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V ir, I, V- . 'Y . In gf rx Q- Ji" if . qw ' f wr if V ,ws ,idx-mv lf 8 . .,.v 5 1. - Wg, Ji 1, Q 1 :.?i:,'f"Q is Mi S K W -N . , K 5 " ,Ll 1 m ,uifwi 1, w '11 Tk"., 1F M... gi, 7 1 94 JZ" r ' an in 'H' M P K- '11 ' 4 'W . pg 1 Q' Q? ,M BL 'P' 3 7,41 , 11 in . ffl , ggi, "'15"41EJf32. , m4,g.L1:.,. QUE? f 'X 53 :2 ,J W , f Ara 55 151' " .gl- 2fiEfElb9" fax ' 1 AC- ' ww ,, -h'hf'.5? .,.'2if7?2 1 .- 1, , in , , ,yy :.., mv V Vt ' :- gh 4...'..:iwV Ag -Y A A 1 Eff- 17352 fv ff' I My 55' X ' ' f W " iid' T' :W F I Qf.1'L-uk fl " Jr Z'JI-i ii?Eiii9Ql?l59AQfuS.i4v1U-'!,ifff41?:'4-2i,::w:l.fz5S I q 4"' 2' 9+ X Tresenting for your enjoyment new and in the yemfs to como . . . Hx Libafis MARY PELLETIER, Editor-in-Chief MARY SULLIVAN, Bminen Manager RICHARD EILERTSON, Aw: Editor S7132 YEAR BUCK ofthe.: CLASS OF 1949 'A' ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOGL ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS K 2 2 S Dedication Among the many who have prepared us for our future roles is one who has been our kindly teacher, and who is now our friend and principal. With a keen awareness of his constructive supervision and a deep appreciation of his sincere, personal interest, which has kept us striving toward our goals, we, the graduating class of 1949, dedicate our Year Book to Mr. Morrill. ncullq R2 xx ,,'n,,N ,,-- -. 1 1- f A , . Q X C 4 V f 32 J, gf f XY Ci is 11151 x ,aff-X f E I S - Y Q A ' 5' ?. ' 'TN-"P x A. ,. Y ,QC X ev W 2 qlbabbfd 4' Ks KS? frgjj EM f w vw:-... - 6-gi 'Q g - 7? ' , K if is --2 . '52 ADMINISTRATION MR. DOWNS MRS. MOFFATT MR. MORRILI. GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT MR. ROENS MISS FITZPATRICK MRS. DOWNEY MR. WARNER MISS BARRY The Front Row Back Row I ENGLISH DEPARTMENT MISS KRASTIN MISS MANNING MR. CAMPBELL MRS. MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MATHEWS PECK HUNT NORWOOD HORRIGAN O' CONNELL MR. SEXTON MR. IRISH MISS MISS MISS MRS. Dow ' DONOVAN BROWN BRAY Milf HISTORY DEPARTMENT Front Row MRS. MOFRA11 MR. JOHNSON MR. DOWNS Miss WAKEFTELD MR FUSOO Back Row . MR. THOMPSON MR. XRXSH MR. BA ATXCS DEP AR MR. BARBER MR. EATON MR. WARNER MR. GAUDRT MR. KAPFF MR. CAVALTERI N MR. LORJDRR BRETT r"""., T MENT sC1RNCR DEPARV MR. SKXNNER MR. KEMP MR. MXLLER MR. KROLL MR. SAMPsoN VOCATXONAL DEPA Front Row MRS. BRAY Miss NORWOOD G Mlss MANNXN MR, Laws MR. Hou s1oN Back Row MR. RoRxNsoN MR.. ANTON MR. KIRK MR. Pima ERCXAL DEPARTMENT Miss RTMENT 'mm Row Miss HARLOW MR. BURKE Miss BLNNLG MR. WALLACE CASSONE Miss AHERN MR. TOCZYLOWSK1 MR. COURTNEY Mxss BARRY Miss KELLY PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Miss Miss Miss MRS MR. MR. MR. MR ?"', Waugh he Years HE BIG DAY had finally arrived! We were to enter our last phase of public schooling, the common meeting ground of all the youth of the town, the high school. It was a beautiful day in September when we, the class of 1949, entered Arl- ington High School. The new assembly hall was promptly filled with the bewild- ered group. However, after a comforting and encouraging welcome from Mr. Gam- mons, our new principal, we felt more at ease. Nevertheless, for most of us the nrst few days were a horrible nightmare. Page Ten Page Eleven After a Week of groping our way through the maze of corridors Qwith no help from the sophisticated upperclass- menj we, the humble and ridiculed Sopho- mores, finally settled down to diligent school work and found ourselves gradually getting into the swing of high school life. As sophomores, our first Thanksgiving Day football game was rather a disap- pointment, for after travelling to Medford to play Melrose on a muddy field, our per- severing team was defeated by one touch- down. Our football defeat was soon compen- sated for, because our hockey team won not only the G. B. I., but the New Eng- land Championship as well. Our base- ball team also brought acclaim ro A. H. S. In the theatrical view that year, the Dramatic Club presented "A Date With Judyf while Gilbert and Sullivan gave the popular operetta, "Pinafore." Both of these productions, thanks to the efforts of both the pupils and faculty involved, were great successes. In june, after a year of both hard work and fun, we were faced with the widely discussed finals. This was a new adven- ture for us, and we anticipated the worst. However, much to our surprise, we didn't find the exams so difficult as the current report had them. Clt says here! D After the summer vacation, we found ourselves again at the portals of A. H. S., this time as juniors, the "inbetweeners." Our Thanksgiving Day was the happiest of happy days, for our boys defeated Mel- rose by two touchdowns. Our hockey team came through again with the G. B. I. Championship. "Tomorrow the World," a serious play dealing with a young Nazi, was ably pre- sented by talented members of the Dra- matic Club. Through the efforts of all concerned, the production was both a H- nancial and dramatic success. The Gil- bert and Sullivan presented the "Gondo- liers" charmingly, and that was equally suc- cessful. Page Twelve On February 6, we held our junior Prom, one of the biggest events of the year. None of us will forget how cold it was, and how much snow there was, or the trouble we had getting permission for the use of the family car. All who attended, however, had a wonderful time and all soon forgot their 'lweather troubles." The committees gave us a beautiful prom, and we all were very thankful. Once again, we met dreaded finals, but when they were over, all Juniors breathed a sigh of relief, for these were our last finals. After our Junior year, our beloved prin- cipal, Mr. Gammons, retired and Mr. Mor- rill, our former assistant principal, became our school master. We were all very sad to have Mr. Gammons go but also glad to have Mr. Morrill succeed him. After a wonderful vacation Chow short it seemed!D we again returned to A. H. S. We were now the respected "mighty Sen- iors," although we felt no different from before. Page Thirteen In September we held the elections for Class Cfficers. After much discussion, the final winners were "Bob" Lennon, presi- dent, "Howie', Cleary, vice-president, Lois Hart, secretary, and jack Doran, treasurer. At our last Thanksgiving Day game as members of A. H. S., we saw our boys march again to glorious victory. All at once those activities that belong exclusively to Seniors began. Seniors rushed to have their pictures taken at the class photographers, Loring Studio. Soon afterwards, the enthusiastic exchange of pictures began. The class rings were or- dered fromthe jeweler, Loren Murchison. The Year Book Committee was ap- pointed, and the task of assembling the book began. y In the theatrical line, the Dramatic Club presented "The Divine Flora." Many talented Seniors helped to make this pro- duction the success that it was. Atuthe time of this writing, the Gilbert and Sullivan production of "Iolanthe', has not been presented, but it is well under way. Although the hockey season has just begun, at the end of five games the team is still victorious. Looks good! Also in the future are the greatest events of our high school careers: the Sen- ior Prom, Class Day, and, last but not least, Graduation. The Senior Prom is to be held at the Totem Pole on April 21. This is the first time A. H. S, has had a prom there. We are now graduating from high school. In the years that we have spent here, we have known both work and play, and we shall always cherish the precious memories of high school days. In the fu- ture, some of us will go on to higher edu- cation, while others will venture into the business world. Regardless of the task, we must strive to do our best through the application of the knowledge and experi- ence which we have gained here. For it is our duty, the high school gradu- ates of today, to lay the cornerstones of a peaceful and prosperous tomorrow. Page F omfteen NEW ENGLAND HGCKEY CHAMPIONS-1948-1949 "THE CHAMPS" "RECEIVING THEIR REWARD The class deeply appreciates the time and effort so generously given by k Miss Binnig and her class in typing the copy for our Year Boo . UUIJD-ZI"1UJ VXCE-PRESXDENT HOWARD CLERY CMS 01566119 D SECRET ARY Loxs HART Q PRESIDENT ROBERT LENNON i TREASURER RAN jox-iN Do loan M. Abbott 120 George Street Honor Roll Swimming, Dancing, Riding Fun-loving and popular Joan hopes to become a secre- tary. She is one of our foot- ball and hockey teams' most faithful rooters. Barbara A. Ahern 21 Webster Street G. A. A., Art Club, Modern Dancing, Swimming, Bowling lt's Massachusetts Art for "Barb," who enjoyed all her art classes at A. H. S. She will always remember her study periods in the library. Robert I. Ahern 21 Webster Street "Whitie" plans to take up the machinist trade after grad- uation. He is interested in skating and swimming. Mr. Houston's classes will always be remembered by him. Richard T. Ahlin 40 Maynard Street Richard' intends to become a dental technician. His fa- vorite pastime is bowling. Mr. Eaton's math classes leave a lasting impression in his mind. Iohn I. Aiken S7 North Union Street Hockey, Imreball Gilbert and Sullivan "Johnny," a B. C. aspirant, likes to play hockey at three o'clock in the morning at the Skating Club. He will long remember Mr. Kaplf's math classes. Priscilla L. Aitken 135 Mount Vernon Street Swimming "Pussy," a member of "Our Gang," plans to train for kindergarten teaching at Les- ley. Because she loves danc- ing, parties -and the "Rec" gave her many pleasant hours. Ronald C. Alcorn ll8 Oakland Avenue "Ronnie," whose favorite outside activities are skiing and dancing, plans to enter the Navy. Mr. Houston's re- lated classes will long linger in his memory. Manuel A. Almeida 793 Concord Turnpike Although Manuel is unde- cided about the future, at present he delights in driving model A Fords. Mr. Hous- ton's classes gave him a good time as well as useful train- ing. Shirley M. Ambrose 49 School Street Honor Roll, Chronicle, G. A.iA., Bowling, Swimming Versatile "Shirl" had won- derful times at the Kelsey parties she and "Gusl' held. Between parties she had fun at A. H. S. sports events, espe- cially the '48 Lynn Classical game. Mary C. Amorin 104 Rawson Road U Bowling "Mamie," who hopes to make bookkeeping her career, will always remember Mr. Thompson's history classes and all the talking done in cook- ing. What, no cooking, "Ma- mie"? Page Nineteen Carole Anderson 45 Pine Ridge Road Dramatic Club, Gilbert antl Sullivan, Year Book Committee Colby will boast of our blonde-haired Carole. The wonderful times she spent with "Our Gang" and the W. Y. W. Club will be among her treasured mem- ories. George M. Anderson 130 George Street Hockey "And'yl' expects to be a sailor before he finishes his education at B. U. Hockey, dancing, and football keep him quite busy after school hours. Carolyn F. Aroian 149 Florence Avenue Honor Roll, Chronicle, tennis "Carol," who hopes to be- come a secretary, enjoys watch- ing the Braves play. One of her favorite memories is Mr. Gammons saying, "May l have your attention, please?" janet K. Aronson 1 F 5 Littlejohn Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Pretitlent of G, A. A., Hockey, Cbronicle, barbet- ball, tennit It's an active good sport like janet who always helps make G. A. A. initiations such fun. She has had a wonder- ful time participating in all of the girls' sports. Perley I. Arthur 282 Renfrew Street Golf, Gilbert and Sullivan, Stuclent Council "P. J." will continue his education at B. U. He's glad he was on such a swell golf team. His favorite class- Miss Norwood'sg his favorite activities-golf and swimming. Page William E. Aubin 148 Massachusetts Avenue Slai Club "Bill," an enthusiastic skier and dancer, won't forget Mr. Warner's math class or Mr. Houston for a long time. He's trying for admission to the U. S. Coast Guard Academy. Norman R. Ayvazian 82 River Street "Buff" plans to take up drafting for his future career. Baseball and attending movies on cold winter mornings were his preferred activities. Good luck, "Buff"! Anna Azadian 170 Pleasant Street C bronicle, swimming, modern dancing "Ann's" goal is to become a private secretary. She will al- ways remember the mouth- watering odors that drifted from the lunchroom to her nearby fourth period class. Lois A. Bain 19 Burton Street Dramatic Club, Art Club For "Loey," who likes to dance and swim, the football games and the lunchroom have been high points of school life. She plans to at- tend Kathleen Dell's. Glenn T. Barber 22 Brantwood Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club Glenn, an ardent sports fan, plans to attend the Uni versity of Massachusetts. He enjoyed his appearances in the Dramatic Club productions even more than the pleased audiences. ,Twenty Florence E. Barclay 55 Park Avenue Extension Honor Roll Tennis and dancing, as well as Mr. Courtney's junior busi- ness organization class, have rated tops with friendly and hard-working "Fay," Begg wishes to her at Fisher's. Claire E. Barry 150 Jason Street Glee Club, Jwirnming, G. A. A. Claire plans to go to a jun- ior college but doesn't know yet which one. She's a sup- porter of hockey, having at- tended' most of the school games. Harris Baseman 9 Alton Street Honor Roll, Cbronicle, Dramatic Club, Latin Club "Basey," our loss but Yale's gain, still likes to visit neigh- boring cornmunities to view the scenery. He enjoyed many stag parties of the mysterious "jolly Boys' Club." Ronald W. Beers 168 Renfrew Street Ronald, whose most pleas- ant outside activities are hunt- ing and camping in the White Mountains, will further his education at Northeastern University. shmey A. Behrike 29 Boulevard Road Honor Roll Because she loves to dance, "Lee" has been well enter- tained every week at the "Rec." Skating and bowling are two more of her favorite activities. Eric V. Benson 186 Scituate Street Honor Roll, Ski Club "Benny" always had great difhculty remembering his study hall seats. Being a ski enthusiast, he is an active member of the Ski Club. Darrcll A. Bent 374 Massachusetts Avenue Glee Club Sweet HDHIIYH especially liked class discussions and study periods. At Wheaton College she will still be able to swim, skate, and ride horse- back for recreation. Robert F. Bernard 3 Lanark Road "Bernie" plans to make aviation his life career, but he will still find time to go bowl- ing. One of the best features of high school, according to him, was the lunchroom. William B. N. Berry 9 Irving Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Stamp Club, tennir learn Brilliant but quiet "Bill" hntls scouting a verv satisfy- ing hobby. Next year he will be found plugging at a naval academy. Good luck, "Bill,'l Robert I. Bianchi 219 Cedar Avenue Golf tearn, Ski Club "Bob," whose favorite sports are golf and skiing, thinks he will enter Boston University. He will always re- member the 1948 State Schoolboy Golf Finals held in the pouring rain. Page Tweniy-one lohn I. Bilafer 88 Oxford Street bockey Bill who enjoys playing ockey looks toward Dart- outh for further education. r. Downs' fifth period U. S. istory classes stand out Gilbert and Sullivan, track, h , rn M h among "Bill's" recollections. Winifred F. Blaney 47 Maynard Street Gilbert anal Sullivan, Glee Club "Winnie" likes to ride horseback and dance. She will. attend Framingham State Teachers' College to prepare for future work as a dietitian. Good luck, "Winnie"l Margaret A. Blank 43 Silk Street "Blondie," whose ambition is to be an air hostess for American Airlines, won't for- get the Lynn Classical game in her junior year, when she lost her shoe. Richard Borg 104 Melrose Street Football "Dick," a six-footer, plans to become an alumnus of Brown. Swimming and hunt- ing are his favorite sports. In future years he'll recall his Spanish class with Mr. Petra- lra. Alfred P. Boudreau 59 Magnolia Street Hockey "Al's' biggest memory is the morning his car ran out of gas on his way to school. "Al," future business man, then pos- sessed eight cents. john W. Boudreau 6 Thomas Street Like so many boys from the machine shop, "jack" will long remember Mr. Houston's related classes. Though ma- chine work rates fir t, "Jack" also likes to swim. , Elaine P5Bourque 120 Jason Street Honor Roll, Fine Arif Club, G. A. A. Elaine isn't sure if she wants to train for teaching at Framingham. Struggling through Mr. Eaton's math course and ice skating made her high school career excit- ing. Faith F. Bowlby 47 Magnolia Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, "Rec" Committee "Shorty," 'who had fun at the Lynn Classical games, wants to be a history teacher and, believe it or not, would like to teach at A. H. S. William F. Bowler 27 Central Street Basketball, football "Bill's" favorite outside ac- tivities are basketball and hockey. Long after his school years have passed he will re- member Mr. Irish's English classes. N at ff aul M. B adley 137 Palmer Street "Brad" remembers very clearly that the bell never seemed to ring in biology un- til he had been called on. Electrical engineering is his choice for a profession. Page Twenty-two Richard P. Brenton 32 Kenilworth Road Tall, blond "Dick," who enjoys swimming and bowl- ing, will hold his sophomore aeronautics class longest in his memories of Arlington High. His future is undecided. Donald F. Brosnan 88 Lake Street Honor Roll, bareball team, Dramatic Club "Don" will enter Tufts where he will major in French and chemistry. An outstanding baseball player, he also likes to play hockey. 1 Anne M. Bullock 126 Robbins Road Quiet Anne enjoys "getting into mischief" and dancing. She will never forget her his- tory class with Mr. Johnson. Best wishes for your future, Anne! joseph M. Burke 289 Lake Street Track, Luncbroom Dartmouth-bound "Joe's" favorites are football, baseball, hockey, and track. Even the memory of the long climb from room 4B to 34 tires him out. lean L. Cadario 64 Glenburn Road Honor Roll, G, A. A., Jwirnrning, bowling, basketball Mr. Cavalieri's algebra Il class will always remain vivid in Jean's memories of A. H. S. She wants to become an air- line hostess after graduating from B. U. Alice M. Callahan 73 Freeman Street Honor Roll, Art Club, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle After graduation from Massachusetts Art, "Larz" will be a fashion illustrator. Dash- ing into school at 8:14M A. M. and W. Y. W. meet- ings will linger longest in her memory. Iohn M. Calnan 18 Eustis Street Dramatic Club, Fine Arts, baxeball "Cal" is a Bruins' fan and used to meet the fellows at the hockey games quite often. Duke is his selection for fur- thering his education. Francis M. Calvi 11 Alfred Road "Frank," who'll enter pho- tographic school, thinks he couldn't possibly forget "Skip- py" Skinner's physics class. He doesn't understand why he missed the Hrst half of the '48 Lynn Classical game. Dorothy M. Cameron 18 Buena Vista Road Bowling, tennis, .rwimrning Witty "Dottie's" future is still in question. She had lots of fun at A. H. S. football and hockey games and loves to go on hayrides with "Our Gang." Franklin H. Cameron 27 Ashland Street Printing "Fuggy" plays football in his soare time. Thoughts of A. H. S. will recall to him Mrt Arthur's printing class and the fun he had in the lmchroom. Page Twenty-tbree .......g Frederic M. Cameron 126 Overlook Road Honor Roll, golf team, Latin Club "Fred," our brilliant Latin student, likes golf and skat- ing. He plans to enter Saint Charles College to prepare for the priesthood. We all wish you the very best, "Fred." Ronald R. Cammarara 50 Fairmont Street "Ronnie,', who enjoyed Mr. Sandberger's class, thinks he will attend B. U. A sports fan, he holds a vigorous in- terest in bowling, hockey, football, and baseball. Douglas G. Campbell 8 Columbia Road Hockey, Dramatic Club, track "Soup" thinks he'll continue his education at B. U. We all remember how he strove to keep his marks up so he'd be eligible for the hockey team. Rose M. Campobasso 50 Decatur Street Bowling, badminton "Rosie" expects to enter the Fisher Business School. She likes bowling, swimming, and dancing and enjoyed the "gab" sessions held in the old hall before school. Donald I. Canniff 670 Massachusetts Avenue Football, baihetball "Don," a football star, plans to join the service where he'll be able to see the world. He'll miss Monday morning discussions of Saturday night's good times. john E. Canniff 165 Mystic Street Baseball, hockey "Jack," who collects pic- tures of famous athletes, is completely absorbed in base- ball.. We hope he will be able to continue his interest at Tufts next year. Barbara C. Carey 74 Windsor Street G. A. A., yield hockey Our future University of Miami student will never for- get her senior year. Her fa- vorite outside sports are bowling, swimming and horse- back riding. Barbara E. Carey 152 Lowell Street, Somerville Chronicle, Fine Arts Club, Shi Club "Boops" thinks "electing" officers for the Fine Arts Club year book picture was very amusing. Though she's headed for art school, English litera- ture fascinates her. Frank T. Carlson 57 Quincy Street Honor Roll, Stamp Club, - Orchestra "Tom" hopes to enter Tufts next year to study zo- ology. He enjoys music, foot- ball, and hockey. The chem- istry experiments that went wrong stand out in his mem- ory. Mildred M. Carlson I 201 Spring Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sul- liuan, Student Council, Dra- matic Club, Chronicle, Year Book, Student-Guest of Arlington Woman? Club Mr. Eaton's ability to leave her speechless is among pretty "Mi,llie's" many fond mem- ories. A future architectural student at North Park, she enjoys singing. We enjoy listening! Page Twenty-four Evelyn M. Caruso 4 Mott Street Dramatic Club, Year Boob, "Rec," Chronicle It's B. U. for "Evie," who often arrived at football games two hours early. Her last words: "Most seniors acted bored, I was just tired." Ann C. Casey 36 Bowdoin Street G. A. A., tennis, bowling, "Rec," swimming Athletic Ann chooses Fish- er's for her secretarial train- ing. Horseback riding and Alan I.add's movies are her favorites. She had many good times in the lunchroom and her homeroom. Arlene M. Casey 36 Bowdoin Street , Honor Roll, G, A. A., swimming, bowling, tennis, URecll It's B. U. for Arlene, who hopes to acquire patience and knowledge for teaching com- mercial subjects. She's a con- noisseur of Bing Crosby rec- ords and .likes dancing at the Totem Pole. Theresa R. Cafalano 69 Rhinecliffe Street Honor Roll "Terry," who wishes to en- ter the business world, is in- terested in tennis and bicycle riding. The "everlasting" homework assignments pro- vide her with "everlasting" memories. Good luck, "Ter- ry"! Howard W. Chadwick 71 Claremont Avenue Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Ski Club "Dole, Esqf' outdoor type, will remember the. long trail winding to graduation. He'll study forestry at the Univer- sity of Idaho. Probable des- tination-Alaska. Forward bills, etc., to that address. Donald M. Chambers 136 Wildwood Avenue Donald, who liked Mt. Ar- thur's printing classes in s'hoo.l., will become a printer after he attends B. U. Inci- dentally, he's an enthusiastic A. H. S. football fan. Norma E. Chatelle 62 Waldo Road G. A. A. Shy "Mickey," another Florence Nightingale, plans to become a nurse. Bowling, dancing and horseback riding are her most-enjoyed activities. Mr. Eaton's math class will be among her treasured memo- ries. Leo C. Clancy 46 Old Mystic Street Honor Roll, Student Council, Gilbert and Sulliuan, Repre- sentative at Boys' State Popular and handsome Leo, who is definitely a sports en- thusiast, will never forget the friends he has made. We'll all remember likeable Leo, too. Howard Clery 258 Massachusetts Avenue Football, Class Vice-Presitlent, Representative at Boys' State Prospects of a bright teach- ing career loom for "Howie," after he graduates from Dart- mouth. His sophomore year is memorable because of the fine friends he made then. Margaret F. Cloherty 115 Newland Road G. A. A., "Rec" Committee, swimming, bowling When "Stretch" is a nurse, her medicine will be as sooth- ing as the soft drinks she sold at the "Rec," Mr. Krol.l's chemistry class is another hap- py memory. Page Twenty-jiue Constance L. Colby 22 Highland Avenue Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan "Conniel' hopes to enter Hifkox to train for business. Riding, swimming, bowling, and dancing are tops with "Connie" Miss Binnig's shorthand classes are among her never-to-be-forgotten mem- ories. William I. Colby 38 Magnolia Street The "Muchacho Kid" en- joys boxing and swimming. At imaginative moments he sees himself a soldier of for- tune or a marine captaing more likely he'll go to Notre Dame. Ioseph A. Colleran 24 Chester Street Ioe's future is uncertain. He enjoys hockey and baseball and can't forget running down Eastern Avenue every morning at 8:05 to get to school on tfme. Betty-Iane Collings 5 Johnson Road Fine Artr Club, Cbronicle, Dramatic Club Talkative "Chuck" was tru- ly an active member of Miss Norwood's interesting English class. A gifted artist, she will study at the S'hool of Mod- ern American Artists. Ralph W. Collins 7 Morris Street Fooiball "Rip" wants to help secure the peace as an oflicer in the Army. He will drown his woes in the camp swimming pool daring time off. Barbara E. Colton 15 Westminster Avenue Honor Roll, skating, bowling, Dramatic Club, Chronicle "Barb" had fun in all her flasses, especially Miss Bin- nig's. She was very surprised to find' that Medford has so many likeable boys. What about Arlington, "Barb"? Richard I. Commins 56 Mount Vernon Street Honor Roll Running for his homeroom when the last bell rang will always remind "Dick" of A. H. S., whether he chooses to ioin the service or go to col- lege. Marjorie H. Connors 89 Thorndike Street "Margie" wants to be a comptometer operator. She says her senior teachers were wonderful., as were all home- work assignments. Dancing al- so rates highly with her. Olive A. Connors 200 Broadway Chronicle, "Rec" Committee Pretty "Ollie" would like to become a buyer. Her junior sewing class will provide many happy memories as well as useful material for her ca- reer. Emanuel I. Consales 27 Marathon Street Gilbert and Sullivan, track "Manny" will attend Massa- rhusetts Trade to l.earn the hue points of automotive me- rhanics. He loves to swim and will never forget the Lynn Classical games. Page Twenty-six Richard W. Coughlin 21 Dartmouth Street A zealous sports fan, "Dick's" favorite outside ac- tivities are baseball, hockey, and basketball. Held like to work on a newspaper after finishing some business school. William I. Coughlin 59 Winter Street Bafebrzll "Willow" really used to bend over backwards getting to Mr. Kemp's lab. classes. Next year he hopes to attend Northeastern and maybe play baseball there. Edward F. Courtney 1 Cross Street Gilbert and Sullivan "Eddie," an ardent football and hockey fan, says he had "hard times" in English. At any rate, he wants an orches- tra of his own some day. john Donald Coyne 18 Gardner Street "Don," a "regular fella," who likes almost all sports, plans to take a pre-dental course at Northeastern next year. Does anyone need some new teeth? Nancy A. Frances Coyne 15 Lewis Avenue G. A. A. Nancy has found there are 108 stairs to her English class. She'll continue living in the clouds by training to be an airline hostess at Mt. Ida. lean Crandall 1090 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Jwirnming, bowling Tiny "Red" intends to go to Simmons. Among her fond memories of A. H. S. will be the "Rec." Dancing and knit- ting are her favorite recrea- tions. Dorothy A. Crosby 45 Teel Street Swirnrning, bfztbetball, felcl bocbey, softball, G. A. A., tennrr The pleasure "Dottie" ex- perienced playing field hockey under Miss McCarthy's coach- ing--and Miss Binnig's words, "You don't do that in an of- fice," will be recalled often. Katherine A. Crowley 11 Varnum Street G. A. A., fieltl borbey, bnrbetball, softball Athletic "Kay," captain of the field' hockey team, holds her math III class and G. A. A. parties among her most treasured memories. She will attend business school. Marjorie A. Crowley 178 Highland Avenue Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Cbronlcle Mr. Courtney's demonstra- tive gestures in class gave "Margie" many a pleasant laugh. In her leisure time she enjoys playing a good game of tennis. Eleanor T. Cullinane 95 Medford Street Honor Roll, tennis Bookkeeping is Theresa's chosen vocation-bowling her favorite activity. Neither she nor the teacher will soon for- get how long it took her- to complete a problem in cloth- ing. Page Twenty-.tenen Teresa M. Cullinane 7 Mill Street Latin Club "Tresa" plans to go to Sa- lem Teachers' next year. The high spot in her memories of A. H. S. is thetime she got caught "skipping" gym. Charles B. Cummings 48 Wildwood Avenue Manager football, bockey, Gilbert and Sullivan "Buzz" is going into the milk business with his father. He will remember always the day some ball bearings were rolling around Mr. Kapffls room. Lewis E. Cummings 48 Wildwood Avenue Football Manager "Lew" enjoys all sports, es- pecially football. Mr. Rear- don's fancy jump from the stage at a football rally fur- nished "Lew" with real amuse- ment and a bright memory. Robert E. Cummings 8 Water Street Camera Club "Bob's" favorite outside ac- tivity, model aircraft, will help him in his chosen career, avia- tion. He is one of the many boys who'l.l. remember Mr. Houston's classes. Eilene I. Cunningham 64 Gordon Street West Somerville Singing and ice skating take top honors as Eilene's fa- vorite activities. Assemblies and her chorus classes at A. H. S. will always be bright in her memory. Kathryn L. Curtin 33 Fairview Avenue Honor Roll, G. A. A., tennif, Jwimnzing, Chronicle, bowling "Kay," bound for Hickox Secretarial School next year, l'kes dancing and swimming. The hard times she had trying to remember not to forget will remain longest in her mem- ory. Theresa M. Curtis 172 Highland Avenue Cbronicle, bowling, tennir was cut out to be "Terry" and we know she'll a secretary, be a good one. Dancing and swimming constitute her two favorite outside pastimes. Paul P. Cusolito 66 Bellington Street "Cusie" is a bit undecided about the future, but his past at Arlington High will be cherished' among the highest of his fond memories. Anthony I. DaCampo 4 Dorothy Road Football "Anchore," our baseball en- thusiast and football player, has decided to be a hairdress- er, though he thinks he'll. probably have to go into the Navy first. Edward F. Daley 132 Webster Street "Ed,,' a rooter for all A. H. S. football games, especially liked those held at our home held. Mr. Arthur's good hu- mor also brightened long school days for him. Page Twenty-eigbt . i, in Patricia I. Daley 10 Walnut Street Fielil hockey, softball, Chronicle, G. A. A. Next vear will find "pa- tient Pat" at Lesley training for kindergarten teaching. The '48 Lynn Classical game, and before-school meetings in the old hall are her top mem- ories. Virginia A. Daley 10 Walnut Street Swimming, tennis, hashethall, howling The week-ends of her sen- ior year will burn brightly in "Ginriy'c" memory. She en- joyed all A. H. S. sports events-the '48 Lynn Classi- cal game in particular. Ioan E. D'Amore 65 Fisher Road G. A. A., swimming, hashet- hall, howling "Pokey" has chosen B. U. for her future alma mater. She loves to drive her father's car and will never forget Miss Krastin's junior English classes. Peter Danielson 144 Lake Street H ochey All types of outdoor sports, especially hockey, rate highly with "Pete" At Northeastern he will recall his junior year lab. classes with genial Mr. We Mille . james N. Dea 140 Highland Avenue Baseball, foothall, hockey, Gilbert and Sullivan, track Bashful "Dizzy" will be- come a baseball star. When he's with a major league team he will remember Allan Ken- ney's parties and the Lynn Classical game. RoseAnn L. DeBilio 11 Brookdale Road Swinzming, howling Next year RoseAnn plans to round off her education at a secretarial school. She likes to spend her spare time danc- ing and swimming. Eugene I. DeCaprio 22 Scituate Street Football Whenever "Gene" has a chance, he takes a trip. He is an expert car usouper upper" and will probably go to Franklin Tech. next year. Kathryn A. DeMaso 112 Milton Street Baseball, swimming, howling, tennis . "Kay," who hopes to attend Katharine Gibbs, made school more interesting by looking forward to week-ends. Our A. H. S. lunchroom and "Ginny" Daley added to her fun, too. Annette F. DeMatteo 52 Dudley Street Basehall, howling Trained by Miss Binnig, Annette should make an ef- ficient secretary. We hope she will have a five-day week so she can continue with her fa- vorite sports. Gloria I. DeMattia 10 Prentiss Road Bowling Gloria, who thinks swim- ming is a lot of fun, wants to go to Simmons. How differ- ent study halls there will be from those at A. H. S. Page Twenty-nine Ardashes Der Ananian, lr. 150 Medford Street "Harry" thinks he will go to school next year. An active bowler and baseball fan, he liked Miss Nashls homeroom and his P. O. D. class with Mrs. Moffatt. james I. Desmond 22 Adams Street Hockey, baseball "Dez" hasn't decided on the college he will attend, but he is certain Mr. lrish's junior English class won't be forgot- ten. A. H. S. won't forget you, "Dez." Barbara A. Dewar 40 Oxford Street Barbara plans to do office work in the future. Roller skating is her favorite recrea- tion. She'll always remember vacations in Maine and the junior prom. Phyllis DiCiaccio 36 Marathon Street Honor Roll, bizrkelbiill, field bockey, G. A. A. Athletic Phyllis remembers the black eye she got playing basketball and a tasty spaghetti party attended bv seven boys and three girls. She expects to enter B. U.' joan A. Diener 43 Beverly Road Honor Roll, yield bockey, swimming, bowling, Cbronicle, mozlern dancing Joan Anne, the girl with the New Jersey accent, will work with her father after leaving A. H. S. Her pet ac- tivities are swimming and horseback riding. Margaret E. Dillon 32 Jason Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sulli- win, Jwimming, yield bockey Ambitious "Margie," who is an able swimmer and sten- ographer, is already engaged in her chosen profession as a medical secretary for a local doctor. Martha A. Doherty 67 Foster Street G, A. A., swimming, bowling Regis bound "Marty" most enjoys going to hockey games. Memories of English with Miss O'Connell and extra-cur- ricular pastimes carried on in class are foremost with her, Paul Doherty 147 Woburn Street, Lexington Honor Roll Sports-minded' Paul plans to attend Tuftsnext year. In ad- dition to motor trips to New Hampshire, he liked the stu- dents in Mr. Kenneyls art classes. Lorraine M. Doiron 5 Willow Place Bowling "Rainy', almost wore out the 107 steps between Miss Campbellis room and Miss Dow's. When you're a secre- tary, 'Rainyf' we hope you work on the street floor. Pauline R. Donahue 117 Appleton Street G. A, A., swimming, bowling, basketball Attractive and sweet "Pol- ly," who is a future Katharine Gibbs girl, will always re- member Miss Wakef1e1d's world history class. Through high school she especially en- joyed the hockey games. Page Tbirty Gerard M. Donnelly 16 Amherst Street Football, baseball "Jerry," who in his spare time often bowls, thinks he will go to Franklin Tech. He will long remember Miss Norwood's well-known Eng- lish class. john I. Donnelly 58 Brattle Street Football, basketball, baseball, Gilbert and Sullivan Sports-minded "Jack" liked his junior aeronautics class with Rooster Carrol. Next year? Dartmouth, where he will take up architectural de- sign. Good luck, "Jack"! loan C. Donovan 40 Alpine Street Honor Roll Shy, raven-haired Joan, who is bound for secretarial school, finds unlimited joy in reading. Miss Binnig's classes will re- main among her never-to-be- forgotten memories. Iohn I. Doran 28 Bartlett Avenue Football, track, Clan Treasurer, Student Council, Dramatic Club Thoughts of locker room gossip will go along with "Jack" to B. C., where this popular member of the "Sat- urday Night Social' Club will study engineering. Margaret C. Doran 44 Brooks Avenue Honor Roll, Chronicle, tennis, lfRe61l Salem State Teachers' Col- lege, which is "Margie's" goal, will be welcoming a conscien- tious student and fine pianist. "Margie" enjoyed Miss Con- way's and Miss Manning's classes. Robert E. Dotson 19 White Street lt's Franklin Tech for "Tiny," whose favorite out- side activity is tinkering with his father's Buick. Mr. Mill- er's chemistry A class gave him something to remember. Henry E. Doughty 197 Westminsier Avenue Brintl li Neiit year will frhd "Hank" at Proibidence Bible Institute. His nfain interest is young peoples church work. During high school he was an active band member. i Walter I. Downs S3 Lake Street Athletic "Downsie" wil.l be at Boston College next year. His senior homeroom with Mr. Irish and all his junior classes provide pleasant rem- iniscences. Barbara I. Doyle 69 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll, G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, "Rec" "Barb" will attend Kathar- ine Gibbs where she will study the medical secretarial course. Her senior year was her most enjoyable because of its easy courses and good times. Thomas P. Doyle 18 Peter Tufts Road Thomas hasn't decided what his future career will be. Baseball is his favorite out- side activity. Miss Nash's 'busi- ness organization class is one helll not forget soon. Page Tbirty-one Marilyn L. Dresser 28 Cornell Street Swimming, Cbronicle, lennir Marilyn is going into the business world' as a secretary. This popular miss enjoys skat- ing, swimming, and especially tennis. Good luck in the fu- ture! Ar ur B. Driscoll 95 e st tre t fi n .tk l track frm B. C. In hi school, lgugh, basketball and track lped to keep him busy. BX 't u what X g duates june M. Dudley 194 Florence Avenue Bowling, Glee Club "Mouse," who will never forget Mr. Einzig's chorus class, is undecided about the future. We all wish her great success in whatever she may undertake. Arthur I. Duffy 29 Bellington Street Football, Cbronicle "Duff" claims he especially enjoys haunting people. He and the fellows had quite a time when they attended the movies the day of the sched- uled circus parade. james I. Duffy 1334 Massachusetts Avenue "Jimmy" recalls his event- ful business organization class with Miss Nash. Having en- joyed himself for three years, he will now settle down to a position in accounting. Olympia C. Dukakis 39 Russell Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Ski Club, basketball, tennir, boclaey Our future gym teacher has chosen Sargent. "Limpey," who has personality galore, loves fencing. She also helped the memorable G. A. A. ini- tiations to be such big suc- cesses. Richard A. Eilertson 48 Lakehill Avenue Honor Roll, Preriilent of Dra- matic Club, Burinerr Manager of Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Boob, Repre- rentatiue to Boyr' Stale Blond "Dick" finds pleasure swimming, boating, and danc- ing. Next year at North Park College in Chicago heill often think of his grand friends and teachers at A. H. S. janet M. Ellingwood 23 Fordham Street Whoever janet's employer may be, he will be a lucky person-another well-trained secretary from Miss Binnig's unforgetable class. She liked the "Rec" and bowling. Patricia A. Ellis 127 Rhinecliff Street "Pat,H who joined our class late in 1947, will always be grateful for the friendly help- fulness of her many new friends. One of our sweetest is "Pat"! Douglas C. Emeneau 41 Grafton Street Dramatic Club "Doug" has built and flown many gas model airplanes for fun. He doesnit know where he'll study, but eventually he hopes to be a prosperous bank- er. Page Thirty-two Edward Emery 145 Newport Street Crorr country, trach, hockey, football Big, bashful "Ed" will be remembered by all for his outstanding participation in sports. He hopes to attend Brown next year. Good luck, "Ed" ' ! William F. Emmons 80 Eastern Avenue Honor Roll, -football, hockey Athletic "Bill" will long remember Mr. Eaton's math classes and playing football for A. H. S. As yet undecided about the future, he's sure to succeed in any field. john A. Erickson 60 Claremont Avenue "Eric" anticipates gradua- tion, so that he may continue his studies at Burdett. Like many of his classmates, "Eric" finds swimming an exhilarat- ing and refreshing sport. Stanley Evans 591 Summer Street May the United States Ma- rine Corps furnish "Stan" with as much enjoyment as Mr. Burke's classes have! Per- haps he will do some swim- ming and skiing, also. Francis I. Fabry 596 Summer Street Orchestra Making many friends and having wonderful times at G. and S. rehearsals are highlights in the high school career of our talented and brilliant vio- linist, "Sonny.', David H. Fagerstrom 193 Hillside Avenue Music will be "Dingo,s" career, for he is planning to attend the New England Con- servatory of Music. Other than music his chief interest is hockey. Louise F. Faria 55 Exeter Street Fine Artr Artistic Louise will attend the Massachusetts School of Art next year. She will long remember the excitement at the football games and her fine arts course. David B. Farnum 285 Mystic Street Basketball, Student Council Popular "Flip," who will take with him the memory of Mr. Downs' classes to St. Fran- cis Xavier College, enjoyed trips to Nova Scotia every summer. Faye M. Faulkner 49 Pine Street H earl Cheerleader, Student Council, harhethall, Chronicle The football games and all the fun at A. H. S. remain unforgotten by Faye. Even when she becomes an airline hostess, she'll find time for dancing, bowling, and swim- ming. Kenneth R. Faulkner 67 Eliot Road "Kean plans to be a drafts- man, but doesn't yet know where he'll train. He will al- ways remember Mr. Barber's plane geometry class in his senior year. - Page Thirty-three Richard L. Faunce 66 Rhinecliff Street lt is a mystery why "Dick" will always remember Mr. lrish's English class. Skiing down Mt. Washington would be the greatest thrill of his life. lean M. Ferrarini 14 Egerton Road G. A. A., baflaetball Jean, who plans to be a sec- retary, has always enjoyed sports. She had lots of real fun at the G. A. A. initiation, which she will long remem- ber. Madeline L. Fielding 28 Egerton Road Honor Roll, Glee Club, Dramatic Club Next year Madeline will at- tend Lowell State Teachers' College. Her favorite outside activities are reading, corre- sponding with English pen- pals, writing, and roller skat- ing. Ioan E. Finlay 113 Irving Street Barbetball, swimming, bowl- ing, tennir Westbrook Junior College beckons vivacious Joan. Long will she remember the lunch- room, and we won't soon for- get the rumpus she caused in study hall. Elizabeth M. Flaherty 55 Brattle Street Glee Club, "Rec" Committee, Cbronicle "BettyU will start her stud- ies for nursing at Mt. Auburn Hospital next year. The "Rec" and study halls provide many pleasant memories to be taken with her. Frances B. Florencourt 15 Belton Street Honor Roll, Orebeitra, Band, Gilbert anal Sullivan, Latin Club, Debating Club, Cbronicle Interesting "Frannie" will make Radcliffe her Alma Ma- ter. There she will still find time to listen to music. Never will she forget Miss Rounds and the junior prom. Lois A. Floyd 36 Sutherland Road G. A. A., Held bocbey, tennis Lois, whose favorite activ- ity outside of school has been the Rifle Club, plans to be a secretary. She will long re- member her junior year, in- cluding the junior prom. Y Margaret M. Flynn 24 Glen Avenue G. A. A., Jwimming, "Rec" Committee "PeggY,', whose outside ac- tivities consist of tennis and skating, hopes to enter the nursing profession. Though she made many friends at A. H. S., she especially liked Mr. Thompsonis class. Patricia M. Foley 45 Webster Street Swimming, Cbronicle, G. A. A., Glee Club, basketball, bowling "Pat" is undecided about the future, but she's sure she'l.l have time for swimming. Graduation will be the most outstanding event of her high school career. Ruth A. Foley 50 Princeton Road Honor Roll, G. A, A., Cbronicle, Year Book Committee Popular, fun-loving "Ruth- ie" is going to Simmons to study nursing. The football games and surprise party giv- en for her by the W. Y. W. will be among her fondest memories. Page Thirty-four Virginia G. Forbush 80 Pleasant Street Honor Roll, field bockey Cllflanagerj, Latin Club, Year Book Committee, basketball, G. A. A. Sweet "Ginny," whose pet outside interest is dancing, thinks she'll attend Wellesley to further her education. She'll always remember a football rally in her sophomore year. Donald K. Forsyth 21 Highland Avenue Hockey "Don,,' our expert cabinet- maker, testihes before all that the hours for playing hockey at the Boston Skating Club may be rough, but the game is wonderful. . Arthur I. Foster 15 Webcowet Road Cbronicle, Gilbert and Sulli- van, "Rec" Committee "Art" is heading for Bos- ton College. Remembering his eilicient and zealous work on the Chronicle, we are sure that he will be a great success. Charles L. Frederick 204 Lowell Street Stock Room, Camera Club "Les,', a future photogra- pher, was an efficient worker in the stock room. He will miss Mr. Gammons' bright morning smile and Mr. Skin- ner's witty jokes. Antonia G. Freni 6 Highland Avenue Honor Roll, G. A. A., Peri- clean Forum, Year Book Com- mittee, bowling "Nina," who would like to teach, thinks she'l.l go to Jack- son. Having had Mr. Eaton for three years of math, she'll probably not forget his classes soon. joseph G. Fullan 9 Walnut Terrace Banil, Orcbertra "Joe" is going to a college where he will study engineer- ing. Trumpet-playing in the band and orchestra provided many never-to-be-forgotten hours of pleasure. Patricia A. Furlong 156 Palmer Street "Rec" Committee, G. A. A. "ScuH'les" will always re- member her sophomore classes and Mrs. Moffatt's P. O. D. period. Singing and dancing are her most pleasant outside activities. Frances M. Gallagher 152 Park Avenue Extension Conscientious and shy "Frannie" will make an ex- cellent secretary with the training she received in Miss Binnig's class. She says she had fun there, too. Mildred H. Gallagher 215 Mystic Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Band "Millie," our clever song- stress, plans to attend Sim- mons and prepare for a busi- ness career. She will long re- member Mr. Eaton's class and Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Carl S. Gallines 187 Forest Street At present Carl runs a small egg business, which he will exchange after graduation for the automobile industry. ln addition to his business, he likes football. Page Tbirty-five Christopher H. Gardner 100 Ronald Road Gilhert and Sullivan, Chron- icle, Year Book, indoor track, outdoor track "Chris," popular track star and rod and reel enthusiast, will long remember trying to decide what he would do after high school. He has hnally chosen civil engineering. Miriam D. Gargill 15 Hillsdale Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Cluh, Year Book Committee Vassar-bound, attractive "Mimi" plans to study medi- cine and do lots of swimming and sailing in her spare time. She will remember longest her French ll class in room 4A. William E. Gafchell 233 Florence Avenue "Bill" will attend North- eastern. The rugged, outdoor life fascinates him, and Mr. Toner's and Miss Peck's classes provided a lasting in- terest in his school career. Edward F. Gearin 26 Gardner Street Fishing seems to take up many of "Ed's" leisure hours. Although he's rather unde- cided about the future, we all wish him the best of luck! William I. Gearin 26 Gardner Street "Bill," whose greatest en- joyment comes from "sittin' 'nl fishin'," will never forget his First day at A. H. S., when he couldn't find' his classrooms. Richard P. Giblin 10 White Street Hockey, Chronicle, track Well-known and sports- minded "Rich" is headed for the University of Maryland. Somehow, he will never for- get room 4A and the long days he spent in it. Teresa I. Giordano ZOO Crosby Street "Terry,', who enjoys danc- ing and parties, plans a career in law. She's glad she left New York to attend A. H. S. in her junior year. We're glad, too, "Terry"l loan A. Gnecco 147 Washington Street Honor Roll, Year Book Corri- rrtittee, Latin Club, Chronicle Out brilliant and always- happy Joan is headed for Bridgewater State Teachers, College. Mr. Sexton's French ll class and Mr. Eaton's de- partmentals will linger long in her memory. Marian A. Goldenberg 303 Gray Street Chronicle, Dramatic Cluh, howling, tennir "Mimi,,' an ardent Red Sox fan, intends to study journa- lism at Michigan State. Out in Michigan she'll be sure to re- call A. H. S. football games and her senior year. Thomas F. Grady 7 Fordham Street "Tom,s,' interest is centered around sports, his memories around the Lynn Classical game and Miss Peck's senior class. Best wishes for success in every endeavor, "Tom"! Page Thirty-fix Richard W. Graham 28 Chester Street Camera Club "Dick" is still disappointed about his unsuccessful at- tempts to get to the junior prom. A Boston University as- pirant, his hobbies are pho- tography and drawing. Robert C. Grano 61 Rhinecliff Street Ski Club, Dramatic Club "Bob," a zealous school- mate and generally goodlna- tured fellow, is also headed for B. U. He'll study business ad- ministration there. We know you'll make an excellent busi- ness man, "Bob." Shirley H. Grant 95 George Street Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sullivan, bowling, Glee Club Remembering some of Mr. Russell's "remarks" and his music I and ll classes will always amuse "Shirl," who says she really loves to spend money. Richard B. Greene 8 Elmore Street "Ritchie," who thinks he'll take a "five-year vacation" af- ter he-graduates, enjoys hock- ey and baseball. He will never forget the days he didn't come to school. joseph A. Griecci 23 Grand View Road Honor Roll, cron country, indoor track, outdoor track "Joe," our outstanding track star, says that being a member of the Rifle Club is his favorite outside interest. He plans to become a con- tractor after graduation. lack M. Gruber 22 Dartmouth Street "Heinie's" plans for the fu- ture include college, although he is undecided about which one. Keep up your interest in chemistry as well as in hockey, "Heinie"! loan H. Gurich 1166 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Periclean Forum, Drama- tic Club, Junior Red Crorr Representative, Chronicle Our lively "half-pint" will attend Simmons after gradu- ation. Mr. Eaton's jokes and the wonderful times she had dancing will always be remem- bered by Joan. Elaine M. Gustavson 1 King Street G. A. A., Cbronicle "Gus," who has famous yearly parties, will long re- member Miss Conway's his- tory class and Mr. Sampson's biology class. She is a faith- ful football and hockey fan. Ruth Hallion 15 Moulton Road Glee Club, Chronicle, Jwimming, bowling We hope "Ruthiel' will not be so .busy with her medical secretarial duties that she will miss attending future Lynn Classical games and A. H. S. hockey games. lohn R. Handrahan 35 High Haith Road Along with "Blackie" into the Held of agriculture will go his memories of Mr. Hous- ton's classes. His favorite ac- tivities are hunting, fishing, and skating. Good luck, "Blackie"! Page Tbirty-:even Howard P. Hardin 10 Nourse Street Hockey An energetic fellow like "Howie" should be able to use to good advantage as a state policeman the speed he acquired playing hockey at A. H. S. Barbara L. Harding 50 Gloucester Street Honor Roll, swimming, bowling A beautiful dancer with lots of pep "Ding" accidentally used her excess energy in her sophomore year to literally make a hit with "Toz." Alice W. Harrison 112 Westmoreland Avenue Swimming, field hockey, Chronicle Alice has found that A. H. S. affords a wonderful place to meet new friends. Plan- ning on kindergarten teaching, she must have been endowed with lots of perseverence. Lois M. Hart 62 Alpine Street Honor Roll, Student Council, Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Book Committee, Secretary of Senior Clan' Lois, popular and pretty secretary of our class, is plan- ning to attend Simmons. Her friendly personality, which en- ables her to meet people eas- ily, will assure her of unlim- ited success. Eleanor M. Haskins 21 Newport Street Agreeable Eleanor, who will soon be saying, "Number, please?" indulges in active sports as well as in whipping up savory dishes from Miss Forsyth's recipes. Elaine I. Hasselgren 38a Cleveland Street In her secretarial work, Elaine will keep in mind Miss Binnig's shorthand class where she learned all the "ins and outs" essential to a suc- cessful business career. Beatrice V. Hatzakorzian 90 Webster Street "Bea," who will never for- get Miss Binnig's classes, en- joys dancing and Be-Bop, a new kind of music. She will miss her friends but not her homework. Francis I. Healy 125 Warren Street Indoor track, cron country "Frank,', who wants to en- ter either the U. S. Service or the hardware business, will never forget the A. H. S. foot- ball games. All sports are tops with him. Grace M. Heaney 17 Paul Revere Road Honor Roll, field hockey, bowling, swimming, G. A. A., basketball Popular "Graciel' will train to become a medical secretary at Chandler's. She says her jun- ior year, with its prom and other festivities, was the best in her school life. Dolores H. Heffernan 95 Menotomy Road' Honor Roll, Dramatie Club, Cbronicle, Year Book, tennis, bowling Lacking a temper to match her red hair, Radcliffe-bound "Do-Do" will surely attain her goal. Her solo in chorus I will furnish a lasting memory. Page Tbirty-eigbt Albert W. Held 32 Cornell Street Aeronautics at Park Air College is the goal of "Al," who will never cease to mar- vel at the "brainy" members of his mechanical drawing class. loan F. Henderson 35 Cleveland Street Dramatic Club Joan, a future office work- er, remembers the two lead- ing roles she had in plays at the Studio of English and Speech. She enjoys dancing and skating, as well as acting. Virginia M. Hession 53 Alpine Street G. A. A., bowling, rwimming, Chronicle St, Elizabeth's Hospital Nurses' Training School will claim sweet "Ginny," who will longest remember the Lynn Classical game of 1948. Best wishes for a splendid career, "Ginny"l Ronald E. Higby 49 Brantwood Road Honor Roll, football, Drama- tia Club, Year Book, Cbroni- cle, Prerident of tbe Latin Club "Ron," hero of the 1948 Thanksgiving game, sees Har- vard as his future Alma Ma- ter. Remembering his pleas- ing personality, we are sure of his great success. Marilyn Hoben 39 Tanager Street Swimming Attractive and aflfable "Lynn" will be found' at Les- ley next year, and with her go the memories of Mr. Thomp- son's "good old history class." Donald D. Hodgins 127 Washington Street Honor Roll, barketball Cap- tain Athletic "Hodgie," who plans to attend B. C., has not decided what to do after col- lege. He'll never forget the hrst baseball game he played for Arlington High. Richard E. Hoey 413 Summer Street Golf "Dick," being a golf en- thusiast, spends much of his spare time on the links. His junior year will be a lasting topic for reminiscing. Edward L. Hogan 14 Newport Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Manager of foot- ball, bockey, barberball anal bareball, Cbronicle Winning the Harvard Prize Book and getting his letter were big moments for ener- getic, studious Miss Barry's French class and swim- ming supplied restful inter- ludes. john A. Hogan 8 Henry Street Tennif, Dramatic Club At Northeastern easy-going john will study architecture. He will always remember his part in the school play and the fun he had in biology class. Chester A. Holt 126 George Street A Honor Roll "Chet" likes hunting and camping, outdoor life in gen- eral, but thinks he'll join the Navy. As a lunchroom helper, he had a grand time between lunches. Page Tbirty-nine leremiah F. Horgan 19 Appleton Place Good-matured "Jerry" will he a top-notch auto mechanic. He had many a good time which won't be forgotten with the boys in the shop. lane A. Horsman 14.4 Robbins Road Honor Roll, G. A. A., swimming, leuuir The '48 Lynn Classical game shines brightest in Jane's memory. We wish her all the luck in the world in her chosen Held of secretarial work. lohn Hough 79 Melrose Street ' Art Club "jack" isn't sure what col- lege he would like to attend. He's interested in sports, par- ticularly baseball. He'll al- ways remember his troubles and laughs in Mr. KapH's class. lohn I. Hourihan 96 Overlook Road When our cars worry us with faulty ignitions, we shall seek out' our classmate, "john- ny," who keeps physically fit playing football in his leisure hours. George L. Humphrey 5 Hawthorne Avenue Houor Roll, burleetbull, cron country, Chronicle Being manager for our champion cross country team, and sweating it out in ,Mr. Kapff's solid and trig. classes are "Lee's,' chief memories of A. H. S. Pug prised that being no different from ior, says her first high school were ing. Dorothy M. Hurley 28 Grave Street Place "Dotty," who was sur- a senior felt being a jun- few days of very confus- Robert I. Hurley 236 Aw-leton Street Golf "Bob" is undecided about the future. The good times he had in Miss Barry's French class equal those experienced at the hockey games and golf tournaments. , p " .. af J Robert W. Hyde 9 Lafayette Street Hockey, Dramatic Club "Bobby," an all-around sportsman, intends to make M. I. T. his Alma Mater. The loss of twenty-eight dollars will always remind him of the '48 Lynn Classical game. Barbara I. lvester 27 Winter Street Barbara intends to become a secretary. Miss Forsyth's class and the "Rec" dances, as well as football games and movies, were bright moments for Bar- bara. john R. lvester 142 Oakland Avenue Burebull Playing golf is tops on john's list of outside activities. Though his future is uncer- tain, recollections of fun in Mr. Danforth's class always re- main with him. e F orly E. Robert jean 36 Harvard Street Ski Club Trying to keep Mr. Dan- forth's blue printing machine in working order for two years will be "Bob's" cherished memory of A. H. S. Success awaits him at Franklin! Charles S. johnson 18 Fairmont Street Crorr country, indoor track One of "Doc" McCarty's boys, "Charlie" helped to run A. H. S. to track fame. Skat- ing is his favorite sport and B. U. will be his Alma Mater. Eleanor A. johnson 24 Windsor Street Honor Roll, Periclean Forum, Guidance Room Axrirtant Eleanor, a pre-lunch period subversive cake-eater, will at- tend Salem State Teachers' College. joining in animated discussions at the Periclean Forum will always be a vivid memory. Nancy johnson 59 Hawthorne Avenue Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, swimming, bowling, tennis Diligent "Nan" dances and goes to hockey and football games. The best game of all was the Lynn Classical. The bus ride to Lynn was real fun. William A. johnson 9 Harvard Street Band, Ski Club "Bill" will sign up with the Naval Air Corps after gradu- ation. He will take with him the memory of his occasional little trips to see Mr. Robin- son. Glendon L, jones ' 240 Appleton Street The last day of school will be a big day in Glend'on's life, for then he can forget his studies, relax, and enjoy bowl- ing and golf. Hayward P. jones 23 Wall Street Tennis team "Jonsey" plans to further his education at Northeastern. Bowling, swimming, and ten- nis are his favorite sports. He will never forget Miss Barry or his gym classes. james E. Keatley 107 Medford Street His first interest, aviation, claims "jim" when he leaves school, but the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve has afforded ex- cellent recreation. He is also a Mr. Houston fan. Betty C. Keddy 60 Mt. Vernon Street Bowling, swimming A career in law summons Betty to a prep school. One of her big high school problems was keeping up with her class- mates in typing class. Robert F. Keefe 7 Exeter Street Sketching, stamp collecting, and skiing are "Bob's" most satisfying pastimes. If he ex- cels at Tufts as he did in math here, his success is assured. Page F arty-one Allan F. Kenney 21 Devereaux Street Honor Roll, Student Council, barketball Allan, who was a member of the Student Council, will enter Amherst. He enjoys all sports and, especially being a member of the famed "Jolly Boysf' Peter W. Kenney 36 Hillsdale Road Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Another member of the "Jolly Boys,'i "Pete" will nev- er be able to forget the "wild" parties they held. Next year he plans to go to Williams. Ann P. Keohane 76 Warren Street Bowling, swimming, baseball, G. A. A. Ann, who'll attend Boston University at the close of her high school career, is an ar- dent baseball fan and likes to dance. She'll never forget Miss Binnig's classes. Fred T. Kibit 47 Varnum Street "Freddie, greatly enjoys playing baseball for a pastime. He will remember longest in his recollections of high school days his homeroom and' Eng- lish teachers. lames A. Kiley 2 Kimball Road Hockey, 'baseball "Jay" is not' sure of his fu- ture plans, but we feel cer- tain they will include hockey and baseball. He will always remember Mr. Skinneris hu- mor in physics. Arthur R. Kimball 20 Foster Street A winter sports enthusiast, "Art" likes skiing, skating, and tobogganing. When he be- comes a carpenter, he'll be able to measure accurately, thanks to Mr. Cavalieri's math class. Marguerite E. Kimball 192 Forest Street Honor Roll, Glee Club Marguerite, undecided whether to make office work or the Wacs her career, en- joys dancing, reading, and the movies. Both Miss Binnig's and Mr. Lowder's classes pro- vide happy memories. Norma T. Kimball 20 Foster Street Girly' Glee Club "Norm" plans to further her education at a teachers' college. Swimming and base- ball are her favorite interests. She will long remember learn- ing to sew in Mrs. Leeis class. Robert M. King 218 Crosby Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, football "Red" plans to study furth- er at Northeastern and then to enter his fatheris business. Outside he takes part in sports, especially boxing, swimming, and diving. William P. Kirchner 60 Hamlet Street The rush to the lunchroom is foremost in "Bill's" re- membrances of A. H. S. A faithful sports supporter, he includes B. C. in his plans for September, 1949. Page Forty-two Kathleen C. Kirschbaum 35 Venner Road Honor Roll, Editor of Cbron- iele, Secretary of Latin Club, Glee Club Our well-known and sprightly "Kaye,' is headed for Bates. She tried repeated- ly in aft class to draw people so that the teacher could tell what they were. Barbara I. Knight 53 Walnut Street Tennit, bowling, borteback riding Quiet "Barb,'i a good swim- mer, would like to attend Chamberlain to study retail- ing. Her outstanding event at A. H. S. was the 1948 Lynn Classical game. Rosalie M. Kolligian 64 Winchester Road Field bockey, tennis Our loss will be Colby's gain when it receives attrac- tive "Roz" next year. Rosalie likes to dance and play Held hockey in her free time. Luke Paul Lally 37 Westminster Avenue Cbronicle, football Good-natured Luke, al- though undecided about the future, will spend leisure hours swimming or hunting. He won't forget the ribbings re- ceived in the locker room- we won't forget him! Ralph S. Langone 39 Ashland Street Mechanical-minded and stu- dious Ralph, who thinks he will attend Franklin Tech., de- lights in working around au- tomobiles during his leisure hours. We wish him great success. Iacqueline T. La Rue 40 Bowdoin Street Honor Roll, Ski Club, tennis, :wirnming Domestic "Jackie" may be seen as an airline hostess when she has graduated from Bos- ton University. She enjoys most winter sports, particular- ly ice skating. Paul A. Latsey 37 Milton Street Paul, although rather un- certain about what the fu- ture will hold for him, will be a sure winner, as he has been at Arlington High. - William A. Leary 21 Peirce Street Hockey, bareball, track, golf "Bill,,' a star in hockey, excels in other sports, too. The thrilling games in which A. H. S. won the New Eng- land hockey title are wonder- ful memories for him, Barbara A. Lee 55 Norcross Street - IT Bowling, swimming, Cbronicle, G. A. A. "Babs,', one of Arlingtonis many football rooters, really enjoyed high school. Among her good times were the "Rec," old hall meetings be- fore school, and Mr. Court- ney's class. b rt E. ee v .t cross Str et N Footb I flq .7 If erball N q ici ' s r sa s i ' c Y 9 f- L A YA fd fit I 1 to t olre e, ' ob ' .-5 li to pa e p h e. e d " k thle "hona roll.Z'7 e Page Forty-tbree Lillian L. Legge 67 Glenburn Road Honor Roll, bowling Next year "Lili" will be hard at work as a stenogra- pher. Rushing to finish her homework in study periods was quite nerve-wracking but nevertheless exciting. ,. Barbara A. Lennon 49 Bow Street Year Boob Committee Barbara greatly enjoys dancing. She will never for- get the day she went to a Tech. tournament and saw Mr. Morrill there. Good luck, Barbara! Robert E. Lennon 183 Highland Avenue Honor Roll, President of tbe Senior Clan, Statlent Conneil, Dramatic Clab Sports-minded 'iBob," our class president, hopes to go to Dartmouth. He will not for- get the fun he's had at parties or the many friends he has made. Barbara A. Leonard 25 Berkeley Street Honor Roll, Afxirtant Heatl Cbeerleader, basketball, G. fl. A. At Burdett, studying to be- come an efficient stenograph- er, blond, petite "Babs," no doubt will often think of the pleasant "Rec,' dances and A. H. S. football games. Arthur Leohe '23 Silk Street Athletic Arthur willi'go to Boston University to further his education. His business or- ganization class with Miss Nash throughout his junior year is worth remembering. Frederick I. Lewis 17 Marion Road Gilbert and Sullivan Musical "Freddie," who is one of our "forgotten men," is bound for the Central Air- lines Training College in Mis- souri to take up radar and tele- vision. Andrew P. Ligor 65 Wollaston Avenue "Andy" takes in many sports-swimming, hockey, football, and basketball. One of Mr. lrish's admiring Eng- lish students, he thinks he will go to Boston University. joseph I. Livoti 4 Richfield Road "Joe," an ardent booster of football and hockey, sees en- gineering as his future pro- fession. Miss O'Connell's Eng- lish classes will be among the outstanding of his memories. Lucille R. Lomano 65 Paul Revere Road Swimming, softball Whenever "Dolly" thinks of A. H. S., she will recall the fun she had in her junior sewing class, where she made not only clothes but also many friends. Ruth E. Lombard 29 Newport Street "Ruthie," a roller skating enthusiast, hopes to make bookkeeping her future occu- pation. Miss Harlow's book- keeping I class is foremost in her remembrances of Arling- ton High. Page.Forty-foar Anne P. Lorge 98 Alpine Street Honor Roll, tennis, barketball "Penny" aspires to a model- ing career for which she will train at the Acadernie Mod- erne. In school she exercised by climbing the 107 steps to room 38. Charlotte l. Losero 998 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball, swimming, Cbroriicle, Ar! Club Active Charlotte, who thinks she will be a psychiatric aid, enjoys tennis, bowling, and swimming. She will long remember Mr. Warner's al- gebra class. Helen L. Lowell ll Brattle Place G. A. A., basketball Helen is striving toward a career as a stenographer. Danc- ing ancl bowling take the hon- ors as her favorite outside ac- tivities. Good luck in the fu- ture, Helen! William E. Lowenhaupi' 45 Menotomy Road J Honor Roll, Orclaertra, Band, track "Bill," a deep sea fisherman for fun, has designs for be- ing an engineer. While study- ing at Tufts he will recall good times in Arlington High's orchestra. Donald E. Lundquisf 25 Park Circle Camera Club "Don," a swimming and photography fan, sets out for Antioch College after gradu- ation. He made numerous new friends and liked to meet dif- ferent classmates. Roy A. Lundquisl' 47 Lockeland Avenue Ski Club Affable Roy hopes to be- come an engineer via North- eastern, His high school ca- reer is highlighted by the fun had in the Ski Club and at the "Rec" Paul F. Lynch 27 Burch Street Hockey Following graduation "Bub- by" will enter the U. S. Na- vy. Mr. Irish and his English III class are foremost in his memories of A. H. S. Best wishes, "Bubby"l Gerard Fi Magee 15 Marion 'Roadl . x l As aistuderiis at B.iU., "Ger- ry" will recall all xthe ,fine classmates and teachers' he knew-at HJQS. His favor- ite pastimes include golf and baseball. ' ' Eileen C. Mahar 56 Warren Street Field hockey, basketball, swim- ming, G. A. A., Chronicle Athletic Eileen will always remember being one of eight girls to be caught playing hookey and the fun she had with the "S. S. Club." Richard Mahon 1 Claremont Court Mr. Kroll's chemistry classes will take a high place among Richard's fondest memories. Judging from the past, Rich- ard, success will also be your future! V Page F orty- five Z ad Ao Iohn P. Mahoney Q 248 Appleton Street "Jack," though undecided about his future, will probably continue enjoying hockey, baseball, and hunting in his spare time, May he succeed in any undertaking. Mary M. Mahoney 86 Broadway Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan A busy helper for all her teachersg Mary will remember the numerous events of her senior year. She likes skating, as well as dancing and read- ing. Malone wma! Clu ' with t ' fellow c y t e . S. ' . togattend e the ma rry If ' PC- ll h 'f , In , a . H Harvard. 9 ' Antonette P. Manganaro 10 Milton Street Gilbert and Sullivan Nursing is "Toni's" ambi- tion-dancing and bowling her favorite outside activities. She will long remember her senior year, and her friends will long remember her. john T. Manning 170 Palmer Street "Luke," who greatly en- joyed the '48 Lynn Classical game, likes to play football and basketball himself. He plans to go to B. U. next year. Salvatore I. Manoli 13 Dorothy Road Track It will be Uncle Sam's Na- vy for "Sal" after graduation. He much enjoys football and will never forget Mr. johnson or his history class. Priscilla A. Manzo 5 Plymouth Street Cbrouicle, baseball Next.year will find "Pussy" at Sargent's, where she'll pre- pare for physio-therapy work. She'll remember Mr. Samp- son's astonished expression when she wasn't absent for a whole week. Paul F. Marino 12 Laurel Street Honor Roll, Orcbertra, Stamp Club, Cbemirtry Lab. Arrirtaut Paul, our mathematical genius who spends his spare time working in the chemistry lab, and repairing radios, is headed for M. I. T. Good luck and great success, Paul! Edward I. Mark 96 Chandler Street Red-haired "Eddie" is plan- ning on B. C. next year. He enjoys all sports and remem- bers waiting for the end of period IV and the beginning of lunch. Rachel L. Marois 18 Marathon Street Musical "Ray" will un- doubtedly make an excellent pianist. She learned much in Mr. Russell's music class which will help her on the way to success. Page F orty-.fix Lawrence A. Marshall 31 Winter Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, track team "Larry," bound for Holy Cross, spends his summers working at a hotel in Connec- ticut. Besides fun there, he re- members the Lynn Classical game of '48, Louis S. Martone 15 West Street Honor Roll, Camera Club Studious and friendly Louis takes pleasure in photography during his leisure hours. We are sure that he will progress rapidly in his chosen profes- sion, banking. Francis O. Mattson 189 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll, Cbronicle, Latin Club Brilliant Francis, whose hobbies are collecting auto- graphs ancl going to plays, plans to attend Tufts. His weekly chemistry experiments give him something to be re- membered. Grace E. Mayberry 149 Robbins Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, Year Book Committee "Mitzi," talented and versa- tile, will attend Barnard. There she will continue her musical studies. Dramatic Club productions were the outstanding events of her high school life. Violet A. Mazmanian 1077 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Periclean Forum Violet will study nursing at Simmons. In addition to lov- ing sports, she plays the piano well and thinks Mr. Russell was very nice about her orig- inal. compositions. Evelyn A. Mazza 10 Pine Court Bowling, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle "Eviel' will make a really charming dancer. Football and hockey games plus fun in the study hall will linger with het in happy memories. Mildred l. McCall 11 Valentine Road Softball, bowling, skating "Milly's" future is unde- cided, but she'll still sing and dance. Homework, football games and teachers will long be treasured' memories of her high school career. Marilyn H. McCarthy 231 Massachusetts Avenue' "Penny," recently from schools in Florida and Indiana, appreciates 'the warm welcome received from both students and faculty at A. H. S. We're glad you're here, "Penny',! Dorothea I. McCarty 30 Bowdoin Street Honor Roll, Year Book Com- mittee, Latin Club, G. A, A., Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, tennir "Dottie," who plans to en- ter Emmanuel, enjoys dancing and skating. Memories of Mr. Kroll's chemistry class and Miss Rounds, Latin classes, will go to college with het. William E. McCurdy 16 Avon Street, Cambridge Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, basketball, bareball lt's Harvard or West Point for "Bill," who spent one year of high school in Germany. His drums will always pro- vide him with satisfying rec- reation. Page Forty-Jeuen William I. McDonough 14 Perkins Street Honor Roll "Mac,,' who plans to at- tend Tufts College, will never forget Mr. Skinner's fourth period physics class. His favor- ite outside activities include bowling and golf. Stanford McEwen 31 Amherst Street Football, track, bateball "Dewey," who participated so actively in Arlington High sports, thinks he would like to enter Harvard. Outside of school he especially likes hock- ey and football. Peter E. McGrath 14 jason Terrace Staalent C oancil, football, track team "Pete" hopes to study en- gineering at West Point. The "Jollv Boys" and the many parties and social activities in his senior year will long be remembered. Lawrence F. McHugh 9 Henderson Street "Mac," who wants to be a railroad man. will remember Mr. Irish's English II class. He says he likes to bowl and play pinball machines. Robert Mclntosh 47 Sunset Road "Mac" isn't sure what he'.l.l do after graduating from Tufts. At any rate, he's sure he will remember how long his three years at Arlington High seemed. joseph P. Mclsaac ll Morris Street When he is not in school, "Joe" most enjoys swimming, football, hockey, and skiing. At present undecided about the future, he will long re- member his marks. Kenneth D. McKenna 264 Hillside Avenue "Mac," old salt that he is, plans to join the navy after graduation. He will always chuckle over humorous experi- ences in Mr. Puscols senior homeroom. Elizabeth I. McKim 65 Oak Hill Drive Temzix, bowling Next year will find "Betty Jean," a singer in the Y. F. C. all girl choir, studying for a degree in Christian educa- tion at the Providence Bible Institute. Ralph F. McLaughlin 23 Varnum Street Bateball, barketball, track Riding motorcycles and playing baseball appear to be among "Mac's" most enjoy- able extra-curricular activities. He hopes to attend Notre Dame. Best wishes, "Mac"! William I. McMahon 104 Scituate Street "Mac,', who plans to at- tend B. C., much enjoys hock- ey, baseball, football, and bowling. Mr. SeXton's French class will be remembered by him for many years. ' Page Forty-eight Donald McMath 76 Webster Street "Mac" entertains hopes of becoming a commercial artist and likes to tinker with out- board motors. He will always be amused by pranks per- formed in the print shop. Richard M. McSweeney 12 Wyman Street Dramatic Club "Mac" rounds out his spare time by playing hockey and engaging in the "Jolly Boys' " activities. He hopes to study business administration at B. C. Mary Medzorian 52 River Street Swimming, bowling, Cbron- icle, basketball, G. A. A. Mary is preparing to do office work in the future. A swimming and' roller skating enthusiast, she really enjoyed Miss Horrigan's English class at A. H. S. Frank D. Mele 52' Fairmont Street Honor Roll, luncbroom Desiring to become a suc- cessful businessman, "Frank" will study accounting next year at Bentley's. He will ali- ways remember the fun he had between lunch periods. . Norma V. Melvin 29 Egerton Road Honor Roll, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, bowling Norma, who plans to at- tend Lowell State, is happiest listening to classical music or playing the piano. She'll .long remember the music award she received as a sophomore. Ann Menzoian 114 Rawson Road Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, bowling Ann wants to attend B. U. The opera Carmen and Mr. Russell's music classes will never be forgotten. She is proud of perfect attendance for three whole years. Geraldine R. Merrill 46 Hillside Avenue G. A, A., field bocbey, barketball, Joftball After studying at Chand- ler's, "Jerry" will make a very successful secretary. She showed lots of vigor and good humor in sports and various G. A. A. activities. Francis I. Miller 28 Williams Street Football "jigs," a good sport in every sense, enjoys sketching. At present uncertain about his future, he will have spent three of his happiest years at A. H. S. Marjorie A. Mills 91 North Union Street Swimming, bowling, G. A. A. While studying at B. U., witty "Abbie" will recall her days in Miss Binnig's short- hand class. Horseback riding, tennis, and dancing hll her spare time. Phillip E. Morgan 24 Wildwood Avenue Phillip, who still ,hasn't found the elevator to the third floor, plans to go into the printing business. He'll never forget his fun-hlled' sophomore year. Page Forty-nine Charles F. Moriarty 51 Burch Street Basketball, track, Debating Club "Charlie," who will never forget Miss Nash's business organization class, hopes to go to Northeastern to study en- gineering. Swimming and bas- ketball are his favorite sports. Dorothy M. Morrison 29 Lakehill Avenue "Dotty" plans to be a comptometer operator. Mr. 1rish's English class, as well as the date April 22, 1948, will hold a permanent place in her memory. Edward H. Morrison 94 Coolidge Road Baseball, bockey, track, foot- ball, golf, basketball Among "Eddie's" out- standing recollections of A. H. S. will be found Mr. Cav- alieri's math class. One of the boys who likes. early morning hockey, he',ll attend B. U. Margaret T. Mulcahy 44 Beacon Street Basketball "Peggy," who will work as a telephone operator next year, takes delight in ice skat- ing. She had many bright ex- periences in the lunchroom at A. H. S. Eleanor M. Mulhern 207 Pleasant Street Glee Club, Band, Gilbert and Sulliuan "Midge," our petite, dark- haired nightingale, will study at Katharine Gibbs. Her fa- vorite memories will be of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and Mr. Eaton's math class. Francis I. Mullett 156 Mary Street A Fiery-haired "Mull" will make his way to the door of Northeastern to study engi- neering. We hope they'll ap- preciate the experience he gained in Mr. Kemp's lab. class. loan K. Mullin 99 Newland Road Honor Roll, Latin Club, Year Boob, Cbronicle, swimming Ioan, who loves swimming, will attend Emmanuel after graduation. Dodging Mr. Mor- rill at a Tech. tournament af- ter being dismissed from school to attend. It is her best memory. Madelyn D. Mulvehill 150 Mary Street Bowling, swimming "Mad," who enjoys bowl- ing more than other sport, will become an airline host- ess. Even in the air, she'll think of her junior English and sewing classes. Ave A. Myers 10 Parker Street Cbronicle, swimming, motlern dancing Talented Ave, whose forte is ballet dancing, hopes to continue studying the dance to become a teacher. She will always remember the numer- ous pronunciations of her first name. , lacqualyn Nash 23 Russell Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Gilbert anil Sulli- van, swimming, bowling Sweet, pretty "Jackie," our future nurse and graduate of the Deaconess Hospital, will never forget Arlington High's proms or long Dramatic Club rehearsals. Page Fifty john Wm. Nelson 288 Washington Street Honor Roll, Cbronicle, Gil- bert and Sullivan Club, Year Book, golf, Ski Club Tall and brilliant "Bill," who plans to attend Princeton, enjoyed his double dates with "Chris" Gardner. Foreign dip- lomatic service beckons to his adventurous spirit. Donald Nichols 63 Dow Avenue Football, truck "Nick" hasn't determined what field' of endeavor he will enter, but certainly, football games will never cease to claim his absorbed interest and ardent support. Stanley E. Nichols 63 Dow Avenue Football, bockey "Nick," who can usually be found playing a lively game of hockey or football, has no definite plans, but with those passes, who needs plans? Kenneth F. Niven 561 Summer Street "Nifty,,' a future automo- tive mechanic, takes pleasure both in tobogganing and in repairing automobiles. His biggest memory is of his big- gest task, cleaning the auto shop. Donald E. Nobles 32 Scituate Street Cbronicle "Dons" favorite memories will be of the fun at the jun- ior prom and in his printing class. He is going to enter the retail business. Ruth E. Nobles 52 Scituate Street Honor Roll, swimming, bowling Popular "Ruthie" has no definite future plans yet. An expert swimmer, she likes bowling and had grand times at the "Rec" and the junior prom. Gino A. Nocca 156 Mount Vernon Street Cbronicle, "Rec" Committee, A, Y. A. Gino expects to attend Bry- ant ancl Stratton. His print- ing class furnishes many sat- isfying memories. Mr. Arthur ranks high on Gino's list of favorite teachers. Victor S. Nocca 156 Mount Vernon Street Victor, like his twin, Gino, will attend Bryant and Strat- ton. He, too, has happy recol- lections of printing class and holds Mr. Arthur in high es- teem. Margaret M. Nolan 24 Avon Place Band, Glee Club, field bocbey Musical Margaret makes photography her hobby. Bus rides to the football games and Mr. Russell's bank class are foremost in her recollec- tions of Arlington High. Karl E. Norton 67 Mount Vernon Street Bunil, bocbey, baseball Karl is going into his fa- ther's busines and will long remember the "Rec" and his senior year. He and "Doug,' Campbell found the girls' gym a convenient rendezvous. Page Fifty-one Arthur E. O'Brien 101 Thorndike Street . Track Tall "O'Bie," who spent many evenings at the "Rec," will cherish the memory of Mr. Eaton's math class. Next year will hnd him at Boston College. Henry F. O'Brien 194 Lake Street Football, bockey, track, Stu- ilent Council, golf, basketball Big "Babe," who enjoyed all sports, plans on Holy Cross. His sophomore aero- nautics class will remain out- standing to him, who claims to be a woman hater, Margaret A. 0'Brien 319 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Latin Club. tennis, rwimming, Glee Club lt's Radcliffe for "Peggy" after graduation. Horseback riding and skating are her fa- vorite amusements. There was never a dull moment for her in Miss Rounds' Latin classes. Nora A.,O'Brien 123 Warren Street Art Club Our artistic "Jeanie" may attend Massachusetts Art. She is sure, however, that among her favorite activities dancing rates first, especially with Ar- lington High's best dancer. Mary T. O'ConnelI 23 Water Street Chronicle, bowling Mary plans to enter Avia- tion Training School to study for work as a reservationist. In school she liked Miss Nor- wood's classg out of school- skating and bowling. Frederick P. O'Connor 22 Peter Tufts Road "Oakie," who tidied up the auto shop so many times, likes outdoor sports: swimming, ice skating, football, and tobog- ganing. He'll make a very capable railroad engineer. William P. O'Connor 23 Warren Street Honor Roll "Oakie" won't forget when a chassis tipped over Mr. Lew- is' desk in the auto shop. When he is not working on cars, he spends his time sail.- ing and fishing. Isabel N. Ogden 28 Belknap Street Honor Roll, tennis, bowling A sophomore math class will linger in "Rusty's" mem- ories of A. H. S. Dancing and swimming head the list of her pastimes. She aims to be- come a seamstress. james F. 0'Keefe 121 Newport Street Quick-witted "Jim" will be an electrician. Recalling the fun he had during lunch pe- riods should lighten dull mo- ments. Boxing and dancing are tops with "Jim." Herbert Olson 123 High Haith Road Electrical appliances will occupy "Holy Oly's" busy working hours. While he works on cars for recreation, he will often recall Miss Bray's exciting English class. Page Fifty-Iwo Marilyn E. Page 8 Exeter Street Honor Roll, basketball, field bockey, G. A. A., Joftball Good-natured, athletic Mar- ilyn hopes to become a secre- tary. Miss Binnig's safe con- taining innumerable "thou- sand dollar checks" is upper- most among her memories of A. H. S. Pete I. Panclolfino 9 Dartmouth Street Football, baseball, tennif, bockey "Pete," who will be a bar- ber, had a wonderful time at the '48 "Rec" Hallowe'en Dance. Perhaps he took his beloved guitar to the dance. Leo P. Paradis 231 Broadway Barketball Leo, who liked A. H. S. proms, says the cooks in the lunchroom were among his best friends at school. Next year he plans to attend Bry- ant and Stratton. Lawrence E. Parece 250 Mystic Street "Larry,' intends to become an automotive electric special- ist. Though he likes sports and exercise, he dehnitely didn't enjoy standing at at- tention in Mr. Lewis' class. Richard D. Pasciufo 86 Fairmont Street Lengthy arguments with Miss Horrigan about English will help "Dick" to use good grammar always. We wish him success in his civil en- gineering course at Tufts. Barbara A. Patterson 74 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Periclean Forum, Latin Club Barbara, a future teacher, divides her time between the "Jams" and a discussion club. an apt student, she Miss Rounds' Latin especially pleasant. Being found classes Mary Pelletier 34 Sunset Road Honor Roll, Preritlent of Peri- rlean Forum, Year Book Committee, swimming, Repre- rentative at Girls' State, Latin Club Versatile Mary treasures many pleasant memories of congenial classmates and pa- tient teachers, Miss Rounds' Latin class rating tops. May she ever achieve success and happiness! Nancy M. Perham 65 Norfolk Road G. A. A., Gilbert anal Sullivan, Ski Club Quiet Nancy is headed for Westbrook Junior College to major in interior decorating. She will always remember the fun she had taking part in "The Gondoliersf' Geraldine R. Perry 24 Clark Street Honor Roll "Gerry," who plans to go into the business world after graduation, will long remem- ber Miss Binnig's shorthand class and the fun she had in the lunchroom. Nancy A. Peterson 6 Longfellow Road Su'intrnin,t', Cbronicle, bowl- ing, softball, barketball "Pete," who has been ener- getic in sports activities, plans to be a secretary. Remember- ing her pleasing personality, we are sure of her success in every enterprise. Q Page Fifty-tbree William A. Petersen 34 Henry Street "Bill's', favorite memoir will be Mr. Skinner's physics class. Who could forget that? Shooting, swimming, and roll- er skating take the honors as "Bill's" favorite diversions. james L. Phelps 28 Williams Street Honor Roll, Ski Club Listening intently to .Mr. Skinnerls calm voice under strain of annoyance, gave Le- roy something to remember. He will undoubtedly be suc- cessful in his selected occupa- tion, construction work. Robert L. Philbrick 132 Mount Vernon Street Band "Bob," who enjoys playing golf, is not yer sure about his future. He particularly recalls the fun experienced in Mr. Russell's exhilarating band classes. Anthony H. Piantes 59 Lakehill Avenue Honor Roll, mick Friendly "Tony" is bound for M. I. T. to study chemical engineering. His ambition and studious nature assure him of real success in his chosen field. Donald B. Pick 57 Harlow Street "Gramps," who enjoys all sports, hasn't decided what he'll do after graduation. Mr. Irish's junior English class will be among his never-to- be-forgotten memories. Paul R. Pierce 6 Ridge Street Paul says he spent most of his spare time keeping his car in repair. He will use his experience when he enters the automotive business. Bruce S. Pilling 115 Oakland Avenue Orcbertm, Band, Ski Club Bruce is headed for the Minnesota to University of study forestry. ln Mr. Petra- classes Bruce which will be lia's Spanish learned much useful to him. Leon R. Podgur 40 River Street Track Franklin Institute will find Leon a member of its fresh- man class next year. In acl- dition to football and hockey, homework is his favorite out- side activity. Ioan H. Poirier 66 Park Avenue Extension Bowling, tennis 'iJoanie," a future secretary, will never forget the fun she had in Miss Binnig's class. Perhaps that is where she ac- quired her friendly smile! Barbara E. Poole 16 Orvis Road Honor Roll, bowling, swim ming, bafketball "Boobsie" aims to become a secretary. When she reaches that goal, she'lL often think of Miss Binnig's "oflice." For outside recreation shes likes to swim. A Page Fifty-fonr , john E. Portanova 25 Kimball Road Band, Orcbestra, bowling Band classes and football games always gave John a good time. Best of all, though, according to John, a future accountant, was the "good old 'Rec'." Florence S. Powell 5 Huntington Road Glee Club, Bantl Petite "Shirl," who plans to attend William and Mary College, loves to work with little children. She'll always delight in remembering Mr. Russell's music classes. Xl OU illiam D. Power Football "Honk" hopes to enter M. I. T. after he leaves school. He, like so many others, will long remember Mr. Fusco and his fascinating history class. ' ! 10 Whittemore Street Robert A. Powers 11 Lowell Street Good-natured "Bob" is soon going to be curing the ills of automobile engines. Be- ing a sports fan, he will long remember skiing at Mt. Cran- more. Helen C. Poznesh 34 Waldo Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club Though friendly Helen, who'll make a fine secretary, thought her history class very dull, she enjoyed many a laugh in Mr. Irish's well- known English classes. David M. Pratt 385 Massachusetts Avenue David, who's partial to small colleges, has never re- covered from the shock of passing math, his most difficult subject. His planned field of interest is history research. Donald T. Priest 69 Harlow Street Football "Don," familiar to us all because of his football prow- ess, holds Arlington High's hockey games and Mr. Downs' American history class among his fondest memories. Ann M. Provosl' 25 Parker Street Dramatic Club, Debating Club, "Rec" Nancy's big worry at A. H. S. was getting to school on time. Somehow or other she was tardy even on the day she arrived at 7:45. I jerome I. Puddister 299 Park Avenue Basketball "Joe Puts" is headed for B. C., yet he still hopes to own a midget auto some day. He'll long remember his study hall cat naps. Andrew l. Pullo 95 Oxford Street "Andy," another future student at B. C., is enthusi- astic about baseball and hock- ey. The '48 Lynn Classical game, though, outshines all the other sports events. Page Fifty-five Alice T. Quessy 20 Higgins Street Band, cbeerleader Talented and vivacious Alice, who has favored us with her unique performances, will appear with Shipsted and Johnson Ice Follies to fur- ther delight and entertain her friends. Eleanor M. Quinn 75 Richfield Road Honor Roll, barketball While studying home eco- nomics at Simmons, Eleanor will recall the amusement of passing notes under Mr. Court- ney's door during her days at A. H. S. lohn I. Quinn 105 Milton Street john will study engineer- ing at Northeastern. Mr. Skinner's hard luck stories will linger long in his memory, as well as in those of his class- mates. Frank l. Ramacorti 93 Pleasant Street Tennir Stil.l breathless from getting to school mornings with just a few minutes to spare, "Mac" is now turning his steps to- ward' B. U. Best wishes, "Mac"! Catherine M. Reagan 71 Teel Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club Two whole years of Miss Peck's homework have made an indelible entry in "Katie's" book of memories. A member of the "Jams," she also likes swimming. Donald H. Reenstierna 21 Spring Valley Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, basketball "Lightnin"' plans to enter an engineering school. next year. Probably the most en- joyable experience of his high school career was the "Jolly Boys" club. Michael N. Renaccio 29 Wachusett Avenue Dancing and football are "Mike's" after school activi- ties. He will, no doubt, look back on Miss Norwood and English IV while studying business at B. C. Frederick L. Reynolds, lr. 307 Gray Street Honor Roll, bocleey, Ski Club "Fred," who plans to at- tend Harvard to become a chemist, will never forget Mr. Skinner's physics class. Both sail boat racing and swim- ming are tops with him. Patricia I. Reynolds 53 Windsor Street Honor Roll, yield bockey, bar- ketball, G. A. A., Student Council, Cbronlcle, Art Club Versatile "Pat" intends to go to Massachusetts Art, where she will study fashion illustrating. Swimming and sewing take top honors on her list of varied activities. Lillian M. Ribeiro 29 Berkeley Street Cbronicle, bowling Her senior year, including Miss Forsyth's cooking class and dates, is outstanding in "Lil's" fond memories. She likes to skate, both on wheels and blades. Page Fifty-fix Warren W. Rich 18 Ronald Road Honor Roll, golf When he reaches Harvard, we hope "Rico," a seasoned traveler, will be able to keep up an interest in golf and skiing despite his extensive studies. Margaret Richards 507 Park Avenue Honor Roll "Maggie," a horseback ride ing and ice skating enthusiast, is preparing for an interest- ing career as a bookkeeper. Miss Kelly's bookkeeping class has been "Maggiels" favorite. Constance A. Riley 69 Fountain Road Cheerleader, G, A. A., howling "Connie," a vivacious all- round good sport, spent a great deal of time waiting for week-ends. We hope you real- ize your ambition to work for an airline, "Connief' Robert T. Rizzo 55 Dow Avenue "Bob" has his head in the clouds. The proud owner of a pilot's license, he will attend New England Aircraft after chalking up three eventful years at A. H. S. p Edward I. Robson -3 103 Glenburn Road H ochey, hayehall Well-known "Ed" heads for B. U. Baseball and hockey have been his most pleasant pastimes, and he will long re- member Mr. Danforth's me- chanical drawing class. Betty A. Roby 355 Gray Street Tennir, G. A. A. Lively "Betty" enjoys danc- ing, ice skating, and music. Going to out-of-town football games and meeting friends in the lunchroom will never be forgotten by her. Iames W. Rockwell 39 Sherborn Street 'iPhezz," one of our best dancers, hopes to become a salesman after graduation. Without a doubt helll re- member Mr. Skinnerls physics class a very long time. Corinne M. Romley 14 Proprietor's Way G. A. A., held hochey, Jwlrn- ming, Gllhert anal Snllioan Lasell Junior College will prepare poised Corinne for the position of medical secre- tary. Mr. Cavalieri's -algebra class and hockey games were memorable adventures for her. Margaret A. Ronayne 68 Henderson Street Chronicle, tennis "Peggy" is striving to be a stenographer. She always won- dered why the corridors seemed so endless, when she dashed in several seconds be- fore the last bell. Paul F. Rubenskas 140 Lake Street Football Big 'Tooch," who plans to continue his education at B. U., will always remember his Mr. Kroll's experiences in chemistry class. Perhaps Mr. Kroll will, too. Page Fifty-Jeoen if Marilyn L. Runge 1111 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll "Sis" hopes to become a successful bookkeeper. She en- joys riding her bike and watching football games. Her sophomore year will always af- ford happy thoughts. William E. Russell Robert E. Salisbury 30 Brantwood Road Football Sports-minded "Bob" is headed for B. U. to study phy- sical education. He is an ac- tive member of the "Jolly Boys" and will never forget playing football for A. H. S. n A Iliam . 66 Gloucester Avenue SU t Honor Roll "Bill" plans to attend Holy Cross, where he may partici- pate in the many sports he enjoys. He cherishes recollec- tions of Miss Norwood's Eng- lish class. Ioan M. Ryan 136 Webster Street Glee Club, swimming Quiet, friendly Joan wants to attend' Katharine Gibbs. She is fond of ice skating and plays tennis well. Music classes at A. H. S. were always ap- pealing. joseph D. Saganich 39 High Haith Road "Joe" likes to work on au- tomobiles and plans to enter that Held after graduation. He relaxes outside of school by playing hockey, football, and other sports. George D. Salisbury 27 Henderson Street "Whitie's" hobby of post- er-making could develop into his future occupation. May time never dim the memories he treasures of chorus and drawing classes at A. H. S.! Cb ni ramat lub, xbetball "Bill," 'who is going to B. C., has spent much of his spare time at parties given by the "jolly Boys" and taking part in sports. Ann B. Schaefer 31 Hawthorne Avenue Tennis "Bunny," our future nurse and Simmons graduate, will always remember the friends she has made, her dislike for math, and her liking for chem- istry. Marion E. Scott 150 Brooks Avenue Honor Roll, Student Council, Year Book, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Art Club The football games, W. Y. W. meetings, and the junior prom will soon be among Ma- rion's most treasured mem- ories. She plans to attend Massachusetts Art to study commercial art. Paul I. Shea 48 Lombard Terrace Honor Roll, Manager of bocleey "Paully," one of the mana- gers of our hockey team, thinks he will enter the truck- ing business. He'll not soon forget Mr. Morrill- or Mr. Downs. Page Fifty-eigbt Robert I. Sheehan 116 Thorndike Street "Bob," who wants to go in- to shipping, will hold his graduation as a very perma- nent memory. Football and swimming are his top out- side interests. Patricia A. Silk 35 Gardner Street Attractive "Pat" plans to make office work her career. "Toz's,' class in her sopho- more year still stands out in her memory. She likes to bowl and dance. Claire E. Silva 48 Brattle Street Bowling, basketball, Joflball Claire, who plans to be an office worker, thinks Mr. Low- der and his current events were a very fascinating part of her high school studies. Mary B. Silva 39 Lafayette Street Bowling Mary's future is undecided, but she'll always have time for her favorite outside activi- ties-bowling, skating, and swimming. Nor will she for- get Miss Forsyth's cooking class. Ronald Simonds 105 Irving Street Ronald has been preparing to become a machinist after graduation. His favorite pas- times-driving and listening to jazz, his best memory-Mr. Anton and his Oldsmobile. Donald I. Skilton 152 Appleton Street Track ' After graduation "Don" hopes to study architectural drafting. He enjoys outdoor activities, such as swimming, hunting, and caring for hom- ing pigeons, but he did not like report cards. Ralph L. Skinner 193 Westminster Avenue lniloor track New England Aircraft will be Ralph's next step in edu- cation. He will remember his experiences at the "Rec" and the Rifle Club, as he studies. Carol A. Smellie 6 Wyman Terrace Carol will miss Mr. John- son's class when she attends Kathleen Dell's. With her work in the office at A. H. S. as a start, she ought to be suc- cessful there. Lawrence C. Smith 67 Dow Avenue "Smitty's" liking for golf, swimming, and fishing prove that he is truly an active out- door man. Graduation day will be his greatest delight! Good luck, "Smitty"! Sfaniford A. Sorrentino 69 Edmund Road Biznil, Preriilent of Gilbert and Snllinizn, Ski Clnb Talented "Stan,,' in addi- tion to his boundless pleasure in singing, likes swimming and good food. We wish him success in his musical studies at B. U. Page Fifty-nine -11 Barbara I. Spencer 247 Park Avenue Honor Roll, G. A. A. "Barbie," both warm- hearted and brilliant, will nev- er forget the many friends she has made. Cornell will be her home for the next four, busy years. Seymour I. Steeves 165 Park Avenue Honor Roll ' Quiet Seymour will attend Gordon College to prepare for the ministry. When his long homework assignments were done, he participated in church youth activities. Best wishes, Seymour! Pauline T. Stefaney 26 Peter Tufts Road Bowling Mr. Roderick's typing class will long be remembered by Pauline, who plans to go to comptometer school. Outside of school she is an outstand- ing softball player. W. Garrich Stephens 146 Washington Street Periclean Forurn, Luncbroorn trearurer With technical engineering as his goal, "Garry" will en- ter Northeastern. The split in- finitives, double negatives, and dangling participles he used in physics tests will provide lasting amusement. Mary A. Stetson 3 Bradley Road Mary, a would-be bookkeep- er, will remember Miss Kelly's bookkeeping class. She is an enthusiastic- bowler and scored many a hit with her friendly, winning smile. Carwin M. Strout 187 Pleasant Street Basketball, Dramatic Club, tennir, golf The University of Michi- gan is "Bud's" choice, There he will prepare for the auto- motive industry. The "Jolly Boys" basketball, and life- guard work are his favorite ac- tivities. . Richard Stuart 11 Pine Court Hockey No land lubber he, "Rich," a boating, fishing, and swim- ming fan, plans to learn navi- gation. Being in Miss Gerar- di's homeroom will always bring back gay memories. Iacqueline M. Stygles 157 Palmer Street Bowling Amiable "Jackie," who thinks Miss Norwood exem- plifies the best in teachers, spends her leisure hours danc- ing, bowling, and playing bas- ketball. May you succeed in every endeavor, "Jackie"! Mary Sullivan 18 Putnam Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, Burineu Manager of Year Boole, Debating Club, Wornanir Club CRepre.venta- tiueb Intellectual "Sully" will long cherish the memory of her role in "A.Date With Judy" and being in Mr. Mill- er's class. She will attend' eith- er Wellesley or Cornell. Robert L. Sullivan 88 Orvis Road Football "Sully" plans to round out his education at Bryant and Stratton, where he will learn how to be a salesman. Good luck on the road to success! Page Sixty Marilyn M. Swanson 63 Mt. Vernon Street G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Joftball Attractive "Mae" will en- ter a modeling school next year. She will not forget her junior prom or the wonderful times she had at W. Y. W. meetings. Don LK. Sweeney 33 Newport Street Hockey, bareball, foolball, barketball, crack, cron counlry His three years spent with Mr. Sexton will be longest re- membered by "Kingief' Out- side of school he most enjoys skating at the Boston Skating Club. Oscar W. Swensen 103 Columbia Road Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sul- liuan, Chronicle, Dramatic Club Witty "Swede," who won't forget those parties after the Gilbert and Sullivan perform- ances, is planning to study for an illustrious career in medi- cine at Harvard. lean E. Taft 46 Harlow Street Cbronicle, Gilbert ancl Sulli- van, Dramatic Club, Year Book, Glee Club "Shortie," an enthusiast for dancing, swimming, and win- ter sports, will enter a junior college. She'll never forget the day she broke two ribs on a teacherls desk. Thomas I. Tannian 11 Exeter Street "Tom," who thinks Mr. Skinner's class stands out above all others in his mem- ory, likes to play baseball and hockey. He will attend Holy Cross. Anthony F. Tartarini 173 Mystic Street "Junior" is an ardent sports fan, especially liking football, basketball, hockey, and swim- ming. Next to playing foot- ball, he enjoys watching an A. H. S. game best. janet M. Tenney 159 Pleasant Street Honor Roll, tennis, G. A. A. "Jay," who's had plenty of fun at A. H. S., won't forget the W. Y. W. meetings or frequent talks with "Toz." An excellent tennis player-she will go to B. U. Molly A. Thoren 8 Cliff Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, bowling, Jwirnrning Molly, attractive and fun- loving, wants to go to the University of Michigan. Even so far from home, she'll re- member her sophomore year at A. H. S. and W. Y. W. meetings. Gloria S. Thorne 123 Florence Avenue Honor Roll, Fine Arty Gloria plans to go to Ves- per George after Hnishing high school. Her favorite out- side activity is bowling, and shelll remember longest the A. H. S. football games. Rena M. Thyne 1 Pond Terrace Honor Roll, Glee Club, Latin Club, Banil Gay and versatile Rena will attend Kathleen Dellls. She will often recall band rehear- sals and her valiant but fruit- less attempts to learn figure skating. Page Sixty-one Gertrude M. Tighe 8 Windsor Street "Gertie" intends to fulfill her ambitions by attending the Mansield School of Hair- dressing. While she curls hair, she will recall her sophomore year and cooking classes. Karl W. Tobiason 191 Newport Street Honor Roll, indoor track, out- aloor track, cron country "Toby," who has always en- joyed working after school, plans to enter construction business after graduation and to further his education by at- tending night school. Noreen K. Toomey 42 Alpine Street Conscientious "Reenie" will bring to any undertaking that she pursues a warm, under- standing nature. She will re- call Miss Binnigis classes as happy events at A. H. S. Anne H. Tremblay 9 Lancaster Road S winirning, Dramatic Club, bowling Anne will make a gracious telephone operator. A motor- cyclist for a hobby, she con- siders Mr. Burke's humor and home room 38 among her brightest school memories. Barbara M. Tremblay 61 Foster Street G. A. A., jfelcl bockey "Barb'i hasn't made any plans for next year as yet. Her favorite outside activity is dancing. She won't forget her eventful junior year. Richard M. Trenholm 273 Appleton Street A Football Richard plans to take up agriculture or join the Army after graduation. Fishing, swimming, hockey, and foot- ball have given him a great deal of enjoyment. Thomas C. Tweedie 89 Everett Street Dramatic Club "Tom,', a hearty baseball fan, will set out for Tufts. Both his sophomore and jun- ior math classes were enter- taining as well as very in- structive. Paul F. Twitchell 57 Hillsdale Road Hockey, track "Twitch" will continue his studies at Boston College, where his ability to join in a hockey game will offer excit- ing and wholesome relaxation. Good luck, "Twitch"! Robert E. Van Idersfine 70 Robbins Road Bancl, Orcbertra Musical "Van" plans to at- tend Amherst. Skiing, danc- ing and roller skating are his favorite sports. He will never forget Mr. Houston or room 48. Dolores T. Varello 2l9 Renfrew Street Honor Roll, Jwirnniing, bowling, G. A. A. s Diversions for gay "Del' are horseback riding and danc- ing. Being late for two Lynn Classical games still remains an unsolved mystery. Could dates be a clue? Page S ixty-two Thomas Vincent 6 Clark Street Hochey "Tommy" hopes to make Uncle Sam's Navy his career. We who shall long remember his skill in the hockey team wish him the best of luck! Shirley l. Wallstrom 209 Spring Avenue Honor Roll, Year Booh, G. A. A. "Shirl," who is going to Katharine Gibbs and is a W. Y. W. member, has many hap- py reasons for never forget- ting the extempotaneous par- ties held in Tenney's barn. Richard I. Walsh 96 Milton Street Quiet, but witty "Dick" likes to play football during after school hours. Though un- certain about his future, he will remember Mr. Dan- forrh's class for many years. Marianne L. Ward 22 Moulton Road Bowling l Marianne wants to go to a nursing school to continue her studies. Her junior prom will long hold a treasured position among her fondest memories. Betty A. Warren 59 Lafayette Street Honor Roll Secretarial work in the held of radio is "Jake's" ambition. In summer she swimsg in win- ter she bowls. She'll always remember her junior year and Mr. Cavalieri's class. Lawrence P. Warren 60 Waldo Road Golf, hochey, foothall This senior member of the golf team hopes to become a professional golfer. The gala bottle-breaking contest in the lunchroom will longest remain in "Larry's" memory. Barbara A. Watson 1 Perkins Street Cheerleader, harhethall, :oft- hall, yield hockey, G. A. A. "Barb," who will attend Sargent and later teach physi- cal education, won't forget Hallowe'en week-end or the fun she and the S. S. Club had in the cafeteria. john H. Waugh 227 Wachusett Avenue Shi Clnh john has been attracted by CQB. A., a school in which he can study radio. He is kept busy by skiing, skating, swim- ming, boating, and girls. Daniel I. Webb 37 Robin Hood Road Crorr country, indoor track, Gilbert and Sullivan "Dan" is one of those boys who always enjoyed playing sports after school. He intends to further his education and continue sports at Boston University. ' Earl M. Webster 15 Ronald Road Next year Earl plans to join the Navy. He will long re- member his interesting shop class and the good times he had at the "Rec." Page S ixly-three .3 351' ' joseph R. Weissbach 30 Alfred Road "joe's" week-ends have been filled with hockey play- ing at the Skating Club. His ambition, however, is not to become a famed hockey play- er, but an interior decorator. Shirley A. Weslowski 11 Grove Street Place Basketball, jielil bockey, G. A. A., swimming, cbeerleailer The teaching profession will soon boast of vivacious 'Irishf' Planning to receive her training at Framingham State Teachers' College, she will often recall the S. S. Club. George Whalley 71 Menotomy Road It's either O. T. C. or Boston College for "Wally," who likes keeping his car in order. A special event for him was the return trip from the Lynn Classical game. Christine C. Wilkins 50 Mystic Valley Parkway Dramatic Club, basketball "Mitzi" hopes to become a nurse. Her favorite pastimes, skating and swimming were excellent ways to exercise for climbing the 107 steps to Miss Dow's English class. Barbara C. Wilson 541 Summer Street Swimming, tennis After high school "Barb" plans to enter comptometer school. She'll never forget her junior prom or having Mrs. Lee catch her talking to a boy outside room 55. Constance A. Wilson 167 Wachusett Avenue Gilbert anal S ulliuan, swimming "Connie" plans to enter Katharine Gibbs. There will always be a place in her mem- ory for summer vacations in Maine and exciting football games every fall. Margery A. Wilton 68 Webcowet Road Swimming, basketball, G, A. A. Golden-haired l'Margie" is headed for the W. A. A. F. after graduation. Her high school memories include Mrs. MoEatt's class and the fun she has had with all her friends. Ray E. Wilton 131 Alpine Street Ski Club "lf it's broken, fix itg if it ain't broken, move it, if you can't move it, paint it." That's the memorable A. H. S. shop motto "Wimp" will always keep. jones D. Wing 87 Grandview Road Iniloor track jones, who will never for- get Mr. KapH's solid and trig. classes, has always enjoyed baseball and hockey. He plans to study at Michigan State College. john j. Wise 21 Parker Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club Business-like "jake" will further his education at M. I. T. He was one of the many boys who enjoyed playing early morning hockey games at the Skating Club. Page Sixty-four Charlotte E. Wood 25 Claremont Avenue Dramatic Club, bowling Charlotte, another ice skat- ing enthusiast, took time out to attend A. H. S. football games. She will long remem- ber her wonderful classmates. Carol A. Wright 15 Nourse' Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Cbronicle Carol thinks she will en- ter teachers' college next year. Ice skating rates tops as far as she's concerned, but watch- ing football games runs a close second. Frank P. Wright 64 Hamlet Street Hockey "Mike" is still undecided about the future. He played hockey here in school, but out- side his favorite activities were golf, football, and the Nation- al Guard. Kenneth S. Banks 159 Park Avenue "Charlie," who plans to go to an agricultural school in California and' later to farm in that state, expects to re- member graduating from A. H. S. for some time. Albert E. Bates 195 Westminster Avenue "Al," who thinks he will attend Wentworth, will often be refreshed by the memory of Mr. Kapff's math classes. His favorite recreation is swimming. Fred E. Wright 64 Hamlet Street Football "Moona" is an active Na- tional Guard and Boys' Club member. He'll always remem- ber his difficult chorus final in which he had to sing before the entire class. Lucy A. Yirikian 547 Concord Turnpike G. A. A., Cbronicle, basketball, bowling "Lu" will attend Katharine Gibbs upon her graduation. Dancing and watching foot- ball games are among her pastimes. Miss Norwood's English class enriches her memory. Patricia A. Zani 5 West Street Tennis, G. A. A. Swimming and dancing rate tops with business-minded "Pat," She will continue her education at Burroughs Cal- culating School. She happily recalls junior year sewing with Mrs. Lee. Eileen Brennan 40 Woodbury Street Bowling, Honor Roll "Lee's" ambition is to be- come a secretary. Though she is an ice skating and bowling fan, in school she enjoyed her senior English class most. Donald Byrne 17 Chestnut Street Good-humored D o n a l d thinks he will go to Went- worth after graduation. There are many memories of A. H. S. that will, no doubt, go with him. Adriana M. Caio 28 Fordham Street Basketball, bowling, swimming "Dolly," whose favorite ac- tivity is tennis, wants to make nursing her career. She will long remember the helpfulness of all her high school teachers. Gaetano C. Catanzano 164 Mystic Valley Parkway "Kismo" is undecided about his future. He enjoys playing football and baseball. He will always remember his first week in big, confusing A, H, S. Richard R. Cooper ' 24 Moore Place Basketball, Cbronicle, football, baseball "Rod's" ambition is to play football and basketball for Notre Dame. His entrance to Notre Dame will be post- poned while he serves three years in the Marines. Robert F. Cox 75 Everett Street Honor Roll, Art Club, f Dramatie Clab "Bob," who is headed for Tufts to study engineering, says girls are among his fa- vorite outside activities. He also likes dancing and shoot- ing practice. Harold Darakjian, jr. 106 Lake Street Though Harold is uncertain about what he would like to do in the future, we are sure that he will be successful in any undertaking. Leonard F. Doyle 45 Melrose Street "Lennie" intends to join the Navy and see the world. He likes shooting and all snorts. Memories of seventh periods spent with Miss Hor- rigan rate hrst. Robert D. Eccles 64 Marathon Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Clab Friendly "Bob" didn't real.- ly mind being "bull-dozed" in- to Dramatic Club affairs by Miss Horrigan. An outdoor sportsman, he will be found at Tufts next year. George P. Femia 57 Broadway "Marty" goes out in a big way for hockey. He will. es- pecially remember the many jolly teachers he had at A. H. S. Daniel F. Fitzgibbon 20 Prescott Street Honor Roll, bareball Friendly "Danny" plans to further his education at B. U. and then be a salesman. He spent his outside time work- ing at the A. and P. and dancing. Donald Flynn 7 Laurel Street Baseball "Peppy" won't forget bringing absence notes to Miss Peck right away. He is a baseball fan, but he does enjoy almost all other sports, too. Lawrence B. Flynn 7 Laurel Street Bareball "Larry," although he is un- decided concerning his future, will probably still go out for baseball as a hobby. Swim- ming ranks next on his list of pleasures. Donald Calluzzo 54 Decatur Street "Harpo" has a "green thumb" and would like to make agriculture his life's work. He gets a thrill and re- laxation when watching horse races. William j. Gray 19 Belknap Street Gilbert anal Sullivan, Dramatic Clitb, .twinirning "Bill," whois always ready with an encouraging laugh, will attend Harvard. His edu- cation having been interrupted by the war, the prospect of graduation is a happy one. Elbridge S. johnson 159 Park Avenue "Buddy" aims to become a builder. Skating and bowl- ing occupy many of his leisure hours. He will long remem- ber Mr. johnson's history lV class. Chandler W. jones 4 Florence Terrace Mr. Pine's radio classes, in- cluding shocks and burns, taught "Jonesey" much for his future. lf you heed the teach- erls famous words, "Fix it," you will surely succeed, "jonesey." Vaughn A. Kasabian 524 Summer Street Humorous "Arkie,,' who intends to join the Navy, claims that his most exciting moments in high school oc- curred when report cards were given out. john j. Kelleher 27 Lake Street The business world attracts "Kell" He is fond of swim- ming and will often think of Mr. Skinner. We wish you success and happiness, "Kell" William H. MacEachern 1 Paul Revere Road Hockey and football are "Gabby's" chief outside inter- ests, and although his future is as yet undecided, we all feel sure that it will be bright. Ronald j. MacLean 132 Sylvia Street Honor Roll "Mac," whose future occu- pation will be specializing in automotive repairs, delights in swimming and will dream fondly of his junior year in the auto shop. Terrence E. McGough 98 Fairmont Street Gilbert antl Salliizan, track, bafeball "Terry" is a busy member of C. Y. O. activities and likes to dance at the "Rec" very much. Next year the U, S. Na- vy will claim him. james S. McLeman 44 Kilsythe Road "Mac,,' the outdoor man, will invade the automotive industry upon graduation. He enjoys horseback riding and hunting and had a lot of fun in Mr. Arthur's printing classes. Kenneth H. Mercer 143 George Street Kenneth will go into the business world after gradua- tion. All year round he en- joyed sports, but during school months he kept a weather-eye open for vacations. Edward P. O'NeiI 28 Hayes Street Quiet easy-going "Ed" pos- sesses a private pilot's license, hence he devotes his spare time to flying. His congenial personality has won him many steadfast friends. Lewis j. Paragona 141 Thorndike Street Football "Waco" would like to join the service after graduation. He'll never forget the fun in Mr. Wallace's room, especial- ly listening to his jokes. Good luck, "Waco"l Robert E. Perry 55 Finley Street "Perry" may enter Uncle Sam's Navy next August, Mrs. Moffatt's P. O. D. class will remain a bright memory of his high school days. Smooth sail- ing, "Perry"! Kenneth W. Powers 200 Pleasant Street Kenneth, a hockey and baseball fan, aims to be among the freshmen at Tufts College next year. There he will study to become an engineer. Fra nt ny Rindoni Q3 ort reet ' F ll, re , track, -like all, ocb y T' o i oes o t a big way r mo s , especial- ly ootbalb Petralia has been tthe tanding feature of his high school career. Trueman Le Baron Robbins 42 Ronald Road "Tiny" likes all sports in general-basketball and hock- ey in particular. He is plan- ning to attend Amherst where he will take up the study of trees. Augustine C. Rosone 23 Governor Road lt's Northeastern for "Gus" who won't forget the argu- ments and discussions in me- chanical drawing classes. Au- tomobile designing and model building are his favorite pas- times. joseph R. Tartarini 173 Mystic Street Although we wish Joseph luck as an auto mechanic, we hope he finds time for an oc- casional game of golf and a bit of bowling. john j. Tyrrell, jr. 24 Teel Street "Terry," a smooth dancer, is back to graduate from A. H. S. after two years with the U. S. Marines. His future plans include studying at U. C. L. A. Russell A. Williamson 191 Waverly Street Honor Roll "Russ" is quite sure he'll remember graduation day above all else. He's a future tool and die maker. The Na- val Reserve is his favorite out- side activity. Last Will amd Testament A CLASS or 1949 We, the seniors of Arlington High School, on this day of June in the year 1949, being of unsound mind and sounder body, do make and devise this, our last will and testament. We do hereby nullify and make void all previous statements. ' 4 I. To Mr. Morrill, Mr. Downs, and the members of the faculty, our heartfelt thanks for three memorable years and much of the credit for our future SLICCCSS. II. To Mrs. Moffatt, Mr. Eaton, and Mr. Colletta a bigger and better Year Book, a less obstinate staffhand the 1949 staff's appreciation for their thoughtful guidance and service. c III. Various general and specific bequests: 1 To the class of 1950 a bottle of yeast tablets so that they may rise to the occasion of being seniors. To all-the dark and creeky corridors of the "old building" and the bright say- ings we Cand our predecessorsb have carved into the study hall desks. Those seniors haunted by warning slips and detention leave as fast as they can. To Mr. Kemp we leave more horrible examples of the rising generation. The senior girls leave worn and burnt spots in the booths at Martinls for the girls who will spend their spare time in there next year. To the enthusiasts of the coming eleven, Coach 'lToz" is holding in storage all muscles so neatly Cshtrained by Bob Salisbury, Don Canniff, jack Doran, jack Donnelly, Babe O,Brien, and DonPriest. Ralph Skinner, Glenn Barber, and Pearly Arthur leave their fathers. The senior boys at the back table in the lunchroom leave their uaccidentally UD" broken milk bottles to Mr. Downs. Mary Sullivan gladly leaves modern dancing to Miss Garrity. Arthur Foster and Marion Goldenberg leave their executive talents and room 7 to next yearls ambitious Chronicle workers. Alice Callahan leaves her long legs to the next person who dashes into room 4b at 14.59 minutes past 8:00 o'clock. Billy Scanlon, Ricky McSweeny, and Tiny Dotson leave all their history "crib" notes to Miss Wakeheld. Bill McCurdy leaves his attempts to "bluff" Miss Barry to Bill Alonso. Margaret Nolan hates to leave Mr. Russell. John Wise leaves his place as leading mathematician to the boy who will take his place. I Joan Gnecco and Dolores Heffernan leave their brains to Chris Card. To the prospective ends of the '49 season we leave the snaring ability, fleeting cleats, and swiveling hips of Paul Lally and Pete McGrath, this year's ends. Page Sixty-:even We all regret to leave Mr. Danforth's good-will and ready smile. Shirley Ambrose and Elaine Gustavson, Barbara Carey and Norma Chatelle leave their long close friendship to Marilyn Olsson and Dot Foley. Leo Clancy leaves his success for winning elections to sister Martha. Bill johnson, George Anderson, and George Sallisbury leave their hammers and machines long enough to graduate. Howie Clery, Don Canniff, and Pete Kenny leave to find some parties to crash. Polly Donahue leaves to have her glasses fixed. Allan Kenny, Grace Heaney, Del Varello, and Ralph Collins leave the memory of all the good times they shared to next year's mighty foursome. Oscar Swenson leaves his role in the Dramatic Club play to next year's leading man. Joan Mullin, Elinor Quinn, Ginny Hession, Nancy Perham, and president Evie Caruso leave their positions in Girls' Club to the girls who will take their place when they go. Carol Anderson leaves her booth at Martin's to Maureen Quinn any time she wants it. To Mr. Eaton we leave our heartfelt wishes that next year he won't have more seniors to "sit in" on math classes in preparation for scholastic aptitudes. Shirley Wallstrom leaves her beauty crown to jean Dorian. Ruth Foley leaves her tonsils to anyone wanting to miss a week of school. To the three best looking boys in the junior class, we bequeath all the sighs, stares, and whistles received by Bill Emmons, Paul Doherty, and Larry Warren. , Gino and Victor Nocca leave a copy of their new book entitled "How to Tell Twins Apart" to all their teachers. Barb Lee leaves-taking brother Robert by the hand. Rosie Kolligan leaves her beautiful clothes to Marion. Harris Baseman leaves-running. Some of his many girls are chasing him. Frannie Florencourt leaves-STILL talking. The "Scandinavian twinsv Shirley Wallstrom and Bill Nelson leave to go erase Mr. Sexton's blackboard. Kaye Kirschbaum bequeaths her ability to capture men so completely to the junior girl with such a charming personality as she has. Connie Riley, Eileen Mahar, and company leave their meeting place in the old hall to next year's group of most talkative seniors. Billy Leary, Ed Emery, and Ed Robson leave their sparkling performances on the hockey rink as an object lesson to future members of A. H. S. hockey squads. Karl Norton leaves his position as president of the Bachelor's Club to any woman-hating junior. Pat and Ginny Daley leave, stillinsisting "we aren't twins." john Bilafer and Andy Pullo leave, slamming the door to room 4a. Page Sixty-eight Evie Caruso leaves her beauty and charm to all next year's seniors. jimmy "the Curly-haired" Malone leaves the ribbing he has endured these past three years to some good-natured junior boy. To the well-chosen football captain for the 1949-50 season, Frank Rindoni, the game captain of this year, leaves his capable leadership. Margie Mills and Barb Poole leave their varied and extensive collection of jokes to Barb Mills. To Ardashes DerAnanian we bequeath some engraved calling cards to pass out so that people will spell his name correctly. r John Hough leaves his artistic talent to Dave Crowley. Carol Smellie, Ann Menzorian, and Barb Spencer leave their important posi- tions to the girls who will assist in the offices next year. Bill Emmons leaves his seat way in the back of the old hall to the next boy who "wants to be alone." Barbara Patterson, Helen Poznesh, and Kay Reagen leave the job of opening the school at 7:30 A. M. to the janitors. Kay DeMaso and Molly Thoren leave their beautiful hair to Ellie Root and Kay Ri-3311. Betty Roby and jimmy Rockwell leave the radiator in front of room 17 to the couple who will meet there each morning next year. joan Gurich, Pat Ellis, and Violet Mazmanian leave chem lab-on time-for once. t Paul Bradley gladly leaves the long UD hours he spent doing homework to all conscientious junior boys. Bob Lennon leaves his capable leadership and the reins of the senior class to next year's president. Mim Gargill refuses to leave until she has collected all the junk left after lunch. joan Abbott and Paul Pierce, jackie Nash and Howie Hardin, Ruth Nobles and Bob Sullivan leave their ability to get along so well to Barb Kane and Carl Fuller, and ,joan Townsend and Glenn Peterson. After three years, Barb Leonard and Faye Faulkner leave a job of cheerleading to be filled. Dick Borg, Paul Rubenskas, Bill Nelson, and Chris Gardner give some of their spare inches to Ed Hogan and john Waugh. ' Lois Hart leaves her popularity and personality to Barb Ryan. Don Forsythe leaves his tall stories and excuses to Mr. Kapff. David Pratt leaves his heavy history books to any junior who wants to carry them. Mary Pelletier and Eleanor Ann johnson leave their oratorical abilities to any soap-box aspiring junior. Alice Quessy leaves some of her skating talent to next year's hockey team, but will take most of it with her to the Ice Follies. Roy Lundquist, Howard Chadwick, Eric Benson and Bill Aubin leave their Page Sixty-nine skiing talent to the Ski Club members who will follow. Danny Webb leaves Dotty Johnson-but sadly. Jimmy O'Keefe leaves still looking for a girl that isnit stubborn and with no temper. An impossibility, jim. Joe Greicci, Charlie johnson, and Karl Tobiason leave their track prowess to Dave Gott and the rest of the '50 track team. Richie Eilertson and Millie Carlson leave for North Park junior College in Chicago. Don Sweeny and Joe Colleran leave Mr. Sexton-at last. Betty Flaherty and Margaret Doran leave the "Rec" committee. Nancy Provost leaves all her biology classes to Mr. Sampson. "Bud Strout" leaves his songs and antics to Miss Krastin, who appreciates them. To some lucky college hockey team, we give Doug Campbell, an outstanding goalie. Paul Lally leaves-but after three years of "steadying," he won't leave Ruthie Foley to anyone. Thesenior girls leave the smoky bus that took them to Lynn Classical to the senior girls of next year. Jack Doran leaves his personality-plus to next year's "best all-around boy." jean Cadario and Jean Crandall leave their red hair to the junior twins, Phyllis and Mary Lou O'Neil. Jim Deane leaves the dust he raised whizzing between classes. Ronnie Higby leaves-with Marion Scott "looking upi' to him. Paul Marino leaves his ugeniusl' to Anthony Patton. To Joan Ryan we will a megaphone to magnify her soft voice. Olympia D kis. Kav Crowley, and Janet Aronson leave their athletic abilities 'Wm to unny Bell and Jill Fraser. - Mal Swanson leaves her talent for being absent on test days. She won't need it any more. Dan Fitzgibbons leaves his fighting spirit to any iunior who wants to rave on. ' Bob Lennon and cousin Barb will take their popularity right with them when they leave. ' Janet Tennev and Marge Dillon leave their good looks and modeling career to the junior girls who can measure up to them. We all hate to leave the lunchroom,Hoodsies and luncheon meat sandwiches. Who wouldn't? In general, we leave with the desire for fewer school days, less homework, and more social activities. But in spite of the "gripes" herein, we have had the time of our lives during our vears at Arlington High School. Signed, published and declared in the presence of the following witnesses: f . RUTH FOLEY, Associates: - f - A EVIE CARUSO- RONALD HIGBY, MARY SULLIVAN, MARION ScoTT. Page S eventy X "CT, I 'U rx if X f - . gg N . S f XXSX 1 A L r 5 f ,ly F 1' ll X i A .I .- 5: 7' nf le., I yr 7 . f 1 , ! . , TI i , B F T.-E' - f , ' l iff . .M Y ' ' X A , 'aw m . ,T X 4- 'T ' if V f 3:1 :Qi , k X 1. .: T , I l nf . I I ' I , T . Q ,X 10 " xg f q 1 N K ll 'QNCT X x- T, -3, ' 'X ' gf ,.1':f'f, 5 M X 1. BEST ALL-ROUND 84 WITTEST 93,23 R-ff if S T9 J0lfm D'-716311 Henry O'B' ien 1' , -163. - 3 l B J 'J Low Hart Marjorie Mills 1 'llllw .. 2 7, TMSX 7 'T ,f , S 1 14. g 2. MOST POPULAR 9, BEST DANCER , .- gg ,,, .S MQ X Robert Lennon James Rockwell -' : X - ll I ' X Faye Faulkner Alice Quessy ' - X ,5, 1r MOST ll T E' 37 3- BEST ACTOR 10- TALLEST J BUSINESSLIKE Q - Oscar idwergson Richard Borg Richard Eilertson sf I ,.. 2 E Grace ay erry Arm I-'Urge Kathleen Kirschbaum Ts X - 4. MOST MUSICAL I HORTEST 1 -T Staniford Sorrentino H S 16 MOST BASHFUL - L. ! Eleanor Mulhern Edward Hogan D ' 3 1 Gloria DeMattia gggzlesizzyjine j I' K - J 5. MOST ' INTELLECTUAL 12. MOST ATTRACTIVE 17 MOST TALKATIVE Paul Marino W'11' E m ng A Maw Sullivan Mil1d':Sll1l Canlllsoln gi'Q1VQ2SS1iffgQcOurt ? 6. MOST ATHLETIC 13' BEST DRESSED 18 MOST ARTISTIC N R0bQr'QSa1iSbU1'Y William Leary P 1 Sh gl Patrlcla Reynolds Rosalie Kollogian Nilia Olilrien i p A 2 7- MOST LIKELY 14. BEST ORATOR - TO SUCOEED . Robert Lennon , , ' .X Robert Lennon Mary Pelletier 4 , I," Q Kathleen Kirschbaum X X fl f ' N? Y -Tasiff I T B'-s N I iklgxgill '9' ,V x.x - 174 VNJVJNTXQ Nx , fffffli Ll rl., l 'V " sr fr! 1, X X .ff ' Nl-' 7 l ' ' Q 1 05 -' V A 48 1 X 2 S I , L X X X xx Q 2 f, ' . Y l gs ,,f X nf' j '11 N Q 'Xp f , K N - S . , -X ' f . NBS I ' T x S A' 7 lu s I X A XX 1 I ,V Z 7 . . , -12" Q j X K K x ' 1 0 ,X I Hiya- H u f 1 , r ' Oo, 11 ' 1 I . ' R 7' ' x xx -wf qu ,. I X W uxxxxb-,,J1l' x , In m7Fgxxx-iff I 14. . I QR X R : ag Dil i n - x J .ff 4 If ,., I oc. 4, IQ XSZIISI JH. . ?i I - I Q 05,0 Wy ofz f U '. f ' x x ' ,f 1 ' , s R! . bi ff' X X oixx x f-J " I Z 'Q' F 1 ' 5.5 Q 0 E Qi 3 CII '1 ,..E,,:I - 0 ' 1 V 1 . 1 I Z9 B "X- A ' ' We . .K I I I I 5,5 2 4 ' 1 Q ' J x i ' X Za, ' J ' x ,wx x .1 .l., I , ., 2 54 6. ' X X ff' I x ' ,, ,. 0 I I X ,-. ,mx X . III! 5. KI -I If I g , D f I X I 'I 1 1 k 1 - M f -X. 1- '- W K x - ,Q .1 " ' ff '.A' J :I -V,. BX KE - I I VVVV y I fI II I' ,.x UT f xxxx x x x x xx x x W :Rf b 1 . 7 - X. 1 . , N Q ,W Qs I 4, P 1 S ff ' 4- , X L 6 - wwf X W . A -f . lpwfx-X-xg X as x . . Ir V' KN-:xx ff - I if T ,Q'l' ,V . xi Q ef ff"'a!'A?:Ml1NvXxN Q I Q I 1 x I I xv EI, , I I II as 5 I - III 0 I4 X If .fx sf ' x W M -Sf xgg "f".x '- ' x N g cz, li wg. - ,x I xx II x g ' A I Jw . 4 Y 1 - :ffffffm 2- f , x- x 1 - x "A M f 1 A ., vi p-, , , x A N xx M1452 ,, 3 'Nl 5 , ,M fx -.-.1 S SN i L 1-3 A L 1-22 gx M X x ,Mr x , x x at .,,, Q44 5 fx I ' tk I E xt Q I I KL I x f ' , ' x ' 91 I', , E ri S' I X xx ' O ZII 'n 7 IH 10. 1 X I ,..f E I, Aux X xv" - II I ' I Q I I .. , 8' N I Y f " Q: ' V' Q.-2'G- , I ' 4 lx 1? fzf xx X X , . ak GN Y K xg E x 5' , 'I 1 I ' s-::Z'fvI ,III f J A X IA I I P I ., f. ,,fN,1 Lf ' f A -b- HM' lf 5 x . . X f 1 ' - I W r ' XI IW xxx y L e W xx 3 Mx gif x I q"'xRS 3 my NW-I I I f 'N x M x Q I I I 0 X A I I X ,I I ' .-,, LN' 5 X ' , -a ,L .f ,' K I Q 6 , x J X AA x 5 3. S.x""X J - xx f ' , f,:i qg:X ' X ' " " f X f xv 4 , x E L! ?,,f , K I WW t A AB' J 52 432:55 Km F? 5 5 , I X 3 ,.:1 f Ng, , , . K Af ff 4-X .fs f A i' X, W ., T-51' 211 , w K 'f'fFei3winb'W1 oYM"V'x' -., ,. 1 -. Q fffWN M mb -1 1 -L J X I X , 1. -H. J f XQKXS lcfkyxf -I gn V ,., " 'lu 1 - if W? 'lm' Q DNQX fwk K ,. ,wx H HH if - Las.-hifWfff ,+i . W f P I f 4 Lb" ., W W Q az:-f tk , l X J xx P I ' A A' ' ' J K -1- VY- Y, "f, .Q 7 n. '4 C X-' .1 ' 3 - C f rl! A ' - A VV Y 1 V XSl'E,,jf'!A f f 3 X "1 r , AV!! XXX I f FIX r 4 ! gn - 'N - ' f Y if If ML K X f l NX , K g , I Q1 4 XXX , A 1 X X X ' f , X X A X X X f S V ,f" 5 0 J r I' ., l ,XP 3 1 j f ' f M' I WX W. N' + 7 'CO CJ -nv :sv ' 1 M x 'sL e-,-.QQ I fff ,fff f w XRD? M ff M, 4 X . A J ,X R-M14 V, - I .. f f ? f l J wit , .. If I V - ' xp Of y q - 1 ,lb Q ' X ,WI U I to na. W ur l? j d, aw e' , is - B 'Ls- ,Z X "X ' D X -N A 'WF' In if ' -f f llcy , ': Q i X ! 69' ff 4' , f, X " ff R "' ' K . xx . - z ll . si .I , I . 1 f J 7 is ' , f fs Tlv A 1' ' 1 ' 1 X 7 X 14 ' 1 "W f 7 U S3 l 1 X X -sf A ,f xx , . . g gb A S , J V N v - 271' VJI7, 'zz 'Q' JB ! 3. - 5' f WI I 9 J , W , ' 44 X' a r 9 CK ffl If W j rkj. 1 3' . -V?:VL,,l -. ' ' f ff" F' - " qi 31 9-'. kv-' ' ,jf ff H 5-2' lj, if 1 H 5-Lx' A ' ,f YEAR BOOK Front Row ileft to rightl: J. Mullin, M. Scott, M. Sullivan, R. Eilertson, M, Pelletier, J. Gnecco. Second Row: Mr. Eaton, G. Mayberry, D. McCarty, S. Wallstrom, M. Gai-gill, E, Caruso, V. Forbush, Mrs. Moffatt. Back Raw: D. Heffernan, N. Freni, P, Doherty, W. Nelson, R. Higby, L. Hart, R. Foley. Year Book Early in September a group of enthusiastic seniors met and began the tedious job of assembling a Year Book. One by one, we expressed our original and world-shaking ideas, and it was more than once that our meetings had to be quieted down by our patient faculty adviser, Mrs. Moffatt. No one knew who the editors were to be until after our picture was taken. Soon after, the real Work began: writing personal write-ups, club activities, :Through the Yearsf' counting the Votes of Whos Who, to say nothing of the work the Art and Business Committees accomplished. The outcome? You're reading it now! We have endeavored to give to you a Year Book that you will be proud to show to anyone. Many thanks go to our able staff! OFFICERS Editor-in-Chief .... ......... . . MARY PELLETIER Bmineu Manager . . . .... MARY SULLIVAN Aw Editor ....... . . RICHARD EILERTSON Page Seventy-four Q Q 1 R m 'J me CQ. 3 M51 K - H 1 ,,u ST' v E Hill. ' if' 4 I Z' EL iimx W1 N mil LL-" Ja ., QL T51 L U r-: 5' PZ' 1350 Q SQ l l l STUDENT COUNCIL F'ra'rLt Row Cleft to rightl: L. Hart, P. Reynolds, A, Dengeleski, J. Doran, M. Carlson, C. Dale, S. Cooledge. Second Row: C. Stephany, N. Ham, M, Heffernan, Mrs. Moffatt, C. Swanson, B. Ryan, E. Cahaly. Baclc Row: D. Farnum, A. Patton, A. Kenney, H. O'Brien, R. Lennon, P. McGrath, L, Clancy. Student C ozmcil The Student Council is the main link between the students and faculty. The Council consists of twenty members: ten from the senior class, six from the junior class and four representing the sophomore class. The faculty had a very perplexing problem in our junior year regarding the fair distribution of the tickets for the Thanksgiving football game, and the Student Council was called upon to devise a solution. Last year our junior Prom was a great success, thanks to the Council. This year, too, the Council worked hard to make the Senior Prom an unforgettable event. The Student Council Conventions were not only entertaining but also very profitable. We obtained many new ideas to better our school, one of which was the erection of the Suggestion Box in Room ll this year to bring the ques- tions of all the students to the attention of the Council. The Council also enjoyed acting as ushers for the Open House meetings for parents. The Council has at all times tried its best to promote cooperation among the students and faculty at Arlington High School. OFFICERS Pfemiear . .... ........ ....... J o HN DORAN Vice-President . . . . ADELE DENGELESKI Secremry .... . . MILDRED CARLsoN Page Seventy-.fix "REC COMMITTEEU Front Row fleft to righth : R. Derdarian, P. Cochran, M. Doran, E, Flaherty, R. Seaver, B. MacFarland. Second Row: D. Johnson, M. Crowley, B, Doyle, M. Flynn, M. Cloherty, P. Furlong, A. Canniff, B. Curtin. Back Row: R. Roth. G. Nocca, Mr. Johnson, V. Nocca, A, Foster. The "Ref C ommittee We seniors have enjoyed many a Friday night, dancing away our worries and cares at the uRec." In September, 1946, when we were sophomores, we entered the Town Hall proud to show off a newly learned but modiied version of the two-step. As juniors we added a glide and a dip and considered our- selves quite smooth! Now, after two years of practice, our senior year finds us all like Arthur Murray experts. We shall never forget the many pleasant Friday evenings spent at the "Rec," either chatting around the coke bar, dancing-sometimes square danc- ing-or just listening to the music. The students are indebted for this year's successful dances to the Arlington Auxiliary Police, who sponsor the "Rec," Credit is due also to Betty Flaherty, her committee, and to Mr. johnson, the faculty adviser. GFFICERS Premienzf . . . .......... . . BETTY FLAHERTY Secretary ..... . . MARGARET DORAN Vice-Prefidenz . . .... GEORGE SEAVER Treawrer .... . . PATRICIA COCHRAN - Page Seventy-raven ORCHESTRA Front Row Cleft to right? : W. Lowenhaupt, J. Walkinshaw, T. Whitman, F. Fabry, B. Pilling, H, Ben- nett, R. Hatch, P. Abbott, R. Noreen. Second Row: A, Emery, E. Donnelly, F. Florencourt, H. Burke, E. Woodis, T. Carlson, E. Cole, Mr. Einzig, C. Sandler. Back Row: R. Vanlderstine, R. Vanlderstine, M. Rosenthal. The Orclfeszfwz Arlington High School has always been proud of its fine orchestra which it can call upon for any event. Assemblies were made all the more enjoyable, when entertaining musical compositions were performed by this talented group. Then, too, how would the Gilbert and Sullivan shows go on without the orches- tra? We seniors proudly remember that the members of the orchestra in our sophomore year attended the Massachusetts State Music Festival, where they re- ceived a very high rating along with many compliments for their skillful and in- terpretative performances of difficult pieces of music. Also, between the acts of the Dramatic Club plays the attention of the audience turned to the orchestra members, who were in formal dress and who provided many delightful and well- known musical selections. The annual Christmas assembly will be remem- bered as being very spirited and inspirational. The directors, Mr. Einzig and Mr. Russell, will never be forgotten, for they gave the members excellent train- ing, and enabled them to spend many happy musical hours during their years at Arlington High School. Page Seventy-eight l CHRONICLE Frofut Row lleft to rightl : E. Hogan, A. Foster, M. Goldenbeig, H, Burke, K. Kirschbaum, M. Sullivan, G. Mayberry, P. Reynolds, V. Hession, P. Kenney. Second Row: Mr. Irish, B, Lee, M. Mills, P. Foley, R. Foley, M. Carlson, V. Daley, C. Wright, N. Johnson, D. Heffernan, F. Faulkner, M. Doran. Third Row: F. Florencourt, E. Caruso, A. Callahan, D. McCarty, S. Ambrose, R. Hallion, N, Peterson, A. Azadian, M. O'Brien, M. O'Connell. Fourth Row: Mr. Campbell, M, Dresser, G. Gnecco, M. Scott, J. Aronson, J. Mullin, C. Losero, B. Carey, A. Menzoian, C. Aroian. Baclc Row: C. Strout, H, Baseman, F. Mattson, W. McCurdy, R. Higby, W. Nelson, C. Gardner, G, Nocca, O. Swenson, P. Twitchell, W. Scanlan. The C broraicle This year, the staff of the "Chronicle,', our monthly publication, has manifested A-1 cooperation in its publication of some of the best issues ever. Each edition has provided the ardent gossip-lovers with its ever-anticipated "Scene Around" column and has kept its readers Well informed with a vast coverage of news: the important events at school and interesting facts about the students, faculty members, and extra-curricular organizations. This year, as in years past, special issues have been dedicated to each ofthe three classes, sophomore, junior, and senior, and in this Way, careful attention has been given to the members and activities of each particular class. We are indebted to our capable editor, Kathleen Kirschbaum, and to her fine staff without whose constant efforts and unceasing cooperation the paper could not have achieved such success and support. Credit is due also to our faculty advisers, Mr. Irish and Mr. Campbell, and to Mr. Arthur, able director of his shop boys who are responsible for the actual printing of each edition, STAFF OF 1948-1949 Eilitor ........ ...................... K ATHLEEN KIRSCHBAUM Anrrrarri Editor ..... ....... H ELENE BURKE Adrertiririg Manager . . ....... ARTHUR FOSTER Barinerr Manager . . . . . CHRISTOPHER GARDNER Feature Editor ..... ....... M ARY SULLIVAN Pablicity Manager . . . ..................... DAVID CROWLEY Sports Ellilwfa' ...... . . WILLIAM NELSON, PATRICIA REYNOLDS Circulation Manager . . ............... MARIAN GOLDENBERG Exchange Eclilor ..... .... G RACE MAYBERRY Page Seventy-nine i I FINE ARTS Frzmt Row Cleft to rightlz P. Aitken, B. Roby, N. O'Brien, A. Callahan, P. Reynolds, B. Carey, M. Scott. Second Row: L. Yirikian, G. Thorne, A, Lorge, Mr. Coletta, B. Collings, P. Daley, J. Stygles, C. Losero. Back Row: L. Bain, E. Bourque, G. Salisbury, D. Forsythe, J. Hough, B, Ahern, A. Dudley. The Fine Arts Club The purpose of the Fine Arts Club is to stimulate an interest among the many students of Arlington High and to call on their hidden resources of talent. All of us have an artistic talent of some description, although vve usually fail to recognize this fact and to cultivate it properly. Many a pupil has a yearning for the paint brush or pencil, yet because of compactly iilled program of studies, is unable to fulfill this desire in school time. The members of this club have the chance to create by means of artistic media during after-school time. For those students who have an art course in their daily program, the Fine Arts Club pro- vides an opportunity to create via media such as oil paintings, wood carving and others which cannot be made available to those not taking an art course. Piefideiir ..................... . . ALICE CALLAHAN Vice-President . . . ...... NORA Q,BRIEN Seciemiy ...... . . PATRICIA REYNoLDs T reiuiiiei ...... . . . BARBARA E. CAREY Piibliciry Editor . . . .... MARION ScoTT Page Eighty 3 LATIN CLUB Front Row Cleft to rightbz R. Thyne, F. Mullin, E. Hogan, R, Higby, K. Kirschbaum, H. Baseman. Seccmd Row: M. Pelletier, L. Callinane, M. O'Brien, D. McCarty, Miss Rounds, B. Patterson, F. Floren- court, V, Forbush, J. Gnecco. Back Row: F. Mattson, A. Kenney, F. Cameron. The Latin C lub "Dabit deus his quoque finemn CMottoD This club, whose membership consists of all the senior Latin students,lends greater enjoyment and appreciation to that very ancient and never dull language, Latin. The members assemble once a month, and each meeting is opened by saluting the Hag Cin Latin, of coursej, followed by a Latin roll call. The enter- tainment is made up of fascinating tales about the Roman deities and philosophy, and, on the humorous side, Latin jokes and modern songs, which are translated and sung in Latin. Although only two meetings have been held so far, the amateur Stoics are eagerly awaiting the Christmas party, a trip to the Boston Mu- seum of Fine Arts, where they plan to delve into the art of the Roman era, and the party to be held in honor of the Roman new year in March. This club is proving itself to be a great pleasure and an invaluable aid to all the advanced Latin students. OFF1cERs Coma! Primm . . ........... RONALDUS H1GB1ENs1s Coma! Seczmdm . . ........ EDWARDUS HOGANUS Swfiba ....... .............. K ATHERINA KIRSCHBAUMON Socii Ludomm . . . JOANNA MULLINIANA, HARRIS HUM1L1sHoMo Armor ...... ..,................ D oRoTHEA ROTUNDA Page Eighty-one PERICLEAN FORUM Front Row Cleft to rightlz R. Pollack, E. Derby, R. Fisk, Miss Wakefield, M. Pelletier, N. Freni, V. Robbins. Second Row: C. Riley, B. Roby, A, Laufman, B. Patterson, E. Johnson, B. Tremblay, E. Mahar. Bwclc Row: V. Mazmanian, W, Alonso, S. Gerber, B. Moltman, R. Katzeif, R. Karp, C, Losero. Pevficlecm Forum One of the most fascinating and intellectual clubs at Arlington High is the Periclean Forum. The Pericleans, who are few in members but sincerely de- voted to the club, meet every week in the library to discuss current world af- fairs. The meetings are lively and informal. This year, in addition to the weekly schedule, several members made a radio broadcast with the Middlesex School, Concord, on February third. In response to invitations from the Arling- ton Rotary Club and the Lions Club the Pericleans conducted several panel dis- cussion programs. In the spring a group from Belmont High School were the guests of the Forum at Arlington High School. It is a Periclean tradition to ex- change annual visits with Belmont. The members will always be appreciative of the interesting historical and economic highlights which Miss Wakeheld, their faculty adviser, provided on issues being discussed. They realize that she has helped to insure the success of every meeting and the memorable good times which they shared together. c OFFICERS ' Premiem ..... ........ . . MARY PELLETIER Vice-President . . ..... ROBERT F1sK Sggfygfmfjl ..... ..... N INA FRENI Tfeamrer . . . . ELEANOR DERBY Page Eighty-two DRAMATIC CLUB , Front Row ileft to rigzhtlz Miss Manning, J. Nash, J. Aronson, B. Mills, R, Eilertson, M. Sullivan, G. Barber, M. Scott, J. Taft, Mrs. Mathews. Second Row: O. Swenson, C Reagan, M. Carlson, G. May- berry, B. Patterson, Miss Horrigan, H. Poznesh, M. Gargill, E, Caruso, M. O3Brien, P. Kenney, Back Row: iIJ.hMalone, L. Marshall, H. Baseman, D. Campbell, R. Grano, J. Doran, C, Strout, R. Cox, R. King, P. o erty. The Dwmfmtic C lub The past three years of the Arlington High School Dramatic Club, under the direction of Mrs. Mathews, Miss Manning, and Miss Horrigan, were active, exciting, and successful ones. Meetings were conducted according to parlia- mentary procedure and were brightened up with many pantomimes and skits. In our sophomore year the Dramatic Club gave an unforgettable production of "A Date With Judy." In the spring of the same year Arlington High School Dramatic Club made fame by receiving a "superior rating" for its excellent presentation of a drama entitled "The Kiss in Colin's Eye." Thus this produc- tion was sent to take part in the New England Drama Festival at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. In our junior year the serious drama entitled "To- morrow the World" brought praise and approval from all. This time at the Drama Festival in Gloucester we held the audience spellbound with the electrify- ing ujohn Doe." Last but not least, "The Divine Flora," produced during our senior year, was another big hit. We seniors who were closely connected with the Dramatic Club will always remember the wonderful coaches who enabled us to have the most enjoyable and exciting times in our high school careers. President ................ . . RICHARD EILERTSON Vice-Prefidenz . . .... MARY SULLIVAN Secretary .... . . BARBARA MILLS Trearwer . . . . GLENN BARBER Page Eighty-three 1 Y l GILBERT AND SULLIVAN Front Row ileft to rightl: E. Mulhern, B. Doyle, C, Sandler, M. Carlson, Mr. Einzig. S. Sorrentino, S. MacDonald, M. Stahl, A. Perry. Second Row: B. Thorburn, J. Chase, C. Romley, N. Perham, M. Gallager, S. Grant, M. Swanson, F, Bowlby, J. Taft, F. Rose. Back Row: A. Foster, P. Arthur, F. Lewxs, L. Clancy, C. Gardiner, J. Deane, W. Nelson, R. Eilertson, T. McGough, R. King, L, Marshall, O. Swenson. The Glllvewf :mal Sullivan Club Famous for its semi-professional technique in upackagingl' musicals, the Gilbert and Sullivan Club has won many laurels for Arlington High School. In Our sophomore year we applauded a magnificent performance Of the M. S. Pinaforef' As juniors we participated in the captivating masterpiece "The Gondoliersf' NOW we seniors await the most dynamic production ever, "A Waltz Dreamf' Written by Oscar Strauss this comedy is par with even the best works of incomparable Gilbert and Sullivan. Under the capable direction Of Mr. Einzig our club cannot fail to create a smash hit. Passers-by stop, look, and listen upon hearing the strains Of beautiful music bounding from Room 75. Many of us, arrested by the sweet notes, joined the happy organization of music-lovers. Bequeathing this club to the future seniors, we uforty-niners" wish them three years as brimming with suc- cess and fun as those we have shared together. Premlem ........................ STANIFORD SORRENTINO Vice-Premiem . . ...... ROBERT DAHILL Secretary .... . . MILDRED CARLSON Libmmzn , , . . SALLY MCDONALD Page Eighty-four CAMERA CLUB Sitting Qleft to rightjz R. Vanlderstine, L. Loftus, E, Donelly. Standing: R. Murphy, L. Frederick, R. Cummings, Mr. Coletta. C czmewz C lub Under the capable guidance of Mr. Coletta, our art teacher, the Camera Club experienced an educational as Well as exciting year. The eager photogra- phers learned much about correct camera technique and processing at their regu- lar meetings. Since photography is finding its place among the arts, these boys felt that to be able to take a fairly good snapshot Was not enough. They under- stood the fun and pride of achievementwhich is the result of taking a fine pic- ture. Besides their interesting meetings, the members visited Well known studios and Went on outdoor excursions. Some of their best results were obtained from subjects in nature. Although the Camera Club membership is now small, we graduates know that its popularity is constantly increasing. May the club en- joy much photography fun in years to come. Preridenz ...................... . . DONALD LUNDQUIST Vice-Pfferidenz . . . . . . TERENCE LOFTUS Secretary ..... .... E DWARD DONNELLY Treasurer . . . . . RICHARD VANIDERSTINE Page Eighty-Jive BAND Front Row fleft to rightl : 1, N. Farrington, 2. S. Powell, 3. F. McDevvitt, 4. P. Hanlon, 5. P. Baker, 6. J. Wakenshaw, 7. P, Philbrick, 8. H. Menzoian, 9. C. Cole, 10. E. Mulhern, 11. A. Quessy. Second Row: 1. H. Maree, 2. C. Salemme, 3. E. Sweeney, 4. J. Ortolano, 5. R, Francis, 6. K. Ray, 7. D. Ortolano, 8, T, Wagner, 9. C, Canzanelli, 10. S. Center. Third Row: 1. P. Morrison, 2. N. Mazzocca, 3. K. Fried, 4. J. Demaso, 5. S. Hall, 6. R. Noreen, 7. A. Monteiro, 8. M. Croft. Fourth Row: 1. B. Parsons, 2. A. Britton 3. B, Mills, 4. R. O'Brien, 5. M. Gallagher, 6. R. Thyne, 7. T. Loftus, 8. R. Weddleton, 9. M. Nolan, 10. Ri Cooke, 11. Mr. Russell. Baclc Row: 1. E. Woodis, 2. E. Donnelly, 3. R. Hanlon, 4. R. Vanlderstine, 5. H. Doughty, 6. T. Okerlund, 7. S, Sorrentino, 8. A. Ortolano, 9. J. Portanova. The Bam! The chief aim of the Band is to provide entertainment at various school and civic functions. Certainly no football game would be Complete without its musif and matching. The Band has also helped out both the football and Page Eighty-fix E L ,xx M, ,f K , f fy f .. Q 3' - f , tx .w f ffuv - ' "1 W L. ' 2 . ., 1 V 1 X , ,aff fa' - was , hockey teams by playing at their different rallies. It is always ready to lend a helping hand when needed, playing at the Monica Cotter Benent game and also at the Infantile Paralysis entertainment. The Band has high hopes for the future. This year they plan to attend the Music Festivals. Since last year the Band has grown from thirty-five to Hfty-five pieces, and next year it will be bigger and better than ever. It is also expected that the long-awaited new uniforms are on their way and will arrive before too long. Certainly the Band could never function so capably if it were not for the hard work of Mr. Russell, the director. s Page Eighty-feven if p 'N fi 'ZH W f ff GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Sitting Cleft to rightbz I. Plummer, M. Stahl, E. Mulhern, R. Thyne. J. Lee, J. Ryan, R. LeVasseur. Standing: A. Menzoian, M. Fielding, G. Doherty, J. Bacon, M. Harris, N, Melvin, N. Kimball, A. Larson, M. Gallagher, C. Barry, C. Card, P. Crosscup, C, Larson, H. Larson, M. Nolan, B. Flarely. Girls' Glee C lub The Girls' Glee Club has provided all of us with much thrilling entertain- ment. However, the girls claim that they are the ones who have had the most fun. These Arlington High School song birds, thirty-five in number, have at- tended several music festivals. Two years ago they went to the New England Festival, and last year they visited Medford for a festival. A year ago the girls delighted an audience at the Arlington Woman's Club with some of the love- liest selections in their repertoire. At present the singers are preparing a con- cert to be held here at school for the students. There will be several other pub- lic appearances before the school year is finished. Much of the credit for the club's success is due to the excellent supervision of Mr. Russell, who has di- rected its lively and memorable rehearsals. President . , . ...... . . ANN MENZOIAN Secretary . .. NORMA MELVIN Page Eighty-eight FORGOTTEN MEN Front Row fleft to rightjz F. Mele, A. Foster, G. Flynn, L. Paradis, P. Marino. Second Row: Miss McClure, F. Cameron, H. Doughty, A. Kenney, G. Barber, Miss Campbell. Back Row: C. Holt, G. Nocca, G. Stevens. Forgotten Men For three years now we have been meeting our friends in the lunchroom, eating our sandwiches, and discussing activities of the day. We have bought our lunches each day and handed to the persons behind the cash registers our dollar bills, Even though those people across the counter have served us will- ingly throughout the years, we have never given them a smile or a thank-you. It is to these people that we owe our very existence. Without them We would have starved. They watched us eat while they Worked, they longingly saw us laugh and talk with friends while they counted money, and when we, fully replenished, left the lunchroom in an uproar, they sat down to eat alone, amid the rubble of empty dishes, milk bottles, and lunch bags. Even though we may seem to have forgotten you in the rush and bustle of lunchtime, we want all you "forgotten menu to know that we do realize what you have done for us, and we want to extend to you our heartfelt thanks. Page Eighty-nine 951 9 3i Qi M 1 Q J! fav! X 5 Q All , i-"If 3Q5f" 'Q M' ' ' Ml Q t 4 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Front Row Kleft to rightlz V. Forbush, S. Weslowski, A, Dengeleski, B. Ryan, F. Bell, B. Mills, J. Aronson, J. Tenny, O. Dukakis, C. Dale, K. Crowley. Second Row: V. Heshing, C, Riley, L. Floyd, B Ahern, B. Doyle, R. Foley, M, Swanson, N. Pexham, P. Daley, D. McCarthy, Miss Garrity, P. Flynn, P Reynolds, P. Clorherty, S. Wallstrom, B. Spencer, C. Barry, D. Crosby, N. Freni, P, Furlong. Back Row. B. Trembly, M. Mills, B, Lee, A. DeMatteo, C. Romley, M. Robey, P. Donahue, G. Merrill, M. Page, J. DeMoreg J. Cadario, S. Ambrose, E. Mahar, B. Watson, E. Burke, P. DiCiaccia, J. Ferrarina, G. A. A. Th G. A. A. or Girls' Athletic Association, is one of Arlington High School's leading e 7 l b Composed of more than one hundred girls, the club has many parties, games, and c u s. activities. Under the able leadership of Miss Garrity and Miss McCarty, it has prospered this year as always. Early in September all members, both new and old, met to elect otlicers ' ' 'd nt f h comin ear. The results of the election were as follows. Janet Aronson, presi e 3 or t e g y Barbara Mills, vice-president, Frances Bell, treasurer, and Janet Tenney, secretary. Initiation was the first "party" held this year. All sorts of games were planned for new members. Inter-class sports, and singing were planned, also. During the day all new ' ' Gl ' Cahal mbers were required to wear a vegetable corsage, braids, and a name tag. OIIH y me won the prize for the cleverest and most original. Cider and doughnuts were served at the end of the meeting. Th G. A. A. held day was held early in November at Spy Pond field. While games of e fleld hockey were being played, a group of selected "cooks" were preparing hot dogs and cokes. These were greatly appreciated. Parties and trips to the Arlington High Schools very best. beach in the spring are planned to mal-ie this club one of . . . JANET ARONSON Vice-Prerident . .. BARBARA MILLS . . JANET TENNEY S667'6fd1'jf ..... Trearmfer . . Prefident ..... . . . .. FRANCES BELL Page Ninety-two FIELD HOCKEY . Front Row ileft to rightb : J. Aronson, G. Merrill, P, Daley, K. Crowley, S. Weslowski, D. Crosby, F. Bell. Second Row: Miss Garrity, J. Fraser, M. Page, P. Reynolds, P. DiCiaccio, B. Tremblay, O. Dukakis. Back Row: V. Forbush, S. Co 1 dge, E, Mahar. Field Hockey The Arlington High girls' field hockey team enjoyed another successful season this fall, racking up its third undefeated season in four years. This season the girls defeated Concord 1-O, Medford 5-O, Melrose 4-0, and Lexington 2-O. They tied Winchester O-O, Belmont 1-1, and Malden O-O. Members of the hrst team are: Dottie Crosby, Sally Cooledge, Shirley Wes- lowski, Pat Reynolds, jill Frasher, Marilyn Page, Bunny Bell, janet Aronson, Gerry Merril, Captain Kay Crowley, Pat Daley, and jinny Forbush, manager. Pat Reynolds, with five goals, and Sally Cooledge, with four, were high scorers. These performers were later selected to play for one of the two all- school teams which won an exhibition game. In addition to the regular schedule, the girls participated in the high school girls' hockey held day, sponsored by the Boston Field Hockey Association, Octo- ber 16, and defeated Canton 1-0, Newton 3-O, and Buckingham 4-O. All this was achieved under the very capable coaching of Miss Katherine McCarty and the fighting spirit of the team. The girls enjoyed their three years of field hockey and they displayed excellent sportsmanship. Captain ........................... KATHERINE CROWLEY Manager ......... ..... V IRGINIA FORBUSH Asfittant Manager . . . . . . OLYMPIA DUKAKIS Page N inety-three GIRLS' TENNIS Front Row ileft to right? : M. Docareau, J. Tenney, J. Aronson. Back Row: M. Hefron, O. Dukakis, Miss Garrity, M. Doran, L, Floyd. Girls' Tennis This year the girls' tennis team hopes to perfect the good strokes and tech- niques which they have developed in the past two years. The girls are also de- termined to overcome their few weak points. They look to Miss Garrity, their able coach, to aid them in making the most of their sports ability. With her help the team shows excellent promise. janet Tenney, who not only is speedy on the courts but also has an unusually strong serve, was captain of the 1948 team and an outstanding veteran player. As soon as the 1949 season starts this spring many exciting moments will be expected. The team will meet power- ful opponents in Belmont, Winchester, Lexington, Concord, Melrose, and Mal- den. Best wishes fot a successful season! Page Ninety-four SOFTBALL Front Row Cleft to righth : D. Crosby, S. Cooledge, A. Donahue, K. Reid, F. Bell, H. Hughes. Second Row: M. Page, K, Crowley, B. Cree, P. Daley, G. Merrill. Back Row: C. Walsh, B. Watson, B. Clifford. saffbazz The girls' softball team has made outstanding progress and has gained in popularity among the girls' sports during our three years at Arlington High School. The powerful 1948 team, for instance, suffered only one defeat, against Medford, in the entire season. This year the team has only a few vet- eran players back. The infield consists mostly of some top-notch juniors. Ann Donahue plays first base, Sally Cooledge second, and "Kitchie" Reid shortstop. These girls back up "Bunny" Be1l's superb pitching. The team is coached by Miss McCarty,.with Marilyn Page and 'lGerry" Merrill as managers. This year's spring season has not started yet, but it promises to be a bright one for the girls. The team is just ready and waiting to show Lexington, Belmont, Cambridge Latin, Medford, Winchester, and Concord what girls from Arling- ton High School can do. Page Ninety five Q- GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row fleft to right! : J. Aronson, D. Crosby, P. Reynolds, K. Crowley, S. Cooledge. Second Row: O. Dukakis, A. Donahue, E, Quinn, M. Page, G. Merrill. Baci: Row: K. Reed, J. Ferrerini, P. Cochran, S. Weslowski, P. DiCiaccio. Girls' Basketball Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoon the walls of the girls' gym echo with cheers for the Arlington High School basketball squad. The girls will never forget their disappointment in 1947 when their only defeat in nine victories was by a very small margin from Watertown. Because all the letter girls who made the team excellent had graduated, Miss McCarty started off in 1948 with a new team which showed its ability by winning seven out of ten games. This year, too, the girls started off on a wonderful season by winning two out of three games, the third one being lost by only one basket. What team would not have a successful season with such athletic young misses and a capable captain like Phyllis DiCiaccio! Page N inety-.fix SKI CLUB Front Row lleft to right? : J. Aronson, A. Dengeleski, F. Koger, B. Kane, N. Perham, B, Carey. Back Row: R. Bianchi, H. Chadwick, R. Lundquist, E. Benson, C, Fuller, W. Aubin. Ski Club The first meeting of the Arlington High School Ski Club was held on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. At this meeting the olhcers were nominated. At the next meeting the officers were elected, and the committees were chosen. The club, which claims lifty of our students as members, has drawn up a con- stitution in order to become affiliated with the U. S. E. A. S. A., an organization of great benefit to the skier. The Ski Club runs three tests so that the skiers may be classified according to their skill. Only members who have passed the third test are eligible for Ski Club emblems. The third test consists of fundamentals and simple turns like snow plows. At many meetings interesting films on the technique of ski- ing were shown. Trips to nearby mountain areas provide fun and experience for all, and even though there was a lack of snow this year, the Ski Club ex- perienced a worthwhile year. Preyicierrt ...... . . . ERIC BENSON Vice-President .. .. FREYA KOGER Secretary .... . . . BARBARA KANE Treasurer . . . . CARL FULLER Page Ninety-.raven GOLF CLUB Left to fright: Mr. Arthur, W. Nelson, F. Cameron, L. Warren, W. Rich, E, Woodis, R. Bianchi, P. Gazf Club Golf, a sport ever increasing in popularity all over the world, has some very adept enthusiasts right here in Arlington High. The "Red and Gray" golf club and team, under the excellent direction of Mr. Arthur, has achieved a large amount of success throughout past years. Though unable to capture a title in 1947, the team enjoyed a successful season and defeated most of its adversaries. In 1948, however, with the return of such outstanding golfers as "Bohn Bianchi, "Larry" Warren, and Perley Arthur from the previous year, and the addition of two top-notchers, "Fred" Cameron and Carl Fuller, the team emerged at the season's end wearing the Greater Boston crown. Since all the aforementioned boys are returning this year, plus several up and coming reserves like Albert Woodis, Warren Rich, "Dick" Hoey, and "Bill', Nelson, an equally successful season is anticipated in 1949. Arthur, R. Hoey, C. Fuller. Page N inety-eight i l TRACK Front Row Cleft to rightj : C. Johnson, K. Tobiason, R. Wilson, R. Stevens, J. Griecci, C. Gardner, J. Doran, P, McGrath. Second Row: D. Laross, L. Humphrey, F. Collier, F. Collier, W. Muello, W. Keneally, F. Rindom, R. Salisbury, L. Marshall, R. Laffayette, A. Paresky, C. Curtis, H. Berman, "Doc" McCarty. Back Row: R. Skinner, K. Tobiason, D. Skilton, W. Lowinhaupt, H. O'Brien, T, Calauti. J. Livingston, Kelley, C. Leveroni. Track The track team, coached by its very capable "Doc" McCarty, has com- pleted another of its usual successful years. In the first meet of the season "Dave" Gott and "joe" Griecci ran a splendid race, placing Hrst and second re- spectively in the mile. The following week they duplicated their performance by coming in far ahead of the other competitors. In the other events Arlington High also excelled, due to its superior quality of trackmen. "Charlie" johnson, Ronald Wilson and "Bob" Stevens have repeated their performances in cross country by setting the pace in the 1,000-yard and the 600-yard run. "Bill', Murray has done a marvelous job in the dash. john Doran and "Frank" Rin- doni heaved the 12-pound shot to constant victory while "Pete" McGrath and "Chris,' Gardner cleared the high jump bar consistently for points. If 'iDoc" has as good a team next year as he has had this year, he will indeed be a happy man. Page Ninety-wine CROSS COUNTRY , 'Front Row Cleft to rightl : K. Tobiason, R. Stevens, J. Gi-iecci, D. Gott, C. Johnson. Second Row: J. Livingston, K. Tobiason, G, Lafayette, "Doc" McCarty, T. McGough, F. Collier, C. Leveroni. Back Row: R. Wilson, L. Humphrey. Cross C ozmtry "Doc" McCarty's cross country team was truly a great success this year. After completing an undefeated season in their duel meets, the boys went on to win the divisional championship and finished off the season by winning the New England title. Captain "Joe" Griecci, powerfully supported by his fellow hatriers, led his team to victory against the best cross country teams throughout New England. Arlington High School is indeed proud of the magnificent record set by this team. They are justly proud of l'Doc" McCarty, the undis- puted hero of Arlington High School athletics, who again showed his superior- ity in this display of what "his boys" can do. Ronald Wilson and Robert Stevens, two of the veterans of this year's team, will return to captain next year's team to as great a glory as has been achieved by the New England cross country champions of 1948. Page One Hundred BOYS' BASKETBALL Front Row fleft to rightl: J. Donnelly, C. Strout, VV. DeRosa, A. Kenney, J. Cosgrove. Back Row: Mr. Lowder, S. Floyd, G. Peterson, D. Farnum, W. Keneally, E. Hogan. B0y's Basketball In the past two years the Arlington High Hoopsters have been led by two different coaches, and now, in 1949, still another man is guiding the team. It was Coach Toczylowski who directed his boys in 1947 through a tough schedule with excellent results. In 1948 Mr. Fusco shaped such outstanding holdovers as "Bill', Stevens, "Bob" Carmody, 'lBilll' Canty, "joel, Guarnotta, and others into a winning group which just missed the Tech tourney. With Coach George Lowder coming to the fore this year, another very suc- cessful season is hoped for. Standouts from last year's squad who are looked to for even greater work this season include the following: Alan Kenney, "Dave" Barnum, "Bill" Bowler, t'Whitey" Derosier, ujackn Donnelly, and "Bud" Strout. A rugged fourteen-game schedule lies ahead of the lads, but Coach Lowder is a tried and proven leader who is expected to produce a topnotch team. Page One Hzmcivfeci One ICE HOCKEY Front Row lleft to rightl' D Campbell W Meehan E. Emery, W. Leary, E. Robson W, Emmons H. Hardin. Second Row: R. Babirie, J. Kenny, Bilaferi H. Wyman, F. Wright, J. Canniff, J. Deane, Gi Russell, Mr. Borns. Back Row: E. Hogan, J. Aiken, J. Weisback, D, O'Brien, F. Cameron, P. Cooney, W. Doherty, P. Shea. Ice Hockey During the past three years, Arlington High has won for itself an ever- lasting memorial in the annals of Greater Boston hockey history. In 1946 and 1947, under Coach Downs, the G. B. I., Metropolitan, and N. E. championships were won. The graduation of several key men led many to believe that the 1947 and 1948 season would be a bad one for Arlington. However, when strong Medford floundered in its last few games, and with a fighting team di- rected by Coach Burns, the Red and Gray captured the laurels for the second straight year. Now, the class of 1949 may be justly proud of its members who have so successfully emulated their team-mates of previous years. Yes, for the third consecutive year, the G. B. I. crown was brought home to Arlington. In looking back, we shall connect hockey with names like Leary, Emery, Robson, Campbell, Meehan, Emmons, and innumerable others, who are so worthy of commendation. Page One Humired Two l CHEERLEADERS V Front Row lleft to rightlz B. Leonard, E. Jones, C. Riley, F. Faulkner, A. Kasparian, M. Donahue, M. Leonard. Back Row: C. Levy, J. Dorion, S. Weslowski, B. Ryan, B. Watson, F. Koger. C heerlerzders On Thursday, September 23, the cheerleaders for the 1948 football season were chosen. With twenty-two zestful and lovely finalists to select from, the judges found it hard to make their decisions. They must have made wise ones, though, because throughout the entire season, the vivacious group helped to lead our team to many victories by their continued, stirring support. Faye Faulkner, assisted by Barbara Leonard, was the head cheerleader. They planned and carried out several wonderful rallies, where all the students joined in the cheering and fun. Of course, the excitement of the grand rally held the day before Thanksgiving was exceeded only by the thrill of the big game itself. Surely the enthusiasm helped the cause of victory on that memorable occasion. Heed Cheerleader ........ ..... F AYE FAULKNER Aiximmr Head Cheerleader . . . . . BARBARA LEONARD Page One Hundred Three FOOTBALL Front Row fleft to rightb 1 W. Bowler, F. Wright, F. Miller, R. Salisbury, W. Keneally, P. Salisbury, J. Donnelly, D. Priest. Second Row: D. Canniif, P. McGrath, H. O'Brien, F. Rindoni, W. Emmons, J. Doran, R, Higby, P. Lally. Third Row: Mr. Toscylowski, D. Nichols, R. Trenholm, S. McEwen, C. Dor- ' l D. O'B ' M . Cavalieri. Back Row: L. Cummings, rmgton, P. Rubenskas, E. Somanskz, J, Rockwel, rien, r F. Tobin, C. Cummings, J. Cosgrove, E. Cahaly, A. Tartarini, E. Hogan, Mr. Lowder. The Football Team If Arlington High's football team had had as many breaks as it had All- star players, such as i'Billl' Emmons, Tack" Doran, i'Bob" Salisbury, and Henry "Babe" OBrien, it would have had many more victories. After starting the season hopefully with a victory over Newton High, we bowed to Somerville, tied Leominster, and took successive lickings from champion Malden and strong Waltham. However, under the able coaching of Henry Toczylowski, "jim" Cavelieri, and Leo Reardon, and with hard playing by such scrappy players as "Bill" Murray, Paul Lally, 'ljackn Donnelly, "Ronnie" Higby, and the others, we picked ourselves off the ground and knocked over a strong and favored Lynn Classical club. Victory must have tasted sweet, because after Classical, Arling- ton came home and trounced a rugged Watertown team, and, going away again, thoroughly mauled Medford. A favored Arlington eleven entered the Mel- rose game on Thanksgiving Day in hopes of ending the season with a victory, but they soon found out that they would have no picnic. Melrose cracked the Page One Humired Four 1'-""'t supposedly heavier Arlington line to gain quite a few yards and passed over them for a touchdown in the Hrst half. Arlington looked beaten. Neverthe- less, in the second half, a brand new Arlington club with strong determination to win took over the field, and by some of the hardest playing they had done all season they broke thro nect d ' ugh the seemingly impenetrable Melrose line and con- e passes in her team's backfield. From here on it was give and take, with Arlington, in its most thrilling game of the year, coming from behind to win, 15-6. All in all, it must be said that it was a very good season, both for the boys on the field and for their fellow students, who cheered them from might have been a poor season to a victorious one. what Page One Hundred Six ir ir ir ir ir if 'A' It Is Sound nsiness for us to be moderate in our promises, honest in our dealings, sincere in our desire to render a helpful service. 'Ki' THE HANCOCK PRESS LE 9-1165 GORDON W. ROBINSON, Printing Connyelor 80 HANCOCK ST., LEXINGTON 73, MASS "The worlil if fiill of willing people-tloore willing to work, and those willing to let them." ir ir 'lr ir ir ir ir Photogmjahy by Loring Whether it's portraits, group pictures or action shots - - - you can depend on Loring for the hnest in portraiture. Our expert staff is prepared to handle any photographic as- signment at prices that are always moderate. LORING STUDIOS 178 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. f S A Telephone HA 6-7228 VH L0l1I gwwgyllo 4 kg IKM ? 4? 2 Sy 6 K H355 News X +4-'Wgbkg 5' 35 ' , fi" - ' ', Y : V 2 .im ' X Ik 1 ,s s 3 N1 1 .,-y 1 ,w 4 , l ,A 1 I fini QP! fwqgufaz 'YY Q 3? , 31: wmga WJ 1, X " . V V , ,- . ,. ,Y .V , . ,M . , M'E?:5iiW535'l'fi?i-1f1?ie?!'.iL, .rf ' ' -2 -' lf, fL':i'1v,"l'Arii5R493P fil- - '

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