 1950 Cindy Activities: Allied Youth; CYO. Will To AHS: All my old math tests. Favorite Saying: “Huh?” Sports: Tennis; basketball. Favorite Subject: English. Hobby: Writing. ROBIN LANGER 6 Court Street Place January 12, 1950 Activities: Tennis Team; Math Team; Cross Country; Chess Team; Gilbert Sullivan; Orchestra. Favorite Subject: Math. Sports: Ten- nis; skiing; skating. BARBARA J. LARSON 30 Berkeley Street May 20, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Ski Club, v. pres.; 147 Rainbow. Favorite Subject: German. Ambition: To join the Peace Corps. Pet Peeve: Bleached blondes. CLIFFORD LARSON 15 Berkeley Street January 14. 1951 Activities: Drama Club; Earth Science Club; Art Club; Yearbook Staff. Interests: Art; pop music; folk music. Fondest Memory: Home- room 36. Favorite Subject: English. MARION LARSON 15 Berkeley Street June 20, 1949 Ambition: To be a beautician. Outside Work: As a dietary aide. Sport: Softball. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Saying: “If at first you don’t succeeil, try, try again! " BARBARA E. LaSHOTO 15 Langley Road May 6, 1950 Barb Activities: Modern Dance; Girls’ Choir; Girls’ Glee Club; Drama Club; CYO; Eriends of the Drama. Hobbies: Piano; ballet; guitar. RONALD L. LEAVITT I I Kensington Park October 3, 1949 Pet Peeve: Plastic people. Hobbies: Guitar; chess. Favorite Subject: Math. Favorite Saying: “Are you crazy?” ANN I I FOOFSF 19 Randolph Street September 2 1 , 1 950 Activities: Earth Science Club; Allied Youth; Arlington Youth Council; Chronicle; Girls’ Choir. Pet Peeve: Monday morning. Hob- bies: Skiing; sailing. Sports: Hockey; skiing. DAVID LENNON 19 Lennon Road October 30, 1950 Erosh Activities: Ereshman Hockey; Hockey, JV. Favorite Subject: French. Ambition: To be a professional photographer. Sports: Hockey; golf. Favorite Saving: “Murf is cool.” KAREN LENNON 19 Lennon Road November 18, 1949 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club. Outside Work: At Buttrick’s. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom. Pet Peeve: Doing homework. ROBERT P. LEVEILLE 14 Eustis Street July 27, 1949 Bobby Ambition: To finish school. Interest: Cars. Pet Peeve: Machine shop. Outside Work: In a machine shop. Hobby: Girls. I Would Like To Sec: California. ROSANNE LEVERONE 46 Bow Street March 7, 1950 Activities: Softball, V, JV.; Pep Club; Allied Youth. I Will To AHS: All my sewing projects. Favorite Subject: Math. Pet Peeve: Fresh- men. Ambition: To become a secretary. WILLIAM LEVERONE 35 Kilsythe Road October 22, 1950 Lev Activities: Volleyball; Bowling Team. Favorite Saying: “Scubido- bido.” Ambition: To be a math teacher. Pet Peeve: Parents. Interests: Girls; music. Favorite Subject: Math. CHERYL A. LEWKOWICZ 24 Richardson Avenue May 3, 1950 Cher Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Favorite Subject: Home Man- agement. Activities: Office Assistant; Ski Club. Interests: Sewing; skiing; horseback riding. DONNA A. LIONETTA 75 Windsor Street January 20, 1950 Ambition: To become a secretary. Pet Peeves: Teachers. I Will To AHS: All my old notebooks. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Outside Work: As a salesgirl. Hobby: Horseback riding. KEVIN J. LITTLE 31 Inverness Street April 11, 1950 Big Pet Peeve: Small lockers. Fondest Memory: Mr. Cunningham’s sixth period history class. Ambition: To become a chef. Hobby: Slot car racing. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. MARIANNE LOMBARDO 145 Elorence Avenue November 10, 1949 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; EHA. Ambition: To become a secretary. Outside Work: At Crimson printing. LINDA LOPES I 12 Sunnyside Avenue August 19, 1950 Interests: Horseback riding; the opposite sex. Favorite Subject: Book- keeping. Outside Work: At Woolworth’s. Pet Peeve: The strange smells of the 30’s corridors. JANICE M. LOPILATO 55 Newland Road March 20, 1950 Lopie Activities: Softball. V and JV; Pep Club; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: Running the 440. Ambition: To go to a secretarial school. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. MARGARET LUND 26 Cedar Aven ue June 20, 1950 Marg Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Chronicle; Catharsis; Art Club; Pep Club. Interests: Sketching; art; folk music. Favorite Saying: “C’est la vie.” Favorite Subject: Art. FRANK LUZ 20 Silk Street December 22, 1 950 Paco Pet Peeve: Lab reports. Favorite Subject: Spanish. Interests: Weight lifting; karate. Ambition: To become a Spanish teacher or to have a military career. WALTER R. MACARTHY I 78 Forest Street July 3, 1950 Gravestones Activities: CYO; Boys’ Club. Sports: Football; water-skiing; swim- ming. Favorite Personality: Me. JOHN E. MacGAULEY 133 Waverly Street July 17, 1950 Halfmoon Favorite Subject: Math II. Sports: Eootball; basketball. Pet Peeve: Doing homework. Will To AHS: 1,000 Juicy Emit gum wrappers to fill all the desks. DEBORAH MACK 130 Palmer Street January 25, 1949 Debby Fondest Memory: My freshman year. Favorite Subject: Cooking. Pet Peeve: The school lunches. Ambition: To go to a business school. Sport: Eootball. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. JOHN MacKENZlE 51 Hemlock Street June II, 1949 Raider Activity: Hockey. Fondest Memory: Winning the 1967 State Hockey Tournament. Pet Peeve: Empty peanut butter jars. Would Like To See: More money. Hobbies: Surfing; hockey. SUZANNE MACKLIN 7 Village Lane September 6, 1950 Susie Activities: Allied Youth; Erench Club; Girls’ Club; Girls’ Choir, pres.; Arlington Youth Council. Fondest Memory: 1967 State Hockey Tournament. Favorite Subject: History. LOUISE MacNEILL 7 Norcross Street July 16, 1950 Favorite Personality: Phyllis Diller. Favorite Subject: Biology. Pet Peeve: People in bad moods. Hobby: Art. Ambition: To become rich. Outside Work: As a cashier. KATHLEEN MACRIDIS 54 Irving Street Eebruary2l, 1950 Kathy Activities: French Club; Civil Rights Club, v. pres., pres.; Catharthis; Chronicle; Gilbert Sullivan; Yearbook, Literary Editor; Tom Dooley League; Tennis Team. JAMES MADDEN 92 Dothan Street July 25, 1950 Jim Activities: French Club; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: My third year of French. Pet Peeve: Dress regulations. I Will To AHS: Cari- catures of eight different teachers. JEAN MADDEN 153 Palmer Street June 9, 1949 Pet Peeve: School lunches. Favorite Saying: “That’s life!” Fondest Memory: The 1967 bombscares. Hobby: Boy watching. Will To AHS: A piece of my blonde hair. MAUREEN MADDEN 41 Sherborn Street March 27, 1950 Moe Pet Peeve: Having to take notes. Favorite Subject: Typing. Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom. Favorite Saying: “Yeah!” Interests: Everything that will make me forget school. IRENE PATRICIA MAGNUSON 156 Robbins Road March 15, 1950 Idybird Sports: Tennis; sailing; skiing; bowling; swimming. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To be a teacher. Favorite Saying: “The old col- lege try.” Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom. PHYLLIS MALATESTA 22 Bellevue Road April 12, 1950 Phyl Activities: Girls’ Club, corres. sec.; Civil Rights Club, pres.; Allied Youth; Gilbert Sullivan; Yearbook, Proofreading Editor; Tom Dooley League; Chronicle; Glee Club. Sport: Tennis. DONNA L. MANDERINO I 12 Fremont Street October 6, 1950 Mandi Ambition: To be a math teacher. Favorite Saying: “Oh, yah.” Favor- ite Subject: Math. Sports: Field Hockey, JV; Basketball, V; Girls’ Softball, manager. JOHN T. MANFREDI 44 Oakland Avenue September 19, 1950 Ambition: To enter the field of meteorology. Favorite Personality: Dean Martin. Pet Peeve: Having to do homework. Sports: Tennis; baseball; football. Favorite Subject: Math. BARBARA A. MANNING 48 Dickson Avenue October 21, 1950 Barb Ambition: To become famous and wealthy. Hobby: Listening to records. Fondest Memory: The class of ’66. Pet Peeve: The cafeteria food. I Would Like To See: Tower of Pisa fall. AKIKO MANO 334 Gray Street Ambition: To become an interpreter. Hobby: Fooling around with musical instruments. Interest: Language study. Favorite Subject: Eng- lish. Activity: Erench Club. MICHAEL J MARCELLING II Gray Street May 2, 1950 Marce Pet Peeve: US History. I Will To AHS: My shoes. Ambition: A 148 career in accounling. Would Like To Sec: Expo ’67. Fondest Meniorx: Homeroom 66. Favorite Personality: Bob Hull. ELAINE B. MARCHESE 145 Westminster Avenue August 17, 1949 Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Fondest Memory: Freshman math class. Pet Peeve: The lunchroom. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Favorite Saying: “Would you believe?” PETER J. MARINO 7 Kenilworth Road August 14, 1950 Oscar Sports: Football; baseball; golf. Pet Peeve: English. 1 Will To AHS: My football spikes. Ambition: To be an oceanographer. Favorite Saying: “Yah, that’s close.” Interest: Motorcycles. JACK A. MARSHALL II Brunswick Road December 1, 1950 Will To AHS: The Chess Club’s pig. Interest: 4% compounded semi- annually. Activities: Tennis Team; Chess Club, capt.; Civil Rights Club; Dramatic Club; Chronicle; Gilbert Sullivan, pres. PAUL MASI 95 Stowecroft Road October 26, 1950 Ambition: To become a biologist. Sports: Swimming; baseball; boat- ing; fishing. Favorite Personality: Alfred Newman. I Would Like To See: The Red Sox win the pennant. STEVE MAYER 3 Brattle Street Place August 18, 1950 Lefty Hobbv: Woodworking. Favorite Subject: Typing. Favorite Personal- ity: Miss Roberts. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Pet Peeve: Teach- ers. Favorite Saying: “Ferdy!” DAVID McAULIFFE 5 Park Street Place October 31, 1948 Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Mr. Ed. PATRICIA A. McBAY 20 Lake Street December 21, 1949 Patty Fondest Memory: Summer of 1967. Pet Peeve: Having to make decisions. Favorite Saying: “Sanio!” I Will To AHS: My math classes. Outside Work: At Filene’s. JOHN McCAFFERY 8 Elmore Street August 19, 1950 Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Sport: Football. ROBERT McCAFFERY 45 Alpine Street June 29, 1950 Mucka Sports: Football; outdoor track. Pet Peeve: Math. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hobby: Boating. Ambition: To be able to work with IBM machines. Interests: All sports. CHARLES McCANN 98 Newport Street June 3, 1949 Chuck I cfiv Z eAV,. Football, V; Hockey; Baseball, JV; Basketball, JV. I Will To AHS: Key to room 602. Outside Work: At Fenway Park. Ambi- tion: To attend college and graduate. PATRICIA McCarthy 108 Fremont Street July 4, 1950 Pat Hobby: Sewing. Ambition: To become a secretary. Fondest Memory: 1967 State Hockey Tournament. Pet Peeve: Late buses. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. LOUISE M. McCORRY 17 Egerton Road August 8, 1951 Favorite Personality: Mick Jagger. Activities: Science Club; AY; Chronicle. Favorite Subject: Math. Fondest Memory: Summer at the Cape. SUSAN McGEE 9 Magnolia Street February 12, 1949 Sue Ambition: To be a lab technician. I Will To AHS: My books. Fondest Memory: December 15. Favorite Subject: Biology. I Would Like To See: A new cafeteria at AHS. KATHLEEN T. McGOWAN 37 Fairmont Street February 3, 1951 Pet Peeve: Teachers. Fondest Memory: The hockey tournament. In- terest: Boys. Favorite Subject: Clothing. Ambition: To attend a busi- ness school. Sports: Swimming; skiing. KAREN ANNE McGURL 15 Grove Street Place October 19, 1950 Peanuts Sports: Tennis; swimming. I Will To AHS: My ruler. Outside Work: At the First National. I Would Like To See: Expo ’67. Fondest Memory: The prom at Rindge Tech. JOHN EDWARD McISAAC 37 Milton Street February 8, 1949 Buzz I Will To AHS: My sneakers. Interests: Girls; basketball; working on engines. I Would Like To See: Mini-skirts worn in school. Ambition: To run an ignition shop. LEONARD J. McKlNNON 7 Sunset Road December 12, 1950 Sports: Baseball, V; football; basketball; golf. I Will To AHS: All of my teachers. Ambition: To play baseball. Fondest Memory: Bomb- scare of 1967. DAVID M. McLANE 1 18 Sunset Road July 30, 1950 Activities: Chronicle, advertising manager; Earth Science Club; Li- brary Corps, pres.; Tom Dooley League; Yearbook Staff. Fondest Memory: Fifth period study hall. Pet Peeve: Spanish. DENNIS McLaughlin 90 Rhinecliff Street June 30, 1950 Punchy Activities: Allied Youth; Audio-Visual Club. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Ambition: To graduate from AHS. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Fondest Memory: Mrs. B.’s biology class. JANICE MARIE McLAUGHLIN I 19 Charlton Street May 19, 1950 Favorite Saying: “It’s up to you!” I Will To AHS: My cooking apron. Pet Peeve: My homeroom in the 30’s. Fondest Memory: My three days off. Known For: Flunking gym. HELEN McMAHON 73 Massachusetts Avenue October 10, 1949 Cher Ambition: To be a stenographer. Pet Peeve: Monday mornings. Fa- vorite Subject: Business Machines. Hobby: Designing. Favorite Say- ing: “Kid.” Sport: Swimming. LINDA McNAMARA 20 Overlook Road May 21, 1950 Mack Activities: Pep Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle. Favorite Subject: Eng- lish. Favorite Saying: “1 can’t.” Fondest Memory: Bombscare of 1967. I Will To AHS: My locker. DONALD W. McNAIR 66 Thesda Street June 25, 1950 Tippy’ Sports: Basketball; hockey. Favorite Subject: History. I Will To AHS: A pair of my gym socks. Fondest Memory: 1967 bombscares. I Would Like To See: A smoking room at AHS. JEFFREY L. MEADE 29 Country Club Drive December 18, 1950 Jeff Activities: Tom Dooley League, tres.; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club; Yearbook Staff; Bowling; Gilbert Sullivan. Favorite Subject: His- tory. Outside Work: At the Star Market. DAVID MEADOWS 26 Amsden Street January 23, 1950 Ambition: To be a success. Interests: Cars; girls. Favorite Subject: P.O.D. Sports: Football; basketball; hockey; baseball. Favorite Say- ing: “Huh?” JOSEPH L. MEDEIROS 60 Wright Street March 19, 1950 Yo-Yo Favorite Saying: “Why no!” Sports: Football; hockey. I Will To AHS: My broken guitar picks. Favorite Subject: Girls. I Would Like To See: The world. CHRIS MELITSE 6 Gloucester Street January 1, 1949 Greek Sports: Basketball; bowling. Favorite Subject: Math. Hobby: Drink- ing. Favorite Saying: “Your mother loves you!” I Will To AHS: My locker. Pet Peeve: School. ROBERT MELLOR Favorite Subject: Print I. Sports: Water skiing; snow skiing; golf; basketball. Ambition: To be a pilot. Activities: Ski Club; Basketball. Favorite Personality: Mrs. Thayer. LINDA MELLY 145 Wachusett Avenue July 27, 1950 Mel Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Glee Club; Chronicle; CYO. I Will To AHS: My loud mouth. Favorite Personality: Willy Whistle. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. CHARMAIN MENEZ 67 Bow Street October 19, 1950 Pet Peeve: Teachers who jump to conclusions. Fondest Memory: The clinic. I Will To AHS: My typing seat, room 89. Favorite Subject: Consumer Education. Interest: Weekends. CYNTHIA MEO 67 Robbins Road March 10, 1950 Cindi Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley League; Gilbert Sullivan; Yearbook Staff. Favorite Saying: “Unbelievable!” I Will To AHS: A Latin prose test. Favorite Subject: Music. Favorite Person- alities: Snoopy; Jim Lonborg. JAMES P. MERCURIO 7 Janet Road January 7, 1950 Jimmy Pet Peeve: Having to do homework. Hobby: Working with televi- sions and radios. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. 7 Will To AHS: All of my money. Outside Work: At the Harvard Cooperative Society. JOHN MERCURIO 7 Janet Road October 7, 1948 MARC L. MESSINA 93 Churchill Avenue July 12, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Dramatic Club; Hockey. Favorite Saying: “Right!” Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Ambition: To get into a good college. I Would Like To See: Better lunches. I Will To AHS: My unwashed gym socks. SHARON M. MIGA II Wellesley Road January 8, 1950 Activities: Earth Science Club; Glee Club; Chronicle; Allied Youth; 149 Majorettes: Girls’ Choir. Claim To Fame: Fastest dresser in gym for two years. Fondest Memory: One night in August. DAVID P. MILLER 66 Walnut Street April 14, 1950 Dave Pet Peeve: Electronic Shop. Favorite Saying: " Hey, Zeke!” Hobbies: Cars; electronics. Outside Work: As a cook. Favorite Subject: Elec- tronics Lab. LLOYD S. MILLER 66 Walnut Street January 8, 1949 Outside Work: As a cook and as a counter attendant. Sports: Base- ball; car racing. Hobby: Model cars. Will To AHS: A certain locker. Ambition: To become an electrician. CAROL MOBERG 30 Lantern Lane July 1 1, 1950 Activities: Earth Science Club; Allied Youth; Gilbert Sullivan; Girls’ Choir. Favorite Saying: “Wicked!” Ambition: To become a teacher. Pet Peeve: Homework. VICKI MOGGELOS 64 Palmer Street April 18, 1950 Interests: Reading; swimming; skiing; skating; sewing. I Will To AHS: My report card. Favorite Subject: English. Pet Peeve: Snobs. Would Like To See: A gym teacher formally dressed. ANN C. MONTICONE 65 School Street December 27, 1950 Ambition: To be an artist. Will To AHS: A certain letter in room 14A. Fondest Memory: One day in November. Favorite Subject: English. KATHLEEN MOONEY 127 Alpine Terrace April 5, 1950 Kathy Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth. Favorite Subject: English. Sports: Hockey; football. Chief Failure: History. Pet Peeve: Having to give oral talks. KEVIN M. MOONEY 76 Allen Street December 3 1 . 1 948 Moons Favorite Saying: “Gleep! " Would Like To See: The school day shortened. Ambition: To become an undertaker! Will To AHS: My space at the back door. SANDRA MOORE 57 Warren Street April 5, 1950 Sandy Activities: Lacrosse; Ski Club; AY. Fondest Memory: Meeting the Beach Boys. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To become a kin- dergarten teacher. KATHLEEN MORAN 16 Wollaston Avenue December 12, 1950 Activities: Tom Dooley League; CYO. Pet Peeve: Boys who wear white socks. Fondest Memory: The 1967 bombscares. Will To AHS: My brother. I Would Like To See: Graduation. PAUL MOREL 6 Lombard Terrace June 2, 1950 Interests: Weight lifting; cars; baseball; water-skiing. Pet Peeve: My homeroom teachers. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Ambi- tion: To become a draftsman. JOANNE MORELLO 1 55 Thorndike Street October 4, 1950 Muffy Would Like To See: A new AHS cafeteria. Ambition: To live until I ' m 21. Hobby: Boys. Activities: Girls’ Club; Eield Hockey; Allied Youth. I Will To AHS: A job. PAUL MORRIS 28 Paul Revere Road August 17, 1948 Ambition: To graduate from a college. Favorite Subject: History. Sports: Football; track; hockey; water-skiing; baseball; fishing. Fond- est Memory: Graduation Day. THOMAS MORSE 149 Brattle Street March 18, 1950 Tom Fondest Memory: My last day at school. Interest: Music. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Favorite Saying: “I Yai, Yai!” Pet Peeve: The food in the AHS cafeteria. VIVIAN A. MORSE 70 Rhinecliff Street November 10, 1949 Viv I Will To AHS: My sewing box. I Would Like To See: The present war end. Interests: Swimming; eating; badminton. Pet Peeve: Math. Ambition: To be able to work in a hospital. NANCY MOSKALUK 145 Charlton Street March 25, 1950 Favorite Subject: Business Machines; typing. Hobbies: Bowling; horseback riding. Ambition: To become a secretary. Pet Peeve: Loud people. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom. DAVID ROY MOTHERWAY 47 Allen Street June 28, 1949 Dave Favorite Subject: Electronics Lab. Interests: Basketball; trampolines; cars. Outside Work: Repairing televisions and cars. Hobby: Wrecking cars. SUSAN PATRICIA MOURIS 33 Bellington Street December 21, 1950 Pet Peeve: Lunch. Will To AHS: My homemade ashtray. Favorite Personality: Sidney Poitier. Ambition: To become a WAC. Favorite Subject: History. Would Like To See: No bulletins ANN P. MULCAHY 38 Richfield Road March 16, 1950 Activities: AY; Cheerfeading, co-capt.; Arlington Youth Council; Student Council, corres-sec.; Chronicle. Ambition: To become a teacher. Favorite Subject: English. JOHN MULCAHY 80 Westminster Avenue May 25, 1950 Hobbies: Eootball; shooting; hunting; hockey. Favorite Subject: His- tory. Fondest Memory: My Junior Year. I Will To AHS: My alarm clock. Pet Peeve: No car on weekends. MARY LOU MULCAHY 142 Renfrew Street April 30, 1950 Lou Acr Wz ei.- Girls’ Club; Student Council; Girls’ Choir; CYO; Glee Club; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: Senile English teachers. Fondest Memory: ACH Senior Prom. Favorite Saying: " I doubt it ’’ CYNTHIA MURPHY 144 Gardner Street June 8, 1950 Murf Interest: Boys. I Will To AHS: My empty bottles. I Would Like To See: A smoking room at AHS. Fondest Memory: A certain boy at AHS. Favorite Saying: " This?” Favorite Subject: English DAVID MURPHY 92 Orient Avenue August 29, 1950 Would Like To See: A student lounge. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria food. Ambition: To work with IBM machines. I Will To AHS: My un- washed gym suit. Sport: Swimming. ROBERT MURPHY 274 Forest Street February 26, 1950 Favorite Subject: Spanish. Fondest Memory: Miss Donovan. I Will To AHS: A pair of sneakers. Sports: Baseball; football; hockey. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. EDWARD MURRAY 83 Valentine Road January 30, 1950 Ed Activities: Chronicle; Track, capt.; Basketball. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Ambition: To become a lawyer. I Will To AHS: My mis- takes. Fondest Memory: Days I skipped. THOMAS P. MURRAY 83 Valentine Road January 30, 1950 Hulk Pet Peeve: “Laddie Boy” lunches. Sport: Track. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Outside Work: Anything. Hobby: Tipping Favorite Say- ing: “Is that right?” MARITA K. MURRMAN 69 Windmill Lane January 1, 1950 Pete Pet Peeve: Shushers. Favorite Subject: German. Ambition: To be a nurse. I Will To AHS: A slide rule. Favorite Saying: “Ya creep.” Fondest Memory: Days I got dismissed. EDWARD MUSCO 35 Apache Trail May 21, 1950 Chopper Sports: Skiing; surfing; golf; basketball. Favorite Saying: “Dem’s da breaks.” I Will To AHS: My chemistry teacher. I Would Like To See: Edible food in the cafeteria. JAMES NADEAU 8 Lafayette Street October 3, 1950 Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hobby: Girl watching. I Will To AHS: The sanitaries. Pet Peeve: Teachers at AHS. Outside Work: A mechanic. SUSAN NAUGLER 11 Wellington Street April 17, 1950 Sue Activities: Girls’ Softball, JV; Ski Club; Basketball; Arlington Youth Council. I Will To AHS: My comb. Would Like To See: A lounge at AHS. Ambition: To become a kindergarten teacher. PATRICIA NEBELING 53 Fremont Court May 10, 1950 Nebs Activities: Allied Youth; Art Club. Favorite Subjects: Art; math. Hobbies: Music; stamp collecting. Fondest Memory: Prolonged homeroom periods. I Will To AHS: Old test papers. JUDITH A. NELSON 19 Avon Place January 9, 1950 Judi Activity: Allied Youth. Would Like To See: The school day made shorter. Ambition: To be a dental hygienist. Favorite Personality: Mickey Dolenz. Favorite Subject: Typing. LINDA NELSON 121 Mount Vernon Street December 22, 1950 Activities: Earth Science Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Office As- sistant; Ski Club; Tom Dooley League; Yearbook Staff; Rainbow; Senior High Eellowship, sec. I Will To AHS: My student number. JANET M. NICHOLS 122 Jason Street June 15, 1950 Jan Jan Activities: At Bromfield, Freshman class president; Sophomore class president; French Club; Literary Club; Basketball; Softball; Bawling; Field Hockey; Yearbook, Photographer. ROBERT NILES JR. 349 Gray Street July 5, 1949 Neville Favorite Saying: “Let it out.” Favorite Subject: P.O.D. Favorite Per- 150 sonality: Frank Sinatra. F’et Peeve: Study. Ambition: To become a construction worker. MICHELE NOCELLA 3 Huntington Road September 19, 1950 Mikkii Activities: Drarnatic Club; Ski Club; Library Corps; Majorettes; Gymnastics. Ambition: To be a model. Fondest Memory: May 12, 1967. Favorite Subject: Math. Interest: Boy watching. DEVENEY NORDEN 40 Chatham Street December 26, 1950 Nickie Activities: Chronicle; Guitar Club, pres.; Office Assistant; Ski Club; CYO. Pet Peeve: Freshman who are taller than I. Fondest Memo- ries: The bombscares; Mrs. Thayer’s classes. JOHN J. NOVELLO 6 Cambell Road April 24, 1949 Activity: Weight lifting. Favorite Personality: Sophia Loren. Ambi- tion: To become a writer. Hobbies: Collecting coins and stamps. Outside Work: At Harvard University DAVID NUNZIATO 81 Thorndike Street December 1, 1950 Jap Activities: Ski Club; Baseball, JV, V. Football, JV; AYA Cubs, MVP; AYA Tigers; Legion Baseball. Favorite Subject: Math. Will To AHS: All the pennies dropped through the pipe in room 81. CHARLES O ' CALLAGHAN 369 Park Avenue March 27, 1950 Chort Favorite Personality: Lucille DiCicco. Sports: Basketball; baseball. Fondest Memory: My French III class. Outside Work: At Arlmont Market. Ambition: To go to college. KAREN O ' CONNELL 128 Palmer Street June I, 1949 Kar Activities: Guitar Club; Office Assistant; Student Council. Favorite Saying: “Lousy boy.’’ I Will To AHS: A bunch of daisies. Fondest Memory: Summer of 1966. Favorite Subject: Art. KATHLEEN O’CONNELL 164 Scituate Street January 15, 1950 Tweefa Activities: Girls’ Club; Tennis Team; Tom Dooley League; Guitar Club; Chronicle; Marching Band; Art Club; Mission Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Dramatic Club. Favorite Personality: God. PATRICIA O’CONNELL 164 Scituate Street December 17, 1950 Fweeper Activities: Earth Science Club; Tennis Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Orchestra, librarian; Chronicle; Cheerleading; Tom Dooley League; Marching Band; Concert Band. Pet Peeve: French classes. PAUL O’CONNELL 50 Mott Street March 2, 1951 Sack Pet Peeve: Warning slips. Ambition: To be rich and single. Sports: Hockey; football. Hobby: Collecting famous sports events. Fondest Memory: Being born. JOHN O’DONNELL 43 Richfield Road November 20, 1950 Activities: Student Council; Wrestling; Eootball; Baseball; Weight lifting. I Would Like To See: Bobby Kennedy. I Will To AHS: My New Jersey accent. Ambition: To go to Notre Dame. MICHAEL OERIA 28 Jason Street Eebruary 5, 1950 Rock Activity: Eootball, JV. Favorite Personality: Batman. Pet Peeve: Dress rules. I Will To AHS: All my unfinished homework. Favorite Subject: “Ha, ha, ha.” Interests: Money; girls. WAYNE OGDEN 93 Varnum Street April 26, 1950 Activities: Er. Football; Fr. Hockey; Fr. Baseball; Hockey, JV; Chronicle; Weight lifting; Junior Class Pres.; Football, V. Outside Work: At Fenway Park. Ambition: To become a lawyer. DENNIS O’LEARY II George Street September 26, 1950 Sports: Basketball; football. Pet Peeve: Homeroom teachers. Favorite Subject: Math. Ambition: To be an accountant. Fondest Memory: Miss Johnson’s homeroom. JEREMIAH O’LEARY 25 Teel Street July 13, 1950 Jer-Man Activities: Fr. Football; Football, JV. Fondest Memory: State hockey tournament of 1966. Interests: Sports; girls. Pet Peeve: Homeroom teachers. Ambition: To graduate. PAUL OLSON 27 Yerxa Road October 10, 1950 Activities: Indoor Track; Spring Track; Marching Band; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra. Pet Peeve: School rules. Interest: Music. Chief Failure: English. Favorite Subject: Math. THOMAS OLSON 22 Inverness Road May 4, 1949 JOHN O’NEIL 227 Sylvia Street December 29, 1950 Jack Will To AHS: My yoyo. Pet Peeve: Dress code. Favorite Personal- ity: Robin, Boy Wonder. Activities: Outdoor Track; Indoor Track. Outside Work: At Friendly’s. BEVERLY O’QUINN 6 Perth Road November 20, 1950 Bev Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities: AY; Teen Club; MYF. Favorite Subject: Sewing. Interest: Reading. I Will To AHS: My Spanish book. Outside Work: Salesgirl. SANDRA ORLANDO 178 Westminster Avenue August 18, 1950 Sandy Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Hobbies: Reading; dancing. I Will To AHS: My Latin notebook. Activities: CYO; Teen Club; AY; Girls’ Club. Ambition: To become a teacher. JOSEPH M. ORRIGO 105 Westminister Avenue September 27, 1950 Ambition: To get a good job. Favorite Subject: History. Would Like To See: Better lunches at AHS. Activities: Spanish Club; French Club; Indoor Track; Outdoor Track; AY. MARY F. OSBORNE 13 Norcross Street May 1, 1949 Favorite Saying: “Oh. no!” Ambition: To live a successful life. Fa- vorite Subject: US History. Interests: American History; art. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. LINDA OUELLETTE 106 Florence Avenue February 4, 1950 Favorite Personality: A happy one. Outside Work: Waitress. Favorite Subject: English. Activities: Assistant Scout leader; French Club; Yearbook Staff; Dramatic Club. FRANK M. PACHECO 26 Lake Street November 25, 1949 Will To AHS: A pair of Levis. Would Like To See: Girls in the vocational department. Favorite Saying: “Get together.” Ambition: To be a graduate of AHS. ARTHUR PALLADINO 21 Pine Street March 10, 1950 Activities: Yearbook, Production Manager; Ski Club, Senior Council; Latin Club, Aedile; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club; Catharsis. Favorite Personality: Donald Duck. STEPHEN T. PALMACCI 12 Brattle Place September 19, 1949 S.T.P. Hobbies: Auto racing; driving. Favorite Subject: Science. Interests: Girls; cars. Ambition: To be an engineer. Outside Work: At Symmes Hospital. JOSEPH PANDOLFO 45 Sutherland Road March 8, 1950 Pandy Pet Peeve: Teachers always win. Favorite Subject: Math. Will To AHS: All my good marks. Sports: Football; baseball, co-capt.; bas- ketball. Fondest Memory: “66” football champs. LINDA PAPAZIAN 72 Amsden Street September 18, 1950 Peppy Pet Peeve: Boys who wear white socks. Favorite Personality: Paul Newman. Ambition. To become a professional hairdresser. Hobby: Collecting records. Favorite Subject: Study. LAWRENCE D. PASS 159 Jason Street April 13, 1950 Kahuna Ambition: To find the perfect wave. Activities: Arlington Youth Council; Chronicle; Ski Club; AY; Gilbert Sullivan. Pet Peeve: Pabulum-feeding teachers. JOHN PAVONE 327 Appleton Street September 10, 1949 Johnny Hobbies: Cars; motorcycles. Pet Peeve: Eating the AHS lunches. Ambition: To join the Navy. Favorite Subject: Sales. Favorite Per- sonality: Hobart. MARY PAVONE 327 Appleton Street October 25, 1950 Mary P. Activities: Office Assistant; Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir. Fondest Memory: Beach parties. Ambition: To graduate. I Will To AHS: My dirty sneakers and gym suit. Interest: Boys. SCOTT IRVING PETERSON 52 Trowbridge Street March 20, 1949 Pete Ambition: To become a front-end specialist. Favorite Subject: Sci- ence. Interests: Cars; car racing; football; swimming. I Will To AHS: A greasy shirt and a pair of greasy pants. MARIANNE C. PHANEUF 67 Old Mystic Street November 18, 1950 Activities: AY; Ski Club; CYO; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Sneakers. I Would Like To See: The cooking stoves blow up. I Will To AHS: My nylons with runs. Fondest Memory: Hockey games. GUY PICHETTE 23 Russell Street June 16, 1950 Fatso Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Activity: Fr. Football. I Would Like To See: Australia. Pet Peeve: History teachers. Favorite Personality: Jackie Gleason. Fondest Memory: March 11, 1967. JAMES W. PIERCE 71 High Street, Woburn September 30, 1950 Zeke 151 Ambition: To be an electronics technician. Pet Peeve: Going through our long school day. Wilt To AHS: My locker and all the junk that is still in it. KATHLEEN PIERCE 148 Wollaston Avenue Septembers, 1950 Kathy Activities: Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Allied Youth. Sport: Softball. tiobhv: Sewing. Will To AHS: My studies in room 84. JOHN PHTORINO 74 Tomahawk Road December 24, 1950 Pitt Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Spring Track; Fr. Football; Football, JV, V. I Will To AHS: My great eyesight. Ambition: To own my own business. Hobbv: Guitar. SUSAN POLAND 68 Mystic Street December 18, 1950 Sue Activities: Chronicle; AY. Will To AHS: All my nylons with runs. Sports: Skiing; swimming. Favorite Saying: “Be realistic.” Pet Peeve: School. INEZ PONTE 1 13 Varnum Street May 26, 1950 Outside Work: At Arlington National Bank. Favorite Saying: " Banana. " Will To AHS: The beautiful sanitaries. Fondest Mem- ory: April 20. 1967. Hobbies: Playing records; reading. PETER D. PRENDERGAST 60 Brattle Street July 28, 1950 Activities: Yearbook, Layout Editor; Chronicle; Ski Club, council member; Allied Youth. Will To AHS: My left arm. Pet Peeve: Obstructions in the corridors. Fondest Memory: New York in June. ALAN PRESTON 24 Pondview Road June 21, 1950 Cod Activities: Fr. Football; Football, V. Ambition: To be the first man on Pluto. Favorite Personality: Snaglepuss. Interest: Food. Pet Peeve: French 3 seniors. Favorite Saying: “Wow!” JEAN PRIMERANO 78 Cleveland Street November 10, 1950 Jeanne Activities: French Club; FHA; Office Assistant; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Gym on Monday mornings. I Will To AHS: My geometry book. Fondest Memory: The bombscare. Would Like To See: Longer studies. DAVID PROVOST 25 Parker Street February 7, 1950 Proby Favorite Subject: History. Will To AHS: My unused gym suit. Interests: Girls; food. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Hobby: Sports. Activity: Football, JV. RICHARD PUDDISTER 17 Mayflower Road April 8. 1950 Pud Pet Peeve: Waiting for the last period bell. Hobbies: Playing pool; cars; boats. Favorite Saying: “We try harder!” Will To AHS: My left shoe. Ambition: To live to be 100. ELIO D. QUERZE JR. 179 Wollaston Avenue April 6, 1949 Lee Hobby: Sailing. Activities: Indoor Track; Outdoor Track. Fondest Memory: Biology class with Miss Templeton. Sport: Track. Ambi- tion: To receive a college diploma. STEVEN QUINLAN 25 Coleman Road October 9, 1950 G. Stieve Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Chronicle; Scribe; Cartharsis; Chess Club; Civil Rights Club; Dramatic Club. Sports: Basketball; tennis. Interests: Architecture; bass guitar. Ambition: To become a farmer. Fondest Memory: Drama Festivals of 1966 and 1967. PAUL RANAURO 1 1 1 Gardner Street July 22, 1950 Raison Favorite Subject: History. Activities: Arlington Youth Council; AY; Student Council; Football, JV; CYO. Favorite Personality: Spyros Arion. FRANK RAZZANO 40 Dundee Road October 24, 1950 Favorite Personality: Senator Dirkson. Pet Peeve: Doing homework. Interests: Science; sports. Favorite Subject: Money. Hobbies: Golf; hunting. Would Like To See: More money. ANN E. REED 40 Pleasant View Road November 17, 1950 Interest: Stock car races. Will To AHS: My French classes. Favor- ite Personality: Sal Mineo. Activities: Office Assistant; Girls’ Choir; Allied Youth. ' JOHN REGAN 51 Milton Street Octobers, 1950 Reg Favorite Saying: “Ah ha! " Will To AHS: My junior history class. Outside Work: At Star Market. Fondest Memory: 1968 Graduation. Hobbies: Bowling; entering contests. LINDA REID 69 Highland Avenue April 27, 1950 Rudd Activities: AY; Girls’ Club; Softball, JV; Girls’ Choir; Ski Club; Girls ' Glee Club. Will To AHS: My math marks. Sports: Basket- ball; softball. Outside Work: What? PAULLETTE RICHARD 117 Sunnyside Avenue October 17, 1949 Poops Favorite Saying: “It could be worse!” I Will To AHS: All my bad marks. Hobbies: Art; sewing. Fondest Memory: The 1967 bombscare. Pet Peeve: Getting up every morning. DIANE M. RING 10 Edith Street January 23, 1950 Di-Di Fondest Memory: Freshman year. Favorite Personality: Mick Jagger. Sports: Basketball; baseball; skiing. Will To AHS: All my English papers. Activity: Lab Choir. JANE ROBERTSON 12 Intervale Road May 10, 1950 Pet Peeve: The end of tradition at AHS. Activities: Glee Club; AY. Outside Work: Assistant bookkeeper. Sports: Skiing; waterskiing. Hobbies: Art; dancing; sunbathing. BERNADETTE ROBICHAUD 92 Franklin Street August 14, 1949 Bernie Will To AHS: My famous sewing abilities. Activities: AY; Year- book Staff; Library Corps. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeves: Swinging doors; smoke in the sanitaries. STEPHEN G. ROBILLARD 58 Broadway January 18, 1950 Pet Peeve: Going to school on Monday mornings. Interest: Girls. Would Like To See: The Bruins win the Stanley Cup Playoff. Ambi- tion: To finish school. PATRICIA ROBINSON 2 Aberdeen Road October 18, 1950 Pat Activities: Earth Science Club; AY; Girls’ Glee Club; Ski Club; Girls’ Choir. Favorite Subject: Math. Hobby: Art. Pet Peeve: Wait- ing. Fondest Memory: Plum Island, 1966. PAULA E. ROCKWOOD 153 Renfrew Street June 19, 1950 Rocky Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Symmes Hospital Volun- teer; Arlington Youth Council; Chronicle; CYO. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Narrow-minded people. HOWARD ROGERS 65 Kensington Park September 18, 1950 Howie Activities: Chronicle; Yearbook Staff; Dramatic Club. Favorite Say- ing: “Oh ya!” Ambition: To be successful in a career and live in ecstasy. Sports: Bowling; golf. KATHERINE ROONEY 65 Huntington Road January 31, 1950 Shorty Hobby: Sewing. Sports: Bowling; swimming. Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom. Interest: Ron. Will To AHS: All the gum I got away with chewing. Activities: Chronicle; Girls’ Club; Teen Club. DIANE ROUTENBERG 32 Henry Street April 11, 1950 Activities: Arlington Youth Council; Yearbook Staff; Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Civil Rights Club; Chronicle, Circ. Manager; French Club; Dramatic Club; Girls’ Club; AY; Library Corps; CYO. MARCELEEN RUSHTON 55 Orient Avenue June 23, 1950 Marcy Activities: AY; Ski Club; Student Council Chairman. Outside Work: Wishing on stars. Pet Peeve: Snobs. Favorite Saying: “Catch you later. " Ambition: To become a teach er. THOMAS RUSSELL 113 Gray Street April 4, 1950 Tim Activities: Fr. Football; Fr. Hockey; Fr. Baseball; Football, V; Hockey, V, co-capt.; Baseball, V, capt.; Arlington Youth Council. Would Like To See: A hockey rink in Arlington. Pet Peeve: Short fire drills. CHARLES A. RUSSO 52 Hodge Road October 25, 1950 Charlie Activities: Fr. Basketball; AY; Football, JV; Indoor Track. Outside Work: At a construction company. Pet Peeve: Deficiency slips. Fa- vorite Subject: History. DIANE RYAN 108 Fremont Street May 9, 1950 Dia Favorite Personality: Catwoman. I Would Like To See: An end to gym classes. Pet Peeve: A race like the 440. Will To AHS: My saddle shoes. Hobby: Attending football games. LINDA A. SAKAKEENY 35 Falmouth Road March 22, 1950 Sport: Getting to homeroom on time. Hobby: Guitar. Pet Peeve: Cliques. Interest: Art. Activities: Chronicle; Earth Science Club; Yearbook Staff; Modern Dance. PAUL S. SANDS 130 Newport Street March 21, 1949 Dondi Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Saying: “Gee whiz!” Activities: Ski Club; AY. Ambition: To become a draftsman. Sport: Hockey. Interest: Girls. GLENN V. SANTINI 7 Pawnee Drive September 18, 1950 Peanuts Sports: Baseball; football; track. Activities: AY; Ski Club. Favorite 152 Subject: Mechanical drawing. Favorite Saying: “You’ve got to be kidding!” PATRICIA A. SANTO 55 Highland Avenue May 21, 1950 Activities: AY; Ski Club; Girls’ Club. Favorite Subject: English. Interest: Sewing. Fondest Memory: The Happenings’ Concert. Sports: Basketball; softball. ELAINE SANTOSUOSSO 83 Dickson Avenue December 20, 1950 Hobby: Sewing. Activity: Ski Club. Favorite Subject: History. Inter- est: Driving. Outside Work: Babysitting. Sport: Skiing. Favorite Say- ing: “Lousy, right?” JOANNE M. SARACENO 20 Hathaway Circle January 11, 1951 Activities: Chronicle; Girls’ Choir. Would Like To See: More young teachers come to AHS. Sport: Basketball. I Will To AHS: My unceasing devotion to homework. RICHARD D. SAUL 24 Gray Street June 1, 1950 The Pun Activities: Track; Arlington Youth Council; AY; Football, JV. 1 Would Like To See: Julius Caesar. Ambition: To go to college. ANITA R. SAVIO 20 Jason Street September 2, 1949 Favorite Saying: “That’s stupid!” Activities: Civil Rights Club; Catharsis. Hobby: Writing poetry. Ambition: To become a great writer, great philosopher, and great educator. JUDY M. SCAGLIONE 68 Hathaway Circle June 27, 1950 Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; AY. Hobbies: Sewing; oil painting. I Would Like To See: Italy. 1 Will To AHS: My very new gym suit. SANDRA SCHIPANI 27 Piedmont Street October 25, 1949 Sandy Favorite Subject: Spanish. I Will To AHS: All the money I don’t have. I Would Like To See: Europe. Pet Peeve: Making buttonholes. Sport: Basketball. HARRIS I. SCHNARE 166 Lowell Street January 1, 1950 Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Interest: Cars. Will To AHS: All my report cards. Sport: Basketball. Ambition: To get a car of my own. Hobby: Coin collecting. JULIA A. SCHNARE 166 Lowell Street December 25, 1950 June Activities: Harmonettes; Girls’ Choir; Samettes; AY; Gilbert Sul- livan. Favorite Saying: “Right!” Interests: Money; boys; driving. I Will To AHS: All my ruined nylons. CYNTHIA L. SCHNEIDER 9 Rockmont Road June 27, 1950 Cindy Fondest Memory: Biology classes. Favorite Subject: History. Ac- tivity: Rainbow. Interests: Cooking; hockey. Ambition: To become a secretary. I Will To AHS: All Lee’s ties. CAROLYN R. SEGELSTROM 50 Jason Street March 26, 1950 Bird Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; French Club. Ambition: The Presidency. Pet Peeve: T.M. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Per- sonality: Sugar Bear. Sport: Hockey. ANTHONY SGOUROS 313 Park Avenue July 12, 1950 Greek Hobbies: Guitar; drums. I Would Like To See: A teacher in AHS get detention. Ambition: To become a technical engineer. Interest: Mu- sic. I Will To AHS: My broken locker. GEORGE SHALLAH 81 Oakhill Drive April 15, 1949 Syrian Ambition: To “grow up.” I Will To AHS: My combination lock. Pet Peeve: Blondes. Interests: Tennis; cars; girls. Favorite Saying: “Let’s hear it.” MARY E. SHAW 64 Park Avenue Extension July 28, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Glee Club; Library Corps; CYO; Girls’ Choir. Sports: Bowling; skiing. Favorite Saying: “I don’t say much but I cry a lot.” PAUL SHEPARD 167 Crosby Street November 19, 1950 Shep Activities: Football; weight lifting. Favorite Personality: DooBarr. Sports: Water skiing; lacrosse; surfing; football. I Would Like To See: Myself with a job. Pet Peeve: Rainy days. JODY M. SHERIDAN 71 Bartlett Avenue April 9, 1950 Favorite Saying: “Oh forget it.” Activities: Student Council; Dra- matic Club; Civic Volunteer; Junior Newman Club. Ambition: To become a teacher. Hobbies: Reading; cooking; travelling. SUSAN M. SHINE 26 Bowdoin Street January 31, 1950 Sunshine Activities: Girls’ Club; AY; Arlington Youth Council; Field Hockey, manager. Hobbies: Reading; music; bowling. Favorite Subject: Math. Will To AHS: My freshman year. JOHN T. SHUMAKER 49 Claremont Avenue March 27, 1950 Activities: DeMolay; Ski Club; Rifle Team. Favorite Saying: “Get lost!” Fondest Memory: Sixth period study. Favorite Subject: Me- chanical drawing. Will To AHS: My teachers. PATRICIA SHWAB 128 Alpine Terrace June 12, 1950 Patty Activities: Rainbow; Dramatic Club; French Club. Favorite Saying: “Well!” Interests: Art; music. Fondest Memory: My first cast party. I Will To AHS: My zannie suit! WILLIAM C. SHWAB 128 Alpine Terrace February 14, 1949 Bill Activities: Dramatic Club; DeMolay. Favorite Saying: “Oh yeah!” I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Favorite Subject: Printing. Sport: Hunt- ing. Hobby: Guns. ELEANOR D. SILVA 15 Windermere Avenue December 29, 1950 Ambition: To become a secretary. Interest: A certain boy. I Will To AHS: My lunch period. Fondest Memory: The Senior Prom. Pet Peeve: Boys fixing their cars. Hobby: Knitting. MAUREEN SILVA 91 Varnum Street December 15, 1949 Moe Favorite Saying: “Yeah, right!” Interests: Swimming; skiing. Favorite Personality: Peanuts. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom. Favorite Subject: English. STEPHEN M. SILVA 38 Newcomb Street August 6, 1950 Steve Sports: Skin diving; boating; skiing. Activities: Allied Youth; Drill Team. Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom. I Would Like To See: A student lounge. Interest: Girls. STEVEN SILVESTRI 29 Littlejohn Street May 7, 1950 Ginn Would Like To See: Another bombscare. Fondest Memory: Gradu- ation. Ambition: To go to college. Favorite Subject: History. Outside Work: At father’s store. ROBERT P. SIMEONE 5 Longmeadow Road July 14, 1950 Sim Activities: AY; Ski Club. Favorite Saying: “Egg plant!” Pet Peeve: A lousy summer. Hobbies: Lacrosse; swimming. I Will To AHS: My 1952 Greg Noll surfboard. CHRISTOPHER SIMONDS 10 Greeley Circle May 14, 1949 JUDITH SIROIS 1 1 Arnold Street April 30, 1950 Sports: Basketball; football. Ambition: To own my own car and to race it. Favorite Subject: English. Interest: Car racing. I Will To AHS: All my great times. Pet Peeve: Fords. SUSAN SIROIS II Arnold Street April 30, 1950 I Will To AHS: My twin sister. Activities: Field Hockey; Softball; FHA. Hobby: Dancing. Pet Peeve: Overly nice people. Favorite Subjeet: English. GARY R. SMITH 76 Overlook Road October 22, 1948 Smitty Favorite Saying: “Cool it.” Hobbies: Skiing; scuba diving. Ambition: To finish school. Will To AHS: All my fine school spirit. Would Like To See: School from the outside. JAMES C. SMITH 69 Wollaston Avenue June 21, 1950 Smitty Activity: Ski Club. Sports: Football; baseball. Ambition: To fly. I Will To AHS: A lot of luck. Interests: Aviation; travelling. Favorite Subject: Math. PAUL J. SMITH 224 Sylvia Street March 26, 1949 Bennie the Beachball Favorite Saying: “Let it all hang out!” Ambition: To own a harem. Favorite Personality: Joey Bishop. Interests: Girls, girls, girls and more girls. Favorite Subject: English. PAUL K. SMITH 23 Edmund Road September 11, 1950 Smitty Favorite Saying: “Just might!” Sports: Baseball; football; tennis. Will To AHS: Every one of my failures. Favorite Subject: English. Pet Peeve: Being so quiet. PHILIP G. SMITH 81 Kensington Park February 4, 1950 Hagop Activities: Yearbook, Editor-in-Chief; Allied Youth; Earth Science Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Chronicle; Park League Basketball; Bagles. Ambition: To become an oceanographer. WARREN R. SMITH 61 Maynard Street June 10, 1950 Hobbies: Stamp collecting; ship building; reading. I Would Like To 153 See: Good food in the AHS cafeteria. Ambition: To go to college and to become a teacher. PATRICIA A. SOMMERS 21 Hopkins Road November 30, 1950 Activities: AY; CYO; Yearbook Staff. Interests: Clothes; boys; skiing; skating; boating. Favorite Personality: Snoopy. Pet Peeve: The small lockers we have to share. STEVE SOTIRIADIS 88 Newport Street August 7, 1950 George Favorite Saying: “Make it work.” Hobbies: Fishing; guitar. Ambition: To travel. Interests: Having a good time; girls. I Would Like To See: Arlington on top. CARL J. SOUSA 89 Oxford Street February 10, 1949 Hobbies: Bowling; basketball. Interests: Driving; operating radios. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Fondest Memory: The first story in Catharsis. Pet Peeve: School lunches. LOUIS P. SPARANGES 24 Hathaway Circle January 5, 1951 Sport: Basketball. Hobbies: Weight lifting; guitar. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Ambition: To become an engineer. Pet Peeve: My French class. WILLIAM R. SPERA 15 Amsden Street July 16, 1950 Bill Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personality: Mrs. Thayer. Ambi- tion: To be an architect. Pet Peeve: Staircases. Outside Work: At Brigham’s. Interest: Cars. DEBORAH STANLEY 15 Yerxa Road April 2, 1950 Debbie Activities: Ski Club; Yearbook Staff; FHA. Favorite Saying: “Oh for Pete’s sake!” Sport: Skiing. Pet Peeve: Fighting with Cliffy. Fondest Memory: Cranes and Hampton. MANUEL W. STEFANAKIS 7 Mott Street June 22, 1950 Manny Activities: Student Council; Football, JV; Ski Club. Favorite Person- ality: Bob Dylan. Sport: Basketball. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Ambition: To be successful in life. SIMEON P. STEFANIDAKIS 137 Brattle Street October 20, 1950 Activities: Science Club; Latin Club; AY. Ambition: To go into medicine. Hobbies: Stamp collecting; looking under microscopes. Fa- vorite Saying: “Quite!” GAIL STEPHENS 1 25 Webster Street July 4, 1950 Hoss Ambition: To become a nurse. Pet Peeve: Boring classes. I Will To AHS: My dirty sneakers. I Would Like To See: A completely new lunchroom; a student lounge. MARY ELLEN STRACCIA 45 Lockeland Avenue February 16, 1950 Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Arlington Youth Council; AY; Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Glee Club; CYO. Sport: Basketball. Favorite Sub- ject: Earth Science. LINDA M. STRONG 18 Yale Road August 7, 1950 Lynn Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Fondest Memory: Girls’ Club dances. Favorite Subject: English. Am- bition: To be happy. Chief Failure: Shorthand. MAUREEN C. H. SULLIVAN 38A Fairmont Street July 8, 1949 Moe Pet Peeve: Getting to school on time. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. Favorite Subject: English. I Will To AHS: My business organ- ization classes. Interest: Hockey games. MAUREEN C. T. SULLIVAN 43 Hilton Street October 27, 1950 Moe Outside Work: At Buttrick’s. Ambition: To graduate from AHS. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Personalities: Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. STEPHEN J. SULLIVAN 50 Candia Street August 27, 1949 Sully Activities: Football; Track. Favorite Subject: Art. Hobby: Fishing. Ambition: To become an artist. Interests: Hockey games; art. I Will To AHS: My marks. STEPHEN M. SUMNER 16 Russell Street July 20, 1950 Steve Activities: Catharsis; Earth Science Club; Tennis Team; Red Cross Representative. Ambition: To become an engineer. Outside Work: Camp counsellor. Hobby: Sloth. Favorite Subject: English. MARYANNE H. SURRETTE 36 Tanager Street June 26, 1950 Muffie Activities: Bedford Volunteer; AY; Dramatic Club. Favorite Subject: Biology. I Will To AHS: My fake eyelashes. Ambition: To become a nurse. Pet Peeve: Stupid people. DAVID W. SWANSON 6 Sagamore Road August 3, 1950 Dave Activities: Band; Cross Country; Track, capt. Sports: Bowling; golf. Favorite Saying: “Can’t tell ya!” Fondest Memory: My sales class. I Will To AHS: A certain teacher. KATHLEEN SWEENEY 27 Langley Road April 16, 1950 Kerry Activities: Dramatic Club; Ski Club; AY. Hobbies: Skiing; swim- ming; surfing. Would Like To See: What they put in the cafeteria food. Ambition: To graduate from AHS. JAY SYLVA 46 Dundee Road May 23, 1950 Joto Activities: Orchestra; Science Club; Band. Favorite Saying: Any pun I can think of at the time. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Subject: History. Will To AHS: My crewcut. ELISSA A. SZAFARZ 294 Mystic Street March 10, 1950 Hobby: Guitar. Favorite Subject: Lunch period. Favorite Saying: “You goon! " I Will To AHS: My long hair. I Would Like To See: Just a “C” in any language. CLAIR TAIT 142 Madison Avenue November 12, 1949 Ambition: To become an artist or an art teacher. Pet Peeve: Any kind of test. Activities: Art Club; Parapsychology Club. Favorite Subject: Art. CARLA JEAN TANNOZZINI 102 Hathaway Circle April 23, 1950 Pet Peeve: Taking gym. Interests: Reading; swimming; driving; draw- ing. Fondest Memory: Meeting the group in the 80’s. Favorite Say- ing: “Hi, there!” LOIS TANZILLI 22 Gorham Street May 22, 1950 Ambition: To travel. Hobby: Dancing. I Will To AHS: The gum I left under seats in the Old Hall. Favorite Subject: Consumer Educa- tion. Fondest Memory: A special party. STEFAN S. TASCHNER 14 Lake Shore Drive August 6, 1950 Interests: Radio communications; electronics; boating; wrestling; swimming; girls. Outside Work: At an electronics firm. I Would Like To See: A coed vocy. JOSEPH TASSONE 6 Waldo Road September 20, 1950 Pizza Favorite Saying: “Groovy, Mugsy.” I Would Like To See: Vietnam. I Will To AHS: My gym sneakers. Fondest Memory: Leaving school at the end of each day. PASQUALE S. TASSONE 39 Varnum Street April 21, 1949 Activities: Orchestra; Marching Band; Concert Band. Favorite Sub- ject: History. Pet Peeve: Monday morning. Would Like To See: The lower world. Fondest Memory: Running the 880. STEPHEN M. TEE 20 Devereaux Street December 26, 1950 Tetley Activities: Chronicle; Gilbert Sullivan. Favorite Saying: “Bags!” Pet Peeve: Tea bags. I Would Like To See: Eve. I Will To AHS: Rick’s jokes. Favorite Subject: Gym. PAULA L. TERZIAN 30 Johnson Road May 29, 1950 Interest: Anything that is fun. Hobby: Piano. Favorite Subject: Mu- sic. Pet Peeve: Blondes. Ambition: To teach. Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Girls’ Club; Rainbow. GLENN R. THOREN 1 18 Claremont Avenue May 20, 1950 Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Chess Club; Track, V; DeMolay. Hobbies: Astronomy; chess; golf. Favorite Subject: Physics. Will To AHS: Thirty-nine slightly used bumper stickers. ANDREA TOBEY 65 Falmouth Road July 14, 1950 Andy Activities: Allied Youth; Latin Club, v. pres.; Civil Rights Club, sect.; Yearbook Staff; Church Youth Group, pres. Pet Peeve: The school bells — they’re too loud. MARTIN TOCZYLOWSKI 1 Kenington Road August 11, 1950 Toz Activities: Football, JV, V; Hockey, JV; Baseball; Track. Ambition: To graduate. I Will To AHS: A brown shirt. Fondest Memory: The end of sixth period every Friday. MARK CHARLES TOOMEY 22 Gray Street March 6, 1950 I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Ambition: To become a lawyer. Fondest Memory: The day I got my license. Interests: Girls; base- ball. Favorite Subject: Lunch. JOHN W. TORENTO 101 Sunnyside Avenue October 1, 1950 Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Tennis Team. Favorite Saying: “No lie.” Fondest Memory: Gilbert Sullivan cast parties. Ambition: To become an architect. Hobbies: Tennis; basketball. NORMAN C. TOWLE 154 931 Massachusetts Avenue February 25, 1950 Nobbie Favorite Sayin : “Hey, where am I?” Favorite Subject: Study. Hobby: Mechanics. Sports: Baseball; basketball. Will To AHS: My gym suit. Fondest Memory: The bombscare. PAUL G. TRAVERSE 42 Cleveland Street June 11, 1950 Trav Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Arlington Youth Council; Eootball, co- capt.; Basketball; Orchestra. Will To AHS: My size 13 sneakers. Pet Peeve: G.J. Hobby: Violin. CHRISTINE I. TRAYNOR 30 Waldo Road July 3, 1949 Chris Interest: Travelling. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom. Favorite Subject: Typing. Ambition: To become a WAVE. Pet Peeve: Gym classes. Favorite Saying: " Oh man!” Hobby: Art. CHARLES TREBINO 48 Newland Road September 6, 1949 Chuck Interests: Reading; collecting records; tennis; basketball. Favo rite Saying: “You’re kidding!” Favorite Subject: Typing. Pet Peeve: Math. Activities: Dramatic Club; Audio-Visual Club. JANYCE L. TRULSON 23 Apache Trail August 11, 1950 Lilivan Activities: Harmonettes; AY; Girl’s Choir; Gilbert Sullivan. Inter- ests: Piano; singing; dancing. Favorite Saying: “That’s life.” I Will To AHS: My bass voice. MARGARET C. TUCCI 103 Palmer Street Eebruary 6, 1951 Tooch Pet Peeve: Waiting for people. Interests: Sewing; poetry; art; music. Sports: Hockey; skiing; baseball. Ambition: To be successful. I Will To AHS: My yellow earrings. NANCY URQUHART 2 Court Street Place March 25, 1950 Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Student Council; Allied Youth; Har- monettes; Girls’ Club; Field Hockey. Hobbies: Piano; tennis; swim- ming; water-skiing. I Will To AHS: My bobby socks. ARNOLD L. VAN AMBURG 84 Brand Street March 13, 1950 Butch Fondest Memory: June, 1968. Ambition: To build a 327. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Pet Peeve: Fords. Favorite Saying: “That’s not fair.” Favorite Subject: Science. ROBERT A. VARTIGIAN 38 Bradley Road August 1, 1950 Would Like To See: The window ledges in the “A” building cleaner. I Will To AHS: My slide rule. Fondest Memory: Mr. Clough’s physics class. Outside Work: At Star Market. LINDA ANN VELOZO 12 Henderson Street January 18, 1950 Pinky Would Like To See: Eewer gym classes. Ambition: To become a secretary. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Favorite Subject: Shorthand. Fondest Memory: Taking gym three times a week. NANCY VENA 29 Sagamore Road September 1, 1950 Activities: Erench Club; Allied " Vouth; CYO. Favorite Subject: His- tory. Ambition: To become a teacher. Pet Peeve: Having only three minutes to dress after gym. Interest: Collecting records. LAWRENCE VENEZIA 39 Windmill Lane October 16, 1950 Favorite Subject: Spanish II. Interests: Surfing; football. Ambition: To finish high school. Pet Peeve: Homeroom teachers. Favorite Per- sonality: Mr. Bradbury. JUDITH VENUTI 93 Massachusetts Avenue January 30, 1951 Activities: Chronicle; Student Council; Yearbook, Biography Editor; Rainbow. I Will To AHS: Erasers, erasers and more erasers. Favorite Subject: Math. CHARLES D. VIOLA 433 Appleton Street July 10, 1949 Charlie Favorite Saying: “It wasn’t me!” Ambition: To go into business. Interests: Girls; sports. I Would Like To See: A much longer lunch period. Outside Work: At Andrew Alford Engineering Co. JAMES VIOLA 24 Wilbur Avenue September 9, 1949 Kins Favorite Saying: “You’ve got a case!” Interests: Baseball; football; hockey; basketball. Hobby: Eixing cars. I Would Like To See: The Patriots win the Super Bowl. KAREN VOLPE 88 Webcowet Road September 23, 1949 Interests: Swimming; horseback riding; football; hockey. Pet Peeve: Taking gym on Tuesdays and Eridays. Favorite Saying: “Are you kid- ding me?” Fondest Memory: The 1967 Senior Prom. ANNE MARIE WALSH 16 Daniels Street February 10, 1951 Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Pep Club; CYO; Arlington Youth Council; Tom Dooley League. Pet Peeve: Crowded school buses. Ambition: To become a teacher. ROSEMARY L. WATERS 66 Milton Street December 18, 1950 Wiggy Hobbies: Drawing; taping records. Ambition: To become a fashion designer. Pet Peeve: The awful condition that the Charles River is in. Outside Work: At Pray’s Eurniture Company. PAUL D. WEDGE 51 Oakhill Drive March 13, 1950 Wedgie Ambition: To stay eligible! Sports: Football, V.; Track. Pet Peeve: Snakes! Will To AHS: My scream and my laugh. Fondest Memory: The trip to Florida by 66’s Football Team. PATRICIA WEISMANN 12 Lome Road May 18, 1950 Pat Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Pep Club; Chronicle. I Will To AHS: My runny nylons. Pet Peeve: Math homework. Favorite Sub- ject: Biology. Favorite Saving: “Really!” ROBERT WHITE 32 Lorraine Terrace May 23, 1950 Bobby Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Pet Peeve: Taking gym. Am- bition: To become an architect. Sports: Hockey; football; baseball. Favorite Personality: Bill Wilkie. JANET WHITNEY 16 Fabyan Street January 27, 1950 Jan Activities: Chronicle; Student Council; Girls’ Club, v. pres., pres. I Will To AHS: My ears. Favorite Subject: Math. Fondest Memoiy: The 1967 Senior Prom. MARJORIE A. WHITNEY 71 Teel Street December 2, 1950 Marge I Would Like To See: Pills that would produce instant education. Fondest Memories: The hockey and football games. I Will To AHS: My gym socks. Interests: CYO; basketball; sailing. WILLIAM WILKIE 18 Linwood Street May 11, 1949 Wilks Favorite Saying: “How are ya?” Ambition: To become an IBM computer operator. Favorite Subject: History. I Will To AHS: My gym suit. Favorite Personality: Bob White. ALEXANDRA WILKINSON 15 Oldham Road April 1 1, 1950 Alex Activities: Cheerleading; Girls’ Club; Earth Science Club; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: Our sophomore year. Interest: Schoolboy sports. Pet Peeve: Taking gym. " BARBARA WILSON 154 Pheasant Avenue May 16, 1949 Stretch Activities: Girls’ Club; Ski Club. Ambition: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Snobs. Favorite Subject: History. Outside Work: At Cor- coran’s. Hobby: Sewing. GLENN WILSON 8 Aerial Street June 1, 1950 Willie Would Like To See: Long hair become a law. Favorite Saying: “You don’t have to believe me.” Pet Peeve: Girls. I Will To AHS: A pair of boots. Ambition: To graduate. RAYMOND WILSON 30 Greenwood Road, Burlington August 21, 1948 Willie Favorite Subjects: Science; shop. Outside Work: At a gas station. Interest: Girls. Ambition: To repair heavy construction machines. Hobby: Cars. SHARON WILSON 61 Wollaston Avenue March 2, 1950 Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Office Assistant. Hobbies: Piano; modeling; reading. Interests: Children; animals. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To become an executive secretary. ELIZABETH W. YOUNG 27 Lewis Avenue June 6, 1950 Beth Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Choir; Erench Club; Girls’ Club; Yearbook Staff; Chronicle; Earth Science Club; Student Council. Favorite Personality: Bill Cosby. Pet Peeve: Silence. ALPHONSE E. ZAMMUTO 65 Eairmont Street May 16, 1949 Frankie Interests: Track; baseball; swimming. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Favorite Saying: “The best things in life are stolen.” Favor- ite Subject: Biology. CHARLES ZEVITAS 31 Menotomy Road April 3, 1950 Bananas Ambition: To become a successful businessman. Favorite Saying: “Don’t yell!” Fondest Memory: National Rattle Day. I Will To AHS: My books, pens and lockers. Interests: Girls; cars. HANS ZSCHIRNT 1 Roanoke Road March 1, 1950 Pet Peeve: Homework. I Would Like To See: School begin at 9:00. Interests: Water-skiing; skiing; motorcycles. Favorite Subject: Eng- lish. 155 Before you accept that first job . • . lAtok over youi etnployer us cui ' efuUy as he does you What’s the Company like anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputation for square dealing with employees? Pleasant surroundings? Will I be working with others my own age? Are they friendly? Do they socialize after hours? Will the boss be reasonable? Appreciate good, hard work, but won’t explode if I make a mistake? Will I make a decent week’s pay? Have a chance for raises, advancement, more responsibility? How about fringe benefits? Is the work challenging? I had what it takes to get through high school. Will they give me a chance to use my brains? Note: Many young men and women in this area can answer “Yes” to these questions. They work for New England Telephone. Why not talk with our employment interviewer soon ’. . . before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor to tell you when and where to apply. New England Telephone Part of the Nationwide Bell System An equal opportunity employer 159 To Mr. James T. Bleiler and Mr. George Corrigan and the J. E. Purdy Company, the 1968 Indian staff says. “Thank you for your help and the spirit in which it has been given.” This book printed by VELV ATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 160

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