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ROBBINS PUBLIC LIBRARY t O Pro perty of Rol )H1S aorarv Arlington, Mass. CAg V c£- A y X SVV b ' AooV . " 3 Founded by DR. EBENEZER LEARNED, 1835 Endowed by Dr. Timothy Wellington, 1853 Nathan Pratt, 1875 Henry Mott, 1889 Elbridge Farmer, 1892 Building Erected by MARIA C. ROBBINS IN MEMORY OF ELI ROBBINS, 1892 For Reference Not to be taken from this library Ex JJbris The Senior Class of Arlington High School Arlington, Massachusetts Presents . , . THE YEAR BOOK for 1946 Tribute to Miss Murray Miss Murray, beloved by students and teachers alike, was suddenly taken from us this past November. She was both an efficient teacher and, also, an inter- ested, sincere friend. It is altogether fitting that we, the class of 1946, pay Miss Murray this tribute. Her merry, twinkling eyes and understanding nature will not soon be forgotten. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ HUTOmCAL OOLLF.CTTON 1 (j Lp 2. 1 TunS ' DEDICAT ION One of youth ' s best friends left us last summer. In Mr. Ostergren we found not only a wonderful coach but a friend as well. His belief in the youth of A. H. S. in- spired all the young people who knew him. It is with deep respect that we, the class of 1946, dedicate our year book to Mr. Ostergren. We feel sure that his influence will live on in the young people. • Appreciation As our final year at Arlington High School nears an end we, the class of 1946, wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Gammons for everything he has done for us. His affable and genial attitude has made us look upon him not only as our principal but also as our friend. We will never forget him for his under- standing and cheerful nature, his personal concern in our welfare, and his leadership during these last three years when we have always been able to count on him for his help and guidance. CONTENTS Page Tribute 4 Dedication ......... 5 Appreciation ........ 6 Faculty 8 Through the Years . . . . . . .11 Seniors . . . . . . . . .15 Who ' s Who! 72 Class Song ......... 74 Organizations . . . . . . . .75 Sports .......... 87 Football ......... 99 Advertisements . . . . . . . .102 Foreword For many students this is the last year of a long and eventful journey through school; others will continue this journey further. Graduation brings to a close an era in our lives, and we now step for- ward, each going his own way toward his goal in life. Some of us look back over this era with regret, feeling that we have not done our best to benefit by the great advantage offered to us by our school. Others are satisfied, feeling they have done their best and that these school years have not been wasted. However, we shall all have the pleasure of recalling the friendships and good times we have enjoyed. It is to preserve these memories of friendships and good times, that we, the Year Book Committee of the Class of 1946, have produced this book. THE F, GUIDANCE Miss Fitzpatrick, Acting Director Mr. Morrill, Sub-Master Mrs. Moffatt, Dean of Girls FINE ARTS Mrs. Ford. Supervisor of Art Mr. Kenney Mr. Einzig, Supervisor of Music Mr. Mazzocca Miss Wardell ENGLISH Mr. Campbell, Head of Department Mrs. Bray (Sub.) Miss Brown Miss Donovan Miss Dow Mrs. Hoyt Miss Hunt Miss Krastin Mrs. Matthews Miss O’Connell Miss Peck Miss Taber Miss Tewksbury 1 I $ FACULTY COMMERCIAL MR. Burke. Head of Department Miss M. Barry Mrs. Bennett Miss Binnig Miss Harlow Miss Kelly deceased. Mrs. Maguire ' Miss Murray Miss Nash Mrs. M. Shedd (Sub.) Mr. Toner Mr. Wallace HISTORY Mrs. Moffatt, Head of Department Miss Conway Mr. Downs Miss Fitzpatrick Mr. Fusco Miss Wakefield Miss Gray Mr. Johnson Miss Kelly Mr. Thompson ; iirtiffflfl Ml II I I t Hill II LANGUAGE MISS Shedd, Head of Department Miss Bailey Miss Rounds Miss V. Barry Mr. Sexton Miss Jerardi Miss Tewksbury Miss Wardell PRACTICAL ARTS Miss Pennell, Supervisor of Household Arts Miss Anderson Miss Campbell Miss Arrand Mrs. Lee Mr. Robinson, Supervisor of Manual Arts Mr. Arthur Mr. Pine Mr. Danforth Mr. Sandberger Mrs. Prestwood ■ t Through the Years 1943-1946 The class of 1946, newly arrived and eager for excitement, entered Arlington High School in September, welcomed by Mr. Gammons and the faculty. Before long, these " youngsters” became well-ac- quainted with homework, teachers, sen- iors and intricacies of high school life. They were willing an d able, and though they were but sophomores, there were many things in which they actively took part. With their help, not only the Red Cross collection went over the top, but the War Bond and Stamp Drive proceeds exceeded previous years. The auction, with its autographed football and baby pictures, netted more than $3,000.00, and also pro- vided many laughs for all concerned. The sophomore year of the class of ’46 was, unfortunately, a war year. Many of its senior class of boys marched to war. With this deficiency of manpower, the football team, though fighting to the end, bowed to a very powerful Melrose team to the score of 14 to 0. Recovering from the effects of the combination of that and report cards, the class of 1946 looked for- ward hopefully to the Christmas vacation. The year 1 944 started with a bang! The popular ' Hardy Rec” opened under a joint committee composed of the Auxiliary Police and high school pupils. It was a favorite from the start. At the end of each week you can see the classmates get- ting together at the coke bar to talk over the recent happenings. Members of the Dramatic Club, as is their annual custom, put on a play, this year entitled " Junior Miss.” It was a clev- er reproduction of the now famous Broad- way play and moving picture of the same name. In spite of the fact that this play touched upon the faults of the younger generation, the audience laughed long and heartily at Barbara Manley and Carol Lo- Cascio in the leading roles. Page Eleven Something new in the way of musical entertainment was presented by the Gil- bert and Sullivan Club and the music de- partments. It was called " The Blue Star Broadcast,” and represented a modern broadcasting station. The two evenings supplied the best in popular and classical music combined with comedy by the stu- dent announcers. Then came the Proms, those gala affairs to which only a few of the select from the sophomore class were invited. But, oh, there would always be next year — provid- ing the much-talked-of and much dreaded final exams were passed. After studying and cramming, the school body took a deep breath and struggled through. And so, after one year in A. H. S., a more in- telligent and sober class began its summer vacation. passed. Not many changes had taken place. Henry Toczylowski and James Cavalieri had come to coach football, re- placing Mr. Ostergren who had resigned because of bad health. The football team was more successful than in the previous year. The supposedly u nbeatable Melrose team was vanquished 13 to 0 by Arlington on a muddy, wet day. The now junior class of ’46 returned to school anticipating a not less eventful school year than the one that had just The class of ’46 started its second war- time Christmas at Arlington High School. Another War Bond Auction had brought in over $4,000.00 and a clothing drive had been successfully completed. Never- theless, a tinge of loneliness could be felt at the absence of so many of Arlington High’s young sons away, fighting in for- eign lands. o Thus was 1945 begun. The Dramatic Club could be found practicing a new play in the complete se- crecy of the old hall. After long weeks Page Twelve of work, the club presented the delightful play " Pride and Prejudice,” and again pleased its audience with a splendid pro- duction. In May, the odor of grease, paint and powder filled the air — a result of the Gil- bert and Sullivan ' s newest venture, the operetta, " Pirates of Penzance.” The " bevy of beautiful maidens” and the wicked pirates convinced the school that there was talent to spare in the music de- partments. The spring of the year proved to be one full of great excitement. The school, so recently saddened by the death of Presi- dent Roosevelt, rejoiced with an assembly and short vacation, at the defeat of " der Fuehrer” and his axis confederates. With more hope for the future years, the class of ’45 graduated, leaving the class of ’46 to its finals and then the cov- eted position as the senior class of A. H. S. This great class was gloriously wel- comed to its senior class; welcomed by the atomic bomb and the end of the Japanese war. A feeling of hope and happiness pervaded the school. Plans for the gala year of the class of ’46 began immediate- ly. Armand was chosen as class photog- rapher, and for weeks proofs were passed from hand to hand in study hall. Class rings were ordered and talk of the pros and cons of a spring Prom could be heard over the table in the lunch room. The pupils and faculty were grieved by the deaths of two of their beloved teachers — Mr. Ostergren and Miss Murray. How- ever, school life goes on in spite of grief, and plans were continued for the annual war bond auction. The highlight of this year ' s auction was the shaving off of Mr. Arthur’s newly-grown mustache in return for a sizeable bond. The total proceeds were almost exactly as in the previous year, over $4,000.00. As usual, the football team, headed by all-scholastic George. " Brud” Faulkner and Eddie Mahoney, had a very memorable season, though they lost the final hard- fought Melrose game 14 to 6. Moreover, Page Thirteen the girls’ field hockey team, a group of energetic athletes, headed by Captain Dot Bergstrom, finished their season of seven games undefeated and untied to win the state championship. At the present moment, the Prom is still a dream yet to come true, the music of " The Mikado” still to be heard. How- ever, the senior year will soon be but a memory. The class of 1946 will leave Arlington High School’s sheltering arms and the guidance of its fine teachers to build a full and happy life in a world at peace. Claire Ham, ’46. Page Fourteen Auahid Irene Adamian 195 Pleasant Street Chronicle, Dramatic Club " Ann” is going to study to be- come a secretary at Katharine Gibbs. She likes to bowl and will always remember her has c math class and the football games. Edwin Adamian 336 Mystic Street Track " Eddie” will enter Harvard next fall where he will again ex- cel in track. He doesn ' t know what he will remember longest unless it’s the cramming for jun- ior exams. Mary Ahern 48 Beacon Street " Duchess” is undecided about her future unless she compiles all her fan mail into a book and has it published. She will never for- get Miss Nash’s fifth period eco- nomics class. Winnie Aikin 48 Foster Street Bouling " WeWe” upon graduation will become a machine operator. Her favorite outside activities are bowling and music. She will al- ways remember receiving her di- ploma at graduation. Arthur P. Alexander 904 Massachusetts Avenue Dramatic Club " Alex” will become a pharma- cist at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. His favorite outside activities are all kinds of sports. He will always remember all the pretty girls at A. H. S. Ruth Allen 5 Thomas Street Chronicle, Glee Club, G. A. A., Bowling Lovely Ruth is very interested in Anthropology and would like to make it her future. Her spare time is filled with swimming, dancing and bowling. She will never forget Mr. Kroll’s chem class. Robert Alt 28 Exeter Street Baseball, Football, Basketball " Bob” thinks he’ll join the ar- my. His favorite outside activ- ity is Margy. He will always re- member the fun at the proms and football, games. Clifford C. Anderson 8 End icon Road Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan " Cliff” will attend B. U. to study Floriculture. His favorite outside activity is bowling. He will always remember his gradu- ation day. -tMHMHHHMMMHHMr- Page Sixteen Mauritz L. Anderson, |r. 73 Overlook Road Band, Orchestra, Gilbert and Sullivan " Budgie” hopes to attend Northeastern to become more educated. Swimming and danc- ing occupy most of his spare time. He will never forget alL the foot- ball games. Phyllis L. Anderson 10 High Haith Road Basketball . Dramatic Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Office Assistant " Marllis” will never forget her homeroom mates. Dancing and painting are tops with her. She plans to go into the florist busi- ness. Richard Ardolino 14 1 Gray Street Dramatic Club, Year Book Committee " Dick " plans to go to Boston College. He ' ll never forget Mr. Sexton’s fifth period Spanish class in his junior year. He likes to roller-skate and go to plays. Betty Armstrong 245 Highland Avenue Basketball The favorite pastimes of " Stretch " are cooking, dancing, roller-skating and bowling. She ' ll always remember her Chem B class with Mr. Thompson in her junior year. Page Seventeen Margaret Armtsrong 42 Eustis Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Office Assistant, Chronicle " Marllis” is going to go to Pratt Institute and will go into the merchandising business. She’ll never forget being backstage at " Pride and Prejudice” or her jun- ior homeroom. Frances Arrow 60 Brooks Avenue Burdett Business College is " Franny’s” goal. Music, sports and dancing receive her vote for out- side activities. She’ll long remem- ber her junior classmates. Paul W. Arthur 282 Renfrew Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Golf Team, Vice-President Student Council, Chess Club, Business Manager Chronicle. Honorable Mention Paul will never forget Mr. Eat- on ' s math classes. His favorite recreation is " trying to play golf. " After graduation Paul is going to attend Harvard College. Margaret Asdikian 21 Richardson Avenue Margaret plans to attend Kath- leen Dell ' s. Her favorite pas- times are reading, music and ten- nis. Tony Aurilio 67 Decatur Street " Butch ' ' will always remember Mr. Arthur’s aero class. U. S. Navy is his goal. Baseball and hockey are his favorite recrea- tions. Constance Bailey 22 Lockeland Avenue Honorable Mention, Chronicle, Dramatic Club " Connie” will never forget meeting " the gang” for lunch or the fun she had in the study hall. Swimming, dancing, and the C. A. P. are tops with her for fun. Barbara Barry 150 Jason Street Honor Roll, Rifle Club, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Glee Club, Gil- bert and Sullivan, Baseball Simmons College is " Barb’s” choice for training in a nursing career. She’ll longest remember Mr. Campbell’s English class. Her favorite pastime is swimming. Barbara Basse 39 Linden Street Glee Club Treasurer, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Baseball " Barb” plans to study dra- matics at Leland Powers. She is an out-and-out sports enthusiast, baseball being her particular fa- vorite. She’ll always remember " The Rec.” Nancy R. Benedict 175 Pleasant Street Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Riding Club, " Rec” Committee " Reggie” wishes to attend Em- erson to study dramatics. An outstanding member of the Dra- matic Club she will never forget her lead in " High School Daze.” Leonard Benson 46 Bow Street Although undecided as to his future, " Len” knows he will al- ways remember Mr. Sexton’s Spanish class. His favorite out- side interest is the Rifle Club — beware! Nishan Berberian 40 Exeter Street Honorable Mention " Bull " is planning to become a mechanic. During his time off, he intends to continue his card- playing career, when not reminis- cing about Miss Wardell’s Span- ish I class. . Dorothy Bergstrom 52 Orient Avenue G. A. A., Field Hockey Captain, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Junior Prom Decorating Committee Although undecided as to her future, " Tootsie,” our popular field hockey captain and sports enthusiast, is bound to succeed. Best of luck in everything, " Tootsie”! Page Eighteen Richard Bianchi 219 Cedar Avenue Art Club, Year Book, Chronicle, Golf Team Talented " Dick " has decided to attend Massachusetts Art to fur- ther his knowledge of commercial art and photography. The great times had at " The Rec” will long be remembered, he says. Alice Bilafer 1 1 Reservoir Road Bowling " Al” intends to remain at her position in John Hancock In surance Company. A member of the Bowling Club she also en- joys ice-skating and dancing. Theresa R. Bilafer 88 Oxford Street Glee Club " Terry " is bound for the New England Conservatory of Music to become an accompanist. She has shown her talents throughout her three years in the Glee Club. Elizabeth Black 50 Newport Street Dramatic Club, Swimming, Rid- ing, Tennis, Honorable Mention Versatile " Liz " plans to attend Framingham College. Among her fondest memories of A. H. S. will be the football games and a " crush " she had in her junior year. Page Nineteen . HBHH ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Verna Marie Black 104 Egerton Road Tennis Team, Chronicle, Honor Roll Verna hopes to become a pri- vate secretary after graduating from Katharine Gibbs. Her two years of math with Mr. Sampson will always be remembered. Margaret Poulton Blizard 25 Hawthorne Avenue Dramatic Club " Peggy,” who is talented mu- sically, plans to attend Duke Uni- versity where she will major in music. Her favorite activities are sailing and, of course, study- ing music. Dorothy C. Bodemer 16 Margaret Street Office Assistant, Rifle Club, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll " Dottie” has not made up her mind whether she wants to be a secretary or a stewardess. Danc- ing is her favorite activity, and " Dottie” will always remember her physics class. Walter Boone 10 Cleveland Street Band, Cross Country, Spring Track Manager " Wally,” a Tufts fan, plans to spend the next four years at that institution. Bowling and roller- skating are his outside activities. " Wally " will not forget the meetings before school in Room 4B. Fred Borgeson 173 Newport Street Hockey, Band Hockey and football are " Bor- gy’s” favorite sports. His junior English class will remain longest in his memory of A. H. S. Mary A. Bosse 16 Grove Street Mary plans to attend Higgins Commercial Machine School. Her ambition is to become a comp- tometer operator. Mary likes to dance and listen to Bing Crosby. She will never forget her struggle in room 25B. Raymond Boudreau 59 Magnolia Street Ray” is a future mechanic. Next year will find him at Igni- tion School learning this trade. He likes to dance and skate and will always remember his aero- nautics class. James Bradley 119 Pleasant Street " Mac, " whose favorite activi- ties are boxing and hockey, will never forget the hockey and foot- ball games. His plans for the future include attendance at Tufts College. Helen A. Brescia 22 School Street Dramatic Club, Basketball, Bonding, Modern Dancing To realize her ambition to be- come a secretary " Honey” intends to go to the Fisher School. She loves dancing and ice-skating and will always remember the foot- ball games. Lorraine Brouillette 15 Devereaux Street Glee Club President, Senior; Tennis Dark-haired " Lorry " plans to attend a modelin g school after leaving A. H. S. Dancing and swimming are two of her favorite sports. Lois V. Brown 5 Robbins Road Dramatic Club " Lo” plans to train for the nursing profession at the New England Deaconess Hospital. Dancing is her favorite pastime. " Lo” will always remember the Junior Prom and Mr. Warner’s math classes. Barbara Ann Buchanan 43 Egerton Road " Babs” intends going into clerical work after leaving A. H. S. She enjoys dancing and roller- skating. Miss Binnig’s typing class and the new friends she made will never be forgotten. Page Twenty Dorothy Burke 80 Brantwood Road Debating Club " Dotty” intends going to some business college for secretarial training. She is a bowling and movie fan. Miss Binnig’s short- hand classes will be long remem- bered by her. James R. Burns 146 Brooks Avenue " Jim " has returned to school after serving two and one-half years as engineer-gunner on a B- 24. His future work will be in the textile business and he will attend Lowell Textile College. William H. Burns, |r. 146 Brooks Avenue " Bill,” one of our vets from the " 15th” A. A. F., flew as an engineer-gunner on a B-24. His success in the service will follow him also to Wesleyan. Frank Butler 17 Jason Street Frank, who likes to fish, hunt, and bowl, intends to join one of the services after graduation. He will never forget the stories Mr. Sampson told in biology. Pauline Butler 10 Rawson Road " Polly,” who plans to become a beautician, finds dancing to be one of her favorite forms of rec- reation. She will never forget Miss Binnig ' s typing II class. Warren F. Buxton 10 Freeman Street Band, Rille Club " Bucky, " who is interested in flying, plans to major in aero- nautical engineering at Parks Air College. " Bucky” is interested in the " Lads, Inc.,” and Mr. Eex- ton ' s Spanish II class will long be remembered by him. Edward F. Callahan 73 Freeman Street " Eddie,” who enjoys sailing, plans to attend Northeastern where he will major in engineer- ing. He will long remember the A. H. S. football games. Jeanne M. Calvi 75 Mary Street Bowling " Jeannie” wants to become a typist. She’s interested in music and loves dancing. Miss Peck’s fifth period English class and the Thanksgiving game are the two things she will remember long- est. Bage Twenty -one M. Janet Cameron 18 Peabody Road Swimming " Jan” will attend a junior college after leaving A. H. S., al- though she is not certain which one. Swimming and sailing are her favorite sports. Louise Cameron 18 Buena Vista Road Bowling Louise has not yet decided where she will go but would like to become a nurse. June Campbell 56 School Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Chronicle, Bowling, Horse- back Riding June is interested in secretarial work and will attend Boston Uni- versity. Outside of school she enjoys swimming and skating. When she looks back on her high school career she will always re- member the struggle she had with math. Pauline Carbone 40 Eliot Road Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Tennis, Basketball, Glee Club, Bowling, Chronicle , G. A. A. " Carby” enjoys drawing and hopes to become a designer. She will attend Massachusetts Art School. Her favorite outside ac- tivities are horseback riding, swimming and ice-skating. Sen- ior home room activities will stand out in her memory the longest. Jane Brownell Carens 10 Upland Road Dramatic Club, Chronicle, De- bating Club, G. A. A., Basket- ball, Tennis, Swimming " Janie” enjoys athletics and wishes to further her education so has chosen to attend Sargent. Dancing, art and skiing are her favorite outside activities. Robert Joseph Carey 48 Chandler Street Honor Roll, Student Council President, Debating Club, Or- chestra, Band, Forgotten Men, " Rec” Committee, Track, Active " Bob” will attend Har- vard with the intention of be- coming a doctor. Outside of his many school activities, " Bob” likes horseback riding. Arline Ingrid Carlson 32 Lakehill Avenue Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Tennis, Honor Roll Smith College is Arline ' s choice. Outside of school she spends much of her time boating, riding, playing deck tennis and dancing. This is Arline’s first year at A. H. S. and she has had such fun that she believes she will remember it as the nicest part of her high school career. Charles Carlson 107 Bow Street " Sonny” wants to learn to dive from one of Uncle Sam’s ships. His aeronautics class will stand out longest in his memory. Good luck, sailor! r Page Twenty-two Ethel Linnea Carlson 201 Spring Street Bowling, Horseback Riding After leaving A. H. S. Ethel will go to the Covenant Hospital in Chicago, where she will ob- tain her nurse ' s training. She likes to spend her spare time skating, swimming, horseback riding, and bowling. She will al- ways remember Mr. Thompson’s classes. Robert John Carlson 80 Hillside Avenue Dramatic Club, Debating Club. Junior " Rec” Committee, Honor Roll " Bob " anticipates going to Tufts after which he will make the clergy his life work. He is an active church worker and en- thusiastic spectator of sport games. Robert V. Carlson 17 Ottawa Road " Swede " would like to become a carpenter or mechanic. Hockey and hunting are his favorite ac- tivities and of all the events of his high school career he will re- member his social geography class the longest. Joan M. Carroll 32 Coleman Road Rifle Club, G. A. A., Baseball. Tennis, Swimming, Office Assistant Joan, a University of New Hampshire prospect, shall con- tinue her success there as she did in high school. Room 14 and homeroom 22 constitute her memories of A. H. S. »» » » »» » »■»•¥■■¥■»■ » -HHt- »■¥•■» John Carter 14 Walnut Court " John,” a photography de- votee, will follow his hobby into business, but he shall never for- get Miss Taber and homeroom 22 . Robert W. Carver 9 Wyman Terrace " Rec” Committee, Chronicle, Honor Roll " Bob” hopes to attend Annap- olis or M. I. T. and then to en- ter the chemical engineering field. His favorite outside activ- ity is the Rifle Club and he has enjoyed his senior year more than anything else in high school. Patricia Marie Casey 10 Johnson Road Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Tennis, Swimming " Patti” plans to take her busi- ness training at Katharine Gibbs and then become a receptionist. Dancing, swimming and skating are her favorite pastimes and the 1945 G. A. A. amateur show will remain longest in her memories of high school. William Casey 36 Bowdoin Street " Bill " is undecided about his future but is considering Boston College. BasebaLl is his favorite outside activity. He will always remember his aeronautics class. Rage Twenty-three Robert Cashman 25 Alfred Road Football " Bob ' ' is undecided about his future. He likes dancing and football and will always remem- ber the Malden football game. Robert Castellon 174 Wachusett Avenue " Casty " is interested in engi- neering and model trains. Skat- ing and dancing are his favorites and he will never forget his homework. How could you for- get your experiences at the " Rec,” Casty? Charlotte Roberta Chamberlain 7 Temple Street, West Medford G. A. A., Tennis Charlotte will study nursing at Simmons. She likes roller-skating and dancing and will long re- member Mr. Campbell ' s fifth period English class. Raymond M. Chenoweth 71 Menotomy Road Alanager Hockey, Alanager Base- ball, Cheer Leader " Ray” is going to Boston Uni- versity. He is planning to fol- low in his father’s footsteps and become a salesman. His favorite activities are hockey and base- ball. He will remember his aeronautics and English classes longest. Marie Ciampa 98 Palmer Street Tennis, Bowling Marie, who is going to attend Boston University next year, finds horseback riding to be her fa- vorite pastime. Miss Wardell’s travel talks fascinated her and she will never forget them. Angela B. Ciccolo 4 la Magnolia Street Honor Roll " Angie” plans to major in journalism at Boston University. She enjoys swimming and will remember longest the Christmas assemblies with Jacqueline Miller singing " Ave Maria.” Robert Ciullo 31 Blossom Street " Bob” is going to Harvard next year after which he plans to enter the field of medical sur- gery. Being a member of the Civil Air Patrol, flying is " Bob’s” favorite activity. He will never forget the chemistry laboratory class. Audrey L. Clancy 60 Newland Road G. A. A., Field Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Debating Club, Honor Roll Petite Audrey plans to become a social worker after she gradu- ates from Emmanuel College. Tennis and ice-skating are among her favorite activities. Audrey will long remember the fun the girls of the field hockey team had. ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ It Page Twenty-four Norma F. Cleversey 170 Broadway Tennis, Riding Norma hopes to be a dress de- signer, a profession in which she has always been interested. Her most cherished remembrance is the friends she made at A. H. S. Edward Clifford 131 Mystic Street Hockey " Eddie” is going into the Na- vy when he graduates. After that he hopes to work in an auto- mobile service station. His fa- vorite sports are football, base- ball and hockey. " Eddie” will al- ways remember the fun he had in gym. Audrey Clouter 72 Tufts Street Tennis , Baseball, Gilbert and Sullivan, Horseback Riding " Aud” plans to do secretarial work in a bank after graduation. Dancing and swimming are her favorite activities. She does not think she will ever forget the amount of homework she did. Herbert Cobb 45 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll, Forgotten Men Herbert chose Northeastern for his alma mater where he will prepare himself for a career in engineering. That his favorite pastime is studying is evident since he is one of the school’s most brilliant students. Page Tiventy-five C rdc Coffey 1 1 . Newport Street Football " Cof” is a future engineer. He plans to attend Northeastern with many of his classmates. Dancing and sports are his favorite ways of spending his free time. " Cof” will always remember his physics class. Robert Coleman 94 Grafton Street " Bob” plans to enter the field of automotives. His favorite sports are swimming and bowl- ing. The fun he had in physics class is his favorite remembrance of A. H. S. Elaine M. Colleran 24 Chester Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Chronicle, ' Rec” Committee, Gilbert and Sullivan, Year Book Committee Fun in her Latin and math classes and especially the CBC’s will be among " Chick ' s " fond- est memories of high school. She feels it would be too incriminat- ing to disclose the time she had the most fun. |oseph Collins 48 Mystic Valley Parkway Honor Roll Joseph, whose blond hair earned him the nickname " Whitey,” plans to join the Ma- rines. His favorite pastime is re- laxing, but he will never forget the joshing he took about a cer- tain young lady. ++ + +-+ ♦ + + +++ + Patricia Collins 112 Highland Avenue Field Hockey, Basketball, Base- ball, G. A A. President, Chron- icle, " Pec” Committee " Patty,” one of A. H. S.’s most active students, plans to enter the secretarial field. She likes to go swimming and watch ice hock- ey. She will always remember the fun she had in her senior year. Harold H. Colton 15 Westminster Avenue Harold plans to join the State Police after graduation as he thinks it will lead to an inter- esting life . Attending the foot- ball and hockey games is his fa- vorite pastime. Harold will never forget Mr. Arthur’s print- ing classes. Lawrence Paul Comerford 219 Broadway Chronicle " Larry,” well-known and liked by his classmates, intends to study mechanical engineering at Tufts. The Rifle Club and Mr. Skinner’s period 3 class have provided lasting memories of A. H. S. " Larry” also enjoys horse- back riding. David Commins 41 Massachusetts Avenue " Dave” is another sports fan and is especially enthusiastic about hockey. Memories of the fun in Mr. Lowder ' s gym classes will remain with him the long- est. Muriel C. Conlon 12 Iroquois Road Muriel plans to attend Chand- ler’s Business School next year. She will long remember her sen- ior year, weekly dances, the fun in Mr. Thompson’s chemistry class, and her rendezvous with Mr. Morrill,. Russell William Connor 13 Belton Street Dramatic Club President, Student Council, Chronicle, Track, Band, Art Club " Russ,” that genial personality of the class of ’46, possesses artis- tic talent which he intends to further develop at art school. He likes sports, and plays amateur football. Alfred Corsetti 260 Highland Avenue Honor Roll " Al” plans to study engineer- ing at M. I. T. next year. He enjoys bowling, and has special reasons for remembering his sixth period math class in the senior year. Beatrice Coulouris 90 Lowell Street Tennis, Dramatic Club, Riding Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Honor Roll Beatrice, known as " Bea” to her classmates, holds dancing as her favorite outside activity. She will long remember the football and hockey games. Best of suc- cess at Massachusetts State, " Bea.” Page Twenty -six Marion Cox 3 Henry Street Dramatic Club, Library, G. A. A., Office Marion, better known as " Cox- ie,” plans to attend Gorden to study social work. Being an out- door girl, she enjoys biking. Mr. Thompson ' s history III class holds fond memories for " Coxie.” Robert J. Cranshaw 19 Oak Knoll " Bob” is interested in electrical engineering and plans to attend Tufts. He enjoys sports — bowl- ing, horseback riding — and will remember those joyous days in advanced math with the " boys.” Anne R. Cravott 269 Appleton Street Chronicle, Girls ' Baseball Anne intends to further her education at Boston College where she will study law. Read- ing and sleeping are her favorite pastimes. She will always re- member her high school friends and teachers. Jean Crooker 84 Hillside Avenue Glee Club, Tennis, Bowling " Jeanie’s” training and interest in office work mark the accom- plishment of the primary steps to success. She enjoys ice- and roller-skating, and will not soon forget those never-ending stair- ways at A. H. S. June P. Crowell 7 Churchill Avenue Swimming, Bowling, Dramatic Club Kathleen Dell is June ' s choice for next year. She enjoys swim- ming and flying and will never forget chumming with Connie Bailey. Here’s hoping for the return of that certain Marine, June! Marjorie Cree 31 Norfolk Road Badminton, Dramatic Club " Marjie” intends to train for kindergarten teaching at Lesley. Badminton and roller-skating take up her spare time. She will long remember the football games and also that queer feel- ing when examinations return. Page Twenty-seven Kenneth Cummings 37 Egerton Road Kenneth, known as " Imp,” en- joys all sports, and is especially keen on horseback riding. The thrilling stories of Mr. Skinner ' s life, told by Mr. Skinner, are well planted in his memory. Lucille Cunnane 30 Addison Street Bowling, G. A. A. Lucille ' s future plans include kindergarten teaching for which she will train at Lesley. She loves football and hockey games, and, like most of us, will always remember her first day as a soph- omore. + + + + + ■¥■ + ♦ AMHMt Frances Curtis 172 Highland Avenue Tennis, Social Dancing, Bowling " Fran” wants to follow up sec- retarial work at Fisher’s Business School. She enjoys dancing and movies, and will never forget how she wandered through cor- ridors the first day at A. H. S. Mary Margaret Daily 120 Scituate Street G. A. A. Mary ' s future in journalism is secure, aided by her literary abil- ity and her amiable gift of gab. She enjoys swimming, badmin- ton, and reading, and will re- member the fun in Mr. Warner’s math II class. Barbara Lillian Danehy 21 Alton Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Chronicle, Honor Roll, Art Club Barbara plans to attend Colby Junior to prepare her for some specialized school in New York. She is a member of the Civil Air Patrol, and will always as- sociate the football games and Mr. Kenney’s art classes with A. H. S. Bernice M. Daniels 36 Fordham Street Swimming, Bowling " Peggy” hopes to become a telephone operator. Swimming is her favorite sport. She has many pleasant memories of fun in the lunchroom and in Mr. Os- tergren’s bookkeeping class. John Danielson 144 Lake Street Hockey Team Manager " Johnny” is manager of the hockey team, and is interested in sports in general. He will as- sociate fun at A. H. S. with elev- enth grade English in room 4B. June Elizabeth Davidson 70 Columbia Road G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Swimming, Riding, Bowling Tune wants to be a dietitian and plans to attend B. U. She likes sports, reading, and good times in general. The study hall, 1945 football and hockey games, and Mr. Johnson she will long remember. Priscilla E. Davies 27 A Appleton Street Bowling " Pussy” wants to go to the New York School of Dress De- signing next year. She will nev- er forget trying to catch up on work missed when she was ab- sent. Frances DeCaprio 24 Scituate Street Bowling, Tennis Next year will see " Shorty” attending Kathleen Dell Business School. She says she will al- ways remember the Junior Prom. Dancing, skating, and skiing fill her spare moments. Page Twenty-eight » Lauretta DelRossi 33 Churchill Avenue Bowling Lauretta’s plans will take her to the Mansfield Academy to study to be a beautician. Miss Peck ' s English class is among the memories she will take from A. H. S. Benny George DeNapoli 658 Summer Street " Ben” has no definite plans for the future. He is interested in hockey and baseball. He says he will always remember his jun- ior English class. Henry R. DeVries 105 Richfield Road Mr. Skinner ' s physics class will remain longest in Henry’s mem- ory. He plans to study electrical engineering at Tufts. He is a great football fan. Paul Dickie 5 1 Ronald Road Honor Roll. Gilbert and Sullivan President, Red Cross Representative " Lapper” is off to King’s Point to answer the call of the Merchant Marine. He will nev- er forget the great times had at Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsals. Norma DiGirolamo 234 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll. Bowling Enthusiastic Norma enjoys fly- ing and intends to go to Mt. Ida to become an air hostess. An honor student, " Norm " favors bowling and hockey in her mem- ories of A. H. S. Richard Dillon 9 Albermarle Street Cheer Leader, Honor Roll " Dickie’s” goal is to attend Northeastern to learn to be a Certified Public Accountant. Cheer leader, " Dick " will treasure memories of dancing at the " Rec " and his Spanish class above all else. Philip Doherty 204 Spring Avenue Honor Roll Northeastern bound, " Phil’s” favorite activities are hockey and football. He enjoys spending most of his time on a corner at the Heights thinking about his history IV cLass. Jean Dolan 67 Ronald Road Tennis. Bowling, Honor Roll Honor student Jean wants to attend Kathleen Dell Business School to become a secretary. Her school activities include ten- nis and bowling. She is also a swimming " fan.” Page Twenty-nine Charles F. Donahue 117 Appleton Street Hockey, Cashier Lunchroom Popular " Charlie” would like to enter medical school to become a doctor. We ' ll all remember his successful two years on the hockey team. Helen Donahue 226 Gray Street Tennis, Rowling. Basketball, Honor Roll " Honey” wishes to attend Kathleen Dell Business School in order to become a medical secre- tary. As outside interests she likes bowling and swimming. Marcia Donaldson 3 Lakeview Field Hockey Manager, Baseball Manager, Basketball Manager, G. A. A. Marcia plans to become a den- tal hygienist via Forsythe Dental Infirmary. She enjoys dancing and will remember longest her sports career at A. H. S. Francis Donovan 26 Kilsythe Road " F. X.” intends to study chemi- cal engineering at Northeastern after graduation. What he will remember longest about high school is getting enough points to graduate. Patricia C. D ' Orlando 216 Oakland Avenue Horseback Riding , Bowling " Pat” is a roller-skating and dancing fan. She will always remember the lunch periods and Mr. Thompson ' s history class. Mary Elaine Downs 83 Lake Street Mary is bound for Salem State Teachers, for it has always been her ambition to be a teach- er. She will never forget chem- istry in her junior year. John R. Doyle 83 Thorndike Street John is interested in engineer- ing and hopes to become a me- chanical engineer. Fun he has had boating and hunting will be re- membered always, and also the adding machine. Joan Drew 16 Benjamin Road Band, Orchestra Joan hopes to become a doc- tor, and her friends will never forget the tales she has told of operations she has witnessed. Mrs. Cutler’s classic speeches in room 22, sixth period, will al- ways be among Joan’s memories of A. H. S. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ r (Pi Page Thirty Alfred Clark Dunk 10 Governor Road Football, Indoor Track, Spring Track, Gilbert and Sullivan " Al” hopes to enter the Massa- chusetts Maritime Academy and will always remember Coach Toczylowski, the football team, and Mr. Eaton’s review math class. He prides himself on be- ing an honorary member of the Spy Pond A. C. Priscilla Dunn 25 Pine Street Riding Club, Dramatic Club " Pussy” intends to enter the field of merchandising. She’ll always remember her disappoint- ment in finding that the " Sophs” won’t be bossed by the Seniors. Congratulations on that long friendship with Virginia. Francis W. Dunphy 184 Westminster Avenue Along with sports, Frank en- joys nothing better than eating and sleeping. Doings in his physics class will always be among his fondest memories of A. H. S. Marjorie L. Dwelley 138 Newport Street Tennis, Bowling, Chronicle, Swimming, Dramatic Club, Art Club " Moe” intends to study psy- chology or journalism at Bates. She will always cherish memories of Mr. Kenney’s drawing classes and the RARE sessions spent ex- plaining to Mr. Eaton why home- work was never done. ,,-r Page Thirty-one ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Dorothy Dymsza 9 Laurel Street Bowling, Tennis, Roller Skating " Dotty” hopes to study for a secretarial career at Kathleen Dell. She will never forget the fun in room 71 with Mary John- son. David H. Edson 27 Ashland Street Football, Chronicle, Student Council " Dave” will always remember the friends that he has made at A. H. S. His favorite pastime is dancing. David M. Egan 1 1 1 Warren Street Honor Roll, Hockey " Dave” plans to study engi- neering at Tufts, for he enjoys mathematics and engineering problems. He will always re- member his advanced mathemat- ics class and prides himself on never getting mad. Richard N. Ellis 26 Lockeland Avenue Hockey, Football Manager, Baseball " Dick” enjoyed attending hockey, baseball, and football games, and also his senior Eng- lish class at A. H. S. He hopes to become a commercial artist. 4 Helen English 1271 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll, Tennis, Bowling, Horseback Riding, Swimming " Terry” will always remember Miss Nash ' s sixth period class and eating in the lunchroom. Her favorite pastime is dancing. Robert Erickson 38 Buena Vista Road Track " Bob " likes popular music best. He will never forget Miss Wakefield’s sixth period history class in his junior year or first lunch in his senior year. Donald Estey 52 Grandview Road Rifle Club Ambitious " Speed” plans to study aeronautical design and en- gineering at New England Air- craft. He is a C. A. P. cadet and likes flying. He ' ll always re- member Miss Tabor’s and Mr. Arthur’s classes. Here’s hoping you get your own plane, " Speed.” Cloria A. Faga 12 Mystic Valley Parkway Music and baseball are tops with Gloria. She ' ll long re- member the fun she had in mu- sic with Miss Wardell. Boston University is her goal. Richard Fagan 7 Henderson Street " Dick’s” goal is M. I. T. and he will go into engineering. His favorite pastime is flying. Ernest Farese 78 Decatur Street Ernest is bound for the Uni- versity of Indiana to study engi- neering. He will never forget the day the physics class pre- sented to Mr. Skinner a shovel for exceptional oral ability. Daniel E. Farmer 53 Dorothy Road Baseball, Student Council Bates College will claim Dan, who wants to study journalism. Dan moved here in his junior year and says he will never for- get all the fun he had at A. H. S. George P. Faulkner 49 Pine Street Indoor Track, Basketball, Baseball, Football " Brud,” A. H. S. co-captain and speaker of the house for the S. P. A. C., will journey on to Dartmouth to star again in foot- ball. The best of luck shall go with him. — ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★■A Page Thirty -two Herbert Faunce 66 Rhinecliff Street " Herbie” intends to study me- chanical engineering at North- eastern. He likes football and hockey and will never forget his classes with Mr. Sampson and Mr. Skinner. Cloria Fishman 1326 Massachusetts Avenue Periclean Forum, Tennis Gloria, our refugee from Brookline High, will enter train- ing to be a nurse. Her favorite outside activity is dancing. The endless hours of homework will remain longest in her memory. Francis Fitzgerald 53 Milton Street Basketball " Nails,” a distinguished mem- ber of the Roger Tuoghy Club, expects to enter the clothing busi- ness. His favorite outside activ- ity is having a good time. Mr. Skinner’s physics class will re- main longest in his memory. Walter Fitzgerald 27 Lafayette Street " Fitzy” will spend his next four years studying radiography at M. I. T. His favorite out- side activities are skiing, ice- skating, and swimming. He will always remember Mr. Skinner’s physics class. Page Thirty-three ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★♦★★★it Kathryn Fitzgibbon 65 Varnum Street Honor Roll, Tennis Team, Chronicle " Kay” is undecided about what she will do after she graduates. Her favorite outside activities are dancing, ice-skating, and writing letters to " Frankie.” She will always remember her math classes with Mr. Sampson. Anne Fitzmaurice 93 High Haith Road G. A. A.. Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Swimming, Riding " Fitzie " will attend Sargent where her prowess in athletics will again be something for the books. Her favorite outside ac- tivities are swimming and danc- ing. She will remember long- est the chorus line in the G. A. A. Amateur Show. William J. Flanders 36 Oakland Avenue Honor Roll Notre Dame will soon come to life when our " Bill” enrolls. His favorite outside activities are hockey and baseball. He will never forget Mr. Downs’ his- tory class. Arthur Fleming 140 Summer Street Honor Roll Lucky Boston College when it gets our " Art.” Hockey and foot- ball are his favorite spare-time sports. Mr. Arthur’s fourth pe- riod aeronautics class will re- main longest in his memory. Joan Fontaine 57 Highland Avenue Catherine Florencourt 15 Belton Street Honor Roll, President of " Rec,” President and Secretary of Debat- ing Club, Orchestra, Periclean Forum, Chronicle Contributor Catherine plans to attend Rad- cliffe as her two sisters did. She loves to listen to classical music and will remember longest her math and Latin IV homework. Delores E. Flynn 12 Windsor Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club " Dolly” plans to do steno- graphic work after leaving A. H. S. Her favorite activities in- clude roller-skating, ice-skating, skiing and singing. She will al- ways remember the wonderful friends she has made. Barbara Foley 148 Mount Vernon Street Basketball, G. A. A. Katharine Gibbs is Barbara ' s choice for a business course. Swimming and dancing are her favorites. She will remember longest her sophomore commer- cial geography class. Marilyn Foley 43 Webster Street Baseball, Bowling Marilyn is undecided about her future. She is looking forward to graduation day and thinks it will be a day never forgotten. It’s the Boston Dispensary to become a medical technician for " Joanie.” She likes dancing, bowling, and movies and will always remember her friends in A. H. S. and biology with Miss Jewett. Margaret Ford 103 Thorndike Street " Peggy’s” choice is Boston University for training in hos- pital work. She enjoys dancing and bowling and will remember longest English with Miss Peck and Mr. Burke ' s (corny) jokes. Carol Fraser 6 Marathon Street Honor Roll, G. A. A., Girls’ Field Hockey, Basketball It’s Radcliffe for Carol to meet nice people, especially of the op- posite sex. She loves swimming and dancing and will remember longest reciting Macbeth. Bertha Fredriksen 47 Burch Street Dancing, skating, and bowling keep " Birdie” busy. She’ll al- ways remember the high school dances, history IV with Miss Kelley, and English III with Miss Krastin. Page Thirty-four Norma Alma Gallerani 118 Lowell Street Orchestra, Glee Club, Periclean Forum, Riding Club, Bowling Club It’s a junior college for Norma who enjoys dancing and all out- door sports. She ' ll never forget trying to make Room 34 from lunch on time. Rosalie Gardner 1 00 Ronald Road Honor Roll, Tennis. Bowling It ' s Simmons to study science and specialize in chemistry for Rosalie. Rosalie enjoys swim- ming very much and will always remember Mr. Sampson’s talks on astronomy. Irene Gasper 34 Teel Street Chronicle, Bowling Irene chose Katharine Gibbs for a business course. Swimming and dancing are her favorite ac- tivities and she’ll always remem- ber her junior year, especially first period. Sarah Catto 32 Everett Street Sarah is going on to a busi- ness school. Dancing and bowl- ing interest her most outside school. She ' ll remember longest history with Miss Kelley. Page Thirty- five Barbara E. Gillett 16 Hutchinson Road Riding Club, Art Club " Barb” enjoys drawing, so it ' s an art school for her. Sailing and swimming are tops with her. She ' ll never forget escaping the gum-chewing penalty. Joseph Giurleo 118 Rawson Road It’s going to be studying me- chanical engineering at Tufts for " Pep. " Sports are tops with him, especially football, hockey, base- ball and boxing. Beverly Godleski 1 1 Orvis Road It’s commercial art at Massa- chusetts Art School for " Bev,” who loves swimming, boating and skating. She ' ll always re- member rushing into school two minutes before the last bell. Patricia Goguen 287 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball, Dramatic Club. G. A. A., Field Hockey, Baseball Mana- ger, Chronicle " Irish,” who is going to Bos- ton University to take up art, is very good at promoting im- promptu parties. She’ll never for- get Fitzie’s red truck or the night of November 21. Barbara Gonzales 23 Wellington Street G7 ? ? Club It’s Fenner Business School for " Babs” who enjoys swimming and tennis. She’ll remember longest her first day at A. H. S. and biology sixth period with Miss Jewett. Joseph Grano, Jr. 61 Rhinecliff Street Honor Roll It’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology for radio and elec- trical engineering for " Joe,” who enjoys horseback riding and sum- mer sports. Planning to join the Navy at eighteen, he ' ll remem- ber his classes with Mr. Eaton and Mr. Skinner. Joan B. Grue 48 Trowbridge Street The cosmetic line is for " Jo,” who enjoys music and sailing. She’ll always remember Mr. Down’s history IV class and the knowledge she gained from Miss Peck. Ernest Guange 28 Beacon Street Honor Roll Football and hockey rate tops with Ernest. The many friends he made at A. H. S. will remain longest in his memory. Mildred Gustafson 164 Scituate Street Tennis, Bowling, Gilbert and Sullivan " Millie” is going to Bryant and Stratton to become a private secretary. She likes ice-skating and dancing and will always re- member the " Pirates of Pen- zance.” Arvid Gustavson 1 King Street Gilbert and Sullivan Bowling is " Gus’s” favorite outside activity. He ' ll always remember the " Pirates of Pen- zance” and his Saturday nights with the S and S boys. Barbara E. Haigh 30 Arsola Street, Lexington Bowling " Barb” is undecided about her future. Bowling, dancing, and skating are her favorites. She’ll always remember the fun she had at A. H. S., especially her sopho- more year. Richard Hall 21 Lockeland Avenue Orchestra, Football Manager " Dick” is planning to enter the Massachusetts Maritime Acad- emy. Driving the Family Car is a favorite with " Dick,” who will remember longest his print- ing classes with Mr. Arthur. Page Thirty -six Marjorie Hamill 38 Waldo Road Riding, Bowling, Skating, Art Club " Margie " is going to attend some art school. She loves to roller-skate and will always re- member A. H. S. for the fun she’s had. Alvin Hamilton 93 1 Massachusetts Avenue Basketball " Ham " is interested in boats, and, therefore, intends to go to the Naval Architect School next year. Sports are his favorite pastimes. Jacquelyn Hanson 18 Scituate Street Bowling, Tennis The night of the Junior Prom is " Jackie’s” fondest memory. She enjoys bowling and skating more than anything else. She will attend Kathleen Dell next year. Ralph Hanson 601 Summer Street " RaLphie” hopes to join the U. S. Marine Corps after gradu- ation. He will never forget the final exams and Mr. Arthur’s aeronautics class. Virginia Hall 34 Robin Hood Road Honor Roll, Orchestra, G. A. A., Field Hockey, Dramatic Club. Rifle Club, Swimming " Gini " is going to nursing school to become an Airline Stewardess. She loves skiing and skating and will never forget " Fitzie ' s” red truck or the night of November 21st. Edna Viola Hailing 55 Thorndike Street Edna plans to do office work after graduating. Bowling keeps her busy outside school and she’ll remember longest her classes with Mr, Burke and Miss Peck. Paul R. Halloran 42 Margaret Street Basketball, Golf " Roger” wants to further his education at Boston College. Mr. Skinner’s physics class will long remain in his memory. Claire Ham 5 Richfield Road Student Council, Honor Roll, Orchestra, Junior A. Y. A. Committee Claire, a lovely member of the Student Council, is planning to attend Radcliffe next year. The Proms, math classes, and football games will live in her memory. Page T hirty-seven ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Richard Hardin 10 Nourse Street Hockey, Honor Roll " Dick” plans to attend Bos- ton University next year to study physical education. Hockey, foot- ball and dancing at the Totem Pole are his favorite pastimes. Selden Harlow 106 Crescent Hill Avenue Lunch Room Cashier, Dramatic Club, Basketball, Baseball Physics with Mr. Skinner and graduation will always be " Bub’s” fondest memories of A. H. S. He hopes to attend the Coast Guard Academy next year. Carlene Ruth Harris 200 Hillside Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Cheer Lead- er, Student Council, Tennis, Glee Club, Junior Prom Committee Carlene was one of our popu- lar cheer leaders. She enjoys dancing more than anything else. She hopes to attend Framingham Teacher’s College. Charles Harris 22 Russell Street " Charlie " hopes to attend M. I. T. to study refrigeration en- gineering. Fooling with pho- tography occupies most of his spare time. Elaine Josephine Hart 62 Alpine Street Student Council, Secretary of Sen- ior Class, Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Swim- ming Club, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Orchestra, Band Elaine, our senior class secre- tary, plans to attend Katharine Gibbs next year. She will never forget the fun she had at the Totem Pole. Ceorge Hart 21 Hillcrest Street Gilbert and Sullivan George is headed for Gordon College to study to become a minister. He enjoys ice-skating and hockey. Good luck, George! Joan Hauswirth 12 Graften Street Chronicle Roller-skating is Joan’s favor- ite pastime. She will always re- member biology with Miss Jew- ett and all the football games. She wants to be a receptionist some day. William Haxton 43 Williams Street " Bill” enjoys the guitar and piano and wants to study both. Mr. Wallace and business organi- zation will be among his longest memories of A. H. S. Page T hirty -eight Ruth Therese Heaney 126 Brattle Street Honorable Mention, Bowling, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Chronicle " Ruthy” wants to be a nurse after graduation from A. H. S. Longest in her memories will be the football games and Mr. Kapff’s algebra class. W iliam E. Hellmann 17 Winslow Street " Bill” plans for a career in the U. S. Navy. He has been inter- ested in Sea Scouts activities. Paul Henrickson 28 Iroquois Road Orchestra, Track, Fine Arts Club Paul, our future commercial artist, will attend Rhode Island School of Design. Skiing is his favorite outside sport. He will always remember the long hours spent in Room 29. Dorothy Hession 53 Alpine Street G. A. A., Bowling " Dotty,” another Florence Nightingale, will follow nursing at Cambridge Mt. Auburn Hos- pital. Spanish II, sixth period, in her senior year, will always remind her of A. H. S. f Page Thirty-nine Haxel Higgins 73 Henderson Road hunch Room Hazel will become a kinder- garten teacher. Reading and dancing occupy most of her spare time. She will always remem- ber the " Rec” dances. Betty Hill 56 Fountain Road Dramatic Club. Tennis, Honor Roll, Basketball, Swimming, Year Book Betty hopes to go to Radcliffe because some day she would like to be a doctor. Her favor- ite sports are ice-skating and ski- ing. She says that she ' ll never forget Mr. Sampson nor his math class. Richard Hill 184 Pleasant Street Student Council " Rec” Committee " Dick” will enter B. U. to study aeronauti«s. Flying and swimming are his favorite ac- tivities. He will always remem- ber Miss Peck’s English class. Cardiner Hoben 39 Tanager Street After graduation, " Hank” will enlist in the Navy, where he hopes to study machines. His fa- vorite outside activity is going to the Totem Pole. Mr. Skin- ner’s physics class will remain longest in his memory. Virginia Holland 47 Pine Street Honor Roll, Riding Club, Dra- matic Club, Chronicle, G. A. A. The next four years will find " Ginny” at B. U. studying radio. Horseback riding occupies a lot of her spare time and she will never forget taking attendance in Room 62. Emory Hosmer 160 Cedar Avenue Golf " Hosy” will attend Tufts Col- lege where he will study engi- neering for the simple reason that it fascinates him. Miss O ' Connell ' s sophomore English wiLL remain longest in his mem- ory. Robert Thomas Hudson 42 Varnum Street Honor Roll " Bob " will enter Northeastern where his ability in mathematics will win him a degree in elec- trical engineering. Girls in gen- eral occupy most of his spare time. Mr. Sampson’s math classes will remain longest in his memory. Bruce Hunt 17 Oak Knoll Dramatic Club " Dixie’s " future ambition is to go to Harvard. Skiing and swimming are his favorite sports. His sophomore " years” with Mr. Wallace will remain in his mem- ory of A. H. S. Jean Hutchings 59 George Street Lunch Room Jean expects to go into sales- manship after she graduates. Her favorite outside activity is danc- ing so it is natural that she re- members the " Rec” dances the longest. Robert F. Igo 23 Lafayette Street Band, Gilbert and Sullivan " Bob” is undecided about his future. He is interested in mu- sic being in the band and Gil- bert and Sullivan Club. Barbara-Ann Isherwood 10 Bellevue Road Honor Roll, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Tennis, Bowl- ing, Editor-in-Chief of Year Book " Barb” plans to attend Mount Holyoke. Her favorite pastime is dancing. She will always have fond memories of Mr. Sampson and his math class. Marion Jacobson 172 Waverly Street Cheer Leader, Twirler, G. A. A., Bowling Club Miss Binnig’s second and third period classes and the entire jun- ior year will live longest in " Jake’s” memory. Her favorite pastime is dancing. ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★■A- ♦ Page Forty Charles Jefferson 186 Highland Avenue " Jeff” enjoys dancing, skating, bowling, and swimming. He will never forget the Junior Prom or his sixth period physics class. Richard A. Jennings 11 Benjamin Road Chronicle " Dick ' s” goal is Boston Uni- versity. He is going into sales- manship. Swimming and bowl- ing are his favorites for recrea- tion. Barbara |ohnson 1 1 Buena Vista Road Bowling, Swimming Mr. Burke’s jokes in period two economics class will live longest in ”Babs’ ” memory. Her favorite pastime is roller-skating. Elizabeth Johnson 22 Reed Street Bowling " Betty” will long remember her study periods. She likes to ice-skate, swim, and enjoys all sports. Secret ambition, to be a writer! “I Page Forty-one Mary Johnson 7 Pond Terrace Tennis Mary will never forget the fun she had in Room 71 with her classmates. She plans to be a beautician and will attend Wil- fred Academy. Shirley Johnson 159 Park Avenue Lunch Room " Shirl ' s” favorite pastimes are swimming and boating. She ' ll long remember the apples in Mrs. Bennett’s sophomore typing class. Edward C. Johnston 9 Grove Street Place Lunch Room, Gilbert and Sulli- van. Honor Roll " Eddie” will long remember the fellows who congregated out- side the bookroom. He plans to attend Bridgewater State Teach- ers College. He likes going to the " Rec.” Elsa Jonasson 20 Brand Street Honorable Mention " El” loves to go bowling and swimming. She will never for- get her junior year. Next year she is headed for a business school. Eleanor L. judge 424 Massachusetts Avenue Baseball, Basketball , Riding Club, G. A. A. " Alby” will long remember Miss Peck ' s sixth period English class. Her favorite pastimes are drinking " cokes” at Pierson ' s, skiing and football games. Joan Juffre 35 Orvis Road Cheer Leader, Dramatic Club , " Rec” Committee, Chronicle " Midget ' s” favorite pastime is swimming. She ' ll never forget Mr. Kapff’s math II class in her junior year or cheering at the football games. She plans to at- tend Mount Ida. Alice jean jurgensen 76 High Haith Road Tennis Club, Swimming Club, Bowling Club, Debating Club, Dramatic Club Ice-skating has " Jurgie’s” vote for having fun. She’ll longest remember the swell times she had in Mr. Sexton’s Spanish class. Richard D. Kearns 572 Summer Street " Mike " gives football and hockey his vote for being tops in sports. ■I joan Keith 16 Manadnock Road Tennis, Bowling Joan chooses dancing and col- lecting Bing Crosby records as her favorite pastimes. She will longest remember her senior year. Some day she will be a capable secretary. Clair e L. Kelley 15 Cleveland Street Claire is planning to attend Bryant and Stratton Business School where she will take courses in stenography. She likes to read and swim and will never forget how hard it was getting to school on time. Eileen Kelley 40 Franklin Street Honor Roll, Riding Club, G. A. A., Chronicle " Kel” is going in for news- paper work. She’ll always re- member being the only girl in Mr. Danforth’s blueprint reading class of thirty-eight boys. Nora Kelley 95 Mystic Street Glee Club , Gilbert and Sullivan, Bowling, Swimming " Nonnie” likes ice-skating best. She’s had lots of fun dur- ing her school years and will nev- er forget her English course with Miss Peck. Page Forty-two Marguerite Patricia Kelly 24 Argyle Road Bowling Miss Binnig’s second and third period class and the football games will live longest in " Pat’s” memory. She plans to attend Bryant and Stratton. Patricia Ann Kelly 48 Pine Ridge Road Honor Roll, Bowling " Pat” loves to roller-skate. She ' ll never forget her business organization classes with Mr. Wallace or her bookkeeping II classmates. Burdett is her choice for college. Marilyn E. Kenney 83 Broadway Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan Mr. Sexton ' s algebra class will long live in Marilyn ' s memory. Tennis and ice-skating are her favorite pastimes. She plans to attend Kathleen Dell’s. Patricia Ann Kenney 69 Lowell Street Bowling Ann intends to go to Kath- leen Dell ' s after graduation. She ' ll remember the football games the longest. Bowling and ice-skating are tops with her. Rage Forty-three ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Ruth Paula Kenney 85 Forest Street Baseball, Honor Roll, Bowling " Ruthie " plans to attend Mt. Ida after graduation. She ' ll long remember the hard time she had trying to get her Spanish home- work in on time. Joseph Keohane 76 Warren Street Baseball, Basketball, Track, Sophomore Ping Pong Champ The next four years will find " Lover " again excelling in bas- ketball, baseball, and track, at Notre Dame, where he expects to study law. His favorite out- side sport is horseback riding. Mr. Arthur ' s third period aero class will remain longest in his memory. Grace Keough 148 Massachusetts Avenue Gilbert and Sullivan, Chronicle Mr. Einzig’s and her chorus classes will live longest in " Gee- Gee’s” memory. She loves to roller-skate. Her future work will be journalism. Elaine Kiley 2 Kimball Road G. A. A.. Basketball, Softball, Junior Prom Committee The next four years will find " Torchy” slaving away at Reg- is. Swimming and skating oc- cupy most of her spare time. She will remember longest her en- tire junior year, especially Mr. Eaton ' s math class. Louise King 28 Colonial Drive Tennis " Lou " will longest remember Miss Casey ' s shorthand class of ' 44. She plans to attend Fisher’s Business School. Dancing and roller-skating are her favorite pastimes. Eleanore Louise King 85 Cleveland Street Honor Roll, Tennis I " Elly” thinks dancing is tops. She’ll never forget Miss Binnig ' s second and third period classes. joann Kirkpatrick 19 Garden Street Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Periclean, Year Book Committee " Kirk” will never forget Mr. Sampson’s math class or chem lab. Music is tops with her. She plans to attend Occidental Col- lege in California. jean Kirsch 49 Walnut Street Honor Roll , Periclean Forum Sports and in particular win- ter sports are Jean’s choices of having a good time. She plans to attend Middlebury College. Ti 4 « jmg ' %- A r : i a j Patricia Klein 23 Iroquois Road Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sul- livan, Swimming, Bowling, Art Club " Pat” plans to attend Massa- chusetts Art School. Dancing and watching football games are her favorite pastimes. She’ll long re- member the wonderful friends she ' s made. Elizabeth Kreuz 76 Warren Street " Betty’s” ambition is to be- come a comptometer operator. Her favorite sports are ice-skating and sewing. She says that she’ll long remember Miss Barry’s and Miss Anderson’s classes. Donald Lang 94 Brooks Avenue " Duck” hopes to become a journalist. He enjoys skiing, ice- skating, and roller-skating. He says that he will, never forget Room 67- — twenty-eight girls surrounding just him. Jean Langley 43 Hilton Street Band Majorette , Gilbert and Sullivan " Twinnie” wants to go to I. B. M. School after graduation. Her favorite sports are ice-skat- ing, skiing and bowling. She’ll never forget our losing the Mel- rose game. Page Forty -four loan Langley 43 Hilton Street Band Majorette, Gilbert and Sullivan " Twinnie” wants to be a nurse because she loves the work. Her favorite sports are ice-skating, skiing, and bowling. What she ' ll remember longest about A. H. S. is Miss Peck, her junior English teacher. Claire Lanigan 90 Fairmont Street Claire hopes to go to Bent- ley’s to become an accountant. Her favorite activity is dancing. She’ll always remember Mr. Burke’s room in her junior year where she used to collect ab- sence slips. Edna Lanti 9 Bonad Road Edna would like to enter ra- dio work when she leaves A. H. S. Her favorite sport is horse- back riding. She’ll always re- member the wonderful friends she made here at school. Joseph Lanza, )r. 321 Gray Street A. Y. A. Dances " Joe” hopes to enroll at Northeastern for his college ca- reer. He enjoys sailing and me- chanical work. He says that he’ll remember his friends at A. H. S. the longest. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★A Leonard Larsen 113 Gray Street " Len” hopes to enroll at Wes- leyan College next year. He pre- fers skiing to other outside ac- tivities. He’ll always remember Mr. Eaton ' s math classes. Barbara Laurie 14 Addison Street Dramatic Club, Swimming, Bowl- ing, Tennis " Barbie” wants very much to go to Jackson for her college ca- reer. Dancing is her favorite activity. Miss Wakefield’s his- tory class in her junior year and first lunch in her senior year are two things she’ll always re- member. Robert Lavery 18 Field Road Football, Baseball, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track " Lave” hopes to attend Holy Cross after graduating from A. H. S. His favorite sport is hockey. Should be singing, don’t you think, Miss Rounds? He’ll never forget the " wild times” in his sophomore math class nor the football games. Edward C. Lavoie 16 Teel Street " Eddie” hopes to further his study of radio in the Navy when he leaves A. H. S. His favorite activity is swimming. He also thinks that graduation will re- main in his memory the longest. Page Forty-five ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Virginia Leahy 49 Appleton Street Dramatic Club, Periclean Forum, Chronicle , Swimming " Ginny’s” ambition is to go to Antioch College. Her favorite ac- tivities are reading, writing, and — guess what? — talking. She says that she’ll never forget either of her Spanish classes nor her music class with Miss Wardell. Marjorie Learaard 23 Russell Terrace Ftehl Hockey, G. A. A.. Baseball, Bowling " Margie” hopes to attend Fish- er Business School in order to get a radio training. One of her favorite activities is dancing. She 11 always remember her classes with Mr. Sexton and the wonderful friends she’s made at A. H. S. Albert D. Leary, Jr. 50 Park Avenue Extension A. Y. A. Dances " Al " wants to enroll at Georgetown University and then enter the foreign service. He en- joys playing football with his own team from the Heights. He’. ' l never forger his gym classes nor his many friends at school. Thomas A. Leary 50 Park Avenue Extension Honor Roll " Tommy” hopes to attend Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service after his grad- uation. Dancing is his favorite activity and review math with Mr. Eaton is his favorite class. Richard LeBlanc 41 Cornell Street Hockey, Baseball " Shorty” is still undecided as to whether he’ll have a college or business career. Right now he enjoys Acre Athletic Activities. He’ll long remember Mr. Arth- ur’s aero class and Miss Peck ' s English class. Anna Lcccese 56 Brooks Avenue Bowling Club, Honorable Mention Anna wants to become a court stenographer some day. Her pre- ferred sports are bowling, hiking and dancing. She thinks that she’ll always remember her study periods most of all. David Lees 75 Melrose Street Hockey, Football, Track " Davie” hopes to attend Went- worth Institute and study draft- ing. His favorite sport, when he isn ' t loafing, is ice hockey. He says that Miss Peck’s English III class and Mr. Arthur ' s aero IV class will remain in his memory the longest. Marie Lemmo 12 Dorothy Road Bowling, Dancing Marie would like to open a dress shop some day because she’d rather be her own boss. Who wouldn’t? Her favorite sport is bowling but she also likes those " Tea Parties” she and her friends have. She’ll remember her jun- ior English class and her senior shorthand class longest. - 1 Page Forty-six Barbara Letson 58 Tufts Street Bowling " Babs” intends to do office work in the future. She loves to roller-skate and will always re- member her classmates of A. H. S. Doroth - ’ 1 2 wis 145 Westmmster Avenue Dramatic Club, G. A. A. " Dottie” hopes to enter the advertising business and write copy for magazine and newspa- per ads. She prefers to spend her spare time at the movies watching " just men.” Mr. Ken- ney’s art classes will remain the longest in her memory. June E. Lindahl 142 George Street Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Lindy” hopes to go into the advertising business when she leaves A. H. S. Her favorite ac- tivities are dancing and listening to music. Her history class with Mr. Thompson and the time she put in for ' chewing gum are two things she ' ll never forget. Elaine Linhares 92 Lake Street Gilbert and Sullivan Elaine is undecided about her future. Dancing is her favorite activity outside school and she will never forget being in the Blue Star Broadcast. Page Forty-seven Margorie Litchfield 91 Everett Street Riding Club " Margie” hopes to enter Kath- arine Gibbs for her secretarial training. She enjoys bowling most of all. Her junior year and the Junior Prom will long remain in her memory. Marcia Lovering 4 Orchard Terrace Dramatic Club Musically inclined Marcia will go to Lowell State Teacher ' s Col- lege to complete her education. The lost feeling in soph, days are her finest memories of A. H. S. C. Edwina Lowder 17 Marathon Street " Ed” has not yet made up her mind as to what she wants to do when she graduates from A. H. S. She spends most of her spare time at the movies. She’ll al- ways remember the thrill of her first year here. June Lucas 1 06 1 Massachusetts Avenue Tennis. Bowling. Peri clean Forum, Dramatic Club, T wirier June is undecided as to her future ambition but whatever it happens to be, we all wish her loads of success. She enjoys danc- ing best of all. She says that she ' ll never forget going up and down wrong stairways and get- ting caught — ALWAYS. Poor June! ! Robert MacDonald 31 Fountain Road Ann Lundegren 75 Cleveland Street Ann hopes to enter Emerson College and take up speech and dramatics. Her favorite activity is dancing but she also enjoys going to the movies. She ' ll long remember Miss Krastin’s English class. Courtney |. Lundquist 137 Robbins Road Rifle Club " Court” is going to aircraft school to study repairing aircraft. He likes flying, shooting, and re- pairing autos. We will never forget seeing " Court” fly down the street in his streamlined car. James MacCutcheon 34 Newport Street Hockey, Candidate Class Presi- dent, Track " Muck” hopes to attend Springfield College after leaving A. H. S. His extra-special sports are skating and boxing. He doesn’t think he ' ll ever forget Miss Jewitt ' s sophomore biology class. Wonder why? Hugh MacDonald 31 Fountain Road " Scottie " wants to continue his work at the Boston Herald-Trav- eler. He’s already started his apprenticeship and likes the work very much. His favorite sport is hockey. He’ll always remember Ken Rich handing Mr. Skinner the shovel. " Mac” hasn’t made up his mind yet as to his future ambi- tion. Loads of luck, whatever it turns out to be, " Mac. ” He pre- fers football and hockey in his spare time — that is, when he isn’t doing his homework. That’s one thing he’ll never forget. Fay MacEachern 1 Henderson Street Bowling Fay hopes to become a secre- tary because she likes that type of work. For her outside activ- ities, dancing and the movies are her favorites. The fun and friends at A. H. S. will remain the longest in her memory. Paul MacEachern 84 School Street " Mac” hasn’t made up his mind as to what he wants to do when he leaves A. H. S. He enjoys photography outside school. He’ll long remember Mr. Arthur’s aeronautics class. Patrician Maclver 1074 Massachusetts Avenue Peri clean Forum, Riding Club, Bowling Popular young " Pat” wishes to follow the clothes designing course at Framingham State Teachers College. Mr. Sexton’s Spanish 1 and II classes will fol- low her in her success. ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★it Shirley MacKay 126 Rhinecliff Street Tennis, Basketball, T Wirier " Sam’s” one ambition is to become a nurse and she hopes to enter training after graduation. Her favorite sport is roller-skat- ing. She’ll remember her teach- ers and classmates here at A. H. S. the longest. 1 Ralph MacLean 20 Alpine Street Honor Roll " Mac” is undecided as to what he wants to do when he leaves A. H. S. His favorite sport right now is golf and his favorite class is gym. ;l | ct I lr. I Norman MacNeil 45 Claremont Avenue Orchestra " Mac” hopes to enroll at Harvard College and further his study of mathematics and music. He enjoys music most of all. He says that he’ll remember all his senior classes, especially those in advanced math and solid and trig. Caryl Magnus 23 Victoria Road Dramatic Club. Orchestra, Band, Debating Club , G. A. A., Chronicle, " Rec” Committee Caryl wants to attend Welles- ley College and specialize in chemistry. Her favorite pastime is playing and listening to mu- sic. Her whole senior year will remain the longest in her mem- ory. Page Forty-nine th-kirifk Mary Jane Maguire 30 Addison Street G. A. A., Bou ing " Janie” hopes to attend Bos- ton University and some day be- come a medical secretary. Her recreation takes in tennis and classical music. She ' ll long re- member the football and hockey games of A. H. S. lames Mahon 1 Claremont Court " Jim’s” one ambition is to be- come a pilot. He enjoys camp- ing and bowling most of all. He says that he’ll never forget Mr. Arthur ' s printing classes. Daniel Mahoney 13 Palmer Street " Danny " wants to enroll at Northeastern College and take up engineering. He prefers ice- skating and bowling to all the other sports. All his friends here and also Mr. Eaton ' s math class will long remain in his memory. Edmund Mahoney 45 Fairmont Street Football Popular football co-captain " Eddie” and socialite member of the Kasbah Gang has no plans for the future. They will hap- pen along, eh " Eddie”? Good luck always. Theresa Mahoney 61 Webster Street Glee Club " Terry’s” ambition is to be- come a secretary and she hopes to enter Kathleen Dell. She pre- fers bowling and roller-skating to all other sports. She thinks that she’ll remember graduation the longest. Who won’t? Marjorie Maltby 97 Lake Street Bowling, Tennis, Dancing Marjorie is interested in a good business position and she deserves lots of success in that field. Her senior shorthand class affords her the most mem- ories of A. H. S. Antonio Malva-Comes 1 1 Kimball Road " Tony” plans to study forestry at the University of Maine where we hope he’ll find plenty of time for his favorite sports, skiing and polo. Ann M. Mansfield 16 Hopkins Road Student Council, Field Hockey, War Bonds and Stamps, Junior Prom Committee , Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Basketball, Tennis Nursing has always been " An- nie’s” ambition and she hopes to prepare for it at Simmons. One of A. H. S.’s busiest seniors. She has been a member of the Student Council and an energet- ic solicitor for the bond auction. Margery Maxim 19 Langley Road Honor Roll, Swimming Team, Tennis Team, Field Hockey Team, Basketball, G. A. A.. Orchestra and Band, Student Council " Midge” has taken part in all girls’ athletics at high school, but she will remember longest win- ning the field hockey champion- ship. One of the most popular senior girls, attractive " Midge” plans to be an airline stewardess. Zavan Mazmanian 1077 Massachusetts Avenue Honor Roll " Sambo” is one of our most talented musicians. He is going to attend the Curtis Institute of Music next year. Besides music, horseback riding is a favorite activity. The original music as- sembly is his favorite memory of A. H. S. John W. McCabe 58 Pine Ridge Road " Jack” is undecided about his future but is sure that he likes to fly. He will always remem- ber Mr. Skinner’s classes, espe- cially the jokes. Betty Ann McCarthy 12 Richfield Road Guidance Helper Going to the Senior Prom in her sophomore year will be one of " Mac’s” fondest high school memories. Her favorite activity is meeting with the O. A. O. Club, and she plans to make mu- sic a career. j». y. + V AHHMMMMMt - 4 Page Fifty ij Jane E. McCarthy 59 School Street Orchestra A member of the orchestra for three years. Jane enjoys music and loves teaching piano lessons. She is also an excellent ice-skater and will never forget Mr. John- son’s history class. Richard McClellan 87 Quincy Street " Mac” is very much interested in airplane mechanics; he also enjoys hockey and golf. He will always remember Mr. Pine’s au- tomotive class with " Caesar” Na- higian. Ruth M. McClure 45 Alpine Street G. A. A. " Ruthie” plans to enter office or stenographic work. Skating, bowling, and dancing are her favorites. Miss Peck’s English class and Mr. Burke’s economics class will always be remembered. Arlene McDonald 95 North Union Street Honor Roll " Ginger” is gifted with artis- tic ability and wisely plans to at- tend Vesper George. She hopes to make the Senior Prom her fondest memory and will be sor- ry to leave school. Page Fifty-one Robert J. McGrath 35 Mary Street Baseball " Bob” has chosen Holy Cross for his alma mater because he likes her teams. He has always enjoyed baseball at A. H. S., and Mr. Lowder ' s gym classes. Marilynn McKee 24 Newport Street Tennis, Badminton, Dancing, Glee Club " Beezie” is going to attend the Massachusetts School of Art to become a commercial artist. Her favorite pastimes are swim- ming and boating. She ' ll never forget Mr. Kenney and all his fa- vorite words. Robert C. McKinney 81 Cleveland Street " Bob” plans to be a draftsman and belongs to the Y. M. C. A. ping pong club. He has en- joyed working in the supply room for Mr. Robinson and will never forget Miss Krastin’s English class. Jean D. McMahon 104 Scituate Street Baseball, Tennis, Bouiing, G. A. A. " Jeannie” has fine chances of being a competent secretary after graduating from Katharine Gibbs. She enjoys skating and skiing and will long remember Miss Shedd’s French class. Leslie McMordie 22 Venner Road The field of nursing appeals to " Les” and we know she ' ll make a capable nurse. She will always remember the friends she has made among the fellows and girls of A. H. S. Marjorie McNaney 6 Marathon Street Field Hockey, Basketball Captain, Softball, G. A. A., Swimming " Midge " hopes to be a model and she has every chance for suc- cess. Besides swimming, her fa- vorite activity is Bob — and we know why! ! William J. McNeil, jr. 8 Farrington Street Rifle Club " Bill” plans to go into the hardware business and has made a good start at it already. He has had the most fun during high school at the " Rec " and Rifle Club. Richard McSorley 26 Fisher Road Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan, Cheer Leader Everybody knows " Mac,” the popular cheer leader who did so much for A. H. S.’s cheering section. He plans to go to Dartmouth and will never for- get the " Rec” dances. Brenda Ann Meehan 96 Coolidge Road Honor Roll, Glee Club, Bowling Brenda says she will always remember A. H. S.’s football games but adds that it might be the players! Interior decorating is her future ambition and we wish her lots of luck at it. Rachel B. Meserve 56 Wyman Terrace Dramatic Club " Rae” plans to attend Fisher Business School to prepare for a business career. She likes to swim and also to be in Mr. Warner’s math class! Gladys E. Miles 66 Mt. Vernon Street Dramatic Club, Periclean Forum, Honor Roll Gladys has real art talent, and her favorite " hang-out " is Mr. Kenney’s art room. She is work- ing for a scholarship to an art school and certainly deserves the best. John Charles Miller 5 Perth Road Chemistry appeals to John and his favorite memories of A. H. S. are from Mr. Skinner’s wild fifth period class. He enjoys ski- ing and that fascinating subject of women fames Mills 91 North Union Street Versatile " Jimmy” enjoys all sports and enjoys most at A. H. S. the classes taught by Mr. Skin- ner and Mr. Sampson. Ann Catherine Mitchell 22 Palmer Street Fun at the Junior Prom will be Ann’s fondest memory at high school. She plans to be a ste- nographer because it has always appealed to her. June Margaret Mockel 14 Fairview Avenue Dramatic Club " Moc” will never forget the time in biology class when a snake was put in her desk. She is interested in dramatics for her career and we think she ' ll be most successful. Rose Montalto 75 Williams Street Bowling " Monty” intends to enter the field of dressmaking. Among her favorite pastimes are bowling, basketball, and dancing. She’ll always remember her history classes with Mr. Thompson and Mr. Johnson and his jokes. Page Fifty-three Norman Monteiro 20 Teel Street " Monty” is considering being an electrician because he enjoys working as a helper. For prep- aration he’ll attend Wentworth and he may still find time for his hobby — hunting. Shirley Jean Moulton 65 Tanager Street Bowling Shirley plans to attend Kath- leen Dell to prepare for secre- tarial work. She enjoys skating and dancing, and remembers the fun she had outside of Room 23 in her junior year (wonder why ? ! ) . Thomas Mulloney 98 Medford Street Honor Roll " Roger’s” favorite activities are eating, sleeping and skating, and his reason for becoming a lawyer is because he likes to argue. Af- ter graduation he’ll attend Notre Dame. Marie Mulvihill 150 Mary Street Bowling, Dancing, Honor Roll Marie would like to be a dress shop proprietress because she prefers to " be her own boss. " Tea parties with Mary and Marie are her favorite pastime, and Mr. Down’s history is her favorite class. Elizabeth Ann Nichols 63 Dow Avenue k ■■■■ in 1 1 — — — — Olive Munroe 55 Park Avenue Extension Riding Club, Cheer Leader, Dramatic Club The teaching profession ap- peals to Olive and she plans to prepare for it at Amherst State. She has always enjoyed Mr. Burke’s classes and Mr. Johnson’s homeroom. Helen Najarian 68 Egerton Road Glee Club Pianist, Orchestra Pianist. Gilbert and Sullivan Pianist . Bowling-, Honor Roll, Social Dancing " Nudge” is our talented pian- ist who is always on hand for Gilbert and Sullivan and Glee Club rehearsals. Frankie Carle is tops with her and her likes vary from Beethoven to Count Basie. Richard Taylor Nash 21 Bates Road Honor Roll, Orchestra. Band, Track. Student Council Tufts is " Dick’s” goal and he ' s interested in both music and journalism. President of the senior class, " Dick” will never forget the time he was to play at the Blue Star Broadcast and his trombone broke. Audrey Newell 39 West Moreland Avenue Dramatic Club. Basketball " Audie” intends to train as a nurse in Waltham Hospital and will always remember her biol- ogy class with Mr. Sampson. Roller-skating and dancing are her favorite sports. G. A. A., Field Hockey, Office Assistant, Chorus Group " Betty " will long remember spending lunch recess in Room 68 and also Miss Peck’s English class. Dancing, roller-skating and bowling are her favorite sports. Donald A. Nicksay 68 Charles Street Honor Roll Popular " Nick” hopes to make graduation his fondest memory, and then he plans to attend Tufts to study engineer- ing. Football and hockey are favorites with him. Catherine A. Nolan 24 Avon Place Band, G. A. A., Field Hockey " Kay” has hopes of attending Regis College and becoming a dietitian. She will always re- member fun at the football games and the " Rer.” Harold Noreen, Jr. 14 Richardson Avenue Lunch Room, Honor Roll " Harry” possesses boundless energy and high ambition — a combination for success at M. I. T. A lunch room cashier for two years, he remembers many experiences in that role. Page Fifty-four George Noring 35 Ashland Street George ' s favorite memories of school are his summer vacations. He enjoys most playing hockey and golf. Robert A. Noy 20 Osborne Road Indoor Track, Outdoor Track " Bob” plans to attend Lincoln Prep, and Northeastern to study business administration. He en- joys swimming and bowling, and his many memories of the " Rec.” E. Margaret Obear 189 Newport Street Art Club, Dress Designing Club Artistic " Peggy " intends to go to art school and learn dress de- signing. She is another honorary member of the C. B. C. ' s and will never forget Mr. Robinson’s mechanical drawing class. Florence Ochs 114A Medford Street Orchestra. Gilbert and Sullivan, Debating Club " Florie,” one of our nicest seniors, is considering attending Framingham Teachers’ College. She enjoys football and hockey games and will never forget the confusion of her chem lab pe- riods. rtf, ' Page Fifty -five Lorraine O’Connell 1 09 Lake Street Dancing Group. Fouling Club " Ochie " plans to attend Miss Fay ' s Business School to prepare to be a secretary. Her favorite sports are dancing and swimming and she will long remember fun and friends at A. H. S. Ann Teresa O’Connor 22 Peter Tufts Road Massachusetts Art is Ann’s goal and her favorite activities are skating and dancing. She hopes never to forget the fun she has had in her senior year. William O’Keefe 31 Schouler Court Baseball " Red” has always enjoyed baseball at school although he takes part in all sports. Mary O’Leary 49 Park Street Bowling Club To be a telephone operator is " Twin’s” ambition and her fa- vorite activity is the Amateur Players’ Guild. Fun in the lunch room affords her the most memories of A. H. S. ff Roy A. Olson 27 Laurel Street Roy intends to join the Navy after graduation. His favorite sports are roller-skating and bowling, and he’ll never forget the Junior Prom of 1945. William Nathan Olson 12 Margaret Street Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Cross Country, Gilbert and Sulli- van, Honor Roll " Smiley” hopes to go to North- eastern, where he should find plenty of time for track, his fa- vorite sport. His many experi- ences at the " Rec” give him the most memories. Frank C. O’Neil 15 Lennon Road " Lucky’s " ambition is to join the Navy and see the world. At least, that’s what he says. His favorite sport is auto racing and he says that vacations were the best part of his school career. Mary L. O’Neil 51 Wyman Terrace Dramatic Club Mary wants to enter training at Boston City Hospital and some day become a registered nurse. She prefers roller-skat- ing, bowling, and dancing to all other sports. She’ll long remem- ber Mr. Cavaleiri’s math class. Wonder why? Margaret Lorraine O’Neill 15 Jason Terrace Honor Roll, Chronicle, Office Worker, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, Year Book Committee, Junior " Rec” Committee Sweet " Peggy” expects to at- tend Radcliffe, where she will be the outstanding actress of her class. Her favorite outside ac- tivities include skiing and riding and Frankie. She will remember longest her periods in the office and C. B. C. Mary E. O ' Neill 22 Farrington Street Orchestra, Band, Honor Roll, " Rec” Committee, Rifle Club Mary wants a college career and she hopes that it will be at Radcliffe. So do we, Mary. Her favorite activity is music. Fun, friends, and Mr. Sampson are what she will remember longest about A. H. S. Richard Donald O’Neill 8 Margaret Street " Don” will never forget his junior year in Room 69 with Mr. Sexton. Hockey takes up most of his time outside of school. Best of luck, " Don”! Robert O ' Neill 8 Margaret Street Basketball " Bob " is going to Boston Uni- versity’s School of Education for training as a gym instructor. He i j claims he will never forget Miss Jewett ' s biology class. Watching sports are " Bob’s” favorite out- side activity. Page Fifty-six Albert M. Pacifici, )r. 50 Ashland Street " Al,” who is Harvard-bound, will long remember the fact that he has attended four different high schools. That’s quite a rec- ord, " Al”! Norma Pacifici 2 1 Lansdowne Road Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Girls’ Glee Club, G. A. A., Chronicle, Basketball, Office Assistant " Bunny” plans to go to Laselle Junior College where she will study to be a medical secretary. Her favorite activity is swim- ming. The sports events and Mr. Kapff ' s algebra II class are her favorite remembrances of A. H. S. Ruth Page 48 Adams Street Honor Roll, Gilbert and Sullivan Ruth is another member of our class going to B. U. to the School of Journalism. Mr. Samp- son’s math class will live long in her memory. Evelyn Parece 250 Mystic Street Gilbert and Sullivan Evelyn has intentions of be- coming an accountant. The Bine Star Broadcast put on by the Gil- bert and Sullivan Club in her sophomore year will remain al- ways in her memory. Page Fifty-seven Geraldine Pearson 121 Overlook Road Bowling, Dancing " Gerry” will study the teach- ing profession at Framingham. Outdoor sports take up her spare time. She will never forget Mr. Downs’ fifth period history class with Karleen. Ina Pearson 3 Hawthorne Avenue Glee Club, Bowling, Tennis Ina ' s goal is Boston University. She will never forget Mr. Wal- lace’s Business Organization class. Rooting at the football games was one of her specialties. Monica T. Pessotti 1261 Massachusetts Avenue Tennis, Bowling, Horseback Riding, Swimming " Mona " will never forget the wonderful classmates she has met and the fun she has had with them, both in school and at the " Rec " dances. Priscilla Estelle Peters 14 Huntington Road Student Council, Girls’ Glee Club. Gilbert and Sul i van. Jun- ior Prom Committee, Bowling, Swimming, Band " Pussy” will never forget the mad times she has had at A. H. S. with her two comrades, Elaine and Carlene. Don’t tell a soul, but her secret ambition is to be tall! ! f- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Nancy Phelps 441 Mystic Street Tennis, Basketball, Bowling By attending Syracuse Univer- sity, Nancy will be carrying on a three-generation tradition. Nan- cy transferred to A. H. S. in her senior year and thinks Arlington is tops. Lorraine Pierce 43 Davis Avenue Chronicle, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll. Basketball, G. A. A., Softball, Prom Committee " Laurie " is an enthusiastic sup- porter of the sports. The vig- orous arguments in Miss Con- way’s sophomore history class will long be remembered by her. What about Miss Taber’s Eng- lish class? Crant C. Pilling 115 Oakland Avenue Dairy farming is what Grant will major in at Massachusetts State. The fun he had at the " Rec " will long remain in his memory. Alvaro Leonard Pires 80 Milton Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Basketball, Chronicle We have a future doctor in " Al.” Along with Mr. John- son’s history class, he claims he will never forget Mr. Campbell’s English class — eating sand- wiches? ? June Plummer 34 Moulton Road Bowling June will always remember the wonderful classmates she has met at A. H. S., and the fun she shared with them. Lorraine Poole 16 Orvis Road Glee Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Lorrie” intends to be a busi- ness woman. Dashing to her seat in Miss Jenks’ business or- ganization class a minute before the bell rang she could never forget. John Powell 54 Orvis Road Lunch Room, Cross Country, In- door Track Captain, Spring Track, Honor Roll Brilliant John intends to study engineering at M. I. T. The 1943 Medford football game will long remain in his memory. Nev- er to be forgotten, too, is the lunch room where the " forgotten men” conversed between lunches. Alberta Publicover 40 Irving Street Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Periclean Forum, Chronicle Alberta is going to Stephens Junior College where the courses in radio are considered excellent. Taking part in amateur theatri- cals is her favorite pastime. Long to be remembered by Alberta is the babble in the lunch room. ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦At 1 Page Fifty-eight ★★★★ ★ ★ ★★ ★★★★ ★ ★ ★★ Rose J. Quinzani 114 Lake Street " Josie’s " favorite activity is go- ing to the movies. She will nev- er forget Mr. Burke and his soph- omore bookkeeping class. Edward F. Ranagan 35 Fairmont Street Women! ! " Eddie " regrets that he didn ' t have more time for them during his school years. When " Ed ' s” the editor of a prominent newspaper he ' ll re- member the good looking girls he should have met but didn ' t. Mildred Alma Regan 68 Everett Street Glee Club, Periclean Forum, Bowling, Honor Roll When Mildred is attending B. U. she will look back at the sen- ior prom of ' 45 with fond mem- ories. Mr. Warner’s and Mr. Eaton ' s math class will long be remembered by " Millie,” as she is a fervent math student. Natalie Repetti 5 Pine Court Dramatic Club, Periclean Forum When " Nat” is training to be a nurse, she will look back rem- iniscently to Mr. Thompson ' s fifth period history class. Her leisure time is spent caring for her little cousin. Page Fifty-nine David Cage Reycroft 23 Whittemore Street Cross Country Captain. Hockey. Honorable Mention " Dave” is bound for M. I. T. which he believes offers one of the best college educations. He is a lover of sports, and will long remember the trips taken by the cross country team, of which he was captain. Barbara Elaine Reynolds 53 Windsor Street Honor Roll, Year Book Committee " Barb " will study at Jackson College to become a linguist. Roller-skating and bowling take up her spare time. " Barb” claims she will never forget her Latin classes and her entire senior year. Karleen Rich 18 Ronald Road The Boston School of Dental Nursing is Kar.leen ' s destination where she will train to become a dental assistant. Mr. Downs’ fifth period history class will remain long in her memory. Kenneth Rich 79 School Street Kenneth, another of our class- mates, will never forget the day Mr. Skinner was presented a shovel by his physics class. His favorite activity outside is at- tending hockey games. Roger E. Rivers 126 Sunset Road Extension Marilyn C. Richards 307 Park Avenue Lunch Room, Horseback Riding Because she likes to work with flowers, " Mon " intends to be a florist. She will long remember her cooking classes with Miss Arrand and Miss Campbell. Sally Ann Richardson 61 Tanager Street Gilbert and Sullivan, Dramatic Club, Swimming, Bowling Sally is an ardent professional hockey fan. Next year will find her living in San Francisco. She will never forget the fun she had at A. H. S. Donald H. Rigby 10 Perkins Street Cheer Leader, Class Treasurer, Track Genial " Don” wishes to be- come a business manager, there- fore, he will study at B. U. The good times he had as cheer lead- er and with Jean Stauss will long be remembered by him. Joseph Riley 10 Palmer Street " Joe’s” favorite activity is sleeping. What couLd be better? A radio servicing business is his future career, but we think he should try his hand at fixing chairs first. What about it " Joe”? After graduation, Roger will take up engineering at Northeast- ern. " Rog” claims that his hard- est year at A. H. S., his junior year, will never be forgotten. Lawrence C. Robertie 25 Palmer Street Spring Track, Cross Country, Indoor Track Friendly " Larry” is bound for Boston College where he will train to be a chemist. Mr. Sex- ton’s algebra class in his junior year will remain in his mind af- ter graduation. John Rockett 96 Westmoreland Avenue John plans to go to Harvard next year. He is an active mem- ber of the 4-H Club and we are proud to remember that John won a trip to Chicago for his brilliant work in the field of agri- culture. Anna Rodriguez 18 Overlook Road May 18, 1945 — Anna claims she will never forget that date — - or place, the " Rec.” Miss Wardle’s sophomore Spanish class is one long to be remembered, she says. Page Sixty Mabel Rodriguez 18 Overlook Road Honor Roll Mad times in the lunch room, and, of course, " Dick” and danc- ing are among " Mudgie’s” nev- er-to-be-forgotten memories. She plans to attend Katharine Gibbs to prepare herself for a career as a legal secretary. Hadfey Rood 12 Ottawa Street Gilbert and Sullivan Having a good time is Had- ley’s favorite pastime which, of course, includes listening to Mr. Eaton ' s idiomatic forms of Eng- lish in math class. He plans to attend college to get a good start in life. Robert Rosa 20 Higgins Street Like many of us late-comers, " Bob” will find it difficult to for- get Mr. Barber’s attempts to clear the hallways before school. His favorite outside activities are bowling and dates and he ex- pects to join the army after grad- uation. Dorothy Rowley 16 Farrington Street G. A. A., Bonding, junior " Rec” Committee, Dancing " Dottie” hopes to make her hobby of photography her life work. Her senior English class will always be among her mem- ories of A. H. S. Page Sixty-one Rose T. Ryan 24 Orchard Place Dancing, Tennis, Bouling Rose will never forget those first few grand, hectic days of her sophomore year. She plans to study at Fisher Business School. Mary Gertrude Samson 159 Lowell Street Rifle Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, Swimming, Tennis " Gertie” will study at Regis for her future career as a teacher. Miss O ' Connell’s sophomore Eng- lish class and Gilbert and Sulli- van Club will live longest in her memory. Thelma Bernice Saunders 28 Melrose Street Girls ' Glee Club " Terry’s” future ambition is to be a medical secretary. She likes to dance and play the piano. The friends she’s made at A. H. S. will long remain in her memory. Janet Schiring 49 Kenilworth Road Dramatic Club, Basketball, Swimming Club Football games and sophomore math with Mr. Warner are never to be forgotten by Janet. She will enter Boston University to take a medical secretarial course. Paul Shea 49 Marathon Street Ralph W. Scribner 9 Amherst Street " Srib,” who insists that he doesn ' t curl his hair, will re- member best Mr. Morrill’s at- tempts to keep order at lunch. His goal is to become a C. P. A. Aurretta Louise Searle 351 Mystic Street Riding Club, Dramatic Club, G. A. A. " Sunny Lou” spends her spare time riding, swimming, ice boat- ing, or sailing. She will remem- ber longest her high school class- mates and friends. Carl Segelstrom 178 Appleton Street Drafting appeals to. " Sege” as a good future life work. He is a movie fan and graduation will be his most cherished memory of A. H. S. Frances A. Shea 48 Lombard Terrace Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club, G. A. A., Chronicle, Honor Roll, Year Book Committee, " Rec” Committee " Sheady” will always remem- ber the fun the CBC’s have had together, as well, as Miss Rounds’ Latin classes. She refuses to divulge her favorite activity or the meaning of " Twice on Thursday.” " Lefty” is off for Chicago Technical to study drafting. How could he ever forget those tor- turous homework assignments which teachers so love to pass out? Martha Shepard 45 School Street Tennis Club, Bowling Club, Orchestra, Glee Club Martha will always consider Spanish I with Mr. Sexton her favorite class. To fulfill her am- bition to make music her career she will enter B. U. School of Music. Richard Simpson 185 Oakland Avenue " Dick” is seriously interested in radio and hopes to enter some phase of the business. His fa- vorite recreation consists of bowl- ing and participating in A. Y. A. events. Irene R. Sirois 54 Hibbert Street G. A. A., Chronicle, Bowling Club, Baseball " Renie” is another photogra- phy fan who hopes to make it her career. Final exams and football games will live longest in her memory. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★it : ' i Page Sixty-two Kenneth Cordon Skinner 193 Westminster Avenue Chess Club, Gilbert and Sullivan " Ken” is interested in print- ing and will enter Carnegie Tech to take advantage of its course in printing plant management. His " big night” in high school was at the last performance of the operetta, " Pirates of Pen- zance.” Mnrtha C. Sloan 194 Florence Avenue " Mart,” who loves to dance, will remember longest the school paper and the good times she had before school. She will attend Pierce Secretarial School to fit herself for a position as a pri- vate secretary. Theresa L. Snow 19 Medford Street Bowling Club, Honor Roll " Tess” wants to be a beauti- cian and will study at Mansfield Academy. She will always re- member Room 52 during lunch in her junior year. William Sola 1 1 Eustis Street Football, Art Club If the ability displayed in Mr. Kenney ' s sixth period class is any proof, " Bill” should achieve his ambition of being a com- mercial artist. Football games and practice will always be among his dearest memories. —■ — s—sra-a . Page Sixty-three u ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★■A Cladys Somers 67 Beacon Street How could " Fuzzy " forget her sixth period history class in Room 68 with Mr. Downs? She is a great movie fan and also en- joys dancing. Mary Lou Spears 20 Central Street Bowling, Baseball, Chronicle " Lou” intends to go to Mt. Ida to become a hostess because of her Love of flying. She loves to dance and will always remember congregating outside of 4a at 1 : 2 5 with the gang. Alice C. Spillane 66 Tufts Street Bowling, Honor Roll Alice will always remember the friends she has made and the fun she has had in high school She is an ardent movie fan and also enjoys collecting things. (uanita Spinos 15 Broadway Gilbert and Sullivan. Glee Club " Nita ' s " ambition is to go on the stage, preferably in musical comedy, and she believes New York offers the best opportunity for her. Dancing and music are her favorite pastimes, so it is only natural that she had the most fun at Gilbert and Sullivan meetings. Sally Spofford 69 Crescent Hill Avenue Student Council, G. A. A., Hockey, Basketball Captain, Chronicle, Riding, War Bonds and Stamps Sally would like to study in- terior decorating or art, but as yet she hasn’t chosen a school. Her greatest thrill was our field hockey team winning the Greater Boston Championship and she will never forget the wild rides in Fitzie ' s truck. Beverly Spooner 6 Williams Street Bowling Club, Basketball " Bev” picks bowling and dancing as her favorite outside ac- tivities. To her, the Chronicle and memories of lunch will sym- bolize her years at A. H. S. Robert C. Stamm 145 Florence Avenue " Red” is a football, baseball, and hockey fan. The difference between junior and senior high greatly impressed him and he will forever remember the first day of high school. Doris Starr 39 Spring Avenue Bowling Club Bowling and skating provide relaxation and fun for Doris. She will remember longest Miss Peck’s English homework and the worrying she did when it wasn’t done. Jaan Stauss 230 Wachusett Avenue Dramatic Club, Periclean Forum, Tennis Club, Cheer Leader, G. A. A., Art Club Jean enjoys all winter sports and art and wishes to become a commercial artist. She proudly re- calls convincing Miss Peck to raise her English mark, and also cheering in the downpour at the St. Bernard game. Herbert Stearns 24a Prescott Street " Sonny” recalls with embar- rassment the trouble he had lo- cating rooms when he first came to A. H. S. He is interested in saleswork and would like to en- ter that field in the clothing line. (aniee Dale Steely 45 Lakehill Avenue Basketball, Tennis Club Janice will attend Boston Uni- versity to study to become a sec- retary. The suspense and fun of performing laboratory experi- ments will always be remem- bered. Terry Stephens 67 North Union Street Terry plans to enlist in the Navy after graduation. He will never forget the great times he had and the many friends he made in school, as well as his nightly phone calls to Sally. ' ■+ + •¥■ -V- 4 4- ♦ ♦ + 4 Helen Sweeney 88 Waverly Street C7. I. A.. Chronicle , Cl ee Club, Cheer Leader. Swimming, Bowling Popular " Twinny” will go to Boston University to study to be- come an anthropologist. She en- joys dancing, swimming, horse- back riding, and bowling and will always remember the con- ferences with Mr. LaDue and the wonderful times she had. Mary Sweeney 88 Waverly Street G. A. A.. Chronicle. Glee Club, Cheer Leader. Swiming. Bowling Popular " Twinny” will go to Boston University to study to be- come an anthropologist. She en- joys dancing, swimming, horse- back riding, and bowling and will always remember the con- ferences with Mr. LaDue and the wonderful times she had. Peter Sword 65 Appleton Street Dramatic Club " Pete” likes flying and wants to become a commercial pilot. Besides dances and bowling he enjoyed Miss Peck’s junior Eng- lish class. Good flying, " Pete " ! Paul Symington 10 Varnum Street " Crutch " intends to join the Army. The experience he has had by holding up Mr. Arthur ' s class with toy guns will be useful in the future. James H. Sullivan 55 Newport Street Next year " Jimmy " is going to some college, the exact one not yet decided, to further his education. He likes to swim and will n°ver forget his years at A. H. S. Paul Sullivan 65 Sutherland Road Hockey " Sully " intends to study land- scape architecture at Massachu- setts State College. Mr. Johnson ' s history IV class will always be a vivid memory for " Sully " in the future. Robert Swanson 1 62 Overlook Road " Bob” wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a jew- eler. His classmates wish him all the luck in the world! Corinne Sweeney 68 Rawson Road Corinne is undecided about her future. Dancing and roller- skating are her favorite pastimes. She ' ll never forget the day she had to sing by herself in chorus. Page Sixty -five f ' ■¥■ ¥¥■¥■ V- ¥ -» + + + + ■ + ■ ■ ■ 9 Robert E. Tadgell 36 Everett Street Dramatic Club ' ' Eddie” has a bright future to look forward to. He wants to study to become a pharmacist at Massachusetts College of Phar- macy. Good luck, " Eddie”! Marjorie Tanner 127 Pleasant Street Band " Margie” will always remem- ber the good times she ' s had with her wonderful friends. We hope that she has as much fun in the future. Jeanne Tarbox 231 Appleton Street Debating Club, Dramatic Club Jeanne has especially enjoyed her three years with Mr. Eaton, and she will always remember Mr. Johnson. Boston University is Jeanne’s destination. Chester L. Taylor 36 Scituate Street Baseball , Hockey " Pounds” will attend Dart- mouth next year. He likes to play hockey and will remember his period three aeronautics class. John Taylor 3 Ottawa Road Dramatic Club, Debating Club " Jack” wants to study law at Boston University. The won- derful time he had at the Senior Prom w ' U be a happy memory for " Jack”! Eleanor Tenney 373 Park Avenue Honor Roll Eleanor wants to own a ranch in the West some day, but until then she plans to do secretarial work. Best of luck, Eleanor! M. Eileen Tierney 105 Bow Street Field Hockey Eileen has a yearning for sports. She loves bowling, hock- ey and football games. All of her classmates wish her success and happiness in the future. Nance Toner 41 Hemlock Street Lunch Room, Bowling " Nan” spends most of her spare time doing what she enjoys most — writing letters. We all know " Nan” will succeed and we wish her happiness. Richard Toomey 46 Kimball Road " Rich” wants to study at a business college, but duty calls him into the Navy first. Mr. S mpson’s classes will be his fondest memories. Rosemary Troiano 130 Lake Street Fowling, Honor Roll, Dancing Secretarial study at Chandler B " siness College is Rosemary ' s rmbiticn. She will long remem- ber her shorthand and history classes. We wish you success and happiness, Rosemary! Ellen B. Turnbull 1 304 Concord Turnpike Bowling " Ghickie” will always remem- ber the fun in the corridors and at the football and hockey games. She wants to go to Kathleen Dell’s for secretarial study. Virginia Urquhard 23 Alpine Street Bonding, G. A. A., Hockey Swimming, dancing, and bowl- ing are " Ginny’s” favorite pas- times. She’ll always remember Miss Nash ' s fifth period econom- ics class. T ” ★★★★★★★★★ ★ ★ ★★■ ★ ■ ■ Page Sixty-seven Robert F. Vanni 22 Franklin Street Football, Baseball " Bob” wants to further his ed- ucation at Boston College. “Bob” and the rest of us will always re- member his experiences on the football field. Elizabeth Vaudo 79 Egerton Road Honor Roll " Bee” will always recall grip- ing about school and homework when there wasn ' t anything else to do. Bonding and insurance is what really interests her. Thomas Vento 74 Rhinecliff Street " Tom” is heading for M. I. T. to study electronics or radar. His favorite pastimes are hunting and flying and he’ll remember Mr. Morrill’s fatherly advice. Elizabeth A. Walker Walden Street, Concord Glee Club, Debating Club, Science Club " Betty” will always remember the many friends she has made in high school. We wish you luck and success at nursing school, " Betty”! ■r Paul Walker 49 Grafton Street " Bing " is a sincere hunting en- thusiast but he will always share these memories with Mr. Burke’s bookkeeping class in his sopho- more year. Good luck, " Bing.” John Wall 68 Thorndike Cross Country John believes his graduation will be his happiest memory, but he certainly won ' t forget his other enjoyable experiences especially in cross country. Best of luck, John. William P. Walsh 47 Mary Street Cross Country , Indoor Track, Spring Track " Bill” enjoys swimming, run- ning, bowling, and experiment- ing in chemistry, and he will nev- er forget his language classes. Next fall will find him studying at Boston College. Patricia L. Warren Squad Basketball, Bowling, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Chronicle, Swimming Club " Pat” intends to be an air hostess after she finishes her edu- cation at a junior college. Sports and flying take up most of her spare time. Laurence Watson 14 Schouler Court Baseball " Larry” will always remember being able to go home during lunch periods. Playing baseball is what " Larry” likes. He plans to attend Holy Cross. Richard D. Webster 15 Ronald Road " Dick” plans to go into the service and later take up account- ing. Fun with the gang is what " Dick " considers his favorite pas- time. Jean Welsh 26 Berkeley Street Dramatic Club, Gilbert and Sul- livan, Girls’ Glee Club, Baseball, Debating Club, G. A. A., Field Hockey, Riding Club, Chronicle " Jeanie” will always remem- ber her Spanish classes. We will always remember " Jeanie’s” spe- cial ability to entertain us with ventriloquism. Jacqueline C. Whitcomb 116 Jason Street Baseball " Jackie " enjoys dancing, swim- ming, and tennis. She has many happy memories from her three years of high school. Good luck in whatever you do, " Jackie.” Page Sixty-eight Bertram F. White 81 Columbia Road " Poppa " is going to become a Marine. Reveille is going to be a very unwelcome sound to " Poppa " because sleeping is his favorite pastime. Nancy Whitney 36 Henderson Street " Irish” enjoys roller-skating very much. She says that the good times she had in chorus class will long remain in her mind. Doris Wickwire 103 Summer Street Glee Club. Swimming, " Rec” Committee, G. A. A., Chronicle, Guidance Room Assistant " Dottie” is going to study at Boston University next year. She enjoys ice-skating, swimming, to- bogganing, and entertaining. Carol V. Wilkins 23 Draper Avenue Honor Roll Carol wants to enroll in the American School of Ballet be- cause dancing is her favorite ac- tivity. Being chosen Junior Prom Queen will long remain in Car- ol’s memory. Page Sixty-nine Lois E. Wilkshire 261 Lowell Street Dramatic Club, G. A. A. Lois wants to make accounting her career so she plans to study at Bentley School of Accounting. Hockey games will stand out the longest in her memory. Charlotte Williams 179 Westminster Avenue Cheer Leader, Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Bowling, Swimming " Sharpie” has enjoyed the fun at the " Rec” with all of the old gang. Everything " Sharpie” does is fun, even working! We all wish you happiness! Robert Williams 24 Dow Avenue " Pete” enjoys seeing the spring come around so he can play base- ball. He and Mr. Skinner have happy memories. We wish you success, " Pete " ! C. Prescott Wilson 22 Fessenden Road Prescott is planning to join the armed forces. Graduation will be his happiest moment because he will be relieved of " those awful English classes.” 1 Robert Wilson 35 Brand Street " Bob” thinks the dances will stand out the longest in his memory. Hockey, football and swimming take up most of his time outside of school. Mary V. Winters 24 School Street Bowling, Tennis, Basketball , Glee Club , Honor Roll Mary believes she would en- joy teaching commercial subjects. Boston ' s Teacher ' s College is her destination. Mr. Sexton’s Span- ish classes will remain a fond memory. Rose M. Wolohojian 5 Thorndike Street Glee Club, Orchestra , Basketball " Wooly’’ plans to study at Bos- ton University to become a teach- er of languages. Last minute dashes to homeroom in the morn- ing are unforgettable to " Wooly. " Charles A. Woodman 34 Bow Street In the future, " Chic” wants to be a draftsman because he has enjoyed mechanical drawing so much. Driving and dancing take his mind off his studies. Ann Wyllie 25 Wellington Street Dramatic Club, Tennis, Bowling Ann has decided upon Sim- mons as the college where she can study secretarial work. She will never forget the football games or the Junior Prom. Phyll is Wyman 62 Richfield Road Honor Roll, Glee Club, Orchestra, Dramatic Club " Phyl” plans to go to East- man School of Music because it is the outstanding school for the work she wants to do. Best of luck, " Phyl.” Mary Yeo 63 Eliot Road Debating Club, Glee Club Mary plans to attend Simmons to prepare for a nursing career. Her favorite outside activity is swimming. She will always re- member her first day at A. H. S. Dorothy Zengo 30 Harvard Street Dramatic Club, Basketball " Dot” will always remember learning stenography the hard way, especially since she wants to go to Katharine Gibbs to study to be a secretary. j i i V Page Seventy 1 1 Robert E. Arnold 24 Surry Road " Bob " likes hockey and danc- ing best. He’ll never forget Mr. Sampson’s math class or Mrs. Sampson’s English class. Cecelia Babineau 24 Everett Street Squad Basketball, Bowling Bowling, skating and dancing are " Cece’s” favorite pastimes. She’ll never forget her history class with Mr. Downes. Robert Beers 6 Crescent Hill Avenue " Bob " intends to become a draftsman. He is fond of horses and likes to go riding. Whenever he thinks of A. H. S. he’ll re- member the wonderful teachers he had. Frederick J. Carew 5 Sutherland Terrace Football " Red’s” future plans are in- definite but he believes he will enter the Army. He will always remember the fun he had crash- ing parties. Gerard M. Donnelly 18 Amherst Street Football " Jerry” intends to further his education at Bryant and Stratton. He likes bowling and all other sports and will never forget the time he had passing English. William J. Fitzgerald 24 Silk Street " Bill” would like to re-enlist in the Armed Forces. He finds civilian life too dull. Best of luck to you, " Bill. " Keith Fulton, |r. 19 Hawthorne Avenue Football Keith plans to enter his fa- ther ' s trucking business after graduation. Dancing is one of his favorite activities. He will never forget his math classes with Mr. Eaton. Alfred Galluzzo 54 Decatur Street " Doc” has the ambition to be- come a race horse owner. He likes to play hockey and base- ball and will always remember the fun in his senior year. Frank Hayden 20 Silk Street Frank is undecided about his future. He likes football and baseball and will always remem- ber his physics class. Warren Nahigian 174 Mystic Valley Parkway Horseback riding, playing cards, and bowling are " Caesar’s " favorite activities. He hopes to go to B. C. and will always re- member Mr. Sandberg and Mr. Pines, also the quietness of Miss Olive Monroe. Walter C. Trainor 19 Rhinecliff Street " Winch” is going to Massa- chusetts State College to learn more about agriculture. He will long remember the first and the last day in his classes. Norman Wilson 22 Montague Street Orchestra Librarian, Orchestra, Band, Honor Roll Norman’s ambition is to be- come a supervisor of music. He will study at Boston University. Music and playing the string bass are what Norman enjoys. Page Seventy -one Who’s Most Popular Richard Nash Sweeney Twins Most Athletic George Faulkner Marjorie McNaney Best Actor Peter Sword Alberta Publicover Most Likely to Succeed Richard Nash Carol Fraser George Faulkner Most Musical Zarvan Mazmanian Helen Najarian Wittiest Daniel Farmer Ann Mansfield Most Intellectual Herbert Cobb Carol Fraser Best Dancer Richard McSorley Irene Gasper Who Lorraine Pierce Richard Jennings Best Dressed Charles Donahue Marjorie Maxim Most Talkative Richard Ardolino Olive Munroe Best Orator Richard Nash Catherine Florencourt Most Artistic William Sola Marjorie Dwelley 1 J m - W — . g — V el -tel-levite »Jour da»«t- ess sp ' » - rit trt; our side -fW V- out tine. years wjll QrUo) -tow Icj- WifrVjt -tVieual-ued jjewi urt y e o -nijWt u e ) £ i 4 e««|. w. wm w M 4 fj p P = ' ■) J . . ( be our guide A lit 0 - " tVicr dawn ' These f — u - b -J | , =P jVit-ed torc-Yi tViect fevw - o - Ties io M J j. f r r t’ Ulill v stfv As me- otr De fH=fF J on life ' s sea. we oo on un - Z- H JJ J. j J | : ra d =i£ff ; J K | f V» 1: E j - evtpo r,-.. b f i S j i | f r C- - II £4 £ f— £ j If f • W-FF i += r F r-M fL-TJ 1 — » - » — ■ _y Carl Fischer, Inc. New York. • No. 104 -12 lines. Page Seventy-four First Row (left to right) : P. O’Neill, V. Leahy, C. Florencourt, N. Benedict, P. Goguen, F. Shea. Second Row (left to right) : M. Regan, B. Reynolds, B. Isherwood, Mrs. Moffatt, L. Pierce, J. Kirkpatrick, R. Page, B. Hill. Third Row (left to right) : E. Colleran, A. Mansfield, R. Ardolino, R. Bianchi, R. J. Carlson, M. Dwelley, C. Ham, M. E. O’Neill. Year Book Committee Each of the above students have taken an active part in the writing of this 1946 year book. Barbara Isherwood, our capable editor-in-chief, submitted the foreword, while Claire Ham cleverly related the class history. The boys’ sports were covered by Richard Jennings; the girls’ sports by Patricia Goguen. Interesting write-ups of the various clubs were donated by Catherine Floren- court. Betty Hill earnestly expressed the class’s appreciation to Mr. Gammons, while Virginia Leahy presented the dedication and tribute to Miss Murray, so well liked and respected, who passed away during the early part of our senior year. The other members of the year book committee contributed the individu- al comments about each student. Page Seventy-five First Row (left to right) : A. Kerner, S. Spofford, M. Maxim, A. Mansfield. E. Hart, M. Donahue. V. Healy, L. Fuller. Second Row (left to right) : C. Ham, A. Ward. Mrs. Moffatt ; R. Carey. President; N. Gray, C. Flynn. Third Row (left to right) : R. Ockerbloom, R. Nash, P. Arthur, D. Edson, D. Farmer, J. Hartney, R. Clancy. Student Council The Student Council, consisting of ten seniors, six juniors and four sopho- mores, is elected each year by the A. H. S. students themselves. During the years of World War II, the Student Council’s main function has been the selling of War Bonds and Stamps. Now that the war is over the Student Council has been more active than ever in selling Victory Bonds. In the auction held in the old hall, December 6, 1945, the Student Council auc- tioned off, to the tune of over $4,000.00, articles varying from Frank Sinatra’s autograph to startling baby pictures. Arlington High School is proud of its Student Council and the splendid work it has done under the guidance of Mrs. Moffatt in every War Bond drive. Page Seventy-six First Row (left to right) : P. Arthur, R. Jennings, Mr. Campbell, Miss O’Connell, P. O’Sullivan, A. Fors- berg. Second Row (left to right) : J. Carens, M. Dwelley, V. Leahy. The Chronicle The Chronicle, Arlington High School Monthly, has all the latest news — ranging from WHO-WAS-SEEN-WITH-WHOM-AT-WHAT-DANCE to the operetta to be given by the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. The gossip-hungry stu- dents really know what is going on in dear old A. H. S. Under Miss Mary M. O’Connell’s and Mr. Charles R. Campbell’s capable guidance and through the work of the officers and contributors, The Chronicle prints such interesting news that the students eagerly await every publication. Page Seventy-seven First Row (left to right) : C. Magnus, A. Clancy, P. Dunn, P. Carbone, H. Brescia. P. Goguen, J. Stauss, V. Leahy, J. Welsh. B. Hill, R. Meserve, M. O’Neill, P. O’Neil. Second Row (left to right) : B. Coulouris, J. Mockel, A. Publicover ; W. Cavaleri, Treasurer; M. Armstrong, ex-Secretary; R. Connor, President; R. Clancy. Vice President; Mrs. Helen Matthews, Director; P. Sword, G. Miles, N. Benedict. Third Row (left to right) : J. Schiring, M. Cree, B. Basse, B. Barry, V. Holland, P. Klein, P. Anderson, P. Wyman, M. Cox. L. Pierce, J. Kirkpatrick, C. Bailey, J. Crowell, P. Warren, B. Danehy, M. Lovering. Fourth Row (left to right) : J. Campbell, N. Pacifici, S. L. Searle, R. Ardolino, J. Taylor, V. Hall, R. Carlson, J. Davidson, M. Dwelly, J. Jurgenson L. Wilkshire ; J. Carens, Secretary. Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club always scores a hit! Last year the club presented, under the direction of Mrs. Matthews, Jane Austin ' s Pride and Prejudice, a sen- timental comedy in three acts. Arthur Alexander, Beatrice Coulouris, Gladys Miles, June Mockel, Alberta Publicover, Peter Sword, and Robert Tadgell, of the senior class, had roles in the well-known production. A scene from the play was presented at the Massachusetts State Festival. The year before, Junior Miss, a hilarious comedy, by Jerome Chodorou and Joseph Fields, was given by the Dramatic Club, and superbly acted by many of its members. At the time of going to press, the arrangements for this year’s production have not been made. Page Seventy-eight 1 First Row (left to right) : R. McSor.ey, R. Igo, M. Anderson, N. Pacifici, J. Spinos, W. Olson, K. Skin- ner, H. Rood. Second Row (left to right) : F. Shea, J. Swett, H. Najarian, G. Sampson. D. McGavern, Mr. Einzig, P. Dickie, B. Sweet, J. Langley, J. Langley. Third Row (left to right) : J. Welsh. J. Colleran, N. Kelley, B. Bass, B. Barry, G. Keough, M. Kenney, P. Klein, S. Richardson, C. Harris, M. Gustafson. Fourth Row (left to right) : E. Parece, R. Page, B. Coulouris, A. Clouter, P. Lundgren, W. Hamilton, R. Ander- son, A. DeSimone, P. Anderson, M. Armstrong, M. Roper, R. Heaney. Gilbert and Sullivan For a top musical, every time, choose a production of the Gilbert and Sullivan Club. Last year the club presented The Pirates of Penzance with Paul Dickie, Juanita Spinos, and Gertrude Samson, senior class members, in some of the leads. Mr. Einzig and the club received many compliments from the attentive audience. This year the Gilbert and Sullivan Club has chosen The Mikado. Re- hearsals so far have shown that another successful Gilbert and Sullivan per- formance is on its way. Page Seventy-nine First Row (left to right) : R. Carey, C. Florencourt, Mr. Sexton, J. Jurgenson, R. Clancy, D. Burke. Second Row (left to right) : R. Carlson, J. Tarbox, B. Barry, A. Publicover, M. Yeo, J. Welsh. Debating Club Room 69 was bustling with excitement when the Debating Club opened this season with prospects of a very busy year. Mr. Sexton, the faculty adviser, has arranged some varsity debates for early spring with the neighboring high schools. As usual, the club will have its Annual Banquet and Dance in May. Page Eighty Girls’ Glee Club The Girls ' Glee Club is well known for its beautiful tone and interpreta- tion. It has sung many times at the school assemblies, as well as at the meet- ings of the Parent-Teachers’ and Women’s Clubs. During the State and New England Music Festivals, the club, under the direction of Miss Wardel), received the highest ratings. Page Eighty -one First Row (left to right) : B. Walker, N. Kelley, N. Benedict, J. Lindahl, H. Najarian, Miss Warded, L. Brouillette, B. Basse, B. Sweet, M. O’Conner, F. Shea, J. Spinos. Second Row (left to right) : M. Roper, M. McKee, B. Barry, L. Poole, R. Wolohojian, M. Shepard, M. Winters, M. Kenney, R. Heaney. Third Row (left to right) : J. Welsh, B. Meehan, A. Carlson, M. Yeo, N. Pacifici, I. Pearson, G. Sampson. »« . w . i uum. , ii. i . 11CIUU,1 0UII, IV. VJUII MUI , IVil. rvcillltry, VV . OUlrt, R. Ellis, J. Carens. B. Danehy. Second Row (left to right) : J. Schiring, A. McDonald, J. Spinos, M. Armstrong, P, Anderson, P. Klein, M. McKee, M. Hamill, G. Miles, A. O ' Connor. Third Row (left to right) : P. Goguen, J. Lucas, N. Gallerani, N. Phelps, J. Keith, A. Wyllie, M. Lovering, S. Spofford, M. Donaldson, B. Gillett. Fine Arts Since class work does not always permit the student to work out his favor- ite medium to his own personal satisfaction, the Fine Arts Club was started by Mr. Kenney in order that those students who wished to develop their individual preferences in art might do so. No matter what the student may have in mind — designing, portrait painting, figure composition or any other type of art — he may fully express himself in the Fine Arts Club. The club takes trips to museums and current exhibitions once a month. Page Eighty-two 1 Violins — C. Andrikian, M. England. P. Henrickscn, N. MacNeil, F. Ocks, E. Pcarscn. F. Seaver, M. Shep- ard. J. Lhcgren, L. Sisson, B. Walker. R. Wolohojian, P. Wyman, S. Zartarian. Voloncello — G. Cunning- ham. C. Ham, .1 . McCarthy. Bass — J. Crosby, C. Flcrencourt, N. Wilson. Flute — A. Foye. Clarinets - — N. Alexander. M. Anderson, R. Hannah, B. Lake. Saxophones — R. Carey, K. Lincoln. Trumpets — P. Guarente, W. Hamilton, M. Joel. Horn — C. Magnus. Trombones — R. Nash, M. O’Neill. Drums — R. Foye, W. Thomas. Pianos — H. Najarian, J. Swett. Librarian — N. Wilson. Orchestra What would A. H. S. do without its orchestra? Everyone likes the Christ- mas Assembly music the best. Some of the engagements of the orchestra are: the Women’s Club Concert, The Mikado in the spring, and the Music Festival, which has been revived this year. Most amazing of all, however, is the fact that over forty-three percent of the orchestra is made up of seniors. Rarely does such a high percentage of seniors occur in the orchestra. Under the excellent direction of Mr. Einzig, the orchestra always gives outs tanding performances. Page Eigbty-three Jk I First Row (left to rij?ht) : A. Publicover, V. Leahy, Miss Wakefield. G. Fishman, J. Stauss. Second Row (left to right) : J. Lucas, J. Kirsch, J. Kirkpatrick, G. Miles, J. Welsh, N. Gallerani. Periclean Forum The rather new Pericleans” have found a place in A. H. S., and is fast becoming one of the most popular clubs. The discussions are very informal and under Miss Wakefield’s capable guidance the club has already scheduled a discussion with Belmont. President ....... Virginia Leahy Page Eighty-four sTll BfJj 3k ym , fj ! V First Row (left to right) : F. Shea, E. Colleran, C. Magnus, N. Benedict; C. Ham, Secretary; C. Floren- court, President; N. MacNeil, Vice President; T. Malva-Gomes, Treasurer; R. Tadgell- Second Row (left to right) : A. Clancy, P. O’Neill, M. Donaldson, P. Collins, J. Juffre, J. Jurgenson, M. Dwelley, J. Welsh, M. E. O’Neill. D. Rowley. Third Row (left to light) : R. Carey, R. J. Carlson, H. Cobb, D. Nicksay, R. Carver. R. Hill. The " Rec” Committee Although the actual name of the organization is the Arlington Youth Association, every A. H. S. student affectionately calls it the " Rec.” (short for recreational). The Arlington Youth Association sponsors not only the weekly dances at the Town Hall but also the Junior Ride Club, Magic Club, and Base- ball League. Working under the guidance of the Arlington Auxiliary Police, a com- mittee of A. H. S. students volunteers its time and efforts in running the weekly dances, begun in April, 1944, with a membership of three hundred; today there is a total membership of twelve hundred. Page Eighty-fire First Row (left to right) : H. Coth. R. Nash, E. Johnston, R. Carey. Second Row (left to right) : C. Donahue, J. Powell, H. Noreen, S. Harlow. Forgotten Men Ah! At last the Forgotten Men! Those poor unfortunate individuals who wear their fingers out ringing up your tremendous purchases of a bottle of milk and a straw. When they were first being broken in under the watch- ful eye of Miss Pennell, I suppose they thought it probably would just be better to forget about the whole thing, but with a little encouragement from the help- ful ( ? ) students, they squared their shoulders, wrinkled their foreheads, and with deep concentration stuck their jobs out. What did it matter to them if Susie Senior insisted that the three cents for her cupcake should come from Sally Senior’s change, because Sally owed Susie a nickel from the time they went to see Frankenstein. After all, the forgotten men took math and knew very well that five from three left two, and besides the movie was very good, even they had to admit. During that first hectic month they went to sleep, not counting sheep, but counting cupcakes, ice cream and milk heaped on stu- dents’ trays. Those determined young mathematicians definitely have a com- plaint against the math department of A. H. S. They would like to know when the students are going to learn that seven nickels do not make twenty-five cents but thirty-five cents and would like the students to know that they are not being " short-changed” when they receive three dimes instead of one quarter and one nickel. Nevertheless, in spite of these minor difficulties, they passed their basic training and became full-fledged Forgotten Men. Page Eighty-six First Row (left to right) : R. Dcdds, J. Stauss, J. Juffre, J. Faulkner, C. Deacon. Second Row (left to right) : R. Ockerblocm, D. Rigby, R McSorley, R. Dillon, W. Finlay. The Cheer Leaders Through rain, shine, and freezing weather, you could always see red and gray-colored figures jumping up and down through it all. When Faulkner and the team were driving toward the goal, who was there to cheer the boys on? Who did you say? You ' re right — no one else but the cheer leaders of A. H. S. In every emergency and whenever the team needed encouragement, the cheer leaders were right there on the job with every cheer they knew. Through future years, the seniors of ’46 will always look back with fond mem- ories on the school spirit brought out by the A. H. S. cheer leaders. Page Eighty-seven First Row (left to right) : E. Judge, A. Clancy, P. Goguen, J. Welch, M. Donaldson, M. Daily, F. Shea, L. Pierce B. Barry. Second Row: J. Sweeney, J. Cameron, V. Healy, C. Fraser, Miss O’Neill, P. Collins, Miss McCarty, A. Ward, A. Mansfield, J. Carens, N. Broughton. Third Row (left to right) : E. Colleran, J. Davidson, N. Pacifici, J. Campbell, A. Searle, P. Warren, B. Danehy, B. Basse, E. Kiley, C. Nolan. Fourth Row (left to right) : D. Bergstrom, S. SpofTord, V. Hall, M. Maxim, B. Foley, A. Fitzmaurice, P. Casey, M. Sweeney, R. Allen, H. Sweeney, I. Sirois, M. McNaney. G. A. A. What would A. H. S. have done without the G. A. A. when it came to those football rallies before the games? The girls certainly did promote better school spirit, and as for laughs, no one will ever forget the initiation ceremonies through which so many unfortunate A. H. S. girls went. Ann Mansfield’s, Lorraine Pierce’s, and Jacqueline Anderson’s costumes practically caused a riot in the girl’s gym, and now we know where the new " spring styles” came from. Besides the initiation ceremony, the girls had a wiener roast and Field Day at Spy Pond. Although Miss O’Neill and Miss McCarthy nearly froze to death, everyone had a wonderful time, and the Field Day was a huge success. Then there were ping-pong tournaments, bowling parties, a picnic at the beach. Play Day, and, of course, the very popular Amateur Show, which is sponsored an- nually by the G. A. A. The profits went toward better support of girls’ ath- letics. When the seniors of ’46 have left, not one of them will ever forget the exciting " doings” of the G. A. A. Page Eighty-eight H tin H vT t T r It Mm £j UU ' ' ah 3 l 1 L ; aav t First Hew (left to : 1 r ht ) : V. Healy, A. Ward. Second Ron ' (left to right) : C. Nolan. A. Mansfield. D., Captain-elect; Miss McCarty, ccach : D. Bergstrom, Captain; M. Maxim. C. Fraser. Third Row (left to right) : J. Welsh, P. Collins, P. Merrill; M. Donaldson, Manager; M. McNaney, S. Spofford, P. Goguen. Field Hockey The girls’ held hockey team this year had an excellent season, the result being they were Champions, undefeated and untied. These spirited players were backed by their very capable coach, Miss Mc- Carty, who is noted for her superior teams. The popular fullback, " Tootsie " Bergstrom, was captain of this victorious team and well deserved the title. The girls kept their opponents on the defensive throughout the season because of their excellent forward line, spurred on by their outstanding back- held. Page Eighty-nine First Raw (left to right) : J. Sweeney, E. Bindon, M. Maxim; S. Spofford, Captain; M. Donaldson, Manager; A, Ward, L. McGillivary, C. Fraser. Second Row (left to right) : E. Beck, M. Donahue, P. Merrill; Miss McCarty, Coach ; M. McNaney, D. Bergstrom. A. Fitzmaurice. Girls’ Basketball This year’s veteran basketball team, under the supervision of Miss Mc- Carty and the management of Marcia Donaldson, is headed for certain success. The promising line-up will consist of the active forwards, Louise Mc- Gillivary, Jean Sweeny, and Marjorie McNaney. These players will be backed by a combination chosen from the group made up of Sally Spoffard, Carol Fraser, Alma Ward, Eleanor Beck, and Phil Merrill. The girls are anxiously anticipating the coming season and with last year’s excellent record in mind they are hoping for an even better season and possibly the championship. Page Ninety Fivit Raw (left to right) : M. Donahue, P. Merrill; P. Goguen, Manager; M. McNaney, D. Bergstrom, P. Collins. Second Row (left to right) : B. Lake, A. Fitzmaurice, J. Sweeney; Miss McCarty, Coach; S. Spofford, L. McGillivary, E. Beck. Girls’ Baseball The baseball team this spring has ample means of surpassing those of past years. The team will be under the excellent coaching of Miss McCarty and the efficient managing of Pat Goguen. As this goes to press the following veteran players will be candidates for the team: vivacious Captain " Ninny " McNaney; Barbara Lake, Eleanor Beck, in charge of bases; " Feather” Collins, " Bess e” Donahue and Louise McGillivary in the field; Sally Spoffard, shortstop; and Phil Merrill, catcher. The remain- ing positions are as yet uncertain. Page Ninety-one 1 W- - ' I ' ■ l [I. I I :V, ' ■I, ' Sjff ' - Wj ■ JB flg - EB flHV 2 jnfjgfB Sm; A. Clancy, L. Thompson; Miss O’Neill, Coach; M. Maxim, J. Carens. Girls’ Tennis The girls’ tennis team, under the efficient coaching of Miss O’Neill, made out very well last spring despite the cancellation of two games. On the matches in which they participated they showed remarkable and promising talent. Lorraine Thompson, an outstanding junior, along with the well-known seniors, Audrey Clancy, Kay Fitzgibbon, Verna Black, Midge Maxim and Jane Carens, comprise this successful team. Because of these enthusiastic players we are assured a promising season. Page Ninety-two First Row (left to right) : A. Hamilton, V. Ciampa, R. Alt, R. O’Neill, H. Bertolami. Second Row (left to right) : C. Kent, G. Faulkner. Basketball Under the able direction of Coach Henry Toczlowski, the 1946 basketball is on the road to an outstanding season. With Captain Bob Alt and Brud Faulkner as guards, Joe Keohane and Bob O’Neill holding the forward posi- tions, with Vin Ciampa at center, the team is prepared to keep their opponents on the defensive. On January 2, the team opened the season by facing Brook- line, first of series of fourteen games. Although handicapped by starting with only two lettermen, Captain Bob Alt and Bob O’Neill, the team hopes to defeat their toughest opponent, Somer- ville. If the proverb, " Determination breeds success,” is true, then our boys are " in.” Page Ninety-three First Row (left to right) : J. r.CacCut cheon, C. Taylor, R. Nash, D. Rcycroft. Second Row (left to right) : D. Sennot, Wm. Coveney, R. Ccnncrs, J. Powell, J. Wall. L. Rcberti, R. Carey. Third Row (left to right) : D. Hardy, R. MacDougal, Wm. Olson, Wm. Walsh, R. Noy, A. Dunk. Indoor Track The track team, R. Nash, R. Lavery, R. Carey, G. Faulkner, P. Olsen, and Captain John Powell, under the direction of " Doc” McCarthy, shows promise this year. They took their first three, without any difficulty, and are looking forward to equal success at the remainder of the meets. " Doc” says that they look like State Championship material to him. After such a winning start we have confidence that the boys will out run Melrose, their strongest opponent. Bob Carey is manager. Page Ninety-four First Rov ' (left to right) : J. Powell, Wm. Olson. D Reycroft. R. Fitzgerald. P. Collirs. Second Rou % (left to right) : Wm. Wa!;h, L). Hardy, R. MacDougal, J. Wall. L. Robeiti Cross Country The cross country team, expertly coached by Doc” McCarthy, successfully began their season by winning the first three meets. Arlington was victor over Andover, Brookline and Winchester. The members of the team, Captain David Reycroft, R. MacDougall, P. Collins, and J. Wall, cooperated in making these contests a credit to A. H. S David Reycroft took first place in two of the three meets, coming close to the set record. All in all, the boys are on top, and are looking forward to con- tinued success. Pcige Ninety-fu’c First Row (left to ripht) : D. Sennet. E. Hcsmer, R. Bianchi. P. Halloran, B. Doherty, W. Coveney. Sec- onrl Ron (left to ri.ctht) : J. Wall, J MacCutcheon, C. Taylor. E. Fuller, P. Arthur. Golf l his year, the Golf Club has been one of the best and most active in the history of A. H. S. Many veterans who had played golf before entering the service returned to A. H. S. to add their skill. More important than the pre- ceding, however, is the fact that the Greater Boston Golf League, which had been discontinued during the war, was re-organized this spring to afford to the members more opportunities to play golf. Every week during the winter you could see the team practicing conscien- tiously in the Winchester County Club links or on " driving ranges.” Under Mr. Robinson’s guidance the Golf Club has reached its goal, being the best team that A. H. S. has ever seen. Page Ninety- six First Row (left to right) : R. Coveney, C. Taylor. R. Alt. Coach Cavalieri, Wm. O ' Keefe. W. Ellis. Second Row (left to right) : V. Ciampa, C. Kent, G. Faulkner, W. Watson, D. Farmer, R. La very. Baseball Arlington High, a known producer of successful baseball teams, has done it again. Starting off with an all veteran squad, coached by Jim Cavalieri, we may well expect to defeat all comers. The pitching staff has Chet Taylor supported by Danny Farmer. With the correct amount of teamwork they should go to the top of the league. Joe Keohane, Captain Cracker O’Keefe, Barber Coveney, Bob Alt, Bob Lavery. Brud Faulkner, Charlie Kent, and Larry Watson are the right boys to promote this support. This team should prove a strong contender for the Suburban Crown. Page Ninety-seven First Row (left to right) : C. Taylor, J. MacCutcheon, K. Wells, W. Coveney, D. Sennott, J. Fife. Second Row (left to right) : D. Lees, D. Reycroft, T. Collins, C. Donahue, D. Hardin. Hockey The A. H. S. hockey team took a flying start in the 1946 season by de- feating Stoneham, 3-2, and Melrose 3-1. The veterans, Barber Coveney, Cap- tain Don Sennott, Jim MacCutcheon, Charlie Donahue, Chet Taylor, Dick Hardin, and Kenny Wells, constitute the best team that Arlington has seen for some time. Coveney, Sennott and MacCutcheon led the boys to two victories and have confidence that the next eleven will be equally successful. The re- turn of Coach Charlie Downs inspired the team to further hard-fought victories. Dick Ellis was manager. Page Ninety-eight Football First Row (left to right) : R. Alt, I. Fife, K. Wells, W. Sola. G. Faulkner, E. Mahoney, V. Ciampa, C. Kent, D.Sennott. Second Row (left to right) : Coach Cavaleri, H. Cleary, K. Fulton. R. Nigro , R. Vanni, C. Ling, R. Raia. J. Porzio, Coach Toczylowski. Third Row (left to right) : W. Coveny , G Brillante, R. Carmody. T. Sitter. R. Laveiy, A. DeSimone, R. Cashman. The class of ’46 saw their football heroes roll up a victorious score of six wins, three losses out of nine hard-fought games this season. Thanks to the brilliant coaching of versatile Coach Henry Toczylowski; with the assistance of James Cavalieri, we were able to defeat Waltham, Leominster, Weymouth, Chelsea, Cambridge Latin and St. Bernard. We were out-scored but not out- played by Lynn Classical, Malden and our annual opponent, Melrose, at the hard-hitting Thanksgiving game. Popular Co-Captain George " Brud” Faulkner was chosen for many " All Scholastic Teams,” while Co-Captain Edward Mahoney and right half back Robert Lavery, were mentioned for many teams. Many of the outstanding plays were performed by Richie Raia, Bob Alt, Bob Cashman, Bill Sola and Bob Vanni. Richard Ellis was manager. Altogether, considering the 1945 football season, in retrospect, Arlington not only maintained its former hitrh standard, but surpassed it. Page Ninety-vine A ‘Best Wishes to the Seniors of Arlington High School Official ‘Photographer for ih(Lj Class of 1946 I ARMAND STUDIO j 184 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON COM 5480 I Weddings Copy work Candids $ Printing Counselors and Representatives of Reliable Houses Manufacturing Specialty Printing and Office and Accounting Forms ☆ ☆ The Hancock Press Gordon W. Robinson Telephone 1 165 Lexington 73, Mass. Printers of the Arlington 1946 Year Book A r mo -Von Vwo ' V ' v ' scV oo |ear booVs Vov s b

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