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Q . K, new -,,. 'ks 1'- 4 ,, ,x.ef.. 'Z f . - gr' f 511 ,14Q,Q,, ,iwgvf ' SM? fig- MQ-L., f' ' -.4 5' 1+fQ1ff,i1fi2i5ff1' f'ff3J , 'f 5235 V+ My.. X " 1 :Q x . w A . . ., Q 1 ' U ' .-J.. 4 P12 " 'wif .. -- ggi ffl,-K . , il - . , . .. 15755. .X N V N "" "Y ' :,. , 1 . I 3" , .1 1 'ine'--gs ' , A , , , gMqj.' 4 , X -,.r ' ' 'W 1 -A 'E' 'Q-, . ,'f.2Y17,.f- 1 5. ' 'wiv '14, wifi VS I ' ,. ' f-.. -lj. , S". 05816 K., . 1 Ex Libris 9152 YEAR BQOK of the CLASS OF 1948 NGTON GH SCHOOL ff-1 ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS We, the class of 1948, pay tribute to a woman incom- parable as a teacher and invaluable as a friend and guide. She has an outstanding record of teaching in Arlington, a large part of which has been in the High School. Her keen interest in the welfare of all of her pupils has endeared her to many A. H. S. Alumni. She has made such a deep impression on us, that we are proud to affectionately dedicate our Year Book to Miss Bessie Conway DEDICATION We, as seniors, are rapidly turning the pages of the final chapter in a book entitled "Our Years at Arlington High." In doing so, we cannot help thinking of the hand that guided the pen. Without the sympathetic understanding of its owner, so much of the volume would have remained unwritten. There- fore, we, the class of 1948, wish to express our appreciation and heart-felt gratitude to our principal-a man possessing un- surpassed interest in all students and undaunted determination to aid them in every possible way Mr. Herman Gammons APPRECIATION f 1 -ff. J' ROBBINS LIBRARY The Class tleeply appreciates the time and effort so generously given by Alfaretta Pierce and Mary Sexton in typing the Copy for our Year Book. ffm. The Fczculzgf CQUIIDANCE Mn. Iimcms. llnwffn- Mlss f:I'l'fPA'l'RIf,K. flux. Iiizu-fm' Miss M. HARRY, f,'U!lI1,Yc'ffN' Mn, lX1URRIl.l., .S'ff!1-Almlw' Mus. MolflfA'l"l'. Imm of Girls- Mn. WARNUR. C,'flllll.8'l'ffN' Mics. Dow: N1-LY. .S'wrvfL1r,y - - -3 COMMERCIIA I. MR. lilmluz. lim! of llujnff-11110111 Mlss AHICRN Miss M. BARRY Miss BINNIG MR. Counrwm' Miss HARLOW Mlss KIQLLY Miss NASH MR, Toc1m'1.owsK1 MR, TONER MR. Romslzlczx Mu. WA1.1.Aci1a ENGLISH R MR. CAMPBELL. Head of Dept. MIKS. BRAY Mlss BROWN Mlss IJONOVAN Miss DOW Mlss HORRIOAN Miss i-IUNT MR. IRISH Miss KRASTIN Miss MANNINCS MRs. MA'1"rHuWs Mlss NORWOOD Mlss O'CONNliLL Miss PRCK MRs. SAMPSON MR MR MR. MR MR VOCATION AL ROBINSON, Plead of Dept ANTON HOUSTON LEWIS PINE TRATIO SCI IENCIE MR, CIAUIJIYI' MR, KRo1.l. MR. IVIII.I-IiR Miss Roumms MR. Russuu. MR. SAMPSON MR, SRINNRR PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES MR. Fusco, Direclor of Plvyfiuzf Aftirilicf MISS MCCARTY. SlIf76f1'I.l'07' MR. MR. MR MR Girly' AL'fj1'ifi6'I MORRILL. Trelzmrer ARTHUR BURNS CAVALIISRI "Doc" MCICARTH' Miss GARRITY MR, LOWDER MR. TOCZYLOWSKI MATHEMATICS MR, EATON. Hcfzd of Dept. MR, BARBER MR, CAVALIERI MR. GAUDET MR. KAPFF MR. MORRILL MR. VVARNER HISTORY MRS, MOEFATT, Head of Dept Miss CONWAY MR. DOWNS MR. Fusco MISS GRAY MR. JOHNSON MR. THOMPSON MISS WAKEFIELD MR MR MR MR fu? ' W MR MRs. LEE MR. MR. MR. PRACTICAL ARTS Mlss CAMms1s1-L. 110.141 of I I 0 1'I.fC'f7 of d A rm' Miss ANmsRsoN Mlss FORSYTHIZ RoR1NsoN. IAIWJ of Alvulmzn 11 Arif 111161 Vl2t'z A R'1'H U R ANTON IRAN 1foR'1'H HoUs'1'oN Llswls Pl N li SANm51s1scsER ftimmf Sflwof FINE ARTS LANGUAGE MR. Iilrwlca, Sllf2L'7'l'jJ'UI' of Alum- MR. Pm'RA1.lA. Island of Dept. MR. GAU1u1s'1' MR, Russian. Mlss BAILEY Mlssj13RAR1n1 MR. KUNNY. Slff?L'Fl'f.WN' of Arr Mlss V. BARRY MR. SIQXTUN LATIN Miss IDONOVAN Mlss Roumus film The Seniors Through The Years It seems so long ago now, that forgotten day of yesteryear when we Stepped from the bright September sunshine into Arling- ton High School. our valley of decision. Do you recall the eager shullle of our hur- ried steps upon the hallowed floors of our new home? How zealously we waited for those elevators that never came, while other classmates searched for room "909" and terminated supervising the janitor. We had as all other classes before us been given the "business" The initiation over, we readily accepted our places as members of the student body, Our joy was short lived, however, for report cards reared their ugly heads. The storm broke and those were fortunate in- deed who did not receive at least a partial drenching. Putting all the blame on ex- perience and none on ourselves we trudged onward. The death of Miss Murray shocked and grieved us for she was a friend to all who knew her. We bright- ened as we noticed the social world around us. Debating Club, G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, a morsel for every appetite was offered us. The more energetic of our class- mates sought positions on the various ath- letic teams. Spring burst through in all her , ,Q I ymwsgwswwccawwcmkwc S . .. .,...,, A. 'lr mn Sl . ll Q A 3 i gn , X V' ',A'-, X wg 1.,.. S " ,, c A islxegf, Ak . budding glory and we could picture in the distance, yes we could see-vacation. We drew a deep breath and dove into the un- known terror of the year's end-final exams. Brains were now in constant use, pencil stubs discarded, nerves frayed-we made it. The finals were over. We set- tled back until next year. Sooner than we expected fall arrived. Reluctantly we returned. We were now juniors, the "Middlemen.', Gleefully we helped the young Sophomores on their way and then settled down to more se- rious mattets at hand. Out Thanksgiving hopes were shattered when Melrose vanquished our conquist- adors. Death took Miss Shedd from our midst and it was some time before we tec- onciled ourselves to the fact that no long- er would her guiding hand be among us. "A Date with Judy" was produced by the Dramatic Club and was received with much enthusiasm. The Gilbert and Sul- livan M. S. Pinaforen produced later in the season was an equal success. Both shows as usual displayed so much talent that no single member of either cast could outshine his brothers in arms. Under the capable leadership of Coach Downs out hockey team reached into their .. -. .. li r, . ,.t.,..,.,..,, ' 1' l vm. . f N lwag of trieks and dazzled the G. B I league. After the last post-season game Arlington High School found herself the proud owner of not one hut two trophies. The most coveted of all perhaps heing the one for the New lingland Championship. lirom out of the hlue the junior Prom ajvi'eared. Nlunior Homerooms now he- eaine olliees of the Chase National Bank as linaneial matters were eheeked and re- eheeked. Our young gallants survived the frantic preparations for this gala event however and eould he seen on that eventful night alighting from their fathers pride and joy and aeeompanied hy their heauti- ful partners entering the Town Hall and attempting to interpret the modern danee. Yes and they eould he seen too on that fol- lowing Monday gingerly fingering their empty pockets, shrugging and sauntering off to lunch. Oh well, sueh is life. Spring engulfed us and we were carried on to eonelude our second year. Finals were met and conquered and passed into ohlivion. We were up there now. next year we'd he sitting on top of the world. lndian Summer hlew reveille. We an- swered the call of duty. Marching to the tune of "Oh How l Hate to Get Up in the Morning" we drifted in determined to add an appropriate "finis" to our high school eareer. We found that smiling through hrought no results so we decided to work. Revenge was ours as Melrose dropped the Thanksgiving day elassie. We ohserved that the "Gibson Girl" had moved in among us. New handana fads were plentiful. Wlizlt they were for no one knew. Stylists presented the girls with the "new look." The hoys promptly lost the "old look." Class Oflicers elections were held while class pictures flourished. Class rings were admired, study hall feuds renewed. Sweet messages of peace and tranquillity arrived. Report cards had lost their sting Cor had theyj. Quickly the days are sliding by now bringing us ever closer to our ultimate goal-graduation. As yet we can still look forward to our prom, our class day and our graduation. We anticipate that these will be the me- morials which we shall remember from our youth. Three years have lapsed, our job is nearly done. A part of life has passed us by. The tomorrow holds for us an unknown future. Bravely we step from that last threshold of youth into life. May we by the grace of God direct our steps toward righteousness, success and happiness. Let us forever endeavor to keep our America the wonderful country it is. Yes and let us always remain as on the day we graduate a united class. JIM Baooks Wil f Three cheers for the band of A. H. S.! If Sousa was alive they'd make him jealous! Rain or shine youlll find them playing on, keeping up the boys' spirits, helping to give them the power to drive down the field to victory. At the hockey games too they are seen, serving the same purpose. This year they plan to attend the State and New England Music Festivals, and we wish them the best of luck as we know they will carry off all the laurelsl CLASS GFFICERS Vice President LORAINE TUCKER ir Secretary KATHERINE FLYNN if Treasurer WALTER FERRERA Prefidenz JAMES BROOKS Barbara Abizaid 26 Florence Avenue Head Drum Maiorette, Secre- tary of Camera Club, Periclean Forum, Art Club, Dramatic Club "Abie," our drum major- ette, plans to attend Massa- chusetts Art School. The night football games will long be remembered by her. She is quite an expert at tennis, too. Nancy Adams 157 Highland Avenue Dramatic Club, Camera Club, Chronicle, Year Book "Nikki" plans to attend Bridgewater State Teachers' College. Swimming and ski- ing are her favorite sports. Never will she forget the Dramatic Club Festivals which she attended. Louise Adduci 119 Oakland Avenue Our dancing "Lou" will long remember Mr. Wallace's Business Org. class. We wish you loads of luck in whatever career you choose, "I.ou"! Howard A. Ahern 31 Bartlett Avenue Football and hockey games absorb "Howie's" spare time. Mr. Kenney's Art class will always remind "Howie" of A. H. S. Best of luck in your engineering career at Iowa State! lane! Ahlin 40 Maynard Street Chronicle "jan" loves horseback rid- ing and plans to go to Lesley College. Her longest remind- er of A. H. S. will be Miss Barry's Comptometer class. Good luck as a kindergarten teacher, "Jan"l Eleanor Aiken 87 North Union Street Barketball, Softball, G. A. A., Honor Roll, Chronicle, Bowling Eleanor plans to be a med- ical secretary and hopes to go to Boston University. She will long remember Miss Binnig's fourth period Shorthand class. Best of luck at B. U., Eleanor! Beverly Alger 77 Fountain Road G. A. A., Field Hockey, Honor Roll, Bowling "Bev" will always remem- ber the lunchroom on Mon- days. She plans to go to Kathleen Dell's. "Bev" likes dancing, ice skating, and bowling. Greta I. Anderson 140 Mt. Vernon Street Honor Roll "Sandy" plans to be a sec- retary in the architectural field. She is interested in sports, but will long remem- ber her Mechanical Drawing classes. Page Twenty Harold Anderson 145 Wachusett Avenue Foolbull, Cbronicle, Barbelball Sports-minded "Hal" is planning to go to Harvard and hopes to be a photograph- er. "Hal" says he will. al- ways remember the lunch- toom and Mr. Arthur's Aero- nautics class. Richard Andrews 58 Maynard Street "Red," who looks forward to being a salesman, is an ar- dent bowling and photography fan. The "hard times" he had in English will longest remain in his memory. Charles Andrikian 135 Thorndike Street Orcbertra, Honor Roll Charles states that his fu- ture is as yet uncertain. He greatly enjoys bicycle riding in his spare time, and will long remember Miss Dono- van's Junior English class. Pauline Anifanlis 71 Paul Revere Road Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Pauline will long remem- ber the Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals. Her favorite out- side activities are bowling and square dancing. She plans to keep up her singing. All the luck in the world! Wesley Arens 30 Menotomy Road Versatile "Red" plans to be a veterinarian and would like to go to Michigan State Veterinary College. "Red' says he will remember his Senior year at A. H. S. the longest. Gladys Asdikian 21 Richardson Avenue Glee Club, Honor Roll, Tennix, Bowling Gladys will long remember Miss Wardell's travel talks in Music I. She plans to go to Katharine Gibbs and event- ually work for the American Airlines. Alma Assanri 105 Varnum Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll Alma plans to attend Sim- mons for a course in Liberal Arts. Ice skating, badminton and playing the piano are her favorite activities. She will never forget the fun at Gil- bert and Sullivan rehearsals. William Taft Alamian 23 Glenburn Road Burebull After attending Bentley's, "Bill" will follow his father's footsteps in the automobile business. He enjoys baseball and will always remember Mr. Sexton's Algebra I class. Page Twenty-one Cloria Aurelia 76 Rawson Road Gloria, who enjoys bowl- ing as an outside activity, plans to do oHice work. The teachers at A. H. S., especial- ly Miss O'Connell, will live long in her memory. loseph Barbagallo 68 School Street Football Track "joe" is undecided as -to what college he will attend. Hockey and hunting are his favorite sports. He will never forget the teachers at Arling- ton High. Nancy Barnard 61 Cleveland Street Honor Roll, Gilbert aml Sullivan, Year Book College is "Nan's" destin- ation after leaving A. H. S. She enjoys swimming and dancing and will always re- member the junior Prom. George Barr 21 Lee Terrace "Buff" plans to take over his father's trucking business as soon as possible. He spends his spare time skating and swimming. His Senior year will be among his fondest memories. Ioan Barry 150 Jason Street G. A. A., Barketball, Swimfrzing, Rifle Club Joan will further her edu- cation at Colby junior Col- lege. Skating and swim- ming are her favorite pas- times. She will always re- member Mr. Sexton's "quick- ies" in French II. Wonder why? Carol Battis 103 Oakland Avenue Carol is headed for Colby. She enjoys swimming, skat- ing, and dancing. She will always remember her Senior year because she could' never get all her homework done. Roger Beardsley 20 Wellington Street Baseball, Football, Hockey, Track "Gentleman Buzz," a sports enthusiast, who plans to go to Springfield to be- come a coach, enjoys base- ball, football, hockey, movies and concerts. Certainly a wide variety of interests! Ann Belanger 11 Hillcrest Street G. A, A., Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Baxeball, Ba:- belball, Bowling Vivacious Ann plans to at- tend Sargent to be a gym teacher. She is fond of danc- ing and will remember long- est Mr. Cavalieri and his jokes. Page Twenly-lu'0 Richard Belliveau 68 Brooks Avenue "Dick" will take a P. G. and then go on to college. He enjoys swimming, dancing, and skating. Mr. Danforth's mechanical drawing class and the "Rec" are what "Dick" will remember longest. George Benda 27 Hopkins Road Science Club. Camera Club, Ilirtnri' Club. Debating Club, Cbroniclc. Honor Roll George is interested in na- ture and will go on to Brown to study Natural History. He enjoys watching the football games, skiing, and skating. Arlington High is tops with him. Louise Berberian 40 Fordham Street Gfee Club, Gilbert mul Sllflffdll Louise, who wants to do office work, will always re- member Mr. Wallace's class, especially some certain peo- ple. Vlonder who they are? Dancing and bowling are her favorite pastimes. William Black 1067 Massachusetts Avenue "Bill," one of our radio men, is intending to enter the U. S. Merchant Marine after graduation. Charles Borgstrom 70 Fountain Road Gilbert mmf Sullivan, Debal- izlg Club. Golf, Band, Lumb- room Staff "Chuck," who takes advant- age of his nearness to food in the lunchtoom, has no defi- nite plans for the f!uture. Long remembered will be his frequent conversations with Mr. Gammons. Warren Bowen 10 Wright Street Burebull "Bo" will become a con- tractor and enter his father's business. He enioys watching hockey games and will always remember playing baseball un- der Mr. Cavalieri's direction. George Boyajian 9 Willow Place "junior," who hopes to make a fortune as an oil burner serviceman, will al- ways remember Mr. Skinner's physics class. His favorite outside activities include base- ball and football. Rose Bradley 264 Forest Street "Brads" future includes the Fisher School and secre- tarial work. She'll always re- member the football games and dances afterwards. Page Tzzwzlyftbree William Brady 25 Valentine Road Honor Roll "Bill" will attend the Maritime Academy to study Engineering. Golf, yachting, and photography take up his spare time. He will always remember his school friends. Richard Branscombe 41 Crescent Hill Avenue "Dick" plans to enter Massachusetts Radio School next year. He considers sports his favorite activity. Miss Hunt's English lll class will longest remain in his memory. Margery Brennan 38 Varnum Street Cbronicle. C. A. A., Dra- matic Club, Year Book Com- miltee, "Rec" Committee, De- bating Club, Honor Roll, Rifle Club, Boivling, Tennii' Next year "Margie" will be among the student body at Radcliffe. Swimming is her most enjoyable sport. She will never forget the fun she had working on the Chronicle. Francis Brickley 39 Lewis Avenue "Brick," who likes meeting people, is going to be a sales- man. Never to be forgotten are Mr. Arthur's jokes. He spends most of his spare time bowling and horseback rid- ing. Lois Bridgens 93 Oakland Avenue Badminton "Loire," who wants to be a designer, is going to art school. Her senior year, fea- turing Mr. johnson's draw- ings, is the highlight of her high school career. She likes dancing and badminton. Donald Briggs 30 Edgehill Road Donald is going to Bent- ley where he will take up ac- counting. He spends all his spare time watching and par- ticipating in various sports. Theresa Brillante 35 North Union Street Bowling, Bareball, Barber- ball, G. A. A. "Brill" plans to go to a hairdressing school. She will never forget "second" lunch or studies in the library. Football games and practice take up her spare time. james Brooks 6 Belton Street Clair Prerident, Debaling Club "Brooksie," our vastly pop- ular class President, plans to attend Harvard College. His favorite outside activity is living! Mr. Warner's Math III class will always be a pleasant memory. Page Twenty-four Nancy Broughton 241 Mystic Street G. A. A., Year Book, Tennif, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll "Nan" is going to Katha- rine Gibbs to become a secre- tary. The class of '47 and her junior year will be longest remembered by "Nan," Danc- ing and swimming take up her spare time. Antoinette Buczynski "Nettie," as we all know her, is going to be a stenog- rapher. Always to be remem- bered is Miss Peck's last pe- riod English class. Dancing and skating are her means of having a good time. Marilyn Burke 80 Brantwood Road G. A. A., Tennif, Bowling "Sunny" is going to Rhode Island School of Design. The lunch room and the football games will never be forgotten by her. Dancing takes up most of her spare time. Audrey Burness 66 Freeman Street Rifle Club "Burr" is going to Forsythe to become a dental hygienist. She'll never forget Miss Nash's first period Economics class. Bowling, tennis, roller skating, and ice skating are her favorite outside activities. Caryl Cadario 30 Richfield Road Heatl Cbeer Leader, Field Hockey, Student Council, G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Cbronicle "Torchy" plans to enter a modeling school in New York. Her Junior year and October l2, 1947, left a last- ing impression on her. Swimming and dancing head her list of outside activities. Eugene Caldwell 10 Huntington Road Stamp Club "Buddy" hopes to attend Franklin Institute after leav- ing A. H. S. Football, base- ball and swimming hold a special interest for him. Long remembered will be Miss O'Connell's English class. Robert Caldwell 236 Highland Avenue Periclean Forum, Student Council, Chronicle Talented "Bob" wants to attend Springfield Racing Drivers School to become a Midget Auto Star. His fa- vorite pastimes ate swim- ming, ice skating, and attend- ing auto races, He will re- member three very pleasant years with Mr. Danforth. loanne Calley 71 Glenburn Avenue Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, Gilbert and Sullivan "Jo" plans to attend Rhode Island School of Design to become a costume designer. She enjoys swimming and bowling and will long re- member Mr. Kenney's talks on design relationship. Page Twenty-Eve fwf Matthew Camarda 120 Milton Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Football Talented "Matty's" ambi- tion, since he was nine years old, has been a vocal one. He enjoys bowling and swim- ming. Long remembered will be Miss Peck's class and, naturally, the Gilbert and Sullivan Club! William Canty ll Park Street Buiketball Willianm hopes to attend Boston University to become an accountant. He enjoyed basketball while here, and Mr. Sampson's Math ll classes will long be remem- bered. Best of luck always, William! Elizabeth Carella 37 Park Street Dramatic Club "Betty" plans to attend Framingham State Teachers' College to become a third grade teacher. Memories of lunch room will linger with her the longest. She enjoys both roller skating and ice skating. Elizabeth Carlino 76 Decatur Street "Sparke" wants to have a clerical career and will long remember Miss Krastin's sophomore English class when she was told to keep her ro- mances out of class. lce skat- ing and roller skating are her favorite pastimes. Henry Carmody 48 Lewis Avenue The discussions with Miss jewett will remain longest in "Harry's" memory. He would like to become a salesman and his favorite outside activity is sports. Best of luck in every- thing, "Harry"l Robert Carmody 48 Lewis Avenue Football, Bafelmll. Barkelball "Bob" hopes to attend Holy Cross after leaving A. ll. S. He enjoys ping pong and will long remember the races from Room 35 to the lunch room. lohn Carney 278 Broadway Because he works with a caterer and enjoys it, "jack" would like to make a career of it. He will remember the good times in Mr. Eaton's Math classes. His favorite pastime is baseball. R. Catherine Carrigan 857 Concord Turnpike Slflllllllillg "Rosie" says she'll never forget the tive days' deten- tion for absence on St. Pat- rick's Day. For sports, she likes tobogganing, and skat- ing, and she plans to be at probation olhcer. Page '1lIt'L'lIl,1'-,fix lean Charlton 31 Philips Street Glee Club, Girls' Club jean plans to enter Boston University next fall for train- ing to become a medical sec- retary. Her favorite activity is ice skating, which she does beautifully. Her fifth period music class in her Junior year has memories. Iohn F. Carroll 18 Brattle Street Honor Roll. Football, Track, Baseball, Periclean Forum, Gilbert and Sullivan "Weary" CI wonder why?D has no definite future plans. He will long remember Mr. Sexton's 4A Club, and will long remain in his classmates' memories for his prowess on the gridiron. Virginia Cashman 25 Alfred Road Bowling, Dancing "Ginny" will always re- member Miss Binnig's first and second periods. She en- joys swimming and' ice skat- ing. Her classmates wish "Ginny" lots of luck in the future. Margaret Cassidy 61 Bates Road "Peggy" hopes to work in an office after high school doors close upon the class of '48, Dancing and ice skating are her favorite activities. Miss Peck's English class will have a place in her memories. Carmen Caterino 80 Rawson Road "Pinky" is sports minded. His interests are in football, hockey, baseball, and basket- ball.. He enjoyed his sopho- more year in Miss Krastin's English class. Richard Cavicke 155 Jason Street Track, Dramatic Club Presi- dent, Luncb Room Carbier, Orcbertra, Band "Dick" plans a Harvard for engineering be- likes outdoor work. sports and has fun with a car. Lynn Classical football games were his picnics. education cause he He likes tinkering Barbara Chace 74 Grandview Road Dramatic Club, Glee Club, G. A. A., Gilbert and Sulli- van, Luncbroom Our peppy "Barb" plans to enter Lasell junior College for a course in merchandis- ing. She'll always remember the football games and' hock- ey games and the fun with Mr. Russell during Music I class. Bernice Chaplin 126 Paul Revere Road "Bunny" hopes to work in an oliice because she enjoys that type of work. She likes to bowl and play tennis. Miss Nash's third period econom- ics class is a memory. Page Tu-'enty-seven Dolores Chestaro 52 Mystic Street Dramatic Club, Honor Roll take "Debbie" plans to Kathleen Dell's radio-dramat- ic-business course. She likes to ice skat and to act. She will always remember Mr. Warner's Algebra I class and "A Date With Judy." Bette Clare 160 Mystic Valley Parkway Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Bette is an alert and viva- cious girl. Her favorite out- side activity is roller skating. She will cherish the memory of Miss Peck's sixth period English class. Phyllis Clifford 131 Mystic Street "Phyl" would like to go into office work after high school. She likes to dance. Miss Peck's English IV period sixth c.lass and the football games will long be remem- bered. Thomas Cobb 45 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll, Periclean Forum "Tom" plans to enter Har- vard College next fall. His thoughts are centered around midget auto racing. He'll never forget Mr. Barber's Math II class and Mr. Arthur's printing classes. lane Cody 38 Academy Street Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Periclean Forum, Honor Roll Radcliffe is jane's goal be- fore entering the nursing pro- fession. Her favorite outside activities include sports and "Friends of the Drama." jane will always remember her long rehearsals for "A Date With Judy." Carol Coes 257 Appleton Street Rifle Club, Ski Club, Honor Roll, blond "Coke" will enter Hickox Secretarial School this fall. She likes skiing, and' horseback riding. Mr. Buckley's economic geog- raphy in her sophomore year will be remembered. Carol C. Colby 22 Highland Avenue Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll Carol, whose goal is B. U. Secretarial School, loves swim- ming, pedal pushing and "Swift's Beach Summers." She will always hold fond mem- ories of Mr. Sexton's and Mr. Barber's math classes. Barry Colgan 28 Crawford Street Franklin will really be honored to have "Baron," whose favorite outside activi- ties are hockey and football. Among his souvenirs of A. H. S. looms the memory of Miss Nash's Economics class. Page Tu 'enly-eigbt Gertrude Collinge 37 Rhinecliff Street Dramatic Club, A. Y. A. We'll never forget "Boots," the fixture of Room 17. She hopes to train at the Dea- coness Hospital. She will never forget the fun in her fourth period gym class or Mr. Campbell's English class. Ellen Collins 102 Newport Street A. Y. A. Our demure Ellen is headed for New England Baptist to enter nursing. She will take with her fond memories of her three years in Miss Bailey's French classes. joseph Colliton 29 Bow Street Notre Dame is the goal of athletic "Cully," who partici- pates in football, hockey, baseball and basketball.. His hours spent outside Room 59 after lunch will never be forgotten. Patricia A. Colucci 102 Alpine Street Tennir, Chronicle, Basketball, Baseball When "Patti" is a success- ful secretary she will still look batik on Miss Binnig's shorthand classes. Her favor- ite outside activities include swimming and watching A. H. S. football games. Claire Concannon 24 Waldo Road Chronicle, Honor Roll "Red" has chosen nursing as her profession and plans to enter the Lawrence Me- morial Hospital. She enjoys ice skating, swimming, and going to professional hockey games. She will long remem- ber Mr. Sampson's Biology class. William Connolly 15 Oakland Avenue Outdoor Track, Indoor Truck We are certain that "Bill" will be successful at Holy Cross, where he plans to study dentistry. Among his memories of A. H. S. will be his participation on the indoor and outdoor track teams. lames Connors 51 Teel Street "jimmy" is joining the Navy in order to learn a trade. His fondest memory will always be his first day at A. H. S. "jimmy's" fav- orite outside activities are baseball and football. Elliott Conway 14 West Street With no definite plans for the future, "Eli," whose fav- orite outside activity is hock- ey, will always remember his excess of study periods. Page Twenty-nine t 155 ' Hill lin loan Cooledge 8 Devereaux Street Club, G. A. A., Year Boob Baflaetball, Tennir, Debating Committee, Chronicle Popular Joan is headed for Wellesley. Her junior Math class with Mr. Sampson and "Bosco" will linger in her mind. Dancing, trips, and piano-playing comprise her outside activities. Crawford Coombes 101 Scituate Street Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Periclean Forum, Cbron- icle, "Rec" Committee, Sen- ior Delegate to Red Croix, Year Book Committee His love for newspaper work will send "Fuzzy" to B. U. to study journalism. He will always remember when he missed portraying "Randolph" in "A Date With Judy" because of illness. Richard Cooper 24 Moore Place Batketball, Cbronicle, Cbers and Checker Club, Stamp Club "Coop" is headed for col- lege to study farming. After graduation he'll always re- member his days of playing football and hockey, his fifth period physics class and the lunch room. Barbara Corbett 6 White Street Barketball, Bowling Barbara plans to be a ste- nographer and she will never forget Miss Binnig's short- hand class. For an outside ac- tivity Barbara can't think of anything she likes better than dancing. Frances Coveney 991 Massachusetts Avenue Field Hockey "Franny" wants to become the perfect secretary. The fun she had at A. H. S. will re- main longest in her memory. Doris lean Cowan 117 Varnum Street Gilbert and Sullizfan Club, Glee Club, Honor Roll Tennis fills up most of Doris' time in the summer. She enjoys Gilbert and Sulli- van equally as well and plans to study music. Marjorie Cowin 25 Mi.1ton Street "Marjie" plans a career in office work. Mr. johnson's history class is her fondest memory of high school. "Marjie" considers bowling as her favorite sport. Mary Craig 75 Washington Street Cbronicle, Lunch Room Mary does quite a bit of skating after school. She in- tends to become a nurse af- ter hnishing school. Mr. Burke's Economics class will long be remembered by her. Page Tbirty Roberta Crawford 14 Paul Revere Road Bowling. A. Y. A., Honor Roll "Bert" is headed for col- lege though not sure which one. She enjoys dancing, and will long remember the friends that she made and the football games. loan Creedon 29 Lewis Avenue Chronicle, G. A. A. joan enjoyed the football games she attended when here at Arlington High. She plans to go to Pierce Secre- tarial School and will keep up her tennis there if pos- sible. Patterson Crockett 58 Paul Revere Road Debating Club, Truck Team Mr. Barber's Math class is the fondest memory of "Pat." Next year he intends to at- tend Wentworth for a course in electricity. Hunting is his favorite sport. Geraldine Cronin 46 Waldo Road Rifle Club "Gerry" is quite a line dancer and skater. She is go- ing to become a secretary af- ter high school. She will never forget the fun she had in Miss Nash's Economics class. Mary Cullinane 7 Mill Street Rifle Club, A. Y. A. Miss Rounds' Latin III class will long be remem- bered by Mary. Dancing and bowling are her specialties. She plans to attend Boston University. Donald Cumming 143 James Street "Don" enjoys skiing and skating very much. The mem- ory of Mr. Russell's aeronau- tics class will long linger in "Don's" memory. john Cumming 145 James Street John has been in the E. T. O. since 1944 and has just re- turned to A. H. S. He enjoys basketball, hockey, and foot- ball, and intends to go to Wentworth after graduation. loyce Cunniff 21 Peter Tufts Road G. A. A., Bowling, Hanoi' Roll Joyce, Whose hobby is get- ting out of trouble, Won't for- get Mr. Burke's class for a long time. She plans to at- tend a business school to further her education. Page Thirty-one Ray Cunningham 8 Fordham Street Hockey, Baseball "Sleepy" is going to join the working men after grad- uation. Dancing and ping pong take up "Sleepy's" af- ter school time. Edwin Curtis 17 Wyman Street Honor Roll, Barketlmll, Chronicle, Track The Army Air Corps is going to receive our "fun- and-sleep-loving Tiny." He feels that Mr. Morrill will re- main longest in his memories of A. H. S. Paul Dacey 30 Chandler Street "Dace" plans to enter Tennessee after graduation. Baseball and hockey rank first on his sports list. He will always remember the con- trast between long homework assignments and short lunches. lean Daley 25 Grove Street Dancing and swimming are Jean's favorite outside activi- ties. Mr. Burke's fourth pe- riod economics class will al- ways be remembered by her. Charles Dallachie 26 Moulton Road Lunch Room Carhier "Charlie" will study for a public relations career. He enjoys music and camping. Mr. Miller's chemistry A classes will always be remem- bered by him. Frances Dalton 18 Wal.nut Court Honor Roll, Periclean Forum, Bowling Frances, known to her family as "Sis," will attend the Bentley School of Ac- counting. Miss Binnig's classes, football games, and Miss XVakefield's History IV class will always recall her high school days. lune Dangora 66 Tufts Street "Danny" likes dancing and roller skating. Mr. Burke's economics class, and the long dash from lunch to 25B are first on her list of memories. Lydia Darakiian 106 Lake Street Chronicle, Soft Ball Lydia will long remember the junior Prom and football games. Her favorite sport is swimming. She will return to A. H. S. again next year as a P. G. Page Thirty-tu'o William E. Davies 5 Walnut Terrace Gilbert and Sullivan, Tracie, Baml "Bill" will enter State of Maine to study forestry. He enjoys trap drumming. How can he ever forget the "homework in his senior yearn? Mary Day 21 Burch Street "Maisie" enjoys horseback riding and rifle shooting. She will remember Miss Ander- son's sewing class in her jun- ior year. We wish her the best of luck in her chosen career. Iames Deignan 238 Park Avenue Honor Roll, Barketball, Track, Cberr ami Checker Club, Debating Next year will find popu- lar "jim" at some business school. "jim" will always remember Miss Nash's eco- nomics class and he enjoys all sports, especially cards. Hmmmm? Gilbert DeLorrie 7 Brookdale Road Football, Track, Bareball, Honor Roll Popular "Gil" has Tufts in mind in preparation for engineering. He's an ardent advocate of all sports and vis- iting "Uncle T. and Aunt K.". Messrs. Warner and Arthur linger in his mem- ories. lune Phyllis DeMatteis 125 Webster Street Drum Majorette, Glee Club "Debbie's" favorite activi- ties are skiing and dancing. Mrs. Hoyt's oral English class in her sophomore year will longest remain in her mem- ories. Adele Derby 16 Burton Street Camera Club. Periclean Fo- rum, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Rifle Club Secretarial work at B. U. is Adele's plan for the future. Dancing, bowling, and skat- ing are tops on her list of sports. She will remember Mr. Sampson! l l l Ralph DeRosa 24 Richardson Avenue Playing in his band, and football are Ralph's favorite outside activities. He will re- member Miss Peck's junior English class. Next year he will attend Massachusetts School of Optometry. Marguerite deSmet 3 Monadnock Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Rifle Club, Periclean Forum "Diz," our good-will am- bassador, intends to go to Cornell to study foreign lan- guages for diplomatic work. She will always remember rooting for the opposite team just for the sake of argu- ment. Page Thirty-three Pasquale DiCiaccio 36 Marathon Street Honor Roll, Basketball, Gilbert and Sullivan "Pat" is undecided about his future, but we wish him luck in whatever he chooses. He enjoys basketball and swimming, and will longest recall his math classes. Gary Dickerman 1542 Massachusetts Avenue Band, Honor Roll We have a doctor among us. Gary intends to enter Tufts to study medicine. A. H. S. will always bring back pleasant memories of Mr. Miller, and his translations in Miss jeradi's French I class. Rose-Marie DiDonal'o 56 Summit Street Miss Binnig's first year shorthand class will always be remembered by Rose- Marie. Her favorite activities are bowling and going to the mo""'s. Evelyn M. Diehl 16 Parker Street Gilbert and Sullirarz. Bowling "Evie," the lady with the smile, wants a business career and is going to attend Hick- ox Secretarial School. Flying down to the lunch room and Mr. Cava1ieri's class will for- ever stay in "Evies" mind. lean DiFazio 78 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Bowling, Roller Skating, Guidance Room Asrittant jean plans to continue work in the Arlington Ad- vocate office after graduation. Bowling and dancing attract her outside school hours. The fun in H. R. 24 will remain in her memory. Ioann DiGirolamo 234 Oakland Avenue G. A. A. Since "Joan Di" intends to become a comptometer oner- ator, she will attend Bur- rough's Business School. Dancing and serving ice cream at Buttrick's were her favorite outside activities. She will always remember 15B. AI DiPaoIo 237 Forest Street Football "Boleyn is destined for Wentworth to become an en- gineer. "The interesting talks in the hall after lunch" will give "Boleyn sufficient mem- ories of A. H. S. loan Ditmas 86 Everett Street Chronicle. "Rec" Committee, Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan Dainty "Dittie" has her hopes set on attending Bos- ton University. Dashing into school one minute before the bell and study hall social hours are "Dittie's" best memories. Page Thirty-four Donald Doane 7 Harvard Street "Don's" greatest thrill dur- ing his three years were those trips to Mr. Morrill's office. His favorite habits are eating and hitch-hiking. Iohn Doherty 19 Linwood Street "Doc," who wishes to be- come an accountant, is headed for Fisher to receive his training. He enjoys sports and will not soon forget Mr. Wfallace. Bradford Donovan 39 Pine Street Hockey. Bareball "Braddy's" outside inter- ests have been captured by hockey, baseball and bowl- ing. He will never forget Mr. Cavalieri's Basic Math class. Wonder why? Edward Donovan 50 Dorothy Road The memory of Mr. Skin- ner's physics class will go with "Judd" to Notre Dame where he hopes to further his education. Best wishes for the future, "Judd"! Dennis Drinan 18 Swan Place Chronicle, Barkelball "Dennie," headed for Notre Dame, says, "At last I've graduated! It took me four years to make it." Besides writing for the Chronicle, "Dennie" likes basketball. Barbara Duncan 7 Park Circle Drumalic Club, G. A. A., Chronicle, Girls' Club, Glee Club Talkative "Dunkie" wants to attend Framingham Teach- ers' College. Her favorite out- side activities are bowling, canoeing, and, of course, talk- ing. She will always re- member Mr. Cavalieri's Alge- bra II class. Margaret A. Duncan 133 Mystic Street Petite "Maggie" intends to become a secretary. Bowling is her favorite pastime, and skating in the winter. Mr. Burke's classes are a thing "Maggie" Ends hard to for- get. Fay Durling 18 Inverness Road Fay plans to atrend Bur- rough Business School. Her favorite outside activities are dancing and bowling. She will never forget the football games and her classes with Mr. Toner. Page Thirty-five lane! Eadie 16 Linden Street G. A. A. "Shorty" wants to attend Burrough Business School. She enjoys ro.ller skating and dancing, and will long re- member being an "after school" star pupil of Mr. Toner's. Thomas Egan 83 Grand View Road Honor Roll, Hockey, Debating Club His Junior year has spe- cial memories for sports- minded "Tommy," Good luck, "Tommy," in your chosen profession. Elizabeth Ellis 24 Bellington Street Honor Roll "Betty," whose favorite outside activity is dancing, plans to attend Boston Uni- versity. She will never for- get the laughs in Mr. Eaton's Review Math class. Charles English Charles likes hockey and basketball. He says the lunch room will always remain in his memories of A. H. S. Good luck to you, "Char.l,ie"! Robert Erwin 92 Chandler Street "Bob" has no plans for the future. However, we know he will succeed in whatever he chooses. Marie Fagan 7 Henderson Street "Rie" will never forget Mr. -Iohnson's History IV class. She enjoys dancing, skating and bowling, and hopes to take up bookkeeping at Bur- dett's. Marie Faria 55 Exeter Street Barketball "Rie's" Junior year will al- ways remind her of pleasant times. Good luck with your career, "Rie"! lean Faulkner 49 Pine Street Cheer Leader, G. A. A., Baseball, Honor Roll, Temzir Philosophical "Jeanie," who listened to everyone's troubles while trying to forget her own, will always remember dancing at the "Rec," Next year will hnd her attending Katharine Gibbs. Page Thirty-.tix Walter Ferrera 6 Frost Street Clurr Treasurer, Football, Ping Pong To receive an appropriate education in business, "Wal- ly" has elected Boston Uni- versity. He will never for- get Mr. Sampson's Math II class. Sports and dancing take up most of his time. Ioseph Ferretti 210 Broadway Ping Pong. Cbeir and Cbeckerr, Tennis Remembering his troubles with Mr. Kapff, "Spaghetti," who heartily advocates all sports, is headed for a school of bakery. Eino Finlaid S6 High Haith Road Luncb Room Whether he attends B. U. or the University of Massa- chusetts, the days in the lunch room will always re- main in Eino's pleasant mem- ories of Arlington High. Roberta Finlayson 146 Herbert Road Friendly, loquacious "Bob- by" will attend Forsythe Dental to become a hygien- ist. Letter writing to a spe- cial Marine has and will. oc- cupy her after school hours. Good luck, "Bobby"! Iohn Finn, Ir. 20 Shawnee Road "Mickey," the future jun- ior executive at B. U., will long remember his business organization teacher. He is very sportsminded and en- joys football, hockey, and baseball. Mildred Fitzgerald 68 Chandler Street Dmmulir Club "Fitzie," whose outside ac- tivities include swimming and dancing, will attend business college next year. She will al- ways have fond memories of Mr. Burke's economics class. Patricia Anne Fitzgerald 53 Milton Street Honor Roll. Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan "Pat," whose future is un- decided, will remember long- est the Lynn Classical foot- ball game played under the arcs and her interesting ses- sions in Miss Wakeheld's History IV class. Her favorite outside activity is dancing. Bernard Fitzmaurice 73 Amsden Street Hockey, Golf, Truck, Honor Roll Sportsminded' "Fitz" is bound for Boston College to continue languages. Mr. Warner's Math classes will remain in his mind for some time. Page Tblflj'-.fE1'6W ,,,w' Barbara Flemming 31 Cedar Avenue Dramatic Club, G. A. A. Quiet, but friendly, "Barb" intends to become an ele- mentary school teacher. Swim- ming and riding provided di- version from the chem. ex- periments which will always remind "Barb" of her days in high school. Ioan Flentie 25 Lorne Road Fielrl Hockey, Baiketball, Tennix, Chronicle, Ski Club, Gi. A. A.. Rifle Club, Dramatic Club Athletic Joan will attend Lesley to prepare for kinder- garten teaching. Her biology classes with Mr. Sampson will ever serve to remind her of Arlington High. Donald Flynn 5 West Street Football Manager, Batketball Manager, Bateball "Don" intends to further his love of sailing by at- tending Harvard to prepare for a career as a naval olii- cer. Mr. Kapflms homeroom and the football seasons are two of his fondest memories of A. H. S. Frances Flynn 91 Quincy Street Clee Club, "Rec" Committee, Dramatic Club, junior Prom Decoration Committee Popular, active "Franny" will contribute much to Sim- mons, where she will study to be a teacher. Her sopho- more English class will re- main longest in her memory. Katherine Flynn 1140 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Orcher- tra. Glee Club, Honor Roll, C. A. A., Secretary of Senior Clan, Student Council, Year Book Committee, Tennir, Treclecim Fortunati Our charming secretary, in- terested in social work, is bound for Radcliffe. Outside of school "Kay" spends much of her time dancing and ice skating. She will always re- member the many friends she made at A. H. S. Henry Foley 1-18 Mount Vernon Street Chronicle, Debating Club Sports and dancing com- prise "Bud's" interests. Bound for Boston College, he will ,long recall the hockey games, the "Rec," and Miss Wake- lield's History class. Iohn Ford 103 Thorndike Street Gilbert and Sullivan "Cupid" aspires to be a salesman. He says that Miss Wakeheld's History class in his junior year will be his outstanding memory. Danc- ing, bowling, and baseball are his main outside interests. William Ford A 520 Summer Street "Ted," always interested in its lield, is headed for Massa- chusetts Radio. Longest in his memory remain the back-hh ing experiments of his iun- ior year, and Mr. Miller's jokes. Page Thirty-eight Our future surgeon is "Bob," our versatile drum- Ruth Anne Foster 5 Mystic Lake Drive Our athletic "Nancie" in- tends to take up professional swimming at Boston Univer- sity. She enjoys sailing and skiing and won't forget her history classes. Arthur Foye SS School Street Orchestra, Band headed for Boston University. "Bud," who is interested in all sports, will always remem- ber senior homeroom and Mr. Millers mad chemistry class. Best of luck, "Bud"l Robert Foye SS School Street Band. Track mer who likes football, is planning to attend the Massa- chusetts School of Pharmacy. Lingering .longest in his memories will probably be the good times he had with his classmates. Philip Frankel 150 Massachusetts Avenue Philip, who feels that Mr. johnson merited better stu- dents than he, hopes to be- come a geologist. Bicycling and hockey are his favorite outside activities. Charles Freni 6 Highland Avenue Footlzall, Student Council, Honor Roll, Truck "Charlie," that "football" man, is bound for B. U. He hopes to enter the meat-pack- ing business. He enjoys hunt- ing and will never forget the football games and dances. lohn Fuller 337 Park Avenue Gilbert and Sullizfan. Ski Club, Barketlfall Heading for Boston Uni- versity or Tufts, sports- and music-minded "Gene" will never forget the narrow mar- gin by which the golf team lost representation at the state finals. Richard Gallagher 55 Fairmont Street With an indefinite future in store, "Dick" claims that his fondest memory will be Miss Wakefield's History IV in his junior year. Walter Calvin 54 Warren Street Ping Pong. Chess anzl Claerkerr. Tennis Walter intends to go on to Franklin Institute to become an electrician. ln school, checkers and chess intrigued "Goofus." He will longest re- member his homeroom with Mr. Kapff. Page Thirty -nine Ralph Gammell 80 Claremont Avenue Football. Basketball, Rifle Club, Honor Roll, Coll, Chronicle "Gimp," our able sports- man and future bachelor, plans to follow in his father's footsteps and favors the gas and oil business. He will long remember his graduation day and the fun he had on house dates. David Garland 73 Massachusetts Avenue Track, Croix Country, Haml, Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll Always smiling, "Swede," a vigorous sports enthusiast, is bound for Boston Univer- sity to delve into journalism. Memories of the "Rec" and Mr. Eaton's math classes prove lasting. Anthony Gatto 32 Everett Street "Tony" will become a me- chanical engineer. He will long remember the football games and Mr. Johnsons fifth period history class. Richard Gelasco 104 Waverly Street In a few years, Richard will be knocking on your door as a promising young insurance man. He will al- ways remember Mr. Arthur's printing classes. Anne Celowtsky 106 George Street Gilbert and Sullizuzn, Glee Club. Girls' Club Our fun-loving Anne in- tends to study journalism at Boston University. Active in musical groups, she considers Mr. Russell's Music ll un- forgettable. Bayard Gerry 221 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullirarl, Dru- nmtic Club, Honor Roll. Truck. Baiffelball, Pericleall Forum Harvard will gain from Ar1ington's loss. Popular and keen, Bayard will find suc- cess in any undertaking. Dancing and sports are his favorite extra-curricular ac- tivities. Robert Gervais I9 Boulevard Road Quiet "Bob" has no set future plans. Enioying danc- ing and sports, he will long remember the beginning of his senior year. Nancy Ciobbe 67 Lowell Street "Rec" Committee. Rifle Club. Bowling. Sminzming Vivacious "Nan," whose favorite activities are ice skat- ing, dancing, and bowling, will never forget Miss Peck's junior English class. She is planning to attend Boston University. Page F o rty Iohn Clendinning lei Oakland Avenue "Glen" would like to at- tend a business college. He enjoys driving customers' cars and will never forget the cor- rect way to simonize one. lean Golden I5 Andrew Street Ifiulil Iluckeji, '1'euui.r. Cf. A. A. Her future undecided, Jean lknown for her Saturday night partiesi will not soon forget her junior year in Mr. Sexton's Spanish l class. Beatrice Gomes 6 Oak Hill Drive "Bea" plans to become a secretary. Roller skating, canoeing and driving take up most of her spare time. She will never forget Mr. Eaton's vain efforts to subdue the ex- citement in the hall outside Rooms ll and li. Frank Cray 512 Park Avenue Because "lNlouse" is cap- able of selling anything, he will enter the insurance busi- ness. Sports play a prominent part in his life. He can nev- er forget Mr. Arthur. Nancy Gray F Linwood Street Dmnmlin' Club. C. A. A.. Gilbert and Sfzflizufnl, Stmfent Council "Nanc" is headed for Le- land Powers to study dra- matics and radio. She enjoys skiing and swimming and will long remember the op- erettas and her History IV class. Donald Green 167 Washington Street Ilwmr Roll, Dramatic Club. l'ericleuz1 Forum, Lunch Room "Don," who will never for- get Miss Wakehe,ld's History class or the "Rec," is a fu- ture alumnus of M. I. T. Swimming and dancing oc- cupy his free time. Malcolm Griffin, lr. Z5 Addison Street How could "Mal" ever for- get all the mishaps in the auto shop! He intends to make a career of auto repair work. Of his outside activities camp- ing and hiking rank highest. Paul Croppi 17 Teel Street Track, Crorr Country Paul, who will become a clerical worker, has elected Northeastern. His outside ac- tivities include basketball and the National Guard. What he will remember most are his teachers. Page Forlrj'-one Palmer Guarente 87 Medford Street Orchestra, Band, Debating Club "Gus," who will never for- get orchestra rehearsals, is un- decided about his future oc- cupation. Success in all you do, "Gus"! joseph Guarnotfa 41 Rangeley Road Basketball, Honor Roll, Ping Pong, Football, Chen Club "Joe" is going to don "bell-bottom trousers" after his graduation. He says that he will forever remember his inability to stay in the Li- brary for a full. period. Smooth sailing, "joe"! Emily Hahn 16 Hawthorne Avenue Dramatic Club Miss Rounds' sixth period Latin III class will be long remembered by Emily, who is bound for Boston University. Ann Hall 152 Pleasant Street Gilbert and Sullivan Ann is headed for B. U. College of Music where she plans to become a piano teacher. Already an accom- plished pianist we feel sure she will. be a success. Russell Hammond 11 Venner Road "Russ" plans to attend Tufts College to take up en- gineering. He will never for- get Miss WakeHeld's fifth pe- riod World History class. Good luck with your engi- neering, "Russ"l lean Ann Hanson 18 Scituate Street Bowling, Termir Going to the Senior Prom in her sophomore year will be remembered for a long time by Jean. She plans to attend Burdett to take up of- hce training. Donald Hardy 92 Rawson Road Captain of Croix Country, Track, Honor Roll Our great track star, "Don," is headed for Bow- doin to study Mechanical En- gineering. Never will. he for- get three years in Mr. Eaton's math classes. Ann Harrington 156 Appleton Street Field Hockey. Softball, G. A. A. 'Tuggy," one of our fa- vorite classmates, is undecided about her future. She will long remember the good times she had in sports and her art of ping pong. Page Forty-two Lawrence Harrington 60 Cleveland Street "Hank" is still undecided about his career, but is look- ing forward to graduation. Of his outside activities baseball rates highest. lohn Hartley 23 Howard Street Student Council, Pericleun Forum, Honor Roll, Debating Club john is heading north for Bowdoin to study law. He will always remember the fun he had in Miss Rounds' Lat- in classes. Best of luck in your law career! Virginia Hartling 17 Brattle Street "Ginny" is destined to be- come a hair dresser. Her out- side activities are bowling and swimming. Mr. Buckley will be among her most pleasant memories of Arlington High. Everett Hatch 20 Draper Avenue Rifle Club "Ev" plans to take up agricultural work at the Uni- versity of Massachusetts. He will long remember Mr. Sex- tons fifth period French class. Good luck, "Ev"! Barbara Healy 54 Cutter Hill Road Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan Barbara plans to attend B. U. where she will study to become a legal secretary. She will long remember Mr. Eaton's math classes. Good luck, "Barb"l Margaret Hed 15 Nourse Street "Peggy" will never forget waiting for that dismissal bell and Miss Harl,ow's Bookkeep- ing lll class. She loves to dance and to bowl and she can ride a horse, foo! joseph Heffernan 95 Menotomy Road Track "joe" hopes to attend Tufts where he will study engineering. He will always remember the fun he had in Mr. KapH's math classes. joseph Hefron 20 Grove Street Chronicle, Honor Roll, Tennir "Joe" plans to attend B. C. where he will take up ad- vertising, He will. longest re- member the vacations during the year. Won't we all? Page F Orly-three Mary Hernon 20 Magnolia Street Mary would like to be- come a buyer of clothes. Dancing and bowling are her favorite activities. She will certainly miss the fun she had in Mr. Burke's Ec. class. William I. Hession 27 Temple Street Football "Bill," with his love for music, intends to join his friends at Bowdoin next fall. He will never forget the card games before football prac- tice. lames Hetherman 42 School Street Year Book Committee, De- bating Club, Periclean Fo- rum, Dramatic Club, Chronicle Active "jim" plans to be- come an English teacher at B. U. He will never forget the heated debates in Room 69 that lasted until 4 p. m., and Miss Barry's "une sous" pro- gram. Charles Hickey 41 Sunset Road Perirlean Forum His years of suffering in biology and junior English won't be forgotten soon by "Charlie" He will attend Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and he plans, some day, to have a drugstore in Arlington. Patricia Marie Higby 49 Brantwood Road Chronicle "Pat" is undecided con- cerning her future. Outside of school she spends quite a bit of her spare time danc- ing and ice skating. An out- standing event in her high school career was the junior Prom. Doris Hill 56 Fountain Road Baseball, Hockey, G. A. A. "Ginger" has no definite plans for the future as yet. She will always remember Miss Krastin's English class and will especially miss her favorite pastime of listening to joan Riley's jokes. Barbara Holden 9 Trowbridge Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Bareball The teaching profession awaits "Barbs" after train- ing at B. U. She will never forget the football games and the old hall after school. leanne Holland 47 Pine Street Field Hockey, G. A. A., Chronicle, Basketball, Rifle Club Witty Jeanne would like to be a receptionist because of her enjoyment in meeting people, as testified by her nu- merous friends. She will nev- er forget her sophomore homeroom or Mr. Buckley. Page Forty-four Edward Holt 126 George Street L11 I1 fly R nom "Teddy" is one of our fab- ulous "Forgotten Men" and what he'll remember most about school is the vacations. "Teddy" wants to make avia- tion his career. Earle Hopkins 7 Randolph Street Alter studying at Boston University, radio announcing is "Hoppy's" aim. Next to sports he enjoys collecting stamps. He will long remem- ber the fun he had at A. H, S. Paul Horsman li-l Robbins Road Track Paul is an avid fan of pho- tography and dancing. Next year will lind him working for the Telephone Company. He'll always remember school vacations longest. Roxaline Hough 79 Melrose Street Girli' Club. Ski Club "Roxie," the class "darl- ing," plans to go to Massa- chusetts State to study dietet- ics. She'll never forget that nice feeling when she became a senior, William Houlihan 15 Glenburn Road "Bill" wants to make for- estry his career-away in the wilderness where the girls can't get him. He's a golf and camping fan and will never forget Mr. Danforth in his soph year. Donald Howard 50 Churchill. Street, Newton Pericleau Fora m, Debating Club, Dramatir Club, Clwrmicle "Don," our debater, plans to attend Emerson to take up journalism. He says he'll never forget the fun in Mr. Wallace's Business Organiza- tion class and in the Debating Club. Allan Hughes 94 Franklin Street 'I'mrlP, Chronicle Lanky "Al" wants to be a mechanical engineer and plans to make Northeastern his alma mater. "Al," enjoys sailing and tennis and thinks he will nev- er forget the fun in the Spy Pond Youth Association. Brenda Hughes 34 jason Street Rifle Club, Bowling Vivacious Brenda wants to be a nurse. She thinks she'll always remember her trans- fer from Brighton High to Arlington High. Brenda likes bowling and dancing, espe- cially at the wonderful "Rec." Page Forty-jire Malthew Hunt 38 Bates Road Lunch Room "Matt," who is a member of the Forgotten Men, plans to be a salesman and says he'll never forget the fun he had with Miss Childs in the lunch room. William Irving 99 Thorndike Street Golf Team "Bill" hopes to go to Wentworth College. He likes football but will longest re- member playing on the Arl- ington High Golf Team. Dell lvester 27 Winter Street Gilbert and Sullivan Dell is a definite sports fan and he'll. never forget the mad times at the football games! Ann-Marie lacobson 172 Waverly Street Cbronicle, Obice Afxirtaflt. Bowling, "Rec" Comittee, Guidance Department Anist- ant, Ski Club Versatile "jake" will nev- er forget Miss Binnig's fourth and fifth period classes in her senior year. As a favorite ac- tivity "Jake" loves dancing, especially at the "Rec." Perouz lavian 359 Mystic Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Honor Roll "Perry," who has a smile for everyone, thinks she'll al- ways remember Mr. Wallace's Business Org. class. "Perry" enjoys participating in most sports and plans to be a sec- retary. Seto lavian 359 Mystic Street Vice Preriilenl of Perirlean Forum, Vice Preriilent of Debating Club, Dramatic Club Amiable Seto will never forget the A. H. S. football games, especially the ones we won. His favorite outside ac- tivity is football and he plans to be a mechanical engineer. Doris johnson 79 Claremont Avenue "Cuz" will attend Colora- do Woman's College, but she has not yet decided in what she will major. Mr. Eaton's math class and Mr. Wal.lace's homeroom have left an in- delible impression on her. lo-Ann lolmson 12 Winter Street Glee Club "Jo," who will attend Sar- gent, wants to be a physical therapist and work with po- lio cases. Most of her outside time has been taken up writ- ing letters to Camp Lejeune. Page Forty-rix Karl lohnson I6 Draper Avenue "K, J." 1 for reasons known best to himselfj will long remember Mr. johnson's History class in his junior year. He plans to attend a school, as yet undetermined, to take up accounting. Marilyn lohnson 159 Park Avenue Gilbert atztl Sallirazi, Glee Club "Cuz" will attend Burdett to take a junior Secretarial Course. Apples, especially in Mr. johnson's History class, have a particular fascination for her. Philip lohnson 61 Cedar Avenue Traci. Gilbert aml Sullivan, Croix Country, Ski Club "Phil" will attend Massa- chusetts State or Princeton to major in Commercial Radio Vforlt. The "big jokes" in Miss Wakelield's fifth period history Class and the rainy afternoons in the hall after school will long be remem- bered by popular "Phil." Robert Leo loyce 57: Magnolia Street "1oycie's" first aim in life is to create new methods of construction to eliminate man- ual elfort. Keeping out of trouble occupies most of his time. It seems he will always remember Mr. Anton's in- quisitive "no"l Philip Kalber 47 Amsden Street Track, Basketball, Supply Room Clerk "Phil," who enjoys me- chanical drawing very much, will attend Wentworth Insti- tute to become a draftsman, lt will be quite a while be- fore he forgets the "Rec" and all the fun at the football games. Anita Kasparian l Sutherland Terrace Hockey Team, Barbetball Manager. Tenriir Team, Cbrorzicle, Ski Club, Dra- matic Club, G. A. A., Glee Club, Rifle Club Sports enthusiast, Anita, is headed for Lowell Teachers' College. Swimming is her fa- vorite outside activity. Mr. Sampson's biology class will always be one of her mem- ories of A. H. S. Mary Louise Keele 27 Davis Avenue Honor Roll, Debating Club. Periflearz Forum, Dramatic Club, Rifle Club. Latin Club Miss Rounds' Latin class and dashing to Mr. Sampson's Math ll class are among Mary Louise's fondest memories of A. H. S. lt's Radcliffe next year for her. Barbara I. Kelley 60 Brattle Street Honor Roll, Camera Club, Perirleatz Forum. Dramatic Club "Bunny" intends to take it secretarial course at B. U. She enjoys tennis and will al- ways remember Mr. Samp- son's period 1 biology class. Page Forty-sez-'en Patricia Kelley 60 Brattle Street Tem1i.f, Ilarlfeflmll, Periclean F umm "Pat" will go on to Salem Teachers' College to take up business. Among her outside activities canoeing rates high- est. Walter Kelley 26 Varnum Street Barelmll illimugcr, Ba.rALc'fl1i1ll illmlagw. Chronicle Walter is interested in the radio business. His outside at- tivities include haskethall and hasehall. Barbara A. Kelly Sheraton Park Dramatic Club, Baml. Soft- lmll, Cf. A. A. Sports-loving "Bath" is looking forward to training as a nurse at St. lilizahetlfs Hospital. Mr. -lohnson's jokes will. remain longest in her memories of Arlington High, Edward Kelly 48 Pine Ridge Road Long to he remembered are "Ed's" junior and senior math classes. He is undecided about his future hut his fa- vorite activities are howling and skiing. Maureen Kelly 418 Pine Ridge Road Honor Roll lt's Burdett Business Col- lege for "Mopey," who will never forget Mr. Burke's Bookkeeping l class. Nuttings Lake has a particular signiii- cance to this A. H. S. girl. Thomas Kelly 5-i Massachusetts Avenue l1lIl'bL'1', Bdielmll. Tmcff. Fine Arty Cliff: "Tom," one of the stars of the Championship Hockey Team, will long he remem- hered for his ability on the ice. He plans to further his education at Andover Prep. Sleeping and swimming are his favorite hohlvies. Ruth Kenney ll Buena Vista Road Bflllflllyf. 74l'!1Ill.f "Rufus," who wants to he- come a comptometer opera- tor, will attend Burroughs. The "Five Swedes" in Mr. Burke's Bookkeeping l class and the night of May 2-1, I9-16, will never he forgotten. Paul Keon 155 Mary Street Paul, whose hohlvy is his car, is going to he a mechan- ic. He is looking forward to the day he graduates. Page F!l7'fAl"l'ltQlJf Alholie Kerner Z5 Mary Street Honor Roll, Clarmlicle. Year Comzuiliee, Pericleuu Rifle Club, Gilbert Boob Forum, uml slllllfulll. C. A, A.. Glee Club, "Raw" Committee, Dru- uzatic Club, Stuzlenl Council lt's Wellesley for "Lee," who plans to take up dra- matics. Her favorite activi- ties are dancing and crooning and upholding the Boston Red Sox. Longest in her memory will be Mr. Eaton's math classes. Russell Kerr, lr. 61 Rangeley Road Football "Russ," undecided as to his future, enjoys almost any- thing that is fun. He'll long remember Miss Wakelield's History IV class. Gregory Khachadoorian 52 Churchill Avenue "Ben's" wonderful spirit will never be forgotten by his classmates. Expressing his gratitude to them, he states that he will never forget his kind readers. He is yet un- decided about his future plans. Robert Kilcoyne ll Ottawa Road Gilbert aml Sullizfun, Dramatic Club "Booboo" hopes to be a salesman. He will long re- member Mr. lrish's fifth pe- riod English class. Among his favorite activities are hockey, football, and baseball. lean Kiley 97 Everett Street C. A. A., "Rec" Committee, Temzir. Rifle Club To become a private secre- tary after attending Boston University is Jean's ambition. She is an able ice skater. Among her more pleasant memories of school will be Miss Rounds' Latin Ill class. Estelle Kreem 25 Lake Street "Shorty" would like to be a dress designer. Bowling and sewing are her favorite ac- tivities. She will never forget Mrs. Moffatt's Problems of Democracy class. Charles Laman lll Webster Street Supply Room "Charlie" plans to attend Wentworth, as he wants to be a good draftsman. He will always remember the hockey games the year we won the New England Championship. William Lanigan 92 Fairmont Street Football. Golf. Debating Club. Cbetr Club, Barketbull Our athletic "Willie" is always good for a lot of fun. He says that he will long re- member his high school days. Page Forty- nine Virginia Lanoue 10 Pine Court Bowling "jinny" would like to be a lawyer's secretary. Never will she forget Mr. WaUace's sixth period Business Organ- ization or the football and hockey games. Dancing and swimming are her favorite ac- tivities. Arthur Lansing 33 Berkeley Street "Art" is headed for Frank- lin Tech. where he will pre- pare for his drafting career. He will long remember Miss Barry's French class. Hiking and ice skating are his favor- ite outside activities. Grace Larson 25 Wright Street Bowling "Gracie" would like to at- tend a school of design to be- come a dress designer. Her favorite activities are sewing and ice skating. Long will she remember Miss Manning's Oral English class. Lorraine Lavery 18 Field Road G. A. A., Bareball Lorraine plans to make nursing her future career. She will always remember Mr. Sampson's biology class. Bowling is her favorite pas- time. Harold Laye 40 Tanager -Street Harold, whose favorite pas- times are swimming and bowling, plans to be an in- terior decorator. He will. nev- er forget Miss Hunt's English class. Gertrude Legge 67 Glenburn Road Badminton "Trudy" would like to be a bookkeeper. A dancing and roller skating enthusiast, she will always remember Mr. Wallace's Business Organiza- tion class and the football and hockey games. loan Lemmo 12 Dorothy Road Bowling, Dancing Joan is undecided about her plans. Longest in her memory will be the grand times she had at the football games. Bowling and dancing are her favorite activities. loan Lentino 363 Mystic Street Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Cbronicle, Year Book Committee, Girly' Club This "gal" loves driving in convertibles! Writing gossip for the Chronicle will be re- membered most by Joan, She will enter Pembroke in the fall to become a designer. Page Fifty Marjorie Leonard 25 Berkeley Street Honor Roll, Cbeer Leaders "Margie," our vivacious cheer leader, enjoys ice skat- ing and hockey. She will nev- er forget Mr. Burke and her "glasses" She will attend Fisher Business School. Kenneth Lincoln 23 Linden Street Orcberira, Ski Club "Ken" hopes to attend the University of Maine. Among his favorite outside activities are sailing, swimming, and skiing. He will remember longest Mr. Eaton's math class. loan Lindstrom 147 Mary Street Band "Lindy" will always re- member her two years in cho- rus class. Horseback riding, roller skating and dancing are her favorite activities. Her chosen career is office worker. David Link 543 Concord' Pike Honor Roll, Ski Club "Dave" likes all mathe- matical subjects, so he plans to attend M. l. T. He thinks Mr. Eaton and "his witty bits of pattern are tops. His fa- vorite sports are hunting and fishing. Antoinette Livoti 4 Richfield Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club "Toni," who plans to en- ter Boston University, likes ice skating. Definitely Miss Rounds' last period junior Latin class will remain long- est in her high school mem- ories. Bernard Loftus 50 Robbins Road Periclean Forum, Track, Dramatic Club "Pat" plans a career in pharmacy and he'll attend Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. He will always re- member his sophomore biol- ogy class. He enjoys midget auto races. Geneva Long 82 Beacon Street "Ginny" plans to enter Fay Business College for completion of her shorthand education. She likes to dance. Miss Binnig's shorthand class will be remembered. Mary Lorenxen 111 Palmer Street Bowling, G. A. A. "Peg" likes dress design- ing and interior decorating. Driving and dancing are her favorite activities. She has en- joyed Miss Anderson's sew- ing classes and plans to attend New England School of Art. Page Fifty-one Karl Lundgren 222 Broadway Band, Gilbert ana' Sullirazl, Honor Roll. Basketball, Ski Club "Swede" will attend Frank- lin Tech. to become an arch- itectural draftsman. The Proms, two years with Miss Hunt and the Greek's theme are excerpts from his person- al memories of life at A. H. S. Merna Lunclquist 137 Robbins Road Cbronicle, G. A. A., Girls' Club, Honor Roll, Drafnalic Club, Field Hockey. Barketball Petite "Mernie" picked the School of Practical Arts to pursue her career as a fash- ion illustrator. Fine arts, the proms, and the Wonderful friends are among her pleas- ant memories of A. H. S. Eleanor Lynch 65 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll "El" has always wanted to become a nurse. She will pur- sue her career at the Massa- chusetts General Nursing School. The distraction in History lll will long be re- membered by her. Mary Macchi 73 Foster Street G. A. A., Bowling. Swimming, Honor Roll Cheerful "Mac," who will miss the fun of our hockey games, has hopes of some day owning a dress shop. She will not forget trying to linish her homework in the lunch room. Marie MacDonald 32 Windsor Street Rifle Club, Dmmalic Club, Debating Club, Bowling, Perirlean Forum Marie will attend Burdett for further business training. She will long remember Mr. Wal.lace's first period Busi- ness Organization class. Best of luck, Mariel Richard MacDougaI 101 Churchill Avenue Track, Chronicle. Honor Roll, Croix Country "Mac," the captain of our track squad, is planning to attend Dartmouth. His favor- ite sport is track and he will always remember "Tookey" and Mr. Miller's after school sessions. Evelyn MacLean 16 Cypress Road Honor Roll, A. Y. A., Bowling Dancing, "l.ynn's" favorite activity, helped divert her mind from her struggles in Miss Binnig's classes. She will follow her interest in hair dressing after graduation. Ernest MacLure 66 Warren Street "Mac" will long remember Miss Nash's Economics and Law class. The friends he has made wish him the best of luck for the future. Page Fifty-two Eleanor Mahoney 46 Chandler Street Periclean Forum Prerident, Debating Club, Glee Club, Rifle Club, A. Y. A. "Breathless," our popular Periclean president, says that her favorite activities are dancing, singing, and draw- ing. She will never forget Room 14 after school. lean Mahoney 2 Reservoir Road Waiting for the last bell always fascinated Jean. Though undecided about her future plans, we are sure she will succeed in the work she selects. Philip Roger Mahoney 19 Central Street "Phil" is undecided about the future, but, since he likes mechanical drawing, thinks he may go in for drafting. He will never forget Mr. Barber's fifth period geometry class. F V Margie Malva-Gomes K -V 'll Kimball Road 5 J Bowling, Tennis, Basketball, Gilbert and Sullivan "Margie" wields a furious tennis racket and she'll keep the memory of Mr. Samp- son's biology class the long- est in her store of high school memories, lohn Mandis 125 Park Avenue Lady-thriller "Shrimpa" will take the memory of Miss Krastin's classes with him in his career in the Navy. Smooth sailing, "Shrimpa"! Paula Manley 7 Upland Road West G. A. A., Year Book Com- mittee, Dramatic Club, Hock- ey, Girlr' Club, Guidance Office Atfirtant Our debby Paula would like to be a Lab Technician. Her favorite outside activi- ties are sports and she thinks she will never forget Mr. Cavalieri's Algebra II class. Marie Marchi 24 Davis Avenue Rifle Club "Mary Lou" will. never for- get either Mr. Downs' His- tory IV class or Miss O'Con- nell's soph English. She would like to be a teacher and she enjoys roller skating and bowling. George Marcoulier 52 Warren Street Football, Honor Roll, Barketball "Frog," our star quarter- back, is a member of the famed "Crooks" Club Of course he enjoys football and basketball, He will carry memories of the girls of A. H. S. with him always. Page Fifty-three loan Martin 2 Whittemore Street G. A, A., Temtir, Girls' Club, Dramatic Club, Swimming Fun-loving "Joanie" will always remember the class ol '47 and those mad card games in the hall! She's headed for Katharine Gibbs and the sec- retarial course. Helen Marfucci 119 Lake Street Honor Roll, Secretary of Peri- clean Forum, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Rifle Club, "Rec" Committee, G. A. A. "Elenooch," who will study chemistry at Simmons, enjoys shooting and long, long hikes when not in school. She will always remember Mr. Miller's chemistry classes and her many friends at A. H. S. lane Mattaliano 16 Palmer Street Fun-loving "Bee," planning to attend the School of Nurs- ing at St. Elizabeth's Hos- pital, will long remember her lunch room periods and Miss Arrand's cooking classes. Her favorite activities are roller skating and swimming. Lucille Mazzocca 998 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club, G. A. A., Baxketball, Baseball Loquacious "Sandy" will attend Westbrook Junior Col- lege to become a laboratory technician. She will always thrill to the memory of at- tending the Senior Prom in her sophomore year. Margaret McDonnell 23 Farrington Street "Rec" Committee, Bowling Friendly "Peggy" advises the sophomores not to try to ride the elevators. Coasting and dancing help her forget getting stuck in the puddles behind the school. Arthur McDonough 5 Park Circle Dramatic Club "Mac" plans to attend B. U. to study business admin- istration. He will long re- member his summer vacations and Figi's unexpected parties. Cecile McElarney 40 Foster Street Field Hockey, Cbronicle, Lunch Room, Swimming, G. A. A., Honor Roll Amiable "Cece" will re- member the fun at the Mon- treal Catholic game longest. We wish her the best of luck in her secretarial career. lame: Mcilligott 18 Grandview Road Sports-minded "Jim" will never forget that the hockey team won the New England Championship. Success in your future undertakings, "jim." Page Fifty-four Ralph McEwen 31 Amherst Street Foofball, Hockey, Honor Roll, Track Our popular "Mack"-es- pecially with the girls-is headed for college in the near future and will never forget the school vacations and foot- ball games. lohn loseph McGurI 17 Central Street Football, Bareball "Tex" wishes to further his education at Boston College. His favorite outside activity is wrestling and he will long- est remember trying to make up late excuses for Mr. Mor- rill. Iohn T. McCurl 18 Grove Street Place John is planning to go to Fisher's for further business training. His favorite outside activities are hockey and roller skating. Best of luck, John! Nancy McKenzie 26 Higgins Street Glee Club There is no doubt that "Mac" will succeed in the nursing field. The ready smiles will always remind us of "Mac" Mary lane McLaren 92 Rawson Road Rifle Club, Bowling, Swimming "Janie" knows she'll nev- er forget the parties at Kel- sey's and the fabulous study hall. She loves to dance and plans to make the University of New Hampshire her alma mater. William McSweeney 12 Wyman Street Chronicle "Mac" has a yen for adver- tising which he will follow while attending either Boston College or Boston University. Miss Wakeheld's classes made a lasting impression on him. Evelyn Miller 72 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll. Bowling, Roller Skating. Guidance Room Arrirtant A career of office work comprises "Evie's" future. It seems Miss Peck's homework assignments and Mr. Burke's jokes will never be forgotten, nor will all the friends she made. Nancy Miller 9 Berkeley Street Barketball, Swimming, Tennir Nancy loved singing in the lunch room in her senior year. She likes dancing and swim- ming and plans on Fisher's for her medical secretarial training. Page Filly-live in loan Mirabello 80 Oxford Street Tennir. G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll, Barketball Dancing, swimming and tennis are among joan's favor- ite activities. She plans to go to Forsythe and will never forget Mr. Eaton's math class. Albert Monast 44 Mary Street "Rec" Committee. Rifle Club, Hockey Manager, Honor Roll "Al" would like to go to Boston University before en- tering the bakery and truck- ing business. He likes hock- ey, football, and swimming, and won't forget Miss O'Con- nell's study period. Andrew Moorvartian 4 Lake Street "Rec" Committee, Dramatic Club Andrew plans to further his education at the Bentley School of Accounting. He en- joys collecting pictures and autographs of bandleaders and film stars, and will always re- member Mr. Wallace's Busi- ness Organization class. Dorothy Moranian 3 Cliff Street G. A. A.. Dramatic Club, Tennir, Barketball, Bareball Manager Popular "Dotty" is headed for Boston University. She will never forget the rare times she had in Mr. Samp- son's Math ll class, and Miss Wakelield's History lV class. Eileen Morris 29 Winter Street Dancing and roller skating are favorites with ever smil- ing Eileen. Room 65 and Miss Forsythe's Foods III classes will remain longest in her memory. Norman Morrison 85 Thorndike Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Periclean Forum Norman is heading for M. I. T. and a career in electri- cal. engineering. Most promi- nent among his memories of high school will be Mr. KapH's Solid and Trig classes, sixth period, senior year. loyce Morton 45 Spring Street G. A. A., Badminton, Skating Girly' Club A career of fashion illus- trating awaits "Charlie," as she plans to attend the Mod- ern School of Fashion and Design. She will never for- get the fun in Mr. Johnson's and Mt. Wallace's classes. Barbara Motherway 11 Park Street "Barbs" plans to attend a secretarial. school. She enjoys dancing and roller skating and will always remember the silence in Miss Peck's fifth period class. Page Fifty-Jix Mary Murphy 16 lroquois Road Barlminton. Bowling. Girls' Club Mary plans to go to Regis for secretarial training. She likes to Hy, and will always remember Miss Krastin's Eng- lish class. Robert D. Murphy lfi White Street Sixth period each day will remain longest in "Murph's" memory. His favorite outside activity is hockey. He hasn't decided on his future. Robert F. Murphy l5 Valentine Road Baseball and hunting are "Murph's" favorite outside activities. He would like to go to Northeastern to study for a career in chemistry. Thomas Murphy 917 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll "Murph" would like to go to Boston College. He likes all sports, and will always remember the World History class in 15B in his senior year. Elaine Mushkin 27 Tufts Street A future cashier at her father's restaurant, "Babe" likes tennis, reading, roller skating, and bowling. Het fondest memory will be her senior year in Miss Peck's English class. Donald Richard Myers 22 Pleasant Street Honor Rall, Football, Barbel- ball, Baseball, Latin Club, Hockey "Dick" likes all sports, es- pecially football. He'll never forget Mr. KapH's Math III class and the times had in Miss Rounds' Latin classes. He plans on Harvard. lean Nagle 27 Wyman Street Swimming, Bowling, Barketball So that she may further her studies in the world of busi- ness, "Jeannie" will attend Burdett College. She will al- ways remember Mr. Burke's Economics class and his des- ert island. Irene Naiarian 68 Egerton Road Honor Roll, Glee Club, Bowling, Swimming "Renie" plans on going to Hickox Secretarial School. She likes dancing and bowling, and won't forget the studying she did for an "A" from Miss Peck. Page Fifty-Jezfen AA-er. Lois Nelson 99 Oxford Street "Lo" enjoys roller skating and ice skating as outside ac- tivities. She will remember longest Mr. Johnson's third period American History class and claims he knows why, too! Hm? Ingrid Noring 35 Ashland Street Honor Roll, Bowling, Rifle Club, Guidance Office Arrirtanl Charming "Pinoc" plans to become someones private sec- retary. Lucky someone! She will never forget May 22, 1946, and the Proms, also Mr. Wal1ace's Business Or- ganization class. Margaret Nyberg 225 Waverly Street Honor Roll, Cbronicle, Bar- ketball, Year Book Commit- tee, Tennir, Ski Club, Girly' Club, G. A. A., Swimming Attractive "Margie" plans to enter the field of illustrat- ing after studying at the Rhode Island School of De- sign. Foremost among her memories of high will be Mr. Sampson's biology class. Edward Obey 19 Randolph Street "Eddie," a staunch support- er, is going to follow tradition and be a used car dealer. He enjoys sports and eating, and will never forget Mr. Kroll's homeroom and his easy sen- ior year. Constance O'Brien 111 Claremont Avenue Swimming, Ski Club "Connee" likes swimming and boating. She'll never for- get the good times she had in Mr. Irish's third period study on Monday. Kathryn O'Brien 39 Everett Street Year Boob Committee, G. A. A., Ride Club Roller skating, bowling, and ice skating are "Kay's" favorite sports. She'll never forget Mr. Cavalieri's Alge- bra II class, and is planning on B. U. Elaine 0'Connell 121 Madford Street G. A. A., Year Book Com- miltee, Rifle Club, "Rec" Committee Elaine wants to go to Sim- mons and then become an air hostess. She likes ice skating, dancing, and horseback rid- ing, and will never forget Math Departmentals. Marion Ogasapian 11 Cornell Street clee Club, G. A. A., Debaling Club IO al' "Mo," who plans tend the Chamberlain School to learn to be a buyer, enjoys bowling and dancing as out- side activities. Mr. Johnson's history class will never be forgotten. Page Fifty-eight Marcia 0'Hearn 183 Jason Street Gilbert and Sullivan, "Rev" Committee, Dramatic Club Mr. Einzig's second period chorus class is one thing Mar- cia will never forget. She will attend Katharine Gibbs to become a medical secre- tary. Her favorite outside activity is horseback riding. Miriam Olson 85 Columbia Road A. A., Honor Roll, Tennir, Girlr' Club G. Vivacious "Mimi" wants to go to Bates to study chem- istry. She likes dancing and tennis, and won't forget Mr. Eaton's math classes or the junior Prom. lean 0'NeiI 129 Newport Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Talented jean has already started teaching dancing and will make that her career. She will never forget the time Mr. Johnson asked her who was buried in Grant's Tomb. joseph 0'NeiI 41 Kenilworth Road Both Boston College and Lowell Textile have captured "Ioe's" interest for further schooling. He enjoys golf and' skiing, and will never forget Mr. Kenney's drawing classes. Charles Onthank 59 Glenburn Road Charles, one of our A. H. S. radio men, hopes to con- tinue his education at Went- worth Institute, for engineer- ing holds a particular attrac- tion for him. Gloria Page 8 Exeter Street Honor Roll, Gilbert anal Sullivan Gloria will make someone a wonderful private secretary. The fun QD in Miss Binnig's shorthand class will always be one of her cherished memories of A. H. S. Donald Palmer 7 Jason Terrace "Duck," who plans to en- ter the trucking business, will never forget the fun with the "boys" in the lunch room. Swimming, hockey, and fish- ing are his favorite activities. Helene Paresky 66 Fisher Road Honor Roll, Debating Club, "Rec" Committee, Camera Club, Glee Club "Neue" will never forget dashing from Room 26 to lunch and up again to Room 32. Since she plans to be a medical secretary, Kathleen Dell's is her goal for next year. Page Fifty-nine ludy Parlove 28 Alfred Road Tennir, Bowling, Bareball, Basketball, Honor Roll B. U. is judy's choice for next year. She enjoys danc- bicycling and baseball. ing, Mr. Kenney's art class and Mr. Burke's economics class will never be forgotten. Carol Pasquina 15 Lincoln Street Rifle Club, Bowling, Swimming It's a nursing school for "Kay," who wants to become a R. N. Miss Krastin's Eng- lish class and the hockey and football games will. be among her cherished memories. Paula Pasquina 15 Lincoln Street Bowling, G. A. A. "Pasky's" future ambition is to attend Burdett to prepare for a business career. Miss Peck's English class and the football games will live long- est in her memory. Louise Peck 15 Medford Street Periclean Forum. Camera Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Mr. Kenney's art classes and Mr. Sexton's Algebra II class will always be remem- bered by "Shorty," who plans to attend B. U. to study teaching. Music is her favor- ite outside activity. Phyllis Perry 24 Clark Street "Pinky" is headed for Bur- dett to study stenography. She enjoys bowling and skating and will never forget Miss Binnig's Typing ll class. Elizabeth Phelps 5 Harrington Road, Lexington Bowling, Glee Club, Tennir, Camera Club, Basketball, Fine Arty Club "Betty" is planning to study costume designing at the Rhode Island School of Design. Flying, horseback riding and swimming are her favorite pastimes. She will always remember her junior year. Chester Phetteplace 51 Teel Street "Chet" goes for hunting in a big way. He plans to con- tinue his education at North- eastern and hopes to make en- gineering his vocation. He'll not soon forget the gang out- side the Old Hall. Patricia Phipps 25 Elder Terrace Tennix Mr. Johnson's class will long be remembered by "Pat." She plans to attend the Fisher Business School to pre- pare for a career. She partici- pated in the tennis team. Page Sixty Altaretta Pierce I6 Lafayette Street Chronicle. Honor Roll, Ten- nir. Botvling. Szwimmnzg "You can't forget in an of- fice" will bring back many memories for "Allie." She plans to he a stenographer and is keenly interested in ice skating. Dorothy Pierce 52 Kenilworth Road Dramatic Club. C. A. A.. Chronicle. Gilbert and Sulli- van. Year Book Commillee, Honor Rolf. OHice A.tri.rtunl, Girls' Club Vivacious "Dotty" plans to attend Bates College where her interest will be centered on advertising. Mr. Kroll's lab classes always will he among "Dotty's" memories. Her favorite sport is swim- ming. George Pike 28 Tanager Street George is headed for Wfentworth to study engineer- ing. He will never forget Miss Brown's English class and for outside activities he enjoys skating and swimming. Everett Potter 45 Westmorelantl Avenue Hockey. Foolball "Porky," interested in salesmanship, will attend Bos- ton University next year. A sports enthusiast, he will al- ways remember his three years of English. Avis Power 61 Henderson Street Chronicle, Honor Roll A valid enthusiast of pro- fessional hockey games, "Ave" plans to enter the secretarial world. She spends much of her extra time swimming and ice skating. Arthur Proulx 52 Huntington Road Arthur, a recent addition to A. H. S. from Belmont High, is undecided in regard to his future plans, but we wish him luck in whatever he decides upon. Iames Publicover 18 Radcliffe Road "jim," whose favorite ac- tivities are collecting stamps and coins, is going to enter Boston College to fulfill his ambition to enter the priest- hood. Emilio Puopolo 591 Appleton Street Perirlean Forum, Honor Roll Emilio would like to go to Harvard to further his edu- cation. Bowling is his idea of whiling away those extra min- utes. The corridor outside Room 34 will long be re- membered. Page Sixty-one 305' W I . Q .4 ' fi 41 Peter Quattrocchi 5 Lee Terrace "Pete," the "hello" man himself, is going to learn the fur trade. His favorite ac- tivities are all sports and his fondest memories include Mr. Kapff and Miss Wakeheltl. Richard Raia 129 Thorndike Street, Brookline Football, Barbetball, Baseball One of our star football players, "Richie" is keenly in- terested in basketball and baseball. He claims his fa- vorite activity is "scouting aroundf' For what? He will long remember Halloween Night, "1944." Virginia Rainville 124 Rawson Road Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee, Bad- minton, Honor Roll, Debating Club Active "Ginny," who en- joys roller skating at the Bal- a-Roue, is bound for Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. She claims that Mr. Sampson's classes will be long remem- bered. Colin Ramsay 19 Park Avenue Extension Ar Northeastern "Colie" plans to major in chemical engineering. He is a close follower of the Red Sox. Mr. Miller's labs and the explod- ing test tubes will be merry memories for "Colie." lames I. Rawding 22 Hutchinson Road Ski Club "Rabbit" plans to enter Babson College. His favorite outside activity is skiing, in which he excels. Mr. Burke's fifth period economics class will be long remembered. Dorothy Redman 15 Russell Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Honor Roll, Glee Club, Latin Club "Dottie," our Latin schol- ar, plans to attend Radcliffe. Baseball is her favorite sport. Mr. Eaton's math class will long be remembered by her. Patricia Reed 156 Pleasant Street "Patsy" plans to attend Lasell. The "Rec" will long be remembered by her. Danc- ing is her favorite pastime. Lillian Reese 46 Rawson Road Honor Roll, Student Council, Cbronicle, G. A. A. "Lil" enioyecl all her classes at Arlington High and plans to bring fame to her Alma Mater at Lasell. She will always remember her teach- ers at A. H. S. Page Sixty-two james Regan 15 Hollis Street, Cambridge Sturlent Council. Chronicle "jim" plans to make the Navy his career. He'll never forget the fun he had in Mr. Kroll's chemistry class. Catherine Reinold 84 Tufts Street "Kay" enjoys bowling. Mr. Wallace's Business Organiza- tion was her favorite in high school. A line career in home decorating is being planned by "Kay." George D. Reynolds 53 Wfindsor Street Rifle Club, Stamp Club. Honor Roll, Track "Red" plans to attend Wentwortlm Institute. He en- joys attending the movies and the Rifle Club. His receiving all B's on his report card is his cherished memory of high school. George F. Reynolds 24 Summer Street Hockey. Barebull After graduation George is looking forward to attending Northeastern to study engi- neering. George's greatest outside pleasure comes in the form of sports such as hock- ey, baseball and basketball. Phyllis Reynolds 6 Newton Road G. A. A. "Phyl" is going to the Kathleen Dell School. Mr. Russell's music class always was a pleasure to her. Skat- ing is her favorite sport. Beniamin Rhodes 102 Gloucester Street Quiet "Ben," who enjoys football, hockey, and swim- ming, is bound for Boston University. lohn Rhodes 102 Gloucester Street Ski Club. Periclean Forum, Golf Club "jack" is bound for Har- vard where he plans to study medicine. Miss Peck's Eng- lish class will always linger in his memory. Renxo Ricciuti 71 Mary Street A. Y. A. Harvard is the calling of "Rex." The weekly tests al- ways will be remembered by "Rex." Sports have an attrac- tion for him along with the A. Y. A. Page Sixty-three Robert Rice 81 jason Street Honor Roll, Ch7'0lIlL'lL'. Gil- bert and .S'ulliz'ar1, Dramatic Club With no definite future plans, "Ricey" states that he will never forget Mr, Petra- lia's liberal translations or the gang at "Scanlan's"! Kenneth Richards 10 Gray Circle Chronicle, Dramatic Club, HtIl'k8-J' Team Dartmouth is "Red Lights" goal. He wishes to enter the field of architecture. Hockey, dancing, and swimming cap- ture his iriterest, and also Miss O'Connell's English lV class. Barbara Richardson 69 Btand Street Barbelball "Richie" likes skating, bowling, and dancing and is still undecided about her fu- ture. The wonderful gang she mer will probably linger long- est in her memory. Royden Richardson 16 Pondview Road Roy plans to attend B. U. Miss Conway's history class was his favorite in high school. He is an enthusiastic fan of ice skating. Nancy Richmond 24 Wootlland Street Glee Club. Gilbert arm' Sulli- ran. Cbrmzicle. Debating Club, Guidance Ojfce Arrirt- ant, Year Book Committee, Dramatic Club "Nan" plans to go to col- lege to study journalism. She will never forget the fun she had in Mr. Sampson's biology class in her junior year. Elinor Rietzel 204 Park Avenue "Monkey" plans to further her education at jackson to become a biological chemist. We hope that she'll have time to do some roller skat- ing with this heavy schedule. Barbara Ann Riley 591 Concord Turnpike Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan Maybe while vocalizing, "Irish" will remember the de- bates in Room l5A. and the fun she had roller skating and making banana royals. loan Riley 69 Fountain Road Fielil Hockey Captain, G. A. A. Board Member Joan, our field hockey cap- tain, and one of the more active members of the G. A. A. board, claims that she will always remember the fun she had at the Junior Prom and at the field hockey games. Page S ixty- I our Donald Ryan 51 Westminster Avenue Hockey. Baseball "Don" will continue his sports and studies at prep school. Miss Manning's Oral English class and the hockey games will live long in his memories of A. H. S. Robert Roy 16 Chandler Street "Bob" hasn't decided which business school he wants to attend yet. He'll always re- member his iunior U. S. His- tory with Mr. Johnson. Ruth Roche 56 Mystic Street "Ruthie" plans to train ac Burdett Business School be- fore entering into the busi- ness world. We hope she will still have time for her favor- ite activities-bowling and dancing. Lawrence Roche 40 Windsor Street Mr. Kenney's and Mr. Wal- lace's classes will. be long re- membered by "I.arry" who is headed for the business world. Donald Roche 18 School Street Honor Roll, Camera Club After further study at Harvard "Don" plans to be- come a personnel manager. Photography is one of his fa- vorite hobbies. Have you a picture of Miss Rounds and the wastebasket? Marjorie lean Robinson 29 Bartlett Avenue Rifle Club, A. Y. A. "Margie" will long remem- ber the time that she was caught playing cards in the clinic. Good luck in your ambition to become a dental hygienist at Forsythe Dental School! Camille Roberto 86 Thorndike Street Honor Roll, Glee Club Lucky Camille has a secre- tarial job waiting for her af- ter graduation right here in Arlington. We hope she will contribute some of her musi- cal talent to the community. Barbara Rivers 126 Sunset Road "Sis," who enjoys ice skat- ing, will always remember Mr. Burke's Economics and Law class in her senior year. Although "Sis" has not yet decided what business she will enter, we know she will suc- ceed in life. Page Sixty-bw 1 1 19.51 Everett Ryan 46 Peter Tufts Road For "T. B." it's a P. G., so he can still enjoy foot- ball, swimming and visiting "Kitty" and "Mopey." Warren Ryan 20 Webcowet Road Debating Club Warren plans to grace the halls of Boston College. We're sure his Debating Club ex- perience will help him. Helen Sahagian 15 Dartmouth Street G. A. A., Periclean Forum Helen plans to attend Bentley's to study accounting. She will always remember Mr. Burke's economics class, Richard Sanborn 1227 Massachusetts Avenue Richard has not yet de- cided on his plans for the future. His favorite outside activity is following sports. He will always remember the "swell time" he had at A. H. S. lohn Santuosso 70 Webster Street "Johnny," who enjoys bowling and baseball, intends to enter the grocery business after graduation. Mary Sapuppo 433 Appleton Street Swimming, Bowling Mary plans to become a comptometer operator for Felton and Taron. Her out- side activities include swim- ming and dancing as tops. She will never forget Mr. Wallace's sixth period Busi- ness Organization class. Mary Sarltisian 20 Fairmont Street Barketball "Mimi's" ambition is to become a secretary. She will never forget Miss Binnig's Stenography I class. Bowling takes up much of her spare time. May Saulnier 42 Silk Street "Mazie" would like to en- ter the field of nursing. Her favorite outside activities are dancing, bowling, and skating. How could she forget her all- boy English classes in her junior and senior years? Page Sixty-.fix Albert Saunders 28 Melrose Street Football, Gilbert and Sullivan Quiet and friendly "Al" would' like to be an electri- cian. He enjoys ice skating and roller skating. His long- est memory of A. H. S. will be the math class in Room 53. Patricia Saville 418 Massachusetts Avenue "Pat's" ambition is to be- come a secretary. She enjoys spending her spare time bowling and roller skating. She will remember the hock- ey and football games and the fun she had in the lunch room as the highlights of her high school career. Nancy Scalese 14 Varnum Street Nancy is undecided about her plans after graduation. Movies take up much of her time. She will always remem- ber her first day at high school and how quickly the time has passed. Filornena Scalfati 22 Surry Road Glee Club, A. Y. A. "Phyllis" plans to take up secretarial work at Burdett. Dancing and classical music win her vote for favorite ac- tivities. She will always re- member Miss O'Connell and Mr. Downs. Thomas Scanlan 90 Jason Street Honor Roll, Football Mana- ger, Cbronicle, Dramatic Club "Tom," who enjoys sports, will be at Boston College next year. He will always re- member the mad dash for school at 8:14 every morn- ing and the crowd at "Sam's" after school. Edward Sclrlaich 20 Benjamin Road "Ed" wants to attend Tufts, but is willing to go wherever he can get in. Sports, especially baseball, take up much of his leisure hours. Mary Seaver 119 Ronald Road Glee Club, Orchestra, President of "Rec" Mary plans to become a nurse and to study at St. Margaret's Hospital. She en- joys softball and ice skating. Mr. Warner's math class will long be remembered by her. Eileen Sennofr 79 jason Street Eileen plans to attend Framingham Teacher's Col- lege to study dietetics. Swim- ming is her favorite outside sport. Eileen's cooking classes will remain as her fondest memories of high school. Page Sixty-seven Mary Elizabeth Sexton 77 Allen Street Glee Club, Cbronicle, Year Book Committee, Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Peri- clean Forum, Honor Roll "Sis" plans to attend Rad- cliffe next year. She'll never forget the hockey games or Miss Wardell. She spends her spare time dancing and toot- ing for the Red Sox. lanice Shogren 15 Dorothy Road Orcbertra, Periclean Forum, Rifle Club, G. A. A., Ski Club "Jan" wants to go to Massachusetts Art because she likes to draw and paint. Out- side of school she likes to swim, roller skate, ski, dance, and play the violin. She will remember longest Music I and II classes. Carl Short 16 Martin Street "Red" intends to go into the manufacturing business after graduation. Hunting and' fishing are his main out- side interests. Anna Silva 75 Winter Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Giee Club, G. A. A. "Red" hopes to go to Chamberlain to become a purchasing agent. She enjoys ice skating and will remem- ber the "swell times" she had taking part in The Mikado and Pinafore. Christine Silveira 38 Rawson Road Honor Roll, G. A. A., "Rec" Committee, Hockey Team, Glee Club, Year Book Com- mittee, Dramatic Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan "Chris" intends to teach high school mathematics via Bridgewater. Her favorite ac- tivities are ice skating, danc- ing, and tennis. The hockey games and the bus trip to Lynn Classical will linger in her memory. Wonder why? loan Simpson 18 Pilgrim Road Joan plans to be an airline secretary. She will never forget the football games and Mr. Sampson's Math II class. lacob Skenian 159 Gloucester Street "Jake" plans to go to Tufts to study engineering. His spare time is spent play- ing football and' hockey. He will remember longest Mt. Warner's math classes and lunch with Joe Barbagallo. Marion Slattery 1125 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Basketball, "Rec" Committee, Editor of Year Book, Girlr' Club "Slats," one of our smart- est and most personable girls, hopes to enter Simmons Col- lege for training in dietetics. She will never forget Gilbert and Sullivan directed by "L. Hasslerf' Page Sixty-eigbt Clifford Smillie 29 Gloucester Street "Buddy" wants to go into the wholesale candy business. Hunting and swimming take up much of his outside time. He'll always remember Mr. Kroll's explosions. Maxwell Smith 6 Brookdale Road Maxwell, who enjoys bowl- ing and dancing outside of school, will further his edu- cation at a business college. He will never forget Miss O'Connell's English Ill class or his Problems in Democracy class. Richard Smith 67 Dow Avenue "Dick" has no definite plans for the future, but en- joys bowling. He will never forget Mr. Arthur and his printing class. Rose Marie Stlcchi 7 Prentiss Road Bowling "Stachie," who has no defi- nite plans for the future, en- joys roller skating and danc- will never forget ing. She her junior year. Richard Stahl 558 Summer Street "Dick" wants to study commercial art. He enjoys bowling and will long re- member Mr. Cavalieri's math class. loyce Stanton 61 Freeman Street "Joy," who enjoys bowl- ing, tennis, and horseback riding, will long remember Miss O'Connell's second pe- riod English II class. Sally Staudinger 19 Pine Avenue Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan Sally, our "angel of mer- cy," enjoys tennis and read- ing. She will never forget Mr. Eaton's remarks. Virginia Steed 57 Dorothy Road Cheer Leader, G. A. A., Swimming, Chronicle "jinny's" interests are cen- tered around' interior decorat- ing. She plans to attend col- lege in New York. She will always remember the football games during her junior and senior years. Page S ixty-nine William Stephens 67 North Union Street Basketball, Honor Roll, Ping Pong Mr. Kenney's sharp bow ties and art classes will live long in "Bill's" memory. Af- ter graduation he is headed for the U. S. Navy. Barbara Stevens 90 Brantwood Road Honor Roll, G. A. A., Ten- nis, Baxketball, Debating Club, Year Book Committee, junior Prom Committee, Girls' Club Popular "Barb" hopes to attend Bates College after graduation from A. H. S. Her favorite outside activities are swimming and dancing. She will remember her iunior year and her math classes with Mr. Warner as highlights of A. H. S. days. Robert Stevens 91 Beacon Street Hockey Out athletic "Bob" is headed for Brewster Acad- emy to enter the steamship business. He will never for- get those midnight trips to the Skating Club. M. lean Stout 8 Eastern Avenue Jean looks forward to be- coming a secretary. Outside activities of hers are horse- back riding, roller skating, and bowling. Miss Binnig's Typing II class will remain in her memory longest. Page S Barbara lean Strong 69 Sunset Road Glee Club, G. A. A., Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Basketball, Bowling Attractive "Barb" will al- ways remember getting Mr. Kroll's lunch in her junior year. We know she will be- come a cheerful and capable nurse at Lawrence Memorial. Mary Struthers 35 Lewis Avenue "Midge" will always re- member Mr. Johnson's his- tory class and sophomore gym. We know she will be success- ful as an airline stewatdess after attending Mt. Ida. Robert Strurhers 35 Lewis Avenue Honor Roll Athletic "Bob" will long remember Mr. Arthur's print- ing class and Mt. Kroll's ex- plosions. Richard Sullivan 57 Brattle Street Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Periclean Forum, Cbronicle, Golf "Sully" has ambitions to study engineering at Tufts. Miss Wakefleld's history class will long remain in the mind of this golf lover. eventy Robert Sullivan 51 Webster Street "Sull" enjoys baseball and basketball very much. Miss WakeHeld's history class will long remain in his memory. Ray Sweeny 166 Lake Street Hockey Team "Gook," who will always remember Mr. Arthur's aero- nautics course, and who shall be remembered as the lead- er of the "Gooks," is plan- ning ro attend Boston College. Marjorie Swift 15 Murray Street "Rec" Committee Vice-Prep ident, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Chronicle, Year Book Committee Next year will find "Mid- gie" at Bridgewater State Teachers' College. Mr. Barb- er's math class will remain longest in her memory. Elsie Tartarini 173 Mystic Street Elsie will always remember Miss Binnig's shorthand class and the samples she took from Miss Arrand's cooking class. She enjoys bowling, dancing, and skating. Anita Taylor 91 School Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Year Book Com- mittee, Girly' Club Brilliant, amiable "Nita" will attend Simmons to pre- pare to become a chemical li- brarian. Her senior math classes will ever be upper- most in her A. H. S. mem- ories. Success in the future, "Nita"! Katherine Tessier 61 Adams Street Honor Roll, Tennis, Secre- tary of G. A. A., Year Book Committee, Field Hockey "Kay" plans to attend Katharine Gibbs. As her fa- vorite pastime she enjoys dancing. ln her memory she will longest remember her junior year and the class of '47 Barbara Thorpe 19 Lakehill Avenue "Barb's" sophomore home- room will be her outstanding memory of A. H. S. She en- joys bowling and dancing and plans to attend a business school. lames Tierney 41 Alton Street "Brud" says his friendly chats with Mr. Morrill will long remain in his memory. Page Seventy-one Ruth Timmons 40 Mary Street G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Tenuir, Cbronicle, Ski Club, "Rec" Committee With memories of the li- brary and Chronicle delivery, "Ruthie" is bound for Cham- berlain to enter the fashion and merchandising field. She enjoys ice skating and danc- ing. Virginia Todd 211 Washington Street Honor Rall, Gilbert and Sul- livan, Ski Club, Art Club. Cbronicle Popular "Ginny" will al- ways remember Mr. Samp- son's math and biolovv classes. She will be a com- mercial letterer after studying at Massachusetts Art. Audrey Trainor 19 Rhinecliff Street Dramatic Club Headed for Burdett to be- come a medical secretary, "Aud," who enjoys bowling and dancing, will recall her Latin classes, Junior Prom, and Mr. Sampson's biology lectures. Henry Traynor 206 Highland Avenue Dramatic Club "Hank" will long remem- ber his friends at Arlington High and his work with the Dramatic Club. joseph Tremblay 48 Fairmont Street Honor Roll Mr. Kroll's explosions in chemistry class will long re- main a memory of A. H. S. to "joe," who Wants to go to Massachusetts Trade School. We hope you keep up your sports, and good luck! Loraine L. Tucker 19 Belknap Street Vice-Prerident of Senior Clarr. Honor Roll, Student Council Secretary, Clan Barketball, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, G. A. A., Rifle Club, Art Club Loraine, our popular vice- president, hopes to attend R. I. School of Design. She will never forget the fun and "mixups" she had through the Student Council. Clyde Tuff 70 Magnolia Street Gilbert and Sullivan Clyde wants to take a Civil Engineering Course at North- eastern. He says he will long remember the fact that he didn't study enough at Arl- ington High. lames Viall 7 Parallel Street "Sonny" has no definite plans for the future as yet. He likes football and baseball and says he'll never forget Mr. Arthur's printing class. Page Seventy-two Marjorie Viano 200 Pleasant Street Honor Roll, Manager of Field Hockey, Tennir Squad, G. A. A,. Basketball Squad, Debating Club Popular "Margie" plans to attend Jackson College. Danc- ing and ice skating are her favorite outside interests. She will never forget the many good friends and good times she had at A. H. S. Kathleen Walker 49 Grafton Street Glee Club "Kay" loves football games but probably won't find much time for them at Massachu- setts General Hospital where she p.lans to train for a nurs- ing career. "Kay's" longest memory of A. H. S. will be Mr. Miller's "calm" delight in making big noises. Richard Wall 17 Grove Street Place Versatile "Dick" is still undecided about which col- lege to attend' but we wish him all the luck in the world! Adella Wallace 1378 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club, Honor Roll, Basketball, Office Afxiftant "Del" hopes to attend Rad- cliffe to take up teaching. She likes best the football games and will always re- member Mr. Eaton's fun- packed math classes. layne Walworth 34 Fairview Avenue Prerident of Student Council, G. A. A., Field Hockey. Softball Popular Jayne wants to at- tend Boston University to be- come a medical secretary. Her favorite activity is swimming, and Jayne will never forget her junior year. Lloyd Weeks 19 Lafayette Street Sports-minded "Windy" plans to go to Wentworth' to become an architect. "Win- dy's" longest reminder of A. H. S. will be the time he spent in the sophomore build- ing. Dorothy Marie Welch 155 Warren Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Bowling "Dotty" likes A. H. S. very much, even if she came here in her senior year. She plans to go to Chamberlain and hopes to be a buyer in a large store. Best of luck, "Dotty," and keep up the bowling! Leonard Welch 1281 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll "Lenny" hnds drafting a very interesting and profitable business. His favorite sport is hockey. He will have a hard time forgetting the good marks UD he made at A. H. S. Page S ezfenty-three Alan Wells I5 Glen Avenue "Al," who will rise in the musical. world. enjoys spend- ing his time playing with semi-professional bands. Best of luck, "Al"! Paul Wilkins Ski Club, Debating Club When Paul is studying to be an aeronautical engineer at M. I. T., he will always re- call Mr. Warner's math classes and Mr. Miller's good hu- mor. Marion Wyman 55 Bay State Road G. A. A.. Glen' Club, Gilbert mul Sllllllklll. "Ref Cllllllllll- fee, Periclcun Fm'um. Rifle Club, fil7fI1IIll'lL' Our second "Annie Oak- ley," who is "shooting" for Salem Teachers' College, en- joys the Riile Club and swim- ming. She will always re- member that Mr. Cavalieri never reported her gum chewing. Harry William Yeo 6,5 lflliot Road Crrm' CUIHIH'-l'. 'limclq Debating Club "Bumps," who will long remember running with the track at the Boston Gardens and his wonderful coach, "Doc" McCarty, aims high fwest Point! He loves to hunt, iish and go camping. Constance Young 23 Cedar Avenue I7r'un1utic Club, Gilbert mul Sllllllklfl Fun-loving "Connie," who loves to work with little chil- dren, will attend Bridgewater State to become a teacher. She will never forget het sophomore year or Mr. Kapff's math class. Sarkis Zarfarian 66 Richfield Road Hmmr Rall, Orcbeirlm. Rifle Club, l'er'icleav1 Fm'um. 'lrarif "Sark" is trying to decide between M, l. T., where he will study engineering, and Harvard, where he will take up law. He will long remem- ber his trips in and out of Mr. lNliller's Chem A class. Betty Zinck 1-is Scituate Street Ilnzmr Rnll, Drauzalic Club. Cf. A. A., Dubuliug Club, Year Hank Cnmmillee. Siu- flenr Council, Cfillwrt mul Sulliruzl, SH Club. Cfir'l.r' Club Betty, who enjoys swim- ming and dates with a cer- tain A. H. S. fellow, plans to attend Bates next year. How could she forget Mr. Kapff's math classes! Ralph Zwicker 217 Wfaverly Street Ralph, fond of swimming and football, will always re- member the good times he had in the machine shop. He plans to continue automotive work. Page SUI'L'Ilf-1'-flillf john S. Amorin 104 Rawson Road "junior" would like to be a service manager, but says he will remember A. H. S. as the best years of his life, Best of luck, "-junior"l Clifford Blood 41 Bailey Road A recent addition to Arl- ington High, "Capt.," intends to further his education at Boston University after grad- uation. Betty Bruno 59 Menotomy Road Honor Roll, Bowling "Betty" is going to Mt. Ida where she will become an air stewardess. She will always remember the fun she had in the lunch room and at the football games. Skating and bowling are tops with her. Anna Caramanis 115 Lake Street Anna hopes to make office work her career because she enjoys it so much. She will always recall Mr. Fusco's third period Problems of De- mocracy class. Her favorite pastimes are tennis and danc- ing. Pauline Katherine McCarthy 15 Exeter Street "Polly," an ardent skater and dancer, has not yet de- cided what she will do. She will remember for a long time Miss Arrand's cooking class and working in the of- fice. Thomas - Coughlin 59 Winter Street "Tom" is going to Mass. State to study agriculture. Baseball seems to take up most of his time in the sum- mer, and he's quite good at it, too. Anne Dorion 138 Gray Street Chronicle Anne likes to go dancing with the favored sex. Larson Junior College is to be her alma mater. She will never forget appointments in Mr. Morrill's ollice. john Egan 111 Warren Street Basketball, Bareball Our rapid Holy Cross fan, "Kaftan," hopes to make it his alma mater. He enjoys basketball and will long re- member the Suburban League games in this sport. Ann Hartung 152 Wachusett Avenue "Annie" hopes to fulfill her lifelong ambition of be- ing a secretary. She will long remember Miss O'Connell's sixth period class. Page Seventy-five jane Marion Hession 14 Palmer Street Jane, whose ambition is to study stenography at Bur- dett College, will always re- member the fun she had in her junior year. Her favorite pastimes are bowling, danc- ing, and skating. Mark Holloway 27 Harvard Street "Sherlock," whose name originated because of his pipe, likes hunting and camp- ing and plans to make radio his career. Among his school memories he'll never forget Mr. Danforth's blueprint reading class. jacquelyn Hunt 15 Morton Road Gilbert and Sullivan Club, Dramatic Club "Jackie,"' our new arrival from Fort Fairfield, Maine, is fast gaining popularity. She spends her spare time sing- ing- and riding, and will not soon forget the "many wons" or the wonderful friends she made. john jansen 83 North Road, Bedford "johnny" says he'll never forget missing school be- tween the 11th and 12th grades when he worked in the Radiation Lab at M. I. T. "Johnny" likes al.L sports and plans to be a meteorologist. Gerald Kiniry 17 Osborne Road C o-Captain . H ockey - Team "Bud," who has a promis- ing position as a mechanic, is especially fond of hockey and baseball. He will long remember the many hours spent after school with Mr. johnson. Rlehard Lanail 48 Oakland Avenue "Dick" is still. undecided about his career although he would like to enter aeronau- tics. Mr. Skinner's physics class will be longest in his memory. His favorite outside activities are hunting and camping. Robert Lee 55 Norcross Street Cbeu and Cbecker Club, Ping Pong "Bob," whose favorite ac- tivities include ping pong and football, is undecided as to his future. He will long re- member the two years he spent in Miss Harlow's home- room. lohn MacDonald 10 Marathon Street "Mac," whose favorite ac- tivities are swimming and bowling, is going to join the popular field of mechan- ics. He just naturally will re- member the classes in Mr. Ar- thur's shop. Norman MaeNaill 17 Revere Street "Mac," whose main outside activity is football, is enter- ing the field of electricity. He will never forget the many friends he made and people he met. Paulina Martin 158 Warren Street Ice skating and' watching football games are Paulina's means of relaxation. She is cozy about her future. Francis Melsaae 11 Morris Street "Hindy," a rabid sports fan, is headed for Boston College after graduation, hav- ing been interrupted by two years in the Marines. Richard Paul Morris 29 Winter Street "Rick" has all intentions of becoming a successful salesman. We certainly wish him complete success! Donald Murphy 10 Park Terrace "Don" enjoys sports and dancing very much. He would like to go to Boston College to prepare for a career in law. Slave Reid 11 Harvard Street Steve, who is interested' in photography, seems to have a mania for getting into trouble Cremember that per- fume?J and will never for- get Mr. Johnson's history class. He also enjoys playing pool with the boys. Charles Seannell, lr. 20 Glen Avenue "Bill' is undecided about his plans after high school, but he would like to enter some business. Sports of all kinds are enjoyed by him. Mr. Barber's Math III class will stand out in his memory long- est. Frank Seretro 130 Massachusetts Avenue Frank's future ambition is to become a mailman. In his spare time he collects coins. He'll never forget Miss Peck's last period English class. Page Seventy-:ix joseph Shea 42 Lakehill Avenue Co-Captain of Hockey Team Popular, athletic "Joe," who excels in hockey, is un- decided as to what he'll do after graduation. He will never forget the good times outside the Old Hall. Barbara Sheridan 10 Foster Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Chronicle "Barb," who has had some experience in modeling, would like to make it her career. She enjoys dancing and bowling. She will never for- get Miss Peck's generosity in her homework. Neal Toomey 11 Ronald Road Neal plans to attend Phar- macy College. Enjoying work in his home lab, he will al- ways remember Mr. Kroll's chemistry class. john Tremblay 48 Fairmont Street Honor Roll, Basketball, Hockey Baseball, basketball, and swimming hold "Twiny's" interest outside of school hours. Mr. Sandberger's class will always linger in his memory. Thomas Vineenr 6 Clark Street Hockey, Baseball "Tom," who greatly enjoys hockey, hopes to become a mason's helper. Long remem- bered will be his good times with "P. T." Mary Walsh 96 Milton Street Mr. Burke will always re- mind Marv of A. H. S. She plans to go to Burdett and we wish her all the luck in the world. Donald White 122 Claremont Avenue Ski Club "Don" is still undecided as to his future, but will always remember the many friends he made at Arlington High. His favorite activity outside Edward Wright 66 Lowell Street Fun-loving "Ed" is not sure of his future plans. His favorite outside activity is baseball. of school is skiing. Raymond Young 210 Wachusett Avenue "Ray" has spent his A. H. S. years in the radio shop. He is uncertain in regard to his future, but we wish him luck in anything he should happen to choose. Richard Zelinslti 97 Fairmont Street "Dick," who is bound for Dunwoody Institute, enjoys golf and drawing. He likes the outside view of the high school better than the inside, but he stayed to the triumphal end. Page S eventy-:even gi DVC 5801! CD 4 ll . V+ J . , 'ul W Q 'Mosf npupvlif' Q IQ: im! A X r. .7 u a M JM? nl lnfellgalf ual 0 Q N Ania - 'Mogf Ar-'l'l6TnC 'J 9 i x ,ff -1 'M eww - f a ' no we W - Mui' Aifracffvl Ge. -' jf? fHW . O O ' lkvv ik' o o 3? 350 O Q 551 Who's ho Q Q -Tdlesf ' if-1 J D B0 Girl . f-Q. 9' Q i t L:keh1'lL Sur-Accel 't n l R. Myers Bert All round J. Walworth Q JO v 1 N' J. Shea Mort Popular J. Walworth I W , 'wr R. Cavicke Best Actor J. Cody 1 .F A Nl qi-4. 5 M. Camarcla Mort Musical K. Flynn J 0 l J- ll J H D. Linck Mort lrtterllectztal D. Redman gl I, 7 K ' 1 T55 - R. Carmody Mort Athletic A. Harrington ll 53. ' t 1 l Wm-r' S. Zartarxan Mort Likely to Sacceetl L- TUCICCI ,I ,H 3 IJ . u"'4fm.lJF Q 1 P. Frankel Wittiert J. Holrld 1 ' 5. W. Ferrera Bert Dancer J. O'Neil 'LL m K .. l, W. Ryan Talleft M. Day ll Z C. Coombes Slaortext E. Kreem l 'll .K ' 'A -5' R. McEwen Moyt Attractive L. Reese l ,f P. Johnson Bert Drexsed J. Mirabello q4.a,3hl"'LX,6y414. F4-' J. Brooks Bert Orator J. Cody Cfzlj M + N X H. Ar1d6rSOI1 Mort Bztxineyslike J. Cody D C 5 Dsl I R. MCEWCH Most Baxbful S. Staudinger -Noir Atklelk A. Caldwell Mort Talkative A' Belangef ,i 11 4 T. Kelly Moyt Artistic V- Todd xt f Za ,, ...- 4 V T -Be-.3 All-round V .0-W' Qxxyx'Qm A mm B Q .U ' , 'EL 5 N N W-TW A k 9 A 4 T , " ' fr- '2 0 1 Q - fy xx 7 " Q3 f' "T si ,f ,K :. g'5B?',,7" J1odD' 2 F ORGGTTEN MEN 3 . M , 2 l"rmrl li'11u' lleft ln rightl: ll, 1':1l1lwell, G. Sh-phi-Ins, C, Dnllzlrlliv, R. i'zlvi4'lw, M. llunf. lfrlelr ,x'l7ll'f li. lloll, ll. Green, li. l"inlui1l, l'. VVilkins. Alas! Those poor, poor, forgotten men! They surely IHUSI he lullecl to sleep at night hy the sound of cash registers ringing in their ears. We should realize that if it were not for them we would have gone without food for three years. We should pity them, and apologize for tormenting them with hills. ln short, we should, anal tlo, show our appreciation for their untiring, gootl- naturetl lahors and thank them from the bottom of our hearts! Page Iiiylfty Activities YEAR BOOK I"ronf Rlill' tleft to right? : J, Cooledge, M. Nyberg, J. Lentino, M. Brennan, N. Richmond, M, Slattery K. Tessier, N. lirouyzhton, M. Swift, B, Zinck, A. Taylor. Svvonrl Now: N, Adams. J. Cody. D. .Pierce M. Sexton, J. Fuller, C, Coumbes. J. Hetherman, E. O'Connull, N. Barnard, P. Manley, N. Miller. Bm-I. Now: K. O'l5ri1-n, L. Tucker, K, Flynn, A. Kerner, R, Myers, V. Ruinville, B. Stevens, M. Viano, C Silveira. Page Eighly-two STUDENT COUNCIL Prefidenr, JAYNE WALWORTH Vice Prefidem, ROBERT LENNON Secremry, LORAINE T UCKER Frrmt lion' lleft to riizhtlz J. Fraser. L. Tucker. R. Lennon, J. Walwozth, K, Flynn. Srcrmd Rm:-: Mrs. Mollatt, C. Cadario, I.. Hart, B. Zinck, J. Regan, lVl, Carlson, l". Faulkner, L, Reese. Ifacl: lfmr: R. Roth, A. Patton, L. Clancy, A, Kenney, J. Hartley, C. Freni, R. Caldwi-ll. Our Student Council is founded on the basic principles of a democracy. It consists of a body of students who are elected by their classmates to serve as a representative link between the faculty and the students. It is comprised of ten seniors, six juniors and four sophomores who represent their classes, respec- tively and who elect the officers of the organization. The members this year have been working on problems for the improve- ment of school conditions, such as a better method of selling the Thanksgiving football tickets. Mr, Gammons has often consulted the Student Council and has been pleased with the resulting action. Everyone participates wholeheartedly in the discussions at the meetings which are held twice a month. The Student Council is a member of the Eastern Division of Student Councils of Massachusetts. Page Eighty-llvree "REC" COMMITTEE Prwidwzf, MARY Smvisiz Vice Prwidwzz, MARjouY Swim' SL'L'I'C'fr1Vj'. MA1uoN S1.A'1"1'isuY 'I ll'L'!lfC'7', Roisism' FoYif 4-gif' l"mnI Ifnu' tlefl. to riuhtl: Il, Martueci. M. Swift: M, Seaver, Presiili-nt: R. Foye. M. Slattery. C. Silvm-ri:u. V. 'l'odrl. S11-mul Now: Mr, .lohnson, E. Mahoney, .l. Ditnmrs. H. I'al's-sky. M, Brennan, J. Kiley, A, Ki-rm-r. .l. l'h:irlton, I". lflynn, li. Timmins, M. Wyman, lim-1: li'ou': J. Parlove, N. Giolnee, C. Coonilu-s, A, Muurvuiizxn. M. U'llu:iI'll. A, Jzucoluson. One of the most popular places with Arlington's younger set on Friday evenings is the Town Hall, where the weekly "Rec" dances are held with "Bill" Hamilton carrying on as maestro. Behind this organization is the Auxiliary Police Association, and they in turn receive assistance from the Junior "Rec" Committee. Consisting of seniors, juniors and sophomores, it is constantly in- creasing in size. Among the duties of its members are issuing and renewing tickets, and manning the "Coke" Bar. Page Eighly-follr ORCHESTRA Violimr: C. Andrikian, M. England, F. Fabry, B. Filling, F, Seaver, J. Shoyzren, S. Wallstrom, S. Zar- tarian. Cellos: T. Carlson, G. Cunningham, F. Florencourt. Basses: J. Crosby, M. Seaver. Flute: A. Foye. Clarinets: R. Hannah, K. Lincoln, W, Lowenhaupt. Saxophzme: R. Van Iderstine. Trumpets: J. Fullam, P, Guarenti, W. Hamilton. Horn: W. Johnson. Drums: W. McCurdy, W. Thomas. Piano: K. Flynn, J. Sweet. Pwnist: Jane Swett. Assimant I'ia' Katherine Flynn. Assemblies, plays, operettas, all A. H. S. functions, would be at a loss without the orchestra. You'll find them in the Old Hall Tuesdays and Fridays practicing away, and see the results of this practice when the Dramatic or Gil- bert and Sullivan Clubs present their yearly productions. Each year they carry off high honors at the State and New England Music Festivals, and we wish them the best of luck this Spring! Page Eigbly-five s X GI RLS' GLEE CLUB Prwidwzf MAIKION SLA'1"1'isRY Vita Prwidwzz, NANCY Rlc3HMoNn .S'ecremry. ANN MIENZKJIAN l"r1mf Ifnu' th-ft to riizhtl: N. McKenzie, A, Wallace, V. Todd, M. Slattery. N. Richmond, A. Men- zuiun, .l. Varlowv, A. Silva, C. Silveira, L, Berhorian, A. Belamzer, Mr, Russell. Serlrrvd Row: B. Abizaid, l'. Anifuntis. A, liivuti, G. Asrlikinn. C. liattis, N. Hmnard, R. Strong, H, Sheridan, F. Flynn. E. Mahoney, li. Chase, I., liridiri-rms, M. Wyman, H, Martucei. liaelr Ifmr: M. Sexton, P. Seulfati, S, Grant, A. Kerner, IS, Ste-V4-vis, V. Rainville. IC. Plwlps, C. Con-s, li. Clare, A. Gelnwtsky. E, Hahn. li. Mazzncczi. M. Seaver. The Arlington High School Girls' Glee Club is a very informal group which meets every Monday afternoon to sing many kinds of music. It con- zsists of about fifty girls, who come, regardless of talent, to sing with the rest. liach year the main objective of the club is to learn a few selected numbers to be sung at the State Music Festival, which is held in some town in Massachusetts. liach club's group singing is ranked on several things, and then those with the highest number of points are eligible to sing at the New England Music Festi- val. Arlington has had this honor many times, and the club hopes this year, as always, to do well. The girls sing popular as well as semi-classical music. Witli Mr. Russell acting as its able director, the club will continue to be one of 'the INOSI popular in the high school. Page Iiightj-.tix DRAMATIC CLUB President, RICHARD CAVICKE Vice President, JANE CODY Secretary, NANCY ADAMS Treasurer, GLENN BARBER Front Hou' lleft to riichllz D. M1iran'an, V. Todd, Miss Hm'rii.'an, Miss Mann'n!. J, Cady, G. l4'u'l:ui', R. Cavicke, N, Adams, Mrs. Matthews, A. Kerner, D. Chvstaro, E. Cart-ll:-x. Svvsnzl lt'ou': C. Younir, C. Colby, J, Parlove, M. Swift, J. O'Neill, R. Sullivan, S. Javian, C. Coombes, W. Yoo, H. 'l'x'ainer, Ii. Strong, J. Calley, li. Chase. Ii. Kelley, N. Richmond. l.url.' Now: K. Richzxrds, D. Howard, J. He herman. l'. Javian, N. Gray, R. Duncan, B, Zinck, D. Green, A, McDonough, R. Rice, A. 'l'aylox', R. Tirnrninus, M, Viuno, IJ. Pierce. I'. Wilkins, C. Borgstrum, 'l'. Scanlon. Our Dramatic Club is always one of our most popular organizations. Under the direction of Mrs. Helen F. Matthews, it always has an exciting year. Last year, the club presented, "A Date With Judy," a hilarious three-act comedy, by Aleen Leslie. The members of our class chosen to take part were jane Cody, Dolores Chestaro, Perouz javian, Richard Cavicke and Crawford Coombes. Crawford later had to drop out of the cast because of illness. The 'young actors were ably coached by Mrs. Matthews, Miss Lena Manning and Miss Christine Norwood. Also, last year, the club presented, "The Kiss in Colin's Eyes" at the Mass- achusetts State Festival, winning top honors at Newburyport, where the Festival was held. It was then chosen to participate in the New England Festival, which was held in Connecticut. This year the club is presenting "Tomorrow the World', by Gow and d'Usseau on February 21. All important to its cast are jane Cody, Crawford Coombes and William Yeo. Page Eighty-.fez"er1 GILBERT AND SULLIVAN CLUB Preridwzz. MATTHEW CAMARDA Sei-remry. Doius COWAN I",-mfr Hou' llc-ft. to riprhtl: R, Kilcoyne, G. Fuller, D, Garland, J. I"ord, l'. Johnson, C. Borgstrom. Swrmul lfow: G. l'age-, .l, l'ai'love, N. Richmond, V. Toildg C. Sandler, Pianist: 0. Swenson, Vice Presi- ili-ntg M. Carnmtla, l'ri-siilt-nt: A. Silva, I.ihrzu'inn: IJ, Cowan, Secretary: A. lin-lxn1.rel', C. Silveru, M. Slattery, 'l'hir:I Ifuu-: Mr. ldinziiz, A. Livoli, I.. Mazoera. A. Asszxnti, li. Holden, E. Hahn, A, Gelowski, l-I. Vollins, ll. Zine, D. Ri-dnmn. lt. Dum-un, U, Clare, .l. Swift. .I. 0'Nit-I, N, Gray, R. Timmins, Il. Sll'4lllLC', N. lizu'n'ii'il, li. Clmsi-. liufl: lfuir: S. Stauclimrer, lr, l'i-ck, M. Malvwzonex, C. Youmr, l'. Anifuntis, l'. Cailario, M. Wyman, E, Mahoney, R. Rice, A. K4-rm-r, Il. l'it-ree. J. Cullvy, A, Wulluee, C. Colby, li. Healy, A. llzill. ll. Mill'fllK't'l. A highlight of every Arlington High School year is the Gilbert and Sul- livan Club operetta. This organization is one of the largest and most popular in the school. Under the direction of L. Hassler Einzig, without whose musical knowledge, and patience, the club would be at a total loss, they intend this year to produce "The Gondoliersn, a rollicking marital mix-up. Though a tre- mendous amount of work is involved, the fun which accompanies every show more than repays the cast. Paige Ifighli'-ciglwl CHRONICLE Editor, KATHLEEN KIRSCHBAUM Adwrers, MR. CAMPBELL MR. IRISH Front Row Qleft to right? : J. Hefron, R. MacDouyraI, A. Hughes, C. Coombes, R, Caldwell, D. Greene, J. Regan. Second Row: D. Pierce, H, Anderson, J. Creedon, J. Ditmars, M, Lundquist, A. Foster, M. Brennan, J. Cooledize, M. Nyberg, A. Jacobson, D, Drinan, N. Richmond. Third Row: M. Wyman, A. Kasparian, V. Steed, M. Swift, C. Concannan, A. Power, D. Howard, J, Hetherman, A. Kerner, V. Todd, N. Gray, M. Craig, J. Parlove, N. Adams, Mr. Irish. Back Row: K. Richards, L. Reese, J. Cody. A. Pierce, B. Duncan, J, Lentino, C. McElarney, R. Rice, J, Flentje, E. Aiken, P, Colucci, R. Timmins, J. Callcy, T. Scanlan. The Chronicle, one of the largest and most popular organizations of the school, needs no introduction. It is published once a month throughout the year. The vast scope of news includes school events, athletics, fashions, gossip, and many other articles of interest. Within the past few years the circulation has been steadily increasing and this year it is at its peak. Kathleen Kirschbaum, our capable editor, and her regular staff are re- sponsible for this year's successful editions. Much credit is also due to Mr. Walden Irish and Mr. Charles Campbell, the faculty advisers. Page Eighzynirze LATIN CLUB President, RICHARD MYERS Vice President, MARY LOUISE KEEFE Secretary, DOROTHY REDMAN Front limi' H1-ft to rightl Z R, Myi-rs, L. Tucker, K. Flynn, M. Slattery, D. Rounds, M. KL-efe, D. Redman. Tredecim Fortunati, a club consisting of the fourth year Latin class, is one of the most unusual and enjoyable clubs of the school. The purpose is to further interest and knowledge of the private lives of the Romans, their cus- toms, and their ways of living. As many practical demonstrations as possible are introduced, including the toga, the sacrifices, and games. These are illus- trated more completely by trips to museums where the club has the opportunity to see the objects which the Romans actually used such as their jewelry, their seals, their funeral vases, and dishes and even their beds and chairs. The Pompeian room with its original wall painting gives a remarkably vivid idea of their homes. This interest led to the special study of the year, the study of the Roman hotgse, a project which was found most interesting by all. In addition the members plan to participate in an authentic Roman banquet this june. The meetings are held on the last Friday of every month under the able guidance of Miss Dorothy Rounds, who attended, this past summer, the first session of the American Academy in Rome since the war. Page Ninety FINE ARTS Front Iffill' lleft to rightb: L. 'l'uclce1', D, Sullivan, J. Parlove, J. Shrirren, ll, Ablzaid, M. Burke, Mr. Kenney, V. 'l'od'l. L. IR-ek, S. Guwans, FI. Ellis, D. Pierce. Ser-ami Now: B. Flemmimx, N. MacKenzie, .l. Galley, E. Mahoney, lVl. Lumlquist, B, Phelps, J. O'Neil, J. O'Neilf, K, Crawford, P. Kelley, l'. Reed, .l. Ezuliu, H. lVlarlucci. Ifurl: Noir: A. Kusparian, R. Stahl, L, Roche W. Stephens, 'l'. Kelley, H. Yen, M. Robinson. Under the capable supervision of Mr. Kenney, A. H. S. provides for its artists by the Fine Arts Club. Whether their interest in art lies merely in 21 hobby, or preparation for a profession, through this group they find an oppor- tunity for creative expression and special concentration. Page Nizzezy-one DEBATING CLUB President, JANE CODY Vice President, SETO JAVIAN Treasurer, WARREN RYAN Secretary, JOAN COOLEDGE l"r:n:I Hou' lla-ft to rightl: M. Cassidy, N, Adams, B. Abizaitl, W. Ryan, J. Cooledyre, J. Cody, S. Jitviun. N. Richmond, A, Derby, .l. Shuptren, E. Mahoney. Sw-o'mi Huw: C. Coomlu-s, I". Dalton, M. Viuno, N. Kvutimr, M. Keele, J. Lentino, li. Su-vc-ns, ll, Zinck, M. Swift. lfrlvlr Nutr: M, Crowley, J. Hethvrman, II. lfoluy, R. Sullivan, J. But-shn, P. Wilkins, D. Howard. Fiery debates and even more heated tebuttals rocked Room 69 on Thursday afternoons, as the Debating Club attempted to solve the problems of a chaotic world. Delving avidly into topics of such diversified fields as politics, eco- nomics, medicine, education, and labor, each debator attempted to outwit his opponents and persuade the audience to his new point. The club extends many thanks to Mr. Sexton, the faculty adviser, who willingly gave so much of his time to help the club. The club also thanks Mr. Petralia who, although he could not be adviser this year because of a heavy program, took such an interest in the club. Page Nirlety-Iwo PERICLEAN FORUM Preiidenr, ELEANOR MAHONEY Secretary, HELEN MARTUCCI Treazmrer, DONALD GREEN Front Rou' lleft to rightl: R. Caldwell, F. Dalton, M. Pelletier, A, Derby, D. Green, E. Mahoney, H. Martucci, Miss Wakefield, S. Javian, P. Kelly, J. Shugren, J. Hotherman. Second How: S. Zartarian, L. Puck, li. Kelly, J. Leave, J. Cody, A, Kerner, M. Sexton, B. Johnson, M, Wyman, C. Coombes. Baal: Row: R. Sullivan, P. Wilkins, H. Anderson. J. Hartley. E, Pupulu, N. Morrison, D. Howard. One of the most active clubs in A. H. S. is the Periclean Forum. Every other Wednesday afternoon twenty to thirty students Hock to the library to participate in an active discussion on current world affairs. The meetings are kept in order by the ruling hand of the President, Eleanor Mahoney. The highlight of the club's activities is the invitation to participate in the "junior Town Meeting of The Air" radio program. Miss Wakeheld, the club's able faculty adviser, aids in seeing to it that each meeting is a successful one. The Periclean Forum is the club that is climbing the stairs in popularity among the students who wish to participate in some outside activity. Page Ninety-three CAMERA CLUB Preridenz, BARBARA KELLY Vice Prerident, GEORGE BENDA Secretary, BARBARA ABIZAID Trermrrer, ADELE DERBY Adrfirer, MR. PETRALIA l"rm1t Row Ht-ft to rightl: li. Abt-zaid, G. Benda, B. Kelly, A. Derby, N. Adams. Back 11010: K. Aimo, li. Fountain, E. Donnelly, D. Roche, D. Lundquist, 'l'. Loftus. The Camera Club, which is under the skillful moderation of Mr. Petralia, is one of the newest clubs in Arlington High School. Intending to accomplish a two-fold purpose, the club proposes to teach the essentials of photography and geventually to make pictorial records of school events which would prove of interest to the student body. The club has available its own darkroom next to the Chemistry Lab and so far as possible, does all its own work. At the meetings, methods of picture taking and processing, choice equip- ment and chemicals, and the general principles and technique of photography are discussed. The club, although the membership is limited, is becoming one of the most ,popular of the clubs which we, the graduating class hope will continue for years to come. Page Ninety-four Sports U' 11 AN ,l 1253. . I-'I-:mr liuu' th-I't tu riprlmtlz R. l'm-u'x'y, N. l":u'riny:tun, li. Alnizaixl, lfl, Rucrulln., li, Flynn. Sf-1-und lfnu' Mr, Russ:-ll, M, Nnlnn. C. Szxnrllm-V, W. Davim-s, R. 'l'remlxl:ay, li. l'illin1.:. R. Van IllL'l'S1lll0. R, Fuye. R. l'hil- larivk, R. liuvlcwl-ll, S. l'uwvlI, R, l"lm'vm'mn't. Third Ifow: l'. Murrislm, D. Glover, Il. Kelley, S. l'L'tom, M, Hzllluxrln-v', li. Dunne-ly, .l. lfullum, W, lluwonhzlupt, M. Rosenthal. H. Man-4'. R, 'l'hyn0. N. Mazzocua, ld. Coll-, ll. llmnrhty, R. Vim ilwlvrstinv. lim-L' lfulv: .l, Simpson. PI. Womlis, ll. l"ust.0r, R. liussvy, ll Ilia-ka-rmznn, .lnlxnslun, 'l', Ulu-rluncl. R. Nmvon, K. .lm-l, J, l'm'Lunuv:u, A. Urtulumn, 'l'. I.0l'tus, l". Mclh-wilt. Pug L' Ninety-.fix CHEER LEADERS l I-'runt Nou' lle-ft to right! : R. Brown, C. Cadario, D. Drinan, C, Riley, P. Shore A Que 4 I 1 ii ner, IZ. Iivonard. S. Wesl nwski, M. Leonard. cheer today the Red and Gray, know our boys will shine. hacks will run around the end charge right through the line. team will march on down the Until the game is won, So lend your voice and give a Cheer A cheer for Arlington. Rah! Rah! Rah! We We The And The Page Nfflffj'-JE1'67l C G. A. A. Preridwzt, ANN HARRINcs'1'oN Vice President, PAT REYNOLDS Secrezary, KAY TEss112R Trefzmrer, CONNIE RILEY l"r'1,-ni limi' llvl'I to rinhil: A. Kaspuliun. M, Lllflfllllllsi, lt. Reese. V. Sit-ml, ll, K'hzu'e. M. M2u't'l1i, ll. Nlnraninn. .l. Vtiolt-:lm-, .l, llzirry. li. Stronir. J. Martin. Sfwuul Ii'nu': Miss Gui-1-ity. J. Riley. C. Caclnrio, V. Ililvy, l'. Ih-ynolils. A. llawrimrtixn, K, 'l'vssiei', li. Hlllf, S. Wt-slowslii, S. Cimlvtlist-, ll. Lewis, Miss Mr- Vzirly. 'l'hir1l liolv: J. Wulwcwlh, ll. Fleming. J, Guillen, J. Mirziln-lln, IC, 0'l'onni'll. li, 'l'un'lwr, A. llvll- nriuvr, l'. Manley, K. Flynn. M. Vizino, ll. Uunrzxn. ll, Zim-li. N. Gray, D. llill, l'. Jzivinn, 'l'. llrillunh-, ll, Alun-r. lim-I: li'ou': l'. Reynolds, E. Aiken. R. Timmins, U. Silu-i'iu. M. Ny'lPt'ljI, J. lflenije. .l. Kiley, C. Mt-l'Il:irm-y, ll. S14-vi-ns, N, llruuizlilnn, K. 0'lli'ien, M. Ilrt-nnan, M, Olsen, A. M. .luvulnst-n, .l. Creetlun. I.. lmvs-ry. ll. l'ierL't-. The Girls' Athletic Association has enjoyed a very successful year under the capable leadership of Ann Harrington. Down through the years the Girls, Athletic Association has lent spirit and enjoyment to the school as a whole. Some of the activities have been an inter- class field day, initiation parties, ping-pong tournaments, splash parties and outings at Crain's Beach. This year has been a successful one for G. A. A. under the capable leader- ship of Ann Harrington and our adviser, Miss McCarty. Everything attempted proved to be successful and a good year was had by all. During the course of each year every member tries to get as many points as possible. At the assembly in June the girls having the highest number of points are awarded the G. A. A. shield. The member who receives the most points has her name engraved on the G. A. A. plaque. Page Nirlety-eiglyl GIRLS' TENNIS Front Row ileft to rightl: J. Aronsen, B. Stevens, J, Mirabello, J, Tenney, A. Kasparian, B. Kelly. lfacl: How: Miss Garrity. M. Olsen, J. Flentje, K. Tessier, L, Floyd. The girls' tennis team, ably coached by Miss Garrity, has on its roster several promising players. Many strong players have joined the teams and should contribute enough victories for a successful season. The girls are very enthusiastic about their spring schedule and have worked hard in preparation for the coming games. We all hope that there is plenty of good tennis weather on their side. Page N inety-nine GIRLS' BASKETBALL The girls' basketball team, under the very capable supervision of Miss Mc- Carty, is striving to be as successful this year as were last yearys champions. As yet definite teams have not been chosen, however, prospects for forwards are: Marjorie Viano, Margie Nyberg, Eleanor Aiken, Shirley W'eslowski, Joan Coolidge, Phylis Duchaschus, Barbara Strins and the guards are: Gerry Merrill, Marilyn Page, joan Barry, Eleanor Quinn, Kay Crowly. The team is scheduled to play Winchester, Watertcnwn, Medford, Lex- ington, Belmont, Reading, Malden, Melrose. We wish the girls continued success this year and best of luck. Page One Hundred FIELD HOCKEY Frrmt Ron' lleft to rightl: M. Pane, A. Kasparian, C. Cadario, J. Riley. J. Walworth, I-'. Bell, D. Crosby. Ha:-If Now: Miss McCarty. K, Crowley, J. Golden. P. Reynolds, J. Flentje, C. MeElarney, G. lVli-rrill. D. Hill, A. Harrinizton, M. Viano. This year the girls' field hockey team complete a rather successful season considering that there were only three veterans, Caryl Caderio, joan Riley, captain elect, and Anita Kasperian. The team won 3 games, lost 2 games and tied 2 games. The second lost no games, winning 5 and tying 2. Next year both teams should be strong because this year there was a third team almost as good as the second team. There will be about six players, who were on this year's first team, returning next season. Miss McCarty's experienced coaching and the team's endless practice were once again responsible for the good season. The schedule was as follows: Concord, Medford, Belmont, Melrose, Win- chester, Malden and Lexington. Those who will receive hrst team letters are: Capt. Joan Riley, Mgr. Marjarie Viano, Caryl Caderio, Anita Kasperian, jane Walworth, Ann Harring- ton, Doris Hill, Joan Flentje, Dorothy Crosby, Geraldine Merrill, Katherine Crowley, Marilyn Page, Pat Reynolds and Frances Bell. Page One Hundred One SOFTBALL I-'mul lfmr ili-ft. to riprhtl: l'. Reynolds, G. Mi-rrill, M. Pairi-, D. Hill. F. llell, A. Harrimrton. lfnrlf Iran-.' Il. Ivluranian, K. lJ.flVlaQo, li. Ki-lly. 1, Darakjian, ll, I.avi-ry, Miss Mi-Carty. The boys aren'r the only ones who can successfully wield a bar in A. H. S. Our sofrhall team has an eye equally well on the hall. Every year fincls them facing a rough schedule, but ir also fincls them victorious most, if not all of the way through. Here's to spring and another successful year. Puge One I'1llI1!lVUt1 Tico SKI CLUB Prefidemf, GENE FULLER Vice President, Roxna HOUGH Secretary, ADELE DENGELESKY Trerzrurer, DON WHITE Front Row fleft to right? : B. Zinck, C. Ramsay, D. White. R, Hough, G. Fuller, A. Wallace, D. Link, E. Benson, M. Nyberfz. Second Row: H. Lincoln, Mr, Miller, E, Collins, C. Goes, C. Tuff, N. Davies, D. Green. M. Viano, J. Berry, J. Cooledrze. Back Row: A. Kasparian, E. Roddinx-I, S. Zartarian, A. Jacobson, T. Ford, P. Johnson, J, Flentje, J. Hartley, P. Wilkins, J. Shogren. The A. H. S. Ski Club got off to a good start this year. At the first meeting the ofiicers were elected and rules were developed as to the election ,of the officers in future years. The club boasts of its membership of 75 stu- dents. Qualifications which had been started last year were completed. These qualifications were approximately the same as those established by the U. S. E. A. iS. A. The majority of the club was able to pass the third class in order to re- -ceive an emblem. Although Arlington has the only ski club in this area, a good competitive skiing team was developed to benefit from a year of heavy snowfall. The club became affiliated with the U. S. E. A. S. A., bought some new equipment, and started a library for the club. Instructive films were shown at every other meeting of the club in Room 34. A very successful club was enjoyed by all ski enthusiasts. Page One Hundred Three HOCKEY I",-mil lion- 414-ft to riglitl: 'l'. Euan PI. Robeson, H. Hardin, Ii. Donovan, J. Sho:-1. G. Kiniry, 'l'. Ki-Ily, Com-li li. lkurns. lm'-l.' lfou-: 'l'. Vincent. R. Cunninuham, .l. Ilvwmt, R, Stevens, D, l':xmplu-ll, D. l"oi'syll1, VY, limmons. li, llearilsli-y, ll. Ryan. The "Triple Crown Champs" of A. H. S., having entered another season of hockey, have already proved themselves capable of defending their titles. l.ast year's club which was coached by Charles Downs was quite shaken up by the graduation of many of its star players plus the sad news of Coach Downs' retirement. Coach Downs' place was taken by Eddie Burns, formerly of Boston College. Co-captains Buddy liiniry and joseph Shea, plus Brud Donavon, make up one of the most formidable line combinations in the G. B. l. league. Although in feverish pursuit of a good goalet at the beginning of the season, A. H. S. was given splendid goal tending by Tom Egan, a late discovery. Bill Leary, one of the finest hockey players in New England last year, has proved to no end his efficiency as either a center or a defense man. The other top players were Edward Emery and Robert Stevens, Tom Vincent, Tom Kelley and Robson. Arlington started its season by trouncing Ridge 7-0 thus following it up by licking powerful Stoneham 7-5. They found Cambridge Latin no push over and bowed to them 5-l but made up for it by pounding Melrose 6-l. More defeats followed at the hands of Belmont and Medford in that order but the oppositions certainly had to earn their victories. Sparkling to excess was Bill Leary in the Belmont and Medford games, always serving as an inspiration for the club to keep fighting. us have the best regards for the hghting pucksters in the years to come. l't1,ue One lllnztlrcfl lfunr TRACK l"ront Nou' Ileft to rightl: S. Zartarian, D. Gott, P. Johnson, D. Hardy, R. MacD0uiral, P, Groppi: W Connolly, Captain: P. lVlacGrath, Managerg J. Griecci, D. McCarthy. Second Row: W. Lowenhaupt, D.. Skelton, D. Manoli, R, Skinner, B. Caldwell, P, Kalber, J. Doran, D. Garland, N. Wood, R. Rockwell, Ii. Petersen, S, Javian. Haul: Row: K. Joel, W. Gatchel, R. Wilson, J, Ba1'bag'allo, C. Gardner, R. Lennon, R. Stevens, A. Gallo, R, Woods. Although limited in training facilities, Coach "Doc" McCarty came up with a fine team this winter. Standouts were as follows: in the fifty yard dash, Captain Bill Connolly, Phil Kalber, Phil Johnson and Bill Murray, in the three hundred, Paul Groppi, in the one thousand, Don Hardy and Dave Gott, in the mile, joe Griecci, Bob Stevens and Dave Garland. Heaving the twelve-pound shot were weight-men joe Barbagallo, defend- ing State Champion and jack Doran. Topping the three foot three inch tim- bers were hurdlers Bob Lennon, Dick Cavicke and Sarkis Zartarian, manager for this year. High jumpers were Peter McGrath, "Chris', Gardner and Bill Lowenhaupt. The team was especially strong this winter and we congratulate them for their fine record. Page One Humlerd Five BASKETBALL I' r'rrrf I li' frlf' llvfl Io riizhll 3 ll, l'.llN s'1l. .l. ll llzll'llxr llzl. J, lfxlilll. VV. Czlllly, A, li 1-llII yi l'i, lloizzlll. lxlilllll' V. limi. I .'rf fr. ll. ll llllx ph IAL' 5, l'i, ll mulxlxi- Ily, VV. lf cwxx' l l'l'. C. Sli' lrtl I, ll. l"2lI'nllllm. The "Red and Gray" basketball squad led by Captain Bill Stephens is making a determined bid for the lirst Surburban League Championship won by an Arlington club in many years. "Wl1itey" DeRosa a transfer from New York has been a valuable asset to the club. "Wliitc'y's" superb play has been a major factor in the locals' drive for a Tech Tourney berth. "Brick" Preston and Aloe Cluarnotta have also been of great help to the team. Their classy 'ball handling and defensive play have been something to marvel at. Bill btephens the high scorer of the club has proved to be a very capable center and ia boy the "Red and Gray" couldn't do without. Bill Canty completes the starting lineup and his steady, dependable defensive work especially in clearing the boards rounds out a well balanced starting live. Capable reserves such as Bill Bowler, Alan Kenney, Dick Cooper, Bob Carmody, Bud Strout, Dave lfarnum, -Iohn Egan, slack Donnelly and Don Canill offer strong support to the starting lineup. Hiya Om' lllnnfreil Six BASEBALL Front Row ileft to rightl: W, Kelly, Manager: D. Hodgens, V. Ciampa, R, Carmody, R. Raia. C. Cadario, W. Coveney, W. Bowen, W. Leary, W. Atamian: Mr. Cavalieri, Coach. Second Row: R. Smith, E. Schlaich, E. Morrison, R. Cunningham, K. Barnhill, R. Coveney, R, Beardsley, T. Coughlin, R. Myers, J, Dean, D. Flynn, J. Canniif. The baseball team, captained by Charles Cadario, linished in a tie for second place with Brookline in the suburban league. The season's record was nine wins and five defeats. Newton won the championship of the league but the game played in Arlington, which the visitors finally pulled out of the fire, proved that there was no great difference between the two teams. Only three boys are lost to next year's squad by graduation, therefore, the record of the team next year should surpass even the very good record set by the recent team. The baseball squad was commendably coached by james Cav- alieri and managed by Walter "Noise" Kelley. Page One Hundred Seven CROSS CGUNTRY l"rnnl Hun- th-I't to rixhtl: J. Griecei, D, Gott: D. lluiily, Cuptaing li, Wilson, R. Mzu'IJomr:1l. lim-l.' lime: S, Zurlariun, Manager: Il. Phillips, C. 'I'ohi:nsun, W. Yi-n, R. Stun-ns, A. Grivei'i, W. "Duc" McCarty. This year "Doc" McCarty produced the best cross country team seen in Arlington High during the past few years. Defeated in their dual meets only hy Middlesex Champions, Melrose, the team narrowly missed in its hid for the State Championship on Franklin Park's two and one half mile course. With the help of Captain Don Hardy, Dick MacDougal, Dave Gott, Ronny Willscnn and Bob Stevens and sparkplugged hy Joe Griecci, the harriers took second honors in the Mystic Valley and Middlesex Championships. More lpower to the boys for a crack team next fall! Page One Ilfnnfrezl Iiighl K GOLF Advifer, MR. LAURENCE ARTHUR Iiaclc Rau' lleft to riirhtli W, Ferrara, H. Anderson, Mr. Arthur, D, Drinan, P. Healy. Front lfozr: B. lfitzmaurice, P. Arthur, L. Warren, J. Fuller, R. Bianchi, C, Fuller. As in the past, Arlington produced a golf team to be proud of. Having just missed the state finals the previous two years, the boys and Mr. Arthur were determined to again win the sectional title, defeat the sectional champions, and make Arlington's team recognized at Beverley in the state meet. Page One Hundred Nine FOOTBALL lfrmli Ifnu' lleft Lo riightlz I". Rindoni. R, Kerr, P, Salisbury, li. Salisbury. l', 'l'yl'i'ell, G. Mareoulir-r, H. Murray. .l, Ilonnelly, I", Wriilht. li. Emmons. Sl?l'07Il1 Now: H. O'lirien, Ii. Myers, C. lfreni, li. Lani- pzun, li. Cai-nimly. R, Ruin. .l. Carroll. R, McEwen, .l, Barbapzallu, R, Hill, l'. Lnlly. H414-I.' Iron-: l'. Ruben- skas, l'. Mn-Grath, G. Di-eaprio. J. Caniif, E. Mucei, IL Keneally, D. Priest. I". Doran, R. Iliglw. D. Can- niIl', J. Ilvzilw. This year's football team, winning five and losing six, went undefeated at lhome, but lost all of its out of town games. It was a very successful season, as the team humbled its traditional rival, Melrose I9-0, and upset Leominster, an 'upstate power, which hnished fourth in class A. A few of the games that were lost might easily have been won, but for bad breaks-the 6-0 edging by champion Medford and the I3-7 skinning by strong Malden. Lynn Classical, Everett, Brockton and Newton were just too powerful, and too close together on the murderous eleven game schedule. The steadily improving team felled Chelsea, Somerville and stubborn Wzilthani to round out the season. Arlington's 1947 football team, ably captained by Richard Raia and coached by Henry Tocylowski and James Cavalieri, was second to none in 'team spirit. Page One Hundred Ten ,. UKAQ XQ 5 M 'Hag lilluv 01142 llfnnfrerf 71Il'C'lI'L' It IS Sound Busmess for us to be moderate 1n our promlses honest 1n our deahngs Smcere 1n our de s1re to render a helpful SCIVICC 9152 HANCOCK PRESS GORDON W ROBINSON LE 9 1165 12 HANCOCK STREET LEXINGTON 73 MASS Trzntzng Counselors O O O , - ili 9 9 ' n o ,11::o:1v:o1o14v14s14v:o:4s14v11siar11v1o:cx:4-:o11v:u:4:10:4xzoioioioiozozozffzoxozozozojoioxojoioiawioiarjfxzozqozo 0:01011 mini 1 1 111 1:1 COMPLETE I I sic-11020 PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE TO THE I948 A. H. S. Year Book SARGENT STUDIO, INC. Isa BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON I6, MASSACHUSETTS rio: rioiotpuiugui in in in 1 in inriuiuioioiuioi 9:0 p:o1o14r1o1o1o:1r11r1a:1o:o:o10:o1o11r14rioioioiozojojozozf- r:uj4x1o1o:4r1o1v1o:4s14v14n:cx14v:1xgIx:1rz1x:4n11r1o1c ,- ,-.x x, . M' 5 L 1' T

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