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Pro perty of )LLniS oJ3onis i iDrar ' Arlington, Mass. Founded by DR. EBENEZER LEARNED, 1835 Endowed by Dr. Timothy Wellington, 1853 Nathan Pratt, 1875 Henry Mott, 1889 Elbridge Farmer, 1892 Building Erected by MARIA C. ROBBINS IN MEMORY OF ELI ROBBINS, 1892 For Reference Not to be taken from this library ROBBINS LIBRARY, ARLINGTON. MASS Sx Jjhr s ARLINGTON HDGy SCHOOL finri ' i I rfntn • «| 4P Year Book ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Class of ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS ' T)edication Wc, who graduate in the spring of 1950, will take with us many cher- ished memories of pleasant relationships with our teachers. Many have gone far beyond the call of duty in helping us along in our high school careers, and it is impossible for us to express our gratitude to them. Mr. Eaton is an outstanding example of these teachers. Not only has he extended a helping and ever-welcome hand to those struggling over the hurdles of advanced math, but he has devoted much extra time to assist students prepar- ing for College Entrance Examinations. With his clear, careful explanations, his unending supply of patience, his fairness to all and his never-failing sense of humor, he made math an intriguing, yet interesting and satisfying subject, and the high spot of many a student’s day. He maintained a flattering interest in the personal triumphs and disappointments which arose in the school lives of his students and lent a sympathetic ear to any and all who needed his under- standing and advice. We Seniors are forever indebted to him for his assistance in the produc- tion of our Year Book. Between the pens of the writers and the printer’s fin- ished product there is a gap which can be satisfactorily filled only by such a capable business manager. For this work well done, we express our sincere thanks. In appreciation of the splendid service he has rendered as our teacher, helper, adviser and friend, we, the graduating class of 1950, affectionately dedi- cate our Year Book to Mr. Douglass L. Eaton. Mr. Downs Mrs, Moffatt Mr. Morrill GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Downey Miss Barry Mr. Roens Miss Fitzpatrick Miss Norwood ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Back Row (left to right) Mrs. Bray Miss Dow Miss Donovan Miss Hunt Miss Horrigan Front Rou ' Miss Brown Miss Krastin Miss Manning Mr, Campbell Mrs. Matthew’S Miss Norw ' OOD Miss O’Connell IKMMMill ItiNGUAGE DEPARTMENT lont Row Miss Bailey Miss Barry bck Row Mr. Petralia Miss Jerardi Mr, Sexton IvTIN DPPARTMENT lont Row Miss Donovan Miss Rounds MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Bnck Row Mr. Wright Mr. Gaudet Front Row Mr, Barber Mr. Eaton Mr. Kapee HISTORY DEPARTMENT Back Roiv {left to right) Mr. Fusco Mr. Thompson Mr. Lowder Mr. Barrett Front Row Mrs. Moeeatt Miss Wakefield Mr. Johnson Mr. Downs SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Back Row Mr. Kroll Mr. Sampson Front Row Mr. Skinner Mr. Kemp Mr. Miller COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Back Roll ' Miss Barry Mr. Courtney Mr. Wallace Mr. Toczylowski Mr. Gibbs Miss Ahern Front Row Miss Binnig Miss Harlow Mr. Burke Miss Cassone Miss Kelly VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Back Row Mr. Pine Mr. Anton Mr. Houston Mr. Delaney Front Row Mr. Le « is Mr. Robinson Mr. Kirk FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Einzig Mr. Coletta Mr. Russell PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Back Row Mr. Sandberger Mr. Danforth Mr. Robinson Mr. Houston Mr. Kirk Mr. Arthur Front Row Miss Anderson Miss Campbell Miss Forsythe Mrs. Lee PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Back Row Mr. Cavilieri Mr. G. Lowder Mr. Toczylowski Mr. W. Lowder Front Row Mr. Downs Miss Garrit ' Miss McCarty " D oc” McCarty In r Appreciation This year, as in past years, our school life has centered around our prin- cipal. He has acted as the pivot, the mainstay, of our entire organization. Scarcely a day passes without our realizing the tremendous debt we owe to him for keeping things running smoothly, for instigating progress when progress should be made, for holding youthful ideas in check when enthusiasm over- came better judgment. With wisdom, intelligence, and fairness he has guided our activities through our high school days. Not only has he shown a keen interest and pride in our mental progress and achievements, but also in the progress and achievements of our athletic teams, our clubs, and other extra-curricula groups. His commendation is reward enough for the efforts we make to bring credit and honor to our school. With sincere conscientiousness, our principal has never failed to work for our interests and for those of the school. We, having arrived at the ma- turity of our Senior year, can now more clearly see the good judgment which has tempered his decisions all through our high school careers. With heartfelt thanks for all that he has done for us, we, the graduating class of 1950, express our sincere appreciation to our principal, Raymond S. Morrill. RA ' iMOND S. Morrill Through the Years On a clear, cool September morning in 1947, we, the class of ’ 50 , came to school very early, perhaps because " There’s safety in numbers,” and we wanted to face the ordeal together. This, however, we found unnecessary as Mr. Gammons welcomed us to high school and made us feel at ease. We were glad to meet new friends, enter new fields of activity, and begin the last phase of our public schooling. Our first major problem was to learn the technique of high school life. Most of us knew where we were and knew where we wanted to go, but none of us knew how to get there. { i. e. none but those upper-classmen who told us we should take the elevator. ) However, we learned; and by our junior year we had learned well enough to direct the newest comers to the elevator. The football team marked the first date on the sports calendar losing to Medford, Newton, Everett, and Lynn Classical. They came back strong to wind up with a rec- ord of five wins and six losses, the wins including a victory with a comfortable margin over Melrose on our home grounds. Our track team did nothing to harm " Doc” McCarty’s already fine reputation, and the basketball team, after a poor start, finished up with a good twelve and four record by amassing an impressive string of victories at the end of the season. The hockey team, after taking the G. B. Page Twelve I. crown for the second time in a row, looked as if it might repeat all the way and take its second straight New England title. However, after beating Hyde Park, they lost out to a strong Malden Catholic team. " Tomorrow the World” was presented by the Dramatic Club, and scored a big hit. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club scored an equally great success with its talent-laden production of the " Gondo- liers.” As spring rolled around, the weeks sprinted toward final examinations and vacation. After much perspiration and waiter’s cramp we were Juniors. The vacation passed with incredible rap- idity and we were back for another ses- sion. Upon return we were saddened by the loss of the popular, outstanding his- tory teacher. Miss Bessie Conway, a forty- year veteran of the Arlington Public Schools. Also Mr. Gammons’ familiar " May I have your attention, please?” was replaced by the somew ' hat similar saluta- tion of Mr. Raymond S. Morrill, already known to us as assistant principal. Of course, we were very sorry to see Mr. Gammons leave us, but we were, at the same time, happy to welcome Mr. Morrill to his new post. Again the football team started the year along. This time they won over Newton — but three losses and a tie made things look pretty bad. Then the boys caught fire and won the last four includ- ing a 15-6 victory over Melrose. Re- sults — five wins, three losses and a tie. " Doc’s” harriers established supremacy by running away with the State cross coun- try title. Dave Gott came in second as the team scoring went: Arlington 58, Lasalle 67, and Manchester, Connecticut, 104. This year the hockey team grabbed the sports spotlight by skating off with the New England title at Providence after they had won in the G. B. I. league play and the " Met” tourney. Likewise the Junior Prom waltzed off wn ' th the social spotlight. The Town Page Thirteen Hall was gaily dressed lor this gala event and all who went enjoyed it very much. Alter blonde Jayne Dorian stole the judges’ eyes and was crowned c]ueen, the dance broke up and all were off for points be- yond. The Dramatic Club staged the " Divine Flora” as again Mrs. Matthews produced a hit performance. The Town Hall was filled with parents and friends who went away happy about the plot and its de- nouement. The Gilbert and Sullivan again kept pace, this time deviating from its customs by producing Oscar Straus’ " Waltz Dream.” The year was completed with the finals. This time we went away rejoicing of hav- ing seen the end of final examinations in high school. Back we came ready for our last year of public education. Coming back to a long list of friends and acquaintances is always an enjoyable duty even if it does mean another ten months of home work and report cards. Now we are Seniors and are entitled to the privileges and re- port cards thereof. We elected our class officers, Glen Pet- erson, Adcle Dengeleski, Barbara Ryan, Page Fourteen and Edward Cahaly, under whose leader- ship we are having a wonderful year. Our football team went through nine straight games without a tie or defeat. By beating Melrose, we can boast that when we entered A. H. S., the traditional Arling- ton vs. Melrose series was all tied up; but when we leave, there will be a margin of three wins. After their perfect season, the team was invited to play in the C. Y. O. bowl game at New Orleans. Thanks to the generosity of Arlington’s popula- tion, they were able to accept. In spite of the climatic change, the long trip and the fact that they faced one of the best high school backs in the country, they put up a great game and fought hard for New England football prestige in the South. The hockey team thus far has a record of two wins and two losses keeping alive a mathematical chance of repeating their conquests and defending their champion- ships. The Dramatic Club is frantically pre- paring for its staging of the hilarious comedy, " You Can’t Take It With You.” It is deviating from its custom of alter- nating between comedy and heavy drama. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club is doing likewise by preparing a Variety Show. The entire senior class is looking for- ward with eager anticipation to its Senior Prom and Banquet to be held at Norum- bega’s Normandie Room and Totem Pole Ball Room. If last year’s Prom is any indication, it is bound to be a tremendous success. Although we are through with final exams in high school, many still must face Page Fifteen Scholastic Aptitude and College Board exams. Our high school careers have been full of hard work and good fun. We shall graduate in June sad because w ' e leave old friends and scenes, but happy because we had such fun and face an even greater op- portunity to make friends and profit by our high school education. It is our duty to our country and to the world to make good and do good. As we face the challenge before us, we shall feel the security of a good background and heartfelt gratitude to those who made it possible. Nathan Wood. The class deeply appreciates the time and effort so generously giv- en by Miss Binnig and her class in typing the copy for our Year Book. 1 J Page Sixteen 1 . Get set — Go! ! 2. What ' s this — a beauty contest! ' ? ? 3. No comment! ! ! I. Hail, hail, the gang ' s all here! 5. 1 don ' t like it either, Pete. 6. Our angel Barb Ryan? ? ? 7. " Lost, little boy? ? ?’’ 8. Si, Si, Senorita! ! ! 9. This little piggy — ! ! ! 10. Turning Pro, Ralph?? 1 1. Beauty and the Brain! ! ! 12. Children must play! ! ! 13 14 15 16 r Look at it tip! ! ! Wind? ? ? ? ? Look at the birdie! ! ! Beauties of 1950. The heavy end! ! ! ! “BOWL BOUND Early on the dismal morning of Decem- ber 13th, thirty-four sleepy-eyed boys and their coaches boarded the train at South Station for New Orleans. At last the long-awaited game with Warren Easton High, which they had earned as a result of winning the State Class A Champion- ship, was at hand. It didn’t take us very long to find the dining car and after a hearty breakfast, we settled down to reading and playing cards which, interspersed with more meals, oc- cupied the rest of the day. Night found us anticipating our first experience in a sleeping car. After jumping from one sleeper to another for about two hours, we finally became exhausted and settled down for the night. The next morning we were awakened promptly at six thirty, got off the train, and ran for about five miles. This was just a small bit of our training. Having spent that day and night on the train, we finally reached New Orleans our third morning out of Boston. We were cor- dially welcomed there by the C. Y. O. officials, and boarded a bus bound for the Jung Hotel. Once at the hotel, we had breakfast and immediately went up to our rooms to unpack. We were " on our own” for about three hours that morning to take in all the famous spots in the illustrious old city; but Canal Street, the largest business street m the world, was first on our list. Fol- lowing this excursion we had another practice from 12:30 to 5:30, after which we went to Antoine’s, the most famous restaurant in the world, and enjoyed a de- licious dinner. The following morning we took a de- lightful boat ride up the Missis sippi River — and, of course, had practice that after- noon; but Friday night was a quiet one, spent in the hotel. Saturday morning we went out and shopped around for souvenirs from this memorable trip. After this we had a light practice and went out Saturday night for just a short time as the day for the big game was just ahead of us. Sunday morning we all attended the Mass celebrated at the beautiful Cathe- dral, which was followed by a delicious steak dinner. The game was next on the agenda. Al- though defeated by a score of 26 to 13, we nevertheless had the satisfaction of knowing we had played a good game, fought hard and fairly, and done our New Orleans, La.. December 16 — Members ci ' the Arlington HiKh School football team joij around the practice field in City Park heie as they started practice for the CYO Bowl Kanie here on Sunday. AP Photo. TtnUfL level best. After resting up, we saw movies of this famous game which Coach " Toz” had taken, which we enjoyed im- mensely. At exactly eleven o’clock, we boarded the train for the long ride home. Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, and New York City were cities in each of which we spent a full, educational and very pleasant day. Upon arriving home, we were given a very gracious and enthusiastic welcome by our fellow students at the station, and w ' e all appreciated whole-heartedly their en- couraging support. We can never fully express our grati- tude to Mr. Morrill, to the School Com- mittee, and to the loyal citizens of Arling- ton who gave us permission and the finan- cial ability to make this never-to-be-forgot- ten trip. Frank Rindoni, Captain A. . S. Football Team. m Alan Francis Ahern 30 Philips Street Track. Baseball " Whisper " is an ardent supporter of the Boston Red Sox. Outside school he enjoys the companionship of the " fair sex. " Boston College gains what H. S. loses. Mary Ruth Ahern 30 Philips Street G. A. A.. Softball Mary, as yet undecided as to what she will do next year, will always remember Miss Bmnig ' s shorthand class. Good luck in the future, Mary! Karl Howard Aimo 16 Lake Street Camera Club Karl plans to attend North- eastern to further his educa- tion. Among his favorite re- membrances of A. H. S., Mr. Sexton ' s Club is quite promi- nent, eh Karl? Harry David Ainsworth 141 Westminster Avenue Boolball, Hockey Witty Harry will not for- get Miss Horrigan ' s smiling face in English class. Tufts is his choice for next year. Good luck, Harry! Robert Wayne Allen 5 Thomas Street Football, Track " Bob,” as yet undecided about his future, is a sports enthusiast, participating in both football and track. Al- ways to be cherished by " Bob” are the good times had in Mr. Danforth’s class. William Alonso 8 Kensington Road Honor Roll, Chronicle, Periclean Forum " Pancho” looks forward to Harvard to further his educa- tion. Among his favorite ac- tivities ate painting and drawing. " Pancho” will re- member his whole school career and, indeed, can look upon it with pride. Carl William Alsen 33 Linden Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan. Dramatic Club, Chemistry Lab. Assistant The daily struggle with French in Miss Barry’s room for two years will hold mem- ories for Carl. How lucky M. 1. T. will be to get such an electronic enthusiast! Pauline Ames 181 Mystic Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Class Basketball, Latin Club " Polly” enjoys watching the A. H. S. sports teams, es- pecially football. She plans to attend Jackson College next year. Along with many others, " Polly ' s " fond memories will include Mr. Eaton’s Math 111 class. Allen L. Anderson 152 Overlook Road Hockey " Andy” hopes to study for- estry at Massachusetts State’s School of Agriculture. In his spare time " Andy” plays football and hockey. Racing to the lunchroom has kept him in good shape during his high school career. Ralph Griffiths Angus 49 Allen Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club. Football. Latin Club, Year Book Committee Handsome Ralph is headed for Harvard and a medical career. He likes girls in gen- eral and will always remem- ber Miss Rounds’ sly witti- cisms throughout his success- ful Latin career at Arlington. Page Twenty-two Charles Robert Armstrong 245 Highland Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. Peri- clean Forum. Football. Track " Bob” is a rugged out- doorsman with hunting and fishing as his chief interests. He hopes to attend North- eastern. Mr. Sampson’s classes proved most enjoyable of all the features of his A. H. S. life. Richard H. Aubin 148 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll A fine sense of humor is one of " Dick ' s” greatest as- sets. He is an ardent base- ball fan and his first two years at A. H. S. will linger longest in his memory. Robert F. Aurilio 67 Decatur Street Baseball General contracting is " Bob ' s " goal upon graduation. He enjoys all sports, especial- ly baseball and swimming. Mr. Wallace’s economic geog- raphy class will long be re- membered bv him. Louise Jane Avakian 64 Brooks Avenue Bowling, Guidance Office Assistant " Lou” hopes to become a receptionist after graduation. She is an ardent bowling fan. Miss Krastin’s and Miss Cas- sone’s classes provided her with some very pleasant memories of A. H. S. Barbara R. Ayles 26 Mott Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Barb " plans to attend B. U. before entering the busi- ness world. She enjoys sports, especially baseball and foot- ball. Mrs. Lee’s sewing class will linger longest in her memory. Robert Lawrence Babine 22 Marion Road Hockey. Baseball, Track " Babs, " whose activities are centered around sports, hopes to grace the halls of B. C. He will never forget his years in Math 11 with Mr. Kapff. Mary Elizabeth Bacon 66 Robbins Road Ski Club. Dramatic Club. Glee Club Mary plans to attend B, U. next year and to major in merchandising. She will nev- er forget the Lynn Classical games and the wonderful times she has had skiing. |. Philip Baker 22 Mayflower Road Band. Gilbert and Sullivan, Orchestra " Phil” hopes to become an English teacher. He enjoys classical music and stage pro- ductions. The " swell kids” of A. H. S. will always be re- membered by him. Fred Joseph Bamtord 1138 Massachusetts Avenue Road Tests, ’’Rec” " Bam” plans to go into the automobile business after graduation. His favorite out- side activity is attending the " Rec. " Mr. Kirk’s and Mr. De- laney’s classes will long be remembered by him. Irving W. Banks 127 Florence Avenue Hockey. Baseball, Glee Club B. U. School of Music is " Benny’s” goal, as he hopes to become a drummer. Hock- ey, baseball, and dramatics are his chief interests, and he will always remember Mr. KroH’s chemistry class. Page Twenty-three Richard Dale Barker 168 Jason Street Honor Roll " Dick” only regrets he had not more time for school ac- tivities. DeMolay, rifle club, Scouts, and many other out- side interests certainly kept him busy. Not soon to be for- gotten are all " Dick’s” friends, made during his suc- cessful high school life. Robert Phillips Barnes 46 Reed Street Honor Roll Popular " Bob " thinks he ' ll always remember the won- derful boys and girls with whom he’s had so many good times. He hopes to go to Northeastern to study archi- tect ure. His " best girl " is his favorite outside activity. Edward joseph Barrett 57 Park Avenue Baseball, Basketball " Eddie” wants to attend a business college. Sitting be- side " Boots” Bilafer in his Junior English class seemed to impress him a great deal. On the side, he likes baseball and basketball. M. Carol Barry 995 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan. Chronicle, Office Helper Talented Carol intends to further her education at either Jackson or Radcliffe. One of many, she will always remember Mr. Gaudet’s math classes. Ballet dancing, ice skating, and dramatics keep her busy out of school. lack William Bates 24 Candia Street Although undecided about his future, " Jackie” currently enjoys bowling, hunting, and fishing. The Senior Prom, Miss Brown’s English class, and lunch periods in his Jun- ior year will linger longest in " Jackie ' s " memory. Patricia Ann Baxter 49 Lowell Street Drum Majorette, Tennis Club, Chronicle. Swimming Club, Debating Night games at Lynn Clas- sical and leading the band are " Pat ' s " favorite memories. The pretty drum majorette, who roller-skates, bowls, and dances outside school, plans to become an air-line hostess. Happy landings, " Pat”! Phyllis Eleanor Beadle 7 Winter Street Crilbert and Sullivan The Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta rehearsals will al- ways hold a high place in Phyllis’ memories, although dancing rates tops with her as an outside activity. Ellen Bell 15 Cedar Avenue G. A. A., Rifle Club Horseback riding is Ellen’s favorite sport. She plans to attend Bradford Junior Col- lege next year and will al- ways remember the Senior Prom which she attended as a Junior. Mr. Eaton’s math class in her Junior year will always bring back fond memories. Frances I. Bell 788 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll. Softball. Field Hockey. Basketball, Chronicle. G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan It’s not hard to understand why athletic " Bunny” will al- ways remember the wonder- ful times she has had in sports, especially softball, her favorite outside activity. Her plans for the future are un- certain. Francis T. Bennett 82 Cleveland Street " Buddy,” who is a golf en- thusiast, plans to attend Northeastern where he will study engineering. He enjoys baseball and hockey, and will always remember graduation day. Page Twenty-four June Lillian Beranger 37 Chandler Street Bowling, Gilbert and Sulli- van. Guidance Office Helper " Junie” plans to enter the business world as a recep- tionist. She is sure, however, that she will still have time for her favorite sports; bowl- ing, skating, and dancing. Marion Berberian 1 1 Frost Street Honor Roll, Modern Dance. Bowling Next year will find Marion at Lasell Junior College. Dancing and listening to jazz are two of her favorite pas- times. The mad rush to lunch will always be among her fondest memories. Rose Berberian 40 Fordham Street Glee Club. Bouling. Modern Dancing Rose will always remem- ber Mr. Sexton ' s " Blue Room Club. ” She was a member of the Glee Club and plans to attend business school after graduation. Paul Joseph Bilafer 1 1 Reservoir Road Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball Popular " Boots” and all- round star at athletics hopes to attend Boston College. Skating particularly pleases him as a spare-time activity. Mr. Sexton’s Spanish 1 class is one of the bright spots of " Boots ' ’’ memories. M. Jeanne Black 1067 Massachusetts Avenue Chronicle " Pinky” will attend Mount Auburn College where she will study to become a nurse. Outside school she enjoys baseball, and is a member of the Arlington Grange. Virginia Irene Bond 1072 Massachusetts Avenue Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan " Ginny” is most interested in swimming and baby sit- ting. She will never forget " Toz ' s” economic geography class during her Sophomore year. Marie Ann Borghesani 73 Columbia Road Chronicle, Dramatic Club. Basketball. Tennis Marie is headed for Rad- cliffe. She enjoys sailing, sports, music, and square dancing. She will never for get " Girls’ State " and cokes at Martin’s with the gang. Patricia A. Bosse 16 Grove Street Honor Roll, Bouling, Chronicle " Pat” is going to Higgins Commercial. Dancing and skating are her favorite ac- tivities. Room 53 and the wonderful times she had at the proms " Pat” will remem- ber longest. Sylvia Louise Bowdidge 1 59 Newport Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Swimming, Bowling, Tennis " Syl,” who will always re- member Mr. Barrett’s history class, isn ' t quite sure about her future. The Girls’ Club and skating interest her most at present. Frank Brady 25 Valentine Road Frank hopes to be an of- ficer in the Merchant Marine when he graduates from Massachusetts Maritime School. Mr. Danforth’s me- chanical drawing and the Rifle Club practice should help in reaching this worthy ambition. Page Twenty-five Carol Linda Bresnahan 28 Jason Street Honor Roll. G. A. A.. Swimming, Bowling, Tennis " Breezie " hopes to be an airline hostess but plans to enter Mount Ida first. She will always remember being Mr. Downs ' secretary during one of his classes. Robert D. Brian 91 Scituate Street " Bob, " who sees himself as a future salesman, enjoyed Mr. Johnson ' s history class best of any at A. H. S. At- tending sports events and bowling keep him occupied outside class. John Brillante 35 North Union Street " Brill " likes football and hockey and will always re- member his chemistry experi- ments in the lab. See you in Florida, " Brill.” Robert Avery Brown 5 Robbins Road " Rec” Committee, Dramatic Club, Chronicle. Fine Arts Club " Bob " hopes to attend Le- land Powers. His liking for sports, dancing, acting, and telling jokes should help in his career in dramatics. He will never forget Miss Man- ning ' s and Miss O ' Connell ' s English classes. Joseph Francis Browne 840 Massachusetts Avenue Hockey. Football. Baseball, Chronicle, Stamp Club Harvard will welcome " Joe " next year. He enjoys all sports, especially hockey, football, and baseball. Mr. Kroll ' s chemistry class will al- ways be remembered by him. Robert E. Bunnell 40 Windsor Street Hockey. Baseball, Chronicle " Bob” hopes to make his mark in radio or television. His trip to Providence to see the hockey team clinch the New England title will al- ways be cherished in his memories. Helene Elizabeth Burke 8 Orchard Place Honor Roll, Editor of Chronicle, Orchestra Helene will be seen at Rad- cliffe next year. Her outside activities include swimming and square dancing. She will never forget the wonderful classmates and teachers who made her high school years so interesting. Thomas E. Burns 64 Park Street Football, Track " Tom” hopes to go to Franklin Tech, to take up electrical engineering. Draw- ing occupies most of his spare time. He will never for- get Mr. Fusco ' s P. O. D. classes. Richard John Bussey 18 Winter Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Chronicle, " Rec,” Lunchroom, Band Blonde, handsome " Dick” will further his education at B. U. or Tufts. Football, swimming and flying take up much of his spare time. He will always remember dis- cussing poetry in Miss Kras- tin ' s Senior English class. Edward Gabriel Cahaly 76 Oxford Street Class Treasurer. Student Council, Baseball Popular " Ed” wants to go into business for himself some day. Watching football and hockey games is his fa- vorite pastime. He will al- ways remember " the good old days " of his Sophomore year. Page Twenty-six Paul Leo Cameron 40 Sherborn Street Hockey, Baseball The hi h towers of B. C. are for Paul next year. There he will major in Business Administration. " Cid” will make an excellent salesman if he can talk as well as he plays baseball and hockey. Rosamond lean Cameron 18 Peabody Road Field Hockey ( varsity ) , Bas- ketball, Tennis, Softball, G. A. A., Chronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan, Ski Club " Roz " has chosen Lasell Junior College for further schooling. Getting a coke at Martin’s after school will long be remembered by her, eh " Roz”? We hope that she will still have time to go swimming and sailing after graduation. Jean Ann Campbell 12 Aerial Street The lucky patients at the Deaconess Hospital will find Jean there next September training to be a nurse. Both an ardent roller-skater and dancer, Jean spends much of her time developing perfec- tion in these activities. Ralph C. Canniff 670 Massachusetts Avenue Ralph will go to Bentley School of Business which will prepare him for a career as an accountant. He ' s an ice- skating enthusiast. Miss Hunt’s Period 5 English classes will be remembered longest by him. Eleanor Capasso 29 Coolidge Road Bowling ’’Swifty” plans to be a hair- dresser. Getting Mr. Wal- lace’s lunch every day will always stand foremost in her mind — and she’ll never for- get that mad dash to Room 62, eh ’’Swifty”? Robert Carasitti 143 Scituate Street " Carrots ” will be a printer, so naturally his favorite classes were those spent in the print shop. He likes sports in general, but he’s especially partial to baseball. Christine O. Card 152 Crosby Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sul- livan, Chronicle { Feature Edi- tor), Glee Club, Latin Club, G, A. A., Editor-in-Chief of Year Book Fun-loving " Chris” will be seen at Wellesley College next year. She’s especially fond of horseback riding, dancing, and Rainbow. " Chris” won- ders what we would ever have done without Martin’s after school! Phyllis Ann Carlson " 1 Wollaston Avenue Charming " Phyl” won’t forget the fun at the football games and Miss Binnig’s shorthand classes. She plans to enter office work after high school. Angela Marie Capasso 29 Coolidge Road Seamstress " Angie” will remember her classes with Mrs. Lee best of any in her three years at Arlington High. Much of her time is spent at the bowling alleys and thus we imagine she is an expert bowler. Richard Henry Carlson 62 Crescent Hill Avenue Ski Club Friendly " Dick” enjoys hunting and fishing. We know that Mr. Eaton’s math classes and lunch will be what he remembers best. Af- ter high school he plans to attend Tufts. Page Twenty-seven Charles Edward Carney 47 Lake Street " Charlie” enjoys playing hockey. Most unforgettable during his high school career were the hockey play-offs in Rhode Island. His future will start at Franklin Institute. Albert James Caterino 53 Park Street Basketball. Baseball, Football " Al” remembers best Mrs. Bray ' s English classes. He is planning to attend Bryant and Stratton, which will help him to become a successful " junior executive. " Roberta May Caterino 18 Williams Street Basketball. Softball, G. A. A., Guidauce Room Assistant " Bobbie” will always re- member her wonderful class- mates, and the marvelous times she had at A. H. S, Her future is undecided but of her high school years the only regret she has is leaving them behind her. Charles R. Chamberlain 39 Lewis Avenue Honor Roll " Red” enjoys the thrills of hunting, shooting, and stock- car racing. Miss Norwood ' s th period English classes fascinated him during his successful high school career. Judith Chamberlain 160 Jason Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, Ski Club. G. A. A., Repre- sentative of Massachusetts Girls’ State. Chronicle. Ten- nis, Corresponding, Secretary of Girls’ Club Vivacious, fun-loving " Ju- dy " won ' t easily forget IVIr. Eaton ' s wonderful (and ter- rifying) math classes. The en- thusiasm she had for A. H. S. will sparkle at Colby Junior College and after. Barbara Mae Chaplin 126 Paul Revere Road " Barb” remembers Miss Cassone ' s typing class best. Heading for a career in of- fice work, she enjoys bowding and dancing in her spare time. All the luck in the world to a grand girl. Jean Carol Chase 20 Trowbridge Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Girls’ Glee Club. Guidance Office Assistant " Jeanie” won ' t forget Mr. Eaton ' s Math III classes. To her A. H. S. has meant a " swell time” with a host of wonderful friends. Phyllis A. Cherone 272 Oakland Avenue Bou ling " Phyl” plans to attend a business school. She has been one of Arlington ' s ardent football fans. Mr. Wallace ' s classes have provided her with many laughs. Martha Ann Clancy 46 Old Mystic Street Manager of Field Hockey, Dramatic Club, G, A. A., Latin Club, Gilbert and Sul- livan, Tennis. Chronicle Staff Martha will remember longest the " Ashka-mashka Club " and the wonderful friends she has made at A. H. S. Next year will find Martha smdying at Wellesley. Phyllis Marie Clarkson 48 Maynard Street Honor Roll. IG. ?A. A.. Chronicle. Bowling. Swim- ming, Guidance Office As- sistant Phyllis plans to attend Kathleen Dell ' s so that she may become a secretary. She will always remember the fun she had at the Skating Club and the " Rec”. Page Twenty-eight Barbara W. Clifford 131 Mystic Street Honor Roll. Basketball, Softball, G. A. A. " Cliff, " who is very active in sports, will attend Sargent next year and will become a gym teacher. She enjoys watching athletics as well as participating in them. Robert E. Clouter 72 Tufts Street Golf, Hockey, Tennis " Bob” will never forget the hockey team and the friends he has made at A. H. S. He likes all sports, but golf, hockey and tennis are his favorites. Gerald Edward Cobb 14 Eustis Street Baseball. Hockey " Jerry,” who plans a career of landscaping after further education at Stockbridge, says he enjovs sleeping best of all outside activities. Best of luck in the future! Mary Patricia Cochran 47 Sutherland Road Honor Roll. Field Hockey, Basketball Manager, G. A. A., " Rec” Committee, Chronicle Pretty " Pat” is still unde- cided about next year but she hopes to attend either Em- manuel or B. U. She will al- ways remember the wonder- ful football and hockey games. Ellen Louise Cole 55 Tanager Street Honor Roll. Girls’ Glee Club. Orchestra. Band. Latin Club Ellen plans to attend B. U., where she will major in mu- sic and religious education. She was an active member of the band and will never for- get the fun she had playing in it. Frederick Collier 18 Wellington Street Cross Country, Indoor Track. Outdoor Track, Ski Club " Fred,” one of our track stars, plans to attend the University of Maine, where he will major in forestry. He is an avid hunting and fishing fan. Carlton Elwin Collins 2 Mayflower Road " Carl’s” cheerful smile is a familiar sight in the halls of A. H. S. He enjoys hunt- ing in his spare time. Al- though his plans for the fu- ture are uncertain, we wish him the best of success. James Collins 48 Mystic Valley Parkway " Whitey’s " favorite sport is hockey and he will never forget the time he went to Providence and stayed at the Y. M. C. A. with the team. Paul Collins 10 Hillside Avenue Honor Roll. Stagehand in Gilbert and Sullivan. Basket- ball, Baseball Paul hopes to attend Dart- mouth next year. He likes all sports but enjoys baseball, football, and golf the most. Elizabeth M. Connor 1 3 Alfred Road " Betty” will always re- member the French class of her Junior year. She enjoys watching track meets, and next year plans to attend the Hickox Secretarial School. Page Twenty-nine Hazel Coleman Connor 49 Fisher Road dee Club. G. A. A., Chron- icle. Fine Arts Club. Suim- ming,. Tennis. Bowling, Honor Roll Hazel, our future Simmons graduate and nurse, will al- ways remember Mr. Kapff ' s 5th period trigonometry class best. Good luck goes to Hazel in her chosen field. D. Frank Corelli 5 1 Cleveland Street Football. Basketball, Baseball Sports-minded " Mickey’s " favorite outside activities are hockey and golf. He will al- ways remember the gay times in Miss Krastin ' s English classes. Francis Charles Coogan 99 Westminster Avenue Francis, very interested in television, plans to go to B. U. He will never forget the warm friends he has made here at A. H. S. and the many hours he has spent in sports. Charles Joseph Coronella 110 Mount Vernon Street " Charlie” is undecided about his future. He enjoys sports of all kinds, especial- ly baseball, and he will re- member best Mr. Kapff’s math classes. Sally j. Cooledge 8 Devereaux Street Stuiletit Council. Field Hock- ey. Basketball . Softball. Latin Club. G. A. A. Popular Sally is looking forward to next year at Wellesley. Miss Rounds’ Lat- in classes will remain longest in her cherished memories of A. H. S. Evelyn Mary Correa 27 Milton Street " Eve, " who is as yet unde- cided about her career, best remembers her Junior year in Miss Krastin’s English class. She enjoys dancing and skating. Peter H. Cooney 99 Jason Street Baseball. Hockey Next year will find sports- minded Peter at Holy Cross. Mr. Kapff’s math classes and the “th period will always be cherished among his favorite memories of A. H. S. Clyde Francis Coscia 69 Edmund Road Football Clyde, who plans to go to Bentley, will remember Mr. Barber’s classes best. His fa- vorite outside activities are skating, swimming and hunt- ing. Dorothy Joan Corbett ,s9 Allen Street Next year will find " Dot” at Radcliffe. Her Sophomore year and the Dramatic Club will stand foremost in her memories of A. H. S. John F. Cosgrove 197 Mystic Street Football, Basketball. Baseball Our football star, " Jack " Cosgrove, plans to go to Holy Cross, where we are sure he will be as popular as at A. H. S. Best of luck to a talented quarterback! t-j. Page Thirty Alan C. Cotton 262 Washington Street Business school will prob- ably welcome " Butch” next year. For outside activities, he enjoys skiing, hunting and fishing. Best of luck to a " swell kid”! Paul Cerard Coughlin 106 Alpine Street Dramatic Club Red-headed Paul hopes to attend B. U. next year. Be- sides sleeping, Paul ' s favorite outside activity is skating. He will always remember Gradu- ation Day. Francis Paul Covel 119 Mary Street " Frank” will long remem- ber Miss Wakefield’s class. Being the outdoor type, his favorite pastimes are swim- ming, boating, baseball and bowling. His future is unde- cided as yet. )ohn lames Cox 1 1 Appleton Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan. Camera Club, Dramatic Club " Jack” will enter Harvard in the fall to study medicine. Photography is his chief in- terest outside of school. Miss Rounds, " the gang,” the Gil- bert and Sullivan and the Dramatic Club performances will remain longest in his memories. Carol |oy Craig Kensington Park The " Rec” dances were where Carol enjoyed herself most during her years at A. H. S. The fun she had in Mr. Wallace ' s class will never be forgotten, eh Carol Charles Robert Craig 7 5 Washington Street " Chick” will always re- member his two years with Miss Hunt and the mad dashes to the lunchroom. His favorite sport is skiing. Best of success in the future, " Chick. " Barbara loan Cree 31 Norfolk Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, G. A. A.. Chronicle. Field Hockey. Basketball. Baseball, Swimming, Year Book Committee Pretty, brown-eyed " Barb " has had many wonderful times at A. H. S. and has made many friends. Barb is headed for the Deaconess Hospital to study nursing. Those lucky patients! Brenton |ames Croft 39 Kenilworth Road Band " Brendy ' s ” future is still uncertain but his past is vivid in his memories of Mr. Kapff’s class. Swimming is his favorite outdoor activity. Patricia Mary Croscup 219 Lowell Street Honor Roll. Glee Club. Gil- bert and Sullivan. Swimming " Pat” plans to attend B. (J. next year to continue her edu- cation. Miss Binnig’s classes and the fun she had at her favorite pastime, swimming, will long remain in her mem- ory. David M. Crowley 83 Menotomy Road Honor Roll, Chronicle " Dave” will long be re- membered by his classmates for his witty cartoons and posters. Among his own mem- ories of A. H. S. will be Mr. Sampson’s and Mr. Coletta’s classes. Page Thirty-one Mary A. Crowley Brattle Place Honor Roll. Chronicle, " Rec” Committee. Glee Club " Moe " will miss Mr. Sampson ' s class when she at- tends Teachers ' College. She hopes, however, always to find time for her favorite pas- time, dancing. |anis Lou ise Cumming 22 Hayes Street " Jan " hopes to enter the field of business as a secretary. Her favorite outside activities are ice-skating and horseback riding. Sophomore and Jun- ior cooking classes will al- ways hold a special place in her memories. Robert Francis Cunnane 30 Addison Street Baseball. Badminton Upon graduation, " Bob " plans to attend a lumbering school where he hopes to learn to chop down trees. Eating and sleeping are his favorite outside activities, and he will remember longest the lunch room. Doris E. Cunnift 2 1 Peter Tufts Road Chronicle. " Rec” Committee, G. A. A. " Dotty, " a member of the " Rec " Committee, likes skat- ing and bowling, and she will never forget her good times in the lunchroom. Best wishes to a sweet girl! Barbara May Curtin 73 Cleveland Street " Rec” Committee. Bowling " Bobby " plans to go to business school next fall. The many happy hours in the lunchroom will always stand out in her memory. Driving golf balls is her favorite sport. Ruth Catherine Dacey 48 Dundee Road Bowling. Softball " Dac,” upon graduation, plans to be a comptometer operator. Swimming, softball and ice-skating are her favor- ite activities. " Dac " will re- member best her Sophomore year at A. H. S. Robert Dahill 223 Broadway Gilbert and Sullivan, Lunchroom Cashier " Punchy " plans to attend Tufts in the fall. Boxing, camping and swimming are his favorite outside activities. Sleeping in the study hall will longest be remembered by him. Donald Alan Dalrymple 16 Pine Ridge Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Lunchroom Cashier In the future we ' ll see " Don " dairy farming, after he has finished training at the University of Massachusetts. Besides working in the lunch- room, he enjoys all sports. Eleanor Virginia Dasseos 63 Lowell Street Next year we ' ll find Eleanor in the business world as an efficient secretary, thanks to Miss Binnig ' s excellent train- ing. She rates bowling and ice-skating tops among her activities. Marcia Elizabeth Decareau 156 Lake Stteet Field Hockey, Basketball. Tennis. G. A. A.. Ski Club, Dramatic Club. Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle Staff, Junior Prom Committee Marcia is an energetic par- ticipant in all sports. Her chosen career is law, and she will best remember the " Ash- kamashka " Club which had so many jovial meetings. Page Thirty-two Adele Cynthia Dengleski 88 Lake Street Honor Roll. Vice-President Senior Class, President G. A. A.. Student Council. Chron- icle Staff. Field Hockey, Bas- ketball, Junior Prom Com- mittee. Tennis, Ski Club Popular Adele, besides be- ing vice-president of the Sen- ior class, is president of G. A. A. She participates in a num- ber of other activities, and plans to be a journalist after graduation. Rachel Elsie Derderian Melrose Street Honor Roll, " Rec” Commit- tee. Chronicle. Swimming " Ray” will never forget the day she scared everyone with her little camera. She also will remember Miss Krastin’s Junior English class and the wonderful hockey games. It’s Kathleen Dell’s for " Ray ” af- ter graduation. Richard James DeRosas 21 Burch Street Football. Basketball. Baseball Well-known for his prow- ess on the football field, " Whitey” is also at home in the water — his favorite sport is swimming. He’ll long re- member his Sophomore French class with Mr. Sexton. William H. Dickson 164 Overlook Road Hockey " Willie,” planning to at- tend Dartmouth, plays hock- ey for the school and at the Skating Club. He will long remember Mr. Wallace’s eco- nomics class. Lucille jean DiRusso 107 Lake Street Chronicle, Prom Committee " Lou,” who is bound for Suffolk University, served on the Chronicle and Prom Com- mittee. She will long remem- ber the suspense before report cards. Paulyna Ann DiSilva 238 Wachusett Avenue Cl. A. A.. Swimming, Bowling Next year will find " Dese” at B. U. studying hard to be a secretary. That week-end in New Hampshire with the girls will be one of her ever- lasting memories. Margaret A. Dhimos 6 River Street Honor Roll After attending Kathleen Dell ' s, " Margie” plans to be a stenographer. Dancing, roll- er-skating and tennis do not interfere with her name ap- pearing on the honor roll each term. Gladys Marie Doherty 144 Warren Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Cilee Club, G. A. A. The initiation to G. A. A. will remain longest in Gladys’ memories of A. H. S. We all wish you the best of luck while studying nursing at Boston College. Cosmo Alixander DiCecca 39 Alfred Road Football Next year Cosmo intends to make a career for himself in the business world. He en- joys playing both football and hockey in his spare time. John H. Doherty 275 Hillside Avenue " Jack” plans to continue his studies at Wentworth. His outside interests are football and working on cars. Math with Mr. Kapff will remain longest in his memories. Page Thirty-three William Doherty 204 Spring Avenue Hockey. Baseball Undecided as yet about his future, " Emma” will always remember Miss Manning’s Oral English class, and being one of the midget line of A. H. S.’s famed hockey team. Ernest Arthur Doiron 2 Huntington Road Road Testing " Art " likes to work with cars; he enjoys driving ( carefully? ) , racing and re- pairing them. He plans to en- ter the auto repair business after he leaves A. H. S. Bernard joseph Dolan 6 Ronald Road Baseball " Bernie’s” future is unde- cided, but his baseball abil- ity will get him by any- where. Mr. Sampson’s biology class will remain longest in ’Bernie’s’’ memories of A. H. S. Anne Marie Donahue 1 1 " Appleton Street Ci. A, A.. Basketball, Soft- ball. Field Hockey We know " Dooze " will make an excellent physical education teacher after her training at Sargent. Miss Bailey’s French II class and the " Ashka-Mashka Club” will remain longest in her memories. Francis Edward Donnelly 20 Franklin Street Honor Roll. Camera Club, Band. Orchestra. Track " Blix,” although very tal- ented in the music line, has decided to make his career the Air Force. He will al- ways remember Mr. Kapff’s math classes. Evelyn Alice Donovan 12 Teel Street The quick lunches in pe- riod 5 will remain longest in " Sporty’s " mind. She plans to further her education at the Burroughs School. Best of luck! lean C. Dorion 138 Gray Street Honor Roll, Art Club, Swim- ming, Cheerleader, Chronicle, Cr. A. A. Vivacious Jean is destined to become an artist, for she will attend Mass. Art Col- lege. Skiing is her favorite outside activity. Charles Francis Dorrington 15 Whittimore Street Football, Baseball, Ping Pong Is it Paris Island for you, " Spunk,” after graduation? With your superior sense of humor and Oral English abil- ity, the United States Marine Corps is gaining much. Faye Lillian Doughty 19 " Westminster Avenue " Rusty” hopes to be a sec- retary. She likes ice-skating and bowling best of all her outside interests. She will long remember Miss Binnig’s shorthand classes. Eleanor Mary Doyle 72 Everett Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sul- livan, G. A. A.. Year Book Committee When next year comes, " Ellie” hopes to be at B. U. studying to be an efficient secretary. She will never for- get the many afternoons she spent at Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals and the fun the nights of the performances. Page Thirty-four James Cornelius Doyle 23 Chester Street Hockey. Baseball. Manager of Football, Basketball " Jim” is going to B. U. and then into radio work as an announcer. Hockey takes up a good deal of his spare time in skating season. He will remember Spanish 1 with Mr. Sexton’s " Muy Bueno” in 4A. Virginia F. Dyson 5 7 Lake Street " Ginger” is uncertain about her future plans. She particularly enjoys swimming and dancing. Her two years in 4A with Mr. Sexton and her membership in his " 4A Club” will long be remem- bered by her. Margaret Mary Drinan 94 Warren Street Mary’s favorites are danc- ing and going to the movies. She will remember Mr. Burke’s jokes during econom- ics class and the Lynn Classic- al games. Francis George Egan 64 Freeman Street Foo tball, " Rec” Francis, better known as " Moose,” intends to be a po- liceman. His favorite outside activities includes house dates and hayrides. He will always remember the long flights of stairs he climbed in A. H. S. Ann Dudley 32 Appleton Street Honor Roll, Chronicle, C. A. A.. Art Club Cute and popular Ann is looking forward to her next four years at Mass. School of Art. Who are you planning to paint first? Her Junior year was Ann’s favorite with many pleasant memories of it still lingering on. Eleanor V. Elcewicz 106 Newport Street Swimming. Bowling. ' Tennis. G. A. A. We may see " Elie” enjoy- ing herself at Mount Ida next year. She has had many won- derful times with her wide circle of friends at A. H. S. Helen Ann Duffy 29 Bellington Street Basketball. Year Book Committee How lucky B. U. will be to see Helen walking through its front door next Septem- ber! Week-ends in New Hamnshire, slumber parties at " Des’s,” and a very happy Sophomore year shall never be forgotten. Robert Arthur Ellingwood 23 Fordham Street " Bob” will never forget his report cards. He enjoys watch- ing stock car races, playing baseball and spending money. It is the Boston School of Pharmacy for " Bob,” and we are sure he will make an ex- cellent druggist. Barbara Joan Duncan 133 Mystic Stieet Gilbert and Sullivan, Girls’ C,lee Club. 6. A. A. " Babs’ ” outside activities consist chiefly of dancing and skating, with emphasis on the dancing. She will always re- member Miss Binnig’s short- hand Dale Owen Elliott 106” Massachusetts Avenue " Digger” is undecided as to his future. Flis favorite out- side activities are sports in o-eneral, with football leading the list. We will always re- member that nickname, ' Dig- .ger”! Page Thirty- five Mary Claire Emery 1 1 Hobbs Court Mary, sometimes known as " Sweetie,” plans to do office work upon graduation. She enjoys bowling and roller- skating. She will never for- get Miss Binnig’s shorthand classes. Francis Edwin Fawcett 48 Varnum Street " Franny” plans to attend Bentley ' s Business School and major in cost accounting. What he will remember best is the fun he had with all his loyal friends. Elizabeth Ann Faga 12 Mystic Valley Parkway " Betty” enjoys bowling and football games. She’ll never forget the quick lunches in Mr. Courtney’s 5th period class. " Betty ” intends to go to Fisher Business School. Diane Fernandez 128 Blossom Street Diane, who plans to enter Framingham State Teachers’ College in the fall, will never forget the good times she had at the ”Rec” and Skating Club. Paul L. Fanning 39 Bartlett Avenue " Fan” plans to attend Holy Cross next year where he may continue his favorite sport, ice-skating. He will always cherish memories of study hall and his Senior year. Janet Marie Field 54 Claremont Avenue Honor Roll, G. A. A., Chron- icle, Suimming, Gilbert an.l Sullivan. Ski Club, Latin Club, Tennis Radcliffe-bound " Jan” is an active and popular girl. She excels in skating, her favorite sport, and will long remember Mr. Eaton’s Math III class. Nancy Elizabeth Farrington 142 Park Avenue Extension Band A zealous member of the band, Nancy will long re- member the football seasons. Although she plans to be a secretary some day, her im- mediate educational future is undecided. Thomas A. Finn 20 Shawnee Road The great out-of-doors summons " Irish” to the career of a forest ranger next year. He’ll always remember the winning football team of ' 49 and his one year in Vocation- al Radio. Page Thirty-six Margaret Ann Fagan 7 Henderson Street It’s Burroughs School for " Maggie.” Her favorite out- side activities consist of danc- ing and roller-skating. She ' ll never forget those " quick lunches” m period 5. Nancy Loraine Ferreira 86 Melrose Street Honor Roll, Modern Dancing Although she plans to at- tend B. U., and later to be a stenographer, Nancy’s secret desire is to be a professional skater. We wish ber well in whatever she underta’Kes. i Robert Gardiner Fisk 22 Stevens Terrace Honor Roll. Periclean Forum, Gilbert and Sullivan " Bob, " an excellent student and a member of the Peri- clean Forum, will long re- member his good times in Mr. Eaton’s Math 111. He is bound for Tufts and a career in accounting. Arthur Richard Floyd 49 Washington Street Football. Basketball . Baseball " Sonny, " a skating, swim- ming and party fan who ex- pects to attend B. U. in the fall, says he’ll never forget his studies with Mr. Hill. Dorothy Jeanne Flux 1 0 Bonad Road Badminton Jean, who joined A. H. S. in the middle of her Sopho- more year, has been an ar- dent fan of the football games and the " Rec.” Every success to a sweet girl! Ethel Kathleen Flynn 24 Elmore Street Band. Bowling Club " Bunny ” was one of our fine drum majorettes in her Sophomore year. Memories of Economics and Law class with Mr. Burke will always be fore- most in her mind. Francis X. Flynn 1 19 Franklin Street " Rec” Commitee. Class Secretary " Pete ” plans to go into the automobile business after graduation. His favorite ac- tivity is, strangely enough, living! Mr. Kirk’s classes will long be remembered by him. George Francis Flynn 55 Wyman Street Treasurer of Lunchroom. Forgotten Men We will always remember George as treasurer of the lunchroom. The many friends that he has made there will always be his foremost mem- ory of A. H. S. Dorothy Jane Foley 50 Princeton Road Ski Club. Dramatic Club. Tennis, G. A. A., Chronicle A well-known, well-liked fan at the football games, " Dottie " ’ plans to be a vet- erinarian some day. With her personaltiy we know she will have lots of success. Janette M. Fontaine 33 Lewis Avenue " Jay " plans to be a nurse. Her favorite outside activities are horseback riding and ice- skating. She will longest re- member her two years in Miss Norwood’s English class. Ronald A. Forbes 5 1 Chester Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Dra- matic Club. Chronicle, Lunchroom Cashier " Ronnie " is yet undecided about his ambitions for the future. Outside of school, he frequently sings in quartets. He will long remember the fun he had working as a cashier in the lunchroom. Jean Ford 90 Kensington Park Ski Club. Field Hockey Jean plans to enter college in the fall but is yet uncertain about her choice. Swimming and skating constitute the ma- jor part of her outside activi- ties. She will remember long- est Mr. Sampson’s biology class. Page T hirty-seven Patricia Anne Ford 103 Thorndike Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Dimples” plans to enter the field of nursing upon graduation. Baseball is her favorite outside activity. Her third period economics and law class with Mr. Burke wdll stand out longest in her memory. Barbara Louise Frasier 16 Edith Street Bowling. Guidance Office Assistant. Honor Roll Barbara hopes to be a sec- retary, and with Miss Bin- nig’s training we know she will be a successful one. Bowling and swimming rate tops for her leisure time. Leslie Susan Frame 16 Everett Street Chronicle Arlington High’s great ' 48- ’49 hockey team was faith- fully cheered on by Leslie, who is an ardent hockey fan. May she become just as good a secretary in the years to fol- low. Wilma A. French I6l " Westminster Avenue Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan The University of Virginia may claim ' " Willie” as an alumna. She will never forget Mr. Kemp’s " easy” third grade chemistry problems (or how to do them, we hope! ) . Frank Franzosa 154 Newport Street Hockey Frank enjoys all sports, but claims his favorite as hockey. He will not soon for- get the Lynn Classical foot- ball games nor the champion- ship hockey tournament in Providence. Carl Edmund Fuller 337 Park Avenue Basketball. Golf, Ski Club Carl, who is B. U.’s gain but our loss, is a quiet but well-liked fellow. He is an active participant in golf, basketball, and ski club; needless to say, he excels in all of them. |ill V. Fraser 6 Marathon Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Stu- dent Council. Field Hockey, Basketball, Honorary Member Arlington omen’s Club. Tennis Manager Jill, who always has a cheerful smile, will brighten Radcliffe’s halls next year. She is a great dancer and swimming enthusiast and will long remember the fun (?) she had in Lab. Alice Gertrude Furlong 156 Palmer Street Softball, Bottling Miss Anderson’s sewing class will always remain vivid in ’’Pinkie’s” memories of A. H. S. She would like to at- tend art school next year and make art her career. Virginia M. Fraser 110 Paul Revere Road Glee Club. G. A. A.. Field Hockey. Gilbert and Sullivan Between running for a seat in the lunchroom and planning for the annual trips to Lvnn Classical " Ginny” has done some career plan- ning as well — dental nursing. Best of luck to you. Janet Gardiner 73 Everett Street Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sullivan Vivacious " J an” plans to study medical secretarial work at Simmons or B. U. next year. She’ll always treasure the many friendships she has made at A. H. S. Page Thirty-eight Stuart Alan Cerber 59 Melrose Street Periclean Forum, Secretary of Camera Club As secretary of the Camera Club, " Stu” has a keen in- terest in photography. At Tufts next year, he ' ll remem- ber " the gayest class of ’48,” Miss Wakefield ' s history class. Lionel Louis Cervais 19 Boulevard Road Hockey, Baseball, Bowling " Spike’s” outside activities center around sports; namely, hockey, baseball and bowl- ing. To him, vacations and the Lynn Classical games are favorite reminders of A. H. S. Edwin Francis Gilbert 22 Milton Street To " Eddie,” sleeping and dancing come first as outside activities. He will always re- member the day on which he received his diploma. Rosemarie Cieurleo 1 1 8 Rawson Road Glee Club, Tennis Glee Club and tennis keep " Roro” busy after school hours. She will always re- member her efforts to reach the lunch counter before re- cess was over. Dolores Ann Classpool 23 Lanark Road Swimming, Tennis, G. A. A, Next year we ll find attrac- tive " Dee” studying modeling at Barbizon in New York. Memories of parties and the Lynn Classical games will al- ways be cherished by her. Arthur james Goodwin 341 Park Avenue " Archie” hopes to become an automobile dealer. He’s a great stock car racing enthu- siast and will alw ' ays remem- ber Mr. Sandberger’s wood- working class. David Russell Gott 309 Summer Street Student Council, Chronicle. Cross Country, Track " Dave” is, perhaps, the most outstanding trackman to come to A. H. S. in many years. He might also be called a " ladies’ man. " B. U. will train him to be an able real estate agent. Ada E. Grant 95 George Street Honor Roll, Glee Club. Chronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan " Butch” has one of the loveliest voices in the Senior class. Miss Binnig and she exchanged innumerable — shall we say — witty remarks. Salem State Teachers’ College gains what A. H. S. loses. James Arthur Greenwood 25 Albermarle Street " Jim” was an ace shot in the A. Y. A. rifle club. A boy with many friends and a great personality, he will un- doubtedly be a great success in the field of business. Alphonse A. Griecci 23 Grandview Road Cross Country, Football Well-known " Al, who plans to attend Northeastern, spends most of his spare time racing around in a ' 39 Ford. Mr. Skinner’s fantastic stories will remain longest in his memory. Page Thirty-nine Anthony Ralph Criecci 23 Grandview Road Auto racing is " Tony’s” ambition for the future. Mr. Houston ' s class gave " Tony” many good times that he won ' t forget. Good luck al- ways. David M. Cuarino 255 Florence Avenue " Dave ’ engages in hunt- ing and trapping outside school. He will attend Stock- bridge College, where law studies will constitute his main course. Francis Xavier Griffin 3 " Philips Street " Griff,” who thinks he’ll take a six-year vacation ( ? ) after graduation, wants to be a printer. He will long re- member classes with Miss Cassone, and the periods he didn’t attend. {os2ph Theodora Crobel 46 Sunset Road " Jog” has chosen account- ing as his field for the fu- ture. ’We hope he succeeds. Outside of school he enjoys sports. " Jog " claims he will never forget Mr. Burke’s eternal kidding. |ohn Herbert Cunnerson 26 Woodland Street John was one of Mr. Kapff ' s best students. He sin- cerely hopes the lunchroom rushes at the University of Massachusetts will not be as frantic as they were at A. H. S. Dorothy Ethel Hagar 80 Hillside Avenue " Dot,” who plans to study sewing at Boston Trade School, likes bowling and horseback riding. Miss For- sythe ' s cooking class will be her favorite of A. H. S. Joyce Gruber 22 Dartmouth Street Honor Roll, Tennis, G. A. A. Attractive " Joyce, " who is famed for her roller skating, holds Mr. Eaton ' s Math 111 class to her heart. She will attend aeronautical school. Happy flying, Joyce! Carol Grundy 16 Egerton Road Girls’ Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle. Softball. Bolding. Swimming Running in girls’ track and baby sitting were Carol’s fav- orite outside activities w ' hile attending A. H. S. When she reaches Katharine Gibbs she’ll remember the wonderful parties she attended. Pauline Maren Hahn 21 Coolidge Road Honor Roll, Tine Arts, Art Club Bridgewater-bound Pauline, an art admirer, also enjoys swimming and Red Sox games. She will long remem- ber Miss Norwood and her Sophomore year. Rae A. Hall 115 Rhinecliff Street Ski Club " Stretch " enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. He’ll enter the printing busi- ness after graduation. An- other of Mr. Danforth’s ad- mirers, he will never forget his classes in " mechanical drawing. " Page Forty Joseph Eugene Halley 6 Newport Street Football, Track. Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle " Joe” is a member of the Gilbert and Sullivan Club and the Chronicle staff. We will remember his record poll and the wonderful service we got at his milk bar in the lunch room. Stanton Thompson Hamlet 15 Victoria Road Basketball A sports enthu siast, " Stan” prefers basketball, baseball, and bowling. Although far from A. H. S., he will always carry with him the memory of his home-room teachers. Edward John Hanlon 34 Reed Street The military service will claim " Eddie” next year. His favorite outside activities in- clude ice-skating and the movies. Barbara Alice Hanson 119 Rhinediff Street G. A. A. " Barbie,” a member of the G. A. A., plans to go to Jackson. She especially en- joys dancing and swimming, and will long remember both the fun and toil at A. H. S. Claire Elaine Hardin 10 Nourse Street Chronicle, " Rec,” G. A. A. Beginning her Senior year and the mad times had in the lunchrooms are Claire’s fav- orite memories of A. H. S. The Lynn Classical football games always found her an enthusiastic fan. Best of luck, ■Red”! Paul Tucker Harling 53 Westmoreland Avenue Paul, who will learn land- scape architecture at the University of Massachusetts, likes swimming. He will nev- er forget Miss Peck ' s assign- ments. Ann Marie Harrington 99 Grafton Street Ann liked her cooking course best of any she took. We wonder if the food was the main attraction! Roller- skating keeps her quite busy when not in school. Maureen A. Harris 22 Russell Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. G. A. A., Chronicle Well-known for her won- derful record columns in the Chronicle. Maureen is an ar- dent Stan Kenton fan. Next to A. H. S. her favorite spot is Goshen, Massachusetts, where she spends many weeks each summer. Ann Elizebeth Hawkes 8 School Street Athletically-minded, Ann has a wide variety of outside interests including bowling, riflery, dancing, cooking and basketball. Best of success in your career as a nurse, Ann! Robert Donald Haxton 84 Wright Street Band. Gilbert and Sullivan Another sports fan, " Bob” also has musical interests to keep him busy. He thinks he will always remember the merry times had in the Gil- bert and Sullivan Club. Rage Forty-one Paul M. Healy 123 Warren Street Tall and good-looking Paul is another sports-minded Sen- ior, with stock car racing, baseball and football holding first place. He will always re- member that wonderful Jun- ior Prom. Roy Hill 33 Pine Ridge Road Football, Golf, Chess and Checkers " Red,” one of our most popular football heroes, hopes to attend U. C. L. A. after graduation. The years he has been at A. H. S. have en- abled him to make a great many friends and fans. Ann Marie Hearn 8 Fairmont Street Ann will go Into office work when she graduates from high school. All her teachers will remain longest in Ann ' s memory. No par- tiality here! Anne Marie Hogan 14 Newport Street Honor Roll, Cheerleader. G. A. A., Suimming, Tennis, Latin Club Anne, whose favorite out- side activity is skating, plans to be either a teacher or a secretary. She will long re- member the hockey tourna- ment at Rhode Island. Mary Louise Hearn 8 Fairmont Street Dramatic Club Mary is yet undecided on her future after graduation. The year she spent in Mr. Wallace ' s class will linger longest in her memory. Good luck, Mary! Elaine Mary Holland 47 Pine Street G. A. A., Swimming. " Rec,” Drum Majorette One of our prettiest drum majorettes, Elaine naturally cherishes memories of the football games, especially those at Lynn Classical. She will never forget having Mr. Wallace for three years. Norma jean Henderson 31 Appleton Court Norma, one of our more diminurive gals, collects nick- names as a hobby. Her fav- orite is " Small Changed,” and it certainly fits her! She will always remember those exciting A. H. S. football games. Charles Edwin Holt 126 George Street Treasurer of Vocational Auto Class " Chuck” plans to go into the automotive industry after he graduates. Mr. Delaney’s English class will long be re- membered by him. His fav- orite outside activities are bowling and auto racing. Inez A. Higgins 73 Henderson Street Bowling. Tennis, Swimming Inez will attend Kathleen Dell Business School to fur- ther her education. Dancing is her favorite outside pastime and she will best remember Mr. Sexron’s English III class in her Junior year. William Benton Houser 159 Washington Street " Bill " hopes to go into business for himself after graduation. His favorite sport is swimming, and he will nev- er forget Mr. Lowder ' s gym class. Page Forty-tu ' o Joan Marie Howard 10 Eustis Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Bowling, Basketball " Joanie " will attend B. U. to prepare for a secretarial position. She likes swim- ming, eating and dancing, and will never forget the great fun she has had at A. H. S. John William Hoye 42 Kimball Road " Jack, " who enjoys base- ball after school, hopes to at- tend B. U. next fall. Maybe the math classes there will be as much fun as Mr. Warner’s Sophomore classes, eh " Jack”? Kenneth M. Hoyt 2J Sawin Street As a result of " Ken’s " en- joyment of " hopping up” Chryslers, he hopes to con- struct race cars. Most memor- able will be his after school hours with Mr. Pine. Helene Ruth Hughes 94 Franklin Street Softball. Basketball . Field Hockey, Magic Club, Fine Arts Club Helene, who enjoys swim- ming and diving, will prepare for a clerical position. She will always remember the fun she has had while participat- ing in sports. John Robert Humphrey 5 Hawthorne Avenue Cross Country. Orchestra John will, no doubt, still be riding in his model " A” For d twenty years from now. He hopes the homework as- signments will be shorter in college. Ralph Winston Hupter 264 Renfrew Street Ski Club " Winnie,” whose favorite spare-time activity is stock car racing, owns his own stock car and is building another. The hours he will remember longest are those spent with his English teachers. John Charles Jamieson 43 Williams Street Golf Team, Swimming John plans to attend Bent- ley’s School of Accounting. He is a golf enthusiast and will always keep in mind Miss Cassone’s typing classes and the study halls. John Wallace Jenkins 2 Brookdale Road John has a great many friends in our class — many of them female. Although his future is undecided, this tall, handsome lad will study en- gineering. Shirley Edith Jewer 275 Hillside Avenue Tennis Shirley, who is headed for 1. B. M. School, is an enthu- siastic football fan and also enjoys dancing, bowling, and skating. She w ' ill always re- member Miss Krastin’s Eng- lish class and Mr. Barber’s studies. Karl L. Joel 68 Grandview Road Ski Club. Fine Arts Club, Band. Indoor Track Karl is seen around school in many and varied activities. He excels in riflery and he is a skiing fan as well. He will be remembered by many of the girls as that tall, blond, handsome and unavailable Senior. Page Forty-three ?! I Dorothy Ann Johnson 40 Argyle Road " Rec. " G. A. A.. ChronicU ■ ' Dom- ' s " future is uncer- tain, but with her pleasing personalin and Miss Binnig’s training, you mav be sure she will succeed in whatever field she may chcxjse. Inger Wilhelmina Johnson 259 Florence Avenue Tennis The " Rec " dances will stand out in " Ing’s " memories while she is at business school. Dancing, bowling and skating are her favorite pas- times. John Alexander Johnston 1 -1 ■ ' S’ater Street Honor Roll. Bjnd. Bsseball " Si " has made himself a well-known local pitcher be- cause of his fabulous fast ball. He plans to smdy engi- neering at Tufts College. Barbara Marie Jones 15 Thesda Street Suimming. Tennis. G. A. A.. Field Hockey Nest year we will find Bar- bara smdying home design- ing. She will long remember the wonderful times she has had at A. H. S. Barbara Kane 184 Scimate Street Honor Roll. G. A. A.. Drj- mjsic Club. Chronicle. Sei Club. Secretjry. Book Committee. Tennis Nest vear will find " Barb " at Lasell Junior College strug- gling through a medical tech- nology course. Her favorite pastimes are skiing, skating, and — guess what? — talking! Pjge Forty- four Waiter Joseph Kane ■i9 Tanager Street Football Walter will always remem- ber the good times he had in his Junior and Senior years. As a SF orts enthusiast, he en- joys hockey, baseball and football. Ronald Gabriel Karp 33 Grandview Road Periclean Forum Upon leaving A. H. S„ Ronald plans to smdy journ- alism at Tufts. He will al- ways remember the wonderful friends he has made in hi school. Robert J. Katieff 8 Johnson Road Honor Roll. Stamp Club. Periclean Forum. Year Book Committee Upon graduation " Bob " will head for B. U. He is an avid Red Sox fan and says his second day at A. H. S. 3LS a timid " Soph " will pro- vide him with many a fumre chuckle. Phyllis Ann Kearns 5 " 2 Summer Street Modern Dance. Badminton. Honor Roil " Phyl " will long remember the wonderful times she had in the lunchroom. Her favor- ite pastime outside school is ice-skating. Best of luck in the fumre! Noreen Mary Keating 41 Alton Street Honor Roll. G. A. A.. Latin Club. Chronicle. Gilbert and Sullisan. Suimming After graduation we will find Noreen smdying hard at Radcliffe. Mr. Eaton ' s Math 111 class will always stand out in her memories of A. H. S. Robert Leslie Keddy 60 Mount Vernon Street " Bob ' s " aim in life is to attend B. U. where he will become a veterinarian. He al- so enjoys many sports; his favorites being football, hock- ey, and baseball. Robert S. Keene 20 VC ' all Street Basketball, football and auto racing rank tops with " Bob,” who plans to be a ma- chinist when he graduates. He will always remember Mr. Houston ' s classes. Shirley Keith 16 Monadnock Road Honor Roll. Chronicle. Dra- matic Club. G. A. A.. Art Club. Year Book Committee. Office Helper. Tennis " Shirl, " the girl with per- sonalia- plus, is aiming for Mass. Art next year. Her fav- orite pastimes outside school are parties, going to football games, and of course — talk- ing! Helen Kelley 40 Franklin Street Chronicle. Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club Next year we will find Helen studyin.g to be a cap- able stenographer. Miss Bin- nig ' s classes and the Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals will long be remembered by her. John Joseph Kennefick 20 Bartlett Avenue Honor Roll The lunchroom at A. H S. will never be forgotten by John, who will attend B. C. next year. In the future he plans to become a contractor. John Roger Kenny 96 Jason Street Hockey " Jack, " an ardent hockey player, will be seen at B. C. next year. The hockey cham- pionship at Providence was an enjoyable part of his high school career. John C. Kiley 2 Kimball Road Tennis " Jack " will often remem- ber the fun he had in Mr. Hill ' s history class during his Junior year at A. H. S. He enjoys sports, especially hockey. Donald Richard Kelly 44 Pine Ridge Road Hocke) Donald, who is very enthu- siastic when it comes to hock- ey and baseball, will always remember the long wait for the 1 :45 bell and Mr. Ar- thur ' s printing class. Robert Joseph Kiley 97 Everett Street Next year " Bob, " a boy with a wonderful sense of hu- mor and a love for sports, will attend B. C. Miss Kras- tin ' s English class furnished much amusement for him. William John Kelso 14 Moulton Road Football. Basketball Some lucky machine com- pany will see " Billy " next year as he hopes to be the best machinist Arlington High eyer produced. A sports en- thusiast, he enjoys playing both football and basketball. Page Forty-fit e Kenneth Alan King Harold Street Basketball . Track Sports-minded and fun- loving " Ken,” who plans to attend a naval academy, will often remember the friends he made at A. H. S. When outside school, he enjoys bowlint; and the " Rec. " Eleanor Kirchner 66 Maynard Street G. A. A.. Chronicle. Bowlin Su imming Affable Eleanor, who, we are sure, will make an excel- lent secretary, is planning to attend Kathleen Dell ' s. Bright recollections for her include the hockey games, especially the one at Providence. Freya Koger 16 Hillsdale Road Head Cheer Leader. Ski Club. Tennis. Chronicle. G. A. A. Attractive, vivacious Freya, who plans to major in speech at Syracuse College, will long remember the won- derful times she had leading the cheering at the football .games. Carolyn Mary Kolodziej 78 Orvis Road Dramatic Club. Glee Club, Chronicle, " Rec” Committee Next year we wdll find Car- ol at Lasell. The rehearsals for the dramatic club play and the football games will linger long in her most pleas- ant memories of A. H. S. Peter Kramer, III 335 Mystic Street C o f Team. Gilbert and Sullivan. Tennis. Ski Club Peter, a golf, skiing, bas- ketball and fishing enthusiast, will attend Dartmouth, and then follow in his Dad ' s foot- steps. He will never forget Miss Conway ' s history class. Joan M. Kranetuss 4 Bartlett Avenue Chronicle " Joaney,” who will long remember the fun she had at football games, will enroll in the Fay School. She is an enthusiastic ice skater. Robert Lafayette 100 Brooks Avenue Track Team " Bob,” who is interested in Civil Engineering, will at- tend Northeastern. He has always enjoyed skiing and will long remember the Touch-Down Club Banquet. Paul Fredrick Lambertson 49 Marathon Street Road Testing After graduation Paul plans to be an auto repair man. Outside of school he may be found playing basketball, hockey or driving cars. Mr. Kirk ' s classes will be long re- membered by him. Cynthia Larsen 113 Gray Street Glee Club. Gilbert and Sulli- van. Swimming. Tennis " Cyn,” who enjoys swim- ming and roller-skating, plans to attend Lasell. She is not likely to forget Mr. Coletta’s drawing classes. Helen Marie Larsen 1 1 3 Gray Street Glee Club. Swimming. Ten- nis. Gilbert and Sullivan. Ski Club Helen will further her edu- cation by attending Lasell. She will always remember Miss Binnig’s shorthand classes and the mad dashes to homeroom every morning. Page Forty-six Alma Larson 50 Fisher Road Glee Club, Chronicle, Tennis After graduation, Alma plans to study for a career as a secretary. Mr. Sexton’s Junior English classes will linger longest in her mem- ories of high school. Beverly Lauritzen 38 Newport Street Honor Roll. Fine Arts Club " Lauri,” who enjoys danc- ing and rifle practice, will further her ajt studies at Massachusetts Art School. She says she will nev er forget the quiet ( ? ) study halls. Elizabeth Anne Leary 55 Paul Revere Road Glee Club, G. A. A., Tennis, Swimming, Ski Club Our sports enthusiast, " Betty,” is heading Mount Ida-way next year. We hope she will keep the memories of the fun-filled Junior and Senior Proms tucked away in her pocket. Nancy Lucille Leccese 56 Brooks Avenue Honor Roll Nancy plans to become a co-ed at Boston University. Bowling and dancing are her favorite pastimes, and she ' ll always remember the mad dashes to lunchroom every day. loan Marion Lee 1 Osborne Road Bowling, Glee Club Joan ' s interests outside school lie chiefly in bowling and dancing. She will long remember the daily dashes to the lunchroom. She plans a career of office work and we wish her the best of luck. William I. Lees 75 Melrose Street Honor Roll " Bill " is a stock car rac- ing fan, who will keep as his favorite memory of Arling- ton High Miss Krastin’s Eng- lish 111 classes. Rita Marie Levasseur 186 Palmer Street Glee Club. Swimming. Modern Dancing Rita enjoys winter sports, with skating and skiing shar- ing top honors. She’ll long remember Mr. Russell’s mu- sic class and the fun she had singing in Glee Club. Betsy Ann Lewis 215 Highland Avenue Tennis, G. A. A., Swimming, Gilbert and Sullivan Betsy is a member of the G. A. A. and the Gilbert and Sullivan Clubs. She likes to skate and watch Arlington High hockey games. Best of luck at the University of New Hampshire! loseph Anthony Lincoln 96 Franklin Street As an ardent sports fan, " Joe " likes baseball, basket- ball, football, hockey and swimming. Perhaps his fu- ture career will enable him to use his love of competition. Theresa Elisabeth Lionetta 24 Beacon Street As favorite activities, Ther- esa has chosen dancing and bowling. Mr. Burke’s jokes in economics classes will stand out in her memories of Arl- ington High. Page Forty-seven Betty Locke 46 Mt. Vernon Street Swimming, Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan, Ski Club Blonde Betty is another of Mr. Sampson ' s biology class fans. She loves to swim and dance and excels in those pre- tardy bell dashes before school. Terence Peter Loftus 30 Robbins Road President of Camera Club. Band. Orchestra " Terry, " who adds a great deal to the Chronicle with his snapshots, intends to make photography his life work. When not engaged in this spare time hobby, he en- joys roller-skating. Richard S. Lovering 4 Orchard Terrace " Dick ' s " interests lie in the field of sports and he hopes to make use of them after graduation. He remem- bers the study hall sessions and Mr. Sexton ' s Spanish class. Catherine Lymperis 160 Park Avenue Honor Roll. G. A. A. " Kay, " who hopes to con- tinue her education at Sim- mons, plans to enter the field of merchandising as a buyer. She is a bowling and tennis fan. loseph Francis Lynch 20 Colonial Drive Baseball. Track. Hockey Next year me will find " Joe " starting some small business of his own. We know Arlington Highers will pat- ronize his store. Gardening and fishing are two reasons why " Joe " looks forward to vacations. Frances Elizabeth MacDonald 153 Newport Street Ciilbert and Sullivan " Franny” hopes to be a kindergarten teacher and w ' e ' ll bet the tots will love her! She enjoyed the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas best of all A. H. S. activities. Sally Ann MacDonald 26 Richfield Road Cjirls’ Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Sally, another of our op- eretta stars, thoroughly en- joyed working under Mr. Einzig’s direction. She hopes to attend Bridgewater State Teachers ' College after grad- uation. Barbara Anne MacFarlane 1 1 Paul Revere Road Chronicle, " Rec” Committee. G. A. A. Pert " Barb” thinks high school is quite a " business”! She likes to ice-skate in her spare time and will always remember those three years with Mr. Wallace. Weldon Lome MacLeod 21 Thorndike Street V ocational Vice-President " Mac” plans to go into the automobile business after high school. His favorite ac- tivity is stock car racing. Mr. Delaney ' s classes will long be remembered by him. Marjorie Ruth Maguire 239 Park Avenue Although " Margie” likes sw ' imming and dancing, ice- skating will always be her first love. Her Junior year is the most outstanding of her high school career. Page Forty-eight Thomas |oseph Mahon 1 Claremont Court " Tom, " who hopes to en- ter Burdett College, plays baseball and football in his spare time. Miss Wakefield’s history class was the most enjoyable one for him. Peter B. Maio 30 Freeman Street Peter will remember long- est the good time he had in Mr. Houston ' s class. In the future he is planning to be a machinist. Elizabeth Ann Mahoney 86 Broadway This one of our two " Betty Mahoneys,” loves ice- skating. She hopes to attend Katharine Gibbs and will hold Mr. Eaton ' s Math III class among her m.ost pleas- ant memories. Maria Virginia lAanxo 5 Plymouth Street Bowling, Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan Maria, who plans to be a medical secretary, will never forget everyone’s confusing her with her sister. We won- der why Mr. Eaton was sur- prised when she got into homeroom on time! Elizabeth Ann Mahoney 260 Broadway Honor Roll. G. A. A., Latin Club. Chronicle Our other " Betty Mahoney” spends her spare time en- gaged in sports — with basket- ball the first preference. She’ll always remember Miss Man- ning’s uproarious Oral Eng- lish class. Paul William Mattson 189 Oakland Avenue Paul is undecided about the future but he’ll always remember the wonderful friends and fun he’s had at A. H. S. Best of luck in whatever you undertake, Paul! Jean Marie Mahoney 61 Webster Street Chronicle. Glee Club, Soft- ball, Tennis, Swimming I ' un-loving " Jeanne” will always remember Mr. Sex- ton’s daily English tests. She enjoys dancing and roller- skating. She’ll study next year at the New England Conser- vatory of Music. Doris Mazmanian 32 Laurel Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Swimming Club Doris, who’s undecided about her future, will always remember " Willie” in Mr. Fusco’s class. Maybe you’ve seen her dashing to her homeroom at the end of 6th period! Elaine Christine Mailhiot 16 Milton Street Honor Roll Athletic Elaine is headed for Burroughs Machine School. She’ll always remem- ber Mr. Sampson’s biology class and riotous Junior Eng- lish with Mrs. Bray. William Joseph McCall 20 Amherst Street Lunchroom Friendly " Peaches” will al- ways remember the fun be- tween lunches on the back stairs. He is heading for Bur- roughs Adding Machine School. Best of luck, " Bill " ! Page Forty-nine Eugene Albert McCarty 65 Sunset Road " Mac” is headed for a print shop upon graduation. The teachers and the boys will always be remembered by him. He enjoys baseball, hockey and football after school hours. Esther Alice McGuire 66 River Street " Essie” is ambitious to be- come a bookkeeper. Bowling and tennis are her favorite pastimes. Favorites in her memory are the Sophomore and Junior cooking classes. lean McCoubrey 57 Kensington Park Honor Roll, G. A. A., Swimming Vivacious Jean, new in her Junior year, will always re- member the wonderful friends and the good times she had at A. H. S. Swim- ming is her favorite outside activity. Ann-marie McKeever 7S Menotomy Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Girls ' Glee Club. Chronicle, Ski Club Framingham-bound " Snap,” otherwise known as " Red,” is a swimming and dancing en- thusiast. She has long enjoyed Mrs. Lee’s sewing class and may some day follow in her steps. Charles Milton McEwen 223 Park Avenue Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, Latin Club. Chronicle. Gil- bert and Sullivan. Periclean Forum Harvard-bound " Charlie” will always remember Miss Rounds’ Latin class. His in- telligence and wit have made him a class favorite. Best of luck, " Charlie”! Marylin Anne McKinney 24 Wildwood Avenue Chronicle A future buyer, Marylin plans to take up merchan- dising as her pre-marriage ca- reer. She is very fond of skat- ing and Mr, Russell’s music class. Warren McEwen 31 Amherst Street Ping Pong. Chess and Checkers, Stamp Club After college life at Georgia Tech, " Raid Haid’ will settle dow ' n to become an engineer. One of the fa- mous " t hree maniacs,” he en- joys pool, swimming, sleep- ing and eating. Mary McLaughlin I6l Mystic Street Glee Club Petite Mary, a skating and swimming enthusiast, says she’ll never forget the manj times she almost sat on the lunchroom floor because of the swinging seats. Marion Pauline McCrane 16 Melrose Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club Talented Marion will al- ways be remembered as the Kathryn Grayson of A. H. S. Her fondest memories are the chorus classes, Gilbert and Sullivan Club, and Mr. Ein- zig. Mary Pafricia McMurrer 28 Davis Avenue A member of the Dramatic Club and Girls’ Club, Mary also finds skating very enjoy- able. Her future is as yet un- decided but we wish her well in whatever career she may choose. Page Fifty Mary Terese Meehan 576 Summer Street " Rec” Committee, Chronicle, Glee Club A member of the " Rec” Committee, Mary is a lively, well-liked girl whose favorite sports are bowling and danc- ing. She’ll always remember her Senior lunch period. William Patrick Meehan 96 Coolidge Road Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Tennis ’’Bill,” a big man in the A. H. S. sports line-up, says he ' ll always remember his four years and all the fun he had in them. Next year will find him active at Michigan University. William A. Meiklejohn 28 Upland Road Track, Basketball " Bill, " whose chief inter- est is sports, plans to attend B. C. Although his future work is still undecided, we know that he will do well at whatever he may undertake. Agnes H. Melia 72 Freeman Street G. A. A.. Swimming, Basketball " Ag,” who says she’s had lots of fun at A. H. S., in sports and such, plans to at- tend a nursing school in the fall. We wish her lots of luck. Francis Xavier Melly 139 Franklin Street Tennis " Mel,” although undecided about college, hopes some day to enter the field of social ser- vice. His favorite soorts are dancing and tennis, at which he excels. Ruth Irene Menezes 34 Bowdoin Street Field Hockey. Basketball An active participant in skating and dancing, Ruth plans to attend Boston Uni- versity next year. Mr. Wal- lace’s class and Mr. Fusco’s homeroom were lots of fun, eh Ruth? Harry H. Menzoian 114 Rawson Road Gilbert and Sullivan. Band Harry is interested in mu- sic and will always have won- derful memories of the Gil- bert and Sullivan operettas. Next year he will attend Bos- ton College. Herbert W. Merrill 76 Hillside Avenue Baseball, Honor Roll " Herbie’s” destination is Tufts. Mr. Kapff’s fourth pe- riod math class and the base- ball team will long remain in his memory. Elaine Ann Meserve 1 Beverly Road Latin Club, Swimming, Fine Arts Elaine spends most of her spare time at the Skating Club. She likes hockey very much and will always remem- ber the wonderful A. H. S. team. Barbara Ann Mills 14 Davis Avenue Student Council, Band. Presi- dent of Dramatic Club. G. A. A., Glee Club, Honor Roll. Fine Arts Popular " Millsie” will al- ways be remembered by the class of 1950 for her wonder- ful sense of humor. She is bound for Mass. Art and plans to become a commercial artist. Page Fifty-one Claire Victoria Minichiello 36 Moulton Road Gilbert and Sullivan. Bowl- ing. Tennis. Honor Roll Claire will be a capable secretary next year because of her never-to-be-forgotten class with Miss Binnig. Swimming is her favorite pastime. John Mullin 10 Johnson Road Basketball Next year will find popu- lar " Jack” at the University of New Hampshire, majoring in history or English. He hopes to be a famous sports writer some day. Benjamin Lothrop Moltman 2 Stevens Terrace Periclean Forum. Gilbert and Sullivan " Ben, " who will attend Harvard next year, likes base- ball as an outside activity. He will never forget the chemistry experiments in Mr. Kemp ' s notorious lab. peri- ods. George Michael Murphy 190 Mystic Valley Parkway Basketball. Ski Club " Murph, " who is bound for Harvard and a career in medicine, will never forger the wonderful friends and fun he enjoyed while at A. H. S. An outdoor man, he rates hunting and skiing tops. Anne K. Morris 29 Winter Street Anne will never forget the mad dash to lunch every day. She likes sports, especially baseball and bowling. Next year she hopes to work in an office. Richard Alan Murphy 7 West Court Terrace Richard hopes to be an alumnus of Cornell. Looking back on high school, he’ll remember the many friends he has made, and especially, the " Rec.” Dianne Frances Morrison 14 Blossom Street Glee Club. G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Tennis, Bowling " Dee” will be a " Chand- ler girl” and in a few years, an excellent stenographer. She will always have fond memories of the A. H. S. clinic. How come, " Dee”? Richard james Murphy 56 Windsor Street Basketball. Ping Pong Richard plans to attend B. U. Most of his spare time is taken up with sports. He will always remember the many wonderful friends he has made in his two years at A. H. S. Ralph Morton, Jr. 29 Russell Street Honor Roll " Mort” is a sports fan and spends his spare time par- ticipating in them. He is bound for Tufts, where he will study dentistry. Best of luck, and we ll save our teeth for you. Robert Daniel Murphy 53 Hawthorne Avenue To " Bob, " working on cars is a very interesting hobby and pastime. Next year we’ll find him working hard (we hope! ) for his father. Page Fifty-two Henry Francis Murray 22 Fisher Road Band, Orchestra Talented in the music field, " Fuzzy” plans to become a musician. We’ll remember him as one of the star play- ers for the Arcadians at the " Rec.” Regina Maureen Murray 85 Irving Street Regina plans to attend Fish- er Business School next year. Bowling, skating and danc- ing take up most of her spare time. She will always remem- ber Mr. Courtney’s classes. William Robert Murray 19 Perkins Street Football, Baseball, Track, Hockey, Camera Club Athletic " Bill’ ' plans to attend the University of Mi- ami after graduation. Among his favorite memories will be Mrs. Bray ' s English classes. We’ll remember his wonder- ful work on our various A. H. S. teams. Thomas James Myers 2 1 0 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Football. Hockey, Baseball, Track. Lunch " Timmy” will be able to continue his keen interest in all sports, especially football, if he attends Tufts next year. Some day he plans to be a millionaire. Well see you then, " Tim”! Leslie Charles Nelson 10 Grandview Road Road Testing " Lcs, " a boy who would like to see the world, will spend most of his time trav- eling after graduation. He will long remember the road tests in the auto course. Weldon Arthur Nelson 6 Edgehill Road Weldon will never forget the time he spent doing his homework nor Mr. KapfF’s marh classes. His favorite pas- time is playing football. Margaret Mary Neville 16 Sherborn Street Margaret, who plans to do secretarial work, enjoys danc- ing and bowling. Her favor- ite memory of Arlington High is continually going in- to the wrong room for a srudy during her Sophomore year. Oscar John Nille 1269 Massachusetts Avenue Golf " Monk” is planning to at- tend Bentley, where he will study to be an accountant. He’ll never forget the valiant journalistic efforts of the print shop boys wdth their paper, " The Red and Grey.” Ronald Francis Noreen 61 Bellington Street Band, Orchestra, Football " Ron " is undecided as yet about his future, but we hope it will be in the field of mu- sic, where we know he’ll suc- ceed. Well be looking for vour name on the juke boxes, " Ron " ! Harry Leonard Norman 69 Newland Road Harrv, undecided as yet about his career, enjoys fish- ing, hunting and drawing in his spare time. He ' ll look back most frequently on his wonderful English teachers and the Senior Prom. Page Fifty-three Edward joseph Nugent 22 Sutherland Road Honor Roll. Hockey, Basket- ball. Latin Club " Nuge " is planning to go to Boston College. Ice skat- ing and baseball take up most of his spare time. He will al- ways remember Miss Bailey’s classes in French. " Parlez-vous francais " now, " Ed " ? Ronald C. Nutter 102 George Street Ski Club, Camera Club. Periclean Forum, Basketball " Ronnie,” a skiing enthu- siast, plans to attend Franklin Tech. Puttering over cars pro- vides him with many pleasant moments. He says he will nev- er forget his sessions in Room 14. Lorraine Cecelia Oborsky 128 Rawson Road Lorraine is uncertain as to her future plans, but she will never forget the football and hockey games of ’48-’49. A party " gal, " she also enjoys skating in her spare time. Alice Marie O ' Brien 319 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll. Chronicle, Dra- matic Club. Glee Club, Latin Club " Teenie, ” who will always remember Mr. Eaton’s Math III class, plans to attend Em- manuel College. Her favorite outside activities are swim- ming and tennis. Paul Kevin O’Brien 8 Marathon Street The Red and Gray " Obie " plans to attend business school. He enjoys football and hockey, and will never forget Miss Hunt’s Eng- lish class in his Junior year. Page Fifty-four Raymond M. O ' Brien ’’2 Marathon Street " Ray " hopes to have a se- cure and happy future in the field of printing. When not " on the job,” he may have a chance to take part in his favorite sports, boxing and swimming. Margaret Therese O’Connor 424 Massachusetts Avenue Two years of Mr. Wal- lace’s jokes will be " Dardie’s " favorite memory of A. H. S. She plans to go into orches- tra work and enjoys dancing and roller-skating in her spare time. Arthur joseph O’Donnell 150 Washington Street " Odie,” whose favorite pastimes are hockey and foot- ball, expects to become a suc- cessful salesman. He will al- ways remember Mr. Lowder’s gym class. Margaret Mary O’Donovan 27 Amherst Street Glee Club, Chronicle, Honor Roll " Peggy” wants to attend Salem Teachers’ College. Best of luck, " Peg, " and we hope your future classroom experiences will be as enjoy- able as those you had at A. H. S. Theresa Ann Ohanesian 122 Rawson Road Glee Club " Chick” would like to at- tend Fisher Business School. She enjoys roller-skating at the " Bal-a-rue” and will nev- er forget trying to get seats for the gang at lunch. Frank Xavier O’Keefe 121 Newport Street Lunchroom " Frank " plans to attend Boston College. Baseball and hockey are his favorite activi- ties. He thinks school would be perfect if it consisted en- tirely of week-ends! Marylou O’Neil 28 Hayes Street Honor Roll, Squad Tennis, Basketball, Chronicle Marylou will always re- member the ' 49 Lynn Classic- al game and the time she switched classes with Phyllis, her twin. She hopes we’ll let her clean our teeth when she becomes a dental hygienist. Theodore Anders Okerlund 239 Washington Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Band Blond " Ted” will be seen at Tufts next year. Everyone will remember his playing in our wonderful band. He will always recall Miss Krastin ' s English classes. Phyllis Ann O’Neil 28 Hayes Street Honor Roll. Basketball. Squad Tennis. Swimming, Chronicle. Bowling " Twin” will join her sister in remembering those days of switched classes. She ' ll miss the sports events she at- tended at A. H. S., but will undoubtedly find new inter- ests at B. U. Constance Olson 26 1 Renfrew Street G. A. A. " Connie” plans to attend Physio Therapy School next year. Bowling, dancing, swim- ming and Rainbow work are her favorite outside activities and she will remember well Mr. Sexton ' s Juniot English class. Donald O’Neill 1 Devereaux Street Well-known " Don” is still undecided about future plans, but we know he’ll succeed at whatever he does. He’ll never forget the confusion of his hrst day as a Sophomore. Marilyn Olsson 29 " ' Renfrew Street Honor Roll, G. A. A.. Ten- nis. Basketball . Ski Club. Dra- matic Club. Chronicle, Swimming As yet, " Mai " is undecided about her future, but hopes to attend college. She’ll al- ways remember Mr. Samp- son’s biology class, in addition to the football and hockey games every Saturday. Ellen Louise O’Neil 1 2 Newport Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Swimming Talented Ellen plans to further her studies a t Fram- ingham Teachers’ College. Winning the Red Feather public speaking contest will be her outstanding memory of A. H. S. Her favorite out- side activities are dancing and skating. Patricia Louise O’Neill 1 5 Jason Terrace " Patti” thinks she’ll al- ways remember the football games. After graduation she will go to Kathleen Dell’s. Along with many others, she enjoys ice-skating. John C. Onthank 59 Glenburn Road H ockey Baseball Handsome John, who is a well-known sports enthusi- ast, plans to study the build- ing business at Wentworth. Everyone will remember John and wish him the best of luck. Page Pijty-five Charles )ohn Oppedisano “5 Decatur Street Football. Basketball. Baseball In school as out, popular " Chile” is the best of sports. He ' ll always remember Miss Rounds study period in his Sophomore year. " Chile” is a prominent member of our championship football team. Angelo Joseph Ortolano 8 Bowdom Street Honor Roll, Band. Orchestra, Dramatic Club " Ange, " one of A. H. S. ' s most talented musicians, plays his trombone in dance bands for fun. He ' ll always remember Mr. Russell ' s 6th oeriod band class with " the boys.” Arthur Paul Paresky, Jr. 66 Fisher Road Basketball ' Well-known " Buzz” has visions of college for the fu- ture. Miss Peck ' s Junior and Senior English classes are out- standing in his memories of A. H. S. Athletically inclined, " Buzz " is an enthusiastic hockey star. Anthony Seavey Patton 21 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll. President of Stu- dent Council. President of Latin Club. Senior Represen- tative for Red Cross, Hockey, Business Manager of Chronicle All-round and popular " Kootch” is bound for Har- vard where we ' re sure he ' ll make good. As President of the Student Council, he has an active interest in many school and civic activities, but finds relaxation in a variety of sports. Nancy Ellen Penney 214 Park Avenue Dramatic Club. Chronicle. Honor Roll Likable " Nan” has decided to attend Chandler School af- ter graduation from A. H. S. Photography and dancing take up most of her time out- side school. Good luck, " Nan”! Alda Marie Perry 28 Silk Street Honor Roll. Secretary of Gil- bert and Sullivatt. Chronicle, Glee Club. Guidance Helper The Gilbert and Sullivan operettas will linger long in " Shortie ' s” memory when she is attending Katharine Gibbs next year. Swimming and dancing provide her with much enjoyment after school hours. Joan I. Parker 2 Shawnee Road Chronicle Joan, who intends to go into nursing next year, loves dancing. She ' ll remember Mr. Skinner ' s 6th period chemis- try class. Best of luck in the future! Mary Ellen Margaret Peters 1 1 7 Elm Street Somerville, Massachusetts Mary Ellen plans to attend Jackson next year. She spends her spare time horseback rid- ing, sailing, dancing, and vis- iting colleges. The Arlington- Watertown football game of ' 49 will be one of her most exciting memories. Donald R. Paton 15 Iroquois Road " Don” is heading for Northeastern University’. Out- side of school he enjoys tar- get shooting and all kinds of music; in school he will re- member longest Mr. Sexton ' s English class. Clen William Peterson 94 Franklin Street Honor Roll. Student Council. Dramatic Club. Baseball. Basketball Tufts-bound " Ollie,” our very popular class president, is also an avid sports enthu- siast. Miss Barry’s French classes and solving math problems will be outstanding in his memories of A. H. S. Page Fifty-six Philip Hudson Peterson 24 Bonad Road Band. Dramatic Club " Pete,” who takes great delight in chemistry, is headed for Northeastern. He is an enthusiastic follower of our football games, and also thinks rifle club is tops for fun. Richard E. Phelps 28 Williams Street As yet " Dick ' s” future is uncertain, but he will always remember the good times in Mr. Danforth ' s classes listen- ing to those informal talks on baseball. Claire A. Phillips 35 Winter Street Basketball Next year, we ' ll find Claire doing office work, but we know she will still remember her many classmates at A. H. S. Claire ' s outside activities in- clude basketball, bowling and movies. Elizabeth Ann Pierce 1 6 Lafayette Street Chronicle. Guidance Office Assistant. Bowling " Betsy,” who will attend secretarial school next year, thinks the girls ' annual gym meets were great fun. Ice- skating and bowling are two sports which rate high with her. lanet Susan Plummer 6 Harvard Street Girls’ Glee Club Trained by Miss Binnig, sweet and petite " Jan” will make a charming and effi- cient secretary. Dancing is one of her many favorite outside activities. George Thorne Poirier 83 Scituate Street Baseball George plans to enter Bos- ton College this fall. His fav- orite outside activities are baseball and hockey. What he will remember best are the successive years he spent in Mr. Gaudet ' s classes. Anne Rosolie Pothier 22 Bowdoin Street Ranking first place in Ann ' s memories are the championship hockey games at Providence. Tennis, skat- ing and dancing are her fav- orite pastimes. Carol Munroe Potter 51 Suth erland Road G. A. A., Field Hockey " Cal, " who enjoys skiing and bowling, hopes to be- come a florist. She ' ll long re- member the fun she ' s had at the football and hockey games of A. H. S. Charles Henry Preston 32 Edmund Road Road Testing Charles plans to go into the automobile business after graduation. Mr. Kirk ' s and Mr. Delaney’s classes will long be remembered by him. His favorite outside activities are horseback riding, football and stock car racing. Francis Albert Proulx 52 Huntington Road Track ' Franny,” who plans to be an auto mechanic, will al- ways remember the many good times he had in the shop, and especially his Eng- lish class. Rage Fifty-seven Wiiliam Andrew Publicover 18 RadclifFe Road Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, Chronicle " Bill " will always remem- ber Mr. Eaton’s 6th period math and Mr. Kapff ' s solid and trig, classes. Next year will find him at Tufts study- ing engineering. Florence Josephine Quinzani 114 Lake Street Bou ling Florence, or " Fluffy,’ as she is known to her friends, is chiefly interested in bowl- ing. She also eniovs movies and stage shows. Miss Kras- tin ' s English class is her fav- orite memory of A. H. S. Louis Richard Puopolo 391 Appleton Street " Lou " will attend the Massachusetts School of Art to study commercial art and designing. He enjoys all sports, especially boxing, and will always remember Mr. Kapff ' s math classes. Anna Elizabeth Recupero 20 Old Mystic Street Anne’s favorite outside ac- tivities are tennis, skiing and dancing. Art class and Mr. Fusco’s history class are what she will longest remember about her high school career. Robert Gerard Purcell 81 Allen Street " Purcy,” who is a great swimming and golf enthusi- ast, will not readily forget the hard times he had trying to get into the library the 6th period. Emrie Ann Reed 37 Wyman Terrace Dramatic Club, Latin Club When Emrie has leisure moments, she enjoys playing the piano. She will often re- call the two years she spent in Mr. Eaton’s math classes. Claire Marie Quinn 50 Summit Street Tennis " Honey " is planning to at- tend comptometer school. Her favorite outside activities are dancing, swimming rnd skat- ing. Cooking classes and his- tory with Mr. Johnson are the things Claire will remem- ber longest about A H. S. Maureen Julia Quinn 75 Richfield Road G. A. A.. Class Basketball " Quinnie,” whose ambi- tion is nursing, will often re- call sliding down the hill be- hind the high school in the snow. She likes all sports, es- pecially ice-skating. Kathryn C, Reid 14 Water Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sul- livan. Chronicle. Girls’ Glee Club, Ski Club " Kay” will attend Chil- dren’s Hospital this fall to study nursing. She will al- ways remember the day she planned to skip school when her " get-away " car, the mod- el T, broke down in front of the high school. Philomena Frances Reid 1 2 Glenburn Road Honor Roll, Field Hockey. Basketball . Softball. G. A. A.. Chronicle " Kitchie " w ' ill always re- member her wonderful friends and the good times she has had after girls’ basketball practice. Her favorite outside activities are the C. Y. O. softball team and in her words, " moosing around with the kids.” Page Fifty-eight Nancy R. Ricci 38 Teel Street Chronicle, Guidance Department Nancy, who is headed for office work in the future, en- joys bowling and dancing in her spare time. She will al- ways remember Mr, Toner ' s wrist-breaking class. Marilyn M. Roby 353 Gray Street Tennis, Field Hockey, Glee Club. Swimming, G. A. A. " Mai,” who’s headed for Mount Ida next year, will al- ways remember the Lynn Classical games and the won- derful times she had at the Proms. Barbara Ann Richards 19 Crescent Hill Avenue " Red,” who hopes to be a secretary, enjoys bowling, ice- skating, and swimming. She ' ll remember Miss Binnig’s classes longest. Good luck, " Red”! Richard Allan Rockwell 62 Menotomy Road Football, Band " Rocky” is one vital rea- son why the A. H. S. foot- ball team of 1949 was unde- feated. We know that he will be as popular with Tufts stu- dents as he was with us. L. William Richmond 24 Woodland Street Honor Roll, Chronicle Tufts-bound " Willie,” who works on the Chronicle, spends his time keeping gas in his Lord. In season, he does a lot of skating. Phyllis T. Rodwell 64 Hamlet Street " Phyl” will be seen at B. U. next year. Her favorite class was Chorus II under Mr. Ein- zig and her sweet voice was enjoyed by many during her A. H. S. career. Frank A. Rindoni 8 1 Newport Street Football, Baseball. Hockey, Track. Basketball Prank is heading for B. U. His favorite outside activities are sports and he has played on many of our teams. We’ll never forget the ' 49 football season when he captained the powerful Red and Gray to the Class A championship. E. Shirley Roberts 42 Tanager Street Honor Roll, Basketball , Swimming, Tennis, Field Hockey, Glee Club " Shirl, " whose favorite outside interest is " Bob ” Barry, is headed for Katha- rine Gibbs. She ' ll never for- get Mrs. Lee’s sewing and Miss Binnig’s shorthand classes, and the Proms. Arthur F. Ronayne 8 Harold Street We wonder why Arthur had such a hard time get- ting his diploma. Tell us, W ' on’t you? Upon graduation, he has high hopes of open- ing a gas station and garage. Best of luck, " Art.” Eleanor May Root 1 1 Murray Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Chronicle Attractive blonde " F.llie " enjoyed Mr. Burke’s jokes and Mr. Russell’s Music 11 class while at A. H. S. She is undecided about the future, but we wish her the best of luck. Page Fifty-nine joseph Arthur Roper 14 1 Newport Street " Sonny, ' a sailor at heart, has been admitted to the Maritime Academy. Outside of school he enjoys football, hockey and lobstering in the summer. Smooth sailing, " Joe " ! Frederick George Rose 19 Osborne Road Gilbert and Sullivan. Chronicle. Lunchroom. " Rec” Committee A familiar sight traveling around Arlington is " Fred- dy, " one of our popular lunchroom boys. Although he doesn’t entirely approve of our disciplinary system, he’ll never forget his numerous trips to Mr. Downs’ office. Murray Keith Rosenthal 63 Robbins Road Honor Roll. Chronicle. Orchestra. Band. Latin Club Popular Murray intends to enter Harvard College this fall to study medicine. He will longest remember Mr. Eaton’s Math 111 period 2 class in his Junior year, and Mr. Einzig ' s unending pa- tience with the orchestra. Ruth Mary Rossi 142 Lake Street G. A. A.. Bowling " Ruthie, " who plans to he a medical secretary, is a member of the G. A. A., and enjoys roller-skating and bowling in her spare time. She will always remember the never-ending pile of home- work she had. Robert Roth 65 Harlow Street Student Council, ' ' Rec ' ' Com- mittee. Chronicle. Ski Club " Bob” will attend North- eastern this fall. He will longest remember his stay at the " Y " in Providence when he went to see the hockey team play in the New Eng- land championship games. Robert Andrew Rotti 2 Heard Road " Bob,” who will attend Sa- lem Teachers’ College, en- joys playing basketball and baseball. The Junior Pro.m will remain in his memory for a long time. George D. Rousakis 170 Summer Street Tennis Team Having chosen a business school as his Alma Mater, " Woodchuck” we know, will find success. His favorite out- side activities are football, baseball and tennis. Esther ). Ruccolo 322 Forest Street Band. Bottling Club One of our cutest drum majorettes, Esther plans to go to a comptometer school af- ter graduation. She ' ll never forget Miss Forsyth’s cooking classes, nor Miss Binnig’s classes in shorthand. Patricia Ann Rule 67 Quincy Street Honor Roll. Orchestra. Glee Club. Chronicle. Ski Club " Patti,” who will make Bates School of Nursing her Alma Mater, enjoys bowling, dancing, and Rainbow work. She’ll never forget her blush- ing moments in math class with patient Mr. Eaton and Mr. Warner. Gordon W. Russell 43 Webcowet Road Hockey. Baseball Sports-minded " Russ” will never forget the fun (?) he had in Mr. Kapff ' s trig and solid classes, nor hockey prac- tice at 2 A. M. Best of luck in the future. Page Sixty Barbara Margaret Ryan 19 Stowecroft Road Cheer Leader. G. A. A. Board Member. Student Council. Honor Rol.l Vice-President Dramatic Club, Latin Club. Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Jackson-bound " B a r h” hopes, in the future, to sing with a band. With her tal- ents, we know she’ll succeed. Another one of Martin’s " coke fiends,” she’ll never forget the hours spent there with the gang. Dorothy Ryan 9 High Haith Road G. A. A.. Tennis, Bonding, Swimming. Guidance As- sistant Well-know ' n " Dottie,” who wants to become a secretary, will never forget " Toz ' s” cooking recipes. Her outside interests are swimming, danc- ing and skating. Loraine Ryan 51 Westminster Avenue G. A. A.. Chronicle. " Rec” Committee. Honor Roll " Lu ' s” favorite activity is roller-skating, but after grad- uation, she plans to go to McLean Hospital to become a nurse. We all know shell make an excellent one! Robert Sanborn 1277 Malfeachusetts Avenue Mr. Kroll ' s chemistry class will remain longest in " Pete’s " memories of Arl- ington High School. A Bos- ton Skating Club fan, it’s no wonder his favorite outside activity is skating. His future lies in the career of politics. Carole-Lee Sandler 45 Neptune Avenue Winthrop, Massachusetts Gilbert and Sullivan. Band. Orchestra Carole, our very talented pianist, wishes to continue her studies at Tufts. She ' ll never forget the fun she had in Mr. Russell’s Music 11 class nor the Gilbert and Sullivan pro- duction, " The Gondoliers.” Marilyn Jean Sarkisian 28 Mystic Bank Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Swimming, Tennis Simmons will welcome fun-loving " Lyn” to its halls next year. She finds design- ing her favorite outside ac- tivity. Best of luck to you. M. Patricia Schaefer 31 Hawthorne Avenue Dramatic Club. Tennis, Chronicle. Pine Arts Club " Pat” intends to further her education at Simmons College. Her favorite outside activities are swimming and tennis. She will always re- member the 6th period fine arts class. Eleanor Louise Scott 150 Brooks Avenue Honor Roll, Glee Club. G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan. " Rec” " Vivacious ' " Scottie” intends to go to Boston University to become a stenographer. She will carry with her memories of the football games and rehearsals for " " The Divine Flora, " " in which she played a talented lead. George Richard Seaver 119 Ronald Road Vice-President of the " Rec” ' " Buddy, " " vice-president of the " " Rec, " " is headed for Bos- ton College. His favorite out- side activities are hockey, driving, and sleeping. We hope, however, that his ca- reer at Boston College is not characterized by too much sleeping. Ann Hazel Sevene 53 Brattle Street Anne is undecided as to her future plans. She will, nevertheless, long remember the wonderful friends she made at Arlington High School and the final exams. Her pet activities are reading and swimming. Page Sixty-one George M. Shahian 182 Mystic Valley Parkway It ' s the jewelry business for George after graduation. His favorite activities are foot- ball, hockey and golf. The lunchroom and Mr. Johnson ' s historv class will be among his fond memories of Arl- ington High School. Parker |ohn Shanahan 9 School Street Parker intends to follow in his father ' s footsteps in the construction equipment busi- ness. The most memorable part of his high school ca- reer was getting up in the morning in time for school. Doris Helen Sharkey ■7() Bellington Street Sii ' imming, Glee Club Nursing is ahead for Doris. She will alw ' ays remember staying after school in Room l.s, and Oral English classes. Her favorite outside activi- ties consist of roller-skating, tennis and bowling. Edward Leonard Sheehan 5.1 Exeter Street Track, Art Club " Ed " plans to attend Teachers ' College. His favor- ite outside activity is foot- ball, but in school he will never forget Mr. Danforth ' s third period mechanical drawing class. Richard Lawrence Sheehan 1 1 1 Thorndike Street " Dick " plans to be a ma- chinist after graduation. Base- ball, football and auto rac- ing will always rate tops with him. He will long remember Mr. Houston ' s classes. William Henry Shirley 108 Newland Road Basketball, Ping Pong Popular " Bill " will go to Boston University next year to become a physical educa- tion instructor. Mr. Kapff’s algebra class is a standout in " Bill ' s " memories of Arling- ton High School. Loads of luck, " Bill " ! Hazel R. Simmons 1285 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball, Badminton, Chronicle, Bottling, G. A, A. Hazel, sometimes known as " the Rebel,” was an ar- dent fan of the football and hockey teams. She will never forget the wonderful musi- cals and plays put on by the school. jerry D. Simpson 18 Pilgrim Road " Jerry” will always re- member the long race from Room 17 to first lunch every day. His favorite outside ac- tivity is bowling. Next year will find him in the halls of Northeastern. Robert Calloway Sisson, |r. o 39 Highland Avenue " Bob” is headed for Noth- eastern after graduation. His favorite outside activities are the rifle club, where he is an expert marksman, and DeMo- lay work. Lawrence Allen Smith 6 Brookdale Road Honor Roll, Chronicle " Larry ' s” aim is to becoine a Harvard man. Of his many outside activities, sports, es- pecially bowling, are his fav- orites. He will always re- member Mr. Eaton’s Math 111 class. Page Sixty -two I- Maralyn Ann Smith 16 Melrose Street Chronicle, Gilbert and Sulli- van. Glee Club " Mai” dreams of an event- ual career in show business. Meanwhile, she plans to at- tend Chandler’s and become a stenographer. She enjoys swimming and dancing. The Gilbert and Sullivan Club and Mr. Einzig will be re- membered longest by her. Robert Joseph Solari 19 Moulton Road " Bob ' s” goal upon gradua- tion is business school. He enjoys outdoor sports, among them horseback riding, tennis and swimming. The wonder- ful time he had at the Senior Prom will be one of his fond- est memories. Thomas Joseph Stanton 61 Freeman Street " Tom ” will attend B. C. prior to his entrance into the business world. He enjoys ice- skating and swimming. Mr. Arthur’s jokes about the ab- sent-minded professor will give him many a future chuckle. Cosmo Thomas Stefaney 26 Peter Tufts Road Student Council, Treasurer Student Council, Chronicle, Dramatic Club " Cos " hopes to grace the halls of B. U. next year. He is a skating enthusiast and one of his fondest memories will be the many good friends he has made at A. H. S. Francis Andrew Spellman " 5 Lyman Avenue, Medford Baseball. Hockey, Football. Basketball. Swimming, Track An active sportsman, " Shino " also enjoys talking and playing pool. ' Whatever he may choose as a future career, we know his friends and classmates wish him the best of everything. Carolyn May Spencer 25 Dartmouth Street " Rusty’s” future ambition is to become a typist. Ten- nis and bowling capture her interest. She will long re- member Mr. Wallace’s and Miss Kelly’s classes. Barbara Elsie Stenmark 1 098 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Chronicle. Ski Club. Year Book " Barb” plans to become a secretary and enjoys dancing and sailing. The good times in the Dramatic Club and the many friends she has made at A. H. S. will always be out- standing in her memory. Bruce Cordon Stephens 6 " North Union Street Basketball. Ping Pong " Brucie” plans to join the Navy upon graduation. He enjoys baseball and swim- ming as outside activities. The good times in Mr. Johnson’s history IV class will remain one of his shining memo ries. Mary Stahl 538 Summer Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club Next year we will find Mary attending Union Col- lege. She is an ardent movie fan, and also enjoys dancing at the ”Rec. " Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals for the ’Waltz Dream” will always stand out in her memory. Robert Paul Stevens 3 Stevens Terrace Indoor and Outdoor Track. Cross Country " Bob” is a very important member of our A. H. S. track team. Besides track, he en- joys sleeping and eating. Next year Arlington’s loss will be Yale’s gain. Page Sixty -three Carol Lois Stewart 24 Iroquois Road Gilbert and Sullivan, G. A. A.. Tennis. Swimming, Track, Bowling. Guidance Assistant We will find vivacious " Peewee” at Kathleen Dell ' s next year. She will always remember Mr. Johnson ' s his- tory class and the fun she had getting in and out of trouble. Claire Margaret Sullivan 24 Lanark Road Miss Krastin ' s wonderful English class will always be remembered by Claire. Next vear we will find her work- ing as a stenographer for some lucky business firm. Best of luck! Mary A. Sullivan 49 Adams Street Basketball Roller-skating and dancing take up most of Mary ' s spare time. Trying to keep from eating lunch in economics class will be one of her hu- morous memories from A. H. S. Mary Elizabeth Sullivan 0 Mary Street Field Hockey. Basketball. Tennis. Dramatic Club. G. A. A.. Ski Club, Chronicle. Jun- ior Prom Committee, Honor Roll Studying nursing at St. Elizabeth ' s will keep " Sully” very busy next year but she will always remember biology with Mr. Sampson, and the Ashka-Mashka Club. Fred Joseph Sweeney 18 Eorest Street Place bred thinks that what he will remember longest about A. H. S. are the good times he had in Mr. Houston’s classes. Auto racing and hock- ey are his favorite outside activities. Priscilla Ann Symington 10 Varnum Street Priscilla, an avid hockey fan, will always remember the thrilling games played by the A. H. S. team. Roller- skating and dancing occupy much of her spare time. William Szili 327 Appleton Street Honor Roll. Basketball. Baseball. Hockey. Football " Bill,” who will always re- member his English classes with Miss O ' Connell and Miss Horrigan, hopes to take a trip arouncf the country with some of his pals after graduation. Bon ' Voyage! Anne Therese Tarbox 231 Appleton Street Suimming, Tennis. Art Club, Honor Roll Nursing will be Anne ' s ca- reer as she will train at the Malden Hospital next year. She will always cherish mem- ories of history class with Mr. Johnson and math with Mr. Eaton. Bruce Russell Thorburn 5 1 Grandview Road Gilbert and Sullivan Next year will see Bruce at Bentley’s. Among his most cherished memories will be those mad study periods in the Hall and the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Hilda Marie Tighe 32 Trowbridge Street Bryant and Stratton may claim Hilda next year and help her to become success- ful in the business world. She enjoys bowling and skiing in her leisure time. Page Sixty-four Frederick Leo Tobin 3 Park Terrace Football Fred held down the ripht guard position on A. H. S.’s undefeated football team of 1949. We hope to see hts name associated with college football before long. Donald John Toner 11 Hemlock Street Baseball, Cross Country " Don, " another of our sports-minded lads, says hock- ey is his first choice for out- side activities. He’ll never for- get Mr. Skinner’s chemistry classes. Whatever your career, we wish you every success! |ohn D. Toomey 42 Alpine Street " Jack’s " future is as yet un- decided. In his spare time he likes to go swimming, bowl- ing and skating. Good luck, " Jack " ! Paul Anthony Totten 4() Thorndike Street Honor Roll Tufts-bound Paul will nev- er forget Mr. Skinner’s " the- ory” of viscosity, nor Mr. Hdl ' s history classes. He has thoroughly enjoyed his hours at the skating club. Harvey John Tourangeau 80 Trowbridge Street " Harv " shall never forget the trials and tribulations of Mr. Miller ' s physics A class. Any future time when he’s not golfing, he will spend his spare moments in Northeast- ern U. Joan Townsend 24 Pine Ridge Road G. A. A., Chronicle, Dramatic Club. Swimming. Tennis, Pine Arts Club Next year we’ll find popu- lar " Tooly " smdying hard at B. U. She will always re- member the super times she had both in and out of school, also the interesting conversations in Miss Kras- tin’s English class. Jean Frances Trainor 19 Rhinecliff Street Glee Club Dancing and ice-skating rate tops with " Pupsy.” Among her favorite memories will be the fun she had in Mr. Wallace’s room. Best of luck at Katharine Gibbs! Donald Joseph Tremblay 107 Hibbert Street ’Don’s” favorite sports are hunting and trapping. He liopes to go to Alaska with his brother after graduation. We hope he can! Edward Joseph Truscello 9 Higgins Street " Ed " plans to attend Bos- ton College next year to fur- ther his education. Sports are his favorite outside activities. The good sportsmanship of A. H. S. has made an ever- lasting impression in " Ed’s " mind. Audrey Jacqueline Tufts 36 Coleman Road Honor Roll. Latin Club. Tennis. Year Book Committee Audrey will enter Jackson College this fall to study teaching. Swimming and reading constitute her favor- ite outside activities. Miss Rounds’ Latin classes will re- main longest in Audrey’s memorv. Page Sixty -five Robert Earnest Valeri 36 Udine Street " Bob, " well known for his blue Oldsmobile, plans to follow his father’s footsteps in the construction business after graduation from ' Went- worth. A variety of girls take up most of his spare time. Richard Harry Van Iderstine 70 Robbins Road Orchestra. Rand. Camera Club " Van " is one of the class of ’50’s leading trumpeters, and could have been seen playing at the " Rec” any Friday night. He will enter Tufts College to study engi- neering. Frank Charles Venfo 58 Silk Street President. Gilbert and Sulli- van. Dramatic Club. Chronicle Frank the president of the Gilbert and Sullivan Club, took part in many of its out- standing presentations. His future occupation is indefinite but we know he will succeed at whatever he undertakes. Marina Voutselas I4l Palmer Street Chronicle. Suimmine. Bowl- ing. Band. Fine Arts Club. G. A. A. Marina plans to attend B. U. this fall. She will always remember the numerous re- port cards, dismissal slips, and absent slips she lost dur- ing her high school career. W. Lawrence Waite 12 Lowell Street Place " Laurie " plans to be a conservation officer. Hunting, fishing and hockey are the outside activities he enjoys most. He will always remem- ber the good times he had in printing class. Barbara Jayne Walker 24 Tanager Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. Chronicle. G. A. A., Ski Club One of our sweetest Sen- iors, " Barbie” will never for- get Mr. Eaton ' s eternal kid- ding about her soft voice. You ' ll have to talk louder when you get to Teachers ' College, " Barbie.” Judith Ann Walker 23 Lennon Road Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan " Judy " will attend business college to take up office work. Swimming and dancing are her favorite outside activities. She will always remember the Gilbert and Sullivan oper- ettas. Robert Joseph Wall 1 Grove Street Place Football. Hockey. Baseball Big, red-headed " Moe " spent a large part of his time at A. H. S. playing on the football, hockey and baseball teams. September will find " Moe " at George Washing- ton College. Roberta Mae Wallace 37 Brooks Avenue Swimming. Gilbert and Sullivan Bowling and dancing rate tops with " Bobby ” for week- ends. She will always recall her Junior home room and all the fun she had in it. Best of luck in the future! Corinne A. Walsh 4 Mary Street Softball. Basketball. Bowling Corinne plans to attend B. U. next year. She enjoys roll- er-skating, bowling and danc- ing. Never to be forgotten are the times she had with Miss Binnig in Room 66. Page Sixty-six William Roger Walworth 34 Fairview Avenue Chronicle, Dramatic Club " Bill " is heading for Tufts and a career of engineering. Most memorable in his high school life were Mr. John- so n ' s American History classes. Barbara Adeline Ward 42 Peirce Street Honor Roll. Orchestra. Band, Glee Club. Swimming. Basketball " Bobbie " is headed for Burdett College. Favorite among her activities are playing and listening to mu- sic. Best of 1 !ck upon your arrival in the business world. Walter Weiner 132 Sylvia Street Golf. Basketball. Baseball. Outdoor Track Some lucky " Y” will have " Danny Kaye ’ as a swim- ming instructor after he grad- uates from Springfield. Does thinking actually take up most of your time, Walter? Florence Colleen Welch 1281 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball, Bowling. Badminton Colleen aspires to the nurs- ing profession and after grad- uation plans to enter a nurs- ing school. Mr. Gaudet s math classes will be remem- bered in her past A. H. S. years. Everett Arthur Wentworth 95 Summer Street Everett plan s to be a car- penter. He thoroughly enjoys horseback riding and bowling after school. Longest remem- bered will be his business or- ganization class. John Lewis Wheatley 99 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll Next year we’ll find " Jack " smdying hard at Middlebury College. Miss Peck ' s Senior English class will long be re- membered by him. Outside of school " Jack " can be found hunting or fishing. Herbert W. Whitney 63 Scituate Street Cross Country. Basketball " Bud” is heading for the navy. Never to be forgotten are his days as lunchroom cashier. He enjoys fishing and his eternal search for a girl friend. Florence Ann Wilson 137 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, Latin Club " Flo-Flo” plans to attend Radcliffe next year. She en- joys reading and music, and her favorite memories of A. H. S. will be her Latin and math classes. John M. Wilson 8 Aerial Street " Scottie” is planning to en- ter the field of radio service after graduation. He enjoys playing golf and listening to classical music in his spare moments. Richard Cordon Wilson 7 Robbins Road " Dick” hopes to join the Marines next year and then become a cabinet maker. He enjoys shooting, roller-skat- ing and driving. He’ll not forget Mr. Danforth’s me- chanical drawing classes. Page Sixty-seven Ronald Emerson Wilson 22 Montague Street Cross Country, Indoor and Spring Track " Ronnie,” who was co- captain of the cross country team, enjoys track most of all. He will remember best Mr. Danforth’s classes in mechan- ical drawing. Best of luck in the future, " Ronnie”! Robert Paul Winrow 1 34 George Street Ski Club. Basketball " Bob” will go to Went- worth Institute to study en- gineering. He likes all types of sports and will always re- member Mr. Kapff ' s math 111 class. |ohn Michael Wolohojian 5 Thorndike Street Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Chronicle. Latin Club. Debat- ing Club. Periclean Forum John, an honor roll stu- dent, is planning to enter Harvard next year. His favor- ite outside interest is music. John will always remember Miss Rounds’ fourth year Latin class. Nathan F. Wood 23 Lincoln Street Honor Roll, Tennis, Dra- matic Club " Nate” intends to enter Harvard next year to study for the ministry. Mountain- climbing, tennis and basket- ball are his favorite outside activities. He’ll never forget those daily rumble-seat rides! Elbert Emerson Woodis 1 1 Churchill Avenue Honor Roll. Band, Orchestra, Golf Team, Ski Club Popular " Woody” wants to become a chemical engineer, and for that preparation is going to Northeastern. Golf is one of " Woody’s” favorite sports and he plays when- ever the opportunity presents itself. Robert John Woods 1 5 Argyle Road " Bob” enjoys participating in all sports. His most last- ing memories will include the many friends he made among his classmates. Best of luck in your future career! jane Wyllie 25 Wellington Street Band, Chronicle, Fine Arts Club, G. A. A., Glee Club, Swimming Next year Jane is headed for Colby Junior College. She will always remember her musical ability (?) at the football games. Jane will al- ways think of the clinic in connection with her high school days. Harvey Wyman 55 Bay State Road Hockey Team. Gilbert and Sullivan As a hockey player, Har- vey will long remember the N. E. To urnament at Rhode Island. He hopes to enter the field of radio after gradua- tion, and we know his many friends wish him every suc- cess. Janet L. Yeo 10 Temple Street Advertising Manager of Chronicle. Gilbert and Sullivan " Jan” plans to attend Framingham State Teachers’ College. She will alw ' ays re- member her summers at Monument Beach. Dancing and bowling rate tops for spare-time fun. Page Sixty-eight Darrell Anne Bent 374 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Driving Course Demure " Darry " hopes to attend a junior college next fall. In her spare hours she enjoys movies, reading, swim- ming, and horseback riding. Worrying over tests will long remain in her memory. Charles F. Cronin 19 Magnolia Street Cross Country. Indoor Track, Gilbert and Sullivan The Navy will claim " Ace” after graduation. He’ll al- ways remember the fun he had at track practice and playing hotkey after school. Best of luck, " Ace. " Louise Constance Cronin 19 Magnolia Street Louise will always hold the teachers of A. H. S. in great esteem. They and her class- mates made her days here very enjoyable indeed. She likes to dance in her spare moments. Roger Lawrence Donoghue 35 Hodge Road " Rog” plans to enter the field of forestry after study- ing at Mass. State. Hunting and skiing are his favorite outside activities. Good luck, " Rog " ! Richard Thomas Dunn 25 Pine Street " Richie” is undecided as to his future career. Sports- minded, his favorite outside activities are baseball, basket- ball and hockey. He will nev- er forget the fun he had in Mr. Kroll ' s them B class. lack M. Gruber 22 Dartmouth Street Tennis, Football. Baseball, Hockey A great sports enthusiast, " Jack " will be going to Southern Methodist next year. Of all his high school memories, the most outstand- ing will be the day on which he received his diploma. David I. Jaffe 46 Mary Street David, who has always en- joyed " composing, " hopes to be a script writer for radio or television. In order to realize his ambition, he will attend B. U. George Kazanjian 46 Mystic Valley Parkway Class President of Voc. George hopes to enter the automotive field after gradu- ation. With the excellent training he received in our auto shop, we ' re sure he ' ll succeed! joseph Edward Lamoureux 23 Water Street " Joe” is looking forward to a career in photography. He ' ll not easily forget the many wonderful teachers he had at dear old A. H. S. Richard Joseph Meadows 1 6 Henderson Street Gilbert and Sullivan " SaIem " -bound " Dick,” a young man with an extraord- inary voice, enjoys singing at parties and for charitable or- ganizations. We wish him all the success in the world. Robert Joseph Meadows 26 Amsden Street Bowling, horseback riding and " his girls” keep " Bob” busy when he’s not in school. He enjoyed oral English and will never forget Graduation Day. Best of luck, " Bob”! Dominic V. Oppedisano 75 Decatur Street Baseball, Football " Mike,” whose interests lie chiefly in sports, has partici- pated in baseball and foot- ball at school. Mechanical drawing in Mr. Houston ' s 5th period class will long remain in his memory. Hugh Joseph Rice 6 Spring Road Baseball Next year " Lucky” is go- ing to be a carpenter’s ap- prentice. Baseball has always been one of his favorite pas- times. Among his favorite memories of A. H. S. are Mr. Burke ' s witty jokes. Robert Theodore Rizzo 55 Dow Avenue Lucky " Bob,” w ' ho has his private pilot’s license, plans to make his career in the " wild blue yonder.” We’re sure East Coast Aviation will welcome such an experienced flier as a commercial pilot. Donald Francis Robinson 134 Warren Street T rack " Louie” will fulfill his life-long ambition if he at- tends B. C. next year. Sports, especially track, took up most of his spare time in high school. Memories of his jun- ior year will be always fore- most in " Louie’s ” mind. Page Sixty -nine john Francis Robinson 12 Egerton Road Football, Hockey. Baseball " Rabbit, ” who is active in school sports, aspires to a career at Notre Dame next fall. We wish him every suc- cess in his future career! Robert Stephan Rosone 23 Governor Road " Bob, " who’s headed for Northeastern, enjoys traveling and keeping his father ' s cars looking new. Since he has had Mr. Kapff for three years, he doubts if he will ever for- get him. Thomas Joseph Tannian 1 1 Exeter Street Baseball " Tom " plans to further his education at Holy Cross where he may participate in his favorite sports, baseball and hockey. He ' ll always re- member spending four years at A. H. S. James Joseph Tighe 8 Windsor Street Frequently an honor stu- dent, James plans to make Northeastern his alma mater. For after-school hours, he rates football, baseball and hockey tops. Best of luck in your future career! Carlin Edward Turek 14 Rhinecliff Street Next year we may find Carlin studying at Cornell, but we hope he’ll always re- member his Alma Mater, A. H. S. Ingrid Wallace 230 Oakland Avenue Tennis. Swimming. Gilbert and Sullivan " Inkie” hopes to attend Wheelock to aid her in be- coming a successful kinder- garten teacher. Her favorite outside activities include Rainbow work, summer sports and dancing. Bent-on Thomas Wheeler 1 5 Chebiot Road Musically inclined Ben hopes some day to enter a music school and work in the line of recording. His treas- ured memories of A. H. S. will be Mr. Russell’s classes. Robert Edward Woodbury 38 Washington Street The girls in Mr. Skinner’s class were a constant source of interest to " Ed” while he was at A. H. S. Outside school he enjoys horseback riding and sw ' imming. Radio will be his career. Page Seventy Has Anybody Got They tell me there will be about five hun- dred of us graduating this year. I imagine some will become big game hunters, so I’m going to give them a few hints. If it’s lions you’re after, the thing to do is to get a wire mesh. You take this to the Sahara Desert, and put as much sand on it as you can. Then you shake it, the sand will go through the mesh, and the lions will re- main on top, for there are many lions in the Sahara. You may also get some Arabs and camels but if you can’t use them, let them go. To hunt tigers, you take the wooden cover of a barrel and a hammer. You go to any jungle and walk about till you find a tiger. Then you say " Grrr ....!” The beast will probably answer the same and jump on you with its sharp nails out. You hold up the barrel cover and these nails will pierce it. Then you quickly rivet them with the hammer. The tiger is then securely held, and you can take it home. This system is also good for panthers and cross women. If you want some crocodiles, you need a boat, a straw hat, and a hammer. ( The one you used for the tiger is all right but anything heavy will do.) You take this equipment to the Amazon River in Brazil, and float the hat in the water. The croco- diles will think that under the hat there is a little Negro boy swimming, and will come to devour him. You are right there in the boat with your hammer. When the crocodile approaches, you overwhelm him with a sharp rap on the cranium, haul him into the boat and take him home. A Mouse Trap? Another method for catching game you can practice right at home with an open book and some honey. You put the honey in the book and when a fly comes to eat it, you slam the book shut. With this sound advice, I’m sure the class of 1950 will produce some of the best big game hunters ever. ( But if you should ever go to the home of a friendly elephant for easy tips on how to catch people, be careful lest you step on his val- uable living room rug — a rare speciman of wild Alonso. ) William Alonso. Q ' y Best All-round Glen Peterson Adele Dengeleski Most Popular Glen Peterson Adele Dengeleski Best Actor Jack Cox Barbra Mills Most Musical Murray Rosenthal Carol-Lee Sandler Who’s 9 . Most Intellectual Charles McEwen Chris Card Most Athletic Jack Cosgrove Kitchie Reid Most Likely to Succeed Anthony Patton Chris Card Wittiest David Gott Barbra Mills Best Dancer Billy Murray Jill Fraser Who 1 " (die St Ted Okcrlund Beverly Lauritzen Shortest Frank O’Keefe Carolyn Srewart Most Attractive Dick Bussey Barbara Ryan Best Dressed Billy Szili Marion Berbarian Best Orator Ralph Angus Ellen O’Neil Most Businesslike Nathan Wood Helene Burke Most Bashful Bob Lafayette Florence Wilson Most Talkative Bob Bunnell Barbara Kane Most Artistic Dave Crowley Jean Dodian YEAR BOOK COMMITTEE Editor-in-Chiej, Christine Card Business Manager, Robert Fiske Front Row (left to I ' ightj : C. Bresnahan, B. Cree, B. Kane, Mr. Eaton, C. Card, R. Fisk, J. Fraser, F. Bell. J. Field, N. Keating. Middle Row: A. Tuffs, E. O’Neil. A. Hogan, B. Stenmark, H. Burke, E. Doyle, E. Scott, S. Keith, M. McLaughlin. Back Row: R. Katzeff, R. Angus, A. Patton, N. Wood, C. Olson, M. Rosenthal, J. W’olohojian. The Year Book Committee undertakes a heavy task, and this year, as usual, performed it well. Members of this committee were chosen for their writing ability, popularity, and reliability. Chris Card was assigned the post of Editor-in-Chief and was ably assisted by twenty-four of her fellow students. Faculty advisers were Mrs. Moffatt and Mr. Eaton, from whom the committee received invaluable help, guidance, and suggestions. Everyone connected with the Year Book spent many long hours engaged in making its production the great success that it is. Perhaps the most difficult problem to be solved was that of including something in the Year Book that no previous class had featured. Besides finding this " Something new,” review- ing the accomplishments of the students through the years, summarizing club activities, selecting photographs and sketches, arranging sections, and tabulat- ing " Who’s Who” were all tasks made light by many hands. The labors of these faithful young journalists will certainly be made worthwhile if the rest of the Seniors are satisfied and pleased with what they have accomplished. We know that their monument to the Class of ’50 will always help to remind us of the fun and friends we had in Arlington High School. Page Seventy-six THE STUDENT COUNCIL President, Anthony Patton Vice-President, Carole Dale Secretary, David Gott Treasurer, Cosmo Stefaney Front Rou ' (left to right) : S. Cooledge, J. Fraser, A. Dengeleski. C. Stefaney, A. Patton, C. Dale, D. Gott, B. Mills. H. Ryan, Mrs. Moffatt. Hack Row: A. Emery, N. Ham, M. Hefron, J. Daly, G. Peter- son, E. Cahaly, R. Card, N. Mazzocca, P. Donovan, B. Ache. In order to maintain proper harmony between the student body and the faculty, there must be a group of representatives to express the views and opin- ions of the students. This year, our Student Council carried out this purpose very well. Many new suggestions and ideas were presented by the council for the general improvement of Arlington High and its students. The lunch room program, originated by the previous year’s council, was further endorsed by this year’s members. Christmas music was played in the lunch room through the efforts of Nancy Ham, one of the Junior members. As usual, the Student Council with the class officers took charge of the proms. In December, cloth- ing was sent to needy Kentucky school children. During this same month, six Junior delegates attended a conference in Melrose and returned with many new and invigorating ideas. Indeed, the Student Council led an active year. Members of the elected council choose their own officers. Through the leadership of these capable officers, the Student Council had a successful and harmonious year. Page Seventy-seven THE " REG” COMMITTEE President, Dorothy Johnson Front Row (left to riKht) : N. Arnold, C. Kolodziej, B. MacFarland, M. Meehan, Mr. Johnson, D. Johnson, E. Scott, C. Hardin, J. Anderson. Back Row M. Carew, C. Bresnahan. M. Cochran, B. Brown, G. Seaver, B. Roth, L. Ryan, J. Anderson, D. Cunniff. We Seniors, as we look back through our high school social events, dis- cover that the " Rec” dances every Friday night have taken up a good deal of our time. In the fall of 1947, we attended the " Rec” dance for the first time, feel- ing quite grown up to be dancing to a real orchestra, " The Arcadians.” We shall always remember the fun we had at the weekly dances, meeting and chatting with friends and the many nights we slaved so hard working at the " coke bar.” The Sadie Hawkins and square dances will always stand out as some of the best dances of the years. For these successful dances we are greatly indebted to the Arlington Auxiliary Police, by whom they are sponsored. We must not forget, how- ever, Mrs. Grannan, who gave up her time during the summer of 1949 to re- hearse with the new " Arcadians” of 1949, made ud of high school boys and girls. Mr. Johnson, our faculty adviser, and Dorothy Johnson, the president of the committee, did a fine job to make the dances interesting, varied, and suc- cessful this year. Page Seventy-eight ORCHESTRA FroTxt Roiv (left to risht) : E. Cole, N. Youn , 1’. Rule, T. Whitman, P. Abbott, J. Smith. B. Ache, L. Talamona, P. Young, H. Buike. Middle Row: L. Lindberg, Mr. Einzig, R. Hatch, J. Humphrey, B. Ward, S. Center. M. Croft. R. Noreen, H. Bennett, A. Emery, N. Mazzocca. Hack Row: R. Van Iderstine, R. Laman, D. Ortolano. E. Donelly, P. Morrison. M. Rosenthal. This year’s Arlington High School Orchestra, one of the finest ever, is a real credit to its capable director, Mr. Einzig. Always at hand to brighten assemblies or other school affairs with its splendid music, the orchestra will be a cherished memory of the Seniors of Arlington High. The 1949 Christmas Assembly, produced by the orchestra, stands out brilliantly as one of the high spots in this year’s school program. Instead of the annual production of a Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta, " The Blue Star Broadcast” was a dazzling success with much credit due to the superb efforts of the orchestra. Whether performing for the Arlington Women’s Club or assisting the Dramatic Club in their play, the orchestra provided its audiences with a great deal of musical pleasure. Those in the orchestra are deeply indebted to Mr. Einzig for his everlast- ing patience and the excellent training they received in the more difficult se- lections. Page Seventy-nine CHRONICLE Editor, Helene Burke Publicity Manager, David Crowley Business Manager, Anthony Patton Sports Editors, Robert Roth, Frances Bell Advertising Manager, Janet Yeo Circulatioyi Manager, Mary Torphy Feature Editor, Christine Card Exchange Editor, Martha Clancy Copy Managers, Adele Denegelski, Marcia Decareau Front Row (left to rijrht) : W. Walworth. W. Richmond. L. Smith, R. Bussey, M. Rosenthal, F. Col- lier, F. Vento, R. Forbes, B. Brown, C. Stefaney, C. McEwen, J. Wolohojian, J. Halley, B. Alonso. W. Publicover. Second Row: Mr. Campbell, Miss Horrigan. P. Clarkson. B. Duncan, C. Grundy, F. Bell, J. Yeo, H. Burke. M. Clancy, A. Dengeleski, M. Decareau, A. Patton. I). Crowley, B. Locke, C. Barry, H. Kelley. Third Row: M. Meehan, A. Dudley. J, Chamberlain, A. Perry. A. Grant. E. Kirchner, P. O Neil, E. Elcewicz, M. O’Neil. N. Penney. P. Bosse, C. Hardin, B. Kane, F. Koger, E. Scott, D. Johnson, D. Foley, E. Pierce, J. Wyllie, J. Keith, Mr. Arthur. Fourth Row: B. MacFarlane, E. Doyle, P. Cochran. J. Parker, H. Simmons. A. O ' Brien, M. Sullivan. B. Cree, F. Wilson. M. Olsson, J. Townsend, B. Stenmark, M. O ' Don- ovan, M. Bacon. M. Borghesani, C. Kolodziej, A. McKeever, J. Mahoney. Bach Row: B. Walker, D. Cun- niff, P. Schaefer, J. Black, P. Rule, N. Keating, P. Ames, A. Donahue, R. Cameron, K. Reid, M. Crowley, J. Field, H. Connor. The great number of good student reporters and the cooperation among staff members and faculty advisers made possible many interesting issues of the Arlington High School student publication, The Chronicle. Each class, Sophomore, Junior and Senior, had an issue devoted to it. There were the features of a record column which could predict hit platters as well as review current favorites; a widely-read gossip column, " Scene Around”; a column which inquired about and then reported on student opinion; " Intro- ducing,” where one might guess the identity of a classmate from a short de- scription; and reports on each of the many club activities. In addition to the regular features, sports reports, and news items which were published in the paper, the Chronicle made news by sponsoring a successful square dance on No- vember 10, where many A. H. S. students enjoyed dancing polkas, the schot- tische, and squares to the caller’s instruction. For fun and features, the Chronicle of 1949-1950 will be difficult to surpass. Page Eighty FINE ARTS CLUB Front Row (left to ri ht) : T. Whitman, S. Keith. J. Townsend, H. Hughes, M. Petei s. Hack Row: A. Dudley, H. Alonso, H. Norman. E. Sheehan, Mr. Coletta. This year, the Fine Arts Club was limited to Juniors, Seniors, and those planning to attend an Art School. Mr. Coletta decided on this policy because he felt the club could accomplish a great deal more by thus limiting the mem- bership. The purpose of the club was to work on advanced drawing and painting. The students planning to attend Art School worked on their port- folios, and, along with the others, carried out problems in medians which the regular school program does not allow ' . These medians w ' ere clay, w ' ood and pastels; the pupils also used the regular class materials such as poster paint, w ' ater colors, and ink. The club had a very successful year due to the com- bined efforts of Mr. Coletta and the enthusiastic members. Page Eighty-one DRAMATIC CLUB President, Barbra Mills Secretary, Thelma Whitman Vice-President, Barbara Ryan Treasurer, Nathan Wood Assistant Secretary, Phyllis Kilmer The Dramatic Club of A. H. S. has given us three years of splendid drama and entertainment. The 1947-48 season saw an excellent play based on World War II called " Tomorrow the World,” the story of a Nazi youth brought to this country to be Americanized. All who saw this production were impressed with the talent it revealed among the students who participated. The following year the club presented a light comedy entitled " The Divine Flora,” which was equally well-received. One of the members of the class of ’50, Jean Dorian, had the honor of portraying the lead — a wall-flower who is transformed into the star of the social season. The grand climax came this year with the presentation of Moss Hart’s and George S. Kaufman’s " You Can’t Take It With You,” an uproarious com- edy with a record Broadway run. Starring in the cast were " Barb” Mills, " Bob” Brown, Ronald Forbes, and Jack Cox, ably assi sted by Ted Okerlund, Charles McEwen, Frank Vento, and Nathan Wood. The wonderful success of " You Can’t Take It With You” provided a grand finale to the three years during which we have enjoyed the best in light and serious drama. Page Eighty-tivo Front Row (left to right ) : F. Rose. L. Smith, S. Gerber, J. Wolohojian, W. Walworth. C. Stefaney, W. Publicover. F. Coughlin. D. Crowley. B. Alonso, A. Ortalano. P. Peterson. Second Row: D. Corbett, T. Okerlund. B. Brown, F. Vento. Mr. Kroll, Miss Manning, N. Wood, B. Ryan, B. Mills, T. Whitman, P. Kilmer, Mrs. Mathews, J. Chamberlain. R. Forbes. J. Cox, C. McEwen, E. Root. Third Row: F. Wilson. M. Olsson, B. Cree. M. Hearn, A. McKeever, D. Johnson, J. Flux. A. Dudley. J. McCoubrey. P. O’Neil. B. Locke. M. O ' Neil, N. Penney. S. Keith. E. O’Neii, M. Sarkisian, C. Barry, M. McLaughlin, J. Gardiner, M. Sullivan, B. Kane, A. Dengeleski, J. Wyllie, P. Schaefer. Fourth Row: D. Foley, H. Connor, J. Field. E. Scott, B. Stenmark. E. Kiichner. E. Merserve, M. O ' Donovan, A. O ' Brien, N. Keating. M. Bacon, M. Borghesani, R. Cameron, C. Kolodziej, P. Ames, J. Townsend. B. Ayles, M. McMurrer, M. Decareau. M. Clancy, E. Reed, F. Koger. Raclc Row: R. Katzelf. R. Angus, A. Patton, G. PVterson, R. Bussey, C. Alsen, P. Totten. H. Ainsw’orth. However, not only the actors and actresses receive enjoyment from the Dramatic Club. Those who serve on property and staging committees, on ticket committees, as ushers and candy sellers, and in publicity groups also get ample reward. Other less active members enjoy watching their more gifted classmates perform in skits and pantomimes at the monthly meetings. We are certainly grateful to Mrs. Matthews and Miss Manning who have given time, energy, and patience to make the Dramatic Club one of the largest and most popular of all A. H. S. organizations. Although only in its fourth year, the A. H. S. Latin Club has become one of the more renowned and noteworthy clubs of the school. Composed wholly of fourth year Latin students, its purpose is to broaden the student ' s under- standing of and interest in Roman life, culture and literature. Demonstrations and talks are frequently given which illustrate the key points of classical cul- ture. One of the highlights of the recent social program was a party commem- orating the birth of Virgil, the poet, with whose work the class has spent most of the year. Museum tours, individual reading, and research are planned, along with many other interesting and informative opportunities for the stu- dents. The soundness and thoroughness of the club’s inspirations are evident in the number of students who go on to develop their cultural interests in the ad- vance of their academic work. Credit for a great measure of this inspiration must be attributed to the ever-delightful and capable direction of Miss Dorothy Rounds. Page Eighty-four LATIN CLUB ' TRIDECEM EORTUNATE’ Consul Primus, Anthony Patton Consul Secondus, Sally Cooledge Scriha, Noreen Keating Socii Concili Ludorum, Anne Hogan. Christine Card Front Row (left to rijrht) : J. Field, A. Tufts, E. Keed. M. Clancy. C. Ca.d. S. Cooledgre, A. Patton, N. Keatinjj. A. Hojran, E. Merserve, D. Corbett, Miss. Rounds. Back Row: B. Evans, P. Ames, E. Cole, EL. Nuprent, C. McE wen, M. Rosenthal, R. Angus. J. Wolohojian, A. O’Brien, E. Mahoney, Wilson. PERICLEAN FORUM President, Robert Katzeff Vice-President, Ronald Karp Front How (left to rijrht) M. McCiowan, B. Mitchell. N. Noreen, M. Mockle, R. Katzetf, E. Derby, R. Karp. A. Horton. R. Keefe, M. Cass, Miss Wakefield. Hack How: J. O ' Connel. R. Keshian, J. Wolohojian, (J. Strong, B. Moltman. R. Armstrons, R. Fisk, C. McEwen, D. Crowley, W. Alonso, C. Canzanelli. Secretary-Treasurer, Eleanor Derby Every Monday afternoon the small but dynamic group comprising the Periclean Forum assembles in the library to discuss questions concerning affairs of home, school, nation, and the world in general. Using the Town Meeting of the Air as pattern, the discussions are lively and informal, and give all the members an excellent opportunity to take part. Though it may not be realized at the time, the weekly speakers at the meetings are helping themselves to overcome self-consciousness, to improve their diction, and to present their views in a most clear, concise, and comprehensive manner. Under the leadership of our able and understanding faculty director. Miss Wakefield, and presided over by Robert Katzeff, the Periclean Forum has em- barked on a most successful season. Page Eighty-five GILBERT AND SULLIVAN President, Frank Vento Vice-President, Ronald Forbes Secretary, Alda Perry Front Row (left to right) : Mr. Einzig, B. Duncan, C. Gi unday, M. Stahl, S. MacDonald, F. Mac- Donald, F’. Vento, A. Ferry, K. Forbes, J. Chase. Middle Row: J. Cnamoerlain, W. French, R. Cater- ino, F. Ayles, A. Grant, M. ivicGrane, M. bmith, Fl. Kelley. Back Row: R. Meadows, J. Cox, R. F’iske, R. Armstrong, c, Alsen, B. ihorburn, R. Brown, B. Dahill, F ' . Rose, H. Menzonan. A Gilbert and Sullivan production cannot be beaten for tops in entertain- ment. In the past years, the club has presented many thrilling performances such as " The Mikado,” " Ff. M. S. Pinafore,” and " The Pirates of Penzance.” In 1948, " The Gondoliers” was offered, and the members of the class of ’50 were just beginning to show their capability in the singing, dancing, and dramatic fields. Last year, " Waltz Dream” by Oscar Strauss, was given, with some of the members of the class of ’50 taking leading roles. Among these were Maralyn Smith, Ronald Forbes, Frank Vento, Mary Stahl, and Sally MacDon- ald. Although this production broke away from the Gilbert and Sullivan tra- dition, it was, nevertheless, thoroughly enjoyed by the cast and appreciated by large and enthusiastic audiences. This year " Blue Star Broadcasts” will be presented. This will take the form of a radio production with a great deal of ’50 talent and imagination scattered throughout. Under the able guidance of Mr. Einzig and Mr. Russell we are sure it will prove a grand success. The members of the large Gilbert and Sullivan organization can never forget the wonderful times they enjoyed in rehearsal, the fun of trying on cos- tumes, the rigors of being " made up,” the stage fright and excitement on open- ing night, the back stage hilarity, and the marvelous final parties. We’re sure no Broadway production could afford such good times as those enjoyed in the operettas put on by the A. H. S. Gilbert and Sullivan Club. CAMERA CLUB President, Terry Loftus Vice-Presidnt, Edward Donnelly Secretary, Steward Gerber Treasurer, Richard Van Iderstine Frovt Row (left to right) : L. Arthur, M. Cameron, C. Caliendo, R. Van Iderstine, T. Loftus, E. Donnelly, S. Gerber, I). Aimo, C, McHugh, Mr. Coletta. Back How: B. Maxwell, J. Murphy, A. Cav- anaugh. J. Cox, R. Hatch. K. Aimo, D. Ortolano, W. Golden, C. Lansil. The Camera Club has once more ended a year of profitable photography, worthwhile not only in experience but in service to the school. Along with many and varied field trips taken, members of the club covered all football games and many other sporting events, and turned out some excellent photos for the Chronicle and for display. Also in the line of display, the club pro- cured and showed the entries of the Kodak High School Photography Contest. Among the trips taken, outstanding were the tour of the Bachrach Stu- dios to see their photographing and processing methods, and a trip to Old Sturbridge Village. Here they took many pictures of the colonial village in replica and displayed the fruits of their efforts for the student body. The club has once more succeeded in its aim to make photography more fun and at the same time more profitable. Page Eighty-seven THE LUNCHROOM BOYS Front Row (left to rijrht) : R. Murphy. R. Eorbes, J. Halley, G. Flynn. F. Rose, R. Bussey. H. Whit- ney. Hack Row: R. Dallachie, W. McCall, R. Dahill, D. Dalrymple, A. Caterino, J, Lynch. The lunchroom boys were a select group of Senior boys, chosen for their honesty, business ability, and reliability. Under Miss Campbell’s capable supervision, they helped to speed the students of A. H. S. through the lunch- room lines. They ran the cash registers, and handled every cent received in the cafeteria. Sacrificing five study periods each w ' cek, " Bob” Dahill, " Fred” Rose, " Dick” Bussey, " Herb” Whitney, " Al” Caterino, " Bill” McCall, " Don” Dalrymple, " Bob” Dalahy, and " Joe” Halley maintained a high rate of efifi- ciency in the lunchroom at all times. They all agreed it was a great deal of fun and said they enjoyed the responsibility. These boys became an integral part of our school life. George Flynn was treasurer of the lunchroom and was regarded by the faculty as one of the most capable boys to hold this position. We all know that the business background obtained in the lunchroom will help these boys to be successful in their future careers. Page Eighty-eight GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB President, Mary Stahl Secretary, Carol Grundy There are few groups at A. H. S. more harmonious than the Girls’ Glee Club. Both musically and socially, the girls find it easy to get along together when under the influence of this splendid organization. Monday has been the usual meeting day and many girls from all three classes reserve it for s inging. Under the capable leadership of the director, Mr. Russell, they bring out many of the beautiful old standard ballads, Christ- mas carols and similar works for rehearsal. These rehearsals are much en- joyed by all for the melodies are familiar ones and all frequently appropriate to the season. However, the club does not refuse to share its pleasure w ' ith others. Very popular with the Arlington Women’s Club, it has put on several lovely pro- grams for them and also for the Teachers’ Club. They have in the past com- peted satisfactorily in the New England Music Festival but their most demanded services are for their own A. H. S. assemblies. By joining with male choristers they can then bring to life many beautiful anthems and difficult chorales. Although the finished performances are thoroughly enjoyed by both audience and participants, the girls agree that the informal rehearsals on Mon- day afternoon, where they and their leader may work out notes and interpreta- tion as freely as they wish, are tops for worth-while fun. Page Eighty-nine Front Row (left to right) : M. Roby. P. Beadle, S. MacDonald, B. Duncan, M. McGrane, M. Smith, Mr. Russell. A. Perry, M. Stahl, C. Grundy, J. Trainer, B. Leary, W. French. Middle Row: S. Roberts, M. Meehan, V. Bond, E. Cole. A. O ' Brien. M. O’Donovan, T. Ohanesian, R. Wallace, D. Sharky, J. Plum- mer, B. Walker, R. Giurleo. hack Row: H. Larsen, C. Larsen, P. Croscup, M. Dhimos, C. Kolodciej, C. Card, A. Grant. A. McKe ve. . J. Chase, K. Reid. M. Harris. WILL OF CLASS OF 1950 This being the last will and testament of the Class of 1950, we hereby bequeath : I To the Juniors — a little more wisdom, a little more ability and a generous supply of school spirit. II To the Sophomores — a carload of stamina, enthusiasm and perseverance to carry them through the next two years. III To specific members of A. H. S., these general and suitable bequests: 1. Frank Rindoni leaves his best wishes to next year’s football team. 2. To Aura Kasperian, Sally Cooledge leaves her love of sports. 3. Barb Jones wills her petiteness to Pat Abbott. 4. The fashion plates of ’50, Jill Fraser and Marion Berbarian, leave their flair for clothes to Connie Cahalin and Muriel Boucher. 5. Bill Doherty leaves thanks to Mr. Johnson, still owing a certain girl a frappe. 6. Nancy Ferreira and Diane Fernandez leave their well-known seats in the Canital to anyone w ' ho dares to take them. 7. Charlie MacEwen leaves Miss Rounds still gasping at his comments. (S. Freya Koger leaves her pep and vitality as cheerleader to Mae Dona- hue. 9. Dick Bussev wills his good looks to Bill Kenealy. 10. Bill Meehan leaves the hockey team to Scott Cooledge and Norby Timmons. 1 1 . Bunnv Bell leaves with her ou ' n name — no thanks to Mr. Kemp. 1.2. Leslie Nelson leaves his slow gait to " Fuzzv” Freslo. 1 loan Kranefuss leaves her good looks to " Pinky” Warren. 14. Coelier. Stevens, Lafavette and Wilson will the track team to Mor- gan. Salisburv and De Maso. 1‘s. Parb Mills leaves the deed to " Moose Haven” to Marv DufTv. 16. Helene Burke leaves all her worries and nroblems to next year’s editor of the Chronicle. 17. Adele Dentreleski leaves her popularity and school leadership to Nancy Ham. 15. Nathan Wood and FHen O’Neil leave their tw4n glasses to any tunior farsiehted couple. 10. Dave Con .uladlv leaves his books to anvone who wants them. 20. Ann Houan leaves the many hanpy hours snent at the Skating Club to Ann Emery. ?1. RoK Rahine leaves h ' s dimoles to George Wickwire. 22. Maureen Crowlev leaves the men in the Vocational Shop to Kay Crowlev. 23. Tack Kilev leaves his deen voice to Bob Fitzgerald. Page Ninety 24. Barb Hanson leaves her ability to dash around H. R. 12 to the girl who has the last seat in that room next year. 25. As Oscar Swenson left Ann Dudley for college, so Jack Wheatley leaves Barb Flick. 26. John Wolohojian leaves his " Classroom ability” to John Walkin- shaw. 27. Kitchie Reid leaves the hours she spent on the basketball court to Mary Hefron. 28. John Cox leaves to the school proof of the theory that " Geniuses may be human.” 29. Whitey DeRosa leaves his basketball ability to Don Swanson. 30. Judy Chamberlain leaves her winning smile to Terry O’Fria. 31. Peter Cooney leaves chemistry — with pleasure. 32. Dooze Donahue hates to leave modern dancing, but plans to con- tinue her intricate study of it at B. U. next year. 33. Bootsie Bilafer leaves all the girls still guessing. 34. Kootchie Patton will leave his report cards to the first lucky junior who can grab one. 35. Ann Tarbox leaves the long, cold walk she took from Gray Street every morning to Evelyn Bonaglia. 36. Harry Ainsworth leaves his jokes to Joe Dalev. 37. Marion McGrane leaves us, but we hone that beautiful voice never leaves her. 38. Dee Glassnool and Jackie Jenkins leave the corridor by the hall to Pauline Skilton and Bob Dallachie. 39. A I Griecci l “aves — still transnortint? evervone around in his " jewel.” 4(). Shirle ' ' Keith leaves her charm to J.ouella Harris. 40. Ted Okerlupd has to leave his Fnclish reacher — but reluctantly. 42. Mai Olsson. Dot Fole ' c Barb Cree and Jean McCoulareg leave their class friendshin to Barb Arnold and Margie Hilton; and Ann Ma- hon and Helena McCov. 43. Fd Woodburv leaves — bv the skin of his teeth. 44. Rill Shirley leaves, but he won’r will Irene to anyone. 45. To Danny O’Brien, Cosmo Stefaney wills his way with the opposite sex. 46. Chris Card leaves the hard jol ' ) of edirinc this year’s Year Book to the editor of next vear. Well done. Chris — our thanks! ! 47. Fd Cahalv to anv iunior in dire need a cony of his book, " How to Win Friends and Jnfluence Teachers.” 48. We leave the job of drawing un a will to next year’s most promising attorneys. Signed : Witnesses: Barbara Kane. Barbara Cree Janet Field. Eleanor Scott Barbara Stenmark Shirley Keith Pa e Ninety-one CHEER LEADERS Front Row (left to rigrht) : M. Donahue, C. Corelli, A. Emer -, F. Roger, E. Jones, A. Cummings, A. Kasparian. Back Row: J. Morrisson, X. Gatto, A. Hogan, B. Ryan, B. Mitchell. The cheerleatding squad for the 1949 football season was composed of twelve girls selected from the three classes. Freya Koger was chosen as head cheerleader and she proved herself very capable indeed. Little Joan Eadie came back for the second year as mascot. The cheerleaders, wearing their traditional maroon sweaters and gray skirts, were at every football game inspiring the players on to victory. Several successful rallies were attended by many enthusiastic students who enjoyed them immensely. It must have been a real thrill to have been a cheer- leader during the year the team was successful enough to earn a trip to the Sugar Bowl in Louisiana! Perhaps if the cheerleading squad had been at that game. New Orleans might have been defeated. There can be little doubt, in any case, that the girls’ sparkling smiles, graceful cartwheels and peppy cheer- ing were great morale-boosters to the Red and Grey line. Page Ninety-two G. A. A. President, Adele Dengeeeski Vice-President, Aurora Kasparian Secretary, Joan Townsend Treasurer, Carole Dale Front Row (left to ri{?ht ) : M. Voutselas, A. Donahue, M. Decareau, S. Cooledge. B. Mills, B. Ryan, M. Donahue. B. Mitchell, A. Kasparian, C. Dale, J. Townsend, J. Morrison, P. Reid, J. McCoubrey, A. Hopan, B. Hansen. Middle Row: Miss McCarty. H. Larsen. C. Stewart. E. Locke, C. Larsen, M. Clancy, M. Sullivan. M. Cochran, R. Cameron. N. Keatinjr, M. Olsson, D. Foley, E. Doyle. J. Field, G. Doherty. C. Olson. K. Reid. B. Walker. Miss Garrity. Back Rote: A. Dudley. B. Kane, F. Koprer. J. Howard, P. DiSilva, B. Clifford. B. Duncan. P. Clarkson. D. Glasspool. C. Card. M. Borphesani, C. Bresnahan, A. Me- lia, J. Fraser. M. Ahearn. E. Kirchner. J. W ' ylie. S. Bowdidpe. The Girls’ Athletic Association, better known as G. A. A., is one of the leading clubs at Arlington High School. It is composed of over one hundred girls who enjoy the many games, parties and activities sponsored by the club. Miss Garrity and Miss McCarty have helped immensely in making this club what it is. Under the able leadership of its officers, the G. A. A. has planned a pro- gram chock-full of activities. As usual in October, the initiation party was held. Following this, in November, was a gala Field Day. The rest of the school year will be filled with such events as ping-pong matches, a splash party, interclass sports, the Amateur Show, and the annual trip to Crane’s Beach. Through these parties and healthful indoor and outdoor activities, G. A. A. hopes to earn its reputation as one of the most successful and fun-filled clubs in Arlington High this year. Page Ninety-four GIRLS’ FIELD HOCKEY Front How (left to riprht) : P. Reid, B. Rennie, S. CooledKe, E. Jones, A. Kasparian. Back Row: D. Foley, M. Clancy, C. Dale. A. Den eleski, M. McGowan, M. Decareau, R. Cameron, M. Cochran, Miss Mc- Carty, Coach. Despite the fact that the 1949 Girls’ Field Hockey team lost its first game to Concord, Miss McCarty’s girls came back to beat Melrose, Malden, and Lex- ington, although losing to Winchester and tieing Belmont. Adele Dengeleski, Sally Cooledge, Kitchie Reid, Jill Fraser, Eloise Jones and Aurora Kasparian combined their efforts on Arlington’s offense, while Rosamond Cameron, Marcia Decareau, Barbara Rennie, Pat Cochran, Mary McGowan, Carol Dale, and Mary Wallace protected the goal. Besides their scheduled season eames, the girls participated in the Field Day, sponsored by the Boston Field Hocky A.ssociation for all the high school allied members of the association. The ttirls held Middleboro, Dana Hall, and Malden to 0-0 scores, while they tied Duxbury 1-1. Best of luck to the 1 950 team! GIRLS’ TENNIS Fro ft How (left to right) : M. Sullivan, J. Aronson, M. Decareau. Back Row: Miss Garrity, O. Du- kakis, M. Olson. M. Hefron, A. Dengeleski. Three times a week you will find the girls’ tennis team practicing at the Spy Pond courts, in hopes of perfecting their strokes and techniques. They anticipate stiff competition this spring, but plan to be ready for it! The girls hope to make a good showing against such powerful teams as Malden, Belmont, Melrose, Winchester, Lexington and Watertown. The team of 1949 had an even score of three wins and three losses. With the able assistance of their coach. Miss Garrity, the girls hope to overcome their weak points, especially serves and placing the ball. Although many of their opponents are champs and have won medals at Longwood, our team show ' s great promise for a successful season ahead. Page Ninety-six GIRLS’ SOFTBALL Front Row {left to rijrht) : A. Donahue, P. Re id. Middle Row: C. Walsh, H. Hughes, B. Vaughn. H. Clifford. S. Cooledge. Back Row: B. Watson, M. Page, Miss McCarty, G. Merrill, K. Crowley. The 1949 girls’ softball team, under the able supervision of Miss Kather- ine McCarty, had a very good season, winning five games and losing only two. Behind Barbara Vaughn’s fine pitching, Barbara Watson, Ann Donahue, Kitchie Reid, Sally Cooledge, Helene Hughes, Barbara Clifford, Corinne Walsh, and Kay Crowley subdued Lexington, Belmont, Melrose, Wilmington, and Winchester, while suffering losses from only Malden and Concord. Since most of these veterans, plus some very promising sophomores, will be playing this spring, we know Miss McCarty will have a very successful 1950 team. Good luck, girls! Page Ninety-seven GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Front Roiv (left to riKht) : R. Cameron. M. Sullivan, M. Decareau, P. Reid. S. Cooled e, A. Den- eleski, H. Duffy. Back Row: J. Howard. Miss McCarty, P. DiSilva. This year’s veteran basketball team, under the supervision of Coach Miss McCarty and managers Pauline DiSilva and Joan Howard, is headed for an- other certain success after the championship they earned last year. The promising line-up will consist of the active forwards, Sally Cool- edge, " Kitchie” Reid, and Helen Duffy. These players will be backed by a sturdy combination of Jill Fraser, " Roz” Cameron, and Adele Dengeleski. The girls are anxiously anticipating the coming season, and with last year’s excellent record in mind they are hoping for a repeat performance. Page Ninety-eight GOLF Kneeling (left to rijfht) : C. Fuller, L. Smith. Standing : Mr. Arthur, W. Rich, E. Woodis, F. Cam- eron, R. Hianchi, P. Arthur. The golf team, though not greatly publicized, has proven in the past three years to be one of our better athletic teams. In 1948, by winning all their scheduled games, they were proclaimed champions of their league, w ' hich included sixteen teams from schools of north- ern Greater Boston. The 1949 season saw a heart-breaking turn of events. The team didn’t lose a game, yet they w ' ere not declared champions though they had beaten the team that did receive the title. However, with good sportsmanship typical of A. H. S., Mr. Arthur’s boys resigned themselves to their loss with high hopes of compensating for it another year. This year, with Carl Fuller as the only veteran player, the team once more enjoyed an exciting and very successful season. Page Ninety-nine TRACK Front Jiow (left to right) : F. Danehy, W. Kene aly, F. Collier, J. DeMaso, F. Rindoni, R. Wilson, R. Lafayette. R. Stevens. R. Casey. Middle How: W Crawford, D. Taurasi, C. Curtis, C. Leveroni, A. (Jriecci, A. Stanbury, R. Tobiason. “Doc” McCarty. Hack Row: P. Salisbury. K. Joel, S. Cotfey, E. Donnelly, W. Atwood, R. Frizola. R. Dudley, C. Cronin. L. Morgan. The indoor track team, coached by popular " Doc” McCarty, has completed another of its successful seasons. " Bob” Stevens, Fred Collier, and " Bill” Ken- eally led Arlington olf to a hne start by bringing the team to a brilliant victory over Rindge. In all the other events Arlington excelled with such superior trackmen as Frank Rindoni and " Red” Salisbury throwing the shot. Collier and Donnelly clearing the high bar, and Cronin and Griecci in the six hundred yard run. Coach McCarty should be duly proud of this compact product of his hard work; and the boys, of their addition to an already splendid record. Page One Hundred CROSS COUNTRY Front How (left to ripht) : R. Wilson. D. Gott, F. Collier, L. Morjran, K. Lafayette, R. Pierce, J. Da- Maso. P. Geary. R. Stevens. Hack Row: R. Tobiason, C. Leveroni R. Dudley, D. Crowley. H. Fleminji. .1. Livingston. H. Whitney. F. Driscoll. Under the very capable leadership of Coach " Doc” McCarty, the Arlington High cross country team has emerged with an excellent record. They won four out of five dual meets and rated second in the state meet. Co-captains " Bob” Stevens and " Ron” Wilson, with the help of " Fred” Collier and " Bob” Lafayette placed Arlington among the top cross country teams of the state. Next year, only a few of this year’s harriers will be back, but we wish them all the success of this and preceding years. Arlington is justly proud of the wonderful record set by this team! Page One Hundred One ic.„ X i THE HOCKEY TEAM Front Roic (left to ri ht) : P. Cooney, P. Doherty, .1. Kenney. G. Russell, W. Meehan. D. O’Brien, H. Wyman. Middle Row: R. Babine, B. Burke, J. Doyle, R. Kiley. E. Nugent. H. Leto, A. Paresky, Ed. Burns. Back Row: J. Roper, W. Wassal, W. Dickson, A. Patton, S. Cooledgej P. Bilafer, C. Carney, Having lost its great stars of ’47, ’48, ’49, Arlington’s hockey team never- theless remained at a high level of production. Since there were no excep- tionally outstanding stars, Arlington was strictly a hard skating, playing team. The first wave consisted of Bill Meehan, Don O’Brien, both great veterans, and " Boots” Bilafer. The second line was led by Bob Babine, with Bill Do- herty and Jack Kenny on the wings. The third line, who saw a great deal of action, too, featured Peter Cooney, Harvey Wyman with Scott Cooledge and Bill Vassil alternating at left wing. These three lines were so equally efficient that none can be classed better than the other two. All skated other teams literally into the ice. On defense. Bob Kiley, Willie Dickson, " Nobe” Tim- mins, and " Kootch” Patton helped form a well-balanced team. Gordon Rus- sell did an outstanding job in the nets. All success the team enjoyed this season was due greatly to the untiring efforts of Coach " Ed” Burns. Credit should also be given to Mr. Burke who helped the team win the second game when Coach Burns, Bill Meehan, Don O’Brien, and Paul Bilafer were at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Page One Hundred Two BOYS’ BASKETBALL Front Row (left to right) : H. Stevens, J. Cosgrove, R. DeRosas, W. Shirley, C. Fuller. Hack Row: Mr. Lowder, D. Swanson, G. Peterson, S. Floyd, H. Bennett. In our three years here, we have seen some of the best in high school bas- ketball. To begin with, 1948 was the best season in many years with the team running up twelve wins against only four losses. The following year the team ended up second in league standing by pulling out of a slump early in the season and rising quickly to the top. Facing such teams as Woburn, Malden, Watertown and Rindge Tech, the team once again this year played a round of exciting and eventful games. With such stars as Glen Peterson, " Whitey” DeRosas, " Don” Swanson, " Bill” Shirley, and " Jack” Cosgrove, and " Sonny” Floyd, Bruce Stevens, and Carl Fuller assisting them, it is only logical that the team should be outstand- ing. These boys have the endurance, speed and skill which are the marks of real cham- pions; and their performance on the court is of typical A. H. S. excellence. BOYS’ TENNIS Arlington High School can be proud of a successful tennis team with an outstanding record. Much of their acknowledged success is attributed to long hours of practice under close supervision. Mr. Wallace has been tennis coach at Arlington High School for many years, and he has always succeeded in pro- ducing a superior group of athletes. Although the greater part of their vic- tories were accomplished in single matches, double match successes also helped to bring glory to the Arlington High School squad. Although not as well- publicized a sport as others at A. H. S., this year, nevertheless, many loyal fans attended the home games at the Spy Pond tennis courts. We hope that in the not-too-distant future, the boys tennis team will find its rightful place among the trophy-winning athletic groups of Arlington High School. Fn nt Rou ' (left to right) : A. Driscoll, G. Brouilette, H. Jones, D. Spencer. Back Row: F. Rama- corli, N. Wood. Mr. Wallace, W, Berry, F. Melley Page One Hundred Four BASEBALL Front lioiv (left to rijrht) : W. Leary, P. Cooney, D. Hodgrins, H. Merrill, J. Houjrh, J. Cosgrrove, J. Canniff. W. Kenealy, C. Oppedisano. Hack Rou ' :R. DeRosas, E. Robson, W. Meehan. J. Deane, G. Peterson, D. Swanson. D. O’Brien. The varsity baseball squad had a successful season as usual. Coach Cavalieri inspired his boys to employ good sportsmanship and hard play on the field. The " Spy Ponders” waged victorious warfare both on the home field at Spy Pond and on foreign fields. Glen Peterson and " Bob” Hill threw from the mound. Behind the plate were " Bootsy” Bilafer and " Bill” Kenealy. " O’Bie” O’Brien, " Bill” Meehan, and " Jack” Cosgrove showed infallible field- ing on the diamond. " Ed” Cahaly and " Red” Salisbury covered the outfield with amazing fleetness. At the plate, almost any member of the team was capable of producing in the clutch. After the hard-hitting A. H. S. batters had piled up a two- or three-run lead, they could depend upon pitchers Peter- son and Hill to hold that lead with superb twirling. Captained by the able " Jackie” Cosgrove, the A. H. S. baseball team of 1950 will not quickly be for- gotten, for several of its stars are sure to make their mark in college and pro- fessional baseball. FOOTBALL The Arlington High School football team of 1949 was undoubtedly the greatest football team in the history of the school. As Class A co-champions, they brought honor and praise to our school, to their coaches, and to them- selves. Coach Toczylowski, with the help of Coaches Burns and Cavalieri, molded a group of relatively inexperienced Junior and Senior boys into the hardest-hitting, fastest-running team in the state! Arlington had one of the heaviest lines in schoolboy football this year, which contributed greatly to the team’s success. Linemen Roy Hill, Frank Rindoni, " Dick” Kelley, and " Al” Taterini weighed over two hundred pounds each. " Chile” Oppedisano, Larry Albertell ' . " Whitev” DeRosas, " Dick” Rockwell, Fred Tobin, and the able " Charlie” Dorrington gave additional power to our staunch forward wall. One striking examnle of the abilitv of our line is the fact that Warren Easton High gained onlv three yards rushing, in the first half of the Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans. " Tack” Cosgrove Quarterbacked the fast Arlington backfield. Other es- neciallv sneedv backc were " Don” O’Brien and " Red” Sal ' sburv. " Dick” Muel- lo did most of the line plunging. The outstanding defensive back was Paul " Pootsv” Bilafer. Taken together, this backfield was a smooth running, ef- ficient machine. P ' ront Row (left to rijrht) : P. Bilafer. F. Tobin, A. Tartarini, C. Dorrington: F. Rindoni, Captain: K. Hill. J. Cosgrove, C. Oppedisano. R. Kelly. Second Row: N. Samellas, T. Myers, R. DeRosas, L. AU bertelli. D. O’Brien. W. Meehan. W. Kenealy, P. Salisbury. R. Muello, J. Egan, Third Row: R. Carey, W. Kane, D. Winters, R. Rockwell. R. Hayes. R. Theller, G. Wickwire, J. Golden, D. Dolan, F. Egan. Back Row: Mr. Lowder. E. Burns, R. Noreen. E. Szymanski, T. Doyle. C. DiCecca, T. Maggio, J. Daly. Mr. Toczylowski. Coach: Mr. Cavalieri. The more outstanding of the team’s victories were their upsets over Waltham, 13-6; and over Water- town, 32-0. They fought valiantly against fatigue, extreme heat, and mud on Southern soil only to be beaten 26-13 by an inferior but well-rested Southern team. The trip to New Orleans and back will not easily be forgotten, nor will the accomplishments of this fine group of athletes. ' I » Capt. Frank Rindoni SKI CLUB President, Kenneth Tobiason Vice-President, Barbara Kane Secretary, Freya KoCtER Treasurer, David Crowley The first official meeting of the Ski Club was held on January 4. A spe- cial meeting was called on December 19th for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year. As last year, the club was handicapped in its activities because of the lack of snow. In the place of this, many excellent movies, ob- tained from the U. S. E. A. S. A., were shown placing stress on instructional films. The purpose of the Ski Club is to form an organization which will provide enjoyment and benefit for all ski enthusiasts, whether beginners or advanced skiers. All senior members will always remember their sophomore year, when with plenty of snow, many of them passed third class tests and re- ceived emblems. The trip to Brookline, N. H., was another enjoyable event that year. The club claims more than forty members of the student body. Front Ron ' (left to risht) : J. Chamberlain. F. Ko er, K. Tobiason. D. Crowley, B. Kane. M. Sullivan. Rack Uoir: A. Dudley. B. Stenmark, M. Olsson, Mr. Miller, D. Foley. M. Clancy. M. Decareau. Page One Hundred Eight PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1950 To the uninformed, we must say that the job of writing a class prophecy is a tedious one. In order to lighten our burden, we took it on ourselves to visit Swami Abdell Aboo, the prominent crystal-gazer. Once having arrived at his establishment, we were immediately ushered into his dim, dark sanctum by a swarthy gurkha. Gazing intently into his crystal ball, Swami Aboo be- gan to foretell the prophecy for the Class of 1950. " 1 see a very bright and successful future in store for this class. As the cloud disappears from my crystal, I see a large crowd jamming into Yankee Stadium for the I960 World Series to watch that great first baseman. Jack Cos- grove, in action against the New York Yankees. Coming out to entertain this anxious crowd, I see the Clown Prince of baseball, Kenny King, and his asso- ciate Stan Hamlet. After the head grounds-keeper. Bob Bunnell, has smoothed the infield down, I hear the faint strains of the Star-Spangled Banner from those three troubadours, Dick Van Iderstine, Ed Donnelly and Angie Ortalano. The game commences, and 1 hear the loud cheers of Jack’s most ardent fans, Martha Clancy, Marcia Decareau, and Mary Sullivan. In the row behind them, I see Jack Cox and his henchmen, Kevin O’Brien and Art O’Donnell, anxiously awaiting any suddent mishap. Oh! Yes, and there’s young Doctor Angus with his little black bag perched on the seat beside him. What is this I see — Rev. Nathan Wood, D.D., at a baseball game — how shocking! ! ! I hear a call of " Peanuts, Peanuts.” The voice is none other than Paul Cough- lin’s, that great peanut vendor. Here comes the head usher Clyde Coscia, graciously escorting Helene Hughes and Elbe Elcewicz, late as usual. But, back to the game. There’s a long fly ball brought down by baseball’s great outfielder. Bob Cunnane. Next up to bat is Bob Kiley, who wallops a home- run over the left field fence right into Wyman’s Beauty Salon, where I see Harvey skillfully giving Jean Trainor a manicure. Waiting her turn is the prominent Eleanor Kirchner, author of that famous column, " Advice to the Lovelorn.” I see — oh! my crystal has clouded. But wait, the cloud rises and 1970 comes into view. The scene is the beautiful ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria in which your class is holding a reunion. As the handsome Dick Rockwell and his lovely wife arrive in their limousine, Alan Ahern, the stately door-man bids them welcome. As they move on into the lobby, I notice to their left, flashbulbs snapping the talented Jean Dorion who has just won a National Page One Hundred Nine Award in art. In the main ballroom, dancers glide gracefully to the music of Murray Rosenthal and his Orchestra. As I look around, I see Karl Joel and Dot Johnson, Alma Larson and Paul Healy chatting with John Humphrey, the owner of a large cat food company. To their right is the notable fashion designer, Ann Dudley, asking Janet Gardiner if she had heard that Frank Rindoni had two sons in high school, who shunned all sports, especially foot- ball. The lights dim and into the spotlight steps Barb Ryan who now gives her rendition of Mairsy Doats. Following this, Tom Myers, another Bill Robinson, gives his fast tap routine of Sabre Dance. Last on the program is Ellen Cole who plays Happy Birthday to Betsy Lewis on her glockenspiel. As the evening draws to a close, 1 catch a glimpse of the wotld’s greatest ski jump- er, Carl Fuller, bidding farewell to his friends before leaving for his trip to Switzetland.” As the crystal ball clouds up again the Swami says, " 1 can’t seem to see any more, but all in all your class has a very promising future.” Nathan Wood, Ellen O’Neil. Janet Eield, Barbara Kane. Page One Hundred Ten I I HE OLD GRINDSTONE brings memories of another day and, in so doing, fascinates most of us. But, the modern printing has its foundation in antiquity, to- day’s machines and methods do not even remotely resemble the back- breaking old grindstone and the arduous labor of turning it by hand. Complicated and expensive machinery and highly skilled per- sonnel who help you to plan (and others who execute your work) are essentials of today’s modern printery. It is the cumulative results of the combination of these with which we are ready to serve you. THE HANCOCK PRESS Gordon Robinson Printing Counselor o EE 9-1165 (SO Hanc;ock Street. Lexington 73, Mass. I I j j j j i j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j ( j j j j i i i I j i i I i i i j j i j j j I ( j j Printers of this Year Book FINE CLASS RINGS f j j j j j j j j j ANNOUN CEMENTS j j j j i j j i 9 j I j j i i j j JOSTEN’S i j j j j i j I AWARDS Representative: Louis Erickson Box 126 Melrose, Massachusetts Personalized Portraits . . There’s magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and in- dividuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can be best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the important senior year. . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occasions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested to by the fact that over 300 schools and colleges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. and it’s all done ivith WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street BOSTON, MASS. 4

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