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 - Class of 1965

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- • ■— .- w - 1 i: . ■■ . ■■ i “ lr«i - ' -■ 1 " ' -e Now that we have reached the end of our senior year, our high school education has ended. For some, new fields of endeavor will open as these seniors pursue their college educations. For others, with their days of formal education over, the busi- ness and industrial world lies before them. Before we assume these new roles in life, we should stop for a moment to evaluate and reflect upon these past four years. Flave we given wholeheartedly of our talents to the opportunities that Arlington High School has presented? Our scholastic endeavor and participation in extra-curricular activities have offered us a wide range of experiences. If we have not done so, there will always be a missing fragment in the intricate pattern of our lives. Our high school years have been four of the most important years we shall ever experience, for they are the link that connects our fanciful childhood years with the adult years of emotional maturity and seriousness of purpose. The point that we must now keep uppermost in our minds is that no matter what path we choose to follow after graduation, our success will rest heavily on how much we have given to and taken from the high school treasure chest of enrichment. CONTENTS Preface 1 Administration 4 Faculty 6 Class Officers 13 Seniors 14 Activities 75 Athletics 102 ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS William T. Gibbs, Coordinator. Data Processing Service. Row I: Dorothy A. Danforth, Lois S. Pharris, Florence E. Forsyth, Director; Effie G. McEwen. Row 2: Mae R. Truvedson, Thelma A. Sonnichsen, Mar- garet Flint, Ilmi S. Jones, Pauline L. Wade. HOME ECONOMICS Row I: Glenna Kelly, John P. Ligor. Antonette E. Di Loreto, Head of Department: M. Louise Miller, Marion F. Kennedy, Marguerite D. Burke. Row 2: Edith W. Phinney, Humbert M. Oliveira, John F. Britt, Michael Bezubka, Peter J. Leone, Mary N. Thompson. ENGLISH Row 1: Lena Manning, Agnes C. Bray, William E. Croke, Agnes V. Hurley, Sylvia L. Saslow, Elizabeth W. Sampson. Row 2: John R. Byrne, Joan K. Latimer, Ann Couser, Carolyn Vogel, M. Christine McQuade, Eleanor E. Byam, Jean Martin. Row I: Marylou Sollman, Virginia M. Hutchinson, Douglass L. Eaton, Head of Department: Beverly W. Gifford, Vincent J. D’Antona. Row 2: Cecil V. Howell, Edward G. Bradbury, Kenneth Dieter, John S. Sampson, David N. Brackett, Elmer E. Barber, James A. Cavalieri, Richard G. Hall. MATH 7 u m ‘ ' Bonnie D. Case, Gerald A. Robinson, Head of Depart- ment: Sandra G. Everitt, Roberta Homer. ART FACULTY MANUAL ARTS Leonard T. Finn, Joseph Tarantino, Howard E. Danforth, William M. McGovern, Ronald j. Whitmore, Frank L. Prusik, Dominic F. Luongo, Ralph F. Gioiosa, Head of Department. LIBRARIANS Signe B, Hynson. Head Librarian: Leah E. Miner; Julia U. Butler. Genevieve J. Humphrey Industrial Arts Row I: Ralph M. Warren, Edmund J. Lewis, Director; Louis T Galante. Row 2: Francis V. Kirk, Robert J. Withers, Malcolm L. Allen John J. Curtin, Frederick J. Maloof, Norman R, Jacobsen, William V Delaney, James I. Terranova. TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL Charles Fagone, Director. Audio Visual Education. Richard E. Laman, L. Hassler Einzig, Supervisor; Richard F. McElhiney. MUSIC Row I: F. Christine Norwood, Mary F. Barry, Mora C. Rawlings, Patricia B. MacDonald. Row 2: Harris B. Siegel, Arthur L. Tuohy. LATIN Dorothy Rounds, Head of Depart- ment; Rosemary G. Barton; Mary F. Donovan; Dorothy W. Goldkrand. GUIDANCE Ellen B. Fitzpatrick, Director. Georgia L. Doherty Secretary Kathleen A. Casazza Secretary Patricia Costley Secretary Patricia M. Carey Secretary Row 1: John W. Callahan, Richard Y. Coombs, Gerard G. Kemp, Head of Department; Harry A. Meserve, Richard L. Miller. Row 2: Joseph Papandrea, John H. Cody, Clarence E. Faulk, Raymond S. Kroll, Donald J. Manning, Thomas J. O ' Brien, John M. O ' Connor. SCIENCE MODERN Row ]; Marion K. Fitzpatrick, Florence Heller, Edward G. Bradbury, Head of Department; Helen E. Stockman, Grace R. Jerardi. Row 2; John B. Ford, Sheldon G. Sternberg, Ralph S. Giobbe. LANGUAGES SOCIAL STUDIES Row I: Doris J. McCarthy, Carl A. Johnson, Head of Department; Sheila S. Lewinger, Linda B. Michaelson. Row 2: Arthur T. Burroughs, Robert Mitchell, Perley H. Thompson, James E. Kelley, Jerry L. Fletcher, Thomas E. Howard, Frank M. Kotchin. BOYS PHYSICAL K n PN I A I Mabel C. O ' Malley, R.N.; Helen B. Bergkuist I V 1 L L I ✓ L R.N.; Barbara K. Hallos, R.N. Grace M. Stafford Principal’s Secretary s GIRL PHYSICAL Christine Fiorenza, Mary E. McDonough, Mary F. Coutts William F. Fowder, Director of Athletics; Robert C. Hill, Harold B. Fair- banks, Ralph E, Bevins, Supervisor. CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Arena, Secretary; Robert A. Leverone. Vice President; Charles M. Toczylowski. Presi- dent; Carolyn Berg, Treasurer. DAVID L. ALCORN 118 Oakland Avenue ANITA A. AGHAJANIAN 7 Lakehill Avenue RAYMOND C. AHLBERG 229 Highland Avenue Lab. Asst. 4; Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 4. JOSEPH S. AGRl 22 Mead Road Allied Youth 4; Projection Club 2. DANIEL J. ALBERT 154 Park Avenue KAREN E. ALLEN 10 Appleton Place Office Asst. 4. ROBERT W. AHERN 262 Elorence Avenue Eootball 1; Outdoor Track 1 , 2 . DIANE ANANIKIAN 5 Lockeland Avenue Allied Youth 4; Chronicle L 2, 3, 4. CATHY L. ALDERSON 94 Oakland Avenue JANICE M. ABBOTT 40 Wilbur Avenue 14 r JACQUELINE M. ANASTAS 8 Carl Road Chronicle 2, 4; Majorettes 3, 4; Office Asst. 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Samettes 2; Ski Club 4. JOHN E. ANZALONE 31 Henderson Street ERANCES J. APPRILLE 70 Decatur Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Office Asst. 1, 2, 3, 4. JUNE M. ARCHIBALD 330 Mystic Street Chronicle 3, 4; Spanish Club 4. BARBARA A. ARENA 90 Hathaway Circle Allied Youth 2, 3, 4 Council Member; Class Secretary 3, 4; Basketball V. 2, 3 Captain, 4; Field Hockey V. 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball V. 1, 2, 3, 4; Alternate Delegate, State House. JANICE G. ARNOLD 26 Udine Street Allied Youth 2, 4; Spanish Club 4; Ski Club 4. ROY E. BAKER 21 Stevens Terrace Allied Youth 2. PAUL T. BALAMOTIS 16 Fordham Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Golf 2. ANN H. BALDWIN 78 Jason Street Allied Youth 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3; Student Council 1. KATHLEEN A. BALZER 35 Walnut Terrace Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Co- Captain; G S 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4 President; Harmonettes 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4. 15 SANDRA L. BANKS 35 Ashland Street G S 2; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4; Harmonettes 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Basketball J.V. 1, 2, V. 3, 4; Field Hockey J.V. 2, 3, V. 4. JFFFREY P. BATHS 12 E. eter Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 4. JODI C. BARBIERI 255 Lowell Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4 Cartoonist; G S 4; Majorettes 4; Samettes 3; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4. JACK H. BARNARD 25 Crosby Street Allied Youth 4. LAURENCE P. BASTERI 360 Appleton Street Projection Club 1, 2, 3. 4. ROBERT W. BATCHELDER 48 Kilsythe Road Eootball 1, J.V. 2, V. 3. ERANK T. BATTAGLIA 19 Newcomb Street Band 2, 3; Orchestra 4. ANN S. BEATTY 66 Scituate Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Dramatic Club 1; Latin Club 4; Majorettes 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4. RONALD A. BARTELL 19 Oldham Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4; Hockey J.V. LORRAINE C. BELUSHKO 20 Hawthorne Avenue French Club 4; Ski Club 4. 16 KRISTINE S. BENNETT 30 Robbins Road Chronicle 3. L. SCOTT BIATHROW 15 Belknap Street Allied Youth 4. STEPHEN A. BICIOCCHl 26 Marion Road RICHARD J. BERBERIAN 70 Sunset Road Golf 2, 3, 4. ROBERT I. BERTANGA 101 Brantwood Road Allied Youth 4; Junior Class President: Hockey 1, V. 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN BERG 40 Pleasant View Road Cheerleader 3, 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Harmonettes 3; Student Council 2; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Ski Club 4 Treasurer. RONALD R, BISCOE 57 Alpine Street Lunchroom Assistant 2; Projection Club 1, 2. BEVERLY M, BENSON 14 Prescott Street Office Asst. 1 , 2, 3. ELAINE M. BERG 42 Brooks Avenue LILLIAN M, BIBBY 1 14 Park Avenue Office Asst. 4; Ski Club 4; French Club 4. 17 JOHN F. BLOODSWORTH 19 Linden Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Student Council 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4; Football 1, j.V. 2; Indoor Track V. I, 2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track V. 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD A. BODMER 56 Newport Street MARGARET A, BLACKMON 15 Linden Street Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Harmonettes 2. 3; Spanish Club 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3, 4; Samettes MARIA T. BOTTONI 8 Park Avenue Ext. Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Debating 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Basketball J.V. 2. ANNE L. BOWLER 15 Norcross Street Office Assistant 1, 2. 3, 4. BONNIE L. BRADY 12 Upland Road West M. DIANE BRESLIN 40 Hutchinson Road Allied Youth 4. DAVID A. BRIAND 53 Pond Lane Hockey J.V. 2. BARRY C. BONNER 27 Park Circle Allied Youth 3, 4; Yearbook Committee 4; Tennis 2, 3. DANIEL G. BRIGHAM 163 Pleasant Street Band 1, 2, 3; Dance Band I, 2, 3; Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4. 18 PAUL W. BURKE 80 Newport Street KATHLEEN M. BYRNE 27 Wachusett Avenue Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 4. DONNA R. BROWN 1 1 Grove Street DONALD C. BUEEUM, JR. 7 Ivy Circle Chronicle 4; Library Corps 2, Treasurer 3, 4; Science Team 3, 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship. GEORGE D. BUCK 28a Forest Street Baseball 1, LV. 2; Varsity 3, 4; Basketball 1. J.V. 2, 3, Varsity 4; Football 1, J V. 2, Varsity 3, 4. GEORGE D. BUCKLEY 164 Renfrew Street Allied Youth 4; Dramatic Club 4; Lab. Asst. 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4. GAIL E. BROWN 45 Cleveland Street Allied Youth I, 2, 3, 4 Council; Chronicle 3; Spanish Club 4 President: Basketball J.V. I ; Field Hockey J.V. 1; Tennis V. I, 2, 3, Captain 4. GLORIA R. BROWN 30 Country Club Drive Allied Youth 4; Chronicle I. 3, 4; G S 1,2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Ski Club 4. ROBERT J. CALAUTTI 31 Cleveland Street GARY P. BUCCIERO 36 Newland Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4. l DAVID A. CAMKRON 57 Fisher Road Allied Youth 3. 4; Ski Chib 4; French Club 4. MICHAFF D. CAMFRl FNCiO 36 Dickson Avenue Allied Youth 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4 Internations Club 4. CHRISTINF G. CAMMARATA 106 Spring Street Allied Youth 3. 4. MARIF K. CANTFI LI 63 Bow Street JOSEPHINE F. CARBONE 310 Eorest Street ROBERT D. CAREY 35 Glenburn Road Baseball I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I, 2; Eootball 1, J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Indoor Track 2; Outdoor Track CHRISTINE C. CARR 9 Eastern Avenue Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. GERTRUDE A. CARTER 969 Massachusetts Avenue Allied Youth I, 2; Office Asst. 2, 3, 4. ROBERT E. CARTER 45a Eairmont Street JAMES E. CARROLL 6 Hillside Avenue 20 1 JAMES A. CASAZZA ROY L. CASTAGNETO COLLEEN M. JOHN A. CAVICCHIO 1 28 Gardner Street 23 Bow Street CAVANAGH 45 Rublee Street Allied Youth 4; Baseball 1. 21 Harvard Street J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Basketball Allied Youth 1, 2; Samettes 1, J.V. 2, 3, V. 4; Eootball 2, 3, 4; G S 1, 2, 3, 4; 1, J.V. 2, 3, V. 4; Ski Club 4. Girls’ Choir 2, Asst. Treasurer 3; Library Corps 2, 2nd I’ice-Pres 3, Vice- Pres. 4, Office Asst. 1, 2. RONALD J. CECCHINI 70 Lansdown Road CARLA T. CERESl 30 Oxford Street Allied Youth 2, 3, Vice-Pres 4; Samettes 3, Captain 4; G S 1,2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Yearbook Committee 4. KENDRA CHAPMAN 29 Ottawa Road Allied Youth 1, 2. r I I SALLY CIANCIOLO 65 Bates Road Allied Youth 1, 2, 3, 4 Council; Chronicle 4; Office Asst. 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4 Treasurer; Ski Club 4 Secretary. . ANN C. CLARK 36 Davis Avenue Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1 ; Girls ' Choir 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4. ELIZABETH B. COLE 74 Oak Hill Drive Allied Youth 4; Latin Club 4; Eield Hockey J.V. 1, V. 2, 3, 4; Softball V. 3 Manager. JUDITH A. CONLEY 70 Buena Vista Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Internations Club 1, 2, 3 President. 4; Tennis V 2, 3, 4. ROBERT A. COOKE 14 Lafayette Street JUDITH A. COSGROVE 39 Thesda Street Allied Youth 3; Office Asst. 4. HOPE L. COSMAN 15 Ridge Street Latin Club 4 Secretary. LINDA D. CORMIER 66 Margaret Street EARL W. COOK 15 Memorial Way Gymnastic Club 3, V. 4. PAUL J. CONDON 36 Amherst Street RODERICK B. COOK 23 Jason Street Ski Club 4. CORINNE COONEY 745 Summer Street DEBORAH A. COLETTA 205 Waverley Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, Ski Club 4. 22 CHRISTINE D. COSMOPOULOS 55 Webcowet Road Allied Youth 2. JOHN F. COUGHLAN 61 Norfolk Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4; Cross Country J.V. 1, V. 2, 3, 4; Indoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4. ANASTASIA COULOURAS 54 Wyman Terrace Office Assistant 2, 3, 4. CONSTANCE E. COUMOUNDUROS 342 Massachusetts Aven JEAN T. COUNIHAN 106 Crescent Hill Avenue Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2. EDWARD T. COVENEY 57 Lake Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Cross Country 2; Indoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4. DENISE E. COVILLE 34 Norcross Street FRANCES E. CRAIG 40 Washington Street Allied Youth 4; Library Corps 3; Office Asst. 3, 4, ELAINE M. CRAWFORD 271 Lowell Street Allied Youth 2, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 4; French Club 4. NANCY A. CREA 1 I Nicod Street 23 GEORGE CRONES 143 Forest Street JOSEPH M. CROWLEY 36 Cornell Street JOHN C. CUTLIFFE 28 Spring Street WILLIAM J. CROWLEY 56 Exeter Street Ski Club 4. JOHN M. DACEY 100 Bartlett Avenue Chess 1, 2, 3; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Lab Asst. 2, 3, 4; Indoor Track V. 2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track V. 3, 4; Band Announcer 3, 4. THOMAS D. DANIELL 45 Hibbert Street MARY E. DALEY 15 Amsden Street Allied Youth 4; Glee Club 3; Ski Club 4. ALICE J. DALLER 70 Everett Street VITO R. CUCCHIARA 1 1 Dartmouth Street BARBARA A. DANNENBERG 25 Glen Avenue Allied Youth 1, 2 Council Member. 3 Vice President, 4 President; Spanish Club 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship. 24 RICHARD K. DAVIS 39 Lafayette Street L. RAY DEMARAIS 18 Schouler Court DIANE DEROW 8 College Avenue Latin Club 4; Internations Club 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship BRUCE M. DAVIDSON 35 College Avenue STEPHEN R. DENSMORE 156 Gardner Street Eootball 1. MARY I. DAVIS 27 Arnold Street Office Assistant 3, 4. DONALD D. DeCAPOT 64 Windsor Street Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. RICHARD S. DERBY 237 Appleton Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Football J.V. 2, 3; Indoor Track V. 3, 4; Outdoor Track V. 3, 4. KATHLEEN M. DAY 15 Hiawatha Lane Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 4; Glee Club 1; Girls ' Choir 2; G S 4. MARY L. D’ERRICO 1 12 Rublee Street 25 DOROIHEA DHSHLER 30 Magnolia Street Allied Youth 4; Eield Elockey 2. ERANK P. DETTORRE 68 Pine Ridge Road JOSEPHINE A. DETTORRE 68 Pine Ridge Road t CAROL A. DiCICCO 271 Elorence Avenue Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; G S 3, 4; Girls’ Choir 2, 3 Vice- Prcsidcnt, 4; Latin Club 4; Student Council 1 , 4. MARSHA M DiERANZA 66 Buena Vista Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4; Harmonettes 4; G S 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary. ROGER J. DiDONATO 88 Gardner Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Student Council 3. JEANNE. M. DiMELLA 1 5 Thesda Street ANTHONY J. DiNITTO 28 Columbia Road Allied Youth 4. FRED A. DICKSON 191 Scituate Street DIANNE M. DIGGINS 81 Columbia Road 26 LINDA L. DINJIAN 32 Oldham Road Allied Youth 4; Dramatic Club 1; G S 4; Ski Club 4. RALPH R. DIONNL: 7 Mohawk Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Gymnastic Club 2, 3, V. 4. THERESA M. DiSOLA 8 Dorothy Road MARY ANN DOBIE 2 Saratoga Road Basketball J.V. 1, V. 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey V. I, 2, 3, 4; Softball V. 1,2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4. CHRISTINA H. DOCKAM 235 Gray Street Allied Youth I, 2, 3, 4; Library Corps 2, 3; Office Assistant 4. KAREN J. DOHERTY 63 Stowecroft Road Dramatic Club 3; Office Assistant 4. FRANCES M. DOLAN 133 Sunset Road Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Ski Club 4. FREDERICK J. DOLAN 133 Sunset Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Cross Country 3, 4; Hockey J.V. I, 2, V. 3, 4; Ski Club 4. BERNARD DONAHUE 57 Wollaston Avenue LAWRENCE M. DONNELLY 36 Overlook Road 27 JOHN F. DONOHUE 48 School Street Allied Youth 4; Baseball J.V. 1, 2, V. 3, 4; Football I , J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Indoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4. MARGARET F. DONOVAN 1 34 Gardner Street Chronicle 4; Basketball J.V. 3. ROBERT J. DONOVAN 37 Ridge Street Football 1, V. 2, 3, 4. GERARD M. DONOVAN 5 Park Street LOUISE E. DONOVAN 8 Maynard Street RONALD J. DONOVAN 6A Memorial Way Lunchroom Asst. 1, 2. KENNETH P. DONOVAN 6A Memorial Way KATHLEEN A. DONOVAN 8 Maynard Street SUSAN M. DONOVAN 1 1 Peirce Street Allied Youth 2; Office Assistant 1,2, 3, 4. EUGENE J. DONOVAN 27 Avola Street Allied V ' outh 3, 4. 28 STEVEN D ' OREANDO 26 Hawthorne Avenue Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; G S 1. JEANNE C. DOVIDIO 7 Wellesley Road CYNTHIA C. DOWD 1 1 1 Park Avenue Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; G S 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Choir 2 3 Librarian, 4 Vice President ' , Harmonettes 3, 4; Spanish Club 4. WILLIAM A. DOWD 1 1 1 Park Avenue JOAN M. DRISCOLL 103 Oakland Avenue Ski Club 4; Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN DRISCOLL 107 Hibbert Street Office Assistant 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA M. DRISCOLL DONALD R. DUEEY 107 Hibbert Street 18 Yerxa Road Allied Youth 2, 4; Allied Youth 4; Band 1, 2, Chronicle 1,2, 3, 4; Glee MARGARET M. 3 Vice President, 4 Club 1 Secretary, 2; Office DUEEEY President ' , Dance Band 2, 3, CORNELIUS J. Asst. 1, 2, 3; Basketball 10 Highland Avenue 4; G S 2, 3, 4; Orchestra DUGGAN J.V. 2; Softball V. 2. Chronicle 3, 4. 2, 3, 4. 47 Windmill Lane JANA D. DURLAND 18 College Avenue Dramatic Club 2, 4; Ski Club 4. RICHARD B. DUTTON 106 Bartlett Avenue Football J V. 2; Hockey I, J.V. 2 and 3, V. 4. MICHAEL F. DWYFR 29 Acton Street Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. GFORGF C. ELLIS 64 Wright Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Science Club 1, 4. ARTHUR R. FALLON 167 Charlton Street Allied Youth 3. 4; G S I. 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4. MARTHA L. FALLON 167 Charlton Street Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL R. EARESE 78 Decatur Street Lunchroom Assistant 3, 4; Representative, State House, April 2, 1965. JOAN A. FARNHAM 36 Franklin Avenue OIFice Assistant 3, 4; Yearbook Committee 4. 30 PATRICIA M. FEROLITO 65 Lake Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Glee Club I; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Majorettes 1, 2, Head Majorette 3 and 4; Office Asst. 4. PATRICIA A. FITZGERALD 45 Rhinecliff Street Office Asst. 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Basketball J.V. 3, V. 4; Field Hockey I, 2, 3, 4; Softball I, 2, 3, 4. ANN E. FISHER 166 Gray Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Band I, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Office Asst. 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Committee 4. CAROL F. FILOSI 57 River Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Library Corps 2, 3, 4; Office Asst. 2, 3; Inter- Nations Club 2, Vice President 3, 4. ROBERT A. FISHER 68 George Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Student Council 4; Football I, J.V. 2, 3; Indoor Track 1,2, 3, Captain 4; Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, 4. ALLEN L. FLOYD 32 Foster Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Lunchroom Asst. 3; Student Council 2, 3. EDWARD T. FIELD 63 Coolidge Road Vocational Student Council 4. ANN M. FISCHANG 348 Mystic Street Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3, Secretary 4; G S 2, 3, 4; Inter-Nations Club MARGARET R. FITZGERALD I 38 Everett Street WILLIAM P. FLEMING 5 Swan Street A,H.srMEDIA CENTER PAUL F. FLYNN 27 Fremont Court LEWIS M. FRENCH 24 Grove Street G S 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4. CHERYL A. FOLEY 44 College Avenue WILLIAM J. FRAZIER 6 Huntington Road Science Club 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship. PAUL F. FRENCH 1 1 Day Street JOSEPH M. FOREST 29 Robbins Road Allied Youth 4. MARTHA H. FREEMAN 18 Beverly Road ELIZABETH M. FURDON 19 Arnold Street Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. LILLIAN F. FORREST 65 Thorndike Street ARTHUR L. FURTADO 9 Fessenden Road Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4. 32 WILLIAM I. GAVIN 140 Medford Street CHARLES A. GANOTA 106 Rhinecliff Street Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. CARL A. GALLOZZI 23 Alfred Road Band 4; Dance Band 4. LOUISE A. GEORGIANNA 1261 Massachusetts Avenue Chronicle 3. NORBERT J. GEARY 38 Kimball Road Indoor Track J.V. 1. NANCY J. GALVIN 29 Cheswick Road Chronicle 3, 4; Office Asst. 2, 3, 4; Softball V. 1,2. VIRGINIA E. GAVIN 140 Medford Street Science Club 4. BERNICE GEORGE 18 Overlook Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 3. LEONARD V. GARGIULO 223 Elorence Avenue THERESA R. GALLUZZO 77 Decatur Street Chronicle 2, 3, 4; G S 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Girls ' Choir 2; Office Asst. 3, 4; Yearbook Committee 4. t JANET GERE 69 Henderson Street Allied Youth 2, 4; Erench Chib 3. PAULA E. GETTY 70 Lake Street ROBERT D. GILL 355 Appleton Street NANCY E. GILLIGAN 252 Elorence Avenue CHARLES R. GLENNON 25 Peter Tufts Road Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD J. GOBIEL 10 Marathon Street ROBERT J. GOBIEL 10 Marathon Street MARY-JANE GOLDEN 1 13 Medford Street MARGARET J. GONYEA 3 1 Linden Street G S 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3 Secrciary 4; Science Club 2, 3; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship 4. CHARLES N. GILLIGAN 77 Ealmouth Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Eootball 1, J.V. 2; Indoor Track J.V. 3. 34 HENRY A. GRANT 20 Margaret Street Allied Youth 4. CATHERINE J. GRANT 155 Appleton Street ELIZABETH C. GOULD 801 Concord Turnpike Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET E. GOSS 26 Gloucester Street Allied Youth 1, 2, 3. E. RONALD GRAY 14 Belknap Street MARY C. GRANT 1 55 Appleton Street RICHARD A. GRAZIANO 59 Thesda Street Ski Club 4; Gymnastic Club 3, V. 4. F. PATRICIA GUARENTE 16 Thorndike Street STEPHEN C. GREY 1 2 1 Scituate Street Ski Club 4. FRED GREENER 455 Summer Street RICHARD L. GUILD 41 Coolidge Road Dramatic Club 3, 4. EDWARD J. GUNZELMANN 193 Spring Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4; Erench Club 4; Basketball 1 . BARBARA E. GUINEY 200 Eorest Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Co- Captain: Chronicle 3, 4; G S 1; Ski Club 4. ROBERT M. GURECKI 107 Melrose Street ERANCES L. GUSTAEE 75 Cutter Hill Road Band 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 President: G S 1, 2, 4; Orchestra I, 2, 4; Spanish Club 4. JANET L. HADLEY 8 Thorndike Street PHILLIP H. HAGAR 80 Hillside Avenue Allied Youth 4. RUSSELL M. HAGLUND 15 Devereaux Street Internations Club 4; Gymnastic Club 1, 2, 3, V. 4. NANCY E. GUPTILL 12 Windsor Street Allied Youth 1; Library Corps 2, 3; Ski Club 4. k BRUCE A. HALL 31 Everett Street Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4. 36 THERESA E. HALLORAN 27 Burch Street JEAN M. HARRINGTON 4 Clyde Terrace Chronicle 3; Library Corps 3, 4. MAUREEN T. HANKINS 156 Renfrew Street V ' earhook Committee 4. I ,1 CYNTHIA L. HAMILTON 45 Jason Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 1, 3; G S 1. 2; Orchestra 1, 2; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3, 4; Ski Club 4. MARY E. HANNON 93 Wollaston Avenue Allied Youth 4. LEE T. HANSON 176 Newport Street Dramatic Club 3, 4; Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4 President. KENNETH G. HARRIS 924 Massachusetts Avenue GRETCHEN M. HAUSER 29 Oxford Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; G S 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Ski Club 4. JEAN M. HANNA 42 Peirce Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4 E.xdwngc Editor: Office Asst. 1,2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4. WALTER B. HAUSER 10 Cleveland Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Projection Club 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4. ' ' ■ ' r 37 HERBERT M. HAWKINS 207 Mountain Avenue LUCIA C. HENRY 9 Quincy Street Allied Youth 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Asst. 1. 2; Ski Club 4. JOHN D. HAYES 21 Claremont Avenue Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 4; Projection Club 2; Ski Club 4 P t’.vn e r. ' Eootball 1. . M. BRENDA HAYWARD 172 Overlook Road Allied Youth 4; Glee Club I ; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4 Secretary; Ski Club 4. ANDREW W. HEAEY 1 23 Warren Street Baseball 1, 2, V. 3, 4; Eootball I, 2. JOHN M. HENNEBERRY 55 Coolidge Road Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4; Internations Ckib 4. ALAN W. HEWSON 20 Earrington Street CAROLYN M. HENNESSEY 63 Milton Street KATHLEEN M. HIGGINS 123 Oiikland Avenue Allied Youth 2; Ski Cub 4. RUTH-ANN E. HILEERTY 66 Dudley Street Debating Club 3, 4 President; Latin Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Bowling 1; Ski Club 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship 38 JAMES E. HH LIS 59 Everett Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Tennis 2. JEANNE M. HIRSCH I 38 Renfrew Street Office Asst. I, 2, 3; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3. GLENN HOBART 10 Walnut Street Allied V ' outh 4. ROBERT C. HOLDSWORTH 69 Eal mouth Road Semi-Einalist, National Merit Scholarship GORDON H. HOWELL 1 2 Lincoln Street Chronicle 4; Science Cluh 4; Hockey I, J.V. 2, 3; Allied Youth 4. LESLIE A. HOLSON 36 Eastern Avenue Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; G S 1,2, 3, 4; Harmonettes 2, 3, 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4; Ski Club 4. KENNETH E. HOWELE I 1 Moccasin Path Ski Club 4. ALEREDA J. HOWEEL 1 28 Medford Street RICHARD J. HOGAN 167 Overlook Road Ski Club 4. JANET A. HURLEY 40 Hopkins Road Allied Youth 2, 4; G S 2, 3, 4; Ski Cluh 4; Basketball 4 Mdnuf’er. 39 BARBARA P. ILCHUK 20 Fairmont Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; G S 1, 2, 4; Girls’ Choir 4; Ski Club 4 Chainmiir, Field Hockey 4 Manager. ROBERT F. INGRAM 67 Sunnyside Avenue NANCY E, JACOBSEN 6 Shawnee Road Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4 Busines. i Manager: G S I, 2, 3, 4; Harmonettes 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4 Sodas Ladoriun; Library Corps 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4. KRISTINE K. JENSEN 1 Colonial Village Drive Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4. INEZ JINGSTS 85 Sunnyside Avenue Chronicle 4; Office Asst. 3; Yearbook Committee 4. ROBERT F. JOHNSON 37 Lewis Avenue ALAN S. JOHANSSON 14 Sky Line Drive Ski Club 4; Gymnastic Club I, 2, 3, V. 4. DAVID J. JOHNSON 69 Beacon Street MILTON T. JAY 53 Highland Avenue Allied Youth 4; Chess Club L 2, 3, 4; Debating Club 3; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship; Tennis 1. 2, 3, 4. SUSAN E. JOHNSON 18 Regis Road 40 GLORIA A. JONES 81 Woodside Lane Office Asst. 3, 4; Yearbook Committee 4. WILLIAM F. KANE 283 Florence Avenue JAMES F. KACZYNSKI 355 Mystic Street Outdoor Track V. 2, 3; Gymnastic Club 3, V. 4. LAURA M. KEEFE 152 Mystic Valley Parkway ROBERT M. JORGENSEN 10 Crosby Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Baseball I, J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Football J.V. 2; Hockey J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Ski Club 4. JOHN N. KALAFATAS 8 Fordham Street Allied Youth 4; Library Corps 2, 3, 4; Science Club JOAN C. KAVANAGH 28 Exeter Street Allied Youth 1, 2, 3, 4; G S 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4; Harmonettes 3, 4; Library Corps 2, 3, 4; Internations Club 1 Treasurer, 2 Secretary. 3. DEBORAH A. JOYCE 5 1 Cutter Hill Road Office Asst. 2, 3; Allied Youth 4. JEAN KALLIAVAS 54 Bates Road MAUREEN T. KEATING 196 Spring Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Cheerleader 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4; Harmonettes 2. 3, 4; Ski Club 4. 41 MARYELLEN KEEEE 30 Cleveland Street Allied Youth 1, 2. 3, 4; Ski Club 4. JOSEPH W. KEENAN, JR. 127 Woodside Lane LORA J. KEENOM 134 Newport Street Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. PAUL M. KELLEY 167 Lowell Street Allied Youth 4; Gymnastic Club 1. 2, 3, V. 4. J, ROGER KELLY 40 Upland Road West Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Spanish Club 4 Vice President: Student Council 4; Ski Club 4; Internations ' Club 4. MAUREEN P. KELLY 54 Colonial Drive Allied Youth 2, 3; G S 3, 4; Spanish Club 4. THOMAS J. KELLY 4 Jean Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4; Ski Club 4. JOHN E. KENDALL 581 Summer Street Allied Youth 3; Band I, Drum Major 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 1, 2; Dramatic Club L 2, 3; G S I, 2, 3, 4. DONALD B. KELLEHER 1 1 Grand View Road ANN E. KENEEICK 28 Russell Street 42 DONALD J. KENNEY 44 Edmund Road Allied Youth 2, 3, 4. JENNIFER KIMBALL 39 Spring Avenue Cheerleader 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Harmonettes 3; Student Council 3; Ski Club 4. JOHN F. KING 16 Edmund Road PAUL K. KING 100 Dow Avenue PAUL S. KING 152 Overlook Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. 4; Lunchroom Assistant 2, 3, 4. WARD G. KIRKWOOD, JR. 72 Crescent Hill Avenue Projection Club I; Ski Club 4. SAMUEL B. KNOWLES 182 Highland Avenue Allied Youth 4; Projection Club 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4. RICHARD A. KOBY 23 Lincoln Street Allied Youth 4; Science Club 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4; Ski Club 4; Gymnastic Club 3; French Club 4. FRITS KROMHOUT 90 Marathon Street Allied Youth 4. KENNETH E. KURKER 286 Renfrew Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4. 43 PHILIP J. LANG 57 Windsor Street ARTHUR J. LARSON, JR. 28 Molton Road KENNETH G. LAWSON 6 1 Harlow Street Projection Club 1,2, 3, 4. MARTIN G. LANGER 4 Court Street Place Chess 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Cross Country 4; Indoor Track 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship; Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. ELLEN L. LaRUE 40 Bowdoin Street G S 1; Glee Club 1, 2. BARBARA A. LEAHY 149 Wachusett Avenue Allied Youth 4. FRANCES T. LALICATA 74 Newport Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 2, 3, Chih Editor 4; G S 3, 4; Girls’ Choir 2; Ski Club 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3, 4. LINDA P. LASHON 169 Renfrew Street Allied Youth 4; G S 2, 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3. RICHARD J. LANTIGUA 90 Brooks Avenue Allied Youth 4; Student Council 3, 4. EUGENE J. LEAH ' t ' 149 Wachusett Avenue Allied Youth 4; Debating Club 2; Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 44 JOHN C. LEAHY 1 1 Aberdeen Road BERNICE T. LEPORE 108 Milton Street Office Assistant 2. MICHAEL F. LEONARD 126 Ridge Street LILLIAN L. LEONE 23 Mott Street Allied Youth 1, 4; Chronicle 3; F.H.A. 3, 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3 ROBERT A. LEVERONE 46 Bow Street Allied Youth 4; Latin Club 4; Senior Class Vice President: Baseball V. 3, 4; Football I, V. 2, 3, 4. SUSAN N. LEVERONI 88 Westminster Avenue Office Assistant 4. DIANE LeVESQUE 1 Edith Street Allied Youth 2. THOMAS P. LeBLANC 33 Orient Avenue Lunchroom Assistant I, LINDA A. LEE 34 Joyce Road Office Assistant I, 2, 3, 4. JANET S. LENNOX 68 Milton Street ' • ; ■V ' ARMAND P. LUCARELLl 2 Mott Street Football 1, J.V. 2, 3. PETER C. ITMBERIS 50 Magnolia Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4 V ce Presidcni: Basketball 1 ; Indoor Track 2. DONALD W. LI ITLE 3 1 Inverness Road EDWARD F. FOETUS 32A Fairmont Street LOUISE M. LISIO 127 Hibbert Street DEBORAH M. LUONGO 98 Spring Street EDMOND C. LONGARINI 49 Lowell Street Chronicle 3; Football 1. TERENCE LIMERICK 6 Scituate Street JAMES LEWKOWICZ 24 Richardson Avenue Ski Club 4. PETER J. FOETUS 184 Appleton Street DAVID E. LYNCH 65 Freeman Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4. JERRY LYNCH 1 1 Winter Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Projection Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES E. LYONS 288 Massachusetts Avenue WARREN H MacNElLl 70 Brooks Avenue Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4; Cross Country V. 1, 2 3, 4; Indoor Track V. I, 2. 3, 4; Outdoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4, CAROL A. MACOLINI 76 Amsden Street Allied Youth 1, 2, 4; Chronicle 2. WALTER S. MacQUESTON 14 School Street PETER T, MACY 9 Bow Street CHARLES W. MacGREGOR 61 Paul Revere Road Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. WALTER R. MADDEN 153 Palmer Street Allied Youth 4. 47 JAMES M. MAFFA 377 Park Avenue Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4. NICHOLAS J. ALAN W. MAGNUSON MAGLIANO 99 Bow Street 156 Hillside Avenue JANICE R. MAGNUSON 103 Jason Street Allied Youth 2. JANE A. MAHONEY 49 Mary Street KATHLEEN C. MAHONEY 69 School Street RICHARD J. MAIMONE 36 Lakehill Avenue Band 1, 2, 3. LEONARD MAJOR 69 Randolph Street 48 JOHN H, MANTHORNE VINCENT J. HELENE M. MICHAEL E. 16 Laurel Street MARCELLING MARCHANT MARCHESE 16 Pondview Road 104 Medford Street 486 Summer Street EDITH J. MARCUS ANTHONY J. MARINO 47 Iroquois Road 9 Rublee Street Allied Youth 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4 Editor-in- Chief Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2; Latin Club 4, Socius Liidoriim. ROBERT S. MARTIN 39 Tufts Street JOYCE R. MARSTERS Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 63 Everett Street 4; Internations Club 4; Samettes 3. Football 1, V. 2, 3, 4. DONALD G. MASSUCCO 3 Virginia Road Dramatic Club 4; Football GEORGE E. MASSARO 1, TV. 2, V. 3, 4; Outdoor 272 Florence Avenue Track V. 2, 3, 4. 49 MARION MATTOLA 92 Milton Street Bowling 3, 4. RICHARD G. McKOWN 1 2 Willow Court Science Club 2; Ski Club 4. GERALDINE R. McHUGH 109 Scituate Street Ski Club 4. SUSAN M. McNAIR 66 Thesda Street Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. JANICE E. McKENNA 1 7 Williams Street THOMAS E. McGURL 15 Grove Street Place WILLIAM E. McCarthy 1226 Massachusetts Avenue PAULA A. McCarthy 95 Beverly Road Allied Youth 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4 Vice President ' , Ski Club 4. MARY J. McNULTY 3 I Cherokee Road Allied Youth 4; Office Assistant 2; Ski Club 4. JOHN E. McDonough 58 Broadway Basketball 1. 50 KATHLEEN M. MEADOWS 26 Amsden Street Office Assistant 2. 3. 4; Year Book Committee 4. PAUL A. MILLER 20 Wildwood Avenue Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Science Club 4. CAROL A. MEDEIROS 227 Eorest Street WILLIAM H. MEDEIROS 256 Appleton Street Allied Youth 2, 4; Band 1, 2; Ski Club 4. ROSEMARIE MELE 52 Fairmont Street Chronicle 4; Glee Club I ; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4; Office Asst. 2. KEVIN J. MEYERS 97 Bow Street DEBORAH A. MILLER 10 Virginia Road Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 2; Ski Club 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4. NANCY E. MILNE 24 Wildwood Avenue PATRICIA A. MIRANDA 103 Waverley Street MICHAEL W. MITCHELL 395 Appleton Street 51 ANITA L. MONICO 43 Silk Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 3; G S 4; Office Assts. 1, 2, 3; Internations Club 4. CATHERINE M. MULCAHY 38 Richfield Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 3. KENNETH J. MORANDE 41 Pine Street LINDA J. MORRIS 145 Hibbert Street Chess 4; Dramatic Club 4; Office Assts. 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship 4; Internations Club 4. MEREDITH G. MORTON 50 Oldham Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2; G S I, 2, 3, 4; Libaray Corps 3; Orchestra 1, 2 Librarian, 3, 4 President. MAUREEN L. MULCAHEY 30 Newport Street Office Assistant 3, 4; Ski Club 4, ERANCIS G. MULLEN 54 Broadway CAROL A. MURPHY 9 Ernest Road Allied Youth 4; Internations Club 3, 4. WILLIAM A. MORSE 149 Brattle Street Allied Youth 3, 4. EDWARD H. MURPHY 5 1 Columbia Road 52 KATHERINE M. ROBERT P. MURPHY STEPHEN A. MURPHY THOMAS J. MURPHY MURPHY 88 Chandler Street 7 Lawrence Lane 601 Summer Street 9 Foster Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4; Baseball 1, J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Football J.V. 2, 3; Hockey 1, J.V. 2, 3. RICHARD B. MURRAY 14 Bates Road Allied Youth 3, 4. ROBERT P. MURRAY 107 Highland Avenue Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Spanish Club 4, 2nd Vice President: Science Club 4; Basketball 1; Football 1, J.V. 2, 3. CHARLES S. MUSCO 35 Apache Trail Allied Youth 3, 4; SANDRA E. MURRAY Chronicle I, 2, 3, 4; G S 22 Hutchinson Road 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Allied Youth 3, 4; Yearbook Committee; Ski Chronicle 4; Ski Club 4. Club 4. COSMO D. NARDELLA 1 5 Exeter Street DIANE M. NAJARIAN Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 33 Longmeadow Road 4. 53 JORENE C, NASH I Old Colony Lane Allied Youth 4. MARILYN E. NESTOR 16 Valentine Road Allied Youth 4; Glee Club 1; Girls ' Choir 2. BRIAN E. NEVILLE 51 Thorndike Street WAYNE R. NICKERSON 123 Hemlock Street Allied Youth 4; Internations Club 4; Ski Club 4; Gymnastic Club 1, V. 4. JOHN E. NILAND III 14 Richardson Avenue Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 2; Ski Club 4. JAMES E. NICOLORO 3 Ivy Circle JACQUELYN J. NOCHELLA 125 Crescent Hill Avenue Ski Club 4. ALISON M. NIGRO 168 Gardner Street EREDRIC G. NORIAN 35 Winter Street MICHAEL K. O ' CONNELL 164 Scituate Street Spanish Club 4; Hockey J.V. 2, 3. 54 MARILYN J. OHANIAN 79 Dothan Street MICHAEL L OHARA 5 Johnson Road Football 1, 2; Gymnastic Club 1, 2. MICHAEL W. O ' LEARY 84 Brooks Avenue Baseball 1, J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Basketball 1, J.V. 2, 3, V. 4; Football 1, J V. 2. V. 3, 4. ARLEEN B. OLEY 64 Highland Avenue Library Corps 2; Office Assistant 1,2.3. 4; Ski Club 4. EDWARD F. O ' NEIL 52 Lombard Terrace Ski Club 4; Football 1; Gymnastic Club 3, V. 4. JOHN W. O’NEIL 63 Warren Street Student Council 1 , 2. THOMAS G. O ' NEILL 1275a Massachusetts Avenue KEVIN O ' REILLY 26 Albermarle Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Spanish Club 4; Cross Country 4; Indoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4. 55 ELLEN-MARIE ORPHANOS 314 Massachusetts Avenue Chronicle 1, 4; G S 1,2, 3, 4; Majorettes 3, 4; Office Assistant 3; Samettes 2. JOANNE PASSARETTI 21 Lawrence Lane Chronicle I, 2, 3, 4. EUGENE M. O’SULLIVAN 29 Appleton Street Allied Youth 3; Ski Club 4. LINDA M. PASCHAL 68 Grove Street V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4. DANIEL F. O ' SHAUGHNESSY 184 Appleton Street CHARLES A. PAPPAS 10 Gould Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Ski Club 4; Football 1, J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Indoor Track 4; Outdoor Track 2, 3, 4. JANET M. PEARSON 77 Waverly Street Ski Club 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3, 4; Allied Youth 2, 3. PAMELA J. PASTORE 25 Udine Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Samettes 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Library Corps 2, 3, 4. ROBERT R. PAOLILLO 21 Moulton Road Allied Youth 3, 4. . FRANCINE L. PENNINO 72 Hillsdale Road Chronicle 4; Spanish Club 4. 56 HENRY A. PERRY 26 Thorndike Street Allied Youth 4. ANDREA M. PETERS 7 Addison Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Samettes 2, 3, 4; Chronicle I, 4; G S I, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Committee 4; Ski Club 4, PATRICIA E. PERRELL 42 Windmill Lane Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 1, 3, 4; G S 1, 2; Glee Club I ; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4; Ski Cub 4. WILLIAM J. PERRY 106 Grafton Street Lunchroom Assistant 1; ' Vocational Student Council 2, 3. ANN W. PHILLIPS 70 Yerxa Road BEVERLY A. PHINNEY ANN R. PIERCE 8 Lansdowne Road 109 Milton Street LOUISE M. PIRELLI 130 Thorndike Street Chronicle 3. 57 ROBERT M. POCHINI 113 Mt. Vernon Street Outdoor T rack 3. 4; Gymnastic Club 1, 2, 3, V. 4. SUSAN E. PRESCOTT 75 Hillsdale Road NANCY E. POLK 36 Fountain Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 3, 4; G S 3, 4; Internations Club 4. STANLEY J. POWILAITIS 1 1 Wigwam Circle Cross Country 2, 3, 4 Captain: Indoor Track I. 2; Outdoor Track 1,2, 3, 4; Gymnastic Club 2, 3, V. 4. MARGARET A. PRESTEJOHN 16 Glen Avenue Ski Club 4. EARNUM J. POLLARD, JR. 30 Cliff Street Allied Youth 4; Science Club 3, 4; Internations Club 4; Tennis 1, 2, 4. KATHLEEN D. PRENDERGAST 20 Brattle Place Allied Youth 4. JOAN M. PROCTOR 1 1 Cypress Road Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 1 ; Office Assistant 3. 4; Basketball I; Eield Hockey 4, Manager. ERNEST R. PORTER 25 Bowdoin Street CHARLES L. PUGH 10 Hillside Avenue V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4. 58 HARRY M. PUGH, JR. 412 Mystic Street Chess 3, 4; Math Team 3, 4; Outdoor Track 3, 4; Basketball 3; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship 4. DAVID C. RAIA 8 1 Ridge Street Science Club 2, 3, 4; Indoor Track 3. ROBERTA E. REEN 235 Sylvia Street Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 4; Dramatic Club 4; Majorettes 4; Office Assistant 4. JAMES V. RAZZANO 40 Dundee Road Ski Club 4. JAMES A. REMPIS 19 Bowdoin Street Allied Youth 4; Basketball 1 , 2 . ANTHONY J. RAYMOND 95 Grafton Street Eootball I. KENNETH A. RIBEIRO 42 Varnum Street Allied Youth 4; Lunchroom Assistant 2, 3, 4; Alternate Delegate, State House. SHIRLEY J. RICHARDS 30 Gorham Street Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Office Assistant 2. 3. CHERYL A. RICHARDSON 56 Wilbur Avenue ELEANOR A. RING 10 Edith St reet Office Assistant 4; Yearbook Committee 4. 59 JUDITH A. RIZZO 258 Florence Avenue Library Corps 2, 3 Secrcraiy, 4; Ski Club 4; Basketball 2, 3, V. 4; Field Hockey 1, 2. 3, Captain 4; Softball 1. 2. 3, 4. EDWARD M. RONAN 14 Wright Street Hockey 1, V. 2, 3, 4. RONALD J. RIZZO 40 Valentine Road Chess 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 1, 2, 3; Debating 3; Science Club 2, 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship 4. ANN C. ROBERTS 105 Oakland Avenue Allied Youth 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS A. RODERICK 10 Kenwood Avenue, Stoneham Vocational Student Council 4. PAUL T. RODGERS 125 Newland Road LINDA L. ROGHAAR 57 Summer Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 2, 4; Girls’ Choir 3, 4 Librarian: Harmonettes 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4. f CHRISTINE H, ROWE 21 Quincy Street Glee Club 1; Girls’ Choir 2, 3, 4. DONNA L. ROSSI 36 George Street Office Assistant 2, 3. 4; Yearbook Committee 4. MARYANN B. ROTONDI 27 Indian Hill Road Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; G S 4; Latin Club 4; Majorettes 3, 4; Office Assistant 4. LOUIS W. RUBINO 32 Dickson Avenue MICHAEL A. RUBINSKI 18 Kent Court PETER W. RUGG 19 Medford Street CAROL A. RUGGERI 21 Alpine Street G. LINDA RUSSIAN 153 Gloucester Street BARBARA J, RUSSELL 91 Egerton Road Allied Youth 3; G S 1,2; Office Asst. 4; Ski Club 4. ANN M. RUSSO 52 Hodge Road Allied Youth 2, 4. NANCY C. RUSSELL 1 1 3 Gray Street RICHARD R. RUSSO 183 Pleasant Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Science Club 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 4, ELLEN M. RYAN 23 Ernest Road Allied Youth 1, 4; Internations Club 1, 2, 3; Ski Club 4. 61 MARY F. RYAN 23 Coleman Road Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 1, 2: Office Assts. 3, 4. CYNTHIA L. SARGHNT 930 Massachusetts Avenue GEORGE W. RYANS 27 Bow Street EDWARD A. ST. ONGE 31 Newland Road Allied Youth 3; Ski Club 4; Baseball 1, J.V. 2, V, 3, 4; Basketball l;Eootball I, V. 2, 3, 4; Indoor Track 2. JEANNE A. STE. MARIE 16 Arnold Street Allied Youth 2, 4. PAUL SANTOS 293 Gray Street CLIEEORD G. SAUNDERS 73 Washington Street Allied Youth 4; Student Council 4; Basketball J.V. 1. 2, 3, V. 4; Eootball I, V. 2, 3, 4; Representative, State House, April 2, 1965. JOSEPH M. SAVANI 121 Newland Road GARY R. SANTINI 7 Pawnee Drive Allied Youth 3, 4; Internations 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 4; Ski Club 4. A. DAVIS SAUT 24 Gray Street Dramatics 3. 4; Spanish Club 4; Gymnastic Club I, 2, 3, V. 4. 62 MARSHA A. SAVIANO 60 High Haith Road KATHLEEN A. SEARLES 64 Clarement Avenue Allied Youth 3; Office Assts. 2. JOSEPH J. SCARLATA 77 Cleveland Street NANCY J. SEETON 30 Allen Street Allied Youth 4; Office Assts. 4; Yearbook Staff 4. ANELA D. SERRANO 39 Epping Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Office Assts. 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Internations Club 4. ROY B. SEWELL 16 Philemon Street MARY B. SHAPIRO 6 Chapman Street Allied Youth I, 2, 3; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Ski Club 4. LOIS E. SHANNON 14 Earmer Road Allied Youth 4; Office Assts. 4. ROBERTA L. SEDOEE 147 Warren Street Allied Youth I ; Chronicle 3, 4 Girls’ Spans Editor: E.H.A. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3 President: V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3; Eield Hockey J.V. 2, V. 3, 4. PATRICIA M SHAUGHNESSY 163 Park Avenue Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 3. 4; Dramatic Club I, 4; Ski Club 4. 63 CYNTHIA V. SHEA 45 Sunnyside Avenue Office Assts. 1; Spanish Club Secretary 4; Samettes 3; Ski Club 4; Field Hockey J.V. 4. ROBERT SICCONE 10 Victoria Road JEAN SHERMAN 69 Amsden Street Allied Youth 2, 4; Chronicle 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; V.A. Hospital Volunteer 3, 4. RICHARD E. SHEEHAN 32 Columbia Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Baseball 1, J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Basketball 1, V. 2, 3, Captain 4; Football I, V. 2, 3, 4; Indoor T rack 3. MARILYN L. SHORT 163 Washington Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 2, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 3; Latin Club 4 Sod ns Lndornm; Basketball J.V. 2, 3. GEORGE C. SHEA 93 High Haith Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Basketball 1, Asst. Mgr. 2, 3, Manager 4; Baseball Manager 2, 3, 4; Football Asst. Mgr. 2, Manager 3, 4. KATHLEEN E. SILK 63 Claremont Avenue Allied Youth 3, 4; Office Assts. 1 , 2; Ski Club 4. MARGARET M. SIMMONS 24 Coleman Road Yearbook Committee 4. ALBERT L. SHERBURNE 7 Pine Ridge Road Band 1, 2, 3, 4; G S 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3, 4; Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship 4. GAYLE D. SIMPSON 42 Temple Street Allied Youth 4; Fashion Council Representative, Jordan Marsh Company. 64 CAROL J. SMITH 469 Mystic Street GEORGE J. SMITH 62 Memorial Road, Somerville Science Club 2, 3, 4 Vice President. CAROL A. SNOW 1 38 Herbert Road DEBORAH L. SMITH 48 Winchester Road Allied Youth 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Girls’ Choir 3, 4; Ski Club 4. H. CREIGHTON SMITH 69 Wollaston Avenue ERED J. SOPHIS 77 Fairmont Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Football I, V. 2, 3, 4. P. GAE SKINNER 18 Highland Avenue LEO G. SMITH 6 Peter Tufts Road Spanish Club 4; Ski Club 4; Internations Club 4; Basketball J.V. 2; Football J.V. 3; Gymnastic Club 2, V. 4. EDWARD F. SMITH 20 Thorndike Street Allied Youth 4; G S 4. PHILIP J. SOUZA 99 Mary Street Band I, 2, 3, 4. 65 PETER C. STABILE 169 Lake Street RONALD B. STEWART 17 Shawnee Road FRANK J. STRACCIA 45 Lockeland Avenue Allied Youth 3, 4; Chess 1, 2; Chronicle 4; Spanish Club 4; Ski Club 4; Football J.V. 2, V. 3. JAMES L. STANLEY 131 Wildwood Avenue FRED M. STILES 27 Chester Street Allied Youth 4. LEONARD S. SPIEGEL 12 Dartmouth Street MARCIA E. STONE 29 Draper Avenue Chronicle 2; Glee Club 1; Office Assistant 2, 3, 4. KENNETH E. STREIGHT 1 1 Moccasin Path LINDA M. STEVANS 65 Sunnyside Avenue RICHARD I. SULLIVAN 153 Robbins Road 66 THOMAS J. SULLIVAN 76 Oakland Avenue Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4; Cross Country 4; Indoor Track 3, 4; Outdoor Track 3, 4. CHERYL A. SWANSON 5 Mary Street JOANNE C. SWEENEY 19 Harvard Street Office Assistant 4. GARY R. SYMONDS 14 Eayette Street Allied Youth 3, 4; G S 1, 2, 3, 4 President: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA M. TACCINI 123 Appleton Street Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3. 4; Ski Club 4. JAMES A. TAERALIAN 16 Everett Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Internations Club 4; Eootball 1, V. 2, 3, 4. NANCY C. TAMOSAUSKAS 36 Alfred Road Allied Youth 4. THOMAS F. TARABELLI 70 Palmer Street MICHAEL K. SWENY 49 Tanager Street Allied Youth I; Football I, V. 2, 3. 4. I V HOLLY S. TASCHNER 14 Lake Shore Drive Allied Youth 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4. 67 FLF.ANOR TASSONF 6 Waldo Road Allied Youth 1 . 4; Chronicle 3; Office Asst. 2. 3, 4; Yearbook Committee 4; Future Homemakers Club 2, 3, 4 JANICF M. TAYLOR 46 Melvin Road Allied Youth 4; Ski Club 4. MARK F. THOMPSON 6 Ortona Street Allied Youth 4. CHARLES M, TOCZYLOWSKI I Kensington Road Student Council 2; l ice President Junior Class: President Senior Class; Baseball V. 3. 4; Football I, V. 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, V. 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4. DAVID F. TEE 20 Devereaux Street G S I, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4 Consul Primus: Math Team 4. JAMES R. TIFDF 19 Fustis Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Lab Asst. 4; Stockroom Asst. 2, 3, 4; Cross Country J.V. 1, 2; Indoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4 Co-Coptcnn: Outdoor Track V. 1,2, 3, 4. CHARLES P. TONER 41 Hemlock Street Allied Youth 3, 4; Stockroom 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Football 1, J.V. 2, V. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 2. ANNELYSE K. TEEVEN 276 Broadway Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; G S 2, 3, 4; Samettes 3, 4; Ski Club 4. GERARD W. TOBIN 141 Eranklin Street Allied Youth 3. PAUL TOSCANO 25 Littlejohn Street Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 4; Lunchroom Asst. 2, 3, 4. ROLAND TOSCANO 25 Littlejohn Street Allied Youth 4; Lunchroom Asst. 2, 3. WILLIAM D. VALE 48 Cleveland Street Stamp Club 3 President. SUSAN VALLIERE 50 Gloucester Street Allied Youth 3, 3, 4; Chronicle 4. NANCY L. VANASKIE 50 Park Avenue Extension Allied Youth 4. LINDA A. TRULSON 23 Apache Trail Allied Youth 4; Dramatic Club 1; G S 2, 3, 4; Office Assistant 4; Chronicle 4. ERANCIS C. VARDARO 141 Dow Avenue Allied Youth 4; Outdoor Track J.V. 2, 3, 4. DONNA K. TUEF 77 Henderson Street Chronicle 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 Assistant Treasurer: G S 4. ERIC H. UENAS 39 Ronald Road RICHARD J. TRAVERSE 104 Highland Avenue Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian; G S 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2; Dance Band 2, 3, 4. BARBARA A. TREBBY 62 Webster Street 69 FRANCES M. WHITE: 3 Mary Street CATHY H. WEBB 6 Lake Shore Drive Allied V ' outh 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Spanish Club 4; Ski Club 4. PATRICIA A. WHITEHOUSE 46 Cleveland Street Allied Youth 1, 2, 3, 4; Chronicle 2, Feature Editor 3. 4; Euture Homemakers Club 2, 3, Historian 4; Eield Hockey J.V. 2, 3, V. 4. MICHAEL P. WALSH 91 Newland Road Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Eootball 1, J.V. 2, V. 3, 4; Ski Club 4. RUSSELL J. VERNEY 56 School Street GREGORY C. VOUROS 1 0 Cherokee Road Allied Youth 4; Band I, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. EDNA M. VARNUM 3 Ereeman Street Chronicle 3; Latin Club 4; Office Assistant 2. 3, 4; Euture Homemakers Club 2, 3. 4 President. ROBERT E. WEBB 35 Menotomy Road Allied Youth 3, 4; Baseball 1, J.V. 2; Eootball 1, V. 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1; Indoor Track 2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN L. VENTI 20 Lafayette Street Tennis V. 2, 3, 4. NANCY A. WHITTAKER 23 Bailey Road Allied Youth 2; Library Corps 2, 3, President 4; Latin Club 4, Consul Seciinda Eield Hockey J.V. 1, 2, V. 3, 4; Tennis V. 2, 3, 4; Internations Club 1, Vice President 2. • i. , DIANA F. WILKINSON 15 Oldham Road JUDITH A. WILLIAMS 1 1 Memorial Way Allied Youth 1, 4; Basketball J.V. 1; Field Hockey J.V. 2; Ski Club 4. JAMES D. WILSON 18 Wright Street JOHN A. WILSON 1 1 Sunset Road Allied Youth 4; Chronicle 1, 2, Advertising Mgr. 3, Asst. Editor 4; Debating 3 Library Corps 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1. 2. SUSAN L. WOOD 97 Bartlett Avenue KENNETH E. WINSLOW 129 Appleton Street Lunchroom Assistant 2, 3, 4. STANLEY B. ZDONIK 174 Lake Street Chess 1,2. 3. 4; Lab Assts 2, 3, 4; Library Corps 2, 3 4; Math Team 4; Science Club 1, 2; Science Team 3 4. ANN M. ZANI 68 Hillside Avenue Ski Club 4. DAVID R. WYSE 30 Lombard Terrace KENNETH A. YETMAN 172 Oakland Avenue ANNE C. ZIOLKOWSKI EDWARD S. JOHN S. ZOCCHI 22 Bowdoin Street ZIOLKOWSKI 29 Milton Street Office Assistant 4; Yearbook 22 Bowdoin Street Allied Youth 4. Committee 4. VALER IE N. ZUCKER 1 1 Endicott Road Allied Youth 1, Council Member 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4 Cartoonist; Latin Club 4; Student Council 3, 4; Ski Club 4. GERALDINE L. DANIELS 418 Ridge Street PAULINE C. GOULD 65 Lafayette Street DAVID W. BARTOO ROGER C. BOLTON NANCY L. CANUEL ALFRED F. CECERE PETER M. CHALPIN PAUL R. CHASE RAYMOND P. CHATEAUNEUF DAVID C. CUMMINGS JULIAN F. FELL PATRICIA GALVIN PAUL E. GAUMOND STEVEN J. GEARY JEAN M. GESWELL JOAN M. GESWELL JOCELYN E. GLACKEN KAREN A. HATTON GERARD C. HIGGINS ANDREW KUCHINSKY DONNA L. MacDONALD DAVID MASTERS THEODORE J. MASTERS, JR. LAWRENCE T. McCANN MARTIN A. McGovern KENNETH MELVILLE MAUREEN MILLS JOHN A. NOLAN MICHAEL C. O’NEILL WILLIAM P. PACHECO DAVID G. PEARSON DAVID PORTESI MARIA B, RIESCO ROBERT J. ROSSELLI MIKE L. SHIVERS JOHN A. SPENCER EDWARD J. STRUZIK WILLIAM J. TOBIN PETER WELSH 72 emortam RICHARD SIMMONS DERBY 1947-1965 Dick was young, just in his prime; Why he left, we’ll know in time. He has gone on, but not to an end. To something sublime, we can’t comprehend. He’s learning how far the universe goes. And why there’s beauty in every rose. Wherever Dick is, he is not alone; God loves us all; He cares for His own. V. z. CLASS HISTORY Entering Arlington High as freshmen with four long, hard, enjoyable years ahead of us, the class of 1965 expected much from the high school that was to shape its future, both educationally and socially. Certainly, our expectations were realized and surpassed even in the first year. With a broadening of high school facili- ties, an electronics course was then opened to students of the technical school. In the held of mental exercise, Arlington High also oflfered a new stimulus — the de- bating club. During that very hrst fall, the football team awed the whole student body with its accom- plishments as state co-champions. Neither were we less excited and proud to view the productions of the dra- matic club. Our Town, and that of the Gilbert and Sullivan Club, The Blue Star Review. By spring even more honor was heaped upon our school; we had among our seniors, the winner of the National Home- maker of America Contest. With pride bursting within us and the expectation of joining the new Arlington Teen Club, in our status as sophomores, we went our separate ways for the summer — only too eager to be- come in the fall the upper-lower classmen of Arlington High. Our sophomore year, too, was hlled with diversified activities. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club eelebrated its twenty-fifth year with the outstanding production, lolanthe. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the Dra- matic Club’s fine presentation for 1963. The Debating Club entered the Greater Boston Debating League. The members sponsored an oratorical contest and were proud to have two students appear on television as representatives of their club. In the intellectual field, the Math Team and the Chess Club also completed a year of keen competition, and the Science Club held its fourth annual Science Fair, the results of which were most successful. The high school band entertained us with a series of professional performances. With its newly formed group of Samettes, the band added greatly to our school spirit at football games. Students cheered with our vivacious cheerleaders through basketball and hockey games as well. We boasted of our fine athletics program including track, baseball, softball, golf, field hockey, bowling, and tennis. The second annual gym- nastic show with its men-in-silver was an accomplish- ment of which we were truly proud. Allied Youth held its traditional International Con- vention at Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania and the Northeast Regional Convention here at Arlington High. As the year of honors, activities, and accomplish- ments ended, students sadly bade farewell to principal, Mr. Downes, and warmly welcomed his successor, Mr. Locke. Returning for our junior year as upper classmen, we heartily welcomed our new principal, Mr. Locke. We began the year as the new freshman building addition began to materialize. Within a few weeks, the mighty Spy Ponders of Arlington High School took the gridi- ron, fought through a difficult season and finished with a creditable record of more wins and ties than losses. The Dramatic Club chose as its third production. The Teahouse of the August Moon, and it was indeed amusing and professionally done. As cold weather and bleak skies made winter a reality, our hopes of winning the G. B. I. hockey title became more than dreams. Our illustrious sextet, in doing so, finished with a rec- ord of twelve won, one lost, and one tied. Nor did they stop at this alone but went on to capture the State Championship, our fourth and more than any other team m the state. In the final game of the New Eng- land Championship, Arlington was finally defeated in a real contest of ability. We shed our tears proudly as our boys accepted the runner-up trophy. After the hockey frenzy had ended, the Gilbert Sullivan Club stole the spotlight and presented its tale of royal con- fusion, The Gondoliers, to packed houses. Meanwhile, the basketball team went through their season which found them noticeably stronger at its conclusion. Al- lied Youth, journeyed to St. Alban’s, Vermont, for the Northeast Regional Convention. Considering our men- tal endeavors, we were pleased that our chess team won its second consecutive G. B. I. championship, and its fourth in five years, by crushing all opponents. The debating team received much attention because of an appearance by several of its members in a televised discussion; and our math team, in its third season of competition, earned a fine enough record to tie for second place in this region. The annual Science Fair, the science club’s principal attraction, produced many winners who presented a great variety of projects. The heady fragrance of new grass and flowers turned our attention to the joys of Nature in the spring, as well as to baseball, track, and tennis. The results of all pointed toward real greatness in our senior year. Need- less to say, the girls worked as valiantly as the boys in the girls’ sports of field hockey and tennis. Gradually, the remaining portion of our junior year slipped from our grasp. With the graduation of the seniors in early June, we finally emerged at the pinnacle of our high school status. Our senior year was one which we will never forget. With the pressure of split-session school days, prepara- tion for College Board Examinations, and pending col- lege acceptances, we plunged into senior activities with all the vigor we could muster. We cheered our football, hockey, and basketball squads through a courageous season of competition. The girls’ field hockey team completed an undefeated season for the first time in eight years. We were equally proud of our track and cross-country teams this year. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club presented a fine show, H. M. S. Pinafore, while the Dramatic Club successfully produced the satirical comedy. The Mouse That Roared. For the first time in the history of our post, the Allied Youth International Convention was held in Washington, D. C. Perhaps this change from the tradi- tional trip to Buck Hill Falls in Pennsylvania will set a precedent for future years. Two new clubs were formed in 1964, the Ski Club and the Spanish Club. Each had been established in previous years but had not been successful until our senior year. Both clubs were supported with enthusi- asm. Our studies and extra-curricula activities meant so much more to us as seniors — perhaps, because this was our last year at Arlington High. We had grown to love and appreciate our curricula, and we had to spend our last months of high school with an extra burst of energy and spirit to demonstrate how we felt. Senior week activities, the prom and graduation, will always be happy, sad, gay, and tearful memories for us; but our four years of high school will be more than mere memories. These years will be reflected in our future thoughts and actions, in our disappointments, and our successes. 73 Theresa B. Binnig Adviser Row 1: B. Arena, A. Beatty, M. Simmons, M. Hankins, A. Fisher, J. Farnham. Row 2: V. Zucker, E. Tassone, C. Di- Cicco, G. Hauser, J. Bloodsworth, K. Meadows, D. Rossi, C. Berg, N. Sefton. J. Farnham, A. Fisher, T. Galluzzo, M. Hankins, I. Jingsts, G. Jones MacDonald, G. Mahoney, K. Meadows, E. Ring, D. Rossi, N. Sefton, Simmons, E. Tassone, A. Ziolkowski. ART BUSINESS TYPIST A. Peters, B. Bonner, B. Arena, R. Bodmer. YEARBOOK COMMITTEE EDITORIAL C. Musco, C. Ceresi, S. Prescott. 2 O This year has been a time of rebuilding and reorgan- ization for Allied Youth in Arlington High. The past few years have been a period of transition throughout the Allied Youth oganizations in the Northeast Region as well as internationally; the result is that many changes have occurred, a large portion of which show greatly in our own post. It’s been an active year, combining service projects and social affairs with a program of education on such subjects as alcohol, narcotics, and dating. The post had meetings with panel discussions, speakers, and films; several very successful dances; and various projects. These projects included helping with charity collec- tions, Christmas caroling, and preparing a Christmas welfare package for a needy family, an A. Y. Open House, a movie, and an auction. Two of the most important events which highlight the year for any A. Y. post are: The International and the Regional Conventions. Thirty-four Arlington mem- bers attended the International Convention in Washing- ton, D. C. in December and returned home with enthu- siasm, eager to strengthen A. Y. at our post and organ- ize the greatest Northeast Regional Conference ever. As a result of this interest and the efforts of the mem- bers of the whole post, we held a very successful and productive Regional Conference at Arlington High on Friday and Saturday, April 23 and 24. Throughout the year, A. Y. in Arlington High has worked to project the true idea of Allied Youth and the purposes of the organization. We have tried to fulfill our goal of helping to prevent alcohol problems by provid- ing education on the subject for high school students, so that they might make an intelligent decision regard- ing the place, if any, that alcohol has in their lives. Allied Youth has had a wonderful year. We will always remain grateful to our advisor. Miss Hutchin- son, for her help in making this year a successful one. To Mr. D’Antona, freshman advisor, we also extend our gratitude. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row I: E. Varnum, President; M. Nitchie, Vice President. Row 2: P. Whitehouse, Historian; M. Langer, Secretary; M. Primerano, Treasurer; Miss Mae R. Truvedson, Director. ALLIED YOUTH Row I; B. Balboni, C. Ceresi, B. Dannenberg, S. O’Leary. P. Mercan- detti, R. Mahoney. Row 2: B. Arena. A. Dannanberg. S. Cianciolo. K. Coffey, F. Ciano, R. Bergkiust, G. Brown. Virginia M. Hutchinson Sponsor The goal of the Future Homemakers of America, a national organization of students studying home economics, is to help individuals improve personal, family, and community living, both in the present and in the future. Its motto, “Toward New Horizons’’, is a challenge remind- ing members that their contributions to home life today will influence the kinds of homes they have tomorrow and the family life of members will influence the local community as well as the world. DRAMATIC CLUB 1: P. Hughes, Assistant Secretary; A. Fischang, Secretary; P. McCarthy, Vice President; F. Gustaff, President; A. Teevan, Treasurer; D. Tuff, Assistant Treasurer. Row 2; J. Counihan, Publicity; S. D ' Orlando, Lights; P. Mercandetti, Lights; R. Guild, Stage Manager; L. Hanson, Sound; E. Crawford, Publicity. It was another active year for the Dramatic Club under the leadership of our Faculty Director, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Sampson. Leonard Wibberley’s humorous and satirical play. The Mouse That Roared, was chosen for this year’s annual Dramatic Club production. The action of the entire play was centered in a small, inconspicuous, European country that declared war on the United States, fought an authentic battle with bows and ar- rows, and finally succeeded in winning the war. Mrs. Sampson’s excellent coaching was plainly evident in the work of the enthusiastic cast of players. They presented this play in a convincing manner and with excellent timing. Special credit must be given to Christopher Simonds, (Tully Bascom), who greatly added to the success of this year’s production. The Dramatic Club, at the time of the yearbook’s publication will have presented a one-act play at the Massachusetts Drama Eestival. Winners of this contest enter the state finals held at John Hancock Hall. Erom here the winner participates in the New England Festi- val. The Arlington High School Dramatic Club cast will assuredly give a creditable performance. Soldiers of Grand Fenwick 76 We take a curtain call-Friday night If you don ' t learn those lines! Introducing the Q-Bomb Curtain call-Jane Stein and Company But you’re my mother! Wee-sleekit — ’ Les Tourists ‘It’s not twentieth century Sears Roebuck. ‘Purple feet!’ " If I ever went over to the Russians!’ “We ' ll have to hurry.” Court of Grand Fenwick B. Dannenberg, D. Derow, R. Hilferty, M. Gonyea, L. Morris, A. Sherburne, M. Jay, R. Rizzo, H. Pugh, D. Buffum, W. Frazier. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS The National Merit Scholarship Corporation is an organization concerned solely with scholarships and as a result of an intensive testing program, one Arlington High School student was selected as semi-finalist for this program. His distinguished performance on these nation-wide selection tests has brought great honor to the Arlington High School. Eleven additional students have been awarded Certi- ficates of Merit by the National Merit Scholarship Cor- poration for excellent performance on the selection tests. 80 CHRONICLE Row 1: M. Keating, Circulation Manager; J. Barbieri, Cartoonist; J. Wilson, Associated Editor; E. Mar- cus, Editor; J, Hanna, Exchange Edi- tor; R. Sedoff, Sports Editor. Row 2; V. Zucker, Cartoonist; J. Dacey, Pho- tographer; M. White, Copy Editor; N. Jacobsen, Business Manager; P. King, Technical Editor; J. Fratello, Advertising Manager; G. Davidson, Sports Editor; R. White, Sports Edi- tor; F. Lalicata, Club Editor; P. Whitehouse, Feature Editor; C. Fiekers, Publicity Manager; B. Arena, Advertising Manager. K. Melville, H. Pugh, S. Zdonik, M. Langer, R. Rizzo, M. Jay. Under the direction of Mr. Sampson, the Chess Club has met each day after school in Room 5. Everyone has been welcome to come in and enjoy the pleasures of chess. For the past two years Arlington, in having won the championship of the Greater Boston Interscholastic Chess League, has emerged undefeated in two seasons of competition. The team has maintained its strength in the 1964-1965 season. The members of the team include: Harry Pugh, Ronald Rizzo, Stanley Zdonik, Milton Jay, Martin Langer, Kenneth Melville, Philip Goduti, Kenneth Sateriale, Glenn Mangurian, and Steven McLean. Ron- ald Rizzo, Stanley Zdonik, Milton Jay, Martin Langer, and Kenneth Melville have been “doing battle” on the sixty-four squares for four years. All the members of the club are proud of their or- ganization and appreciate Mr. Sampson’s patient guid- ance. CHESS i ' t John S. Sampson, Director The Chronicle continued this year both to inform and entertain Arlington High School students. An able staff, under the direction of our faculty advisor, Mr. Sampson, organized the production of the publication, and this activity, opened to the entire student body, again received the support of many talented people. Over two hundred conscientious writers, typists, art- ists, advertisement workers, and sellers contributed ideas and vigor to the paper. In addition to presenting everything from cartoons to creative writing to factual reporting. Chronicle workers are also given the opportunity to attend press confer- ences and to celebrate as the highlight of the year, at the Chronicle banquet. At the traditional spring ban- quet, the next year’s editorial staff are introduced and the identity of that wise old woman. Aunt Minerva, is finally revealed. As always, this year’s Chronicle continued to offer satisfying accomplishment and fun to its workers and to serve its readers. 81 r i if •1 { STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: A. Riese, C. DiCicco, V. Zucker, A. Beatty, G. Hauser, B. McCall, B. Farinoso. Row 2: R. Palomba, R. Fisher, S. Carroll, R. White, C. Saunders, J. Bloodsworth, R. Kelly. The student council of Arlington High School, under the direction of Miss Binnig, worked very diligently throughout the 1964-65 school year. They were suc- cessful in serving as a liaison between the students and the faculty and in implementing the full-scale activities of the school, chief among which was the collecting of funds for the different school projects; such as, Jr. Red Cross, senior caps and gowns, yearbooks, selling A.H.S. book covers and folders, arranging the annual Jr. Prom, and planning the traditional Sr. Prom. Student council members also staffed the buildings on Parent Visiting Nights in November to act as guides for parents around the buildings, a duty which they also performed again in March for the Adult Educa- tion Exhibit. The members also sponsored a student-faculty bas- ketball game, an activity which has always been a fa- vorite at Arlington High. This year the money that was raised was used to benefit the whole student body. Looking back over all the work and all the fun, the student council knows that they have concluded a very successful year, and that they themselves, as well as Arlington High School, have gained a great deal from their efforts. PROJECTION CLUB L. Lopes, L. Basteri, R. DeCampo, J. Lynch, K. Lawson, T. Cammarato, L. Hanson, D. French, Charles Fagone, Director. 82 The Arlington High School projection club, under the supervision of Mr. Fagone, functions in the operation of many types of movies, as well as in the use of sound and reproduction equipment. In this year’s club, there are about fifty mem- bers who are more than willing to forfeit their study periods in order to learn to operate these machines. The primary function of the club is to operate the machines for the teachers who find visual aid teaching devices helpful in their classes. The movies can express, sometimes in a matter of seconds, a point which could possibly take endless lessons to explain. The club also has control of special services; such as, the lighting for the school’s auditorium. The hall has been equipped with a General Elec- tric control panel, a type which is used in many professional theaters. There is also a sound con- trol cabinet which has a built-in tape recorder, phonograph, amplifier, and microphone mixer. Learning to operate these units is optional for the club members; special training, which is provided the members for every machine at the beginning of the year, as a club policy, is required. The projection club is a very useful and busy organization which enjoys the benefits of a hard year of work, as do most other clubs, and ranks among the most popular. 71 » rV ' Row I: M. Mahoney, Recorder; J. Kavanagh, C. Filosi, R. Bergquist, 2nd Vice President; N. Whittaker, President; C. Cavanagh, 1st Vice President; N. Jacobsen, T. Lucas. Treasurer. Row 2; N. Guptill, S. Zdonik, D. BiifFum, J. Kalafatos, P. Pastore, J. Rizzo, J. Harrington. With freshmen joining our ranks for the first time this year, the size of the Library Corps has almost doubled, and we have been busier than ever. The desk had to be manned during the afternoon session first semester; then later, the new freshman library had to be staffed; hence, the increase in membership was inev- itable. In addition, several thousand new books had to be stamped, pasted, and covered with plastic jackets. There were no idle hands! Nevertheless we continued to run the paper back book store, which we consider to be a real service to students and teachers although it requires constant at- tention; nor did we neglect the Book Fair, our annual spring event, when all of the English classes file through to brouse and to buy from the thousands of titles. At least a month’s preparation always goes into this project. A theme is used in the decoration of the library; books must be selected and ordered; publicity and finances must be taken care of. The preparations, however, are exciting and we always get our great sat- isfaction from the enthusiasm of our customers. It was, thanks to the proceeds of the Book Fair, that we were able last summer to buy draperies for the entire library in Building A, adding warmth and beauty to the atmosphere of study and research. LIBRARY CORPS A. Smith, Secretary; L. Roghaar, President; M. Tuller, Vice President. This year the French Club has had plans for a full guests have been invited to give informal talks on and varied program. All meetings have been conducted France and its way of life. in French. Various projects will be introduced to give the club members a realistic picture of France and its people. Committees have been given different assign- ments for group discussion and club entertainment. Whenever it has been possible, French speaking The highpoint in the club’s activities featured “Une Soiree” at one of the outstanding French restaurants in Boston. The French Club has had a very successful year. FRENCH CLUB John B. Ford, Director SPANISH CLUB Row I: G. Brown, President: C. Shea, Secretary. Row 2: R. Murray, 2nd Vice Presi- dent; R. Kelly, 1st Vice President; S. Cianciolo, Treasurer; Mr. Sheldon G. Sternburg, Director. The Spanish club provides its members with an un- derstanding of Hispanic life and an appreciation of Latin American culture. Enthusiasm, interest, and planning by our officers has made the club a very successful organization. Spanish-speaking visitors have been invited to Arlington High School to speak to our members about teenage life in South America and about the differ- ences from our way of life. A Christmas fiesta with typical Spanish flavor was held this year. The traditional pifiata served as a climax to a fun-filled evening. We are looking forward to many more exciting and interesting meetings this year. INTERNATIONS CLUB Row 1: L. Morris, N. Whittaker, C. Filosi, D. Derow, Secretary; B. Arena, President; R. Kelly, Treasurer. Row 2: J. Conley, G. Santini, J. Pollard, S. Harrison, W. Nickerson, M. Camerlengo, M. Danger. The Internations Club is open to all students inter- ested in studying about foreign countries, in studying problems of relations between countries, and specifi- cally in studying problems of American foreign policy toward various foreign countries. The program is flexi- ble; any student interested in any aspect of interna- tional relations can find some members or similarly interested individuals. During the year, the club invites speakers from vari- ous foreign countries to describe their countries; it holds study-workshops to discuss selected foreign countries; and it asks experts occasionally to describe and explain technical aspects of certain foreign policy problems; such as, foreign trade. All students interested in careers in foreign countries or in the foreign service of the United States would enjoy being members of the club. 84 JR. RED CROSS There are many activities in Arlington High School, and one of them is performed by representatives on the Greater Boston Execu- tive Council for Junior Red Cross. This year two representatives of our Junior Red Cross were chosen: Gail Brown and Roger Homer. On the first Friday of each month, they attended the meetings at the Chapter House in Boston. At these meetings there was an opportu- nity to become acquainted with other representatives from over sixty towns and cities, who came from a distance of thirty to forty miles to attend. At each meeting another phase of the Junior Red Cross work was discussed; such as, water safety, first aid, and disaster service. The meetings were also made interesting by movies, speak- ers, discussion groups, or purely social events. The monthly meetings were informative and enjoyable; moreover, they opened doors to new activities. Many representatives partici- pated in the bloodmobiles; others took the bloodmobile training course; and still others volunteered in hospitals, rest homes, and various public institutions. Many of the students helped during the Christmas season by distributing Red Cross contributions throughout their area. Other important activities were: the paper back book drives, enrollment contests, and the publication of the Newsletter. As one can easily see, being a member of the Junior Red Cross means more than just making a collection once a year, and Arling- ton High School is proud to be represented. G. Brown, R. Homer. R. Hilferty, President: Mrs. Joan K. Latimer, Coach; D. Curran, Secretary-Treasurer. DEBATING CLUB The 1964-65 Debating Club has had an active and a profitable year. Membership in the National Forensic League, the Massachusetts Secondary School Speech League, and the North Shore Debating League brings the Club in competition with top schools in the New England area and enables students to participate in numerous conferences dealing with the topic, “Re- solved: That Nuclear Weapons Should Be Controlled by an International Organization.” The interscholastic debates have promoted a spirit of sportsmanship and broadening perception of others’ views. Participating in debates has helped members to develop the art of persuasion and the skill of logic. Long hours and feverish research have resulted in a sense of accomplishment after a job well done. During the debate season, which lasts from October through April, membership reached a new high. Sev- eral excellent novice teams, composed of underclass- men, indicate that the fine record of the varsity will be carried on in future years. Under the able guidance of Ruth-Ann Hilferty, Pres- ident, the Club was host to an invitational Debating Tournament. Credit for a successful year also goes to the following senior members: Martin Langer, Milton Jay, Ronald Rizzo, and Maria Bottoni. V.A. HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS Every Tuesday a group of students perform a host of duties at the Bedford VA hospital working with nurses and technicians in social service, manual arts therapy, educational therapy, the library, the pharmacy and the important rooms set aside for occupational therapy. Oth- ers do clerical work in the dental labora- tory and in the hospital’s general office. This experiment has turned out to be very satisfactory and important accord- ing to Mrs. Turner who has charge of the volunteers and Miss Rebecca Glassman, SCIENCE CLUB The science club is now in its sixth successful year of operation at Arlington High School. At the Greater Boston Regional Science Fair, we received two third awards and a special award for our Engineering ex- hibit. At the State Science Fair at M. I. T., we were awarded a third prize and an honorable mention. The cluci i proud of these honors and looks forward to another year of successful science fair participation. The major project of the club this year has been to revamp the weather station and to work in the field of weather forecasting. Our amateur meteorologists have been doing a fine piece of work and have even em- ployed the use of computers in this field of science. The science club continues to be among the most progressive clubs with much potential for the future. Certainly in this age of emphasis on space and tech- nology it occupies an important place in our school. Richard Y. Coombs, Director; N. Magliano, Secretary; N. Berube, Treasurer; J. Perry, Librarian; M. Sprinkle, President; G. Smith, Vice President; D. Raia, Weather Station Chairman. S. Zdomk, N. Berube. G. Buckley, R. Bergquist. R. Cromwell, R. Ahlberg, J. Dacey, J. Tiede. SCIENCE TEAM The Arlington High School Science Quiz Team has been organized to promote interest in the fields of sci- ence among students. Team members are selected on the basis of examination. The team is captained by Stanley Zdonik. Other members include: Donald Buffum, James Fratello, David Grano, Charles Pidano, Ronald Rizzo, Marilyn Sprinkle, and Philip Thayer. In its initial competition, the Arlington team de- feated Wellesley by a close margin in a televised pro- gram on Channel 5’s Dateline Boston. During the year Arlington also met Reading High in another televised quiz on Dateline Boston. The team had a successful year and valuable experi- ence. MATH TEAM M. Sprinkle, G. Davidson, H. Pugh, D. Tee, S. Zdonik, F. Chang. The math team is an organiza- tion that was formed to offer an opportunity for five students from each school in this vicinity to meet and compete in a contest involving mathematical skills. Each participant enters three of the five categories that are avail- able and takes three ten-minute written quizzes pertaining to the subjects that he has selected. After these tests have been com- pleted, the team is given one diffi- cult problem which it attempts as a unit to solve. For the past two years, Arlington High School’s Math Team has partici- pated in the play-offs that are held at the end of the year. The faculty advisors are Mr. Sampson and Mr. Eaton. R. Rizzo, S. Zdonik, Pre.sident: C. Pidano, J. Fratello, P. Thayer, D. Grano, D. Buffum, M. Sprinkle. Mr. R. Gioioso, Director MANUAL ARTS Automation, as we all know, is playing a very im- portant part in our society. With all the changes that are taking place today, the Manual Arts Department also had to make changes in order to keep abreast with industry. Since the colleges are spending less time now teaching basic techniques of mechanical drawing than they had in the past, our department as a result had to gear our program to meet this need. The students are now getting a wide background in mechanical drawing in order for them to undertake the advanced work suc- cessfully in college. In the days when home industry flourished, children were required to take part in the construction and the assembly of products. They watched and aided adults making many things and as a result learned through the making of things. Today children have very little opportunity to familiarize themselves with making things in the home. The Manual Arts Department tries to furnish students the opportunity to learn through the planning and the constructing of interesting specific ob- jects. Pupils have the opportunity to work with textiles, metals, electricity, wood, ceramics, photography, leather, printing, and other materials. We, in our school, are very proud of the Manual Arts Department and its achievements. General Crafts shop, Mr. Prusik, instructor. Training in Industrial Electronics using professional Sig- nal Generator and Oscilloscope BE7 Training Kit. Einal check-up on an engine overhaul in the Automotive Shop. TECHNICAL-VOCATIONAL Constructing T.V. sets in the Electronics Shop. Delicate front-end adjustment being performed on a late model vehicle. Electronics Lab Project. Circuit Tracing on Commercial Equipment. When we entered Arlington Technical High School in the Fall of ’61 we were the first group to undertake a new four year course. We were in three groups: electronics, machine shop practice, and automotive re- pair. Much time has passed since then, and now we feel that we have gained a solid fundamental back- ground in these respective fields. We have received ex- cellent instruction and worked with the finest of equip- ment. We feel that the school has implanted basic skills and instilled in us good working habits and atti- tudes. During our stay in school we saw the installation of much new equipment and the addition of more faculty members. The reputation of the school was good. Many boys from nearby towns sought admission. We liked the alternate class-shop week program. We put the theory and science of the classroom into practical demonstration in the shop. We sought perfection. We attempted to meet com- mercial standards. Our field trips were interesting and profitable. We compared the worker’s world with our own. As a result we achieved a feeling of confidence and satisfaction. We now feel ready to take our places in industry. Graduating now, we will seek many different paths of endeavor. We accept the challenge. We know we have much to offer society. We are fully aware that on that solid foundation we have built, there must be con- stant desire and determination to improve and perfect. The world we live in is in constant change. So must attitudes and skills. Performing a precision grinding operation in the Machine Shop. Machine Shop Project — intricate set-up on the Vertical Milling Machine. Diagnostic Circuit Testing in the Electronics Lab, Engine being tuned to specifications in the Automotive Shop, VOCATIONAL STUDENT COUNCIL Edmund J. Lewis, Director R. Vale, J. Collins, K. Berardi, T. Roderick, B. Greene, Hale, P. Lane. Marian E. McGrath, Secretary E. Marcus, D. Derow, D. Tee, N. Whittaker, M. Short, N. Jacobsen, Dorothy Rounds, Director. In accordance with their motto “Si Deus nobiscum, , quis contra nos,” the members of the Latin Club have | forged ahead in their enthusiasm to make the classics a prominent and living factor in their lives. Meetings, held on the second Monday of each month, are very capably handled by Consul Primus David Tee and his other officers, and they show a great amount of imagi- nation and preparation. To celebrate Thanksgiving Roman style, priests and priestesses in traditional cos- tumes performed a saerificial ceremony making offer- ings of the season to Ceres, the goddess of Harvest, j and Bacchus, who represents wine and pleasure. At another meeting Andrea Hintlian, a graduate who toured Europe last summer with the Junior Classical League, gave an illustrated lecture. In addition to this, there have been several very profitable trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, to the Fogg Museum, and to the I Gardener Museum. I The highlight of the entire year is the annual Roman n banquet. Here, in the manner of their ancestors, the V members don togas, recline on couches, and engage in : stimulating conversation while they appease their ap- i petites with Roman delicacies. The excellent supervi- )| sion of Miss Rounds as well as the silent encourage- ment and advice from Cicero, Aesculapius, and Virgil (the Club’s much-treasured busts) have contributed in an important way to making this year another very successful one for the Latin Club. LATIN CLUB 92 Florence E. Forsyth, Director LUNCHROOM STAFFS Evelyn Ribeiro, Helen Ellingwood, Stasia A. Hatless, Mary von Hein, Luvan McKiel, Alice Rogers, Manager; Helen G. Darcy, Hazel O’Shaiighnessy, Gertrude Baldwin, Agnes R. Star- key, Mildred G. Hoyt, May Abel, Edith C. Rossetti. D. Rossi, I. Jingsts, N. Galvin, P. Trulson, B. Lepore, Florence E. Forsyth, Director. F. Craig, L. Bibby, M. Mulcahey. A. Bowler, A. Oley, J. Hanna. OFFICE ASSISTANTS A. Serrano, P. McCarthy, K. Doherty. T. Galluzzo, A. Ziolkowski, E. Tassone. G. Carter, C. Dockain, J. Cosgrove. K. Allen, B. Arena, P. Costley, G. Jones. G. Mahoney, L. Lee, M. Rotondi. E. Tassone, A. Aehajanian, V. Zucker J. Anastas, S. Donovan, L. Morris, S. Cianciolo M. Prestejohn, A Coulouras, L. Shannon, M. Stone, N. Sefton. B. Russell, G. Mahoney F. Apprille, B. Ilchuk. i! A J. Proctor, P. Fitzgerald, E. Berg J. Tiede. C. Toner ' BAND i Piccolo J. Sylva; Flute N. Grant, J. Holdsworth, J. Miller, P. O’Connell; Oboe F. Foster; Bassoon C. Nitchie; Clarinet M. Alman, J. Brittan, K. Cremens, L. Derian, A. Fisher, W. Griffin, R. Hauser, N. Miner, K. O ' Connell, J. Perkins; Saxophone J. Baker, T. Kelley, D. Ryan, S. Sharp, P. Thayer; Trumpet P. Collins, G. Cousens, D. Duffy, T. Durland, D. Floreen, R. Homer, C. Sarnow, R. Sherburne, D. Swanson, R. Traverse; Baritone W. Bailey, A. Sherburne; Trombone C. Brennecke; Sousaphone R. Holdsworth; Drums R. Capasso, C. Gallozzi, D. Moore, C. Olson, P. Souza, P. Tassone; Glockenspiel L. DeFrancesco, K. McCarthy. “Home Band of the Brave” — is the slogan of our marching band. Combining a patriotic thought from our National Anthem and recognizing the Menotomy In- dian, the school symbol, the Arlington High School Band wearing “Uncle Sam Hats”, his dancing daughters the Samettes, and the Majorettes represent the school and the community at every half-time ceremony during the football season. Our band has won the distinction as being “the show” band among all others met during the past few years. There are those memories which only band members can share — the Big Brass band newspaper, the annual band party at the Holdsworths, and most of all the knowledge that the performances were better than those of the competition. Following the football season the band undertakes a rehearsal schedule which prepares the group for concert appearances within the community and at neighbor- ing schools. As seniors, we can well appreciate the tremendous efforts of Mr. Laman, Band Director; of Mr. Thebodo, Assistant Director; and of John Kendall, Drum Major who has competently conducted the band over the past three years. The band has been and will continue to be one of Arlington High’s most active and spirited organizations. ORCHESTRA Flute F. Gustaff, J. Holdsworth, R. Langer, J. Miller, P. O’Connell; Clarinet F. Battaglia, J. Brittan, K. Cremens; Alto Clarinet W. Mantone; Bass Clarinet T. Kelley; Saxophone J. Baker; Bassoon M. Morton, C. Nitchie; Trumpet D. Duffy, R. Traverse; French Horn A. Sherburne; Trombone D. Brigham; Violin P. Collins, FI. Cosman, M. Dillon, C. Donnel y, L. French, A. Geanisis, S. Hutchinson, M. Kelley, E. Knight, D. O’Flaherty, P. Traverse; Viola S. Bugden, S. Hobart, D. Kelley Cello M. Conyea, P. Magnuson, J. Tolleson, E. Tremblay; Bass Viol G. Anderson; Piano L. De Erancesco; Percussion P. Cavicchi, R. Capasso, C. Gallozzi, P. Souza. Richard E. Laman, Director. The Arlington High School Orchestra is kept busy throughout the year performing for the Dramatic Club Play where “Sound of Music”, “Concertata” and “Variations of a Theme by Haydn” were heard; and for the Christmas assemblies where Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” was accompanied by a full or- chestra for the first time in several years. The Gilbert and Sullivan “H.M.S. Pinafore” performances proved challenging, and the demands placed on the orchestra in preparation for the exchange concert at Wakefield High School, the Arlington Woman’s Club, and the Spring Concert rounded out a full orchestral season, rich in varied musical experiences. Under the direction of Mr. Laman and Mr. Einzig we can all sincerely express our deep appreciation for their patient guidance and direction. Row I : N. Truelson, Accompanist; M. DiEranza, Iw . Accompanist; L. Roghaar, Librarian; K. Balzer, President; C. Dowd, Vice President; A. Clark, Librarian; B. Hayward, Secretary. Row 2; E. Crawford, M. Cantelli, C. DiCicco, D. Smith, B. Ilchuk, M. Eallon, R. Mele, J. Kavanagh. Row 3; C. Rowe, M. Keating, P. Perrell, S. Banks, L. Miller, Treasurer; L. Holson, N. Jacobsen. The Girls’ Choir, made up of girls who have had one year of Girls’ Glee Club, is under the direction of Mr. Mc- Elhiney. Throughout the school year, they take part in assemblies, exchange concerts, and graduation exercises. This year, they sang at Stoneham High School; and two years ago they enter- tained the students at Wakefield. During the past four years, the choir has also sung at Melrose and Natick. Although most of the girls prefer pop- ular music, they include spiritual, reli- gious, folk, and secular music in their programs. They have proved to be a con- stant source of enjoyment to their audi- ences and have gained satisfaction and have had many good times as a result of their participation in the Girls’ Choir. GIRLS ' CHOIR BOYS GLEE CLUB DANCE BAND Row I: S. Sharp, D. Ryan, T. Kelly, P, Thayer, J. Baker. Row 2: C. Gallozzi, Richard E. Laman, Director; R. Traverse, P. Collins, D. Duffy, A. Sherburne, P. Souza. The dance band which rehearses during after school hours offers musical expression to the jazz-inclined Arlington High School musicians. The group has entertained untold hundreds of stu- dents at various high schools, performing in exchange concerts and at special programs at A. H. S. The joy of playing authentic big band dance ar- rangements is one that the senior band members will long remember. Our gratitude and appreciation is extended to Mr. Laman who has inspired and directed our group from its inception in 1960. 98 GILBERT and Row 1: N. Truelson, Accompanist; M. DiFranza, Secretary; L. DeFrancesco, Asst. Accompa- nist; A. Fallon, Treasurer; G. Symonds, President; M. Abruzzese, Librarian; P. Macy, Asst. Treasurer; L. Hassler Einzig, Director. Row 2; L. Trulson, M. Kelly, A. Monico, K. Day, G. Hauser, A. Peters, B. Ilchuk, C. DiCicco. Row J; L. Dinjian, M. Morton, J. Hurley, C. Dowd, N. Jacobsen, A. Fischang, J. Kavanagh, F. Gustaff. Roty 4; L. Roghaar, S. Banks, K. Balzer, R. Traverse, B. Holdsworth, D. Tee, C. Musco, A. Sherburne, D. Tuff, G. Brown. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club is one of the most active of Arlington High School’s musical organiza- tions. Its success can be largely attributed to the re- sponsible and skilled leadership of its advisor, Mr. L. Hassler Einzig. Whether on the stage or behind the scenes, each member of the club is afforded the opportunity to par- ticipate, in some way, in the show given every year. During our freshman year, we presented “The Blue Star Revue of ’62.” Our first Gilbert and Sullivan oper- ettas, “lolanthe” and “The Gondoliers” were staged in our sophomore and junior years respectively. This year, as seniors, we participated in “H.M.S. Pinafore.” Members of the G S Club have gained many fond memories and treasured friends. The rehearsals, the final show, and the cast parties will never be forgotten. Row 1; N. Truelson, Accompanist; M. Abruzzese, A. MacFadyen, C. Dowd, J. MacFadyen, A. Wharton, J. Kavanagh, M. DiFranza, P. Macy. Row 2: N. Jacobsen, L. Roghaar, K. Balzer, S. Banks, L. Holson. SULLIVAN HARMONETTES The Harmonettes have gained im- mense popularity over the last decade. This year, this unique singing group of twelve especially chosen and talented girls, as well as three substitutes and an accompanist, is under the competent di- rection of Mr. Laman. Performances have been made by the Harmonettes at various school and social functions in Arlington; such as, the Women’s Club, dances and dinner parties, and the Arlington Rotary Club’s Christmas Din- ner. There is no doubt that the responsi- bility acquired in being called a “Har- monette” is a pleasurable and rewarding experience for every girl. Head Cheerleaders: K. Balzar, B. Guiney; B. Dutton, P Heaslip, D. O ' Flaherty, M. Karagianis, S. Stiles, M Keating, C. Berg, J. Kimball, M. Sheehan, V. Zucker. The Cheerleaders of Arlington High School are tra- ditionally known for their outstanding ability, leader- ship, support, and enthusiasm. Very few realize the tremendous amount of work, time, and energy involved in fulfilling their main goal, cheering the team on to victory. The squad has been highly praised for its supe- rior performances at football, basketball, and hockey games. The various teams can always depend upon these girls to boost the spirit and morale of the fans, no matter what the weather may be. This was displayed to all at the Arlington versus Everett football game. This year, the Cheerleaders have again been invi to the Massachusetts Invitational Cheerleading Cc petition to be held at Melrose High School. Regard! of the outcome of this competition, we know that th vivacious girls will have displayed their ability as exc lent representatives of Arlington High School. Win, lose, or tie, school spirit will never die as long as the Cheerleaders keep up their good work at Arlington High School. CHEERLEADERS z i- ' vT c. Honorable Mention — Ray Magliozzi Fuel Injected T wo-Cycle Engine Thomas Prato Antibiotics Carolyn Zaloga Bone Development of the Chick Embryo Philip Littlefield, David Tannozzini, and Robert Kaliistian demonstrate The Radio Station SCIENCE CLUB Robert Murray and Richard Russo demonstrate The Weather Station Honorable Mention — Nancy Jacobsen Structure of Dioxides First Award — George Buckley RadtiUt The Teeth of Mollusks Second Award — George Smith Digital E-P-U-T Recorder System TOUCHDOWN CLUB Barbara Arena. Richard Sheehan 1965 recipients of the Memorial Awards TENNIS Row I: M. Keefe, M. Hill, S. Bowlby, G. Brown Captain; K. Cavanaugh, J. Conley, D. Miller. Row 2: D. O ' Flaherty, N. Enright, N. Jacobsen, C. Berg, C. Hamilton, N. Whittaker, N. Cottrell Manager. The girls’ varsity tennis team, captained by Gail Brown, completed all its matches with no cancellations or postponements. The team won two matches by a score of 4-1 each but was unable to overcome the superior playing of the othe r teams — products of large squads. Many of the matches were long and strenuous with frequent deuce games. It is hoped there will be greater interest with next year’s squad as seven players graduated this year leaving only a quartet of beginning players for 1966. Row I: P. Morse, P. McKinnon, V. Binkoski, M. Whitney, R. Smith, R. DeStefano. Row 2: R. Sheehan, S. Murphy, M. O’Leary, J. Donahue, R. Jorgensen, J. Casazza, E. St. Onge. Row 3: G. Shea, Manager; J. Deveaux, R. Leverone, M. Walsh, A. Healy, D. Buck. BASEBALL This year’s baseball team finished the season with ten wins and eight losses. Beating the best teams in the league, they had some bad luck in the other games. Dave Buek backboned the pitching stafi ' and played second base. Mike Walsh and Rick Sardeletti with Roger DiStefano also helped out on the mound. Andy Healy also did some of the pitching. Mike O ' Leary, the iron man of the team along with Steve Murphy did the catching. Jim Casazza and Bob Jorgensen and Ed. St. Onge did the job at first base. Jim was the regular with Ed and Bob as substitutes. Vito Cucchiara and Paul McKinnon did the work at second base and shortstop. Paul was elected captain of next year’s team. Bob Leverone held down third base. A two-year veteran, he will be greatly missed. Jay Donahue and Richie Sheehan along with Mike Whitney and John Deveaux handled the outfield. Coach Cavalieri will depend on juniors Vic Binko- ski, Gerry Smith and Pete Morse to fill in next year for the departing seniors. Jn Jar:) " 1 )C | ' J Row I: James Kelley, Coach: R. Gill, R. Alhberg, D. Massucco, F. Vardaro, K. O ' Riley, Captain; J. Bloodsworth, E. Coveney, J. Tiede, C. Pappas, T. Sullivan, Manager. Row 2: O. Larkin, C. Gott, K. Fallon, M. Tidier, R. Rowley, M. Keefe, R. Oley, D. Byrne, J. Walsh, A. Costa, R. Costa, J. Fratello, W. Matheson. Row 3: G. Thomas, E. Yirikian, H. Saul, D. Tannozzoni, R. Warrington, J. Alessandroni, G. Gallucci, L. Pearson, E. Murray, G. Anastas, T. Spengler, D. Kelley, P. Morris. TRACK The Arlington High School Spring Track team was in a very strong league with Weymouth the league champion followed by Waltham. The following boys placed consistently and were letter winners: Captain Kevin O’Riley in the 880; Bill Matheson in the 120-yard High Hurdles; John Bloods- worth in the 180-yard low hurdles; Bob Webb, Lee Pearson and Bob Gill in the 100-yard dash; Jim Tiede, Dan Kelley and Jim Fratello in the 220-yard run; Bob Fisher and Owen Larkin in the 440-yard run; Tom Spengler and Kevin Fallon in the mile; Paul Morris in the 2 mile. The held events were led by; Mark Tuller in the long jump; Pete Chalpin in the high jump; Wayne Schwamb, Stan Powalatis and A1 Costa in the pole vault; Charles Gott in the shot; Charles Pappas and Robert Oley in the javelin; and Don Massucco, Francis Vardaro and Richard Warrington in the discus. Tom Spengler was outstanding for Arlington as he won the league championship for the mile, placed second in Class “A” and placed third in the entire state for the mile run. Arlington will have a number of boys returning next season which should improve the record. SOFTBALL Row I : N. Cooney, M. A. Dobie, S. Clarke, J. Rizzo, P. Fitz- gerald, Captain: R. Mahoney, B. Arena, J. Whitney, B. Farin- ose. Row 2: Mary McDonough, Coach; B. Cole, Manager; S. Cummings, P. Santo, R. Weismann, N. Good, J. Fusco, J. Dumas, B. Govoni, M. Abruzzese, N. Milne, Manager. Quadleft The girls’ softball team came within one game of their second undefeated season in the 64-65 campaign. Melrose pinned a 17-9 setback on the red and gray nine in the fifth game on the schedule. Captain Pat Fitzgerald led the team to a 6 and 1 record and was ably assisted by senior classmates Barbra Arena, Mary Ann Dobie and Judy Rizzo. Batting honors for the season went to sophomore Rose Weismann with an average of .667 as 8 of the starting 9 had averages over the .300 mark. Roberta Mahoney with 4 wins and Marie Abrazzese with 2 wins handled most of the pitching duties while sophomores Betty Farinoso and Jane Whitney did the catching. Susan Clarke, varsity second baseman for the 3rd year turned in another fine season hitting .410 and playing well defensively. Re- maining varsity letter winners include; Nancy Cooney, Barbara Govoni, Julie Fusco, and Nancy Good as well as senior managers Betsy Cole and Nancy Milne. A rlington 9 SCHEDULE Concord 6 16 Lexington 13 19 Cambridge 4 16 Malden 10 9 Melrose 17 14 Belmont 6 12 Winchester 1 1 ' ■Al ' iiif TABLE SETTING CONTEST For six years creativity through table setting has been fostered among the Home Economics students. Girls that participate in the Table Setting contest select one category out of four, and develop the theme by assembling linen, china, glass, silver, and a centerpiece. These must be suitable and appropriate to a planned menu and all must harmonize in color, texture, and design. Awards are given to the winners in each category and also for the best floral arrangement as well as for the most original centerpiece. is 4 ' SENIOR PROM GRADUATION Miv .l 1 SAMETTES Row I: C. Mazmanian, N. Enright, C. Ceresi, Captain; A. Smith, N. Cottrell. Row 2: L. Rossi, C. Camarata, J. McAuliffe, P, Pastore, J. Prince, A. Peters, A. Teeven, C. Cavanagh. Row 3: N. Scott, D, Bird, M. Crooks, D. Sanborn, N. Russell, C. Donnelly, R. Siracusa. The Samettes have become an outstanding addition to the Arlington High School Band and its half-time show performances during the football season. Student leader Carla Cerisi worked hard at keeping the girls “in line” and reviewing the intricate dance steps taught by their marvelous instructor Mrs. Bertagna. The girls, along with their “Uncle Sam Hat”, have created exceptional routines which have stimulated added interest and enthusiasm for the band and its colorful halftime show presentations. MAJORETTES The Majorettes, with grace and poise, add color and precision to the band and the seasonal half-time foot- ball shows. The routines, which require many hours of practice, involve numerous twirling techniques to sev- eral musical selections at each performance. Under the student leadership of Patty Ferolito, the girls were invariably rewarded by much applause from the fans. Everyone has enjoyed the sparkle and pep that the Majorettes have contributed to our football games. Row I: K. Calandrella, P. Nolan; Captain, P. Ferolito; K. Burke, M. Doyle. Row 2: D. Vellone, M. Rotundi, J. Guarente, J. Anastas, E. Orphanos, A. Beatty, D. Sweeney. FOOTBALL M. O’Leary M. Sweny C. Pappas R. Carey C. Toczylowski D. Buck F. Sophis William F. Lowder Director of Athletics J. Tafralian R. Gill R. Martin R. Donovan 102 G. Shea E. St. Onge Edward P. Burns Head Coach M. Walsh R. Demaris C. Toner R. Webb D. Massucco R. Leverone C. Saunders J. Casazza J. Donahue R. Sheehan Row 1: Assistant Coach, Edmund R. Mahoney; R. Carey, R. Webb, R. Sheehan, M. Sweny, M. O’Leary, R. Donovan, F. Sophis, R. Leverone, C. Saunders, Co-Captains: C. Toner, M. Walsh, C. Pappas, D. Massucco, Assistant Coach, Robert C. Hill. Row 2: Head Coach, Edward P. Burns; Assistant Coach, Charles W. Tucker; C. Toczylowski, G. Buck, A. Lopez, E. St. Onge, J. Driscoll, J. Casazza, R. Demarais, J. Smith, R. Mar- tin, R. Gill, M. Whitney, J. Tafralian, J. Deveaux, J. Donahue, Assistant Coaches, James A. Cavalieri, Ralph E. Bevins. Row 3: W. Souza, Manager; D. Hamilton, R. DiStefano, R. Tarbell, J. Largenton, V. Binkoski, B. Jeffrey, B. Wright, J. Beggan, F. Giradi, M. Tuller, L. Pearson, G. Shea, Manager. FOOTBALL The 1964 football squad was as good as any of our previous great Arlington teams of the past. Their rec- ord stands at six wins and three losses, a record which is very misleading. Only eighteen points separated the team from an undefeated season. Serious injuries plagued the squad from the begin- ning of the season; the squad lost nine tackles and three quarters of the backfield; yet, they continued to play great football. The team was led by two able Co-Captains: Bob Leverone and Clifford Saunders. Charlie Toczylowski, Dick Sheehan, Ed St. ' Onge, Mike Walsh, Robert Donovan, Charlie Pappas, and Clifford Saunders were selected for the All-Scholastic Squad in one or more of the Boston newspapers. Charlie Toczylowski set a record in scoring for Arlington with ninety-eight points. Dick Sheehan proved to be the best quarterback in the Class A League with his great running and accurate passing. The season opened with a splendid victory over Somerville and ended with a stunning win over Arch Bishop Williams. The defensive “Tiger” unit really proved themselves to be strong players as they had to stop the Williams’ team deep in their own territory on four occasions in the third quarter. There are twenty-three seniors on this year’s squad and nineteen of them take the college course, a fact which is another credit to this fine squad of student athletes who gave us such a satisfying football season. Edward P. Burns Head Coach Opp Ralph E. Bevins Varsity Line Coach James A. Cavalieri Varsity Line Coach John R. Byrne J.V. Coach Robert C. Hdl J.V. Coach SCHEDULE at Somerville Watertown at Waltham Everett Newton at Brookline Weymouth at Brockton Archbishop Williams Arl. 33 20 19 0 36 14 7 51 23 D. Buck C. Saunders B. Hall S. Biciocchi M. O Leary R. Sheehan Captain R. Sheehan, Captain; George P. Lowder, Coach; M. O’Leary. J. McKinnon. S. Biciocchi. G. Chalas, T. Quattrocchi, C. Saunders, B. Hall, G. Smith, J. Cabeceiras, D. Buck, G. Shea, Manager. BASKETBALL The Suburban Basketball League in 1965 had a very successful season. There was unusual interest in this year’s play as all the squads were well balanced with Waltham being slightly superior to all opponents. The Arlington High School team was led by Captain Richie Sheehan, a three year veteran, who averaged over 25 points per game. Richie was among the top five scorers in the League, and was on the All-Suburban League Team for two years. Dave Buck and Bruce Hall alternated at the other backcourt position. Dave was very fast, a skillful play- maker, and a strong defensive player. Bruce Hall, a veteran of two years, played a steady game, had an excellent set shot, and was deadly from the foul line. The front court was handled by Cliff Saunders and Mike O’Leary. Both boys were excellent rebounders; Cliff was a strong defensive player, and Mike was par- ticularly effective as an offensive player. Tom Quattrocchi and Steve Biciocchi played the center position. Tom had a great jump shot, a good foul shot, and was a strong rebounder. Steve improved tremendously, played a good defensive game and re- bounded well. Gerry Smith, John Cabeceiras, John McKinnon, and Gary Chalas were capable substitutes who will be the nucleus of next year’s team. The Arlington High School basketball team of the last three years are grateful to George Shea who served well as manager, scorer, trainer, publicity-man, and assistant Athletic Director. INDOOR TRACK At this writing, the Arlington High School Indoor Track Team has a record of four wins without a loss. Leading this very improved team are a number of sen- ior and junior boys. Arlington had defeated Quincy, Somerville, Needham, and North Quincy to this date and still has very strong Watertown, Newton South, and Brockton on the schedule. Arlington will also have runners at the Boston Garden on January 15th for the P.A.A. Meet and on January 30th, for State Meet. The following boys have been the steady point scor- ers for the team all season: 1 mile run — Tom Spengler 2 mile run — Peter Thorpe 1000 yard run — Kevin Q’Riley and John Donahue 600 yard run — Co-Captain Robert Fisher and Don Hamilton 300 yard run — Co-Captain James Tiede and Dan Kelley 45 yard Hurdles — Richard Derby and William Matheson 50 yard Dash — Robert Webb and Robert Gill High Jump — Peter Chalpin Shot — Charles Gott and Raymond Albergh These boys have done a very fine job and are working to make this season the most successful since 1961. Row I: T. Sullivan, Mcinager; J. Bloodsworth, K. O’Riley, J. Tiede, Co-Captain; R. Fisher, Co-Captain; J, Donahoe, P. Limberis. Row 2; D. Hamilton, J. Fratello, W. Murray, D. Burn, J. Walsh, W. Matheson, T. Spengler. Row 3; P. Thorpe, R. Ahlberg, P. Chalpin, E. Coverney, C. Gott, M. Keefe, D. Kelley, CROSS COUNTRY Row I: T. Sullivan, Manager; J. Greene, T. Spengler, K. O’Riley, S. Powalaitis, Captain; i. Walsh, R. Costa. Row 2: J. Fratello, G. Mangurian, D. Dacey, H. Hong, J. Cullinan, J. Allessandroni. The Arlington High School Cross Country Team had a record of one win and 5 losses for the season. Many of the meets were very close, but Arlington was not blessed with five runners of equal ability. Junior Thomas Spengler was the outstanding runner for Arlington and showed great improvement over his ac- complishments of his sophomore year. Spengler won five of six meets, placed second in another, and fin- ished second in the League meet and fourth in the class “A” State Championship. The following boys were letter winners for the sea- son: Captain Stanley Powalaitis, Captain-elect Thomas Spengler, Richard Costa, Kevin O’Riley, John Walsh, Warren MacNeil, John Alessandroni and Martin Langer. Thomas Sullivan was the manager and re- ceived his letter. Returning for next season with expectations of an improved year will be four of the eight letter winners. Ralph Faiola, Asst. Coach; James E. Kelley, Coach. 7?ovi’ ]: R. Jorgensen, B. Bertagna, C. Toczylowski, Cap- tain; F. Dolan, E. Ronan, M. Marchese. Row 2: Coach Edward P. Burns, B. Brescia, S. Donnelly, J. Smith, J. HOCKEY The 1965 edition of the Arlington High School hockey squad had four veterans from last year’s state championship team. Captain Charlie Toczylowski along with Ed Ronan, Bob Jorgenson, and John Deveaux led the team to another G.B.I. Championship. This was the first undefeated team in the history of Arlington High hockey. The team showed tremendous ability and team spirit in order to beat out a great and experienced Newton Club. The other seniors that de- serve a lot of credit for their hustle are Bob Bertagna and Fred Dolan. The league record was 13 wins, no losses, and one tie. Another record that this team established was to tie last year ' s record for shutouts. Bob Brescia, a junior goal keeper, had ten shutouts for the year. This group of senior skaters have won three consec- tutive G.B.I. Championships and have been in the finals of the State Hockey Tourney for the past two years. The team has now entered the 1965 State Hockey Tourney to defend its state title won last year. In the opening game against Marion High School, Arlington won by a score of 4 to 2 with Charlie Toczylowski getting all four goals. This year’s team will be one of the top favorites along with Melrose High School in the tournament. Other honors that the team has won was to have Charlie Toczylowski and Bob Brescia picked for the G.B.I. all Scholastic First Team along with John Deveaux and Bob Jorgenson on the second team. Byrne, P. Morse, J. Deveaux, G. Hale, J. Alessandroni, R. Bartholomew, B. Havern, Assistant Coach John R. Byrne. 110 SCHEDULE Cambridge Newton Medford Waltham Brookline Somerville Rindge Cambridge Newton Medford Waltham Brookline Somerville Rindge Arl. Opp- 8 0 2 1 3 0 5 0 4 1 5 0 9 0 11 0 4 4 7 0 4 1 1 0 9 0 10 0 G. Thompson, R. Berberian, K. Diskin, P. Flynn, J. McKinnon, C. Glennon, K. Gurney. The Arlington High School golf team is looking for- ward to a successful seaso n with the return of a veteran squad. With all their members capable of scoring be- low 90, the A.H.S. squad could lead the Suburban League. The strongest oppostion should be provided by Waltham and Cambridge Latin. The A.H.S. team is led by Captain Ken Diskin who has been an outstanding player for two years. Ken scores around 80 consistently. He is a strong competi- tor and putts well. Seniors Richard Berberian and Charles Glennon both score well and have had two years of experience. John McKinnon, a junior, a long ball hitter, is a very valuable addition to our squad. Sophomores — George Thompson, Kenneth Gurney, and Paul Flynn — gained experience last year and should strengthen the Arlington golf team. Considering all these factors, the golf team looks forward to a suc- cessful season. SKI CLUB GOLF Helen E. Stockman, Sponsor; E. Searles, Chairman: J. Kimball, Secre- tary; C. Berg, Treasurer; S. Cian- ciolo. Secretary; J. Hayes, Presi- dent. The ski club began an exciting year with John Hayes elected as president. With a membership of 230, and under the enthusiastic direction of its officers, the ski club held four major meetings with lectures and films on skiing. Instruction to beginners was given at the Winchester Country Club, by veteran members. Trips to Mt. Snow during Christmas and February vacations, a dance, the profits of which went to the March of Dimes, and finally a banquet in May, made this year one of the best yet for the Arlington High School Ski Club. Row I: S. Powilaitis, R. O’Neil, J. O ' Neil, M. Mitchell, R. Pochini, Captain: A. Blanco, P. Kelley, D. Sullivan, A. Costa. Row 2: D. Saul, R. Graziano, K. Lundgren, L. Smith, E. O’Neil, G. Davis, R. Haglund, A. Johansson, R. Dionne, F. Campbell. GYMNASTIC TEAM A new sport was introduced at Arlington High School this year. Arlington competed in dual gymnastic meets for the first time on a varsity level. Led by Captain Robert Pochini the team went on to win five meets while losing three. Captain Pochini placed first in six consecutive meets until an injury sidelined him for the remainder of the season. The team itself performed very well and next year the boys hope to improve on this year’s admirable work, under the direction of Coach Harold B. Fair- banks. The 1964 field hockey team went through its season undefeated with a record of seven wins and one tie. Led by Captain Judy Rizzo a starting line-up of n ine seniors and two juniors raced through an eight-game schedule scoring twenty seven goals and allowing only six. Pat Fitzgerald was the team’s leading scorer with ten goals, followed by Susan Clarke, and Barbara Arena. Outstanding on defense and playing a major role in the team’s success were: Betsy Cole, Mary Ann Dobie, and Judy Rizzo. Seniors — Sandy Banks, Nancy Milne, Pixie Sedoff, Pat Whitehouse, Nancy Whittaker — and junior Jayne Dumas — complete the list of var- sity letter winners. Barbara Ilchuk and Joan Proctor handled the managerial chores in fine fashion. The “jayvee” team had a record of four wins, two losses and two ties which is the best any junior varsity team has done in recent years. FIELD HOCKEY Row 1: B. Arena, P. Sedoff; B. Cole; M. A. Dobie, Captain; J. Rizzo; N. Whittaker; P. Fitzgerald; P. Whitehouse; S. Banks. Row 2: B. Fari nosa; C. Cole; J. Whitney; S. Clarke; J. Dumas, N. Cooney; K. Cronin; P. Morello, Manager; J. Proctor. Row 3; P. Herlihy; R. Weismann; N. Good; C. Shea; J. Fusco; N. Elm; J. Collins; N. Milne; B. Govoni. A rlington 27 SCHEDULE Melrose 26 31 Newton South 11 11 Weston 29 34 Watertown 25 28 Cambridge 11 22 Belmont 33 28 Lexington 22 23 Winchester 37 Captain Barbara Arena and Susan Clarke were the oflfensive leaders of the 64-65 girls’ basketball team which finished the season with a 5 and 3 record. As Barbara and Susan shared the scoring honors the trio of Sandy Banks, Mary Ann Dobie, and Jayne Dumas handled the defensive assignments. By mid-season Judy Rizzo and Betty Farinoso were settled in the varsity starting line-up and turned in many fine games. Pat Fitzgerald and Barbara Govoni complete the list of varsity letter winners who managed to have one of their better seasons in recent years. Seniors Maria Bot- toni, Barbara Ilchuck and Debbie Smith played well for the junior varsity unit which finished with a record of 3 wins and 5 losses. Four members of the ’65 varsity will return next season along with jayvee prospects June Collins, Jane Whitney, Rose Weismann, Marilyn Farese, Margie Crooks, Maureen Dorrington, Joyce Garfield, and Connie Cole. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Row 1: B. Govoni, S. Clarke, J. Rizzo, M. A. Dobie, B. Manager; B. llchuk, J. Whitney, M. Farese, M. Dorrington, J. Arena, Captain; S. Banks, P. Fitzgerald, J. Dumas, B. Garfield, J. Collins, M. Crooks, R. Weismann, C. Cole, M. Farinoso. Row 2: Mary E. McDonough, Coach; J. Hurley, Bottoni, D. Smith, B. Hayward, Manager. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1965 PURDY STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS 367 Boylston St. Boston, Massachusetts WM. J. KELLER INC. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, N. Y. This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 120 2 .S j|

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