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 - Class of 1966

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1966 volume:

Back Row, Standinf : Mary Louise Richardson, Hester M. Maynard, Sarah E. Wyman, William T. Burrage, Mary Eliza- beth Wyman, Paul Dodge, Thomas Henry Russell, Leander Peirce, Mary E. Whitney, Nellie G. Stowe, Charles E. Kidder, Julia F. Fillebrown, Benjamin Franklin Russell, Abby Esther Russell, Florella A. Richardson. Middle Row, Silting: Susie Schouler, Samuel B. Whittemore, Margaret C. Schouler, Wil- liam A. Winn, Charles O. Thompson (Principal), Imogene Ballou, George P. Crosby, Annie M. Hill, Mary W. Russell, Susie F. Frost, Jennie E. Porter. Bottom Row, Silting: Clara E. Brooks, Nellie R. Cady, Ellen R. Richardson, Angeline M. Peck, Susie G. Stowe, Isabella Gilbert, Jennie C. Squire, Annie F. Hill, Emma A. Green, Arvilla M. Hardy. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Joseph R. Menez Managing Editor: Michele Danger Production Manager: David Grano Biography Editor: Paula Kenney Proofreading Editor: Marilyn Sprinkle Business Editor: Richard Young Credits — Literary Editor: Charles Pidano Photography Typing Editor: Bonnie Dutton Stephen Place, Anthony Cammarata, Edward Sports Editor: Glenn Mangurian Azar, Richard Johnson Typing Adviser: Dr. Antonette E. DiLoreto Art: Linda Milici, Gloria Mattioli, Jane Wharton, Faculty Adviser: Mr. Marshall G. Pratt Ellen Urbon ARLTMGTOU HIGH SCHOOL ARLIHGTOH, hlASSACHUSLTTS Stado.nti , VouA 6t.ade.nt. daff6 at Aattngton Htgli Schoot oAe oveA, j and f(oa oAe. gotng on to ot!ie.a 6chool6, othe. te.ache. 06 , otkco le66on6, otkco oppootuntttc6, and othco obZtgattom , j ' The 1966 Indtan Staf) ho6 cko6cn 06 a thermic oo i ouo book, The Sptott oj ' 66 Voa Iaivc the book and the theme to take LVtth uoa on [foao Loaij, a 6oavento o{ AoLington Htgh School, The ' 66 t6 ijouA clo66, a 6fjmbol o that lolvich doe6 not change tn youA ltve6. The Sptott mu6t come neio to ijoa, neiv tn each dao neio tn each act. And heoe, tn Sptott, ma ' i I I call to (foa a6 a voice i oom ’ 66, a voice 6peaktnn { oo tjouA ' teache06 and oom tfouA heottage, ivtihtng you the Sptott that oeneLCi, ; i the Sptott that oe()Oe6he6, the Splott that chee06, the Splott that ho6 lived tn goeat Ameotcani and tn all good men and loomen, I eveoyioheoe and ahoa ' f6, Hail that devoted Sptott live tn goao Itvet, alto: The Sptott o{ ' 661 5 5 MR. GUY A. PETRALIA Assistant Principal It is thy duty often times to do what thou wouldst not; thy duty, too, to leave undone that thou wouldst do. THOMAS A. KEMPIS MRS. AGNES C. BRAY Senior Housemaster MR. GERARD G. KEMP Assistant Principal May the same spirit of the Class of 1966, a spirit of well deserved satisfaction in your accom- plishment, be yours in the years ahead. As you look to the future, remember this heri- tage will help you face your responsibilities to your society, to your country, and to yourself. May success be yours in the years to come. 6 ADMINISTRATION MR. GEORGE LOWDER Sophomore Housemaster MR. GEORGE A. LINCOLN Junior Housemaster One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils. WOODROW WILSON MR. GEORGE FUSCO Freshman Housemaster 7 A H S FACULTY You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. GALILEO MRS. MARY F. COUTTS Physical Education MR. JOHN S. SAMPSON Mathematics; Chess Team; Chronicle MISS LENA MANNING English MISS DORIS j. McCarthy Citizenship MRS. ANN COUSER English MRS. GENEVIEVE J. HUMPHREY Industrial Arts MISS DOROTHY ROUNDS Latin (Head of Dept.) MISS MARY M. O ' CONNELL English MISS IRIS C. BROWN English MR. DAVID N. BRACKETT Mathematics MR. GERALD A. ROBINSON Art (Head of Dept.) MR. CARL A. JOHNSON .Social Studies {Head of Dept.) MR. DOUGLASS L. EATON Mathematics (Head of Dept.) MRS. SYLVIA L. SASLOW English 9 MRS. SIGNE HYNSON Librarian DR. ANTONETTE DiLORETO Business Education (Head of Dept.) MISS BARBARA J. TATUM English; Student Council MISS BARBARA CASHIN English MR. ELMER E. BARBER Mathematics MRS. ELAINE WELLER English MRS. MARION K. EITZPATRICK Erench MR. SHELDON STERNBURG Erench; Spanish MRS. SHEILA LEWINGER istory MR. JEREMIAH D RISCOLL Mechanical Drawing MRS. BARBARA BROWN English MR, PAUL W. GORANSON Physics; C hemistry MR. MARSHALL G. PRATT English; Y ' ear hook MRS. ELEANOR E. BYAM English 10 MR. JAMES CAVALIERI Mathematics; Coach MR. ROBERT C. HILL Physical Education MISS M. CHRISTINE McQUADE English MR. CHARLES B. ARTHUR History MISS MOLLY BLACK ALL Erench; Erench Club MR. ROBERT E. MITCHELL Citizenship MR. WILLIAM McGovern Mechanical Drawing MRS. MARION F. KENNEDY Clerical Training MR. LEONARD FINN [Vood working MISS JEAN MARTIN English; Ereshman Student Council MR. MICHAEL BEZUBKA Business MR. JERRY L. FLETCHER United States History MR. JOHN T OBEY Mathematics (Intern) MR. REED TAYLOR English (Head of Dept.) 11 MISS MARY C. BECKERLEGGE Citizenship MR. RONALD J. WHITMORE Printing MR. CARL A. HENDRICKSON English MR. RICHARD L. MILLER Science Dept. (Co-Chairman) MISS GLENNA KELLEY Business Machines MRS. JANET KHATTAB Spanish; French MR. FRANK H. KOTCHIN Driver Education MR. JAMES E. KELLEY History; Track MRS. CHRISTINE FIORENZA Physical Education MISS MARY E. McDonough Physical Education; Coach MRS. PATRICIA B. MacDONALD Guidance Counselor MR. DONATD H. SCOBIE .Mechanical Drawing MR. HENRY M. TOCZYLOWSKI Consumer Education MR. RALPH F. GIOIOSA Industrial Arts (Head of Dept.) 12 MR. JOHN F. BRITT Typing; Bookkeeping MISS ANNE D. TEMPLETON Biology MISS SHEILA TESSLER English; Speech; Dramatic Club MR. HUMBERT M. OLIVERA Bookkeeping; A ccounting MISS MARGARET D. LEWIS English MR. HAROLD B. FAIRBANKS Physical Education MRS. ILMI S. JONES Foods MRS. BONNIE CASE Art MISS DOROTHY G. MACLEAN English; Speech; Dramatic Club MISS ANNE H. CHODNICKY English MRS. BEVERLY GIEFORD Mathematics MR. RAYMOND S. KROLL Biology (Head of Dept.) MRS. JUDY PTACEK English MR. RICHARD F. McELHINEY Music 13 MR. RICHARD E. LAMA N Music MR. WILLIAM V. DELANEY English MRS. MARY L. MILLER Typing; Stenography MR. H. RUSSELL ALBRO Business MR. DOMINIC F. LUONGO Industrial Arts MRS. PAULINE L. WADE Home Economics MR. ROBERT F. BERMAN United States History MR. ARTHUR T. BURROUGHS Citizenship MRS. DOROTHY GOLDKRAND Latin MISS DORIS WITHERS French; German MISS VIRGINIA M. HUTCHINSON Mathematics; Allied Youth MISS MARY DUNN English; Debate Adviser MR. EUGENE J. DOHERTY Mathematics; Drafting MRS. GAIL CRAIG History MR. LEWIS T. GALANTE MRS. EDITH PHINNEY Mathematics; Algebra Typing 14 MR. L. HASSLER EINZIG Director of Music MISS CAROLYN VOGEL English; Civil Rights MISS ROSEMARY BARTON Latin MRS. KATHERINE CAULFIELD Developmental Reading MR. HARRY MESERVE Science MRS. RUTH LEPIE Library MRS. JOAN LATIMER English; Debate MRS. MARY WERTHMANN Mathematics MR. CLARENCE E. FAULK Physical Science MRS. SANDRA GARDINER Art MRS. KATHLEEN REED Biology MR. STEVEN E. SOLOMON Guidance Counselor MRS. ELAINE KAHAN General Math; Elementary Algebra s MRS. MARGARET DOWNEY Secretary MISS EFFIE McEWEN Foods MR. JOSEPH PAPANDREA Chemistry; Physics 15 MR. FRANK L. PRUSIK General Crafts MRS. MURIEL HEALY General Business MR. JOHN T. BYRNE English MR. EREDERICK MALOOF Mathematics MR. CHARLES FAGONE A luiio-V isua! ( Director) MRS. MARY DOLAN Business MR. ROBERT J. WITHERS Machine Shop MR. WILLIAM CROKE English; Guidance MR. PERLEY H. THOMPSON History MISS MARIE L. SPAGNUOLO Office Practice; Typing MR. DONALD J. MANNING Chemistry; Science Club MR. WILLIAM LOWDER Physical Education MR. RALPH BEVINS Physical Education (Director) MRS. HELEN E. STOCKMAN French 16 MRS. SHARON HEAD English MR. WILLIAM J. GIBBS Data Processing Services MR. JOHN P. LIGOR Business MRS. KAY HICKMAN Mathematics MR. GORDON NEISSER Coordinator for Social Studies MRS. BONNIE COLUMPAR Physical Education; Modern Dance MR. CECIL V. HOWELL Mathematics MR. RALPH S. GIOBBE French; Italian MR. GLENN HAWKES Problems of Democracy MR. J. ROBERT LAVERY MISS FLORENCE E. FORSYTH Home Economics (Supervisor) MR. EUGENE COSLOY Chemistry MRS. THELMA SONNICHSEN Foods MR. EDWARD P. BURNS Mathematics 17 MRS. MARY LOU SOLLMAN Mathematics MR. RAY CIVILLI Mechanical Drawing MRS. CHARLENE SOLOMON Mathematics MISS MARGARET M. FLINT Clothing MRS. M. DOROTHY BURKE Typing: Bookkeeping MRS. LOIS BECKWITH English MRS. JULIA BUTLER Librarian MISS WINNEFRED J. WOHLLEBE Mathematics MR. PAUL MARSOLINO MR. VINCENT J D ' ANTONA MR. NORMAN R Latin Mathematics; JACOBSEN Guidance Electronics MR. CHARLES TUCKER Physical Education MRS. MORA C. RAWLINGS Guidance Counselor 18 MISS E. CHRISTINE NORWOOD Assistant Director MISS PATRICIA FALLON Guidance Counselor MISS MARY F. BARRY Director of Guidance of Guidance MRS. MARY E. BARRY Nurse MRS. HELEN B. BERGKUIST, R.N. MR. ARTHUR L. TUOHY MRS. BARBARA HALLOS, R.N. Assistant Director of Guidance MR. JOHN P. RAHILLY Mathematics MISS GAIL S. LEVY English MISS MARY N. THOMPSON Typing MRS. GRACE M. STAFFORD Secretary MRS. GEORGIA L DOHERTY Secretary MRS. GENEVIEVE MYLES Secretary 19 9 1874 oo ' - vvvW ' " VV ' - ' 2«th 1868 - «vV ' " ' Va cl l. ' fc ' ■ c«W ' » ' ' V i " ' ' ,,i ACM " " ill- ' ; «.u. ' v ' ' ' ' V -r ' f " ' ' ' ' cf. .u ' " ' " ■ ' U. " - ' " " cJ- Tiii .v-- ' , o » " " " " ' ■■ ' ,. ,i.v ' « ' vV.V. ' VVA- ' .-V‘ K«k p o ' { t • :l« " n O-ll- , ' ' ■ o„ h;v.V. V ' «f ' " ' late S ' Kri ' nq ' o " :y ...I ' " ' " ' ® ' t Vi ' ' ' , . ' f ' l,l ..s.vw ' ’■; ■ j ' so v- ftVe ' ,,bo " |j ' ' Irt P- ' ' ’ u ., - ,1 13 Si To ‘ ' “ i »» ' ' ■ 3 t»‘‘ . vM- Vri- .V m- iv. ' ' ' T ' i‘”‘ ' . VT ' ft A. ' ' ' ' 0 -A« b- ... .,rn SCHOO ' - CLV36 V- . vu . , « ' ' ■ Ci ' r ' " ' V.V ' " .ViinwC _ Vloc»®’ ' Vi ' ’fw. ' . " . ' " “JSU. ' " ' ■ ' Ti a» ' ' „n Vn T rn C » ‘ rtt iC l ■“ - ?f- , Q® ' ’ " ' “s At .. ti ' .A • .A» V ■«“ ' ■• ?5;| s SO f ' " Ml ' - ,«U " ' ' i “ ' ' " ’ 0„ Vi 00 Sr ' pRtS EN15 ■ ■ " t ' cWSf T:.;- IfridaV ' arlv iNG- ' O ' ' A s s - " catio ,. efc, • » ' 7° " Scho ' T ' ■ " ’• ' ' " • ' ud ng. our d ' ® rsh,-p ° ' ' “mafic rr «o„u„: " .0 p,: 77- 0. t.ue „:t " ' ' ■- f • ‘ " hute to j., " ' ' f- ' n-aafio . •’ " -«vo uu „- 8010 ' = ' ’ ' " ° S®pt- ' ' vJoWrtoWP " __ v. ' altV ' ®® al _ at Se ' o ' " Broo ' ' ' ” ' ' at WeV®° " ‘ 20 — yfilViawa j5 _ AtcV b«W?__. 1-.30 P- ' - 1-.30 1- .30 f W- 2- .00 ? ' ■ 1-.30 1-.30 P ' ' t -30 P- ' 1-.30 P ' ' |,V® _- , i Jo " Bctef® I A... " s5 ' ssr « " ”■ • ' pirrrtof o» • ' juassuL ® — " ■:. .“::‘i " sS; " student” • M •••- rM,M. M ,..«. st ' oT ' no. ..UNCTO. SE.IOa H.OH SCHOCU P rfpOR ' .XSX K.riG PERlOP .TtTTEX REDIT51 -’t ii i I •«• lii ; ■• i«» U •» «•»«•••• CREDITS TO DATE JANE M. ABBOTT 40 Wilbur Avenue Activities: Office Assistant; Ski Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Allied Youth; Bowling. Hobbies: Painting; reading. Claim to Fame: First prize in an art festival. LINDA D. ABBOTT 19A Lafayette Street Activities: Working at Grant’s in Arlington Center. Favorite Subject: Typing. Pet Peeve: Harves. Fondest Memory: First day I met Jinks. Chief Failing: English. MARIE ABRUZZESE 34 Cypress Road Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Softball; Field Hockey, Man- ager; H armonettes; Girls’ Choir; Girls’ Club; Girls’ Glee Club; CYO. Pet Peeve: Long-range assign- ments. JOYCE M. ADAMS 24 Fordham Street Activities: Girls’ Club; Teen Club; Ski Club; CYO. I Predict That: By 1985 there will be twenty buildings to AHS, and it will take fifteen minutes to change classes. Ambition: To become a teacher. THOMAS H. ADAMS 5 1 Decatur Street Activities: Football; Base’oall; Allied Youth; AYA; Teen Club; Youth Fellowship. Nickname: Maud. Suppressed Desire: To go to col- lege; Favorite Expression: “Zoo Wee.’’ STEPHEN H. AHERN 52 Crosby Street Activities: Football; Bowling; Water-skiing; Working at Brad- lee’s. Pet Peeves: People who take the seat that you have already reserved; the price of AHS football tickets. TIMOTHY AHERN 8 Memorial Way Activities: Working at W. T. Grant Co. Course: Machine. Will To AHS: My four-year- old gym suit. Ambition: To graduate. JANE M. ALBANO 30 Shawnee Road Activities: Chronicle; Dramatic Club; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Latin Club; Yearbook Staff; Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Gilbert Sullivan; Office As- sistant; Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley League; Candy Strip- ers. DOROTHY A. ANDERSON 13 Mount Vernon Street Activities: Office Assistant. Favorite Sports: Miniature golf; bowling; watching football games. Favorite Ex pression: “Are you kidding?” Pet Peeve: Staying after school. WILLIAM T. ANDERSON, III 1 32 Appleton Street Hobby: Painting houses. Pet Peeve: Freshmen. Fondest Memory: Bomb scare. Nickname: Skip. Favorite Expression: “Can’t dance all the time.” Chief E ailing: Females. 22 DOMENIC V. APPRILLE, JR. 70 Decatur Street Activities: Hockey; Eootball. Nickname: Dominica. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. I Will to AHS: All my tardy slips. Suppressed Desire: To continue my education. MARY ANN ARTESANI 5 1 Eairmont Street Activities: Allied Youth; CYO; Working at S.S. Kresge. Pet Peeves: Missing the bus; getting up. Will to AHS: My gym suit. Suppressed Desire: To meet James Bond. ALAN A. ASADORIAN 66 Beverly Road Activities: Ski Club; Tennis; Weightlifting. Hobbies: Scuba diving; playing piano; motorcycling. Suppressed Desire: To pass French. Ambition: To become a doc- tor. ROSE D. AUCIELLO 35 Bonad Road Activities: Allied Youth; Pep Club; Youth Fellowship; Roller Skating; Bowling. Fondest Memory: Traveling in Europe. Suppressed Desire: To gradu- ate. Ambition: To be on television. EDWARD J. AZAR, JR. 34 Ashland Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Boys’ Glee Club; Band; CYO; Boys’ Club; AYA Baseball; Working at Belmont C.C. as busboy. Favorite Sports: Baseball; Bas- ketball. C. JAMES BAKER 39 Newland Road Activities: Band; Dance Band; Orchestra; Ski Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Tom Dooley League. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Chief Failing: French. Favorite Expression: “If they can’t take a joke!” SUSAN C. BAKER 291 Washington Street Activities: Office Assistant; Boys’ Club. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom and beach party. Favorite Sports: Bowling; foot- ball; tennis. Pet Peeve: Teachers. BRUCE R. BALBONI 4 Anthony Road, Lexington Activities: Allied Youth, V. Pres.; Ski Club, V. Pres.; Chronicle; Yearbook Staff; Tom Dooley League; Arlington Youth Council; Student Coun- cil. Fondest Memory: The day I was a Somerville cheerleader. SUSAN M. BARRETT 16 Cleveland Street Activities: Majorettes; Ski Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Teen Club; Girls’ Club; CYO. Will to AHS: My sarcasm. Suppressed Desire: To be a boy and play hockey. Claim to Fame: AHS major- ette. SUSAN BARTHOLOMEW 94 Spring Street Activities: Dramatic Club; Civil Rights Club; Chronicle; Allied Youth; Library Corps; Girls’ Club; Tom Dooley League. Suppressed Desire: To learn to play the drums. Chief Failing: Mathematics. 23 WILLIAM C. BARTON 105 Wright Street Activities: JV Baseball; JV Football; Allied Youth; Latin Club; Legion Baseball; Working at H. J. Heinz Co. XickiHime: Turtle. Claim to Fame: The guts to take four years of Latin. JUDIfH L. BATFISON 65 Colonial Drive Activities: Ski Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Girls ' Club; Working at Mt. Auburn Hospital. Chief Failitig: Being a devout procrastinator. Favorite Subject: Biology. Nickname: Judy. R.ALPH A. BEARDSLEY 7 1 Marathon Street Activities: Football; Allied Youth; Spanish Club. Favorite Subject: U.S. History. Fondest M e m o r i e s : The hockey tournaments; freshman mechanical drawing class. Claim to Fame: My typing. JAMES E. BEGGAN 30 Columbia Road Activities: Football; Chronicle, Circ. Manager; Allied Youth. Council Member; Bedford Hos- pital Volunteer; Arlington Youth Council, Treas. Pet Peeves: AHS girls; home- work; gym. PAMELA A. BELAIR 27 Ashland Street Activities: Symmes Hospital Volunteer; Working at Harvard Coop. Pet Peeves: Trying to get on the chartered bus after school; the long lunch lines at fourth lunch. SUSAN E. BELL 109 Hillside Avenue Activities: Girls ' Club; Work- ing at Mt. Auburn Hospital. Fondest Memory: The bus ride, freshman year, to and from the hockey game at Providence, R.I. Favorite Sport: Basketball. Ambition: To become a nurse. MARIE A. BENINATI 86 Egerton Road Activities: Library Corps; Girls’ Club; Bowling League; Work- ing at Robbins Junior Library. Fondest Memory: Winning two trophies for bowling at the Turnpike Bowladrome. JUDITH BENNETT I 13 Washington Street Activities: Ski Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle. Favorite Sport: Ice skating. Will AHS: My pero.xide. Fondest M e m o r i e s : Senior homeroom and the 1965 Labor Day weekend. DONNA M. BENT 29 Winter Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Office Assistant; Girls ' Club; CYO. Suppressed Desire: To live in Hawaii. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. ROY C. BERGKUIST, JR. 49 Pine Ridge Road Activities: Allied Youth, Council Member; Library Corps. 2nd V. Pres.; Chemistry Lab Assistant; Spanish Club; Arlington Youth Council; Church Youth Group, Treas., V, Pres. Nickname: Bud. 24 ANDREW J. BERTINO 35 Allen Street Favorite Sports: Hockey; foot- ball. Chief F a i I i n g : Not doing homework. Predict That; 1 will live to be 150. Favorite Flxpression: “Too bad.” DONNA R. BERTOLAMI 132 Wildwood Avenue Activities: Allied Youth. Favorite Sports: Baseball; ten- nis; hockey; swimming. Pet Peeves: Crowded corri- dors; not enough time to dress after gym. Hobbies: Sewing; reading. i A NORMAND BERUBE 16 School Street Activities: Science Club, Li- brarian, Treas., Pres. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Fondest Memory: The time 1 won 3rd place in a science fair. Predict That: Someday we will be able to divide by zero. PATRICIA M. BIBBY 1 1 4 Park Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Chronicle; Ski Club; Office As- sistant. Fondest Memory: Long home- room periods. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. VICTOR R. BINKOSKI 158 Pheasant Avenue Activities: Eootball; Baseball; Basketball; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Spanish Club; Student Council; Teen Club; Boys’ Club; Legion and AYA Base- ball. Nickname: Binkie. Favorite Expression: “Pudge!” BARBARA A. BIONDO 105 Varnum Street Activities: Bedford Hospital Volunteer. Will to AHS: My angelic ways and my school records. Claim to Fame: My brains. Hobby: Boys. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. DONNA L. BIRD 35 Pairmont Street Activities: S a m e 1 1 e s ; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff. Fondest Memories: Hockey tourneys; proms. Hobbies: Bowling; dancing. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. MARYANN C. BISHOP 36 Browning Road Activities: Chronicle; CYO; Teen Club. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Hobbies: Dancing; skiing. Pet Peeve: No straws in the lunchroom. ALPRED H. BITZER, JR. 39 Porest Street Activities: Working at Boston Music Co. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Pet Peeve: No straws and hot water in bubblers. Hobbies: Models; records. Fondest Memory: AHS friends. ROBERTA M. BLACK 38 Trowbridge Street Activities: Art Club, Sec.; Bowling. Ambition: To be a commercial artist. Fondest Memory: My junior year. Hobbies: Sketching; reading. Favorite Sport: Hockey. 25 ALFONSO F. BLANCO 18 Brattle Street Favorite Sports: Gymnastics; swimming; basketball. Hobhics: Working on my car. Pet Peeve: Chemistry. Ambition: To be an architect. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. MARIA F. BLANDA 18 Brattle Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; W ' orking at Coyte ' s Diner. Pet Peeve: Being so short. Favorite Sport: Water-skiing. Ambition: To be a legal secre- tary. Chief Failing: U.S. Flistory. BARRY S. BONNELL 155 W ' ollaston Avenue Activities: Dramatic Club; Concert and Marching Band. Predict That: The AHS foot- ball team will be undefeated in 1967. Ambition: To be a commercial artist and own a studio. SANDRA M. BORSINI 67 Decatur Street Activities: Girls’ Club; Chroni- cle. Suppressed Desire: To be an IBM operator or a receptionist at an airline. Fondest Memory: Girls’ Club Semiformal. EDWARD C. BOUCHER 47 Spy Pond Lane Fondest Memory: April 12, 1964. Will to AHS: My empty hair tonic bottles. Hobby: Cars. Suppressed Desire: To rip up all my homework papers. Favorite Expression: “Stupida.” SUZANNE P. BOWLBY 83 Beverly Road Activities: Allied Youth; Art Club, Treas.; Girls’ Club. Ambition: To attend art school . Favorite Sports: Tennis; sail- ing; bowling. Hobbies: Painting and cartoon- ing wall posters. JAMES A. BOYADJIAN 78 Morningside Drive Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club. Favorite Sports: Football; hockey. Fondest Memory: AHS win- ning the State Hockey Cham- pionship. Hobby: Playing the guitar. EDW. RD C. BRANNEN 31 Brooks Avenue Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Marching Band; Working at Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. Pet Peeves: Lunch line; MBTA. Favorite S port s : Football; hockey; tennis. Fondest M e m o r y : Hockey games. JOHN O. BRAUDIS 31 Grove Street Place Activities: Working at Coun- try side Pharmacy, Lexington. Nickname: Jake. Favorite Expression: “Go away.” Will to AHS: My used book cover collection. Ambition: To own a Jaguar XKE. MARY F. BRENNECKE 62 Wollaston Avenue Activities: Chronicle, Girls’ Sports Editor; Yearbook Staff; Arlington Youth Council. Predict That: Someday AHS will get a new scoreboard. Will to AHS: My bent ba- tons. Pet Peeve: Chemistry. 26 JOSEPH L. BRESNAHAN 49 Alpine Street Activities: Lunchroom duty. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Hobby: Woodworking. Fondest M e m o r y : English class. Favorite Expression: “Maintain your cool.” mu to AHS: My ’51 Plym- outh. CHRISTOPHER D. BRINE 24 Windermere Avenue Activities: CYO Hockey. Hobby: Watching motorcycle races. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Favorite Subject: History. Ambition: To be a physical education teacher. BARRY E. BROOKS 16 Orchard Place Activities: Working at Brig- ham ' s. Pet Peeve: New school rules. Will to AHS: All the fresh- men. Favorite Expression: " It’s been vivid!’’ Ambition: To own a Corvette. LEWIS M. BROOKS, JR. 361 Park Avenue Activities: Projection Club; DeMolay; Working at H. J. Hurt and Son. Fondest Memory: The time our hockey team was in the New England Championships. Ambition: To be a printer. RALPH G. BROOKS 12 Grafton Street Activities: Dramatic Club; Al- lied Youth. Ambition: To be an English tea cher. Will to AHS: All my ties. Favorite Sports: Swimming; ' ' bowling; track; football. JANICE M. BROSNAN 27 Lantern Lane Activities: Pep Club; Softball. Predict That: By 1970 I will be out of school. Fondest Memories: Marshfield; the hockey season. Pet Peeve: Rats. Ambition: To be a social worker. BERNICE A. BROUGHALL 75 Bow Street Activities: EHA. Fondest Memory: My first year at AHS and my friends in school. Pet Peeves: Not being given enough time to dress in gym; crowded stairways. Ambition: To be a nurse. CYNTHIA A. BROWN 64 Spring Avenue Activities: Y earhook Staff; Gilbert Sullivan; Tom Dooley League; Girls’ Club. Suppressed Desire: To have naturally straight hair. Favorite Sports: Water-skiing; skating; tennis. JOANNE M. BUCEWICK 73 Gloucester Street Activities: Civil Rights Club; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff; Ski Club. Will to AHS: The bags under my eyes from all my hard studying. Favorite Sport: Hockey. CHARLES BUGDEN 68 Wright Street Activities: Working ' at Bay State Wiring Co.; Mystic Val- ley Gun Club; Sea Explorers; Boys’ Club. Course: Machine. Will to AHS: My attendance record. 27 PATRICIA A. BULENS 27 Wellesley Road Activities: Dramatic Club; Al- lied Youth; Chronicle. Pet Peeves: Emotional teach- ers; underclassmen; study halls. Favorite Expression: " That ' s wicked good! " Favorite Sport: Swimming. SYLVIA E. BULLOCK 28 Wall Street Activities: Er. Softball; Gilbert Sullivan. Suppressed Desire: To write a book about my AHS teachers entitled Are Teachers That Im- portant? Pet Peeve: One-way staircases. KATHLEEN M. BURKE 43 Beverly Road Activities: Majorettes; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: Underclassmen who are taller than I am. Will to AHS: My baton and my frozen legs from those cold football games. KEVIN A. BURKE 43 Beverly Road Activities: Working at Burke’s News Company. Chief Failing: Not getting to school on time. Predict That: AHS will have no more POD classes next year. Ambition: To be an account- ant. CHRISTINE A. BURLICK 785 Concord Turnpike Activities: Ski Club; Dramatic Club. Will to AHS: The fabulous heating system that fails all winter and comes on in May. Hobbies: Sketching; music; reading. JEEEREY J. BURNS 504 Appleton Street Activities: Working at Harvard University. Pet Peeve: Staying after school. Will to AHS: A pair of old Jack Purcell sneakers. Favorite Subject: POD. Ambition: To join the Air Eorce. RICHARD D. BUTLER 97 Overlook Road Activities: Er. and JV Hockey; Allied Youth. Chief Failing: Not nailing a certain AHS girl. Pet Peeves: Einals; report cards. Will to AHS: My saddle shoes. JOHN J. CABECEIRAS, JR. 6 Park Street Activities: Basketball; Ski Club; Weekend Warrior. Hobby: Collecting records. Predict That: Cassius Clay will change his thinking. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Ambition: To join the Stones. JOYCE E. CADOGAN 87 Valentine Road Activities: W ' orking at Utopia Cleaners. Pet Peeves: Gym classes; stay- ing after; homework. Favorite Sport: Bowling. Chief Failing: Erench. Predict That: I ' ll graduate. JOHN C. CADOTTE 9 Teel Street Favorite Sports: Basketball; swimming; fishing. Hobbies: Collecting stamps and coins; flying model air- planes. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. Ambition: To get out of scho ol. 28 KATHLEEN L. CALANDRELLA 3 1 Crosby Street Activities: Majorettes, Head; Yearbook Staff; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Girls’ Club, Sec.; Student Council, Corres. Sec.; Arlington Youth Council. Fondest Memory: Freshman year. Favorite Expression: “Right!” J. WILLIAM CAMARANO 61 Williams Street Activities: Allied Youth; Pro- jection Club; Working at Bel- lino’s Doughnut Shop. Pet Peeve: Girls who comb their hair in class. Hobby: Coin collecting. Ambition: To be a C.P.A. FAITH CAMERON 1 16 Jason Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Tabor Academy, Sum- mer School. Favorite Sports: Tennis; skiing; swimming; skating; softball. Fondest Memory: A junior at AHS. Claim to Fame: My gymsuit. FRANCIS J. CAMPBELL 1 1 Colonial Drive Activities: Gymnastics; Tom Dooley League; Sea Explorers. Ambition: To leave a slab on the Concord Turnpike with my Valiant. Favorite Expression: “I might care!” DANIEL J. CAMPOBASSO 15 University Road Activities: Allied Youth; Cross Country; Sea Explorers. Fondest Memory: Night of the Junior Prom (on the way home). Suppressed Desire: To feel very secure in leaving AHS. Ambition: To go to Boston State. JOAN C. CANAVAN 225 Waverley Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Teen Club; Candy Stripers; CYO. Pet Peeve: Having puny lock- ers. Fondest Memory: The flood we had in chemistry lab one week. IT 7 to AHS: Lost lunches. JOAN M. CAPUTO 63 Old Mystic Street Activities: Chronicle; Tennis; Allied Youth. Favorite Sports: Water-skiing; surfing; tennis; skateboarding. Favorite Expression: “Give it a go.” LINDA G. CARDULLO 82 Orient Avenue Activities: Ski Club; Yearbook Staff. Hobbies: Oil painting; skating; folk singing; tobogganing. Predict That: I will be in the Peace Corps. Claim to Fame: Forever under 5’. STEVEN CARLSON 23 Wellington Street Course: Automotive. Nickname: Swede. Favorite Subject: Science. Fondest Memory: Mr. Bren- nan’s jokes. I Will to AHS: One over-ripe gym suit. MAUREEN B. CARNEY 85 Woodside Lane Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle; Tom Dooley League; St. Agnes Band; Work- ing with Dr. Carvell; C ' 0. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria food. Nickname: Moe. Will to AHS: My youth code. 29 WILLIAM CARRIGAN 104 Ronald Road Hobbies: Going to drive-ins; playing cards; " the Hill.” Favorite Expression: " Who, me? " Fondest Memory: The day I went home because of the bomb scare. Favorite Siibjeet: Sandbox. Hobby: Watching television. ANN M. CARROLL 1 1 Johnson Road Activities: FHA; Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Nurse ' s aide at Symmes Hospital. Suppressed Desire: To be a success. Pet Peeve: Exercising in gym. Hobby: Watching football games. STEPHEN J. CARROLL 7 Indian Hill Road Activities: Student Council; Spanish Club, Pres.; Chronicle, Bus. Manager; Allied Youth; Dramatic Club; Working as caddy at Belmont C.C.; CYO, Pres. Pet Peeve: Staying up all night to study for a test. DEAN H. CASALl 65 Williams Street Activities: Allied Youth; Er. and JV. Football; Chronicle; Working at Fantasia Restau- rant; Arlington Boys’ Club Vol- unteer. Ambition: T o work with youth. Fondest Memory: Summer of ' 65. RUTH M. CASALOU 1 lOB Fremont Street Activities: Allied Youth; FHA; Working at the Y.W.C.A. Hobby: Cooking. Fondest M e m o r y . ' Junior Prom. Pet Peeve: Having to get up so early every morning. Chief Failing: Eating too much. MARCIA A. CASTAGNOLI 16 Kipling Road Activities: Pep Club; Working at the Cambridge Trust Com- pany; CYO. Chief Failing: Algebra. Hobbies: Painting; drawing; guitar playing. Ambition: To study biology. JAMES D. CECERE 204 Wollaston Avenue Activities: Working at Hotel Commander. Hobbies: Reading; swimming Favorite Sports: Football; Jfm hockey; baseball. 1 Fondest M e m o r y : Football games. Ambition: To attend college. RONALD CECERE 22 Virginia Road Activities: Working at Belmont Country Club. Nickname: Hark. Fondest Memory: Detention. Chief Failing: Work. Ambition: To become famous and great. LINDA E. CHAPMAN 8 Water Street Activities: Working at Tou- raine ' s; Church Fellowship and Choir; Rainbow. Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world. Fondest Memory: The beach party. WILLIAM B. CHASE 30 Lake Shore Drive Activities: Pleasant Street Con- gregational Church Fellowship, Treas.; Working at Robbins Library. Will To AHS: My place in the lunch line. Ambition: To become a for- ester. 30 PETER N. CHEKEGAS 74 Hathaway Circle Activities: Fr. and JV Foot- ball; Ski Club; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: Fifth period speech class in junior year. Will To AHS: My fondness for blondes. WIELIAM D. CHIN 21 Norcross Street Activities: Y earbook Staff; AYA Baseball; Gymnastics; CYO; CYO Hockey; Latin Club; Chronicle; Allied Youth; Fr. Track; Ski Club; Working at Arlington News Co.; Tom Dooley League. Ambition: To become a sur- geon. LINDA J. CHING 40 Surry Road Activities: FHA; Office Assist- ant; Working at Bing Laundry. Claim to Fame: Honor roll; typing awards. Suppressed Desire: To visit the Orient. EDWARD CHORBAJIAN 18 Apache Trail Activities: Working at Broad- way Spa. Pet Peeve: Going to school. Favorite Sport: Basketball. Chief Failing: Life. Suppressed Desire: To become a millionaire. CHRISTOPHER P. CIANO 49 Wilbur Avenue Activities: Working as a caddy at Belmont C.C.; Chronicle; CYO. Pet Peeves: Mondays; tele- vision commercials; rain on weekends. Favorite Sports: Golf; baseball. Predict That: The Red Sox won ' t win the pennant. FRANK J. CIANO 50 Marathon Street Activities: Student Council, V. Pres., Pres.; Chronicle, Photog.; Ski Club; Fr. Track; Allied Youth; Tom Dooley League; Park League Basket- ball. Fondest M e m o r y : Hockey games. Nickname: S.S. CHARLES J. CIMINO, JR. 25 Lawrence Lane Activities: Working at Char- lie ' s Donut Shop. Pet Peeve: Bleached blondes. Ilohhy: Folk music. Will to AHS: My stud clothes. Claim to Fame: Selling Latin translation trots. MARIE L. CIPOLLA 65 Appleton Street Activities: Chronicle; Girls ' Club; Ski Club; Allied Youth; Office Assisant; Working at Jordan Marsh Co.; CCD Classes, Teacher; Teen-Age Democrats, Sec.; CYO. Will to AHS: My memories. MARCIA E. CLANIN 18 Amherst Street Activities: Church School, Li- brarian and Kindergarten Teacher. Suppressed Desire: 1 always wanted an older brother. Chief Fcdling: Gym class. Ambition: To be a secretary. JOHN F. CLARK 7 Lafayette Street Activities: Working at Boys ' Club. Coarse: Electronics. Nickname: Butch. Pet Peeve: No coffee breaks. Will to AHS: My old gym suit; deficiency slips; home- work. 31 MAXINF- F. CLARK. 23 Cleveland Street Activities: Church Choir. Pet Peeve: Dress regulations. loudest Memory: The d;»y I did not get caught for skipping. Stippressed Desire: To have an apartment of my own. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. SUSAN L. CLARKH 19 Windermere Avenue Activities: Field Hockey, Capt.; Rasketball; Softball. Pet Peeves: Taking showers after practice; blushing. Suppressed Desire: To be able to go to Florida in the spring. Claim to Fame: 1 was a cap- tain. RAYMOND A. CLIFFORD 131 Mystic Street Activities: Working at the First National. Fondest Memory: Mr. Man- ning ' s chemistry class. Hobby: Working on my car. Favorite Expression: " Vick! " Claim to Fame: My big red tank. PAULA L. COFN 47 Woodside Lane Activities: Allied Youth; Pep Club; Chronicle; Girls ' Club; Working at Jordan Marsh. Pet Peeve: Fnglish literature. Fondest Memorx: Summer of 1965. Suppressed Desire: To make the honor roll. KFA IN R. COFFFY 19 Burch Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club. Sec.; Fr. and JV. Foot- ball; JV Hockey; Track; Art Ross Hockey; Tom Dooley League; Teen Club; Working at .Arlington Housing Authority. Claim to Fame: My Yamaha. JUNE V. COLI INS I 1 I Fairmont Street Activities: Chronicle; Ski Club; Girls ' Softball Team, Manager. Pet Peeve: Getting up early in the morning. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess or a lab technician. PAUL J. COLLINS 1 5 I W ' arren Street Activities: Orchestra, Pres.; Junior Class Pres.; Ski Club; Band. Manager; Allied Youth; Student Council. V. Pres.; Boys ' State; Chronicle, Feat. Editor; Yearbook Staff; Tom Dooley League, V. Pres.; Con- tinentals. RITA M. COLLINS 72 Gardner Street Activities: Girls ' Glee Club. Claim to Fame: Babysitting. Pet Peeves: Having to carry four or five books a day; harves; homework. Suppressed Desire: To travel around the U.S.A. THOMAS J. COLLINS 1 1 I Eairmont Street Activities: Working at the Mo- bile Gas Station. Fondest Memory: Receiving a high school diploma. Hobby: Working on automo- biles. Ambition: To be a helicopter pilot in the service. JEAN A. COLLITON 152 Renfrew Street Activities: Office Assistant; Workinc at Cambridge Trust Co. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Chiei Failinf : Driving a car. Hobby: Sew ing. Ambition: To be a secretary. 32 ROBERT J. COLUCI 12 Highland Avenue Activities: Boys ' Club; Teen Club; Tom Dooley League; Working at Rawson Pharmacy. Favorite Sport: Tennis. Hobbies: Fishing; woodworking. Ambition: To be a top engi- neer in design. DONNA M. COLYER 91 Richfield Road Favorite Expression: “Oh Ma, I need some more money!” Fondest Memory: Last sum- mer. Nickname: Dawn. Hobbies: Cooking; ice skating; bowling. Pet Peeve: Homework. JUDITH A. CONBOY 10 Robbins Road Activities: Ski Club; Working at Harvard Coop. Chief Failing: Hating to study. Claim to Fame: Making good pies. Favorite Sports: Football; hockey. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. Pin I I.IS M CONNEEl 7X Fountain Road Activities: Gilbert Sullivan: Allied ' t ' outh; Ski Club; Rain- bo v. ; Working at Thermo-Rite Sales. Fondest M e m o r y . lunior Prom mbition: lo become an e, ec- iiti e secretary. GERALDINE CONROY 259 Highland Avenue Nickname: Gerry. Favorite Sports: Swimming; football; baseball. Favorite Expression: " Groovy!” Hobby: Reading. Ambition: To be a general office worker. DIANE R. COOK 35 Sunset Road Hobbies: Swimming; horseback riding. Pet Peeve: Hearing the sound of my alarm clock. Eondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Ambition: To become a gen- eral office worker. LAURA E. COOK 87 Overlook Road Activities: Office Assistant; CYO; Working at Rite-Way Cleaners. Eondest Mentory: Junior Prom beach party. Ambition: To become a secre- tary Hobby: Playing whist. PAUL F. CORBETT 77 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Track; Cross Coun- try; Weather Station; Sea Ex- plorers; Working at Riverside Press. Suppressed Desire: To go to school without a tie. Ambition: T o teach high school. ROBERT A. CORMIER 66 Margaret Street Nickname: Bob. Chief Eailing: Laziness. Pet Peeve: Losing to Everett. Eavorite Sports: Hunting; fish- ing. Ambition: To he a game warden or to care for animals. ALLEN P. COSTA 51 Tomahawk Road Activities: Gymnastics, Capt.; Track; Allied Youth; Chroni- cle; Working at Tracer Lab, Belmont; CV’O; YMCU. Predict That: I will never have a car more than two years old. 33 RICHARD J. COSTA 1 16 Varnum Street Activities: Hockey; Allied Youth; Teen Club. Pet Peeves: Homework; studs. Favorite Expression : “T.G.I.F.” Ambition: To join the Peace Corps. iS ' ickname: Chick. THOMAS G. COSTA 102 Dow Avenue Activities: Football; Baseball; CYO. Hobbies: Fishing; golf. Suppressed Desire: To have a mid-morning milk break. Chief Failing: All school rules. Ambition: To be an account- ant. l.AURIAN T. COSTAN7A 15A Avon Place Activities: Chronicle; CYO. Pet Peeve: Hoys. Hobby: Dancing. Fondest M e m o r i e s : J unioi beach part and the whole junior year. Ambition: To work on an IBM computer. ANDRFA G. COSTANZO 35 Windsor Street Activities: Offiice Assistant; Girls’ Club. Hobby: Playing the organ. Chief Failing: Surprise tests. Favorite Expression: “Yeah!” Favorite Sport: Tennis. Ambition: To be a mathemati- cian. NANCY I. COTTRELL 38 Rockmont Road Activities: Allied Youth; Sam- ettes; Office Assistant; Tennis Team; Teen Club; Church Youth Group; Rainbow. Favorite Expression: “Tough! " Ambition: To become a dental assistant. JOHN P. COUGHLIN 65 Winter Street Activities: Arlington Youth Council; Lunchroom duty. Course: Electronics. Ambition: To become a mil- lionaire. Favorite Sports: Baseball; bowling; swimming. PAULETTE COUGHLIN 65 Winter Street Activities: Bowling; Softball Favorite Expression: “Dry up. " Fondest Memory: The day we received our class rings. Ambition: To be a secretary in the John Hancock Insurance Co. PATRICIA COULOURAS 54 Wyman Terrace Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; W orking as cashier at S.S. Pierce Company. Favorite Expression: “Oh, no!” Fondest Memory: Geography in sophomore year. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. GEOPLRLY C. COUSLNS 45 Linden Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; ■Marching Band. Hobby: Photography. Chief Failing: Spending money too easily. Ambition: To work in the field of communications. MARIA E. COVELL 80 Gardner Street Activities: Allied Youth; Audio- Visual Department; Chronicle; Office Assistant. Favorite Expression: “Whoopie! " Suppressed Desire: To ride on a skateboard. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. 34 MYRTON G. COY, JR. 12 Park Street Activities: Student Council; Lunchroom duty. Favorite Sport: Bowling. Hobby: Coin collecting. I Will to AHS: The parking place I had to sneak. Favorite Subject: Girls. EL-AINE E. COYNE 20 Appleton Place Activities: Office Assistant; St. Agnes Band; Working at Arling- ton Lord Sales; Teen Club; CYO. Fondest Memory: All of the hockey tourneys. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. KAREN H. CREMENS 64 Mount Vernon Street Activities: Latin Club. Consul Secunda; Band, Sec; Orchestra; Ski Club; Arlington Youth Council, V. Pres.; Tom Dooley League; CYO. Ambition: To become a home economist. RONALD A. CROMWELL 317 Park Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Dramatic Club, Treas.; Library Corps; Latin Club; Allied Youth; Tom Dooley League; Biology Lab Assistant. Ambition: To enter the field of business administration. PATRICIA A. CRONIN 29 Lansdowne Road Activities: Civil Rights Club; Allied Youth; Working as a ca- terer; Church Young People, Sec. Suppressed Desire: To climb Mt. Mitchell in North Caro- lina. Ambition: To be a teacher. MARGARET L. CROOKS 1 1 Cliff Street Activities: Basketball; Gilbert Sullivan; Samettes; Yearbook Staff; Allied Youth; Tom Dooley League; Working at Charlie ' s Donuts. Fondest Memory: Climbing Mount Monadnock in 1964. THOMAS F. CROSBY, JR. 105 Gardner Street Activities: Working at But- trick ' s Sandwich Shop; Sea Ex- plorers; Youth Fellowship. Suppressed Desire: To sail to Hawaii someday. Ambition: To get a CPA de- gree and to be a data proces- sor. DENISE R. CULLEN 43 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Samettes; Working at David Buttrick Company. Favorite Expression: “Cool it! " Suppressed Desire: To return to Virginia some day. Nickname: Pebbles. Ambition: To become a nurse. JOSEPH D. CULL INAN, III 8 Hodge Road Activities: Cross Country; Spanish Club, V. Pres; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff. Fondest Memory: Going to Boston Garden and Providence, R.I. Chief Failing: We lost! Ambition: To become a lawyer. MARIE CULLINANE 125 Brooks Avenue Favorite Sport: Bowling. Fondest Memory: Riding in a black Thunderbird. Pet Peeves: School; teachers; homework; rules. Will to AHS: A teased hairdo. Nickname: Cull. 35 ROBHRT E. CL ' LLINANE 1 25 Brooks Avenue Activities: Working at Harring- ton ' s Shell Station. Predict That: Russia will become a state. Chief Fciiliiig: Mathematics. Fondest Memory: The engine room in 1963. MARYELLEN CUMMINGS 95 Glenburn Road Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Girls’ Club; Girls’ Choir; Working as nurse ' s aide at Longwood Hospital; CYO. Pet Peeve: Orange tonic. Favorite Sport: Basketball. Ambition: To be a nurse. NANCY T. CUNHA 101 Lake Street Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Having curly hair. Fondest Memory: AHS win- ning the state tourney in 1964. Ambition: To become a teacher. MARYANN CUTTER 898 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Girls’ Choir; Work- ing at Brigham’s. Fondest Memory: My open house party. Will to AHS: My gym suit. Ambition: To become a medi- cal or legal secretary. DENNIS J. DACEY 100 Eremont Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Cross Country; Dramatic Club; Swimming; Working at Eirst National Stores. Suppressed Desire: To own a bright red motorscooter. Ambition: To be an economist. MARY ANN DALY 16 Richardson Avenue Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Working at Brigham’s. Favorite Sports: Ice skating; hockey. Favorite Expression: “What?” Fondest Memory: Junior Prom ’65. I Will to AHS: My report card. ROBERT D’ANTUONO 104 Waverley Street Activities: JV Eootball; Track; Lunchroom duty; Working at Zayre’s. Fondest Memory: All the good times we had in AHS. Suppressed Desire: To own my own chain of stores. BRUCE DAVIDSON 35 College Avenue Activities: Ski Club; Bowling. Favorite Sport: Eootball. Fondest Memory: Beach par- ties at Crane’s Beach. Claim to Fame: Hitchhiking to Georgia in two days. Ambition: To graduate. GORDON K. DAVIDSON 90 Hutchinson Road Activities: Chronicle, Editor; Math Team; Erench Club, V. Pres.; Allied Youth; Civil Rights Club; Yearbook Staff; Debating Club. Fondest Memory: All summer 1965. Pet Peeve: Having fourth lunch. ALAN G. DAVIS 17 Park Avenue Extension Activities: Working as a cash- ier in the cafeteria; Working as a messenger for an insurance agent. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Ambition: To establish myself in the business field. 36 GREGORY E. DAVIS 68 College Avenue Activities: Gymnastics; Spanish Club; Chronicle; Working at Winchester C.C. as a lifeguard. Favorite Sports: Gymnastics; swimming; skiing; scuba diving. Ambition: To enter the field of electrical engineering. JUDITH A. DAVISON 281 Park Avenue Activities: Softball; Allied Youth; Gilbert Sullivan; Rainbow; Working as a wait- ress. Suppressed Desire: To join the Peace Corps. Ambition: To become an office secretary. MARK G. DAVISON 206 Spring Street Activities: Allied Youth; Foot- ball; Hockey. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. I Will to AHS: My broken leg. Predict That: Santa will fire all his helpers. Chief Failing: School. LIND.V A. DAY 14 Blossom Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Working at Harvard Coop; Working with the mentally re- tarded. Favorite Expression: “You ' ve got to be kidding. " Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. I ROBERT De CAPRIO 927 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Working at Middle- sex Television Co. Course: Electronics. Favorite Subject: Science. Fondest Memory: Rockin’ Roller " 1956”. Chief Failing: Writing. LAURA V. DeFRANCESCO 148 Charlton Street Activities: Cheerleaders; Latin Club; Chronicle; Orchestra; Gilbert Sullivan; Band. Fondest M e m o r y .’ Football rally, September, 1965. Ambition: To become a biolo- gist or a medical technologist. BARBARA A. DELGAIZO 21 Cheswick Road Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Chronicle. Suppressed Desire: To travel to Canada. Favorite Sport s : Bowling; swimming. Ambition: To become a nurse. MAURIA P. DEMARKLES 799 Concord 1 iirnpike Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; FHA; Maid of Athens. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom ' 66 Pet Peeves: Rules; regulations. Hobby: Driving. Claim to Fame: Talkativeness. Ambition: To travel. PAMELA M. DEMAS 65 Robbins Road Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; CYO. Pet Peeve: Not getting to bed early. Suppressed Desire: To get my license, then the car. Ambition: To be a secretary. LINDA A. DERIAN 85 Hathaway Circle A c t i V i t i e s : Tom Dooley League, Pres.; Armenian Youth Federation, Pres.; Gilbert Sullivan; Concert Band; Marching Band. Will to AHS: 27,000 Juicy Fruit gum wrappers. 37 PHVI 1 IS 1.. DcROSA 146 Washington Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ciirls ' (.ilee Club. I ' et Peeve: Crew cuts. Fondest M e m o r y Hockey games. Chief Ftiilinj : Getting to work on time after school. Ambition: To go away week- ends. JOHN DEVFAUX 14 Cottage Avenue Activities: Hockey, Co-Capt.; Football, Co-Capt.; Baseball; Allied Youth; Arlington Youth Council. Pet Peeve: Fair weather fans. Fondest Memory: Winning the State Hockey Championship, 1964. ML ' RIFL M. DiClCCO 271 Florence Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Girls ' Club; Allied Youth; Fatin Club; Working at Brieham ' s; CYO. Fondest Memory: A boy who means a great deal to me. Ambition: To he a married school teacher. GILBERT F. DILLON 316 Washington Street Activities: CYO; Working at the First National. Pet Peeve: Little old ladies. Suppressed Desire: To buy a M ustang. Claim to Fame: Passing Latin. Ambition: To be a lawyer. JOHN W. DiMELLA 15 Thesda Street Favorite Subject: U.S. History. Pet Peeves: Homeroom period; crowded stairways; crabby teachers; homework. Fondest Memory: Graduation. Favorite Sports: Hockey; swimming. LORRAINE A. DISESSA 47 Tufts Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Ski Club; Girls’ Choir. Nickname: Tuck. Hobby: Collecting Beatle al- bums. Predict That: Mickey Mouse will become a rat. KENNETH D. DISKIN 10 Lennon Road Activities: Golf Team, Capt.; JV Hockey; Allied Youth; Ski Club, Chairman; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Underclassmen. Favorite Expression: “Did you do the physics? " Ambition: To do something right. ROGER J. DISTEFANO 326 Mystic Street Activities: Football; Hockey; Baseball; Working in stock- room; Allied Youth; Chronicle. Will to AHS: My braces (knee brace; shoulder brace). Ambition: To have lots of girl friends. EILEEN DOHERTY 3 Westmoreland Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle; Tom Dooley League; CYO; CYC; Working at Symmes Hospital. Fondest Memory: Senior year. Ambition: To be a nurse. GAIL D. DOHERTY 10 Bellevue Road Activities: Allied Youth; Girls ' Club; Girls’ Choir; French Club. Pet Peeve: People who walk the wrong way in corridors. Hobby: Playing the guitar. Favorite Expression: “Sig. " 38 RICHARD R. DOHERTY 201 Appleton Street Activities: Gymnastics; Hockey; Football. Hobbies: Jean; Maryann; Chris. Pet Peeve: No smoking in school. I Will to AHS: All my prob- lems. Fondest Memories: Assemblies; vacations; dances. KATHERINE DONAHUE 57 Wollaston Avenue Activities: Working at Symmes Hospital. Will to AHS: My seat in detention. Hobbies: Sewing; Paul. Ambition: To teach Home Economics. PHYTTIS M. DONISI 15 Orchard Terrace Pet Peeve: Last minute changes of heart. Will to AHS: My alarm clock. Suppressed Desire: To he hap- pily single. Ambition: To become an air- line stewardess. CATHERINE L DONNELLY 82 Fountain Road Activities: S a m e 1 1 e s ; Allied Youth; Orchestra; Latin Club; Girls ' Club. Pet Peeve: No time to dress after gym. Will to AHS: My locks that have never worked. PATRICK DONNELLY 100 Gardner Street Activities: Cross Country; Weightlifting; Working at Ma- chinist Addressing Machine Service. Fondest Memory: Passing my junior year. Ambition: To be an engineer. JOHN DONOGHUE 57 Lantern Lane Activities: Allied Youth; Working at First National. Pet Peeves: Homeroom teach- ers; stairs; lunch. Hobby: Playing the guitar. I Will to AHS: A cookbook for use in the lunchroom. MARYANNE DONOVAN 75 Chester Street Activities: Chronicle; Dramatic Club; Ski Club. Nickname: Crash. Hobby: Talking. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Favorite Stibject: Study hall. Pet Peeve: The girls’ gym. DONNA A. DOORAKIAN 62 Randolph Street Pet Peeves: Dateless Saturday nights; losing a football game. Fondest Memory: Sixth period bell. Will to AHS: The homework I didn ' t do. Suppressed Desire: To skydive. SHARYN DORLANDO 26 Hawthorne Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth. Pet Peeves: Yelling; pushing. Favorite Expression: “Wicked nice!” Ambition: To be a fashion retailer and buyer. ROBERT F. DORRINGTON 1 5 Whittemore Street Activities: Volunteer at Arling- ton Boys’ Club and at Arling- ton Fire Department. I Will to AHS: A lock of hair. Suppressed Desire: To stay a bachelor. Ambition: To be a fireman. 39 GLORIA M. DOWNING 24 Cresceni Hill Avenue Activities: Art Club; Yearbook. Staff; Chronicle; Allied Youth; W ' orking at Craft Cleaners. Pet Peeve: Senior homerooms in the 20 ' s and 30 ' s. Ambition: To go to art school. Nickname: Upping. CHERYL A. DOYLE 43 Henderson Street Activities: Orchestra; Chorus; Girls ' Glee Club, Treas.; Girls’ Choir; Gilbert Sullivan; JV Basketball. Suppressed Desire: To be the first woman astronaut. Pet Peeve: Homework on weekends. M.AUREEN I. DOYLE 25 Stoweeroft Road Activities: Majorettes; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Ski Club; Girls ' Club; Teen Club. Pet Peeve: Majorette practice until 5:00 every day. Will to A US: Our lunch tables at second lunch. SHEILA M. DOYLE 109 Westminster Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Pep Club; Office Assistant; Girls’ Club; CYO. Nickname: Bugs. Favorite Expression: “P.M.O.” Ambition: To go to Salem State with you-know-who. JOHN A. DRISCOLL 103 Oakland Avenue Activities: Eootball; Basket- ball; Yearbook Staff; Chroni- cle. Will to AHS: My size 12 gym sneakers. Chief Failing: My temper. Claim to Fame: Being prone to injuries. SIMONE duCHALARD 1 30 George Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; .Allied Youth; Rainbow ' . Favorite Expression: " You ' re a fruity of the loom. " Will to AHS: My books of knowledge. Fondest Memorv: Senior Prom ' 65. JAYNE E. DUM.AS 122 Charlton Street Activities: Eield Hockey; Bas- ketball. Pet Peeves: Men who smoke cigars; my yearbook pictures. Will to AHS: My old short- hand notebook. Ambition: To own my ow ' n car. BONNIE J. DUTTON 55 Epping Street Activities: Cheerleaders; Ski Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; V ' earbook Staff, Typing Editor. I Will to AHS: My good eyesight. Favorite Expression: " I doubt it. " Chief Fail i n g : Biting my cheek. JEAN A. DWYER 29 Acton Street Activities: Office Assistant; W ' orking at Pray ' s in Boston. Hobby: Playing whist. Favorite Expression: " W ' ould you like to discuss it? " Ambition: To live at Hampton Beach for the rest of my life. k ROBERT W. DWYER 56 Summit Street Activities: Hockey; Baseball; Eootball. Nickname: Dingy. Fondest Memories: Eire drills; bomb scares; assemblies. Chief Failing: Skateboarding down Spring Avenue. 40 MARGARET A. EARLE 64 Crawford Street Activities: Working at Donuts Please. Pet Peeves: Black, bushy hair; boys; teachers. Fondest Memory: Getting my license. Hohhy: Making up. ROSEMARIE EARLS 57 Hillsdale Road Activities: Civil Rights Club; Ski Club; Latin Club, Socius Ludorum; Allied Youth; Chronicle. Nickname: Eeee. Ambition: To become a politi- cal scientist. JANE M. EGAN 25 Elmore Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Gilbert Sullivan; CYO; Working at Buttrick’s. Chief Failing: No ability in handling money. I Will to A US: My gym suit. Ambition: To become a teacher. IVY M. ELLICOTT 20 Joyce Road Activities: Allied Youth; Chronicle; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Sports cars. I Will to AHS: All the pens I have lost. Favorite Expression: “Ah busta canna foom!” JANET M. ENG 26 Longfellow Road Activities: Dramatic Club; Yearbook Staff; Allied Youth. Pet Peeves: The clocks in school that never work; sitting on half a seat in the lunch- room. Predict That: I will never be able to type. JOANNE M. ENOS 60 Magnolia Street Fondest Memory: My cottage in New Hampshire. Favorite Expression: “Don’t get your liver in a quiver.” Ambition: To work fi ve days a week and have the weekends off. Hobby: Dancing. RICHARD A. ENOS 60 Magnolia Street Activities: Ski Club. Will to AHS: My old sneak- ers. Favorite Sports : Baseball; hockey. Pet Peeve: Doing homework. Chief Failing: French. Ambition: To be a pilot. PAUL D. ERCOLINI 17 Linwood Street Activities: Allied Youth. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Pet Peeve: No escalators. Favorite Expression: “Huh?” Chief E ailing: Good looks. Suppressed Desire: To get up at 12:00 and walk into school. BEVERLY E. ESTELLA 4 Beck Road Activities: FHA. Favorite Sport: Tennis. Favorite Expression: “Oh, fudge.” Pet Peeve: Too much home- work the night before a test. Ambition: To be a secretary. EDWARD M. FAIOLA 66 Newport Street Activities: Working at Arling- ton Lithograph Co. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Hobby: Painting. Favorite Su bject: Art. Ambition: To attend Massa- chusetts College of Art, 41 KKVIN JOHN FALLON 36 Florence Avenue Activities: Outdoor Track; In- door Track; Cross Country; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Fr. Basketball; AYA Baseball; Teen Club; Boys ' Club; CYO. I H ill to A IIS: The ties I had to wear these four years. CHFRYL A. FARFSF 78 Decatur Street Activities: Dramatic Club; FHA; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Working at F. Waugh Insur- ance Agency, Inc. IVill to A US: Room 82 — hot in summer, cold in winter. Chief Failing’: Getting up. FRANK J. FARESF 15 Menotomy Road Activities: Working at Chicken Delight. Fondest Memory: " B " from Mr. Thompson in history. Pet Peeve: Buttrick ' s. Will to A US: My handbook. Ambition: To be a carpenter. JOAN E. EARESE 78 Decatur Street Activities: Working at Paul- ine ' s Donut Shop. Will to A US: My alarm clock. Hobbies: Art; designing. Suppressed Desire: To be a good artist. Favorite Subject: POD. PAUL V. FARIA 16 Perth Road Pet Peeve: Slow-walking girls. Fondest M e m o r y : Bomb scares. Will to A US: All the papers in my history desk. Favorite Expression: “Censored.” Claim to Fame: Watermelons. Ambition: To he a cowboy. CAROLANN M. FERRANTE 84 Cleveland Street Pet Peeve: Mean people. Favorite Sport: Softball. Fondest Memory: My friends. Hobby: Playing instruments. Will to A US: Thanks for all the help my teachers gave me. Nickname: Mickey. JOHN EERRANTE 143 Ridge Street Activities: Gymnastics; Weather Station; Sea Explorers. Nickname: Jack. Hobbies: Swimming; water- ski ing. Pet Peeve: Long hours of school. Suppressed Desire: To teach the teachers. ELIZABETH M. EERRARINl 204 Mystic Street Activities: Chronicle; Ski Club; Office Assistant; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: Watering plants in room 22. Fondest Memory: Making honors. Ambition: To be a secretary. JANE M. FITZGERALD 34 Fairmont Street Activities: Chronicle; Girls ' Club; CYO. Favorite Sport: Swimming. Pet Peeve: Coming to school in hot weather. Favorite Expression: " Oh my good gomers! " JUDITH FITZP.A.TRICK 29 Cleveland Street Activities: Chronicle; Ski Club. Will to A US: My gym suit. Favorite Expression: “Guess so.” Hobbies: Sewing; walking. Eavorite Sports: Tennis; bas- ketball; Bruins hockey. Ambition: To be a secretary. 42 SYLVIA L. FLEMING 306 Appleton Street Activities: Chronicle; Pep Club; Girls’ Club. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Fondest kl e m o r y : Hockey tourneys. Pet Peeve: Studs. Favorite Subject: Biology. Hobby: Scooping. SHERYL A. FLETCHER 29 Henry Street Activities: Ski Club; Girls ' Club; Bedford Hospital Volun- teer. Hobby: Cooking. Favorite Expression: “Are you serious?” Ambition: To be a secretary. DAVID E. ELOREEN 27 Tanager Street Activities: Ski Club; Marching Band; Concert Band; Gilbert Sullivan; Dramatic Club; Al- lied Youth. Favorite Sport: Football. Ambition: To graduate from college. STEPHEN A. FLOYD 32 Foster Street Activities: Allied Youth; Gym- nastics; Teen Club. Suppressed Desire: To have one night with no physics homew ' ork. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Ambition: To be successful with little effort. THOMAS E. FLYNN 47 Amsden Street Activities: Cross Country; Teen Club. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Pet Peeve: No elevators in AHS. Favorite Expression: “Can I have the car tonight?” Ambition: To make a million. ARTHUR J. FOISY 295 Appleton Street Activities: Dramatic Club; Al- lied Youth; Chronicle; CYO. Pet Peeve: Underclassmen. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Fondest Memory: Italian class. Claim to Fame: I fell out of Room 38. GERALDINE FONTANA 70 Mount Vernon Street Activities: Allied Youth. Hobby: Dancing. Favorite Expression: “Are you kidding me?” Suppressed Desire: To travel. Ambition: To be a fashion consultant. KATHLEEN A. FORD 82 Menotomy Road Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Girls ' Club. Sec.; Ski Club; CYO. Tom Dooley League. Fondest Memories: Lobster and long-stemmed red roses. Ambition: To become a nursery teacher. CAROL ANN FRANCIS 19 lason Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Office Assistant; Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Chronicle; Arlington Youth Council; Yearbook Staff ' . Favorite Expression: “Well, I ' m sorry.” EDIIH M. FRANKLIN I 10 Spring Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Girls’ Choir; Gilbert livan. Fondest Memory: Naval lion. Favorite Sport: Softball. Pet Peeve: Untidy boys. Ambition: To be a nurse. 43 JAMFS A. FRATHLLO 161 Sylvia Street Activities: Chronicle. Advertis- ing Mtmager; .Science Teatn; Tom Dooley Teague; CYO. Claim to Fame: National Merit l etter of Commendation. i ' avorite E x p r c s s i o n : " Cio wild! " Amhition: To be a doctor. SHIRTFY FRFNCH 1 I Day Street Activities: Cjirls’ Glee Club; Projection Club; and Ciirls’ Choir. IV ill to AHS: My books; my papers; everything. Pet Peeve: Half-inch lockers. Fondest Memory: Senior year. Amhition: To be a nurse. LFSLIF M. FRIFF 155 Forest Street Activities: Ski Club; Chronicle; .Allied Youth; Bedford Hospital V olunteer. Fondest Memory: My first prom. Amhition: To be a medical secretary. JOHN J. FRONTING 330 Ridge Street Activities: Football; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Boys’ Glee Club. Nickname: Frosty. Uohhies: Models; woodwork- ing. Amhition: To work for a Bos- ton newspaper, (llohe or Traveler. STFPHEN F. FUNICELFA 49 Washington Street .Activities: F e x i n g t o n Park Dept. Baseball. Pet Peeves: Physics laboratory and lab write-ups. Fondest Memory: Meeting Tony Conigliaro. Will to AHS: My old radio. WILLIAM J. FURDON 19 Arnold Street Activities: CYO; Working at Boston Music Co. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Hohhy: Coin collecting. Fondest Memory: AHS. Favorite Expression: “H e y . you!” Ambition: To succeed. JL ' LIF F. FUSCO 15 Pamela Drive Activities: .Allied Youth; Girls ' Club; Field Hockey; Basket- ball; Softball; .Arlington Youth Council; CYO. Chief Failin! : Talking. Amhition: To join the Peace Corps or the USAF Nurse Corps. ROSEMARY A. GALLANT 19 Moccasin Path Activities: Dramatic Club, Asst. Treas.; Chronicle, Copy Editor; Arlington Youth Coun- cil; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff; Girls ' Choir; Ski Club; CYO. Amhition: To go into the home economics field. DONALD GALLO 28 Everett Street Activities: Fr. and JV Foot- ball; Working at Z wicker ' s Sporting Goods; Weekend Warriors. Pres. Nickname: The flea. Fondest Memory: Beach party after the prom. Pet Peeve: People (grown-up). JOSEPH M. GASPER 1 10 Sunnyside Avenue Activities: Camera Club; Ski Club; Working in an automo- tive body shop; Flying. Favorite Expression: " Can ' t wait until Friday night!” Amhition: T o become a pilot in the Air Force. 44 VALERIE L. GATES 6 Harvard Street Activities: Allied Youth; Pep Club; Chronicle; Office Assist- ant. Hobby: Reading. Favorite Sport: Eootball. I ' ondest Siemory: Last summer. Ambition: Airline hostess. ALAN GEORGE 40 Rublee Street Favorite Sports: Hunting; div- ing; swimming; boating. Pet Peeve: Some of the kids with their crazy ideas. I Will to AHS: Every one of my ties. Ambition: To have a good job. LOIS M. GEREMONTE 63 Mott Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle; Girls ' Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Girls ' Club. Fondest Memory: When AHS won the State Hockey Tourna- ment. Will to AHS: Low seat in 22 . Ambition: To be a nurse. CLAIRE GILLIGAN 252 Elorence Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Civil Rights Club; Chronicle; Span- ish Club; CYO. Hobby: Collecting stuffed ani- mals. Ambition: To be a dental technologist. EDMOND B. GILPATRICK 7 Avon Place Coarse: Business. Favorite Sport: Eootball. Fondest Memory: Wild foot- ball games. Birth August 23, 1947. Favorite Expression: “Cum- mon. " Will to AHS: My gym socks. ERANK J. GIRARDI 122 Washington Street Activities: Ski Club; Teen Club; Bowling League. Hobbies: Bowling; scooters. Favorite Expression: “Yee-haa! " Ambition: To be a beach bum and a playbov. NORMAN I. GLOVER 60 Robbins Road Activities: CYO; Ski Club; Working at First National Stores. Favorite Sports: Football; hockey; baseball. Suppressed Desire: To become President of the United States. PHILIP L. GODUTI 17 Paul Revere Road Activities: Chess Team; Debat- ing Team. Favorite Expression: " Shucks! " Pet Peeve: This place is drafty. Suppressed Desire: None, since I don’t suppress any. Will to AHS: The Lord’s mercy. CATHY B. GOGUEN 9 Lockeland Avenue Activities: FHA. Pet Peeves: Homework; teach- ers; detention. Eondest Memories: Junior Prom; beach party. Favorite Expression: “Don’t worry about it.” CHARLES GOTT 90 Churchill Avenue Activities: Football; Indoor and Outdoor Track; Ski Club; Allied Youth; Arlington Youth Council. Pet Peeves: Math 9; weekend homework; silly girls. Ambition: To go to college. 45 BARBARA L. GOVONI 21 Pond Lane Aclivities: Field Flockey; Bas- ketball; Softball. Hobby: Sports. Fondest Memory: Being unde- feated in field hockey. Suppressed Desire: To go to Florida in the spring. PAUL G. GOWERN 23 Iroquois Road Aclivities: Allied Youth; St. Agnes Band; Working at Crisafi Pharmacy. Pet Peeves: Peopl e with new cars; stupid questions. Favorite Sports: Football; dis- cus throwing; gymnastics. DANIEL R. GRANNAN 311 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Allied Youth. Hobby: Collecting records. Pet Peeve: Small lockers. Favorite Sports: Hockey; base- ball. Will to AHS: The homework I didn ' t do. DAVID A. GRAND 61 RhineclilT Street Activities: Science Club; French Club, Treas., V. Pres.; Science Team; Chronicle; Yearbook Staff; Civil Rights Club; Chemistry Lab Assistant. Claim to Fame: National Merit Semi-Finalist. FRANK M. GREATORFX 72 Avola Street Activities: Apparatus. Pet Peeves: School; home- work; certain teachers. Favorite Sports: Baseball; football; hockey. Favorite Expression: " Check it out!” PETER D. GREELEY 71 Brattle Street Activities: Working at But- trick’s. Favorite Expression: “Cool it!” Suppressed Desire: To gradu- ate in ' 66. 1 Predict That: Our Class Day refr eshments will be “spiked.” EDWIN J. GREEN 30 Mayflower Road Activities: Ski Club; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Upstairs water fountains. Fondest Memory: Great times at Auburn. Ambition: To leave one hun- dred feet of rubber. P.A.TR1CK D. GREEN 30 Amsden Street Activities: Cross Country; Al- lied Youth; Spring Track; Dra- matic Club; Basketball; Tom Dooley League; Working as camp counselor in New Hamp- shire. Pet Peeve: Proving angles in geometry. BRUCE GREENE 88 Park Avenue E.xtension Activities: Student Council; Working at Citgo; Tom Dooley League. i ickname: F-Cracker. Coarse: Automotive. Favorite Sport: Football. Chief Failing: Physics. JAMES M. GREENE 614 Summer Street Activities: Civil Rights Club; Allied Youth; Cross Country; Tom Dooley League; CYO, Treas. Pet Peeve: People who chew gum hut don’t give you any. Ambition: Not to be drafted. Claim to Fame: A rich uncle. 46 BARBARA J. GUARENTE 314 Mystic Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Symmes Hospital Volun- teer; Working as a model; Camp Counselor. Fet Peeves: D.C.’s dog; some music; mathematics. Will to AHS: My sister. JANET E. GUARENTE 314 Mystic Street Activities: Majorettes; Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Teen Club. Fondest M e m o r y : Allied Youth International Confer- ence in Washington. Favorite Sport: Eootball. JEEEREY T. GUINEY 200 Eorest Street Activities: Cross Country; Al- lied Youth; Ski Club; CYO Hockey; AYA Baseball; Teen Club. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom and beach party. Chief Failing: Big feet. KENNETH W. GURNEY 71 Glenburn Road Activities: Golf; Tennis; Teen Club; AYA Baseball. Fondest Memory: October 9, 1965 ' -5 Claim to Fame: Tennis Cham- pion of Arlington. Pet Peeves: Girls; parents. Nickname: Spike. CARL D. GUSTAFSON 62 Mary Street Activities: Ski Club; Projection Club. I Will to AHS: My hula-hoop; my sister. Predict That: The little old winemaker will not last an- other season. JOHN H. HAGOPIAN 8 Brattle Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Dance Band; Dramatic Club; Teen Club. Pet Peeve: Sophomore girls. Claim to Fame: A “Minute- man.” Suppressed Desire: To let my hair grow long. KENNETH HAMBLIN 64 Robbins Road Fondest Memory: When my English teacher threw a paper airplane. Suppressed Desire: To learn how to surf. Favorite Subject: P.O.D. Nickname: Hammy. Favorite Sport: Hockey. DONALD R. HAMILTON I 16 Sylvia Street Activities: Football; Track. Pet Peeve: Waking up early in the morning. Predict That: Someday the students of AHS will rebel against the school’s rules. Will to AHS: Levis. LISA E. HANKISON 16 Schouler Court Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Mixed Chorus; Dramatic Club. Suppressed Desire: To travel in Europe on a motor scooter. Predict That: All students will have a great senior year. JOAN HANLEY 59 Tufts Street Activities: Girls’ Choir; Girls’ Glee Club; Chronicle; Year- book Staff; Civil Rights Club. Nickname: Leader. Will to AHS: My AHS handbook of rules. 47 STEPHEN G. HANNAEORD 19 Nicod Street Activities: Dramatic Club; Civil Rights Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Debating Club; Inter- nations Club. I ' avorite Expression: Quod licet lovi non licer bovi. Favorite Subject: English. LESLIE C. HANSEN 65 Dudley Street Activities: Girls’ Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Chronicle; Teen Club; Gilbert Sullivan. Pet Peeves: Eat boys; phonies; school dress rules. Fanciest Memory: Beatle con- cert. , Favorite Expression: " Too much.” BARBARA E. HARNISH 1 39 Lake Street Activities: Chronicle; Bowling; Camp Counselor. Pet Peeve: Pigtail pullers. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom in junior year. Ambitions: To write and to be able to read upside down. LEE L. HARRINGTON 20 Newport Street Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; JV Eootball. Fondest Memory: Crane’s Beach. Favorite Sports: Eootball; bas- ketball. Chief Failing: School. Will to AHS: Memories. SUSAN M. HARRINGTON 12 Overlook Road Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Pep Club; Chronicle; Teen Club. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Favorite Sport: Tennis. Will to AHS: All my hard tries for a certain boy. ROBERT W. HARRIS 28 Grand View Road Activities: Ski Club; Allied Youth; DeMolay. Claim to Fame: Do or die. Pet Peeve: Physics homework. Chief Failing: Physics. Favorite Expression: “I doubt it.” SCOTT D. HARRISON 247 Park Avenue Activities: Dramatic Club; In- ternations Club; Teen Club; DeMolay. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Pet Peeve: Sticky keys in typ- ing. Ambition: To be an account- ant. JEAN M. HAYES 21 Claremont Avenue Activities: Ski Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; CYO; Teen Club. Pet Peeve: Not having enough lime to get dressed in gym. Will to AHS: My old, dirty gym suit. MAUREEN P. HAYES 87 Dickson Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Ski Club; Allied Youth; CYO. Fondest Memory: Jumping in- to a fire extinguisher and breaking it. Nickname: Moe. MICHAEL T. HEALY 10 I nverness Road Activities: Football; Allied Youth; Weightlifting; CYO; Boys’ Club. Chief Failing: Math. Predict That: Arlington will have two high schools by 1968. Pet Peeve: Too much home- work. 48 ANNE HENRIKSON 25 Claremont Avenue Activities: CYO; Working at Brigham’s in Cambridge. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. IVill to AHS: All my tardy and absence notes. Favorite Sport: Eootball. Ambition: To be a secretary. HEIDI H. HIGGINS 82 Hamlet Street Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Ski Club. Pet Peeve: No coke machine in the cafeteria. Favorite Expression: “Wicked.” Favorite Sport: Hockey. Ambition: To go to college. JOHN R. HILL 22 Swan Place Activities: Ski Club; Dramatic Club; Boys’ Club; Swim and Basketball Teams; Working at S.S. Kresge’s. Nickname: Johnny. Fondest Memory: Childhood. Ambition: To be a psychologist. MARY A. HILL 22 Swan Place Activities: Dramatic Club; Ski Club; Tennis Team; Chronicle; Teen Club. Suppressed Desire: To finish my homework some night. Fondest Memory: Going out in the rain during gym. i J KATHY E. HINGLEY 86 Bow Street Activities: Ski Club; Chronicle; EHA. I Predict That: Someday the lunchroom will surprise us and serve some real food. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom and beach party. ROBERT N. HIRSCH 1 39 Renfrew Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; AYA Baseball; CYO. Pel Peeve: Wise, sarcastic per- sons. Favorite Subject: History. Ambition: To become a social worker. SUSAN M. HOBART 10 Walnut Street Activities: Allied Youth; Gil- bert Sullivan; Girls’ Club; Orchestra; CYO; Tom Dooley League. Will to AHS: The non-stop elevator. Favorite Subject: Crafts. JOHN J. HOGAN 167 Overlook Road Will to AHS: My locker combination. Favorite Sport: Polo. Suppressed Desire: $. Ambition: To live in Beverly Hills. Claim to Fame: Royal blood. PATRICIA HOGAN 6 Rawson Road Activities: Latin Club. Favorite Sports: Swimming; tennis. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Ambition: To be a teacher. Favorite Subject: English. Suppressed Desire: To travel. ROGER V. HOMER 48 Elorence Avenue Activities: Gymnastics; Gilbert Sullivan; Marching Band; Concert Band; Dance Band. Will to AHS: Blood, sweat, and Mr. Taylor. Fondest Memory: Mr. Kroll ' s ties. 49 PATRICIA K, HUGHFS 24 Greeley Circle Activities: Dramatic Club; Yearbook Staff. Chief Failing: Je ne sais pas. Claim to Fame: Part of Miss Higa Jiga in of the A iigast Moon. Favorite F.xpression: “You all. " STEPHFN J. HUGHES 3 1 Tanager Street Nickname: Stretch. lym to AHS: A lock of my hair and a pair of levis. Favorite Sports: Sports car rac- ing; demolition derbies. Sappres.sed Desire: To see Arl- ington come alive. DIANE M. HUNTER 56 Robbins Road Activities: Girls ' Club; Allied Youth; Girls ' Chorus; Ski Club. IE ' to AHS: My experience of marching in gym. Suppressed Desire: To get 700 ' s on my College Boards. Ambition: lo become a teacher. FRANKLIN W. HURD 10 Newton Road Activities: AYA; Teen Club. Favorite Fxpression: “Unbe- lievable. " Pet Peeves: speeches in speech class. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Claim to Fame: My driving. WILLIAM R. HUTCHINS 16 Mystic Lake Drive Activities: Mystic Lake Park- ers; Boys’ Club. Fondest Memory: Mr. De- laney ' s jokes. Nickname: Hutch. Favorite Sports: Football; bas- ketball; swimming. JEAN HUTTON 100 Churchill Avenue Activities: Civil Rights Club; Harmonettes; Girls’ Choir; Girls’ Glee Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Allied Youth; Chron- icle; Church Youth Group. Ambition: To teach elementary school. JOHN N. HYNES 21 Daniel Street Pet Peeve: Two-way stairways. Favorite Sport: Football. Will to AHS: All of my books. Favorite Fxpression: “Are you for real?” Ambition: To go to college. Nickname: Herbie. PAUL L. lAPPINI 102 Grafton Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Camera Club; Tennis Club; Teen Club; Tom Dooley League. Will to AHS: Four years of incomplete homework. Chief Failing: SMSG math. Favorite Subject: Biology. MARY E. ICETON 70 Edmund Road Activities: Office Assistant; CYO. Pet Peeves: Phonies; people who don’t listen to you while you are talking. Favorite Fxpression: “Cool, huh? " KAREN M. IGO 19 Mount Vernon Street Activities: Allied Youth; CYO; Girls’ Club; Office Assistant; Tom Dooley League. Pet Peeves: Alarm clocks; crowded corridors. Will to AHS: My great math grades. 50 RONALD E. IMPOSIMATO 103 Ronald Road Activities: AYA Baseball ; Working at Mayflower Spa. Pet Peeve: Babysitting on Sat- urday nights. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Ambition: To marry a million- aire ' s daughter. HIRAM E. ISALGUE 46 Chandler Street Activities: Cross Country; In- ternations Club; AYA Baseball; CYO. Favorite Expression: “Zow- wee!” Favorite Sports: Judo; running; cross country; hockey. Nickname: Hi. BRUCE R. JEEEREY 32 Devereaux Street Activities: Football. Pet Peeve: People. Claim to Fame: A copper tan. Favorite Expression: “Ship out fluffy.” Ambition: To go into the com- munications field. PAMELA K. JOHNSON 37 Thorndike Street Activities: Girls ' Choir; Rain- bow; Working as a nurse ' s aide. Fondest M e m o r y : Meeting Mark. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. RICHARD P. JOHNSON 18 Central Street Activities: Working at Jarvis Sunoco Service. Hobby: Photography. Pet Peeve: Loud fire drill bell. Ambition: To be a motion picture director. BARBARA L. JONES 31 Surry Road Activities: Ofiice Assistant; Working at Pray’s Furniture. Nickname: Jonesy. Favorite Subject: Home living. Favorite Sport: Bowling. Ambition: To become an interior decorator. DEBORAH L. JORDAN 9 Sorensen Court Activities: Mixed Chorus; .Allied Youth; Advent Christian Youth Fellowship; Singing. Fondest Memory: Senior year. Pet Peeves: Being delayed after the bell; crowded stair- ways. Ambition: To be a gospel singer. W. GREGORY JOYCE 51 Cutter Hill Road Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Working at Arlington Furniture. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Nickname: Greg. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Ambition: To be an engineer. ROBERT J. KALUSTIAN 36 Columbia Road Activities: Physics Lab Assist- ant; Radio Club. ' V. Pres.; Science Club; Projection Club. Favorite Subject: Science. Hobby: Ham radio. Chief Failing: French. Ambition: To he an engineer. JOHN KANE 43 Crosby Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Ski Club; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: Junior Year. Favorite E x p r e s s i o n : “Ten minutes more.” Chief Failing: My license. Nickname: Jack. 51 MARIA E. KARAGIANIS 21 Wyman Terrace Activities: Cheerleaders, Co- Capt.; Allied Youth; Working at Corcoran ' s. Pet Peeves: Math tests; alarm clocks; television commercials. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To travel. PAULA D. KARELAS 59 Highland Avenue Activities: Cheerleaders; Chronicle; Spanish Club; Gil- bert Sullivan; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: April 11, 1963. Ambition: To teach the handi- capped. AVERIE KATZ 24 Wadsworth Road Activities: Latin Club, Socius Ludorum; Chronicle; Ski Club; Dramatic Club; Allied Youth; Girls ' Club; Tom Dooley League. Pet Peeve: Two-way stairways. Favorite Subject: Latin. Ambition: To become a teacher. JANICE E. KEEEE 24 Littlejohn Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle; Bedford Hos- pital ' Volunteer. Pet Peeve: Crowded buses. Favorite Expression: " Cool it!” Ambition: To become an air- line stewardess. MICHAEL W. KEEEEE 74 Freeman Street Activities: Track; CYO. Hobby: Photography. Will to AHS: A better track team next year. Suppressed Desire: To reach a high jump of seven feet. Ambition: To teach mathemat- ics. DANIEL W. KELLEY 19 Cypress Road Activities: Football, JV; In- door Track, Capt.; Senior Class V. Pres.; CYO; Working at Harvard College Library. Pet Peeves: Long lab reports; Monday mornings. Ambition: To go into aviation. DAWN 1. KELLEY 1 3 Chandler Street Activities: Harmonettes; Girls ' Choir; Gilbert Sullivan; Office Assistant; Rainbow. Favorite Expression: “Oh no! " Hobby: Playing the piano. Ambition: To be a medical secretary. CHRISTINE A. KELLY 4 Jean Road Activities: Dramatic Club; Al- lied Youth; Chronicle; Girls’ Choir; Gilbert Sullivan; Spanish Club. Hobby: Playing the guitar. Pet Peeve: School. Chief Failing: Mathematics. LORRAINE E. KELLY 37 Harvard Street Activities: Allied Youth; Latin Club; Yearbook Staff; Tom Dooley League; CYO. Suppressed Desire: To travel. Fondest Memory: Junior year. Pet Peeve: Too much home- work. Ambition: To be a math teacher. LINDA A. KELSON 1 1 2 Wright Street Activities: Dramatic Club; Art Club; IBM school. Fondest Memory: New Year ' s Eve. 1963. Pet Peeve: Lunchroom food. Hobbies: Art; records. Ambition: To attend art school. 52 THOMAS KENNEDY 7 Wheaton Road Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle. Fondest Memory: Eire Drills. Pet Peeve: People who boo professional ball players. Nickname: Spale. Ambition: To become a teacher. JAMES R. KENNEY 91 Dickson Avenue Activities: Weekend Warriors. Nickname: Jimmy. Fondest Memory: Summer va- cation. Pet Peeves: Teachers; home- work. Will to AHS: One AHS handbook. Ambition: To attend the Mas- sachusetts Maritime Academy. PAUL KENNEY 9 Sawin Street Activities: Church Group; Working for Rosecrest. Nickname: Eenwick. Fondest Memory: Beach party last summer. Ambition: To go to school or to go into the service. PAULA M. KENNEY 44 Edmund Road Activities: Yearbook Staff, Biog. Editor; Chronicle; Latin Club, Socius Ludorum; Office Assistant; Jr. Red Cross. Pet Peeve: Having picture taken. A mbition: To be an elemen- tary school teacher. BERG KESHIAN 69 Ridge Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club, Council Member; Weight- lifting; Science Club; Boys’ Club; Sailboating. Suppressed Desire: To be a pro football player. Ambition: To be an engineer. SHARON L. KINDER 178 Highland Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Chronicle; Rainbow. Favorite Expression: “You ' re kidding!” Pet Peeves: Crowded buses; pushy people; know-it-alls. Ambition: To graduate. KAREN KIRBY 172 Mount Vernon Street Activities: Chronicle; Ski Qlub; Pilgrim Eellowship. Favorite Expression: “Help!” Claim to Fame: A wiggly nose. Chief Failing: Math!! Pet Peeve: Bow ties on teach- ers. Ambition: To be a fashion buyer. JAMES W. KIRK, JR. 14 Cornell Street Activities: Working at Trans World Services, Inc.; Boys’ Club. Nickname: Scerm-a-horn. Predict That: Someone will die of ptomaine poisoning in the lunchroom. ELLEN E. KNIGHT 8 Ravine Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan, Treas.; Yearbook Staff; Pep Club; Orchestra, Treas.; Chronicle. Fondest Memory: Wild, won- derful Gilbert Sullivan re- hearsals. Pet Peeve: Eifth period studies. PETER A. KOSTOPOULOS 147 Scituate Street Activities: Band; Basketball. Suppressed Desire: To ride in a rickshaw through Harvard Square. Will to AHS: My gym socks. Pet Peeve: Homeroom in the 2()’s and locker in the 60’s. Ambition: To become a musi- cian. DAVID E. K.REUZ 55 Cleveland Street Activities: Tennis Team. Capt.; Ski Club; Allied Youth; Tom Dooley League. Will to A US: A broken slide rule; an old gym suit. Ambition: To become an ar- chitect. I LINDA J. LACARTE 135 Pleasant Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Girls’ Choir; Chronicle; Dra- matic Club. Chief Fciilin! : Erench 3A. Will to AHS: Ereshmen. Nickname: Lin. Ambition: To be a social worker. ROGER LAFAUCI 238 Park Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Latin Club; Junior Youth Council. Claim to Fame: First AHS senior accepted by a college this year. I Will to AHS: My Latin trot. Favorite Subject: Physics. K.ATHLEEN A . LALLY 90 Valentine Road Activities: Yearbook Staff; Ski Club; Chronicle; Girls’ Club; Working at the Harvard Coop.; Tom Dooley League; Allied Youth. Claim to Fame: “Y” turns. Pet Peeve: Room 2 1 Ambition: To become a nurse. LORRAINE LAMONT 26 Bartlett Avenue Pet Peeve: Too much home- work. Fondest M e m o r y : Orchard Park. New York. Nickname: Wolfy. Will to AHS: My empty seat. Suppressed Desire: To see Yankee Stadium. RITA A. LAN DON 39 Bowdoin Street Activities: Glee Club; EH A. Pet Peeve: Small lockers. Fondest Memory: Senior Year. Favorite E x p r e s s i o n : “Oh, heck!” Hobbies: Knitting; cooking. Will to AHS: My gym suit. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. DONNA M. LANDRY 48 Varnum Street Activities: Lunchroom duty. Favorite Subject: Foods. Fondest Memory: All the pu- pils going crazy when working. Nickname: Don. Favorite Expression: “Hi!” Ambition: To he a nurse. PAUL E. LANDRY 33 Lafayette Street Activities: YBA Bowling League; AYA Baseball; CYO; Working at Symmes Hospital. Eavorite Expression: “Fabu- lous!” Sttppressed Desire: To see Hawaii. Eavorite Subject: Math. WILLIAM L. LANDSTEINER 65 Foster Street Activities: Working at Capitol Theater; Allied Youth; Fidelity House. Claim to Fame: Getting away with parking my bike in the parking lot. Ambition: To graduate. PAUL V. LANE. IR. 46 Hibbert Street Activities: Allied Youth; Band; Student Council; Boys’ Club; Working at Lane Electronics Industries. Fondest M e m o ry : Talking about U.F.O.’s in Mr. Maloof’s class. Nickname: Spunky. 54 WALI [ S M. LANE 44 Upland Road West Activities: Allied Youth; Office Assistant; Bowling; Working at Jordan Marsh Co. Pet Peeve: Freshmen. Fondest Memorv: My years at AHS. Ambition: To go to business school. MICHELE LANGER 6 Court Street Place Activities: Yearbook Staff, Managing Editor; Civil Rights Club, Pres.; French Club; Youth Council; Tutoring. Fondest Memory: Skateboarding with Henry Vlll and gang. Claim to Fame: Peacock blue ink. LINDA A. LARSON 30 Berkeley Street Activities: FHA; Chronicle; Girls’ Club; Rainbow. Hobby: Sewing. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lines. Favorite Subject: English. Ambition: To be a medical secretary. ELIZABETH TATTY 25 Aberdeen Road Activities: Office Assistant; Band; Girls ' Choir; Ski Club; Working at the Wayside Bazaar. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom ’65. Nickname: Beth. Pet Peeve: Underclassmen. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. KATHLEEN M. LAVERY 188 Newport Street Activities: Chronicle; Working at MacDonald’s Rest Home; CYO. Claim to Fame: Winning a freckle contest. Favorite Fxpression: “Too much.” Pet Peeve: Monday studies. MICHAEL LAWLESS 248 Ridge Street Course: Automotive. IVill to AHS: My Rambler. Fondest Memory: The time an engine blew up on me. Favorite Expression: " I ' ll go.” Predict That: Cidl won’t make it. PAUL F. LEARY 19 Alton Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Teen Club. Favorite Sports: Baseball; foot- ball; basketball. Fondest Memory: All “B’s” on a report card. Ambition: To be an executive. DENISE A. LEBLANC 45 Maynard Street Activities: Softball; Bowling. Pet Peeves: Brainy people; braggers. Suppressed Desire: To travel to Hawaii and California. Ambition: To become an air- line stewardess. DONNA LEONARD 126 Ridge Street Activities: Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; leen Club; CYO; Recreational Worker at Children’s Hospital. Favorite Sports: Softball; bas- ketball; swimming. Ambition: To become a nurse. RALPH O. LEVY 19 Bailey Road Activities: Tennis; Bowling; Ski Club; Working at Bradlee’s. Favorite Sports: Basketball; skiing; football. Will to AHS: My skateboard. Ambition: To become famous in some field. 55 f;VFI VN L. LFAMS 1 1 3 Sylvia Street Aiiiviiics: Ollice Assistant; Ciirls ' Cilee Club; Ciirls’ Choir; Siimlay School teacher. Fcivorilc Expression: ' lust for ou! " Chief I tiiliiif’: Algebra II. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. DAVID F . LINCOLN 25 Alfred Road Activities: Allied Youth; Dra- matic Club. Stage Manager; DeMolay; FD ' C. Nickname: Missing link. Pet Peeve: Fifth periods. Ambition: To become a his- tory teacher. K.FNNFTH J. LITTLF 3 1 Inverness Road Activities: Working at Belmont Country Club. Nickname: Pudgy. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Hobby: C ars. Ambition: To join the Navy- next year. PHILIP N. LITTLFFIFLD 1 0 Field Road Activities: Projection Club; Science Club; Radio Club; Gil- bert Sullivan; Dramatic Club; Boys ' Glee Club. Favorite Sport: Ping pong. Ambition: To be an electronics engineer or a physics professor. STFPHFN A. LOMBARDO 145 Florence Avenue Aetivities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Projection Club; Boy Scouts. Favorite Sports: Hockey; base- ball; football. Claim to Ftane: Eagle Scout. Ambition: To be a dentist. lOHN F. LONFRGAN 165 Gray Street IF ill to AHS. wishes. ■ My best Fondest Memory: in Maine. Junior year Favorite Sport: Football. V. Pet Peeve: People who are too bossy. Ambition: To become a pilot. JUDITH K. LONG 40 George Street Activities: Dramatic Club; FHA: Office Assistant; Girls’ Club; CYO. Favorite Expression: " Not too good. " Fondest Memory: My first day at AHS. PATRICIA E. LONGARINI 49 Lowell Street Activities: Office Assistant; CYO; Teen Club. Favorite Sports: Skating; surfing. Pet Peeve: Trying to get to class in four minutes. Ambition: To get married. ALLEN A. LOPEZ 104 Park Avenue Extension Activities: Allied Youth; Civil Rights Club; Chronicle; Spanish Club; Student Council; Foot- ball. Co-Capt.; Arlington Youth Council. Hobby: Catching a little sleep whenever I can. JOSEPH LOWDER 59 Spy Pond Parkway Activities: Working at Brig- ham’s Pet Peeve: Long school days. Suppressed Desire: To be 21. Predict That: I shall return. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Ambition: To leave AHS. 56 THOMAS F. LUCAS 62 Oxford Street Activities: Library Corps, Treas.; Allied Youth; Science Club; St. Agnes Senior Band; Working at Robbins Library. Chief Failings: Math and gym. Favorite E x p r e s s i o n : “Lm sure.” Amhition: To he a dentist. DAVID G. LUCIANO 43 George Street Activities: Radio Club; Allied Youth; JV Track; Football; CYO; W ' orking for the Internal Revenue Service. Hobbies: Electronics; fishing. Pet Peeve: New physics teach- ers who come during the first term. WALTER J. LUDKA 77 Broadway Activities: Stock Room; Boys ' Club; Teen Club; AYA Base- ball. Favorite Sports: Hunting; fish- ing; hockey. IVill to AHS: All my books. Favorite Expression: " Giaw.” Ambition: To be a genius. KENNETH J. LUNDGREN 223 Wollaston Avenue Activities: Gymnastics; JV Eoot- ball; DeMolay. Eondcst Memory: Dissecting a pig- Chief Eailing: Lack of study. Hobbies: Stamps; girls. Ambition: To be a teacher. ARTHUR G. LUONGO 98 Spring Street Activities: Working at Long ' s Jewelers; CYO. Pet Peeve: Dress regulations. Ambition: To drive the An- heuser-Busch wagon. Chief Eailing: Too many chief failings. ANNE M. LYNCH 18 Moulton Road Activities: Yearbook Staff; Al- lied Youth; Girls ' Club; FHA. Fondest Memory: A raccoon. Suppressed Desire: To take up fencing. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. ANNE M. LYONS 26 Newton Road Activities: Allied Youth; Art Club; Chronicle. Fondest Memory: Working on the Junior Prom. Chief Failing: Laziness. Ambition: To become a fash- ion illustrator. PATRICIA L. MACCINI 23 Wellesley Road Fondest Memory: The day I got my license. Chief Failing: Shorthand. Favorite Expressi on: " Yaaaa!” Amhition: To be a legal secre- tary. DOUGI AS J. MacDONALD 38 Cedar Avenue Activities: Ski Club; Allied Youth; Working at Fenway Park, Boston; Weekend War- riors. Claim to Eame: My flawless personality. Favorite Expression: “You really know how to hurt a guy!” RICHARD MacDONALD 17 Evergreen Lane Activities: Band. Eavorite Expression: “I didn ' t do it, Mrs. Bray.” Fondest Memory: The first date with Betty. Will to AHS: My report cards. Pet Peeve: Short weekends. 57 ALMA E. MacFADYEN 95 Wachusett Avenue Activities: Girls ' Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Harmonettes; Gil- bert Sullivan; Rainbow; Church Fellowship, Pres. hondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Pet Peeve: Long stringy hair. Amhitiun: To be a cosmetologist. JEAN E. MacFADYEN 95 Wachusett Avenue Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Elarmonettes; Girls’ Glee Club; Girls ' Choir; Rainbow; Work- ing at Brigham ' s. Pet Peeve: Traffic in corridors. Ambition: To travel and fur- ther my education. PHILIP G. MacEARLANE 43 Newland Road Activities: Allied Youth; CYO; AY A Baseball; Weekend War- riors. Will to AHS: All my past examinations. Pet Peeve: Homework on weekends. Chief Failing: School. ELEANOR M. MacGAULEY 133 Waverley Street Activities: CYO; Working as a house cleaner. Nickname: Ellie. Favorite Expression: “Scoff.” Hobbies: Babysitting; shopping. Ambition: To be a secretary or dietician. PAUL E. MacGREGOR 15 Walnut Terrace Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Dramatic Club; Fellowship; Working at Highland Drug. Favorite Sports: Basketball; football; track. Pet Peeve: Freshmen. Claim to Fame: 6 ' 6 ' 2 " tall. KRISTINE M. MacKENZIE 5 1 Hemlock Street Activities: Civil Rights Club; Ski Club; Working at Gil- christ ' s. Will to AHS: My plaid tights. Fondest Memory: All the good times at Forty Steps. Ambition: To live in Cali- fornia. Claim to Fame: My VW bus. ROBERT R. MACKIE 31 Everett Street Activities: Chronicle; Science Club; Physics Lab Assistant. Favorite Sport: Drag racing. Hobbies: Ham radio operator; target-shooting. Will to AHS: My moccasins and suede vest. JOHN L. MacKINNON 44 Jason Street Activities: Basketball; Golf; Ski Club; Arlington Youth Council; Church Fellowship; Boys’ Club; Teen Club; DeMo- lay; Working at a food store. Ambitions: To go to college; to move into my father’s busi- ness. M. DONALD MacLEOD. JR. 30 Kimball Road Activities: Ski Club; Working at Charlie’s Donuts. Fondest Memory: Beach par- ties last summer. Favorite Sports: Football; hockey. Ambition: To get into college. MARY E. MacLEOD 4 Iroquois Road Activities: Allied Youth; FHA; Office Assistant; CYO. Favorite Expression: “Are you kidding?” Hobbies: Dancing; bowling. Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Subject: History. 58 PAMELA L. MACY 9 Bow Street Activities: Harmonettes; Girls’ Club; Gilbert Sullivan, Treas.; Girls’ Glee Club; Working at Arlex Variety Store. Pet Peeves: Gym; English grammar. Ambition: To go to college. CAROLE E. MADDEN 5 Memorial Way Activities: Fidelity House Vol- unteer; CYO. Pet Peeve: Having to run up to chemistry after gym. Chief Failing’: Latin III. Ambition: To go to Northeast- ern and be a social worker. RAYMOND F. MAGLIOZZI 36 Valentine Road Activities: Allied Youth; Sci- ence Club; Indoor Track; Weekend Warriors. Favorite Sports: Baseball; football; basketball. Am bition: To become an in- ventor and a mechanical engi- neer. PAULA L. MAGNUSON 10 Upland Road Activities: Orchestra, Treas.; Gilbert Sullivan; Library Corps; Chorus. Favorite Sport: Sailing. Fondest Memory: Summers. Ambition: To be a great cellist or a famous oceanographist. ELLEN L. MAHONEY 200 Jason Street Activities: Office Assistant; CYO. Pet Peeve: Bleached blondes. Claim to Fame: A happy-go- lucky nature. Ambition: To become a legal secretary. ROBERT E. MAHONEY 102 Fremont Street Activities: Baseball; Ski Club; Teen Club. Pet Peeve: The school food. Will to AHS: All my books. Claim to Fame: My big mouth. Ambition: To become a suc- cessful accountant. MARY M. MAHONY 22 Governor Road Activities: Library Corps; Al- lied Youth; Gilbert Sullivan; Civil Rights Club; Working as page at Robbins Library; CYC; CYO. Ambition: T o teach high school English. SHARON L. MALCOLM 168 Park Avenue Activities: Hope Church Choir; Working at Sears, Roe- buck Co. Suppressed Desire: To take a trip to California. Predict That: AHS is losing its best senior class. Ambition: To be a secretary. MARTHA MALDONIS 159 George Street Hobbies: Writing; reading. Nickname: Marti. Pet Peeve: Uncle Sam. Suppressed Desire: To learn to play the drums. Ambition: To travel in Europe on a scooter for a year. ANN M. MALVEY 90 Jason Street Activities: Office Assistant; Al- lied Youth; CYO. Fondest M e m o r y : Summer- time. Favorite Sports: Horseback riding; softball; playing cards. Ambition: To become an air- line stewardess. 59 GEORGE L. MANDEKINO 1 12 Ereniont Street Activities: Erench Club; Allied Youth; Sea Explorers; Teen Club. Pet Peeves: Government sur- vey slips; short lunch periods. Favorite Subject: Science. Ambition: To become a doctor of medicine. GLENN E. MANGURIAN 52 Melrose Street Activities: Y earbook Staff, Sports Editor; Chronicle, Pub- licity Manager; Chess Team, Capt.; Ski Club; Dramatic Club; Allied Youth; Erench Club. Ambition: To become a com- puter programmer. NANCY E. MANLEY 9 Bonad Road Activities: Allied Youth; Office Assistant; CYO; Working at Registry of Motor Vehicles. Pet Peeve: People who are always late. Ambition: To work in a tele- phone company. JOY A. MARCH 47 Lewis Avenue Activities: Office Assistant; CYO. Favorite Expression: " Wicked nice! " Will to A US: My job at the Pewter Pot. Ambition: To teach kinder- garten. GEORGE C. MARCHANT 104 Medford Street Activities: Working at Encore Inc. Will to AHS: My school records. Pet Peeve: Tailgating. Suppressed Desire: To be a success. RICHARD W. MARCHANT 15 Court Street Nickname: Richie. Suppressed Desire: To go to California or bust. Chief Failing: School. Claim to Fame: I can mess up anything, anytime, anywhere. Ambition: To be an engineer. BEVERLY A. MARCHESE 32 Crescent Hill Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Working at Erost Insec- ticide Co. I Will to AHS: My marks. Ambitions: To be a book- keeper; to marry and have seven children. RICHARD J. MARCIANTE 126 North Union Street Activities: JV Eootball; Teen Club. Nickname: Gump. Claim to Fame: My high IQ. Predict That: I will someday be President. Ambition: To enjoy life. ALICE M. MARESCA 1 28 Brattle Lane Activities: Office Assistant; Pep Club. Nickname: Whammie. Favorite Expression: “Not too good. " Ambition: To become another Elorence Nightingale. KENNETH M. MARGOSSIAN 57 Orvis Road Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Working at Kent Cloth- ing and at Admar Realty; Rifle Club. Predict That: Bikies will fall. Ambition: To be a heat engi- neer. 60 NORMA J. MARZ 35 1 Summer Street Activities: Allied Youth; Girls ' Club; Civil Rights Club; Teen Club. Nickname: Irv. Pet Peeve: Teachers who won ' t let you e.xplain. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. GREGORY E. MASKELL 8 Walnut Terrace Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Baseball; Teen Club; Boys ' Club. Will to A US: My second million. Suppressed Desire: To own a Jaguar XKE. SUSAN L. MATHESON 23 Central Street Activities: Bowling; FEIA; CYO; Lunchroom duty. Hohhy: Sewing. Will to A US: My gym suit. Favorite Expression: “Ela!” Ambition: To become a practi- cal nurse. WILLIAM N. MATHESON 10 Swan Place Activities: Track; Football; Ski Club. Nickname: Matty. Favorite Expression: " Is that right?” Ambition: To be a language teacher or a Rolling Stone. GLORIA M. MATTIOLI 70 Oxford Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Art Club; Chronicle; Gilbert Sul- livan. Chief E ailing: A weakness for the Beatles and for Hondas. Claim to Eame: My beach house. Ambition: To go to college. CHRISTINE M. MAZMANIAN 378 Ridge Street Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Gilbert Sullivan; Ski Club; Teen Club; Tom Dooley League; Rainbow. Nickname: Chris. Eavorite Expression: " Wicked!” Ambition: To be a teacher. GORDON T. McAULEY 56 Bow Street Activities: Dramatic Club. Nickname: Gordi. Eavorite Expression: " Home- work, blah!” Hobby: Electronics. Ambition: To become an elec- tronics engineer. JAYE A. McAULIFFE 36A Academy Street Activities: Samettes; Gilbert Sullivan; Orchestra. Pet Peeve: Dirty finger nails. Will to AHS: Two inches of my height and some teeth. Chief Failing: Always liking three boys at once. JEAN M. McCAFFERY 45 Alpine Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Office Assistant; Allied Youth; Internations Club; Girls’ Club; Teen Club; CYO. I Will to AHS: My biology term paper. Ambition: To be a teacher. JANE E. McCOO Activities: Office Assistant; Working at Frank ' s Pizza Place. Favorite Expression: “You must be kidding me, aren ' t you?” Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Ambition: To help retarded children. 61 DAVID E, McDEVlTT 160 Lake Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Chronicle; Library Corps. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Suppressed Desire: To become a folk composer like Bob Dylan. Ambition: To make a career in the Coast Guard. KAREN A. McELENEY 84 Williams Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Chronicle; Dramatic Club; Teen Club; Working at Harry’s Delicatessen. Pet Peeve: Chemistry. Fondest M e m o r y : Senior Prom. Ambition: To become a teacher. RICHARD j. McGovern 210 Summer Street Nickname: Rocky. Favorite Sports: Eoolball; hock- ey; baseball. Pet Peeve: Too much home- work from English teachers. Favorite Subject: Mech. draw- ing. Ambition: To graduate from AHS. MARY M. McGOWAN 160 Gardner Street Activities: Office Assistant. Pet Peeves: Babysitting; gym. Fondest M e m o r y : junior Prom. Claim to Fame: The gum chewer who never got caught in school. Ambition: To start working soon after high school. MAUREEN L. McGURL 15 Grove Street Place Activities: Allied Youth; Bed- ford Hospital Volunteer. Pet Peeve: Pickles. Favorite Expression: " Really! " Predict That: .AHS will soon cover all of Arlington. Ambition: To be a nurse. KAREN A. McISAAC 37 Milton Street Activities: EHA; Office Assist- ant; CYO. Claim to Fame: Using more math pads for notewriting than for math. Ambition: To become a book- keeper or an accountant. DORIS P. McKEON 26 Webcowet Road Favorite Sport: Tennis. Favorite Expression: ■ " Jeepers! " Suppressed Desire: To travel. Predict That: AHS food will never be any better. Ambition: To be a transcrip- tion machine operator. GEORGE J. McKEWEN 7 Pond Terrace Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Favorite Sports: Boxing; skin diving; swimming. Favorite E x pres s i o n : “Not bad!” Chief Failinii: English. Ambition: To be a successful boys’ social worker. PAUL M. McKinnon 7 Sunset Road Activities: Baseball, Capt.; Basketball; Latin Club; Legion Baseball; Boys’ Club. Hobby: Home movies. Fondest Memory: Most valua- ble player, AY.A baseball. 1963. If ' to AHS: One broken bat. ELLEN L. McLaughlin 1 1 1 Claremont Avenue Activities: EHA; Dancing School. Fondest M e m o r y . " Junior Prom. Will to AHS: A dirty gym suit. Claim to Fame: My dancing. Chief Failing: Impatience. Ambition: To become an IBM machine operator. 62 THERESA C. McNAMARA 24 Eountain Road Activities: Alli ed Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: History. Fondest Memory: Eriday, Oct. 1 . Favorite Sports: Ice skating; skiing; swimming. Ambition: To become a teacher. JOSEPH G. MEARA 22 Elmore Street Pet Peeve: School. Favorite F.xpression: “Oh No!” Ik ' to AHS: One slightly- used gym suit without the sneakers. Chief Failing: English. Claim to Fame: Being myself. Ambition: To be a millionaire. DONALD J. MELLOR 95 Montague Street Activities: Ski Club; Working on cars. Favorite Subject: History. Fondest Memory: Lunch bells. Chief Failing: Temper. Suppressed Desire: To take a trip around the world. JOSEPH R. MENEZ 67 Bow Street Activities: Yearbook Staff, Edi- tor-in-Chief; Allied Youth; Stu- dent Council; Chronicle. Nickname: Homework. Favorite Expressions: “Are you kidding me? " " Obviously.” Ambition: To be a teacher. PAUL L. MERCANDETTl 43 Kenilworth Road Activities: Allied Youth, V. Pres., Pres.; Ski Club; Dra- matic Club; Projection Club; Yearbook Staff. Favorite Expression: “Grem- mie!” Fondest Memory: Allied Youth International Conven- tion, 1963. MARIE A. MICHIENZI 55 Newport Street Activities: Office Assistant; CYO; Working at Keefe Law Offices. Pet Peeves: Ill-mannered boys; crowded corridors; homework. Ambition: To be a secretary for an administrator. VERA MILAKOV 309 Lake Street Activities: Dramatic Club; Art Club. Nickname: George. Suppressed Desire: To have the lead in the school play. Ambition: To get into Rhode Island School of Design. LINDA V. MILICl 45 Hillside Avenue Activities: Yearbook Staff; Art Club; Chronicle, Cartoonist; Girls’ Club; Ski Club; Allied Youth; Pep Club; CYO. I ' avorile Expression: " Really!” Ambition: To enter the art field. I SUSAN E. MILLER 1 33 Brattle Street Activities: Allied Youth; Office Assistant; Rainbow; Symmes Hospital Volunteer. Favorite Expression: “Crud, no!” Chief Failing: Biology. Ambition: To be an elemen- tary school teacher. R A 5 MONO A. MINZNER. JR. 7 Oak Hill Drive Activities: Ski Club; Working at Buttrick’s; DeMolay. Fondest Memory: Biology with Mr. O’Brien. Chief Failing: Latin. Ambition: To become an agri- culturist. 63 Fll F.FN M. MOKFFR 73 Fverctt Street Activities: Allied Youth; Office Assistant. Nickname: Mokey. Pet Peeve: Too much home- work. Hobbies: Dancing; skating. Claim to Fame: Jackie Glea- son ' s autograph. MARY MONFY 44 George Street Activities: Dramatic Club; FHA; Girls’ Club; Ski Club. Favorite Sports: Swimming; horseback riding; football. Chief Failing;: Talking. Ambition: To teach elementary school. CYNTHIA J. MORASH 15A Lan ark Road Activities: Dramatic Club; Ski Club; Pep Club; Teen Club; Attending LeBaron Hairdress- ing School. Pet Peeve: My alarm clock. Nickname: Cindy. Hobbies: Sewing; skating. MAURFFN F. MORGAN 50 Kimball Road Activities: Chronicle; Ski Club. Pet Peeves: Too much home- work; lockers far away from homerooms. Will to AHS: A pair of binoculars for Mrs. Bray. Ambition: To be a nurse. AVA J. MORSF 26 Golden Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Dramatic Club; Tom Dooley League; CYO. Nicknanie: Stretch. Fondest Memory: Vacations. Will to AHS: A gabby tongue. Ambition: To be a math teacher. PFTFR F. MORSE 23 Sheraton Park Activities: Spanish Club; Hocke . Co-Capt.; Football; Baseball; Working at Orloffs. Suppressed Desire: To win the State Hockey Championship. Anibition: To enter the busi- ness field of public relations. RICHARD G. MOVSFSSIAN 100 Lake Street Activities: DeMolay; Working at Star Market; Boys’ Club. Favorite Expression: " O K. I " Will to AHS: dirty gym suit. Pet Peeves: School lunches; homework. Ambition: To be rich. DENISE A. MULCAHY 142 Renfrew Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Office Assistant; CYO. Hobbies: Dancing; parties. Fondest Memory: A week at Hampton Beach. Ambition: To be a secretary for a wealthy, single boss. KATHLEEN A. MLJLKERN 1 1 Kipling Road Activities: Girls ' Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Office Assistant; Working at Arlington Buick Co.; CYO. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Ambitions: To become an air- line stewardess and travel. CHERYL B. MULLANE 54 Decatur Street Activities: Girls’ Club; Pep Club; Chronicle; Working at Hawk’s Cleansers. Hobby: Collecting stuffed ani- mals. Ambition: To be a teacher or go to airline school. 64 MICHAEL J. MULLANE 62 Eliot Road Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club. Hobbies: Reading; skiing. Chief Failing: Sleeping in class. Fondest Memory: One-way staircases. LINDA S. MUNCHERIAN 37 Beverly Road Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: Surfing for the first time, 1965. Nickname: Lynne. Hobbies: Buying clothes; sew- ing. Ambition: To be a buyer. LORRAINE M. MUNCHERIAN 37 Beverly Road Activities: Allied Youth; Chronicle. Favorite Sports: Swimming; surfing; skateboarding. Hobbies: Reading; sewing. Ambition: To model or to be a retailer. MICHAEL J. MUNSEY 67 Eairmont Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Working at Liberty Mutual In- surance Company. Chief Failing: Getting up at 6: 15 every morning. Nickname: Mickey. Ambition: To join the Air Eorce. RICHARD A. MURRAY 145 Brattle Street Activities: Spanish Club. Hobby: Collecting coins. Suppressed Desire: To get 800 ' s on my College Boards. Pet Peeve: Long English re- ports. Ambition: To become an elec- trical engineer. TERRENCE E. MYLES 33 Swan Place Activities: Working at Stop Shop. Fondest M e m o r y .• Crane’s Beach. Pet Peeves: Work; homework. Favorite Subject: History. Ambition: To become Presi- dent, what else? BENIAMIN T. NAHABEDIAN 8 Stony Brook Road Activities: Dramatic Club; Art Club; Chronicle; Allied Youth. Favorite Sport: Tennis. Hobbies: Writing; designing. Favorite Subject: Art. Ambition: To be an interior decorator. DIANE E. NEE 67 Dorothy Road Activities: Chronicle; CYO; French Club; Softball. Chief Failing: Solving math problems. Ambition: To help people and to be a good writer. CAROL A. NEEDHAM 93 Sunset Road Activities: Glee Club; Girls’ Club; Chronicle. Pet Peeve: Rainy weekends. Hobbies: Cooking; singing. Favorite Sport: Water-skiing. Ambition: To go into public relations. T. DONNA NELSON 1424 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Girls’ Club; Rainbow; Church Choir. Hobbies: Oil painting; watch- ing television. Fondest Memory: Mr. Taylor for senior English. Ambition: To he a teacher. 65 4 PATRICIA A. OCONNOR 30 Daniels Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Gilbert Sullivan; CYO. Favorite Sport: Ice skating. Hobby: Collecting records. Favorite Expression: “Oh, no! " Ambition: To he a comptome- ter worker or I.B.M. worker. PAUL L. NICOLORO 81 Edmund Road Activities: Working at Alan Drug Store. Favorite Sport: Basketball. Hobby: Collecting coins. Claim to Fame: Last person out of mechanical drawing class. Ambition: To be a good stu- dent. PATRICIA A. NOLAN 19 Indian Hill Road Activities: Majorettes; Latin Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle. Hobbies: Knitting; reading. Favorite Sport: Football. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Will to AHS: My old ba- tons. bition: To be a teacher. DEIDRE J. 0 ' FLAHERT 57 Grandview Road Activities: Cheerleaders, Capt.; Latin Club, Scriba; Ten- nis Team, Capt; Orchestra. Suppressed Desire: To do cart- wheels down the 80 ' s corridor. Ambition: To study in Europe. THOMAS J. NIGRO 47 Dudley Street Activities: Football; Working for an oil company. Favorite Sport: Hockey. Will to AHS: My “A” pa- pers. Suppressed Desire: To be a well-liked person. Chief Failing: Talking too much. FRANK O’CONNELL 32 Appleton Street Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Ski Club. Favorite Sports: Skiing; water- skiing; basketball. Suppressed Desire: To get an “A” on Mr. Taylor ' s term pa- per. Ambition: To teach geometry. DAVID G. OLAND 1 3 Quincy Street Activities: 1 1 i e d Youth; Working at Chicken Delight. Favorite Sports: Football; baseball. Hobbies: Hunting; fishing. Ambition: To be a computer programmer. STEPHEN J. O ' LEARY 84 Brooks Avenue Activities: Ski Club, Treas.; Allied Youth, V. Pres., North- east Regional Pres.; Fr. JV, Football; Junior Class Treas.; Spanish Club, Treas.; Year- book Staff. Ambition: To be a teacher. ROBERT B. OLEY 64 Highland Avenue Activities: Outdoor Track; Ski Club. Fondest Memory: Mr. Barber’s second-year math class. Hobby: Weightlifting. Favorite Sports: Football; track; javelin; tennis. RONALD W. OLEY 64 Highland Avenue Activities: Outdoor Track; Ski Club; Spanish Club. Favorite Sports: Swimming; skiing; football; basketball. Fondest Memory: Graduation. Ambition: To have a career in the service. 66 SUZANNE C. O ' NEIL 55 Mott Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Club; Working at Rob- bins East Branch Library. Fondest M e m o r y .• Junior Prom. Favorite Sport: Eield hockey. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess and see the world. k NIEL A. ORLANDO 178 Westminster Avenue Activities: Ski Club; Tom Dooley League; CYO; AYA Baseball. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Will to AHS: My gym suit. Favorite Subject: History. Ambition: To be a doctor. GREG W. ORR 1 12 Spring Street Activities: Chronicle. I Will to A FIS: Faucets with water for the boys’ room. Nickname: Uncle Greg. Favorite Expression: " Maintain your cool.” Hobby: Car s. S. JANE OUELLETTE 106 Florence Avenue Activities: Dramatic Club; Teen Club. Favorite Sports: Swimming; water-skiing. Suppressed Desire: To finish a term paper early. Ambition: To be a teacher. DONNA M. PACHECO 26 Lake Street Activities: Lunchroom duty. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Hobby: Knitting. Favorite Expression: “Ha!” Will to AHS: My gym suit. Ambition: To get married. JOHN PAIS 477 Russell Street Activities: Working at New England Forge; Church Youth Group, Favorite Expression: “.Are you serious?” Hobbies: Weightlifting; keeping tropical fish. SUSAN M. PALMARIELLO 302 Mystic Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Girls’ Club. Hobbies: Reading; skating; sew- ing; doing nothing. Will to AHS: My space in the lunch line. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. JAMES J. PARC ELLA 68 Warren Street Favorite Subject: History. Hobby: Working on cars. Chief Failing: Short temper. Favorite Sports: Football; baseball. Fondest M e m o r ■ .■ C rane ' s Beach. Ambition: To become a C.P.A. LAWRENCE J. PARKER 100 Highland Avenue Activities: Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: Crane’s Beach Hobbies: Girls; cars. Predict That: Within the ne.xt year we will regret that we wrote these words. Ambition: To be thin. PATRICIA A. PARRAGONA 35 Dudley Street Activities: C ' 0; Working at Robbins Library. Favorite Sports: Ice skating; softball; bowling; miniature golfing. Favorite Subject: History. Hobbies: Cooking; typing. 67 DONAl D A. PASCUCCl 82 Bow Street Activities: Teen Club. ickitcii ie: Skootch. Favorite E .v p r e s s i o n : " The brew! " PretUct That: When we reach the moon, it will be made of green cheese. Win to A US: My gym shorts. HOWARD F’ASQUAH 99 Varniim Street Activities: Ski Club; CYO. Pet Peeve: Homework on w ' eekends. Favorite Sports: Hockey; ski- ing; baseball. Ambition: To further my edu- cation and get a good job. Hobby: Girls. JOAN D. PAUL 320 Park Avenue Activities: Civil Rights Club. Hobbies: Painting; reading; playing the guitar; folk music. Suppressed Desire: To go down AHS corridors on a skateboard. Fondest Memory: June 22, 1965. Ambition: To be an artist. JANE PEACOCK 25 Appleton Street Activities: Office Assistant. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Hobby: Oil painting. Favorite Sport: Bowling. Chief Failing: Not being able to adjust to changes. Ambition: To be a social W ' orker. A. LEE PEARSON 77 Waverley Street Favorite S port s : Eootball, track; baseball; basketball. Fondest Memory: How fast the time went by. Claim to Fame: AHS football team. Ambition: To be successful. RICHARD G. PELLEGRINO 35 Overlook Road Activities: Bowling. Nickname: Eirby. B77 to AHS: All the old rear-end grease from my car. Course: Automotive. Favorite Subject: Related sci- ence. RICHARD I. PELLETIER 85 College Avenue. Lexington Ambition: " To show what happens to whom when who walks out. " Favorite Expression: " W ' hat for?” Hobbies: English; languages; logic; mathematics; philosophy; dramatics; bowling; money. Nickname: Rip. NANCY A. PELLIGRINO 28 Melrose Street Activities: W ' orking at the Ar- lington National Bank. Fondest Memory: Getting my license. Suppressed Desire: To get ahead in the world. Ambition: To be a secretary. CYNTHIA J. PERCOCO I 14 Spy Pond Parkway Activities: Glee Club; Working for Harvard University Health Services. Pet Peeve: An ugly cafeteria. Favorite Sports: Swimming; bowling; ice skating. Ambition: To be a secretary. JOHN H. PERKINS 49 Academy Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan, V. Pres.; Marching Band, V. Pres.; Allied Youth; DeMolay. Hobbies: Music; sports; fun. Pet Peeve: Early band re- hearsal. Ambition: To become a den- tist. 68 PAULINA A. PERLATONDO 104 Varmim Street Activities: Yearbook Staff; Girls ' Choir. Pet Peeve: Homeroom in the 30 ' s. Favorite Sport: ' Watching hockey games. Favorite Expression: “Rats and mice.” CHARLES E. PERRELL 42 Windmill Lane Activities: Ski Club; Latin Club; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club; Working as sales clerk at Zwicker ' s. Favorite Sport: Skiing. Ambition: To live. THOMAS G. PETERS 30 Eustis Street Activities: JV Hockey; Eoot- ball. Manager; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: Winning the State Hockey Tournament in 1964. Pet Peeve: Surprise quizzes. Ambition: To major in ac- counting at U. of Mass. CATHERINE E. PHILLIPS 6 Oakland Avenue Activities: Girls ' Glee Club; Ski Club; Working at the Dal- lin Branch Library. Will to AHS: Gym locker 174 with all its contents. Chief Failing: My love for coke and potato chips. DOREEN M. PICKETT 33A Appleton Street Activities: Ski Club; CYO; Teen Club; Mystical Rose Club. Pet Peeve: Cooking class. Favorite Sports: Skiing; horse- back riding; skating. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Chief Failing: Talking too much. CHARLES A. PIDANO, Jr. 3 1 Varnum Street Activities: Chronicle, Asst. Ed- itor; Erench Club, Treas.; Sci- ence Quiz Team; Yearbook Staff, Literary Editor. PAMELA A. PITT 39 Elorence Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Ski Club; Working at Buttrick ' s. Fondest Memory: My trip to San Erancisco in ' 65. Will to A FIS: My weary bones. Chief Failing: Typing 11. Suppressed Desire: To gradu- ate. STEPHEN C. PLACE 45 Walnut Street Activities: Yearbook. Photog.; Chronicle, Photog.; Allied Youth; JV Eootball; DeMolay; Youth Fellowship, Treas. Hobbies: Photography; playing the guitar. Ambition: To be an engineer. ANDREW R. PLUMMER 33 Old Mystic Street Activities: Y earbook Staff; Chronicle; Allied Youth. Chief Failing: Lack of ambi- tion. Suppressed Desire: To climb the AHS cupola. Claim to Fame: Record num- ber of fuses blown in shop. EDWARD J. POIRIER 29 Florence Avenue Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Favorite Expression: “Let ' s pick up the chicks. " Chief Eailings: Talking too much; my hot temper. Claim to Eame: Being a clown. Ambition: To be a broadcaster. 69 JOSEPH D. POPE 54 Hemlock Street Activities: Ski Club; Civil Rights Club; AY A Baseball; Park Dept. Basketball. Suppressed Desire: To pitch in the World Series. Claim to Fame: Corny jokes. Ambition: To be a journalist. BRIAN J. POWER 83 Overlook Road Activities: Working at Chicken Delight, Allston. Hobby: Working on cars. Fondest Memory: Beach par- ties at Ashby. Pet Peeve: Homework. Ambition: To be a millionaire. EDWARD J. POWER 83 Overlook Road Pet Peeves: Harves; rules. Fondest M e m o r y . " Printing class. Hobbies: Stealing hubcaps; helping old ladies cross streets. Claim to Fame: Being a mem- ber of the Weekend Warriors. Chief Failing: Life. JOHN J. POWERS, Jr. 177 Mount Vernon Street Activities: AYA baseball; Working at Louis, Inc. Predict That: The class of ' 66 will be the best. Claim to Fame: Passing Math 7. Suppressed Desire: To get a good lunch at the cafeteria. SALLY PRATO 37 Jason Street Hobbies: Dancing; finger paint- ing. Chief Failing: Daydreaming. Suppressed Desire: To own a motorcycle. Ambition: To be a fashion buyer and co-ordinator. JAN R. PRESCOTT 75 Hillsdale Road Activities: Civil Rights Club, Sec. Fondest Memory: Being asked to go to the Naval Academy. Hobby: Playing the guitar. Will to AHS: All of its aggravating rules. DONNA J. PRESTIGIOVANNI 70 Appleton Street Activities: Chronicle; Girls’ Glee Club; Girls ' Choir; Ski Club; Girls’ Club; Allied Youth. Fondest M e m o r y : Hockey games at the Boston Garden. Will to AHS: Miss Thomp- son’s slowly fading time clock. ROBERT D. PRESTON 123 Webster Street Activities: Teaching electronics at Eidelity House; CYO; St. Agnes Band; Working at Audio- sonics Inc. Favorite Expression: " Pardon you.” Hobbies: Eating; sleeping. MARY A. PRIMERANO 78 Cleveland Street Activities: Chronicle; Library Corps, Sec.; EHA, Treas.; Spanish Club, Sec. Pet Peeve: Two-way stairways. Favorite Expression: " Project!” Hobbies: Driving; knitting. Ambition: To be a teacher. JEAN M. PRINCE 1 15 North Union Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Ski Club; Chroni- cle; Samettes; Dramatic Club; Arlington Youth Council. Will to AHS: My brother. Chief Failing: Running in gym. 70 GEORGE F. PUBLICOVER 1 1 Huntington Road Activities: Working at Morn- ingside Pharmacy. Pet Peeve: The length of time that is given between classes. I Will to AHS: Four pairs of slightly-used gym socks. Favorite Sport: Football. BETTE J. PULLEY 580 Summer Street Activities: Ski Club. Favorite Expression: “Brutal!” Fondest Memory: Straighten- ing Maria K’s hair. Chief Failings: Driving; study- ing; passing. Nickname: Boo Boo. PAUL A. PUMA 188 Palmer Street Activities: Dramatic Club; Ski Club; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: Work. Fondest Memory: The night I slept in a telephone booth. Ambition: To become the world’s second-best advertising agent. MARY ANNE QUATTROCCHI 12 Orchard Place Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle; CYO. I Will to AHS: My battered bongo drums. Pet Peeve: Boring teachers. 7 Predict That: Someday we will beat Walpole in hockey. THOMAS P. QUATTROCCHI 5 Lee Terrace Activities: Basketball, Capt.; Fr. Football; Allied Youth. Fondest Memory: Crane’s Beach. Pet Peeve: The school’s system of giving deficiency slips. Chief Failing: School subjects. Ambition: To go to college. JO-ANN M. QUINLAN 27 Chester Street Activities: Art Club; Dramatic Club; Chronicle; Candy Stripers. Pet Peeve: Trying to stay awake in math class. I Will to AHS: All my notes from Miss Michaelson’s class. Chief Failing: Geometry. BARBARA A. RAYMOND 19 Albermarle Street Activities: Working at Silver One Hour Cleansers; CYO. Chief Failing: Talking in study. Fondest Memory: Junior Prom. Claim to Fame: Best gum snapper at AHS. Pet Peeve: Having to take gym. STEVEN J. REGAL 156 Brattle Street Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Bedford Hospital Vol- unteer; Working at Chelmsford Roadside Stand; CYO. Nickname: Reeg. Fondest Memory: Junior home- room with Miss Vogel. JEANNE A. REYNOLDS 76 Gloucester Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Office Assistant. Pet Peeve: Crowded corridors. Fondest Memory: Becoming a senior. Ambition: To work in a big business office in Boston. WILLIAM J. RICARDO 47 Lafayette Street Activities: Dramatic Club; CYO. Fondest Memory: Getting a “B” from Miss Manning. Claim to Fame: Having been called “the other boy” by Mr. S. I Predict That: AHS will soon have an electric scoreboard. 71 LINDA A. RICERCATO 90 Oakland Avenue Activities: Bedford Hospital Volunteer; CYO. Will to A US: All my hockey and football ticket stubs. Pet Peeve: Being so short. Ambition: To become a teacher. Favorite Sport: Football. JOHN P. RICHARD 62 Everett Street Course: Automotive. Pet Peeve: School. Fondest Memory: Surfing. Favorite Sports: Hockey; base- ball. Claim to Fame: Climbing the gas tower. ANNE RIESE 6 Cheviot Road Activities: Student Council; Office Assistant; Softball; Ski Club; Allied Youth. Pet Peeve: Good-looking boys. Chief Failing: Mathematics. Ambition: To go to Westbrook junior College. RONALD A. RIESZ 29 Marion Road Pet Peeves: Teachers ' calling their pupils by their last names; detention. Fondest Memory: Getting into a sophomore homeroom with fourteen points. Favorite Sport: Baseball. . , , Am ROBERT M. RIZZO 25 Water Street Activities: JV Football; JV Baseball. Fondest Memories: The sum- mers of ' 64 and ' 65. Will to AHS: All my neck- ties. Predict That: This school isn’t going to miss me. MARTIN J. ROBICHAUD 92 Franklin Street Fondest Memory: My first day as a fre shman; no matter where you wanted to go or whom you asked, you always ended up in the girls’ gym. Suppressed Desire: To play the guitar. KAREN M. ROGERS 144 Charlton Street Activities: Ski Club; Office As- sistant; Chronicle; CYO. Fondest Memory: Trip to Florida. Pet Peeve: Reports of all kinds. Favorite Expression: “Cool it!” Ambition: To work eventually for an airline. J. PAUL ROONEY 65 Huntington Road Activities: Chronicle; CYO. I Will to AHS: My intelligent, good-looking, appealing, phy- sique. Pet Peeve: English tests. Fondest Memory: Mechanical drawing. Ambition: To become a CPA. KEVIN F. ROONEY 65 Huntington Road Favorite Expression: “Super- califragilistic.” Pet Peeve: Sixth period. Fondest Memory: Mr. Cal- lahan’s chemistry class. Ambition: To become a chem- ist. BRUCE E. ROPER 3 Memorial Way Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Band; AYA Baseball. Pet Peeve: Water fountains on the top floor. Fondest Memory: Winchester, the night of June 14, 1965. Favorite Expression: “EE- YEAH!” 72 PETER T. ROSS 51 Ridge Street Activities: Ski Club; Working at Stop Shop. Favorite Expression: “How are ya?” Chief Failing: Not studying hard enough. Pet Peeve: Tyrant teachers. LINDA K. ROSSI 193 Hillside Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Tom Dooley League; Yearbook Staff; S a m e 1 1 e s ; Chronicle; Teen Club; Girls’ Club. Fondest M e m o r y .• Biology class. Ambition: To become a medi- cal technologist. ALFRED G. ROTONDI 230 Cedar Avenue Activities: Ski Club; Dramatic Club; Teen Club; Working at Filene’s. Pet Peeve: Water fountains in the 30’s. Claim to Fame: Captain of the safety patrol in sixth grade. RALPH R. ROWLEY 30 Belknap Street Activities: JV Basketball; Out- door Track; Working at Northeastern University Book- store. Fondest Memory: All the great fun at AHS. Ambition: To go into business. JACQUELINE C. RUSSO 183 Pleasant Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Chronicle; Girls’ Club; Civil Rights Club; Allied Youth; Spanish Club; Working at psy- chiatrist’s office; Rainbow. Fondest Memory: Hockey games. DAVID-ALLEN RYAN 21 Newland Road Activities: Dance, Marching, and Concert Bands; Orchestra, V. Pres.; Gilbert Sullivan; Boys’ Glee Club; Mixed Cho- rus; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Tom Dooley League; Arlington Youth Council; Minutemen; Boys’ Club. ELIZABETH R. SACCA 38 Amsden Street Activities: Office Assistant; CYO; Working at Pray’s Furniture Store. Ambition: To be a secretary. Will to AHS: My gym suit. Fondest Memory: Valentine’s Day, 1963. ERIC B. SAMPSON 450 Appleton Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan, Pres.; Orchestra; Operetta Workshop; Concert Band; Marching Band; Boys’ Glee Club. Fondest Memory: G S Club. Ambition: To become a his- tory teacher. DOROTHY J. SANBORN 146 Oakland Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Samettes; Girls’ Club; Gilbert Sullivan; Tom Dooley League; Teen Club. Fondest Memories: Tom Dooley car washes; decorating for Allied Youth dances. WILLIAM J. SANGELEER 131 Thorndike Street Hobbies: Working on automo- biles; machining parts for au- tomobiles. Fondest Memory: My first day at AHS. Ambition: To have my own service station. 73 CAROL J. SARACENO 10 Hathaway Circle Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Allied Youth; Teen Club; Working at Bel- lino’s. Fondest Memories: Meeting all the nice kids at AHS; becom- ing a sophomore. RICHARD A. SARDELLITTI 34 Silk Street Activities: Allied Youth; Base- ball. Hobbies: Record clubs and col- lection. Fondest Memory: Italian I. Nickname: Gump. Ambition: To be a draftsman. WAYNE A. SCHWAMB 12 Oldham Road Activities: V Track; Ski Club; Allied Youth, Council Member; Working at Zwicker’s Sport Shop. I Predict That: I will win the state title for pole-vaulting. Fondest Memories: Junior and senior beach parties. EDWARD J. SEARLES 64 Claremont Avenue Activities: Ski Club, Pres.; Al- lied Youth; Chronicle; CYO, Pres; Yearbook Staff. Fondest Memory: The night I went up to the tower. Favorite Sport: Skiing. Ambition: To find an ambition. JOANNE SGOUROS 313 Park Avenue Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Office Assistant; Teaching Sunday School; Working at John H. Pray’s and Sons. Pet Peeve: Going outdoors for gym class while it’s raining. Ambition: To be a secretary. GAYLE A. SHAFMAN 3B Harvard Street Activities: Working at Beauty Gardens; Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Blondes. Will to AHS: My grapefruit peelings. Ambition: To be an airline hostess. SAMUEL R. SHARP 91 Winchester Road Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Band; Dance Band; LRY, Pres.; Arlington Protestant Youth Council; Greater Boston Youth Band. Will to AHS: One baritone saxophone. KATHLEEN E. SHEA 138 Westminster Avenue Activities: Student Council; Tennis; Girls’ Club, Sec., V. Pres., Pres.; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Ski Club; teaching religion classes. Ambition: To enter the field of dental hygiene. FREDERICK SHEARD 7 Tanager Street Activities: Weightlifting; Ski Club; Allied Youth; DeMolay; Church Group. Fondest Memory: My home- room buddies. I Predict That: The class of 1966 will be the best ever. MARTHA J. SHEEHAN 32 Columbia Road Activities: Samettes; Ski Club, Corres. Sec.; Cheerleaders; Junior Class Sec.; Girls’ Club, Treas., V. Pres.; Chronicle; Al- lied Youth; Office Assistant; Teen Club; CYO. Will to AHS: My cartwheels. 74 JOHN M. SHEPARD 167 Crosby Street Activities: JV, V Football. Pet Peeve: Not being able to wear the kind of clothes I want. Fondest Memory: The first day at AHS. Ambition: To become a den- tist. ROBERT H. SHUMAKER, JR. 49 Claremont Avenue Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Boys’ Glee Club; French Club; Chronicle; Park Avenue Con- gregational Church Choir; De- Molay; Working at Park Florist. Pet Peeve: Short lunch peri- ods. LINDA S. SILVA 10 Victoria Road Activities: Office Assistant; Chorus; St. Agnes Senior Band; Working at the Star Market. Favorite Expression: “Cool as a moose.” I Will to AHS: A cracked voice. Ambition: To be a secretary. THOMAS J. SILVA 15 Windemere Avenue Activities: Mystic Lake Park- ers; Working at Middlesex Television Co. Course: Electronics. Favorite Subject: Physics. Pet Peeve: Rotten lunches. Favorite Sport: Football. THOMAS J. SIMPSON 107 Grafton Street Activities: JV Football; Indoor Track; Outdoor Track; Allied Youth. Will to AHS: My student handbook. Fondest Memory: My many happy days at AHS. ROSEMARIE B. SIRACUSA 12 Fairmont Street Activities: Working for Mr. Einzig, Sec.; Samettes; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Allied Youth; Teen Club; Tom Dooley League. Favorite Expression: " Oh, boy!” Ambition: To be a stenogra- pher or a teacher. SUSAN L. SKERRY 3 Paul Revere Road Activities: Pep Club; Allied Youth; Gilbert Sullivan; Teen Club. Fondest Memories: Proms; POD class. Favorite Subject: Biology. Ambition: To be a nurse. ANN F. SMITH 81 Kensington Park Activities: Allied Youth; FHA; Samettes, Capt.; French Club, Sec.; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Office Assistant; Teen Club. Fondest Memory: Practicing half-time shows with the band. CHARLENE A. SMITH 9 Memorial Way Activities: Office Assistant; Girls’ Choir, V. Pres.; Pep Club, V. Pres.; Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; Teen Club. Pet Peeve: Climbing to the 30’s every morning. Fondest Memories: Proms. EVERETT E. SMITH 16 Fairmont Street Activities: Boys’ Club; Bowl- ing; Explorers. Hobbies: Weightlifting; build- ing model cars. Fondest Memory: Shop I. Nickname: Buda. Ambition: To be a C.P.A. 75 GERARD T. SMITH 104 Fremont Street Activities: Basketball; Baseball; Allied Youth; Chronicle; JV Football; Ski Club; AYA; CYO; Working at Churchill Estate. Claim to Fame: My cheerlead- ing days. JUDITH A. SMITH 469 Mystic Street Activities: Swimming; Tennis; Skateboarding. Pet Peeve: People with long hair. I Will to APIS: My empty hair- coloring bottles. Ambition: To become a secre- tary. TED S. SPINOSA 5 Old Colony Road Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; DeMolay; Weekend Warriors. Favorite Sports: Football; ski- ing. Fondest Memories: Beach par- ties at Crane ' s beach. ELLEN SNOW 138 Herbert Road Activities: Bedford Hospital Volunteer; Working at W. T. Grant’s. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Fondest Memory: All the great kids in the senior class. Ambition: To be a nurse. ELAINE M. SORGENTE 463 Summer Street Activities: Working at Zayre’s in Cambridge. Pet Peeve: People that exag- gerate. Fondest Memory: Dec. 22, 1962. I Will to AHS: Two one-inch pencils. BRUCE F. SOPAS 138 Brattle Street Activities: DeMolay; Church Choir; Automobile Repairs. Hobbies: Coin and stamp col- lecting. Favorite Sports: Car racing; skiing. Suppressed Desire: A new car. THOMAS M. SPENGLER 189 Jason Street Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track; Cross Country, Capt.; Student Council, Treas.; Allied Youth; Yearbook Staff; Spanish Club; Chronicle; Ski Club; CYO; Arlington Youth Coun- cil; Teen Club; Tom Dooley League, Treas. JAMES R. SMITH 76 Chester Street Activities: Football; Allied Youth; Hockey; Chronicle. Hobbies: Swimming; boating. Fondest Memories: Winning the hockey championship; Toronto. Suppressed Desire: To get to school early. KAREN A. SMITH 23 Edmund Road Activities: Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; CYO; Working at Jor- dan Marsh Co. Predict That: The desks in Building B will not last another year. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. MARILYN F. SPRINKLE 440 Concord Turnpike Activities: Science Club, Sec., Pres., Chairman of Fair; Math Team; Science Team; Chess Team; Yearbook Staff, Proof Editor; Chronicle, Club Editor; Library Corps; Dramatic Club; Working as page at Robbins Library. 76 PETER STANLEY 31 Melrose Street Activities: Working at a serv- ice station. Favorite Sport: Eootball. Will to AHS: My detention. Favorite Subject: Crafts. I Predict That: I shall return. Ambition: To marry a rich girl. SUSAN L. STEELE 152 Park Avenue Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Girls’ Club; Allied Youth; CYO; CYC; Tom Dooley League. Suppressed Desire: To prove Tm not just a quiet, stay-at- home. Ambition: To finish school and to become a teacher. RICHARD STEEVES 57 Mystic Street Will to AHS: My memory. Nickname: Dickie. Course: General. Pet Peeve: Questionnaires. Chief Failing: None. SAMUEL P. STEPANIS 54 Lewis Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Indoor Track; Bedford Hospital Volunteer; Working for the Eederal Government; CYO. Pet Peeve: Third lunch. Will to AHS: My body for study in the biology lab. SANDRA L. STEPHENS 125 Webster Street Activities: Rainbow. Hobby: Collecting pictures of the Beatles. Suppressed Desire: To be on the School Board. Ambition: To become an air- line stewardess. DAVID C. STEWART 17 Shawnee Road Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Marching Band; Concert Band; Junior Red Cross. Nickname: Cherub. Pet Peeve: Incessant talkers. Ambition: To teach music or history. J. STEPHANIE STILES 86 Coolidge Road Activities : Girls’ Club, Rec. Sec.; Allied Youth, Council; Chronicle; Latin Club; Band. Lib.; Ski Club; EHA; Year- book Staff; Teen Club; Tom Dooley League; Robbins Li- brary Volunteer; Rainbow. M. NORCROSS STRATTON 37 Ottawa Road Activities: Allied Youth; Band; Chronicle; Boys’ Club; Track; Basketball; Teen Club; CYO. Claim to Fame: Boy cheer- leader. Fondest M e m o r i e s : Bomb scares; pep rallies; fire drills. DAVID P. SULLIVAN 46 Peter Tufts Road Activities: Gymnastics, Capt. Hobby: Writing to the Regis- try. Claim to Fame: Term paper on alchoholism for biology. Ambition: To find the back door key to U. of Mass. Chief Failing: GTO’s. LINDA J. SULLIVAN 104 Melrose Street Activities: EHA; Yearbook Staff; Bowling League; CYO Working at Star Market in Medford. Fondest M e m o ry : Algebra class during junior year. Nickname: Lindy. DONNA SWKENEY 2 i Cleveland Street Activities: Majorettes; Allied Youth; Girls’ Club; Chronicle; Ski Club; Senior Class Sec.; Teen Club; CYO; Arlington Youth Council. Chief I ' ailint’: Dropping my baton at half-time. D.WID L. TANNOZZINI 102 Hathaway Circle Activities: Radio Club, Pres.; Track; Science Club; National Rifle Association; American Radio Relay League. Claim to Fame: Only one wanting to own a sausage bun factory. Ambition: To be an engineer. CAR MELA TASSONE 39 Varnum Street Activities: Working as office girl at A. Barbanti Co. Favorite Subject: English. Fondest Memory: Christmas Assembly, 1964, Suppressed Desire: To travel to Hawaii. ROBERT E. TATRO 79 Trowbridge Street Activities: JV Baseball; Park League Basketball; AYA; Teen Club. Chief Failing: Latin II. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Pet Peeve: Not enough time between classes. 1 IN DA TEETER 507 Appleton Street Fondest Memory: The time 1 lived in California. Pet Peeves: Natural blondes; school lunches. Will to AHS: Chewed erasers. Ambition: To become an airline hostess. PHILIP A. TEEVEN 276 Broadway Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Boys’ Glee Club; Sea Explorers; Arlington Youth Council. IT to AHS: My good health — only absent twice in four years. Hobbies: Boating; skin diving. Favorite Subject: Biology. PHILIP S. THAYER, Jr. 1 1 Puritan Road Activities: Orchestra; Concert Band; Marching Band; Year- book Staff; Chronicle; Civil Rights Club; Continentals; Leader of dance combo. Pet Peeve: Eilling out ques- tionnaires. MARY A. THIBEDEAU 267 Highland Avenue Activities: EHA; Softball; Working at Touraine’s. Pet Peeves: Homework; gen- tlemen at AHS. Hobby: Knitting. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom, 1965; Christmas vaca- tion. KIMBALL W. THOMPSON 107 Francis Wyman Road, Burlington Activities: Citizens’ Band Radio; Working at RCA and at Burlington Texaco. Chief Failing: Blondes. Will to AHS: Strips of burnt rubber around the parking lot. DONNA L. THOMSON 75 Maynard Street Activities: Chronicle; Girls’ Choir; Ski Club. Favorite Subject: English. Chief Failing: Daydreaming. Suppressed Desire: To meet John Lennon. Ambition: To graduate. 78 PETER R. THORPE 61 Dudley Street Activities: Track Team, Man- ager. Nickname: Pete. Hobby: Collecting foreign coins. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Sport: Track. ROBERT TIERNAN 66 Mott Street Activities: Lunchroom duty. Course: Automotive. Favorite Subject: English. Hobby: Playing the guitar. Will to AHS: All the hours 1 stayed awake during class. Favorite Expression: “O.K.!” ANN M. TKACZUK 71 Washington Street Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Girls ' Club; Office Assistant; Working at Mr. Richard’s Beauty Salon; Rainbow. Pet Peeve: Gym fifth period three years in a row. Hobby: Sewing. DANIEL J. TOBIN 70 Harlow Street Activities: Internations Club; Civil Rights Club, Treas.; Fi- delity House; Football, Work- ing at Brigham’s Claim to Fame: No claim, just fame. Hobby: Arguing with teachers. WILLIAM A. TOMASSETTI 92 Morningside Drive Activities: Working at A P. Fondest Memories: Days when there was no school. Chief Failing: Chemistry. I Predict That: I will be sent to Vietnam. Favorite Sports: Skiing; hockey. CHERYL J. TOMLINSON 31 Highland Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Working at M M Delicates- sen. Favorite Expression: “Are you kidding?” I Will to AHS: My blonde streak. Fondest Memories: Summers of 1964 and 1965. JAMES P. TOMPKINS 8 Brooks Avenue Activities: Ski Club; Working at Star Market in Brighton. Suppressed Desire: No home- work. Favorite Sports: Skiing; skat- ing; football. Hobby: Anything connected with cars. WILLIAM S. TOULOPOULOS 75 Morningside Drive Activities: Ski Club; Allied Youth; AYA Baseball; Boys’ Club; Park League Basketball. Chief Failing: French. Pet Peeve: Dress regulation concerning patch pocket pants. Ambition: To become a spy. NANCY E. TRAINOR 38 Mystic Lake Drive Activities: Ski Club; CYO; Chronicle; Spanish Club. Favorite Subject: Spanish. Suppressed Desire: To meet Paul McCartney. Ambition: To graduate. IRENE M. TRAVERS 10 River Street Activities: Chronicle; Working at Suburban National Bank. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Fondest Memory: September 28, 1964. Favorite Sport: Baseball. 79 PAUL E. TRAVERS 6 Orvis Road Activities: Spring Track; Audio- Visual Aid; Chronicle; Work- ing on construction in Brain- tree. Favorite Expression: " Are you kidding me? " Chief Failing: Skipping school. JOHN T. TREACY 188 Scituate Street Activities: Working at the Coop. Chief Failing: School Favorite Sports: Baseball; bas- ketball. Ambition: To graduate from high school. Nickname: Irish. S. MARK TULLER 5 Lincoln Street Activities: Football; French Club, V. Pres., Pres.; Track; Ski Club; Civil Rights Club; Pleasant Street Church Youth Fellowship; Youth Council. Favorite Sport: Football. Nickname: Blondie. DAVID L. B. TUTTLE 1 38 Gray Street Activities: Art Club, V. Pres.; Playing bass guitar in a band. Chief Failing: Mathematics. Ambition: To complete four, and only four, years at .VHS. Hobbies: Sketching; reading; motorcycles. NANCY J. UNION 56 Webster Street Activities: Samettes; " Yearbook Staff; Office Assistant; Girls ' Choir. Sec.; Candy Stripers; Ski Club; Chronicle; Allied ■ ' outh. N ickname: Onion. Pet Peeve: Stupid nicknames. ELLEN M. URBON 16 Lanark Road Activities: Civil Rights Club; Chronicle, Cartoonist; Year- book Staff; Ski Club; Art Club; CYO; Working as a doctor ' s assistant. Suppressed Desire: To attend West Point. Chief Failing: Waking up. ROBERT D. VALE 48 Cleveland Street Activities: Student Council; Working at Trans World Serv- ice. Inc. Will to AHS: A slightly-used ' 62 Dodge Polara. Ambition: lo drive a certain ' 65 Mercury. LIND.A. M. VALUER 43 Winter Street Activities: .Allied Youth; Office .Assistant; Chronicle; Girls ' Choir; Bedford Hospital Vol- unteer; W ' orking at Suburban National Bank. Ambition: To join the Peace Corps. GEORGE E. VARNUM 3 Freeman Street Activities: Camera Club; Working as Service Station At- tendant. Favorite Sports: Football; vol- le ball. Favorite Expression: " Son of a gun. " MARGUERITE VAUGHAN 89 Mount Vernon Street Activities: Dramatic Club, Prop. Chairman; Chronicle; Art Club; Bedford Hospital Volunteer; Red Cross swim- ming instructor. Suppressed Desire: To take over a class and teach it my way. Nickname: Margo. 80 DONNA M. VILLONE 32 Milton Street Activities: Majorettes; Girls’ Glee Club, Pres.; Girls’ Choir, Pres.; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Student Council, Rec. Sec.; CYO. Nickname: Vee. Pet Peeve: Saturday band practices at 8 a.m. RICHARD N. VINCENT 43 Overlook Road Activities: Working at Fair- lawn Nursing Home in Lexing- ton. Nickname: Rick. Favorite Sport: Baseball. Fondest Memory: Last day of school — especially this year. Pet Peeve: Fourth lunch. ANTOINETTE B. VISBISKY 214 Mountain Avenue Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Ski Club; Working at Ryder Truck Rental and at Town Hall. Fondest Memories: Football and hockey games. Nickname: Toni. Hobby: Horseback- riding. JANICE M. VOLPE 40 School Street Activities: Chronicle; Allied Youth; Ski Club; Girls ' Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Teen Club. Nickname: Governor. Fondest Memory: The Semi- formal. Suppressed Desire: To explore the boys’ locker rooms. FRANCIS J. WALSH 41 Cleveland Street Activities: Working at But- trick’s Sandwich shop. Nickname: Frank. Course: General. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Hobby: Sleep, sleep, sleep. Favorite Sport: Football. THOMAS D. WALSH 15 Littlejohn Street Activities: Allied Youth; Ar- lington Youth Council; Hockey. Chief Failing: Marks. Will to AHS: My body for biology dissection. Nickname: Walshie. KATHLEEN M. WELCH 3 Washington Avenue Activities: Allied Youth; Ski Club; Chronicle; Yearbook Staff; Tom Dooley League; CYO. Hobbies: Sewing, skiing. Nickname: Kathy. Ambition: To be a registered nurse at Mass. General Hospi- tal. ANN M. WHARTON 38 Academy Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club; Girls’ Choir; Harmonettes; Chorus; Orchestra. Favorite Expression: “Don’t call me ‘Whartie’!’’ Ambition: To go to London and work. JANE M. WHARTON 46 Orient Avenue Activities: Art Club. Pres.; Yearbook Staff, Art Editor; Ski Club; Allied Youth; Chronicle; Working at Symmes Hospital. Fondest M e m o r y : Symmes beach party at Nahant, ’65. Nickname: Jamie. MARYANNE WHITE 72 Westminster Avenue Activities: Chronicle; Office Assistant; Ski Club; Girls’ Club; Working at Gilchrist’s. Course: College. Hobbies : Reading; dating. Ambition: To attend Salem State College and become a teacher. 81 RANDALL WHITE 40 Walnut Street Activities: Senior Class Pres.; Allied Youth, V. Pres.; Latin Club, Consul Primus; Chroni- cle, Sports Editor; Student Council; Church Youth Group, Pres. Favorite Sports: Football; bas- ketball; baseball; swimming. CARLTON F. WHITEHEAD 21 Ashland Street Activities: Playing in a rock ’n’ roll band. Pet Peeve: Walking to the top floor of the old building first thing every morning. Will to AHS: All the hair they made me cut off. KATHLEEN M. WHITNEY 32 Crawford Street Activities: Office Assistant; Girls ' Club; Working at Lud- lam’s Pet Shop. Nickname: Kathy. Fondest Memory: New Year’s Eve. 1963. Hobbies: Talking; flirting. MICHAEL J. WHITNEY 10 Epping Street Activities: Teen Club; Working at Sidney Street, Cambridge; Football. Favorite Sport: Basketball. Nickname: Jeb. Favorite Subject: Mathemat- ics. Will to AHS: My left arm. PHILIP M. WHITNEY 32 Crawford Street Activities: Working at Lud- lam’s Pet Shop. Nickname: Phil. Hobbies: Fishing; hunting; shooting. Fondest Memory: The day I got my motorcycle. SUSAN WILKLIS 1055 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Girls’ Choir; Chron- icle; Gilbert Sullivan; Allied Youth; Working at Anthony’s Restaurant. Nickname: Sue. Claim to Fame: My raccoon coat. Hobby: Writing poetry. NANCY L. WIRZBLRGER 26 Elmhurst Road Activities: Girls ' Club; Chroni- Course: Business. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Pet Peeve: Passing times be- tween periods much too short. Ambition: To be a secretary. D.A.VID L. WOODFORD 172 Cedar Avenue Activities: Orchestra; Concert Band, Pres.; Marching Band, Pres.; Gilbert Sullivan. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom Will to AHS: One pair of elevator shoes. Nickname: Woodie. BARRY R. WRIGHT 15 Nourse Street Activities: Allied Youth; Teen Club; Weightlifting; Working at Community News; Football; AYA. Favorite Expression: " Zoo-wee! " Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Nickname: Krebb ' s. RICHARD A. YOUNG 18 Farrington Street Activities: Yearbook Staff, Bus. Editor; Working at Mystic Dairy Bar. Pet Peeves: Homeroom 37 and Mech. Draw, last period. Fondest Memory: Beach par- ties at Crane ' s Beach. 82 ROSEMARY L. ZACHER 6 Wellesley Road Activities: Dramatic Club; Chronicle; Working at Symmes Hospital. Favorite Expression : “Ba- loney!” Suppressed Desire: To go to California. CAROLYN A. ZALOGA 62 Westminster Avenue Activities: Gilbert Sullivan; Office Assistant; Chorus, Ac- companist; Science Club. Course: Business. Ambition: To be a medical secretary. GRACE M. ZONA 47 Decatur Street Activities: Girls’ Club; Teen Club. Will to AHS: My four-year- old gym sneakers and socks. Pet Peeve: Waking at 6:00 a.m. Ambition: To be a receptionist for an airline. J. WALTER ZSCHIRNT 1 Roanoke Road Activities: Ski Club; Working at Guiney’s Esso Station. Suppressed Desire: To be a racing driver. Pet Peeve: Language lab. Favorite Sports: Skiing; swim- ming; bowling. KATHLEEN DONAHUE 15 Jason Terrace RICHARD BUSI 27 Teresa Circle ANTHONY CAPPELLA 14 Webster Street Activities: Hockey; Football; Baseball. Suppressed Desire: To become principal of AHS. Chief Failing: Physics. Fondest Memory: Mr. Whit- more’s fifth period print class. BRADFORD DUDLEY 30 Ashland Street Activities: Football; Cars. Favorite Expression: " It’s not my problem; it’s my career.” Nickname: Red. Fondest M e m o r y : Junior Prom. Ambition: To become a good automobile body man. FRANCES C. GRADY 63 Trowbridge Street Activities: Dramatic Club; CYO; Sodality; Working at Os- son’s Art Shop. Fondest Memory: Elliot. Pet Peeves: Homework; school work. Chief Fail i n g : Too little money. WILLIAM HYDE 27 Hopkins Road Activities: Working at Janicon Manufacturing Company. Nickname: Zero. Fondest Memory: Freshman auto shop. Hobbies: Boats; cars. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. 83 CARMEN J. MACCHIA 8 West Street Activities: Boys’ Glee Club; Belmont Country Club; Week- end Warriors. Fondest Memory: A trip to Italy. Favorite Fxpression: “Two wrongs never make a right.” PATRICIA A. TRAYNOR 30 Waldo Road Activities: Working at Holy Ghost Hospital in Cambridge. Will to A MS: All my term papers and unsatisfactory pa- pers. Nickname: Pat. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom ’65. JOHN E. TOCIO 19 Eessenden Road Activities: Working at a gas station. Chief Failing: English. Fondest Memory: Print Class. Nickname: Jack. Favorite Sport: Eootball. Flobby: Cars. ANDERS BECKMAN Liljeborgsvagen 3 Uppsala, Sweden Fondest Memory: A week in Denmark at a high school stu- dents’ meeting. Suppressed Desire: To get a driver’s license. Chief Failing: Right-hand traffic. CAMERA SHY WF JOHN BATTELL 36 Eranklin Street WILLIAM BOURGAULT 39 Windsor Street GARY CHALAS 139 Winchester Road PAUL E. CIAMPA 41 Lantern Lane WILLIAM EAHNLEY 123 Claremont Avenue ELIZABETH EOSTER 19 Yerxa Road DONALD A. GALANTE 4 O’Neil Road PAUL GAUMOND 16 Kimball Road ROBERT E. GRAHAM 50 Mount Vernon Street DIANE KLETJIAN 26 Kensington Park JOHN C. LEAHY 1 1 Aberdeen Road CHARLES MacGAULEY 133 Waverley Street CHARLES MAGHAKIAN 17 Newcomb Road ANN MANTONE 5 Dorothy Road MICHAEL E. MARCHESE 486 Summer Street RICHARD J. MARRAMA 9 Dickson Road JOHN P. MURPHY 6 Memorial Way RICHARD P. NOVIELLO 6 Puritan Road BRUCE J. PETERSON 47 Kenilworth Road WAYNE PETRUCCI 220 Florence Avenue PAUL E. PINCIAK 1111 Massachusetts Avenue KEVIN RING 41 Cornell Street CARLETON ROBBINS 39 Linden Street JOSEPH SCARLATTA 77 Cleveland Street LINDA SNELGROVE 58 Magnolia Street RICHARD SULLIVAN 153 Robbins Road LAWRENCE WHITING 126 Broadway 84 OUR STAFF SECRETARIAL Mrs. Margaret Craig Mrs. Patricia M. Carey CULINARY Left to Right: A. Rogers, M. von Hein, A. Starky, H. Darcey, E. Ralino, J. Union. M. Hoyt, S. Hallis, H. Ellinwood, H. O ' Shaiighnessy, L. McKeil, M. O ' Connell. CUSTODIAL Left to Right: J. Costa, (Partially hidden) L. Ciano, W. Flynn, R. Marsters. E. Cook, R. Flynn. W. Daley. 85 5 . S , (3e ? ' i C€yty ,u- mw ss. 1. NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS In ’65- ' 66 Gordon Davidson, David Grano, Michele Langer, Charles Pidano, Jan Prescott, Philip Thayer, and Mark Tuller brought honor to themselves and to AHS by qualifying as National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalists. Does this academic distinction imply that the seven Semis were eggheads, students who locked them- selves into their rooms every night for five or six hours of studying differential equations and writing esoteric compositions? Not in the least. As a matter of fact, these seven individuals spent so much time on outside interests that it is questionable whether they ever did any assigned homework at all. Their aggregate array of extracurricular activities in- cluded: playing varsity football, editing the Chronicle and the Indian, performing in the marching and dance bands, serving as a lab assistant, acting as members of both the math and science quiz teams, running the French Club, and forming the AHS Civil Rights Club. Mark Tuller summed up the dilemma of this group in general when he lamented, “By the time I finish with my extracurricular activities, I have barely enough time left to do my homework.” 1. NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FIN ALISTS—G. Davidson, P. Thayer, J. Prescott, C. Pidano, M. Langer, D. Grano. 2. MERIT COMMENDATION WINNERS Holy Popcorn! This year AHS had twenty-three stu- dents who received National Merit Letters of Commen- dation. Those are more Arlington pupils than have ever before earned them. Only 38,000 students across the country distinguished themselves by being awarded these letters. Our commendation winners will go to good colleges and bring more distinction to the school. Oh, boy, are we ever proud of them. By their perform- ance on the test they have shown a high ability in English usage, vocabulary, mathematics, social studies 2. MERIT COMMENDATION WINNERS— LvfVig down: T. Lucas, J. Fratello. Kneiding: E. Knight, P. Magnuson, A. Smith, K. Calandrella, G. Mattioli. Seated: L. De Francesco, and science reading comprehension, which means, more or less, that they can speak English, use big impressive words, figure out the tricks of SMSG-type math, and read. What was the reaction of the Letter-winners upon learning of their great honor? In the words of one of them who was asked this question, " When we were told that we had won Letters of Commendation, we all wanted to get our hands on those semi-finalists. If it hadn ' t been for them, we’d be in the running for some scholarships.” S. Hannaford, M. Sprinkle, P. Goduti. Standing: J. Pope, P. Kenney, P. MacGregor, A. Lopez, J. Hagopian, M. Karagianis, R. Pelletier, K. Cremens, R. Mackie. 3„ 4. STUDENT COUNCIL 1965-66 will be remembered as the year of the emancipation of the student council. The council, un- der the progressive direction of faculty adviser. Miss Tatum, was an active and influential organization which undertook many worthwhile projects. The fre- quent bulletin that “student council members are to report to room fifty-three after school today” gave evi- dence to the school that this was an interested and hard-working group. The student council’s biggest accomplishment was the raising of money to purchase a long-hoped-for elec- tric scoreboard for the football field. Other undertak- ings included a student-faculty tea, the sale of AHS book covers and folders, serving as guides on Parents’ Nights, and helping in producing the top-ten record, “Sounds of AHS.” Senior officers were; president, Frank Ciano; vice- president, Paul Collins; corresponding secretary, Kath- leen Calandrella; recording secretary, Donna Villone; and treasurer, Thomas Spengler. Senior class officer council members were Randall White, Daniel Kelley, Donna Sweeney, and James Beggan. 3. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL — T. Spengler, K. Calandrella. Collins. F. Ciano, D. Villone, P. 101 271b5J jian, H. Balboni, R. DiStefano, J. Deveaiix, V. Binkoski, T. Spengler, J. Clark. M. F’icardi, P. lantosca. N. Urquhart, M. M ulcahy. 4. .STUDENT COUNCIL — Kncclini’: P. Collins, D. Kelley, J. Walsh, K. Calandrella, R. While, F. Ciano, D. Villone, D. Sweeney, J. Beggan. Seated: C. Atamian, E. Baldwin, T. Bowser, N. Enright. J. CiiiifTre, B. Farinoso. Siunding: B. Klet- 5. FRESHMAN STUDENT COUNCIL So that they would not be entirely isolated from the rest of the school, the freshman students were given the opportunity to elect representatives to the Student Council. This dynamic and forceful elass voted for homeroom representatives and alternates, who in turn elected a freshman president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. Their choices were Tony Lyons, Brian Dacey, Pamela Whitney, and John Binkoski, respec- tively. The thirty homeroom representatives plus the 5. FRESHMAN STUDENT COU ' SiCW — Kneeling: C. Hamil- ton, N. Mahoney, P. Miicci, E. Kenney. Seated: S. Hamwey, R. Strelis. J. Teeven, S. Quayle, J. Binkoski. Standing: J. four officers attended every student council meeting (except those about which the upperclass council members didn’t tell them). Thus, the freshmen, if not always the most influen- tial members of the council, were at least the most numerous. Their chief aecomplishment was the holding of a freshman pep rally and dance one afternoon “for freshmen only”, which was a direct counter-attack against the Teen Club, from which they are excluded. Earlandson, B. Dacey, B. ETatello, D. O’Leary, L. Lyons, P. Whitney, P. Chase. 6. VOCATIONAL STUDENT COUNCIL Education is fundamental to our democratic way of life. Realizing this, the students of Arlington Technical and Vocational High School have become highly spe- cialized in their respective desired occupational fields. Each year industry’s demand for more competent craftsmen has produced notable changes in the require- ments for graduation. As a result, the Class of ' 66 claims the distinction of being the most skilled and highly trained graduating class to date. As mentioned in President Johnson’s State of the Union Address (1965), “Every child must have the best education our nation can provide.” To help pro- vide for this education on a technical level, the govern- ment has supplied funds to help furnish “Tech” High with the latest in equipment. Many changes took place at the school during the past four years. New equipment poured in, more class- rooms were added, requirements for gaining admission to T. V. High were made stricter, and the students took an increasingly greater part in school activities. Those who weren’t taking part in extracurricular activities found employment after school, whereby their newly acquired skills served to give them experience in the practices of industry and provided the financial rewards which will be useful for continuing their edu- cation on a post-secondary level. 6. VOCATIONAL STUDENT COUNCIL — Kneeling: A. Kavanagh, P. Lane, B. Greene. Standing: D. Knigtit, P. Ciano, L. Liicey, F. Pacheco, R. Vale. 7. OIRLS’ CLEE CLUB Just as the Red Sox have Minor League teams from which they can draw promising players up to the mother club, so the AHS Girls’ Choir has its “minor league,” better known as the Girls’ Glee Club. The Girls’ Glee Club is composed entirely of fresh- men who spend many afternoons practicing under the direction of Manager .McElhiney. A girl must partici- pate in all Glee Club activities for a year before she is given a tryout for the “major leagues”; that is, for the Girls’ Choir. (This rather strained analogy to baseball teams will just have to stop, for Mr. McElhiney is also in eharge of Girls’ Choir and there has been no man- ager who ever ran major and minor league teams at the same time.) After their year of learning how to har- monize, vocalize, and in general, sing, the members of the 1965-1966 Girls’ Glee Club are ready to move up next fall when they will attempt to become members of the Red Sox . . . er, that is, of the Girls’ Choir. 7. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB — Kneeling: D. Green, M. Glover. Seated: B. Hollingsworth, V. Gibbs. Standing: K. Kiirker, N. Brown. M. Oliver. 102 8. ORCHESTRA Members of the Arlington High School Orchestra have provided musical programs for activities sched- uled throughout the year 1965-1966. Under the expert guidance of Mr. L. Hassler Einzig and Mr. Richard E. Eaman, the group played at assemblies and for the Dramatic Club show, Rebel Without A Cause. In their final year, seniors participated in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. The Pirates of Penzance, and in the annual concert. Also, with fellow members, they attended rehearsals regularly to increase their skill and 8. ORCHESTRA — Foreground: P. Tassone, E. Sampson. Kneeling: J. Breese, E. Knight, H, Hintlian, P. Nordone, D. O ' Elaherty, P. Collins, J. Holdsworth, A. Gianasis, M. Dillon, C. Donnelly, C. Bryant. Seated: L. De Erancesco, P. Traverse, M. Gonyea, E. Tremblay, P. Magnuson, A. Wharton, J. Tolle- perfect their techniques. The Orchestra helped to promote an interest in mu- sic by playing at the Junior High East and joining in community efforts. Inclusion of both classical and modern selections contributed to the versatility of the group. Active in planning for the year were the officers: Paul Collins, president; James Baker, vice-president; Deidre O’Elaherty, secretary; and Paula Magnuson, treasurer. son, S. Bogden, A. Hoffman, J. Silva. Standing: V. Hintlian, K. Cremens, W. Bailey, P. Thayer, P. Cavicchi, C. Brennecke, D. Woodford, C. Nitchie, T. Kelly, J. Baker, D. O ' Connell, J. Brittan, G. Anderson. Back center: T. Diirland. 9. BOYS’ OLEE CLUB The Arlington High School Boys’ Glee Club was undoubtedly one of the most changed organizations in the school this year. With twelve illustrious members, this extremely proficient assemblage of musically tal- ented young men performed for the school on several occasions during the year. In previous years the club had done little more than serve as an outlet for the boys’ chorus of the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. In 1965- 66, however, things were quite different. Under the brilliant direction of Mr. Richard McElhiney, the club, 9. BOYS ' GLEE CLVB— Kneeling: J. Dimeno, G. Konicle, J. Brown. Seated: P. Corbett, J. Tolleson, A. Gianciolo, C. Har- augmented by several freshman voices which aided the tiring vocal cords of the aging upperclassmen, started to function as a separate organization. Much of the boys’ singing was done in the barbershop quartet style, but at various times, they tried out almost every type of vocalizing and usually met with a good deal of suc- cess. Hopefully, next year’s Boys’ Glee Club will con- tinue the progress begun by this year’s group of croon- ers, who have well earned the right to be called “our answer to the Beatles.” nish. Standing: P. Littlefield, D. Eloreen, S. Hone, D. Dacey, J. Eachang. 10. SKI CLUB The Ski Club, a group almost as serious as their photograph implies, after a full year of running around with next to nothing in the treasury and constant skir- mishing with contrary officers who masqueraded as Stein Eriksens, emerged triumphantly with the most successful year ever. Novice Hans Wolfgang Coffey was one of the ringleaders in the attempt to superimpose diddly policies on the club. The club started out with various ills, the foremost being no adviser. After a brief reign as adviser. Miss Martin turned over to Miss Wohllebe the ultra-hard task of serving as adviser. Mr. Pratt, the dedicated yearbook consultee, also aided the club to become recognized as a full-fledged, red-blooded Arlington High School organization. Through the efforts of Mr. Pratt, Mr. McElhiney, and Mr. Locke, the Ski Club had its hrst excursion of the school year to Killington, Vermont, on December 7, 1965. This trip was enjoyed by all except for Dave Ryan, who hit a tree, Berg Keshian, who went sailing through the woods, the trees almost ripping his pants off, and Jane Egan, who had to have her skis nailed to her boots. The second extravaganza took place on January 22, 1966, at Mt. Snow, Vermont. Dave Eloreen, who pre- fers skiing on sanded Arlington streets, couldn’t make the trip. TSK! TSK! Dave did not realize the irrepara- ble blow that he dealt to the club through his absence on this trip. It is fitting to announce at this time that Jane Egan successfully completed one run down the beginner slope by the end of the day. On the first trip, the benevolent Ed Searles spent the entire day instruct- ing members; on the second trip Ed was assisted by Walter Zschirnt, Berg Keshian, and Bruce Balboni. As you may have heard, these instructions were of supreme caliber, thereby proving the value of a ski club. This trip was just as successful as the first, al- though there were some difficulties. Most of our party was held up in the rental room for two hours, so skiing did not start until after noon. 103 Other trips planned took plaee in February, March, and April. It ' s difficult to tell e.xactly what will happen to the club in the future; perhaps the pseudo-Eriksens or the empty treasury will catch up to it, or perhaps they will be conquered by the zenith of control and the ultra- 10. SKI CLUB — Knceliiii;: K. Diskin. K. Coffey, J. I rince. M. Sheehan. J. Porlesi. Slamtinf;: V. Schwamb, B. Keshian, B. 11. GIRL The AHS Girls’ Choir is composed of one hundred girls who meet in classes twice a week. Freshman girls and all boys are barred from the choir, undoubtedly making it one of the most exclusive organizations in the school. What really gives the Choir class, however, is that it is the only course offered for which the stu- dents must pay. (Dues 50p). . ' Xnd why do the girls willingly pay that staggering fee — are they really de- voted to music? Yes and no. The truth is that the Girls’ 11. GIRLS ' CHOIR — Lying down: N. Union, C. Smith, D. V ' illone, J. Prince. N. Urquhart. Kneeling: N. Truelson. P. Macy, A. Macfad en. J. MacFadyen, M. Abruzzese, C. Kelley. Seated: S. W ' ilklis, L. Day, D. Thomson, J. Hanley, L. Bere- organization displayed by the president and vice- president. But at any rate, many long range plans have been made and many opportunities await other classes in the future. I, the mother, father (circle one) of my son, daughter (circle one) give my son, daughter (circle one) permission to attend the . . . Balboni, E. Searles, A. Capasso, S. O ' Leary. ’ CHOIR Choir is perpetuated by virtue of the attraction ex- change concerts to neighboring high schools hold for its members. On concert days, at least once a year, not only do the girls miss classes, but also they are given free lunches at the schools they visit. With such bene- fits as these offered to its members, it is no wonder that the Girls’ Choir is one of AHS’s most enthusiastically supported clubs. monte, L. Disessa. B. DelGaizo, S. O ' Neil, P. Johnson, M. Blanda. Standing: L. Hankinson, J. Hutton, M. Cutter, E. Franklin, P. Connell. C. Saraceno, E. Lewis, L. " Vallier, L. Hansen. 12. GOLF TEAM . fter hnishing a successful season last year w ' ith losses only to league-leader Waltham, the golf team is looking forward to an unblemished record this year. The team, composed of six returning veterans, among them seniors Ken Diskin, John MacKinnon, and Spike Gurney, has experience in every position. Four of the six starters are returning for their third year and cap- tain Ken Diskin is making it number four. The key to the strength of this year ' s team, however, comes from balance. The seniors are combined with three juniors: Paul Flynn, Dan Diskin, and George Thompson. As far as individuals are concerned, this year’s team has some of the finest golfers in the state, since all the members of the team can shoot in the seventies. Paul Flynn won a local tournament held last year at Arling- ton High, and Ken Diskin won the Junior Champion- ship at Meadowbrook Country Club. Under the direction of Mr. Lowder the team plays six matches in the Suburban League and some addi- tional inter-league matches. The team is hoping for a league ehampionship and for possible state victories. 12. GOLF TEAM — G. Thompson, D. Diskin, J. MacKinnon, K. Gurney, K. Diskin. 13., 14., 15., 16., 17., 18 Rm. 75 . . . “the spirit of ’66” . . . Dave’s blue VW . . . “Matters!” . . . coke and coffee from the M M ... “I don’t care HOW many times you checked it, check again!” . . . trips to Purdy’s . . . “Well, think of the juniors — they’re here for two years! " . . . Thanksgiving vacation (?) ... “Mr. Pratt, the custodian says we’ve got two seconds.” . . . thank heaven for typists . . . “What do you mean, the film was three years old?” . . . layouts, 29 hours straight . . . “We’ve got more money than we’ve got orders!” . . . the day Dick dropped $5 worth of quar- ters all over the 70’s corridor ... “I forgot to sched- ule the photographer time for lunch!” . . . 650 biogra- phies . . . “Harder, next time.” . . . Marilyn’s proof- reading rules . . . “If that one’s wrong, think how 19. YEARBOOK many other mistakes there could be!” . . . Teacher photography schedules . . . Deadline: December 17 . . . “The worst is yet to come.” . . . “We forgot sen- iors on the senior divider page!” . . . Christmas: VA- CATION . . . Activities Album . . . “We CAN ' T have just half a page for hockey!” . . . long-distance calls to Keller’s . . . “The Sounds of AHS” . . . patrons . . . “They just didn’t play field hockey in 1866.” . . . the cupola . . . “WHERE is Camma- rata Azar Place?” . . . Dave ' s half-pints . . . “Purdy’s says they already mailed it.” . . . towers . . . “Mr. Earnham left for Buffalo this morning.” . . . Proofs are back: .Aieeee! . . . March 20 . . . “CWAAAAAA- AAAAAS!” 104 13. YEARBOOK EDITORIAL ST Abb— Kneclinf : M. Langer, P. Perlatondo, R. Anderson, C. Francis, L. Sullivan. Seated: J. Menez. Standing: E. Knight. G. Mangiirian, L. La- Carte, K. Baker. 14. YEARBOOK BUSINESS ST Abb— Kneeling: C. Mazman- ian, J. Collins, J. McCaffery, M. Quattrocchi, K. Welch, R. Young, N. Union, L. Geremonte, A. Plummer, L. Cardullo, M. Sheehan, M. Morgan. Seated: L. Kelly, S. OT.eary. Stand- ing: J. Kane, J. Albano, P. Leary, C. Burlick, M. Crooks, J. Cullinan, P. Hughes, L. DiSessa, J. Hanley. 15. YEARBOOK PROOFREADING STAFF— S. Stiles, M. Sprinkle, P. Thayer, D. Grano. 16. YEARBOOK BIOGRAPHY ST Abb— Kneeling: A. Riese, A. Lynch, P. Kenney, R. Gallant, K. Lally, J. Bucewick. Seated: Mr. Pratt. Adviser; B. Balboni. Standing: C. Brown, K. Ford, T. Spengler, K. McKleney, P. Collins, M. Crooks, L. Rossi. 17. YEARBOOK TAPING ST Abb— Kneeling: E. Coyne, R. Siracusa, M. Coveil, J. Menez. Seated: B. Dutton. E. Sacca. Standing: A. Visbisky, L. Ching. D. Bird, B. Estella, M. Michienzi, M. Abruzzese, R. Black, E. Mokler. 18. YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF— S. Place, E. Azar, G. Mattioli (model), A. Cammarata. 19. YEARBOOK LITERARY ST Abb— Kneeling: G. David- son, C. Pidano, P. Nolan. Standing: K. Calandrella, S. Wilklis, J. Fratello, C. Gilligan. 20. CHRONICLE Stimulating the mind of the massive student body at Arlington High School is the school’s monthly journal- istic contribution, the Chronicle. Volume XXXVI of the paper managed to appear the customary eight times despite many “technical” difficulties, some of which induced ulcers. Satire, the best developed phase of creativity in the paper, instilled within the readers a keen interest, an anticipation of forthcoming articles in the general for- mat of “Intramural Rawhide.” “Supergirl,” and other pictorial masterpieces of friendly raillery added a new light flavor to the Chronicle. Undoubtedly, the 1965-66 Chronicle will be recalled as the volume of controversy concerning the relative mundane qualities of “Scene Around.” Both sides de- bated, often vehemently, the validity of their respective evaluations of the back page. While maintaining reader interest through tempered humor, the Chronicle sustained a high level of journal- ism in expressing sincere student opinions on current moral and political dilemmas. Also in the serious liter- ary tone, the Chronicle afforded a communicative con- tact between the general student body and the smaller group activities. Coverage of the Allied Youth Wash- ington trip, the Civil Rights Club projects, and other specific activities allowed the readers to share a portion of the experience that those involved gained. The pur- pose of a school newspaper should be to serve as a binding force of school spirit. The Chronicle strove to accomplish this end. Controversy that was contained within the prudent limits of decorum contributed to the ultimate popular- ity of the paper. The strong-arm coercion of Jim Beg- gan and his persuasive circulation staff, which included Mr. Sampson, also contributed greatly to the paper’s popularity. The Chronicle Staff wish Mr. and Mrs. Sampson a happy retirement. 20. CHRONICLE — Lying down: E. Urbon, J. Beggan, L. De- Francesco, L. Milici. Kneeling: G. Mangurian, G. Smith, C. Pidano. Standing: A. Plummer, S. Carroll, M. Brennecke, P. 105 Collins, J. Fratello, F. Ciano, G. Davidson. M. Sprinkle, R. Gallant, S. Place, R. White. 21 . EARTH SCIENCE CLUB To begin with, the members of the ’65- ' 66 Earth Sci- ence Club were, above all, really down to earth. Never has there been such a group dedicated to rooting out the facts, digging deep, and unearthing startling new discoveries. One of the more interesting pieces of ground-work done was the counting of grains of sand in various samples of the forementioned substance. Covering different ground, others in the club were liter- ally “planted” in a project involving flowing water as an instrument for the causation of erosion. To tell the truth, what they were actually doing was building vari- ations on sand castles, making valleys and mountains instead of the traditional buildings. Don ' t be mistaken; not everyone in the club had his roots in the soil. Some 21. EARTH SCIENCE CLVB Foregroimd: J. Ackerman. Kneeling: H. Meserve, Adviser, L. Nelson, P. Chenery, P. Canaday, J. Silva, C. Hurley, K. Eorest. Bending over: D. of the club members had a rather frustrating time try- ing to make AHS another center of the numerous space shots. After building their homemade rockets, the boys went to the Higher Ups to investigate the possibility of launching the products of their handi- work. All systems were A — OK, to coin a phrase, until someone classified the highly advanced and extremely technical packages of propulsion as common fireworks. After having suffered such a blow to their egos (fire- works indeed!), the boys were seen working feverishly on an inertial guidance system capable of reaching Maple Street. Much of the credit for the rapid growth of this relatively new club goes to its adviser, Mr. Meserve — he’s really the salt of the earth. Masse, J. Abruzzese. Standing: C. Brennecke, J. Hilferty, J. Comeau. M. Alman. 22. MATH TEAM “Starting at left elementary functions is three-year veteran Marilyn ‘Matrix’ Sprinkle; at defensive trig equations, senior Gordon ‘Gauss’ Davidson; at right triangle, speedy Jana ‘Geometric Mean’ Perry; at inte- rior angles of polygons, Stephen ‘The Solution’ Mac- Lean; holding down the middle arithmetic position, Robin ‘Extraneous Root’ Danger.” Such an unlikely introduction never preceded a math league meet. Nor did the cheerleaders ever encourage our team with the stirring cadence of “Come on, math team, get up and know.” Such is the fate of the lonely calculator, searching for the elusive key to a challenging problem. The scoreboard clock marches swiftly from ten minutes to zero; our players do not have the merciful salvation of an emergency time out. The answer, the complete an- swer, only the answer, is needed to score. Tallies on the chalk board amass, and the teams take their ranks. Behind in the last round, our team yearns for the fifteen-point equalizer, the team question. A last min- ute rally could secure a victory. What happens to the sharp Arlington brain trust? They forget the factoriza- tion of cubes and x’’’ -[-1 remains unsimplified. Third place — the customary spot for Arlington. Good, but not good enough! Metaphysically kicking themselves on the long trip home from Haverhill, the competitors second guess themselves and frustratedly realize their errors. Fortu- nately, there is a cause for elation; the food was good. Mr. Eaton and Mr. Sampson sprinkle sarcastic salt that aggravates the wounded intellects of those who now believe that they forgot to “bring their best wits with them.” 22. MATH TEAM — J. Perry, S. McLean, G. Davidson, R. Langer, M. Sprinkle. 23. SCIENCE CLUB The 1965-66 Arlington Senior High Science Club was a small, but highly dedicated, group of “budding” scientists who met whenever they felt a meeting was necessary (not often) and then sat around discussing anything from two-headed planaria to relativity theo- ries. A spirit of quiet serenity always seemed to over- hang these “gatherings”; no one, except, perhaps, Mr. Manning, the club’s sponsor, was at all upset as long as a quorum of five persons managed to drag themselves to each meeting. Under the leadership of president Norman Berube, vice-president Clifton Jay, treasurer Steven MacLean (whose treasury never exceeded the sum of fifteen dollars), and secretary Jean Matheson (who invariably lost most of the notes she ever took), the club enjoyed an interesting year. The members did, however, manage, under the strong-arm coercion of Chairman Marilyn Sprinkle, to rally themselves long enough to present the Seventh Annual AHS Science Fair. Other than for those few hectic weeks of mad scurry, though, the year was a very tranquil one in- deed. 23. SCIENCE CLUB— C. Jay, R. Kalustian, P. Littlefield, J. Matheson, M. Sprinkle, N. Berube, S. McLean. 106 24. LAB ASSISTANTS “Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and eauldron bubble . . incants the slight figure hunched over the chlorine generator which is disappointingly in- active. Several rooms away, two fine young lads are playing with advanced Erector sets in a seemingly vain attempt to set up a physics “crane boom” experiment. They are entertained by the cacophony of fifteen Petrie dishes simultaneously cracking upon contact with the biology lab floor. The chances for anything interesting ever again happening in all three of the labs at once are almost non-existent. Unfortunately, the lab assist- ants’ year was, as usual, almost entirely lackluster, and this continual excitement has created the stereotype of 24. LAB ASSISTANTS — Foreground: D. Grano. Kneeling: R. R. Cromwell, R. Berkquist, R. Kalustian, T. Prato. 25. LIBRARY CORPS Any senior who ever spent an enlightening study period in Arlington High School’s cheery library must, of course, know about Library Corps, those “sedate” individuals who each year sacrifice one of their own study periods to serve their fellow classmates. This year’s group was, perhaps, typical of those of past years; although few individuals ever bothered to attend the meetings run by president Mary Mahony, they all, at least, served their time in the library. Among the highlights of the year were a Christmas outing, (Every- one remember the “figgy pudding?”); the annual Book Fair in the spring; and the yearly May outing, which was, as usual, uproarious. The corps wishes to thank both Mrs. Hynson and Mrs. Butler for their kind as- sistance and guidance, though how these librarians ever managed to survive the year, which, incidentally, con- sisted of 1260 library periods, seems still a matter of speculation . . . 25. LIBRARY CORPS — Kneeling: R. Cromwell, J. Brittain, T. Lucas. Seated: M. Mahony, K. Anders, P. MacGregor, M. Sprinkle. Standing: P. Littlefield, M. Beninati, R. Bergkuist, D. McDevitt, A. Palombo, M. Primerano. the mousy assistant busily absorbed in his life-fulfilling task of preparing the next lab. Such a blanket general- ization cannot be allowed to remain unaltered! A few of the unusual events that took place this year; Miss Rounds was attacked by a vindictive snake that obvi- ously must have Dunked Latin; the above mentioned chlorine generator ran amok and emptied the chem lab in a record fifteen seconds; the monkey of “the monkey and hunter” experiment fame successfully avoided the well-aimed projectile for seven straight attempts. This year’s set of lab assistants (they come cheaper by the dozen) was almost emphatically not of the meek mold. Mackie, N. Berube. Standing: 26. FRENCH CLUB In room 307 of the Freshman Building, there was an atmosphere of quiet awe (occasionally marred by a freshman’s giggle), as the French Club opened its first meeting under the presidency of Mark Tuller. The quiet became a stupefied silence as the club watched V.P. Dave Grano’s abstruse parliamentary maneuver- ing, which allowed him to miss the first four meetings without censorship. The quiet turned to a bored yawn when the rank and file discovered that there were eight times as many girls as boys in the club. With Charlie Pidano in control of the funds, the club sailed on smooth financial waters for the most part, although the ship was perilously overloaded with defi- cit. Pat Danielle, erstwhile secretary, soon left the club (Do not prolong the metaphor of a boat, lest you come to “rats leaving a sinking ship”). Pat was replaced by Anne Pidano, who took ofiiee after an encouraging vote of acclamation. 107 The club ' s sponsor this year was Miss Blackall, who shared without stint her room, her interest, and her Allied Youth candy. For the senior members of the club. Miss Blackall was an unexpected blessing; she was fourth consecutive adviser in as many years, and, 26. FRENCH CLUB — P. Danielle, D. Grano, C. Pidano. as one of the most junior members of the club, she knew enough to keep her place. In a trifle more serious vein: the French Club had a good year, and it heartily thanks .Miss Blackall. 27. BEDFORD HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS It is Tuesday afternoon at Arlington High. The time is ten minutes of two. A familiar metallic buzz sud- denly penetrates all classrooms. “The bus will leave for Bedford promptly at two o’clock,” intones Mr. Kemp. “All those planning to go must be ready in front of the school.” The P.A. clicks off, and classes resume. Here and there in the building, a student rises proudly from his seat and stalks from the room, confident that his name has appeared on the morning teachers’ bulletin. These are our Bedford Veterans’ Administration Hos- pital Volunteers, perhaps best known among their classmates for their parting smirks as they escape the 27. BEDFORD HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS— D. McGurl. Seated: R, Earls, S. Stepanis, L. Ricercato, T. Walsh, D. Catanzano, W. Souza, E. Sheard, K. Coffey, J. Bennett, J. last fifteen minutes of sixth period each Tuesday. A very serious facet of our stalwart Volunteers, however, is generally unknown to their fellow class- mates. At the Veterans’ Hospital, these Arlington stu- dents perform a host of tasks, working as aides in the wards, in the pharmacy, in the dental laboratory, in the educational and physical therapy centers, and in the hospital’s general office. According to Mrs. Turner, the volunteers’ director, the once-a-week program has served an important func- tion at the Hospital; doubtlessly, it has also served an important function in the life of each Volunteer. Beggan, L. Vallier, S. O ' Leary, E. Mahoney. Standing: M. McGurl, E. Snow, M, O ' Brien, P, Pitt. M. MacLeod, J. Buce- wick, K. Lally, N, Manley, P. Bibby. 28. ART CLUB Contrary to popular belief, the 1965-66 Arlington High School Art Club was not known as “Ben’s Harem.” True, the four officers, Jamie Wharton, presi- dent; Gloria Downing, vice-president; Sue Bowlby, treasurer; and Roberta Black, secretary, were girls (obviously) as were all the other members of the club except for Ben Nahabedian. The primary purpose of the club, however, was not to surround Ben with forty- 28. ART CLUB — Kneeling: S. Bowlby, L. Milici, E. Urbon, G. Mattioli. Seated: V. Milakov, J. Wharton, J. Quinlan, Stand- five beautiful girls, but rather to provide the opportu- nity for those interested in art to have the materials, the room, the atmosphere, and the guidance of Mr. Robinson to help them. The club members stayed late on Monday afternoons, madly creating “masterpieces” in an informal and congenial setting under the inspira- tion of the club motto, which was, to misquote the immortal bard, “We’re for art now.” ing: G. Downing, M. Vaughan, R. Black, D. O ' Flaherty, B. Nahabedian, A. Lyons, L. Kelson. 29. CIVIL RIGHTS CLUB The Civil Rights Club embarked this fall on its first full year of existence. The most pressing order of busi- ness confronting president Michele Danger was the re- allotment of official duties, which entailed assigning erstwhile secretary Jan Prescott, best known for her remarkable ability to take notes without pencil and paper, to attend ACRC board meetings (grueling all- night forums held regularly once a month in smokey, adult-filled living rooms) and herself to represent the club at PEOPLE Meetings (exhausting all-night sprees held erratically, as the members feel motivated, usually three or four times a year, in smokey, way-out Harvard Square apartments). When the club members voted to 29. CIVIL RIGHTS CLUB— M. Langer, D. Grano. have regular dues rather than to be assessed for each club expense, Dave Grano was made treasurer by ac- clamation, replacing Dan Tobin and gaining custody of the empty Skippy peanut butter money jar. Highlights of CRC accomplishments for the year in- cluded a courageous job done licking envelopes for SNCC, the newly traditiona l and perennially unsuccess- ful attempt to carry out the survey project, and survi- val totally without membership from the junior class. Considering the club’s progress since last spring, the membership feels that — under the continued guidance of faculty adviser Miss Vogel — possibilities for future fields of endeavor are unlimited. 108 30. LATIN CLUB Well, the Latin Club failed again this year in its efforts to make Latin the national tongue of the U.S. Perhaps they were shooting a little too high when they took this goal upon themselves, but they felt that their twenty-two illustrious members were sufficiently cogent to make their objective become a reality. Maybe next year’s club will experience better luck. After all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Although this main objective occupied much of their time, those in the Latin Club found a spot in their busy work schedules for the enjoyment of a blessed social life. Unfortunately, however, their first social venture of the season, a surprise birthday party for Virgil, was rel- atively unsuccessful. (He didn’t even show up!) Much of the socializing was devoted to the production of a Latin assembly, which was devised as a propaganda scheme to win others to their cause. The assembly pro- gram included a dramatic presentation of the famous myth, “The Judgment of Paris,” a musical rendition of “The Sound of Latin,” several pertinent slides of the 30. LATIN CLUB — Foreground: K. Cremens. Kneeling: D. O’Flaherty, R. Earls, W. Barton, L. DeFrancesco, M. Di Cicco, C. Ferrell. Seated: M. Primerano, R. White, C. Don- ancient world, and some rock ’n roll songs translated into Latin lyrics. The “Beatle” numbers were intended to sway the shallow-minded observers, while the seri- ousness of the myth was to lure the minds of the more intellectual. Their trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts served as an incentive for the already inspired members to maintain a deeper conviction in the belief that the Roman Empire must rise again. The motto of this year’s club was “Dum spiro spero.” (“While I breathe, I hope.”), which indeed was typical of the attitude of warriors such as Bill Barton, Paul McKinnon, Bill Chin, Ron Cromwell, and Randy White. Members adopted the colors green and gold as their own, too. To the delight of the members, both the motto and the colors were preserved on a metal shield, which shall serve as a guidepost to victory for future Latin Clubs at AHS. A great amount of credit must be given to the loyal adviser. Miss Rounds, who was dedi- cated to the end. nelly, A. Katz, J. Perkins. S. Stiles. Standing: P, McKinnon. P. Kenney, R, LaFauci, J. Alhano. P. Nolan, R. Cromwell, L. Kelly, W. Chin, Miss Rounds, Adviser. 31. ALLIED YOUTH This year Allied Youth completed still another suc- cessful season, retaining its coveted position as the largest extracurricular organization at AHS. Further- more, a very large percentage of this year’s six hundred thirty odd members (“odd” here referring to either 635 or 637 rather than to the peculiarity of the members) helped the club a good deal more than by merely pay- ing their $1.25 membership fee, which has been the extent of the average AY er’s involvement in the group in recent years. Although this significant increase in the output of the individual members can be attributed largely to a threat that no one would receive all-im- portant “yearbook credit” for his membership unless he worked, statistics like these still help to create a good impression. After all, that was the best method anyone could suggest as an incentive for the members to work harder; and it did work! Some of the high points of the AY 1965-1966 sea- son were the dances, both stag and couples, the Allied Youth Open House (when the public was invited to learn about the workings of the club), the Christmas caroling and the party which followed, the Christmas Welfare Project, and, of course, the monthly meetings. Featured at these meetings were a number of well- 31. ALLIED YOUTFI — Kneeling: A. Tobey, R. White, S. San- tos, J. Beggan, S. Stiles, E. Ciano. Seated: B. Balboni, S. Stiles, C. Cole, P. Mercandetti, A. Dannenbiirg, S. O ' Leary. Stand- versed and competent speakers who fulfilled the main purpose of AY by informing the members about mis- uses and ill effects of beverage alcohol, cigarettes, and narcotics. In general, each of the year’s events was a success. As a note for posterity, however, it is advised from those in ’66 “who know” that if it’s profit you’re looking for, hold a stag, not a couples dance. (This opinion is based on the fact that the group earned close to $350 on its first stag affair, as opposed to the $16.38 “haul” from the “Turkey Trot,” which was restricted to boy and girl pairs.) Just as the climax in some of Shakespeare’s greatest works, the AY season witnessed its climax in December at the International Conference held in Washington, D.C. Thirty-four chosen delegates represented Arling- ton’s Post 813 at the convention, which proved to be a rewarding experience for everyone who attended. The delegates had the opportunity to exchange ideas with their comrades from all over the United States and Canada; moreover, some are still exchanging letters! As a final note, the members would like to express their appreciation to Miss Hutchinson and Mr. D’Antona, the AY advisers, who helped make this great year possible. 109 ing: Mr. D ' Antona. Adviser; K. Blomquist, P. Ciano, R. Palomba, J, Hilferty, K. Place, K. DiFranza, Miss Hutchinson, Adviser. 32. DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic C lub is one of the oldest extracurricu- lar organizations in the school. It regularly stages two shows a year, one for the public, one for competition. This year’s public show was Rebel Without a Cause, the story of the struggle between unsympathetic adults and a sensitive boy; for competition Moliere’s Physi- cian in Spite of Himself, a hilarious farce, was pre- sented. As usual, the real fun of the Dramatic Club was not on the stage, even though that was, of course, very important, but rather in the wings. An actor’s moment of delight comes in the tingling sensation he feels just before going on stage; a sensation half of fear, half of 32. DRAMATIC CLVW-Kiiccliui : J. Quinlan, R. Gallant. M. Vaughan. P. Mercandetti, P. Hughes, J. Stein. Seated: S. Hannaford. A. Morse. J. Garriepy. R. Cromwell. Standing: P. delight. After long and arduous rehearsals, that is the moment of truth. L ' p to that time it has been mostly work, work, work. After the show is over come a big letdown and the perpetual dissatisfaction with self that leads to future amelioration. Outside of the social agreeablcness of meeting many and sundry people (very important), and of receiving plaudits (which are always humbly and politely disclaimed), an actor’s whole life and delight comes from these few moments of masochistic pain-pleasure, the tense moments before stepping onto the stage. Why? Some people spend their spare moments running madly around an open field with twenty-one others and an intlated ellipse . . . O ' Conne ll, Mrs. MacLcan, Adviser; D. Lincoln, B. Nahabedian, 33. GIRLS’ CLUB AW good men came to the aid of the GIRLS’ CLUB; Donny H., Mark D., Tom S., Fred W., Gordy D., Billy S., Paul C., Kev C., Steve O., Randy W., and Ken M. . . . Bonnie A. and her bookkeeping knowledge kept all $’s and 0’s in order, hopefully. . . . The distribu- tion of wine bottles and roses throughout the school was done by Maureen O. . . . the mascot, Maureen H. . . . Nancy B. and Sue S. were a perfect working team. . . . Now that it is a week before the semi- formal how about sending out the invitations, Doo? . . . Karen N., where did all the cookies come from? . . . Surprisingly close was the resemblance of the “body” at the “Pumpkin-a-go-go” dance and the Pres. . . . in need of chaperones? Please contact Norma M. . . . Sue K. likes to “fly” out of the Co-op with ticket paper. How come? ... A few more roses, Pat M.? . . . In need of an excellent candy-cane tier? Contact Cookie. ... In the sick bed before the semi-formal were Doo and Kathy. Too much work, girls? . . . Cathie D., our life saver! More tickets, Cath? . . . Sue E. and Pat A. were another pair who did more than their share. Hope you enjoyed yourselves! . . . Elisa is going to have sandwiches next year at the semi-formal. Good Luck! . . . Ava M. announced her single chap- erone on Dec. 17? ... So quiet, but so dependable was Pat N. . . . Cheryl H.’s locker housed semi-formal tickets. . . . Down with discs . . . Up with bands, g irls. . . . Connie and Cathy supplied “personal” speakers. . . . Mary P. captured A1 through GIRLS’ CLUB. Hurrah! . . . Who was tiny, quiet, and loved to make posters? Nancy W. . . . No favors, Mary T. and Cookie? . . . Claire G. enjoyed touring hall with GIRLS’ CLUB notes. . . . Karen J., present. . . . Avery’s been rounding up punch bowls. . . . Linda M. sent her mother instead of attending herself. . . . Three ambitious dance chairmen; Bonnie, Norma, and Kathy. Inane girls, inane. ... A club within a club was S.I.G. Ask Maureen H. . . . Arlene, “And now to conclude A special thanks to all advisers, especially Rodie, and to all who took time out to chap- erone the dances, parents and teachers alike. 33. GIRLS’ CLUB — V. Chisholm, P. Binkoski, J. Carr, S. Steele, M. Glover, B. Karagianis, M. Dolan, K. Ford, K. Shea, B. Allen, R. Mahoney. 34. GUIDANCE OFFICE ASSISTANTS Amidst the flurry of activity which perennially in- habits the Guidance Office, one faction of the staff remains calmly, efficiently organized. These valiant workers are the Guidance Office assistants, a dedicated group of girls who altruistically sacrifice their much- needed study periods to perform invaluable and essen- tial services for the Guidance Department and, indeed, for all of Arlington High. Clutching their pale blue slips bravely, they face the ridicule of classmates and miles of corridor to deliver faithfully their appointment notices throughout the school. In the Guidance Office itself, the assistants perform the formidable tasks of keeping the entire student body’s program cards in al- phabetical order, of stamping out appointment slips for re-admission to classes, and of poking their heads through office doorways to see which counselors are 110 busy. Not only do the assistants thus keep our guidance counselors in line, but also they assume the responsi- bility for maintaining the proper arrangement of the Guidance Office’s collection of college catalogues. Con- U. GUIDANCE OFFICE ASSIST ANTS— Kneeling: N. Cot- trell, D. Coyne, P. Kenney. Seated: V. Gates, M. White, J. sidering the magnitude of the function which they serve in the Guidance Office, the lowly title of ‘assistant’ seems a misnomer for these girls, McCafTery. Standing: S. Steele, M. Michienzi. P. Bulens, E. Sacca, M. Sheehan, A. Costanzo, A. Lyons, 35. PROJECTION CLUB It is a typical day at Arlington High School, A stu- dent walks into class prepared for another period of listening to boring lectures and discussing uninteresting topics. But wait, what is that he sees? Oh, happy day! It is a movie projector, and yes, there is the screen set up in the front of the room. The class is going to see a movie this period. No boring lecture, no uninteresting discussion. The student never gives a thought, however, as to who is the unsung hero of this joyful occasion. No, it is not Batman. It is the hard-working member of the Projection Club who saw to it that the projector, screen, and film were in the room at the desired time and that the projector was in working order. The boys in the Projection Club, under the direction of Mr. Charles Fagone, learn how to use and fix audio- visual materials. Whenever a teacher wishes to show a film or play a record, he merely has to send a message (stating his wish) to Mr. Fagone and almost immedi- ately a Projection Club member will come puffing into the classroom with the desired piece of equipment. Let us remember that if it had not been for these boys (and the girls who give up studies to do the secretarial work for the club), we would have missed out on many period-consuming films during our four years at Arling- ton High School. 35. PROJECTION CLVU Kneeling: R. Black, F. Vaughan, A. Nocella. Seated: K. Lawson, D. Foley, D. French, E. Catty, P. Mercandetti. Standing: J. Chicarello, R. Kalustian, L. Chinetti, J. Manning, R. Rumsey, P. Travers, M. Berlinghieri, Mr. Fangone, Adviser. r 36. DEBATING CLUB “For, even though vanquished, he could argue still; While words of learned length and thundering sound Amazed the gazing rustics ranged around.” Fortunately, this year ' s team did not follow the ex- ample of Philip Goduti, a vanquished debater of years past, to whom Oliver Goldsmith’s quotation well ap- plies. “Gads” Goduti was noted not only for a remark- able equivocating skill but also for his deft application of pedantry and demagoguery during debates. Babbling for thirteen minutes without making a concrete point in one debate, Phil managed to refute his own case, to fabricate evidence, to alienate the judge, to debase his pompous opponents, and to lose his pants. Seriously, the debating team this year applied itself to a successful building year in which underclassmen competed in contests concerning the arbitrary national topic, labor relations. Incidentally, the yearly questions consistently deal with remarkably dull, impertinent, or obsolete topics; the last two were medicare and uni- lateral disarmament. Our novice and varsity debaters diligently prepared and presented their eight-minute constructive speeches and five-minute rebuttals until they developed a respectable degree of forensic skill. The merit of a debate presentation is judged on the basis of reasoning, use of documentation, clarity, or- ganization, and oral expression. During this formative 111 year, each member of the club had ample opportunity to develop his oratorical skill or lack thereof. Disappointingly, the senior class had no representa- tives on the squad this year. The debating club feels that the satisfaction and diversion that structured argu- ing provides would have been rewarding for the seniors who could have bolstered the team in inter-scholastic competition. Both Diane Curran, the president, and Mrs. Latimer, the adviser, however, worked enthusias- tically to preserve this very worthwhile endeavor. 36. DEBATING CLUB— R. Weber, J. Hass, M. Powers, K. Bogosian, J. Elliott, D. Curran, B. Kelley. Stamlin; : A. Barber. M. Abruzzese, K. Beauchamp. 37. CHESS CLUB Twenty faces stared intently at ten chess boards on odd-shaped black and white pieces which were engaged in mortal combat. Mr. Sampson, walking nervously up and down the aisles, scrutinized the positions. A mood of intellectual intensity hung over the room, interrupted only by an occasional tense, “Check!” or an elated “Mate!!” This was the AHS Chess Club in action, pit- ting ten of its best players, otherwise known as the Chess Team, against the formidable forces of an oppos- ing school. Despite the fact that many of the ten members of the Chess Team were playing for the first time this year, the team did remarkably well, placing third in the Greater Boston League. The credit for this achieve- ment goes largely to the clerical efforts of Captain Glenn Mangurian (who spent most of his time calling up other schools and making abstruse arrangements) and to Mr. Sampson, the club’s sponsor, who conveyed the howling mob of players every other Friday to a neighboring school for the competition. Friday afternoons, however, were the only times that this year ' s Chess Club ever remained serious. During the rest of the week, members of the club would gather in their favorite haunt. Room 5, and spend two or three hours (or at least until the janitor kicked them out) engaged in a number of mad antics. Who of the Room 5 group will ever forget the talks on philosophy, the discussions of math and science problems, the criti- cal analyses of teachers, the wild kriegspiel games, Phil’s philanderings with the girls, the eraser fights, the Batman-board sayings, and the penny-rolling contests? And who could forget Mr. Sampson, whose patience, understanding, and humor somehow managed to keep the members of the club from going completely wild? Mr. Sampson, like us seniors, is leaving AHS this year (he couldn’t take another year as the club’s adviser), and all those from Room 5 express their deepest thanks for his sponsorship. 37. CHESS CLUB — P. Godiiti, M. Sprinkle, G. Mangurian, S. Hannaford. 38. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The FHA is probably among the less widely-known clubs at school. Aside from the fact that the club boasts no senior members, one reason for this lack of publicity may be that most of the club activities are not intended to benefit the AHS student body. For in- stance, at Christmas time this year FHA conducted a non-perishable foods drive for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. (The 1966 Indian humbly submits that a non-perishable foods drive for our own cafeteria might have been more to the point). We have faith, however, that underclass officers Angela Delia (president), Pat Fahey (vice-president), Mary Lou Egan (treasurer), and Nancy Flionis (historian), and faculty adviser Miss Truvedson will profit by our suggestion and that AHS may look forward to a little homemaking action around the school next year. 38. EUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA— A ' (« ' 7i,£, ' .- M. Hibbard. Seated: A. Delia, P. Fahey. Standing: Miss Truvedson, Adviser, M. Egan. 39. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, having been in existence only two years, promises to be as successful, or shall we say as notorious, as the French Club, two years its senior. This year, with the aid of Mr. Sternburg who selflessly consented to act as adviser. President Steve Carroll, along with the other officers, somehow managed to or- ganize several “original and somewhat intellectual” meetings slanted toward increased understanding of the life and customs of Latin American countries. Ideally, these meetings were to be conducted in Spanish, where for once, the members would be forgiven for glaring grammatical errors. Despite the courageous and rather muddled attempts of the members to communicate in this obviously foreign language, English predominated. 112 The second annual Spanish fiesta in Arlington was held during the Christmas season at a member’s house. The golden voices of the members, however, failed to be euphonious during the sing-along, and only the spicy Spanish dishes, which dazzled even the tiniest feminine appetite, kept everyone too preoccupied for the grand finale. The traditional pinata rounded out the evening. With such an impressive list of activities, the Spanish Club may well outlive its chief competitor; namely the French Club. 39. SPANISH CLUB — S. Carrol, J. Cullinan, S. O’Leary. Mr, Sternhurg, Adviser. % III I ffT r 113 2 " Hey look, it ' s Batman!” " Now you give ' er a big yank. ” TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL SCHOOL 7 he more ee do, the more we can do; the more busy itc are, the more leisure ne have. UazHtt " .Ml this for a metal toothpick?” " Humph!” 114 ■Just a little more to the right A brilliant piece of equipment ’Hmm. now where does this go?” Counseling a student. “Hey! An ant!” “Next, disconnect the second widget.” 1. Mr. Brennan 6. Mr. Jacobsen n 2. Mr. Warren 7. Mr. 3. Mr. Withers 8. Mr. 4. Mr. Jacobsen 9. Mr. Doherty 5. Mr. Delaney TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL TEACHERS HARMONETTES Besides being the sophis- ticated young ladies which they are, the Harmonettes show an enormous amount of talent. Whenever they have an engagement, they put on a performance which is rated as A-plus by the audience. A note of hu- mor is always prevalent and the program proves to be outstanding and profes- sional. The Harmonettes is one of Arlington High’s top singing groups. Although the girls are usually alert, here is what you might find at a regular Harmonettes’ rehearsal: laughing and joking, argu- ing about the new spring dress, or every girl working as hard as she possibly can. This is what goes into a truly great presentation and many memorable experi- ences for the Harmonettes. tiisic is well said la he the speech oj angels. Carlyle L. Poitras, J. Trulson, E. Keane, J. MacFadyen, N. Truelson, C. Meo, M. Abruzzese, P. Macy, A. MacFadyen, D. Kelley. Mrs. John S. Sampson AVE ATQTJE VALE On the sands of time, which has carried so many of us from Cotting High School into its second century as Arlington High School, are myriads of footprints, some of them giving heart to those who have been looking for their way. Our adviser for many years. Miss Binnig, is enjoying retirement, of course; and this year, Mrs. Sampson and Mrs. McEwen have left us to well- deserved leisure. Mr. Sampson is planning to retire in June. As we go to press, we cannot know of other faculty and staff members who may be going on to new opportunities to work and rest; so to all whose lives must become markings, the Indian Staff wishes in the Spirit of ’66 “Hail and fare well!” 116 OFFICE ASSISTANTS A woman is more influenced by what she divines than by what she is told. Ninon de L ' Enclos 1. Clinic 2. Mr. Lincoln. Mr. Fusco. Department Heads 3. Main Office 4. Mr. Lowder 5. Mrs. Bray 6. Guidance Office 117 I nil II MAJORETTES Let me die to the sounds of delicious music. •V irabeau It ' s half-time at an Arlington football game. The fans are emotionally drained from watching two e.xciting quarters of football. Suddenly the band blares forth, and onto the field prance the AHS ma- jorettes . . . The majorette squad this year was composed of ten regular majorettes, mainly seniors, who, under the direction of Kathy Calandrella, performed in the pre-game and half-time shows at football games, in football rallies, and in various parades held in Arlington during the year. .A. summer of preparation and prac- tice before the football season gave the girls precision and grace, qualities essen- tial in good twirlers. Once the season be- gan one could usually find the girls, with their tape recorded music, practicing or relaxing by the music rooms. Saturday mornings, with their hair still in rollers and wearing their oldest skirts, the girls were up bright and early and on the field for one last practice. Finally, when the whistle blew, and the music began, it all seemed worthwhile: the fans enthusiasti- cally greeted the unique shows and the performances of all the majorettes. Rneeliii!;: M. Ciampi, P. Hauser. D. Cullen. C. Mazmanian, A. Smith, B. Iceton. N. Cottrell. D. Raleigh, N. Union. Standing: N. Scott, B. Guarente, J. Prince. Mrs. Bertagna, L. Verity, J. Schnare, J. Eaton, L. Bonitatibus, A. Roach, D. Poitras. Kneeling: L. Boyadjian, M. Doyle, K. Burke. D. Villone. Standing: P. Nolan. M. Nocella, J. Guarente. K. Calandrella, S. Barrett, D. Sweeney. Mr. Hat SAMETTES Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman. Beethoven Although few people realize it, prepar- ing a half-time show takes almost as much time as the team’s football practice does. The seven Senior Samettes can at- test to this readily; between mud, heat, and plain exhaustion, these girls (Nancy Cottrell, Denise Cullen, Barbara Guar- ente, Christine Mazmanian, Jean Prince, Nancy Union, and captain Ann Smith) helped Mrs. Bertagna whip up a polished show each week. As seniors, we were old pros to the complicated kicks and steps (the lovely exceptions being Denise and Barbara, two really great troopers), but the new fields at Newton, Everett, Watertown, and Weymouth made us as uneasy as the others. Never will we forget trying to find the yard numbers on the Everett field and stopping five yards too soon! Thanksgiving was our big and last game. Practices were long and hard be- cause the field was awfully muddy, but we did not mind, since this was going to be a great show. The seven of us were a little sad and yet very glad that the show had gone so well. W had an exhausting but wonderful fall. 118 CHE3ERLE3ADERS The 1965-66 cheerleaders will un- doubtedly go down in the annals of AHS as the most injury-prone, the most origi- nal, and the most controversial squad. The number of injuries suffered by this year’s squad hit an all-time high with problems varying from pulled hamstrings, resulting from spectacular cartwheel splits, to broken bones and sprained backs. The cheerleaders expressed their origi- nality in many ways. A particularly good example was the first pep rally held for the football team in the fall. The surprise entrance of twelve boys, not too cleverly disguised as Somerville cheerleaders, not only started the year off with a chuckle, but also began one of the year’s great controversies — boy cheerleaders. From this humorous skit evolved the idea that the addition of boys to the squad would increase the response from the fans. A great deal of credit should be given to co-captains, Dcidre and Maria, for their diligence and patience, and, as al- ways, to faculty adviser Mrs. Coutts. Kneeling: D. O ' Flaherty, M. Karagianis. Standing: J. Carr, B. Ferriani, N. Enright, P. Heaslip, S. Stiles, A. Wilkinson. L. DeFrancesco, P. Karelas, M. Sheehan, B. Dutton. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Emer.s ' on Paula Karelas The big jump. Ring around the megaphones. MARCHING BAND Music is the universal language oj mankind. Longfellow First Row: J. Ohanian. J. Goshdigian, J. Sylva, L. Lopes, D. Fiore. B. Fratello, D. Warnock, D. Rigby, J. Liotine, R. Reardon. Second Row: J. Brittan. J. LeBrun, M. Alman. D. Grant, E. Traverse, R. Flaiiser, K. Cre- mens, C. Bryant. P. O ' Connell, J. Perry, Mr. Thebodo (Asst. Director). Third Row: T. Kelly (Drum Major), R. Sherburne, D. Gerrold, G. French, D. Swanson, K. McCarthy, P. Dumas, P. Tassone, D. Jefferson, P. Avery, J. Perkins. Fourth Row: P. Murray, D. Stewart, N. Grant, S. Stiles, D. Bassler, W. Bailey. T. Durland, L. Dodd, J. Holdsworth, W. Pomeroy. Mr. Laman (Di- rector). Fifth Row: S. Sharp, j. Baker, P. Collins, D. Floreen. G. Anderson, D. Woodford, D. Moore. R. Sex- ton, P. Olson, C. Brennecke. The COOL, HIP, SUAVE, GENTLE, BEAUTI- FUL, SOPHISTICATED, GEAR, FAB, ULTRA- FANTASTIC, GOOD AHS MARCHING BAND. That’s right. Dad! Just ask Karen Cremens, Jim Baker, or Paul “Reep-peep-beep” Collins; they’ll tell you, “THE B.AND IS GOOD. THE BAND IS WON- DERFUL. OH, HOW I LOVE THE BAND!” There is nothing quite so cool as getting up at six o’clock in the morning on Saturday — after having gone to your favorite spot the night before — going down to the high school, and practicing for two or three hours! Yeah, cool man, yeah cool, yeah too much, cool man. Yeah. Seriously, all of the band members will miss Mr. Laman, Mr. Thebodo, and all the cool things the in- structors have done for them. SO JUST REMEMBER; Yeah, cool, man, yeah, man, too much, yeah, tough, out-of-sight, cool, man. Yeah. " Yup, look.s like the buses are gone again. " Tim Kelly, Drum Major FOOTBALL Many things difficult to design prove easy in performance. Samuel Johnson First Row: B. Jeffrey, J. Beggan, R. DiStefano. W. Matheson, C. Gott. M. Healy, V. Binkoski, J. Smith, J. Deveaiix, A. Lopez, B, Wright, R. Tarhell, L. Pearson, M. Whitney, M. Tuller, J. Shepard, D. Apprille. Second Row: M. Driscoll, E. Mulcahy, R. McGurl, J. Largen- ton, R. Deshler, D. Collins, W. Murray, K. McNeeley, D. Cullinan, R. Havern, R. Milligan, G. Gallucci, C. Harrington, J. Lonergan, J. Driscoll, Mr. Burns. At the season’s beginning, the outlook for the foot- ball team was bleak: according to Mr. Bevins, the team had the physical condition of strawberry junket; ac- cording to Mr. Burns, the team’s amount of experience was unprintable; and according to a Boston newspaper, Arlington was headed for the worst season in a decade. Well, it didn’t happen that way. Under the sun on the practice desert (an appropriate name for the dust bowl near the Freshman gym), the three coaches whipped the team into shape with a myriad of drills and exercises. With captains Lopez and Deveaux bol- stering up spirit, the offense and defense began to func- tion as units. Charlie Gott grabbed the chalk, and on the locker- room blackboard appeared a sign that dwindled from “twenty-four days to get in shape for Somerville” to “one more day.” GOING FOR AN EXTRA POINT When the season opened, the boys were anxious to go — not necessarily ready, but anxious. As the season progressed, however, the team began to work more smoothly, and by the Weymouth game, the boys were ready to make their coaches really happy. Weymouth was a strong team, and more than once Coach Burns admitted that he was scared to play them. But he had also said more than once during the season; “You boys are a good team, and someday when you all have a good day at the same time, you’ll knock some- one out.” And although W ' eymouth was not completely knocked out, they did find themselves outclassed by a fired-up Arlington team. You should have heard the hand for Mr. Burns when he climbed onto the bus after the game. 1965 FOOTBALL John Deveaux: “Football helped me to discipline myself.” Al Lopez: “Mr. Burns teaches not only the game of football, but also the rules of life.” Jimmy Smith: “Eve learned not to quit.” Barry Wright: " I learned the real value of competition.” Vic Binkoski: “I would much rather be a participant than just an onlooker.” Dom Apprille: " The only way to get ahead is by teamwork.” Mike Whitney: “1 have gained an insight to other people.” Charlie Gott: " 1 think the players always felt that we could do well, and that’s what we did.” Rog DiStefano: “Our season was a success. " Jimmy Beggan: “You see life has many obstacles as does football.” Bill .Matheson: “For the ' worst team’ in ten years. 1 don ' t think we did that badly, finishing third in the state.” John Driscoll: “Thanks to our fine coaching staff, our season was a complete success.” Bruce Jeffrey: “There are just two words that can describe our season — All spirit.” Tom Peters: “1 have never seen a group of boys with so much spirit.” Arl. 26 Somerville Opp. 0 31 at Watertown 6 7 Waltham 28 9 at Everett 38 20 at Newton 0 34 Brookline 28 15 at Weymouth 14 15 Brockton 6 13 Archbishop Williams 10 Looking for the ball. A future Rockette. “Get me two hotdogs and a coke.” Jon maneuvering. Diz, Tez and friends. The boisterous belly. “Get off my foot, Charlie. " “Hi ma, it’s me. Krebbles.” “Blockers, blockers, where art thou?” That’s the ref on the bottom. A mean one. 125 W. Matheson J. Shepard R. DiStefano R. Tarbell L. Pearson M. Whitney J. Beggan Co-captains J. Deveaiix and A. Lopez V. Binkoski 126 J. Smith J. Driscoll D. Apprille J. Largenton J. Lonergan M. Toiler C. Gott M. Healy B. Jeffrey 127 HOCKEY Out oj the strain of the doing Into the peace of the done. Julia Woodruff Kneeling: V. Binkoski, D. Apprille. J. Smith, T. Walsh, P. Morse — Co-captain, R. Costa, T. Peters, G. Hale. Standing: Mr. Byrne — JV Coach, S. Donnelly, B. Corkery, J. Smith, D. Sullivan, J. Alessandroni, R. Bar- tholomew, R. Havern, M. Driscoll, Mr. Burns — Coach. One might say that this year’s hockey season was successful. The team won the GBl title for the fourth straight year and ended up undefeated and untied for the first time in the school’s, as well as the league’s history. The team had six players who were chosen as league all-stars. They were juniors, Bob Havern, who broke the league scoring mark (which was held by one of those Newton chaps) with his total of 43 points. Jack Byrne, and Steve Donnelly, and seniors John Deveaux, who copped the league’s MVP, Pete Morse, and Jimmy Smith. The 1965-66 AHS puck-chasers led the state in scor- ing with 91 goals, an average of more than 6 goals a game, and allowed the fewest goals (7) scored against them of teams in Mass. Tho ugh there are numerous other statistics that could be cited concerning the team, it is felt the team will longer be remembered for their nicknames. The first line was composed of Riddler, Dumbo, and Diz. This productive line is known to their parents as Steve Donnelly, who talks in riddles. Bob Havern, who has man-sized ears, and Co-Captain John Deveaux, who is not always organized. What was probably the best second line in the state was a mix- ture of four boys, Poopsie, Chic, PM, and Glennels. The two seniors Tom Walsh and Chic Costa received their nicknames from members of the opposite sex, while junior Dennis Sullivan is rather tall and gangly. Junior Glen Hale’s nickname was not so ingenious. The defensive corps composed of seniors. Mars and Hammer Hands, and juniors. Arrow and Barts. (Mars and Barts are just distortions of Co-captains Pete Morse’s and Bob Bartholomew’s names.) Arrow is Jack Byrne’s nickname whose head, when enclosed in our crash helmets, resembles an arrow. Hammer Hands re- fers to Jimmy Smith and his enormous paws. Dom Apprille, our goalie, was commonly referred to as Topo Gigio, a little mouse who appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. This year’s hockey team was just a great bunch of kids who played under the greatest hockey coach in the world, Mr. Burns, who has a lot of nicknames and who played for the greatest fans in the whole world — us, the kids of AHS. LIGHTING THE LAMP John Deveau.x: Hockey brought me a jacket, four trophies, eight banquets, a watch, a sweater, a false tooth, and that terrific trip to Toronto. Pete Morse: I know we have the three best high school coaches in the United States. Jimmy Smith: I shall never forget the comical incidents i nvolving John “Dizzy” Deveaux, finding his teeth and glasses. Tom Walsh: The first Waltham game was particularly pleasing to win. They were picked to win the League. Chic- Costa: 1 like playing because of the spirit of competition. Dom Apprille: My teammates are great players and great friends. Tom Peters: While John Deveaux was using my glasses, he scored about four goals. 128 5 1 . R. Costa 2. J. Deveaux 3. T. Walsh 4. P. Morse 5. J. Smith 6. D. Apprille 1965-66 HOCKEY Om . Medtord Cambridge Brookline Somerville Waltham Rindge Newton Opp. Medford Cambridge Brookline Somerville Waltham Rindge Newton Arl. 1 3 8 9 6 7 6 Arl. 3 3 7 10 7 10 5 Lt V " Sorry about that.” Fore Shutout gone at 12 seconds of the first period. “Hey, you’ve got double runners. " “What was it the coach said to do at a time like this?” Intimidating the goalie. An unsuccessful trip. Relaxing on the job. Taking a bow. Who can I knock down next?” Going for another hat trick. BASKETBALL A time like this demands Great hearts and ready hands. J. G . Holland Mr. Tucker, M. Healy — Manager, J. Cabeceiras, G. Captain, J. Driscoll, P. McKinnon, J. Donovan, N. Smith, M. Whitney, J. MacKinnon, T, Quattrochi— Stratton, V. White — Manager, Mr. Hill — Coach. Jump ball! With Captain Tom Quattrochi, the only returnee from last year ' s squad, “Red” Hill, new coach of the varsity basketball team faced with a choice, either using the seniors from last year’s Junior Varsity squad, who had compiled a 15-5 record, or promoting the sophomores and juniors to the varsity and having a building year. He chose the former, going all the way with the seniors. Coach Hill appointed Paul McKinnon as a co-captain to aid Quattrochi. The team geared itself for a game with a tough and highly-regarded Lexington quintet. The spirit and de- sire to win, plus outstanding shooting from Mike Whitney (20 points) and a miraculous shot by junior guard John Donovan at the buzzer, gave Arlington a 56-54 win. Well-balanced scoring and brilliant defen- sive play highlighted the second win over a taller Win- chester team. With such an auspicious start against these two non- league opponents, it appeared that this could be “the year,” the year Arlington would qualify for the Tech Tourney; however, the Red and Gray could only win three more games while it lost fifteen, finishing in eighth place. Despite the disappointing season, John “Cabby” Cabeceiras and John Donovan finished among the top ten league scorers in the Suburban League. For next year, Mr. Hill has some fine Junior Varsity players who saw limited varsity play and also freshmen Dave Q’Leary and Jim Nigro, who were carried on the varsity squad all year and showed great potential. DRIVING DOWN THE LANE 1965-66 BASKETBALL Tom Quattrochi: I had the honor of being co-captain. Paul McKinnon: The team had great spirit, and the crowd support was wonderful. Gerry Smith: Mr. Hill was a dedicated coach. Mike Whitney: Basketball keeps you in meeting and acquiring friends. John Driscoll: My teammates were all swell and hard-playing kids. John Cabeceiras: The best part of the year was the fact that no one ever gave up. Sandy Stratton: I have always looked forward to playing for the Arlington High Var- sity. Gary Chalas: Mr. Hill was fair and understanding. John MacKinnon: The most outstanding thing that hap- pened was the first game. Arl. 56 Lexington Opp. 54 55 Winchester 42 43 Brookline 65 50 at Cambridge Latin 64 61 Newton South 56 39 at Waltham 42 62 at Weymouth 93 42 Watertown 71 58 Rindge 59 69 at Brockton 78 Arl. 75 at Newton Opp. 57 53 at Brookline 74 70 Cambridge Latin 90 56 at Newton South 46 42 Waltham 56 61 Weymouth 77 55 Newton 70 63 at Watertown 68 47 at Rindge 76 48 Brockton 56 132 N. Stratton J. MacKinnon P. McKinnon T. Qiiattrochi G. Smith J. Driscoll M. Whitney J. Cabeceiras 133 “I want to bite your neck. “Call me a cab.” " Please do not impede my forward progress.” Bounding nearly obscures contorted visage. 134 CROSS COUNTRY wish to preach the strentious life. Theodore Roosevelt First Row: J. Cullinan, P. Donnelly, N. Stratton, T. Spengler, D. Kelley, D. Dacey, P. Corbett, G. Mangur- ian. Second Row: F. Fiekers, P. Morris, J. Cronin, P. Regan, J. Alessandroni, J. Walsh, A. Gariilla, P. Sherin. Third Row: Mr. Kelley — Coach, P. Chase, R. Langer, D. LaFaiici, J. Keohane, K. Fallon. P. Thorpe — Manager. What kind of fools were they who ran for Arlington High? In all kinds of weather over many a mile, they suffered the aches and pains of “Heartbreak Hill” and “Mount Monadnock.” But these stalwart harriers weathered the obstacles for a record of 5 wins and 2 losses, tying for second place in the Suburban Cross Country League. The captain, Tom Spengler, ran undefeated, and along with converted sprinter, Dan Kelley, provided the strongest one-two finish in the league. Newcomer Sandy Stratton, captain-elect John Walsh, and junior Dave LaFauci rounded out the five man nucleus. In the league meet, Spengler finished first as his shadow. " Last one there is a rotten egg.” Kelly, finished second. Spengler went on to take second place in the State Meet. On the merits of his second place clocking, Spengler qualified for the New England Championship Meet where he closed out his three years of cross country running with a well-deserved fifth place. What kept the harriers going was that proverbial desire to win, that presence of the finish line drawing nearer and nearer. As they glanced over their shoulders and saw their opponents gaining on them, their paces automatically lengthened, and they found themselves running to the rhythm of “Arl-ing-ton, Arl-ing-ton.” RUNNING QUOTES Ton) Spengler: " I have learned to endure physical pain and still drive on, and I have learned about people.” Dan Kelley: “For my first year running cross country, I found that a great amount of desire is necessary, a completely individual effort.” 1965 CROSS COUNTRY Arl. Opp. 36 at Waltham 25 15 Revere 49 27 at Malden 26 19 at Medford 41 18 Everett 37 27 at Newton 29 20 Newton South 38 15 is best possible score 135 INDOOR TRACK It ' s all in the clay’s work. Etiftlish Sayint; First Row: L. Pearson, W. Matheson, C. Gott, D. Tan- nozzini, R. Oley, J. Fratello, R. Keeffe, T. Spengler, D. Kelley. Second Row: W. Morris, W. Hawke, J. Walsh, A. Robart, M. Healey, W. Murray, H. Saul, R. Deshler, D. Falwell. Third Row: E. Murray, G. Anastas, M. Ceurvels, P. Chase, R. Roselli, C. White, M. Thompson, J. Keohane, W. Bailey, R. Murphy. Considering the very difficult practicing conditions, the team fared well. The team ' s undistinguished 2-5 sea- son record is misleading. Two of the meets depended on the final event, the relay, which could have gone either way. The team was paced by the consistently point-earning seniors, including captain Dan Kelley, Charlie Gott, Tom Spengler, Jim Fratello, Bill Mathe- son, Dave Tannozini, Lee Pearson, Mike Keefe, and Bob Oley. Notwithstanding the outstanding individual performances, the team functioned as a team and de- pended on all four classes for support. Coach James Kelley and Assistant Coach Ralph Faiola had a team and a season to be remembered proudly. A report on this year’s indoor track season would not be complete without mention of outstanding ac- complishments of our miler, Tom Spengler. In addition LUNGING FOR THE FINISH LINE Dan Kelley: Taking my job as a captain seriously, 1 tried to set an example for the rest of the team. To u Spengler: I can never say why I started, but it is a challenge to improve. Jim Fratello: Track is a good sport for personal development and satisfaction. Charlie Gott: Any event in track takes effort and time if you want to be any good at all. Bob Oley: I’ve got to give the opponents credit because they were really good com- petitors. to his remarkable performances in the regular season, Tom placed fourth in the Eastern States meet and, in doing so, broke AHS’s twelve-year-old mile record. Any winter weekday afternoon there are twenty odd red-suited boys running around in the eighty’s corridor. What could these dozens of emaciated Santa Clauses possibly be doing? A casual inspection of the scene brings only chaos to mind — boys doing jumping jacks, knee bends, pushups, and yelling mystifying numbers. A longer, closer inspection will reveal that this group is the hard-working, ever-persevering indoor track team warming up. There is a “method in their madness.” Because the high school has no regular winter (i.e. indoor) track, the team must practice by racing up and down the corridor. 1965-66 INDOOR TRACK Arl. 52 Somerville Opp. 34 25 Randolph 61 37 North Quincy 49 38 Watertown 48 35 Newton South 51 47 Brockton 39 25 Quincy 61 136 Exertion. Leader of the pack. “I ' ll give you ten, then I start firing.” W. Matheson, J. Fratello, L. Pearson T. Spengler, D. Kelley C. Gott D. Tannozzini 137 GYMNASTICS Whaisoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might. Ecclesiastes lX. IO Kneeling: A. Blanco, A. Dovido. D. Smith, H. Zschirnt, D. O ' Neil, R. O’Neil. Standing: R. Dionne, F. Campbell, D. Perkins, G. Davis, B. Bursey, P. Dionne, Mr. Fairbanks. After a successful season last year, this year’s gym- nastic squad made a determined effort. Co-captains were Dave Sullivan, competing in floor exercise, tum- bling, and long horse vaulting, and A1 Costa, competing in side horse and parallel bars. Greg Davis competed in high bar, long horse, vaulting, and parallel bars; A1 Blanco, competed in floor exercise and tumbling; and Frank Campbell competed in side horse. The team won its first five meets with little difliculty, and chances for an undefeated season within the league looked bright. But within two weeks the team lost their high scoring co-captains, Dave Sullivan and A1 Costa, and side horse man, Frank Campbell, from injuries and other circumstances. With top men missing, the boys tried hard, but were only able to take second place in the Suburban Gymnastic League, losing only to New- ton. Two members went on to win individual awards at the Suburban League Individual Meet — with Greg Davis, who won first place on the parallel bars, and Ray O’Neil, a junior, who won second place on the still rings and third place on the parallel bars — so they went on to compete in the Massachusetts Individual Gym- nastic Meet, at Winchester. " Friends. Romans, countrymen . 1966 GYMNASTICS Arl. Opp. FINISHING THE ROUTINE 73 Weymouth 93 Al Costa: Work only does not pay off; you have to have the 75 at Watertown 87 will and ambition. Frank Campbell: The sport allows you to 82 North Quincy 95 meet people as close friends. Greg Davis: The season flew by 76 Brookline 88 filled with thrills and good memories. Roger Homer: The team 89 New Bedford 91 worked hard, though cheerfully. 101 Wakefield 86 95 Winchester 79 99 at Milton 81 104 at Newton 76 109 at Lexington 71 92 Melrose 91 138 R. O’Neil G. Davis F. Campbell R. O ' Neil V, V : “ • • 1 A. Costa D. O ' Neil A. Blanco 139 r GIRLS’ FIELD HOCKEY Life is the f ame that must he played. Edwin Arlington Robinson First Row: J. Cosgrove, N. Good, J. Fusco, B. Govoni, S. Clarke — Captain, J. Dumas, N. Cooney, J. Whitney, R. Weismann, C. Cole, B. Farinoso. Second Row: M. Abruzzese — Manager, M. Ahern, E. Keane, S. Macklin, W. Abbott, P. Morello, K. Cronin, M. Shaughnessy — Manager, M. McDonough — Coach. Third Row: J. M orello, M. Oliver, E. Abruzzese, N. Mahoney, G. Barnaby, P. Whitney, B. Mahoney, T. Bottoni, S. Sirois. COACHING THE GIRLS The girls’ field hockey team suffered their first losing season in recent years, finishing with a record of three wins, four losses, and two ties. The loss of the entire defensive unit from the undefeated ’64 team proved to be too much for the squad. Captain Sue Clarke led the scorers with seven, to bring her four-year total to twenty-two. Seniors Jayne Dumas and Barbara Govoni played well throughout the nine-game schedule and helped ease the problem of inexperienced defensemen with real hustle and determination. Goalkeeper Julie Fusco saw more action and more shots taken at the AHS net this year than in the three previous years combined. Sii.san Clarke: She doesn’t really play all 5 forward positions — I guess you call it hustle. Jayne Dumas: Please stay out in the alley! Barbara Govoni: Keep your head up. and look where you are going. Julie Fusco: Give them a gentle whack in the rear — that should eliminate the screen. Marie Abruzzese: They may not look good, but they ' ll keep you warm. 1965 GIRLS’ LIELD HOCKEY Arl. 4 Watertown Opp. 1 Arl. 2 Brookline 2 Concord 3 0 Winchester 3 Malden 0 1 Belmont 2 Newton 2 0 Melrose 0 Lexington 5 " I can’t reach it.” Opp. 2 2 0 3 140 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL yictory helons s to the most persevering. Napoleon Kneeling: G. Barnaby, M. Crooks, J, Whitney, D. Getrost, B. Govoni — Captain, S. Clarke — Captain, J. Dumas — Captain, B. Farinoso, C. Cole, M. Farese, D. Manderino. Standing: J. Fitzpatrick — Manager, A. Mucci, D. Carey, S. Lihbey, M. Whitney, N. Mahoney, E. Kenney, C. Egan, J. DiStefano, F Spaneas, E. Abruz- zese, D. Caissie, M. McDonough — Coach, P. Lyons — Manager. The 1966 girls’ basketball team matched the ’65 rec- The big jump ord with a 3 1 to 30 victory over Lexington in the final game of the season. Two losses to Weston and Win- chester in the sixth and seventh games saw the possibil- ity of a .500 finish, but the Lexington win enabled the girls to hnish with a live and three record. In the opening game, AHS broke their own scoring record with fifty-five points against an inexperienced Newton South team. Seniors Susan Clarke, Jayne Dumas, and Barbara Govoni led the team to victories over Watertown, Cambridge, and Belmont, while the third loss of the year came at the hands of Melrose in a 27 to 25 squeaker. SINKING A BASKET AT THE BUZZER Susan Clark: I don’t care what happens — KEEP YOUR HEAD! Jayne Dumas: Make sure you tie it back before you play. Barbara Govoni: When you get the ball — THROW IT — no lazy passes. Julie Fusco: Stay on your own feet and off everybody else’s. Marge Crooks: What can 1 say? Judy Fitzpatrick: Get two dozen of the best. Slice, cover, and de- liver them; then THROW THE PEELS AWAY!!! 1965 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Arl. 55 Newton South Opp. 8 25 at Melrose 27 34 at Watertown 29 38 at Cambridge 31 30 at Belmont 26 “Now, if you want 33 Weston 51 my advice . . .” 26 Winchester 31 31 at Lexington 30 141 NNOUNC AfG Cifu Or ’KfifS ftts. 1 ?HND«i.L, U »- . _Do « sj ,; , (trwvfrii j- -i»niE , ( )£ ,, , •, Rti. SrcerriiRy SrcR Sruoeur CouNeii. Off cefi-i Trunk ' IflUl . - ; N i frney Morning Mail. I 143 THANKS TO OUR TOWNSFOLK IN THE SPIRIT OF ’66 Arlington Boys’ Club Associates Arlington Lodge 1435 B.P.O. Elks Arlington High School — Class of 1946 Arlington Circle Florence Crittendon League Arlington Cooperative Bank Arlington Friends of the Drama Arlington High School Allied Youth Club Arlington High School Ski Club Arlington Lions Club Arlington Public Market, Inc. Arlington Rotary Club Arlington Women’s Club Ben Franklin Store, Arlington Heights Brattle Drug Company Harvard Trust Company Mirak Chevrolet Order of Rainbow for Girls, Arlington Assembly Parmenter School Parent-Teachers Association Suburban National Bank of Arlington Alson’s Shoe Store Beacon Jewelry Company, Inc. Chicken Delight W. T. Grant Company The Playtime Mr. Richard’s Beauty Salon J. O. Rush Real Estate R. W. Shattuck and Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Contos Mr. John Crisafi Mr. Frederick C. Dove (’59) Mr. Joseph Greeley Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Mattioli Miss Charmain Menez Mr. and Mrs. Manuel F. Menez Mr. Kenneth V. Place (’40) Mrs. Dorothy Alson Place (’41) Dr. Ovadia Rechtman Mr. Arthur D. Saul, Jr. (’39) 149 Compliments of the Arlington Sportsman ' s Club 150 Before you accept that first job . . . lAtoh over your employer as carefully as he does you What’s the Company like anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputation for square dealing with employees? Pleasant surroundings? Will I be working with others my own age? Are they friendly? Do they socialize after hours? Will the boss be reasonable? Appreciate good, hard work, but won’t explode if I make a mistake? Will I make a decent week’s pay? Have a chance for raises, advancement, more responsibility? How about fringe benefits? Is the work challenging? I had what it takes to get through high school. Will they give me a chance to use my brains? Note: Many young men and women in this area can answer “Yes” to these questions. They work for New England Telephone Company . . . New England’s largest employer. Why not talk with our employment interviewer soon . . . before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor to tell you when and where to apply. New England Telephone Part of the Nationwide Bell System An equal opportunitu employer 151 To Mr. James T. Bleiler and Mr. George Corrigan and the J. E. Purdy Company, the 1966 Indian staff says, “Thank you for your help and the spirit in which it has been given.” Tliis book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 152 Back Row, Standing: Linda Sullivan, Ellen Urbon, Paulina Perlatondo, Gordon Davidson, Jane Wharton, Charles Pidano, Frank Ciano, Randy White, Kathy Welch, Marilyn Sprinkle, Nancy Union, James Beggan, Stephanie Stiles, Paul Collins, Tom Spengler, Maureen Morgan. Middle Row, Sitting: Paula Kenney, Joseph Menez, Donna Villone, John Kane, Daniel Kelley, Raymond S. Locke (Principal), Richard Young, Joan Hanley, Michele Langer, Linda LaCarte, Linda Milici. Bottom Row, Sitting: Kathleen Calandrella, Bonnie Dutton, Carol Ann Francis, Gloria Mattioli, Lorraine Kelly, Cathleen Shea, Claire Gilligan, Maria Karagianis, Deidre O’Flaherty, Donna Sweeney. Foreground: (left) Marshall G. Pratt (Teacher), (right) Barbara J. Tatum (Teacher).

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