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FOREWORD Graduating seniors will always face a crisis. Our class faces not one, but many. Political, economic, racial, and religious problems confront us as well as the outstanding achievements of other nations. VVe realize that we must accept an even increasing responsibility — our country must continue to occupy its pro- minent position in the world. To do this, a greater effort must be made to advance our social, scientific, and educational standards. Our years of training at Arlington High School have given us a strong base from which we can, and will, attain this goal. CONTENTS Administration 6 Seniors Activities Athletics DEDICATION First lioic: Mary F. Barry, Ellen B. Fitzpatrick, Director; E. CInistine Norwood. Second Row: Bruce S. Gordon, Margaret Downey, Secretary. As we pupils look back on our past three years in Arlington High School, we realize the great inOuence the Guidance Department has had on us as we laid the foundations for realizing our personal ambitions. No person or organization has ever deserved recognition in our school more than our gitidance counselors. Whether we required assistance in our vocational or scholastic development, none of us was ever denied the reqttired advice. Some of us will remember that the Guidance Department secured for us our first jobs; others, the assistance offered for our college preparations. On every problem confronting us, the counselors offered wise and understanding advice. Therefore we the Graduating Cla,ss of 1958 in order to our gratitude and sincere appreciation, dedicate this Yearbook to the Arlington High School Guidance Department. 4 IN MEMORIAM JOSEPH A. TULLY " The measure of life is its excellence, not its length in years’’ 5 ADAAINIS Clifford R. Hall Superintendent of Schools Bert A. Roens A ssista n t S u peri n ten deri t TRATION r i The Chi.v ()! ' 1 !)jS is leaving Arlington High School with a record ol which they may be justly proud. The three years ol academic accomplishment and extra curiicular acli ities, in which the mem- bers ol liie Class have accjuitted them- 1 selves so well, leave many pleasant I memories. It is ni) earnest hope that each will line! ihe happiness ol doing the ihing he likes best lor his lile work, and that the luliire will allorcl many mojiienis ol personal satislaction in the ;ittainment ol desired goals. (icranl Kemp Assistant I’rinripal 1 H. Hitinig Dean of Girls Guy A. Petralia Assistant Principal CHARLES H. DOWNS Principal Seated: Douglass L. Eaton. Head of Department. Startdiug: James Cavalien, George R. S. voii Rapff. William M. Kearns, John S. Sampson, Michael Bezubka, Elmer E. Barber. Mathematics Department FAC Modern Language Department Guy A. Petralia, Head of Department: (»race R Jerardi. Bessie B. Bailey, Roy S. Bradbury. Science Department Social Studies Department mi First Roiv: Leslie H. Barrett, Carl A. Johnson, Head of Department; George P. Lowder. Second Row: James E. Kelley, Perley H. Thompson. Commercial Department First Row: Glenna Kelly, W. Ray Burke, Head of Department; Mary N. Thompson. Second Roji : Elizabeth P. McGorty, Mary C. Miller, Edith tV. Phinney, James J. Toner, Russell S. Wallace, H. Russell . lhro, Henry M. Toc ylowski, William T. Gibbs. English Department First Row: .Alexandra Krastin, Iris C. Brown, Mary E. Donovan, (ieorge .A. Lincoln, Head of Department; Lena M. Manning, Elizabeth W. Sampson, Second Row: Eleanor E. Bvam, Arline Dow, .Ann Marvin, Mary M, O’Connell, Agnes C. Bray, .Ann Coiiser. FAC Manual Arts Department First Row: Howard E. Dan- forth, Charles Fagoiie, Laurence P. Arthur, Sydney J. Sandber- ger. Home Economics Department First Row: Josephine T. Lee, May E. Campbell, Supervisor, Home Economics: Florence E. Forsyth. Second Row: Effie G. McEwen. Mary E. Green. Gladys C. Hartwig. Secretary Joan L. Brescia, Assistant Secretaiy Mary E. Colgan, Assistant Secretary I 1 I Vocational MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Barbara K. Hallos, R.N. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Nancy L. Anderson. Christine Fiorenza Front Roll’: James I. Terra- nova; Marian F. McGrath, Se- cretary; Harry J. Patterson, director; tVilliam J. Doherty; Francis ' . Kirk. Back Row: William V. Delaney; Norman R. Jacobsen; Edmund J. Lewis; Malcolm L. Allen; tValter C. V ' erney. LATIN INSTRUCTORS Dorothy Rounds, Mary E. Donovan ART DEPARLMEN L Gerald A. Robinson vTrmrnmir. ' !; SENIORS PAULINE ANN ABIZAID Allied Youth, Girls Athletic Association, Basketball, C.irls Soft- ball. CYNTHIA JOYCE ADAMIAN Allied Youth, Chronicle, Business Manager; Dramatic Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Basketball, Manager. THERESA MARY AGOSTINO Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club. BART A. ALBAN ESE DOROTHY C. ALEO Dottie Allied Youth, Girls’ Athletic Association, Office Assistant, Pep Club, Yearbook Committee. I (LflR Of 14 MARGAREl MARY ANGELOU Peggy Allied Youth, Head Marjorette LOUIS DAVID ARRIGO DAVID STEWART Louis ANTHONY MARGARET MARY Gilbert Sullivan, Student Council. ARGY Glee Club. HELEN MAGLEAN ASHTON Secretary, Senior class; Treasurer, Junior class; Allied Youth, Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club, Student Council, Girls’ softball. Girls’ Club, President. -I- 1958 RONALD JAMES AULENBACK BARBARA ANN AUSTIN liabs Uraniatic Club, Cdlbert and Sullivan, 15 DARLENE AUSTIN Dee Class Officer, Secretary Junior Class; Allied Youth, ’ice President, Junior Class; Glee Club, Office . ssistant. Pep Club, Secretary, Junior Class; Sttident Council, JOHANNA LOUISE AL.XN WARREN BANACH Al CAROL LINDA BANKART .Allied Youth, Girls’ .Athletic .Association, Office .Assistant, Pep Club, Basketball, Basketball, Eield AX ' AKIAN Lunchroom helper. Manager; Field Hockey, JOHN C. BARRY Hockey, Girls’ Softball. Pep Club. Bowling. Girls’ Softball. .Allied A ' outh. I JUNE LOUISE BARTER Pep Club. (UtSf Of PAUL I HOMAS BATTEN iJi Lhank you. TAKE 415 WILLING SENIORS MARCIA LOUISE BEATON Allied Y ' oiith, Cheer Leader, Girls’ Athletic Association, Y ' earhook coniniittee. Basketball, Girls’ Softball. RICHARD A. BEARDSLEY Dick Student Council, President; Baseball Eootball. CONSTANCE MAE BIERENBROODSPOl Connie BARBARA DELIA BELLINGHAM Art Club. Pep Club. FRED F. BE.YTTY Chronicle, Debating Bowling. 9f8 RICFIARD EDU ARD BISHOP Rick DAVID HUNTER BLACKMON C.hronide, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan. WORKING AND PLAYING CAROLYN ANN GAIL E. BONZAGNT ■Mlied Youtli, Chronicle, Publicity Manager; Art Club, Girls’ . thletic .Yssodatioii. Glee Club— RICHARD VINN BORNSTELN JEAN LOUISE BORSINI JOHN G. BOXAGLIA BON NETT Ciirls, Office Assistant, Dick Jeannie Johnny Pep Club. Pep Club. Projection Club. Pep Club. gflfi Of 18 MARY SUSAN BREEN Midgie Allied Youth, Chronicle, Ofiice Assistant, Pep Chib. ANNE BRl 1 ION Chronicle, Club Editor; (.ilbert and Sullivan, (.iris’ Choir, President; (hteens. Yearbook Coinniittee, Tennis. 19 8 R(n ' LOUIS BOURNEUF SUZ.VNNE AGNES BR.AY Sue .Allied Youth, (.irl ' s .Athletic As.sociation, (Aflice Assistant, Pep Club, A ' earbook Committee, Basketball. FRANCIS BRENNAN E runny 1 lot key. JUDFFH ANNE BRADLEY Judy Office .Assistant, Pep Club, A ' earbook Committee. R(ABER I PERRIN BR.ANSCO.MBE Bob Si ndyingr ' Whispering? JOHN ARl) BL c;klkv Buck Indoor l iack. DORO I HEA MARIE lU EEOCR Dot Xllied outh, Pep Cdiib. ROBERT ’IVAI I ER BURGE Lunchroom Helper. DAMD RAYMOND C:.UJEN1)0 Chess. CVM HIA A. CA.M.MARATA Cyndy Office .A.ssistant, Pep Club. afljf Of GERALDINE CAMPBELL Geri .Allied Youth. Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Girls’ .Athletic .Association. Gilbert and Sullivan, Library Corps, Pep c:iub. PATRICIA ANNE CAMPBELL Pat Majorettes, Pep Club. 20 IN CORPORATE UNITY ROBERT ANTHONY CAPPELLO NEVRIE ELAINE C ANNESl RARO Office Assistant, Pep Club. ELLEN CAN ! V Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic . ssociation, C.lee Club— Girls, Pep Club, Basketball. C. ROE ANN CARLSON .Mlietl Youth, Pep (ilub. JOSEPH ANDRE V CANTY Joe JEANNETTE C. c:apasso Jan Pep Club. Bob Chronicle, Dramatic Clttb, Gilbert and Stillivan, Library Corps, J ' ice-President; R.V.T. President; Tennis. Office . ssistant. Pep Wait till you taste this! Club, Yearbook Committee. 21 EUGENE THONEAS CARNEY Gene MARY EDNA CARTER Allied Youth, Chronicle, Art Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club, Basketball, Field Hockey. PAUL ANTHONY CARUSO DIRK R.MNER CASAGRANDE JEANNE MARIE CASALOU Office , ssistant. Pep Club. PHYLLIS C. CEGLIA Ginger Allied Youth, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Girls’ Athletic .Association, Pep Club. (LflfJ Of ARMENE = CHORB.AJIAN ■ — .Allied Youth, Chronicle, Dramatic Chib, Girls’ .Athletic .Association, C.ilbert and Sullivan, Pep Club. 22 He knows the angles! tmn ELAINE PAI RICIA CIMINO Allied Youth, Cheer Leader, C. iris’ Athletic Association, I’ej) Club, Secretary and T reasurer; Basketball, Bowling, Eield Hockey, Manager. PAUL JOHN CIOFI I doff •Allied A ' oiith. t WITH AN ACCENT ON pat:l erederick CLARK ROBERT F, CLARK NANCY ANN CLARKE Allied Youth, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club, Basketball. 1958 .ANTHONY TFIOMAS COLACCHIO T ony Bowling. RITA P. COLLINS I risk -Eyes Chronicle. Pep Club. PURPOSE, INITIATIVE, AND MATURITY DONNA COLUCI Allied Youth, Chronicle. Girls’ .Athletic .Association, Majorettes, basketball. U’lLbERI HAMlI.rON CONNOR Pete AVILLIAM FRANCIS CONNORS Gus AVILLIAM B. COOKE SYDNEY M. COOPER Syd Office .Assistant, Yearbook Committee. i I I i (Lfl« Of MARLENE A. COPPOLA Ma Loo much EILLEAN S. COSMAN Lilly 24 A GRACE E. CUR EIS C irls’ Athletic Association, Library Corps, Pep Club. 14 cents clue. CAROLYN KATHERINE CURTIN Allied Youth, Chronicle. Girls’ , thletic .Association. Pep Club. Student Council, Acarbook Committee. Eddie Eisher’s Palsl W. EDWARD DANIELL Eddie .ANN D.AA IDSON Bunny .Allied Youth, Dramatic Club. Cdlbert and Sullivan, Girls’ Cilee Club, Girls’ Choir, Pep Chib. Of S.ANDRA LOUISE DAVIEAU Sandy PAULINE ELLEN DEAL Allied Youth, Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Chib, Girls’ Choir, Pep Club. KENNETH EDWARD DEMPSEY COMBINE PERSEVERANCE 1 SOURAN M. DER ANANIAN Sam PATRICIA MARY Dramatic Club, Cilbert ANNE DESCHAMPS aiul Sullivan, Boys’ Glee Pat Club, Lunchroom Pep Club, Girls’ helper, Bowling. Softball. D.WID HENRY DOCTOROEF Doc WILLIAM H. DOHERTY Hilly (filbert and Sullivan, CjIcc C;1u 1). j 27 MARJORIE MARY DOHERTY Margie Chronicle, Girls’ ■Athletic .A.s.sociation, Pep Club, Basketball, Girls’ Softball. ROBERT EDWARD DOHERTY Bob Yearbook Committee, Tennis. Art .Appreciation I KL1ZA15E1 H ANN DONOVAN Betty C. ills’ Atliletic Association, Pep Cluli, Basketball, Field Hockey, C.irls’ Softball. JAMES I). DONOVAN Eiinchroom helper. AEAN GREGO RY DOORAKIAN At DORO EHV . EARIE DOWNEY Dot Office Assistant. DE NNE MARIE DOYLE Girls’ Athletic Association, Glee Glitb, Girls’ Ghoir, Pep Gliib, Office Assistant, Basketball, Held Hockey, Girls’ Softball. (Lflyr Of -j- ' I™ ■- I’.se for the teacher! I ERESA ELINOR DOYLE Terry DA ID LEE DURLING Library Canps, Treasurer; Projection Glitb. JAMCE MARIE mkEXS Allied Youth, Gills’ Athletic Association, I’ep Cluh, Basketball EEI .ABEl H ANNE EDWARDS Betty Cdlbeit and Sullivan Club, Girls’ Glee Club, I’ep Club. 9f8 E EEVN EOUISE EEEICANI Lynn Allied Youth, Girls’ Athletic Association, I’ep Club. RICHARD N EINLAYSON BEVEREY J.WICE ENG Honor Roll, Chronicle, feature Editor; Dramatic Cdub, Co-Chairman Publicity; Art tilub. Secretary; Gilbert and Sidlivan Club, RA . 1 . Club, A.H.S. Representative at Women’s Club. Bring it back. C. ' tROLYN MRGINIA EUS I IS Carol .MICHAEL INGENT EAIOLA Football, Captain; Hockey. PAMELA KATHLEEN ELAHERTY GERALD JOSEPH Pam ROBERT STEPHEN FITZGERALD Jerry ROBERT A. RONALD EDWARD Honor Roll, Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Girls’ EIORENZA Chronicle, Advertising FITZGERALD FITZP.ATRICK Choir, R.V.T. Club, Bob Manager; Bowling. Dob Ronnie Yearbook Committee. (Lfl« Of PAUL PETER ELANAGAN Latin Glub, Scriba; Eootball, Hockey. JAMES DENNIS ELATLEY -Mliecl Youth, Boys’ C.lee Club, Football. 30 HU H H! mnm i APPLY SELF-CONTROL LINDA ELIZABETH FLORES Allied Youth, Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Girls’ Athletic y ssociation. Pep Club. ROBERT H. FOLEY Bowling. DONNA JEAN FORD CARL JOSEPH FORMICHELLl Bones RITA J. FORM .Llliecl Youth, Chronicle, Girls ' , thletic Association, Pep C:iub, Clinic Office Assistant. 19 8 WILLIAM ROBER I FOR FEY Football. JAY HERBERT FOWLER up? 31 MAINTAIN GOOD WILL (W» Of VERNA FRANCES FUCILE RIC:HARD E. FOWLER JOHN DAVID FRANCIS Jack Allied Youth, Lunchroom helper. You tlon ' t say!!! SHEILA LEE FRANCIS Girls’ Athletic . ssociation. Pep Club, Basketball. Field ROBERT FRAN OS.k RICHARD JAMES FRASER Hockey, Girls’ Softball. Elvis Dick PETER JAMES EREYER ■Senior Class President; Student Council, Football, Indoor Track. 1 1 1 ROBERT ANTHONY CtAZZA Rabbit Baseball, Football, Indoor Track. M. RY PATRICE GESWELI. CI.II ION Ri rCIIENER (.ENT.E dill Library Ciorps, Ba.seball, F ool ball. 1958 I RANCE.S ELIZABETH FURLONG Frannie . rt Club, Pep Club, Yearbook Art Coininittee. LOIS EL.UNE GAMMELL Allied Youth, C.hronicle, Girls’ . thletic .Association, Pep Club, Student Council, Vice President; Basketball, Manager; Field Hockey. DOROTHY .ANN GARLAND Dot tie Girls’ Athletic . ' Association, Girls’ Choir, Pep Club, Bowling, Yearbook Conimittee. (.ERALD JOHN GASS Jerry AA ' as the test hard? n I ' ll DOROTHY FRANCES C.IM15LE1T Dottie Honor RoU, Gills ' NEIL KENNETH Athletic Association, SUSAN GOOUENOIT.H LUCY LEAR GOULD GILI.IS Office - ssistant. Pep Flonor Roll, (dlls ' Chronicle, Dramatic JOHN FRANCES Gross Country, Indoor Cdtil), Yearbook Choir, Treasurer; Club, Library Corps. GIBEIN Track. Coni mittee. Office .Assistant. R.A ' .T., Secretary. V Lfln Of TO FELLOW STUDENTS JUDITH UOl ISE GUSTAFSON Judy Allied Youth, Girls’ Athletic Association, Majorettes, Baskethall. MARIUYN ALICE (TERRA Allied Youth, Ghronicie, I’ep Cluh, ' earhook Committee Baskethall. PETER (T.RAUl) GREY Chronicle, Lunchroom helper. U.VURENCE E. GR.U Larry JOHN HAGG Utinchroom helper 19 8 JOYCE ANN HAIGH Chronicle, Dramatic Club, I’ep Cluh. DI.VNA HAUL Chronicle, Office Assistant, I’cp Club, Yearbook Comtrrittee. LOYALTY TO A.H.S. ' i I NANCY BARBARA HALL Chronicle, Office Assistant. ROBERT CHARLES HAMILTON Ham CAoss Country, Indoor Track. RICHARD HAIG HAROLITLNIAN Harry ELAINE JOAN HARRINGTON Office Assistant, Pep Club. MARILYN ANNE HASSETT Allied Youth, Chronicle, Pep Club. (LflH Of THOMAS RICHARD HAWKES Ray PAUL C. HAYWARD Cdironide, Ltinchroom helper. Yearbook Committee. 36 iliffiil fi 1 1 rr 1 1 ft! 1 1 1 1 II II 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 iTir JOSEPH PA I RICK HERLIHV WILLIAM R. HEI SER Hilly Luiuliroom helper. NOR.MAN SANEORD IIEWEV Debating Club. President; Dramatic C:itib, Gilbert and Siilivan, Glee Club- Hoys’, Chairman. MURIEL LESLIE HICKEY .Allied Youth, Chronicle C. iris’ .Athletic .Association, Girls’ Choir, Pep Club, A ' earbook Committee, Basketball. Bowling, C.irls’ Softball. BARBARA ANNE HICKSON Babs .Allied Youth, Girls’ .Athletic A,s.sociation, Office .Assistant, Pep C;iub. Bowling, Girls’ Softball. 19 8 DONALD ROUKRT HOI RIH AN Donny Lunchroom helper, Football. JOAN ELIZABETH KATHLEEN THERESA RUTH C. HOUSER HI DSON HURLEY Ruthie Honor Roll, .Lllied Kay Allied Votith. Youth. Dramatic Club. Chronicle, Dramatic Chronicle, Pep Club, Library Corps, R.V.T., DAVID LEIGH HUNT Club, Library Corps, Basketball. Yearbook, Co-editor. Dave Office .Yssistant. (Lfl« Of KATHLEEN ANN HUTCHINSON Kathy Chronicle, Girls ' Athletic Association, Office Assistant, Pep Club. Girls’ Softball. LOIS MARIE HYNES Glee Gliib, Girls ' Choir. 38 I I INI I I I 1 I I n I I 1 1 1 T I I I I I I I I I I M I I I T1 1 i fidelity to country. SUSAN H. JEFFREY Sue Art Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club. EDITH THERESA J EPSON Edee Allied Youth, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Chib, Basketball, Field Hockey. DAVID HAROLD JOHNSON Gilbert and Sullivan, Projection Club. DAVID TOWLE JOHNSTON D. J. Dramatic Club, Projection Chib, Bowling. THOMAS FRANCIS JONES Jigger CARL PETER JORC.ENSEN Pete Band. 19 8 JOSEPH A. JUFFRE Bowling. 39 rickets, please! ; ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY I ' I 1 I DIANA MARY KASARJIAN Di Gilbert and Sullivan, Girls’ Glee Club. 1 . UL DAVID KEATING f Keats EILEEN M. KELLEY Girls’ Athletic RICH.VRD EDW.ARD Association, Office KEENAN Assistant , Pep Club. ROBERT JOHN KELLEY Bob Bowling. am Of .STEPHEN JOSEPH KENEITCK Steve CHRISTEL HELGA KOEPPE Pep C lub, Student Council, Tennis, (.iris’ Glee Club, Basketball. Honor Roll. 40 Right (hange? I9f8 RL ' in MARII. I.1 ' .AR Rut hie JAMES I’HII.Il’ EAGRASSA Jim MARY MARGARE ' I EAHIEE Girls’ Atliletic Associaiion, I’ep Ghib. DORO EHV RITA LANDIN ' ! Dot Office Assistant. M.VRY I.OLI LAW EER ■ Mlied Youth, C hronicle, Pep C.luh, Basketball. ■■ [.C-MES EREDERK K l.AVVSON,JR. Jim Honor Roll. Ghess, Outdoor Track. PHYLLIS . NN I.. BRIOLA Phil Pep Gluh. W hat a bird! WILLIAM FAWCETT I ' A I RICIA ANN LEONARD Pat C.iiis ' Athletic Association, Office N ' OREEN M. RV LEE Assistant, I’ep Chib, LIND.V LEE LEWIS LINCOLN Bill .Allied Youth, Chronicle, Gilbert and Gilbert and Sullivan, Sullivan, Glee Club- C, iris’ Choir, Secretary; CHRISTY RICHARD Boys’, Yearbook Harnionettes, LIGOR Committee, Golf, (LflH Of CAROL ANN LOCKE Library Corps, Office Assistant, CARL THEODOR LIND Ted Honor Roll, Band, Debating, Orchestra, Student Council, Treasurer; Basketball, 42 ORGANIZE STUDY HABITS RITA 1 ERESA LOETUS Allied Youth, Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic Association, I’ep Club, Yearbook Committee, Basketball. RALPH LAURENCE LOVUOLO LINDA ANN LOYALL Allied Youth, Chronicle, Office Assistant, Pep Club. JANET ELIZABETH MACDONALD Janie Allied Youth, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Glub. SANDRA MIGHELLE MACDOUGALL Sandy Allied Youth, Dramatic Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Gilbert and Sullivan, Pep Club, Yearbook Committee, Basketball. I 19 8 HELEN MARGARET MACLEOD Allied Youth, Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club, Basketball. DONALD ARTHUR MACKIE Gilbert and Sullivan, Golf. 43 BE CONSIDERATE TO OTHERS I’A I RICIA ANNE MADDEN Pat .Yllied Youth, Chronicle, Girls’ MARY EELEN MAGURN JOAN MARIE MAHONEY .Allied A ' outh, PHILIP JAMES Athletic .Yssociation, Allied Youth, Girls’ C.heerleader, Chronicle, M.AL.ATEST.A Girls’ Choir, Office , thletic Association, Girls’ .Athletic Mai .Assistant, Pep Club, Pep Club, Basketball .Vssociation, Pep Club, .Allied Youth, Football, WALTER MALEY R.V.T., Tennis. Chronicle. President; Basketball. Manager. Wickem (LflH Of NANCY RITA MALGERI MAUREEN TERESE MALX ' EY Bonnie Allied Yoiitli, Chronicle, OHice Assistant, I’ep Club, Basketball. ■ I I See how simple it is? (958 f -:9t ■ms’ MARIE K. MARINO JOHN MARINER C;hess, Debating, (.ilbert and Sullivan, (dec Club, R.V.T. Our dependable friends. JOAN LOIS MARGOSIAN ■Allied Youth, Chronicle, Circulation Manager; Girls’ Athletic .Association, OlTice .Assistant, Orchestra, Treasurer in Junior A’ear; Pep Club. LUCILLE RITA MANOLI Chronicle, Debating, Dramatic Chib, C.irls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club WILLIAM JOHN MANNING BUI Orchestra. PHILIP D.AA ' ID MARCUS Honor Roll. WILFRED MALV ' EY Willie I I DONALD ARTHUR McCARRON Don l.uiicliroom helper. RICHARD JOSEPH MARLIN Dramatic Club. M. RGUERnE MASERIAN Maggie - rt Club, Glee Club, Girls’ Choir, Yearbook Com mittee. ROBERT MATTOLA Bob Baseball. Basketball. JOHN A. McCULLOCH Library Corps, Projection C lub, Physics Laboratory .Assistant. JE. N ELIZABETH MARSHALL C.ilbert and Sullivan, C.lee Cdub, Girls’ Choir, Harmonettes. JOANNE MARIE MAYER Chronicle, Girls’ •Athletic -Association, Pep Club. (Lfl« Of n I in I mri ii 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 rm DISPLAY LEADERSHIP NANCY ANN MCGURL Chronicle, Office Assistant, Girls’ Athletic Association I’ep Clttb, Yearbook Committee. DEBORAH McGINLEY Debbie . lliecl Youth Club, Cihronide, I’cp Club RIC HARD MICHAEL McELLIGOTT Mel Bowling, Cross Ciouniry, CA)lf. Indoor I ' rack. ALAN TABER MCKENZIE Mac Chess, Latin Club RUTH ELLEN mc:kiel Rut hie I’ep Club. 1958 DONALD JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN M. RILYN JEAN .MCLAUGHLIN Dramatic Club. Girls ' Cihoir, Gilbert and Sid li van. President: Glee Club, Harmonettes. Mac i WALTER JOSEPH MCLEAN Hockey. MICHAEL JOSEPH McNAMARA Mike Eootball, Indoor Track, JOANNE EDWINA McPHILIMY Jo Gilbert and Sullivan JOSEPH EDWARD McWilliams Eddie Lunchroom helper. Club, Girls’ Glee Clidj, Girls’ Choir, Office - ssistant. Pep Club, Bowling. ANNE ELLEN McQUEENEY Pep Club. (LflH Of JEAN E. MEDEIROS Jeannie Chronicle, Girls’ . thletic Association, Pep Club. JUDITH LEE MEYER Judy -■ llied Youth, Cheerleader, Girls’ . thletic .Association, Secretary; Basketball, Field Hockey, Captain; Girls’ Softball. 48 1958 JANICE lU RE MOORE Jan t;lu()iiicle, Dramatic Club, (.ilbcrl and Sullivaii, I’ep Cliilj, Bowling. BEA 1 ric;e D.WVN MOORE Dau ' ti C. iris’ Athletic Assotiatioti, C.ilbeit and Stillivan. I’ep Clliib MAREWNE DEBORAH MIELE Smiley Basketball. (.uards of honorl )ovc;e barb.vra .MIELEY . llied Youth, C.irls’ (.lee Clttb, (.ills’ (ilioir, I’ep Clttb. VILEI. M LESTER .MILLS Bill JOYCE K. MOOR.VDIAN CONS L. NCE JOAN MOLLOY Connie Pep Club. VMn Tu JACQUELINE E. MORELAND JOHN L. MOORE Eundnoom helper. Jackie -Mlied Youth, Chronicle, Girls ' Athletic .Association, Pep Club, R.V. r.. Basketball, Bowling, Tennis. JOHN I HEODORE MORINE Ted Lunchroom helper. Projection Chib, Football. KEV IN FRANCIS MORONEY Cross Country, Indoor I ' rack. RICHARD FR.VNCIS .MORRIS Lunchroom helper. Baseball. Supply Sergeant!!! (LflfJ Of CONSTANCE BROOKS MORRISON Connie G.A.A., : S., Vice- Pres.; Harmonettes, Pep Club, Basketball, Field Hockey, (.iris’ Choir. CLAIRE ELIZABETH MOSELEY .Allied Youth, Chronicle, Pep Club, Basketball, Bowling. I mill I ri I mil hr 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 it n mt mu ASSERT MODERATION KE IN NICHOLAS MURRAY Debating, Dramatic Club, Football. JUDITH ANN MULLEN Judy Office As,sistant. PAUL EDWARD MURPHY Lunchroom helper. CATHERINE LORET LA MURPHY Kay )OHN MURPH Projection Club. 1958 . IAR(,ARET MARY MURRAY Margo Office Assistant, ' earhook Committee. L.UJR.V JEAN N.VSTASI Cirls’ Athletic .Vssociation, Allied Youth, Pep Club. • V thousand times, NO. DEVELOP SOUND JUDGMENT — ■ i- :i JUNE RO.SE NEARY Junie ANC.ELA MARIA NE OLA A ngie .Mlied Youth, Chronicle, Girls’ ALBERT EDWARD NORMAN HUGH RON.U.D . RTHUR NORRIS Cihionide, Office . thletic .Association, NICOLORO NIA’EN Allied A ' outh, Baseball. . ssistaiit. Pep Club. Majorette, Pep Club. Nick Lunchroom helper. Eootball. Indoor Track. I (Lfljr Of MARY ELLEN OCONNOR Maizie Allietl Youth. C.hroiiicle. Pep ( lub. . nd the Ball plays on! ROBERT KEVIN O BRIEN Luiithroom helper. -nTiti ri 958 josLm PAiRic;k O ' SHEA C.ONC.E 1 riNA NA EAEIE I’AEOMliA Tina Allied Youth, Chronicle, I’ep Cluh. HL ' GH EDWARD O ' DOXMEE Xed I’rojectiou Cluh. CEORC.IA ORl’H.VNOS Allietl Youth, Cheerleader, Co-Captain. Girls’ Athletic .Association, Office .Assistant, Student Council, Secretary; Rasketball, Eield Hockey, Girls ' Softball, Chronicle. A ' ou shoidd know your linesl JANET EEIZABE 1 H O ' KEEEE Jan .Majorettes, Pep Club, C. iris ' Softball, Basket- ball, KEA IN MNCENT O’LEARY Debating, Glee Chib, Yearbook Connnittee, Basketball. RICHARD C ARL OLSON ARLEEN HELEN PAVNTER PHILIP E. PARENT 1 Junie MICHAEL JOSEPH PARR Mike I RANCIS JOSEPH PARROTT Frank GAIL MARIE PATTERSON liowTing. (LflH Of Leeny Chronicle, Girls ' Athletic Association, Pep Clnb. PATRICA MARY PAYNTER Pat Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Cliih, Basketball, Field Hockey, Girls’ Softball. RICH.VRD M. PENTA Dick 51 I mil 1 1 T 1 1 m I rrn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 If I in n ACT WITH FORETHOUGHT LOUIS ERNEST PERRIELLO Louie K ROBERT ELMER PETERSON Lefty MARY FRANCES PETTEE Allied Youth, Chronicle, Pep Club, Basketball, Girls’ Athletic Association. - -1 I ANNE ELIZABETH PHETTEPLACE Pep Club. - MARY VIRGINIA PICCIUOLO Butch Allied Youth, Cheerleader, Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic •Association, Pep Club, Student Council, Basketball, Bowling. 19 8 WALTER EDWARD PIERCE Bomia Band, Gilbert and Sidlivan, Boys’ Glee Club. JUDITH A. PIERSON Judy •Allied A’outh, Girls’ •Athletic Association, ■Majorettes, Office •Assistant, Basketball, Girls’ Softball. 55 AND, NOW TOMORROW I I DONALD E. PIKE Library Corps, RA’.T. WILLIAM JAMES PON TIN Bill CLAIRE COLET I E POTHIER Honor Roll, Girls’ Glee Club, Treasurer; Office Assistant, Yearbook Committee. JOHN HOWARD POTTER LAURENCE LYNAH POTTER Larry ams Of No gossiping, please! CAROLEANN MARIE PRESTON Dizzy Allied Youth, Girls’ .Vthletic . s.sociation. Basketball. Bowling. ROBERT J. RADOCHIA Radish Dramatic Club. ! ! 56 I iitii 1 1 II I n I irmi i i ii 1 1 1 w VINCENT A. RESTIVO J ' in Debating, Italian Club, President; E.B.H. 1958 CONSTANCE V. ROACH Con nie Allied Vouth, Chronicle (iirls’ Athletic Association, Yearbook Committee, Basketball. Captain, Sophomore. MABEL J. RIVALS (.ills ' Athletic Association, Clee Club Cirls’ Choir, I’en Club. Basketball. JOANNE ELIZABETH RICHARDSON Jodie Chronicle, Girls’ - thletic Association, Clee Club, Girls’ Choir, Pep Chib, Basketball, Bowling. Nothing lelt to cont|uer! WILLIAM LEWIS REID Bill CHARLES AUSTIN . ' Ulied Youth, Chess, REINGOLD Chronicle, I.ibrary Corps, Honor Roll, Chess, Projection Club. Debating, Orchestra, ROBERT REEVES Football. R.V.T., Tennis. THOMAS ROBBIO Tom Soup ' s oil! JOANNE ROBERTSON Jo Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic Association, Glee Club, J ' ice President; I’ep Club, Basketball, Tennis. PAUL RICHARD ROBINSON Allied Youth, Chronicle, Lunchrooni helper. NORMAN T. ROURKE CYNTHIA LOUISE RUGG Cindi Honor Roll, Chronicle, Debating, Girls ' -Athletic Association, Gilbert and Sullivan, Secretary; Glee Club, Girls’ Choir, Harinonettes, Yearbook Conmiittee, Latin Club, Exchange student to Sweden, suninier of 1957. ( Mii Of A PROMISE OF CHARLES SARGENT S. MESON Tack Honor Roll, Chess Club, Latin Club, Cbronide, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. PETER KENl S. MSLRV Sam Chess Club, Drainatie Club, Library Corps. GEORGE GABRIEL SAHADV Debating Club, Tice- Piesident. AN LHONY SAM lO EES Tony GEORGE DONALD RICHARD SANDBERG Don JAMES J. SAYERS l.untbroom helper. 1958 NANCY S.VRKISIAN Allied Youth Club, Girls’ . ' Vtbletic .Assodation, Pep Club, Eiekl Hotkey. f ( f i i i { { i 1, i i i { i { i i i iiii nil ntti. MARY L. SCANLAN Queen Allied Youth Club, Chronicle, Pep Club, Basketball. DOMEMC .MICHAEL SCARPATO Donny B.VRBARA SCHAEJBE -Mlied Yotith Club, Cheerleader, Girls’ .Vthletic .Vssociation, Luuchrooni helper, Pejt Club. Eield Hockey. S.WDRA ANN SCHREI I ER Sandy .Vllied Youth Club, Cheerleader, Chronicle, Girls’ .Athletic .Association, Girls ' Choir, ] ' ice-President; Pep Chdr, Stuilent Council, Basketball, Eield Hotkey. GEORGE SCHL l)XAC.HO VSKI (LflJf Of t r PATRICIA HELEN SEIBEL Pat Office Assistant, Pep Club, Yearbook Committee. 1958 VIEEI. M JOSEPH SCULLY Bill Baseball, Basketball. Our esteemed JOHN ERANCIS SEFTON Jack Basketball. FRANCIS LEO SENNOTT Frank MYRAN SEREILIPIT Sep Chronicle, Girls ' . tblctic Association, Pep Club, Basketball, Bowling. ROS.MJE LEAH SEVENE Rosie NANCY ANNE SEDOEI Pep Club, LORAIXE F. SMH H BARBARA JANET SIMPSON JANICE ELIZABELH SLOCUM CAROL ANN SMI I II Cheerleader, Co- Captain; Pep Chib, Chronicle, Student Barb Jan Chronicle, Art Chib, Council, Office Assistant. JOHN S. SIMON Chronicle, Girls ' Art Club, Girls ' President; Girls ' Girls’ Athletic Debating Club, Athletic Association, Athletic Association, .Vthletic Association, Association, J ' ice- President; Yearbook, Pep Club, Tennis, Glee Club, Girls’ Choir, Office Assistant, Yearbook President; Basketball, Co-Editor. Basketball. Pep Cditb. Committee. Field Hockey. (LflH Of SOLVEIG ELEANOR SOGNNAES Sog Allied Youth Club, Chronicle, Glee Club, Pep Club, Girls ' Athletic Association. Do the Continental! 62 DIPLOMA WITH A CORINNE ANN SQUIRES Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic Association, Gilbert and Sullivan, Majorettes, Office .Vssistant, Pep Club, Yearbook Connnittee, REYN 01,1) SPECTOR Honor Roll. Chronicle, Assistant Editor; Debating Club, Vice-President; Latin Club, President. JOANNE M, SPELLMAN , llied Youth, Pep Club, Curls’ Athletic •Association, C,irls’ ■Softball, Field Hockey, , NN M.VRIE SPRISSLER (.iris’ , thletic Association, Pep Club Basketball, Field Hockey. MARY ELIZABETH STANGER Basketball. JOHN ARTHUR STANLEY Jack 19 8 PATRICIA MARG.ARET STANLEY Pat Chronicle, Office As.sistant, I’e|} Club. 2x2 = 4 JANE CATHERINE SERACHAN WIELIAM M. SUTTIE Bill SARA SUE I HOMPSON Suzie Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan. Girls’ Glee Club, Girls ' Choir, Otlice Assistant, Pep Club. - NTHONY JA.MES d IBERII Ti Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Lunchroom helper. JEAN MARIE 1 lERN’EY Pep CUub. 61 I i SEAN EDVV.XRD I lERNEY Honor Roll, J ' ice- President, .Senior Cdass; Chronicle, Sports Editor; Baseball. Captain: Basketball, Exchange Student to Portugal summer of 1957. (LflH Of I ’OTE! That ' s the important thiiij MORTIMER FRANCIS rOOMEY Mart Allied Youth, Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Bowling, Golf. P.U ' EINE TOI’JIAN A naush ILDIKO A-L TOTH Ildi RONALD R. TRANI Ronnie ROBERT TOSCANO 958 JANET MARY TREACY Jan I’ep Club. RICHARD PRATT TROY Dick Cross Country, Hockey Rl ' TH EILEEN . NNE MARGARET OGEE .Vllied Youth Club, C;hronicle, Girls ' .Vthletic .Association, C.ilbert and Sullivan, Girls’ Choir, Harmonettes, Office JUDYTHE D.ARl.A AVALDEN Judie Honor Roll, Allied Youth. Editor, Chronicle; Dramatic Club, .Art JOHN JOSEPH AVALSH Jackie .Allied Youth, Glee ERIl Y .Assistant, Yearbook C;lub, .Majorettes, Office Club, Baseball, Rut hie C ommittee. .Assistant. Basketball. .MARYGAIL AVALSH (LflH Of CAIHRYN ANNE WARREN Cathy Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Library Corps, President; Yearbook Committee. JAMES HAROLD VATSON ]im - llied Youth, T reasurer; Student Council, Chronicle, Baseball, Basketball, Manager; Treasurer, Senior Class. 66 SIGNIFYING OUR ACHIEVEMENT BERNARD FRANCIS WELCH liernie I’rojectioii Clul), Cross Coil ntry. MI RIEL ANN WENNBERG Honor Roll, Chronicle, C.irls’ Athletic Association, Gilhert and Sullivan, Glee Clnh, C.irls’ C.hoir, Harmonettes, Yearbook C.omniittee. SALLY ANN WENTZELL Sally (.lee Chib, Chris’ Choir, Library Corps, Office Assistant, Pep Chib, ’earbook Cioininittee. SUE CAROL CVEY.MOUTH Cihronicle, Office ROGER E. WESSELLS Assistant. V lit: I9f8 if BARBARA ANN WHITE Barb Jtmior C.lass, Vice- President; Chronicle, Copy Editor; Cilec Chib, Library Corps, Office Assistant, Pep Chib, Student Council, Yearbook Coininiltee. BEVERLY ANN WILLIAMS Bev Cilinic Assistant. y 67 - 4 DIANA RUTH WILLIAMS Willy Pep Club. FORREST WESTON WILLIAMSON IT oods Allied Youth, Band, Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Orchestra, R.V.T., Chairman; PAUL FRANCIS Lennis. WILLWER FH JOHN CHARLES WILSON ■Vllied Youth, Football, Hockey, Co-Captain. ISABELLA P. WILSON Pat , rt Club, Glee Club, Girls’ Choir, Pep Club. CUtSf Of Make mine chocolate. Town of W ' ealth! I I in I I I II IT I I lITTI I I I I I I I I I I II II I I I 11 I TTTT lYfifTi fYiTi-YfYi ' 1958 BOOM!!!! FLORENCE LINNEA VV ' IRSEN Chronicle, Girls’ Athletic Association, Pep Club. .Silhouette, Silhouette, Silhouette JOAN EVELYN VYMAN Dramatic Club, Treasurer; Girls’ Athletic Association, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, President, Office Assistant, Pep Club, Yearbook Committee, Bowling. HELEN JOAN WO Joan Dramatic Club, President, 1957; Secretary, 195G; C.ilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Girls’ Choir, Pep Club. WOODS PAUL HENRY WIR .BURGER . ttention. Please! .STEPHEN YEO No Clicks Charles Richard Anthony Lynda Lee Austin Donald Edward Barry John Joseph Buckley Ralph Henry Burpee Richard Walter Carroll Paul Cody Eugene Christopher Courtney Melvin Cramer Edward J. Davis Frank B. Downey Basil Eliopoulos Eleanor Ann Gentile John Edward Gilbert Richard Lewis Hamilton John Barnard Heaney Leonard E. LaRue Carmen Ralph Malgeri Paul Francis McCluskey Thomas McGreevey Ronald Charles McLaughlin Robert Alan Richards Doris Grace Robinson Paul John Saunders Charles Michael Sewall Edward William Sheehan James Louis Surrette David C. Widder Class History An anxious, excited throng gatliered outside the Lowe Auditorium on Sep- tember 8, 1955,— a throng that would, in a few short years, comprise the graduating class of 1958, Our apprehensions were soon allayed by the reassuring greeting of Mr. Downs to us as we started our high school career. Our sophomore year was filled with memorable events. The football team consummated a successful season by trouncing Melrose at the annual Thanks- giving game. We were fortunate in having a charming Turkish girl as our first exchange student. Funds were raised for a future student during Student Council Week. The Dramatic Club kept us in suspense during a memorable evening with a spine-tingling performance of “The Ghost Train.” During the spring, the Gilbert and Sullivan Club delighted us with the fanciful and ever-popular “Babes in Toyland.” Soon afterward, pupils were cramming and burning the midnight oil in preparation for final exams. Magically, all of us survived and headed our separate ways for the summer vacation. Yes, our carefree summer tlays were ove r. Suddenly, almost without warning, we assumed the routine of a day’s work; but with high hopes we set about our tasks. Soon, the football season was in full swing, climaxed by the traditional Thanksgiving Day game between Arlington and Melrose. We “brought home the goal posts”, as a reminder of our 47-7 victory. A few weeks later, the Dramatic Club’s presentation “Father Knows Best” was received with warm-hearted laughter. Christmas was in sight, and the music of our annual assemblies spread joy and goodwill to every heart. A future Modiste Who knows the Date? Doesn ' t anybody Understand? 70 With January came the election of our Junior Class officers. Soon afterward, the Gilbert and Sullivan Club presented “The Fortune Teller” which was immensely enjoyed by all. Then came the Junior Prom with its assurance of a wonderful time for all. Following this were the Scholastic Aptitude Tests. A great sigh of relief was heard, and there was always the consolation that we would have another chance. As June rolled around and we displayed our class rings, there was a slight note of sadness in the air for the time of our departure was near. We were through for anotlier year, and the thoughts of our summer’s activities filled our minds. After the summer, we eagerly looked forward to our last and most memorable year at A. H. S. Renovations in the school necessitated a few half days of school in September, and our foreign exchange student from Germany arrived to share the year with us. Thanksgiving came, bringing the annual football party which celebrated another victory over Melrose. The Dramatic Club kept us “in stitches” with its production of “The Family Nobody Wanted,” and a few weeks later the impressive Christmas assembly was the perfect beginning for our vacation. Shortly after returning to school in January, we took the Scho- lastic Aptitude Tests for the last time only to be confronted later by the Achievement Tests. In the Spring, the characters of the Prince of Pilsen cavorted before us as the Gilbert and Sullivan Club presented its annual operetta. We had been told that the senior year would be over before we knew it; and, as we prepared with breathless excitement and apprehension for the Senior Prom, we realized this to be true. The magic night passed all too quickly. Days passed swiftly till Class Day and Graduation ushered in the ending of our most memorable high school year. Right over there! Here ' s your lunch. Way up to 38, slave. James I. Terraiiova, Edmund J. Lewis, Norman R. Jacobsen, Malcolm L. Allen, Villiam V, Delaney, Walter C, Verney, Francis V. Kirk, Harry J, Patterson, Villiam J. Doherty. 72 Vocational History As we look back over the past three years, there are many things which will remind us of the days we spent at Arlington Vocational High School. Our sophomore year of shop training consisted of getting accjuainted with the special tools and instruments of our trade. The radio boys started out by building simple electronic circuits. The machine boys performed elementary operation on the different machines of the trade. The automotive boys learned the fundamentals of good car maintenance and worked on engines mounted on stands. In our junior year our shop training was a little more intensive. The machine shop boys were instructed on many machine operations. The radio boys were able to repair any type of radio. They also went into the shop theory of televisions. The automotive juniors wcjrked on customers cars and became proficient in the servicing of them. Working with the seniors they performed all the jobs required in the trade. Some of the more advanced students were able to go out on the co-operative plan, which consists of going to school class week and out in the trade shop week. During the three years we took trips to such places as the Navy Yard, General Motors and the Electronic development center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Now that we have completed our training in our respective trades, we are prepared to go out into industry and perform the jobs required in our particular trade. 1 ?, II The V’S Best All Arouiul: David Anlhony Most Po])ular: Philip Parenti Best Actor: John Buckley Most Musical: William Heiiser Most lutelligeut: Paul Hayward Most Athletic: Thomas Rohhio Most Likely to Succeed: Basil Eliopoulos ' ittiest: John Btickley Best Dancer: Donald McCarron Most Attractive: Thomas Rohhio Most Bttsinesslike: Basil Eliopoulos Most Talkative: Wilfred Malvey Most Artistic: Philip Parenti Best Dressed: Edward Mc Villiams Most Polite: Basil Eliopoulos Most Nattiral Mechanic: John Heaney Neatest Workman: John Heaney Tallest: Laurence Potter Shortest: James Donovan Shyest: John Heaney The A’S Mr. .Miss Phys. Ed., M. Eaiola, J. Meyer Mr. Miss . 11 America, P. Freyer, L. Smith Mr. : Miss Dreamboat, J. Wilson, E. Jepson Mr. Miss riiespian, K. Murray, J. Woods .Mr. Miss Jester, R. Cappello, E. Canty Mr. Miss 1. Q., S. Tierney, B. Eng Mr. Miss Courtesy, J. Watson, S. Sogannes .Mr. Miss Gootl Fortune, S. Eierney, B. Eng .Mr. Miss Chatterbox, R. Cappello, M. Pic- ciuolo Mr. Misses Personality Plus, R. Beardsley, H. Ashton, G. Orphanos .Mr. Miss Artiste, R. Cappello, C. Smith Mr. Miss G. Clef, E. Williamson, M. Mc- Laughlin Miss Debonair, J. Waklen .Mr. Efficiency, A. Tiberii .Miss Twinkle Toes, P. Lahriola Mr. and Mrs. Koeppe OUR EXCHANGE STUDENT 6 months old! 78 Christel’s Higli School in Germany Christel with her Mother Frau Doctor Rushmann, Director; High School faculty Christel Helga Koeppe First Ron ' : J. Caklwell, ,. C.ammell, Vice President; Orphanos, Secretary; R, Beardsley, President; C. Find, Treasurer; B. .uckcr, J. Beggan. Second Row; C. Cairtin, D. Austin. N. Fantazian, I). Lance, S. Stella, C. Margosian, B. Lind, B. FVhite. Third Row; M. Piccinolo, L. Smith, 1). Anthony, S. Sthreitei, C. Koeppe, C. Rohbat. STUDENT COUNCIL Again this year, as it has been in the past, Student Council was faced with the problem of raising the necessary funds to support a foreign student in 1959. Along with the established and traditional methods of raising money the Student Council attempted some original ideas which we hope shall set a precedent for years to come. Once again we held Student Council week, with its traditional “Tag Days” which proved a financial success. W ' e also sold banners, pins, and book covers which added a sizeable amount to our fund. Perhaps the most significant event on the Student Council calendar was the Sadie Hawkins Dance. All who attended had a wonderful time and we hope that future Student Council Members will realize the success of such a venture and put it into effect. Although basketball games and dances have been held by the High School before, this year marked the first year it was held to benefit the Exchange Student Fund. Student Council also held a cake and cookie sale at Sears Roebuck which jiroved highly successful due to the co-operation of the student body whose donations made the whole thing jzossible. ithout the co-operation of the student body none of the Student Council activities would have been possible. We also received many generous and greatly appreciated donations from Civic-minded individuals and organizations throughout the town. Because of the wonderful co-operation from the entire student body we were able to meet our goal and Arlington High School will again next year have a foreign Exchange Student in the Senior Class. 79 YEARBOOK STAFF The members of the Yearbook committee have tried to express the feelings, opinions, and hopes of the Class of 1958. The group hopes that the book itself will be a joyful reminder of the High School years. Deadlines met, photography perfect in every way, correct literary style— all of these were expected. Channeled through Miss Binnig, the adviser, the inspirations and ideas slowly assumed form. The big decisions came first. W ould the theme appeal to everyone? Should the cover be modern or standard? Equally important, the lesser decisions were also perplexing, but eventually, the problems unraveled and the book came into being. Many people have shared in the book’s creation, Mr. Eaton and his business staff. Miss Manning, Mr. Robinson, and the senior typewriting class. Each one had a necessary and important job to do. The result is in your hands. Rushing for the deadline Seated: A. Britton, R. Doherty, J. Hudson, Co-editor; J. Simon. Co-editor; S. Bray, D. Hall. Stauding: A. Vogel, C. Rngg, D. Garland, B. Lincoln, K. O ' Leary, L Wennburg, C. Warren. Theresa B. Binnig Yearbook Adviser Paint and Ink II Xormaii S. Hewey President Debating DKH A riN ' {; c:u ' H ohicers President Xormaii Hewey Pice-President (ieorge Sahady Secrettn-y Melvin (iramer Treasurer Doiiakl Ralz Marshall lied Beatty Paculty Adx ' iser (.uy A. Belralia The aim of the Debating Club is to develop in its members the abilities to think logically, speak clearly and to participate in forttms within the rules of Parliamentary Procedure. In order to further these aims each member must participate in at least two debates and act as chairman as well as critic of a debate. The did) hopes to engage in formal debates with neighboring schools, and to hold oratorical contests. It has taken an active ])art in the Model Congress which takes place each ear at the American Interna- tional Ciollege in .Springfield, Massachusetts. The members thank Mr. Downs, our Principal, for his co-operation and the interest he has shown in the chd)’s activities. DRAMATIC CLUB President, Joan Woods; Vice-Presideiit, Janet Dale; Secretary, Janice McCoubrey; Treasurer, Joan AVyinan. The eighty members of this organization have had a successful year in their efforts to promote the Drama in Arlington High School. The enthusiasm and cooperation of the members coupled with the able guidance of Mrs. Sampson, the faculty advisor, resulted in two well-received public presentations. The first. The Family Nobody IVanted by Christopher Sergei, a warm-hearted comedy, was presented at the Junior High East on December sixth and seventh. This is the first year that a play has run for two nights. Our contribution to the Massachusetts Drama Festival in March at Marblehead, Mass, was T rifles by Susan Glaspell. The cast. Sue Thompson, Anthony Tiberii, Richard Martin, Joan Voods, Bob Cappello, David Blackmon, Marilyn McLaugh- lin, Janice Moore, Kevin Murray, and others, the various com- mittees, publicity, tickets, and property, and the fine direction of Mrs. Sampson all combined to produce these two successes. The Dramatic Club’s productions and its other activities during the past year have made participation a valuable as well as an enjoyable experience. Elizabeth V. Sampson Faculty Director CHRONICLE First Row: E. McGrath, Sports; B. Eiig, Feature Editor; D. Sacco, Vocational; G. Bonzagni, Publicity Editor; G. Adamian, liusiness. Second Row: A. Britton, Club Editor; J. Walden, Fiditor; B. White, Copy Fiditor; B. Finnegan, Exchange Editor; J. Margo.sian, Circulation. Third Row: R .Spcctor, .Assistant Editor; E. Rockwood, Sports; S. Tierney, Sports; Fitzgerald, Advertising Manager. Arlington High Scliool’s newspaper, the Chronicle, consisting of eight papers and costing fifteen cents per copy, is published monthly from October through May. Mr. John Sampson acts as the faculty advisor anti the able guide of the entire staff. The paper’s yearly actir ities are climaxed at the Chronicle Ban- quet, at which time the identity of . unt Minerva is revealed, and the new staff is introduced. The Chess Club is an informal group which meets every Friday at the close of school in room 5. There are no officers; there are no requirements; all that is needed is a wish to play chess. The club does enter a ten-man team in the Greater Boston Interscholastic League. Here they play two games with each of the other teams from schools; such as, Cambridge Latin or Boston Latin. We try to teach those who want to learn how to play the game. We also try to improve the games of those who already know how to play. Of all the things that have happened, we shall probably remember for the longest time, the trips to other schools in Mr. Sampson’s car. CHESS First Row: P. .Samsiiry, I). Avery, II. l.arscn, FL Rotkwood. Second Row: W. Reid, John R. .Sampson, Director; R. Sakakeewy, G. Rcingoki, K. Heftier. 8.S WE FEATURE FINE ARTS Piano: R. Avakian, 1). Lang; Cello: D. Betlige; Violins: M. E. Kennerson, Secretary’: H. Macklin, Margosian, C:. Marrec, E. Met. rath, M, W-eston; Accordion: D, Parker; Saxophone: J. Chace, U, Rivers; Clarinet: D. Avery, Vice-President; A. Edmonds, J, Menzoian, R. Sparks; French Horn: E, Jarvis, C, Linti, R. Santos, Treasurer; Trombone: N, Magniison, R, Martori, P, Merctirio; Trumpet: R. Anderson, R. Cavicchi, A, Marrec; Drums: P, Culli- nane; Hass: E. Villiamson, Orchestra “Dancing in the Dark” or “When You Wish upon a Star” were two of the many and varied musical numbers you might have heard if you had happened to pass room 75 on either Monday or Thursday afternoons while the orchestra was bus- ily rehearsing for one of its many con- certs or assemblies under Mr, Einzig’s friendly and understanding direction. Among the best concerts given during this past year, the orchestra was excell- ent in the Annual Christmas assembly, in the highly spectacular production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Prince of Pil- sen,” and last but by no means least, in the traditional concert performed with the talents of the Winchester High School Orchestra. WT all hope that next year, the Ar- lington High School orchestra will have as much pleasure participating in the various events as we have during this past year. I I I I Band The main function of the Arlington High School Band is to provide enter- tainment at the various football games and rallies at which vigorous school spirit is displayed. Under the able leadership of Mr. Herniance, the band has spent many hours practicing new musical arrangements and marching drills. At every football game, whether L. Hassler Einzig Supervisor of Music the day was bright or gloomy, the band could always be counted on to play the strains of the “Red and Gray.” They did a wonderful job and Arlington High is proud of them. AT ARLINGTON HIGH Girls’ Choir The Girls’ Choir, organized in 1956, is made np of junior and senior girls who have been in the Girls’ Choir for one year. During the school year of 1956-1957, activities including entertain- ing Natick High as part of an exchange program, and singing for the Women’s Club, Baccalaureate, and graduation. During this year of 1 957-1 95H, the Girls’ Choir has sung in Melrose in an exchange concert, and again for the Women’s Club, for Baccalaureate, and for graduation. As always, the girls of this club have given their full support to the various mtisical programs presented at Arlington High throughout the school year. First Row: M. McLaughlin. M. VVennbcrg, J. Marshall, S. Gooclenough, Trea- surer; S. .Schreiter, Vice-President; 15. Olafson, Accompanist; L. Lewis, Secretary; A. Vogel, C. Rugg. Second Row: P. Deal, C. Richards, A. Williams, |. Milley, J. Tibbets, L. Ilretscher, D. Ciarland. M. Maserian, 15. Butcher, P. Flaherty, 1). Kasarjian. Third Row: M. Rivals, P. W ' ilson. B. t.omes, |. Woods, A. Davidson, Richartlson, [. Plummer, L. Andenson, ]. Cruwys, .S. Thompson, M. Hickey, K. Nilson, ). McPhilomy, 1). Doyle. Fourth Row: J. Erickson, J. Kerr, J. Slocum, C. Doughty. G. Newton, CL Morrison, D. Russo, L. O ' Neill, C. Goombes, P. Madden, D, Wilson. First Row: M. Wcmdreig, J. Marshall. (.. Cieglia. Treasurer; C. Morrison, Vice President; M. McLaughlin, President; G. Rugg, Secretary: 15. Olafson. Accom- panist; L. Lewis, A. Vogel. Second Row: S, .Sognnaes, G. Gammarata, J. Cram, P. Deal, J. Wyman, S. Bray, M. Magurn, |. Moore, j. McPhilomy, ). Moreland, T ' . Palomba, 1). Kasarjian. Third Row: |. N ' eary, A. Chorbajian, . . Paynter, [. Woods, , . Davidson. S. MacDougall, 11. MacLeod, , . McQueeny, G. Squires, K. Grotty, D. Bullock, P. Madden, (L Bon .agni, J. Margosian. Fourth Row: W. Pierce, |. Mariner, W. Doberly, N. Hewey, F. Williamson, L. , rrigo, R. Gappello, 1). Blackmon. Gilbert and Sullivan “Music Makes The ’W ' orld Go Round” is a phrase familiar to many. The Gil- bert and Sullivan Club certainly sup- ports this theory in their presentations. Each year an operetta is performed in the sjiring. As the name implies, the productions have been those written by Gilbert and Sullivan, but in the past three years, the club, as a change, has jrresented productions of Victor Her- bert a nd Gustav Luder. “Babes In Toyland”, presented in 1956, proved to be highly enjoyable. An unforgettable show was the “Fortune Teller,” given in 1957, with its band of gypsies and royal ballet. The 1958 contribution of the organization was “The Prince of Pilsen” which delighted everyone with its charm and story. 85 First Roll ' : Nf. Pettee, C:. Potliier, Treasurer; ]. Robertson, Vice President; J. Wyman, President; S. Brine, Secretaty; R, Reingokl, Accompanist; C, Koeppe, Second How; S, AV ' entzell, L, Litwin, S. .Sognnaes, B, Herzig, H, Greco, D, Mc- Googin, Third Row: B, White, ], Moreland, C, Farrington, M, Graig, J. Margosian, G. Bonzagni, Girls’ Glee Club The Girls’ Glee Club meets once a week during the school year. On Mon- days at the close of school, the members of this organization hurry to Room 75 where Mr. Einzig eagerly awaits their arrival. During our sophomore year they sang during the United Nations Program, at a meeting of the " Women’s Club, and in Melrose High to which they matle a trip for an exchange concert. During their junior and senior years, they partici- pated in programs at both junior high schools and in various high school assemblies. All in all, the group has had three very worthwhile )ears and the members hope that the clubs in future years pro- fit as much as they did by participating in all the activities of the Girls’ Glee Club. Three Queens The Queens, a trio from the Girls’ Choir, is a group that is one of this year’s additions to the Music De- partment. This group has participated in school functions and made nu- merous appearances for various organizations in the town. S. MacDougall, C. Morrison, A. Britton. Accompanist: Mr. Einzig. 86 Boys’ Glee Club One of Arlington High School’s most harmonious groups is the Boys’ Glee Club. Musically and socially, the boys have a wonderful time. The club is composed of approximately twenty boys who meet every Friilay morning under the excellent leadership of Mr. Einzig. They sing many beautiful ballads, Christmas Carols, and semi-classical se- lections. The club, however, does not always sing alone. Most of the mem- bers are also in the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. They also provide entertainment at school assemblies. Few organizations offer a better op- portunity for boys to get together and sing. First Row: R. Evans, C. Malgeri, 1). Hill, tt ' . Doherty, H. Center. D. Stevens, M, Derby. Second Row: R. Lea, I.. .Arrigo, W. O ' Keefe, N. Hewey, |. Elatley, D. Moxham, M. Fitzgerald. H. Olaf.son, Accompanist; C. Riigg. E. Lewis, .M. McLaughlin, . . Vogel, J. Marshall, M. AVennberg. Harmonettes “Say it with Music” is the motto and creed of the Harmonettes. This group of six girls was founded four years ago by Mr. Ein- zig, the organization’s dir- ector. Try-outs are held each spring for those girls interested in joining the group. During the past three years, the busy schedule followed by the girls has included exchange con- certs with the neighboring towns of Natick, Melrose, and Winchester; jjarticipa- tion in school assemblies; and entertaining local wo- men’s clubs as well as other organizations. 87 First Kow: M. Maserian, H. Bcllingliam, P. Vilsoii. Second Row: B. Eng. Recording Secre- tary; F. Finiong, A. .Sprisslei. NF Rivals. Third Ron’: J. Norton, ,S. Jeffrey. G. Bonzagni. S. Donovan, Tice President. Fourth Row: ]. Pluininer, .dssistant Treasurer; J. Walden, S. Schreiter, G. Horwood. Fifth Row: C. .Sinitli, President; N. Fenton. Secretary; J. Slocum. ART CLUB The art club is an organization of students who share an avid interest in art. Its purposes are many and varied, but it was formed primarily to make available extra time for those students who show a particular interest in the subject and for those students who are unable to elect it as a course because of a heavy schedule. The club enables them to enjoy art activities. Meetings are held bi-monthly on Tuesday afternoons during the seventh period. The meetings this year included guest speakers from Art schools who outlined the course of studies at their respec- tive schools, demonstrations on silk screen printing techniques, and a demonstration on flower arranging by Mr. Scott of Scott’s Nurseries. The functions of the club this year included the designing and building of the stage scenery for the annual Dramatic Club pro- duction, designing posters to advertise and promote school func- tions and school publications. Posters were done for the Chronicle, Book ]Veek, the Dramatic Club play. Tag Days, school dances, and sports. Committees were tormed to handle the layout and design of the Year book and the design of the cover of the School Hand- book. Social activities included field trips to museums and an evening at the Ice Follies of 1958 and the “Pops”. Gerald A. Robinson Art Instructor 88 LATIN CLUB MOTTO - VIAM VENIEMLIS AUT EACIEMUS When the charter members ot the Latin Club founded the group, they chose as their title “Tredecim Eortunati.” Why did they select “Eortunati?” They felt that they were fortunate in having this opportunity to learn more about the people, the places, the ctistoms, and the language which form the foundation of our own civilization. This has continued to be the general objective of the organization. The implementation of the purpose varies with each group accord- ing to their particular interests: art, architecture, literature may be stressed. The members are the pupils of the Latin IV class, and the officers have Latin titles. The monthly meetings are devoted to the topics which are either planned as a unit for the year or stiggesteil by discussion at each meeting. The latter, resulting in a miscellaneous program, has been followed this year. The regular meetings are sujjpletnented by museum and library visits or by outside speakers, joint meetings are also held with Latin Clubs from other schools. The year is climaxed by a “Roman Banquet " which contributes, in a material way as well as intellectual way, to the knowledge and enjoyment of the members. Seated: A. Mackenzie, C. Sampson. Standing: C. Reingolcl, L. O’Leary, A. Banach, Miss Dorothy Rounds, Faculty Adviser; R. Spector, Cotisul Primus; J. Simon, Consul Secundus; P. Flanagan, Scriba; C. Rugg, 89 LIBRARY CORPS First Row: II. Herzig, V. Beninati, R. Cappello, President; L. Gould, Secretary; E. Mooney. Second Row: P. Madden, J. Moreland, D. Blackmon, F. Williamson, C. Reingold, J. Mar- iner, D. Taylor, P. Flaherty, B. Gomes, B, Eng, K. McCoy. Directors: Miss Richmond, Mrs. McQuaid. To be helpful to the librarian, to fellow students, and to themselves is the purpose of the Library Corps. The thirty-six hoys and girls who make up this organ- ization first learn to use the library themselves, and then they help others. By doing the routine tasks of the library, they leave the librarian free to do more important services for students and teachers. All is not work, however. With a taffy-apple sale in October, a book exhibit in November, and a Christmas party in December, each member has a chance to join in the fun. The candy sale on St. Valentine’s Day is an annual event, the proceeds of which are used to benefit the library. At the end of the year, there is an outing with the Read, View, and Talk Club. The Library Corps tries to make the library a place in which information and pleasure combine in a suitable atmosphere for acquiring knowledge. R.VX The Read, View, and Talk Club, which was first organized in 1952 under the name of Book Reviewers, is an informal club that meets on every other Tues- day afternoon during the school. Miss Richmond, the high school librarian, and Mrs. McQuaid, the young people’s librarian at Robbins Library, act as the advisors. This year for the first time officers were elected. R. Cappello was chosen to be president and L. Gould, secretary. As in the past there is a different rotating chairman for each meeting. This gives every member the opportunity to take charge of the program for at least one meeting during the year. The meetings are planned so that they include book reviews, panel discussions, and films. During the holiday season, special programs are planned, such as the annual Chrisunas party. First Jlow: C. Burke, R. Gappello, Vice-Pres.; D. Duiiing, Treasurer; A. Erliardt, Secretary; B. Gomes. Second Row: G. Doughty, G. Ber- linghieri, B. Herzig, P. Samsury, D. Avery, A. Vyman, E. Rockwood, M. Glenn, D. Rivenburg, P. Dahill, E. Finnegan, L. Gould, J. Tavekelian, J. Savani, R. Collins. ALLIED YOUTH First Row: D. Evans, P. Cioffi, Treasurer; D. Lance, Vice-President; P. Malatesta, President; J. Mahoney, Secretary. Second Row: S. Ber- tocci, A. ' ogel, G. Bonzagni, J. Flatley, J. Watson, M. Hickey, H. MacLeod, Mr. Barrett, Adviser. Attending the Convention at Buck Hill Falls. First Roll’: E. Conierford, R. Ceresi, W. Brady, T. Grady, S. Richardson. Second Row: J. D ' Orsi, J. Squires, C. Wirsen, C. Vendice. Third Row: Charles F ' agone, Faculty Director; J. Morine, P. Martin, G. Vood, W. Reid, D. Rivenburg, J. Murphy, M. Glenn, E. Rock- wood, R, Belanger, S. Bertucci, PROJECTION CLUB Frank M. Kotchin Instructor DRIVER EDUCATION The Driver Education prograjii offered at the Arlington High School consists of two distinct parts — Classroom instruction, called Driver Education, and the second part. Driver Training, involves the actual operation of the motor car. The ultimate aim in the course is to develop in our youth, skills, understand- ings, and proper attitudes necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles on our public highways. The objectives to be obtained are as follows: 1. To develop skillful and safe drivers. 2. To acquaint our youth with the mechanical functions, method of operation and maintenance of motor vehicles. 3. To stimulate constructive attitudes and sound habits on the road. 4. To effect a reduction in motor vehicle accidents by promoting responsible attitudes among drivers. 5. To develop a respect for and an understanding of national, state, and local traffic laws, rules and regulations. 93 Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Alice Rogers, Mrs. Helen Darcy, Mrs. Agnes R. Starkey, Mrs. Hazel O ' Shaughnessy, Mrs. Edith Rossetti. Mrs. Phyrina Hanscoin, Manager; Mrs. Marie von Hein, Mrs. Mildred Hoyt, Mrs. Ltivan McKiel. Fresh from the farm. STUDENT Cheap at half the price! Does it all add up? 94 hrst Row: P. Ceglia, T. Agostino, J. Daimenberg, I). Dovie. Second Row: J. Dale, V. Benson, B. Williams, R. Whitehousc, M. Magurn! Guidance Assistants First Row: C. Po.hier, X. Hall, S. NVey.nouth, 1 . (.allagher, B. Hickson. G Orphanos, |. Mickle, J. Para.ore, I). Hall. J. Casalou, 1.. Loyall. A. .Simpson. Second Row. C. .Sipmes, C„ Picard. C. Smith, J. Walden, J. Xeaiy, M. Craie 1 . I.eonard, M. .Malvcy, 1). Russo. G. Fai i iiiglon, E. Kelley. 95 ASSISTANTS Clinic Assistants First Rou’: J. Flatley, E. Slieehan, J. Morine, J. Todisco, J. Surrette, M. ¥ a., Captain; R. Norris, V Fortey, F, Freyer, P. Flanagan, D. Honrihan, R. Beardsley. Second Row: E. Court ney, Manager; T. Apprille, G. Ceglia, B. Wright, |. Donovan, J. Vilson, B. Reid, R. Carroll, C. Genge, B. Gazza, J. Flill, E. Downey, R. Abbott, P. Adamian, James A. Cavalieri, Assistant Coach; Ralph E. Bevins, Assistant Coach; Edward P. Burns, Head Coach. Third Roie: P. Malatesta, R. Golden, R. Deveaux, R. Curly, J. . llen, A. Tamis, J. Hanley, G. Murphy, S. Nigro, B. Collins, H. Farmer, G. McCabe, E. Ioanna, J. Goodwin, R. Collins. FOOTBALL Edward P. Burns Coach ■ 1957 ■ Sept 28 — Somerville 2:30 P.M. Oct. 5 — at Leominster 2:00 P.M. 12 — Waltham 2:00 P.M 19 — at Everett 2:00 P.M. 26 — at Newton 2:00 P.M. Nov 2 — Brookline 2:00 P M. 9 — at Weymouth 2:00 P.M. 19 - Brockton 2:00 P M. 28 - Melrose 10:00 A.M. i George P. Lowder Coach F ' ri. Dec. . 6 at Winchester 7:00 P. M Fri. 13 Lexington 7:15 Fri. 20 Fitchburg 7:15 Mon. 30 at Cambridge 7:15 Fri. Jan. 3 Brookline 7:15 Tues. 7 at W ' altham 3:15 Fri. 10 Rindge 7:15 Tues. 14 at Brockton 3:15 F ' ri. 17 at W atertown 3:15 Tues. 21 Newton 3:15 Fri. 24 Cambridge 7:15 Tues. 28 at Brookline 3:15 Fri. 31 Waltham 7:15 Tue. Feb .4 Brockton 3:15 Fri. 7 at Rindge 3:15 Wed. 12 at Newton 3:15 Fri. 14 W ' atertown 7:15 BASKETBALL First Row: D. Gilpatrick, R. Mattola, J. Seftoii, J. Hanley. .Second Row: V. Scully, T. Freeman, J. Donovan, Captain; S. rierney, C. Lind. Froiit Row: F. Burns, W. McLean, F, Brennan, Co-Captain; T. Apprille, J. Wilson, Co-Captain; W. Collins, FI. Flowell. Second Row: D. Hourihan, H. Lovering. K. Webb, R. Adamian, J. Hawkes, J. Morse, J. Burns. 1st 3rd 4th 2nd 4th HOCKEY Arena Ice 1st 2nd Edward P. Burns Coach Sat. Dec. 14 Sat. 21 Sat, 28 Sat. Jan. 4 Fri. 10 .Sat. 18 Sat. 25 Fri. Jan. 31 Sat. Feb. 8 Sat. 15 Opponent Belmont Medford Newton Rindge Cambridge Stoneliam Melrose PLAYOFFS All games at Boston Time 1 P. M. On the mark set, GO! First Rou’: A. Poole. F. .Strachan, S. Hutchinson, R. Hamilton, R. McElligott. Second Roic: AVilliam T. McCarty, Coach; G. Alcorn. P. Hogman. |ames E. Kelley, Assistant Coach; F. Buckley, Manager. CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE 1957 Arlington 21 Belmont 35 •Arlington 28 Newton 30 •Arlington 39 AVatertown 17 •Arlington 32 Melrose 25 •Arlington 19 Beverly 41 •Arlington 15 Lawrence •Academy 46 •Arlington 28 Tufts Fresh. 32 L p and over! Time is running out! INDOOR TRACK First Row: William T. McCarty, Coach; R. Golden, M. Faiola, E. Sheehan, P. Freyer, R. Gazza, R. Norris, R. McElligott, S. Hutchinson. G. Graci, P. Bicknell, James E. Kelley, Assistant Coach. Second Row: F. Strachan, D. Avjcan, C. Chopin, D. Casey, H. Amarae, P. Hogan, G. Murphy, P. Staiti, G. McHugh, A. Poole, G. Owens. F. Buckley, Manager. Heave Ho! J. Toomey, F. Toomey, R. McElligott, M. Toomey, W. Lincoln. Once again the fairways beckon to the golfers of Arlington High School, and the 1958 golf season is on its way. In the Central Division of the Greater Boston Interscholastic Golf League, A. H. S. golfers strive for top honors when they oppose Concord, Cambridge High and Latin, Lexington, and Rindge Technical. They meet each opponent twice: once at home at the Winchester Country Club and once away. In 1958 the .A. H. S. golfers hope to better their second place position of the past two years. It will be a challenge in this well balanced league. The almost all-veteran Arlington team, under the guidance of Coach Cieorge Lowder, is eagerly anticipating the matches with Concord High, who were first place winners for the last two consecutive years. The golf- ers hope to move up to the top position. GOLF FIELD HOCKEY This year’s field hockey team performed successfully despite the fact that all but three of last year’s starting line-up had graduated, including their only experienced goalie. The forward line consisted of Captain Judy Meyer; veterans Dee Austin; Georgia Orphanos; and juniors Anne Austin, Maura Flanagan, and Barbara Lind. Representing the defense were the veterans Carol Bankart, Loraine Smith, Sandra Schreiter, Pat Paynter, and Nancy Corish. Sophomore Pat Deal did a splendid job at the goal. The team went through the season winning game after game, and then suffered a heart-breaking defeat against their rival Win- chester. Under the guidance of their able coach Mrs. Fiorenza, the girls scored seven goals while their opposition scored only four. First Row: G. Orphanos, P. Paynter, D. Austin, J, Meyer, Captaiti; C. Bankart, L. Smith, J. Spellman, Second Row: P. Hurley, Co-Manager; N. Corish, S. Schrieter, B. Lind, E. Cimino, Co-Manager; Mrs. Fioren a. Third Row; A. Austin, M. Flanagan, L. Gammell, B. Shaejbe. 1 BASKETBALL First Row: B. Allen, ,S. .Schrei- tcr, G. Orphanos, 1). Austin, Captain; M. Mielc, C. Koeppe, J. Meyer. Second How: C. Bankart, P. Paynter, M. Ma- gurn, H. MacLeod, R. Mahon- ey, D. Sacco, Marilyn E. Fla- herty, Coach. P. Angelou, Head Majorette; A. Nevola, ]. O’Keefe, J. Gustafson, C. .Squires, P. Campbell, N. O’Keefe, P. Lincoln, D. Coluci, J. Pierson. MAJORETTES Also deserving applause for a job well done are the Arlington High School Drum Majorettes, who with their maroon and white uniforms have done much to create a picturesque setting at the foot- ball games. After many hours of practice, the majorettes under the leadershij) of Peggy Angelou have performed excellently in all types of weather. Any Arlington High School student can be proud to claim these talented majorettes as the leaders of their band. CHEERLEADERS Under the capable leadership of Co-captains, “Lor- aine Smith” and “Georgia Orphanos”, the Arlington High School cheering squad has been tremendously effective in boosting student morale and keeping up school spirit throughout the entire school year. Despite their energetic participation in many other school activities, these girls prove their loyalty to the school’s teams by leading cheers at football, basket- ball, and hockey games. I They spent hours of tiring practice each week to I reach perfection. They planned and promoted a j . very successful Thanksgiving rally. ' For an inspiring year of echoing cheers— Con- j gratulations to each cheerleader. j i Clap, Clap, Bowl GOl GO! GO! L. Smith, Co-Caf)lain; G. Orphanos, Co-Caf tain; D. . iistin, M. Beaton, M. Luther, N. Corish, S. Schreiter, M. Picciuolo, B. Lind, J. Meyer, B. Schaejbe, B. Boroyan. 105 First Row: G. Orphaiios, P. Hurley, Treasurer; M. Flanagan, Vice President; D. Austin, Presi- dent; Meyer, Secretary; L. Smith. Second Rote; li. Lind, N. Corish, B. Allen, S. Schreiter, X. Keefe, S. VV ' elch, A. Austin. G.A.A. Christine Fiorenza, Coach; Katherine E. McCarthy, Supervisor. The Girls’ Athletic Association is an organization for the purpose of promoting better school spirit, better support for girl athletics, more inter-class competition in minor sports and individual games, as well as sponsoring social and co-ed recreational activities. The activities suggested for this year are: ice skating, roller skating, swdm- ming, horseback riding, and a co-ed play day as well as the usual varsity sports, field hockey, basketball, tennis, and softball. The intramural activities are: bowling, badminton, volley ball, and modern dance. Points are given for participation in each activity sponsored by the Physical Education Department. Girls’ Athletic Association emblems are awarded to the highest point winners. lOG GIRLS’ TENNIS One of the most promising but least publicized sports at Arlington High is Tennis. Practice begins in the fall on the Spy Pond Courts and with the com- ing of winter the team retires indoors and the gym becomes its courts. In the spring the squad is chosen and tourna- ments with other schools begin. This year Arlington High School had a young and promising team with only two veterans, Captain Nancy Corish and Jean Egan returning, and the remaining team. Sophomores. This season was cjuite successful, winning 2 games, tying 1, and losing 2. The future outlook for Tennis at A.H.S. is good, for this young team has terrific spirit and determina- tion. First Row: K. Russo; J. Caldwell; C. Rudd; N. Fantazian. Second Row: D. Jam- gochian; L. . Ioltman; Captain, Nancy Corish; J. Egan; Miss Nancy L. Anderson, Coach. SOFTBALL The girls’ Softball team this year started off with a bang, beating Concord 42 to 5. This was a preview of other high scores to come. The girls worked hard for their coach, Mrs. Christine Fiorenza and Captain Patricia Paynter, and made a good showing— losing only 2 games. In spite of postponements due to rainy weather they kept up their spirits. The team consisted of the following: Seniors: Patricia Paynter, Judy Meyer, Dee Austin and Carol Bankart; Juniors: Maura Flanagan, Diane Sacco, Rose- mary Mahoney; Sophomores: Joanne Swymer, Ann Parker and Jndy Norton. Barbara Lind was our good and faithful manager. First Row: A. Ihirker; J. Norton; C. Bankart; I). Austin. Second Row: B. Lind, Manafrer; J. .Swymer; M. Flanagan; Captain, F. Paynter; J. Meyer; R. Mahoney; Mrs. Christine Fiorenza, Coach. ■IS First Row: R. Morris; R. Mattola; Captain, S. Tierney; J. Surrette; L. AVhite. Second Row: Mr. James A. Cavalieri, Coach; L. Hanley; T. Ray; W. Fortey; R. Beardsley; R. Deveaux; B, O’Shaugh- nessy; L. Fiato. BASEBALL The Arlington High Baseball team during the re- cently completed 1958 Suburban League competition compiled a 6 - 8 slate. However, this record does not demonstrate the hard work, determination and fighting spirit of the team and coach, Mr. James Cavalieri. This spirit showed itself in the many scintillating games, both victories and defeats, to which the Red Gray fans were treated during the season. This spirit exemplified itself when the Red Gray nine fought from behind three times to topple a stub- born Waltham nine 10 to 9 in ten innings. Arlington also held the championship Newton High team to only tw ' o runs, a feat which no other team accomplished. Robert C. Hill Junior Varsity Coach William F. Lowder Director of Athletics k J TOUCHDOWN CLUB This club, lounded in 1944, is made up o£ a group ot citizens in the community who are interested in helping the youth ot Arlington. At the annual May meeting the Club entertains the students ot at a bantjuet who are on the athletic squads, or who play any role in the athletic picture, such as the band, cheerleaders, etc. The highlight ot this occasion is the Frederick V. Ostergren Memorial Award, a Lord and Lady Elgin Watch, given each year to the two outstanding athletes ot the senior class..! he winners ot 1958 were Judith Lee Meyer and Sean E. Tierney. OUR GRADUATION JUNE 12, 1958 -rr 2T " 4- ' v ViKkV ' » ' V ■ . =•. . itmi _r 1 ' ■ ' ’•t- ■t ' , » ' . . ■CvC , ' - ' D“U V r;.N%7r ' - ' ' % Kg rf . " 7 ' ■■■ l!l I. - ' ■ ' ’’ B -or g v.. . . ■ . . -•• , ' • - . • ■ ■! .. -V.-r.v., -.. ■■■ V - ■ " -7“’ ■: V " -- ' ■ 1 li MUiCrON: -at .. ■ if . ' . jSl; frSfPrxisstW _a • « atV I’ -r IM.I i’Tf - ipiitiilll jiiniii LK First Row: H. Ashton; G. Orphanos; L. Smith; H. MacLeod; C. Morrison; C. Bankart. Business Manager. Second Row: D. Burling; M. Wennberg; J. Richardson; S. Goodenotigh; C. Lind; J. Walden; J. Watson; R. Gappello, PURDY Official Photographer, Arlington High School, Class of 1958 367 Boylston Street Boston TENNIS I ' his year was the second season for Tennis since World VV ar II. The season was fairly successful with four wins and four losses. The boys found Belmont very strong and Waltham much im- proved over last year. Arlington placed third in its league. THE YEARBOOK AND PROM BUSINESS STAEE First Row: R. C.eresi; F. Thompson. Second Row: C. Reingold; P. Lucarelli; Captain, R. Doherty; E. Rockwood; H. Russell Albro, Coach. MODERN DANCE Modern Dance is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior girls who enjoy working together on creative dance patterns. On Wednesday afternoons they meet for forty-five minutes for the purpose of develoj)ing grace and poi se through various exercises. Those girls interested in perfecting their skills, stay for an additional instruction period, under the cap- able guidance of Miss Nancy Anderson, who teaches the essential rhythm steps. The girls find this club one of the most satisfying groujjs in which to participate and eagerly urge prospective members to join. Nancy L. Anderson, Coach. J. McLauglilin, B. Zucker, S. MacDoiigall, J. Woods, D. .Sacco, P. Nicoll, G. Buckley, C. Russo, S. Ward, J. Wyman, S. Stone, P. Horne, J. Wilson, K. Fredriksen, S. Edmonds, V. O’Halloran. 107 PEP CLUB Mahoney, President; S. Kangas, Vice President; E. Ciniino, Secretary, Treasurer; B. Villari Sophomore Representative; J. Caldwell, Sophomore Representative. The Arlington High School Pep Club was organized two years ago. The purpose of this club is to boost the morale of all the players on our athletic teams. We are all for one and one for all: for every fan, a scoring point; for every point, a winning team! BOWLING On January of this year the girls’ bowling team met at the Arlington Recreation Alleys. This year we have a good team. The highest score, 114, was made by Beverly Fantazian. The second highest, 109, by Betty Wert, and the third, 99 by Gail Patterson. Next year we hope the team will keep up the good work. I ' he team is under the supervision of Miss Helen Conley, and Gail Patterson is the manager. At the end of the season the top bowlers of the year will compete in a tournament against Waltham. I ' irst Row: C. Molloy, B. Simpson, L. Currier, E. Canty, A. Vogel, G. Patterson, Manager. Second Row: P. Madden, J. Moreland, M. Hickey.

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