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THE YEAR BOOK 0ass of NAOMI PALMER, Editor LUCILLE KORD, Business Manager ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS TRIBUTE In no community is there anyone who performs a more valuable service than that of a faithful, consecrated teacher; and no where is there anyone who has a more formative influence upon the minds and characters of the youth of today. Miss Shedd, in her life among us, was an outstanding illustration of the highest and best qualities of a good teacher. Her interest in us as individu- al students and her willingness to help us at all times are well known. She was not only an excellent instructor of the French language, but a very con- scientious one. Nothing we can say can add to a life so fruitful in all that was noble and good. The finest monument that can be raised to her memory will be the lives — purposeful lives — of the boys and girls whom she has taught. We shall be better citizens because she walked among us. DEDICATION To one whose wise counsel has guided us, whose unfailing patience has moulded our often undisciplined lives, whose integrity and uprightness has called out the best in us, whose ideals of leadership and efficiency have main- tained and advanced the high scholastic standards of Arlington High School — To a noble gentleman and a notable scholar, our principal and friend HERMAN GAMMONS We, of the class of 1947, affectionately dedicate our Year Book. GUIDANCE Bert A. Roens, Director Mr. Morrill, Sub-Master Miss Fitzpatrick, Asst. Director Mrs. Moefatt, Dean of Girls Miss M. Barry FINE ARTS Mrs. Ford, Sapervisor of Art Mr. Kenney Mr. Einzig, Sapervisor of Music Mr. Mazzocca Mr. Russell COMMERCIAF Mr. Burke, Head of Department Miss Ahern Miss M. Barry Mrs. Bennett Miss Binnig Mr. Courtney Miss Harlow Miss Kelly Mr. Roderick Mr. Toczylowski Mr. Toner Mr. Wallace PRACTICAL ARTS Miss Campbell, S pervisor of Household Arts Miss Anderson Miss Arrand Mrs. Lee Mr, Robinson, Supervisor of Manual Arts Mr. Arthur Mr. Danforth Mrs. Prestwood Mr. Sandberger ENGLISH Mr. Campbell. Head of Dept. Mrs. Bray Miss Brown Mrs. Cutler Miss Donovan Miss Dow Miss Hunt Miss Krastin Miss Manning Mrs. Matthews Miss Norwood Miss O’Connell Miss Peck VOCATIONAL AIr. Robinson, Director Mr. Anton Mr. Lewis Mr. Pine HISTORY Mrs. Moffatt, Head of Depart- ment Miss Conway Mr, Downs Mr. Fusco Miss Gray Mr. Johnson Miss Kelly Mr. Thompson Miss Wakefield Mr. Eaton, Head of Department Mr. Barber Mr. Cavalieri Mr. Kapff Mr. Morrill Mr. Sampson Mr. Sexton Mr. Toczylowski Mr. Warner Miss Shedd, Head of Depart- ment Miss Bailey Miss V. Barry Miss Donovan Miss Jerardi Mr. Petralia Miss Rounds Mr. Sexton Mrs. Bullard (Sub.) deceased. MATHEMATICS LANGUAGE SCIENCE Mr. Kroll Mr. Miller Mr. Sampson Mr. Skinner PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss McCarty, Supervisor for Girls Mr. Eusco, Supervisor for Boys Mr. Cavalieri Mr. Downs Mr. Lowder Mr. McCarty ( " Doc”) Miss O’Neill Mr. Toczylowski Forgotten Men With the ringing of cash reg- isters’ bells and the noise of a busy lunchroom as a background, these soldiers of the line have carried on in the face of great numbers. To these men of iron go the high- est praise and thanks for the splen- did work they have done in mak- ing change when necessary. For this Arlington High’s Forgotten Men should be remembered. CLASS OFFICERS ' President Richard Ockerbloom Vice President Richard Coleman Secretary Gerry Conway T reasurer Virginia Healy Ann Abbott " 4 Quincy Street Dramatic Club, Tennis, Bowling Charming Ann, who plans to attend Manhattanville, is going into the field of radio. She enjoys sports. The Dra- matic Club rehearsals will never be forgotten by her. Barbara Anastasi Sisherman Street, Cambridge Dramatic Club, Chronicle Circulation Manager " Babs,” whose outside in- terest is bowling, is going to attend the Boston University School of Journalism. She ' ll long remember those secret meetings of the E. M. R. Club in 4A. Natalie E. Adamian 195 Pleasant Street Chronicle. Dramatic Club, Art Club " Nat,” who likes football games, bowling, and danc- ing, is going to an art school. Her memories of A. H. S. will include Mr. Ken- ney’s Art classes and also the first lunch. jane Anderson 8 Gray Street Gilbert and Sullivan two years, Secretary this year ' Vivacious Jane plans to be a secretary after attending Westbrook Junior College. She loves to just talk and have fun. Charles Adams 40 Coolidge Road Manager of Football Team two years. Manager of Base- ball one year Versatile " Charlie” is go- ing to Northeastern to study mechanical engineering. He will remember Mr. Johnson’s History IV class and Mr. Sexton’s Aeronautics class. Richard E. Anderson 124 Rawson Road Band, Head Cheerleader, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dra- matic Club, Periclean Forum " Chubby, ” one of our most popular all-round sen- iors, plans to enter North- eastern and become a radio announcer. Jitterbugging at the " Rec”? Theresa Adams 31 Lakehill Avenue " Terry” is going to be a comptometer operator. She will never forget Miss Kras- tin’s junior English class. Her favorite outside activities are dancing and bowling. Barbara Arens 40 Menotomy Road Honor Roll January, Febru- ary 1945-1946 " Babs,” who’ll always re- member Mr. Eusco’s Period III Democracy class isn’t quite sure about her future, but she loves movies! Coin’ to Hollywood, " Babs”? Page Fifteen Mary Azadian 170 Pleasant Street Chronicle, Art Chih A fell ' times on Honor Roll Mary, whose chief outside activity is draw ' ing, w ' ill at- tend the School of Practical Arts to develop further her talent. The red arrow ' s on the stairw ' ays will, never cease to disturb her. loan Frances Barrett 17 Kilsythe Road " Bunny” is headed for college — destination as yet unknown. Fondest remem- brances of A. H. S. will be walking home from school in her junior year with a certain somebody and also the flat tire the night of the Senior Prom — Hinm! ! loanne Babine 22 Marion Road Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Swimming, Bowling, Tennis, Chronicle Sports minded " Babs,” well known and very popular around A. H. S., plans to en- ter Sargent w ' ith the aspira- tion of becoming a gym teacher. John Barrett 36 Fordham Street Sports-loving " Jack,” a future electrician, is going to Wentworth. His sophomore Oral English class with Mrs. Hoyt W ' ill remain longest in his memory. Marie M. Barbano 67 Highland Avenue Tennis, Bowling, G. A. A., T rede dm B or tunati " Steph, " off for Regis, for education and languages, W ' ill never forget Mr. Eaton’s Math class or Miss Round’s and the Tredecim Fortunati. Barbara Barry 275 Park Avenue Honor Roll in sophomore year, Field Hockey three years, G. A. A. three years A promising instructor is our athletic " Barby.” Don’t be too hard on your future pupils, " Barb.” Longest re- membered will be her soph- omore and junior Math classes. Keith Barnhill 14 Ashland Street Rifle Club Destination B. U. and business administration for Keith. Good luck! Mr. Kroll’s Chem. A period three class and Mr. Sampson’s Math 111, period 5, class will remain longest in his memory. We wonder why? Leona Bartholomew 6 Lome Road Tennis, Gilbert and Sullivan, Field Hockey, Glee Club A " do or die” freshman at Lesley College in Septem- ber will be " Lee,” who as- pires to a teaching career. Remembered longest about A. H. S. will be her singing in Chorus II. Page Sixteen Roxy N. Basmajian 82 Winter Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Snlli- van. G. A. A., Honor Roll, Tennis, Bottling Lucky Radcliffe will throw open its portals to Mr. Eaton ' s versatile " Miss Basmajian,” who is planning to major in foreign languages — dynamic aspiration, " Baz”! Good luck! The secret meetings of the E. M. R. in room 4A will linger longest in her memory of A. H. k Kenneth K. Beaton 1 1 Park Avenue Chronicle. Honor Roll, LunJ} Room, Forgotten lAen " Ken” is going to B. U. School of Journalism to be a writer. His favorite outside activities are bowding and driving. " Ken” will never forget the girls in the lunch line. Phyllis Batchelder 7 Oakledge Street Rowling, Swimming. G. A. A. " Phyl " is going to be a stenographer. Her favorite activity is bicycling. The hardest years of her life were Miss Binnig’s Shorthand classes. Helen M. Beauchemin 41 Park Avenue Extension Honor Roll. G. A. A.. Dra- matic Club. Ski Club, Riding Club. Tennis. Bowling Helen will go to Simmons to be a dietitian. Swimming is her favorite outside activ- ity. She ' ll always remember Mr. Warner ' s period 6 Math class in her sophomore year Vincent Battista 95 Bay State Road Track " Vinnie” wants to enter the construction business. Al- though he admits there were days when he had no home- work, he wishes there had been more of them. Eleanor Beck 64 Chester Street Basketball . Baseball. Field Hockey. Honor Roll, G. A. A. Athletic " Becky” will at- tend Bouve to become a physiotherapist. Swimming is her favorite activity. She will never forget the rides in " Fitzie ' s” truck and Mr. Warner ' s Math class. Allan Beadle 4 1 Massachusetts Avenue " Al” is off for the Navy. His favorite activities are baseball, track, and basket- ball. He ' ll always remember the " swell " teachers at A. H. S. Roy Benson 120 Broadway Honor Roll Roy plans to be a radio technician because radio is his hobby. Tufts College will en- roll Roy next year. He ' ll never forget a " dark horse” in Advanced Math class. Page Seventeen |ohn Bernacchi H3 Quincy Street " Johnny” will go to Har- vard next year because he wants to be a stock broker. Sports are " Johnny ' s” favorite activity, and French is his fa- vorite subject. Carol Biganess 400 Massachusetts Avenue " Joeie,” who plans a career of traveling, enjoys roller skating and horseback riding. She will remember Mr. Ken- nev ' s art class as well as her gay chorus class. Eleanor Bertolami 9 Dorothy Road Tennis. Bouling, Skating It ' s Lesley for Eleanor, be- cause she would like to be a kindergarten teacher. Danc- ing and swimming are among her favorites. Eleanor will al- ways remember History 111 in Room 14. Juleanne Blakeslee 97 Bartlett Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club. Art Club " Jeanne,” interested in modern art, plans to attend a practical art college. She en- joys horseback riding. Mr. Kenney’s art classes will long- est be remembered. Ugo james Bertolami 8 Milton Street Basketball " Bert, " who will further his education at Northeastern, likes to do anything but work. Mr. Arthur’s aeronautics class will always remain in " Bert ' s " memory. Albert A. Blomberg 50 Richfield Road Sporting " Al " claims that the thing which he will long- est remember abour his career at A. H. S. is Mr. Arthur’s aero class. Best of luck, " Al”! Page Eighteen Barbara Bezanson 194 Florence Avenue Guidance Room Assistant Next year will see " Becky " at business school. Besides watching A. H. S. football games " Becky” likes to dance. She will long remember rush- ing to homeroom at the last minute after a " chat” with the gang. Barbara Blomquist 59 Webster Street Chronicle Vivacious ’’Barb’ plans to be a physiotherapist. Mr. Warner’s math classes will be one of her fondest memories of A. H. S. Best of luck, ’Barb ”! Irene Boch 168 Park Avenue Bowling, Honor Roll, Tennis, Swimming, Chronicle " Rusty,” whose spare time is occupied by a sailor named Ray, will study stenography at Boston University. We’ll always remember her for her sweet, smiling way. lean Doris Bowlby 22 Foster Street Dramatic Club, " Rec” Com- mittee, Glee Club, G, A, A,, Eoivling, Tennis, Year Book Jean, who will forever re- member the secret meetings of the E. M. R. and the hockey games, plans to en- ter Colby Junior to become a medical secretary. Leo Boghosian 134 Appleton Street Leo, alias " Slug,” will fur- ther his eilucation at the B. U. School of Business Adminis- tration. His extra-curricula activities include bowling, baseball, and football. William Bowman 158 Newport Street " Bill” is headed for the General Motors Tech, to study for the automobile busi- ness. Never to be forgotten will be graduation day. Robert Bolton 1 5 Hillcrest Street " Red " plans to attend Northeastern, where he will study engineering. Outside of school, his favorite activities consist chiefly in listening to records, especially Gene Kru- pa. {can Marie Bresnahan 116 Scituate Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Joan is the girl with the soft voice and the lady-like manner. She ' ll never forget all the good times she had with the Glee Club at the Music Festivals. josephine E. Bongo 25 Milton Street Dramatic Club, Periclean, Glee Club, Tennis " Jo,” who will be remem- bered for her quiet, pleasant ways, would like to become a librarian. Her many school activities would make her an asset to any school. George F. Brillante 35 North LInion Street Football, Indoor Track, Golf " Brill,” one of our best football stars, hopes to be- come a physical education teacher. Outside of school, he says, he just lounges around. He ' ll remember the Dretty girls of ' 46 and the barber’s haircuts. Page Nineteen Carl Bergstrom 52 Orient Avenue " Lindy,” who is a great sports enthusiast, was a prom- inent member of our football team. We wish you the very best of luck in whatever fu- ture work you choose! William Joseph Buckley 85 Lake Street Dramatic Club William would like to study journalism at Columbia University. Dancing ranks first with him, and he’ll re- member longest Miss Barry’s French class in his sophomore year. Barbara A. Brown 24 Ottawa Road Honor Roll. Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan. Bonding " Barbie” is hoping to at- tend Colby College. Bowling and swimming are her favor- ites. She’ll long remember the football games and the Rec. dances. Barbara Rae Bunnell 40 Windsor Street Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Honor Roll " Barb’s” ambition is to teach primary grades. Her fa- vorite outside activities in- clude the movies and her Bing Crosby records. Chem lab will be remembered long- est. John Joseph Browne 840 Massachusetts Avenue " Ja ' k” hopes to smdy ad- vertising. He enjoys best foot- ball, hockey, and baseball. He will alw ' ays remember the study periods in the Hall. James R. Burns, Jr. ”5 Brattle Street Honor Roll. Periclean Forum " Jim” plans to attend col- lege later on. His favorite ac- tivity is bowling. He’ll re- member graduation longest. Page Tiventy Richard Bryant 126 Highland Avenue Amherst College is " Dick’s” choice for further schooling. His favorites are hockey, football, and farming. He ' ll remember longest the study hall and Miss Jew ' ett’s Biol- ogy class. Charles L. Cadario 64 Glenburn Road Baseball. Hockey " Cudd” hasn’t decided yet w ' hat he’s going to do after graduation. He likes baseball best and will never forget Mr. Fusco’s third period P. O. D. class. Mary Callahan 78 Hamlet Street Tennis, G. A. A., Tresdecim Fortunati, Year Book Committee " Cal” plans to attend B. U. School of Education as she wants to be a teacher. Swim- ming and dancing rank first with her, and she’ll long re- member Miss Round’s Latin classes. Patricia Cannon 32 Waldo Road Field Hockey, G. A. A., Dramatic Club " Pat’s " favorite sports are swimming and field hockey. She plans to attend Chandler Secretarial School to prepare for a career as a medical sec- retary. Fred ). Cameron 40 Sherborn Street Fred would like to be a salesman. His outside activi- ties include hockey and ping- pong, and he will long re- member Mr. Sexton’s Aero class. Charles Caramanis 1 1 5 Lake Street " Tikey” intends to study for a position as draftsman. His outside interests include football, swimming, and pop- ular records. He will never forget Mr. Skinner’s jokes. Joan Cameron 27 Ashland Street Field Hockey, Basketball Man- ager, Baseball, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Honor Roll Joan will always remember the times she had in the girls’ locker room and the 1946 amateur show. She plans to be a bookkeeper and stenograph- er after graduation. Angela Natalie Carella 37 Park Street Honor Roll Angela’s favorite spare- time activities are knitting and tennis. She will never for- get her first day at Arlington High. Bruce Campbell 8 Columbia Road " Soupy” is a member of the Weasels and thinks he will never forget Miss Barry’s French 11 class. He hopes to enter the University of New Hampshire after graduation. Robert Carew 5 Sutherland Terrace Robert’s favorite outdoor sports include swimming, hunting, and baseball, and his Math 11 class with Mr. Samp- son will always be remem- bered longest. He plans to at- tend Notre Dame. Page Twenty-one Helen Verlyne Carey 75 Windsor Street Office Assistant Helen likes to dance and swim in her spare time. Miss Peck’s English IV class and Miss Wakefield’s History IV class are her favorite mem- ories of A. H. S. She plans to work at John Hancock In- surance Co. after graduation. Leo Carney 47 Lake Street Leo plans to attend Hunt- ington Prep after graduation. He spends his spare time in photography. His best mem- ory of A. H. S. will be his al- gebra 1 class. William Carney 26 Randolph Street Lunchroom " Bill” will always remem- ber the mad times in the lunchroom and Miss Peck’s English class. He plans to at- tend Bentley School of Ac- counting to prepare for a fu- ture as a tax accountant. Audrey Carr 12 Hutchinson Road Audrey likes swimming and dancing, and she will al- ways remember the football and hockey games. She plans to attend Lasell Junior Col- lege to prepare for a career as an airline hostess. John Carter 1 1 Paul Revere Road " J. C.’s” interests are equal- ly divided, but he will al- ways remember Mr. Samp- son’s Math 11 class. He plans to attend Texas A. M. to study forestry. Harry Casalou 219 Lowell Street " Skip " is aiming for Cornell. Among his favorite activities sleeping ranks lirst. He also enjoyed making shingles in his mechanical drawing. Florence Caterino 6J Mystic Street Ci. A. A., Basketball, Swimming, Bouling " Kitty” wants to be an air hostess on graduating from B. U. She likes swimming, skating, and the Thursday night club meetings. First year Spanish also had many laughs. Walter C. Cavalieri 8 Bradley Road Dramatic Club, Pericleans, Debating Club, Tresdecitn Vortunati Walter has Cornell as his goal. Besides the clubs, he enjoyed Miss Bray’s English and Miss Round’s Latin classes most. Lots of luck to you, Walter! Page Tirenty-two Joan Cavanagh 16 Richfield Road Dramatic Club. Chronicle, Cl. A. A., Debating Club. Latin Club Active Joan is headed for Jackson. Her favorite activi- ties include swimming and dancing. She will long re- member the (lasses of Mr. Eaton, Mr. Kapf and Miss Rounds. Donald Channen 28 Pond View Road " Chink” is going into his father’s business, wholesale groceries, which he likes very much. He enjoyed the " Rec” most but will never forget Mr. Arthur’s aeronautics class. Vincent Ciampa 96 Palmer Street Football. Basketball. Baseball, Student Council, Chronicle, Honor Roll " Vinie’s” future ambition is to go to Holy Cross. We all know of his success as a football player. He will never forget A. H. S. athletics. Louise Cicatelli 1 8 Piedmont Street Bowling " Ciccy” is uncertain about her future plans. We know that she will always remem- ber Mr. Courtney’s Economics cla,ss. She likes best bowling and dancing. Richard Clancy 46 Old Mystic Street Dramatic Club Vice President, Debating Club, Student Coun- cil, Periclean Forum Honor Roll " Dick” plans to enter M. I. T. and major in aeronau- tics. President of the Dra- matic and the Debating Clubs he will long remember the Lynn Classical games. June Clark 196 Summer Street G. A. A.. Bowling June, nicknamed " Skinny,” is as good-natured as they come. She wants to be a sports reporter. Her favorite activ- ity is collecting baseball play- ers’ autographs. Mary Rita Clark 285 Washington Street Lunch Room, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Marita’s” longest mem- ories will be the proms and the closing of school in June. She always enjoyed the movies she saw in town on school days with Barb. Catherine Coffey 101 Webster Street Diminutive " Kay,” whose favorite outdoor sport is skat- ing, plans to leave this earth after graduation. Needless to sry, she aspires to become an airline stewardess. Page T wenty-three w w Theodore Cohen 2 ! Pond View Road Honor Roll " Ted” will carry fond memories of A. H. S. — es- pecially Mr. Warner and the jokes and fun he had in that famed sixth period Math 111 class. Patricia Commins 56 Mt. Vernon Street Tennis. Bowling, Swimming, Horizon Club The prom, her classmates, the dancing and clubs will soon be sweet " stuff " for memories for " Pat” who’s set for the Chandler School and a secretary ' s position. Richard Coleman 94 Grafton Street Vice President, Basketball, Football " Dick " is headed for Notre Dame, forever chuckling over the fun in Miss Wardell’s Chorus classes. Vice President of the class and popular sportsman, " Dick” will make a great engineer. Clara C. Conant 55 Tanager Street Glee Club. Gilbert and Sullivan It ' s the Fisher School for Clara and there to office work, remembering always the Mi- kado rehearsals and the fun in " 5. lean Collins 36 Oxford Street G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Field H ockey Ever popular " Jeanie” is heading for Mass. State (we hope she likes the country). Her favorites are swimming, dramatics, musicals, and sports. She’s pretty " mum " about sports. Mary Conlon 12 Iroquois Road G. A. A.. Dramatic Club Mary, when an angel of mercy at Saint Elizabeth’s, will look back to all the fun she had at A. H. S. — especial- Iv that English class with Miss Taber. Philip C ollins 112 Highland Avenue Cross Country Captain, In- door Track, Spring Track, " Rec” Committee Arlington’s captain of cross country team and fine track-man, " Phil " is heading for B. C. He’ll never forget Miss Round and Latin III. Who can? Barrett Conners 19 Windermere Avenue Debating Club " Bart,” the famous " con " man — debater that is — will forever have nightmares about those red arrows, the room numbers, and the sep- arate recesses. Page Twenty-four Patricia A. Connolly 969 Massachusetts Avenue Rifle Club " Pat,” who intends to en- ter the held of business after graduation, will forever cher- ish those memories of Miss Fitzpatrick ' s History class. Francis Connors 89 Thorndike Street Football " Fran, " who is undecided about his future plans, en- joys horseback riding. He will long remember Miss Kras- tin’s hfth period senior Eng- lish class. Geraldine Conway 78 Newport Street Student Council, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Class Secretary Our popular vivacious class secretary will never forget her junior English class with Miss Taber and two very in- teresting classmates. Hmm! ! ! " Gerry” is headed for the held of nursing — lucky pa- tients — no doubt there will be an unprecedented rise of temperatures! Mary Corcoran 36 Peabody Road Glee Club Mary is headed for Mass. Art School to study fashion illustrating — a fascinating ca- reer. Doing her homework be- fore classes will linger long- est in her memory — no won- der! Howard Cofton 262 Washington Street Ski Club " Howie” will leave .A. H. S. with no dehnite destina- tion in view. Longest remem- bered will be Mr. Eaton ' s Math classes. Could it be the Math? " Howie” is a Ski Club enthusiast and enjoys outdoor activities. Robert Coughlin 2 1 Portsmouth Street Headed for Wentworth Institute, " Bob” aspires to a career of engineering. A foot- ball and hockey enthusiast, he will longest remember Mr. Arthur ' s Aero classes. Could Mr. Arthur ' s jokes be the reason? Geraldine Coutts 15 Wollaston Avenue Bowling, Class Basketball " Gerry” spent most of her spare time dancing and bowling. Although she tried to forget Miss Peck ' s senior English, it still remains in her memory. Page Twenty-five Lorraine Cornoni 18 Crescent Hill Avenue " Shorty " is headed for Fisher ' s for medical secre- tarial training — the lucky doc- tor! Her favorite outside ac- tivity is taking week-end trips. She will never forget Mr. Burke ' s Bookkeeping classes. Francis Couture 8 Waldo Road Hockey " Franny’s” smile will long be remembered by his class- mates. He will study engi- neering at Northeastern. He will never forget Miss Wakefield’s history class. William Coveney 5 Winter Street Football, Hockey, Baseball. Indoor Track. Honor Roll Barber” will remember ’’Brill’s” trying to be a woman charmer. He also hopes to go to Harvard to " further his education.” Margaret Coveney 991 Massachusetts Avenue " Peg” enjoys dancing and bowling as her favorite pas- times. She hopes to attend B. U. where she will study to be a hotel manager. Norma Cowan 1 1 7 ' Varnum Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Chron- icle. Office Assistant. Guid- ance Room Assistance. Dra- matic Club. Honor Roll ”Niz” is heading for Wil- fred Academy to continue with hairdressing. She will never forget the ”Rec” and dancing at the Totem Pole. Robert L. Coveney 5 Winter Street Baseball. Hockey. Honor Roll. Debating Club " Cove” hopes to attend Bentley School, where he will take up accounting. He will always be known as one of those Coveney brothers. Cordon Cox 28 Thorndike Street Junior Red Cross Representative Gordon will always re- member the jokes in Mr. Skinner’s physics class. He spends most of his tinie horseback riding and swim- ming. Page 7 iventy-stx Robert S. Coveney 5” Lake Street " Bob” intends to go to a business school where he will finish his education. He will always remember Mr. Burke’s economics class. Leslie F. Cox 3 Henry Street ”Les” spends most of his time bowling and hunting. Let’s hope he always .shoots a deer and not a friend. Norman Cronan 44 Florence Avenue Football. Baseball. Track, Gilbert and Sullivan " Norm” will always re- member his Chorus 11 class, especially " the broken chair. " He hopes to attend West Point, where he will com- plete his education. Barbara Cronin 19 Magnolia Street Baseball, Basketball Dreaming about her com- ing days of fun and fame as news " hawk’ and photograph- er. " Barbs " yearns for grad- uation day. She bowls, dances and takes pictures — very, very photogenic herself. Jean Crosby 10 Fairview ' Avenue Glee Club (Treasurer) , Or- chestra. Ski Club Jean ' s going to Wheaton where she ' ll study music — a nicer bass fiddler we’ll never know. She’s in all the school’s musical activities, and she’ll never forget the ride to the State Music Festival, eh Jean? Robert- Crosby 20 Cornell Street " Bob” is uncertain as to a future, but he is positive he’ll never forget Mr. Arthur and those printing classes. John F. Cronin 15 Village Lane " Jack” will remember the Eileen Crowley 1 1 Varnum Street Despite football, hockey, swimming, and bowling Ei- leen is still teeming for ex- citement, so she is heading for a business school. many hours he spent in de- tention in his sophomore year. He hopes to go to B. C. Pa e Twenty-seven Paul Cravott 269 Appleton Street " Lightning” will never for- get copying someone eJse’s homework in the old hall. Upon graduation he is going to enter Uncle Sam’s Na vy. Virginia Cronin 19 Magnolia Street Bowling " Ginny” plans to become a secretary. Her favorite activi- ties are bowling and swim- ming. She will always re- member Miss OConnell’s class. Elaine Cummings 48 Wildwood Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Girls’ Glee Club. Dramatic Club " Mr. Johnson Ay! Ay! Ay! " says Elaine, who is still giggling over last year’s His- tory class. She is headed for Jackson and a great career in journalism. Francis F. Daily 120 Scituate Street Lunch Room (Treasurer) Debating Club " Frank” will never forget the torturing homework as- signments — but going to Bos- ton College will only give him many more. Paul Cunniff 2 1 Peter Tufts Road Paul’s favorite activities are baseball, football, and hockey. He hopes to attend B. U. to take up business administra- tion. Nancy Davies 27 Appleton Street Bowling " Nan” enjoys all sports and will always remember the football games. She likes swimming as her favorite out- side activity. Elsie Georgina Cunningham 65 Newland Road Bou ' ling, Gilbert and Sulli- van. Orchestra. Ski Club Likeable " Georgie” enjoys sw ' imming and skiing as out- side activities. Gilbert and Sullivan operettas will always be among her memories. Dorofhy Day .59 Arnold Street Basketball " Dotty,” who likes to rollerskate, will always re- member Mr. Toczylowski’s Basic Math class. Page Twenty-eight Marguerite Curley 1 1 Russell Street Bowling. Honor Roll Mt. Auburn School of Nursing is the school which " Margie” plans to attend af- ter graduation. She will never forget translating Monte Cr s- to in Miss Barry’s French 111 ( lass. Claire Deacon 1 " Marion Road Chronicle, Cheer Leader, Dramatic Club, G. A. A. The air lines will get pop- ular " Deac” as a stewardess. Since she enjoys dancing, the " Rec” and all the gang will never slip " Deac’s” memory. Helen J. Dearborn 64 Mt. Vernon Street Rifle Club, Honor Roll Helen will remember her many friends and teachers at A. H. S. She plans to be a stenographer. Good luck, Helen! Lucia Derderian 77 Melrose Street " Lou” enjoys classical mu- sic most of all. She will nev- er forget the day she brought a head of lettuce to school instead of her lunch. Nannette DeBilio 1 1 Brookdale Road Bowling. Swimming Nannette will find plenty of time for dancing, skating, and swimming when she fin- ishes school. She will be a very capable stenographer. Christie DeRosa 50 Walnut Street Mechanical " Chris” enjoys bowling, baseball, and foot- ball. Among other things, " Chris " will always remem- ber trying to play the piano in the old hall when Mr. Morrill always seemed to ap- pear. Marilyn DeMore 330 Mystic Street " Tippy” is choosing a ca- reer at Burdett College. She finds dancing to be one of her favorite forms of recrea- tion and she will long re- member the Junior Prom. Lo utse DeSantis 1 1 1 Eastern Avenue Basketball, Baseball " Lulu” will leave A. H. S. to become a telephone opera- tor. She will never forget her classes with Miss Binnig. " Lulu " loves to rolHr skate and bowl. William M. DeNapoli 99 Montague Street William is going to con- tinue with his accounting course when he graduates. He will long remember Mr. Wallace’s class in his junior year at A. H. S. janice Desmond 69 Tanager Street Tennis, Bowling, Gilbert and Sullivan, Horseback Riding " Jan” enjoys skiing when she’s not doing homework. She’ll never forget her junior year study halls when she’s studying at Kathleen Dell’s. Page Twenty-nine Robert Desmond 22 Adams Street Baskelhall. Honor Roll, Track, Baseball " Dez” is interested in the telephone company in which field he plans to do his life work. He will always remem- ber the trips he took down to the track. Helen M. Devito 6l Lafayette Street " Radar” spends her leisure moments dancing, bowling, and at the movies. She will always remember Mr. Toner’s penmanship classes. Judith DeWolfe 25 Belknap Street, Somerville " Judy” would like to be a telephone operator. She will always recall Miss Campbell ' s cooking. Her favorite activi- ties are dancing and bowling. Josephine A. DiCecca 39 Alfred Road " Jo’s” plans for the future are as yet undecided. Miss Gray’s homeroom will re- main longest in her memory. Bowling and dancing occupy most of her spare time. Dorothy Anne Dickson 164 Overlook Road Glee Club, Honor Roll " Dottie,” who plans to be a secretary, will never forget Mr. Johnson ' s history IV class, the football, and hockey games. She enjoys ice skating and bowling. Joseph Dickson 164 Overlook Road " Joe’s” plans for next year are not certain. He will re- member his experience with Miss Peck in English IV class. Dorothie Di Corpo 101 Cutter Hill Road Bowling, Glee Club " Dotty ' s ” ambition is to be a medical secretary. Her memories of A. H. S. will al- ways bring Mr. Courtney’s economics classes and the foot- ball games to mind. Anne Marie Dillon 32 Jason Street Honor Roll. Guidance Assistance Anne plans to continue with accounting after her graduation. Mr. Toner ' s classes will remain longest in her memory. She enjoys danc- ing and football games. Page Thirty Richard Dimond 65 Appleton Street " Dick " plans to attend night school to learn about poultry and furbearer’s trade. He will cherish the memory of homework and the good spirit at Arlington High, |am°s C. Dolan 67 Ronald Road " Jim’s " favorite outside ac- tivities are football, baseball, and fishing. Mr. Sexton ' s fourth period aeronautics class will long be remem- bered. Nancy Pamela Di Sciullo 6 " Mt. Vernon Street Bowling, Tennis. Cilbert and Sidlivan. Dra natic Club. Honor Roll Smiling " Nan " has fondest memories of her high school crushes, teachers and class- mates. She most enjoys danc- ing. Next year she will at- tend Boston University. Leo |. Dolan 3 1 Henderson Street Golf Leo’s one and only interest is golf. His plans after grad- uation are uncertain, but we wish him luck in whatever field he chooses. Rosalynne Dodds 106 Webster Street Bowling, Cheerleading, Hon- or Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club Attractive " Roz” will at- tend Wellesley where we know she will succeed. She will never forget her senior year and the fun at football games. Mary E. Donahue 1 1 7 Appleton Street Honor Roll, Basketball, Base- ball. Student Council. G. A. A., " Rec” Committee " Bessie, " who enjoys sports, will attend Jackson College. She will never for- get Miss Bailey’s Fren ' h class and the long climb to chem- istry. Bernard Doherty 27 Menotomy Road Golf " Bernie " plans to attend Boston College. In his leisure time he enjoys playing golf. He will always remember his fourth period aeronaurics class. Eleanor A. Donlon 1 1 Richardson Avenue Tennis Eleanor aspires to be a physical education teacher and is heading for Sargent. Being elbow deep in paints in Mr. Kenney’s art class is her fondest memory of A. H. S. Page Thirty-one Eleanor Marie Donovan 193 Mystic Street Glee Club Vivacious Eleanor will most remember Mr. Johnson’s His- tory IV class and the football games. She will attend Kath- arine Gibbs next year to be- come a secretary. Beatrice M. Doyle 23 Chester Street Chronicle, " Rec” Committee Cheerful " Bea” is heading for college — destination un- known. The " Rec” dances and friends she ' s made will live longest in her memory of A. H. S. Robert Donovon 62 Rawson Road Next year will find " Bob” at Boston College. His favor- ite outside activities include hockey and baseball. " Bob " will always remember Mr. Arthur ' s second period Aero- nautics class. Charlyn Dudley 58 Thorndike Street Gilbert and Sullivan. Chorus New York. Math Instrument Club, New York Charlyn is planning on go- ing to Wheaton. She likes tennis — and what is this about a certain Biology lab in Forest Hills? Edward Thomas Downing 37 Warren Street Honor Roll " Ed ” plans to attend Bent- ley’s School of Accounting to become a C. P. A. He enjoys football, baseball, and danc- ing. He will long remember the " Rec” dances and fun in study hall. Emilet Dumont 26 Sutherland Road Band Emilet will long remember Miss Tabor ' s English III class. Like his twin, he en- joys bowling and baseball. Next year will find him en- rolled at Boston College. Edward |. Downs 83 Lake Street Edward wants to make newspaper work his future profession. He enjoyed at- tending ball games and will longest remember Mr. Burke’s jokes. Best of luck, " Ed”! Paul R. Dumont 26 Sutherland Road Next year will find Paul in Uncle Sam’s Army. Having Mr. Sexton two successive years will be remembered longest. He most enjoys base- ball and bowling. Page Thirty-tu ' o Katherine Dunne 170 Franklin Street G. A. A., Chronicle, Swim- ming, Bowling, Dancing Sparkling " Kay” will fur- ther her education at Kath- leen Dell’s. She enjoys swim- ming and roller skating and will longest remember using Dick Fanning’s locker. John A. Fahniey 146 Rhinecliff Street Orchestra Talented " Johnny’s” ambi- tion is to have his own or- chestra play in a famous New York night club. Vacations will live longest in his fond memories of A. H. S. Muriel Englund 128 Crescent Hill Avenue Honor Roll, Guidance Room Assistant, Orchestra Friendly Muriel plans to attend the Chandler Secre- tarial School to become an air- line hostess. She loves to dance and will long remem- ber Mr. Burke’s witty re- marks. Louise Erhardt 33 Magnolia Street Cheerful " Lou” will take a position as filing and ship- ping clerk next year. She en- joys swimming and bowling. She’ll always remember the wonderful friends she met at A. H. S. Grace Feener 62 Freeman Street G. A. A,, Dramatic Cl ub, Gilbert and Sullivan, Student Council Our friendly, popular " Pea- nut, " who sees a career as a vocalist ahead of her, first plans to get a background at Massachusetts State. She will remember the fun at the " Rec.” Ruth Fereshetian 65 Egerton Road Bowling, Horseback Riding ’Ruthie” says she had a lot of homework in her sen- ior year. She is going to help her brother in his doughnut business after graduating. Page Thirty-three Ruth Erickson 60 Claremont Avenue Honor Roll Smiling Ruth will attend B. U. next year. She enjoys swimming and will long re- member Miss Bailey’s French II class. Best of luck to you, Ruth! Eunice Ferjulian 5 Arlington Street, Cambridge Sophomore Honor Roll, Tennis " Eunie " enjoys horseback riding and ice skating. She will never forget her tortu- rous Chemistry assignments Next fall she will enter Sim- mons to study nursing. Barbara Fields 130 Overlook Road Glee Club, Gilbert attcl Sullivan " Babs, " whose future is yet undecided, will never forget her bus ride to Lynn Classical game in 1945. Dancing and the opposite sex demands much of her time. James Fife 110 Varnum Street Football, Hockey, Honor Roll Due to his outstanding ability as a hockey and foot- ball player, " Jimmy " enjoys coaching teams. An episode in Room 5 will be remem- bered — could it be the chair? Walter J. Finlay, Jr. 113 Irving Street Cheerleader " Wally” is undecided con- cerning his after school ca- reer. He spends his leisure time enjoying sports. He will remember the time Mr. Mor- rill caught him skipping school. John Finlayson 56 Fairmont Street " Mack” is undecided about his future career. His one and only favorite outside ac- tivity is golf. Richard Paul Finn 108 Warren Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Chronicle. Debating Club Richard’s future plans are focused on B. U. where he hopes to study journalism. He enjoyed his Ancient History class best of all. He enjoys collecting " hard-to-get " books. Ann Fitzgerald 260 Rangeley Road Basketball . Bowling, Dramatic Club. G. A. A. Suffolk University is where we will find " Fitz” next year studying to be a copywriter. Memories of A. H. S. will al- ways bring Mr. Kapff’s Math 11 class to her mind. Eugene Fitzgerald 29 Thorndike Street Rifle Club " Fitzy” is headed for a business school in the hope of obtaining a good job. He enjoys football and skating and will remember Mr. Wal- lace’s Business Organization class. Jane Flack 10 Highland Avenue Bowling, Debating Club Jane is headed for Salem where she hopes to study how to become a teacher. She will long remember the A. H. S. football games and Mr. Wal- lace’s Business Organization class. Page T hirty-jour Thomas Ford 90 Kensington Park Ski Club Kathleen Marie Flanagan 49a Fairmont Street Gilbert and Sullivan, R. ' din Club, Glee Club, Guidance Office " Tom” heads for a technical college next year. He is an ar- dent member of the Ski Club. Camping is his favorite out- side activity. " Squeakie,” who likes to create hair styles, hopes to be- come a hairdresser. She en- joys roller skating. The fun she had at Gilbert and Sulli- van will always be remem- bered. Robert ). Flanders 36 Oakland Avenue Rifle Club, Honor Roll " Bob” won ' t forget the fun and friends he had at A. H. S. while he ' s at Annapolis preparing to be an officer. Hockey and hunting occupy his leisure moments. William P. Forristall 41 Kimball Road Hockey " Bill,” an ardent hockey fan, has the Marine Corps in mind for his future. He will always remember the fun he had in Mr. Cavalieri ' s Math class. Anne Flynn 55 Wyman Street G. A, A,, Dramatic Club, Swimming, Bowling After graduation Anne in- tends to further her educa- tion in business relations at Burdett. She will always re- member the interesting teach- ers and wonderful friends at school. Annamae Forsberg 557 Summer Street Chronicle, G. A. A,, Dramatic Club, " Rec " Committee, Year Book Committee, Ski Club " Scottie” plans to train for nursing at Peter Bent Brig- ham Hospital. Camping, sail- ing and canoeing are her fa- vorite pastimes. Lots of luck, " Scottie”! )ohn Foley 143 Mary Street Northeastern is where " Jack " will study civil engi- neering next year. His favor- ite activity is hockey and the fun in Miss Wakefield ' s His- tory class will linger in his memories. Robert Foster 48 F.liot Road " Oz " is headed for M. I. T. to study radio engineering. Amateur radio takes up his snare time. We wish you luck, " Oz " ! Page Thirty-five Paul Fraser 6 Marathon Street Paul, who plans to become a chemical engineer, will en- ter B. C. He enjoys working with gas engines and will al- ways recall the fun in lab. Eugene L. Gallagher 7 Webster Street " Red ” may go to an engi- neering school. He will never forget trying to get into school in the morning on time. Charlotte A. Fredo 9 Webster Street Pnergetic " Chari " will at- tend B. U. to study law or journalism. She enjoys danc- ing, swimming, and bowling, and will never forget Mr. Thompson ' s History 111 class. Frances Gallagher -16 Allen Street Debating Club, Dramatic Club. G. A. A., Latin Club Bowling, Honor Roll " Frannie” is undecided as to a college. She enjoys driv- ing but not when flat tires are involved. She will never for- get her Aeronautics class. Shirley Fountain West Court Terrace Lorraine Fuller 36 Alfred Road Girl Reserve Club. Baseball, Basketball . " As I Like It Club. " Manchester, Conn., Freshman, Junior Year, East Hartford, Conn., Sophomore Year Student Council, Horseback Riding, Gilbert and Sullivan Lorraine plans to attend Lasell to become a medical secretary. She likes dancing and horseback riding, and will never forget the swell times at the " Rec.” Sports and dancing are " Shirl ' s ” choice activities. She will remember the friends she made at A. H. S. Planning to be a nurse, she will at- tend Massachusetts General Hospital. Marion Elizabeth Freeman Irene E. Gallagher 92 Webster Street 152 Park Avenue Extension Glee Club. Dramatic Club, Bowline. Honor Roll Bowling. Dancing, Swimming, Honor Roll " Shortie " is interested in secretarial work, for that is w ' hat she enjoys. She likes swimming, skating, and danc- ing, and will never forget Mr. Burke’s Bookeeping class. Irene is planning to enter the business world, for that is the kind of work she en- joys. She loves to dance and bowl, and will always re- member trying to find her seat in the old hall. Page Thirty -six Doris Calli 12 Grove Street Honor Roll three years, Bas- ketball, Baseball, ’Tennis Man- ager, G. A. A., Guidance Room Assistant Doris is headed for Sar- gent to study physical educa- tion. Fun with the G. A. A. is a memory that will linger long. Baseball and basketball rates first as her outside ac- tivities. Ralph Cerbrands 96 Ronald Road " Gerby’s” favorite activities are skiing and skating. He will never forget the times in Mr. Kroll’s Chem. A class. He plans to attend the U. S. Coast Guard Academy. Good luck! Paul Calvin 19 Perkins Street Next year will find Paul at some prep school. Hockey holds a special interest for him, and he will longest re- member Mr. Skinner’s Phys- ics class. Robert Edward Germain 11 Webcowet Road Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Periclean Borum. " Rec” Committee " Bob " is going to M. 1. T. to become a naval engineer. He is very fond of sailing and skiing and will longest re- member getting into home- room before the last bell. Lorraine Carten 43 Millett Street Lunch Room. Guidance Assistant, Bowling " Shorty” is going to enter the advertising world. She loves to bowl and roller skate. She will always re- member Miss Fitzpatrick ' s History IV class. Elizabeth E. Gilbert 140 Lowell Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Band " Betty’s” clever witticisms are known to almost all of us. She expects to enter the serv- ice of the American Airlines after her ambition of gradua- tion is fulfilled. Betty Jane Celdart 108 Park Avenue Bowling, Riding, Guidance Assistant Betty has plans to attend Mt. Ida, for she wants to be an airline hostess. She is a roller skating and dancing fan and her platonic love affair in Mr. Thompson’s History III class will long be remem- bered. John Ciurleo 118 Rawson Road John’s future alma mater has not been chosen yet. He says that he will forget neith- er Mr. Arthur’s Aero classes nor Mr. Skinner’s Physics class. Page Thirty-seven William A. Cobie 155 Appleton Street " Bill " enjoys riding and fox hunting. He will long re- member his Biology class dis- cussions. Headed toward Cor- nell, he plans to further his knowledge and become a vet- erinarian. John L. Cray 26 Waldo Road " Jack, " who has Dart- mouth in mind for next year, enjoys hockey and baseball. He will never forget Mr. Sex- ton ' s Aeronautics class. David Coguen 41 Cleveland Street " Dave’s” ambition is to at- tend Boston College next year. We wish him luck in his chosen field. Dorothy C. Greenland 38 LaFayette Street " Dot’s " favorite outside ac- tivities are swimming, danc- ing, and bowling. Never will she forget Miss Binnig’s Shorthand class and her hard- earned A’s in her History tests. Lillian Goodman 120 Rublee Street Periclean Forum, Tennis, Roller Skating As " Goody’s” goal is an airline stewardess, she is first going to train at Beth Israel Hospital. She likes roller skating and will remember all the exciting football games. Donald Creim 222 Highland Avenue " Don " says he is undecided as to his plans after gradua- tion, but whatever he chooses we know he ' ll be very suc- cessful. His favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing. Page Thirty-eight Margaret Mary Grady " Fordham Street " Peggy” expects to enter Burdett College to take the secretarial course. Her out- standing recollections are of Mr. Warner ' s Math class. Bowling tops her list as a sport. Natalie Hall 34 Robin Hood Road Student Council Secretary. Ski Club Secretary, Basketball, Baseball, Field Hockey, G. A. A.. Junior Prom Decorating Committee Our blonde haired " Nat” particularly enjoys skiing. The good times she ' s had in her senior year will remain in her memories while she is at- tending Lasell. Richard Hall 2 Jason Street Honor Roll. Track Manager, Two Letters " Dick,” a baseball fan, would like to be a sports writer. His lon ' est remem- brance of A. H. S. will be Mrs. Matthews ' Oral Eng- lish class. Rita Hannah 2 Park Place Orchestra. Band Rita will study at Lowell State Teachers College next year. She enjoys music and bicycling and w ' ill never for- get Miss Warden’s Music 11 class. William Hall 112 Park Avenue " Bill” plans to attend Massachusetts State because he is interested in landscape architecture. Hockey is his favorite sport. He will re- member his Mechanical Draw- ing classes. Lila Hanson 16 Windsor Street Dramatic Club, Guidance Roo?n Assistant. Bowling, Tennis Because she likes business, Lila intends to go to the Pierce Secretarial School. She will long remember Mr. Burke ' s jokes and prefers swimming to any other sport. Donald Hamilton 18 Webster Street Letter in Baseball " Don” Hamilton hopes to be a state cop. He liked bowling and baseball most of all and will never forget all the books he has carried home. Grace A. Haroutunian 182 Forest Street " Grade” thinks being a beautician is very interest- ing and hopes to become one. Her favorite outside ac- tivities are bowling, photog- raphy, and roller skating. William Hamilton, Jr. 152 Brooks Avenue Fonthall. Gilbert and Sulli- van. Orchestra. Student Council Our energetic leader of the Arcadians, Hammy,” has hopes of becoming a great musician. He will long remember the fun he had in Mr. Kappfs Algebra 1 class. Arlene Harrison 50 Cleveland Street Bowling. Guidance Room Assistant. Badminton Arlene selects dancing as her favorite outside activity. She will remember longest the years spent in Mr. Ton- er’s classes. Page Thirty-nine Audrey Hatzakorzian 90 Webster Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Bowling. Honor Roll, Guid- ance Room Assistant " Happy” would like to do secretarial work. Among her favorite pastimes are bowl- ing and swimming, and she will always remember Miss Binnig ' s discussions during lunch. Joseph Heaney 17 Paul Revere Road Periclean Forum, Dramatic Club, Chronicle One who will remember Miss Peck’s junior English class is " Joe,” who is plan- ning to take a business course at Boston College. He enjoys horseback riding and football. Ronald Hayes 46 Fairmont Street Football three years " Bugs,” one of our out- standing football players, leaves to try his luck in the trucking business. He recalls how he waited in vain on the second floor before school. Joan Heeger 1 1 Harlow Street G. A. A., Field Hockey, Ten- nis, Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee The attractive white uni- forms and the need for do- ing good have lured petite Joanie to the Forsythe Den- tal School. Always to be re- membered are the secret meetings of the E. M. R. Club. Paul Hcaly 35 Fayette Street " Boots” plans to attend Tufts. His favorite outside activities are swimming, hockey and bowling. He will always remember Mr. Sex- ton’s Algebra classes. Marilyn Henderson 25 Locke Street Bowling " Lynn’s” aim is to be a medical secretary, so she is going to Westbrook Junior College. Never to be for- gotten are the memories of Miss Krastin ' s English class. Virginia Healy 239 Gray Street G. A. A., Field Hockey. Base- ball. Basketball . Student Council, Rec Committee Popular " Jinny,” our sportsloving G. A. A. secre- tary is headed for Bouve where she will study physio- therapy. She will never forget the successful bond rally and amateur show. Barbara Higgins 73 Henderson Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Dimples” has always en- joyed sewing, therefore she is going to a dress making school. She’ll always remem- ber the English teachers she had. Page Forty Richard P. Hight 8 Old Mystic Street Honor Roll for last three years " Buzz” is buzzing toward M. I. T. to study to be a metallurgical engineer. He ' ll always remember his sodium explosion in Mr. Miller ' s Chem. class. Mary Frances Horne 216 Summer Street Swimming, Tennis " Mazie ' s” ambition is to be a beautician, so ' Wilfred Academy is her choice for a school. Her favorite activi- ties are dancing and horse- back riding. John Hill 184 Pleasant Street " Jake,” our future Harvard student, will remember long- est working on the cash reg- isters in the lunchroom. His favorite activities are swim- ming and sailing. Rosemary F. Howe 20 High Haith Road Periclean Forum. Chronicle. G. A. A.. Tresedcim Fortu- wati, Bowling, Tennis Active " Tiny” intends to prepare to be a teacher. Be- sides dancing at the " Ret,” she will always remember Miss Round ' s senior Latin class the longest. Barbara Hoey 413 Summer Street Treasurer of Rec, Badminton, Bowling, Dancing " Sandy,” our popular " Rec” treasurer, likes best to dance and to go on bike rides. Longest to remain m her memories are the three years spent in Mr. Toner ' s classes. Robert ). Hoye 1 Lanark Road " Bob” has always enjoyed acting; therefore he’s head- ing for Notre Dame to study it. His favorite outside ac- tivities are playing football and dancing. Margaret Hogan 172 Franklin Street Bowling, Tennis Ambitious " Peggy " longs to be a private secretary, so she is going to the Peirce Secretarial School. She’ll never forget the football and hockey games. Edith Hughes 28 Edmund Road Tennis, Bowling ' Edie’s” big ambition is being a secretary. Her fa- vorite activities are tennis, bowling, swimming, and horseback riding. She will never forget Miss Binnig ' s Shorthand class. Page Forty-one Albert M. Hutchinson !2 Gray Street Airminded " Abbie” plans to become a confectioner. Along with skiing, golf, and dancing he enjoys the jokes in Mr. Arthur ' s Aeronautics class most. Phyllis lllyes 22 Devereaux Street Periclean Forinn. Skiing, Skating " Phyl " is heading for Katharine Gibbs and will be- come a secretary. Her favor- ite activities are skiing and skating, and she will long remember the football games. Catherine A. Impey 26 Swan Place Horseback Riding, Bowling, Dancing " Kay” hopes to make a good office worker. She most enjoys dancing and movies and will alw ' ays remember Miss Binnig’s Shorthand class, along with Slattery ' s. Edwin Inglis 169 Mt. Vernon Street Manager Football " Neddie ' s” interest in ex- ecutive work will take him to Boston University. His favorite sports are baseball, hockey, and football, and he will never forget trying " o get homework in on time. Robert B. Jacobson 9 Magnolia Street Stamp Club. Student Council, Sophomore Robert hopes to be a phar- macist after going to Massa- chusetts College of Phar- macy. He liked best going to hockey games and will never forget his two years with Mr. Eaton. Patricia Jefferson 22 Amsden Street Bowling, Tennis, Basketball " Pat,” who plans to attend Fisher’s School, hopes to be a secretary. Her favorite ac- tivity is horseback riding. She will always remember her studies in the hall. Earlene Jenkins 545 Summer Street Bowling, Swimming. Badminton " Jinks” will become a nurse at Laurence Memorial because she likes to help sick people. She will long re- member the Proms in her sophomore year and the " Rec.” J. Montgomery Joel 68 Grandview Road Orchestra. Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council. Track. Gilbert and Sullivan, Band Because " Monty” likes music, he will attend B. U. School of Music. His favor- ite activity is dancing. He will cherish all memories of the " Rec.” Page Forty-two Dorothy Jones 1 5 Thesda Street Field Hockey Captain, G. A. A. Because of her ardent in- terest in current fashions, our chic field hockey captain plans to attend a school of fashion. " Dotty” will never forget the different fads that the girls of A. H. S. dreamed up, and we don ' t wonder! William Keddy 60 Mt. Vernon Street Boston Architectural Cen- ter will welcome " Bill,” who plans to study drafting. Good luck! Longest remembered will be his first day as a sophomore. That we under- stand! Optimistic " Bill” also hopes to remember gradua- tion. Phillip Jones 22 Glen Avenue " Phil, " who has no plans for the future as yet, likes football and hockey. Mr. Thompson ' s History classes will remain longest in his memory. Robert R. Kelleher 20 Bow Street " Rec” Vice President, Dra- matic Club, Honor Roll " Bob” is going to North- eastern to study engineering. Vice president of the " Rec” committee, he will long re- member the Friday night dances. Bernice Kane 49 Tanager Street A nice surprise for Kath- arine Gibbs will be " Bern- ie s ’ arrival in September. She will never forget stand- ing by the statue in front of Room 24 every morning. In- teresting companions, statues, n ' est-ce pas? Barbara Kelley 104 Medford Street Dramatic Club, Basketball, Baseball, G. A. A. A career as air hostess will be awaiting " Barb” after graduation from Regis. ' We sincerely hope you don ' t get airsick! ! The secret of how she passed her finals will be fondly remembered — " line forms on the right!” Lester Karp 33 Grandview Road Honor Roll. Debating Club " Les” is going to be a Harvard man " and then head for the hardware business. Remembered longest will be the stories told by Mr. Mor- rill after poor work done in Math tests. We thoroughly agree! ! Eileen Kelley 3 Plymouth Street Honor Roll Eileen, who wants to at- tend a good finishing school, has decided on Katharine Gibbs. She likes skating, and it seems that April 1, 1946, is very special. Page Forty-three Richard Kenney 85 Forest Street " Dick” plans to attend Boston University to become a history teacher. Basketball, swimming, and football are his favorite outside inter- ests. He will never forget Miss Warden ' s Spanish 1 class. Dan Keohane 2 ! Warren Street Rifie Club " Koke " is going to Frank- lin Institute to become an electrician. He likes hunting and will always remember the bus ride to the ’45 Lynn Classical game. Walter Kenney 2 1 Devereaux Street Boston College is " Walt’s” destination. He enjoys base- ball, hockey, and sw ' im- ming. He will longest re- member his first day at A. H. S. and going to the as- sembly hall. Theresa Keohane 6 Warren Street Bouling, Basketball, G. A. A. " Terry” wants to become a medical secretary and is go- ing to college to further her education. She likes bowling and roller skating as well as the football games. Evelyn Card Kenniston 15 Farmer Road " Evie” is headed for the secretarial held in order that Miss Bmnig’s slaving to teach her shorthand won’t go to waste. The 1944 football game will linger longest in her memory. Why? ? Charles Kent 77 Brattle Street Football. Baseball, Basketball, Honor Roll, Spy Pond A. C., Track " Charlie” wants to be a coach and is heading for Harvard. He likes football best, and the ’44 Arlington vs. Melrose football game holds certain memories. Charles King 76 Magnolia Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Charlie” is uncertain as to his future plans, but we do know that he likes sports. He enjoyed participating in all the Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals. Winifred C. Kirsis 32 Hawthorne Avenue " Winnie,” a flyer at heart, plans to attend Skidmore. She spends most of her spare time flying and hopes to work for an airline. Page Forty-four Ralph Edward Knobel 54 Kensington Park Manager of Football Team Ralph, our able manager of the football team, has en- joyed this work immensely during the past two years. He plans to attend college to further his education. Lorett-a Kraff 623 Summer Street Dramatic Club. Lunchroom Loretta ' s favorite outside activities are bowling and ice-skating. She’ll never for- get Mr. Toner’s Typing 1 class. To further her educa- tion she will attend a secre- tarial school. Marion Kranefuss 47 Bartlett Avenue Next year will find " Mit- ty” at Fay Business School. Ice-skating and swimming are favorites with her. She’ll always remember April 1, 1946. Thelma Kreem 25 Lake Street Marilyn Mary Knowles 1426 Massachusetts Avenue Softball. A-Y-A Rifle Club ”Mal” would like to be a comptometer operator. Base- ball, bowling, and ice-skating are her favorite outside ac- tivities. She will never forget Mr. Ostergren ' s Bookeeping class in her sophomore year. Lucille Kord 46 Grafton Street Dramatic Club. Chronicle, G. A. A.. Honor Roll. Ten- nis, " Rec” Committee. Year Book Committee. Student Guest of the W ' oman ' s Club It’s Wellesley for Lucille to become a French inter- preter. She will long re mem- ber the secret meetings of the E. M. R. and the fun she had with Marion Mahoney in their junior English class. Nathaniel Kosak 6l Walnut Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club " Nat’s” future plans are to enter Tufts or to enlist in the Navy. Driving and swimming are his favorite ac- tivities. He’ll never forget his sophomore Math class. Because Thelma likes travel and meet people, she intends to be an air-line hos- tess. Her outside interests in- clude bowling and swim- ming. Michael E. Labriola 112 Medford Street Debating Club. Dramatic Club " Mike” is heading for Tufts to study in the in- teresting held of medicine. He likes football and also enjoyed meeting people throughout his school days. Page Forty-five Barbara Ladd 6 Bartlett Avenue Dramatic Club. Bowling, Senior Life Saving " Barby” is yet undecided about the college she will at- tend. Skating and swimming are tops with her. She will always remember the hard time she had trying to re- member hat she will always remember. Miriam Ladd Bartlett Avenue Dramatic Club, Bottling, Swimming " Mimi,” who likes to swim and dance, is undecided about what college she will attend. She will long remember Mr. Burke’s jokes and the many friends she has had at A. H. S. Lorene A. Lambert 1()7 Milton Street Cheerleader. Dramatic Club, Baseball, Gilbert and Sullivan, Bowling Popular " Rene " will go to Katharine Gibbs to study secretarial work. Dancing is her favorite activity, and she will never forget the " Rec” or the football dances. Elna C. Larson 98 Bow Street Bottling, Swimming, G. A. A. " El” plans to become a stenographer. Her favorite outside activity is bike rid- ing. She will remember Miss Binnig’s Stenography classes and Mr. Burke ' s jokes. Barbara Lake 121 Mr. Vernon Street Robert ). Lally 29 Crescent Hill Avenue Football " Bob” is undecided as to his destination after gradu- ation. He likes football, ten- nis, and baseball. He will always remember the fun he had with Ed Palmer and " Finn " on the white horse. Page Forty-stx Baseball, Basketball . Or- chestra. G. A. A., Flockey " Barbs” is heading for Sargent to take up physical education. She enjoys all sports and will long remem- ber Miss Round ' s Latin tlass. Cail Larson 13 Woodland Street Dramatic Club, Bowling, Swimming " Butch” is going to Chandler to study to be a medical secretary. Dancing is her favorite activity. She will always remember her friends at A. H. S. Richard Lauritzen 38 Newport Street " Rich” is headed for some engineering school, as yet un- chosen. The boys in Mr. KapfPs Algebra 1 class will be longest remembered. Why the boys? Jane Ellen Leary 361 Massachusetts Avenue Field Hockey, Basketball, G. A. A., Baseball Athletic Jane is going to Skidmore to become a medi- cal secretary. Jane likes swimming and sailing. She will never forget the girls’ locker room after basketball practice. Marilyn Leslie 72 Chandler Street Guidance Room Marilyn ' s favorite activities are dancing and horseback riding. She will remember the crowded street cars where she received many a iaugh and many a bump. Mary Leary 85 Paul Revere Road Bonding, Tennis Fondly remembered by Mary will be the easy ( ? ) homework, the dire results of cooking, and apple eating in the library — some fun, eh? Headed for Bryant and Stratton, she intends to pre- pare for a medical secretarial career. Janet M. Lewis 215 Highland Avenue G. A. A., Chronicle, Dramatic Club Next year will see " Janie” at Framingham Teacher’s College, where she plans to study home economics. Swim- ming and bowling are her favorites. She will remember the Junior Prom. Ann V. Leighton 153 Palmer Street Baseball Ann is going to Bentley’s next year. Toboggannmg is her favorite activity. She’ll long remember Mr. Burke’s jokes. Creta Lexander 41 Mt. Vernon Street Tennis Team, Dramatic Club. Senior Life Saving Greta is undecided con- cerning her future plans. She is an enthusiastic sports fan and particularly enjoys swimming and tennis. Philip Leone 23 Silk Street Chronicle. Book Room Helper " Phil” would like to be a journalist, although he is go- ing to join the Marine Corps. Among other things " Phil” likes dancing, bowl- ing, and football. He’ll al- ways remember Mr. Skin- ner’s jokes. John Ligor 65 Wollaston Avenue Lunch Room John is going to study business administration at Boston University. He likes basketball and football. His first days at A. H. S. will al- ways stand out in his mem- ory. jean Lindvall 27 Eliot Road Riding Club, Dramatic Club, Ski Club. Siiiniming, G. A. A. Next year Jean will be off to Colby Junior College to study to be a medical tech- nologist. Swimming and dancing are her favorites. She will remember Miss Jewett ' s Biology class. Irene A. Lopez 17 Bates Road " Rec” Committee. Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Guidance Room Assistant " Chuckle’s plans to at- tend Katharine Gibbs school to study to be a secretary. The " Rec " is her favorite outside activity. She will remember the Junior Prom. Robert Lombard 29 Newport Street Chronicle Next year will see " Bob” at Franklin Tech. Institute, studying photography. His favorite outside activity is taking pictures. He will re- member Mr. Sandberg’s shop. Patricia Jean Lundgren 222 Broadway Gilbert and Sullivan " Pat " our promising song- bird and enthusiastic Gilbert and Sullivan member, will longest remember the open- ing night of the operetta and her attempts to read Mr. Morrill’s shorthand on ap- pointment slips. Verna London 3 1 Amsden Street G. A. A., Bottling, Tennis Verna would like to smdy fashion designing and illus- trating. She is a dancing fan and will always remember trying to get to school be- fore the last bell. Donald Lynch 27 Burch Street " Don,” who likes all sports, will never forget the two weeks of hobbling up and down stairs on crutches. He wants to further his edu- cation at a business school. Rita Long 43 Melrose Street Rita will attend Katharine Gibbs to study secretarial work. Dancing is her favor- ite outside activity. She will cherish all memories of the " Rec.” Barbara Lyons 6 Lennon Road Bowling Barbara, whose plans for the future are still undecided, will never forget her junior year. As an outside activity she enjoys swimming. Page Forty-eight John Lyons i 9 Massachusetts Avenue Johnny, whose favorite outside activity is flying with the C. A. P., has no definite plans for the future. His graduation will stand out longest in his memory. Jeanne MacKay 734 Massachusetts Avenue Field Hockey. Chronicle, G. A. A. Jeanne would like to be- come a court stenographer. Her favorite activities are bowling and dancing. The football games will stand out in her memories of A. H. S. Coval MacDonald 31 Fountain Road " Mac,” a future engineer, has already been offered an excellent position. A swim- ming and roller skating en- thusiast, he will remember preparing oxygen in lab. with John McLean. Jeanne Marie MacKenzie 27 Wollaston Avenue Chronicle, Year Book, Guid- ance Room Assistant, Bowl- ing, Swimming, Tennis Jeanne, who bowls as a pastime, plans to attend Boston University to study to be a medical secretary. She will long remember her jun- ior year and Miss Wake- field ' s History IV class. Lorraine MacDonald 10 Marathon Street Drum Majorette ( Band ) " Lorry” likes roller skat- ing best of all her outside activities. She will long re- member History with Mr. Downs and Problems of De- mocracy with Mr. Fusco. Joan MacKichan 46 Alpine Street Honor Roll, Tennis Joannie, who will long re- member Mr. Sampson’s Math II class, is going to study nursing at Simmons. She en- joys roller skating more than any other activity. Norman MacFarlane 35 Cleveland Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Mac” plans to study to be a minister at Gordon. As an outside activity he enjoys roller skating. He’ll always remember breaking test tubes in lab. Cosmo Magliozzi 29 Milton Street Cosmo has no definite plans but may attend some evening school. He hopes never to forget Mr. Sexton’s jokes in Aeronautics and Mr. Skinner’s stories in Physics. Page Forty-nine Mildred jean Magnuson 39 Hayes Street Gilbert and Sullivan " Millie " may go to Lasell but is undecided as to a ca- reer. She will never forget Miss Wakefield’s period VI History class in her junior year. Robert Magnuson 12 Prospect Avenue " Maggie” has plans of go- ing to Upsala College, New Jersey. He especially likes golf and hockey and will never forget Mr. Kapff ' s Solid and Trig class. John Mahon 1 Claremont Court John plans to be a com- mercial artist. Much of his spare time is spent playing football and swimming. Helen Mahoney 61 Webster Street Tennis. Bowling Helen is a roller skating and dancing fan. She will longest remember the fun in Mr. Wallace’s Business Or- ganization class. 1 Marion Mahoney 19 Central Street Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, G. A. A.. Dramatic Club Marion plans to be a med- ical secretary. She is very fond of skating and swim- ming and will never forget sitting behind Lucille Kord in her junior English class. Dorothy Maloney 145 Medford Street Tennis, Swimming (Life Sav- ing ) , Skating. Basketball, Field Hockey, G. A. A. " Dot, " who plans to at- tend some junior college, de- lights in dancing and swim- ming. She’ll always remem- ber her new friends and Mr. Kapff’s Math class. Louise Manning 1 68 Palmer Street G. A. A., Swimming Louise is headed for B. U. where she plans to become a medical secretary. She will never forget the studies in the old Hall or the fun she had spending her summers at Alton Bay. Shirley Mansfield 32 Grandview Road Bowling, Tennis Shirley intends to enter the insurance business where we know she will make good. She will never forget Mr. Wallace’s and Mr. Burke’s jokes. Page Fifty Vincent N. Marafino 49 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll " Vinnie’s” goal is Tufts after which he intends to start some business. He will always remember his sopho- more homeroom! Donald Marsh 12 Windermere Avenue " Don” plans to attend Harvard. He enjoys sports of all descriptions. He will always remember the char- acteristics of the different students met at A. H. S. Rose Ann Marcellino 36 Dorothy Road Honor Roll Rose will never forget all the homework she did in her senior year. She is headed for Kathleen Dell’s School, where she plans to become a secretary. Edward Hilton Marsh 27 Windsor Street " Ed” plans to go to Tufts and later into business for himself. Football and base- ball are his favorites. He will remember Mr. Eaton ' s Math classes. Richard Marcy 16 Cornell Street Richard is bound for B. U. to study journalism. His favorite pastime is baseball I and he hopes never to for- ! get the two years spent in [ Mr. Kapffs Math classes. I Amy Marshall 13 Mount Vernon Street Bowling, Tennis " Twinie” plans to attend Simmons to learn to be a medical secretary. She loves to attend hockey games. She will always remember her junior year. Mariorie Marquedant 32 Michael Street Paulina Martin 38 Warren Street Maggie’s” main ambition in life is to be a stenographer. She enjoys all high school games. She will always re- member Miss Binnig’s sopho- more homeroom. " Polly ' s” ambition is to be a nurse. Her favorite activi- ties are skating and dancing. She will always remember the " Red Devils’ ” football games. Page Fifty-one Russell Mason 1 1 Orlando Avenue " Russ " plans to attend Boston College to get an ed- ucation. He enjoys all sports. He will always remember the 1944 Melrose game. John R. McCarthy 45 Trowbridge Street Honor Roll three years M. I. T. and engineering are part of " Bob’s” future plans. He likes skiing and will always remember his first day in A. H. S. after coming from another high school. Hugh Carlton Maxwell 127 Lowell Street Honor Roll, Swimming Hugh can ' t decide about his future, but he knows he ' ll remember his review Math class with Mr. Eaton. ' We wish him success in what- ever he does. Anne McCurdy 16 Avon Street, Cambridge G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Horseback Riding, Gilbert and Sullivan. Fine Arts, Chronicle " Robin’s” goal is Cornell. Her favorite outside activity is dancing to the Arcadians’ version of ' Stardust.” John Paul McAdoo 61 Bartlett Avenue " Mac” has no particular plan after graduation, but we wish him luck in what- ever he does. He likes sports and will never forget the football games. Phyllis McCuthcon 11 Rhinecliff Street Honor Roll, Tennis, Bowling " Phyl” plans to attend Wheelock College. She likes dancing and roller skating, and will long remember Mr. Warner’s Math classes. Page Fifty-two James McCarthy 20 Russell Terrace " Skeets” wants to be a salesman and follow in his father ' s footsteps. His favor- ite sport is hockey, and he will long remember Mr. Skinner’s Physics class. Richard McDonough 6 Thorndike Street The Aeronautics classes ap- peal to " Dick,” w’ho plans to attend Boston College. Golf and hockey rate high- est as his favorite sports. David McCavern 37 Coolidge Road Gilbert and Sullivan " Dave” is heading for art school after graduation. He will never forget Mrs. Bray, his English teacher, and the nights he sang in the Gil- bert and Sullivan operettas. Ellen McLaughlin I6l Mystic Street Rec. Committee, Glee Club, Honor Roll Ellen has hopes of entering Simmons. She enjoyed her work as a member of the " Rec” committee, and her favorite outside activity is swimming. Lo uise McCillivary 76 Claremont Avenue Hockey. Baseball, Basketball, G. A. A. " McGill,” one of our top athletes, plans to enter Bouve. Best of luck, as you are sure to succeed. Louise enjoyed most Mr. Warner’s Math classes. John McLean 825 Concord Turnpike John plans to go to Tufts to take chemical engineering. His favorite sport is bowling. He will never forget the fun in Mr. Miller’s Chem. lab. Patricia McGrath 15 Jason Terrace Field Hockey, G. A. A. Chronicle Vivacious " Pat” will make a fine private secretary for some lucky person. Her favorite activity is dancing, and she ' ll never forget all the parties in her high school career. Beverly Ann McMurray 146 Lowell Street Honor Roll. Rifle Club " Bev” is heading for Simmons and hopes to work in a Chem. lab. She will long remember the " Rec” and fun in Mr. Miller’s Chem. class. Teresa McGuire 66 River Street Teresa wants to manage a grocery store, and it certainly sounds like interesting work. She enjoyed most her history class in her Junior year. Ruth Mead 49 Wollaston Avenue Roller Skating Figure Club " Ruthie”, we all know, is a member of the Roller Skating Figure Club. She likes swimming and will never forget her Math class. Page Fifty-three lean Merrill 29 Acton Street Bowling Jean has no definite plans about her future yet. She likes dancing, especially at the well known " Rec”, also, meetings outside Room 5 after school. Phyllis Merrill 46 Hillside Avenue Field Hockey. Basketball. Soft- ball. Ski Club. G. A. A. Senior Board Member, Honor Roll " Phil” plans to go to Katherine Gibbs. Sbe took part in all sport activities and will long remember the fun in the girls locker room. Robert Mezonis 47 Edgerton Road " Bob” wants a job with plenty of money, and we are sure he will try to attain one. His favorite outside activity is hockey. Richard Milley 226 Washington Street Dick isn ' t sure of his future plans, but we do know he likes football and hockey. His ex- periences in Mr. Arthur’s Printing classes were really fun. Katherine L. Mitchell 12 Palmer Street G. A. A., Bowling, Glee Club Sparkling " Kay” like her twin, plans to attend Framing- ham State for preparation in the field of interior decorating. " Kay” will best remember Mr. Petralia ' s Spanish II class. Nancy |. Mitchell 12 Palmer Street G. A. A., Glee Club, Bowling Framingham State will wel- come vivacious " Mitch” who plans a career of grammar school teaching. Good luck " Mitch”! Best remembered in her high school career will be Mr. Petralia’s Spanish II class. Thomas Monahan 252 Wachusett Avenue President of Debating Club. Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Indoor Track, Cross Country, Band, Chronical Tommy plans to attend Bos- ton University in preparation for a career as a salesman. He is a member of the " Order of De Molay.” He will best remember Mr. Eaton ' s Math 111 class. Roger A. Monast 44 Mary Street Rifle Club, Rec. Best remembered of Roger ' s high school career, will be Mr. Lowder’s Gym classes and Mr. Sampson’s Math classes. He plans to enter the Bakery Con- cessions and Trucking busi- ness of his father. Page Fifty- four Fred Montuori 107 Wildwood Avenue Fred plans to attend North- eastern to study Civil Engi- neering. Best remembered in his high school career, besides homework, will be his trouble in finding Ten Acres in Prom night. H. Lawrence Mullen 45 Tufts Street Golf, Chronical A promising prospective salesman is Larry, whose fav- orite outside activities are golf and dancing. Longest remem- bered of his A. H. S. career will be the many good times had between lunches and at the dances. Michael Moranian 24 Newland Road " Mike” is going into the Army Corps. He enjoys all sports, especially football and baseball. He liked Mr. Sex- ton ' s Algebra class. Robert Mulvihill 150 Mary Street " Muff " will enter North- eastern in preparation for a draftsman’s career. Longest remembered will be the laugh- ter enjoyed in Mr. Kapff’s Math II and III classes. Paul Mottia 79 Newport Street Longest remembered in " Bean’s ” career at A. H. S. will be Miss Taber’s English III Class and Mr. Arthur’s jokes. He ' s undecided whether to attend B. C. or to continue in the printing business. Myra Murchison 53 Newcomb Street Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Bowling. Swimming, Tennis Myra aspires to a career as a secretary in which we know she will be successful. Best remembered of her high school career will be Mr. Burke’s jokes. William Muello 69 Newport Street Poothall, Baseball, Hockey. Track. Basketball , Honor Roll " Moose” intends to become a salesman. Hockey, football, and baseball take up most of his time outside of school. Edward Murphy 7 Dartmouth Street Eddie, who wanted to in- clude homework as a school activity, and why not? — in- tends to go to B. C. Hockey and baseball take up most of his time. Page Fifty-five Patricia Murphy 168 Park Avenue Swimming, Bowling " Pat " will long remember Miss Kelly’s History IV class and the Thursday night club. Whatever she decides to do, we wish her lots of luck. Cary Nelson 20 Grandview Road Gary will take up drafting at Northeastern next year. His favorite pastime is bowling and traveling. Thomas Murphy 48 Fairmont Street Track " Murph ' s” goal is B. C. He spends his leisure time playing hockey, baseball, football, and golf. He ' ll always have a fond memory of Miss Rounds. Norma C. Neves 88 Oxford Street Bowling, Chronicle, Skating We congratulate Norma on her outstanding record of per- fect attendance for three years. Secretarial study at Burdette’s Business College is her ambition. Mary Joyce Myers 10 Parker Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Tennis " Joycie” will always remem- ber rhe wonderful Glee Club. In order to become a private secretary she plans to attend a secretarial school after grad- uation. Charles L. Nugent 22 Sutherland Road Baseball Charlie wants to make Holy Cross his future address. He likes all sports, especially base- ball, and will never forget Miss Shedd’s French class. Virginia M. Natale 72 Everett Street Bowling, Skating " Ginny” is looking forward to Mount Ida next year. Her ambition is to be an air stewardess. She enjoys horse- back riding, and she will remember the " sufficient” homework assigned at A. H. S. Richard Ockerbloom 194 Park Avenue President of Senior Class Basketball, Baseball, Student Council, Honor Roll (3) Next year will see " Ockie” at Boston College, majoring in Chemistry. His favorite ac- tivity is eating. He will have fond memories of Mr. Miller’s lab classes. Page Fifty-six Joseph L. O’Connor 100 Highland Avenue Chronicle " Joe” our up and coming camera man, who enjoyed " Mr. and Mrs.” while at A. H. S., will continue in the field of photography after graduation. Mary O’Connor 51 Coolidge Road Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, G. A. A. Chronicle Mary, lover of football games. Miss Peck’s class, clubs, and sports, is slated for Salem with the goal of being a commercial teacher. David Lindbergh Olson 12 Margaret Street Ski Club A sailor at heart, " Dave” will attend Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Like many others, he enjoyed those unforgettable evenings at the " Rec.” Thomas O’Neil 17 Devereaux Street Tom hopes that Boston College will be his Alma Mater. He will long remem- ber his many escapades with Fred. Amelia Oppedisano 75 Decatur Street Baseball Petite Amelia, the air minded lass, is to take to the skies — an air hostess. Inci- cidentally, she loves photo- graphy and baseball. C. Jean Ortolano 8 Bowdoin Street Honor Roll, Glee Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Chronicle Jean is going to train for secretarial work at Katherine Gibbs. Bowling, swimming, and skiing are tops with her. Patricia Osborne 42 Dorothy Road Swimming, Bowling, Roller Skating " Pat’s” future ambition is to be a secretary. She enjoys both swimming and roller skating and will never forget the Junior Prom. Pauline O’Sullivan 16 Russell Street Chronicle Editor Two Years. Rec Committee, Year Book Committee, Dramatic Club, Pericleans, Ski Club, G. A. A., Debating Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Polly” wants to study journalism at B. U. She is well known to everyone for the grand job she did as editor of the Chronicle. Page Fifty-seven Elmo Pacini 1 296a Massachusetts Avenue Elmo hopes to become an architectural draftsman thro- ugh his studies at Wentworth Institute. He likes basket- ball and will long remember those lunchroom discussions. Anne Pascuito 86 Fairmont Street Bowling Ann wants to study to be a medical secretary at Sim- mons. She will never forget her conversations with Air. Thompson. John Paige 8 Walnut Terrace Honor Roll I and 11. Lunch Room Cashier, Periclean " Jack” hopes to attend M. I. T. His favorite activity is bowling. He will always re- member Miss Barry’s French II class. Joan Paton 15 Iroquois Road Honor Roll. Honorary Alem- ber of Woman’s Club Badminton Joan wants to train as a laboratory technician at Sim- mons. She likes sports of all descriptions and will always remember her studies in the Hall. Edward Palmer 6 Perkins Street " Eddy” hopes to make Har- vard his future address. He likes all professional sports and old " jalopies,” too. Naomi Palmer 22 Evans Way, Boston Editor of Year Book, Honor Roll. Member of Woman ' s Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Field Hockey, Basketball, Glee Club Naomi plans to attend Smith. She will never for- get commuting with the W. P. A. every morning. Her outside interests include ice- skating and hockey games. David Perley 1 1 Ashland Street. " Dave” is going to Mass. Alaritime Academy. He wants to be an admiral! Bowling is his favorite sport. He will remember Miss Barry’s French classes. Alfred Perry 28 Silk Street Dramatic Club, Chronicle " Fred” wants to study commercial designing. Bowl- ing and drawing are his fav- orite activities. He will re- member the friends he made at A. H. S. He enjoyed espec- ially Mr. Kenney’s classes. Page Fifty-eight Dorothy Perry 55 Finley Street " Dotty”, whose favorite pastime is dancing, will al- ways remember all the grand fun she had at the " Rec” dances. Allan Polleys 1 1 Academy Street Stamp Club (Secretary) Rifle Club " Al " plans to attend Tufts to become a dental surgeon. He likes baseball and the " Rec.” He will always re- member the way Mr. Sampson handles his beloved Micros- cope in Room 36. Ethel Pickell 193 Jason Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Ethel plans to attend Sim- mons. Her favorite activity is dancing at the " Rec” and at the Totem Pole, — and she will never forget Mr. Eaton. Paul M. Portanova 25 Kimball Road " Port” is a fan of the Bos- ton Red Sox and the Braves. He will longest remember the fun he had with his high school friends. Grace P. Pitts 47 Eliot Road " Red” who wants to be an air stewardess, plans to attend Mt. Ida. Her favorite activity is dancing. She will remem- ber Miss Campbell ' s Cooking classes. Ralph C. Porter 85 High Haith Road. Spring Track, Indoor Track, Cross Country, Chronicle Debating Club, Ski Club Swifty, who enjoyed the daily chuckles in Mr. Kapff’s Math class, and is incidentally, quite a track man, plans to attend Tufts Dental. Sarah Polimeni 84 Cleveland Street Glee Club " Dolly”would like to be- come an office worker. She enjoys dancing, and getting to school before the homeroom teacher did will stand out in her memories of A. H. S. Joseph Porzio 3 1 Lafayette Street Track, Baseball Basketball . Tootball, Lunch Room Cashier " Joe” is interested in sports of all kinds. He will always remember his Friday sixth period studies with Miss Tewksbury in his Junior year. Page Fifty-nine Louise Pothier 119 Palmer Street Bowling Louise would like to be- come a clerical worker. She enjoys swimming and roller- skating, and she will always remember Miss Peck ' s Eng- lish class. Anne Proudfoot 17 Jean Road G. A. A. Anne’s destination is Bridgewater where she will learn to be a kindergarten teacher. She likes to swim and bowl, and she will always remember the Senior Prom. Robert C. Pothier 22 Bowdoin Street Honor Roll Bob plans to enter M. I. T. to study nuclear Physics. His favorite outside interests are hockey, swimming, and foot- ball. He will never forget Mr. Kenny and his Art classes. Lorraine Quinn 26 Jason Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Lorraine is going to fur- ther her secretarial ability at Miss Pierce’s. Dancing is her favorite outside interest. The football dances will always be remembered in her mem- ories of A. H. S. Dorothy Powers 43 Phillpis Street Ciirls Athletic Association, Guidance Dept. Assit,, Basket- ball After graduation " Dot” is headed for Kathleen Dell’s. Her outside activities include ice-skating and swimming. She will longest remember the fun in Gym class. Joseph E. Reale 41 A Dudley Street " Joe” is a Brooklyn Dodgers’ fan. Football, base- ball, and basketball are among his favorite sports. He will always remember Mr. ' Wall- ace’s Business Organization class. Emilio Princiotta 94 Egerton Road. " Mimi” plans to attend the Massachusetts Maritime Acad- emy as he wants to be an admiral. Girls, swimming, and the State Guard are his favorite outside interests. He will longest remember the " Rec” dances. Roberta Ann Reay 30 Swan Place Bowling " Bert " is going into secre- tarial work and should suc- ceed after the way she passed in all that shorthand home- work. Her favorite activities are swimming and bowling. Page Sixty Agnes M. Rockett 96 Westmoreland Avenue Marilyn Ritchie 516 Summer Street Agnes plans to attend Les- ley College to become a kin- dergarten teacher. Her fav- orite sport is ice-skating. Mr. Sexton’s Algebra 11 class will remain longest in her memory. Hockey Squad Lynn plans to attend a business college to study to be a private secretary. She will always remember her junior year in Mr. Thompson’s home- room. Wiliam M. Rockwood 244 Oakland Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan Colin Robertson 25 Hawthorne Avenue Honor Roll, Indoor Track, Spring Track " Rocky” plans to enter the Navy to study electricity. He enjoys football and ice- skating and will longest re- member the " Rec” dances and Mr. Miller’s Chemistry class. Colin plans to attend the University of Colorado to smdy engineering. He enjoys sailing and football and will remember longest the fire- works in one of his classes. Page Stxty-one Helen Reenstierna 21 Spring ' Valley Honor Roll. Dramatic Club. Chronicle. Bowling. Gilbert and Sullivan, Ski . Club, Sti ' imming. Tennis Helen, known as " Honey,” is going to R. I. School of Design to study architecmre. She likes swimming and bowl- ing and will always remember Mr. Skinner’s Physics A class. Dorothy Robertson 49 Claremont Avenue Field Hockey, Baseball Man- ager, Basketball, Rec Com- rnitte. Dramatic Club, G. A. A. " Dotty” plans to continue her secretarial studies at Kathleen Dell’s. She enjoys dancing and all sports. She will longest remember the day of the amateur show in her Junior year. Shirley Revelle 20 Scituate Street Shirley is heading for the Pierce Secretarial School and is sure to be a successful sec- retary. She will long remem- ber the night of the Senior Prom. Edward ). Roche 40 Windsor Street Golf " Ned” plans to make de- signing his career. His fav- orite sports are golf, hockey, and baseball. He will re- member longest Mr. Warner’s Math classes. Mary Rooney Shirley Runge 6 Orvis Road Chronicle Mary wants to become a dental hygenist and will at- tend Forsythe Dental School. Mr. Sampson’s Biology class will remain longest in her memory. 1111 Massachusetts Ave. Honor Roll, Bowling " Shirl” is the girl with the becoming blush. All the hockey games she watched, plus the memory of her Junior year will stay with her always. Mary T. Roper 32 Palmer Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Swimming, Riding Mary plans to attend a con- servatory of music. She will be long remembered for her musical contributions to A. H. S. She enjoys swimming and dancing. Patricia A. Ryan 360 Massachusetts Ave. G. A. A., Softball, Field Hoc- key, Basketball, Bowling, Riding Pat is the girl who cooks raisin pie for her favorite teacher, Miss O’Connell. Emmanuel is her future goal, and she hopes to become a nurse. Therese Rossi 41 Fordham Street Basketball, Bowling " Terry” is going to attend a nursing school. Her favorite activities are roller-skating and bowling. She will always remember Mr. Sexton’s Algebra class and Mr. Mdler’s Chemistry class. Christy Ruggiero 1523 Massachusetts Ave. Chronicle (Advt. Dept.) A grape ranch in Fresno, California is Chris’s desti- nation. He enjoys photo- graphy and will always re- member the teachers of A. H. S. Good luck, Chris! Louis Salemme 12 Prescott Street Louie’s goal is North- eastern, where he will study engineering. The jokes of Mr. Arthur’s Aero class linger in his memory. Creton Samellas 77 Thorndike Street " Crete”, or " Osmiun,” as Mr. Sampson has dubbed him because of his density, plans to study Aeronautical draft- manship at Cornell. He will remember all the A’s he got in his Math classes. Page Sixty-two Mary Samellas !1 Thorndike Street Bouiing, Tennis " Sammy”, whose sports in- clude bowling and swimming, plans to attend Burdett for training as a private secre- tary. Full of fun, Mary is as happy as the day is long. Laurence Scanned 92 Franklin Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Chorus The blue sailboat which is seen on Spy Pond almost any afternoon is sure to have Larry at the rudder. He’ll re- member his two years of Math with Mr. Sexton while he studies at B. C. Nancy Sargent 3 3 Addison Street Honorable Mention, Ski Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Girl’s Glee Club, G. A. A. " Nan” is destined to be- come an excellent medical secretary. Her outside sports include skiing, swimming, and skating. We ' ll remem- ber her for her sincere smile. Thomas Scott 2 1 Claremont Avenue " Tom ' s " ambition is to at- tend Harvard. His favorite outside activity is golf. He will long remember Mr. Kapff ' s Math II class. Sixty-three Page Claire Saulnier 42 Silk Street Claire, whose plans for the future are indefinite, says that she’ll never forget the fun she had in her Junior year. She won ' t forget her high school friends, nor will we forget her. Florence Seaver 119 Ronald Road Honor Roll, Chronicle, Or- chestra, Badminton, Bowling, Pres, of " Rec " Committee Florence will long remem- ber Mr. Morrill’s Math II class and the Junior Prom. Her favorite outside activity is ice-skating. She plans to attend Regis College. Edith Saunders 10 Buena Vista Road Dramatic Club, Gilbert a?id Sullivan, Ski Club " Edie’s goal is a B. S. in Chemistry, which she will get at Jackson. The reason why teachers like to give home-work continues to puzzle her. Claire E. Sexton 15 Longfellow Road Vice- Pres, of Debating Club, Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee Claire will attend B. U. to study to be a medical secre- tary. She will never forget the trouble she had as a Soph- omore in finding her way around the building. Richard Sherman 25 Ottawa Road Edna Skogsberg 28 Clark Street Orchestra, Band, Gilbert and Sullivan. " Rec” Committee . Student Council, Honor Roll Edna’s ambition is to be a private secretary, and she plans to study at Burden. Dancing and ice-skating are her favorites. She ' ll always remember Mr. Thompson’s Chemistry B class. " Red " will never forget the wonderful times they had in putting on the Mikado. He plans to attend Harvard for a liberal education. Troy Sitter 54 Wyman Terrace Football, Orchestra. Band, Student Council, Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll ’’Shorty” says football is his favorite. He’ll remember best the weekends and vaca- tions He’d like to study at Tufts to become a civil engineer. Jeanne M. Smith 288 Mass. Avenue Glee Club, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Dramatic Club. Debating Club, Periclean Forum " Rec” Committee Jeanne intends to study at Regis to be a hygienist. Her favorites are dancing and swimming. She will long re- member her Sophomore and Junior Math classes and Miss Barry’s 6th period French class. Eleanor P. Skinner 193 Westminster Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club, Art Club " Pat ” would like to attend Mass. State Art School. She thinks she will always remem- ber Mr. Kenney’s Art classes, Mr. Warner’s Math classes, the " Rec ” and graduation. Elizabeth P. Skinner 193 Westminster Ave. Gilbert and Sullivan " Betty” has chosen Fram- ingham State Teachers’ Col- lege for further schooling. We hope she’ll still have time for her favorite sports, swimming and skating. She’ll never forget Math with Mr. Warner. Robert R. Smith 6 Dow Avenue Baseball " Bob” is still uncertain as to his future plans. Best of luck in choosing your career! He likes all sports especially baseball. Donald Solari 19 Moulton Road " Don " is most interested in sports of all kinds, par- ticularly hunting, and loves to read the sport pages in his homeroom. The funnies weren’t bad either — eh, Don? Page Sixty-four Gloria Sorensen 815 Concord Turnpike Glee Club Gloria plans to train to be a nurse. She was a mem- ber of the Glee Club and being an outdoor girl, she likes all sports, especially skating and swimming. Barbara Stafford ' () Egerton Road Glee Club, G. and S., " Rec” Committee " Squeaks” is headed for Katherine Gibbs, where she ' ll train to be a medical secre- tary. We’re sure she will never forget witty Mr. Bar- ber’s Math class. Mildred Sorrentino 51 Walnut Street ’’Millie’’, though having taken the commercial course during high school, is still un- certain as to her future plans. Her favorite activities are baseball and roller-skating. Richard M. Staples 153 Robbins Road " Dick” sees the gratification of a life long ambition this year by graduating. He is not certain into wbat college the winds of chance will blow him. Frederick Soucie 166 Mystic Valley Parkway Fred seems to be interested in a bread factory. He liked Miss Round’s classes and also enjoyed Miss Peck’s home- work assignments. Robert W. Starkey 42 Brunswick Road Football Three years, Track, Honor Roll Ever-popular " Bob " plans to go to Colgate because of of the campus — the sap. He’ll never forget the football locker-room gossip and we’ll never forget " Bob.” Shirley A. Spidle 24 Adams Street Shirley will be a Katherine Gibbs girl and will become a medical secretary. She loves music and tennis and professes no aversion to doctors. Doris Stearns 24-A Prescott Street Dramatic Club, Bowling, Swimming Club " Dottie”, her dances at the " Pole”, and those inevitable crushes are Arlington legemls. She plans to be telephone operator-number please? Page Sixty-five Frances Stefaney 26 Peter Tufts Road Football games, skating, and bowling and school will never be forgotten by " Frannie.” We ' re sure she’ll make the best comptometer operator this side of the Alleghenies. Carolyn L. Sullivan 88 Orvis Road Honor Roll, G. A. A. Miss Binnig’s Shorthand class will linger longest in this girl’s memory. Louise will make full use of her training in secretarial work. Elizabeth Stingel 20 Brattle Street Bowling " Betty”, an enthusiastic bowling fan, is uncertain as to her future plans. The fun she had in IMiss Campbell’s Cooking class will always re- main in her memories. Daniel D. Sullivan 18 Putnam Road Periclean Forum. Dramatic Club, Debating Club. Honor Roll " Danny Downs”, forever enjoying Miss Conway’s im- aginative " thrillers”, is plan- ning to smdy archite ' ture by attending ‘ Tech.” We wish him " oodles” and " oodles” of luck! Patricia St. Martin 155 Palmer Street " Pat ” is noted for her at- tendance at Belmont High’s football games. One of the most outstanding memories of her high school career was Miss Campbell’s Cooking ( lasses. Elvira M. Sullivan 45 Menotomy Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Girl’s Glee Club. Honor Roll Bowling " Sis” is planning to at- tend Boston University. The A. H. S. football games will remain longest in her mem- ory. She missed only one in all her years in high school. Francis M. Strong 48 Irving Street Chronicle, Honor Roll " Frannie”, a staunch worker for the Chronicle, hasn’t de- cided what college he’s going to attend, but Miss Peck’s English Classes will stand in good stead wherever he chooses to go. Here’s luck, fellow. )ohn Sullivan 36 Cornell Street Basketball, Swimming Bowling " Sully” wants to become a laboratory technician at Ley- ton School of Mechanical Dentistry. Basketball and swimming, along with fishing and bowling, are his favorite outside activities. Page Sixty-six Doris Swaffield 14 Farrington Street Bowling, Roller Skating " Dotty” hopes to be a good office worker. Besides bowling and roller skating, she enjoyed dancing at the " Rec”. Mr. Johnson’s fourth period His- tory class also held great at- traction. Betty Swinimer 25 Teel Street " Betts,” because of her love for children, would like to be a governess when she grad- uates. How she struggled to get through school will re- main longest in her memory. Jean Sweeney " 2 Allen Street Hockey (Squad ),, Captain of Basketball ( Squad ) , Baseball (Squad), Tennis (Squad), Ski Club, Board Member of G. A. A. " Swisher " will settle at Sargent. She has partici- pated in nearly all school sports but most enjoys sailing and tennis. She likes to listen to her collection of classical records. John N. Tanner 12i Pleasant Street " Jack " will go into the Navy or go into photography next year. Never to be for- gotten are the days Finlay and he were not in school. Winnifred E. Sweet 3 Tanager Street Gilbert and Sullivan Libra- rian, Glee Club Librarian, Field Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton " Betty " is heading for Blackstone Jr. down in Vir- ginia. She says that, besides the " Rec " dances, she most enjoyed eating cookies in study hall. She also likes swimming and skating. Kenneth C. Taylor 34 Allen Street Dramatic Club " Ken ' s” future ambition is to be a real estate agent, and we are sure that he will suc- ceed in this business. He en- joyed his membership in the Dramatic Club. Jane H. Swett 33 Pleasant View Road Cjilbert and Sullivan, Orches- tra, Glee Club, Honor Roll Jane plans to attend Vassar where she will major in music. She will never for- get the Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals and performances. Charles Terenzio •11 Bailey Road Art Club " Charlie” has always liked painting, therefore, he will go to Mass. Art School. He’ll never forget his Math classes with Mr. Warner. Parc S ' xty-seven William Thomas 16 Stevens Terrace Orchestra, Band, Gilbert and Sullivan " Bill " will be among next year ' s students at B. U. to study for a musical education. Never to be forgotten is the bus ride going to the Music Festival in Needham. Paul Toomey 46 Kimball Road Paul ' s longest memory will be of Mr. Skinner ' s Physics classes. Among his favorite outside activities are base- ball and hockey. Louise M. Tibbefts 190 Hillside Avenue Hockey, Basketball, Chronicle, G. A. A., Riding Club Versatile Louise is going to Radcliffe to study to be- come an English teacher. Longest to be among her memories are Mrs. Bray ' s 6th period English class and the G. A. A. amateur show. Walter Torphy 26 Burch Street Rifle Club " Torph " will further his education at B. C. His fav- orite activities are bowling and basketball. Always will he remember his teachers. Paula Toner 41 Hemlock Street Lunchroom, Chronicle " Rec” Committee " Paul " expects to go to work at the telephone com- pany. Her favorite outside activities are ice-skating, swimming and talking in the study hall. George M. Torrey 29 Overlook Road Ski Club, Debating Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Art Club, Stamp Club (Treasurer), Pericleans George will longest remem- ber Mr. Kenny ' s Art classes. He is headed for Providen ' -e College. Good luck, George! Dorofhy R. Toomey Kimball Road Junior " Rec” Committee, Bowling " Dotty” is headed for Fisher ' s because she would like to be a receptionist. Never will she forget second lunch in her Senior year. Thomas Vassil 1321 Mass. Avenue " Tommy’s” goal is Har- vard, after which he plans to enter a medical profession. Swimming, baseball, and hockey are his favorite sports. He hopes never to forget his lab. experiments. Page Sixty-eight Marion Wall 38 Allen Street Bowling, Honor Roll, Dra- matic Club, G. A. A. Marion has plans to be a secretary. Ballgames and bowl- ing occupy most of her spare time. She will remember long- est Miss Binnig’s Shorthand classes. Ruth Ward 67 Newcomb Street Riding, Bowling " Ruthie” plans on entering the Pierce School to become a medical secretary. She likes horseback riding, dan- cing, and bowling, and will never forget the hours spent in Mr. Sexton’s Algebra and Spanish classes. Page Sixty-nine Dale Walker 35 Aberdeen Road Periclean Forum, Dramatic Club Come next year " Wook” hopes to be at Northeastern University studying Chem- ical Engineering. His favorite sports are football and hoc- key. He’ll always remember Miss Barry’s French classes. Alma Ward 6 Gray Circle Basketball, Field Hockey, Student Council, Honor Roll, Rec. Committee, G. A. A. President Popular Alma is headed for the University of Maine, where we know she will rate tops. She loves to dance and will always remember get- ting out of classes for the yearbook pictures. William Walsh 34 Dartmouth Street Hockey " Bill” is a hockey and golf fan. Miss Shed’s 5th per iod French class in his Junior year will always be remem- bered. Doris F. Webster 2 1 Newport Street Dramatic Club " Dotty” is going to busi- ness school to prepare to be a private secretary. Talking being her favorite activity, she enjoyed the gatherings outside Room 5. Barbara H. Walker 23 Lennon Road 22 Edmund Road Honor Roll, Orchestra, Glee Glee Club, Gilbert and Sul- Club. G. A. A., Dramatic livan. Bowling, Tennis, De- Club bating Club Barbara is headed for Jack- son College in nearby Med- ford. She enjoys swimming, skating and bowling. Mr. Warner’s Math class will al- ways be remembered. " Cherry” is headed for the New England Deaconess Hospital to become a nurse and later a stewardess. She is interested in skiing and skating and will never forget Mr. Barber’s Math class or finding her seat in study hall. Lois Wanamaker Kenneth Wells 1 0 Locke Street Hockey, Football " Whipper” Wells is head- ing for Dartmouth. Co-Cap- tain of the Hockey team, he will long remember Ted ' s Inn the night of the Arlington Everett Football game. Eugenia F. Wing 87 Grandview Road G. A. A.. Field Hockey, Class Basketball . Honor Roll Florence wants to take up clothes ' designing as her ft - ture work. She likes basket- ball, although her favorite activity is baseball. Ann White 9 Raleigh Street Riding, Tennis Ann is interested in becom- ing an airline stewardess and hence is attending Framing- ham Teachers ' College. Mr. Fusco ' s 6th period History (lass will king remain in her memories. Albert C. Wolohojian 5 Thorndike Street Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Periclean Forum, Lat n Club Albert is heading for Har- vard and plans to study cre- ative writing. He likes read- ing and enjoyed most Miss Rounds ' 4th year Latin class. joseph F. White 29 Blossom Street " Joe” is thinking of join- ing the Navy. He will al- ways remember Miss Taber ' s Junior English class. Here ' s wishing you the best of luck, " Joe.” )anet M. Wilson 22 Montague Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Jacky” is very interested in studying music for her career. All through high school she has been in musical dubs and liked best Miss Warden ' s classes. Queenie Woods 40 Pond Lane Chronicle, G. A, A,, Field Hockey " Queenie” wants to be a commercial artist. Her fav- orite activities are dancing and swimming, and she will always remember the A. H. S. football games. Donald Wyman 55 Bay State Road " Don” plans on going to Northeastern. Best of luck, as that ' s a great school. His favorite sport is football, and he liked best Mr. Toner ' s classes. Page Seventy Diane Yancsy 39 Lake Street Bout ' rig " Di’s " future ambition is to become an accountant and thus is heading for Bentley. She likes dancing and w ' ll long remember Mr. Skinner ' s Physics A. class. Robert D. Yeo 10 Temple Street " Yo-Yo " plans to attend a marit me academy, as he would like to go to sea. He likes to sleep and do his homework. The lunchroom will always stand out in his memories or A. H. S. Richard H. Young 1 " Lome Road Dramatic Club, Pericleati Bor urn " Salty” is going to join the Navy and later go to college. Skiing is his favor- ite sport. He will always re- member Mr. Arthur ' s Aero- nautics class. Judith Zartarian 66 Richheld Road Honor Roll, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Judy intends to go to Rad- cliffe. She likes to play ping- pong and will never forget watching the clock during a test in Mr. Eaton ' s room. Madeleine T. Brine 796 Massachusetts Avenue " Mad” intends to pursue the career of nursing. She enjoys skiing and horseback riding. The informality of teachers and pupils of A. H. S. will always remain in her memory. Margaret Elsa Leg e 805 Concord Turnpike Margaret ' s ambition is to be a stage decorator, so she will attend art school. Her favorite activity is hiking. She will long remember Air. Kenney ' s Art rocin. Virginia N. Lindstrom 147 Alary Street G, A, A, Undecided as yet about a career, " Jeannie " will never forget the football games. A staunch G. A. A. member, her favorite outside sport is horseback riding. Doris E. Mitchell 30 Menotomy Road " Alitch” is planning a clerical career in business, a type of work she likes. Long- est remembered will be Miss Bmnig ' s fifth period Short- hand class. Ro bert Murray 85 Irving Street " Bob ' s” future ambition is to be a mechanic. His fav- orite activity is football. He thinks that Mr. Skinner ' s period II Physics class will remain in his memory the longest. Wendell Rush 259 Pleasant Street Chronicle ' " ' X ' indy” is thinking of setting up business as a real estate agent. He enjoys sail- boat racing and enjoyed most Mr. Arthur ' s Aeronautics class. Paul Stahl 538 Summer Street Paul likes swimming and basketball and always has time for his hobbies, model building and stamp collecting. He will never forget the fun he had in his Senior year. Page Sevent-y-one Through The Years Albert Wolohojian Who will ever forget with what great anticipation and pride we entered Arling- ton High School in September, 1944? Soon that anticipation was satisfied and the pride soothed as our historic sopho- more year evolved. After adjusting our- selves to the changing of classes and the mysterious stairways which always seemed to be going up when we were coming down, we cast an eye upon the extra- curricular activities offered and found something for every mood — Glee Club, Debating Club, Periclean Forum, G. A. A., the many school teams, and the matchless " Rec.” However, 1944 was one of the darkest years of the war, which robbed us of our finest seniors, who marched off to battle, taking with them much of the glamour and the glitter of school. Their patriot- ism was reflected in the student contribu- tions to the Bond Rally, the proceeds of which exceeded an unprecedented $4,000, besides delighting the large group of par- ticipants. Where this lack of men would be ex- pected to show most, and where, surpris- ingly, it showed little was in the football team, which, under the direction of Coaches Toczlowski and Cavalieri, van- quished the Melrose " 11,” 13-0. The season exposed the remarkable talents of Joe Porzio, Charlie Kent, and Vinnie Ciampa from the sophomore class. The Dramatic Club emphasized an age of color and charm — the eighteenth cen- tury — and scored a triumph with Pride and Prejudice, whose cast included Dan Sullivan and Albert Wolohojian from the class of 1947. With the same play the Dramatic Club won a distinguishing mer- it at the Drama Festival. With our whole-hearted support, the " Rec” grew and developed, becoming an integral part of the social pattern of the school. The membership became so large Page Seventy-two that the dances were held at the Town Hall. A lusty, comic, male chorus, with hil- arious Leo Dolan, and a bevy of female beauties, with sweet-voiced Mary Roper, resulted in making the Gilbert and Sulli- van’s The Pirates of Penzance a mem- orable evening of entertainment. As crowning joy, the Prom loomed into view. A select few sophomores were in- vited while the rest consoled themselves with dreams of future ones. We must not forget — can we forget? — the sour intermingled with the sweet — -the homework, the departmental, report cards, and now those dreaded finals? They haunted us for weeks and then vanished into memory. The initiation was over; we were full-Hedged A. H. S.’ers. It was a historic year which welcomed us to high school. The nation had been thrown into the depths of sorrow by the sudden death of beloved Franklin D. Roosevelt, and lifted into the heights of joy by the fall of the Axis. Year one of the Atomic Age! We re- turned to school — and juniors, none the less; yet there was little celebration, for our school mates were still away; and the casualty lists had not yet stopped coming in. Despondency was displaced by tragic sorrow as Coach Ostergren and Miss Mur- Pa e Seventy-three ray left us for the better world. We mourned; but even in the midst of sor- row life must go on. The Bond Rally was a success equal to that of last year, and was climaxed by Mr. Arthur’s noble sacrifice of a newly grown mustache for the national cause. The G. A. A. did a wonderful job, and the field hockey team had the distinction of winning the state championship. Ill health prevented Mrs. Matthews from producing the annual play; however, the Drama Club entered the Festival at Swampscott with The Cheaters. Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado was excellent, exposing in all its glory the fine junior musical talent, the most recent exponents of which were Pat Lundgren, Richard Sherman, and Dave McGavern. The Peri- cleans, fast rising to distinction, had the honor of participating in the Junior Town Meeting of the Air. As final tribute to Miss Wardell’s many skills, the Girls’ Glee Club won highest honors at the Massachusetts Music Festi- val, and captured the coveted first prize at the New England Festival, a few months before Miss Wardell’s retirement. These events were dwarfed, however, by the beginning of senior activities, bor- ing was chosen as class photographer; Mr. Coates, of Dieges and Clust, was appointed class jeweler, and he began taking orders for rings. Richard Ockerbloom was elected class president with Richard Cole- man serving as vice-president. Gerry Conway was voted in as class secretary, and Virginia Healy as treasurer. A consciousness of brotherhood seemed to be rising and bringing with it a new school spirit, as the junior year came to a rushing close. A glorious sense of living and loving to live pervaded the atmosphere as the great senior year began. The " vets” had returned and seemed to delight in the un- affected gaiety of the school. Glossy proofs were being hastily handed back and forth across the study halls and class rings were being proudly worn There was Page Seventy- jour shouting in the corridors and laughing and chattering everywhere. Unrestrained joie de vivre was rampant. A surging growth of school activities had begun. A Chess and Checker Club, Stamp Club, Photography Club, and Latin Club were organized. A spring prom was voted in, and caps and gowns were voted out. Homework seemed to be of little consequence to seniors until report cards warned of the possibility of spend- ing a second year enjoying these delights. Suddenly death took from us the liv- ing spirit of Miss Shedd. Faculty and student body alike mourn her loss; never- theless, sobered, school went on. Despite an early set back by polio, our football team, under the co-captainship of Joe Porzio and Charlie Kent, did well. The class was very proud of its All Star Troy Sitter and Vincent Ciampa. A Date With Judy was chosen as the Dramatic Club’s annual play, and the Gil- bert and Sullivan has, at this point, been teasing our patience by promising H. M. S. Pinafore. The Pericleans, are preparing a radio broadcast; while inimitable Miss Rounds is inciting gales of laughter from her Latin Club. The " Rec,” with Flor- ence Seaver as president, is still the most successful social enterprise in town. On the fleeting wings of happiness we move on through our senior year in Arling- ton High School. The Prom will soon be a memory, and we shall be outside these hallowed walls, wishfully watching the sophomores file in. A photograph, a class ring, a year book will remain. But more treasured will be that spark of truth kindled by our teachers, which shall light our souls with the noble spirit of Arling- ton High School. Page Seventy-fipe VETERANS OE Carl Bergstrom, S 1 c Private 1 c Joel Cohen Private Wayne Juckett William O ' Keefe 52 Orient Avenue 27 Pond View Road 382 Massachusetts Avenue Watertender 3 c Navy — Marshall Islands, Calif. Army — Europe Army — State-wide duty Coast Guard — American Theatre William J. Perry, M 3 c Private 1 c James Turnbull 55 Finley St. 1304 Concord Turnpike Navy (Seabeel — Pacific Marines — American Theatre John M. O ' Sullivan, Cox. 16 Russell St. Navy Reserve — Pacific WORLD WAR II Corporal William Bonin 36 Dartmouth Street Marines — Pacific William F. Callaghan, S 1 c 80 Warren Street Navy — Atlantic Kenneth Colbert. BM 2 c 177 Franklin Street Navy — Pacific Corporal Daniel Connor 34 Hodge Road Army — Pacific Corporal Paul Cooper 24 Moore Place American Defense European Theatre Richard C. Fanning, S 1 c 39 Bartlett Avenue Coast Guard — Pacific John R. Folsom, EM 3 c 16 Gray Street Navy — Pacific T 5 Carl Ericson 1 Harvard Street Army — Saipan, Okinawa, Korea Ser geant Edward Hanley 339 Essex Street Swampscott, Mass. Army — States Joseph Jordan, MM 3 c 15 Fairmont Street Seabees — Pacific, Truk, Okinawa, Japan, China James Keneally, AMO 3 c 46 Webster Street Navy — Pacific James E. McAuliffe, Jr., Ship’s Cook 3 c 8 Belton Street Navy — Pacific Norman J. Paradis, SK 3 c 231 Broadway Navy — Pacific Edward Reardon. AOM 3 c 7 7 Grand View Road Navy — Pacific Patrick Sullivan. SE 3 c 94 Palmer Street N avy ( Seabees ) — Pacific Lawrence Toomey. S 1 c 395 Appleton Street N avy ( Seabees } — Pacific Corporal Paul Wells 1 0 Locke Street Marines — Pacific T 5 Ivan W. Wentworth 95 Summer Street Infantry — Asiatic Pacific YEAR BOOK Editor-in-Chiej, Naomi Palmer Business Manager, Lucille Kord First Row (left to ripht) : P. O’Sullivan, A. Forsberg. L. Kord, N. Palmer, J. Rowlby, B. Walker, H. Beauchemin. Second Row: A. Abbott, M. Callahan, C. Sexton. J. MacKenzie. B. Anastasi, L. Manning, J. Ortolano, A. Basmajian. Third Row: J. Leary, D. Sullivan, R. Clancy, A. Wolohojian, F. Seaver. We, the members of the Year Book Committee, have spent many inter- esting hours compiling the information found in this Year Book of the Class of 1947. In order that in future years we might all wistfully reminisce about the unforgettable years passed at Arlington High School, the Year Book staff tried to record all the memorable events associated with our careers from the time we hesitantly entered high school until we departed, somewhat sorrow- fully, with our coveted diplomas. Page Eighty-two STUDENT COUNCIL President, Alma Ward Vice President, Jayne Walworth Secretary, Natalie Hall First Ron ' (left to rip:ht) : G. Keener, A. Harrinjrton, N. Hall, A. Ward. J. Walworth, L. Reese, G. Conway. Second Row: Mrs. Moffatt, M. Scott, V. Healy, M. Joel, R. Sherman. L. Tucker, K. Flynn. Third Row: J. Hartley. W. Hamilton, T. Sitter, R. Lennon, L. Clancy, P. Arthur. The Student Council of A. H. S. is one of the most important organiza- tions in the school. Its members, all of whom are elected by their respective classes, are instrumental in conveying the ideas and suggestions of the students to the faculty, and vice versa, in order to promote better understanding between both groups. The efforts of the members contributed to the success of the Bond Rallies during the war, and to the popularity of the Proms. One important service was the drive for clothes, the result of which was two large packing cases of at- tractive garments for the needy in the Kentucky Mountains. It works to promote better cooneration within the school and is an ex- cellent training field for civic responsibility in adult life. Page Eighty-three REC COMMITTEE President, Florence Seaver Vice President, Robert Kelleher Secretary, Virginia FIealy Treasurer, Barbara Hoev First Row (left to rijrht) : A. Lorsberg. R. Kelleher; F. Seaver, President; B. Hoey, P. O’Sullivan. Second Row: B. Doyle. J. Smith, J. Cavanaugh, M. Donahue, D. Robertson, J. Cameron. Third Row: R. Sherman. J. Bowlby, D. Toomey, L. Kord, A. Ward. R. Germaine. The enjoyable " Rec” Dances, which are conducted by A. H. S.’s own " Rec” Committee, a more familiar name for the Arlington Youth Association, are familiar to all of us Seniors. We have attended the weekly gatherings to dance to the music of Bill Hamilton’s smooth Arcadians and chat around the coke bar from our step-together step days to our present Arthur Murray proficiency. Hard working members of this committee assist in selling tickets at the door, running the coke bar, and helping members of the Auxiliary Police at the Police Station. With membership running higher, bigger and better dances are being planned for the future. Page Eighty-four ORCHESTRA Pianist, Jane Swett Assistant Pianist, Katharine Flynn Violins: C. Andrikian, M. Enj rland, F, Fabry, B. Pillim;. F. Seaver (concert mistress), J. Shojjress, S. Wallstrom, S. Zartarian. Cellos: T. Carlson. G. Cunningham, F. Florencourt. Hasses: J. Crosby, M. Seaver. Flute: A. Foye. Clarinets : R. Hannah. K. Lincoln, W. Lowenhaupt. Saxophone : R. Van Ider- stine. Trumpets : J. Fullam, P. Guarenti. W, Hamilton. Horn: W. Johnson. Drums: W. McCurdy. W. Thomas. Pianos: K. Flynn. J. Swett. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Einzig, provides the music for assemblies, graduation, and the Gilbert and Sullivan performances. They prac- tice three times a week on classical or popular music. Last year the orchestra attended the Massachusetts Music Festival and obtained the highest rating of all the high schools of Eastern Massachusetts. Page Eighty- five GIRL’S GLEE CLUB President, Joan Bresnahan Treasurer, Jean Crosby Secretary, Judy Zartarian Fimt Row (left to right) : E. Sweet, A. Silva, M. Slattery, J. Crosby, .i. Zartarian, A. Basmajian, J. Bresnahan. J. Ortolano. H. Martucci. Secovd Row: B. F ' ields, M. Clark, J. Wilson. J. Bowlby, B. Walker, E. McLaughlin, E. Donovan, B. Bunnell, M. Corcoran. Third Row: M. Roper, L. Wanamaker, E. Cum- mings, J. Smith, N. Sargent, E. Skinner, D. DiCorpo, J. Myei s, J. Bongo. Those familiar sounds of voices raised in song which were heard issuing from Room 75 at least once a week during our career at A. H. S. were charac- teristic of the A. H. S. Girls’ Glee Club. The Glee Club was a welcome diver- sion for the girls who enjoyed singing enough to give their time to perfect their skill. Because of the numerous social functions in which the girls participated for three years, they acquired a praiseworthy repertoire which enabled them to succeed in winning the highest ratings at the Massachusetts Music Festival in Needham and at the New England Music Festival at Gloucester in May, 1946. Page Eighty-six DRAMATIC CLUB President, Thomas Monahan Vice President, Dan Sullivan Secretary, Joan Cavanagh First Row (left to right) : A. Abbott, E. Mahon2y; W. Cavalieri, Treasure! ' : J. Cavanagh, Secretary; D. Clancy, President (resigned) ; D. Sullivan, Vice President; L. Kord, A. Flynn; Mrs. Matthews, Director, Second Row: J. Heeger, L. Hanson. P. O’Sullivan, J. Smith, J. Bowlby, B. Anastasi, F. Gallagher, G. Lex- ander. M. Conlon. Third Row: M. Murchison, R. Anderson, G. Keener, C. Deacon. J. Lindvall, H. Beau- chemin, A. Wolohojian, A. McCurdy, G. Conway. Fourth Row: J. Heaney, N. Cosak, B. Germaine; T. Monahan, President. The Dramatic Club has the reputation of being one of the largest and most popular clubs in our school. Their production enables each member to develop not only his dramatic ability but poise and self-confidence. If he is not interested in acting, he may work in the advertising department or on the stage props committee. In 1944, the members of the club produced " Pride and Prejudice,” which drew a capacity crowd. Last year they attended the Massachusetts Drama Fes- tival in Swampscott. They intend to present " A Date with Judy” this year. Page Eighty-seven GILBERT AND SULLIVAN President, David McGavern Secretary, Jane Anderson Librarian, Betty Sweet Vice President, Dick Sherman First Roiv (left to rijfht) : 0. Keener. E. Pickell. J. Zartarian, A. Basmajian, N. Sarjjent, I. Lopez, E. Skinner. E. Skinner. J. Wilson, J. Myers. J. Ortalano, E. Saunders. Second Row: J. Anderson, Secretary ; D. Cowan. Alumnae Secretary : D. McGavern. President ; R. Sherman. Vice President ; B. Sweet, Librarian; J. Swett, Pianist. Third Row: M. Majfnoson. L. Wanamaker. M. Roper, N. Cowan. E. Cummings, J. Smith, J. Bresnahan, C. Dudley. A. McCurdy. Fourth Row: J. Collins. L. Fuller, R. Anderson. M. Joel. C. King, W. Hamilton, Mr. Einzig, W. Thomas, T. Monahan, W. Rockwood. G. Torrey. M. Clark. B. Fields, The Gilbert and Sullivan Club needs no introduction to members of the Class of ’47, many of whom have participated in or been present at the laud- able performances of the operettas given by the club. This spring the club produced H. AI. S. Pinafore as the climax of its 1947 season. Like its predecessors Pinafore provided a delightful evening’s enter- tainment for both audience and cast. Under the supervision of Mr. L. Hassler Einzig, the club in recent years has presented the ever popular Pirates of Penzance and The Mikado, a rollick- ing satire on Japanese customs. Page Eighty-eight CHRONICLE Edhor-in-Chief, Pauline O’Sullivan Advertising Manager, Virginia Maio Publicity Manager, Al Perry Exchange Manager, Annamae Forsberg Distribution Manager, Barbara Anastasi Fir X How (left to rij?ht) : A. Perry, C. Deacon. H. Doyle, A. Forsberg, P. O’Sullivan, F. Seaver. H. Reenstierna, R. Lombard. Second Row: V. Maio, J.Cavanaj h, Mr. Campbell, Miss O’Connell, B. Anastasi, L. Kord. We arc proud to have one of the best monthly school newspapers in the state. This year the staff has put forth some of the best issues ever, although, because of the scarcity of paper, the size of the Chronicle has been limited to four pages, with the occasional splurge issue. The excellent coverage of school events has raised the circulation to more than ninety per cent of the total number of students in school. With Miss Mary O’Connell as faculty adviser, Pauline O’Sullivan serving her junior and senior years as the Chronicle’s first girl editor, Francis Strong, Barbara Anastasi, Annamae Forsberg, Virginia Maio, and Alfred Perry as reg- ular staff members. This year will go down in the annals of the Chronicle as one of its record years. Page Eighty-nine LATIN CLUB President, John Hill Vice President, Marie Barbano Secretary, Louise Tibbetts ....First Roir (left to rig:ht) : L. Tibbetts. E. Kelley, J. Hill, F. Daily, M. Barbano. Secotid Roiv: J. Cavanaujjh, M. Callahan. R. Howe, Miss Rounds, J. Cronin. I ' hird Row: A. Wolohojian, W. Cavalieri, F. (Jallagher, T. Murphy. Tredecim Fortunati Letterae, the newest addition to our long list of note- worthy clubs, has proved to be the most unique of the year. Its membership is composed of the thirteen members who constitute the fourth year Latin class. Under the capable guidance of Miss Dorothy Rounds, the club’s purpose is to give its members additional information of the classics and a broader back- ground in them. Posters depicting the use of modern advertising makes of different mythological characters have been drawn by these versatile mem- bers who recite, with the ease of Romans, a passage from the Aeneid as an answer to their roll-call. In addition to studies in art and literature, they also have dramatized examples of early customs by showing, in costume, the sacri- fice of a lamb to the Gods. Page Ninety STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club of Arlington High School, under the supervision of Mr. Skinner, the possessor of an extremely fine stamp collection, presents an op- portunity for those students who collect stamps as a hobby to meet, compare, sell or exchange stamps. This club attends auctions, meetings of the Philatelic Association of Bos- ton, conducts exhibitions at A. H. S., as well as exchanging visits with neigh- boring high school stamp clubs. At some of the meetings, motion pictures of various countries of the world were shown that a better understanding of their peoples and customs could be obtained. President, William Fletcher Vice President, Allan Polleys Secretary and Treasurer, George Torrey First Row (left to rij?ht) : A. Polleys, W. Fletcher. Second Row: G. Torry, C. Caples, T. Carlson. Third Rotv : F, Mattson. P. Marino, J. B. Jacobson. Absent: W. Berry, W. Rich, R. Wilton. Advisers: Messrs. Danforth, Einzit?, Sampson, Skinner. Page Ninety-one FINE ARTS CLUB First Row (left to rijrht) : A. McCurdy, N. Adamian. E. McLaiijrhlin, M. Mahoney, H. Heenstierna, E. Skinner, A. White. G. Lexander. Secovd Row: B. Ladd, M. Ley:ge, A. Rockett, Mr. Kenney. E, Don- Ion. C. Dudley, H. Lake. Third Row: A. Perry, C. Terenzio, D. McGavem. J. Mahon, E. Roche, R. Mulve- hill, G. Torrey. The Fine Arts Club, under the direction of Mr. Kenney, its faculty adviser, affords an opportunity for those who wish to do creative work in any medium. This club has exercised a tremendous influence in uncovering the hidden artistic talents of its members in sculptures, water colors, oils, poster-making, cartooning and other fields of art. Page Ninety-two riSLii DEBATING CLUB President, Dick Clancy Vice President, Claire Sexton Secretary, Jane Cody Ideasnrer, Warren Ryan I Firat Row (left to right) : P. O’Sullivan, J. Flack, W. Ryan, D. Clancy, J. Cody, C. Sexton. J. Smith. Secofxl Row: F. Daily, R. Germain, L. Karp, D. Sullivan. B. Conners, A. Wolohojian, M. Labriola. Heated debates and ever hotter rebuttals can be heard issuing from room 69 and echoing down the deserted corridors late into the afternoon the first 1 three Thursdays of every month. The Debating Club really analyzes impor- ' rant questions of the day. This year the club sponsored a successful oratorical contest, which offered prizes to the student delivering the best oration. This I winner served as the Arlington High School representative in the American I Legion Oratorical Contest. The Debating Club welcomed back Mr. Guy Petralia, the capable faculty director, who had joined the armed forces in 1942. The members, however, are still grateful to Mr. Sexton, who had so kindly substituted for Mr. Petralia during his leave of absence. Page Ninety-three q PERICLEAN EORUM President, Eleanor Mahoney Vice President, John Hartley Secretary, Jane Cody First Row (left to right) : R. Howe, J. Smith. J. Hartley, Vice Presidertf, E. Mahoney, President, J. Cody. Secretary, P. O’Sullivan, F. Gallagher. Second Row : Miss Wakefield, Adviser: Dick Clancy, W. Cava- lieri, A. Wolohojian. D. Sullivan, B. Germain, F. Torrey. Third Roiv : J. Heaney, R. Anderson. J. Burns, .1 . P aige. Every Monday afternoon thirty or forty students rush to the library, eager- ly anticipating a lively discussion on some worthwhile topic. They express their growing interest in local, national, and world affairs. Eleanor Mahoney ably presides over the meetings, always characterized by " more light than heat.” Among guest speakers who addressed the Forum this year were Mr. Petra- lia and Mr. Roens of our faculty. A Forum member represented Arlington High School on the " Junior Town Meeting of the Air” program. The sub- ject this year was, " What Should We Expect from Radio?” This participation is always a coveted privilege. At a " Youth Forum” program presented by Arlington Woman’s Club, four of the Pericleans participated. They won praise from a critical adult audience. The Forum’s able adviser is Miss Wakefield. Page Ninety-four G. A. A. President, Alma Ward Vice President, Ann Harrington Secretary, Virginia Healy Treasurer, Jayne Walworth This year, under the efficient leadership of their president, Alma Ward the G. A. A. has planned a program chock-full of activities and delightful en The initiation which was combined with a ala Hallowe en Party tertainment. is an event that the G. A. A. members will always remember. Peg Nolan, Nancy Mitchell, and Janet Tenney were awarded prizes for their clever name tags. The fall Field Day was a great success. The Sophomores walked away with all the honors of the day by defeating the Juniors and Seniors in both hockey and soccer. Then all the participants in this affair were invited to the Wiener Roast which followed soon after. Some other events which promise to be " big doings” are the Christmas Party, the amateur show, and the spring Field Dav. First Rgiv (left to ri?ht) : K. Tessier, V. Healy. A. Ward, President A. Harrinj?ton. J. Walworth, N. Hall. Second Row: E. Mahar, J. Finlay, Miss McCarty, P. Merrill, J. Golden. TENNIS D. Galli, Manager, Miss O ' Neill, G. Lexander, J. Sweeney, H. Stevens, J. Mirabello, A. Kasparian. Tennis is fast becoming one of the most popular sports at A. H. S. This year’s team is anticipating a very successful season under the efficient coaching of Miss O’Neil. Dot Galli, manager, is one of last year’s best players. Along with Anita Kasparian and Greta Lexander, Dot is planning to make this season’s games even better than ’46. Some of the teams with which these girls will show their skill are Win- chester, Medford, Lexington, and Belmont. GIRL’S BASKETBALL Fb’st Row (left to riprht) : A. Ward. E. Beck, J. Sweeney (Captain), L. McGillivary, P. Merrill. Sec oml Row: J. Cameron (Manager), B. Lake, N. Hall, J. Leary, V. Healy, M. Donahue, Miss McCarty ( Coach ) . The girl’s basketball team, under the capable sup- ervision of Miss McCarty, is looking forward to a very successful season. Though many of last year’s players have gone, the squad promises to be a good one. Jean Sweeney, last year’s high scorer, is with the team again this year. A few more of the veteran players are those quick-acting guards, Phil Merril, Eleanor Beck, and Alma Ward. As this goes to press, the girls are putting in many hours of tedious practice in order to be in good shape when the bas- ketball season begins. FIELD HOCKEY L. McGillivary (Manager), J. Sweeney, P. Merrill. B. Barry, J. Leary, P. Cannon, J, Cameron, J. Mackay, P. McGrath, V. Healy, A. Ward, J. Riley, C. Cadario, M. Ritchie, D. Jones (Captain). Surveying the record of the Arlington High School girls’ field hockey team, we find that they had an excellent season. The girls finished this season undefeated and were tied only once in their game with Lexington. This sport combined with its fast-action and spirited players has been one of the most pop- ular girls’ sports for a number of years. On this team all the girls were stars in one way or other and deserve much credit for their outstanding record during the past two years. The girls are planning to receive jackets again this year. The money needed to purchase these jackets is obtained from the proceeds of the amateur show which is sponsored by the G. A. A. GIRL’S SOFTBALL Firfst Row (left to ripht) : D, Robertson, (Manager), J. Dalmar, A. Ward. J. Cameron, L. McGilli- vary (Co-Captain), V. Healy, D. Hill, B. Lake, Row: Miss McCarty (Coach), J. Sweeney, P. Merrill, P, Ryan, E. Beck (Co-Captain), M. Donahue. This year’s baseball team will be under the direction of the capable coach, Miss McCarty, and Dotty Robinson, the team’s efficient manager. As they are counting on an exciting season, the girls are anxiously looking forward to spring. The team is fortunate in having many veteran players sign up for spring baseball. Those sports enthusiasts, Louise McGillivary and Eleanor Beck, have been chosen co-captains. " Keep batting’’ and perhaps you will have a chance to arrange a game with the Red Sox. Page One Hundred BASEBALL How (left to ri ht) : V. Ciampa, W. Bowen, C. Cadario, W. Coveney, D. Flynn. R. Raia. Secoyul Row: R. Smith, C. Lin , R. Beardsley, R. Carmody, W. Atamian, Cavalieri. Towards the end of the school year, all sports-minded fans drifted down to the old diamond to w ' atch the battling nines " slug it out.” When we took a second look at the scoreboard, we found Arlington next to the higher score. It seems to have become a habit with Coach Cavalieri to produce one of the best baseball teams in Greater Boston. This fact was again proved this year when Arlington thrilled fans in home games with Newton, Waltham, Rindge Tech, and Brookline, with repeat performances at each of these towns. Many startling plays were pulled by Richie Raia at second base and Bob Coveney at shortstop. Excellent fielding, pitching, and base guarding was exhibited by Vinnie Ciampa, Roger Beardsley, Bowen, Vincent, and Atamian. Many of the subs played just as clever a ball game. Good work. Coach Cava- lieri! Page One Hundred One BOY’S BASKETBALL First Row (left to ri ht) : J. Donnelly, U. Bertolami, J. Guarnotta, R. Carmody. Second Row: J. Ejran, R. Myers, W. Canty, W. Stephens, V. Ciampa, Coach Toczylowski. Many skillful and exciting games were enjoyed this year by the fans of the basketball team. Although Captain Vinnie Ciampa was the only veteran on the team, the new material proved well able to hght to victory. Bertolami, Carmody, Stevens, Canty, Cuniff and Granada were among the outstanding hoopsters. The eyes of the enthusiastic sports-lovers who packed the stands in the months of January and February often followed the bounding ball down the court in the hands of a capable classmate into the midst of the tangle of teams. Then they suddenly saw it flung into the air and soar through the opposition’s basket, another Arlington triumph. Under the guidance of Coach Toczylow- ski and Coach Cavalieri, these new players have developed into a superb team. Page One Hundred Tiro SKI CLUB President, William Bowman Vice President, Natalie Hall Secretary, Pauline O’Sullivan Treasurer, Gene Fuller The Arlington High School Ski Club was organized in December, with a membership of sixty. Inter-school " informal” competition was planned but it was found that A. H. S. is the only school in approximately a twenty-mile sur- rounding area that has a ski club. Since the purpose of the Ski Club is to stimulate interest in safe ( ? ? ) and controlled ( ? ? ) skiing it was voted that members be required to pass exam- inations proving they knew a " christie” from a " sitzmark.” There tests were for beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers. Emblems of proficiency were awarded by Mr. Miller, faculty adviser, to those passing the tests satis- factorily. During the many snowless weeks when skiing in this area was at a stand- still many members journeyed to the mountains for their sport. All have en- joyed weekly instructional and entertainment films secured by the club. Page One Hundred Three First Row (left to riKht) : E. Fuller, N. Hall, W. Bowman, P. O’Sullivan, Mr. Miller. Second Row: P. Merrill, N. SarRent, E. Saunders. A. Forsberg, H. Beauchemin, J. Blakeslee, L. Wanamaker. G. Lex- ander. E. Beck. Third Row: W. Gobie, H. Rienstierna, N. Rockwood. L. McGillivai y, T. Ford, J. Cav- anaugh, R. Germaine, L. Kord, B. Connors. CROSS COUNTRY First Row (left to right) : R. Allen, D. Webb. Captain P. Collins, D. Hardy, I. Morgan. B. Yeo. Second Row: W. Fletcher, T. Monahan, D. Garland. Coach Doc” McCarty, P. Johnson, B. Davies, C. To- biason Under the leadership of Coach " Doc” McCarty, the Arlington cross coun- try team has emerged with a clean record. They won all their dual meets, de- feating Winchester and Exeter by unusually large scores. Brookline, Brock- ton and Weymouth also fell prey to the racing tide of A. H. S. Captain Phil Collins, wdth the aid of such capable teammates as Don Hardy, Irving Morgan, Bill Yeo, Danny Webb, Carl Tobiason, and Johnny O’Neil, placed Arlington among the top cross country’s teams of the state. With the exception of Phil Collins, the same runners will lead their team in front next year with the added help of Dick MacDougall. Don Hardy has been elected captain for this team. Such a team deserves great credit in the annals of high school sports. Page One Hundred Four INDOOR TRACK Firht Row (left to right) : Coach McCarty, R. Allen. D. Webb, P. Collins, D. Hardy, I. Morgan. W. Yeo, Co-Captain R. MacDougal. A. Hughes. SecondRow: R. Fleicher. D. Garland, S. Zartarian. P. John- son. J. Hetferman. K. Tobiason, T. Mc(Jough. Third Row: A. Healy, T. Monahan, P. Groppi. P. Kalber, P. Ciockett. W. Davies, R. Cavike. With excellent material to work with, " Doc” McCarty, as coach of track, has produced one of the best teams Arlington has ever had. This year Co- Captains Dick Schumann and Dick MacDougal led them to victory after vic- tory. Meets with Medford, Andover and Brockton were the highlights of the year topped off by the State Meet. Don Hardy, the two captains, John O’Neil, Morgan, Yeo, Webb, Bar- land, Tobiason, Heally, Kennedy, Groppi, Cavicke, Johnson, and Joel were the foremost runners of the year. Barbagallo, Crockett, Graves, Hartley, and Freni proved superior in Shot Put. Finn, Giblm, Heally, Hughes and Colin Robinson led in the high jump. The captains and Yeo were outstanding broad jumpers. The standouts in the dash were Schumann, Kennedy, Yeo, Groppi, Kibit, Lennon and Dick and Robert Smith. «, Practically thd same team will compete ■ again next year. Being experienced, they ■ will probably tally an even better record. I GOLF Mr. Arthur, J. Finlayson. R. Doherty, L. Mullins, G. Fullei , N. Roach. P. Arthur, L. Dolan, R. Blanchi. A tense moment, a quiet hush among the spectators, and all eyes fasten on the little round ball, especially the two steady eyes of the sportsman wielding the long, slim club. The club is drawn back over his shoulder; then with a sudden swish, it plummets down to meet the ball with terrific force. A long sigh, then a few comments as it makes a straight drive for the flag that marks the hole in the distance. This is the scene that so often took place on the wide expanses of the Win- chester Golf Club this past season as the members of the golf club skillfully competed for the low score. With the expert direction of Coach Arthur Rob- inson, the organization has shown that its members are among the tops in school boy competition. Congratulations to Mr. Robinson and his first-class team! Page One Hundred Six HOCKEY First Row (left to rijyht) : R. Monast (Manager) ; R, Beardsley, W. Muello, W. Walsh, W. Coveney (Co-Captain), K. Wells (Co-Captain), W. Leary, T. Kelly, J. Shea, L. Carney (Manager). Second Row: B. Fitzmaurice, G. Kiniry, B. Donovan, R. Coveney, R. Flanders, C. I)owns (Coach), J. Fife, H. Cami - bell, C. Cadario, K. Richards. Coach Charles Downs produced a 1946-47 hockey team that figured in the top of the race for Greater Boston Interscholastic Ice Hockey League hon- ors. Co-captain Kenny Wells gave the team a fine start with experienced goal tending while Jim Fife, the only veteran defenseman, was the dynamo of pow- er behind the line. Co-captain Bill Coveney was the big man among the for- wards, though Bill Walsh and Bill Leary ran close seconds. These three play- ers thrilled the G. B. I. fans with plenty of good hockey. Among the new faces in the A. H. S. lineup were Roger Beardsley, Bill Muello, and Bob Coveney on the defense. On the second line, there were Joe Shea, Gerald Kiniry, and Tom Kelley. However, this trio was often replaced by Ed Emery, Brad Donovan, and Bruce Campbell. Bob Flanders and Charlie Cadario helped out frequently on the defense. The squad met powerful Cambridge Latin and held them to a one-one tie. In the second game, Arlington ran over Stoneham 3-0 with the help of Bill Coveney’s performance of the hat trick. Arlington then fell before a strong Melrose team only to retaliate with a 6-0 victory over Belmont. Besides the regular league games, Arlington had some exciting games with Andover, the Harvard Freshmen, and Belmont Hill. Congratulations to Coach Downs and the team for a very successful season. Page One Hundred Seven CHEER LEADERS B. Leanard. J. Walworth. W. Finlay, C. Cadario, C. Deacon. R. Dodds, L. Lambert, M. Joel, F. Faulkner. V. Steed, R. Anderson. The seniors of ’47 may well be proud of the school spirit which was pro- moted by this year’s cheer leaders. Whenever the football team needed en- couragement, the cheer leaders’ " Go, team, go’’ could be heard from all parts of the cheering section. The Thanksgiving Rally, sponsored the night before the Melrose vs. Arlington game, was an occasion that will long remain in our memories. What a sight it was to see those flaming torches thrust above the heads of excited pupils as they shouted all the cheers in prepara- tion for the next day! Yes, those red-and- gray-colored figures deserve all sorts of credit for their splendid leadership. The warriors of the Red and Gray presented an exceptional display of power toward the latter part of the season by refusing to budge before some of the state’s strongest teams. After the disheartening string of defeats, the boys overthrew Somerville 6-0 and then Chelsea 25-12. They followed these con- quests by holding the strongly favored Brockton to a tie. On Thanksgiving, although suffering defeat before Melrose, they won a moral victory by hold- ing the State champs to one last minute touchdown. During the year, the team sent Waltham and Newton into the ranks of the vanquished. However, FOOTBALL First Row (left to ripht) : G. Brillante, T. Sitter. K. Wells. J. Carrol, R. Hayes, J. Fife. R. Starkey, W. Coveney. Second Row: W. Muello, C. Kent, R. Raia, J. Porzio, V. Ciampa. three hard fought games were lost to Everett, Lynn Classical and Malden by very close scores. Main bulwarks of the team were all- scholastic Troy Sitter and Co-captain Charlie Kent, supported by George Brillante, Jim Fife, Kenny Wells, Bill Muello, Bob Starkey, Richie Raia and Co-captain Joe Porzio. Coach Toczylowski and Coach Cav- alieri deserve great praise for this sea- son’s successful results. Although next year ' s team will constitute many new members, Arlington’s chances are bright. Trinting Counselors Good Printing never just happens — it is the end result of careful planning, modern equipment, skilled workmanship and constant atten- tion to all the little details. Printers of the 1947 Arlington High School Year Book ☆ The Hancock Press Telephone 1 1 65 GORDON W. ROBINSON 80 Hancock St., Lexington 73, Mass. Photography bj ' Jjoring W HETHER it’s portraits, group pic- tures or action shots, you can de- pend on Loring for the finest in por- traiture. Our expert staff is prepared to handle any photogenic assignment ... at prices that are always moderate. LORING STUDIOS 178-179 Tremont Street BOSTON, - MASSACHUSETTS

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