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)J3Jdj31s Liil rg Arlington, Mass, Founded by DR. EBENEZER LEARNED, 1835 Endowed by Dr. Timothy Wellington, 1853 Nathan Pratt, 1875 Henry Mott, 1889 Elbridge Farmer, 1892 Building Erected by MARIA C. ROBBINS IN MEMORY OF ELI ROBBINS, 1892 For Reference MX LIBRIS The Class of 1951 YEAR BOOK T)edicated to World Teace ★ ★ ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS f- U r, ■ ' j ■ v_. ' •j r: i ' " ' K " mSTOMCML COLLECTION Q Oi r Prayer tor Peace Oh Lord! unshackle men’s minds From thoughts of greed and power, And instill in their hearts Visions of love and charity. Let this great world not fall by the wayside Because men cast off all bonds of humanity. Let them but have more thoughts of Thee And fewer dreams of transient glory for themselves. Dear God, oh hear the fervent plea Escaping the most obscure corners of the earth, A cry for Peace, Tranquillity and Brotherhood. Nancy Ham. DEDICATION World peace constitutes humanity’s most urgent and most desperate need, it IS the dream of all peoples and the hope of all nations. Since the day Cain killed Abel there has been continuous strife on earth. For thousands of years men have battled for liberty, power, and greed, in the midst of these struggles the peace-loving citizens of the world have attempted in vain to build a world free from the fears and threats of war. Time after time their goal has been almost within their grasp; yet, time after time peace has eluded them, it has eluded them because they have tried to gain peace through war rather than through co-operation, understanding, and a better knowledge of the different nations of the world, it is our duty to correct the errors of our predecessors and to carry out their ideas and ideals in a more satisfactory manner. There- fore, we, the class of 1951, dedicate our year book to the SPIRIT OF WORLD PEACE. Raymond S. Morrill Principal — = In Appreciation _=== Through our high school years, our path has been made smooth through the interest and guidance shown time after time by our principal. Whenever our problems seemed overwhelming, his help has shown the way. With his real understanding of our problems, Mr. Morrill has contributed greatly to our appreciation of high school. The class of 1951 will always re- member him as an inspiration to our efforts and ambitions. ADMINISTRATIVE . DEPARTMENT RAYMOND S. MORRILL, Priudpal CHARLES DOWNS, Assistant Principal MARTHA S. MOFFATT, Dean of Girls ' k ' k ' k ' k ' k ' kif ' kir ' kirir ' kirk-kirifitif ' kirit EACULTY Left to rijrht: Retina M. Ahe.n, Dorothy E. Andei ' son. Charles J. Anton, Lawrence P. Arthur. Left to rig ' ht : Bessie Bailey, Elmer E. Barber, Leslie H. Barrett, Mary F. Barry, Veronica Barry, Ralph E. Bevins. Left to right; Theresa E, Binnig, Agnes C. Bray. Iris C. Brown. W. Ray Burke, Charles R. Camphell, May E. Campbell. Mai-y L. Cassone. right: James Cavalieri, Joseph S. Coletta, Bernard A. Courtney, Howard E. Danforth, William V. Delaney, Mary E. Donovan Arline Dow, Charles H. Downs. FACULTY Left to right: Douglas L. Eaton, L. Hassler Einzig, Ellen Fitzpatrick. Left to right: F ' lorence E. PYi-syth, George F. Fusco, H. Marie Garrity. William T. Gibbs, Leola Harlow, Ann Horrigan. Left to right: Roger S. Houston. Giace Jerarcli, Carl A. Johnson, Glenna Kelley, Gerard G. Kemp, Francis V. Kirk. Frank M. Kotchin. Left to right: Theresa Krastin. Raymond S. Kroll, Josephine T. Lee. Edmond Lewis. Geoige Lowder, William Lowder, Lena M. Manni Helen Matthews. FACULTY Left to riprht : William McCarty, Katherine E. Mc- Carty, Richard L. Miller. Left to ripht; Martha S. MofYatt, Raymond S. Morrill, E. Christine Norwood, Mary O’Connell, Harry J. Patterson, Guy A. Petralia. Left to right: Edward Pine, Bert A. Roens, Dorothy Rounds, Walter E. Russell, Elizabeth W. Sampson, John Sampson, Sidney Sandberger. •eft to right: John Sexton. Charles W. Skinner, Perley H. Thompson, James J. Toner, Henry M. Toczylowski, George VonKapff, Lura Wake- field, Russell S. Wallace. FACULTY ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTxMENT Raymond S. Morrill, Principal Charles H. Downs, Assistant Principal Martha S. Moffatt, Dean of Girls COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT W. Ray Burke, Head of Department Regina M. Ahern Mary F. Barry Theresa B. Binnig Mary L. Cassone Bernard A. Courtney William T. Gibbs Leola B. Harlow Glenna Kelly Henry M. Toczylowski James J. Toner Russell S. Wallace DRIVER TRAINING Francis V. Kirk Frank Kotchin Russell S. Wallace Raymond Kroll Edmund Lewis ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Charles Campbell, Veronica Barry Agnes Bray Iris Brown Mary Donovan Arline Dow Ann Horrigan Grace Jerardi Theresa Krastin Head of Department Lena Manning Helen Matthews Christine Norwood Mary O’Connell Guy Petralia Elizabeth Sampson John Sexton Bessie Bailey FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT L. Hassler Einzig, Walter Russell Joseph Coletta GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Bert A. Roens, Director Ellen B. Eitzpatrick, Assistant Director Mary E. Barry E. Christine Norw ' ood FACULTY HISTORY DEPARTMENT Carl Johnson, Head of Department Martha Moffatt Charles Downs Lura Wakefield George Fusco Leslie Barrett Perley Thompson George Lowder LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Guy Petr alia, Head of Department Bessie Bailey Veronica Barry Grace Jerardi John Sexton LATIN DEPARTMENT Dorothy Rounds, Head of Department MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Douglass L. Eaton, Head of Department George R. S. Von Kapff John Sampson Elmer E. Barber James Cavalier i PHYSICAL EDCATION DEPARTMENT Katherine E. McCarty, Supervisor of Girls Russell E. Peterson, Supervisor of Boys William Lowder H. Marie Garrity Ralph Bevins William McCarty SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Gerard G. Kemp, Head of Department Charles W. Skinner Richard L. Miller Raymond S. Kroll Roger Houston Charles Anton Edward Pine VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Harry Patterson, Director Edmund Lewis Francis Kirk William Delaney Seniors We Have Knoivii Trophecy While " moosing” through the town of Chabonagugmonachabugagug in the year 1971, our eyes were caught by the " Little Red and Gray Sandwich Shoppe.” Upon looking closer we noticed that its specialties were peanut but- ter and egg salad sandwiches, and that the owner and chief sandwich maker was none other than our own Ann Starkey. Overjoyed by the prospect of meeting old friends, we strolled in to partake of the latest gossip. We were warmly greeted by Nancy Dale, who we later found out was the hostess. The interior of the establishment was complete to every detail — even to Margie Bloch accompanying Thelma Whitman, the vocalist. Having seated ourselves with Nancy Hurd, who had also come to visit, we inquired about our old friends. We discovered that Ann Morrill was the new principal of Arlington High School, and that she had commissioned the job of finishing the " New” Hall to Elizabeth Webb and Daughters Construction Company. With the money he has won at the race track, Ralph Hatch plans to add a revolving stage for Pat Abbott, w ' ho is expanding the Dramatics Department at A. H. S. Before we could talk any more, we were interrupted by the singing waitress, Nancy Ham. After she had taken our order, we continued our gab fest. We discovered that Carolyn Secrest was now presiding over the Clinic at A. H. S. and that Peggy Provost was her able assistant. Getting away from A. H. S. for a minute, we noticed a poster announcing the forthcoming concert of the celebrated pianist, Valerie Robbins, at Carnegie Hall. We heard that Vivian Nash, Elinor Howe, Lois Ames, and Luella Harris are now all happily married. At that moment Herbert Paul Bennett, Jr., burst in the door screaming with wild ecstasy and informed us that he had found out what the " Thing” was! We found ourselves much honored as the proprietress herself came and sat at our table. She had the dirt right on hand so we dug in again. Phyllis Yood is now ' employed in " Ye Olde Musty Tavern” singing torchy songs for a beer a piece. George Strong is the head of an anti-smoking league. Suddenly silence reigned as the curtain rose and w ' e witnessed a floor show to top all floor show ' s, directed, of course, by our ow ' n Paul Gerrior. Mae Donahue and Marius Robinson w ' altzed on follow ' ed by a conga line consisting of Connie Cahalin, Marlene Mockel, and Nancy Gatto. Ziggy Morrison then entertained with one of his choicest selections, follow ' ed by Renee Canzanelli w ' ith her harp. Norma Mazzocca was interrupted during her bass fiddle solo by Dick Kelly, w ' ho w ' as hovering overhead fixing the lights. He w ' as en- thralled by the music and fell, completely demolishing the fiddle. Fortunately Dr. Carl Canzanelli was on the scene and administered first aid immediately. After a heart-rending portrayal of the " Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter,” ably re- enacted by Mary Duffy, Aurora Kasperian, Mary Hefron, and Carol Dale, the curtain came down, ending the floor show ' . Picking up a copy of the " New ' York Times” that just happened to be Page Sixteen lying around, we noticed that Eleanor Derby is now the new editor. Also on the staff are Kenny Tobiason, Mary Torphy, and Jacky Holland. Nick Samel- las, the eminent lecturer, announced that Muriel Boucher has been acclaimed the best dressed woman in the United States. Her wardrobe was completely made by the foremost designer. Jewel Arthur. Suddenly a hush fell over the crowd as the president of the United States, Earl Sexton, walked in. He was followed by his cabinet consisting of Dick Wedded ton, Edward Moriarty, Don- ald Gerry, Paul Doherty, and Dana Spencer. He announced that a new naval academy had been opened across the street from Annapolis by Nancy Wood. Her first class included Julie D’Orsi, Helen Ribero, Madge Melia, and Marge Hilton. Rose Nastasi has also opened a school which is attended by shy boys only. As Earl was seated, a regiment of WAGS marched in led by Phyllis Kilmer. Since the noise was becoming too great, we made our fond farewells, and were escorted to the door by A1 Tarterini and Dick Muello, the Sandwich Shoppe bouncers. As we passed out (of the door, of course) we all agreed that " It’s a small world, isn’t it?” Valerie Robbins, Phyllis Yood, Eleanor Derby. Page Seventeen Mary A. Hefron, Secretary Robert K. Fresolo. Trea. Class Officers for 1951 Nick Samellas, President Carole A. Dale, Vice Pres. Patricia L. Abbott Diane Eleanor Aimo 74 Quincy Street Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Latin Club Petite " Pat” is going to lend her charm to Manhat- tanville next year, but she ' ll never forget Miss Rounds’ and Mr. Eaton’s classes. Her fondest memory will be of the Gilbert and Sullivan sho%v. Sheila Marie Abbott 74 Quincy Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle, Tennis Attractive Sheila plans to attend New Rochelle Col- lege. Art is her favorite out- side activity. She will always remember Mr. Eaton’s inter- esting math class. Paul Francis Adams 40 Coolidge Road Hockey. Football, Basketball. Gilbert and Sullivan. Periclean Forum. Camera Club Tall, dark and handsome — the perfect description for sports-minded Paul, who will remember morning hockey sessions. Next year he’ll be with the Arlington Gas Com- pany. Elaine E. Adell 52 Milton Street Honor Roll, Bowling, G. A. A., Chronicle, Year Book Committee, Basketball. Softball Elaine is headed for Chandler. New Life Club, Youth for Christ, swimming and football games .take up her spare time. She will nev- er forget the classes she had with Miss Binnig and Mr. Wallace. Charles Lawrence Ahern 21 Webster Street Road Tests. Hot Rod Club Charles ' ambition is to win a feature race at Medford Bowl and the West Peabodv Speedway. His favorite out- side activities are stock cars and swimming. 16 Lake Street Honor Roll. Chronicle Staff, Dramatic Club, Camera Club, Bowling, " Rec” Committee " Dinny,” who is planning to be a stenographer, will never forget her many friends at A. H. S. She likes bowling and skating, and will never forget her classes with Miss Binnig. Lawrence Albertelli 8 Victoria Road Football. Hockey, Track " Larry” will never forget the trip to New Orleans. He has no definite plans about the future, but we know he will be successful in what- ever he chooses. Robert P. Amerault 14 Wyman Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Lunch Room Active " Bob,” who likes sailing and flying, plans on a naval career. He’ll always remember junior English with Mrs. Bray, and the Dra- matic Club and Gilbert and Sullivan shows. Brewster Ames 181 Mystic Street Business Manager of Gilbert and Sullivan, Representative to Massachusetts Boy’s State, Honor Roll Brewster, who enjoys sports and automobiles, plans to at- tend Tufts Engineering. He will never forget Mr. Kapff’s Solid and Trig classes, which will help him at Tufts. Lois Barbara Ames 52 George Street Gilbert and Sullivan Lois’ favorite outside ac- tivities are bowling and golf. She will never forget Mr. Gaudet’s Math II class and History IV with Mr. Thomp- son. Page Nineteen Barbara Anne Arnold Charles Anthony Babineau 24 Everett Street 6l Tanager Street FieU Hockey. Squad Tennis, Basketball, Fine Arts Club, Year Book Committee, Ski Club, G. A. A. " Barb, " a skiing and ice skatinq enthusiast, is plan- ning to attend Massachusetts Art. She will never forget Mr. Coletta ' s art classes. Nancy Evelyn Arrow 60 Brooks Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. G. A. A.. Glee Club. Tennis " Nan” plans to attend Katharine Gibbs to become a secretary. She enjoys skat- ing, bowling, and dancing, and will never forget rush- ing to lunch and hurrying to make her homeroom be- fore the bell. jewel Isabel Arthur 22 Ronald Road Gilbert and Sullivan. Swim- ming. Band Jewel, a swimming enthu- siast, IS planning to attend the Modern School of De- sign. A swimming enthusiast, she will always remember the fun she had in class and go- ing to football games. " Red,” who is in the Naval Air Reserve, is undecided about his future. His favor- ite outside activities are bowling and dancing. Frank Xavier Baiarrio 55 A Lafayette Street Frank would like to join the Navy. His favorite activ- ities are hockey and swim- ming. He will long remem- ber Mr. Coletta ' s Fine Arts Club. Barbara Ann Baker 55 Milton Street Her frightening lab peri- ods will always be remem- bered by " Barb,” who plans to enter the nursing field. " Barb” spends her spare time swimming, skating, and bowling. Westcott Corton Atwood 2 1 5 Forest Street Track ‘ " Wes’s” favorite outside activities include hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. His main pastime is track, track, and more track. Claire Louise Avery ,t 5 Edmund Road Claire, who is planning to be a secretary, enjoys swim- ming and roller skating. She will never forget Mr. Thomp- son " s history class. Marilyn jean Barnhill 45 Florence Avenue Dramatic Club. G. A. A.. Bowling, Art Club An enthusiastic fan at foot- ball and hockey games, " Barnie” is an active mem- ber of the Girls’ Club. She plans to attend Boston Uni- versity to study retailing. Vincent john Bates 195 Westminster Avenue Golf ”Bud,” hoping to take up engineering at Tufts, will never forget his struggle with Latin. Fishing is one of his favorite sports. Page Twenty d « William P. Baynes, )r. 1 0 Fessenden Road Latin Club. Camera Club, Gilbert and Sullivan. Basketball. Tennis " Bill ' s ' ’ knowledge of Lat- in, and his enjoyment of Mr. Miller ' s lab periods, are pre- paring him for Tufts and his future career of dentistry. Charles Robert Beardsley 20 ' Wellington Street Basketball " Buzz,” a basketball enthu- siast, plans to become a teach- er-coach some day. He tho- roughly enjoyed being a spec- tator at sports. He’ll always remember Mr. Courtney ' s class. Philip George Belanger 1 1 Hillcrest Street Basketball . Gilbert and Sullivan " Phil” will long remem- ber Mr. Kapff’s Solid and Trig classes. Next year will find him studying engineer- ing at the University of Massachusetts. Robert F. Belliveau 68 Brooks Avenue Golf. Camera Club. Chess and Checkers " Bob” will always remem- ber two things about his high school career: his mother tak- ing him back to school to iron out his troubles, and be- ing at ffampton Beach in 1950. Herbert Paul Bennett, Jr. 28 Albermarle Street Honor Roll. Orchestra. Band. iMtin Club. Basketball Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is Her- bert’s ambition after attend- ing Michigan State. Math and chemistry classes and being " Consul Primus” are a few of his memories. William Reid Bibber 48 Robin Hood Road " Bill,” a great hunting en- thusiast, hopes to attend Boston University. He will always remember the fun he had in Miss Norwood’s jun- ior English class. Roberta Blaisdell 6l Colonial Drive Dramatic Club. G. A. A.. Honor Roll Simmons College and the nursing profession will cer- tainly welcome " Bobbie” and her sunny smile. Talented at the piano, she also swims and dances. Margery Ann Bloch 372 Mystic Street Fine Arts Club. Gilbert and Sullivan. Chronicle " Margie” will remember the fun she had rushing to and from second lunch. Fond of swimming and dancing, she plans to attend either Bard or Eastman. Anne Barbara Bolton 15 Hillcrest Street " Rec” Committee. G. A. A. It’s Simmons for quiet Barbara, who plans to enter the field of nursing. She will always remember the won- derful times she had horse- back riding. Evelyn Marie Bonaglia 307 Appleton Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club Mr. Toner’s second period Clerical Training class is foremost in " Evie’s” mem- ories. Next year, she hopes to attend a dental nursing school. Pajte Twenty-one Muriel Claire Boucher Charles Patrick Breen 83 Gray Street Cr. A. A., Chronicle, Botrliiig Our loss will be New Ro- chelle’s gain w ' hen it W ' el- comes fashion-wise " Moo ” next year. The fun she had at lunch will be foremost in her remembrances. Charles Nelson Boudreau 52 Bow Street Hot Rod Club " Charlie” will alw ' ays re- member Mr. Kirk ' s classes. He plans to become an auto mechanic. He likes skating and stock car racing. David S. Bower 142 James Street After graduation, likable " Dave ” will join the Navy, where he ' ll be able to see the w ' orld. Dancing and sports take up most of his extra time. 16 Lowell Street Place " Charlie,” who is planning to go to Bentley and become an accountant, likes all sports, especially baseball and foot- ball. He’ll always remember Miss Harlow ' s bookkeeping classes. David Leo Bresnahan 116 Scituate Street Basketbiill, Hockey " Bres,” who hopes to en- ter Notre Dame Engineering School, will always remember Mr. Kapff’s uproarous Solid and Trig classes. As a future engineer, he will not neglect his favorite activities — hock- ey and baseball. John Brewer 16 Wall Street H ockey, Baseball John, who plans to go into the radio field, will always remember Mr. Skinner’s chemistry class and Mr. Ar- thur’s printing class. Good luck, John! John Edward Bowler 27 Central Street Basketball Athletic " Jack " will al- ways be remembered for his skill on the basketball court. When a student at Boston University, " Jack” will never forget his Economic Geogra- phy class with Mr. Toczylow- ski. Edward James Branscombe 41 Crescent Hill Avenue Hockey " Ed, " who spends most of his extra time playing hock- ey, will always remember the little room by the hall, called " 3.” " Ed " will enter New England Aircraft School. Ann Briftain 96 Cedar Avenue Tennis, G. A. A., Band Ann will be at William and Mary next year. A skiing fan, she will always remem- ber Mr. Kemp’s chemistry lab periods. Sybil M. Brosnan 88 Lake Street Dramatic Club. Chronicle Next year will find " Red " in nursing school. Sybil, w’ho enjoys dancing and swim- ming, will always remember Mr. Johnson’s History IV class in her junior year. Page T wenty-two George Richard Brouillette 1 5 Devereaux Street Tennis George, who wants to be an architect, is a hockey fan. He will long remember Miss Norwood’s English class, the " Rec, " and the Totem Pole. Edward Thomas Browne 840 Massachusetts Avenue Football Manager, Sta7up Club, Basketball Sports-minded " Ed” plans to attend Holy Cross next year. He ' ll never forget try- ing to explain to his teachers why he was late for class. Barbara Brown 9 Wright Street Glee Club, Basketball " Barb.” who plans to at- tend Jackson, likes to watch track meets. She’ll never for- .get Miss Rounds’ off-hand lectures or Mr. Johnson’s U. S. History class. Dan Bruno 59 Menotomy Road " Sonny” plans to take over his father’s picture frame fac- tory. He enjoys boxing and playing his guitar. He’ll nev- er forger Mr. Powder’s gym class. Edwin Brown 42 Richfield Road " Ted” hopes to enter Bentley next year to become an accountant. He particular- ly enjoys hockey, baseball, and dancing. Mr. Burke’s bookkeeping will re- main longest in his memory. Margaret Mary Bullock 136 Robbins Road G. A. A.. Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club " Peggy” is a dancing en- thusiast. After her active par- ticipation in the G. A. A., and the Dramatic Club, she will have many memories of A. H. S. " Peggy” will never forget her senior year. Foster Brown 24 Ottawa Road " Bud” plans to study elec- tricity at Wentworth. Playing hockey and working on his car are his favorite pastimes. He’ll never forget the struggle to find time for homework. Barry Ray Burke 9 Winthrop Road Hockey, Ski Club Barry, an avid fan of win- ter sports, is not certain of his future plans. He will re- member Mr. Danforth and mechanical drawing, and the hockey practices. Jean Mary Brown 54 Silk Street Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A,, Softball Jean, who is headed for the Deaconess Hospital and a nursing career, will always remember Miss Barry’s French classes and the " Blue Star Broadcast. ” She is a roller and ice skating fan. Donald )ames Burke 74 Freeman Street Road Testing " Burkie,” who wants to own a garage some day, w ' ill always remember his long discussions with Mr. Kirk. His favorite activity is stock car racing. Page Tu ' enty-three Robert Alfred Burns 3 " Robbins Road Camera Club Robert, who plans to study at Northeastern, particularly remembers Mr. Fusco ' s his- tory class. Inside and outside of school his chief interest is photography. Rodney H. Burns 156 Mystic Valley Parkway " Rod ' s” favorite activities in his spare time are base- ball and drawing. He plans to make drafting his career, and will never forget Mr. Danforth ' s mechanical draw- ing classes. john R. Caggiano 90 Mt. Vernon Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Jack,” who wants to be a piano player, loves baseball. He will long remember the " Blue Star Broadcast,” and the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Constance Cahalin 63 Winchester Road Chronicle, G. A. A., Ski Club " Connie,” who is headed for New Rochelle, will al- ways remember the friends she made at A. H. S. She ' ll never forget popping corn at the Arena in her sophomore year. fane M. Calandrella 31 Chandler Street Honor Roll. Chronicle, Bas- ketball, Tennis, G. A. A., " Rec” Committee. Bowling Jane, an all-around sports fan, will always remember her A. H. S. friends. She ' ll never forget Miss Binnig and the many good times she had at games. June Mary Calandrella 31 Chandler Street " Rec” Committee. G. A. A., Chronicle. Basketball, Honor Roll. Bowling Friendly June hopes to be a receptionist after gradua- tion. She enjoys dancing, skating, tennis, and bowling. She will never foraet Miss Binnig and the surprise tests of Mr. Thompson. Marylou Cammarata 50 Fairmont Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Chronicle, Honor Roll Attractive " Lou Lou” would like to enter Katharine Gibbs to be a secretary. Her favorite activities are danc- ing, swimming, and attend- ing football games. Carl Canzanelli 37 Walnut Street Honor Roll. Ski Club, Band, Discussion Club, Rifle Club, Year Book Committee Likable Carl is bound for Tufts to follow a medical career. Bowling fills his time, but he ' ll always remember the homework that took up most of it. Gloria Cahaly 76 Oxford Street Basketball, Tennis, G. A. A., Bonding We ' re sure that Gloria, who ' s headed for Boston Uni- versity, will make an efficient secretary. Her favorite activ- ities include tennis, bowling and " Rainbow.” She ' ll never forget Miss Binnig ' s class. Renee Diane Canzanelli U Maynard Street G. A. A., Basketball, Bonding, Band Renee will go to Jackson where dancing and concerts will still be her activities. She ' ll remember everything but her studies — but A. H. S. will remember her talent on the harp. Page Twenty-four S. Marion Caracashian 3 Bartlett Avenue FieU Hockey, Periclean Forum " Shak,” who wants to go to Jackson to become a French teacher, will long re- member Miss Norwood’s English III class. Mary Ann Carew 5 Sutherland Terrace Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, " Rec” President, Chronicle, G. A. A. Mary Ann, who would like to be a nurse, will long re- member her " lab” periods and the football games. She enjoys swimming and danc- ing. Robert Cerard Carey 1 2 Maynard Streer Football. Baseball, Bowling " Moose” will always re- member: 1. Shaking the hand of Babe Ruth; 2. Try- ing to throw one cent across the Delaware River; 3. Lis- tening to Bill Kenealy’s ac- cordion music; 4. Thinking that Miss Rounds’ name was Downs and that she was Mr. Downs’ wife. Robert A. Caslou 625 Summer Street Robert will always remem- ber his three years trying to pass Oral English II with Miss Manning. His favorite activities are baseball, hock- ey, and pool. Joseph Frank Casazza 6 Central Street Student Council Friendly " Joe” will go in- to engineering. He will nev- er forget Mr. Miller ' s chem class or Mr. KapfF’s algebra class. He likes all sports. Marilyn Fay Cass 16 Waldo Road Chronicle. Periclean Forum. Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club Marilyn is planning to go to a nursing school. She will always remember the sewing circles in Miss Gray’s home- room. Her favorite activity is dancing. Donald James Cate 69 Princeton Road Camera Club. Rifle Club " Don, " who is headed for Tufts and a career in engi- neering, likes hockey and baseball. He will never for- get Mr. Johnson and U. S. History. Barbara Caulstone 123 Sunnyside Avenue (j. A. A.. Glee Club, Tennis " Babs” will go to Boston University where she will specialize in English in prep- aration for a secretarial ca- reer. She will never forget coming to A. H. S. in her senior year. Arthur Leo Cavanagh 16 Richfield Road Camera Club " Oogie,” who hopes to en- ter college next fall, will al- ways be remembered for his orange socks. His favorite outside activity is sailing. He will never forget Mr. Kapff ' s Math 111 class. Fred Clauson 211 Wachusett Avenue " Swede,” who is going to the G. E. Apprentice School, plans to become a machinist. His favorite outside activities are stock car racing and re- pairing cars. Page Twenty-five William Comerford Nina Cohen 27 Pond View Road Gilbert and Sullivan Although Nina’s future al- ma mater is undecided, she will attend a junior college. Mr. Johnson’s United States History class will provide many happy memories for her. Arthur Colby 33 Eastern Avenue " Art,” who plans to go in- to the tire business, will al- ways remember the good times he had in Mr. Hous- ton’s and Mr. Anton’s classes. Paul B. Cole 1 1 Lansdowne Road " King’s” favorite activities include singing and hockey. After graduation he intends to go to Massachusetts Radio School. His favorite activity is hockey. Shirley Colgan 28 Dorothy Road Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Chronicle Shirley will prove her ef- ficiency at the Stenotype In- stitute. Since she is an en- thusiastic sports fan, she will never forget her wonderful times at football and hockey games. Nancy Colucci 102 Alpine Street Tennis, Basketball . G. A. A. Sweet Nancy, as yet unde- cided about her future, will probably enter the business world. Rushing from ”38” to " 73” will provide happy memories for Nancy. 219 Broadway " Bill,” whose favorite ac- tivity is horseback riding, hopes to enter Tufts. Miss Krastin’s homeroom in his junior year will remain long in his memory. Gloria Connors 89 Thorndike Street " Rec” Committee. Chronicle, G. A. A. " Glo” will display her oleasing personality when she becomes a receptionist. Get- ting to the lunch room in the rush will always be one of her memories. Scott Cooledge 8 Devereaux Street Hockey In the years to come v ' e shall expect to see " Buzz” on the blades for Dartmouth. Mr. Kapff’s trig class as well as all his friends are sure to be lasting memories. )ohn Cooper 187 Highland Avenue Baseball. Hockey, Track " Jack’s” main outside in- terest is hockey. He hopes some day to become an auto- mobile mechanic. He will never forget Mr. Arthur’s printing class. Niall Corbett l6l ' Wollaston Avenue Baseball, Basketball Niall’s baseball ability will be remembered at A. H. S. He’ll never forget his meet- ings with a certain girl in 21 before school in his junior year. Page Twenty-six Elinore R. Corcoran 36 Peabody Road G. A. A., Chronicle, Bowling " Harpo,” another of the " Koford’s gang,” plans to en- ter a nursing school. A danc- ing and swimming fan, she ' ll never forget a certain hockey game in her sophomore year. Leonora Marie Coronella 1 10 Mount Vernon Street G. A. A., Chronicle, Basketball Arlington High’s loss will he Lasell’s gain for Leo, one of the gang at Koford’s. Her junior year and Mr. Kapff’s algebra class are two things she’ll never forget. Anne Coughlin 106 Alpine Str eet G. A. A., Bowling, Basketball Anne’s ambition is to be a medical secretary and plans to attend Lasell for her train- ing. She doubts she’ll ever forget lab with Mr. Miller. John C. Coughlin 55 Adams Street ’’Jerry,” who hopes to en- ter Harvard, doesn’t believe he’ll forget his nightly visits with Mr. Johnson. The thing he enjoyed most about school was lunch. John j. Crane 377 Park Avenue Baseball, Basketball , Track John, who will follow his father’s footsteps to Dart- mouth, finds stock cars to be his favorite outside activity. He’ll never forget his friends at A. H. S. Donald Joseph Cronin 96 Bow Street Baseball loving ’’Don” sets B. U. as his goal. He’ll never forget how he hated giving talks in Oral English. He plans to go into administra- tive work. Doris Cronin 10 Avon Place G. A. A., Chronicle, Bowling ’’Red” outlines her future as that of a secretarial career. Among the many good times she had at A. H. S., her sen- ior year stands out. Paul Cronin 29 Franklin Street Basketball Paul, a lover of basketball, hopes to attend the Univer- sity of Massachusetts. He will remember Mr. Kapff’s Alge- bra 11 class. He will take a course in biology at Massa- chusetts State. Ann Crosby 246 Mystic Street Dramatic Club, CAlbert and Sullivan Ann hopes to further her education at Green Mountain Junior College. Among other memories she will alway-. re- tain Miss Manning’s Oral English classes. Ann Marie Crowley 15 Argyle Road Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan ’’Annie,” a talented singer, rates dancing and singing the favorites as her outside activi- ties. She plans to further her education at the Boston Den- tal School. She’ll never for- get Mr. Einzig’s chorus class. Page T wenty-seven David ). Crowley 32 Arlmont Street Ski Club, Btiskethall , Cross Country " Red " is headed for B. U., where he will major in Busi- ness Administration. A sports enthusiast, he enjoys basket- ball and skiing. He’ll remem- ber his bookkeeping classes. Kathleen A. Crowley 24 Dundee Road " Kay " hopes to enter the Telephone Company next year. She enjoyed Mr. Kotchen ' s driving lessons very much. She will remember football rallies and roller skating. Harold Dahiberg 159 Charlton Street Baseball, Football. Basketball . Hockey. Track " Buddie " will long remem- ber Mr. Toner and Miss Krastin. Mattson ' s Amoco Station has been his favorite retreat. Sports and parties are two things he has enjoyed most while at A. H. S. Carole Dale 135 Scituate Street Field Hockey, Basketball . Chronicle, Class V ice-Presi- dent. Ct, A. A., Student Coun- cil President, Honor Roll PoDular Carole can be found next year at the Chandler School. The mark she made for herself in sports and on the Student Council is known by everyone. She’ll long remember her fun in G. A. A. Nancy Ann Dale 78 Hillsdale Road Honor Roll. Year Book Com- mittee. G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Modern Dance " Nan” will remember her senior year with its rush, scramble and parties. Her favorite outside activities are ice skating and dancing. Robert Harrison Dale 47 Irving Street " Bob” is looking forward to a career in the Rodeo, as his favorite activity is riding horses. He would like to be a professional rodeo contestant in saddle and bareback rid- ing. Robert Allan Dallachie 26 Moulton Road Wrestling Team " Bob " will always be re- membered for his witty jokes and bright smile. He plans to go into the insurance busi- ness. Hold onto that person- ality, " Bob " ! Robert Dalton 105 Newport Street Baseball, Hockey " Bob” will long remember Mr. Kapff’s algebra class. He hopes to be found at Dart- mouth next year. Eating and sleeping seem to be his fav- orite activities. Joseph Daly 52 Warren Street Football. President of Student Council, Chronicle. Hockey. Baseball " Joe,” one of our most popular classmates, will go to Holy Cross next year, where he plans to play sports and to become a football coach. He will never forget the foot- ball trip to New Orleans. Sally Danfon 51 Eustis Street Honor Roll, G. A. A. Next year will find " Sally” at the Kathleen Dell S hool becoming a dental secretary. Our girl with the bright smile w ' ill long remember Miss Norwood ' s English class. Page Twenty-eight Bette Frances Davis 94 Marathon Street Fun in cooking class will remain in " Bet ' s " mind long after her high school years are over. Her favorite outside activity is mountain climbing. Anthony Frank D ' Avolio 144 Medford Street " Tony.” a baseball enthu- siast, will always remember Mr. Fusco’s class, where he was always interested in the lively discussions. John Deacon 1 " Marion Road Hot Rod Club " Jack,” who plans to be- come an industrial machinist, will always remember listen- ing to Mr. Houston. His fav- orite activities are football and hockey. Eleanor DeCaprio 22 Scituate Street Bonding, Chronicle Eleanor has decided that secretarial work w ' ill occupy her future. She will always remember rushing to history after lunch period. She likes dancing, skating, and going to football games. Francis DeCosta 1 " 7 Magnolia Street " Deke " will long remem- ber Mr. Delaney’s English class. He plans to attend Massachusetts Radio School after graduation. His favor- ite activities include all sports. John Francis DeMaso 112 Milton Street Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Basketball, Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle, Orchestra, Band John hopes to enter a sem- inary or a music school next year. The band, under the di- rection of Mr. Russell, holds a high place in his memories. P. Jeanne DeMore 330 Mystic Street Jeanne, who plans to join the Kempt Insurance Com- pany, will always enjoy go- ing to dances and football games. She will long remem- ber her A. H. S. friends. Eleanor Betsy Derby 16 Burton Street Chronicle Business Manager, Year Book Committee, Dis- cussion Club, Dramatic Club, Camera Club, Bonding Team, Girls’ Glee Club " Ellie,” one of our most active seniors, will be seen next year at Radcliffe. She enjoys sports and likes play- ing tennis, and will never forget her fun in Mr. Kapff’s solid and trig classes. Marjorie DeSantis 1 1 1 Eastern Avenue Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Tine Arts, Basketball Vivacious " Margie” plans to attend Chandler’s next year. She will never forget the fun she had at the parties in her senior year. Herman Deshler 569 Summer Street Mr. Lowder’s gym class stands out in " Buddy’s” memory. A pool enthusiast, he plans to become a steel worker. He also likes boxing. Page Tu enty-nine ms. ] Richard F. Donaldson Robert Daniel Difazio 78 Massachusetts Avenue " Bob’s” ambition is to go to college to study engineer- ing. He will never forget the meetings in front of room 60 every morning. He will al- ways remember Mr. Eaton’s Math II class. Beverly H. Dimond 23 Oakland Avenue Swimming Petite ”Bev ” is well quali- fied for the nursing career which she hopes to follow. Swimming and track take up most of her spare time. Paul Doherty 40 Hawthorne Avenue Hockey. Latin Club " Dodo, ” who plans to en- ter Holy Cross, enjoys play- ing hockey. He will long re- member Mr. Johnson ' s his- tory class. Mary Ann Donahue 11 Willow Place Hot Rod Club The attraction of navy life has won another recruit, and Richard plans to enlist after graduation. He’ll always re- member the Hot Rod Club. Dennis Patrick Donovan 193 Mystic Street Golf, Discussion Club " Juicy,” famed for his at- tendance at parties, is plan- ning to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an ardent spectator of ten- nis, and enjoys playing golf. Kathleen Donovan 193 Mystic Street G. A. A., Bowling " Kay” plans to be a stew- ardess. Bowling, swimming and dancing are her favorites. She will remember Miss Ahern’s sophomore class in geography and Miss Binnig’s shorthand class. 24 Higgins Street Honor Roll. Cheerleader. G. A. A. Board Member, Dra- matic Club, Gilbert and Sul- livan. Chronicle. Year Book Committee Fun-loving and versatile " Mae, " with her infectious .sense of humor, will be a welcome addition to Lasell. Her outstanding memories of A. H. S. are the senior par- ties and her three years of cheerleading. Peter Donahue in Appleton Street Hockey. Basketball Peter’s favorite sport, in school and out, is hockey. Never will he forget his three years of mechanical drawing with Mr. Danforth. Edith Louise Dooley 22 Aerial Street G. A. A., Art Club Quiet Edith enjoys watch- ing football games and will never forget the friends she made in the class of ’51. Af- ter graduation she plans to do office work. Jayne L. Dorion 1 38 Grey Street Baseball " Jay " is headed for Mt. Ida, where she’ll train for an airline hostess career. A bow-l- ing and dancing fan, she’ll never forget Mr. Fusco s his- tory class. Page Thirty Juliana D ' Orsi 60 School Street Honor Roll, Chronicle, Year Book, G. A, A,, Gilbert and Sullivan, Fine Arts Club Alert and active " Julie” is headed for Smith. Her favor- ite outside activity is the Arlington Girls ' Club. She will remember her art class and doing errands for the Guidance Department. Robert Stephen Doucette 63 Teel Street Planning to attend Went- worth, " Duce” will study to be an architect. He will re- member Mr. Houston’s me- chanical drawing class and the time he spent in Mr. Downs’ office. Arthur Francis Downs 83 Lake Street Lunch Room, Basketball, Rifle Club, Camera Club Homeroom 6 can never forget humorous Arthur and his " George Day’s.” No mat- ter what he does in the fu- ture he is sure to go far with his personality. Francis Daniel Driscoll 93 Webster Street Outdoor Track, Indoor Track, Cross Country Happy-go-lucky " Frannie’s” slow grin accounts for his popularity. His avid interest in track kept him very busy and is his favorite memory of high school. Mary E. Duffy 1334 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Student Council, Chronicle, Board Member of G, A, A., Year Book Com- mittee, Field Hockey, Basket- ball, Softball Fun-loving " Duffy” is a sports enthusiast, field hockey especially. We will always re- member her lively sense of humor and wish her luck at Simmons. Ann E. Emery 145 Newport Street Honor Roll, Treasurer of Student Council, Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A,, Cheerleader, Year Book Committee How lucky Boston Univer- sity will be to see vivacious Ann next September! Attend- ing parties and watching A. H. S. and B. LI. hockey games will remain long in her mem- ories. Good luck, Ann! Margaret Mary English 41 Park Street Tennis, Bowling, G, A, A. " Pegpv,” who plans to be a clerk or a tyoist, enjoys ten- nis, dancing, and swimming. She will long remember the A. H. S. football games. Elizabeth Mary Erhardt 33 Magnolia Street Basketball " Betty,” who will work as a telephone operator next year, takes delight in swim- ming and bowling. She had many pleasant experiences in the lunch room at A. H. S. Priscilla Ann Errico 9 Webster Street G, A. A, Bowling, dancing, skating and watching football games take up most of " Pris” spare time. She is planning to be a flower designer. Best of luck! Vincent D. Errico 32 Moulton Road Hot Rod Club " Vinny,” who plans to en- ter Wentworth to become a tool designer, will always re- member the machine shop. His activities include base- ball, hunting, and skiing. Page Thirty -one Bruce Kenneth Faunce Cretchen Ann Evans 77 Bow Street Athletic Gretchen enjoys swimming. After graduation she plans to study for a nurs- ing career. She will always remember coming to A. H. S. in her senior year. Norma Joan Fagan Henderson Street Chronicle, Camera Club Norma, who • ' Ians to be- come a bookkeeper, enjoys skating, dancing, and bowl- ing. She enjoys football .aames and her lunch periods. She will never forget her surprise party. Joan Victoria Fagerstrom 193 Hillside Avenue Even after she has become an airline hostess, Joan will remember Miss Forsythe’s cooking class. She likes horse- back riding. Rose Mary Fahey 110 Broadway G. A. A., Chronicle Rose Mary, who enjoys tennis, ice skating and bowl- ing, hopes to go to Boston University. The fun she had at the football and hockey game s will be among her fondest memories. Philip E. Faria 16 Perth Road Track Philip, whose favorite sport is track, plans to at- tend Wentworth to study ar- I hitecture. He ' ll never forget Miss Norwood’s sixth period English III class. 66 Rhinediff Street Advertising Manager of Chronicle Brute hopes to go to Wentworth Institute to study building construction. He en- joys camping and outdoor life, and will never forget Mr. Skinner’s physics class. Lawrence Femia 9 Magnolia Street " Larry” will always re- member Martin’s after school and good times in the print shop. His favorite activities are horseback riding and swimming. Ronald George Finlayson 56 Fairmont Street Basketball Next year " Ronnie” will be at Tufts. He enjoys hock- ey, baseball, and basketball. Discussions at Koford’s and Mr. Campbell’s English class are standouts in his memory. Annette Marie Fiorenza 82 Marathon Street G. A. A., Bowling Petite Annette will make someone a wonderful stenog- rapher. She enjoys bowling, dancing, and horseback rid- ing. Miss Binnig’s shorthand class she will long remember. John Walter Fitzgerald 53 Milton Street " Fitz” is planning to join the Army after graduation. ’Scouting around ” and the afternoons spent at Koford’s he will always remember. Page Thirty-two John Francis Fitzpatrick 43 Broadway " Fitz” will always remem- ber Mr. Sandberger ' s class, and typing with Miss Ahern. He hopes to drive a racing car after he gets out of the Navy. John K. Flaherty 55 Brattle Street John, who hopes to go to E°ntley’s, enjoys basketball and football. He will never forget Mr. Arthur’s printing classes or the lunch periods. Barbara Christine Fleck 184 Jason Street G. A. A., Modern Dancing Attractive " Barb” will go to Lasell. Ice skating and dancing take up most of her spare time. She ' ll never for- get the good times in her senior year. Robert M. Florentine 91 Fairmont Street Talking with the gang at Koford’s is the high-ooint of " Bob’s " high school years. When he graduates he hopes to enlist in the Navy. Barbara Floyd 49 Washington Street Basketball " Barb,” who is headed for Fisher, will always remember Mr. Lowder’s history class and doing English homework in economics class. Her fav- orite activity is going to hock- ey games. Arthur James Flynn 91 Quincy Street Hockey, Track " Art,” who plans to en- ter Boston University, likes baseball and hockey. He will never forget Miss Hunt ' s junior English class. Paul Joseph Flynn 119 Franklin Street Hockey, Track " Fitch,” who enjoys foot- ball and hockey, hopes to go to Notre Dame. Mrs. Bray’s English class will be long re- membered. Mary Louise Foley 43 Webster Street Chronicle Mary, who plans to do general office work, enjoys bowling, roller skating, and dancing. She will long re- member the fun she had at the football games. Robert C. Francis 619 Summer Street Band " Bob” hopes to join the air force when he graduates from Boston University. Rid- ing to football games with the band and his fun with the gang are things he’ll al- ways remember. Robert Kenneth Fresolo 29 Bates Road Class Treasurer, Track " Fuzzy” is headed for Tufts and then the air corps. He enjoys driving his new convertible and will remem- ber the " swell” kids he met at A. H. S. Page Thirty-three Mary T. Gallagher Webster Street G. A. A., Bon’Iing, Hockey Mary, who likes dancing and swimming, will always remember the fun she had at football games and parties. Doris May Gallant 64 Grafton Street G. A. A. " Dolly” will always recall her many return trips to Mr. Burke’s Bookkeeping 1 class. Her favorite outside activity is swimming. Mary Garabedian 20 Swan Place Basketbiill. Glee Club Those mad daily dashes to the lunch room have formed a part of " Gary’s” high school memories which wdll linger long. She plans to study at Framingham for the teaching profession. Charles johnson Gatchell 233 Florence Avenue Camera Club, Tennis. Gilbert and Sullivan Next year will find " Satch” a long way from home at the University of Idaho, to study forestry. Among the memories he will take with him will be Mr. Kapff ' s math class. jacqueline Ruth Gatchell 10 Lincoln Street Basketball . Gilbert and Sullivan Among the happy mem- ories " Jackie” will take from A. H. S. will be Mr. Einzig’s first period Chorus class. Tops in her outside activities is ice skating. Nancy F. Gatto 32 Everett Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Cheerleading, Modern Dance, Tennis Nancy’s cheerleading will be remembered by her class- mates, and she will remem- ber her favorite outside ac- tivities, dancing, and going to football games. Robert Lawrence Gedies 141 Summer Street " Bob,” who plans to join the Navy after graduation, will long remember Mr. Col- letta’s drawing classes and the A. H. S. girls. Margaret Virginia George l6 Milton Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Rifle Club, Honor Roll " Peggy” plans to attend Kathleen Dell’s to prepare for her career as a medical secretary. Miss Binnig’s short- hand classes will be among her unforgettable high school experiences. Paul Elroy Gerrior 16 Adams Street Cross Country, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Track Team Paul, who plans to go to Massachusetts Art, enjoys swimming. He will long re- member the track meets, the 1 :45 bell, and the night be- fore book reports. Donald Dwight Gerry 221 Massachusetts Avenue Discussion Club " Don” considers himself lucky to have been in Mr. Sampson’s math class for two years. He plans to fur- ther his education at Bow- doin. Page Thirty-four Thomas Patrick Cilgun 38 Hemlock Street Taking Oral English in his senior year will always stand out in " Tom’s” memory. He is an enthusiastic follower of all sports. jean Coduti 1 1 Westminster Avenue G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan Jean plans to go to an avi- ation school to become an airline stewardess after grad- uation. The A. H. S. football games will remain among her fondest memories. lames joseph Golden 15 Andrew Street Football, Hockey, Baseball " Jimmie” will never for- get the Saturday night par- ties. He plans to attend Bos- ton College. His favorite ac- tivities are sports. William R. Golden 118 Paul Revere Road To " Bill,” whose future is as yet undecided, Mr. Colet- ta’s informal art classes will always shine as a happy com- bination of work and fun. Warren Gardiner Goss 22 Perkins Street Cross Country, Track Expecting to enter the res- taurant business, Warren looks forward to Huntington Prep next year. Much of his spare time is spent in repair- ing automobiles. Roberta A. Grant 34 Milton Street Honor Roll. Year Book Com- mittee, Dramatic Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Glee Club. Chronicle. Basketball " Bobbie” has chosen Chandler as her goal for next year. The fun in Mr. Court- ney’s business organization classes and the excitement of the football and hockey games will remain long in her memory. Donald Emerson Gray 36 Upland Road Orchestra " Don” is going to take up architecture at Dartmouth. There he’ll have a chance to do a lot of skiing which is one of his favorite sports. Miriam Roberts Grieve 340 Gray Street Honor Roll. G. A. A.. Chron- icle. Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Book Committee Popular " Mimi” plans to attend Katharine Gibbs School. Her memories will include her surprise seven- teenth birthdav party and the Girls’ Club activities. Mary Anne Griffin 37 Philips Street G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Chronicle ’’Griff” doesn ' t know what she’ll do after graduation, but chances are she’ll be a great success with her personality and looks. She’ll never forget football and hockey games. Ruth Marie Griffith 39 Fairmont Street G. A. A., Basketball Attractive " Griff” will al- ways remember her driving lessons with Mr. Wallace. Next year she hopes to at- tend a comptometer school. Page Thirty- five William Ernest Cuarente Robert William Hanlon 123 Pleasant Street Basketball. Football, Baseball " Bill, " who excels in sports, is going to Boston University next year where he ' ll study business manage- ment, He ' ll always remember Mr. Courtney ' s business or- ganization class. Bentley C. Gustafson 155 George Street Honor Roll. Chronicle. Track. Basketball, Ski Club Easy-going " Gus " will fur- ther his education at Tufts. He ' ll never forget Mr. Kapff’s math classes. His fav- orite activity is repairing cars. Nancy Marie Ham 5 Richfield Road G. A. A.. Gilbert and Sulli- van. Latin Club. Chronicle. Year Book. Student Council. Honor Roll ' Vivacious Nancy will al- ways remember the fun she had driving the " Green Men- ace " to the football games. She hopes to attend Raddiffe after graduation. She will never forget Mr. Eaton ' s Math 111 class. Clarke Alfred Hamlet 15 Victoria Road Hockey " Asa” considers his years with Mr. Barrett and Miss Rounds among his chief memories of A. H. S. The Deriod he enjoys most is the lunch period. ( ' Who does- n ' t? ) Shirley Mi ldred Handley 169 Brooks Avenue Boniing. First-Aid Class Shirley plans to attend a business school after gradua- t ' on. Her favorite outside ac- tivities include roller skat- mg, tennis, and square danc- ing. She ' ll never forget her favorite teacher. Miss Binnig. 176 Park Avenue Band, Orchestra. Gilbert and Sullivan. Baseball " Ham,” who can really make the trumpet talk, plans to further his education in music at Cornell University. Of the sports he enjoys base- ball most. Dorothy Grace Hardy 92 Rawson Road G. A. A. Adorable " Dotty,” who hopes to enter the account- ing field, most enjoyed watch- ing the football and hockey games. The friends she made and the parties highlighted her high school career. Myron Boynton Harmon, Jr. 19 Palmer Street Wrestling " Teddy” will take many wonderful memories with him into the Air Force. He enjoys wrestling, but horses and hot rods lead his list of favorite outside activities. Edward Harney 52 Robbins Road " Ed,” whose favorite out- side activities are boat build- ing and traveling, plans to go into the Navy. He will re- member his good times in the machine shop. Lois Irene Harney 52 Robbins Road Lois hopes to go into gen- eral office work after gradu- ation. She ' ll never forget Miss Forsythe’s cooking class m her junior year. She’s a bowling and skating devotee. Rage Thirty-six Luella B. Harris 132 Alpine Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee, Tennis Popular ' ' Lue” enjoyed working in Mr. Downs’ of- fice and attending football games. She intends to enter Burdett’s. She is a swimming and dancing enthusiast. Ralph Ernest- Hatch 20 Draper Avenue Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Camera Club, Ski Club Next year will find Ral ' ' li knee-deep in tomes on en- tomoloey at the University of Massachusetts. Outstanding among his high school mem- ories will be Mr. Miller’s classroom humor. Charles Hauswirth 40-4 Massachusetts Avenue ’’Charlie,” who claims that his outside activities are " many and varied,” is unde- cided as to his future. He’ll always remember Miss Rounds and going to parties. Lee H. Hayes 44 School Street Lee plans to study engi- neering, but he’s not sure where. He likes sports and spent a great deal of time trying to be Miss Krastin’s best English student. Raymond F. Hayes 46 Fairmont Street Football, Hockey A. H. S. will long remem- ber " Ray’s” rugged line play. His friendly nature made him a popular guest at all par- ties — and of cours e, he’ll nev- er forget the trip to New Or- leans with the team. Robert Lawrence Healy 35 Fayette Street H ockey Popular " Bob” is an out- standing hockey player. He plans to enter Northeastern after graduation. He will never forget his A. H. S. study halls. David Joseph Hearon 242 Broadw ' ay Track, Baseball A baseball enthusiast, " Dave” pilans to enter the Marine Corps. He will al- ways remember the friends he made at A. H. S. Mary Agnes Hefron 20 Grove Street Honor Roll, Class Secretary, Student Council, G. A. A., Tennis, Field Hockey, Bas- ketball, Year Book Commit- tee, Chronicle ' Vivacious ”Hef,” a sports enthusiast, is considering Re- gis College for her further education. She will always re- member Mr. Kapff’s class. She was always defending Boston College in her argu- ments. Philip Joseph Herderhursl- 1 1 Cross Street ’’Phil” plans to join the Air Corps when he graduates. He likes all sports, including eoing to the movies. Mr. Downs’ Modern European History class will remain longest in his memory. Marjorie Kathleen Hession 53 Alpine Street Bowling Cute " Margie,” shortest girl in class, is undecided about her future plans. Her best memories will be of the Lynn Classical game and English with Miss Krastin. Rage Thirty-seven Donald Higgins 58 Orvis Road Rasehall, Hockey, Ping Pong, Tennis " Don” is headed for Dart- mouth, where he ' ll have plen- ty of opportunities to con- tinue his favorite activity — skating. He ' ll never forget his junior homeroom with Miss Rounds. Cordon Royce Higley 1 1 Village Lane " Hank” is going to sea af- ter graduation, and we wish him luck! He will always re- member the successful rec- ord of the football team. Beverly Rosemary Hill 24 Kimball Road Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A. " Bev,” who spends her spare time studying the ac- cordion, and sailing, will go to Bryant College. She will always remember the " Blue Star Broadcast. " Robert Elliott Hobbs 31 Burch Street " Bob,” who plans to at- tend N. Y. U. next year, will never forget Mr. Sampson ' s biology class. His favorite activities are baseball and fishing. Robert ). Hogan 40 Reed Street " Bob” will head for B. C. next year. Pushing his hand through the door window in his senior year will remain long in his memory. Jacqueline M. Holland 47 Pine Street G. A. A., Chronicle Staff, Tennis " Jackie” plans to attend B. U. next year. The Lynn Class- ical football games will be her fondest memory of A. H. S. She is a roller skating fan. Richard L. Hill 56 Fountain Road Baseball, Hockey " Dick,” one of our out- standing baseball players, will attend a prep school up- on graduation. His favorite outside activity is hockey. Marjorie Ann Hilton 19 Daniels Street Field Hockey. Basketball, Tennis. Fine Arts Club. Year Book Committee. G. A. A., Ski Club " Margie,” with sports and drawing her main activities, will attend Massachusetts Art next year. She ' ll never forget Mr. Coletta’s drawing class and all the fun she ' s had at A. H. S. Wayne Hollingsworth 206 Wachusett Avenue Ski Club, Baseball Hunting, fishing, and baseball are favorite activities for outdoorsman ' Wayne. He expects to attend either Massachusetts State or the University of Maine to take up forestry. Good luck, " Doc”! Robert Ward Hough 79 Bay State Road Baseball Robert will always re- member the rush to the lunch room He likes sports, especially baseball, and is a photography enthusiast. Page Thirty-eight Elinor Howe 87 Harlow Street Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Girls ' Glee Club, Secretary of Gilbert and Sullivan " Elly” will always remem- ber Mr. Courtney’s business organization classes. She plans to attend Burdett’s. She will never forget Mr. Einzig’s chorus class. Warren ). Howland 68 Mt. Pleasant Place Basketball. Rifle Club, Camera Club. Discussion Club Howland’s favorite activi- ties are basketball and the Rifle Club. He will always re- member baseball and the A. H. S. girls. Paul R. Huprich 22 Churchill Avenue Football. Basketball, Baseball Paul will always remem- ber coming to Arlington High. A member of the foot- ball team, he plans to attend Tufts to study physical ther- apy. His favorite activity is eating. Nancy R. Hurd 15 Harvard Street Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sul- livan, Girls’ Glee Club, Latin Club Nancy, who will always remember the Gilbert and Sullivan shows, likes swim- ming and sailing. She plans to attend Radcliffe next year. loan E. lannessa 64 Ereeman Street Honor Roll. Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball. G. A. A., Chronicle " Joanie " will always remem- ber the wonderful friends she met while participating in sports. She plans to attend Boston University to become a Journalistic Secretary. Donald Irving 99 Throndike Street Football, Art Club, Basketball " Donn " plans to attend the Cambridge School of Design. He likes drawing and football, and will always remember Mr. Russell’s History Classes. Ralph Eric jacobson 9 Magnolia Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Discus- sion Club. Band " Jake” plans to attend Northeastern next year to study engineering. His favor- ite activities are football and hockey, and he ' ll never forget Mr. Kapff’s Math 111 class. Elliot Russell |affe 46 Mary Street Lunch Room Elliott, who plans to be a construction machinery demon- strator, will attend Northeast- ern. He enjoys designing cars and collecting literature on construction equipment. Melvin johnson 66 Iroquois Road After graduation " Mel ” is going into the television busi- ness. He will long remember his vocation experiences. His favorite activity is amateur radio. " We wish him the best of luck for the future! Nancy Ann Johnson 20 Swan Place G. A. A., Glee Club " Nan” intends to go to business school. She likes music and dancing, and will long remember attending Fryeburg Academy in Maine. Page Thirty-nine Eloise Ann jones 15 Thesda Street Field Hockey, Head Cheer- leader. Lunch Room " Ellie” will never forget her three years of cheerleading at A. H. S. football games. Her favorite outside activities are ice skating and swimming. Paul Richard Jones 42 Sherborn Street Baseball, football " Trigger” is headed for N. C. U. He enjoys bowling and swimming, and will always re- member Mr. Wright ' s Math class. Aurora Kasparian 1 Sutherland Terrace Cheerleading. Field Hockey, Basketball. Tennis Manager, G. A. A.. Modern Dancing, Chronical Popular sports-loving " Ora” will always remember the night she helped the juniors win the " 50” gym meet. Her aim is to become a teacher, which she ' ll prepare for at Lowell State Teachers. Philip Michael Kearns 572 Summer Street Hockey Comical " Phil,” who amuses all with his antics w’ants to become a lawyer in later years. He ' ll always remember gym class with Mr. Lowder. Malcolm Keijikian 902 Massachusetts Avenue When " Mai” isn ' t tearing apart, painting and repairing cars — his hobby — he works. He plans to enter the grocery store business, and w ' ants to go to business school nights. Mary Lillian Kelly 2 Whittemore Street Fine Art ' s Club, Chronicle, Year Book, Basketball Pretty Mary, who plans to take painting and fashion designing at Massachusetts Art, dreams of clothes with tags of " Kelly,” instead of Schapparelii. Richard Michael Kelly 9” Mystic Street Football, Track, Baseball " Dick” will never forget the 1949 trip to New Orleans with the football team. He likes wrestling and weight lifting, and will alw-ays re- member his broken leg in 1950. William P. Kenealy 46 Webster Street Football. Indoor Track. Basket- ball, Baseball, Dramatic Club, Outdoor Track Outstanding in many sports, " Bill,” as quarterback, helped to make the football games so exciting. He plans to attend University of New ' Hampshire to become a teacher. ( Lucky pupils ) His favorite activity is read- ing. Patricia Ruth Kennedy 38 Rawson Road Year Book Committee, Fine Arts Club " Pat” enjoys roller skating as her favorite outside activity. She may join W A F S later on, and is a roller skating fan. She ' ll never forget being the only girl in Mr. Kirk ' s mech- anical drawing class. Kathryn Helene Kenney 10 Harvard Street Swimming Cute " Sally,” although quiet, has many friends at Arlington High School. She likes to swim, play tennis, and ice skate. She ' ll never forget Miss Binnig ' s shorthand class. Page Forty Robert Bruce Kenney 22 Buena Vista Road Rifle Club, Debating Club. Periclean Forum " Swede” is undecided as to what college he will attend. He will remember Miss Wakefield’s study halls and the Arlington High School Sports. Edwin Francis Kerr 61 Rangeley Road Basketball, Baseball " Ed” is an avid lover of baseball and basketball, in both of which he excels. He is undecided as to his future plans. Patricia Mary Kilmartin 45 Arnold Street Quiet " Pat " would like to become a salesgirl or a nurse’s aid. She enjoys sports and reading, and will remember always her teachers and class- mates at A. H. S. Phyllis Elaine Kilmer 30 Lake Shore Drive Ci. A. A., Secretary of Dra- matic Club, Chronicle, Tennis, Latin Club Active " Phyll,” who attends Simmons next year, enjoys swimming, skating, and ten- nis. She’ll long remember the G. A. A. and going to football games with the " gang. " Agnes Marie Kirchner 60 Hamlet Street Cj. A. A., Chronicle, Bowling, Basketball " Kirch " enjoys bowling, swimming, and basketball. She will long remember do- ing homework in the library at night, and the A. H. S. hockey and football games. Janet Kitfield 22 Bartlett Avenue Bowling " Jan,” who will attend Lesley after graduation, likes to bowl and to square dance. Her wonderful teachers will remain longest in her mem- ories of high school. Patricia Ann Knowles 1426 Massachusetts Avenue " Digger, " who likes to bowl and dance, will remem- ber longest Mr. Russell’s his- tory class. She intends to join the Waves and see the world. Richard George Knowles 31 High Haith Road Hot Rod Club " Swifty, " who plans to go into metal work as a career, has two favorite outside activ- ities, hunting and ice skating. He ' ll always remember the Machine Shop. Donald Peter Kosak 61 Walnut Street Debating Club " Don, " whose favorite out- side activities are swimming and skating, plans to attend Tufts. He will alw ' ays re- member Mr. Kapff’s math class and Study Hall with Miss Wakefield. Demetra Jean Koulis 90 Marathon Street Ciilbert and Sullivan, Bowling " Dee, ” whose favorite activ- ities are dancing, riding, and bowling, is headed for Sim- mons. She will always re- member Mr. KapfiTs math class. She hopes to study retailing at Simmons. Page Forty-one Fred Leo Kranefuss 47 Bartlett Avenue Baseball, Hockey " Kraut,” whose favorite activities are swimming ami skating, is planning to attend Yale. Mr. Wright’s general math class will remain in his mind for some time. Mary Elizabeth Lamphier 122 Sylvia Street " Plunket, ” who wants to be a telephone operator, will always remember Mr. Russell ' s history class, and the driving classes. She enjoys football games and skating. James M. harden 19 Wyman Terrace Honor Roll, Rifle Club " Jim,” plans to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology to become an engineer. He enjoys the Rifle Club, and likes to play hockey. He ' ll never forget Mr. Kapff’s Solid and Trig, class. Ann Courtenay Laufman 194 Pleasant Street Peri clean Forum, Ci. A. A., Modern Dance Ann, who is known as one of the most expert square dancers around Boston, wants to become an interpreter. She spent her junior summer in Switzerland and other Euro- pean countries. Joan Frances Laurendeau 52 Brooks Avenue G. A. A., Gilbert Sullivan Rec Committee Joan enjoys dancing, swim- ming, skating, and bowling. These activities will keep her busy when she’s not at her future job of accounting. She will always remember her three years of bookkeeping with Miss Harlow. Doris Kathryn Lee 1 Osborne Road Chronicle When " Dodie” thinks of her days in A. H. S., she will always remember the birthday parties at the lunch table and Mr. Burke’s jokes. She likes to dance, and go to the movies, especially in Win- chester. Robert George Lemos 33 Appleton Street Cross Country, Indoor track, basketball. Gilbert Sullivan " Bob,” plans a career in printing. An active member of school activities, he will long remember getting up mornings. His favorite activ- ity is being around horses. Paul Leonard 36 Inverness Road Baseball, Football, Basketball. Golf, Hockey Paul’s favorite outside activ- ity is playing baseball. Among his memories of A. H. S. one of the longest will be Mr. Sandberger’s woodwork- ing class. Robert Myles Leslie 42 Forest Street ”Les, ” can be seen working on automobiles after school. He’ll always remember Miss Peck’s English class and Mr. Powder’s Social Geography class. Robert C. Letson 67 Tufts Street Track " Bob, ” whose favorite activ- ity is working on cars, expects to go into the Navy. He’ll always remember Mr. Barber’s Geometry class. Page Forty-two Wilfred Joseph Leveille 70 Warren Street Barbara Lizabefh Lorge " Tanglefoot” would like to enter a business school, pre- ferably one with a good base- ball team. Typing classes in 73 he will long remember. Charles Edward Leverone 18 Pleasant Street Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track " Charlie " has fond mem- ories of Mr. Danforth ' s mech- anical drawing classes. He plans to become a mechan- ical draftsman. Good Luck, Charlie! Evelyn Pafricia Ligor 65 Wollaston Avenue Chandler will be the Alma Mater of " Evie,” who will always remember Mr. Wal- lace’s Business Organization classes. We hope she will find time for her favorite sports. David George Long 35 Hilton Street Baseball Next year we’ll find " Dave” at the Maritime Academy, where he won’t have much time for one of his favorite activities — sleeping. Tops on his list of sports is baseball. He’ll always remember the fun he had, especially with Miss Cassone in study. Francis Andrew Lopez 129 Appleton Street Hot Rod Club, Parts-Chaser " Cuzzin,” who plans to be- come a garage mechanic, likes cars and open-air theaters. He is a skating enthusiast, and will always remember Mr. Kirk and Mr. Lewis. 98 Alpine Street Bowling, Tennis. G. A. A. " Barb,” who is headed for a nursing career, enjoys swim- ming and dancing. She’ll never forget rushing from class to class at A. H. S. )anc Ellsworth Loud 19 Webcowet Road G. A. A. Chandler will claim pert Jane, a " gal” who likes swim- ming and dancing. She’ll always remember her wonder- ful friends at A. H. S. Robert N. Loud 28 Draper Avenue After graduation " Bob " is headed for the U. S. Coast Guard Academy. His favorite activities are swimming and sailing, and he’ll never forget Mr. Johnson’s little quizzes. Leroy Lowell 1 1 Brattle Place Leroy, who is undecided as to his future, will always re- member his Junior English with Miss Krastin. He is a baseball enthusiast. Robert Edward Lowell 1 1 Brattle Place Robert is a bowling and skiing enthusiast. Of all his experiences at Arlington High, he will remember Mr. Skin- ner’s fifth period class the longest. Page Forty-three jean Edith MacDougal 101 Churchill Avenue Softball. Basketball " Jeanie " plans to become a medical secretary. She ' ll always remember the grand times she had in basketball and the fun she had with Mr. Sampson. Barbara Ann MacKay 28 Candia Street Basketball, Boulhig, G. A. A.. Tennis Barbara, known f ' r her beautiful red hair, hopes to attend a junior college. She is a football and hockey fan, and w ' ill never forget her Biology class w-iih Mr. Samp- son. Dianne Claire Maggioli 113 Lake Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Di, " who likes dancing and musical comedies, will always remember the won- derful times she had in Gil- bert and Sullivan. She plans to become a hairdresser. Greta Marie Magnuson 12 Prospect Avenue Ct. A. A., Chronicle. Tennis Greta, a bowling and ice skating enthusiast, plans to be a secretary. She will always remember struggling in that " certain " Shorthand 11 class. Ann Mahon 1 Claremont Court Ann would like to attend Salem Teachers’ College next year. She likes to go to foot- ball and hockey games. Barbara Ann Mahoney 86 Broadway Honor Roll, Latin Club Chronicle Barbara plans to enter Fra- mingham State Teachers Col- lege to become a Home Economics teacher. Miss Rounds ' Latin parties and Miss Forsythe’s cooking clas- ses will be cherished mem- ories. Clare Margaret Mahoney 136 Webster Street Swimming Clare plans to do office work. She is a tennis enthu- siast, and will always remem- ber working in the Guidance Office during her senior year. John D. Mahoney 14 Marathon Street Hockey, Baseball, Golf " Moe, ” w ' ho is planning to go into the transportation business, will make North- eastern his Alma Mater. His sophomore English class will remain longest in his school memories. Robert Carroll Mahoney 33 Lake Street Baseball " Bob,” who plans to fur- ther his education by attend- ing Boston College, enirys all sports, especially hockey and baseball. In his mem- ories will always be Mr. Sex- ton ' s good old Spanish classes in 4a. Sheila Anne Mahoney 46 Chandler Street G. A. A.. Chronicle. Basketball Adorable Sheila wdll make a popular airline hostess on Northeast Airlines. The foot- ball games will remain among her fondest memories. Page Forty-four Carolyn Loretta Mailhiot 16 Milton Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle. Rifle Club " Carole " would like to be- come a hairdresser after a course at Wilfred. Mr. Burke ' s witty jokes and the gym she will long remember. Marie Elizabeth McConnell 7 1 Mystic Street Basketball. Swimming " Mimi” plans to attend Kathleen Dell’s. Her favorite activities are dancing and bowling. She will never for- get her cooking classes. Kichard Martin 41 Kilsythe Road " Ted,” who plans to go to Fitchburg to become a mach- ine shop instructor, has three favorite outside activities — the rifle team, basketball, and swimming. lames Joseph May 128 George Street " Joe, " whose favorite out- side activity is living in the woods, logically plans to attend Amherst to study fore- stry. Norma Ann Mazzocca 998 Massachusetts Avenue G. A. A., Band. Orchestra. Tenis. Rec Dance Band. Student Council Norma plans to attend Lowell College. Her favor- ite outside activity is playing in dance bands and she’ll always remember Mr. Rus- sell’s band class. Eileen Marie McAuliffe 8 Belton Street Chronicle Marie, an enthusiastic spec- tator at all sports events, plans to attend Simmons Col- lege. Her memories include Mr. Eaton’s Math III class. Helena Agnes McCoy 81 Hillside Avenue Field Hockey, Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee, W ' omen’s Club. Honor Roll Helena plans to enter Rad- (liffe. Besides her many school activities, she will for- ever cherish the memories of Miss Rounds’ Latin classes and her week at Girls’ State. William R. McEwen 5 Moore Place Basketball . Baseball, Golf After graduation " Billy” is headed for Notre Dame. From his high school days he will always remember his sophomore English class and " Moose” Carey’s wit and hu- mor. Thomas Joseph P. McGough 129 Warren Street Ski Club, Hot Rod Club. Road Testing " Red,” who wants to com- bine farming with mechan- ics, will always remember Mr. Kirk’s classes. His favor- ite outside activities are ski- ing and skating. Martha Anne McGowan 12 Coolidge Road Hockey, G. A. A., Basketball Martha, who enjoys going to football games, plans to attend Wheelock College. She will never forget her wonderful times in English III. Page Forty-five Madge Melia 72 Freeman Street Field Hockey, G. A. A., Basketball, Chronicle, Softball Athletic Madge, who is a sports enthusiast, wil l never forget the wonderful friends she has made. She is a danc- ing and bowling fan. Edward Menzoian 34 Allen Street Chronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan " Tootso” will go to Bent- ley, where he plans to gain the knowledge to become an accountant. The thought of Mr. Kroll’s biology class will always give him great pleas- ure. lames Metcalf 134 Rawson Road " Jim, " who enjoys sports and photography, will attend Northeastern after gradua- tion. He will never forget his junior English class with Miss Krastin. Robert Vernon Miles 221 Highland Avenue Ski Club, Hot Rod Club " Footsie’s” favorite out- side activities are hockey and his 1940 La Salle. He will al- ways remember Mr. Delan- ey’s favorite saying, " Shut the door.” Barbara jean Mitchell 30 Philips Street Cheerleading, Field Hockey, G. A. A., Chronicle, Basket- ball, Softball, Gilbert and Sullivan, Student Council Vivacious " Mitch,” a hock- ey and football enthusiast, is planning to become an air- line hostess. She will long re- member her wonderful friends at A. H. S., and the trip to Providence in her sophomore year. Claire Marie McHugh 9 Henderson Street Camera Club, Chronicle, Year Book Committee, " Rec” Committee Claire’s art classes with Mr. Coletta should help her when she becomes a florist. She’ll never forget Mr. Thompson’s history tests and the many parties in her junior year. She enjoys swimming, skating, bowling, and dancing. Eleanor McLaughlin 23 Varnum Street Chronicle, Bowling " El” will long remember Mr. Thompson ' s history class, and singing in the lunch- room. She hopes to join the Waves and see the world. Donald F. Mead 49 Wollaston Avenue Hockey " Honk " plans to enter the University of Massachusetts to study tree surgery. He ' ll remember attempts at hooky. His favorite outside activity is hunting. Alfred Melanson 40 Webcowet Road Hockey, Golf " Mel,” who is undecided about his future, will always remember Mr. Cavalieri’s math classes and the study hall. He is a sports enthusi- ast, his favorites being hock- ey, golf, baseball, and foot- ball. 55a Mystic Street Swimming Popular " El” will never forget the time spent in her sewing class. After graduation she would like to become an airline hostess. Page Forty-six Ellen Elizabeth McCreevy ). Marlene Mockel 14 Fairview Avenue Su inuning Club, Ski Club, G. A. A. " Moc” will long remember the Meadows after the Jun- ior Prom. Her favorite out- side activities include sports and dancing, and we think she’ll make an excellent air- line hostess. Arnold Joseph Monteiro 160 Dothan Street Band " Arnie” is headed for Bentley to become an ac- countant. Next to bowling and hockey, he enjoys play- ing in dance bands. He will always remember his sopho- more basketball games. Lucy Moranian 24 Newland Road Glee Club, Girls’ Softball Bryant-Stratton will be al- ma mater for " Lou ” w ' ho plans to do clerical work up- on graduating. Mr. Wallace ' s class will be her fondest memory. Barry Martin Moriarty 31 Burch Street " Barr,” who plans to en- ter Wentworth to become a machine shop instructor, has one favorite outside activity — stock car racing. He will remember listening to Mr. Houston. Edward P. Moriarty 31 Burch Street " Eddie” plans to enter Harvard after graduation. His favorite outside activities in- clude boati ng and swimming. Good luck in the future, " Eddie”! Ann Morrill 48 Kenilworth Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Field Hockey, Hon- orary Member of the X ' Oman ' s Club Popular Ann plans to at- tend Radcliffe, and thinks she might like to study science. She will long remember the Dramatic Club plays. Phillip Thomas Morrison 176 Park Avenue " Rec” Band, Orchestra. Band. Gilbert and Sullivan, Baseball " Zig” will always be re- membered for his excellent musical talent. Next year he will attend Lowell State where he will study for a teaching career. Richard Muello 69 Newport Street Football, Hockey. Spring Track Popular " Moose” is plan- ning to attend Bowdoin Col- lege. He enjoys all sports and will never forget the New Orleans Bowl trip with the football squad. James Francis Murphy 14 White Street President of Camera Club, Rifle Club, Dramatic Club " Murph” isn’t sure as to his college. He’ll always re- member Mr. Danforth’s me- chanical drawing class. His favorite activity is hunting. John Daley Murphy 1 5 Valentine Road Hockey " Murf” will continue his studies at Boston College, where his ability in a hockey game will furnish much ex- citement. He is a hunting en- thusiast. Page Forty-seven Rose Ann Nasfasi Robert E. Murphy 18 Parker Street Baseball " Bob, ” who plans to join the air force, will long re- member Mr. Downs. His fav- orite activity is fishing. Richard Thomas Nagle 27 Wyman Street " Richie,” interested in sports and stock-car racing, is headed for Boston College. xMr. Danforths mechanical drawing classes provided many memories for " Richie " to take with him. Nish C. Nahigian 1”4 Mystic " Valley Parkway " Little Caesar " has not yet planned anything for the fu- ture. However, the past, with the fun at lunch and argu- ments with Mr. Danforth, will long furnish him with memories. Charles Lyddon Nash 146 George Street Intramural Basketball, Base- ball, Honor Roll Sports-minded ' " Charlie” has spent most of his spare time playing intramural bas- ketball. He hopes to study engineering at Purdue. Good luck, " " Charlie’ " ! Vivian Ruth Nash 23 Russell Street Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sullivan. Bowling. Tennis, G. A. A. ' " Vivi” is going to Massa- chusetts State. She is a fenc- ing enthusiast, she also be- longs to the Arlington Friends of the Drama. She will always remember get- ting bruised in chemistry lab. 25 Bates Road G. A. A. As a member of Radcliffe s student body, petite " " Ro " " will never forget the won- derful friends she made at A. H. S. She enjoys dancing, skating, and reading. Sheila Dale Nichols 57 Wollaston Avenue Dramatic Club. Chronicle Staff. Bowling Vivacious Sheila, plan- ning to attend Lowell Teach- ers " College, will certainly be an attractive addition to the teaching profession. She will long remember the hilarious parties in her junior year. Lorraine H. Nigro 122 Gardner Street Chronicle, G. A. A., Girls’ Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Bowling " Irma,” who plans to be- come a model, will always re- member the G. A. A. initia- tion and going to parties. She concludes that ' " high school was wonderful.” Nancy Carolyn Noreen 39 Richfield Road Honor Roll, Periclean Forum, Ski Club. G. A. A. Nancy is planning to at- tend Katharine Gibbs. She enjoys sports and dancing, and will never forget the fun in Mrs. Lee’s last period sewing class. Arthur Francis Noyes 44 Dorothy Road Hockey. Baseball Holy Cross will see " Art” next year, where he hopes to continue playing hockey and baseball. " Art” will always remember Miss Norwood’s English class in his junior year. Page Forty-eight Marilyn Louise Oborsky 5 Cudworth Street, Medford Honor Roll, Swimming Cluh, Chronicle Miss Krastin ' s junior Eng- lish class will provide fond memories for Marilyn. After graduation she will enter the business world as a stenogra- pher. She’ll never forget cokes at Martin ' s. Patricia Bernadette O’Connor 22 Peter Tufts Road Bowling, Honor Roll " Pat” will attend Salem Teachers’ College to become a secretary. She enjoys skat- ing and swimming, and will never forget her two years in Mr. Barber’s classes. I Donald William O’Brien 103 Webster Street Football. Hockey, Baseball, Basketball " Obie,” our popular foot- ball hero, will always remem- ber the famous trip down New Orleans when the foot- ball team won the co-cham- pionship in 1949. Good luck in the future! Edward William O’Brien 5 Winter Street Basketball , Bowling, Golf " Singles” plans to attend Boston College. He enjoys parties, and will never for- get all the fun in the lunch- room. He enjoys playing golf and bowling. Richard H. O’Brien 18 Huntington Road Dramatic Club, Tennis Team. Discussion Club, Band, Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Rifle Club Loquacious " Dick” will never forget Mr. Barrett’s Ancient History class nor the one time he made the honor roll. University of Massachu- setts will be his alma mater. Theresa J. Ofria 1 7 Mary Street G. A. A., Chronicle, Basket- ball, Tennis " Terry” plans to do social work after attending Lasell. Outstanding in her memories are parties and her junior year. Joyce Mary O’Crady 529 Summer Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., BotiT ing. Class Basketball, Tennis Attractive Joyce will make the ideal dental hygieniest af- ter her graduation from the Forsythe Dental School. Her sophomore biology class, along with football and hock- ey games, highlighted her high school career. Ann Marie O’Hara 10 Sunset Road Suimming, Chronicle, " Rec” Committee Ann is preparing to be a stenographer. She spends her spare time bowling, ice skat- ing and dancing. The Lynn Classical game in her junior year is Ann’s outstanding memory of Arlington High School. Joseph C. O’Connor 104 Brooks Avenue " Rec,” Rifle Cluh. Camera Club, Lunchroom " Joe” is undecided as to where he will continue his education. English class and Mr. Kapff’s math class stand out in his memories of Arl- ington High School. Charles John Oppedisano " 5 Decatur Street Football, Baseball Another member of the New Orleans expedition " Chile” names all sports as his favorite activity. He is as yet undecided as to his fu- ture, but he’ll never forget Arlington High School foot- ball and baseball. Page Forty-nine Virginia Louise Oppedisano 75 Decatur Street Chronicle. Field Hockey " Jini” plans to join the Waves. Her favorite activities are dancing and bowling. She will long remember Mr. Burke’s class, especially his jokes. Peggy Ann Parker 1471 Massachusetts Avenue Peggy, who is very active in " Rainbow,” plans to do office work. Mr. Coletta’s classes and working in the office will linger longest in her memory. George Osborn 197 Jason Street " Ozzie” plans to enter the held of forestry, and can be reached " anywhere in the state of Maine.” His favorite activities are hunting, fishing and hockey. He ' ll always re- member Mr. Skinner’s phys- ics and chemistry classes. Kay E. O ' Shea 134 Broadway G. A. A., Chronicle, Basketball Popular Kay will work for the telephone company, but she’ll find time for dancing and football games. She’ll never forget Mr. Burke’s classes. Walter Daniel Pansuk 67 Park Street Golf Team. Hockey. Rifle Club " Billy” is headed for Bent- ley, but he’ll still have time for golf and hockey. He’ll never forget his economics class with Mr. Gibbs. Janice F. Parece 43 Harlow Street Chronicle. Bowling. Field hlockey. Art Club " Jan,” who plans to be- come an airline stewardess, will never forget the time Mr. Gibbs intercepted her note to a certain ’someone.” Her favorite activity is roller skating. Lorraine Elizabeth Parnagian 47 Mott Street Chronicle. G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan " Rainy” said that she would remember Miss Bin- nig’s shorthand class and be- ing doorkeeper for Miss Wakefield. She also had a lot of her good times rehearsing for Gilbert and Sullivan shows. Barbara Louise Parsons 63 Edmund Road Honor Roll, Band, Bowling Quiet " Barb” plans to at- tend Gordon College. Her favorite activities include ten- nis and skating. She will al- ways remember Mr. Russell’s classes. Frances J. Pellegrino 8 Thorndike Street Frances intends to go to business school. Dancing and bowling are her favorite ac- tivities, and she’ll never for- get her wonderful senior teachers. JeaneHe B. Peters 30 Eustis Street Honor Roll, Chronicle, Year Book. G. A. A., Tennis, Dra- matic Club, Basketball, Girls’ Club Teaching or journalism will be Jeanette’s career. She’ll continue skiing and playing tennis at Bates College. Long after graduation she’ll remem- ber Miss Norwood’s junior English class. Page Fifty Ronald Alton Pick 70 Mott Street Ronald, who remembers Miss Manning ' s English class, w ants to become a mechanic. His favorite activities are road-testing, and hunting up car parts. Janet M. Picone 33 Melrose Street Chronicle, Swimming, G. A. A., Basketball Janet hopes to become an airline hostess in Hawfaii. She’ll always remember her junior year and the football games. She enjoys dancing and sports. Mary Catherine Pierce 55 Dudley Street " Rec” Next year we will be lis- tening for Mary’s " Number please,” — as she plans to be- come a telephone operator. She enjoys dancing and she’ll always remember Mr. Burke’s classes. Cordon F. Pike 28 Tanager Street Gordon plans to enter Massachusetts Maritime Acad- emy to study marine engi- neering and to become a na- val officer. He enjoys the out- of-doors — especially hunting and fishing. Theresa B. Pineault 1 29 Rawson Road Swimming, Softball, Glee Club, Modern Dancing " Terry,” who plans to be a secretary, enjoys roller skating, dancing, and bowl- ing. She’ll never forget Mr. Fusco’s history class. Gloria R. Pipitone 296 Summer Street Gloria’s future is unde- cided as yet. She likes bowl- ing and dancing and will al- ways remember Miss Ander- son’s sewing classes. Benjamin Patsy Piscopo 96 Varnum Street " Ben” plans to attend one of the N. R. O. T. C. col- leges. His ambition is to be- come an aeronautical engi- neer. He’ll never forget Mr. Danforth’s mechanical draw- ing class. Renee Louise Pollack 25 Reed Street Tennis, Dramatic Club, Chronicle. Bowling League " Brownie’s” friendly smile will be long remembered at A. H. S. She will attend the Boston Dispensary to become a laboratory technician. She will never forget the Dramat- ic Club. Betty Louise Pollard 158 Mystic Street Dramatic Club. Badrsiinton, Modern Dance, Bowling Betty is headed for Sim- mons and a career in retail- ing. Her favorite activities are swimming, dancing, and skating at the Boston Skating Club. Irene Marilyn Porter 85 Scituate Street Chronicle, G. A. A., Basketball " Lynne” plans to become a secretary after graduation. Her favorite activities are swimming and playing the piano. She will always re- member Mr. Gaudet’s alge- bra class. Page Fifty-one janet Frances Pothier 119 Palmer Street " Jan” will remember A. H. S. — especially her history class with Mr. Thompson. She enjoyed her gym meets and extra-curricular sports. Margaret Elizabeth Provost 25 Parker Street C7. A. A.. Dramatic Clnh, Chronicle, Tennis " Peggy " will never forget the fun she had cheering at the A. H. S. football games. After graduation she will go to a hospital to train. Ann Elizabeth Publicover 18 Radcliffe Road Honor Roll, G. A. A. Ann, who plans to attend Emmanuel, will always re- member Mr. Sampson ' s fifth period geometry class. One of her favorite diversions is bowling. Franklin Quinn lO.s Milton Street Track. Golf. Tennis. Discussion Club " Frank,” who plans to at- tend Yale to become a doctor, is known for his favorite ac- tivity — feeding the Boston Common birds on rainy days. He ' ll always remember sleep- ing in study hall. Ann Theresa Raffa 18 Lakehill Avenue BowUng,. Chronicle Ann, who plans to do of- fice work, likes bowling, dancing, and skating. She ' ll never forget her fun in the lunchroom. Kenneth P. Ray 28 Sutherland Road Band. H ockey " Ken,” who is headed for Franklin Institute, enjoys hockey, football, and swim- ming. Mr. Russell ' s sixth pe- riod band class will remain long in his memory. Margaret Patricia Reardon 77 Grandview Road Bowling " Peggy,” who will join Sears and Roebuck after graduation, will always have pleasant memories of Mr. Burke ' s economics class. Her favorite activity is ice skating. Barbara Ann Rennie 152 Mount ' Vernon Street G. A. A.. Field Hockey. Gilbert and Sullivan, Softball " Barb,” who is headed for business school, likes danc- ing, ice skating, and swim- ming. She will always re- member Mr. Gibbs ' econom- ics class. Joan Clare Revelle 48 River Street Swimming. Bowling Joan, who plans to work at the telephone company, en- joys dancing and roller skat- ing. She will always remem- ber the fun in Miss Forsythe’s cooking class. Catherine T. Reynolds 22 Allen Street G. A. A.. Rifle Club. Bowl- ing, Modern Dancing In order to become a pri- vate secretary, " Cathy” has chosen to go to Katharine Gibbs. She enjoys bowling, and piano playing. Page Fifty-two Helen Frances Ribeiro 29 Berkeley Street Bowling, Modern Dancing, " Rec” Comrnitte. Tennis, G. A. A. " Ribby” will always re- member the football games and her junior gym meet. Next year will find her at Boston University. Her favor- ite outside activities are danc- ing, skating, and skiing. Edward W. Richards, |r. 54 Ronald Road Basketball " Eddie,” who will attend the Massachusetts College of Optometry, will never forget his quiet homerooms. He is a baseball and hockey enthusi- ast. David N. Riemer 374 Park Avenue Hockey, Baseball, Basketball Sports-loving " Dave” will be found at Boston College next year. Hockey is his fav- orite outside activity. The homework he had at A. H. S. will remain longest in his mind. Ruth Clara Riley 231 Gray Street G. A. A., Hockey, Rifle Club Pert " Ruthie” says Miss Cassone’s typing instructions will always remain with her. She enjoys skating and hock- ey games, and will never for- get the Rifle Club. William Abner Riley 231 Gray Street After graduation " Red” will enter Stockbridge to study farming. He likes foot- ball and hockey, and will never forget Mr. Thompson’s history class. Denise Marie Ring 35 Warren Street G. A. A.. Chronicle, Swimming Denise, whose ambition is to be an airline secretary, will recall with pleasure her many after-lunch sessions in Mrs. Bray ' s room and " mad " times in Miss Peck ' s class. Irene Marie Rivers 126 Sunset Road Bowling Driving lessons will form pleasant memories for dark- eyed " Honey. " Her choice for the future is clerical work. Valerie Evelyn Robbins 69 Bates Road Honor Roll. Camera Club, Dramatic Club. Glee Club Discussion Club, CAlbert and Sullivan. Year Book Committee Valerie is headed for Bos- ton University College of Music. She will always re- member Mr. Russell ' s lively music classes. As she is al- ready an accomplished pian- ist, we feel sure she’ll be a success. Lorraine Robinson 29 Bartlett Avenue " Rec” Committee Lorraine plans to become a nurse. Football and basket- ball games, the lunchroom and her junior classes with Mrs. Lee will stay in her mind the longest. Marius Arthur Robinson 1 9 Orlando Avenue Dramatic Club. Discussion Club, Chronicle. Year Book Committee Marius, who is headed for Cornell, will never forget the gruelling rehearsals for Dra- matic Club plays. His favor- ite activity is dancing. Page Fifty-three Claire Louise Rodwell 64 Hamlet Street Chronicle. Basketball, Bowling Claire’s goal for the future is to become an airline hos- tess. She enjoys dancing and swimming, and will never forget football and hockey games. Vincent Thomas Ronayne (S Harold Street Baseball. Hockey. Debating Club " Keezie,” whose future is undecided as yet, enjoys base- ball and skating. He will nev- er forget the Prom and Miss Norwood ' s senior English class. Ann Elizabeth Ryan 74 Scituate Street " Rec” Committee, Chronicle, Latin Club, Swimming, Gym Meet Anne plans to go to Kath- arine Gibbs where she will train to be a medical secre- tary. She will always remem- ber her friends at Arlington High School and Miss Rounds’ classes. Nancy Ann Ryder 172 Mt. Vernon Street G. A. A., Tennis, Chronicle Nancy has many friends, and no wonder, she took part in a variety of school and extra-curricular activities. Framingham State should welcome her coming. Dorothea Isabelle Rossi 14 West Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club, Chronicle " Dotty, ” who plans to en- ter a comptometer school, en- joys swimming, skating, and football games. She will al- ways remember Mr. Fusco’s history class in her junior year. Nick Samellas 77 Thorndike Street Football, Baseball. Student Council, Class President " Nick,” our popular presi- dent, plans to attend Ford- ham. His favorite outside ac- tivity is bowling. He will al- ways remember the bowl trip to New Orleans. Francis Joseph Rowcn 82 Claremont Avenue Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Golf ’Frank ” plans to join the Armv after graduation. His fondest memory is of Miss Krastin’sl English 111 class. He’ll always remember work- ing in the different dramatic shows. Jean Elaine Sandberg 24 Mystic Lake Drive Some day " Jeanie” will be a successful secretary. She will always remember changing from Somerville to A. H. S. in her junior year. Mary Josephine Ruggiero 1523 Massachusetts Avenue One of her goals in life is to travel, says this attractive brunette. Mary likes to bowl, roller skate, and swim. She nlans to enter Bryant and Stratton. Dorothy Mary Santos 201 Spring Street Swimming. Bowling " Dottie” will never forget her friends and her econom- ics class with Mr. Burke. Next year will find her train- ing for a nursing career. She enjoys speed skating at the Boston Skating Club. Page Fifty-four Ann Marie Sbuttoni 2 Sutherland Road Bowling, ice skating, danc- ing, roller skating, and pho- tography are Ann’s favorite outside activities. She will never forget driving the girls to and from school and her job at the Ben Franklin store in her senior year. Carolyn Mae Secrest 229 Waverly Street G. A. A., Dramatic Club. Chronicle, Year Book Com- mittee. Basketball . Honor Roll Pretty Carolyn will study nursing after graduation. Her favorite outside activities are tennis, swimming, and bas- ketball. She ' ll always remem- ber her fun in biology and chemistry. Ann Elizabeth Sennott 79 Jason Street G. A. A.. Chronicle, " Rec” Committee Ann, undecided as to her future, enjoys dancing and skating. She will always re- member her A. H. S. friends, the football games, and her junior classes with Miss Kras- tin and Mrs. Lee. Earl Howard Sexton 1 5 Longfellow Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Dra- matic Club, Discussion Club, Cross Country, Chronicle, Year Book Committee. Honor Roll Versatile Earl plans to at- tend Tufts. He thinks the lab- oratory periods with Mr. Mil- ler were tops. We wish him all the luck in the world. Leo Joseph Sheehan 21 Allen Street Cross Country, Dramatic Club, Rifle Club Leo, who plans to go to Tufts, enjoys playing basket- ball and bowling. He will never forget his days in Mr. Kapff ' s math class. John C. Shirley 108 Newland Road Basketball " Johnny” will either enter Tufts College or make a ca- reer of music. He will often recall Mr. Kapff’s algebra class. William F. Shute 68 Chester Street " Bill " as yet is undecided as to where he’ll round out his education. He will long remember Mr. " D’s ” liberal education talks, and his " work " in the stockroom. Dorothy Mary Silva 48 Brattle Street Basketball " Dottie,” who hopes to en- ter the business world, en- joys bowling, football games, and dancing. She’ll never for- get Miss Binnig’s words, " This is an office, not a class- room. " Pauline M. Skilton 152 Appleton Street Student Council, Chronicle. Basketball We may see " Paule” some day as an airline hostess, af- ter she attends Kathleen Dell’s. She enjoys Girls’ Club meetings, and will long re- member the gym meets and football games. Richard L. Smilgis 9 Windsor Street Mr. Pine’s famous W ' ords, " Fix-it,” is just one part of Richard’s fond memories of A. H. S. Although undecided about the future we know he will succeed in whatever he attempts. Page Fijty-five Eleanor Louise Smith 21 Allen Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Year Book Committee Jackson is sure to welcome attractive Eleanor in the fall. Ice skating leads her list of favorite activities — but hock- ey games are a good second. John Thomas Smith 100 Gray Street Football, W ' restling " Smittv, " an avid hunting fan, will always remember football and wrestling. He’ll never forget his A. H. S. friends. Marjorie jean Smith 1261 Massachusetts Avenue " Lippy” wants to travel and so plans to join the Waves next year. She ' ll long remember her economic geography class with " Toz” in her sophomore year. Regina Gertrude Smith 67 Dow Avenue Swimming. Chronicle The football games and Mr. Burke’s lectures will be pet memories for " Reggie,” who hopes to become a ste- nographer. She enjoys swim- ming, skating, and dancing. t Joan Barbara Snow 66 Waldo Road Swimming. G. A. A., Chronicle. Basketball Joan enjoyed the football games and dances most while she was in high school. The fun in the corridors before and after school will prob- ably live longest in her mem- ories. Frances E. Spano 24 Johnson Road G. A. A. Dancing, swimming, and skating are " Frannie’s” fav- orite activities. She will al- ways remember Miss Binnig’s shorthand classes. Dana R. Spencer 247 Park Avenue Honor Roll. Ski Club, Tennis Team Dana plans to attend the University of Michigan. He ' ll never forget Mr. Kapff’s math classes. His favorite ac- tivities are the Rifle Club and bowling. Patricia Staffon 185 Spring Street Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Tennis The Waves or raising prize rattle will be a fumre career for " Pat,” who plans to at- tend Jackson in a veterinarian course. Lois A. Stamm 145 Florence Avenue Lois, who plans to attend Mount Ida to prepare for a career in social work, is a dancing devotee. She will never forget her wonderful vacation and Mr. Kroll’s biol- ogy class. Arthur Stanbury 42 Peirce Street Cross Country Track, Indoor Track. Spring Track Arthur plans to enter the radio field, studying at the Massachusetts Radio School. He’ll never forget Mr. Pine’s radio class and Mr. Delaney’s English class. Page Fifty-six Joan Frieda Stangle 568 Summer Street Honor Roll, Chronicle Joan plans to attend Bos- ton University to become an executive secretary. Her fav- orite outside activities in- clude bowling and attending football games. She’ll never forget her A. H. S. friends. Elizabeth Ann Starkey 26 Lake Hill Avenue Chronicle Ann will attend Framing- ham State Teacher’s College after graduation. Her favorite activities include swimming, sailing, and winter sports. She’ll always remember her foods classes and the lunch- room. Alfred Staudinger 19 Pine Avenue ’’Red” will always remem- ber Mr. Delaney’s English classes. He plans to enter Massachusetts Radio School. He enjoys out-of-doors sports. Charles E. Stengle 105 Falmouth Road Track ’’Charlie,” who plans to attend University of Massa- chusetts, will never forget his homeroom with Miss Cas- sone. His favorite activities are hockey and the Rifle Club. George Vaughn Strong 48 Irving Street President of Discussion Club, Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Year Book Committee George plans to attend the University of North Carolina and eventually to study law. He will always remember Mr. Eaton’s math classes. We’ll never forget his fine job as president of the Discussion Club. Marjorie Theresa Struthers 35 Lewis Avenue Boiiiin ’’Marge” plans to become a telephone operator. She will never forget Miss Krastin’s junior English class and Miss Kelly’s senior typing class. Loretta Cecelia Stygles 15 2 Palmer Street Basketball . Softball ”Stigs” intends to become a bookkeeper. Her favorite artivities include bowling and dancing. She will always re- member Mr. Thompson’s pe- riod 5 history class. Lorraine Catherine Stygles 157 Palmer Street ”Stigs,” a bowling and dancing enthusiast, will al- ways remember Mr. Thomp- son’s class which made her fifth period a favorite one on her program. Eleanor Margaret Sullivan 36 Cornell Street Quiet Eleanor is headed for Salem. Her favorite activities are tennis and bowling. She will alw ' ays remember her first few days at A. H. S. Gardner Charles Sullivan 12 Edith Street ’’Sully,” who is famed for his frequent trips to Mr. Downs’ office, has two favor- ite activities — sleeping and eatine — in school and out of S ' hool. Page Fifty-seven Walter Francis Sullivan 18 Marion Road Hot Rod Club, Road Testing " Sully,” whose ambition is to own a new Mercury, will always remember Mr. Kirk’s enraged moments in his 1 :45 class, and Mr. Delaney’s " Close the door!” Franklin Thaxter Swan 44 Coolidge Road Football. Dramatic Club " Frank’s " favorite activities are hunting, swimming, and horseback riding. He plans to attend Boston University. He will never forget Mr. Eaton’s math classes, and Miss Barry will never forget him. Clare Lee Swanson 30 Scituate Street G. A. A.. Student Council, Bowling, Tennis Clare, who likes dancing, is headed for Bates next year. She’ll never forget her part as a model in the fashion show. Donald Swanson 74 Varnum Street Basketball. Baseball. T rack His junior year and French 1 with Miss Jerardi are " Swede’s " fondest memories of A. H. S. His favorite ac- tivity is baseball. Everett Edward Sweeney 20 School Street Everett, a member of the " Rec” dance band, and who rlays the piano and saxo- phone in the band, will al- ways remember the radio shop. He plans to enter Franklin Technical Institute. Stewart A. Swinamer 84 Elm Street, Somerville Orchestra " Skippy” will attend Am- herst College upon gradua- tion. The teachers of A. H. S. will always become fond memories for him. June Adrienne Sylvester 14 Putnam Road Dramatic Club, Chronicle Simmons and a business career are ahead for blonde June, whose favorite activity is horseback riding. She will remember Mr. Kapff’s Math III class. Edward Szymanski 315 Appleton Street Football, Basketball, Golf, Track " Big Ed,” who is headed for Holy Cross, will never forget the trip to New Or- leans. His fondest wish is to go home and get some sleep. Alfred Tartarini 173 Mystic Street Football. Hockey. Baseball " Al,” that " football” man. is bound for West Point. He enjoys all sports and will nev- er forget winning the Class A championship in 1949. Alfred ). Tassinari S " Cleveland Street Baseball, Hockey, Intramural Basketball " Tass” has made all his classmates chuckle at least once at his wit during his high school life. He plans to attend Boston College when he graduates and hopes to continue his sports career there. Page Fifty-eight Barbara Tate Harold William Teto 129 Franklin Street G. A. A., Bowling " Barb” hopes to attend Kathleen Dell ' s next year to increase her business knowl- edge. She’ll long remember all the wonderful friends she made during her high school years. Domenic Taurasi 82 Bates Road Cross Country, Indoor Track, Spring Track " Dom,” who intends to be- come a pilot, will remember longest the boys of the track team and Mr. Danforth’s me- chanical drawing class. He enjoys horseback riding and flying. Edward Taylor 34 Governor Road " Tiny” plans to attend Boston University next year. A basketball enthusiast, he will never forget serving a term in the U. S. Army. Good luck, " Tiny.” joyce Taylor 3 Ottawa Road 7. A. A., Basketball, Bowling Dancing and bowling are favorite activities for Joyce, who is headed for a business career. She will always re- member the football games and parties. Priscilla Delano Taylor 90 Alpine Street Tennis, G. A. A., Rifle Club, Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Band " Polly” is bound for aoua- tic school to become a swim- ming instructor. She enjoys sports and will never forget her d river training course. She would like to gild her drum sticks and leave them to Mr. Russell. 40 Sutherland Road Hockey, Basketball , Track, Field Hockey Harold is another hockey player who will remember those early morning practices. He is headed for General Electric and a draftsman ' s ca- reer. Robert Theller 36 Menotomy Road Chess, Football, Hockey " Bob” will be found at Southern Methodist Univer- sity next year. He enjoys sports and eating. " Bob " will never forget Arlington’s de- feat at Waltham and the Class A Championship in 1949. loyce Thornes 101 Brantwood Road Gilbert and Sullivan " Joy,” who will be found at Jackson next year, will al- ways remember her wonder- ful friends at A. H. S. She especiallv enjoys swimming as her favorite outside activ- ity. Robert D. Thompson 10 Cypress Road " Tinny,” who plans to en- ter the restaurant business, has two favorite activities, bowling and hot rod racing. He will remember Mr. Hous- ton’s classes. David Phillip Thyne I Pond Terrace H ockey. Baseball " Dave,” who ♦ ' Ians to en- ter the Air Force, will always remember first lunch in his senior year. His favorite out- side activity is bowling. Page Fifty-nine Norbert Timmins 40 Mary Street Hockey " Knobby” plans to attend Minnesota University ' to study chemistry. His favorite outside activities are hockey and riding; in the front seat of a car. Kenneth F. Tobiason 191 Newport Street Dramatic Club. Discussion Club, President Ski Club, Chronicle. Sports Editor, Basketball , Track, Year Book " Toby” plans to attend either North Park or Tufts to study architectural engi- neering. He will always re- member the " Haze” in Mr. Eaton ' s math classes. Mary Toomey 46 Kimball Road (7. A. A.. Bowling,, Dramatic Club, Basketball Next year " Mary-Lou” will be seen at Chandler’s where she will prepare for .secretarial work. Dancing, skating, and swimming are her favorite activities. Mary Louise Torpey 12 Pondview Road O ' det and demure Marv is headed for Katharine Gibbs. She eniovs bow ' ling and horse- back r ' dine. and will always rs“member Mr. Kapff s math class. Mary Torphy 29 Burch Street Eeature Editor Chronicle. Rifle Club Active Marv is headed for l.asell. An exoert on riflerv, she sDends a lot of her time tide shooting. She will always remember her junior year. Elizabeth A, Traynor 206 Highland Avenue Dramatic Club, G. A. A. " Betty,” a college football fan, is headed for Mount Au- burn H ospital and a nursing career. She enjoys dancing, and will never forget her junior English class. Ronald F. Trenholm 273 Appleton Street Football " Tren ” is going to become a salesman in the near future. He enjoys swimming and playing hockey. He will al- ways remember Mr. Coletta’s art classes. Horace Trotta 241 Gray Street Horace, who will never forget coming in early morn- ings to Room 21, will always remember one thing about Arlington High School — home work. He is a swim- ming enthusiast. Anthony Paul Tufts 1279 Massachusetts Avenue " Tony,” who wants to en- ter the Air Force, will always remember Mr. Houston ' s sev- enth periods. His favorite outside activities are roller skating and wrestling. Natalie Marie Tufts 1279 Massachusetts Avenue " Ginger " likes horseback riding and swimming as her outside activities. She’ll al- w ' ays remember history w ' ith Mr. ThoniDSon in her senior year. Page Sixty Priscilla K. Warren Shirley Ann Union 15 Central Street C. A. A., Bon’lino. Chronicle, Basketball " ReJ,” who spends much of her spare time bowling, will never forget the evenings at the library doing home- work. Shirley is undecided up- on what she w ' ill do after graduation. Basil Vassil 1321 Massachusetts Avenue Hockey, Football, Baseball Sports-loving " Bill” will always remember Mr. Caval- ieri ' s math class. He is headed for Wentworth to study me- chanical engineering. Barbara Ruth Vaughan 28 Everett Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sul- livan. Glee Club, Softball, Basketball, Chronicle Fun-loving " Barb” will al- ways remember being the " flirt of her junior class. " Her future plans include be- coming a stenographer and making good in track, her fav- orite activity. john Allen Walkinshaw 5 Fisher Road Band, Dramatic Club, Latin Club Boston University wdll be John’s alma mater. He will always have pleasant mem- ories of leading the band at the football games on Satur- day afternoons. Thomas M. Walsh 96 Milton Street Band " Tom ' s " good times with the band will remain longest in his memory. He plans to enter the religious field upon graduation. z87 Massachusetts Avenue G. A. A. Popular " PinKy” is unde- cided anout Her tuture but sue will always remember tne Class ot ' 5u. 81ie is tond or Horseback riding. Barbara Ann Watt 177 Wachusett Avenue G. A. A., Chronicle, Basketball, bouiing Attractive " Barb’s” radiant smile will help her to become a secretary. Her favorite ac- tivities are swimming and dancing. She will never for- get Mr. Thompson ' s history class. Elizabeth May Webb 107 Oakland Avenue Rifle Club, Chronicle, Ciilbert and Sullivan University of New Hamp- shire is " Betty ' s ” goal, where she plans to become an ar- chitect. She is a riflery en- thusiast. She will never for- get Mr. Eaton’s Math IV class. David Webster 1 3 Ronald Road " Dave, " who is undecided about his future, will remem- ber the fun he had in the lunchroom. His favorite ac- tivities are hockey and base- ball. Richard Lyle Weddleton 39 Alpine Street Honor Roll, Band, Chronicle " Dick” plans to be a me- chanical engineer, and will study at Tufts. He will always remember his year of chem- istry. His favorite activity is model building. Page Sixty-one Carolyn Elizabeth Wells 40 Newport Street Honor Roll, Year Book Com- mittee. Latin Club. Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan. Chronicle, Softball, Junior Red Cross Representative, G. A. A. " Carol, " who will be seen at Radcliffe, likes to bowl and play tennis. She will never forget her chorus classes and chemistry experiments. Harold C. Wells 29 Hawthorne Avenue Honor Roll. Hockey, Baseball " Whip” plans to study en- gineering at M. I. T. Hockey at the Boston Skating Club and baseball take up most of his spare time. He will never forget Mr. Kapff’s solid and trig, classes. Charles B. Wentzell 144 Webster Street Hot Rod Club, Road Tests Charles has two favorite outside activities: collecting data on trucks and stock car lacing. He will remember the arguments with classmates on the relative speed of different trucks. Richard White 29 Blossom Street " Richie,” who plans to join the Navy after gradua- tion, likes all sports. Football is his favorite outside activ- ity, however. He will long re- member his three years of oral English. Thelma Burdette Whitman 827 Massachusetts Avenue Orchestra. Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A., Chronicle, Honor Roll Talented " Whit,” whose favorite outside activity is " Ted,” will be seen at Jack- son next year. She will re- member the parties and Miss Rounds’ Latin classes. George A. Wickwire, Jr. 103 Summer Street Football, Baseball Tall, blond " Wick” loves to eat, swim, and play foot- ball. He will never forget the trip to New Orleans. After school he hopes to become a printer. Donald Alfred Wiggins 13 Springs Road, Bedford Rifle Club Lively " Doc” is a sports- man, spending much of his time hunting and fishing. He goes to th e University of Maine next year. He’ll never forget his A. H. S. friends. Elizabeth A. Wilson 8 Aerial Street " Betty” had so much fun taking driving lessons from Mr. Wallace that she’ll never forget them. To be a comp- tometer operator is her future ambition. Jean M. Wilson 46 Forest Street Although she hasn’t defi- nitely decided, Jean would like to go into clerical work. She’ll remember the Senior Prom of the class of ’50 and Miss Krastin’s English class. William Wilson 541 Summer Street " Bill” enjoys photography so much that he plans to at- tend the N. Y. College of Photography next year. He’ll never forget the good times throughout his three years at A. H. S. Page Sixty-tu ' o Arthur Winn 60 Exeter Street Baseball, Basketball " Bud’s” favorite activity is swimming. He’ll never for- get his year at Somerville High or the girls and Mr. Ar- thur at A. H. S. Donald Winter 19 Avon Place Football, Basketball " Wint,” who shines at football, will remember the trip to New Orleans. Al- though he is not sure of his future career, we wish him luck in whatever he does. Nancy Wood 26 Academy Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Year Book Committee, Hon- orary Member Arlington Woman’s Club Mr. Eaton’s Math 111 and IV classes will live long in Nancy ' s memories. Her friend- ly nature and sunny smile will be assets to her at Jack- son. Patricia L. Wood 59 Everett Street Rifle Club ”Pat” enjoyed her junior year at A. H. S. She is a good marksman and bowls and dances as well. Will she ever forget Filene’s stock room ? Charles Wright 17 Prospect Street, Rockport Dramatic Club. Chronicle Re- porter, Discussion Club, Hon- or Roll, Editor-in-Chief of Year Book " Chuckie ” will always re- member speaking contests and " Meet Me in St. Louis.” He hopes to find time at Har- vard for his favorite activities of sailing, golf, and square dancing. Edward Henry Wright 11 Mill Street " Eddie’s” favorite outside activities are skating, baseball, and swimming. He will al- ways remember Mr. Samp- son ' s biology class. lames Wright 15 Nourse Street " Jim ' s” favorite sports are baseball and swimming. Of all his memories of high school his sophomore English class in Room 6 is most out- standing. loan Wright 1 1 Mill Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Field Hockey, Bas- ketball, Softball, Latin Club " Jay ” is not only intellect- ual but also athletic. Her three years in Miss Rounds’ classes are her favorite mem- ories; dancing and swimming her favorite sports. Frank |, Xavier 2 1 Linwood Street Frank will always remem- ber Mr. Delaney ' s Period 5 English class. He enjoys sing- ing and although undecided about the future will, we are sure, succeed in whatever he attempts. Phyllis Yood 390 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sul- livan. Latin Club. Dramatic Club, Girls’ Glee Club, Year Book Literary Committee. Camera Club, Chronicle Vivacious Phyllis hopes to further her education at Rad- ' I ffe. She will never forget her Latin IV class and all her friends in A. H. S. Sixty -three Robert Zani 5 West Street Basketball " Bob,” who hopes to be- come a jet pilot, enjoys bas- ketball and hockey. He will never forget the top floor hcmerooms he always had. George Zengo 30 Harvard Street Intramural Basketball " Zingo” is headed for prep school next year. He will always remember loafing af- ter work and keeping Teto from eating lunch in the lunchroom. Nancy Lillian Young 101 Newport Street Honor Roll, Orchestra. Gilbert and Sullivan Nancy greatlv enjoys play- ing in the Arlington Philhar- monic Orchestra. She will long remember Miss Rounds ' Latin classes. Patricia Call 15.3 Park Avenue Ext. " Rec” Committee, Modern Dance, Tennis " Pat " plans to attend Sar- gent ' s to study physical ther- apy. She loves to dance, and will always remember the fun she had at A. H. S. Loretta Chapman 8 Swan Place Attractive Loretta, who is at present undecided about her future, will certainly miss her fun at A. H. S. Her fa- vorite activities are dancing and bowling. John Charles Curtis 24 Cornell Street Stamp Club, Tennis, Hockey Versatile " Red " has an un- decided future. The " car " and Mr. Danforth ' s mechanical drawing class will always oc- cupy a place in his memories. He will never forget Miss Krastin ' s sense of humor. Robert Edward Donoghue 35 Hodge Road " Bob " intends to further his education at Boston Uni- versity. Baseball and football are his favorite sports and he will long remember the games at A. H. S. James Catto 16 Dartmouth Street " Radar " will always re- member the friends he made at A. H. S. His future plans are undecided but we are sure he will succeed in what- ever he undertakes. Thomas W. Cillis 277 Oakland Avenue " Tom " is still undecided about his future, but we feel sure that with his personality he ' ll be a success in anything he tries. Joan Eloise Hartnett 70 Teel Street Joan isn ' t sure as to her plans for the future. She likes roller skating, and will long remember her junior year in Miss Rounds ' home- room. Frederick Richard Hilton 1 9 Daniels Street " Fred, " who will always remember Mr. Delaney ' s jokes, wants to become an automobile dealer. His fav- orite activities are playing hockey and watching auto races. Susan Hutchinson 5a Lakeview G. A. A., Bowling, Chronicle " Soo " will never forget her exhibition in the G. A. A. amateur show, or meeting her friends outside the old hall after school. She is fond of swimming and skating. Wilfrid Andrew Kalber 47 Amsden Street Track, Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Club ' " Willie,” already a tank driver in the National Guard, wants to go into the Army after he graduates. He ' ll never forget his Oral English classes with Miss Manning. James Tony Magliozzi 89 Wachusett Avenue " Mag " plans to join the Navy upon graduation. He believes his seeing the world through a porthole will exceed his fertile attempts in com- position Robert Earle Merchant 1 5 Court Street Although quiet " Bob” is well known around A. H. S. he enjoyed especially his printing class with Mr. Arthur. Pwe Sixty-four Norman Maserian 56 Blossom Street " Muzzy " plans to join the Marines and later to become a chaplain. He enjoys base- ball, boxing, and politics. Albert Joseph McAdoo 61 Bartlett Avenue Hot Roil Club " Mac ' s” favorite outside activities are antique auto- mobiles and stock car racing. He will always remember graduating, and also Mr. De- laney ' s English class. Henry McGovern 73 Fremont Street Henry, when he can be coaxed out of a horizontal position, is interested in as- tronomy, rockets, and air- planes. He ' ll always remem- ber his first day at A. H. S., when he needed a compass to get from 36 to 60. Claire Ann Miller 95 Paul Revere Road Claire likes to swim as her favorite outside activity. The class in foods will always be among her memories of high school. Richard Nicholson 37 Robbins Road Bowling " Nick " plans to attend Boston College where he ' ll have chance to continue ath- letic activities. His favorite outside activity is fishing He’ll never forget Mr. Thompson’s History IV class. Paul Fredrick Salisbury 30 Brantwood Road Football. Track, Baseball Popular " Red,” who plans to attend the University of New Hampshire, will never forget the trip to New Or- leans. His favorite activities are bowling and reading. Eleanor Scalfati 22 Surry Road " Dolly” will always re- member Miss Krastin’s Eng- lish class and Mr. Einzig’s Chorus 11 class. She is as yet undecided about her future. Donald Dewitt Shaw 18 Belknap Street " Ding” is considering the ccnstruction business as a ca- reer. His varied activities in- clude football, dancing, and baseball. He’ll never forget Mr. Houston’s classes. Ingrid Anne Wallace 230 Oakland Avenue Tennis, G. A. A., Swimming, Gilbert and Sullivan " Inkie” is headed for Westbrook Junior College. Her favorite activities are dancing, summer sports, and rainbow. She ' ll always re- member how friends were so wonderful when she was in the hospital in ' 49 and ' 50. Page Sixty-five Through the Tears Most of the world was at peace, but Arlington High was thrown into chaos by the arrival of the Class of ’51. " Aided ” by the upper-classmen we thronged the corridors looking for Room 312, the policeman, and the ele- vators that never came. Soon the initiation was over and we were accepted as full-fledged members of the student body. Once familiar with the school routine, we began to notice the extra-curricular activities around us. We all could find something to appeal to our individual tastes. The Dramatic Club produced " The Divine Flora,” a very successful comedy. Later in the season Oscar Straus’ " Waltz Dream,” presented by the Gilbert and Sullivan Club, was received with much enthusiasm. Both shows displayed so much individual talent that one could not vie with the other for honors. The Red and Gray football team emerged victorious in our annual Thanks- giving Day classic. Our hockey team brought two trophies home to A. H. S. After winning the G. B. I. title, they walked away with the New England Championship. " Doc” McCarty’s harriers ran away with the state cross-country title. We were rightfully proud of our teams! As our sophomore year drew to a close we had our first taste of finals. Much to our surprise we managed to live through them. Then we settled back until the next year. Before long summer was just a faint fond memory. We were back at .A- H. S., a year older and a year wiser than when we entered, though our first term report cards seemd to dispute it.. We then decided that it was time to settle down. The year started off with a bang. The football team dazzled every opponent, emerging with the impressive record of nine wins and no defeats. Pa?e Sixty-six tying Lowell for the Class " A” Championship. They received an invitation to play in the C. Y. O. bowl game in New Orleans and were able to accept because of the generosity of the Arlington community. Pitted against the best schoolboy back in the country, the A. H. S. team was defeated, but by no means disgraced. The Dramatic Club’s production of " You Can’t Take It With You” was a tremendous success. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club deviated from their usual program and presented a variety show called " The Blue Star Broadcast,” which was equally successful. Spring came and the school year drew to a close as we prepared for our last high school bout with finals. Study halls grew quieter and brains were put to use. Soon finals were over, and we were sitting on top of the world. Before we realized it, fall arrived. We drifted into school, no longer naive sophomores, but sophisticated seniors! We soon realized that even seniors are ex- pected to study, so, after helping the young sophomores on their way, we decided to work. The Red and Gray eleven had an excellent season, losing only one game to a strong Waltham team. The hockey team had made an impressive start, along with the track and basketball teams. Class officers were elected under whose leadership we have been having a wonderful year. Class rings have been admired and class pictures exchanged. We are all anxiously awaiting our prom, our class day, and our graduation. We have spent three years at Arlington High School and are graduating during a period of international stress. May God help us to do our share in bringing about peace and harmony throughout the world. Eleanor Derby Page Sixty-seven Last Will and T eslametiLj CLASS OF 1951 We, the class of 1951, bein of unsound mind and feeble body, hereby bequeath the following priceless possessions: I. To the Juniors — all the ability, school spirit, and enthusiasm they’ll need to carry on the leadership of the school. II. To the Sophomores — an extra supply of interest and fortitude to weather the next two years. III. To the faculty — our heart-felt thanks for the patience, understanding, and counsel that guided our way through three never-to-be-forgotten years. IV. To individual members of the school: The Senior chemists leave Mr. Miller’s Magic Box to future students of molecu- lar weights. A1 Tartarini leaves the football team in the canable hands of Jack Sevene. Barb Mitchell and Ann Emery leave their vitality as cheerleaders to Jean Morri- son and Connie Corelli. To Joan Chase, Sue Hutchinson leaves her gift of gab. Dotty Hardy wills her winning personality to the popular Miss of 1952. The Senior actors in " Meet Me in St. Louis” leave their dramatic talent to Connie Foote and Lorraine Kelly. Ann Morrill and Barry Burke leave their fathers. Scott Cooledge and Nobby Timmons leave their llustry skating to Archie Chis- holm. " Muzz” leaves and takes his radiating personality and artistic talent with him. Ralph Hatch wills his clever comments in class to James O’Connell. Red Salisbury leaves his line-smashing drives on the football field to prospective half-backs of A. H. S. Nancy Young wills her Latin prowess to her sister Priscilla, another shining light in Miss Rounds’ class. The skilled Senior car drivers leave Mr. Wallace to all license-seeking Juniors. Page Sixty-nine Phyllis Kilmer and Thelma Whitman gladly leave Virgil’s " Aeneid” to anyone who’ll take it. Claire McHugh, Norma Fagan, and Diane Aimo leave behind their bowling skill and special brand of liniment for muscular aches and pains. Connie Cahalin leaves her smooth good looks to Helen McDonald. To Tommie Doyle, Paul Huprich leaves his massive physique. Carole Dale wills her many wonderful qualities and school leadership to Andie and Phyllis. Joe Casazza and Mimi Grieve bequeath Room 14 during first recess to Joanie Grieve and Teddy Kenney. The up-and-coming basketball team of 1951 leaves its hopes for future success with Rickie Power. Jerry Coughlin leaves Joe Connors and Jack Casey. Eleanor Corcoran and Don Swanson, Paulie Skilton and Bob Dallachie leave to make way for next year’s steady-going couples. The generous Seniors donate a bottle of aspirin tablets to all teachers assigned to the study hall. Muriel Boucher leaves her Hair for fashion to Nancy Matheson. Carolyn Secrest bestows her reserve of will power and stamina for producing English compositions upon anyone who has Mr. Campbell next year. Mary Hefron and Mary Duffy leave their good sportsmanship and athletic ability to Gerry Casey and Maggie Callahan. To the president of next year’s Senior class Nick Samellas leaves his poise and leadership. George Wickwire wills his dimples to Gerry Powers. HerJ ert Benner leaves Miss Rounds — in a rest home, probably. The Seniors who took the College Board Exams stagger out leaving approxi- mately two tons of review sheets for next year’s candidates. Moose Muello and Larry Albertelli leave their outstanding blocking to tomor- row’s unsung heroes of the line. Don O’Brien leaves Marilyn Milne to Tommy Cosgrove. Donald Cronin leaves his pile of tardy slip excuses to Frannie McCoy. Earl Sexton and Eleanor Derby will their executive talents and Room 7 to the ambitious Chronicle workers of 1952. To Vee Waller, Arthur Downs leaves his reputation for crazy antics. Pat Abbott leaves her seat in the orchestra to next year’s first violinist. Page Seventy Paul Cronin and Paul Doherty leave their priceless stocking caps to any Juniors brave enough to wear them. Luella Harris, Sheila Abbott, and Barbara Watt bequeath their beauty and charm to all next year’s Seniors. Nancy Gatto leaves her dazzling smile to the Junior girl with a personality as charming as hers. “Juicy” Donovan, Red Curtis, and Joe Daly leave to find another party to crash. Norma Mazzocca, " Ziggy” Morrison, and Bob Hanlon leave their musical talent and attractive new uniforms to future band members of the school. Mae Donahue and Julie D’Orsi leave their bottomless test tubes and the holes in the lab table to the next occupants of Locker 25. Leo Coronella and Ed Syzmanski leave the lockers outside Room 5 to the couple that will meet there next year. Helena McCoy leaves the gold mine of valuable information in her chem notes to anyone who can decipher them. Ann Mahon and Nancy Colucci leave Miss Binnig’s classes prepared for any office job. ( They hope. ) Marius Robinson leaves, taking his four-speed car, broad " A” accent, and super- sonic typing speed. Nancy Ham wills her efficiency as an organizer to next year’s Girls’ Club leaders. Barb Fleck and Nancy Dale leave their close friendship to Alba Bernachi and Patsy Johnston. John Walkinshaw bequeaths his band-leading prowess to any musically-minded Junior boy. Bob Amerault and Peggy Bullock leave their memories of the G. and S. Club to fun-loving Junior members. Charlie Wright leaves the task of editing of the 1952 Year Book to some in- dustrious Junior. To the writers of next year’s Class Will we leave this parting advice — Get a list of Juniors and Seniors, and have a good supply of paper and erasers. Signed: Julie D’Orsi, Helena McCoy, Mae Donahue. Witnesses: 1m A Nutt, U. R. Free. Page Seventy-one 0. -kW ' , 1iliic ' lig?;. . -c-b i bv o c- ' (v V - ' ■ , 3- , 0- tv t V ,o 18 o y (4- C TT7a.ry k »y 1. Machine Shop 4. Machine Shop 2. Printing 5. Machine Shop 3. Printing 6. Machine Shop Page Seventy-five YEAR BOOK COMMITTEE Front Roiv (left to right) : B. Arnold, M. Donahue, P. Yood. C. Wright. C. CanzanelH, V. Robbins. Elaine Adell. N. Wood. Middle Row: C. McHugh, A. Emery, M. Kelly. E. Derby, P. Kennedy, R. Grant, Mr. Eaton, Mr. Colett i. E. Smith, J. Peters, M. Grieve, C. Wells, J. D’Oi ' si, L. Harris. Back Row: M. Dulfy, M. Hefron. H. McCoy, N. Ham, C. Secrest, N. Dale, M. Hilton. Ye tr Book Coinwittee With the advice and assistance of Mrs. Moffatt, the faculty adviser, the Year Book Committee accomplished the usual work of the individual and ac- tivity write-ups, and cooperated on the work of the special departments. Real- izing the importance of present world conditions to every member of the class of ’51, the Committee selected for the Dedication the ideal of peace, which is developed throughout the book. The problem of the dedication itself was solved by submitting the topic to all the senior English classes, giving each sen- ior the opportunity to express his views on the subject. The results were then condensed into the compact Dedication which traditionally begins the Year Book. With the addition of this unusual feature, the Committee hopes to leave a valuable feature for future Year Books. Editor-in-Chief Charles Wright Business Mnnager Carl Can .anelli Page Seventy-eight STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row (left to ri lit) : B. Mitchell, M. Duffy, A. Emery. J. Daly, C. Dale, R. Provost, M. Hef- ron, A. Dale. Middle Row: Mrs. Moffatt, W. Marino, G. Powers. N. Mazzocca, P. Dale, P. Skilton. T. Cosjrrove, K. Cummings. Back Row: S. Ames, N. Samellas, T. Kenney, J. Casazza. Student Council The Student Council is the main connection between the students and the faculty. As a whole the Council consists of twenty members, ten from the sen- ior class, six from the junior class and four from the sophomore class. During our three years in high school the Council has been presented with general problems. With the aid of Mrs. Moffatt, our very capable ad- viser, we have solved some of these problems. The most important problem occurred in our sophomore year. The Council conducted a successful cam- paign for cleaning up the lunchroom. The members who have attended the Student Council conventions have brought back many interesting suggestions with them. In our senior year at the Dedham convention we were proud that Joseph Daly, our worthy president, was one of the leaders in a panel discussion. The Council has tried to prove itself worthy of its job to promote coopera- tion among the students. In our three years at Arlington High School the Student Council has proved itself worthy. President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . . . Joseph Daly Robert Provost . . Carole Dale . . . Ann Emery Page Seventy-nine “REC” COMMITTEE Front Row (left to right) : D. Aimo, H. Ribero, G. Cahaly. M. Carew, B. Bolton. J. Calendrella, J. Calerulrella. Back How: C. McHugh, M. Pierce, A. Ryan. M. De Matteo, P. Call The Committee Many are the Friday nights we seniors have spent during the last three years at the " Rec” dances. What fun we had meeting all our friends, danc- ing to the fine music of the orchestra made up of our musical classmates, and relaxing at the Coke Bar. The popular Sadie Hawkins’ dances found us mak- ing full use of the opportunity to dress up like hillbillies. These dances are made possible through the sponsorship of the Arlington Auxiliary Police and the planning of the hard-working members of the " Rec” committee. Mr. Johnson, the faculty adviser, and President Mary Ann Carew, have done much to contribute to the success of these dances. President Mary Ann Carew Page Eighty ORCHESTRA Front Row (left to rii ht) : R. Hatch. L. Talamona, H. Hennett, T. Whitman, P. Abbott, Mr. Einzip:, N. Younjr, H. Ache, E. Schreider, J. Smith, P. Younjt. Middle Row: J. Campbell. N. Mazzocca. S. Center. M. Mazzocca, R. Neill, R. Hanlon. W. Marino, D. Grey, M. Croft, L. Lindberjr, S. Swinnemer. Rad: Row: D. Ortolano, M. Moscadini, P. Morrison, R. Card, R. Larnan, T. Wagrner, A. Emery. The Orchestra The Arlington High School Orchestra won many laurels this year by play- ing at school and civic events. With a repertoire of both light and classical music, the orchestra is able to satisfy all tastes. Because of the type of music which was sung and played, the inspiring Christmas assembly was even more spirited than usual. This year Arlington and Winchester combined their high school orchestras for an entertaining mu- sic assembly which was held at both schools. Also, between acts of the Dra- matic Club play the audience was entertained by the orchestra which played a group of well known ballads. Gilbert and Sullivan shows would not be on the agenda if it were not for the capable and willing orchestra. At the time of going to press, plans are being made to attend the State Music Festival, to be held at Marblehead. The director, Mr. Einzig, has given the members excellent training and enabled them to spend many happy, musical hours together. Page Eighty-one Frovf Row (left to risht) : R. Weddilton. N. Ham. S. Hutchinson. E. Corcoran, P. Warren. K. Shea. E. Bonaslia, C. Dale, N. Dale. M. Duffy. M. Hefron. C. Wriprht. Second Row: M. Porter, G. Cahaly, N. Hurd. P. vSkilton, J. Calendrella. H. Vaujrhn, D. Rinj;, J, Calendrella. B. Watt, J. Picone, C. Rodwell. B. Mahoney. M. McAuliffe, J. Sten le. M. A. Carew, C. Brosman, J. lanesa, G. Strong. Third Raw: A. Ryan. M. Pierce, N. Fagan, J. Sylvester, C. Secrest, J. Peters, .1. D’Oi si. B. Faunce, E. Sexton, K. Tobiason. D. Airno, J. Mudari. E. Derby. P. Provost. .J. Holland. V. Oppedisano, T. Whitman, M. De- Santis. M. Kelly. P. Gerrior. Fourth Raw: G. Trotter. R. Riley, E. Webb, V. Robbins, P. Yood, R. Pol- lack. B. Mitchell. S. Nichols, T. Ofria, L. Coronella, A. Kasperian. R. Smith, M. Boucher, Mr. Campbell. Miss Horrigan. Mr. Arthur, D. Lee. A. Raffa. E. McLaughlin, M. A. Donahue, S. Abbott, M. Keane, S. Union. M. Griffin. H. Riberio. M. Toomey. N. Ryder. Hack Row: J. Demaso. F. Quinn. J. Parece, A. SLirkey. P. Kilmer. M. Grieve. L. Nigro, R. Grant, C. Wells, L. Parnagian, D. Rossi, M. Cammarata (I. Magnuson, E. Howe. S. Colgan. M. Melia, A. Kirchner, D. Cronin. A. Sennott, E. Adell, P. Taylor, E. DeCaprio, C. McHugh, M. Robinson. F. Roen. Chronicle This year the seven monthly issues of the Chronicle gave Arlington High one of the finest school newspapers in Greater Boston. With circulation rather low at the beginning of the year, but with a steadily improving paper, and publicity stunts such as " The Thing " contest, the Chronicle came into its own. Several new features were added, and the sports section was enlarged and improved. The widespread interest among the students for the newspaper may be shown in the fact that the Chronicle staff totaled almost one hundred fifty members. Miss Ann Horrigan was faculty advisor. The staff, with Earl Sexton as editor, in- cluded Bruce Faunce, Eleanor Derby, Mary Torphy, Julie D ' Orsi, Kenneth Tobiason, Jeanette Peters, Peggy Provost, Jacqueline Holland, Carolyn Secrest, Diane Aimo, and June Mudarri. This year will go down in the records as one of the Chronicle’s best. STAFF OF 1950-1951 Editor Earl Sexton Advertising Manager BruCE FauncE Business Manager ELEANOR DERBY Feature Editor MARY TORPHY Publicity Manager JULIE D ' Orsi Sports Editor KENNETH TOBIASON Circulation Managers PEGGY PROVOST, JACQUELINE Holland F.xchange Editor CAROLYN SECREST Copy Managers DiANE AlMO. June Mudarri CHRONICLE Page Eighty-two FINE ARTS Front Row (left to right) ; T. Whitman, M. Bloch, M. Kelly, J. Parece, M. Hilton, B. Arnold, P. Kennedy, J. D ' Orsi, S. Abbott. Back Row: Mr. Coletta, M. DeSantis. B. Lorge. F. Baiarro, D. Irving, P. Gerrior, A. Coughlin. E. Dooley. Fine Arts Club Because there is insufficient time in a class period for a student to work out his favorite medium to his fullest satisfaction, Mr. Coletta, the director of art at A. H. S., sponsors the Fine Arts Club. Under the skillful direction of Mr. Coletta, the members spend one afternoon a week painting and sketching, us- ing their classmates as models. They not only create, but also learn to understand the past and present greats. Their studies often take them to exhibits and lectures given by men well known in the field of art. Of all the clubs in school, the Fine Arts Club offers a student the best chance to express his inner feelings and emotions. rage Eighty-three DRAMATIC CLUB Front Uoiv (left to ri ht) : P. Yood, R. Pollack, P. Taylor, J. Sylvester, M. Griffin, P. Kilmer, T. Whitman. Mrs. Matthews. J. Walkinshaw, C. Wells, P. Abbott. M. Donahue, S. Abbott, V. Robbins, D. Aimo. C. McHujyh. Middle Row: P. Stalfon, B. Hill. B. Trainer, M. Toomey, S. Brosonan, J. Peters, J. Thornes. M. DeSantis. A. Crosbey, M. Bullock, A. Morrill. E. Howe. R. Grant, S. Coli ran. S. Nichols, N. Gatto. N. Wood. Back Row: R. C)’Brien. L. Sheehan. E. Smith. B. Pollard, P. Gerrior. B. Lorgre, E. Derby. F. Swan, R. Hatch, M. Robinson, F. Roland, G. Stronjr, M. Barnhill. C. Secrest, R. Blaisdell. P. Provost. R. Amerault, C. Wrigrht. Dranuitic Cl ah We, as seniors, can now look back at three good years of Dramatic Club entertainment. The three plays we were privileged to see, " The Divine Flora,” " You Can’t Take It With You,” and " Meet Me In St. Louis,” were all wonderful comedies. The success of these plays has been due not only to the talent of the actors and actresses but also to the hard work of those who served on the property, staging, ticket, publicity, and program committees and as ushers and candy sellers. In the spring of each year the club enters the Massa- chusetts Secondary School Drama Festival. In 1949 they put on " Mind Set,” which received a superior rating. In 1950 they gave the play " Women Who Wait.” Aside from these performances the club holds monthly meetings where the members give skits, monologues, and musical features. Mrs. Matthews and Miss Manning deserve much credit for making the A. H. S. Dramatic Club so successful. President Thelma Whitman Vice President John Walkinshaw Secretary Phyllis Kilmer Treasurer CAROLYN WELLS Pag,e Eighty-four l l LATIN CLUB Front How (left to riprht) : P. Yood, C. Wells, H. Bennett, Miss Rounds, N. Ham, P. DoheHy, P. Ab- bott. T. Whitman. Ha U How: N. Young, J. Wright, H. McCoy, B. Baynes, A. Ryan, J. Walkinshaw, N. Hurd. B. Mahoney, P. Kilmer. The Lathi Club The Sedecim Fortunate — the sixteen fortunate ones — is comprised entire- ly of the students of the Latin IV class. The purpose of the club is to pro- mote further study of the classics — especially Latin — and to prove to those mis- informed that Latin is hardly a " dead language.” The above is achieved at the regular monthly meetings which are highlighted by trips to the Museum of Fine Arts. The entertainment at these meetings, which has thus far consisted of a very clever re-enactation of a myth, is planned by the socii ludorum. Parties commemorating such events as Virgil’s birthday and Christmas are appropriate- ly celebrated and compose the more frivolous part of the entertainment. Thanks to sixteen classical students and to our inspiring adviser. Miss Rounds, the Latin Club will enjoy another very successful year. Consul Primus Herbert Bennett Consul Secundus Nancy Ham Scriha Paul Doherty Socii Ludorum .... Helena McCoy and Patricia Abbott Page Eighty- five DISCUSSION CLUH Front Row (left to ri ht) : P. Yoocl. N. Stetson, C. Wri rht. (I. Stron} . Miss Wakefield, E. Derby, C. Canzandli. H. O’Hrien, V, Robbins. Had: Row: R. Jacobson. E. Sexton, I). Gerry, K. Tobiason, M. Rob- inson. J. Strong, J. O’Connell. Discnssiou Club The Discussion Club has completed a very successful, active year. Former- ly known as the Periclean Forum, the name of the club w ' as changed to the A. FI. S. Discussion Club at the request of many members. With George Strong as President, Carl Canzanelli as Vice President, and Eleanor Derby as Secretary-Treasurer, the club w ' as able to double its membership, and sponsor many unusual programs. The club w ' as under the guidance of Miss Lura Wakefield. The Discussion Club’s main feature, that of panel discussions, produced many programs of general interest. Topics considered ranged from interna- tional affairs to questions of school policy. The topic that will be remembered most is the question of smoking in A. H. S. The club w ' as very fortunate in being able to have motion pictures, guest speakers, and meetings with other schools along with its regular activities. This W ' as a good year for the Discussion Club, and w ' e seniors w ' ish it lots of success for the next year and the years to come. President George Strong Vice President Carl Canzanelli Secretary-Trensi rer Eleanor Derby Page Eighty-six GILBERT AND SULLIVAN CLUB Front Row: J. DeMaso, B. Baynes, B. Hanlon, P. Adams, P. Morrison. R. Jacobson, P. Gerrior. Second Row: J. Mudarri, T. O’F ' ria. M. Griffin. M. Keane, E. Howe, B. Amerault, W. Cox. A. Emery. P. Abbott, S. Abbott, M. Donahue, J. Chace. Third Row: J. Arthur, A. Morrison, L. MacDonald, B. Mitchell. S. Nichols, R. Grant, C. Wells, M. CamaratUi. D. Koulis, J. Laurendeau. D. Mapr oli. L. Parnajjian, D. Rcssi. V. Robbins, P. Yood, D. Dalrymple, S. Union, Mr. Einzijr. Hack Row: N. DelGaizo, E. Cowen, N. Hurd. N. Arrow. N. Ham. E. Bonajrlia, B. Hill, B. Trainor, J. Obey. J. Brillante, J. Brown, A. Kirchner, D. Rinjr, B. Vau rhn, A. Crowley, Vivian Nash. The Gilbert and Sidlivau Club The Gilbert and Sullivan Club, directed by Mr. Einzig, is one of the largest clubs in the school. Our sonhomore year, the club varied its usual course by putting on Oscar Strauss’ " Walrz Dream.” The cast was superb and the show a great success. Tn 1950. instead of nerformintr an operetta, the yroun nut on a " Blue Star Revue” which covered the sont hits from 1900 to 1950. It enabled many members of the club to display their talents. In our senior year, rl p organization performed that ponular operetta. " The Pirates of Penzance.” The excellent cast portrayed the outstanding ability of the club and was a credit to the organization. We seniors extend ro the remaining members the wish that their years in Gilbert and Sullivan Ch ' b mav be as successful as ours. President Robert Amerault Vice President William Cox Secretary Elinor Howe Accompanist Ann Emery Page Eighty-seven CAMERA CLUB Front Row (left to riffht) : N. Faj an, C. McHugh, C. Caliendo. R. Burns, J. Murphy, P. Yood. E. Derby, V. Robbins. Hcuk Row: Mr. Coletta, M. Cameron, Cox, W. Baynes, G. Rogart. R. Hatch, C. Gatch- ell, A. Norton. A. Russian, T. Ridges, L. Arthur. Catuera Club The Camera Club is composed of a small group of students interested in photography. Under the skillful direction of Mr. Coletta, the members are taught the essentials of photography. The club has available its own dark- room next to the chemistry lab. At the meetings, methods of picture taking and processing, types of chem- icals and equipment, and the general technique of photography are discussed. President jAMF.s MuRPHY Secretary Carol Calliendo Page Eighty-eight LUNCHROOM BOYS Front Row (left to riprht) : R. Keene, J. Brush er. G. Bates, R. Amerault. W. Riley. R(u k Row : L. Gorton. M. Berry, W. Shay, D. Cate, A. Downs, W. McHugh. hiinchroom Boys The chatter of voices, the rattle of dishes, the rustle of papers, the clink of money: familiar, everyday sounds to anyone who studies at Arlington High. This glorious commotion can come only at lunch period. To most of us it is the most important period in the school day, for then we can do the things we’d like most to do in classes — eat and talk. Eating in the cafeteria is such an ordinary, habitual act that few of us real- ize just how much work is necessary to keep us eating smoothly. Here is where the Lunchroom Boys come in, quietly and efficiently. Day after day we see them standing at the cash registers, or selling at the back of the room, and day after day we go to them to buy our food. They take our money, accurately count out our change, and speed us on our way to join the gang. Thanks to them, the lunchroom line of starving students is hastily hurried to its seats. Even though we seem to pass you by ungratefully and take you for granted, fellows, we appreciate what you do. Without you. Bob, Lane, Arthur, Don, Bill, and the rest of you, lunch w ' ouldn’t be what it is. We can’t ever remem- ber you losing patience with us or short-changing us. You’re part of the scenes we always want to keep in our memories of Arlington High. When we think back to the fun we used to have at lunch, we can’t help but think of you. Page Eighty-7iine GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB Frov Rou ' (left to riia:ht) : E. Howe, M. Cammarata, E. Derby, R. Grant, C. Wells, S. Abbott, B. Vaughn. Hack Row: D. Rossi. V. Robbins, E. Bona lia, J. Parece, M. I oi ter. N. Arrow, P. Kenny, P. Yood, J. Carey. Girls ' Glee Club The Arlington High School Girls’ Glee Club consists of about thirty girls who come to sing, regardless of talent. An informal group, the club meets every Monday afternoon to sing semi-classical as well as popular music. Each year the main objective of the club is to prepare a few selected numbers to be sung at the State Music Festival, held somewhere in Massachusetts. Arlington has been chosen to sing at the New England Music Festival many times, and the club hopes to do as well this year. Under the capable direction of Mr. Rus- sell, the group is becoming one of the most popular of the clubs at Arlington High School. Page Ninety MODERN DANCE CLUB Front How (left to ri ht) : B. Brooks, H. MacDonald, M. Keane. Middle Row: N. Ryder, A. Kas- parian, B. Brown. H. Riberio, M. Bullock, P. Ferrini, N. Pollard. Back Row: A. Ryan, A. Laufman, J. Niven, M. Green, B. Garry, N. Dingwell, B. Bui pe, B. Pollard, A. Emery. Modern Dance Club In spite of all the extra curricular activities, the Modern Dance Club is gaining in popularity. This type of dance, being creative in its approach, en- ables each girl to express her thoughts in a different way. It is the purpose of the club to develop poise, to improve posture, and to offer the girls an opportu- nity to work together in groups. At Newton High School, in December, the club participated in a Dance Symposium, attended by numerous high schools of the Boston area. Miss Marie Garrity is adviser to this new group of twenty- five girls. President Ora Kasfarian Vice President Helen MacDonald Secretary Phyllis Ferrerini Treasurer Anne Ryan Page Ninety-one CHEERLEADERS Leit to Right: E. Jones, A. Kasperian, D. Quandt. A. Emery. N. Gatto, M. Zammarki. H. Mitchell, J. Mor- rison. M. Donahue, C. Corelli. The Cheerleaders This vivacious group of girls has spent the season cheering its teams home to victory. Saturday after Saturday the girls could be found on the football field, at the Boston Garden, or in the Arena lending the various teams their wholehearted support. This season was unique, for the maroon sweaters and gray skirts which have been worn for so long were replaced by maroon weskits and skirts with gray trim, topped by a saucy maroon and gray Eaton cap. The head cheerleader, Eloise Jones, led the girls through a successful sea- son with several new routines and cheers. Congratulations to a wonderful group of girls. Fa e Ninety-two THE BAND Ficnt Rcw (left to right) : S. Center. M. Cioft, B. Center, .1. Arrrtl eng, £. McTorlcy. Mr. Russell. Director of ban l, J. Walkmshaw. N. Follaid, T. cn, B. Pa s. ns, L Llndburp. i.iidd c Row: J. De Masco. P. Morrison. W. Rennet. J. April. J. Mo tur , E. Flanagan. E. Ha rison. K. Ray, H. Flynn, .T. Arther, P. Taylor. D. Gallagher. N. Mazzacco, R. O Brien. M. Mazzaccj, D’Plce, K. Wilson. D. Gui lio, J. Ortolano. D. Ortolano. Back Row: W. Fiarns, R. Woicester, A. Ncr‘‘cn. W. Maiino. D. Hurd, R. Leman, R. Halon, W. Copithorne, R. Harding. R. Card. R. Gerbrands. D. Fitzjeiald, R. Jacobson. The Baud " Off with the old and on with the new” was the Arlington High School Band motto when they discarded their old capes for the new military uniforms. After twenty-three years we were finally able to purchase them as a result of the New Orleans guarantee which the football team got last year. Playing at all civic and school functions the band is always ready with snappy marches. Having to be limited to forty-five pieces due to the new uniforms, the band was able to pick the most co-operative and talented members. At the football games the band displayed many intricate and clever figures which are rehearsed during the weekly meetings. The band’s ap- pearance on Saturdays was something to which every football enthusiast looked forward. Sport rallies are also on the band agenda and they create a great deal of school spirit. The band is now planning for the State Music Festival which is going to be held at Marblehead. There is no doubt that the band, under the able direction of Mr. Russell, shall return with a high rating. Page Ninety-three G. A. A. Front Ron ' (left to ri ht ) : B. Mitchell, C. Cahalin, D. Hardy, C. Reynolds, A. Kasparian. M. Duffy, M. Donahue. A. Dale, C. Dale, N. Gatto, G. Casey, R. Nastasi, A. Emery, J. Loud, L. Coronella. Middle Row: Miss McCarty, J. lanessa. J. D ' Orsi, M. Grieve, E. Cochian. P. Warren. N. Collucci, A. Couy:hlin. B. Tate, E. Dooley. N. Dale, M. Carev H. Riberio, M. Bullock, C. Wells, C. Swanson. J. Betel ' s, Miss Garrity. Hack Row: J. Calandrella. .1. Calandrella, M. Melia, (i. Cahaly, B. Fleck, R. Griffith. J. Brown, C. Se- crest, M. McGowan. M. Hefron, M. Hilton, B. Lor fe, N. Ryder. The G. A. A. Under the capable supervision of Miss Helen Marie Garrity and Miss Katherine McCarty the G. A. A. experienced a more than successful season. The enrollment for the season of 1950-1951 was one hundred ninety-six, the largest in the history of the dub. This is by far the most popular of the school organizations and its program will be long remembered by the members of the G. A. A. The traditional initiation proved to be an amusing affair and fun for all. Field Day, the Amateur Show, and the trip to Crane’s Beach are a few of the yearly affairs which were extremely well patronized. This organization provides an opportunity to make many new friends and experience wonderful times. With this yearbook we send our best wishes for many more equally successful seasons. President CAROL Dale V ice-Presidenl Andrea Dale Secretary Nancy Gatto Treasurer GERALDINE CASEY Page Ninety-six GIRLS’ HOCKEY Frortt How (left to rij?ht) : M. Melia. M. Duffy, J. lanessa, M. Hilton, M. McGowan, M. Wallace, C. Dale, Morrison. E. Jones. Bach- Row: J. Chace, A. Kaspaiian, H. McCoy, A. Morrill. B. Mitchell, M. Carew, Miss McCarty. Field Hockey Under the very able captaincy of Martha McGowan, the Arlington High School girls’ field hockey team enjoyed a splendid season, winning four games, losing one, and tying one with Winchester, a team that hasn’t been beaten or tied in a number of years. The tremendous fighting spirit of the girls and the excellent sportsmanship enabled the squad to break Winchester’s outstanding record. In addition to the regular schedule, the squad participated in the an- nual Play Day, sponsored by the Boston Field Hockey Association, and defeated Shore Country Day School and tied Way land, Wheeler, and Winsor. Marjorie Hilton, center forward, proved to be high scorer with four goals, and Jean Mor- rison and Helena McCoy, left and right inners, tied for second place with three goals each. This successful season could not have been accomplished without :lie patience and excellent coaching of Miss Katherine McCarty. Throughou " the three years of hockey, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the hard competition, and proved their excellence in this fine sport. Captain M.vrtha McGowan Manager Joan Chace Coach Katherine McCarty Page Ninety-seven GIRLS’ TENNIS Frot}f Fou ' (left to rijcht) : M. Olson. A. Dengeleski, M. Decareau, M. Hefron, M. Hilton, M. Sulli- van. fiarl: lioiv: A. Kasparian, S. Kuhn, J. More, B. Arnold, N. Mazzocca, G. Cahaly, Miss Garrity. Girls ' Tennis Enthusiastic and progressive players make up Arlington High School’s girls’ tennis team. Several of the girls are veterans of a previous year’s squad and possess experience which will help them a great deal in the ensuing year. This past season has proved to be one of the most successful ones which the team has had in some time. Opposition included Watertown, Lexington, Melrose, and some strong teams such as Belmont, Winchester, and Malden, which is one of the best teams in the state. Our team compiled a record of three wins and two losses. Ably coached by Miss Garrity and captained by Mary Hefron, the girls look forward to a successful season. Page Ninety-eight GIRLS ' SOFTHALL Front Row (left to iij 2 :ht) : C. Welsh. H. Hughes, S. Cooledwe, M. Callahan. P. Reid, M. Belli. .1. Mor- risson, B. Clifford, V. Waller. Hack Row: O’Neil, M. Wallace, M. Duffy. B. Pineault. B. Vaugfhn, J. Mc- Doujral, .1. Ormes, .1. lanessa, M. Melia, C. Wells, Miss McCarty. Girls ' Softball As our Year Book goes to press, it is a little early for the girls’ softball team of 1951 to elect their manager and captain. Veteran players, Mary Duffy, Jean McDougal and Barbara Vaughan, will be out on the diamond next spring, however, under Miss McCarty’s coaching. Margaret Callahan, star pitcher of last year, is also available again this season. In the 1950 season Arlington defeated Melrose, Brookline, Lexington, and Concord, and lost only to Belmont and Malden. Although handicapped by poor w ' eather during practice sessions, the girls had a fairly successful sea- son. The team really showed their batting prowess by scoring forty-five runs in two games. With ten letter men at least returning to the baseball diamond. Miss McCarty and her team are hopeful of a successful season in 1951. Best of luck, girls! Page Ninety-nine GIRLS’ BASKE TBALL Front Roiv (left to right) : M. Duffy, J. lanessa, M. Hilton. M. Hefron. C. Dale, A. Kasparian, L. Coronella. Hade How: B. Mitchell. M. Melia, M. DeSantis. J. McDougal, Miss McCarty. R. Hanlon, M. Belli, M. Callahan, M. Wallace. Girls ' Basketball With Miss Katherine McCarty’s able coaching and under the manage- ment of Mary Wallace, the girls’ basketball team is looking forward to another successful season. Mary Hefron, captain-elect, is all set to go with her quick- thinking guards, Ros Hanlon and Carole Dale, and high scoring forwards, Margaret Callahan, Myra Belli, and Marjorie Hilton. Both first and second teams won six out of the eight games played last year, and with six letter-players from each team back the squads hope for an undefeated season. The girls are diligently practicing that they might be in top form for their first game against a strong Somerville team. We wish them the best of luck and know that they are trying to make the basketball team of 1951 an out- standing one. Ptige One Hinidreil GOLF TEAM Left to right: P. Kramer, E. Szymanski, A. Patten, W. Weiner. A. Woodis, P. Campbell. A. Dono- van. C. Fuller, J. Jameson, J. Pareski, K. Cumminj s, Mr. Arthur. Golf Team Our golf team had another good season. Its members won all the matches in our section of the Greater Boston Interscholastic Golf League but lost two matches in the Round Robin playoff for the G. B. I. championship. Carl Fuller was the team’s most outstanding player. " Couchey” Patton had the second best average. Other members of the team who did good work and received letters are the following: Elbert Woodis, Oscar Nille, Pete Kra- mer, Dennis Donovan, Arthur Pareski, Ken Cummings, Dick Bernard, Ed Symanski, and Tom Cosgrove. The golf team has used the grounds of the Winchester Country Club as its home course for many years; the members of the team wish to express their appreciation. Under the friendly and insoiring guidance of Mr. Arthur, the team looks forward to many more successful seasons. Page One HanJreil One rz, r ' BOYS TRACK Front Row (left to right) : B. Crawford. A. Stanbury, W. Atwood. L. Morgan, J. Demaso, R. Sulli- van, W. Squires. D. Taursi. D. Ortolano. Back Row: R. Casey. L, Sheehan. C. Stengle, S. Clark, S. Coffey, R. Cronin, R. Borgeshani, S. Ames, S. Robinson. R. Lemos, P. Gerrior, F. Driscoll. C. Leveroni, Doc Mc- Carty. Whiter Track Arlington High’s track men had a successful 1949-1950 season on the boards. Doc’s runners placed a good second in the Metropolitan League, and third in both the G. B. 1. and State meets. Led by Captain Fred Collier, Arlington broke several long-standing rec- ords in its meets with other high schools in Greater Boston. Collier smashed the State meet record in the forty-five yard high hurdles, and Bob Stevens now holds the State l,0()()-yard tecord. In the Metropolitan League Bill Kenealy took the record for the 300-yard dash. Other point winners for Arlington in- cluded Dom Terrasi, Charlie Leveroni, and Paul Salisbury. All in all, it was a successful season for Doc’s track men, and the team looks forward to an even better year on the boards in 1951. Page One Hundred Two HOCKEY Front Row (left to riRht) : R. Healy. A. Noyes, D. O ' Brien, S. Cooliclsre, D. HipcKins. Middle Row: L. Morsan, D. Riemer. B. ' Vassil, E. Aiken, P. Leary, J. Reynolds. J. Cadisran, N. Bennett, 11. Dolan. Back Row: Mr. Burns, B. Burke, D. Cronin, D. Robinson, P. Prindle, G. Dunn. A. Chisholm. R. Lemos. Boys ' Hockey Led by Captain Don O’Brien the Red and Gray skated to another success- ful season in the G. B. I. league. Although lacking seasoned veterans, the team more than held its own with the other contenders. Weak at first, it gradually strengthened under the careful and competent coaching of Eddie Burns. The Spy Ponders’ first line, consisting of Scott Cooledge, Don O’Brien, and Bill Vassil, was one of the hardest-shooting in the leauge. Arlington’s second line, with Artie Noyes, Don Cronin, and Don Higgins, improved as the season progressed and became a very scrappy line. The skillful defense play- ing of Nob Timmins and Don Higgins added greatly to Arlington’s victories. The team’s other players, Barry Burke, Harold Teto, Arthur Chisholm, Bob Healy and the others, deserve much credit for the fine work done when it was most needed. Goalie Skippy Morgan held no easy position but he managed his job well. Arlington’s 1951 hockey team had no one outstanding player, yet the co- ordinated work and cooperation of each member brought its season to a fine finish. Page One Hundred Three BOYS’ BASKETBALL Front Row (left to right) : A. Miller, R. Bowler, D. Swanson, R. Powers, J. Shirley. Back Row: H. Bennett. J. Bowler. E. Szymanski, K. Tobiason, D. Winter, R. Beardsley, Mr. Lowder. Basketball Coach George Lowder has a potentially good team with Captain Don Swanson, only veteran from last year’s squad, Ric Power, Aram Miller, and John and Dick Bowler. As the season progresses it is possible that Eddy Kerr, Buzz Beardsley, Ken Tobiason or Don Winter may invade the starting lineup. John Shirley and Ed Syzmanski are developing into two of the finest defensive players in the league. After winning the opener at Woburn but losing the first home tilt to Cambridge, at Brookline Don Swanson sank a basket with fifteen seconds to win, but successive defeats by Newton and Rindge. The cagers lost these games by no more than three points, having had the lead in the fourth period of every game at one time or another. Should the boys get over the second half jitters they may quite conceivably beat last year’s 8-S record. Page One Hundred Four HOYS’ TENNIS Front Ro7V (left to rip:ht) : J. Sullivan. T. Walsh, D. Ortolano, R. O’Brien- Back Row: Mr. Wal- lace, R. Hatch. D. Spencer, F. Melly, N. Wood. Boys ' Tennis This year Arlington High School can again be proud of a very strong tennis team with a winning record. Mr. Wallace, who has been tennis coach at Arlington for many years now, always succeeds in producing a powerful team and this year has been no exception. Being in the Suburban Tennis League the boys face stiff competition; nevertheless they have been victorious particularly in singles matches. Many of last year’s veterans have helped to keep the team high in the league standings. Although tennis hasn’t received as much publicity as other sports here at A. H. S., many fans have turned out for the matches at the Spy Pond Tennis Courts and have given the boys the support they deserve for their long hours of practice. Page One Hundred Five BASEBALL Front Row (lef t to rip:ht) : R. Hill. W. Meehan. J. Cosgrove. B. Dolan. A. Tassanari. Bark Row: C. Oppedisano, D. O’Brien. W. Shirley. G. Powers, W. Kenealy, A. Noyes, B. Vassil, D, Swanson. Baseball Arlington’s baseball team has again showed suce ' essful leadership this year. With Coach Cavalieri at the helm, the boys again proved their ability and sportsmanship on the field. No small part of the team’s success is due to the veterans of the 1950 team: " Red” Salisbury, " Bob” Hill, " Bill” Kenealy, and Captain " O’Bie” O’Brien. The team’s loyal fans will remember their splendid performances through- out the 1951 season, and congratulate the boys on their fine showing. Page One Hunilred Six Cvoss-coinitry " Doc’s” cross country team, led by Captain Johnny Dcmaso, captured the Divisional Championship this year. The harriers started off well, winning all their dual meets, and then taking the divisional crown at Haverhill. Bill Squires and Bob Sullivan took top honors, as the hilband-dalers were well on their way to a possible state title. However, misfortune hit the team’s title chances hard when Bill Squires pulled a leg muscle in one of the earlier races. " Doc’s” runners, feeling the loss of Bill Squires and needing a strong fifth man, placed third in both the State Meet and in the Middlesex race. One of the highlights of the year was Bill Squires’ breaking by a full eleven seconds, the Arlington course record set in 1948 by Joe Grieci. With Squires out. Bob Sullivan took over the ton snot for Arlington, running some good races. The top seven men of the team were Captain John Demaso, Bill Squires, Bob Sullivan, Wes Atwood, Steve Coffey, Fran Driscoll, and " Skippy” Morgan. Leo Sheehan was manager. Page One Hundred Seven FOOTBALL Froyit Roir (left to ri ht) : J. Epran, R. Muello, D. Dolan. L. Albertelli. captain, A. Tartarini, R. Kelly, P. Salisbury, R. Hayes, D. O ' Brien. Middle Rou ' : G. Wickwire. P. Welch, B. Carey, T. Maggio, R. Zuccala. C. Azarian. W. Kenealy, J. Daly, J. Golden. B. Theller, manaj er, E. Browne. Back Row: B. Vassil. T. Doyle, E. Aiken, C. Oppedisano, J. Sevene, E. Szymanski, P. Huprich, D. Winter, L. Gor- ton. R. Toner, R. Assarian, W. Gallagher. Football Arlington opened a successful season against a stubborn Somerville outht, winning 20-7. The second game saw Arlington trounce Leominster 32-6. But — alas and alack — a Terrassi attack and defense snapped the win- ning streak at 15 games in " The Game of the Year.” Toz’s gridmen rebounded heavily against Brookline, knocking off the ' Rick-Towners” 33-7 and followed it with 25-7 romp over Newton. In the last home game of the season Quincy went home with a 32-13 pasting with Salisbury scoring thrice. In the upset of the schoolboy season a luckless and winless Medford eleven had the ball on Arlington’s 3 when the final whistle was blown. The resulting tie, 6-6, smashed Arlington’s Championship chances. The Class A Co-Champs met the other half of the 1949 Class A cham- pionship at Lowell scoring 19 points in the first half. As a team taking it on the chin for the fifth straight time, the Lowellites put up a fierce second half but scored only once. The final score — A. H. S. 19 -Lowell 7. With divided rumors persisting that Toz was heading for a berth at a neighboring college, the foot-ballers gave Arlington its fourth straight Tur- key-day game over a tough M elrose squad. Melrose drew first blood using an option pass play, but Arlington scored before the half to tie it up 7-7. Melrose had the ball on the Arlington 2 in the third period but failed to score. O’Brien went 70 yards for a t. d. and also applied the clincher before the final whistle. Oppedisano converted three times making the score 21-7. Throughout the year the line play was highlighted by such players as Captain A1 Tartarini, Albertelli, Theller, Kelley, Hayes, Doyle and Oppedisano. Orchids also go to our backfield of O’Brien, Salisbury, Muello and Kenealy. A bouquet to our peerless coach, Toz, who led the boys to a seven wins, one loss and one tie season. Page One Hundred Nine you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you — your truest self, free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this " long run” photography that PURDY success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride pro- tect your photographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. © PLEASING PORTRAITS ® PROMPT SERVICE • RIGHT PRICES Mean Satisfaction Guaranteed ★ ★ ★ 367 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON Official Photographer, Arlington High School Class of 1951 special Discount Rates to All Arlington High School Students YOUTH it ' T ' OUTH is not necessarily a time of life — it is a state of mind. It is not a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is a freshness of the deep springs of life.” And, an expression of youth is the School Annual — a keep- sake that tells in word and picture of all the happy memories of bygone years. A keepsake in which we thoroughly enjoy our part — the designing and printing of your publication — that it may attractively portray and long preserve these memories. THE HANCOCK PRESS Gordon Robinson, Printing Counselor LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS

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