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 - Class of 1960

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ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS 3 4860 00725 9846 Nanci S. P ' antazian, Secretary; (lerard P. Faiola, President; Joan L. Caldwell, Vice-President; Peter L. Seery, Treasurer. FOREWORD In the experiences of our daily high school life, we have come to know and to appreciate the value of friendship and of education. These factors will definitely influence us as we play our role in mod- ern society. The efforts of the faculty and the association with our classmates have combined to give us the ability and the confidence requisite for mature judgment and action which shall affect our immedi- ate future. For our high sch ool experiences we shall always be grateful. Graduation from a High School has several meanings. First, it indicates the completion of study on the sec- ondary school level unless post graduate study is con- templated. Next, it calls for a review by each grad- uate ot the caliber ot work done, principally if the stu- dent has lived up to his ability. Again, it means a de- cision must be made at once as to what the next step will be as to the future. Finally, it means the end of the daily experience of meeting with the many wonder- ful friends of the teenage years, for it is surprising how soon the challenges of life disperse these friends to the far corners of the country. It is my wish that your ex- periences at Arlington High School, both academic and social, will have given you the all-important basic needs for a happy and successful future. CJUcJL U Gerard (f. Kemp Vice-Principal Theresa B. Binnig Dean of Girls Yearbook Adviser Guy A. Petralia Vice-Principal “The keystone of professional con- duct is integrity and integrity is not a divisible entity. It does not exist now and then in the same person. It cannot be sep- arated into professional compartments.” FACULTY ROW I; Kverett L. Reed, Frank Santosuosso, Gerard G. Kemp, Head of Department; Richard Y. Coombs, Kathleen M. Murphy. ROW 2; Clarence E. Faulk III, Joseph Papandrea, Richard L. Miller, Charles W ' . Skinner, Raymond S. Kroll. Science Mathematics English ROW I; Anne R. O’Keefe, Douglass L. Eaton, Head of Department; Elmer E. Barber. ROW 2: Cecil V’. Howell, W alter E. Keady, David N. Brackett, Michael Bezubka, John S. Sampson, Edward Bradbury, James A. Cavalieri. ROW I; Lena M. Manning, Arline Dow, Rufina M. Helmer, .‘ gnes V. Hurley, Eleanor F. Byam, Alexandra Krastin, Iris C. Brown. ROW’ 2: John R. Byrne, Edith J. Gavin, Sylvia L. Saslow, Rita T. Keady, Ann Couser, Ruth E. Hunt, Agnes C. Bray, Mary M. O’Con- nell, Elizabeth W. Sampson, George Lincoln, Head of Department. ROW I; Doris J. McCarthy, Frank M. Kotchin, Carl A. Johnson, Head of Department; Perle H. Thompson, Leslie E. Barrett. ROW 2; James E. Kelley, George P. Lowder, .Arthur T. Bur roughs. Social Studies l atifl Edith J. Gavin, Mary E. Donovan, Dorothy Rounds, Head of Department. Grace A. Richmond Librarian Modern Languages ROW I; Bessie B. Bailey, Guy A. Petralia, Head of Depart- ment; Grace R. Jerardi. ROW 2; Helen E. Stockman, Roy S. Bradbury, Olga Nagy. A . Gerald A. Robinson, Supervisor; Donald G. Blackett. 7 V .1 V7i Guidance ' i ROW I; Christine E. Norwood, Ellen B. Fitzpat- rick, Director; Mary F. Barry. ROW a-. Mora C. Rawlings, Arthur L. Tuohy, Margaret A. Downey, Secretary; Mary E. Burns. Manual Arts ROW I: Charles Fagone, Ralph F. Gioiosa, Supervisor; Dominic F. Luongo. ROW 2: Joseph Tarantino, Laurence P. Arthur, Ronald J. Whitmore, Howard E. Danforth. Commercial ROW I: James J. Toner, Glenna Kelly, W. Ray Burke, Head oj Department; Mary N. Thompson, M. Louise Miller. ROW 2; Russell S. Wallace, H. Russell Albro, Edith W ' . Phinney, Hope F. Jones, Ther- esa B. Binnig, Sylvia L. Saslow, William T. Gibbs, Henry M. Toczylowski. Girls ' Physical Marion M. Spilner, Katherine E. Mc- _ j . Carty, Supervisor; Christine Fiorenza, Education f. Coutts. V ocational ROW I: James I. Terranova, Edmund J. Lewis, Director; William J. Doherty. ROW 2: Malcolm L. Allen, Francis W. Kirk, William V. Delaney, Norman R. Jacobsen, Walter C. Verney. Richard E. Laman, L. Hassler Finzig Supervisor. Music Boys ' Physical Education Robert C. Hill, William F. Lowder, Supervisor; Harold B. Fairbanks. Medical Helen B. Bergkuist, R. N., Barbara K. Hallos, R.N. Jean Roos Secretary Genevieve J. Humphrey Industrial Arts Eileen L. Callahan Assistant Secretary Marian F. McGrath Secretary, Vocational Department ROW i; Pauline Wade, Horence E. Forsyth, Supervisor; Effie G P. Skinner. ROW 2: Ilmi S. Jones, Dorothy E. Anderson. McEwen, Doroth Home Economics YEARBOOK STAFFS Literary B. Fitzpatrick, Assistant Editor L. Moltman, Editor-in-ChieJ; D. Hill, Assistant Editor; M. Derby, Assistant Editor. Business Art J. Bierenbroodspot, C. Botelho, J. Bowser, H. Boyington, R. Buck- ley, D. Burpee, J. Carmody, D. Covello, K. Fredericksen, F. Gaz- zana, E. Geagan, S. Green, C. Harney, M. Holland, G. Langone, N. Larkin, B. McCabe, B. Meaney, A. Moden, A. Molino, E. Mooney, G. Nigro, C. Pascarella, J. Pease, A. Pellegrino, L. Smith, J. Wilson. 12 C. Rudd, D. Parker, Chairman; M. Rugg, M. McKeever, N. Fenton ‘ ' Life is FREDERICK G. BATTITE 1943-1959 MEMORIAM mt measured by ho)v long rve live, hut hotr nell. 13 GAIL P. ACHSTETTER 1 6 Wall Street Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Office Assistant 3 - RONALD K. ADAMIAN 423 Mystic Street Football J.V. I, V. 2, 3; Hockey V. 1,2, 3. THOMAS B. ALDERSON 2 Morningside Drive SANFORD E. ABBOTT Sandy 120 George Street Allied Youth 3. BARBARA L. ALLEN Barb 53 Churchill Avenue Allied Youth 2 Social Chair- man, 3; Cheerleaders 3; Chronicle i, 2; G.A.A. i Board Member, 2; Office As- sistant I, 2, 3; Basketball V. 1 ; 2, 3 Captain Field Hockey J.V. i, 2, V. 3; Girls’ Softball J.V. i, 2, 3. JOSEPH D. ANDERSON 8 Williams Street Lunchroom helper 3. MIRIAM A. ALLEN Mimi 59 Moulton Road Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Major- ettes I, 2; 3 Co-Captain. HAROLD E. AMERAL Hal 28 Magnolia Street Projection Club 2, 3; Indoor Track V. i, 2, 3. DIANE L. ANDERS 31 Beverly Road Chronicle i, 2, 3; Office As- sistant I. PAUL B. ANDERSON Andy 154 Highland Avenue 14 KAREN M. AZAR Aze 34 Ashland Street Chronicle 1,2, 3; G. A. A. i; G S i; Glee Club i; Latin Club 3. LOIS A. BABCOCK 287 Appleton Street Allied Youth 3; Dramatic Club 3; Office Assistant 3. DANIEL R. ARIMENTO 37 Oldham Road Allied Youth 3. RICHARD F. ATKINSON Chipper 31 Tufts Street JOANNE O. BAKER Jo 235 Pheasant Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club i, 2; 3 Secretary; G S 2, 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2; In- ternations Club 3. SANDRA P. BALAMOTIS Sandy 16 Fordham Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Chron- icle I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Latin Club 3; Office Assistant 3; Swim- ming I. CAROLE E. AUBREY 154 Brooks Avenue Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. 2; Majorettes 2, 3; Office As- sistant I, 2, 3. RICHARD D. AVAKIAN Avak T1 l Appleton Street G S 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Lunchroom helper 2; Oper- etta Workshop 3; Orches- tra I. HENRY ANGELO 21 Alfred Road ANN M. BARANAUSKAS 4 Inverness Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; Latin Club 3; Bowl- ing 2, 3. LOIS BARRY I 50 J ason Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i , 3; G.A.A. 1,2; Glee Club i ; Girls’ Choir 2, 3. DOWARD L. BARTER Dubby 9 Wright Street RUTHANN BATCHELDER Ruihie 48 Kilsythe Road Lunchroom helper 3. EDWARD M. BAXTER Eddie I 24 Jason Street CAROL A. BEAUCHEMIN 71 Park Avenue Extension Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; Ofbce As- sistant 2; Bowling l. STUART L. BELDEN Sluie 17 Oak Knoll Chronicle 2; Bowling i. k i A. MARY G. BELLIZIA 3 Pine Ridge Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; (LA. A. 2. JANE BEGGAN 25 Highland Avenue Allied Youth 3; Cheer- leaders 2; 3 Co-Captain; Chronicle 2, 3; G.A.A. i, 2; Student Council l, 2, 3; Field Hockey i ; Girls’ Soft- ball 2, 3. LOUISE M. BELANGER 18 Hopkins Road RICHARD D. BELANGER Dick 1 1 Hillcrest Street Chess I, 3; Science Club 3. 16 JEAN M. BIERENBROODSPOT 15 Reservoir Road Allied Youth 3; Yearbook Staff; Office Assistant 2. ELIZABETH E. BLINKHORN Ltz 342 Massachusetts Avenue Chronicle 2. CLAIRE L. BONI 8 Oldham Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. PETER J. BERTOLAMI Bert 132 Wildwood Avenue MARY C. BOTELHO Connie 55 Milton Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. STEPHEN P. BERTOCCI 243 Park Avenue Allied Youth I, 2, 3; Pro- jection Club I, 2, 3. TIMOTHY P. BENOIT Timmy ll Walnut Street GERARD BERBERIAN 70 Sunset Road ELSA M. BERNACCHl Eh 83 Quincy Street G.A.A. I, 2; Office Assistant 1, 3- DAVID B. BERTOLAMI Bert 1 1 Dorothy Road ALLAN W. BOUDREAU Frenchie 28 Moore Place NANCY M. BOUTIETTE 45 Sunset Road MARY J. BRESNAHAN 65 Varnum Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; Inter- nations Club 3. JANE E. BOWSER 9 Grove Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Glee Club 3; Yearbook Staff; Eield Hockey JA ' . 3. SUSAN A. BRINE Sue 796 Massachusetts Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, 2 Exchange Editor, 3 Editor- in-Chief; G.A.A. i ; G S i, 2, 3; Glee Club I, Secretary; Girls’ Choir Treasurer 2, 3; Latin Club 3; Office Assist- ant I, 2; Bowling i. HARRY S. BOY AJ LAN 86 Grand uew Road Dramatic Club 2, 3. JOSEPH J. BRODBINE Joe 19 Farmer Road HELENE A. BOYINGTON Beannie 55 Cleveland Street ■Allied Youth 3; Yearbook Staff; Office Assistant 3. LOUISE A. BROGAN 20 Dow .Avenue Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. i, 2; Science Club 3; G S 3. JAMES S. BROWN 79 Sunnyside Avenue 18 JEROME C. BUCKLEY Jerry 321 Park Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Basketball J.V. i; Football J.V. 2, V. 3. ROSEMARY BUCKLEY Ronnie 12 Lewis Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1 ; Office Assist- ant I, 2, 3; Yearbook Staff. WALTER E. BULLOCK Walt 28 Wall Street DIANE BUNKER 42 Moulton Road Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Latin Club 3; Library Corps I, 2, 3; Internations Club 3. ROBERT N. BUONOPANE Bob 74 Appleton Street Lunchroom helper 3. JUDITH E. BROWN Judy 1 173 Massachusetts Avenue Allied Youth 3. JOHN E. BROWN Jacky 163 Charlton Street STEVEN D. BROWN Steve 82 Valentine Road WILLIAM W. BROWN Rill 36 College Avenue JANE M. BUCKLEY Janie 38 Old Colony Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, 2, 3 Circulation Manager; G.A.A. i; Student Council 3 - MARTHA BURNHAM 1 6 Pelham Terrace Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. I. DIANE R. BURPEE 616 Summer Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Office Assistant 3; Year- book Staff. PAULINE M. CAIN 202 Highland Avenue Allied Youth 3. LEE A. CALCAVECCHIA Cal 106 Hillside Avenue Lunchroom helper 2. CYNTHIA G. BURVILL Cyndi 49 School Street Dramatic Club 3; Interna- tions 3. THOMAS E. BUTLER 1 1 Venner Road Football J.V. 2, V. 3. JOAN L. CALDWELL 56 Valentine Road Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Cheerleader 2, Co-Captain 3; Chronicle i, 3; G.A.A. i, 2; G S. I, 2, 3; Glee Club I; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Har- monettes 2, 3; Latin Club Consul Prima 3; Operetta Workshop 3; Student Coun- cil I; Internations Club 3; Tennis V. 1,2, 3; Vice Pres- ident, Senior Class; A.F.S. Summer Exchange Student to Germany. WALTER P. CADOGAN 87 Valentine Road KATHLEEN M. CALLAHAN Kathy 73 Freeman Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; Art Club 3. JOANN R. CAMMARATA Jo 16 Foxmeadow Lane Chronicle 2, 3 Copy Editor; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Swim- ming I. WALTER P. CARROLL Paul 54 Irving Street Chronicle 3; Football J.V. i. DONALD P. CASEY 54 Cutter Hill Road President Jr. Class; Indoor Track 1,3. PATRICIA A. CAULFIELD Pat 82 Scituate Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. I ; Glee Club i . JOYCE M. CARMODY 21 Lin wood Street Honor Roll; Office Assistant 2, 3; Yearbook Staff. ROBERT J. CAVICCHI Bob 28 Wildwood Avenue Band i, 2 and 3 President; Orchestra i, 2, 3. LOIS A. CAMPOBASSO 28 Hillsdale Road .Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Glee Club l; Girls’ Choir 2. JUDITH M. CANNELL Judy 37 Rangeley Road Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Art Club i, 2 I ' ice President, 3 President; G.A.A. I, 2; Latin Club 3. KERRY P. CARAMANIS 1 1 1 Lake Street Chronicle 3. JERRY G. CARBONE 310 Forest Street ANNE J. CARLISLE 1 16 Massachusetts Avenue Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Art Club 2, 3; G..A.A. I; Office Assistant i, 2, 3; Field Hockey J.V. 1. SANDRA F. CLARK Sandy 67 Mystic Street Chronicle 1, Internations Club 3. CHARLES R. CLOW 3B Harvard Street JAMES M. CHAPLIN Jim 11 Swan Place ROBERT P. CERESI Bob 30 Oxford Street Chronicle 1, 3; Projection Club I, 2; Science Club 3; Tennis l, 2, 3. WILLIAM J. CEURVELS Bill 42 Ronald Road Cross Country V. 3; Indoor Track V. 2, 3; Spring Track V. 2 , 3- THOMAS C. CHRISTOPHER 4 Parallel Street Chronicle 3. ROBERT E. CHAGNON JR. Bob I 5-‘ Grove Street Glee Club 2. DIANE CHAMBERLAIN 22 Chandler Street Honor Roll; Latin Club 3; Library Corps i, 2, 3; Office Assistant i, 2. MARILYN R. CLANIN Lynn 18 Amherst Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. RICHARD L. CLARK Dick 26 Shawnee Road WALTER S. COOKE 48 Thorndike Street SUZANNE W. COLLIER Sue 208 Mystic Street Chronicle i. ANNEMARIE E. COLIJNS Shorty 206 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll i, 2, 3; Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, Club Editor 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, Vice President 3; G.A.A. I; Latin Club 3; G S 3. CAROL L. COPELAND 27 Marathon Street Art Club 3. JOAN A. CORBETT 1 10 Hibbert Street Office Assistant i, 2, 3. KATHERINE A. CORBIN Kay 37 Robin Hood Road Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3 Pres- ident. ANN G. COUGH LAN 61 Norfolk Road ANN M. CONNOLLY Nancy 86 Ridge Street Office Assistant 3. JANET M. COOK Cooky 60 Margaret Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3. JOHN T. COUGHLIN 8 Lorraine Terrace DOROTHY K. COVELLO Dotty 25 Laurel Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; (LA. A. I; Yearbook Staff. MARY F. CRONIN 10 Avon Place Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. I. R. PETER CULLINANE Pete 76 Ridge Street Band i, 2, 3; Art Club i, 2, 3; Glee Club 1 , 2, 3; Orches- tra I, 2, 3. LOIS E. CRAM 162 Summer Street Allied Youth 3. LOUISE M. CUNNINGHAM I Perth Road CAROL J. CRAWFORD 271 Lowell Street .Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; G.A.A. I ; G S 3. WILLIAM G. CREELMAN Billy 38 Norfolk Road Lunchroom helper 3; Foot- ball 2, 3 Varsity Manager; Hockey 2, 3 Varsity Man- ager. THOMAS A. D’ALESSANDRO 75 Morningside Drive JOHN W. DAll.Y 96 Churchill Avenue Dramatic Club 3; Projec tion Club 2, 3. PATRICIA M DF.AI. Pat 28 Colonial Drive Chronicle 1, 3 Sport’s Edi- tor; Dramatic Club i; G.A.A. I, 2 Board Member; G S 1,2,3; Glee Club 1 ; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Operetta Workshop 3; Basketball i, 2, 3 Manager; Field Flockey J.V. I, 2, 3; Softball J. ' . I, 2, 3 Manager; Swimming i. JOSEPH D. DeANGELIS Junior 33 Cleveland Street SHIRLEY M. DeANGELIS 33 Cleveland Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. JOYCE MARIE DeCARPIS 48 Aberdeen Road Honor Roll; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. I; Field Hockey 3 J.V. JOAN T. DAVIS 1 94 Westminster Avenue RUTH M. DARCY Rut hie 65 Brattle Street G.A.A. 2; f)ffice Assistant 2. JOHN F. DeCOSTA Johnny 20 Newcomb Street Allied Youth 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3; G S 3. MICHAEL L. DALEY Mike 1 5 Amsden Street Golf 2, 3. NANCIF. J. DALTON 78 Orvis Road .Allied Youth 3; Dramatic Club 2; G S I, 2 Librar- ian, 3 Treasurer; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Har- monettes 2, 3; Operetta W ' orkshop 3. THOMAS F. DALY, JR. Tommy 2 Langley Road ROSE M. DePRIMEO lo Devereaux Street JOHN P. DEMPSEY 38 Milton Street (; S 3. MICHAEL L. DeSIMONE Mike 239 Broadway Honor Roll. 26 ROBERT C. DEMERS Bob 253 Pheasant Avenue JOHN V. DeNAPOLI 672 Summer Street JOANNE DeMITA 21 Westminster Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Glee Club I; Majorettes 2, 3; Girls’ Softball 2, J.V’. CLAIRE L. DEMPSEY 24 Hayes Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. WILLIAM A. DeSIMONE Btlh 106 Grafton Street Chess 2, 3; Latin Club 3; Tennis 2, 3, V. SYLVIA L. DeDOMINICIS 16 Lansdowne Road Honor Roll; Chronicle i; Latin Club 3; Library Corps 1, 2, 3; Internations Club ,T MARSHALL J. DERBY 1 1 Indian Hill Road Honor Roll; Chess i, 2, 3; Glee Club i; Library Corps 2, 3; Science Club 3; Year- book Staff 3. DONNA I,. DODGE 8o Waverly Street DONALD F. DOHERTY Don 275 Hillside Avenue ROBERT C. DONAHUE 57 Lowell Street JOHN J. DONNELLY 93 Grafton Street LAWRENCE A. DiSTEFANO Larry 58 Beacon Street Basketball 2, J.V., 3, V. F ' Oothall I , J A . ■ ' ■ ' ' IV JUDITH E. DITMARS Judy 128 Brooks Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; (j S 2, 3, Secretary; Glee Club 3; Office Assistant 2, 3; Operetta Workshop 3. JUDITH DONOVAN Judy 1 50 Massachusetts Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. WALTER P. DICKSON 1 91 Scituate Street ANDREA A. DiDONATCJ Andi 50 Forest Street Allied Youth 3; Interna- tions Club 2, 3 Treasurer. ALBERT D. DiSESSA Al 3 Yerxa Road Lunchroom Treasurer j; Projection Club i, 2 Fice- President; 3, President. JOHN M. D’ORSl 6o School Street Band i; Projection Club i, 2, President; 3, Vice-Pres- ident. CAROL A. DOTALO 6 Brattle Terrace Chronicle 3. GEORGE E. DUCHARME 1 5 Joyce Road Library Corps l MARCJARET DONOVAN Margie 64 Palmer Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 1,3; Dramatic Club 3; Art Club 3; Office Assistant 2, 3. MARGARET M. DUCHARME Peggy 1 5 Joyce Road Chronicle i ; Office Assist- ant 3. ALEXANDRA A. EDMONDS Sandy 24 Hillside Avenue Allied Youth 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Chronicle 1, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Modern Dance i, Treasurer; Girl’s Softball J. V ' . ], 2, 3; Swimming V. 1. THOMAS S. ERICKSON Tom 146 RhineclilT Street Basketball J.V’. i, 2; V’. 3. JOAN F. EASTMAN 8 Maynard Street Allied Youth 3; Interna- tions Club 3. MIRIAM E. DURHAM Mimi 553 Appleton Street Allied Youth i, 3. PAUL J. DURHAM 248 Park Avenue JOHN B. FARRKN Jack 125 Brattle Street STEPHEN E. FEEHAN 20 Belknap Street BEVERLEY A. FEENEY Bubbles 6 Harvard Street Chronicle 3. NANCY R. FENTON Terry 190 Summer Street Honor Roll; Chronicle i, 2, 3; Dramatic Club i; Art Club I, 2, 3; Glee Club 2; Yearbook Staff; Swimming DEANE M. EERREIRA 335 Mystic Street Allied Youth 3. ROBERT T. EVANS Bob 10 Newland Road Band i, 2, Vice President j; G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club i, 3; Library Corps i, 2; Op- eretta Workshop 3; Orches- tra 2, 3, Treasurer; Basket- ball V. I, 2, 3; Cross Coun- try 1, 3- CLAIRE E. FAGAN 7 Henderson Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Office Assistant 3. GERARD P. FAIOLA Jerry 44 Grove Street President, Senior Class; Football J.V. I; V. 2, 3; Indoor Track V ' . 2, 3. NANCY S. FANTA ' IAN 14 Oakland Avenue Cheerleaders 3; G S i, 2, Secretary; 3; Latin Club, Scriba 3; Student Council I, 2; Secretary, Senior Class; Chronicle i, 2, Assistant Editor 3. MARY N. FARESE Mamie 78 Decatur Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Internations Club 3. 29 ELIZABETH A. EIT .PATRICK Betsy 29 Wachusett Avenue Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Chronicle i, 3; G.A.A. i, 2; Glee Club i; Yearbook Staff. JAMES A. FLAHERTY 1 8 Schouler Court ROBERT M. FOLEY Bob 16 Melrose Street Allied Youth 3; Art Club 3; G S 3; Glee Club 3; In- ternations Club 3. MICHAEL J. FITZGERALD Mike 19 Regis Road Glee Club I ; Lunchroom helper 3. JAMES C. FORD 53 School Street MARGUERITE A. FOSTER Peggy 19 Yerxa Road Allied Youth 3; G.A.A. i; Office Assistant 2, 3. THOMAS B. FOWLER Tom 5 Harvard Street Basketball J. ' . i. KAREN FREDRIKSEN 69 Crescent Hill .Avenue G.A..A. 2; Modern Dance i, 2; Office Assistant 3; Year- book Staff. MARY R. FUREY May 9 Perkins Street Allied Youth 3; G..A..A. 2; Office Assistant 3. JOYCE K. FORREST 13 Water Street Chronicle 3; Art Club 3; Office Assistant i . ARTHUR GALLLIZZO Artie 198 Broadway Baseball J.V. i, V ' . 2, 3. JOSEPH J. GANG, JR Jim 31 Davis Avenue Honor Roll; Chronicle 3. SUSAN S. GARDNER Sue 50 Hillside Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Glee Club i ; Girls’ Choir 2; Secretary junior Class. i: ERANCES A. GAZZANA Frannie 16 Eongmeadow Road Allied Youth 3; G.A.A. 1; Office , ssistant 3; Year- book Staff. EILEEN T. G EAGAN 57 Sunset Road Allied Youth 3; Cheerlead- ers 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Office Assistant 3; Student Coun- cil 3; Yearbook Staff. CONSTANCE M. (tEANN.ARIS Connie 17 Alfred Road Honor Roll, Allied Youth 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; Glee Club i; Chris’ Choir 2, 3. PETER W. CiELDART too Park Avenue ROBERT F. GERBRANDS 96 Ronald Road NORINE E. G LAN NON I 4 Alpine Street .Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 2, 3; Art Club i; G.A.A. i, 2; Internations Club 3. DAVID A. GIBB Gibbie 36 Washington Street Dramatic Club 2, 3. MARV.IANE HANSKN 19 Mary Street Allied Youth 3. WILLIAM A. GREKNE 8 Belknap Street Allied Youth 3. CYNTHIA M. HARNEL 100 F ' airmont Street Yearbook Staff. DAVID J. GUSTAFSON Gus I 55 George Street Latin Club 3 Consul Secun- dus; Ba.seball 2, 3 V; Indoor Track 2, 3. JANET L. HARRINGTON 17 Alton Street Jan JOHN R. GUSTAFSON Gus 62 Mary Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; G S 3. JANET R. HAWKINS 43 Thesda Street PAMELA J. HEELER Pam 290 Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Chron- icle I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; G.A.A. i; G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3 Vice President; Operetta Workshop 3; Field Hockev JA ' . I. (JEORGE I). HAGOPIAN 175 Palmer Street Lunchroom Helper 3. JOHN HALE 1 2 Mystic Bank EDWARD L. HEFRON 8 Elawthorne Avenue Allied Youth 3. JOYCE E. HEPBURN Joycie 27 Ashland Street Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Chro nicle i, 2, 3; G S l; Glee Club i; Latin Club 3. GERALD W. HERLIHY Jerry 12 Kimball Road DAVID C. HEUSER 5 : Academy Street RAYMOND B. HIGGINS 29 Avon Place Science Club 3. Bruce DAVID M. HILL Dave 50 High Haith Road Honor Roll; Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle i; G S i, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Oper- etta Workshop 3; Yearbook StafF. PRUDENCE C. HILL Prudy 15 Windsor Street Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. GAIL A. HODGDON Peanuts 63 Randolph Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; G S 2, 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3 Secretary; Harmonettes 2; Operetta W’orkshop 3. PERLA E. HORNE 185 Summer Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle MAUREEN P. HOLLAND 201 Mystic Street Honor Roll; Chronicle 2; Office Assistant 3; Year- book Staff. 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Harmonettes 2; Mod- ern Dance i, 2; Operetta Workshop 3. MAUREEN L. INNIS 1 1 Reservoir Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. I. RONALD J. JACKSON Ronnie 74 Melrose Street Football 2, J.V. KAREN L. JACOBSEN 6 Shawnee Road Chronicle 2, 3; G S i, 2, 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3 President; Harmonettes 2, 3- JOAN A. HYNES Joannie 21 Daniels Street DONNA L. JAMGOCHIAN 80 Eastern Avenue Honor Roll; Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; G S I, 2; Latin Club 3; Office Assist- ant 3; Tennis V. i, 2, 3; Glee Club 1 ; Girls’ Choir 3. DAVID F. HOURIHAN Dave 33 Warren Street Golf 2, 3; Hockey i. WILLIAM M. HORTON 53 Warren Street DIANE L. HUNT Dee 35 Draper Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. I; G S I, 2 ) 3; Operetta Workshop 3. RITA V. HUTCHINSON Hutch 10 Murray Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; G.A.A. I ; Office Assistant 3. RAYMOND P. HUDSON 7 Field Road PATRICIA A. JEFFREY Pat 178 Westminster Avenue Chronicle 2, 3; G S 3; Bowling 2. ADRIENNE N. JOHNSON Adie 73 Massachusetts Avenue KARIN JOHNSON 163 Highland Avenue G.A.A. I ; Office Assistant 2. FREDERICK S. JARVIS Fred 500 Summer Street Band i, 2; Chronicle i; Or- chestra I. WILLIAM E. JOHNSON Bill 31 Summit Street JOHN B. KELLEY 27 Orvis Road Allied Youth 3; Football i 3, V. MAUREEN A. KELLEHER 55 Trowbridge Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; Art Club 3. MARK A. KAHAN 1288 Massachusetts Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chess 3; Dramatic Club i, 2 Vice President, 3; Science Club 3. MARTHA L. KEATING 469 Mystic Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; R.V.T. 3; Internations Club 3. NANCI E. KEEFE I Richfield Road Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; G.A.A. I Board Member; 2; Lunchroom Helper 2; Ma- jorettes I Co-Captain; 2, 3 Co-Captain; Office Assistant 2, 3; Vice President, Junior Class; Swimming l. GERALDINE LANGONE Gerry 82 Mary Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. I ; Office Assistant 1,3; Yearbook Staff. PETER LANZA Pete 48 Linden Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; G S I, 2, 3; Latin Club 3; Sci- ence Club 3; Eootball I, J. V.; Indoor Track 2. NANCY L. LARKIN 22 Lanark Road Yearbook Staff ROBERT T. KING Rob 100 Dow Avenue PETER T. LASSOVSZKY 314 Massachusetts Avenue Chess 2, 3; Internations Club 2, 3. ELAINE T. KELLIHER Kelli 7 Harvard Street .Mlied Youth 3; Office As- sistant 3; G.A.A. I. JEFEREY P. KIMBALL Jeff 39 Spring Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 3; Dramatic Club 3; G. S. I, 2, 3; Glee Club i, 2, 3; Science Club 3; Student Council 3. FLORENCE J. KENNEDY Jess 129 Rawson Road Allied Youth 3; Interna- tions Club 3. ROBERTA E. KEZIMA 1 1 Menotomy Road Office Assistant 3. ELIZABETH A. KERR Betty 58 Beverly Road Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; G.A.A. 2, 3; G S I, 2, 3, Librar- ian; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Harmonettes 2; Modern Dance l ; Operetta Workshop 3; Student Coun- cil 3. 1 JEANNINE M. LeBLANC Fuci ie 6i Florence Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Lunchroom Helper 3. RICHARD S. LIBBY Lib ' s 33 Ridge Street RALPH J. LAUNDRY 51 Burch Street Basketball 2, 3, V. PATRICIA T. LAX Pat 66 Mystic Street GEORGE R. LEA Bob 187 Westminster Avenue G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club i, 3 - BRUCE L. LeBEL 14 Heard Road ROBERT T. LEONARD Bob 105 Bow Street Allied Youth 3. PHILIP R. LIGOR 65 Wollaston Avenue EDWARD A. LEGEE 17 Norcross Street MARIE L. LIBBY 129 Hillside Avenue JACKLYN MacDOUCjALL Jackie 73 Jason Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3. BARBARA M. MacDonald Barbie 21 Laurel Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2. BARBARA A. MACINTOSH 35 Newland Road Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. i, 2. Barby WILLIAM J. MacLF.OD Mac 4 Iroquois Road Lunchroom helper 3. CARRIE MacKILLOP 155 Brooks Street, Medford G S 3; Girls’ Choir 3. ANNA M. MacGAULEY Ann 133 Waverley Street MARY K. MACE Kathi 61 Newcomb Street VIRGINIA M. MACEDO Ginny 43 Margaret Street Allied Youth 3. ROBERT C. MacE.ARLANE Micky 25 Putnam Road .Allied Youth 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; G S 3. HELEN F. MACKLIN Flanipops 7 V illage Lane Honor Roll; Chronicle i, 2, 3; G S 2, 3; Glee Club I; Orchestra i, 2 Secretary, 3. I RALPH R. MARTORI Sarg lo Scituate Street Allied Youth 3; Band i, 2, 3 Drum Major; G S 3; Orchestra i, 2, 3, President. JUDITH E. MATSON Judy 33 Linden Street Lunchroom helper 3. DALE E. MATTHEWS 165 Brattle Street Allied Youth 2, 3; G.A.A. 2; Office Assistant 3; Sci- ence Club 3; Basketball 2, J.V.; 3, V. MARY A. MATTOLA P-n)its 92 Milton Street Allied Youth 3. JOHN J. McBREARTY 276 Appleton Street BARRY w. McCarthy 12 Egerton Road GREGORY J. McCarthy Gregg 95 Beverly Road Allied Youth 3; Dramatic Club I, Stage Manager 2, 3; Art Club 3; G. N S. Stage Manager 2, 3; Science Club 3, Vice-President. MARIE A. McBREARTY 276 Appleton Street Office Assistant 2, 3. BARBARA E. McCABE Barb 74 Eountain Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. 2; Yearbook Staff. NANCY E. McCAIG Nan 22 Elmore Street RICHARD A. McKENNEY Tiick 292 Washington Street Allied Youth 3; Baseball i J.V.; Eootball i J.V. BARBARA J. MEANEY 168 Florence Avenue Office Assistant 2; Year book Staff. MARILEE A. McKEEVER Mai 47 Harlow Street Chronicle 3; Art Club 2, 3 Treasurer; Yearbook Staff. KATHLEEN M. McNEELEY Kathy 60 Bartlett Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Office Assistant i, 2. JEAN E. McNEIL 43 Fremont Court GEORGIANNA R. McSORLEY Pucky 1 16 Brand Street MARIE J. McCarthy 28 Hillside Avenue Chronicle 2, 3; Dramatic Club i; G.A.A. 2. JOHN J. McCLUSKEY Jay ’ll Franklin Street KATHERINE M. McCOY Kay 81 Hillside Avenue Allied Youth 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3. GAIL H. McGILLIVRAY 9 Lakehill Avenue Allied Youth 3. WALTER E. MELVILLE 103 Gray Street Band i, 2, 3. PAUL P. MERCANDETTI Merc 1 5 Melvin Road Eootball 2 JAL RONALD I. MILICI Sally 45 Hillside Avenue Projection Club 2, 3. MARIE A. MILLER Magee 132 Palmer Street Allied Youth 3. JOHN S. MESSIER 29 Chandler Street PAMELA R. MILLER Pam 30 Sunset Road Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; G S 3; Glee Club I. CARL C. MEULENGRACHT 1450 Massachusetts Avenue JO- ANN Mice I CHI 15 Earrington Street SANDRA L. MINZNER Sandy 7 Oak Hill Drive Chronicle 2; G S 1, 2, 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Office Assistant i, 2; Op- eretta Workshop 3. ROBERT I. MILLER Bob 9 Berkeley Street Lunchroom Helper 2, 3. RICHARD M. MORANO Rich 82 Cutter Hill Road Chess 3; Chronicle 2, 3; Science Club 3; Indoor 7 ' rack 3. ASTRID N. MODEN Svensk 1 249 Massachusetts Avenue Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Interna- tions Club 3; Yearbook Staff. JOHN J. MORIARTY Jack 31 Burch Street Football 2. ANN M. MOI.INO 162 Palmer Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 3; Internations Club 3; Yearbook Staff. LEAH P. MOLTMAN 2 Stevens Terrace Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; G.A.A. I, 2; G S I, 2; Latin Club 3 Socii I.iidor- um; Library Corps i, 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Year- book Editor: Tennis V. i, 2, 3 - DOUGLAS G. MOXHAM Mox 6 Hawthorne Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club I, 2, 3; Latin Club 3; Science Club 3 - JOHN K. MURPHY 38 Venner Road LAURENCE M. MURRAY Larry Debating Club i; Dramatic Club 3. DAVID G. MONEY 44 George Street ELAINE M. MOONEY 127 Alpine Street Allied Youth 3; R.V ' .T. i; Internations Club 3; Year- book Staff. 45 CARI, V. NELSON Judo 934 Massachusetts Avenue CHARLES S. NICKERSON 52 Bow Street Nick JACQUELYN A. NILAND Jacky 14 Richardson Avenue Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; G.A.A. 2; Office Assist- ant 3. PAMELA NICOLL Pam 187 Westminster Avenue Allied Youth 3; Art Club 1 ; G.A.A. I, 2; G S 3; Mod- ern Dance i , 2. MAUREEN M. NOLAN 12 Draper .■ venue Honor Roll; Chronicle i, 2, 3; Dramatic Club i, 2 Sec- retary, 3 President; .Art Club 1, 2, 3; G S I, 2, 3; Mod- ern Dance i; Science Club 3 Secretary. SANDRA K. NICOLORO Sandy I I Ivy Circle •Allied A ' outh 3; Chronicle 1 , 2; G..A..A. I. JUDITH A. NORTON Judy 32 Howard Street .Allied Youth 3; .Art Club 1 Treasurer; G..A..A. 1, 2 Board Member; Office As- sistant 2, 3; Field Hockey - J- •) 3 Girls’ Softball, V. I, 2, 3. GLORl.ANNE M. NIGRO Gloria 54 Dudley Street .Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2; G..A..A. ]; Office .As- sistant 3; A ' earbook Staff. JAMES F. O’BRIEN Obie 66 Iroquois Road Baseball i J.V .; Football i J.V. 46 KATHLEEN D. O’BRIEN Kathe I 2 Burton Street .Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G..A..A. I, 2. lOYCE A. OHANESIAN 122 Rawson Road OAN M. O’NEILL 1 13 Lake Street STEVEN J. ORETO teve 69 Egerton Road THOMAS O’ROURKE Orie 9 Robbins Road JERILVN R. OSOBOW Jen 1 1 Cleveland Street Dramatic Club 3. VICTORIA R. O’HALLORAN tckie 50 Academy Street Chronicle 2; Modern Dance I ; Bowling 2; Field Hockey 2, Assistant Manager. ANNE E. O’DONNELL 24 Dundee Road MAUREEN A. O’CONNELL 496 Summer Street Allied Youth 3; Cheerleader 3; Library Corps 2; Inter- nations Club 3. CORNEL IA A. O’CONNOR Connie 80 School Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Bowling 2. GERALD C. O’CONNOR Okie 23 Warren Street JAMES A. PAEOMBA 42 Alfred Road CAMEL I A M. PA RENT I Cookie 9 Piedmont Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Office Assistant 2. ESTHER PARIS 75 Cedar Avenue Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. i. ELEANOR L. PAGLIUCA 108 Rawson Road Dramatic Club i. ANNE E. PARKER Annie 35 Jason Street Allied Youth 2; G.A.A. i, 2, Board Member; Eield Hockey i, 2, J.V. Girls’ Softball 1 , 2, 3, Captain. ELAINE A. PATTERSON 20 Walnut Terrace Office Assistant i, 2, 3; Bowling 2. I f I JOSEPH T. PAVO Joe 2 RhineclifF Street Projection Club 3; Indoor Track 3. 48 ■ %■ DOUGLAS J. PARKER Doug 100 Highland Avenue .Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 3; Art Club I, 2, 3; Year- book Art Editor; Interna- tions Club 2, 3 Secretary; G S 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. CAROL A. PASCARELLA 5 Laurel Street Cheerleader 3; Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. i; G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club I, 3; Girls’ Choir 2; Harmonettes 2; Office Assistant i, 3; Stu- dent Council 2, 3; Yearbook Staff. JANE L. PEASE 43 Peirce Street Office A.ssistant 2, 3; Year- book Staff. DAVID V. PIERCE 42 Brunswick Road Honor Roll; Chronicle l, 2, 3; G S I, 2; Science Club 3, Treasurer; Physics Lab. .Assistant 3. WARREN D. PIERCE 16 Farrington Street ■Vllied Youth 3; Baseball J.V ' . 1, V. 2, 3; Basketball J. k i,V. 2, 3; Football J.V. I, V. 2, 3. ROBERT J. POIRIER Bobby 66 Park Avenue Ext. ARTHUR P. POOLE Allan 14 Oakledge Street Cross Country V. i, 2, 3; Indoor Track V. i, 2, 3; Spring Track V. i, 2, 3. GARY A. PIGG 61 Aerial Street I .UCLA C. PORTESI 168 Gardner Street MARY A. PILIOGLOS 91 Lake Street .■ llied Youth 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3. ELAINE M. PINDARI Peatnds 21 Newcomb Street Allied Youth 3. SUSAN P. PREEPER 126 Gardner Street JAMES T. PRENDERGAST 20 Brattle Street Place Lunchroom Helper 3. DONNA M. REILLEY 6o Windsor Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2; Art Club 3. ROSALIND M. REINGOLD Rozzy 34 Linden Street Honor Roll; Chronicle l, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; G. S. I, 2, 3, Assistant Accompanist; Accompanist for Glee Club I; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Har- monettes 3; Operetta Work- shop 3; Latin Club 3. PAUL G. RICCARDI 76 Ridge Street Projection Club 2, 3. CARMEN J. RANAURO Snooky 20 Dudley Street Football I, J.V. ALICE A. RICE Al 134 Newland Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; Art Club 3; Student Council 3. AMELIE M. PRESCOTT 75 Hillsdale Road Chronicle i, 2, 3; G.A.A. i, 2. Art Club 3. WILLIAM J. PUZELLA Puz 42 Sunnyside . ' venue RICHARD L. CjUERZE Rich 179 Wollaston Avenue Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club 3; Science Club 3. STEPHEN A. QUATTROCCHI Steve 5 Lee Terrace G S I, 2, 3; Latin Club 3. TRACEY P. RAISIS 1 5 Mary Street STEPHEN J. RICHARDSON Steve 25 Kilsythe Road Projection Club i, 2, 3. DAVID F. RIVERS 83 Brattle Street Band 1,2; Orchestra i, 2 ELEANOR J. RIZZO 55 Dow Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; Art Club 3. JAMES E. ROBILLARD Jim 58 Broadway GEORGE A. ROBINSON Robie 63 High Haith Road MARCIA L. RUGG 20 Eastern Avenue Art Club I, 2 Corresponding Secretary, 3; G. S. i, 2, 3; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Harmon- ettes 2, 3; Operetta Work- shop 3; Yearbook Staff. JAMES P. RUSSELL Jimmy 91 Egerton Road Baseball J.V’. i; Basketball J.V. 1, 2, V. 3. KEITH C. ROSS 51 Ridge Street Allied Youth 3; Chess 3; Dramatic Club 3; Football I, J.V. DONNA J. RODA 69 Grand View Road Dramatic Club 2, 3; Art Club I, 2 Treasurer, 3; Bowling I, 2, 3. CONSTANCE E. RUDD Connie 6 Montrose Avenue Honor Roll; Chronicle i, 2, 3 Publicity Editor; Art Club 1,2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Latin Club 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Tennis i, 2, 3. CATHERINE C. RUSSO Kay 24 Kenilworth Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Glee Club I; Girls’ Choir 2; Major- ettes (sub.) 2, 3; Modern Dance i, 2; Office Assistant 3; Field Hockey J.V. 2, V. 3; Tennis V. i, 2, 3 Captain. ANNA C. SACCA 38 Amsden Street P AULINE J. SAVANI 1 21 Newland Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2; Glee Club i; Library Corps I, 2; Art Club i. LEO J. SCARLATA Lion j l Cleveland Street Basketball i, J.V.; Football i,J.V.; 3 , V. MALCOLM R. SCOTT Scotty 22 Middle Street, Lexington JOSEPH J. SANTORE 8 Browning Road RICHARD J. SANTOSUOSSO Richie 70 Webster Street PAUL R. SALEMME 12 Prescott Street PETER L. SEERY 71 Richfield Road Honor Roll; Allied Youth 3; Cross Country 2, 3 Co- Captain; Indoor Track 2, 3; Spring Track 2, 3; Treas- urer, Senior Class; Repre- sentative, Student Govern- ment Day, State House, i960. PETER W. SENOPOULOS Pete 20 Old Middlesex Path Allied Youth i, 2, 3. 53 MARY O. SEWALL 32 Arnold Street Allied Youth 3. MARYANN SHEEDY 8 Parker Street Allied Youth 3; G.A.A. i. ROBERT J. SHEPPARD Shep 62 Herbert Road ANN M. SHERMAN 69 Amsden Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2. HEATHER P. SHEWAN 14 Westmoreland Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3- PAMELA J. SHIELDS 59 Eliot Road Allied Youth 3; Glee Club 2; Girls’ Choir 3. EDWARD C. GEORGE W. SLAGLE SIMONIAN Ed 1 14 Hutchinson Road 1 1 Pawnee Drive 54 JAMES M. STACCHI Jim lo Selkirk Road PETER F. STAITl Pete 38 Ridge Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; Football I, J.V.; Indoor Track l; Spring Track i . DONNA M. STEELE 68 Waverley Street WALTER J. STAMP Wally 60 Arlmont Street JANICE E. STEVANS Jan 65 Sunnyside Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Office Assistant 3; G.A.A. JAMES M. STANGER Jim 40 Warren Street G S 2, 3; Operetta Work- shop 3. DAVID M. STEVENS 10 Gray Circle Honor Roll; Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3 Treasurer; G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club i, 2, 3; Latin Club 3 Socii Ludor- um; Operetta Workshop 3; Science Club President. MIRIAM D. STANLEY 1 5 Yerxa Road Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. I ; Office As- sistant 2; Treasurer Junior Class. SUZANNE E. STONE Sue 29 Draper Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. i; Modern Dance i ; Office A.ssistant 3. WALTER C. STONE Walt 60 Crosby Street RICHARD J. TAVILLA Irtsh 51 Academy Street ROBERT C. TEDFORD 12 Wachusett Avenue MARGARET I. THOMAS Margie 10 Randolph Street Allied Youth 3. JOANNE M. SVVYMER 8 Brewster Road Allied Youth 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2, Secretary; Library Corps i; Basketball 2, J.V. 3, V.; Field Hockey 2, J.V., 3, V. Girls’ Softball V. i, 2, 3 - CARL A. THOREN 8 Cliff Street Baseball J.V. i, V. 2, 3; Basketball J.V. i. NELSON H. STURGIS, III 10 Ja.son Street Allied Youth 3; Projection Club 2, 3; Science Club 3. ELINOR L. SURABIAN Elite 122 Overlook Road Chronicle i, 2, 3; Art Club 3; Office Assistant i, 2; Girls’ Softball 2, J.V. FRED T. STRACHAN 16 West Court Terrace Allied Youth 3; Bowling i; Cross Country i, 2, 3 Co- Captain; Indoor Track i, 2, 3; Spring Track i, 2, 3. MARTHA V. STRACHAN Marty 16 West Court Terrace Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club i, 2 Secretary, 3 Treasurer; Glee Club 2; Girls’ Choir 3; Bowling I; G S I, 2, 3. SANDRA L. STRICKLAND Sandy 205 Spring Avenue Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; G.A.A. I; Lunchroom helper 2, 3. JOHN C. TIERNAN MAUREEN E. TIERNEY 19 North Union Street DIANE L. TOMLINSON 31 Highland Avenue G.A.A. I. JOHN C. TOOMEY 1 16 Hillside Avenue Golt ' V ' . I, 2, 3. FREDETTE P. TORREY Fredi 53 Huntington Road Chronicle i , Advert: sing Mgr. 1, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3; Science Club 3. Tex 66 Mott Street ELIZABh:TH L. VILLARl Betty 1 10 Lake Street G.A.A. i; Office Asst. 3. RICHARD D. TUCKER Dick 27 Virginia Road KATHLEEN P. WALKER Katky 167 Highland Avenue JAMES P. anVALKENBURGH Tandy 39 Hospital Road Football I, J.V.; 2, 3, V. ROBERT A. TRUBIANO 10 Johnson Road Bok 58 JEAN M. VVEISENBERGER Jeannie 69 Columbia Road Allied Youth i, 2, 3; Chron- icle I, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; G.A.A. I, 2; G S I, 2, 3; Glee Club i; Girls’ Choir 2, 3 - JOHN F. WELCH 62 Dickson Avenue Cross Country i, 2; Indoor Track i; Spring Track 3. SANDRA M. WELCH Sandi 35 Spy Pond Parkway Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; G.A.A. I Board Mem- ber; 2 Vice-President; G S 3; Modern Dance i, 2; Basketball i Squad; 2, 3, V.; Field Hockey i, 2, J.V.; 3 V. Captain Girls ' Softball I, 2 Squad; 3; Swimming l. AUDREY C. WESINGER 49 Brattle Street CARL F. WEGGEL 325 Mystic Street Honor Roll; Chess 2, 3; (j S 3; Science Club i. ROBERT J. WEGGEL 325 Mystic Street Honor Roll; Chess 2, 3; G S 3; Science Club i; In- ternations Club 3. SUSAN J. WEST Sue 7 Churchill Avenue DAWN N. WALLACE 277 Renfrew Street Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle 3 - SUSAN WARD Sue 28 Jason Street Allied Youth 3; G.A.A. 2; Lunchroom helper 3; Mod- ern Dance i, 2. W: i LINDA J. WARNOCK 1 57 Lowell Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2; Basketball J.V. i; V. 2, 3. 59 PORTIA WILLIAMS Porsche 82 Bartlett Avenue Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.x ' .A. I ; Glee Club I ; Office Assistant 3. HAROLD A. WILSON 137 Mount Vernon Street Chronicle i, 2 3 Sports Editor; Cross Country 2, 3; Indoor Track i, 2, 3; Spring Track i, 2, 3. ROBERT E. WHITE Bob 256 Hillside x ' venue Lunchroom helper 3. CARL O. WIRSEN 197 Spring Street Projection Club l, 2; Indoor Track l. RICHxARD I. WHITE Dick 256 Hillside Avenue Lunchroom helper 3. MARTHA E. WESTON Marty 142 Gray Street Chronicle i, 3; Dramatic Club I ; G tie S I, 2; 3 Pres- ident; Glee Club I; Office . ' sst. I, 2; Operetta Work- shop 3; Orchestra i ; 2 Pres- ident; 3; Science Club 3; Swimming l. JANET E. WILSON Jan 18 Wright Street Art Club i; G.A.A. i, 2; G tie S 2, 3; Modern Dance i, 2; Office Assistant l, 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 3. GEOFFREY S. WOOD Jef 24 Amherst Street JAMES P. WOODBURY 4 1 Overlook Road Library Corps i, 2, 3. JOHN F. WILSON 36 Beacon Street PAUL W. WORTH 73 Fountain Road Band i, 2, 3; Cross Coun- try 2. ELSBETH G. WYMAN Beth 21 5 Pleasant Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle I, 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3. BARBARA E. YACOUBIAN Babs 99 Oxford Street Allied Youth 3; Chronicle 3; Lunchroom helper 2, 3; Office Assistant 2. MARCIA E. YOUNG 21 1 Park Avenue Honor Roll; Chronicle i, 2, 3; Art Club 3; Glee Club i; Allied Youth 2, 3. HELENE F. ZINK 6 Golden Avenue Allied Youth 2, 3; Chronicle I, 2, 3; G.A.A. I, 2. JACQUELYN M. Z(X)ST Jackie 900 Massachusetts Avenue Allied Youth 3; R.V.T. 3. CAMERA SHY Robert R. Anderson Joseph D. Baxter Dorothy M. Bowes David R. Bowler Edward J. Brady Richard P. Carroll George P. Chateauneul Russell M. Cleveland James A. Coveno Herbert E. Farmer David J. Gilpatrick Timothy D. Hannon Laurence V ' . Harney Edward J. Hill Prudence Howard Robert E. Keefe Joseph P. Keegan John E. Magee John T. Maloney Glenn E. Miller Vincent E. Panniello David J. Parrott Dorothy L. Peabody Ruth Shea John B. Simpson Robert A. Steeves Stephen Stuart John L. Wells Judith A. Winn Paul F. Zani On a sunny September morning in 1957 a class of apprehensive sophomores, with diverse ideas as to what the next three years would untold, assembled in the old hall at the high school. After several days spent in becoming acquainted with our new classmates, with a few members of the faculty, and with the “ups and the downs” of the building, we soon felt at home. Little did we suspect that three years later in our senior year we would enter the building and once more experience the necessity of readjustment to new surroundings. Kven in 1957 plans were being made for new additions to the school. As sophomores we found varied extra-curricula activ- ities in which to develop our talents. The dramatic club with its production of the play “The Family Nobody Wanted” and the Gilbert and Sullivan Club’s “The Prince of Pilsen” won the plaudits of all of us. Although the athletic teams were not spectacular, they ended their seasons with average records. The sophomore class was well represented at all these functions. I ' nder the guidance of the student council, the school during the previous year raised funds which enabled Crystal Koeppe, a German student, to spend her sen- ior year at . ' rlington High School. Crystal’s friendship and presence greatly enriched this year for all of us. In the spring, we realized the value of the academic and social experiences which we had enjoyed during the sophomore year, and we looked enthusiastically forward to those which the next year would bring. Our introductory year to Arlington High School was, indeed, a happy one. Lpon entering our junior year, we were unaware of the challenges and very enjoyable activities that lay CLASS HISTORY mr ahead for us. Many of us encountered such challenges in the merit scholarship examination and the college board examinations. Along with these hurdles our activities included many pleasant diversions. We were very successful in sports; our tootball team won eight games and lost one. .After winning the state champion- ship, our hockey team went on to participate in the New England Finals. Entertainment was brought to us by the Dramatic Club’s presentation of “Our Elearts Were Young .And Gay,’’ and the Gilbert and Sullivan Club which produced “The Pirates of Penzance.” M any of us during our junior year were fortunate enough to know .Albert Elasibuan, our Indonesian ex- change student, who provided us with many enjoyable moments. We all had looked forward to the prom since the beginning of September, and it fulfilled all our ex- pectations. During the entire year, we focused our attention on strengthening our educational background for our future benefit, and by June many of us had decided upon our choice of institution of higher learning or of vocation to pursue. The new additions were completed when we began our third and final year at the high school. Gymnas- iums, auditoriums, new rooms — all sparkled, and the clean scent of fresh paint roamed the entire building. The seniors participated in and supported school activ- ities with twice as much energy and enthusiasm as in the previous two years. The Dramatic Club announced that it would produce a rollicking play. The Matchmaker; the participants once again did a superb acting job. With a splendid presentation of the Mikado, the talented Gilbert and Sullivan Club delighted its audiences. .Although the weather was not always the best for our football games, and we didn’t capture any great awards, our team played some of the best games we had seen in our three years. Not only were we proud of our teams for doing their best, but also for representing our school so well. .All at once, graduation dates, rehearsals, and the Senior Prom crowded our calendars. Those were the times when all our spirits became light and happy, yet sad. We would be on our own soon and would miss these last three years. Our junior year was a year of decision. Our senior year — one of fulfillment and preparation. s I mm ' --f -A-r ' - ' ° " nri i: Mr. William F. Lowder Director oj Athletics FOOTBALL The Arlington High School football team this year started with but two returning lettermen, Howard Lovering and John Radochia. I ' he Red and Gray won two, lost live, and tied one. This record was expected because of the lack of experience both on the defensive and offensive units. The stars of the season were probably Captain Howard Lovering and Victor Llios. Both boys played both defense and offense for sixty minutes of every game. The fall was marked by having three Saturday games postponed due to heavy rains; the games had to be played on a Monday after- noon. The highlight of the season was the terrific victory over a power- ful Brookline team 12-8. Mr. Edward P. Burns Head Coach ROW I; Elios, J. Buckley, G. Faiola, R. Malatesta, H. Lovering, Captain; W. Pierce, J. Goodwin, P. Luciano, J. VanV ' alkenburgh. ROW 2; R. Mor- iarty, J. Riley, A. Day, R. Gorham, W. Dutton, J. Radochia, W. Clarke, J. Driscoll, R. Ceglia, G. landoli, N. Taylor, R. Arena. ROW 3; D. Martin, D. Morine, R. Warrington, R. Morrison, C. Murray, J. .Shannon, R. Tierney, N. Provost, R. Van ' alkenburgh, J. Kelley, R. Buzzell, Assistant Manager; B. Creelman, Manager. Mr. James A. Cavalieri Varsity Coach Sept. 26 Somerville Arl 6 Opp 6 Oct. 10 Waltham 20 1 2 17 at Everett 8 14 24 at Newton 6 8 31 Brookline 12 8 Nov. 7 at Weymouth 12 26 14 Brockton 8 26 Melrose 0 32 Mr. Ralph E. Bevins Varsity Coach Mr. Robert C. Hill ] . V. Coach Mr. John R. Byrne J . V. Coach Si P. Carroll, J. Toomey, D. Hourihan, M. Daley, P. Boutiette, I,. Scully. GOLF As soon as the snow begins to melt, the Arlington High School golfers begin their weary hikes over the Winchester Country Club golf course. As the team of i960 is made up of many veterans, we have eagerly anticipated a successful season. Led by Captain John Toomey, the A.H.S. team meet the golfers from Cambridge, Newton, Water- town, Brookline, Waltham, and Brockton. x t the end of the season the team with the best record will com- pete for the state championship in the state tournament. The golfers at Arlington High have always achieved enviable records. We wish this year’s team the best of luck. George P. Lowder Coach 70 CROSS COUNTRY This year’s Arlington High School Cross Country team was led by Co-Captains Peter Seery and Fred Strachan and sparked by a soph- omore, Clyde Ward. In league meets, the team was successful in defeating Watertown and Newton. They lost three very close meets to Beverly, Belmont, and Melrose. In the Middlesex League Meet, . ' rlington finished fourth as a team and had very strong perform- ances from Fred Strachan, Clyde Ward, Peter Seery, and Arnold Reppucci. At the State Meet again Arlington did very well, finishing fifth as a team among twenty Class ‘A’ schools, and Strachan, Ward, Seery, and Reppucci showed the way. Bill Ceurvels, Peter Hiller, Art Poole, Bill McCarty, Robert Evans, Ralph Dearborn, and manager, Harold Wilson made up the first team, while Calvin Cutter, Paul Burke, Richard Wellons, Jeff Heidt, Dan Tuller, and Frank Sullivan formed a J. V. team. Graduating seniors are Strachan, Seery, Ceurvels, and Poole. Next year’s season should be a good one providing a few soph- omores can be found to strengthen the returning veterans. Captain- elect Arnold Reppucci, Clyde Ward, Peter Hiller, Bill McCarty and . ' nthony Manfredi, who shows promise in becoming a very useful member to the team. K. Kelley Coach ROW i; F. .Strachan, H. Wilson, C. Cotter, J. Heidt, I). Tuttle, K. Evans. K(JW 2; .A. Poole, P. Seery, W. Ceurvels, W. Dearborn R. Burke, P. Hiller, C. Ward. 71 Arl Opp Dec. 1 1 Lexington 45 51 18 at Winchester 55 66 Jan. 5 at Cambridge 54 28 8 Brookline 46 61 12 at Waltham 64 66 15 Rindge 39 58 19 at Brockton 49 74 22 .At Watertown 61 43 27 Newton 60 49 29 Cambridge 62 59 Feb. 2 at Brookline 50 65 5 Waltham 54 63 9 Brockton 50 47 12 at Rindge 70 71 15 at Newton 60 76 19 Watertown 65 56 BASKETBALL The year i960 will go down on the records as a banner year for the basket- ball players of Arlington High School. Our gymnasium was completed and the “new look” made players and spectators quite happy. Our A.H.S. team finished fifth in the strong Suburban League. Great games were played with Rindge, Brookline, and Waltham. The highlight of the sea- son was the .A.H.S. overtime victory over a highly favored Brockton team. The “shot heard round the world” was Leo Scully’s lefty hook in the over- time. This .Arlington victory guaranteed the championship for Brookline. Playing great ball for .Arlington were seniors; Larry DiStefano, Warren Pierce, and Vic Elios, and juniors: Ross Morrison, Charlie Murray, Ed. Ostrander, and Captain Leo Scully. .Averaging 20 points a game Leo Scully proved to be the greatest basketball player .Arlington has had in many years. Prospects for next year are bright as the .A.H.S. junior varsity won the Suburban League title with 12 victories and 2 defeats. ROW I; D. Tierney, J. Shannon, J. Morse, H. I.overing, Captain; D. Hourihan, C. Morgan, W. Clarke. ROW’ 2: Mr. Edward Burns, Coach; W’. Creel- man, Manager; P. Lax, N. Taylor, P. Davieavi, R. Leonard, P. Donnelly, . . Kierstead, W’. Dutton, Mr. John Byrne, Coach. HOCKEY Arlington High School lost its complete starting lineup from a State Champion hockey team of last year. This inexperienced squad of players surpassed all expectations of them by winning the G.B.I. Hockey Championship in record time. As of this date, the hockey team has a league recorti of twelve wins and one loss. Captain How- ard Lovering, John Morse, and David Hourihan are the only three seniors on this championship squad. The success of the Arlington team can be contributed to its great team play and spirit. ' I ' he first forward line of Charlie Morgan, Captain Howard Cover- ing, and John Shannon are of equal ability with the second forward line of Paul Donnelly, David Hourihan, and John Morse. The defense is comprised of Paul Tierney, Paul Davieux, and Alan Kierstead. I ' he spirit of this team is shown by its come from behind victories in the third period of six of its games. The hockey team will now defend its last year’s state hockey championship in this year’s Massachusetts State Hockey Tourna- ment. Edward P. Burns Coach Arl Opp Dec. 5 Newton 2 I 12 Brookline 2 I 19 Somerville 5 2 23 Medford 0 3 26 Waltham 2 I 30 Rindge I 0 Jan. 2 Cambridge 2 I 9 Newton 4 I 16 Brookline 2 I 23 Somerville 3 I 30 Medford 3 I Feb. 6 Waltham 2 0 13 Rindge 2 0 20 Cambridge 3 I ROW i; J. Lund, 1 ). Tuttle, R. Kvans, J. Luftus, J. Green, W. Lewis, R. Conley, A. Manfredi, H. Wilson, F. Strachan, D. Falwell, J. Ray, J. Heidt. ROW 2; J. Pavo, P. Burke, C. (iilbert, J. Faiola, R. Livoti, R. Moriarty, C. Ward, R. Arena, M. ’argelis, J. Palmer, D. Morine, C. Cutter. ROW 3; H. .Ameral, C. Maher, J. Radochia, D. Martin, P. Hiller, A. Kallis, A. Poole, W. Ceurvels, R. Dearborn, P. Seery, I). Gustafson, R. Warrington, J. Buckley. INDOOR TRACK ■Arlington High School’s Track Team had a winning sea- son tor the first time in three years. In the Division II of the Metropolitan Track League, Arlington defeated Bel- mont, the defending League Champion and Class B State Champion, the only team to defeat Belmont all year. North Quincy and Watertown went down to defeat at the hands of .Arlington, while Somerville and Natick defeated the “Red and Gray” by close scores. The outstanding performance of Fred Strachan in all league meets was appreciated by the team. The following boys performed in the various events: 4 -yard Hurdles: Gerry Faiola, David Gustafson and Ralph Dearborn; 50- yard Dash: John Radochia, Dave Martin, Jim Lund and Dave joo-yard Run: Harold .Ameral, W illiam Lewis and Richard Moriarty; 6oo-yard Run: Peter Seery, William Ceurvels, Curtis Gilbert, Joseph Pavo and Charles Maher; looo-yard Run: .Arnold Reppucci, Arthur Poole, .Anthony M anfredi, Jerome Buckley, Peter Hiller and Robert Evans; I -mile Run: Fred Strachan, Clyde Whard and Jeff Heidt. In the field events, John Radochia and Peter Hiller did very well in the High Jump. In the Shot Put, .Arlington had Dave Martin, Ralph W’arrington, James Van Valkenburgh and Jerome Buckley. This year’s track squad was the larg- est in recent years, and .Arlington has the makings of a fine team for next season with a great many boys returning. I’he team will miss the seniors next year, but with Captain David Falwell returning along with other underclassmen, the outlook is indeed good for next season. This year’s cheerleading squad, under the direction of co-captains Jane Beggan and Joan Caldwell, was the backbone of our high school spirit. Although being in various other school activities, the cheerleaders proved their loyalty not only to the football, basketball, and hockey teams, but set a precedent of any other squad by supporting the track team. During the summer months of July and August, the girls practiced faithfully each week to perfect each cheer for the coming football season. By September they had perfected their cheers, but continued weekly practice. The cheerleaders will never forget the excitement of marching down the field to the familiar, “Red and Gray” and hearing the mag ic words — “guide right” as they turned to the student body. And, in turn, the student body extends their sincere congratulations to a job well done! ROW I; J. Caldwell, J. Beggan, Co-Captains; ROW 2; E. Geagan, C. Pascarella, N. Fantazian, B. Allen, D. Hall, M. O’Connell, D. Berberian, M. MacNeill. CHEERLEADERS I: I FIELD HOCKEY The field hockey team which had a very successful season, played under a severe handicap. There was only one veteran on the team from last year’s varsity squad; nevertheless, the girls worked hard and long to develop themselves into an admirable squad. Miss Spilner, the new coach, did an outstanding job in developing the varsity squad of inexperienceci girls into a coordinated team. The Arlington High School Hockey Squad of 1959 displayed good sportsmanship and fine skills throughout the entire season which resulted in the following; one win, two ties, and three losses. The team was ably managed by Licia Musante with assistance from Jill Fallon and was captained by Sandra Welch. Miss Marian M. Spilner, Coach; K., M. Campbell, P. Deal, J. Norton, S. Welch, J. Swymer, D. Johnson, E. Furtado, K. Santos, M. Spagnuolo, B. Allen, D. Rizzo, I,. Musante, Manager; |. Fallon, Assistant Manager. 78 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Marian M. Spilner Coach F.ighty eager girls reported in November for tryouts with hopes of making the Varsity Basketball squad. Shortly this group was narrowed down to a squad ol twenty-four girls who worked diligently to develop skills. Unfortunately, the varsity team got oli to a poor start but finally began to click and ended the season in an exciting game with Lexington. The record stands at three wins and four losses. The J.V. season was more successful with five wins and two losses. Prospects for next year are promising with many of the squad returning. ROW 2; P. Deal, Manager; D. Rizzo, R. Santos, C. O’Neill, C. Hall, M. Campbell, J. Fallon, Assistant Manager. ROW i; S. Welch, J. Swymer, B. Allen, Captain; D. Matthews, L. W ' arnock. ACTIVITIES Having completed another successful year, the Projection Club plans to increase its membership next year. Under the capable direction of Mr. Charles Fagone, President Albert Disessa, and ' ice President John D’Orsi, the club has been running smoothly and efficiently. The Projection Club presently has a member- ship of fifty, which is an increase of twenty over last year’s membership. Still growing, the Projection Club plans early its activities for the coming year. In the past three years, the Projection Club has made im- portant advances in making the club interesting to its present members and attractive to new members. There is every indication that after the present officers graduate the Projection Club will con- tinue to grow and prosper as it has during the past three years. With continued interest, the duties and activities of the Projection Club will, without doubt, expand with its increasing mem- bership. CHESS ROW I; H. .ymeral, R. Milici, J. D’Orsi, Vice-President; Mr. Charles Fagone, Director; A. DiSessa, President; J. Locke, N. Sturgis. ROW z: S. Bertocci, J. Daily, D. Money, R. Shea, P. Zani, J. Pavo, P. Riccardi. PROJECTION John S. Sampson Director, Chess Club and Chronicle The .- .H.S. Chess Club, under the energetic leadership of Mr. Sampson, is composed of a group of enthusiastic chess players. Anyone who can already play chess or anyone who is seriously interested in learning this fascinating game is urged to join the club. The Chess Club fields in interscholastic com- petition a team which this year has a ioJ -iJ 2 record, the best it has ever had, and has virtually clinched the league championship. •Arlington has entered a C-League team in met- ropolitan competition. Under its captain, Carl Weggel, this team has an undefeated record. The Chess Club would like to express its deep appreciation for the time, money, and effort Mr. Sampson has spent in improving the club and transporting it to the games. Our deepest thanks to Mr. Downs who graciously appropriated the money for new chess sets for the entire team. Congratulations for the results this year and good luck to those supporters of the club who may make next year even better. ROW I; M. Derby, R. Weggel, W. DeSimone, P., C. Weggel. ROW 2; M. Kahan, R. Belanger, R. Morano. ALLIED YOUTH ROW I; B. Kerr, Secretary; B. Fitzpatrick, 2nd Vice-President; J. Weisenberger, Treasurer. ROW i Mr. Leslie H. Barrett, Sponsor; P. Mercandetti, jrd Vice-Presi- dent; P. Staiti, President; M. Kahan, ist Vice-President. Allied outh in Arlington High this year celebrates its fourth Anniversary. Ours is Post Number 8ij. ' I ' his Interna- tional high school organization makes us aware of the good times students can have without resorting to the use of alco- hol. The charter was granted to .‘ llied outh “as an educational organization specializing in alcohol education. It char- ters and services clubs among high school students, prepares and distributes alco- hol education and personality develop- ment materials.” It is to educate teenagers on the tre- mendous destructive power alcohol has on the human body. High schoolers are taught to try to face their problems as a more satisfactory solution for acceptance and recognition. Red and white are our organization colors. CHRONICLE The Chronicle, our school newspaper, came out monthly from October through May on the third Wednesday of each month. Mr. John S. Sampson acted as the faculty advisor and the able guide of the entire staff. Costing fifteen cents, the Chronicle consisted of eight pages filled with news items and other interesting articles; such as, both girls’ and boys’ sports, club activities, and of course, “Aunt Minerva.” The Red and Gray Salute was also a popular column this year in which deserving seniors were given credit for their accomplishments. This year’s activities were climaxed by the Chronicle Banquet, at which time the members of next year’s staff were an- nounced, and the identity of Aunt Min- erva, our own “Dear Abby”, was re- vealed. The Chronicle afforded absorbing reading throughout the year. ROW I; c. Rudd, Publicity Manager; Collins, Club Editor; J. Buckley, Circulation Manager; N. Fantazian, Assistant Editor; S. Brine, Editor-in-Chiej; F. Torrey, Adver- tising Manager; M. Young, Cartoonist; F, Spector, Feature Editor. ROW 2: P. Deal, Sports Editor; H. Wilson, Sports Editor; L. Kuntz, Vocational Editor; J. Locke, Sports Editor; R. Coveil, Vocational Editor; R. Gechijian, Photographer; A. McGrath, Ex- change Editor. ROW I; G. McCarthy, Stage Manager; M. Strachan, Assistant Treasurer; J. Baker, Recording Secretary; J. Buckley, Corresponding Sec- retary; M. Nolan, President; A. Collins, Vice-President; D. Stevens, Treasurer; J. Cook, Assistant Treasurer; J. Cannell. ROW 2: L. Pet- field, D. Roda, E. Wyman, F. Torrey, N. Keefe, S. Balamotis, G. Hodgdon. ROW 3: J. Gustafson, A. Carlisle, J. Locke, J. Ditmars, R. MacFarlane. In the past year, have you noticed students roaming the school grounds at four in the afternoon? It so, it was probably the cast tor the dramatic club play leav- ing for home after a long and tedious rehearsal. It takes many weeks of daily rehearsing to give a success- ful performance. Dramatic Club isn’t all work without play, however; many happy hours are experienced by the members. In addition to the production of the play and the cast parties afterward, there is the opportunity to partic- ipate in the Massachusetts Drama Festival with elim- inations held at a neighboring high school and the finals at John Hancock Hall. The season ends with the annual outing to which everyone looks forward. The club, one of the oldest in the school, has actively participated in these affairs for over thirty-hve years. This year, under the capable leadership of Mrs. Eliz- abeth W. Sampson, the club presented “The Match- maker”, written by I’horton Wilder. It proved to be a hilarious comedy in which a domineering woman does everything in her power to “match-up” the characters in the play. She, in turn, hnds herself a husband. I think everyone will agree that the cast did a magnifi- cent job in presenting one of the most successful plays ever given by the club. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Sampson Director DRAMATIC CLUB The club experienced a very successful year under the leadership of the following officers: President, Maureen Nolan; Vice President, Annemarie Collins; Recording Secretary, Joanne Baker; Corresponding Secretary, Jane Buckley; Treasurers, David Stevens, Janet Cook, Martha Strachan; Stage Manager, Greg- ory McCarthy; and Business Manager, Mark Kahan. ROW I; J. Harrison, B. Morrissey, N. Fletcher, Treasurer; L. Roscoe, President; L. Leonard, Secretary; J. Zoost. ROW 2: P. Daly, F. Lonsdale, J. Howell, J. A ' ivian, M. Keating. R.V.T. The Read, View and Talk Club is an informal group whose main purpose is to bring together those students who enjoy both reading and dis- cussion. The first and third Tuesdays of every month found the R.V.T. Club in session at the Robbins Library. Miss Richmond, our high school librar- ian, and Mrs. Sanborn, young people’s librarian at the Robbins Library, helped to keep the meet- ings running smoothly throughout the year. We not only had book reviews and films, fol- lowed by inspiring discussions, but this year we were fortunate to have with us a few very inter- esting guest speakers. Refreshments were served at all meetings. It has been customary to have a Christmas party during the holiday season, and this year was no exception. An outing in June concludes each year’s activities. NOVEMBER LIBRARY CORPS The Arlington High School Library Corps is a club composed of about fifty members who make up the student staff of the library. Under the guidance of Miss Richmond, the school librarian, the members are taught how to use the library. This is not only beneficial to them but also enables them to help their fellow stu- dents in the library. Every year the candy sales sponsored by the library corps are events awaited by the entire school. Though always successful, this year the sales exceeded all pre- vious ones. A book fair is another annual event of the library corps. In addition, during December this year, as a service to students preparing for college entrance examinations, the library corps sold college review handbooks each day. The money made on all these projects is used to purchase a gift for the library. At the close of the school year an outing is enjoyed by everyone. The members agree that the library corps is an organization that is educational, interesting, and fun too. 1 Dt ' L ' OI : H. £0G ; FDR YDURi : HOOVER • ■ ■ ' — MK . " 1 1 . . ■ • • - iiWaiifiMCiKr? . . • • • 1 ... 1 ..... ... ■ • • w -.4 . ■ • ■ . . . J , ... « . . tFREEDDM HliiQ READ ROW i; L. Moltman, .S. DeDominicis, D. Bunker, L. Roscoe, Vice-Presidenl; J. Locke, President; A. Ellis, Secretary; D. Pooley, Treasurer; M. Campbell, E. Campobasso. ROW 2: K. Caggiano, R. Santos, J. Woodbury, M. Derby, A. Ales, J. Vivian, V. Donnelly, J. Estrella, G. Beninati. D. Ciustafson, Consul Secundus; N. Fantazian, Scriba; J. Caldwell, Consul Prima; L,. Moltman, Socii Ludorum; D. Stev- ens, Socit " Ludorum. LATIN CLUB To give satisfaction to its members is the fundamental aim of most clubs; the Latin Club in our school is no exception. Since the members of the Latin Club are fourth year Latin students, this satisfaction is acquired through knowledge. The third Friday of every month finds the regular meet- ing called to order by the Consul Prima. Opening with the roll call of Latin cognomens, the meeting proceeds with the hearing of the Scriba’s report and the long awaited financial results as reported by Consul Secundus. Next the Socii Tudorum offer their ideas for social projects; such as, Confusa (or Scrabble) which entails greater intellectual activity when the use of words is limited to Latin. Finally, since the theme for the year is Every Day Roman Life, one aspect of this topic is discussed, perhaps birthday celebrations, social life, or typical menus. In addition to the monthly meetings, the group attends museums and lectures to further their knowledge of Roman life, literature, and culture. .A high point this year was a fashion show, starring, pro- duced, and directed by toga-clad Latin Clubbers; this per- formance was given the entertainment of a visiting club. The goals of this group would never have been attained without the sincere efforts of Miss Dorothy Rounds who has the talent to make .Ancient Rome and Romans live again. From the opening meeting with Vergil’s birthday party to the eating of the last crumb at the Roman Banquet, memories of Latin Club will not be soon forgotten. ROW I; A. Rice, M. Gott, Corresponding Secretary; C. Bourque, Vice-President; J. Cannell, President; M. McReever, Treasurer; N. Fenton, Recording Secretary; J. Buckley. ROW’ 2; D. Roda, K. Callahan, G. McCarthy, D. Parker, C. Copeland, E. Rizzo. ROW 3; D. Reilley, M. Nolan, A. Carlisle, C. Rudd, M. Rugg, A. Prescott. ART CLUB INTER-NATIONS STUDENT CLUB riie Art Club is one ot the newest or- ganizations ot the Arlington High School extracurricular program. Organized three years ago under the able direction of Mr. Gerald Robinson, the Art Club has since entered fully into the schools’ social stream; this year it boasted a member- ship of eighty students the largest ever! The purpose of the Art Club is to fur- ther the interest and appreciation of art in Arlington High School and to allow students not studying art during the school year the opportunity to pursue and develop their latent creative abili- ties. The sole requirement to become a member of the organization is an avowed interest in art and a willingness to par- ticipate in the club activities. .Annual group projects have been the designing, construction, and painting of the scenery for the dramatic club play and the annual hanging and participat- ing in the group art exhibit held during the spring of the year. Organized field trips and events are featured, and excur- sions for painting purposes are taken dur- ing the spring of the year. For practice in a hobby or career, the Art Club is val- uable to all. The Internations Student Club promotes a program to further international friendship. With Mrs. Jones and Mr. Johnson as faculty advisors, foreign students, summer returnees on the exchange program, and those students who have traveled abroad and others hold meetings and social gatherings to learn more of the life, customs and people of various countries. Program highlights for 1959-1960 included partici- pation in the World .Affairs Council program at M.I.T. on November ii (where we met exchange students from almost every country this side of the Iron Curtain); Joan Caldwell’s illustrated commentary on her exper- iences in Berlin and Germany; and M.I.T. student. Lief Norman Patterson from Norway, who showed films of his experiences as a mountain climber in the Rockies, the .Alps, and his native Norway. ROW I: I). Parker, Secretary; R. Kidd, Vice-President; M. Peper, President; A. DiDonato, Treasurer; M. Farese. ROW 2; Mr. Carl A. Johnson, Director; R. Weggel, M. Bellizia, P. Lassovszky, J. Caldwell, J. Baker, Mrs. Hope F. Jones, Assista nt Director. ROW I; E. (jeagan, C. Pascarella, S. Speedie, Secretary; K. Corbin, President; R. Cavicchi, Vice-President; M. MacNeill, A. Rice. ROW 2: J. Beggan, L. Moltman, N. Ananikian, B. Kerr, J. Buckley, D. Hall, S. Killourhy, P. Green. ROW 3; S. Kangas, N. Fitz- patrick, J. Kimball, C. Murray, L. Decareau, J. Babin, S. Kerr. STUDENT COUNCIT Students form their character through the choices they make, the actions that they take, and the responsibilities that they accept. The Student Council has accustomed us to accepting responsibilities, and give us practice in making and carrying out our own activities. ' Fhis year the Student Council, governed according to a constitu- tion, added an amendment which stated that four freshmen would be elected to the council. With a helpful hand from the Home Economics Department, a very successful, “Faculty Tea,” was held. The Student Council mem- bers were present throughout to greet and serve both the old and the new members of the faculty. In years past, one of the main functions of the Student Council has been to raise money for the exchange of a foreign student, how- ever, this has been discontinued. The Student Council members have sponsored sevmral dances for undergraduates which proved very popular. Our experiences as Student Council members has prepared us to take an active and intelligent part, as adults, in democratic govern- ment. It also provided valuable experience in conducting meetings, and in debate and parliamentary procedure. Prince Our most popular classmate! 90 OFFICE ASSISTANTS ROW i; D. Burpee, T. Stanley, K. Russo, E. Geagan, E. Gazzana, J. Stevans, J. Niland, M. Furey, H. Boyington. ROW 2: M. Limerick, S. Speedie, S. Balamotis, G. Nigro, S. Stone, M. Ducharme, M. McBrearty, K. Fredriksen. ROW 3; E. Bernacchi, G. Achstetter, A. Carlisle, S. Green, D. Jamgochian, N. Keefe, P. Williams. GUIDANCE CLINIC ROW I; M. Foster, D. Smith, R. Buckley, M. Holland, K. Spaneas, C. Carroll, M. ROW i; C. Poirier, L. Babcock, R. Hutchinson, C. . ' ubrey, MacFarlane, J. Sangeleer, J. Pease, B. Ryer. ROW 2: E. Patterson, G. Sokolov, A. M. Dalrymple. ROW 2: E. Villari, K. MacDougal, A. Miller, Rus.sell, J. Manninen, K. MacLcllan, S. Marchtmt, M. Benson, M. Cavanagh, K. C. Beauchemin. Litwin, J. (furney, j. Corbett. ROW ' 3: F ' .. Blinkhorn, P. Tiede, E. Oley, (j. Langone, M. Donovan, D. Matthews, R. Botti, B. Allen, J. Ditmars, S. F ' .dmonds. 91 LUNCHROOM Mrs. . lice Rogers, Mrs. Helen Darcy, Mrs. .Agnes R. Starkey, Mrs. Hazel O’Shaughnessy, Mrs. Rdith Rossetti, Mrs. Phyrma Hanscom, Manager; Mrs. Marie von Hein, Mrs. Mildred Hoyt, Mrs. Luvan McKiel. Mrs. Helen Ellingwood, Mrs. Stasia Hatless, Mrs. Evelyn Ribeiro, Mrs. May Abel, Mrs. Gertrude Baldwin, Mrs. Mary Greeley. Florence E. Forsyth Supervisor, Home Economics 1 SCIENCE M. Nolan, Secretary, Richard Y. Coombs, Instructor; D. Pierce, Treasurer; D. Stevens, President; G. McCarthy, Tice President. The purposes of the Science Club are: first, to stimulate interest in science among the pupils; second, to help make its mem- bers more proficient in science; third, to provide an opportunity for original re- search under competent supervision; and fourth, to further an understanding of present day advances in science. Meetings are held on Friday of each week while school is in session. The activities of the club include various other activities. A science fair is scheduled each year about the first of March, and the winners go on to the State Science Fair. The Science Club is also affiliated with The Science Clubs of America. D. Pierce, L. Roscoe, W. Preston, J. Sprinkle, D. Matheson, A. Bonner. ' V ' OST IWre LC G MT we Q-eL TWINS LE fH ArtOLT V AN v osT Businesslike MAltK KAHN SUSAN brine BEST AlL-AROUN (7 PeTEfi. SCERY .roAN c u weLL vi imesr RicNaro v flLAresT Katheecn McNeetr Doug PoHc« V 06 T LlKEiy TO SUCCEED PETER StERY LEAH N 10 LT V AN BEST DANCER STEVEN ORETO SKARON LUTHER lOOST muSICl R LPH vi »RTORI V ARTHA WESTON ROW I: R. Burgess, J. Gaeta, Mr. Wil- liam Delaney, Advisor; J. Borsini, E. Teehan. ROW 2: R. Sickles, J. Palomba, P. Coleman, L. Baker. When we first entered the Vocational High School we were bewildered. The pro- gram was quite different from our pre- vious schooling. Our biggest problem was adjustment to the alternate class and shop schedule. We soon got into the swing of it and loved it! We could always look forward to the “next week.” In our Sophomore year we were taught the basic attitudes and requisite skills necessary to a good tradesman. The jobs assigned to us were simple, but in doing them we were taught to carry out instruc- tions. In our Junior year, having gained much knowledge and skill in our trades, we were assigned jobs more complicated in fulfill- ment. As Seniors we became authorities in our respective trades — at least to the lowly Sophomores! Our assignments were challenging, and mastery of them came as sweet reward and satisfaction to us. We are now ready to take part in the exciting bo’s. Walter C. V’erney Instructor Norman R. JacoRsen Instructor Joseph Keegan Most Talkative WHO’S WHO IN VOCATIONAL Frank Luppino Best All-Round in Auto Shop; Most L.ikely To Succeed Lawrence Harney Most Bashful James Palomba Best All-Round in Electronics Shop Malcolm Scott Most Businesslike Robert Sickles Wittiest Robert Miller Best All-Round in School Gerald O’Connor Tallest Robert Sheppard Most Popular John Moriarty Most Athletic; Best Dancer John Tiernan Neatest Workman William Marchese Shortest ’incent Panniello Best Mechanic MANUAL ARTS Charles Fagone, Instructor Laurence P. Arthur, Instructor Sydney J. Sandi erger, Instructor Howard E. Danforth, Instructor Joseph Tarantino, Instructor 99 Ronald J. Whitmore, Instructor I ORCHESTRA R. Martori, President; A. McGrath, Vice-President; L. Einzig, Secretary; R. Evans, Treasurer; B. Hal- prin. Librarian; Violtn; I,. Donnelly, S. Holland, H. Macklin, M. Peper, P. Reid, C. Simpson, R. Wel- lons, M. Weston; Cello: S. Brown, M. Oganowski, C. Ward; Bass: R. Barnaby, R. Wharton; Flute: L. Einzig, J. Howell, K. Kelley, A. McGrath; Clarinet: ]. Derby, S. Gariepy, P. Ilchuk, E. Meckell; Sax- aphone: B. Coppinger, V ' . Donnelly, R. McCarroll, C. Zucker; Trumpet: H. Boyajian, R. Cavicchi, B. Halprin, A. Marrec; Horn: V. Aldrich, R. Evans; Trombone: R. Martori, A. Wilson; Drums: P. Cul- linane, L. Roscoe; Piano: N. Lundeen; Accordion: D. Parker. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Einzig, played an important role this year in their many appearances at our assemblies. The members put in many hours of hard work practicing for these per- formances, and the results were admirable. They also should be commended for their display of talents at the Dramatic Club play, where they added a bit of color with their songs of the Gay Nineties. Their most spectacular performance occurred at the Gilbert and Sullivan Club’s production of “The Mikado.’’ We all hope that in the future the Arlington High School Orchestra will continue to give as much pleasure to their audiences as they have in the past. GILBERT SULLIVAN “Music Makes the World Go Round’’ and so does the Gilbert and Sullivan Club, better known as G. S. contribute each spring an operetta, which is presented by the members of this club, always proves to be a huge success. As the name implies, with a few exceptions, most of the pro- ductions have been the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. In our sophomore year “Prince of Pilsen’’ and in our junior year “Pirates of Penzance’’ were presented. This year, our senior year, “The Mikado’’ was pre- sented. The members of G. S. all hope that the future members will derive as much pleasure and satisfaction as we have had in participating in the activities of this organization. ROW I: P. Deal, R. Reingold, C. Pascarella, B. Kerr, Librarian; R. Cavicchi, Vice- President; M. Weston, President; N. Dalton, Treasurer; V. Aldrich, Accompanist; (t. Hodgdon, E. Gorelchenka, C. Crawford, P. Miller. ROW ' 2; H. Macklin, L. Brogan, S. Mangurian, S. Brine, M. Rugg, K. Grannan, K. Jacobsen, J. Caldwell, S. Minzner, D. Tomlinson, P. Jeffrey, J. Wilson, D. Hunt. ROW 3: J. Baker, M. Strachan, P. Hefler, E. Torrey, J. Stanger, R. Martori, R. Avakian, C. W ' eggel, R. W ' eggel, R. Foley, J. Weisenberger, C. MacKillop, M. Nolan. ROW 4; R. Evans, I). Parker, D. Stevens, D. Parrott, J. Pfeiffer, D. Moxham, R. MacFarlane, D. Hill, P. Lanza, G. MacCarthy, J. Dempsey, J. Gustafson. 100 GIRLS’ CHOIR ROW I; V. Aldrich, Accompanist; L. Bridgens, Librarian; S. Brine, Treasurer; R. Reingold, Assistant Accompanist; K. Jacobsen, President; P. Hefler, Vice President; G. Hodgdon, Secretary. ROW 2: E. Gorelchenka, C. Geannaris, D. Jamgochian, M. Rugg, K. Grannan, F. Torry, L. Barry, G. Achstetter, J. Caldwell. ROW 3; P. Deal, N. Dalton, P. Horne, S. Minzner, P. Shields, M. Strachan, J. W’eisenberger, C. MacKil- lip, B. Kerr. The Girls’ Choir, organized in 1956, is made up of girls who have completed one year of work with the Girls’ Glee Club. They meet twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, during school time and are directed by Mr. Einzig. The Girls’ Choir takes part in school assemblies and at graduation. During the past three years, they have also sung in exchange concerts at Wakefield, Stoneham, Natick, and Melrose High Schools. As always, the girls of this club have given their full support to the various musical programs presented at Arlington High School throughout the year, particu- larly to the Christmas assembly. The Girls’ Choir has added greatly to the enjoyment of the school’s activities on the part of all the students. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB This year there were two different Girls’ Glee Clubs. One met during school; and the other one, after school. Mr. Laman directed the girls most capably. Although participation in the Girls’ Glee Club is primarily a preparation for membership in the Girls’ Choir, the group nevertheless presented concerts at the two jun- ior high schools this spring and also participated in several assemblies at the high school. In conclusion, the group has had a very worthwhile year, and the members hope that the clubs in future years profit as much as they have by participating in all the activities of the Girls’ Glee Club. HARMONETTES “Say It With Music” is the motto of the Harmon- ettes. Mr. Einzig, the group’s director, founded this organization six years ago. This year a group of viva- cious girls gave full support to make the performances of the Harmonettes delightful. Try-outs are also held each spring for new girls interested in becoming mem- bers of the group. The girls follow a busy schedule: it includes exchange concerts with Melrose, Stoneham, and Natick High Schools; participation in school assemblies; and enter- taining local women’s clubs and other organizations. The Harmonettes have always successfully interpreted “Say It With Music.” (tIKLS’ CI UB —ROW i . S. Kerr, Vice President; P. Spence, President; S. Redgate, Secretary. ROW 2; C. Pa.scarella, Treasurer; j. Bowser, C. Albanese, Librarian. HARMONETTES — ROW i; R. Reingold, Accompanist; M. Rugg, S. Center, J. Caldwell, N. Dalton, K. Jacobsen, K. Grannan. ROW 2: S. Holland, M. Donovan, C. Feeney, R. Fletcher, P. Concannon, P. Robinson. lOI 219745 R. Cavicchi, President; H. Boyajian, Pice-President; K. Grannan, Secretary; R. McCarroll, Treasurer; R. Martori, Drum Major; Baritones: K. (lenge, D. Morano; Horns: . Aldrich, J. Baer. Clarinets: B. Coppinger, S. Edmunds, P. llchuck, R. Marbardy, S. Warren, A. Zoglio. Percussion: P. Cullinane, R. Duffy, G. Giannaris, L. Roscoe, S. Thomas, J. Vivian. Flutes: J. Howell, M. Nolan. Trottibones: W. Grannan, B. Houghton, .V. Wilson. Trumpets: R. Barnarhy, H. Boyajian, R. Cavicchi, B. Halpin, Librarian; D. Keyes, D. Mvian. The .Arlington High School Band has displayed enthusiasm and spirit over the past three years, as it participated in football games and assemblies. This year, under the direction of Mr. Taman, with Ralph Martori as drum major, the band has shown outstanding marching maneu- v ' ering techniques. No doubt many senior band members will long remember the “military-style” marching rehearsals during the football season in preparation for the half-time shows. May next year’s band have the same joyful enthusiasm. BAND BOYS’ GLEE CLUB ROW i; J. Kimball, C. Weggel, R. McCarroll, R. Foley, I.. Ponte, R. Lea, B. Halprin. ROW 2; P. Stevens, K. Genge, J. Stanger, D. Stevens, R. Martori, L. Kuhn, J. Hutton. ROW 3; R. Cavicchi, J. Pfeiffer, D. Moxham, D. Parrott, D. Hill. 102 The Boys’ Glee Club meets once a week under the excellent leadership of Mr. Einzig. They sing many beautiful ballads, Christmas , carols, and semielassical se- lections. These boys provide entertainment at school assemblies. Few organiza- tions offer a better oppor- tunity for boys to get to- gether and sing, and their performances are always admirable. MAJORETTES ROW I; N. Keefe, M. Allen, Co-Captains. ROW i-. D. Seretto, J. DeMita, J. Mantyla, C. Aubrey, J. Hover, J. Sangeleer. Rain or shine the Drum Majorettes are willing to perform at all the football games. During these games the girls participate in a colorful half-time show, per- forming numerous intricate twirling techniques and are invariably rewarded by much applause from the fans. Moreover, this year the girls initiated a snappy flag routine which was unique in this area and there- fore a very appealing addition to their act. Under the co-leadership of Nanci Keefe and Mimi Allen, the girls began practice in the spring and continued through the summer and the fall. Without exception everyone has enjoyed the color- ful sparkle and pep that the majorettes have contrib- uted to all our football games. 103 Congratulations to the class of 1960 PURDY STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS 367 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusetts 104 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method.

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