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fiv M For Reference Not to be taken from this library Property of Lil J3111S Arlington, Mass Founded by DR. EBENEZER LEARNED, 1835 Endowed by Dr. Timothy Wellington, 1853 Nathan Pratt, 1875 Henry Mott, 1889 Elbridge Farmer, 1892 Building Erected by MARIA C. ROBBINS in memory of ELI ROBBINS, 1892 C. Uf XAC u- mn ' i I m-T iii til J i nil ii! i!®’ l! I THE 1952 YEAR BOOK ★ of fhe Senior Class ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTOH MASSACHUSETTS JANEMARIE McKELVIE, Editor FRANKLYN DANEHY, Business Manager osa Gr. 9- - i es msToncAL C»LLECT10M 62 Mr. Charles Downs Mr. Downs, our rice-principal , giving sound advice DEDICATION We, who graduate in the spring of 1952, take many cherished memories of Arlington High School and its teachers with us. Many of our teachers have done numerous tasks to help us and have given unselfishly of their time. Mr. Charles Downs, our assistant principal, is such a teacher. His kind guidance and sincere interest have helped our class to grow up, face difficult problems of life and to become better citizens. He has always shared an in- terest in our personal triumphs and disappointments which have arisen in our high school career. His comforting sympathy and advice could always be counted on. Therefore, we, the class of 1952, with deep affection, dedicate our Year Book to our assistant principal, Mr. Charles Downs. TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty ..... We Keep the Wheels Whirring Seniors ..... Who’s Who .... Voc;ational Department Vocational Who ' s Who . Through THE Years . Last Will and Testament Twelve Years Hence Activities .... Sports Division Advertisements IN APPRECIATION The center of our high school life has always been our principal, Mr. Mor- rill. We can never forget the great debt that we owe to him for his kind advice, sincere interest, and never failing help. With intelligence, fairness, and wisdom he has always guided our activities. He has always shown great interest in our mental progress, our athletic achieve- ments, and our extra-curricular groups. Therefore, we, the gtaduating class of 1952, express our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to an outstand- ing leader and friend, our principal, Mr. Raymond S. Morrill. Mr. Morrill’s efficient secretaries. Alrf. Brou n and AI .(j Parker Shaping our destinies F A C Lawrence P. Arthur. Dorothy E. Andei ' son, Malcolm Allen. Bessie Bailey, Elmer E. Barber. Mary F. Barry, Veronica Barry. Ralph E. Bevins. Theresa B. Binnij?, Agnes C. Bray, Iris C. Brown, W. Ray Burke. Charles R. Campbell, May E. Campbell. Mary L. Cassone. James Cavalieri. Joseph S. Coletta, Bernard A. Courtney, Howard E. Danforth, William V. Delaney, Mary E. Donovan. Aiiine Dow, Charles H. Downs. L T Y Douglas L. Eaton, L. Hassler Einzig, Ellen Fitzpatrick. Florence E. Forsyth, George F. Fusco, H. Marie Garrity, William T. Gibbs, Leola Harlow. Margaret Heaps, Ann Horrigan. Roger S. Houston, Norman Jacobsen. Grace Jeiardi, Carl A. Johnson, Glenna Kelly, Gerard G. Kemp, Francis V. Kirk. Frank M. Kotchin. Theresa Krastin, Raymond S. Kroll, Josephine T. Lee, Edmond Lewis. George Lowder, William Lowder. Lena M. Manning, Helen Mathews. FACULTY William McCarty, Katherine E. McCarty, Richard L. Miller. Martha S. MotTatt. Raymond S. Morrill. E. Christine Norwood, Mary O’Connell. Harry J. Patterson, Guy A. Petralia. Edward Pine, Bert A. Roens. Dorothy Rounds, Walter E. Russell. John Sampson. Sidney Sandberper, John Sexton. Charles W. Skinner. Russell S. Wallace, Lura Wakefield, Georjre Von Kapff, Walter Varney, Henry Toczylowski. James J. Toner. Perley Thompson, Mary Thompson. Vl jj Fitzpatrick, helping plan a program Air. Roens, our Guidance Director, in consultation Interviewing for a job. Youth seeks advice Our efficie?it Guidance secretary FACULTY ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT Raymond S. Morrill, Principal Charles H. Downs, Assistant Principal Martha S. Moffatt, Dean of Girls COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT W. Ray Burke, Head of Department Theresa B. Binnig Mary L. Cassone Bernard A. Courtney William T. Gibbs Leola B. Harlow DRIVER TRAINING Glenna Kelly Mary Thompson Henry M. Toczylowski James J. Toner Russell S. Wallace Francis V. Kirk Frank Kotchin Raymond Kroll Edmund Lewis ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Charles Campbell, Head of Department Bessie Bailey Veronica Barry Agnes Bray Iris Brown Mary Donovan Arline Dow Ann Horrigan Grace Jerardi Theresa Krastin Lena Manning Helen Matthews Christine Norwood Mary O’Connell John Sexton Joseph Coletta FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT L. Hassler Einzig Walter Russell GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Bert A. Roens, Director Ellen B. Fitzpatrick, Assistant Director Mary F. Barry E. Christine Norwood HOME ECONOMICS May Campbell, Supervisor Dorothy Anderson Josephine Lee Florence Forsyth FACULTY Bessie Bailey Veronica Barry LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Guy Petralia, Head of Department Grace Jerardi John Sexton LATIN DEPARTMENT Dorothy Rounds. Head of Department LIBRARIAN Margaret Heaps MANUAL ARTS Laurence Arthur. Printing Howard Danforth, Mechanical Drawing Sydney Sandberger, Woodworking MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Doucjlass L. Eaton, Head of Department Elmer E. Barber James Cavalieri John Sampson George R. S. Von Kapff PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Katherine E. McCarty, Supervisor of Girls Russell E. Peterson, Sapervisor of Boys Ralph Bevins H. Marie Garrity William Lowder William McCarty SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Gerard G. Kemp, Head of Department Charles W. Skinner Richard L. Miller Raymond S. Kroll Charles Downs George Fusco George Lowder SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Carl Johnson, Head of Department Martha Moffatt Perley Thompson Lura Wakefield VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Harry Patterson, Director Malcolm Allen Francis Kirk William Delaney Edmund Lewis Roger Houston Edward Pine Norman Jacobsen Walter Verney WE KEEP THE WHEELS WHIRRING Another delicio ts lunch Airs. Hallos, her smile as good as a tonic Our helpful Mr. Reddan We miss this kindly gentleman, Mr. Sweetnam Barbara ). Ache 226 Wachusett Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, Stu dent Council. Chronicle. Sec- retary of Class. Orchestra. Year Book Committee. G. A. A. Board Member. Glee Club, Girls’ Club. Popular " Barb” enjoys ice skating in her leisure hours. Mr. Kapff ' s math classes and the Junior Prom will remain long in her memory. She is headed for Mr. Holyoke next year. Best of luck to one who deserves it! Grace S. Adamian 423 Mystic Street Activities: Bowling, Tennis. Grace is a sports enthusiast, enjoying swimming, bowling and dancing patticularly. She will long remember her soph- omore year and the Arlington- Watertown football game. At Lasell Junior she will study to be a dietitian. Edward P. Aiken S7 North Union Street Activities: Football. Hockey. Baseball. Cross Country. In- door Track. " Eddie,” who particularly likes sports, is headed for Notre Dame. He had many good times playing football and hockey and will remem- ber Miss OConnell ' s Junior English class for quite some time. Judith Anderson 43 Pine Ridge Road Activities: Honor Roll. Gil- bert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club. G. A. A., Cilee Club. Chronicle. Charming " Judy” is a great swimming enthusiast. She will remember the Senior Prom in her sophomore year, Mr. Sampson ' s math class and the 1951 Gym Meet. Next year will find her at the Uni- versity of Massachusetts. Nancy C. Arnold 28 Argyle Road Activities: Honor Roll. Dra- matic Club. Gilbert and Sul- livan, Chronicle, G. A. A. Vivacious, blond Nancy will remember Rainbow as outside interest and activity. Miss Krastin ' s " Moppets, ” the Sen- ior Prom in her sophomore year and the 1951 Gym Meet were highlights of her high school career. Laurie L. Arthur 282 Renfrew Street Activities: Honor Roll. Camera Club. Laurie, whose favorite ac- tivities include horseback rid- ing and Rifle Club, is unde- cided about her future. She will always remember Mr. Sampson ' s geometry class in her junior year. Robert Assarian 73 Bates Road Activities: Football, Track. Baseball. Athletic " Bob” takes an ac- tive interest in many sports, but football and track seem to be his favorites. He will never forget the fun he’s had at A. H. S. and the friends he ' s mad e. Charles Azarian 15 Radcliffe Road Activities: Football. Baseball, Basketball, Track. Affable " Turk " enjoys all types of sports — especially football and baseball. He will always remember the friends he’s made at A. H. S. and af- ter graduation plans to work in his father’s spa. June Anderson 43 Pine Ridge Road Activities: Honor Roll. Dra- matic Club. Ctilhert and Sul- livan, Chronicle, G. A. A. Pretty, blond June enjoys Rainbow, dancing, camping, and swimming. She will al- ways remember the 1951 Gym Meet and Mr. Sampson’s math class in her junior year. She will attend the University of Massachusetts. James Babin 1 3 1 George Street Football, photography and " hot rod” racing are " Jim- my’s " main interest in life as well as his future occupa- tion as a machinist. He’ll nev- er forget his experiences in the machine shop. Page Seventeen John D. Barbagallo 54 Gardner Street " Johnny” takes a great in- terest in football and enjoys fixing radios. He will always remember the good times he ' s had at A. H. S. Best of luck in the future! Ronald E. Barry 23 Court Street " Ron " has his eye set on the interior decorating busi- ness. He has many memories of Mrs. Bray ' s English class in his junior year. Cordon W. Bates 24 Candia Street Gordon ' s favorite outside activities are cars and work- ing. His periods in Mr. Dan- forth ' s class will remain long- est in his memory. David L. Beaton 56 Menotomy Road Friendly " Dave, " who likes sports, particularly baseball and basketball, is headed for Northeastern where we know he will be a success. He will never forget Mr. Fusco ' s P. O. D. class. Jane L. Beauchemin 1 Park Avenue Ext. Activities: Honor Roll, Year- book. Chronicle. Gilbert and Sullivan. Tennis, G. A. A. Likeable Jane, an active member in many school ac- tivities, will longest remem- ber Mr. Kapff ' s math classes. She will enter Simmons next year. David J. Beecy 152 Hillside Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, Baseball. Amiable " Dave,” whose goal is engineering, is well known among his classmates for his quiet good humor. His favorite activity is playing baseball. He w ' as a successful candidate for N. R. O. T. C. John A. Belli 74 River Street Activities: Periclean Forum. Basketball, Football, Baseball. Hockey. " Bell,” who is a great sports fan, will never forget his junior English class with Miss O ' Connell. The many friends he made and good times he had will alw ' ays be pleasant memories for him. Myra j. Belli 74 River Street Activities: Glee Club. Peri- clean Forum, Basketball, Base- ball, G. A. A. Sports and dancing take up most of Myra ' s time. All the friends she made and the good times she had with them will remain longest in her mem- ory. Richard H. Bengtson 18 Cedar Avenue Activities: Honor Roll. " Rick” is planning to be- come a minister and will at- tend North Park College next year where we know he will be a success. He will never forget the " Lab” in chemistry class. William O. Bennett 205 Washington Street Activities: Hockey. Baseball, Basketball. " Billy,” whose main inter- est is in sports, will always re- member the many friends he made in high school. We know he will be a success in whatever he does! Page Eighteen Harold Berman 14 Blossom Street Activities: Football, Track. Basketball, Cross Country, Hockey. " Sonny, " who will go to Bentley’s next year, enjoys all sports, especially football. He will never forget his English III class. Alba L. Bernacchi 83 Quincy Street Activities: Dramatic Club. Bowling. Tennis. " Al, " who plans to do of- fice work for the U. S. Waves, enjoys most going to hockey games and riding in hot rods. She will always remember the typing class with Miss Cas- sone. Robert Bowman 193 Spring Street Neat and fun-loving " Bob,” who plans to attencl Massa- chusetts University next year to study for the automobile business, enjoys stock cars, swimming and hockey. He will never forget Mr. Cavali- eri’s second year algebra class. Katherine T. Brennan 147 Mary Street Activities: Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Year Book, " Rec” Committee, G. A. A. College is red-headed " Kathy’s” goal. She loves square dancing and will re- member the fun working for the Dramatic Club and the Chronicle the longest. Richard A. Bernard 3 Lanark Road Activities: Golf. " Dick,” well liked by all his classmates, plans to go to Northeastern next year. He enjoys photography and all sports and will never forget his advanced math class. Salvatore j. Bertolami 8 Milton Street Activities: Basketball . Baseball. Track. Likeable " Bert’s” goal is Holy Cross where we re sure he’ll stand out in sports. He’ll longest remember Miss Bar- ry’s French II class and Mr. Danforth’s mechanical draw- ing III class. Robert S. Borghesani 73 Columbia Road Activities: Discussion Club, Ski Club. Cross Country, Honor Roll, Quiet ’’Bob,” whose favor- ite activity is skiing in a half inch of snow, plans to attend M. 1. T. to take up engineer- ing. Mr. Skinner’s lectures will be among his longest A. H. S. memories. He was a successful candidate for N. R. O. T. C. )ane A. Brillante 35 North Union Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, Glee Club, Chronicle, Bowling, " Brill,” known for her squeeky voice, will longest re- member her non-stop flights to lunch and the fun she had in Gilbert and Sullivan. Her favorite pastimes are swim- ming, dancing and skating. Beverly B. Brooks 1511 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Modern Dancing, Bowling, Honor Roll. Next year will see " Bev” either as a waitress or in the Waves. She enjoys most of all riding in " hot rods” and she’ll longest remember the parties with the vocational boys and the track meets. Adrienne B. Brown 1 1 Grove Street Activities: Swimming. Mod- ern Dancing, Year Book Typing, Adrienne likes most danc- ing and listening to jazz rec- ords and instrumentals. She’ll never forget the A. H. S. foot- ball games and the good times with the vocational boys. Page Nineteen E. Louise Burns Donald Brown 1 428 Massadiusetts Avenue Donald, who plans to at- tend Stockbridge and study forestry, is a great farming and hunting enthusiast. He will always remember the homework he cliihi ' t do at A. H. S. 64 Park Street Activities: Field Hockey, Soft- hall. Basketball, Swimming. It’s Fitchburg for Louise who plans to become a nurse. She enjoyed most attending baseball games, but she’ll long remember the fun and laughs in them. lab. Eugene H. Bullock 6? Glenburn Road Activities: Hot Rod ding. " Boug,” whom we’ll see in the Navy next year, enjoys most of all parties and danc- ing at the Totem Pole. He ' ll never get over the good-look- ing girls in the sophomore and senior classes and the good times in Mr. Wallace’s business organization classes. Barbara A. Burpee 616 Summer Street Activities: Modern Dancing. Tennis, G. A. A., Basketball. " Barb, ” who is planning to be a secretary, enjoyed watch- ing the track meets and par- ticipating in modern dancing. Her outside activities included dancing, ice skating and roll- er skating. Frances E. Bullock 1.56 Robbins Road Activities: Bowling, G. A. A., Tennis. Gilbert and Sullivan. We ' ll always remember " Frannie” for her quiet, pleasant ways and her friend- ly smiles. Her favorite pastime is dancing and she’ll longest remember the indoor track Richard A. Caldwell .59 Hayes Street " Dick,” who enjoys hunt- ing and riding in hot rods, will long remember the mad study periods and the bell at 2:45. Jeannette E. Burg 86 ' Valentine Road Activities: Swimming. Tennis. Jeannette, who is known to many because of her lovely voice, enjoys dancing and swimming. She will always re- member the fun at the foot- ball games and Miss Krastin’s book reports in English 111. Edward ). Burke, |r. 62 Cleveland Street Activities: Rifle Club. Next year " Ed” hopes to be at Wentworth. His favorite sports are stockcar racing and bowling. He’ll always remem- ber Mr. Danforth and his me- chanical drawing class. Carol L. Caliendo 10 Kilsythe Road Activities: Chronicle, Rifle Club, Camera Club, Modern Dance. Gilbert and Sullivan. Amiable Carol will always remember Mr. Russell’s mu- sic classes, and all the nice teachers she ' s had. Horse- back riding was one of her favorite outside activities. Ann M. Callahan 50 Florence Avenue Activities: G. A. A.. Chron- icle. Bowling, Year Book Typing. Fun-lo ing Ann will always remember the laughs in Miss Cassone’s class. She plans to take a business course at B. U. next year where she is bound to make many friends with her keen sense of hu- Page Tu enty Carol Callahan 153 Scituate Street Activities: G. A. A., Bouling. Traveling around with the other " crazy” Callahans will always be remembered by Carol as will the fun at foot- ball games. She plans to at- tend Framingham State Teach- ers where we know she’ll be a success. Margaret L. Callahan Robert D. Canty 69 North Union Street Activities: Basketball, Track. " Ike, " who is an outstand- ing basketball player, plans to attend Notre Dame to take up law. He w’ill never forget the " mad " times in Mr. Houston’s mechanical draw- ing class. 50 Florence Avenue Activities: President of G. A. A.. Softball. Basketball, Field Hockey. Student Council. Honor Roll. Popular " Cal,” w ' ho is out- standing in all sports, plans to further her education at Framingham State Teachers. She’ll never forget winning the Gym Meet in her junior year and all the wonderful times she has had in sports. Mary L. Callahan 50 Florence Avenue Activities: G. A. A.. Bouling. Honor Roll. Vivacious Mary will never forget the fun in chem. lab. with Skippy Clark, and also Miss Forsyth’s cooking class. She will attend Framingham State Teachers. Virginia Marjorie Cameron 18 Buena Vista Road Activities: Camera Club. Rifle Club. Quiet " Margie,” who was very active in the Camera Club and the Rifle Club, en- joys horseback riding very much. She will never forget Mr. Coletta’s art classes. James Campbell 12 Aerial Street " Soup” plans to attend Northeastern next year. He will long remember the " mad " times in study hall and the wonderful friends he’s made in his high school ca- reer. Edmund I. Capasso 29 Coolidge Road " Sonny,” who likes all sports, is going into the Air Force after graduation. He w ' ill never forget the good times he had in the print shop. Robert L. Card 275 Ocean Avenue Marblehead Neck Activities: Honor Roll. Student Council {President), Orches- tra. Battd. Dramatic Club. Year Book. Senior Represen- tative to Junior Red Cross, Rifle Club. Latin Club ( President ) . Popular and all round " Bob, ” the talented president of our student council, will be found at the University of Michigan next year. He will long remember Mr, Johnson’s subtle humor and the fun he had in the Latin Club. Eleanor E. Carey 178 Newport Street Activities: G. A. A.. Chronicle, Bouling. Year Book Typing. " Ellie,” a roller skating en- thusiast, hopes to make ste- nography her future occupa- tion. liss Cassone’s shorthand 1 class is foremost in her re- membrances of Arlington High. Janice S. Carey " 4 Windsor Street Activities: Glee Club, Chron- icle, Tennis. Attractive and affable " Jan " will be found at Colby Jun- ior next year, and with her go the memories of her summer in North Carolina, and the fun with the senior boys in her sophomore year. Page Twenty-one Joan E. Carlson 6 Lockeland Avenue Activities: Dramatic Club, Chr onicle. Fine Arts Club, Year Rook Committee. Joan, who plans to enter Katharine Gibbs, enjoys danc- ing. Memories of Mr. Col- letta’s drawing classes and the rush to first lunch will always linger with her. Margaret A. Carney 278 Broadway Activities: Bowling, Basket- ball. Year Book Typing. " Margie” is striving to- ward a career as a secretary. Horseback riding and ranch life take the honors as her favorite outside activities. Good luck in the future, " Margie”! William T. Carroll 152 Gardener Street Activities: Basketball, Foot- ball, Golf. Baseball. " Bill, " whose future occu- pation is as yet undecided, will long remember Mr. Kroll’s biology class and the fun he had in it. His favorite outside activities are bowling, ping pong and golf. Geraldine M. Casey 20 Upland Road Activities: G ' . A. A.. Chronicle. Cheerleader. Bowling. Tennis. Vivacious " Jeri, " who plans to attend B. U. next year, will long remember the times she had trying to study in the Hall, and also w ' inning the Gym Meet in her junior year. John C. Casey 20 Upland Road Activities: Baseball. Football. Hockey. Gilbert and Sullivan. Basketball . Track. Athletic " Jackie " will go to Notre Dame to further his education. His lunch periods and Mr. Cavalieri ' s third pe- riod class will be among his remembrances of A. H. S. Richard F. Casey 38 Bowdoin Street Activities: Cross Country. In- door Track. Spring Track, Year Book. " Rec” Committee. " Dick, " whose favorite out- side activities are horseback riding and the " Rec, " will at- tend Tufts next year where he plans to study medicine. He will long remember Mr. Kapff’s algebra II class. He was a successful candidate for N. R. O. T. C. Margaret E. Castellon 174 Wachusett Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, G. A. A.. Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee. Lunchroom . Glee Club. Popular and versatile " Mag- gie” hopes to attend Kath- arine Gibbs next year, where she will learn to be the per- fect secretary. " Maggie” will always remember the fun she has had at the cash register in the lunchroom. Rita M. Caterino 18 Williams Street A ctivities: S u ' irn tiling. Bowling. Rita, who aims to be a comptometer operator, will long remember the good times she had in cooking. She es- pecially enjoys horseback rid- ing and roller skating. Stella L. Center 15 Cliff Street Activities: Band. Orchestra. Glee Club. Swimming. Aiming to be a nurse, Stella plans to go to B. U. after graduation. The Gilbert and Sullivan shows each year are her fondest memories. She has always enjoyed her job as a nurses ' aid at Symmes Hos- pital. Joan Chace 74 Grandview Road Activities: G. A. A.. Gilbert and Sullivan. CAee Club. Field Hockey. Swimming. Vivacious and fun-loving Joan is headed for Colby Jun- ior College. She’ll never for- get the football games and her junior and senior years. She is especially fond of dancing. Page T wenty-two Arthur |. Chisholm 41 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Hockey. " Art, " who plans to work for the telephone company, is very fond of baseball and hockey. He will remember longest the good times he had in Miss Harlow ' s bookkeeping classes. Mary A. Coleman Park Street Mary is undecided as to where she ' ll go after gradua- tion. Her Business Organiza- tion classes with Mr. Wallace will always be memorable. She is very fond of roller skating. Leonard D. Clark 285 Washington Street Activities: Cross Country, Gil- bert and Sullivan. Headed for B. C., " Skippy " will always remember " swim- ming " with Mary Callahan in chemistry class. He was also very fond of his adventures at old " TH. " )ohn C. Cloherty 115 Newland Road Activities: Baseball. Cross Country, Track, Basketball. " Jackie,” who wishes to be- come a draftsman by studying at Wentworth, especially en- joys athletic events. His memories of the good times in Mr. Danforth ' s mechanical drawing classes will never be forgotten. Clara C. Cluney 49 Marathon Street Activities: Basketball. Field Hockey, Tennis. Camera Club. " Gussie, " who aims for Burdett, especially likes rid- ing and swimming. Mr. Gibbs ' Ec. Geography classes are her happy memories w ' hich will alw ' ays be cherished. Mary E. Colgan 28 Crawford Street Activities: Bowling, Tennis, G. A. A., " Rec” Committee. Mary is not quite sure of her destination after high school. The walks from gym to Mr. Sampson ' s biology class are little journeys which are stamped in her memory. Joseph M. Connors 39 Amherst Street Activities: Chess. Gilbert and Sullivan. Michigan will be " Joe ' s " future " Alma Mater.” Out- side of school " Joe ' s " favor- ite activity is swimming in which he excels. He ' ll re- member all the friends he has made in A. H. S. Mabel M. Conroy 23 Daniels Street Activities: Bowling. This sweet miss is unde- cided about her future but with her winning ways she will certainly be a success. She ' ll never forget her driv- ing classes in A. H. S. Constance M. Corelli Stephen A. Coffey 101 Webster Street Activities: Honor Roll, Track. " Steve,” whose destination is Burdett College, plans to study accounting. He can ' t possibly forget the difficulties he had making school on time. 51 Cleveland Street Activities: Field Hockey. Flead Cheerleader, G. A. A., Swim- ming. Basketball. " Connie” is one of the most active and versatile girls at Arlington High. The next few years will see " Connie " at Lasell. Outside of school she likes to dance and attend parties. She will never forget Mr. Courtney ' s Business Or- ganization class in her junior year. Page Twenty-three Mary T. Coronella no Mt. Vernon Street Activities: G. A. A., Chronicle. Glee Cluh. Swimming Mary’s lively personality and witty remarks will make her long remembered by her classmates, Mary plans to go to Katharine Gibbs next year. Thomas B. Cosgrove 18 Maynard Street Activities: Basketb all. Student Council. Golf. Chess and Checker Club. Tennis. Without " Tommy ' s” lively personality, A. H. S. wouldn ' t have been tbe same. Next year he will be working hard at Bentley ' s. Mr. Wallace’s classes will always be remem- bered by him. Edna L. Cowan 40 Walnut Street Activities: Ctlee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan. Field Hockey. " Eddy” will long be re- membered by her classmates for her warm and ready smile. She likes all kinds of music and football games. Mr. Courtney’s Business Organiza- tion class will always be re- membered by her. Edward Cox 73 Everett Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Camera. Chronicle Edward’s wonderful sense of humor and friendliness have made him a friend of both teachers and pupils. Ed- ward is deciding between Tufts and Mass. State as his future " Alma Mater. " His hobby is guns. Patricia A. Cox 1 1 Appleton Street Activities: Dramatic Cluh. " Rec " Committee. Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. Chronicle. " Pat " is the " Helen Hayes” of A. H. S. Because of her acting ability and very witty remarks she has made mil- lions of friends. Next year will see her in the Air Force. Smooth flying in the future, " Pat " ! William E. Cox 22 Cleveland Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Student Council " Billy’s” smile and singing have made many friends for him at A. H. S. Next year will find him at some prep school. Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals and football games will always be remembered by him. Elizabeth A. Craig " 5 Washington Street " Betty” plans a career in the Air Force after she gradu- ates. Her most pleasant high school memories concern her U. S. History classes with Mr. Thompson and her meetings outside tlie old hall. Doris L. Craigie 1 1 Cedar Avenue Activities: Bowling. G. A. A., Tennis. Year Book Typing. Roller skating is " Dody’s " pet love, and she will always remember her trip to New York to compete in a roller- skating contest. When she gets tired of moving around, she’d like to settle down and become a secretary. William C. Crawford 1 14 Rh i need iff e Street Activities: Cross Country, Track. " Billy” is an active sports enthusiast and picks as his favorites baseball and basket- ball. He found school the most interesting in Miss Wakefield’s history class. Patricia A. Creech 88 Bow Street Activities: G. A. A.. Swim- ming. Bowling. The Air Force will have an attractive addition after " Pat " graduates. This versatile young lady Is interested in a grea t many sports, especially swimming and bowling. Page Twenty-four Marilyn J. Croft 39 Kenilworth Road Activities: Honor Roll. Or- chestra. Rand. Glee Club. Gil- bert and Sullivan Smiling " Lynn " plans to major in music at the Uni- versity of Vermont. She’ll re- member all the musical ac- tivities she participated in while she was in high school, especially the Gilbert and Sul- livan Club, and the fun she had at her party after the ' 5 1 show. Donald P. Cronin 15 Village Lane Activities: Hockey, Cross Country. The most enjoyable things in high school to " Don " were the football and hockey games. Even though he found it difficult to get to school on time, and was a frequent member of seventh period classes, he admits that he had some wonderful times here, and will miss all the swell kids he met. Scott C. Crosbie 68 Waldo Road Activities: Fine Arts Club. Camera Club. S. ' ott would like to go to art school after graduation and take up cartooning. He is interested in sports — swim- ming, football and basketball, but best of all he liked Mr. Coletta and his unconvention- al art classes. Quinlan S. Croshier 374 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Honor Roll. " Rec " Committee . Chronicle. Rowling. Quinlan has traveling blood, and would like to trav- el all over the United States. Mr. Sampson’s and Mrs. Bray’s classes leave her many warm memories of her high school days. Elizabeth A. Cullinane 95 Medford Street Activities: " Rec’’ Committee. Rowling, Chronicle, Glee Club. Vivacious " Betty” will miss those mad times at Howard Johnson’s after school. She hopes to continue her educa- tion at Katharine Gibbs School. The most interesting phase of her education was in Miss Forsyth’s classes learning how to cook. |ohn |. Cullinane 7 Mill Street Activities: Raskethall , Raseball. Sports-minded " Doc” is a member of our basketball and baseball teams. Mr. Houston’s mechanical drawdng class will remain longest in his memory. Kenneth B. Cumming 143 James Street Activities: Chronicle. Golf, Student Council. Class Treas- urer. Cross Country, Year Rook. Arlington High will miss one of its best-liked students when ”Ken ” leaves us for Tufts College. He has been very active in school affairs and really enjoyed those live- ly political discussions, but the " bug races” in Mr. Kapff’s solid and trig classes will be his saddest loss. Anne W. Cummings 4 Court Street Place Activities: Rasketball, Tennis. Glee Club. Ciilhert and Sul- livan. Cheerleading. Year Rook Typing. Active Anne enjoys sports, dancing and swimming in par- ticular. She will always re- member the fun she had cheerleading, also, Mr. Court- ney’s business organization class. Andrea P. Dale 135 Scituate Street Activities: Vice President of Class. Field Hockey, Girls’ Athletic Association. Chron- icle. Rasketball . Student Coun- cil, CTilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club. V ' ersatile and fun loving " Andie " is planning to be- come a secretary. Her favorite activity is attending all A. H. S- sports. " Andie” will always remember the wonderful friends she has met at Arling- ton High. Charles R. Daley 1 5 Randolph Street Activities: Raseball. " Cha’,” who plans to at- tend Brandeis and become a lab technician, is an ardent basketball fan. He will long- est remember Andie Dale’s bubbling laughter. Page Twenty-five Dorothy J. Dalrymple 16 Pine Ridge Road Activities: G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan. Chronicle. Dra- matic Club. Petite " Dottie,” who has made many friends at Arling- ton High, plans to go in train- ing at the New England Bap- tist Hospital. She will always remember the friends she made in Mr. Johnson’s U. S. History class. Marianne H. D ' Amato 59 Warren Street Marianne’s favorite outside activities include bowling, dancing and roller skating. She will always remember Mr. Thompson’s history tests and Mr. Wallace’s third period class in her junior year. Franklyn T. Danehy 2 1 Alton Street Activities: Honor Roll. Year Book. Dramatic Club. Chron- icle. Cross Country. Cheerful Eranklyn, who plans to attend Cornell, would like to become a hotel ad- ministrator. He enjoys all sports and will never forget the warm reception he re- ceived in solid and trig every- day. Loretta M. DeBonis 1 5 Lovell Road Activities: Glee Club. Swim- ming. Gilbert and Sullivan. Loretta, whose favorite out- side activities include ice skat- ing and swimming, would like to attend the School of Prac- tical Arts. Loretta will never forget the homework and her teachers. John K. Deignan 238 Park Avenue Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Stamp Club, Baseball, ’Cautious Ken, ” who en- joys hot-rod racing, is plan- ning to attend B. U. He will always remember Mr. Fusco’s class because of the fun he had. Nita M. DcICaizo 1 1 Pine Ridge Road Activities: Honor Roll. G. A. A.. Gilbert and Sullivan. Charming Nita, who plans to attend Green Mountain Junior College next year, greatly enjoys horseback rid- ing. Nita will longest remem- ber the fun she had milling around the corridors after school. Maryann H. DeMatteo 52 Dudley Street Activities: Honor Roll, G. A. A., Bowling, Year Book Typ- ing. " Rec” Committee. Maryann would like to be- come a stenographer after graduation. Her favorite out- side activity is dancing. Mary- ann will always remember Miss Forsyth’s cooking class with unit four. Paul C. DerAnanian 150 Medford Street Activities: Honor Roll. Jovial ”Der ” w ' ants to be- come a grocer after gradua- tion. His favorite outside ac- tivities are bowling and at- tending hockey games. " Der” will alw ' ays remember Miss Wakefield’s U. S. History class. Marie A. DeRosa 115 Washington Street Activities: Honor Roll, Year Book Typing. Attractive Marie plans to further her education at Bur- dett’s where we know she will be successful. She will al- ways remember dashing for seats in the lunchroom. Ramon de Rosas 2 1 Burch Street Activities: Basketball . Baseball, Tennis, Periclean Forum. ’’Spick” enjoys all kinds of sports and his favorite out- side activities are swimming and bowling. He wdll never forget Mr. Toczylowski’s gen- eral math class. Page Twenty-six Elizabeth A. Oormitzer Robert Dick 78 Quincy Street Activities: Stamp Club. Cam- era Club, Hockey, Baseball. " Bob,” who is interested in photography, plans to further his education at Mass. State. He will always remember his P. O. D. classes with Mr. Fus- co. Mary E. Doherty 65 Foster Street Activities: G. A. A., Field Hockey, Swimming, Gilbert and Sullivan. " Bootsie” loves dancing and going to football games. She will never forget the many new friends she made at A. H. S. Donald F. Dolan 6 Ronald Road Activities: Football. Hockey. Baseball. Sports-minded " Booker, " who plans to attend the Uni- versity of Miami, will always remember his trip south with the football team in 1949. George R. Dolan 73 Randolph Street Activities: Gilbert and Sullivan. " Bobby,” who enjoys danc- ing, will always remember the fun he had at the " Rec” and struggling through his French classes. He plans to attend Mass. State. Joyce A. Donaldson 10 Willow Court Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Chronicle. Softball. Attractive " Scotty, " who enjoys dancing at the " Rec,” will further her education at Boston University. She will always remember her junior and senior homerooms. 38 Cliff Street Activities: Honor Roll, Dra- matic Ciub Secretary, Chron- icle, Gilbert and Sullivan. Fine Arts, Year Book. Vivacious and active " Bet- sy " will be remembered for her great interest in the Dra- matic Club. She plans to at- tend Katharine Gibbs, where we know she will be success- ful. Ruth C. Downs 83 Lake Street Activities: G. A. A., Tennis. Fun-loving " Ruthie,” an outstanding tennis player, will long remember Miss For- syth ' s cooking class. She is headed for Chandler Secre- tarial School, where she is sure to make many friends. Joseph J. Doyle 72 Everett Street Activities: Gilbert and Sullivan. " Joe,” who enjoys many outside activities, plans to further his education at Bos- ton University. He will al- ways remember the " Rec " and his baseball arguments with Mr. Danforth. Edward L. Duffy 1 2 Chester Street " Duff " will long remember Mr. Arthur ' s printing classes, especially since he wishes to enter the printing business. Cars and " hot rods” are his pet pleasures. Cordon D. Dunn 70 Madison Avenue Activities: Hockey. Gordon, who will attend Massachusetts Radio, will nev- er forget his two-year struggle with Mr. Petralia ' s amplifier. Among Gordon ' s favorite out- side activities are swimming and fishing. Page Twenty-seven Charles Eddy 22 Williams Street " Charlie, " who is an out- of-doors enthusiast, is headed for the conservation business. The quiet, orderly lunchroom will remain fixed forever in his mind. Margaret E. Fahey 110 Broadway Activities: Eouiing. Glee Club. Swimming. Basketball, Honor Roll. Cute and active " Peggy” will always recall the football games and her studies in the Old Hall. She plans to fur- ther her education at Kath- arine Gibbs. Andrew Joseph Egan 64 Freeman Street Activities: Football. Track. Baseball. Hockey. Rugged and popular " Joe, " one of our star athletes, plans to attend Tulane University. He w ' ill carry with him the memories of the " bowl trip, " and English with Miss Horri- gan. John D. Fallon U Norcross Street Auto repairing is John’s future occupation. He is an avid and experienced stock car racing fan. Remember Mr. Kirk ' s " short” ( ? ) tests! Magnus Einarson 19 Eastern Avenue " Mag” especially enjoys playing hockey and tinkering with automobiles. He plans to attend Northeastern after which he will enter the field of electronics. Jean E. Farrington 142 Park Avenue Extension Activities: Head Drum AIa;or- ette. Swimming, Bowling. Chronicle, Basketball. Jean, better known as " Tiny,” will never forget " Toz’s” geography and Miss O ' ConneH ' s sophomore Eng- lish classes. She plans to at- tend the 1. B. M. School after graduation. Mary M. English 12”! Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Basketball, Base- ball. Bowling. Tennis. Pleasing and attractive Ma- ry, whose interests include dancing, swimming, and bowl- ing, hopes to attend a comp- tometer school. Miss Cassone ' s classes will always be remem- bered by Mary. Victor A. Faucon 54 Temple Street Activities: Track. Honor Roll. " Vic,” an ice skating en- thusiast, enjoyed his fifth pe- riod in study hall and Mr. Miller’s chemistry A class. Vic is headed for M. 1. T. next year. Robert England 128 Crescent Hill Avenue Quiet " Bob” is as yet un- decided about his future. He will long remember Miss Ahern’s homeroom and Mr. Arthur’s printing class. Fran k C. Faulhefer 997 Massachusetts Avenue " Red” plans to enter the radio and television field. Skating and basketball are his favorite outside activities. He’ll never forget his good times in the lunchroom or Mr. Delaney’s pantomimes. Page T wenty-ei ght Maxine H. Feinzig 210 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, Chron- icle. Year Book, Dramatic Club, Latin Club. " Max,” who plans to at- tend RadclifFe, enjoys horse- back riding and modern danc- ing. Miss Rounds’ Latin IV class will stand out in her high school memories. Charles M. Fernald 1003 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Honor Roll. " Charlie,” who enjoys skat- ing, " Boccie, " and woodwork- ing in his spare time, expects to enter rhe radio and tele- vision business. He’ll always remember Mr. Delaney’s classes. Chester L. Field 4 Joyce Road Chester, a future architect who plans to study at M. I. T., enjoys ice skating and outboard racing. Mr. Kapff’s class will remain in his mem- ory longest. Barbara L. Fitzpatrick 112 Jason Street Activities: Field Hockey, Ten- nis, Swimming. Barbara, who will alw ' ays remember her first day in Arlington High, enjoys bowl- ing and dancing. She will never forger Mrs. Lee’s sew- ing classes. Anne E. Fjeld 6 Edith Street Activities: Bowling. Guidance. Anne, whose nickname is " Nancy, " enjoys many out- side activities. She’ll always remember her junior and sen- ior math classes while she’s attending a school of nursing. Hartwell Flemming, |r. 3 1 Cedar Avenue Activities: Cross Country, In- door Track, Rifle Club. " Buzz, " whose sport activi- ties include track, rifle club and skiing, will always remem- ber Mr. Eaton’s math class. His next Alma Mater will be Northeastern. Barbara E. Fogg 44 Kenilworth Road Activities: Bowling, Tennis. Barbara, whose favorite out- side activity is roller skating, will never forget Miss O’Con- nell’s class and the good times she had in it. loan E. Foley 85 Newland Road Activities: G. A. A.. Bowling. Softball. Joan, who enjoys bowling, horseback riding, skating and dancing, has memories of the football games during her junior year. She plans to at- tend Burroughs School. Constance A. Foote 24 Eastern Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, Year Book. Gilbert and Sullivan. Dramatic Club. Blonde and vivacious " Con- nie, ” well known for her speaking and acting ability, will always remember the re- hearsals for Dramatic Club plays and her Rainbow activi- ties. She plans to attend Wheelock. Nancy L. Forbes 5 1 Chester Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Dramatic Club. Discus- sion Club. Chronicle Typist. Nancy will remember rhe fun she had learning to drive and working in the Guidance Office. Nancy w ' ill go into the clerical field. Page Twenty-nine Sarah H. Forbush 80 Pleasant Street Activities: Honor Roll, Gil- bert am! Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Year Book Committee, " Sally” will remember Mr. Kemp ' s Chemistry class and the wonderful Guidance as- semblies she helped plan. She will be at Bates next fall where her winning ways are bound to win her many friends. Janice A. Ford 5.3 School Street Activities: Glee Club, " Jan, " who enjoys horse- back riding and swimming, wdl take her memories of Mr. Toner’s Clerical Training class to Katharine Gibbs next year. Virginia M. Ford 103 Thorndike Street Activities: G, A. A,, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Chronicle, " Ginger” will never for- get the football games and her favorite activities are bowling and dancing. She will never forget Miss Forsyth ' s cooking classes. Evelyn Franzosa 1 54 Newport Street Activities: Chronicle, G, A, A,, Glee Club, Evie” will long remember the football games and her Business Organization class with Mr. Wallace. Her many school activities will insure her good fortune at Katharine Gibbs. Ruth C. Fraser 242 Forest Street " Ruthie,” who enjoys dancing, skating, and bowling in her spare time, is headed for a comptometer school af- ter graduation. She wdll al- ways remember lunch time in her sophomore year. Josephine L. Freni 6 Highland Avenue Activities: Chronicle, Dramat- ic Club, G, A, A, " Jo " w ' ill have the mem- ories of Mr. Lowder’s sixth period history class w ' ith her for many years to come. She will never forget the football games of A. H. S. Virginia M. Foss 15 Pine Avenue Activities: Glee Club, " Ginny” will remember her Typing classes and Mr. Ton- er’s Clerical Training. She will keep up her favorite ac- tivities of tennis, softball and swimming at Katharine Gibbs. Jean Fouhy 139 Washington Street Jean will never forget her friends and companions and the wonderful teachers at A. H. S. Dancing and bowling occupy her spare time, and Burdett will welcome her in the fall. Joan Fuller 1 Mott Street Activities: Glee Club, Chron- icle, G, A, A,, Gilbert and Sullivan, Joan will attend Framing- ham State Teacher’s College next fall. Her favorite activi- ties are dancing and swim- ming. She will long remem- ber the A. H. S. football games. Doris A. Gallagher 215 Mystic Street Activities: Field Hockey, Bas- ketball, G, A, A,, Chronicle, Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan, Doris will long remember the track meets and her many activities. Her charming per- sonality will be a welcome ad- dition to Boston University. Page Thirty William T. Gallagher 55 Pairmont Street Activities: Football, Track. " Bill,” one of the stars on our football team, will never forget the good times he had in the locker room. He ' s un- decided as to the future — but he enjoys all kinds of sports. Irene M. Calli 12 Grave Street Activities: G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Chronicle. Irene enjoyed many of her classes at A. H. S. and plans to be a stewardess when she graduates. She’ll never forget Miss Campbell’s cooking class. Jane M. Cambardella 59 Wyman Street Activities: " Rec” Committee. Tennis. " Janie” is a charming young miss who is undecided about the future but one who will always remember Miss Forsyth’s cooking classes and the fun she had in her junior year. George S. Garvey 14.5 Lake Street Activities: Volleyball. George, a great sports en- thusiast, is going to be a printer, and he will always remember Mr. Arthur’s print- ing class. Edward F. Gass 155 Wachusett Avenue " Garr " is going to be a me- chanic next year. The Print Shop with " Moose” Carey will never be forgotten by him. Nancy Anne Gafchell 10 Lincoln Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Basketball, Honor Roll. Mr. Gibbs’ typing class will always be remembered by sweet Nancy who, next year, will be found at Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania. Her outside activities include Rain- bow and bowling. Jay K. Gannett 782 Massachusetts Avenue " Joe,” an active member of all sports, whose specialty is track, will be found at B. U. studying journalism next year. He’ll never forget all his friends at A. H. S. Walter F. Gannon Anne T. Gatto 16 Dartmouth Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, Glee Club. " Tiny,” who will be found in a smart Waves uniform af- ter graduation, enjoys sing- ing and ice skating. She’ll never forget the lead she had in Gilbert and Sullivan. " ’5 Tufts Street Activities: Baseball, Hockey, Chronicle, Student Council, Latin Club, Honor Roll. " Walt,” who excels in studies and sports, is going to an Ivy League College, and will always remember the " peace and quiet” of A. H. S.’s study halls and the early hours at the skating club. He was a successful candidate for N. R. O. T. C. James J. Geagan 57 Sunset Road Mechanical " Jimmy” en- joys fixing the troubles in his car. Among other things he will always remember is the fun he had road-testing cars. Page Thirty-one Robert T. Coodwin Paul B. Ceary 63 Webcowet Road Activities: Football. Track. Chess. Stamp Club. Discussion Club. Glee Club. Paul, who’s good at all sports, expects to study at Texas Christian College ne. ' Ci year. 341 Park Avenue Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Baseball, Basketball. " Bob,” w ' ho enjoys playing golf, plans to enter Boston University. During his sopho- more year he followed faith- fully A. H. S. football team. Thomas F. Ceary 7 Wyman Street Activities: Baseball. Hockey. ’’Tom ' s " interested in all sports — especially baseball and hockey. Next year he’ll be found studying at Tufts Col- lege. Lane W. Corton 1 Quincy Street Activities: Camera Club. De- bating. Football. Lunchroom. " Hank ” plans to attend Tufts to become an engineer. He will always remember Mr. Sampson’s Math 11 class. He enjoys all sports — especially skating. Ronald L. Cerbrands 96 Ronald Road Activities: Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan. Band. Orchestra. Discussion Club, Chronicle. " Ron” plans to enter Bos- ton University to study dra- matics and radio. Singing in operettas and boxing are his favorite outside activities. He will never forget the D ' amatic Club rehearsals. Carolyn Cosse 99 Warren Street Activities: Honor Roll. Gil- bert and Sullivan. Glee Club. Camera Club. Studies in ’’The Hall” and typing class will remain long- est in Carolyn’s memory. Next year Carolyn will be at Simmons studying to become a medical technician. Mary R. Ciurleo 1 6 Rockmont Road Activities: Chronicle. Mary w ' ill always remem- ber Miss Krastin’s and Mr. Powder’s classes. She enjoys swimming and bowling. Best wishes for the future, Mary! Maralyn ). Craves 29 Churchill Avenue Activities: Boivling. ”Mal” has chosen nursing as her profession and plans to enter Mount Auburn Hos- pital. She enjoys dancing and bowling. ”Mal” will long re- member the Chemistry Lab.! Frederic S. Clynn 91 Valentine Road Activities: Dramatic Club. ”F, S.” plans to attend Har- vard. He will always remem- ber Mr. Barber’s Math 111 class. His favorite outside ac- tivity is driving to Spring- field. Best of luck, ”F. S.”! Mary E. Creen 30 Amsden Street Activities: Honor Roll. Bowl- ing. Modern Dance, Chron- icle, Swimming. Mary, who enjoys sewing and piainting, will attend Framingham to become a teacher. She will remember longest her Latin classes. Best of luck in everything, Mary! Page Thirty-two Joan A. Grieve 340 Gray Street Activities: Honor Roll, G. A. A., Chronicle, Year Book, Sweet " Joni,” whose out- side activities include ice skating and dancing, plans to become a nurse. She will long remember her junior year and Girls ' Club dances. Audrey F. Cuarino 1 1 Orient Avenue Activities: Honor Roll. " Dimples” wishes to fur- ther her education at Boston University. Her favorite out- side activities are dancing and ice skating. She will long re- member the fun after the sec- ond lunch in her sophomore year. Barbara A. Cuarnotta 41 Rangeley Road Activities: Honor Roll. Intelligent " Barbs” will long remember Miss O ' Con- nell’s English class and her sixth period study halls. Next year she will continue her studies at B. U. Virginia A. Cuzzi 5 Perkins Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Dramatic Club. Chronicle. Fun-loving " Ginny” will be seen at Burden’s next year. She will always remember waiting for orchestra in her junior year and being the only girl in her math class. Ronald L. Hall 21 Lockeland Avenue Activities: Football, Baseball, Hockey. Chess Club, Camera Club. Discussion Club. " Duckie " will long remem- ber his study halls and the " swell kids” at A. H. S. He enjoys basketball and hockey. Best of luck in the future, " Duckie”! Wayne R. Hall 115 Rhinecliff Street Activities: Band. The 1 :45 p. m. bell will be long remembered by Wayne, who is going to join the U. S. Navy. Roller skating and the band are among his favorite pastimes. jane F. Hallion 13 Moulton Road Activities: G. A. A.. Chron- icle. Dramatic Club. Jane places swimming as a favorite pastime. She will nev- er forget all the football games and Miss O ' Connell’s English class. Next year she will be seen in a business school. Patricia Hancock 146 Park Avenue Extension Activities: Honor Roll. Gil- bert and Sullivan, Bowling. Year Book Typing. Eun-loving " Pat " will nev- er forget all the fun she had at the football and hockey games and Miss O ' Connell’s English class. Next year she will continue her studies at B. U. Mary T. Hanlon 34 Reed Street Activities: Honor Roll. Attractive Mary, whose favorite pastime is bowling, will long remember Miss O’ConneH’s Junior English class. Next year she will be seen at B. U. Mary is one of the deft woman drivers of the Driver Training Course. Rosamond F. Hanlon 23 Colonial Drive Activities: Honor Roll. Bas- ketball, Tennis, Cj. A. A., Dra- matic Club. Chronicle, Year Book Committee. " Roz” will always remem- ber the " Sleepwalking scene from Macbeth,” and Mr. Eaton’s homeroom. She enjoys sailing and tennis. Next year she will be busy at Simmons. Rage Thirty-three Patricia |. Harris 196 Cedar Avenue Activities: Cheerleader, G. A. A., Field Hockey, Basketball, Sivimming. Glee Club, Bowl- ing, Chronicle, Modern Dance, Energetic " Patti " will re- member most her sophomore year and the slumber parties, dancing and hockey games. " Patti” is one of our particu- larly enthusiastic cheerleaders. Stephen K. Harwood 424 Massachusetts Avenue " Steve,” who hopes to be a draftsman, devotes most of his spare time to cars, danc- ing, and fishing. He will al- ways remember his sophomore year in 61. Barclay E. Hayes 44 School Street " Bart " expects to go into his father’s radio business some day. He also hopes to have some time for hunting and camping. Good luck, " Bart ”! Donald Hazelton 7 Moulton Road Activities: Football, Hockey, Track, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, " Hazy,” who enjoys all kinds of sports, plans to en- ter St. John ' s Seminary after he graduates. He will always remember the good friends he has made at A. H. S. Mary-Louise Heuser 50 Jason Street " Mike,” a wonderful class- mate, will always remember the wonderful times she had at Arlington High. She will always remember the sixth period in Hall and the junior Business Organization classes. Margie L. Hewey Belknap Street Activities: Honor Roll, Dra- matic Club, G. A. A,, Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle, Year Book Committee, Margie, who plans to at- tend Simmons, is one of our honor students. She belongs to many outside activities favor- ing swimming and talking. Mr. Kemp’s hilarious chemis- try class will always stand out in Margie’s mind. Kathryn M. Hickey 41 Sunset Road Activities: Honor Roll, Chron- icle Staff, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Dramatic Club, Rifle Club, " Rec” Committee, Dis- cussion Club, G, A. A, " Kathy” is quite an active girl, favoring tennis. Her fu- ture life’s ambition is to be a medical secretary, and we can be assured that " Kathy” will be very successful. Barbara A. Holmstead 56 Coolidge Road Activities: Honor Roll, Year Book, G. A. A. ’’Barb” has made many wonderful friends during her high school career. She en- joys all kinds of activities. We wonder if Barbara has as much fun driving as she did when getting her driver’s li- cense. lean Hellmann 54 Newport Street " Jeannie,” whose most di- verting activity is dancing, plans to attend Kathleen Dell’s Business School. One of her memorable events is sitting with the Arlington High School Band. Carol ). Hornbeck 41 Allen Street Activi ties: Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Chron- icle, Glee Club. Carol, who plans to attend B. C. School of Nursing, is very interested in the stage. She participates in many ac- tivities and her favorite hap- pens to be bowling. Page Thirty-four Anne Horton 15a Mary Street Activities: Honor Roll, Chronicle, Dramatic Club. Anne is planning to at- tend Simmons College and we are sure she will be quite successful in life. One of her outstanding activities is bowl- ing, also badminton. Mary P. Houston 1 1 Henderson Street Activities: Chronicle, G. A. A., Year Book Typing. Mary belongs to many ac- tivities and seems to favor bowling. The initiation of the G. A. A. will be most mem- orable to Mary and the won- derful times she had in Mr. Wallace’s classes. Donald H. Hurd 9 Teel Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, Band. Donald is very interested in the stage. His future life’s am- bition is to become a vocalist with a band. Donald will al- ways remember the fun he had marching with the school band. Ruth M. Hurley 137 Sunset Road Quiet " Ruthie” plans to go to business school to further her education. She will al- ways remember Mr. Wallace’s third period Business Organ- ization class. Dianne M. Igoe 112 Palmer Street Activities: Tennis. G. A. A., Bowling, Softball. " Luxie” plans to go into the business world. She loves all sports, and will always re- member " Toz’s " Geography class in her sophomore year. Nancy E. Jacobs 192 Cedar Avenue Activities: Honor Roll. Nancy wants to go into Air Line work, but as yet is un- decided where. Her typing class and the 1951 Gym Meet will long remain in her memory. Phyllis M. Johnson 16 Hopk ins Road After graduation, Phyllis plans to work in a bank. Bowling and softball are her favorite outside activities. She will remember longest chang- ing from Malden High to A. H. S. Patricia L. Johnstin 98 Quincy Street Activities: Honor Roll, Dra- matic Club. Year Book, Latin Club. With sweet " Pat,” Rain- bow and culinary arts are tops. She plans to be a secre- tary by going to Katharine Gibbs. The first Latin Club meeting and Mr. Kapff’s Math 111 class will never be forgot- ten by Pat. Cordon F. Jones 79 Valentine Road Camping and photography are Gordon’s main interests in life, and he hopes to cre- ate his own photography busi- ness. He’ll never forget his ex- periences in Mr. Pine’s radi o class. Marie A. Keefe 25 Lee Terrace Activities: Tennis. " Dolly,” who is a sports enthusiast, is headed for a career in business. She will always remember Mrs. Lee’s sewing class in her junior year. Page Thirty-five Pauline L. Keefe Letitia C. Kelliher 27 Davis Avenue Activities: Chronicle, Dra- matic Club. Latin Club, " Rec " Commiteee. " Polly,” who plans a teach- ing career after attending Re- gis College, enjoys dancing, skating, and piano playing. She will never forget Miss Rounds ' Latin class. Richard E. Keene 20 Wall Street " Dick,” who w ' orked in the lunchroom during his junior year, plans to attend B. U. Good luck, " Dick " ! Harold |. Kelley 104 Medford Street Northeastern is " Kell ' s " goal. He likes to " fix ' ' old cars , and he will never for- get his two years in Mr. Eaton ' s class. Lorraine F. Kelley 5 1 Kenilw ' orth Road Activities: G. A. A., Chron- icle. Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. Dramatic Club. " Rec " Committee. Discussion Club. Cute Lorraine, w ' ho plans to go to Simmons, enjoys tennis and bowling. She will always remember the fun at Dramatic Club rehearsals in her junior year and the " Macbeth " rec- ords in her senior year. Paul C. Kelley 840 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Football. Sports-minded " Kell " is headed for B. U. where he will study business. He will long remember Mr. Court- ney ' s class in his junior year. 27 Wyman Terrace Activities: G A. A. " Tish " would like to at- tend Kathleen Dell next year. Her favorite outside activity is week-end trips to Alice Le- Blanc ' s lodge in New Hamp- shire. " Tish " will always re- member all the notes she wrote while in A. H. S. Edward M. Kenney 21 Devereaux Street Activities: Student Council. Basketball . Baseball. " Ted,” a well known sen- ior and an all-around good sport, plans to attend Dart- mouth. He will always re- member Mr. Sampson ' s sixth period Math 111 class. " Ted ' s” favorite outside activity is baseball. John ). Kenney 7 Melrose Street " Jackie " enjoys hockey, swimming and basketball as outside activities. He will al- ways remember the friends he has made and the good times he has had at Arlington High. Patricia M. Kenney 10 Harvard Street Activities: Swimming, Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. " Pat, " who will be found at Pramingham Teachers next year, enjoys many activities including bowling. She will never forget her Chemistry Lab periods in Mr. Miller’s class. Angela L. Kiriagis 90 Melrose Street Activities: Honor Roll, G. A. A.. Basketball, Glee Club. " Angie,” who plans to at- tend Lasell Junior College and become a designer, enjoys swimming and bowling. She will always remember walk- ing into Miss Barry ' s home- room late mornings. Page T hirty-six Janies David Kotis 109 Sunnyside Avenue Next year you may find " Dave " anywhere taking pic- tures as he plans to become a commercial photographer. The confusion of the senior year will long be remembered by him. Nicholas S. Kriketos 80 Or vis Road Activities: Gilbert and Sullivan. " Nick,” an active member of Gilbert and Sullivan, would like to spend his college days at Boston University. He will always remember the Chorus classes and his senior English class. Charles Dana Kuhn 25 Avon Place Charles is one of the out- door types at A. H. S. He likes to hunt and go camping in his spare time. He will al- ways remember the mix-up in the lunchroom and his gym classes. Sally A. Kuhn 77 Grafton Street Activities: Field Hockey, Ten- nis, G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Suirnrning. Cute " Sally, " who has love- ly blond hair, wants to go to St. Elizabeth ' s Nursing School. She greatly enjoys skating and dancing and will always re- member her Chorus 11 class. Mary F. Lafayette 75 Bartlett Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, Ten- nis Team, G. A. A., Basketball. Mary ' s smile has made many friends for her. Next year she will be at Katharine Gibbs. Tennis and going to track meets will always be re- membered by her. Richard E. Laman 1 1 I Webster Street Activities: " Rec " Band. Foot- ball Band. Orchestra. " Dick” is the future " Harry James " of A. H. S. Next year he will be at B. U. but later on he wants to become a mu- sic teacher and also play in a dance band. Thelma C. Lamberton 66 Lake Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van Club. Chronicle. Thelma has made many friends due to her charming personality. She will never forget the wonderful times she had, especially at the Senior Prom her sophomore year. Beverly J. Lanigan Carl Road Activities: Bowling. Swim- ming. Glee Club. Beverly, a wonderful class- mate, will always remember Mrs. Lee ' s sewing class. And who didn ' t hear Bev " cheer- ing at the football games! ! She will attend Chandler ' s next year. Charlotte M. Lansil 48 Oakland Avenue Activities: Camera Club, Art Club. Year Book Com mittee. " Charlie,” an ambitious voung girl, w ' ill go far with her lively interest in outside activities. All her classmates will remember her for the cheerful disposition she pos- sessed. Ruth W. Larson 2.S Wright Street " Ruthie, " who is going in- to bookkeeping after gradua- tion, will always remember her good times in Mr. Gibbs ' (lasses. She is also quite an equestrienne. Rage Thirty-seven Charles R. Laverfy 52 Hillsdale Road Acthities: Baseball, Basket- ball, Hockey. " Chuck,” an avid sports fan, flavors a lively interest in sports with a definite appre- ciation for studies. He plans to study accounting at B. U. next year. Anthony Lemmo 12 Dorothy Road Best remembered of " Tony ' s” high school career, will be Mr. Delaney’s Eng- lish classes. He plans to be a mechanic and especially en- joys hunting and fo otball games. Lawrence ). Lavoie 63 Windsor Street As yet, " Larry” is undecided about his future. He enjoys hunting and fishing and his " pleasant” visits to the office will remain longest in his memory. Marilyn T. Leonard 25 Berkeley Street Activities: Cheerleader, Girls’ Glee Club. Marilyn, whose chief am- bition is to be a vocalist with an orchestra, is also quite the football fan. One of her most rewarding qualities in later life will be her poise. I. Alice LeBlanc 61 Florence Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, G. A. A.. Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Girls’ Club. Alice, intending to further her education at Katharine Gibbs, has a flair for dra- matics. She will always re- member how helpful her friends were when she was handicapped during the sophomore year. Margaret E. LeBlanc 21 Russell Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Dramatic Club. Baseball. Bouling, Lunchroom . " Peggy, " interested in any- thing that has to do with the stage, also is a loyal sports fan. Her future ambition is to attend B. C. " Peggy” will al- ways remember being an un- derstudy in " Meet Me In St. Louis.” Patricia C. Leonard 25 Berkeley Street Activities: " Rec” Committee. " Pat, " an active and good natured young miss, is deter- mined to make her career as a secretary. Her favorite outside activities include dancing and bowling. Rita D. Lepore 112 Palmer Street Activities: Tennis. Rita, a demure miss, has a great interest in sports. Her future ambition is to be a comptometer operator. Rita will never forget Miss Horri- gan ' s English class. Francis W. Legee 22 Rhinecliff Street " Frank’s” future occupa- tion will be that of a ma- chinist. His favorite spare time activities include speed- boat racing, hunting, and fish- ing. He ' ll never forget Mr. Houston ' s jokes. William B. Lewis 233 Massachusetts Avenue " Bert” plans to attend Maryland University in the fall. He will always remem- ber the friends he made and the fun he had at A. H. S. Pag Thirty-eight Lois E. Lindberg 5 Beverly Road Activities: Honor Roll, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Year Book Committee. " Lindy” plans to make the University of Massachusetts her Alma Mater. Working for Mr. Einzig and the band rides to the football games are her chief memories of A. H. S. Helen C. MacDonald 176 Cedar Avenue Activities: Modern Dancing, Bowling Club. " Kitty” plans to attend La- sell Junior College in the fall. Mr. Wallace’s home room and Miss Horrigan ' s English class are her chief memories of A. H. S. Patricia A. Long 43 Melrose Street Activities: Chronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan. " Pat,” who likes ice skat- ing and dancing, intends to work in an office. She will always remember rushing down the up stairway for the last period every day. Lorraine E. MacDonald 34 Menotomy Road Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, Glee Club. Rushing down the wrong stairs will be outstanding in Lorraine’s memory. Her spark- ling personality will help her to be successful working for the telephone company. Nancy |. Loring 256 Appleton Street Activities: Honor Roll, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan. Nancy, whose favorite out- side activity is swimming, plans to attend Boston Uni- versity. The good times she had in the study hall are outstanding in her memory of A. H. S. Wayne C. MacLeod 2l6 Forest Street Activities: Basketball. Hockey. " Squirrel,” who enjoys bas- ketball, plans to make North- eastern his Alma Mater. He will always remember the lunch periods and Joe Egan’s daily newspaper. Eleanore A. Luccisano 52 Hilton Street Activities: G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Bowling. Miss Horrigan’s English class and the football games shine brightest in " Elly’s” memory. She plans to go on to secretarial work where we know she will be successful. Mary C. MacNeil 45 Claremont Avenue Activities: Dramatic Club, Glee Club. Latin Club. Active Mary, who plans to attend Jackson next year, en- joys swimming and badmin- ton. She will long remember the things she managed, against all odds, to turn out in Chemistry. Burton W. MacAllister 83 Wright Street " Burt,” who enjoys all sports, will always remember his classmates at A. H. S. We wish him the best of luck in whatever field of work he un- dertakes. Betty A. MacNeill 1 ” Revere Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Softball. Basketball. Swimming. Popular Betty, who plans to go to the Cambridge School of Business next year, will al- ways remember the fun she had at the K. of C. dances. Her favorite outside activity is watching A. H. S. football games. Page Thirty-pine Theodore Maggio 53 Magnolia Street Activities: Football. Indoor Track, Spring Track. " Ted” will never forget his trip to New Orleans in his sophomore year. He w ' ill al- ways remember the fun he had dancing at the " Rec.” Next year he plans to attend Bow ' doin College, Helen C. Manning 170 Palmer Street Activities: G. A. A., Tennis, Bowling, Year Book Typing. Helen will never forget the night of the Lynn Classical game in her sophomore year and meeting in Room 6 be- fore and after school. She en- joys swimming, hockey and the football games. She hopes to go to Chandlers next year. Anna M. Magliozzi 29 Milton Street Activities: Honor Roll. Anna will alw ' ays remem- ber the fun she had at A. H. S. — especially in Mr. Court- ney’s classes in Business Or- ganization. As yet she is un- decided about her future. Doris E. Marsh 12 ' Windermere Avenue Enid hopes to attend a school of business next year. During high school she en- joyed bow ' ling and skating. The wonderful times she had and the discussions in 15A W ' ill remain longest in her memory. Joan M. Mahoney 86 Broadw ' ay Joan will always remember the fun she had at A. H. S. and the friends she made. She’ll never forget Mr. Court- ney’s classes in Business Or- ganization. Phyllis E. Marsh 12 ’Windermere Avenue " Shy” Phyllis is planning a business career. Tennis, her favorite sport, keeps her well occupied. Ruth A. Mahoney 19 Central Street Activities: Dramatic Cli h. Chronicle. Gilbert and Sulli- van. Gym Meet. ’Ruthie " is still undecided about her future career. She’ll alw ' avs remember the Gym Meet in her junior year. Her favorite outside activities have been watching the A. H. S. football games and playing the accordion. Robert S. Malatesta 14 Mount Vernon Street Activities: Basketball. " Bob,” who plans to take up accounting next year at B. U., has enjoyed such sports as baseball, football and basketball. He’ll never forget the good times in Mr. Arth- ur’s printing classes. Joseph J. Martori 10 Scituate Street Activities: Band. Orchestra. Cidbert and Sullivan. Camera Club. " Rec” Committee, Rifle Club. Baseball. " Joe” plans to attend ' Went- worth Institute next year. He will always remember Mr. Mil- ler’s Chemistry A class and playing with the band at foot- ball games. He enjoys roller skating, football, basketball and hockey. Call E. Matheson 30 Stevens Terrace Activities: Honor Roll. Cam- era Club. Discussion Club. G. A. A., Year Book Committee. Friendly Gail, who plans to attend Simmons next year, has been active in many clubs at high school. She will always remember Mr. Danforth’s Me- chanical Drawing classes and Art with Mr. Colletta. Page Forty Nancy E. Matheson 1 5 Sheraton Park Activities: Chronicle, Girls ' Glee Club, G. A. A., Field Hockey. " Scottie” enjoys all sports but especially ice skating. She will always remember the sen- ior prom in her junior year and Mr. Kapff’s Algebra class. She plans to attend B. C. School of Nursing next year. Francis P. McCoy S 1 Hillside Avenue Cars and roller skating are among " Mac’s " outside activi- ties. He will always remember Mechanical Drawing in Mr. Danforth’s room and Biology with Mr. Sampson. Grace M. Mattson 189 Oakland Avenue Dancing and swimming are among " Mat’s” favorite ac- tivities, and she loves to cut people’s hair. She plans to go into accounting next year. She will never forget Mr. Wal- lace’s class. James K. McEwen 1 4 Pelham Terrace " Jim " enjoys wrestling and also likes to repair autos. He will always remember his teachers and would like to become an auto mechanic or cabinet maker some day. Barbara A. Maxwell 1 " Higgins Street Barbara likes to attend B. U. football games and also en- joys dancing and bowling. She will never forget her wonder- ful classmates and plans to en- ter some business school next fall. James H. McCaffrey 29 Albermarle Street " Mac” likes to experiment on radios and plans to at- tend Northeastern University m the fall. He will never for- get Mr. Houston’s Mechanical Drawing class and his days in the Vocational School. John J. McCarthy 1 1 Lockeland Avenue Activities: Baseball. Football. " Jack " likes to play ball, football and hockey and will always remember Mr. Ar- thur’s Printing classes. He plans to attend Boston Uni- versity and go into accounting. William E. McHugh 9 Henderson Street Activities: Honor Roll. Lunch- room. Camera Club. Ctilbert and Sullivan. ’Bill’s ” favorite outside ac- tivity is the Melrose A. C., and he will never forget Mr. Kapff’s Solid and Trig classes. He plans to continue his education at Northeastern University next year. Jansmarie McKelvie Longfellow Road Activities: Honor Roll. Editor o ' Year Book. Business Mana- ger of Chronicle. Dramatic Club. Latin Club. Janemarie, the hard work- ing editor of our year book, plans to attend Raddiffe next year. She is interested in writ- ing and will never forget the fun she had interviewing ’’kids ” for her column ’Red and Gray Jottings " in the Ar- lington Advocate. Jean M. McLaughlin 51 Lewis Avenue Activities: " Rec’’ Committee. Chronicle. Bowling. Dancing, skating and swim- ming are among " Mickey’s” activities. She will never for- get the race to first lunch and also Miss Horrigan’s Junior English class. " Mickey " plans to attend Burdett’s next year. Page Forty-one john B. McLaughlin, |r. 137 Park Avenue Extension Activities: Discussion Club. Dramatic Club. Chronicle, Rifle Club, Stamp Club. " Butch, " who plans to at- tend Boston College next year, enjoys golf and tennis. He will never forget Mr. Sexton ' s fifth period Spianish Class, and the fun he had in Driver Training. Mary ). McLcman 44 Kilsythe Road Activities: Honor Roll, G. A. A.. Gilbert and Sullivan, Dra- matic Club. Glee Club, Dis- cussion Club. Peppy, fun-loving " Merri " plans to attend Lasell Junior next year. Her favorite out- side activities include ice- skating, Rainbow, and watch- ing soccer games. She will never forget the mad chemists in Mr. Miller ' s chemical lab- oratory. Barbara A. McMurrer 28 Davis Avenue Activities: Honor Roll. Bas- ketball. Softball. Bouling. Field Hockey. Dark haired, charming " Barb, " who plans to enter secretarial work, enjoys ice- skating, dancing and swim- ming. She will never forget the fun she had in her small gym class of 12 at A. H. S. Shirley A. McSorley 26 Fisher Road Activities: Field Hockey, G. A. A.. Swimming, Drum Majorette. Fun-loving " Mac” plans to enter Colby Junior College alter graduation. Her outside activities include teaching ba- ton tw ' irling, ice skating on Saturday nights and jazz. Mary T. Mele 52 Fairmont Street Activities: G. A. A.. Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle. " Mel " is particularly fond of bowling and dancing. Mr. Gibbs ' sixth period Econom- ics class in her sophomore year will always be remem- bered and the wonderful times she had with the gang after football games. Ethel |. Menezes 34 Bow ' doin Street Activities: Cheerleader, Basket- ball. Swimming, Tennis. G. A. A. Tall, attractive " Squeekie, " who is bound for Salem Teachers, is an active mem- ber of the cheerleading squad of A. H. S. She will always remember our junior class winning the Gym Meet, and the fun the girls had putting it on. Wirrifred ). Miccichi 15 Farrington Street Activities: Bowling. " Winnie” plans to attend Mansfield and become a beau- tician. Her favorite outside activities are dancing and bowling. She will never forget her junior and senior years in Mr. Courtney ' s room. lean P. Mills 62 Aerial Street Activities: Swimming, Bouling. Pretty, blond Jean, who will attend Katharine Gibbs next year, will never forget all the wonderful classmates and friends she has made at A. H. S. and also the good times she had in Rainbow. Marilyn ). Milne 32 Margaret Street Activities: Glee Club. Marilyn, who is a member of the Rifle Club, enjoys danc- ing, playing the piano, and bowling. She will never for- get Miss O ' Connell ' s class in English. Elinor L. Moloy 62 Beacon Street Activities: Tennis. Chronicle. " El, " who is headed for Mansfield to become a beau- tician, spends her spare time dancing and bowling. She will never forget her teachers at A. H. S., especially Mr. Courtney and Mrs. Bray. Page Forty-tivo Earle T. Moore Edward P. Morris 62 Varnum Street Activities: Gilbert ami Sulli- van. Baseball, Camera Club. Undecided yet about his future, Earle will always re- member Miss Wakefield’s World History class. What he ' ll remember best is the fun with the " kids” in the lunchroom. 29 Winter Street Activities: Gilbert and Sullivan. " Eddie” is heading for a career in forestry. Hunting and fishing occupy most ot his spare time. He’ll never forget Mr. Delaney’s humor. Joan Moore 1 5 Hawthorne Avenue Activities: Chronicle, G. A. A.. Tennis. Basketball . Gilbert and Sullivan. Attractive, fun-loving Joan plans to enter Skidmore next fall. She will always remem- ber her fun on the tennis team and at the A. H. S. track meets. Ann Morrison 176 Park Avenue Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, Glee Club. Among Ann’s many high school memories will be her History class wdth Mr. Thomp- son and the friends she has made. Robert C. Moore 85 Webster Street Activities: football. Baseball. Tennis, Track. " Hot rods” are " Bob’s” favorite pastime. He plans to enter Bentley next fall and will long remember Miss Krastin’s English classes and the loyal friends he has made. Jean A. Morrison 94 Coolidge Road Activities: Field Hockey, Soft- ball. G. A. A., Basketball, Swimming, Cheerleader. Vivacious Jean, well known for her success as the head cheerleader, will always re- member the fun she had in her various sport activities. Best of luck at Lasell, Jean! Dorothy Moranian 24 Newland Road Activities: G. A. A.. Gilbert and Sullivan. Softball, Bowling. Burdett-bound " Dottie” will always remember the fun she had in Miss Krastin’s English classes and with Mr. Wallace. Baseball and bowling will re- main her favorite pastimes. Lawrence E. Morgan 50 Reed Street Activities: Cross Country Cap- tain. Hockey. Baseball, Stu- dent Council. " Skippy,” who plans to work for a transportation company, is very fond of danc- ing. Mr. Houston’s " African Charge” is the one thing he’ll remember longest about high school. Maria B. Moscardini 48 Newland Road Activities: Dramatic Club. Gil- bert and Sullivan. Glee Club. Orchestra, Chronicle. University of Massachusetts will welcome talented Maria next fall. Her classmates will always remember her outstand- ing ability at the piano. She will remember the Dramatic Club rehearsals. Larry Moseley 199 Renfrew Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van. Basketball. Baseball. " Moe ” is headed for the insurance business after his studies at B. U. He will be remembered for the variety of " hot rods” he drove to and from school. Page Forty-three June M. Mudarri 33 Edgehill Road Activities: Honor Roll, Gil- bert and Si llivan, Chronicle. Swimming, Bowling. June plans to attend Rad- diffe next fall. She will al- ways be well known for her excellent writing ability. Among her memories of A. H. S. will be the enjoyment of working on the Chronicle. Ch arlotte L. Mugford 30 Hawthorne Avenue Activities: Honor Roll. Bas- ketball. Field Hockey, G. A. A.. Chronicle. Year Book. Latin Club. Affable Charlotte will al- ways remember the fun she had m Miss Rounds’ Latin classes. Her charming person- ality has won her many friends and her sportsmanship has won her their respect. Marjorie E. Nash 146 George Street Activities: Honor Roll. Bas- ketball. Softball. G. A. A. " Betty, " when an angel of mercy at Massachusetts Gen- eral Hospital, will look back to all the fun she had at A. H. S. — especially that French 11 class with Miss Barry. She esoecially enjoys dancing and swimming. Lorraine A. Nelson 6 pAlgehill Road Activities: Honor Roll. Gil- bert a)id Sullivan. Year Book Committee, Art Club. Lorraine, who is heading for a career in the field of nursing — lucky patients — en- joys art work and swimming and will always cherish Mr. Coletta ' s ai-t classes in her memory. Ronald A. Nigro 43 Dudley Street Activities: Honor Roll. Discussion Club. Ronald, who will work at Dudley Fuel Comoany after praduation, esoecially enjoys snorts. He will never forget the fun he had at A. H. S. loan M. Niven 56l Summer Street Activities: Chronicle. " Rec” Committee. Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. G. A. A.. Bowling, Tennis. Headed for Bentley School, " Joanie " will never forget the fun at football games and the exciting G. A. A. initiation. " Joanie " is a horseback rid- ing enthusiast, and also en- joys swimming. Richard A. Noll 0 Broadway Activities: Class President, Reidsville. North Carolina: Basketball, Student Council. " Dick,” our senior from Reidsville High, North Caro- lina, where he excelled in bas- ketball and was the class president, is headed for the University of North Carolina. He ' ll never forget those tough foreign languages. Who can? Alfred L. Norton 21 Pine Street Activities: Band. Camera Club, Discussion Club. " Al,” whose destination for the future is unknown, will always remember Mr. Wal- lace’s Bookkeeping 1 class and the fun he had in study hall. Al " especially enjoyed play- ing in the " Rec” band. Joanne Novello 5 1 Varnum Street Activities: Honor Roll. Chron- icle. Tennis. Student Council. Joanne, who is aiming for a career in retailing and mer- chandising, will attend Boston University. She is fond of dancing and w’ill long remem- ber the fun she had in her sophomore year. Joan M. Obey 19 Randolph Street Activities: Ch ronicle. Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. G. A. A., Bowling. Tennis, " Rec” Committee. Joan, who plans to go to Low ' ell State Teacher’s Col- lege, will always remember the wonderful friends she has made at A. H. S. Among her favorite activities are dancing, surf-board riding and swim- ming. 1 i I Page Forty-four Ann P. O ' Brien 5 Winter Street Activities: Basketball. Tennis. G. A. A.. Bowling, Year Book Typing. Ann, who plans to become a secretary, likes dancing and listening to the latest popu- lar records. Her memories of A. H. S. will always bring the football and hockey games to her mind. Richard M. O ' Brien 41 Lewis Avenue Activities: Honor Roll, Chron- icle, Baseball. " OB,” who plans to at- tend Bentley, enjoys skating and dancing. He will lo ng remember his Driver Educa- tion class in his junior year. lames |. O ' Connell 42 Robbins Road Activities: Discusston Club An expert on rifles, James ' favorite activity is hunting. He will never forget Mr. Skin- ner ' s Chemistry class. Benicia B. Ogden 1 1 Oakledge Street Blond " Bunny ' s” outside activities include dancing and bowling. She will never for- get the big four at A. H. S. and is interested in the Air Force! I Arlene M. Ohanesian 122 Rawson Road " Gabby " likes music and her goal is to teach it. She will always remember Mr. Einzig ' s Chorus classes. Ann O ' Keefe 31 Schouler Court Activities: Bowling. Ann, who likes dancing and skating, intends to be a secre- tary. She will long remember Mrs. Lee ' s Sewing class. Richard E. Olson 123 High Haith Road " Oly " will always remem- ber the rocket he used to have for road testing. He aims to be an auto mechanic and especially enjoys football and mechanics. Mary E. O ' Neill 48 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Glee Club, Tennis. Mary ' s lovely complexion and shining black hair will long be remembered in the corridors of A. H. S. She en- joys dancing and plans to at- tend Colby Junior next year. jacqueline D. Ormes 20 Magnolia Street Activities: Softball, Chronicle Staff. Bowling. The lunchroom was " Jack- ie ' s” high spot of the day. The high spot of her life will be her career in nursing. Raymond B. Orrell 7() Paul Revere Road Aiming to be a toolmaker, Raymond will always remem- ber Mr. Delaney ' s comments on life. He likes especially hot rods and hockey. Page Forty-five Dominic ). Ortolano 8 Bowdoin Street Activities: Biiml, Orchestra. Gilbert am! Sullivan, Camera Club. " Rec " Committee, Chronicle. Rifle Club. " Dom,” who plans to at- tend Northeastern, is a boy of many skills. He is well known in Helds of music, pho- tography, and last but not least, advice to the lovelorn. Robert C. O ' Sullivan 5 1 Lake Street Activities: Football, Basket- ball, Wrestling, Track. Athletic " Bob " enjoys all kinds of track and spends much of his time at the sport. He will always remember " Doc " McCarty and the boys on the track team. John Ronald Paradis 231 Broadway Activities: Rifle Club. Camera Club. " Ronnie ' s " goal for next year is Northeastern. The " wild times " he had at the " Rec” is what he will re- member the longest. Victor M. Parece 250 Mystic Street Activities: Honor Roll. " Vic " will never forget Mr. Burke’s interesting Economics class and the girls at A. H. S. Remember, " Vic,” girls and economics don ' t mix. Francis ). Patterson 74 Trowbridge Street Francis, who hopes to be- come a mechanic, will never forget Mr. Delaney’s English class. His favorite outside ac- tivities are attending football and hockey games. Alfred J. Paynter 68 " Winter Street Athletic " Doc,” who is headed for the University of Massachusetts next year, en- joys baseball and basketball. He will never forget a certain table in the lunchroom at A. H. S. Delores C. Peterson 94 Franklin Street Activities: Honor Roll. Gym Meet. G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan. Bowling. Delores, who plans to en- ter the School of Nursing at the New England Deaconess, will always remember the grand times at Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals, and her three years in Miss Barry ' s French classes. Shirley L. Peterson 6 Longfellow Road Activities: Bowling, Chronicle, Basketball , Year Book Typing. Blond, blue-eyed " Pete” loves horseback riding and stock cars and will always re- member eating in Mr. Court- ney’s class. She plans to en- ter the Air Force. William D. Phelps 223 Florence Avenue William is a great amateur radio enthusiast and hopes to be an electronic engineer. He will always remember the snake he had in Mr. Miller’s room. Constantines L. Philips 19 Wildwood Avenue Activities: Camera Club. " Gus,” who is bound for the University of Massachu- setts, is greatly interested in ceramics. Mr. Johnson ' s fast moving History class will long be remembered by him. Rage Forty-six Richard H. Power Joseph R. Piazza 344 Mystic Street Activities: Honor Roll, Rifle Club. " Joe,” who is headed for the University of Massachu- setts, plans to enter his fa- ther ' s wholesale fruit busi- ness. " Joe” is interested in hunting. He will never for- get Mr. Toczylowski’s Eco- nomic Geography class. Dorothy A. Pigott 1 1 Russell Street Activities: Girls’ Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan. Red-haired, vivacious " Dot- ty” will never forget " The Pirates” and Mr. Einzig’s Chorus I class. She plans to study nursing at Fitchburg School of Nursing. Dawn Pilioglos 91 Lake Street Activities: Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Bowling. Dawn, who is headed for Boston University, will al- ways remember Mr. Kemp ' s Biology and Chemistry classes, also, her friends and good times at A. H. S. A. Bernadette Pineault 129 Rawson Road Activities: Honor Roll. Swim- ming, Softball. Glee Club. " Be rnie,” who is bound for Burdette, is fond of dancing and all sports. She w ' ill never forget Mr. Toner ' s " Pass the homework up to the front a ' the room.” Mary A. Polcari 6 Parker Street Activities: Softball, Glee Club, Field Hockey, Tennis. Mary plans to be the pri- vate secretary for some lucky lawyer. She will never forget " Bernie” and Nancy in Miss Horrigan ' s English 111 class her junior year. 32 Lake Street Activities: Baseball, Basket- ball, Football. Handsome " Ricky” is one of A. H. S. ' s great sports en- thusiasts and has been par- ticularly outstanding in ath- letics. He will always remem- ber his Math 111 class with " jig” and " lead.” Gerald F. Powers 16 Newton Road Activities: Baseball. Basketball, Student Council " Jerry,” who w ' ill he seen at University of Massachusetts next year, will always re- member those wonderful par- ties and Mr. Sampson ' s Math 11 class. ' We wish you luck. " Jerry, " at University of Massachusetts. Marilyn |. Price 89 Newland Road Activities: Bowling, Tennis. Marilyn has often been seen at football games cheering loudly for A. H. S. She plans to become a medical secretary and we know she will be suc- cessful in her work. Robert A. Provost 25 Parker Street Activities: Class President. Student Council, Football. Baseball, Basketball, Honor Roll. " Pro,” our likable and sports-minded president, will always remember the fun he had at parties and in Miss Krastin ' s English class. We wish you all the luck in the world, " Pro, " at Annapolis! Mary C. Publicover 18 Radcliffe Road Mary, w ' ho will long be re- membered for her swimming, skating, and bowling ability, will be seen at Boston Uni- versity next fall. We know she will succeed in everything she does. Page Forty-seven !, ■1 Page Forty-eight Robert E. Regut 223 Cedar Avenue Activities: Camera. Track. Year Book. Bob” has some wonder- ful plans for attending M. I. T. next fall. His favorite out- side activity is a winter sport, skung. We all wish you a lot of luck, " Bob. " Francis T. Raleigh 15 Quincy Street Activities: Chess Captain. Dis- cussion Club. Football. " Toz, " who will long be remembered for his sodas, will often, in turn, remember Miss Horrigan ' s sophomore Eng- lish class and Miss Norwood’s helpful guidance. Good luck, " Toz " ! Matthew S. Ramsay 47 Newport Street Activities: Baseball. " Stew” is a devoted Red Sox fan and an active par- ticipator in sports. Good luck, " Stew,” to your plans of at- tending Stockbridge and be- coming a fruit grower. John P. Rappoli 121 Park Avenue Activities: Safety Committee. " Jack,” who’s especially fond of speed boats, plans to be a machinist. Mr. Delaney’s jokes are humor he’ll never forget. Lenore M. Reid 14 Water Street Activities: Softball, Bowling, Fine Arts, Chronicle, Swim- ming, Camera Club. Lenore hopes to attend Massachusetts Art next year. She will always remember the fun she had at Howard John- son’s after school. loan E. Renaccio 18 Wachusett Avenue Activities: Bowling. Joan has the wonderful ambition of becoming a sec- retary. She enjoys dancing and swimming and will always re- member her sophomore Biol- ogy class. Good luck, Joan! lames E. Reynolds 24 Summer Street Activities: Hockey. Football. " Jimmy, " who plans to at- tend Boston University, par- ti cipates in, as well as watches, various sports. He will always remember the many new friends made at A. H. S. Good luck, " Jim- my,” at B. U.! Nancy Reed 163 Jason Street Nancy, who plans to at- tend Lasell Junior College and become an interior decorator, has often been heard at foot- ball games cheering loudly for A, H. S. Good luck, Nan- cy! |ohn A. Ribeiro 29 Berkeley Street John, whose favorite activ- ity is bowling, plans to do mechanical work. He will take fond memories of Mr. Wal- lace’s classes into his future life. Thomas M. Quinn 75 Richfield Road Activities: Baseball. Track. Hockey. " Tom, " who is bound for Wentw’orth next year, is very fond of all sports. He will al- ways remember the good times in Mr. Wallace’s study hall. Nancy L. Richardson 60 Chester Street Activities: Honor Roll, Dra- matic Club, Latin Club, Year Book Committee, G. A. A. Sweet and charming Nancy will long remember the fun m Mr. Miller’s Chem Lab and all her activities at A, H. S. She plans to attend Simmons next year. Joseph P. Rignanese 44 River Street " Joe,” who plans to be- come a soldier, will never for- get Mr. Courtney’s Business Organization class and all his friends at A. H. S. Barbara A. Ritchie 516 Summer Street Activities: " Rec” Committee, Bowling,. Basketball, Chron- icle, G. A. A. " Barbie,” who was very busy with all her outside ac- tivities, will long remember Mr. Burke’s Economics class and the wonderful meals in the lunchroom. Bernard A. Rivers 83 Brattle Street Activities: Camera Club Pres- ulent. Discussion Club. " Bernie,” whose favorite activities include hockey and skiing, will attend Northeast- ern next year. Best of luck, " Bernie”! Donald A. Robinson 28 Thesda Street Activities: Hockey. " Don” enjoys all types of sports. He will never forget Mr. Courtney ' s fifth period class and Mr. Wallace’s third period class. Best of luck in the future, " Don ” Richard W. Roby 353 Gray Street Activities: Baseball. Basketball. " Dick,” despite all his ac- tivities, still found time to enjoy Mr. Danforth’s classes. He plans to attend North- eastern. John L. Roche 18 School Street " Butch,” who plans an edu- cation at Massachusetts State and a career in agriculture, will take with him fond mem- ories of Mr. Danforth’s class. Earl R. Rodd 163 Park Avenue Activities: President of Auto Class, Honor Roll, Chronicle. Earl, who likes best to go camping, plans to work in the automotive trade. He ' ll never forget the auto shop and some of its strange incidents. Joseph A. Rogers 3 Freeman Street " Joe” plans to explore the field of television. His favor- ite activities include sports and dances. His fondest mem- ories of high school will be those of Mr. Barrett’s U. S. History class. George E. Roghaar, Jr. 39 Fairview Avenue Activities: Camera Club, Discussion Club. George, famous for his " hot-rod” Crosley and ready wit, will remember longest his Math class with Mr. Kapff and Mr. Johnson’s History class. He plans to be a pharmacist and will attend the Massachu- setts College of Pharmacy. Page Porty-nine James S. Rosselli 1 1 1 Magnolia Street " Wolyo,” who plans to open his own auto shop after graduation, enjoys dancing and basketball. He will never forget Mr. Delaney’s jokes. Archie L. Russian 58 Massachusetts Avenue " Tex” enjoys baseball, swimming, and horseback rid- ing and wants to be a horse trainer after high school. He will long remember Mr. Ar- thur’s classes in printing. Betty A. Saltamartine 1 008 Massachusetts Avenue Activities: Gilbert and Sullivan. An avid sports fan, Betty will never forget the Gilbert and Sullivan show. Her favor- ite activity is obviously bring- ing enjoyment and happiness to others. Alfred E. Santosuosso 70 Webster Street Activities: Honor Roll, Gil- bert and Sullivan. " AI” will long remember Mr. Kapff’s class and his wonderful friends of A. H. S. " Al” will study accounting at Bentley’s. Roseanne E. Santosuosso 114 Mary Street Activities: Chronicle. G. A. A.. Boivling, Tennis, Softball. " Rose” will never forget her g ood times in the gym class, and the wonderful Guidance Department at A. H. S. She plans to do office work. Shirley A. Seabury 52 Aberdeen Road Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, Glee Club. " Shirl” will never forget her junior and senior classes with Mr. Wallace and her wonderful friends. She will make office work her career. Robert j. Shaw 29 Wellington Street Auto repairing and stock car racing hold most of " Bob’s” interest and he plans to be an auto mechanic. He’ll never forget Mr. Delaney’s classes and Mr. Kirk’s short ( ? ) tests. Kathleen R. Shea 48 Lombard Terrace Activities: Honor Roll. G. A. A., Year Book, Art Club, Massachusetts Girls’ State Representative. Talented " Kay” will take her skills to Massachusetts Art next fall. She will re- member the football games and her English classes at A. H. S. William E. Shea 30 Surry Road William has no immediate plans for the future, but he will long be remembered for his hockey skill. Rose-Marie T. Skenderian 197 Hillside Avenue Activities: G. A. A., Glee Club. Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan. Chronicle, Bonding. School activities and Driv- er Training will be remem- bered by Rose. She will study nursing at Burbank Hospital and will never forget the G. A. A. initiation. Page Fifty Sally A. Skilton William J. Squires 152 Appleton Street 43 Bailey Road Activities: Honor Roll, Glee Club. Gilbert ami Sullivan, Bowling. Swimming. Activities: Track, Cross Coun- try, Lunchroom. " Sal,” who enjoys dancing and swimming, will never for- get the mad dashes to the lunchroom and all her school activities. She will attend B. U. next year. " Billy, " who likes to break his own track records, is un- decided about his future col- lege. Never will he forget Mr. Wallace’s period three class, nor his trip to New York sponsored by the Elks. Janet K. Smith 209 Waverley Street Activities: Tennis, Orchestra, G. A. A., Swimming, " Jan,” who enjoys dancing and music, will be found at the University of Massachu- setts. She will never forget all her wonderful friends at A. H. S. Jeanne J. Snow 66 Waldo Road Activities: Swimming, Chron- icle, Gilbert ami Sullivan, Year Book Typing. Jeanne will continue the training of her lovely voice at the New England Conserva- tory of Music. She will long remember her many school ac- tivities and the fun at the football games. Barbara A. Souther 63 Freeman Street Activities: Bowling, Chronicle, Swimming, Year Book Typing. " Babs” will never forget her friends and the good times at the football games. She will attend Katharine Gibbs next fall. Diane C. Spaniack 50 Cleveland Street Activities: Honor Roll, Chron- icle, G. A. A., Basketball. Dramatic Club, Latin Club. Diane has a problem in choosing between Wellesley and Radcliffe. However, she will have no trouble at all re- membering her Math IV class. Mabel J. Stanford 36 Epping Street Activities: Bowling, G. A. A. Active Mabel enjoys skat- ing and bowling very much. The memory of Mr. Barrett’s U. S. History class will linger long with her. Best of luck, Mabel! Natalie J. Stanford 36 Epping Street Activities: Honor Roll. Eun-loving Natalie will long remember Miss Forsyth’s cooking classes. There is no doubt she’ll find success in nursing. Ready smiles will al- ways remind us of Natalie. William F. Staples 10 Appleton Place Activities: Lunchroom. " Bill” took care of our food supply in the lunchroom. He’ll never forget the friends and teachers he’s had at A. H. S. We wish him best of luck at Bentley’s. Ronald M. Steeves 163 Park Avenue Extension Activities: Cross Country. Sports-minded " Stevie” en- joys football as his favorite sport. He says he’ll never for- get the " kids” he’s met at A. H. S. and will long remember the high school. Smooth sail- ing in the future, ’’Stevie”! Page Fifty-one Robert E. Stengle 105 Falmouth Road Activities: Cross Country, Chronicle, Track, Student Council, Latin Club. Amiable " Bob " is tops when it comes to Miss Rounds’ off-hand lectures. He fin ds sailing his favorite sport, but then " activity” is his second name. Any career will be a success for you, " Bob”! Nancy Stetson 66 Columbia Road Activities: Honor Roll, Editor Chronicle, Year Book. A. H. S. without Nancy is like a ship without a sail. Nancy has many remem- brances to look back on as she busily prepares the Chron- icle. Here’s hoping you read your way right through Rad- diffe, Nancy! James |. Sullivan 209A Mystic Street Activities: Tennis, Track. Basketball is " Sully’s” fa- vorite activity and he will never forget his two years in Miss Cassone’s homeroom. " Sully” plans to be a sales- man, a profession at which he is sure to become a success. Jean Sullivan 1.50 Rhinediff Street Activities: Bowling, Glee Club, G. A. A. Movies, winter sports and bowling are among " Jeannie’s " favorite activities. She will always remember Mrs. Lee’s senior Sewing class. She hopes to become a secretary in the future. Wilfred J. Sf. Martin 155 Palmer Street Activities: Basketball. " Buddy” is going to don " bell-bottom trousers” after graduation. He says he’ll nev- er forget Miss O’Connell’s English 11 and 111 classes. Smooth sailing, " Buddy”! Richard A. Svenson 23 Sunset Road " Swen” enjoys all sports and also automobiles. He will never forget Mr. Danforth’s Mechanical Drawing classes. He plans to enter Northeast- ern in the fall. James H. Strong 48 Irving Street Activities: Cross Country, In- door Track, Chronicle, Dis- cussion Club, Camera Club. Struggling through Mr. Cavalieri’s Math class will be long remembered by " Jim.” His outside activities include swimming, drawing and ten- nis. Success in all you do, " Jim " ! Irene C. Sullivan 39 North Union Street Activities: G. A. A., Chron- icle. Gilbert and Sullivan. It’s Mount Auburn School of Nursing for " Renie.” Guess she’ll never forget try- ing to finish her dress in Miss Anderson’s sewing class. Good luck in a great career! Maureen Sweeney 133 Sunset Road Extension Activities: Honor Roll, Glee Club. Basketball. Swimming, Chronicle. " Mor” will never forget Miss Forsyth’s Cooking class and the wonderful times we had cheering for our foot- ball team in ’50. " Mor” plans to enter State Teacher’s Col- lege in the fall. Paul F. Sweeney 18 Forest Street Place Activities: Baseball. Cross Country, Indoor Track. " Bert” enjoys all sports and his future ambition is to fin- ish in the B. A. A. Marathon some year. " Bert” will always remember the rides to the Cross Country meets especial- ly the one to Haverhill. Page Fifty-two Warren A. Swinimer 25 Teel Street The good times he had at Arlington High will long be remembered by Warren. He likes to work with animals and plans to attend Cornell to become a veterinarian. Lorraine C. Talamona 242 Hillside Avenue Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, G, A. A., Orchestra, Chronicle, Glee Club. Lorraine, headed for a home economics course at the Uni- versity of Massachusetts, will long remember her senior year, also the many Girls’ Club dances and parties. Harvey S. Tall 26 Hopkins Road Activities: Honor Roll, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club. Quiet Harvey, who enjoys " practically everything,” is un- decided whether he’ll attend Tufts or B. U. Miss Bailey’s French 11 and III classes are prominent in his memories of A. H. S. He was a successful candidate for N. R. O. T. C. John Tewksbury 137 Franklin Street Activities: Baseball, Hockey. John, who plans to at- tend B. U. next year, enjoys sports. His memories of A. Ff. S. include Miss Wakefield’s fourth period World History class. Best of luck at B. U., John! Jacqueline L. Thornes 101 Brantwood Road Activities: Year Book Typing. Charming, attractive " Jack- ie,” who will attend the Acad- emic Moderne, enjoys ice skat- ing and dancing. The football and hockey games, and ”Rec” are foremost in her memories of A, H. S. , Linda A. Thyne 1 Pond Terrace Activities: G. A. A., Rifle Club, Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan. Swimming. Bowling. Fun-loving Linda, who en- joys dancing — especially jit- terbugging — plans to attend the Pierce Secretarial School. The parties in her senior year are foremost in her memories. John W. Tibbetts 190 Flillside Avenue Activities: Cross Country, In- door Track. Camera Club. Track enthusiast " Tib” en- joys working on cars and when not employed thus, hunting. With the dairy busi- ness as his goal, " Tib” will at- tend Mass. State. Richard A. Tobiason 191 Newport Street Activities: Track, Cross Coun- try, Basketball. Tufts-bound " Toby” is fond of skiing, skating and track. While he’s studying for a ca- reer in architecture, " Toby” will remember Mr. Kapff’s Solid and Trig classes. Irene D. Tomkins 38 Walnut Street Activities: Gilbert and Sulli- van, Chronicle. " Rene,” who plans to go into the retailing business, en- joys swimming and traveling. Foremost in her memories of A. H. S. is the " Scene Around” column in the Chron- icle. Richard J. Toner 41 Hemlock Street Activities: Honor Roll. Foot- ball, Baseball. Basketball. Athletic " Dick,” who aims high — for West Point — will never forget his senior year and all the parties. His favor- ite sports are football and hockey. He was a successful candidate for N. R. O. T. C. Page Fifty-three Kenneth Toomey Kinball Road Activities: Baseball. Cross Country, Chess Club, Checker Club. Quiet " Ken,” who wants a job that pays good money, hopes to join the Air Force in the fall. He enjoys sleeping and sports. Grace E. Torrey 29 Overlook Road Activities: Bowling. Grace ' s future is undecided, but she’ll always have time for her favorite outside ac- tivity — bowling, and she will never forget all of the won- derful friends she has made in A. H. S. Gail N. Townsend 24 Pine Ridge Road Activities: Honor Roll. Chron- icle. Year Book, G. A. A., Girls ' Club. Latin Club. " Gail, " a vivacious all- round good sport, plans to attend Simmons next year. She will never forget all of the wonderful times she had in Miss Rounds ' Latin class and in Mr. Kemp’s Chemistry class. D. Vernon Udall 74 Bates Road Activities: Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Book. Jackson will find Vernon a member of its freshman class next year. In addition to swimming and square danc- ing, Vernon has also had a lot of fun in Rainbow. Marguerite ). Vincent 6 Clark Street Activities: Honor Roll, Bowl- ing. Year Book Committee. " Marge ' plans to attend B. U. next year, where she will obtain the necessary training to become a medical secre- tary. Among her brightest school memories will be Mrs. Lee’s Sewing class. David von Hein 21 Laurel Street David, who enjoys dancing and shooting at the Rifle Club, is not yet sure about his fu- ture. He particularly recalls the fun experienced in Mr. Kapff’s class. Stanton B. Waite 12 Lowell Street Place A member of the Mass. National Guard, " Stan” is heading for a career in the machine, tool and die-making business. His memories will always include Mr. Delaney’s classes. Eileen M. Wall 1 " 0 Washington Street Activities: Bowling, G. A. A. Eileen plans to become a secretary, but is undecided as to what business school she’ll attend. She will always re- member driver training at Ar- lington High. Joan E. Wall 17 Grove Street Place Activities: G. A. A., Bowling. Joan, who is planning to become a dietitian, will al- ways remember trying to pass Mr. Kroll’s Biology course. She enjoys sports, particularly swimming and skating. Charles Harold Wallace 1 Fordham Street " Tweed” hopes to join the Army after he graduates. He is interested in music. Mr. Skin- ner’s tales will always remain in his mind. Page Fifty-four Mary E. Wallace 1378 Massachusetts Avenue Priscilla A. Whitmore Activities: Field Hockey, Bas- ketball, Softball, G. A. A., Bowling. " Scratch,” whose favorite activity is field hockey, will always be remembered for out- standing work as goalie and captain of the girls ' team. She plans to become a practical nurse. Victoria H. Waller 35 Fisher Road Activities: Basketball. Base- ball, G. A. A., Chronicle, Year Book, Glee Club, Field Hockey. Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll. Sports-minded " Vee” plans to attend Lasell College. All sports interest her, especially softball. Mr. Kapff’s Math 111 classes will remain the long- est in her mind. Marilyn A. Warren 60 Waldo Road Activities: Swimming, Bowl- ing, Basketball, Tennis, Year Book Typing, Marilyn, who plans to at- tend B. U. next year, says she will never forget her won- derful friends at A. H. S., and w ' e’re sure that we ' ll never forget her. Marlene L. Wentworth 95 Summer Street Activities: Swimming, Basket- ball, Field Hockey, G. A. A. " Blondie " will always re- member Mr. Wallace ' s Busi- ness Organization class. She is interested in sports — but dancing is her favorite pas- time. )ane R. Weymouth 299 Park Avenue Activities: Field Hockey, Soft- ball, G, A. A., Chronicle. Jane plans to attend busi- ness school, and her future looks very bright indeed. Her favorite activities include swimming and dancing. 9 Warren Street Activities: Dramatic Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Chronicle. Year Book. Glee Club, Mod- ern Dance. " Prissy,” who plans to at- tend B. U. to become a secre- tary, belongs to many clubs. Her personality is just as at- tractive as her appearance. Her favorite activities are swim- ming, ice skating and dancing. Janet Williams 32 Colonial Drive Activities: Honor Roll, Field Hockey. Tennis, G. A. A., Basketball , Girls’ Club. Janet plans to go into nursing, and with her sweet smile and good disposition were sure she will succeed. Her favorite outside activity is tennis. Marlene A. Wise 2 1 Parker Street Activities: Honor Roll, Chron- icle, Dramatic Club, Rifle Club, Girls’ Club, Tennis. Marlene, a quiet girl with a pleasant smile for everyone, will long be remembered by her classmates. She ' ll never forget Mr. Sampson ' s Math III class. Richard E. Wolfram 68 River Street Activities: Baseball, Basketball. " Red, " who is keenly in- terested in baseball and bas- ketball, plans to attend B. U. Mr. Wallace’s Business Or- ganization class is one of his fondest memories. Jeanne P. Woodbury 2 Ronald Road Activities: G ' . A. A., Glee Club. Cjilbert and Sullivan. Sweet and attractive Jeanne, a roller skating enthusiast, hopes to enter the field of nursing. She w ' ill always re- member Mr. Cavalieri ' s Math class. Page Fifty-five Richard Zuccala Barbara E. Adams 9 Edith Street Activities: Discussion Club, G. A. A.. Gilbert and Sulli- van. Chess. Glee Club. ’ Barbie” has really enjoyed Modern dancing and Stamp collecting. She will long re- member her wonderful friends and the fun they had at lunch. Harold B. Einarson 19 Eastern Avenue " Hank,” a hockey enthusi- ast, plans to further his edu- cation at B. U. He will long remember his baseball de- bates with Mr. Danforth. Richard L. Healy 35 Fayette Street Activities: Hockey. Hockey is " Richie’s” favor- ite activity; another three years with Mr. Petralia cer- tainly won’t be forgotten. Next year he wdll be at Bos- ton College. Priscilla Young 101 Newport Street Activities: Honor Roll, Or- chestra. Gilbert and Sullivan, Discussion Club. High-ranking Priscilla, who plans to attend M. I. T., will long remember her Math and Chemistry classes. Gerald A. Zani 17 Albermarle Street Activities: Honor Roll. Sports-minded " Jerry” will long recall Mr. Arthur’s printing class in his senior vear. He hopes to attend Northeastern and later enter the field of engineering. Robert E. Donoghue 35 Hodge Road Athletic ’Bob,” who is in- terested in weight-lifting and wrestling, plans to enter the field of physical education. He will never forget his struggle w ' ith senior English. William M. Fahey 6 Ramsdell Court Activities: Hockey, Baseball. " Bill, " an eager member of the hockey team and the foot- ball team, will long recall Mr. ’Wallace’s business organiza- tion class in his junior year. Denis J. Morgan 19 Appleton Place Activities: " Rec.” Denis ' outstanding sport is football, and he favors danc- ing as an outside activity. Denis also enjoys printing and will never forget the good times he had in his printing classes. 3 1 Rangeley Road Activities: Discussion Club, Tennis. Stamp Club. Chess, Football. Basketball. Active, ambitious " Zuccie” will be remembered for his outstanding play on the foot- ball team. We all wish ’’Zuc- cie " luck in the fumre. Edwin A. Zwicker 138 Sunset Road Extension Activities: Cross Country. " Ed,” a loyal Braves’ fan, will always recall the unde- feated football team in his sophomore year. He plays bas- ketball in the Park Depart- ment League. Ronald Dudley 30 Ashland Street " Dud,” who w’ill always re- member the locker room be- fore and after track meets, plans to enter the construction business. He is simply crazy about motorcycles and basket- ball. Paul D. Cuiliani 59 Overlook Road Paul, whose favorite activ- ity is baseball, is going into the automobile industry. He will remember the Library and Miss Gray for a long time. William P. Kiniry 17 Osborne Road Activities: Baseball, Hockey, Chess. Next year will find " Bill” at Notre Dame. At A. H. S. " Bill” is well known for his wonderful talent in baseball. He will always remember the quiet study halls he had. Page Fifty-six Patricia C. Leary 55 Paul Revere Road " Pat” will always be re- membered by everyone, and we are sure she will never for- get the wonderful times spent at Arlington High especially in Mr. Wallace’s Business Or- ganization class, during her junior year. Paul MacLean 1 .52 Sylvia Street Mr. Kroll ' s Biology class shines brightest in Paul ' s memory of A. H. S. We wish him success in whatever work he might undertake. Wesley |. Novick 1.53 Brattle Street Wesley, who is heading for a career in navigation with the Navy, will never forget the torturing homework as- signments. His favorite out- side activity is hunting. Let ' s hope he always shoots a deer and not a friend! Arthur F. Noyes 44 Dorothy Road Activities: Honor Roll, Base- ball, Hockey. Sports-minded " Artie,” who enjoys baseball and hockey, plans to attend Holy Cross next year. His fondest mem- ories of A. H. S. include his junior French class with Miss Barry. Mary L. Roberts 7 Edith Street Mary’s only complaint of high school was all the home- work she had to do. Bowling and dancing also keep her very busy. ' ' Man acts more like a poor bear in a cage.” — Robert Frost. Page Fifty-seven VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Master Craftsmen Hoivls and squeals make music? Build secure, then strong and true Keep them running, boys! Where precision counts Page Fifty-eight Vocational Who ' s Who 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . Wittiest. Natural Mechanic, Most Athletic, Rest All Around, Anthony Lemmo Richard Olson Lawrence Morgan Lawrence Morgan Most Likely to Succeed. Stanton Waite Most Bashful, FRANCIS PETTERSON Most Talkative, JAMES ROSSELLI 8 . Tallest, Gordon Jones 9 . Shortest. James Rosselli 10 . Most Businesslike, Robert Shaw 1 1 . Neatest Workman. Earl Rodd 12 . Best Dressed, Raymond Orrell 13 . Best Dancer, Lawrence Morgan 14 . Alost Popular. Lawrence Morgan Page Fifty- nine Page Sixty Page Sixty-one Through the Years Mr. Morrill It isn’t too long ago that we came into A. H. S. for the first time. We shall long remember the opening welcome of Mr. Morrill. We certainly felt pretty big that first day in high school. It seemed that we had finally reached our goal. Those first days were so eventful when we were looking for the elevator and Room 39. However, those first days passed and we got down to some serious studying. The football team w ' cnt through nine games without a loss or tie. After a per- fect season, they w ' ere invited to play in the C. Y. O. Bowl at New Orleans. Despite the weather and climate, they put on a good battle and kept the prestige of New England football high. One of the high spots of the year book took place early in our sophomore year; that was, of course, the G. A. A. initiation. Remember, girls? ? How glam- orous can you get? Some of the boys really tried to talk to you. However, you survived your ordeal and look- ed forward to your turn to do the same on some other worthy candi- date. The Dramatic Club put on " You Can’t Take It With You,” and the Gilbert and Sullivan Club presented " Blue Star Broadcast.” Finally June came and the task of passing those much loved and cherished final exams. Remember the beautiful two-hour " quizzes”? However, we managed to struggle through and pass into our second year at A. H. S. When we returned in Septem- ber, 1950, we had the shadow of the Korean War cast over the en- joyment of our junior year. We also found that they had finally ap- propriated some money to repaint the school. Those pink and green walls were certainly an improve- ment and much more restful. The Cracker Barrel! ! ! Page Sixty-two The football season was almost another perfect season, but the one loss to Waltham ruined the view of another bowl contest and trip for our boys. The winter sports also were successful with the track, hockey and basket- ball teams having good seasons and the girls’ basketball team being undefeated. The yearly Dramatic Club and Gilbert and Sullivan presentations were successes as usual. " Meet Me in St. Louis” was well presented under the direc- tion of Mrs. Matthews and Miss Manning. Mr. Einzig and Mr. Russell di- rected a wonderful production of " The Pirates of Penzance.” Then came the social event of the year — " The Junior Prom.” The com- mittee did a f ine job having it held at the Town Hall. Ken Reeves gave the musical entertainment. As the saying goes " A good time was had by all.” The final event of the year was the " c]uicky” finals. Most of us thought they were harder than the two-hour sophomore ones. Those exams will be one of the first things willed over to the class of ’53 and to all classes to come. However, June finally came and we weren’t far from that glorious year. When we returned we elected our officers to guide our progress through our final year. Robert Provost, Andrea Dale, Barbara Ache, and Kenneth Gumming were excellent persons to fill the various offices and they are doing well. The football team had a somewhat disappointing season, but even though the beginning wasn’t good, the end with a win over Melrose, 19-6, made it a worthwhile season. Page Sixty-three Is it fit to eiit.- ' You bet ' . Keep the ceiling clean, " kids.’ We have yet to see how the basketball, track, hockey and baseball teams do, but if talent means anything they all should do well. " Meet Corliss Archer” and " Blue Star Broadcast” will be the presenta- tions of the Dramatic Club and Gilbert and Sullivan Club this year. The Prom and probably some unforseen events are to come, but we know they will be successes. I hope this review has brought back some happy moments enjoyed at A. H. S. We have spent some of the best years of our lives here and I hope that we have used these years to the best of our ability in order to go out into the world to build happy and successful lives. Franklyn Danehy, ’52. Page Sixty-jour Last Will and Testament We, the Seniors of the Class of ' 52 of Arlington High School, being of unstable mind and feeble body, hereby bequeath: I. To the Juniors — enough capability, wisdom and enough school spirit to carry them through another year. II. To the Sophomores — an abundance of vim, vigor and vitality to weather the next two years. III. To the Faculty — our profound gratitude for their guidance during our three mem- orable years. The following individual bequests are made: To next year ' s class president " Pro " leaves his presidential messages and his talent for reading poetry. To Jackie Cadigan and Larry Weissback — Artie Noyes and Donnie Cronin leave the hockey team. Laurie Arthur and Dick Toner leave their fathers. To Sarah Walkinshaw and Helen Black, Jane Hallion and Nancy Forbes leave their office duties. Ricky Power, Ted Kenney, Ike Canty and Sal Bertolami leave their sparkling perform- ances on the basketball court to future A. H. S. Hoopsters. Jackie Thornes and Nancy Reed leave their beauty and charm to Nancy Pollard and Jean Simpson. Nancy Matheson leaves the Girls ' Club and " Robby " to next year ' s president. Good luck! Ronnie Hall leaves Mr. Downs ' office to Paul Welch. Joan Chase and Zucci leave the long walk to lunch to Cinnie Davieau and Jackie Cadigan. Jacky and Gerry Casey leave Eddie. Barbara Ache and Lorraine Talamona bequeath their violins to the Juniors with the most promising musical ability. John McLaughlin leaves the Discussion Club — still arguing. To Sheila Moore, Margie Callahan leaves her outstanding athletic ability. Those Seniors with cars leave the parking area to the Juniors ' hot rods. Gerry Powers leaves his sparkling dimples to Donnie Cahalin. To Phyllis Ferrarini, Helen MacDonald leaves her grace in Modern Dancing. Bob Card leaves his executive ability in the Student Council and in the Latin Club to Miriam Hamm. Connie Foote and Lorraine Kelley leave their dramatic ability to Alyce Borgstrom and Ann O ' Rourke. Ted Kenney leaves his plaid jacket to whomever it would fit. After three years Jean Morrison and Connie Corelli leave a job in Cheerleading to be filled. Nancy Stetson leaves — after successfully editing a " bigger and better " Chronicle. Skippy Morgan leaves his dancing ability to Dave Martens. Barbara Holmstead wills her petiteness to ' Vera Graham. Mary Coronella leaves the famous brush for the trophy case. Joan Grieve and Jane Beauchemin leave — still asking " Howve you been? How ' s the family? " Lane Gorton and Bill McHugh leave their lunchroom duties to Dick Bean and Johnnie Brescia. Andy Dale leaves her popularity and school leadership to next year ' s " best all around " Senior. Page Sixty-five We Seniors who took the College Board Review Tests leave our discarded review sheets to next year’s college aspirants. Dotty Pigott leaves — but we hope that her beautiful voice never leaves her. Joanne Novello, Quinlan Croshier, Laurie Arthur, and Barbara Maxwell leave with a sparkling ring on the left hand. John Belli leaves his aversion to girls to Paul Mclsaac and Charles O ' Neil. Kathryn Hickey bequeaths her winning smile to Angie DeLorenzo. Barbara Ritchie leaves the ' Rec " Committee to Marilyn Miller. Bob Stengle and Walter Gannon leave " Virgil " to Miss Rounds. Joan Fuller leaves — to carry on for Louella Parsons. Tom Cosgrove leaves all the girls still guessing. Judy Anderson leaves Mr. Campbell, still insisting that her name is " Anderson. " Vee Waller leaves her reputation for crazy escapades to anyone who can equal them. David Beecy leaves his third base position on the baseball diamond to be filled. Mai Milne leaves — still cheering all the teams onward to victory. To some blushing Junior girl, Janet Williams leaves her sunburn. To Phyllis Borrero, Janet Smith leaves her blithe spirit. Myra Belli wills her sense of humor and witty remarks to Janet Armstrong. Billy Squires leaves — to go on to more record breaking fame. Archie Chisholm leaves some of his " Gift of Gab” to next year ' s orators — he’ll still have enough. Miss Barry’s French classes leave with unforgettable memories of Chi-Chi and Paris. Pat Johnstin and Charlotte Mugford leave their " sure fire ” recipes to the cooks of next year’s Latin Club. Janemarie MacKelvie leaves a job well done — the editing of the year book! Our thanks! We the writers of this year’s will leave A. H. S.’s outstanding reputation to anyone who can maintain it. Signed; Jane Beauchemin, Joan Grieve. Victoria Waller. Witnessed : Robert Provost, Janemarie McKelvie. W ' hat ' s the special? All for 25 cents? Page Sixty-six Twelve Years Hence! A great cheer resounds throughout Madison Square Garden as Ricky Power hooks another basket and breaks the all time scoring records. The Arlington Atoms have won the Tobiason Trophy for being the top professional team in the United States. With the aid of such hoopsters as Bertolami, Kenney, Canty, Power and Cosgrove, Coach Dick Toner has won fame for himself. Seated in the audience, we spot Professor Borgashani and the archeologist, James Mc- Caffery. Looking behind us we see the world famous poets, June Mudarri and Maxine Feinzig. Hearing the squeals of a few children we look across the court to see Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Barry (formerly Joan Carlson) with their ten children. The place is in an uproar over the big victory — referees Costas Phillips and John McLaughlin are trying to straighten out matters on the court. Attention is called to a loud speaker announcement. Everything quiets down. — " After a hectic campaign the Presidential election of 1964 has come to a close. Our new President, the first lady ever elected to office, is " Andy” Dale, the " kids’ choice.” Anxious to hnd out the whole story we look for a paper boy and lo and behold whom do we find at last but our old friend, " Big Bill” Bennett. Now to be on our way — Well, here we are so soon, on a plane headed for Boston. We are made comfortable by two charming stewardesses, Thelma Lamberton and Evie Eran- zosa. Looking beside us we see two distinguished gentlemen — one carrying a brief case, the other a physician’s bag. As they looked familiar to us, we de- cided to chat with them. Upon inquiry we found them to be the great crime investigator, Walter Gannon, who had just uncovered the latest cheating epi- sode and Dr. Robert Card, who has successfully performed the first operation on a cat’s toenail. After we have been in the air for a few hours, we meet the pilot. Bob Regut, who tells us he is married with five youngsters and his old time buddy, Erank Danehy, is still studying physical education at Harvard after thirteen years. As we are being ushered back to our seats we are stopped by two ladies in white, Dottie Dalrymple and Janet Williams. Being heads of the U. S. Nursing Association, they invite us to attend a charity nursing ball in Boston. Upon arrival at the airport we flag a taxi finding the driver to be Bill McHugh. We are safely in Arlington ( believe it or not! ). Mass. Ave. has changed slightly in the past ten years. The largest department store in the world — " Young’s,” owned and operated by Priscilla, takes up the block from Pleasant Street to the Fire Station. On the opposite side of the street we find a variety of shops — Phelp’s Trinket Shop, Clark’s Five and Dime, Hallion’s Specialty Shop and an extraordinary looking building up the road. We find it to be Howard Johnson’s Ball Room. The doormen, Ronnie Hall and Paul Kelley, let us in and we are greeted by the charming hostess, Mary Lafayette. As we are seated we find the place filled with old acquaintances and we are served by our old friend, Mary Callahan. She tells us she and Margaret are in partner- ship with Joe Egan as co-owners. It’s time for the floor show. The first act Page Sixty-seven features Shirley McSoriey and Myra Belli doing the Charleston to the music of Dick Laman ' s Orchestra. Next the mad magician, Dick Casey, transforms birds into people right before our eyes. It’s time for the feature of the eve- ning — the " Carey Chorus Girls,” featuring Vee Waller, Doris Gallagher, Sally Kuhn, Linda Thyne and Pat Long. Next we hear the songs of the most famous quartet in the land, featuring the " King of the Crooners,” Bill Cox, with Jack Casey, Joe Connors and Doc Paynter. Adding a classical note to the evening, Janet Smith ends the program by playing a violin solo accompanied by Maria Moscardini on the piano. Our food is now arriving. Mary tells us the fried frogs’ legs have been deliciously prepared by the famous cuisinere, Roberte Provost and his staff, Victor Faucon, Bob Stengle, Buz Fleming and Chet Field. Our hectic day ends with a superb meal and we leave Ffoward Johnson’s, " rem- iniscent of the Class of ’52.” ★ ★ ★ Hcird at work, girls? The Class of 1952 deep- ly appreciates the time and effort so generously given by U jj ' Binnig and her class in typing the copy for our Year Book. Page Sixty-eight Front Row (left to right) : G. Matheson, P. Whitmore, K. Brennan, F. Danehy, J, McKelvie, C. Foote, C. Mugford, D. Spaniack, M. Castellon. Second Ron : Mrs. Moffatt, G. Townsend, M. Vincent, J. Strong, E. Schriber, R. Card, C. Lansil, J. Carlson, B. Dormitzer, L. Lindberg, L. Nelson, Mr. Eaton, Mr. Coletta. Back Ron: J. Mudarri, P. Johnstin, N. Richardson, L. Talamona, V. Waller, L. Reid, M. Feinzig, B. Holmstead, J. Grieve, J. Beauchemin, B. Ache, K. Shea, R. Hanlon, S. Forbush, R. Casey. Year Book Editor-in-Chiej, Janemarie McKelvie Business Manager, Franklyn Danehy The Year Book Committee undertakes the difficult task of writing a book that tells the history of our career in high school. Members of this committee must be people who are dependable, creative and possess ability. Janemarie McKelvie, our Editor-in-Chief, was ably assisted by the literary committee. Our faculty advisers, Mrs. Moffatt and Mr. Eaton, from whom the committee re- ceived invaluable help, guidance, and advice, deserve our sincerest thanks. Each and every member of the committee has worked hard on the difficult parts of this book. X e have tried to make our book original and interesting. The task of writing the accomplishments of the students through the years, se- lecting photographs and sketches, arranging pages, and tabulating were all made light by willing hands. We only hope that we have given you a Year Book that adds up to your expectations, and one that you will be proud to cherish. Page Seventy Front Row (left to right) : M. Moscardini, M. Wise, D. Piliogios, G. Casey, L. Talamona, J. Niven. Second Row: M. Houston, C. Hornbeck, C. Mugford, L. Kelley, B. Ritchie, J. M.Laughlin, M. Feinzig, B. Ache, K. Gumming. Third Row: P. Keefe, J. Strong, M. Hamm, J. Mudarri, K. Hickey, N. Stetson, J. McKelvie, J. Moore, W. Gannon, D. Ackerbloom, R. Stengle. Fourth Row: Miss Horrigan, M. Green, R. Skenderian, J. Hallion, 1. Galli, J. Freni, Q. Croshier, P. Cox, J. Carlson, N. Forbes, S. Forbush, K. Brennan, B. Dormitzer, V. Guzzi, M. Hewey, D. Spaniack, A. Horton, J. Smith, W. Cox, Mr. Campbell, J. McLaughlin. Back Row: R. Hanlon, J. Carey, M. Coronella, E. Franzosa, J. Obey, P. Harris, A. Dale, J. Fuller, J. Donaldson, J. Anderson, N. Arnold, D. Dalrymple, G. Townsend, J. Anderson. The Chronicle Editor, Nancy Stetson; Assistant Editor, Kathryn Hickey; Advertising Manager, Walter Gannon; Business Manager, Janemarie McKelvie; Feature F.ditor, June Mudarri; Publicity Manager, James Strong; Sports Editors, Dean Ockerbloom, Miriam Flamm; Assistant Sports Editor, Robert Stengle; Circulation Manager, Joan Moore; Exchange Editor, Jacqueline Ormes; Copy Manager, Mary Houston; Faculty Advisers, Miss Horrigan, Mr. Arthur, Mr. Campbell. There was once a philosopher who said, " There is always some good in everything. Even from the evil there comes something worthwhile.” We on the Chronicle staff share this sentiment. Although our work is hard, and we complain occasionally, we profit by this ex- perience eventually. Our job is to compose a paper once a month, and this in itself is not an easy job. We must get our material from students who usually are much more interested in reading the Chronicle than in writing it. We must be careful to include material which will interest everyone, and harm none. We must deal with fame-seekers, retiring violets, socialites, gossips, and intellects, each of whom feels that his or her interests should be predominant in the paper. Learning to combine these diverse interests harmoniously is an education in itself. Working on the Chronicle has taught us self-dependence, for the entire paper is managed by its student staff, and no adult will shoulder our responsibility of producing a high calibre pa- per on time. During the year we experimented with a six-page paper; then we tried printing the con- ventional four-page issue with smaller type. We found that this plan was more effective and economical. We have sought out students, teachers and outside personalities for interesting material. We sincerely tried to imnrove the Chronicle, but we feel that there is room for a great deal more. This is the responsibility we will bequeath to the succeeding staff. We cannot sav that working on the Chronicle is an easv job. It is hard work, and usually thankless. But it has its compensations. For what could be sweeter to our ears than these words: " That last issue was terrific! You did a nice job!” Page Seventy-one S. ' V Front Row ( left to right ) : Mrs. Moffatt, E. Kenney, M. Hamm, R. Card, M. Callahan, Mr. Morrill. Second Row: R. Provost, M. Faulkner, P. Dale, M. Mazzocca, P. Ferrarini, B. Ache, A. Dale, R. Stengle, L. Morgan. Back Row: W. Gannon, T. Cosgrove, W. Cox, W. Marino, N. Peter- son, W. La Belle, G. Cahaly. Student Council OFFICERS President. Robert Card Secretary, Margaret Callahan Vice-President. Miriam Hamm Treasurer. Edward Kenney Throughout the years, the Student Council has remained the principal representative body of the combined senior, junior, and sophomore classes and has maintained a lofty record for its integrity, good conduct, and efficient re- sponsibility in carrying out its duties. The Student Council for the 1951-52 season has been indeed comparable to all previous councils and has even added new luster to the prestige of this organization through newly acquired duties and projects. After the beautiful Trophy Cabinet was built through the financial sup- port of several previous classes, the Student Council was appointed official cus- todian of this treasured cabinet and even more treasured trophies. In addition to its regular responsibility of collecting funds for various charity drives, the council members are eagerly awaiting what is hoped to be the first annual mid- winter dance sponsored by the council in order to build up the financial strength of this group. Among its other achievements for the past year is the creation of a new and effective Constitution which will replace the outmoded form of previous years. With these accomplishments as a basis for future attainments, the junior and sophomore members may well look forward to bigger and better developments in the history of the Student Council Organization. Pa%e Seienty-two Front Row (left to right) ; R. Skenderian, K. Brennan, L. Kelley, B. Ritchie, M. Hayden, Q. Croshier, P. Cox. Second Row: J. Niven, M. Colgan, M. Gambardella, K. Hickey, P. Keefe, J. Obey, P. Leonard, J. McLaughlin. Back Row: M. DeMatteo, B. Cullinane, J. Martori, R. Casey, D. Or- tolano. " Rec " Committee We seniors, as we remember all our social activiries during high school, realize that the " Rec” dance each Friday night is one of our favorite activities. We shall always remember the feeling of aw ' e and the feeling of being grown up, the first time we attended this dance. During the three years we attended the " Rec,” we had a lot of fun talking at the coke bar or being hill-billies at the Sadie Haw ' kins dances. These dances are made possible and successful by the Police Department of Arlington. We appreciate the hard w ' ork of President Barbara Ritchie, and her committee, ably advised by Mr. Johnson — and, of course, we pay tribute to the wonderful players in the band. Page Seventy-three Front Row (left to right) ; K. Hickey, A. Laufman, J. Strong, Miss Wakefield, S. Sullivan, G. Matheson, F. Ferrier, P. Young. Second Row: J. Gannett, R. Nigro, H. Goldsmith, J. McLaughlin, J. O ' Connell, R. Gerbrands, N. Forbes. Back Row: R. Borghesani, J. Alonso, A. Norton, R. Laman, B. Rivers, D. Ortolano. Discussion Club President, James Strong Vice-President, Alan Laufman Secretary and Treasurer, Sally Sullivan This dynamic group, though small, is certainly interesting and lots of fun. Its members meet Mondays in the library to talk over everything from " Smoking in School” to current views on politics. These discussions keep the members up to date on what is going on in the world. The pros and cons of a question are brought before the group by two speakers; then the discussion is open to everyone. In this way the members learn to respect others’ opinions as well as how to express themselves clearly. The meetings are varied at times when the club visits a neighboring school for an informal debate or when it has a guest speaker. The year is ended on a high note with a party for all at the home of one of the members. Miss Lura Wakefield keeps things running smoothly. Page Seventy-four Front Row (left to right) : C. Mugford, D. Spaniack, R. Stengle, Miss Rounds, R. Card, J. McKelvie. Back Row: N. Richardson, G. Townsend, P. Johnstin, N. Stetson, M. Feinzig, P. Keefe, M. MacNeil, W. Gannon. " Tridecem Fortunate " OFFICERS Primus Consul, ROBERT CARD Secumlus Consul. Robert Stengle Scrtha, JANEMARIE MCKELVIE Socii Ludorum, Charlotte Mugford. Diane Spaniack In this Latin Club of fifty-two, We are as happy as we can be. And we’d like to explain why to you. We’ve had this year a wonderful time With parties, discussions, and trips galore, And all of you who will follow in line. Wi ll have to work hard to surpass our score. All the officers performed their duties just right. With pleasure, perfection and ease. Our Consul Primus, Secundus and Scriba so bright. And the Socii Ludorum, too, if you please. With the help of our capable teacher, Miss Rounds, We feel we’ve achieved success, And those who follow ' our footsteps. Are bound to ’top ” the rest. Page Seventy-five Front Row (left to right) : R. Morton, P. Young, B. Ache, M. Hamm. Mr. Einzig, M. Mos- cardini, J. Smith, L. Talamona, V. Hutchinson. Middle Row: L. Lindberg, R. Worcester, T. Wag- ner, M. Croft, S. Center, R. Neal, M. Mozzocca, K. Wilson, J. Campbell. Back Row: T. Tierney, D. Ortolano, J. Martori, R. Card, R. Laman, W. Marino, J. Ortolano. Orchestra Arlington High School has always been proud of its fine orchestra which may always be called upon for any event. Assemblies were made much more enjoyable when entertaining musical compositions were performed by this talented group. Then, too, how would the Gilbert and Sullivan performances go on without the orchestra? Being one of the finest of any high school orchestras, it will be remem- bered for receiving a very high rating along with many compliments for its skillful and interpretative performances of difficult pieces of music at the Massa- chusetts State Music Festivals. Also between the acts of the Dramatic Club plays, the attention of the audience turned to the orchestra members, who were in formal dress and who provided many delightful and well-known musical se- lections. The annual Christmas assembly will be remembered as being very spirited and inspirational. The directors, Mr. Einzig and Mr. Russell, will never be forgotten, for they gave the members excellent training, and enabled them to spend many happy musical hours during their years at Arlington High School. Page Seventy-six Front Row (left to right ( : N. Kriketos, D. Hurd, J. Neartori, D. Ortolano, R. Gerbrands, H. Tall, E. Cox, J. Doyle, L. Clark. Second Row. 1. Sullivan, A. Gatto, L. Kelley, M. Hewey, M. Moscardini, J. Brillante, B. Burns, W. Cox, P. Whitmore, S. Forbush, C. Foote, N, Arnold, C. Hornbeck. Third Row: E. Cowan, J. Anderson, J. Anderson, B. Saltamartine, L. MacDonald, A. Morrison, P. Cox, F. Bullock, M. LeBlanc, T. Lamberton, D. Pigott, N. Gatchell, B. Dormitzer, N. Loring, L. DeBonis, C, Goss, M. Castellon, R. Skenderian, Mr. Einzig. Back Rote: M. McLeman, J. Mudarri, M. Croft, L. Nelson, L. Talamona, V. Waller, A. Dale, V. Guzzi, J. Fuller, J. Obey, D. Dalrymple, J. Chace, K. Hickey, J. Niven, J. Donaldson, P. Hancock. Gilbert and Sullivan Club President. William Cox Vice-President, Barbara Burns Secretary. Jean Brillante For a group of happy, eager, an d talented young people with music in their hearts, working in vocal and active harmony with Mr. Einzig and Mr. Russell, there can be no question of a successful and, in every respect, profitable year in the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. To be sure, there were a few discords, but being in a minor key, they served only as a rather welcomed syncopation in the steady beat of the " Allegro” theme. This year the Gilbert and Sullivan Club produced a sparkling show which incorporated the nippy vigor of winter, the joyful promise of spring, the gay warmth of summer and the rewarding colors of autumn in a brilliant show en- titled " Blue Star Review for ’52.” The festivity of all the holidays in review made the occasion a rare celebration for the audience as well as the club. Even after the final chord is struck in the Gilbert and Sullivan Club this year, the unforgettable melody will linger on and on. Page Seventy-seven Front Row (left to right): M. McLeman, B. Lanigan, J. Sullivan, L. Talamona, B. Ache, A. Dale, J. Woodbury, P. Cox, M. Mazzocca, J. Anderson. Second Row: C. Hornbeck, M. Moscardini, L. Kelley, J. McLay, E. Cowan, A. Cummings, M. Croft, J. Brillante, A. Gatto, L. Lindberg. Third Row: M. Sweeney, V. Foss, E. Cavicchi, S. Center, B. Burns, D. Pigott, S. Walkinshaw, P. Harris, M. Coronella, J. Niven, R, Skenderian. Back Row: J. Richards, N. Pollard, R. Cooney, M. Woods, Q. Croshier, Castellon, A. Morrison, L. MacDonald, J. Obey, J. Fuller, M. Callahan, E. Franzosa, N. Matheson, M. Fahey, V. Wall er, M. Belli. Girls ' Glee Club President, Marilyn Croft Secretary, Anne Cummings Vice-President, Lois Lindberg Treasurer, Ann Morrison There are few groups at A. H. S. more harmonious than the Girls’ Glee Club. Musically and socially, the girls have a wonderful time in this splendid organization. The club is composed of about thirty girls who meet every Mon- day afternoon under the able leadership of Mr. Russell. They sing many of the beautiful old ballads, Christmas carols, and semi-classical pieces. The fact that the melodies are appropriate and seasonal adds to their enjoyment. However, the club also performs for other organizations. They en- tertain for the Arlington Woman’s Club and the Teachers’ Club. They have, in the past, competed in the New England Music Festival very satisfactorily. Their greatest contribution, however, is their participation in our own A. H. S. assemblies. Few organizations offer a better opportunity for girls to study music, to meet new friends, and to have a wonderful time. Page Seventy-eight Front Row (left to right) : J. McKelvie, A. LeBlanc, P. Johnstm, P. Keefe, V. Udall, K. Bren- nan, A. Bernachi, I. Galli, M. McLeman, Second Row: Mrs. Matthews, L. Kelley, C. Foote, M. MacNeil, B. Dormitzer, R. Gerbrands, P. Cox, R. Hanlon, C. Hornbeck, M. Moscardini, S. Forbush, R. Card. Third Row: J. Hallion, D. Pilioglos, M. Feinzig, M. Wise, J. Niven, R. Skenderian, B. Ritchie, J. McLaughlin, L. Nelson, N. Loring, M. Castellon, N. Forbes, P. Whitmore, H. Tall, F. Danehy, Miss Manning. Back Row: A. Horton, J. Freni, V. Guzzi, K. Hickey, M. Hewey, J. Mac- Laughlin, J. Strong, D. Spaniack, G. Townsend, J. Carlson, J. Anderson, J. Anderson, F. Glynn, N. Arnold, D. Dalrymple. Dramatic Club OFFICERS President, Ronald Gerbrands Secretary, Betsy Dormitzer Vice-President, Patricia Cox Treasurer, Rosamond Hanlon Directors, Mrs. Matthews, Miss Manning If you walk down the corridors some day and hear shooting, crying or " Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” don’t be alarmed, for it’s probably the Dramatic Club rehearsing one of its fine plays. We certainly have had three outstanding years of plays done by our Dramatic Club, too. In 1950 was the hilarious comedy, " You Can’t Take It With You.” In 1951 " Meet Me In St. Louis” and 1952 " Meet Corliss Archer,” two other very popular comedies. At the Massa- chusetts Drama Festivals we have had very good ratings on two of our plays, " Women Who Wait” and " The Ris- ing of the Moon.” All this could not have been possible without the expert guidance and untiring efforts of our directors, Mrs. Matthews and Miss Manning, to whom the club owes everything. We mustn’t neglect to thank our faculty advisers and the members of the club who also made our three years such a wonderful success. Page Seventy-nine Front Row ( left to right ) ; M. L. Heuser, J. Richards, B. Emerson, M. Kane, J. Sharkey, R. Grieve. Middle Row: N. Arnold, J. Anderson, C. Foote, J. Anderson, A. Brown, iVI. Keane. Back Row: M. Short, J. Smith, C. Kearney, P. Ferrerini, N. Pollard, B. Burpee, J. Buckley, R. Cabral, M. Stimpson, J. Alison. Center: Miriam Hamm. Modern Dancing President. Phyllis Ferrarini Secretary, Barbara Blirpee d ' reas rer. Judith Anderson This attractive group of girls spends every Thursday afternoon learning to develop poise, create a sense of rhythm, and to appreciate music. Under the direction of Miss Garrity, this group participates in an annual Symposium at Newton High and plans to perform for the State Physical Education Meeting in Arlington this year. The group presents an excellent opportunity for ap- preciation of the aesthetic values of life. Page Eighty Front Row (left to right) : B. Dormitzer, J. Carlson, L. Nelson, K. Shea, C. Lansil, S. Cunning- ham, L. Reid. Back Row: Mr. Coletta, W. Hall, J. Belli, R. Sullivan, S. Crosby, T. Cooke. Fine Arts Club With Mr. Colletta as its director, this club is primarily composed of stu- dents who plan to go to an art school after graduation. The purpose of this club is to encourage individual abilities in art. Students have an opportunity to w ' ork in w ' hatever medium they prefer. Among the mediums are: clay, wood, oil paints, pastels, water color and poster paint. Some of these ate not pro- vided for in the regular school progr am, and students have a chance to work on something more specialized. The club gives freedom in choice of subject, medium, and length of time. The members are not required to put a time limit on their work. The Fine Arts Club is helping to stimulate an interest in art among the students at A. H. S. Bct« I Page Eighty-one Front Rou ' (left to right); G. Matheson, C. Lansil, G. Roghaar, Mr. Coletta, B. Rivers, S. Sullivan, C. Caliendo, M. Cameron. Back Row: D. Ortolano, J. Martori, A. Norton, J. Strong, H. Goldsmith, C. Philips, J. Ortolano, T. Ridge. Camera Club OFFICERS President, Bernard Rivers Secretary, Carol Calliendo Treasurer, Sally Sullivan It is hard to find many varied activities for the group, but everyone does look forward to the annual trip to Sturbridge Village which is open for a few weeks each fall to camera enthusiasts. At various times, the members receive instructions in developing and print- ing pictures and experiment with the photographic equipment belonging to the club. It hopes that sometime a laboratory will be acquired in which its members may further their interests and skill. Rage Eighty-two Front Roll ' { left to right) ; F. Ferrier, J. Darcy, M. Hand, W. Dorman. Back Row: W. Martin, J. McLaughlin, Mr. Skinner. Stamp Club The Stamp Club, with Mr. Charles Skinner as faculty adviser, is a small but enthusiastic group. The group is looking forward to having a stamp auc- tion and bourse later in the year. This club presents an excellent opportunity for Boy Scouts to earn their merit badge requirements for stamp collecting. Among the projects planned are a stamp exhibit of the first issue of the United Nations stamps in the library or Mr. Johnson’s room, and visits to other stamp clubs as well as auctions and the Boston Bourse. Thanks to Mr. Skinner, this club has a valuable collection of old stamps which provide many enjoyable hours for its members. Page Eighty-three Front Row ( left to right l : S. Locke, W. Martin, J. Bedo, H. Sulahian, J. Simone. Back Row; D. Miller, H. Andrews, B. Warren, W. Green, W. Moore, Mr. Sampson. Chess Club SIT ON YOUR HANDS There is nothing like it and nothing promises better results. This idea has been instilled upon the fifteen members of our newly formed chess club. Every Friday afternoon finds the able teacher, Mr. Sampson, encouraging his enthusiastic chess students to play wisely, but not wildly or foolishly. " Chess,” says Mr. Sampson, " is a game of skill and takes a long time to learn.” Although the club is at present predominantly sophomores, Mr. Sampson has his skillful eye on building a skilled and active group. The club appears to be made up of three groups within itself: those learning fundamental moves, those learning successful openings, and those who are advanced in making a winning close. Several years ago, Mr. Sampson had a few students who were good enough to beat, once or twice, the teacher. Seems odd but true, and that just goes to prove what a good teacher can do for a promising student. Who know s? The game might some day develop into an academic course. In the meantime the fellows are going to sit on their hands and act skill- fully, anyway. Page Eighty-fottr Front Row (left to right) ; W. McHugh, R. Savage, R. Bean, J. Brescia. Back Row: W. Staples, W, Webb, M. Castellon, L. Gorton. Lunchroom Group Bedlam in the cafeteria. Hoots and hollers, shouts and yells; Everybody’s all excited, Not much time before the bells. Crash of trays and gabby yakkin ' , " Nothin ' left but soup, aw shucks!” " Gimme milk! " and " What ' s the special?” " Who ' s got change for twenty bucks?” In the midst of all the racket. Cool, aloof, their minds alert. Stand the register custodians. Disdainful of the blah and blurt. Seven boys and one lone female Stand against the raging troop. Guys and gals alike pay homage To our friends — " the Lunchroom Group! " Page Eighty-five Watch the calories, girls! Another Cyrus Dallin? Page Eighty-six Look at those serious faces Front Row ( left to right ) : E. Robinson, J. Flannery, J. Richards, J. Farrington, J. Armstrong, P. Sylva. Second Row: H. Whitaker, R. Doerr, K. Kelley, A. Mazzocca, R. Porteus, J. Snow, D. Hurd, P. M;Laughlin, R. Barr, R. Polimeni, J. Corelli, B. Dalrymple. Third Ron-: L. Lindberg, M. Croft, E. Center, M. Mazzocca, R. Buxton, L. P.azza, B. Hauser, P. Crocker, B. Judd, W. Copithorne, R. Gerbrands, Mr. Russell. Fourth Row: R. DePice, S. McSorley, J. Maturi, R. Neal, R. Chandler, R. Worcester, R. Woodbury, M. Ricci, A. Norton, P. Aprile. Rack Row: H. Steeves, W. Parsons, R. Harney, D. Ortalano, L. Burns, R. Card, R. Laman. Pretty sharp, girls! Page Eighty-eight The Band This year the Band, under the capable direction of Mr. Russell, played at the football games and rallies. A student committee consisting of Stella Cen- ter, Marilyn Croft, Lois Lindberg, Robert Card, William Copithorne, Ronald Gerbrands, Joseph Martori and Dominic Ortalando, worked with Mr. Russell in planning the various skits and formations presented. The Band plans to attend the State Music Festival in Everett and will also take an active part in the variety show the Gilbert and Sullivan Club is present- ing this year. We seniors in the Band hope that future Band members will enjoy w ' ork- ing together as much as we have toward the aim of presenting enjoyable enter- tainment. Page Eighty -nine Left to right: M. Faulkner, G. Casey, P. Harris, E, Menezes, J. Morrison, C. Correlli, M. Zam- marchi, S. Moore, A. Regut, J, Higgins. Cheer Leaders The cheerleading squad for the 1951 season was composed of ten girls selected from the three classes. With Jean Morrison and Connie Corelli as head cheerleaders, these girls added a great deal of pep and vitality to all of the football games of A. H. S. With their attractive new outfits, the girls never missed an A. H. S. game and were always cheering and keeping the team’s spirit up whether it was win- ning or losing. There can be no doubt that the girls’ sparkling smiles, graceful cartwheels, and peppy cheers were the greatest morale-boosters to the Red and Gray line. Page Ninety Front Row (left to right) ; J. Smith, S. Kuhn, J. Woodbury, J. Weymouth, L. Talamona, J. Morrison, B. Nash, G, Matheson, R. Downs. Second Row: B. Center, E . Keefe, A. DeLorenzo, M. Hamm, M. Callahan, G. Casey, P. Harris, B. Ache, P. Dale. Third Row: Miss Garrity, C. Corelli, M. Hewey, M. Callahan, C. Callahan, A. Callahan, S. McSorley, A. LeBlanc, C. Mugford, J. McKelvie, D. Spaniack, J. Beauchemin, J. Grieve, N. Matheson, R. Hanlon, K. Shea, N. Richardson, M. Wallace, Miss McCarty, Back Row: M. Lafayette, G. Townsend, R. Skenderian, M. Houston, D. Gallagher, A. Dale, E. Franzosa, M. Coronella, J. Obey, J. Fuller, E. Menezes, V. Waller, E. Carey, J. Williams, B. Burpee, J. Chace. G. A. A. OFFICERS President, Margaret Callahan Secretary, Geraldine Casey Vice-President, Miriam Hamm Treasurer, Angela DeLorenza This year, the G. A. A. has flourished under the wonderful leadership of its president, Margaret Callahan and it has a program full of gala events and activities. The initiation, which took place early in the year, was proclaimed a great success and prizes were given to those with the most original corsages. The Christmas party which followed provided good entertainment for its mem- bers. An amateur show, the annual tournament, and the trip to Crane’s Beach are some of the highlights of the latter part of the school year. This associa- tion provides the chance for girls to take part in various competitive sports and to learn to know one another better. Page Ninety-one Front ( seated ) : J. Crowley, G. Limerick, W. Roper, J. Jordan. Front Row { left to right ) : W. LaBelle, J. Brown, T. Mag- gie, R. Murray, W. Gallagher, J. Egan, J. Sevene, W. Carroll, D. Dolan, R. Power, C. Azarian, P. Welch. Second Row: J. Barbagallo, J. Cadagan, F. Surrette, P. Kelley, R. Provost, J. Reynolds, R. Assarian, R. Zuccala. J. Casey, R. Toner, L. Gorton, P. Geary, J. Belli, E. Aiken. Back Row: R. Guanci, T. Wagner, R. Kelley, R. Guarente, E. Blomberg, T. Doyle, D. Seager, R. Keating, J. Scalfati, J. Perry, J. Higby. Page Ninety-two Arlington’ s Eleven Football Captain, John Sevene Manager, William Roper Arlington High’s football team opened a fair season by trouncing Somer- ville, 13-0. Bad luck and a lack of experience through the middle of the sea- son caused Toz’s gridmen to fall to Leominster, Waltham, Agawam, Newton, Quincy, Medford and Lowell. But when most important, the boys rebounded and gained a victory over Melrose in the traditional Turkey Day battle for Arlington’s fifth straight victory over their big rivals, Melrose. Capable quar- terback, Don Dolan, passed to three touchdowns in the first half and kicked for an extra point. The Red Raiders gained their only touchdown in the last quarter with the final score ending up 19-6. The line was highlighted by such players as Carroll, Welch, Murray, Azarian, Aiken, Maggio and Captain Jack Sevene. Although the backfield was fairly light, this was offset by the speed of Ricky Power at fullback, Joe Egan and Billy Gallagher at the halfback spots and Don Dolan at quarterback. All in all, the boys never stopped trying and should be commended for the hard fought battles they put up against many of the state’s strongest teams! VC ' hat poor unjortunr.te is on the bottom? Front Row (left to right) : L. Weissback, A. Noyes, A. Pitts, D. Cronin, J. Cadagan, A. Chis- holm. Middle Row: T. Bresnahan, P. Prindle, W. Kiniry, D. Dolan, P. Leary, E. Aiken, G. Dunn, D. Cahalin. Back Row: W. Burke, A. Gelpin, C. O’Neill, D. Reynolds, L. Morgan. Boys ' Hockey Captain, Donald Cronin Manager. William Fahey Hats oft to Coach Burns who has again brought the Arlington High hockey team to the first division play-ofts. With only two veterans remaining from last year, he has molded a group to form a fine defensive unit. Alvin Pitts, the only sophomore player, has backboned the Spy Ponders with his sensational goal tending. The leading goal getters have been Don Cronin, Art Noyes, Lawrence Weissback, Phil Leary, Ed Aiken, and Don Dolan. Coach Burns has done well with his material as we are tied for third place with Newton. The team so far has won three, lost one, and tied two games. We congratulate Coach Burns on the outstanding job which he has done with the squad. Page Ninety-fotti Front Row (left to right): W. Webb, T. Cosgrove, E. Kenney, R. Power, S. Bertolami, R. Canty, R. Tobiason. Back Row: C. Azarian, R. DeRosas, J. Belli, R. Provost, G. Powers, W. Carroll. Boys ' Basketball Captain, Richard Power Manager, Richard Tobiason Up until the time of this writing, the Arlington High Hoopsters have won five games while losing only one. After losing their opening game to Brook- line, by one point, they beat Rindge, Waltham, Newton, Cambridge Latin, and Watertown. This year’s team has justification for their hopes of winning the Suburban League Title. Outstanding players on this year’s team, include Captain Rick Power, Bob Canty, Ted Kenney, Sal Bertolami, Tom Cosgrove, and Ray DeRosa, while Bill Caroll, Bob Provost, Jerry Powers, John Belli, and Charlie Azarian proved to be able substitutes. Coach Lowder has worked hard and canably and w ' e hope his efforts will be rewarded with a winning team. Next year he should have a fine team also, as many of the varsity players are only juniors. Page Ninety-five Front Row ( left to right ) ; W. Squires, R. Sullivan, S. Robinson, L. Morgan, S. Coffey, K. Wilson. AlidcUe Ron : R. Steeves, E. Zwicker, J. Cloherty, R. McSorley, D. Jeopson, A. Manley. Back Row: W. Crawford, D. Webb, D. Bicknell, R. Stengel. Cross Country In the world of track there are two phrases that are synonymous. They are cross country and Arlington High. Since the days when the Menotomy In- dian roamed our town, Arlington High cross country teams have been walking off with every championship in sight. This year was no exception. Such formidable and worthy opponents as Haverhill, Watertown, Wakefield, Bel- mont and Beverly have gone down in quick succession before ' Doc” McCarty’s boys. Such little knick-knacks as the Middlesex, Pioneer and Divisional Cham- pionships now rest in the halls of A. H. S. The Massachusetts State Meet found Arlington still at the top of the heap and thus closed another brilliant episode in an already glorious history of the boys in the Red and Gray. Any way you look at it the two and one-quarter miles is a long run. It takes the wind out of you and the legs from under you, bur if you have as much spirit as this Arlington team you keep on going anyway. Hats off to the cross country team of 1952! May all your trophies be large and all your blisters small! Rage Ninety Kneeling (left to right): J. Taurasi, D. Bicknell. Front Row: T. Wagner, K. Wilson, R. Mc- Sorley, W. Squires, R. Sullivan, W. Crawford, R. Stengel, F. Danehy. Back Row: W. Lobel, J. Egan, R. Lovely, H. Estabrook, S. Coffey, T. Maggio, W. Gallagher, D. Seager, Mr. McCarty ' . Indoor Track This year, as so often in the past, the close of the indoor track season finds Arling- ton again right up in the top division of the Metropolitan Inter-Scholastic Track League with Billy Squires making an all-time high school record for the mile run in Boston Garden. As usual, these meets provided a great many thrills not only for the competitors, but for the numerous spectators that jammed the 10 1st Infantry Armory on Saturday afternoons. These people are treated to as much excitement, drama and humor, as anyone could take all in one dose. They see young men of every race, pitted against each other, vying against the impartial, unyielding hands of the time clock. Here the boys strain not only for a victory over each other, they defy time itself. They learn what it is to enjoy the sweetness of victory, but they learn also the bitter taste of de- feat. However, win, lose, or draw, the track team of Arlington High is tops in the hearts of the students it represents. This year the boys did a bang-up job ( as our trophy cabinet will testify). The entire student body joins together in salute to a job well done! Page Ninety-seve-. ■ Left to right: Mr. Lowder, R. Bernard, L. Dennin, D. Savage, K. Gumming, T. Cosgrove. Golf Team The golf team, under the direction of its new coach, Mr. George Lowder, has already been in the finals. Winchester golf course, Arlington’s home course, offers a real test to the fellows whose scores on the course surprise even the coach. The team plays in the Central League and is found teeing off with such teams as Cambridge Latin, Belmont, Rindge, and Lexington. Making a complete sweep of their league last season, they went into the finals but lost out to Reading and Newton. As yet the team captain has not been picked, but the team feels sure of success and final competition again this year. Page Ninety-eight Left to right: Miss McCarty, J. Smith, M. Belli, J. Armstrong, C. Mugford, M. Wallace, J. Morrison, V. Waller, S. Moore, M. Callahan, B. Nash, R. Hanlon. Girls ' Basketball Captain, Margaret Callahan Manager. Mary Wallace The girls’ basketball team started their season with a bang this year by winning their first three games. All the games were won by large margins, the scores being in their respective order, 39-15, 48-22, and 53-22, 54-50. (At the time of the write-up only these four games had been played. ) This year’s first team is terrific, with Captain Margie Callahan, Sheila Moore, and Myra Belli as the high-scoring forwards, and Vee Waller, Betty Nash and Roz Hanlon as the guards. The second team is doing well, too, with Janet Armstrong as the star forward. None of the girls on the squad will ever forget the mad times on the buses going to and from the games, or the good-natured bus drivers. The team wouldn’t have accomplished any- thing without the expert coaching of " Mac” Mc- Carty. The girls have a wonderful manager in Mary Wallace. With this year’s team, as good as or better than last year’s, which won seven games and tied one, the girls are looking forward to a perfect season. Page Ninety-nine Front Row (left to right) : S. McSorley, M. Hamm, P. Zartariam, M. Wallace, C. Collins, S, Moore, A. McMahon. Back Row: Miss McCarty, C. Correlli, J. Morrison, C. Mugford, P. Harris, M. Callahan, A. Dale, D. Gallagher, S. Kuhn, P. Dale. Girls ' Field Hockey Captain, Mary Wallace Manager, Phyllis Dale Coach, Miss Katherine McCarty This year’s field hockey " eleven” started with only two veterans, Jean Morrison and Mary Wallace, Captain and star goalie. Practice was transferred from Spy Pond Field to the back of the high school. The team’s record of winning two, losing two, and tying one was not so impressive as their playing. The high scorer of the season was Jean Morrison, who drove in three goa ' s. Pat Harris was a close second with two goals to her credit. The squad participated in the annual Play Day, sponsored by the Boston Field Hockey Association. The temi beat Dana Hall, Weston, and Concord, but was defeated by Belmont, its jinx. Berause of Miss McCarty’s excellent coaching and understanding, the girls enjoyed a ver enthusiastic and profitable season. Watch out for that dribble Front Roiv (left to right) : M. Hamm, M. Mazzocca, M. Short, P. Ferrarini. Back Row: Miss Garrity, J. Williams, J. Moore, R. Hanlon, M. Lafayette, J. Smith. Girls ' Tennis With Miss Garrity as coach, this year’s tennis team hopes for a very success- ful season. The girls look to Miss Garrity to aid them in making the most of their sports ability and are determined to overcome their weak points. During the season you can see them hard at w ' ork practicing at the Spy Pond courts preparing themselves for an outstanding year in meeting opponents such as Belmont, Winchester, Lexington, Concord, Melrose, and Malden. With such an earnest and hard-working team, w ' e know the girls will have a very successful season! Page Oi.e Hundred One ■p Li C ' V A. H. S. Candids 1 Guess who? You deserve a blue ribbon 3 Old Ironsides We slept like tops or sardines. Three Musketeers? Our head drum majorette 1 The Andrew Sisters That was some parade! Are you hoarse from cheering, girls? 10 Our first formal. How sophisticated can you get? 1 1 Slumber? Party? 12 Spring is here! 13 Enjoying nature ! ! 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